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    Lustful Memoirs

    Among my earliest recollections the frequent quarrels between my parents are most prominent. I was too young then to know which was most to blame, but as I got older I noticed that Papa always got angry when a Mr. Amberg was mentioned. I soon after noticed that when he came to the house, it was always when Papa was absent and Mama told me I must not tell Papa of his visits. Young though I was, I knew that something was wrong with this and I soon got to watching to find out what it was. I saw Mr. Amberg hug and kiss Mama, but I didn't think there was any wrong in that. I knew Papa didn't like Mr. Amberg, but I thought he was being unreasonable for I knew Mama liked him, and I liked him. Things went on in this way for a year or two. Mr. Amberg would come occasionally and I used to wonder why it happened that he always came when Mama and I were there alone. Mama would send me out to play, but I had got to be quite sly and watched them both when I had a chance. I saw them go into the bedroom together several times, but had no idea, then, what they went in there for.

    One day Papa and Mama had a terrible quarrel; I don't know what it was about, but after Papa left the house, Mama began to pack some things in a trunk, and then she and I started for the Railroad Depot, which was not far from the house. I asked no questions but went with Mama into the car, and we traveled a long way, it seemed to me. When we left the car we went to a hotel where we remained a couple of days. I was really pleased to see Mr. Amberg come to our room, and so was Mama; she put her arms around his neck and kissed him, then she sat on his lap while they had a long talk. It was nearly night when he came. After it got dark, Mama asked me if I wasn't sleepy and said she thought I ought to go to bed. I wasn't sleepy but I made no objection and soon undressed and got into bed. After awhile Mama came into the bedroom. I kept quiet so she thought I was asleep, and pretty soon she began to undress and then she got into bed. I kept still as if I were asleep.

    After Mama got into bed Mr. Amberg came into the room and got into bed. They both thought me asleep. They talked till I really began to get sleepy, but when Mr. Amberg began to move and Mama said “be careful not to wake Laura,” I was wide awake in a moment. Mama and Mr. Amberg moved about a bit. I didn't know then just what they did, but pretty soon Mama said, “Let me steer it,” and then after that they began to lass each other. They kept moving quite carefully, I thought so as not to awaken me. I didn't know then, nor for a long time afterward, what it was they were doing, but I kept still. After a little they were not so careful, they became more active in their movements, and then I was fearful that something was the matter with Mr. Amberg-he breathed so loud. But soon they became still, or nearly so. Then after awhile Mr. Amberg moved away from Mama. I lay awake awhile wondering what it all meant but, coming to no satisfactory conclusion, I fell asleep.

    Mr. Amberg got up before I awoke next morning. I knew Mama didn't want me to know that he had slept with us, so I said nothing about it. Mama and I were alone in our rooms all the next day, but Mr. Amberg came again in the evening. I went to bed early again, and after I got to sleep, or so Mama thought, she came to bed. I had got into a position this time so that she could not tell that I didn't have my eyes tightly closed. When Mr. Amberg came in, he was already undressed. Mama turned down the bed clothes and he got in beside her. The room was not so dark that I couldn't discern pretty nearly everything. He put one arm under Mama's neck, but the other he had down under the bed clothes. After they had talked some time, Mr. Amberg said, “How soundly Laura sleeps.”

    “Yes,” said Mama, “she always sleeps soundly.” Then he raised up on his elbow and kissed her a few times, after which began the movements I had only heard the night before. Raising the bed clothes, he got on top of Mama, who moved some so as to be easy under him, or so I supposed. Then she reached her hand down in the bed and presently said, “Now it's in nicely.” Again began the regular motions of the night before. I could see the bed clothes rise and fall and could tell that Mama moved as he did.

    I need not say that I greatly wondered what it all meant. I wondered what it could be that was “in nicely” and what, indeed, it was in. But it was all Greek to me then. As their motions became more brisk, they were not as cautious as the night before. Still I did not think it expedient to wake up. I could see that he had his arm about Mama, and she seemed to be enjoying it so I was not alarmed. But after the loud breathing they both kept quiet for awhile. Finally Mr. Amberg threw back the bed clothes and got off of Mama, and then I saw that he had been between her thighs. As soon as he got off, Mama pulled her chemise down between her legs and pulled the cover over her again.

    Next day Mr. Amberg left us as before. Just before noon my papa and another man came in, and such a time as they had I can't describe. It ended by Papa taking me and leaving Mama there alone. We went first to our old home. Then Papa found a place for me in a family in the country by the name of Wilcox. I never told anyone about Mama and Mr. Amberg. I had got in the habit of keeping my eyes and ears open and my thoughts to myself.

    The Wilcox family consisted of the old folks and a married daughter who was visiting them, Mrs. Davey. One of the first things that excited my curiosity was that Mrs. Davey should have such a big belly. I have since learned that she had come home so as to be with her mother during confinement, but it was all a puzzle to me then, and after the baby was born I wondered why Mrs. Davey's belly was smaller than it was before. I had no one to talk with about it, however, so it remained a puzzle.

    I next lived with a family named Manus. There were two girls, or rather young women, in the family. I began to get some light on the many things that had puzzled me by listening to them when they did not suppose I was paying any attention. I got an idea of the difference in the sexes, and some ideas, albeit confused, about sexual intercourse. The girls each had a beau. They used to tell each other about them, but they said many things I didn't understand. In the next place that I lived were two girls, orphans, one about my own age, the other about two years older. I lived there about three years. The girls were both well informed in regard to sexual matters and they soon imparted their knowledge to me.

    Not far from where we lived was a neighbour who had a dairy. Among other employees were a couple of boys, two or three years older than we were. We were quite intimate with them, but there had been no grievous improprieties when I again had to change my residence, this time to live with an old couple who had a house adjoining the dairyman's. The girls used to visit me quite often, and we almost always managed to meet the boys when we were together.

    Julia was almost old enough now to put on long dresses, while Lizzie and I had begun to feel a strong attraction for the male sex. Julia was really the most amorous, but Lizzie was the most reckless in words and deeds. One day we girls were out in the barn where we had had an exciting conversation, so that we felt in a mood for anything almost. Julia had taken off her drawers and pulled up her skirts to show that the hair was beginning to grow on hers. Lizzie took her drawers off then and was diligently hunting for some sign of hair when the barn door opened and in came one of the boys. We had spread some blankets on the floor and had been lying on them. Julia jumped up when she heard the door open, but Lizzie and I remained on the blanket. Abner came in and, seeing us on the blanket, he got down with us. Julia did the same. I know we were all glad he had come in.

    Lizzie soon got astraddle of him and when he rolled her off, she exposed her legs so much that I said, “Why, Lizzie! Pull your clothes down,” but she only rolled over two or three times with her legs bare. Then Julia began to scold her, but Lizzie only laughed and said she didn't care if he wanted to look. Abner, however, seemed to care more for Julia than for either Lizzie or me. For something she said or did, he caught hold of her and held her fast. In her struggles she exposed her legs nearly as much as Lizzie had, but she could not get her clothes down; she was helpless. Then Lizzie began-“Why, Julia!

    Ain't you ashamed to show your legs so? I am shocked that you would do such a thing.” Julia squirmed and asked me to pull her clothes down, but Abner said, “Don't you do it,” and we didn't while he tried to get her clothes up still higher. She finally got loose from him and jumped to her feet.

    He grabbed her by the ankle and over she went again, and up her clothes went too. Lizzie was so pleased that she kicked up her heels as she lay on her back, making no effort to hide anything. Abner got Julia's skirts up so that her thighs were naked, and then he got his hand up on her belly or somewhere under her skirts. Julia fairly squealed and tried to get his hand away, but she didn't succeed. Instead of helping Julia, Lizzie caught hold of one of her feet and helped him get her legs separated so that he got his hand on her nest. Then Julia just threw her arms across her face to hide it and made no further objections. Lizzie and I looked on very much interested. Indeed, there was a place between my own thighs that was burning and throbbing with amorous excitement, and Lizzie felt much as I did. When Abner unbuttoned his pants and took out his staff, Lizzie at once took hold of it. He seemed to like it, for he rolled over partly on his back so we could get a better view of it. Julia took a look at it too, then put her hand on it. I felt of it also-ah, how nice it felt in my hand. While we were feeling of it and commenting on it, we heard a dog bark not far away. We all jumped to our feet and, going to the door, we saw a man coming toward the barn. Abner got away without being seen and we girls got to the house.

    I must now tell you of some other persons before I tell you more about the boys. Immediately after going to live with the old folks (I call them old folks because both were past sixty; Mrs. Hall was not a bad-looking woman for her age and had evidently been a fine-looking woman in her younger days), I discovered that a Mr. Brown was quite intimate with Mr. and Mrs. Hall. He was not more than twenty-eight or thirty, and he used to visit sometimes two or three times a week. I noticed right away that if Mrs. Hall was alone when he called, I was at once sent out of doors or somewhere so that Mr. Brown and Mrs. Hall were left together. Of course, I was curious to know why they wanted to be alone, so I began to watch and soon managed to find a way to listen to what they said. They related to each other all the scandal they heard, and did it in plain language that showed they were accustomed to it. At that time there was a rape trial going on in town. A Mr. Hay, who lived some eight or ten miles from town in a lonesome place near the mountains, hired a girl who lived a mile or two away to help in the house as his wife was about to be confined. The girl went with Mr. Hay to town to do some shopping one day, and on their way home, the girl said, he drove away from the road to a secluded place, then got her down in the bed of the wagon and raped her, after which they went on to Mr. Hay's house. Some time afterwards Mr. Hay was arrested for rape and the trial excited considerable interest. Before a verdict had been rendered, Mr. Brown called on Mrs. Hall. I was sent out as usual, but was soon where I could hear every word said.

    After a few unimportant remarks, Mrs. Hall asked if the rape case was over yet. Mr. Brown said the jury was still out.

    “Well,” said Mrs. Hall, “I'll tell you what I think of the matter. There was no rape about it. Hay was getting all he wanted of the girl and her mother found it out and she put up the job on him.”

    Mr. Brown asked why she thought so.

    “Why,” said she, “if the girl hadn't been willing, she wouldn't have gone back home with Hay and stayed a week or two before making any fuss about it.”

    Another time they talked about married women taking measures to avoid getting in the family way. They spoke of it as if it could be prevented, but they didn't say how. I was anxious to hear that but was doomed to disappointment.

    This last conversation I heard just after Abner was with us in the barn. The next time I saw the girls, I told them what I had heard. Julia said she was sure there was some way it could be done but she was at a loss to know how to ascertain it. Lizzie asked me why I didn't ask Mrs. Hall.

    “I'd rather ask Mr. Brown,” said I, dubiously.

    “Oh, that's it,” said Julia. “Ask Mr. Brown then,” and Lizzie joined her in urging me to ask Mr. Brown. Both said they would if they had a chance.

    Every time I saw Mr. Brown after that I thought of the request I wanted to make and feared I'd not have courage even if I got a chance. Then one day Mr. and Mrs. Hall went to town for the whole day. I was all excited at once.

    Mr. Brown knocked and when I opened the door he came in and enquired for Mrs. Hall. It came into my mind at once that if I told him she was going to be gone all day he would go right away, so I said, “She is out just now. Won't you sit down and wait?” So he sat down and soon picked up a paper and began to read. I was anxious to ask him, yet was afraid. I kept near him, and when he laid the paper down I was afraid he was going. Without stopping to choose my words, I blurted out, “Mr. Brown, won't you tell me how to keep from getting in the family way?”

    He looked up, astonished at my question, and somehow my courage came back to me at once. So when he asked what I knew about getting in the family way, I said, “I know about screwing.” Catching me by the arm, he drew me up to him and placed me on his knees. “Now tell me,” said he, “what you know about screwing.” He kept questioning me till I told him about Julia and Lizzie and about my hearing him and Mrs. Hall talk. While talking, he felt of my bosom, then put his hand under my skirts. I didn't try to hinder him at all.

    When he said we must keep a look-out for Mrs. Hall, I told him she would be gone all day and explained why I had lied to him. At his request, I took off my drawers. While I was doing that, he unbuttoned his pants and pulled his shirt up. My goodness! His jock was as big as three or four of Abner's.

    I was so much interested in it I forgot he hadn't answered my question. As I took hold of his staff of life, he asked how I'd like to have that in my belly. I said I was afraid I was not big enough for it yet.

    “No, you are not old enough nor large enough now, but it won't be long,” said he, “before your pussy will be able to take in one as big as that.” He placed me astraddle his legs and then put the big red head between the lips of my pussy and rubbed it about, making me feel pleasure in every nerve. He inquired about Julia and Lizzie. I told him all about them, except I didn't tell about Abner. It was yet early in the forenoon. He said if I would go over and get the girls, he would tell us all about getting in the family way.

    Without stopping to put on my drawers, I ran across the field and met Julia some distance from the house. I quickly told her that Mr. Brown was waiting for her and Lizzie to tell what we were so anxious to know. Lizzie wasn't around, so Julia went back with me. Julia was eager but a little shamefaced when we went in where he was. He had his charmer fully exposed to view, standing stiff and rampant.

    Julia fixed her eyes on it, and as if strongly attracted by it, she slowly approached Mr. Brown. He said not a word till she had come near enough for him to take her arm. He drew her right up in front of him and she at once took his stiff prick in her hand. She seemed surprised at its size and magnificent appearance. After she had handled it a few minutes, he seated himself and took her on his lap. He first felt of her bosom, as he had mine; then he pulled her skirts up and, finding she had drawers on, he asked her to take them off. When she had done so, she seated herself on his lap again. He laid her over on his arm and slid his hand up to her pussy. He spread her legs and began to titillate her clitoris and the surrounding parts till she could not keep from moving her bottom. He asked her if it felt good.

    “Yes, yes,” said she, “it feels so good.”

    After getting her passions all excited, he said, “You would enjoy it much more if I put this in there,” and he put her hand on his cock. “Shall we try it?” said he.

    Julia was too happy just then to refuse anything. Indeed, he had to carry her to the bed where he quickly got her placed to suit him, then got between her legs, and, carefully placing the head of his charmer between the lips of her pussy, he moved it about a little, the contact even in this manner giving her exquisite pleasure. But soon he began to push. At once I saw her countenance change.

    “It is going to hurt you somewhat,” said he, “but don't be afraid; it will soon be over.”

    She began to struggle, but he had her so she could not avoid his thrusts. As he shoved she exclaimed, “Oh, don't, it hurts,” her voice rising almost to a shriek as the obstruction gave way and his rod was buried in her belly. As soon as he had overcome the obstacles and effected a complete entrance, he remained motionless, telling her it was all over now, that she would only feel pleasure hereafter. She soon dried her tears and in answer to his question said it didn't hurt anymore, only smarted a little. He kept very quiet for quite a while, but when he saw by her countenance that she was beginning to feel some pleasure, he began slowly to move his sweetener out and in.

    “Doesn't it begin to feel good?” he asked.

    “Yes,” she replied, “it does feel good!”

    The pleasure soon became so great that she began to heave her bottom in response to his shoves. He, somehow, was not disposed to hurry matters. He would stop shoving occasionally, letting his charmer remain buried in her. While letting it soak in this way, he turned to me-I was looking on, a much interested spectator-and asked what I thought of screwing now.

    “I think it is good. I wish I was big enough,” I replied.

    “Well, it won't be many months before your pussy can take it in too,” said he. “You won't have to wait very long.”

    After awhile he began to shove quite regularly. Julia quite as actively responded; then he moved faster and faster and soon he began to breathe loudly and to shove furiously, just as Mr. Amberg did when he was screwing my poor mama. All at once Mr. Brown ceased shoving, except for an occasional, spasmatic jerk, and his head dropped. He seemed to become limp and lifeless, except his breathing. After he had remained quiet some time, he got off of Julia, his prick still large but hanging its head, which was not of such a deep red as before, while drops of a queer-looking stuff dropped from it.

    Julia was going to get up but he told her to lie still. I could not help noticing the change in her pussy, too, as he took his handkerchief and carefully wiped it, for I could see some of that queer-looking stuff running out of it. He then carefully wiped his rod but didn't button his pants to hide it from our sight. When Julia got up she looked at his ramrod and seemed surprised to see its head drooping.

    She began to fondle it and the bag beneath, asking questions about them. It was not many minutes before he was preparing for another engagement.

    “Would you like to try it again?” he asked.

    “I'm afraid it will hurt,” said Julia.

    “Suppose we try and see,” said he.

    Without any further urging she got on the bed and pulled up her clothing.

    He got between her legs again and surprised Julia by easily shoving his charger into her without hurting her at all.

    “It doesn't hurt a bit this time,” said she, “and it feels so nice.”

    After he had got his stiff one embedded in her body, he let it remain there quietly while he said, “Well girls, I promised to tell you how to avoid getting in the family way. There is one way I have never known to fail.”

    “What is it?” I asked.

    “Keep your legs together and you will never get in the family way,” he said laughing.

    “Oh!” said I, “that ain't what we mean. Men screw their wives-what do they do to keep from getting in the family way?”

    He then explained that some men drew out their rod just before spending, others used a rubber bag over their long tom, women often used a syringe, etc.

    Julia asked if she wouldn't get in the family way.

    “No, I guess not,” said he. “If you do, I'll take care of you.” Then he advised her not to let any man do it to her again till she got a husband. “Then,” said he, “you can let a dozen screw you if you are careful not to get caught. You are a woman now and will soon be getting a husband. You will give me some more, won't you, after you get married?”

    “Yes,” said Julia, “you may have all you want.”

    Then we arranged to meet again and he promised to tell us about anything he might hear that was interesting.

    But he and Julia were not yet finished for the day. Julia enjoyed the delightful sensations his yard gave her while buried in her pussy so much that she could not keep still under him. He saw how fully she was enjoying it. After giving a few shoves, which she promptly met, he stopped and looked down into her face. He asked her if fucking was as good as she thought it would be.

    “Oh, yes,” said she, “I wish I could stay this way forever.”

    They began to move again, slowly at first but faster and faster after awhile; then there was his loud breathing as he died away. He wiped her again and after she got up and we fixed up the bed, we went into the parlor again. I noticed that Julia walked a little awkwardly, as if she were sore. Mr. Brown told us lots of stories of women who had been made happy by tasting stolen sweets and the time passed pleasantly till some time after noon. Mr. Brown's charmer had long since regained its former magnificent state of erection, but he didn't think it wise to put it into Julia again just then.

    It was some time after one o'clock when I saw Lizzie coming across the yard. I told Mr. Brown who she was and suggested that we should give her a surprise. So he let his pants down, pulled up his shirt, and stood right in front of the door where she would come in, while Julia and I hid in the bedroom. Pretty soon Lizzie came bounding in, but she stopped suddenly as she saw the beautiful object before her, and she looked at it in open wonder. Finally she stammered, “Where-where are the girls?” We could keep quiet no longer. Lizzie at once regained her wits, but was quiet for a few minutes. She could not get her eyes off the beauty before her, however, and she soon began to handle it; then she commented on it. He was amused at her remarks and finally asked her if her pussy was big enough to take it in.

    “No it ain't,” said she. “I wish it was.”

    “Well, is Julia's?” he asked.

    “No,” said she, “it would take the biggest woman in town to take that.”

    “Some small women have big mouths,” said he. “I have had it in Julia twice today.”

    “I don't believe it,” said Lizzie bluntly, and she turned to Julia as if to get her to confirm her disbelief.

    “Would you like to see me do it again?” he asked. Lizzie nodded assent.

    Julia at once led the way to the bed and, lying across it, pulled up her clothes and spread her legs. After getting between them, he told Lizzie he wanted her to steer it; then she would know it was in for sure. Without any hesitation she took hold of his beauty and placed its head at the right place, and she kept hold of it till it was in so far she was forced to let go.

    “Now do you believe it?” asked Mr. Brown.

