Letters from a Friend in Paris


    Paris, Faubourg St. Honore; the first letter from Harry Hargrove to his friend Charles in England

    I promised, my dear fellow, in memory of our old school adventures, that I would tell you all the late singular events that have happened to me. You may rest assured that this letter, and those that follow it, will contain nothing but the simple truth, and that I shall not hesitate to confess my own sins, while I am obliged to give the history of those of my two young friends.

    There never was a more singular and piquant affair in all the world, and, as for myself, it suited me exactly.

    You know that I am rather fond of this sort of thing. An artist by nature, as well as profession, when I took up photography last year, it was with a secret hope and longing that some sort of adventure might enliven my career in this fashionably patronised art.

    Suffice it to say, I shall write just as I thought, felt and acted. No concealment of admiration shall stop my pen; no recollection of my own culpability or rapture shall cause me to suppress the plain facts. You have told me of your wonderful boldness, success and escapes. I will repay in kind.

    I won't go over the whole story again of how I became acquainted with that beautiful young lady and her no less charming lover. She, you may remember, debarred from his society except at the awfully stiff parties at home, was steadily going on with her education at the convent school. To please her adorer she had allowed him to ask her, through me, for a series of photographs of her beauteous self. Tom used to rave so much about her beauty and the excess of his own feelings that, as you know, I took a good deal of trouble in the matter, and persuaded her to give him some comfort and relief by somewhat freer poses than the preceding ones, through my camera as a medium.

    Louisa had, at last, become quite familiar and friendly with me and, in the end, came to see me unaccompanied by the person who had acted heretofore as a sort of duenna. She saw also what a great admiration I had for Tom himself, and then she knew that Tom came to my nice little studio, a cosy room, shaded red and green, to talk and rave of her. Tom could only come in the afternoon, when his college lectures were over. She, only after breakfast, when the girls were recommended to take open air exercise, and allowed some little liberty of action.

    Well, Tom was as simple as a child. I had determined not to play him false, for he trusted me with Louisa to any extent, and indeed he liked me himself so very much-I never could tell why-that anything like jealousy never occurred to his mind.

    Well, thus things were when at last I had got so far, as I briefly told you, that I asked her to allow me to take for him a photograph of her with a low dress on, so as to show her breasts quite openly, firmly spreading in opposing directions, with the pink nipples and circles around them fully exposed.

    You must understand that Louisa is a wonderfully fine brunette, exquisitely developed, and combines a perfect form of what I call the Titian type with the most complete womanly and amorous disposition. Of moderate height, her hair is thick, chestnut and wavy; her eyes dark brown, passionate and sparkling, surmounted by bushy eyebrows; her face oval, her ears small, and she had a well-shaped mouth of great beauty, with coral pouting lips. Notwithstanding her full figure she has the smallest waist, hands and fingers you could wish to see, indicating the high breeding and build of her bones.

    It was only after a good deal of coaxing, and suggesting the pleasure and satisfaction it would give Tom, that I induced her to uncover her bosom. Its dazzling and voluptuous beauty when exposed was quite overpowering.

    I was astonished at my own audacity in obtaining such a result, and dashed off a plate. Then showing her what a beautiful picture it made, I ventured to suggest a still more beautiful pose, if she would allow a full sitting figure, showing her shapely legs, urging that Tom might as well see them as those beautiful white globes above her waist. After some nonsense and objection, and a good deal of persuasion, she at last consented. She sat down on the sofa, and raised her silk dress onto her lap, so that she showed the lace edge of some white affairs just down to the knees which were beautifully small. Then came, gracefully leaning inwards, her two well-rounded legs with their snowy stockings narrowing to the closely-fitting boots which clasped tightly the elegant instep of the most exquisitely small foot.

    What a lovely object a woman's leg is! How ravishingly beautiful when unconsciously shown! How many a staircase, ship's ladder, area grating, steep hillside, ruined tower, or even drawing-room fender, has innocently betrayed its beauty to sharp eyes and sent wild rapture through longing hearts.

    The pose was a great success to Tom's immense delight.

    This morning Louisa has been photographed by me again, and that is the reason of my writing so long a letter.

    To make a long story short, she asked me a great many questions about the effect of the last photographs on her lover. I told her that he seemed quite to die of love on seeing the beautiful display of her lovely limbs.

    I thought it a capital opportunity to press for another sitting with a still greater exposure, and declared that Tom had urged me to do so with tears in his eyes, as the greatest comfort he could enjoy when deprived of seeing her sweet self. To entice her consent I showed her several plates of portraits of partially naked ladies exhibiting their secret parts, and told her they were executed for lovers and husbands. She looked bashfully at them, but was evidently excited, and blushing deeply, she said,

    'Oh, my dear fellow, if it really would be such a satisfaction and delight, as well as comfort, to dear Tom, I would let him have any position he likes.'

    I told her gently there was one position I knew would give infinite delight to Tom, which she might give him without any danger to herself, in which her lower person would be freely exposed, while she covered her face with her arm as if from bashfulness. She, hesitatingly and blushingly, but, I must confess, not without taking me by surprise, said:

    'Oh, my dear fellow, I will do whatever you like.'

    So, when quite ready, I arranged it thus: I made her sit down on my large, deep, old leather armchair placed opposite the camera, and raise her dress as high as her stays or corset allowed. She had no drawers on, and blushed dreadfully at first, giving way by degrees. I desired her to put first one leg over the low arm of the chair, and then the other on the opposite arm, then made her bent body slide forward to the edge of the chair, thus dividing completely her gloriously well-formed thighs, and laying open to the utmost extent her most secret charms. She raised her linen well up, and the most beauteous vision in the world lay open to my dazzled and excited senses. I saw all the valley between her thighs covered with the richest profusion of thick, black, closely-curling hair. Her graceful legs, in white, close-fitting stockings and Balmoral boots, hung elegantly down from her small and beautifully shaped knees and magnificently solid, naked thighs. They were most luxuriously charming and looked broader from resting on the arms of the chair. I made her expose her large, firm, and most glorious breasts.

    She thus presented the most delicious and maddening picture, heightened by the flushed beauty of her lovely face and sparkling eyes. Her slender arms gathered up all her dress and under-linen, so as to give the most complete view possible of all her secret charms. The exquisite recess was marked by the incarnation of the lips, showing with increased effect from the contrast with the coal-black, curly hair. This covered not only the finely raised mans veneris, but stretched in exquisite curls to her navel, and spread down each thigh in rare luxuriance. Her thigh rounded off with fine curves to the magnificent wide buttocks, which were so thrown up by her legs being elevated over the arms of the chair that the rosy, dimple-like aperture of her bottom-hole was distinctly exposed: it was surrounded by hair, which was more downy but as rich in quantity as that each side of the lips above. The attitude also opened slightly her lasciviously inviting quim, whose dewy moisture marked its extent.

    I can write no more. I have set free my own erection from my shirt and, while frigging myself with my right hand, I am holding the photograph with my left. Sweet, delicious vision!


    To really emit is to spoil the thing. Of course, such a scene as I had under my eyes in photographing the secret charms of dear Louisa threw all my philosophy to the winds and, as soon as I was alone, I could not refrain from frigging myself until a copious discharge relieved me from my extreme excitement. I also confess that once, I became so awfully hard when reading Petronius, where the tutor seduces his beautiful pupil after dinner when the governor is asleep, that the exquisite lubricity of the description, and the exciting way that he worked her up to his purpose, so overcame me that I unbuttoned my breeches and could not help indulging in a delicious emission brought on rapidly by a few energetic rubbings of my throbbing organ. And in either of these cases you, my foolish critic, would have done just the same. But, joking apart, and notwithstanding occasional slips, I am completely opposed, on every ground, to this weakening and really insipid vice, so ruinous, too, to the constitution and power of enjoyment that lies in the real union of the sexes.

    However, to return to my story, just let me tell you what happened when Tom, that very afternoon, saw the glorious photograph of Louisa.

    First, I must recount what I should have told you in my last letter, had not the relation of the scene so overcome me that I could not go on, but was obliged to relieve my bursting sensations as described. To return, after taking the photograph, we sat down together on the sofa, and the dear girl, in all the confidence of innocence and of trust in me, threw her arms round my neck and gave me a long and loving kiss. Despite that addition to the fuel that had already set my passions on fire, I managed to constrain any outward demonstration, wishing to win her entire and unrestrained confidence in me so that I should become, as it were, her father confessor, to whom she could open out all the secrets of her most inward thoughts and I fully succeeded. We had a long conversation of a most private character. I found laid open to me the mind of a girl (or rather woman) of a most imaginative and amorous tendency, exhibiting intense curiosity regarding the differences and the relations between the sexes. She was, however, apparently almost innocent of the great sensation. After I had satisfied her curiosity about the sexes and their mutual desires and modes of gratifying them, both in couples and alone, she confessed that a strange thrill had passed through her when she saw the nudities in our public collections, and that, after being alone for a few moments before a fine young Antinous in the Louvre she had been so affected that she went up to her room after dinner, fastened the door and looked at her uncovered person, in exactly the way I had placed her before the cheval glass, from her own easy-chair. She put her hand down and pressed it on her excited secret parts, and tried to insert a finger, but it hurt her. She pushed it in further and found it pressed upon something hard that gave her a most extraordinary and almost overpowering sensation. She thought she was going to faint, but was suddenly relieved and found all her parts quite wet. She was greatly alarmed and frightened at this, and thought she must have somehow injured herself, and had not dared to mention it to any one at home. She now wanted to know from me how this could have happened. I fully explained all.

    'But, can the Antinous go… go into…,' she stammered, 'into… you know where I mean?'

    I told her that excitement makes it swell up and become stiff and straight and explained that, if moved up and down inside her own part, it would produce boundless rapture. The whole matter was clearly set before her, and I told her that the new photograph would give dear Tom a kind of relief to his great excitement, which must be somehow allayed. The upshot of all this was my promising to photograph Tom for her. But she added, hesitantly,

    'You know he must be-what do you call it? — I mean so that it would go in as you described-sticking out, you know-if looking at that wicked photograph can make him so, and he must be just as much shown to me as I am to him.'


    After the scene last described I passed a very restless night, in which I studiously avoided any sort of pressure on my unruly organ. Next morning I was in a sad state of burning desire. I sat before the fire, finishing the picture of Tom for Louisa and then she came, looking more beautiful than ever, with a certain languid air, which made me suppose that she too had passed a restless night after our exciting work yesterday morning and my detailed descriptions of the delights the sexes could give each other.

    When she had laid aside her bonnet and shawl, I clasped her in my arms, and gave her a most loving and long embrace, which she warmly returned. I pushed my tongue into her sweet mouth, and said, 'Oh, return me the favour.'

    She darted her dear little tongue in immediately, and I sucked it deliciously, pressing her loving bosom with one hand, while the other wandered over the wide expanse of her glorious and marble-like buttocks, pressing my body against hers, so that she could feel the stiff projection that was throbbing in my trousers. She smiled as I handed her to her seat, and I could see that her eyes glanced down to my unruly member, bulging out as if he would burst the bonds of cloth that confined him.

    I begged her to sit with her feet on the fender, and to lift her dress up on her lap, so that I could see their beautiful shape, while I shaded off and finished Tom's photograph.

    These preliminaries had put her completely at her ease, and while I continued at work on the picture I led her on to fuller confessions than she had made the day before. I found, as I more than half-suspected, that her nunnery practice had been carried very far, especially in the pleasures of friction with other girls. She confessed that my conversation and descriptions of the previous day had occupied herself and two bedroom companions nearly all night, hence the languid air I had observed.

    I was curious to hear how she had luxuriously improved upon the descriptions and sketches I had given her.

    Of her two bedroom companions, one was Marguerite, a fine-grown, voluptuous, large-breasted, comely girl of seventeen, of very hot passions. The other, Emma, was a delicate little fair-haired beauty of nearly sixteen, well-developed for her age. These three bedfellows had taught each other all they knew or could invent, and that had been carried very far. I soon found that, in fact, the sly puss who the day before had put on such an air of ignorance and surprise, was, in reality, a great deal more knowing than I gave her credit for. She confessed, however, that it was such a pleasure to hear a man descanting on the subject that, although bashfulness withheld her confidence at that moment, she felt how delightful it would be to tell me everything and have no concealments between us.

    I thanked the dear girl for her confiding trust in me, which she should never regret. She then described how they had practised last night a new idea I had given her. After they were all undressed and quite naked, she had laid Marguerite on her back, then kneeling on the bed straddled her and, bringing her lovely aperture right before her face, she pressed the stiff, rosy button of Marguerite's nipple into the opening as much as she could, twisting her body deliciously on the hard, swelling bosom, while Emma rubbed Louisa's clitoris with one hand, and with the other frigged herself, reclining on the bed so as to introduce the forefinger of each hand into their arseholes, increasing their enjoyments in what was to them a noble manner, so that they spent more deliciously than ever.

    They had repeated this, each to the other, until, quite exhausted, they sank to sleep. It must have been great fun could one but have seen them.

    In telling me all this Louisa had often to beat about the bush for expressions to explain their actions and their means of carrying them out. I then showed her the photograph of Tom's beautiful erection, which perfectly enchanted her, as it was the first time she had really seen the representation of a standing prick. It made her eyes glitter and her face flush.

    'Oh! What a wonderful thing it is-what do you call it?'

    So I told her it was a prick intended to go into her cunt, which was the name we gave the lovely opening between her legs. I went on to teach her to use all the simplest, plainest words for such matters, as we did as boys at school.

    It was quite charming to hear this elegant, beautiful and accomplished girl talk hesitatingly about Tom's legs, thighs, buttocks, arsehole, balls, prick, and talk without reserve of her own breasts, cunt, bottom and clitoris, as well as of fucking and frigging, and gamahuching.

    'Then,' she said, 'when Tom fucks me, he will put this long thing into my-cunt-do you call it? But it seems so big, I fear it must hurt me. Even my dear companion Marguerite has sometimes hurt me when she has attempted to get more than one finger in when… frigging me, as you call it.'

    I told her there would be no great difficulty if she had already had a finger thrust up as far as it would go, and that the exquisite delight that followed would more than compensate for the pain of entrance.

    Of course, I told her how her photograph had excited Tom, and I also confessed to the lover's part I had taken on the occasion.

    'Oh! My dear fellow!' she said. 'You dear sweet fellow! How I should like to have done it for him-that is to say, if we really, really must not be together as if we were married.'

    'My dear Louisa,' I replied, 'there is but one objection, but that is fatal to your wish; you would be certain to have a child, and would be utterly ruined. But next month, during the university vacation, you will be able to meet here, and you shall then have every pleasure but that.'

    'Oh! I know what you mean, frigging and sucking, you call it. I will frig and suck him, and he shall frig and suck me, if he likes. Frig… frig-such a pretty word.'

    You can hardly imagine how nearly wild all this drove me, but wanting to get her more freely exposed to my view than heretofore, I said,

    'Come, my dear girl, and before the day is gone, let me photograph you in another position.'

    She consented at once. So I placed her on her hands and knees, with her bottom to the light, and then raised her clothes and chemise, and laid them on the small of her back, so as to expose her person from the waist. I made her bend down on a sofa cushion, project herself out and separate her knees well. Considering the grace and elegance of her lady-like figure I was thunderstruck at the smallness of her waist, the large development of her hips and the magnificence of her buttocks.

    My goodness! What a glorious arse she had! Such immense, white, dimpled cheeks, smooth as ivory and as hard, projecting apart a little, and separated by a shadowy valley opened by her position so as to show her sweet little pink arsehole. A downy coronet of soft, dark hair was around it and even crept up the hollow of the valley towards her back in graceful tiny curls, while below commenced the real hair of her cunt, thick, bushy, glossy and curling, covering the sides of her lips and even part of her thighs, and spreading in most luxuriant profusion up to her navel.

    Just exert your imagination, and fancy the most beautiful, elegant and educated lady you know, and put her down in this position. Her loins deeply retiring, her arse doubly presenting its great curves, supported on wonderfully developed thighs, and then the beautiful legs and exquisitely small feet. In the middle of the picture a lovely recess-a temple of the God of Love-its moist pink inside, the delightful clitoris (betraying by its stiff projection the state of excitement the dear creature was under) and in this position, above it, the impenetrable-looking rosy dimple of her arsehole.

    Heavens! How I was excited-I could not photograph her. I stammered something about love, and felt faint and sick. She sprang up to me in a fright.

    'Oh!' I said. 'Don't be alarmed, my sweet love, I am only absolutely paralysed by the sight of your unparalleled and overpowering beauties. I cannot-I cannot…'

    But she understood quite well what I meant and said,

    'Harry, my own dear friend, you must let me do all for you that you did for Tom. I insist upon making a return for all your kindness to him as well as to me. Come, show me your prick at once, my dear fellow.'

    While she spoke her tapered fingers were busy unbuttoning me, and in an instant my wildly throbbing prick stood up in her hand. I had sunk previously on the sofa, and lay reclining in a favourable position for developing a complete view of its whole length. You remember what mine was like, old fellow, when we were at school and college. It has developed more since then; it is now not too long, but long and large enough, very well-proportioned-altogether a fair handful. Louisa was astounded both at its size and stiffness.

    'Gracious! That could never get into a woman's-what do you call it? — cunt, I think, you told me?'

    'Oh, yes, it could,' said I, 'but we must do something of less risk to you.'

    'Oh yes,' she said, 'I will do as you want-as if to Tom.'

    And in her delight at seeing it, she fondled and squeezed it. This was too much for my already over-excited state. So I said:

    'Oh! My love, cease for a moment, let us disembarrass ourselves of some of our inconvenient clothes, and then I will show you how we can best avail ourselves of your charming proposition so that you, too, my sweet love, may enjoy it at the same time.'

    She immediately complied, and took off all but her stays and chemise, while I reduced myself to my shirt. She was not at all afraid of a little tumbling with me, any more than with her two school companions, but first she made me take off my shirt that she might gaze her fill on this, her first view of a naked man. Of course, my prick and its appendages came in for her greatest attention and curiosity, but I was far too excited to defer matters, and told her she should fully indulge her curiosity after I had assuaged my bursting excitement. Accordingly I laid myself down on the rug before the fire, with a cushion under my head. I then made her turn her back to my face and kneel down across me, stooping forward so as to bring her beautiful cunt down upon my mouth while she, bending her head, could suck and frig my prick. She was au fait in a moment. So, throwing her chemise over her back, I had her glorious arse and arsehole immediately before my eyes, and my tongue instantly darted upon her clitoris, which was already standing stiffly and projecting quite an inch from the pouting lips of her delicious cunt, now wet with an incipient spend. I greedily licked it up, and sucked and rubbed her clitoris with my tongue. The twitchings and convulsive movements of her body showed how exquisitely I was exciting her. From time to time I thrust my tongue as far as it would go up her cunt, and sometimes changed it to her arsehole, which seemed to afford her more pleasure than even in her cunt. I soon felt she was approaching the blissful consummation. I thrust my forefinger up her cunt-I found no difficulty, as her school companions had already broken the hymen-and, when well-moistened, I thrust it up her arsehole. Adding its rapid movements to the agility of my tongue on her clitoris, I brought on the longed-for crisis, for which the nimble movements of her bottom, and the convulsive throbbings of her arsehole on my finger had prepared me. She covered my mouth and face with her delicious spunk as she sank the whole weight of her glorious arse down upon me. I followed her sweet delirium a moment later, for dear Louisa had been equally busy on her part although, naturally, with less skill in a manipulation so new to her. However she did uncommonly well, indeed all I could desire, even to following the example I set her by thrusting a finger up my bottom and frigging away while sucking my prick, and tickling its roots and squeezing the balls with the other hand. So that almost as soon as she poured down such a profusion of spunk upon me, I deluged her mouth with my over-gorged reservoirs of semen, which she greedily swallowed.

    She lay entranced for some time, then, raising herself up, she turned round and lay down on my belly, kissing and fondling me in the most loving and engaging manner, and hoping that she had given me as much delight as she had felt herself, although she thought it hardly possible that anything could equal the ecstasies she had so exquisitely enjoyed.

    She then turned down by my side, and began anew her inspection of my person, first regarding my prick, now reduced to a mere shadow of its former state. She was greatly surprised for, though softer when it left her mouth, it was then of considerable volume.

    I explained to her the nature of the change and of the happy adaptation of the end to the means; for what should we have done had he been always in a state of erection? Fortunately, he could be induced very easily to recover his former state, as she would quickly find if she continued to caress him in the way she was then doing.

    'Well,' she said, 'I must first admire your manly and beautiful form.' She regarded my brawny chest, all thickly covered with black hair descending over my belly until it joins that surrounding the prick, plucking the curls with her slender fingers.

    'Oh! How much more beautiful this is than the bosom of a woman,' said she. 'I greatly admire my buxom companion at school-her bosom, for a woman, is wonderfully fine-but what is it to the beauty of this? And look at this pretty hair covering your beautiful belly until it joins that of my dear friend there (giving it a pat and a gentle squeeze). But come, turn round and let me see the charms of the other side. Well, I declare, you are hair all over: arms, shoulders, thighs and legs, and here is a great bunch on each side of your buttocks. Open your legs, sir, there, the whole division is filled, and you have far more on your — what shall I call it-arsehole than I have. Oh! How manly and beautiful all this is, and what pleasure it gives to feel and embrace it all over.'

    And she passionately kissed the cheeks of my arse and even pressed her sweet lips against my arsehole. Then, begging me to stand up, she turned me round and round, with loudly expressed delight and admiration.

    I now said, 'Well, you have had your fill, without stint, of looking at my perfectly naked body. You must now indulge me with the same by taking off these jealous stays and chemise.'

    'That is only fair,' she said, and at once stripped to the skin.

    Ye Gods! What a heavenly form! Now I could gaze enraptured on its every perfection. She was absolutely perfect in figure, and developed every beauty that ever distinguished the finest statues plus the rich flesh and blood, and the most glorious incarnation, such as neither Titian nor Correggio could equal. Then the lovely contrast of the darkest brown hair and the whitest skin. Her shoulders in their noble width, her glorious breasts standing well apart and as firm as rocks, with their delicate pink nipples inviting a kiss; her beautifully rounded arms, her small waist, and the extraordinary fine swell of her hips and buttocks, of which I have already written but, which seen in an erect position, seemed still more beautiful. I ran my kisses all over her body, and could have worshipped her. Of course, she had observed that all this was rapidly producing a 'resurrection of the flesh' and stopped me that she might more closely watch the change, which had so much novel delight for her. It was soon as great in its glory as ever, and all the dalliance and toying we had both indulged in had equally excited her-indeed, more so, for before I could put her in the new position I desired, she clasped her arm round my waist and, sighing, sunk her head on my bosom and, while squeezing hard at my standing prick, she pushed her body close up to mine and spent profusely. I immediately laid her down on her back on the rug, and, opening out her legs, glued my lips to her deliciously wet cunt and licked all her spunk up, thrusting my middle finger well up her cunt, upon which it continued to throb convulsively, as she was still in the throes of her seething ecstasy.

    When the trance was over, she drew me to her bosom and our lips joined in a long kiss of satisfied desire. A little frigging and fondling soon put her in the humour for further sport. I now turned upon her and, getting my head between her thighs, I began to gamahuche her more satisfactorily, while she took my prick in her mouth and handled my balls, bottom and arsehole. I soon produced upon her a renewal of the crisis, while reserving myself for a later discharge. Wetting the middle finger of my right hand in her moist cunt, I put it up her delicious arsehole, while gently insinuating the middle finger of my left hand up her cunt. When, by the convulsive twistings of her bum and similar pressures of her thighs round my neck, I felt that the erotic crisis was at hand, I thrust both fingers backwards and forwards rapidly, and she went off with a scream of delight, and sank senseless for a few minutes. This momentary quiet enabled me to delay my own discharge for another effort in her favour.

    Oh! How beautiful it was to see this pleasure-throbbing cunt, as the profuse discharge ebbed out and ran down faster than I could lick it up and ravenously swallow it. I never tasted more delicious spunk, nor smelt a cunt with a purer aroma than the richly-adorned one over which I gloated.

    She soon recovered all her energies, which appeared to be stimulated rather than appeased by the three discharges she had already enjoyed. So at it we went, and again soon brought on the grand consummation, which this time was simultaneous. She lay for some time too entranced to move. Alas, as it was getting late, we had to cease the sweet encounter. I aided dear Louisa to dress, and with many an embrace, and many a resolution shortly to renew our past delights, and with a promise to say nothing to Tom, we parted.


    You might well be pleased with my last letter but you have merited your own reprimand. You confess to having read it with too much action of the hand, not expecting any such very racy termination, and that when it came to such delicious mouth-fucking you were obliged to spend all over your dressing-gown. All I can say is don't do so any more, but come over to see me, and I will do it for you as you did it for me when we crept into each other's beds at school.

    But I have more adventures to relate, and must hurry on. Several times Tom came to see me and, though for three or four weeks he continued to rave about Louisa, still I thought he became less interested, and that he was getting dissatisfied with not having had her yet. At last, he no longer asked me to feel him or frig him, which was all the pleasure I indulged him in, for you may well imagine that almost daily interviews with my sweet friend fully drew upon all my powers, and left me no inclination to stray to other sports.

    Our constant meetings led to renewals of every possible variety of enjoyment short of actual cunt-fucking, and I hardly yet thought her ripe enough for enculage. So I fucked between her breasts, and spent in her mouth, and fucked her in another way at which we became very expert, and which was in itself very exciting and luxurious. It was this: she knelt on the sofa, with her head down on the cushion and her knees apart. I knelt behind and, pushing my prick along the length of her cunt, without entering, she placed the wetted palm of one hand below its knob and the upper part of my prick, pressing it firmly against her clitoris and the partially-divided lips. Thus, you see, it formed a sheath for my standing weapon, in which I began my thrusts to and fro, giving her the most delightful friction on both her clitoris and the lips of her cunt, which speedily moistened my shaft almost as much as if actually ensheathed therein, especially as her extended hand pressed its whole length. I can assure you, the deception is almost complete; a novice might readily fancy he was doing the real thing, so nearly true is the sensation produced when once the prick gets thoroughly moistened by the rapid spending of a hot, passionate woman like my darling Louisa. She declared that the mere idea of its being an actual man's prick that was frigging her clitoris and, at the same time, deliciously rubbing between the pouting lips of her cunt, enhanced enormously the pleasure, and made it more ecstatic than any other way; in fact, she said it made her spend continuously. To me it was also exciting from the commanding view it gave over her magnificent arse which, only in this way, could be fully seen in all its glory of form and size and in its lascivious movements, just as if I had been really within her lovely cunt. I seized her hips, and drew her arse backwards and forwards against my belly, and held it pressed tight upon it when spending. This became our favourite method, and Louisa became so expert that I sometimes almost imagined that I had slipped into her cunt.

    Nor had I quite neglected the opportunity of enriching my collection of photographs, this time without making Tom a participator in their possession. The lovely girl lent herself to every fancy I could conceive. I took her in every attitude, not forgetting the exquisite one, the excitement of which in the first instance had disabled me from completing. I took her standing, reposing, front, back, sideways, foreshortened and, to complete my collection, I took enlarged views of her breasts, her backside with its magnificent buttocks and a full view of her lovely cunt. Then, reversing the picture, I took her on her back with her legs held aloft, showing all her cunt, with hair up to the navel, down to her thighs, and round her arsehole, all of which were seen in full enlarged proportion. You may suppose these were not shown to Tom, but kept for my own private enjoyment. But never an artist in this world had such a lovely and willing model to work from; she lent herself not only readily, but did so with a just conception of what I wanted that was quite extraordinary. Still she always looked forward to her eventual marriage with Tom although, had circumstances permitted, I fancied I could easily have cut him out.

    About this time Louisa was taken for two or three weeks to the seaside, and I was left alone. The thought of the beauties of Tom's person sometimes recurred to me, and I contemplated taking advantage of the state of widowhood in which Louisa's absence had left me but, to my surprise, Tom never made his appearance.

    Louisa returned, and you can easily picture to yourself with what eagerness we renewed our ecstatic pleasures. At the same time she became very unhappy at Tom's estrangement, which neither of us could account for. About a fortnight after her return, she came to me one day in a state of lamentable distress. She seemed indifferent to amorous caresses, and on my pressing her to confide her evident cares to me, she at last confessed that, while visiting a poor person one night, she had seen Tom with a tall girl entering a house of ill-fame. Here she threw her arms round my neck and sobbed and wept as if her heart would break. I embraced and consoled her as best I could, promising to ferret out the whole truth for her, and telling her that I was sure there was some mystery about the affair which, when cleared up, would not be so painful to her. I swore by her beauteous self that I would never rest until I could satisfy her it was so, and promised that she might fully trust in me. She smiled through her tears and tenderly kissed me, saying that I was a dear good fellow, that she really loved me.

    I threw my arms round her waist, drew her onto my knee and, while embracing and lovingly kissing her petticoats, I sought the well-known spot, causing a revulsion in her feelings. She threw her arms round me and said,

    'My darling Harry, I have long deprived you of the last favour a woman can give, reserving it for that ingrate Tom, but now I am determined he shan't have it, so you must fuck me directly.'

    Knowing that a woman, when piqued, will do anything to be revenged against the man who piques her, I endeavoured to reason her out of the idea, but, obstinate like all her sex, she persisted in her design. In fact, as she held my throbbing and fiercely standing prick in her hand, she had an ally that pleaded strongly in her favour. Still my prudence — and shall I say my desire- urged a middle course.

    'What is that?' she said.

    'My darling, you have two gates within which love can enter to offer up this sacrifice: your exquisite cunt, and your no less delicious arsehole. Now, I can commence in the former and, after moistened, I can then slide into the other without giving you too much pain, and there spend in perfect security of leaving no fruit behind.'

    'But how is it possible this great thick stiff thing can get in where your finger seems to fill all up?' 'Oh!' I said. 'Rest easy on that score. It will, perhaps, hurt a little at first entrance but, by going slowly, and halting occasionally, the pain goes off, and it will enter completely, and then the pleasure begins and increases, and as I shall frig you in the cunt at the same time, you will eventually experience an excessive delight that will be almost unbearable.'

    'But how do you know all that?'

    'Because, my dear, I have myself experienced it.'

    'Oh! You naughty man! But you shall do whatever you like, only I will have this dear prick to be the first to enter my cunt. I can tell you it has been a severe trial not to have done so long ago; but I reserved that enjoyment for that ungrateful creature, and now I am as equally determined that he shall not be the first to have me. So, come along, I am longing to engulf this charming fellow within the folds of a cunt that has long thirsted for him.'

    You may easily credit me, when I say I was nothing loath. So, placing a pillow for her head, and a cushion for her arse, I laid her down on the hearth-rug and, after first gamahuching her until she spent, which was in a very few minutes in her excited state, and leaving all her spunk on the lips and inside, I mounted her. Then, rubbing the point of my prick two or three times up and down, so as to open the pouting lips, I directed it to the charming entrance, and slowly and deliciously pushed it quite up to the hilt. It was very tight, but there was no hymen to break, and the gentleness with which I urged its progress gave nothing but pleasure to the dear girl who, in fact, could not restrain expressions of delight as I progressed in the introduction of its entire length.

    'Oh! My God! How delightful, my dear fellow. Go on… go on. It is better and better. Oh! How delicious! There, I feel you up to my heart.'

    I had just got up to the hilt. I waited a minute or two, and then commenced with slow movements, drawing my prick nearly out and then thrusting it forward again. I had not made three or four of these moves when, with a scream of delight, I felt the dear girl pour down a perfect flood of hot boiling spunk, which rushed out all over my balls, drawing them up close to the root of my prick from the exciting warmth of the luscious liquid. I was obliged to keep perfectly still; the excitement was so great that I must have spent at once if I had made the least movement. The convulsive throbbings of her delicious cunt were almost sufficient to make me do so for I found she had that rare and natural gift of throbbing compressions, which we call the 'nippers' and the French la casse noisette, a gift as rare to women as it is exquisite delight to men. I have known elderly men who have never met with it, although it has been my luck to meet with it pretty frequently. I remember fucking two sisters, both blessed with this capability, and it was their ambition to excel each other in this delightful power.

