The Loves of Lord Roxboro


    The Two orphans Or The Exciting Adventures Of Caroline and Freda

    Roxboro Mansion was indeed a beautiful place, beautiful but isolated, away, as you might say, from all the adjoining estates, and dating back hundreds of years, and finally passing down to the present owner, Lord Emory Roxboro, who was, at the opening of our story, seated in his spacious and well-appointed library, perusing a missive which seemed to give him considerable concern.

    He was a tall man, well formed, and about forty odd years of age, and to judge from his appearance as he rose to his feet and strode about the softly carpeted room, the letter wrinkled and clutched in his well-manicured hand, he at once presented a striking and dignified appearance. He was clothed in the latest fashion of the day, a massive gold chain dangled from his waistcoat and his gold-rimmed eyeglasses (donned probably for the perusal of the letter that had so agitated him) were perched high on his aristocratic nose, and a huge diamond ring blazed upon the finger of his right hand. He paced the floor nervously and mused as if to himself.

    “Why in the name of the Seven Hills of Rome must this happen at this time? Gramercy should take care of his own. Surely, I have no place here for children!”

    He glanced at the note again and ringing for a servant, he gave himself a nervous pacing; the servant, a demure young maid of about eighteen, responded to the call and came and stood in the doorway awaiting her master's command.

    “Marie,” said he, turning toward her, “my nieces, the Misses Caroline and Freda, will arrive here during the next hour; they are coming by stage and I wish that you would meet them and make them feel at home in the guest chamber. Let me know when they arrive.”

    Lord Roxboro again resumed his pacing. He had recently received news of the demise of his only brother, a ne'er-do-well who, almost a pauper, had passed away, undoubtedly in one of his alcoholic excesses, and the two children of this brother Gramercy, who had since an early age been confined by their father in a French convent, and now, upon his death, were being sent to their only living relative, Lord Roxboro, to be under his care.

    The father had left them nothing, having drunk up his entire pittance, and now Lord Roxboro, willing or not, was to be blessed with two poor relations. Being a bachelor, he dreaded the charge, not because of the financial strain they might put upon his bankroll, but children, as charges, were a trifle out of his line and the fact that his lazy, drunken brother had absolutely failed to provide for them irritated him and he cursed softly under his breath.

    The letter that he held crumpled in his hand was from the superior of the convent, informing him that his two charges were being forwarded to him on the incoming stage. Evidently the letter had been delayed in transit, arriving only that morning.

    He tried to recall the appearance of his two nieces upon the last occasion that he had seen them. “Scrawny little brats,” he growled, his brow clouding as he thought back through the years. “I suppose they will destroy the furniture and ruin the entire house. I must contrive to get rid of them speedily.”

    In this frame of mind he nervously paced the library, to be awakened from his reverie by the creaking of carriage wheels. Striding to the window with a majestic step, he drew aside the curtains and peered down as the driver sprang from his seat and opened the coach door with a flourish, awaited the occupants to alight.

    A feminine figure, her arms loaded with boxes and bags, placed a dainty foot on the step and alighted. Turning, she extended her hand to assist another girl to descend. Mon Dieu! Surely these ravishing creatures could not be his nieces; why, they seemed almost grown women! He watched them as they entered the house and a amp; the coach wheeled away, and he hastily arranged his apparel and proceeded with alacrity downstairs to meet his two nieces.

    Marie had already ensconced them in the sitting room and as he entered they laid aside their packages and bundles and were standing demurely together awaiting, as it seemed, his inspection. What a change! Ye Gods! he exclaimed as he gazed at their adorable forms and his mouth watered. Ah! No longer scrawny and thin, as he had remembered them. They wore large roll-brimmed hats, which shaded their rosy faces. These were not the little vixens, the tormentors, he had known but a short few years before.

    “Is this Caroline and Freda?” he asked. “My two little nieces?”

    “Yes, Uncle Roxboro,” they answered in unison, still holding their heads demurely lowered like a pair of adorable cherubs.

    “Well, well, well! Can this be so? What a change a few years has made in you girls. Is this the proper manner in which to greet your uncle? Come, my little cherubs, and bestow a caress of welcome upon your uncle. Kiss me, my pets.”

    At this a blush, like unto the crimson pansy, suffused the cheeks of the older and more astute girl. She appeared to be a little older than sixteen, but, approaching her uncle, she drew her sweet, well-formed and rosy lips to his. Placing her soft arms about his neck, she pressed her lips to his and gave him a squeeze. The younger girl, as pretty, if not more so, in her own peculiar type of attractiveness, repeated her sister's act and then upon the invitation of Lord Roxboro they seated themselves and withdrew their silken gloves. This gave him an opportunity to fully inspect his charges, an advantage that he at once availed himself of.

    He saw that Caroline, the elder, was no longer a child. No, indeed. The rise and fall of her upturned bosom beneath her tight little bodice gave great promise of delectable beauties concealed beneath the folds of her silken garments, and as she daintily crossed her slim ankles, the form and swell of her beautiful lower extremities proclaimed the fact that she had entered that adorable stage of budding womanhood; her large, lustrous orbs of deep violet-blue looked (questioningly) about the room and as she bit her full, rosy, coral lips between her brilliantly snow-white teeth, regular in their well-shaped whiteness, she made an adorable, distracting picture of youth and beauty.

    Many thoughts coursed through the mind of Lord Roxboro as he sat there appraising his adorable nieces, thoughts that boded no good for the virtuous future of the two charming girls, relatives though they might be.

    Roxboro was a sensualist, taking his pleasure, no matter in what regard, wherever he found it. He was bored with the sycophants that surrounded him and uttered their tiresome praises continually, and he promised himself to take full advantage of this manna delivered into his arms as if from the very heavens.

    Freda, the younger of the two sisters, also became the object of his careful scrutiny. A trifle smaller in stature than Caroline, she had not as yet reached that divine stage of development that made itself manifest in her elder sister, but the elegant, slender lines of her delectable form gave very good promise of a beauty divine. She differed from Caroline in many respects, her eyes being a deep, doelike brown, her skin a trifle darker in color but fine in texture. She moved about uneasily in her new surroundings.

    “Forgive me, nieces,” cried Lord Roxboro, giving an uneasy laugh and starting himself from the pleasant train of thought that had been engendered in his sensual mind at the sight of these delectable darlings. “You must want to change your gowns and repair the ravages and damages of your long and tiresome journey. Marie! Conduct the ladies to the guest chamber.”

    Lord Roxboro saw no more of his young charges until that evening at supper. Clad in new frocks, they entered the dining room and, after curtsying to their uncle, seated themselves at the table demurely. As Lord Roxboro lived alone, except for his few servants, only the three were present for dinner.

    An excellent repast was served. The lord plied his charges with questions in regard to their life in the convent. The younger girl, Freda, seemed quite lively and full of life, laughing and joking. Caroline, burdened perhaps by the consciousness of her greater age and dignity, due to her budding womanhood, was more reserved; her eyes, as they encountered the lord's burning ones, dropped to her plate and a telltale flush overspread her beautiful countenance. She was evidently conscious of her sex and fidgeted nervously under her uncle's sensual gaze, blushing to the roots of her auburn hair and partaking of but little food, mostly sitting toying idly with her fork and eating but small nibbles of this and that.

    By skillful and adroit questioning the lord ascertained that the two lovely creatures had been in different classes at the convent and had not slept in the same dormitory. This was fully in accord with his plans, and almost hugging himself with glee, he ordered Marie, the maid, to prepare two rooms, one on each side of his library, for the adorable damsels. At the conclusion of the repast he retired to his library to read and meditate, the girls each going to her room to rest after their travels of the day.

    Evening fell and the servants, their daily tasks finished, prepared to retire to their own quarters outside of the mansion. The lord heard his two charming nieces moving about in their respective rooms, probably setting their things in order. Both rooms were entered from the hall, his own being reached through the library, although a door to each of the girls' chambers also opened from the library.

    Opening the door to Freda's room, Lord Roxboro found her busily engaged in unpacking her boxes and stowing her apparel away in the drawers of a chest.

    “Ah, right at home already, I see,” he said, laughing as he chucked her gaily under the dimpled chin. “I suppose you are tired, my adorable little niece, from your long ride?”

    “Yes,” she replied. “I am very tired and I am sure I shall sleep quite soundly. In fact, to be quite frank, I'm almost asleep on my feet right now, dear uncle.”

    “All right, pet,” he said, pinching her again. “Go right to bed and tomorrow when you have had an opportunity to rest yourself, I will show you about the estate. Good night.” And leaving the room, he carefully closed and locked the door behind him.

    He then cautiously approached the door on the other side of the library, leading to the divine Caroline's apartment and tapping softly upon the panel, he gently turned the knob and softly opened the door and entered. Caroline was engaged in the same task as her sister had been, placing her apparel in order, and upon the entrance of her uncle she rose to her feet and faced him. Her face was flushed and rosy, probably from the stooping attitude she had been in while unpacking her clothing. Her violet eyes sparkled like twin stars.

    “I see you are very busy, Caroline,” he said, closing the door behind him and giving her a careful inspection, his eyes bright with passionate desire as they fairly ravished the girl's beauteous form.

    “Yes, uncle,” she replied in a low murmur with a rather confused air. “I'm packing away some of my things.”

    “Tired?” he asked.

    “A little,” she replied. “You know, we had a long trip and it was rather fatiguing.”

    “Well,” said he, “if you are not too tired, there are certain things I wish to discuss with you and I would be glad if you would come to see me in the library before you retire.”

    “Certainly, uncle,” she replied demurely.

    “I will call for you when I am ready,” he said. “I will rap on your door when I wish you. You may finish putting your things away.” So saying he left the room and closed the door. Opening the door that led into the vestibule, he looked about to see that all the servants had departed the house. Reentering the library, he closed the door and slipped the bolt.

    Tiptoeing over to the door of Freda's room, he bent his ear to listen and was rewarded with the sound of heavy, regular breathing, indicating that the youngster, tired from the day's activities, was fast asleep.

    Seating himself for a few moments in his easy chair, he allowed his mind to speculate upon the future pleasures which seemed about to be his, alone in his house with such charming creatures, his sensual nature suggesting many delights to which he would treat himself. Allowing sufficient time for Caroline to have finished her task of arranging her clothing, he went to the door, tapped upon it and said, “Come in now, dear; I am ready for you.”

    Caroline opened the door of the room and stepped slowly inside. At a motion from her uncle, she seated herself on a couch and he, reseating himself in his easy chair, surveyed her from head to foot. She blushed nervously under his burning gaze and the lord, tearing his eyes from their appraisal of this luscious creature, folded his hands and addressed her: “I think, Caroline, that you will like it here.”

    “Yes, uncle, I'm sure I will.”

    “First,” said her uncle, crossing his legs and regarding her fixedly and somewhat sternly, “there are certain matters that we must discuss. That is why I had you come in. Your father-” He paused as he saw the girl's great violet eyes fill with tears at the mention of her father. “Your father,” he went on, “either could not or did not make any provision for yourself or your young sister. You are therefore both dependent upon me, as you have no other relatives. Without me you would therefore become public charges; you understand that, I suppose?”

    “Yes, uncle,” she replied, tears coursing down her alabaster cheeks as she bowed her head. “We know you have been very good to us and I want you to know that Freda and I both appreciate it very much.”

    “I am glad, Caroline, that you realize this,” he said. “Freda is too young to fully appreciate the situation you are in and it is for that reason that I am talking to you tonight. Your conduct will govern not only your own fate but that of your sister as well. I am sure that I won't be disappointed in you, Caroline.”

    “I hope, uncle,” she replied, “that you will never have cause to regret your noble action in taking two unfortunate girls under your tender care; I assure you that we will both respect and adore you and will do our best to please you in every possible manner.”

    “A pauper and a public charge is indeed an unpleasant thing, and a sad thing,” he said musingly, as though talking to himself, but artfully watching between his lowered lids the look of extreme terror that crossed the girl's features. “I wonder”-at this he turned and faced her-“I wonder if you really mean what you say? I wonder if I can be sure that in doing this benevolent act, in taking you girls into my home, I can be sure of your respect and obedience in all matters? Girls are headstrong creatures, you know.”

    “Oh, uncle,” quivered the distressed maiden, reproachfully, “how could you doubt me? You have taken us into your wonderful home and surely you must not think we would ever be ungrateful to you.”

    “It is easy enough to say that you pledge yourself to obedience and respect, but perhaps your ideas and mine might not agree at times, and then what would be your reactions?”

    “Oh, uncle,” she replied, “I am sure you can believe me when I say we will do everything in accordance with your slightest of wishes.”

    “Well, here is the situation, then; I am not a harsh man, but I do not propose to be taken advantage of on that account. I will agree to take you girls into my home on the same basis as though you were my daughters, but I will not be crossed in my wishes or plans for you. I must be the judge of your conduct; I must be the court of last resort as to what you will or will not do; I must be consulted in every plan and I will not be disobeyed; you must agree to conform to my every wish. For my part I will treat you kindly and take the best care of you that my wealth may command. Your course is open to you; you may remain here under those conditions, or you may make whatever other arrangements you see fit.”

    “Oh, uncle. Of course Freda and I will both be just like daughters to you and do everything you say, and I am sure we can make you love us, we will be such good girls.”

    “Well then, that's settled,” said he. “Come over and sit upon my knee,” he commanded. She rose immediately and gracefully came over to him, her face crimson, and sank upon his knee. She was apparently confused and embarrassed, but could hardly refuse the first request her uncle made, after having just agreed to obey him in all things.

    He put his arm around her and drew her to him, kissing her passionately; she lay passive, permitting his embraces but returning them only lukewarmly.

    His hand fell to her knee and he began to rub up and down her leg. Her face flushed a deep red, her eyes were closed and she murmured softly, “Oh, uncle, I don't think you ought to do that; the sisters taught us that it isn't very nice for a girl to permit a man to touch her body.”

    ^Now, Caroline,” he said, with a laugh, “the first thing we are going to do is to remove from your mind a great many things that the sisters taught you. I am your uncle and I certainly have a right to pet you,” pinching her thigh, which swelled beautifully from her knee to her hip. Her soft body lay in his arms and he could feel the round buttocks pressing against his leg as she sat upon his knee. He kissed her repeatedly-hot, passionate, sensual kisses which embarrassed the girl without seeming to provoke a response in kind. Holding her flaming face close, he kissed her entire countenance, her eyelids, her rosy cheeks, her wildly throbbing temples. Finally, loosening his arm from about her neck, he lifted his head, his sensual eyes almost starting from their sockets, and allowed his beautiful and panting charge to relax.

    “Oh, uncle, uncle! Your kisses,” she murmured, as if about to swoon fairly away. “Your kisses, they seem to bum me so.” Lord Roxboro by this time was in a perfect ferment of delirious passion; he held the tender girl close to him and dropping an eager and trembling hand to the front of her dress, squeezed and molded the two swelling orbs that seemed to be strained as if to the bursting point. The confining hands held their perfect contours and squeezed them through the silken coverings. Caroline, her maidenly modesty aroused, strove with a weak hand to push this intruder away from her orbs of womanhood, but found her tiny fingers, like so many little white captives, enmeshed in her uncle's much larger and stronger digits.

    “No, uncle! No! No! I beg of you,” she murmured in a low tone of voice as she snuggled about in an endeavor to evade his touches. “You must not-you must not touch me there. Oh, please don't!”

    “Are you seeking an excuse to have me drive both yourself and your sister away from this house, from under my care? To have you sent to the poorhouse, where by right you belong?” he breathed, his voice hoarse with suppressed passion as he still fondled her breasts through the tight coverings.

    “No! No!” murmured Caroline, this dread picture causing her to give vent to an involuntary shudder of fear. “We want to both stay here with you, uncle. But, uncle, you know it is not right for you to feel my person in this manner. Please let me go.”

    “Silence, girl,” cried Lord Roxboro. “I will be very gentle with you and promise not to hurt you in the least-I merely wish to see how you have grown since I last saw you, my dear girl.”

    “But, uncle-” she remonstrated as he unfastened the clasps that held the upper portion of her gown and allowed the front of it to descend, exposing her silken chemise and inserting his hand, caressed in its smooth warmness the panting bare flesh of her tender bosom. “Oh please, uncle, I beg of you,” she cried, and raising her hand, she endeavored to replace her dress, covering his hand in the attempt as he wildly tweaked and pressed and molded her tender pulsating globes.

    Despite the beseeching looks from her eyes, turning toward him as if for succor, he continued his manipulations and handlings, and seizing one of the struggling girl's bubbies between his strong fingers, he drew it entirely out of its cosy covering and allowed it, naked and quivering, to lie bare before his sensual and lascivious gaze. Bending over her flaming face, he kissed her repeatedly and passionately. Transferring his attentions to her coral lips, he caressed them repeatedly; titillating the snowy surface of her bosom with his fingers, he held her to his bosom firmly.

    The young girl struggled and kicked about in a wild desire to escape the hot burning caresses that were forced upon her by her passionate relative, and wildly beat her tiny hands against the head that was buried in her snowy bosom, his lips seeking out a standing nipple and biting the strawberry tip in gentle constriction. Lord Roxboro, compelled to desist for a moment, allowed her to escape from his embrace, and she sprang to her feet and, throwing herself upon the couch, burst into tears that would have melted a heart of iron.

    Her cruel uncle, far from pitying her whom in his passionate desires he had forced to submit to so many strange feelings that had heretofore been unknown to her, surveyed the tearful beauty as she lay there, sobbing as if her heart would break. To his sensual mind she presented a lovely picture as she lay there, her clothing in disorder, her skirts reefed up about her adorable legs, displaying an expanse of well-turned calf; and after viewing this scene for a moment or two he spoke gently to the weeping maiden.

    “Caroline! Caroline! Look at me, I want to talk to you.”

    “Oh, uncle, uncle,” she sobbed. “I never thought you would treat me in this nasty way.”

    “Caroline!” he said in a stern voice. “Do not act like a silly child; do you want me to instantly turn you out of the house, out on the road, into the cold, cruel world? Or do you prefer to do as I wish? Come, answer me at once. Do you want to remain here, with your sweet sister, or do you want to go?”

    “Yes, uncle,” she sobbed after an interval. “I want to stay here, but oh, I wish you wouldn't embarrass me so by making me submit to these things that you have been doing-you know I can't leave here-we would have nowhere to go and you really oughtn't to take advantage of me in this way.”

    “Well and good,” cried Lord Roxboro, “that's more like a sensible girl. Dry those foolish tears and come over here to me.

    The girl slowly arose from the couch and walked hesitantly over to her uncle, the tears still streaming from her reddened eyes.

    “Stand here,” he ordered, “directly in front of me.” He spread his legs and drew her to him. Reaching up, he again drew forth the beautiful rounded breasts, allowing them to stand forth wantonly from her open dress. The girl was embarrassed and, closing her eyes, she turned her head, overcome with modesty and shame at this exposure of her maidenly charms.

    Lord Roxboro, passing an arm about her pliable lower form, drew the unresisting girl close to him. She held her arms close to her sides, her tiny fists tightly clenched, but when his hot hand fell to her calf and began to stroke her leg, she attempted to draw away.

    “No, Caroline,” he soothed, “we have been all over that. Now, bear in mind if my patience is exhausted, something dire will be the consequence; stand close to me and allow me to have my pleasure and it will soon be over.”

    She made no reply, simply hoping the ordeal would soon be over. He grasped the silken clad leg in his hand and, moving the fingers slowly upward, marveled at the magnificent proportions of her well-rounded calf. She squirmed slightly under this manipulation of her lower extremities but made no resistance. Passing his hand slowly up to her knee, he dallied for a moment with her garter buckle; then higher and higher he passed his hot hand, caressing the smooth, warm, tender flesh of her upper thigh, which was open to his touch beneath the lower protecting hem of her drawers.

    She withstood his indecent explorings for a moment, then pulled herself away from him with a cry, pushing down the front of her dress, which had been raised during his pawing, and then rushing once more to the couch, she threw herself thereon and burst into tears.

    This action exasperated the lord almost to frenzy. His prong now at fever heat, he was impatient with this stubborn virgin who could not be touched.

    Leaping from his seat he pursued the unhappy maiden. “Ha! Proud pauper that you are! I will have you and your sister thrown out of this house at once. Your protestations of obedience come from the lips only-you have no intention of obeying me in any matter that does not meet your approval. Very well, then. Out with you. Get your sister and take yourselves out of this house, out into the world, and see what sort of treatment you will receive there. You treat your uncle as though he were an animal or a vile being. See if the world will give you any better treatment, once you are out of here. Get your sister and get out, both of you, this instant. I won't bother with such a stubborn creature as you seem to be!”

    “No, uncle, no, no!” she cried, tears streaming down her lovely face as she looked upward into his frowning countenance. “I will do as you say, I really will-you embarrassed me, that is all. Please don't turn us out into the world, and I will do anything. Please give me just one more chance!”

    “Well,” he growled, “one and only one more will you have, you brazen hussy.” Pulling her roughly to her feet his eyes burning with desire, he drew her closely to him. “I will take no chances with you this time, young lady! Go to your room immediately and bring me that hairbrush from your dresser! Quick!”

    The frightened girl flew to her room and returned immediately with the silver-mounted hairbrush, which she handed to her uncle. Seating himself as before, he commanded the frightened and trembling maiden to come to him and stand as she had before, directly before him. Laying the brush on the taboret beside his chair, he again introduced his hand under her garments and began to toy with her limbs.

    She stood perfectly still, too frightened to move or remonstrate. As his wanton hand strayed up her thigh, touching her bare skin, she gave a little shudder. His nervous hands explored her person, caressing the warm and rounded thighs, and then ventured toward that portion of her person which contained her most secret and delightful charms. As his hand touched her lower belly, her body involuntarily shrunk as she attempted to close her legs upon the sensitive grotto in an effort to defend herself against this rough invader. Wiggle and twist as he would, he found it impossible to introduce his fingertips between her tightly pressed thighs in order to touch her maidenhead. Abandoning his attempt at her crevice, his hand wandered upward toward her belly. Grasping the waistband of her panties, he jerked so that the buttons broke, allowing the drawers to drop slightly until supported by her hips. Her chemise he furled upward, allowing her belly to be naked, his hot fingers manipulating the soft roundness of her abdomen. Her satiny stomach quivered and trembled under his grasp. Now, grasping the top of her drawers, he pulled and tore the filmy material, which rended in a long tear, and he pulled the garment downward to her knees, exposing the whole front of her body. As he did so, the shamed girl dropped to her knees, crouching before him in a desperate effort to retain some shreds of her maidenly modesty.

    He had not yet succeeded in touching her secret charms and, losing his patience, he seized the nipple of one of her bare breasts between his fingers and, giving it a cruel twist, shouted, “On your feet! On your feet, girl; stand up, I tell you!”

    “Oh, uncle!” sobbed the blushing damsel, the tears dripping from her beautiful azure orbs. “You hurt me! You hurt me!”

    “On your feet, I said,” he cried, continuing to tweak the tender nipple. “I have had enough of your foolish behavior; you would test the patience of a saint! Stand up, before I really hurt you!”

    “Yes, yes,” she cried, scrambling to her feet, her drawers slipping down upon her well-formed legs until they lay about her slim ankles. “I'm up, uncle, I'm up.”

    “See that you stay up, child,” he growled. Again placing his salacious hand beneath her skirts, he lifted them above her waist, exposing her whole glorious front to his lascivious gaze. The lustful creature ran his hand caressingly over her golden mount, covered with curling yellow hair that retreated between the whiteness of her smooth lovely thighs, forming a picture of beauty that would arouse the passion of a statue.

    His busy hands explored her charms, caressing the warm white thighs, then slipping around in back of her to manipulate and mold the firm, rounded cheeks of her magnificent buttocks, soft as velvet. Then his busy finger found the soft crevice between her legs, felt the outer lips of her jewel of maidenhood. She stood passive, too frightened to move, as his finger divided the outer door of her pink cleft and forced its way into the tightly folded interior. As her hidden charms were thus suddenly and roughly violated, the trembling girl gave vent to an involuntary cry and her body shuddered violently. She attempted to withdraw from her uncle's embrace, pulling violently away from him.

    “You hurt me, uncle, you hurt me; that hurts terribly,” she quavered, attempting to push down her dress in an effort to clothe her crimson nakedness. Her attempt was futile, however, as her powerful uncle drew her closer to him, petting her and soothing her in an effort to quiet her attempts to retreat.

    His rod had for some time been in a terrible state, swollen and throbbing from passion, aching to be relieved. Drawing one of the girl's hands down to his pants, he pressed the delicate fingers against the huge prong that was distending the front of his trousers. “Squeeze it, Caroline! Squeeze it, darling; there's a good girl! Do that, it will help me greatly; you don't know how I am suffering, child!” said the lord as he pressed her hand tightly about the throbbing charger.

    “Oh, uncle,” cried the girl, at the same time grasping the huge covered bolus in a tight embrace and gently squeezing it in her fingers. “Why must I do this, uncle?” she inquired.

    “Take it out, girl-open my pants and take it out so you can feel it better, dear,” he cried, kissing her fervently and hugging her to him as her hand manipulated his huge member.

    “Oh, uncle,” she cried, “please don't ask me to do that; you know that isn't nice; I wouldn't want to touch that nasty thing; please let me go.” Nevertheless she continued her hold on the member, her face covered with blushes.

    “Must I break this hairbrush on your buttocks?” queried the lord. “You stubborn wench, you will force me to do something desperate. Do as I say, and quickly, or it will be the worse for you!” So saying, he seized the hairbrush and brought the bristle side of it smartly against her bare buttock, causing her to jump and utter a little scream of pain. “If you don't want a good spanking, do as I tell you,” the lust-maddened man growled.

    “Yes, uncle,” she replied, fumbling with awkward hands at the fly of her uncle's trousers in an attempt to unfasten the unfamiliar clothing. Suddenly the buttons yielded, the front of his trousers flew open, and out sprang the gigantic pintle, its ruby head flushed and swollen, rampant with desire, the blue veins standing forth as though to burst.

    “All right, woman, play with it-play with it!” the salacious man almost screamed, placing her hand on the enormous cock. “Rub it up and down.”

    The girl immediately started squeezing and rubbing the hot surface of this strange implement. Obviously it was her first view of a man's organ and it seemed to repel her; yet at the same time she seemed to be attracted, her curiosity overcoming her modesty to some extent. She manipulated it for a few moments, giving the lord extreme pleasure as his busy fingers roamed over her person, titillating her clitoris and exploring her thighs, buttocks, belly, and breasts.

    Suddenly he removed her hand from his member and touched it to the bare skin of her thigh. At the hot contact of the flaming object, she gave a gasp. He rubbed it against her leg for a moment and then said, “Lower yourself down on it, my darling,” at the same time grasping her by her hips and attempting to force her to sit upon his rigid prong.

    “Oh, uncle! What are you trying to do? Oh, you will hurt me-I can't sit on that thing-it will hurt. Please, uncle, please don't make me do that.” She struggled in a frenzy to escape his grasp.

    “Don't be silly,” he growled. “I'm not going to hurt you, child. All I want you to do is to sit on my lap and hold him between your thighs-you could certainly do that much for your uncle.” Pulling the trembling girl downward, he sat her upon his lap, his huge prong between her thighs, its head sticking up in front of her belly. “There now, look at him; doesn't he look funny, though?” laughed her uncle. “Squeeze him tight-that's right; now move just a little bit, up and down-oh, girl, that's delicious!” cried he, nearly beside himself with passion. Kissing her repeatedly, his hands fondling her buttocks and breasts, he slowly worked his hips from side to side as the beautiful girl, by now beginning to pant with passion from this salacious sport, slid her body forward and back slightly, at the same time squeezing His Majesty tightly between her beautiful thighs.

    A few moments of this delightful sensation was sufficient for the long-suffering prod. With a sudden convulsive movement, the man strained the beautiful girl to his breast, kissing her madly, his bottom heaving up as though to throw her from him as a gush of hot sperm flew into the air from the head of the rampant cock, descending in a shower on the girl's bare thighs. She jumped and would have arisen from her position, but her uncle restrained her until, his orgasm passed, he relaxed against his easy chair, a smile on his face as he looked into the flushed countenance of his beautiful niece, now rosy with mingled lust and outraged modesty. “Well, that's that,” he said. “But I fear you are slightly messed, my dear.”

    “Oh, uncle,” she giggled, as she viewed her legs now inundated with the shower of his sperm. “What nasty, hot sticky stuff that is-oh, I'm all covered.”

    “That's all right, my dear; take this towel and wipe yourself off. You'll get to like that stuff; that's love juice and when you get used to it you won't think it's nasty at all.”

    The girl took the towel and cleaned her legs and thighs, but made no attempt to arise from her uncle's lap. Her breath was coming in gasps and her skin burned; she was carried away with maidenly passion as the result of the strange goings-on, although she scarcely understood what caused her to be so hot and so filled with strange longings.

    His desire only partly satisfied by his recent eruption, the man determined to carry the affair to an immediate conclusion. “Caroline,” he said, “you may now go to your room. Prepare yourself for bed, but do not put on any night clothing; you will receive me naked. I will be in your room as soon as I prepare for bed.” The girl started to remonstrate, but the look on her uncle's face frightened her and she arose without a word and went to her own room.

    As she prepared herself for bed, the palpitating girl found herself in a maze of conflicting emotions. The events of the evening had been quite upsetting; like all girls, she had had a rather romantic idea of the relations between man and woman. Coming as she had to her uncle's home with absolutely no notion of any sex relationships, she was hardly prepared for her reception as, for instance, a young bride might have been who was spending her first night with her husband, or even the expectancy that a sweetheart might feel in anticipation of a tryst with a lover. Before arriving, the idea that her uncle might take liberties with her had never entered her head, and due to her sheltered life in the convent she had only the vaguest ideas as to the nature these liberties might take.

    Consequently, as she disrobed and took her bath, she was a little dazed as to just what had happened and, more important, what was to happen. She thought upon her uncle's arrival with mingled feelings: fear of what he would do and hope that it would be enjoyable to her. After the first shock to her modesty had somewhat worn off, she was filled with a sort of curious anticipation as to what was in store for her. She dimly realized that ere long her uncle would insert into her maidenly cleft that enormous tool and she felt sure that it would kill her instantly, tearing her tender tissues, utterly rending her. She feared the ordeal, yet feared more the thought of being forced out into a cruel, harsh world with which she was entirely unfamiliar and where she would be the prey to she knew not what strange terrors. She slowly removed her clothing, took her bath, brushed her hair; then, her body burning with fear, shame, and passion, she considered whether she might disobey her uncle to the extent of concealing her body in a nightgown. She feared him, yet felt that his harshness might perhaps be a bit assumed; he was the type of man who would gain his ends, by force if need be, but preferably by persuasion. She decided to put on a nightdress, although she knew she would have to answer for her disobedience when her uncle appeared.

    Lord Roxboro, after the girl's departure to her room, retired to his own chamber, which also opened off the library. Undressing himself, he bathed. Taking a stiff drink of a certain cordial that would quickly revive his masculine powers, he slipped into a dressing gown and slippers and stepped to the girl's room.

    Opening the door, he discovered the room was in darkness. He groped his way to the dressing table and turned on a small rose-shaded lamp. Looking toward the bed, he discovered that the young lady had crept under the covers, which she had pulled up over her head, and lay there like a hunted thing, drawn up into a bundle, quivering with fear.

    Stepping over to the bedside, he slipped off his robe and slippers and, sitting on the edge, pulled down the covers from the shrinking girl's head and shoulders. Noting that she wore a nightgown, he said, “I thought I told you not to put on anything.”

    “Yes, uncle, but I am so ashamed-you wouldn't want me to be naked, would you? Please don't be rough with me.”

    “Well, no clothes go here tonight,” said he. “Take it off this instant.”

    The frightened girl obeyed, slipping the gown down around her shoulders, pulling it down toward her feet, at the same time attempting to keep herself covered by the clothing.

    “Here, here, girl,” said he, “let's have done with this foolish modesty,” at the same time throwing the bed clothing downward to the foot of the bed, so that the burning maiden lay upon the sheet, shrunken up into a frightened ball, attempting to hide her nakedness with her gown. His ruthless hand clutched the garment, however, and, giving it a yank, he pulled it off over her feet and cast it to the floor. The naked, blushing girl lay there, burning with outraged modesty.

    “Now, Caroline,” said he, “let's have a clear understanding of the situation here. You might just as well make up your mind to it and discontinue this foolish stubbornness. I suppose it is rather embarrassing to you, but you may as well understand that I intend to have you. You may fight if you wish, but it will only make it harder for you. I am stronger than you and will have you either with your consent or without it. If you continue as you have done, I will not only force you, but will then throw you and your sister out upon the street. You might just as well be sensible about it.”

    “Yes, uncle,” said the quivering girl. “But please, uncle, promise me you won't hurt me, oh, please don't hurt me. I know what you are going to do and you will kill me, I know it will kill me-I simply couldn't stand it.”

    “Now, leave that to me,” he said. “Other women have endured this and it certainly won't be any more trouble for you than it was for them; I am sure you will enjoy it in time, if you will get those foolish notions out of your head and be a good, sensible girl.”

    Leaning over, he found her lips with his own and impressed upon them a burning, lascivious kiss, his mouth half-opened and his darting tongue titillating the girl's ruby lips, causing her strange sensations of lust which coursed up and down her body. Raising his head, he commanded her to stretch herself out straight upon the bed. She did so. His eyes devoured her beautiful figure stretched upon the snowy sheet, rosy with fire and glowing in the light of the rose-shaded lamp. He had her turn over and lie upon her face, then assume different positions as he admired the beautiful lines of her feminine beauty, his hands playing about her lovely limbs and breasts. His tool was stiff and hard, his breath came in gasps, and he was once more in a frenzy of desire.

    Reaching out, he took the girl's hand and carried it to his burning member, about which he clasped her delicate fingers. His tool was amazingly long and hard-she could hardly encompass it with her fingers-and the length and breadth of this band of bone and gristle caused a shudder of excitement to course through the girl's frame.

    The man, not satisfied with the feeling and pawing of this delicious creature, spread her legs and gazed long and fondly at the delicious moss-covered cleft, the mark of her femininity, and marveled at the smoothness and whiteness of her little rounded abdomen and the delicious swell of her well-turned breasts.

    The girl, on her part, ventured a peek through her fingers at this male who was so boldly inspecting her most secret treasures and gained a better view of that terrible machine which a short time before had bespewed her lower limbs with its unctuous flow; once more she marveled at its immensity and at the gigantic sack that hung, pregnant with its charge of manhood, a wrinkled mass beneath the swollen weapon. The flourishing mass of black pubic hair that graced the lord up to his navel was a new sight for the girl and she gave it the benefit of a full inspection.

    Tiring at last of this delicious inspection of the girl's most inner parts, the man longed for more active diversions. Throwing himself onto the bed alongside the girl, he took her into his strong embrace. They made a sensual picture as they lay there, clasped closely in each other's arms. The uncle, his caresses now seething in their heat, caressed the girl's eyes, her lips, her snowy neck and throat, and then, with a tantalizing slowness that drove the now expectant Caroline almost wild with emotion, lowered his lips to her strawberrylike nipples, which stood out boldly as if inviting this hungry attacker; gently biting these coral tips, he slowly sucked into his mouth the full substance of her breasts.

    All of these caresses had an effect that was almost miraculous on the now throbbing girl. She twisted and squirmed from side to side, now pressing her body tightly against his, now throwing her legs violently over his and grinding her mount vigorously against his rampant member. Her uncle's kisses traveled downward from her breasts, tonguing and kissing the virgin mounts and valleys of her alabaster body, her belly and groin. She could not control herself from the emotions that pervaded her very being. Never before in her young life had she felt such emotion as she was now undergoing. She had never felt the hot touch of a lover's lips and tongue.

    The lord, still enjoying himself to the utmost, his gorge rising high under these delightful manipulations, slipped down lower and lower until his eager tongue, erect and trembling, brushed over the golden locks of her delicious mount-turning the girl sidewise and parting her legs, he slipped his hot and glowing tongue within the crevice of her womanhood, that lump of heavenly delight that controlled her being, and licking and kissing this erectile mound, he soon had the girl in a ferment of soul-devouring passion.

    She groaned, throbbed, and twisted from side to side under these divine touches administered by her sensual guardian; her eyes rolled wildly upward, her breath gasping as she rolled and twisted with clenched fists and quivering muscles.

    Lord Roxboro, his mind full set upon achieving the purpose in his mind, now desisted from the sport and, moving upward on the bed, once more took the lovely, passionate girl in his arms, smothering her in his embraces, which she now met with fullest delight. His busy finger replaced his tongue as he gently manipulated and frigged her center of bliss, the girl writhing and twisting as if mad.

    “Oh, uncle,” she breathed, her senses almost departing, “oh, uncle, what have you done to me that has affected me so? Oh, I just love you so much; you are the most desirable and sweetest man in the world! Oh, what you just did to me was the most pleasure I ever had in my life! Oh, it was lovely! More, uncle, please?” And she kissed him furiously, twisting and writhing in the bed as though afire, his finger titillating her clitoris in a manner to set her wild.

    He now judged that the appropriate moment had arrived to ravish this lovely young creature. Pushing her back into the bed upon her back, he opened her legs widely. Getting on top of her and between her legs, he placed the head of his glowing member in the entrance of her grotto. The girl paid little attention to his maneuvers, seemingly in a half-swoon from passion. He placed the head of his cock against her panting slit and with a slight push of his thighs attempted to force it into her body. She immediately pulled away from him, with a slight moan and said, “Oh, uncle, please don't do that-that big thing won't go into me, it will kill me-oh, I'm afraid, I'm afraid; I know you will hurt me.”

    The man made no answer. Despite her twists and wrigglings, he once more made the attempt and, having placed his member in the rosy lips of her cunt, he slowly forced his way into her cringing and quivering body, meeting with stubborn resistance from her virgin parts. However, he was successful in introducing the head of his enormous member for perhaps an inch. He stopped there, permitting the girl to become accustomed to this stretching of her most sensitive tissues.

    “Oh, mercy, uncle! Oh, uncle, you are killing me! Oh, I'm dying; it hurts terribly-oh, please, uncle-oh, please, please stop!”

    He was not to be dissuaded, however. Slowly, a little at a time he forced his way into the squirming girl; she attempted to push him off, her legs and arms threshing wildly as she moaned and whimpered softly that he was killing her; she knew she would die; she simply couldn't take that big thing. But as inexorably as fate he continued, slowly forcing his enormous tool into her delicate slit until finally, with a last strong push, he drove it clear to the hilt into her cavity. Working gently and slowly, he worked back and forth in her quim, his member ready to burst with the acuteness of pleasure from the touch of her warm, tightly constricted, and palpitating vulva. A few moves sufficed-with gaspings of breath and low groans he reached the climax-his excitement communicated itself to the girl, and in spite of her evident agony and pain, her feminine nature asserted itself and she likewise reached her orgasm, so that the two lovers spent together in one short, convulsive mutual grinding of hips and bodies, after which they both lay exhausted for a moment.

    In a short time the lord lifted himself from the body of the girl, who lay as if dead, her head thrown back, her eyes closed, scarcely breathing; her heart, however, beat convulsively from the extreme exertion she had just been through.

    Reaching a towel from the bedside table, he cleansed his now flaccid tool and tucked it between the girl's streaming thighs, lest the mingled sperm and blood stain the bed clothing. He lay beside her, holding her in his arms, kissing her tenderly. In a moment she half opened her eyes and he reassured her, saying that she would be all right.

    “How do you feel?” he inquired.

    “Oh, all right, dear uncle; I am sore and my back hurts, but I guess I am all right. I feel like I'm split open, though.”

    “Oh, you will be all right, little sweetheart,” he said. “By tomorrow you won't feel anything. You will be just as good as new. Do you love your uncle, now?”

    “Oh, uncle, you are just too sweet,” she replied, burying her face in his neck as her young arms crept around his shoulders and she pressed her body tightly to his.

    It is said that no woman ever forgets the first man who has intercourse with her. She may not forgive him, but she won't forget him. Although our heroine had passed a rather hectic experience, her latent womanhood had been completely aroused in the last short hour and she was now completely grown up; the curtain had been lifted and she was enlightened as to the nature of many mysteries; she felt for this dominating male beside her the affection that many women feel for men who master them, and henceforth she was his to do with as he pleased. Which, perhaps, is as it should be.

    We will leave them, then, for this chapter, locked in each other's arms, tired and happy after their evening of pleasure, as Morpheus sifts over them his powder of forgetfulness, Sleep.

    Awakening the following morning, Lord Roxboro lay for some time studying the sleeping girl beside him. Suddenly she awoke and, glancing about her, encountered the eyes of her uncle. She made a move as though to jump out of bed, but he stopped her, pressed her gently back upon the pillow, and reassured her as to his intentions.

    “You are somewhat feeble, I judge, to be up and about, my child,” he said. “You lie here for the time being and you can arise later.”

    So saying, he got up from the bed, gathering up the soiled clothing that lay about the room. “If you wish to get up and bathe, you might do so,” he suggested.

    “Oh, I am all right, I don't need any help,” said the girl, attempting to arise, but falling back with a little cry of pain.

    “You see,” said the lord, “you are not as strong as you imagine yourself to be. Here, let me help you.” With the aid of his support, she made her way to the lavatory and her uncle departed to his own room, leaving the girl to perform her ablutions.

    Returning to his own chamber, he made his toilet and prepared to descend to the dining room for breakfast. A thought striking him, he went to the door that led into Freda's room, unbolted it, and glanced at the sleeping figure of the lovely child. As he stood there surveying the little neat pile of clothing, the cambric drawers and petticoat, together with the chemise laid upon the chair alongside the bed, a feeling of desire came to him to see more of the body of his young niece. But controlling his desire, he left the room and closed the door behind him, making his way to the lower portion of the house.

    The servants were up and about, busy in their preparations for breakfast. In a short time Miss Freda made her appearance at the breakfast table. She inquired as to the whereabouts of her sister, Caroline, and he informed her that Caroline was not feeling well and ordered Marie to serve Caroline's breakfast in the young lady's room.

    Marie, the maid, was well used to the peculiar actions of her master and showed no sign of surprise, but carried a well-filled tray up the stairs.

    “Freda,” said Lord Roxboro, turning his attention to his younger niece, “I wish you would view the estate this morning. After breakfast Marie will take you for a walk about the grounds and as the estate is quite large, I wish you to take your time, so that you may view all of its varied attractions.”

    “Yes, uncle,” responded Freda, busy with her breakfast. “I will go with Marie, as you say.”

    The maid soon returned to the room, whereupon Lord Roxboro directed her as to his desires for Freda to see the estate. At the conclusion of the meal, Marie fetched Freda's wraps and led her away in full accord with her uncle's design.

    After dispatching the other servants upon errands that he knew would take some time, he proceeded once more to the upper portion of the house and, entering his library, locked the door and walked over to the one that entered Caroline's boudoir. Entering her room, he found her, as he had expected, sound asleep.

    He pushed the door to and bolted it. Quickly disrobing himself, he turned down the coverlet, slipped in beside the sleeping girl and drew her into his arms. She was still completely nude, having neglected the opportunity to don a nightgown after her bath, and had evidently come directly into bed from the bath, although the empty dishes on the tray at the bedside informed him that she had eaten the food brought to her by the maid.

    As he pressed burning kisses upon the girl's lips and squeezed her in his arms, she awakened, and realizing that her companion was her sensual uncle and ravisher of the night previous, she snuggled close to him and prepared to drop off into her interrupted slumbers once more.

    He passed his arms gently around her slender naked waist, luxuriating in the feel of the smooth, elastic, bare flesh, and squeezing her divine form close to his own burning nakedness, he kissed her passionately upon her cherrylike lips. At these tempestuous caresses, Caroline opened her orbs, and moving uneasily in the bed, as if sensing his lustful desires, sought weakly to escape the crushing embrace. Her passion of the night before had been satiated, and her maidenly modesty once more reasserted itself; besides which, she remembered the painful experience of the night previous, and even now her maidenly slit was somewhat raw and throbbing with the pain from the terrific stretching and abrasions it had received the night before, the torn tissues still paining her considerably.

    “No, no, little sleepyhead,” chided the lord. “Uncle must be permitted to feel and caress his little girl. I want to know just how badly you are injured. From the way you carried on last night, I might almost have expected to find you a cold clammy corpse this morning, instead of such a delightfully warm and rosy-cheeked little darling. Come, let uncle see what terrible damage has been wrought!” Disengaging one of his hands from about her waist, he slipped it down in between her tightly pressed thighs and forced the trembling flesh apart; then, running his hand over the lower portion of her naked belly, over her shrouded silken cove, he gently divided her lower lips and inserted within an impudent forefinger.

    The girl moaned at his touch, but made no move to dissuade him. As his tantalizing finger coursed upward in her cleft, coming finally to the rended portion, she gave a little scream of pain and endeavored to draw away. He withdrew his finger at her exclamation and contented himself with toying with her breasts and belly, smoothing and caressing the soft white flesh between his fingers and engorging her sentinellike nipples until they stood out hard and rigid as bits of iron, as though to battle an invader of her feminine charms.

    These touches and caresses had their effect upon the operator; the passionate man now felt his emotions rise in a seething state. His rod, swollen and engorged, the blue veins standing out strongly on its pinkish white surface, was in a state of extreme erection; the swollen head and gigantic length banged in convulsive jerks against Caroline's naked thighs. Straining her close to him, he allowed his bold hands to range at random over the figure of the beautiful girl.

    “Reach down, sweet, and feel the object that has been the cause of all this terrible commotion,” cried Lord Roxboro, his pulse beating at his temples. “Squeeze it for me and make it leap, the same as you did before. Come now, my pretty.”

    In compliance with her uncle's desires, she reached down a tiny hand and strove to encompass the giant breadth of the swollen organ that leaped in her clasp. This squeezing and massaging of his bolus seemed to infuse in the sensual Lord Roxboro sensations of the greatest pleasure, and as Caroline squeezed, rolled, and pressed it, stripping the foreskin back from the angry red head, he wiggled about in ecstasy.

    “Wonderful, Caroline, wonderful!” he whispered, burying his flaming face in her nipple-hardened breast and encompassing one of the stalwart sentinels within his lips. “My little girl's touches and caresses excite me to a delirium! You are an apt pupil, my adorable niece! No other hand has instilled within me the sensations that now pervade me! Faster, dear one, faster!” And Caroline herself, despite her short apprenticeship, began to become permeated by the sensual warmth that seemed to exude from her uncle.

    Her blood seemed to be afire, and strange sensations coursed through that portion of her anatomy that had heretofore been unused by her except to satisfy the calls of nature.

    Throwing her arm about her dissolute uncle's neck, her other hand manipulating his giant pego, she returned his kisses and caresses with equal ardor. He lifted the now panting girl, rolled her over on her back, spread apart her milk-white thighs and then, mounting her, presented the head of his engorged instrument at the mouth of the sorely battered breach. The sudden touch of its rigid red head against her lower lips caused a quick wave of fear to pervade the fair Caroline, and remembering the pain she had undergone on the previous evening, she made an involuntary movement to close tight her thighs.

    Too late, however. Much as she dreaded the charge of the huge machine, much as she attempted to grip her thighs together and tossed about the bed, the lord still held his vantage.

    “Please, uncle,” she cried softly, “you know very well you hurt me dreadfully last night. I will never be able to stand it again-you are too big for me and I know you are going to hurt.”

    “Nonsense, Caroline,” he reassured her. “See, I will put some spit on his head and around your little pussy and he will slip into you so easily you won't hurt a bit.” So saying, he moistened his fingertips with a little saliva, which he applied to the girl's pink slit and also to the head of his own organ; then, applying the head to the girl's delicious cavity, he gently inserted it and pushed it slightly in. “How's that? Does that hurt?”

    “Oh, ouch!” she cried. “It bums dreadfully, ouch-it hurts-oh! oh! oh! Ah! A-a-a-a-h! Oh, that's better-that doesn't hurt now-oh, that's good, uncle!”

    “I thought so,” he remarked. “It was bound to hurt you some last night-we burst your maidenhead, but you will be all right now-perhaps a little bit sore, but you will soon get over that. Now that your little pussy has gotten stretched a bit, you will find you won't have any more trouble.”

    His swollen rod slowly forced its way into her sheath, which, under the lubrication of the saliva, seemed to offer little resistance, its walls stretching to receive the huge intruder; indeed, the feelings of lust engendered in the girl overcame the slight burning sensations which bothered her and she heaved her bottom up to meet the thrust of her uncle's hips. The smarting and soreness seemed to mingle with the pleasure, causing a sensation of extreme piquancy in her warm and throbbing quim.

    Lord Roxboro, having thus made his complete entry, lost no time in discussions with the girl, but burying his face into her bare shoulder, he could feel his tool slowly forcing its way up into her swollen, hot cavern, dividing the tender flesh; her membranes clasped about his rod in throbbing to-and-fro contacts that nearly drove him wild with frenzy, the maddened girl's body wildly tossing to meet his movements, as their pelvic hair merged in the tight contact of love.

    Resting a bit after having pierced the tender girl, he slowly began that tantalizing in-and-out motion so dear to the members of the softer sex, and after a few of these master strokes, Caroline's arms tightly clasped about his neck, returning his kisses with equal ardor, her strawberry tongue reaching forth to meet his, she suddenly began to tremble in the anticipatory signals of the orgasm.

    This was more than her uncle could stand, and with one great shove he gushed into her a flood of sperm, feeling the girl wince beneath him, by the spasms of her tender vagina he knew that she also was spending-as the slit tightened and quivered about his throbbing member, he felt he must lose consciousness with sheer delight.

    “Oh, uncle, uncle,” moaned the girl, her loins writhing about as if mad, as she felt the balsamic juices spurting from her, “I am dying, uncle! Oh, uncle! That's so g-o-o-d-so good! Oh! Uncle! I love you so, dear uncle; oh, I love you so!”

    He had collapsed in an exhausted heap upon the body of the fair girl, his staff still firmly embedded within, her. They lay as though spent, when, finally their panting breath subsiding, he kissed her gently upon the lips and drew himself upward as though to arise, but felt himself clasped by the tender girl and held fast in her embrace. “Stay here a minute,” she whispered, “Don't get up yet.”

    “What, Caroline!” he said, pretending to be astonished at the actions of his beautiful niece. “You were slow to receive my advances-don't say you want to continue this painful operation?”

    The girl blushed furiously and buried her golden mop in the neck of her guardian. Lord Roxboro, remaining quiet for a few minutes, then lifted himself from the girl, withdrawing his rod, at the same time placing a towel over the girl's reddened slit to catch the flow of their mingled sperm. The touch of the rough towel against the girl's sensitive parts seemed to inflame her. Squeezing her legs tightly together, she rolled quickly over on her side and hid her flaming face in the pillow. This movement brought her pink buttocks uppermost to the gaze of her enraptured uncle, who stood there studying the rounded contours of her posterior, thinking to himself of the delights they should afford to him later on. He patted her bottom, rubbing his hand over its velvety smoothness, then took himself to bathe his now flaccid member.

    Returning to the room, he stood beside the bed. The girl peeped up at him between her fingers, saying, “I think I will get up now; I'm not a bit sleepy anymore.”

    “Very well, my sweet,” he said, “you may arise and dress. When you have done so, please come downstairs to the living room; I am going to ask you to do some errands for me later on.”

    “Surely, uncle,” she replied. “I will be glad to.”

    “I want you to go into town and do some shopping. I want you to get yourself some new dresses and things of that sort; you are so lovely that I must keep you dressed in a manner fitting to your beauty.”

    She flew to him and threw her arms about him in a tight squeeze. “Oh, you are the dearest old dear, uncle,” she cried. “Are you going to buy me lots and lots of dresses?”

    “Not so fast, not so fast!” laughingly warned her guardian. “Why, the first thing I know, you will want me to buy out all of the stores. I see I will have to be conservative with my little darling or she will have me in the Poor House in no time.” Laughingly he kissed her, as his hands caressed her firm, round breasts and cool, globular buttocks. “Run along now and get dressed; then come downstairs and we will see about this matter of shopping,” he directed, and as the girl went to her bath, he returned to the library, thence to the lower part of the house, where he awaited his charming niece in the large living room.

    “And now, uncle, what will I be allowed to buy?” queried the charming creature when she appeared a short time later, framed in the doorway to the living room, her eyes dancing and her rosy cheeks aglow.

    “You are a true woman, I see,” he remarked. “No need for a second invitation to a shopping trip. Ah, Vanity, Vanity, thy name is Woman.” With a laugh he beckoned her to come to him and drew her to his knees where she snuggled herself like a kitten, all aglow with the thought of being able to procure pretty dresses and such things so dear to the feminine heart.

    “Well, let's see,” he began. “About four dresses for yourself, perhaps two hats, say three pairs of shoes and two of slippers, a dozen or so pairs of stockings. That's for you. Now, you may also buy for me, while you are shopping-” Here he stopped and looked at her quizzically. “I reserve the right of having you purchase some articles of feminine apparel that are for my especial benefit.”

    “For you, uncle?” exclaimed the girl, her eyes wide with astonishment. “Why, uncle! What can it be that you wish me to get for you?”

    “Not for me, exactly,” he replied, kissing her. “What I want you to get is a half dozen pair of the finest, sheerest, thinnest drawers that you can find in the town. I will derive the satisfaction of seeing you appareled within them!”

    “Oh, uncle,” murmured the girl, dropping her head and blushing in confusion, “you shame me so.” It did seem embarrassing to her to discuss such intimate articles of apparel with a man, and she blushed furiously.

    “I want you,” said Lord Roxboro, placing a finger beneath her chin and tilting her face upward until he looked straight into her eyes, “I want you to get the thinnest, sheerest, silkiest, and laciest drawers that you can find in the shops. Be sure that they fit you tightly so that they will outline that divine form of yours. And open ones! Be sure of that! Get the ones that open as wide as possible and are slit down the back! None of the closed type, such as your present wardrobe possesses. Perhaps you can guess whether we may have need in the future for the open style.”

    “But, uncle,” whispered the girl, “I have never worn the kind of-the kind of drawers that you mention. The open ones, especially! You know, the girls in the convent only wear the thick, closed kind!”

    “You are no longer in the convent, my dear child,” said Lord Roxboro, bending over and kissing-the delicious girl, “and you are no longer a child, nor should you conduct yourself as such. You are now a woman and will henceforth wear a woman's garments; see that your clothes are stylish and of the best quality, you are fit to wear the best, with your beauty.”

    “Very well, uncle,” said she demurely. “I will do exactly as you direct.”

    “Good,” said Lord Roxboro. “I will have the coachman waiting at the side entrance as soon as you are ready to go. You may get your cloak, and I will order the carriage for you.”

    With this the girl departed for her room to prepare herself for the shopping tour. Upon returning downstairs, she found the coach awaiting her. Lord Roxboro had already informed the coachman as to his desires, and Caroline, after seating herself within the carriage, leaned back against its silken cushions, and while musing over the exciting adventures that had occurred to her in the last twenty-four hours, she was rapidly driven to the town.

    The coach presently stopped before what appeared to be an exclusive establishment and Caroline accepted the coachman's arm as he assisted her to alight. Upon entering, she was greeted by the proprietor, who informed her that Lord Roxboro had directed that she was to select anything she might desire, to be charged to his account.

    Caroline immediately busied herself in the selection of gowns, shoes, hats, etc., then asked to be shown some lingerie. The shopkeeper displayed for her inspection some underthings of cambric such as were in vogue for girls of Caroline's age, but she brushed them aside, inquiring for better material.

    The shopwoman then showed her a fine assortment of shimmering, foamy, lacy, silken garments, of the sheerest, thinnest texture and extreme lightness. Caroline selected six pairs of elegant drawers and an equal number of chemises, being careful to select the open style as per her uncle's directions.

    Fingering the delightful texture and noting the extreme thinness and diaphanous nature of the garments, which would reveal more than they would conceal, she could not help a feeling of modesty at the thought of securing such lovely garments for the purpose of exposing herself to her uncle's delighted gaze, yet what woman wouldn't have been thrilled at the thought of wearing such beautiful garments?

    Completing her purchases with several pairs of the sheerest of silken hose and several pairs of beautiful garters, she summoned the coachman, had him convey her purchases into the coach, and, seating herself therein, was driven rapidly back to the mansion.

    Lord Roxboro was not in evidence upon her return, but calling the maid, she had her bundles transported to her boudoir, where she quickly unpacked them, delighted herself with admiring them, and then packed them away in the chest. Then making her way to the living room, she found her uncle had returned and was engaged in conversation with her sister, Freda.

    Freda had evidently enjoyed her trip about the estate, and her cheeks were a fine, rosy color, her eyes sparkling with youthful health and spirits as she prattled on about the lakes, animals, etc., that had been the objects of her inspection.

    As Caroline entered the room, Lord Roxboro rose to his feet and made her a courtly bow; she curtsied in return and seated herself on the couch to listen to Freda's prattle. Caroline could hardly realize that this man, this courtly gentleman, man of rank, had but a few short hours before assaulted her most brutally in his lust and had sacrificed her bleeding hymen upon the altar of his desires! A tenant of this house a bare twenty-four hours and no longer possessed of her virginity! It seemed scarcely credible. And yet, she could not feel badly toward him. He had been her first lover- perhaps not the type she would have selected had it been left to her romantic, girlish wishes, and yet certainly a virile, handsome man. Her eyes stayed to the front of his trousers, where was lodged that terrible engine that had so brutally outraged her virginity on the preceding night. Lord Roxboro, after the fashion of the time, wore a pair of rather light-colored and tightly fitting trousers, which outlined the shape of his legs and showed a decided lump where rested his manly organs. Glancing at Caroline, he noted that her eyes were fastened upon this part of his person; she suddenly looked up to meet his eyes, and immediately dropped her own, her face flaming crimson at the thought of having been detected in gazing at that portion of his body.

    However, Freda was prattling on, and in the small talk that followed, the incident was allowed to pass apparently without notice.

    In a few moments Lord Roxboro retired, leaving the girls by themselves. This gave them their first opportunity to converse together since the day before, at dinner.

    “How do you like it here, Carrie?” queried Freda.

    “Oh, it is very nice, indeed,” she replied. “I think we shall love it here with uncle. Do you like it here, Freda, as well as the convent?”

    “Oh, yes,” the child replied, “I like it very much. Uncle is very nice to us and I hope he will allow us to remain here always. Oh, Carrie, you really should know how big and vast this estate is! And the chickens! And the horses! And the big stables! Come, I will show them to you, if you will walk with me.”

    “Perhaps we had better first ask uncle's permission,” said Caroline, looking toward the door and wondering if her uncle was arranging for a further plaguing of her person. “It will be best, Freda, that we always tell uncle where we will be, at least until we have been here for a time. Wait until he returns and I will ask him if it will be all right for us to walk about the place. We must be very obedient and respectful to uncle, you know.”

    At this juncture, Lord Roxboro appeared in the doorway, and Caroline in a demure voice inquired if it would be all right for the two girls to take a walk about the grounds.

    “Oh, certainly,” he replied, patting her upon the shoulder and pinching Freda's cheek. “Run along and inspect the place. You haven't had a chance to do so as yet.” Apparently as an afterthought, he asked, “Oh, by the way, Caroline, did you take care of the errand I spoke to you about?”

    “Oh, yes, uncle,” she replied. “Just as you instructed; I secured the material you ordered and it is in my room upstairs.”

    “That is wonderful,” he said, rubbing his hands and beaming upon the two girls. “When you have returned I wish to see you in the library, girls. Be gone now, darlings, so you will have time to look about and be back in time for luncheon.”

    With this the girls departed, and under Freda's eager guidance Caroline was conducted on a tour of the grounds. They were extensive, covered with rolling fields and green meadows. The stables were large and in splendid order, Lord Roxboro owning a string of fine-blooded horses, which he bred upon his estate.

    At the present time the stables were apparently vacant with the exception of the custodian, a stalwart lad of about eighteen, of rough but handsome appearance. He stood by respectfully while both girls inspected the stables, answering all of their questions in regard to the horses and dogs and the estate in general. Caroline, noting the vast hayloft that filled the upper portion of the barn, asked her sister Freda if she had visited it upon her previous tour.

    “Why, no,” cried Freda. “Let's go up and see it, Caroline.”

    “Would it be all right if we went up and inspected the hayloft?” inquired Caroline of the boy.

    “Certainly, miss,” he answered. “You may go anywhere you wish. If you will wait a moment, I will get the ladder.”

    Caroline's gaze followed the handsome youth as he turned to go for the ladder. He was a fine manly specimen of youthful vigor, and after her experience of last night with her sensual uncle, persons of the male sex aroused in her a curious interest. She wondered if this handsome stableboy, like her uncle, possessed hidden in his trousers an article of gigantic dimensions; whether it were more or less in size and virility.

    Musing thus, she awaited his return, and in the meanwhile bent a thoughtful gaze upon her little sister. Freda was growing up, no doubt about it. Already two plump little mounds were pressing out her breast; her legs, so much as Caroline could see of them, were full and rounded, no longer like sticks; her little backside was undoubtedly filling out and a very definite curved shape was pushing out the back of her skirt, giving promise of a lovely form concealed therein.

    How long would this child just budding into womanhood be safe from the assaults of her lecherous uncle? Caroline sighed as she thought of it. But realizing fully that these unmistakable signs of approaching womanhood in her younger sister would not be without effect on her sensual guardian, she saw no way of forestalling his advances, did he choose to make them; and a tear dimmed her eye as she thought of the helplessness of herself and her young sister, penniless and forlorn as they were, in the clutches of this pampered uncle of theirs, whose desires ruled his life and whose conscience seemed to be completely atrophied.

    At this point in her musings, the boy returned with the ladder, which he placed against the side of the haymow, and up which the girl leaped nimbly. As she clambered upward, the ladder being a long one, her stocky legs and well-formed underpinnings were brought into relief to both spectators' eyes, due to the shortness of her childish dress.

    Casting a sidewise glance at the stableboy as he stood there beside her, Caroline noted that his eyes were turned directly upward toward Freda's legs, as the young girl advanced higher and higher, her white cambric panties and a portion of her delicious bare thighs were revealed to the eager boy's enraptured gaze.

    His sparkling eyes seemed riveted upon Freda's shapely form, and Caroline, taking advantage of his interest in this desirable, lascivious sight, ventured a glance down at the front of his pantaloons and was amused to note a distinct swelling in the neighborhood of what she knew was the center of his sexual emotions. Finally, Freda, gaining the top, disappeared over the edge of the haymow and the boy motioned to Caroline to ascend.

    “Oh, no!” murmured Caroline in a confused manner, her mind in a conflict of emotions due to the sight she had caught of the youth's swollen engine through his trousers and remembering the sight of her sister's bare thighs exposed to view. “I–I-J will go up after; you go up now. I will wait till you are up, then I will come.”

    “No, miss,” he said respectfully. “I couldn't allow you to risk it. The ladder is shaky and if I don't hold it, it might topple over with you and you might be seriously injured. The master would never forgive me if anything should happen to you.” He bowed and, raising his eyes, regarded her intently.

    Caroline, feeling that this youth was reading her thoughts, blushed confusedly and, not knowing what else to do, decided to carry on. Gathering her skirts about her ankles so that the presumptuous youth should have no more of a view than was necessary, she prepared to ascend. The boy grasped her arm gently and helped her mount the lowest rung of the ladder. The pressure of his warm hand through her thin waist gave her an almost electric shock, a most peculiar sensation, which she found impossible to classify as she slowly mounted the ladder. Turning to him she said, “What is your name, young man? Mine is Caroline, that of my sister is Freda. We are Lord Roxboro's nieces.”

    “My name is Carl-Miss Caroline-Carl Silvers,” he answered, his vibrant voice seeming to thrill her to her soul as he still held her firmly by the arm.

    “I suppose we will see you often, Carl,” she said, casting a coquettish look upon him as she started to climb. He released his grasp of her arm and she started to ascend the ladder. She found it impossible to control her dress about her legs and cling to the ladder at the same time.

    Sacrificing her modesty for safety, she tried to climb upward as quickly as possible, knowing the boy's eager eyes must be intently fastened upon her legs under the open garment, and almost slipped and fell as her foot missed a rung.

    “Careful, miss!” came that vibrant voice from below. “Be careful or you will fall; please hold tightly to the sides of the ladder.”

    She ventured a look downward at this youth who affected her so strangely, and as she had expected, his sparkling eyes were directed upward. A hot flush of shame enveloped her as she thought of the wide expanse of her most secret charms that must be, by now, unveiled to those greedy eyes. Hurriedly ascending the remaining rungs, she clambered onto the haymow.

    The boy, with agility, speedily followed, and together with Freda, Caroline inspected the large store of hay. Carl seemed respectful and polite to a degree that Caroline was somewhat surprised to find in a stableboy, and he bore a certain air of refinement and charm that was rather strange in one of his station.

    They shortly descended to the floor of the stable and in a few moments were ready to depart. “Glad to have met you, ladies,” the boy said. “I hope you will like it here at Roxboro Manor and if there is anything you would like me to do, I will be only too gratified to serve you.” With a bow he showed them out of his domain.

    “Isn't he a nice boy, Carrie?” inquired Freda as the two girls left.

    “Yes, he is,” replied Caroline, “but remember, he is only a stableboy, and one mustn't be too friendly with the servants, you know.”

    “Oh, I'll remember, all right,” replied the child.

    “Freda,” said Caroline, “let us step over to this summer-house for a few moments. I would like to talk to you. We have had very few opportunities to talk together confidentially, and there are a few things I would like to discuss with you.” With this the two girls, arms entwined, walked over to an inviting little vine-covered summerhouse on the edge of a small lake which lay in the grounds. Seating themselves on a bench, Caroline continued: “Freda, you must realize that I have never had an opportunity to talk frankly to you as an older sister to a younger. You know by now that you are just entering into real womanhood. There are many changes that are taking place in you physically, changes that may come as a surprise to you but which are common to girls of your age. Do you really know what I mean, dear?”