    But Lizzie didn't reply. She was watching Julia, thinking it must hurt her to have such a big thing stuck into her, but when she saw no sign of pain and only evidences of pleasure, she got down by Julia and in almost a whisper asked how it felt.

    “It doesn't hurt a bit and it feels awfully good,” Julia replied.

    We watched them till it was all over. He didn't get off for some time, but when he did his charmer seemed shorn of its glory, for it had shrunk in size and was soft and limp, hanging its head as if ashamed. We put the bed to rights again, then went back to the parlor. Lizzie got on his lap while he talked to us. He gave us some good advice about how to conduct ourselves so as to avoid being suspected. He cautioned us to tell no one of our meeting and our plans for future meetings. He told us, too, to be careful when with young fellows for, said he, they will screw you if they can and some of them will boast of it.

    After he left us Lizzie and I asked Julia innumerable questions. She had at once acquired an enviable position in our estimation and she was disposed to put on airs.

    I met the girls quite often after that. They were as anxious as I to meet Mr. Brown again. We were out by the barn one day when we saw the boys, Abner and Van, coming. They urged us to go in the barn with them but we refused, though we stood and talked with them for some time. Van put his arm around me and felt of my bosom, while Abner felt Julia's. They pleaded with us to go in the barn with them, but Julia and I objected though Lizzie was willing. The boys went away, evidently disappointed.

    Mr. Brown called one day, and as usual, Mr. Hall was away. I met him out by the gate. He enquired after Julia and said he wanted to see her again. “Oh,” said I, “you want to screw her again. Well, she ain't here so you will have to screw the old woman.”

    “Would you like me to screw the old woman?” he asked.

    “Oh yes, do it,” said I.

    “If I do,” said he, “you must not tell the girls.” I said I would not and he went on into the house; I followed soon after and was at once sent out as I expected. Before going out I pointed to the old lady and made some very suggestive motions which of course I didn't let her see, but Mr. Brown did and he laughed as I closed the door behind me. I lost no time in getting to my place of observation. The house was originally but a two-roomed board house, to which a kitchen had been added at one time, a bedroom at another, then another bedroom, but it was an “old ram shackled” concern at the best. My hiding place was a narrow space between the bedroom and kitchen. From there I could hear what was said in any room in the house and could see into the old lady's bedroom.

    About the first question she asked was: “Well, what is the latest scandal? Whose wife has been playing with her tail?” He told her of some women that stories had been told about, then she told some things she had heard about some girl, that some fellow was suspected of having raised her petticoats. After some desultory talk I heard her say, “What is the matter with you today? One would think you hadn't seen a woman for a month.”

    “I haven't touched a woman's foot for a long while,” said he. “You know when the last time was.”

    “I'll bet,” said she, “you have screwed half a dozen women since then.” He protested he hadn't even seen a woman's ankles.

    “Why,” said he, “I am getting so I hardly dare turn over in bed at night for fear of breaking it off.”

    “If your case is so bad as that,” said the old lady, “you ought to get some relief.”

    “Well, let's go in the bedroom and see if we can't do something for it,” said he.

    “Wait till I see where Laura is,” said the old woman, as she started for the door.

    “Never mind,” Mr. Brown said, “I saw her down in the field just now; there is no danger from her.”

    I heard Mrs. Hall lock the door, then she and Mr. Brown entered the bedroom. They proceeded to business at once. Mrs. Hall pulled up her skirts, unbuttoned her drawers, and took them off. Mr. Brown took off his coat, vest, and pants, then pulling up his shirt he showed her what a terrible swelling he had.

    “What a terrible state the darling is in, to be sure,” said she, taking it in her hand. “I think it needs a hair poultice. That will soon take the swelling down and draw the matter out of it.”

    Retaining her hold of it, she backed up to the bed and threw herself over on her back. She was evidently experienced in such matters, for she took pains to get in a comfortable position before letting him get between her legs. I could not help admiring her beautiful legs, indeed I would not have thought her past forty from what I could see of her form. But Mr. Brown soon got into place and buried his charmer in her body. She hugged him closely as if she would have been glad to take him all in. Evidently the presence of his champion in her pussy gave her great pleasure, for after the hug she gave him she drew a long breath and said, “After all, there is nothing in the world that gives such exquisite pleasure as fucking.”

    Knowing that I could hear every word, and wishing to please me, Mr. Brown kept her talking. In answer to his question if she enjoyed it as much now as she did when she was a girl, she said she could hardly see any difference, and in the conversation she told that she first tasted stolen sweets as a girl of sixteen. Then he asked her to tell him about it. She said there was but little to tell. She went to a dance with her beau one night and got pretty well warmed up. When she went home, about two o'clock in the morning, she asked him in, hardly expecting him to comply. They took a seat on the sofa together and he put his arm about her waist. She had on a low-necked dress, and almost before she knew what he was about he had his hand in her bosom. Her amorous passions had been excited by the dancing, and his hand in her bosom so excited her that she could refuse him nothing.

    He soon had his hand under her skirts where his fingers quickly excited her almost to frenzy.

    She took off her clothes while he disrobed, and then they “took a bout on the carpet,” as she put it. I enjoyed listening to their conversation and watched their actions. After they went back to the parlor, I quietly left my hiding place and managed to meet Mr. Brown out by the road where Mrs. Hall could not see me. After talking a moment about the old woman, he enquired particularly about Julia. I saw he was afraid she might be “knocked up,” as he expressed it, but I could give him no information. He wanted to meet her again soon and try to ascertain. As we were standing where no one could see us, he put his hand under my skirts and felt of my pussy, but he didn't stay long.

    A few days after that, I met the boys over by the yard where the cows were. They were in the yard, I outside. They were still put out because we had not gone in the barn with them when they wanted us to and asked me why we hadn't. I said the reason was that we knew what they wanted to do to us. Van asked what I thought they wanted to do to us. I said, “You want to fuck us.” Van laughed, “Right you are, that is just what we want to do.” Then he got down on the ground and put his arm through the fence and his hand up between my legs. I stood still, only spreading my legs to let him feel. Pretty soon he asked me to go with him around back of the stable where no one could see us.

    “I won't,” I said, “you want to fuck me and I ain't big enough.”

    He said I was and urged strongly, but when the boys saw I would not they urged me to bring Julia over. I promised to tell her that they wanted to see her but would promise nothing more. It was some time after that, two or three months at least, that Julia told me the folks she and Lizzie were living with were going away and would leave them there alone. I at once got permission to stay with them and I managed to let Mr. Brown know the circumstances.

    He and I got there soon after the folks left. Mr. Brown at once took Julia on his lap and, while having his hand under her skirts, questioned her about her condition and was greatly pleased to ascertain that she had escaped getting in the family way. We locked the doors and then went to the girls' bedroom where we all stripped. Lizzie and I didn't expect much attention from Mr. Brown, for we knew Julia would receive most of it.

    He laid across the bed on his back, his charmer hard and stiff like a column of ivory with a red cap on it, attracting all our attention and admiration.

    We all tried to handle it at once. Finding we could not well do that, Lizzie took hold of one of his hands and placed it on her nest. He got her in position so that he could better feel of her.

    After he had felt a minute, she asked, “Is my cunt big enough yet?”

    “Hardly big enough yet,” said he, “but 111 try it if you wish.”

    She didn't reply in words but quickly got on her back and spread her legs. He got on top of her then, placing the head of his champion between the lips of her monkey. Before shoving any, he rubbed its head about between the lips, evidently giving her much pleasure. Then he said, “Now I am going to push. If it hurts you too much 111 stop.”

    Pretty soon she said, “Oh, stop, it hurts.”

    He at once stopped and got off. Lizzie wanted me to try it, so I got in position. While he was rubbing the head of his staff in my slit I told him it felt good, but when he began to push I too said it hurt. After he got off he asked Julia if she would try. She needed no urging.

    Instead, however, of getting between her legs when she rolled over on her back, he got beside her and put his hand on her nest. Inserting a finger between its lips, he began gently to rub and press her clitoris, often kissing her while doing so. I readily understood what his object was. He wished to get all her amorous passions aroused so that the gratification of her desires would give her greater pleasure.

    When her actions showed that he had accomplished his purpose, he got her in a position to suit him and got between her thighs. Placing the head of his instrument in the proper place, he let it remain there a moment while he tightened his clasp about her. She had expected it to enter without difficulty, but her monkey had recovered from the stretching it had received and his first shove failed to give him a complete entrance. But he gave a second shove, which hurt her so that I thought she was going to scream. He overcame her resistance and that hard and shining shaft was again buried completely in her body. After gently kissing her he asked if it hurt her much when it went in. She said it did some.

    “You need not fear that it will ever hurt again,” said he. “After this time you can take in the biggest man in the state without its hurting any.”

    He moved gently within her, stopping occasionally to kiss her, or to toy with her breast, which was getting hard, round, and full. Soon her face began to flush, her eyes sparkled and her actions became more animated. She was recovering from the unexpected hurt she felt when his charmer entered her, and was beginning to taste again the sweet pleasure to be experienced by a woman only while she is in the arms of a man.

    Still he did not hurry in his movements. He had fought too many such engagements not to know how best to cause his partner to enjoy to the fullest these sweetest pleasures. Mr. Brown retained control of himself, but Julia's body soon became so thrilled with delight that she threw her head back, closed her eyes, and moved her bottom so fast that he slid his hand down under it to hold her up, lest in her delirium of pleasure she might dislodge the stranger she was entertaining.

    After placing his hand under her bottom, he began to thrust more rapidly, only stopping to ask her if it was good. She languidly opened her eyes and held up her lips to be kissed as she threw her arms about his neck. Then began the heaves and shoving again, soon increasing in rapidity and vehemence. After a few minutes the end came, preceded by his loud breathing and her exclamations. After one tremendous shove, as if to send his charge of life-giving sperm as far into her body as possible, he let his pleasure-giving rod remain buried within her as his head slowly dropped and his muscles relaxed.

    Soon both were still. Lizzie and I had looked on, watching every motion, both enjoying the pleasure Julia was experiencing. We both became so excited that I squeezed my thighs together while Lizzie began to try to get relief by using her finger. After awhile, Mr. Brown raised his head and Julia opened her eyes. Before withdrawing, he gave her a few kisses, then got from between her thighs. Neither of them seemed inclined to say or do much for awhile. But Lizzie could not restrain herself. She began to ask them both many queer but puzzling questions, which they found difficult to answer.

    Finally Julia said to her, “When you have been screwed, you will know all about it.”

    Mr. Brown entertained us for an hour or two with very interesting stories, all relating to that delightfully entertaining subject, sexual intercourse. His champion had long since regained its former size and stiffness, but he seemed in no hurry to give Julia another taste of its quality.

    We were all of us stark naked, as I intimated before. None of us girls could resist the attractions his beautiful charmer possessed. Lying on his back with his cock stiffly standing, he seemed pleased to have us examine and handle it.

    After we had been handling it for some time, Julia got down on his belly and, resting sometimes on her elbow and sometimes with her head on his belly, she took possession of it. She felt of the skin that moved on the shaft even though it was so tightly stretched; then the glowing head attracted her attention, and she even opened the orifice in the end as if to ascertain where all the pleasure-giving sperm came from. She felt of the bag, too, and the two balls it contained. But the shaft seemed to please her most. Moving her head up to it, she laid it against her cheek where she let it remain a little while. Then she kissed its ruby head again and again. At last her desires became so great that she moved her face up to his and whispered, “Don't you want to fuck me again?”

    “I will if you want me to,” he replied, but he didn't make any move.

    Presently she said, “I wish you would.”

    “How would you like to fuck me?” he asked, drawing her on top of him. He told her to get astraddle; she needed no further suggestions.

    Getting a leg on either side of him, she took hold of his majesty and, placing his head at the entrance to her grotto, she let herself down and soon had him securely imprisoned. Mr. Brown kept still and let her do just as she pleased. She kept her bottom moving quite regularly at first, but her pleasure soon became so great that she was in danger of losing her prisoner through her irregular motions. Clasping his arms about her, he rolled her over on her back without letting the prisoner out. He then began to move the prisoner about in his close quarters. She again gave herself up to the delights she felt. She heaved, she squirmed, she threw her arms about his neck, every act telling of the exquisite pleasure she was enjoying. He too was experiencing thrilling pleasure in every nerve. Again he spent and again they lay in each other's arms in that delicious die-away languor that follows such amorous delights as they had been enjoying. Finally when they recovered their senses and he had got off, we all dressed ourselves, for Mr. Brown said he dared not stay any longer.

    After he left I remained with the girls. I had not yet told Julia about the boys' wanting her to come over to the stable, but then I told her all about it. Lizzie said, “Let's go today,” but Julia had got about all she wanted for some days, so she refused.

    I did not see the girls for a week or ten days after that, but I met them one day out by the barn, they having come from the direction of the dairyman's. Lizzie eagerly began to tell me that they had just come from over there, that they went with the boys out back of the stable, that Abner fucked Julia, and that Van fucked her. Said she, “He didn't hurt much for his prick ain't far so big as Mr. Brown's.”

    After that, the girls used to meet the boys two or three times a week, usually in the evening and often in the barn, and every time they indulged in amorous delights without restraint. I was with them many times and was often urged by the boys to let them have just one screw, but remembering Mr. Brown's advice, I refused.

    I noticed after awhile a change in Julia. She was in the family way. About three months after Mr. Brown had been with her last, she, without any notice to anyone, was married to Abner. They went to housekeeping nearby for Abner still continued at the dairy. Lizzie went to another place to live where she was taken sick with inflammation of the bowels and died. Julia was delivered of a six months' (?) baby, just the picture of its father, Mr. Brown, that is. I visited Julia very often, sometimes staying days with her.

    When the baby was about three months old, Mr. Brown called to see him. I was there with Julia that day. After the baby had been duly admired, Julia told Mr. Brown he was the father. He was greatly pleased, I could see, for as I said, it was a handsome baby. He admired it and had it in his lap, playing with its chubby hands. Finally he laid it down and drawing Julia in his lap, said, “Shan't we make another baby?”

    She made but little effort to get away, and he was soon handling her parts; then he got his hand under her skirts and, unbuttoning her drawers, felt of her pussy. As the drawers dropped to the floor and she stepped out of them, he put his arm about her and led her to the bed. He laid her over on the bed and felt of her a few minutes; then, getting between her legs, he had no difficulty in inserting his instrument and quickly shoving its whole length in her. A lively engagement followed, both of them sharing in its pleasures. Of course, I was allowed to look on as of old, but I realized a greater interest in what I saw and a greater desire than I had ever felt.

    After, he got off the bed and she shook down her skirts, but didn't put on her drawers, expecting, no doubt, another bout after awhile. We went back to the parlor where he told us the latest scandal, etc.

    We seated ourselves on the lounge, one each side of him. He had not buttoned his pants, so when I saw his staff getting hard and stiff again, I took it in my hand. It somehow possessed a greater attraction than ever. He let me feel a few minutes, then drew me over across his lap and pulled my skirts up. My drawers being in the way, I jumped up and took them off, then resumed my place again. What sensations I felt as his hand rested a moment on my thighs! As I spread my legs, his hand was at once placed on my pussy which was then surmounted by a lot of curly brown hair. His burning fingers quickly excited in me sensations I had never felt before. I can hardly tell how he did it, but he very soon set my blood to a fever heat and my senses in a whirl.

    Presently he said, “Let's go into the bed.”

    I led the way. He then nearly undressed me and removed his own garments except his shirt. I knew what he was going to do. It was what I had long wished for. I too was going to experience the supreme pleasure of existence, have his red-headed champion in my body, feel its pulsating and throbbing as it filled and stretched the delicate folds of my hungry receptacle.

    I pulled up my chemise and got on the bed. Placing myself on my back, I spread my legs and awaited the attack. He didn't let me wait long. Getting between my legs, he first placed the head of his champion between the lips of my nest. What pleasure just the contact of the parts gave me! Yet I knew it was but a prelude to what was to come.

    Seemingly he was afraid of hurting me, for he did not begin to shove at once. I began to be eager to feel it entering me, to feel it buried completely within me. Ah, now he shoves, gently, easily-I feel it is entering, but it meets some obstruction-still it has not hurt me. Suddenly he gives a violent shove, then another-something gives way-I feel a sharp pain-he has overcome the obstacle and I realize that now it is where I have so long desired to have it. The pain was not as great as I had anticipated, and it was soon forgotten in the exquisite sensation that ensued.

    I can give no account of what followed for my senses were so drowned in bliss that I only knew I was tasting more than heavenly pleasures. When I regained my senses, he was still within me. I knew he had spent, for I could feel it running down on my bottom. I expected he would get off but he didn't. He remained between my legs with his shaft still in my nest.

    “Well, Laura,” said he, “was it as good as you expected?”

    “Yes, better,” I said. “I didn't know anything could make me feel so good.”

    Still he kept his position. We had not talked long before I felt his majesty swell and in a short time it was again throbbing and moving in its prison. This time Mr. Brown did not hurry, but prolonged the pleasure a long while; just before he spent I felt his majesty swell and then I felt the sperm coming in warm jets. When he got off, we dressed ourselves and returned to the parlor.

    Julia was not jealous a bit at my robbing her of anticipated pleasure. She insisted that Mr. Brown remain to dinner, which he did, leaving only when prudence said it was not wise to stay any longer. Before he left, Julia asked him to come again, as often as he pleased.

    Soon after that, I met a nice fellow who fell in love with me at once. After a short courtship, we were married. We had but few guests at the wedding, but Mr. Brown was one of them. Shall I tell you the secrets of that first night? No, I don't need to. It was all your imagination can picture.

    My husband was a man, every inch of him, and he had a “long Tom,” as he calls it, big enough, long enough, and stiff enough to fill any woman's desires. I'll only say that I got no sleep till near daylight, and my chemise was starched stiff in the morning.

    On our return from our wedding trip John had a nice home ready where I was installed as mistress. One of the first to call after I got into my home was Mr. Brown.

    I at once seated myself on his lap. He kissed me and inquired how I liked married life. I said, “It's bully,” but while we were talking he was taking liberties with me that no man ought to with another man's wife. I didn't object, however, so he didn't stop till he had me nearly undressed and on my back on the bed with his staff into me as far as it could go. Since it could go no further, of course, he had to stop.

    He stayed where he was, however, till he gave me another glimpse of paradise. After he had flooded my womb with great spouting jets of sperm, he got from between my legs, saying he had made twins for me.

    If I have any babies, I wonder if I will be able to tell who their father is. You may wonder why I let Mr. Brown into my grotto and affections after my marriage, but the truth is, one man is not enough for me. I can give John all he wants and then have enough left for two or three more men.

    I have been admiring a good-looking bachelor neighbour who lives over the way. I think with his brawn and muscle he could equal John or Mr. Brown, and every time I see him I can't help thinking of the good times we might have together if he would only try. But, dear reader, goodbye.

    Postscript-(Some weeks later).

    I think 111 have to add a few lines to my already tiresome story, to tell about my bashful bachelor. He lived alone on a small place adjoining ours (John's and mine) where he raised small fruit which he sold in town. I hadn't lived here a week before I met him and at once admired him. After meeting him a few times, we got quite well acquainted, for John and he had known each other even before our marriage.

    One day I baked a tin of biscuits which I took over to his house and left on his table while he was at work in the field. That evening, while John and I were at supper, he came in with a big dish of fine strawberries and said he knew I must have left him the biscuits. So, I may say, began our more intimate acquaintance.

    I used often to go in and leave him a pie or a loaf of bread, and soon began to tidy up his rooms a little. He called often with fruits. At first he came when John was at home, but after awhile he always came when John was away. I thought that was encouraging and I soon treated him with the freedom of an old friend.

    At first when he met me he was embarrassed and timid. I was pleased to see that he liked to be with me, though, and he soon became more at ease when we met. One day he brought me a particularly nice lot of strawberries.

    “Oh, ain't they nice. If you were a woman, I'd give you a kiss,” I said.