    It was not only in the power of 'nipping' that my beloved Louisa excelled, but there was a peculiar running and varied pressure or suction which seemed to embrace continuously the whole weapon as if it were in a velvet sheath with a mechanical action quite indescribable. She lay entranced for some time and then, oh, how she kissed and thanked me for the delight I had given her. She hugged me close to her bosom and, throwing both her legs over my loins, she began a most exciting and active movement. I remained almost passive, wishing to give her one more spend before I quitted the luxurious and lascivious recess in which I revelled with such delight. It did not require many seconds for, excited by having a prick really in her cunt, her passions ran riot and again she went off in the delicious crisis with cries of delight, even more passionate than the first time.

    Again I remained soaking in the delicious lubricity of her cunt, which throbbed even more lasciviously than before. I had, fortunately, mastered the movements of my prick, or I must have spent where I was, but knowing the danger it might be for my sweet friend, I had retained sufficient power over myself. We again began the soft dalliance that precedes the action of love and when I found her passions once more awakened and fully active, I withdrew my steaming prick from its delightful abode, and directed its point to the rosy and beautiful aperture behind. I had previously introduced first one finger, and then two, well-wetted during our previous encounters, and had still two in when I withdrew my prick from her sweet cunt so that the way, to a certain extent, was prepared; and as my dick was well-covered to the very roots with the spunk she had so plentifully bedewed me with, I found less difficulty than might have been expected. Besides, the very fucking produces a natural moisture in both entrances, and it always adds to the facility of entering a woman's arsehole to fuck her in the cunt previously.

    Well, I glided in without much difficulty and, although she begged me to stop once or twice for a minute or so, the complete insertion was effected, it might almost be said, without pain. I then rested a minute or two. After that, passing my arm round her belly, I frigged her clitoris and, with the other hand gently pinching one of the rosy buttons of her breasts, a thing that gave her great additional excitement, I proceeded to move gently to and fro. Once her passion was excited, she became furious to have the utmost I could give her, and urged me to be as vigorous in my thrusts as I could make them. Her libidinous cries were most exciting.

    'Push it in, my dear fellow… faster… frig me well. Oh! It is overpowering. Oh! Oh! Shove harder. Ah! That is right, push your finger up my cunt. Oh! My God! I can't bear it, it is too much. I die! I die! Oh! Oh!'

    And off she went at the very moment that I poured a full volley of spunk right up her guts. My finger at the last moment thrust up her cunt had added to the pressure on my prick through the thin lining that separated me from the interior of her cunt. Never, never, did I experience such exquisite pleasure. I had now the additional compression of the muscles of her arsehole to the 'nippers' of her cunt. I lay entranced and so excited that my prick hardly did more than slightly soften. That continued compression quickly brought it to a stand once more and as I had not withdrawn, I began to move very slowly backwards and forwards, moving my finger from the inside of her cunt to her stiff clitoris. She, nothing loath, wanted little to re-excite her, and once more we plunged into the wild delirium of the completest and most intoxicating pleasures of coition and lascivious delight. When the grand crisis came, which it did simultaneously, she sank forward in a state of bliss. I fell with her, my prick still in, and lay almost senseless; we actually fell into a short slumber and awoke with my prick still a prisoner in her exquisite, delight-giving arsehole, in which it was held tightly engulfed up to the very root by the superb constrictive power possessed by my lovely and loving gaoler. It required a good pull to draw it out of the delightful bonds by which it was so firmly held and it emerged with a 'plop,' as a cork comes from a well-corked bottle.

    We laughed heartily at the idea and, turning face to face, we lay clasped in each other's arms; our lips met in long and loving kisses and mutual suckings of our tongues; in fact, billing and cooing like two fond doves for some time before we could find words to express the mutual ecstasies which had enraptured all our senses in the wildest transports of love and lust.

    Louisa, the dear sweet girl, fondly pressing me to her still pounding heart, declared she knew no words equal to describing the rapturous and voluptuous joys with which I had filled her until her very soul thrilled with delight.

    'And do you know, you dear sweet fellow, that the exquisite sensations produced by your spunking in me behind, were of such overpowering, nay, maddening rapture, that it seemed as if it must annihilate me! I wonder if your spending in my cunt would be equal to the excessive and perfect delirium of pleasure you gave me in spunking into the other entrance. Before Tom marries me, you, my dear Harry, shall spunk into my cunt, for I am determined he shall now not be the first in any way, the ungrateful fellow.'

    But she had now taken her revenge, and could talk over more reasonably his apparent infidelity and the seeming mystery of the tall girl she had seen him with under such suspicious circumstances. She had really loved Tom, although, doubtless, our delightful and salacious intercourse had considerably weakened her earlier affections. But the world knew they were intended for each other and, woman-like, she could not bear the idea of being 'planted'-the bitterest pill a woman can swallow. Thus she was not inclined to make the breach irreparable.

    'Besides, my dear Harry, I shall have the satisfaction and the pleasure of revenging myself as often as we can meet, and not alone for that, but because I have learnt to love you dearly, you charming fellow. You will, won't you, fuck me as often as we can possibly meet, for you have become inexpressibly dear to me.'

    And so we did and do; and you may be sure I swore to love her always and ever gratify her every wish.

    She remained a few days after this, which we employed in renewing the exquisite scenes I have already described, and then she returned home with her aunt, who had only come up for a few days on family matters. Our last meeting was distinguished by an excess of efforts, each one more lascivious than the last. I spent five times, and I really believe she made up a dozen. We reluctantly withdrew from our close embraces, and I aided her to dress. When quite ready to go, she threw herself once more into my arms and, putting her hand on my shrunken and still damp prick, for I was perfectly naked, said,

    'Harry, my love, you must indulge me once more in letting me suck this dear fellow, and receive a sweet mouthful of his delicious spunk. You know it is some time since I had that delight.'

    'But, my love, you must let me purify myself first; remember where it has just come from.'

    'No! No! No!' she said, 'I must have it as it is; is it not from my own body that it is so bedewed? There, stand, but turn your bottom; now stoop.'

    She opened the cheeks of my arse, kissed my arsehole and pushed her tongue in as far as it would go, which was so keen an excitement that I felt my almost exhausted prick begin to show some signs of renewed life. After toying thus for a short time, she wetted the entrance with her saliva and wetting also her finger, thrust it in as far as she could. Then, turning me round, she took the whole of my still soft prick into her mouth up to the very root, and while she worked her finger rapidly in my arsehole, she rolled about my prick in her mouth, and sucked it with a salacious lubricity as exciting as it is rare to find. It could not fail to respond quickly to such lustful wantonness, and stood as stiff as ever. Then, grasping its root with her free hand, she continued her exquisite manipulations, and soon brought down the delicious discharge with such excess of pleasure that I thought I should have fainted, and could hardly keep my legs.

    The dear creature greedily swallowed all, and continued to suck until not a drop was left. She arose, smacking her lips, and declared it was sweeter than ever.

    We then parted and I promised to look after Tom until her return.


    A gap in the correspondence occurs here; Louisa has returned and Tom and she are meeting at Harry's studio

    I closed my last letter with an intimation that we turned in for a delicious night. It was so in fact. My darling Louisa, like all her sex who have committed an infidelity to us, seemed to grow doubly loving and endearing in her caresses. I don't think we ever enjoyed a more delicious or lengthened fuck than we had after our first endearing embraces.

    Louisa excelled herself in the salacious lubricity of her serpentlike movements. There was a greater suppleness of body, and an intertwining of our limbs in a closer conjunction than we had ever before experienced.

    We seemed to quite grow to each other and, when the last grand crisis came, our very souls seemed to exhale, and we sank closely embraced in a death-like languor of perfectly satisfied lust; without a movement we both fell into a long and deep sleep, which our previous double encounter had well earned.

    I awoke late in the morning, still soaking in that most exquisite and delicious cunt, which had retained me in the grasp of its velvety folds with unfailing tenacity.

    My prick was, as usual in the morning, already in a state of vigorous stiffness, and I gradually awakened my beloved mistress with the gentle titillations of a slow movement. She opened her lovely eyes, and turned them in all their force of love and lust, to press her lips to mine. Our tongues were not idle; our hands wandered over all our mutual beauties. The torch of love fired our souls; our bodies united in action to extinguish Cupid's flames.

    On recovering our senses, we rose for a few necessary minutes and then rushed once more into each other's longing and loving arms, again to dash on love's furious course, and die again in all the agonies of satisfied desire. Once more, but this time in her delicious arsehole, did I quench the raging lust she so easily excited.

    We had a most delicious arse-fuck, quite as much enjoyed by Louisa as by myself. Then rising, we purified ourselves, dressed and sat down to a reinvigorating breakfast, with appetites worthy of the plates set before us. After this we arranged that she should come to me on both the following days, and also on the third an hour before Tom's arrival, so that we might renew the sweet combats of love which were so dear to us both. She left me, and the light seemed to depart from my studio.

    I have grown to love that dear girl beyond any love I have ever felt before, and it is only the certainty that I shall continue to enjoy her quite as freely as I do now that reconciles me to letting Tom have her.

    Tom came to me in the evening, and raved about his beloved Louisa. The after-thoughts of the joys she had yielded him, and the exquisite beauties of her form and figure, had seemed to him since to surpass the reality, and now his whole soul was absorbed in the idea of again enjoying such exquisite delights.

    I was glad to see that all his old affection for that dear girl had returned in increased force, so that we might be able to mould him to our will in every way. He was very anxious to shorten the interval, but I told him it was too late to do that, and that since only two days more were to intervene he must put up with it.

    When he was leaving me, I told him I was going out for the whole of the two following days, so that it would be useless his calling up to see me. This was a precaution in case he should come when my charming Louisa was with me. Not that Tom would have greatly objected to finding me in possession (for he would have cut in himself), but I did not wish to be interrupted in the sole possession of that enchanting creature, to whom I was getting more and more attached.

    The angelic girl did not fail to be with me on the following day. She came without any corset, drawers, or other encumbrances, so that we stripped in a trice and, rushing into each other's arms, closely entwined our naked bodies until the junction was complete, indulging in every salacious enjoyment that the most libidinous lubricity could suggest. Nor did we cease until exhausted powers on my side forced me to desist, but twice, after I could no more, I satisfied the still raging lust of my beloved mistress by a double gamahuche, in which I did not spare her delicious arsehole.

    We parted to meet again the next day, again to dash on passion's furious course, but this time Louisa insisted on beginning with a mutual gamahuche, as she declared it was quite an age since she had had the pleasure of sucking my prick until she had extracted the delicious cream, of which she longed for a mouthful.

    She had often sucked it up to standing when it had become somewhat lazy in coming to the scratch, but in general had been too eager to get it into her cunt as soon as she had thus re-invigorated it. However now she soon extracted all it could give, and greedily swallowed the rush of spunk I poured into her mouth. I followed suit in licking up the dear, delicious overflow of her own spendings.

    We continued caressing and sucking our generative organs until we had achieved the desired effect (I must say twice in her case to my once) and then we commenced as on the day before, stimulating ourselves by every erotic device to surpass, if possible, the rapturous joys of yesterday's encounter.

    The following day Tom was to be with us. Louisa came two hours early, and again did I five times renew the combat in Cupid's arena, pouring libations of sperm into her mouth, cunt, and arsehole, each coup seeming more exquisite than the last. In this way I was able to bear much more philosophically leaving her in Tom's possession. I coolly smoked my pipe and, I believe, even dozed off during the two hours that Tom was satisfying his raging lust. I had even to go to them to let them know it was time for Louisa to leave.

    I found them in the very midst of a most active fuck and unobserved by them, saw their glorious bodies in all the fury of lust most vigorously sacrificing to Priapus. Their very souls were in their work, and I could see by the unrestrained movements of her body that Louisa not only seconded him, but was really in excessive enjoyment herself, her animal passions being apparently as much excited as if I myself were fucking her.

    This somewhat grated on my feelings, and I believe I showed it in a kind of unpleasant tone of voice with which, when they had run their course, for I was not cruel enough to interrupt it, I bade them get up and let Louisa go home.

    The dear girl spoke to me next day about it. She had, with all a woman's instinct, exactly guessed my feelings. She threw herself into my arms, and weeping, said,

    'Forgive me, my darling Harry, I love but you in my inmost heart, but my passions are strong. Tom is not only very handsome, but his power of pleasing a woman in love's combat is great, and I cannot resist the influence it gives him over my passions. Nay, my dear Harry, as I am confessing, I fear if I had neither of you, I would take up with whatever I could find, for I am so constituted I feel I cannot live without fucking. Even our delicious play before Tom's arrival only served to whet my appetite for more. I had already found how delicious it was to repossess you after Tom had fucked me on the last occasion, and I must confess our previous fucking yesterday made me enjoy Tom more than I ever expected. I am now convinced that the greatest erotic pleasure a lustful woman can receive is to have a second man fuck her as soon as she has exhausted a first one. Yesterday, I would have given the world to have rushed from Tom's arms, after the last really delicious fuck, into yours, and had your more powerful and beloved prick again into me. You must forgive me, my darling Harry, but the more I am fucked the lewder I get, and I must confess that sometimes I think I should like to have a third, and even a fourth man to fuck me, one after another. I long to be married to Tom, that we may soon have what you promised me, the society of your friend Charlie to join in orgies with Tom and you. I sometimes picture how delicious it would be to suck your delicious prick and extract its sweets, while lying on your friend Charlie's prick and leaving my bottom-hole to Tom, who never ceases imploring me to let him have it. Forgive me, my love, that I thus at once open out my inmost feelings to you. It may hurt at this moment a little of your amour propre, but on reflection you will see it is much better for us both to fully understand each other's innermost mind. We shall doubly enjoy in the end every desire that the wildest lust can suggest. You won't love your Louisa less, I am sure, my dear Harry, for thus unreservedly laying open her heart to you. I feel you will look on it in its proper light, and love and enjoy me all the more for my candid confession.'

    She was right-a certain pressure at the heart showed that the first few words that conveyed her meaning somewhat grated on my feelings, but as she more fully explained her ideas, I began to see how natural they were, and how proper to so deliciously lustful a creature as she was. Also I saw what a proof of her love and esteem for me was this very confession she was making.

    When she had finished, I owned how rightly she had guessed my yesterday's feelings-how her kind confession had caused, at first, a somewhat similar sensation, but that now I was a convert to her every sentiment; that my life should in future be spent in lending myself to forward her every caprice, and helping in the indulgence of her most salacious lust, which, in fact, was the very cause of the exquisite raptures she had such delicious power of conferring on those fortunate enough to be allowed possession of her superb charms.

    'Oh! My beloved Harry, now I know you fully understand me. We shall doubly enjoy every whim and caprice my lust and longing can conceive or execute.'

    It will readily be imagined that after the establishment of such a mutual confidence, our scene of lust was of the wildest. The dear girl, when I was stripped naked, flung herself on my body and kissed and nibbled me from head to foot in the most salacious and exciting way. She sucked my bottom-hole, licked my balls and, nearly maddening me with lust, seized at last my prick in her mouth just in time to receive the first libation, which she continued to suck out until not a drop would come.

    I was not idle myself with either mouth or hands. I had nibbled at her nipples, most exciting to her, I had bitten her glorious arse until it had actually bled and I had, like her, shoved my tongue up her arsehole, and then received her delicious spend in my mouth, when I saw, by the convulsive wriggling of her loins, that the ecstatic moment was at hand.

    This was but the prelude to the utmost excess in every other indulgence. I excelled every former effort, and at last sank senseless and powerless for more. Never, never before did that dear girl show such excess of lust, or power of satisfying it.


    I ended my last letter at a moment of utter prostration from the excess of lubricity I was then describing. Since then dear Louisa has devoted several days to ourselves, as well as three or four to Tom. We managed for her apparently to leave the house, but in reality to slip back into a snug little room. I then got rid of Tom very rapidly, and gratified that dear girl's letch in fresh fucking her while still awash with all the plenteous streams of sperm that Tom had injected into her. I began in her charming heated cunt, then twice in her delicious arsehole, for the previous plenteous fucking she had had rendered her intent upon having it that way. For it must be remembered, she strenuously resisted all Tom's entreaties for permission to fuck her in that exquisite pleasure-giving aperture. As I had always had her three or four times before Tom came, I was thus enabled to satisfy the fiery passions of that charming creature, who revelled in all the libidinous raptures of such double fucking, the intermediate action of Tom sufficing to afford time to renew my vigour and stimulate me to more potent action by the very thought of plunging into her sperm-filled cunt. To Louisa it was like a fresh prick, and she would shut her eyes and call me her dear Fred, or any name that came first to her mind, which, she said, made her fancy it was a third fresh prick fucking her.

    The dear girl declared she thought she could satisfy half a dozen men. Since she has made me her confidant as to her ardent and lustful nature, we have often stimulated our passions by various imaginings of being others and of pretended actions with others, in which one has tried to excel the other in imagining new forms and positions of the lewdest kind.

    With all the superior imagination of her sex, she far outstripped me in the forms and even persons brought into action in these imaginary scenes. She said now that I had so deliciously initiated her in all love's mysteries, she could imagine not only the intense pleasure of variety and even of number at once, but she felt as if a nearer relationship to the operator, or operators, would thus add stimulus to the passion and lust of the coition.

    'I will imagine you to be my cousin, my uncle, my brother, even my father; come to my arms, then, my beloved brother Fred, and let me teach your young prick all the delights a longing cunt can give it. Oh! That is it, my beloved brother. How stiff and hard your prick is.'

    I had lent myself to her deception, and the idea of the incest had excited me to the utmost.

    'That is it,' she wildly cried, 'shove it in well, it is all your own; both were once in a similar cell-oh! Make the most of it-oh! Darling brother, I feel you coming. Oh! Oh! Oh!' and she died away in all the excited agony such a conjunction gave her.

    When we came to our senses, she asked me how her incestuous idea pleased me.

    'It excited me beyond measure, my darling girl; I even entered so much into your idea that I fancied myself indeed your brother, and the thought that I was committing incest added to the raging lust your idea already raised.'

    She laughed in a peculiar way, which afterwards she explained to me. She said that if the idea of incest was an excitement to me, she would try and improve upon that idea. With her wonderful power of re-awakening desire, I was soon in a position to renew our libidinous combats.

    'This time,' she said, 'I shall kneel, and you must fuck me in the cunt as my brother again and once impaled I will imagine and direct the rest.'

    So, after endearing embraces as brother and sister, she conducted my excited and willing prick again into her delicious and juicy cunt. Then, telling me to insert two fingers into her charming arsehole, she began her incestuous imaginings.

    'Oh, my beloved brother Fred, that's right; let me sheathe your charming prick in my cunt while I leave my arsehole for my dear father's longing prick.'

    Then, supposing my two fingers to be her father's prick, she cried out,

    'Oh, my darling father, do make your standing prick a little stiffer and thicker, and fuck me well behind.'

    I understood her meaning. Withdrawing my fingers a little, I introduced a third, and thrust them in as far they would go.

    'Oh! That is it, my darling John, give me all your delicious cock, and shove it in as far as it will go in unison with dear Fred.'

    And so, under the idea of double incest, the delicious creature consummated another sacrifice, and we both died away in the wildest excitement of unutterable lust.

    It was in such imaginary scenes of every sort of lust and libidinous excitement that we revelled, until they maddened us to excesses beyond my strength, although Louisa remained as lustful as ever, and I was fain to substitute gamahuching for fucking.

    I must not forget to tell you that we had not forgotten the necessity of remedying all these excesses in case they should have ended in getting Louisa with child. It had been decided in council with Tom that he should at once go down to Louisa's father and propose an early marriage; and as Tom was in reality a very good parti for his daughter, and they had already sanctioned courting, there could be no doubt of an acceptance of his suit.

    The father generally resided at a very pretty country house with extensive grounds not far from Rouen. Tom went down, whilst Louisa and I improved his absence; and it is needless to say, he succeeded to his utmost wishes. A month afterwards the marriage was to take place. Louisa was to remain with her aunt, and then, a week before the happy day, she was to go home, where the marriage was to be celebrated. I was to be best man, but Louisa cleverly managed to get me an invitation to pass the previous week with them, on the plea of taking anticipatory portraits of the family as souvenirs of the happy event. I was also to be her escort from Paris. You may suppose what a prospect of enjoyment this opened out. Until then we continued our excessive delights with an allowed participation, every three days, of poor Tom, who fancied he was sole possessor, but to do him justice, I must say, he always regretted Louisa's obstinacy in refusing my participation.

    'But never mind, Harry,' he used to say, 'when once she is my wife, and we have settled in Paris, by hook or by crook, I'll make her have you. Besides, you know,' said he, 'when you are fucking her on top of you, I will surprise her arsehole, and be into it.'


    At last the day arrived when my beloved Louisa and I were to proceed to her father's house. We had purposely named to all our friends in Paris the day before that on which we were really expected at her home, so that we might stay on the road and have one last night of uninterrupted indulgence in our passionate love of each other.

    We fixed upon the pretty village of Rosny, not far from the Vernon Station, for the place of our last delicious sole enjoyment of our lascivious revels in love's domains.

    We had a pleasant run down to Vernon. I had been there myself before to choose our quarters, and had found a nice, clean country auberge, the landlord himself being the cook. A carriage was waiting for us, and a very nice dinner was served up shortly after our arrival. We had, however, already improved the occasion, and had one delicious gamahuche, followed by an exquisite fuck which, combined with our journey, so sharpened our appetites that we did ample justice to the really good dinner set before us.

    Being a delicious summer evening, we got permission from our landlord to stroll through the very pretty ornamental grounds of the Chateau de Rosny, formerly in the possession of the of the Duchesse de Berry. We found a delightful terrace, at least half a mile long, overlooking the River Seine, charming bosquets, and at the far end a sort of pavilion summer-house, with divans round two sides.

    Louisa suggested that these had doubtless often been used by the lecherous duchess, who was well-known for her varied amours, and giving me a lascivious glance, fairly invited me to rival those who had been there before. I was already about to propose the very thing and, as the low height of the couches, as well as their breadth, suggested a kneeling position, Louisa knelt down. I turned up her clothes well over her back, and the whole beauty of her glorious arse became exposed to my ardent gaze. I stooped and gamahuched her, but she was already so excited with her reminiscences of the duchess's loves, that I had hardly got my tongue fairly on her clitoris before she spent profusely. Giving one good lick up, I left the greater portion to lubricate the passage and, bringing my stiff-standing prick to the entrance, I rubbed it up and down the lips preparatory to a plunge at once up to the hilt. Dear Louisa gave a scream of delight as she felt the glowing mass plough its way violently forward until my belly came with a rush against her splendid buttocks. I begged her to frig herself, as I should otherwise lose the delightful view of her glorious arse in all the amorous action she so deliciously exercised when love's dart was buried in her rapture-giving cunt; besides which, my upright position enabled me to frig her charming arsehole, and thus add to the pleasure my straining prick was yielding to her cunt. There never was a more imaginative creature than my darling Louisa. She cried out,

    'Harry, my love, call me your darling Duchess, and I will call you my Deutz.' (The Jewish lover who was supposed to be the real father of the Count de Chambord, and who afterwards, from jealousy, was her betrayer in Brittany.)

    I immediately complied, and the dear girl lent herself to the deception and, I really believe, spent twice more than she otherwise would have done. Certain it is that she went off at once with a scream of delight when I cried out,

    'Oh! My beloved Duchess, my adored Caroline, do you feel your Deutz's prick up to the hilt in your royal cunt?'

    My continued action, and the keeping up of the deception, soon excited her again into a state of the wildest lust, and she spent profusely a second time. I purposely held myself in, so that I was enabled to get her once more so excited that when I was ready to come we both simultaneously spent together-I crying out,

    'My adored Duchess, do you feel the torrent of sperm I am driving into your royal interior?'

    'Yes, oh yes! My darling Deutz, shove your glorious prick into my cunt as far it will go, bollocks and all, if possible.'

    The dear girl, in the extremity of her salacious lust, gave me such excessive pressures with her great power in that way that I felt nerved at once to further efforts, and after a few pushes more in her delicious cunt, I suddenly withdrew, and plunged into the smaller aperture of her stupendous arse. She met my plunge with a backward push, so that belly and buttocks met with a shock most exciting.

    'Ah! That is it, darling Deutz, you know my arsehole is for you alone. His Royal Highness the Duke has never been allowed entrance that way-so it is all your own. But frig me, dear Deutz, and shove a finger or two up my cunt.'

    In this way my darling Louisa doubly enjoyed our libidinous pastime. Again thrice did she yield the sweet nectar of her spunk before I was ready to meet her in the ecstatic crisis.

    After soaking in bliss for some minutes I withdrew, and the dear angel, turning quickly round before I could put my prick into my trousers seized it in her mouth and sucked it clean, declaring that it was sweeter than ever, and had given her the most exquisite delight in her assumed character.

    We recommenced our stroll, enjoying the exquisite beauty of the evening. The moon had risen and increased the charm of the scene. We lingered on, listening to the chorus of the nightingales. We turned in to one of the shady bowers and sat down to enjoy the harmony. Dear Louisa thought, from the commodious and comfortable lounging seats, that this too must have witnessed the loves of the amorous duchess, and asked if her Deutz would not again embrace her.

    'Ah! My beloved Caroline, ever and at all times your royal cunt is dear to me.'

    And precipitating myself into her arms, she drew out my ready standing prick, and we had another delicious fuck, the dear girl's fancy exciting her so much that she declared it made her spend continuously.

    Notwithstanding these preliminary exercises, we nevertheless managed to run six courses during the night and morning. We were in no hurry to rise, as we were not expected to be at Rouen before four o'clock. The dear creature excelled herself in all the libidinous contrivances to excite and keep alive our powers of fucking and enjoyment of every lustful idea. She must have spent more than twice as often as I did.

    We were fortunate in finding an empty coupe in the train, of which we took possession and, before arriving at Rouen, had made it a boudoir of love, and twice sacrificed to Priapus on both his loved altars.

    Louisa had told me it would be necessary to be on our guard at her home. She told me she could manage somehow or other for us to meet occasionally, but I must leave it to her to give me the signal when that could be the case.

    We found her brother Frederick waiting with the carriage for us. Their greeting was most affectionate and warm. I found him a very-handsome, well-built young man of between sixteen and seventeen years of age, and strikingly like his sister. Louisa introduced me. He was most frank in his address, and said he was delighted to make my acquaintance, as he had long wished to see me from the frequent mention his sister had made of me in her letters home.

    We had an enjoyable drive of about an hour and a half from Rouen to their father's house, which was beautifully situated on one of the well-wooded, rolling hills of the neighbourhood.

    We reached the house half an hour before dinner. Papa and Mamma, and a younger sister Sophie, about fifteen and a half years old and as lovely as Hebe, were at the door to receive us.


    I found myself the guest of a most charming and agreeable family. The father was a fine, handsome man of fifty-one years of age. His wife, quite fifteen years younger, was becoming plump. She was, however, evidently in the full force of health and strength, and although somewhat too prominent in bosom and belly, one could see by her remarkably fine arms how firm her flesh was. It was evident also that her arse must be of stupendous proportions. Her step was firm and elastic, her feet small, and altogether she gave you the impression of a most desirable woman who would take the stiffness out of any man. I at once marked her down for a determined attack. It will be seen in the future how far I succeeded.

    I have already named the brother Frederick and the exquisite young sister Sophie. After dinner and coffee we adjourned to the salon, in which I found various musical instruments, for the family were eminently musical. The two sisters sat down to the piano, while Frederick took out a flute, and the father a violoncello, and we had several concert pieces played with great skill and effect. After which the mother took her harp, which suited well her fully-developed figure, and sang a delightful song with much skill and feeling. She was followed by a duet of the two sisters, my darling Louisa taking her mother's place at the harp, upon which instrument she was as skilful as on the piano.

    It may easily be supposed that the evening passed away much too quickly. At eleven we retired to rest. I was very glad to have a quiet night after the severe drain on my resources of the last three days, and it may readily be supposed that I thoroughly enjoyed the excellent bed and bedroom in which they had lodged me.

    The next day we passed the forenoon in walks about the grounds, and after luncheon in a charming drive through picturesque countryside to show me their neighbourhood. Again we had after dinner a repetition of music and singing, with somewhat more conversation, and I again retired to a solitary couch to sleep soundly.

    Next day I began my series of photographic portraits, commencing with Papa, of whom I made three poses-all very successful. I next took Frederick in three poses. My reason for photographing the males first was, if possible, to tire out the rest of the family. The first day all were present, the next day only Mamma and Louisa, the day after only Mamma, when I photographed Sophie. Then I had Mamma all to myself, as I had given Louisa a hint to keep her sister away. This enabled me to pay all the attention I desired to the mother. I took care to alter her pose so as to give me the excuse of handling her arms and limbs by which I assured myself of the firmness of their flesh, and I took care, accidentally, to feel the wonderful solidity of her buttocks. I did not let slip the opportunity of apparently spontaneous expressions of admiration at her fine and fully developed form. I could see that the flattery was received with delight, and augured well of future success when opportunity should afford. I even hinted what a splendid photograph she would make with a little less covering and a greater abandon of pose. That appeared to please her vastly, to judge by her manner, but she made no remark at the time.

    In these days I had made myself perfect master of all the ins and outs of the house.

    Louisa's bedroom was somewhat apart from the others, with a door from her dressing-room opening into a passage leading to the water-closet, an arrangement that appeared convenient for access, as one might be supposed to be intent upon a natural want, when in reality bent upon a very different game.

    She had given me two short and ineffective meetings in the grounds, where, in a stooping position, she had merely enabled me to hurriedly let off my superfluous steam.

    I urged her to allow me to come at night by the convenient door in the water-closet passage, but she said that must not be, and that for further complete indulgence we must wait until her return to Paris after her marriage.

    There appeared to me to be some mystery in all this, and I determined, if possible, to unravel it. So, on the day I had photographed her mother, knowing that Louisa had gone out with Sophie to keep her away, I took the opportunity to visit and closely examine Louisa's bedroom and dressing-room. Both rooms had inner baize-covered doors, so that when the outer doors were locked nothing could be heard within; but above the inner door of the dressing-room was a timbre, as the French would call it, a sort of bell that only gives one response when pulled. There was on each side of the window of the dressing-room a sort of cupboard wardrobe: the left hand one was full of clothes, the other had half of the lower part fitted with a hinged lid, which, at first, I thought was a water closet seat, but on lifting the lid I found it was only a depot for dirty linen; there were pegs above, but nothing hung on them. As this was close to the door of communication with the bedroom, which opened against the bedroom window, this closet, unless the door of communication was quite shut, commanded a view of the bed and parts adjacent.

    It was the very place in which to hide: I immediately ran to my room and, getting my gimlet without which I never travel (as it is convenient to bore holes into neighbouring rooms, and thus I have made many pleasing discoveries) I returned and, judging where to bore, made two holes, one of which commanded the dressing-room and the other the bed, amp;c, of the other room. I then possessed myself of the key, so that once within I could, as I found, lock myself in. Thus fully prepared, I mounted to the top of the house, where there was an additional small storey as a belvedere, or fine prospect point. This completely commanded the grounds. I wished to see if I could discover what had become of Sophie and Louisa, that I might join them. But I saw much more than I expected, and which made me rejoice that I had taken the precautions I have mentioned.

    In an enclosed space, unobservable from all points except the great elevation where I found myself, I beheld the two sisters with their brother Fred. The three were lying on a grassy slope and the two girls had their petticoats drawn up; Fred was comparing and handling their hairy cunts. Even at the distance I was, I could make out the dark mass of Louisa's splendid fleece. Sophie evidently was more slightly provided by comparison. I saw Fred stoop and kiss both cunts, and then the girls jumped up and shook their petticoats down as if to prevent further proceedings in so unguarded a place. Fred felt each of their bottoms, and then they disappeared among the trees.

    Oho, I said to myself, I see how the wind blows. No wonder Louisa made difficulties about my going to her at night. I have now no doubt Master Fred passes the night with her. However, I shall be there to see, and it will be strange if I don't eventually join in their sport.

    Of course, I did not attempt to join them in the grounds after what I had seen. At dinner I complained of a headache and lassitude, and fancied I had caught cold, or that some of the chemicals I had been making use of had affected me adversely. In the evening I slipped away a little after ten o'clock, telling Mamma to make my apologies when the music was over, as I wished to retire early and be left quiet. I got to my bedroom and, slipping off coat and waistcoat, and donning a dark flannel dressing-gown, and taking with me a small flask of wine, I locked my door outside, put the key in my pocket, got quite unobserved to Louisa's dressing-room, and was soon safely ensconced and locked in the above mentioned closet.

