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    Daddy_s darlings: sweet young things

    General Introduction

    In the following collection of case histories you will be reading transcribed interviews with real girls.

    These young ladies, all teenagers, have one thing in common, they have had sexual relations with their fathers.

    All too often we think that incidents of incest occur only in ghetto areas where ignorance so abounds.

    As the following cases reveal, incest knows no bounds. It is just as likely to occur in a rich family as in one that is poor.

    Some girl's were raped.

    Other's seduced their Daddy.

    But in all cases, their trauma and guilt following the incestuous relationship completely outweighed any physical pleasure they might have felt.

    Case History One

    SUBJECT: Monica M.

    AGE: Sixteen Monica is a cute, petite redhead with a youthful manner of enthusiasm. As I interviewed her I was amazed at how well she handles the trauma of her incestuous experience.

    Interview One

    I had my first experience with incest about four weeks ago. I'll never forget it for as long as I live. I want to tell you all about it in vivid detail.

    It was a Saturday morning and I had gotten up early so I could watch cartoons on the color television set downstairs, I live alone with my Daddy.

    I am an only child and my Mommy died about three years ago. From that point on it was Daddy and me against the whole world. We always loved each other very much. I guess that the physical part of our relationship was just an extension of the affection that was already there.

    I always felt sorry for my Daddy after Mommy died. He was so lonely. Up until that fateful Saturday morning Daddy had not been with another woman since her death.

    It wasn't that he couldn't get women. No, no, no. Nothing like that. I suppose that he could have had any of the single women in town if he had wanted them. But I think that Daddy still felt like he was cheating on Mommy when he felt desires for other women. Thank God, I put an end to all of that.

    I was sitting cross-legged in front of the TV munching on some dry Raisin Bran when Daddy stumbled down the stairs in his pajamas. I smiled happily at him and gave him a cheerful greeting. I was feeling very horny that morning and I found myself looking at him as a man. I usually try to push thoughts like that into the back of my consciousness but they make their way back up to the front anyway.

    He must weigh more than twice as much as me. As you can see I am just a little girl. I stand only a fraction of an inch over five-feet tall and I have never weighed more than ninety-five pounds in my entire life. Daddy stands well over six feet and must weigh close to two hundred. He is very handsome. I'll never forget how he looked that morning, all sleepy and cute. His hair was down in his eyes. Daddy his brown hair that is starting to gray at the temples. But I don't mind the salt and pepper effect in his hair at all. I think that it makes him look distinguished. His eyes are dark brown like mine and his nose is straight and slim. His lips are always a little puffy, which gives him an aura of intrinsic sensuality. The jaw is firm and his chin is strong. There is a dimple right smack in the center of Daddy's chin. He had not shaved and his whiskers made his smooth cheeks look rough. He was starting to get some gray in his beard as well, but I kind of liked the way that looked too. Daddy has very broad shoulders. His chest and back are covered with thick slabs of muscle. He has a hairy chest — which I could see because the top two buttons of his pajama tops were unbuttoned. In spite of the girth of his upper torso, Daddy's waist and hips are very slim. His stomach is still flat and hard, in spite of the fact that he is approaching forty. He is built like a triangle with its point down. I can remember thinking, with shame, that Daddy was built by God especially for fucking.

    His thighs are thick and his hands and feet are very large. I was to learn that the same was true of other parts of his anatomy as well. I should mention that I was a virgin. I knew what orgasms felt like from playing with myself, but my cherry was intact. I had never known the womanly joy of vaginal penetration.

    "Good morning, pumpkin," Daddy said. He scratched his belly and yawned as he got to the bottom of the stairs. He walked as if he were a somnombulist toward the edge of the sofa, where he plopped.

    "Would you like me to make you some breakfast?" I asked. I strained my neck to look at my handsome father back over my shoulder. I could feel myself beginning to flush. I was having naughty thoughts. As fate would have it, Daddy's thought-waves were headed in the exact same direction. It's difficult to say how we realized our incestuous urges were mutual. It was never really verbalized.

    "No, thank you," Daddy said. "You finish eating and come over and sit here with me on the couch." I set my unfinished bowl of Raisin Bran on the coffee table between us so I could join him immediately.

    We sat next to each other on the green over-stuffed davenport with our eyes glued to the boob tube. We were watching a New York rabbit being chased by a bald guy who talked funny. Violent stuff, but Daddy and I have always been into that kind of humor.

    "I was having the strangest dream when I woke up," Daddy said. His voice sounded far away for a second, as if he had drifted back into that dream.

    Daddy's eyes were still on the television but I could tell that he was seeing his dream rather than the animated action featured on the cathode.

    "What was it about, Daddy?" I asked. I moved closer to him on the couch. I pressed the side of my leg against him. I had my robe on over a flannel nightgown. I guess I wasn't exactly in my sexiest outfit that morning. But I knew that Daddy wouldn't care. After all, our toothbrushes had been hanging next to one another for almost sixteen years.

    "It's all kind of vague. I was on a desert island with a woman, naked, and we were…" His voice cut off. He was editing himself, having decided that the subject matter was inappropriate for his teenage daughter to hear.

    "You had a wet dream?"

    "Well, no. I woke up," he said. He spoke quickly and winced when he heard his own confession.

    "You poor man."

    "Why do you say that?"

    "You must be very horny. Imagine having a fling on an island and having your gas shut off even before you got a chance to — you know."

    "I guess I am."

    Then came the non-verbal part. Daddy and I no longer paid any attention to the television set. We were looking at each other — deep into each other's eyes. Our faces moved closer as if we were in slow motion. I could feel my lips tingling when I realized that he was going to kiss me. It was incredible. I could feel my nipples getting hard and erect and I could feel my pussy start to ache. The blood was beginning to pump downward in my body toward the delta between my thighs. I could tell that both my inner and outer cunt lips were swelling with the blood of my arousal. I knew that it wouldn't be long before all of my pussy flesh was fully engorged from my incestuous horniness. I saw Daddy's lips part and he quickly licked them with the tip of his wet pink tongue to moisten them. I could feel his hot moist breath on my lower lip a fraction of a second before the intimate contact was made. I shivered and I could feel the little hairs at the back of my neck standing on end. Every square inch of my tiny form was covered with a thick layer of gooseflesh. We pressed our lips together softly and smacked, releasing right away. Daddy then sipped and sucked at my lower lip a little before we became uncontrollably passionate. Suddenly Daddy's mouth was on mine hungrily and I could feel my lips being pushed against my white teeth.

    The kiss lasted for a long time.

    We swapped, spit cheerfully.

    We touched tongues.

    There was a crackle of sexual electricity in the room.

    We rolled our tongue together in a hot swordfight.

    Daddy plunged his tongue deep in my mouth and I sucked it.

    I could feel my nipples burning with a desire to be stroked.

    I could feel my pussy getting wet with natural lubrication.

    My vulva glans were beginning to secrete those cervical juices.

    The honey was starting to pool between my inner labia.

    I could feel my pussy turn to a flaming slit of desire.

    My clitoris began to grow and become increasingly hard.

    My love button pushed out from under its foreskin.

    I was familiar with my pussy by this time in my life.

    I had been touching myself down there nightly for years.

    It had been a long time since I had gone to sleep at night without first giving myself an orgasm. But I could tell by the way the ache was growing in my lower belly that the orgasm Daddy was going to give me was going to make all of the others I had known seem like real kid stuff. I could tell right away that being touched by a man was a thousand times better than touching myself. Daddy was kissing me in a way that I had never been kissed before. The kiss lasted for a very long tune and we were both breathless with passion by the time it was through.

    I could tell that it wouldn't be long before my cunt juices dripped from my pink slit and made a wet spot in the crotch of the white panties I was wearing.


    How symbolic.

    I hated when my panties got wet that way because it made the material crawl up between my outer labia. My pussy would feel as if it were suffocating in a cloth prison. When that happened I would get a maddening urge to get naked. I guess it didn't make a difference I knew by that time that I was going to be nude with Daddy eventually.

    Daddy kissed my neck.

    He flicked his pink tongue in and out of his mouth.

    Daddy licked up and down my jugular vein blissfully.

    I stretched my neck so he would have easy access to it.

    He kissed behind my ear and flicked his tongue across my ear-lobe.

    Daddy explored the inside of my shell-like ear with his hot tester and once again I could feel the goosebunips forming all over my tiny body.

    Daddy pulled his face away from mine. I could see that he was breathing very hard. His fingers shook a little with his nervousness. I was nervous too. It had been a long time for him. It had been never for me.

    Daddy began to unbutton my pajama tops and I helped him when he fumbled. His fingers are long and thick. He had trouble with the tiny feminine buttons. I opened my shirt so that he could see my tits. You can't see well with this sweater on but I have very nice breasts. Daddy seems to like them anyway. They are round and firm and they rest high on my chest. Daddy finds that they are perfect handsful. My nipples are large — about the size of silver dollars — and when they become erect with my sexual arousal they can protrude almost a full inch from the tips of my healthy boobs. My tits are perky. They are so perky with their youthfulness, in fact, that the nipples point slightly upward when I am horny. The tops of my breasts are sloped — sort of like a ski-slope for jumping, if you know where I am coming from.

    I pulled my top all the way off and stood for a moment.

    I hooked my thumbs under my pajamas and my panty elastic.

    The crotch of my white panties was starting to creep upward.

    I wiggled my round butt from side to side as I hitched them down.

    Daddy gasped aloud as he got his first glimpse of my ass.

    The cheeks of my fanny are milky white. I have a perfect peaches and cream complexion, Daddy says.

    I turned and he looked at my red muff. My pubies grow in a perfect inverted triangle on my mound, with the point just above the top of my pink slit. The hair grows thinly along my outer cunt lips and in between the cheeks of my ass.

    I stepped out of my panties.

    I stood naked.

    "What do you think?"

    "You are beautiful, pumpkin. I want to smell you. I want to taste you," he said. He was panting very hard. All of the civilized behavior was being sucked from his soul by the acuteness of his incestuous horniness. I could see his cock stretching at the crotch of his own pajamas and I couldn't wait for him to get undressed. I had never seen an erect penis before. I had never even seen a picture of one. I, of course, had spent a lot of time imagining what one looked like. My first impression when I looked at Daddy's crotch was that I had grossly underestimated how big the aroused male genitalia was supposed to be. I could feel the natural lubrication drooling thickly from my wanton virgin slit down the insides of my thighs. The cunt cream was like hot nectar dripping from a slit in an over-ripe peach. I could smell the scent of my womanhood wafting upward toward my flaring nostril. My nostrils are oval-shaped and flare wide open whenever I am excited about something. I liked the smell of my pussy. I had often sniffed and even licked at my fingers after hot sessions of climactic masturbation.

    "Daddy, you can do to me whatever you like," I said.

    I had a throatiness to my voice that I had never heard.

    It sounded to me like someone else were speaking the words.

    "Get on your back on the rug," Daddy said. He did not undress.

    I did as he said. I stretched my legs out straight in front of me.

    I kept my knees and my ankles close together for a moment.

    Then I spread my thighs open to a perfect ninety degree angle.

    Daddy stood so he could get his first look at my slit.

    It was the first pussy he had seen in three years. He licked his lips.

    I could hear my father making gurgling noises in his throat.

    As Daddy stood his dick looked ready to tear out the cloth.

    I could actually see the thick head bobbing and throbbing.

    Daddy got on his hands and knees at my side so he could play with my tits.

    He placed both of his hands over my breasts and spread his fingers.

    He clutched the boobs completely and puckered the milky white flesh with his strong fingertips. He massaged with his hands, positioning his palms so that the pebble-like nipples were pulsating precisely against their centers.

    He began to move both of my tits at the same time in slow sensuous circles. First he pulled them apart and then he pushed them together so that they were flattened at the sides.

    My handsome, loving father pressed my tits together so firmly that the cleavage between the globes was almost humorously long and deep.

    He then released his grip on my breasts so he could give exclusive attention to my nipples for a moment. He rolled his fingertips over my feminine erections and I could feel those rosebuds growing larger and harder.

    "Feels so good, Daddy," I said in my throaty voice.

    "It will soon feel better," he replied with a smile.

    He got each of my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

    He began to roll the erections back and forth slowly.

    My loving father then pinched at the rosebuds lightly.

    "Pinch, harder, Daddy, it makes me so hot," I said.

    I found it increasingly difficult to keep my ass still.

    The lower half of my small body was moving involuntarily.

    I was gyrating my hips in a slow sensuous circle and moaning.

    I could feel my cunt juice dripping from the base of my cunt.

    The natural lubrication was rolling down into my ass crack.

    It wouldn't be long before I made a wet spot on the rug.

    I moved the halls of my feet flat to the carpet and raised my knees.

    I kept my thighs strained apart as far as I could get them.

    I had my knees pointed at opposite walls of the livingroom.

    I could feel my inner and outer cunt lips separating in the process.

    He pinched harder at my nipples and then tugged at them.

    He did it so hard that it hurt a little but I didn't mind.

    I found that I liked a little pain mixed in with my pleasure.

    My aroused brain was translating the pain into ripples of joy.

    I could feel my cunt flesh crawling as if it had a mind of its own.

    I could feel my clit growing so large thought it would burst.

    Daddy tugged my rosebuds until the around them was taut.

    He lifted my firm tits away from their resting places high on my chest.

    Daddy made my boobs look pointier than usual with his pinching and tugging.

    He released his grip and lowered his head to my breasts.

    I felt my face getting hot and as red as a beet as Daddy buried his face in my bosom and kissed repeatedly. He showered my tits with tiny peck kisses. Each kiss was a little closer to the nipple than the one before. I could feel his hot moist breath on my right nipple. He parted his lips and stuck out his tongue as far as he could. He placed the tip of his pointy tongue directly on that nipple and began to roll it in a slow circle. He licked across the rosebud with the flat part of his tongue until the entire thing was wet and slippery from the hot saliva he spilled. He then pulled his head back a couple of inches and puckered his lips. He blew cool air onto wet nipples and I shivered so hard that I thought for a second I was trying to wriggle right out of my goosebump-covered skin.

    "Suck," I said softly.

    He flicked the tip of his tongue over my nipple lightly and quickly, occasionally smacking at the erection with the flat part of his taster.

    "Please s-s-suck," I stammered, all breathless and wanton.

    My horniness was reaching the point of desperation.

    I had never suspected that such intense sensations were possible.

    And I knew — as the song goes — that the best was yet to come.

    Daddy wrapped his lips around my nipple and sucked with a smooth steady draw. He hollowed his cheeks with the vacuum he created in his oral cavity.

    Daddy sucked and flicked his tongue across the nipple at the same time. He rubbed his teeth against it and even gave it a couple of love bites before he released and repeated the entire process with the other nipple.

    Daddy kissed his way down the flat plain of my belly, which was heaving up and down a bit as I writhed and panted like a savage jungle beast in heat.

    I purred.

    My throat vibrated.

    Daddy moved to his belly on the rug.

    He got his head between my thighs.

    He kissed from my knees to the sides of my pussy.

    He licked and nipped at my hypersensitive inner thigh flesh.

    I really thought my clit would explode of come popping right out of its nest at the top of my slit at any second.

    I whimpered.

    I whined.

    My lips pulled back tightly over my pearly white teeth.

    "I'm gonna die, Daddy! I'm gonna die!" I screamed.

    I began to toss my head wildly from side to side.

    "Yes, pumpkin," he said. "But it will only be a small death."

    He moved his hands to the backs of my thighs and opened his fingers. He pushed upward so that my buttocks rolled up off the rug. I could feel pressure on my shoulders and the back of my head. The weight of my body was on the center of my back. My feet were high in the air with the toes curled under gripping at the balls. I had to swallow more frequently that normal to keep from drooling. I could feel Daddy's hot lips on the smooth milky white cheeks of my ass.

    Daddy moved his hands to my buttocks and I clutched myself by the shins to keep my legs up in the air. Daddy bit and licked at my buttocks. He kneaded my butt flesh with his strong fingers as if he were a chef preparing unrisen dough for baking.

    Daddy turned his wrists.

    He pointed his fingers inward toward my ass crack.

    He pressed his fingertips deeply into the supple flesh.

    He then pulled the cheeks of my ass apart very slowly.

    He didn't stop until they were as far apart as they could go. The skin in the crack was pulled taut. He opened me as if he were parting the sections of a ripe fruit. Daddy got his head very low. The crack of my ass was well lubricated from the natural lubrication that had drooled from the bottom of my pink swollen poontang.

    Daddy placed the tip of his tongue on the top of my ass track winch was closest to the carpet. He flicked back and forth and lifted his head so that his tongue was ever-closer to my asshole. At that point I could feel a tingling start in my rectum. In a couple of seconds my anus was on fire. I had never given much thought to anal intercourse, but I was starting to think that I might be the kind of woman who would enjoy her man's cock inside all three of her holes. Of course, I gave little consideration to the pain involved in such incestuous buggery, and was reacting solely to the desire my bung felt at that moment for my Daddy's curious and bold tongue. He finally got the tip of his hot taster on my asshole and I could feel the muscles in my thighs tensing involuntarily. I began to open and close my knees very rapidly as if I were fanning the fire in my crotch. Daddy made a low humming noise as he rimmed my asshole, letting me know how much he enjoyed my taste and smell. He traced a circle around my sphincter muscle — which was no doubt throbbing visibly — with the tip of his tongue and then licked across the anus with the flat part of his tongue until all of the delicious anal flavor had been licked away. He made his tongue stiff and pointy. He placed the tip snug to my bung hole and began to push. I could hear myself making a series of sharp coughing, grunting noises as he began to push his tongue up my asshole. The sounds completely emptied my lungs of air. I stretched my arms out to my sides and turned my wrists so that my palms were flat on the carpet. I bent at the knuckles and cluched the pile. I gripped the thick shag rug so hard as he buggered me orally that all of my knuckles turned white. I was clenching my back teeth together so hard that my jaw ached a little and the muscles at the sides of my face were protruding. My eyes were closed tightly. My long eyelashes were pinned against my high cheekbones and the lids were wrinkled. My tiny nose was moving up and down like a bunny's.

    Daddy pushed his tongue so deep in my asshole that he cleared the tight tube of muscle at the mouth of my rectum and began to lick at the softer tissues of my bowels.

    He wiggled his tongue.

    He worked it in and out.

    He fucked me with it.

    Then he pulled it out.

    I could tell that the tongue was neither long enough nor thick enough to satisfy the anal cravings I was experiencing deep in my bowels.

    That was a job for my Daddy's humongous tool of manhood.

    Maybe later.