    He looked pleased, as if he would have liked the kiss anyway. He stayed longer than usual and I noticed a big lump in his pants. I was in hopes he would ask for the kiss, but he didn't.

    Next morning soon after John left, he came in with more fruit and a nice bouquet of roses. I noticed that he was all of a tremble when he handed me the roses.

    “These are so nice and you are so good that I must give you a kiss,” I said. So after putting the roses and fruit on the table, I went up to where he was sitting and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

    How I pitied the poor fellow. He was so embarrassed that he didn't know what to do, and when he rose up I couldn't help noticing that his shaft was a big one, for it was vainly trying to burst the buttons off his overalls.

    I knew he would be in again next morning, so just as soon as John left I took off my dress waist and my drawers, unfastened my skirt and petticoat, and unbuttoned my chemise too. Then, throwing a light shawl over my shoulders, I waited. Presently I saw him leave his house with a dish in his hand. I watched till he was near the door, then I went into the bedroom.

    After giving a light tap on the door, he came in. I heard him close the door behind him. I came out of the bedroom, holding my skirts up with one hand and the shawl over my bosom with the other. Without giving him a chance to say anything, I said, “How kind you are to bring this to me. You will excuse my appearance, won't you? I am going to take a bath.” As I reached for the berries I let go of the shawl, which left my bosom exposed. His gaze was at once fastened on the charms exposed, but I did not appear to notice it. Then as I started to walk with the berries I let one of my petticoats go. I had gone half a dozen steps when it dropped about my feet, causing me to stumble and spill some of the berries and the shawl to fall from my shoulders. My bachelor friend sprang to my assistance. In raising me up, somehow, one of his hands was placed fairly on one of my breasts. Holding the dish of berries in my hand, I began to laugh at the predicament I was in, and as he began to press my bosom and hug me closely, I asked if he wanted to kiss my breasts.

    “Yes, now,” said he, hoarse with passion.

    “Well, let me put down the berries and you shall have it,” I said, but he held on to me while I stepped out of my skirts and placed the berries on the table. “If you want a good kiss,” I said, “you must sit down so I can reach you.”

    When he seated himself I stood by him and stooped over to part his mustache in such a way that he could look into my open chemise and see my belly, and perhaps lower still. After parting his mustache to suit me, doing it very deliberately, I put my arm about his neck and my lips to his lips. Then his passion broke over all restraint. Clasping me in his arms he rose to his feet and carried me to the bed in the next room. Quickly removing his clothes, he threw himself upon me. I was prepared for the onset. When he got between my legs I seized hold of his charger and directed it to the portals of my haven of bliss, into which he quickly shoved it.

    Dear reader, if you are a woman, you may know something of the delightful sensation his instrument caused me to feel in my most sensitive parts. But if you are a man, you can only imagine what an amorous woman enjoys when a strong, lusty man, almost beside himself with amorous desires, sends his hot, flaming instrument into her equally hot receptacle. My desires had become so strong that I really think I would have asked him point blank to share amorous pleasures with me, and candidly I don't think I came much short of doing so as it was. Do you, dear reader?

    But while I have wandered from my subject a little, my bachelor friend was not idle, for he began to move that delightful pleasure-giving instrument of his in and out of my poor pussy, not stopping till after he had spent, inundating my womb with a flood of sperm. I felt elated and satisfied that I had succeeded in conquering the bachelor. He withdrew soon after spending, and we got off the bed. He could hardly look me in the face while we were dressing. I thought it strange that a man could be so timid. As soon as he had dressed himself he said goodbye. I went up to him, only partly dressed, and putting my arms about his neck, I gave him a kiss and told him he must come in again.

    After he left I finished dressing, then attended to my housework which I had neglected. I made some pies and some cookies, and about half-past-ten I gathered up a pie and lots of cookies and started to take them to my neighbour just over the way. I had not put on my drawers, for I had not yet got all I wanted.

    My bachelor friend met me at the door and we went in together. He followed me to the pantry when I put the pie and cookies in there and said he must give me a kiss for bringing the things. As he bent down to kiss me, he began to fumble about my bosom. I let him work a moment or two; then I took out two or three pins and my dress was all open. He put his hand in on my breast again.

    “There, ain't that better?” I asked. I have a full well-developed bosom if I do say it, and he enjoyed feeling my breasts immensely. He tried to slide his hand down onto my belly. While I stood there, one of my hands accidentally came in contact with his champion. I began to unbutton his overalls, for he had no pants on, and soon I had the darling in my hand. I had never felt a larger or nicer one. It was stiff and swollen almost to bursting. His overalls dropped to the floor, and when his shirt was pulled up the whole of the beautiful instrument was presented to my sight. He allowed me to handle it and feast my eyes on it awhile before we went to the bed.

    I placed myself on my back, expecting him to mount me at once, but he wished to examine the premises first. His fingering and manipulations soon got my desires almost past bearing. After satisfying his curiosity, he again presented himself for the fray and again I directed the weapon into the sheath nature intended for it. After burying its whole length in my body, he began to shove, but not so frantically as before, and at a suggestion from me he stopped occasionally, thus prolonging the pleasure.

    I understood his timidity and embarrassment when he told me I was the first woman he had ever had intercourse with. I could hardly believe it at first, but he doubtless told the truth. I asked him, now that he had had a little taste of stolen sweets, if the reality equaled his expectations.

    “It greatly exceeds them,” he said. “I now begin to realize what pleasures my bashfulness has caused me to lose.”

    Once more I drew from him that delicious tribute which all men must pay who worship at the shrine of Venus. He did not withdraw immediately but when he did I got up and dropped my skirts, and when I had replaced the pins I was ready to return home.

    “May I come to see you this afternoon?” he asked.

    “You may come whenever you please,” I said, throwing my arms about his neck and kissing him.

    He did not release me but kept our lips glued together some minutes. Then, backing me up against the bed, he laid me on my back and threw up my clothes. Quickly dropping his overalls, he got between my legs and sheathed his weapon again in my body. We again experienced the pleasures that are sweet beyond the power of words to describe, and after he had again spent he allowed me to return home.

    I was not certain whether he would come in the afternoon, but just after three o'clock I saw him coming. I had my clothes off before he came in. We went at once to the bed where, without any preliminaries, we again engaged in love's combat. After he went home I felt as if I were pretty well satisfied for once.

    I have no trouble in supplying the wants of all three men. Mr. Brown only comes occasionally, but John and my bachelor friend are more frequent in their calls.

    They are happy and so am I.

    How We Lost Our Maidenheads

    Chapter I

    Yes, four of us! Four women left alone, up in the Catskills, at our summer boardinghouse. Four, who had met here for the first time and, being thrown together daily as the only guests, had begun to be confidential one with the other. Three of us were young married women whose husbands only came out to spend Sunday every week or two; the fourth was as old as the rest of us, but unmarried.

    To describe the situation in a few words: we were four lovely women left alone in the mountains, and always ready to grasp at any new idea that would help us pass the long, lazy, summer days.

    “Girls, this is slow,” said Mollie, a plump little brunette, one day as we all four were lying on the grass under the shade of a beautiful elm.

    “Slow,” said I, “as stagnation.”

    “Oh, I wish our hubbies were here; they'd make things lovely,” sighed the buxom Lizzie, rolling on her back.

    “Oh,” laughed our unmarried companion Maude, “you look, Lizzie, as if you were getting in a position to receive yours.”

    We all joined in the laughter, for Lizzie did look as if she were more than ready to receive between her extended legs anything manly the Gods would send her.

    “Well, girls,” she answered, “you can laugh. I feel just that way; and I bet every one of you would like to have your dearly beloved come along and, taking you off in the woods, lay you on some nice green grassy bank, and give you a taste of his manly qualities. The very thought makes me hot.”

    And the ardent girl looked so inviting that, feeling just as she did, I threw myself down beside her and placed my hand on her pretty leg. This was enough. She clasped me in her arms and her hand was quickly on my naked thigh; a second later, each was feeling a tufted mount, pressed forward to meet the caress of clinging fingers.

    “Oh, how splendid!” cried the other two. And kneeling by us, the dear girls pulled up our clothes and, lost to modesty, we began a frantic friction of our ticklish titbits, while our tongues were thrust, first one, then the other, into each other's mouths. Soon our agile buttocks joined the dance, and the long restrained overflow of love's libation overwhelmed us with the soft rapture of completed pleasure.

    Quickly the other two rushed into each other's arms; rolling, clasped together on the grass, they busied their hands with each other's mounts. In the meantime, we, throwing ourselves beside them, quickly pulled away all that hid their field of action, and soon we saw them dissolved in the same bliss we were still tingling with.

    “That breaks the ice,” cried Maude.

    “I thought your ice had never been broken,” said I.

    “Neither has it,” said Maude. “You can feel for yourself.”

    And I did. “Yes, girls, t'is a virgin.”

    “Yes, I am a virgin; but I guess I know as much as you married women.”

    “Tell us what you know,” demanded Lizzie.

    “No, indeed. You three take turns and relate how you lost your maidenheads; and then 111 tell you what I know of men. The bashful virgin should be last.” And she laughed as she threw herself back, voluptuously.

    “That'll be like a new Decameron,” said one.

    “Or Heptameron,” said another.

    “Ha, ha! So we all read them,” laughed the third.

    “Oh, they're tame,” said our lovely virgin. “I like stories that tell the exact facts-call things by their true names. To hear prick or cock or cunt or cul or fuck or diddle or suck, called right out, adds a flavor of reality to the story; and I propose we give the history of our first amours, using the commonplace words.”

    “Agreed,” we answered. “Who shall begin?”

    “The oldest married first, and so on, down to the poor virgin,” laughed Maude.

    “I was married three years ago,” said Mollie.

    “That beats us,” I said. “Lizzie and I have only been married about two.”

    “Well, then,” said Maude, the order of exercises is this: first Mollie's glass-breaking, second Lizzie's first lusty lunges, third Kate's first cock-catching, and fourth the history of Maude's many manipulations of man's member and her multitudinous manner of making as much as possible of her virgin opportunities.”

    We all laughed and stretched ourselves out in comfortable attitudes. Mollie began our Tetrameron.

    Chapter II

    “You won't think much of my experiences, for when I got onto my nuptial couch, I had never seen a man's thing.”

    “Stop,” we cried, “'thing' won't do; we agreed to call things by their real names.”

    “Well,” amended Mollie, “when I went to bed my wedding night, I had never seen a man's cock. Of course I had seen boys bathing, and once or twice men, but I had never had a good look at their cocks; and I knew only very vaguely what my husband, Jack Strong, was going to do to me. When he came to bed and took me in his arms and carried his kisses from my lips down to my breasts till, wild with passion, I felt his naked belly pressed on mine-I did not know what that stiff thing was that came like a battering ram. First it beat against the insides of my thighs; then, guided straight, it struck between the lips of my slit and into the tight scabbard. Seizing my bottom in his hands, and with panting kisses all over me, he ripped and tore, lunged and plunged; then, with a mighty thrust, his darling spear drew blood and was throbbing wildly in the innermost recesses of my vagina. His hot lips smothered the shriek that came to mine. “'There, dear girl, it won't hurt again.' “And as he first gently drew it half out and then pushed it back-then faster out and faster in-a swell of emotion drowned all the smart; and when, with wild eagerness, his not-to-be-delayed lust frenzied him and his bold thrusts came like lightning flashes, and the fierce friction of my cunt's tender sides made me experience how delightful even pain can be, I felt the bold prick grow bigger and the swollen head explode with a shower of burning fluid, flying into my inner being and drawing from me a downpour of my own hot spending.

    “Oh, the delightful slowing-down, the satisfied languor of the kisses, the delightful lassitude of all our members. And then, when he rose, lighting the lamp by the bedside, and bathed me off, I gladly yielded to his wish and took off my night dress. Naked together, with eyes and mouths and hands we eagerly examined and explored all the new heavens of delight we had for one another. I soon grew bold and held that dear fallen pleasure in my hand; and as his tender touches thrilled my still throbbing cunt, I fondled-first timidly, then boldly-that soft-skinned darling, which soon began to swell and grow with new heat. He cried, 'Let's have a good look at each other.'

    “He lifted me up on my knees over his face and examined with rapturous words my quivering quiver, pressing hot kisses on it, and opening its excited lips with softly tickling tongue. 'Don't,' I cried, 'don't. It's too much.' But I was on my back as he knelt before me, and maiden modesty faded forever. I took the dear love-stick in my hand, examined and caressed it and its load of sweets below, and could not resist pressing a warm, open-mouthed kiss on its ruby head. Whereupon, with a cry of delighted voluptuousness, he threw himself again flat on my belly and plunged his pleasure-giving prick deep in my heated cunt. Ah, how much sweeter this second-than my first-fuck. The burning smart of the bursting ram was dulled, and when the sperm shot in soothing showers deep in my vitals I gave a cry of pleasure and lay panting in the truest dream of rapture that life can give.

    “For a week we were by ourselves; and the dear boy taught me all the ways and manners of making male and female tools work together for lust's sake. Then we started for our future home, in his widower-uncle's house.

    “As we neared a certain town on the way, I saw that my hubby was cogitating. 'I will,' he suddenly exclaimed. “We will stop over a day at X,' naming the town.

    “'What for?' I asked.

    “'So as to let Ned Struthers give you a shot in here,' and he pressed his hand between my thighs.

    “'Don't talk nonsense,' I said, but he went on.

    “'Ned and I were classmates; and in talking about the future, we both took an oath that whoever married should give his wife to his friend. Ned did marry, while I was in a distant part of the country. But when I returned, I went to call on them, having sent word to him. The pretty bride received me, and we soon felt well acquainted. Ned wasn't home. I was in my room alone when a knock interrupted my bath, and a note was thrust under the door. It was from Ned and he had written it, in expectation of my arrival. He reminded me of our compact, told me he had confessed to his wife, and ended: “So, my dear fellow, if you've got a hard-on, walk right in and ask Mrs. Ned Struthers to melt it for you.” Naked, I stepped into the hall. A door was open opposite, I entered, and there lying on the bed with her back to me was Mrs. Ned, with nothing but a pair of stockings to hide her fresh plump flesh.

    “' “My darling girl, you mean it?” and my hands and kisses were wandering all over her back and broad buttocks when she turned over, exposing her delicious front. “I suppose I must help Ned keep his promise.” I was kneeling between her thighs. “Wait a minute,” and she covered her slit with her hand. “Promise me your wife shall give herself to Ned, just as I give myself to you.”

    “I swear,” I cried; and in an instant I was reveling in the hot and juicy cunt of Mrs. Ned. And this very night, Mollie, Ned will revel in yours.'

    “'Oh, no, he won't; you ought to be ashamed of yourself.' But Jack forced me to leave the train at X and soon, in a pretty cottage, the lovely Mrs. Ned welcomed us, and she and I were soon in a bedroom, undressing and taking a bath. Jack stepped in-like Adam-and soon had us both in his arms. Mrs. Ned protested, but the luscious sight of our three naked bodies fired me and I dragged the lovely woman to the bed. 'Don't you want him back again in your belly?' I cried.

    “'Don't it heave as if I did?' she answered. 'But I won't let him, unless you swear to let Ned do the same to you.'

    “I'll do anything Jack wants me to,' I answered.

    “'And that will be to fuck Ned, the very minute he comes in the house,' cried Jack. And in another instant, his prick was pressed into Mrs. Ned's panting slit. I knelt beside them and watched and felt and kissed their lovely engines, as with lusty thrust and happy heave they diddled each other, to a well-oiled rest.

    “When Ned's hour of coming home approached, they stripped me, and, as he entered the parlor, they pushed me in.

    “'Who are you?'

    “'I'm Mrs. Jack Strong, at your service.' And I gave a curtsy, just as if I were covered with training silks.

    “'Jack Strong's wife?'

    “'Yes,' I answered, 'and like a faithful wife, I'm here to keep true his compact with you.'

    “And in a flash he understood and was kissing me wildly; he knelt before me and laid me flat on the floor. Then out came his lovely prick; with a cry of desire he buried its lusty length in my tight cunt.

    “'Give it to her, Ned. You're No. 2 in there.' And the wild heaves came.

    “'You're coming,' said Mrs. Ned, and squeezed the hot essence out of his bay of secrets until our hold on each other relaxed and we turned to watch Jack give her excited cunt another dose of his soothing syrup close at our side. We did not stay a day only, but a whole week-entirely devoted to finding how often and how variously we could feast our holes on the tender, raw flesh of their rosy roosters, and drink in the sweetly thrilling cream of life's panacea.

    “Then we went to our home at Uncle Bob's. We received a hearty welcome from the handsome, sturdy, gray-haired but jolly uncle of my husband. What a hearty hug and kiss he gave me-at our first meeting. It set my thoughts to wondering if it might not soon be repeated, flesh to flesh. After dinner, Jack put on his hat and said he was going out to renew his acquaintance with the old place; and taking me in his arms, he planted me plump on Uncle Bob's lap. Laughing, he said: 'And you two can get acquainted while I'm gone.'

    “'What does he mean?” cried Uncle Bob, gazing with burning eyes all over me.

    “'I expect he thinks that, as we are going to be together so much, the quicker we understand each other, the better.'

    “'My darling girl,' he cried, 'if you knew what thoughts your position and words raise, you'd run away from your wicked old uncle.'

    “I only answered by lifting my bounding breasts out of my frock and saying, 'Kiss them.'

    “Enough! His hands and kisses had in two minutes ravished me from mouth to belly; I was stretched upon the sofa, with naked, wide-open thighs. Then his belly met mine and Uncle Bob's dear cock was the third that sent satisfying semen into this salacious and seething slit.”

    And as Mollie finished and showed this slit, seeking solace for the memories she had awakened, the charitable Lizzie knelt between her outstretched thighs and with nimble tongue recalled the pleasures that her slit had tasted with Jack and Ned and Uncle Bob.

    Then Lizzie began her tale.

    Chapter III

    “Of course, at any early age, like all girls, I wondered what my thing was made for.”

    “Thing?” we all cried.

    “Well, then, cunt, cunt, cunt. I didn't know its function till I was sixteen and I went to church regularly. Half a dozen of the girls from sixteen to twenty had formed a sewing class and they used to meet once a week at buxom Widow Smith's and sew till 9 o'clock, when six of the neighbours' sons would join them; and they reported that they had a jolly time.

    “One of the girls, a friend of mine, asked me to join the circle. The first evening I met with them, we seven chatted and sewed until we heard the clock strike 9:00 and Widow Smith walked in with the six fellows. Sewing was put away quickly. Not knowing why, I saw all the girls look eager and group themselves in the center of the big room, where I joined them. The boys stood in a line by the wall. The widow went to the lamp.

    “'Are you ready? One-two-three!?'

    “Out went the lamp, and in the darkness I heard a rush; and boys and girls were mixed in a heap. I seemed to be devoured by a hundred hands and lips. Now dress torn open, now bubbies felt and kissed; now backside squeezed by manly hands; now kisses on my belly and hot gropings and friggings of my virgin slit.

    “'Stop,' I cried. But Widow Smith's voice said, 'Silence,' and I found myself on the floor, flat on my back, a man's bare belly pressed to mine and a stiff stick, rubbing wildly up and down between the outer lips of my excited cunt until, as my lover clasped my bottom in his hands, his tongue thrust in my open mouth, I felt myself falling into a spasm of delight. His throbbing cock was spouting its sticky shots all over me.

    “Sighs of rapture on all sides, until the widow cried, 'Boys, leave them,' scratched a match, and the room was light again. Standing close and gazing down on us girls, our naked bellies all exposed and shining with their prismatic sperm, stood the six boys with open breeches and shirts pulled up, their fallen pins lying innocently on their red cushions.

    “And as they gazed, they kept calling out, first one, then another: 'Pull your clothes higher, Susie.' 'Let's see your bum, Sally.' 'Open your legs wider, Janie,' until Widow Smith called out, 'Come boys and girls, strip.' And standing opposite each other, boys on one side, girls on the other, we were all soon robed in skin and hair alone.