    “I think perhaps I do, Carrie dear,” answered Freda in a low tone. “I think I know exactly what you mean. The girls and I were talking at the convent and they told me lots of things. In a little while I will fill out and get big and be like you, Carrie. I will have nice, big breasts and nice legs and be a grown-up lady like you are.”

    Yes, thought Caroline, you will be like me: ruined, your virginity sacrificed, a plaything of a man's passion. She wondered how much her younger sister knew of woman's common enemy, man-she wondered how much she herself knew of that strange animal. She knew that some of the girls in convents and boarding schools frequently were quite precocious; they learned things from older girls, some of them false and some of them enlightening. She intended at the earliest opportunity to quiz the child to find out just how far her knowledge went, just what she had learned from her schoolmates. She decided not to do it at this time, however.

    “Come, Freda,” she said, “it is near lunchtime. Uncle instructed us to return in time for lunch and we had better hasten back to the house. Later on, when we have more time, we will look around the estate more. Let us return now.”

    The girls trudged back to the mansion, Freda on her entrance retiring to her room to refresh herself, and Caroline, according to her uncle's instructions, repairing to the library. She found him seated there, evidently awaiting her arrival. Upon her entrance he rose and closed the door behind her.

    “I see that you are prompt, at least, Caroline,” he said, reseating himself and gazing at the fair girl. “Your walk about the grounds has brought roses into your cheeks-you look charming!”

    “Nice of you to say so, uncle,” she replied, walking over to him and seating herself on his lap. She threw her arms around his neck, kissing him full on the lips. “Thank you so much for the pretty things you allowed me to buy,” she said.

    “Tut, tut, my child. You are a beautiful woman and you will require beautiful clothes; it gives your uncle pleasure to be able to provide you with the things that will enhance your beauty. By the way, where are the precious things?” he inquired.

    “Oh, I put them away carefully in my room. Do you want to see them?”

    “Not now; we must go to lunch, but immediately after lunch we will inspect your purchases and I will see whether I approve your taste in selection, although I am quite sure I shall.”

    Pulling her head down', his lips found hers; his hands were busied about her person, one of them finding its way under her dress, up inside the white lingerie until it reached the mossy dell, which he fingered gently, while at the same time her hand had sought his member. Slipping the buttons open on the front of his trousers, she guided her witching fingers into the opening, grasped his now virile tool and massaged it gently until it seemed ready to burst. A few moments of this dalliance, however, and her uncle pushed her from him. “I declare,” he said, “you would have me going off in just another minute, you bad girl. We had better go down to luncheon, or I fear I shall have to take you to bed again to relieve myself.” So, laughing, they descended the stairs to the dining room, where a delightful luncheon had been spread, and where they found the little girl, whose childish appetite made her impatient for luncheon to be served.

    Luncheon over, Lord Roxboro gave orders that the carriage be called for and sent Freda for a drive about the countryside, accompanied by Marie.

    He then repaired with Caroline to her boudoir for an inspection of her purchases of the morning.

    Caroline brought out the articles for her uncle's inspection. He carefully examined them and congratulated her upon her good taste in the selection of her dresses. Paying little attention to the outer garments beyond a very casual inspection, he centered his attention upon the lingerie. Holding a pair of the thin drawers up to the light so that he could admire their thinness, he lustfully fingered the texture and admired the color of the garments. Caroline herself thought that she had shown good taste in the selection of the pair that her sensual uncle now examined with such delicate care.

    Made of peachblow silk, the material was as thin as a breath of vapor, almost transparent, and garnished about the bottoms with little pink silk rosebuds, the lower part being tight to clasp closely to the figure. The upper portion, that surrounding the waist, instead of fastening with common buttons, as the cambric ones did, was laced up the sides with two broad silken ribbons of delicate pink hue that threaded through the material of the garment and tied in bows at the sides.

    The center of this delicate garment, all the way up, both front and rear, was slit generously open, and Caroline imagined that once the garment was donned, the soft silken ribbons drawn tight and tied, this sheer fabric would embrace her thighs and posterior like a glove, outlining the contour of her lower form as though she were encased in skin tights.

    This sheer pair, the drawers of drawers, as Caroline mentally classified them, seemed to be the particular favorite of her uncle and he handled them lovingly, a sensual look glazing his eyes as he fingered them. They did not, however, detract his attention from the other garments, and he slowly examined all of them, softly caressing the thin, sheer, silken chemises, cut extremely low in the bust, and the soft flowing hosiery; finally, with a repleted sigh, he laid to one side the peachblow panties, a chemise to match, and a pair of elegant openwork stockings.

    “These, Caroline,” he said, indicating the shimmering pile of intimate garments, “you'll oblige me by donning immediately after you have bathed. I will retire now to my own room. Immediately you have prepared yourself, knock on the door to the library, where I will be awaiting your signal.”

    Caroline immediately proceeded to carry out her uncle's instructions. Removing her clothing, she went to the bath, turned on the tap, and prepared to bathe. The soak in the tepid water was refreshing to her, and upon drying herself thoroughly, she dusted her pink nakedness with a faintly perfumed powder.

    Lifting a leg to the edge of the bath, she stood before the tall pier glass and carefully inspected that portion of her person which had been the subject of her uncle's sensual assaults. It was still slightly sensitive to the touch, as the irritation and soreness had not fully departed.

    Carefully donning the sheer, transparent chemise selected by her uncle, she drew on the silken stockings and struggled into the peachblow drawers. True to her mental prophecy, they fitted skintight, and as she drew tight the dainty ribbons that closed the gaping sides, she feared to bend or twist lest she split the delicate garment.

    The gaping rent that uncovered her most secret charms, both front and rear, bothered the modest girl quite a deal, and she endeavored to draw it close in order to cover as much of those parts as possible, but nearly cried in vexation as her efforts only seemed to cause the gap to open even more widely. To be thus uncovered, even in the privacy other own boudoir, impelled in the fair girl a strong sense of shame, and the tightness of the silken garments that clung so tightly to her pulsing flesh seemed worse than no clothing at all.

    Suppose Carl, the stableboy, the handsome youth of her afternoon's adventure, should see her ascend the hayloft ladder attired as she was now? She closed her eyes and gave a sensual little quivering shiver at the thought of the handsome boy's actions as he gazed beneath her unfurled dresses. Never would that happen, of course! At any future visits to the precincts of the vibrant-voiced youth, she determined to have those secret parts encased in the strongest of fabric.

    These thoughts of the handsome stableboy, although he had conducted himself as a thorough gentleman, caused a tumult in the beautiful girl's mind, and she could not understand them. Although he had not touched her, she sensed a danger in the contact with this virile lad and experienced vague uneasiness at the thought of him. Probably by now he had dismissed her from his thoughts, together with her sister.

    Caroline inspected her store of new dresses and was at a loss to decide which one to wear. Why did not her uncle, displaying such care and interest in the selection of her more intimate garments, at the same time select a dress for her? This would have at least made her task easier. But stop! A thought came to the modest girl which nearly rendered her breathless. Had the lord, in his instructions, mentioned a dress at all? Probably the omission of mention of the outer covering was intentional! It may be that her sensual guardian wished her to appear before him clad simply as she was! Oh no! Surely he would not ask her to do that!

    She quivered with indecision. She did not want to willfully disobey Lord Roxboro's instructions but was unable to divine her uncle's intentions in this respect. As she stood there nonplussed, her beautiful brow corrugated with a tiny frown of indecision, she made a pretty figure. Her full, warm, delicately turned body encased in nothing but that form-fitting, clinging, silken chemise, which hugged tightly against her marvelous breasts so that even the pink nipples were outlined through the thin covering, and the ravishing skintight panties, which were now stretched tightly upon her dimpled flesh as though painted, and the sheer openwork stockings, she made a wonderful object of desire.

    Determinedly, in order to be on the safe side, she walked gracefully, her plump naked buttocks swaying rhythmically from side to side as her loose breasts quivered voluptuously, to the door leading to the library. Rapping softly with a trembling hand, she heard her uncle answer.

    “So soon?” inquired Lord Roxboro in a low voice, “Well, you are rapid, my sweet! Open and enter, I beg of you!”

    “No, no, uncle!” she whispered, her trembling lips close to the casement in order to convey her voice. “I am not-I am not ready as yet! I just wanted to ask you, do you want me to wear a dress? I mean, did you wish me to wear a dress over the other things? The things you selected? Are they to be-be covered?” she finished lamely, feeling as if she were about to break down.

    “Oh! A dress; oh, yes, yes!” he laughed through the door. “For a certainty, put a dress on, my dear Caroline! I entirely forgot to mention it. Any of the new dresses you prefer! And hurry, sweetheart; I am impatient to see you!”

    “All right, uncle,” answered Caroline, her mind relieved at this boon. “I will be there in just a moment.” Placing her hand out, she selected the first dress, an elegant one indeed, cut very low in the shoulders. After carefully donning it and arranging her hair, she slipped on a pair of the new slippers and advanced to the library door. She tapped softly and waited with bated breath the command that was to order her into the presence of her sensual uncle.

    “Advance, Caroline; I am almost in a frenzy of impatience!” said the lord in a low voice, and Caroline, laying a trembling hand upon the knob, slowly opened the door and entered her uncle's chamber. He had been reading a book as she entered, and at this fresh vision of loveliness, he threw it aside and sprang to his feet to greet his adorable niece, who blushed sweetly and bent her burning gaze to the carpet.

    “Marvelous! Wonderful! Beautiful!” he ejaculated, his eyes fastened upon the girl's ravishing form as she slowly circled the room, pleased with his approval. “Why, my dear Caroline, you are positively gorgeous! What splendor! What regality! Your form is indeed a jewel that has only lacked for a proper setting! Now you are a gem of the most radiant beauty! How lucky a man am I to possess the companionship of so fair a flower! Come, sweetheart mine! Recline here on your adorer's lap!” And stretching out his arms, he embraced Caroline and drew her down upon his knees.

    She allowed herself to be drawn without protest or comment. Passing his arms upward around her alabaster neck, he drew her face down to his and implanted a kiss of dewy sweetness that burned the sensitive girl like a tongue of hot flame upon her trembling lips and held her in a prolonged embrace.

    One of his hands dropped to her protruding hillocks that graced the upper front of her form, and through the covering cloth he molded and squeezed their elastic contour. Deftly undoing the clasps that held her dress closed in front, he allowed it to part, and her breasts, warm and quivering, separated from his bold digits by only the intervening silk, felt more warmly his lascivious caresses.

    The touch of his forefinger on her dormant nipples caused them to spring suddenly erect, and those feelings that had been engendered within her at the thought of the handsome Carl again took possession of her brain. Oh, these strange sensations of she knew not what! How they throbbed and thrilled her! The touch of a male hand upon the sacred portions of her person seemed to alight feelings that consumed her entire being, and she writhed about as if possessed.

    After repeated kissings and fondlings, he drew one of her breasts out of her chemise and, bending his lips to it, sucked in the nipple and titillated its hard surface with his velvety tongue.

    “Oh, uncle!” she murmured, her heart beating wildly. “You make me feel so queer!” and she leaned over and played with his hair and stroked and patted his head.

    “Stand up before me, Caroline,” he ordered. “I want to see if you have done all that I told you.”

    She arose and took a standing posture before him, like Venus rising from the bath, a pose that would have delighted the heart of Boccaccio. He gazed in rapt admiration at her and then passed one of his arms about her waist and drew her to him, carefully stroking her alabaster limbs with the other hand. After a few seconds of this play, he subtly moved his hand with alluring and caressing motions steadily upward; she felt his hand creeping up with that slow tantalizing motion as it glided over the velvety surface, up, up, up, above the rolled stocking top and in between the folds of her silken drawers, then between the hairy crotch until it lay against the fuzzy covering of her bower; she pressed her legs tighter together and bent over to delay that searching inquisitive finger that dallies so enticingly in the perfumed retreat.

    “Come, come, Caroline,” said her uncle reproachfully. “Don't squeeze your legs together; play fair! I want you to stand up straight and open the gates of bliss wide!” And the beautiful damsel stood straight as Diana with her glorious legs spread wide apart as he eagerly fingered her moss-covered coosie, pushing an exploratory finger within the well-formed and pouting lips of her sensuous sheath, which quivered delightfully at his slightest touch, its sensitive state testifying to the masterly manner in which his excited finger was exploring her grotto of love.

    Once his intruding finger pushed too roughly and abruptly; she gave a little wince at this and, holding him tight by the head as he sat there, wished that his explorations were completed. He eventually desisted and allowed her to don her clothes.

    “Now, Caroline,” he said, “I want to see how your new drawers fit. Please stand away from me and lift up your dress. As high as you can conveniently do-there, that is just about right-see the light falling as if through a rose window of a cathedral, lighting up those glorious contours and outlines! Ah, my darling! Spread your limbs a little farther apart and give your old uncle a decent look!”

    “Oh, uncle,” she begged. “I can't; I am too ashamed; won't you only feel and allow me to keep my dress down? Besides, holding my clothes up this way will cause them to be horribly wrinkled.”

    “Come, come, darling; this is no time for nonsense! Besides, I am in no mood for trifling! Come, up with them, I must have a last glimpse of those ravishing secret places.”

    She then moved in front of the gentleman and, grasping her dresses about her like a hen in a water pond, she drew them up over her face and was indeed delighted to find that the flimsy covering acted in the capacity of a perfect screen to hide her maidenly blushes and gasps of emotion.

    He, sensuous man, reveled in the ravishing sight displayed to his inquisitive and penetrating gaze, never missing a point on her well-molded and gorgeous form. Ah, the matchless legs and well-rounded thighs and beautiful hips; a portion of her beautiful ivory-colored belly and the golden hair of her beautiful snatch were revealed to his ardent gaze; that tantalizing, golden spot with its pouting ruby lips.

    After what seemed an age to the girl, she was permitted to drop her clothing. Then, commanding her to turn her back again, the performance was repeated. Her almost bare posterior was revealed to him. The beautiful ravinelike cleft between the well-rounded cheeks of her pink-and rosy-tinted arse thrilled him to the utmost and she felt his hand glide in and gently run up and down the ridge between her soft and throbbing objects, which he would squeeze and mold violently, stroking the velvety outer surfaces alternately.

    “Hold up your dress, Caroline, and back up a little more,” he said, and she backed, reefing up her skirts higher.

    “Now, now, bend over a bit!” he said. “Slowly, slowly now! Not too far forward! Ah, there, rest a bit.” And as she bent over, bringing her naked arse almost into his lap, she felt the hard, hot, quivering rod placed in the ravine of her luxuriant arse, the hot, wet, massive tip pressing against her diminutive bunghole, causing her to leap forward at the contact, only to be brought back with a violent jerk by the lord of the encircling arm.

    “No, no! For heaven's sake, not there!!” she cried wildly. “That monstrous thing will kill me.” And she wriggled and squirmed.

    “Oh, don't be silly, child; I am not going to put it into you there,” he said laughingly. “You can move away now.”

    She lost no time in leaping away from the dangerous vicinity of her uncle's large and rampant prick; she turned and found him with the front of his pants unbuttoned and the gigantic prick fully unveiled. He took hold of it and pushed it out to its farthest limit.

    “Come, Caroline; don't you realize what your dainty little hands are made for? Come and caress this little teaser.”

    She grasped the thick prick in her hands and slid the skin back from its head, revealing the bright red hat, which was a curiosity to her. The feel of it seemed to affect her strongly; a quiver ran through her body and she grasped it more tightly and commenced rubbing it up and down frantically, which naturally seemed to affect her uncle, who soon pushed her hand away.

    “What is the matter, Uncle John?” she asked, wondering at his thus brusquely pushing her hand away from the object, when her handling of it seemed to give him such a thrill.

    “Too fast, too fast, Caroline, my child! You'll have me spilling all over the floor!”

    “Oh, uncle, does that rubbing produce any of the fluid?”

    “Why, yes, child, didn't you know that?”

    “Oh, no, sir; I thought that you had to put it inside me to make it spit out the fluid.”

    “Didn't you ever see a prick before, child?”

    “Oh, no, uncle; never.”

    “Well, it's a wonderful machine. It has been known to give much pleasure to women versed in its use!” And at this he laughed loud and long.

    The girl was ashamed of her ignorance in this matter. “Oh, uncle, why has it got skin over its head?” she asked, wondering what the reason was for the pink fleshy covering. She had again taken it into her hand and was this time caressing it in the most gentle manner.

    “Ah, evidently you know little of the construction of a man's prick, Miss Ignorance! I even suspect that you think there is a bone concealed inside.”

    “Well, hasn't it?” she queried.

    “Why, no, dearest,” laughed Lord Roxboro, again kissing and handling her magnificent breasts.

    “Then why does it stay hard, like a bar of iron?”

    “Why, from coming in contact with your little crack and the deep ravine in your rear. When I touch it to you, or raise your clothes, or kiss you or fondle you, the thing springs into action immediately and becomes like iron. Ah, I see that you must have a practical lesson in the use of this machine. Come, my precious dove; get down on your knees so you can observe if closely and I will explain to you its various uses and appendages; come, little pet, down on your knees.”

    “Oh, uncle,” she murmured, but nevertheless she at once dropped to her knees before him as he sat there, his hand still encircling the object of her curiosity.

    “Put your face up close and take a good look at it,” said her uncle. “Roll back the skin and look at its rampant head. Now glance beneath. See those gigantic balls? They hold the magic fluid that can start in your womb a new life. Do you see them, Caroline?”

    “Oh, yes,” said Caroline, fingering and fondling the bag, “they are large, are they not? And oh, all the hair! Why, it actually goes all the way up to your belly!” she cried, as her hand reached up under his shirt and she explored the surface of his hairy abdomen.

    “Yes, my sweet,” said her uncle. “Men, as a rule, have more hair around these parts than the ladies. Of course, there are exceptions, however; one woman that I know is almost covered with hair; it grows between her legs and high up on her chest. It is strangely long and luxuriant, and she braids and curls it and seems to take quite a deal of pride in it. This person comes to the house frequently and I hope to have the pleasure of introducing her to you.”

    “What? All the way up on her body? How strange and incongruous!” said Caroline, pulling up her own skirts and examining her own lightly covered mound. “I never knew there were women like that. We had a lot of girls in our dormitory at school, and really, uncle, none of them had much more hair than myself, although of course most of it was darker.”

    “Yes,” said her uncle, “there are many objects that you have not seen. That object that you hold in your hand is known to give great pleasure to kings and queens, yet seems to be an object of fear and repugnance to you. But in time, dearest, you may grow actually to love it. Why, some girls derive such pleasure from kissing and caressing it with their lips that they will do nothing else!”

    “What-from kissing it? Why, uncle, you are joking; how can any girl enjoy kissing such a thing?”

    “Well, I can state from actual personal experience that they do. Surely it can do no harm!”

    “Oh, but I am sure that I would not want to,” she said, making a face at the idea. “It is much too nasty-looking.”

    “Ah, but it isn't half bad-supposing you try it and see?”

    “Oh, uncle,” she protested, “I couldn't do that, really. I am sure it would make me ill, the idea is perfectly revolting to me.”

    “However, I want you to do it,” he replied firmly. “Play with it awhile and after you have done that for a time, give it a nice lingering kiss; it surely won't hurt you.”

    “Oh, uncle!” she protested.

    “Come, pretty puss; the sooner started, the sooner finished. You really must kiss it before you get up. Take your time and look it all over; see that it has nothing wrong with it; it is perfectly clean; then give it a nice long kiss.”

    She did not particularly relish the idea of kissing this monster with its wet tip; the idea filled her with revulsion; nevertheless as she fondled it and molded it between her fingers, stroking its bare head and grasping the balls that hung so tantalizingly below, she eventually leaned down and gave it a fervent squeeze and, closing her eyes, pressed her ruby lips against its throbbing head, then sprang to her feet.

    “No, no! Oh, no, little cheat!” her uncle cried. “You did not give it a kiss; I want you to give him a regular kiss, not just a peck.”

    “Ah, but a peck is enough for a pecker!” laughed Caroline. He laughed but, catching her around the neck, slowly forced her head down toward the luscious staff.

    “But, uncle, I kissed him, just as you told me to.”

    “But that is not enough,” he said. “Look; lift it straight up in the air.” This she did, exposing his balls as they hung, hair-covered from the root. “Those are my jewels, child; have you inspected them thoroughly?”

    “Yes, uncle,” she whispered, holding the throbbing prick aloft.

    “Well, Caroline, in appreciation of that rare sight, give each one of them a kiss, a real good kiss this time.”

    Caroline pressed her lips to each of the hairy nuts, the feeling of the hairy surface bringing a quivering sensation to her body.

    “Now,” said her uncle, “lower the instrument.”

    She lowered the tempting prick, and at his command uncapped the fiery head.

    “The moist aperture you see there is the center; it is the channel that delivers the magic cream. I want you to stick out the tip of your tongue and salute that glorious hole, not once, but several times; come now, do so at once.” Caroline, with a little cry of dissension, nevertheless pressed her lips to the head of his prick and, advancing her tongue, allowed it to quiver a few times against the point; then, springing to her feet, she threw her arms about her uncle's neck and burst into violent sobs.

    “Oh, uncle, uncle dear, what makes you command me to do such things? You surely cannot like me or you would not do so. Won't you let me go?”

    “Foolishness, Caroline,” said her uncle. “I like you more than I ever did now; you are the sweetest girl in all the world. Come kiss your uncle.”

    She pressed her burning lips to his and felt her bubbies again in his grasp; his hand crept under her skirt and titillated her cleft; she pressed close to him and returned his passionate kisses.

    “Come, dearie, slip out of that dress!”

    She feverishly undid her garment, which she allowed to slip to the floor. Clad only in her skintight undergarments, she stood exposing all of her most secret charms. He again drew her to him and kissed her repeatedly. She grasped his flaming organ and gently wagged its head to and fro.

    “Come, Caroline, straddle that arm chair.”

    “Why, uncle, don't be silly. I'll fall off.”

    “Come, enough of this comedy; I'll hold you,” he said, and with his assistance he soon had her astride the chair, this position bringing her pussy stretched and opened to its widest extent, directly above his charger. He clasped her about the waist and gently lowered her upon it; she felt the head dilate, and it gently slipped in. She threw her arms about her uncle's neck in a frenzy of passion and settled back full upon it.

    It slipped up its full length within her; her uncle allowed his hands to fall below and he grasped her about the buttocks and drew the cheeks of her arse wide apart. Shivering and shaking in the wildest abandon, and feeling as though her arse were splitting, she wriggled about with the abandon of a flea, as she sat speared upon that monstrous shaft, a prey to the most delightful and passionate sensations that mortal ever felt.

    Her arms were tight around her uncle, her lips glued to his; she felt one of his fingers explore and slip into her amber hole; this stimulated her to renewed efforts, and with a heavy sigh she settled down on his prick, quivering and shaking with passionate convulsions.

    It is a well-known fact that in both man and woman the rectal orifice is a seat of intense sensation during such passionate moments. The French, masters in the gentle art of love, favor this method as inducing the ejaculation at the very height of excitement. It is as successful in the male as in the female and induces complete ejaculation.

    Caroline, feeling the entrance of her uncle's probing finger, wriggled and twisted in intense excitement and soon was at the height of passion and sending down a flood of juice. He in turn, deluged her with the balmy essence of his vigorous tool, knocking and banging at her tender womb in his frenzy. Her deft finger had also found his orifice and with a mixture of moans, groans, and sighs, they collapsed in the climax of love.

    The two lovers sank back in the chair, his cock still buried deep within her, while waiting for Nature to render the moment auspicious with which to withdraw.

    “Ah, such pleasure.” She kissed and caressed his lips; the pleasure was divine. Finally he gently pushed her from him; the contents of her superb crevice bedewing him generously, he led her to an adjacent couch. The juice still trickled from her cleft and flowed down on her drawers.

    “My child, you are improving; you are beginning to really relish the bout! Are you tired, Caroline, my dear?”

    “No, uncle,” she replied, kissing him tenderly. “I felt as though I would die. Oh! But it was so good!”

    “I see that you are bleeding a little.”

    She blushed in confusion and sought to draw her panties over what she thought must now be a gaping hole. His lordship laughed lightly at this movement and assisted her from the room; she went immediately to her room and threw herself upon the bed, from which she did not arise until late in the evening.

    She was surprised to find that she was now free of any annoying soreness, so she bathed, dressed, and descended to the drawing room, where she found Roxboro engaged in a conversation with Freda.

    Dinner was evidently over with and the lord, turning to greet her, said, “Well, Miss Sleepyhead, we delayed dinner for you, but you did not appear. Freda looked in on you in your room and informed me that you were sound asleep, so we went on with the meal without you. If you are hungry, doubtless Marie can find something for you in the kitchen. I will ring for her.”

    “Oh, never mind, uncle. I am not hungry at all, do not bother Marie. I will make up for it at breakfast.”

    “All right, Caroline,” said Roxboro, seating himself. “Your sister Freda and I were talking of her life in the convent; she is a charming conversationalist and has interested me greatly.”

    Caroline seated herself and noticed that her sister was enviously appraising the new gown she had on, also the new silk stockings and slippers. Affecting not to notice the scrutiny, she seated herself beside her uncle and joined in the conversation.

    Freda, with a comical air, recounted some of the convent experiences and Lord Roxboro laughed heartily. Caroline watched her uncle's eyes and saw them light up at the sight of Freda's well-shaped legs as she swung them to and fro under her dress, giving her uncle an almost clear view up to her knees; she watched her sensual uncle's gaze riveted upon the two delicious little globes upon her bosom. At the same time, an inkling came to her that Freda was also aware of this scrutiny, for she cast a mischievous glance at Caroline and, twisting one leg up under her as she sat, she displayed a more open view of her delicate legs for Lord Roxboro's glittering gaze.

    Caroline cast a reproachful glance at Freda, only to have her give her a naughty wink, and then solemnly regain her maidenly composure.

    The uncle, tearing his gaze away from this all-too-interesting sight, engaged in small talk and turned to Caroline. Freda, finding that she was not now the center of attention, sulked for a moment, then, rising to her feet, excused herself and left the room. Caroline watched her go with conflicting emotions and as the door closed turned to Roxboro.

    “Uncle,” she said, looking into his eyes as if to search the ideas that were passing in his brain, “I do not like the way that Freda is acting in front of you.”

    “Why, Caroline dear,” said he, arising and walking in back of her and passing his arm around her neck and turning her face upward to implant a kiss upon the pouting lips. “My dear, I really believe that you are trying to be jealous of the little puss! My stars, are you that silly?”

    “Why, the very idea!” she laughed. “I am certainly not jealous of her, yet I do not approve of the abandoned manner in which she endeavors to attract your attention in such an indelicate fashion, the little minx; she knows quite well what she is doing and it is only to excite you.”

    The conversation was interrupted by the entrance of Freda; she again seated herself and commenced twisting her shapely legs about, legs that would have tempted a saint to implant a kiss upon their plump and perfect contours.

    She looked archly at Caroline and coyly at her lascivious uncle, occasionally directing a glance at the well-filled front section of his pants, then glanced at Caroline and said, “That is a pretty dress you have on, sister; you didn't have it when we came here. Where did you get it?”

    “No,” said Caroline, a twinge of malice pervading her voice. “Uncle bought it for me today, as a recompense for some little service I was fortunate enough to be able to do for him.”

    “Oh, uncle, uncle!” cried Freda, turning to the old roue, and laying one of her dainty hands upon his knee. “Have you anything that I am able to perform? I would love to earn some pretty dresses like dear sister Carrie.”

    “Well, perhaps, my dear,” said Lord Roxboro, patting her bare arm and pinching her rosy cheeks.

    Caroline said nothing at this burst of impudence or the exchange of affections, but her eyes blazed. She rose as though to leave, but Roxboro called her back. “Why, Caroline, certainly you are not going to leave us this early?”

    “I have a headache; it pains me severely; I would like to retire, if I may.”

    “Oh, come, sit down,” and he waved her into a chair. She seated herself demurely and the noble lord took out one of his favorite cigars, which he lighted, exhaling a most delightful aroma of entrancing intensity.

    “Girls,” he finally said, as he exhaled in that delightful fashion known only to the experienced. “Girls, I wish that you would try to get along together nicely.” Seeing that both were about to protest, he held his diamond-bedecked fingers up with a majestic gesture. “Tut, tut; no interruptions, please. I know what you are both going to say, but, girls, I can see for myself that all is not as it should be. Freda is angry because Caroline has a new dress, and Caroline is angry because-well-because-” Here he hesitated and, casting a keen glance at Caroline, finished, “-because she is angry!” He laughed uproariously at his own wit. “Now, this is absurd, girls, and decidedly foolish. I expect guests here tomorrow evening, and I am about to give a party to society in your honor. I expect both you girls to be at your best; a number of my best friends will be here. Now, away to bed, and be sure to get plenty of sleep and look your very best. Come, Caroline, and you too, Freda. Kiss your uncle good night and retire to your cozy nests.”

    He then embraced Caroline and passed his arm about the soft clinging form of Freda. As she turned her soft rosebud lips to greet his, he pressed her close, crashing the warm and tender bubbies against his manly bosom; his leg pressed through her dress as he kissed her, not once but several times, and in a manner decidedly not paternal.

    Finding that his prick was decidedly arising at this warm contact, he speedily arose from this unchaste embrace and directed the girls to speed to their rooms. They waved him good night from the stairs, and Freda, entering Carolina's room asked permission to inspect the latest additions to her wardrobe.

    Caroline displayed to her astonished and envious gaze a batch of Madam Foullard's latest Parisian creations, of the most charming and sheerest textures, some of which were charmingly decorated in dazzling sequins and heavily embroidered in massive medallions, harmonized with the most alluring and tempting combinations of colors; rarely had Freda seen such a delectable assortment of costly and dazzling dresses, combinations, and lingerie. She went into raptures over each exquisite garment.

    Caroline showed her everything except the most intimate personal garments, sensing that Freda might suspect the intimacy that had grown up between her uncle and herself.

    “So uncle bought you all these beautiful dresses?” queried Freda as she surveyed the costly dresses hanging in gorgeous order in the massive wardrobe. “I wish he would buy me some; how is it that he bought all these lovely things for you the first day you are here; why didn't he buy some for me too?”

    “Probably uncle considers that you are too young for all this sort of finery, at present. He may really think of you as too much of a child to have dressed like this. Why don't you ask him?”

    “I am not a child,” cried Freda, vexed at Caroline's remark. “I am as grown-up as you are, and quite as much of a woman. I am over fourteen. You are only two years older than I, Caroline.”

    “Ah, my little dear, but a few years makes quite a difference,” and Caroline smiled strangely.

    “Oh,” cried Freda, “I know what you mean; I suppose you think I don't understand that remark. When you say I am still a child, it is nonsense. I am grown up. I have full breasts now-not as big as yours-but my legs are larger than yours and more shapely; look at my breasts!” And here she seized her tiny bubbies and squeezed them.

    “Why, Freda,” gasped Caroline, as though shocked. “Oh, how can you talk that way. Really, you must not indulge in such expressions. I am horrified!”

    “Oh, don't be foolish,” said Freda, letting her hands fall to her sides. “I know a lot of things that even you don't know. I know all about the things that change us and also what happens to a girl when she marries.”

    “Why, Freda!” said Caroline, amazed at this display of precocity. “You little imp, where did you get all this nonsense; who has been filling your mind with such ideas?”

    “Foolish ideas, nothing,” said Freda, adopting an air of childish superiority. “I learned a lot of things at school; I know where babies come from and how you get them. The doctor doesn't bring them at all; all that talk about bringing them in his satchel is just silly.”

    “Why, Freda, you astonish me!” gasped Caroline, wondering just how much this little monkey really did know about the subjects she so glibly discussed.

    At this moment a tap was heard on the door.

    “Girls, better go to bed and get some rest; don't sit up talking all night,” came their uncle's voice.

    “Yes, uncle,” replied Caroline. “Now, Freda, you had better scoot back to your own room; we will go into this another time. Good night, dear.” She kissed her younger sister and with a laugh pushed her toward the door.

    In a few minutes, the house was completely dark and quiet, the occupants sunk in sleep.

    And so we will leave them at the end of this first volume.


    The Passionate uncle Or The Passionate uncle Or Erotic Days At Roxboro Manor

    At the close of our previous volume, we left the various occupants of Roxboro Manor wrapped in slumber.

    Early the following morning, Caroline was awakened by a tap upon her boudoir door. “Come in,” she called, and the door opened to admit her younger sister, who came over to her bed, kissed her good morning, and then proceeded to make herself comfortable, seating herself upon the bed beside Caroline.

    Caroline gazed at her younger sister speculatively, wondering just how much knowledge was concealed beneath the arch yet innocent exterior of her smiling childish face.

    “You know,” said Caroline, “you somewhat surprised me last night. I wonder where you could have gotten the information you were giving me before we retired.”

    “Oh, fudge,” replied Freda. “I know a lot more than you think I do. I know where babies come from and how you get them-really, the doctor doesn't bring them at all-that talk about bringing them in his satchel is untrue.”

    “Why, Freda,” said Caroline, “if the doctor doesn't bring them, then where do they come from?”

    “They aren't brought at all,” laughed Freda. “They come out of here,” and she placed her hand upon her lower abdomen in the region of her sexual organs.

    “Why, Freda,” gasped the astonished Caroline, blushing furiously at this act of her little sister. “Freda, suppose our uncle should overhear you speaking of these things. What on earth could you say to excuse yourself?”

    “Oh, uncle can't hear,” she said. “Besides, I guess he is pretty well informed about it. He must have one of those things himself.”

    “What things?” inquired Caroline, eager to ascertain just how much information Freda had gained at school.

    “Oh, one of those things that all men have,” the little minx replied. “You know, one of those things that gets hard and they push in your crevice-and golly it hurts! — but if you are wise, you don't mind and be careful so you don't get tripped up and have a baby. Didn't you know about that, Caroline?”

    “Yes, I did hear the girls talking about it while I was at school, but Freda,” she said, looking sharply at her sister, “you seem to know too much. Have you really seen one of these things or handled it or had it inserted in you?”

    “No,” said Freda, looking down, “I haven't seen one, but I know that all men and boys have one. Do you suppose that uncle has got a big one?”

    “Oh,” gasped Caroline, “Freda, you mustn't talk like that; it's nasty. I don't know whether uncle has one of those things you mention or not, and Freda, when you were sitting opposite uncle, you were not very careful of your dresses. Why, downstairs last night, when we were talking to uncle, you sat on one leg and I could see up almost to your drawers. You are a young lady now and should not throw your legs about in such fashion. Besides, you must realize perfectly that your uncle is a man, and such things do not look correct before him and should not be done.”

    “Oh, I don't mind; I like to look at him when he tries to peek at my legs. His eyes look so funny! I'll bet that queer ideas are floating around in his head; he acts so nervous and restless, it is funny.”

    “But, Freda,” said Caroline, “I don't act in that fashion; really, it is most unbecoming. It isn't nice.”

    “Oh, I don't care,” said Freda. “At school when they would let us go to town, we girls used to sit in the grass in the park and if some nice boys or men were sitting where they could see us, we would lift our knees, just as if we did it by accident, and gee, but it was funny the way they would peek! And funny! I thought I would die! Some of those silly men would pretend not to notice us at all, and would lie flat on the grass and then peek over at us, so that they could look up under our skirts. We knew it all the time, and Marjorie, the girl I went with, Would sit with her legs spread wide open and the slit of her drawers open, and she would gaze at the boys to see if their things would swell up and get hard!” The young girl rocked back and forth in glee as she remembered the young men and the swelling in their pants as they gazed lasciviously at the hidden charms so cleverly revealed by the girls.

    Caroline endeavored to appear shocked and horrified; truly her little sister was not the tender, innocent lamb that she had imagined. She must be very careful in her conduct with Lord Roxboro.

    “Listen, Freda, you have never seen these things that the men have, have you?” she asked, wondering if in her mad pursuit of knowledge her sister had really gone further than she had thus far revealed.

    “Oh, you asked me that before,” replied Freda. “No, I have never seen one, but once I nearly did. I was dancing at a party with a boy and could feel it bump against me as we whirled in the waltz. I asked him if it was always hard like that and he asked me to step outside in the garden and take it out and examine it. He said that it would be a heavenly treat for both himself and me.”

    “Did you go outside with this terrible person?”

    “No,” said Freda, looking mournful and then laughing. “I giggled at him and he looked startled, blushing up to the roots of his hair, and then turned and ran away from me. It was comical the way he acted. I wondered what ailed him to dash away in that manner. I never met him again, or I would have dragged him out in the garden and hauled it out myself, the bashful little fool!”

    “Freda!” cried Caroline, actually shocked at the cynical attitude of her sister. “Freda, that is bad; you must not ask boys to show you such things. Uncle would kill you if he knew.”

    “Oh, I don't think so; uncle is not a bad sort of an old bean, and I don't think he would be so angry with me for inquiring about those things, anyway.”

    “Don't you ever dare ask him anything about such matters,” cried Caroline. “Why, Freda, I will give you a good spanking if I ever hear you being so brazen; just remember that, now.”

    “Oh, all right,” sighed Freda. “But I'm a woman now, don't forget that-if you don't believe, I'll show you. Look here!” she cried, throwing up her nightgown and revealing her lower body and spreading her legs apart, thus exposing a slight clump of fuzzy dark hair that was sprouting around her pink little cleft. “See, I have hair on myself; I am a woman now!” she cried.

    “Why, Freda, I am ashamed of you,” said Caroline, nevertheless sitting up in bed and examining her younger sister as she lay sprawled on the side of the bed, exposing her entire body. “Cover yourself up, you brazen little baggage,” cried Caroline after a moment's inspection of her young sister's lovely girlish form.

    “Oh, you are an old pill; you needn't be so modest; you are as bad as the boy that ran away when I wanted to look at his thing!” cried Freda. “I wonder what makes boys so simple. Anyway, the next one that tries to run away will not get very far.”

    “Freda, you are terrible. I would like to know where you got all those wild ideas. You really must be more circumspect; it certainly isn't nice for a young girl to have such ideas, and it is just terrible to go about asking young men to expose their sexual parts for your inspection. One of these days you will meet a boy who will be more obliging and he will want to examine you in return, and no telling what is liable to happen; you may find yourself in a terrible situation before you get through.”

    “Oh, what's the difference? Don't be so old-fashioned. Besides, I am a woman; I've got hair on me and everything. I'll bet you've got a lot of hair, haven't you-say, let me look, won't you?” and she reached over and attempted to lift Caroline's nightdress in order to look at her pussy. Caroline hurriedly clutched her garment in an endeavor to prevent Freda's viewing her hidden charms.

    “Freda,” said Caroline, “I'm ashamed of you! Let me alone and either go back to your own room, or else get in here with me and behave yourself.”

    “Oh, I'll bet you're not so dumb, young lady!” cried Freda. “I bet you know a lot more than your prayers, only you are too prissy to talk about it! I'll bet you have felt them, too, only you won't admit it!”

    “Oh, Freda, you're terrible! Go on back to your room now and get yourself dressed. It is nearly time for breakfast and I want to get dressed, so run along. We will talk about things some other time. Run along now,” and kissing her sister, she pushed her from the room.

    Preparing herself for the bath, Caroline heard the murmur of voices from the library next to her bedroom, so stepping to the door, she listened for a moment but could distinguish nothing but a mumble. Searching the door, she discovered a tiny crevice through which she could peep into the adjoining room. Applying her eye to the opening, she looked into the library and saw her uncle seated in a chair, while standing before him, her hands clasped and a beseeching look in her eyes, stood Marie, the maid.

    Caroline stood gazing through the crevice in the door and as she discovered who the occupants of the room were, she found she could faintly hear their conversation, although they were apparently talking in low voices.

    “Marie,” said Lord Roxboro, “you have been with me now for some time. You have served me well and I have no particular fault to find with you.”

    “Yes, sir, thank you, sir,” said Marie, looking at Roxboro wonderingly..

    “I make it a point, Marie,” he continued, drawing a paper from his pocket, which he unfolded and glanced over, “I make it a point to investigate all of my employees thoroughly. You have been with me now three months, I believe?” he asked, raising his eyes to the pretty maid.

    “Nearly four, sir,” she answered.

    “Of small matter,” he remarked. “You gave references when you came here of people that resided in your hometown, Middleboro, is it not?”

    “Yes, sir, that is right,” answered Marie, looking a trifle worried at the trend the conversation was taking, and shifting her feet nervously.

    “I find,” he continued, referring to the paper, “I find that you are well known in Middleboro. In fact, to be quite frank with you, my dear, much too well known in certain quarters! Do you happen to know a certain Mr. Montgomery, Marie?”

    At the mention of this name, Marie blanched and seemed about to swoon. Her lips paled but, controlling herself with an effort, she stood with downcast eyes before her employer.

    “I thought that name would touch home!” cried Lord Roxboro with a satisfied air. “My suspicions, I see, are well grounded. You know him, do you?”

    “Yes, sir,” answered Marie, her answer barely audible to Caroline as she listened at the peephole.

    “And this man, this man Montgomery, was he your lawfully wedded husband? Is this right, Marie?”

    “Yes, sir,” she answered again, clenching her hands until the knuckles whitened, twitching about as she tried to evade her employer's stem and inquiring glance.

    “And you, the lawfully wedded spouse of this man Montgomery, ran away and deserted him? And when decamping, took all of his money and his watch and other valuables?” the lord shot at the shrinking girl.

    “Oh, that is untrue, sir!” she replied with flashing eyes. “He beat me and starved me and made me leave him! I never wanted to be his wife and the act of marriage was against my will. I was forced into a union with the detestable creature!”

    Lord Roxboro cast a sensual glance mingled with pure admiration at the beautiful creature as she stood radiant in her youthful beauty, denying the aspersions cast upon her honesty.

    “Easy now, Marie,” he soothed her. “You left him, at least, and took with you when you left the money and the jewelry that I have just mentioned. Is that not right?”

    “Yes, my lord,” she answered in a low tone.

    “And you came into my employ and lied to me about these happenings, knowing very well that this husband of yours, this Mr. Montgomery, had already filed charges with the authorities against you for theft and that at this very moment the authorities are in search of you? Have you been honest and fair with me, I ask you?”

    “Oh, no, sir,” she sobbed. “I could never bring myself to tell you of those dreadful happenings. Has he really filed charges against me, as you say, and are the police in search of me?” Here she clasped her tiny hands together and glanced beseechingly at his lordship.

    “They are hunting for you at this very moment,” said Lord Roxboro sternly. “And if I should perform my duty as a landowner, I would call them at once and allow them to convey you back to Middleboro, to jail, where you rightfully belong, you shameless creature!” At this his eyes glowed with righteous indignation.

    “Oh, master!” cried Marie, throwing herself on her knees and clasping Lord Roxboro's hand as it lay on the arm of the chair, casting her beautiful eyes, now bedimmed with tears of crystal, upon him. “Oh, master, I beg of you! Do not turn me off like this, do not give me up! Montgomery was a devil, indeed! I married him at seventeen, knowing nothing of the world or its evil devices! I have suffered for my sins, and I have been so happy during the short time I have worked for you and only want to stay here. Be fair with me, if this doesn't please you, and take into consideration the faithful services that I have rendered to you; and if you will not allow me to remain, at least allow me to depart from here in peace! Anywhere will I flee to escape the machinations of this dreadful nemesis, the man who was my husband! I have been a true servant and have tried to do my best. Forgive me if I lied to you before; what I say now is the truth!”

    “Yes, but you have lied to me once, Marie,” replied the lord. “Who knows whether you are truthful with me now or not?” Upon her continued protestations that she was indeed telling the truth, he arose and paced the floor nervously.

    “Then you don't deny that you stole the things mentioned, Marie?” he said, turning to her as she softly sobbed, her head buried in the chair. “You stole them?”

    “Yes, my lord,” she sobbed, “I stole just enough to enable me to leave him. He would give me no money and I could not stand his brutal ways any longer. He whipped and beat me!”

    “How old are you now, Marie?”

    “Eighteen, last month,” she said, turning her tear-dimmed eyes upward to him as he questioned her.

    “Go to my desk and procure me ink and paper,” he commanded. She scrambled to her feet, went to the desk and procured the articles, placing them upon the table before which he stood, then took her station a few feet away. The lord wrote rapidly for a moment or two, then, reading over what he had written and making a few changes, extended the pen to the maid.

    “Marie, I have written an outline of the charges that have been preferred against you. They are here on this paper and I wish you to sign it. It is what you might term a sort of confession. Come, sign.”

    “But, my lord,” she remonstrated, “you aren't going to turn me over to the police, are you? You wouldn't make me go back to that beast, Montgomery, would you? Why are you asking me to sign that paper?”

    “That remains to be seen, Marie,” he replied. “You have confessed here to me, just a moment ago, that you are guilty of the crime charged against you. I really should have turned you over to the police at once. If you will kindly sign this document, I may give you another chance and allow you to continue here in my employ. Of course, you may use your own judgment. I can summon the police if you wish it,” and he turned to the bell cord as if to pull it.

    “No, no, sir,” cried the panic-stricken Marie, seizing the pen and scribbling her name at the lower part of the document. “I will do as you wish, my lord; you allow me another chance to prove my faithfulness. Oh, thank you so much. There you are, sir, I have signed it as you directed!” and throwing the pen on the table, she burst into a torrent of heartbreaking sobs.

    Lord Roxboro made no answer, but picking up the paper, he again read it over carefully, and walking to the side of the room where the safe stood, he twirled the knob and opened the heavy door. Depositing the paper in one of the smaller drawers, he closed the door and twirled the knob. Caroline was a breathless spectator to all of this and stood with her eye glued to the peephole, wondering what would happen next.

    Lord Roxboro again seated himself in the armchair, placing his hand on top of Marie's head as she knelt sobbing upon the floor at his side, patting it for a moment, allowing his fingers to run through the fine tendrils of her dark hair and said in a gentle voice:

    “Come, Marie, arise and seat yourself on the arm of this chair. I have several things I want to ask you about.”

    The weeping girl arose from her kneeling posture on the floor and, following her employer's directions, seated herself alongside him upon the arm of the chair and with a tiny wisp of linen handkerchief attempted to dry her luminous eyes.

    “To think that you, my little maid, Marie, were married!” said Lord Roxboro, grasping one of the girl's tiny hands in his own and softly patting it. “Why, Marie, I thought that you knew little or nothing about such things. Were you with your husband any great length of time?”

    “Nearly a year,” she answered, “but it seemed a lifetime.”

    “Don't think, Marie,” he continued, “that because I do not turn you over to the police that you are entirely free. You have committed theft and you should be properly punished. You must either work out your salvation here with me, or in the workhouse. I assure you, my girl, that I have no present intention of letting you off scot-free. No, not in the least. You must understand that, don't you, Marie?”

    “Yes, my lord,” she answered penitently. “I am extremely grateful for your generosity in this matter, and assure you that you will have no reason to regret it. I will work for you as I have never worked before. I will do my best to please you. You certainly may depend upon it, my lord.”

    “Work!” laughed Lord Roxboro. “It is not a question of work, my dear girl. I desire you to clearly understand the situation. I have the power, if I wish to exercise it, whenever I desire it, to turn you over to the proper authorities. That little bit of paper that is securely held in that safe, attested with your name, is sufficient to convict you in any court in the land and to bring you a long term in the reformatory. Realize that part of it clearly, Marie! You and I must have no misunderstanding along that line. You are fully and completely in my power. Your punishment for this cold-blooded thievery must be fixed and regulated by myself, your master. Remember that!”

    “Yes, my lord,” murmured the girl submissively. “I understand the situation thoroughly, and whatever you decide will be all right, only please don't send me to jail and don't send me back to that brute, my husband! Anything, anything you say, I will be glad to do.”

    “We will see later on,” he said, and throwing his arms about the neck of the lovely girl and drawing her face down to his, he presented an impassioned kiss upon her full red lips. She made no straggle to escape, but seemed to react to his impassioned caress, her soft bare arms stealing about his neck, holding him in a close embrace as he rained kisses upon her cherry lips.

    Caroline was by now quite warmed by this tender scene. She saw Roxboro's hand steal to the front of Marie's waist, which he unbuttoned, drawing forth her well-shaped breasts, which he proceeded to fondle and squeeze and finally to kiss and gently bite, then allowing them to hang free in sensual looseness from her waist. Caroline envied the girl these soul-titillating touches, and at the sight of her passionate uncle fondling this beautiful maiden, strange feelings coursed through her body.

    “Go lock the door, Marie,” commanded the lord, rising to his feet and gently pushing the now flushed girl toward the entrance to the library.

    Marie, her breasts still hanging freely from her opened waist, ran to the door and pushed home the bolt. Returning to his lordship, who had by now seated himself upon a couch, she sat beside him, this move bringing both persons directly opposite to the peeping Caroline's line of vision, and when Lord Roxboro again clasped the palpitating girl to him, she responded to his warm kisses.

    Caroline, a close spectator of these toyings of love, saw her uncle's inquiring hand creep up under Marie's skirts. The impassioned girl allowed herself to sink back on the couch, her legs slowly spreading as though to permit her sensual employer to ply his exploring fingers without hindrance.

    At this movement, the sensual lord dragged up her skirts to the waistline, and the watching Caroline was rewarded with a full unobstructed view of the beautiful maid's lower person.

    Her entire lower body was uncovered, as she wore no drawers, with silken stockings of fine texture, which were held in place by a pair of beautiful pink silk garters, and as the inquiring fingers of the lord pulled apart the girl's willing thighs and one of them inserted itself into the dense hair that covered her lower belly with a soft silken growth, fingering the throbbing cove beneath, Caroline wiggled her buttocks with passion, at the same time her own finger stealing into that center of feminine bliss, which she titillated violently in sympathy with the erotic scene before her enchanted eyes.

    Marie lay back, almost prone, her thighs outspread to her employer's busy fingers. Caroline caught a glimpse of the passion-swollen lips as her uncle slowly massaged the dewy interior. Finally, evidently deeming that this provocative handling might cause the beautiful girl a premature orgasm, he slowly withdrew his hand, and Caroline, the entire scene directly before her interested eyes, could hardly repress a cry of astonishment at the gaping cleft that was left exposed to her startled eyes.

    What an opening this was! Surely her own was not so dilated as that of this beautiful girl! It beamed with a dewy moisture, and as the enraptured Caroline watched it, it seemed to pulse and leap, probably from the soul-stirring fingerings it had received from her uncle's busy digits.

    At this moment Lord Roxboro quickly unfastened the fly of his pantaloons, and the delightful object of Caroline's admiration sprang forth, erect and hard, as though to do battle with the pulsating quim that was so near it. Marie, needing no coaching or instruction in the delectable art, immediately grasped the huge bolus in one of her tendrillike hands and slowly massaged and squeezed its gigantic length, her fingers running quickly from the flaming head to the heavy pendulous balls that depended from this gigantic stabber.

    The titilations of the beautiful girl's fingers upon his manly rod seemed to have a thrilling effect upon Lord Roxboro, and he wiggled and leaped at each compression and relaxation of her dainty fingers. Suddenly pushing the girl backward upon the couch, he sprang astride of her and Caroline saw him bury his flaming prong in Marie's throbbing cunt!

    Each and every downward stroke and the accompanying sweet withdrawal was watched with eager eyes by the interested girl, whose eye was glued intently to the peephole; and as she watched the wiggling, twisting, sighing couple, each uttering sweet groans and sighs of pleasure, her busy finger frigged that center of sensual pleasure on her own person in sympathy with the couple so busy in love's action on the couch before her.

    Presently, with a few short, frantic plunges that almost seemed to drive his banger home and that seemed to paralyze the wiggling girl beneath him, Lord Roxboro reached the quintessence of bliss and poured forth into the lascivious maid a full stream of love's elixir; the girl at the same time reached her climax, and with a few short, spasmodic plunges and writhings, the two sank exhausted upon the couch, panting from their exertions.

    At the same time, Caroline, seeing that the two were approaching the desired moment, had worked herself into a frenzy with her fingers, and when they reached the apogee of bliss, she accompanied them with a self-induced orgasm that nearly caused her to faint with passion and pleasure.,

    Lord Roxboro, after lying a moment in that sweet, soothing after-ecstasy, upon the body of the beautiful girl who still sighed softly beneath him, her cleft distended by his throbbing tool, arose staggering to his feet, his noble rod drooping and soft, sticky with their combined dew, and, walking to the bathroom, secured a towel and dried his parts.

    Truly, this amorous sport must be extremely exhilarating to some members of the feminine sex. Caroline had never seen the maid look so radiant as now she did.

    For a moment Caroline supposed that the episode was finished, in her ignorance little suspecting the caliber of the two persons engaged in this battle of love. She kept watch, however, with the idea of missing nothing that might transpire further, and her vigil was duly rewarded.

    After Lord Roxboro had cleansed his parts with the towel, Marie laughingly reached for the cloth. Throwing her dresses high, allowing her parts to become thoroughly visible to the watching Caroline and his sensual lordship, she thrust the towel between her legs and dried herself, vigorously rubbing the towel against her sensitive parts with a grimace of passion as the rough texture of the cloth touched the still tingling centers of sensation. This act finished, she permitted her dress to fall and once more seated herself upon the edge of the couch. Lord Roxboro, buttoning his pantaloons, seated himself beside her, and gathering the charming maid into his arms, smothered her with hot kisses.

    “You have been pretty well opened up by your husband.” The girl laughed at this and glued her willing lips to his for a lingering embrace. It seemed that she was in that parched condition so well known to widows, and the recent happenings had only increased her passionate desire.

    “You are quite a kisser too, my dear,” said the recipient of the girl's warm embraces. “Your devoted husband must have taught you that lingering, soul-searing French kiss that you perform so expertly. What a pretty tongue you have, my dear Marie! Thrust it forth for my inspection and allow me to look at that titillating member that has wrought such sad havoc with my manly feelings.”

    The girl thrust out her pink tongue and sensuously wiggled its strawberry tip, darting it to and fro, in and out of her pretty mouth for the lord's inspection. Fired by this lascivious exhibition, he sought to embrace the beautiful girl once more, but she laughingly dodged her head from beneath his encircling arm and bent it forward to the man's lap, holding him tightly about the waist with both arms.

    “Aha!” cried the lord. “I am of the opinion that you are quite accomplished in certain ways and devices of exciting-the passions. I feel certain that you are well versed in quite a number of practices that I did not, in my blindness, credit you with, you little teaser!” Patting the back of her head with his hand and running his fingers through her hair and about her shell-like ears, he massaged the back of her neck and head, which she had buried in the front of his lap.

    “We will soon see how much you know, my little Venus!” cried her uncle. The breathless Caroline from her vantage point watched interestedly as her uncle leaned back and unbuttoned the front of his shirt, baring his manly breast, covered with hair, the brown nipples of his breast standing forth; then, lifting the fair girl's head, he pressed it against his breast and held her closely to him.

    Caroline, profiting by the knowledge imparted to her by her sensual uncle, together with womanly intuition, realized that the beautiful maid was busily engaged in tonguing her uncle's nipples. His hand was busy at the buttons on his trousers, then suddenly the head of his member leaped forth, about half-hard but becoming rampant under the ministrations of the lovely girl.

    The man's whole front body was now exposed, and the salacious girl, busy with her adroit tongue, slipped down his bare belly, weaving from side to side in her lascivious downward course, missing not a spot on his entire front, until, slipping to her knees on the floor directly in front of the impassioned lord, she tongued up and down his groin, causing her master to writhe in passion.

    In another moment the watching Caroline saw the kneeling maid, apparently flaming with lust, suddenly engulf the man's rod in her rosy lips. Sucking it violently for a moment, she released it and her busy tongue licked its sides and head, thence downward toward the hairy sack which she titillated with her dartlike tongue. Then working back upward again, her tongue slid up and down the now throbbing shaft of the man's resurrected tool; reaching the head, she once more plunged it into her mouth until Caroline wondered how Marie could accommodate the huge member without choking upon it.

    The lord's hands slipped down about the fair operator's neck, hugging her head close to his belly, and thrust forth his lower parts to meet the action of the girl's head as it worked up and down upon the shaft of his huge prick.

    His hands now worked downward and grasped the girl's beautiful bare bubbies, which he massaged and crushed as the maid sucked and chewed upon his swollen member. This lively encounter raged for a few moments, the girl at times being forced to pause for breath, only to engulf once more that now iron-hard instrument within her distended jaws and move gently yet rapidly up and down upon it with a slight swinging motion.

    Under the eager gaze of the interested spectator, the pace livened a bit; Lord Roxboro's grip on the neck of the fair manipulator tightened as though he would crush it between his hands, and he now moved his buttocks with frantic emotion. Caroline saw her uncle's staff leap and plunge as he endeavored to plunge it to the hilt within the fair one's mouth, she only saving herself from being choked by the massive charger by grasping it firmly at the root with one tightly encircling hand; the lord's face contorted with passion and his eyes closed as the girl now sucked on that fleshy morsel with furious intensity, and as his staff throbbed and panted, Caroline knew that her uncle was now pumping into the eager and willing throat of the pretty maid the very essence of his being!

    The lord, trembling as if in an ague, held the fair girl tightly to him as she mouthed and sucked, the convulsions of the muscles of her neck telling of the balsamic cargo that was now oiling her throat; and she choked, grasped, and strangled until the man's sensual grasp finally loosened about her neck and she fell, a sodden, panting heap, upon the carpet, and the lord slumped back upon the couch, thoroughly overcome by his recent passion and exertions!

    Lord Roxboro lay upon the couch as if dead, his rigid organ still stiffly outhung from his belly, the hot sperm still spouting from its trembling lips. Marie lay gasping on the floor, and the watching Caroline, overcome completely by this lascivious performance, nearly swooned with excitement; at the instant of the lord's orgasm, she had lost complete control of herself and her sexual gates once more gave way, her lower lips spurting forth a charge of that divine ambrosia which flew out and down her trembling thighs, causing the excited girl to grasp the wall to keep from falling, her eyes closed from the ecstasy this tremendous upheaval occasioned.

    Weakly stumbling to the bed, she threw herself upon it, unable to bear the sight of any further actions in the chamber of love. The juices were still gushing from her lower lips, and she gave vent to short little sighs of pleasure, writhing her thighs about in a frenzy. Impelled by an irresistible urge, she once more manipulated her sensitive and heated organs with her fingers, thus completing the spending of her love juice, her hand still clutched between her milk-white thighs as her sensuous passion subsided.

    A few moments' rest and she felt sufficiently strong to return to her observation post, and gluing her eye once more to her peephole, she observed what was occurring in the library.

    Marie was just arising from the floor, her hair in disorder, her waist and breasts bare, her face flushed and smiling as she surveyed the lord with sparkling eyes.

    “Did you like it, sir?” she inquired, approaching Lord Roxboro and grasping his now soft and flaccid root in her tiny fingers.

    He gave vent to a long groan and, struggling to a sitting posture, drew the maid to him and kissed her fervently. “You surely do have a nimble tongue, my dear Marie,” he said, kissing her again. “I am sure we will have a lot of fun in the future. Now, like a good girl, kiss your mouthful and button me up pretty!”

    Marie obediently kissed the now softened dart and, placing it carefully within the lord's trousers, buttoned them up and, after kissing his hairy chest, buttoned his underclothing and shirt and straightened his cravat. Giving a last pat to the cravat, she seated herself beside him on the couch. Putting an arm demurely about Lord Roxboro's shoulder, she rested her chin on his chest and, looking up into his face, inquired coyly, “Do you like your little Marie, master?”

    He replied by kissing her and squeezing her close to his breast. “I have discovered that my pretty little maid is a most accomplished lady,” he said. “I only wish I had known this much sooner.”

    “I always have admired you, my lord,” she said in a low voice. “I liked you when I first came here.”

    “Did your husband educate you in the use of that agile tongue of yours?” he asked, his hand molding the milk-white breast of the willing girl.

    “Yes, my lord,” she murmured. “My husband made me do a lot of things. I had to perform that act that you liked so much the very first night we were married. At first I thought it was terrible; it made me sick, but I had to do it. He wasn't anything like you, my lord. Oh, I hated him; he was so mean to me, beating me and hurting me all the time.”

    “Beating and hurting you?” queried the lord. “Do you mean to say he would hurt you when you were performing that act on him? During the actual act?”

    “Oh, yes,” she answered. “He would hurt me dreadfully. A favorite trick of his was to tie my hands tight so I couldn't protect myself; then he would force my mouth open with his hands, push his big thing into my mouth and drive it down into my throat until I thought I would surely be strangled. Many a time I fainted.”

    – “Well, Marie, why do you suppose he treated you in such a rough manner? Were you stubborn with him? To tie you-to hurt you. I can't understand,” said Lord Roxboro in a puzzled tone. Familiar as he was with most of the methods used to excite the sexual urge, he could not understand.

    “Why was it, Marie? Why should a man act in such a manner with a willing girl? Do you know? Did he ever say why he did it?”

    “His reason, dear master,” replied Marie, snuggling closer to the lord's breast, her arms about his neck, “is that it affected his passions in the strongest possible manner. That there is some foundation in this I am convinced, as my husband would grow dreadfully excited and his prong would harden amazingly when he tortured me. For myself, of course, due to the pain and suffering this caused me, I did not like it at all, as you may imagine.”

    “I wonder,” mused the lord, “if there really is some truth in this strange phase of sexual stimulation. Marquis de Sade, although long dead, may have instilled within his pupils peculiar ideas which may still work out in practice. Do you really mean, Marie, that your husband, while engaged in these tortures you have mentioned, suffered an increase in his feelings, that his passion was really stimulated to an extreme degree?”

    “Certainly, my lord,” said Marie. “Whenever he abused me, his passions were roused in an instant. Why, there were many times when exhausted by the pleasures of the marriage bed, perhaps directly after a fierce combat that would leave him shrunken and flaccid in his sexual parts, he had only to abuse me or hurt me and instantly his tool would rise and he would be ready for more pleasure. I never knew of a time when this practice would not revive him.”

    “I wonder,” mused the lord, as though talking to himself. “I have heard of this peculiar action from other sources besides yourself, Marie. Was your husband capable of having intercourse with you in the marriage bed in the normal manner? I mean, was he able to perform the act normally without recourse to cruelty to excite him?”

    “Oh, yes, sir,” replied Marie. “He was always very, very passionate. I have never known the time he did not want to tumble me over, no matter where it might be-in the lane, in the cellar, in the carriage, in the field, at home, or anywhere. But it seemed to please him more when he was hurting me. Many a time he has battered me alongside the head and flung me suddenly upon my back, then mounted me in a jiffy. Why, many a time he has almost knocked me unconscious; I would come to and find he was on top of me with his thing inside of me. He always said it was so much better if it hurt me. He was a devil if there ever was one.”

    “From what you say, it seems to bear out the theories propounded by certain philosophers, that cruelty and humiliation of girls stimulated the passions of a certain type of male. It sounds unique and novel, to say the least. The idea is somewhat intriguing. I wonder if there might be some truth in the assertions. Would you mind, my dear, if I hurt you, just a little, in order to prove to myself how I would react?” said he, kissing her tenderly while he toyed with her breasts.

    “Oh, my lord, I love you so much, I would love to have you hurt me, if you didn't hurt too much!” she confessed, hiding her blushing head on his bosom.

    “Why, you little minx,” cried Lord Roxboro, his eyes glowing with excitement, “I believe you would derive pleasure from these sadistic actions. Come, 'fess up, little one! Haven't you ever-the truth now-felt what you might term a pleasure at some of the times when you have been hurt so dreadfully? Answer me, now!”

    “Only-only when I like a person,” murmured the flaming faced girl in a low voice. “You know, women frequently admire masterful men, and if I liked a man mightily, I would want him to be my master and protector, so if he weren't too cruel, I would like to be hurt, just a little bit, if he loved me.

    Then fearing she had said too much, the girl buried her flaming face in his bosom once more.

    “Aha, Miss Demureness,” cried the lord, and catching her chin in the palm of his hand and turning her pretty face up, he gazed directly into her beautiful eyes. “Only when you like a person. So there have been others who practiced this strange art whom you did not like. Others! A number of them, I suppose? This would make extremely interesting material for a story, I'll be bound! Come, tell it to me, I command you.”

    The girl remained silent a moment. “Well, sir, this is somewhat embarrassing.”

    “Fiddlesticks!” cried his lordship, “Out with it! You are not a child; come, come, tell me your experiences. You have had to do with others besides your husband, haven't you now?”

    “Well, yes, sir,” she whispered in a low voice, her head averted. “Yes, sir, there were others!”

    “So,” exulted the lord, kissing her, “I knew I was right in my guess! Come, now, Marie, tell me about it. Don't leave out a thing. Don't be bothered with false modesty; we understand each other, my pretty doll, and can speak plainly. Come now, tell me about it.” He gazed at her with interest. “Don't leave out anything. Were they lovers? Some stable-boy of your acquaintance, perhaps; that you are ashamed of?”

    “Oh, no, no, sir!” she answered, “nothing like that. What I am about to tell you, sir, is something that I have held in my heart since the incidents occurred. I have never told anyone and after I tell you about it, you will see why it was necessary for me to remain silent.

    “You see,” she started, straightening herself on the couch and gently disengaging Roxboro's hands from her breasts, which she tucked back into her waist and rebuttoned, “it is a long story.”

    “Proceed,” said the lord. “I am anxious to hear it.”

    “Well, when first I ran away from Jim, I proceeded to Manchester. I had spent all of the money, which you accused me of stealing, in various forms of amusement and in traveling, also in the purchase of food and shelter, and finding myself without a farthing, I looked about for employment in order to support myself.

    “I had walked about all day and was tired out and quite weak, not having eaten all day. After making a round of the places where I might find work, I was wretched and despondent at my lack of success. Noticing a placard on a building stating that an employment bureau was conducted therein, new hope arose in me and I mounted the steps and rang the bell.

    “The door was opened by an elderly female, who ushered me into the front room, which was fitted up as an office. We were alone, but upon seating myself at the command of the elderly woman, she left the room and there presently entered the room a striking brunette lady, somewhat advanced in years, but stylishly dressed, who stepped behind the desk and inquired as to my mission.