    Daddy allowed me to lower my feet back to the rug.

    I settled on my ass. My anus was buzzing like I could never have dreamed. I had never even messed with myself there when I was masturbating. Daddy had a magic tongue — there was no doubt about that.

    Daddy decided to spend the rest of his eating time working exclusively on my pussy. He placed the tip of his tongue on the inch-long patch of mucous membrane in between my asshole and the bottom of my quim. The natural lubrication was gathered there thickly. He licked happily and again let out a humming sound of appreciation — to let me know how much he loved his daughter's vaginal taste!

    He ran his tongue up to the base of my cunt and moved his fingers to my thoroughly engorged outer lips.

    He pressed against those lips snugly and tugged them apart very slowly, not stopping until he made my seething honey pot look like a slab of raw meat.

    Then he flicked his tongue up and down the outer cunt lips.

    He licked at the sides of my clit but never touched it.

    He was going to save the love button for last, I could tell.

    I knew that Daddy was going to be patient in his oral manners.

    He was going to bring me to orgasm as slowly as possible.

    He knew the intensity of my climax would be enhanced by his teasing.

    Daddy flicked his tongue across my pussy.

    He licked all around the mouth of my fuck hole, and then worked the tip of his curious taster in between those lips. I could feel him massaging my urethra. He was an expert. He knew just what to do to maximize my pleasure. It was clear that he knew his way around a pussy. I imagined the pleasure that Mommy must have had before she died being eaten by this extraordinary man.

    He made his tongue stiff and pointy and tried to plunge his taster deep into my poontang, but he didn't get very far. He quickly found my cherry and withdrew.

    I was on the brink.

    I was sitting at the edge of the cliff — ready to tip over. I was ready to be launched into a new dimension of pleasure.

    Daddy's tongue was taking the first steps in turning me into a woman.

    The handsome man placed his fingertip at the very top of my slit, a fraction of an inch above my clit.

    He pressed against my love button's foreskin — the semi-circle of flesh that usually all but covered the center of my womanly pleasure.

    He pushed upward and peeled the flesh away from my little man in the boat, so the entire clit was exposed and vulnerable to my Daddy's oral caress.

    My clit felt as, hard as a marble as it quivered in front of his face. I could feel the sticks of TNT getting ready to go off in that ball of fiery flesh.

    He could tell that I was not in the mood to be teased.

    All of the muscles in my body were tensed and trembling. My senses of time and space were beginning to distort.

    Everything seemed to take a lot longer than it probably did.

    Daddy placed the tip of his tongue directly on my clit — but pulled it away before my come could start.

    A lightning bolt of physical pleasure shot up the length of my suddenly arched backbone to my brain.

    I couldn't help but buck.

    I thrust upward with my loins.

    I almost smacked Daddy's nose with my hard pubic bone.

    Daddy wrapped his strong arms around my slim upper thighs.

    He placed his hands on my lower belly and pinned my ass to the rug.

    He wasn't about to have his nose busted while giving me head.

    Daddy dabbed at my clit again.

    Again I jerked.

    His clitoral caresses were as short and light as he could make them — yet the sensation was amplified about a zillion times from the acuteness of my incestuous arousal.

    I begged.

    "Please, Daddy."

    He blew cool air on my love button.

    "Make me come, Daddy."

    Daddy smiled, paused, and then put his tongue on the center of my womanly pleasure for keeps. He began to roll my love button around in a slow sexy circle like he was rolling a glass marble around in a sea of boiling oil. It didn't take long for the explosions to start, and just as I had anticipated, they were a thousand times more spectacular than anything I had ever felt before. And that was saying something, because I have had more than my share of hot masturbatory sessions in my day, both before and after I began having sex with Daddy.

    "CUH-CUH-COMING!" I screamed.

    My voice was high-pitched. The tenseness in my throat muscles was squeezing at my vocal cords. The pleasure was incredible.

    "CCCOOOMMMIIINNNGGG!!" I hollered at the top of my lungs. I let out a wail that was so high in pitch that only wandering dogs in the neighborhood might have been able to hear it.

    I could feel the ultimate physical pleasure spreading slowly outward from my convulsing love button.

    The joy soon filled my vulva, and I could feel the natural lubrication practically gushing from the slit.

    I could tell that I was squirting some fluid from my urethra onto Daddy's lower lip, which rolled onto his chin.

    I knew that Daddy's face was going to be all wet and shiny with my poontang honey by the time he finished eating.

    He began by licking at my clit very slowly and gently, but he could soon tell I needed greater stimulation.

    He had to hold onto my lower torso very tightly to keep me from flopping right over with my muscle jerking.

    I could feel my backbone seeking to crack like a whip as the orgasmic rushes moved up my backbone toward my head.

    I could reel the pleasure spreading in ever-growing concentric circles, like ripples on a smooth pond.

    I knew that those ripples weren't going to stop spreading until the joy of my climax had filled me completely.

    I could feel a ball of fire forming at the base of my skull, like a comet, and I let out another shriek.

    The orgasm burst into my already reeling brain and I felt as if I were spiraling upward toward the ceiling.

    I actually felt as if I were adrift in mid-air there for a couple of seconds as my orgasmic bliss peaked.

    I lost all perception of time and space. I felt as if I were journeying into a land where there was no time nor space. To a zone where there was only sensation. I could see brilliant balls of fiery light flashing in many colors on the insides of my tightly clenched eyelids. My back teeth came unclenched and my mouth fell gaping open. Tears of joy welled in my eyes. All of my skin became red with my orgasmic flush and I was slick from the hot perspiration of exertion that had oozed from all of my pores. The orgasm seemed as if it were going to go on forever.

    Just when I thought the power of the spasms was bound to die down, Daddy did something I hadn't expected.

    The handsome man wrapped his full sensuous lips around my love button and the surrounding flesh.

    He began to suck at the center of my womanly pleasure — hollowing his whiskered cheeks a bit in the process.

    I wondered at that moment if it were possible for a little girl like me to pass out from pure pleasure.

    The room was spinning wildly and I felt more as if I were in a dream than in the real physical world.

    The pleasure was so physical that it was spiritual.

    That may seem hard for you to believe, I don't know.

    Maybe everybody in the world thinks that was about sex.

    How the hell should I know? I'm just a little girl.

    I have no idea how long the climax actually lasted.

    I suppose that it must have been a matter of seconds.

    But it seemed like almost an hour in my warped mind.

    But all good things have to come to an end, I suppose.

    And the same is true of even the best of orgasms, right?

    The come ended inevitably as rapidly as it had begun.

    All of my muscles relaxed at the same time and I collapsed.

    The spasms stopped and I could feel the ecstasy of my sexual release being replaced by the beautiful warmth of my post-orgasmic afterglow.

    I lay still.

    I struggled to catch my breath.

    My breasts heaved up and down as I sucked fresh air.

    Daddy pulled his face away from my pussy immediately once my climax ended — knowing that my clit was too sensitive to be touched just then. The condition was temporary of course.

    My body was soaked with sweat. My heart was still racing.

    My nipples were still straining toward the ceiling of the livingroom.

    Daddy pulled his face out from between my thighs and rested his strong whiskered chin in the center of my pubic patch. He looked at me between my breasts and smiled cheerfully. I could tell by his facial expression that he was pleased with himself for giving me such superb enjoyment.

    "How was that?"

    "Wonderful, Daddy."

    "Tell me."

    "Better than anything I could have imagined."

    I giggled at him.

    "What's so funny?"

    "What about it?"

    "It's all wet and shiny."

    "And whose fault is that?"

    "I take full responsibility."

    Daddy began to wipe his face on the back of his huge hand.

    But I stopped him with gentle fingertips on his inner wrist.

    "Let me lick you clean," I said. "Get on your back."

    That seems like as good of a time to take a break. My throat is getting a little tired. Would it be okay if I had a soda or something and we finished this this afternoon?

    Interview Two

    I feel much better. To tell you the truth, I was feeling kind of horny during the end of the first interview. Wow. I had a little more than a Coke during the break. I also made a trip to the ladies room, if you know what I mean.

    Where was I?

    Ah yes.

    I rolled Daddy over on his back. It seemed only fair to return the favor. I wanted to make him come in my mouth.

    I licked his face clean.

    I lapped eagerly with the flat part of my uncoated tongue.

    This turned naturally into a soulfull kiss that lasted a long time.

    I opened up Daddy's shirt and pulled it off. He helped. I ran my fingertips through the thick rug of salt and pepper fur that covered his chest and belly.

    I rolled my fingertips over his nipples and loved the moaning sound that Daddy made in the back of his throat.

    I kissed and licked and bit at his strong neck for a while. I realized that Daddy's tiny male nipples were just as sensitive as my own. I had always wondered why males had nipples in the first place. They didn't seem to have any purpose. I figured if they were an erogenous zone that was reason enough for their existence. I had to get a look at his cock. I had waited long enough. I got on my knees down by his hips and worked my fingers under the tops of his pajama bottoms. He obediently lifted his hips by pressing down with the balls of his huge feet. I tugged down his drawers and I thought my eyeball's were going to come popping right out of my sockets. I couldn't breathe for a second. I think my heart skipped a beat.

    He was huge.


    My caddy's prick had to be nine inches long!!! Unbelieveable.

    I don't know if that is normal or not, but it seemed big to me.

    It was certainly a hell of a lot bigger than anything I had envisioned in my sexual fantasies while touching myself in an impure manner.

    I could see that his cock was thickest at the head. I tried to imagine my pussy opening far enough to take that rod and I failed. I figured that Daddy would tear me apart and make me bleed of internal injuries if he tried to plow into my virgin slit with that pole. The head was shaped like a mushroom. It was a deep purple color. The head was obviously thoroughly engorged with the blood of Daddy's acute incestuous horniness. The skin that covered the head of his dick was stretched smooth and tight as a drum-skin. His swollen glans looked as if it would explode if another drop of blood tried to pump its way inside. I found myself looking at the little piss hole in the center of his spear. I was surprised that his urethra had little lips on either side of it making it look like a nether mouth. At that moment the hole was opening and closing with the tiny spasms Daddy was experiencing there so the hole looked as if it were trying in vain to speak.

    The shaft of his cock was not quite as thick as the head.

    The stem of the prick was a slightly lighter shade of purple.

    But it was just as hard — as hard as pure granite.

    His cock flopped flat on his belly and bounced up and down.

    The tip of his lance rested several inches above his navel.

    Although his hair was too thick to actually see his bellybutton.

    The cock had dilated blue veins running up and down the underside.

    Those veins protruded from the surface making the stem look gnarled.

    His cock looked craggy — as if it were a manifestation of ire.

    It looked more like an angry weapon than a tool of love-making. I looked at the sack below his cock that held his balls.

    The sack was obviously filled to the brim with his come.

    I wondered how long it had been since he had shot his wad.

    I couldn't picture him masturbating, but I knew he must have.

    I could see that his testicles were badly swollen.

    They rested heavy like golf balls at the base of his scrotum.

    His scrotal sack, like his cock, was bigger than I figured.

    I could see that it was too big to be held in my palm.

    And that was no matter how far apart I spread my fingers.

    I guess that Daddy could sense that I was frightened by my first vision of his pulsating lance. He sat up and began to stroke my temples lightly.

    "It's okay," he said.

    "But it is so big," I said. "And I am so little!!!"

    "You are a lot more elastic than you think," he exclaimed.

    "But won't it hurt when you stick it in me?" I asked.

    "Yes it will, pumpkin," Daddy said. "I'm not going to lie."

    "It scares me when I think about it, Daddy," I said.

    I could feel a cold sweat, a fear sweat, forming under my arms.

    "The pain will only last for a little while," he said.

    "And what happens when the pain goes away, Daddy?" I queried.

    "Then begins a lifetime of womanly pleasure," he replied.

    "Oh Daddy! You always know the right thing to say," I said.

    "Are you going to give your Daddy's cock some kisses?"

    "Uh huh. I want you to come in my mouth," I exclaimed.

    "That's a good idea," Daddy said stroking my cheeks.

    "How come, other than it will feel good?" I asked him.

    "Because then I will be able to fuck longer when I get hard again."

    "Oh goodie, Daddy," I said cheerfully, clapping my hands.

    "You want your first fuck to last for hours, don't you, darling?"

    "Forever. I know that it will be even better than when you licked me."

    "I hope you are tight, pumpkin. I hope you are right."

    There was a note of worry in Daddy's voice, I heard.

    Daddy opened his legs and propped myself up on my elbows between his thighs so I could pleasure him with my mouth.

    His thighs are very muscular. I think one of his thighs is bigger around than my waist. I swear.

    I kissed my way to his balls and began to lick at the base of the sack. He began to gyrate his hips.

    I pushed my fingers in between the carpet and the base of his balls delicately and lifted his nuts slowly.

    I bobbed his swollen testicles up and down on my slightly bent fingers for a moment or two and he groaned.

    I must have looked as if I were trying to determine the weight of his glands of masculinity as I fondled.

    I lifted the scrotum far enough to get my tongue underneath it so I could lick at the hypersensitive patch of skin between his nuts and his asshole. I thought about rimming him, but I would have had to pry away all the hair with my tongue first. I licked at his scrotum with the flat part of my tongue until the entire thing was drenched with my drooling saliva. My saliva gland was still going berserk. It would have been an understatement to say that my mouth was watering with the taste of my Daddy's balls. My taste buds were actually tingling and felt as erect as either my nipples or my clit.

    "Suck my balls," Daddy said.

    His voice was desperate.



    He spit out the words like three watermelon seeds.

    His hips moved in a fast circle as I parted my lips.

    I concentrated on making my mouth cottony soft.

    I knew how easily I could hurt those glands if I weren't careful.

    The last thing I wanted to do was cause my Daddy pain.

    I wrapped my curled lips around his right nut and began to suck. I could hear Daddy's breaths getting shorter and closer together. He was letting out a quick moan of pleasure with each of his rapid exhales. I sucked his balls for a long time and then placed the pointy tip of my tongue on the underside of his cock near the base. I began to flick back and forth very lightly and very quickly. I looked at the longest of the dilated blue veins that lined the craggy underside of his phallus and decided to use it, like a line on a road map, to determine my tongue's route. I began to move my head and shoulders and my flicking tongue got ever closer to the head of his rod. I paused at a fleshy patch just below the head of his cock because Daddy jerked when I first licked there and I could tell it was especially sensitive. You know the spot. Below where the head splits to make it look like a ripe plum. I ran the tip of my tongue right up that split until I was using the sides of my tongue to caress the swollen lips on either side of his opening and closing urethra. I worked my fingers in between the shaft of his cock and his hairy belly with my palm turned upward toward the ceiling of the livingroom. I bent my fingers slightly and formed a cradle for his shaft. I could see that my dainty fingers would have to strain to make it all the way around the shaft of his awesome spear — which will give you an idea of the kind of girth that log has!

    I lifted his cock tip until it was pointing at twelve o'clock. I made an open fist around the base of his prick. I used my left hand to clutch as much of his full scrotal sack as I could with my fingers parted as far as I could get them. I playfully flicked my tongue tip across his piss hole and he began to bounce up and down on the tight cheeks of his ass as the muscles in his thighs tensed with the extent of his arousal. I could tell that I wasn't going to have to suck Daddy's cock for very long before he would serve me with a hot meal. He was very close to blowing his top. I wasn't afraid of swallowing his come at all. I figured that anything that came out of Daddy's log would have to be as sweet as honey. Besides, I had read that a man's come was almost one hundred percent protein, and was actually very good for a little girl to drink. The problem was going to be getting the huge head of his cock far enough inside my mouth to suck. It was going to be a tight fit. As you can see, my mouth is not very large. I knew that I was going to have to keep my lips curled over my teeth as I sucked so I wouldn't bite him by mistake and break the mood.

    I concentrated on relaxing the muscles at the sides of my face and breathing exclusively through my nose.

    I moved so that my head was directly above the tip of his cock.

    I dropped my jaw.

    My mouth fell open.


    The skin at the corners of my mouth was pulled very tight.

    My jaw felt like it was going to lock in the open position.

    My nostrils flared wildly and I made snorting noises.

    I plunged down with my head.

    I took his cockhead.

    The corners of my mouth were stretched even more.

    I managed to wrap my lips around the ring of scar tissue at the base of his glans and I kept my tongue as busy as I could. I immediately began to suck hard, drawing in my cheeks and making wet sloppy sounds.

    He moaned his loudest moan so far.

    I realized that Daddy wasn't going to be satisfied with having just the head of his cock sucked by his daughter.

    Oh no.

    Daddy was used to the best.

    He wanted me to offer my throat as well as my mouth. He wanted me to take all of his cock into my oral cavity.

    I was compulsive.

    I tried to relax the muscles in my gullet as much as I could.

    I straightened my neck so the complete violation of my throat would be more comfortable for both of us.

    I pushed down with my head.

    His huge cock head worked into my throat.

    I gagged painfully and my eyes filled with tears. But I kept pushing. My lips crept down the shaft of his throbbing cock toward the base.

    "You don't have to do that…" Daddy started to say, but his pleasure overtook him as he felt the gagging of my throat blissfully squeeze at his cock head.

    I couldn't believe how filled with cock meat my throat was. I had taken him all. My nose was buried in the thick patch of pubic hair at the base of his stalk, making it even more difficult to breathe. I pulled back up very slowly, using my throat muscles to maximize Daddy's pleasure.

    I worked his cock in and out of his throat smoothly and steadily.

    I pulled up so that only his cock head was in my mouth.

    Then I pushed back down until once again I gripped him at the hilt.

    This wasn't just a blow job.

    Daddy was fucking my face!

    All of his muscles stiffened.

    His cock got even thicker and harder — although I wouldn't have thought that possible if I hadn't felt it for myself. He bucked wildly. I knew that I didn't have long to wait before he spewed his spunk. I pulled up so that my lips were clutching very hard at the ring of scar tissue at the base of his glans.

    I didn't want him to come with his cock down my throat. That way the semen would miss my tongue and I wouldn't be able to savor the masculine flavor of that slippery seed — which was one of the parts of the oral sex act I had been looking forward to the most.

    He began to scream.

    "C–C-C–COOOOMMMIINNGG!" Daddy called out.

    I guess I could have figured that part out for myself.

    Suddenly the piss hole dilated and his cock spewed.

    My mouth was filled completely with his sperm and I puffed out my cheeks. I began to swallow as hard as I could in a vain attempt to keep all of Daddy's silver seed inside my mouth. There was a lot more of the jam than I thought there was going to be. The fuck juice was also hotter than I had anticipated and for a moment I thought that my cheeks and my tongue were being scalded by the thick spunk. I could feel the rich goo rolling out from the stretched corners of my mouth heading for my chin to cool.