    The recess for the dirty linen with its lid formed a convenient seat, so that I had no fear of being over-fatigued from standing upright all night. In about half an hour Louisa entered with her maid, and after various toilet operations was helped into bed, and the maid, after lighting the night-light, left by the dressing-room door. I felt much inclined to leave my concealment and join the dear girl in her bed, where she lay so enchantingly inviting, but I could see by her restless manner that she was on edge with expectation, and evidently awaiting the arrival of someone. I had not long to wait. I heard a step in the water-closet passage, and then I could see in the dim light the door open and a figure enter who, when he came within the light of the bedroom, showed himself to be unmistakeably her brother Fred, in dressing-gown only. He had bolted the door by which he entered, but did not close the intermediate door between the two rooms, so that I could see everything.

    He rushed up to the bed, and Louisa, rising, met his embrace halfway. They had a long, long kiss of love, and I could see that his hand was revelling in all her secret charms. Of course, this could not last above a minute, as both were too ardent to waste time in such preliminary trifles.

    'Off with your clothes entirely, dear Fred,' cried Louisa.

    And rising she threw off her night-gown. Fred was nearly as quick, but left just sufficient time for Louisa to light a lamp, conveniently placed to give them all the satisfaction of gazing on each other's most private parts.

    Fred caught her by her magnificent buttocks just as she finished lighting the lamp; they then fondly embraced, and clasped each other's naked bodies in their arms. Then turning in front of a cheval glass, they gazed upon their mutual charms. A glorious sight to see these beautiful creatures in all the undisguised perfection of their exquisite proportions!

    Fred's cock stood stiff up against his belly, and was a magnificent weapon, somewhat larger than my own. The scene was so exciting that I could not avoid frigging myself, but for the details I must refer you to another letter. I am too excited to write more.


    I was obliged to break off my last letter, as the recollection of those two lovely creatures posing their naked and beautiful forms, all unconscious of a witness to their incestuous proceedings was too exciting for me to continue the description that day. Now that I am in a cooler mood, I will give you further details of the delicious scenes of which I was an eye-witness.

    A few minutes passed in mutual admiration of their enchanting forms. Louisa then taking the splendid prick of her brother in her hand stooped, kissed it and took it into her mouth.

    'Come to the bed, dear Lou,' said Fred. 'We will begin with a double gamahuche.'

    Fred threw himself down on the bed, with his head to the foot that he might have the advantage of the lamp to show off all Louisa's glorious secret charms.

    This position was, of course, equally favourable to me. I even ventured to unlock the door gently and hold it slightly open. As the lamp was so placed that I could not see it, it naturally threw all into shade where I was. I also felt certain they were and would be too much occupied with themselves to have eyes for aught else, especially as they imagined they were secure because of the doubly-fastened doors. I was thus enabled while quietly seated to be a deeply interested spectator of the delicious and highly exciting scene of incest being enacted before me.

    After they had finished their mutual gamahuche which, I could see by the convulsive movements of her arse, had drawn two discharges from the lascivious Louisa, they turned, and after a short toying to recover the stiffness of Fred's pego, they proceeded to have a delicious fuck.

    The sight of brother and sister in all the delights of fucking was extremely exciting, and but for my previous frig I must have again given way to the lubricity of the scene, but I was now enabled to look more calmly on the libidinous and incestuous proceedings, which were of the warmest nature.

    Fred did not withdraw after his first spend in her cunt, but continued to soak in the delicious cavity until her exciting pressures brought his prick into sufficient consistency to continue the combat worthily. Thrice did he sacrifice to Priapus before withdrawing, and to judge by her increased movements and sudden pauses I should say that Louisa quite spent twice to his once. She then thought it necessary to take his prick into her mouth to bring it more quickly to the scratch, but as she turned my way the sight was not so interesting as before, although, doubtless, he was sucking her cunt at the same time.

    Shortly I saw that his prick was excited to the normal stiffness it had at first exhibited, and as he placed her on her hands and knees, and from some expressions that fell from both, I saw and understood that they were about to sacrifice upon the more sacred and secret altar of Priapus. This scene of a brother buggering a sister was too exciting for me to resist it, and again I was obliged to have recourse to my fingers, in order to relieve my excessive lecherousness.

    Fred twice sacrificed in the smaller temple of Venus before he withdrew. The two then lay side by side, and after many tender and loving embraces began a conversation which opened my eyes to much of the secret history of this interesting family.

    Louisa began by asking why he had not come the previous night. He excused himself by saying that he thought William was with her, and so he had passed the night with Sophie, although much against his wish, as Sophie would remain after her marriage and departure.

    'You know, my beloved Lou, that you, and you alone, enchant me. You first taught me what the joys of coition are, and to you I am always most attached. Sophie is becoming a worthy imitator of you, but is still far behind, and I doubt if she will ever equal your rare powers of pleasing in love's combats.'

    On listening to this interesting conversation, I could not help thinking what a dupe I had been to my own imagination. Here was my own Louisa, a regular fucker with her brother long before I knew her, and yet I had had the self-delusion to fancy myself the first man to possess her. And yet, when I came to reconsider all the circumstances of her extreme readiness to meet me in every lascivious idea and movement, I ought to have seen that she was already well-instructed to meet every movement I prescribed. I suppose our self-love won't let us see all that is absolutely staring us in the face, for certainly the facility and the aplomb, to use a French word, that Louisa showed from the very first, should at once have convinced me that she was no novice. But my vanity would not allow me to see that at the time.

    Thus we deceive ourselves, and we have no right to throw all the blame on what we are pleased to call the weaker sex, although they far surpass us in every ruse and guile that can deceive us. I must own that we lend ourselves very easily to the deceit they practise.

    While I was making these remarks to myself, sister and brother had become again ready for further efforts in the domains of Venus. This time Louisa mounted Fred and, guiding his rampant prick into her delicious cunt, began slowly to raise her glorious, magnificently developed arse before my longing gaze.

    It was a fine sight to see a rampant cock, upon which the most splendid arse that ever adorned woman was first drawing itself away, and then as slowly re-impaling itself. Fred's loins lifted themselves to meet the thrust, and for a moment they rested in all the luxury of such complete conjunction that it was difficult to say to which bottom the attendant balls belonged. They gradually increased their movements, Fred first laying hold of the splendid buttocks above him and helping their downward movement as if to force them still more strongly onto his stiff-standing staff. Then inserting two fingers in Louisa's exquisite arsehole, he made her spend profusely, while he evidently held back for further sport.

    It was beautiful to mark the convulsive pressures of her arse as she exuded her spunk onto his delighted weapon and I could see the milky fluid oozing from her well-filled cunt and bedewing his bollocks. She was not long in resuming her splendid action, beginning as before with long and slow movements until excitement compelled the lascivious creature to a quicker pace, and this time they simultaneously spent, with mutual cries indicative of the divine bliss of completely satiated love.

    Louisa lay for a long time upon Fred's belly, retaining his relaxed prick within her delicious sheath by the force of her cunt nippers. At last he was obliged to beg her to let it out and lie down by his side.

    She did so, but first, turning down her head, she gave his prick a long and loving suck; nor did she cease until she had so far re-stiffened it that she was able, after lying down on her back, to throw her right leg over Fred's loins and insert it again into her glowing and steaming cunt.

    'There,' she said, 'my darling brother, let him rest. Give me one loving cuddle, and then we can sleep comfortably. I shall take care to keep him prisoner.'

    They most lovingly embraced, and for some minutes continued billing and cooing. Then Louisa drew back her leg and, turning round, nestled her glorious arse in Fred's belly. He drew up the sheets, and by their hard breathing I soon found that they slept soundly.

    I locked myself in, leant back in one corner and followed their example.


    Having left Louisa's bedroom and crept back to my own at dawn, I was awakened by soft lips sweetly sucking mine. It was my darling Louisa.

    'Harry, my love, you must surely have slept enough we are just going to have luncheon.'

    'Indeed, is it so late?' said I returning her embrace. Her hand wandered beneath my clothes, and encountered my lordly prick in all its glory. She squeezed it with her soft hand and I pulled her into bed with me, gently pushing her down upon it and lifting up her petticoats. Her cunt was already moist with the excitement of kissing and feeling me. I rubbed the head of my cock a few times up and down between her lips then, gently gliding it into her longing cunt, enjoyed a charming fuck. Time would not allow us to linger over the enrapturing joys, so after a few entrancing squeezes she let me go, gave me a loving kiss, shook her petticoats down, begged me not to be long and left me to my toilet operations. On descending I was warmly welcomed, and everyone hoped I had quite recovered from my indisposition of yesterday. I thanked them and said that my long night's rest had completely restored me. I sat down by the side of my hostess and opposite Sophie, scrutinising her more closely than I had before now.

    There she sat, apparently all innocent gaiety. Indeed, to look at the whole family, no one could possibly imagine there could be the slightest impropriety of conduct between any of them. They seemed to be all fully aware of the advantage of apparent correctness of conduct in public, having every facility at night for the wildest indulgence of every lascivious and incestuous delight. Nothing that passed indicated in the slightest degree the wild orgies I was sure they indulged in; all was quiet enjoyment and light, agreeable, witty conversation, without the slightest freedom of improper allusions.

    I could not but admire their good sense in this. It rendered their abandonment to all the waywardness of lust doubly enjoyable. I conformed myself to this line of conduct, but determined to become a general participator in the more hidden proceedings of the whole family.

    I fancied there was a warmer interest in me on the part of Mamma, but this might be only the effect of the judicious flattery I had poured into her willing ear while photographing her. I determined to press matters home at the slightest opportunity.

    Not long after luncheon I joined Fred and remarked, 'I saw such a charming sight yesterday-two beautiful young women with their clothes up, and their hairy cunts laid bare to the inspection of a very handsome young man, who was wonderfully like you, my dear Fred. He kissed those beautiful cunts and then they all rose and disappeared among the bushes, with what intent you best know, but I definitely recognised your sisters before they were obscured by the bushes. Never look confused, my dear fellow, you only did what I have often done myself, and I love you for it. Which sister do you like best?'

    'You are right,' he rejoined. 'Chance has made you acquainted with a family secret, and on the terms we now stand, I will confess that your conjecture is quite true. I have had, and have both my sisters, but the one who gives and receives the most pleasure is my darling Louisa.'

    'Ah, how true that is; for you must know, my dear Fred, that I too have long enjoyed the delicious charms of your lovely sister in every way, and one great reason of my seeking you was that we might revel together in all the lascivious delights she can so well impart.'

    He was somewhat taken aback at my frank avowal, but instantly recovered and admitted that it was not at all to be wondered at, although he had not suspected anything of the sort from the discreet conduct of both of us since I had been in the house. He had watched and observed a total absence of anything like familiarity, but it was quite natural that it should be so, as Louisa was of too warm a disposition not to have had some lover or other while in Paris.

    'Was Tom at all aware of your intimacy?'

    'No, not in the least degree.'

    'I am glad of that,' said he.

    I told him that, after what I had seen, I was no longer certain that he passed every night with Louisa, as she had so pertinaciously refused to allow me to come to her in the night.

    'Now, my dear Fred, I know enough of Louisa's extreme lasciviousness to be sure that she would like nothing better than to have us both together, although naturally enough, she did not like to let me know of her having a brother for a lover as well as myself. You must arrange that we both sleep with her tonight, and that she may expect us; I will give her a hint of what has passed between us, and tell her what to do. Don't make any difficulties, my dear fellow,' I said, as I saw he was about to do so, doubtless from knowing that we might be surprised together by the father.

    At that moment I descried the carriage coming up the avenue.

    'There they are, returning from their afternoon drive,' I said. 'Let us go down to meet them.'

    And off I ran down the stairs. By the time we got to the door the carriage was about to draw up, and we were just in time to hand the ladies out. Louisa came last, and as Fred had taken Mamma, and Papa had taken Sophie, Louisa was, so to say, left alone with me. I seized the moment to murmur a particular wish for her to find an opportunity after dinner for us to be alone together for a few minutes, as I had something urgent to say to her. She promised immediately to do so.

    After dinner, as it was a lovely evening with brilliant moonlight, we sat out on the terrace before the drawing-room windows, and afterwards began strolling backwards and forwards.

    Louisa, after being first with one and then another, at last came to me, and, lingering behind the rest, we were left out of earshot. I grasped the opportunity, at once told her I had seen Fred and had proposed we should both come to her tonight, for I had also informed him of our intimacy in Paris; that he was not at all angry about it, but thought it was quite natural, especially as I had pointed out from the belvedere the spot where I had seen him kissing his two sisters' cunts to let him know that I was aware of his fucking them, but that I had not said a word about being hidden in the room.

    She was glad of this, and was equally delighted at the pleasure we should all have together.

    'But what if Papa should come in the morning?'

    'Well, never mind, shove me into the closet, and let Fred say he is too tired for more. He can come into the dressing-room, shutting the door of communication, and thus let me out as he retires. After what will have occurred, he will have no compunction.'

    Thus all was arranged. After the household had retired to rest Fred came to me, and we both immediately proceeded to dear Louisa, who was lying stark naked, all ready and impatient to begin love's combats, and completely prepared to prove herself more than equal to our united exertions in lustful exercises.

    As we had only our light dressing robes, we were as naked as her in an instant, and after a triple cuddle and kisses, we proceeded to a delicious gamahuche. Just before we began, dear Louisa, having both our stiff, erect pricks in her hands, examined and compared them, declaring she could not say which was superior to the other, and that either was enough to content any woman; therefore how happy she ought to be in having both. She gave them each a loving kiss and a suck. Then Fred lay down on his back on the bed while Louisa knelt down between his legs and commenced sucking his prick in earnest, her magnificent buttocks projecting over the side of the bed. I sat down on a chair, which brought my mouth on a level with her delicious and hairy cunt. I thrust my tongue well up between her moist and pouting lips, and after a few minutes transferred it to the smaller rosy orifice, which thus lubricated made way for my finger, with which I frigged her exquisite bottom-hole, while I returned to the original entrance, which was gaping and longing for my gamahuching.

    Her own fingers were doubly employed on the root and balls of Fred's prick with one hand, while with the other she drove postillion into his bottom, and her eager lips were sucking his wildly excited prick.

    This stimulation soon produced its natural result. Fred was the first to yield nature's balmy tribute, but as Louisa eagerly swallowed it down, she herself gave way, with such wild action of her wriggling arse that I had great difficulty keeping my active tongue in; but come at last she did, with a scream of delight, and such a flood of delicious creamy spunk as showed what a state of lascivious lust she was in. She resumed, without moving, her suction of Fred's prick, but as soon as she found it sufficiently erect, which was hardly more than the space of a couple of minutes, she jumped up and told me to lie down on my back. She straddled me and, taking my hard, standing prick in her hand, she guided it to her well-wetted cunt, and sinking her upright body down upon it, engulfed it up to the roots at a single plunge. Then rising and sinking once or twice to completely seat herself and put my prick at its ease, she brought her body down on my belly, and first kissing me lovingly, and thrusting her tongue into my mouth, she raised her buttocks up until I was nearly withdrawn.

    Fred, who had scrambled up behind us, saw the movement, immediately applied his prick to her rosy arsehole and, gently pushing, glided up to the hilt in that rapture-giving recipient of Priapus. As he passed over the nut of my prick he gave it the most delicious and exciting sensation. As soon as he was in, I raised my buttocks and followed suit in the lower cavity and for a few minutes we were satisfied to rest tranquil and quietly enjoy the excited throbbings of our pricks against each other, the very thin partition between them not being sensibly apparent. Dear Louisa, too, never ceased those exquisite squeezes of both cunt and bottom, for which she was so distinguished.

    Of course, this tranquil enjoyment could not continue, but rather acted as a spur to further efforts. We soon began more active operations. Dear Louisa, sandwiched as she was between us, beyond continued and delicious pressures and that indescribable interior peristaltic sort of motion of the inner folds of her most charming cunt, was naturally otherwise almost passive, leaving the active part to the two excited pricks labouring within her.

    As I thought of the exciting incestuous prick that was fucking her arse and seconding my every move, I became wild with lust and, as I had not as yet spent, I gave down my tribute to Venus before Fred was ready. But my excitement had produced its natural effect on the salacious temperament of Louisa, who, feeling from the increased stiffness of my prick that I was coming, spent with me with such excessive lust that she bit my shoulder till it bled. Fred, not being ready, continued his operations, which almost instantly, by their action on my somewhat relaxed member, brought me again up to the scratch.

    Needless to say, nothing could be more agreeable to Louisa than this continued action. She was always ready, and I believe would have taken six pricks, one after the other, and only liked it the better. Fred, this time, came before me, and enabled Louisa again to satisfy her raging lust in another deluge of sperm.

    I continued the active movements as Fred had done before and, further reserving myself until Fred should again be ready to spend, we enabled the enraptured Louisa to have another spend before she again joined us, when all three died away in the utmost agony of satisfied lust. This time we remained for fully a quarter of an hour soaking in the blissful imprisonment of those two delicious entrances into the innermost temple dedicated to our blessed Lady Venus.

    We rose and for a time relieved that dear delicious creature, who declared that the real erotic pleasure was only obtainable when two pricks were at work at once within her and that, for her part, she would like to have a third to suck.

    'And, here, Fred, let me have a suck at yours, before you lave yourself. I love the bitter flavour my bottom gives it.'

    And suck she did, while I laved myself in icy cold water, not for purification, but as a stimulant to the nervous system. When Louisa had sucked Fred clean, I advised him to do so too for similar reasons. Louisa followed our example, which had the effect also of cooling our heated bodies.

    After the rapid manoeuvres we had just been practising, we were not immediately ready, but, to ease the furious passion of lust to which we had raised Louisa, we gamahuched her in turns while she sucked the other's prick.

    We thus made the amorous creature again spend twice before we began another encounter. I begged that this time I should go into her arsehole.

    We had a most delicious orgy, as, again with my fingers, I made his libidinous sister spend twice to our once. After soaking in bliss for some time, we renewed operations after changing places.

    I was right in saying that the idea of the incest would act on the imagination. Never did I fuck with more energy. Fred seconded me admirably, while his fingers never ceased frigging his sister's cunt. She again spent twice to our once, and then exhausted sought repose, and sank unconsciously into slumber.

    After a good rest we awoke and we both came out with a loud 'plop' as if a cork had been withdrawn from a tightly-corked bottle. Then followed a loud burst of wind from the dear girl's bottom.

    So we jumped up and laughingly hurried on our robes, saying it was evidently time to be off, as the morning gun had fired.

    She laughed heartily at the idea, but suddenly, lifting up my dressing gown, she gave me a good sharp slap on the bottom for my impudence in alluding to what she called the accident of moving out of bed.

    We happily regained our rooms unobserved.


    It may readily be supposed that I was much more inclined to sleep than to be up and active. So I rang my bell and told them to bring me a cup of coffee and a biscuit. Under pretence of a bilious headache, I begged them also not to disturb me for breakfast, but to make my excuses and request that I might be left in quiet, as I had had a very restless night, which was true enough. So after allaying my exhaustion with a delicious cup of cafe au lait, I sank into the deepest and most refreshing sleep. I slept until ten o'clock, when dear Louisa's loving kisses brought me to my waking senses. She told me the hour, and said she had called me as she and Sophie were going out in the pony carriage to make her last maiden visits. Papa, Fred and Tom had gone off to Rouen to sign settlements, amp;c, and so I must get up to keep Mamma company.

    'And both you and I know what that means, you sad fellow.'

    Here she insinuated her hand under the clothes, where she found but a half-stiffened piece of dough. So throwing the clothes off, she took it in her charming mouth, and with a suck or two soon stiffened it. 'Dear Harry,' she said, 'be still a moment, and just let me help myself. I shall not make you spend, but shall get a delicious one myself, which will make me look all the more blooming in my visits, and set all the men I shall meet raving with envy and desire.'

    The dear libidinous girl stepped up on my bed and, lifting her dress well up, guided my now stiffened pego into her own ready and insatiable cunt. And sure enough it was but a very short time before she came heavily down with her superbly large backside on my belly, impaling herself upon my prick up to the very balls, and pouring down upon it a boiling flood of delicious spendings, gripping my prick at the same time with such a terrific squeeze that I thought she would have nipped my pego right off.

    It was very delicious all the same, and if she had continued such ecstatic pressures but a very short time longer, I could not have refrained from spending too. But the dear girl jumped up, and said that would not be fair to Mamma, especially as she had already had a most delicious treat of cocks, for this made the twenty-fifth time she had had a prick into her since dinner yesterday, and though she would have no objection to doubling the number, she must remember others as well as herself.

    There never was a more insatiable, lascivious and lustful creature than this dear girl, nor one who possessed in greater perfection the art of exciting and pleasing men, and bringing them, no matter how often, to the desired result of gratifying her excessive lubricity.

    She left me to dress. I was soon down in the breakfast-room, where I found everything ready for me, and dear Mamma most officiously and kindly helping me to every luxury of the table. Under such kind auspices I soon completed a delicious repast, which dear Mamma recommended me to cap with a petit verre of most excellent vieux cognac. I gladly accepted this, as I could see by the peculiar sparkle of her bright eyes that mischief was in the wind, and that I should need to have all my resources at hand.

    As soon as breakfast was over and cleared away, I remarked that it would be a good opportunity of having a more favourable photograph of her than my last.

    I saw she immediately adopted the idea, knowing that once in my photographing room we should be free from interruption. Seeing how ready she was, I boldly proposed that she should favour me at the same time with the opportunity of having some freer poses, so that her splendid Junoesque form would enrich my private collection. She smiled an assent, though declaring that I was importunate, and asking how she could in any way give Juno-like poses.

    'By having looser robes, so as to give flowing lines of drapery and not confining the natural undulations of your beautiful form with stiff stays,' I answered.

    'So, my dear madam, perhaps you will choose some flowing robes and shawls from your wardrobe while I go and prepare my plates. You can join me in the photographing room when you are ready.'

    I could see by her pleased expression that I had relieved her from a little embarrassment, and that it was the very thing she wished to do, but without my suggestion might have hesitated in its accomplishment.

    So while she went to her room to give orders not to be interrupted by any one, and to prepare herself, I went off to arrange my plates, amp;c. I was hardly ready before she joined me, wrapped in a large, black, velvet mantle, and carrying a red shawl over her arm. I immediately complimented her on her admirable choice of colours, which could not more fully set off the beauty of her lovely skin.

    'Oh, my dear Mr. Hargrave, you surely do not expect me to show my naked body?'

    'And why not, my dear madam? These photographs are not for all the world, but for my own private collection, that I may retain a perfect similitude of the finest form I ever met with in my life. So, my dear madam, pray seat yourself on that couch, and let me arrange you in such a pose as will best convey an idea of your splendid and beautiful bust.'

    My flattery told; she was all smiles, and lent herself to all my hints.

    'Put down that shawl for the moment and throw the mantle on one side so as to show one bosom slightly exposed.'

    On moving the mantle I found there was but a fine chemise below bordered with beautiful lace, and fresh from the wardrobe. In fact, the dear creature was bent on business, and I saw that the best way was to commence at once. As I dropped the cloak from one shoulder, her lovely, naked arm fell to her side, and her open chemise slipped aside and fully displayed one of her largely developed but beautifully formed breasts. I started back as if the exquisite sight that met my eyes was too much for my weak senses.

    'God of Heaven, madam,' I cried. 'What superhuman loveliness!'

    And really the magnificence of form, the exquisite creamy whiteness of her flesh, set off in the highest degree by the black velvet, again relieved by a small portion of snowy-white chemise fringed with the yellowish white of the rich lace, was a picture worthy of Titian's brush, and enough to drive any hermit raving mad. I rushed forward, threw myself on my knees, glued my lips to the nipple of that lovely breast and clasped her in my arms.

    'Mr. Hargrave! What are you about?' she cried, but yielding to my pressure, she fell back on the couch.

    I tore the mantle open and I raised her slight and almost transparent chemise. What a lovely sight met my eyes! She was indeed a Juno in form, glorious beyond imagining, and her magnificently developed mons was even more richly adorned with the greatest profusion of curly, silky ringlets than that of her lovely daughter Louisa, who was so well provided in that respect. I threw open her legs, with very little resistance I must own, and gluing my lips to her largely developed clitoris, which was standing stiffly out in full excitement, I gamahuched her deliciously. She was already so lasciviously hot that she was scarcely a moment before seizing my head with her two hands. She pressed it down against her splendid, large, fat cunt as if she wished to drive it in altogether, giving a cry of satisfied lust as she poured down on my mouth and chin a perfect torrent.

    I never knew a woman spend more profusely than her. It was, doubtless, a pent-up stream suddenly let loose. I slipped my hand under my chin, but could only get my thumb in, which served her as something on which to expend the exquisite pressure her lubricity was occasioning. I continued sucking her large clitoris, which quickly resumed the stiffness it had partially lost in spending.

    'Oh, my dear fellow, come to my arms,' she cried.

    I rose, tore off my coat, waistcoat and trousers, threw myself on her superb and glorious body, and was engulfed in her exquisite cunt immediately. Her arms and legs instantly embraced me; with her hands she pressed my buttocks as she raised her own by the leverage of her legs on my back, as if she wished to get me in altogether. We thus lay for some minutes in an exquisite trance of delight. Her throbbing and internal peristaltic pressures, in which particular she even surpassed the extraordinary excellence of Louisa, though with less power of actual pressure at the entrance, were most delicious. Louisa could almost nip one's cock off. Without going so far, Mamma was perfect and most exciting, so that we did not long remain enjoying these delicious preliminaries but soon began more active operations.

    Fast and furious grew our movements. Dear Mamma seconded me with a skill, vigour and rapidity quite astonishing in one as generously proportioned as she. But she was in the prime of her life for a healthy woman, thirty-six, an age when the passions more fully understand their object and lend themselves with the utmost ardour to their accomplishment.

    Nothing could exceed the delight this exquisite woman afforded me. With lust so rampant we ran our first course, and spent in an agony of rapture that seemed to exhale our souls away in deep expiring sighs. We lay for some minutes lost to all around us, and then she kissed me most lovingly, and murmured soft mutterings of the heavenly joys she had experienced in my arms. Our billing and cooing, and her rapturous interior action on my prick hardly allowed it to decrease in volume or stiffness. Our loving embraces soon drove us on to another passionate course of love, again to die in the death-like agony of passion's final crisis.

    Thrice did I pour down libations in love's sweet recess before I withdrew from the exquisite sheath in which I had made my sacrifice to Priapus. I threw myself backwards so as to bring my head down to that most glorious temple of Venus, and pushing aside with my fingers the profuse bush of curls which so adorned and graced love's grotto, I laid bare and opened the large, pouting lips, and exhibited to my charmed sight one of the finest and largest cunts I ever beheld. Large, indeed, it was, but with a small hole in it, and that, I think, is the finest cunt a man can meet with. This one was truly glorious to see. Of a beautiful salmony pink, fringed with thick, black-brown curls, topped with a remarkably fine clitoris hardly drooping its head after its seven or eight discharges, for after our first encounter the dear creature, in the excess of her lust, was repeatedly dying away and sending down floods of boiling spunk on my delighted prick and adding immensely to the rapture she was giving it. Indeed, as I gazed in admiration at the glorious beauties of the cunt I had laid bare, the rich, creamy, mixed oil with which we had so amply besmeared the interior recess was oozing out of the really small orifice of her vagina.

    It was far too tempting to allow its rich stream to be wasted, so I sealed the exquisite aperture with my lips, licking up and sucking out all I could get. The dear clitoris got excited and nearly pushed out my eye. So, changing the venue, I took it in my mouth, and with my thumb frigging her cunt, soon made her again give down nature's sweet tribute. I then rose, and opening my arms, she threw herself into them, and we stood some moments in the most rapturous enjoyment of a long and loving embrace, her head supported on my breast.

    At last she raised her beautiful face, with eyes sparkling and mouth beaming with lust. She gazed upon me most lovingly and thanked me for having given her the most exquisite sensations of rapturous delight. Our lips met, our hands wandered. The glorious form of her immense backside, its colour, its firmness and its beauty, set me wild with desire.

    'Ah, dear madam,' I cried, 'you are indeed a Juno, and I must, like Jupiter, enjoy this glorious altar of love.'

    Here I stooped and kissed the magnificent buttocks I had been handling.

    'Let us, dear madam, be both in all the glory of nakedness.'

    Her black mantle had already fallen off. I lifted her chemise, she herself aiding me, and took it off altogether. I threw off my shirt. We rushed into each other's arms for a loving embrace, in which our naked bodies met in full and delicious contact. We then stood a little apart, that I might admire all the glories of her magnificent form. Of course, the noble bottom came in for my greatest admiration for I never saw a finer. I begged her to kneel on the couch and let me pay homage to that noble and magnificent part. She instantly complied. I guessed that her penchant for operations in that quarter was as great as for those in the front, provided only that she had been well fucked in the latter.

    Fully understanding, therefore, the part she had to play, she kept her knees well apart, and thrust her weighty buttocks well out, displaying the open valley between the immense globes, and showing a fine, brown, corrugated aperture, surrounded with small, very fine, silky curls. Her outstretched position slightly opened the orifice, showing that I should have no difficulty in making my way within, but it was so enticing that I stooped and, passionately kissing it, thrust my tongue within as far as it would go. Instantly I found that, though comparatively large and open, it had plenty of power of compression, for the sphincter closed tight on so small and slippery an object as my tongue.

    I continued thus until the dear creature begged me to begin operations of a more serious nature. Kneeling behind her, I plunged into her exquisite cunt, which I found hot and wet, for the salacious creature had again spent. She now gave me such internal suctions and delicious pressures that I could not withdraw, but fucked on in this most exquisite posture, and was so ecstatically delighted with her action and the sight of her most glorious backside in full activity below me, that I ran my course where I was. She frigged her clitoris, while with one hand I felt all over her splendid buttocks, and frigged her exquisite bottom-hole with two of the fingers of my other hand.

    Dear Mamma again spent twice before I died away in all the raptures of the most exquisite and satisfying fuck. We kept our position until the delicious squeezings and my exciting handling of her magnificent bottom once more brought me up to my normal vigour. Then, changing from the lower to the upper opening, and being well-greased with both her spendings and my own, I plunged with one vigorous bound up to the hilt in her bumhole.

    The suddenness of the charge, and the powerful rush that carried my prick at once up to its utmost length, made her scream with delight, for there was no pain in her case, and set the fierce passions of her lust in full activity. Never did I see so active a backside: its movements were in every direction, and were conducted with a savoir-faire that added to the exquisite pleasure her delicious bumhole was giving. I became as wild as herself, and we ran a rapid course, and both spent with the wildest cries of delight.

    I could see that in her erotic rage she had bitten a hole in the pillow on which her head rested. We lay soaking in ecstasy for many minutes. She at last turned her lovely face towards me, and with humid eyes swimming with lust told me that never had she had more exquisite pleasure, and begged me to remain where I was.

    I pressed her in my arms, and assured her that I was far too rapturously happy to think of withdrawing. Indeed, if I had wished to do so, I don't think I could, for her sphincter muscle held me with so powerful a grip as I have seldom experienced.

    With such excited and voluptuous feelings it was but a very short time before my prick again stiffened sufficiently to begin slow movements. This I did, and bending forward, frigged her with one hand while I titillated the nipples of her bosom with the other. I found this had the same exciting effect upon her as upon her daughter. She afterwards told me that sucking or nibbling at her nipples was quite as exciting to her as doing the same to her clitoris, but when both actions were simultaneous, it maddened her for pleasure.

    She soon spent, and the exquisite pressure of her bottom-hole, caused by the action of spending, brought my delighted cock into full vigour, and again we pursued our delicious course until as usual the death-like agony of joy overtook us both.

    When I withdrew, before rising, I stooped and again kissed and thrust my tongue into that joy-giving aperture. When I rose, almost before I could turn round, my charming companion had raised herself, or rather turned on her bottom, and seized my prick, putting it into her mouth and sucking the remaining drops out of it, and licking it clean, declaring it was the sweetest prick she had ever felt or seen. When she had done, I pushed her gently down, and opening her splendid thighs, did as much for her, thrust inside her, and continued until I again made her spend, as I wished to satisfy her passions sufficiently to get time to photograph her splendid charms in every position.

    She had now spent so often that she herself declared she must pause for a while, so that she readily lent herself to my views, and I got some beautiful poses of her both front and back, full views, standing, sitting, lying down, enlarged views of her beautiful bosom, splendid ones of her glorious and truly magnificent backside, with cunt and bottom-hole both in sight, and again of her glorious cunt with her legs wide outstretched.

