The Ehrengraf Defense (fb2)

Lawrence Block

160K, 9 с.
издано в 1978 г.
Добавлена: 09.06.2015


Martin Ehrengraf, the criminal defense attorney who takes cases on a contingency basis, made his debut in 1978; by 2003 he’d successfully demonstrated the innocence of ten clients. Now he’s back for the first time in almost a decade, in The Ehrengraf Settlement.
A pillar of the community, a rich man with a trophy wife, exceeds his authority as a leader of the local Vigilance Commission and shoots a man down on a neighbor’s lawn. Ehrengraf, convinced of his client’s innocence, works his subtle magic, and charges are dropped. But the client makes a fatal mistake: he pays Ehrengraf only a tenth of the agreed-upon fee.
And Ehrengraf realizes that he himself has made a tragic mistake. The client he presumed innocent must have been guilty all along...

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