    The come had the texture of raw egg whites, I noticed, as it rolled down my working gullet toward a warm spot that was forming in the pit of my stomach.

    I wasn't going to stop sucking until all of his come was sucked out.

    I pumped his balls.

    I pumped once for every beat of his racing heart.

    I simulated Daddy's natural throbbing in this manner.

    I also pumped up and down on the shaft of his dick with my fist.

    I milked him.

    I wanted to suck his scrotum dry. I wanted him to be able to fuck me forever before getting the urge to shoot his cream again.

    His come was over.

    Most of the fuck juice was on my belly, though some was on my face, my hand and Daddy's dick. His cock immediately lost its urgent rigidity.

    I pulled my mouth off of his deflating glans and closed my mouth.

    My jaw felt as if it were badly in need of oil. Rusty.

    It felt like years since I had last closed my mouth.

    I pumped his cock a couple of times and saw a bead of post-orgasmic dogwater form at his piss hole.

    I licked this away with a single swipe of my slightly curled tongue tip and Daddy sighed with his glow.

    He was flat on the floor and his chest was still heaving up and down as he struggled to catch his breath.

    He was wet from sweat just as I had been after I came. My throat wasn't sore at all, in spite of the way I had ravaged myself.

    I licked the head of his cock clean and then the shaft.

    I released my grip on the shaft of his cock and his balls.

    His dick slouched onto the inside of his thick thigh.

    "Are you sure you never did that before?" Daddy asked me.

    I giggled. "Honest, Daddy."

    "You do it like an expert."

    "It must be beginner's luck," I exclaimed modestly.

    "I think you are just a natural lover, pumpkin." Daddy was sincere.

    "That's the nicest thing anyone ever said to me, Daddy," I said.

    "It's true."

    "Thank you very much, Daddy," I said. I crawled up on top of him so we could kiss on the lips. Once again we rolled our tongues together and swapped spit.

    "I'll be hard again soon," Daddy said.

    "Uh huh," I said. I cleared my throat. "I hope it won't be too long."

    "Sweetheart," Daddy replied, "you are so sexy it might be more than a few minutes."

    We stood up and kissed. I had to get up on my tip toes and Daddy had to stoop over. I intertwined my fingers at the back of his strong neck and he put the palms of his hands on the small of my back.

    "Let's go up to the bedroom," Daddy said when the kiss was over. I could feel my erect nipples throbbing against his hairy chest. I pushed forward a little harder so that my tits were flat against him.

    He ground forward with his loins and I could feel his prick on my abdomen, still flaccid. Daddy slid his hands downward until he was clutching securely at my milky white ass cheeks.

    He kneaded my ass flesh.

    Daddy took my tiny hand and gave it a little squeeze.

    He led me to the foot of the staircase. I remembered watching him come down those same stairs earlier in the morning. It hadn't been that long, but it seemed to me as if a lifetime had passed.

    He took me up to the master bedroom and we got on the bed together. Daddy shut the door securely behind us even though there was no one else in the house. I guess it made him feel more secure.

    Daddy rolled over on his back and I began to stroke his thighs. I moved the tips of my fingers to the base of his huge wrinkled scrotal sack so I could tickle him lightly there. I cupped his balls in my palm with my fingers spread apart and I heard him moan. I could actually feel his testicles beginning to swell, and I could tell that the ache was returning there. Daddy's cock began to grow. I could see that the head of his prick was becoming engorged before the rest of the shaft; I clutched his balls securely and pumped them regularly, imitating his natural throbbing. I released my grip on his balls and moved my hand to his cock, which was visibly larger and harder by this time. I lifted the head of his dick from the inside of his muscular thigh with my right thumb and forefinger and moved the phallus to the flat, hard plain of his belly so that it could grow to be a full-fledged boner with increased comfort. I arched my fingers and ran the tips up and down the underside of his cock, all the way from the base to the tip. I could see that the blue veins along the underside of his lance were once again swelling and becoming dilated, so that his dick was regaining its craggy appearance. I stroked him gently until he was as hard as a rock.

    "Now, Daddy?"

    "Yes, pumpkin."

    "What position should I get in?"

    "Get on your hands and knees so I can take you from behind."

    Daddy wanted to fuck me dogggie-style. That was okay by me.

    I didn't really give a shit what position we did it in.

    As long as his cock got inside my pussy it would be just fine.

    I sprawled on my belly and folded my hands beneath my cheek.

    I pressed my loins against Daddy's bedspread for a moment and gyrated my hips, making a gurgling noise in the back of my throat from my growing incestuous lust. Daddy straddled my ass.

    He massaged my shoulders and the back of my neck firmly.

    I could feel all of my anxieties vaporizing with his touch.

    I no longer feared the pain of having my precious cherry popped.

    Daddy rubbed his way down my spine toward my sweet ass cheeks.

    He pressed on each of the little bumps in my slightly arched backbone.

    I propped myself up on my elbows with my forearms and palms flat on the bed.

    I lifted my head and groaned deeply as he touched my buttocks.

    Daddy pulled the cheeks of my ass as far apart as he could with his left hand as he ran the middle finger of his right up and down the sensitive skin in the crack of my tender butt.

    Daddy massaged my asshole for a second and moved his finger down to the base of my pussy. I squirmed a little more beneath his caress. I pulled my knees up under my body. I kept my head low. My chin was only a fraction of an inch from the bedspread. I crossed my wrists just below my chin, still supporting the weight of my upper body on my elbows. I arched my back as sharply as I could and raised my ass up in the air. I had my knees so far apart on the bed that the cheeks of my ass and the lips of my pussy parted a bit in the process. As I lifted my ass a little higher I knew that a deliciously feminine curve was forming at the small of my back. Daddy knelt behind me. His cock was sticking straight out in front of his loins — standing at attention, and I could feel the tip throbbing against my right ass cheek for a moment. Once again I found myself thinking of anal intercourse, and I wondered if Daddy would have enough spunk to fuck me there after my cherry popping was through. I hoped so. Of course, I knew that it would be no tragedy if Daddy were too pooped to pop after he fucked me. I figured that he and I had a lifetime together. I knew that I would never have to worry about finding a boyfriend. I would always have my Daddy to give me all of the hot sex action I could possibly need.

    Daddy used his hand to guide his cock head to my pussy slit.

    For a moment I could feel his piss hole rubbing my love button.

    This felt very good, but there was no way he could make me come in this way.

    My clit's role as center of my womanly pleasure had been usurped.

    I could feel a new magic spot forming — deep inside my poontang.

    There was a ball of craving fire near my dimpled cervix by then.

    I could tell that something wonderful was going to happen when Daddy rammed the rock-hard head of his cock against that new focal point of yearning close to the mouth of my womb. I could tell that he was going to make me come with that first violation of my virgin vagina in a way I had never come before.

    Daddy slid the tip of his cock up and down my pussy slit slowly. I found it damn near impossible to keep my ass still. I was wagging as if I were a happy puppy with a long tail. Daddy lubricated the head of his cock with the plethora of cunt juice that was flowing from my cooze. My pussy was so wet with my natural lubrication that it was saturated and overflowing. I could feel my poontang honey rolling hotly and thickly down my grossly parted inner thighs — making the milky white skin there all wet and shiny.

    Daddy moved the head of his cock to the base of my slit — which was on top when I was on my hands and knees.

    The force of gravity was in favor of my breasts in that position.

    My boobs looked even larger than they do usually.

    The nipples were burning and hard, protruding from the tips.

    The nipples were brushing against the bedspread as I rocked.

    Daddy adjusted his hips so the shaft of his cock would be at the appropriate angle for deep penetration.

    "Are you ready, pumpkin?" Daddy asked me in a tight voice.

    "I don't want your cock. I need your cock," I said to him.

    He tensed, and began to push forward with his hips. I know that his ass gets very tight when he is fucking. He tenses the muscles in his ass cheeks and presses his buttocks together so firmly that the world's strongest man would not be able to pry them apart with a crow bar.

    I could feel the pressure increasing on my inner cunt lips — but for a long time nothing seemed to happen. I wasn't opening up for him. I thought that we had both bitten off a little more than we could chew. Once the penetration began it all happened rather suddenly.

    The head of his cock moved in me before I was mentally prepared.

    My inner labia were stretched further open than they had ever been.

    The flesh was taut, stretched.

    I swear I would have torn had he been a millimeter thicker.

    I could feel the tip of his cock pressing against my maidenhead.

    Daddy didn't stop pushing forward at any second. His exertion was smooth and steady. Then he stabbed very hard and I could hear a tearing sound between my legs. I heard myself let out a sharp cry of pain and I felt as if I had just been stabbed in the cunt with a red hot poker. The pain rifled up to my brain and my mouth fell open. My lips quivered and I drooled a little on the back of my wrist. I could feel something warm and sticky mixing with my natural lubrication inside my saturated quim, and in a moment of raw horror I realized that this was my own blood I was feeling.

    I was no longer a little girl — that much was for sure.

    Daddy had used the head of his cock to make me a woman.

    He had popped my cherry like a cork out of a champagne bottle.

    Even though the major obstacle between Daddy and complete penetration had been torn away brutally, it would still be no easy task to get the entire length of his cock inside me.

    My pussy was all shriveled and closed from lack of use and Daddy had to pry it gaping open using only the tip of his awesome tool of manhood.

    I was extremely pleased to find that the sharpest pain from my cherry-popping only lasted a matter of seconds. It was replaced with a dull ache.

    I found that the ache blended perfectly with the ache of desire I was feeling. I could tell that Daddy had been right about the elasticity of my cunt flesh.

    I could feel the tip of his cock moving deeper into my pussy a fraction of an inch at a time, getting ever closer to the magic spot deep inside.

    I could tell that the worst was over. Just as Daddy had said, I had nothing but a lifetime of womanly pleasure to look forward to at that point.

    Daddy pulled his ups back tightly over his teeth. His face was half in a smile and half in a grimace as he shoved downward with his loins.

    His eyes were opened only into slits, and his face had turned as red as a beet. I could see beads of sweat forming a straight line across his brow.

    Daddy let out a loud grunt that completely emptied his lungs of air and drove the tip of his spear into me hard. He hit the magic spot at the mouth of my womb.

    Just as I had figured, I immediately burst into an orgasm that was different from anything I had ever known before. My very first deep-vaginal climax.

    I found that it was shorter and sharper than the clitoral comes I had known, but it was just as fulfilling, as the ripples of joy spread to fill me completely.

    I screamed bloody murder as I came. I could feel muscles at the sides of my vulva relaxing so the rapidity of the violation was increased.

    Daddy was beginning to touch me in places that I didn't even know I had — places I would have sworn up and down couldn't be touched from the outside.

    The tip of his massive dick was pressing against the back wall of my pussy and I knew instinctively that there were several inches left to enter.

    I could tell that Daddy was going to stretch the moist, pink, swollen walls of my seething vagina to full capacity — both length-wise and width-wise.

    I was going to be filled to the brim with his cock meat.

    I would be impaled.

    He was going to drive to my core.

    He found the center of my womanly being with his urgent penis.

    He made me feel like a colorful butterfly on a pin on display under glass. He managed to get the entire length of his dick inside my belly — but it seemed to take forever.

    I could feel Daddy's pubic patch tickling at my ass crack, and I could feel his masculine loins pressed snugly against my quivering buttocks.

    I thought that Daddy would start his fuck motion right away, but instead he kept pushing forward with his lower torso, giving the illusion of sinking even deeper into my pussy. He gyrated his hips.

    Daddy stretched the inner walls of my cunt in every possible direction with that circular motion. I could tell that the blood from my recently opened wound was trickling over my clit and into the red patch of pubic hair above my violated slit.

    "Fuck me daddy! I can't stand it anymore! Please fuck me!"

    I screamed at the top of my lungs in a high-pitched voice.

    Daddy was teasing me. He bent forward at the waist and kissed the nape of my neck lightly with puckered lips. The kiss rang loud in my ears with its smacking noise.

    Then Daddy once again straightened his back. He threw back his shoulders. I strained my neck so that I could look back at him. Our eyes met for a moment. Daddy could see the urgency in my face. He began to fuck. Daddy pulled his dick out of my cunt just as slowly as he had pushed it in. He didn't stop withdrawing until only the tip of his dick was inside me, keeping the inner labia parted. He took a deep breath that completely filled his lungs and paused. Then he made a grunting sound that let all of the air out in a burst and stabbed forward with the lower half of his body as hard as he could, driving the entire length of his humongous dick into my pussy in one fell swoop. I let out a grunt and felt great pressure behind my eyes. For a moment I thought my eyeballs were going to come popping right out of their bone sockets. I had no idea that my pussy could go from empty to full so quickly — and I have to admit that I was more astonished than hurt by the suddenly stabbing of my inner cunt. Daddy began to fuck me with a smooth steady motion. He continued to move his hips from side to side a little as he plowed, which gracefully enhanced the superb pleasure I was experiencing. His cock was thick enough so that the underside of the shaft was rubbing directly against my clit. As he fucked the love button was battered blissfully. I could tell that he wasn't going to have to fuck me for long before I would have my second sexual release of the incestuous coupling.

    "Fuck me harder! Oh God! Daddy! Fuck me harder!" I screamed.

    Daddy steadily picked up the pace of his hip movements as he went along.

    I could feel my inner lips being pulled and pushed by his motion.

    I decided that the vaginal come was superior to the clitoral come.

    This was because the fuck was going to make me come repeatedly. Not once or twice — but more times than I could possibly could, or would ever want to.

    Daddy had his hands at the sides of my hips and he was gripping me so hard that his fingertips dug into my flesh — and I imagined his knuckles turning wide. I could hear his panting getting worse by the second. My breaths were very short and close together as well. I was once again drenched with the steamy perspiration of my sexual exertion.

    "Make it hurt! Puh-lease make it hurt!"

    I don't think I even knew what I was saying. But — then again — I must have, or else I wouldn't remember what my words were. I remember thinking that it didn't sound like me at all screaming those sexy words. I had changed into another person. A new me was emerging as Daddy rammed his cock into my dripping cunt harder and harder.

    I came again.

    Then again.

    I snapped orgasms off in quick succession for him.

    It was incredible.

    I could feel the muscles on the inside of my pussy working.

    I squeezed and tugged him each time he withdrew with his cock.

    I sucked his cock with my cunt. I wanted to suck him dry again.

    I wanted to make sure that he enjoyed fucking my pussy just as much as he had fucking my face earlier.

    He released his grip from the sides of my hips.

    Daddy slid his palms flat across my soft loins underbelly.

    Without missing a beat, Daddy cupped my huge breasts.

    My tits felt like they were swollen to twice normal size.

    I felt like I was ninety percent cunt and ten percent tits.

    I could feel Daddy's the cheeks of my ass.

    That contact made beat out our rhythm.

    I let out a deep groan of pleasure each time he rammed deep in my quim.

    My twat felt used.



    My deep groans turned into squeals of pleasure when I came.

    And I came often.

    It got to the point where I was having difficulty telling, my orgasms apart. They were running together so that they felt like one gigantic come.

    "I can't stop coming, daddy!" I wailed. My face was contorting.

    I realized at that moment that my lust was insatiable.

    There was no limit to the number of orgasms I could have.

    I wasn't going to stop coming until Daddy ended the act with the spilling of his slippery sliver seed.

    I could tell that Daddy was approaching his climax. He picked up the pace of the fuck rapidly until he was plowing my poontang as hard and fast as he could.

    I guess it was a good thing that the inside of my cunt was so plentifully lubricated, or else he would have surely blistered my inner pussy with the friction he was creating.

    His moans and groans were coming with each of his rapid exhales, and each moan was a little louder and higher in pitch than the one before it.

    I knew that Daddy was right on the edge so I worked the muscles inside my cunt to tug and squeeze at his dick stem even harder than before.

    Daddy was to later tell me that the inside of my cunt felt as if it were filled with a million magic fingers that had all been there especially to enhance his orgasmic pleasure.

    Daddy later informed me that I had the most talented cunt he had ever fucked — and you had better believe that that filled me with a deep pride. I was so satisfied with the knowledge of my full-fledged womanhood that I could taste it.

    I swear.

    No shit.

    Then Daddy rammed his cock all the way into my cunt.

    I could feel the shaft getting thicker and harder.

    Daddy had his palms cupped over my tits. I could feel my nipples throbbing against the centers of his palms. He had his fingers wide apart so he could clutch and fondle my breast flesh completely during his savage release. I could feel his cock spasming.


    All of his muscles tensed.

    He arched his back sharply so that his loins were out in front of the rest of his body and flung his head back so that he was facing the ceiling of the bedroom.

    But he couldn't see the ceiling.

    His eyes were clenched so tight that his lids were wrinkled and deep lines had formed at their corners, stretching toward the throbbing veins in his temples.

    He filled me with his semen.

    At that moment I snapped off my last come of the fuck.

    My best come.

    My most intense climax by far. That was because we were coming simultaneously, and that is a sign of good love-making no matter who's scorecard you are looking at.

    Being a romantic little girl I suppose, I thought that there was only one orgasm — and that Daddy and I were sharing it for a few seconds.

    We screamed together.

    We sang a duet in homage of the ecstasy we shared.

    I could feel Daddy's cock losing its rigidity quickly.

    He softened inside me, giving me a chance to relax.

    His cock throbbed hard as the blood pumped out of the shaft.

    He loosened his grip on my tits but kept his hands there.

    I could feel my bliss being replaced by my glow. Superb.


    Finally, Daddy pulled his cock out of my cunt and I collapsed on my belly.

    It never occurred to me that I was making a bloodstain on the rug.

    I kept my milky white thighs parted to a right angle.

    I felt like I would never cross my legs again. After a moment catching my breath I rolled onto my back.

    I looked up at my loving Daddy with an expression of adoration.

    Daddy returned my gaze of sincere affection warmly.

    I looked at his cock.

    The force of gravity was beginning to have an effect on the tip — which was drooping between his thick muscular thighs.

    I could see that his cock was covered with crimson blood.

    My blood!

    Blood from the wound that opened when my cherry popped.

    The blood was gathered thickest in a ring around the base.

    It was already starting to harden and get crusty.

    It was only then that I sat up and looked between my own legs.

    I winced when I saw my splattered thighs and ravaged cunt.

    The flow of blood had already stopped so I wasn't worried.

    But I hadn't anticipated making such a mess, if you know what I mean.

    "Let me get a sponge to clean us off," Daddy said.