    “Then the lively widow took me in her arms. 'This neophyte must be initiated, as each of you has been.' And all clapped their hands. Quickly a settee was brought; and, like a lamb at the slaughter, I was thrown on it-my legs stretched as wide open as they could go and tied with soft bands to the settee, while my body half-reclined on a big pillow. I could not move a limb, but my thighs and belly were free to show, by lively dancing, how I liked my initiation into the fields of vivid lust.

    “'Each fellow shall in turn fuck her, with his prick before her eyes, ending by making her suck the last drops out.'

    “'Oh, no,' I cried. 'Don't. Let me go!'

    “But, a velvet tongue was in my slit, and in half a minute I was squirming. The smutty widow straddled my face, her gaping crevice ready, and as I spent in the mouth of my No. 1, he quickly mounted the widow behind; and while the tongue of No. 2 was lapping my cunt, No. I was fucking before my eyes, till, spending, his cock was drawn out, still oozing sperm; he thrust it into my mouth, to have the last pleasure-giving drops sucked out. Six pricks spent but never filled the cunt of the lusty widow, and the six smoking pricks were sucked by my lips, soon trained to such work by the lustful fires raging in me from the six hot tongues that raided my salacious slit. And, when the last cock left its last drop upon my tongue and all stood round to gaze upon their victim, lying there motionless except her heaving belly, I gave a scream and fainted. “When I came to myself, I was lying on the sofa and they were pouring brandy down my throat; and as it burned and sent the blood surging through my veins, I roused myself. 'Oh, girls, it's a shame. You've given me all the pleasure.' Then Widow Smith, taking me on her lap, said, 'Girls, stand in line, with your legs wide apart, arid let the boys suck out your juice.' And those six smutty virgins stood facing us in a line while the six lovely lads, on their knees before them, seized their buttocks in their hands and fired an endless volley of tongue thrusts into the girls' excited cunts, till they squirmed and spent, clinging and writhing, in each other's arms.

    “As the fellows rose from their knees, each carried his lance on high. Quickly the widow threw me flat on the altar and ordered three couples to stand facing each other over my prostrate body. 'Girls, kneel by your lovers and take their pricks in your hands. Now, while I suck her cunt, each of you frig your lover's cock and shoot his sperm all over this charming neophyte, as a farewell baptism of lust.' And, as the widow's tongue was titillating my ardent slit, the lively hands made the six pricks swell and throb; and as I gave down my flood of pleasure, their bursting heads shot out six lovely streams of sperm that flew high in air, covering the person opposite and bathing my face, breast, and belly with the hot overflow.

    “But-enough! Enough! I won't go on.”

    “But your virginity?” cried one of her listeners, who had fairly swum in sperm before she lost hers.

    “Well,” she continued, “six months later I went to visit an old school mistress; and one day her brother, who had been very attentive to me, took me out for a walk in the woods. A shower came up and we ran to a near barn, and there-on the hay-first a kiss, then a clasping in strong arms, then bold touches on breast and legs and belly-until, driven crazy by desire, his stiff and ardent prick was tearing away my virginity. I, for the first time, felt a man's cock burst into a spasm of hot spending deep in my cunt.”

    Then Mollie, as Lizzie ended, gave her tit for tat, and with her tongue made happy that warmed-up cunt, of whose first diddle the charming girl had just given us the history.

    Chapter IV

    Well, perhaps you know it, but the girls here didn't. I'll give it briefly.

    I was born in the South, and after the death of my father I lived with his stepbrother, Uncle Fred, as I called him. He was a bachelor of fifty, strong and well-preserved, who treated me always as a child, except one evening when he had been out dining and I went to kiss him good-night. Heated with wine, he drew me on his lap and, tearing open my dress, kissed my budding bubbies; then, lifting me up to the arm of the lounge on which he was seated, he threw my skirts up and with lustful lips kissed belly, thigh, and tufted mount. But, coming to himself, he raised me up, led me to the door, and said, “Forgive me, Kate. I've been drinking too much; forget what I did.”

    Throwing my arms around him I kissed him and then fled to my room; in bed I gave my excited feelings relief. After that he was always himself to me, showing a fatherly tenderness.

    How I wished he would get half-tipsy again and kiss my naked body all over! I had even come to the point where I would gladly have given him my maidenhead; and I did, without his knowing it. Sally, the pretty chambermaid in our house, was a half-breed, dark for a white girl and light for a black, just my size-a trifle fuller, perhaps; but we could easily wear each other's clothes. She had a lover but had not given her virginity to him yet. I knew this because she and I grew intimate, and one day when I was in bed, I made her come in with me. We gave each other pleasure with swift hands and hot kisses; and we often after that repeated our mutual ardor. She told me how her lover played with her pussy and made her fondle his staff.

    But one morning as she was helping me dress I noticed she was sad and worried. “What's the matter, Sally,” I said, “have you and Tom had a falling out?”

    “No, Miss Kate, it's worse than that,” and she threw herself sobbing on the sofa.

    “Come tell me all about it, Sally,” and I seated myself beside her.

    “Well, Miss, Massa Fred has always been good to me, and I'm fond of him. And now that I'm big enough to know about what makes the difference of men and women, he often feels me and tumbles me on his bed; he frigs me and makes me play with his great big cock and loss it. I don't mind that-I like it. But this morning as I passed his door, he called me in and told me you were going over to the Selbys' to spend the night. Holding me with one hand and his big, naked prick with the other, he said, 'Sally, I order you to come to my bed tonight, naked as your hand, and let me take your virginity.' Oh, Miss, he's awful obstinate, and I know hell do it. I don't mind for myself-but Tom-hell kill me,” and the girl sobbed loudly.

    I was silent. My heart pounded, the crevice palpitated. Wicked thoughts filled me; I struggled against them, but my wanton yearnings were too much for me. Why should I not take her place and let dear Uncle Fred, whose hand was the first man's to fondle my cunt, be the first man to pierce its virgin depths?

    “Sally, listen. Don't breathe a word of what I have to say. Tell Uncle Fred that when he is in bed tonight, you will come to him. But ask him, as a last favor, to have the light out. Don't question me, but obey.”

    “Oh, Miss-you…” But I stopped her and would not explain. Later in the day she came to me.

    “I told him I was willing, but when I asked him to take me in the darkness, he said, 'Nonsense,' and refused.”

    “We must get round that somehow,” I answered, “and, Sally, you must help me, so I must tell you all. I mean that Uncle Fred shall have my maidenhead instead of yours.”

    “Oh, Miss Kate, how lovely!”

    My imagination fired, I went on. “I will pretend to go to the Selbys'. Uncle Fred will go to bed and be waiting there naked for his virgin; naked, you will enter and quickly put out the light; and I will rush in, in the darkness, and throw myself in his arms-while you run off and find Tom and let him settle the question of your virginity for good. Uncle Fred will be excited; and as we are nearly of a size, in the darkness he won't know whose tight crevice his darling staff is raiding.”

    “Oh, how splendid!” cried the delighted girl.

    After dinner, I started off as if for the Selbys', slipped round the house, and entered the back way. Then I was safely in my room. Oh! The thoughts and feelings that surged through me while I waited for darkness and delight. I was tingling with ardent lust; and when Sally came to my room and told me he had gone to bed and was waiting for her, I dropped my last veil, as she did too, and in a minute we were at his door, which was covered only by a curtain.

    We raised it gently, and then we saw the handsome form of Uncle Fred spread out naked on the bed, his dear staff standing bolt upright, anxious for the bloody work before it. “Go in,” I whispered, “turn the light out quickly and come out. And before he can rise, I'll be in his arms.”

    She didn't wait, but entered. “Ah, my pretty dusky virgin, you've come at last, have you? Hurry up. See how hot my prick is to pierce you?”

    Then out went the light, and before he could get out of bed I had thrown myself in his arms. “You wicked girl, I'm too excited to get up and light it; but I'll pay you off; I won't be tender but will rip you up with one fierce lunge.” And throwing himself flat on my belly, he pointed his awful probe at my slit; grabbing my buttocks, he pressed it in.

    “Ah! How tight you are. Does it hurt? Why don't you talk? I'll make you squeal,” and with a wild lunge, the monster burst my virgin veil and lay, swelling full length, embedded in my cunt.

    I shrieked aloud. He recognized my voice. “You, Kate?”

    “Yes, it's me, and I've got you now. You can't escape.” And with wild frenzy, I threw my legs around his loins and my arms around his neck.

    “You charming girl, I've been denying myself this heaven ever since I saw you, and now you force me into it.”

    And then those burning kisses; those lightning lunges; that swelling, bursting probe of pleasure, swallowed completely in my tight sheath; the flashes of blood seething in every vein; the final frantic working of our frenzied thighs; and the great flood of life-giving essence, shot like cannonballs into my gaping womb, until with slowing heaves and pouting sighs we sunk into a gentle quietude of satisfied desires. Presently he arose, lit the lamp, and bathed the gory soldiers of the Cyprian goddess. Oh, the sweet words of praise he made me hear as he examined in detail each charm I had for him; and, oh, the hot happiness I felt as he made me take in my hand the ravishing rod and play with it and learn from his lips how this sweet engine of sensuality performed its favorite function-that of assuaging a woman's amorous ardour. It was again a nice big handful, when a noise in the hall made Fred run out quickly. He returned with the naked form of Sally in his arms.

    “Oh, you minx,” he cried, “why didn't you go and let Tom put your maidenhead out of danger?”

    “Oh, I couldn't! I had to wait and see you finish. Oh, it was splendid, those shrieks, sighs, and loud kisses. And then, when the light was lit, oh, what a pretty sight! Let me kiss Missey once, and then I'll run off and make Tom make me squeal, just as she did.”

    “Not so fast,” said Uncle Fred. “You've been present when Kate's maidenhead went up the spout. Go and fetch Tom, and let us see him plug you-right before our eyes.”

    “I will,” cried the excited girl, and she was gone.

    “Oh, Uncle Fred, Tom will see me all naked.”

    “Yes, he shall, and fuck you too,” and going to a closet, Fred filled two goblets with some hot liquor and made me empty one, himself the other, till the smarting warmth ran delightfully through my veins and the fumes, mounting to my head, seemed to drive away every thought but those of lascivious longing. Prone on the bed, we heard the lovers coming, and as he threw his maiden victim on the edge beside us, Tom cried: “I can't wait longer, Massa Fred I must fuck her.” And his superb staff was poking at her pussy.

    “Put it in, Kate,” said Uncle Fred, and grasping the ponderous column I aimed its ruby head straight into the gaping portals of her cunt.

    “Don't spare her, Tom! Rip her open, just as Fred did me.”

    And firmly clutching her bum, his teeth set, the black gave a mighty bound of his big buttocks, and the poor deflowered Sally yelled in a spasm of raptured chastity. Oh, the splendid squirming of their strong, sturdy bodies, the smutty squeals and shouts of sensual satisfaction, and, then, the maddening thrill of superb spending, reflected plainly on each face and form.

    Our own sperm was bubbling within us, and as soon as they had retired from the field, Uncle Fred's dear prick again pierced me right before their eyes; and they forgot themselves in eagerness to see our pleasure and add to it with kisses and squeezing, tickling fingers.

    Then we two girls gave them the pretty contrast of our brown and white bodies, stretched out side by side on the bed. Quickly our lovers were kneeling before us, offering their victorious staffs to our amorous touches, until Uncle Fred cried out, “Change partners!” And Tom's awful prick with its one wide-open eye stared me in the face.

    “By Jove, he shall fuck her.” And Uncle Fred thrust my bottom to the edge of the bed, making Tom stand between my legs. Placing Sally on her hands and knees facing us, he mounted her behind, so that we could all see the pretty play of each cock and cunt. “Pretty,” did I say? You couldn't call Tom's diddling “pretty”; it was magnificent-the awful length and giant girth of his cock stretched my slit, and his pounding passionate thrusts rubbed my newly raptured cunt into a state of feverish fervor that made my belly bound, my pussy pucker and cling to its beautiful bliss-bearer. Then as I saw Uncle Fred's prick giving the wriggling black girl the last lightning lunges, my tight sheath squeezed from the well-loaded cock in my cunt a volley of sperm that flowed so fast and far inside of me that I thought I tasted it in my mouth. When they rolled me over on the bed, they saw it would be dangerous to irritate me further. I lay languid but happy in Uncle Fred's arms and soon dropped into a soothing sleep.

    Chapter V

    “Well, girls, maiden as I am,” said Maude, “I shouldn't wonder if I had made sperm shoot oftener than any of you. When I was twelve, Mother died, and Father and I were left alone out on our isolated plantation, with no companions but a dozen slaves. Mother had been a pious puritan, ill-mated to Father, who was the very soul of sensuality, and I soon found I was his child, rather than Mother's.

    “I was rather pretty, plump, and lively. One evening after dinner Father was sitting in the library, I sitting opposite him on a sofa, still dressed in mourning. 'Maude, it's too gloomy seeing you around in black all the time.'

    “'Well, Dad-it's all white underneath. Shall I show you?' And jumping up, I pulled the black abomination over my head and stood there in shirt and chemise.

    “'Put it on again,' said Dad, and I saw a peculiar look in his eyes. I now know it was lust, but he controlled himself, turned his back, and walked to the window.

    “'Why should I put it on again?' I said. 'I am much more comfortable.'

    “He did not answer, nor look at me; but a feeling of vivid voluptuousness spurred me on. I did not know the meaning of the word then, but as I dropped my chemise and skirt, it was voluptuousness that urged me on. Kicking off my slippers, I stole up behind Dad, unseen, and jumping up, I threw my arms around his neck. My naked body hung against his back. It was like an electric shock to him.

    “With the gloating cry of a hawk, he lost control of himself. 'Oh, you've got it in you, the itching of lust,' he cried. I sat naked in his lap as his lips covered me, mouth opened to receive his pointed tongue. Then he sucked my nipples till the little strawberries were stiff; and then, with a quick movement, he lifted my belly over his face and that girlish slit of mine felt for the first time the delicious tickling of a tongue skilled to draw out the ultimate throb of pleasure.

    “For, young though I was, the hot southern sun had ripened me. Panting and quivering, he laid me on my back; crazy with lechery, he knelt across my chest, making me grasp his great stiff prick in my hands. 'See what made you?' he cried. 'That hot spear plunged in the cold cunt of your mother, begot, out of its icy depths, you, the inheritor of my fervor, a true child of lasciviousness. Pass those pretty plump titties round it, and see what happens when it's plunged in a woman's cunt.'

    “And as the great rigid staff flew up and down between my breasts, I saw the red head throb, the ivory sceptre swell, and then its gaping mouth burst out with a hot shower of creamy sperm, which flew all over me, till he raised my head and cried out frantically, 'Suck it! Suck it! Just as you used to suck the milk from your mother's nipples.' And my lips closed over it; my tongue of its own volition licked the live, jerking mouthful, till, strangled by the profusion of the flow, I pulled back my head, panting for breath, and the pearly drops bedewed me. But, as eager as he, I clasped his buttocks in my hands and again seized that still-spouting staff in my mouth and sucked its balmy cream, till with a cry of joy Dad threw himself flat on my belly.

    “I enjoy a man's prick anywhere he wants to put it, and there is in me something of the true Sodomite, who finds the acme of sensual delight in sucking the sweets out of a throbbing prick. Oh, the exuberance of Dad's joy as he took me and kissed me from mouth to knees; and oh, my own glad kisses pressed on every spot of his firm flesh, for he had stripped, and I held a naked man in my arms for the first time.

    “Then we made more quiet examination of each other's organs of lust, his head on the pillow of my inner thigh, and mine on his. He bestowed tender kisses on my lightly shaded slit, while I replied in kind on the fallen tower of man. He then made me roll over and over on the floor, lie flat on my back, and raise my legs high in the air, pulling them down wide open, one on either side of my head. He made me stand on one leg and put the other foot on a shelf as high as my shoulder. Then, throwing a cushion on the floor, he told me to put my head down on it and turn a somersault. I couldn't do it at first, and in my many efforts I tumbled and sprawled and fell in every conceivable attitude, but wouldn't give up. Spurred by his delighted cries of 'Bravo!' I went completely over and kept on turning somersaults till, panting, I lay flat on my back at his feet. Gathering me up in his arms he put me on his lap; his fervid lips again made the blood boil wherever they touched me, and that was all over. Rolling me over on my belly, he slapped my bottom till it tingled and smarted, and I squirmed it down out of the reach of his hand. My face then came right over my pretty new plaything-his prick. How delicious it was, thus at my leisure to examine the stiff shaft and heavy hairy bay; to gently frig with my hand and gloat over the swollen coral head; to kiss it boldly; and as I did, he cried: 'Wet it with spittle!' and I did.

    “Lifting me up, he pushed my face down on the sofa; and kneeling behind me, he rubbed his staff between the fat cheeks of my bottom. 'Ah, my dear, I'll teach you a new way,' and the moist head of his pintle stuck into the hole in my widely stretched backside.

    “'Oh, it's going into me,' I cried.

    “'Why not?' he answered. 'No babies come out there.' And as he fingered my hot slit with one hand, with the other he held my buttocks tight and inch by inch thrust his big prick deep in my narrow cul. Pangs of pain and thrills of pleasure shot through me.

    “'Is it going in too far?' he cried.

    “'No! No! I don't care for the hurt. Treat me like a grown woman,' and unable to hold back longer, his darling prick rushed in and out my bottom, while his hand kept time, on the hairy mount, and his fingers on the raw flesh of the inner cunt. Oh, such a flood of rapture as I poured down on his frigging hand, and what hot shots of soothing sperm anointed my overstretched cul until he held me limp in his arms, softly crying but happy.

    “He was lewdness personified. I was an apt scholar, and a library of licentious books and pictures completed my education. One scene only will I give further. It was a rainy Sunday, and after dinner the wine and good things had made me lively. I sat opposite him as he smoked at the table, my itching slit urging me to open the ball. So lifting my plump globes out of my dress, I said, 'See, Dad, how stiff and swollen my nipples are?' And jumping to my feet and pulling my clothes way up, I cried, 'And this is too!' and I showed him the red sentinel guarding the top of my slit.

    “'Go to your room, strip completely, and come when I call you.'

    “After lustfully kissing him and groping his prick and balls, I went. Quickly bare as when born, I waited.

    “'Come, you virgin harlot,' he called, and fairly flying, I stood in the doorway. He stood in the center of the room, but not alone; on either side of him was a stalwart black man, two robust young slaves named Sam and Jack.

    “'Oh!' I cried.

    “'Well, my dear, are you up to it? Three stiff cocks to suck and frig; and fuck every hole you've got except your cunt?'

    “Wildly I ran up to him and clasped him in my arms.

    “'Down on your knees and kiss your idol.' And his prick was in my mouth. 'Now kiss the others'.' Turning my head to the great black cock, I did not stop at the sight, but kissed it and felt the hairy balls; and then the third cock slipped into my quivering lips.

    “'Oh,' I shrieked, 'my cunt burns.' Dad's tongue working in it soon brought a delicious overflow.

    “'Keep right at her,' and Sam grasped my buttocks and fucked me with his nimble tongue till I went off again.

    “My belly wildly heaving, I was insatiable. 'More — more,' I cried, and Jack's tongue was plunging in and out of me; and as I came slower now, the long drawn agony of the third spending was more delicious than the others. I lay panting on the couch. With a lecherous cry Dad threw himself on his knees before the standing Sam and with eager lips seized his excited cock in his mouth and sucked it wildly till the black's face wore a lecherous smile, his buttocks worked, and he shot his ready sperm into Dad's lustful mouth-sucking till the last drop issued. Frenzied, Dad rolled on his back and called to Jack. 'Come, let us bugger it together, and on the floor, heads to heels, the two obscene fellows seized each other's pricks in their mouths and, in a fast frenzy of Sodomitic lust, sucked till they choked.