    Nothing could be finer, and she herself was delighted to see such charms reproduced. I flattered her the while, and told her very truly that I had never had so fine a woman before in any way; the only one that ever approached her, and she drew her excellence in every way from herself, was her dear and lovely daughter Louisa.

    She opened her eyes at my extraordinary confession, but I thought it good policy to be frank. My knowledge of the secrets of the family assured me I was quite safe with Mamma. But, oddly enough, she had had no suspicion of my intercourse with Louisa.

    I continued my flattery of her by praising the lasciviousness of Louisa, of which I had now become acquainted with the more charming and superior source, and I did not wonder she was so perfect in every way. I had thought her perfect in all the exquisite pleasures of love, but now I knew how far superior her lovely and charming Mamma had proved herself to be.

    'You are a dear fellow, my darling Mr. Hargrave, and I do not wonder that Louisa should have fancied you. I am delighted she has fallen into such good hands, and I hope you will not cease your attentions to her when she is married.'

    'There is no fear of that, my dear madam, but that must not hinder my paying my devoirs to you, now that I know how superior you are to any woman in the world.'

    'But am I so very superior?'

    'Yes, my dear Mamma-for you must allow me to call you by that endearing name-yes, indeed, you are the most delicious woman I ever knew, and knowing your lovely daughter, that is saying a good deal. Look here, see how this poor fellow, too, shows how he loves you.'

    She took hold of my prick, her eyes swimming with lust. She rushed into a closer embrace; our tongues met. My prick found its way into her gaping cunt, standing as we were; a few pushes, and she, screaming, died away and would have fallen backwards if I had not held her up.

    I sidled up to the couch, and withdrawing, turned her round, begged her to kneel, and first giving her delicious cunt a good suck, I thrust my prick into it, and with a finger in her bottom, finished my day's work with another glorious fuck.

    We then separated with promises of a speedy renewal.


    Another break in the narrative: Harry resumes his correspondence with Charlie where he joins Louisa's family at breakfast.

    As you may well imagine, my dear friend, after the wild excesses I had just experienced, I was ready enough to sink into the arms of Morpheus. So just giving a chuckle over the successful start that I had made as a participator in the incestuous joys of this delightful family, I sank into deep a slumber, and slept the sleep of the just.

    We were all late for breakfast the next morning. Dear Louisa was as fresh as an opening rose on a warm May morn. I thought I had never seen her cheek with a lovelier hue, nor her eyes sparkle more brilliantly. It was evident that the greatest venereal indulgence only lent a higher and indefinable charm to the rare beauty of her face and form. She was always amongst the gayest of the gay, but on this morning she seemed to outshine herself; her witty sallies were poured forth in greater profusion and brilliancy than usual. Her lively spirits carried us all with her, especially the males of our party; even the page seemed to enjoy the lively sallies of her wit.

    We all, of course, had our reasons to admire her gaiety and surpassing beauty. Even the page was not without the internal satisfaction of congratulating himself on having possessed that enchanting creature.

    Louisa herself informed me of this as we lounged in the shade of the avenue on the terrace after breakfast. We were out of earshot, and I was congratulating her on her beauty and wit, and the peculiar brilliancy of her cheek and eye, showing that our wild orgy of the previous night (which I have not described to you, my dear Charlie, overcome as I have been with fatigue) had heightened her beauty of mind and person, rather than exhausted them.

    'How could it be otherwise, my dear Harry: you know the force of my libidinous passions, for I have made you the confidant of my innermost soul.'

    I asked if Papa had given her great satisfaction, and how often he had done it after I left with Fred.

    'Oh, vastly! Three times, and a delicious gamahuche. Twice in the front and once behind. As the household began to stir, there was no time for more. I saw Papa out, and then purified myself as a refresher, which sent me to the water-closet. In coming out, I saw that Mamma's page happened to be passing.

    '“Come here, William,” I cried. “Are you about anything in particular, for which anyone is waiting?” '“No, miss.”

    '“Then come in here for a moment.”

    'His face flushed and his eyes sparkled immediately at the idea. He followed me into my room, and I could see that a lewd desire had instantly seized him, by the sudden bulging-out of his trousers. I lost no time, but flinging my arms round him, and kissing his handsome face, I drew him to my naked bosom, for I had only my shift on, and stooping to embrace him, the falling shift exposed all. He glued his lips to my breasts, while my busy fingers unbuttoned his trousers and drew out a very handsome cock-not as large as yours, dear Harry, but hard as ivory, which it resembled in colour, and capped with vermilion. I drew him by it to the bed, and falling on my back, he was into me instantly, standing by the bedside. I threw my legs over his shoulders, where they acted as a lever for the active movements of my bottom. We were both fiery with passion.

    'My young assailant proved his aptitude for love's delicious combats, and sucked a nipple while ravishing me. We both spent together after a rapid struggle. The beauteous boy never lost his stiffness but throbbed with exquisite pleasure within my delighted sheath. He recommenced almost immediately. A second, somewhat more leisurely fuck followed. Again we sank in the death rapture of satisfied lust. Wishing to have him in a more luxurious fashion, I told him to withdraw and strip. He did withdraw, but immediately, before I could raise myself, he sank onto his knees, applied his mouth to my pouting and overflowing cunt and sucked up all the content, until I poured down a delicious flood of nature's balm into his greedy mouth. This only fired my excited nature to a greater degree. His clothes were off in a moment, almost as soon as I could change my position on the bed. He jumped up, and threw himself into my longing arms. I had thrown off my shift, our naked bodies met in sweet embrace, his tongue darted between my open lips, his prick, stiff as ever, sought with unerring aim the aperture where it had already twice found happy asylum.

    'I made him keep quiet for a short time, while, with pleasure giving pressures on my side, and wild exciting throbs of his gorgeous young prick on his part, our active tongues intertwined like two turtle doves. Such salacious proceedings soon drove us into all the wild excess that the utmost lust could prompt. His youthful energy and the satisfaction of his longing desires in now possessing me, for it had long been the utmost wish of his heart, made him as lustful as myself. You know, dear Harry, how rapidly the ecstatic result comes upon me. I found my young athlete as hot and as ready as myself, his never-failing stiffness more than compensating for the smaller volume of his prick. Three times did he again fuck me before withdrawing, deluging my delighted cunt with floods of his wonderfully thick spunk.

    'He then withdrew. I turned him on his back, and getting astride him with my head downwards, sucked his delicious prick, while he greedily glued his lips to my throbbing cunt. This proceeding soon produced its natural result on each of us, and both our mouths were filled at the same time with love's delicious essence. I continued sucking on until again his delighted prick rose in its pristine vigour. Then, turning my body round, I fixed myself upon the stiff stake projecting from his belly, and after a few risings and fallings, leant forward. His longing arms cast themselves around me, and drew me close to his palpitating chest; my breasts coming down close to his head, he seized one nipple in his mouth and sucked it most expertly, while our active bottoms were in full exercise.

    'This time a longer period of ecstatic pleasure-giving movements preceded our death agony of fully satisfied desire, and we sank almost insensible, closely clasped in a mutual, loving embrace. On recovering our senses I rolled sideways to him without allowing him to withdraw, for which he had no desire, and we commenced a loving prattle. I asked him if he had ever enjoyed a better fuck.

    '“Oh, never, dear Miss Louisa. I have so longed for you ever since you came down, and I so little expected to have you that now it is a joy beyond all imagining. I never before had such a delicious bedfellow.”

    '“What?” said I. “Do I beat Mamma? For I know of your tricks in the family.”

    '“Madame is certainly first-rate, and she it was who first taught me what a woman was, and I dearly love her, but admirable as she is, neither she nor Miss Sophie at all approach the exquisite delight you gave me, dear Miss Louisa.”

    '“What, you young dog, you have been into my sister too, have you?”

    '“Oh, yes, but I thought you knew, as you did about Madame, or I should not have mentioned it.”

    '“Does she fuck well?”

    '“Charmingly, but neither has the power of squeezing me so deliciously as you are doing now, dear Miss Louisa. Feel how you make my cock stand as fiercely as ever!”

    'And sure enough it was as hard as ivory. I hazarded a conjecture, and asked him how often he had fucked Sophie last night. As both Fred and Papa had been with me, I fancied it was probable that the page had not been with Mamma, and, as I now knew that he served Sophie as well, I at once asked the preceding question. He expressed astonishment at my knowing he had been with Sophie, but admitted that he had had her eight times.

    '“In that case,' said I, 'you must get up, or you will injure your health by such excess.”

    'The young rogue in the meanwhile had been handling the large buttocks which you say I possess in such perfection, and now begged I would yield him one more favour before he left me. He pleaded for the poor, dumb creature that I had put again in such a state of excitement, and then, insinuating a finger into my bottom-hole, begged me to let him enjoy that pleasure-giving aperture as a bonne bouche before we parted, so that he might have the ecstatic rapture of possessing every one of my charming orifices. Of course, I indulged him at once. You know that nothing delights me so much as finishing off in that way. I got on my hands and knees and the delighted page took up the same position, first stooping to lick out my cunt, and then to apply his tongue as a moistener to my longing bottom-hole, into which he thrust his tongue as far as it would go. Then, becoming furious with lust, and most lasciviously excited, he brought his stiff-standing pego to the opening, and plunged it in up to his small hard balls at the first lunge. I squeezed him with the vast power which you so much admire and know I possess. I held him fast, a delighted prisoner, for some minutes, and then we ran through a course of rapturous pleasure, ending, as usual, in the deep-drawn sighs of gratified passion. My young and delighted ravisher showed the force of his passion and the gratification of possessing me by hardly losing his pleasure-giving stiffness, and as he had his arms round my body, frigging my clitoris and thrusting some fingers of his other hand up my cunt while he carried on active proceedings in my bottom-hole, he was able to hold me fast and maintain his ground. It is true I was nothing loath, for the young rogue was affording me the most intense delight, heightened immensely by the fact of following upon all the wild lustful gratification that your three delicious pricks had previously yielded me. You know, my dear Harry, by the confessions I have so delightedly been allowed to make to your congenial soul, how a succession, an immediate succession, of several men adds to the salacious enjoyment of my lubricity.

    'Well, my vigorous young page, keeping possession of my willing person, fucked me voluptuously once more, and this time, after an ecstatic discharge on both parts, finally withdrew. I sucked the dear fellow's prick as clean as a new pin, and sent him away a proud and delighted youth, but not without many embraces and promises of renewing such delightful exercises. Hence his enjoyment of my high spirits.

    'Never, never before, my dear Harry, have I known such extravagant rapture as last night gave me. And I owe it all to you, my darling Harry, for if you had not shared certain matters with Fred, of which, by the by, you must give me all the details, I should not have passed so exquisite a night, a night that has fulfilled all the delights that my wildest imagination had pictured.'

    Here she finished her exquisite and exciting description of her encounter with young William.

    You may fancy the state I was in, but the result must follow in another letter.


    The graphic and stimulating account that dear girl Louisa gave me of her encounter with her mother's handsome young page, and the fire of lust that flashed from her eyes as the exciting details flowed from her lips, set me all aflame with such a raging lust (and such a cockstand) that I thought it would burst open my trousers to cool its burning ardour.

    Louisa, whose eyes were too sharp not to have observed the effect of her lively description upon me, placed her body between me and the others in the distance, inserted her hand, and felt the wild throbbing of my prick.

    'For God's sake, Darling, allow me to have a delicious fuck immediately! I must die if I don't possess you at once.'

    She began frigging me. I urged that the case was too fierce for such a remedy. She herself began to burn with that lust for which she was so passionately distinguished.

    'Darling Harry, I must satisfy both you and myself. I shall go into the house; you go round by the shrubbery, and enter at the garden gate. You will find me in your room, as ardent as yourself and as ready for love's encounter.'

    I did so, and we met as she had arranged. She had already taken off her gown and stays. In a jiffy we were both as naked as our first parents in Paradise, and threw ourselves into each other's longing arms in the close embrace of voluptuous and ardent lust.

    We were both much too excited to enter into any preliminary proceedings, but throwing ourselves at once on the bed, dear Louisa on her back, I mounted in the good, old-fashioned way. Her arms and legs immediately entwined themselves lovingly round me in almost serpentine folds; her moist and pouting cunt rose to meet my inflamed weapon, the lips seemed to open of themselves, and it darted into the voluptuous receptacle until our close embrace and the meeting of our bodies hindered further entrance, although both felt they would gladly have engulfed more if that were possible.

    Hugging each other as closely as it was possible to do, and throbbing with the most delicious sensations of voluptuous enjoyment, we lay for some time entranced in rapture. Never before had that dear girl exceeded the exquisite joy-giving pressures she was now conferring upon me.

    Her vivid recital of the delicious encounters she had had with the handsome and vigorous young page, following, as they did, on such a night of wild incestuous orgy, had realised the wildest excesses of her concupiscent and voluptuous imagination, and seemed to have produced within her a more clinging and loving lust, as if she would rather swim in the sensation than proceed to more active movements. Nothing could be more delicious, but I could not long resist, although the dear girl begged me not to interrupt for a while yet.

    Nature was too powerful for me, but although it was I who felt it impossible to remain in such passive enjoyment, exquisite as it was, no sooner did I commence more active movements than all the fiery rage of lust appeared re-awakened in that salacious creature.

    Her cunt became a fiery furnace, in which my delighted prick glowed and grew stiffer and bigger than ever. The movements of dear Louisa's bottom, body, arms and legs increased in a way far superior to anything I had ever known before. The rapturous moment arrived, and was ushered in with the wildest cries of ecstatic rapture on both sides; our bodies strove, one to push further in, and the other to engulf more than was physically possible.

    Our spending seemed never to end, and so great was our excessive excitement that my enchanted prick, feeling the uncommonly excited pressures with which that exquisite cunt was so closely and delightfully enveloping it, never lost its stiffness. It had hardly finished throwing out the last drops of pearly sperm into the raging furnace in which it was held so willing a prisoner, than it began to run another course within that arena.

    Louisa was much hotter than usual, and sprinkled two showers on love's altar to my second fuck, which, if not so passionately raging as the first, was equally ecstatic in its result.

    How long we might have continued forgetting all the world, I know not. We were luxuriating in all the enjoyment of loving pressures and throbbings, and body, lip and tongue embraces when we were rudely interrupted by a loud knocking at my door, and Fred's voice crying to me that he had been seeking me everywhere.

    Louisa whispered to me to let him in. She said this with such a leer of lust that I read at once the libidinous nature of her desires.

    I jumped up and Louisa lay just as she was, legs expanded, cunt gaping and oozing the tribute I had deposited within. I opened the door and Fred entered, staring at the enticing sight that met his eyes.

    Louisa smiled, and pointing to her throbbing and seething cunt, said,

    'Come, my dear Fred, and complete the excessive joys I have just been entranced with. Dear Harry has just fucked me to my heart's content, but I want a fresh prick to complete my desires and satisfy the raging lust within me.'

    He wanted no urging; the lovely form and the dripping-wet lips of her quim exposed to his ardent gaze, were quite enough.

    Louisa had hardly finished her invitation before he had thrown off coat, waistcoat and trousers. Jumping up onto the bed, he was into her longing cunt and close embrace in a moment. And at it they went in a fury of lust and enjoyment.

    I had fastened the door, and now feasted my eyes on those two dear incestuous creatures, each striving to surpass the other in the vigour of their lascivious embraces. It was a sight to fire an anchorite. I grew furious with desire, and could resist no longer. I interrupted their fiery course to beg that, without withdrawing, they might roll over and reverse their position, so that I might administer a double pleasure to the darling girl.

    She was delighted at the idea. No sooner said than done, and her superb and splendid arse appeared, glowing in all its brilliancy from her rich blood that had been drawn down and was flushing her pure skin by the exercise her salacious movements had produced. They spread open their legs, I knelt between, and begging Fred to withdraw for a moment, I plunged my prick into her glowing cunt up to the hilt in a single thrust. It was immediately received with such a pleasure-giving and exciting pressure that I would rather have continued where I was, but that would not have been permitted by Fred. So gliding in and out twice, I withdrew and plunged into the neighbouring and equally enjoyable channel. As soon as I was fairly ensheathed, Fred resumed possession of the delicious recess from which I had so unceremoniously ejected him.

    Dear Louisa, who was raging with lust, now cried out to us to lose no time, and, in fact, we had not made half-a-dozen movements before the lecherous girl poured down a delicious flood of juice with a scream of perfect delight. We paused a moment that she might fully enjoy her ecstatic discharge, and then resumed our mutual efforts, in which we were seconded with extraordinary vigour by that dear, lascivious and libidinous girl. Such delicious operations soon produced their natural result; our two excited pricks felt, through the thin partition that divided them, the increasing stiffness and peculiar electric feeling that pervades the organ just previous to the last ecstatic instant of giving down love's balmy essence, and this brought us both at the same moment to the grand finale.

    Louisa, too, stimulated afresh by feeling the charming sensation from two pricks at once, joined us, and we all died away in the agony of fully satisfied desires with cries of ecstasy, and then lay in the inertness of exhausted passion.

    Fred, who was undermost, was the first to bestir himself, otherwise I think both Louisa and I would have wished to continue soaking in the blissful sensation for some time longer. Fred told us we must get up, as he had come to seek us, and we were expected to go out for a drive, so we must make haste. He had been unable to resist the unexpected sight that met his eyes on entering my room and could not refrain from availing himself of the temptation such a glorious sight presented. It made it all the more necessary to remedy the delay by extra speed in dressing.

    Louisa jumped up and slipped on her chemise. I looked out into the corridor, and seeing that no one was there, Louisa took her dress and stays in her arms, quickly tripped along to her room, while Fred and I rapidly threw on our clothes, and, going out by the garden door, joined the family in the shrubbery as if he had been to seek me in the grounds. As we approached he cried out:

    'I can't find Louisa. Sophie had better go up to her room to see if she is there.'

    This completely stopped any questioning. Sophie ran upstairs, and in a very few minutes she and Louisa rejoined us. At this juncture the farm bailiff called Papa away, and as Sophie was to remain behind to write out the notices of the approaching marriage, our driving party only consisted of Mamma, Lou, Fred and me.

    We had a delightful and long drive, only just getting back in time for luncheon. Louisa's charming high spirits kept up the gaiety of the morning; Mamma, too, was unusually lively. I sat opposite her, and for mutual accommodation, our legs separated those of the other. A light shawl lay on Mamma's lap. I soon became aware that the large and fine calves of her legs were closely pressed against mine, but in such a way as to show it was purposely done. I looked up into her face, and a certain glance showed me her intention. I responded to her pressures with my knees. This was instantly returned, and from time to time we repeated these preliminary movements. The shawl did not cover both our knees, but at a turn in the road, where the breeze caught us and raised a dust, she seized the occasion to spread the shawl well over her dress, on the pretence of preventing the dust gathering on it, and, of course, it so fell as to completely cover my knees as well as all her dress.

    I immediately gave her a loving pressure to let her know I understood her object. This, of course, was returned with interest. Shortly afterwards, under pretence of seeing better some fine view that Louisa was pointing out, I leant forward, and slipping my right hand under the shawl, pressed her charmingly small knee, and glided my hand down to her remarkably fine calves, which, by raising her dress, I felt in all their beauty of form. She slid her bottom forward on the seat, and my hand followed the glorious magnificence of her thighs, encountered a portion of the immense rotundity of her buttocks and could just feel the moist lips of her fine, fat cunt covered in a thicket of silky, curly hair. I could not reach far enough to enter the delicious precincts, but I could feel Mama's stiff clitoris of considerable dimensions, which I immediately commenced titillating; but this was too much for her in her present position; her hand slipped under the shawl, and gently pressing me, she made me aware she wished me to desist. So I recovered my position, and cast a glance at her. She smiled sweetly upon me, and gave an almost imperceptible nod of her head, as much as to say how agreeable it would have been to have proceeded further, and conveying a hint of future favours when opportunity should offer.

    Her face was flushed, and her eyes sparkled more than usual, so that I could see how amorously excited she was. Indeed, evidently to satisfy the passion I had excited, as soon as we descended from the carriage, entered the vestibule and saw a packet on the table, she cried out, as if it was something she expected,

    'Oh! I am glad that has come. Pray, Fred, bring it up to my room.'

    So Fred accompanied her. Louisa gave me a knowing look, and as soon as they were out of hearing, said,

    'Dear Harry, I saw what you were about with Mamma. You have excited her and she has taken Fred to satisfy her amorous passion.'

    And so it was, as Fred laughingly told me as we lounged in the grounds after luncheon. Enough for today, I will continue my lusty adventures in this interesting and delightful family in a future letter.


    While Fred and I were lounging in the delightful shade on the terrace, a neighbouring young gentleman, a connection of the family, called to ascertain the particulars of the marriage day. Seeing Fred, he came up to us and stated his errand, and so he and Fred went off to consult with Mamma. I saw dear Louisa looking out from an upper balcony of the house, apparently intensely gazing at some object in the distance.

    I called to her and she turned for an instant, shaking her hand at me, as much as to say, be quiet a moment, and immediately renewed her earnest gaze. In a minute, she seemed quite satisfied with her inspection, turned, smiled and called to me to remain where I was, and she would join me. This she did almost as soon as she could come downstairs. She was bonneted and shawled. She took my arm and said,

    'Come along, my dear Harry, and I will give you some fun.'

    So off we tripped into the woods, which, coming down close to the house from the hills, had charming walks laid out in them, and sundry comfortable summer-houses at pleasant viewpoints. As soon as we were fairly within the woods, the dear girl told me with a winning chuckle that she had marked down her game.

    'And, pray, what is it?'

    'Well, my dear Harry, I knew you would never rest when once you had penetrated the mystery of our family, until you were in possession of all of us. So now I want to put my sister Sophie into your arms. Don't be so profuse with your thanks, I have got my own object in this as well as obliging you. I will tell you at once what it is because, between you and me, my darling Harry, there must be no reserve, but the most open and fullest confidence. Well, then, I know both you and Fred would naturally want to renew the delicious proceedings of last night, and so should I too, but that I have taken a momentary caprice for Mamma's dear, handsome and vigorous young page, and I mean to have him sleep with me tonight. Papa, too, intends to come early in the morning, for he likes to have the pleasure of seeing all my charms by daylight, and will rather prefer finding William with me than otherwise, as he is very fond of having him or being had by him when with me, his greatest enjoyment being the double pleasure, either receiving or giving it. Now, the object I have at present is to put Sophie into your arms, with a view to both you and Fred passing the night with her, so as to leave me to my own little game.'

    I laughingly assured her that she might always rely upon my seconding every caprice she might have, even without the charming alternative she was about to procure me.

    'But where are we going? And how will toiling up this hill lead to the result you desire? Sophie is not likely to be here.'

    Ah, that is just it. You saw how intently I was watching something from the balcony. Well, I was accidentally looking in this direction when I caught sight of something fluttering through the woods. I felt sure it was a woman's dress, and also that, whoever it was, she was following this path. I knew that a little further on she would come into fuller sight, which sure enough she did, and then I discovered it was Sophie with Papa. Now, I knew from Papa himself this morning, that she had been complaining of his deserting her much of late. So I at once imagined the reason and object of their being in the woods. I only continued watching to make certain of the summer-house to which they were going. And now I am sure of my game. They have betaken themselves to the most convenient of the huts for our purpose, because I know how we can approach it so as to command a view of the interior without any chance of being observed by the occupied actors within, although we shall not be near enough to hear their conversation. Now Papa is certain to leave Sophie to repose a while after he has finished. As soon as he disappears, and is well down the hill, I shall go in, gamahuche the dear girl, and prepare her for your appearance. I know your lecherous delight in having her fresh from the incestuous arms of her father, and nothing will give me greater pleasure than to assist in your fucking. You may be quite sure there will be no squeamish refusal on Sophie's part.'

    As we approached the hut, Louisa left the beaten track, and we scrambled up some broken ground well overgrown with underwood, until we completely overlooked the hut immediately below us. Then we silently and quietly crawled lower down through the dense thicket, until Lou, who preceded me, put her hand behind her to draw my attention; here she silently opened a peephole through the bushes, from whence we completely commanded the interior of the hut.

    It was furnished with a low couch on which Sophie's body was extended. Her father was already mounted and in full operation, and as they lay side-ways to us, and Sophie's legs were thrown completely over his back, her bottom and cunt were in full view, with Papa's prick in active operation within. He had thrown off his coat, waistcoat and trousers. Sophie's legs had wrinkled up his shirt, and we could see his fine manly prick vigorously thrusting and withdrawing, while Sophie was evidently enjoying it to the utmost, and responding with as rapid and vigorous a movement of her arse, all the more powerfully from the advantage the leverage of her legs on her father's loins gave her.

    It was altogether a most charming and exciting picture, doubled in interest from the close ties of relationship existing between them. I grew rampageous at the sight, and being behind Louisa, canted her petticoats up, and introduced my hard, quivering pego into her glowing and equally excited cunt. Passing my hands in front, I frigged her clitoris in unison with my movements in her deliciously moist cunt, for the dear, randy girl had already spent at the exciting scene below us; but ever ready, as the libidinous nature of her salacious passions prompted, she again died away with me when the ecstatic moment seized me.

    It was well for us that the incestuous creatures below were so busy with their own affairs, or they must have heard the loud scuffle we made at the exquisite crisis of our fuck.

    Papa was not so rapidly affected as our more violent lust had caused us to be, so that he was still at work when we had spent. Keeping within the delicious sheath which enclosed my tool, and enjoying the lovely pressures and interior cunt suctions for which dear Louisa is so wonderfully distinguished, I gazed over her shoulder, and witnessed Papa and his beautiful daughter bring their present efforts to a close.

    We saw by the increased rapidity of his thrusts that the crisis was approaching. Sophie, too, redoubled her action, and they died away with a scream of delight as the agony of pleasure came over them. Their bodies closed as if about to form but one, when that loving parent poured his torrent of sperm into the gaping and longing cunt of his youngest and most beautiful daughter.

    They continued for some time palpitating in all the satisfaction of their lust. Then Papa withdrew, and stooping, glued his lips to that beauteous young, rosy cunt, and greedily licked up the rich mixed sperm that was oozing from its inner recesses. He continued for some time luxuriating in the rich treat his beloved daughter's cunt was affording him, until he again made her spend, this time directly into his mouth.

    It had evidently produced the desired result, for he rose from his position, and showed a standing prick, but yet not as stiff as he could wish. Placing himself before Sophie, it was evident he had told her to suck it into the desired consistency, for she raised herself onto her bottom and took it into her mouth. We saw her hand steal round to his arse and insert a finger into his bottom-hole. These proceedings quickly brought him up to the scratch. Sophie knelt on the couch, and he then took up a kneeling position behind her, canted her petticoats over her head, and first gliding his prick into her moist and yielding cunt to wet its whole length, then applying its point to the charming, rosy opening of her bottom, began entering within it. This was evidently not so easy a task as with dear Louisa, as we could see by the writhings of poor Sophie's body, and her occasionally holding him back with her hand to prevent his too violent entrance, but at last it was completely inserted. His two hands clasped her hips, and held the dear creature's arse closely pressed against his belly for some seconds. Then slowly drawing his cock backwards until nearly out, he as slowly drove it home again, drawing, at the same time, her arse to him with his brawny arms. For some minutes he continued these delicious slow, movements, which we could see were now delighting Sophie.

    We saw her hand steal down to her cunt, and by its rapid movements she was evidently frigging herself in unison with the paternal movements above.

    The wild lubricity of Louisa got so excited with this that she begged me in a whisper to fuck on. I did so, frigging her clitoris the while, and she almost immediately spent profusely.

    I paused at this opportunity, wishing to keep myself for the other work I should shortly be called upon to do, but was obliged to give the ardent girl another fuck, in which, fortunately for me, her extreme lubricity made her spend so quickly that I avoided following suit.

    Papa spent with apparent agony of joy, and after soaking for some time, withdrew and resumed his habillement.

    Sophie had thrown herself again on the couch in all the satisfaction the good fucking her father had given her, for we found it was the second fuck that we had first seen. Before leaving her he lifted up her petticoats and gave her delectable young cunt a loving kiss and then left her. We watched him out of sight, and then quietly scrambled down to the level of the hut. Louisa entered first, telling me in a whisper to keep hidden until she called me.

    She was some time before she did this; the salacious girl had got astride of Sophie, and reversing her position the two sisters satisfied their respective excited feelings by a mutual gamahuche. It was not until this was accomplished that she told Sophie that her old lover Harry Hargrave was waiting in a state of great excitement outside to take the place of Papa, of whose previous operations he had been a delighted witness.

    Sophie was somewhat surprised, but being assured by her sister that there could be no betrayal on my part, the warm, passionate girl jumped at the idea of a fresh prick fucking her wildly excited young cunt, more especially as dear Louisa had already informed her that Fred and I had passed the previous night with her, and that I was a master of my weapon. So I was called, and instantly made my appearance.

    Approaching dear Sophie, who still lay extended on the couch, I first gave her a warm embrace and thrust my tongue into her mouth, while with one hand I was drawing up her petticoats, but dear Louisa anticipated me; so, after giving her delicious young cunt a good feel, I stooped and sucked her cunt lips and clitoris till she spent, then quickly taking off coat, waistcoat and trousers, I threw myself upon her, and was into her tight young cunt up to the hilt in an instant. And at it we both went at once at such a pace as rapidly to produce the ecstatic end, especially as that dear good Lou was sucking one of Sophie's titties, while she acted postilion with a finger up my bottom-hole. Being now somewhat less excited, I arose after a few minutes' soaking.

    I took a long and loving survey of all her young charms, which possessed the extreme freshness and firmness of youth. Her buttocks were beautifully shaped, and though not so magnificently developed as those of Louisa, were hard and smooth as ivory and almost defied pinching. I deferred further inspection until night-time, for dear Lou had already introduced the subject of Fred and me passing the night with her, under the pretence that as now only two nights would elapse before her marriage, Papa wanted to make the most of them.

    Sophie made no bones about it, but was delighted at the chance, especially, as she flatteringly added, when dear Mr. Hargrave was to be of the party. His late effort had given her far too much satisfaction not to wish to possess him again as soon as possible.

    Of course, I could only reply in one way to so flattering a compliment, namely, by proving it was deserved and showing my prick in a perfectly fit state to do so.

    'Stop a minute,' said Louisa, 'I must come in for my share of the feast. We have not time for any more than the fuck you are both so ready for, as we must return to the house to be ready to meet Tom. Mamma and Fred have gone with the carriage to meet him at Rouen, and bring him home.'

    We had almost forgotten this, and dear Louisa was right. So she made Sophie get up, and she lay down herself in her place with her head towards the end of the couch. Sophie then mounted her and presented her bottom to me. That dear, lubricious Lou told me to take possession of Sophie's bottom-hole this time, while she would frig her clitoris and postilion me, she herself being gamahuched by Sophie. She would also have the pleasure of having the whole operation before her eyes.

    'The will of the woman is the will of God,' says the proverb, and she had her way. I plunged as usual for a shove or two in the delightful young cunt, and being well-moistened gently glided into her tight, throbbing, heated arsehole. As it had been stretched and lubricated by the previous incestuous fucking of her fond parent, I had less difficulty in penetrating, and as she showed no symptoms of suffering we at once proceeded to the joyful business. Her young bottom-hole, from its internal heat and tightness, was more like a boy's arsehole than that of the female sex in general. This, added to the titillating effects of Lou's additional aid, made for one of the most delicious fucks imaginable. We all three spent together, and remained for some time swimming in all the blissful sensation following such satisfaction as our lubricity and lust had just enjoyed. After which we readjusted ourselves and returned to the house.

    On our road through the woods Louisa begged us to favour her and Tom after dinner, so that they might slip away. She was afraid, if she did not take the edge off his appetite, he might try to find her bedroom at night, which must be avoided, and she could not think of a better plan. Care had already been taken to put him in a distant part of the house. He arrived just before dinner, looking remarkably handsome.

    Being already dressed, I showed him up to his room, and remained with him. He was in ecstasies at seeing Lou so beautiful, and begged me to favour his fucking her after dinner, for he would never be able to hold out if he did not have her that evening.