    "I want to do something before that," I said mischievously.

    "What's that?" Daddy asked, tilting his head to one side.

    "I want to lick the blood off of your dick," I said.

    "Pumpkin, you don't have to do that," Daddy replied.

    I could tell by the tone of voice that he wanted me to. "Daddy. I'm not in the mood to take no for an answer," I said.

    "I get the picture."

    "Get on your back."

    He obeyed.

    I found that I wasn't disgusted at all by the taste of my blood and I licked his cock enthusiastically until it was as clean as a whistle.

    "Let's take a shower," Daddy said when I was done.

    That sounded like a wonderful idea to me, I was starting to feel crusty down between my legs and I could tell that Daddy wasn't into cleansing me the same way I had cleansed him.

    We got off the bed.

    I was very sore.

    Daddy had to help me to the john.

    I was walking bow-legged!

    I sat on the toilet and made a tinkle. I winced. It hurt a little to urinate.

    Daddy stood over me and watched with his thick arms crossed securely on his strong hairy chest. He smiled.

    It had been many years since Daddy had watched me go to the bathroom. Since I was very little. But I still remembered how nice it used to be when I was a tot having Daddy in the john with me. I felt just as secure at sixteen with him as I had when I was four.

    "Let me wipe you," Daddy said.

    He tore off a handful of toilet paper.

    I leaned back against the white porcelain tank behind me.

    I parted my knees and pressed my toes against the tiled floor.

    Daddy wiped the excess pee from my pussy slit gingerly.

    He dropped the paper to the water below and I flushed without getting up.

    I could feel a spray of cool water on my hot ass cheeks.

    "How do you like your shower?" Daddy asked me sweetly.

    "Steamy hot!" I said with a big happy smile.

    "Good — me too!" Daddy said. He pulled back the shower curtain.

    "I want you to soap me up all over my body," I said to him.

    "Ummmm, sounds good," he said. He turned on the water.

    The water pressure is always good at our house. The water comes out of the shower nozzle in needles of hot spray. I could see the steam rising toward the ceiling of the bathroom. The bathroom needed a paint job I noticed. The paint above the tub was starting to crack and peel. I could tell that it wouldn't be long before both the mirror on the medicine cabinet and the full-length mirror mounted on the inside of the bathroom door would both be steamed over completely. The room would be soon as foggy as a London night. Daddy adjusted the temperature until it was perfect and helped me into the tub. We washed each other thoroughly. We paid special attention to each other's genitalia. I, personally, wanted all of my nooks and crannies to be squeaky clean, because I sensed that our sex session for the day was not through. There was still that annoying craving in my bowels that needed to be satisfied.

    I was getting very hot again.

    Daddy lathered my tits and fondled them.

    He pinched lightly at my nipples.


    "Yes, pumpkin?"

    "I want you to fuck me again," I said.

    "I can feel the ache already," he said.

    "But not in my cunt," I said.

    He tilted his head a little to one side and raised an eyebrow.


    I pulled my ass cheeks open and pointed in between.

    "That will hurt," he warned.

    "But I need it so very badly, Daddy," I exclaimed.

    There was no doubt a note of desperation in my voice.

    He nodded. I dropped to my knees in front of him. I kissed his balls. I flicked the tip of my tongue across his scrotum. I lapped at his nuts and sucked them gently. His cock was growing hard. I pinned the head of his cock to his flat belly with the tips of my fingers so that the tip was pointing toward the cracked ceiling of the bathroom. I placed the tip of my tongue on the base of his cock and flicked back and forth. I moved upward until I was playfully flicking at the swollen lips alongside his urethra. I sucked him for a couple of seconds until I could tell that his erection was complete. I then stood and turned my back to him. I placed the palms of my hands flat on the tiled wall in front of me with my fingers apart and moved my feet as far apart in the white porcelain tub as I could get them. I pressed my anklebones against the sides of the tub and bent forward at the waist so that my boobs dangled low beneath my chest above my rib-cage. Daddy soaped up the crack of my ass and then his cock.

    I knew that my sphincter muscle — that cute pink asterisk — was going to have to stretch further than it had ever stretched before.

    The pole that Daddy was about to thrust into my nether eye was a hell of a lot thicker than anything I had ever forced out of that back-door passageway — if you know what I mean.

    He held my ass cheeks apart and slid the slippery tip of his dick up and down the crack of my ass. Then he held my buttocks separated with his left hand exclusively, so he could use his right hand to guide the head of his throbbing phallus to its super-tight target.

    He moved his cock shaft to the appropriate angle.

    "Stick it in, Daddy," I said.

    Daddy tensed the muscles in his ass cheeks.

    "Fuck my ass hard! Oh yes, daddy!" I hollered. My voice echoed against the tiled wails of the medium-sized bathroom. I could feel the shower water beating down on my back in between my rather sharp shoulder blades.

    Daddy pushed forward with his hips.

    My asshole stretched open slowly. Oh yes, there was pain. But it was wonderful pain. Intrinsically sexual pain. I realized that the line between pleasure and pain was very slim. My sphincter was gaping. All of the puckers in my rectum were smoothed by the girth of his pulsating purple cockhead.

    Daddy managed to get the head of his cock past the tight tube of muscle at my anus and into the softer — more elastic — flesh of my inner bowels.

    I could tell that he wasn't going to stop thrusting until all eight inches of his dick were inside my ass, filling in me more than I could have dreamed.

    I felt sharp pains in my belly, and then cramps. I could that Daddy had opened a wound and drawn blood with his glans for the second time that day — and I don't think it was noon yet!

    He pushed his dick all the way into my cunt and fucked my ass gloriously. He made my asshole feel like it was going to pop right out of my fanny.

    He fucked for a long time.

    I have no idea how long.

    He pinched my nipples as he buggered me from the rear incestuously. Just before he came he ran his fingertips down the front of my body, over my soft underbelly.

    His right forefinger worked its way through the center of my pubic patch straight toward my clit. There was no time to be subtle, he knew.

    He pressed the tip of his curious digit against my love button very hard, pressing the ball of fiery flesh against the base of my bucking pubic bone.

    He worked his fingertip back and forth across my little man in the boat as hard and fast as he could and I began to come in a matter of seconds.

    I came.

    He came.

    We came together once again. I could feel my bowels convulsing around his cock as he spasmed, and even my third hole wanted to suck the spunk from his sack.

    He plowed all the way into me. My asshole gripped the base of his tremendous tool of masculinity and once again I could feel the tip of his dick pressing against a spot that I would have sworn couldn't have been reached from the outside.

    And then it was over. That was our first morning together.

    We have been making it ever since. Often and very hot.

    But I have to admit that I feel envy when I see other girls dating.

    I feel as if a part of my childhood has been robbed. Maybe I am succumbing to the guilt I feared when my sexual relationship with my father first began.

    I have to admit that I have been having trouble sleeping lately, and I have lost weight. I know that there are circles under my eyes that weren't there before.

    Case History Two

    SUBJECT: Sheree M.

    AGE: Sixteen The first time Sheree entered my office last spring seeking help, I could tell right away that she came from a poor family. She looked as if she needed a bath and her clothes were shabby. Yet she still struck me as a remarkably beautiful teenager. It was clear that she was well on her way to being a woman.

    Interview One

    I guess I never had a chance. The cards were stacked against me right from the beginning. Being raped by Daddy was just the straw that broke the camel's back.

    It all started about three weeks ago when I started to feel real horny in school. I had felt horny before, but it had never been this bad.

    I decided that when I got home from school I was going to masturbate for the very first time. That only made my horniness get that much worse.

    Going home after school is never much to look forward to as far as I am concerned. I live alone in a dirty old shack of a house in the back woods of Pennsylvania. Daddy has been drunk and out of work for a long time. He is a mean old cuss. He is cruel to me. He beats me whenever he is in the mood, and once he locked me in the closet overnight without giving me supper. I suppose it was only a matter of time before he sexually abused me as well. Daddy was just looking for an excuse. I went straight home after school that day; I remember it was a Friday. The little money that we do have goes to Daddy's drinking and he always spends Fridays burning a hole in a stool at Symms' Bar and Grill down the Old River Road a ways. I knew that I would have the house to myself for a couple of hours at least before Daddy came wailing home all in his cups and shit.

    I immediately took off all of my clothes and got on the center of my bed on my back. I placed two pillows on top of one another and punched the top one so that I made a dent in the feathers for the back of my head. I stretched out with my legs straight in front of me. At first I kept my knees and ankles close together, but I found that my thighs opened automatically once I began to stroke myself.

    I know you know what I look like, but let me describe myself a little bit for the people who will, be reading the transcribed tape.

    I'm petite. I am about five two and usually weigh around a hundred pounds. I guess I look older than I really am. My mannerisms are quite adult — if I do say so myself.

    I have an oval-shaped face and an olive complexion. I have the kind of skin that tans to a golden brown in the hot summer sunshine.

    My eyes are large and shaped like almonds. My hair is pitch black and hangs long over my shoulders and down the center of my back between my shoulder blades.

    My hair is perfectly straight, and if I kept care of it I guess it would look like an Oriental's hair — which I have always thought was beautiful.

    My eyes are dark brown, but a lot of people think they are as black as my hair when they see them in limited light. My eyelashes are long and curled at the tips. Naturally, my eyebrows and lashes are just as black as the hair on my scalp. My nose is straight and thin. A little pointy at the tip. I know that there are guys who think I am pretty. I guess I have an exotic appeal — like maybe. I might be part Negro or something.

    I have always thought that I look a little pinched, to tell you the truth. But that is neither here, nor there.

    My shoulders are slim and my breasts are small. I have nice tits though. At least I think so. They are nice and firm — and they are still growing larger. Honest.

    I guess I still have a lot of tom-boy in my figure — but that also is changing. My hips are starting to broaden and I am developing the curves of a woman.

    My breasts have large nipples. My nipples are brown and stand up tall when I am sexually aroused, as I was when I first masturbated on that fateful Friday.

    I have always thought that my nipples looked like Hershey's Kisses — you know, the candy — with the aluminum foil peeled off. There aren't a lot of people I can share that observation with, of course.

    I opened my thighs and felt my tiny toes curling under.

    I ran my fingertips lightly over my dark nipples and moaned.

    I could feel my inner and outer cunt lips beginning to swell.

    I was by far the most sexually aroused of my inexperienced life.

    I could feel my clitoris getting hard and large at the top of my slash.

    My outer cunt lips are dark brown, but the flesh between is pink.

    I could feel my cooze getting all wet and juicy from my horniness.

    I oozed from the base of my slash down onto my fanny.

    I got each of my nipples in between my thumbs and forefingers.

    I pinched them lightly as my nose moved up and down.

    I was moving the small brown cheeks of my ass from side to side.

    I placed the balls of my feet flat on the bedspread.

    I clutched and gathered the spread with my chubby curling toes.

    I remember I was wearing red nail polish on my toenails that day.

    I parted my smooth slim thighs as far as I could possibly get them.

    I had my knees pointing east and west with my head pointing north.

    I pinched a little harder at my nipples and my face contorted.

    The skin on the insides of my thighs was starting to tingle.

    I began to move my loins up and down in a natural fucking motion.

    I dreamed that a real cock was dancing inside my virgin cunt.

    I had no idea that my virginity was approaching its death.

    I had no idea that my cherry would soon be popped.

    My childhood was to be brutally torn from my innocent soul.

    I would be spoiled by the vile incestuous lust of my drunken father!

    I placed the palms of my hands over my tiny tits and gave them a firm squeeze. Then I pulled on my nipples until the skin around the brown erections was tight and my breasts looked like scoops of fudge ice cream!

    But the ache down below was too great for me to ignore any longer. I had to touch my pussy. I moved my fingertips to the insides of my thighs where the nerve-endings felt as if they were going berserk.

    I stroked at my thighs starting at my knees. I drew my fingertips with amazing patience toward the sides of my dripping cunt.

    Since I was sure that I had complete privacy I did nothing to hold down my exclamations of self-induced physical pleasure. If I wanted to scream bloody murder, I was going to scream bloody murder. I thought that I was alone in the woods. Wrong.

    I couldn't have been more wrong if I had tried.

    I placed the tip of my middle finger at the base of my cunt. I was panting wildly. I could feel myself turning into a sexual animal. I was a wild jungle beast, I swear! I could feel my hips bucking up and down with a frenzy until I squeaked the bedsprings. My top pillow was banging the headboard against the wall. I was making purring sounds in the back of my throat — sounds that were making my whole throat vibrate. I began to run the tip of my finger up and down the outer lips of my fragrant cunt. I could smell the scent of my emerging womanhood waiting upward toward my pinched nostrils from between my dark parted gains. I loved my scent. I thought that the odor of my cunt was splendid. It made me wonder what my pussy juices tasted like. I rubbed my middle finger up and down my swollen wet slit until I had coated it with my thick natural lubrication. I then brought that finger up to my nose and sniffed at it. I drew my smell deep into my sinuses. My breasts heaved for a moment and I exhaled with a sigh. I popped that finger in my mouth and rolled my tongue over it as I sucked it clean. Naturally, in my fantasy, I dreamed that my finger was really a man's throbbing dick.

    How puny my finger seems in retrospect. But at the time I really didn't know very much about what a man, looked like without his clothes on. Now, I guess you might say that I am an expert, of my Daddy's body anyway.

    I returned my hand to my pussy. I used the fingertips on my free hand to pull my outer cunt lips apart as far as I could get them.

    I flicked my fingertips across the outer edges of my inner lips. I worked one finger between those lips and caressed the little hole where I pee, then moved down to where a man's cock goes. I pushed deep enough inside myself to touch my cherry and withdrew. I lifted my ass from the bedspread for a second so I could run a wet fingertip tip and down the crack of my ass — which I found felt a hell of a lot better than I thought it was going to.

    My clit felt ready to burst and I couldn't keep myself from touching there any longer. I ran my fingertip all the way up to the top of my cooze slash. I put the tip of my bold digit directly on my love button and my whole body jerked. My loins stabbed upward toward the low ceiling of my bedroom. I was breathing very hard and it still didn't feel like I was getting any air into my lungs. My skin was slick with sweat. My face was very red. My eyes were closed tightly. I could hear my moans and groans getting louder and louder. I was making such a fuss that I didn't even hear Daddy come in the house. This was a mistake for which I would pay dearly, I assure you.

    I began to roll my love button in a slow sensuous circle.

    I could feel my sexual tension growing in leaps and bounds.

    I started out touching my clit very softly but increased the pressure.

    I began by rolling the fiery flesh slowly but increased the speed.

    I soon worked myself up to the very edge of bliss.

    I pressed hard against the center of my womanly pleasure.

    I began to flick my fingertip back and forth across the clit.

    That was all if took to tip me over the edge into ecstasy.

    I could feel the unadulterated physical joy rippling through my body.

    I made a terrible fuss and tears of pleasure streamed down my cheeks. I bucked so hard that one leg fell off the side of the bed. The bedspread was pulled half off the bed. The cloth beneath me was damp from the hot perspiration that was oozing from every pore in my body. I could feel the joy blasting into my brain — by far the most intense sensation I had ever experienced. The come seemed to last for a long time.

    I was in heaven.

    I was about to go to hell.

    The ecstasy stopped and I could feel a warm contentment spread to fill my loins and my belly. All of my muscles were relaxed. I felt more content than I had in years. I was still. Only my breasts moved as I caught my breath. I left my fingers in my pie.

    My euphoria was transient.

    My contentment was ephemeral.

    For just at that moment Daddy burst into my room and looked at my naked body with a combination of hate and lust in his eyes. His hands were balled into fists.

    All of the blood drained from my face.

    I turned as white as a sheet.

    I felt faint.

    My body became slick with the sheer icy sweat of my terror.

    I don't think I have ever been so frightened in my life.

    I'm sorry. We are going to have to stop now. I feel ill. Can we continue this interview at another time?

    Interview Two

    "What the fuck do you think you are doing?" Daddy screamed.

    He was grinding his back teeth together disturbingly.

    "I'm sorry Daddy. I never did it before. I was just…"

    But my sentence was stopped by his savage slap across my face.

    "Take that, cunt. You wanna be a slut, don't you?"

    "No, Daddy. I never even had a boyfriend. I swear."

    "Well you are gonna have one now, bitch," Daddy said.

    There was something crazy about his eyes. He wasn't himself.

    Maybe he had gotten into some bad moonshine that made him mad.

    "I gotta get something. You stay put, or I'll kill you," he said.

    He ran out of the room and I was left to shiver alone on my bed.

    I realized that my fingers were still resting between my legs.

    I could feel the pressure building up behind my eyes.

    My eyes welled with fresh tears of despair that stained my cheeks.

    I wept miserably — filled with my hopelessness and pain.

    My cheek stung badly from the brutal blow I had received.

    I checked my back teeth with the tip of my tongue while he was gone.

    I wanted to make sure that the slap hadn't loosened any of them.

    I was pleased to find all molars securely enrooted in my gums.

    Daddy returned with four pieces of neatly cut rope in his hand.

    He told me to stretch out on my back on the bed with my arms over my head.

    He told me to spread my legs as far as I could get them for him.

    "Please don't do this to me," I said in a whimpering voice.

    I had a pathetic whine in my tone. I was begging my Daddy for mercy.

    He grabbed my right wrist and tugged my arm so hard I thought he would tear my shoulder right out of its socket.

    He made sure that the elbow was locked in the straight position and tied my wrist to a bar in my headboard.

    He tied me tightly and I could feel the rough hemp biting painfully into my sensitive wrist flesh.

    He tied me so stringently that the flow of blood was halted to my hand. I could tell without looking that my fingertips were turning a deep purple color.

    I could feel pins and needles getting worse in my fingertips. My knuckles felt increasingly numb until I couldn't feel them at all. My hand was numb. Daddy quickly circled to the other aide of the bed, moving like a savage animal encircling his helpless prey, so he could repeat the process with the other arm. He then moved to the foot of my bed and grabbed me by both ankles at the same time. I could feel my pussy lips being parted by this, and he was staring directly into the candy delta between my slim dark gains. Daddy tied both of my ankles to the bedposts at the foot of the bed. I could tell that I was going to have red rings around my wrists and ankles that would take days to fade.

    My knees — like my elbows — were locked in the straight position.

    I was immobile.

    I could only move my head — and that involved more effort than it was worth.

    "You are going to get yours now, cunt slut," he said.

    He unbuckled his brass belt buckle slowly. I thought he was going to remove his trousers. Instead he pulled the strap of black leather out of all of the belt loops. He held the belt in his right fist folded in half, clutching it by the metallic end. He snapped the belt against his slightly cupped left palm — creating a sound like a shotgun blast, or maybe fireworks on the Fourth of July.