    “I informed her that I was in search of a situation, and after a few questions as to my experience, references, etc., regarding which I was obliged to tell her quite a few falsehoods, she requested me to doff my wraps and to enter the adjoining room.

    “The weather was cold and I was wearing a heavy coat, a fur piece, and my gloves and hat. Doffing my outer apparel and hanging it upon a hook, I entered the back room. In those places it is sometimes customary for servants to wait in the back room, where they are inspected by prospective employers.

    “As I was hanging up my clothes, I noted a peculiar action on the part of the lady, who, taking a roll of bank notes from her reticule, placed them upon the desk in a disordered manner. She then motioned me to follow her and I entered the back room. This action of hers meant nothing to me, I being concerned only with the location of the position that would clothe and feed me and save me becoming a public charge or a streetwalker.

    “Proceeding into the next room, which was sumptuously furnished, I seated myself at a desk and, at her direction, busied myself at filling out a sheet, which is required from all applicants for positions.

    “For obvious reasons I gave an assumed name and my brain was taxed to manufacture enough false answers to fill the numerous spaces on the sheet. But necessity drives and I finally succeeded in answering all the questions propounded.

    “At the conclusion of this task, I looked about for my companion but found she had absented herself. Presently she returned, however, accompanied by the elderly lady who had met me upon my entrance. Oh, better had I never entered that den, which was to be my abode for some time to come!

    “But I am getting ahead of my story. Upon their entrance, both the ladies seemed quite flustered and excited about something and were shouting in loud tones.

    “After they had entered, I noticed they were accompanied by a uniformed officer. Upon entering, the women shouted, 'There she is! There she is! The little thief!' I sat dumbfounded, knowing not the meaning of this dreadful accusation. The elderly woman turned to him, demanded my arrest, and he advanced to my side and seized me firmly by the arm.

    “I strove to free myself, but in vain. I thought my wretched husband had followed and found me, and that I was to be brought back to Middleboro. 'Come, woman,' said the officer, 'come with me to the magistrate.' My face must have blanched with terror and I nearly fainted in his grasp.

    “'What-what is the matter?' I stammered, and at this the stylishly dressed woman laughed callously. 'What is the matter, indeed! You stole my money, you little hussy!' she shouted, shaking her finger in my face. 'You stole my money off the desk, there.'

    “'Oh, it's a lie!' I shouted, thinking how easily I could remove this false charge. I had not stolen her money; I had not even been in its vicinity. I shouted forth my innocence. By this time we were all in the outer room and the elderly woman, stepping to where my jacket hung on the hook, drew forth from the outer pocket the roll of money I had seen the other woman place on the desk!

    “I was confounded at this apparently indisputable sign of my guilt and stood, my mouth open, unable to say a word in my own defense. The old harridan then ransacked my pockets, at length bringing forth certain personal papers of mine setting forth my identity in Middleboro and I knew that comparison of these papers with the false application I had signed would bring about my conviction! I was doomed!

    “What a cruel chain of circumstance. Entrapped by my own lying pen, I was about to suffer for a crime not of my doing. 'A bad example,' said the officer, starting to drag me toward the door. 'Come, you, to the magistrate.'

    “'Madame!' I cried, turning to the woman that had accused me; 'You know well that this charge is unfounded. Surely you will not send me to jail for another's acts! I beg you; let mercy kindle your heart and dismiss this officer and allow me to go my way in peace!'

    “Little fool as I was. If I had only known! The 'officer' was one of the inmates of this dive, masquerading as such to intimidate such poor innocent fools as I!

    “At my impassioned plea for mercy, the woman seemed to hesitate. Upon seeing this sign of relenting, I redoubled my pleas and she finally motioned the officer away and directed that I step into the inner chamber.

    “Inside, she motioned me to a seat and after gazing fixedly at me for a moment, said, 'My child, you are in a bad situation. If you are carted away to jail, you will be severely punished, with perhaps a long time in the workhouse.'

    “'I will do anything, anything you say, only please let me go. I haven't any friend and I am nearly starving, but I really didn't steal your money and will do anything, if you will only let me go.'

    “She considered a moment. Finally, she said, 'Perhaps we can do something about this.' Going to a table, she prepared a paper which she indicated I was to sign. It was something similar to the one I signed for you this morning, my lord, only that it was a purported confession of my theft of her money from her, together with a full confession of the affair with my husband in Middleboro. Frightened and cowed as I was, I could only sign it, hoping it would bring about my release.

    “Upon my appending my signature to the paper, she motioned to the officer and told him she had decided not to press my case and that she would give me a chance to redeem myself, etc.

    “He, in turn, informed her that she was foolish to be lenient; that I was no good, that harm would come of it, and so forth, but he finally took his leave.

    “Immediately after his departure the lady placed the incriminating paper in a strong box and, motioning me to follow, proceeded to the rear of the house.

    “No longer caring what happened to me, I slowly followed her and was ushered into a splendidly furnished room. Here the lady paused and, after bidding me seat myself, departed. I awaited her return for some time and, not seeing her, advanced to the door through which we had entered, finding, to my terror, that it was securely bolted! I ran to the window and, parting the heavy shades, found them blocked in, no stray beam of sunshine permeating their sturdy thickness!

    “In a frenzy of fear I ran about the room, which was quite large, shouting and screaming and pounding upon the door with my fists. No response! I slipped to the floor, weeping, and must have passed into a swoon, as I awakened to find someone grasping my arm. Looking up, I saw the room was occupied by two people besides myself. The door remained shut and I could not understand whence they had come.

    “The two people were strangers. One was a trim young waiting maid, slight yet muscular, the other an elderly gentleman, fashionably dressed, wearing a boutonniere and carrying a cane under his arm. Stumbling to my feet, I begged them to open the door and allow me to depart. Neither of my strange visitors vouched an answer, the maid smiling at my pleas for freedom and the elderly dandy twirling his mustache as his eyes devoured me from top to toe.

    “Laying aside his topcoat, hat, — and gloves, as my wails for succor filled the chamber, he bent a cold gaze upon me and commanded me to rise to my feet.

    “'Kiss me, little one!' he commanded, holding his arms out to me. The sight of the man was repellent to me. I turned to the maid, hoping for some mercy from another woman, but was amazed at the indifferent look that mantled her brow! Apparently no help from that quarter!

    “Consider, my lord. Up to the present moment I had had but one man in my life, my husband; and the thought of embracing this elderly stranger was extremely distasteful to me, yet I knew I was doomed!

    “'Kiss me!' again cried the old man impatiently. I stated I would have nothing to do with him. The maid sprang suddenly behind me, grasped my arms firmly and held them to my sides. I was helpless. The old roue advanced and seized my head and pressed a kiss upon my mouth. I struggled and fought, to no avail. The maid, well trained in long experience with unwilling girls, was more than my match. The old man showered caresses upon me. He opened my waist, took out my breasts, and then squeezed and molded them. I kicked and squirmed but could do nothing. The maid handled me as though I were a child; she dragged me to a bed occupying one comer of the large room, flung me upon it, and securely held me while the old satyr boldly rolled up my dress, exposing my lower body to his sensual gaze.

    “He ran his hands over my legs and thighs, not forgetting to touch and rub that central spot that quivered beneath these alien fingers. I draw a curtain over the disgusting scene. Lord, sir! I am a woman, after all, and something of my modesty still remains. I shudder at the thought of the fingerings and maulings of the degenerate beast upon my body, particularly in view of the shameless exposure of my body before a member of my own sex, my face red with blushes as her greedy eyes fixed on my humiliating and exposed attitude.

    “The fingers of the old roue eventually accomplished his purpose; the continued rubbing and touching of my touchstone of passion finally brought me around and I was lost in that ecstatic state that nothing can cool except the inserting of a man's shaft. I was squirming and tossing with passion. I am a very passionate woman, as your lordship has discovered, and in spite of my horror and repulsion, the old goat's manipulations had worked me up to such a state that I was unconscious of anything except my lustful sensations.

    “I panted for the insertion of a member-even the tool of such a repulsive old toad as he. Suddenly he mounted to the bed-my thighs were outspread, my sexual lips seemed veritably to open to receive the charge of his throbbing member and I greedily gulped its entire length and breadth within my hot and seething quiver!

    “No longer mistress of myself, I threw my arms about the old man's neck as I dashed my boiling envelope up and down upon his slippery stick, in order to coax out his load of manly balsamic sap with which to cool my heated womb! Utterly disregarding the fact that one of my own sex was an interested spectator, my modesty entirely forgotten, I blindly threshed and twisted about, speared to the quick with his joy staff and lost in a divine ecstasy, seeking to bring about the culmination of the combat which, once begun, recognizes neither caste nor station.

    “Finally the bubble burst; my very soul seemed to merge with that titillating rod that was tickling my interior, and with a cry issuing from my sensual being, I held my ravisher in a crackling embrace while his boiling sap sprung in gushes within me; my quivering and panting lips clinging to his prong, we both met our climax.

    “A moment we lay, and then, withdrawing from me, he arose. The excitement finished, my repulsion toward the old goat redoubled and I felt a deep sense of shame, due to the way I had exposed my lust during this rape, and I strove to arise to my feet.”

    At this moment an interruption occurred in the nature of a loud ringing of a bell. Lord Roxboro, arising to his feet, looked about the room to see that there were no telltale signs of the recent adventures that had taken place; then, dismissing the maid, he went below to see what had caused this interruption.

    Going to the door, he opened it and found Carl, the good-looking stableboy. “What is it, Carl?” inquired his lordship.

    The boy pointed to the stables, whose wooden eaves were smoking. “The stables are on fire!” cried the boy. “What shall we do?”

    “Good Lord!” exclaimed Roxboro, rushing toward the scene of the conflagration, where he found upon his arrival that the servants were busy with buckets and a small garden hose. In a few moments of hard work by all hands, the flames were subdued and the fire extinguished.

    After an inspection to see that damage was slight and that none of the horses were injured, Roxboro thanked and complimented the help upon their prompt action.

    Returning to the house, he ordered that breakfast be served immediately. The excitement had aroused everyone about the place, and upon his return to the manor he was met by both of his pretty nieces, who inquired as to the extent of the damages; he reassured them immediately, stating that it had been but slight and that there was no danger.

    Repairing to the dining room, the three were served with breakfast. After chatting for a few minutes, his lordship suggested that the girls amuse themselves about the place, that he would be busy in his library for some time and would see them again at luncheon. Marie was clearing away the dishes, looking very charming indeed, her eyes sparkling and her cheeks flushed and rosy. Roxboro casually directed her to report to him in the library as soon as the morning chores were taken care of, saying he wished to consult her on some matters concerning the house.

    Our fair Caroline was not deceived, however, by the nonchalance of his lordship and, suspecting there were to be more adventures forthcoming, resolved to take her station at her peephole and observe whatever might transpire in the library. Making excuses to Freda that she would be busy with some mending, she sent the child out into the grounds to play, and soon after Roxboro had gone up to the library, she also repaired to her own bedroom, where she took her station at the door, prepared to witness any happenings that might take place.

    After a short wait she was rewarded. A knock sounded on the library door and upon Roxboro's calling “Come in,” the door opened and in stepped the bright-eyed Marie. “What did you wish me for, my lord?” the girl inquired.

    “You are adorable, Marie,” said his lordship, drawing her to him and kissing her fervently. “I think I will have you again; it seems that I didn't get enough of you this morning.”

    “My goodness, sir, but you surely must be strong!” cried Marie in surprise. Roxboro had opened the front of her waist and was by now massaging her firm breasts with one hand, while the other roamed about her back and down upon the round, firm, smooth globes of her posterior, which he massaged and patted as he held the girl tightly to him. “But let's get on with your story, Marie; you have me greatly interested and I would like to hear more of your adventures. Come, let us sit down.” And drawing her to the couch, they seated themselves.

    “Where was I?” remarked Marie. “Oh yes, I had just been forced by that hideous old goat. Well, you can imagine how I felt. I was horrified at the thought that I had been guilty of laying with a man besides my lawfully wedded husband. The maid was busy wiping off the old buzzard's prong, and neither of them paid any attention to me. I ran about the room, seeking some means of escape, but there was no hope. I could find no opening of any kind through which I could hope to gain my freedom. I was nearly frantic.

    “After having himself cleaned by the maid, the old man sat down upon a couch, motioning me to come and sit beside him. I refused, whereupon the maid came to me and seized my arm, twisting it in such a manner as to cause me great pain. I realized that any resistance in this house would be useless and would only cause me to be tormented, so decided to bear my fate as best I might. I went to the couch and seated myself by my aged ravisher.

    “For the time being the old man contented himself with feasting his eyes upon my condition. My dress was torn-my breasts hung out naked, my skirts were rumpled and reefed above my knees. I must have presented a sorry sight indeed.

    “My captor gazed at me for several moments; then, without the slightest warning, he struck me a sudden sharp blow with his tightly clenched right hand upon my exposed breast. The pain was excruciating. With a scream, I sprang to my feet, but the maid again clutched my wrist, twisting my arm behind me with such a sharp agony of pain that I sank to my knees. No use to attempt resistance-each movement I made only served to increase my agony as the brutal maid sharply twisted my aching arm.

    “My lord, perhaps I had better cease my story here; the things that occurred afterward are too filthy and horrible to tell; I am sure your lordship would only be disgusted and repelled by hearing the rest of my story. My face bums even now as I think of the things I was forced to submit to by these two beasts in human form. Let me desist with my story at this time; it is almost too shameful to repeat!”

    “No, Marie,” said the lord, her strange story having an exhilarating effect upon his degraded senses. “You must really continue, my girl; I am deeply interested in hearing the full tale of your wrongs; I feel deeply sorry for you and you may be sure your tale will meet with my sympathy; certainly nobody could blame you for things you were forced to endure against your will. So continue with your story, no matter how shocking; I won't hold it against you, you may be sure.” ~

    “Oh, very well, then, sir; but it really is most embarrassing to me. However, as you say, I was forced to submit to this treatment, and it certainly was not of my own volition that I indulged in the scenes I will attempt to describe.”

    Lord Roxboro's hand descended to a certain portion of the maid's person that was quite warm and throbbing, perhaps with the recollection of the experiences she had undergone. Her eyes sparkled and her breath came in quick short gasps. Her legs parted and her bottom shifted slightly in order to permit the lord's hot, exploring fingers to operate freely in that soft, sensitive portion of her passionate anatomy.

    Caroline, from her vantage point at the door, eagerly listened for Marie's further disclosures. This tale of rape and persecution had held her spellbound and she hardly dared draw breath. She hoped she would be permitted to hear the tale to its conclusion, without interruption.

    “Well, to go on,” continued Marie, “the old man continued, at intervals, to strike me upon the nipples. He seemed to enjoy my struggles to free myself from the iron grip of the brutal maid and seemed to take a fiendish delight in my agony. Pulling up my skirts, he next attempted to force his hand between my tightly clenched thighs. Determined to make what resistance I could to his foul attempts, I tightly clenched my legs together, kicking out viciously with my feet in an effort to forestall him. But with the maid twisting my arm cruelly and the old monster simultaneously violently pinching the bare flesh of my naked thighs, I was forced to relax my legs and permit his probing hand to dart within, where it immediately started to finger and titillate the still-moist crevice of my sex.

    “You may be sure, sir, that after just having received a dose of his foul excretion, I did not relish the manipulations of his fingers as he distended and probed my quivering parts, but after all I am only human, and it was not long before I was beginning to have my passions again aroused by the manipulations, the soft teasing motions of his finger within my slit, rubbing gently upon mat bulge of feeling; the fleshy button soon throbbed and leaped and-I am ashamed to say-I was again in the throes of feminine desire!

    “The tight grip of the muscular maid upon my arm was now unheeded; I was unable to feel it, and she, being a woman and knowing the sensations that the man's fingers must be engendering, allowed her hold to relax. My thighs were now open and widened to their fullest extent, my lower belly pushed far forward to receive his nervous touchings, and I lay back on the couch and gave myself up to that womanly ecstasy of passion!

    “Wiggling and twisting my buttocks about, I felt as though I was about to reach my climax, when suddenly removing his finger, he slipped to the floor upon his knees and applied to my heated and salacious slit-oh, sir, I am ashamed to say this-he applied his hot, moist lips to my center of lust! This was something new and unheard of to me-an electric shock ran through my system-the intense passion that I felt at the touch of his lips caused me to cry out nervously; the tip of his tongue roamed searchingly about the nervous tissues of that center of pleasure; his tongue slipped between the lips of my heated crevice, causing me to shudder and writhe in heavenly pleasure! I groaned; I twisted; I squirmed about; my legs tightened on his head, clasping it tightly between my naked thighs, and as his busy lips and tongue titillated and inflamed my sexual parts, I knew that in an instant I should pour forth my charge of womanly dew!

    “His tongue, burning like a flame, seemed to reach into and lick my very heart of hearts! Never before had I experienced such marvelous sensations! I was almost overcome in passion; the room spun around in circles and everything seemed to be going black before my eyes as I gave down my balm. I felt the grip of the maid on my arm; it was cruelly twisted about, causing an excruciating pain that almost overcame the lovely sensations I was enjoying in my lower parts.

    “'Give down! Give down!' the maid whispered in my ear. 'Give it to him now! Hurry!”

    “'Oh, I am giving down-I am coming-I am coming!' I almost screamed as the vile creature twisted my aching and almost paralyzed arm.

    “'No, no, you fool!' she hissed into my ear. 'He wants you to give down to him-piss, you fool! Piss!'

    “Oh, my lord, I am overcome with shame at the thought-I bum with modesty when I remember the vile things whispered into my ear by the now highly excited maid. The besotted old wretch of a satyr! The filthy, degraded monster! It seemed to me he was so worn out by his life of dissipation he was not satisfied with normal methods-I must micturate into his gaping throat. I blush at the thought of such animallike practices.”

    Roxboro was madly excited at this glowing description of these perverted practices. “Go on, Marie, go on. What did you do? Tell me!”

    “What could I do?” asked Marie-. “Forced by the pressure of the maid's arm, twisting my wrist until I was sure it would break, I sought to vent that sparkling stream-but alas, to no avail. The pulsating tongue of my seducer, lapping at my sexual membranes, causing them to open and close to each other due to the emotional crisis frustrated my attempts! Were I to die otherwise, I seemed helpless to pass the golden liquor he so much desired. I moaned from the pain of the twisting given to my arm and finally, nearly overcome, I cried: 'His tongue! His tongue! I simply cannot so long as he moves his tongue!'

    “The old man, hearing my objection, ceased the thrusts and caresses of his burning member in its convolutions in my burning and throbbing sheath and I, using every exertion and power of will and determination at my command, spurted forth in a burning stream, into his eager mouth, a flood of urine pouring from my uterus. I vented and vented, the liquor pouring from my parts; so long was it since I had last answered the call of nature, that had I willed it, I could not have stopped the flow!

    “I felt the liquid seep into my stockings and dress, and finally, with a lost convulsive spurt, entirely emptied my bladder. The old dandy had evidently not removed his tongue and lips from the moist resting place, and immediately upon the cessation of my spurts, his wiggling tongue once more titillated the soaking folds of my sexual groove, bringing new life to my being. Finally, with many twists and claspings of my thighs about his fevered head, I gave a long, drawn groan and beshowered his lips with another cargo of sweets, until shaking and trembling like a leaf in the wind, I was allowed to lie back in a half fainting condition upon the couch.

    “Lying for a moment in the sweet, sensuous daze that overcomes all upon the conclusion of the ejaculation of love's tender potions, I felt myself being lifted bodily from the couch; my attire was unbuttoned and removed, and, naked as the day upon which I entered this world, I was thrown, a sodden mass, upon the large soft featherbed.

    “My senses returning, I lifted my head and saw that my ravisher, assisted by the maid, had banished his own garments and stood at the edge of the bed, as naked as I, the straggly hair on his chest revolting my eyes; his huge staff once more stood forth as though to menace my pouting and wet slit that lay before it.

    “He sprang into the bed with an agility that was surprising in one of his years; roughly throwing me upon my back and leaping heavily astride my bare form, he fastened the lips that had so recently titillated my sexual parts upon my own, and seemed to endeavor, in a sucking kiss, to draw from me the little breath that still remained in my body! Grasping my naked breasts in his hands, he cruelly compressed their soft substance to a fearful degree. I saw that this fiend was deep in the throes of sexual passion, and that he was determined to ravish me still further. Although he was repugnant to me, I knew resistance would only bring me more torture, so as his machine banged against my naked thighs and belly, as if blindly searching for the moist entrance, I spread wide my thighs, thinking that by making entrance easy, I would save further tortures such as I had hitherto undergone!

    “In spite of my tempting attitude, however, lying as I was, widely outspread, my nature held open for the entrance of his raging tool, he only dallied about, pinching and striking me here and there, biting me with cruel little nips, the infliction of which seemed to amuse him mightily. My breasts, my belly, my armpits, my neck and cheeks-all came in for their share of this tormenting caressing, and finally, the nips causing me to give vent to agonized cries of pain, I threshed about, determined to force him to either pierce me or allow me to rise.

    “I felt myself dragged from the bed, the maid lifting my slight form in her strong arms and carrying me across the room. I was seated squarely upon a tablelike contrivance, and I opened my eyes to view, if possible, what new form of torture had been devised by these wretches for my undoing.

    “The maid was now busy with some object that I saw projecting upward from the tabletop, and which lay snugly between my wide-spread thighs as I sat listlessly there; looking downward, I perceived the object to be a monstrous image of a male organ. To this instrument the maid was now applying an ointment which seemed to make the surface of the implement as smooth and slippery as glass.

    “Noting that I was observing her actions with a terrified air, she laughed wickedly at me and continued to anoint the huge prong! It sat solidly on the table, projecting straight upward, and the maid, after oiling it to her satisfaction, suddenly grasped me about the waist and lifted me bodily from the table despite my desperate wrigglings and twistings. Assisted by the old dandy, she seated me upon the point of the mammoth weapon, but to my terror it touched not the orifice designed by nature for the reception of such objects but-oh, how can I say it? How can I mention it to you, sir?:-such a different one entirely! The one meant entirely for the outlet of the body! A diminutive opening, never designed for the encompassment of such a gigantic bolus as the one it was now forced to accommodate! My shrieks and writhings were unheeded-with throbs of pain that coursed through my entire body, my form was slowly but surely pressed down by those two fiends upon this dilating prong, its gigantic circumference seeming to split my very vitals as it forced open the tender sheath and relentlessly drove upward into my sensitive parts! My squirmings and twistings only served to force the giant member farther into me! I nearly fainted. Up, up, it forced its relentless way until my buttocks touched the table-top and in a moment I came to rest and felt that the gigantic rod had been inserted to its fullest extent. I felt as though I were splitting wide open-my being was suffused with a mixture of pain from the terrible machine and yet, strangely enough, a feeling at the same time of pleasure at the pressure on the tender tissues of my backside!

    “But I was not yet finished! I was slowly pushed backward, the gigantic staff filling my anus; the maid grasped my arms and I lay upon my back upon the table, my legs widely spread. My tormentor advanced and, opening my slit and placing against it the head of his swollen and rampant prick, with one cruel plunge buried it to the hilt in my pulsating quim. A few rapid shoves and withdrawals, and he volleyed a drench of boiling sperm full into my turgid womb as I lay fainting and screaming. I felt as if my interior had been completely disrupted; all turned black before my eyes and, panting and screaming with pain, I knew no more.

    “When I awoke, I found myself deserted and alone. I lay upon the bed again, entirely nude, my body covered with the slimy emissions of my seducer. Both he and the maid had disappeared. Struggling to my feet, my body racked with pain, I looked about for my clothing, to find that it had also disappeared.

    “I was nearly hysterical with fright and pain. I screamed loudly for help, my cries reechoing through the chamber as I pounded upon the locked door. Thinking I had heard a door opening somewhere, I redoubled my efforts, screaming loudly and pounding upon the panels of the thick oak door.

    “My efforts were finally rewarded and I heard a key turn in the lock. The door opened and the stylishly dressed woman, who had fist accused me of theft, came in and queried in a rough tone, what in the devil I was hollering about.

    “I told her that I wanted my clothing and wanted to depart this house wherein I had experienced so much pain and humiliation, but she merely laughed at my pleas and informed me that I would stay there as an inmate until she saw fit to release me.

    “On my bended knees I pleaded with the woman. But not a tinge of mercy seemed to sway the adamant heart of this cruel and sensual woman.

    “'You may as well know your situation,' she remarked. “You are in a house which specializes in catering to the tastes of men of the type that you have just finished with. It will be your duty to entertain these men and others who may attend, until the time comes when I see fit to allow your departure. If you do not want to act properly, if you insist on being stubborn, it will only be-the worse for you. You will be forced to accede to their wishes anyhow, so make the best of it. If you are too stubborn, you will be turned over to the police, so just make the best of your situation, unless you prefer to go to prison.'

    “I realized that discretion was the better part of valor, at least until I could effect my escape from this hideous prison. 'Very well, madame,' I replied, 'you won't have any trouble with me, I am sure. I guess I might just as well make the best of things.'

    “'That's more like it, my dear,' she replied. 'You will find a bath next door; go into it and clean yourself, and in the meantime I will send for some food. Now, remember, no attempts to escape; you would only be caught and brought back and then I would turn you over to the tender mercies of the police, so watch your step.'

    “'Very well, madame,' I answered. The woman left the room and I heard the grating of a key in the lock.

    “Despairing of succor and my heart filled with misery and dread, my body aching and burning from the horrid treatment I had received, I repaired to the bath, which I found to be perfectly equipped, and there I enjoyed the pleasure of a soothing warm bath. I had neglected to inquire as to my clothes, but determined to ask about them from the first person who appeared.

    “Carefully drying myself with one of the huge bath towels which hung upon the wall, I wrapped another and dry one about my person and returned to the chamber, where I clambered back into bed to await further developments and rest my weary frame.

    “In a few minutes a key grated in the lock and the muscular maid entered with a tray containing food, which she set out upon the table. Being quite famished, I arose and approached the table where I found a delightful repast laid out. I immediately fell to and did ample justice to the meal, which was of the choicest quality; meanwhile the maid busied herself with arranging the chamber, which had gotten considerably disarrayed during the previous combat. The meal, together with a couple of cups of hot coffee, had refreshed me considerably, and I felt human once more. I inquired of the maid as to my clothing. 'Why worry yourself about clothes?' she sneered, 'you won't need no clothes for what you have to do here. But anyway, I will see what I can do for you. I'll be back shortly.' So saying, she gathered up the dishes and departed, locking the door behind her.

    “I returned to the bed, where I disposed myself to await further developments, my mind filled with fear at the unknown future. I must have been more tired than I thought, however, for I seemed to have dozed. I was awakened by the maid, who stood beside my bed, holding in her hands some articles of clothing. Dangling from her fingers was what appeared to be a dress, but I judged it to be quite short, as from its appearance it would certainly cover no more than my knees, while the upper part was principally lace and ribbons with a couple of loops of ribbon to support the gown over my shoulders. There were also a chemise and a pair of silk stockings and slippers.

    “These articles the maid threw upon the bed and I, thinking that this clothing would at least cover my nakedness, skimpy as they were, hastily arose and started to don the clothing. However, I was not to do so, as the maid raised her hand and said, 'Not just yet, my pretty. There is something to do first.'

    “Going to the door she locked it securely; then, returning to me where I stood uncertain by the side of the bed, she said, 'You are a pretty thing, my dear; now you and me will have some fun together.' So saying, she seized me by the shoulders and, pushing me backward upon the bed, seized my thighs and spread my legs apart. I was too astonished to even offer resistance, merely wondered what was coming next.

    “Without wasting time, the woman dropped to her knees on the floor before me, lifted my thighs to her shoulders, and to my amazement buried her face between my legs and began to repeat the operation that the odious old gentleman had so recently performed.

    “I was horrified! One of my own sex in this degrading position! For a moment I was overcome with surprise, wondering how any woman could descend to such an animal act! But I was not inactive for long! The woman, evidently well trained through many a previous experience and knowing the sensations of the female sex through the sensations of her own body, tickled and caressed my gaping grotto; searching out the divine sensitive spot, her busy tongue frigged and licked it, so that my ardent nature quickly responded to her ministrations and I was soon twisting and gyrating with tumultuous passion, my trembling bare thighs thrilling with the thought-perhaps strange as it may seem to you, dear master-of one of my own sex performing that act that was so delightful to me although so new; my thighs tightened against her head in a squeezing position; my hands reached down and clutched at her hair in an effort to bring her hot, sensual mouth still more tightly in contact with my naming cunt. In a few moments I felt the crisis approaching-my movements became more animated as I squeezed her head between my thighs, my breath coming in gasps as low moans issued from my throat; the woman sensed the approach of the divine moment and her fiery tongue and lips seemed to redouble their active movements, and as my boiling sap descended, deluging her lips, she greedily drove her sharply pointed tongue into my innermost folds!

    “Unlike my former performer, however, she did not require me to urinate and for this at least I was thankful. Panting and heated, she arose from her position. The experience must have been sweet to her, judging from the fact that she had sought it herself, and standing beside the bed, flushed and panting, she suddenly grasped my hand, which she carried to the hot spot of her own desire, and plunging my fingers against her quim, she told me to rub. Evidently the act she had just performed upon me had excited her to the utmost, as she fairly quivered with excitement and lust; her eyes half-closed, her feet spread apart, her skirt raised above her hips, she stood there, her belly stuck forward as my hand busily manipulated the spot of her desire. Strange as it seems, my lord-I am ashamed to acknowledge it-this strange behavior on the part of the abandoned woman had aroused a new note of passion in me and I eagerly set about assuaging those burning sensations that I was certain must be coursing in her wanton body.

    “I rubbed and pressed her wildly jumping mound of womanhood, which seemed to leap under my caresses. Her gyrating squirms, her twists and wriggles, like some animal lost in the throes of heat, seemed to engender within me strange feelings of sensual lust.

    “Slowly then rapidly, softly then forcibly, trying to realize her sensations, my fingers titillated this active mound of flesh that seems to dominate the actions of the feminine soul. Jerking and twisting, her eyes rolling upward to the ceiling, she suddenly went into a paroxysm of lust and my hand was flooded with a deluge of her prolific, spouting flow. Her orgasm finished, the lascivious girl staggered to the bed, where she threw herself upon her face panting and lay for several moments, recovering from her excitement. Suddenly she arose, grasped me tightly in her arms, kissed me passionately upon the lips several times, then rushed out the door, locking it behind her.

    “I was amazed at the strange actions of this woman, whom I had found, on closer inspection, to be rather pretty, although somewhat older than myself; clothed in proper garb, she would probably have been a very striking woman, but dressed as she was in her maid's habiliments, her natural beauties were somewhat dulled.

    “After resting for a few moments from this last hectic experience, I picked up the clothing that the woman had brought, and after cleansing my parts with a towel, I proceeded to the mirror, where I donned the articles of dress and surveyed myself in the mirror.

    “What a sight I presented! The dress, as I had guessed, came to only above my knees, the upper part so scanty that my breasts were visible down to the nipples. Only two buttons held the garment to my body, and these were in front, accessible to any hand. The stockings, of gossamer silk, openwork in design, were unusually long and came up as far as my thighs. The slippers were beautiful, with very high heels. I could not help admiring myself, however strange and immodest this garb appeared to be. The clothing was of finest quality, of beautiful color and texture, and I had to admit that the style served to accentuate whatever beauties of body I might possess, and, aside from its wanton exposure of my charms, was very becoming. At any rate, here were clothes; I was no longer exposed in a state of nudity to the stare of anyone who might enter the room.

    “I was exceedingly tired, so went to the bed, upon which I threw myself, not knowing what the hour might be, and in spite of my excited and frightened state, was soon sound asleep.

    “Not for long, however, was I to be allowed this sweet balm of nature. I suddenly awoke to find the bed occupied by a strange man, whose fingerings had awakened me. He lay by my side in the bed, his eager hands searching out my most secret charms. I fought fiercely for a moment at this ravishment, but to no avail! My feeble efforts were crushed in his bearlike hug, and I soon fell an unwilling victim to his lust. After a time, having satisfied his desires, he left me, once more a sodden, aching mass upon the bed.

    “But why tire you with a repetition of my adventures? Because that is what it amounts to: time lost all meaning for me. I had no way of knowing whether it was day or night; an endless procession, it seemed to me, of lustful masculinity passed through the chamber. Occasionally I was brought a tray of food by the maid; occasionally I would sink into bed for a nap, usually to be awakened by the pawings of some lust-maddened man, who would satisfy his desires and leave, to be replaced by another.

    “I realized that I was helpless; I soon ceased to struggle and fight against their advances. I realized that to make their stays with me as short as possible, it was best to aid them in glutting their salacious wishes as rapidly as possible.

    “Immediately upon the entrance of a man, I would advance to meet him; I would seize his member, manipulate it, fondle it, squeeze it, etc., in an endeavor to hasten the culmination of the episode. This system was quite successful, the average visitor being of a stodgy, unimaginative, selfish disposition, interested only in his own pleasure; and my efforts to speed things up usually resulted in our repairing to the bed without any special preliminary caresses, where I would do all in my power to encourage these bestial creatures to reach their spasms quickly.

    “Many of my visitors were brutes and beasts in human form; my flesh was treated cruelly by these monsters in their degenerate lusts. They were past masters in the art of torment, torturing my quivering flesh in the most unheard of places; many times have I swooned away with pain under their loathsome touches; my entire body was a mass of weals, cuts, and bruises as a result of their licentious brutality, while nothing in the way of filth and degradation that it is possible to imagine was omitted from the practices of these creatures, many of whom were apparently 'gentlemen' of high degree.

    “I wonder how I stood it. I sometimes doubt that all these things really happened to me; I hardly understand how a person of my temperament could have endured the degradation, humiliation, pain, and suffering that I underwent during my stay in that terrible brothel. I gradually became hardened to the terrible life, making no resistance, becoming in time a mere sodden, lifeless thing. To conserve myself, I learned what tricks I could in the art of whoring; I discovered secret sexual idiosyncrasies, methods and devices of quickly bringing the patrons to their sexual exploding point.

    “Thus showing myself willing and pliant, I was soon more fully trusted, and gradually was permitted the freedom of the house, mingling freely with the guests who came to select a girl for their entertainment-sometimes myself, sometimes one of the other inmates. There passed before my eyes a procession of ghouls, beasts, perverts, and degenerates that is repugnant to even think about, and I would repeat to you some of the practices, the devices, the unnatural acts that were used to bring about the culmination of the sexual pleasures of these loathsome creatures.

    “Sufficient to say, however, my opportunity finally came to escape. Assuming that I had become thoroughly cowed, the landlady of this horrible place gradually neglected her careful watch of me, and one night, seeing an opportunity, I secured some clothing, rifled her cashbox, and made my escape. After some further trifling experiences, I finally secured employment with yourself, my lord, and you know the rest of the story.”

    “Well, you surely did have an experience!” remarked his lordship.

    “Yes, and I hope your lordship won't hold it against me too much; after all, I am a weak woman and there was nothing I could do to prevent the terrible happenings I have just told you of.”

    “Of course not, my dear; I wouldn't think of blaming you in the least,” replied the lord. “You certainly have related an interesting narrative and I really do feel deeply sorry for you. But all that is past and gone now, my dear; your life here should be very pleasant and serene by contrast.”

    “Yes, my lord,” she replied. Lord Roxboro gave vent to a deep sigh. The recital of the beautiful maid had aroused a terrible furor in his parts, which he had withdrawn from his trousers and now exposed to view in a fine state of hardness. Drawing Marie close to him, he motioned her to encircle with her tiny hands the throbbing hugeness of his red, swollen staff, which the maid proceeded to do immediately.

    Caroline, an eager watcher and listener at her post beyond the door, had listened to the maid's story with amazement. It seemed hardly credible, yet the girl had told her story with a candor which discounted any possibility of its being a sordid fairy tale for the edification of the master. She wondered if human beings could do the things described by Marie, yet was much excited and interested at the recounting of her various adventures; her finger was busy in that throbbing slit, which she had been manipulating just sufficiently to keep herself in a pleasant state of rapture without bringing on an orgasm.

    Marie, whose nature was so warm that but little was needed to excite her to the utmost, leaned against her master and glued her lips to his, while her dainty fingers massaged and squeezed his mighty rod; his own fingers explored her cleft of love and titillated and massaged the little button of joy therein concealed. They lay thus a moment, seemingly merged together; then the lord recovered himself and, pushing the maid slightly away, remarked:

    “Marie, your recital, pregnant as it was with all those detailed attacks and ravishments of your form, has aroused in me some strange and unnatural desires. I would like very much to subject you to some of the performances you have described. Particularly I have in mind one certain spot in your body which arouses in me a desire to have connection with!” So saying, he passed his hands around the body of the beautiful girl and, furling up her dress in the back, began to mold and press her broad, firm buttocks, which seemed to tremble beneath his touch.

    Marie divined his thought instantly. Bending her blushing head upon his breast as his eager hands manipulated the satin cheeks on her posterior, she said in a low voice, “Oh, sir, I know what you want to do; that part of me is very sensitive and small and I feel sure you will hurt me, but I love you and I want to prove it, so if you want to do that to me you may do so. But please, sir, promise not to be any rougher than you have to be, will you?”

    “Oh, I won't hurt you, sweet,” he replied. “Come, come! Aren't you willing to give me my pleasure? I thought you were willing to do whatever I wanted.” With which, he grasped the girl by the shoulders, turned her around and laid her face down upon the couch.

    The lustful lord, seeming in no hurry to enjoy the enticing pleasures promised by the sight which was thus exposed to view, stood back for a moment in contemplation of those delightful charms. He then approached the couch and his fingers began to caress and pat the milk-white globes of the girl's buttocks. Drawing the cheeks apart, the salacious lord inspected that small brown orifice which nestled between the fat cheeks and which was soon to be the recipient of his ironlike staff. He wondered how such a small mouth could receive the swelling circumference of his turgid rod. The girl, her buttocks moving slowly from side to side, lay otherwise quite passive and patient, awaiting the onslaught of her ravisher.

    A sudden idea striking the lord, he drew out into the middle of the room a large chest upon which he placed some cushions, then directed Marie to place herself upon it.

    “Why, sir, what do you intend to do?” she asked.

    “Are you afraid, dear?” he asked.

    “Oh, no, sir! I guess not,” she replied.

    Lord Roxboro pushed the willing girl over to the chest, where she lay down upon her belly, her legs astride the chest, her skirts pulled well up over her back, thus exposing her entire private parts to the gaze of the enraptured nobleman.

    “Oh, sir, I know you will hurt me terribly with that big thing of yours, so please, sir, go easy. I am so small back there, so please go slow and carefully; you will ruin me if you push it in too fast or too hard.”

    “Oh, I'll be careful, dear,” replied the man. But going to the comer of the room, he secured some cords from the window hangings, with which he now began to fasten the girl's wrists to the comer of the chest.

    “Oh, sir, you don't need to tie me; honestly, I won't fight or anything,” she pleaded. He merely laughed and proceeded with his labors: having bound the girl's wrists securely, he next tied her ankles to the chest, and then passing the rope about the small of her back, he lashed her helpless body tightly to the chest.

    This action frightened the helpless girl. She begged the lustful man to release her, promising to make no outcry or struggle, to permit him to work his will upon her, if he would only release her, to all of which the passion-maddened man replied with a laugh.

    “Marie,” he finally said, “your tale of bondage in that brothel has filled me with some strange thoughts. You have told me of the various men who have had to do with you, and of their practices; the idea intrigues me and I am now going to practice upon you some of the performances you have described. You are my property; I intend to exercise upon you the right of ownership. I think I will mark you as my property, first of all.”

    “Mark me?” the girl wailed. “Oh, my lord, what do you mean?”

    “Oh, I won't hurt you; I am simply going to make you so that anyone seeing you from now on will know you are my property. Be still, you silly little fool; I am not going to hurt you!”

    With that the man proceeded to the bathroom, returning in a moment with a small bottle and a brush. The girl, twisting her head about, noted his actions and immediately started to weep. “Oh, sir, you are going to hurt me, I know you are; you are going to put acid on me, or something; please, sir, oh please, sir, don't do it!”

    “Nonsense, you little twit,” replied the lord. “This is simply iodine; it won't hurt you in the least. Now shut up or I will give you a hearty smacking on your arse.”

    The girl now lay passive, sobbing pitifully. The lord inspected her and, deciding he had not sufficient space upon which to perform his artistic operation, suddenly reached out, caught the girl's clothing, and ripped it from her back! She quivered and lay still, saying nothing.

    She now lay, dormant and helpless, her dimpled back exposed to the man's view. He dipped the brush in the bottle of iodine and stood considering what his artistic efforts should be.

    He started to painting upon the girl's back. Upon the ivory whiteness of her back, in large brown letters, he inscribed the following:


    Finishing his task, he stepped back and inspected it. Putting his bottle and brush to one side, he once more bent his view to the girl's backside. His tool, during his lettering operations, had somewhat shrunken, although still about half-hard. Moving in front of the girl, he brought his member in front of her face. “Take it, sweet; get it hard and leave it nice and wet for me.” Passing his hands under her body he played with her breasts; her busy mouth soon brought his organ to a fulsome state of firmness; he withdrew it from her lips, dripping with saliva, and placed the head of his enormous prong against the little brown opening of her anus.

    The feat was difficult, but it was soon accomplished. The giant red head of his bolus slowly forced apart the protecting muscles of her sphincter and slowly entered the domain until the entire head was hidden from sight.

    The man hesitated at this point; he found the thrill of thus penetrating the body of the blooming girl very intriguing.

    “Marie,” he remarked, renewing his forward motions, “it strikes me, from the way you described your experiences, that the sensation of pain is very pleasing to you; I am convinced that you enjoy it more when it is painful to you. Now, just consider: suppose I should suddenly drive this tool clear up into you; suppose I should give a ram that would split you open and dispel your entire intestines. How would that strike you? You would probably die with pain, wouldn't you? Well, I have a notion to do just that.”

    “Oh, no, my lord, no!” cried the girl. “Please don't talk like that! I know you would kill me; please go slowly, oh, so slowly! Oh, sir, you are driving me mad-either withdraw it or push it in, oh, sir!”

    The lord, a grin upon his suffused countenance, began a slow back-and-forth motion, which was simply maddening to them both. The tightly encircling muscle gripped his penis like iron; the orifice seemed to gulp repeatedly, causing a delicious sensation to his flaming member, he moved only slightly back and forth-not sufficient to withdraw his member nor yet to force it in farther, but rather, a slow, frigging motion that was tantalizing to both in the extreme, prolonging the pleasure without forcing the issue as would have occurred had he plunged his tool completely into her vitals.

    From her peephole Caroline viewed this proceeding with great interest, marveling that such a diminutive orifice could receive such a monstrous charger, and she quivered in sympathy as the beautiful maid quickened her breathing, as if in tune with the man's motions as he began now to thrust more violently against the stubborn resistance of her muscular sheath.

    Suddenly the girl's emotions seemed to get the better of her, as, wrought to the highest pitch of excitement by the mingled pain and pleasure, she suddenly cried, “Oh, give it to me! Give it to me, master!” She now experienced wild thrills of sexual longings and wriggled her posterior far upward to meet the man's drives.

    “Oh, push it in! Push it way in! Oh, please, give it to me-oh! I'm coming, I'm coming! Oh, give it to me hard, sir, harder, harder!” Reaching the climax of his emotion, the cruel lord now drove his swollen implement into the girl's tender rectum, up to the hilt, and with fierce drives poured seething and boiling up into her quivering bowels a swimming charge of his spouting cum.


    Familial Attachments

    For some moments both the performers in the lascivious drama just performed lay as if dead; Roxboro's rod still firmly imbedded in the orifice of the lust-maddened maid. Marie, however, now that the delicious climax was past, gave vent to a few uneasy movements, if such could be termed her wrigglings, and the man, thinking that his weapon, now that it had served its passionate purpose, was embarrassing the fair girl, arose and withdrew from her bowels his giant engine, which escaped with a faint “Pop!” as though one had drawn the cork from a bottle.

    His staff freed from this clinging enfoldment of trembling membranes, he stepped to a nearby table and procured a towel with which he cleansed his dripping member.

    Caroline, from where she stood, an intensely interested spectator of this lustful scene, had contrived things with herself so that she had simultaneously with the other two reached the heaven of bliss and with the aid of her dainty finger had drawn down a spasm of pleasure.

    This orgasm rather unnerved her, so that she stepped to the bed, where she lay for a few moments until her excitement had somewhat subdued; then she again returned to the station at the door in order to miss nothing that might transpire hereafter.

    However, it seemed that the sensual lord's lust had been at least temporarily satisfied, for she observed that he was now in the act of releasing the fair Marie from her bonds. Upon being untied, she arose to her feet, cleaned her parts with a towel and rearranged her dress. Roxboro drew her to him and kissed her passionately. “You please me very much, Marie,” he said. “I am sure we will get along nicely together here; you are very familiar with the tricks of pleasure and we will try out some more of them on our next visit.” So saying, he dismissed her. Then he walked over to the couch, upon which he threw himself, apparently for the purpose of resting.

    In an hour or so luncheon was served. The uncle and his two pretty nieces chatted throughout the meal, and after it was finished, he announced that he had still further work to do in his library and would be absent for the afternoon, but would see the girls again at dinnertime.

    Caroline, whose passions had been excited to the utmost by the scenes she had witnessed in the morning, decided to play a little game of her own so she again persuaded Freda to busy herself about the grounds, stating that she had some things to do in her room and would be busy that afternoon.

    This, however, transpired after her uncle had departed for the library, so that he knew nothing of her plans. In a few minutes she ascended the stairs to her own room, where she bathed herself carefully arid anointed herself with perfumed powder. Donning some of the beautiful lingerie she had purchased the day before, she stood surveying herself in the mirror, her passion mounting steadily until she felt as though she were aflame, admiring her beautiful form under the silken texture of the lovely undergarments, which covered and yet revealed the beauties. Slipping into a peignoir of orchid silk, she stepped to the library door upon which she gave a slight tap.

    Roxboro had prepared himself for an afternoon of rest and now stood in his underclothing, preparatory to bathing. Hearing the knock coming from Caroline's door, however, he stepped to it and opened it. “What is it, dear?” he queried.

    “Oh, uncle, I just tried on some of my new things and thought you might like to see them,” she replied, blushing prettily and clasping the peignoir closely about her figure.

    “Just a minute, sweetheart; I am about to bathe, but as soon as I do so, I shall be right in, so just be patient for a few moments.”

    Roxboro thereupon took himself to his own bath, where he proceeded to take a warm tub. In the meantime, Caroline placed herself in a large, soft easy chair and permitted her imagination to run riot. Gone was the maidenly modesty that had troubled her at first. Her experiences had made a woman of her and the scenes of the morning-the large, red, firm shaft of her uncle's cock-had excited her beyond measure; she longed for it now as she had never desired anything in her life; she felt that unless she received its length in her burning slit she should go mad.

    She had not long to wait for the appearance of her uncle. In a few moments he entered the room, bolting the door behind him, then stepped to the door of her room leading into the hall, which he also inspected to ascertain if it were bolted securely.

    Walking to a large armchair, he seated himself and said, “Well, Caroline, my dear, let's see the new pretties you spoke of.”

    He had wrapped himself in a robe, but was apparently wearing nothing else. However, he seemed to be rather indifferent and showed no particular inclination to handle the lovely damsel who now rose to her feet before him, turned about slowly to allow him to inspect the beauties of the lacy robe which covered her form. “Very pretty; very pretty, indeed; now let's see what you have on under it,” he directed. The blushing Caroline, in a demure manner, made a slight hesitation about removing the robe, but in a moment permitted her courage to gain ascendency over her modesty and allowed the chiffon dressing gown to drop to the floor, revealing her lovely figure clad in pale yellow silk chemise and drawers, trimmed with snowy lace; the sheer fabric of the garments permitted the tinge of her pink flesh to show through in spots, and left practically nothing to the imagination, the fabric serving only to enhance rather than conceal nature's beauties.

    “Hm! Very pretty, very pretty, indeed!” quoth the lord, still apparently not carried away by his niece's attractions and making no effort to grasp or handle her. This did not suit the parched girl in the slightest; she wanted something far more substantial than mere verbal admiration.

    Coming closer to her uncle, she pointed out to him the beauties of the underclothing, called attention to the elegance of the lace trimming and the beautiful silken sheen of the fabric, in her interest being very careless about exposing to her uncle those parts of her person which modesty usually causes ladies to conceal, hoping thus to arouse him to the point of making a proposal, which he seemed not the least inclined to do. She wondered if she would have to make the advances; it was beginning to look very much as though she should if she wished to arrive at her desires.

    Consequently, casting aside all subterfuge, she threw herself in her uncle's lap, her hand searching inside his gown for that noble derringer of his, her lips glued to his as she pressed her soft, hot body tightly to him. “Oh, uncle, uncle; I am so glad you are here; I have been wanting you all morning!”

    Her hand had found his engine, only to discover that it was in a sadly flaccid state, totally useless to her in its present condition. She fingered, squeezed, and pulled it. “Now, Caroline! Don't do that, my dear; get away from there and let that thing alone!” The girl started to whimper, pressing her body to his, sucking and chewing on his lips as her hand clutched and squeezed his manhood, which soon began to show some signs of life under this treatment, limbs writhing in the torments of lust which she feared her uncle might perhaps not want to gratify at this time, and her condition was such that she was simply consumed by it.

    “What the devil's got into you, girl?” queried Roxboro, his hand slipping between her legs and up to that delicious crotch, where it was immediately tightly squeezed by her burning thighs. “What makes you carry on like this; you're burning hot!”

    “Oh, uncle, dear, you see, I was looking through the door this morning at you and Marie-”

    “So!” cried her uncle, bursting into hearty laughter. “A little jealous, is that it? And of a serving maid, too, by Godfrey!”

    “Oh, no, sir, only-well, you know-I got all excited-I couldn't help watching and listening and I got so excited- oh, uncle, do something for me, won't you?”

    Her burning fingers still clutched and frigged that almost inanimate tool of her uncle, but alas! Beyond some slight throbbing movements, it seemed doomed to uselessness; surely it could not be used for any good purpose in its present soft and flaccid state. However, she continued her entreaties and the man finally picked her up, carried her to the bed and deposited her thereon, where she lay upon her back, her legs outspread with the secret delights of femininity exposed to the gaze of the man.

    “Well, my dear, I'm terribly sorry, but I fear I cannot recuperate sufficiently to do anything much for you, at least for some time to come,” said the lord.

    “Oh, uncle, can't you do something to make him hard? Isn't there something you can do? What shall I do-can't I make him hard? Oh, I simply must have some relief or I shall go mad,” and the sex-mad girl writhed with disappointed lust.

    “Well, my dear, I had a rather hectic morning with Marie, as you know, and I fear he is pretty well jaded, so I don't know what I can do about it. You must remember that you are quite innocent; now, Marie, with her versatility and her knowledge of the methods of love, could probably arouse him in a jiffy, but I fear you will just have to wait until he recuperates from his labors of this morning.”

    “Oh, oh, oh!” moaned Caroline and, sitting up in the bed, threw off all her clothing except her stockings. “How mean you are, uncle!” she cried, tears of vexation starting in her beautiful blue eyes. “You just want to be stubborn and mean to me; you don't love me, that is all}”

    “There, there, my dear!” he soothed her. “Don't take it so hard. I will renew my vigor in a short time and then I will take care of you to your heart's desire. But for the present, I fear there is only one thing that would cause me to get sufficiently excited to do you any good at the present time, so let's let the matter drop.”

    “Oh, so that's it, is it?” the lascivious girl replied. “I see; you think I won't do whatever you want me to, is that it? Well, I'm serious! You may do whatever you wish, only give me some satisfaction! Anything, I tell you! I heard your conversation with Marie and the things she told you. Do whatever you wish! Beat me! Abuse me! Treat me the same as you did Marie, if that suits you! Anything at all, only don't leave me like this, I beg of you!”

    “Well, my little firefly; you seem to be in quite a state! Now, do you wish me to treat you as I did Marie, or are you merely trying to excite my passions?”

    “I mean every word,” breathed the girl, her hand clutching his still half-flaccid penis. “Oh, come close to me-hold me tight.” The man slipped off his robe and got into bed beside the girl, who immediately threw herself upon him, rubbing her burning quim against his hairy belly, her arms tightly clasped about his neck, her lips, hot and dry, biting and sucking his own.

    This extreme randiness on the part of his erstwhile modest and bashful niece was having its effect upon the lord. Realizing his advantage, he prepared to profit by it. His prick was beginning to assume more lifelike proportions; by little nips and slappings and robbings he increased the heated girl's desire. “I warn you, Caroline, you are bringing this upon yourself! I would not have suggested it to you, but since you seem determined to have me enjoy you, I am going to see just how much truth there is in the theory of sadism! If you want me to desist, now is the time! Either calm yourself and quit trying to excite me, or if you continue and succeed in arousing me, I shall do to you what I did to Marie!”

    “Oh, uncle, anything-anything at all; I am dying for you,” cried the lovesick girl.

    The man hesitated no longer. Flinging the girl to one side, he arose, turned the girl upon her face, and getting atop of her, placed his hands underneath her belly and hips and pulled her upward to an all-fours position, gripping the soft flesh of her thighs in his strong hands until the girl moaned with pain, although her buttocks were writhing violently from side to side in an excess of passion.

    Changing his hold, he now clutched her firmly by the breasts, his eager fingers sinking into the soft, white flesh; he lifted the girl's body into the air. She bit her lips to choke back a scream of pain, but made no remonstrance.

    With a sudden motion the lord, moving around in front of the girl, in a kneeling position, quickly pushed his half-hard prick in front of her lips. Looking up, she observed it; immediately she lunged forward, seizing the morsel in her hot, dry lips, and began furiously sucking and chewing upon it, her tiny teeth gently biting its slippery head. Under this treatment the member began to grow-in a moment it had throbbed itself into full, rampant strength.

    With quick, hot breaths of lust, die lord now moved around in back of the girl, who still remained in a position of all-fours upon the bed'-resting upon her knees and hands. Her soft, milky-white bottom was presented full to the lord's admiring gaze as he knelt behind her, the head of his tool aimed directly at the small brown spot in the center of the two milky globes of her buttocks.

    Edging himself forward slowly, he applied the hot, wet tip of his rampant cock to the small buttonhole of her rectum. Pushing forward slightly, the girl jerked with a wince of pain, but braced herself for the onslaught, in her passionate condition neither realizing nor caring what was about to happen to her.

    The head of the man's flaming rod being directed fully against the object of its aim, the man clasped the girl by the hips and gently drew her body toward him; as he did so, he could feel his member slowly entering that tightly constricted orifice, so much smaller than that of Marie that he wondered how the girl could stand the obvious pain of it. In fact, she was biting her lips and clenching her hands to prevent crying out-she was so lustful that, although she felt certain she should be split open, she determined to undergo the torture to the limit; the tight muscles of her small anus seemed about to be ripped apart as they vainly constricted themselves in an effort to withstand this monstrous intruder who was thus violating the privacy of the girl's fundament. As the enormous head passed the portal, she was forced to give vent to a little scream of pain, her arms giving way, her head sunk to her pillows, although her legs still valiantly supported her hinder parts in their original position. “You see, Caroline,” quoth his lordship, “I told you it would hurt you.”

    “Oh, forgive me, uncle; I couldn't help but scream a little; it hurts so terribly. I guess I can stand it, though, if you will go easy.”

    Resting for a moment, during which his prick throbbed with desire, he could feel the grippings of the girl's anal muscles about the circumference of his staff. He made another forward push, to be rewarded with another stifled scream of the agonized girl, who was now stuffing the bed clothing into her mouth to prevent screaming aloud.

    The keen edge of his appetite having been worn off by the morning's rout, and feeling a sort of pity for the tender girl before him, the man decided to carry the thing no farther, so gently withdrawing his now fully distended weapon from the too-small sheath that had enclosed it, he permitted the girl to sink to the bed; no sooner had she done so than she threw herself over upon her back and, reaching up, clutched the man and drew him down upon her. Her bottom wriggled and shook, her breath came in gasps and her flaming skin was crimson. Reaching down, she seized his large and reddened cock and, rising to meet it, slipped it into her lovely golden Quim.

    With one plunge the man drove his weapon into the utmost depths of her burning cunt. With a series of maddened plunges the girl wrestled and writhed as though to throw her attacker from her; her limbs entwined him; her mouth searched for his lips and she attempted to bite him-but contented herself with chewing and sucking upon his lips.

    In their struggles the girl's head moved about until it hung down over the side of the bed; her lovely hair trailed upon the floor; her salacious membranes seemed to pump upon the shaft of his mighty charger as her bottom worked violently up and down to meet the mighty plunges with which he now belabored her. His right hand had slipped under her body, a forefinger had searched between the cheeks of her beautiful milk-white arse and found the entrance to that other channel, which had so recently been violated, and now, inserting merely the tip of the finger into that charming orifice, he worked it backward and forward in time with the plunges of their bodies, an action which seemed to drive the girl to still further madness. He could feel the head of his tool grinding against the very walls of her womb-he idly wondered to himself how she would feel about this performance after it was over, knowing that while she was unconscious of it at present, presently she would suffer considerable pain for this rough handling of her delicate interior.

    The girl was bothered by no thoughts of the future or anything except the delicious present! She lay there, her blue eyes upturned until they disappeared under the upper lids; her teeth were clenched upon her lower lip, her hands were feebly grasping and clutching the bedclothing and her bottom worked viciously as she met the heated drives of her opponent.

    Such excitement could not continue long. In a few moments the girl gave a short low moan, her arms clasped her uncle and drew him tightly down upon her, her upflung legs circled and gripped his back and as he, realizing her moment was approaching, gave her the full benefit of his long and sturdy engine, she met her climax and with moans and groans of passion the salacious pair melted in the bliss of delight.

    That evening some friends appeared shortly after dinner, and a pleasant evening was spent by the occupants of the household, engaged in chatting and music. After the events of the day, the lord felt that his physique sorely needed a good rest, so after the departure of the visitors, he bade his nieces good night and retired to his own chambers, where he passed the night in sleep.

    Arising at the usual hour in the morning, he dressed himself for the day and descended to the dining room where he found Caroline and Freda awaiting him. He greeted them, Caroline sweetly bidding him good morning in the most innocent manner. He glanced at the blushing Marie, noting that she was somewhat embarrassed, fumbling with the dishes as she served their breakfasts. He wondered what she would think had she known their affairs of the day before had been witnessed by Caroline.

    Breakfast concluded, he repaired to the library for the purpose of writing some letters and attending to some matters of business. He was engaged in these matters when there was a light tap-tap on the door. Upon directing the person to enter, the door opened and Marie, blushing prettily, stood framed in the doorway.

    “All right, Marie, you may come in,” said his lordship. The girl entered the room, closing the door behind her. “Sit down, girl,” he directed. The maid crossed to a chair where she seated herself facing him. Her face was suffused with blushes and she twisted her hands nervously as she stole a sidelong glance at the nobleman.

    “What is the matter, Marie?” asked Roxboro.

    “I–I just thought that I would come to see you. I thought perhaps you might have wanted to see me before I went to work downstairs,” she finished lamely.

    The lord laughed at her faltering speech and her inability to come out directly with the object of her visit. Evidently she had misinterpreted the meaning of his glances at the breakfast table and thought he might wish her to visit him in his library.

    “Come over here and stand before me, Marie,” he said, and sat back in his chair. The girl rose obediently and crossed the room, to stand directly before him. His lordship, passing an arm around her waist, pushed his other hand up beneath her dress, up her bare thighs, and as she spread her legs slightly to accommodate his questing fingers, his roving hand wandered about her lower person, front and back, curling the hair between her legs, finally an inquisitive finger sought out and entered that enticing slit, which immediately clasped and clung to it with hot, moist lips. He gently manipulated that sensitive portion of the girl's anatomy, causing her to twist and jerk with intense feeling, little sighs and moans issuing from her lips as her body thrilled and throbbed with passion.

    The man watched intently the effect his fingering and caresses were having upon the fair girl. Holding her tightly about the waist, he continued to finger and manipulate her, intending to cause her to reach a climax.

    As her passion mounted, her writhings became more and more excited until finally, breaking from his grasp, she crossed the room and threw herself upon the couch, her dresses furled up about her body, her legs widely spread, her eyes gleaming brightly with passion and with a smile upon her face which silently invited him to the fray. The lascivious girl had reached a state of utter wantonness; as she lay outspread upon the couch in that inviting position, she was a charming picture of feminine desire, her bottom moving convulsively, her hands clenching and unclenching, her face a rosy pink with excitement, her snowy legs and belly quivering with desire.

    The man viewed the sight with extreme pleasure, but his ideas were along slightly different lines from those of the lust-maddened girl. His tool had become only half-hardened and he did not wish, at this time, to satisfy her lustful desires in the manner she so much wished.

    Opening his trousers he withdrew the half-limp organ, allowing it to hang out in sight of the girl, but made no move to approach her. In a few moments, realizing that her invitation was wasted, she sprang from the couch, approached the man and, grasping his slack member with her warm hands, began to caress and frig it in an effort to bring it into full strength, the man's apparent indifference only serving to increase her wild desire. However, seeing that efforts to arouse him were fruitless and angered at his apparent indifference, the girl soon desisted from her attempts and, returning to the couch, threw herself upon it facedown and burst into angry tears of disappointment.

    “Now, now, Marie,” said the lord. “Don't take on so. You are extremely attractive, but why be in such a rash? I have an idea I would like to try out before we do what you wish to; do. I don't want to drain my strength so early in the morning.” Picking up the pen with which he had been writing at the desk, he twirled it in his fingers. “Do you know, Marie,” he said, “I have a notion to hurt you with the point of this pen? I would like to prick you on the pussy with it, I think I would get a thrill from that.” Here he held the pen up for her inspection. “It won't hurt you much, my girl, and I believe it would give me great pleasure. Come! Stand up here and let me prick you slightly with it!”

    The startled girl looked up from the couch. “Oh, no, no, sir. I couldn't stand that, I'm sure! And besides, the point is covered with ink and I know I would get blood poisoning!”

    The thought of inflicting pain upon that sweet young person, of pricking her snowy thighs and pink slit with the pen point had inflamed his passion and his flaccid organ began to rise somewhat.

    “Come, Marie,” he cried somewhat irritably. “Come over here close to me and at least let me try it once and see how it is!”

    “Oh, no, no, sir!” she replied. “I'm afraid; I know you would hurt me and I just couldn't stand it!”

    “Oh, if you are afraid of the ink, I will change the point,” said the man and here he withdrew the old point and, throwing it into the wastebasket, secured a bright new point from a box on the table, which he inserted in the holder. Moistening it with his lips, he dried it carefully and motioned the girl to stand before him.

    “Oh, you will hurt me, master!” she moaned; nevertheless she hesitantly rose to her feet and, holding the front of her dresses up, exposing her belly and thighs, she fearfully approached his lordship.

    Standing before him, he had her spread her legs widely apart, then inserted a finger into her cleft as far as it would reach, he titillated and fingered her sheath until the lustful girl feared she would spend.

    With his free hand he reached to the table and secured the penholder. Admonishing the girl to hold her dresses as high as she could, thus exposing the whole front of her person as high as her breasts, pulling her thighs widely apart, his busy finger rapidly rubbing her hot, salacious quim, he inspected the girl's body minutely, admiring the soft milky whiteness of her skin and the silky down covering her cunt. His tool had by now stiffened to a rampant hardness and he was tempted to insert it into that delicious cleft, but restrained himself from so doing in favor of the infliction of pain on those tender parts.

    He ordered the girl to step back slightly and to place one foot on the chair, thus exposing to the fullest those secret parts which he now intended to torment.

    The girl gazed at him with widened eyes, half-fearful but wholly lustful, his busy fingers sending throbs of delight through her tender cunt; although frightened at what was to ensue, her excited condition was such that she was willing to undergo anything, even though painful, which would enhance her erotic pleasure.

    Manipulating the girl's quivering slit violently with the one hand, with the other he held the pen as a lancet and gave the girl's plump thigh a sharp although slight prick. She instantly recoiled in pain. “Oh, master, you hurt me; oh, sir, why do you want to stick me with that?” With her hand she endeavored to brash away the annoying and painful instrument held against her thigh. A small red spot appeared from which oozed a tiny droplet of blood.

    The sight maddened the man. His eyes glittered and his breast heaved with excitement; his member now throbbed with passion, swollen until it felt as though it would burst. His hand moved about pricking now here, now there the soft white flesh of the girl's milky thighs; then moved up and the point inserted itself in the smooth roundness of her belly. As the sharp point touched her sensitive flesh, the girl twisted and squirmed and made as though to break away.'”.

    Removing his finger from her burning cleft, he now embraced the girl about the hips with his left arm, holding her tightly. Her body writhed and squirmed; low moans escaped her lips as the darting point touched her at different points upon her limbs and belly.

    Holding her tightly, and reversing the pen, he slipped between the throbbing lips of her slit the smooth handle of the pen which he slipped up into her person as far as it would go. Moving it about for a few seconds, he withdrew it, and, again advancing the point, pricked the squirming girl slightly on the outer lip of her quivering quim. A terrific jerk and the girl almost tore herself free, as a scream arose from her lips. Her straggles were useless, however, as, clutching her fiercely, the now insane man jabbed repeatedly at the tender, sensitive lips of her cunt, small spots of blood appearing after each jab. This continued for several seconds, and then the lust-maddened man, in a frenzy of excitement, dropped the pen to the floor, and, seizing the girl by the buttocks, drew her fiercely to him; his head dropped and he kissed her passionately upon the belly and thighs and finally upon that moss-covered spot itself, his tongue titillating the lips and clitoris of the frantic girl, who, now that he had abandoned his torture of her, became frantic with passion and lust, her bottom and belly working violently as his hot lips and nimble tongue titillated her secret parts. Clutching his head in her hands, she fiercely squeezed him to her as she stood there, her quivering legs widely spread apart, her head thrown back and her eyes glazed with lust; he nearly fainted from sheer pleasure and excitement.

