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    The adventures of Lady Harpur Vol.3


    Lord Ferrars

    The assiduous attention which my husband paid to his professional duties kept him much from home, and therefore the entertainment of Lord Ferrars chiefly devolved on me. Jim had returned to her mother for a time, and his lordship and I were thus left very much to ourselves.

    He did not seem to regret this much, for he evidently spared himself no pains to make his company agreeable and his person acceptable to me.

    He even neglected his yacht that he might more entirely devote himself to the enjoyment of my society.

    My husband watched the progress of events with increasing interest.

    The idea of jealousy never entered his mind, nor had I the slightest thought of concealing anything from him. In fact, he often asked me at night, when fondly playing with my cunt or when lying on my breast after one of his delightful fucks, whether his lordship had yet made any advance or attempted any freedom? From some time, I had to say: 'No, with the exception of holding my hand and pressing it whenever he can.'

    'Ah, he is only waiting for a good opportunity,' he would reply, 'or perhaps, he is wishing to ingratiate himself more in your goodwill, and thus render his conquest more secure; I expect you will soon have something funny to tell me, and what a grand fuck we shall then have together when he has oiled the way and you are telling all the details.'

    Accordingly I never declined to walk with Lord Ferrars alone, but on the contrary offered him every facility. Still, from some unaccountable reason, he held back. Perhaps, it was my apparent, innocence and confiding simplicity that restrained him; or rather it might have been owing to that peculiar quality in our nature which prevents our grasping at once any object of desire that appears easy of attainment, whereas opposition or difficulties in the way only serve to arouse our energies and excite our ardour to obtain speedy possession.

    However, one day he asked me to join him in exploring the rocky summit of a neighbouring height. We drove as far as we could by road, and then proceeded on foot to climb the steep ascent. Of course, in the more difficult places, his lordship had to show his gallantry by affording me his ready help. And he often found it necessary to put his arm round my waist; and once, when pushing me up a steep rock, he found it needful to place his hands on my bottom. He kept them there as long as he could, and even managed to press his fingers into the furrow between my well-rounded buttocks. And I have no doubt he easily distinguished through my light dress the swelling fullness of the lips which pouted in the luxurious hollows.

    I voluntarily delayed my ascent, and separated my thighs that we might both get the full benefit of his electrifying touch. When we sat down afterwards to rest on a grassy slope in a sheltered nook, he reclined at my feet; and putting his hand on my ankle, he praised my agility and said he could not help observing what a remarkably fine instep I had. I only laughed, and stretching out my foot said I saw nothing remarkable about it. He moved his hand a little higher up, and said, with a most insinuating smile, 'I am discovering fresh beauties!

    What a splendid calf you have, Mrs Harpur! You ought to be a firstrate dancer, and I am sure you enjoy it very much.'

    'Yes, I am very fond of dancing, especially when I have an agreeable partner.'

    'How I would enjoy being that partner, for I love to have my hand on you — you are so exquisitely formed; this leg is the very perfection of beauty — it might serve as a sculptor's model.'

    While saying this, his hand was playing about my knee; at last he touched my thigh above the stocking.

    'Stay, my lord, are you not making a little too free?'

    His hand kept pushing on and it felt hot and tremulous.

    'Oh, stop — you are waxing too warm — I do like you very much, but you know, my lord, I cannot permit such a liberty as that,' and I tried to get up. He placed his right arm round my waist, and in a moment his left hand was on my cunt. it thrilled at his touch, yet to maintain appearance I said, 'My lord, take your hand away, you forget that I belong to another.'

    'I don't forget it, sweet Queenie, but after the wealth of love you lavish on my friend Dick, he surely will not miss a small favour bestowed on me. besides you are just made for love — no one an come near you without getting under its influence — extend a little of your wonted kindness to me, if only for a moment — open your lovely thighs, my sweet pet — there — I knew you would be too good to refuse. How deliciously you are made! What a delightful softness! What a ravishing warmth! Lean back a little — so.'

    'Oh, my lord, you frighten me — I have yielded too much — it may be very pleasant to you, but it will be ruination to me.'

    'No, darling Queenie, you shall never regret your kindness to me. I will be minister to your pleasure, and at the same time will be so careful of your good name that no one shall ever suspect that anything has occurred between us.'

    'Oh! how lovely you are! What a heavenly cunt! I have looked at and handled many a cunt in my day, but I never saw one as attractive as yours, Queenie; its full pouting lips push out in such an inviting manner that they seem to beg for something soft and nice to put between them. Now, I have just what they want — see here — let me introduce this poor fellow to your kind notice — put your hand upon him, Queenie, there, how proud he looks now — see how he thrusts up his rosy head between your white fingers — now place him yourself in your sweet cunt — there — ah, my love, he seems to know the way; how sweetly he passes in! Oh! Queenie, how hot your cunt feels! Tell me, does it enjoy my prick? Tell me if you like to feel it fucking you.'

    'Oh! yes, I like it now — your prick does its duty well; I like to feel it fucking my cunt; do I move up to your satisfaction?'

    'You do, my sweet little wagtail — you move your bottom in the most charming manner; go on talking — I love to hear you speak of your cunt and bottom, and of my prick, and to talk of fucking; but please drop the lord and call me Freddy.'

    'Then push, Freddy, push home your prick — fuck my cunt, squeeze my bottom,' I replied, shoving up my cunt to meet every thrust of his prick.

    He evidently had great experience in fucking. I never knew anyone fuck with such scientific deliberation. He made every stroke tell to the uttermost. He would slowly draw out his prick until the tip of the glans only rested between the lips, and then with equal deliberation drive it slowly back, making its ridge press firmly against the upper creases of my vagina as it passed into my cunt. Then when the whole length was enclosed, and my belly seemed full of it, he would gently work it about from side to side causing the big round head to rub deliciously o the sensitive mouth of my womb. In my ecstasy, I cried, 'Oh, Freddy, my darling, that is nice! Fuck me, my love, fuck me — push in your prick as far as you can into my cunt — press your hands on my bottom — Oh! how nice! Fuck; fuck.'

    Panting with effort and emotion, he grunted, 'Now, Queenie, now — hold me in your arms and put both hands on my bottom — squeeze the cheeks of my arse! Oh, my love, say with me: prick; cunt; arse; pissing; fucking; prick; cunt; arse: fuck; fuck.'

    We both groaned with excess of pleasure, and my cunt tingled round his palpitating tool as the life flood darted from the opposite sources of delight in reciprocating streams of unctuous spunk.

    He lay back to recover breath and rest himself after his exertion; but when he saw me wiping my wet receiver with my handkerchief, he asked me to perform the same kind office for him. I willingly complied, and kneeling at his side took his soft and moistened prick into my hands and tenderly wiped it all round; then stooping forward I pressed my lips on its flowing tip.

    This position elevated my posteriors, and he proceeded at once to avail himself of it. Throwing my dress over my back, he moved me towards him until my naked bum was almost opposite his face. Then, spreading my thighs, he opened the lips of my quim with his fingers, played about the clitoris, and having moistened his finger in my cunt, pushed it into my bottom-hole. I rather enjoyed this display of my posterior charms. Few women object to showing their bottom to men whom they like as they always calculate on the exciting effect of the inspection of this interesting feature. They know well that the bottom-hole is situated so close to the opening of the cunt that it is scarcely possible to look at one without seeing the other, but they consider that the fact of their being placed side by side in the region consecrated to voluptuous enjoyment is a clear intimation that nature intended them to share in those attentions which usually precede and lead up to the grand consummation itself.

    So while I fondled his prick and moulded his balls, he played with the crannies and fissures of my bottom.

    Then getting me to straddle directly over him, he made me stoop until my cunt rested on his mouth. All the lustful feelings of my nature now became strongly excited as I felt his warm breath blowing aside the hairs of my cunt, and his pliant tongue winding round my clitoris, playing between my nymphae and exploring the secret passage inside. But when he went on to the nether entrance, and I felt the titillation of his tongue amid its sensitive creases, the sluices of pleasure burst open and I became conscious of that melting sensation which women call spending but which is very different from the spouting flood which issues from the male organ.

    'Oh, Freddy!' I cried, twisting my rump, and expanding the wrinkles on my bottom-hole to let his tongue further in, 'that is delightful! Oh! I'm coming! Freddy! I'm coming!' Taking the head and shoulders of his prick into my mouth, I sucked with all my force, twining my tongue around its indented neck and all the while, moulding his balls with one hand and frigging his arsehole with the other. The usual effect quickly followed. He began to have his loins up and down, driving his prick in and out of my mouth as if he were fucking it. His prick grew larger, stronger, and hotter; and just as I felt his open mouth in my cunt sipping up the pleasure drops that trickled down its excited folds, a torrent of hot spunk, luscious and sweet, burst into my mouth and flowed down my throat.

    I sank down upon his body, and still pressing my tingling cunt on his hairy chin, muttered: 'Oh! my Freddy, that was delightful! How my bottom and cunt thrilled while you sucked them! But what a torrent of hot spunk your prick shot into my mouth! What great bollocks you have, Freddy! And how hard they grew when your prick swelled up in my mouth and tried to force itself down my throat!'

    The ice was now thoroughly broken; and what between my husband at night and Lord Ferrars by day, I had as much fucking as any woman could possibly desire.

    Dick seemed to love me better than ever; and no loving couple on their honeymoon ever enjoyed each other more fully than we did. Like the old governor, he seemed to have a special fancy for having me immediately after being fucked by another.

    He said my cunt then felt hotter, and my whole body more springy; that I sucked on his prick with more gusto, and fucked with more animation than at other times.

    Indeed I was conscious of it myself, for the feel of a different prick in my cunt just after being fucked by another was to me specially enjoyable, and I could not help showing my pleasure by increased activity in heaving up my rump, pressing and hugging with my hands and arms, and using with more unction and freedom those amorous expressions and bawdy terms which I knew from long experience were the surest provocative of sexual delight.

    My husband would sometimes send me into Lord Ferrars in the early morning before any one was stirring, with express injunctions to hurry back to him as soon as his lordship had discharged in my cunt; and so entirely did he rise above the usual popular prejudice in these matters, that if the morning was dark he would even follow me to the door, and stand there wrapped in his dressing gown to enjoy hearing his wife fucked by another man. On such occasions, I would leave the door open and contrive to make my lord talk of everything so that Dick might know all that was going on and follow each step of the pleasurable race. But on one of these occasions an event happened which we did not expect.

    On coming to the bedside, I slipped my hand under the clothes and felt about for his lordship's prick, saying: 'Are you awake, Freddy? Where is your prick? I can only find your bollocks.

    'Here it is, my pet, I have it tucked up in my shirt to keep it safe for you.'

    And throwing down the bedclothes, he added, 'Get up — lie on your back, and turn up your sweet little arse; that's the way I like best to fuck you — my prick gets further into your cunt, and my bollocks press more luxuriously on your arsehole.'

    Then, getting between my thighs, with my doubled-up knees under his arms, he pressed the length of his prick along the slit of my cunt, telling me to put down my hand and pet it for a moment before he popped it in. so taking it in my hand I rubbed it between the lips and over the clitoris, as I said, 'How strong and big your prick feels tonight, Freddy; I am sure you were just longing for a fuck! And very likely dreaming about it when I came to you, were you not?'

    'Well, I was, and a queer dream I had.'

    'Tell it to me, dear, I love queer dreams.'

    'I dreamt, Queenie, that your husband was lying in bed on his back, that you were straddled over him with your bottom toward his face and his prick was in your cunt; that I happened to come in, and you both called to me to watch you fucking; that I went up, and you at once caught hold of my prick and put it in your mouth; and that as you rose up and down over him causing his prick to slip in and out of your cunt, you moved your head over mine, making it bass in and out through your lips. But the funniest part was that my prick seemed to grow longer and longer as you sucked it, and passed down your throat into your belly, where it still went on extending, and at last made its way out through your cunt; that then your husband began to laugh, and exclaimed: "I say Ferrars, you have spitted my wife, but you must lose your penis, for I shall have to amputate it to save her life." "No, you shall not," I replied and putting down my hands, I grasped my prick, and was holding it tightly when you came in.'

    'That was a funny dream; but I don't think you will ver lose your prick in that way, for even if Dick did find it in my cunt, I am sure he would not be so barbarous as to cut it off. That would be a terrible loss to you; whatever would you do without a prick to fuck with? — I don't think you would live long.' And putting down my hand, I grasped the root of his prick as its well-moistened head worked up and down in my cunt.

    'Do you like that?' I asked, turning up my rump until my body was curved like a bow.

    'I do, sweet pet,' he said, giving me a prod that made me feel his prick at my backbone, 'and how do you like that?'

    'It is exquisite,' I replied wriggling my bottom and squeezing him in my arms.

    'Oh, my love, your cunt is perfection — it takes my prick with such satisfaction and holds it with such tenacious eagerness that it doubles the pleasure of fucking. How I envy Dick having such a cunt always at his command.'

    'Well, I am sure you get enough of it; if you had more you would soon grow tired of it.'

    'Never my pet. I could not have too much of it,' he said, moving slowly, and evidently holding himself in check, to prolong his enjoyment; 'but what would my friend Dick say if he knew I was so favoured by his beautiful wife — I suppose he would soon turn me out of doors.'

    'I am not so sure of that, Freddy; for, in the first place, he likes you very much; secondly, he has not a spark of jealousy — he has too much good sense for that; and thirdly, he likes me to be happy and enjoy myself, even as I am doing now — Oh! Freddy — now pour it into me — fill my belly with spunk — push against my bottom — fuck — fuck — cunt — fuck — fuck — fuck; now let me go — I have already stayed too long and you have had enough for one time — if you want more, come into my bathroom when I am up — so, here's a kiss, and goodbye.'

    Dick took me in his arms at the door, and fairly lifted me up, as he hurried me off to bed; one of his hands all the while rummaging my cunt and bottom.

    'You did that famously, Queenie,' he said, as he laid me on the bed; 'I listened to every word, and heard every stir — I could even hear the gurgling sound made by your cunt as his prick pushed in and out, and the creak of the bed every time you heaved up your bottom. Ferrars fucks judiciously; he always spares his powder, and rams home his cartridge with great deliberation. I declare, I felt strongly tempted to steal in and place my hand under your bottom and feel your cunt while he was fucking it. Would you have been very vexed if I had?'

    'Not in the least, dear! Lord Ferrars is a perfect gentleman and a kind true-hearted man and he loves fucking — well, as much as you do yourself. No, I would not object at all, now that your prick is poking my cunt, so delightfully, to having his lordship down there below us and feeling his hands playing about my cunt and bottom; I think I should enjoy your fucking all the more… 'Is that you, Dick, tickling my bottom and pinching my cunt? Oh, but there is someone there — go on — it is delicious.'

    'Hallo, Ferrars! Is that where you are? Hold on, my boy, you shall have her when I am done.'

    'Thanks, Dick; I heard you at my door and followed you here; you are a noble-minded fellow, and have the most lovable wife that ever man was blessed with, and you are worthy of her.'

    From that time on, I often got a rare pounding between the two, and was seldom fucked by one without having the prick of the other in my hand, my mouth, or somewhere else.


    The Middy

    Knowing the dangers attending satiety, I invited Jim to come to us again, both for her gratification, and as a diversion for Lord Ferrars and my husband. But before her arrival, a strange denouement occurred which I will now proceed to relate.

    Lord Ferrars was visited almost every day by a very handsome boy, dressed in naval uniform, whom he called his middy. He had beautiful violet eyes, and a profusion of flaxen curls. He generally came in the morning and remained some hours in Lord Ferrars' room, writing his letters and making up his accounts — as he told me. I took a fancy to the boy and often tried to get him to talk with me, but he seemed very shy, and evidently avoided meeting me as much as he could.

    Lord Ferrars always spoke most kindly to him, and in every way treated him with marked consideration.

    When I questioned him concerning this youth, he told me he had picked you up at an English seaport, and as he could keep accounts, understood the management of a yacht and had a decided taste for the sea, he retained him in his service as an attendant companion.

    This explanation did not quite satisfy me, and my curiosity becoming more aroused, I set myself to probe the matter, and find out the true nature of the connection.

    Besides, I was piqued at the youth's indifference to myself; it was a new sensation to me to meet one of the other sex who appeared totally unaffected by my charms; and what increased the mystery was that in spite of my admiration of his good looks, there seemed some subtle influence pervading him that repelled us mutually, just as if we were two similar poles of a magnet; and the cause, I determined to find out.

    So one day, getting my husband to take Lord Ferrars out of the way about the time when the middy usually called, I opened the door for him myself, brought him into my boudoir and closed and fastened the door.

    He seemed surprised, and sat down with great reluctance on the seat I offered him, looking around as if prepared to bolt at the first opportunity.

    In order to set him more at his ease, I sat down beside him, and looking kindly at him, said, 'My young friend, I am so pleased with your constant attention to Lord Ferrars that I wish to know something more about yourself. First tell me how old you are, then your name and how you came to meet his lordship.

    'I am seventeen years old, my name is Francis Gripton. My mother kept a lodging house in Southampton, and Lord Ferrars used to stop with her when he remained on shore. He often took me out in his yacht, and finding me useful, he asked me to enter his service.'

    'You seem greatly attached to Lord Ferrars.'

    His eyes flashed as he quickly replied, 'Why should I not be? He is very good to me, and to my mother also. He is constantly sending her presents.'

    'I like you all the better for it; we are all fond of him here.'

    A look of scorn passed over his beautiful features as he said, 'Yes, but you are a married lady, and have not any right to be thinking of Lord Ferrars; you ought to be fond only of your own husband.'

    I was both surprised and amused at the earnestness of the boy, and I thought, more than ever, that there was something underlying this and I must discover what it was. So I said in my kindest manner, 'Why, Francis, you need not be angry; at all events, if you are so much attached to Lord Ferrars, you ought to be pleased at our being fond of him; and we would like to be fond of you too' — and I put my hand on his shoulder.

    He drew back with a frightened air, 'Oh, please, don't trouble your head about me; I am not worth thinking about.'

    'But you are, Francis, and I like you very much,' and I tried to draw him towards me.

    'Please let me go, Mrs Harpur; you remind me of Potiphar's wife,' and he smiled in a curious way. 'I am not, however, going to fly from you like Joseph, but I really have duties which I must attend to.'

    He arose as if to go, but I held his arm with my right hand, and passing my left down his front before he suspected my object, I pressed it between his thighs; as I expected, there was no appearance of what Shakespeare calls his codpiece there; all was smooth, with the exception of a rounded fullness, which told me how luxuriously the want was supplied by a pair of pouting lips.

    'Why, Francis, you have been deceiving us all; you are a girl,' and I put my hand on her breast to make sure.

    'Oh, Mrs Harpur, what shall I do? if Lord Ferrars knows that you have found me out, he will be terribly vexed. He will hate me, and perhaps leave me behind when he sails away,' and she burst into tears.

    'Ah, well, don't cry, dear, I will see that he is not vexed with his little mistress — you are a brave girl — I admire you for your devotion to Lord Ferrars, and if you let me, I will love you as a sister, but you must conceal nothing from me — there must be candour on both sides, and then we shall be the best of friends; and let us begin by being mutually free with each other. Pet my fanny with your pretty little hand,' I said, lifting my dress and spreading my thighs as she pushed her hand up to my region of delight, 'and I will investigate the sweets and capacities of your own little love chink,' proceeding to unbutton her trousers and open them down the front. Inserting my fingers between the moist lips of her fat little slit, I said, 'Of course, you know this is your cunt, and you are familiar, I have no doubt, with all the terms and expressions of love.'

    'Yes, I think I know them all pretty well. Lord Ferrars likes me to use them; do you like to hear them too?'

    'I do, dear Francis, it not only saves trouble and beating about the bush, but I find, as most everybody does, that the free use of bawdy terms has an extraordinary effect in stirring up amorous emotions and creating sexual desire. So, let us talk freely of pricks, and cunts, and fucking, and bottoms, and arses too. Does Lord Ferrars fuck you often? And how does he like most often to do it?'

    'Almost every day, and sometimes oftener. In the daytime, he is fond of having me seated on his lap; my trousers, as you perceive, are made to open in such a way that he can get his prick into my cunt without letting them down; but at night, he loves to have me quite naked, and he fucks me in every imaginable way and position, thought I think what he likes best — at least, when he is fresh — is to have my lying on him sucking his prick, while my cunt is on his mouth.'

    'I know the position well, it is a general favourite. Did you ever suck a woman's cunt, Francis?'

    'No, I never had the opportunity though I have often seen pictures of it, but I am quite willing to suck yours, if you like.'

    'Well, we shall have a mutual suck by and by; the salty taste of a nice cunt like yours, Francis, is very pleasant. But tell me, would you be very jealous if you saw Lord Ferrars fucking me?'

    'No, not now that I know you. He can't marry either of us. I once thought he might have married me' — here, her beautiful eyes became suffused with tears — 'but that,' she added, checking herself, 'was, I suppose, great presumption in me; yet it was a pleasing dream.'

    'Would you mind, dear Francis, telling me how his lordship first obtained the enjoyment of your favours?'

    'Not in the least, Mrs Harpur, but remember it is in strict confidence. As I told you, his lordship used to lodge in my mother's house when staying at Southampton and I often waited on him. He was very kind and gentle in his manner to em, and gave me nice presents. I liked him.

    I loved him. I was then only a silly child. I allowed him to hold my hand and kiss me…One evening, we two were alone in the house; when I brought in his tea, he took me in his arms, told me that the loved me, and called me his own Fanny. He kissed me, drew me on to his knee, and put his hand under my neckerchief and felt my breast.

    'This did not alarm me, for I thought it was quite en regle for a lord to marry a pretty innocent girl such as I was — most of the novels I was in the habit of reading had some such circumstance for their plot; and then, his manner was so seductive, and his touch so delightful, that I felt intoxicated by his love, and unable to oppose him as he went on from liberty to liberty until he had explored my cunt with his fingers and, having pulled up my dress and separated my thighs, was at last gazing on its virgin bottom.

    'It was the first time a man had meddled with me there, and I felt as if my whole being was concentrated in that one spot. My cunt thrilled as he rubbed about the clitoris, but when he pushed his fingers up the asyetunbroken passage, I started, and exclaimed: 'Oh! my lord, what re you doing to me? I never felt like this before," and I wriggled my bottom, while the lower part of my belly and all between my thighs tingled with voluptuous heat mingled with pain.

    '"Does my finger hurt you, darling?" '"It does, my lord, but I like it," spreading my thighs and turning up my bottom to him, "only it makes me feel so queer."

    '"Ah, I have something here that will suit it better — look at this little plaything — put your hand on it, darling. Doesn't it feel soft and nice?" '"It does, my lord." '"Move it up and down — this way — see, that makes it grow larger. Look, how it holds up its head! Do you know what it is for?" '"No, my lord; I never saw anything like it before; what is it for?" I asked, blushing.

    '"It is must made to go in here where my finger is now." '"Oh, it could not go in there — it is too big." '"Yes it could, let me try — lean back more — spread your thighs as much as you can, and lift your little bottom, that's a dear girl." 'I allowed him to place me as he wished, with my cunt turned up in the boldest manner before him; then he rubbed the head of his prick up and down the slit; you know, Mrs Harpur, what an agreeable tickling sensation that causes, especially when done for the first time, so I could not help laughing as I put down my hand to feel his prick and said,

    "Oh, my lord! That is nice! You may do anything to me that you like." '"Well, my darling, I am going to push it in, very gently; it may give you a little pain at first, but once it gets in, you will have nothing but the most delightful pleasure." 'I then felt him spreading open the lips, and pushing the head of his prick against the sensitive opening at the lower end of the slit.

    Something stopped it there, and he gave a sudden thrust.

    '"Oh, my lord, it takes my breath." He thrust again.

    '"Oh! it hurts me, but don't mind, go on, oh my! don't stop push. Oh! — it is getting in, I feel it; oh, I feel it, far up, so nice — there, it is all in," as I felt his balls press hard against my bottom.

    '"My little pet, you are a brave girl, and bore that splendidly; my prick is altogether inside, and your cunt holds it delightfully; I will now move it in and out, which, you know, is called fucking — tell me if you like fucking?" '"Oh, I do, I do, my lord, I like your fucking — fuck my cunt with your prick — put your hand under my bottom." I noticed him looking down.

    "Do you see it, my lord? Do you see your prick going into my cunt? Do you see it fucking?" '"I do, my love, I am watching my prick passing in and out between the hairy lips, and I can see your rosy clitoris and soft nymphae clinging round it, and pressing it most delightfully. Oh! isn't that nice, tell me how you like it." '"Yes, my lord, it is delicious — fuck me faster — smack your balls against my bottom, try and get more prick into my cunt. Oh! I don't know what is going to happen. I feel as if I were all cunt, and you were all prick.

    Oh! there, there, it is over." Then he strained me in his arms. And that was my first fuck.

    'Why, Francis, you have told that in the most charming way: you know what love is — you were born for it. Cupid must have had something to say to the getting of you. You are worth a score of the mawkish, halfdeadand-alive women one meets nowadays. But, let us now have a little taste of tribadism together and first let me have a good view of your little fanny, I am sure her lips must be watering after all this talk,' and I made her lie back. Then lifting her shirt, I uncovered all her smooth white belly. 'Open, love, spread wide open the book of your secret charms. What voluptuous development is here! Lord Ferrars made a wise choice in you, Francis, for here is cunt to perfection, and plenty of it. People say that little women have the largest cunts, but I never saw yours excelled by big or little. Your light hair too enables one to see more of its luxurious shape, and the extreme whiteness of your skin sets off its most lascivious lips which look as if they were just going to speak of pricks and fucking; and this clitoris shines like a piece of sensitive coral, and this crimson furrow seems the very avenue of bliss. And how moist it is! And how extremely hot inside! It makes me wish I were a man and had a prick to satisfy its cravings. However, I will do what I can with my mouth and tongue,' and stooping down, I kissed and sucked the fragrant lips.

    'Dear Mrs Harpur, it is your goodness makes you praise my little fanny.

    I am sure your own is much nicer — won't you get over me and let me have a suck, too.'

    'I will, my pet, but not just now; I have a plan in my head: let us take a bath together, and when we are quite naked we can enjoy one another with more satisfaction. Go in there; I want to give directions to the servants, so that we may not be disturbed. You can meanwhile undress, and I will be with you in a minute.'

    I then ran to the surgery, where, with my usual good fortune, I met Dick and Freddy, who had just come in.

    'Hah! My lord, I have found you out; your pretty little page turns out to be a blooming mistress, and I commend your taste, for she is a choice little piece.'

    'Well, Queenie, I knew it would happen sooner or later. But how does the little pet bear the discovery herself?'

    'Oh, she shed tears enough when I forced her secret, but she brightened up when I promised to lover her myself and make all square with you; so you will have to be kind and indulgent; and if you don't object, she will form a very pleasant addition to our social party.'

    'That is just what I was planning, my dear Queenie. I meant to offer her as a titbit to my friend dick as a small return for his kindness in the matter of his beautiful wife.'

    'Right, my lord; and Dick, I promise you a treat, for she has the most charming love-trap I ever saw. She is now in my bathroom undressing. I am going back to her in a few moments, and if you and Freddy care to witness a little love-play between two womankind, you may betake yourselves to the spying place which you and Dick so cleverly contrived.'

    They were both delighted with my plan, and went off to my husband's dressing-room, which opened into my bathroom by a concealed door by means of which anyone in either room could hear and see all that passed in the other.

    Meanwhile I gave instructions to the servants not to admit visitors, nor allow us to be disturbed, and then hastened to rejoin Francis — or Frances — as we must now spell it. I found her undressed with the exception of her shirt; she blushed when I helped to draw it over her head, and the lovely girl stood revealed in all her naked charms.

    Her shapely limbs, so smooth and glossy, shone like alabaster. Her delicious belly spread itself like a voluptuous plain between her firm strawberry-tipped bubbies and the rising mount sacred to Venus. And the mount itself, covered but not obscured by light silky hair, divided into two remarkably full and sensuous lips which curved down between her swelling thighs, while the inner furrow gleamed as a crimson streak, the rosy clitoris protruding its tiny head at the upper end.

    I noticed these particulars as she stood before me helping me remove my clothes.

    When all was ready we entered the bath together; and then commenced a scene of sportive play which must have displayed in fullest perfection whatever beauties or feminine charms we possessed.

    The invigorating effect of the bath joined with the lascivious ideas produced by the touch and view of our naked bodies threw us both into a state of extreme amorous excitement.

    So when we came out and had dried one another, with particular attention to our cunts and bottoms, I took her in my arms and turned her up on the couch. As I stooped over her with my head between her up raised thighs, she pressed me down until my cunt rested on her mouth. Then the mutual suction of our lips and the active penetration of our tongues caused us to turn and twist our bodies in all the circlings of voluptuous enjoyment. We rolled over and over, alternately taking the upper side, all the while tightly enfolded in each other's arms; until at last a copious spend subdued our excitement and cooled us down.

    Then we rested, I placed Frances so that her moist and rosy quim was turned towards the concealed door, and asked her to favour me with a full account of how she came to assume man's attire, and of some adventures which she said she had encountered while endeavouring to conceal her true sex; and I added, 'Call me Queenie, like everybody else.'


    The Middy's tale

    'My dear Mrs Harpur, I will call you Queenie, as you wish me.

    'After Lord Ferrars had taught me to know and enjoy the delights of love, I clung to him with all my heart. His image filled my soul, and devotion to him became the guiding principle of my life. How I used to long for the friendly covering of the night, when I could steal unobserved into his room! How fast the happy hours speeded by as I lay encircled in his arms! How my fond and curious hand wondered over his manly frame, and with what delight I handled his noble prick, and conducted it myself to love's retreat! He often lighted a number of candles that he might view me naked. Then with what pleasure I spread my thighs to allow him to see and examine all my hidden charms. How willingly I turned and bent my body to let him view my cunt and bottom in different aspects. I frigged my cunt. I piddled before him, and to please him, called it pissing; I contrived different ways of fucking, and invited him to put his prick into my cunt in the most outlandish positions I could imagine.'

    'Did he ever put his prick into your bottom?'

    'Oh, dear yes, scores of time; but he liked me always to call it my arse, and say: fuck my arse.'

    'Thus a few weeks passed rapidly away; and then I fancied he was growing tired of me, for he spoke of going to sea. I burst into tears and said he did not love me, otherwise he would not think of going away and leaving me.

    'He assured me, he had not intention of leaving me; that his great desire was to have me with him, and that he had been planning how he could get me away without a commotion, and then provide for my security and comfort.'

    'He told me that he had a lady friend at Brighton, who would take charge of me at first, and in whose house he could see and enjoy me as much as ever; that he was purchasing a new yacht and intended to engage a different crew, who would not recognise me. Then he suggested my assuming man's attire and sailing with him as a middy.

    'I hesitated about the male costume, but as, on talking it over, that it seemed the only feasible plan, I consented. So Lord Ferrars got his friend Mrs Simpson to write to my mother inviting me to pass some time with her and offering to complete my education and bring me out in good society. She was highly pleased, and thus all was satisfactorily arranged.

    'Lord Ferrars started for London, and in due course I arrived in Brighton and was met at the coach office by a smart young lady who introduced herself as Miss Anna Simpson, the youngest daughter of Lord Ferrars' friend. We took a cab and shortly arrived at a quiet house in a retired street where I was cordially received by Mrs Simpson and another young lady.

    'I did not fancy them much, for they seemed a good deal over dressed and not very refined in manner; however, they were Lord Ferrars' friends and that was enough for me.

    'Mrs Simpson told me she had instructions from his lordship to provide me with a middy's uniform, something like that of the Royal Navy, and everything necessary for a sailor's outfit; and she handed me a letter from him in which he stated that he was detained in London, but would rejoin me at Brighton as soon as possible and meantime to make myself at home, call for all I wanted and enjoy myself in every way I could.

    'Anna attended me to my room, and as she was a very merry girl, we had great fun together. she soon made me understand that she knew all about my connection with Lord Ferrars, but, she said, that was nothing uncommon, for nearly all the girls of her acquaintance had some gentleman friend whom they especially liked, and whom they often favoured by yielding to their wishes.

    'While saying this, she was trying to get her hand up under my petticoats.

    '"Why do you push away my hand?" she asked. "Come dear, don't be over modest — don't I know very well that your little fan is well used to being petted, and looked at, too — there — let see it; now must have a kiss — open your thighs — open more. Oh! how nice you are! No wonder, Lord Ferrars is so fond of you! Do you know," she rattled on, 'we often have gentlemen to supper, and plenty of drink, and then we have no end of fun. They love to tumble us about and see our bubbies, and our cunts and bottoms too; and then, of course, we retaliate by pulling out their lolloping pricks and dangling stones; and then we are sure to fall under them and our cunts get crammed with prick in no time. We expect such a party tonight; will you join us and share in the fun?" '"Oh, no, Anna, I would be sorry to let any man touch me there except Lord Ferras. How could you let any man make free with you in that way except you loved him.'

    '"My dear Fanny, what a child you are! Nobody could get on with such a notion as that. In the words of the poet:

    The mouse that always trusts to one poor hole Can never be a mouse of any soul.

    The way to enjoy life is to be free with everyone who treats you well and pays you well.