    I winced.

    I knew that the belt would make the same sound when it struck my flesh.

    In my grossest imagination, I couldn't have conjured Daddy's sadistic abuse.

    He raised the belt over his head and brought it down as fast and hard as he could, using a subtle flick of his wrist to make the whip snap just before contact.

    He whipped my right nipple which filled my head with blinding pain. It hurt more than any human being should ever have to know.

    He whipped the other nipple the same way and I could tell that those pieces of Hershey's chocolate were soon to be all black and blue.

    He strapped my tits until they were striped with angry red welts.

    He whipped my belly and the insides of my thighs.

    I guess he beat me until his arm got tired. Or maybe he got bored. Who knows? I don't think it makes a difference what made him stop if you really want to know the truth.

    He tossed the belt aside.

    It scuttled across the bare wood floor toward the wall near the door.

    He tore off his tee-shirt. Literally. He tore the white cotton material. He bared his barrel chest. My Daddy is a bear of a man. He is much bigger than me. I hadn't struggled much because I knew better. I knew that he would only beat me worse than he had already if I put up a fuss. Of course, by this time I was bound so tightly that it didn't make ninth of a difference how much I struggled. I found myself twisting with my wrists even though I knew I didn't have one chance in a million of wriggling my hand free. I stopped my wiggling only when I found it made the rope squeeze more tightly at my wrist.

    Daddy undid his trousers.

    He pulled down his fly.

    He worked his fingers under the top of his pants and his underwear and tugged them down together so that I could see his cock. I had, to blink a couple of times to clear my vision, as my dark eyes had filled with tears. I could tell that my eyes were red and swollen. It was becoming increasingly difficult to blink. The insides of my eyelids felt as if they were made of sandpaper at that moment. His cock was huge.

    Twice as big as I thought it would be.

    "You are going to tear me apart with that thing!"

    There was panic in my voice.

    My stomach was twisted in knots and filled with butterflies.

    My heart felt as if it would pound right out of my chest.

    I was panting very hard and still out of breath.

    Daddy wasted no time. He wanted to rape me. Daddy couldn't wait to feel his cock inside my pussy. He placed the palms of his huge hands on his belly and laughed until his entire body shook. My own father was standing in front of me as naked as the day he was born — in front of him waving his knife, ready to slice into my belly.

    He bounced on top of me.

    He crushed his full weight crushing my tits flat.

    I couldn't breathe. I could feel his cock throbbing against my thigh.

    I figured there was no way he could get that dong inside me.

    It was going to take a lot, of brute force to penetrate my tight quim.

    Well, brute force was something that Daddy had plenty of, I guess. Daddy placed the palms of his hands flat on the bed beside my head.

    He pushed down with his hands and straightened his arm.

    Daddy arched his back and lifted his chest from mine.

    I gasped for breath as the pressure on my lungs was relieved.

    Daddy moved so that only my bruised nipples were against him.

    Those nipples were grossly swollen and throbbing with a dull ache.

    I figured there was no way Daddy could get his cock in my cooze.

    He supported the weight of his upper body with his left arm alone.

    He reached back with his right and made a fist around his cock.

    He clutched his prick at the base and gave it a couple of quick squeezes.

    I guess he wanted to make sure it was as long and thick as possible.

    He was satisfied and used his right hand to guide his cock tip.

    He ran the head of his cock slowly up and down my pussy.

    I have to admit that the flesh down there was getting damn sensitive.

    After all he was a man and I was about to get fucked for the first time.

    My pussy juice began to flow anew and fresh swelling began in the twat.

    My clitoris grew to erection in spite of my fear and horrible pain.

    Daddy ran the head of his cock down to the base of my slash.

    He began to press down and I could feel my cunt opening for him.

    There was nothing subtle about the way he fucked me, I assure you.

    He wanted to get his big cock all the way in as fast as he could.

    He didn't care about the pain he knew he would cause me.

    In fact I think he relished the idea of the agony his rape would spawn.

    He busted my cherry wide open with a ripping sound that sickened me.

    Again I screamed bloody murder with my unthinkable pain.

    Fresh colt sweat oozed from all of the pores in my slim torso.

    Daddy kept pushing until he had all of his dick in my pussy.

    My inner cunt lips gripped at the base of his lance and the tip stretched painfully at the back wall of my fuck hole.

    He didn't bother to fuck me slowly at first and then steadily increase the pace as he went along.

    He fucked me as hard and fast as he could from the very first stroke. He fucked me brutally hard and the lightning like pain transformed into lightning like pleasure.

    By his forth stroke I had forgotten about the horrible pain of losing my virginity. I guess my pussy was getting used to the deep violation or something.

    The muscles at the sides of my pussy relaxed and he found that he could move his dick into and out of my cunt with ease. My cunt made sloppy wet splashing noises.

    I knew that a combination of my natural lubrication and the blood from my torn hymen was splattering at the insides of my thighs. I could see that his cock was all red with blood when he withdrew. I could watch myself getting fucked between our bodies. He had both arms supporting his upper body and he was up on his toes as if he were doing push-ups on top of me or something like that.

    He made me come.

    I know I should be ashamed of myself.

    I couldn't help it.

    It just happened.

    He rode my pussy high as he fucked me so he gave maximum stimulation to my clit. I could feel the sexual tension building inside me with each savage thrust until I could feel the explosions of my first womanly come — the kind of come that can only happen when a girl is getting her brains fucked out!

    Daddy shifted into high gear.

    He began to moan.

    Then he thrust his dick all the way into my pussy and kept it there. All of the muscles in his body trembled and he shook like a leaf. He made an animalistic growling noise in his throat and shot his wad into my dripping honey pot.

    Daddy pulled his dick out of me.

    He didn't seem to notice that it was all covered with blood.

    Thank God, he remembered to untie me before he passed out.

    I had worries that he would leave me like that all night.

    He stumbled out of the room and went to his own to sleep.

    I wonder if he remembered what happened the next morning.

    I had some sort of nervous breakdown on the spot. I curled into a ball and cried like a baby for hours before I fell asleep — and even then my rest was troubled by dreams of the rape. Daddy turned into a grotesque monster in my dreams. He grew larger and I got smaller.

    I was still exhausted when I woke in the morning and I had to deal with my sore whipped body, my blood-crusted thighs and belly and my sore ankles and wrists.

    I packed my things and ran away from home that afternoon. There was nothing left for me there. Daddy had turned me into a woman and I was going to act like one. I was going out to make it on my own.

    I hitchhiked to New York and soon discovered that I didn't have the slightest idea how to be independent.

    Since I was soiled I acted soiled. For the past few weeks I have been giving blow jobs for tips in one of the theaters downtown.

    The police picked me up and I told them my story. They are going to put me in a foster home or something like that. They seem to think that I don't have my head on straight and that is why they sent me to you.

    Will I ever be able to have sex again without thinking of Daddy?

    Will I ever know love?

    Will I ever find a man who respects me in spite of my past.

    I am haunted by these and other questions.

    Case History Three

    SUBJECT: Sookie O.

    AGE: Sixteen

    Interview One

    We have a strange custom in our family. When when of us girls turns sixteen we are sent to our father's bedroom to be turned into women.

    You may think that is odd — but you have to remember that my family is Korean, and we have a different way of going about things from Americans.

    I am the youngest of three daughters, and I remember vividly how envious I felt of my older sisters when they turned sixteen and had their evening with Daddy.

    Well, I turned sixteen three weeks ago and I want to tell you all about my experiences with my father. I hope they don't shock you, Doctor.

    My oldest sister is married now and has moved to Colorado. I live with my Mommy and Daddy and my older sister Suzie in a brownstone in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn.

    It is a Catholic Italian neighborhood, and I guess a lot of the kids I go to school with would croak if they knew how I spent my sixteenth birthday.

    The whole cherry-popping business is very ceremonial — as you will find out. My birthday fell on a Friday, so I had to wait for Daddy to get home from work before things started.

    Daddy got home right on time and immediately showered and went to his bedroom to wait for me. I was in my upstairs bedroom about as anxious as I had ever been about anything in my life.

    My heart was pounding and I was having a great deal of difficulty staying still. I paced back and forth in my room. It would have been an understatement to say I had ants in my pants.

    I was wearing nothing but a green silk robe and I was getting very horny just thinking about the way I was going to spend the remainder of my evening.

    There was a gentle tapping at the door and I knew it was Mommy. Before I was sent to Daddy I would have to be bathed in water mixed with special ceremonial oils.

    I opened the door and Mommy silently took my hand. She led me to the bathroom down the hall and told me to sit on the toilet with the seat down while she filled the tub.

    The bath was hot. She added exactly five drops of the sweetly-scented oil to the water, and stirred the mixture with a circular motion of her right hand.

    I was not only a virgin, but I didn't know very much about sex at all. I had never been kissed passionately even. I knew that I was going to learn a lot before the night was through.

    I could feel myself getting hornier than I had ever been before in my life as Mommy prepared the water. I was about to become a woman, and I could feel my breaths turning into pants with my growing sexual excitement.

    My large firm breasts ached with a desire to be fondled, and the silver-dollar-sized nipples at their tips had become erect and burned with my horniness.

    You might think that I was frightened, but this is not true. I have been taught the Korean traditions since birth, and I considered it a great honor to have sex with my father.

    I couldn't tell any of my friends about what happened, of course. I am smart enough to realize that incest in one of America's strictest taboos.

    I know American culture as well as Korean. I have been in this country since I was five — and I don't even speak with much of an accent if I do say so myself. "Remove your robe," Mommy said. Naturally she spoke in Korean, but I will translate all of the dialogue in my story for you.

    I untied the cloth belt around my slim waist as I stood. Mommy pulled the robe over my shoulders and hung the robe on a hook on the back of the bathroom door.

    "Get into the tub," Mommy said. She looked up and down my body boldly. I saw her lick her lips. I had heard from my sisters that the bath portion of the ceremony was very nice, but that had never given me enough details for me to know what to expect.

    I stepped into the hot tub, which was up to my mid-shins in water, and I could feel the blood pumping downward in my body toward my virgin pussy.

    I could feel both the inner and outer lips of my cunt swelling rapidly, and I could even tell I was lubricating myself down there. There was a pressure in my lower abdomen and I could feel a tingling on the insides of my slender thighs.

    I could feel my clit starting to grow at the top of my pussy. The love button was getting hard, and I wanted to be touched there about as much as I had ever wanted anything in my life.

    Mommy had two glass containers with her. In them were ceremonial soaps which she would use to cleanse all of my nooks and crannies for Daddy.

    Mommy washed my hair sensuously. She knelt on the bath mat beside the white porcelain tub as she worked the lather up in my long black hair.

    She used a large glass to rinse the soap out of my hair. I was sitting in the tub. The water felt hotter on my erogenous zones than it did on the rest of my body.

    Mommy told me to stretch out on my back in the water with my knees spread open as far as the tub would allow. She took my breasts in her feminine hands.

    I guess I should mention at this point that I had never touched myself in an impure manner. It was forbidden for us girls to masturbate.

    I had never experienced an orgasm, and I knew that I was going to feel plenty of sensations during the ceremony that I had never known before.

    Mommy rubbed lather over my nipples with the fleshy tips of her slightly arched fingers, and I could feel my nipples getting even harder and larger as she touched them.

    Mommy soaped my belly and ran her hands down between my legs. I found it very difficult by this time to keep my ass still under the water. I was gyrating and writhing with my horniness.

    Mommy began to massage my inner thighs — all the way from my knees to the edges of my pussy — and I could feel my sexual arousal growing in leaps and bounds.

    I could feel the ache in my cunt getting sincere. Mommy told me to press against the bottom of the tub with the balls of my dainty feet so I could lift my loins above the surface of the water. As I did this Mommy began to ever-so-lightly massage my outer cunt lips. I could feel the muscles in my thighs tensing involuntarily and my tits began to feel as if they were swelling to twice their normal size.

    I looked at my breasts — which were heaving up and down with my rib-cage as I panted with my sexuality — and was surprised to find they looked the same size.

    My nipples felt as if they were going to blast off from the tips of my breasts like rocketships. My boobs felt like they would burst from the swelling I was experiencing there.

    "This is supposed to feel very good, Sookie," Mommy said to me in a soothing tone. "So you should do nothing to hold back the pleasure."

    "Okay, Mommy," I said quietly. She ran her fingertip lightly up and down the outer lips of my pussy. She massaged the outer edges of the inner lips, which were slightly curled back, and then worked her finger in between those lips. Her fingertip was against my cherry for a moment. I could tell that the little glands inside my cunt were secreting my natural lubrication in a steady flow by this time.

    I began to moan and groan.

    My panting became worse.

    My heart raced.

    My pussy flesh was fully engorged with blood by this point.

    I was thrusting my loins up and down as if Daddy were already inside me with his long thick tool of superior masculinity. Mommy touched my clit.

    I couldn't believe how good it felt when my touching mother made direct contact with the throbbing and erect center of my womanly pleasure.

    I let out a loud moan of pleasure and Mommy hummed a happy tune to herself as she rolled my clit in a small circle. She did this very lightly and very slowly. I could feel the sexual pressure in the lower half of my body growing to the saturation point. I could tell that Mommy was going to give me my very first come. I couldn't wait. I splashed some of the water out of the tub in my frenzy — but Mommy didn't seem to mind.

    When I had orgasmed, the pleasure exploding into my brain and making me buck in the tub for what seemed to be a very long time, Mommy pulled her massaging finger from my clit and instructed me to turn over on my belly.

    I had to get on my hands and knees sort of, so that my ass was sticking up in the air. Mommy washed my buttocks sensuously and I shivered with pleasure as she ran a soapy finger up and down the crack of my fanny. It felt a lot better when she touched my asshole than I thought it would. I had never really thought of my asshole as an erogenous zone. I was learning fast. I could tell that I was going to be livid for Daddy's cock by the time I was sent into his room at the other end of the hall.

    Mommy washed my anus thoroughly and then rinsed me off.

    "You may get out of the tub now," She said sweetly.

    Mommy grabbed a fluffy white bath towel from the rack.

    She draped it over my shoulders and told me to dry myself.

    "Be careful to dry between your legs," the woman said to me.

    When I had done this she brushed my hair until it was dry.

    Mommy had a small vial of musk oil. She perfumed along my jugular vein. She dabbed the scent to both of my erect nipples, which were sticking slightly upward, and also dabbed some of the musk across my loins just above my tiny triangular pubic patch.

    "Put your robe back on dear," Mommy said.

    "Is it time?"

    "Yes, dear."

    "Oh goodie."

    "You must remember to be very quiet and subservient with Daddy," Mommy said. She gave me a light kiss on the middle of my smooth forehead.

    "I will do whatever Daddy asks me to," I said enthusiastically. "I have been looking forward to this day for a long time know, you know."

    Mommy opened the bathroom door.

    I was on my own.

    I headed for Daddy's bedroom at the other end of the hall.

    Interview Two

    I gently rapped at Daddy's bedroom door with my knuckles.

    "Come in," I heard his deep voice call out to me.

    I opened the door slowly. My heart was beating faster than ever.

    My tits heaved up and down with my frantic panting.

    "Are you ready to receive the power of the cock?" Daddy asked.

    "Yes, sir," I said. I kept my head bowed. My feet were together.

    I could feel my natural lubrication pooling at the base of my pussy.

    And second the natural lubrication would spill from the pink delta.

    I knew it wouldn't be long before my thighs were wet with that juice.

    My clit felt as if it were going to pop right out of its fleshy nest.

    Daddy is a very large man, standing well over six feet.

    His shoulders and his chest are very broad. His legs are long.

    His hands and feet and very large. He was wearing a robe like mine.

    "First you must learn to pleasure me with your mouth," Daddy said.

    He untied the bathrobe's green cloth belt around his slim waist.

    I gasped with joy when he pulled it open and showed me his equipment.

    I was pleased to find that my father had a very large cock.

    The dick had to be eight inches long and it was two and a half inches thick.

    It was clear that his penis was as hard as a rock with his excitement.

    "Kneel before my cock, Sookie," Daddy said to me in a stem tone.

    It was clear that he would not take no for an answer.

    I removed my own robe as my natural lubrication spilled from my slit.

    His cock was standing straight out from his loins, throbbing.

    The tip of his dick was pointing slightly upward, like my nipples.

    I could see his cock head bobbing up and down with his pulsations.

    I placed my tiny hands on the insides of Daddy's thighs and sighed.

    I threw back my head to get my long black hair behind my shoulders.

    My hair has a tendency to fall in my face if I'm not careful.

    I didn't want my silky black tresses getting in the way.

    I moved my fingertips to his balls and lifted them slowly.

    I began to lick at his balls and he moved his feet apart.

    I lapped at his testicles and sucked them lovingly. Daddy was silent.

    He stood perfectly still. Only his breathing betrayed his lust — and of course the increasing intensity of the throbbing in his dick.

    I pinned his cock to his belly so that the tip was pointing toward the ceiling of the bedroom and began to lick at the underside of the shaft.

    I licked at his balls and his cock until all of his genitalia was soaked with the hot spittle that dripped from my slightly curled tongue tip.

    I allowed his cock to come away from his belly and relaxed the muscles in my jaw so I could take him in my mouth. Daddy placed his hands on his hips with his elbows outward pointing in opposite directions.

    "Feel the power of my cock throbbing against the inside of your mouth," Daddy said. I did. It felt great. I loved the taste and the smell of his manhood.

    I used the very tip of my pink taster to playfully flick at the little hole in the center of his deep purple cock head. I dropped my jaw.

    My mouth fell gaping open and I engulfed his cock head with my lips. I used my mouth to grip at the ring of scar tissue below his glans.

    I could feel his pulsating hard against my cheeks and my tongue. I drew in my smooth cheeks as I sucked. Daddy couldn't help but move his hips.

    I could tell that it was just as difficult for him to keep still when I was sucking him as it was for me when Mommy was washing my pussy thoroughly.

    "You will fondle the heat of my balls as you suck me, Sookie," Daddy said. His face was starting to turn red and he moved his hands to the back of my head.

    He ran his fingers through my long black hair and then pressed his fingertips in the muscles at the back of my neck hard enough to hurt.

    Daddy turned his wrists so that his palms were over my tiny ears. I couldn't hear very well after that. But I didn't have to. Daddy shouted everything he said loud and clear.