    He said that one night, gazing on the photograph of her legs and bosom, his weapon throbbed so fiercely that to diminish it, he took the cool pillow and lay astride of it. However, when he did so, he could not resist looking at the picture, and pressing harder and harder with a wild and unknown pleasure that, at last, he fell asleep and dreamed that Louisa was squeezing him down with the beautiful calves of her legs. Then he awoke in a kind of rapture, and found himself involuntarily moving up and down upon the pillow which he suddenly wetted with his warm fluid, which rushed out with an almost painful sensation from his excited instrument.


    I cut short my last long letter as I was really too tired to write more at the time.

    Our dinner party was of the gayest. The lovely evening and the softened light of the waning moon, which had only risen as we left, unusually late, from the dinner table, drew us to the terrace, and Sophie and I soon began to wander away from it, with the benevolent intent of favouring Louisa and Tom. We led the way to the nearest summer-house, and left them to their own enjoyment, keeping watch the while to warn them if any intruder should approach to mar their secret sacrifice of love.

    They kept us positively one hour kicking our heels and keeping watch for them. At last Sophie and I heard Fred hallooing to us from the terrace, and we ventured to approach the hut.

    The dear occupants were in the very agonies of spending, as evidenced by their cries of delight, which met our ears as we approached the entrance. We halted for a moment to listen, but we had approached at the acme of delight, and the sudden silence, broken only by occasional, deep-drawn sobs of delight, showed that for the moment all was over, and that they were only revelling in the after enjoyment. So we ventured to interrupt them, and tell them that they must of necessity cease for the present, as we were all sought for.

    In a very few moments they issued forth from the dark shade of the hut and joined us. I could see from the lustre that shone from Louisa's eyes how much she had enjoyed it. In fact, we heard afterwards that they had employed themselves so well that Tom had had four super-excellent fucks, and had made that dear lascivious girl spend quite twice as often. But Tom whispered to me, ere we parted for the night, that she had resisted all his efforts to enjoy her from behind.

    I told him by way of comfort that, doubtless, when she was his wife, she would be more dutiful and obedient to her marriage vows, in which she would have sworn to obey him in everything.

    'By heavens, my dear Harry, if she does, you shall come afterwards, and fuck her while I am into her bottom, and we will take it in turns, my dear fellow, to be in the middle. Won't that be jolly?'

    As I sought my room, I called en passant at that of Fred, to beg him to call for me when he considered the coast clear to conduct me to his sister's arms. I undressed and put on nothing but my dressing-gown, and then lay down on the bed until Fred should come, leaving my night-light burning.

    It was quite three-quarters of an hour before he came, by which time I had fallen asleep, and slept so soundly that Fred had to pull me off the bed to wake me up. My sleep, however, had much refreshed me, and Fred, taking my arm, led me through the now obscure corridors and passages to dear Sophie's room.

    We found her waiting impatiently for us. The dear girl was lying in bed stark naked, covered only with a sheet, which she threw off as soon as we entered.

    She flew into my arms to welcome me to her chamber. I had already dropped my dressing-gown, and received her in my equally naked arms, so that our nude bodies joined in a close embrace. Fred, too, threw his arms around both of us, and our three naked bodies were thus brought into close and loving contact.

    The dear girl took a prick in each hand, while ours wandered all over her young charms, and we were rapidly getting too excited. Fred stopped this by telling us that we must not proceed too hastily, but at once go luxuriously to work.

    'Lie down on the bed, Harry, and Sophie will most enjoy sucking your fine prick, for at present it is a novelty to her. I shall gamahuche her from behind, and we shall then prepare the dear girl for the greater feast of venery we mean to supply her with.'

    We followed his directions. Sophie proved herself adept in all love's ways, and so arranged our positions that while she gamahuched me, and was gamahuched by her brother, she also frigged him, and we soon all spent profusely together. The lovely young creature luxuriously swallowed all I gave her, and sucked on until not a drop more would come, declaring it to be the sweetest draught she had ever swallowed.

    These preliminaries over, which had not only prepared dear Sophie for further efforts, but had excited her sufficiently to support the attack in both quarters, we naturally gave her the choice of who should take her before and who behind.

    She flatteringly accepted me as her front rank man. So extending myself on my back, she mounted me, and first staking herself on my hard, upright weapon, she rose and fell upon it for some time in the greatest ecstasy of delight, and seemed as if she desired to ride one race in that position before going further. Fred, however, became impatient, and wished her to bend forward.

    'Oh, do stop a moment, dear Fred,' she cried, 'I am co… coming!'

    And down came her charming young nature, pouring its rich sauce over my delighted prick.

    She had thrown her head back in the extremity of her ecstasy, and would have fallen backwards if I had not held her up with my arm.

    For a few seconds she was heedless of all around, but palpitated in all the joys of her delicious spend, and throbbed on my pleased prick to its unutterable delight. When she recovered herself, she fell forward on my bosom, and kissing me most lovingly, told me what exquisite joy I had afforded her. Our tongues joined in loving billings, and we should have forgotten all the world had Fred not broken in upon our mutual raptures by taking advantage of his sister's favourable attitude, and all too rudely assaulting the delicate orifice of her beauteous backside.

    I have before described to you that she was still too young to bear without suffering any violent and rough attack in that quarter, so that Fred's too rapid proceedings woke her up rudely from the loving embrace in which we were indulging and I begged him to be more gentle.

    'Then withdraw for a moment,' said he, 'and let me moisten my prick in her delicious cunt. I can see her spunk oozing out, and it is all I want, for once my gentle prick is well-lubricated it will slip in with a tender movement and no pain will be felt.'

    I did as he desired, while dear Sophie seconded his efforts by pushing her bottom well out and straining as if she wanted to evacuate, thus favouring his entrance, so that he became fairly swallowed up without her suffering more. When once he was completely seated and at his ease, I resumed my own position by re-inserting my stiff prick; and after a few minutes of delightfully slow movements, we all became much too excited to dwell on such lesser joys. Our movements became fast and furious, and shortly ended in that death-like, and yet rapturously ecstatic state of satisfied lust. We all spent simultaneously in the greatest and most delicious enjoyment.

    We lay for some time enjoying all the blissful sensations of satisfied desire before we rolled sideways to each other. We none of us withdrew, but lay caressing each other luxuriously, and preparing ourselves by our loving endearments for further efforts. When the desired result showed itself in the renewed vigour of our pricks, we changed places, and I took possession of the exquisite and rosy orifice of the dear girl's bottom, while her incestuous brother occupied the delicious cunt I had just evacuated.

    Thus we completed a second bout more luxuriously because we dwelt on it in a more leisurely manner, and again sank in all the raptures that satisfied lust could afford, swimming in all the after sensations of gratified passion for fully half-an-hour. We then rose to purify and refresh ourselves, again to begin all the wildest excesses to which raging lust and incest could prompt us.

    Of course we satisfied the lustful creature, and then, after some time to restore our energies, Fred lay down, and his lovely sister impaled herself upon his noble prick standing straight up like some great monolith and, stooping, she presented her glorious buttocks to my excited eyes. As her bottom was raised almost upon the point of Fred's prick, I bent down and thrust my tongue into her glowing arsehole, rolled it about, and, leaving sufficient saliva to aid my entrance, I plunged in with such sudden violence as made her buttocks shake again.

    'Oh, Harry!' she cried. 'How delicious! Continue those vigorous thrusts, my love. I feel your manly prick up to my very heart. Shove on, oh! Shove on.'

    And the wild creature, not being able to shove up and down, wriggled her bum in a peculiar and delicious side movement that made her spend almost immediately.

    We thus passed a night of wild orgies, purifying ourselves from time to time as a refresher to our waning forces. During one of these pauses dear Sophie favoured me by posing herself in every conceivable attitude, that I might admire the exquisite beauty, elegance and delicacy of her wondrously charming and youthful form. I may here incidentally add that I afterwards photographed all those endearing young charms, and they form not the least beautiful examples in my very extensive album.

    We left the dear girl to her well-earned repose at about a quarter to six in the morning. On issuing from her chamber I whispered to Fred that if we saw a dirty towel thrown down by the water-closet door, it would be a sign that dear Louisa had got rid of her father and her young favourite, and expected us to pay her a passing visit.

    On reaching the passage, there lay the towel. So, opening the unfastened door, we entered, and bolted it after us. Louisa heard us, and came running to welcome us. She had only an instant before left the water-closet, for the repeated doses of her father and favourite in her bottom had so deluged it as to force her to seek an evacuation. In fact she had hardly dried herself after purifying, so that our arrival could not have happened at a more opportune moment, as she was just longing for our appearance.

    'Off with your robes, my dear fellows, and let me see if Sophie has left your pricks in a state to give me any satisfaction.'

    The dear creature was in herself so very exciting that she had no reason to decry our powers, for both our pricks were in full erection. She gave them each a delicious suck, and then cried,

    'Fred, come and fuck me, while I gamahuche dear Harry and get a mouthful of his delicious cream-like spending.'

    So I lay down on my back while she straddled me. She sucked my prick and frigged my bottom-hole, while I did as much to her clitoris and fingered Fred's bumhole. Immediately above, my eyes feasted upon the enchanting sight of Fred's fine prick working away incestuously in his sister's insatiable cunt.

    We made the libidinous girl spend twice before we each poured down torrents of sperm into her mouth and cunt. We paused some time before we were again in a fit state to resume operations. Then Fred moved from the front to the rear, while I took possession of his evacuated post. Dear Louisa's tongue intertwined with mine, while I handled the nipples of her two titties, and wildly excited all her lubricity.

    Again she spent twice to our once. We were longer than usual owing to the heavy work we had already gone through, and when we did die away, it was with such agonies of delight that we all sank completely overpowered with the exquisite nature of our ecstasy, so much so as to remain insensible to all around us, until a stirring in the lower rooms warned us that it was time for us to regain our apartments.

    So tightly did that salacious creature hold us bound within the folds of her delicious cunt and bottom-hole, that it was only with difficulty that we could withdraw.


    Harry's description of Louisa's and Tom's departure for their honeymoon is lacking. Her absence is felt

    We had a rather silent dinner, the absence of dear Louisa weighing upon us, and we missed the liveliness and wit for which she was distinguished. After coffee we sat down to a quiet game of whist, previous to which Fred had seized the opportunity of our going together to the terrace to tell me that his father had whispered to Sophie that he should sleep with her that night, as Mamma wished to give up the whole night to her page. Papa had also desired Sophie to request Fred to join them.

    This, of course, at once excited a desire on my part to join dear Mamma. So during one of the games, when I had cut out to allow Fred to enter, I saw them occupied in the middle of their game and quietly left the room. Finding no servant about upstairs, I went to Mamma's dressing-room, and took out both the key of the entrance door and that of the door of communication, and put them behind a wardrobe where they were not likely to be seen.

    I now felt that I should be able to join in sport with that most splendid woman, and the very handsome and vigorous youth upon whom she bestowed her favours. Besides, I had not yet possessed Mamma in company with anyone else, and I wanted to accomplish this to break down any objection to her letting me into the more secret mysteries of the family.

    I also felt that I should tonight realise and indulge in all the lewdness of real possession. I returned to the salon, found that my absence had not been noticed, and cut in again at the end of two rubbers. We retired to our rooms at half-past ten.

    I lay awake in bed for two hours so that by that time I knew that not only must all the household be wrapped up in sleep, but also that dear Mamma and her page must have had sufficient time to rub off their first violence of lust. Slipping off my shirt and only keeping on my loose dressing-gown, I stole softly along to her dressing-room door, which, thanks to my foresight, I easily and gently opened. I then approached on tiptoe the door of communication, which was open, and through which shone the blaze of light in which Mamma delighted to copulate.

    I could hear their lewd exclamations and the scuffle of their bodies by which I at once supposed they were in the full enjoyment of a fuck. So I boldly put my head round the door, being quite sure that they would be far too much occupied with their sweet encounter to notice my intrusion. And there they were, hard at it.

    Thanks to dear Mamma's fancy for always having plenty of light, the delicious scene was visible in all its charming excitement. Mamma was kneeling, her glorious arse well up, and her head well down. The dear boy was kneeling behind; I could not tell in which hole his vigorous young prick was operating, but it was evident, by the fury of their lust, and the speed of their movements, that the crisis was near.

    The sight was deliciously exciting, and my cock rose at the scene into bursting stiffness. I allowed them to die away and soak in bliss before I approached them. Mamma's head lay on the pillow and was turned the other way, so she had no chance of observing me.

    As I approached William, his eyes were following the lewd wandering of his hands over the superb buttocks before him, so that my clasping her fine form and projecting buttocks was her first intimation of my approach or presence.

    For a moment she fancied it was Papa, so that she neither withdrew nor started with surprise. My voice dissolved the spell, as with my other hand laid on the magnificent backside of darling Mamma, I said how delighted I was with the scene I had just witnessed, and with what pleasure I should now join in their delightful recreations.

    Mamma turned round her head in amazement, and was about to rise, but I put my hand on her splendid shoulder and begged her to keep her position, as nothing could be more beautiful. She looked confused, and somewhat displeased; probably her pride revolted a little at my finding her in the arms of a servant.

    Suspecting these to be her sentiments, I at once reassured her by saying,

    'My dear Mamma, how delighted I am, and how fortunate you are, in having such a charming and handsome youth to serve you; it is the very thing I most wished you to have, and I little thought I should meet with such a delightful companion in the joys I came to seek in your arms. We shall now have twice the pleasure we should otherwise have enjoyed.'

    My rather long exordium had the desired effect, and gave her time to reconcile herself to my discovery of her intimacy with William, so that she had at once the good sense to see that, after all, it could but add to the gratification of her insatiable lust.

    She declared I was a sad fellow, but she supposed she must submit to all the freaks of my fancy. I passed one hand under William's fine buttocks, and handled his hard young balls, noting that his vigorous young prick was in a perfect state of stiffness.

    My other fingers had been playing with Mamma's beautiful nipples, which I knew would most wildly excite her lust.

    She began wriggling her glorious bottom, and I saw it was time to begin, for which my bursting prick was already rampantly longing.

    So, begging William to lean well over Mamma's back and frig her clitoris, I quickly jumped up behind him and kneeling, lubricated my prick with my spittle, then applying its point to the tight little orifice presented to my joy, and which I had first kissed and sucked with my tongue, I gently glided into the aperture, not without difficulty. However, by patience and gentleness, I at last accomplished a complete insertion, then desiring him to imitate the delicious wriggle of Mamma's backside, I proceeded to fuck the enchanting youth.


    You would have been somewhat surprised, my dear Charlie, at the sudden end to my last letter, but it was already unconscionably long. I was tired, and had still to tell of the delicious proceedings of that night, so I determined to withhold them for another letter. With this explanation I shall resume the current of my amorous adventures.

    I left off after having inserted my bursting prick into the divine bottom-hole of the beautiful youth while dear Mamma, who was similarly transfixed by William's youthful dart, had begun the peculiarly nice shaking of her substantial and gloriously fine backside. I desired for him to follow and imitate her delicious movement, and he had hardly seconded her above a minute when the dear libidinous creature, with a scream of rapture, yielded a sweet tribute to the god of love. We paused to allow her to enjoy the delight of her spend, William thrusting his hard, ivory-like tool as far as it would go, and I rammed mine equally fiercely into his deliciously tight bottom-hole. In less than a minute our excitable and lovely Mamma became urgent for more active proceedings. We recommenced our delicious movements, and highly stimulated as we were, soon brought our first bout to an end, dear Mamma joining in the chorus of wild cries that ushered in the last grand crisis, which overpowered us with its excessive raptures, and we died away in a perfect agony of ecstasy.

    That dear youth's constrictions on my excited prick, brought on by his own spasms in spending, were something beyond imagining, and I sank down on his back in all the languor of satisfied desire. We were all too happy to think of withdrawing from such delicious rapture until Mamma found the weight was becoming too much for her. I withdrew first with a loud pop from the tight aperture which I had so well corked, and bidding William remain within the exquisite sheath until I could gain my feet, I seized him and pulled him upright. As he withdrew, I turned him towards me and took hold of his cock, to which I instantly applied my mouth and greedily sucked the last drops out of it along with the rich matter with which it was bedewed from the sweet interior of the glorious creature in whose bowels he had previously poured down two libations.

    I had so longed for an occasion to get the treat of such a withdrawal from her that it fired the excitement of my lust to its utmost extent of lewdness.

    I tore him off the bed, plunged within my beloved Mamma's splendid and incomparable backside, and with one single bound my belly was brought up with violence against her immense globes. So unexpected was the attack, and so fiercely and instantaneously was it effected, that the dear creature gave a scream of delighted surprise.

    Instantly recovering her lubricity she welcomed me with all the ecstasy of which her lewd and voluptuous nature was capable, squeezing my enraptured prick with those delicious pressures she so loved to give.

    I paused a moment, although eager for the fray, to beg William to favour me with his beautiful toy, which was projecting from his stomach in all the fierce fury of desire.

    He wanted no second bidding, but jumped up in an instant, and all humid as it was from my sucking, thrust his prick up to the hilt in my longing bottom-hole almost as quickly as I had penetrated Mamma. At it we all three went in a fury of the wildest lust, and so delicious was it that I could not in any way pause to lengthen the joys, but rushing on with impetuous speed I rapidly brought our furious course to its natural termination.

    Our screams of delight as the ecstatic moment approached were so loud that it is a wonder they did not alarm the household. At last jets of sperm burst from us in torrents and filled the delighted apertures in which they were deposited, and we sank utterly unconscious of any other feeling than that of the most ecstatic enjoyment. The fierceness and energy of our attack and its continued fury had so delighted Mamma that she was more overcome by the delicious after sensations than I had ever before seen her.

    I almost became alarmed, telling William to withdraw his delicious prick which had given me such pleasure, and withdrawing my own from the divine backside of dear Mamma. The action of withdrawing drew her back, as she said, from heaven to earth.

    Seeing that it was only excess of venery that had held her so long entranced before she moved, I applied my lips to that most exquisite aperture into which we had poured three libations to love, and had so fully filled its delicious interior that the richly coloured fluid was oozing out in a thick, trickling stream. I greedily licked it up, and sucked it out.

    This proceeding so pleased Mamma that she, too, wished for a similar indulgence before it was too late. Turning suddenly round she took my half-sodden prick in her mouth, and with the greatest avidity sucked off the same delicious matter with which it was so plentifully bedewed. She then rose and threw her beautiful arms round my body. I equally embraced her, our tongues intertwined in a loving kiss.

    We were for some minutes thus deliciously employed, murmuring sweet words of the rapture we had all enjoyed. At last we disengaged ourselves and proceeded to a general purification.

    After our ablutions we all three lay down on the bed together for a cuddle. Mamma's hands soon wandered to our two pricks, which her soft fingers knew so well how to raise into pristine vigour. All of us having become excited, we prepared to renew operations by first having a triple gamahuche. Mamma flattered me and said she would like to partake of the delicious, cream-like spendings of my prick. So arranging herself to suit her purpose, she took it into her mouth while one arm embraced my buttocks and enabled her to put her fingers up my bottom-hole.

    William was so arranged that while he could gamahuche her cunt, and postilion her bottom-hole, her position was such that she could reach his prick with her other hand.

    When all was settled to the satisfaction of the dear lewd creature we commenced our complicated manoeuvres to our infinite delight. Mamma's ardent nature was far ahead of our slower powers, and she spent profusely in my mouth long before we were ready to second her. But this was just what her extreme lubricity most delighted in, as she got an extra enjoyment without overtaxing our powers.

    No sooner did she feel by the increasing size and stiffness of the two pricks she had either in hand or mouth that we were about to spend, than her own fierce lust brought her into as great an excitement as ourselves. We all three dissolved away in an ecstasy of delight, and lay panting with pleasure for some time until her practised soft hand again produced its magical effect, for I never knew a woman with greater skill in the handling of a prick. She had the art of caressing it by a peculiar way to raise it to a perpendicular in a very short time.

    When we were sufficiently excited we prepared for more earnest work. Mamma decided that my larger cock should enter her capacious cunt, and that William's smaller but harder young weapon should plug her other orifice.

    So I lay down on my back, and that glorious and splendid woman straddled me and impaled herself on my stiff and eager pego, keeping herself in an upright position, while I handled the nipples of both breasts, and William thrust a finger up her bottom-hole. She rose and fell in all the pride of her lustful beauty, saying she must spend in this position before further proceedings, and very quickly did the dear lewd creature inundate my delighted prick with her hot deluge of spunk. She died away in great joy, and sank into my eager arms, which clasped her in a loving embrace. This position brought her into a favourable attitude for William's operations in her delicious bottom-hole, which he instantly plugged with his stiff, ivory-like rod.

    She shivered again with delight at the thrust home of so hard a prick. Kissing me and thrusting her tongue into my mouth, she told me to pinch both her titties with my hands, and she began at once to wriggle her gorgeous backside with all her accustomed skill. We seconded the dear creature as well as we could, but before we could arrive at the grand conclusion dear lewd Mamma let loose another flood, and while we paused to allow of her after enjoyment, she greatly enhanced ours by those exquisite pressures she could so deliciously impart, either in the front or the rear, to the eager pricks so delightfully and mutually lodged together within her. It was impossible to refrain from more active enjoyment under such stimulants and we resumed our fucking. The action grew more fierce and furious, to the infinite satisfaction of libidinous Mamma, who joined our grand finale, which, ushered in by cries of agonised delight, ended in a death-like languor of exhausted desire.

    Dear Mamma was in such excess of pleasure as to bite through the pillow below her face. Fortunately for me it was not my own shoulder, for I am certain her teeth would have met in my flesh, for the fierceness of her lust made her teeth loudly grind together.

    We lay a long time in all the ecstasy of enjoyment, but as their bodies at such a time became mere inert masses, I soon found them too much for me to support any longer. So giving them and myself a few minutes more of the delicious soaking we were so tranquilly enjoying, I begged them to roll off. They did so, but by clever management this was effected without unseating either of the pricks that were sheathed within her. By the frequent repetitions of these delightful encounters our passions were becoming less excitable, so, for a time, we remained in the tranquil enjoyment of being clasped together in close embraces.

    Mamma and William, who had been at it much longer than I, began to feel drowsy. As the wanderings of my hand over all the glorious beauties of her superb form had begun to raise my lascivious desires anew, I proposed a position in which we could have one more delicious double-fuck, and yet leave ourselves free, without withdrawing, to drop off gradually to sleep in close embrace.

    Mamma met the idea with great gusto, and we arranged ourselves thus: William, being the slightest body, lay down in front of Mamma between her glorious thighs, and took possession of her luscious and foaming cunt. I placed myself behind, begging her to push her thigh that was thrown over his body a little forward. She thus opened and exposed the deep crease between the two massive globes of her backside. I immediately took possession with my steaming prick, fresh from her equally steaming cunt, and was completely sheathed up to the hilt after gently gliding in.

    With my arms around her body, I embraced her breasts, and played with the nipples. She remained passive between us, save her peculiar peristaltic pressures, which were so great an addition to our pleasures.

    William withdrew in unison with my outward movement, and then together we rapidly thrust in again, exciting the dear lewd creature excessively. She spent again before either of us, and joined us most passionately in our final agony of pleasure.

    We lay for a long time soaking in the after enjoyment, but Mamma had been so delighted and satisfied with the delicious pleasure this new position gave her that she begged for a renewal as we were, before we sought repose.

    We were both too gallant and too vigorous to refuse so slight a favour to one who had contributed so fully to our enjoyment, and we immediately complied.

    This time we were longer than usual in arriving at the final crisis, and dear Mamma had the gratification of spending thrice to our once, when we died away in all the ecstatic excess of our enjoyment. We lay in delight without uttering another word, and all gradually sunk into a deep sleep.

    We slept almost too long, and there was only time for William and me to give her another good poke in the position of our last effort. We then all rose, William to leave us, Mamma and I to lave our heated bodies after satisfying natural wants, during which operation Mamma treated me to a sight of her glorious cunt in the act of piddling. A most exciting sight it was, and no sooner had she finished her ablutions, than helping her into bed, I desired her to lie on her back and open her splendid legs. Then, getting on hands and knees between them, I passed my arms under her thighs as she bent her knees well up. When my hands reached her breasts, I began gamahuching her with vigour; she spent almost immediately, which I instantly gobbled up, and continued my exertions.

    It was at this moment that the door opened, and Papa entered. He was somewhat surprised to find me there instead of the page, but instantly recovering himself, he said,

    'Mr. Hargrave, you must be aware that you cannot have my wife without paying tribute to me.'

    'I understand, my dear Sir-anything you please.'

    As he had already a secret desire for me, he threw off his robe, scrambled up behind me, told me the attitude was excellent and begged me to continue gamahuching his wife, while he would take his revenge in my charming bottom.

    I was nothing loath and he ran his course with the utmost pleasure. When it was done, I said it must now be my turn, that nothing would give me greater pleasure, and he could take his glorious wife in either entrance.

    He preferred her splendid backside. She knelt and he frigged her clitoris while I fucked him behind. It was a delicious union, and we all enjoyed it immensely. After this it was time to separate. I told him I hoped now that the ice was broken he would allow me, after this, to participate often in such exquisite joys as we could all confer on each together in these delightful orgies, and he, of course, immediately consented.


    I got back to my room without being observed, chuckling over the fact that I was now completely initiated in all the mysteries of the family, and was an accepted participator in all the exquisite excesses of their incestuous intercourse; yet still there wanted the complete enlightenment of both Papa and Mamma as to my relations with both Fred and Sophie.

    Mamma, who was as capricious as a young beauty of twenty, had taken a fancy to having Fred the following night, and Papa had been so well-pleased with his better half's action when I was included in the orgy, had that he had signified his intention of joining them.

    I communicated to dear Sophie the arrangement regarding Papa, Mamma and Fred, and begged her to invite William to join her, and I would come to her afterwards.

    The dear girl jumped at the idea, and so all was arranged. Sophie had taken possession of the room that had been Louisa's, and I told her how exciting it was to me to see her well fucked before her fucker knew that I was an onlooker. The dear girl humoured me in everything, and said that it would greatly excite her to know that I was an onlooker unbeknownst to her fucker, and she would take care to make sure I had something worth looking at. However, she expected I would instantly come out when the other had finished, and give her the coup de grace, as a fresh prick immediately after a first fuck so greatly satisfied her longing cunt, while a first fuck only excited her sufficiently to make her long for an immediate continuation.

    'Take two fucks out of that vigorous youth,' said I, 'and I shall be all the better pleased, for your delicious young cunt will enjoy it all the more, especially if he gamahuches you well first.'

    'My dear Harry, Louisa did you no less than bare justice when she said you were the best and dearest fellow in existence; your proposition exactly meets my own lascivious desires. However, I shall be content with a double gamahuche and two fucks from that dear boy, so as to leave him vigour enough to serve you while you fuck me. Won't that be nice?'

    I took her in my arms, and kissed and thanked the dear girl for her happy suggestion. Indeed, I would have fucked her at once, but that circumstances and the occasion were not favourable. So we deferred such mutual satisfaction until we could indulge it to satiety in the security of night and her bed-chamber.

    When we retired for the night I whispered, while bidding her goodnight, that I must come at once, as I was too sharp set, and that I would be in the water-closet awaiting the retirement of her maid; I begged her to tap gently at the door when all was clear.

    So it passed. The dear girl was as impatient as myself, and quickly dismissed her maid, gave the appointed signal, and in less than a minute I was in her room, and we were both stripped to the buff. She threw herself on the bed with her feet over the edge and I took a chair and sat opposite. Her beautiful, graceful legs were thrown over my shoulders, and her lovely young cunt lay fully exposed in all its beauty to my delighted eyes. For a minute I was satisfied to open its pouting lips and gaze on the rich colour inside and the lovely entrance to her delicious vagina; then, applying my lips to the charming opening, I proceeded to gamahuche her with all the skill I possessed. Her hot, young blood responded with all the vigour that my lascivious proceedings had excited, and in quick succession she poured down two rich libations, which I greedily licked up and swallowed.

    Of course, I had become greatly excited myself, and rising, without changing her position, merely lifting her legs higher than they were, I brought my standing prick to the moist aperture and, to her infinite delight, plunged with one vigorous thrust up to my balls in her exquisitely tight and succulent young cunt. There I lay, a delighted and welcome guest, for a minute or two, revelling in all the charming, sensual voluptuousness of full possession. The dear girl, meanwhile, was welcoming me with all her delightful inner pressures, which, though as yet not equal to the perfections of Mamma or Lou in that way, gave promise of future excellence and perfection in that delightful gift which, in fact, both sisters inherited from their delicious and highly-gifted mother, whose cunt was a paradise of soul-thrilling joys, and whose equal I never met with, although her own daughter Louisa was the nearest approach to her rapture-giving excellence in that way.

    The youthful charms and freshness of dear Sophie more than made up for any shortcoming in the higher perfections of her experienced mother or sister. She quickly excited me to more active movements, and we simultaneously poured down a joint tribute to holy Mother Venus with all the ecstatic joys of the rapturous crisis. I sank forward on her belly, and was clasped lovingly to her beating bosom, where I lay in all the voluptuous and lascivious sensation of the after enjoyment.

    We were both too lewd and vigorous for this to last more than a very few minutes. The returning vigour of my prick quickly reawakened all her lust, and we ran another course of rapturous delight, ending as before in the languor of momentarily satisfied desire.

    The striking of the timbre warned us that William was at the door. We sprang to our feet. I was hastily stowed away in my old hiding place. Sophie only waited a moment to wipe up the tell-tale froth from her delicious cunt before opening the door and letting in the impatient young page, who had already struck a second appeal on the timbre.

    The door was opened, and an immediate close embrace followed. Sophie fastened the door and then, lovingly entwined in each other's embrace, they hastened to the bed. Sophie fell back on it and William knelt, and applied his lips to her charming cunt, vigorously kissing and licking it. She soon spent, and then begged him to get onto the bed. Mounting him with their heads and bodies reversed, they had another mutual gamahuche, spending lasciviously and voluptuously in each other's mouths. Sophie continued to suck the dear boy's prick till it stood again, and, to do that vigorous and handsome youth justice, it required very little stimulation to bring his lewd passions again to the necessary excitement.

    The young hussy had so placed herself that I could enjoy the delightful sight to the utmost, and the two dear young creatures, just as hot as each other, poured down their libation to love in mutual ecstasies of delight. Sophie's legs and arms entwined themselves round the delighted youth, and I could see, by the convulsive movements of her bottom, with what libidinous luxury she was applying her delicious pressures to that deeply-inserted young prick, whose youthful vigour quickly responded to such pleasure-giving sensations. He began to thrust furiously within the glowing aperture. But Sophie stopped him for a minute to reverse their position, which they effected by rolling over without withdrawing. When once fairly on the delighted youth's belly she drew up her knees so as to elevate her bottom, and give more play to the movement of her loins.

    William clasped her tightly round the waist, holding her upper body well down, and this showed off her fine young buttocks to perfection. She began to move most voluptuously upon the stiff, slender weapon that impaled her burning cunt. I could see by the increased wriggling of her backside that her libidinous passions were rising to fever-pitch.

    At this moment she thrust her arm backwards, and made the motion of beckoning to me to come out, and turning her finger towards her young and rosy bottom-hole, she made the sign of pushing it in and out.

    I understood her at once, and being already in a state of wild excitement, I rushed out of the cabinet, and lightly vaulting onto the bed behind her, first kissed the exquisite orifice and moistened it with my tongue as far as it could penetrate. Then applying my saliva to my prick, I pointed it at the delicious entrance, and by gentle pressure soon sheathed it up to my belly. The dear lascivious girl spent with the delicious sensation produced by the complete insertion of two pricks at once within her.

    She was ready in an instant afterwards. Her fiery lust urged us on to the utmost again, and in a very short time mutual screams of agonised delight ushered in the delicious crisis, when we all three yielded up torrents of spunk, and died away in love's languor of satisfaction.

    Dear Sophie, on coming to her senses, declared it was the most enjoyable double-fuck she had ever had, and so satisfied were we all that, without any change of position, we fucked again, if anything with more exquisite rapture than before, and lay for many minutes soaking deliciously in the after delight. We lay long enough to restore our pricks to their normal stiffness, and then the dear girl, with her accustomed kind thoughtfulness for the pleasures of every one, said that this time she must be the recipient of my prick in her cunt while the handsome young page should do his best to satisfy his pederastic inclinations.

    So, kneeling, with her backside well up, she, with outstretched arm and hand beneath, guided my excited prick into her tight and deliciously bedewed cunt, which actually overflowed with the volume of rich young sperm that the vigorous boy had poured into it.