    “Rising, Dad made the blacks serve us and themselves with full goblets of liquor. It went straight to my head, and straighter still to my fevered cunt. 'I'm on fire,' I cried, throwing myself on Dad's belly and kissing his fallen staff.

    “'Stand on a chair, Sam,' and Dad led me up to him, my face opposite his princely prick. I did not hesitate, but grasping his broad thighs in my arms, I kissed its dark red head.

    “'Now,' said Dad, 'suck that big cock of Sam's while I fuck your cunt with my tongue, and Jack…'

    “'I'll fuck her arsehole with my tongue,' cried Jack, dropping on his knees behind me.

    “Think of it, ye women who are afraid to show your naked bellies to your own husbands, in your own beds. Think of me, a virgin, sucking with gusto the immense cock of a black man, while a man's tongue is plunging in and Out my cunt, and another's working lustily thrusting and sucking in my cul. My body was ravished with wild spurts of lewdest agony. I quivered and shook and would have fallen, but they held me to it. My belly and buttocks tried to heave both ways at once. They squirmed and wriggled more wildly than when the first red-hot tongue spear tore into my virgin depths. And on Sam's mighty puck I vented all my fury-swallowed it till I choked, clung to it with my ever-moving lips, squeezed hard the bunch of seed-balls in one hand. As I threw the other arm around him, my hand passed down his fleshy buttocks and into the crease between till, touching his back-door with my clinging fingers, in my lecherous agony I plunged a finger in his cul. Then tongue, finger, and prick all worked together, till the immense cock I was sucking began to swell and throb and pour into my mouth and throat and gullet a never-ending flood of sperm; meanwhile I spent in Dad's mouth, the agony being heightened by the tongue in my behind.

    “I lay floundering on the bed, my whole body in a spasm of heaves; but the excited pricks of Dad and Jack could not wait.

    “'Suck Jack, while I fuck his asshole.' “And kneeling before Jack, I took the swelling prick of the black in my mouth, while Dad was assuaging his raging lust in Jack's splendid backside.”

    We four women could stand no more. Regardless of where we were in the open fields, Maude sprang to her feet and tore off every stitch she had on; and we, as mad with lust as she, followed suit. In a minute two couples of naked women were rolling on the grass, madly sucking and tongue-fucking each other's cunts.

    And when, tired for the moment, we rolled panting on our backs, there gazing down on us were four young countrymen, staring with open mouths. We experienced one second of astonishment. Then, spurred by our lusts, with lecherous cries we sprang up and on them, tore open their breeches, and had their stiff pricks in our hands. In a minute more there were four naked women flat on the grass, and three hot cunts were gorged with three fresh young cocks. 'Three,” I say, for Maude-just as the red head of her frantic lover's prick was pressed between the hot lips of her cunt-remembered her maidenhead. With the cry of a satyr, she sprang up, seized her ravisher in her arms, and, kissing him wildly, pushed him away from her, flat on his back; and in a lustful spasm she threw her breasts upon his belly and grabbed his excited cock in her mouth, while her ravenous slit was pressed, gaping wide, upon his open lips.

    Then eight agile buttocks were dancing merrily; and while three thirsty wombs spent in delicious overflow and were paid back with three splendidly satisfying streams of hotly shooting sperm, the hottest cunt of all, perhaps, found full content from the mad thrusts of a lustful, piercing tongue. Maude's full lips and reciprocating tongue tickled, tasted, and sucked out of her stallion's throbbing prick the full measure of rich, creamy overflow.

    Realistic Pleasures

    Part I

    Chapter I

    A fine-looking, fresh-coloured youth named Harry Staunton, the son of a London merchant, sent down to the village of Allsport for the benefit of his health, was passing down a lane skirting the town, when his eye was caught by a young and handsome girl whose developed legs were beginning to make the short skirts she wore dangerously exciting to the gentlemen who visited at the house of her mamma and who were obliged to curb their desires and satisfy the excitement of their pricks by closely pressing her to them when they could get her into their arms for a romp. It must be admitted that the warmth of the young lady's temperament urged her to afford them this opportunity as frequently as possible, although she could not account for the pleasure it caused both her and them. They would tickle her round the hips and under the arms, pinch her bottom, and occasionally press her lovely bubbles.

    Miss Julia Wynne was in the act of fastening her garter when Harry, turning a corner of the lane, came suddenly upon her. As this was not the first occasion of their meeting, Julia put down her clothes and waited for his approach. He came up and took her by the hand, and she, with a flushed face, expressed her pleasure to meet him again. The night before they had been playing forfeits with some companions, and as the game went on it so happened that she was kissed by Harry, who, without knowing why, slipped his tongue in her mouth and kept it there till his young prick throbbed against her so violently that she felt it against her belly through her clothing. All the evening afterwards they sought every occasion to be together. On one occasion several people fell down on each other. Harry and Julia being underneath, there was sufficient time for him to get his hand under her clothes, insinuate it within her drawers, and then feel her soft, warm thighs and afterwards her cunt, which was just covered with a soft down.

    Julia did nothing that night but dream of feeling Harry's tongue sucking her own as he was kissing her and reproducing the same sensations she had felt when his finger penetrated just inside the lips of her cunt. Before morning she had renewed the feeling by the agency of her own finger and only ceased to frig herself when an emission came to her relief. It was no wonder, therefore, that she was glad to meet him.

    Harry placed his arm round her waist and, pressing her towards him, kissed her, and slipped his tongue into her mouth. She met it with her own and as they curled amorously around each other he not only made her feel his standing prick, pressing against her as on the previous evening, but, taking her willing hand, made her squeeze it. “Oh, Harry, what is that?” the pretty little creature murmured, pressing her fingers tightly around it of her own accord. “Put your hand, dear, inside my trousers and feel,” he answered, pushing against her as if to make it penetrate her even through her clothes, while she pressed against him with equal force.

    Unbuttoning his trousers, she thrust her dainty little hand inside and felt his prick which was so hot as almost to burn her hand. “Feel it, dear, naked, while I feel you,” he cried again, and, stooping until he got his hand under her clothes, he passed it upwards between her thighs and seized her cunt, preparatory to putting his finger in it. Prompted by her sensations, she had that morning left off her drawers and Harry, on finding the glowing and palpitating flesh all naked to his touch, took his arm from her waist and, raising her petticoats up around her, groped her hips and bottom with one hand while he frigged her gently with the other.

    She, lifting up his shirt, had taken his cock in her hand; taught by nature alone, while chafing it she began to place it near where his fingers were. They were just on the verge of actually fucking when, to their chagrin, they were disturbed. Coming towards them from the other end of the lane was Miss Birchem, the handsome and voluptuous governess of a school for young gentlemen. She had espied the amorous occupation of Harry and Julia and had seen the excited youth take up the young lady's clothes, thus exposing her white bottom. And she had also seen that which caused still more emotion in her own quim: the prick of the handsome boy fondled by the hand of the girl. The sight had maddened her and for a moment she had been compelled to lean against a tree, which prevented her from being seen by them. While her legs trembled under her she had raised her own clothes above her cunt and, parting the hairy lips, she had thrust her finger in it up to the first joint and commenced to frig with rapidity her sensitive clitoris. This she continued to do-her breasts heaving and her whole body oscillating under the influence of the sensations she was experiencing-until she saw Harry and Julia in that close contact that had the appearance of actual fucking. This brought her feelings to such a height that with a gasp and a quickened movement of her agile waist she spent to such an extent that she almost shrieked as her spunk issued from her.

    At this moment Harry had just placed his prick inside Julia's quim. She was lying prostrate and would have lost her maidenhead had he not restrained himself, but just as he had partially penetrated her quivering body and she was kissing him passionately, the Crisis came upon him and he shot forth his spendings on her clitoris, giving her even so pleasure to a greater extent than was attainable by her own finger. This caused Julia to embrace him still more closely, curling her leg around him so as to get him further into her in her desire for a continuance of the pleasure she had hardly tasted.

    Miss Birchem, however, came upon them and thus interrupted their amorous sports. This lewd governess had a mad passion for flagellation, preferring first to have her own buttocks well birched by a gentleman while he was frigging her with his finger to assist her in spending. She next liked to flog the buttocks of a gentleman, watching its effect on his prick, especially if he was at the same time fucking a girl, increasing his excitement from time to time and tickling and momentarily sucking his testicles till she at last caused him to spend with a shower of rapture, during which Crisis she would flog him unmercifully. Seeing the charming bum of Julia when Harry raised her clothes filled her with a burning desire to whip Julia while Harry's prick was buried in her own cunt, and copious spending had not quelled the lust with which she burned.

    Julia drew down her clothes and Harry tried to hide his prick as the governess confronted them. But she seized them both at once-young Harry by his prick, causing its head to erect itself as much as ever at the contact of her pulpy hand, and Julia by her half-covered thigh-saying, “Oh, you wicked children, what are you about together! What has he been doing to you, Miss, with this naked cock of his? Do you not know it is very wrong of you to let the boys put their things into your cunt until it is covered with hair like mine? See here.” And giving a furtive squeeze to Julia's quim to ascertain if it had been spent into, she pulled up her own clothes, displaying to the fascinated eyes of Harry limbs of surpassing beauty, thighs smooth and white as ivory, and belly of ravishing sweetness, below which was a tuft of dark hair which was moist from her recent emission, while in the midst of it could be seen the pink lips of a full but closely shut cunt. “There, Miss,” she said, enjoying the admiration with which Harry viewed her beautiful quim, “you must wait till you have hair like this on it before you can enjoy the insertion of a prick as I do.”

    “It does give me pleasure now,” said Julia, fixing her eye upon the swollen prick of her lover rather than upon the handsome nude limbs of the governess.

    “But it ought not to and I shall give you a good whipping for your wickedness,” said the lewd and sensual woman, her whole form glowing with excitement as she gloated on the lovely bottom of Julia, which she had wholly uncovered. She left her victims and gathered a huge handful of birch which was growing all around them. Julia blushed as she saw her tying it together with some ribbons that she took from her pocket, her bottom tingling with the mere anticipation of what she was going to receive, a sensation not altogether unpleasant but novel. The governess, now armed with this verdant rod, took Julia by the hand, saying, “Now I must whip you to correct your naughty feelings, but as you have excited me by allowing me to see you take this young gentleman's prick in your cunny, I must insist on his putting it into mine. When I was your age a gentleman put his cock into me but he hurt me so dreadfully by fucking me that I have never been able to allow anyone else to do so, nor could I marry for this reason; therefore I am compelled to take lads to fuck me and Master Harry here must do it now. Come to the bank,” she continued, “and sit down so that you can take me on your lap and put it up from under me while I am taking Julia across my knees to give her a warning that she must not be fucked again until she is more of a woman. There is no one near or to disturb us while we are doing it.”

    The lecherous woman made Harry sit down upon the grassy bank. His prick was erect and hard and throbbed violently with desire to be in the beautiful woman as she raised her clothes behind her, displaying once more her glorious legs and thighs with the most superb pair of large white buttocks that it was possible for a lady to expose. She seated herself with her legs well divided upon the lad, who in his eagerness to thrust his hot burning prick into her dark cunt seized her around the waist, creating a jealous feeling in the mind of Julia to see how readily he was prepared to fuck a cunt other than her own. The governess once more seized his prick and, sitting down upon it, guided the moist head-not into her cunt as he expected-but up her bottomhole, which he found quite elastic enough to receive him. Excited as he was, he began to fuck her there as though he were buried in her quim, while she, taking up Julia's dress all around her and thus exposing the cunt of the lovely girl as well as her bottom, made her lie across her thigh, keeping her between them and holding her victim in this position by passing her right leg over, shuddering with lust as the naked flesh came in contact with her own. She then gently separated the buttocks and examined with looks of fire the lovely little pink hole which looked like a pouting rosebud. She laid her finger flat between the cheeks and gently pierced it, an action which caused Julia to press violently against the thighs of the governess and contract the muscles of her bottom. The governess then seized the birch and commenced to flog her with sufficient severity to make her plunge and indulge in such contortions as to afford most delicious sensations to the operator. When Harry's prick was buried in her bottomhole to the very balls she grew nearly frantic with delight and continued lashing the bottom under her eyes with a vigour that increased with every subsequent thrust that Harry made in her bottom.

    Chapter II

    Miss Birchem when she said that no gentleman could fuck her was romancing. She had originally been mistress of a nobleman who, having passed a life of voluptuousness in the society of women who had seconded him in all his whims and strange desires, had at last required more stimulus to his passions than they themselves could afford. At first his outre desire was to enjoy her posteriors by birching them. To this she submitted at first to please him but afterwards to please herself. She soon conceived such a passion for flagellation that she implored him to administer it to her burning posterior, an indulgence he never denied her. At length her cunt did not seem tight enough round his prick when he fucked her. Then on one occasion when he had been severely flogging her as she knelt on the bed, projecting the cheeks of her naked bottom, he proposed to fuck her in her inviting anus. The rod had generated such a heat in all her private parts that she imagined that it must give her pleasure to receive him there and she therefore consented. With his prick inflated to its utmost, he leant over the naked creature whose burning face and palpitating breasts were half buried in the downy bed. Bringing the point of his prick opposite the orifice he wished to enter, he gave a lunge and succeeded in getting a portion of it into her body. At first it gave her such an exquisite feeling that she encouraged him in his attempt to get farther in. But as it stretched her wider open and appeared to enter with much difficulty, she tried to shrink from him. He was, however, too excited to stop. Her extreme tightness and the heat of her posteriors goaded him on. He had been holding her by both her shoulders but now he passed one hand under her breasts to feel and move those luscious orbs. The other he carried down below her belly and seized her cunt. Opening its velvet lips he sought and found her clitoris, which he rubbed gently about with his fingers and thus worked upon her venery to such an extent that she was capable of bearing anything. Thus as he simultaneously frigged her and drove his prick into her anus, she at length received the whole of it fully within her, having thus a double pleasure conferred on her. Her body was bathed in blissful heat, their motions kept pace with each other, the room resounded with her sighs and exclamations of enjoyment and the luscious sound so exciting to the ears of the voluptuary. At length her movements grew so rapid as to announce the approach of the Crisis and he felt he could no longer refrain from spending. Both gave way to their feelings and he ejected a flow of spunk into her body while his hand was wetted with her emission, which oozed out from her convulsed and struggling quim.

    From this time on he more frequently fucked her in this way than in any other, until, the novelty having passed off to a certain extent, he had an idea that he should like to see her fucked by another while he stood by and watched the effect on her and the performer who was buried in her quim. He had as usual stripped her perfectly naked and for a change had taken her across his lap, in which position she threw her handsome legs wildly about under the infliction of the birch. Each time the lash fell upon the crimson cheek of her bottom she cried out, “Oh, heavens, my bottom, my backside! Oh, flog it, whip it, birch it, flagellate me harder, harder, lash me, darling, more severely. I can bear it as hard as you can lay it on your mistress. Oh, you must put your darling prick into me after this.”

    Wildly excited by her cries, he said, “By heavens I will, I must.” Throwing the rod aside and taking her in his arms, he laid her on the bed. She turned upon her back, her thighs wide open and her cunt showing such muscular throbbing action of the lips that it inflamed him to the utmost. He leaped upon the bed and lay on her upheaving form, belly to belly, then with mouth to mouth and tongue clinging to tongue he entered that longing cunt and she threw her legs around his loins and her arms about his neck.

    Too full of bliss to speak much for a time, still she frequently withdrew her tongue from his mouth and asked, “How do you like to fuck me like this once more?”

    “Intensely, you enchanting girl,” he replied.

    “What would I not do to give you pleasure? Anything, everything-for your prick is so divine-but you are spending into me too quickly,” said she, as she felt the burning spunk leap from him into her. “I cannot help it! Oh, God, you are so beautiful and your cunt does throb so.”

    “But I want to be fucked till I spend,” urged she.

    “Will you let William fuck you then while I am witness to the pleasure you will give him?” said he.

    “Anything that will afford me delight,” she replied.

    He got up and dressed himself, while she still lay in the position she was in while he was enjoying her, her lovely limbs stretched out as she played with the rosy nipples of her lovely breasts which were standing up stiff and hard. When he had put on his coat he stooped first to kiss her cherry mouth, then for a moment to suck her enchanting breasts and then her lovely cunt which she elevated to meet his caress. Then, throwing the sheet over her, he left the room. He returned shortly accompanied by a fine, handsome youth in page livery.

    He had called this page into the library and asked him how he got on with the maids and whether any of them had yet taken his maidenhead. The boy, blushing like a girl, said with the utmost confusion that he had never done anything to them or they to him. “How, William,” said his master, “would you like to be with a naked woman? Would you enjoy her quim if she would allow you to fuck her?” William did not know what to reply, but his master, perceiving that William's prick was commencing to bulge out the front of his trousers, decided for him and conducted him to his mistress, who had been frigging her cunt the whole time he had been away, in order to keep her excitement from cooling.

    Fastening the door, Sir Clifford led the lad up to the bed, took his hand, and, guiding it under the sheet, slowly passed it over her legs and thighs and left it on her spending quim, an effect her frigging had just produced. Seeing that William's blood was heated by desire, Sir Clifford slowly turned the sheet up as high as his mistress' breasts, leaving her face alone concealed. William trembled violently, his tongue seemed to grow double its size, and he felt a strange sickening sensation. Perfectly passive in his master's hands, he suffered his trousers to be taken down till they hung at his heels and himself to be projected toward the bed. Sir Clifford took William's prick, which was swollen and stiff, in his hand and said, “Get upon her, William; I shall put this into her for you and she shall take your maidenhead if you have never fucked a woman.”

    Miss Birchem did not speak in order that her voice should not betray her, but as she felt the youth getting between her quivering thighs she raised her cunt towards him and in another instant her lover had plunged within her that which seemed to be a bar of red-hot iron, it was so fearfully stiff. Carried away by his own keen feelings, William commenced to lunge spasmodically at her and he was no sooner in to the root than he was rendered incapable, owing to the intensity of his pleasure, of resisting anything that might be done to him. Sir Clifford separated his legs and placed them on each side of his mistress' thighs. She immediately closed hers and thus kept his prick firmly imbedded there. Leaning over the bed, Sir Clifford watched with looks of wild lust the to and fro motion of the boy's prick, around which the moist folds of his mistress' cunt clung convulsively. The moisture slowly oozed out at each thrust and, maddened by the sight, he commenced to suck the testicles of the boy ever and anon, allowing his tongue to glide by the side of William's prick within the moist and slipping orifice of the cunt he was fucking. Very shortly Sir Clifford found by the swelling of the muscles and the increased stiffness of William's prick that William was about ready to spend, which caused him to redouble his exertion, and when the Crisis overtook them their mutual spending oozed out and flowed into Sir Clifford's delighted mouth. After a momentary pause, the page recommenced fucking the lovely palpitating body below him.

    Sir Clifford, rising from the bed, provided himself with a dildo which he carefully covered with cold cream, and, watching his opportunity, he inserted it in the arse of his mistress, on whom it had an electrical effect. Writhing and tossing herself madly about, she drove the page wild with pleasure. Sir Clifford now knelt behind William and, raising his shirt, presented his prick and commenced to do to William what William had previously done to Miss Birchem. But for the rapture of the boy while fucking the lady it would have been impossible for him to bear his master's action. Sir Clifford had on several occasions during the few days the boy had been with him tried him in vain; then it occurred to him that if he introduced his page's prick into his mistress' cunt, he would be able to insert his own prick in the page's bottom. Miss Birchem did not see what he was about and William fucked her till she spent two or three times, the baronet emitting into him just as frequently.

    After the proceedings were finished and the page had left the room, Miss Birchem was informed of what had happened. Like many other women, she found the idea highly erotic, and he promised to repeat the scene the following afternoon when her face should be uncovered and she should see everything.

    The following afternoon when they were seated in the drawing room she reminded him of his promise. “My dear,” said he, “you so drained me last night that I much fear my prick will not stand.”