    '"There are two more of us in this house; we find it convenient to live with Mrs Simpson, for she is respectable, takes good care of us, manages all our business and on the whole treats us fairly and well. We all like her, and call her mother, though none of us are really related to her.

    '"You will only be with us for a day or two, but my desire is, don't make yourself singular; enjoy life while you can, and depend upon it. Lord Ferrars won't think the worse of you. He knows this house and the company one may expect to meet in it, for he has been often here himself; and more than once, I have had him for a whole night in my arms, and I can tell you, he was not idle there — now, what do you say to that? — so make your mind easy on his account. Most of the gentlemen about town keep mistresses, and more than that, many of them like, now and then, to exchange with one another for the sake of variety." 'This extraordinary revelation took me aback. An uneasy sensation crept over me as I, for the first time, realised my position. I threw myself on the bed and sobbed aloud.

    'Anna seemed to pity me; she put her arms round me and whispered in my ear: 'Don't fret, Fanny, you are a sweet girl — these things are perhaps strange to you, but nobody will harm you; you can do just as you please while you are here.

    'Lord Ferrars warned us to treat you with every consideration, and to make you as happy as we could. He is very fond of you — so dry your tears, and come with me, I will show you some funny scenes that will amuse you and drive away those melancholy thoughts.

    '"We have a habit here of bringing our gentlemen visitors to our own rooms where we can have them all to ourselves. But Mrs Simpson has made spying places for viewing all that passes in each apartment. We all know this very well, and none of us minds having prying eyes watching us as we sport with our lovers, exposing our cunts and turning up our bottoms. In fact, I enjoy a good fuck ten times as well when I know that there are wistful eyes watching how I heave my rump, and hold my man as he works up and down, driving his prick into my cunt."

    But perhaps, dear Queenie, I am only boring you with this long recital, and you don't care to hear a description of what Anna brought me to see.'

    'On the contrary, I am deeply interested, in fact, you are giving me such pleasure, darling Frances, that my cunt is just on the flow, and if you care for a suck, now's your time.'

    'Here I am, then, dearest Queenie, draw up your legs and let me get my hands under your bottom, so that I can push my mouth well in between the moist lips of your quim.'

    As she buried her face between my drawn-up thighs, I so managed that her beautiful arse should be in full view of the aperture in the concealed door. This opening though large was covered by a tall mirror, which could be moved on a sliding frame. As I looked toward it I saw that the glass was being noiselessly pushed to one side, until there was space enough for a large prick with a glowing head to be projected in. it was my husband's prick, but held in the hands of Lord Ferrars.

    They told me afterward, that having taken off their coats and waistcoats on account of the heat, they both stood close together intently watching us through the aperture; that the full exposure of our cunts and bottoms, and above all our wanton talk, had excited them in the highest degree and, as they pressed together, their pricks became so ungovernable that they had to unfasten their trousers; that Lord Ferrars' hands found their way round him in front of Dick where they naturally encountered and took hold of his prick; that as he pressed against his naked bottom, while gazing over his shoulder at the exciting scene in the bathroom, his lordship’s prick struggled hard to find a lodgement. What happened after that, I cannot say but I fancy he succeeded.

    Meanwhile, Frances in the most randy manner wriggled her arse as she drew from me the soft effusion; and at the same instant, I observed a gush of milky fluid spurt from the summit of my husband's pleasure tube, while Lord Ferrars gave a suppressed grunt of satisfaction and delight.

    The looking glass was then moved back nearly to its place, and Frances and I settled ourselves on the sofa. I made her lean back with her cunt and bottom well in view; and she put her hand on my cunt as she continued her story.

    'Anna first brought me to a closet adjoining a room which she told me was occupied by a girl named Ellen, who was considered the beauty of their party; that a short time before my arrival, her favourite lover, the rich old Marquis of L-, had come to pay her a visit, and had been taken as usual to her room, so we might expect to see them together.

    'The peep-hole was over a couch, so that parties could recline as they watched what was going on in the room. Anna and I lay along the couch and she told me to look through; meanwhile, she raised my dress behind that she might rub her belly and cunt against my bottom.'

    Here, I could not help smiling as I thought how funny it was that the very same dodge which Frances described was now being practised with regard to herself. She observed the smile, but thought it was caused by what she was doing in my cunt; so giving my clitoris an extra squeeze, she went on.

    'Looking in, I perceived that Ellen, with the exception of her silk stockings and laced sandals, was perfectly naked. Her black hair was down and streamed over her polished shoulders; and her beautiful bottom, under which I could just perceive the pouting lips of her cunt, was turned toward me as she stooped forward in the act of sponging with water the languid tool of the most noble marquis who was seated astride a bidet.

    'Then she carefully wiped it, and when he stood up, she remained on her knees that she might hold it to her mouth. She first rubbed its read about her face and over her eyes, then she took as much as she could into her mouth while she worked his balls with one hand and tickled his bottom with the other.

    'Meantime, Anna got her hand on my cunt, and pressed me into her as she kept rubbing her mouth against my bottom.

    '"What are they doing? Tell me everything you see," she whispered, still frigging my clitoris and pounding my bottom.

    '"She is petting the prick of the old Marquis, and trying to put some life into it, but I doubt if she will succeed." '"She will, for she is quite adept at that kind of work; she is famous for it and that's why he goes to her. How is she getting on, and what is the prick like now?" '"It has grown much bigger and stronger. She has taken it out of her mouth and is frigging it with her hands. Now they are going to the bed.

    There, she has thrown herself on her back and is spreading her thighs before him as he pushes a pillow under her bottom."

    Then, we heard her saying: "Now, my lord, here's my cunt, I will hold it open that you may see how red it is inside; and here's my bottom-hole, round and tight; you can have your choice. You prefer the cunt. I think you are wise. Put some spittle on the head of your prick, it will go in easier — now, push — drive it in. Fuck, fuck, my lord," and to stimulate him more, she continued saying with increasing emphasis: "Prick, cunt, arse, fuck, piss, fuck." To which end, his lordship responded by various grunts and moans: "Oh — eh — oh — lift your arse — pinch my prick in your cunt, eh — oh." 'Anna's movements now become very energetic. She banged herself against my bottom. She worked her finger in and out of my cunt, and muttered, "O — eugh! If it were a pri-i-c-k!' spinning out the word prick, 'to fuck your cu-n-t; or perhaps you would like it here,' inserting another finger in my bottom-hole, 'to fuck — fuck — fuck your arse; or, best of all, to have both together — two pricks fucking arse and cunt at one ant the same time."

    '"Oh! Anna! You are sending me mad! There — that will do, you have made me spend twice already.'

    '"So I perceive — you have given down a lot. You are the very devil at spending and your little cunt is all in a glow. We may leave this, however, there will be nothing more to see here, at least for the present.

    Come, I will show you another scent." 'She then took me to the room of a girl named Sarah, whom she described as the fat girl of the house, and said that younger men fancied her, for she was strong and lusty, and was never satisfied unless her men were as lusty as herself.

    'We found the same arrangement as before; but this time, she applied her eye to the peeping-place, and I rubbed against her bottom from behind.

    '"Keep your finger in my cunt and rub your belly against my bottom, and I will describe for you all that I see: Sarah, I find, has two gallants with her this time, but she is well able to cope with them both. She is now seated on the lap of one; I am not sure whether his prick is in her bottom or her cunt, but it looks too far back for her cunt. she twists about her behind so as to rub her fat buttocks against his belly, while he presses and moulds her voluminous breasts.

    'The other cove stands by her side; she has one stout arm round his bottom, with her hand on his bollocks, the other holds the root of his prick and directs its head to her mouth. I am sure he is enjoying his share of the transaction, for his face is very red and his eyes look as if ready to start out of his head.

    '"Now they are having a wash, and are busy sponging one another.

    Pinch my clitoris, Fanny, frig — frig my cunt — right.

    '"Now one of her men lies along the couch. She straddles over him. She has managed to stuff his prick up her cunt, and now she remains quiet with her great fat arse turned up as an impudent invite. Her little round pink bottom-hole looks quite ready and prepared for the assault. And she will not be disappointed. The other fellow is getting ready — he has anointed his tool and the wrinkled passage he means to explore. How easily it slips in! How pleasant it must be to feel his belly rubbing against her soft quivering buttocks. But with what energy she now jogs up and down! How they all work together! 'Oh, it is grand! Frig, Fanny, frig — put your finger in my arse — stir it round and round — push your cunt against my bottom. Oh! — eugh — eugh! It comes — it comes." 'I really felt I had had enough for one bout, and longed for a little rest, but this girl, Anna, seemed insatiable, and hurried me off to another place of observation. This next was the grandest bedroom in the establishment, that of Mrs Simpson herself.

    'This lady, who in spite of her vulgarity was much patronised by the aristocracy, laid herself out to humour and gratify all their peculiar whims and fancies. Amongst other modes of pandering to the tastes of the numerous customers, she always had a supply of young girls just entered on their teens, when their cunts were sufficiently developed to take in a good-sized prick but were not yet shaded or obscured by hair.

    'In this matter, she had especially in view one of the most refined of her visitors, a distinguished nobleman who had been for many years ambassador to the Sublime Port at Constantinople.

    'He had there made the acquaintance with the Circassian ladies, well trained and accomplished in the art of love, though ignorant of everything else. Following the example of the opulent Turks, he secured by purchase a choice harem of these celebrated beauties, who are taught to consider themselves brought into the world for no other purpose than to please man and minister to his delight. These ladies, knowing the gratification it was to their lord to kiss the lips of their quims, made it a regular practice to extract every hair as it grew, so as to render the whole surface as smooth as they could contrive to make it.

    'And indeed, Queenie, I too have sometimes thought what a pity it is that our cunts are so covered up. Admittedly, the hair so grows that it never prevents a good prick finding its way in, but for all that, I cannot but think that it would be a more gratifying object to look at, and to handle too, if it were free from the rough and often tangled hair which hides it from view and obscures whatever beauty of form it may possess.'

    'Well, my dear, what you say is very just; but you see, nature evidently intended us to go naked; it was in that condition that the first woman was presented to the first man; now if our cunts had no natural covering, the effect of their free exposure would be so exciting to men that they could think of nothing else; so in mercy to them, and to save us from continual worrying, nature has so covered our cunts that although the exact shape is concealed from view in ordinary position, yet when required for use the way is plain enough, while the slight concealment imparts the additional charm of requiring some effort to gain the soft retreat; at least, that's my notion. But I am anxious to hear what you saw in Mrs Simpson's room, so pray continue your narrative.'


    The Middy's tale continued

    'I will, dear Queenie, but I want to piddle very badly — let me do that first, and then I shall be more at my ease to proceed with my stupid narration.'

    'Of course, that necessity must be complied with,' I said, 'but why not say piss instead of piddle, it is shorter and simpler. I want to do something in that line myself, so after you have done, I will perform.

    Here's the poe, but I want you to do it standing — so. I will hold it for you.'

    I turned her in such a direction as to afford those who I knew were watching every movement, a good view of the interesting performance, and held the Poe between her legs, but below her knees, saying: 'Now, Frances, piss away.'

    She stooped forward a little and immediately a clear amber stream darted from the hair-covered lips of her cunt and with a gurgling rush rattled into the utensil I held to receive it.

    This diversion so tickled the fancies of our unseen observers, that they both laughed out. The flow at once stopped. Frances looked aghast.

    'Oh! Queenie, what's that? Somebody is watching us; have you peep holes here?'

    Observing my smile, she said, looking most reproachful, 'Why did you not tell me? Who is it, Queenie? O tell me, who has been listening?'

    She was cut short by the opening of the door, and the sudden entrance of Lord Ferrars and Dick, dressed only in their shirts.

    'We have intruded, dearest Queenie, and best loved Frances,' said Lord Ferrars, in his graceful manner, 'not only to answer for ourselves, but to beg your kind permission to take part in this most delightful conference.'

    I smiled a welcome, but Frances only threw herself into my arms, and burying her face in my bosom, exclaimed, in a voice broken by sobs: 'Oh, Queenie! — why did you not tell me — they were listening. I have spoken very foolishly and said many things I should never have uttered.'

    'Make your mind easy, my sweet little pet,' replied Lord Ferrars, putting his arm around her and drawing her on his knee as he sat down by my side, 'you did not utter one word that could offend me, but a great many that proved how good and trustworthy you are. In very truth, I never loved you more highly than I do at the present moment.

    And now that our secret is found out, I am all the better pleased. Our noble-hearted friends here will love you and do all they can to make you happy.'

    'That we will, dear Frances, and now, let me introduce you to my husband. He has not seen you in your present costume until now, and I perceive he is admiring you all over. Give him your hand, my pet.'

    She looked at Lord Ferrars, as if for direction. 'Give it to him,' he said, 'and not only your hand, my love, but with it every other favour it is in your power to bestow, for he is worthy of it — he is my best loved and most trusted friend.'

    She laid her hand in a coy manner in my husband's outstretched palm.

    As he took hold of it, he drew her gently toward him. She gave one wistful glance at Lord Ferrars, and she slipped off his knee and yielded to Dick's embrace. But as his lordship nodded approvingly when he saw his friend's hand gliding toward her secret charms, while at the same instance his roving hand found a resting place between my thighs, she turned to him with a bright expression on her face and said, 'He tells me to love you, Dr Harpur, and I do, for you have been always good and kind to me. I don't know how well you prescribed for me when I was sick, nor how gallantly you rescued me from those horrid Spanish sailors:

    He folded her in his arms, as he replied, 'My sweet Frances, I always liked you for my friend's sake, now I love you for your own; and my good wife, as you see, does not object — we are quite in accord in the matters. But don't call me Dr Harpur anymore, call me Dick; and now, my pet, we want you to favour us, by continuing your interesting narrative, which we somewhat rudely interrupted.

    'Oh, I cannot before you and Lord Ferrars; he might not like it.'

    'On the contrary, Frances, I join heartily with my friend Dick in requesting you to give us as full a narrative as you can of all your adventures. You have already told me many of them, but I would gladly hear them again in a more connected form: and I need hardly say — tell everything that happened to you as fully as possible. I know that you have been forced on several occasions to comply with the wishes of others; but, as I have often said, in place of that making me love you less, I like and enjoy you all the more. Your dear little cunt is so beautifully made that the oftener it is used the more capable it grows of giving the highest delight to everyone who has the happiness of entering it.'

    'My lord, you are always generous and good; I will do the best I can to please you and these kind friends; so to continue — Anna told me on the way, that she, being Mrs Simpson's favourite, was the only one beside herself who was permitted to keep the key which opened the doors of these closets; and as Mrs Simpson was especially particular about this one, she warned me to avoid speaking or making any noise whatever.

    'As soon as my eyes became accustomed to the opening, which was more carefully hidden than the others, I perceived a fine-looking man negligently reclining on a broad sofa, which was plentifully furnished with the softest cushions. He had nothing on but a silk dressing gown and embroidered slippers.

    'Mrs Simpson sat between his widely separated legs. She was fondling his prick with her hands. It seemed of the ordinary size, but it was remarkable for the whiteness of its enfolding skin, and the bright carnation tint of its glossy head. It looked soft however, and could not stand without support.

    'This want of stiffness she was trying to remedy by her skilful appliances. She did not trust alone to the action of her hands, for she had with her two young girls whom she had trained for this very purpose. One of this she called Haidee, after Byron's favourite; she was a well-formed girl of fourteen, whose cunt was fully developed but as yet unobscured by any trace of hair and thus well suited to please the oriental taste of the ex-ambassador. This girl was now seated in front of them with what little dress she had tucked up about her waist.

    'Mrs Simpson, having directed her to lean back and spread her thighs as widely as she could, with her legs resting on the arms of a chair, said,

    "Look, my lord, at Haidee's pretty little fat cunt, how fresh and fair it is!

    How voluptuously the soft lips swell out on either side of the glowing chink! And how red and moist the slit appears! Your lordship's prick will enjoy forcing its way in between its clinging folds, I expect, when we have stiffened it up a bit. And here is sweet Flora, who, though six months younger, possesses a beautifully formed and most luscious little love-trap. Come here my pet, sit on the arm of the sofa that his lordship my fondle and kiss your sweet little quim." 'This young girl, as blooming as Hebe, sprang on the sofa, and presenting her soft and glowing little cunny to his face, asked how his lordship would like to have it, in front or rear? '"In front at first, my love; sit on the arm of the sofa, and place your legs on my shoulders." 'Then he plunged his face between her thighs and sucked vigorously at the voluptuous furrow, drawing all the soft parts into his open mouth, while she put her hands on his head — playing with the locks of his hair, as he twisted her peach-like bottom in the most lascivious manner — muttering, all the time, "I do love to feel your lordship nibbling at my clitoris, and pushing your tongue up my cunt." 'Mrs Simpson now redoubled her efforts to invigorate his lordship's tool by various skilful touches and light pinches of all the sensitive parts within reach. It gradually stiffened and began to stand erect. She then asked if he would like Haidee to mount across his loins and receive his prick in her cunt, while he still amuse himself with the charms of the younger girl. He lazily consented and stretched himself along the sofa, drawing Flora down until her bottom rested on his face.

    'Haidee then got over him, and soon, with Mrs Simpson's aid, engulfed his lordship's yielding tool in her lascivious gap; that being accomplished, she placed her hands on Flora's shoulders, and worked her body slowly up and down. Meantime Flora was not idle, for with active loins she rubbed her moist and savoury cunt over and about his lordship's mouth and nose.

    '"Now, Haidee," said Mrs Simpson, "tell his lordship, what you feel." '"I feel — a nice prick stirring about in my cunt; when I sit down, I feel it pushing up — Oh! — that is good; now I rise up, and it slips back. Then I drive it up again, and press hard to get in all I can — there do you like that, my lord? Does this kind of fucking please you?" '"Yes, Haidee, it is admirable; your cunt seems actually alive; I feel it biting and pinching my prick all round." '"And Flora, how are you getting on?" asked Mrs Simpson. "Tell his lordship how you like his gamahuching you." '"Oh, it is delightful. I like so much to feel the hair of your beard, my lord, rubbing my bottom and your tongue moving in my cunt. it feels like a prick — push it further in — oh! that's nice! Yes, gamahuche me, while you fuck Haidee. Now you are turning to my bottom — Oh! that's

    good I will lean back to give you more room; oh! Haidee, I'm spending — I'm spending." 'and his lordship seemed to be spending too, for he arched his body under Haidee, and drawing Mrs Simpson to his side, he rammed the fingers of one hand into her salacious quim, while with the other he pinched Haidee's quivering arse until he made her bound again with a cry of mingled pain and pleasure.

    'We then beat a hasty retreat and returned to my apartment.

    'In the evening, we had a quiet dinner together, and Mrs Simpson and the three girls made themselves very agreeable and spoke of the sport and fun they expected at suppertime with their gentlemen friends. I begged to be excused for that night, as I felt tired after my journey and accordingly was allowed to retire to my own room.

    'Anna brought me some tea, and a lot of lascivious books and pictures, and as we looked them over, she made every effort to excite me both by touches and suggestions. I did not understand her object at the time, though I thought her manner somewhat peculiar, but after-events proved that she was acting with fixed design, and from mercenary motives.

    'She induced me to take a bath before going to bed, and persisted in placing the bath in a position which, she said, kept me out of the draft, but which I thought only exposed me the more; but she was kind and merry and I let her have her way. She helped to sponge my limbs, and made me turn and bend my body in a variety of postures; and when drying me afterward, she so tickled me and slapped my bottom as to make me throw my arms and legs about, and display all the secret chinks and crannies of my person.

    'then she brought me what they called a nightcap — a tumbler of hot spiced wine. It warmed me all over, and seemed to have a wonderful effect on the region round my cunt, for it made all its nerves thrill and induced a spasmodic action strongly suggestive of venereal pleasure.

    'Before leaving, she told me that her room was next to mine, and if I wanted anything in the night, or felt lonely, I had only to run into her and she would take care of me.

    'When she went out, however, I carefully fastened the door, and then, with my brain swimming, tumbled into bed. The last thing I was conscious of was hearing singing and revelry downstairs, but as my door was locked, I felt secure, and turning over quickly fell asleep. My sleep was disturbed and the highly excited state of my cunt naturally caused dreams of a corresponding character.

    'As I lay on my back, I saw descending over me the much desired form of my absent love. His roseate limbs seemed floating in celestial light. I stretched up my arms, and said: "O my love, how delightful to have you with me now!" I felt his dear hands groping between the lips of my palpitating cunt. I opened my thighs, and heaved my bottom, as I muttered. "Yes feel it, my love; feel my cunt, how hot it is! It is longing, for your dear prick — your fingers tickle me very nicely, but it is your prick along that can satisfy my cunt — won't you put it in?" 'My love laid himself upon me. I could no longer see him, but I felt his arm around me and his warm body pressing me deliciously. He put his prick in my hand. It was large and stiff. Letting the head pass through my fingers, I drew back the soft covering skin. I felt it bound in my hand. 'Now, my love, let me put it in." I said, drawing it toward my cunt,

    "I am longing for it — my cunt burns." I felt the head rub between the moist lips. I felt it press on the heated orifice. I heaved up. It slipped in.

    "O how good!" I muttered, as it passed up my cunt extending each humid fold and sensitive crease of my vagina.

    '"Your prick, my love, is very big tonight! It fills me up more than usual." I muttered, gradually regaining consciousness, but still overpowered by the pleasurable sensations in my cunt. "How well you fuck! How sweetly you drive up your prick! Oh! I am fairly suffocated with rapture," I cried, pushing up my cunt to him as his action became more vehement.

    'He rammed home his prick with desperate energy and with a low moaning cry shot forth a torrent of heated spunk. I felt my cunt filled to overflowing. I knew it was bubbling out at the sides. "Oh, what a quantity of spunk you have poured into me! Where did you get it all?

    My love, how strong and big your are! And how heavy! But how did you get in? and when did you arrive?" My love made no other answer than a gentle movement of his prick in my cunt. I passed my hand over him. He certainly had grown larger and much heavier. His skin did not feel so soft as usual. "Why don't you speak to me, my lord." 'My mind, now fully awakened, became filled with a strange misgiving that grew into certainty as I felt a thick covering of hair on his breast, which I knew Lord Ferrars did not possess.

    '"You are not Lord Ferrars, are you? Tell me who you are?"

    No answer only a stronger hug, and a shove of his prick in my cunt.

    '"Stop — you have no right. Stop, I won't let you.' And making a sudden bound, I sprang from under him, and jumped out of bed. I heard him getting out after me, so I slipped noiselessly to the other side, and gradually crept toward the door. With nervous fingers I unlocked it, and passing out into the passage ran to Anna's door, which I found open. I quickly stepped in, and feeling for the key, turned it in the lock, and then thinking I was tolerably safe, called Anna.

    'She answered me from her bed, and told me not to be frightened but to come over to her and tell her what was the matter. I moved in the direction of her voice, and found her sitting on the side of her bed. She took me in her arms, and drawing me over her, leaned back, as she said,

    "You little goose, what are you making all this noise for? You will waken the whole house."

    '"Oh, Anna, someone got into my bed — and — and-' "Fucked you? — well, what great harm is there in that? What better thing could be happen to a girl than to be well fucked?" '"Oh! but it was not Lord Ferras at all.'

    '"Lord Grandmother, excuse me; would not any other lord do as well, provided he had as good a prick?" 'At that instant, a pair of strong arms seized me round the waist, and the huge prick was again thrust into my cunt. I kicked and plunged, and did all in my power to free myself from his hateful embrace; but Anna held me like a vice, crying, "Fuck her, major, fuck her — don't spare her — give her such a dose of prick as she never got before in her life," and heaving her body, she bumped me up to meet every stroke.

    'In spite of all my opposition, my cunt glowed at every lunge, and I began to wish for his discharge, when the wretch suddenly drew out his prick and, plunging it into my bottom, shot his fiery stream into my vitals. This consummation finished me; my muscles relaxed and I fell into a helpless swoon. While in this state, I was put back in bed, and when I recovered consciousness, the daylight was breaking in through the window shutters.

    'When Anna came in, I would not speak to her, and threatened to leave the house. But she only smiled and said I ought to thank her in place of being angry, for she had caused me to make a brave plunge, and I would soon be as jovial as any of them.

    'Mrs Simpson, however, pretended to view the matter in a more serious light, and apologised for the intrusion, which, she said, arose out of a mistake made by a young officer of the Guards, who had passed the night in her house.

    'But I learned afterward that both she and Anna had been heavily bribed, the one to permit and the other to assist in the outrage. And also that there was a secret passage through a wall press, by means of which he had entered from Anna's room and had also watched me taking my bath.

    'My uniform was brought in during the day and they all made great fun of my awkwardness when I first donned the male attire. One of the girls twisted her handkerchief and stuffed it into my trousers to represent a prick. Another said I was such a pretty boy that as soon as I went out all the girls would be sure to fall in love with me. I have often thought of her words since, and smiled when I found them verified by fact.

    'My dear lord arrived in the evening, and we passed such a happy night together. He laughed when I told him of my adventure, and said he would not leave me alone there another night.

    'He thought it better to avoid observation on shore, so the next morning I accompanied him on board his new yacht, the Ariel, and we soon afterward set sail. For several days I kept very quiet under plea of seasickness, and only gradually went about the yacht as I became familiar with my dress and learned to assume something of the usual swagger of a young salt.


    The Middy's tale continued

    'Lord Ferrars considered that it would be safer for me not to bee seen at any English port until I was thoroughly familiar with my new mode of life, so we started for a few weeks' cruise in the Mediterranean.

    'Before leaving England, he wrote to my mother, telling her all that had happened and promising to take every care of me, provide for me handsomely and bring me back safely to her in due time. Meanwhile, he sent her a liberal present, and said it would be repeated from time to time. My mother took the money, being a sensible woman, made no noise about the matter and only stipulated that I should keep her regularly informed of our whereabouts and how I was getting on.

    'My first adventure occurred when the yacht was in the port of Genoa.

    While lying at anchor there, his lordship received tidings of the illness of a near relative, which obliged him t return to England without delay; so he determined to leave the yacht at her anchorage and make the journey overland, while I remained in charge as his representative.

    'We had then a skipper named Captain Jones. He was a good seaman and a careful navigator, but somehow I never liked nor trusted him. I think he suspected me from the first for I observed that he was continually watching me. he was always giving me advice, and offered to teach me navigation, but I avoided all intimacy with him and kept him at a civil distance.

    'Before starting, Lord Ferrars engaged a teacher to give me instruction in French and Italian. I was glad of this occupation, and used to go ashore every day to make purchases and attend my master. My custom was to dine at a restaurant and return to the yacht in the evening. One of the men, named Roberts, who was an especial favourite of mine as he had an honest, open face, came to me on shore, and told me privately that he thought it his duty to inform me that Captain Jones, who was purveyor to Lord Ferrars, was carrying on extensive speculation, and was besides in the habit of bringing improper characters on board the yacht in my absence.

    'When I returned that evening, I looked over Captain Jones' accounts, and finding many proofs of dishonesty, I charged him with speculation, and at the same time gave him strict orders to admit no one on board without my permission.

    'I will never forget the villainous look the fellow gave me, when he found that his dishonesty was detected. Revenge gleamed in his eye, and I felt it would not be safe to pass another night on the yacht without sufficient protection. However, as it was then too late to go ashore, I made what preparation I could to secure myself from sudden assault.

    'There was a pair of pistols in the cabin, which I sometimes used, practising at a mark; these I took down and carefully loaded. My own dirk, I placed within reach. Then, calling for the steward, I told him I should want nothing further for the night, but to be ready if I need him.

    When he went out, I double bolted the door of the saloon leading forward, and locked the after cabin leading to the mizzen hatch. Then I lighted the cabin lamp, and sat down to write to my absent lord. I finished a long letter to him, and then commenced one to my mother; after a while, I grew very sleepy, and without thinking what I was doing, laid my head on my arm and fell fast asleep.

    'I do not know how long I had remained in that state when I was suddenly awakened by being seized from behind, something was thrust into my mouth and a bandage tied over the lower part of my face, effectually preventing my making the slightest noise; my arms were at the same time firmly held behind my back.

    'As I turned my head to see the perpetrator of this outrage, the hated voice of Captain Jones hissed in my ear, while his hand pressed in between my legs.

    '"Hah, miss, we have found you out, we'll put a stop to your pranks you" (here, he called me some vile names, which I need not repeat). "You indeed, to order us about, and threaten Lord Ferrars on us! And much we care for Lord Ferrars. I have a great mind, before I leave tonight, to scuttle his fine yacht and send his pretty mistress to the bottom.

    Meanwhile my lads" (speaking to two of the crew that were acting with him), "search the cabin, break open all the lockers and put together everything you fancy or consider worth taking, while I amuse myself with this lassie, and afterwards you shall have her to fuck or to bugger just as you please." 'My heart sank within me; I was absolutely powerless, and unable to call for help. I felt that nothing could be gained by resistance; that my only chance was to submit and watch for an opportunity to escape.

    'Captain Jones proceeded very deliberately to strip me of my clothing, holding my hands firmly all the time. He then tied my wrists with the ends of two short ropes, and with the other end my ankles at the same time. Then he placed me back on the table on my back, and spreading open my thighs with his hands, rubbed his ugly face round and over my cunt; muttering as he did so, "Ugh, Miss Gipton, but you have a fine slit of a cunt. What grand fucking you and his lordship must have had in this cabin!' Then he drew open the lips with his fingers and pinched the clitoris. 'By Jove, it is splendid! So red! So hot! So moist! And so savoury!' He then rubbed his nose up and down the furrow, and after sucking the clitoris pushed his tongue up the passage. I had no idea that any man could use his tongue as he did. It felt so strong and entered so far; it was more like a prick than anything else.

    'In spite of my anger and vexation, a voluptuous feeling began to pervade my cunt and bottom, and I could not help heaving up my bum as the thought passed through my mind: "I wonder will he go lower down and suck my bottom?" I longed to feel his tongue in my bottomhole.

    If I could have spoken, I might have said: "Suck my arse, Captain Jones, and I will forgive you everything."

    'He seemed to divine my thoughts, for clutching the cheeks of my bottom with both hands, he clapped his mouth on my arsehole, and after sucking for a moment the wrinkled edges of the orifice, thrust up his tongue amidst its sensitive creases. Oh! it was delicious! For the life of me, I could not help wriggling my bottom and opening my arsehole to admit more of his pleasure-giving tongue.'

    Here, she had to pause; for the pitch of excitement to which we were all raised, both by her free use of these lewd expressions and the wanton play of our fingers, necessitated our seeking some outlet for the pentup streams that were ready to burst forth.

    The two gentlemen had been persistently exercising their ingenuity in titillating our cunts, but when Frances described the pleasurable sensation produced in her arsehole by the entrance of the Captain's tongue, they transferred their attention to our bottoms, and poking their fingers into our arseholes, stirred them about most deliciously.

    This very lustful proceeding made us particularly willing to comply with their request for us to lie on our backs, side by side but in opposite directions across the couch on which we were sitting.

    It was a low broad sofa, which I had caused to be specially made without a back, and was therefore admirably suited to our purpose.

    While they were placing us in the position they desired, that is with our thighs lifted up and pressed down on our flanks, so that our bottoms were fully up with cunts stretched open and neither entrances well in view, I said to Frances, 'What a dear lascivious girl you are, Frances!

    Your wanton talk about your arsehole has driven our men wild! My husband's prick seems just bursting for a fuck. I will put it myself into your cunt, and hold it while operating there, while you can assist Lord Ferrars into mine — not that he needs help, however, for I feel him there already.'

    As I was saying this, I turned the upper part of my body toward her bottom and leaned my cheek against her thigh, while with one hand I took hold of my husband's fully distended prick and popped its glowing head into her open cunt, and with the other grasped his pendant balls and gently churned them with my fingers as, with successive prods, he darted his delightful instrument into her region of bliss.

    'Oh, Queenie! How good you are!' she responded. 'How nice to feel your fingers playing about my cunt while you watch your husband's prick filling t with pleasure. Oh, Dick! Your prick is like heaven in my cunt.

    Oh! that was a glorious shove! I feel your wife pinching my clitoris; now her fingers are in my cunt alongside your prick; now, they are on my bottom: fuck — fuck — fuck. And you, my dear lord, are fully repaying her for it; ah — that's right — fuck her well — give her a belly full — drive home your prick — I will press it at the root. Hah! You like that. I will squeeze your cods — you like that too. Now, I will tickle your arse; and that you like best of all! Fuck, my lord; fuck, Queenie; fuck Dick. And we'll bound and heave — prick and cunt — arse and cods — all together — fuck — fuck — fuck.'

    The abundant and rapturous effusion we enjoyed on this occasion so cooled us all down that we agreed to separate until the evening, when with recovered strength and renewed appetite we would again place our selves in position to listen pleasantly to the continuation of Frances's animating story.

    So our two men went off to invigorate themselves by an open plunge in the salt waters of the seas; while we performed our ablutions in the modest retirement of my bathroom.

    That evening, after a light supper and a moderate supply of choice stimulants, wearing garments of the lightest description, we gathered round Frances and requested her to continue her narrative. Both she and I were so placed that our cunts and bottoms were well in view, while the men's pricks and appendages were conveniently located for the manipulation of our wanton and inquisitive fingers.