    William inserted his stiff prick, slippery with their mutual spendings, into my delighted bottom-hole and I had a glorious fuck while gloating with delight in the charming, tight cunt in which I was ensheathed so tight that it was impossible to distinguish between being in its rapture-giving recess, or in the no less exciting rosy orifice of her bottom.

    It is needless to say how deliciously we all spent, nor how we repeated the race with a change of position, William fucking her backside while I penetrated his hot recess, which appeared to me more charming than ever. As a finish, placing dear Sophie on her side, we made a sandwich of her, the page in front and I behind, and then fucking lazily, we finished our course and fell sound asleep as we were.

    Sophie was restless, so that when we awoke in broad daylight, we were all separated.


    The next day, shortly after our arrival at home, Mamma disappeared. We knew it was to enjoy her charming page, and to give him her first fruits after her late clearing out. Sophie slyly asked if Fred and I would not like to follow so good an example.

    After such a challenge, we could not but accept it. So going up to the hut where I had first enjoyed her after her loving Papa had taken precedence, we gratified the dear creature with two double fucks, each enjoying both channels. After which we adjourned, as we did not wish to anticipate in too great a degree the proceedings we meant to initiate that night.

    From my door I could see the door of Mamma's room. So, watching the exit of her maid, I was the first in the field. I found the darling just throwing off her chemise, and she stood in all the glorious splendour of her magnificent form. I rushed in and threw my arms around her; our lips and tongues met in sweet embrace. I gently pushed her onto the bed, and begging for the exquisite pleasure of a first cunt-licking, helped her up. Then, taking a pillow, I knelt on the floor, arranging it so that her feet rested on my back and darted my tongue into her ever-ready cunt. After a few delicious lickings I took her large and stiff clitoris, sucked it, and rolled my tongue about it, while three fingers up her cunt acted as an extra stimulant, and twice I made the salacious darling pour down the libation of her lust.

    'Come up, my dear Hargrave,' she cried, 'and let me fuck you.'

    I rose, jumped into bed, lay down on my back, and the glorious creature mounted me, impaling herself on my rigid weapon. I contemplated with delighted eyes the glorious beauties of her splendid figure in all the action of excited lust.

    She rapidly flooded me with another copious discharge, and then sank on my belly into my loving arms. For a minute or two we lay quiet, our tongues alone darting love into each other's mouths until the fiery joy so excited us that our actions became fast and furious, to end in all the excess of passion.

    At this moment, when her buttocks had closed down, and her cunt was nipping me in all its ardour, Fred entered. To see and to participate were one. In an instant, before his mother knew he was there, he had jumped up behind her, and his throbbing prick was knocking violently at her back door, which, by her closed-down pressures upon me, was for the moment inaccessible. But his mother was too greedy and insatiable after having a prick to refuse entrance as soon as she became aware who was there. So, pushing her splendid backside outwards, she opened her door, and Fred plunged in and instantly began to run an excited course.

    The extra pleasure of a new prick at the very moment she had just spent, set Mamma in all the wild fury of her insatiable lust, and fast and furious as her son drove his excited and incestuous prick up her bottom-hole, she beat him, and spent twice to his once.

    So far I had been a delighted, though passive, spectator of the exciting scene, but my prick rose in response to their wild cries of agonised joy as they mutually died away in their excess of passion. So I immediately took up the running, and to Mamma's rapturous delight made her spend again, but taking care to stop short of doing so myself, having an eye to after efforts, but not at all displeased to reduce if possible the raging and insatiable lust that possessed Mamma.

    Dear Sophie now appeared, and scolded us for beginning before all were present. Then Papa, closely followed by William, entered, so we unfastened ourselves to make more general arrangements.

    In order that we might all begin again by a general gamahuche, we three previous operators purified ourselves. After this we had a short preliminary discussion of what should be the order of our proceedings, during which the dear ladies were handling our pricks. As was proper, Mamma took one in each hand, leaving Papa's to the care of his lovely young daughter. These caresses were not pressed to the extreme conclusion, and ceased when we had resolved upon our general course of action.

    First we drew off from the double bed the four mattresses (each possessed two, as is usual in the best French beds) and arranged them all close together on the floor, leaving the large couch for any positions that might demand the elevation of the object of worship.

    Being all stark naked we lay down in a circle, my head between Mamma's magnificent thighs. I sucked her clitoris and delicious bottom-hole; Sophie lay down between my legs and sucked my prick, acting postilion behind with her finger. Fred was her gamahucher and bottom fingerer; and William completed the circuit by giving his slender weapon to the longing mouth of his charming mistress.

    We thus formed a circular chain of the most lascivious lubricity. The dear women and the no less vigorous and lustful young page gave down two libations to our one. We lay lazily sucking each delicious morsel until unequivocal signs taught us that we could at once proceed to more serious and more libidinous actions. Mamma had been so delighted with the double distillation from her handsome page's prick that she declared she must receive his two next in her longing and voracious cunt.

    Papa, being highly excited, declared he would dedicate his offering to the superb backside of his spouse, which, for long use on his part, was not so stimulating when his powers were less excited than at present.

    I fucked Sophie while Fred tickled her up in her tight, rosy little bottom-hole. We were so placed that each party could survey the opposite operators and we thus mutually stimulated each other's actions.

    We endeavoured to lengthen the pleasure of our delicious conjunctions as much as possible although in this earlier stage of the proceedings we could not do so to any great extent. However, we managed to make the women and the excited young page spend twice to our once.

    I need not say that the final crisis came upon us all in a furious chorus of wild lascivious cries, succeeded by death-like languor and prostration while we lay soaking in the diverse delightful recipients in whom we were so ecstatically ensheathed.

    We had previously resolved to lave after every operation, in order to refresh and re-invigorate our nervous system and brace ourselves up to extraordinary efforts worthy of the delightful orgies we were only then inaugurating.

    This was followed by mutual handling and caresses, and loud admiration of all the lovely forms presented to our ardent gaze. Soon the men's weapons gave evident signs of being in perfect trim for closer action.

    Our next pose was arranged for our general junction of parts, and was as follows: Mamma having chosen my prick to pour its libation into her grotto of love, I lay down on my back while Mamma sat across my belly, taking my hard, erect prick into her moist, fat cunt. Fred took his mother in the rear.

    Sophie lay down on her back beyond my head, and wriggled her bottom until it was within reach of her lascivious mother's mouth, who, with her accustomed superior art, sucked her cunt while frigging her bottom-hole with one of her fingers.

    We thus were all one party, united in one long, lubricious chain. Prolonging our ecstatic proceedings to the utmost, we had a most glorious general discharge, the women as usual pouring down double discharges from their insatiable cunts. Our cries of joy grew even more wild and insensate than before, and after, our languor was indulged in longer.

    Our next turn was dictated by Papa. While sodomising his wife he had had under his eyes, the beautiful form of his beloved daughter writhing in lust at her Mamma's exciting titillations. Now he wished to devote his next offering to the shrine of her delicious young backside. He desired Fred to lie down and let Sophie impale her cunt upon his prick.

    No sooner said than it was done. Sophie presented her bottom to her sire, who plunged within. Mamma had her beloved page all to herself, and lay so as to see her cam sposo and their two offspring locked in a close embrace of incestuous lust. As each of these exciting encounters reduced our powers to a certain extent, each became longer in its duration and more deliciously exhausting in its termination.

    After our next purification William fucked Mamma while I got into her glorious backside, Sophie fingering his bottom and frigging herself. Again we died away in all the wild agonies of insatiable lust, and again recommenced a new pose. Fred fucked his mother while I had her bottom, with Papa and the page both into Sophie before our eyes, wildly exciting us to almost superhuman efforts.

    After this we all fell asleep where we were, to renew next morning, after general ablutions, the pleasures which had so excited us.


    You may well scold me for my prolonged silence, for it is nearly a month since I sent you what you call the most damnably exciting letter you ever read. The truth is that our repeated orgies at last became too much for me. The one I last described inaugurated a series of others, much too repetitious for me to reiterate them over and over again, even if the laziness produced by such excesses had allowed me to sit down and pen a letter long enough to occupy hours in the mere mechanical operation of writing it. Suffice it then to tell you that we exhausted every pose and every salacious idea that the wildest imagination and lust could devise in nearly three weeks of those continuous orgies, which were twice as stimulating from the delicious accompaniments of triple incest and incestuous sodomy.

    Never, never was I so rapturously stimulated to superhuman efforts. However Nature, overworked, asserted her will, and taught me that unless I recruited my failing powers by rest and quiet I should sink beneath the effort. So, unwillingly taking my leave of this most amiable and delightful family, I departed, and sought repose and re-invigoration in the quiet retreat of St. Valery, where healthful sea breezes and invigorating baths renewed the energies lost in the wildest debauches that insatiable lust ever prompted.

    I see that while congratulating me on my good fortune in falling into such a good thing, you doubt if ever there was another example of such an intimate union between all the members of any family. Far from being unique, the newspapers frequently hint at the exposures before the magistrates of such intimacies in the lower circles; and be sure, that, for one such exposure, there are hundreds upon hundreds that are never heard of. Doubtless, the conditions which lead to all promiscuously sleeping in the same room, and often the daughters occupying the same bed as their parents, lead imperceptibly to common enjoyment.

    In the manufacturing districts it often happens that young girls who prove to be in the family way, confess before the magistrates that their brothers or fathers were the begetters of the illegitimate offspring.

    A case occurred in the North, and was related to me by the surgeon who delivered the woman, of a mother not more than thirty-two years of age, whose husband having been killed by an accident in the mine, continued to occupy the one-roomed cottage, while the son, then fourteen years old, worked in the mine and lived with his mother. As was natural they slept together to keep each other warm, with the result already stated.

    But to fly at higher game. In the thirties of this century, a Mr. Thompson, a gentleman of fortune in Cornwall, served the office of high sheriff of the county. He was deeply in love with, and engaged to be married to, the lovely youngest daughter of a certain admiral, retired from active service, rich and living in the same county, near Bude, I believe. As soon as the bridegroom's year of office was at an end, and all the affairs of the shrievalty settled, the marriage came off with great eclat, if I remember right, in Exeter cathedral.

    After the usual sumptuous breakfast, the happy couple started on their marriage trip, amid the good wishes of their friends and the hearty cheers of the mob. They drove some twenty-five miles to one of those convenient inns on public roads which at that period served for the altars on which maidenheads were sacrificed. Since then station hotels now serve the same purpose.

    They dined, and the impatient bridegroom urged his bride to an early retreat, and joined her after a sufficient interval had been given her to complete her night toilet and get into bed. The bridegroom had already undressed in his dressing-room, so throwing off his robe de chambre he jumped into bed, and with all the ardour of love and passion was into her in a minute, and without thought, or any preliminaries.

    But once the edge of fierce passion was reduced by this intercourse, he became aware of an unusual projection of belly below him, and also he bethought him of the ease with which he had entered what he expected to find in virgin tightness. He moved off her, and on feeling her belly discovered that she was at least six months gone with child.

    He taxed her with it, and there was an appearance of innocent surprise as she asked him what he meant.

    'I mean that some one else has already been doing to you what I have just done?'

    'Oh, yes, Papa has always done that ever since I was twelve years old. But, you know, Papas have a right to do so.'

    'The devil they have! And were you the only one he did it to?'

    'Oh, no, both my sisters and I slept with Papa in turns when he did not wish to have two or all.'

    On hearing this explicit explanation, there was no course left to the poor husband but to rise and quit her at once and forever. He told her to remain in bed, that he must go at once to his sister, and would send for her. He felt that the poor creature, brought up in innocence of any crime in what had occurred between her and her fond sire, was more to be pitied than scorned; that all the blame was due to the father.

    All the same, he must and would be free of so horrible a treachery to him as to marry her to him in such a state.

    He retired, dressed, took a post-chaise and drove to his sister, who lived within a dozen miles of where he then was. She had been at the marriage, but he knew she would drive home after he had left. He arrived between twelve and one o'clock, after all had retired, but he knocked them up, and desired them to go and tell his sister that he was there, and must see her immediately; she need not rise, he would come up to her when she was ready.

    Accordingly, he was shortly ushered into her room. His pale and haggard look alarmed her greatly, and she at first thought some frightful accident had happened. He told her not to be alarmed, though it was something much more serious than any accident. He took a chair and sat by her bedside, while he recounted the dreadful secret he had gained possession of.

    She was perfectly horrified, and asked what he meant to do in such a dreadful case.

    'I shall go post-haste to London tonight, and shall immediately put the matter into my lawyer's hands and, if possible, punish that hoary villain, as well as sue for an instant divorce, and have the bastard prevented from inheriting any property of mine. I have loved that girl, and the horrors of the night have nearly upset my reason. But, at any cost, an end must be put to my awful position. She has been brought up to think it was all right, and it would be cruel to leave her where she is. I have therefore come to you, my dear sister, to beg you to drive over early in the morning. Tell her, without mincing your words, of the dreadful position she is in, and see her put into a carriage and sent back to her incestuous home. Tell her that I can never see her again.'

    He drove up to town. The sister went next morning and found the poor girl in a dreadful way. She had never closed her eyes, and was pale and haggard with apprehension, although she had not at all realised the terrible position in which she was placed. So long and so early had she been accustomed to the parental incest that she thought it quite natural. So that when the sister explained all, and told her she would never see Thompson again, the poor thing, who was really in love with him, fell into hysterical fainting fits, which eventually brought on an abortion with such serious symptoms that, compounded by her despair, also carried her off, and so put an end to any further publication of the event. It also freed her husband, who went abroad and did not return for years after.

    The father, who had quickly heard of the event, suddenly disappeared with his other daughters, and it was never known where he had fled to until his death, which occurred in an obscure village in Holland.

    The two now elderly and rich daughters returned and resided in Kent. They engaged a butler who soon won one of them, and induced her to marry him. He built a new house on the property, and when last I heard of them the unmarried sister was living with them, and, doubtless, as they had been brought up to share Papa, they now shared the butler, who was not above increasing his wealth by favouring both. But this was all fair fucking, if somewhat incestuous.

    You remember I kept for some time a girl called Polly, although you were out of the country at the time. This girl was the daughter of a watchmaker. You know the delight I take in ferreting out the early history of all girls I come near, and the tact I have in gaining their full confidence and confession.

    Well, Polly told me she had been fucked first by her father when she was about fourteen, shortly after the death of her mother. Of course, once getting a taste of the sugar-stick, her lips longed for variety. She, in turn, seduced her father's young apprentice, who slept in an attic. One day he was fucking her when the father's voice was heard, so the youth got under the sofa, and was a witness to the father's incestuous intercourse. He was foolishly and jealously sulky after Papa's departure, but Polly knew how to tame the young bear, and a delicious fuck completely reconciled him to the event.

    So, telling him in future to watch for her father leaving her about midnight, and then to come to her arms, she enabled the delighted youth to pass every night with her, although he had to leave her before six in the morning.

    There was also an elderly lodger on the first floor who had paid her attention, and of course had had her. After this she always slipped down to his floor, locking her door outside for fear of accident.

    Thus the young hussy gratified her lust with three pricks almost every night. She also initiated her younger brother as soon as he attained fourteen years of age.

    I parted from her after living with her for several months in consequence of her violent temper and extravagance, and finding out that she lavished her money on a low fellow. Long after, I met her accidentally, and found her well kept by a high-ranking official, whose duties left her much freedom. She said that she had really liked me, and so earnestly begged for a fuck that I could not refuse her, and often saw her as a friend.

    Polly used to make me laugh in telling me how she used to deceive me, and that often she had had lovers in the house when I lived with her and that when she had at times retired under pretence of her stomach being out of order, it was only to get a fresh fuck. It was then she told me of her brother fucking her. Her present keeper allowed him to reside in the house out of regard for her, so that he had her at every disengaged moment.

    On hearing this I asked if he was at home, to which she replied that he was.

    'Then go and get fucked and come back to me filled with his sperm,' I said.

    She gladly did so, for nothing pleased her so much as a rapid succession of pricks, and I had a most delicious fuck in her dripping cunt on her return. After this I soon introduced the subject of our fucking in common, and doubly with her; for I forgot to tell you that her father had taught her that pleasure had two entrances into her charming person.

    She was uncommonly fond of every excess, and sucked a prick to perfection. She afterwards put her younger sister into my hands, who was even hotter than herself. She was a little short but beautifully formed, and so sensitive that she would immediately spend upon even the contact of a finger in her cunt. I have known her to spend violently and with excessive excitement at the mere touch of my prick's point on her cunt's lips.

    She was a loving and delicious fuck, clinging to me with a closer embrace than I ever experienced, and dying away in excessive delight which is seldom seen. She lent herself to every vagary of my lasciviousness, and was altogether a bijou of a loving creature. Alas! She died early.

    I had Polly's third sister, too, who was worth having, but did not equal either of the other two. She is now married to a baronet.

    You may also remember my telling you that I once had an intrigue with a very fine, tall, superb woman, kept by a noble lord, and who had taken a fancy to me, and as is usual when such is the case, did it all for love, repudiating all pecuniary reward. Her history was as follows: she was one of three equally fine sisters and they had two handsome young brothers. Their father was left a widower in their younger years, and had initiated all the daughters in love's ways. They, of course, imparted their knowledge to their younger brothers, and they became a most attached and loving family, but all in the way of fair fucking. Only once had her father penetrated by the back door, but he had given her such agony and made her bleed, and she had been so very sore for some time after, that she never again allowed that sacred grove to be invaded. Once the ice was fairly broken, they became a happy, united, family sometimes having a general orgy, but more often taking it in turns to change partners each night.

    I once found her young brother at her house, and as I knew all about him, I winked at her. She took the hint and asked me to come and help her to write a difficult letter. We retired.

    'Fuck me at once, dear Harry, my brother has this moment done so. Feel how I am inundated with his spunk.'

    She threw herself back on the bed as she drew up her clothes, and her cunt was indeed all awash with fuck, so exciting, that I stooped, licked it all up, made her spend again, and then, furious with desire, I rammed my prick home to her heart's content.

    After this her brother and I became great friends and we slept together with his sister, and had one or two delicious orgies.

    I shall give you one more instance out of many others that have come under my own observation.

    I used to fuck a most delicious, voluptuous young lady, a school companion of a niece, who spent the holidays with my sister when I too was staying in the house. She looked so lewd that I took the opportunity, while swinging her, to lay hold of her full bottom, and compliment her upon its freshness and firmness.

    She laughed, and took it so much as a matter of course that in helping her down I slipped my hand up to her bare bottom to test its reality. Instead of repulsing me she said she hoped I was satisfied.

    'So much so,' said I, 'that I must feel if the front corresponds to so admirable a posterior.'

    There was no resistance and no prudery. I found all deliciously moist, it was evident she was excited. So, striking while the iron was hot, I led her into the dense shrubbery, and, she nothing loath, I fucked her al fresco. There was no difficulty, for the ground had evidently been ploughed before, and she showed her knowledge and common sense by imploring me not to spend inside.

    So, taking the bull by the horns, I said I could only do so by depositing my treasure in the vault of the neighbouring grotto.

    Not the slightest objection was made. Therefore, asking her to turn on her side, I introduced my glowing prick into a most rosy and tight little bottom-hole and, after a momentary grimace of pain, I found her as ready as with her cunt, and we had a most delicious spend.

    I wanted a second fuck in the exquisite aperture in which I found myself so unexpectedly a welcome guest, but my young friend had prudence as well as passion, saying it was in too exposed a place and we that would more than probably be discovered, but we could now easily arrange for more convenient opportunities. And so we did; and we slept together almost every night for nearly the whole month that the delightful visit lasted.

    But, to come to our subject matter. I wormed out of her in our close intimacy the secret of her readiness and aptitude. Her father had not only fucked her, but also three other daughters, and was in the habit of depositing his seed in the chamber in which it could not fructify, hence her complete initiation and loving kindness for the sugar-stick. Of course, once fully initiated, like all the rest of her sex, there was no resting until she had tried what other pricks were like; and she owned a first liking for me, and her determination to let me have her if I tried.

    In another instance, an Italian, whom I knew, fucked his mother and got her with child, and seventeen years after, when I saw him in Italy, that sister-daughter was then, for the second time, under accouchement with a child begotten by him.

    A similar thing occurred at Dieppe between a mother and son at an hotel where I was myself a visitor. Someone entered the room in mistake, and found the happy incestuous couple hard at work. They had unfortunately left the door unlocked. You may easily imagine the scandal that followed. The imprudent pair were forced to beat a retreat.

    I could mention others, but you must be content with the budget I send.


    I had spent a fortnight with great advantage to my whole system, when a letter was forwarded to me from dear Louisa, complaining of my prolonged absence from Paris, and begging me to return at once, as she had the greatest need of me, and above all to let her know the day and hour I should be at my studio. I was to write to Tom at the same time to say I should sup with him on the day of my return, but would have several letters to write, and therefore could not come to him earlier. I foresaw all that this meant, and that it augured favourably of a delicious visit from the dear creature herself.

    So I did as she desired, and the next day packed up my traps, reaching home between two and three in the afternoon. I found the darling impatiently waiting for me. To rush into her arms, press her fondly to my breast, cover her with kisses, put a hand up her petticoats, then lead her to a couch and be into her up to my cods was hardly the work of a minute, and in another couple of minutes we both melted away in the sweet excess of love's agony and ecstasy.

    Of course this was merely the effect of our long absence from each other, and was only the preliminary hastiness of longing and pent-up desires. As soon as we recovered from our momentary oblivion we set about matters in a much more satisfactory manner, and after running through several delicious encounters in a perfectly naked state, we found time in a pause of temporary exhaustion to discuss future proceedings.

    She had not yet allowed Tom the privilege of the back staircase. He had broken the matter of my joining them in their copulations, which she pretended to be much offended at; but had at length apparently given way entirely to please him, although she saw through his little game, which, in fact, was to attack her behind when she was mounted on me. For of late he had always insisted on her riding the cock-horse, because, he said, in that way he could so deliciously feel her enchantingly full backside. She had not a doubt but that he would beg her to mount upon me and in this position effect his long desired entrance into her behind.

    We laughed heartily at his innocence, and determined to humour him to the top of his bent. Meanwhile I took the opportunity of satisfying the longings of that delicious grotto that had been so long without an occupant. It gave her some slight pain for me to effect an entrance, but we greased it well with plentiful showers of sperm to prepare it for the more frequent assaults it was doomed to undergo that very night.

    We spent nearly three hours in all love's ecstatic delights, and then dear Lou was obliged to go home to dinner, while I lay down to take a refreshing sleep after my journey and my fucking efforts, which had not been few.

    At nine at night I joined them, and need not say how warmly I was welcomed by Tom and more reservedly by Louisa, who of course was playing a part. We had a gay and lively supper, Louisa apparently relaxing from her assumed reserve. After supper we adjourned to the salon, and talked over all our friends at Rouen, and their lune de miel to Brittany, which they had very much enjoyed. At about eleven o'clock I rose to leave.

    'Oh, none of that, old fellow,' cried Tom. 'I mean you to sleep here tonight; your room, which adjoins and communicates with ours, is already prepared for you. You know I always intended we should both enjoy my loved wife. I have told her so, and she has at last consented, although you see she looks as if she half repented.'

    'Mr. Hargrave, is it not a most unheard of proceeding for a husband to propose such a thing to a young wife?'

    'Oh, dear, no, my dear friend, it is much more usual than you imagine, although, of course, not openly avowed.'

    'Indeed! Is it so? Well, if it must be, I certainly would rather it was with an old friend like you than anyone else, but it seems to me quite dreadful.'

    'My darling,' here chimed in Tom, 'you will hereafter think it anything but dreadful, and as Harry justly observes, where the husband approves there is neither harm nor sin.'

    Here Louisa gave a deep sigh, as if her scruples of conscience were hardly satisfied, and said, 'If it must be, the sooner it is over, the better.' So, taking up her candlestick, she retired to her room.

    As soon as she was gone Tom embraced me warmly, and said how glad he was that she had at last consented, for he had used no end of persuasion to bring her to agree, and now he would be able to enjoy the great object of his wishes.

    'For, Harry,' said he, 'you will hardly believe that I have not yet been allowed to fuck her behind; it is true she is so splendid a fuck in front, as you will find, that, when there, one has no desire for anything else. But then, you know, what is refused to us always stimulates the appetite more than what is yielded. Now, I have a plan in which you must assist me. I shall put her on top of you, and when you are fairly in, and have excited her well with a few thrusts of this stiff prick,'-which at that moment he was delightfully handling, — 'you must hold her well down at the waist with an arm round her, and with the other round the hollow of the knee to keep her in position, and the devil's in it if I don't manage to get completely into her splendid backside. You never saw a more glorious one, and once we have broken the ice, won't we have jolly times of it, my dear Harry?'

    He danced about the room in delight at the idea. I reminded him that it was time to begin, as Louisa must by now be in bed. So, taking our lights, he showed me the way to my room, and begged me to undress quickly and to come in to them stark naked.

    I was quicker than he was, and found dear Lou in bed closely covered up. I approached, and kissing her, said if she really felt any determined objection, (although it would be a great mortification to me), I would retire at once.

    Here Tom, who was now as stark naked as myself, burst in saying,

    'Stuff and nonsense; dear Lou has already consented, and you see she is quite ready'

    This latter remark was made as he pulled off the coverings and displayed the glorious creature in all the exquisite beauty of her naked person, which even to me, familiar as I was with it, appeared more beautiful than ever, as, covering her face with her hands in apparent shame at the exposure, she contorted her body in affected objection, but woman-like, doing so with studied gracefulness so as only to excite us the more.

    'Look,' said Tom, 'what a beautifully hairy cunt she has got.'

    And, pulling open her unresisting legs, he displayed the superb object to which he alluded.

    'Aha!' he added. 'My darling is excited! See, Harry, what a gorgeous clitoris she has, and how boldly it raises its head out of this grove of silky curls.'

    He rubbed it with his finger, and her body thrilled visibly with delight.

    'My love, how lewd you are!'

    'Is it to be wondered at,' she replied, 'when I see two such fine naked men before me, both in such an excited state as you are in?'

    It was evidently time to come to more serious operations. Tom proposed we should begin with a triangular gamahuche. I was to gamahuche his wife, while he sucked me and his wife sucked him.

    We quickly arranged ourselves, and each, while sucking and licking in front, played postilion to the back premises. We were all too excited for this to be other than a very short affair, and we gave down our nature into each other's mouths almost simultaneously, and all greedily swallowed what the others gave in return. This having ended, Tom proposed he should have the pleasure of seeing me fuck his wife for the first time, and so that he might view the operation more fully, and enjoy it to the utmost; I must lie down on my back, and his wife mount me, and then the sight of her magnificent backside in full action would be most delicious.

    Of course we both knew his ultimate intention, and apparently innocently humoured it.

    Dear Louisa straddled me, and in a kneeling position impaled herself upon my cockstand, and for a minute or two rose and fell in an upright position upon me, displaying to the utmost perfection her glorious body. It was most exquisitely delicious, and I would willingly have seen her continue in all the beauteous contortions her lust was lending her. But this did not suit Tom's purpose. He begged her to lie down on my belly, that he might enjoy all the beauties of her behind and see my prick working in and out of her lovely cunt. She immediately complied, and we began both to bring into operation our mutual movements.

    Tom was in ecstasies at the sight. He told me afterwards it was so beautiful to look at that he refrained from his attack on her bottom-hole until we had finished our first course, which, under the delicious pressures and splendid action of dear Loo's backside, very rapidly came to the usual ecstatic conclusion, producing love's delicious after languor and death-like repose. Louisa's excessive lust was but awakened by these two preliminary operations, and in a very few minutes her exquisite inner movements reanimated my ardent prick, and we began the slow action of another course. But this time Tom was not satisfied to be a mere admiring and delighted spectator, for we had hardly commenced when he jumped up behind dear Loo, and with his hard and rigid pego commenced battering in the breach. Louisa, who was in reality longing for him to begin, simulated surprise and anger at his horrible and traitorous proceedings.

    To humour the thing I pretended to hold her fast as Tom had directed. The artful girl wriggled her backside in various contortions with the apparent view of preventing his action but in reality doing it so as to facilitate his entrance to the utmost. Tom had taken the precaution to lubricate his prick with his spittle, and he was very quickly up to the hilt with a cry of delight, and in such a state of excitement that he had not made three thrusts in and out when he spent in an agony of joy.

    The lewd girl was equally excited and joined him, to the great delight of my less excited prick as it felt the hot liquid discharge of dear Lou pour down upon it. They both lay quiet for a minute or two, while I did my best to add to their lascivious delights by making my prick throb to the utmost, which gave both Tom and Lou additional gratification and produced a more rapid reaction which soon set us all off at full gallop, to end once more in all the raptures of momentarily satisfied lust.

    We lay as usual for some time in all the delicious after languor, still embedded as we were in the exquisite apertures which had afforded us both such intense gratification.

    To Tom's reiterated questions, she had at last admitted that it had given her less pain and more enjoyment than she could possibly have expected from so horrid a proceeding.

    This was of course only to keep up the deception practised on her husband, for in reality nothing gave such intense satisfaction to her excessive lust than having two pricks in her at once, unless, indeed, it were having a third prick to suck at the same time. She, however, pretended to be offended still at what she called his traitorous conduct.

    We worked up her extreme lewdness into three discharges before she joined our single discharge with her fourth outpouring. Our excessive lubricity died away in loud, passionate cries, and we rolled down in a confused mass, almost insensible from the ecstasy of this discharge. Our violent exertions and the heat of the weather had made us all foam again, and on coming to our senses, we were glad to rise and refresh ourselves with a mutual sponging of cold water, during which sundry little tricks were played with each other, and much fun and laughter excited. It all tended to bring about fresh desires for closer and more intimate relations. Tom insisted that I should taste of the extraordinary pleasure his dear wife's glorious bottom-hole gave to the prick within it. He said he did not believe before enjoying it that any bottom could have given such rapturous delight. I must try it, and he was sure I would prove how true he spoke.

    I was nothing loath, nor dear Lou either, but she expected Tom to fuck her at the same time. However, he had no such intention. He wanted to ascertain by immediate transition the difference between the glorious bottom-hole of his wife and mine-of which he had always been so fond.

    After this we sandwiched his dear wife between us, Tom preferring her bottom-hole, and yielding me possession of her exquisite and fiery cunt. We made the dear girl spend again four times, so as to satisfy her raging lust.

    We sank on the bed, and deep slumber overtook us, lying together as we were. In the morning, refreshed by sleep, we renewed some of our most exciting poses, and only separated when we heard the household stirring.


    At breakfast we rallied Lou on her being initiated into her real mysteries of Venus. On Tom remarking that we must have another night of it since it was so delightful to her as well as to us, she retorted by saying that if he forced her into these excessive debauches he must not be surprised if she should hereafter take a fancy to please herself with a companion other than of his choosing; that he could not expect to excite her to such a pitch of lewdness as last night's proceedings had done without producing hereafter longings for others.

    'My darling,' said Tom, 'Harry is here a witness that I give you carte blanche to do at all times just as you like, only try to allow me always to be a participant with you. I shall on my part always facilitate your getting anyone you may take a fancy to.'

    'Well,' she replied, 'that is only fair, and certainly I should always prefer your being a participant than otherwise, although it may sometimes be necessary to gain possession singly in the first instance. I shall also on my part undertake to do my best in procuring you possession of any of my own sex you may take a fancy to.'

    'Well,' said I, 'that is a very fair bargain on both sides, but I must claim to be a third participator in your anticipated conquests.'

    'Cela va sans dire!' cried the two dear creatures together.

    We laughed heartily at the perfect reciprocity thus established between us all, and already began to form projects of delicious orgies with such friends as you, my dear Charlie; and I then and there undertook to do my best to persuade you to come over and join in our delicious sports. Tom, on his part, has written to his cousin Frank. And although Tom is not yet aware of the delightful family incestuous intercourse, nor of my participation therein, Lou and I, in talking it over, are determined to have Fred up, and apparently initiate him into our circle. So pray manage, my dear Charlie, to pass at least a month with us as soon as possible.

    Our second night was even more delicious than the first. Dear Loo, having no longer a part to play, told Tom that now she was initiated by him into the Dionysiac mysteries, she must do her best to see if she could not improve upon our deed of lust. And well and gloriously she redeemed her proposition.