    A new thought seized the man. Turning to his desk he reached for a cigar that he had been smoking when the girl entered, and which still lay smoldering upon the ashtray. With a few quick puffs he breathed it into life and, shaking off the ashes, thrust the glowing end directly against the girl's tender cunt. She had not noticed what he was about to do and at the contact she emitted a loud scream of pain. An odor of burning flesh and hair permeated the man's nostrils. The sharp pain of the bum, mingled with the intensity of excitement the girl had been undergoing for several minutes, proved too much, and she collapsed to the floor in a swoon. As her body crumpled slowly downward, she was sprinkled with the sperm from the man's raging cock as it was ejaculated upon her from his involuntary spending as he had pressed the cigar to her quivering flesh and watched with maniacal eyes as it seared and burned.

    The man relaxed in his chair for a moment, then arose and, no whit alarmed by the girl's swoon, picked her up and carried her to the couch. Laying her there upon her back, he parted her thighs and, kneeling at the foot of the couch, leaned forward and buried his face in the curls of her dark underbrush. With hot tongue he began to caress the lips and clitoris of her entrancing slit, tonguing and mouthing her quivering crevice. In a moment the girl's eyes reopened; the delicious sensation and soothing feel of the man's wet lips and tongue against the bums and lacerations increasing the pleasure, and in her highly excited condition needing but little encouragement, she quickly reached the apogee of pleasure. Her hands clasped the man's head, which she drew tightly against her body, her thighs clasping him as she frenziedly squeezed his head in the throes of her orgasm. “Master! Master!” she cried, “Take it! Oh, suck it! Suck it! Oh, I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh, that's so good! So good! A-a-a-h!” With a low moan, the girl relaxed, her hands covering her eyes as she sank back into the cushions that covered the couch.

    The man arose to his feet and, going to the bath, secured a towel with which he wiped the still-rampant plunger, which stood stiffly out from the front of his trousers; he then handed the cloth to the girl and directed her to cleanse herself also.

    As she did so, she looked up and saw the great weapon swaying from the front of his trousers and she involuntarily shuddered. Drawing down her dresses, she rolled over on her face on the couch and lay panting for breath.

    The man threw himself beside her, took her in his arms and pressed hot kisses upon her face and neck and her hot willing lips, she responding with equal ardor.

    Reaching down, he drew up her skirts in the back, his hand petting and caressing the soft, smooth, round cheeks of her bottom. Drawing her hand down, he placed it about the large erect bolus, which was still rampant and apparently ready for further action.

    The girl's still-excited condition responded readily to these exciting conditions and she breathed softly into his lordship's ear, “Do it, master! Do it to me! Oh, put it in; I want it, oh, I want it!”

    The man was not loath. Rolling her over upon her back, he leaped astride of her; her eager hand guided his shaft into her cleft. With one fierce plunge he impaled it within her and with fierce moves the two twisted and turned with passion in an endeavor to bring about that sweet melting crisis that was so dear to their hearts.

    “Master! Master!” breathed Marie, throwing her legs far up on his back and pressing his body close to hers, “I am coming again, master! I am coming again! Oh, there it goes-there it goes!!” she panted.

    She gave him push for push as her torrent gurgled upon his throbbing rod, bedewing his balls with her sticky elixir.

    Lord Roxboro replied by grasping her fiercely in a firm embrace about her buttocks and, raising himself above her, let himself fall and bury his burning staff deeply into her burning membranes and poured within her a flood of sperm that seemed to be without end. Biting and kissing her he continued to move his sweet charger within her until the last oozing drop was distilled from his glowing point. Then, with a gasp of fatigue, he lay full length upon her, totally exhausted.

    They lay in this state a few minutes, both being unable to move. Then his lordship struggled to his feet and assisted her to hers and escorted her to the bathroom, where they performed their toilettes. Having thus repaired the damage done to their appearances, his lordship gently kissed her and escorted her to the library door. Marie was still trembling and quivering from the onslaught and, her Lordship pressing her to him with his lips glued to hers, she held to him tightly and with closed eyes returned his caresses and affection. Then, tearing herself loose from his embrace, she darted through the door and flew down the passageway.

    The nobleman staggered back into the library and flung himself upon the couch and gave himself up to his thoughts.

    “What a violent ball of fire that Marie is!” he soliloquized, gasping for breath. “A few days with a girl like that would prove too much for me! I suppose I must be getting old. I can't stand the jousts of love as I did of yore.”

    After a short time, the lord awoke and, refreshed by his short nap, proceeded downstairs to the sitting room, where he found his two charming nieces engaged in a game of dominoes. As he entered, the girls stopped playing and Caroline favored him with a roguish smile. Evidently she and Freda had been engaged in a discussion of some kind in which Freda had come off second best, as her face wore a sullen look and she hung her head.

    “Why what is the matter, girls?” inquired Lord Roxboro, looking from one to the other. “Have you been quarreling?”

    “Oh, no,” laughed Caroline. “Freda and I just had a little argument and I am sure that she is now convinced that she was wrong. Aren't you, dear?” she asked.

    “No,” sulked Freda, “I am not wrong and I know I am right. I know-and you can't tell me otherwise, so there!”

    “Dear! Dear!” laughed the lord indulgently. “What is this tempest in a teapot all about? Come, girls, tell uncle so that he can decide the whole affair. What is it?”

    Seating himself at the small table before which they had been playing, he leaned back in his chair, awaiting their explanation.

    Caroline looked at Freda and laughed and Freda hung her head. The nobleman looked from one to the other in a puzzled manner.

    He was at a loss to know what had occasioned the spat and determined to get at the bottom of it.

    “Come, Caroline,” he said coaxingly, passing his hand around her upper arm and softly squeezing the cool flesh that palpitated beneath his clasp. “Come, Caroline, tell me what this is all about.” As he spoke his knee moved over to Caroline's and pressed it against her leg under cover of the table. Caroline returned the pressure with interest and, moving one of her hands over, laid it upon his thigh.

    “Why, uncle,” she said, turning her charming eyes full upon him and squeezing his thigh under the table; “Freda and I were just talking about babies!” and she blushed and hung her head;

    “About babies!” echoed the lord in a surprised tone. “What in the world do you mean?” he said, giving Caroline a warning glance and motioning toward Freda.

    “Yes, about babies!” cried Freda emphatically, shaking her head to emphasize the statement. “Caroline says-” and here she hurried on breathlessly, “Caroline says-she says that one girl can have two or three babies at once! I know that that isn't true! Is it, uncle?” and she turned her eyes upon her uncle.

    “Ha, ha!” evaded the lord, somewhat confounded by her direct glance and question. “Hm! Freda and Caroline, where on earth do you get all these ideas? Who has been talking about babies to you? And what do you know about babies? What does all this mean?” he asked, looking rather sternly from one to the other.

    Caroline was not the least nonplussed but seemed rather amused at his searching glance, and Freda, adopting an air of wisdom that was extremely comical, opened her lips to speak, but changed her mind and closed them again.

    “Come, Freda,” said the lord, moving his chair closer to her and looking at her coaxingly. “Come now, tell your uncle where you got all those ideas and everything.”

    Freda shot a look at Caroline and, again looking at her uncle, said in a complacent tone: “I know all about babies and how they are born! A girl can only have one baby at a time, and I know that and I am sure.”

    “God have mercy on us!” said his lordship. “Where did you find that out?” He was surprised at the precocity of his little niece, a mere child of fourteen.

    “Why, at the convent, of course; all of us girls knew.”

    “Do you know how they are made?” he inquired, winking at Caroline and nudging her with his knee.

    “Oh, certainly,” said the complacent Freda. “I know exactly how they are made! I know all about it! And I know what you have there!” She pointed a small index finger at the front of the astonished peer's trousers. “And I also know what you do with it!”

    Caroline blushed furiously at Freda's action in pointing at the spot that had played such an active part in stimulating and appeasing her own emotions in the last day or so. His lordship, however, was taken aback and hemmed and hawed, crossing and recrossing his legs nervously.

    Freda, looking from one to another, took malicious delight in the sensation she had created. She rocked in her chair with laughter and continued to point her finger at that part of the lord's trousers that she judged covered his charger.

    “Freda, my dear,” said his lordship, recovering somewhat from his surprise at her totally unexpected sally, “you know you shouldn't talk like that. Did you talk like that at school? Did the sisters know you talked like that?”

    “We girls only talked about such things in the dormitories, when we were alone. The sisters would have punished us severely if they knew.”

    “Why, Freda,” said Caroline, pressing her uncle's knee beneath the table, “you shouldn't talk that way before uncle. You know it isn't nice, and besides, uncle doesn't like it. Do you, uncle?” she asked, squeezing her uncle's knee and winking at him.

    “Why, you and I talked about it last night,” said Freda, smiling with malice at Caroline's blushes. “And you didn't blush or act like you are acting now, either,” went on the mischievous child.

    “Here, here, girls!” laughed the lord, seeing that the discussion was growing heated. “Remember, girls, don't tell tales out of school; keep your knowledge to yourself and no one will be the wiser. Come, girls, let us forget all about it.”

    “Oh, but I don't want to forget about it,” pouted the adorable child. “I admit there are some things I shouldn't know about, but then there are lots of things I do know; the things which annoy me are those I have only a very hazy idea about. There's one thing I want to know: will you answer me a question, uncle?”

    “Well, Miss Inquisitive, perhaps I might; let's hear what it is, first.”

    “Well, uncle,” said Freda, squirming and twisting upon her seat, “one of the girls and I had an argument. Now, isn't it true when a girl has a baby she can only have one baby at a time, and if there are two, doesn't the doctor bring the other one? My girl friend said I was wrong and that a girl can not only have two, but perhaps three, or even more and that in rare cases they have been known to have four. Is that true?”

    The lord looked quizzically at Freda and wondered if she were spoofing him, or if she were really in earnest about what she had asked.

    This frank discussion of a subject usually taboo to children was rather disconcerting to his lordship and he cast a sidelong glance at Caroline to see what effect the discussion was having upon her. She was still stroking and pinching his thighs, her knee jammed tightly against his, under the table. Her hand was dangerously close to his organ, which had begun to rise in the course of this interesting discussion.

    Caroline's face was crimson but she was evidently enjoying the discussion. Clearing his throat the man said, “Freda, I see that you are thoroughly determined to satisfy yourself on this point. Well, then, it is possible for a woman to give birth to twins-in fact, it is even possible for her to have three or four or perhaps even more.”

    “But, uncle,” cried Freda, her eyes wide with amazement at this startling information, “how on earth can she get three or four babies at once?”

    “Do you really know, Freda, how and why a girl gets a baby? How this little trick is performed?”

    “Oh, yes,” replied the child. “I know how that is done! You just take that thing there in your trousers and stick it up in a girl's crack, the one between her legs, and push and push and a baby is made! Isn't that how it is done, uncle?” Her eyes clouded with a slight tinge of doubt as she gazed wonderingly into Lord Roxboro's face.

    “Well, yes, after a fashion!” confessed the man, laughing. “You have the general idea, although you are somewhat at sea on some of the technical points.” Saying this, he laughed loudly and pressed his knee against Caroline's and gently rubbed it.

    “Oh, I wish I knew all about it,” pouted Freda, her face causing them both to burst into peals of laughter. Freda looked from one to another as they laughed, her brow creased in a frown because of these two older persons ridiculing her apparent ignorance.

    “Shall I tell her, Caroline?” queried the lord. “Shall I describe this little operation? You won't mind, will you?”

    Caroline, in a quandary, her feelings mixed in her head, already in a lustful mood for the caresses and touchings of her uncle, scarcely knew how to answer. The conversation had aroused her lust and she was thoroughly enjoying it, although hesitating to concur in her younger sister's debauchery.

    The lord, taking Caroline's silence for consent, drew his chair closer to the table, and as his hand caressed the form of Caroline through her dress, he draped the other arm over the back of Freda's chair and commenced:

    “Well, child, your desire for knowledge on this usually taboo subject is rather startling, but most refreshing. At that, I am somewhat embarrassed because men don't usually inform little girls on the subject of impregnation and birth. Be warned, now, that in your search for knowledge you may bring down upon yourself revelations that will shock you and may disabuse your mind of many fanciful and romantic ideas that young girls are wont to have.”

    “Oh, uncle, do go ahead and tell me all about it!” cried the interested Freda. “I am so curious to know about all those things.”

    “Very well, then,” laughed her uncle, and forthwith launched into a vivid though technical description of those processes of nature that involve the reproduction of the humankind, couching his language in such terms as would be understandable to a child of her age. His lecture was listened to with avid interest by both the girls, Caroline herself listening with considerable concentration to his discussion which opened her eyes to many points on which she had heretofore been hazy or of which she had been totally ignorant.

    At length he finished his dissertation and leaned back in his chair. The eager-eyed and flushed-faced Freda said, “Oh, uncle, you have made a lot of things clear that I didn't understand before. And, uncle, you have got one of those things that goes into a girl's body, haven't you?” she asked, glancing at the bulge in his lap.

    “Why, yes, certainly,” laughed the lord. “I have a thing like that, as you call it. Have you ever seen one, Freda?”

    “Oh, no, sir,” said the excited girl. “I never did. Won't you show me yours, uncle?”

    “Why, Freda!” gasped the shocked Caroline, blushing furiously. “How can you talk like that to uncle? I am ashamed of you; you haven't the least bit of modesty, you shameless girl!”

    “Nonsense,” laughed the lord gaily. “Now, Caroline, you really can't blame Freda for her thirst for knowledge! Freda, I congratulate you on your thirst for information. You apparently intend to satisfy your curiosity at any cost.”

    “Won't you let me see it, uncle dear?” asked Freda roguishly, looking at her uncle with sparkling eyes.

    “Well, now, that is rather a delicate question,” answered Roxboro. “Would you be willing to show me your intimate parts if I were to ask you? Would you give your consent immediately to such a request?”

    The girl deliberated for a moment and then, lifting her head and after a look at Caroline's flaming countenance, said, “Why, yes, uncle, if you wanted to look at me, I'm sure I wouldn't mind!”

    “Well,” cried the lord, “After my lecture it is no more than right that I should point out to you the parts under discussion! Move over, Freda; pull your chair up closer.”

    The child moved her chair, at which his lordship reached down and lifted up her skirts, furling them about her waist.

    “Now, spread your legs out wide, Freda,” he said and as she widely opened her legs he allowed his hand to creep up her silk-clad leg above her stocking and come to rest on the few inches of bare flesh that was exposed between the top of her stockings and her drawers. His hand lingered there for a moment as he caressed and molded her cool skin; then, lifting his hand to her waistline, he unbuttoned her drawers and drew them down in front. Furling her chemise upward behind her, she pulled down her drawers, exposing her pinkish crevice and then grasping the man's hand, drew it against her soft, warm belly.

    She had apparently just reached the age of puberty, as the crotch between her legs was beginning to show a shadow of fine, soft, darkish hair that gave evidence that ere long she would have a fine dark crop.

    The field of action was now open to his hand and he allowed his fingers to glide over every inch of her finely chiseled abdomen, letting it slip down to her crotch and fingering the curly tendrils that overshadowed her cleft, exploring every crevice! minutely.

    Freda twisted restlessly under these handlings and as Lord Roxboro thrust his hand in between her widespread thighs and molded her warm delicate outer lips, she squeezed her thighs together on his hand and held it as in a vise.

    “Oh, uncle,” she quivered, “you make me feel so nervous! That's it, where you have your hand now. Let's see yours now.”

    “There you go,” laughed the lord, withdrawing his hand, without, however, fastening her drawers, and turned to Caroline who now lay heavily against him. He passed his hand over her forehead and was surprised at the fever and passion she was in. He looked at her knowingly and said laughingly:

    “My goodness, Caroline, this little sister of yours is surely inquisitive! Shall I let her see the object of her curiosity, dear Caroline?” and here he kissed Caroline lovingly on her quivering lips.

    “Just as you wish, uncle dear,” whispered Caroline, passing her arm about her uncle's neck and returning his kiss fervently.

    Freda was an interested spectator to this caressing as she sat with widely opened mouth.

    “Oh, Caroline,” she said, “you are not as quiet as you would have me believe. Kissing uncle like that! The very idea!”

    “You jealous little spitfire,” said Lord Roxboro, kissing Freda upon her full rosebud lips in return.

    “I want to see that thing!” cried Freda, twisting about in a sulk and flirting her dresses.

    “All right, little Boo-hoo,” said her uncle. “Down on your knees with you, and under the table where you can take it out and look at it to your heart's content.”

    “Oh, can't you take it out here in the light and let me look at it?” demanded Freda, wild-eyed.

    “No,” laughed his lordship. “You must crawl under the table and unbutton my trousers, take it out and look at it if you are going to see it at all.”

    Not daunted, Freda was under the table in a trice and flew to the buttons of his trousers. Lord Roxboro, due to his handlings of the two fair girls' persons, was in a magnificent state of erection by this time, and his rigid staff strained and pressed against its confinement.

    On Freda's undoing a few buttons, it popped out in her astonished face, its red angry head almost poking her. She handled and squeezed its fiery head and murmured and sighed over its great size.

    The peer did not lose this opportunity to draw Caroline to him and press her breasts and kiss her repeatedly, undoing the upper portion of her waist, exposing her beautiful white skin and delicately molded breasts despite her efforts to dissuade him, and allowing her soft silken breasts to become uncovered in the glare of the lights. He molded and caressed the now standing points and kissed the throbbing lips as she lay with closed eyes in his ardent embrace.

    “How do you like it down there, darling?” he queried, giving a forward push with his legs and enveloping Freda.

    “Oh, it is always so big! And hard! Mmmy!!! However in the world do you manage to insert that monster in a little crack?”

    The lord laughed merrily and Freda caressed and molded his joint tenderly, stroking and pushing slowly up and down on the stiff staff.

    “Oh, it's small enough to get into a good many cracks,” laughed Lord Roxboro and he pushed it gently toward Freda, under the table.

    “By the way, would you like to see our little Caroline's bower of pleasure?”

    Freda made a quick move and slid her hand up under Caroline's dresses.

    “Come, Freda, take a look at Caroline's crack, and that will help you to form an opinion as to the generous proportions of cracks in general.”

    “Oh, uncle,” gasped Caroline, holding him close. “Please don't allow that little minx to look at my coosie, please!”

    “Go on, Freda, take a good look!” He held Caroline close, while Freda, nothing loath, scrambled to raise her sister's dress and view that delectable spot. She displayed as much avidity as Lord Roxboro himself might have been reasonably expected to show in viewing the virgin locality.

    Caroline kicked and wriggled, twisted and squirmed in Lord Roxboro's arms, but despite her violent pleas for mercy, which Freda nonchalantly flouted, her dresses were unfurled and she was exposed to the gaze of the younger girl.

    Much surprised at Caroline's lack of drawers, Freda inserted her inquisitive fingers between the mossy bower and into the protruding lips of Caroline's pouting coosie.

    At the first intimation of her finger inserted into that feverish retreat, Caroline gave up the fight, and Freda, following her uncle's instructions, inserted her finger fully between the swollen cleft and immediately began to delectably massage the inner lips.

    It was heavenly and Caroline's eyes rolled and dilated with a sexual frenzy that betokened the fiery passion rampant in her tempestuous person.

    Freda moved her hand and fingers with a facility that betokened plenty of experience in such a lascivious pastime.

    Caroline lay back, her head on the arm of her uncle, and rolled her eyes in passionate frenzy, convulsive twinges running through her body, a warm glow suffusing her entire being, particularly in the vicinity where Freda's agile massage was being prosecuted with a vigorous and passionate vigor.

    She moved her glorious thighs up and down in unison with Freda's quick movements and kept murmuring, “Oh, uncle, oh, uncle, it is so good! Freda! Freda! Freda! your finger- oh, oh, oh… please… Freda… stop or I shall melt!”

    “That's enough,” cried Roxboro, his prick in a rampant state. “By the gods, girl, I can stand this no longer. Why should a man whose blood is warm sit like a grandsire, carved of alabaster? I can stand it no longer. Come, Caroline!” and he dragged the girl to her feet, rising at the same time.

    His rigid member stood forth nobly, waving in front of him like a wand. Caroline seized it avidly and stroked its rosy red head and molded it passionately.

    “Stop, stop! My God, girl, it is aroused enough! Do you want me to spend right here and now?”

    Caroline's dresses had fallen, covering her nudity. Grasping each of the girls by the arm the lord said, “Come Freda; come, Caroline,” and he led them to the couch in the comer of the room. Then, returning to the door, he locked and bolted it, drew the shades at the window and lit a small rose lamp on the table, which cast its rosy glow over the proceedings in the darkened room.

    Returning to the couch, he pushed Caroline down upon her back, pulled her skirts high above her waist, exposing the satiny surface of her stomach and unveiling to his eyes her entire person, stark naked. His hands petted and caressed the girl's beautiful body for a moment, then he threw himself upon her where he rolled and twisted like one possessed.

    Caroline rolled her eyes and tossed about in a frenzy, moaning, “Oh, uncle, please tuck it in-I am dying for it-please!”

    “Here, Freda; come and watch me impale myself in the sweet recesses of your sister!”

    Placing Freda's only too willing hand upon his fiery pole, he allowed her to guide it to the entrance of Caroline's quivery moist cunt, the lips of which were trembling and impatiently awaiting the entrance of his quivering, throbbing penis. Freda directed its blazing head at the pulsating orifice; a plunge and in it went, buried to the balls. Grasping Caroline to his bosom, he moved back and forth; Caroline threw her legs about his back and wiggled furiously beneath his mighty thrusts. Her eyes rolled upward, her bosom heaved, her bottom wriggled, throbbed, and burned. Roxboro glued his hot lips to her quivering mouth and inserted his tongue into the burning furnace of her throat. They instantly twined tongues and battled for supremacy. The girl's bottom moved with alacrity to meet his thrusts.

    “Freda, Freda,” Roxboro cried suddenly. “Come around in front of us here, and lift up your skirts. High, high up above your head!” The girl got out from beneath Roxboro, where she had been manipulating his testicles and watching the play of the sexes before her delighted eyes, and came around in front of the lord.

    She raised her dainty skirts high above her pert head, exposing the perfect contour of her divine limbs, the sweet little navel, the intriguing bower with its moss-covered hilly triangle, and all the perfect points of her childish beauty. All this was exposed without the least reservation to his lordship's gaze.

    Unfastening the string that still supported her drawers, the girl permitted them to fall to the floor about her feet and stood bare from the tops of her stocking to her waist, presenting a most alluring appearance.

    Reaching out an inquisitive finger, the lord inserted its tip into Freda's hot little cunt, causing her to wiggle and dance up and down on his aggressive digit.

    “OH, CAROLINE!! FREDA!! I'm blowing my stones; I'm coming, I'm coming, coming… ah, take that! and that! and that!” and he pushed the rigid throbbing member that was just at the thrilling climax of the heavenly act. Spitting, spluttering, he discharged a load of sperm that bespattered and drenched the coosie of the writhing Caroline.

    At almost the same moment, Caroline uttered a groan and shrieked, “OH, uncle, uncle…oh, I'm coming…Ooooooh! It is there… it is there… oh, uncle… push it farther, push it in as far as you can!” and she gave down a flood of dewy spunk, besplattering the monster organ of her uncle and drowning it in the sticky fluid.

    Her muscular cunt alternately tightened and relaxed its hold upon his prick, and Freda, peeking over the top of her upturned skirts, realized that the crisis had been reached. She allowed her dresses to drop and looked at them.

    Roxboro lifted his head in a moment and directed Freda to run to the toilet and procure a towel. Upon her return he took it from her and placed it between Caroline's dripping thighs; then, arising, he took one end of it and wiped the now softening prick. Freda approached the couch and inspected her sister's private parts to ascertain what damage, if any, had been done by the rude assault of her uncle's gigantic member. Her view of the preceding performance had hardened her resolve to indulge in such a course at the first opportunity, as she surmised the pleasure which had been her elder sister's portion in the battle of love just concluded.

    Turning to her uncle, she said, “Uncle, now that you are through with Carrie, won't you harden that thing again and do that to me? I want you to put it in me and lay on me like you did to her, won't you, uncle?”

    She approached her uncle and seized his prong, gazing at it in amazement. It was now reduced to a poor, shrunken, insignificant thing, far from the noble instrument it had been but a few short minutes before.

    “Come, come, Caroline,” said her uncle. “Get yourself to the bath and get rid of that load; do you want to become pregnant?” The girl struggled to her feet and staggered to the bath, the sticky fluid running down her ivory legs and soaking her stocking tops.

    Freda, gazing at her uncle's organ and holding it tightly in her fist, was amazed and disappointed as it continued to shrivel into practical nothingness, and she finally let it drop, wiping her hand upon her dress to remove the sticky substance it had encountered upon her uncle's member.

    Caroline, upon entering the bath, seemed to be in a daze. She staggered weakly to the toilet seat where she collapsed, half-fainting. The thought of the rough towel upon her tender parts was repugnant; although she had had a complete orgasm under her vigorous uncle's ministrations, she still felt unsatisfied; her nervous system was a mass of jangling bells; her cunt itched and burned. She desired she knew not what. Staggering to her feet, she opened the door and started across the room.

    “I feel rather strange; I think I shall go up to my room and lie down.”

    “Do so, by all means,” quoth his lordship. “A few minutes relaxation will restore you. Come down again when you feel better.”

    The girl walked to the door, which she unbolted and, passing through it, closed after her. She started for the stairway but, noting that the outer hall door was open, stepped out upon the veranda for a little fresh air. A breeze was blowing and she immediately felt better. “Ah, this is what I needed,” she breathed to herself. Stepping down from the veranda and into the grounds, she walked about for a few minutes; then, almost without knowledge of why she did so, her steps led her in the direction of the barns.

    Scarcely aware of where she was walking and with utter indifference as to her destination, she slowly walked toward the barn; the curious heat and itching of her pussy seemed to grow greater all the time.

    As she reached the barn, she stepped to the door, which was open, but as she crossed the threshold, her strength failed her and she nearly fainted as all seemed to go quite black before her eyes.

    Suddenly she felt an arm about her and heard a voice in her ear: “Why, what is the matter? You seem to be ill.”

    Caroline looked up into the handsome eyes of Carl, the stableboy. She sank weakly into his arms, and he supported her slowly to a stool that stood slightly back in the shadows of the large room of the barn.

    “Oh, it's you, is it, Carl?” she queried weakly as they sat together on the stool, her head resting on his shoulder, his strong arm about her as she leaned against his powerful young frame.

    Turning her head up and looking directly into his eyes, she whispered, “Kiss me, Carl!” The boy's eyes widened and his face flamed. She threw her arms about his neck and drew his face down to hers, then planted on his lips a lingering, hot, moist kiss, which he instantly returned, his arms grasping her yielding form tightly. Her arm dropped, her hand sought his lap and began to fumble with his trouser buttons. In a moment she had released his manly tool and drawn it forth, where she held it in her hand, manipulating and squeezing it as she felt its softness change into steely stiffness as the boy's passion rose.

    With this encouraging action on the part of the girl, the boy's part was simple. His hand groped for her dresses, lifted them, and he inserted his fingers between her now widespread legs, where they quickly found her hot, palpitating and still-wet pussy, which they proceeded to investigate and manipulate as the lad's lust mounted high. His hot kisses rained on the girl's lips, face, and neck. His breath came in gasps and his hardened cock now stood stiff and rampant under the girl's tantalizing touches. It was a noble staff indeed, young and virile; a fiery red head surmounted a gleamingly white staff of immense proportions, a much larger prong than that of her uncle, Caroline discovered, and one that promised untold sweets in the practice of love.

    The girl's excitement was now at the boiling point; she could wait no longer and as the youth still seemed somewhat reluctant to come to more active battle, she whispered softly to him, “Give it to me, Carl dear!”

    Scarcely believing his good fortune and impatient of any further delay, the young man picked the girl up in his arms, carried her to a shadowy place in the rear of the barn where there lay some clean, fresh, sweet hay, upon which he lay the charming girl, who sank back luxuriously into the soft pile, spreading her legs wide, her skirts furled up above her waist-a charming sight indeed, which the lad contemplated for a moment or two as he stood before her, fingering his now throbbing weapon; then, as though in reverence, he dropped to his knees, his face plunged between the beautiful girl's legs and buried itself in her golden bush, where his busy tongue titillated her center of passion with a few quick lickings and dartings between the moist, sensitive lips of her throbbing and quivering cunt. Her hands clutched his head and she drew it tightly up against her; her legs wound themselves about his neck and she feared she would choke the youth as she tightly grasped his young and handsome head between her soft white thighs.

    A few moments of this dillydallying, however, were sufficient for the ardent lad. This was very nice for the lady, but meantime his own tool was perking and throbbing with unsatisfied lust, so, raising himself once more, he crept up over the lovely girl and as her nimble fingers reached for and grasped his perking prick, which she quickly steered into the enticing crevice of love, he gave a plunge, burying the full length of that noble bolus in her quivering cunt!

    As she felt that gigantic red head enter her slit and force its way into her innermost parts, the great shaft of the member distending her tender vulva as it entered and forced its way into her, the girl gave a low moan of pleasure; although she felt a slight pain upon the first entrance, the terrific size of his bolus was satisfying to her lust in the utmost, and as the instrument plunged home in her desirous quiver, her bottom began to plunge and twist in a frenzy of lust. As his powerful prick was shoved in and withdrawn again, the velvet sides of her cunt grasped and squeezed it; the lad slowly but strongly worked back and forth as the excited girl twisted and squirmed wildly in the excess of love. With such passion, the bout was doomed to an early conclusion and, sensing that the climax was approaching, they each redoubled their efforts and with a last wild ecstasy of thrusts and twists they indulged in then-orgasm together, then lay sunk in the lethargy that follows the climax, locked in each other's arms, scarcely conscious and breathing heavily.

    They lay thus for several minutes, but, strangely, the youth's organ seemed not to relax or wilt in its hardness and firmness, but lay embedded in the girl, retaining its original virile state and giving little throbs from time to time. The girl's passion had been considerably assuaged by the violent bout and the completeness of sensation, but the youth gave no signs of withdrawing.

    Presently he began a slight back-and-forth motion with his body, his big prick massaging the still hot and quivering surfaces of her inner being, and although the girl felt somewhat exhausted after her recent experiences, the sensation was pleasant and became increasingly so as her nature again responded to the youthful ardor of her cavalier, and as his movements increased in speed and violence, she found herself once more moving in unison with him, to meet his gallant thrusts. Soon they were in full play again and after a few moments of thrust and withdrawing, they both discharged a second time and again lay melting in the sweet half-conscious bliss that follows the emission, the girl now completely exhausted and spent from her arduous efforts.

    In a few moments, however, as they lay thus, wrapped in each other's arms, a harsh voice broke into their reverie:

    “Here, what the devil's this! How dare you? You are discharged-get out of here immediately before, I do something terrible to you! As for you, miss, I will take care of you later!”

    Caroline looked up to find her uncle standing over the guilty pair, hands on hips, his face black with rage.

    “Oh, no, no, uncle!” the girl cried. “Don't blame Carl: I asked him to do it… he is not to blame!”

    “Oh, yes, I suppose so,” sneered her black-faced uncle. “I suppose you came out here and raped him, the poor, innocent little boy! How nice! A stableboy-what fine tastes you have, my lady! Well, I will attend to you later, young man; Caroline, come to the house with me. I am ashamed and surprised at you; a niece of mine with a stableboy! You are a disgrace to the family!”

    Roughly grasping the frightened, shamed, and miserable girl by the arm, he led her to the house, where he commanded her to repair to her room and to await him there. She immediately went to her chamber where she threw herself on the bed, breaking into sobs that shook her whole body.

    Presently the door opened and she looked up to see her uncle entering the room, leading by the hand her sister, Freda.

    “Freda, look at your sister; she has the makings of a fine strumpet!” At this poor Caroline buried her face in her pillow, sobs racking her lovely form. “Yes, she has to do with any man, be he stableboy or whatnot-she isn't satisfied to give herself to a gentleman-he can't satisfy her. Some common streak in her makeup forces her to have affairs with stableboys, guttersnipes or whatnot! Faugh! A fine lady you seem destined to be-a fine whore!” Poor Caroline was overcome at her uncle's reproaches while Freda looked on in amazement at the turn things had taken. “Freda, you go to your room; I will see you later.” Pushing the child to the door, he saw her leave; then, locking the door, he turned to the quivering sobbing girl on the bed.

    “So, my fine young lady, not only did you give yourself to that dirty groom, but by your own admission you invited him to handle you! Now, what have you to say for yourself?”

    “Oh, uncle,” sobbed Caroline. Sitting up in the bed, she endeavored to grasp one of his hands, only to have it withdrawn roughly. “I don't know what was the matter with me; I was so passionate and felt so strange; I must have been crazy. I promise you I will never do it again, if you will forgive me. Please, uncle!”

    “No, no, miss; it isn't a question of your doing it again; you can only do such a thing once in this house. If you are destined to become a harlot, then the sooner you start, the better. Out you go and you may walk the streets and practice your profession. Get out of here and never let me see your face again. To think that a relative of mine should descend to such infamy. I would never have dreamed you capable of it!”

    By now the frightened and sobbing girl was on her knees in front of the raging man; her arms clasped his thighs. “Oh, uncle, I realize what a terrible thing I did; really I wasn't responsible; I didn't seem to know what I was doing. If you will only forgive me, I promise you I will never, never do anything to displease you again. You may punish me-beat me-whip me-whatever you say, only please don't send me away. I have been a bad, bad girl, but I promise not to do anything of that sort in future, only forgive me.”

    “Well, if I do permit you to remain, you may expect to be punished for your conduct!” cried the lord, his eyes flashing with anger and rage.

    “Oh, anything you say, uncle,” cried the girl. “Any punishment you desire, I will submit to-only please let me stay.”

    “Well, I will think the matter-over; after all I hate to rum a relative out upon the streets.”

    “Oh, thank you, uncle, thank you,” cried the girl, grasping one of his hands, which she carried to her lips and kissed in gratitude. “I will be the best girl in the world and never, never do anything to displease you again!”

    “Not so fast, young lady; I haven't fully decided your case yet. Stay in your room until I see you; I will have to think this matter over before deciding what will be an adequate punishment for such a crime as yours!”

    With this, a deep scowl mantling his features, he left the room, locking the door behind him. The girl, feeling sure that her uncle would relent, regained her spirits in some measure and betook herself to the bath, where she gave herself a thorough cleansing, perfuming herself slightly. Returning to the chamber, she decked herself in her loveliest clothing, preparatory to her interview with her uncle after dinner, hoping to use her feminine wiles to win him over again.

    Leaving Caroline's room, Roxboro betook himself to the chamber of Freda, where he found that young lady primping before the mirror.

    “Oh, uncle,” she queried. “What did Carrie do? Why were you so angry with her?”

    “You will find out later, little one,” said the man, patting her on the head and seating himself upon the bed. Drawing her to him, he pulled her up on his lap and kissed her rosy young lips.

    Placing a hand on her breast, he squeezed and felt her delicate maiden bubbies, scarcely large enough to be observed under her sheer dress. From there his hand slipped down to between the child's legs, finding she had again donned and buttoned up her drawers. His busy fingers soon undid the buttons, however, and he played with the child's quim for a few seconds.

    “Well, Freda, I see you got yourself all dressed again,” he said.

    “Yes, uncle, I thought you were through playing with me so I put on my panties again.”

    “Well, my child, I have a suggestion: how would it be if you took off all your clothes and lay in bed with me for a while? I want to take a little nap and will let you keep me company. Would you like that?”

    “Oh, uncle, that would be darling,” replied the girl and, springing to her feet, she began to unfasten her garments, which she removed and flung upon a chair.

    She sat down, unfastened the loops on her little shoes, which she removed, then pulled down her stockings. Then she stood up before him in her little waist and drawers, which she quickly unfastened and removed, standing before him like a small Venus, her rosy body perfectly proportioned, although slim and youthful; the promise of her coming womanhood was faintly suggested by the small bubbies which stood out upon her white bosom and the shadowy darkness between her legs.

    He had her turn herself around as he gazed at the perfection of her childish charms, his prick throbbing and quivering as he lasciviously admired the lovely child before him. Having her come closer, he had her spread her legs, then minutely inspected the pretty little shell-like cunt, its pink lips opened wide, exposing the rosy clitoris to view, which, after moistening a finger, he titillated slightly, causing the child to giggle and squirm and press her legs tightly together upon his hand.

    The dissolute man was sorely tempted to lay this child upon the bed forthwith and ravish her childish body, knowing she would be only too willing to submit to him, but restrained himself, having a somewhat different idea in mind and knowing that prolonging the act would add to the tantalizing anticipation that was so pleasurable to his jaded appetite.

    “Come, Freda. Don't you want to help uncle undress, too?” he queried.

    “Oh yes, sir,” she replied, her eyes sparkling.

    With her busy childish fingers unbuttoning and pulling at his garments, he soon reached a similar state of nudity and stood there, his stiff rammer once more proudly rampant. The child approached and fondled it, gazing at it with awe.

    “Well, we'll let him rest now; too much excitement won't do him any good,” said the man, and seizing the girl, he held her tightly in his arms, then lay back upon the bed with her young, bare body resting upon his own. Kissing and fondling each other, they lay thus for some minutes; then he rolled the child off to his side and they both lay quiet for some time.

    After ceasing by-play, his tool soon lost its stiffness and settled down into a soft, flaccid mass. Young Freda, childlike, could not long remain quiet, however, and was soon sitting up in bed and examining her uncle's prong. “Why, uncle, it's got all soft again; isn't that the funniest thing? What makes it get hard and then soft again? Won't you make it hard and put it in me like you did Caroline? Please, uncle,” she begged.

    “Could I make him hard, uncle?” she cried, her fingers squeezing and manipulating the soft mass. “I like to see him get so big and stiff, he looks so funny; now he is just like a little sausage or something,” giggled the child. She felt sure if he would only agree to give her the treatment he had so recently accorded her sister, she would enjoy it very much, although it did seem as though his implement was rather large to enter such a small hole as her own crevice. “Can't I get him all stiff and hard again, uncle, if I play with him?”

    “Well, my child, there are many ways of exciting him and getting him stiff, ways of which you have never even dreamed.”

    “Oh, tell me about them, won't you uncle? What can I do that will bring him back to life?” She grasped and squeezed the soft object, which, however, showed no inclination to resume his former state.

    “Oh, well, little Curiosity,” he laughed, “since you must know, one of the favorite ways of encouraging an erection is by kissing and handling; if you feel you want to try that method, why go ahead!” and he laughed loudly. “Normally, it would not need anything but your nearness and the touch of your naked body, but as you know I have just had some pleasure with Caroline, so he is rather exhausted. However, if you cared to kiss him a little, it might have some effect. Suppose you try it and see!”

    He felt sure that a hint would be sufficient to this precocious child; his salacious mind yearned for her to perform the act of sucking his prick, yet he wanted her to do it voluntarily; he wanted to use no force, but the child was so anxious to delve into matters of sex and so willing to try anything, that he knew any suggestion would be immediately followed by accomplishment. The girl's eye widened for a moment, then, slipping down and sprawling herself upon the bed, her legs outspread, his tool clasped in her small hands, her lips approached his member and immediately began to bestow upon it small birdlike kisses, then longer and more fervent ones. This practice immediately had its effect.

    Such maneuvering was so delightful that ere long the man could feel his climax approaching. Feeling sure that if he permitted it to come without any warning, the flood of sperm would probably choke the inexperienced child, he permitted her to suck and titillate the member until the very moment of orgasm, when, with a push, he disengaged her lips and, seizing the coverlet in one hand and frigging himself rapidly with the other, he brought about the discharge in the coverlet, which he had clasped about the head of his prong. Wiping off the sticky fluid, he relaxed back on the bed, breathing heavily for a few moments, while the child, wide-eyed, sat up in bed gazing at the peculiar spectacle before her, her face crimson with passion, almost overcome by that burning lust which is experienced by girls of her age, as she watched the erect staff of her uncle's weapon slowly curl up and sink into its former state.

    In a few minutes, however, the lord rolled over and with a smile looked at his niece. “You surely did that nicely, Freda! You are a regular little goddess of love. Just for being such a nice girl, uncle is going to give you something nice. It is a shame you have been neglected so much; your little pussy must be burning by now. Isn't it? Tell uncle the truth?”

    “Oh, uncle, I feel so strange; I am just burning and itching; I feel so funny down here,” she said, pointing to her little pink quim.

    “Well, we'll soon straighten that out. Come here!” He seized the child in his strong hands and lifted her up to the top of the bed, where he arranged some pillows so that she was leaning back against the head of the bed, her bottom supported on a thick pillow, her legs spread apart and her knees cocked up, exposing her little pussy as a shining target for any assault. Then the man lay belly down upon the bed, placed his face against the childish quim, and began to lick and titillate it. His busy tongue darted here and there; he found the little button of her clitoris, which he licked, his lips nipping at the soft, pink inner lips of her delicious coosie.

    The child was startled yet delighted at the turn events had taken. Here was something absolutely new and unthought of, but how delightful! Her whole randy little being thrilled at the soft caresses of her uncle's lips and tongue upon those sensitive membranes of her grotto of love. Her hands grasped his head and clutched wildly at his hair, bringing his face tightly into contact with her maiden pussy and her white soft thighs tightly gripped the man's head. Crossing her feet behind his back, and holding his head tightly gripped between her legs, her bottom moved from side to side and up and down as the man's busy tongue explored every sensitive portion of her itching and burning quim, sending spasms of delight shooting through her excited nervous system. Thus she lay with her head thrown back, her eyes closed, soft moans issuing between her clenched teeth as her body writhed and shook in ecstasy. In a few short moments, unused as she was to this sort of treatment, she reached her climax and with a paroxysm of lust and passion, uttering low moans and sighs, she gave down that precious liquid which her randy uncle so anxiously sought; then, overcome by her emotions, she sank into a half-faint; her limbs relaxed and she fell back, a quivering, sighing mass of childish femininity.


    The Sensual Ethel Or Lord Roxboro's Adventures With The Handsome Widow

    Freda, who had as yet maintained her virginity, after dallying with Lord Roxboro's now dormant tool, was instructed to depart from the chamber and return in exactly two hours to awaken her sensual uncle by encircling his rod with her rosy lips.

    Disappointed in her desires to experience the same sensation by her uncle's tool as she had seen perpetrated on her sister, Caroline, she slipped her frock over her nakedness and, exiting from the room wherein the sensual uncle lay asleep, crept down the hall to the room of her sister.

    Tapping softly upon her sister's door, she opened it and entered to find the beautiful Caroline seated on the bed, her face a mirror of despair.

    “Why Freda!” cried Caroline, noting her sister's entire absence of shoes and stockings. She raised her astonished eyes and further beheld that her dress was opened at the neck.

    Freda calmly seated herself beside Caroline and gazed curiously at her sister's swollen eyelids, which told of the recent tear storm.

    “Why, Caroline dear, you have been crying. What did you do that made him so angry, tell me about it.”

    “Oh, it is nothing,” said Caroline, crossing her legs and reaching out for her handkerchief, “that is nothing that you would likely understand, Freda!”

    “Well, it must have been something awful, or uncle wouldn't be in such a tantrum about it. He seemed perfectly furious when I last saw him down here. What did he say to you?”

    “Freda, what has uncle been doing to you in your room?” asked Caroline, lifting her listless eyes and giving Freda a careful survey.

    “Heavens, Freda! Why your shoes and stockings are off, and your dress is actually hanging from one shoulder, Freda. What does this mean?”

    “Oh,” said Freda, with a superior air, “uncle and I were just indulging in a few playful antics.” Then she had a brilliant idea, and tossed her head as she slyly remarked, “He did to me what he did to you today in the drawing room.”

    Caroline looked dubiously at her sister. She knew that her uncle had not as yet penetrated her younger sister.

    If he had, Freda would have been crying ruin. She merely smiled at the evidence of her sister's duplicity, and resolved to try her a bit further.

    She said chaffingly, “Well, sister dear, was it nice? Did you like the sensation of his long rinka-dink penetrating your virgin bower?”

    “Oh, Caroline,” sighed Freda, as she rolled her eyes to the skies, “it was wonderful. And he is so masterful,” sighed Freda, imagining that this horseplay would deceive the experienced Caroline.

    Caroline could not restrain laughter any longer and gave away to a hearty peal, despite her own melancholy feelings.

    She lay back on the bed and laughed merrily as she surveyed the amazed Freda, who could not imagine the source of her sister's mirth.

    “Why, you little goose, don't lie to me,” said Caroline, arising and taking Freda in her arms and kissing her. “I'm astonished that you would try to fool your poor sister.”

    “Why, Caroline,” gasped Freda, “how can you say such a thing? He most certainly did.” And she watched carefully to see what effect her lying would have upon Caroline.

    Caroline again rocked with laughter, and Freda sensed that something must be wrong.

    “Well, Miss Smarty, how do you know that he did not diddle me, as you imagine? I suppose that you spied upon us. Well, you are mistaken.”

    Caroline still laughed merrily at the idea, and Freda, seeing that her tale was producing little or no effect, broke down and confessed that Lord Roxboro had not taken advantage of his golden opportunity.

    “Oh, Caroline, it was too soft and small, and when I industriously worked it up hard again, he arose and left me.”

    “Why, Freda, what do you mean by 'when you got it hard,'“ said Caroline, all her curiosity aroused. “How did uncle's thing get hard, Freda?”

    “Why, in my mouth,” said Freda complacently.

    “First he placed it between my legs and we squirmed about a bit, then we tried molding it, but nothing worked on it until I took it in my mouth. Then it began to harden. But Caroline, imagine-after all that, he got up and left me and I had worked so hard and loving, rolling it about with my tongue and it got so hard and throbbed. Caroline, it was almost too large to slip out of my mouth.”

    “Why, Freda! Do I understand you to say that you took our uncle's sexual organ in your mouth?

    “Oh no! you are joking again,” said Caroline, trying to look shocked as she suffered a twinge of jealousy at the thought of Freda appeasing her uncle's passion by titillating his monster organ. “Freda, you actually mean to stand there and tell me that you took that awful thing, that you previously saw him insert into my vagina, and took it right into your mouth and sucked on it?”

    “Why, certainly,” said Freda. “You'd take it too, if you got the chance. I saw how you acted when uncle laid you on the couch and buried his joy-prong into your belly.

    “You acted like a crazy loon, throwing your legs about his back, and rolling your eyes to the ceiling and moaning and crying, 'Oh, uncle! Uncle! Bury it fiercely, bury it deeper, ram it in.' Oh, I'm not blind, Caroline! I know a thing or two. Why, you seemed to like it; the feel of uncle's old jock-stick apparently tickled your crevice mightily, so please don't pretend to be shocked at me. I know better.”

    “But, Freda, did you keep your mouth on it a long time and did he shoot that stuff into your throat?” asked Caroline, breathlessly anxious to know all the details.

    “No, he didn't,” snapped Freda. “As soon as he got it hard and agreeable, he jerked it out.

    “I wanted him to slip it into my crack, like he did into yours, but he said that he was too tired.”

    “Oh,” said Caroline, relieved to hear that he had not taken Freda in the manner she had enjoyed herself. She had grown quite jealous of her little sister and was determined to keep an eye on her. “Freda, did he unbutton your waist and have you take off your shoes and stockings?”

    “What do you mean,” asked Freda. “Why, Caroline dear, I stripped naked before him as he lay there on the bed watching me, and he told me I had a pretty form at that.”

    “You stripped naked before uncle?” gasped Caroline. “Uncle had you before him in all your pristine purity?”

    “Yes, and what is more, he permitted me to undress him before we lay down to rest,” giggled Freda.

    “You undressed uncle!” said the astonished Caroline, burning with envy.

    “I took off every single piece of clothing he had on and he stood there before me naked as the day he was born, his old jock shriveled and shrunken like a prune.”

    “Naked. You naked and uncle naked!” gasped Caroline, pretending complete astonishment.

    “Absolutely, and what is more, I have to go back there in a little while,” said Freda.

    “Go back there for what?” asked Caroline.

    “Why, silly, to awaken him. You know that uncle likes to be awakened in the most novel manner?” And she winked at Caroline.

    “Why, Freda, what do you mean?” snapped Caroline, vexed. But her curiosity was thoroughly aroused by the audacious wink.

    “Nothing in particular,” said Freda, trying to appear nonchalant; then, seeing that she was not going to get away with this, she said, “Now, Carrie. Please don't ever breathe a syllable. I was not supposed to tell. This is a secret between uncle and me. No, no, no, please don't ask me,” and she stopped, placing her hand to her mouth, terror-stricken at the idea that she was about to reveal the secret.

    “Oh, come!” said Caroline impatiently. “Why all this nonsense?”

    “But I am not supposed to tell this, not supposed to mention it to a soul,” gasped Freda.

    “Come, Freda, don't be absurd. This is no time for such nonsense! Come, out with it-how are you supposed to awaken uncle? I promise never to mention it to a living soul.”

    “You won't tell anyone, and never mention to uncle that I have said anything about our plan?”

    “No, Freda, I promise that I shall never say a word to uncle or anyone else in regard to your novel plan for arousing uncle and calling him back to this world.”

    “Well, Caroline,” said Freda, seating herself on the bed opposite. “Uncle told me that when he had finished his rest, that I was to come to the room-in about two hours. That would give him ample time to store up a fresh supply of fluid, and nature would in the meantime restore his former vigor. He told me that in two hours I was to come into the room and of course I was to shed all my apparel.”

    “He requested that you appear naked again before him?” said Caroline.

    “Stark naked. And I was to softly approach the bed, and gently take his you-know-what, Caroline, and by tonguing it, he would slowly awaken.” She glanced in triumph at sister Caroline, who presented a picture of baffled envy at the prospect of Freda entering into the adjoining room and performing such a service for their uncle.

    Caroline was silent for a moment. “Freda dear, I have an idea, and I am wondering if you will do me a favor.” She drew Freda to her and implanted a fervent kiss upon her rosy passionate lips.

    “Why, certainly,” said Freda. “If it is anything that I can conveniently perform, you know I will.”

    However, she became instantly upon her guard, as she suspected that Caroline was not altogether trustworthy and perhaps might even desire to perform the service upon uncle. “Well, Caroline, what is it?”

    “Freda, dear. Let me go into the room and awaken uncle instead of you, like a good girl,” coaxed Caroline, figuring that in this way she could again regain her favor with Lord Roxboro and retrieve what she had lost when he found her in the embrace of the stableboy.

    “No, no,” said Freda firmly. “Now, just because I told you about it, you want to go and do it instead of me and have all the fun. Well, I should say not.”

    “If you don't, then I shall go to uncle and tell him all that you have told me about your relations together,” cried Caroline, thinking that this line would bring Freda to terms, and carefully watching to ascertain how she took all this.

    “Oh, fiddlesticks!” rejoined Freda with vast disdain. “Go ahead, Miss Tittle-Tattle, go ahead and tell all you wish. Ha! I know a way to cook your goose if you do, however.”

    “Oh, Freda!” gasped Caroline, alarmed because Freda was quite capable of any threat she made. “Freda, you realize that I wouldn't do any such thing. I only said that to fool you. I was joking with you.”

    “Yes, Caroline, I know your brand of jokes. They have doubtless every other merit but that of humor. However, you were not joking about desiring to awaken uncle, were you?”

    “No, Freda, I wasn't joking about going in to awaken uncle, because it means so very much to me. I could regain my favor with him undoubtedly, and I'll repay you handsomely, Freda, if you will only permit me to do the awakening. Will you, Freda?”

    “For the last time, Caroline, there is nothing that you can offer that would induce me to forego the pleasure of awakening uncle. I must firmly and absolutely say that I will not grant your request. This is final,” said Freda, thoroughly enjoying for the first time having her sister so completely at her mercy.

    “Oh,” moaned Caroline, bursting into tears and moaning piteously. “You are so mean to me, I wish that I were dead. Everyone is perfectly horrible.”

    “Oh bosh, Caroline,” replied the practical Freda. “I know what you want; you just desire to feel his prong pushing up into your belly again.

    “By golly,” mused Freda, “nearly time. Well, I must be going, Caroline dear.” And skipping blithely to the door, she departed.

    She entered the hall, her veins tinkling with a delectable thrill at the approaching bout with the lascivious Roxboro.

    Opening the door of her dainty room, she found his lordship still asleep on the ivory bed. Carefully closing the door, she shot the bolt as an extra measure of caution from the prying Caroline, and then she approached the bed softly and stood there a moment in the dim light. Lord Roxboro slumbered peacefully.

    Slowly and softly, she lifted the downy counterpane from off his slumbering frame.

    Enrapt, she stood there surveying the naked manly form; her eyes eagerly sought out that haven of maidenly interest, and she avidly drank in all the alluring enchantment of his ravishing person.

    The object of her attention was, if anything, more shrunken and shriveled than before, like an ancient prune, and for a moment she despaired and wished she had permitted Caroline to have entertained in her place. It was beyond her powers of imagination to picture any sort of restorative that would bring back this insignificant object to anything like its former glory.

    She gazed in amazement at the little object lying upon the huge testicles and wondered how it was, by what stroke of magic, she was expected to bring it to such a rampant state as she had formerly seen it in.

    Then suddenly bethinking of his lordship's desire for her to appear in the nude before the performance, she hastened to comply with his wishes.

    Stepping quickly from the soft folds that enveloped her glorious body, she approached the bed. Softly as the snow-flakes fluttering upon the ground, she approached the bed and seated herself quietly by the side of the sleeping figure.

    Gently she raised the soft pintle and surveyed it, gazing at its ruby head and the mass of dark hair mounted above.

    Slowly she fingered his flaccid staff and then, imagining that it was time to begin the performance, she lowered her head and opened the ruby lips of her pouting mouth and pressed it down upon his penis.

    The utter flaccidity of the organ enabled her to take it in to its entire length, and she mouthed it gently, her lips resting on the hair of his stomach as she shot down on the long stag.

    She felt him move slowly and restlessly, and the prong began to rise and stiffen under her liquid caresses. In answer to this she tongued more valiantly, until it became swollen to a rigidity that was marvelous.

    She tongued more rapidly and was amazed to see how quickly it responded to the treatment, until at last she was barely able to take in the head of the rosy monster.

    She thought that he must be thoroughly awakened by now but she kept on with her licking only to feel his hand slip down on her head and push her forward on the rigid, staff-a push that almost choked her to death!

    She strangled as she gobbled the lengthy prong and drew back reluctantly.

    It astonished her by its immense size and fiery head. Lord Roxboro laughed merrily and said:

    “Ah, ha! my little alarm clock calls me to get up.”

    Poor Freda coughed and strangled for breath, the tears starting from her eyes, and she looked reproachfully at her laughing uncle.

    “Oh! uncle. I did not think that you would try to choke me. Why it swelled so big that I almost strangled.”

    “Ah, my child! This rampant thing will do almost anything,” said Lord Roxboro, pausing between his gales of merriment and shaking the enormous bolus at Freda.

    “Believe me, child, this rod has choked many girls before your time. However, Freda, my pet, none have suffered any fatalities. No one ever died from it as yet. And I don't imagine that you would perish any more than the legion of dames that have pushed their rosy lips down over its velvety surface.”

    “It is quite hard now, uncle,” said Freda meaningly. “Are you going to insert it like you did with sister Caroline?” At this she placed her hands between her legs and fingered her twat; afterward she pushed it invitingly toward Roxboro, saying, “I would enjoy having a little party like Caroline.”

    “My angel, you still insist on being ravished, my little hot-box,” he laughed. “One of these days I'm going to open you as wide as the door of China. Then it will not be so funny to you.”

    “Oh, uncle,” she said in vexation. “You promised that you would do it to me and now you will not. I think that mean. Won't you please diddle me? You promised that if I would awaken you as I did, that you would take care of me, and now you don't seem to care to do it. I am as much a woman as Caroline, and if you can do it to her then you can do the same to me. Please, uncle, won't you?” coaxed Freda, looking perfectly adorable.

    “Now, Freda, don't be persistent. After a while as I informed you,” He arose from the bed, and he looked smilingly at the dejected Freda sitting on the floor. “Come, puss, cheer up, there is plenty of time for a little nonsense later on. You'll get yours also, and by golly, your cunnie will crack.”

    “Here you are, little one, let this make up for it. Come and take a kiss.” Holding it invitingly to her, he presented his cock and let her slip her pouting lips over its rampant head; then taking it out of her mouth he put it back into his pants.

    “All right, pussie, don't be discouraged, you will have plenty of opportunities later on. Come, my lamb, get into your clothes, we must go downstairs. Where is Marie?”

    “Oh! I don't know,” said Freda, fumbling with her clothes. “I guess that she is somewhere about the house.”

    Lord Roxboro stepped into the library from Freda's and pulled the bell rope for Marie. Coming back, he said to Freda, “Go somewhere, anyplace; you must not be found in here. I have some business to transact. Oh, Caroline,” he called, raising his voice, “are you in your room?”

    “Yes, uncle,” came a faint voice. “Do you want me?”

    “Not just yet,” he answered. “Stay there until I call for you in a few minutes.”

    Freda stepped outside the library door and wondered what it was all about.

    Why was uncle so mysterious and why did he desire that she retire to some distant part of the house? She remembered that he had asked for Marie. Was it possible that uncle, now that she had warmed his dingle, was going to treat Marie as he had Caroline? But no, thought Freda; he called for Caroline and requested that she remain within calling distance. What is all this mysterious business?

    She heard Marie come along the hall and enter the library, where she could distinguish the voices of her uncle and the maid in a low, earnest conversation.

    Turning and departing from her room, she at once proceeded downstairs and sauntered to the veranda to take a breath of fresh air. While standing on the broad veranda, she had complete access to all the broad domain and could see to advantage all the points of local interest.

    Suddenly her attention was attracted by Marie leaving the house and cautiously approaching the barn. She seemed to be searching for someone, and Freda's interest was deepened by seeing her motion to someone apparently in the barn. She noticed that Marie glanced cautiously about and then slyly entered the barn.

    Freda continued to gaze in the direction of the barn, but there seemed to be no life now apparent about the place.

    Marie seemed to have vanished like a snowdrift before a blazing sun.

    Freda idly thought of Caroline and what it could be that caused Lord Roxboro to be so very vexed with her. Surely Caroline was anxious to please his lordship, for she evidently did. Then what could be the mysterious origin of their difference and why were both reluctant to discuss the matter with her?

    Marie seemed to be almost an unwarranted time in the barn. Freda couldn't imagine what could be keeping her there. Evidently she must have been sent for something and it aroused her interest to an excessive degree.

    Suddenly she was rewarded by seeing Marie appear in the doorway of the barn; she was talking with someone as she paused at the entrance, and seemed to be very earnest in her conversation. Marie then waved to the person within the barn and later Freda was astonished to see Carl issue forth and accompany Marie toward the house. What could Marie want with the stableboy and why was she bringing him toward the house? Her curiosity was aroused to fever pitch.

    She realized the inexpediency of permitting Marie to get a glimpse of her standing on the spacious veranda, and she moved swiftly away in the direction of the arbor.

    She often turned to glance back at the stableboy and Marie approaching the entrance hall of Roxboro Manor.

    In the spacious and well-filled library sat his lordship, buried in meditation since his afternoon siesta. He had made up his mind to settle the matter with Caroline and the stableboy.

    After Marie introduced the blushing and nervous boy into his august presence, she retired. He turned and surveyed the servant. Undoubtedly he was an attractive-looking youth and Lord Roxboro could but ill suppress a look of envy when he glanced in the direction of the youth's vigorous organ, the outlines of which showed quite plainly through his tight pants.

    After a careful scrutiny of the waiting youth, he seated himself in his favorite chair and bowed his head in thoughtful meditation. Suddenly he arose and went to the door of his library and called to Caroline.

    “Caroline, come into the library. I wish to see you at once.”

    Carl was standing nervously, first on one foot, then switching to the other. He looked about with apparent curiosity, but actually appeared startled when he saw Lord Roxboro make the quick move to the door to call Caroline.

    Caroline opened the door quietly and stepped into the library, thinking that her uncle had undoubtedly recovered from his petulance and that with a little love play between them, all would be forgotten.

    She stepped into the dim room and gazed expectantly at her uncle.

    Lord Roxboro surveyed her calmly for a moment and then made a motion with his hand to her side. She turned, and seeing the blushing Carl standing gawkishly, his face covered with blushes, she looked startled and paled visibly, glancing quickly at her uncle as if to divine his intentions, then she hung her head.

    Lord Roxboro watched them both keenly and when she hung her head, he appeared satisfied and, assuming a judicial appearance, he remarked:

    “How, now, Caroline! Why this air of demure shyness, this bashful schoolgirl attitude. Surely you do not feel constrained in the presence of this poor stableboy? You were not so a few hours ago, when I last saw you locked in a fervent embrace, your legs wrapped about his muscular back. Tut, tut, tut, Caroline. Don't put on the act for your uncle.”

    Poor Caroline blushed crimson under the lash of his sarcasm, for well she knew that it was not the presence of this fumbling gawky lout that embarrassed her, but the idea that a few hours back she had warmly welcomed his ardent caresses, and had most avidly handled and caressed his vigorous bolus. The fact that her uncle had apprehended her in the midst of this delectable pastime caused her confusion, especially as she had previously submitted herself to only the lascivious caresses of her uncle.

    As before mentioned, Caroline blushed a deep crimson, under the wicked shaft of her uncle's fierce sarcasm and faltered in the center of the library. Poor Carl looked wildly about, like a trapped bird seeking vainly for egress. He felt almost as humiliated as poor Caroline and most ardently regretted that he had submitted to the proposition of the feverish girl. He felt that for all time henceforth he was through with women; never again could he relish having intercourse with another girl.

    Lord Roxboro stood in the center of the luxurious room and surveyed the embarrassed couple.

    Poor little child, so very embarrassed; and yet so recently she had the satisfaction of having this same stable lout insert his vigorous prick into her cunt. And mingled with the stable odors, she proceeded to very thoroughly enjoy herself without any visible signs of embarrassment. What a strange world.

    They gave evidence of most acute embarrassment. He looked from one to the other, thoroughly enjoying their discomfiture.

    “Well, my friends, what do you want me to do?” he said, looking from one to the other, and they, like a pair of guilty children, hung their heads and remained silent.

    He continued to calmly survey them, with the assurance that they were both at his complete mercy.

    Strutting about the room like a peacock during the performance, he suddenly wheeled about on his heel and pointed his finger fiercely at Carl.

    “You, sir, do you wish me to cast you off, out into exterior darkness? How will you obtain another position? Cast out from Roxboro, a discredited servant, without a vestige of reference, a rag of character, with nowhere to go.”

    “Oh no, master, please do not do that!” cried poor Carl, blushing to the roots of his wavy hair and trembling at the dreadful prospect of being cast adrift.

    Lord Roxboro turned majestically and surveyed his wretched niece:

    “And you, miss, do you want me to cast you and your little sister from the hospitable doors of Roxboro? Do you desire to add to your guilt the crime of being the cause of your sister, an innocent victim of your licentiousness, forced to endure the misery and horror of a homeless existence-two girls adrift in the world, legitimate prey for every randy male that desires intercourse. Or perhaps this gallant stableboy will procure a horse stall somewhere and shelter you.”

    “Ah, no, no! A thousand times no!” pleaded poor Caroline, terrified at the picture painted by her uncle. “The thought of such an existence would cause me to seek yon shimmering river, and ere yet the door had swung on the manor, I would be engulfed beneath the caressing waters of the merciful lake.”

    “Tut, tut, Caroline. Don't dramatize this problem. You may both sit down.”

    His lordship seated himself at the escritoire and took up a quill and scribbled furiously.

    For several seconds nothing was heard in the room but the tick of the clock on the marble mantel. The scratch of the pen was heard as it swirled over the heavy bond paper.

    Arriving at the end of his labor, he picked up the paper and dusted it with drying powder and carefully surveyed his composition.

    Turning to both the culprits, he motioned for their attention and remarked:

    “Both of you. I have prepared on this sheet of paper a brief account of what transpired in the barn today between you. This document you will both sign as a promise of good faith. I will place it here in the safe, and upon the very first evidence of misconduct between you two, I will cast both of you off and publish the contents of this letter. Now, Carl, you first, come here and sign.” He pointed to the paper. Carl approached tremblingly and extended his nervous hand to take the pen that Lord Roxboro held out. With fear and trembling, he affixed his scrawly signature to the document.

    “Now, Caroline, you are next.”

    She advanced with trembling knees and affixed her signature to the document, then, breathing a sigh of relief and almost fainting, she dropped the pen from her trembling hand and weakly wobbled back to her seat.

    “Tarry here a little, I'm not finished with you both,” said Lord Roxboro. “There is more for both of you.” Going to the alcove, he soon returned with a camera and a tripod.

    Adjusting this in the center of the room, he busied himself in various preparations about the machine.

    Carl and Caroline watched Lord Roxboro with wonder-filled eyes not unmixed with apprehension. Finally everything was arranged and adjusted to his satisfaction.

    “Come here, Caroline, and you also, Carl,” he commanded and motioned to the space directly in front of the machine.

    They both sprang with alacrity to obey him and sought out the place designated. They stood there while his lordship busied himself with peeking through the lens and moving it about and adjusting it various ways until he gained the desired position. Finally uncovering his head, he looked over the camera at them and remarked:

    “Now, children, what I am going to have you both do will be extremely easy, and confidentially I am of the opinion that you will both relish it to a surprising degree. Now, Caroline, you are to open the flap in front of Carl's pants, and take out that prong of his that you were so merrily bouncing on in the barn today. Quick, girl, get it out before it swells and we have to cut the top of his pants off.”

    Caroline paled visibly and made a faint motion of protest:

    “I'll take it out myself, Master Roxboro,” said the gallant Carl, wishing to spare Caroline the humiliation, and he made as if to unloosen the flap of his trousers.