    Frances proceeded as follows: 'As soon as captain Jones aroused his amorous desires to the highest degree by sucking, smelling and tasting, the great tension in his course but singularly vigorous prick compelled him yield to its demands. So, rising to his full height, he poked its swollen head up to my face, and with a proud look brandished it before my eyes.

    'It certainly seemed to promise all that any prick would do, accordingly I offered no impediment when he separated my thighs to the widest extent, and placing the big head at the entrance of my cunt, slowly drove it up the soft and lubricated channel.

    'Big as his prick was — and it was among the biggest I have ever seen — my cunt had no difficulty in taking it all in, though it certainly got a good stretching; and as he went on working his tool with increasing rapidity and force, its great size not only caused no inconvenience but made my whole bottom and cunt glow with the most intense satisfaction.

    'I had nothing for it but to give myself up to the delight of the moment; so when I tightened, as my dear lord had taught me, the pleasure girths inside and each time the captain sent home his prick, I squeezed its head far up in my cunt, and met his onward push with a corresponding heave of my bottom. He quickly discovered that I was enjoying the lively movement of his prick equally with himself and, holding me firmly by the shoulders, he leaned forward, pressing his whole weight on my body, and with a roar of delight poured into my cunt a flood of boiling sperm. I then lay under him, with my eyes closed, while he remained for a few moments with the whole length of his prick soaking in my cunt.

    'One of the men, however, attracted by the shout and excited by a view of the captain's ecstasy, now came up behind him, and pushing a hand between his legs, felt the lips of my cunt.

    'The captain, arousing himself, looked round and seeing who it was said: 'That's right, Darby, hold my balls and tickle her arse while I take another bout, and then you shall have a clear coast all to yourself.'

    'I felt the captain's prick swelling in my cunt, preparing for the second fuck, which you know, Queenie, most women like better than the first, I again compressed its head in the innermost recesses of my cunt, and softly heaved my bottom.

    'Meanwhile, the fellow behind, having let down his trousers to give his tool free action, kept one hand between the captain's legs, working his balls and poking my bottom, and passing the other round his hips and catching his prick, made it pass through his fingers as he thrust in and out of my cunt.

    '"Go it, captain — fuck her — ram in your prick; how she twists her arse!

    She is the very devil at a fuck." '"Man alive, Darby, where are you driving your prick? Do you want to bugger me? Shove it alongside of mine. Her cunt will hold the two of you can reach it. There I will move higher — now try — push it in underneath mine. Hah! I thought so, you've got in — now fuck! — fuck for your life." 'I felt Darby's prick poking under the captain's; my cunt was awfully stretched, but somehow, inconceivable as it may seem to you, he actually go in head and shoulders. I verily thought my whole bottom was turned into cunt. The pleasure caused by the friction of the two pricks as they plunged together was overpowering; I seemed to swim in an ocean of spunk as an unctuous flood streamed forth on every side.

    Then my sense appeared to fly away from me and everything became dark.

    'When I came to myself, I was lying in one of the berths and the three rascals were tying up their plunder into bundles.

    'Then a voice spoke down the hatch, "Make haste, I see lights moving in the harbour, and they seem to be approaching us; let us be off at once or it may be too late." 'The captain gave orders to have everything placed in the boat alongside, and then, turning to me, he pointed to the pistols which he placed in his belt and said: "Now, miss, you have so far behaved well. I have taken my revenge, I don't want to harm you further, so if you make no stir until morning you will see no more of us; but if you make any commotion now, we will return at once, scuttle the yacht and slaughter everyone on board — even if we hang for it," he added with a dreadful curse.

    'I heard them getting into the boat and quickly pushing off; then I got up and having carefully dressed myself as usual, took the lamp and went into the cabin. I found the steward on the way, tied hand and foot and strongly gagged. I set him free, and together we searched the cabin. In one of the berths we found a young lad, secured in the same manner, and down in the fore hold, lying on the cabin table, poor Roberts, who had been first bound and then thrown violently down; we lifted him up, put him in his berth, and took as much care of him as we could. All the rest of the crew had gone off with the captain.

    "I was very thankful to find that beyond plundering all they could lay their hands on, which after all was not very much, they had done the yacht no harm. We therefore decided on doing nothing until daylight; when the steward and I reported the matter to the harbour master's office, and placed the yacht in charge of the authorities.

    I then went to Monsieur Rinaldo, my language master, and when I told him what had taken place, he kindly offered to put me up at his own house until Lord Ferrars returned. I gladly accepted his offer as the best arrangement for the time being, and was forthwith installed as a member of his household. Here, another event, or I should say series of events took place of a humorous rather than a tragic character, which occasioned my lord much amusement when I related the circumstances to him and which, I trust, will be equally entertaining to our kind friends here.


    The Middy's tale continued

    Monsieur Rinaldo's family was small, consisting only of one maidservant and his wife, who was some twenty years younger than himself. She spoke my language well, having had been born in England, whither her father had gone as agent for an Italian company.

    This led to my passing of my time with her, and we soon became very intimate. From the first, she inclined to take me into her confidence, telling how much older her husband was than herself, and that although a very kind old fellow, he was not able to give her full satisfaction, and hinting that if she could meet a good-looking chap, such as I was, who would be inclined for sport, she might be easily won.

    'I knew what she was driving at plainly enough, but thinking I might safely amuse myself with her, I pretended not to understand her. On which, she became still more eager and outspoken, and, one day, when we were sitting together on a lounge, she asked me if I had ever had a sweetheart: I replied that I never had, and indeed did not care to bother myself in that way.

    'Then she asked: "Did you ever make free with a girl? Of course, you would not require a sweetheart for that, although a sweetheart would be much nicer." '"No," I answered, "I don't want to have anything to do with girls at all for I have observed that they are always causing quarrels and leading young fellows into mischief." '"You are quite right, Frances, as regards common women, and I am very glad to hear you say so, but don't you know what a pleasant thing it is to meet with a nice sensible woman, who could be kind as well as trustworthy. Oh, Frances, you surely know the pleasure such a woman can give to a young man like you?" and she put her hand on my arm.

    '"I have never yet found such a woman as you describe," I said smiling but drawing away from her a little.

    '"Perhaps, you have never looked for one," she answered, moving after me; "tell me, what sort of woman would you like?" '"Oh, I don't know. I have never thought about it at all." '"Ah, I think I know; shall I describe her for you?' she said, glancing at me with an arch expression; 'she should be a brunette and moderately stout; she should have a sprightly manner and be sensible in her talk; and above all, she should have a special fancy for yourself; now, is not that the kind of woman that would please you?" '"Why, I declare, you are describing yourself, Madam Rinaldo, in everything except the last particular." '"Now, there you are wrong, Frances, for let me tell you, and you know an honest confession is always a good thing, I am very fond of you — perhaps I should say, foolishly fond of you — and I would like above all things to enlighten you as to the pleasure a loving woman can give to a young fellow who has the courage to avail himself of the opportunity."

    Here, she put her arm around me, and gently drew me toward her, as she whispered; "Now tell my truly, is it not a fact that you have never touched a woman?" '"Of course I have touched them when handing them into a boat, or putting my arm round them when dancing." '"Ah, you know very well I don't mean that kind of touching, you are only pretending to misunderstand me; or do you want me to speak more plainly?' she asked, as she kept pushing up against me and squeezing my arm with her fingers.

    '"No, I assure you, my dear madame," yielding a little to her pressure, for I felt amused at her eagerness, and expected that it might furnish me with something funny to tell my lord on his return, "I do not really understand what you mean, as I have never felt inclined to touch a woman in any other way than as I have said."

    '"How charming to meet with such innocence! How happy I shall be if you, like a dear boy, will allow me to teach you what is the truest joy and the greatest happiness of life — " here she took my hand and placed it on her thigh; "don't you know that every woman has a little treasure which she keeps carefully covered up, and the touch of which causes most men great delight; would you not like to feel it for yourself?" and she pressed my hand down between her thighs.

    '"I don't much care," I replied, resigning my hand, however, to her wanton guidance. "I really am unacquainted with the pleasure you speak of." 'She seemed almost irritated by my slowness. "What," she asked, with amorous fire blazing in her eyes, "what sort of stuff are you made of?

    Perhaps you have no article at all! No masculine organs to infuse some heat into your cold blood! Let me try," and she suddenly dived her hand between my thighs.

    '"Oh, don't," I responded, firmly closing my legs together, "I cannot let any other woman touch me there. I promised my dear mother when leaving home that no woman should make free with me until I came back to her again; and I mean to keep my promise." 'Her face flushed; she had gone too far to recede; and fearing she might be balked at last, she seized my hand and thrust it under her clothes;

    "Well, at all events, put your hand on my cunt;" she cried in her mad excitement. "You made no promise not to do that! What more can I do except let you see it? Here, Francis, I can refuse you nothing. I know how young fellows like to look at a woman's cunt — see, here it is — this is my treasure, hidden from all the world except my husband, and I show it to you; put your hand on it," she said, drawing up her petticoats, and spreading her thighs.

    'To humour her and carry on the joke, I placed my face on her very pretty and nicely formed quim. Its lips, which pouted out in ripe luxuriance, were thickly covered on the edges by a skirting of black hair, very crisp and curly. They ere not so fair as mine outside, but were brighter red within, while the clitoris, the fullest I ever saw, projected like the prick of a little boy, and was of a deep ruby tinge. Rubbing my finger down the slit, I said, "and so, this pretty looking mouth is your cunt! And is it through this you piddle?" I asked, looking very innocent, and touching her clitoris.

    '"No, I don't know what that is for, only that I like to have it rubbed; the little hole for piddling is lower down, in the middle of the slit, just here.'

    '"How funny! Then you must wet your cunt every time you piddle; I like the way a boy is made much better, for he can piss without himself; but I wonder why such a big mouth is necessary for such a small stream to come out of." '"You little goose, or you little humbug, I am not sure which! Don't you know that the cunt is made for a prick such as you have, or ought to have, if you are a boy at all." I started, fearing she had made some discovery, but it was only a random hit, for she went on: "and perhaps, in your simplicity, you think your prick is only made for piddling too. I wish you would let me put my hand on it, and I would soon teach you the difference." '"I would gladly let you, my dear Madame Rinaldo, but for my promise, for I would like to please you. Meantime, tell me, as you are so king, how the prick goes into the cunt, and what sort of feeling you have when it gets in; and if you wish I will go on rubbing this part while you are telling me." '" Well, Francis, I never met anyone like you before, but I will enlighten you so far as you will let me. I suppose you know what it is for your prick to grown large and stiff, and stand up; that is called an erection; and a prick is no good, in a woman's estimation, unless it can stand up, firm and strong. Now if you were fond of me, and your prick in good order, you would take it out for me to see and handle, then you would get over me and I would lean back and let you in between my thighs.

    Then you would open the lips of my cunt and place the head of your prick at the lower end of the slit and push it up the passage. Then you would work it in and out, which is called fucking, driving it up again, while I would hold you in my arms and keep kissing you and saying how much I enjoyed the motion of your prick in my cunt; and heaving up my bottom, I would cry: fuck me, fuck me, my love, oh! what pleasure! Oh! what delight! Fuck — fuck — fuck. And you would grunt and cry: Oh! as the pleasure went on increasing; and when at last you felt the hot spunk leaving your cods and darting through your prick, you would give a shout as the great thrill of pleasure agitated your whole body; then plunging your prick as far as possible into my cunt, you would like panting on my belly.

    '"Oh, Francis! You are giving me such pleasure! Rub the clitoris harder, now press up your two fingers together, or three if you like." Here wee were both startled by a shuffling noise outside the door. Madame hastily put herself to rights, muttering between her teeth, what a nuisance when she felt she was just coming. I jumped up, and quickly opening the door saw something like the skirts of the maid, Juanita, disappearing at the end of the passage. I did not tell Madame Rinaldo what I saw, for I thought it better not to arouse her suspicions against her maid, but only said I could see nothing to account for the noise; yet it would be wiser for me to leave her for the present I said, with a significant smile, as I went out and closed the door.

    'Curiosity, however, induced me to follow the maid, treading as softly with my slippered feet as I could. She had gone to her own room, hurriedly shut the door and thrown herself on the bed.

    'The door was imperfectly fastened and by a gentle push I opened it sufficiently to get a view of Juanita, with her clothes tossed up, her thighs spread open, her head thrown back and her eyes turned up, frigging her cunt with the middle finger of her right hand. In the midst of her muttered exclamations of pleasure, as she endeavoured by energetic friction to satisfy the importunate cravings of her love chink, I fancied I heard the sound of my own name. This of course naturally

    increased the interest I felt in watching her performance; and besides, she seemed so terribly in earnest, and so carried along by pleasurable emotion, and her cunt looked in such a bursting state of excitement, that I, familiar as I am with the cunt and its longings, could not help admiring her and sympathising with her wanton exercise. So pushing my hand through the opening of my full wide trousers, I placed it on my own chink of delight, and by the friction of my finger speedily allayed for the moment the intense excitement into which I had been thrown by these two exhibitions of wanton female nature.

    'That very evening, Juanita made up to me in the most unmistakable manner. She even charged me with deceiving her, and told me, in her own beautiful language, which seems specially adapted for giving utterance to the emotions of love, that I had spoken to her too kindly and looked at her in such a loving way that I had gained her heart and made her expect and long for some more palpable evidence of love.

    'I smiled, and offered her a present, she smiled in return, but refused the present and, coming close up to me, said, "That is not the proof of love I wish for. It is you I want," she added, looking down, while a roseate flush suffused her face.

    '"My dear Juanita, you have indeed gained my goodwill by your attention, and I enjoy conversing with you in your own language, for you are so kind in correcting me, and take such pains to get me right; but as to love, you know, I am only a boy, and won't be thinking of marriage for many years to come." '"I don't expect you to marry me, and I don't want you to marry me; I don't think marriage makes people fonder of one another; I know it foes oftentimes the reverse. I do want you to love me, and to love me without force or compulsion." '"My dear Juanita," I said kindly, for I really felt for the poor girl, while I pitied her infatuation, "What proof of love do you want?"

    '"What a question to ask me! You tell me, I am pretty, I know I am young. I am healthy. I am a woman, and I tell you I love you and crave your love in return; what can I say more?"

    She put her arm round me, and drawing me to her, pressed me to her bosom, and burst out sobbing as she laid her head on my shoulder.

    '"Well," thought I to myself, 'this is a pretty fix! What am I to do? what excuse can I make? I must carry on for the present, however, as well as I can, and contrive to get away before she drives me to extremities." So knowing well the soothing effect of such attentions as she was evidently desiring, I first pushed my knee in between her thighs (oh! how readily they opened!) I pressed it up on her seat of love (with what joy she responded by pushing hard against me!) I stooped and raised her petticoats (she made no objection), I ran my hand up between her soft warm thighs, I reached her bush. The lips seemed to open as I pressed my finger in. The chink was very moist and glowing with heat, and the clitoris felt stiff and springy as if endued with life. Wishing to give her all the pleasure I could, I passed my other hand beneath her clothes, and grasped the firm round cheeks of her bottom, while I frigged her cunt as skilfully as I could.

    '"Oh, my love! Now you understand me — won't you put it in? where is your prick? Let me find it — I will pet it for you and then you can fuck me, if you will." '"No, dearest Juanita, not just now. I never care for a fuck while hampered with my clothes, wait till I have you naked in bed, then we shall take our fill of love. Meantime, let me frig your nice juicy cunt; there, do you like that?" '"oh, my love! You know how to frig… faster — harder — oh! I'm coming — push your finger up. Oh! Oh!!"

    She kissed me rapturously, while she hugged me in her arms, then as I gently disengaged myself, I said, "Now, darling, leave me and if I can I will come to you at twelve tonight; but if I do not come at that time, don't expect me, for I might be prevented." 'She left me with reluctance, and I prepared to go out. I had promised to meet on that evening two young men — one whom I will call Henri, a lieutenant in the Italian navy, and the other, Julien, an officer in the marines.

    'I made their acquaintance the day after the robbery, when I had to appear in the police court to give my evidence. They were present and took a fancy to me. I passed many evenings in their company, for I thought it a good way of perfecting my education as a boy, though I found, as you may imagine, extreme difficulty in the concealment of my true sex. We generally went to the theatre, or some other place of amusement after which they usually finished up in the arms of some of their favourite mistresses.

    'I was perpetually solicited by those ladies to join in their amusements, but always excused myself on some plea or other.

    'On this evening, I had reason to expect that a more determined attempt would be made to overcome my opposition, and compel me to prove my manhood.

    'I should mention that as I often returned late at night, I obtained from Monsieur Rinaldo a latchkey with which to let myself in without disturbing the house.

    'I was just sallying forth with this key in my pocket, revolving in my mind various plans of escape from the importunities of my friends, when Madame Rinaldo met me in the passage, and putting her arm round me, without ceremony drew me into her room, and having shut the door, whispered, '"My dear Francis, don't fasten your door tonight, for I intend making monsieur's evening glass stronger than usual, and I will come to you when all is quiet; you won't turn me out — will you, dear?'

    '"Oh! madame, how mad you are! What would you do if Monsieur Rinaldo were to wake up and find you absent from his bed?" '"Oh! he'll not wake up. I'll take care of that; and if he does, I can easily make an excuse, so don't be afraid. I will come, and be sure that you keep yourself fresh and wholesome for me, and don't stay out too late.

    Now kiss me, and goodbye for the present," she added, quoting my own expression.

    'As I passed out, I thought: How the plot thickens! How strange, to be so beset at once by two most lascivious women, both dying to be fucked!

    Now, I bet if I were a hot young blade with a glorious prick of my own, instead of being only a poor girl with nothing but an innocent little cunt to boast of, such good fortune would never have happened to me; but somehow, things always go in this world by the rule of contrariness.

    Then suddenly a light burst upon my mind — why not utilise my two friends! It will extricate me from a great difficulty, be a bonne-bouche for them, and given my two randy sweethearts supreme satisfaction. So later when, coming out of the music hall, my two friends seized my arms to carry me with them to meet, as they said, some of the most splendid girls in Genoa, I assured them I would be much better engaged at home.

    'Then I described Madame Rinaldo and the maid Juanita, how they were boiling over with lust and wantonness and how I was fairly at a loss to meet their joint demands; "and I must tell you, there is a third girl in the house, whom I love better than either of those, and whom I especially desire to have all to myself tonight. But this is my difficulty: madame told me this afternoon that she intends coming to my room tonight and I had already promised the maid, who is, if possible, still more attractive, to go to her about the same time. What would you young fellows think of putting off your other engagement and returning with me. I have as you know the key to the hall door, and we can get in without disturbing anybody. Let one of you take my place in my bed, and receive in my stead the loving Rinaldo, and the other represent me in the arms of the fair waiting maid, while I shall be occupied in another room with the other girl I spoke of; and after you have got as much as you care for — be assured they will give you enough — I can let you out again, and you may reach home by the small hours." They were both charmed with the novelty of the idea, and gladly agreed to play the parts I had suggested.

    So, in due course, we quietly stole into the house. I first let them into a small parlour which I used as a sitting room. Here we primed ourselves with one extra drink while I gave them more minute instructions, warning them particularly not to speak more than they could possibly help, and then only in low whispers, and in everything to imitate me as much as they could.

    Then we took off our boots and crept upstairs; on reaching my room, we undressed. Henri ensconced himself in my bed and I, leaving the door on the latch, conducted Julien to the room where the fair Juanita lay awaiting my approach.

    I passed in with him up to the bed, and stood there as he got in. I heard her kissing him as she whispered how delighted she was to hold him in her arms at last. Then there was much rustling as they felt and petted one another and she exclaimed, "Oh! what a fine fellow you have got, my Francis! Let me kiss him before you fuck me — throw off the clothes, it is so hot, and I will get over you." Then I heard him telling her in a whisper to mover her bottom up to his face and let her cunt down on his mouth.

    'Then certain sucking sounds informed me, that his prick afforded her a whole mouthful, while his tongue and lips were actively engaged extracting the sweet juices of her cunt.

    'In a few moments, she said: "Now dear, get over me — I like putting it into my cunt with my own hands — there it is in. Oh! how nice it feels!

    Now fuck." He told her to put her arms round him, and let him know when she felt she was coming.

    '"I will dear, oh! how nicely you fuck! How I love to feel your prick in my cunt! let me throw up my legs and cross them over your back. Now your prick gets further in! It fills all my belly! I feel your balls rubbing my bottom! Now push — dart in your prick fuck — fuck! There it comes — oh!" 'Now it was my time to escape; so I quickly slipped out and returned to my own room. I arrived in the very nick of time. Madame had just passed in, and was getting into the bed where Henri lay in my place, anxiously awaiting her; as she nestled in his arms, she whispered,

    "What a naughty boy you were this morning, Francis, to give me so much trouble, and force me to expose myself before you; but I know you did it all in sport. And I now find I did you a great injustice when I fancied you were deficient. If my old man had as capable a tool as this, I would never think of any other; can you believe it? his prick has not stood for years; and though he loves bawdy talk, and likes fingering and sucking, he only raises desires which he is not able to satisfy. But this fellow is both strong and big. Let me play with him for a bit, before you put him in." '"Well, dear, madame, don't frig him at all, for he is on full cock, and almost a touch would fire him off." '"In that case, you had better mount, and let him fire off in the right direction." 'I heard him getting on her; then she whispered, 'Oh! what a big head! I am not used to such a great tool! Yet it gets in easily enough! Oh! it feels grand! It reaches the small of my back! That's the way now, a good plunge, now another — Oh! Oh!!" 'I heard her teeth grinding and their bellies smacking as she heaved and he drove against her and rammed his prick home. As I listened I grew quite excited myself; my cunt panted; how could I get relief? I abominate self-frigging and only have recourse to it when no other means are available; so I thought, why not try old monsieur himself? — his old tool will at least be better than my own finger and it will be paying off madame in her own coin.

    'It did not take me long to make my way to his bed, for I knew the house well. He was fast asleep and breathing heavily. I slipped under the clothes; the bed felt warm and comfortable.

    'I am sure, dear Queenie, that though your experience has been very wide, you never had connection with a sleeping man?'

    'No, I have never got so far as you describe, thought I have often explored the private belongings of a man, when asleep, but somehow he always wakened up as soon as I got his tool into working order. I am well acquainted, however, with the position you mention and indeed what woman is not; for men are such lazy beings, that whenever they can get what they want without effort on their part, they gladly throw all the work on us poor women, am I not right, old boy?' she asked, putting her hand on her husband's prick, which Frances was softly petting as she told her curious and most exciting tale.

    'Quite right, old girl, but judging from appearances, both Ferrars and myself stand in need of some relief at present. The lascivious ideas produced in our minds by the luscious terms and descriptions of sweet Frances, joined with the exciting effect of your busy fingers, have so stirred up our virile members that they are in full fighting trim, and are prancing like two chargers eager for assault; what say you, Ferrars?'

    'I am strongly of your opinion, Dick; and I propose that we maintain the character your good wife has bestowed upon us, of lazy beings, by lying on our backs and allowing our fair friends to appropriate that part of us they most appreciate, and work it to their own satisfaction. In that way, Frances can favour us with an actual representation of what she has described in such glowing terms. And that we may gratify our sense of sight as well as of feeling, I suggest that we denude ourselves of every encumbrance.'

    To this we all agreed, and when they stretched their manly limbs in all their naked beauty on the soft carpet at our feet, we readily bent our rounder and more graceful forms over them, and seizing those middle members which women ever prize the most, we placed on the swollen heads the soft pouting mouths which occupy the corresponding region of the female body.

    I need scarcely say that it was Lord Ferrars standing prick which I engulfed in my longing gap, and that it was upon my husband's erected tool that Frances poised her amorous bum.

    'Now,' cried Dick as soon as he felt the whole of his prick embedded in the hot folds of her thrilling cunt, let us all economise our forces: we will remain perfectly quiescent, and if you fair ladies will move with the utmost deliberation the pleasure of everybody will be prolonged and increased; keep your steeds well in hand and the final spring will be grander and more effective. I would propose that Frances should now continue her narrative, but it might divert her mind from her present enjoyment; let us rather concentrate all our thoughts on the work we have in hand and draw from it all pleasure it is capable of affording.'

    'Right old fellow. Queenie, you may be proud of your husband; he is a thorough-going philosopher, and understands how to attain the sum mum bonum; let us follow his advice, for I am sure we often lessen out enjoyment by giving way to eager impetuosity. But, while I agree with my friend as to the wisdom of deferring the story, I would request you and Frances to carry on between yourselves, as you slowly work up and down, the most lascivious conversation you can devise, as we well know how much the pleasures of fucking are intensified by seasoning the act with the free use of wanton terms and expressions.'

    'We will do our best,' I replied. 'Now, Frances, down — press my husband's prick up into the innermost recesses of your belly — ' and down we both flopped, driving the two pricks up until the hairs on the pricks and cunt intermingled together. then Frances responded: 'Up again, dear Queenie, let us see his lordship's noble tool reeking with the rich juices of your cunt!' and immediately two pricks appeared, shining with moisture after the love-bath in our warm receptacles, and purple tips remaining just inside the clinging lips.

    'Now again, down cunts — swallow pricks; now up cunts — disgorge. See the pricks now! How glowing and heated they look! Admire the lips of our cunts how swollen they are! Down again; as our fat round arses rub their hard bollocks; now heave together fuck — fuck — fuck — Oh! smack arses — rub balls — shove in pricks — swallow them, cunts. Now cunt juices flow — shoot forth spunk — heave — plunge — all together' — and the curtain falls, as the exhausted actors, steeped in spunk, lie rolling on the carpet.

    Once again, we agreed that it was expedient to postpone hearing the conclusion of Frances's most interesting account of her amorous adventures until we had rested our organs of delight, and were in a better condition to respond actively to the call to pleasure which her luscious descriptions would be sure to elicit.

    So, after a plentiful application of the coldest water we could procure to the realms of love, we sat down to a generous repast of food and mild stimulants.

    A little byplay of wanton dalliance and sportive freedoms with naked pricks, cunts and bottoms diversified the scene, and kept the fire bright on the alter of Venus.

    Our bodily powers being thus recruited, and our spirits revived, voluptuous desire again resumed its sway; so we placed our naked forms in the most comfortable and convenient attitudes for listening to Frances as she, in highly lubricious language, continued her interesting tale. Playing with loving fingers around my husband's halferected prick, she commenced.

    'In taking up the thread of my narrative, I would remind you how, in the still midnight hour, I was enjoying stolen bliss straddled over monsieur's sleeping form.

    'The flood of pleasure was now rising to the overflow, and the throbbing of his prick in my heated cunt warmed me that the throes of emission were commencing; suddenly, to my no small alarm, his steady thick breathing ceased and was succeeded by short gasps and soft mutterings as the sleeper gradually recovered consciousness and realised what was taking place.

    '"Oh! wife! how good you are tonight! Something like your old self — you bring back the time when you first received me in your fond embrace, and your hungry cunt sucked in my prick with true delight." 'Poor old fellow! I was glad to have been able to afford him a taste of real pleasure once again, for I felt he must have been badly treated; but what was I to do next? I had nothing for it but to throw myself forward on his breast, and stop his mouth with warm kisses as he poured into me the essence of life. The pleasurable sensation passed away and was followed by the usual languor. I remained lying on him without motion, only pressing him gently in my arms in hope that sleep would again assert its power and I might slip away without his perceiving it.

    'But every time I moved, he muttered, "Don't get off me yet; it's so new to feel your loving weight!" 'I began to feel rather uncomfortable, fearing that madame might return and find her place occupied by a stranger. I had been there more than an hour, and she might come in at any moment, so I whispered, "I want to get up. I will return directly, got to sleep." 'As I spoke, I heard madame coming along the passage and enter the room. I had barely time to slip out the further side of the bed as she came up to that nearest to her.

    'For the moment I stood in shelter of the curtains at the foot of the bed, thinking it wiser not to open the door until they had gone to sleep.

    'As she was drawing the clothes round her, he said, "You were not long doing that little job, dear; turn to me again — you have been so good to me tonight, that I feel quite happy." 'What makes you feel so happy? Go to sleep, you old fool, you must have been dreaming." '"Ah!" he said with a sigh, "true, I must have been dreaming when I thought you were good to me; yet, certainly someone mounted across me and gave me such delight as I have not had for many a long day.'

    '"What do you mean? I wonder, could that slut have been here! I know she is as randy as a she-cat. I will go at once and try whether she is in her bed." 'She got up, lighted a candle, and made toward the door.

    'Now, thought I, the fat will be in the fire, and no mistake.

    I therefore followed her, but at a sufficient distance to avoid being seen. Just as she was approaching Juanita's room, which was in the upper storey, someone opened the door and ran up against her. In the concussion, her candlestick fell and the light was extinguished; she had, however, recognised a man's shirt and bare legs; so she took Julian, who had rushed out on hearing her steps, for me, and throwing her arms round me, said, "For shame, Francis! What brought you here? Did you not get enough for one night with me? I wonder at you." 'Fearing that if he replied his voice might betray him, I sprang forward and violently bumped against her. She tumbled down with a yell, which I did not want, but as not time was to be lost, I put my hand on Julien's mouth and whispered: "Follow me." I led him at once to my room, told him to get into bed with Henri, and cover them both with the clothes until I called them. Then throwing on my dressing gown I lighted my lamp and went out into the passage.

    'I met madame returning from the maid's room. On seeing me, she exclaimed: "Oh! Francis! Surely this house is haunted! Now tell me honestly, were you with Juanita tonight?" '"No, most assuredly, as you yourself very well know." '"I believe you, Francis, for you certainly had no cause; but my mind is all in a maze; my old man, too, fancies that something in woman's shape got across him, put life into his old tool and gave him pleasure; but I think the old cock must have had a wet dream — or something of that sort," she said with a laugh; "however, let us all get to bed now, and we will talk it all over tomorrow.'

    'Going back to my two friends we had a quiet laugh together over the strange events of the night. They were in first-rate humour, as they had enjoyed themselves most thoroughly and thought it the best joke they have ever heard of.

    'When all was still, I let them out, and having returned to bed was soon fast asleep.

    'Next day, however, my troubles increased. Juanita was most loving, and seemed inclined to hug me every time I was within her reach.

    "But," she observed, "it is very odd that you seem so big and strong by night, while by day, you look more like a boy than a man." 'I only smiled and said, "Ah, Juanita, you must not judge people always by appearance." '"Oh, indeed, you have taught me that lesson; but when may I expect you again?" '"As soon as I can manage it; I will give you due notice."

    '"There is no need of that — come whenever you can — every night if you like. But what was wrong with the mistress last night? She seemed like a hen on a hot griddle, in no way easy with herself. She gave a screech outside my door, just after you left, and when I went out to see what was the matter, I found her sprawling on the floor, where she had been knocked down, she said, by a ghost with a blow of his wing. I looked most innocent, and helped her up; then she asked me, whether I had gone to her room and sat like a vampire bat on her husband's belly and sucked up all the juices of his old cock. I assured her, I had never left my room until that moment. Then she turned her tune, and charged me with receiving you. This, of course, I strongly denied; and I told her that, however much I desired a bachelor, I never aspired to you. 'Quite right!' she said, throwing her arms round me."

    "You are a funny girl, Juanita; when I see your mistress, I will convince her that such a charge against you is a mistake; now kiss me, like a dear, and go for this time, as I am very busy.'

    'I tried to keep out of Madame’s way, but it was no use, for she pounced upon me at the first opportunity.

    '"Ah, Signor Gipton, you are very clever! You think to throw dust in all our eyes; but we have ears as well as eyes. You never thought that I was listening at your door last night when you and your friend were making merry at my expense. So it was not yourself that I favoured with my embrace! And you, you naughty boy, preferred the maid to the mistress! How can you be such an arrant deceiver and yet wear so innocent a face! Never mind, I'll pay you off — ah well — don't make up such a pitiful mouth — I am not so very angry, after all, if you tell me truly, which was it, your naval friend or the marine officer, who occupied your bed last night, I will not be unmerciful; and if you will let me know when he will be here again, I will overlook your offence of bringing a stranger by night into Monsieur Rinaldo's house."

    'Hoh! Thought I, is that how the wind blows! How cute she is! And such a wanton jade! But I must answer discreetly, as I cannot tell how much she may have heard.

    '"My dear madame, I thank you for your forgiveness; it was indeed taking a great liberty to bring a stranger in, and place him in my bed; but as you had already met Lieutenant Henri, and said you liked him greatly and as I knew that from his grater age and experience he would be certain to afford you far more gratification than I could, I devised that plan to give you the more pleasure and enjoyment, and I think I may assure you that he will esteem himself highly favoured by your wish to have him again, and that he will be happy to come at any time you may appoint." '"Well, Francis, I am trusting you more than I ever trusted anyone — my honour, my life itself is in your hands, if you or your friend deceive me, I am lost; but you could not be so base. Suppose we say then, the night after next; and you, I dare say, will console yourself with Juanita; well I don't mind, if you keep the matter quiet, and take care not to harm her." '"Thanks again, my dear madame, you are kindness itself. You may be assured that Juanita shall never be injured by me; and as to your honour, it will be precious as my own life." 'She then kissed me and went away.

    'I felt considerably relieved by the turn events had taken, for I was thereby freed from Madame’s importunities, and had her sanction for introducing my friends at night.