    I remembered two other nights of my life, in my room, listening to my sister's losing their virginity. How green I felt. I wanted to be transformed into a woman very badly. I found that at fifteen I became a daydreamer, and my education suffered because I spent more time imagining what my night with Daddy would be like than I did on my studies.

    Daddy instructed me to move my knees back on the floor and straighten my throat. He began to push forward with his hips. I clutched his balls with my right hand and massaged his taut buttocks with the left.

    I could feel the tip of Daddy's cock working its way into my gullet. He pressed the dick deeper into my throat than I would have thought possible.

    My lips were less than an inch from the base of his pole and my nose was touching his pubic hair by the time he stopped his forward motion.

    My throat was incredibly full of cock meat. I gagged a little at first — enough for a single tear to fall onto my right cheekbone. But I soon gained control of my throat muscles and found I could use them to add to Daddy's pleasure. I cupped his balls with my fingers stretched apart as far as I could get them. I could feel my pussy flesh quivering about my delta as if it were out of control. My cunt was behaving at that moment of divine incestuous passion as if it had a mind of its own.

    Daddy pulled his cock almost all the way out of my mouth and then rammed it deep into my throat once again. I imagined how that cock was going to feel inside my cunt. Each time I thought of getting laid I could feel the itch inside my pussy getting a little, worse. I needed Daddy's cock to scratch that itch. I needed Daddy's meat in my cooze desperately. I would have subjected myself to any agony — any humiliation — for the right to take Daddy's dick in me that night.

    I had not eaten dinner. That was one of the rules.

    But I was hardly hungry.

    Food was the last thing on my mind. I would be fed.

    Daddy was going to fill my belly with his sticky goo.

    And I could tell I wouldn't have to wait much longer.

    Daddy began to pump his rod in and out of my mouth fast.

    I could feel the head pulsating harder and harder, like a time bomb.

    He was moaning and groaning with each of his rapid exhales.

    Daddy sounded as if he would climax at any moment.

    He had two handsful of hair at that point and was squeezing at them until his knuckles turned white. But he was not pulling at the hair hard enough to hurt my scalp or threaten to pull any hairs out by the roots.

    All of his muscles tensed.

    He shivered.

    He shook like a leaf.

    He shot his thick wad into my oral cavity. I began to think.

    I felt nourished. I loved the flavor. I wanted to savor it on my tongue for a long time.

    I felt the smooth cream soothing my ravaged throat tissues.

    The effect was quite medicinal — to my amazement.

    I wasn't even going to have a sore throat in spite of the face fuck.

    I sucked him until his come was completely over. No more sperm.

    His cock softened and he ordered me to my feet. He kissed me.

    Right on the mouth. His tongue found mine. He could taste his jam.

    Some of his slippery seed remained on my tongue as we Frenched.

    Daddy played with my tits and the cheeks of my ass lovingly.

    I rubbed against, him and felt myself nearing orgasm. I moaned.

    I purred.

    I whimpered.

    Daddy lifted me in his arms as if I were as light as a feather.

    He set me gently on the center of the bed with my legs spread.

    I was on my back. He sucked my tits for a long time.

    Daddy went down on me and sucked my pussy until I seethed.

    Cunt juice dripped thickly into my hot sweaty ass crack.

    I knew I was perfumed and fresh as a daisy down there.

    The musk oil Mommy had applied blended with my womanly odor.

    Daddy licked and sucked at my clit until I screamed with pleasure.

    I remembered listening to my sisters each scream the same way.

    It had sounded to my virgin ears as if they were in great pain.

    But I always knew there cries were of ecstasy rather than agony.

    My orgasm at that moment only confirmed those feelings.

    I pressed my twat firmly against Daddy's mouth. He was great.

    He slurped and slobbered until the bliss filled my torso.

    He massaged my love button so the come lasted a long time.

    I was panting and soaking wet with sweat by the time he was done.

    My jaw ached a little from clenching my back teeth.

    Daddy pulled his face out of my quim and got on his hands and knees.

    I was pleased to find that his dick was once again hard.

    He had a full-fledged boner wagging beneath his belly.

    Daddy crawled on top of me and lifted my legs in the air.

    I draped my slim gains over his shoulders. My hole quivered.

    My cunt lips were opening and closing involuntarily.

    Daddy rubbed his thick cock head against the mouth of my cunt.

    He rammed his meat home. He burst my precious cherry.

    I screamed again — and this time it was in pain. I hadn't expected it to hurt so much.

    My eyes opened wide and filled with tears from the shock.

    Again a single tear emerged and rolled to my cheekbone.

    The sharp pain only lasted for a couple of seconds.

    It was replaced with a dull ache that mixed with my lust.

    Daddy pushed his cock all the way into me and gyrated.

    He worked his incredible cock head amazingly deep into my belly.

    Then he began to fuck and I wanted it faster and harder.

    I worked my ass in time with his hip motions so our loins slapped.

    His cock pumped outrageous pleasure into my poontang.

    He had fucked my cunt maybe ten strokes when I exploded with bliss.

    I cried and screamed once again. My innards were transformed.

    There was a little blood on his cock from my lost virginity.

    That blood — I knew — was all that was left of my childhood.

    My inner cunt lips were pulled and pushed by his dick stroke.

    He battered my clit and enhanced the pleasure inside my twat.

    His pubic bone crashed down repeatedly against mine.

    Our pubic patches muffled the blow a little as he stabbed.

    He drove into my womanly core with his rod of masculinity.

    "The power of my cock!!!" Daddy hollered at the top of his lungs.

    Naturally, his voice was filled with a spiritual intensity.

    He made me come three times as he plowed my bleeding hole.

    Each come was a little better and longer than the one before.

    Daddy was soon humping his daughter as hard and fast as he could.

    I wrapped my arms and legs around him — hugging with desperation.

    "So good! Feels so good, daddy!" I called out. My voice rose in pitch and made me sound younger than I really was. Daddy was in the final stages of the ecstatic act of incest. He plunged his dick all the way into my cunt. I could feel his balls resting and throbbing against the tingling slim cheeks of my precious teenage ass. I could feel the entire length of his awesome phallus convulsing against the taut walls of my recently opened fuck hole. Daddy arched his back and pressed against the backs of my thighs with his upper torso. He was on his knees and leaning forward. Daddy would have fallen on his face if his upper body hadn't been supported by my upraised legs.

    Daddy shot his wad inside me. I used the muscles on the inside of my pussy pulling and tugging at his dick. He screamed like a bear with his absolute physical joy.

    Then Daddy relaxed.

    We were both glowing with the after-effects of the fuck.

    He balled me three more times that night. Each was great. Then we got to sleep together. It was great being beneath the covers all snuggled up to him. As I drifted off to sleep I could feel his thick jam drooling from the pink slit between my legs.

    That is the only time that Daddy gets to ball me according to tradition. I am not allowed to have sex again until my wedding night. I hope I get married young. I don't know how long I will be able to wait to experience that kind of pleasure again. I would like to stay a good girl. But, it's hard. I have a raging libido now that Mommy and Daddy have shown me the joys of being a woman. I know that there are plenty of boys in the neighborhood who would be as pleased as punch to fuck me in spite of the fact that I am an Oriental. I see the way the teenage boys on the street look at me. Their eyes are filled with lust. I know that want to ball me. I could have any of them if I wanted. Soon, they will start asking me out, and then it will even be harder to remain pure for my husband. Daddy assumes naturally that I will marry a Korean man who knows about the tradition. He doesn't realize how much casual sex occurs between American teenagers. He doesn't know that the traditions of Korea make me a little goodie-goodie, a real wimp, here in the States.

    Case History Four

    SUBJECT: Barbie M.

    AGE: Sixteen When Barbie first entered our offices in the middle of last summer, I could tell right away that she came from an affluent family. She wore more make-up than girls her age usually did, and it appeared to be professionally applied. She wore expensive jewelry and was dressed in a fashion-oriented pants suit. Her fingernails were long and had been filed carefully to be all the same length with a common curve to their tips. Her fingernails and her toenails — which were visible at the ends of her high-heeled pumps — were painted a deep red color. She was a tall slim girl with the curves of a woman. I could tell that she was in tune with her sexuality. She swung her hips from side to side like a pendulum as she walked. She chain-smoked cigarettes during the course of the interview and frequently blew smoke rings. She sat with her long legs crossed and spoke in an off-the-cuff manner. Her hair was dark brown and had been cut short in a European style — obviously the work of an expensive coiffure. She smelled heavily of perfume, and I occasionally got the impression during the course of our first interview that the young rich girl was flirting with me.

    Interview One

    You are probably going to think this a very peculiar tale, Doctor. I have been having sex with both of my parents since I was thirteen.

    I thought that all little girls got it on with their folks at first. It took me a long time to figure out how unusual our family is.

    Daddy is a rich business executive. He is the vice-president of a major New York City Corporation. Mommy, Daddy and I live in a huge mansion in Westchester County.

    I am an only child. I think I was a mistake. Considering the wild parties my folks throw to this very day, I always got the impression that they never really wanted to have a kid very badly.

    The mansion is on top of a hill overlooking the Hudson River. I swear there are rooms in the house that I have never been in. We only use a portion of it, though the servants have to clean it all, even the rooms that no one ever uses.

    Daddy is a wild guy. He has lots of rich friends, both male and female, who are into kinky sex. About once a month Daddy throws a wild party and invites them all.

    His fun almost came to an end last summer when a girl named Ginger almost died in our swimming pool. Daddy got in trouble when the cops found out that she was only seventeen. Daddy has plenty of lawyers to take care of shit like that however.

    The girl had been found nude in the pool suffering from an asthma attack. Later, at the hospital, they found traces of varied drugs in her bloodstream.

    Daddy had to pay off a couple of newspapers to keep the scandal from being splattered all over the front pages of the Big Apple tabloids.

    Let me tell you about a party that happened at the house just a couple of weeks ago. Not only is it fresh in my mind, but it is representative of the type of life-style I lead.

    I'm glad that all of this is confidential and shit. Daddy would have a shit fit if he knew I was having all of this tape-recorded.

    Daddy is a bit of a paranoid ever since the incident with Ginger. He is convinced that the house is bugged with wire-tapping devices.

    He isn't sure who is after him. He doesn't care. Sometimes, when he doesn't think anyone is looking, he searched flower pots and stuff looking for electronic listening equipment. He has never found anything.

    I hear him curse when he is on the phone. Every time he is having a phone conversation and hears a click he can't explain he screams at the imaginary cops.

    But Daddy is a nice man, I think. And a great lover, too… The Party was to start in about an hour and I was in my room getting ready. I was wearing nothing but a see-through black negligee.

    There was a tiny knock on the door. I called out and Daddy entered. He stood wearing just his shorts. His cock and balls made a huge bulge.

    "Would you like to get things started a little early?" Daddy asked me. He smiled his most charming smile. I could see his twin rows of perfectly straight pearly white teeth.

    "I think you read my mind, Daddy. I am so horny I can taste it. I was just thinking how nice it would be for you to go down on me for awhile," I said.

    I sat on my bed and fell onto my back with my toes still on the floor. I opened my legs and lifted my ass for a second so I could pull the hem of my ebony negligee up to my waist. Daddy knelt between my parted legs and smiled as he gazed at my cunt. The flesh was swollen and I was getting wet. He massaged the flesh on the insides of my thighs for a moment and then pressed his fingertips against the swollen outer lips of my pussy. Daddy began to kiss and lick at the insides of my thighs. He moved his nose very close to my cunt. He inhaled deeply and sighed as he savored my sweet cunt stink. He lifted my legs so he could rim me. Daddy pulled my tender ass cheeks as far apart as he could get them and began to run the tip of his tongue up and down the crack. I shuddered and moaned everytime I felt his tongue on my asshole. Daddy ran the tip of his tongue in a slow circle around the ring of tight tissue at the mouth of my nether eye. He licked at the inch long patch of mucous membrane between my asshole and my cunt. His tongue was on the bottom of my pussy. My natural lubrication had gathered there thickly by this time and he sucked those juices into his mouth. He closed his eyes and I could tell by the way his jaw was moving that he was rolling my pussy cream around on his tongue enjoying the taste. He licked from the base of my cunt slit all the way to the top and my whole body jerked each time the tip of his hot pink taster made direct contact with the center of my womanly pleasure. Daddy worked his middle finger into my pussy hole. He pushed the exploratory digit into my cunt as far as he could get it — so that my inner labia were clutching and squeezing at his third knuckle. He wiggled his finger around inside my cunt. He fingerfucked me. He pulled his finger almost all the way out of my twat and then rammed it inside again. I began to move my ass up and down on the bed. He pushed a second finger into my cunt and found that he could turn his wrist and massage my asshole with the tip of his pinky at the same time. Daddy slowly inserted his smallest finger up my butt. In this manner my loving father was fingerfucking my cunt and my asshole at the same time. I could feel my horniness growing in leaps and bounds. I had already passed the point of no return. My orgasm was quickly approaching the point of inevitability. Daddy then placed the tip of his tongue on my love button and pulled his fingers out of my respective holes. He began to flick the tip of his tongue back and forth across my clit fast and hard. He had to press down against my lower, belly with the palms of his huge hands — his fingers parted — to keep me from smacking him hard in the face with my boiling, bucking honey pot. He increased the pressure of his tongue on my clit until I could feel the cramps of bliss starting inside my cunt. I knew that Daddy's cock was turgid by this time. I knew that my loving father would be more than ready to fuck me by the time he was through eating my snatch. My pussy squirted his face. Daddy made the funniest wet noises with his oral cavity as he ate my cunt. He looked adorably cute as he licked and sucked at the center of my womanly pleasure simultaneously. Daddy made all of the muscles in my body tense and I bucked up and down on the bed so hard that I thought for a couple of long seconds that I was going to hurt myself. I was sure that I was going to pull a muscle with the acute exertion of my writhings. He licked and sucked at my clit until the incredible come was over. I stopped tossing my head wildly from side to side and I could feel all of my muscles relaxing at the same time as the ecstasy of my incestuously induced orgasm was replaced by the warm contentment of my post-climactic afterglow!

    "How was that?" Daddy asked.

    He pulled his kisser from my pie and smiled sweetly.

    His face was all wet and slippery with my juices squirting.

    "Oh Daddy, no one has a tongue like you," I said with a sigh.

    Daddy stood up and I looked at his crotch. His shorts were ready to rip.

    He quickly got his fingers under the elastic at the top of his shorts.

    He yanked them down so that his prick came snapping outward.

    "How do you want to do it, Daddy?" I asked. My voice was deep.

    I was sultry and throaty with the womanly desires that drove me.

    "I want you to get on top, poppet," Daddy said with a laugh.

    "Okie-dokie," I called out cheerfully. I moved all, the way on the bed.

    Daddy was as naked as the day he was born by that time.

    He got on the bed on his back with his head on my pillow.

    The pillow was made of solid foam rubber and was very firm.

    The pillowcase was white with embroidery on the fringes.

    His cock throbbed on his flat belly. I straddled him.

    I leaned forward so I could rub my tits against his muscular chest.

    I loved the way my nipples felt against his chest hair.

    Daddy has a lot of hair on his chest and belly. His legs too.

    He is a hairy guy. Mommy is very fair. I get my dark features from him.

    I massaged his chest and shoulders with my tiny hands and kissed his cheeks.

    His mouth found mine hungrily and we swapped spit for a long time.

    I licked at his nipples and kissed tenderly at his neck.

    I exhaled into his ear and giggled as I felt him shiver.

    I ran my pussy lips up and down the underside of his cock shaft.

    I wanted his prick to be wet and slippery before I took it inside.

    I sat up and moved my knees as far apart on the bed as I could.

    Daddy moaned as I rubbed my clit against the base of his dick.

    I leaned back a little and reached between his legs with my hands.

    I had to arch my fingers so my long nails wouldn't get in the way.

    I moved my fingers to the base of his scrotum and I tickled him there.

    I tickled also at the patch of spin in between his nuts and his asshole.

    I raked his inner thighs and loins with my long red claws.

    I made the purring sound of a cat and dripped cunt juice on his crotch.

    I massaged his balls and made a fist around his cock shaft.

    Daddy has a big one. No doubt about that. He fills me up completely.

    My fingers barely make it all the way around his stem.

    I lifted his cock from his belly and ran the tip up and down my pussy.

    I felt as if I were straddling a skyscraper. I took his cock head between my inner lips. I leaned forward and sat down on his dick, holding it in place for a moment with my fingertips. I took him all. The entire length of that huge dong disappeared inside me and I felt like I was going to cream again at any second.

    Daddy was still.

    He wanted me to do the work.

    He was sand on the beach.

    I was the tide.

    Before me were through my waves would be crashing against his rocks.

    I could feel his cock head stretching at the back wall of my pussy. After all of these years and all of those fucks, I still have a tight pussy.

    Daddy said that the inside of my cunt is spiritually magic. He says that my inner folds of pink flesh crawl up and down his cock shaft when he fucks me.

    I could feel his cock wacking my cervix. I exploded into orgasm almost immediately. My pussy and his dick were both wet and slippery with my natural lubrication. In fact, my cunt was making splashing sounds as I rode him. I moved my hips from side to side as well as up and down, knowing that this motion would enhance the pleasure that we were both already feeling. I leaned forward so that his cock rode high in my cunt. The fuck motion made my clit's foreskin slide back and forth across my pink feminine erection at the top of my twat.

    The fuck got faster and faster.

    We both screamed with pleasure.

    I came for the second time as Daddy's cock began to convulse. It was his first come of the day — and I could tell by the way he was trembling that it was going to be a big one.

    He shot his cream into my pussy.

    I got off of him and cuddled to his side. He lifted his right arm and I got under his mg. He is a lot bigger than me. I like how small I feel when I hug my loving father.

    We kissed.

    But Daddy was in a hurry to get downstairs because the first of the guests were due. We both did a line of coke and went down to make sure that the servants had made all of the preparations properly.

    Mommy was there.

    I took the blonde woman by the hand and led her into the kitchen. She was wearing her dominatrix outfit. Black corset, stockings, spikes, and gloves.

    Her breasts, ass and pussy were exposed.


    "Yes, dear?"

    "Stick your finger up my ass, pleasure."

    "Of course, my love," she said.

    I kissed her on the mouth. She was wearing a bright red lipstick.

    "You turn around and bend over," Mommy said. She stroked my nipples.

    My tits were aching. I love the way Mommy's leather gloves feel.

    I can almost come when I hear the word leather, if you know what I mean.

    It would be a leather-clad digit that would bugger me.

    I turned and placed my palms flat on the refrigerator.

    I could hear the doorbell ringing and paid no attention to it.