    “Silence,” roared his lordship. “Come, Caroline, take this succulent morsel out.”

    “Oh, uncle, please do not ask me to do this. I can't!”

    Carl was fumbling with the buttons of his pants when Lord Roxboro sternly stood up and commanded Caroline to listen.

    Carl immediately dropped his hand and stood expectantly. “As I remarked, Carl, it is unnecessary for you to bother yourself about taking out your valiant bolus. Girls are better adapted to this sort of thing. They love to handle it.” He spoke in a silken, soft tone of voice to Carl.

    “Most girls are particularly adept in the art of molding and caressing our feverish prongs. Come, Caroline, do as I tell you. This very instant, take it out, grab that charming piece of meat.”

    “Yes, uncle,” murmured Caroline, reaching over hastily and unfastening the few buttons of Carl's pants and inserting her small, dainty hand into the depths of his trousers.

    Lord Roxboro's eyes lit up with anticipation, and he quickly stepped to Carl's side, where he sized up Carl's glowing pintle.

    “Ah! not so bad,” mused Lord Roxboro as he surveyed the magnificent prong, which was fully as large and robust-looking as the one that hung between his own legs.

    “Ah, Caroline. I'll wager that jock did not quickly release you in the barn. Come, open his trousers fully and drag out his golden balls! Open them so that I can see all of his glorious root, balls and all! Hurry, Caroline.”

    And Caroline quickly tore at the pants and lifted out all his genitals, displaying the huge and vigorous testicles, covered with stiff hair.

    Lord Roxboro surveyed them with the air of a judge about to award a prize, and indeed it would be difficult not to betray admiration, for it is doubtful if anywhere in “Merrie England” one could find as perfect a prong and as hardy a bag of “nuts.”

    Then he turned to Carl and remarked, “We mustn't deprive you of amusement. Lift up Carrie's dress and open up her drawers so her pretty perfumed garden will be visible to our gaze.”

    Carl reached and lifted up Caroline's dress, meeting with no resistance from her. Frightened as she was, the girl dared offer no obstacle to his groping hand. He reached out for the dress and with one hand held it upon her bosom, while with the other he reached down and parted the crack in her drawers, and looked up at the lord to see if he was satisfied.

    He stood for a moment gazing at Caroline's exposed arquebus as she stood there with her hands over her face, holding her thighs tightly together and backing away from Carl's exploring hand. He evidently took extreme delight in searching out her most sensitive parts, causing the head of his rigid pintle to glow and appear as if it were on the point of exploding.

    Caroline tightened her legs together and moved back. His lordship noticed the trifling movement and said:

    “Come, come, Caroline, this will never do. Spread your legs apart, and push your thighs upward now. Open them wider. Come now, a little speed. Now take Carl's prong with one hand, holding it over to one side, and take your other hand off your face. You, Carl, put a finger in Caroline's slit and push yourself forward, so your balls are in full view. Ah, there, that is right. That is indeed much better. Come, Caroline, do not hold that glorious prick as if it were a dead fish. Take a firm hold of it as if you were about to gobble it. Look agreeably astonished and surprised at the treat in store for you. Register satisfaction, my dear, and you, Carl, gaze with more devotion at the wet coosie that you are fingering. Look as if you were bursting with desire to bounce upon it and drain it to the last delicious drop. That's it, that is more like it. Come, attention.” And “Boom, boom” went the explosive powder of the camera. A streak of flame flashed out in the pan, a streak of light filled the air, blinding them both. Carl, astonished, relinquished his hold on Caroline and she with a little shriek dropped his pintle, which immediately commenced to subside from fright, and when the smoke of battle cleared away they found that his lordship was clearing away the plate from the camera.

    “Ah, my babes in the barn. I'll wager that I will have a nice picture here that will come in handy. If I ever have occasion to use it,” he remarked, carrying away the plate to his room.

    Carl and Caroline immediately arranged their clothes, and when his lordship entered, he motioned them to seat themselves.

    “Now children, we understand each other. You are both to henceforth do just as I say, and if you are obedient I give you another chance. However, I am not through with either of you as yet, and it is my intention to make it rather warm for both of you later on. For the present this will do. Carl, you may go,” and at this Carl hopped lively out of the door, and Caroline listened to him swiftly descending the stairs.

    Roxboro remained for a moment in deep study; then lifting his massive head, he surveyed Caroline. Arising from his chair, he stood over her and after a moment placed his hand upon her head; then he raised her chin and looked into her eyes and, bending down, kissed her.

    Caroline had not expected this. She actually thought her uncle was about to force her to undergo some further humiliation or torture. This kiss, coming so unexpectedly, caused such a shudder of surprise and delight to run through her frame that she bowed her head and burst into tears.

    She cried as if her little heart would break. Big sobs racked the delicate frame and large tears rolled unheeded from her cheeks.

    Lord Roxboro made no attempt to stem this tide and flow of anguish, but simply turned on his heel with a military movement and strode about the room, his hands clasped behind the back.

    He patiently walked about until her sniffles conveyed to him that the shower was over.

    “Oh, uncle! uncle!” she sobbed, clasping his hand as he sauntered by. “Open your heart to me, please do not be so cruel. If you only knew how I felt when you asked me to stand there with that boy's thing in my hand and my skirts high up in the air, so that he could feel me all over. I thought I would die of shame when he inserted his finger into my coosie.”

    “Ah, and then you cry over it,” mused Lord Roxboro. “Human nature certainly is manifesting its way peculiarly in these parts of England.”

    Walking to the side of the library, he reached for the long velvet cord and pulled the bellrope.

    Whereupon Marie responded and he requested that she immediately seek out Freda and inform her that her presence was desired in the library.

    Upon Freda's appearance, he motioned her to a seat beside Caroline, and Freda, after a glance at the sobbing creature, sat down quietly.

    “This evening I will be visited by a Mrs. Bates. This visit will afford valuable education on certain aspects of the art of love that you have not yet encountered in my brief instructions. Mrs. Bates will serve as an example of the more exotic varieties of lovemaking.

    “Upon close examination of the door of my room you will find that there are two peepholes through which you can observe every minute motion and delineation of her strange phase of sexuality. This woman that I speak of is the one, Caroline, that I spoke of who possesses the remarkable growth of hair upon her body. She will be here to dinner and I want both of you to treat her courteously and respectfully. Remember she will know nothing of your eyes. Now, away with you. Uncle has work to do.”

    Freda and Caroline walked out of the library and down the stairs whispering excitedly about Lord Roxboro's conversation.

    Caroline told Freda what his lordship had said about the female acquaintance of his, who had hair from her crotch to between the breasts and tried to explain it to Freda, but gave up the attempt.

    Both longed for the dinner hour and, upon hearing the creak of wheels on the gravel drive, rushed to the window, each vying with the other in their race to gain the first glimpse of this remarkable stranger.

    A female figure left the vehicle after handing out a handbag to the footman and hurried up the steps. They did not have a chance to observe her features, but both hurried to their rooms to dress carefully for dinner and await with impatience the summons of the bell.

    Upon its ringing they proceeded to the dining room and seated themselves at the table and were waited on by that goddess of love, Marie.

    Lord Roxboro had not as yet made his appearance and they sat with ill-concealed impatience for his lordship.

    Presently he entered the room, escorting the stranger on his arm.

    Beautiful was the right term that the lord had used in his description of her.

    She was well-formed, perfectly plump, and possessed long glistening tresses of an auburn hue; not an ordinary red color, but a fascinating coppery sheen seldom observed. It was brushed back on her head, making a pleasant contrast to her cream-white skin.

    Her legs were sheathed in silk, her feet in tiny slippers. She was gowned in a creation of sparkling black that showed off her wonderful form to perfection.

    Lord Roxboro introduced her to each of his nieces as Mrs. Bates.

    “Her husband, nieces,” he said, “was my very best friend and neighbor. They lived next door to a property I own, and these visits of my old neighbor bring back pleasant memories of times gone by. I want you girls to be very nice to Mrs. Bates and I hope that she will be here very often.”

    They all seated themselves at the table and the meal began.

    Upon its conclusion his lordship winked at Caroline and Freda and they excused themselves and repaired immediately to their rooms and thence to their uncle's and took up points of vantage to observe all of the proceedings. The lights were on in the library and after a wait of a few moments his lordship entered accompanied by Mrs. Bates.

    He carried in his hand the handbag she had brought with her and laid it carefully upon the table.

    Some small talk ensued and after a wait of thirty or forty minutes, their uncle rang for Marie and told her that she might depart for her quarters until morning.

    Marie listened in silence, made a curtsey and went out.

    His lordship finished smoking his cigar.

    Meanwhile Mrs. Bates had arisen and strode about the room, nervously twitching her hands and glancing at the walls, and on one round even tried the doors.

    Caroline had taken the precaution of holding his lordship's door firmly on the inside, so that they were safe from discovery by her.

    She walked to the center of the room and faced Lord Roxboro, who was seated in his chair, and said in a voice clearly audible to her listeners.

    “I presume the maid has gone, Emory. She looks like an inquisitive thing. Who are those two nieces of yours, as you introduced them to me-two more of your flames?”

    “No, Ethel,” laughed Lord Roxboro. “They are not two of my flames, as you term them, but really are two of my nieces who have come to stay with me.”

    “Do you really mean that, you old rascal, or are you at your old tricks again?” she asked him roguishly.

    “Yes, Ethel dear, I really mean it. They are as I represent them to be,” he answered.

    “I am not so sure,” she added. “You see, I know you too well of old.”

    “You really do me an injustice, Ethel dear,” expostulated his lordship. “Really, you should not be so suspicious!”

    “Well, Emory,” she continued, “I suppose I shall have to believe you whether I would like to or not. In any case, It makes no difference at all to me, for I love you just the same, and shall always love you!”

    “That's the way I like to hear my lady friends speak,” spoke up his lordship, “especially you. It is true,” he added, “that I have been interested in numerous women and have been more than intimate with quite a number of them, but never have I had the acquaintance and companionship of one who has affected me so strongly and deeply as you! It is true that I have ravished both of these two nieces and every domestic-young and middle-aged-that has been in this house during the last thirty years, to say nothing of a young and good-looking maiden aunt of mine and many others besides. Yet I would gladly sacrifice the pleasures of all these abandonments in return for just one brief smile from your roselike lips!” Here he embraced her strongly and kissed her long and warmly upon her delicately molded lips.

    “Oh, Emory! You can be truly wonderful at times,” she cooed contentedly.

    At this point Caroline and Freda could restrain themselves no longer and, guided by a common thought and impulse, each introduced her hand up beneath the other's clothes and, getting through the drawers, inserted a finger into the cleft of the other and fingered one another earnestly and protractedly until they felt somewhat relieved.

    “But those two nieces of yours, are they in this part of the building?” asked Mrs. Bates nervously.

    “No, Ethel,” replied Lord Roxboro. “Surely you do not think that I would have those two children stay here in the house to spy upon my love affairs, even though they have figured in some of them? They stay in the servant's quarters about a quarter of a mile away.”

    “Oh, Emory, how I hate to revert to those dreadful practices!” she burst out nervously, picking at his coat collar and smoothing his hair.

    “The last time I was here I swore I would never come back again! It seems that I can only go so long without revisiting you to rid myself of my accumulated passions! Why is it, Emory, that I should be cursed with these feelings of lust? Other women in my set are not that way! I know-I have watched and observed them! Why is it, Emory, that I should be cursed with these perversions? It makes me feel wretched at times. Why, just the other night I was going to throw myself at a rude sailor that passed by our estate. An uncontrollable whim possessed me to follow him and have him take me away on his ship! Really, I cannot understand it. I would cheerfully give all I possess to be able to resume my childhood innocence.”

    “Tut, tut!” interpolated his lordship. “You are concerning yourself too much about this thing which I can assure you is really trifling. Every normal healthy woman has the same feelings as you. Of course you were unable to detect the signs in them because they, like you, cover them up too carefully! As for your returning to your childhood innocence, that innocence is pure fiction, as you well know! Do you not remember when we were children together? Don't you remember when you were only five and I was six, the things we used to do in the bushes of the garden in summertime even then. Don't you recall how I, yet too young to ejaculate, did my best to satisfy you by making a little wee-wee in your little crack?”

    “Ah! Those were happy days,” she answered smilingly.

    “Ah! If they could only return!” replied his lordship, and here they both sighed deeply.

    “Oh, Emory!” she murmured. “You are the man whom I really should have married by all the laws of God and nature!”

    “Yes, my dear,” replied Lord Roxboro tenderly. “I have long since come to the same conclusion; I have often thought that the Almighty ordained that you and I should have been man and wife, but we both have been well and truly punished for our disobedience!”

    “Yes, Emory,” she added, “you are right. I have also often had the same thoughts in mind.”

    “But,” added his lordship, coming back to solid earth and shaking the ashes from his cigar, “it is peculiar, Ethel. I have often wondered what it was that caused Harold to be the way he was. The lessons that he gave you formed you firmly indeed!”

    “Truly!” shuddered Ethel, glancing around, her eyes round and bright.

    “I am worse if anything, Emory! I could hardly wait until I arrived here, and now I am trembling from head to foot! I am afraid! Yet I desire! I know that there is nothing that will assuage my feelings except this dreadful ritual! Emory, how you must hate me. I do not see why you allow me to come again and again! I appreciate what you have done for me in this matter and hope to repay you in time.”

    “Tut, tut, Ethel!” said his lordship, drawing cards from the table drawer. “Come, we will play cards.”

    He dealt off cards to each of them and she gathered up her cards and twitched uneasily.

    “I suppose it is unnecessary to speak of the forfeit?” said Lord Roxboro in a meaningful tone.

    Continuing this conversation he said, “I want you to be especially careful about yielding up the forfeit because in this instance, the forfeit that is to be won is the one thing that interests me most of all.”

    “Oh, Emory,” she cried, throwing her cards to the table, “let us not waste time with this sickening formula; I wish to avoid it, I really do. I am on edge and beg you to dispense with formalities arid proceed directly to action.”

    Lord Roxboro replied, “We should concentrate our attention and energies on producing something that will be really satisfying. Nothing should stop us from doing that. We ought to get a good job done tonight. You know that which I told you a long time ago: haste destroys pleasure. The more an agreeable sensation is stretched or drawn, the greater and longer will be the pleasure. All the things that I require you to do will interest you as well as please you to the utmost degree. Now, you wouldn't simply like to dash in here, relieve yourself as hastily as possible and then rush madly away. No, you are going to be really satisfied tonight. I feel sure you are,” he continued, “for although I derive great pleasure from all these indulgences, the king of the pleasure is the pleasure that is drawn out.

    “Now, my dear,” he went on, “as far as I can see, there should be nothing that should come between our enjoyment or in any way curtail it. Still, sometimes the most insignificant thing, the most obscure occurrence, may destroy or frustrate the most carefully laid plans or wreck the most important undertaking. You should not pay any attention to your foolish inhibitions or your childish delusions. They will do nothing except thwart you in attaining your dearest desires. I realize to some extent your attitude in this matter, but don't let it cause you any annoyance, much less regrets. After all is said and done, life is very short and once we are dead, dear, we shall be dead for a very long time. We now enjoy ourselves as of yore-just you and I-with no one else to bother us or even spy on us.” Here he winked slyly with the eye farthest away from Mrs. Bates as he looked toward the peepholes through which were peeping Caroline and Freda, two earnest spectators if ever there were.

    Yes, indeed, his lordship was a very adroit diplomat, especially when it came to the members of the fair sex.

    “What have you in that bag, my dear,” queried Lord Roxboro, motioning with his head in the general direction of the bag that lay on the table.

    “Oh,” she answered, “a number of things that I picked up here and there that I thought would interest you, but do not use all of them!” Saying this, she laid a diamond-beringed hand on his arm and pressed it very affectionately. “You would not use them all, Emory, would you? Really I could not stand it! Promise me?” she begged, looking earnestly and entreatingly into his eyes.

    “Tut, tut,” said Lord Roxboro, “I promise nothing. I will not enter into arrangements that concern me deeply with my eyes blindfolded. I will do in this case exactly as I see fit! Now lock the door, Ethel!

    “Lock the door, Ethel,” he cried a little more sharply. “Do as I tell you, otherwise it will be the worse for you. Lock that door immediately!”

    Ethel flew to the door and slipped the bolt into its receptacle and returned to his lordship. He rose to his feet and flicking off his coat a few specks of cigar ash, suddenly seized her roughly in his arms and kissed her brutally, as was his wont, while her arms passed around his neck as their lips met and trembled upon each other.

    She was facing the door behind which Caroline and Freda were eager spectators and her back rested against the table in the center of the room.

    The two watchers behind the door seemed to be riveted to the peepholes. They only moved their positions-and then only very slightly-when the things they heard and saw so aroused their passions that they were forced to abuse themselves until relief came.

    His lordship pressed Mrs. Bates back over the table and pressed his lips to hers.

    Her awkward position brought her skirts high up on her legs and Caroline wondered at the perfect expanse of ankle and silken-clad calf that was revealed in her struggles.

    They saw his lordship's hand rise to her waist, and an ominous rip of tearing cloth was heard as he pinioned her arm to the table.

    “He has her breasts out,” whispered Caroline excitedly. The sight of this semi-rape affected her so profoundly that she spent, the limpid substance seeping out between her lips and down onto her pearllike thighs.

    “Yes,” whispered Freda, “he tore her waist open! Look, everything is showing!”

    His lordship continued his delicious manipulations with her wonderfully formed breasts until finally he felt a deep spasm within him and his semen spurted out of his instrument in several sharp spurts into his trousers, covering his thigh with a glutinous substance.

    Finally he rose from her.

    She struggled to her feet, her two beautiful breasts now plainly visible to the eyes of the two fascinated onlookers, and made a start as if for the door.

    “No, you don't,” cried his lordship, seizing her by the arms and dragging her away from the door, the selfsame door that concealed his two nieces. “Come here, my sweetheart, I have use for you yet.

    “Do not imagine,” he continued, “that you will be let off so lightly. Really you should know me better after all these years, especially knowing me since we were both tiny infants.

    “You should realize,” he added, “that there is much work for us to do tonight.”

    Mrs. Bates gave vent to what the listeners thought was a despairing cry and sank back into his lordship's arms.

    One hand pulled up her dresses, revealing to the two hidden girls the entire expanse of her legs; the bare flesh above the stocking top was clearly visible in the darkness of her somber silken garments.

    He moved his hand about up under her clothes and the onlookers divined that he was frigging her charm of joy.

    She squirmed and twisted beneath his touch and clung closely to him.

    Evidently his lordship had moved her purposely in this position so that his nieces would see the entire play of her thighs, because as he frigged her, he moved her to one side and allowed them to view her swaying form, with his hand touching here and there upon the lower portion of her belly.

    He withdrew his hand and pushing her roughly into a chair, walked to a closet in the comer of the room, and busied himself in dragging forth a table of such type as the girls had never in their lives before laid eyes on. It was a most unusual table, to say the very least, being of curious design and furnished with various and divers appurtenances.

    It was encumbered with straps and braces that were arranged upon it in a most peculiar manner.

    Both the girls wondered what his lordship was going to do with it. However, it was not long before they were enlightened.

    Ethel lay precisely as his lordship had pushed her, her skirts still above her waist, her legs widely opened, and her breasts hanging forth from their confines.

    Due to the posture that Caroline saw her in, she thought that she must have fainted.

    However, as his lordship's dragged her to her feet, she opened her eyes and swayed as if about to fall.

    “Off with your clothes!” he cried, looking determinedly at her.

    “Not too hard, now, Emory,” she pleaded as she proceeded to unbutton her waist.

    His lordship replied with a slap across her face that caused her to pale, reel, and almost fall.

    Her face reddened from the blow and she turned instinctively away from him in order to shield herself.

    “Come now,” he said grimly. “Faster!”

    Lifting well up the back of her dress, he exposed her legs and silken-covered posterior.

    Giving her a resounding slap upon one of its delicately molded cheeks, he commanded her in rough tones to hurry yet more.

    “Hurry, hurry,” he cried. “Don't be so slow. Can't you realize that this terrible suspense is killing me? My God, woman, always at the crucial moment you seem to fail me. Hurry, hurry! Off with those damned and blasted clothes! It is very rare that I lose my self-control thus, but this is with me a time when even an angel or a saint in heaven would abandon himself.

    “Ye gods! How you do fumble! At any other time when it does not matter you can slip your clothing on and off as easily as a pair of gloves!

    “But now, when the suspense reacts most violently upon me you need an entire century if not a millenium to remove one stitch of clothing!

    “What, is that all you have got off so far?” he queried petulantly.

    The unfortunate was in reality making very good speed, but to Lord Roxboro it seemed as if her garments were six inches thick and that she was moving with leaden hands.

    Caroline solved the enigma!

    This woman's peculiar ailment was a love of abuse! It seemed that she gloried in it! Probably it acted as a sexual stimulant upon her! Her remark to his lordship about not being able to, solved the problem for Caroline! She made haste to convey her deductions to Freda, who answered rather doubtfully:

    “I never knew anyone like that.”

    “You little goose, Freda,” whispered Caroline. “There are lots of things you do not know.”

    “Well, keep quiet and watch, or at least let me watch,” said Freda.

    At the conclusion of this remark they both reglued their eyes to their prospective peepholes and gazed with intent rapture upon the scene before them. His lordship was tearing and pulling at what little remained of her garments until she was almost in a perfectly nude state.

    She had on an abbreviated pair of drawers, much smaller than the pair that Caroline had purchased under his lordship's orders, and a silken chemise that had been somewhat sadly torn by his lordship's eagerness to grasp and play with her breasts.

    She still had on her silken stockings and fashionable shiny slippers, the stockings fastened by two elegant yellow silk bows.

    These two silk bows were at the top. As his lordship swung her around, her chemise floated out and Caroline caught a glimpse of the hair that covered her abdomen.

    “The hair! Freda! The hair!” she whispered excitedly. “She has hair all over her belly, look!”

    It was indeed one! Mrs. Bates, or Ethel, had a most peculiar abnormality.

    Her entire abdomen, from the lower extremity of her cleft up to the lower boundary of her wonderfully shaped breasts was covered thickly by a mass of glorious, delicately tinted hair!

    The hair, while beautiful and feminine and truly suggestive of the forbidden things of life, was yet more simian than human in its abundance or rather superabundance.

    Not merely did it stretch from her crack to her bubbies, but extended sideways also thinning out at the sides and being entirely absent at the center of the back.

    It was a truly remarkable sight, especially to his lordship's two young nieces.

    The girls glued their eyes to the peepholes not venturing to miss a single step of what was happening.

    His lordship had by this time hoisted his fair charge upon the peculiar table and was engaged in fastening both legs to the holders that separated them widely.

    A strap went around each ankle, pinioning it fast, and there was another for each arm.

    Fastening these brought her middle high up, her private parts bared and completely opened for the girls' inspection.

    The girls gazed intently at her twisting body and marveled that she could maintain this stretched position.

    They could barely see her face as she twitched about. However, her genital organs were fully revealed beneath the bright light, and both girls closely examined them.

    The pinken lips of Ethel's genitalia gaped slightly, the thick hair surmounting the roof, while a somewhat large buttonlike projection indicated her clitoris.

    His lordship meanwhile was divesting himself of his raiment and was soon entirely nude.

    Naturally the eyes of each girl snapped unto that hung pendulously from the center of his person.

    They watched with wide-open eyes as it rose majestically into a proud upstanding cadetlike rod.

    His lordship opened the handbag that Ethel had brought with her and dumped the contents onto the floor.

    These contents surprised both of the girls greatly, being mostly harnesslike attachments and nickled instruments with rubber appurtenances.

    He selected a long rubber hoselike affair with rubber cups on the ends and brought it close to Ethel, dangling it before her eyes as she lay there unable to move anything except her eyes.

    “What is this, slut?” he demanded sternly, scowling at her.

    By now Caroline surmised that he spoke in this harsh manner solely for the effect that it had on her.

    Both of the girls strained close to the door in order to be as sure as possible to catch every word of the answer.

    “It's an automatic pump,” she answered. “It is used in hospitals when women's breasts are dry. I found it in a shop a few weeks ago. It works by water power. You connect the center valve by means of a length of rubber tubing to the nearest faucet and turn on the water. The water causes a small pump to work which in turn causes a vacuum to be formed in the cups and when these cups are placed over a woman's breasts the flow of milk is promoted.”

    “"I noticed the two cups,” said his lordship. “I suppose you have tried it out. I wonder what effect a little pumping will have on that little hot hole of yours if I connect this apparatus with your breasts. We shall see.”

    Forthwith he attached the free end of the rubber tubing to one of the faucets over the hand basin and turned on the handle. Then, pressing the control in the middle of the main tube, a whirring sound and quivering of the cups resulted.

    He shut it off and examined the two strings that he noticed fastened to the apparatus.

    “I suppose,” he said, “in your spare moments you attached these cords to the cups thinking that it might please me to strap this affair around your breasts and let it whir an hour or two. I wonder what damnable ideas pass through your head when you are preparing this stuff for your own stimulation.”

    “Oh, Emory,” breathed Ethel, twitching her legs, her eyes fastened on the whirring cups.

    His lordship switched off the control and, passing the cord beneath her back, planted the two cups firmly over her nipples. He tied the cords tightly, his two patient though eager watchers following intently every step of this intriguing process. Then, standing beside the table, his engine of penetration coming before Ethel's face, he pressed it against her lips and she sucked it in.

    Long and luxurious was the hair that covered her thickly from her secret parts to the lower boundaries of her breasts, its long silken waves of reddish hue rising from her wonderful pink flesh.

    Evidently she was proud of it, and it was well taken care of. It was doubtless true, as his lordship said, that it was possible to braid it, and in some spots Caroline thought that she detected braided patches.

    “Freda!” she breathed. “See, Freda!”

    “I see, Caroline,” answered Freda impatiently.

    The two watchers were having a time such as they had never experienced in their lives before. They watched and watched with the utmost concentration. They watched with the greatest of care each minute movement.

    As Ethel wiggled and wormed, they felt strangely impelled to wiggle and worm with her in close sympathy. In fact, in addition to wiggling and worming in intimate sympathy with Ethel, both of them, especially Caroline, were ejaculating from the private organs in no uncertain way.

    “Can you imagine such things,” murmured Caroline beneath her breath. “Why, I never even dreamed that such things could be possible.”

    Ethel's open grotto was directly before them while his lordship's noble staff was still buried in her lips.

    A whir and a leap from Ethel told them that he had started the pump and they watched her leap and quiver as her breasts trembled and shook like jelly.

    Evidently the suction machine or whatever it was sucked the nipples repeatedly, and this was not without effect on their fair owner as she throbbed and shook and twined and untwisted her fingers in rapid succession under its devilish drawing in and out.

    Trying to draw herself upward, it seemed that she strained at her bonds and lifted her buttocks from the table and moved her hips as if mad.

    She continued to move and wiggle and undulate like an insane creature. She seemed almost godlike in her lissomeness. She writhed and strained furiously-up and down; backwards and forwards; side to side and in all manner of ways.

    The effect on her of the sucking machine was most exhilarating and galvanic. It seemed to penetrate to her very soul. She thrilled and throbbed like a violin giving forth one long exquisite note!

    Ah, such pleasure! Such incomparable pleasure! What joys there are to be obtained if one but knows how!

    Caroline's eyes were glued upon Ethel's secret spot.

    She looked at the lips as they quivered and closed spasmodically, the impudent clitty now standing proud, red, and shiny in all its glory!

    Ethel's squirms grew faster!

    A moan came from her and she fell back on her buttocks.

    Caroline watched with fascinated eyes the opening and the shutting of those tender lips as a flow of sperm gushed gaily forth, rising in a little rill as it dewed her hair and settled on her thighs.

    The pump still whirred and Caroline was filled with powerful emotions that she could never have expressed.

    She held onto the framing of the door and felt as if she were about to faint!

    Freda assisted her from the chair and to the bed, where Caroline threw herself and covered her face with her hands and quivered and shook.

    Freda, feeling none too well herself, sensed the cause of her commotion, and ran a hot hand up under Caroline's dresses on her bare thigh to her grotto and found her sister in the act of spending.

    The hot sperm bedewed her fingers and wrist as she searched out the magic spot, squeezed it, and rubbed it.

    She pressed it gently here and there. She tugged a little, then pushed a little.

    Caroline was enraptured.

    Freda continued to titillate her willing sister.

    Her fingers molded themselves over the soft moist flesh and ploughed gently through the quivering membranes.

    She prodded and squeezed upward and then downward.

    She pinched the delicate parts and twisted them this way and that.

    With each little manipulation Caroline felt a fresh avalanche of passion!

    She twisted and squirmed exotically.

    Caroline was enraptured and thrilled beyond description.

    Each slight movement of Caroline seemed to add zest to Freda's activities.

    She prodded and pronged with increasing activity.

    Finally with a little shudder Caroline pushed the industrious hand of her sister gently away.

    “My sweet little sister,” she breathed, “I love you,” and drew Freda on the bed and kissed her.

    Freda was quite excited herself.

    She unbuttoned her drawers and with a finger sought out a spot that was causing her so much uneasiness and rubbed it fervently between her fingers.

    She felt herself about to spend and, lying as closely as possible to Caroline, threw one arm about Caroline's neck and kissed her, while with the other she brought down her own flow of dew.

    “Caroline! Oh! Caroline!” she whispered. “I came too, Caroline!”

    She continued to rhapsodize. “I-Oh! Caroline, is it not a most wonderful feeling? Really, Caroline, I don't know how to describe it. Ah! If it would only last forever! I could easily spend all my life like this! Oh! If I could only do so! I would be the happiest woman on earth! Oh, Caroline, please play with my thing! Oh, I love it! I must have some more, I really must.”

    “Why, Freda,” answered Caroline, in a tone of reproof that was so transparent that its insincerity would have been obvious to an infant, “I am most ashamed of you! How could you be so rude?”

    “Oh, Caroline! Oh, Caroline! Oh, Caroline! I love you! Kiss me, Caroline!” she breathed intently.

    Caroline kissed and soothed her sister as best she could.

    After a short interval they both mounted their chairs again to observe what had occurred in their absence.

    His lordship had just shut off the pumper and was in the act of removing the straps from about Ethel's body.

    Ethel lay as white as snow, white and waxen as if in a dead faint while his lordship pulled the cords from beneath her wonderfully shaped body.

    She made no motion as he lifted her up, falling back like a dead weight as he released her.

    He gave a look toward the door that concealed his two nieces and, darting another look at the unconscious Ethel, sprang rapidly to the door of his room and said in a whisper: “Open!”

    Both girls scrambled down from their chairs to open the door, and his lordship slipped inside.

    He was still stark naked and his implement stood out like an iron rod.

    “Did you like it?” He queried, kissing both the girls in rapid succession.

    “Yes! Yes!” they replied in a chorus.

    “This lady,” he added, “must be nearly killed every month or so! She likes to be treated this way! And to be spoken harshly to in the manner you heard.”

    As he enlarged upon his topic, he added, “Her husband discovered her secret and always treated her in that manner, and since his death, I am the only one, with the exception of you two, that knows it. She always comes to see me when the longings become too intense. What you have seen so far is nothing! There is nothing that she does not want done to her. She likes nothing better than to be beaten, to be abused, to be humiliated in every possible way. The things that she brings in her handbag she brings with the sole object of being used on her. However, I must hurry back to her now, before she comes to. I think I can hear her moaning now.”

    So saying, he darted out of the chamber, but not before Caroline had an opportunity of seizing upon his staff of pleasure and giving it a hearty and affectionate squeeze.

    She placed her dainty little hand upon it but the instrument was far too large to be encircled by a hand so small. However, she managed to grasp it and give it a loving squeeze!

    The girls bolted the door after him and again mounted the chairs.

    True, Ethel was returning to consciousness. She moved about uneasily and they saw his lordship regain his place at the side of the table, his rigid prong pressed against her lips. He opened her mouth and forced his instrument within.

    He held her head with his hands while he explored the interior of her mouth with his stiffly erect person.

    Soon they heard her sighing and spitting, and his lordship, withdrawing his staff, was seen to be voiding his urine down, into her throat.

    It splashed all over her face and neck, the stream flying straight at her, and turning his pintle slightly, he finished his micturition over her abdomen.

    Ethel gasped wildly, the shower of urinous spray almost choking her.

    She strove desperately to regain her breath!

    As his lordship was urinating upon her hairy abdomen, the stream of urine soothed as it tore through the reddish hair that adorned it; Ethel began to shiver and tremble and vibrate intensely.

    “I thought that would bring you to,” said the nobleman cheerfully, carrying the pumper to the handbag and dumping it in.

    “Ugh! Ah!” shuddered Ethel, making a very wry face. “You did not have to wet me in my mouth, Emory. That tastes terrible! Wipe me off, will you please?”

    “I shall not!” said his lordship. “I shall do it again on you.” Nevertheless he produced a towel and, wiping her body, said, “That remedy has been administered to you before, sweet Ethel,” throwing aside the towel.

    “You know, dear Ethel,” he continued, “you are not the only one I have urinated upon.

    “Take the case of the Duchess of Northminster when I was a guest at her home in London. I had no idea as to her true character, but gradually we began to know each other more and more until we became more than intimate. So much so that I ended Up by flogging her! But merely flogging her was not all that I did. Oh, no! I had her strapped down to a table almost exactly as you are here, and I not merely micturated all over her, but I soaked up the fluid with a towel and wrung it out into her mouth, which, by the way, was far from unwilling! Let me tell you, my dear sweet friend, what a woman wants she will get regardless of how high or how low it may be!”

    Desisting from his speech, his lordship rested for a moment; then, taking his place between her outspread legs, he placed the gleaming purplish red head of his proud pintle between the lips of her cleft now sticky with dew and with one lusty plunge rammed it tightly home. Ethel rose off the table at this and her eyes brightened sensuously and lustfully.

    His lordship lay over her but did not move his prickle in and out as was expected of him.

    “I am not going to frig you, Ethel,” he said with sangfroid. “I notice you have just spent, and as I have some more urine to spend, I will spend it in here, in order that you may be properly flushed out. Now it's running! Do you not feel it gushing into you, my sweet friend?”

    “Oh, how it titillates me,” cried Ethel with a slight sigh of vexation. “Oh, why do you do such ridiculous things?”

    “Tut, tut,” said his lordship. “Do not question my procedure, but remember the words of the immortal Tennyson: 'Theirs was not to question why; theirs was to do and die.' You doubtless recall the source of these words; they are taken from 'The Charge of the Light Brigade.' Remember, the 'Charge of the Light Brigade,'“ and on the word charge he gave her an extra lunge with his scintillating pintle!

    Ethel gave a cry of vexation and it seemed as if she were about to burst into tears.

    She endeavored to wiggle on his pintle in order to derive some pleasure.

    But his lordship was too quick for her. He jerked it out rapidly with the speed of a flash and stepped back to escape the shower of urine and sperm that gushed out of her organs.

    It trickled out of her orifice and flowed down her buttocks, wetting the table and running onto the crack of her behind.

    His lordship's rod was all wet and sticky, but instead of drying it upon a towel, he presented it to her lips and thrust it into her mouth.

    She gagged herself with it for a second, and after withdrawing it, he carefully wiped it on a towel.

    He rubbed upon it briskly, up and down, forward and backward in order to get it well dry.

    Placing the towel down, he walked briskly up and down the chamber with his brow wrinkled, evidently deep in thought.

    As he walked, he cast glances upon the invitingly nude form of Ethel and looked upon her with a smile combining tolerance, sorrow and disgust all at once.

    She is a peculiar woman, he thought.

    Going to the handbag, he held up an article that was quite familiar to Caroline and Freda.

    It was an implement for vibrating, having a long slender point and a shield-shaped handle around it.

    Two cords were attached to it and, his lordship approaching Ethel, he passed the cord around her buttocks and, lifting the point, drove it well into her parts, fitting the shield closely in against her inner lips.

    Ethel settled down on this as he strapped it closely in.

    The vibrator worked by water power and, fastening the free end of a short length of rubber tubing in the faucet, his lordship turned on the water and then turned on the control that caused the implement to vibrate.

    As soon as the vibrating began, Ethel started to leap and thrash about, uttering plaintive cries of pleasure.

    She lashed herself about like a miniature ocean under the influence of a hurricane.

    Now she strained upward; now she allowed herself to subside only to lunge out again.

    Up and down she went; this way and that.

    Evidently the vibrator was doing its work well.

    It seemed as if Ethel were blessed with an inexhaustible store of energy, for she did not stop a minute.

    The vibrator leaped and curled within her inner parts.

    Caroline could easily see what effect such an instrument could have on a girl's parts.

    The long slender tube filled the vagina; the shield with its pumping prickly points shook the clitoris as the tube leaped and gyrated.

    How wonderful must be the feeling!

    Ethel's cries soon changed their tenor, however.

    Evidently she had spent and enjoyed it to the utmost.

    But now this vibrating instrument was merely grinding on her sensitive membranes!

    Now the situation was somewhat changed.

    No longer did she feel the sweet effects of an artificial-or rather mechanical-titillation!

    No longer did she feel a sense of joyous pleasure as the vibrating monster leaped about within her.

    Each time that it scraped upon the abraded places, she felt a sharp twinge of pain shoot through her entire system!

    It was no joke being strapped down thus. The monster went rhythmically on, regardless of her cries and entreaties.

    Each new turn, each new whir brought on fresh paroxysms of agony.

    “Emory, Emory,” she cried. “Take it out, now; I cannot stand it any longer,” she cried, as she thrashed herself about in a frenzy of pain.

    However, his lordship paid not the slightest attention to her entreaties.

    He went about his examination of the articles contained in her bag, allowing the vibrator to continue to whir in her interior until with a scream, she fainted away. Then his lordship gave her his attention. He turned off the vibrator and withdrew its points, all sticky and wet, and untied the cords that held it to her buttocks.

    Unlashing her limp form, he twirled it about, no light task for him!

    Then, placing her upon her stomach, the reverse of her former position, he again lashed her tight.

    Her legs were as widely separated as before, but this position brought up her elegant ass high and foremost.

    The strained position opened her cheeks and allowed the interested onlookers to view the touch hole-a very diminutive one-that was designed by nature for evacuation.

    As his lordship made her last ankle fast, she groaned and came to. Her head was low and this probably helped.

    “Emory, Emory, I must rest now!” she moaned. “I can stand no more now. Let me get up, please!”

    “Tut, tut,” retorted his lordship.

    “Oh! Let me get up, Emory, I beg you!”

    She tried to twist her head to see what he was doing, but was unable to do so.

    His lordship was busy at the handbag and drew forth for the inspection of Caroline a mass of wires and some kind of heavy apparatus.

    He untangled this, but even in its untangled condition, it was a source of speculation to the girls.

    Approaching Ethel's buttocks, he lashed the apparatus on.

    Before proceeding with this procedure-probably to draw out the torture as much as possible-he began to pace up and down the room, at the same time casting sarcastic and jeering remarks at Ethel.

    “Yes, my lady!” he chortled. “I have you now in a fine fix! Have I not?”

    “Oh! don't do any more to me,” Ethel pleaded.

    “Indeed I shall!” retorted his lordship. “Who is there to gainsay me, may I ask? And furthermore, who is there here who is going to prevent me?

    “Remember that this is a serious business.”

    When the apparatus was strapped onto Ethel, Caroline saw that a point was projecting.

    This point was poised between the cheeks of Ethel's buttocks that were widely distended.

    The aim of the point was directed at the diminutive hole that pierced her center.

    His lordship giving it a slight push, impaling it within her channel, and Ethel wriggled and squirmed beneath his touch.

    Adjusting several parts of the curious machine, he finally connected it by means of two insulated wires to a powerful battery and induction coil.

    Ethel could see all this and grew frantic at the preparations.

    “Oh, please don't go on,” she pleaded.

    “Oh, ho! Indeed I shall,” cried Lord Roxboro.

    “Really, Emory! Please do stop!” Ethel pleaded.

    “Tut! tut!” reiterated Lord Roxboro. “As I said before, do not make such foolish utterances! I shall continue in this pastime until I am fully satisfied and content with my handiwork.”

    “Oh! Heavens!” burst out Ethel.

    “Heavens or no heavens,” retorted his lordship, “I shall keep on with this procedure and shall not stop until it suits me. And be assured that it will be a long time yet before I shall be satisfied with that which I am doing!

    “Emory! Emory!” she screamed frantically. “You have that all wrong! That is not supposed to be for the back! That is for my front! You will kill me this way! Oh! Emory, take that thing off at once! Take it off. It is already hurting me!”

    “Ha! ha!” laughed Lord Roxboro sardonically. “How ridiculous are your statements and requests!

    “Ah!” he added. “How I am enjoying myself. I shall never be able to describe, never as long as I live!”

    “Oh! Oh! Ah! Oh! Oh! Ah! Oh!” burst out Ethel in anticipation of that which was to follow.

    “Scream as much as you like, my fine beauty,” retorted his lordship. “I don't care how loud you scream, because nobody is going to come to your aid. That I'll wager.”

    “Oh! Be merciful!” cried Ethel.

    “What care I for mercy!” cried Lord Roxboro. “When I have pleasure in view I have no consideration for anything else.”

    “Ah! If I had only known this beforehand,” answered Ethel.

    “You knew well enough long beforehand what was going to come to pass when you came here.”

    “Oh! My God!”

    “Ethel,” said Lord Roxboro slowly, “you do not realize the capability for dilation that the sphincter is capable of! Why, in medical and surgical practice, I used to insert my whole hand up in some young thing's rectum and she would be none the wiser! This is a small bore and thanks to your inventive genius this machine works with both an in and out motion, making the situation really delightful! True, as a rule the tip should be smeared with an unguent of some kind. But your tender walls will manage to accommodate the small point, I am sure! Come, Ethel! Do not stand in the way of my experiments.”

    “Emory! I tell you!” shrieked Ethel, “I will never, never, never be able to. Take it away from there.”

    “Ha! ha! ha!” laughed his lordship uproariously. “Really, Ethel, you cannot understand how immensely I am enjoying myself.”

    “This is terrible!” she said.

    “It may be terrible for you,” said his lordship, “but it is pleasure for me-yes, indeed, it is truly the greatest of pleasures for me! You may groan but I will laugh!” roared his lordship sardonically.

    “Is there no mercy in this world?” asked Ethel sobbingly.

    “No! None as far as I am concerned,” bellowed his lordship, warming to his tasks.

    “Oh, Emory,” shrieked Ethel. “I will never, never, never in all my life be able to stand that thing back there! Put it in my front if you must, but take it away immediately from back there! I know, just as sure as I live that if you attempt to carry out the cruel project that you have in mind, I will surely die! In the worst agony!”

    “My dear Ethel,” said Lord Roxboro, “your fears and excitations, aroused by my desire to see demonstrated within you the most powerful of agitations, changes me no more from my projects than should you try to move, unaided, the Sphinx of Egypt! I am determined to carry out my project, whether you wish it or not, so prepare yourself.”

    “Once more, my friend!” pleaded Ethel. “Piteously, I beg of you to desist from your attempt! I know that immaterial as it may seem to you, I will never survive. Desist I beg you.”

    Lord Roxboro replied by pressing the control. Caroline saw the point dart forward, burying its length between her buttocks, only to reappear in an instant to be buried again! It worked in and out relentlessly, despite her wiggles and twists, and after a moment or so she again flattened on the table in a fainting spell, the devilish machine still piercing her vitals! The lord shut it off and, unloosening the lashings, drew it from out of the fair Ethel's quivering buttocks.

    Lord Roxboro seized this opportunity to exchange a word with the two sisters who were now again in a very delicate condition, to say the least. Caroline, at the sight of that point disappearing within the confines of Ethel's rectum, felt her sexual dew gush down her thighs and almost tottered off the chair.

    Freda was in no better way! His lordship entering, he thrust his two hands quickly beneath the dresses of both girls and verified his suspicions that both were at the sweet spending state! Laughingly he said:

    “If I were assured that both of you girls could preserve perfect silence if admitted to the outer room, I would let you join me and witness closely the agitations of our temperamental subject! Do you wish to get close to what seems an exhilarating sight to both of you, my dears?”

    “But she will observe us!” objected Caroline, panting while squeezing her thighs closely together as if to suppress the deluge that was coursing from her vaginal mouth.

    “Do you wish to go?” repeated the sensual uncle, his hand still busy with Freda's writhing thighs as she rode upon his arm and deluged his wrists and fingers.

    Yes! Yes! Yes!” they answered, as if in a single voice.

    “Well, consider it done!” cried Lord Roxboro, and rushing to the handbag, he drew out of it a soft, heavy bandage. Proceeding to Ethel, he lifted up her prone head and, holding it in his hand, he fastened the heavy bandage, hiding everything from her sight.

    She had not as yet recovered from the terrible shock of that back-way penetration, which had affected her in so cruel a manner, and she still lay in a torpor as if dead.

    His lordship, upon bandaging her eyes, motioned for the two sisters to enter the room; placing his finger upon his lips as a signal to the girls to keep perfectly silent, he impatiently awaited for the unconscious Ethel to revive.

    Caroline and Freda, admitted to the scene of the carnal actions that they had so discreetly witnessed, stood close to the quiet body of the perfectly formed woman and marveled at the fine texture of her alabaster skin, her peculiar growth of hair. Lord Roxboro, noticing the trend of his two nieces' glances, made a motion to them to convey the fact that he would allow them to inspect this girl's entire person, if they so desired.

    Upon this grant, Caroline immediately seized Ethel's plump buttocks by the cheeks and then pulled them widely apart, in order to survey what damage might have occurred to the woman's most intimate parts by the terrible banging of the last machine used upon the beauty by the sensual uncle.

    Freda placed herself in a position to also make this inspection. Except for a slight redness, they seemed to be in excellent shape, and Caroline, after allowing her sister to make a very close inspection, released the stubby pinken cheeks and allowed them again to return to their normal conjunction.

    Boldly reaching her inquiring hand beneath Ethel's belly, she caressed her, fingering her navel and allowing her hand to drop to the thatch of pubic hair that surmounted the entrance to Ethel's sexual inlet, marveling at its soft silkiness.

    Freda, of course, following the actions of her curious sister, who was possessed of a desire to quench her curiosity to the utmost now that permission had been granted her by her sensual uncle, also had to feel with her fingers the underside of Ethel's belly.

    Freda rubbed her hand about, and Caroline, fearing that the titillation of her younger sister might arouse the beauty, laid a hand on her sister's arm and motioned her to withdraw.

    Freda withdrew her hand and Caroline, noting that her sister held her hand from her and wiped it on a towel, knew that Freda had penetrated the handsome widow's sexual cavern. Looking at the lord, they waited intently for the next act in this extremely sensual drama.

    Lord Roxboro, busying himself at the capacious handbag, drew forth to the astonished gaze of the two sisters two articles that looked like old-fashioned lemon squeezers, but on a larger scale.

    Carrying these peculiar-looking instruments over to the table upon which lay the bound and helpless widow, he slipped one beneath the naked contour of the widow's form and, lifting her plump breast in his hand, laid it carefully within the jaws of this wooden instrument.

    Long handles were attached to the jaws of the peculiar “squeezer,” and Caroline and Freda obeyed the lord's silent instruction for them to peer beneath the woman's naked body.

    He explained in a low voice to the two interested spectators just how these instruments operated.

    “Upon pressure of these handles,” said Lord Roxboro, touching one of the long handles that extended from the peculiar instruments, “our fair charge's breasts will be squeezed between the flat, wooden blades, causing the owner of these delicious breasts to suffer the most intense sensations of delirious pain!

    The lord, stepping around to the other side of the table, placed Ethel's other breast in the remaining squeezer, and motioning to Caroline and her sister to each seize the handles that projected outward from beneath the naked form of the divinely shaped beauty, he prepared to mount again, atop the senseless widow.

    “But uncle,” objected Caroline, “these squeezers will hurt the widow in the most dreadful manner. Surely you must realize that a girl's breasts, soft and tender as they are, most naturally constituted, would be black and blue, bruised and sore for months should she suffer a compression from this-torture instrument; the pressure must be almost crushing in its extent.

    “True! True!” admitted Lord Roxboro. “As you say, my charming niece, the compression exerted by these artfully contrived squeezers will cause our subject to experience the most excruciating pains, but you must bear in mind that the lustful Ethel is possessed of a desire to be hurt cruelly, and in submitting her to this delicate attention we are gratifying her whims to the best of our ability.

    “When both of you, in accordance with my instructions, squeeze together firmly the two handles that you hold in your tender hands, our fair subject will quickly, very quickly return to her senses! At the count of three, squeeze, and do not allow your actions to be modulated to the slightest extent by any pity that may exist within your heart for this sensual and passion-mad creature. At three, my dears.”

    Caroline, listening to these instructions of her guardian, was fully in accord with his intentions. She felt jealous of the handsome widow's beautiful form and finely molded figure, and was sure, on her part, that no pity would hinder her actions in the manipulations of the handles of the squeezer, which she held firmly clasped in her hands. She was determined to give the somnambulant Ethel a hard squeeze with her instrument and, looking across the table over the naked form of the bound girl, made a sign with her eyes, which the younger sister, perfectly in accord with Caroline, interpreted as meaning that Freda was also to show no mercy.

    The lord lay firmly upon Ethel's bare back and placed his erect charger between the sweet orbs of the handsome widow's posterior. Being placed within the panting fleshy cheeks, he looked at the two expectant girls and counted: “One! Two! Three!!!”

    At the count of three, Caroline pressed the handles of her instrument firmly together, and a groan that quickly changed to a scream of agony came from the tightly lashed Ethel. Screaming aloud and thrashing about, she moved the whole table in a wild effort to escape this new and novel device to outrage her senses.

    “Oo-o-o-oo. A-hr-e!” she screamed. “I die! I die! O-o-o-o!”

    Caroline, looking beneath the leaping girl's body, saw that Ethel's breast was perfectly flattened out between the compressing blades of her pincher, and found to her delight that she could regulate the tenor of the screams with a pressure or a relaxation of the handles of the pain-producing weapon! What a delight this was! To cause a girl to run the entire vocal scale through a delicate compression of these cruel wooden blades upon one of the softest portions of her body! Glancing across the table at Freda, she saw that she too was in an experimental mood, and both hardly perceived the lord's motions as he waved his hand to them in a command to cease this delirium-producing compression.

    Caroline immediately released her pressure upon the handles, and Freda, following her sister's example, did the same.

    “Ethel,” cried Lord Roxboro, from his station atop the sensual widow's form, “I deem it no more than right to acquaint you with my intentions in regard to my diversified ravishments! Such detailed descriptions I judge will add to that sensual excitement that seems to thrill your entire being!

    “I am now about to insert into that diminutive, tender orifice, nature's sweet and delightful exit for the substances that have passed through the body, an enormous plunger, one that exceeds by far, in both length and diameter the one that has so recently opened this adorable cavern of expulsion! I intend to dilate this sweet channel, with a stretching and rending of membranes to its widest and fullest capacity! In fact so wide, that I doubt whether it will ever, despite its capability for shrinking, ever again close.

    “The dilater that I mention, is no other than my own sweet throbbing and engorged tool! The one that has so often stretched the elastic confines of your lips, both lower and upper, and has palpitated your leaping womb when I have buried it with one drive far up into your panting entrails!

    “Does not the prospect,” went on Lord Roxboro, moving gently to and fro the head of his instrument within the swelling of the handsome widow's buttocks, “does not the prospect of having this huge charger, throbbing and eager, its stiffness resembling that of a bar of iron, inserted with a sudden and cruel plunge up into the tender confines of your outlet cause you almost to succumb with fear and fright of the dreadful consequences?

    “Who knows? In my anxiety to complete the sudden entrance, my sudden onslaught, in its very impetuosity, may carry away or force to pieces that tender throbbing ring that so maintains in perfect order the regularity of your body's functions?

    “But enough!” he cried suddenly. “This oration or preamble, as you may term it, has gone far enough! Now to more vigorous and direct action! Ready! Ready, girls, with those most excruciating squeezers that I see you hold so tightly in your little hands, awaiting, I hope, my command to exercise a pressure that will cause our fair victim to leap about as if possessed! As for me here I go!”

    This mention of “girls” conveyed to the mind of the blindfolded Ethel that there were others present, others who were present not only as spectators to her overwhelming humiliations and subjection to unnatural practices of the sensual lord, but were actual participators in the acts so painful to her!

    “O-o-o-o-h! Hh-h-h-hhh!” she panted. “I–I-O-o-o! E-m-o-r-y! I–I-I beg of y-o-u!”

    Lord Roxboro thrust down his hand and, directing the route of his inflamed penis, placed it against the touch-hole of the powerless beauty, giving a terrible drive, endeavored in one cruel lunge to sheath its entirety within her! The widow's extreme nervousness, causing this portion of her anatomy to quiver violently in rapid convulsing movements, for a while frustrated his attacks, but with continuous coaxing and adjusting, accompanied many wild plunges, he at last had half of its entire length sheathed within the quivering hold of the screaming widow!

    Try as he might with all his thrusts and blows, due to some unaccountable nervous tension of the widow, he could penetrate no farther. He raged and stormed in a frenzy, his toes held firmly to the table as he arose fiercely upon her in his drives, but it would go no farther!

    “Relax, vile creature!” he shouted, his face now purple with combined anger and lust. “Relax! I command you, Ethel! As long as you hold yourself the way you do, and refuse to relax the walls of your anus I can never fully drill you! Heavy girls! Heavy!” he shouted suddenly to the two sisters. “Heavy on the pinches! I have an idea that will perfectly be in accord with my designs, and will at the same time bow the proud resistance and spirit of this helpless beauty! Press hard! I conjure you!”

    Caroline and Freda, heeding this sudden command, pressed with all their might on the long-handled squeezers, and Ethel, unable to stand this terribly agonizing pressure, gave a piercing shriek and again collapsed on the table in a dead faint!

    “Eureka!” cried Lord Roxboro, feeling the tension of her rectal walls relax suddenly, upon this losing of her senses. “Now I can easily drive within her.” And suiting the deed to the word, he thrust his rod fully forward and easily buried himself in the beautiful woman, lying flat on her body, his tool buried within her clinging membranes!

    “This really is a dreadful shame, girls!” he mourned, as he moved his rammer about. “It spoils completely the idea that pervaded my mind! Ethel, now being unconscious, naturally feels no pain whatever from my sudden entrance, or from the moves that toss about her inner folds.

    “I, however, am quite near the spending point and at the rate I am going, together with the passionate, tight hotness of the clinging embrace her rectal walls, I am afraid that I will shoot my charge before she is awake and sensible of what is occurring. If she would only awake, to feel the jolts of my rammer, which I assure you, dear girls, is as hard as a bar of the most rigid iron! Ah! How I would relish the sweet writhing and convulsions of her lovely form, as she tried to avoid these sudden heaves that titillate my organ in the most delicious and seductive manner!

    “Fortune smiles!” he suddenly cried, feeling a tightening of Ethel's membranes about his surging staff. “I am in luck! She is regaining her senses!”

    Lord Roxboro's words were true. Ethel, with a faint moan, returned to consciousness. The sensual lord pounding away at her back door, his giant and engorged staff soon had the fair beauty writhing and shrieking with the most agonizing pain. Caroline and Freda had removed the giant squeezers from her full breasts, and now the only thing to occupy the mind of the distrait girls was the soul-inspiring drives of the lord's giant swollen staff.

    “Look out! Emory! Beware! I beg you!” she screamed while tossing about agitatedly, as faint noises issued startlingly from her netherhole, where his prong was now dashing wildly in and out with quick full penetrating thrusts.

    “I know, Ethel! I know, dear girl!” cried Lord Roxboro, writhing about and giving with his rod a deep cruel plunge into her rectum, so sudden and deep in its intensity that it almost unhorsed him from off his fair victim.

    “Emory!” she screamed. “Look out! Look out, Emory!”

    “No, Ethel!” cried the determined lord, not hesitating a moment in his decisive drives into her hindparts. “At this present moment, my dear girl, I feel myself about to spend! I am spending! Ethel! Take it all! Ta-ke it aa-hh! T-h-e-r-e! T-h-e-r-e! T-h-e-r-e! All of it! How it must cream up within your bowels, my dear Ethel! What delicious pleasure!”

    Lord Roxboro staggered weakly to the couch, lay there and panted for breath. The disconsolate Ethel still continued to cry and moan, and the lord, finally securing his breath, walked to the handbag and, turning the contents of the bag about, held up to the view of the two girls, two short, sturdy whips, like horse whips.

    These he handed one apiece to Caroline and Freda, and motioned to them to whip without mercy the upturned glowing buttocks of the tightly bound Ethel. This was to Caroline's liking, and swinging the whip through the air, she brought it down with a vengeful crack upon the contour of Ethel's snowy lower cheeks! Freda was only an instant in following the lustful example set by her older sister, and in a few minutes, between the both of them, they soon had the fair Ethel's rump a mass of bleeding purple-headed mountains!

    Disgusted at the sight of these bleeding tokens of the whip, they tired of this strenuous sport and cast aside their whips. Caroline requested her uncle to secure for her the peculiar pumping apparatus that had affected her so strongly.

    “Ah!” cried Lord Roxboro. “So you, Caroline, are becoming adept in the arts of inflicting pain and humiliation upon a helpless feminine form! Well, my sensual relative, I will grant you this sweet boon as it will prove both interesting and educational!” He secured the apparatus and handed it to the blushing girl.

    Between the three of them, they turned the helpless woman on her back and again fastened her securely to the table. Caroline arranged the pumps in the proper manner upon her breasts, and stood before Ethel's outlashed legs to watch intently for the quiverings of the girl's sensitive lower lips, the soft sighs that foretold that the real storm was about to take place in all its sexual fury.

    It was longer in coming than the last time, and timing her actions exactly, Caroline inserted a finger within the quivering lips that were held invitingly open for her titillations; she manipulated the interior of the swimming sheath and instantly was bewetted in spurts as Ethel showered with wiggles down upon her.

    This method of ejaculation, the use of this provocative machine that set in motion the joyful spasms of a girlish nature affected Caroline greatly, and she desired, unknown to her sensual uncle, that she might secure for herself one of these wonderful devices. Her sister was an interested spectator to all of this lustful action, and Caroline, judging from the appearance of her sister's bright and sparkling eyes, knew almost to a certainty that her thighs must be now gleaming with girlish dew!

    Lord Roxboro, judging that Ethel was much too weak to submit to any more manipulation by either himself or his nieces, motioned the two girls to their rooms and began to unlash the hysterical woman from the bonds that confined her to the table.

    Both girls, their arms being quite tired from the exercise of the whip, were well willing to bring the scene to a close, and Caroline, her mind filled with the most delicious ideas, slowly walked to her room and opened the door.

    Stepping inside, she was surprised to find Freda already there, and what was more, the younger girl did not seem aware of her older sister's presence! Her eyes were sparkling and her hand was buried beneath her upturned dress. Caroline could hardly resist desire to follow her younger sister's example, but restraining herself with an effort, Caroline murmured:

    “Continue, Freda dear. I can fully realize what your feelings must be after the sensual episodes that occurred while you were in the company of both of our uncle and his sensual companion. Proceed, sister of mine! Use your finger, which I judged was inserted within your sexual orifice when I abruptly disturbed you, and send down your sweet tokens!

    Surprising your actions, it is only through a powerful effort that I do not instantly become a contestant in this soul-stirring handling that brings forth nature's sweet, soothing essence!”

    “Then why try, sister sweetheart of mine?” said Freda softly, coming close to her older sister, as Caroline sat on the side of the bed while Freda kissed her passionately. “Give up this unequal struggle, and allow me.” Here she suddenly thrust her hand beneath Caroline's dresses and, encountering the lips of Caroline's quivering slit, she pressed it gently, rubbing the turgid knob, as Caroline, as if in accord with her intent, leaned far backward to allow Freda to titillate her active spot. “Allow me to bring about that divine ecstasy that affords us both relief.”

    “O-h-h-hhh! Freda!” breathed Caroline, almost at once in an ecstasy of sensual bliss, “I really and truly love you!”

    “If you really do, my dear sister,” said Freda, poutingly withdrawing her titillating finger for an instant from Caroline's sexual center. “If you really do”-at this she raised high her own dress, allowing Caroline to see her own drawers hanging by one button, the fuzzy thatch of her own belly exposed to the eyes of her older sister-“you would at least afford me the sensation that is engendered by the touch of an alien finger upon those parts that are now almost bursting, with their swollen load of that precious balm.”

    “Oh, Freda!” murmured Caroline, blushing and drawing the fair girl down upon her bed beside her. “I hope you will pardon me for the unnatural selfishness that I have displayed! Here.” And at this she unbuttoned the confining button that held Freda's drawers and pushed them about the ankles of the girl's legs. “I will lay here beside you, and you with your agile finger search out that spot that is giving me such trouble, and I on my part”-and here she placed a finger on Freda's hard knob-“will cause you, dear sister, that ecstatic flow that brings to our sex the most delicious relief!”

    Freda upflung Caroline's dress, Caroline's pants being divided and offering no obstacle to the lustful girl's hand. Wrapped in each other's arms, their lips pressed close together in a fervid embrace, both girls, with a few touches, electric in their overpowering character, melted into one, and gave down on each other's thighs a generous tribute of the most effusive balm. Then, the sweetest expressions of endearment on each other's lips, they fell fast asleep in each other's arms!

    Overcome, still fully clothed, they lay in sound dreamless sleep, and the following morning, the lord, making his usual round, found both girls in this entrancing position, their girlish treasures exposed, a white tiny hand resting over them, as if guarding them from an alien intrusion.

    The fall season was now fast approaching, and the verdure of Roxboro Mansion was now taking on a golden hue. Freda and her older sister had not yet been at the mansion six weeks, and were delighted with their surroundings. Lord Roxboro gave them every care and lavished upon them every affection, allowing them free play in the manner of purchasing wearing apparel, and it seemed as though their lives were to be one sweet, long song.

    One day Caroline was discussing matters with Freda, matters which dealt with that fascinating tonic-sex.

    “Do you recollect, sweet sister, the time we watched uncle give it to Marie in such splendid fashion? Remember Caroline?” asked Freda.

    “Yes,” said Caroline, her cheeks mantling with shame and perhaps a tinge of passion, as she recalled this sensual performance; her passionate uncle debauching the pretty maid, Marie. “I remember, Freda dear, what about it?”

    “Oh, nothing,” replied her pert young sister, casting a look upon Caroline. “I merely asked you if you did still remember it. As for myself'-and here she shook her pretty head decidedly-“I would like, on my part, to see it done all over again! I like to see things like that! The spectacle of Ethel, the demure widow, was a scene that will leave in my mind the most pleasant of recollections that I will treasure for all time. Should I ask, Caroline, uncle to do it all over again, for our particular benefit? Yes?” she queried, looking at Caroline to see if this idea met with her elder sister's approval.

    “Be still, Freda,” commanded Caroline, her own mind in a tumult of emotion as she again pictured the lustful rape of the fair maid by her sensual-minded uncle. “You know very well that you should not speak in this manner. Uncle, I am sure, would not like to hear you talking that way.”

    “Uncle would not like it?” sniffed the unquenchable Freda. “Why, Caroline, I am surprised at you for that remark! I in my own mind believe that uncle seems to delight in these things. The time that he rammed that thing of his, all erect and hanging, the veins of it looking as if they were about to burst with their throbbing, up far into your waiting belly seemed to make you leap and gyrate about as if you were about to fly to the ceiling. How did it really feel to you, while it was in you, my dear sister? Tell me.”

    “Hush! Hush!” breathed Caroline, fearfully agitated by these remarks of her younger sister, as she placed a restraining finger over Freda's lips. “You should never, never ask questions like that, Freda! Hush! I command you!”

    This growing curiosity of Freda for the feel of a manly staff within her tiny cleft, was something that worried Caroline. She surmised that sooner or later, Freda's tiny channel would prove a glove for the monstrous organ of her sensual uncle, and dreaded what she knew was to become a certainty.

    Not that she cared for Freda so much, but of late, it seemed to her that she wanted the sensual Lord Roxboro completely to herself. Despite her cautions, her young sister still discoursed lively upon this forbidden topic, and Caroline sadly regretted that she had ever allowed her younger sister to view her actions with her passionate uncle.

    She resolved to change in the future, and despite Freda's wondering protests, she refused to discuss this subject that filled the younger girl's mind completely.

    Freda, however, persisted in bringing this matter up whenever they were alone, and one day, while Caroline and her sister were in Caroline's room eagerly engaged in inspecting some new finery that Lord Roxboro had recently purchased for Caroline, Freda said:

    “Sister dear, why is it that you do not like it when I speak of the things that uncle has done to you and Marie?”

    “Hush! Freda,” murmured Caroline, her cheeks mantling red at Freda's question. “Girls of your age are not supposed to discuss such things.”

    “But I want to know, Caroline!” pouted Freda, seating herself on the bed and laying a hand upon Caroline's knee. Caroline was without her dress, having only a short petticoat and brassiere covering her.

    At the touch of her sister's hand upon her silken knees, she drew back a bit and, clasping her own trembling hand over Freda's, squeezed it gently. Freda immediately disengaged her hand and slipped it adroitly beneath the short petticoat that Caroline wore; she thrust it upward and allowed it to rest on her sister's bare thigh. She moulded and patted this bare flesh, causing Caroline to become prey to the most delicious sensations.

    “No! Freda! No!” whispered Caroline, twisting about under this contact. “Remove your hand! I beg you!”

    “Little Fraidy-Cat!” murmured Freda, growing bolder. “Does my sister think that I am going to hurt her? There! That is where I wanted to get!” she cried triumphantly, thrusting her eager fingers within the outer lips of Caroline's sheath, and gently massaging the fleshy knob that was now throbbing and erect.

    “Freda! Freda!” sighed Caroline, gently falling upon her back on the bed. Now that her sister had gained that vantage Caroline was unable to resist, her thighs were widely outspread, eager and open for the titillating fingers. “Freda! I beg you! Not too hard! Freda! Dearest!”