    'She had apparently recognised only the voice of one, but her permission to bring him in was sufficient for my purpose; and, I argued, if one was good, two would be better.

    To make what follows more plain, I should tell you there was a kind of lumber-room near mine where I placed some articles I had brought on shore from the yacht. Among the old furniture laid there, I found a truckle bed, on which I placed a pillow and some rugs for my own use when I needed a separate shake down. And it was here that I used to dress and undress when my room was otherwise engaged.

    'My friends, I need not tell you, were delighted when they heard of madam's invite, and thanked me for obtaining for them such an unexpected gratification; and so eager were they, that they asked could they not come that very night? After some pressing, I said they might and that I would try to have matters arranged for their reception.

    'I recommended, however, that Julien should occupy my bed, and Henri go to the maid by way of exchange, to which they gladly consented.

    'So, at the proper time, I brought them to my room as before; Julien took possession of my bed and I led Henri to Juanita, whom I had notified in the course of the evening. Julien had told Henri how he managed on the previous night, so he was prepared as to the line of action he was expected to pursue.

    I remained to listen at the bedside, as I had done on the former occasion. I heard plenty of kissing and shuffling about, by which I knew that Juanita's eager fingers were playing round Henri's manly tool while he in like manner was gratifying himself by feeling the sort hairy lips of her lascivious gap.

    'After a while, she said, "Stay, I will mount this time — how nice and stiff your prick is! Oh! it goes in — how deliciously it fills my cunt! yes, you may pinch my bottom, and tickle my arsehole. Yes, I will say prick, and piss, and fuck. Do you like this way of fucking? Oh! isn't it nice when I push down and get your whole prick up into my cunt, and my belly presses yours and your balls rub against my bottom. Oh! Oh!!"

    'My own cunt now began to water for a fuck, and there was Julien in my bed, with his prick, no doubt, at full stand, waiting for Madame’s cunt; but she did not know it.

    'And here, let me make my confession; I had planned it that I might have one night's pleasure with my friend Julien, under pretence of being madame herself. So having undressed in the lumber-room, I came to my own bed, and raising the clothes got in alongside Julien.

    'He greeted me with the words — "Dear madame, you are welcome." I groped for his prick, while my cunt thrilled under the touch of his searching fingers. 'Isn't he in good order? I have been thinking of nothing else since Francis told me you would favour me tonight. I wonder, though, what he is doing with himself, for it is a marvel to me how he could resign, even to a friend, one so fresh and lovely as yourself?'

    '"Oh, never fear, he is amusing himself with someone whom he likes better; he knows how to pick and choose, I can tell you." '"I have no doubt of that, for the girls are all so devilishly fond of him they are ready to open their cunts the moment he approaches; but he treats them all with the greatest disdain. I don't understand him at all — he seems like a mere boy, but he is as crabbit as old Nick.'

    'I could not help laughing at the description of myself, and as he threw his leg over me preparatory to mount, I said — "Don't be in such a hurry; we have plenty of time; let us talk a little longer while your prick is still large and strong. I suppose, with a tool of such dimensions, you are a prime favourite with the girls. Do you fuck a great many?" '"Yes," he replied, 'I am kept in tolerable practice; I seldom pass the twenty-four hours without fucking someone." '"Now, tell me," I asked, "do you find much difference in the cunts of the various women whom you fuck?"

    '"Well, not much in the dark, especially if they are young and healthy.

    Of course, some girls are more randy than others, and then their cunts are hotter and the lips are fuller and stand open, and when you push in your prick they close firmly round it, as if they were sucking it in; and as you drive in your prick, they heave their dear little arses and meet your thrust in the most luxurious manner. They make the best fuck when a man is in full vigour, but if one is at all feeble they are apt to pitch you out of the saddle, and before you can get on again, your strength passes away.

    '"Then there are others that lie perfectly quiet and seem to concentrate all their feelings in their cunts and oftentimes more than make up for their inaction by nipping the head of your prick far up in their cunt just at the mouth of the womb. This nipping pleases most men more than heaving or twisting about.

    '"Sometimes too we meet with girls that are altogether inanimate. They seem to have no feeling one way or another; you may place them how you will, do with them as you please, and provided that you pay them well, fuck them as you please and in any way or in any place you like.

    Some men like this; I don't, I like a soft well-proportioned woman with plenty of feeling. Like you, dear madame; not too big as to size, but having large fleshy thighs, full round bottom and wide smooth belly, with a good bush of silky hair over her cunt, but not too much at the sides. I like to feel the mount prominent, and the lips standing out, so that the whole count supplies a good handful the way this does," here, he spread his hand over my cunt, and pressed it all round with his fingers. "I like to feel the furrow between the lips warm and thoroughly moist as yours is," here, his middle finger pressed into the slit, and its tip rubbed my clitoris and the hollow between the nymphae. "And I like to feel the passage inside hot and well wrinkled up, so as to hold my prick in a firm embrace." The finger now penetrated my cunt, and pushed delightfully up the passage; after moving it two or three times up and down, he drew it out and applied it to my bottom-hole.

    '"Do you like my touching this little aperture in your bottom?"

    '"I do," I replied, "there is great feeling there."

    And I put my finger to his own arsehole.

    '"Ah!" he said, 'you are wise, you know how to get the most pleasure!

    Yes the bottom has great feeling. But why not call it arse? It is more exciting, and men when about to fuck love to hear a woman speak of her arse, and talk of prick, and cunt, and bollocks, and fuck, and piss, and all the other words of that kind. Say arse for me, my love." '"Yes, arse. Do you like me to put my finger in your arse?" '"I do; now tell me how you piss." '"Yes, well, you know I must first take out the poe; you can piss standing up, but we have to piss sitting down; so I put up my clothes, and if I have drawers on I pull them aside, then I sit down, and spread my thighs so as to open wide the lips of my cunt, and then I hear a swish as the piss rushes out through my cunt and rattles into the pot. If we had light now I would let you see my cunt pissing for I know that men like to watch the amber stream flowing out from between the hairy lips of a woman's quim." '"Yes, darling, you must piss for me someday when we have light, and then I will kiss your cunt while it is still wet with your piss, for I would like to taste anything that came out of such a sweet little mouth as this count of yours. That will be a pleasure on some future day; but now, my love, I can't wait much longer; do you like the feel of my fingers frigging your arse and cunt at the same time? And does petting your arsehole increase the feeling in your cunt?'

    '"It does, dear, I have a grand feeling both in arse and cunt now; get over me, poke in your prick and fuck me to your heart's content." 'He moved over me and got in between my wide-spread thighs, and holding his prick to my cunt, pushed with his backside.

    'I enjoyed his weight on my body as I felt the big head poking at the entrance of my cunt, then inside, then up, further and further, until the whole length of his grand instrument was lodged in my belly, and the lips of my cunt pressing round its root rubbed against the hairy tuft which grew there.

    'Then commenced the old fucking movement — so often told, yet always interesting when our sympathy is called forth — of prodding and heaving; poking and shoving; pressing and squeezing, intermingled with: "Ah's and Oh's; push prick; hold it, cunt; heave bottom; shove arse; fire away, cods; spend; spunk fuck — fuck — fuck." 'Oh! didn't I strain the dear fellow to my breast as the flood of hot spunk poured into my cunt, and his firmly gathered-up stones rubbed luxuriously on the sensitive opening of my bottom.

    'Oh, it was a delightful fuck! and brought back to my mind the time when my dear lord first took possession of my cunt and filled it with rapture and delight.

    'As Julien lay resting on my breast, with his prick, not much diminished, soaking in my cunt, he said, 'Now love, you asked me if I found much difference in cunts, let me ask you if you find much difference in pricks? And what kind you like best? for I am sure you have had some experience in that line." '"Oh, I know what a prick ought to be, and can tell when it is able to give the satisfaction I expect. A great deal depends on a man's age; young men naturally have more vigour, larger tools, and being more experienced, if they are temperate in their habits and have not impaired their constitutions by dissipation or disease, are able to give more entire satisfaction.

    '"I like a prick then of some experience, of moderate size, and able to stand upright without frigging.

    '"I like a man to be cool and deliberate, and not to charge at me as if he were going to stick a spear into a wild beast.

    '"I like a man who holds himself in command, and is able to restrain his discharge until the woman has reached the same point as himself and is able to reciprocate his emotion as he darts his spunk into her cunt; in short, a man who consults the woman's pleasure as well as his own. Such as you have shown yourself to be.

    '"And now you may recall to mind the reason why empty wine bottles are called marines — because, having done their duty, they are prepared to do it again. So you may recommence. I am ready too." 'He willingly responded, and his second fuck was more than equal to his first; the pleasure was more spun out, all the parts engaged were more fully lubricated and performed their office with more equal force and prolonged enjoyment.

    "I was thoroughly satisfied, and soon afterward wished him goodnight, saying that it was necessary to return to my old man lest he should miss me from his side.

    'I then dressed and went without noise to Juanita's bedside, and gave Henri the signal agreed on; he got up and we stole quickly away.

    When they were ready, I let them out as before, and returned to bed. I slept heavily for I was tired and needed rest, but toward morning, I was awakened by someone leaning over me and peering into my face by the light of the early dawn, while I felt a prying hand searching out the secret of my cunt.

    'Then a merry laugh informed me that it was Juanita who had come to my bed and was indulging her wanton curiosity.

    '"Well," she exclaimed, "whoever would have thought it! after all your impudence and swagger, Signor Gipton, you are only a girl like myself — and a very audacious one too, to deliver me up to your friends! You must have thought me very easily deceived to bring them to my bed and get me to fancy they were you. I was indeed doubtful of the first, but I soon found out that the one who was with me last night was not the same as the one I had the night before. And didn't I hear your step when you came to call him, and then didn't I watch you letting them both out of the hall door? So I thought I would come here and scold you for trying to deceive me in such a bare-faced manner! Though I am not half so angry as I should be, for, I must say, the young fellows behaved well and made them selves very acceptable." '"Well, Juanita, I meant to give you pleasure. I was not able to gratify you myself, as you perceive, so the next best thing was to get one who could, and who would be trustworthy too, and induce him to represent me; and I am glad to hear you say that my plan was successful. And now, like a dear girl, won't you help me to maintain my secret. Lord Ferrars would be extremely vexed if it came out. He has independent means, and you shall be well rewarded, and meanwhile, you may have as much of the young officer as you please; and you and I will be good friends too." Then putting my hand on her cunt, I continued: "You are very nicely made, dear, and both my friends told me you gave them more pleasure than anyone they have had for a long time." '"Oh, I don't heed what those young fellows say; they tell that to every girl in succession, and the last is always the best. But how have you satisfied the mistress? I know that she was mad for you. Has she found you out yet?" '"No, although she came here of her own accord, the night before last, but I had Monsieur Henri waiting for her in my place, and he pleased her well; but she found out who it was, by listening at my door when we thought she had gone to bed. And she is to come here tonight to meet him again by her own appointment; what do you think of that?" '"It does not in the least surprise me, there never was a woman more insatiable for fucking than she is! Old monsieur is not so bad as she makes him out, but I don't think that nay husband, nor a dozen of them, could satisfy her. I know that she gets her draper, her hairdresser and her shoemaker to fuck her at every opportunity, even the poor country boy that brings her flowers and fruit cannot escape. And when all fails, she comes to me to prod her with a dildo, or gamahuche her, which she enjoys most of all, and always repays in king. I did not fancy it at first, but now I enjoy it as much as she does; and I will do it to you as often as you like.'

    'Here she began pushing the clothes aside to get more freely at my cunt but I said, "Thanks, dear Juanita, I am sure it would be very nice, but first tell me more about madame. Did you ever see her fucked by any of those people you refer to?'

    '"Yes, I have not only acted as confidante and go-between, but I have at times assisted in the consummation itself. I have more than once held a prick to the mouth of her hungering cunt, and tickled a man's arse and cods until he poured into her a full allowance of foaming spunk.

    '"However, I will tell you of her shoemaker first. He is a married man, but she likes him all the better for that, as he has experience and at the same time is able for a right good fuck, being both healthy and strong.

    The first time he called, madame told me to bring him to her room, as she wanted him to take her measure for a pair of boots. I then retired, but watched them through the door which I had left partially open.

    She was sitting on the side of her bed, and he went down on his knees before her. She rested her foot on his thigh and pulled up her dress to allow him to measure her more freely. He fumbled a good deal while he praised her neat little foot. Then he pushed his hand up her leg. She drew her dress up somewhat higher as she gave him the necessary directions, all the time working with her toes over his prick which lay along the thigh on which her foot rested. He smiled as his voluptuous feelings became excited, and the prospect of gratifying them opened out.

    '"He lifted her leg a little higher and peered up between her thighs: then, as if thoughtlessly, he put his hand on her knee under her dress.

    She took no notice of it, but went on speaking of some great lady for whom he worked. "Oh, madame!' he exclaimed, still advancing his fingers, 'she is not half so pretty as you are, nor half so well made! What beautiful legs!' lifting her dress. 'What lovely thighs! Let me open them a little more — what a delicious perfume comes down to intoxicate me.'

    Here he sniffed under her dress.

    '"Oh, monsieur! What do you mean by lifting my legs? You will make me fall back. I won't let you separate my thighs.'

    '"Here he arose, and standing between her legs, proceeded to open his trousers down the front.

    '"You must not unbutton yourself — don't attempt to take it out — I won't look at it — I won't let you put it near me — you must not draw me to the edge. Oh my! where are you pushing it?'

    '"He held his fine rosy-headed prick in his hand and was directing it between the lips of her cunt now lying open before him. 'Into your swell cunt, madame. Oh, how nicely it goes up!' he said, as he drove it steadily home. 'Don't you like to feel it in there? Isn't that nice? He asked, as he commenced the regular fucking movement, at first slowly but gradually getting more rapid and vigorous in his thrusts. In short, he gave her such entire satisfaction, that she commended his performance, and promised him a repetition whenever he felt so disposed.

    '"With regard to the country lad I spoke of, she adopted a different course. He was a simple country bumpkin, nineteen years of age, with little mind, but well-developed body. He brought a cart of vegetables to the market every Saturday, and then carried a basket of flowers and fruit around the town.

    'Madame had cast her eyes on him, and considering that he was well adapted to giver her the pleasure she wished for, requested me to take the matter in hand. So the next time he called, I brought him into the parlour, on the table of which I had placed some books of highly lascivious French prints. I told him to wait a few moments while I went to look for the mistress, and pointing to the books, said, 'There are some curious books belonging to the Master; you can amuse yourself looking over the pictures while you are waiting.'

    '"I then went out and closed the door, but did not go further than the next room, where I found madame intently peering through a slit in the partition which afforded her a view of the interior of the parlour. She smiled as I whispered, 'I have applied the match, let's see how soon the fire will reach the magazine.' And putting my hand on her cunt, I peered through the lower part of the opening.

    '"We had not long to wait; as he turned over the leaves, his face flushed, his hands groped at his trousers, and in a few moments, out sprang a most tremendous prick.

    '"Madame gave a start of gratified surprise: 'Oh! what a beauty!'

    '"All right,' I added, 'now go and place yourself on the bed, and I will not be long in fetching him.'

    '"Opening the parlour door suddenly, I ran up, and before he could put his prick out of view, I caught it in my hand.

    '"What is this for? Ah, I know; come, I will show you how it ought to be employed.' He seemed thunderstruck, and allowed me to lead him out while I still held his prick. I brought him to Madame’s room, and pointed to her naked bottom as she leaned over the bed, with her head wrapped up in the curtain, said, 'There is what you saw in the picture; come near, and put your hand on it.' He spread his paws over the cheeks of her polished bum. 'And look here,' I said, drawing open the moist lips of her cunt, 'pop in your prick and you will taste such pleasure as perhaps you never felt before.'

    '"He grinned; but when I thrust in the head of his prick, he pushed it up with right goodwill. To my surprise, he fell to like an old hand and showed that whatever else he might be ignorant of he knew how to fuck. Nor did he draw rein until he had twice deluged her cunt with his spermy balm." 'Juanita then gave me a delightful gamahuche: after which she went away. And here I must conclude, for that morning I got a letter from my dear lord, informing me that I might expect him in the course of the day, and directing me to lose no time in getting the yacht ready for an early start.'


    Lord Ferrars' continuation

    Frances's narrative of her strange adventures while sailing under false colours, and the clever way in which she extricated herself from her difficulties, and even turned them to account in promoting her amorous enjoyments, amused us greatly, while her bold expressions and free use of bawdy terms had their usual effect in charging our minds with wanton ideas and causing intense emotion in our generative parts.

    Both she and I gazed with delight on the distended state of the two pricks we were fondling with such loving fingers. We admired their size and stiffness, and the saucy manner in which they held erect their uncapped heads; while our cunts, glowing with amorous heat and moist with the dews of love, opened out their ruddy lips in expectation of a coming treat.

    I remarked, as I had often done before, the rapid effect produced on the sensitive organs of sexual pleasure by the frequent use of such words as prick, cunt, bollocks, spunk — and even arse and piss; and how thoroughly all their natural coarseness and vulgarity disappear when spoken by a pretty girl and, under the influence of her sweet tones, wanton touches and voluntary self-exposures, what a magic power they possess.

    I was not therefore surprised when Frances concluded her narrative somewhat abruptly; for she perceived that we were all too much excited to remain quiet any longer, and she felt that before anything more was said, something must be done, if only for relief.

    All this time, Frances was sitting on the soft carpet, while we reclined around her. Dick lay on his back in front, his hand playing with my cunt, while his prick was exulting under the stimulating touches of her cunning fingers; meanwhile, I devoted my attention to his lordship's manly tool, rubbing it to my face and kissing off the pearly drop which appeared from time to time on its rosy summit. Lord Ferrars himself kept both his hands employed touching us all in turn, and, what I deemed a little unnatural, took especial notice of the choice qualities of my husband's fine standing prick. He grasped its firm column in his hand, and slowly pushing down the soft skin made it lift its purple head more proudly than ever.

    Frances, putting her finger on it, said, "My lord, would you not like to see this going into Queenie's cunt? it is such jolly fun to watch husband and wife fucking. They do it in such a businesslike manner. Come, dear Queenie, turn over on your back, spread your thighs and raise them as much as you can, so as to give us a full view of your beautiful bottom and all the luscious chinks there! It is a beauty! Venus Callipyge never made a more magnificent display! And see, my lore, what a cunt! so prominent! So plump, and so ripe and rosy! The view of such an enchanting slit as this, with its crimson folds, bathed in moisture and palpitating with desire, makes me regret that I am not indeed a man, able to plunge in my prick and revel in the joy it is longing to feel and impart; but as that cannot be, I must give way to one who can. So, come here, Dick, and after my grand speech, let me arrange you according to my fancy. Now my lord, if you will pop in the prick and tickle her cunt and bottom, I will manipulate his balls and stimulate him behind.'

    I permitted her to carry out her lubricious idea, and afforded them every facility for watching our conjugal encounter and seeing and touching all the parts engaged.

    They first took a deliberate survey of my cunt within and without; then, while Frances was pouring forth her rhapsody, Lord Ferrars stooped and kissed my cunt, probing both it and my bottom with his penetrating tongue.

    My good-natured husband too submitted to be placed in position over his wife, and have his prick rubbed against and then pushed into her cunt.

    'Now, Dick,' cried the merry madcap, 'remember you are performing in public, and should be as stately and dignified as a Spanish don' there, that steady plunge was well done; now draw your prick altogether out that it may cool a little after its hot immersion and that I may have the pleasure of introducing it again.' She gave it one admiring glance, and then replaced its soft head in my tingling cunt and told him to push it up.

    'Now, out again,' she cried. 'Now in' push,' and she gave him a resounding smack behind; 'push — heave — shove — bang — fuck — fuck,' she urged, giving him a whack on his bottom at every word.

    Lord Ferrars laughed as at the same time he delved the fingers of one hand in my cunt and bottom and, slipping the other underneath, lifted me up to meet each thrust of my husband.

    The cup of pleasure was now filled to the brim, and I closed my eyes in rapt enjoyment of its rich and abundant overflow.

    When dick withdrew his diminished weapon from its well-soaked sheath, and I raised myself from my recumbent position, I found that Lord Ferrars had precipitated himself into Frances's open arms, and was revelling in the sweets of her oft-used cunt; while she urged him on with delirious cries of "Fuck me, my lord, fuck me; fuck me, my lord, fuck — oh!!'

    When we had thus cooled the raging fever of our blood, and were again reclining in various attitudes of repose, I requested his lordship to favour us with an account of all that happened in the interval between his arrival and the sailing of the yacht.

    'Ah, my dear Queenie, I perceive you want to hear something more of the lecherous madame, and of old monsieur, and their merry maid Juanita; and you shrewdly guess that when I appeared on the scene, my finger, or some other small member was certain to be thrust into the pie so piquantly prepared by my adventurous middy; and you are right, for when Frances, after first releasing my pent-up desires in her loving arms, and still more loving cunt, had acquainted me with all that had occurred in my absence, and described Madame’s varied charms and accomplishments, I expressed my wish to have a more intimate acquaintance with that peculiarly salacious lady.

    'My little darling, without the slightest trace of jealousy, at once undertook to obtain for me the gratification of my desire. She said, that from what she knew of Madame’s lascivious ideas and habits, she did not expect to meet with the smallest difficulty, nevertheless, she requested me to allow her to secure the assistance of Juanita by taking her into our confidence.

    '"All the better," I replied, "for then I can have the maid as well as the mistress; and possibly she may turn out to be the greater treat of the two." 'To facilitate our plans, it was arranged that I should occupy Frances's room and join monsieur's family party during the few days I might have to remain on shore. Frances herself moved into the apartment of Juanita, who in turn was transferred to the lumber-room.

    'My design, as you may suppose, was to knock all the fun we could out of madame, and at the same time afford darling Frances and myself all the gratification that could be obtained from her lubricious tastes and fancies.

    'As I expected, madame made me the subject of conversation at the next interview she had with Frances. She enquired all about my secret habits; and asked, whether I was fond of women? And whether I went much with girls? 'Frances told her that, so far as she knew, I was uncommonly fond of women; that I have an unusually fine prick; but that I had some queer tastes. This at once excited her curiosity, and she begged Frances to tell her most particularly all my peculiar ways and notions.

    '"Well, for one thing, he likes to see a woman's naked bottom turned up before his face, and to fuck her with her head looking out between her thighs, while she cries: fuck my cunt; fuck my arse; oh, my cunt! oh, my arse!'

    '"Oh! that's nothing, I would not mind showing him my bottom in any position, and to call it my arse too, and to look up between my legs while he was fucking me would only increase the pleasure." '"But, further, he likes to fuck a woman just after she has pissed, and he delights to see her piss, and sometimes even to have her piss in his mouth." '"Well, that is indeed a matter of taste! If a man wishes to sue his mouth instead of a piss-pot, that's his business, not mine. I would not mind that." '"Oh, but that is not all; he is not quite satisfied unless she lets him piss into her mouth while she holds his prick in her hand and keeps milking it all the time." '"Ah, that is a queer fancy! I am not sure that I would comply with that, but a woman will certainly do a great deal for a man she likes; what more?" '"He also takes special delight in having several women at the same time; and loves to have his prick and bollocks handled, and his arsehole tickled by one woman while he is fucking another; and the more smutty names and bawdy words they use, the better pleased he is. He says his prick always stands stiffer when he hears them talking of pricks and cunt, fucking and pissing, bollocks and spunk." '"There is nothing unnatural or uncommon in that. Why, his lordship must be a grand fellow for a fuck. I like all above things to meet a man who goes in for fucking with his whole heart, a man who understands and enjoys what I call the necessary preliminaries and indispensable accessories of sexual delight, such as viewing and talking; touching and kissing; smelling and sucking; and pissing, too, which is no doubt most exciting. The man who only thinks of ramming his prick into a woman's cunt and at once discharging his spunk understands nothing of the true science of love, and loses more than nine tenths of its pleasures. Yes, we must make his lordship feel at home while he is with us; and if he does not object to fuck a married woman, and would have any fancy for me, I would be only too happy to afford him every facility — only for appearance sake, you know, I must pretend at first to be very modest and coy. Would he like to fuck me, do you think, Frances?" '"I am very certain that he would; and as to your being married, I have heard him say that he always enjoyed fucking married women more than others, because the entrance into their cunts of another prick besides that of their husbands seems to please them especially, and all the more because they are told it is wrong. So I will tell his lordship, if you like, that there is between Madame’s thighs and hard by her beautiful bottom, a nice cunt ready for his inspection and longing for his prick." '"No, no; that would never do; but tell him, as from yourself, that Madame’s husband, being so much older than herself, cannot, of course, he expected to satisfy a young woman such she is; that she seems a lady of very warm temperament, and that in your opinion his lordship might by a little attention and judicious solicitation bring her to yield to his desire." '"Very well. I'll start him on the scent, and as he intends to pay you an early visit today, be prepared for a run to earth; but what about his peculiar fancies? Is he to have his way?" '"Oh, if I grant him the main favour, I may as well try to please him in every other way I can. In fact, I have not the smallest objection to showing him my map of the world with its two hemispheres, curved lines and central regions; and when he has explored to his fullest

    satisfaction its bosky heights and shaded dells, he may penetrate however and wherever he may choose, and as deeply as he can. Oh, yes, even the thought of his fucking me makes my whole arse and cunt tingle with delight, and as to pissing, I will piss for him, and if he has any special fancy, he may piss himself how and where he pleases.

    Moreover, if he desires to extend the company, there is Juanita; if you will let her join us, I am sure she won't object, and she will tickle his bottom and talk bawdy for him to his heart's content." '"Oh, I won't object — I would enjoy seeing his lordship fuck either of you. I have held his prick before now while he was fucking a girl." '"Ah! You are the right sort of friend for a man to have! Well, bring her to the little closet off my boudoir, and she may come as lightly clad as ever she likes, and you too for that matter; and you can both make your appearance when you think you can join in with most effect. You know best what will please his lordship. So I leave all that to your own discretion. Meanwhile, manage like a good fellow to get his lordship to delay his visit for half an hour, that I may perform my toilette and trim up my cunt fit for so great an English milord." 'When Frances told me all this, I praised her outr? but at the same time skilful, arrangement, and said: "Madame is evidently a woman of more sense than I thought; and I feel sure that she is able both to give and receive much more pleasure than the ordinary run of womankind; however, as the old saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!" 'Frances then went to Juanita, and while she gratified her by according her a survey of her cunt, ending of course with a good suck, she explained to her the situation; it took her fancy amazingly and she declared she must sponge and titivate too.

    'They then agreed to go together to the closet mentioned by madame, from which, as it opened into the boudoir by a glass door, they would be able to see and hear all that passed.

    'So, while madame was in her dressing-room polishing up her love trap, they entered the closet, Juanita in her shift and Frances in trousers and shirt. Soon afterward, madame made her appearance in a graceful morning wrapper and fine cambric chemise. She posed on the sofa, so as to shoe off her voluptuous form to the greatest advantage.

    'When I came in, madame received me with much friendly warmth, and made me sit by her on the couch. I will pass over all the preliminary small talk, but presently she asked me if I had seen many women in Genoa? '"I have seen a few, but none to be compared to the fair specimen before me now," and looking particularly at her neck and shoulders, which were only partially covered with a handkerchief lightly thrown over them, I continued, "and let me say, without meaning to flatter you, my dear madame, that with the exception of the Venue of Canova I have not seen anywhere a more beautiful throat or more finely proportioned shoulders than these," putting my hand gently on her arm, and moving closely up to her.

    '"Ah, my lord, you are crafty; you say you are not flattering, but I know by your eye that you really want to see a little more." 'I accepted the hint, and raising the kerchief, passed my hand down to the rise of her swelling breasts.

    '"There now! See, how one favour only emboldens you to look for another; I engage, you are not longing to see what my titties are like — ah, don't — they are not worth looking at — stop." '"Not so; they are very beautiful," and I stooped as if to kiss them.

    She made a show of keeping me off, as she said, "You English have a funny way of expressing admiration; in love as in war, you are always more ready with deeds than words — ah, don't — don't — now let my bubbies alone; you must remind me of a baby poking about its mouth to find the teat." '"Just so," I replied taking one of he nipples between my lips, while my stooping posture enabled me to slip my hand under her petticoats and run it up between her legs.

    '"Oh! what are you doing down there? Stop — babies don't look for a teat under one's petticoats." '"Ah, but I am more intelligent than other babies, for I know there is a teat somewhere here that is best of all — and here it is between two soft lips — oh, it is a delicious little teat!" '"Oh, my lord! — don't do that — do-n-t — oh — eh," she said, throwing back her head, and letting me open her thighs more widely.

    '"What a strange man you are! How you push me back; you must not spread my thighs, I know what you want — you want to be indecent and to see everything I have between my legs; and indeed, there is not much to be seen — ah, don't — you must not raise my dress; how can you expose me that way! Oh, I am so ashamed! it is shocking to be opened up to a man's view in such a manner!" and she threw her arms across her face.

    '"What are you doing? Oh! how your fingers tickle me! How can you kiss it? Oh, yes, I know that you are only preparing it for something else — there, don't I see you unbuttoning your dress and loosening your braces — don't take it out — why do you wish me to look at it? Yes, it is very nice, and big, and strong; I know it is called a prick, my husband has one too, only not nearly so large and stiff. Does he often put it into me? not very often, he is not able. Yes I know this is my cunt, and that it is made for a prick, but I cannot let you put your prick into it, you know, that would not be proper. Yes, I am quite aware that fucking is very pleasant, but I mustn't let you fuck me, my husband only should do that."

    '"Oh! you cannot refuse, now that you have let me see your charming cunt" — and I pushed in between her legs.

    '"But you must not see it any more" — and she covered it with both hands, while I tried to thrust in my prick between.

    'Her fingers, however, were but a poor protection, for it quickly pushed through them and pressed the clitoris with its head; as soon as she felt it there, she cried, "Well, my lord, there is no resisting you, you are so determined to have your own way, but first, let me see what your champion is like," and raising herself from her recumbent position, and throwing aside even the semblance of modesty, she took my prick in her hands, felt it all over, then moved on the balls, and finished by touching in the most lascivious manner the aperture behind. As she made this investigation, she said, "Ah, my lord, you have what many a nobleman has not: a right noble tool, backed up with a pair of splendid cods — large and tightly gathered up. But before you bring them into play you would like, I am sure, to get a better view of my bottom — or my arse, if you like that word better, and as I am told it excites some men greatly to see a woman piss, I am quite willing to let you watch my cunt in that interesting act. So, if it would please you to see me puss now, put your hand under the sofa, and you will find a box containing a poe which I sometimes use when taken short. Take it out, and I will piss into it, or anywhere else that you like.'

    'I laughed outright while I glanced at the bright eyes which I saw peeping through the glass door of the closet; but thinking it better to go on with the joke I said, "My dear madame, you are right, there is no more beautiful object than the fair, round, plump arse of a handsome young woman like you; and the sight of such a woman in the act of pissing has a most stimulating effect. Moreover, nature has set the pissing hole right in the centre of the cunt, not only to cleanse and moisten it, but also to impart an agreeable perfume; for the smell of fresh piss on a healthy woman's cunt is decidedly pleasant to a man who is going to fuck her; and even its taste as it issues fresh from her cunt is piquant and exciting. So if you are inclined to piss now, put your bottom over the edge of the sofa, and I will hold the pot underneath." 'Madame pulled up her shirt behind, and holding back her thighs on either side with her hands, thrust forward her arse in all its naked splendour; her cunt, thus drawn widely open, presented its glowing slit in a most lascivious and attractive manner.

    '"Now, my lord, are you pleased?' she asked. 'My whole bottom is exposed — hairy lips, rosy cleft and arsehole — nothing is hidden, you see it all. Now, are you ready? Shall I piss?" '"Yes, I am ready — fire away" — and a watery jet of a clear amber colour darted out of the crimson chink, and with a hissing, gurgling noise splashed into the pot I held beneath.

    'A woman pisses much more rapidly than a man, but before she finished I caused her with my fingers to wet the lips of her cunt and sprinkle its hair with the odorous drops. I then kissed her cunt, and just tasted the dewy froth that hung about the hair. "Is it good, my lord?" she asked, with a laugh; and putting her hand on my prick, said — "It is this fellow's turn to piss now; shall I hold the poe for you? And if you wish to give me a taste, you may sprinkle a little on my lips." '"Well, my dear madame, as you are so very good, just take its head into your mouth and hold the poe under your chin." 'My intention, of course, was only to try how far she would go: but she made no small bones of the matter, for holding my prick daintily in her hand, she popped its head into her mouth and then worked it with her fingers as is she was milking a cow.

    'But finding that nothing was coming, she took it out, saying, "Piss, my lord; why don't you piss?"

    '"My dear madame, your abandon is delicious. I came under my good star when I met you. I do not want to piss now, and in fact, you have so well worked up my prick, that something better than piss is more likely to come. Let me give you all the pleasure I can while I am able.