    There would be plenty of time to greet the guests later on.

    I moved my bare feet far apart and bent forward at the waist.

    I arched my back and raised my precious buttocks high in the air.

    A delicious curve formed at the small of my back at that point.

    I shivered and moaned as Mommy lifted my negligee to bare my ass.

    "Use me," I whimpered.

    Mommy pulled my ass cheeks as far apart as she could get them.

    She licked her middle finger to lubricate it with saliva.

    She pressed the gloved finger directly against my burning anus.

    "Stick it in deep, Mommy!" I called out, my face turning red.

    Mommy didn't bother to ease her finger in slowly and patiently.

    That was hardly the blonde dominatrix bitch's style, you see.

    She shoved her longest finger up my ass as hard as she could.

    Then she curled her finger and twisted it once it was inside my bowels.

    I could feel a fresh flow of cunt juice dripping from my slit.

    As Mommy fingerfucked my asshole she wrapped her other arm around me.

    She got her free forefinger on my clit and diddled. As she diddled faster she buggered faster and soon I squealed as the sharp contractions rolled up my spine to my bliss-filled mind.

    Mommy stopped.

    She pulled her finger out of my ass, and released her grip on my clit.

    I turned and licked her gloves clean, like an obedient slave.

    The party, Doctor, was just beginning. I would have many adventures sexually before the evening was through.

    But I must stop now and catch my breath.

    Interview Two

    As the evening wore on and I began to drink a little, I became obsessed with the idea of doing something that I had never done before.

    I had to give the matter quite a bit of thought, if you really want to know the truth. At sixteen, I am getting to the point where I have done it all. Sexually, at least.

    Then an imaginary lightbulb went on over my head. I had it. A brilliant idea. I had never been fucked by three guys at the same time.

    The party was in full swing. I guess it was around midnight. There were a whole group of skinny-dippers playing out back. There was a midget there — for comic relief I suppose. I remember at one point during the evening the midget made everyone laugh by chasing a plump and buxom redhead around the large livingroom, trying to bite her on the bottom. In the bathroom upstairs some girl was getting an enema. Afterwards she would ask to have five guys pee on her at the same time. You get the idea, Doctor. It was a wild scene. People were fucking in every possible combination. Mommy was having fun tying some hunky guy to the pool table spread-eagle so she could bind his balls and whip his prick. She wasn't being mean or anything. The guy loved the abuse. That was what he had come to the party for, and he knew that Mommy was just the kind of woman to dish it out. I waited until Daddy had a free moment and asked him if he could arrange two other fellows for the desired act. He gathered up two handsome guys named Rick and Keith. The three of them and myself retreated to the far side of the livingroom for my first triple-fuck. We got behind the grand piano, where we could fool around without fearing being trampled by those trying to get from one side of the party to the other. The men discussed the matter and it was determined that Daddy would get to ball me up the ass. Rick said that he was a pure pussy man all the way. It all worked out very well. Keith said that he couldn't look at my cute mouth without imagining my lips around his cock.

    Rick got on his back. He was a tall blonde man with long legs and baby blue eyes. His yellow hair was a little curly and ungroomed so that it fell onto his forehead and over the tops of his ears.

    I straddled him — just as I had Daddy earlier in the orgy evening — and lifted his cock slowly and ever-so-gently to the mouth of my fuck hole.

    I was wondering what it was going to feel like to get fucked in the ass and the cunt at the same time. I knew that there was only a thin wall of flesh between my bowels and my inner pussy.

    That wall was going to be stretched even thinner once both mouths were filled with the throbbing meat of the studs waiting to enter.

    I slid Rick's dick into my cunt.

    I took him all.

    The tip of his spear worked into my abdomen.

    I gripped him at the hilt with my aroused vulva.

    I was very swollen and soaking wet.

    I felt like I would come the second Rick began to move that rock-hard dick in and out of my pink hole!

    But it had been determined that no one until all three cocks were completely inside would get to start their natural fucking motion me.

    Daddy was going to have enough time getting his dick up my fanny without the extra worry of aiming his prick at a moving target, if you catch my drift.

    The second I had Rick's dick all the way inside my pussy I kicked my legs behind me, keeping my thin tender thighs parted as fat as I could get them.

    Daddy knelt beside me and began to knead my ass cheeks with strong fingers. He pulled the buns grossly apart and slobbered on my asshole as he rimmed me clean.

    He then spit on the palm of his hand and massaged slippery saliva all over his cock. He mounted me from the rear. He held my ass cheeks open with his left hand and guided the tip of his prick to my burning nether eye with his right.

    I knew I could take him. I had taken Daddy's cock up my ass before. It always hurt a little, but the pain was more than compensated for by the sweet womanly pleasure of that vulgar incestuous violation.

    Daddy moved the head of his cock snug against my anus.

    I could feel him adjusting the position of his hips.

    I imagined him tensing and clutching his ass cheeks.

    Daddy's mouth was very close to the back of my long neck.

    He was panting at the little hairs that grew at the base of my skull.

    Daddy began to press down with his ass and my sphincter stretched.

    I could feel all of the puckers in my asshole being smoothed.

    My anus was gaping by the time the head of his cock pushed inside.

    "Deeper! Daddy! Deeper!" I called out, my face hot and red.

    I pulled my lips back tight over my teeth. My hole was so tight that Daddy was only going to be able to bush his cock in slowly in spite of the fact that he was pushing down with his lower torso as hard as he could.

    It seemed to take forever to get his dick all the way in my ass. I could tell that he had broken some blood vessels inside me. I could tell that Daddy's pole would have blood from deep inside my bowels on it before he was through buggering his willing daughter.

    By this time Keith was already moving into position.

    I knew the black haired man wanted to fuck my pretty face.

    There was no way he would be content with a conventional blow job.

    Oh no.

    Keith wanted to ram his log all the way into my throat.

    I was going to get fucked brutally hard in all three of my sex holes at the same time. I dropped my mouth open and stretched my lips at their corners. I kept my lips curled over my teeth so they wouldn't be in the way when Keith rammed his meat home.

    I could feel the entire length of Daddy's cock throbbing at the stretched inner walls of my Tootsie Roll road.

    Rick's cock stretched at the back wall of my pussy and against my erect, pulsating little man in the boat.

    Keith placed his palms on either side of my face.

    I lifted my chin and stretched my neck straight.

    My jaw was threatening to lock in the open position.

    Keith rammed his cock into my oral cavity harshly.

    He quickly got the tip back into my throat so that I gagged.

    I could see my lips moving toward the base of the pole.

    I could feel the underside of the stem throbbing on my tongue.

    I tried to lick him as he entered my mouth — but had little success.

    My tongue was all but hopelessly pinned to the bottom of my mouth.

    My saliva gland was working overtime and I drooled as he pushed.

    My spittle dribbled from my stretched lower lips down onto my chin.

    Naturally he pushed as deep as he could get into my gullet before stopping.

    They behaved as if the three of them had rehearsed the triple fuck.

    As if on cue, they all began to plow me at the exact moment.

    They pulled their cocks out together and pushed them in together.

    I could feel Rick's prick tugging and pushing at my inner labia.

    Daddy's dick was doing the same thing to my burning sphincter muscle.

    I felt myself beginning to orgasm by the third stroke.

    They were all under control. All would keep it up for a long time.

    I could tell they were going to make me come more times than I could count.

    I felt as if I were orgasming in my ass and in my pussy at the same time. It was incredible. The sensations were so intense that it is difficult to describe them in words. I have to admit, Doctor, that I am getting damn horny thinking about it.

    They stayed in sync with each other even as they all steadily increased the pace of their in and out fuck motions. It got to the point where all three of em were plowing into their chosen hole as hard and fast as they could, and I got to the point where I thought I was going to pass out from the rawness of the pleasure.

    I couldn't scream.

    My mouth was full.

    My exclamations of ecstasy were muffled by Keith's meat.

    Keith was the first to come. He shot his wad when just the head of his cock was in my mouth, so the jam splashed directly onto my tingling tongue. I gulped down his seed as fast as I could but couldn't avoid allowing some to ooze from the corners of my mouth down onto my chin.

    Case History Five

    SUBJECT: Connie K.

    AGE: Sixteen I could tell when Connie entered my office for her first interview in the spring of this year that she had recently been through a traumatic experience. Her eyes were swollen and her cheeks were drawn. Her eyes were underscored and she wove a great deal of make up in an attempt to hide her emotions. She was a beautiful girl, in spite of her obvious distress. Connie had light blonde hair and a fair complexion. She was medium height. Her breasts were very large and her sweater was tight. It was clear to me that the little girl was not wearing a bra. She had a perfect hourglass figure. Her waist was tiny and her hips were round. When she spoke her voice quivered and cracked, with her emotions and we had to stop the tape a couple of times when the little girl was too upset to continue.

    Interview One

    I should be taken out to a field and shot for what I have done.

    I wouldn't have thought I could be so evil and scheming.

    I make look like a little good girl to you, Doctor.

    I don't know.

    But I have been a bitch and a half in my day. True, I have paid dearly for my sins, but I still can't get my feeling of guilt out of my head.

    I had better back up and start from the beginning, before you start to think I am a basket case or something.

    I live in the little town of Harborfields, way out on Long Island.

    For many years I lived alone with my Daddy is a split level suburban home.

    Mommy died when I was just a little girl. I don't remember her.

    I have seen pictures of her and I know she was quite beautiful.

    I love my Daddy very much. I guess that was why I went through such a gross personality change when I heard that he planned to re-marry.

    Daddy told me one night that he was going to wed his secretary. I had never even met her! He told me that her name was Michele and she was going to come live with us.

    I cried and generally threw a shit fit. I guess that all little girls feel a sexual desire toward their Daddies. I was feeling the burning anger of jealousy.

    I met Michele over dinner one Friday night. I was nasty and abusive. I did my best to make the woman think that I was a real pig, so she wouldn't want to live with us.

    Daddy and I had never done anything out of line. I was as confused by my jealousy as much as he. It was only after things got out of hand that I realized my actions were being forced by my incestuous passion.

    I was no virgin. That was for sure. I'm not a slut, or anything like that, but I have a healthy sex life. I usually end up letting guys ball me if they take me out a few times and spend a little money on me.

    It took me a long time to figure out how horny Daddy made me.

    They got married, just like they said they said they were going to.

    I cried at the ceremony. They were not tears of joy!

    I was a real grump as I was forced to help Michele move her stuff.

    Michele was a beautiful woman, and smart too. I felt threatened.

    Her hair was dark brown and long. Her body was fantastic. She seemed to have everything going for her.

    The second I heard of her existence I knew that my life had been forever changed. Daddy was always willing to spend time with me whenever I wanted him to. Once Michele — my new step-mother — came to live with us Daddy practically ignored me. I felt crushed. Miserable. I was filled with unadulterated hopelessness and despair.

    I guess I went crazy.

    I figured I couldn't compete with Michele unless I allowed Daddy to have sex with me. I schemed and plotted, trying to think of the best way to seduce him.

    Be patient.

    You have to realize that this is all very difficult for me.

    It isn't easy to confess breaking society's strictest no-no.

    Finally I found my opportunity to jump my Daddy's bones.

    Michele's mother was sick in Connecticut and she took a bus up there.

    For the first time since the marriage, Daddy and I were going to spend a week-end together. I made sure that I had no plans. I didn't want my plan interrupted by a date with one of the local boys. All of my other boyfriends seemed like small game once my Daddy's heart and body were on the line!

    It was Saturday morning and Daddy and I were munching Rice Krispies at the kitchen table listening to the electric radio on top of the refrigerator.

    I guess that I could never have pulled my incestuous seduction off without Daddy's cooperation. After all, there was no way I could force him to fuck me.

    "It feels so good being alone with you, Daddy," I said after I finished my breakfast. "I don't get to see you as often as I used to."

    I put the dirty dishes in the sink and wrapped my slim arms snugly around his strong neck from behind. He was wearing just a pair of black trousers. I massaged his chest with my fingertips.

    I kissed him on the neck.

    "I think it feels good too," Daddy said.

    I allowed my hands to rub down onto his belly, very close to the top of his pants. He fidgeted for a moment, shifting his weight from one ass cheek to the other.

    "Tell me how good it feels," I said.

    I whispered in my ear.

    My voice was throaty and seductive.

    Daddy squirmed a little more.

    "What has gotten into you, Connie," Daddy said. He seemed more amused than concerned by my behavior.

    "I don't know, Daddy. You look particularly handsome today."

    I began to stroke lightly at his thighs. Daddy knew what I was doing.

    "Don't you know that little girls aren't supposed to touch their Daddies that way," my father said to me. But I could tell he liked it. My Daddy liked the way I was touching him a lot, and I could see a bulge forming in the crotch of his black trousers. I could tell that he was getting a hard-on from my caresses. I was very nervous. After all, I feared that he was going to reject me. Once I noticed that he was getting sexually aroused a lot of my fears evaporated. I could feel my own libido taking charge. I could feel my nipples getting hard and erect. My pussy was swelling and getting wet. I was getting much hornier than I do with the local boys who ball me in the backseat of their cars.

    "Why not?"

    "It's a rule."

    "Who says?"

    "I'm not sure."

    "Let's do it, Daddy," I said. I moved my hand to his crotch.

    I could feel his cock and balls throbbing through his pants.

    I could tell that he had not bothered to put on any underwear.

    I could also tell that Daddy was hung like a stud horse!

    "Connie!" he called out.

    "What's the matter, Daddy? Am I getting to ya?" I said.

    I was a brat.

    "You had better cut it out," he said, but he did not struggle.

    "No way, Jose," I said, rubbing his crotch harder.

    "You are liable to bite off more than you can chew," he said.

    "Oh Daddy, I'll bet I can handle everything you dish out," I said.

    He sighed.

    A sigh of surrender.

    A sigh of resignation.

    "You asked for it," he said. He grabbed my wrist and stood suddenly. He turned and placed the palms of his hands on the small of my back. He was panting. His face was a little red. I knew that his balls were aching savagely. Daddy pulled me tightly against him. My big tits, inside my robe, were pressed flat against him. He slid his hands down to the cheeks of my ass as his face got closer to mine. He licked his lips with the tip of his tongue to moisten them in spite of the fact that they were already wet. His lips parted and he pressed them against mine. I had to get up on my toes and arch my back as I tilted my face upward, and Daddy had to stoop a little to accomplish that passionate kiss.

    When the kiss was over Daddy led me up to his bedroom.

    He shut the door behind us and untied my robe's cloth belt.

    When the robe fell open Daddy's eyes lit up lustfully.

    You see, Doctor, I wasn't wearing anything underneath it.

    I slipped the robe over my shoulders and allowed it to fall to the floor.

    I dropped to my knees before my handsome father, as if I were about to pray to his pork.

    I undid his pants and pulled them down. He lifted his large feet one at a time to step out of his ebony slacks. Soon we were both naked. Daddy's stiff dick was sticking out straight from his loins pointing at my face. I began to lick at his meat with the flat part of my tongue, making my taster strokes long and broad. I licked all the way from the base of his cock to the tip.

    "We should have thought of this a long time ago," Daddy said.

    I could tell my plan was working. I was alienating his affections back from his new wife. I increased the stakes in a desperate attempt to win the pot.

    I flicked the tip of my tongue over his swollen balls and Daddy's knees began to shake. I could tell that his passion was weakening the muscles in his legs.

    I stopped my oral caresses for a moment so he could get on his back on the bed. It wasn't made. He tore the covers right off the bed and sprawled on his back on the white sheet. I got on my belly so that my head was between his thighs. He placed the balls of his feet flat on the bed and raised his knees in the air. He pointed his knees in opposite directions and rested his lower torso on the small of his back so that the cheeks of his ass rolled up off the sheet and made themselves available to my curious mouth.

    I sucked his balls.

    I sucked his cock.

    Daddy began to make a big fuss and I had to keep my head and shoulders mobile to keep my lips wrapped super-tightly around the shaft of his pole.

    Daddy had the biggest dick I had ever seen and I consider myself a bit of an expert on the subject.

    Daddy's cock was so thick that my jaw ached a little as I sucked him from being forced open so wide.

    I took as much of Daddy's cock in my mouth as I could. I fondled his balls and gripped the base of his pole.

    I squeezed his cock and his testicles as I sucked and Daddy's whimpering sounds of pleasure got louder.

    He pressed down against the foot of the bed with the balls of his feet and the palms of his large hands.

    He arched his back and lifted the cheeks of his ass right up off the bed as all of his muscles tightened.

    His cock spasmed and my mouth was filled with his cream. His come tasted sweet as if made of honey.

    I swallowed down the goo happily. I sucked until he was finished. Daddy was breathless with his afterglow.

    He collapsed onto the bed in a heap and his rib-cage heaved up and down as he sucked fresh air into his lungs.

    "I want you inside me," I whispered in his ear.

    His cock was soft, but I knew it wouldn't stay that way.

    I never stopped caressing his genitalia. I wanted his lust rekindled.

    I tongued his nipples and bit lightly at the side of his neck. "I want to be inside you too," Daddy said. His voice was sweet.

    Daddy is a real pussycat in bed. Of course I had no idea at that time that our actions would have consequences.

    We were being foolish.

    We were playing with fire!

    Daddy rolled me over on my back, keeping himself positioned so that I could reach his balls with my hand.

    He placed the tip of his tongue on my right nipple — which was naturally very hard and sensitive with lust.

    Daddy began to flick the tip of his tongue back and forth across the erection very fast and very hand.

    He parted his lips and wrapped them around the rosebud — drawing in his whiskered cheeks as he sucked.

    He sucked both of my nipples for a long time and kissed his way slowly down the front of my shapely body.

    I spread my legs for him as he began to eat my cunt. My incestuous sexual arousal began to rise rapidly.

    He licked each and every pink fold of cunt flesh, and even rammed a stiff tongue deep into my fuck hole.

    He pulled the foreskin above my clitoris upward so that the entire love button could be licked with ease.

    He began to slap at the center of my womanly pleasure sharply with his tongue tip and I burst into orgasm.

    I bucked wildly on the bed and let out a loud scream of bliss that could no doubt be heard all over the block.

    Daddy made me come harder than I had ever come before. It was incredible. His cock was once again a boner.

    He crawled on top of me.

    His cock pulsated between our bellies.

    He kissed my mouth hungrily. He sucked my tongue dry of spittle.

    He lifted his loins and reached back to grip his dick.

    He guided the head of his cock to my pussy and entered me.

    My inner lips had to stretch open further than they ever had.

    The boys from Harborfields who balled me seemed even more like kid stuff.