    Freda scrambled to her knees and, pushing up Caroline's petticoat, again replaced her titillating finger. Caroline's secret charms were displayed to the delighted eyes of her younger sister; the thin transparent drawers slashed wide open in the center, revealing all her sweet self to Freda, she thrashed and twisted, a voluptuous symbol of sensuality, as Freda's moving finger, attuned to her wiggles, gave her the most divine sensations! “Not inside, Freda dear! Not inside, my beloved sister! Just content yourself by rubbing gently that hard little knob that projects its head between my inner lips! Slow and easy, dear!” And reaching down, she grasped Freda's bare arm and squeezed lovingly.

    Freda, however, had her own ideas as to how this important matter should be conducted, and continued to drive her finger in and out of Caroline's moist and quivering slit; burying it to the root, she marveled at the sensual girl's leaps and tosses. Emboldened by this, she essayed to introduce a second one, causing Caroline to cease her writhing and give vent to a cry of terrified pain.

    “Oo-o-o-h! Freda!” she cried. “You hurt me! What on earth are you trying to do? That is not the proper way to do. Do as I have told you. The other way. On that knob, that is so sensitive to me.”

    Freda, upon hearing this argument from her elder sister, realized the logic of it and returned her fingertip to Caroline's fleshy button. After an instant's titillation, she felt it throb strongly beneath her touches, and sensed from the delirious Caroline's movements and actions that the beautiful girl was about to vent forth her flow. Quickening her fingerings, she gazed up expectantly into her sister's face and cried:

    “Now is the time! This is it, my dear Caroline! Is this it, my dear sister?”

    But Caroline was at that present moment in no fit state to answer the queries of her curious sister. “Freda! Freda!” she moaned, her voice rising to a peculiar pitch as her whole body tossed and trembled wildly as the divine climax began in no uncertain way to manifest itself. “Freda dear! Faster, dear girl! Faster! I come! I come! There! There! There! T-h-e-r-e!” she murmured, throwing her whole body upward to meet the contact of her younger sister. The hot dew drenched Freda's hand and wrist, the gouty flow of the hot, sticky fluid spurting forth in convulsive jets. “O-h-hh! O-o-o-o-oh! Freda! Stop! Stop! I command you!”

    Freda, satisfied, ceased her manipulations, and Caroline, squeezing her legs together, turned upon her side and lay panting upon the bed.

    “You seem all worked up, Caroline,” said the matter-of-fact Freda, securing a towel and carefully drying her hands. “Does it hurt you or something?”

    “Oh, Freda!” murmured the agitated Caroline. “Do not ask me such foolish questions and give me that towel that you hold there like a statue in your hands!”

    Freda threw the towel to Caroline, who, after holding it in her hand a moment, drew up her petticoat carefully and placed it between her thighs, not as yet venturing to dry herself, so acute was the tingling that still persisted in her feminine parts.

    After a few moments she arose to her feet and carefully wiping the moisture from between her thighs, threw the towel in a comer and arranged her apparel. Freda, meanwhile, surveyed the actions of her sister with curious glances.

    “I know that the actions that you just have undergone, dear sister, instill you with a feeling that is perfectly wonderful,” said Freda, again seating herself on the bedside. “I felt that I was about to go insane, the night that you and I, sweet sister, were in your bed together! Surely you remember it, dear Caroline?”

    “Yes, yes,” replied Caroline somewhat impatiently, now that her sexual urge had been gratified. “I remember all about it. Now come, get ready to go! I am going downstairs.”

    “But, Caroline,” remonstrated Freda, flouting herself about enticingly on the bed, and regarding her elder sister saucily. “I know you like to undergo that feeling also! Why not, in consideration for what I have done, why not do it to me?”

    “Freda!” said Caroline impatiently, turning to her younger sister, “uncle is awaiting me, and besides that, if you desire to experience a spasm of that pleasure, you are well constituted to bring it about yourself! I really have to hurry now!”

    “Uncle will wait,” said Freda in a complacent tone of voice. “Besides,” she added, “I think, Caroline, that I have been very nice to you, and I want you to do what gives me the same exquisite pleasure that you just have experienced. If you do not, Caroline, I will without an instant's delay inform our uncle that you were in the stable the other day talking to Carl, the stableboy. That, my dear sister, will not increase the tender feelings that he has for you, in view of what has already transpired.”

    “Why, Freda,” cried Caroline, blushing furiously and trying to appear shocked. “How can you, my sister, say such a thing! I just happened to be passing there, and stopped as anyone might do, merely to say hello to Carl! I was not even within the barn!”

    “I know,” said Freda meaningly. “I know that you were not inside, but uncle, when I tell him, will imagine almost anything, and you may be sure, dear sister, I will make it my duty to inform him, should you see fit to act the high lady with me, your devoted sister.”

    Caroline made no response to this pointed speech of her younger sister. True, she had only stopped, as she had said, to exchange a word with the handsome stableboy, but Lord Roxboro, after listening to Freda's well-garbled account, which Caroline knew Freda would carefully embellish, judged that the stem guardian would think wrongly. She thought it best to placate the little spy and later, she vowed, she would exact terrible tribute from Freda; in the meantime she assumed a placid expression and murmured:

    “Why, Freda! I'm surprised at you. If you saw me, you know that I stopped for only a second to speak to Carl, and our conversation was just mere pleasantries; besides, we were outside the barn. Now remember, you minx, if you garble the tale and tell something entirely different to uncle, I'll positively make you regret it.”

    “Oh don't be silly, Caroline,” said Freda. “I'll not say a word to uncle.” And she lay back on the bed and spread her legs. “That is, if you do not wish me to, I shall say nothing about it to him.”

    Caroline gave a little cry of vexation. To have this chit of a sister dictate to her was really more than her sensitive nature could endure; however, diplomatically, she decided to make the best of a bad bargain:

    “All right, Freda,” she murmured with affected carelessness. “Get up out of there and take your pants off and I'll do it to you this time, as you apparently need a little fun.”

    Freda, delighted to see that she had accomplished her aim, jumped up and threw her arms about her sister. “Ah, Caroline, I knew that you would be agreeable. I knew that you would do it, Caroline dear, and really, Caroline, I wouldn't have mentioned this episode with Carl, but for the fact that I wanted you to do it. You know that I like you and would do anything in the world for you, Caroline.”

    “Come, come, Freda,” said Caroline impatiently, anxious to get rid of her charge and have her unwelcome bargain over with as soon as possible. “Come, Freda! Enough of this, please take off your pants, so that I can get at you.”

    Freda made a quick movement, throwing up her dress, and quickly unbuttoned her drawers, allowing them to fall upon the floor; after stepping out of them, she picked them up and hurled them on a chair.

    Still standing in the center of the room, she glanced roguishly at Caroline while she held her skirts aloft and twirled about, exposing her bare thighs and posterior.

    Caroline glanced at her with ill-concealed impatience, disliking the task before her and afraid to show too much resentment about it.

    “Come, Freda, let us begin. Hop on the bed, and spread your legs wide apart.”

    As Freda clambered up on the bed, her skirts gathered about her, exposing her bare limbs and the downy spot, Caroline could not repress a little envious admiration for the well-rounded thighs and the plump posterior.

    Freda rolled over on the bed and raised her legs to an angle of forty-five degrees and exposed her sensitive organ to the gaze of Caroline, who immediately sank to her knees and inserted an exploring finger within the hectic portals of her garden of love.

    She placed her finger on Freda's clitoris, and found it erect and swollen like a boyish pintle, and Freda wiggled and squirmed about the bed beneath Caroline's deft touches.

    “Oh Caroline, Caroline, inside, please inside. Just like I did in yours,” murmured Freda, wiggling in ecstatic abandonment.

    She realized that to insert it and work briskly as Freda had done would no doubt cause considerable pain, but with a brisk movement she rammed her finger into the sensitive slit and toward the tightly closed channel of her virgin sister.

    “O-o-o-o!” screamed Freda, looking startled, and with an agonized scream, she leaped off the bed, a look of bewildered astonishment on her pain-wracked countenance.

    Caroline had prodded her finger into the tightened grove and opened her vagina.

    “Oh, Caroline. O-o-o-o! You hurt, you are too rough,” and she hopped about like a startled fawn, holding on to her lacerated coosie.

    “Well, you wanted it, didn't you? You insisted that I insert my finger into you, just as you had in mine. Well, that is all that I did,” said Caroline, looking maliciously at the sobbing Freda.

    Poor Freda moaned and doubled herself up, a picture of bewildered resentment.

    Caroline gazed, at the afflicted girl for a few moments, when suddenly a feeling of compassion overcame her resentment of Freda's former attitude and, as Freda turned her tearstained face to Caroline, she moved impulsively to her.

    Freda moved back and exclaimed, “No, no! Caroline, You are too rough, and it hurts dreadfully, whatever you did to me.”

    Caroline knelt beside her and placed an arm about the dejected Freda. “There, there, Freda dear,” she crooned as she drew her sister to her and held her close. “Don't be alarmed. Sister Caroline didn't mean to hurt you. I will not hurt you any more, Freda.”

    “But you did, Caroline,” sobbed Freda, pushing down her dress and drawing away from Caroline. But Caroline held her fast in her arms and, again managing to get beneath Freda's clothes, she sought out the sensitive spot and with an expert touch massaged it gently.

    Freda, under this treatment, grew more passive and nestled against her sister as she worked with sure and deft touches with Freda's burning quim.

    She squirmed and wiggled about, but with a mastery born of long practice, Caroline managed to retain her soothing caresses on Freda's cleft. Suddenly the whim seized Caroline, as she was caressing the bower of pleasure, that it would be a great sight to see her sister Freda naked.

    After removing her finger gently from the hole, she drew Freda to her feet and, unbuttoning the top of her dress, allowed it to slip to the floor.

    Freda made no protests as she soon speedily divested her of all the rest of her clothing, leaving her as naked as Venus rising from the bath.

    Caroline turned her about and viewed her glorious form from every angle; then she pushed her gently back upon the bed, threw herself down on the bed beside her, and gathered the passionate Freda in her arms.

    Resting her hands between Freda's glorious thighs, she found again that sensitive spot and commenced to titillate the grotto.

    In response to this treatment, she felt Freda's warm arms encircle her neck and hold her close.

    Freda was still sobbing softly, and Caroline, turning up her face to Freda's, sought out her rosy sensitive lips, and mouth to mouth they were soon exploring each other's lips and twisting tongues.

    As she caressed and fingered Freda, she allowed one hand to seek out Freda's plump breasts, which she molded and pinched in a most inviting manner.

    As she felt Freda's perfect contours, she marveled at their exquisite form and plumpness, especially the nipples now standing out hard and firm like two buttons.

    “Ah, little sister, do you like that,” she cried, squeezing her bubbies warmly.

    “Oh, Caroline, it is thrilling. I feel so strange, something impelling courses through my veins and makes me feel so strange, so queer-oh, do it some more!”

    “Ah ha, you delightful little morsel. I see that you like my tender ministrations!” Caroline's musical laugh rang out, tinkling like a bell throughout the boudoir. “You greedy little thing, do you ever get enough? I see that you relish your sister's magic tongue.”

    “Oh, Caroline, I like it, it is so delicious, so enthralling. I do feel queer though; a fire seems to consume me, my parts seem to be an unquenchable lake of fire; it is only when your finger caresses and strokes gently that I experience a modicum of relief.”

    “Have you had sufficient, Freda dear?”

    “Oh, Caroline, please do not stop now. I am but just aroused. I like it and want you to do it some more; your tongue does not hurt me. Please, do it all over again, all over me, a tongue bath.”

    “Why, Freda,” grasped the astonished Caroline. “Do you actually desire me to go all over you-do you mean that, Freda?”

    “Caroline, please, I am burning. Do what you will with me. I am yours to do with as you please.”

    “All over you?” and she rumbled as the true meaning dawned upon her and she hid her blushing face in Freda's bosom, that she might not see the look of lust and the eager light of passionate greediness that lighted her orbs.

    “Why not, Caroline?” said Freda. “A little tonguing down there would not hurt me and of course it would not do anything to you. Besides, your finger hurts me so, and your tongue would not. Will you do it, sister mine?”

    “Why, you surely do not want me to get down there and insert my tongue into your cleft, do you?”

    “Oh please, Caroline, your finger hurts me as I said before. Your tongue will be more soft and pleasing.”

    “In there?” persisted the tantalizing Caroline.

    “Yes, in there and all over me. It will not kill you, and it will be much nicer than having your finger groping about. Besides, you can see where you are and enjoy it as much as I.”

    “But, Freda,” exclaimed Caroline, not desiring to appear too willing to capitulate. “You would not like me if I obeyed. You would not care for me if you realized that I would deliberately go down and slobber over your person.”

    “Oh, Caroline,” exclaimed Freda petulantly, “what is the matter with you? Why be so silly about this matter? What is a little tonguing between friends, just for mutual pleasure. There is no harm in it. Why, silly, I would do the same for you.”

    “What,” exclaimed the astonished Caroline, rising up on the bed and looking at Freda to see if she were joking. “Would you really do it to me also?”

    Without a word of warning, Freda rose up and toppled Caroline over on her back, and before the astonished but enraptured Caroline could say “Boo,” she had dived between her legs and implanted a throbbing kiss upon her quivering quim.

    Inserting her burning tongue within Caroline's hot slit, she tongued vigorously upon Caroline's stiffening clitoris, thrusting her tongue up into the lax crack, causing Caroline to almost leap from the bed in ecstasy. The touch of her sister's tongue was thrilling in the extreme and her eyes rolled upward and she moaned with lust.

    “Oh! Oh! Oh! Freda, enough, enough. I cannot stand it. Stop! Stop! I tell you,” and as Freda lifted her head from Caroline's burning crack, Caroline pushed down her dresses and, turning on her side, lay quivering and panting on the bed.

    Freda continued to gaze at her sister while she mechanically fingered her own coosie, and at last she turned to the exhausted Caroline and said, “Nicer, isn't it?”

    Freda continued to gaze with rapt attention at the prostrate quivering Caroline.

    Suddenly she turned her over again and, with a feeble protest from Caroline, lifted her dresses and explored the pulsating crevice.

    The rich plump outer lips quivered and contracted and a thin slimy stream of ooze issued from the warm retreat.

    Freda continued to gaze at this with greedy eyes, and lowering her head again between the white firm legs, she gently lapped away at the outer portal of her sister's cave of pleasure.

    Caroline twitched and tossed as she felt the soft warm tongue with its caressing motion go gently up and down the outer lips of her coosie.

    The pleasure was comparable only to that in which a man lays his rampant organ against the outer portals and slowly and with tantalizing motion draws his throbbing weapon against the mouth of a woman's throbbing, pulsating bower.

    Freda was indeed adept in the difficult art of lapius, as it was known to the ancients, although, at present, through puritanical tendencies of this age, it is not generally practiced.

    Far away and long ago on the famed isle of Lesbos, the amorous females of that ancient period congregated and indulged in just such loving bouts, to the exclusion of any male participants.

    Heliopolis, Melodolous, and Sappho, famed beauties of the ancient days, would spend what might now be termed vacation days on just such loving bouts as we have mentioned here in these annals of love.

    Nor was it considered a disgrace, such as people of today are wont to call it, lifting their eyes in alleged horror, lacking the courage to do what their very being calls, out for, then-very natures crave.

    But to return to our modem exponents of this gentle art:

    Freda continued to gaze at the recumbent Caroline, examining her quivering parts.

    She ran her fair hand about the glorious and tempting mound, between the heavenly thighs, and molded and patted it gently.

    Turning Caroline over, she attempted to gaze into her face, but Caroline buried it in Freda's bosom, from her sister's too ardent and greedy gaze.

    “Come, Caroline, you have had your pleasure. I have demonstrated that I was willing to go down upon you. You no longer have any excuse for hesitating; everything is in readiness for your administrations. The stage is set. I am burning with an almost unquenchable lust. You have your job cut out for you. Show me just how much better you are than I. Get up, Caroline, come!”

    “Oh, Freda!” sighed Caroline, her whole being a prey to the most delicious feelings and sensations. “Really and truly, my beloved sister, I feel perfectly strange.”

    “Come,” said Freda, drawing Caroline's head gently yet firmly down to her neck, as she turned her head sideways. “Come, dear sister! Start on me now! No malingering! No subterfuges! You must go all the way down to that exciting spot that I know when touched will set my very mind afire.”

    Caroline allowed Freda to press her face to her shoulder and, thrusting forth her trembling velvet tongue, she moved gently over shoulders and neck in quivering caresses, causing the young girl to experience the most delicious of sensations!

    Slowly brushing her tongue over the delicate swell of her young sister's bosom, she ascended the soft quivering hills, causing Freda to writhe about; and upon reaching the delicate apex, crowned with a pinken erect nipple, hard and eager as if to do battle, Caroline engulfed the tip with her lips and rolled it gently between her teeth.

    This delicate titillation seemed to drive Freda into a perfect torment of sensual feeling, and passing her hand behind her sister's cool head, she hugged it closely to her breast and panted in a perfect fever of emotion.

    “O-o-o-h! Caroline!” she murmured. “Your tongue is a pleasure to me. The thrills that you inspire within me seem to sear my very brain! I am afire indeed and beg you, dear sister of mine, to love me with all your might.”

    For answer, Caroline moved to the other breast, and after repeating this operation, she moved down a bit and allowed her agile tongue to skim gently the surface of her sister's now leaping abdomen. Licking in fast crisscross strokes, she hesitated an instant at the navel and buried her tongue in this delicate opening, causing Freda to leap back and forth, as if she were being penetrated by an erect organ.

    Lower and lower sank the titillating tongue, until now she tongued the quivering and leaping loins of her sister's naked form; then, lifting her head for an instant's breath, she lifted one leg of the younger girl and, starting at the naked ankle, tongued her way up to the pleasing juncture of Freda's belly, causing the girl to undergo a tumult that at times threatened to throw her off the bed.

    Repeating this operation with the other leg, not forgetting a few caresses upon the loins of the writhing girl who now lay as wax in her hands, Caroline slipped down to the floor, and drawing apart widely Freda's thighs, she gazed directly into the seat, the very heart of her sister's sensations.

    The tender pinken outer lips, pouting like a half-blown rose, were parted tenderly by Caroline's finger, and the inner lips, their coral substance glittering and glistening with a slight preliminary dew, closed tightly around that tender, standing button, now slightly rosy and gorged as it nervously swayed. Caroline gazed with wonder at the tiny torturous channel, not as yet opened to the projectile of man, and she again tongued the inner flesh of Freda's thighs close up to this quivering orifice.

    Each touch of Caroline's velvety tongue caused both of the sisters to experience the most tumultuous of sensations.

    Pressing her lips closely around the knob, she sucked it furiously between her lips and drew in its swollen entirety within her fevered mouth, causing her passion-crazed sister to throw her thighs about Caroline's head, and press her sister's head in a sensual embrace.

    Dropping her hands to Caroline, she seized her pretty, hardworking sister by the ears, and held her head tightly to her grotto of love, and with wild tosses lifted her buttocks far up in an effort to discharge her throbbing cargo. Caroline continued furiously her tonguings of her sister's knob, pushing it gently from one side to the other with her titillating tongue, and gently with her teeth biting its erect and swollen tip. Allowing her tongue to fall lower, she thrust it with a sudden spur up firmly into Freda's sexual crack, causing the girl, upon whom these delicate operations had an overpowering effect, almost to leap from the bed upon which she writhed.

    Caroline, ceasing a moment in these delicate ministrations, lifted her head upward, the lips still gleaming with a faint film of mucous engendered from her sister's parts, and murmured to her in a low voice:

    “Does the manipulation of my tongue, sister Freda, cause you any inconvenience? Does it hurt you?” Still holding her sister's plump bare thighs tightly in her arms, her face was not six inches from the divine touchstone of her sister's body.

    “N-o-o-o! No-o-o! Caroline dear,” breathed Freda, in a faraway voice. “That divine tongue of yours, my dear sister, instills pleasures that are indeed thrilling! My very soul is in a perfect tumult of the most delicious emotion, and I long to give down into your eager, palpitating mouth the very essence of my sensual being. I beg you, dear sister, do not desist in these delicate attentions, these provoking motions of your ravishing tongue, through which I experience the most pleasant of all sensations. Proceed in the manner that you have so deliciously started, to that agonizing and sublime culmination that I know to a surety will rend from my soul the very essence of my being.”

    A frenzied strangling compression of her sister's thighs told her that the crisis was quickly approaching and, quickening her-tongue-motions, she felt Freda leap and twist beneath her and knew that her suspicions had been fully verified.

    “Caroline! C-a-r-o-l-i-n-e!” moaned Freda, leaping and gyrating about until Caroline thought sure that she would be thrown from beneath the frenzied girl's thighs. “O-o-o O-o-o-o-o-o-o-h, Caroline. I am coming! I am coming! It goes! It goes! Your tongue! Your tongue! Sweetheart, away up within me!” Caroline, thrusting her tongue as far as she possibly could up within the throbbing parts of Freda's slit, was rewarded with a convulsive tightening and relaxing of her younger sister's sheath, as spasmodic jets of balsamic fluid flooded her trembling mouth and throat, projected as it seemed from Freda's being.

    Caroline gasped and coughed and, pushing Freda's thighs, endeavored to escape from her sister's tightly clasped thighs.

    Freda still held her powerless in the clasp of the bare members, but after a deluge of sperm, she allowed these delicious bonds to unloose, and Caroline was allowed to slip, panting and coughing, almost fainting in a droop to the carpeted floor.

    After a moment's pause, which she used to recover her breath, which seemed to have departed her body, she struggled weakly to her feet. Staggering to secure a towel, she wiped her face and arranged her hair, which had become sadly disordered by her sister's convulsive claspings, and looked at herself in the mirror.

    A wild throbbing thrilled in her beating temples, and her parts seemed to itch and bum like fire. Throwing up her petticoat in an irresistible desire to do something to relieve this longing, she placed a finger on her sensitive spot, and with furious motions tossed it swaying about. The crisis approaching, she sank weak and trembling to the toilet seat, and with one final rub, felt the dew course from her and trickle in gouty spurts down her inner thighs. With her hand still weakly pressed on this sensitive spot, she sat perking and quivering, her eyes tightly closed, awaiting this passionate flow to cease its soul-inspiring spoutings.

    Finally it was over! With a delicious shudder she pressed her thighs closely together and rose weakly to her feet. Securing a towel, she again dried her parts and then returned to her sister, whom she thought by now should have recovered from her tempestuous emotions.

    Freda still lay as Caroline had left her, her thighs widely outspread, her sexual badge all gleaming and wet from the recent discharge, and her countenance almost waxen in its whiteness.

    “Sister dear,” cried Caroline, alarmed as she ran to the side of the bed and clasped her sister's arm. “Freda! It is Caroline! What on earth is the matter with you? Freda, Freda! Speak to me! Oh! Oh! What have I done!” Running to the bath, she secured a towel and, having moistened it, returned hurriedly and placed it upon Freda's forehead, chafing her wrists and endeavoring in all manners to restore her senses.

    She was soon rewarded with a faint groan, and Freda, giving a sudden start, grasped Caroline by the arm and endeavored to rise from her reclining position as she gazed wildly about.

    “Freda, dear,” cried Caroline, kissing her sister lovingly. “I thought sure that you were dead. Talk to me, dear sister, and tell me that you are all right. I beseech you. How do you feel, my sister?”

    “O-o-o-o-o-o-h!” stammered Freda, making a wry face and turning her now flushed face from her sister's searching gaze. “I too thought that I had passed away. Oh, sister dear, what pleasure, what ecstasy you have given me. The pleasures of heaven, great as they may be, could not be greater. Oh, sister, for this divine act, I am your slave forever and ever!”

    “But you are all right now, Freda?” queried Caroline, regarding her younger sister anxiously. “You feel no ill effects? You are as before, my sister?”

    “Oh, I guess so,” replied Freda somewhat ungraciously, a matter-of-fact air now overcoming her, as these delicious sensations almost completely left her being. “What a tongue you have, my adroit sister. You could make a statue melt. Come, let us arise and dress. Someone might come in here and I do not think, my dear sister, that you wish it known to the world that your sister has fainted from the use of your agile tongue upon her lower parts. Come, Caroline. Let us up and dress.”

    She straggled to her feet, and donned her chemise and drawers. Caroline appareled herself, and upon the conclusion, they proceeded downstairs to the dining room.

    Lord Roxboro was impatiently waiting, as he had ordered Caroline to report to him there an hour ago.

    “Where have you been?” he queried, looking closely at both of the girls. “And why does our dear Freda look so pale and wan?”

    Caroline, embarrassed at this question, made some plausible excuse and, dinner having been long waiting, they seated themselves at the table and prepared to do ample justice to the savory meal.

    The demure Marie was in attendance. She made not a sign out of the ordinary but went about her duties as usual.

    Following the repast, Lord Roxboro lit a cigar and surveyed his two adorable nieces.

    “Caroline,” he said, speaking slowly, “you will proceed to the library and await there my arrival. I shall attend you there presently.”


    Marie's Husband Or New And Exciting Scenes At Roxboro Manor

    As Caroline walked to the gentleman's study, she pondered what he could possibly wish with her, and remarked, as though to herself:

    “What can it be; what is it now? I am sure I have done nothing which might have displeased uncle, and it seems a trifle early for him to desire me for the usual reason. Well, I shall soon find out.” Opening the door to the library, she stepped in and seated herself in a chair to await her guardian's arrival.

    Presently the sound of footsteps was heard upon the stairs and her uncle entered, puffing upon a cigar. Seating himself at his desk, he addressed her solemnly and impressively:

    “Caroline, I have come to the conclusion that you are going to turn out just like your mother before you. Your actions with the stableboy have proved to me that you intend to allow your sex to rule your head, putting your better senses to rout. I tell you this because you may fit in with my plans, of which I shall speak later. For the present we will not go into the matter. I am sure you appreciate the value of the papers contained in the safe,” and he waved his hand in the direction of the strongbox, in which he had previously placed the incriminating confessions and photograph.

    “Now, you can be sure that if necessary, I can drag you into the very gutter!” he remarked, a vengeful gleam flashing from his eyes.

    “Oh, uncle,” pleaded Caroline, wringing her hands and gazing at him with her beautiful eyes, “I am sure you will do as you say; I am so sorry I submitted to a whim and permitted Carl the freedom of my person; I assure you I shall not do so again.”

    “Promises,” quoth his lordship, “are like biscuits-made to be broken!”

    “Oh no, sir-I assure you-” began the girl, but the lord silenced her with a wave of his hand.

    “Never mind, my child; knowing how easily promises are made and broken, I shall not require you to make any. And besides, who knows? Perhaps I may ask you to again be familiar with Carl,” and he looked quizzically at the blushing girl.

    “Oh, uncle,” fluttered Caroline, “what can you mean? You wish me to still carry on with him as before? Surely you can't mean that?”

    “Hold on,” laughed Roxboro. “You are indeed anticipating me. I have not as yet given you permission to run to Carl and offer him your person to poke and ram at his pleasure; but in case I should want you to do so, just bear in mind that you are to obey my command!”

    “Oh yes, uncle; whatever you say will be quite all right with me,” replied the girl.

    “Very well. But just for the present I command you to keep your distance from Carl; later on, if I see fit, I may change things about in what might be a more pleasant arrangement. But for the present, keep out of his reach or it will be worse for you.”

    “Certainly,” replied Caroline, glad that her uncle was apparently relenting and showed no intention of tormenting her further.

    “By the way,” said he, “Freda is surely showing signs of getting on famously with her education.”

    “Indeed, uncle, especially in regard to your teachings. I think she is beginning to 'feel her oats' as you might say, and unless something is done about it, you may find it necessary to photograph her also with some enterprising male as she seems to be determined to get herself deflowered. If you'll excuse my saying so, you seem to be a trifle dilatory in that respect and so she may take other means to compensate for your apparent neglect. She seems to get beside herself at times and there are moments when I feel that she would do most anything to relieve that itching in her coosie. I do hope you will not think I am officious, but nature is nature, and if something isn't done about taking her maidenhead pretty soon, I fear the consequences.”

    The man replied nothing to this statement, but arose and walked over to his lovely niece, whom he began to caress. He remarked, “I believe you are right, Caroline; I thought she was a trifle young, but after all, she is well grown and I imagine it will be just as well to introduce her now to a man's member. I think I shall take care of her very shortly.”

    “Oh, uncle, uncle!” laughed Caroline, her eyes flashing as she thought of the lovely little Freda being impaled upon a man's prick. “I merely mention it because I thought it was right you should know what was in her mind.”

    “Enough of this, you lovely creature,” remarked the lord, his hands straying over the lovely body. “I have heard enough about Freda for the time being; you would rather sit here and cackle than to take care of your uncle; here I have a bar of iron as painful as can be, waiting for you to put your talents to work at reducing the swelling.”

    “Oh, I'm sorry, uncle,” replied Carrie, placing her hands on the front of his trousers and squeezing seductively the large rampant lump that now strained at the confinement. “I didn't know whether you wished me to do anything for you.”

    “Stand up, girl,” cried the lord, his eyes flashing. “Stand up and let me feel you.” The girl rose and the man clasped her to his bosom, his hands roving about under her dress, and as his lips rained kisses on her burning face, she relaxed in his arms; he thrust his trembling hand beneath her garments and greedily fingered the mount of Venus and the delicate lips of her vulva; then, pushing her toward the couch, he laid her thereon and, spreading her legs widely apart, stood gazing at her rosy slit.

    In a second his tool was out. He mounted the girl and drove home his engine with a violent shove. Their bodies intertwined in the writhings of lust for several minutes until with groans and spasmodic twistings they arrived at the climax, after which they lay clasped in each other's arms for some few moments of rest. Arising, the man looked down at his niece, who now lay as though shamed, her hands before her rosy face; it seemed her conscience still hurt her a trifle after each of these bouts, and she had not entirely lost her shame.

    “What a change from the coy, demure, modest, bashful girl of a few weeks ago,” he said. “Caroline, my dear, I'll wager there isn't a harlot, courtesan or whore in the land who is your equal when you are in the heat of passion, and yet you retain that air of convent-bred bashfulness and modesty,” he said, laughing loudly.

    As he started to the bath to cleanse himself, the air was rent with a series of piercing feminine shrieks. The two stood for a moment in consternation at the unearthly outcries, which seemed to come from some maiden in dire distress. Suddenly Roxboro was galvanized into action. Leaping to the door, he stepped into the hall, noted that the sounds were coming from the rear part of the house, and sped down the stairs. As he came to a rear room, he noted a man clambering through a half-opened window with Carl, the stableboy, valiantly endeavoring to prevent the escape. Dashing to the fray, Roxboro seized the man by one leg and, with the help of Carl, unceremoniously hauled him back into the room. At this juncture the gardener also came running. Instructing the two domestics to hold the man, Roxboro repaired to his study, where he secured a revolver, and returned to the scene of the confusion. Pointing his weapon at the intruder, he commanded the servants to step back out of range. The housekeeper coming in at this point gasped, “That's him! Why, my lord, he actually tried to rape Marie in her boudoir; he was going to diddle her!”

    “Aha, a rape, my young jackanapes!” cried Roxboro fiercely, and Carl and the gardener started forward as though to give the fellow his just deserts, but the lord waved them back.

    The stranger was a rather attractive young fellow, loudly attired in garish clothes, but not unprepossessing. He seemed very much in command of himself and was apparently not put out in the slightest by the hullabaloo which he had occasioned. Dusting off his clothing, he rearranged his disheveled attire in a matter-of-fact manner. Raising his white and well-manicured hand, he twirled his mustache and coolly surveyed his captors.

    “Well, my lad, who are you and what are you doing here?” demanded Roxboro.

    “Pardon me, sir; I seem to have startled your people,” replied the man in a cultured voice. “I trust that in my somewhat hasty and informal though unsuccessful retreat, I have not harmed the window sash. I must admit I appear in rather a bad light; as the worthy dame remarked, it smacks of an attempted rape but-spare my blushes-please do not attribute such an unworthy action to me; by the bones and joints of my worthy ancestors, I swear that the girl, Marie, is my legally wedded wife and that I and others have been searching for her over a long period of time. That explanation may change the complexion of this interesting tableau in which I appear.”

    “What!” cried Roxboro upon hearing this, in his perturbation almost dropping the weapon. Waving at the astonished and gaping slaves, he motioned them to withdraw, saying as he did so, “I'll take care of this. Retire, all of you.” Still pointing his pistol at the intruder, however, he remarked, “By Jove! Well, upon my soul-Marie's husband! Fancy that, now!” For a moment he was nonplussed and hardly knew what course to pursue. Suppose the man's tale were true- suppose, on the other hand, he were lying in order to extricate himself from a tight spot. The man seated himself and seemed at perfect ease, undisturbed by the march of events.

    “I wish you would put away that beastly thing that you are so uncertainly pointing in my direction; it might inadvertently go off and tear a large, irregular aperture in my anatomy, which would prove very distressing to us both.”

    “Never mind,” the lord replied. “How do I know you are what you say? I warn you, young man, you have plenty of explaining to do and possibly you may end the evening in the hands of the police.”

    “There you are, sir; even as you say, the girl may or may not be my wife. Who knows?” coolly replied the stranger.

    “That is important to the issue, of course, but at the same time, my lad, remember this: wife or no wife, it does not give you the right to forcibly enter my domicile. You may not be aware that you are talking to Lord Roxboro, eh?”

    The mention of his name produced no visible effect upon the stranger, only causing him to smile in an enigmatic manner, as he merely acknowledged that he was aware of his lordship's identity. Producing some papers, he said, “In my coat you will find more documents to prove my identity. Perhaps you had better call in my wife; the sooner this is done, the sooner we can clear the matter up, and end this little farce.” Roxboro stepped to the door and opened it quickly, thus upsetting the housekeeper whom he found with her ear glued to the keyhole.

    “Hussy! Be off and fetch Marie, and also go and tell Caroline to descend to the sitting room and remain with Freda until I send for her.”

    The housekeeper sped away upon her errand, and his lordship, after allowing a suitable interval to elapse, motioned to the stranger to ascend the staircase. Once within the library, the lord seated himself across from the fellow and said curtly:

    “Now, my fine fellow, I am going to give you an opportunity to prove your claim. You say you are Marie's husband, that you have documentary evidence of your marriage. Well, produce it. But even so, and not withstanding, that will not prove sufficient excuse for your unwarrantable intrusion.”

    The young man fumbled about his person and, obtaining some papers, threw them upon the table. Roxboro scanned them carefully, satisfying himself that they bore out the young man's claim. “Mr. Montgomery, eh? Well, sir, you are not exactly a person of lily-white character; when your wife came here, I took the liberty of investigating her references and I find that you, as a husband, have been somewhat of an indifferent success. And besides, I have knowledge that you are in demand by the police and have been several times in your life!”

    The man visibly paled and his hands fidgeted nervously. Roxboro, seeing his advantage, waved his pistol and continued: “Young man, you have been apprehended red-handed in an attempt to enter and burglarize this mansion, and upon my word! I shall have you cast into jail and I assure you that your past record when taken into consideration will add materially to your sentence. Now, young man, what have you to say for yourself?”

    The chap made a wry face and said, “Well, you seem to have me there! My wife is an artful baggage; I'll wager she has told you some of the experiences I have had, else how could you have come into possession of the knowledge you seem to have?”

    “Sir!” replied Roxboro. “Your wife, as you call her, has told me nothing; she is merely employed here. Judging from the rather unusual method in which you sought to gain entrance to see her, it would appear that her life with you was not altogether pleasant. I think that it would perhaps be better for all concerned if you were forthwith turned over to the local constabulary.”

    “Well, you've got me,” replied the man shortly. “I simply can't afford to be taken as my previous record would be against me. However, if you would permit me to leave, I promise you that I will annoy you no further and you will never again see me about the place. It will do you no good to turn me over, and once I am gone, it will be as if nothing had ever happened.”

    Many ideas were passing through Roxboro's mind as he sat and considered this proposition. He remembered what Marie had told him of this man's lustful cruelty and strange mannerisms; the man was now in his power and he determined to at least satisfy his curiosity.

    “I think I shall turn you over to the constable; prison is the best place for people of your type. It is a duty that I owe to the country at large to see that such men as yourself are placed in the proper place to restrain their activities.”

    Realizing that his plea was likely to fail, the young fellow lost much of his former swagger and insolence. He gazed about him like a caged animal and, looking earnestly into Roxboro's face, he said, “Oh, sir, I only came with the idea of seeing Marie for a few moments. I had no idea of committing any crime; believe me, sir, I mean every word I have spoken. Please give me a chance, I have not harmed you in any way. If you will let me go, I promise you I shall leave immediately and bother you no more.”

    “I will make no deal,” replied the lord, and arising from his seat, he started for the door, but stopped suddenly as though struck with an idea. “I wonder… I wonder… it is not possible… my man, what is your regular occupation, aside from your strange penchant for entering people's abodes through the window?”

    “Oh, sir, I can do most anything,” said the youth eagerly. “Come, my lord, do not be too hard on me. If you only knew what that girl did to me, you would not blame me for acting as I have done; if you will only permit me to go, I will never darken your door again.”

    “I believe your wife told me you were a gentleman's man; is that true?”

    “Yes, sir, I was a valet.”

    “Hm! Well, let's see,” remarked Roxboro, and returning to his desk, he seated himself and drew forth writing materials. “Now, if you wish to get yourself out of this mess, you will do exactly as I say; if not, we will call in the constable and you will be on your way. Which is it?”

    “Whatever you wish, sir,” replied the man. Roxboro handed him pen, ink, and paper, and directed that he write as dictated to. Hesitating slightly, the fellow wrote at Roxboro's dictation. What he wrote was for the most part exaggeration and not a few outright lies, but the poor fellow was in a tight spot and felt he was choosing the lesser of two evils. When he had finished, Roxboro called in Carl to act as witness; he had Montgomery sign the paper and Carl also signed. Dismissing Carl, he turned to Montgomery and said:

    “I have decided to have you remain here in this house and have you act as my personal valet for such a time as I see fit; you are to obey me implicitly in all things while you are here and you will regard Marie-unless otherwise instructed-as a perfect stranger. There must be no relations between you. You gather what I mean? I shall pay you well for your time and I shall discharge you when I see fit. On the other hand, if you rebel”-waving the paper in the air-“I have here a signed confession, which will put you behind bars for some time to come. Now, be guided by your common sense; if you know what is good for you, you will behave yourself and everything will be all right.”

    “I realize my situation,” replied Montgomery, his face clearing at this unexpected good fortune. “I assure you I shall have nothing to do with Marie; I will be obedient in all matters, as you put it, and I am sure you will not regret your decision. But, sir, will you answer just one question, please? I should like to ask you if my wife… if Marie… that is… does Marie occupy a higher position in the house than that of a housemaid?”

    “Your wife, Montgomery, has told me all that happened between yourself and her, and if you are trying to determine whether she and I have been intimate, I will answer you frankly: yes! Marie has been kind enough to bestow upon me those favors that are usually given by a maid to a man and in telling you this I feel no sense of shame or guilt. Nor do I mind admitting it to you, since this little piece of paper which I hold makes you as helpless as a baby; I might state that Marie is a luscious morsel and I enjoyed her very much. What have you to say to that?”

    “Very good, my lord,” replied Montgomery, rubbing his hands. “Marie is a wonderful piece; we are agreed on that, and so far as my objecting or minding her having been unfaithful to me, I have no objection whatever. I am only sorry that she left me before I had an opportunity of trying out upon her some ideas which were in my head but which I had no chance to try out before her disappearance.”

    “Yes, yes,” replied Roxboro, “which reminds me that you submitted her to all sorts of humiliating and unusual situations; is this true? Marie has told me you beat and abused her; and when thus incited, you experienced more than ordinary pleasure in your lust. Speak frankly. I am curious to know what your reactions are upon this line, so tell me freely just how and why you do these things and what their effect is upon you.”

    Roxboro settled back in his easy chair, eyeing Montgomery closely: the man seemed somewhat uncertain as to just how to answer. His hands twitched rather nervously and his eyes shifted uneasily as he seemed to be casting about as to just how to begin.

    “Well, my lord, it's like this. You see, although I am not ordinarily a cruel man-that is, I never mistreat animals or anything of that sort, and usually the sight of pain is very repugnant to me, at times when I am heated up sexually, my whole nature seems to change. I then love to subject my partner to the most excruciating tortures; I gloat in it and receive a supreme thrill from the imposition of abuse and pain upon a woman; this serves to whet and increase my sexual appetite and render me more potent and the act more enjoyable-yes, by God! a thousand times more delectable. I find that it also increases the intensity for the woman; I can assure you that when you have a beautiful woman, helpless in your arms, beaten and cowed, there is more sensual thrill in her quivering form than could be obtained from a thousand harlots; and strangely, the woman herself, abused and tortured, seems to also receive a heightened thrill from the performance. I can't explain it, but I know that it is so; I have experimented with many women and usually the results are as I say. Marie herself is of that type; treat her kindly and she is almost indifferent; beat her and abuse her and she bums with passion.”

    “How strange,” remarked Roxboro innocently; “I never heard of such a thing; it seems rather unconventional, eh? Men usually look up to and treat the object of their love with great tenderness, protecting rather than torturing. Your explanation is very peculiar, to say the least.” At the same time, however, he was remembering Marie and her strange actions: the pranks she could play with such cunning and the merry spankings she had received from her master's able hands upon her charming posterior. However, preserving his air of innocence, he continued, like a man such surprised and rather doubtful of the truth of Montgomery's statements.

    “How can such things be? h must be very painful and humiliating and not at all conducive to pleasure to be the recipient of abuse during the sexual relationship. I don't understand it. I fear you are having at me, as it were.”

    “No indeed, sir; it is true, and the very idea of such an experience is sufficient to produce its effect upon me: see here!” He placed his hand upon his prong, which made quite a bulge in his tight-fitting trousers. He was not completely fooled by Roxboro's manner; he had listened to gossip in the neighborhood before coming out to the manor to call upon his wife, and the lord's reputation was such that Montgomery was certain that he was not so innocent as he appeared. His feelings had been highly excited by his talk on such lascivious matters, and he now squeezed his bolus tightly. “Believe me, your lordship, I could sink this into a good cunt right now,” said he in his former swaggering manner.

    “Well, young fellow, you seem to be well hung, to say the least,” laughed Roxboro, observing the bulge in Montgomery's trousers, which indicated quite a large bundle hidden therein. “Take it out and let's inspect it.” Montgomery immediately complied, wondering for a fleeting moment if his lordship was one of “those men” who wished to “eat a yard.” Unbuttoning his pants, he flipped into view a tool of staggering dimensions, as large and rounded as an infant's arm!

    “My word,” cried his lordship. “Marie didn't exaggerate in the least. What thickness! What a root! Let's see the bag-my word! What stones-man, you are built like a horse!”

    Crossing over to Montgomery, he grasped the noble instrument and began to gently massage it. “My word, it has a head like an elephant!” Montgomery reached up and grasped Roxboro's hand. “My lord, you had better stop; that feels terribly good, that frigging, but in just a moment I shall probably spend all over your hand, so you had better quit.”

    Roxboro laughed and with another movement or two slapped the stiff and rampant tool up against Montgomery's belly. “Tut, tut! I can see we are going to be good friends, my lad. Supposing I should bring Marie in here after the others have retired, and she and you and I had a little bout; would that have any effect upon your excellent prong? Would you be willing to take part in an affair of that kind?”

    “Oh, would I? Just try me, sir, and see,” replied Montgomery, his eyes sparkling. “I have been wanting that little wench ever since she left me; just give me a chance at her again, sir; I will be your slave for life, and as for you, sir, I should love to have you enjoy her also; she is hot enough for a dozen men like us!”

    “But for me to enjoy her before your eyes-would you be willing to stand for that? Not a bad idea, by Jove! Having a woman in front of the very eyes of her husband. What do you say to that, eh?”

    “Excellent, sir,” replied the worthy Montgomery. “Only one thing, sir; won't you permit me to punish her a little bit for her treatment of me? I am sure she deserves it. Won't you let me make it just a little bit hot for her? I owe her that much, anyway.”

    “Well, we'll see,” replied the old fox. “You seem to wear about the same size clothing as myself; in that closet you will find some garments. I shall go downstairs now and while I am gone, you may bathe yourself and then put on some of my things. You will await my return here. Now, remember, you are to be absolutely obedient; no matter what I command, you will obey and fulfill my every wish; otherwise you are likely to experience some unpleasant results. Is that understood?”

    “Oh, yes, sir,” replied Montgomery. “You may count on me, sir; whatever you wish will be done and I will make you a good servant, never fear. Thank you for not turning me in.”

    Roxboro left the room and Montgomery immediately proceeded to the bathroom, congratulating himself upon his situation; he was a sharp fellow and thought he understood the conditions pretty well; this man Roxboro was an old rake and the future seemed to contain a vista of endless rounds of sensuality. He was to be paid a salary for living in this fine home, and he trusted his own light fingers to add to whatever Roxboro might pay him. His ideas on sex matters were such that if the old buzzard could suggest anything which Montgomery would shy at, he would have to have a wonderful imagination to think it up.

    Roxboro continued downstairs, where he found Freda and Caroline seated at a table in the drawing room, engaged in a game of lotto. “Where is Marie?” he demanded abruptly.

    “Oh,” said Freda, “she's out in the refectory crying; that terrible creature that came choked her nearly to death and he beat her. Do you want her, uncle?”

    “Yes, immediately. Go tell her to come to me at once,” snapped the lord.

    Freda scampered like a mouse to the rear of the house, where she found the weeping maid, whom she directed to report to Roxboro at once. The two returned to the drawing room, where Marie curtsied and inquired if the master wished to speak to her.

    “Marie, tonight instead of going to the servant's quarters, you will remain in the kitchen until bedtime, then ascend to the second floor and report to me in the library. There are some things I wish to talk over with you at that time. I don't wish to hear anything now; if you have something you wish to speak to me about, you may do so later. That is all, now; be sure to report to me at ten o'clock.”

    The maid curtsied and withdrew. Returning to the rear with palpitating bosom and quivering anatomy, realizing the probable outcome of her visit to the master later, she repaired to the bath, where she carefully made her toilet, and then went about her usual chores.

    “What is it, uncle?” queried Freda, consumed with curiosity to know what all the excitement was about. “That man said he was married to Marie and that she-”

    “Now, now!” said Roxboro laughingly. “You must not quiz your uncle; that is very impolite. See, look at your sister; you should learn to act like her; be nonchalant and disinterested in affairs and keep your poise at all times. I am sure that everything will be made clear to you in time, so just be patient and don't question me,” and with a nip of the ear, he pushed her from him.

    “Now, girls, what do you say to a game of whist?”

    “And pray, what shall the stakes be, uncle?” cried Freda.

    “Well, how about a kiss on your pretty little quim?” laughed her uncle teasingly.

    “Oh, that's fine, uncle. And if you win, Carrie or I will kiss your dickie; won't we, Caroline?”

    Caroline only blushed prettily and bade her sister desist from such remarks. Freda, however, laughed and insisted that the wager stand; uncle had made the suggestion and she insisted that a wager was a wager and the loser must pay.

    As usual, at the end of the rubber, Freda was the loser, and without ado dove beneath the table. Her dainty and charming hands soon sent the buttons of her uncle's trousers flying as she feverishly hauled out his joint and soon had half of its limberness embedded in her rosy mouth. Pulling and sucking at it, she titillated it for several moments; then allowing it to drop, in a spirit of mischief she crept over to her sister, slipped her head under her dresses, and began to tongue and kiss her sister's cunt, instilling Caroline with a wave of lustful feeling, which she permitted for a few moments; then, pushing the child away from her, she dropped her flaming face to the table and buried her head in her arms.

    “Oh, see,” laughed Roxboro, “the effect of your tongue upon your sister; you have nearly caused her to faint. Please now, Freda, desist from this business for a while.”

    Freda's laughing rosy face popped out from beneath the table and, seizing the cards, she shuffled them for a new deal.

    Putting her hand under the table, she fumbled for a moment and, in response to the inquiring glance of the others, said coyly, “I'm just opening my panties for the next loser, and I hope that it will be you, uncle, as your tongue has more fire than Caroline's, but if she does lose, I will take her just the same.”

    True to her prophecy, Lord Roxboro lost his wager and he was laughingly forced beneath the table and in turn kissed and tongued the hot coosies of his beautiful wards.

    Freda lost the next hand and again she dashed with gusto under the table and tickled and tongued at her uncle's noble prick and her sister's luscious cunt.

    But at last the law of averages prevailed and Caroline lost and was forced to clamber under the table and lap her sister's hot pussy and the noble prong of her expectant uncle.

    This delightful game progressed for some time. Finally, however, bedtime arrived and Roxboro, telling the girls not to be alarmed at any strange noises they might hear from his library, escorted the girls to their rooms and affectionately bade them good night.

    “I may have a great deal for you tomorrow,” he said, “and it is best that you retire at once and get all the rest you can. It will be useless for-you to mount your usual observation post tonight, as I have taken the precaution of plugging up the hole for the time being and you will therefore be unable to see what transpires. If I wish your presence, I shall awaken you; otherwise, good night and pleasant dreams.”

    The covering of the peephole was a severe blow to the excitable Freda, who had fondly imagined she would be permitted to see all that transpired. But after verifying her uncle's statement, she regretfully prepared for bed.

    Caroline did likewise, and soon the two girls were lost in slumber, so they did not hear Marie as she softly tiptoed to the library.

    After bidding the two girls good night, Roxboro entered his library, where he found Montgomery awaiting him, having bathed and dressed himself in Roxboro's clothing, as directed. He ordered him to enter the bedroom, and closed the door. Soon Marie's timid knock was heard and Roxboro bade her enter.

    The girl was quaking with fear and looked about for her tormentor. When Roxboro slipped the bolt to the outer door, she gave a faint cry of fear. “Marie, Marie,” said Roxboro chidingly, “surely you are not afraid of me? You don't wish to escape me so soon-why, you have only just entered; what is the reason for this fright?'-'»

    “Oh, sir, I am so nervous,” whispered the girl.

    “Is it because you fear that now that Montgomery has returned and found you, that he will again have you and torment you as before? Do not fear, my dear,” said he, taking the buxom girl in his arms; tilting her face upward, he implanted a hot, passionate kiss on her moist red lips and hugged her tightly to him, almost to the suffocating point. Then leading her to a chair, he seated her.

    “Oh, I am upset, and almost beside myself,” wept the girl, dropping her head to the table beside her. 'That man, that man! Montgomery; he came in on me like a devil from hell! Oh, master, I beg of you, do not allow him to take me away; I am sure he will do away with me in his mad rage! He has hurt me already and I am sure that but for the timely arrival and interference of Carl and Joe, he would have choked me to death today!”

    Here she held up her neck for Roxboro to examine, and he noted the blue prints of strong fingers upon her ivory flesh.

    “And what else, my dear?” queried Roxboro, tenderly stroking the girl's neck. “Did he do any further damage? Tell me, Marie dear.”

    “My breast-he almost wrenched the titties off; it is all black and blue, and I fear it will be so for days. Oh, how he squeezed and pinched me; I nearly fainted with the pain.”

    “Let me see that,” said Roxboro, gently undoing her dress and exposing the marble skin of her palpitating bosom. Letting down the chemise, he gazed at the marks left by Montgomery's paws, which clearly showed the damage wrought by his tigerish grasp.

    Roxboro motioned to Montgomery, who was standing behind the bedroom door, peering through the crack, to enter the room.

    Roxboro's busy hands gently massaged the girl's firm, round, white globes; his manipulations excited her passions and the scarlet flush of passion mounted her white neck and caused her eyes to flash under the caresses of the amorous lord. Reaching down, he kissed her firm breasts, sucking and titillating the nipples with his hot tongue and lips.

    A movement by Montgomery betrayed his presence; the girl turned her head and as she recognized her cruel husband, she clung to Roxboro, crying, “Oh, there he is-oh, sir, protect me. Don't let him at me, he is back again.” Her shivering form clung to Roxboro in terror as she endeavored to replace the clothing over her naked bosom. Roxboro, however, under the pretense of helping her, succeeded in working her chemise down over her marble shoulders.

    “Oh, hello, Montgomery,” he remarked. “I have just been examining the marks on your wife's bosom, which you inflicted when you greeted her so hurriedly. I compliment you upon your taste in women, Montgomery; your wife is a charming girl and you are indeed fortunate to possess such a charming creature for your very own.” With this, Roxboro turned the frightened girl around to face her husband, her bare bosom exposed to his lecherous gaze.

    “Quite right, my lord; I am indeed to be complimented upon the possession of such a faithful and virtuous wife; one who gives herself to all comers! Compliment me upon such a woman, indeed! She is a dirty, common bawd and I have a notion to thrash her soundly for her looseness!”

    “Oh, no, no,” screamed Marie, clinging to her master. “Don't let him do it, sir; oh, don't let him do it! Oh, sir, I implore you, do not let him do that; he has done it before and I know that if he whips me again he will surely injure me; oh, sir, make him leave here; make him get out of here and I will do anything you say! Oh, sir, protect me, I beg of you!”

    “Well, I don't know, Marie,” replied the lord with a mock air of seriousness. “After all, this man is your husband; he has shown papers that prove conclusively that he has the legal right to enforce his commands and really I do not think that under the circumstances I have a right to interfere, no matter how sorry I may be for you or how much I want to protect you.

    “However, I suggest that you accede to his demands; remain as quiet as possible and do not cross him and perhaps he will relent; it will soon be over and after all it is your wifely duty to accede to your husband's demands, no matter what they may be.”

    Turning toward Montgomery, Roxboro gave the girl a push toward her husband and remarked, “Here, Montgomery, here is your wife. I beg of you to go easy with her, although she has disobeyed you; I feel sure that with a little correction she will surely mend her ways.”

    Montgomery seized the half-fainting girl and pulled her to himself, raining hot, passionate kisses upon her face, lips and breasts. Dragging her to the couch, he quickly removed his clothing and speedily was in the state of nature; roughly throwing the girl's skirts upward over her belly, he exposed the nakedness of her buttocks, set off to perfection by her trim black stockings. Lifting the head of his enormous plunger, he leaped upon the girl, apparently intending to plunge his rod into her quivering rectum.

    Roxboro stood by, an eager spectator of the sport, the sensuality and lewdness of it affecting him to the extent where he opened his trousers and drew forth his own rampant rod.

    The girl lay quiescent, apparently overcome by her treatment, but at the attempted attack upon her rear, she came to life once more and, slipping from the couch, ran to the lord and threw herself upon her knees before him, imploring him to protect her from the onslaught of her fiery husband.

    Roxboro merely stood and surveyed the screaming girl. Knowing the house was deserted except for his two nieces, and that the woman's outcries could not be heard outside, he permitted her to scream her loudest, since, even if the servants in their far-off quarters should hear the commotion, they were far too accustomed to the goings-on in the manor to pay any attention.

    Montgomery, maddened with lust, leaped upon the girl and, lifting her in his arms, once more bore her to the couch. These rough tactics had disarranged the girl's clothing considerably. Her waist had been torn from her shoulders, exposing both breasts fully. Her stockings hung down about her legs and her skirts were disarranged.

    He attempted to complete his design upon the now vigorously resisting girl, but she was strong and her writhings and twistings completely frustrated his attempts to force his plunger into her person. Leaving her for a moment, he sought a cord with which to fasten her down; seizing one from the hangings on the window, he returned to the couch. The girl became almost frantic at the sight of the cord in his hands. With no ceremony, he quickly missed her ankles. Her smuggles lessened by her bonds, the man grabbed the helpless wench and once more flung her upon the couch.

    Roxboro stood in the middle of the room, observing the struggles of the pair before him. His hand slowly frigged his now bursting prick and he felt consumed with lust and desire to mount the beautiful creature now sprawled so helplessly upon the couch. Montgomery now amused himself with sundry slaps, pinches, and squeezes of the girl's tender anatomy; he fiendishly selected the most tender parts of her body for his attentions, and the girl lay moaning as the man dug at and pinched her tender skin, apparently taking a ghoulish delight in torturing the lovely figure before him.

    “Stick your cock in her mouth!” cried the maddened Roxboro. “Stop all that foolish pinching and squeezing and let her have your prick in her mouth; she told me you did that to her and it ought to afford you as much pleasure as all this pinching!”

    “Right,” replied Montgomery and, suiting the action to the word, he grasped the girl by the head and attempted to force his massive jock into her mouth. Marie, however, clenched her teeth tightly against the swollen intruder; Montgomery pushed it roughly against her, braising her ruby lips as it rudely banged against her flushed face. “Take it! Take it, you bitch!” cried the lustful Montgomery. “I'll make you take it, you stubborn devil!” Reaching down, he grasped her breast and twisted her nipple, causing excruciating pain. The girl's mouth slowly opened. Seizing the back of her neck, he inserted the head of his enormous cock between her scarlet lips and worked it violently back and forth for several moments.

    “Come, my lord; don't you want to give her a little mouthful?” he remarked at length. Nothing loath, Roxboro approached the girl and inserted the head of this throbbing cock between her lips, forcing it into her throat until she choked and gagged at the enormous bulk of his rampant pecker.

    “Just a moment, sir, and I'll make it interesting!” cried Montgomery, and going to the corner of the room, he secured a light bamboo walking stick. Returning to the couch, he began to rain light, stinging blows upon the girl's bared buttocks. Her skirts interfering, he tore the clothing from her body and she soon lay completely naked. The blows of the rattan rained upon her back, legs, and buttocks, each blow leaving a thin reddish strip upon the white skin of the girl's body. Although this treatment seemed to be extremely painful to the sensitive girl, it also served to increase her lust and as Roxboro stood at her head, his prick moving back and forth in her soft, warm mouth, he could feel the sucking movement that she soon began to impart, adding to the delicious sensations in his center of pleasure.

    After belaboring the girl's backside for a few minutes, the sight of her twisting and writhing buttocks and the red welts that appeared on her white flesh excited the lascivious Montgomery to the limit. Suddenly dropping the stick, he leaped upon the girl-spreading the cheeks of her bottom, he plunged his flaming rod into her rectum and with a few fierce drives sent it home to the hilt. The sight nearly drove Roxboro wild and he came near spending in the girl's throat; but he withdrew his dripping prick from the girl's lips and watched avidly the terrific drives of Montgomery as he forced his terrific engine backward and forward in the girl's tender sphincter. In his excited state, a short time sufficed and he soon spent his load. Relaxing upon the body of the half-dead girl, he panted rapidly from his exertions, then arose. Immediately he had done so, Roxboro, who had been awaiting this moment, quickly mounted upon the prostrate girl and his own prick entered that orifice which had only so shortly before been vacated by the large tool of her husband. With a few fierce plunges, he spent his juice; then, relaxing for a few minutes, he too arose and the two men secured towels and wiped themselves clean.

    Going to the sideboard, they drank some wine, which immediately seemed to revivify their drooping strength. Roxboro made as though to give the woman a glass of the liquid, but was restrained by Montgomery, who protested that if she drank the wine she would only wish to fight and would become extremely hard to handle.

    The girl lay as though in a semistupor, utterly jaded from the terrific pounding she had been forced to submit to by the two men. In a few moments she moaned, “These cords hurt me; won't you untie me please? I'll do whatever you want; I guess there is no use of my struggling, so please untie me; my hands and feet hurt something terrible; I won't struggle; I suppose nothing I say will have any effect upon you!”

    “That doesn't speak very well for the favors I have bestowed upon you,” cried Roxboro angrily, and stepping over to the girl, he viciously twitched one of her pink nipples until she screamed with pain.

    “I'll teach you to criticize me, you dirty, ungrateful, little bitch!” Picking up the cane, he began to rain stinging blows upon the backside of the girl. Although extremely painful, the blows also had an exciting effect, and her bottom began to twist and squirm from side to side under the rain of blows from the rattan.

    “That's the idea,” cried Montgomery. “Look, look! It's beginning to have an effect already!” Roxboro's cock had lifted its dropping head and begun to show signs of life. “I tell you, my lord, a beating is the best invigorator for a jaded prick!”

    He untied the maid, her body writhing and twisting as Roxboro continued to rain blows upon her sensitive back and legs, the pink stripes against the white flesh exciting the lecherous lord to new fire as he watched the undulations of the girl's body.

    The two men picked up the girl and carried her into the bedroom. Roxboro quickly removed his clothing, and perfectly naked, the two men entered the bed, one on each side of the lovely girl.

    The two excited men paid their attention to the sensitive flesh of the moaning girl, pinching, squeezing, and digging their fingernails into her skin at the most sensitive points, until finally both their pricks were throbbing with renewed vitality.

    Montgomery, rolling over upon his back, drew his wife over upon him. He held her fast in his arms as Roxboro reached down and inserted Montgomery's prick in the now hot and throbbing cunt of the excited tortured girl. Then, mounting her from the back, Roxboro forced into her sore and bruised rectum his own massive tool, and thus they lay-the tender woman sandwiched between the two men, the prick of one rending and tearing the tender tissues of her sensitive arse, and the gigantic tool of the other stretching and rubbing the equally sensitive membranes of her now hot and salacious quim! Ere long the two men reached their climax, and amidst the thrills of passion all three of the lustful beings spent themselves in one erotic mingling of lust and passion.

    All three then relaxed; the two men, however, continued to embrace the unfortunate girl, who lay quietly between them, knowing there was no chance of escape.

    This performance, with variations, was repeated twice more during the night and then, jaded with lust, all three fell fast asleep and lay thus until morning.

    In the morning, Roxboro was the first of the three to awaken. His drowsy eyes opened; looking about for a moment to collect his wits, he turned and saw the two other persons stretched upon the bed beside him. Marie lay beside him, her beautiful eyes closed; behind her lay her husband, one arm thrown about the girl's form and one leg lying over the girl's limbs in an attitude of sleep. The lord gazed at the charms of the fair Marie for a few moments. He was almost tempted to satisfy himself upon her; his bladder filled with the night's accumulation of urine had caused his prick to stand like a barber pole. But another idea smack him.

    Going to the bath, he relieved himself, then slipped through the library into Caroline's room.

    The fair girl lay in an attitude of repose, her coral lips opened in a half-smile, her golden hair spread upon the pillow like yellow silk. Going over to the bed, the lord pulled back the coverlet and noted that Caroline was lying full upon her back; her nightdresses were pulled up about her breasts, exposing her tawny crotch upon which rested her dainty white hand, one of her fingers placed upon her clitoris and slowly working back and forth in her sleep. Her sensations must have been delightful, judging from the smile upon her sleeping face. In fact, she was enjoying a beautiful dream; she was in the garden with Carl; he was making love to her and his fingers were exploring her pussy and working her into a state of extreme lust; she hoped he would soon replace his busy finger with something more substantial. She was not to be disappointed; the finger was removed and she felt a much larger, firmer, more satisfying object pushing against the sensitive pink lips of her snatch. A heavy form rested upon her breast; she threw her arms about it; her cunt was filled with a delightfully hard, firm prick and as it entered her mossy cleft, her bottom began to move from side to side in an ecstasy of lust.

    The sensation was so exquisite as to cause her to awaken. Thinking she had the lad Carl in her arms, she kissed the figure so strongly pressing her breast; then, looking up, she observed that she had been mounted by her sensual uncle, who was now firmly embedded in her delightful cunt, working slowly back and forth.

    Somewhat disappointed, but willing to accept whatever was offered in the way of love, she began to reply to his strong thrusts, her bottom twisting from side to side and up and down as she met the slow movements of her lascivious uncle.

    Due to his efforts of the night before, which had taken the edge from his usually violent appetites, the lord was in more of a mood to dally. His prick titillated the charming girl's sensitive quim; reaching down underneath, his index finger found and entered the tiny buttonhole of her rectum, where it played about, exciting the girl to a frenzy of passion; his tongue entered her rosy lips and tickled her; the man lay quiet, his prick pushed up into the tender girl to the fullest extent, and his manipulations of her rectum causing her to leap and twist in frenzy, impaled upon his noble cock; the sensitive membranes of her quim alternately squeezed and released the flesh of his ardent member.

    But all things must end; the heat and passion of the inflamed Caroling soon had the effect of working the jaded man to a pitch where, during a violent series of movements, he was forced to give down his vital fluid; sensing, by his sudden movements, that he was spending, the girl reached her climax at the same time and they lay upon the bed in a frenzied, struggling mass as they mingled their love juice in one creamy shower.

    Lying passive for a few moments, the lord's strength finally returned and he arose, wiped his tool upon the counterpane, and, kissing Caroline, returned to the bedroom.

    He returned just in time to witness the finale between Marie and her husband. He had the beautiful girl on the floor; her knees and elbows resting on the carpet, he was drawn up close to her luxuriant arse, banging away with considerable gusto, his tool embedded in her glorious rectum.

    As the lord entered the room, Marie was squirming and twisting violently; Montgomery then gave a vigorous lunge, sending his swollen and throbbing prick clear up to the hilt in her arse, and the floodgates of his prick opened, showering the lacerated interior with a copious deluge.

    The tortured girl uttered a low moan and, as the lustful man finished, flopped to the floor in a half-faint. Roxboro gave a startled exclamation, fearing that perhaps in his excitement Montgomery had been a trifle too rough and ruptured the girl. Such was not the case, however; Marie recovered in a few moments and was then permitted to dress and depart for her own quarters, Roxboro telling her to sleep somewhat later than usual after her arduous labors of the previous night.

    The two men, naked as they were, threw themselves upon the bed and were quickly asleep in a morning nap.

    Caroline, whose senses had been more inflamed than satisfied by the recent bout with her uncle, feeling quite restless and excited, arose, bathed herself, and then, slipping a dressing gown over her nude body, stepped through the library and to her uncle's door. Peeping within, she espied the forms of the two sleeping naked men lying stretched upon the counterpane.

