Liar's Oath (fb2)

Elizabeth Moon

1123K, 457 с.
издано в 1992 г.
Добавлена: 09.04.2016


During the war, Gird took in a refugee who soon became known as “Gird’s luap” (luap being the word for assistant, or an army officer who was not in the chain of command.) Luap, as he was finally called, was in fact the bastard son of a former king. Though he had been cast aside when his father sired a legitimate heir, Luap believed that he had inherited the ability to rule... if not his father’s kingdom, then one of his own, somewhere. But his essential dishonesty, his inability to face the truth about himself, doomed him and his followers, and set the Fellowship of Gird on a path very different from that Gird would have chosen.

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