    Daddy pushed his dick all the way into my cunt and I pressed the back of my head hard against his pillow.

    "Yes! Yes! Yes!" I screamed.

    I'm so ashamed.

    "Fuck me hard daddy!" I called out, my lips quivering. He did. Daddy made me come at least ten times during that hump. It was marvelous. What a swordsman! I knew that I wouldn't be content with one fuck. I wanted him to ball me every fucking night. I wanted to be his wife. Michele could have died and gone to hell for all I cared.

    I'm sorry.

    I can't go on.

    This has been too much for me. I need to gather my strength.

    Interview Two

    I found that my incestuous desires were insatiable. I could come as many times as I wanted. There was no time when I was too tired for sex: Daddy was great. I knew that he was exhausted, but he struggled to eat my cunt even as late as Sunday night, only hours before Michele came home. His poor jaw must have felt like it was going to fall off. He had his face in my twat for hours at a time.

    I swear it never occurred to me what a threat Michele really was.

    I was stupid.

    She had a big stake in Daddy too, and she was not going to tolerate me as her husband's mistress.

    Michele realized that something had changed right away after that first weekend. Daddy and I are lousy actors, and she was suspicious from the start.

    I don't know exactly when we wore caught. I only know that three weeks later Daddy had business out of town and I was in the unfortunate position of being alone in the house with Michele.

    I tried to avoid her.

    No use.

    She came looking for me.

    Michele was a tall woman, much larger than me. Her shoulders were broad and her legs were long and shapely. She had very long fingernails.

    I was in my room pretending to do homework. I desperately needed as excuse to get out of the house but none was available. All of my friends were busy doing something or other. There was nothing happening. If I left I would have to walk around town aimlessly, and that didn't seem like much fun.

    Michele came into my room without knocking. I was sitting at my desk staring into a book. I turned to look at her and I was frightened immediately. Michele had a wild look in her dark eyes. She was filled with hate.

    "What?" I said. So rude. I guess it didn't make any difference. Michele was going to abuse me. And there was nothing in the world I was going to do about it.

    "You fucking slut," she said.

    "What?" I repeated.

    "You have been playing hide the salami with the old man, Connie. Don't deny it. I smell your scent on him at night," Michele said. She made the evil hissing sound of a snake slithering through tall grass from between clenched teeth.

    "What of it?" I said. I tilted my head a little to one side.

    Michele slapped me three times across the face as hard as she could.

    "Nobody fucks with my man," she said. "Or else they get fucked with." She grabbed my right arm and pulled it painfully behind my back.

    "Stop! You are hurting me!" I screamed.

    "I'll break your fucking arm right off at the shoulder if you don't do as I say," she said. I wondered how far she was going to take this… I would never in a million years have dreamed the cruel punishment I was about to be subjected to.

    "Okay! Okay!" I said.

    She released my arm.

    "Get into the master bedroom," Michele said.

    When I hesitated she added, "March!"

    I could feel tears welling in my eyes. All of my sins were being thrown back into my face. The fire I started by rubbing Daddy's crotch at the breakfast table was going to end up with my own torture!

    There was something hypnotic about Michele's dark eyes.

    I knew I would end up doing whatever she requested.

    I could feel my will being sucked out of my soul.

    She was a dominatrix bitch, an expert at abuse. I was to be a slave.

    I marched into the master bedroom and Michele ordered me out of my clothes.

    "WH-wh-what are you going to do to me?" I asked.

    I was so nervous that I was stammering when I spoke.

    I got naked, and felt my knees trembling. My face was pale.

    I could feel the cold sweat of anxiety oozing from my pores.

    "Get on your belly on the bed," Michele screamed at me.

    She was wearing a pair of tight slacks and a button-up blouse.

    It was clear that the bitch was not wearing a bra.

    Her huge breasts were straining at the front of her shirt.

    She looked as if she were about to pop the buttons on it.

    I could see the large bumps made by her erect nipples.

    Michele laughed sadistically as I shivered on my belly on the bed.

    I kept my legs clamped shut and folded my arms beneath my face.

    For a moment I prayed that all of this was a bad dream.

    I prayed I would wake from the nightmare and find the menace gone.

    But I could not. It was all as real as you and me right now.

    Michele began to take off her clothes. She went to the closet.

    I watched her ass cheeks as she reached to the top shelf. She had a wonderful body. She pulled down a shoebox and flicked the lid off of it with her thumbnail.

    Michele pulled out a long thick black hard rubber cock, that had an elastic strap around the base of it so she could put it around her hips and wear it as if it were really her prick.

    She put the cock on, positioning the base so that it pressed against the top of her pussy slit.

    "Are you going to stick that thing in my pussy?" I asked tearfully.

    "On no," she said with a laugh.

    I almost sighed with relief.

    "I am going to stick it up your ass, you little pig slut. You want to get fucked so bad, I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before. You won't be so Goddamn horny over your father anymore by the time I am through with you. You see, I am going to use nothing to lubricate this dildo. I am going to force the log of black rubber deep into your bowels while the spurious dick and your anus are as dry as a bone!"

    She ran her fingertips up and down the shaft of the fake prick, and over the tip. Michele tossed back her head and gasped as if she were really absorbing pleasure from this caress.

    I felt my asshole burning.

    My sphincter opened and closed.

    My nether eye winked.

    I was feeling horny. I still don't know why my fear made me so lustful. There was a bigger part of me than I want to admit that wanted to be Michele's tortured sex slave. I guess I felt guilty over having my hot sex affair with Daddy. I guess there was a big part of me that believed I needed to be punished for my sins.

    I didn't put up a fuss. I knew there was no point. Michele would only tie me up so that I couldn't resist had I decided to combat her superior wishes.

    "Get on your hands and knees," she screamed at me.

    I knew she would hit me if I paused. I obeyed her promptly.

    Like I said before, Daddy had fucked my ass a couple of times.

    But he was a sweetheart. He used K-Y Jelly to lubricate the fuck.

    He always had entered me slowly so he wouldn't hurt me.

    Or I should say, he wouldn't hurt me any more than he had to.

    There is always a little pain involved with anal intercourse.

    I knew the buggery Michele would administer would be different.

    She wanted to hurt me. She would relish the pain she caused.

    The black haired dominatrix bitch knelt at my rear.

    "Arch your back!" she ordered. As I did this my buttocks raised.

    A feminine curve formed at the small of my back. My head lowered.

    Michele yanked my ass cheeks apart. I could hear her chuckling.

    She was so fucking pleased with herself. She loved every minute of it.

    She must have been looking forward to this for some time.

    I wondered how long she had know about Daddy and me. Her pot had had a long time to boil — there was no doubt about that.

    The thick black rubber head of the artificial penis ran up and down the crack of my ass for a moment.

    Michele found my asshole with the tip. She began to smack my ass with her fist as hard as she could.

    I cried.

    I was being bruised.

    Michele began to push forward with her round womanly hips.

    I felt like my asshole was going to be torn right out of my butt.

    I couldn't believe the pain as my anus opened to take that rod.

    The asshole opened gaping. The ring of tight muscle at the mouth of my rectum tore. There was a fiery pain. I screamed with my agony. My facial features contorted. My tiny nose moved up and down very fast. My eyes closed tightly. My eyelids were wrinkled. My face was as red as the local fire engine.

    I could feel a trickle of blood dripping from my ravaged hole.

    The crimson trickle was drawn into my swollen pussy by gravity.

    Michele did not stop pushing. She wanted to get the whole thing in me.

    I thought she would tear me apart. I envisioned my own death.

    I figured she would make me croak of internal bleeding or something.

    Michele gripped the sides of my hips, digging her nails into the flesh.

    She tugged at my hips, using my lower body for leverage.

    The tip of the ebony dildo worked all the way into my smelliest core. "This is it, bitch. Feel it ream you? Like it? You are my slave now," she said.

    She struck a raw nerve inside my bowels and I felt pleasure combining with my pain. I could not suppress a deep moan as she found a magic spot inside my ass with the ersatz dick.

    She got the entire length of the dildo inside me.

    She began to fuck.

    I saw stars in front of my eyes.

    Flashes of colorful light were projected on the insides of my eyelids.

    I could feel sweat pouring from my brow down into my eyes.

    Tears were streaming from my red, swollen orbs, down my cheeks.

    My mouth was filled with the bitter saltwater I cried.

    Only the blood from my external and internal wounds lubricated the buggery.

    She didn't bother to fuck me slowly.


    She reamed my hot ass as fast as she could — so that I would experience maximum pain. I didn't die, obviously, but I sincerely thought I was going to. She made me come!

    Michele moved her hips from side to side as she plowed.

    I could hear her moaning and groaning louder and louder.

    It was clear that the woman was getting physical satisfaction.

    I realized that she too was going to come from the ass fuck.

    I had no idea how she was doing this at the time.

    Only later did I figure out how she got herself off.

    The black rubber dildo had little bumps all over its base. They were like bumps you might find on a ping-pong paddle.

    She had the dildo positioned directly over her clit, you see.

    Every time she shoved the dick into me she pressed her love button.

    Moving her ass from side to side massaged her bulb against the bumps.

    She fucked furiously even after my bowels convulsed in climax.

    She moved her hands to my tits. She cupped my breasts.

    I could feel my nipples throbbing against her palms.

    She got each of my erections thumbs and forefingers.

    She pinched at them very hard, causing fresh pain.

    She pulled on both rosebuds until the skin around them was taut.

    She twisted the nipples as if she wanted to tear them from my tits.

    She used the same motion she would have to get the cap off of a bottle of beer. Again I screamed in pain.

    Michele rammed the entire length of the dildo into my ass.

    This time she left it there. In fact she kept pushing.

    I felt the illusion of the rod sinking even deeper into my bowels.

    She moved her ass from side to side very fast. She was massaging her clit.

    She stiffened and jerked a little as she made herself come.

    When her orgasm was over she slowly pulled the log from my butt.

    She made me feel as if I were taking a humongous shit.

    She wasn't done with me. Not by a long shot. She made me lick the dildo clean.

    The black rubber dong was covered with blood and scum from my bowels.

    But I licked it until it was clean as a whistle. I would do whatever she wanted.

    She told me to eat her pussy once she had removed the dick.

    She tossed the dildo aside carelessly. I was still on my back.

    She straddled my head and sat on my face. I had no choice but tongue her.

    I parted my lips and stuck out my tongue as far as I could.

    I made my taster as pointy as possible at the very tip.

    I plunged the stiff pink tongue in between Michele's inner cunt lips.

    Now I was the lover of both Daddy and my new step-mother.

    I licked up and down the outer lips of Michele's swollen pussy.

    She was very wet. I had never seen a cunt close up before.

    I was fascinated, and I found I liked both the smell and taste of her snatch.

    I licked her clit until my jaw was sore and again she popped her rocks.

    Her natural lubrication practically gushed in my face!!!

    After her come was through she stayed where she was, lifting her cunt from my face a little bit.

    "You little pig," she said, her two climaxes having done nothing to sooth her ire. "I don't think you are good enough to be my toilet!"

    I correctly assumed that the black haired bitch's bladder was full.

    "I am going to pee in your mouth. You had better drink clown every fucking drop, cunt, or I will hurt you even worse than you have been hurt already!"

    I looked up at her pussy.

    She moved her fingers to her outer cunt lips and pressed.

    The black-haired bitch pulled her outer labia very far apart.

    My new step-mother bared her urethra so I could see it clearly.

    "Open your mouth!" she screamed, grinding her back teeth.

    I dropped my jaw and tried to stifle the sobbing that racked me.

    She opened the floodgates and her urine began to flow.

    She missed at first and splashed the hot liquid all over my face.

    I could smell her piss before I could taste it. She adjusted her aim.

    Michele made the golden liquid go directly into my mouth.

    I had two choices. I could either drink the stuff or drown.

    I drank.

    It burned my throat. But I drank it all. When she was done she ordered me to be her toilet paper and I was forced to use my tongue to lap away the golden droplets of urine from the pink flesh of her pussy.

    Case History Six

    SUBJECT: Barbara S.

    AGE: Seventeen Barbara seemed a little nervous when she first entered my office. But she became more relaxed as we proceeded. She had black hair down to her shoulders.

    The girl stood five feet three inches and was slim through the shoulders. Her eyes were large and dark, and she wore a great deal of mascara on her eyelashes.

    Her lips were painted with bright red lipstick and her high cheekbones were enhanced with carefully applied rouge. She smelled of musk oil.

    Interview One

    I want to tell you all about the wonderful affair I had with my Daddy last week. It has been bothering me a lot, actually. I feel guilt.

    After all, I know it is wrong to have sex with Daddy. But I can't look you straight in the face and say that I didn't enjoy the sex we had.

    My father happens to be a marvelous lover and he made me come many times that day. We were on a picnic. It was just the two of us. It was a warm summer day.

    Daddy drove me all the way out into the country, which is quite a trip considering we live in the heart of Brooklyn. My Mommy and my brothers and sisters were gone.

    There was something romantic in the air — and I guess it is fair to say that both Daddy and I felt it. I had made sandwiches and Daddy brought beer.

    We spread out a blanket in a clearing in the middle of the woods. Things got out of hand right away. I guess neither of us are the sort to beat around the bush.

    Daddy asked me if I wanted a massage, and that sounded like a splendid idea to me. I stretched out on my belly on the blanket and closed my eyes.

    Daddy straddled me, sitting on my ass. He massaged my shoulders and my back. He worked his way all the way down to the feminine curve at the small of my back.

    I thought that he would probably stop there. Boy, was I wrong. Daddy moved off of my ass so he could massage my buttocks with his strong fingers.

    I could feel the flesh between my legs swelling. My cunt was getting all hot and bothered. I panted and moaned. Daddy could tell I liked it.

    I rolled over on my back when he was done. My lips were puffy and parted. Daddy looked at me with lust in his eyes. There was a bulge in the crotch of his pants.

    I could tell that Daddy was going to kiss me. His hands went for my tits. His lips pressed my mouth. We rolled or hot tongues together.

    I sucked his tongue. I drank his spit. I could feel my nipples getting very hard. The kiss lasted for a long time. We didn't bore of the sensation.

    Daddy began, to unbutton my blouse. He bared my tits and began to pinch and pull at my nipples. I could feel the crotch of my panties getting wet.

    The bulge in the crotch of Daddy's pants was larger than ever. Daddy pulled off my shirt. He removed my shoes and socks. He unbuttoned my jeans.

    I cooperated by lifting my ass and Daddy pulled my pants and panties down at the same time. I was naked. Daddy got on his belly on the blanket.

    His head was in between my parted thighs. The handsome man began to kiss and lick at the insides of my thighs. He placed his tongue at the base of my cunt.

    He pulled my cunt lips apart with gentle fingertips and sucked my pussy. I could feel my horniness getting worse rapidly. I was gong to come.

    And I could tell even at that point that Daddy was going to give me the most amazing, mind boggling orgasm of my life. I was about to explode.

    Daddy licked exclusively at my clitoris after exploring all the nooks and crannies of my swollen poontang with the tip of his bold taster.

    Daddy flicked the tip of his tongue back and forth across the center of my womanly pleasure until the explosions came. I screamed with joy.

    My hips bucked up and down. I squirted Daddy's face. He licked and sucked at my love button at the same time until the vicious come was over.

    Daddy's fingers went for the buckle to his belt.

    His fingers were nimble. The belt was made of black leather.

    He undid the top of his trousers and tugged them down.

    His huge throbbing dick came popping out of his drawers.

    I gasped with joy as I gazed upon my father's meat.

    I imagined that entire log pushing its way up inside my seething cunt hole.

    Daddy quickly got naked and mounted me. I was still on my back.

    I stretched my slim thighs apart as far as I could get them.

    I squeezed at the sides of his hips with the insides of my thighs.

    I could feel his cock pinned between our flat lower bellies.

    We kissed again. The kiss was sloppy and very wet.

    Daddy lifted his loins and reached back to get a grip on his dick.

    He guided the bulbous head of his cock to my fuck hole.

    He positioned himself above me and began to press down.

    He tensed the muscles in his ass as my pussy opened for him.

    My inner labia were stretched far apart by the glans.

    Daddy had the biggest cock I had ever seen. I was no virgin.

    I guess it would be fair to say that I got around sexually.

    I have never been a good girl. That seems old-fashioned and silly.

    Daddy drove his huge prick all the way inside my cunt.

    I could feel my internal walls opening and stretching.

    He rubbed the tip of his cock against the core of my womanhood.

    He began to fuck me right away with that large pulsating pole.

    He rode my pussy high and I was ready to come a second time.

    He fucked ever-faster and ever-harder as the coupling proceeded.

    I was all wet and slippery for him. It was a smooth ride.

    He used his dick to give my engorged love button maximum stimulation.

    I must have come ten times during the course of the fuck.

    I screamed.

    I wailed.

    I shuddered.

    I trembled.

    Daddy was all hot and sweaty. He was red in the face.

    His phallus seemed to get even larger once it was inside me.

    He fucked my hot cunt as hard and fast as he possibly could.

    I thrust up with my loins each time he thrust down with his.

    Our pubic bones slapped together as we humped noisily.

    There was no one for miles around. We didn't care about privacy.

    We screamed — telling the birds in the trees of our incestuous passion.

    Daddy drove the entire length of his prick into my cunt again.

    This time he kept it there as all of his muscles began to twitch.

    He arched his back and screamed, "COMING!" at the top of his lungs.

    I pulled at the base of his dick with my pussy, muscles.

    He shot his wad.

    He filled my poontang with cream.

    He pulled out of me and rolled onto his back with a sigh.

    We necked for a while.

    Then I gave him a blow job. I mouthed him until he was hard.

    Then I took his meat in my throat and sucked until he shot once again.

    I loved the way his jam felt as it slithered down my throat.

    I could feel a warm spot of contentment forming in my belly.

    I fondled my Daddy's testicles as I sucked him off.

    He shivered and screamed, his face contorting with pleasure.

    I could tell that his explosions were massive and awesome.

    I knew that my Daddy loved me more than ever at that point.

    General Conclusion

    As we have seen clearly, there are no winners when it comes to incest.

    The little girls whose interviews you have read, have all suffered, in one way or another. Shocked?

    You should be. It is a shame that in this day and age there are still cases of incest being reported across the nation at epidemic rates!!!

    I hope that this informative volume is a step in the right direction.

    Remember, incest can occur in your home town. On your block.

    It can happen to you.

    If any of you are men with sexual desires for your daughters, let these case histories be a warning to you.

    The pleasure is transient.

    The guilt is forever.

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