    A lustful, fiery, passionate woman like her has a thousand times more lubricity in her imagination than we of our duller sex. She exerted her extraordinary powers of excitement to the utmost, and she stimulated us to almost unheard-of efforts. In fact, the dear girl was giving vent to all the pent-up frustration of her desires which she had hitherto withheld during her first few weeks of marriage. Tom's proceedings had now allowed her complete indulgence, and her first night's real revel in every lascivious and voluptuous excess was on this, our second night's orgy.

    On this occasion she surpassed herself, and completely exhausted the powers of both of us, to our intense gratification-as long as we could support it.

    Although during our frequent ablutions for refreshing our powers we had doubly gamahuched her, and invariably on fucking her either doubly or singly had made her spend much more frequently than we did, she beat us hollow, and boasted she could settle two more men as good as we were.

    I believe she was indeed capable of satisfying four others, for her lust seemed insatiable, and her delicious fiery cunt could swallow any amount of pricks that she could get hold of and appear none the worse for the utmost excess. On the contrary, even after the four she had at her father's, and fucking all night, again and again, she always appeared the fresher next day.

    I believe myself that all fine, healthy, powerfully-built women like her can stand any amount of fucking and be all the better for it.

    One dear friend of mine, just such another fine, upstanding woman like Loo, once told me that she had eight men, all friends, at once, and had exhausted them all, and felt she could have had them all over again, and been none the worse for it. She was a married woman, and had resided much abroad. She had allowed her husband's valet, a devilish handsome young German, to have her on condition that he lent himself to her intrigues with others; and as, like Louisa, her beauteous cunt was insatiably fond of prick, and of prick in variety, she always had many lovers.

    They occupied a large palazzo in Florence, and she frequently had four or five lovers introduced into the house by the accommodating valet, who stowed them away in various far separated rooms, and then she joined one after the other until she had drawn from each all she could get, pretending that she had to join her husband and thus leaving him in the hands of the valet to see him out, then joining the second, third, and so on, dismissing them all fully satisfied and unable to raise further cockstands and always rewarding the valet in the end with a glorious fuck before sending him to bed.

    I used myself to see the fellow sometimes, and he has often told me that after his mistress had been fucked at least twenty times he has found her cunt as tight and as deliciously pressing to his prick as if it was the first and only one she had had into her. He said she infatuated all that came near her, and made them do just whatever she pleased.

    Her art, too, in raising their pricks to renewed efforts, was quite unique and unfailing as long as anything was left to draw out. She was a most glorious creature, though changeable to the utmost degree, and with a devil of a temper.

    Alas! She passed away; with all her faults she was incomparably fascinating, and could turn any man round her finger, and lure him back to her even after he had discovered no end of infidelities, and had left her in the anger and rage of jealousy.

    She used to boast that she could render the most jealous man a willing participator in known infidelities to him, even to allowing her to leave his arms and be fucked by another and then to return to him.

    She was, indeed, a wonderfully seductive creature, indulging her excess of lust in the arms of all ranks without any distinction, and bending all to her will.

    But let us return to our immediate object, which is to induce you to come over and participate in our orgies. I have sung your praises so often to dear Louisa, and told her of the superior size of your magnificent prick, that she has become quite lewd upon you, and charges me to insist upon your coming.

    I need not add, my dear friend, what pleasure it will give me, quite independent of these anticipated delights, to embrace once more my dear old school and college companion, so pray make up your mind and come.

    I have had some other adventures procured for me by my darling Loo, but they shall be either told you in person, or I shall write them to you if you fail to come.


    Your letter has been a great disappointment to all of us; however, we must content ourselves with your promise to come over sometime hence.

    I ended my last letter by telling you that dear Louisa had procured me some new adventures. It was with her convent companion Marguerite de Laval, the hard nipple of whose bosom had acted as a stimulant to the excited cunts of her two companions, as related in one of my earlier letters. Louisa, now being a married woman, easily obtained leave to take Marguerite away for a few days on a visit to her, and by previous arrangement with me, they both came to my studio to have a little preliminary orgy together. Marguerite had already been informed of the perfectly intimate nature of my relations with Tom and Louisa, and was delighted with the prospect of forming another link in love's lascivious chain that bound us deliciously together.

    I found her a charming, frank and amiable girl; not quite a beauty perhaps, but very good-looking, with soft brown eyes that beamed love in every glance; not so tall as Lou, but wonderfully well made. When stripped she was perfect in every limb, with one of the smallest waists I ever saw, rendered doubly attractive by the extraordinary expansion of her hips. Her figure was exactly that which pictures and statuettes show Hindoo women to possess, and her bosom's magnificent swell and bold, outstanding firmness perfectly corresponded with the same models.

    This splendid body was supported by a pair of the most magnificent thighs I ever saw, with good legs and tiny feet; she was a perfect model for a sculptor. Her glorious buttocks were worthy of her other perfections and projected out enormously so that a child could have stood upon them as he clasped her neck. They were so hard that I could hardly get a pinch of them, for my finger and thumb glided off the marble-like hardness and smoothness of those wondrous semi-globes. The breasts rivalled the buttocks in these qualities of firmness and smoothness. The nipples, from the sucking of her two lewd companions, stuck out more than usual, but so firm that I made them quiver again in striking them lightly with the side of my hand.

    Her belly was most beautifully modelled, with a charming mons veneris at its base, not so largely developed as that of Louisa. Her cunt was deliciously small and close-lipped, but when opened displayed the inner entrances, which were of the most delicate pink, together with a small clitoris very easily excited, to perfection. Her bush was slight, but it was of a beautiful rich chestnut colour, silky, close, and thick, promising a fuller crop when of riper age; at present she is seventeen years old.

    As soon as they arrived I took her in my arms and embraced her closely, thrusting my eager tongue into her charming, small mouth, which promised an equally small entrance below, a result which subsequent experience did not belie. There was no coyness nor hesitation in replying with her own delicious tongue, so that we were instantly on a perfectly familiar footing.

    Losing no time in complimentary introduction, I proposed that we should proceed to action by stripping stark naked. The delicious creature instantly complied without even a look of hesitation, and in a trice we all three stood as naked as fabled Adam and Eve before they fulfilled the object of their creation.

    It was then I saw, for the first time, this charming girl's perfection of form, and could not desist from my admiration. I turned her round and round, and put her in every pose, to which she lent herself with a freedom and grace quite astonishing, If I had not known it was not the case, I should have thought she had been for years an artist's model accustomed to be nude and to be posed in any way, so unhesitatingly facile and gracefully easy was she in all I required her to do, boldly asking me what I thought of her figure, without the slightest particle of assumed modesty or hesitation. Louisa herself was not more free and easy.

    I could hardly take my eyes off this glorious girl's young and wondrous charms. Lou broke in upon me in the midst of my admiration, and insisted on commencing the real work before us. We commenced with a general gamahuche, with Louisa taking my prick in her mouth, while I operated upon Marguerite's exquisite little cunt, fresh as a rose after a summer shower, and sweet in all a cunt's true delicious scent. Her small, pink, tight, little bottom-hole was beautifully attractive. I thrust my tongue in to moisten it, and then, applying a finger, operated upon her both ways at once, while she performed the same kind offices to dear Lou, who was sucking furiously at my prick and titillating my bottom-hole with such vigour that I quickly poured into her longing mouth a torrent of sperm, to her great delight.

    She eagerly swallowed it, and stimulated by this excitement, and the operations of Marguerite, she herself went off in an agony of delight, in which she was quickly followed by the excited Marguerite.

    We all lay for some minutes sucking up all we could get, and re-stimulated by such lascivious proceedings, we rose all ready for another, more serious, encounter. Marguerite's most delicious little cunt drew my lust in that direction. Dear Lou, with her usual unselfish amiability, encouraged me to follow my inclination. She lay down, and, Marguerite getting over her in the reverse direction, Louisa guided my hard cock into the sweet tight, receptacle which, but for the lubrication of her previous spending, would have had some difficulty in entering. I was soon as deep in as I could go, and my belly was brought up against her out-thrust, ivory-like buttocks.

    I lay for some time revelling amid the throbbings of her cunt upon my delighted pego. Meanwhile Lou acted postilion to my bottom, and actively frigged Marguerite's clitoris, while Marguerite herself was equally busy with Lou's more fully developed organ, and operating at the same time as postilion to Lou. Such delicious and lascivious proceedings soon drove our fiery passions into the utmost rage, and we reached our second crisis as eagerly as the first, and finished with a chorus of joyful cries ere we died away in the soft languor of satisfied lust.

    I had remained, indeed all of us had remained, exactly as we were. Dear Lou, who had been greatly pleased with the admirable way in which Marguerite had operated upon her, and also with the pleasure of seeing to perfection my action on Marguerite, begged us to repeat the dose as we were. But I suggested that this time I should like to prove that the delights of the smaller orifice equalled those of the front.

    Of course there was no objection to this. Marguerite, being much excited, rather preferred it. So, withdrawing my foaming prick from the delicious sheath, Lou guided it with unerring aim into its charming little neighbour. By patience and gentleness it was soon sheathed to the hilt. Lou seized with avid mouth upon the vacated cunt, sucking out the double distillation which oozed from it and resuming her operations on my bottom, while Marguerite continued her exciting movements on Lou's two parts. We soon, but more lasciviously than before, completed our third fuck, with even wilder cries of delight as the final crisis approached, followed by a longer pause in all the after rapture.

    We then rose, and these two glorious women joined in laving and refreshing my relaxed tool. We then indulged in some delicious byplay of embraces and slappings of bottoms, and pulling about breasts, prick, and bollocks, until once more the tide of passion bore us on into other seas of lustful joy.

    It was, of course, now Lou's turn to be well fucked in both ways, while Marguerite lay down and followed the course previously pursued by Loo. These two last courses were all we could manage at present, as time would not allow a longer continuance of our delicious dalliance. I was so taken with the exquisite freshness of Marguerite that I begged Lou to let her stay that night with me, and I promised to bring her next day to dinner and to a general orgy of all four.

    'Tom must put up with it,' I said, as she predicted his disappointment if Marguerite did not appear.

    I held to my purpose, the more that I could see a beam of satisfaction playing on the face of the dear girl, who afterwards admitted that I had won her admiration and affection at very first sight, and that my proposition had been the very thought of her heart before I gave it expression.

    So Lou left us for home. I sent to a neighbouring restaurant of some celebrity, and soon had set before us a succulent and choice dinner, which we both enjoyed. As I have much to relate emanating from this night's work, I shall give the details in another letter.


    After the agreeable dinner to which we had both brought sharpened appetites, dear Marguerite expressed a wish to go to the Italian Opera. She was passionately fond of music, and was a passable performer herself with a small voice that warbled sweetly, if not powerfully. So I took her there. It was a representation of Rossini's ever acceptable and charming Barbiere with Mario, Grisi, and Lablache in the principal parts, and of course most admirably performed.

    Dear Marguerite was in ecstasies. She was seldom indulged, and thus it was a real treat to her. That very handsome fellow Mario excited her lust, and she afterwards admitted to me that her cunt throbbed when he was making love to Rosina, and she could have welcomed him there with the greatest avidity. Indeed, in our after encounters in love's soft tournament, I begged her to let her imagination run loose and fancy that I was Mario.

    The sweet girl gave way to the idea and fucked me with double energy, and a satisfaction that excited her lust to the utmost, yielding to me also a greatly enhanced pleasure by the very excess of her lubricity, caused by her imaginary enjoyment of the possession of that noble Italian singer. She so much enjoyed the idea of revelling in his possession that she avowed afterwards she did not believe the reality could be equal to what her imagination, aided by the possession of a real prick in full operation, had yielded her. Under this vivid impression, and in her salacious and lascivious delusion, she exerted all the wild lust of her passions to the utmost, and gave me the most exquisite pleasure.

    I took advantage also of her great excitement, and plunged my prick as if it were Mario's into her delicious, tight little bottom-hole. We fairly exhausted ourselves in these real encounters with an imaginary person, and at last, after a most exquisite fuck from behind, but in the legitimate channel, we sank to sleep closely united as we were.

    This lovely creature, without possessing all the extraordinary contractible power of Louisa, had a loving power of delicious suction which was almost as lasciviously satisfactory. At all events we slept so soundly as to awake in the same position, my prick still completely ensconced in the charming aperture. As one always wakens in the morning with a cockstand, I found my prick already stiff and throbbing within the folds of that delicious cunt.

    Dear Marguerite was awakened by the same stimulant, so that without any change of position we ran a charming course of delight, and died away in all the raptures of the final crisis. We then mutually sponged each other, and thus refreshed, we indulged in an exquisite gamahuche, stimulating ourselves the while in every extraneous way, and eagerly swallowing the result, continuing our dalliance until both were again excited to a proper pitch. At dawn's first light we had one more delicious fuck before and a second behind.

    After the ecstatic languor of the last was over we turned to each other to prattle love and fondle each other's charms, which ended in another most loving embrace in the lazy position of the sybarite, that is, Marguerite on her back with a leg cast over my side, and myself on my side, with my two thighs clasping her other thigh, her bottom heaved up somewhat towards me, and my prick deliciously ensheathed within her tight little cunt. This left room for my hand to wander over her belly or to frig her charming, excitable clitoris, while my mouth alternately kissed hers or sucked the nipples of the full and beautiful bosom next to me-a superb position for taking it quietly and lengthening out the pleasure to yourself, as well as for enabling you to exhaust the lust of your companion, while holding back your own powers for a final satisfaction of both your lascivious passions.

    I thus brought her to that dreamy and languid state of fully-satisfied lust when a woman will open her whole soul to a man who knows how to take advantage of the happy moment to draw out her entire confidential history and the whole mystery of her soul.

    I have already told you that I was adept at taking advantage of such a state of mind, and gradually she confided in me the following account of her previous life and initiation into all love's mysteries. I found that she was one of seven daughters; that her own father had first fucked her from an early age; and that she also knew of his having done the same to three of her other sisters. Furthermore she had no reason to doubt but that the others had passed through his hands.

    She was the youngest, and when her elder sisters were married, and she was left alone without anyone to keep watch and prevent surprise, her mother had discovered the incestuous intercourse. There was a devil of a row, and likely to have been a public scandal, but it was hushed up, and poor Marguerite was the victim of the reconciliation of Papa and Mamma.

    Hence she was sent to the convent, and never allowed to return home at the vacation, but obliged to remain almost alone, and often very miserable, while all her companions were away enjoying the relaxation of the holidays after the long months of monotonous drudgery in the convent.

    She had, however, found much comfort from a darling old uncle, who frequently came to Paris and often had her out for some days. He had fucked her, of course, though being an old and worn-out roue he had not much power left, but then he gamahuched her to perfection.

    She told me he delighted in her firm fresh, cunt. The moment he got her to his hotel, 'strip' was the word, and both were soon as naked as when they were born.

    He invariably lay down on his back with pillows under his head, and always facing a large cheval glass, so that when she knelt astride him with her splendid backside over his face, and settled down on his belly taking his limp prick in her mouth to suck it up to a proper consistency, his eager tongue sought and penetrated: now her delicious cunt; now her no less delicious rosy little bottom-hole; and he feasted on the vision of her glorious buttocks, back and shoulders brought immediately before his eyes in the inclining cheval glass.

    He was difficult to excite, and therefore he generally made her discharge at least three times before he was ready to fuck her.

    Then, drawing himself from underneath her, and getting in from behind in a kneeling position, with the whole attitude distinctly reflected in the cheval glass before him, he continued to fuck her slowly and deliciously, again making her discharge two or three times before he allowed the grand crisis to overtake him, invariably, like her father, finishing off in the smaller orifice of her bottom, so as to run no risk of getting her in the family way.

    She had, of course, made her dear old uncle a confidant of her previous incestuous fucking with her father, and the cause of her not being allowed to go home at holidays. She had laid bare her whole soul to him, for she dearly loved the old man, and had told him not only of her intercourse with Louisa and little Emma and others, but also of her love for two of her masters, the French dancing master and the Italian master; how she had felt both their pricks, and how they had frigged her cunt, but had not yet had the opportunity of actually fucking her.

    Her uncle had then enabled her to have them both under the pretence of wishing her to continue her lessons when he was out on business, partly for improvement and partly for occupation when left alone as he told them.

    He accordingly paid them for extra lessons, which, in fact, were wholly dedicated to fucking. And as both were handsome and young, and well able to satisfy the wildest lust, she had the most delicious fucking imaginable, because she was really fond of both and had long wished to possess them. Besides, she had always been well gamahuched and partially fucked by her dear old uncle before the hour of the nominal lessons.

    When he left them together, her uncle always allowed them to see him leave the hotel, but immediately afterwards he returned, and ascending by a back staircase, he entered another adjoining room, from whence he had managed to make a peep-hole, and as she knew where it best bore upon, she took care he should see everything to the greatest advantage.

    Thus she used to get from five to six good fucks out of the vigorous young fellows in the hour and a half of nominal lessons. Then, as soon as her master was sent off, her dear uncle joined her, and deliciously sucked and then fucked her inundated cunt, for by his directions she never even wiped the oozing lips.

    By the time he had finished, the hour for her second master approached. So, purifying herself that he might not find out her previous actions, the same routine was followed, with exactly the same results; so that by the time she had exhausted the two athletes, and satisfied the more moderate excitement of her uncle, both before and after each bout with the younger men, she herself was in a delicious state of fully satisfied lust, and then slept tranquilly in her uncle's arms at night.

    All of them had invariably followed her father's plan of spending in her bottom-hole, and sometimes entirely fucking her there, except occasionally her old uncle who would spend in her cunt, as he considered himself incapable of getting a child.

    She further confessed that she had even occasionally deceived her old uncle by letting a handsome young waiter in the hotel fuck her and that he had introduced a fellow servant, who was very largely provided with a monstrous prick, which used to really hurt her every time he entered, but when once sheathed up to the hilt gave her the most exquisite pleasure. It was so thick as to completely fill up every space, and so long that it really seemed to go up to her very heart.

    The former fucker nevertheless managed to find room for his somewhat smaller cock in her bottom, and thus he first had given to her the inexpressible pleasure of the double action at once.

    It happened on one occasion that her uncle was called away by a telegram for two nights, leaving her at the hotel. On this occasion she had had both her masters for two hours, each fucking her to the utmost of their powers, and had slept with her two servant lovers each of the nights.

    This had been the utmost of lascivious indulgence she had ever had, and she was now looking forward to Tom and me doing as much for her, especially as her dear friend Louisa had fully confided in her, and had told her of other more numerous combinations that had been planned.

    All this excited me to the utmost, and her charming account of her various fuckings so naively related was interspersed with several close and delicious encounters until it was time to rise.


    Dear Marguerite spent the day with me. I took her to an exhibition of modern pictures, where we were joined by Louisa, and we returned with her to dinner.

    Tom welcomed Marguerite with a close embrace, declaring she was twice as handsome as his dear wife had described her. At once proceeding to feel her splendid, hard backside, he insisted on having a fuck before dinner. So, proceeding upstairs, dear Lou and I placed ourselves where we could see and be seen and Tom and Marguerite following our example, we all took off the sharp edge of our lust, and dying away in a chorus of joyful cries we lay for a short period in all the luxury of the after delights. Then we rose, washed, and went down to dinner, which was of course a joyous feast of fun and frolics, ending in a night of every debauchery and lubricity, to the infinite delight of Marguerite.

    We exhausted all our powers and all our art to satisfy the insatiable desires of these two most salacious women, frigging and gamahuching them to the utmost so as to exhaust their lust by frequent spendings, in which we did not join. The more we did, the more they seemed to desire, until, at last, fairly worn out, we left them to gamahuche each other in all the rage of unsatisfied and insatiable lust.

    It was delightful to see the wild contortions of their glorious bodies in all the agonies of mutually excited desire. It was the realisation of the Bacchanalian orgies of the priestesses of the Festive God. We felt that we must bring further aid to help us in our orgies, or we would drive these salacious votaries to seek in other arms the full measure of satisfaction to their insatiable desires, which did but seem awakened by all the efforts which had already exhausted our weaker passions. It was then we missed your powerful help, not only in satisfying them but in stimulating us to rival your greater capabilities.

    Our charming companions, notwithstanding a whole night spent in every libidinous excess, did but seem the fresher and more lively the next day. It was the day for Les Grandes Eaux at St. Cloud. We went there, taking with us a basket of provisions, in which sparkling champagne was not forgotten.

    Seated beneath the welcome shade of the noble trees in the park we thoroughly enjoyed the gay and delightful scene of the thousands amusing themselves far down below us. The delicious picnic, the rest, the refreshing air and the exhilarating champagne all helped to increase our efforts that evening; but again these libidinous girls far exceeded in their lust all that our less active passions could do to allay them. Once again, it was only by repeated gamahuching that we at last somewhat calmed down their excessive lubricity.

    Next day, Marguerite, who had gone to the convent with Louisa for a further supply of clothing, found there a letter from her uncle, of whom she had already spoken, announcing his coming to Paris, and further that he was bringing with him her younger brother Decimus, to place him at St. Barbe, the best collegiate school in France. She was in an ecstasy of pleasure at the idea. She made us aware of her amours, with this young brother whom, at the age of fourteen, she had initiated into the delights of Venus. She showed us a short note from him in which he told her how he longed to see her, and how she would find him really improved-the latter word trebly underlined- which she was sure only referred to an increase in size in his virile organ.

    I persuaded her to repeat to Tom all the charming episodes of her previous erotic life. We at once began forming plans to bring into our orgies not only this younger and fresher blood, but also to induce the dear old uncle to come and warm his blood by witnessing our delicious orgies, and joining in them when sufficiently excited. The only difficulty would be in first breaking the matter, and it was left to Marguerite and myself to manage the affair.

    That same afternoon brought us a letter from Frank, Tom's cousin, to say he would be with us in a couple of days, so we all rejoiced at our forthcoming good fortune.

    In order that I might be quite equal to our expected general orgy, I returned to the Faubourg St. Honore that night, much to dear Marguerite's dissatisfaction, and somewhat to the surprise of Louisa, who rallied me a little on my want of courage, which she had never hitherto found wanting.

    But I persevered, nevertheless, and had a quiet night's rest. Marguerite's uncle and brother arrived the next day and she joined them at his hotel, and spent the night there. She told me afterwards that her uncle had sent her brother on an errand to St. Barbe to get him out of the way, and thus have an opportunity of licking her well and fucking her afterwards. And as he was quite aware of her having initiated Decimus in the art of fucking, he arranged that he should apparently be absent on the boy's return, who was by this time sixteen years old, so as to allow them to have one good fuck, which he would overlook from his accustomed peep-hole. Then he would come in upon them and surprise them in the full action of their second encounter, being horridly shocked at first, but she, still nearly naked, was to implore his forgiveness, and fondle him in such a manner as to excite him, so that he was not only to forgive them but actually to become a participator at her earnest and coaxing request in the pleasures, in which she was to urge her brother to join.

    It all fell out as arranged. The brother had been so far prepared, for she had told him beforehand that if ever their uncle should discover them they must do their best to make him join in their love sports, and so secure not only his silence but his consent to their continued indulgence.

    Her brother had jumped at the idea, and thought it would be such a pleasure to see a real man's prick fucking her for he as yet was but small in his cock, although it had fair promise of being a creditable one hereafter.

    Thus the farce was acted to admiration, and the good old uncle was pacified, and allowed himself, though with apparent difficulty, to lend himself to all their wishes.

    He first fucked her cunt, still plentifully bedewed with the sperm of her brother, and then superintended the fucking of the brother and sister, but not allowing them to exhaust their powers further at the moment, for having once begun, he intended they should all sleep together. This they did, and had a most glorious night. The uncle taught his nephew to fuck her bottom-hole at the same time as he was fucking her cunt, and afterwards persuaded him to put his cock into his uncle's bottom while he was in hers, all this being but the prelude to the uncle indulging his lust by fucking Decimus while the latter was fucking her cunt in a kneeling position, thus teaching him all the joys of pederasty. All this was glorious news for us, as it would evidently smooth the way for our own designs upon them.

    When Marguerite told me this, she called at my studio en passant on her way to Louisa, whom her uncle wished to know (for he was aware of their convent intimacy) and whom he wished to have, in which Marguerite encouraged him. After a delicious fuck, which her exciting recital had rendered necessary, I accompanied her to Louisa, and we at once arranged that she should not only go with Marguerite and let the uncle have her, but insist on having Decimus too. The two girls were further to make him the confidant of their joint amours with me, and persuade her uncle and Decimus to come and see my photographs of amorous sports.

    All went off as we could wish. The dear old fellow was in ecstasies with the beauties of form and face of charming Louisa, and after sucking and fucking her, helped her with Decimus, guiding the handsome boy's prick into her longing cunt. When they had finished he sucked the boy's prick to hardness for a second fuck in her exquisite bum-hole. Lying under her, he stroked Louisa's noble clitoris with his tongue and introduced a finger to his nephew's bottom-hole at the same time. Dear Lou had done her best to suck up his lazy prick, but to her surprise did not succeed.

    They had no difficulty in persuading him to come to my studio. Far from objecting, he was delighted to hear that his dear niece had found so good a lover as they described me to be. So at about three o'clock in the afternoon they all appeared, and I was formally introduced. I found the uncle to be a tall, elderly man of powerful build, and who must evidently have been a very capable participator in his younger days in all sports of holy Mother Venus, whatever his present powers might be.

    Dear Lou at once set every one at ease by telling me how exquisitely she had just been rogered by the handsome young fellow then present, and throwing herself on my couch, begged me not to hesitate, but at once to gamahuche her and enjoy all the exquisite young sperm dripping from her cunt, for she knew that would please me better than anything else, and set us all at ease.

    I did not waver for a moment, but throwing myself on my knees at once licked up all, and rising sharply drew down dear Marguerite upon me as I took Louisa's place on the couch.

    Dear Lou unbuttoned the uncle's trousers, who was now moved by the last sight and by his niece's fine buttocks heaving above my prick, so that he soon arrived at a consistency sufficient to enable him to penetrate Marguerite's exquisite little bottom-hole. He quickly succeeded in entering, aided as he was by the gentle handling of his prick by Lou who, taking a quantity of spunk from her cunt, greased his old tool and easily made it enter, so that we ran a very delicious course, making our randy intermediate companion spend twice to our once.

    While this was going on, dear Lou challenged her youthful companion to a new encounter. He, with all the energy of young blood, was more than ready to offer up a sacrifice on either altar. And such was his young vigour that he equally kept pace with her hot passions, and they both spent thrice in all the agony of love's joys, while we ran our more deliberate single course.

    After this we had a purification and a refreshment in bumpers of champagne, and most amusing conversation, dear Lou shining in all the equivoque which our late proceedings suggested.

    We soon recovered our powers under such stimulants as these two darling and salacious creatures knew how to apply.

    This time Lou wished to have me in her cunt and Decimus in her bottom-hole, while Marguerite, standing astride the kneeling bodies, presented her delicious cunt to the eager lips and tongue of her loving uncle. We again made the women spend twice to our once, and then managed to die all away together in the delicious ecstasies of the final crisis.

    By the time the last bout was over, the hour of separation for that day had arrived. Lou went home to dinner to welcome Tom's cousin Frank, who slept with them that night, and was sandwiched sundry times.

    I accompanied the dear old uncle to his hotel, dined with the three, and remained the greater part of the night, stimulating the uncle to the utmost, as he had to leave Paris the next day. We practised many combinations, beginning with me on my back, Marguerite above, her uncle into her tight little bottom-hole, and Decimus birching his uncle behind; varying the pose by Decimus fucking his sister while I had her behind. Then, Decimus into his sister's bottom, while I birched him, and the uncle acted as Master of Ceremonies and conducted each member into its proper receptacle, he being unable to come to the scratch.

    By the time this last delightful pose had been thoroughly enjoyed, the uncle gave symptoms of being ready again to enter into the lists of love with us. He preferred the culo of his niece, who lay down on the ever-ready prick of her brother, and I belaboured the bottom of the dear old uncle with the birch.

    This was our last effort for that night, and I left them to sleep clasped in each other's loving arms, and gained my own dormitory, where welcome slumber soon restored exhausted nature.

    The next day the uncle conveyed his nephew to St. Barbe, giving instructions that from every Saturday until Monday morning he should be allowed to spend the time with Tom and his wife. He also arranged with the superior of the convent to allow his niece to pass the same time with the same parties, and as Lou was an old pupil of the convent there was less difficulty.

    He left Paris that afternoon, and Marguerite returned to the convent as her permission had already expired. However, as this was on a Wednesday, it left but two intermediate days before we should again meet. For my own part, I did not regret this interruption, as I felt a little rest was requisite after the excesses of our late debaucheries. Tom and Lou both wanted me to join them and Frank, but there was not enough of the female element to induce me to do so, so I ran from town to recover.


    I left town, as stated in my last, with the intention of returning on the third day, but our intentions are often defeated by unexpected causes.

    I had run down to Fontainebleau to enjoy the fine forest scenery, and wander among its picturesque rocks, but I had an awkward fall and hurt my knee, which was very much aggravated by the necessity of crawling back to my hotel. So I was laid up for a whole fortnight before I could attempt to return to Paris.

    The jovial party at Tom's had met twice, and enjoyed themselves to the utmost, notwithstanding their regret at my enforced absence. However, one favourable circumstance had occurred.

    Young Emma, one of Louisa's former confidential companions, had returned to the convent. I found Lou awaiting my return in my studio. Of course, to fly into her arms and fuck her three times, twice in front and once behind, was a rapid affair after my late, long fast. We then had time for a little chat. It was then I heard of Emma's return, and as this was a Saturday morning, dear Lou was on her way to the convent to bring both her and Marguerite out until Monday.

    The dear creature, with that affectionate regard she had always shown for me, told me that her purpose was to bring Emma first to me, as she believed she had not yet had a man's virile organ introduced into her little cunt. And as she herself had been unable to give me her own first fruits, she considered herself bound to procure such for me, if possible.

    I embraced and thanked her warmly for her kind forethought. She left, and in an hour returned with both Marguerite and Emma. Dear Marguerite fled into my arms, and clung close to me, whispering that she must have me first, and let Emma see how delicious the possession of a real prick was.

    That the wild girl's idea might be carried out to the utmost for the furtherance of the object in view, they made me strip, and after, dear, modest little Emma requested to handle my prick and feel how hard and stiff it was, which she did with a charming reserve and blushing the while, although one could see by the increased sparkle of her eyes that her passions were being excited. It was then the turn of the Three Graces to unveil their charms, and they did so in an altogether delightful manner, with not a little giggling and blushing.

    I put my hand down on Emma's sweetly pouting cunt which was only slightly ornamented with a sprinkling of fair, silky hair, and found by its very wet state that the dear creature had already spent. So, begging her first to let me gamahuche her, I laid her on the couch and, opening her legs, precipitated myself upon the charming, fresh, small orifice presented to my delighted gaze.

    Nothing could exceed the beauty and also grace of her rounded form, nor the gracefulness of her soft limbs and beautifully formed buttocks. Her exquisite cunt had rich pouting lips, and within was of a most delicate coral pink, with the truly delicious flavour of a wholesome cunt. Her clitoris hardly showed, but became a hard little button under the stimulus of my tongue.

    I made the dear creature quickly spend a second time, which she did with a deep sigh, almost fainting away with the intense excitement and pleasure I had given her.

    The two wild Bacchantes, who were anxious to see more serious sport, and to join in it as well, now urged me to more active measures, declaring that dear Emma herself was longing for more. So Louisa proposed that she should lie down on her back, take Emma above her on her knees and first stimulate her still more by a little cunt-sucking. This she would continue after guiding me into the inner delights of that charming young cunt, which Emma declared had never yet been penetrated by any thing larger than the fingers and tongues of her dear companions then present. Here Louisa was interrupted in her kind proposal by Marguerite demanding to have me first, and to let Emma see what a delicious treat a prick was.