    “Indeed!” said she. “Then I must birch you till it does.” Putting her hand underneath the couch on which she sat, she produced a formidable birch. “Come here, sir,” she said, and commenced to unbutton his trousers. When this was effected, “Lie across my knee,” she added, pulling up her petticoats and folding them above her quim so that his belly, prick, and balls should come in contact with her naked thighs. Even while she was pulling aside his shirt so as to have no impediment to their close contact, his prick began to erect itself. But when he began to lie across her and his cock came near her quim, it stood so stiffly that with a little guidance its inflamed head was nesting in the soft hair around it. Then as she birched him his excitement grew so keen that he plunged and struggled, sending his penis gradually into her sideways until it was fleshed completely to the hilt and their hairs were commingled. While she flogged him furiously, he fucked her quim until it would have been impossible to refrain longer from spending. Then he entreated her to stop. She did so and he arose and quickly adjusted his clothes. She threw herself at full length on the couch in a voluptuous attitude, her dress sufficiently in disorder to display the beauty of her legs and open enough at the bosom to reveal the loveliness of her breasts. He then rang the bell and William appeared.

    “Shut the door and come here,” said Sir Clifford. The page obeyed and, having closed the door, approached the couch. At a previous period he would have felt abashed at the state in which he saw his mistress, but his experiences of yesterday had increased his boldness. The parlour-maid had invited him to feel her charms and he had done so. While they were so employed the cook had arrived on the scene, but instead of interrupting them, she took his balls in her hand and assisted them both to spend. He had afterwards slept with them both. The effects of all this caused his face to redden with desire. “William, have you ever seen this before?” said the baronet, raising his mistress' drapery and tossing it high enough to display the beauties of her person and bewitching quim. Sir Clifford pushed William towards her and she held out her arms to receive him and buried his face between her soft breasts. Meanwhile, his prick was taken out by Sir Clifford, who also pulled down his trousers and buried the prick in the waiting quim. He was soon in the agonies of spending, Sir Clifford taking advantage of the circumstance to bugger him again, an operation the pleasure of which his mistress did her utmost to heighten. For some considerable time the intercourse between the trio was kept up, till Sir Clifford again desired a change. And, as Miss Birchem wished to extend her field of amorous operations, a school was taken for her, which she was carrying on at the time she is here introduced.

    Chapter III

    Miss Birchem whipped the bottom of Miss Wynne till Harry spent into her and his prick grew too limp to give her any further pleasure. When she released the flagellated girl from the position in which she had held her, Miss Birchem rose from Harry's lap. Unsatisfied with the amount of pleasure he had given her, had they been alone she would have violently frigged his prick; but seeing Julia's look of unsatisfied desire raised by the tingling of her bottom, she promised that Julia should have some pleasure. She then took her on her lap, taking care that their naked flesh should be in contact. Gradually raising her shift in front, she told Harry to kneel before the lovely girl. Then she placed Harry's head on Julia's naked thighs and instructed him how to gamahuche her, and this he did, holding her convulsively by the thighs while his tongue went in and out, the point of it directed at her clitoris. Julia was soon in heavenly rapture; she held his head forward to her burning quim with all her strength, her body quivering with emotion, her eyes half blinded by the perspiration that came over them. While Harry was thus occupied in giving pleasure to Julia, Miss Birchem lowered his trousers and by the pliant use of her busy fingers soon produced an erection and increased the ardour with which he ravenously sucked the young and moist cunt of Julia. Shortly her head fell back, her eyes closed, and her whole form was convulsed while her lovely liquor of love oozed forth into the delighted mouth of her gamahucher. As soon as she had recovered, Miss Birchem took him between her thighs and made him fuck her.

    While this proceeding was going on, it so happened that Mr. Spankie was strolling through the meadows thinking of Julia's mamma, whose naked beauties he was accustomed to enjoy in the privacy of her own room. Behind the hedge against the bank on which the governess had seated herself while Julia was sucked by Harry, Mr. Spankie had witnessed Harry's frigging and subsequent fucking of Miss Birchem. The scene had been too much for him, for while Harry was piercing Julia's cunt with his tongue Mr. Spankie had spent incontinently. Therefore he was afraid to make his presence known as he feared his prick would not second his desires. Leaving them, therefore, he went home. But before he reached home the remembrance of what he had seen caused his prick to stiffen, and immediately on his arrival he was compelled to seek his wife, whom he found dressing. She was speedily divested of stays and shift and lay on the bed with her thighs around her husband's neck while he frantically forced his tongue up her bottomhole. Afterwards he took himself from her embrace just as she was commencing to spend from the excitement this luxurious proceeding caused her, and, burying his erect prick within her cunt, he fucked her furiously. She so enjoyed the unexpected attack that she aided his efforts by every means in her power. After he had spent he left her for the arms of Mrs. Wynne, whose embraces he lusted for more than ever since he had seen her daughter's naked beauties and the amorous joy she had experienced.

    Mrs. Spankie had therefore to be satisfied with a nephew who was staying in the house and whom she determined to allure by remaining in the same state in which her husband had left her. After frigging herself, she rose with the intention of dressing and seeking Augustus. After bringing him to her bedroom under the pretense of romping with him, she would maneuver him till she could hold him between her legs. Then she would tickle his prick and afterwards take it out and, wriggling till her clothes were above her belly, force his prick within her and obtain by force the fucking she was dying for. But at that moment she heard him pass her door. Hastily opening it, nearly naked as she was, her white breasts completely bare, her back and shoulders only covered by her long hair, her legs naked more than halfway up, she called him in. In a few minutes she was on her bed, her chemise removed and her legs around him, his prick within her and both their bodies vibrating with the throbs of heavenly agony.

    In the meantime her husband was at Mrs. Wynne's house, but that lady, not expecting him, had gone out to keep an assignation with another lover in whose company she was spending her time between the sheets of a downy bed. Julia, however, had reached her house some time before. When he arrived he found her in the drawing room, scarcely recovered from the confusion of her senses caused by the novel and delicious occupation in which she had been engaged. As they were old friends she was soon sitting on his knee. Feeling something hard pressing against her, the young puss, more knowing since the lesson the governess had taught her, laid her hand upon it, artlessly enquiring, “Oh, what is that? Surely a mouse inside your pocket.”

    “Put your hand in and feel the mouse,” said he. She allowed him to insert her hand inside his trousers. When her naked fingers touched his burning prick she gave it a squeeze and then drew her hand out saying, “It is not a mouse, it has no hair on it.”

    “You only felt its nose, darling, look here,” and he drew it completely out. She got off his lap, her eyes sparkling as if with curiosity to see the little thing. He stood up, unfastened all the buttons, and exhibited not only his stiff prick but the balls covered with hair. “Gracious, what can this be for?” said the little maid artlessly. “I shall show you, darling,” said he, and sitting down again with his legs wide open, he drew her between them. With little difficulty he then succeeded in raising her clothes and placing his finger in her cunt and commenced to frig her deliciously. She kissed him passionately and, seizing his prick, pushed the skin up and down until he was on the verge of spending; then he seized her hand and dragged it away, at the same moment applying his prick to her quim, which was moist with excitement. She let her head fall on his shoulder, hiding her burning face. “Oh, you darling, I must fuck you,” he muttered, then repeated the expression with increased emphasis, getting his prick a little farther within her at each upward heave. It gave her such delicious sensations that she assisted him by firmly bearing down her cunt upon his prick, though now and then she could not help ejaculating, “Oh, it hurts me,” as he endeavoured to make his way upwards within her. This happened every time he tried to get it in beyond the nut. He was mad to take her maidenhead but feared he could not do it in this position. There was no one in the house but the servant and she was quite safe, as he well knew. So he said, “Let me take you upstairs, darling, and place you on a bed; it will then go quite into you and will not hurt.”

    “Take me then,” said she, “for I want so much for you to do it to me.”

    He took her up to her mother's bedroom and, placing her on the edge of the bed, he again raised her clothes and could not resist for a moment sucking that lovely panting and pulpy cunt. Then as she lay there, her whole body palpitating with desire, her lovely eyes fixed on the stiff prick about to perforate her, he placed a pillow under her bottom and raised her cunt on a level with his prick. Then, spreading her thighs wide asunder and getting in between them, he drew so close to her that his prick touched her cunt. Separating the lips with his thumb and finger he guided it in and then, lying on her, began the fucking that was doomed to destroy her virginity.

    “Put your legs over my back, darling.” She did so and with his assistance her pretty thighs formed a resting place for his head; her knees were at his neck and her legs hung over his back. This position stretched her cunt open to its utmost extent and every thrust he now gave drove him deeper within her. She murmured, “Oh, your cock, it is too large, and so stiff it hurts, but so deliriously.”

    “Bite my neck, darling girl,” he cried, “I am going into you and one more thrust will do it.” She did so and then prevented herself from uttering a cry as she was pierced to the quick and her cunt inundated with the hot spunk which rushed from the great prick within her. She closed her eyes and lay still when he withdrew, her buttocks alone giving an occasional spasmodic heave as the spunk issued forth in precious drops. She then arose and threw herself upon his arm, hiding her face in his bosom while he lovingly caressed her now womanly cunt.

    Chapter IV

    Keenly desirous after this to enjoy the amorous girl at full leisure and in a state of nudity, Mr. Spankie made her promise to meet him on the following day at his apartments, when he would take her to a house of assignation and fuck her naked. He also wished to give her lovely posteriors such a flagellation as he had seen Miss Birchem bestow on them. He would not attempt then nor afterwards to fuck her under the roof of her mamma, for fond as that lady was of voluptuous pleasure, she might not approve of her daughter's being fucked. Julia kept her appointment and assumed an attire more appropriate to her, as she was no longer a virgin. 'Her stepfather, for her mamma had married twice, had noticed how the gentlemen fixed their eyes on Julia's legs and how they evidently lusted for her on seeing the rounded outlines of her well-developed thighs. He had therefore insisted that she should wear longer skirts. New dresses having been made for her, she had put one of them on this day for the first time, but not before the exhibition of her lovely limbs had caused her to receive another fucking.

    Towards the evening of the previous day and after Mr. Spankie had taken her maidenhead she thought she would like to see if Harry were looking for her in the lane, where the previous birching scene had been enacted. She therefore wandered thither and was very near the same spot, close to a gate that led into a field covered with wild flowers. Here Sir Clifford chanced to see her. He accosted her, for the moment being very desirous to possess so beautiful and so young a girl. He asked where the path through the fields led, and on her informing him he so overwhelmed her with compliments on her loveliness that her face was suffused with blushes and she seemed panting with excitement. He then asked her to go with him so that he might not get lost. She readily consented. It was necessary to climb over a gate and he assisted her to mount it. As she stepped up his eyes were gloating on her fine limbs and when he helped her to throw her leg over the top bar, he not only contrived that her dress should be so disarranged that a portion of her thigh should be uncovered, but also that his hand should slip upwards on her warm flesh till it reached her quim. When he touched it her sensations were indescribably exquisite.

    “Let me get over on the other side to help you, my dear,” said the baronet. She blushed assent. Giving an emphatic pressure to her velvet cunt, he leaned over, holding his arms out to receive her. She jumped, her clothes flying up and disclosing her young charms as he caught her. The grass was tall and well covered with daisies and golden butter cups. Thinking he would follow her, she ran some distance and commenced to cull the flowers, her face flushed and her bosom rising with sensual emotion. He was very soon by her side and pretending to pluck wild flowers, apparently selecting those that were by her dress. As her legs were wide apart as she stooped, his hand had little or no difficulty in finding her tempting little cunt, into which he quickly inserted his finger. As he touched her excitedly on the clitoris, she fell forward on his arm while he continued to frig her, letting her fair young face rest on his shoulder as she enjoyed the pleasure he was causing her. Without any diminution of the activity with which he manipulated her moist cunt, he took out his prick and asked her to fondle it. “So?” enquired she as she chafed it with her dainty finger till he was on the point of coming, while her eyes betrayed that she was fast approaching a similar condition. He would have preferred to check his own and her emissions so that he might have enjoyed her to the full and ravished her thoroughly. It was, however, impossible and he was compelled to send his spending over Julia's hand while she, under the friction of his finger, gave way to her sensations, spending and sighing deeply as she spent.

    When they had recovered, Sir Clifford still wished to fuck her and therefore begged her to come to the farther corner of the field, where they would be altogether unobserved. She readily consented. He helped her to rise, for she had sunk on the grass for him to frig her, and they went away together.

    When he had laid her down on the bank which formed a natural couch, he unfastened the front of her dress and, liberating her breasts, began to tickle and squeeze the nipples. Seeing how excited she became, he gradually raised her dress and, fastening his lips to the lips of her cunt, all wet and moist as it was from her recent spending, he sucked it amorously till she again emitted into his mouth. This caused his prick to become stiff and burning; and placing himself between her thighs, he put the head of it in the rosy opening of her body. Placing both his hands beneath her and parting the cheeks of her bottom, he raised her slightly towards him and sent his prick in up to the hilt and commenced to thrust it backwards and forwards. Suddenly they heard the sound of footsteps, but as the sound came from the other side of the hedge they knew they could not be seen, so continued their lovely occupation. They heard, however, that the newcomers evidently were reclining behind the hedge and also that they were a man and a woman. Suddenly Julia whispered, “It is my mother and her nephew.”

    The newcomers apparently were bent on pleasure, for after the sound of kissing came a lascivious sound from which it was very evident they were either gamahuching or fucking. “It is coming,” murmured Mamma. “So is mine,” uttered the nephew. This had such an effect on the daughter that she became frantic and spent in almost agonized convulsions, bathing the prick of the baronet with the pearly dew. They now separated but the young lady was still more madly lewd than before and hastened to the house of Mr. Spankie.

    When she arrived there she threw herself in his arms. He placed her in an easy chair, knelt in front of her, and gave her a hasty taste of bliss. After that they started for the house of assignation, that her bottom might be birched and she initiated into all the wild excesses of lust.

    As she entered the room in which the operations were to take place, she was influenced by various emotions, but her temperament was such that the lascivious sensations she had experienced already inflamed her lust to a great extent. An ardent curiosity and the desire of amorous pleasures drove her almost mad with suppressed expectation. The room contained a large bedstead with a bed of down. From the posts and other points hung heavy silk cords that were used for tying the person to be birched in an extended position, so that the effect might be seen by the operator in the most perfect manner. There were also velvet pillows that might be placed between the thighs, so that the friction and soft contact of the velvet might assist the victim to spend while undergoing flagellation. Around the room were whipping machines of varied construction. One was constructed to keep the back in a horizontal position whilst there projected from the lower part a dildo long enough to reach and penetrate the quim. Another was like a rocking horse on which the woman was stretched on her face, her legs embracing the sides of the machine. Every chair was of a different pattern and had its own special use, being devoted to some special form of lust and intended for the gratification of a special whim. Mr. Spankie explained the use of these various things and she grew every moment more madly lewd until at last she was ready to undergo anything. Mr. Spankie commenced to remove her hat and jacket and then to unbutton the bosom of her dress, releasing her bubbies. With these he toyed for a while until she herself proceeded to rid herself of every article of clothing and was very shortly standing before him in a state of perfect nudity. Mr. Spankie followed her example and, seizing her by the lower part of her body, his bare arm between her thighs, he lifted her on the bed. He then extended her on her belly, fastening her hands in velvet bands, which were attached to the silken cords hanging from the upper end of the bed, and firmly securing them to the two posts. He extended her legs in a like manner, fastening her feet to the lower posts by similar appliances. Heavens! What a sight was thus presented to him! Her white and palpitating flesh throbbed and every muscle was strained to the utmost. Her lovely breasts could be seen under her elevated arms and the spreading of her legs enabled the interior of her moist cunt to be perfectly seen, her clitoris quite stiff. The lovely anus too could be seen, nestling between the rounded cheeks of her bottom. Stooping, he placed his tongue for a moment in the nether orifice, which made her moan with pleasure. Then placing his hand under her, he felt her cunt and gently frigged her till she was just on the verge of spending, when he ceased and watched with gloating eyes the spasm that convulsed every fibre. He now selected a pliant birch and commenced to flog her gently on the buttocks and inside the thighs, gradually increasing the force of the blows till all began to tingle and grow red. He then ceased for a moment and, inserting one finger in her cunt, gently frigged her again while he birched with the other arm in such a manner as to excite rather than hurt. This caused her to undulate her back and raise her buttocks, as well as circumstances would permit, to meet the falling lash. He grew frantic and increased the force of his blows to such an extent as to make her cry out, “Oh, you do hurt me; it is cutting into my flesh!”

    This brought into the room the buxom proprietress of the house. He motioned to her not to reveal herself, and she accordingly watched with glaring eyes and inflated nostrils the exciting scene that was being enacted, till she was obliged to raise her clothes and commence to frig her quim. Her knees trembled and her breasts, which were uncovered, heaved violently, till, throwing herself on the machine with the dildo, she caused it to enter her quim. By the energy of her motions she soon covered it with her spendings. In the meantime Julia cried out, “Oh, heavens, my bottom, my cunt, it is coming, I am going to spend, oh, flog me harder, kill me, do anything, I am mad with my feelings,” and with a howl of pleasure she spent copiously, her lovely pink bottomhole opening and closing with each thrust. While she lay half insensible, Mr. Spankie unscrewed the dildo from the machine. As it was still wet with the spunk that had just been shed on it, he gently pressed it into Julia's bottomhole and moved it backwards and forwards. Her whole body stiffened and she seemed like one convulsed, so marvelous was the effect on her erotic nature. Withdrawing it again and placing it up her sweet cunt she commenced the up and down movement of her body to frig herself with it.

    The lady of the house now begged Mr. Spankie to birch her. She had stripped and was lying on a couch constructed in such a manner that the velvet fitted every curve of her body, belly downwards. He advanced to the upper end of the couch and, leaning a little forward, commenced to flagellate her violently. She seized his almost bursting cock and, nestling it between her lips, sucked it luxuriously, contracting the muscles of her mouth around it and pushing her head to and fro till he spent with the wildest contortions. She then looked up at him pleadingly, the lovely drops still hanging about her lips, and he bent down and kissed her fervently, receiving back into his own mouth some of the dew he had spent in hers. He seized her cunt and rubbed it violently with the palm of his hand and speedily brought on the Crisis. When this was concluded, they perceived that Julia was watching them intently. “Oh,” said she, “do come to me again! Do not leave me!”

    “You shall have a new pleasure, darling,” said he, “and our friend here shall initiate you.” Rising from the couch the lady came and lay on the bed beside Julia in a reversed position and commenced to lass her bottom and tickle her clitoris; then passing one leg over her prostrate body, her cunt pressed hard against Julia's loins, she buried her head between her thighs and gamahuched her luxuriously, passing a finger gently up her anus to cause her the most divine pleasure.

    After this Julia was released and they all sat side by side and partook of Champagne and other refreshments. Mr. Spankie then said that he must be birched in order to make his prick stand again, and the fair Julia had the satisfaction of flagellating his bottom till his prick stood like iron. Hastily rising, he placed the proprietress in an easy chair which, being unfolded, made her fall backwards so as to lie horizontally. The chair was high enough to bring her quim on a level with his prick; her legs were then elevated, her feet tossing about in the air. In this position she was fucked till they both spent, Julia all the time flogging his backside.

    A lovely waiting maid, who had entered during this occurrence, was now seized, thrown on her belly on a chair, and fucked up her bottomhole by Mr. Spankie. Julia sucked madly at the relaxed quim of the lady of the house and then, embracing the spending woman, frantically rubbed her own cunt up against hers till they fell on the floor, utterly exhausted. Shortly after they left the house, but an appointment was made for the following Monday when several girls were expected at the house who had never been fucked or frigged, having been imported from the country by a wealthy nobleman in order that he might see them debauched and treated in every manner that unbridled and imaginative lust could devise.