    This was Caroline's first sight of Montgomery, and she gazed interestedly at him, lying thus stretched in full view. Between his legs was a patch of dark hair, surmounting it a now soft, flaccid tool which, in spite of its general debility, was of generous size and gave promise of great things when erect and stiff. Standing in the doorway, she compared the two men: Roxboro beginning to show signs of age and dissipation; his member, although quite large, not nearly so well formed as that of the younger man who lay there in the glory of youth. Montgomery was a well-formed chap and as she gazed at his nude form, the girl was overcome with desire, which overcame her caution. Stepping quietly to the bedside, she examined closely this handsome stranger, inspecting his splendid pego at which she gazed with delight. Surely this was a pounder of pounders; it would be dear to any girl's heart and a delight to any girl's cunt; it looked so well formed and huge, even in its flaccid state, she knew that under the throes of passion, stimulated by a handsome, fiery girl, it would attain proportions of the most astounding size.

    She bent closer, venturing to touch the tip of it with one of her dainty fingers, and emboldened, she carefully lifted the head between her thumb and index finger, high above its soft, bushy nest.

    Inspecting it closely and ardently, she thought, Surely there was never such another member as this-so soft, so white and so finely molded; what touch, what fire! She bent her head and brought the tip of the massive organ to her lips.

    Closing her eyes, she thrust forth her velvet sensitive tongue and, passing its strawberry tip in between the foreskin and the head of this delicious morsel, allowed her electric tongue-tip to titillate the pink head.

    Her tongue once pressed against this magnetic pulse, she slowly allowed the full head to slip into her mouth, and gently holding it between her teeth, she passed her tongue in little shocking waves over its glowing head.

    You may be sure that Montgomery, although still fast asleep, responded quickly to these endearments and the now excited girl felt the tool slowly swelling within the hot confines of her mouth. Soon it was as stiff as a bar of iron and she tongued and drew upon it as though to draw out the very soul of its possessor.

    Montgomery, exhausted as he was, slowly awoke under the lovely girl's caresses and, giving a little start of surprise, caused Caroline to look up in fright. Seeing his handsome eyes fixed upon her face, she removed his sweet dart from between her lips and, slowly frigging it in one of her tiny hands, placed a finger on her lips to warn him against making any remarks.

    Montgomery, arising from the bed, took care to make no noise that would awaken the sleeping lord. He allowed the lovely girl to conduct him to the confines of her own room, leading him thereto by the grasp of her fair hand upon his now rampant rod.

    He looked with amazement at the feminine surroundings, and upon Caroline's carefully closing the door and giving his rod a few loving, vigorous squeezes, he took the girl into his arms. Pressing hot, moist kisses upon her trembling rosebud lips, he rummaged about her thinly clad person and, searching out her girlish slit, placed his forefinger on her secret charm, and with a few sensual rubs had it as hard as a billiard ball!

    Caroline snuggled up closely to her companion, his yard still throbbing between her fingers and, opening wide her palpitating thighs, allowed him to do as he wished with her nude secret parts.

    He lost no time in coming into action, and suddenly seizing the girl and throwing her backward upon the bed, with one bound he mounted her and his hard cylinder was banging for admittance to her coral gate!

    “So big!” murmured Caroline. “I fear you will split me wide open if you should try to put all of that terrible thing up into me!” Nevertheless she spread her legs wide and, with her beautiful bare arms about the muscular buttocks of her ravisher, sought to impale him within her.

    Montgomery, lifting himself upon her form, gave a few cruel shoves, each drive forcing the body of his rammer a few more inches up into her distended cleft; despite the pain caused by this disproportionate insertion, Caroline only gritted her teeth and sought not to let a cry escape her, through fear of awakening her uncle.

    A faint groan issuing from between her tightly clenched teeth, and a grunt from Montgomery, however, told of the final sheathing of his rod. This accomplished, he started that regular grinding motion of his buttocks that caused his staff to slip slowly in and out of her, and Caroline, filled to repletion with his massive cock, wiggled and threshed beneath him as though in the midst of an active sensual dance.

    The delights released through the quivering nerves of her sexual parts by the pulsations of this enormous pounder caused her to gasp for breath; in a few convulsive spurts she showered down upon this bold intruder of her dainty person a veritable rain of sexual dew. This opening and closing of her quivering slit, combined with the shower of hot balm, so aided the enemy's efforts that Montgomery had no difficulty in ensheathing within her his entire prick, to the very root, his pubic hair mingling with the girl's tawny tresses.

    Now that he was fully within her, he glued his lips to hers and seizing one of her tender breasts in his hand, he pounded away and sought, as it were, to attempt by his shoves to reach with the head of his prong her very leaping heart.

    The excited girl responded valiantly to this vigorous male assault, and Montgomery, allowing his hands to slide down to the rear of her plump buttocks, sought out with an inquisitive finger her diminutive rear hole. The sudden touch of his finger within this secret retreat affected the girl like the shock of an electric battery, causing her to leap about and moan like a woman possessed!

    With six or seven quick, hard drives, he shot his load into her convulsive slit; tumbling and tossing about her sodden nervous membranes and banging her womb from side to side again brought the fair girl to the dissolving point, and she nervously showered down her charge and then lay back upon the pillows in a delirious swoon of repleted passion!

    Thus they lay for a few minutes. But Montgomery, so immensely pleased by this scene of girlish delight so freely offered, without removing that magnetic gristle, soon began to slowly renew his passion-laden movements, and the girl, returning to her senses, found herself again swimming in a sensual sea of heavenly bliss; before arising, he had again poured into her quivering vitals another vast deluge of his hot sperm.

    “Please don't say anything to uncle about this, will you?” said the girl into the ear of the man who lay upon her, his gigantic phallus still embedded within her. “I wouldn't have him know about this for anything. I hope you will be a true gentleman and that I can trust you to protect me; although my actions with you have been what might seem rather forward and indecent, I assure you that I am not what you would imagine.”

    “I understand, sweetest of all girls,” replied Montgomery, sealing her lips with a tender caress. “Your uncle, as you call him, will know nothing of what has happened; I have no plans of informing him of our little party.”

    With many mutual pettings and caresses, the happy pair finally parted, Montgomery to the bed from which he had but lately been led, and Caroline to the bath to cleanse herself of the results of her recent fray.

    Caroline soon completed her toilet, dressed herself, and descended to the dining room, where she partook of breakfast. She was soon joined by her uncle, who had awakened and dressed, with the aid of his new valet, Montgomery.

    After breakfast, he excused himself, saying that he was still rather tired and had some matters to attend to in the library.

    Caroline went out into the grounds in search of Freda, the younger girl having been up and about for some time.

    Freda was engaged in watching the fish disporting themselves in the large lake. Perceiving Caroline approaching, she quickly ran to her and kissed her affectionately.

    “Oh, Carrie, what were the screams that I heard last evening? Won't you tell me? Was it you who was screaming in the library? What made all the noise? I also heard some men talking; was someone else in there with uncle? Sit down, Carrie, and tell me all about it, won't you? There's a dear?”

    “Freda!” reproved Caroline in a stem tone. “You know quite well you are not to manifest any curiosity at anything of what happened last night! As for me, I know nothing at all about it, anyway. Now, don't pester me anymore.”

    Freda pouted, but held her peace. She secretly resolved to search out her uncle and try to worm out of him the details of the excitement of the previous evening. So, changing the subject, she remarked:

    “Oh, Carrie, come with me. I have just had an idea for a good adventure. I just saw two of the handsomest boys going along the road out there; they had fishing poles on their shoulders and I bet they are going down the river to fish, so if you and I would just casually walk over there, we might strike up a flirtation with them and have no end of fun! They are awfully handsome boys!”

    “No, Freda!” replied Caroline, rising to her feet. “You know quite well we shouldn't do anything of that kind while we are staying with uncle! Besides, you know uncle is saving you for himself; he wants to be the first one to give you experience in what you seem to consider so important.”

    “Well, it must be important,” replied Freda. “You know yourself, Carrie, when uncle put his thing-his prick into you when we were in the sitting room, you looked like you were about to faint with pleasure and I am sure that if it affects you like that, that I will get as much pleasure out of the act as you seem to, even if I am younger.

    “And besides, the girls at school talked about how much pleasure it is, and those that have had it done to them, that have been fucked, told me that the act almost sets them crazy with pleasure. I am just dying to do it; I can't understand why uncle, although he puts it into you so often, never puts it into me! Carrie, be a good sister; can't you use your persuasion to get him to do it to me; I am sure we would both enjoy it.”

    “No, my dear, I will not be a party to your seduction; I can't prevent it but I am not going to assist in it. Your mind seems to be made up to achieve your own rain; I am not going to try to stop you, but so far as asking uncle to ravish you now, you may as well make up your mind I won't have any part in it.

    “I warn you, my dear, you will live to regret the day you lost your virginity; you think when you are opened up by a man's tool you will enjoy all the ecstasy of Heaven, but I tell you frankly: if I still possessed my virginity; I would be the happiest girl in the world! If we are fortunate enough to get married, we are going to shed a lot of bitter tears at having lost our maidenheads.”

    “Oh, bother marriage,” cried the irrepressible Freda. “Besides, what man has a right to expect a girl to be so pure; they certainly don't keep themselves any too pure for us women, do they?”

    “Oh, no, I suppose not, my dear, but that is different; that seems to be a man's prerogative,” sighed Caroline. “Let's not discuss it any longer; I think I shall lie down here and try to snatch a little nap.” Reclining on the soft greensward, her senses began to leave her and she dozed. Suddenly she sensed that she was alone; sitting up, she spied the nimble Freda full tilt on her way toward the river.

    “Freda!” she cried. “Come back here this minute; if you go down there by that river with those boys, I shall run and tell uncle immediately!”

    “Oh, fudge,” replied Freda. “You are an old tattletale- but, Miss Smarty, if you tell uncle about me don't think I won't let him know about a certain Carl!” With a spiteful laugh, she started on a run toward the river.

    Caroline, knowing that remonstrance was useless, rose to her feet and set out after the flying child. Arriving at the riverbank, she looked about and soon spied Freda crouched down behind a clump of bushes at the edge of the water.

    “What are you doing?” cried Caroline.

    “Oh, come quick. Look, look!” cried Freda, pointing to the middle of the river. “See, they are in swimming; they have all their clothes off. Their clothes are lying there on the bank, see?” cried the excited Freda.

    Sure enough, glancing out to the middle of the stream, Caroline beheld two youths merrily disporting themselves in the cool water. Apparently tired of fishing, they had decided to go swimming instead and, thinking themselves unobserved, had taken to the water au naturel.

    “Come away from here, young lady,” sharply remarked Caroline, although she herself was considerably moved by the sight of the handsome young men thus playing in the water; their leapings and friskings about occasionally gave the interested young ladies on the bank a sight of their pendent members, shrunken and shriveled as they were by the watery contact.

    Caroline would brook no opposition by the stubborn Freda, but dragged her hence. “Suppose those boys should see us, silly?” she remarked. “Or suppose uncle or one of the servants would find us here, peeping at two naked boys! Why, we would be shamed to death! Let us go back to the garden immediately.” And dragging the reluctant Freda behind her, Caroline made her way back to the lake and sank down beside it on the grass.

    As the two girls reclined on the green velvety lawn, they were approached by Montgomery, who had come into the garden for a breath of air. Caroline felt a blush mantling her cheeks as she remembered the incidents connected with her first meeting with the young man; a thrill shot through her as she thought of the length and thickness of his manly rod, now concealed beneath his clothing.

    Approaching the two girls, he introduced himself, saying, “My name is Montgomery; I am Lord Roxboro's new valet and I presume you are his two lovely nieces.”

    “We are,” replied Freda, in a matter-of-fact tone, although giving the prepossessing young man a close scrutiny, as in fact she did all men. “This is my sister, Caroline. We hope you like it here.”

    “I was just walking about the grounds to familiarize myself with the place,” remarked Montgomery. “His lordship is asleep in the library and I have a few minutes time.”

    “Perhaps you would like for us to walk around with you,” replied Caroline with an arch look.

    “Oh,” replied he, “I am sure I would enjoy that immensely.”

    Thereupon the three started out and made a tour of the grounds, Caroline carefully avoiding the river where the two boys were bathing.

    In following out one of the paths, they came to the edge of the estate. Caroline, advancing to the edge of the depression, peered over, and Montgomery, as though fearing she might slip and fall over the edge, placed a restraining arm about her waist and pressed her to him as though to protect her from a fall.

    Freda, all eyes, advanced to the very edge of the ravine and Montgomery, of course, encircled her slight waist with his other arm. The child leaned heavily against this protecting and comforting embrace, and Montgomery, drawing both of the girls back, cautioned them not to lean over such a depth.

    “One slip,” he warned seriously, “and you would be dashed to the depths below! I am sure your uncle would be very vexed should he know in what manner you exercise your curiosity, and for your own safety I recommend that you observe the view from a safer vantage point.”

    “Oh, bother uncle,” cried Freda crossly, now that the strong arm of the protecting male was removed from her body. “I am sure, Montgomery, that you will not be a tattletale and tell uncle what we are up to! I am sure if we want to do something, we can take care of ourselves!” and with this the minx gave Montgomery a rather roguish look.

    “Oh, never fear,” replied Montgomery. “I am not going to tell your uncle on you; but this place is dangerous and surely there must be other points of interest which will stand inspection.”

    Caroline remarked, “I understand there are some caves in the cliff below, which are full of stalactites and are said to be very beautiful; I should like very much to explore them, if it is possible. Uncle was telling me about them the other day.”

    “Oh, fine!” cried Freda. “Let's do so immediately; we can climb down here and go and see the caves.”

    Montgomery, however, vetoed the suggestion. “I fear you are too hasty, young lady. In the first place, your uncle probably wouldn't approve, and you are hardly dressed to go exploring caves. Furthermore, we should probably need some lights or candles as it isn't likely there would be enough light in the caves to see anything, so we will have to make some preparations and also gain your uncle's consent before we could make such an excursion.”

    “Oh,” said Caroline, somewhat stirred by the suggestion that the caves might be dark, “I don't think we need arouse uncle; perhaps we could go and change our clothing and you, Montgomery, could procure some candles. We will meet here in fifteen minutes and then we can do our exploring; I am sure uncle wouldn't mind, and besides, we don't want to waken uncle simply to ask his permission.”

    Accordingly, the two girls departed for the house, and in about fifteen minutes returned, dressed in outing clothes of rough tweed, although still retaining their silken stockings. Meanwhile Montgomery had procured a supply of candles and some rope and awaited the girls at the edge of the precipice.

    The trio started out in search of a path by which to descend to the bottom. At length they perceived a spot that promised a means of descent to the bottom of the gulf. Montgomery led the way down, slipping and sliding at times, but without any great danger of falling, occasionally turning to warn the two girls when negotiating some particularly rough or stony spot. His solicitude was not entirely for the girl's safety, although that was real enough; but in addition, by keeping his eye on the two maidens who were following him down the steep declivity, he was frequently rewarded with glimpses of secret feminine charms as the two lassies clambered downward over the sharp rocks; Caroline's slit drawers frequently revealed a delightful vista of her mossy cleft while Freda, although wearing closed drawers, revealed her underclothing stretched to the bursting point by the soft flesh of her plump posterior and lovely thighs.

    At length the trio reached the bottom of the ravine, through which flowed a tiny brooklet. Walking a few steps, they noted a hole in the precipice, which seemed to be the entrance to one of the caves they were seeking.

    Climbing up to the entrance, they peered within but could see nothing but inky darkness. “Perhaps I had better do a little exploring before you venture in,” remarked Montgomery; so, bidding the girls await his return, he lit a candle and stepped into the cave. In a moment the light of his candle was blotted out in the darkness, he having apparently passed beyond a comer. In a few moments he returned, however, announcing that everything seemed to be all right, and furnishing the girls with lighted candles, he led the way into the grotto.

    Freda, impatient as usual, was for rushing into the darkness of the cave, but was restrained by Montgomery, who warned her she might either fall and hurt herself, or perhaps plunge into some crevice or abyss in the floor of the cavern.

    However, his prick was stirring in his trousers, and seeing an opportunity for a little pleasure, after warning Freda to be extremely careful as to where she walked, he permitted her to go on ahead, he and Caroline following more slowly.

    Caroline quickly noted an opportunity for some excitement, her randy nature excited by the surrounding darkness and privacy of their surroundings, and feared no interruption from the inquisitive Freda, who was too interested in the mysteries of her excursion; her hand reached over to the front of Montgomery's trousers and, as she had expected, immediately grasped his hard, stiff rammer, which had been knocking at the restraining clothing for several minutes. She quickly unbuttoned the front of the man's clothing, and his great tool leaped out, rampant and throbbing. Her fingers closed about it and she began to frig it back and forth, uncapping the bursting red head, the hot touch of her eager fingers thrilling the man to his core. His own hand slipped up behind the girl, lifting her dresses, his fingers caressing her buttocks. Spreading her legs widely apart, Caroline stood, permitting his busy fingers to explore and titillate her burning cleft while she tightly clutched and worked the skin back and forth on his raging prick.

    Noting to one side a sort of bench of rock, Montgomery guided the half-fainting girl to it, and in spite of her halfhearted protestations that surely Freda would return and catch them red-handed, he leaned the lustful girl upon it in a sort of half-sitting, half-lying position; then, presenting the enormous head of his cock to her hot sheath, with one fierce drive he pierced her to the utmost.

    Caroline, now thoroughly aroused, gave herself up to her lust and, almost bereft of reason by the size and vigor of his manly weapon, twisted and squirmed as though to break off with her quim that hot stick which pierced her so delightfully.

    The fear that the young girl might return and catch them thus caused both parties to work rapidly and increased the delights of their stolen sweets, so with a few violent moves, they culminated in a spasm of lust. Just as Montgomery withdrew his slimy organ from the girl's body, they heard footsteps and knew that Freda had returned to find them. Hastily arranging their clothing, they assumed an innocent attitude, gazing at the surrounding scenery and when Freda at length reached them, she suspected nothing of their little adventure.

    “Where have you been, Freda?” queried Montgomery. “Really, you must stay closer to us; we were beginning to be a little worried; we called to you and received no answer; now, don't get so far ahead again. Here, you had better walk alongside of me so I can watch out for you.”

    Thus, Montgomery and Freda in front, Caroline trailing along behind, they proceeded through the cavern, stopping occasionally to survey some particularly beautiful or interesting formation. Caroline's condition was hardly comfortable; her parts were covered with the slimy secretion placed there by Montgomery, so in a few minutes she dropped back behind the others, and permitting them to pass beyond a turn in the path, she stuck her candle upon a jutting rock and with her handkerchief quickly made what repairs she could to her damaged toilet.

    Montgomery, noting that Caroline had dropped behind and guessing the reason, imperceptibly hastened his step and hurried the child along with him until, feeling sure that some distance separated himself and Freda from Caroline, he whispered to the child that he had something important to communicate to her.

    “When we are ready to leave, I want you to drop behind-! not very far, but just inside the mouth of the cave; then when Caroline and I are outside, I will miss you and will return to hunt for you. Blow your candle out; you will be able to see me when I approach, but if Caroline should come along, you can say your candle went out and you got lost. I will return for you immediately, so don't be frightened by the darkness.”

    “What do you want to tell me?” queried the ever-curious Freda.

    “Well, you'll find out when the time comes; but I will say this: I am going to give you some loving and squeeze your little rump, you little rascal!” With that, he gave her plump little bottom a few caresses and his hand strayed over the front of her body, feeling her tight little slit through her panties.

    At this time the wavering light of a candle approaching showed that Caroline was coming up, so the two fell into an animated discussion of the beauties of the cavern. Caroline had her own thoughts, but said nothing; she appreciated that Montgomery would restrain from nothing where women were concerned, but an accusation would only be met with scornful denial by both the salacious Freda and the libidinous Montgomery, so Caroline merely held her peace.

    The three walked about in the cave for some time until, having thoroughly investigated its beauties, they started back for the outer world. Montgomery, walking with Caroline in the front of the little party, kept her interested in a running tide of conversation, so she paid no heed to the fact that Freda was following along far behind them. Arriving at the portal of the cave, she turned and noted that Freda was not in sight and immediately became alarmed.

    Montgomery, however, quieted her, stating that he would return and find the missing child. Caroline was all for returning also, but was deterred by Montgomery, who advised that she remain on the outside. “You know, oftentimes these caves have passages that lead off for great distances; they are perfect labyrinths and it is quite easy to become lost therein. Our supply of candles is low; I will return to the cave and hunt for Freda; if she hasn't strayed too far, I will be back immediately; if, however, it happens that she has gotten lost, I may have some difficulty in finding her and if my candles run out, I would be just as badly lost as she is; therefore, do you remain outside and if we haven't returned by the end of an hour or so, you will secure help to search for us. I don't say this to alarm you and you needn't be worried, but I want to guard against any possibility of danger, so I will return to the cave and you remain outside. I am quite sure I will be back with Freda in a minute or two. She surely cannot have gotten very far in the short time since she was with us.” This speech by the wily Montgomery greatly perturbed Caroline, but there was nothing to do but contain herself and await the return of the two. Consequently, she seated herself on a stone at the entrance to the cave, while the man proceeded on his search for the missing Freda.

    Shouting loudly, he proceeded down the main passageway, and soon his candle was blotted out as he passed one of the numerous angles of the crooked path. Caroline could hear his voice loudly calling for Freda to answer him; gradually the shouts grew dimmer and dimmer and finally she could hear nothing; composing herself to wait and endure as best she might the anxiety caused by the child's disappearance, she restlessly sat twisting her handkerchief nervously.

    Montgomery, that clever rascal, upon entering the cave shouted Freda's name quite loudly. Although she was only a few feet back in the cave, the child held her peace. Soon Montgomery discovered her there, but continued to shout, gradually lessening the volume as though walking farther from the entrance, and finally ceased altogether. The two grinned at each other in appreciation of the way they were fooling Caroline with this playacting.

    The man lost no time. Placing his candle on an outjutting point of rock, he seated himself oh a large piece of stalactite that had fallen from the roof and, drawing the child to him, rained his hot kisses on her face and neck. Freda, in view of the man's promise to love her when he returned, had worked herself into a frenzy of childish lasciviousness, and she now yielded herself to the man's caresses, returning the kisses, pressing her body close to him, and squeezing him as tightly as her childish strength would permit.

    In spite of his amorous adventures of the morning, which would have sapped the strength of an ordinary man, the sensual Montgomery was highly excited by the contact with this fair child. His prick once more stood rigid and stiff, pushing up his clothing. His hands explored the person of the child, molding and squeezing her softly rounded little buttocks, her scarcely formed breasts and her maidenly quim; she responded to all his overtures, her tiny hand seeking his prick, which she squeezed in ecstasy. Unbuttoning his trousers, she yanked it forth and stood amazed, looking at its enormous size and vigor, her hand played with its gigantic staff as she stood quivering, her legs widely spread to permit the fingerings of the maddened Montgomery, her body quivering and burning with passion. The man unbuttoned the little panties at the waist and slid the garment down about her feet; the child stepped out of it and Montgomery, raising her skirts, gazed at that maiden slit and the white flesh of her thighs and belly. Inserting his finger into her cunt, he attempted to push it up into her, but was much surprised when he encountered an obstacle.

    “Well, my God!” quoth he. “Don't tell me you are still a virgin?”

    “Why, yes,” replied Freda. “That is, I never had anything put in there, if that is what you mean.”

    “Why, you little devil. From the way you act, I thought you had been fucked plenty, young as you are, and here I find you are still a greenhorn! Well, strike me pink!” And he seemed overcome at the idea.

    Drawing the child to him, he had her sit down slowly on his prick. He had great difficulty in restraining himself from jamming her down upon the object, thus opening her cunt and ruining her virginity, but he knew well that if he attempted such a trick he would probably seriously injure the tender child; her little quim would hardly entertain such an engine as his monster bolus without very serious consequences, and although he had no conscience and was half-mad with passion, he feared to take such a dangerous course. However, he had the child sit upon it, rubbing back and forth; had the choice been left to her, she undoubtedly would have impaled herself upon that huge stake for she was in a state of mind which would reckon little of pain or injury if she could only once fill that itching, throbbing spot with a morsel of male flesh; however, Montgomery, realizing the girl's state, restrained her from such an act. His passion mounted and mounted, and in an effort to gain relief, he suddenly shifted the child to a kneeling position. “Now, my dear, just take that in your mouth; there's a good girl.”

    “Oh, bother!” cried Freda. “Aren't you going to do anything for me? Do I have to take it in my mouth? Why don't you put it into me? Honestly, I could stand it, big as it is; I'll bet I could take the whole thing, I know I could.”

    Montgomery laughed. “Not now, young lady; I would probably split you wide open; be patient, after a while maybe, but not now. Just take him in your mouth; there's a good girl!” Grasping the child by the head, he pushed her face down toward his throbbing cock.

    Freda was plainly much disappointed; however, she was a willing worker and, placing her ruby lips over the ready victim, attempted to take it into her mouth; it was too large, however, and she could barely, by stretching her jaws to the utmost, encompass the fiery head of his monster tool. With her little pink tongue she tickled the tender tissues and, keyed up as he was by the dalliance with the child, Montgomery waited but a few moments, enjoying the playing of her tongue upon his prick and the sucking motion of her childish mouth; suddenly grasping her by her curls, he pulled her head toward him and at the same time rammed his instrument into her mouth as far as it would go and a hot jet of sperm leaped into the child's throat, filling it and spilling out the comers of her mouth as she strangled and coughed at this unexpected drenching of her throat with the sticky fluid. A few sharp movements and the man fell back, releasing the child, who immediately spat out the remainder of the fluid that she had not already swallowed.

    In a moment they recovered; Montgomery cleaned the girl's parts and helped her put on her undergarments; then they proceeded to the entrance to the cave, where they came upon the anxious Caroline, nearly frantic with worry and anxiety. Seizing the errant Freda, she hugged and kissed her, scolding her for getting lost, her own eyes filled with tears of relief.

    The three then made their way back to the manor, where they found the lord had arisen and was seated on the veranda, awaiting their return.

    Luncheon was soon served, and after chatting for a time in the living room, Roxboro announced that he had received a summons to visit his solicitors in regard to some business. Soon the carriage drove up to the door and Roxboro was driven off to town, gone for the afternoon.

    The two girls, somewhat tired after their morning's adventures, retired to their room. Montgomery, having discovered a buxom dairymaid on the place who had attracted his attention, was busy in laying siege to the fair damsel and would be occupied for some time.'

    Marie, after her brutal treatment of the previous night, was still abed, a mass of welts and bruises.

    Consequently, the two girls had the upper part of the house to themselves. Freda retired to her room, where she removed her clothing, bathed herself, and, donning a kimono, went to Caroline's door and knocked. Caroline answered and opened the door; she stood naked and wet, having been engaged in bathing when Freda appeared. The child went to Caroline's bed and threw herself upon it where she lay resting until Caroline had finished bathing and making her toilet. This done, she donned a light negligee and came over and lay beside her younger sister for a rest.

    As she lay down, the fiery Freda lifted her robe above her waist and began to rub her hand up and down Caroline's white thighs and between her legs, tickling and caressing her golden mount of Venus and the pink lips of her cunt; her own kimono fell open and the child pressed her naked body close to her sister's.

    “Why, Freda, how hot you are! Have you a fever? Are you ill?”

    “Oh, no,” replied Freda, “I just took a hot bath; I guess that's why I may be a little warm.”

    The randy Caroline's face began to flush under the ministrations of her younger sister; her limbs spread more widely apart to permit the tiny hand to explore and caress her hot and lustful pussy.

    Caroline was of such a lascivious nature that she responded immediately to any overtures, either male or female, and without wishing to encourage the younger girl, she nonetheless did nothing to discourage her but lay gently moving from side to side as the enterprising Freda caressed those sensitive parts.

    Freda, the little vixen, was not entirely unselfish in her ministrations. She greatly wished some relief from the sensations that were troubling her and assumed rightly that the best way to get some attention for herself was to excite Caroline sufficiently to accomplish her fell purpose; consequently, she slowly and carefully worked her older sister up to a point which she considered sufficient for her purpose, then suddenly arose and climbed over the prostrate Caroline, her legs spread out and her own little pink quim directly in front of Caroline's face; Freda's head plunged between the now thoroughly aroused Caroline's legs and her face was buried in the golden tawny hair of the older girl's quim!

    Caroline did not disappoint her; as Freda's tongue darted into the hot, moist slit, she felt the marvelous sensation of a burning tongue-tip sliding up and down her own parts-with quick, sharp movements the two passionate girls worked on each other until with a series of convulsive movements they reached their climax together; then they relaxed, side by side, clasped in each other's arms as their blood slowly cooled.

    Toward evening Roxboro returned; upon repairing to his library, he found Montgomery sound asleep in a chair in the comer; the young man had had a busy day and night and was snatching forty winks of sleep against whatever activities this evening might produce.

    Roxboro busied himself with some matters for a few minutes; his movements finally awakened the sleeping valet, who quickly leaped to his feet with an apology for having fallen asleep. “You see, my lord,” he explained readily, “I haven't been here long enough to find out just what work you wish me to do, so not having any chores at hand, I was simply awaiting your return.”

    “That is quite all right,” replied Roxboro. “If I have work for you, I will advise you of it beforehand; tomorrow I will instruct you in your duties. By the way, while we have an opportunity to bring the matter up, I notice you have gotten yourself acquainted with my two nieces. Now, let me impress on your mind, Montgomery: any of the womenfolk around here that you want to chase after, you are at liberty to go as far as you can get, but my nieces are my own private property; no poaching, understand me? Keep your hands off them; they are not for such as you and if I catch you in any affair involving either of those girls, it will be the worse for you. Do you understand me?”

    “Oh, quite so, my lord,” replied the respectful Montgomery. “I wouldn't dare raise my eyes so high, my lord; I appreciate my position and will not presume in any way.” To himself he smiled, thinking of the events of the morning and wondering what this haughty lord would do or say were he to hear the full particulars of those affairs between Montgomery and his nieces.

    “Very well, then; I don't want to have to mention the matter again; hands off and everything will be all right.

    “You will note, Montgomery, I have quite a library here. Now, in this bookcase over here, which I keep locked, is a very large collection of erotic books-that is, books on the subject of love, etc. It will be worth your while to delve into them a little; you may find some suggestions that will be helpful to me later when we are indulging in our pleasures. So when you have a few minutes, be sure to look at some of the pictures and read some of the books that you will find there. You will find the key in this small drawer in my secretary,” he added, pointing out the hiding place to the valet.

    “Montgomery,” he went on, “I would like for you to tell me some of the practices you have indulged in; you seem to have a rather good invention in the matter of lovemaking, and I am curious to hear some of your notions along that line. What type of woman do you prefer, and what methods do you use in indulging yourself with your paramours?”

    “Well, sir,” replied the servant, “I must confess-although it may seem rather strange to your lordship and I rather hesitate to mention it-that all of the women I have ever encountered, no matter how lustful, no matter how young, how beautifully formed, how expert in the art of love, if I were to have my choice of partners in the business of fucking, I would prefer the company of a fresh, young lusty boy!”

    “Impossible!” ejaculated the startled Roxboro, sitting suddenly upright in his chair at this amazing confession. “You dare sit there and try to tell me you would select a boy rather than a girl! I am certainly surprised to say the least; for a man of your intelligence and talents it is simply preposterous! I know that the ancient Greeks and Romans-in fact, even the modem Indians, Chinese, Greeks, and others indulge in that pastime, but I am surprised to hear a grown man, and an Englishman, admit any such preference!”

    “Well, sir,” replied Montgomery, no whit abashed by the astounded lord's reproof, “I have experienced both forms of pleasure, and I must say in all truthfulness that to bugger a strong boy, to push your prick into his tight arsehole while you grasp his ballocks and stiff cockshaft in your hands is a delight that savors of paradise itself!

    “As your lordship says, the Greeks and Romans and others preferred that form of amusement; it is common enough in armies, in prisons, in institutions where women are not permitted; isolated men in all parts of the world are driven to it through lack of women and soon become converted to it; I understand that in parts of India the law insists that women wear clothing exposing the breasts in an effort to attract the menfolk and wean them from the practice of sodomy with men.

    “In Wyoming, where I spent some time as a youth, the cowboys indulged in it; the Indians of America have long practiced it; it is common enough on shipboard and all navies recognize it.”

    “That may be true,” replied Lord Roxboro. “I could understand such things where men are gathered with but few women, such as on shipboard or in prison, but the thought of indulging in such an act in a country like England where, as a matter of fact, the women outnumber the men and are so easy to get; I simply cannot conceive of it unless-” and here he glanced sharply at Montgomery-“a person is one of those individuals who has been so scurvily treated by Mother Nature as to be what we call an urning, or a person with a bisexual nature, partly man and partly woman, at least in temperament.”

    Montgomery laughed. “Oh, no, my lord, nothing of that sort. I am masculine enough, as your lordship should well know by now; you have seen me in action. I am fond enough of the gentler sex and am not feminine myself in any way-that is not exactly the idea.

    “Furthermore, your lordship, I have only mentioned the active side of it: the performance of the role of rider, you might say-he who inserts the rod and does the pushing.

    “Now, on the other side of the picture: the passive member of the two. Has your lordship ever considered what a thrill it would be to enact the part of the woman; to be able to receive the attentions of a lusty male; to be able to more fully understand the reactions of the delightful weaker sex; to feel entering your body through that sensitive portal, the rigid, hard, thick shaft of a powerful male? You can hardly understand such a delightful proposition, my Lord, unless you have tried it. Ah, I tell you, sir, there is the thrill of thrills!” cried the lustful Montgomery, his face red and his eyes sparkling with the very notion of such delights.

    “Well, that may be all true enough,” replied Roxboro, “but I confess I cannot share your enthusiasm. For example, if I were this minute in bed, flanked, let us say, on one side by your charming wife, and on the other by Carl, the stableboy there would not be a moment's hesitation as to which I would choose, and you may be assured as to that. You, Montgomery, may have your boys; I shall continue to depend upon the girls for my pleasure!”

    “Oh, quite true, my lord,” replied Montgomery. “Your lordship goes ahead too fast. I admit all the pleasures of dealing with women-that is proved by the fact that I am married. But for an occasional change of fare, as a novelty, if you please, it is unequaled. If your lordship ever experiences the pleasures I mention, either active or passive, I am sure you will agree with me!”

    “I doubt it very much,” replied Roxboro, “but we are getting further and further from the subject. I am curious to know of your adventures. Suppose you relate some of the outstanding experiences in your life; I would greatly enjoy hearing them.”

    “Oh, sir,” replied Montgomery, “I am afraid you would find it a boring repetition of fucking adventures, one pretty much like the other, with little change or diversion; simply a tiresome recital of women, etc., one after the other.”

    “Oh, come now; surely a man of your wide experience, as much as you have traveled and as many women-and, I suppose, men-as you have had intercourse with, you surely must have had some experiences which stand out in your memory. Come, come, let me hear some of them.”

    Lighting a cigar and passing one to his valet, Roxboro leaned back in his easy chair, prepared to listen to whatever recital Montgomery would see fit to regale him with. He expected something pretty racy, for Montgomery was a clever fellow, and he was not to be disappointed.

    “Well, let me see,” pondered Montgomery, crossing his legs and lighting the excellent cigar Roxboro had just handed him. His eyes cast upward toward the ceiling; he seemed to be marshaling his memories together; presently he said, “The very thing! I will tell you of an experience I once had, which may be of interest to your lordship.”

    “At one time,” began Montgomery, “when I was a young man I was employed by a shopkeeper, an unusually sensual man. Before long I had gotten into his good graces sufficiently so that we shared our love affairs in common. I lived with him in the rear of the store, and as we had similar ideas, if one of us was successful in seducing some neighborhood damsel, ere long it was arranged that the other should come in for his share.

    “This man's shop was much like others with which your lordship is familiar: windows fronting on the street in which was displayed the ordinary line of merchandise, neither better nor worse than that of our neighbors.

    “The basement of the store was a storage room; it extended out under the sidewalk, which was made of thick planks, between the spaces of which the light penetrated and through which spaces it was possible to see upward. It was our custom to spend a great deal of time underneath this sidewalk; from this vantage point we could see up under the skirts of any womenfolk that happened to be passing; frequently a damsel would stand in front of the shop, inspecting our goods in the windows, little suspecting that she herself was the object of what might be called a 'worm's-eye' inspection from below, which would probably have embarrassed her greatly were she aware of it. We had arranged boxes on which to sit and view the passersby and had a little code of signals arranged.

    “While, for instance, I would be belowstairs keeping a weather eye cocked upward in search of prey, the old man would be behind the counter of the store. If some pretty bit should step and gaze into the window, I would survey her charms from below and if she appeared a tempting morsel, I would tap on the floor above me and the old man would take the proper steps to make a contact with the fair victim. In this way, many a tempting brand was snatched from the burning.

    “The summertime was particularly appropriate for our little scheme; the ladies mostly wore light clothing that admitted the sunshine; their undergarments were thin and filmy at best and oftentimes in extremely hot weather they wore no undergarments at all!

    “And here enters into the scene a lady, a beautiful damsel of some sixteen or seventeen years; after viewing her from below several times-her delicious form, clothed in her immaculate, scanty undergarments; her white flesh and darkly colored patch of hair; those shapely limbs, and charming dimpled buttocks-I would have given my very soul to possess her!

    “But, alas; she was not to be had! She passed frequently, and sometimes stopped and gazed into our shopwindows at some trifle of feminine finery, etc. After I had gotten her oriented in my mind'-that is, after I had spotted her from below-I ran quickly up into the store to see the upper portion of this damsel who was so charming from below. I was mad about her. The old man made some unsuccessful efforts to interest her; I tried my hand, but she simply did not respond to any overtures. Coolly, indifferently, she ignored our attempts to talk to her in more than the friendly fashion of a shopkeeper to a customer. I tried all my wiles, to no avail. The old shopkeeper made sly hints about money, pretty clothes, this and that, but all hints were wasted and we finally felt we were defeated; that there was no chance to accomplish our desires.

    “I trust your lordship will not doubt me when I tell him what followed. An idea had formed in my head as I sat upon my box down below, watching the secret charms of that vexing damsel; an idea so wild, so ridiculous, it seems now almost like one of those tales which I remember reading in a book called the Decameron a long time ago.

    “Desperate that we were proceeding nowhere with the usual methods, I determined to use this wild method to accomplish my desires. The lack of response to our overtures on the part of the lady had whetted my appetite until to me she was the most desirable creature in the world; the old man, however, lost interest in her. He had, instead become quite partial to a certain serving girl in the vicinity who had been my sweetheart for some time but who had heretofore had nothing to do with the old man.

    “My feelings got the better of me and one day I broached my plan to the old man. First he laughed at me, then waxed scornful; I begged his assistance, which I had to have to complete my plan, but he would have nothing to do with it. I begged, I cursed, I even threatened, but he claimed it was too dangerous; he would not enter into it. Finally I offered to let him enjoy the servant girl he so warmly desired if he would help me with my own scheme. This shot brought him down. He agreed to aid me in my own scheme, if I would arrange for him to fuck the servant girl first.

    “But how to do it! The girl, although I had urged her on various occasions to give in to the old fellow, was adamant; she would have nothing to do with him.

    “Finally I evolved a trap for her. Making an appointment with her, I asked her to present herself at the store the following evening, stating the old man would be absent on a visit to his relatives; I would have to mind the shop while he was gone, but would simply latch the door; she and I could retire to a place I had fixed up in the basement, have our pleasure, and if any customers desired entrance during our tilt, they could ring the night-bell and would be admitted, thus warning us.

    “The girl was perfectly agreeable; she seemed to be in love with me, poor thing. Promptly at the time set, she arrived; I met her and conducted her below the stairs. In the back part of the basement the old man and I had arranged a soft couch on which we could conduct our amorous affairs, whisking a female downstairs from the store, accomplishing a fast fuck, and back upstairs again before you could wink your eye. The girl made no demur to this arrangement; in fact, she had had experience down there before on a couple of occasions.

    “I fastened the latch, left the lights in the shop burning, and conducted my lady fair to the dark regions below, where I led her through the darkness to the couch. She immediately threw herself down, pulled up her skirts, and awaited my assault, which was not long in coming. I threw myself upon her, without, however, taking out my tool. I made violent love to her for a couple of minutes until she was well heated, then, apparently ready to begin action, remarked, 'My dear, I just simply must piss; I will be back in one minute.' Arising, I made off as though to go into the comer to pass water. The girl simply lay there, panting and excited, awaiting my return. However, what she did not know nor even surmise was that, contrary to the arrangement, instead of the old man being away, he was awaiting events in the background. I went to him, whispered all was ready; he then mounted the willing maiden and gave her what she wanted. She apparently did not notice the difference in spite of the fact that the old gentleman's weapon was hardly as large as mine. I imagine that in his heat he handled her so roughly she didn't notice the difference in size. At all events, she said nothing. When the couple had finished, the old man rose and stepped back; I quickly stepped in his place and put my arms around the still unsuspecting girl, who had started to rise.

    “Oh, come, come; surely you are not satisfied with just one round!” I remarked, pushing her back upon the couch again. Although somewhat surprised, she was obviously pleased and prepared to receive me again. I was in fine fettle and hammered her good; then, escorting her upstairs, I kissed her good night, although she was somewhat loath to leave. She rather marveled at the power of a man to give her two good poundings in such rapid succession, and in fact quizzed me about it afterward; I simply explained that I was feeling unusually strong that night and she was so delightful, etc., etc.-your lordship knows the sort of gab.

    “Well, having satisfied the old man's desire-in fact, we repeated the performance several times, with different damsels, seeing how easy it could be manipulated-it was up to him to aid me in my scheme.

    “My idea was this: sawing out a couple of boards in front of one of our windows, I made a sort of trapdoor that would swing on hinges supported by a beam. Underneath this trapdoor I piled up some heavy packing cases, reaching almost to the sidewalk above.

    “My plan, although wild, was simple. When the young lady was standing before the window, admiring the contents, I would release the trap; the old gentleman, standing in the doorway and seeing the girl fall, was to grab her immediately and hold her tight, though not being strong enough to lift her back to the firm ground. While thus suspended, halfway through the door, a couple of rascals whom I intended to hire to assist me were to grasp the lady's ankles, pulling her legs widely apart; myself, perched on top of the packing cases, would insert my tool within that lovely crack and after that, I cared not! I was so bewitched by the repeated viewing of those heavenly charms that I was willing to achieve my desires, and then let the devil take his due; even such an out-and-out rape as this in order to have her seemed justified!

    “Carefully scheming and rehearsing, we finally perfected the details; at last all was ready and I was nearly frantic. The afternoon came-the girl usually passed our shop on what seemed to be an afternoon stroll, at about three o'clock. All was set-the shopkeeper lolled in the doorway; myself, my cock rampant and bared for action, lay on the packing case; the two rascals sat on other boxes beside me, wide grins on their faces as they contemplated the performance they were about to take part in.

    “Soon my waiting was rewarded; my eye glued to a slit between the sidewalk boards, a feminine form stepped to the shopwindow and stood there, feet slightly apart, directly over my bulging eyes; I recognized the by-now-familiar proportions of the beautiful legs, white thighs and, between the lacy film of her drawers, the dark patch of hair on that darling quim. I tapped on the ceiling-the signal to the storekeeper- sprung the trap, and with a startled shriek the damsel's body came hurtling through the door. Her ankles were quickly seized by my two helpers; I advanced my now raging penis to the delightful cleft so invitingly spread before my eyes and, with a violent shove, embedded it in the delightful grotto of love. The girl's shrieks rent the air but she was powerless to struggle, gripped as she was by the two grinning confederates below and by my partner up above.

    “A few sharp motions sufficed; my excitement was too much for me and in a shake I had spent. Telling my confederates to release the girl, I quickly buttoned my clothing, raced up the stairs and appeared at the front door, where I aided my ancient partner in extricating the girl from her predicament. She was so confused she hardly knew what was happening. A small knot of sympathetic onlookers had gathered. We took the girl into the shop, where we solicitously inquired whether she were injured. Gingerly feeling her limbs, she stated she seemed to be all right; if she realized what had happened to her lower parts she was too modest to mention it; although her face was a bright crimson, she said nothing of having been mistreated.

    “From that time on, the maid discontinued her walks past our shop; at infrequent intervals I would see her on other streets, but she passed our place no more. Nothing was ever said, at least to me, about her experience; whether she related her troubles at home I do not know, but if it is so, I presume her people realized it would be next to impossible to prove a rape under such peculiar conditions, in plain sight of a half dozen people, so if they knew what had happened they at least made no fuss about it.

    “A few months later I learned that the girl had crossed the Channel and was taking a 'rest' in France; I strongly suspect that I am the father of a child I have never seen, but that, of course, is only a suspicion.”

    “Bravo!” cried Roxboro. “That was an ingenious scheme, but you are a lucky rascal indeed that you were able to perpetrate such an outrageous piece of villainy and go scot-free!”

    “My lord,” said Montgomery, “I have a little scheme in mind, which I think will bring your lordship some amusement. I am acquainted with certain people in town, particularly a Mrs. Edwards, the guardian of a certain very beautiful young lady who is about to be married to a fellow named Trant. I have a plan which, with your lordship's permission, I shall try to put into effect. If your lordship will grant me some time off in which to perfect my plans and, incidentally, a few banknotes with which to take care of certain details, I shall endeavor to bring about something that I am sure will please you; that is, if you care to trust me with such a mission.”

    “By all means,” replied Roxboro. “You may take what time you need. You are an ingenious devil, Montgomery, and I will leave the details up to you; I am expecting something which will be new and novel and highly entertaining; try not to disappoint me.”

    “Very well, your lordship,” replied the crafty Montgomery. “If my plans go through, I think I can safely promise you some lively entertainment.”

    With which he excused himself.


    The Beautiful Grace Or Lord Roxboro's Last Conquest

    Well, here we are, Montgomery thought to himself, and stopping before the busy shop that bore the name of Trant over the door, he opened it and entered.

    Proceeding directly back to the tiny office, he gently rapped and, upon being invited to enter, saluted the handsome young man at a desk and proffered a letter written by Lord Roxboro himself.

    Mr. Trant (for that was who it was) opened the missive and after reading it rose to his feet and bowed to Montgomery and invited him to seat himself in a chair before the desk.

    Montgomery sat down and, drawing out a cigar, offered one to his companion and proceeded at once to the subject that was on his mind.

    “I suppose, Mr. Trant,” he started, “that you fully understand that Lord Roxboro considers you one of his best friends and in fact has had an eye upon you ever since you have started in business here.

    “Lord Roxboro is of that type and likes to encourage others in business.

    “I can assure you that affiliations once made with so powerful a man will lead you far in the business world.”

    Trant was all at sea as to Montgomery's visit and murmuring thanks for his lordship's interest, he awaited further details of the emissary's call.

    Montgomery, however, was in no hurry to conclude his task and, after critically examining the glowing cigar tip, continued in a voice so as not to be heard on the other side of the short partition that separated them from the shop proper:

    “Lord Roxboro, as you are probably aware,” he said, “is one of the most wealthy and influential men in the district and from your contact with him in business you know that what he says is generally always done!

    “Lord Roxboro is aware of your coming nuptials, and your connection with the family of Miss Hanscombe is looked upon by him with the greatest favor.

    “By the way, Trant, what is Miss Hanscombe's Christian name, may I ask?”

    “Grace,” answered Trant, looking hard at his self-possessed visitor and wondering what this talk would lead to.

    “Well, well-Grace,” said Montgomery, rolling the name over in his mouth. “A pretty name, I must say.

    “Well, Trant, as I have said before, Lord Roxboro takes an active interest in your affairs, and I being his confidant in all matters of this sort, happen to know… to know that at present you find your financial affairs at a low ebb. Am I right in this, Trant?”

    “Oh, yes,” admitted Trant, thinking that at last he was seeing the dawn. “I am rather short of funds and I realize that his lordship has several of my notes on hand which were to be paid earlier and I assure you that at a very near date I will redeem them and I will no longer have to worry in regard to financial straits.”

    “Ah,” said Montgomery significantly, “now we reach the crux of it.

    “As you say, Trant, in a very short time you will have no reason to worry in regard to funds. If you will pardon my asking you a rather intimate question, is it not true that your conjunction with the fair Grace is expected to alleviate your worries in this particular quarter?”

    Trant leaped to his feet at this and Montgomery, raising a restraining hand, begged him to reseat himself.

    Realizing his predicament, the merchant slumped down in the chair and, bowing his head in his hands, bitterly admitted that Montgomery's guess was true.

    “Well, then,” said the satisfied valet, “now that we have cleared that up, I hope that you will admit to me that your marriage with the fair Grace is based mostly upon the financial help that she will bring to you.

    “In other words the money she brings is of far more interest to you than the passenger herself. Am I not right, Trant?”

    “Not quite,” said Trant. “You seem to take a lot for granted, Mr. Montgomery, and I cannot see the sense of your subjecting me to a questioning on an affair that is usually left to one's own mind.

    “I am in love with Grace and have proposed marriage to her. Our affairs are our own and outside interference, I think, is, entirely uncalled for.

    “You, as a gentleman, should realize this and I cannot understand your motive in coming here and talking in this manner.”

    “As you well know, Lord Roxboro, is in a position to help or harm you; it depends entirely upon yourself whether you adopt his friendship or forever incur his enmity.”

    “Will you come to the point and say what you are here for?” asked Trant irritably.

    “I will,” agreed Montgomery. “Lord Roxboro wishes to mark all of your notes 'Paid in full' and return them to you and to arrange for credit at the bank and to present you with a sum of money equal to that brought by your bride.

    “Does that interest you, Trant?”

    Trant almost fell from his chair at this proposition, and had to have Montgomery repeat it several times before he realized to the full that he was not dreaming.

    “And what am I-and what am I to do to deserve this generosity upon the part of your master?” he asked suspiciously.

    “It all concerns your affianced Grace,” said Montgomery simply.

    “His lordship has seen the charming lady and as you probably know, Trant, there is an ancient custom among the nobles whereby one of noble blood has the privilege of claiming for his own any one of the subjects of his domain during the first night-that is to say, of course, the bride of any of the male subjects.

    “That is it in a nutshell and Lord Roxboro-provided you accept his generous offer-is willing to do as I have said: upon your submitting your blushing wife to him for the first few hours of your married life, you will be substantially set for many years to come.

    “Refuse and the nobleman will be terribly avenged. I venture to say that should you not see the logic of this plan, you will be destitute and penniless in another fortnight.”

    Trant listened spellbound to the valet and could hardly believe his ears as he rose to his feet and strode about the small room that served him as an office.

    “To be frank with you, Montgomery, I do not regard the proposition of your master in the way that you might have thought.

    “In fact if it were not for Grace and her aunt and the publicity that might result, I would here and now allow her to sleep with that old roue and pocket my change like any procurer in the lane.

    “However, Grace is a good girl and knows nothing of the ways of the world, and neither she nor her aunt would consent to what I personally consider a very liberal offer.”

    “Do not worry about publicity,” assured Montgomery, “and as for her aunt and herself it is best that you allow me to handle that. Should you immediately after your marriage stop at the mansion of his lordship, what is a young and foolish girl like Grace going to do or say that will prevent you from achieving this golden opportunity?

    “I assure you that I will arrange everything, and once within confines of Roxboro Manor, everything will be merry as a marriage bell.”

    “But what would I say to Grace after a thing like that happened?

    “I could never face her should I assist in such a dastardly plan that would result in the loss of her dearest possession, her honor!”

    “Does she love you?” asked the practical Montgomery.

    “Madly,” answered Trant. “You may think me exaggerating, but I know that the girl is head-over-heels in love with me, and I have not taken advantage of her in order to become more familiar with her.

    “She is as innocent as a babe and, in such matters as sex, like a child unborn.

    “But what you ask is a great trial to me. For while I wish to take advantage of his lordship's liberal offer, at the same time I must protect the name of myself and the woman with whom I am to live through life. You must readily see my quandary.”

    “No one will know,” reassured Montgomery, “and think of what you will be able to do with the sums at hand!

    “It will mean relief from financial worries! A happy and contented wife and all that any man can ask for.”

    “All right,” said Trant suddenly. “You arrange the details and you may bear my word back to your master that I am in full agreement with his plan.”

    “Congratulations!” cried Montgomery, seizing the young man by the hand and pumping it vigorously. “I suppose that you intend to take your bride on a honeymoon?”

    “Yes,” said Trant. “We intend to go away for a week or so.”

    “Well, you will make no change in your plan,” said the valet. “But when you leave the church, you will proceed directly to his lordship's house and I will see that he has a suitable repast awaiting you.

    “There the little details of our pact may be carried out and I assure you, you need fear no interference from her aunt or others.”

    This important part of his task concluded, Montgomery returned to the mansion and informed Roxboro that all arrangements had been made and together they performed a dance of jubilation about the library.

    “When is the marriage to take place?” asked his lordship.

    “The morning after tomorrow,” answered the valet. “You had better have everything in order as the bride knows nothing of it, and it may be-I may say, necessary, my lord (at this they both laughed)-to use a little persuasion in regard to our conquest of the blushing bride.”

    “Is she pretty?” inquired his lordship, lifting his eyes to his agent.

    “Pretty?” echoed Montgomery. “As pretty as a tender rose and as plump and as finely formed as a goddess of love.

    “Oh my God, what ecstasy there is in store for you in enjoyment of all her perfect charms.

    “What an idiot that man Trant must be to allow a charm like that to be wrested away from him for the sale of a few paltry pounds, and have the horns of cuckoldry hoisted high on his stupid forehead.”

    “Human nature is a peculiar thing, Montgomery,” said Lord Roxboro, sagely wagging his head. “You little know how gold influences most of the emotions that men and women are subjected to.

    “But this is no time for philosophy. It is best that we prepare for the scene that I am sure is going to be a lively act in the sensual drama that we are carrying on.”

    The following day was a busy one for the servants and his lordship, reserving his strength for the treat to come, retired early to bed. Upon the day of the nuptials he was up early, dressed in his best manner, and ordered his coach procured. Accompanied by Montgomery, he rode to the church in which the ceremony was to take place.

    The church was filled to overflowing and Lord Roxboro, when he glimpsed the pouting and blushing bride walking down the aisle on the arm of her aunt, accompanied by the man who had sold his future wife's most treasured possession, felt a lump rise in the vicinity of his thighs and, jolting Montgomery with his elbow, whispered in low tones to his companion of the wonderful charms of the blushing bride.

    The marriage was short and Lord Roxboro, waiting with his coach, ushered the two newlyweds into its confines and they were whirled up the road to Roxboro Manor.

    A trunk and a case were fastened to the back, and all thought that the kindly peer was merely giving the couple a lift to the station. But once before the large house, the driver stopped and the three entered, followed at a distance by Montgomery, and still clad in their bridal clothes, they proceeded to the dining room where a sumptuous meal had been laid in their honor.

    Lord Roxboro tendered the bride the seat of honor at the head of the table, and seating himself on one side of her with her husband on the other, he waited until Caroline and Freda had seated themselves and then the meal began. There were jokes and merry quips and after the lunch, the servants all departed. Caroline and Freda, surmising that their presence was not needed, repaired to some other portion of the house.

    This left his lordship, Trant, and Grace all alone and his lordship, patting the bride's cheeks, complimented Trant on his selection of a wife.

    “She is indeed a pretty piece,” he said admiringly, “and you must at least allow me to kiss her as I did not do so at the church.”

    “By all means,” said Trant rather hurriedly, fearing that Grace might object to his lordship's caresses. “Go ahead, my lord. I am sure that Grace will allow you, and it is more than your due, I feel quite sure.”

    “Come,” said his lordship, rising to his feet and taking the girl by the hand. “Arise and allow me to salute those lovely lips that I have desired ever since I saw you first.”

    “But why not kiss me as I sit?” queried Grace, looking from one to the other with surprised eyes. “I am sure, my lord, that it will not be necessary for me to stand, as I can kiss you just as well here.”

    “Not a real kiss,” said Lord Roxboro jokingly, lifting her to her feet.

    “Now, Grace, stand here.” Passing his arms about her waist, he pressed her back against the table and, allowing his hands to fall to her plump bottom, drew her by its cheeks abruptly to him; gluing his lips on her breathless mouth, he laid over her so that she was bent back over the table while he sucked her breath from her lips.

    “Oh, oh,” said Grace, putting a hand up to push away his face. “You are so-so heavy, my lord. Allow me to rise, I beg you.” Trying to squirm from beneath him, her dresses became awry and his lordship, drawing back, secured a good glimpse of her well-shaped legs and knee.

    Grace straightened her flowered crown on her head and smoothed her dresses. Her face was rather flushed as she took her husband's hand in hers and looked searchingly into his face.

    “Let us go, dear,” she breathed to him. “We have overstayed our visit and as we have many places to go and I am awfully tired, it is best that you thank our friend, his lordship, and we be on our way.”

    Trant looked rather uneasy at this and Lord Roxboro, seeing that he was going to have a time in having the man carry out his part of the agreement, rang a little bell; Montgomery, who had been waiting outside with Carl, the stableboy, hurried into the room.

    “Seize that man,” cried Lord Roxboro, pointing to Trant, “and take him away to the place designed for him.”

    “As for the girl”-and he seized Grace roughly about the waist and drew her to him-“I claim her as my wife for the first night in accordance with my noble right.”

    In an instant the entire room was in a state of great confusion.

    Montgomery and Carl seized Trant and hurried him out, leaving the sensual Lord Roxboro alone with the half-fainting bride.

    Lord Roxboro lifted her into his arms and carried her through the library to his bedroom and, despite her screams, kicks, and scratches, dropped her upon the bed.

    Having some trouble in holding her there, he looked around for assistance and perceived the ever-vigilant Montgomery in the doorway; he beckoned to him to come and help.

    “Come, Montgomery,” he said, “and see if we can place this little spitfire in a position so that I may not be in danger of being scratched to pieces by these pretty little claws that she wields so actively.”

    Montgomery sprang to the fore and, securing a number of straps that were always in a nearby cupboard, quickly seized the helpless girl's arms and fastened them securely behind her back.

    This left her thrashing about the bed. Her legs were kicking at her captors and her wedding dress was all disheveled, showing an adorable portion of silk-stockinged legs and a small portion of her upper thigh, a sight that was not lost on the sensual lord and his helper.

    “My, my,” murmured Lord Roxboro. “I am indeed surprised at you, Grace dear!

    “To think that you, a refined and discreet girl that I believed you to be, especially on this day, your wedding day, would act and cavort like this, displaying to us a portion of your bare legs.

    “Why, I should think that your respect for the feelings of your husband would cause you to conduct yourself with more modesty, especially in the presence of two strangers and both of them men.”

    “Help! Murder!” screamed Grace, her eyes almost starting from her head.

    “Harry, Harry, where are you? Save me from the grip of these monsters. Help! Help!”

    Lord Roxboro nodded his head sorrowfully and, again addressing the girl, said, “I doubt, Grace-or to be accurate, Mrs. Trant-that your husband is in a position, at least at the present moment, to come to your assistance.

    “As I stated in the dining room, I intend to exercise my right as lord of my domain, and in doing this it will be necessary for you to offer your virgin's charms to me before passing them on to the one you so familiarly address as Harry.”

    “Oh, oh, oh!” screamed the beautiful girl, straining helplessly at her confining bonds. “What on earth is to become of me? Release me, I beg of you, and allow me to go to my husband, whom you have lured here, and cease this terrible outrage, or I warn you, trouble will come of it.”

    “Threats, eh?” said Lord Roxboro. “Well, our little lady promises to be some diversion after all, Montgomery.

    “Let me tell you, young lady,” he said with a terrible scowl at the struggling Grace, “that you are here with consent and knowledge and sufferance of your dearly beloved spouse.

    “Before you leave this room your virginity is to be taken. How does that strike you, my charming young lady?”

    “Beast, ravisher,” spat back Grace, her eyes flaming fire. “I defy you, you old degenerate. I will scream and scream and if you do not release me, I will kill you when I escape.”

    “Enough,” said Lord Roxboro shortly. “Here, Montgomery. Assist this young creature to her feet and allow me to see if all is in order for the piercing.”

    Despite her protests, Montgomery assisted her to her feet.

    Lord Roxboro, using the greatest of care to evade her kicking feet, thrust a hand inside of her dresses, searching the middle of her thighs. He slithered his hand farther up and grasped her by the heart of her sex.

    “Oh, oh!” screamed the helpless girl at this supreme outrage. “You horrid brute. Oh how terrible you are, boo hoo!”

    Lord Roxboro contented himself by feeling and molding her parts under the silken cambric that covered them. He bestowed many squeezes and pinches to all parts of her body within reach.

    Montgomery held the girl firmly clasped in his arms to keep the subject firm for his master's roving digits.

    “She is well protected,” said his lordship. “She has on the most modest closed drawers. See how she keeps them buttoned up so securely, no doubt to protect her virtue up to the entrancing moment when she sheds these covers and creeps into bed, awaiting the insertion of her darling mate's reamer. How horrible it must be to one who has been raised to protect her 'cherry' as though a mine of gold; who on her marriage day, just at the time she thinks she should be experiencing the divine conjunction she has dreamed of all her life in the arms of her husband, finds herself helpless and alone in the presence of one-or I may say two here”-with a bow to the delighted Montgomery-“strange men who announce to her in no uncertain terms, that they intend to take her for their own and enjoy the pleasure she has hoarded for her lawful spouse.”

    Grace, who had become so interested in his lordship's remarks that for the moment she grew silent upon hearing to the full his lordship's intentions, again broke into a chorus of wild yells for Harry. His lordship unfastened her bridal gown at the shoulders and roughly pushed it down about her waist, and between the two of them they took it from her.

    “What adorable curves,” murmured his lordship, “and what divine flesh,” pinching it as if he wished to assure himself that it were real and not an hallucination; “I warn you, Montgomery, that we have here indeed a jewel of the very first water and in taking of her virtue I am sure that I will experience a thrill that has been rare to me for many a year.”

    “You are right, master,” heartily acquiesced the servant. “She is all that you say and I am sure that when this petticoat is removed, her charms will be shown off to much greater advantage.”

    “By all means,” said Lord Roxboro, untying the string of this garment and allowing it to fall to her feet.

    “There, Montgomery. You may now see all to the full.” The lower portion of the girl was revealed naked with the exception of her tight short drawers and stockings.

    Grace was covered with blushes and twisted and squirmed at her bonds. At the last uncovering of her secretness, she threw herself on the floor and rolled about on the carpet as if she wished to deprive the two lustful-eyed men of the sight of her nakedness.

    Montgomery, however, dragged her roughly to her feet and, holding her in his arms with her face to him, pressed his knee to the center of her body, causing her to arch out her lower trunk toward the sensual nobleman, who pinched and patted it with great delight.

    “To think that the daughters of common people should have such delightful parts,” mused his lordship. “Some nobleman like myself must have got to her mother before her nominal father did and planted the seed that developed into this beautiful flower. I'll bet a barrel of my best wine. It is so soft and yet so firm,” he mused, seizing a fold of the tender flesh in his sensuous hand and tweaking it to the girl's consternation.

    “I do believe,” he said, turning to Montgomery, “that this girl, exposed as she is and startled at this sudden unveilment of her maidenly charms, is about to prove herself a true woman by swooning away on us.”

    And so it seemed. She grew lax in Montgomery's hold and her legs weakened beneath her, and but for the valet's firm hold upon her she would have slipped to the floor.

    She lay with her eyes closed, her bosom still heaving convulsively from the stress of excitement she had undergone, and Lord Roxboro took in the beautiful picture to the full.

    “God, Montgomery!” he cried, his eyes glistening with lust as he looked over her person. “What a ravishing creature she is! Our friend Trant cannot be blamed at all for taking this fair girl to his heart as his wife. I believe she far surpasses anything I have seen in all my days of playing with the ladies. She is divinely beautiful, is she not, my good Montgomery?”

    Montgomery was in perfect accord with his lustful master and seized one of Grace's limbs and passing his huge hand roughly about the bare thigh, pulled it roughly to one side so that the sensual pair could look through the slit in her drawers and see the crinkly thatch of golden hair that adorned her quim.

    “There, my lord,” he said, lifting the leg still higher, “there is what you are after. Why not now while she is still asleep ravish her of the jewel that she has treasured so much all her life? There is no time like the present.”

    “No, Montgomery,” said Lord Roxboro, raising an admonishing hand. “I do not concur with your idea there. It is best that we allow the little lady to return to her senses before we proceed, and I assure you, my kind assistant, that when she is able to see, feel, and hear, the pleasure will be increased for us a hundredfold.

    “I am surprised at you, a man of the world, to think of perpetrating a rape on a creature that is totally lost to all the finer feelings that such an assault must convey to one of her tender and refined nature.

    “Why, it would be like possessing a piece of meat. But for the present it is best that you pass a strap about her ankles so that she will be amenable to us upon awakening and then I shall decide how and where I will deal with this charming maiden.”

    Montgomery quickly did as he was bid, turning the girl over roughly as he did so and venturing many a stray pat and pinch on many parts of her tender exposed flesh. When she was well trussed, he turned to his master for further orders.

    “Go and see if the servants have left as I bade them and see that the house is securely fastened against intrusion,” said Lord Roxboro shortly.

    Montgomery quickly sped away and, seeing that all was well in the house, quickly returned to the room.

    He found Lord Roxboro sitting on the bed, holding the trussed up fingers of the fainted girl in his arms, pressing hot sensual kisses on Grace.

    Upon seeing Montgomery enter the room, he laid her back on the bed and looked expectantly at the valet.

    “Everything is all right,” said Montgomery. “All have left; that is with the exception of Caroline and Freda-suppose they-”»

    “They are all right,” said Lord Roxboro shortly, knowing that the two girls must be peering through the peekhole in the wall of Caroline's room. “You need not worry about them, Montgomery, but, I see our fair beauty is again showing signs of life.”

    And so she was; Grace uttered a faint moan and rolled about on the bed, opened her eyes and glanced wistfully about.