    So Emma had to lie down while Marguerite straddled her with her bottom above Emma's head. I knelt behind while Emma guided me into Marguerite's longing cunt close above her eyes. Lou begged Emma to postilion me while she herself knelt in front and licked dear little Emma's cunt to perfection, Marguerite feasting her eyes on the sight, and wriggling her backside delightedly in unison with my vigorous fucking of her tight, velvet sheath. We soon brought matters to the grand crisis, and all died away together in cries of ecstatic delight. I soaked for some time in the delicious receptacle in which I was contained until the exquisite pressures of Marguerite reawakened my passions. This had also given time for Emma to recover her senses, for she had been so excited as to be nearly in a swoon. Her little cunt showed the liquid gleam of her young spending and Louisa, rapidly placing herself on her back, and Marguerite helping to put Emma kneeling astride her, I got up behind. Louisa guided my urgent prick from below to between the longing lips, and first rubbing it up and down so as to soak up the young spunk oozing from the virgin orifice, at last placed the head of my cock right within the delicious little aperture, and tickling my balls urged me forward. I proceeded firmly but gently to insinuate my cock's entire body by short thrusts in and out, and soon found a greater tightness within. Meanwhile, underneath us, Louisa was stimulating Emma to the utmost by frigging her clitoris with her finger, and, with another up my bottom was equally urging me forward. Marguerite had thrown herself on the floor and was vigorously applying her tongue to Louisa's cunt. Emma's passions were furiously excited, both by sight and feeling, her backside wriggling involuntarily. I saw my opportunity was come, so, gathering my forces, I plunged violently forwards, and burst asunder the remains of her hymen, which the previous fingering and frigging of her lewd convent companions had only partially ruptured.

    It was a sharp pang of pain to her, but almost instantly superseded by the exquisite pleasure of feeling the delicious balm of love jetting from my delighted prick, which stimulated a similar outpouring from her own young resources. She swooned in an agony of pleasure with a piercing cry of ecstatic joy. The two girls were so excited at the scene that they were likewise lost in all the raptures of a discharge.

    I lay for some time entranced in the tight cunt in which I was so deliciously installed. The thought of being its first real occupant re-excited my well-pleased prick, and as it began again to raise its head and throb as usual, I could feel that it was stimulating the passions of dear Emma, who showed that she naturally possessed the great gift of the casse noisette, although she was as yet feeble in comparison with the glorious power of dear Louisa or her Mamma in that respect. I was soon all ready for work, and began at once to fuck her in a somewhat more leisurely manner, and more with a view to give the utmost delight to the girl who was yielding me her first fruits.

    We so excited her this time, for I added my finger up her rosy bottom-hole, that when again the grand crisis arrived she went off in such ecstasies of delight as to swoon right away, and she was so long in coming to her senses that we were all somewhat alarmed.

    However, it was only excess of pleasure, and when she did recover it was to throw herself on my bosom, and with her arm round my neck, and her face hidden against my breast, to declare that she had been in Paradise, that she loved me, adored me and would never part from me, and then she burst into a torrent of tears.

    I pressed her to my heart and comforted her, but let her weep on, as I felt it would be a relief to her highly excited nerves. As I expected, she felt all the better when this nervous fit had exhausted itself by the relief of tears.

    We left her a quiet spectator of our next amorous encounter, which was between Lou and me. She had declared a desire for a fuck in her divine bottom-hole. Marguerite lay down on her back with Lou reversed above. Lou sucked the lovely, fresh cunt below her, while Marguerite, after guiding me into love's Callipygian sanctuary, sucked the splendid clitoris before her, and acted postilion to my bottom-hole.

    The pace was fast and furious and we put on a most exciting display of lust before the surprised and delighted Emma. Our arrival at the grand crisis was heralded by wild exclamations of ecstatic joy, until we all sank to silence in the divine raptures of dying away in all the languor of fully satisfied lubricity.

    Dear Emma lay on the couch stark naked as she was born, displaying all the beauty of her rounded and dimpled form. I had risen after our last bout, and the two dear girls, who had done their best to give and receive the greatest amount of pleasure in our last encounter, were now busy with active, soft hands in purifying and refreshing my private parts, leaving me at full leisure to contemplate the exquisite charms of that delicious young creature as they lay extended before me.

    No sooner was I freed from the loving and officious proceedings of my assistants, than I approached, and kneeling before the shrine of beauty that had already received my twofold libation, I stooped and imprinted a loving kiss on the sweet altar of sacrifice. So highly was she wrought up by the late lascivious scene enacted before her, that as my lips pressed the pouting lips of her sweet cunt, her bottom heaved convulsively, and she spent profusely. I licked it all up with the utmost avidity; the sight of such excessive and easily excitable lubricity instantly had its proper effect on my sensitive prick, which leaped up into a state of immediate readiness. Throwing myself between her legs, I was into her in a moment; the condition of her sheath, well moistened by her last discharge, rendered its entrance perfectly easy, and it penetrated to the utmost depths with a facility that the smallness of her cunt had hardly led me to expect. But I have rarely met with a more readily excitable creature than darling Emma. At no time could she withstand the slightest touch of the male hand or virile organ at the entrance or surface of her quim without her going off with a deep sigh.

    I had no sooner got fairly home and paused with a throb of delight, before again she poured forth a hot libation of her delicious and glutinous young spunk upon my gratified prick. I immediately hastened my action, and we were already in all the ecstasies of a mutual discharge when the two companions of our orgy approached, after finishing their ablutions.

    Louisa gave me a spanking slap on the backside at the very moment of our crisis, and drove me home with such vigour as to give a greatly enhanced delight to darling Emma, who died away in a perfect paradise of delightful gratification. The two girls covered us with kisses and embraces all over our naked bodies. Emma was long overcome with the ecstatic delight she had experienced, and actually again spent from the excitement of her own delicious pressures on my somewhat reduced and softened prick.

    At last I rose from her. The lewd and randy Louisa instantly threw herself on the gaping and throbbing little cunt I had just quitted, and greedily lapped up all the rich sperm that was oozing from between the swollen and pouting lips, now of a much deeper carnation than before our operations had commenced.

    All this revived the very excitable erotic nerves of the dear young girl. Marguerite, having seized possession of my prick, sucked it once more into a stiff and standing state, and these two lewd and debauched young women insisted upon my completing the initiation of dear little Emma by fucking her forthwith in the smaller orifice dedicated to the more mysterious rites of holy Mother Venus, declaring that her excitement was so great that I could never find her in a fitter state.

    So lewd Louisa, lying down on her back, desired Emma to straddle her en revers, so that she might not only see the operation but assist in its denouement. Marguerite was to urge me on at first, and be licked by me in the latter progress of the encounter. The darling girl lent herself to all our wanton plans, not being aware of the ordeal she had to undergo.

    When she was in position, and her charmingly out-thrust and firm buttocks were fully exposed in their most exciting dimensions, I got upon my knees behind her. Louisa, taking my prick in her hand, guided it in the first place into the fiery cunt to moisten it, but so hot was the darling creature that no sooner was I housed to the hilt than she spent with a cry of delight. I paused to allow her to enjoy it to the utmost, and then proceeded to plunge in and out of her clinging cunt until she spent again. Then, after a sufficient pause, withdrawing my seething prick, the lewd and lascivious Lou at once placed the point at the beauteous rosebud of her bottom-hole and, shoving her finger up my own, pushed me forward and housed the knob at the first thrust. Dear Emma flinched, and cried out at once, declaring it was splitting her open, but Marguerite had seized her by the shoulders, and Lou had clasped her round the waist, and both urged me to make short work of it and initiate her at once into all the mysteries of both routes.

    Of course I hardly needed this double spur, for obstacles did but excite a fiercer attack, and being wildly libidinous I thrust violently, indeed, too violently, forward, and by mere force rent asunder all obstacles, and plunged the whole length of my prick in up to my belly, which beat against her deliciously firm yet supple bottom. She screamed with agony, and really fainted away. But in all the fury of my wildly excited lust I cared not for this, but continued my furious lunges until the grand crisis arrived, when I went off in joyous cries of the utmost satisfaction to my raging lust.

    Poor, dear Emma had this time fainted again from the unbearable pain, and lay as if dead, unconscious of all around her. I withdrew from the excessively tight sheath in which I had been engulfed. The trickle of blood that followed my exit showed how severe had been the abrasion of those delicate parts, and explained the cause of the deep fainting fit which had overcome her.

    This result was so much more serious than either I or my two libidinous companions had hitherto seen, that it not only explained poor Emma's case, but alarmed us all.

    The two young ladies got cold water and a sponge, and applied a copious quantity to the injured parts, no doubt reducing the inflammatory action of my violent attack. At last dear Emma recovered her consciousness and opened her lovely blue eyes in a dreamy state of doubt as to what had occurred, but on attempting to rise she became aware of the extreme pain I had caused her. In fact, she proved to be quite in a state of fever, and it was found expedient that she should lie down on my bed and endeavour to shake it off; and after a consultation it was arranged that she should stay quietly with me for the night. Louisa promised to call next day to see if she were well enough to share in their orgy on the following night.

    So we parted for that day after they had put dear Emma to bed. I made her some negus with an egg beat up in it, and after she had taken this, she fell into a deep slumber, which augured well for her rapid recovery.

    Our proceedings had been somewhat too violent for her young constitution, but nature at that age rapidly recuperates itself and I hoped for the best. While sleep was thus repairing her exhausted frame, I sent out to a neighbouring restaurant, and had a succulent yet light dinner prepared for her by the time she should have had some hours of sweet repose.

    When she awoke I would not allow her to rise. I myself served her dinner in bed, and encouraged her to drink a little champagne. She was most lovingly grateful to me. After all was done, I lay down by her side, and taught her the sybarite way of enjoying each other, but altogether in her charming cunt. She spent repeatedly to my once, and eventually went off into another deep sleep in my arms with my reduced prick deliciously enfolded by her closely clinging cunt.

    We slept long and deeply, and did not awaken until broad daylight. This time it was she who awoke me by her delicious pressures as she poured down an early libation to love, deluging my prick with her hot, young spunk. She set me on fire, and I soon made her join me in a second libation. I then took a refreshing sponge bath, and gave another to Emma, who felt all the better in consequence.

    I rose late, but made Emma remain in bed to breakfast; indeed, I do not think she could have risen, for unaccustomed to the fever rage of lust in man's arms, her whole body felt as if torn in pieces, and she declared she ached in every limb.

    I lay down again after breakfast, but the dear girl begged me to spare her, for although she still felt excited at the least touch, she was convinced she would betray herself at the convent if I pushed matters further. To prevent being too severely tempted or tempting, I rose, dressed and sat by her bedside. We of course spoke of the strong mutual love that had sprung up between us, for I had become strangely fascinated with this enchanting creature.

    Alas! We were obliged to confess that it could but be clandestine love. Her father was a very rich banker, she his only child, and already she knew that he had formed very ambitious projects as to a future husband for her. He had risen by lucky speculations from a very inferior position, and like all parvenus now looked to a marriage of his daughter with some high noble to dignify his wealth. However, the darling girl had not yet completed her fifteenth year although she was within a couple of months of doing so, and her father did not contemplate her marriage until she was sixteen at least, so that, under the fortunate friendship of Louisa, we should be able to indulge our mutual affection for a while yet.

    While we were yet talking of dear Lou she arrived in company with Marguerite. Emma had previously expressed her repugnance, now that she knew me, the flattering little hussy, to join in any orgy at Tom's, and had begged me to procure her the pleasure of sleeping again with me alone.

    I told her that the only way was for her to exaggerate the real pain she was suffering, and to complain of being quite feverish and unable to move.

    I seconded her in my way, and the end of it was that Louisa became of the opinion that to include her in her present state in the excesses of their orgies would probably make her so ill as to cause an inquiry at the convent, which might deprive her forever of the companionship of Marguerite as well as Emma.

    So once it was decided that she should remain quietly at my place, and so that I might not increase her fever by being too hot upon her, the two lewd women took it upon themselves to take it out of me, as they called it. I humoured them, of course, but avowed that Emma herself had taken it out of me already as they would find.

    Yet notwithstanding my secret determination to restrain myself to the utmost, these two libidinous women knew too well how to raise the wild rage of lust in any man, and of course succeeded in reducing me to a very exhausted condition, although not quite so much as I affected.

    Emma tossed and tumbled about in considerable agitation at the sight of our repeated love encounters, professing to be only excited by the sight. Lou, to calm her senses, gamahuched her twice. But the dear girl confessed to me afterwards that it was a feeling of jealousy that had agitated her so greatly, although she dared not avow it to Louisa.

    I embraced the dear girl tenderly for the love she evidently bore me, but gently disagreed with her idea of jealousy, telling her that when she was a little more used to fucking, she would find that a plurality of pricks would not impede or even impair her ardent love for one man; that it would be an unkind return for the great friendship Louisa had always had for me to refuse to join in her orgies, and that once she had tasted of them she would find we could love each other as fondly as ever. Indeed, if anything, it would make us fly with greater delight into each other's arms after seeing how different mere passion and lust was to true love and affection.

    She was but half-convinced, although I could see her eyes sparkle as I described some of the exciting scenes of our encounters.

    We did but little that night, but what we did was very superior in quality.


    I write in haste, with much news to impart, but that which is most important first: I am engaged! The circumstances that surround this happy state are, however, quite peculiar-and, perhaps, not what you might have come to expect.

    A few days after my last visit from Emma, the dear girl persuaded Louisa to arrange another tryst at my studio. Though alone together but for an afternoon, we were able to enjoy three glorious fucks. Kneeling on the big armchair in the corner of my studio, her petticoats swept up to reveal the small, firm, round globes of her buttocks, Emma begged me to enter her in both orifices. After a loving inspection of the two divine apertures that lay between her cheeks, I applied my stiff prick to the soft, moist lips of her cunt and here rogered her long and vigorously. I was then able to invade her rosy bottom-hole without any suffering or complaint on her part, indeed, so prolonged and copious was her spend that I feared she would go off into another swoon. After two further lively bouts, quite exhausted by love's combats, we lay with her dear, blonde head upon my breast and talked, whilst outside the first autumn rains beat upon the studio roof.

    She told me of her apprehension at the arranged marriage that her father might force upon her and the prospect of suffering the misery of an unhappy nuptial bed, always longing for the carnal sweets that she had tasted with me. Her sixteenth birthday lay but two short weeks away whereupon she would be eligible for marrying off-a pretty young thing with no end of ugly or elderly suitors both rich and noble. She talked of our elopement. In short, it was Emma's dearest wish to secure me as her husband before her father could force her into an unhappy marriage. My heart grew heavy, for I knew how much store her father set by a union that would secure Emma's social and material advancement, a position that I, being neither rich nor noble, could supply. My imagination took flight. All of a sudden I was faced with the prospect of a scandal and the full wrath of her rich and powerful father. No good could come of this, I thought, and I had no appetite for being hounded, poverty-stricken, through the courts of England and France by a vengeful patriarch.

    Louisa arrived to escort poor Emma back to the convent. I rode with them in the coach and on the way back to my atelier, I confided in dear Lou the fears and forebodings that beset me, but also the love that I had acquired for my darling Emma.

    'I can see why you are so taken with the dear young thing,' she replied. 'She is the sweetest of girls, but truly, she is still just a lovesick filly whose passions may blow hot or cold. Besides, your misgivings are well founded: her father is not a man to be trifled with.'

    Lou must have seen the look of despair upon my face, for she continued,

    'Don't be so downcast, for I know there is a girl who has lost her heart to you, though she would never say as much. In case you cannot guess, it is-Marguerite de Laval!'

    I was thunderstruck. Lou's sound advice had opened my eyes to the folly of elopement with Emma and, in so doing, had lowered my spirits considerably. Now they soared once more when she told me of my secret admirer.

    'But what are we to do about poor little Emma?' I asked.

    'You need not worry on her account, for she will have ample time to pick and choose. Her father is no monster and will allow her to marry for love as well as position, of that I am sure. But you must write to her and give her a full account of your intentions-in this way she will be over it all the sooner.' This I did later and a few days hence I received a sad but sweet epistle in return.

    Louisa and I had parted at the door of my studio, although not before arranging for young Mile, de Laval to be left alone with me for a time at the earliest opportunity. This was quickly arranged by our dear mutual friend; Lou and I had conspired that she should bring Marguerite to my studio under the pretext of yet another delightful orgy which, though not strictly necessary, would render the exercise more credible in the eyes of the dear young thing. I have already told you of the exquisite pleasures we three had enjoyed, and Marguerite was fully expectant of a repeat of these amorous bouts and arrived in a state of high excitement. As Louisa departed, she told us that we would be rejoined soon enough by herself and her husband.

    The voluptuous Mile, de Laval wasted no time in kneeling on the big armchair in my studio and arranging her petticoats so that I could gain entry to her secret charms from behind. Once more I was privileged to be witness to her superb, out-thrust buttocks and the shaded valley that ran between them, where the charming rosette of her arsehole and delicately-haired lips of her cunt were clearly in view. And once more I was put in mind of an Indian Goddess or temple beauty. It was as if the scales had fallen from my eyes, and for the first time I appreciated the true loveliness of this dear creature. I quickly inserted my stiff prick into her moist, pink cunt and drove it in until my belly rebounded against her bottom, and we enjoyed a delicious fuck until we achieved a mutual spend. Without changing her position, the dear girl waited for such a time as my cock had regained some of its former rigidity, then reached behind her and transferred my cock into her smaller orifice. Again we fucked in blissful harmony until I inundated her bottom with abundant jets of sperm.

    After we had undressed and were quite naked, we then lay down upon my bed, and had a long chat of love. Our souls seemed to be united as one, and I found her the most loving darling I had ever met with. We lay in my bed in the sweetest love converse I have ever enjoyed, in which she opened out all her soul to me and told me how she felt at the first moment of seeing me that I was her fate, that she at the very first sight of me fell deeply in love with me. All this was said with her face hidden in my bosom and I could see by the rich incarnation of her neck that she blushed deeply as she made the delightful confession. My happiness was complete and I heard myself, as if in a dream, asking the dear girl to become my wife.

    'Yes, my dearest Harry-oh, yes!' murmured Marguerite. 'You have made me the happiest girl in the world. I have no fortune, and only a poor dowry; indeed, the most precious thing I possess in the world is my love for you, for it is so strong and abundant.'

    To celebrate our 'engagement' we opened and drank a bottle of champagne and returned to love's combats, my darling Marguerite spending three times and I twice.

    Here end the letters from Harry to Charlie


    Envoi: a letter from Tom to his cousin Frank

    It is a great pity, my dear Reverend, that you could not stay for a week or two longer in this charming city; where one can do as one likes without attracting any attention. I well imagine that your congregation keeps you fairly preoccupied now and that we shall have to await your next visit to Paris with as much patience as we can summon.

    Here, once more, you will be welcomed into all the debaucheries of a complete orgy at our house just as you were on that night only two weeks past. Perhaps once again, dear Lou will be our only female companion, and as then, we will sandwich her at every fresh encounter.

    If you remember, Harry began by fucking her on his back, while she straddled him and presented you with her splendid backside in all its glory, being especially excited by the fact that you are now an ordained curate. I watched you plunge with truly divine ecstasy into the delight-giving aperture where you lay tranquil until I had installed myself completely within your own ecclesiastical bottom, and the sight of the double cuckolding going on around us excited us all so that soon we were in the delightful transports of final crisis.

    On recovering from this you took Harry's place, and I entered my wife's bottom-hole, while Harry (with some difficulty) entered my own. We were somewhat less hasty in our proceedings this time, but all the same eventually came to the final ecstasies with immense gratification.

    At the third bout Harry went in for the delicious bum-fuck of darling Louisa. I took willingly to her well-saturated cunt, which I declared was as tight as any bottom-hole, notwithstanding the previous fucking, in which she had spent at least five times to the twice of her two fuckers.

    And you, who said you had been longing for some time to enjoy Harry's delightful posterior, pushed vigorously into his tight orifice and sent him with delight up to the hilt in the delicious aperture of Louisa, in which he was already half-embedded.

    We ran a most delightful course, which ended in greater rapture than any of the preceding. We lay for a considerable time soaking in all the ecstasies of the after satisfaction before withdrawing for a new pose, dear Lou going off with cries of delight while we lay in throbbing laziness within her.

    Our next pose was Lou on her knees, presenting her glorious buttocks and open, gaping cunt all foaming with fuck. Harry was chosen to take her in her arse, but first entering her delicious, inundated cunt with the mere object of well moistening his prick he found himself grasped with all and rather more than her usual wonderful power of grasping a prick within her vagina.

    Harry was so delighted with his first quarters that he continued where he was, and finished that most glorious cunt in a perfect ecstasy of delight, doubled by her intermediately spending and clinging to his prick in the most delicious and voluptuous manner.

    After these bouts we all rose and purified ourselves, and when refreshed, partook of champagne and sweet biscuits, while discussing past delights and imagining new poses. Dear Reverend, we shall all miss your warm sodomitical attentions most sorely!

    Harry's friend Charlie arrived the day after you left. My wife and I had thus one quiet night, for Harry refused to keep us company before entering on a new course of agreeable orgies. You do not know Charlie. Well, he is a fine specimen of a man, tall, well-made, decidedly handsome and possessed of a remarkably pleasing address and a singularly sweet voice accompanied by a most winning smile. I do not wonder at his success with the ladies, for in addition to his outward attractions, he has got a most splendid prick, longer and thicker than Harry's by an inch each way, and with a power of wielding it seldom equalled. He never seems to tire, but is always ready at the right moment.

    With such advantages you may well suppose what a favourite of Louisa's he has become. She is never tired of having him in her cunt, though she declares he is too large for her bottom. I don't find it so, for though he did make me wince in getting in, once there, I found I not only could accommodate him, but reaped increased pleasure. And here I must confess that there is nothing so exquisite to me as having a prick in my bottom that has just been withdrawn my wife's cunt after cuckolding me, and then at the same moment to be up to the hilt in her divine bum-hole (of which I never tire, although I like variety from time to time, either male or female-as witness your own dear, tight, little hole).

    Charlie arrived early in the morning, and went to the hotel to sleep for a few hours without disturbing Harry and his new bride, young Marguerite, at whose place he afterwards put up. Harry has moved from his studio to a fine house in the neighbourhood. Marguerite's uncle passed away shortly after they were married, and left his entire and very considerable fortune to his favourite niece, and though much saddened by the old boy's demise, they are now well set up for life. They all dined with us that day, and to put us all at ease we had a rack-off before dinner; Louisa seized on Charlie's magnificent tool with the utmost eagerness; I rushed into her bottom as she was mounted on him. As we were all sharp set we ran a rapid course of pleasure, so much to the satisfaction of the two below me that while I was soaking in the after satisfaction of our first spending, the two eager ones ran and finished a second course before I was at all inclined to follow their example. I rose and begged them to get up also, as we should have plenty of time during the night to fully satiate the most eager appetite. It was with evident regret that dear Lou let such a superb and suitable prick out of her hot, but slightly satisfied cunt.

    Charlie was equally unwilling, declaring that Harry's descriptions of my wife's cunt and fucking power previously given to him were far below the exquisite and voluptuous reality. He had had great and varied experience, but never before had met with a woman whose salaciousness had afforded him anything equal to such delight. My wife was equally profuse in her praises of his powers of giving pleasure, and declared that a prick had never before so excited and gratified her lascivious passions. Her whole soul had centred in the powerful weapon, and she now longed for the moment of again tasting its sweets.

    Indeed, so charmed were they with each other, that my lewd and impatient wife, incapable of waiting longer, and finding at dessert that her touches had made it spring out to its utmost length, suddenly lifted up her petticoats, and throwing one leg over his, forthwith mounted him, seated as he was, and in a very few bounds of her active backside poured a flood of spunk over his delighted prick, which instantly responded with a still greater flow. Without the slightest pause, at it they went again. I approached, and wetting my finger in the rich oil oozing from between them, thrust it up her bum-hole and acted postilion to her, at the same time handling the noble bollocks which so worthily supported the superb shaft busily at work above.

    My wife again went off in an agony of delight, and although Charlie fucked her with commendable energy, she poured down two to his one, and met him to the instant when the final crisis arrived. The position was too fatiguing for her to remain long. When she rose, and left Charlie's glorious weapon still erect and foaming with fuck, I could not resist the temptation but threw myself down on my knees before it, took it in my mouth and greedily sucked at all the spending upon it drawing every drop out. Then rising I told him I should have his bottom that night.

    'Whatever you like, my dear friend. Your compliance in yielding me your divine wife can but feebly be repaid by any compliance on my part.'

    I threw my arms around his neck, our mouths met and our tongues interlaced.

    Again we were interrupted by voluptuous cries. On turning round there were Harry and my wife hard at it, and just in the ecstasies of the final rapture, while his new bride straddled the dear girl's face. He, like me, had in the first instance thrown himself on her gaping and throbbing cunt, and licked up with avidity all the foaming spunk that was oozing from it, until, excited beyond measure, she drew him upon her to fuck her voracious and insatiable cunt as she in turn licked that of Marguerite. But when this was ended, I insisted on more moderation; it would never do to entirely anticipate the more voluptuous proceedings of the night.

    On our retiring we met again in nature's only clothing, and most luxuriously spent the night together. Charlie, as a rule, stuck to my wife's cunt (but gave himself up to me, as well as possessing me each time) and then resumed his place, while I fucked Mrs. Hargrave's cunt. Harry had two flies at each of the two girls' bum-holes, spending profusely in both of the darlings' bottoms. Charlie and my voracious and lascivious wife carried on the war long after we were unable to keep pace with them. We then slept for some hours and after renewing our efforts in the morning, separated as soon as the household began to stir.

    An old friend of Charlie's carried him off to his country seat the next day, and so enforced celibacy on us all, for I did not indulge with Lou, but slept apart, to be ready for the next night, when we were to be joined by Emma and Marguerite's young brother, Decimus.

    It fell out as desired, but I strongly suspect that my salacious wife had carried them to Harry's studio and had a previous taste of the new sugar-stick she had taken such a fancy for. They all denied it, but in such a way as convinced me that my conjecture was right, especially as there was no wish expressed for a preliminary fuck before dinner, except on the part of the youngster; Marguerite retired with him to ease the wild throbbings of his passion. We thus passed a quiet evening, until we all met in the buff in my wife's bedroom.

    Our first course was Charlie on his back, with my wife mounted on his superb prick, with Harry into her bottom, and Emma standing across them and presenting her charming young cunt to the eager tongue of Harry, while I fucked Marguerite in a kneeling position, and had the exquisite pleasure of having her brother's prick in my backside, thus being sandwiched between brother and sister, a delectable and exciting combination.

    Our next was only a partial change. I took Harry's place in my wife's bum-hole, Charlie desiring to remain where he was. Harry took Marguerite's bottom while she lay on her brother, whose prick was engulfed in her delicious cunt, and I had the further pleasure of gamahuching dear Emma and fingering her bottom-hole. My wife next desired to gamahuche and postilion Marguerite, who returned the compliment, while her brother fucked my wife's backside. Charlie fucked dear Emma, while I plunged into his backside.

    This course was chiefly distinguished by the extraordinary lascivious satisfaction that Charles's magnificent prick gave to dear, young Emma. She had taken it in with some pain, but once fairly ensheathed up to the balls, and allowing a sufficient pause to let the over-stretching pain subside, and commencing with a slow and gentle movement, her passions began to rise to the lewdest heat. The dear creature was in an agony of pleasure, and suddenly throwing her arms around him, and her legs over his back, she began a most voluptuous, exciting and active wriggling of her delicately rounded and firm young buttocks that soon made both pour down a torrent of spunk, to the immense delight of my prick, engulfed in the furnace-like bum-hole of dear Charlie.

    I never felt such an internal heat before, and it drew from me a most voluptuous and lascivious discharge while they were still throbbing in all the ecstasies of the final crisis.

    This was too exquisite to allow of any change between us, and we ran a second course with, if anything, a still more active and delicious result. Our companions had finished their course, and before commencing another had paused to look on and admire the furious lust with which our second operation was carried out.

    That dear girl Emma had become insensible to all around her in the last bout. I had withdrawn from Charlie's glowing receptacle in which I had twice deposited an ample libation, but he lay in all the after delight which the throbbing cunt of Emma was conferring on him, for it was only by her convulsive throbbings that we knew she was still enjoying the stately prick within her. The two dear creatures, still mutually excited in weapon and sheath, recommenced with greater lasciviousness than ever as soon as they were fully satiated with the after delight of the last move, and ran a third course with a vigour equal if not surpassing the first, especially dear Emma, whose active movements showed the excessive lewdness with which she was possessed. Indeed, such were the extreme joys of this most voluptuous and lascivious course that she really fainted at the final crisis, and it was some time after Charlie had withdrawn before we could restore her to a state of consciousness; and the dear young creature was then so faint and exhausted that we were obliged to have her put to bed in a separate room, where she immediately fell into a deep slumber, and where we left her to repose for the rest of the night, her young constitution not yet being able to keep up at our pace.

    After this incident we resumed our debauch, Charlie fucking Marguerite's bottom and I taking my wife's bottom. After this we changed, and I fucked Marguerite, while Harry was into her from behind, Charlie and my wife preferring to have a single fuck by themselves. After this we all slept in admirable confusion.

    Next morning, after a complete ablution, we began with a general and delicious gamahuche, then coupling together, Louisa between Charlie in front and Harry behind, and I between Harry's wife and her brother, we ran a most delicious course, dying away in all the raptures of the final enjoyment, and lay soaking in bliss for some time after.

    In our next move Louisa had the fancy to substitute the smallest prick for the largest in her cunt, so took Marguerite's brother, Decimus. Charlie said that in that case, he must supplement it behind. Although his immense prick hurt my wife in entering, once fairly in, and a sufficient pause given to get over the pain, she soon by her very active movements and wriggling proved how much it was exciting her. I fucked Marguerite in a kneeling position with our faces turned to the voluptuous and lewd scene before us, which reacted upon our excited senses and we all poured down a most ample libation to Priapus.

    The following day was Les Grandes Eaux at Versailles, and we all went to enjoy the scene. The weather was everything we could desire. As it was the first time that Marguerite, Decimus and Emma had seen this elegant display of fountains and statuary, you may imagine how pleased they were. To avoid the crowding of the earlier trains, which is really a perfect torture, we dined sumptuously at the Hotel des Reservoirs at Charlie's expense, he having insisted on treating us. Previous to dinner he had had an interview with the proprietor, and had persuaded him to let us have his choicest wines. The champagne in particular was so very fine that we all drank deeply, and were consequently much excited and most gay.

    The dear women all slept soundly on the way home, and for that matter so did we, until awakened at the end of our journey. This sleep so far refreshed us that when we afterwards met in my wife's bedroom we were all in a sufficient state of lewdness to get to work with considerable vigour.

    Charlie as usual, much to the gratification of my wife, flew with eagerness to her longing cunt. Harry in like manner flew to Emma's arms, and at it they both went, while I fucked his dear wife's equally excited cunt, and young Decimus served me out behind.

    We were all too much pleased with our position to think of changing before our passions were somewhat cooled. Indeed, as to Charlie and Harry, they each ran three courses as they were before we, who wanted variety, could persuade them to change. So that I took the opportunity to substitute for Marguerite's backside and cunt, both of which I had already fucked, the tighter aperture of her charming young brother, who was already installed in his sister's bum-hole.

    In the following course, Charlie fucked Emma twice to her infinite delight, Harry taking her bottom in the first instance, and I in the second. In the first one I fucked my wife's backside while Marguerite was below her for a double gamahuche, and her young brother was once more in my bottom. After this I was tempted by the extraordinary lewdness of Emma to fuck her while the youngster introduce his smaller weapon behind her. So deliciously is the dear girl beginning to fuck that I was tempted to run a second course in her exquisitely tight young cunt.

    Again she fainted away under such extensive fucking, and as she had to return to the convent next day, we thought it best she should be put to bed alone for the rest of the night. (But incidentally I may mention that both Charlie and Harry fucked her next morning before she left.)

    We continued our orgy in the usual varied postures, until exhausted nature forced us to take the necessary repose, Charlie and my wife keeping it up after we other four had fallen fast asleep. As usual in the morning after our ablutions, we had a general round gamahuche, and then a fuck or two before betaking us to our separate bedrooms. Charlie, as usual, to the infinite satisfaction of my wife, who never seems to tire of having his superb tool in her voracious cunt, fucked her twice after we had ended our debauch.

    They left us to our repose, before which I licked my wife's delicious cunt until I not only swept up all but made her spend again.

    Next morning Louisa took her protegee back to her convent, while I reconducted the youngster to St. Barbe. The following week we are all to meet up at my parents-in-law's house near Rouen. It will be a grand reunion and you are most certainly invited-my darling Lou has asked me to remind you that you will not be forgiven should you fail us. And may I remind you that she is not a woman whose word can be taken lightly, my dear Reverend.

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