    On Monday, accordingly, Mr. Spankie and Julia were again visitors to the house. They found Mrs. Minette seated in the room already described and wearing a flowing robe of silk lined with swans-down. She greeted them warmly and gave Julia a loving squeeze, which made her tremble with desire. She said, “I shall want your help as well as that of my two waiting maids, as I shall have five or six young girls and one boy about thirteen and it might be necessary to use force in order to frig them successfully.” They were only too glad to tender their aid. “As for the gentleman who has arranged to have them sent here, he will be in the adjoining room and view all through a hole in the partition, while one of my friends kneels in front of him and sucks his prick.” The gentleman was, in fact, Sir Clifford.

    Shortly afterwards the waiting maids, who were dressed in dressing gowns, came in leading a lovely little girl, apparently about twelve years of age. She was well developed for her age and a shy and modest demeanour added to her attractions. Mrs. Minette took her by her side and told her that she would find her school calculated to make her happy, that she need not fear restraint, but that everything would be done to add to her happiness. The little girl replied that she was very much frightened at the idea of coming to a boarding school, but felt quite sure she would be happy. Mrs. Minette gave her a glass of wine and some cake and continued talking to her, by degrees commencing to fondle her. After the child had taken the wine, her face flushed, and she seemed uneasy; restless, irritable sensations seemed to pervade her. The moment Mrs. Minette saw this, she increased her caresses, pressing her hand (her arm being around the little waist) against the young girl's breasts, which were already rounded and delightfully firm. The girl rather resisted this in a half-frightened way, but Julia, who had been watching the proceedings with a wild look in her eyes, came on the other side of her and commenced to caress her also. At length they succeeded in unfastening her dress and bringing out the little breasts, whereupon each began to suck one rosy nipple. At this the girl began to struggle and cry out. Mr. Spankie, now half mad with lechery, came in front of them and raised her short petticoats. She now shrieked out in earnest and struggled with all her might. This but excited him the more, and he forcibly separated her legs and tore open her drawers, exhibiting to his view a lovely little pink cunt entirely destitute of hair. He fastened his lips to it and commenced to suck it, forcing his tongue in as far as it would go. Her two other tormentors held her fast in order to facilitate his operations. The girl, exhausted with fright and strange feelings, fainted, and they carried her to the bed and stripped her entirely naked. They then took thick silken cords and, drawing her knees upwards, fastened them securely under her breast in such a manner that her bottom was elevated as she lay face downwards on the bed. The proprietress then took some eau de Cologne, which she rubbed into the charming buttocks, just touching the pouting lips of the charming pink cunt that projected forward owing to the position in which she was bound. She stooped and sucked the cunt till it throbbed and swelled out with excitement; then she held the girl down by the shoulders and asked Julia to birch her. This Julia was madly desiring and she commenced immediately to obey such a pleasant command.

    She had dealt one or two sharp, stinging blows when the victim recovered her senses and began to scream with fright and pain. “Hit her harder,” said Mrs. Minette. Julia required no further incentive and lashed at the puckered bottom before her like one possessed. “Oh, you are killing me,” shrieked the little one. “Oh, my bottom!”

    “We will make you feel more than this,” said Mrs. Minette, and signing to Julia to desist, which Julia did with evident reluctance, she took a small dildo and, first inserting a finger in the crevice that was throbbing under the scarlet cheeks of her bottom, began to tickle the little clitoris and bottomhole. The girl's cries grew fainter. She struggled to free herself from the position in which she was bound and, judging from her convulsive movement, was about to spend for the first time in her life. Seeing this, Mrs. Minette withdrew her finger and gently inserted the head of the dildo, around which the lips of the girl's cunt clung most enticingly. Mrs. Minette pushed it backwards and forwards till the Crisis overtook the girl; then with a brutal lunge, she forced it in to its entire length, breaking the hymen and causing the most acute pain at the very moment the child's first spunk commenced to flow. She screamed and struggled piteously, but this only excited all her tormentors to fury. Mr. Spankie, seizing Julia, fucked her savagely, perforating her bottomhole with his finger as he did so. Mrs. Minette in the meantime was pushing the dildo about in every direction in the young quim she had ravished, so as to thoroughly open it, but had hardly completed her operations when the Crisis seized her and she fell on the bed by her victim, spending profusely. Seeing this, the two waiting maids came to her relief and one sucked her nipples as the other drained her cunt of every drop of spunk that her amorous tongue could produce. The little girl was then taken into another room and put to bed, carefully tended, until she was sufficiently recovered to be made to take part in the wildest excesses of lust.

    After a short interval, other girls of exquisite beauty were brought in. They were a trifle older than the last victim and for this reason the tormentors' lust was further increased. As had been prearranged, one girl was seized by each of them- the two waiting maids, Julia, and Spankie-and carried to chairs. These chairs were rigged with special springs that set off an ingenious mechanism which held fast the legs and arms of their occupant as soon as that unfortunate person sat down. The girls were paralyzed with fear, their nakedness and Mr. Spankie's erect prick filling them with wonderment. Excited by the idea that they were watched by these lovely girls, innocent of everything, the torturers put in practice every species of abandoned licentiousness in which it was possible to indulge. Julia knelt down in front of Mr. Spankie sucking his prick, while he gamahuched one of the waiting maids, who stooped over his face for the purpose, while Mrs. Minette, with one finger in the maid's cunt and the other in her arse, frigged both orifices; at the same time she was herself operated on in a similar manner by the other waiting maid. They were very soon rolling on the floor in a confused heap, their spunk falling in all directions on each other's bodies and faces.

    They then turned their attention to the four girls. Approaching them, they felt their bosoms and unfastened the front of their dresses, afterwards raising their dresses in front and examining with lustful enjoyment their young cunts, on which a soft and silky down was appearing. Three of the victims were loud in their outcries, but as they were unable to move the tormentors enjoyed to the full the handling of their private parts, the more so that they were powerless to resist. The fourth girl was flushed and Julia, on examining her dear little cunt, found it moist and throbbing. On putting her finger in, Julia found that it entered quite easily. This girl was evidently of an immensely warm temperament, for in spite of her terror she soon spent under Julia's caressing hand, after which Julia put her lips to the spot and sucked her long and ardently.

    Providing themselves with scissors, the debauched party cut off every particle of the girls' clothing and released them, then bound them to flogging machines in such a manner that their bellies and cunts were in close contact and their breasts pressed against each other. Then they inserted a well-moistened double dildo in each pair of cunts, so that the points entered just within the lips. Then, taking up positions on either side, they commenced to birch the victims, gently at first but with growing severity until the girls writhed and shrieked with pain. They desisted for a time to observe the effects, feeling the crimsoned buttocks and laying their fingers flat between the junction of the girls' thighs, titillating them gently. This evidently had the most wonderful effect on the four unfortunates for they ceased their cries, and by the movement of their muscles it could be seen clearly that they were experiencing pleasure. In a few moments it was evident they were about to reach the Crisis and only refrained from pressing their bellies hard against each other because of the pain such an action would cause by the consequent increased insertion of the dildos.

    The others resumed the rods and showered down stinging blows. The girls could not resist writhing under the renewed attack and with wild cries they involuntarily forced the dildos up to the hilt in their quivering bodies, and mingled blood and spunk issued forth. Throwing his rod aside and advancing to the girl on whom Julia had previously operated, Mr. Spankie thrust his prick into her arse-hole with the utmost force, tearing his way in and pushing backwards and forwards till he inundated her with his spunk. Mrs. Minette took Julia across her naked thighs and inserted a dildo in her anus as she lay with her belly upwards; then, stooping, she gamahuched her, while working the dildo to and fro till Julia spent with the utmost delight. Then, seizing the dildo which had dropped from her anus, Julia plunged it into Mrs. Minette's cunt and frigged her with it till that lady's eyes closed, every muscle stiffened, and, with a howl of pleasure, she spent profusely. The waiting maids were also gamahuching each other, till the same effect overtook them and all lay in a confused heap, reeling with excess of gratified lubricity. The pleasure all had experienced cannot be expressed, particularly the pleasure of that moment when the four maidenheads of the girls were simultaneously destroyed by their own involuntary movements amid screams and struggling. Mr. Spankie felt as though he would faint, every muscle trembled and his prick throbbed fearfully, while Julia was literally maddened. They now turned their attention to the girls, who were still suspended, and perceived to their astonishment and delight that they were involuntarily pressing backwards and forwards against each other. They hastened to assist the girls, separating the cheeks of their bottoms and carefully inserting their moistened fingers within the lovely orifices, pushing them gently backwards and forwards. The effect of this was soon evident by the convulsive manner in which the bottomholes closed and throbbed on the fingers inserted in them. Just as the girls were on the verge of spending again, the tormentors stood behind them and squeezed the girls sandwiched between them with all their strength, assisting them in spending by their lascivious movement. All were now thoroughly exhausted, and Julia and Mr. Spankie, having put on their clothes, left the house.

    Some days later they again visited Mrs. Minette, who told them that a beautiful boy of about fifteen had been secured for ministering to their lust. Julia trembled with suppressed emotion and begged to be allowed to do what she pleased with him. This was agreed to on the condition that her operations were conducted in the presence of Mr. Spankie and Mrs. Minette. The latter then left the room, returning shortly with a well-proportioned and agreeable-looking youth. He was invited to sit on one of the trick-spring chairs and was immediately a prisoner. Julia did not approve of this proceeding, and at a sign from her the astonished youth was released. Julia then approached him, embracing him warmly and pressing her lovely breasts against his chest. She pushed him towards the bed and attempted to put her hand between his thighs, but he struggled to such an extent that she could not succeed in unbuttoning his trousers and reaching his prick. Mr. Spankie and Mrs. Minette, however, assisted her by holding the youth's arms and legs and she succeeded in unfastening his trousers and bringing forth his prick with her trembling fingers. It was not stiff but sufficiently swollen to prove that with discreet manipulation and the influence of exciting feelings it would soon become erect.

    Julia wished him to be placed again in the chair, which was immediately done. She then brought out his prick and balls and left them completely in view. She seated herself before him and slowly raised her dress, exposing her lovely thighs and bottom, and commenced slowly to frig herself, allowing him to see every detail of the process. His prick began to rise with little jerks until it stood erect and throbbing. Seeing this, she knelt in front of him with her lovely breasts exposed and, passing her arms around his loins, hugged him to her and commenced to frig him by the friction of her breasts, thus pushing his foreskin up and down. The youth groaned with delight, but just as he began to spend, she darted back and watched with gloating eyes the spunk slowly dropping from the head of his prick as he moaned aloud. She then seized the prick in her mouth and sucked it with such violence that the youth was forced to utter a cry. She continued, however, until he spent in her mouth. Seeing that it was still stiff, she sat across him, directed it to her cunt, and spent herself at the same moment he did, uttering the most frantic exclamations of enjoyment. She then suggested each should frig him in turn, until he fainted from exhaustion. This idea excited his tormentors. Released once more, he was extended on the bed as Julia had been on her initiation to the mysteries of flagellation and then flogged and frigged with true cruelty till he became insensible.

    Mrs. Minette approached first and, embracing his thighs, between which she placed her lovely arm, pressed her breast against his bottom and balls, which she then tickled until his prick was erect. Then slowly drawing the foreskin up and down, as far as it would go, she sucked his anus, darting her tongue inside while at the same time tickling the inside of his thighs. Suddenly she said, “He is going to spend. I can feel it by the increased head size and stiffness of his lovely prick.” And frigging him with the greatest rapidity, she caused his spunk to flow. As soon as she left him he begged to be released, saying his cock was so sore and pained him so much that he could scarcely bear it. “You shall be frigged till you faint,” said Mrs. Minette brutally.

    Mr. Spankie then approached. He was so fearfully excited by the exhibition he had witnessed and the idea that he was going to brutally frig a boy that he was already half fainting from his repeated emissions. That the boy's prick and balls were completely bathed in their own spunk inflamed his lust still more. Scarcely knowing what he did, he determined to bugger the boy. Accordingly he squeezed the slippery balls in his hand and rubbed his fingers about them, transferring the moisture to the boy's bottomhole, into which he placed his finger, all the time fondling prick and balls. Julia now approached and sucked Mr. Spankie's cock. When it was well moistened, she asked him to put it in the boy's bottomhole, an operation she was most anxious to see. She and Mrs. Minette pulled apart the cheeks and Mr. Spankie placed the point of his prick just within the notch. Julia now dealt him a tremendous blow which compelled him to thrust forward, and in so doing he half buried his prick in the bottomhole in front of him. This caused his victim most frightful pain; he moaned and yelled, struggling fiercely to rid himself of the fearful prick that had thus penetrated his bottomhole. All this excited Mr. Spankie the more and he thrust with greater energy, Julia pushing him in with all her strength and at the same time fondling his balls and tickling his arsehole. Mrs. Minette was frigging the lifeless prick of the boy. “He shall spend,” said she, “if it kills him.” Mr. Spankie gave a furious lunge and was buried into the boy up to the balls. He commenced to push his prick backwards and forwards with cruel force. Mrs. Minette in the meantime frigged the boy's prick with both hands. A shiver passed through Mr. Spankie's frame and with a positive howl he spent within the boy's body. Mrs. Minette continued her operations till at last the prick slightly thickened and a few drops of spunk came forth. The boy was perfectly insensible. He was then released and taken away.

    After he had gone, the three operators in this scene of cruelty glared at each other, every muscle throbbing wildly. They rushed on each other and seized each other's private parts which they handled, squeezed, and frigged, all convulsively writhing in a confused heap on the floor. They spent almost immediately and then Mrs. Minette drew Julia on her in the reverse way and they were speedily gamahuching each other wildly. Mr. Spankie approached Julia and inserted his prick in her cunt. Mrs. Minette sucked Julia's clitoris and occasionally his balls, passing her tongue up the vagina over her by the side of the wet and throbbing prick that was buried in it. They soon reached the Crisis and the spunk flowed from them in streams. It was then proposed that Julia should be tied erect, with her legs and arms widely extended, to the flogging machine which stood in the room. This was done and Mrs. Minette took up a large birch and commenced to flagellate her lovely bottom. Mr. Spankie knelt in front of her and began to gamahuche her gently, allowing his tongue to pass lazily over her madly excited clitoris. Just as she was on the point of emission, he desisted and in spite of her entreaties would not touch her. He watched with intense enjoyment the spasmodic contraction of the lips of her cunt and even of her belly and thighs, so great was her excitement, while the flogger continued her strokes, each one of which more maddened Julia with desire. One of the waiting maids was sent for, and Mr. Spankie was bound in a similar manner, facing Julia. They thus came in contact lip to lip, breast to breast, and his prick immediately opposite that lovely cunt into which it entered at once. Julia gave a satisfied sigh, and the waiting maid commenced to flagellate Mr. Spankie in a manner similar to that in which Mrs. Minette was still operating on Julia. The consequence of this was that they soon dissolved in bliss and, after being released and having indulged in mutual sucking of cock and cunts and breasts, they again left the house in which they had experienced so much pleasure.

    Part 2

    Chapter V

    A very pretty girl of graceful figure walking through Jermyn street was accosted by a gentlemanly young man, who, after some conversation of a character highly flattering to the young lady, and which completely won the confidence of her guileless heart, persuaded her to accompany him to his chambers which were close by. When they arrived, he brought out wine and biscuits which he persuaded her to take. Sitting on a luxurious sofa under the influence of the wine and his fascination, she became so enamoured of him that when he put his arm around her waist and drew her close to him, pressing warm kisses on her pouting lips, she was so overcome as to return them; nor was she able to resist when he began to take further liberties with her. He pressed her to him and with little difficulty got his hand inside the bosom of her dress, fondling the warm and firm globes that nestled there. She struggled slightly and said, “Oh, you must not. Don't. Do let me alone.”

    “I don't wish to let you alone,” said he, “you must let me feel this soft and enchanting bosom, you must indeed.” Saying this, he managed to unfasten her dress completely and actually got out one naked globe in his hand, which he devoured with kisses. So disordered were all her senses that while her breasts were fluttering under the wanton encroachments of his hand, which was now moulding her breasts into all sorts of forms, he succeeded in gradually raising her dress sufficiently high to enable him to place the other hand between her thighs, up which he gradually groped till he reached the silken covering of the spot where they joined. This alarmed her at first and she tried hard to remove his hand, but when he got his fingers between the lips and began to frig her, the action rendered her powerless. She yielded herself entirely and lay back in his arms, her head upon his shoulder, her eyes half closed, her lips moving in unison with his as he kissed her. He saw she was in no condition to resist him, even if he fucked her. He therefore drew forth his prick, hot and swollen as it was, and, throwing one leg over her, he brought his stiff prick close enough to her to enable him to bring the head into the floss that covered the entrance to her cunt. Already it was pressing its way in to its utmost length, while he stopped her entreaties by his constant kisses on her half-open mouth. While maintaining the progress he had made, he shifted her into a better position for enjoying her. Laying her head on the couch pillow, he placed one of her legs on that substitute for a bed. Getting between, he brought the other leg up also and then lay down on the body of the panting girl, whose face was now flushed with the deep crimson of desire.

    But while his arms were pressing around her loins and she was opening and extending her legs of her own accord, so as to enable him to penetrate her better, she was horrified to see the door open and another gentleman enter the room. With a look of such genuine shame that she could not imagine him to be acting, her lover disengaged himself from her endearing arms and rose from her form, which thus became exposed to the sight of the intruder, leaving her to cover as best she could her private parts. This she could not readily accomplish, as her lover had contrived to entangle his foot amongst her drapery. The intruder was thus enabled to gain her side before she could recover an upright position and cover herself up. This he prevented her doing, holding up her clothes as she attempted to pull them down and at the same time pressing her backwards in the position in which she had lain before. She was alarmed as he said in a stem voice, “So, sir, this is the way you bring young ladies here in my absence. Leave the room, sir. As for you, Miss, I shall keep you here as you are and send for your friends whom I know, in order that they may see how you behave when away from them.”

    The chastised lover slunk away and the girl felt as though she could sink through the floor, left alone and in such a position with a stranger. She entreated him to let her go but he would not. After gloating for a while over her charms he said, “Now I shall either expose you or give you a good birching for your wickedness. Choose which it shall be.” After a few moments, in her confusion and fright, she chose the latter alternative. He then allowed her to rise and, taking a birch from a buffet that stood in the room, he sat down and stretched out his legs before him. He bent her across them, her fair head hanging down as if to hide her face at submitting to such a punishment as she was about to receive. For quite a quarter of an hour he thus gratified himself by birching her posteriors, enjoying her sighs, which she gave vent to as the process of the whipping gradually brought back that lustful heat in her quim which the blandishments of her betrayer had first generated there. These sighs soon became more expressive of voluptuous passion than of any other feeling. Before he had birched her up to that point when a man feels he must fuck the flagellated one or let his spunk flow in his trousers, she was as willing as he was that he should enjoy her in front, as well as behind. Throwing the rod aside, he took her in his arms and begged her to be friends with him, saying that he could not resist flogging her when he saw another enjoying her lovely charms. In this excited state she could not resist his appeal to allow him to fuck her.

    Kissing her ardently, he at once placed her on the couch in the same position he had found her. Placing his prick between her extended thighs, he speedily entered her and commenced to move backwards and forwards until, with spasmodic action, they both yielded up love's exquisite stream. He then got off but would not allow her to rise, sitting by her side and toying with her beautiful limbs. After some little time he reached to pull a bell and she heard approaching footsteps, at which she begged him to allow her to cover her nakedness. This he refused. When his page entered, the gentleman showed him where his priapus had just entered and their united spendings still oozing from it.

    “I must make you amends for having deprived you of your sweetheart, even if it was only for a time. I have been enjoying her but I cannot even now spare her from my sight,” said he. “So if you fuck her it must be while I watch you. I am sure she will allow me that pleasure.” And she by this time was too wanton to object.