    “Oh, oh!” she screamed. “Oh, what a horrible place I am in with you two brutes! Help! Help!” Grace screamed, straining wildly at the bonds. “Release me, you beasts! Harry, Harry, where are you? Save me, save me!”.

    “I fear you will hurt yourself most seriously,” said Lord Roxboro mockingly. “As for your Harry, he is in no position to come to your rescue at the present moment, seeing that he has been so kind as to entrust your maidenhead to my tender care.”

    “Oh, oh!” screamed Grace. “Despicable loathsome men! Release me at once from these bonds and allow me to go free from here! You shall regret this act to the last day you live, you base ravisher! I shall inform against you and you shall be severely punished! Help! Help!”

    “Quite dramatic, I must say,” scoffed the sensual peer.

    “I believe, Montgomery, that our pretty young charge here is to be complimented for her histrionic ability and I can assure you that she covers with her sweet little voice a range that would turn any vocal artist green with envy.

    “But this is not the point. I intend, young lady, in accordance with the agreement I made with your new husband to ravish you and in the pleasant process of your seduction I assure you from the bottom of my heart that I will experience as much pleasure as I judge you will pain.

    “Remember and treasure every word that I say, for each is pregnant with meaning:

    “I intend-in the next few minutes-to rend you-tear away entirely until not a shred remains-of the muscular curtain that is in your quim and of which I understand you set great store by.”

    “Oh, oh,” sobbed Grace. “Is there no pity in your heart? Have you no compassion in you for a girl who has never been wronged in her whole life? Have you no regard for my family, my husband, my own feelings? Surely this one short act of ravishment will be but a passing pleasure to you and after it is over you will turn to another sport. To me it means more than death, more than you as a man could ever imagine. I beg of you to reconsider what you are about to do and release me from a position that can bring nothing but harm to both of us.”

    “Never mind that,” said Lord Roxboro, determinedly tearing open the fly of his trousers and allowing his swollen charger to leap out and almost strike the girl in the face.

    “After that pitiful appeal, my dear girl, there is no power on earth that can save you. Why, your words have had such a stimulating effect on my penis that it feels as if it were about to burst from pure desire,” and here he wagged its purple head in her sobbing countenance.

    Grace sobbed as if her heart would break and Montgomery, obeying the instructions of his sensual master, pulled a hassock to the center of the floor and, lifting the girl in his arms, helpless as she was to resist him, laid her down, her back on the floor, her buttocks resting firmly on the hassock.

    “Now, Montgomery,” directed his lordship, “pull up that chiffonier and unlash her arms; tie a strap around each wrist and lash them firmly to the legs of the chiffonier.”

    Montgomery, despite the girl's wriggles and twists to free herself, did as he was told and soon the girl was lashed firmly, her arms stretched over her head.

    “Now,” said his lordship, looking about, “you will follow the same procedure with her legs, tying one to the bed leg and the other to that dressing table.

    Grace was almost reduced to unconsciousness and the rough treatment she had received left her panting and breathless as she lashed helplessly on the floor, a prey to two pairs of lustful sparkling eyes. “Now, Montgomery,” said his lordship, his eyes flaming and his breath coming like that of a stallion in heat, “you see that our young friend is in no condition to exercise the natural safeguards that she possesses in regard to her virginity, and we may do as we will.

    “And now it is necessary that I remove some of my clothing.

    “You know, that as a true proof of virginity, it is necessary that blood spurt, and when such happens, I do not want to have my clothing suffer.”

    So saying, he speedily disrobed himself and at a nod from his lordship, Montgomery did likewise.

    Poor Grace was a prey to the most terrible emotions on seeing these two indecent men stripping before her eyes, and to shut out this disgraceful scene she closed her eyes tightly and turned her head away.

    This action was not lost on the sensuous peer, who now stark naked rushed around to the other side and shaking his enormous weapon at her cried:

    “Ah, ha! My fine young lady! The sight of a lusty prick does not seem to meet with your approval, I see. You shall soon have this up your belly and I assure you that I will poke you so often with it that you will learn to long and cry for it like many another before you.”

    The suddenness of his lordship's actions caused Grace to open her eyes, but seeing that huge staff before her, she closed them again resolutely and turned away.

    Montgomery was now in a state similar to his lordship, his own staff standing erect over the girl and, seizing the top of her chemise, he drew it upward and was about to remove it when Lord Roxboro stopped him.

    “No, Montgomery,” he said. “It is best to leave these articles on her as the rummaging of her charms, faintly hid as they are by these garments, will add more to the pleasure that is before us.

    “By all means allow her to retain them until the time comes, and then I assure you I will remove them in a manner proper to a ravisher.

    “Now, away!” Pushing Montgomery aside, he threw himself upon the body of the girl and, passing his arms about her bare shoulders, kissed her shoulders, lips, cheeks, and eyelids.

    It was useless for Grace to struggle beneath him, but still she twisted and turned in an attempt to evade him. Her face flushed and her eyes seemed about to start from her head.

    “Do you feel my sturdy rod pounding about in those virgin curls of yours? Do you feel my naked body pressed on your own?” he cried, pulling up her chemise and allowing his own body to come in contact with her alabaster nakedness. “How does that feel to you, Grace?”

    This lewd talk seemed to startle Grace back to her senses, and she gave a wild scream and thrashed about and it seemed she was about to break her bonds, strong as they were.

    “What fire! What resistance!” mused Lord Roxboro. “I assure you, Montgomery, that I am experiencing sensations that are of the most ecstatic possible kind: The feel of this warm pulsating virgin beneath me stirs in me an urge to rend her in twain this very instant. Look, Montgomery, did you ever see finer breasts than these?”

    Pushing down the girl's chemise, he took one of the blue-veined orbs in his hand and squeezed it deliciously, allowing his finger to run lightly over the engorged nipple.

    “Like twin mountains of snow,” he cried, rummaging for the other to make a comparison. “I assure you, Montgomery, that we have here indeed a pearl, and how a man like Trant could allow this gem from the heavens to escape him is far beyond me! Nothing would make me lose this,” cried Lord Roxboro, “and before the final act I intend to look further into this mine of girlish wealth.” Rising slightly he lifted up the chemise and allowed himself to survey all of her snowy belly.

    “Ah, Montgomery! What a veil of bliss the beautiful little navel, the tender little curves, the rise and fall of her tender flesh! It is enough to cannibalize anyone.” Slipping down, he placed his lips to her tender flesh and nibbled on it and rolled it between his teeth.

    Grace struggled and screamed, but to no avail. His lordship, proudly exhibiting the marks of his teeth to his accomplice, again gathered the girl into his arms and kissed her breath away. Allowing one hand to slip down between her widely opened thighs, he fingered and pulled at her curls, and dividing their silken shrubbery, he penetrated with one finger her now moist lips.

    “Into the crater,” he said exultantly, “and you may be sure, Montgomery, that I am the first to be there.

    “Look,” he said, as he penetrated farther into the tight cleft, causing the girl to give a fresh scream of pain. “See what my exploration brings forth. She is as tight as a dream and a skinned rod is to be the result of this maidenly tightness. Montgomery,” said Lord Roxboro, “with one push I will render forever her maidenhead.”

    “I doubt, my lord, if you can do as you say, but it makes no matter how many tries are needed, I am sure you will give them and I beg you to proceed.”

    “I'll try at least,” said his lordship, “so here goes.”

    Gripping the thrashing girl tightly to him and burying his shoulder against her face, he drew back his muscular buttocks and with a drive that expended all his strength sent his rod crashing into her cleft.

    A scream such as never before issued from the girl's lips, followed by a series in quick succession, before she fell back senseless in his arms.

    His lordship still poked away and Montgomery, fearing that the assault had been too much for her, came close and felt for her pulse.

    “She's all right,” grunted his lordship, slightly rising from her and allowing his prong to slip out.

    It was reddened with her virgin flow and his lordship, rising unsteadily, rose to his feet and wiped his person with a towel.

    “I vollied before I intended to,” he said somewhat grossly, “and now that she is well battered, I advise you, Montgomery, to finish the job that I have started.”

    Montgomery needed no second invitation and sprang like a wolf on the body of the beautiful and chaste young girl who was now unconscious.

    Due to the wetness of her organ, he succeeded in forcing almost half his tool up into her before she recovered.

    She came to with a scream to find the strongly built valet within her.

    In fact, the lewd fellow was just spurting his vent, and with a last cruel jab he sheathed his weapon almost entirely, and to the accompaniment of her wild screams he poured his boiling emission into her womb.

    He lay for a minute upon her and she fell totally lax and exhausted, passing away in a faint and lying like wax in his arms.

    Montgomery withdrew his rod, which made a clucking sound as it escaped from its tight and nervous fold, and the emissions and her virgin blood poured from her in a little pool onto the floor.

    “Come,” said Lord Roxboro irritably, “let us get these clothes off before she awakes.” Tearing at the chemise and drawers, he dragged them from her body. Waving about the sodden drawers stained with the discharge of the two men and her maidenly blood, “Montgomery,” said his lordship, “here is proof of the lady's goodness. We shall file those for our later pleasures.” Folding up the garments, he placed them in a drawer.

    Grace now moved about and her eyelids fluttering told of her return to her senses.

    She did not struggle now, but lay limp under her bonds and moaned and sobbed as if her heart would break.

    “I hope by now,” said his lordship, “that you have learned your lesson, Grace. You are now deflowered and no power on earth can restore to you the charm that you just have lost. Any foolish emotions on your part will only make it worse. Now, what have you to say to this, my dear Miss Spitfire?”

    “Oh, oh,” moaned Grace, “release me, please, I beg of you, and I will do anything you want. I am dying and am mined forever. Release me, I beg of you!”

    “I do not think you will die,” said Lord Roxboro. “A young girl of your build and sturdiness can easily stand the loss of that which you set so much store by. As far as being ruined, there is no truth in it.

    “If I see fit to release you, are you sure that there will be no attempt on your part to cause trouble later on?”

    “Oh, no, no, no,” said Grace. “My arms are almost dead and those straps cut into me so that I could almost scream from that alone! I will do as you say. Only please release me from this cruel position!”

    “Very well,” said his lordship, unleashing the straps that confined her. “One false start on your part will bring those straps on again and perhaps with double strength.”

    Grace, released from the confines of the straps, collapsed weakly on the floor and, pressing her thighs closely together, sobbed and cried, her face buried in her hands.

    “Come, Montgomery,” said Lord Roxboro. “Get some covers from my bed and lay them here on the floor and together the three of us will make the best of the night with them.”

    Grace said nothing to this and the valet, following his lordship's instructions, secured a number of quilts and pillows from the bed. Laying them on the floor, he lifted the unheeding girl and placed her upon them. Lying on one side of her, he watched his lordship lie down on the other, both men passing their arms about her naked form and allowing their hands to tun riot over all of her secret charms.

    Grace by this time was past all resistance, and, crying softly, allowed both men to do their will.

    His lordship opened her thighs and, slipping a finger into her cleft, found that she was still agreeably tight. Passing his finger over her diminutive knob, he soon had it as hard as an iron nut. Montgomery contented with hugging and kissing her. He also fondled her breasts and belly and between the two of them the girl was almost smothered.

    Finally, through playing with the girl's slit, his lordship was again in a terribly erect state, rolling the girl flat on her back, he mounted her, guiding his pintle to her sheath.

    He slipped in an inch into her and the tender flesh folds of her sex closed in nervous convulsions about the length of his throbbing tool.

    “I wager you, Montgomery, that this is the sweetest sheath I have ever explored. Like a glove,” he murmured, “so tender and hot. Such clingings and grippings! What a tight little passage she has. I do not see, Montgomery, how you ever essayed such a tight and tortuous grove. Why, the very feel of it is enough to ruin an anchorite. There, there, there,” he said, giving quick little shoves with his swollen gorger within the fleshy lips of her sex. “I judge that will thrill you, my beautiful young friend.”

    Grace made no further dissent and his lordship pounded away at her, his tool now fully encased within her.

    “Entrancing,” he murmured. “Never have I enjoyed a whang like this. Why, her quim teases me as if it is eager to draw forth my sap. The smoothness grips my prong so tightly that I am sure that without even a move on my part it will draw the sperm from me.”

    He continued to push sensuously, and suddenly his prick leaped within her, causing her to gasp for breath as he shot a generous libation of his sexual essence into her. He lay for a few minutes panting on her, his rod still spouting within her.

    When the last drop had flowed, he rolled off and allowed Montgomery, who was now hard and eager to take his place, to do that which he so desired.

    The valet was so affected by the closeness of his amorous combat that he sheathed his rod with one hard drive and the girl almost sprang up from the floor with the suddenness of his assault. He commenced a series of slow driving motions upon her and she, infected by his hot lust, twined under him like a worm on a skewer.

    “Oh, horrors!” she gasped, while his lordship wiped his prong on a towel and laughingly patted her on the bare back, telling her to enjoy herself thoroughly.

    She closed her eyes and with her lips on her ravisher was returning blow for blow.

    Her loins rose and fell in perfect harmony in accordance with every thrust and lunge of his loins as they rushed and drew away from her in rapid succession.

    Finally the crisis came and, burying her head on his bare shoulder, she gave a series of little ohs and ahs and ays in rosy confusion beneath him.

    “Well, well,” cried Lord Roxboro. “I see that our little pupil is at least reverting to her senses, if it is possible for a woman to have any senses- I believe, Montgomery, that she has this time blown her vent. You, my dear friend and faithful servant, are the one that has done it.

    “Am I not right, my dear Grace?” he asked, turning to Grace.

    “Oh, oh,” she panted, not knowing for the moment whether she was on her head or her heels. “I–I-I-”

    “I know,” said his lordship musingly. “You naturally would not know what has happened to you. But to be frank with you, you have shot your wad, or as the vulgar people say you have come. In other words you have discharged like Montgomery did, and so you have had your first taste of married bliss.”

    Grace buried her flaming face against his shoulder and dared not lift her eyes. It was true that she had experienced pleasure in that last embrace. It seemed as if her whole soul had melted into her pelvis while that luscious threading had been going on. Her nerves still tingled with pleasure from the caresses imparted to her sensitive quim by the valet's monstrous tool. She squirmed about in bed and, pressing her thighs closely together, pressed closer to his lordship.

    “Now, Grace,” said Lord Roxboro, “you have received four shots and for the present it is best that you compose yourself to sleep. I took the precaution to lock the door before we lay down and I assure you on my part that any attempt you make to escape will result in regret on your part.”

    “Oh, I won't. If you wish to sleep, Lord Roxboro, you may go ahead and do so. As for me, I am too sore and excited to sleep but I will remain as you say and hope that you will allow me to depart soon, as I am-in a-wretched state.”

    Lord Roxboro laughed at this and looking significantly at Montgomery, who was sitting up wiping the last vestiges of the battle from his now softened charger.

    “Do not allow that to worry you, Grace; that slight wetness that you may be suffering”-and here he patted her on the inner bare thigh-“may be the means of starting a fine family for you and you must not forget that I on my part will not be niggardly as a godfather.”

    “When I think of it,” said Grace, composing herself so as to rest as comfortably as possible, “when I think of that wretch I called my husband, that beast that bartered me off to you on our wedding day-I cannot see how I ever came to like or even tolerate him. Why, I disown him forever; an animal would not be capable of doing what he has done.”

    “Here now,” warned Lord Roxboro. “Do not be too unkind with your dear Harry. For all you know, he may have been a victim of circumstances and I'll wager the time will come when you will enjoy the touch of his hard prong between your thighs where ours have been. But-no more of that. I desire a little rest, so compose yourself the best you may. Later on you may receive another taste of that terrible stick that you are now learning to relish.”

    Turning his back to her, he closed his eyes and was instantly asleep.

    Grace, now that she had tasted of the pleasures of a lusty plunger, pouted a bit over this sudden neglect on the part of his lordship, but Montgomery, turning his face to her, encircled her with his arms and, pressing his lips to her sweet mouth, allowed his softened truncheon to lie against the lips of her slit and she gave herself up to him.

    The feel of this nude body, the body of this naked male beside her; the contact of the hair against her soft white globes; the strong white arms about her; the fleshy muscle between her thighs, caressing her quim; a hardened belly pressed to her own; her lips to his: she could do nothing but sigh with contentment.

    Montgomery, however, had by no means given up the game and as he pressed and molded the soft form to him, allowing his hands to run over her, he found a strange sweetness in her kisses and, taking her tiny hand in his, guided it down to his member and pressed the tender fingers about its massiveness. He was soon rewarded by feeling her frig and pull his giant charger, rubbing it against her quim. He was soon again in a state of very violent erectness.

    Drawing her away from his lordship so as not to awaken him, he rolled her on her back and, mounting her willing form, guided the head of his prong to her slit, slowly allowing its swollen length to slip fully within her. He subjected the girl to sensations that to her were the most thrilling that she had ever experienced.

    She cooed and murmured beneath him and, passing her arms about his broad shoulders, closed her eyes and moved in unison with his tender connection.

    Montgomery, sated as he was from his previous bouts, was content to play a little.

    Drawing the length of his weapon nearly out of the gripping sheath, he allowed the swollen head to titillate her mouth and then with a teasing drive would allow it slowly to be absorbed within her steaming entrails.

    Long before he thought of venting, she had poured down on him in a nervous shower the dew of her sexual life.

    This torrent of balm, soothing and lubricating the walls of her cleft, gave the valet more room to probe and now, with the whole of his engine within her, he hugged her tight to him and settled down for a regular joust.

    His full length was drawn in and out of her and as she felt the top nearing the outer lips, she would push herself up and he, on his part taking advantage of this sweet surrender, would with one sweet drive ensheath himself in her up to the balls.

    She was soon in a delightful state and again showered and spent upon this swollen stranger to her parts.

    By this time Montgomery had the cheeks of her buttocks spread.

    “Oh, no, ah, no,” she cried, wiggling about, not liking this strange contact of a man's digit in her most secret part. “Ah, not there!”

    Montgomery, however, paid no attention and, driving way, soon had her again in a foment. Driving his rod into her very hair, he poured into her a load of his manly balm that showered and sprayed within her till she thought she would float.

    She in her turn beshowered him, and lax and helpless from the fury of their contact, they lay gasping for breath in each other's arms.

    “I love you,” she breathed, kissing him on the lips and giving a little flutter of her quim about his still-spouting rod.

    Montgomery laughed and, despite her protest, drew forth his rod and, gently returning her to the side of the snoring Lord Roxboro, dried himself and prepared to nap.

    He was soon asleep and Grace, a prey to the newly awakened emotions, lay between the two naked men, sleep being the farthest thing from her mind.

    What sensations that rod of Lord Roxboro and of Montgomery had inspired within her! What a wonderful one each one of these sensuous men had! She closed her eyes and shuddered as she thought of it. She pressed her thighs together and wiggled about as though to relive those ecstatic moments that the valet's rod had engendered within her. It barely seemed possible that a man's tool could inspire such pleasure within the body of a girl. And how it had hurt before. It was true that she still ached and pained from the assault of the pair, but the pleasure that Montgomery had given her far outbalanced all the pain that she had suffered.

    She listened to the regular breathing of the pair and now no longer modest and mild she snuggled up close to the valet. Passing a hand quietly around his form, she took into her hand the shriveled remains of his rod and rubbed it lovingly between her fingers.

    Montgomery, as though from intuition, gently took her hand in his and drew it away from his sexual badge. Grace, offended at this lack of interest in a heretofore ardent advocate of pleas, flounced her back to him and, turning to her other bed partner, cautiously sought to find out if he was as tired as the valet.

    She found to her pleasure that his lordship, instead of making any signs of dissent, rolled over on his back, and taming down the clothes, she enjoyed a full sight of that instrument that had given her so much pain and pleasure. She pulled and frigged it about, handling the bag of balls and rubbing the soft nuts.

    His lordship opened his eyes with a start.

    “Ah, ha!” he whispered roguishly. “I see that you have changed your mind. I see that you no longer fear the terrible tune that my instrument plays. I judge that by now you have fully recovered from your fear and look upon that pin as a pin of pleasure instead of a pin of pain.”

    Grace blushed rosily under this frank summary of her sentiments but still held the soft rod in her fingers, rubbing it up and down.

    “I suppose you would like a punch of it now,” said Lord Roxboro waggishly. “I suppose,” he said, patting her breast, which was very plump and enticing, “that by now you are willing and eager to entertain a stranger in that little moss grove between your legs. Would you like it now, Grace? Come, little girl, tell me,” he added, nudging her roguishly.

    Grace laughed merrily and, tweaking it up and down, slapped it gently against the peer's belly and said:

    “I'll not say that I would like it as you put it, my lord, but even if I did-mind you, I'm hot saying I do-even if I did, it would not be much good in this shape.”

    “True,” agreed his lordship. “You are right there, my dear, but there are more ways than one to skin a cat, and if you intend to be a proper married woman, one of the first tricks that you must learn is that of making a soft prick metamorphose itself into a standing member. That is what a woman's work is, and, Grace, how would it be if you really desired and your husband was in the same state that I am?”

    “I do not know,” confessed the naked girl, blushing furiously. “I am sure, my lord, that I know nothing of such things. You should know that, my lord, especially after-after you have-”

    “Have fucked you,” the lewd man finished for her. “But let's not be timid about this or backward either, dear. The mere fact that you have not the necessary knowledge of stiffening a rod is no fault of yours, and I absolve you from all the blame in that respect. But there are ways to be learned.” Drawing her to him, he passed his arms about her and kissed her warmly on the lips.

    Grace submitted eagerly to this embrace and hoped that the contact of her lips on his would bring to life the thing she desired.

    But alas, it still hung soft and lax against her thighs.

    “Now,” said Lord Roxboro, pushing her away a bit. “Seeing that you are curious, I deem it quite proper that you as a newly married woman should be conversant with all the accepted modes of stimulating a lazy friend to action. I will explain to you the method of making this fellow”-here he lifted his prong-“come to life as hard as ever. The method, my dear, lies between your sweet rosy lips. The friction of your tongue and the warmth of your tender mouth imparted to the head and body of my prong will serve in a very short while to stimulate it to a size that I am sure will be perfectly satisfactory to all concerned.”

    “Oh, no,” said Grace, making a face of disgust. “Surely, my lord, you do not mean that I am to take that thing in my mouth. Why-why-”

    “Yes,” echoed his lordship, “why should there be a reason in the world that you should not? It is part of my body, the same as my face or my lips and to kiss it is the most tender act that a woman can show. Surely, Grace, you can see no evil in a wonderful action like that.”

    “No-” stammered Grace. “But it seems so-so wrong.”

    “Nothing is wrong in love,” said the sensual peer, “and I am sure that if I thought that it would give you satisfaction, I would willingly kiss you in the spot that it would do the most good.” And bending over her satiny body, he kissed her bare belly and allowed his tongue to graze over her luscious flesh.

    Grace gave a wiggle at this and as his prong was now again in her hand, she bent over as if to return the caresses, but stopped.

    “I hope that it will not be necessary to tie you or beat you to inculcate within you the fundamental principles in the art of love. But if you force me, I will have to do so.” Passing a hand behind her head, he pushed her down on his belly.

    Grace found her eyes opposite his dart and, squeezing it in her fingers, looked into the tiny hole in the head as though she might tell what was contained inside. In answer to the insistent pushes of his lordship on the back of her head, she laid his pintle beside her velvety cheek and rolled the head over her lips.

    “In, in,” panted his lordship, his prong already beginning to swell from this delicious contact.

    “Kiss it, Grace. Take the head in your mouth I beg of you!”

    Grace opened her lips and, thrusting forth her tongue, allowed it to graze the head of his tool, licking and kissing the purpled nut; then, opening her mouth wide to encompass the thick body of his prong, she opened a little wider and sucked it into her mouth, rolling her tongue about its head.

    It was not so bad as she had thought and, settling down in the bed, she allowed the lord to roll over on her, his balls resting on her chin. Passing one hand along the length of the tool near his belly, she tongued it as best she could.

    His lordship passed both his hands behind her head and, forcing his tool down her throat, began pushing and shoving and Grace felt the rod swell within her mouth.

    She now lay passively, allowing him to do his will; and as his prick dashed in and out of her lips, she wondered why he did not stop and proceed with the natural act.

    A sudden slowing up of his movements, accompanied by a shooting of his load of gelatinous foam down her throat, soon told her that she had allowed him to go too far. She struggled and coughed, but his lordship still held her down and she was forced to swallow most of the load. He finally released her as she sputtered on the bed.

    He wiped himself and laughed heartily at her rage.

    When she was able to talk she berated him soundly, but his lordship took her in his arms and, kissing away all traces of his spunk, soon had her in a lively state.

    “Lucky for you,” he said, “that I am what is known as a repeater amongst the girls. Now that you have done so well, if you will roll over, I will give you a charge of dew in the proper place.”

    “Why,” she said, her eyes wide open, “I thought that when you exploded, you were done. Are you still hard?” Searching out his tool, she found it was true as he said.

    She lost no time in placing herself in the proper position and his lordship soon impaled her quim with his erect prick and they were both dancing about in a sensual swoon on the bed.

    This violent charge of juices seemed to quiet her somewhat and as his lordship climbed off, she pillowed her head on her arm and fell into a dreamless sleep.

    It is now time for us to turn our attention to Caroline's room in which both of the sisters had been interested spectators of the ravishment of the merchant's wife.

    Perched on their chair, they had held their eyes glued to the hole and not a movement of the trio had escaped them. Unconsciously Caroline had slipped a hand beneath her dress and with gentle rubs massaged the badge of her sex. Freda, observing her action, had followed her sister's example.

    Closely pressed together, their breaths intermingling, their eyes sparkling with lust, they rubbed like mad and allowed their tightly pressed thighs to become saturated by the emission of their sex.

    “Oh, oh,” moaned Caroline. “Freda, I feel so queer.” Cautiously stepping from the chair, she staggered to the bed and threw herself upon it, her head in her arms.

    Freda, in no better state than her sister, quickly followed and, gathering her sister in her arms, kissed her passionately.

    “Oh, oh,” moaned Caroline again, drawing up her legs and pressing her sister to her. “I am so-so-excited, Freda. Go away I beg you please, Freda.”

    But Freda, placing her hand boldly under her sister's dress, found, as she had expected, that Caroline was all wet. Rubbing the protruding clitoris brought on another profuse flow of mucus. Freda herself quickly brought on her own flow and the two girls, completely exhausted, fell asleep in each other's arms on the bed.

    As you will remember, Lord Roxboro had looked through the house before submitting the beautiful Grace to a double rape, and although he found no one about, still there was an inmate on the lower floors.

    It was Marie, the maid, who hid there.

    Marie had watched the actions of Lord Roxboro and her husband Montgomery as they separated the newly married pair and surmised what was about to happen to Grace.

    She suffered a twinge of jealousy at the thought of Grace's experiencing pleasure that she considered belonged to her and her alone.

    Determined to even up the score, she crept to the room in which the complacent husband Harry Trant was confined, and turning the key in the door, unlocked it, entered slowly, and carefully relocked the door behind her.

    Then, sitting herself on a low chair beside him, she whispered:

    “Not a word, Mr. Trant. I am your friend and I am determined to help you. I have heard all that transpired and know that you are held here against your will, and if possible I am here to help you.”

    “Oh, oh,” cried Mr. Trant, running his hands through his hair and rushing up and down the room. “Why, oh why, did I agree to this terrible thing? I wish I had never entered into this terrible agreement with your master. If I were free now, I would go and wrench from those degenerates the poor innocent girl whom I know from her screams and appeals is undergoing the tortures of hell at these miscreants' hands. Give me that key and allow me to go and I will grant you anything you wish.”

    “I wish I could,” said Marie, rolling her eyes and sighing as though she were perfectly in accord with the young man's intentions. “But to be frank with you, Mr. Trant, the master is a terrible man and once he knew I was the means of assisting you in your freedom, I doubt if my life would long be mine.

    “Much as I appreciate your feelings, I must consider myself first; and as far as your being remorseful over what is occurring, consider for a moment my own feelings. My lawfully wedded husband is there. Imagine that, my dear sir, if you can. My lawfully wedded husband is in there-in there with your wife-raping her, fucking her-the same as his lordship, whom you attach so much blame to. Does that not assuage your feelings a bit, my friend?”

    “Two of them are-are-assaulting her?” said Trant somewhat stupidly. “I thought-thought-that-”

    “What you think and what they do are two different things,” said the practical Marie.

    “There is no use in your going there now as I am sure that all is over and your wife no longer possesses her maidenhead. It is now left for you to make the best of a bad bargain.”

    As she finished, she crossed one leg over the other, nonchalantly exposing her well-shaped leg, faultlessly clad in sheer silk, and smiled up at the man in an ingenuous manner. It was in the maid's mind to make the most of the opportunity that was presented to her. She determined to even up the score with her husband by indulging in a little illicit pleasure with the handsome groom who had been deprived of his bride. She had been feeling randy all day, and this would be a pleasant change from what she was accustomed to, for under these circumstances he would never dare to say anything about it.

    She saw Trant's eyes fall to her leg and, lying back in the chair, she closed her eyes languorously. Stretching her arms above her head as if tired, she caused her waist to tighten and outline the almost naked form of her matchless breasts.

    All this pleasant by-play was not lost on Trant.

    His eyes glistened and Marie, through partially closed eyes, saw a sudden bulge appear in his trousers in the neighborhood of his sexual handle.

    “I'm so tired,” she laughed, “I could just stretch myself on that bed and go right to sleep.”

    Marie feared that either the valet or his lordship might decide to visit their prisoner. In that event she would be lost and so determined to hurry things as much as possible.

    “Oh, don't mind me at all,” said Trant. “If you are tired, I beg you to lie down and refresh yourself.” Hurrying to the bed, he smoothed the counterpane he had been lying upon.

    Marie surveyed his back with amused tolerance and wondered to herself, What a dolt indeed is this young man! Why does he not take what is so freely offered to him?

    But determined to make him approach her, she rose to her feet and, throwing herself on the bed, saw to it that her skirts rode up and displayed her legs above the knee, showing her yellow garters. She lay on her back and, opening her legs slightly, awaited the advances that were sure to come. She knew that Trant must be observing her, and moving about a bit under the pretense of finding a good posture to sleep, she managed to display all of the features of her form to the entranced man.

    Sure enough, in an instant he was beside her and she, pretending surprise, opened her eyes and laughed.

    She felt him pass his arms around her and her face was pressed to his as he kissed her passionately. She pretended surprise at this also, but fearing that she might frighten him away by an undue show of resistance, she returned his caresses with ardor.

    “Why, Mr. Trant,” she murmured when he had allowed her to catch her breath, “what a fellow you are! Here is your wife upstairs giving her maidenhead to my master and my husband and you, far from thinking of her, are only concerned in seeking out your own pleasure. I am indeed much surprised at you, Mr. Trant.”

    “Oh, bother her,” cried Trant irritably. His pecker was now a bar of iron in his trousers. “You are far better than she is, my dear, and I love you to distraction.” Drawing her to him again, he kissed her on the eyes, lips, nose, and mouth.

    Nor did he stop here. He began to kiss her beautiful shapely neck and after having given it attention on both sides and on the back and front-especially the front-he pulled down her dress a little and partially exposed her splendid bubbies.

    “Oh, you are going too far now,” said Marie with a look of pretended horror.

    “Not too far, not far enough,” answered Mr. Trant as he looked with gloating eyes upon her delicate flesh.

    Again he bent down and, applying his lips to the upper surface of her luscious globes, kissed and sucked them greedily.

    “Oh, oh,” was all that Marie could now say with a low moan, more of pleasure than of pain or disgust.

    “Oh, how delicious you are,” cried Mr. Trant in an ecstasy. “I believe that you are better than even Grace will be. I remember last year Adeline Smith whom I took out in the woods with me one summer's evening. I thought that she was the most wonderful girl in the world but now that you are here before me I think that you have her beaten by at least a hundred times.”

    Saying this, he began to mold her delicate teats through her thin and diaphanous dress. He squeezed them and pushed them gently this way and that. Marie was full of intense feelings. She no longer offered any pretended resistance to Mr. Trant's advances. Growing bolder, Mr. Trant allowed his lewd hands to roam over her delicious person on a much lower plane. He began to paw and nudge her belly here and there, first feeling the navel, then traveling sometimes slowly and sometimes rapidly all around it. Meantime the rod in his trousers grew harder and harder. Then, catching sight again of Marie's yellow garters, Mr. Trant placed one hand on her knee. While he gently tickled this knee, with the other hand he grasped the dress and slowly lifted it, exposing the lower portion of two finely chiseled and silken-clad thighs.

    “Oh, you horrid man! How could you?” moaned Marie in a whisper, but at the same time she opened her thighs a little more.

    This had the effect of galvanizing Mr. Trant, who was now wrought up to a fearful state.

    “I must!” he bellowed. “I must, oh, I must or, or-”

    “Oh no, you mustn't,” Marie retorted with as much spirit as she could pretend.

    “I must, oh! I must or I shall die,” repeated Mr. Trant, feeling his swollen and bloated member would surely burst through the front of his trousers in its largeness and energy. It thrust itself forward and into the open air with all the fierceness of the thrust of a lance wielded by an infuriated soldier in the heat of battle. It was fiery and red and terribly enlarged-far beyond its usual degree.

    “I must, oh! I must or I shall die,” repeated Mr. Trant, furiously roaring like an angry lion. “I must and I will.”

    So saying, he threw her skirts up and ripped her silk pink drawers off as if they were tissue paper, exposing in one sweep the beauty and charm of her nakedness.

    “Oh, heavens!” cried Marie as she felt her drawers jerked away. “What are you going to do now?”

    Before she could say anything further, Mr. Trant had mounted her and presented the fiery red tip of his prong to the palpitating lips of her welcoming quim. With a tweak he had nosed the red head in between the thick succulent lips and the head rested slightly inside the entrance to her quaking vagina.

    “Oh, you really should stop this, for you know I am a married woman.”

    “Re upon your marriage,” gasped Mr. Trant, while perspiration streamed down his forehead. “I too am married.”

    He made a lunge and the head of his penis entered her vagina. Marie closed her eyes and let her head lie back now. Mr. Trant strained again against Marie's tender body and the whole length of his glorious tool slid easily in up to the balls, for Marie was a well-loosened woman, having been serviced by such great fuckers as Lord Roxboro himself, to say nothing of her husband and countless other men.

    “Oh, you are really delicious, you are even better than Mrs. Smithson, the preacher's wife,” he gasped.

    And not ceasing his labors, he began to strain and push in and out with clocklike regularity. He would go in to the very balls and then out as far as the base of the head and then in again with all the fury of an enraged lunatic. With each lunge Marie gave out a moan of concentrated sensation; with each draw she made a sharp intake of breath. They continued this without stopping in their lustful enterprise.

    Suddenly, without a moment's warning, Trant's body stiffened like a rod of iron and with a violent push sent a copious gush of streaming spunk into the vitals of the lustful Marie. Marie received every drop of it and in return gushed down her own spend and mingled it with Trant's.

    They lay there for some time.. Trant's enormous shaft gradually lost its rigidity, shriveling down to a mere nothing and slipping out of Marie's eager cunt as it did so. They lay perfectly still for a while and then rolled apart.

    Marie did not seem to be quite satisfied, however, and after a short while began to nudge Trant. Trant paid no attention to her and proceeded to go to sleep.

    Not to be outdone, however, she seized his shriveled penis and played with it fondly. She pulled the foreskin back, exposing the purple nut. Then she pulled the foreskin back into place and joggled the glorious white shaft tenderly. She paddled the ballocks gently-ballocks that would have been more appropriate on a bull than on a man.

    After a while her efforts began to show some results.

    Mr. Trant's penis lost a little of its limpness. It began to lift its head again as though proud to be in this world. Up, up, it rose majestically; it swung upward like the arm of a huge semaphore. As the head rose, the blood rushed to it and gave it a fiery hue. It throbbed and shook violently now. It became eager for the fray.

    “Ah,” said Mr. Trant, “you naughty little puss, to play with me like that. I shall now give you the reward that you so richly deserve.

    “Turn around, my dear little sweetheart,” he said.

    “Are you going to give it to me in dog-fashion?” inquired Marie.

    “Oh, yes indeed, and in a way that you never had before,” answered Mr. Trant with a wealth of meaning in his tone.

    “Oh, that will be nice,” said Marie with evident relish.

    She turned herself about so that her posterior was now pointed upward. Mr. Trant mounted her and slowly directed his prick to her lewd parts. He applied the head of his penis to the orifice there.

    “Stop a moment!” cried Marie. “You are going in the wrong hole; that is not the place to do it.”

    “Oh, yes it is,” said Mr. Trant grimly. “I never served a woman in the rear before; I am going to have some practice now. Practice makes the master, you know.”

    “Oh, I am quite willing to accommodate you in every way possible,” said Marie, “but I don't want to be injured. Go in through the other way like a good boy,” she added.

    “Oh, I am not going to hurt you,” said Mr. Trant as he wedged the point of his pecker into the opening of her delicious touch-hole.

    “Stop, stop before you tear me and ruin me forever,” pleaded Marie.

    Mr. Trant's only answer was a violent shove with his penis that forced the head in past the outer muscles.

    “Oh, weow, help!” screamed Marie, now thoroughly frightened. “Oh stop, you dirty brute, you will make me a cripple for the rest of my life!”

    “Be quiet, you slut,” hissed Mr. Trant. “Here, take this.” He gave another shove that forced another inch of his stiff white rod into her back entrance.

    “Oh, ah, oh,” moaned Marie as she felt her flesh being stretched by his enormous member.

    Mr. Trant made another lunge and sank into her, down to his balls.

    “The worst is now over, my dear,” he said with confidence to Marie, who had given expression to another groan of pain.

    He now commenced to work himself leisurely up and down. With each movement he felt a delicious sensation run from the head of his prick and up his spine. In and out of her it went, trembling and throbbing all the while.

    Marie now began to enjoy the process, for she made no further complaints of the pain.

    Presently with one mighty lunge that buried him to the roots and threatened to push Marie through the mattress, Mr. Trant spent into her bowels a torrent of his reeking, steaming spunk that would have done credit to a much younger man.

    Mr. Trant withdrew his naming member and sat on the edge of the bed.

    Marie meanwhile was frigging herself lustily.

    “Come, let me help you, dear heart,” said Mr. Trant, withdrawing her hand from her cunt and bending down to titillate the delicate parts with his long and well-practiced tongue.

    “Oh, how delicious you are,” murmured Marie. “Please go a little faster, I will like it much better that way.”

    Mr. Trant did as he was bid and allowed his active tongue to do its lewd work with great avidity.

    He roamed all around the clitoris, which was as hard as a piece of diamond. Then he wandered tantalizingly about every other detail of her secret charm.

    Finally, with a violent shudder Marie gave down her spend that threatened to drain her body of its juices.

    “I wish I had married you instead of Grace,” murmured Mr. Trant with feeling. “I don't believe that Grace, in spite of her experience in this house, will ever master the noble art of so serving a man as I know you can.”

    “Oh, we don't have to be married,” said Marie. “You will always have plenty of chances to come and see me.”

    “Indeed, I will take advantage of your invitation often,” said Mr. Trant. “In fact I will be around as often as it will be safe for me to be.”

    “Yes, do,” said Marie with a twinkle in her eyes. “I'll have to have you come. But I think I had better be going now as I may be missed and looked for, and if I'm found here, trouble will be caused for both of us. But I hardly think that my husband can dare say anything to me now, after what he has been up to with your wife.”

    “Well, good-bye, my sweetheart,” replied Mr. Trant. “And I hope that our next meeting will be soon.”

    Meanwhile the night passed uneventfully. When the first streaks of dawn pierced the sky, however, Lord Roxboro stirred in his sleep and opened his eyes. After a second or so, he became fully awakened. He reached down with his hand, felt his pecker, and squeezed it approvingly.

    Cuddled up against him was the glorious and perfumed naked body of Grace, her splendid bubbies rising and falling in rhythm. Lord Roxboro did not waste any time but gently crawled over onto Grace's sleeping body, and before she was fully awake, he poked his gigantic cock into the mouth of her rapacious cunt.

    “Oh, God, where am I?” gasped Grace, waking with a start.

    “My child, you are among the angels of heaven,” answered Lord Roxboro, planting a salacious kiss on her ruby red lips and at the same time giving a shove with his rod that sent him all the way in.

    “Oh, oh!” said Grace. “So early in the morning?”

    “The earlier the better,” said his lordship, “for the early bird catches the worm and the early cock catches the cunt: voila!

    Under the stimulation of early morning energy, Lord Roxboro now began to ride his victim madly. Up and down he went like a mad bull and continued his ride until finally he shot forth with lightning rapidity a beautiful shower of fresh gleaming spunk that deluged Grace's vitals and caused her in turn to give down a spend of no less glory than his lordship's.

    They fell apart and lay there panting.

    Naturally, the disturbance of this little fucking had awakened Montgomery.

    He too, like all mortal men on awakening in the morning, found he was blessed with a massive hard-on. Next to him he perceived the naked and panting body of the beautiful Grace. Without hesitation he mounted onto her naked belly and plunged his huge rod into her slippery cunt. He plunged down into her and leaped out again with the fury of a stallion. Grace gasped and panted beneath the fury of his onslaught. He served her with push after push until finally with a quiver and a gasp of delirium he belched forth into her warm and quivering quim a torrent of his cream that threatened to outdo everything else he had ever done before.

    While they lay there panting, Lord Roxboro spoke: “Now, my friends,” he said, “I want it understood that as the lord of the domain of Roxboro, I not only claim the right of the first night with this charming young lady but I also insist on having the last fuck with her before she is returned to her husband, who has probably spent a lonely night without her.

    “Montgomery, away with you, and leave me to put the finishing touches to the little piece of work.”

    Montgomery rose and gathered up his clothes and left the room.

    Meanwhile, Lord Roxboro straddled Grace's beautiful body and directed his poker, which was as hard as iron, into her yawning cleft. He was more deliberate this time, as he wished to draw out the pleasure.

    Slowly he sank his penis into her trembling cunt and slowly he raised it up again as far as the nut. Again he went into her and rose almost out of her. For twenty minutes he kept up this delicious pastime until unable to contain himself any longer he was forced to allow his load to shoot with passion into her cunt; she on her part bathed the head of his penis with a copious downpour of her own love juice.

    The two separated and proceeded to the bath, where they took a bath together and then dressed.

    Breakfast was served to them, which they ate in silence. After the meal Lord Roxboro sounded a bell answered by Montgomery. “Present the young lady to her husband,” he said to the valet, “and allow them to proceed on their way.” So saying, he left the room.

    Montgomery took Grace to the entrance hall and seated her in a chair. Proceeding to the room where Mr. Trant was imprisoned, he found him just finishing his breakfast.

    “Mr. Trant,” said Montgomery, “Lord Roxboro has instructed me to inform you that he is satisfied in the way that you have kept your part of the bargain; he will also keep his. Here are your notes marked 'Paid in full,' and here is a check for one thousand pounds. When you are ready to leave, you will find your wife waiting in the entrance hall.” With that, Montgomery left the room.

    Later that morning as the noon hour was approaching Montgomery happened to enter the library. His lordship was reading a telegram that he had just received with a somewhat surprised expression on his face.

    “Most extraordinary,” he said half to himself. “Most extraordinary, really I never expected it. The one thing that under all circumstances could not have happened actually has taken place. What do you think?” he said, turning to Montgomery. “Caroline has eloped with Carl-with Carl, the stableboy. Here, read it for yourself!”

    Montgomery seized the telegram and read: Uncle please forgive us and give us your blessing. I have become married to Carl and we are going to live in Northampton where he has secured a position as majordomo in the house of Earl Ransbotton. I am so happy. Caroline.

    “Well, this is a surprise,” said Montgomery. “They must have taken advantage of our little affair last night and sneaked off. What are you going to do, my lord?”

    “Do!” cried his lordship. “Why they made their bed, let them lie in it, damn them. But I have a better idea: we shall celebrate Caroline's wedding. Bring Freda here instantly if she hasn't eloped, too.”

    Montgomery scampered off to other regions of the house and soon returned with Freda.

    “Caroline's bed hasn't been-” began Freda when she saw Lord Roxboro.

    “Tut, tut, my child, I know all about it,” said his lordship. “I sent for you for an entirely different purpose.

    “My child, I have just learned that your dear sister has married and it is my desire that we celebrate the event in a little informal party.”

    “Oh,” said Freda in surprise.

    “Yes,” said Lord Roxboro. “It is as I said and the party will now commence. Freda, take off your clothes.”

    “My clothes!” said Freda in amazement.

    “Yes, your clothes,” said his lordship. “Do not waste any time. Off with them.”

    “But Montgomery is here and he is looking-”

    “Montgomery,” said Lord Roxboro, “take off Freda's clothes and then your own!”

    Freda started to ran but Montgomery caught her and began to pull off her clothes.

    Meanwhile Lord Roxboro locked the door. Off came Freda's dress, then her petticoats, then her shoes, then her stockings, then her drawers, till all that remained was her chemise.

    “Just a minute,” said Lord Roxboro. “Leave her as she is and get your own clothes off. I'll finish her as soon as I am ready,” he said while he tore his own garments off.

    In less than two minutes he was stark naked while Freda stood clad only in her sheer chemise.

    “Come here, you little wretch,” cried Lord Roxboro as he dashed after her. He caught her and grasped her firmly.

    “If only Montgomery weren't here,” she whispered wildly to him.

    “Tut, tut, my child,” he answered. “Montgomery will only add spice to it.”

    By this time Montgomery too was stark naked. With a zip and a flourish Lord Roxboro swished off Freda's shirt and she stood as nude as when she was born between the two naked men.

    “Now, my child,” said Lord Roxboro, “this is to be your first fuck. Usually when I administer a first fuck, it is done with greater gentleness than the present occasion. However, as we are going to celebrate your sister's wedding, we shall go about it this time with a little variation.”

    “Montgomery,” he said, “go and lie down on the couch and see that your rod is standing up well.”

    Montgomery did as he was directed and reclined full length on the couch.

    Then Lord Roxboro lifted Freda up and walked over to the couch with her. Her legs dangled against his erect shaft and caused it to palpitate the more. Lord Roxboro placed Freda's nude body down upon Montgomery so that the opening of her ass rested on the purple head of Montgomery's stupendous member.

    “Oh, what are you going to do to me now?” asked Freda with apprehension.

    “We are going to do to you what has never happened to a woman before,” answered Lord Roxboro. “Just be calm and everything will be all right. Better hold her, Montgomery,” he cautioned, “till I get myself set.”

    Montgomery grasped her naked body with his lewd hands and while she was thus held in position, Lord Roxboro mounted her swiftly and placed the head of his prick into the delicate opening of her vagina.

    “Oh, you cruel men!” cried Freda, now thoroughly alarmed at the trend things had now taken. “How can you be so unfeeling?”

    “We don't often get a wedding to celebrate,” said Lord Roxboro.

    He now gently but persistently pushed with his huge rod. At first he made little headway but caused plenty of groans from Freda, who was thus being speared from both ends at the same time. He strained and tussled until finally the head entered; he then felt a sudden loosening as the maiden skin was rent into a thousand shreds.

    When this happened Freda let out a piercing shriek: “Oh, you are tearing me to pieces, you brutes!” she cried. “What have I done to be tortured like this!”

    Lord Roxboro merely continued to push his way into her fair belly. Slowly he pressed in, slowly, ever so slowly. Gradually, a fraction of an inch at a time, the great white shaft wormed its way in, going deeper and deeper. With each forward movement of his noble prick, Freda gave out a cry or a shriek and pleaded not to be torn apart. But Lord Roxboro merely continued to worm his way in until at last he was buried in her to the roots of his prick and his pubic hairs mingled with hers and his breast was pressed flat against her glorious bubbies.

    When finally he attained the limit of his reach, he paused for breath. “How are you getting along down below there, Montgomery?” he asked.

    “Oh, I am making very slow progress,” answered Montgomery. “She is so very tight; all I have got in so far is about an inch and a half.”

    “Well, that's not enough,” answered Lord Roxboro. “Let's see if I can help you.” So saying, he gave a fierce downward plunge. “How was that?” he asked.

    “Oh, that was fine,” said Montgomery, “another inch went in that time. A couple more shoves like that and I'll soon be all the way in.”

    “Oh, help! Oh, ah, oh, oh, you terrible brutes! Let me go instantly, I say, before you ruin me! Oh! I am torn.”

    Lord Roxboro planted a lewd kiss on her lips by way of a reply and gave another lunge.

    “Are you in now, Montgomery?” he asked.

    “Not quite,” answered Montgomery. “One more push and I'll be there.”

    “All right, then. How was that?” asked Lord Roxboro as he gave a strenuous push that made the couch creak under its force.

    “Oh, that was the best one yet; I can't go up any farther now, even if I wanted to,” answered Montgomery.

    “Good!” said Lord Roxboro. “Now we can work. Now Montgomery, as I push you push, and keep time with me.”

    “Yes, my lord!” answered Montgomery.

    The two began to push and pull alternately on Freda's delicious body, the one from the front and the other from the rear. Their pushing was accompanied by wails and cries from Freda.

    After a while, however, the cries stopped and in their place were pants of enjoyment and pleasure.

    “Oh, you dear sweet girl,” said his lordship, bestowing a long lewd kiss upon her mouth and fingering her bubbies libidinously.

    Montgomery in turn kissed the back of her neck and patted the beautiful globes of her sensuous buttocks. The two men continued to push their penises up and down within the clinging body of the young and beautiful Freda. All three were now panting wildly, bathed in perspiration that rolled down their bodies. Bach movement was followed immediately by a gasp of salacious pleasure that could not be repressed. The sensation each felt increased and increased in volume. All of a sudden, with a simultaneous gasp, all three stopped, rigid with straining eyes. Lord Roxboro poured forth into Freda's cunt a torrent of spunk that was nearly sufficient to burst her cunt open-gush after gush flowed out and into Freda. Montgomery was not far behind. He shot forth jet after jet of burning cream that fairly deluged her bowels. This was too much for Freda and in spite of herself she gave forth a copious outpour that laved the head of Lord Roxboro's eager prick and set up new sensations of lust within him. After the first spasm and while some spunk was yet trickling out of their cocks, the two lewd men continued to pump Freda with their organs of lust.

    Presently they all arose. “Well, Freda my dear child, how did you enjoy the celebration of your sister's wedding?” asked Lord Roxboro with a cruel smile on his lewd countenance.

    “Oh, you are really too harsh for words,” said Freda weakly.

    “Tut, tut, my child,” said Lord Roxboro. “Mark my words: you will come back to me for a repetition of this act of your own free will before many hours have passed. I'll guarantee that or I'll eat my own prick.”

    Freda merely blushed deeply and, gathering up her clothes, rushed out of the room with pearly drops of spunk dripping from her secret charms.

    “Well, that was a succulent morsel,” said Lord Roxboro to Montgomery. “But I feel that I have been getting a little too strong lately for a man of my age. I think I shall go up and take a little nap before luncheon is served.”

    So saying, his lordship left the library naked as he was and, proceeding to the sun parlor with a tired but happy expression on his face, reclined full length upon a couch there in such a way that his splendid prick and balls would get the full benefit of the sun's life-giving rays.

    He slept very deeply for about an hour. His sleep was uninterrupted by outside influences but while he slumbered he dreamed that he was in heaven, suspended stark naked in space and that one of the most beautiful angels was titillating the head of his rampant prick with the light and tickling edge of her feathery wings.

    The effect was so great that he felt his rod grow stiffer and stiffen It grew so hard and rigid that the feeling finally caused him to waken. He opened his eyes with a gasp and his eyes fell upon his rampant member. It was fully as hard as he had dreamed but in place of an angel a huge fly of the “bluebottle” variety was roving round the huge purple nut of his prick.

    The insect ran round and round and occasionally over the top. Each time its tiny feet vibrated on the delicate red skin, Lord Roxboro felt a fresh thrill rush through him.

    Finally he could contain himself no longer and with a sudden and violent reddening of the huge nut, a tremendous gush of boiling sperm shot forth at least two feet across the sun parlor, while the flow that ran down the side of the glorious nut disturbed the insect and caused it to fly away.

    “O, my goodness,” murmured Lord Roxboro as the last jet spurted forth. “That was the best yet. Who said that miracles never happen nowadays! Who would have suspected that a harmless little fly could so excite a man? I would have believed that I had been enjoying a wet dream. I never would have thought it possible if I hadn't actually seen the fly at work. Really, I must catch some flies and train them to do this kind of work.”

    Lord Roxboro sat up and wiped off his abdomen, which was covered with his prolific spunk.

    He then arose from the couch and proceeded to the library, where he had left his clothes, and slowly dressed himself.

    By the time he was completely dressed and had glanced at the morning paper, luncheon was served.

    Lord Roxboro consumed his meal quietly. He mused to himself that the asparagus reminded him of pickled pricks.

    After luncheon he strolled aimlessly about the grounds, and later he returned to the library to attend to some correspondence.

    While he was engaged in sealing the final letter, a gentle tap sounded on the door and Marie and Montgomery entered.

    “My lord,” began Montgomery, “there is a little matter that I meant to tell you about some time ago, but I could not very well, on account of the rather welcome intrusion of Grace.

    “The fact of the matter is, my lord, I have an uncle in Australia who is the proprietor of one of the largest stock farms in the state of New South Wales. For many years he has been writing letters to me, praising the numerous advantages the Commonwealth of Australia offers, especially to young men. But now, in his last letter, which I received four days ago, he states that he is becoming too old to give his properties the attention they need and insists that I emigrate to Australia and assist him in the management of his numerous properties under pain of being disinherited if I refuse, for I am the nearest heir.

    “He wishes me to learn the management of the estate while he is still able to teach me. In fact, my lord, his letter is so insistent, that I have already cabled him that I will join him within a few weeks time-in fact, my lord, just as soon as I can wind up my affairs in England. Of course, Marie will go with me, too, as she is my lawfully wedded wife.

    “My lord, I know it is customary to give a month's notice in a case like this, but I would ask you to overlook the matter this time since the thing in mind means so much to me- especially as I have already made arrangements for another manservant to come and take my place.

    “John Meadows, a first-class valet, has agreed to be here tomorrow morning at ten o'clock and will be ready to take up his duties immediately, provided that it will be agreeable with your lordship for him to do so.

    “Meadows is a good man, sir, and was with Sir Archibald Dunhamton for seven years and left Sir Archibald's service when that gentleman was appointed to a governmental position in India.”

    “Well,” said Lord Roxboro, “I certainly am sorry to lose two such excellent servants as you, but I have never yet stood in the way of any man in bettering himself. Such is not the way of the Roxboro family, and furthermore, as you have gone to the trouble to arrange for a suitable substitute for yourself, I can see no reason why we shouldn't dispense with the little point regarding the month's notice. Just as soon as Mr. Meadows arrives, you may consider yourself absolved from all obligations to me.”

    “Oh, thank you so much, my lord,” they both exclaimed in unison.

    “You always were the most generous of men,” added Marie with heartfelt sincerity.

    “Oh, it's nothing,” replied his lordship.

    “Well, we had better go now,” said Montgomery, looking at Marie and backing away.

    “I would like to see you alone for one minute,” said Lord Roxboro to Marie.

    So Marie stayed and Montgomery passed out of the room.

    “Just sit down on the couch,” said Lord Roxboro to her. “I will not detain you for long.”

    Marie sat on the couch, followed immediately by Lord Roxboro after he had bolted the door.

    “I am going to give you a little present before you go,” said Lord Roxboro, resting one of his hands on Marie's knee. “You know, I am anxious to impress my seal upon your happiness,” he said as he leaned over and planted a lewd kiss on her neck.

    “Oh, you are as jolly as ever!” giggled Marie.

    Lord Roxboro snuggled a little closer to her and nudged her knee with his.

    “Oh, you cunning little wench,” he said, “I wish I could go to Australia with you.”

    Then without warning, he lifted her skirts and flung them up over her chest, exposing her thighs and the lower part of her abdomen. At the sight of her delicate charms, Lord Roxboro's tremendous member, which had become as hard and as stiff as a rod of steel, burst forth through his trousers and stuck out threateningly.

    “Oh, I am almost spending now,” cried his lordship and forthwith thrust the glowing head against the entrance of her twitching vagina. Before Lord Roxboro could continue any further, Marie gave a sudden forward lunge that buried his lordship's lance to the balls. After such encouragement, his lordship rode her up and down furiously until the climax came, and even then he did not stop but continued up and down until the last drop of spunk had been injected into her.

    Then they separated and adjusted their clothing. As they crossed to the door, Lord Roxboro whispered to her, “Come to my room at five o'clock in the morning and I will give you my final blessing. Don't forget. I'll be waiting for you.” He gave her an affectionate kiss on her full red lips.

    That evening everything passed as usual. Marie and Montgomery packed their things in readiness for their long journey.

    The next morning at four o'clock Lord Roxboro was already awake. He lay in bed stark naked and allowed the rays of the rising sun to strike upon his glorious member. The warmth of the rays of the sun had a most invigorating effect. The member rose to its full height and pulsated like a huge engine. Thus he lay waiting, with some impatience for Marie to come and receive his last blessing.

    At four-thirty, a half hour before her time, Marie entered softly, clad only in a thin nightdress.

    “Ah, there you are!” cried his lordship, rising swiftly and embracing her.

    Without any ceremony, he stripped off her nightdress, and the two of them stood in the early morning sun stark naked.

    “Come, Marie, kneel down and receive my blessing.”

    Marie knelt down before him, menaced by his enormous member.

    “Now close your eyes,” said his lordship, and Marie did so. Scarcely had she done so when with a sudden thrust Lord Roxboro thrust the head of his huge member in between her red lips.

    “There, my dear child,” he said. “There you have my last blessing.”

    Marie at once began to roam around the glorious rubicund nut with her cunning tongue and did so until a mighty rush of lordly spunk rushed down her throat.

    “Now stand up and let me kiss you good-bye in a befitting manner.” As Marie stood up, Lord Roxboro knelt down before her and gave the delicate lips of her secret charms an affectionate kiss. Then he thrust his tongue in between them and explored every part of that delicious recess that he could reach.

    “Oh,” cried Marie, “how delicious this is. Oh! Ah! Oh!” she cried and gave down her womanly spend in a delightful shower that dampened the face of Lord Roxboro delightfully.

    “Now you can go on your journey protected by my blessing,” said Lord Roxboro, giving one final and lewd kiss on her pretty mouth.

    At nine o'clock Mr. John Meadows, the new valet, arrived and was shown his duties by Montgomery.

    At ten o'clock, after bidding Lord Roxboro good-bye, Marie and Montgomery were driven to the station in Lord Roxboro's carriage as the first step of their journey halfway across the world.

    After they had gone, Lord Roxboro murmured to himself, “Life is nothing but a succession of partings. Four very good friends have left me in as many days. Dear me, what shall I do with myself now?”

    That night he went to bed earlier than usual. He lay on the bed with the lights still on and read his favorite copy of Fanny Hill. As he read, his limp member gradually stiffened itself until it was standing full length in the air. Lord Roxboro then shifted the book to his left hand while with his right hand he began slowly to masturbate himself.

    Suddenly he started as a voice from the door cried, “Oh, uncle, you mustn't do that!”

    Lord Roxboro looked in the direction of the door and saw Freda standing there clad only in her nightdress.

    “How dare you come to my room at this hour and in that condition,” cried Lord Roxboro.

    “Oh, uncle,” answered Freda, “I felt so lonesome!”

    As she said this, she came farther into the room and approached the bed.

    Lord Roxboro regarded her sternly but she did not seem to notice.

    “How stiff and straight your thing is,” she said and reached out her hand and touched it. “Oh, and how hot it is, too!” she cried.

    She took hold of the foreskin and began to work it up and down.

    “Oh, you sweet child!” exclaimed Lord Roxboro, all the sternness leaving him. “Do not stop now but keep on until you are told.”

    Freda continued to frig the enormous prick and with each movement the nut became a shade redder. Finally, things came to such a pass that all of a sudden a huge jet of sperm leaped out of the enormous prick and leaped halfway across the room.

    “Oh, how strong you are!” cried Freda. “You are just like the horses!”

    “Come, dear Freda,” said Lord Roxboro. “It is very late now; let us go to sleep. But before you come into bed, remove that ridiculous nightdress; you are not an old maid.”

    They both fell asleep stark naked.

    In the middle of the night Lord Roxboro woke with a feeling of being smothered. When he gained his senses, he realized that pressed onto his mouth was Freda's young cunt, while encircling the head of his enormous prick was the delicate mouth of Freda.

    She was sucking away with all earnestness. Lord Roxboro himself, fired with passion, began to lap the cunt that had been placed so conveniently for him.

    Presently the crisis came and while he shot jet after jet of his warm spunk into her young mouth, her trembling quim sent down a gush of her girlish spend that acted like a tonic on the sensuous nobleman.

    The next morning his lordship was very thoughtful.

    “Freda,” he said to her, “as much as I regret it, it is necessary for me to send you to school. You have had a long holiday now and it is time for you to start your education in earnest. I am going to send you to the Cullmoor School for Girls as soon as their new term opens.”

    “But, uncle, we are very happy here and you could teach me all I need to know.”

    “Yes, my child, I realize that, but conditions have now changed. No longer shall I be able to live in Roxboro Manor-not for many a day at least, for a grave international crisis has arisen and I have received orders from the War Office to report for duty with my old regiment. As you know, I am a major of the Reserves of the British Army and must go back to my command in Gibraltar, which is a rocky peninsula in the Mediterranean and where, as in a small town, my slightest movement is known to everybody else.

    “But do not be so downhearted, my dear child. We have a few days yet.

    “Come, let us take a sunbath together.” And taking her by the arm, he led her to the sun parlor.

    As soon as they entered the sun parlor, Lord Roxboro sat Freda down upon a wicker chair and began to undress her. First he took off her shoes and then her stockings. Then he removed her outer dress and she stood before him clad only in her chemise. Meanwhile, a hard lump rose within his trousers. A light draft of air blew in just then, lifting Freda's chemise slightly and exposing the salacious and awe-inspiring grotto that was so attractive to his lordship.

    Freda on her own accord took off her chemise and then cavorted quite naked about the sun parlor.

    Lord Roxboro stripped off his own clothing. He slipped off his coat and waistcoat. Then he took off his collar and tie; then he took off his shoes and socks. Then he took off his trousers and exposed his huge member, which was pushed out through his underwear. Then he took off his shirt and finally his underwear and stood there in the full sunlight quite naked.

    “Oh, catch me, uncle!” cried Freda from the far end of the sun parlor.

    Lord Roxboro sprang after her with gusto. Freda leaped away lightly and it was fully five minutes before his lordship finally cornered her.

    “Now I've got you, you little nymph,” he said, pushing one of his fingers up her orifice. “Now come to bed and receive your reward.”

    He carried her to the couch and placed her upon it, belly up. First he fingered her hairy grotto awhile and then slowly mounted her. He placed the red-hot, hard head of his enormous member to the entrance of her trembling vagina and pressed gently downward. With a little more pressure he slowly, sank in to the balls. Now he began to ride up and down. Up and down he went, slowly but with great passion, each vibration becoming more charged with passion than the former. Up and down they went till eventually the reward came.

    Lord Roxboro's body stiffened like a piece of iron while he held his breath and a tremendous jet of his lustful juice leaped forth and literally drowned the interior of young Freda, who was not slow in adding a copious portion of her own sexual fluid.

    They lay inert on the couch for about an hour after this.

    Finally Lord Roxboro said to her, “Now, Freda, in all your life you have only been buggered once and that was when Montgomery did it to you. Now, Freda dear heart, you really should become more acquainted with that delicious pastime. You know, in my old regiment, the king's own lancers, I learned the art of buggery from my batman and in time I became the champion bugger of Afghanistan, where we were stationed.”

    “But that really does hurt too much,” began Freda.

    “Nonsense, child, it might have hurt you the first time, but that is now past. You should be sufficiently well stretched now to be able to take a prick and not wink an eyelid except in the purest enjoyment.

    “Come, turn over,” he said as he helped her over.

    By this time his limp member had regained its gigantic rigidity and he pointed the head against her quivering little rear hole.

    “Please do not hurt me, uncle dear,” pleaded Freda.

    “Oh, I'll be very careful with you, as this is only your second time, but all you will feel will be a slight stretching of the muscles.”

    So saying, he strained against her poor little asshole, and to the relief of Freda and to his great joy, he slid in easily and sank to the balls.

    “Ah, how delicious that is!” he murmured as he planted a lewd kiss on the back of her neck.

    He now began to rise slowly up and down in her, taking great pleasure in every fraction of an inch that he obtained. For fully fifteen minutes he continued to fuck her in the rear.

    “Oh!” cried Freda. “I am spending!” And she gave down a copious flow onto the couch.

    “Oh! Oh! Oh!” murmured Lord Roxboro. “I can't hold myself. I am coming! I am coming!” And as he said so, he shot forth into Freda's hot bowels a scalding flow of his lordly sperm. His member throbbed violently and after each throb a jet of his spunk shot out. Finally the flow of their sexual fluids died down, and Lord Roxboro's enormous prick shrank and slipped out of Freda.

    Freda was more than a niece to her uncle; in fact she was more than a wife could ever have been.

    The next morning after breakfast a sour-faced old woman came to Roxboro Manor. On being presented to Lord Roxboro, she said, “I am Miss Matilda Spriggs, from the Cullmoor School for Girls, and as you requested, I have come to take your niece to the school.”

    “Yes, that is quite right,” said his lordship. “She is ready now.”

    After bidding her uncle an affectionate farewell, Freda went off with Miss Spriggs to the boarding school.

    When she was gone, Lord Roxboro paid off his servants, had Roxboro Manor closed, and placed it in the charge of a caretaker, who was to receive all instructions thereafter from his lordship's solicitors.

    For his part, Lord Roxboro reported to the War Office in London, where he received his orders.

    He proceeded by train to Southampton, where he boarded a military transport-now dressed in his major's uniform-and proceeded to Gibraltar, where he resumed barracks life for an undetermined length of time.


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