    How do you wish to have it?" '"Place me in any position that you choose but first let me call my maid Juanita. She is very clever, and her blood boils with lust and wantonness." '"Capital idea; call her by all means." '"Juanita; Juanita! Where are you? Come, and bring your friend Monsieur Gipton with you; I am sure, his lordship won't object.' And pointing to me as we entered, she said, 'that young fellow is everlastingly rogering my maid, and I am beginning to think he has got her with child; don't you think her belly is growing big?" 'Here we all joined in a peal of laughter; and Frances, with her trousers well buttoned up, dance round the room, while Juanita ran up to madame, saying: "Dear mistress, how I wish we could get you a big belly! Let me prepare you for his lordship's prick; if anyone can do the job for you, he will; but won't you take off this cumbersome dress, it is the only way, and besides, it hides your beautiful charms — Ah! You have put no corset on, that was wise." 'When she had thus reduced to her chemise, she drew it down from her shoulders and tucked up the lower part round her waist. Then making her lie back on the pillows she pointed to her breasts, and said, 'Look here, my lord, see these bubbies! Aren't they grand? But you have admired them already. I saw you kiss them, and suck them like a baby!

    Ha, ha; and see here, what a smooth white belly! With this navel, like a pretty dimple in the middle; but look lower down, what a grand tuft of golden brown hair on this rising mount! And see those two think lips, how they push out as if they wanted something! How fat and unctuous they are! Still wet with the piss you rubbed over them to smell sweet!

    Ha, ha; you see, I was watching when you got madame to piss before you and then, with your fingers in the middle of the stream sprinkled all her cunt and bottom! I saw you tasting it too! Ha, ha; you'll taste mine, I engage." '"That I would, my pretty Juanita; raise your shift, show me your cunt and shoot out your piss, and see if I don't." '"Oh, well, you can have my cunt whenever you like, and piss too, for that matter; but at present, it is better to confine your attention to madame. She is longing to be fucked — look at the love juice oozing out at the end of her cunt! and, see her splendid arse is dimpled! And these great white cheeks, how they close in round this dainty little pink arsehole, which seems to invite attention too." 'Madame had bee all this time playing with my prick, and gradually drawing me toward her, and she now, with animation, exclaimed,

    "Now, Juanita, you have prepared me enough; pop this fellow into my cunt, and continue your kind offices by holding the balls and tickling his lordship's bottom, and you, Monsieur Gipton, can act your friendly part behind, and watch us as closely as you like." 'I stooped over her and pressed in between her wide-spread thighs; as I pushed up against her bottom, I placed my hands on her soft voluptuous bubbies. 'I love, you know, to press and mould a woman's breasts when I am fucking her.'

    'then I felt the loving fingers of dear Frances bending my well stiffened prick, and directing the head to the entrance of the hottest cunt I ever penetrated.

    'If I had not that very morning poured into the cunt of my sweet Frances all my super-abundant spunk, I should certainly have discharged at once, and, even so, it was with difficulty I restrained myself, as I slowly drove up my prick until our hair was blended, and my balls pressed tightly on her arse.

    'I remained this for a moment, enjoying the sensation of feeling my entire prick embedded in a cunt glowing with such an unusual degree of amorous heat. But that did not satisfy her; holding me firmly embraced in her arms, she suddenly jerked up her bottom with such vigour that she must have forced my prick at least another inch into her wanton recess. Then flinging her legs in the air, she pounded on my backside with her heels, and kept heaving up her cunt, as she cried,

    "Fuck, my lord — fuck, for your life — fuck — drive in your prick batter my arse with your balls," then turning to Juanita, she cried, "Come round here, Juanita, and push your most lascivious bottom up to his lordship's face while I get my head between your thighs and suck your randy cunt; and Monsieur Gipton, I trust your busy hands will improve the shining hour by pressing the honey bag of your friend, and tickling him in the rear.

    'Surrounded as I was by these various appliances of pleasure, my whole body seemed to float in a sea of voluptuous bliss.

    'My face was rubbed by the satin cheeks of Juanita's alabaster bottom, dimpling with pleasurable contractions, as Madame’s penetration tongue stirred up the nervous organism of her cunt.

    'While madame herself, writhing and twisting under me in all the mad delirium of gratified desire, sucked my prick as into the vortex of a whirlpool.

    'All the time, I felt the soft fingers of my middy roving with stimulation touch over each sensitive surface that came within her reach.

    'Then the floodgates of pleasures burst open, and madame trembled with eager delight as she felt her heated reservoir brim over with the vivifying stream.

    'She was indeed voracious in her appetite, for as I lay panting on her bosom, the inner folds of her cunt seemed to be still sucking out with fond compression the last drops that could be extracted from the fountain of love, and, after allowing me a moment to recover my breath, she wanted me to start afresh; but the powers of nature would not respond, so I had to retire from that well-contested field, leaving her victorious in the fight, but not quite satisfied with the result.


    Old Monsieur's Ingenious device

    'Strange to say, Madame’s excessive lubricity rather caused me to experience a sense of satiety amounting almost to dislike; so that, instead of seeking, I actually avoided a repetition of such another amorous encounter as I have described.

    'Juanita, however, may have had something to say do with; for she certainly was a counter attraction of no mean power.

    'Not that she tried, or even wished, to draw me away from her mistress; but she had such a winning and artless manner and manifested a spirit of such thorough self-abnegation that I felt struck with admiration for her, and was singularly drawn to her.

    'She accompanied Frances willingly to my room at night, and on several occasions, we had very jolly bouts together.

    'After they had entered, I always kept my door locked, but one night just as we were dropping off to sleep after a delightful fuck, in which we had all participated, we heard the handle of the door stirred and then a gentle knock. I made no response, for I guessed who was there, but the wish then arose to my mind t make an effort to compensate poor old monsieur for the neglect and ill-treatment he had experienced at the hands of his wife.

    'Frances warmly commended this notion, and we arranged a little plot together for the accomplishment of our design.

    'But monsieur was not by any means so simple as we thought; he had not only been carrying on with Juanita on the sly, but had, by an extraordinary device of his own, discovered the true sex of Frances, with a view to making her subservient to his desires.'

    Here, Frances interrupted, by saying — 'Oh, my lord, don't tell that, for it was a dirty trick.'

    'It was indeed as you say, a dirty trick, but at the same time so ingeniously carried out, that I am sure the account of it will please and gratify our kind friends here.

    'But to make the matter more intelligible, I will first relate the commencement of his intrigue with Juanita, as she afterward described it to Frances.

    'The morning after Frances had so kindly consoled monsieur in the absence of his wife, he closely questioned Juanita as to the event of the previous night, and said to her, "I have always admired your candour and truthfulness, Juanita, and I have ever found you kind and obliging — tell y truly, was it you who came to my bed last night and made up so delightfully for Madame’s desertion and neglect?" '"No indeed, monsieur, I never left my room, until, as you know, madame herself came to my door." '"Well then, some good angel must have paid me a visit, for you two were the only women in the house last night; and certainly a lovely being in female form came and took pity on my loneliness, when madame had gone off gallivanting by herself. You know how she treats me, and I am sure you often pity me; I see it in your eyes even now, Juanita." Here the old fellow took her in his arms and began to kiss her.

    '"Oh, fie! Monsieur! How can you make so free with a servant. There now, you have had enough; let me go; don't keep pushing your knee between mine! I cannot suffer you to raise my dress — Oh! monsieur.

    Take you hand away — how you rummage me! Why don't you choose a young lady from one of your classes? She would suit you better than I." '"No, sweet Juanita, no one could suit me better than yourself. You are as nicely made here as the finest lady in the land. How uncommonly ripe and plump your cunt is. You must have had some experience in fucking — let me have a peep."

    '"Oh, no; not now, at least; mistress might come in, and she would kill me if she caught me with you.'

    '"No danger of that; she has gone out shopping, and the hall door is closed. Monsieur Gipton, is out too, so we have the house all to ourselves. Come into my room — sit down here on the couch; you are very pretty, Juanita, and as good as you are pretty; now put your hand inside my trousers and take out my old fellow; he is not so far gone as your mistress makes out there, you have stiffened him up already, dear girl — how nicely you frig! Slip your tongue into my mouth while your soft fingers are playing with my prick. Oh! Oh!! now stop — we must not let it come yet; lean back, and let me cock up your bottom with this pillow, what a lot of hair you have, Juanita! And the lips of your cunt are grand: so soft! So juicy and so warm! Just what a cunt ought to be!

    May I fuck you!" '"Oh, yes, fuck away — get all the pleasure you can — your prick is not bad; it is indeed a shame for the mistress to treat you as she does. I am glad my cunt pleases you — yes, I like that — now, fuck me faster — fuck me harder drive up your prick as far as you can — fuck — oh! it's coming!

    There — there. Now are you content? Kiss me." 'You are a darling girl, Juanita, and have given me great satisfaction.

    Take this little present as an earnest of future favours, and always regard me as a sure an trustworthy friend; and now that I have taken you into my confidence, I want to talk with you about another matter.

    Tell me truly what you think of young Gipton. He is much with you — do you like him? And has he ever attempted to make free with you?" '"I do like him, but he has made no advances of that kind to me; what do you think of him yourself?" '"I do like him too, but there is something about him which puzzles me beyond measure. I have a curious feeling whenever I go near him, as if I would like to throw my arms round him and hug him to my breast."

    'Juanita laughed until the tears ran down her cheeks.

    '"What are you laughing at, dear?" '"The notion of your hugging in your arms a young man like Monsieur Gipton!" '"Well, I can't account for it myself; but, I am persuaded there is some mystery connected with him which I will not rest until I find out, and I think from the twinkle in your eye you know more about him than you are willing to confess. However, I shall soon ascertain one point at least — which will help me, I think toward a satisfactory solution." 'Some days after, monsieur came to her with a broad grin on his face saying, "The mystery is solved, Juanita, I have discovered his secret. He is a girl — as indeed I have suspected for some time, and you, you rogue, knew it too." '"You don't say, monsieur! How did you find it out?" '"Come with me and I will show you." 'He brought her to a room at the rear of the house, which he called his laboratory and in which was a variety of chemical and scientific apparatus. For monsieur was a much esteemed science lecturer. Off this room was a small privy adjoining the one for general house use.

    They were both what are called earth closets, and were supplied with fresh earth every day by the gardener; the open space under the seats was roomy and fully lighted by a large aperture behind.

    'Monsieur first brought Juanita to the house closet, and having marked with chalk a cross on the underside of the cover, he closed it down; then he too her to his own, and directed her to look through a tube placed slanting in the seat. To her surprise, she got a clear view of the cross marked on the underside of the cover of the other closet.

    'Monsieur smiled, and said, "Now, Juanita, if that were a bottom, don't you think we could easily tell whether it had a prick or a cunt?" '"I suppose so," she answered.

    '"well, this morning, I watched Monsieur Gipton going to the closet and soon had the satisfaction of seeing a beautiful girl's bottom performing in the usual way; and I saw yours too, my pretty Juanita, and I can tell you, it made my old prick stand again. Come my pet, stoop over and let me fuck you en levrette." 'Then, after pawing over and moulding her posteriors, and nibbling at her cunt, he plunged in his prick; and as he worked it to and fro, loud grunts and snorts proclaimed the intensity of his enjoyment.

    When she stood up and had shaken down her dress, as a hen shakes her feathers after passing from under the cock, he kissed her, and said,

    "Sweet Juanita, you more than make up for Madame’s coldness and neglect; may I test your kindness a little further — will you help me gain Frances? And then, we shall have fine times, all three together." 'She said her influence was small, but she would willingly do all she could.'

    Part of Lord Ferrars' narrative not being quite clear to me, I interrupted him by saying, 'But my lord, you have not told us by what means monsieur obtained the interesting view of Frances's pretty bottom.'

    'True; the fact is, monsieur brought scientific knowledge into operation.

    He fixed two mirrors, which he was in the habit of using at his lectures, on the opposite side walls under the seats. There was only the one open space extending under the two closets, and by placing the mirrors at the necessary angles the reflection of whatever was on the seat was thrown up from one to the other; and by using on his side a slanting tube through a perforated cover, the secret was not revealed to any person looking down through the other opening. So, monsieur was able to enjoy at his leisure the interesting, and in some cases, most exciting view of the varied bottoms of the young ladies who attended his classes. And although, in the first instance, he devised this arrangement for the special purpose of unravelling the mystery concerning Frances, yet finding it work so admirably, he maintained it in good order, to his continuing gratification; and while on the subject, I may as well confess that the very last treat I had before leaving Genoa (by which time, monsieur and I had become close friends) was the passing of an hour in that curious place of observation. It was while monsieur was holding one of his largest classes, and as soon as he had placed me in position, he allowed them, as he said, to stand at ease, in other words, to ease themselves if they liked. So as we anticipated, they at once went off in parties of two or three to the privy. I should mention that I was able to hear as well as see all that passed, for monsieur had arranged an acoustic appliance, by which he could hear even a whisper, while he watched their bottoms at the same time.

    'The first thing that struck me was how shameless these girls were to one another; amidst explosive discharges and sundry sounds more loud than musical, they laughed and chatted about their sweethearts and admirers with the utmost unconcern; and secondly, from the violence with which they shot forth their evacuations, I thought how uneasy they must have felt before; and lastly, the extent to which their bottoms and cunts seemed to open surprised me not a little, while the spasmodic action of the latter reminded me of a mouth after a similar discharge.

    'Ever since then, when I see young ladies sitting with their hands folded, and looking so demure as if butter would not melt in their mouths, my thoughts revert to the appearance their bottoms would present if we could witness them in the act of complying with the imperative demands of nature.

    'But to return to monsieur. The first effect of his discovery was to convince him that Frances must have been the good angel that visited him in the night, and gave him such complete satisfaction. She must be, he thought to himself, the distinguished mistress of Lord Ferrars, and in his absence, she naturally turns to me for relief. Though, how she found out that my wife was not with me in bed, I cannot divine.

    'His thoughts, however, were now chiefly concentrated on the possible use he could make of this discovery; for his previous enjoyment of her charms, followed by his stolen view of the whole region of love itself, had fired his imagination and stimulated his desire to the utmost degree.

    'so, he only waited for a favourable opportunity to try what effect the announcement would have on Frances herself.

    'His success, as I am sure you are all glad to hear, was proportionate to his ingenuity. But as Frances was the party chiefly concerned, it will be more satisfactory, I think, to leave the conclusion of that part of my narrative in her hands.

    'We well therefore ask you, my pet, kindly to oblige our friends by relating how the old Gentleman very craftily but most successfully accomplished his design.'


    Frances's account of Monsieur's triumph

    'Well, good friends, my interlude will not take long to dispose of, for monsieur advanced boldly to the breech (we all laughed at her attempt at a pun but she gravely went on), and by a gallant charge soon made his way into the citadel itself.

    'I had remarked for some time that he was growing very kind and indulgent in his mode of imparting instruction, but latterly he had become positively insinuating. And on the very day after Lord Ferrars had spoken to me of his desire to compensate him in some way for the neglect of his wife, he made the first overt attempt.

    'When our usual lesson was finished, he told me he was busy preparing a lecture on optics, and then added, "By the way, Francis" — he always called me Francis now — "do you know a very curious application might be made of the law of reflection. Suppose two privies adjoining one another had one open space below sufficiently lighted up…" then he showed the action of two mirrors placed underneath, as his lordship has described, and illustrated his meaning by a diagram which he rapidly sketched on paper. Then he asked me: "Do you understand?" '"Yes," I replied, "I know enough of science to understand that; but you surely will not introduce such an illustration as that into your lecture?" '"No, but I have carried it out in actual practice. Come, and I will show you how the principle works." 'He brought me to the privies and marked the cover as he had done for Juanita and when he had shown me how plainly the cross could be seen through the tube on his side, he put his arm round me and with a triumphant smile said, "My sweet Frances, I have seen you in there more than once, I therefore know your secret now; don't be vexed with me, for I love you with all my heart; and I have reason too, for I am certain you once came in the night and gave me delicious consolation, when madame left her own bed, I suppose, for another. You cannot deny it! Let me, my love," and he tried to kiss me.

    '"Oh, no, monsieur, you are under some strange hallucination; it must have been somebody else that you saw." '"No, my pet, I saw you go in and close the door, and then your lovely bottom was fully exposed to my admiring gaze. And now, sweet Frances, tell me truly, did you not come to my bed that night? Hold up your head and answer me. Oh! what a roseate blush covers your pretty face!" '"Well, monsieur, we all feel for you; only last night Lord Ferrars spoke so kindly of you; he thinks Madame’s avowed indifference much to be blamed, and considers you worthy of a better wife." '"Lord Ferrars is both wise and good; in fact the very beau ideal of a true English nobleman — manly in bearing, off-hand in dealing and gentle and considerate manner. And as you, dear Frances, resemble him in many ways, be equally good and kind and let me feel once again your charming little nest. I know something already of its wondrous sweets, and I long to know more." He fumbled at the opening of my trousers; and I loosened them for him. "Dear girl, how soft and smooth your thighs are! Fit approach to this mossy retreat; and these soft lips, how luscious they feel!" His hand roved over all my cunt and bottom.

    '"Oh, monsieur, how your fingers do stir me up! What do you want to do?" '"To fuck you, Frances," he replied, pressing hard against me, 'to put my prick into your cunt and fuck you. Take it out yourself, my love. Do you remember how you felt for it once before. You thought I was asleep, but I was fully conscious of every thrilling touch. Do it again, my love; put your hand in here, that's a darling! Kiss it for me now — how nice to feel it in your warm mouth. How deliciously your tongue moves round its head! Now take my balls in your hand, press with your fingers. Oh, there! Touch me there — push in your finger a little way — how good you are! That is very nice; oh! how you suck! Do you wish me to spend in your mouth?" '"Yes, monsieur," I replied, taking out his prick for a moment, "I want to give you all the pleasure I can; so if you like to fuck me in my mouth, you may. I will suck; you push in and out, and I will play with your balls and bottom at the same time." 'The old fellow patted my head, played with my ears an uttered encouraging terms of endearment, while I compressed my lips round his tool and moved my tongue about its swelling head. I felt it growing stiffer and larger as I went on, while he worked his loins back and forward; what surprised me in one usually so staid and correct was that he poured out, with spasmodic energy, smutty words of the most outrageous character as he became more excited: "Prick; cunt; bottom; pissing; farthing; Oh! Frances, darling! How nicely you suck my prick!

    Fuck; bugger; fuck; prick; cunt; arse — oh!!" and a fair amount of thin watery spunk burst into my mouth and passed down my throat.

    '"That was a delicious suck, darling Frances, you have wonderful skill and are as kind as you are skilful. I can do no more now, but tomorrow we must manage somehow to enjoy a good fuck together again." 'I promised to be ready for him, and suggested Lord Ferrars' room as the best and safest place for our rendezvous, saying, "He is very busy about his yacht now, and will probably be out all day. I will let you know, however, when the coast is quite clear." 'My lord was glad when he heard how well I had pleased old monsieur; and said, he would like to remain concealed in his room to watch the fucking scene, and listen to monsieur's smutty conversation.

    'So, the next afternoon, he went out with considerable noise and fuss, but returned in a short time, and letting himself quietly in by means of my latchkey, he was able to regain his room without being observed. I shut him into the wardrobe, and then went to call monsieur, as I had promised. He was waiting for me, and gladly followed me to Lord Ferrars' room. As soon as he had carefully bolted the door, he kissed me, and said, "Now, darling, won't you strip — take off every stitch — leave nothing on but your stockings and boots." 'While I complied, he himself threw off everything except his socks and shirt. He then asked me to sit on the carpet and hold open my legs and arms at their widest stretch, like a spread eagle, leaning my head and shoulders on a pillow.

    'I of course selected a part of the room opposite the wardrobe.

    'He then went down on his hands and knees and crawled toward me; all the while keeping his eyes fastened on my cunt and bottom as he muttered: "What a beautiful cunt. What a lovely arse!" When he came up to me, he put his hands under by bottom and lifted it up to his face; he sucked first my cunt, and then my bottom-hole, thrusting in his tongue as far as he could. Then looking up, he said with a laugh, "How grand it looked poked down through the privy hole and how it did piss in such a rush! And such a splutter! And once you gave a delightful fart! How it made my prick jump! I fairly groaned with desire. Could you piss a little now?" '"I will try if you wish, but don't talk any more of the privies, I am heartily sick of the subject. How shall I do it?" '"Just over my face. I will place some of these thick towels on the floor and lay my head on them, and you can straddle across me with your bottom over my face; and while you piss, hold my prick in your hand, and you will soon see the effect." 'I got over him as he wished, and took hold of his rather languid affair. I then squeezed out a few drops over his eyes and nose; "That's all I can do now." He put his hands up, pressed down my bottom on his face, and again sucked my cunt.

    'His prick stiffened a little while I went on frigging it with my fingers.

    Then he drew my body down on his, and holding me in his arms rolled over so as to place me underneath and his prick just over my face; I took its head into my mouth, as he still sucked my cunt.

    'His prick was now of tolerable size and strength, and seemed sufficiently prepared for its work, but he paused for a moment to ask,

    "Would his lordship be very mad if he knew that you had been fucked by anyone besides himself?" '"No," I replied, "Lord Ferrars is not that sort of man, he has too much good sense, and he is most unselfish." '"Do you mean to tell me that if he knew I have fucked you, his darling mistress, he would not be angry with either of us?" '"I am quite sure he would not. He feels for you, and would like to have you gratified; and as for me, he knows very well that your fucking me would not make me love him less, nor render my cunt less agreeable to his prick." '"He is a wonderful man! I wish there were more like him." 'Then monsieur turned, and making me stretch my legs straight down, he lay over me, heaving his bottom up and down so as to make his prick rub against my cunt.

    'Then he drew up my thighs and placing my knees under his arms, he spread open my cunt with his fingers and pushed in his prick, and then with steady but energetic strokes gave me a very enjoyable fuck.

    'Monsieur then put on his clothes, and taking me in his arms, kissed me and said he envied Lord Ferrars the treasure he possessed in his sweet mistress.

    'When he went out, I refastened the door, and opening the wardrobe found my lord partly undressed, and his prick standing up in grand erection. He thanked me for doing my part so well; and then, lifting me up, he placed me on the bed and himself over me, whereupon his prick soon made its way into my well-moistened cunt, and he finished up with a most satisfactory performance.

    "Now, my friends, that is all I have to tell of monsieur's success.'

    'Thanks, my pet, you have told it very nicely, and if you now relate how we got monsieur and his wife to banish jealousy and live peaceably together, you will have made a still better finish, and rounded off your story with more artistic effect.'

    So, Frances continued.

    'You have been wondering, I dare say, how madame acted when she found that Lord Ferrars no longer responded to her amorous advances; she was furious — it was not safe to go near her. She was highly displeased at me, and she was mad with his lordship; but it was on her poor husband that she poured out the full vials of her indignation, for she had discovered his intrigue with Juanita and suspected him of others.

    'I told Lord Ferrars he ought to take her in hand and devise some means both to allay her irritation, and induce her to take a rational view of things.

    '"Well, dear Frances," he said, "I am not afraid of any man, living or dead, but an angry jealous woman is the very mischief; however, I really must do something. So, ask her to favour me with an interview by and by."

    'I arranged matters as pleasantly as I could, and they had an amicable chat together; but I merely give the pith of his lordship's wise advice.

    '"You know, my dear madame, there must be give and take in these matters. And would it not be a wise thing for you to make a friendly arrangement with monsieur on that principle? Let him have his fling, and take the same course yourself. But let everything be open and above board and then there will be no more of this wretched jealousy and vile recrimination. And in place of continually fighting, you will begin to like and respect one another. I will talk to monsieur too; he knows that he is a little too old for you, and if you accord him full liberty, he will no doubt gladly allow you to have and enjoy as many young men as you can obtain; of course, both of you will observe the greatest prudence and circumspection.'

    'He then brought them together, and induced them to consent to his arrangement, and made them promise to act with mutual kindness and forbearance in the future. To clinch the matter, my lord asked leave to call in Juanita, and said, "It only remains now to seal our agreement by an act of open compliance." '"Dear madame, place your pretty maid yourself in the arms of your husband; and I, before his face, and with his full consent will at the same time make free with the charms of his handsome wife." 'Monsieur seemed to relish the proceeding immensely; while madame, looking dubious and making a grimace, pushed Juanita toward her husband, and said, "There, you may both do whatever you like, and finger and fuck to your heart's content — why, I will even help,' and with a smile, she pulled up Juanita's clothes, and exposed her white thighs and dark busy cunt to her husband's view.

    'Then, turning to Lord Ferrars, she said, "Now my lord, I have done what you recommended; I trust you are pleased with me?"

    '"Yes, my dear madame, you have made a fair beginning; if you continue acting in the same, liberal spirit, you will be thankful to me when I am far away." 'He then kissed her, and replaced her on the sofa, leaning back on the pillows. At a nod from him, I lifted her legs up on the couch and drew up her petticoats; she willingly opened her thighs to his lordship's searching fingers, and said in a low voice, "Oh, my lord why did you not come to me? I have been longing for you so much! You naughty man — I gave you all I could, and then you grew tired of me; just like all your sex. But I must not scold you now that you are good again." Then putting her hand on his trousers, she said, "Let me see it — let me take it in my hand; how proudly it holds up its purple head!" 'I frigged her hot swollen clitoris, while she bestowed all her attention on my lord's superb prick.

    'Meanwhile, monsieur had placed Juanita on her back on the floor with her knees raised up and spread open, affording him a favourable view of her well-developed cunt, with its thick pouting lips, rosy clitoris and deep crimson chink.

    'Monsieur had let down his trousers and was kneeling by her side admiring her feeling her cunt and bottom, while she played with his prick and balls. His prick, however, presented a marked contrast to that of my lord, for its head drooped, and its body was soft and flabby and quite unable to stand erect.

    'Madame observed it, and cried with an air of triumph, "Look here, Juanita, this is the sort of article that would serve your turn! Monsieur's tool is worn and it has no longer any power — it is good for nothing." '"Not so, madame," replied Juanita, with an angry flush on her face,

    "with a little coaxing and patience, monsieur's prick can be brought to a very respectable state, quite able to satisfy any reasonable woman — now look at it." By this time, she had her finger in his bottom, and the additional stimulus had produced a very apparent effect. Monsieur's prick had certainly assumed a tolerably respectable appearance both as to size and stiffness.

    'So madame, in a more amiable mood now that her sensitive cunt nerves were being pleasantly titillated, declared, "You deserve your reward, Juanita, for you have shown both skill and perseverance. Shall I go, my lord, and put it in for her myself?" '"Do, pet, and while you stoop forward to place monsieur's prick in her cunt, I will ram my prick into yours from behind." 'Madame quickly knelt on the floor beside them, and taking hold of her husband's prick popped its head into Juanita's cunt, they laying her cheek on her husband's back, she elevated as much as she could her great voluptuous posteriors to facilitate the entrance of my lord's tool into her longing cunt, as he put himself into position behind her.

    'I went to the other side of monsieur, and inserting my hand between him and Juanita, got hold of the root of his prick, allowing it to slip through my fingers as he drove it in and out; my other hand, I passed round his bottom, and seizing his balls, stimulated their action by gently squeezing and stirring them about.

    'Juanita meanwhile wriggled her supple body in the throe of venereal pleasure; while monsieur testified to his enjoyment by various snorts and grunts; but my lord, like and accomplished artist, coolly surveyed the scene with complacent satisfaction, as he prodded with scientific thrusts Madame’s dimpled bottom, making her face and breasts rub back and forward on her husband's loins, while I made an effort to complete the picture, by adding highlights here and there, in the shape of the most bawdy terms and expressions I could imagine or apply.

    'Soon all joined in, and amidst a chorus of, "Prick; cunt; bollocks; arse; pissing; sucking; fucking," spunk flowed on every side, and all sank together in one motionless mass of gratified desire.

    'So far, my lord's efforts seemed crowned with success, but still one thing remained which he thought necessary to complete the full perfection of his work, and that was to get monsieur and madame once more to join in conjugal embrace, and declare that they had good reason to be satisfied with one another. This was no easy task, for they seemed to avoid each other, and only spoke of one another with aversion and contempt.

    'However, Lord Ferrars was not discouraged, and we arranged another little plot together. Our design was to have the young officers invited for a night, and then to manage matters so that madame and her husband should embrace each other in the dark, and both fancy they were enjoying somebody else. But in the meantime, other events occurred which somewhat disarranged our plans.

    'As our departure was now drawing near, I went to pass a farewell evening with my two friends. We had supper in their rooms, and by reason of drinking each other's health and various friendly toasts, we imbibed rather more than our usual allowance and were inclined to be merry. They again twitted me with never having enjoyed any of their mistresses and Julien, who had latterly grown very affectionate and was constantly throwing his arms round me, drew me toward him as we sat together on a sofa, and pushing his hand suddenly between my legs said with a laugh and a shout — "Upon my word, he has nothing at all! — no wonder he does not care for the girls!" 'Henri joined in the laugh, saying, "But look, how he blushes — just like a girl! Let me try what you are." '"No, no; paws off, Pompey — no more meddling with me, I pray; if I had any desire to go with the girls, they would like me, I am sure, as well as any of you."

    '"No, they wouldn't for you have nothing. Let us see what you have — there's a good fellow — come, Francis, don't oppose your old friends in such a trifling matter." '"It is not trifling matter," I said laughing.

    '"But, by Jove, it is." And, emboldened by my laugh, he caught me in his arms, and cried, "Now, Julien, unbutton his trousers, and take out whatever he has to show." 'Before I could stop them, my trousers were forced open, and they discovered, not an insignificant prick as they expected, but a full, ripe, and, as they declared, a most appetising cunt." '"Well, well," exclaimed Henri, "who would have thought it! what a clever, clever girl you are, Frances, to have humbugged us so long! But somehow, there were always little things about you that made us feel you were no ordinary boy; and we often wondered how it was that we got so fond of you! And it proves, what I have often thought that one's sex even when not apparent has a powerful magnetic influence upon others. In any case, however, the discover tonight is most opportune when we are in such a humour. Why, even the feel of your sweet cunt has fairly maddened us with desire. Look here, see what a state it has brought my fellow to! It feels hard and strong enough to go through a deal board!" and he showed his prick in fine erection.

    '"And so is mine," said Julien, drawing out his affair, and thrusting it up before me.

    'I could not help putting a hand on each of their pricks, while they both explored my cunt and its surroundings.

    '"Well," I said, "as you have found out my secret, I am quite willing that you should have the full benefit of it, as this is probably the last evening we shall pass together. How would you like to have me — at the same time or one after the other?"

    '"Let us have you every way; what do you suggest yourself?" '"First, I would recommend our taking off our clothes — the night is warm, and dress is only an encumbrance." 'They at once agreed, and after stripping themselves to their shirts they fell to work with me, and soon left me nothing on but my socks.

    'After again pawing me all over, they tumbled me on the sofa, and Julien buried his head between my thighs and sucked my cunt as if he would draw it inside out. Henri presented his fine standing prick to my face. I petted it with my hands and mouth until the fierce titillation of Julien's tongue in my cunt made it impossible to continue quiet any longer. So I said, "this is indeed a fair specimen of the manly organ, Henri. I have tasted it in my mouth, now let me try it in my cunt; sit on this chair, and I will get across you, and you can pop it in underneath; and if Julien will sit in front, I will repay him for his kind attention to me by stooping forward and taking his prick into my mouth at the same time." '"Capital idea," they both declared. So in a moment, I was straddling over Henri, my well-rounded buttocks resting on his lap, and his prick deeply buried in my cunt. Julien sat on a chair before us and I leaned toward him, resting my elbows on his knees, while I took hold of his prick and its belongings and crammed the head and shoulders into my mouth.

    'As I moved my mouth on it, the motion of my body resembled that of a see-saw; as my head went down, my bottom went up, while my elbows formed the fulcrum. The combined friction and suction of mouth and cunt, however, soon caused the two pricks to experience the paroxysm of pleasure and just as my cunt was inundated with a hot flood of Henri's sperm, a torrent of spending from Julien's tool poured into my mouth.

    'After resting a while, we renewed our sports in another way. Henri lay on the floor on his back; I lay over him with my cunt on his face, and taking his prick in my hand, I enclosed its glowing head between my lips. My bottom was thus conveniently placed for Julien to enter where he pleased. He wisely selected the natural passage, and plunged his prick into its soft and heated folds.

    'So I again enjoyed the double sensation of having the prick of one man in my mouth, whilst that of the other man was pleasantly titillating my cunt. Henri also had the twofold satisfaction of viewing a cunt just over his face, stretched open by the vigorous strokes of a sturdy prick, while his own prick was fondled and sucked in a woman's mouth, and his bottom-hole honoured with her finger.

    'Julien, meanwhile, had the gratification of looking at and feeling the named bodies before him at the same time that his prick was revelling in a warm and appreciative cunt and his belly rubbing against a pair of smooth and glossy posteriors.

    'We soon finished in the usual fashion, and Henri declared it was the most agreeable evening we had ever spent together.

    '"True," added Julien, "true, in a double sense; and we must thank sweet Frances for enabling us to spend so pleasantly together; so let us fill our glasses once again: Here's to the dear girl who has so favoured us tonight: a warm farewell, and a speedy and happy reunion to us all." 'A little change, which occurred in our household of affairs at this time, also had a bearing on events. Juanita had taken wonderfully to monsieur, whether from his liberality to her, or the attention which he now openly paid her, or from personal liking, I cannot say, but to gratify him in every way seemed now to be the leading object of her life.