    In order to carry out their scheme, they took her to a place more calculated for practising lechery. The gentleman was Sir Clifford Norton and the page the same William who had shared with him the lascivious body of Miss Birchem, and it was by Sir Clifford's order that William had gone out in search of a pretty girl to make the victim of their joint lust.

    Annie, for that was the young lady's name, found herself in the bedroom of the baronet. The first thing the two men did was to undress her to her corset, and the next to strip off all their own clothing. Annie was asked to sit at the foot of the bed while they tucked up her chemise and fastened it in order that her lovely cunt and thighs might be fully exhibited. William lay on his back on the bed and his stiff cock was grasped by Sir Clifford, who was manipulating it in order that Annie might receive it in her body in a state of glorious development. They had taken the birch with them and Annie was flailing the baronet's posteriors with it as he leaned over the bed frigging William. After this had continued for some little time, Annie threw herself on her back on the bed and both men gloated on her glowing charms, their stiff pricks throbbing and rising at each pulsation of the blood through their veins. William then mounted her and as she clasped him tightly in her arms, Sir Clifford guided his prick into her cunt. When it was fairly in, she closed her thighs over him and for a while gave herself wholly to her lascivious feelings, exciting her imagination by looking at the prick of Sir Clifford, while he in turn watched with the keenest interest the prick of the page as it disappeared within fair Annie's laboring body and now reappeared in all its glory as he withdrew it from its narrow cavity, only to send it in again with still greater vigour and delight. The whim then seized her to have them both at once upon her and, like a queen of love whose word was law, she bade Sir Clifford mount behind the page, that they might both have her at once. The baronet instantly obeyed her, but whether his penis would not reach so far as her cunt or whether he found a greater attraction elsewhere, it is nevertheless certain that it found a resting place before it reached her cunt. Annie could see quite well what was taking place between Sir Clifford and his page. William's eyes were nearly starting from his head, a flush of heated lust upon each feature, while Sir Clifford looked as though his lascivious gratification was literally burning him up. The scene continued till Annie felt a flood of hot spunk bursting into her and found her own passions so affected by it that she also gave way to her feelings, which utterly overcame her.

    They then arose and sat down by the fire. After some lascivious toying they took off the chemise and corsets which Annie had retained until now. Sir Clifford, whose prick was again immensely stiff, took her upon his lap, impaling her upon his upright prick. While he fucked her, she frigged the prick of the page and played with his balls. William was excited to the utmost, and how eloquent of pleasant emotion were the eyes of Annie, as she received the full discharge of the baronet's spunk into her glorious cunt, while his spouted forth over her caressing fingers. Once more they prepared to roger Annie, this time on the bed again. William lay on his back, Annie above him, while Sir Clifford stood by the side of the bed frigging himself and watching them in the ecstasy of coition. Then in his excitement the page seized Sir Clifford's prick and frigged him while still fucking Annie with a vigour that seemed to increase as her delightful cunt grew hotter and randier. With a bewitching voice she gave expression to her wantonness, repeating after them the most bawdy terms conceivable. All this so maddened Sir Clifford that his body was pervaded with fuck. He then brought out a rod and lashed the heaving buttocks of the lascivious girl who, in the abundance of her pleasure, challenged him to flog her, fuck her to death, goading both men into a fury that could only be quenched by their smothering her with spunk. The page made his spendings fly into her belly and the full stream of the baronet's profuse discharge was directed over her flagellated backside.

    Still their desires for the voluptuous girl were not quenched, although their pricks were for the time being incapable of standing. She exerted all her fascination to arouse them, kissing their bodies, sucking their pricks, toying with their balls, and giving up every portion of her body to them, making them kiss and suck her breasts, her rosy nipples, her still nervously throbbing cunt. Lying on her back, she showed them all the graceful curves her undulating form and beauteous limbs could offer, while they enacted with her all the voluptuous dalliance that so exquisite a figure could incite them to. Presently she leapt up and cried, “If you cannot fuck my cunt again, if a naked woman will not excite you sufficiently, show me what you can do together. Come, sir,” said she, addressing Sir Clifford, “place yourself like a woman and see what your page can do for you; and if he cannot do more for you than for me, I will flog him till he cannot stand.”

    Sir Clifford extended himself on his belly and made William mount up behind. Annie guided William's prick into his master's anus, holding the lower part of it while she administered such a birching to both cheeks of his bottom as soon caused it to stand as stiff as ever. She watched it gradually make its way within the narrow aperture between the cheeks of the baronet's bottom until it was buried to the root. They then went through that sport for which Sir Clifford had so keen a relish, affording to Annie the most intense delight. As the baronet tossed and writhed on the bed, she secured his prick and, squeezing it as hard as she could, she chafed it from root to point with almost demoniac energy until he spent with a scream of mingled pain and pleasure and at the same moment received the spunk of his page in the innermost recesses of his arse. After this bout he dismissed Annie with a handsome present and arranged a future meeting which the delighted girl promised to attend.

    The narrator is a young lady of ardent temperament, who is in the habit of tasting all the delights of voluptuousness in the arms of an amorous Colonel, of whom she has become enamoured. Afterwards as her desires increase, he introduces his page and with him they join in the most lascivious orgies. One day in the Colonel's absence this page relates to her his history, which she recounts as follows.

    Charlie was in his fourteenth year and the son of a gentleman of good position, when the bank in which his father's money was deposited failed. That gentleman was so affected by his loss that he committed suicide, leaving Charlie and his mother destitute. The Colonel was then quartered in their town and had been paying much attention to Charlie's mother, but, or so Charlie thought, without success up to the period of her widowhood; at least his mother subsequently assured him so. The Colonel now instantly came forward and most liberally placed his purse at their disposal. Of course this ended in the mother's coming covertly under his protection, and Charlie was sent to college until he was fifteen, when he was brought back to reside with his mother so as to blind the world to her connection with the Colonel. Charlie during his absence had learnt the secret of the connection between the sexes, and he very soon discovered the relationship existing between his mother and the Colonel. He managed to find an opportunity to observe them from a hidden recess and gloat on the amorous enjoyment in which they were indulging, envying the Colonel the possession of his mother's ripe and luscious charms, for she was a magnificent woman of a warm and erotic constitution and in the prime of life, thirty-four years of age.

    About three months after his return, as he was approaching his sixteenth year, the constant witnessing of the love combats between them had wonderfully developed his virile member and from his hidden post of observation, he used to frig himself, longing all the time to be buried in the beautiful body of his mother. Doing this to excess one day, he became exhausted and fell asleep, his hand still clasping his prick, which was covered with his spendings.

    When the Colonel had left and the mother had finished her ablutions and was drying herself in a state of perfect nudity, she was startled to hear a snore close by her. She approached the recess, opened it, and saw her son with his very respectable prick in his hand. Sleep had reinvigorated it and it was standing stiffly. “Good Heavens!” cried his mother at the sight. Her exclamation woke her son, who, to his astonishment and delight, saw his mother standing before him in all the glory of her charms. She herself seemed to have forgotten the state in which she was, in her surprise at finding her son in such a condition. In his excitement he sprang to his feet and threw his arms wildly about her naked body. She staggered back under his unexpected attack. A sofa behind her tripped her up and she fell back on it, her son falling on her. All her movements to escape only made it more easy for the standing prick, already pressing hard against her frightened cunt, to engulf itself up to the hilt; and the youth, mad with lust and the determination to fuck his mother, began working away within her with all his might. He told me that he thought his mother quickly got erotically excited by his movements, because her efforts to escape and her entreaties for him to desist grew feebler and feebler; and although she did not respond to his forward thrusts, still when he spent and continued to give convulsive heaves forward he felt her upward pressures close on his prick.

    When he had finished, he found that she was weeping bitterly. He strove to comfort her but she now easily pushed him away and then, throwing herself on her belly, sobbed as if her heart would break. He knelt by her side and endeavoured to console her, but she sobbed on. In his attempt to soothe her he could not help casting his eye on the magnificent bottom, which was fully exposed to him as she lay on her belly. The sight of these glorious globes, for she was particularly well developed in those parts, combined with the incestuous thought that it was really his mother, instantly reawakened his lust and his cock became as stiff as ever. Her right leg was drawn up so that, on shifting his head towards the bottom of the sofa, the whole of the fat and pouting lips of her cunt, all foaming with his own young sperm still oozing out, lay exposed to his gaze and madly roused his lust. Without making any noise he slipped off his trousers and, suddenly flinging himself on his knees between her open legs, he rapidly engulfed his stiff-standing prick in the delicious cunt, all moist and ready to receive.

    At this suddenly renewed attack his mother attempted to rise. But he grasped the sofa on each side with his hands and held her tight while he worked away most vigorously. His mother, who had only aided him by her attempt to escape, entreated him to leave her, but he still persisted and she soon became so much excited by the vigorous operations of his prick within her that her passions mastered her. First submitting patiently to his attack, she ended by most actively seconding him with the agile movement of her loins and bottom and died away ecstatically with him in the delicious Crisis.

    After this it was useless remonstrating with him. She turned round when he arose and warmly embraced him, saying what a dreadful son he was to commit incest with his own mother and telling him that he must take care never to betray so dreadful a secret. He promised and also added that he would never divulge his knowledge of her intimacy with the Colonel, even to that gentleman himself. He then said, “Oh, Mamma, if you only knew how delicious it was to witness you together, how I longed to be a partaker in such charms, how beautifully you fuck, Mamma. And what a fine prick the Colonel has. How often have I envied him when you were sucking it, Mamma, darling! Will mine ever be as big? Just feel it, Mamma, and do tell me.” She took it in her hand and softly pressed it. It was only half stiff but instantly became erect. But maidenly modesty overcomes, me here, and I must let Charlie tell you his story in his own words.

    I felt her hand grasp it, I saw her cheeks flush, and so I slipped my own hand over her prominent mount, which instantly closed upon it and throbbed, making my prick respond and become as hard as iron. “What a fine cock it is,” she said. “I could not have thought that a boy like you could have had one as large.”

    “Oh, let me have another embrace, Mamma, with your consent and aid.” I was frigging her cunt all the time and could feel by its frequent throbbing that her lubricity was gaining the day against prejudice. She stooped, kissed, and then took the head of my prick in her mouth for a loving suck. My God, I thought I should have died with the overwhelming sensation this produced in me. I felt as if every nerve were bursting, so intense was the enjoyment it afforded me. Providentially I did not, however, spend in her mouth, an action which would have exhausted me on this particular occasion. She left off her delightful occupation and said, “As the wine is e'en drawn we must e'en drink.” It is a common country saying indicative of consent.

    She rose and bade me take off all my clothes, saying that as it must be, it had better be complete. This was rapidly effected. She then led me to the bed. She lay down on her back, extended her lovely legs wide apart, and told me to get between them. I did so and she herself guided my prick into her raging cunt. Her legs closed over my back, she hugged me to her bosom, sought my mouth, and covered it with kisses, thrusting her tongue within and seeking out mine. After what I had already done with her, not to mention frigging myself in my hideaway, I was not prepared to spend again without considerable action. This just suited the excited passion of my mother. Now that she had fully consented, the idea of incest with her own son acted as a special spur to her lust, and I am sure that she spent four times before joining me in the joys of the final Crisis. It was most deliciously exquisite. I fainted at the last and became perfectly insensible. My mother told me afterwards that she had also been unconscious for some time in all the lovely after-sensations, which were greater than ever she had experienced. She soon recovered by the aid of cold water and eau de Cologne, and when I returned to consciousness she had thrown on a dressing gown. I begged her once more to lie down by my side but she would not consent, saying that I had exhausted myself too much already and that I must rise and dress. I was obliged to comply, and thus ended my initiation into the divine mysteries of a mother's incestuous cunt.

    Of course after this my adorable mother took every occasion to indulge me in the possession of her person. We always slept together on those days when the Colonel had spent a long afternoon in Mamma's arms. I was allowed to be a hidden spectator in their transports on condition that I did not impair my vigour by masturbation.

    On most occasions Mamma remained reposing on the bed after the Colonel had left her and this allowed me to rush upon her foaming cunt and gamahuche it in that state, and then fuck her twice without withdrawing, both of us being in the utmost state of excitement. My mother declared that another prick, young and vigorous, just after her exhaustion in another man's arms, imparted fresh life and passion to her wild lubricity, but she never allowed me to spend above twice, as these meetings were always followed by a night of pleasure. The Colonel had a passkey and sometimes called at night when he had been unable to do so during the day, but hitherto he had never paid a nocturnal visit if he had enjoyed Mamma in the afternoon. It was reliance on this arrangement that induced my mother to allow me to sleep with her all night. But this at last brought about the discovery of our liaison.

    The Colonel had for some time past been in the habit of calling me to him and making me sit close to him on the sofa, passing his arms round my waist and pressing me close to him, kissing me and telling me he loved me as a son. I suspected his affection was more erotic than paternal, for I saw by the bulging out of his trousers that this always excited him and made his prick stand. The sight of his standing pego had the same effect on mine and I saw that he always noticed this. On one occasion my mother had her dressmaker with her, and he had to wait before he could see her. He drew me to him as usual, glided his tongue within my mouth, and begged me to suck it. I did so and we were in a state of furious erection almost immediately.

    “My dear boy,” said he, “I see you are affected in the same manner as I am by these sweet embraces, and you seem to be grown more than I could have thought for your age.” At the same time he placed his hand on my throbbing prick.

    “But nothing to your own, Colonel,” said I.

    “Would you like to see it?” he asked. “Above all things.”

    “Well, then you may unbutton me, if you like, while I do the same for you.”

    Out burst our two weapons. I took his and handled it with much enjoyment. He then rose and locked the door and begged me to lower my trousers and stand up before him. He rubbed my bottom and gently frigged the staff of my prick; then, stooping, he took it in his mouth, tickling the point with his tongue in the most delicious manner, and at the same time contriving to frig the root with one hand. He suddenly lifted his head and, inserting a finger in his mouth, moistened it well. He then renewed his sucking and frigging and when he felt I was approaching the Crisis, he pushed his hand behind and put his moistened finger up my bottomhole. He pushed it in and out in unison with his frigging and sucking, making me spend with more delight than I had ever yet experienced with Mamma. He sucked and only stopped when not a drop remained. He raised his head and asked me how I liked it. I told him the pleasure I had experienced and begged him to allow me to suck him. He allowed me to do so for a few moments, but would not spend; he said he had other work to do. He said I must come to see him but not to tell Mamma anything about it. I guessed what he wanted, for I had frequently seen him fuck Mamma in her bottomhole and she had in fact initiated me and allowed me to do so to her. She had also applied her finger to my bottomhole while we were mutually gamahuching.

    When I visited the Colonel at the barracks he locked the door, begged me to strip naked, and followed my example himself. He took me in his arms and embraced me most lasciviously, then made me turn round and handled and kissed every part of me. Taking my prick in his mouth, he began his delicious movement thereon, again exciting me by the insertion of a finger in my bottomhole. When he saw I was ready for anything, he desisted, knelt on the sofa projecting his buttocks as far as possible, and told me to stand behind him and let him take my prick in his hand. As I expected, he guided it between the cheeks of his bottom and told me to push it in. I did so and inserted it up to the root at a single thrust. He flinched a little and told me to be quiet a moment or I should spend too soon and spoil the enjoyment. Nevertheless, I spent immediately but did not withdraw, and the pressure the Colonel employed soon restiffened it.

    “Now,” said he, “we will take it more leisurely. Pass your hand under my belly, take my prick, and frig it, stopping at intervals.” I did so, and when we finally spent in unison I thought his even better than my mother's bottom. It seemed hotter and tighter. I withdrew and we washed and partook of refreshment.

    Soon he requested me to stand up. I did so, and he knelt down behind me, glued his Ups to my pink bottomhole, and thrust his tongue within in a manner that fired my passions. He made me long to feel the sensation that would be produced in me by the insertion of a prick. When the Colonel saw by the state of my prick the feeling he was producing, he arose and said that as his cock was so large, he would try to obviate the difficulty of penetration by soaping it but first he would pass his finger up my bottomhole, moistened in a similar manner. This he did, affording me great pleasure. Then, bringing his magnificent prick to the spot, he told me to strain as if endeavouring to void something, and he, with little pain to me, succeeded in sheathing the nut and about an inch of the shaft within me. But when he attempted to advance it hurt me and produced a sickening feeling, and I should certainly have unseated him but for the grip he maintained on my hips, holding me as though in a vise. His prick was now so far in that he rapidly advanced another inch and a half. He cried out to me to keep quiet and the pain would soon cease. I summoned all my courage and did so, and shortly the throbbing of his prick within the narrow recess began to affect my cock, which had shrunk to nothing during his first attempt. The Colonel's experience telling him that my passions were now rising to fucking heat, he slipped a hand under my belly and gently frigged me till I spent. He then availed himself of the opportunity my wrigglings at this moment afforded him and sheathed his prick within me up to the root, without my being aware of it. When he had done this, he lay quiet, having not yet spent.

    When I had quite recovered, he told me to sink down on my left side, he sinking with me without losing an inch of his penetration, his prick still buried within me to the hairs. He now desired me to draw my knees well up and stick out my bottom. He took my prick in his hand and began to frig it again. This naturally excited him to fever heat and the throbbing of my arse convinced him he might proceed. He therefore began to move in and out slowly and regularly while he frigged me more rapidly. I soon begged him to be quicker in his movements behind. He did not immediately comply, but when he felt the increase in the size and heat of my prick, he worked rapidly within me. I became strangely wild in my feelings, and when I spent my very sobs of pleasure were checked by unutterable delight. The Colonel had even yet not spent, preferring that I should be thoroughly broken in before he plunged in and out with the violence and fury he enjoyed. Hence he lay quietly, imbedded in me to the hilt, until I recovered my sensibility and began to have my erotic sensations excited anew.

    Once more I commenced to wriggle under the Colonel's caressing hand, at the sight of which he commenced to plunge furiously in and out and we at length came to the ecstatic Crisis with an erotic fury rarely equalled. This thoroughly exhausted us both. The retention of spunk by the Colonel for so long a time caused a perfect body-killing discharge, and his prick immediately afterwards slipped out of my bottomhole.

    We continued these pleasures for some weeks, till at last the Colonel spoke openly of the delights of fucking my mother and said how much he would like me to be buried in his arse at the moment he was spending into my mother's palpitating body. I said I was sure she would never consent to that; once I had come into her room when she was dressing and had ventured to touch her bubbies, but she instantly turned me from the room. “Nevertheless,” said he, “you must fuck her yourself; she is very hot. I shall leave her someday only half fucked. I shall let you know when this happens, and as I leave, enter her room boldly, throw yourself into her arms, and if she does not consent willingly, force your way into her. Her cunt will be all moist from my fucking and your prick will easily slip in. However angry she may be, she will be sure to forgive you when you have made her spend.” He little thought I had long ago done so, but I promised to follow his directions.

    I told him afterwards that I had made the attempt but to no purpose. However, he had some suspicion that I had succeeded, I am sure, and a few nights later when we were in the Crisis of a delicious fuck and I had just given my mother the last convulsive thrust, “Bravo,” said a voice near us. In a moment he threw off his clothes and was on the bed. My mother screamed and struggled, but my idea was to take his prick in me while mine was buried in her, so I held her fast. He went to the foot of the bed and, inserting his face between our extended thighs, sucked my testicles and rolled his tongue in the spendings that were clinging to the roots of my prick. Then he rushed up behind, in a moment had penetrated me, and we were speedily in the agonies of mutual spending. After my mother's complaints had been silenced, she entered into the enjoyment of the thing, and henceforth we had the wildest orgies in company, till at length my mother was taken ill and subsequently died, to our great grief, and I have since travelled with the Colonel as his private page.

    Thus ends my lover's recital, in the course of which I have been unable to resist gently frigging his lovely prick, taking care that he should not spend, while his finger has been in my vagina the whole time, and I have been unable to refrain from emitting copiously several times during his exciting narrative.

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