    'Learning that he had a special fancy for quite young girls, and wishing to please him, she obtained permission to invite a young cousin of hers — aged thirteen, and named Lola — to come and stay with her to lean the duties of housemaid under her direction.

    'She was a bright merry little maid, thoroughly unsophisticated in the ways of the world, having always lived in the country. She slept with Juanita, who at once commenced a course of instruction to prepare her for the real design for which she had been invited.

    'I will give you only the substance of what passed between them as related to me afterward by Juanita.

    'Before they arose in the morning, Juanita took Lola in her arms, and after a little fondling and petting got full possession of her little fat cunt. Then she questioned her as to her previous knowledge and experience; but Lola knew nothing of the mysteries of love, and was innocent as a babe.

    '"And so, Lola, you do not know the special use of this little chink between your legs! Did you never see a bull mount a cow?" '"Oh, yes, I know he has a long red pizzle, which he darts into her behind; but what has a bull go to say to us?" '"Just this, that what the bull is to the cow, so is our man, if we have one, to us!" '"And has a man got a pizzle too?" '"You little goose, don't you know that a man is made differently from us. In this very spot he has something like a pizzle, only it does not dart out of his belly the way that of a bull does; and he loves to push it into the slit-like opening we have, for it gives him great pleasure, as it does to us also. How would you like to feel it here? Something nice and soft, pushing in and out, just here?" All this time she had been frigging her smooth hairless little cunny.

    '"I think I would like it, for what you are doing to me feels very nice.

    Oh! Nita," (as she always called her), "that makes me jump! Your finger is hurting me now, you have pushed it in too far." '"That is because you are not open enough yet; if you were once fully opened, you would have no more pain, only delightful pleasure; let me try for another moment, and I will make you all right.' She then slipped in two fingers together, and holding the girl tightly in her arms, pushed them suddenly up the as-yet-unbroken passage. She thus burst through the maiden barrier, and cleared the way for monsieur's feeble tool.

    'But the pain cause Lola to cry out and with tears exclaim, "Oh! Nita, what a cruel girl you are. You hurt me terribly, and perhaps done me harm besides." '"Not in the least; I have done you a real act of kindness, for now you will be able to enjoy the great pleasure of being fucked." '"Fucked! What do you mean by being fucked?" '"Having a prick (that's what they call a man's pizzle) put into your slit (which is called a cunt) and worked in and out, the way I move my finger." '"But there is no man here that would put his what-do-you-call-it into my slit and fuck me." '"Yes there is. Monsieur would like to give you a taste of his prick; and oh! wouldn't you enjoy it! and now, I will let you into a secret, but mind you must not tell anybody. He sometimes comes to me at night, and then he always puts his prick into my cunt and fucks me, fucks me so nicely; put your hand on it, Lola, and you will know what a fullfledged cunt is like."

    '"Oh, my! what a lot of hair you have, Nita! And the lips are so large and thick! And all between is so soft and warm! And so very open too!

    Why two, three, even four fingers go in easily; may I look at it, Nita?" '"Yes dear, and kiss it too, if you like." '"Oh, Nita, what a nice cunt you have! Does monsieur like to kiss it when he comes to fuck you?" '"Yes, he often kisses and sucks it, and he will like to kiss and suck yours too, and all the more because it has no hair on it." '"I would not care to have him kiss it now, for it feels wet and sore since you hurt it." '"Oh, that won't matter; let me see it; yes, a tiny drop of blood is oozing out from the torn membrane. That is the same with everybody at first; you will be all right before evening, and you will feel pain no more." 'That night when they were going to bed, Juanita began petting the little quim, and asked if the sore feeling had quite gone away. "Oh, yes," Lola replied, I was just trying, and I find that two of my fingers can enter easily and do not hurt me at all." '"Yes," said Juanita, "it seems in nice order; now just open enough to receive pleasantly a moderately sized prick," and she made her lie back and spread her thighs; then she sucked her clitoris until her tiny chink shed forth its first drops of maiden spend as she wriggled her bottom in all the circlings of uncontrolled enjoyment.

    'Just at this moment I arrived and peeping through the open door obtained an interesting view of Lola's shapely form; her limbs ere beautifully made and seemed very smooth and fair, while her little slit, after the titillation of Juanita's lascivious tongue, gleamed like a scarlet line from her full mound down to the furrow between the wellrounded buttocks.

    'Juanita had told me in the morning all about Lola, and how monsieur was to have her maidenhead that night, and invited me to be present.

    She also said that if Lord Ferrars would care to have her afterward, he might, as monsieur was not capable of more than one discharge at a time.

    'My intention, however, was that my lord should have the first of her, if possible. So I took an opportunity when monsieur was sporting with me in the afternoon, to say to him, that it would be a graceful act on his part to offer her to his lordship, and that thus the way would be prepared for himself and he would have the more easy work.

    'He seemed quite pleased with the suggestion, and promised to take Lord Ferrars with him to Juanita's room, and then present Lola to him as a mark of friendship and regard.

    'Lola was expecting me, and looked pleased when I stripped myself as naked as she was. She encircled me in her arms and praised my breasts and cunt; which later she was in the act of kissing with her pretty little bottom turned up, as Lord Ferrars and monsieur entered the room. She was startled at first, and ran behind the curtains to hide, but monsieur drew her out, and leading her to Lord Ferrars said, "My lord, here is a fair little maid, and as innocent as she is fair; she know nothing as yet of the ways of love, but she is willing to be taught; I present her to you as a scholar." 'My lord took her hand, and said kindly, "Don't be frightened, my pet, we will not hurt you, nor do anything you do not like. Come, Juanita, show this little maid how to receive a lesson in love, and you, dear Frances, will assist." 'Juanita could not refuse, so she placed her cousin reclining back on the bed, while I lifted her legs; and then my lord got between them, I held the head of his prick to the entrance of her cunt, his lordship pushed and it slipped in. She gave a shout and said, "Oh, it is too big!"

    He ceased pushing; she drew a long breath, and then said, "Now, my lord, go on — it hurts no linger — yes, I like to be fucked — I like to feel your prick in my cunt." Both Juanita and I urged her to go on talking, and to repeat all the bawdy terms we had taught her.

    'Monsieur looked on with interest, and even felt the lips of her cunt as they pressed firmly round my lord's prick while he completed the lesson he had undertaken.

    'He had no sooner finished and vacated his post, than monsieur occupied his position and entered the passage so well-moistened and opened by his lordship; but my lord did not remain idle, for he placed Juanita on the bed beside them and fucked her to her entire satisfaction.

    'I come now to the final act. The day following the scene I have just described was to be our last in Genoa, so we determined to make an effort that night to bring monsieur and madame to a more cordial understanding.

    'But how we carried out our plan, and what measure of success attended out attempt, I must withhold for the present, as I plainly see that you, my friends are ready to retire but if, when we meet together again, you care to hear more of it, I will be happy to oblige you.

    CHAPTER 10

    Jim's visit

    Before Frances had an opportunity of resuming her account of the happy reconciliation between monsieur and madame, our party was agreeably increased by the arrival of our old friend Jim. She was still unmarried, and as full of life as ever.

    She seemed greatly struck with the appearance and manner of our jovial middy, who appeared to her to be a very good-looking fellow, of about eighteen years of age, with all the free and easy ways of a thoroughbred sailor, very different from the demure character which she assumed at our first acquaintance.

    It at once occurred to me what a capital joke it would be to arrange a love scene between them, in which one at least would be in earnest. So I first praised Frances to Jim and said he was a young fellow any girl might be proud to win and draw to herself by the silken bands of Cupid's chain. I next took an opportunity of privately preparing Frances for the role she was expected to take, that of an ardent and enterprising lover.

    Then, in order that they might improve their acquaintance with one another, I sent them to ramble together in the garden by themselves, having first exacted a promise from each to give me afterward a minute account of everything that passed between them.

    This occurred on the evening of the day of her arrival; but another small event happened some hours before which I must not omit to mention.

    Jim had come in one of her most excited moods. She told me that the very sight of my husband set her cunt on fire. I promised her a speedy gratification in the shape of a good fucking, either from him or Lord Ferrars, saying that they were both equally ready and equally good.

    Then I drew up her dress, put my hand on her cunt, tilted her back and, having first surveyed the rosy chink spread open with my fingers, applied my mouth to the feverish orifice, and gave her what she declared was as good as a fuck — a warm and loving suck.

    She then returned the compliment, by touching, viewing and sucking my own centre of delight, finishing up by probing with her finger the sensitive interior of my bottom-hole.

    Just at this moment, my husband slipped into the room, and seeing how we were engaged, came quickly behind us. As Jim had her head between my thighs, her pretty little bottom was turned up in all its naked beauty. So Dick, without saying a word, placed his hands on its voluptuous orbs, drew them apart and pushed the head of his prick down the smooth furrow that lay between them, pausing for a moment at the ring shaped aperture of her bottom, as if wanting to enter her there; but the start she gave, when she recognised his touch, caused it to pass on until it met the lower end of her slit, all moist with the drops of spend still oozing out of its glowing depths.

    There it quickly effected a lodgement, as she turned her head and exclaimed: "Oh, Dick! How pleasant it is to feel your prick there again!' then jerking back her bottom, she engulfed it to the root.

    I smiled at her eagerness, and said, 'Now, Jim, you will have the fuck I promised you. Now, Dick, put forth all your skill, and ravish her with delight; she has been longing for a taste of your prick; give it to her in all its length and fullness — more slowly, but ram it home hard — make your belly plump against her bottom — there, that was a fine stroke.

    Are you enjoying it, Jim?'

    'Oh, yes, darling Queenie, your husband fucks delightfully; his prick fills my cunt with rapture.' She then moved a little to one side, so as to let him have a view of my cunt, which she held open with her fingers.

    'Look here, Dick, admire your wife's beautiful cunt, while you are fucking mine.'

    Dick went on prodding away, getting hotter, faster and more energetic with every shove, while he panted: 'Yes, it is pleasant to watch — Queenie's open cunt — while I drive my prick into yours — now, Jim — now — speak!'

    'Oh! — prick — cunt — bollocks — bottom — arse — fuck — fuck!' and Dick throwing himself forward, they both fell prone on my belly. I held them together, while they lay soaking for a few moments in the soft flow from love's fountain of delight.

    As soon as Jim recovered her elf, she kissed us both, saying, 'Thanks, darling Queenie, and you too, old friend Dick; your prick is as strong as ever; and were not Queenie so generous with it to her friends, I would envy her its possession, for there is nothing on earth to be compared to a good fuck.'

    I must now tell you what took place between Frances and Jim during their garden ramble in the evening.

    Frances was the first that came to me; she told me, with great glee: 'I have succeeded, but Jim as you call her, is very clever, and acted the part of a modest maiden to perfection. It was only when I praised you and insinuated that you had not been so cold and stiff, that I appeared to make any advance. We were near one of the summerhouses, so I put my arm round her and drew her inside, and when in shelter there, after a little struggle, I kissed her; as I pressed her to my bosom, our bellies pushed together, and somehow my knee got between hers, and I felt the way was open on a sure and easy conquest. When we sat down I lifted her leg over mine, as, I remarked, we could thus sit more close to one another, and as I stooped my mouth to get more kisses, my hand worked its way up until it reached her mossy nest, amidst many affected starts and exclamations. And, do you know, Queenie, that, girl though I am, I quite enjoyed the feel of its soft unctuous lips, as I pushed my fingers into the humid recess; and I really warmed to my work, while I protested my love and admiration; then slipping down before her, I managed at last to pull up her clothes, draw her to the edge of the seat, and spreading her thighs, to gain full access to her hot and juicy cunt, which I sucked, I thing, to her great satisfaction.

    'When I stood up, she wanted to investigate my affair, evidently with a view to bringing the matter to its natural conclusion by an agreeable fuck; but I pretended it was then too late, and promised that if she left the door open I would come to her that night when all the house was still.

    'She consented and I recommended that we should be careful to make as little noise as possible, and not talk at all. I said this in order that my lord might go to her if he felt disposed and enjoy her in my place.

    Jim came afterward; she also looked pleased and conscious of success.

    She said: 'Your middy is a funny little chap, and has the idea, common to nearly every sailor, that girls are made for their special delectation and diversion, and that they have only to go in and win. However, he was so pressing and persevering that I could not prevent him having his own way and gratifying himself, and me too, by exploring my cunt and its surrounding and then finishing up with a real good suck.

    'But when I wanted to return the compliment, and ascertain his qualification as a man, he rather drew back, which surprised me not a little, for as a rule, young fellows are very fond of displaying their manly proportions, and, as you know, Queenie, nothing seems to please them more than for a girl to seek for and handle their precious organs of delight.

    'My cunt glowed with excitement but was far from being satisfied, so I would have enjoyed playing with his prick for a while and then feeling it rammed home with energetic thrusts deep into the region of bliss.

    'However, he has promised to come to me tonight and then I shall see, or rather, I should say, feel what his person is like in its private development. How I wish, dear Queenie, that you could be present at the same time; it would be so nice to feel your soft fingers titillating my cunt while he was fucking me.

    'And I am sure he would enjoy it took, for unless I am much mistaken, you have already proved by your own experience what he is fit for! Is it not so, dear?'

    'Well, Jim, to tell you the truth, Francis and I thoroughly understand one another, and as you desire it, I will accompany him; but we must keep very quiet, for your room is next to that of Lord Ferrars, and if he heard any larking, he is so very curious, he would try by all means to find out what was going on and endeavour to make his way in to take part in the sport.'

    'Well, a worse thing might happen than that, Queenie! I think it would be great fun if both your husband and Lord Ferras joined us; and I fancy, you and I would be a match for them all. However, it may be well to keep it quiet at least until Francis and I have had our promised fuck, especially as he seems to wish it himself.'

    Lord Ferrars readily undertook the part he was expected to perform.

    The slight deception rendered the affair more interesting and acceptable to him, as it imparted a certain amount of novelty to the enjoyment of a really fine girl. All the evening he maintained a quiet reserve, and resisted all Jim's efforts to draw him on to amatory enterprise; but Frances, as a jovial middy, exceeded herself in demonstration as an accepted and expectant lover.

    We all retired early, and when Jim had gone to bed and her light was extinguished the Lord Ferrars and I, followed by Frances and my husband, entered the room with as little noise as possible. We approached her bed on tiptoe, and Frances whispered, 'I am here, darling Jim, and Queenie is with me, are you ready?'

    'I am, dear Frances; and your having Queenie with you makes you doubly welcome; get into bed,' and she held up the clothes.

    "Lord Ferrars slipped in and took her in his arms, while I drew down the covers, and placing one hand under her bottom and the other on her cunt. He quickly got between her legs, and lifted up her thighs, and I caught hold of his prick and rubbed its head up and down the moist slit of her cunt.

    'Now, Queenie,' she said, jerking up her bottom, 'pop it in, dear: oh! how nice it feels! You have a better prick than I expected, Francis! It quite fills my cunt! more slowly, darling, but push it home firmly — that's the way; I love a long steady stroke. Oh, Queenie, I can't help talking when I have a good prick in my cunt. it makes both my bottom and my tongue wag in spite of me; and if Lord Ferrars hears me, and wants to come in, let him do so by all means. I feel as if I could enjoy him all the more after Francis has done all he can.'

    'Why, Jim, you are insatiable; I suppose, you would like my husband after his lordship.'

    'Aye, that I would, and half a dozen after him. Now Francis, fuck — fuck — fuck.'

    Her clitoris felt quite hard and stiff under my fingers, and the lips of her cunt protruded and made a sucking noise each time his lordship drew back his prick.

    Lord Ferrars never spoke but fucked steadily on; and now his strokes came fast and furious; she bounded beneath, and spurred him on my every means in her power, ejaculating with increasing fervour and loudness as the crisis approached: prick; cunt; bottom; arse; piss; fuck; fuck; fuck.' She ground her teeth with erotic rage, and Lord Ferrars uttered moans of supreme satisfaction as he sprinkled her womb with the sperm of life.

    When he began to stir, she muttered, 'Don't take it out yet, dear Francis, give me the benefit once more; the second fuck is always the most pleasant. Let your prick lie in my cunt; I will pet its root and balls, and I will play with your bottom too and that will soon get you into humour again. How much larger and stronger you seem by night than by day! I did not think much of you last evening, but you are a grand fellow tonight.' And grasping his lordship's hairy bollocks, she began gently squeezing and rubbing his large, firm testicles; and stretching her other hand round the cheeks of his muscular arse, she insinuated her forefinger in his anus, and with great skill and effect played it around the inside of that highly sensitive aperture. These touches acted like a charm; his lordship's prick swelled in her cunt and resumed all its vigour as he recommenced slowly driving in and out.

    'Don't hurry him, dear Jim,' I cried, 'stay a moment,' and I pulled away her hands and told her to feel out to her right and try what she would find.

    'O yes, I declare, another prick, on the stand too! And I know it, Queenie, it is Dick's — I know it by the curve up and the size! Put it to my mouth, Dick, and I will give it a suck while Francis is finishing his second fuck. if we now had Lord Ferrars for you, Queenie, we should be all right! I don't hear him showing any signs of curiosity, however.'

    'All in good time,' I responded; 'Put your other hand out toward the left and try what you will find there,' and I pushed up Frances, all naked as she was.

    'Why, here is something quite different; but it is only a cunt; that can't belong to Lord Ferrars,' she said with a laugh, in which we all joined.

    'Who is it, Queenie? I did not know you had anyone here of the feminine gender besides ourselves.'

    'Hold on a moment,' I replied, 'until I get a light, and you shall see for yourself.'

    The moment Jim perceived who it was lying over her, she exclaimed, 'Oh, my lord, is it you that have been fucking me all this time? What a shame to drive your noble prick into the cunt of a poor girl under pretence of being somebody else; but anyway, I hope my cunt gave your lordship's prick full satisfaction.'

    'Forgive me, darling Jim, for this little bit of sweet deception. I never enjoyed a fuck more: your body is so springy, your belly so smooth, your bottom so big, and your cunt so full of warmth and life that my prick revelled in sweets, and melted in bliss.'

    'Well, my lord, I must say, that I have found your prick equally pleasant. But what am I to say to you, Frances, my accepted lover! So you have only a cunt, and not a prick after all! I thought somehow you could not have a right prick when you would not let me put my hand on it. However, as you have a cunt, let us put it to use. With your permission, Queenie, I will ask my old friend Dick to come round and poke it from behind while she?lans across Lord Ferrars, who is now going to favour me with another fuck. And if you, dear Queenie, will gold each of the pricks by the root, and push up your bottom in such a way that I can get at your cunt, I will frig your clitoris and enable you to join in the common spend.'

    My husband, with his usual good nature, at once complied as I said: 'What a luxurious imagination you have, Jim! You and Frances are well matched.'

    Frances only grinned and leaning forward over the bed rested her soft bubbies on Lord Ferrars' loins and gliding one hand between their bellies, placed it on Jim's cunt so as to cause his lordship's prick to slip through her fingers as it passed in and out — a sensation very pleasing to most men. The other, she passed round his thigh and softly moulded his balls from behind.

    I on the other side put one knee on the bed and cocked up my bottom in all its luxurious fullness before Jim's admiring gaze; and very quickly I felt her hands playing about my cunt as of yore, plucking the hair, drawing open the lips, pinching the clitoris, frigging between the nymphae and the point of one finger penetrating my arsehole itself.

    My own hands roamed everywhere feeling bottoms and bellies, pricks and cunts, giving a sly pinch here, and a knowing touch there, thus helping toward the end we had in view, that each might obtain the highest enjoyment these happy conjunctions could afford, Suddenly, Frances exclaimed, 'Ah Queeenie! Your husband has taken his prick out of my cunt and popped it into my belly. All right, Dick, fuck away, fuck my arse, if you like it for a change. And Jim, like a dear girl, push your fingers into my cunt and frig me while Dick is fucking my arse.'

    Jim complied and, looking up at Lord Ferras, said with a smile, 'Do the same, my lord, do the dame, fuck my arse' — and she pressed back her thighs so as to present her bottom in the most accessible position. Lord Ferrars did not hesitate, but at once drew out his prick, while I, holding open the cheeks of her bottom, placed it at the circular entrance, and held it as it glided smoothly up.

    Then arose a universal chorus of lewd suggestions and lascivious requests.

    'Bang your belly against my bottom,' cried Frances.

    'How nice to feel your prick in my arse,' exclaimed Jim; 'shove it in well, my lord, shove it into my bottom. Do you like fucking in the arse, my lord?'

    'Yes, darling, I like fucking your arse. Do you hear my belly smacking against its cheeks?'

    'Oh, yes, smack away, it is music to my ears. Oh, Queenie! I feel your fingers everywhere; frig my cunt; fuck my arse; oh! now, Queenie, spend; my cunt flows; my arse is flooded; Oh!!!' and all fell together, and spunk poured in torrents on every side.

    After this, both my husband and Lord Ferrars declared that they must take some rest, as the copious and frequent spending in which they had indulged of late was causing them to experience a sensation of languor and physical exhaustion.

    So they recommended our calling in external aid if we intended to carry on our amorous amusements, especially as three cunts to two pricks was not a fair proportion.

    Women can spend in a very different way from men, and never feel the same exhaustion, so we agreed to let them lie down for a time while we catered for ourselves.

    Jim told us she had a sweetheart to whom she had already granted her favours, and who, she was certain, would readily respond to our invitation — and could bring a friend too, if we so desired. Moreover, he was eminently trustworthy, and could be relied upon to introduce no one to us who was not as trustworthy as himself.

    She offered to give us an account of how she became acquainted with him and learned his good qualities.

    So next evening, when Dick and my lord had gone to their club, we three women determined to enjoy ourselves alone; and found that by mutually viewing, and frigging, and sucking each other's cunts we could pass the time ver pleasantly together while we listened to Jim's animated narrative.

    CHAPTER 11

    Jim's narrative

    'My mother, as you know, suffered in many ways by the death of the late Sir Charles. Her grand hopes were extinguished, his powerful patronage lost, and while a comparative stranger on the island, she was thrown on her own resources.

    'To the world she maintained the character of a respectable widow lady, who kept lodgings for single men and looked after their interests; to a chosen few she was known as a lady whose favours could be obtained when properly sought, and whose services, even as a procuress, could be secured by an adequate remuneration.

    'At the same time she never forgot she had two marriageable daughters, and still hoped by their means to regain her lost position in society; yet, whenever a safe opportunity presented itself, she never hesitated to sacrifice their pretended virtue for a sufficient inducement.

    'She possessed an intensely amorous disposition herself, which she found great difficulty in containing within due bounds, and took the greatest delight in indoctrinating other women with her own lascivious thoughts and inclinations.

    'Mary and I, both by nature and training, acquired similar tastes, but under her management and instruction, we contrived to appear to the general public as very innocent and well-conducted young ladies.

    'It is now more than six months since Major Ormund, who holds some civil appointment under the present governor, took lodgings with us.

    He is a fine-looking man, about fifty years of age, and has a delicate wife who, with two children, resides in England.

    'He was not long in discovering mother's weakness, and found that with liberal treatment, she was perfectly willing to take the place of his absent wife, and was able from her vastly greater experience to give him more gratification and more varied pleasure than that washedout lady ever dreamt of.

    'My room was next to hers, and as she never fastened her door, I often gratified my prurient fancy by not only listening to but even witnessing their lascivious exercises.

    'My mother has a fine figure and, as you know, Queenie, is remarkably fresh and fair for a woman of her years, while her cunt, in its ripe protuberance, is a sight not often equalled.

    'I have always regarded it with the greatest admiration, and especially when I have seen it engaged in the noble act of coition. Nor would she have minded in the least had she known that I was looking on; she kept no secrets from us now, and few things pleased her more than to have her cunt looked at, petted and kissed by her own daughters. I have often sucked it until she spent in my mouth, and more than once I have placed a prick in it, and watched and frigged it while she was enjoying a good fuck.

    'Once she had disposed of our fictitious maidenheads to any gentleman who paid well for them, she did not care what displays she made of us or herself, or all together, and I remember one occasion when we were all three fucked together, one after the other by one of her special friends.

    'Major Ormund had us all, and paid for us all, but he began with mother. I think I witnessed their first fuck. The major always took tea with us unless otherwise engaged. One evening I remarked that he and mother were peculiarly affectionate to one another, and I concluded that they had come to an understanding during the day.

    My notion was confirmed when they were bidding each other goodnight.

    'He said, with an enquiring accent, "Tonight?" She turned as if to look at the clock on the mantelpiece, and carelessly, as it were, put her finger at half-past eleven. I knew what she meant, and resolved to be an unseen observer of what took place.

    'Mother retired about eleven, and after a good wash, and no doubt special titivation, put out her light and got into bed, leaving her door slightly open. Now was my chance. I crept softly into her room and concealed myself behind some heavy curtains that were stretched across the alcove of the window.

    'Exactly at half-past eleven, Major Ormund entered the room in his dressing gown and slippers. He closed the door and said, "Where are you, my love?" She replied, "Here, come this way; meanwhile, I will strike a light that we may have the satisfaction of seeing one another."

    She jumped up, and in her nightdress, with her hair streaming over her shoulders, lighted six large wax candles, saying as she did so: "You see, I do not fear the light." 'He sat down on the bed and seemed struck with the comfortable appearance of the room, and especially with the large mirror fastened to the wall along one side of the bed.

    'When she had finished lighting the candles, she came up to him. He put his arm round her, and placing her on his knee, said: "First, I want a full view of the delicious cunt whose acquaintance I made this morning," and reclining her back on the bed, he spread her thighs and pulled up her nightshift, saying: "No my love, you have indeed no cause to dread the light. What a profusion of beauties are centred here! Such a luxuriant crop of silky hair crowns this swelling mound, while these great protruding lips are comparatively smooth; and such a clitoris, so full, so rosy and so stiff! How it slips about under my fingers!

    Has it much feeling?" '"Oh, yes, dear Major Ormund, that's very nice, you know how to pet a woman's cunt; and you must let me try my skill on your prick, I want to hold it in my hand," and pushing her hand under his shirt she quickly pulled out a fair-sized tool. It was of the ordinary length but not particularly stiff. She took it skilfully in hand, with the fingers underneath and the thumb uppermost; she frigged it deliberately up and down, drawing the prepuce as much as she could over the glans, then pushing it fully back, until the head stood up firm and erect, while her other hand was equally busy fondling his balls and the sensitive parts beneath.

    '"Oh, Major, how your fingers stir me up! My cunt is all in a glow, and your prick is in fine order too! Would you not lie to fuck me?" '"Yes, darling, but don't call me Major, call me Kit — all my intimate friends call me Kit; and if you will allow me, I will call you Sophy.

    Well, Sophy, I am quite ready to fuck you, but would not your fanny like to be kissed first?" '"Yes, Kit, but she has great longing for your prick while he is in such fine order. Shall I raise my thighs, and then you can take a survey of the contours of my bottom, as well as the secret cavity of my cunt," and mother turned up her great broad rump in all its voluptuous beauty before him.

    'He got up and standing back for a moment to get a better few of its grand proportions and exquisite roundness and polish, he plunged his mouth between the hot succulent lips of her cunt, sucking the clitoris and sipping up the soft juice that was even now beginning to exude.

    'Then she muttered, "Now, Kit, put in your prick and fuck me — fuck my cunt, oh! that is nice! Put your hands under my bottom — squeeze the cheeks of my arse — shove your balls against my arse. Do you like this way of fucking? '"Yes, darling Sophy, you have a grand cunt for a fuck; your cunt holds my prick as if it had life, and your big fat arse serves as a cushion underneath.'

    '"And my cunt has life! It must have to feel as it does! Oh! that is grand!

    That's the way, I like to be fucked with a long, firm, steady stroke of the prick! Do you like me to speak while you are fucking me?" '"I do, darling. I love to hear you talking of prick and cunt, and bollocks, and arse; go on, dear." '"I feel your prick getting harder in my cunt, I feel your bollocks pressing my arse — now, dart in your prick — fill my cunt with spunk — Oh! — Oh! — fuck — fuck — fuck." 'He was not equal to a second fuck, which I know mother would have liked, but he asked and received permission to come on succeeding nights at the same hour, and took his departure.

    'It was not long after this, that I heard him sounding mother as to her daughters. He seemed at first afraid of exciting her jealousy, but he soon found there was no occasion for dreading that, provided he came across handsomely.

    '"Very well, Kit, as you are so liberal, I cannot refuse my consent, if you are able to overcome their maidenly scruples. You see they are quite ignorant in the ways of the world, so you will have to proceed cautiously and prudently, and with every consideration for their innocence and inexperience. I, for my part, will afford you every facility, and render you any help in my power, so far as I can do so without exciting their suspicions; but you had better begin with Mary, for if you win her the younger sister will be more inclined to follow in her track.

    '"All right, Sophy, many thanks for your kind compliance; I will be careful and prudent. Suppose we begin tomorrow morning; I will ask Mary to take a walk with me, and you can second my request." 'So next morning after breakfast the walk was proposed, and mother said the day was fine, and that it would do Mary good to get a little fresh air, and turning to Mary, she added: "Major Ormund, my dear, is a man of the world, he can tell you many things you are in no doubt ignorant of, and initiate you into the mysteries of fashionable life and the thoughts and habits of fashionable society in London and Paris." '"Very well, mother, I am willing to be instructed, and hope Major Ormund will find me an intelligent and docile pupil; but i wish to have Jim with me to share the benefit and prevent a scandal." 'This was a proposition they neither expected nor desired, but as Mary was determined, there was no help for it; and the major pretended to be cheerful when he included me in his invitation; and he really brightened up when I said I would take a basket with me and gather wild flowers while they were discussing the fashionable world which had no charms for me.

    'So we set out; the major put forth all his efforts to be agreeable, and Mary appeared much impressed and gradually permitted him various little freedom. At last we reached a shady grove and he proposed our sitting down to rest. I said, "You look tired, Mary, but I am not. So I will rove about after my favourite flowers, while you rest." 'They sat down in a sheltered nook, and I disappeared from view; but I lost no time in making a circuit and creeping softly up behind them under shelter of the thick bushes.

    'The gallant major had evidently made considerable progress in his suit, for she was sitting close to his side and he had his arm round her waist. At first, I was not near enough to hear what they were saying, so I cautiously approached something nearer. Then I heard her laugh and say, "Yes, I know some girls like to be tickled, it makes them feel funny.

    Where am I most ticklesome? Well, perhaps on the soles of my feet.

    Hoh! You can't tickle me through my boots!" '"No, but I am admiring them, or rather the little feet they contain!

    What prettily shaped little toes! And such well-shaped arched insteps! These can hardly be island-made boots! They are just as wellfinished and as good a fit as any Parisian belle could desire, and your fine silk stockings set them off to best advantage. Let me raise your leg a little — French girls are always pleased when their feet and legs are admired; and the famous actresses, you know, do not hesitate to allow the fair proportions of the whole limb to be seen — and you are just as well made as the best of them.'

    '"But you want to see too much — Oh, — your hand tickles me! take it away you are pushing it too far — Oh, — don't, major I cannot let you put it there." '"Why not there? What harm can my hand do to you?" '"I don't know, but I ought not to let you — don't." '"Why? Are you afraid of me?" '"No, but please take away your hand — Oh! — I cannot bear it." '"Why? Is it hurting you?" '"Yes — no — but it makes me feel so queer! Ah! Now, you are hurting me!

    Don't push your finger in — I will not allow that — Oh, stop, it is hurting me — it is hurting me frightfully; and she began to cry, muttering that he was very cruel to cause her so much pain.

    'He took away his hand and tried t soothe her. She turned from him, and said with a sob she was sure he had done her come great harm, and pulling her handkerchief out of her pocket she suddenly put it under her petticoats and rubbed between her legs, then looking at it in a sly manner perceiving that it was marked with blood, she thrust it into her pocket and rose up to return home. He begged for the handkerchief, and after a struggle he obtained possession of it and quietly examined it. Then with difficulty he appeased her, and she at length forgave him and allowed him to kiss her, but would not suffer him to put his hand under her petticoats again as she said she felt too sore.

    'When they met me a short distance off, she seemed quite composed and promised to walk with him again the next day on condition of my being with them also.

    "Mary and I had a good laugh together that night at the success of our contrivance; before we set out for our walk, we had charged a small sponge with the blood of a freshly killed chicken, and having wrapped it in oiled silk, Mary carefully placed it in her handkerchief. This sponge she adroitly took out and squeezed, and then slipped into the upper part of her stocking, when she appeared to be only rubbing her maiden slit.

    'The Major may have thought her large, for the finger readily notices difference of size, but when he heard her cry of pain, and above all when he saw the blood-stain on her handkerchief, every doubt was chased from his mind, and he felt satisfied that the sweet defloration of a true virgin was a treat in store for him at the next opportunity.

    'Why is it, Queenie, that men almost universally regard the entering of a woman's cunt for the first time such a peculiar treat? It seems to me that the awkwardness and hurry of the first attempt, neither man nor woman obtains half the pleasure that they experience afterward.'

    'Ah, Jim,' I replied, 'these matters are not to be judged by ordinary rules and reasoning; and the sense of pleasure, after all, depends very much on the exercise of imagination or fancy — but go on.'

    'The next day being fine, we again set out for a walk. Mary was in good spirits and prepared for any lengths to which the gallant major was disposed to go.

    'I have sometimes thought, Queenie, if men could only read our minds, how much less timid they would be! Women, like all female animals, I suppose, require that a certain amount of violence should be used to compel them, as it were, into submission; because, though willing enough in themselves, they like it to seem as if they are forced to comply, and besides they are conscious that if men obtain their favours too easily they will not value them as they ought. However, to proceed.

    'I took my basket as before and practised the same manoeuvre. When I got near enough to hear what they were saying, I heard his voice — "Now, darling Mary, you can't refuse me the great pleasure of petting your dear little pussy — open your legs more — what a sweet little nest you have! I trust all the soreness you felt yesterday is gone." '"Yes, dear Kit, but you hurt me very much, and it bled a great deal." '"I am so sorry, but there is one consolation. I can never hurt you again.

    Do you know my name for this mossy nest?" '"No, except that I have heard girls call it their fanny, and you now call it my pussy." '"But do you know what men call it?" '"No, I have not the least idea." What a fib, thought I.

    '"Shall I tell you?" '"Yes, dear Kit, I would like to know." '"Well, they often speak of it as a woman's quim, but the common name which everybody knows is cunt, derived from the Latin cunnus. Did you never hear it?'

    '"No, I have not been in the way of hearing such words." Oh Mary! how innocent you are, thought I.

    '"Why, most schoolgirls know it well, and I am told they are fond of writing it on their slates, together with the name of another thing that they like still better. Say cunt for me, my love." '"Cunt, my cunt."

    He kissed her.

    '"Now, what's the name of this part underneath?" '"Oh! that's my bottom." '"Good, but the commoner name is more exciting — arse. Say arse." '"Arse, my arse." '"This cunt is shaped like a mouth, you perceive, with lips and moustache too; you use it indeed, I know, for piddling, commonly called pissing — say that love." '"Pissing, my cunt pissing." '"It has, however, a far nobler use than pissing; piss comes out of it, but there is something intended to go into it, something which is able to fill it with pleasure an delight. Do you know what that something is?" '"No, I don't know anything that could go into it and give it the pleasure and delight you speak of." '"Did you never put your finger into it?" '"Yes, I have sometimes rubbed it with my finger, and then tried to push it up." '"Did it make you feel nice?"

    '"It did." '"Well, there is something larger and longer than your finger that men have which, when it goes in, makes it feel still nicer, nicer than anything in the world. Do you know what that is?" '"No, I know of nothing better than my finger." Oh Mary! '"Well, let me place your hand here for a moment, and I will enlighten you." 'He had already opened his trousers, I observed, all down the front. So he took her hand, and in spite of her affected opposition pushed it inside and placed it on his prick.

    '"Now, does not that feel softer than your finger? Take it out, darling, and see what a queer round head it has!" 'He kept her hand on it, while he drew it out. She let her fingers close round it but turned away her face.

    '"Look at it, dear Mary, it is my prick, and is just made to go into your cunt and fuck it. Now, say prick, darling." '"Prick." '"And what does a prick do to a cunt?" '"You say, it fucks it." '"That's a darling; now draw the skin down — this way — see how that makes the head stand up! And look at this ridge round the head, that is what rubs on the inside of the cunt and makes you feel so nice as it goes in and out — this way, like my finger — but don't you think you would like my prick much better?"

    '"I cannot tell; your prick is very big; I am afraid it would hurt me too much." '"No, my darling, it would not hurt you at all, on the contrary it will give you great pleasure, greater than any you ever felt in your life — let me try — there — lie back and open your thighs." '"Oh, but you must not look, it would be horrible to see me there." '"How could it be horrible, when it feels so soft and nice!" '"Oh, it is not meant to be looked at; does not the hair growing about it show that it should be kept covered?" '"Not at all. The hair is only meant to ornament it, and keep it warm and soft. There that's a good girl — open a little more, that's a good girl."

    She now lay back quietly and allowed him to pull up her dress as high as he could and spread her thighs widely apart.

    '"Yes, it is a sweet little cunt, fresh and fragrant as an opening rose; and its little clitoris peeps out from between the lips like the tip of your tongue. I am sure, if it could speak, it would say: Put in your prick and fuck me. Shall I try, my sweet Mary? you will like it so much." '"Oh, it will hurt me, it is so very big, you never could get in." '"No, it can't hurt you now; your cunt, small as it looks, would easily take in a much larger prick than mine — there — I will rub its head between these moist lips — you are a most loveable girl, Mary — now spread your legs as widely as you can — wait, I will put this bundle of dry grass under your bottom — now — see how easily it goes in! Now don't you like the feel of my prick moving in your cunt? Ah! Isn't that nice?" '"Yes, it feels nice. Is this what you call fucking?"

    '"It is my love, would you like me to move my prick faster?" '"Yes, dear Kit; your prick fucks my cunt very pleasantly. Does it give you pleasure hearing me say these words?" '"It does, pet — talk to me of your cunt and your arse; and of my prick and bollocks; and spun; and fucking, and pissing — oh, Mary, its coming — push up your bottom — put your hand on my arse — press my prick in your cunt — oh, there — there." 'She held him convulsively with arms and legs, and her loins and arse worked and twisted during the last quick probes of his prick. Then her muscles relaxed, her eyes closed, and her head lay back in love's sweet swoon.

    'You can easily imagine how this fucking scene and these lascivious words affected me. My cunt glowed with intense excitement. I pulled up my petticoats, and stooping forward tried to get a view of it. I would willingly then have shown it to any man, in hopes of being well fucked.

    Oh, for a prick! My mouth watered to get at it! How I would have enjoyed sucking my own cunt, but I could only frig it with my finger, as I softly whispered to myself, Look at it Kit, see my cunt, see my arse, put your prick in my cunt — fuck my cunt — fuck it — fuck it — fuck — Oh! at last, and I was relieved.

    'After allowing myself a few moments to cool down, I met them looking for me, and we returned home together.

    'Next day, we walked to the same place, and when I was about to leave them as before, the major put his arm round me, saying, "Stay, little Jim, we don't mind you; do we, Mary?" '"No, Kit, I don't mind Jim; you may kiss her, or anything else you like.

    Here, I will hold her, while you kiss her."

    '"No, no, Mary," I said. "He may kiss you as much as he likes — you are his pet — but as for me, I prefer being a free nymph of the woods.' And I turned and ran away.

    'They both ran after me and, of course, soon caught me, and holding me on either side brought me back to their favourite resting place and made me sit down with them.

    'The major commenced pushing his hand under Mary's petticoats, and winked at me, as he asked, "Do you know what I am doing to Mary, Jim?" '"No, and I don't want to know," I said blushing, and turned away my face. You see, I can act a little too.'

    'You needn't tell us that,' interposed Frances, 'you nearly humbugged me; it may be easy to humbug men, but for one girl to deceive another is something to boast of.'

    'Oh, Jim is a regular adept,' I added, 'we mall all go to school to her.'

    'Well, I confess,' she replied. 'I do take delight in a little mild deception.

    After all, when we deceive me, it is for their own good. You said that the sensation of pleasure depends very much on the imagination; now, if we can so deceive a man as to make him imagine that he is taking a maidenhead which he regards as a great pleasure, I maintain that by our harmless deception we are rendering him a service. My notion is that women are born deceivers, and their instinct leads them to draw men on by various lures, arts and delusions; and on the other hand, that men from their very nature rather enjoy being humbugged by the women. And in the very instance I am describing, my impression is that the major had an inkling that we were not quite as innocent as we would fain have him believe, but yet for his own enjoyment he rather promoted the delusion; for he touched my chin with his unemployed hand and said, You may spare your blushes, Jim, they will be more wanted by and by. I am now petting Mary's nice little pussy; and have not you a nice little pussy too — let me try." '"No, no, major, keep to Mary, one ought to satisfy you." '"If one is good, two should be better still! Is that not logic, Jim?" '"And if so, three ought to be better still," I added.

    '"Just so, you are right. Three loving girls free from jealousy would be more than paradise. Now, Mary is not jealous, as you see; why not join in our amusement? You will learn many things of which you must now be ignorant, and you will experience greater pleasure than you have ever felt there." '"Let my hand go!" '"It will not harm you. Tell her Mary, how nice it feels to have one's pussy petted by a man's hand." '"It does feel nice, Jim; now that the ice is broken, I love to feel his fingers playing between the lips; and the major has something better than his fingers which can tickle your pussy most delightfully." 'My lascivious nature now became so inflamed that I had to give up all pretence, and allow his hand to make its way up to my burning cunt.

    Oh! how it glowed as I felt his prying fingers enter the throbbing slit! I involuntarily moved it forward to meet his thrilling touch.

    '"That's a darling girl! You have indeed a sweet little pussy. Tell her, Mary, what men usually call it." '"That's your cunt, Jim, which the major is now frigging with his finger; but he has a better implement, called his prick, which could tickle it with more effect."

    '"Take it out, Mary, and show it to her." 'Mary was now in her element, so she readily unbuttoned his trousers, lifted his shirt, and pulled out his prick, as she said, "There it is, Jim.

    Now you may study a man's prick for the first time in your life. Look at its fine large purple head! See how this soft skin slips up and down — this is the way to frig a prick. And look at this tuft of hair growing about its root! Oh, it is nice to feel that rubbing against your own hair when the prick is in your cunt fucking you." '"Stop, major," I cried, as I felt his finger at the entrance of the passage; and fearing he might discover how very open it was, I drew back from him.

    '"Is he hurting you?" asked Mary.

    '"Indeed he is — he was just pushing his finger in and I could not bear the smart." '"Well, dear, let him try his prick; that will feel much nicer than his finger, and won't hurt you in the same way; look at this soft shelving head with its rosy top. It will slip in almost without your knowing it, and once it passes the entrance, it will make your cunt thrill with delight. Fuck her, major; lay her back, and I will help to keep her legs open." '"Do, darling Jim," pleaded the major. "Let me fuck your sweet little cunt. I will be very gentle, and stop pushing the moment you ask me."

    Mary had played her part so well that feeling matters were in a safe train, I allowed them to push me back. She quickly drew up my petticoats, and said, "There, Kit, there — look at that little pussy, how soft and warm it is! Look at these pretty pink lips, all moist and open, waiting for your prick."

    'The major leaned over me, pushed his head between my thighs and gave my cunt a nice warm kiss, saying, "Sweet cunt! Now raise your bottom, that I may push this under it so as to fuck you with more ease." 'Mary, having spread me out to her satisfaction, said, "Now, she is ready; her cunt is beautifully open for you; let me hold your prick.' And taking the major's prick in her hand she rubbed its head up and down the slit of my cunt.

    '"How do you like the feel of the major's prick in your cunt?" '"Oh, it feels very nice rub it — rub it there, Mary." '"Yes, but we must get it in, or it will spend its sweet liquor outside — and that would be just a flash in the pan; there now, bear with it for a moment until it gets in-" 'Oh, stop, Mary — take it out — I can't bear it; indeed I can't. Oh! you said you would not push if I asked… Oh! Oh!! you are making it push harder than ever.'

    'I held my hand firmly on the major's loins, and kept him from forcing his prick through the entrance; I felt Mary fumbling about my cunt and at last heard her say: "All right, now it's getting in." 'Then heaving a sigh of relief, I allowed him to push home, and said,

    "Oh, major, how you have hurt me! But now that your prick is all inside, I like to feel it, and you may fuck me as hard as you like.'

    'Mary, I need scarcely tell you, had the little sponge prepared as before, and while pretending to direct the major's tool squeezed its contents over his prick and my cunt. And the words "all right" were to be the signal to me that the operation had been successfully performed; so now I felt I could safely give full rein to my libidinous inclinations. I therefore compressed the interior of my cunt, so as to give that pleasant nip to the head of his prick that men love so well. I crossed my legs on his back, pressed up my cunt to meet his strokes, and squeezing him in my arms, kept mutter, "Yes, fuck me — fuck my cunt — I love to feel your prick in my cunt — fuck — fuck — fuck." 'the major's eyes sparkled, his active arse worked energetically up and down making his prick dart in and out of my cunt, and he said, "I am so glad your sweet cunt likes to feel my prick fucking — fucking — fucking," and held me in his arms with a convulsive grasp while his prick flooded my cunt with boiling spunk.

    'On drawing out his prick, he noticed the blood marks on it, as well as on my cunt and chemise, and while he wiped both me and himself, he said with a smile, "What a lot of blood you and Mary seem to have. I have never know girls bleed so freely. I have often fucked girls for what was, I am certain, their first time, without causing them to bleed at all. Indeed, I have wondered why so much is made of it, for all depends on the degree of force used at entrance; when it is very slight the membrane often stretches without rupture, so that the absence of blood is no evidence of the want of true virginity — though its presence must, I suppose, be considered conclusive," he added, bowing to us.

    'Mary and I looked quite innocent as we listened to this wise dissertation, then, to divert his thoughts, Mary began to pet his prick, and asked him which he liked best, fucking her sister or herself? '"What a question to ask, my dear Mary! as if I would make a comparison between two such lovely girls, equally kind, pleasing and susceptible. You are both eminently fitted for the enjoyments of love, each of you a perfect Venus in her own way," and he kissed us both and made us sit on either side of him.

    'After petting and looking at our cunts separately, he said he would like to see them both together, so he placed us lying side by side with our cunts fully exposed to his view. Then he coaxed us to frig our own cunts while he looked on, hand frigging his prick. Then he lay on his back, and got Mary to suck his prick and pet his balls while she knelt at his side with her naked bottom cocked up in the air; I played with her cunt, and let my own bottom down on his face to enjoy as he liked.

    'As soon as Mary felt his seed spouting into her mouth, her cunt began to flow, while the combined effect of his hands, lips, and tongue on my bottom and cunt caused my own reservoir to overflow with love's soft juices.

    'You may well imagine that after this all reserve was cast aside. The major had the run of the house by night as well as by day. And as he had great experience, and a very kind natural disposition, he gradually acquired extraordinary influence over mother so that she trusted him with the management of our affairs. His arrangement was, that no gentleman should be received by us who was not known to him and did not come to the house as his friend. Thus he maintained the appearance of respectability, and made things smooth and pleasant for us. He settled with each party for the house fees, as they were termed, and they were all handed to mother, while we received our special present afterward.

    In this way, he secured for himself not only the enjoyment of three women, as much as he desired, but what he prized more highly still, the frequent gratification of his lascivious taste in seeing and hearing all that passed between us and the different parties whom he introduced; for, with mother's consent, he contrived that each of our rooms should be commanded by peepholes or spying places, to which he had free access.

    'We are well satisfied with his management, for he saves us much risk and trouble, and always selects, when possible, men that are comparatively young, have gentlemanly manners and are possessed of independent means.

    'Personally he dispenses his favours equally amongst us three and he is careful never to neglect mother; yet I think I am his favourite, for he seems to take me more into his confidence, and consult me about all his own special enjoyments.

    'If you wish, I will endeavour to describe some of the scenes in which I was either a witness or partaker.'

    We said we would be delighted to hear all about them, and begged her to give us the details as minutely as possible. And in order to stimulate her more, Frances turned up her cunt and bottom more fully before her, and I manipulated with more energy her own pretty little love chink, while she kept her hand on mine, giving my clitoris a pinch every now and then by way of emphasis, as she continued.

    The first friend whom the major introduced was an officer, named Captain Stuart, a very nice young fellow, exceedingly wealthy, and heir to a Scotch title. He was passionately fond of women, and seemed to make the pursuit of them the great object of his life.

    'The major brought him home with him one evening after a mess dinner, and they had supper by themselves in his room.

    'To make what follows intelligible, I must tell you that there is a small room adjoining that occupied by the major, which Mary and I use for a dressing-room; it contains a bath and other toilet requisites, and we often sit there to read and work. Between these two rooms is a large aperture in the wall, which has been formed into a double press, opening with doors into each room, and having a common back composed of boards. The major has removed the lower shelves so that when the doors are open any person in one room can see and hear all that passes in the other; this arrangement has often been found very convenient on both sides.

    'On this occasion, he notified Mary and me of the coming of Captain Stuart, and told us to listen particularly to their words and suggestions that we might shape our conduct accordingly.

    'After supper, the major entertained his friend with a portfolio of very lascivious French prints. And you may be sure, we were at out post of observation, listening to every word and watching every movement.

    'The captain was delighted with the pictures, he praised their beauty, and said there was nothing in the world he so much admired as a naked woman, especially when her cunt and bottom were fully exposed to view; and that next to the reality, the well-drawn and highly finished pictures had the most effect.

    'How they do make a fellow's prick stand! My blood seems to boil already! I would give a good sum tonight for the view and the use of a hot randy cunt. Could you put me in the way of such a thing, Kit? Just look at this chap of mine; you have seen it before, but I doubt if you ever saw it in so distended a state," and he drew out a strong muscular prick with a great swollen red head.

    'This was just what the major desired, both on our account and his own, for while he thoroughly enjoyed a woman's cunt, he had a particular fancy for seeing and handling a fine prick.

    'So putting one hand round his friend's manly tool, he pushed the other in underneath and pulled out his hairy bollocks as he said, "Well, Alick, if you are prepared to pay handsomely, I may be able to gratify you to the fullest extent of your desires. My landlady has two remarkably fine daughters. They are young and handsome, beautifully made, and they possess, what you so much admire, splendid cunts and arses, which they have no objection to displaying before such friends as can appreciate their beauty and value their worth. In short, they are just the kind of girls you seek, for they love fucking, and think that a fine prick like this of yours, Alick, is the most interesting object in the universe." And looking admiringly on his friend's prick, he tenderly frigged it up and down.

    'All right, old fellow,' he replied, apparently much pleased with the major's attentions, 'get me your cheque book, and I will put my name to a sum that will satisfy your beauties. To whom should it be payable?" he asked as he commenced writing.

    '"To the widow herself — Mrs Sophia Bond," the major answered.

    Captain Stuart filled in the cheque and handing it to his friend, said,

    "Will that suffice?" '"Yes, it is most handsome, and will ensure you the fullest gratification; and I think I may offer you also the additional pleasure of making your own selection. The room adjoining this is used by the young ladies as a dressing room; they always come to it before going to bed, and when they are in the humour, they play like two wantons together, and indulge in every kind of amorous sport with one another. I know this, for I have mad an opening in the back of that press through which I can watch at my ease all their erotic games.

    '"I sometimes lend them pictures and books like these, which they are fond of looking at, and invariably try to copy. I left a famous book on their table this evening, together with a dildo, which I have been promising them for some time. And as this is about their usual time for undressing, I would not be surprised if they were there now, so if you will sit on this stool and apply your eye to my spying place, and tell me in a low voice all that they are doing and which of them you prefer, I will keep this chap of yours in forking order, and we shall both share the fun.

    'The captain placed himself in the required position, with his legs apart and his prick projecting, and looked through the opening into our room, while his friend Kit sat before him and manipulated his fine standing tool, which was on a level with his face.

    'After waiting a moment, he asked, "Well, Alick, are the girls there?

    Can you see them? And what are they doing?"

    '"Yes they are both there, and have just commenced to take off their things. What a lucky dog you are, Kit, to have such a scene presented to you every night. There are few things so interesting as watching a woman undressing — she has so many funny little ways, and seems to slip in and out of her clothes so easily. It must be warm in there, however, for these two appear disposed to denude themselves altogether; and I hope they will.

    '"The one with dark hair has now thrown off everything except her shift. She has got hold of your book, and has sat down just opposite, with her shift tucked up and her legs wide apart. You are right, Kit, she has a splendid cunt with magnificent lips, ripe and plump, and her clitoris like a bit of bright coral gleams in the centre. She is holding the look in her right hand while the left is occupied with her cunt, the middle finger working in the slit. Oh! how she frigs! She must be first rate at fucking. The one with fair hair has come up behind her and is leaning on her shoulder as she looks down on the book. She too has pulled up her chemise, and her hand is busy with her cunt.

    '"They are indeed a fine pair of girls, and I will be well content with either of them — but stop, they are talking about the pictures, let us listen." 'We of course heard all this, and now that the cheque business was satisfactorily arranged, we were quite ready both to please them and gratify ourselves by doing all in our power to stimulate and satisfy their prurient curiosity.

    'The picture on which Mary seemed so intent at this moment, while her ears were drinking in every word spoken in the major's room, contained a group of three pairs of martially naked men and women, all eagerly engaged in the pleasing sport of exciting each other's lascivious feelings to the highest pitch of amorous enjoyment. Looking at this picture, I said, "what a grand exhibition of pricks, cunts and bottoms you have there, Mary; the man sitting on the chair, with the girl straddling across his lap and holding his prick as he stoops forward to watch it passing up into her cunt, while he has his hand over her shoulder petting her bubbies, and at the same time sips sweet kisses from the girl at the right — he looks particularly happy! Don't you think so, Mary?'

    '"Yes, he seems to be enjoying himself, but my attention was rather directed to the girl he is kissing; look at the lascivious spread of her thighs, as she stands over the man on the stool; observe the wanton bend her body as she presses her bosom against his face to enable him to suck the nipple of her breast as he holds his standing prick to the mouth of her cunt, which looks ready to absorb it in the heated folds within. she has thus a threefold enjoyment: she is pleasantly kissed by a man who is at the same time fucking another girl, while she has her nipple sucked and her cunt penetrated by the man below her. You know, Jim, I have a special fancy for being enjoyed by different men at the same time; and you have felt that pleasure too.'

    '"Yes, Mary, I thoroughly agree with you that our pleasurable sensations are both increased and multiplied by having different men engaged with us at the same time; and I was just thinking that perhaps we might have that very enjoyment tonight: for who can tell but that the handsome young officer whom the major brought home with him might take a fancy to pass the night here. And if we had him and dear old Kit together, what fun we should all have! Did you think, Mary, in the passing glimpse we had of him, that he looked like one who could give a woman satisfaction?'

    '"Aye, he looked like it at all events; and I fancied that he eyed me as if he desired some further acquaintance. So let us wait here a little longer, and if the major does bring him in, certainly they will find us in rare dishabille.'

    '"I do home they will come in, for I feel awfully randy tonight. Lean back, Mary, spread your thighs, and I will give your pussy a suck just to keep her in good humour."

    'Mary willingly complied, and I knelt on the floor between her wide spread legs, taking care to turn my own naked bottom toward the aperture through which, I was certain, Captain Stuart was intently watching us. As I sucked Mary's cunt, I made as much noise with my lips and tongue as I could, and cocked up and twisted my arse in as wanton and lascivious a fashion as I could devise, my ears being strained all the while to ascertain the effect on him.

    'I was not disappointed, I first heard him draw a long breath, then give a short gasp as he muttered, "Oh, don't, Kit, don't press my prick any more or I shall fire off. The fair-haired girl is sucking her sister's cunt, with her own voluptuous arse turned up in all its naked beauty, and she wriggles it in such a ways as to show every inviting cranny it contains. I can stand it no longer. They are wishing to have us. Let us go in; and mind, Kit, we must have them conjointly, and one after the other." '"All right, old fellow; I was inclined to make you discharge, and take it in my mouth as I did once before, but that would lessen your power afterward, so let us strip and go in to them in our shirts. They will perhaps pretend to be much alarmed, but after all we have heard, we can have no doubt as to their being immensely delighted." 'While they were getting ready, I whispered, "Mary, let us give them a surprise! It won't do to let them have such an easy conquest as they expect. Let us put out the lights, and at least they will have to hunt for us in the dark; and if we apparently do all we can to escape from them, they will enjoy us all the more when they succeed in catching us." '"Capital idea — let us do so — out with the lights, and let us strip to the buff; they will find it harder to hold us, and we can play all manner of pranks in the dark — now be still." 'So when the door was opened, our room was found to be in total darkness, and seemed quite deserted.

    '"Hallo!" exclaimed Captain Stuart, as soon as he got inside, "the nest is warm, but the birds have flown." '"I am not sure of that," said the major; 'they love sport, and that merry little imp with the fair hair is the very devil for fun. She is never happy unless she is up to some lark or another. Feel about man, let us see who will catch a bird first." 'They at once began to grope round the room. I was standing behind the door when a pair of arms enclosed me. Putting up my hand I felt the hair on his chin, and recognising the major, I whispered: 'Stay with the little imp, Kit, let your friend catch Mary, for she is wishing for him." '"Good, my little duck," he replied, giving me a kiss as he pushed his knee between my legs; then placing one hand on my bottom, he directed the other to my cunt, and said aloud, "Well, Alick, how are you getting on? Have you captured a bed-fellow yet?" '"Not yet; I just touched something warm but it eluded my grasp and slipped to one side. Now I feel a soft hand at my prick! Hah! I have somebody now, with a great round arse and big hairy cunt!" '"Hold her fast, Alick, or she may slip from you again. You have go the dark-haired houri, with the splendid cunt that will draw in your prick like a sucking calf. As for you, Jim, you rogue, this hunt in the dark is all your devising, I am sure; well, make amends by now giving us all the light you can!" '"Very well, Kit, but won't you spare our blushes by suffering us first to cover our nakedness?" '"Don't think of such a thing; we are as naked as yourselves. Light every candle you have, that you may see how gloriously our pricks stand, longing for your cunts, and that we may view and explore every delicious cranny of your bodies."

    'With Kit's help, I then lighted half a dozen candles. Meanwhile, May had thrown herself on her face on the couch, and Alick was busy pushing open her legs and examining all the secrets that lay snugly hidden between them.

    'the major went to her and, turning her round, said, "Sit up, Mary; look at me friend Alick's grand tool! I have been petting it myself all the evening to keep it in good order for your cunt" — and taking Mary's hand he placed it on Alick’s standing prick.

    '"Put your hand on it too, Jim; Alick, like myself delights to have two loving girls play with his prick at the same time." 'Alick smiled as Mary and I together petted his prick and balls. She leaned her breast against him, while I rubbed my cunt on his knee, and to complete his satisfaction, passed my hand round his loins and titillated his bottom from behind. Mary then, wishing to include Kit, placed her other hand on his prick, drawing it up, playfully rubbed the noses of the pricks together.

    'This seemed to excite them more than anything, and Alick exclaimed,

    "Mary my love, are you ready for a fuck? My prick is bursting with eagerness. I must lodge him somewhere or he will discharge outside.

    Where shall I put him?" '"Into my cunt, Alick, at least at first, and afterward, anywhere else you please." '"Very well, lie back, turn up your bottom, and I will slip my prick into your cunt; and if Jim will place herself by your side so that I can kiss her cunt, and if you take Kit's prick into your mouth, we shall all share the fun together." 'In a moment I was lying on my back beside Mary, with my bottom close to her face, My hands soon found their way to her cunt, where Alick's prick was beginning to lunge in and out as, leaning toward me, he drew open the lips of my cunt, and with ravenous eagerness sucked my clitoris and thrust in his tongue.

    'Meantime, Mary's hands were occupied with Kit's balls and bottom, while he pushed back and forward the head of his rampant engine of love in her widely distended mouth. She was thus gratified in her favourite fancy for being enjoyed by different men at the same time, and she did seem t relish it exceedingly, for she twisted her arse in unison with the prods of Alick's vigorous tool, and she rolled her tongue with wanton savour round the neck of Kit's prick.

    'The major then turning to me said, "Now Jim, all we want is a finishing touch from you; give tongue for us all — use every stimulating word you can remember or imagine." '"Prick — Mary!" I responded. "Cunt — Alick! Bollocks — Kit! Suck his prick, Mary; squeeze his balls; but your fingers in his arse. Suck my cunt, Alick: push your tongue into it; tickle my arse with your finger. Fuck her, Alick — fuck her cunt — fuck her arse — bugger he arse!" Just then, Mary gave a bound, and Alick's prick was thrown out; I held it in my hand however, and as her bottom-hole was so near, and so invitingly open, I popped the prick into her arse. She gave a muttered; Oh! as she felt the well moistened prick glide up into her vitals, and I cried: "She has it in her bottom! Fuck her arse, Alick, fuck her arse." 'This was indeed the finishing touch and brought on a simultaneous burst of sperm from prick, bollocks and cunt.

    'After this night, Captain Stuart was a frequent visitor at our house; and as he was liberal with his money, and kind and pleasant in his manner, we did everything in our power to please and gratify him.

    He soon found that mother was equal or even superior to her daughters in ability to satisfy his lustful desires. Owing to the great care she had taken to preserve her personal charms, she rather excelled us in smoothness of skin and in plumpness of form. And though her cunt is capacious enough to take in any prick — no matter how large — her power of internal compression is so great that she can adapt it to the smallest size. Moreover, her vast experience, and peculiar skill in manipulating the male organ, enable her both to impart and sustain the highest amount of sensual gratification.

    'She also, as you well know, Queenie, takes delight in planning and arranging wanton exhibitions of herself and others, and luxuriates not only in lubricious postures and attitudes, but at the same time the most lascivious terms and expressions roll off her tongue with unctuous relish.

    'Alick's youth and confiding dispositions commended him to her goodwill, and she spared no pains to make herself and her daughters agreeable to his taste. He especially delighted in having us all three together, and then strip to the buff was always the order of the day.

    Mother would take his prick in hand, spreading her light touches over all the most sensitive parts of his prick, balls and bottom, while she had her own bottom so elevated that he could see in a conveniently placed mirror a reflection of the whole of her voluptuous arse and cunt.

    Meanwhile we displayed before him our various charms in the most exciting manner we could devise.

    'I would call his attention to the several beauties of our cunts and bottoms; or Mary would describe a fucking scene in the most lascivious terms.

    'Then, mother would cry: "Now, he is just ready to sport — which of your girls will take it in your mouth?" 'Mary who loves to suck a prick at once came forward, and stooping down, received the swollen head between her lips, while mother placed me straddling over his face, and told me to hold open the side of my cunt as I slowly let myself down until my cunt rested on his mouth.

    She then went behind Mary and told her to lift her bottom as much as possible in order that she might get at her cunt to suck and frig it with her tongue.

    'I wriggled my arse on his face, as I felt his tongue winding round my clitoris and penetrating the hot inner folds; and just as my own dissolving flow commence, I leaned forward and got my hand on the root of his prick in time to feel the convulsive spasm as he poured his rich sperm down Mary's throat.

    'Alick took special delight in watching us suck mother's cunt. he said the view of one woman sucking another woman's cunt always strongly excited his lustful desires, but when it was a daughter sucking the cunt of her own mother, the lubricious effect was increased to a tenfold degree.

    'So to please him, mother would pull up her clothes, throw herself on the bed and spreading her large thighs, call Mary to kneel on the floor, suck her cunt and ant the same time present her bottom to Alick. He would then kneel behind her and ask me to hold his prick and balls while he fucked Mary and leaned over her shoulder to watch the sucking operation. Then to gratify him still further I would ask, "Are you looking at my mother's cunt, Alick? Move your head a little to one side, Mary, that Captain Stuart may see it better. Look at those fat lips, how they press out on each side of the rosy chink! See how they separated just in the middle of the great hairy tuft that covers the mount. What a fine thick clitoris she has? It sticks out of her cunt like a boy's cock. See how red the nymphae are! They once pressed round father's prick. Do you remember, mother, the time before I was born when father injected me into your cunt? or, at least, set to work to get me into being?" '"No, dear, that is, I am not sure of the exact time. Your father fucked me almost every night, and always gave me great satisfaction: so that I could not fix on any one occasion. Some women can tell, so they say, the precise moment in which they conceive. When the woman and the man get the feel together and she is conscious at the time of a kind of

    nervous tremor in the interior of her cunt, that, I have heard, is a sure indication that conception has taken place; but I cannot say from any of my own experience." '"Well, anyway, I am sure that both you and father must have had great pleasure when you were getting me. he had a fine big prick like this of Alick's?" '"Your father's prick was fair enough when he was in health, but it shrivelled up to nothing before he died. But let us talk of something else. I hope Mary is able to nip your prick in her cunt, Alick? I have endeavoured to teach her that trick which so much increases the man's pleasure. It can only be done by a woman of warm temperament who really loves fucking." '"Like me," interposed Mary, raising her head for the instant.

    'Mother only smiled, and continued, "Yes, you may laugh, but I tell you that failure in that respect is one chief reason why men grow tired of their wives, and naturally turn to those who are both able and willing to give them full satisfaction." '"Very true, Mrs Bond, and if ever I have a wife I hope she may be like Mary, for she thoroughly understands that trick, and nips my prick most delightfully — there, I feel it now. And darling Jim is pressing my bollocks most lasciviously, and now she is tickling my arsehole with her finger — oh! how voluptuous!" '"Go it then," cried mother who had delayed the crisis purposely by apparently ill-timed observations; "go it; I am ready too. Jim frig your own cunt, and let us all spend together." 'I at once obeyed, and turning my bottom toward the mirror placed alongside, into which Alick was now intently looking, I frigged away crying, "Suck dear old mother's quim, Mary; poke Mary's randy cunt, Alick; and now, prick, bollocks, cunt, fuck, fuck away and spend together." 'Now, Queenie, and sweetheart Frances, what say you to having my two friends, Alick and Kit? Shall I send them an invite?" 'By all means,' we replied, 'and you may tempt them too in any way you think fit; but don't let them imagine that we are only waiting like ripe cherries to drop into their mouths, or more correctly speaking, to let them like ripe cherries drop into ours.'

    'You may trust me for that,' was her answer.

    CHAPTER 12

    Jim's two friends

    Jim accordingly wrote a letter which after much consideration and various emendations was sent by a special messenger to her friend the major.

    In this letter, she told him that she was staying with Dr Harpur whom he already knew, and that Lord Ferrars, whose yacht was lying in the harbour, was his guest. The yacht, she added, was in good trim and ready for a cruise, but his lordship was so taken with his friend's wife that he could not tear himself away.

    She mentioned also that Lord Ferrars was accompanied by a handsome young fellow named Gipton, to whom he seemed much attached, and whom he always called 'his middy'; but that there was some mystery about him she was very desirous to have unravelled. For this Gipton had made great love to her at first, but as soon as she let him know that she was inclined to yield to his solicitation, he drew back and never availed himself of the opportunities she put in his way, which passed her comprehension. And, what was still more extraordinary, this young fellow has taken up with Dr Harpur, and they went on for all the world just like two lovers. Moreover, Lord Ferrars seems to encourage them by every means in his power.

    'Altogether,' she wrote, 'the position of affairs here, though very enjoyable, is decidedly queer, and in my opinion just what would afford you a splendid field of study of human nature from the amorous point of view; and also afford you a grand opportunity for stirring up lewd thoughts and practising wanton exercises, things which you so thoroughly understand and appreciate. So come over and spy out the land. I am confident that you will be warmly welcomed as a very acceptable addition to our social party; for, when I happened to mention your name yesterday, Mrs Harpur said she had seen you more than once, and judging from your fine physique, the kind expression of your face, and the loving light in your eyes she would much like to number you among her more intimate friends. So lose no time in coming over, and bring Alick with you; ask for me, and I will introduce you both in due form. What I would suggest, is that you and Alick drive here tomorrow about twelve o'clock. The Gentlemen of our party are going in the morning to search out some wild goats, which they have heard are to be found in the neighbouring heights. The middy will be otherwise engaged. And so, Queenie and I shall be alone nearly all the day. We can therefore manage to meet you in the avenue, and then conduct you to the more sheltered part of the grounds, etc. Ever your fond and faithful "little imp, Jim.'

    The major showed this epistle to his friend Alick. He was delighted with the prospect thus held out to them and they decided to accept the invitation and start early on the following morning.

    At the time appointed, Jim's two friends presented themselves at the entrance gate. We met them in the avenue in our garden costume as if going for a walk; and when Jim had gone through the usual form of introduction, we offered to return with them; but they would not hear of our going back to the house of their account, and asked leave to accompany us in our walk. We consented and led them to the pleasure grounds.

    Alick and I took the lead, while Jim and the major fell behind: but as we were passing near a convenient summerhouse, they suddenly disappeared, leaving us to pursue our walk by ourselves.

    I must pass over the ordinary small talk we indulged in at first, during which we discussed many of the island celebrities — Alick's eyes sparkling whenever I laughed at free remarks he made respecting some of them — until I come to that more interesting part where we felt emboldened to make a decided advance to a little personal familiarity.

    We had reached a garden seat in a sheltered spot and sat down to rest, wondering what had become of the major and Jim.

    Alick said, with an expressive smile, 'They are old friends, you know, and are, no doubt, enjoying themselves in some comfortable nook.' I smiled in return, and complaining of the heat of the day, I tried to take off the silk shawl I had over my shoulders, but had difficulty in unloosening it at the front where it was fastened by my brooch.

    Alick gallantly undertook to do it for me, and when fumbling about my throat, he cleverly managed both to press my breasts and playfully chuck me under the chin. I laughed at his awkwardness, but he only leaned more against me until his moustache brushed my cheek. I still laughed while his face flushed and, with panting effort he exclaimed, 'Dear Mrs Harpur, you are one of the most fascinating women I ever met and you are as kind as you are fascinating; the mere touch of you with my hands has agitated my whole body,' and putting his arm round my waist he pressed me to him.

    'Oh, Captain Stuart! You are forgetting that I am a married woman.'

    'No, my darling, but I was thinking what delight your husband must have every night when he holds you in his arms' — and he tried to kiss me.

    'Oh, stop — I must run away from you, Captain Stuart; you are too demonstrative!' and struggled to free myself from his embrace, I accidentally placed my hand full on his swollen tool. I felt it bound under my touch, and as I could not affect ignorance of what it was, I withdrew my hand and exclaimed: 'Oh!'

    He pressed me all the harder, and cried in the most eager and passionate tones, 'My darling, do place that dear hand there again; your delicious touch makes all the nerves in my body vibrate with pleasurable excitement,' and taking my hand, he forcibly replaced it on his prick.

    'Why, Captain Stuart, what a funny man you are! What on earth good can my hand do you there?'

    'Oh, don't you know? Darling, press it, rub it — stay, let me put your hand inside' — and hurriedly opening his trousers, he pushed in my hand.

    'Fie! Captain Stuart, you are audacious! You mustn't hold my hand on it. You mustn't — but what a fine fellow you have!'

    'Yes, let me show him to you — there — that's what you may call a prick!'

    And he looked quite proud of it as it pushed up its great rosy top through the midst of my encircling fingers.

    'Frig it, Queenie, fright it; I always take special delight in the favours of a married woman, for she understands and values a fine prick, and knows how to get it into working order,' and opening his trousers more, he continued, 'Put your other hand on my balls, they are worth feeling too.'

    I did so, moving one hand slowly up and down the smooth shaft of his throbbing tool, and gently working and pressing his large firm stones with the other.

    'Do you like it, Queenie?' he asked, as he saw me looking down with admiring glances. 'Tell me its name, dear.'


    'Now, tell me what you think of my prick.'

    'It is a very fair specimen, Alick; just the sort of prick a woman likes to see and pet,' kissing it as I spoke.

    'And, Queenie, what have you here yourself? He asked as he stooped and ran his hand up between my thighs.

    'My cunt, Alick; a soft brown-haired cunt.'

    'What would your cunt like my prick to do for it?'

    'To get into it, Alick, and fuck it.'

    'Would it be safe to fuck you here?'

    'No; but there is a place not far off where we shall be quite safe and find every accommodation.'

    I brought him to a small building at one corner of the garden which Dick had constructed for a smoking lounge and other luxurious purposes. It consisted of two rooms opening into another by a concealed door; and in the door was a secret spying hole which could be used from the other side, and which we often found very convenient.

    In the interior room, I felt sure that, according to previous arrangement, Jim and the major were now comfortably settled, waiting to witness the performance we were going to enact, and very likely to express their sympathy by indulging in similar pastimes themselves.

    Meanwhile overhead a snug little hiding place next the roof, reached from the outside, I thought it not improbable that Frances lay ensconced, in expectation of enjoying the view of both parties underneath.

    As soon as Captain Stuart and I had ascended the steps and entered this retreat, he exclaimed: 'What a jolly place! So smugly furnished too!

    I am so much obliged to you, Queenie, for bringing me here. Come, and sit down with me on this comfortable couch.'

    'I will, but you must promise to be good and not to shock my modesty too much.'

    'Very well, I will be as good as is in my nature, but let this sweet mouth answer for itself' — and taking me in his arms he placed me recumbent on the couch and deliberately pulled up my clothes.

    Then, separating my thighs, he kneeled on the floor and began to kiss and suck my cunt; then growing more excited as he went on, he proceeded to kiss and suck my bottom-hole.

    Every woman knows what a grand stimulant this is to her erotic feelings. So I writhed my bottom about, and spread my thighs to their widest stretch to give him freer access. At last, I could restrain myself no longer, and I cried, 'Come, Alick, you have sucked my arse long enough; the hot spend is welling in my cunt; get up, ram your prick into it and fuck me, fuck me with all the force you have.'

    Alick at once obeyed, and taking off his trousers altogether, he placed the head of his prick at the mouth of my highly excited cunt and with one thrust drove it up to the hilt.

    All the sensation of my body seemed now concentrated in my cunt. the introduction of a new prick of such fine proportions imparted a feeling of novelty, and the vigour and rapidity of Alick's movements caused my nerves to vibrate with emotions of unusual pleasure, while he asked at ever fresh prod, 'Do you like it, Queenie? Is your cunt enjoying my prick? Does this style of fucking please you?'

    'Yes, dear Alick, you way of fucking is delightful, and your prick fills my cunt to its utmost satisfaction. Do you like to hear a woman talk lewdly when you are fucking her?'

    'Oh, the lewder the better. I like to hear a woman talk lewdly at any time; but when my prick is rummaging her cunt, then it makes one almost wild with pleasure to hear her indulge freely in the most lascivious terms and expressions. So be as lewd as ever you can — now, heave your arse.' I did so, and in plunged his prick; as his balls flopped against my bottom, he cried, 'Oh! that's grand! How greedily your cunt sucks in my prick! How it clasps my prick in its hot folds! Go on, Queenie — you know how to enjoy a fuck. There — you have it! Oh!'

    He sank over me with his head on my should and his prick buried in my cunt. After a moment, he raised his face and said, 'What would your husband say if he saw us now?'

    'He would say: fuck away, Captain Stuart; fuck her as hard as you can, and I will hold your prick and handle your balls to urge you on; and you would soon feel his fingers round the root of your prick and touching you up behind the balls to start you afresh.'

    Just the very thing I was then desiring more, for like every woman who possesses any experience in these matters, I enjoy the second fuck more than the first. I am therefore always glad when my man allows his prick to remain soaking in my cunt. And as soon as I think he has had sufficient rest, I endeavour, by the warm pressure of my cunt, lascivious heaves of my bottom, wanton touches of my fingers and, above all, by bawdy words, to resuscitate his powers and incite him to renewed enjoyment.

    In this instance my efforts were speedily crowned with success; for I felt his prick stiffening in my warm sheath, as he replied, 'Why, your worthy husband resembles the major in that. He loves to handle a prick, especially when fucking. I sometimes think he has more than a woman's passion for a prick; he seems so thoroughly to enjoy holding it in his hand, frigging it and, when he gets really excited, even kissing and sucking it; and once he made me spend in his mouth, while he pressed my balls and squeezed the cheeks of my bottom just as a woman would; but oh! — the talking about it, added to your wanton play, has given me full vigour again — there he is, able for his work — now, Queenie, talk as bawdy as you please!'

    'Heave your arse against me,' I said, holding him tightly in my arms, as I kissed out the words; 'Arse; prick; cunt; bollocks; arse; arse; arse.'

    Then I felt a second deluge of spunk flooding my cunt and bubbling out at the sides as we sank almost lifeless in each other's arms.

    We soon recovered, however, and Alick lay back on the couch to rest. I was wiping and fondling his somewhat exhausted tool when I heard a slight tapping at the door, and Jim's voice saying: 'Let me in, dear Queenie.'

    I opened the door, and she entered smiling as usual. Her eyes twinkled in answer to our enquiring looks as we asked what she had done with the major.

    'What have I done with the major! Just what have you been doing with one another, unless I am much mistaken. As soon as the major and I gained the shelter of your summerhouse, he induced me to kneel on the seat and present my nether beauties for his investigation, and indeed his investigation was a little rough; for he pinched and slapped my poor bottom until it smarted again; then he kissed it to make it well and rubbed his grisly beard up and down the tender furrow until my cunt became inflamed and I felt as randy as a she-cat. Then he whipped out his tool to give me ease, and after first poking my cunt, he finishes up in my bottom-hole.

    'That's what I have done with him, in one sense, and in another, I am not done with him! I can tell you that he has gone to exercise his ingenuity by undertaking a course of philosophical, or rather I should say physiological, enquiry. Is not that grandly put? But it is a fact. He had just satisfied his vile propensity with me and we had scarcely put ourselves to rights, when who should appear but Mr Gipton, looking as smart and impudent as ever. We had been speaking of him before, and the major, having plied me with a variety of questions respecting his manners, habits and antecedents, and said, "From all you have told me, I perceive he is no ordinary character — in fact, he must be either a girlboy or a boy-girl, if you understand the difference. And more, he must be decidedly clever to have bamboozled your sharp wits. But rest assured, I will find out before long whether Gipton is a Mr or a Miss."

    'Just then Gipton appeared and I said, "Well, here's your opportunity, I will introduce him to you, and then leave you to work out the problem together.

    'They soon became great friends, and began to converse about the yacht and Lord Ferrars; so I set out to look for you.'

    Jim turned to investigate the state of Alick's tool, and said, 'Ah, Queenie, just as I expected, you have squeezed every atom of starch out of this poor prick. It can only be compared to a sock taken out of the wash-tub. Reach your hand and let us try together to re-infuse some life into it.'

    Meantime, I must report progress as to our other friends. But as Frances and the major favoured us with full details of all that took place between them, it will be more satisfactory to combine their account into one united narrative, and let it constitute a chapter by itself.

    CHAPTER 13

    The Major and Frances

    The major was exceedingly anxious to unravel the mystery connected with our young friend. He accordingly put forth all the skill derived from his varied knowledge and long experience to gain his confidence, with a view, in the first instance of obtaining access to his private belongings, no matter to which sex they appertained, and secondly, of discovering his secret, whatever it might be.

    So he opened the campaign by commending the personal appearance of Francis, and offered to bring him to the regimental mess; he promised also to take him to all the best places of amusement, and introduce him to some of the most fashionable ladies, who would grant him every favour without expense or trouble on his part.

    Frances, who only maintained her disguise for the sake of increasing the fun and enjoyment of the final denouement, received his overtures very gracefully, and consented to place herself in his hands and follow all his directions.

    She told him that she always considered the enjoyment of women to be the greatest pleasure of life, and that she also found that enjoyment much increased by men being more free and unreserved among themselves.

    The major said he was charmed to hear such sentiments uttered by his young friend; that it was precisely his own opinion on the subject; that he never understood the prudery of some men; that women, as a rule, had more sense in these matters than men, for they were rather partial to looking at, fondling, kissing and even sucking each other's private parts. 'and that reminds me,' he added, 'I happen to have in my pocket a few remarkably fine prints, which a friend lent me just as we were starting, and I had no time to put them away. Let us look them over together; they will serve to illustrate the subject we are talking of.'

    So saying, he took out the packet and placed it in the hand of Frances who was sitting by his side.

    Now the major was very sly, had planned all this beforehand, intending to watch very closely what kind of picture would prove to be most interesting to his young companion. For he said to himself: If he be indeed a man those in which the female charms are best displayed will excite him most; but if he be only a girl in disguise, those in which the manly organ is fully exhibited will be the most attractive. And in either case, they will prepare the way for my seeing and handling those parts which are the special objects of my desire.

    So he first directed the attention of his young friend to some female figures, in which the feminine charms of voluptuous bubbies, invitingly open cunts and exuberant bottoms were most suggestively displayed, saying, 'what an exciting exhibition of randy cunts we have here, Gipton! Enough to make a man's prick burst his breeches! Don't you find it so?'

    'Yes,' he said, without showing much emotion, 'but on one accustomed to the real thing, pictures have but small effect.'

    'Very true,' the major replied, 'but they serve to refresh the memory and excite a pleasant anticipation of joys to come. But see, here you have the male organ in grand development. Does this stir you at all?'

    'Yes; it may seem strange to you, but the sight of a fine standing prick has an equal, or even greater, effect on my imagination than that of a randy cunt. I can quite enter into the feeling of that girl who holds the man's prick so lovingly in her hand and frigs it up and down while she gazes on its glowing head, which she loves to see standing up proudly in all its bare and naked beauty.'

    'And what do you think of this, Gipton?' pointing to a picture in which one man was fondling the prick and balls of another.

    'I think that more exciting still. The artist has well depicted the expression of pleasure in that young fellow's face as he alternately caps and uncovers the rosy head of his friend's prick. But this one here, the last of the series, is perhaps the most exciting of all. He has now taken his friend's prick into his mouth, and while he churns his balls and tickles the sensitive parts behind, sucks out the rich creamy juice which his friend is spurting into his mouth — yes, major — why not? — take out your prick and shoe it to me. I will frig it for you, and play with it as long as you like.'

    'Well, Gipton, here it is — I am quite willing to show you mine and you may do with it whatever you please, but I expect you will favour me in like manner afterward.'

    Frances took the major's prick in hand and began to frig it, as she said, 'You shall see mine afterward. I love to have it looked at and petted by a man. Meanwhile, go on viewing the pictures, and leave your affair to my management; I know how to excite a prick and get it into first-rate working trim; but I would enjoy hearing you describe the prints at the same time, and as we are both thoroughly excited now, the more wanton and lascivious the terms you use the better.'

    'You are a grand fellow, Gipton; no woman could work up my prick better than you! But don't be too energetic, unless you want me to spend in your mouth.'

    'Oh! you may spend as soon as you like, and I don't at all object to your spending in my mouth if you wish,' and she commenced sucking the major's prick.

    'Well, the picture before me is the same we were looking at last. I will call the two figures Jack and Tom; Jack is sucking Tom's prick, just as you are sucking mine. It affords him a good mouthful, and he seems to enjoy it, for while he sucks he frigs softly with one hand, and touches up his friend behind the balls with the other. And you are doing the same. Oh, Gipton! How I enjoy the feel of your fingers playing about me there; but to return to the picture. Tom's eyes are fixed on the naked arse of a girl who leans back on a chair before him, holding open her thighs with her hands, so that he may see the whole of her cunt and little round bottom-hole, as well as a good portion of the fat cheeks of he arse. She seems to be asking him, "What are you looking at, Tom?" '"Your arse, Sally; push your cunt up higher, spread the lips wider. I like to see the rosy folds inside — frig your clitoris and put your finger in your arsehole. Now Jack — suck hard, squeeze my prick, press my balls.

    Oh! there! Suck! It spouts, oh!'

    'Did you swallow it Gipton?'

    'Of course I did,' replied Frances, wiping her mouth, 'and good lot you gave me; it shot down my throat whether I liked it or not.'

    'Well, take a pull at this flask; I'll do the same; and after a few moments' rest, we will proceed with the second act of our play; for I must have a frig and suck too.'

    They rested together for a short space, during which the major made several attempts to get his hand inside Frances's trousers, but she always begged for a little longer delay. At last, the major, sitting up, said 'Come, Gipton, time flies, let your trousers down and plant your naked bum here on my lap' — and with a determined effort he unbuttoned her trousers and thrust his hand in between her thighs.

    Frances laughed, as he exclaimed, 'By Jove! — just what I expected — what a charming girl you are! I suppose I must call you, Frances, now.

    How admirably you acted the part of a sailor lad! You would deceive any man unless he saw or touched your cunt. And how well you have disguised your bubbies too.'

    Here, he took her in his arms. Frances made no objection; on the contrary, she now afforded him ever facility to feel and examine her as much as he desired. As his hands were roving over each voluptuous prominence and entering every inviting crevice, he suddenly looked up and said, 'But what about Lord Ferrars? I don't wish to come to loggerheads with him.'

    'Oh,' replied Frances, 'you may make your mind easy on that score. You will meet neither loggerheads nor maidenheads here just now, they took their departure long ago. I don't mind telling you that I have accompanied Lord Ferrars as his mistress; that I am very fond of him, and that he is very good to me. He gives me everything I could wish for, and, best of all, the most perfect liberty. He does not care how often I am fucked by others, provided I am always ready for him. Indeed he tells me that he enjoys my cunt more just after I have come from the embraces of another man. Not only that, but he likes to see me fucked, especially if I can hold the prick which is fucking me. I think he shares your taste in liking to see and handle a good prick, and watch it doing its work. I have, in fact, a suspicion that he is more pleased when his own prick is frigged by a man than by a woman. And, now that you know so much, I may as well tell you in addition that one reason why he and the doctor are such great friends is that they go shares in every woman they enjoy and are fond of petting each other's prick.'

    'Why, Frances, it seems to me that I have fallen into clover. And does he share his friend's wife, too?'

    'Aye, that he does, and the doctor takes the greatest delight in watching his performance and urging him on by every means in his power.'

    'Well, I guess we shall yet have some fun together; but we must not act the part, until I have had some play with this little fanny of yours; how shall I get to her?'

    'Shall I place myself like the girl in that picture?'

    'Yes; I am just longing for a view of your lovely arse.'

    'Well, major, I will, for I feel randy to the last degree, and ready for anything; but it would not be safe to strip here. Come along with me, I will show you a snug retreat where we shall be safe from intrusion and able to enjoy ourselves as we like.'

    Frances led him to the inner room of the smoking pavilion, and having secured the door, she pulled off her trousers, and sitting down on the couch opposite to him, threw up her legs and held open her thighs with her hands on each side.

    Then, smiling up at him through he wide-spread limbs, she cried, 'There major! Behold my arse, cunt, and everything; what do you think of them?'

    'I think your charming arse beats the picture hollow. It is lovely! Do you often show it that way to Lord Ferrars?'

    'Yes, when I wish to excite him very much I show him my arse and say: come! Out with your prick and fuck me! but kiss and suck it first, and we shall both enjoy it more.'

    'What does he do then?'

    'If he is dressed, he lets down his trousers, and shows me his prick, and presents it for a kiss and a little suck; then going on his knees, he pushes his hands under the cheeks of my bottom to raise it higher; then he applies his mouth to my cunt, and after nibbling the clitoris and rolling his tongue about inside the lips, he passes on to my bottom-hole, sucks it and thrusts in his tongue as far as he can.'

    'Do you like having your bottom-hole sucked?'

    'Yes, greatly, I like it more than anything.'

    'Well, I will suck your bottom-hole for you, but, like Lord Ferrars, I will begin with your cunt' — and kneeling down, he applied his mouth to the rosy slit, moist with love's dew and redolent with that hot cuntperfume which Frances, when excited, possessed in a marked degree.

    Then moving lower down and drawing open the fat cheeks of her bottom, he sucked the pursed up edges of her little brown orifice, and then worked his tongue a short distance up the passage itself.

    This was just what France was longing for — it was her passion, and she groaned with inexpressible delight: 'Oh! how sweetly you suck my bottom! Push in your dear tongue.'

    After sucking for a few moments, while she wriggled her bottom and did all in her power to open her arsehole to facilitate the entrance of his tongue, he asked, 'Do you like that, Frances?'

    'Yes, it is most delicious! I love to feel your tongue just inside there, and your breath blowing in the hair of my cunt,' and she hoisted her arse in the most lascivious manner, rubbing her cunt across his nose and jerking her arse against his chin. 'Oh! it's coming, major! Suck my cunt — put your finger in my arse — pinch my cheeks — pinch hard — oh!'

    The major quickly transferred his mouth to her cunt, and licked up the drops of spend that oozed out of her fragrant slit.

    Frances then closed her eyes and lay back to rest, while he sat on the ground still playing with her cunt, drawing open the fat, hair-skirted lips that he might see their glowing inside and sniff up the rich salty odour that exhaled from their inner folds.

    It was at this moment that we entered the outside room, and Alick's exclamation at one aroused the interest of his friend.

    'Hallo! I hear Alick's voice in the other room! Who is that he is talking to?'

    'That is Mrs Harpur, our friend Queenie, you know. They have made up matters, I perceive, and are coming there, no doubt, for a quick fuck.

    We shall have great fun watching them and listening to their bawdy talk. See, place yourself here, look through this little opening and tell me all that you observe, and I will play with this poor tired fellow until I have him in good humour again.'

    She then knelt before him, and holding his prick in her left hand, she rubbed its soft head about her nose and mouth, and passing her right hand round his hip, pushed it under his bottom until she reached the bag holding his large firm stones.

    Meantime the major continued in a low but distinct whisper.

    'What a splendid arse your friend Queenie has! Alick has spread it wide open before him. How he kisses and rubs his face over its glossy surface; now he has drawn open the lips of her cunt and is admiring its rosy chink! Now he sucks it! Don't you hear him! Now he has moved lower down and is sucking her bottom. Alick, my boy you know what voluptuous pleasure is! You are wise — you stop at nothing which promotes it. But listen to Queenie! How delicious to hear her talking of her arse, and telling him to ram his prick into her cunt. Now he is in her; how pleased she looks! How smoothly his prick rushes up between the soft hairy lips of her cunt! How eagerly he plunges against her arse!

    How promptly she heaves up! Oh, it is a grand sight! Alick has a splendid tool and uses it with skill and effect. Now, Frances, it is your turn to look, and let me have your bottom to play with.'

    'Well, there it is, major,' she replied, pulling up her dress behind as high as he could and stooping forward, 'bottom, cunt, and everything, for you to view and kiss and suck as much as you like; and I will describe, as well as I can, all that is going on in the room outside.'

    The major paid due homage to the beauties of her turned up bottom as she continued, 'They are now commencing their second fuck, which Queenie always enjoys the most. She is still on her back with her thighs lifted up and wide apart. Alick is fucking with science and deliberation. He draws the whole of his prick out before every

    renewed plunge, while Queenie is panting below him, twisting her arse and talking with extreme lewdness to spur him on — "prick and piss; fuck and arse; spunk and bollocks, are the words which sound in his ears at every plunge of his prick into her heated and closely grasping cunt. Oh! major! How nice it is to feel your tongue moving about just inside my arsehole! How is your prick? Is he stiffening up again? Let me put my hand on him. I am longing for another good fuck.

    Stay, I will suck him for a moment — that will put him into good humour. But, hark! Jim has come in, and they are talking about you.

    Let us listen.'

    'Oh, the little imp! With what gusto, she tells how I fucked her arse!

    Why, she herself cocked up her bottom and asked me to bugger her.

    There is nothing she enjoys so much as to have Alick fucking, or still better sucking her cunt while I bugger her arse.'

    The major then asked, might he to into them?'

    'Oh, yes, whenever you please; but won't you fuck me first? My cunt is in a terrible state — oh, it is so hot! Feel it — look at it — kiss it — suck it — fuck it' — and Frances, leaning back and spreading her thighs, jerked up her cunt before his face.

    The major said he never saw a cunt look so hot as hers did then: the very lips were swelling out with voluptuous desire, and a hot steam, charged with the spiciest cunt flavour, issued from the heated charm How differently constituted women are from men! The previous fucking, which Frances so thoroughly enjoyed, in place of satisfying her had only whetted her appetite for more; while the major began to show signs of exhaustion. However, he could not refuse to attempt a compliance with her request. So leaning over her, he placed the head of his languid prick between the lips of her excited orifice. As soon as she felt it there, she gave an upward plunge which buried it in her cunt to the very balls. Then seizing him in her arms and crossing her legs on his back, she made her belly smack against his at every thrust, and

    catching his shoulder between her teeth, she nipped him sharply in the agony of her delight.

    When she felt the major's crisis approaching, she threw back her head and cried aloud, 'Pour it in, major? Saturate my cunt with spunk — rub your balls against my arse — press hard upon my cunt — oh, fuck!'

    Meanwhile, the practised ears of Jim recognised the voice of Frances in the inside room and learning from her ecstatic words that the denouement had taken place, she said to me, 'Don't you think, Queenie, it would be well to go and look for the major and Mr Gipton?'

    And with a knowing wink and nod toward the inside room, she added, 'You know we have still to introduce the latter to Captain Stuart, who is expecting, I am sure, to find our young friend not only an agreeable acquaintance but an interesting study. I dare say we shall all find them near the place where I left them conversing together.'

    CHAPTER 14

    Frances and Captain Stuart

    I readily understood that Jim wished Alick to have the gratification of finding out Frances for himself. So agreeing with her proposal, I said, speaking loudly that our friends inside might hear, 'Come Captain Stuart, you are quite rested now; let us go and look for the major; we have allowed him a long time to make acquaintance with that young scapegrace, Gipton; and we wish you to know him too.' I added, as I got up and led the way down the steps.

    Jim and I walked on either side of him as we passed along under the trees; taking advantage of the opportunity he put his arms round our waists; then, gently lowering his hands, ran them up and between our thighs from behind, and began to play with our cunts as we moved slowly on.

    'Why, Alick,' I exclaimed, 'I thought you must have had enough cunt for one day. After such a performance as yours, most men would have belt disinclined for further appearance in the lists of Cupid. But, judging from the energetic action of your active fingers in our cunts, there must be some life still in your manly tool. Unbutton him, Jim, and let us see what effect our charms have produced.'

    Jim quickly opened his trousers down the front, and drawing out his prick declared, 'He is not at all bad as to either size or stiffness. With a little more fondling he will be well able for another fuck; especially if we can get him a fresh cunt.'

    'Well,' I replied, 'who can tell, but that a fresh cunt may turn up for him before dinner.'

    'Why, Queenie,' he asked, 'what do you mean? Do you expect any more girls?'

    'Perhaps, I answered, 'but that will depend on your own smartness; you will have to find her for yourself — and those who would find must seek.'

    'Ha! Queenie, I am beginning to smell a rat,' he said with a knowing look; 'one thing I find: the longer I live, the more I discover the depth and roguishness of your sex. Women are a rich mine, but the quality of the ore is not always revealed by the surface — you must work hard and dig deep to obtain it; is that not the truth?'

    'I perceive you are a bit of a philosopher, Alick; let us see how your philosophy will help you in the case at hand. But here comes our young friend — Mr Gipton allow me to introduce to you, Captain Stuart. And where have you left the major?'

    He has gone in the other direction, looking for you.'

    'Well, we must not leave him to wander alone; come Jim, we will go and find him; and you, Frances, can show the fruit garden to Captain Stuart; I thing the melons and mangosteens are ripe.' And Jim and I turned away and left them together.

    Frances told me afterward, that she could hardly help blushing when she observed how intently Captain Stuart regarded her.

    He seemed already to have penetrated her secret when he said, 'What a lucky fellow you are, Gipton, to have free intercourse with such fine women as Mrs Harpur and Miss Bond; and so ready to bestow their favours too. But I suppose you know that better than I do. Eh, Gipton!' and he gave Frances a sly poke in the ribs. 'Come now, meet me half way — I want your confidence, and I am ready to give you mine. Our friend Queenie has a splendid cunt, and she knows how to make it give a warm reception. I spent twice in it today. When did you fuck her last?'

    'Oh, she and I get on well together. I know the excellent qualities of her cunt; it is an old acquaintance of mine.'

    'She has a wonderful talent too for manipulating a prick,' Alick added, 'she and Jim had just succeeded in putting renewed life into mine as you came up, and I feel it stiffening now at the thought. Show me what sort of fellow you have, Gipton, and you may investigate mine as much as you please.'

    'Every well, captain, where is your prick?' said Frances, putting her hand toward the fork of his trousers.

    'In there — unbutton — take him out.'

    Frances was not long in bringing to light a large fresh-coloured though rather soft-looking prick, which she took fondly in one hand while she felt for his balls with the other.

    'That's a good fellow,' said Captain Stuart, and stooping forward, he ran his hand between her thighs before she had any idea of what he was going to do. 'Hallo, Gipton! What have you done with your middle thumb? You are as soft and smooth as a pincushion! Open your legs,' and he commenced unbuttoning the trousers.

    'Ah! Alick, what a sharp man you are! I am a girl; and you were very quick in finding it out. You may feel my cunt if you like — there, I will show it to you and you may fuck it too, if you are so disposed.'

    'By George, Miss Gipton, you are a clever piece. What a magnificent bush you have to over this rosy cleft! How red it looks and how hot it feels! And it is reeking of spunk! Tell me the truth, like a darling girl, has not Kit — the major, I mean — been fucking you?'

    'Yes, Alick, he discovered my secret by some lascivious prints which he brought with him. I don't care much to look at pictures of cunts, but I love to see that of a fine standing prick; and especially when it is being frigged by a man. He soon found this out, and drawing forth his prick, got me to frig it for him, and suck it too. Then he tried to get at mine, saying that he greatly enjoyed fondling a friend's prick, and forcing in his hand he met with a cunt instead of a prick. He was so pleased with his success that he wanted to fuck me then and there: but I brought him to the inner room of the smoking pavilion, for the sake of more security and greater comfort.

    'He then examined me all over, and kissed and sucked everything I have. after which he fucked me twice in grand style.'

    'While thus engaged, we had the additional gratification of hearing you and Queenie carrying on in the room outside, and I can tell you we heard no end of kissing, sucking, fucking and bawdy talk.

    'Had I not been so well satisfied myself with the major's performance, I would have envied Queenie the great pleasure she expressed on the entrance of your prick into her cunt, and the groans of rapture she uttered at your final discharge. As it was, however, they served to fire my imagination and intensify my joy. But, Alick, you have examined me enough now. Oh! how your moustache tickles me! I declare, you will suck out every drop of spend left in my cunt. Whatever should we do if anyone saw us now?'

    'Well, let us go farther in among the trees. The notion of fucking a boygirl out here in the open has stirred me up with fresh desire. Though my prick is not so large and strong as he usually is, as you know, he had done a fair allowance of work already today, nevertheless you have given him new life. See how he pants! Will you care for him, do you think?'

    'Yes, he is by no means to be despised, indeed on the contrary; he seems in admirable order. I like his nice fresh colour and elastic spring. When I press him down, how nimbly he jerks up again! And see how this little slit-like mouth opens when I squeeze the head. There, a tiny drop of spend, like a white pearl, glistens on the top. Now, I will lie back, raise my thighs and turn up my bottom to let you get more easily at my cunt, and enable you to drive your prick farther in when you are fucking me.'

    'That's a darling; you are now most conveniently placed, and your cunt looks charming. So your trousers open up behind as well as in front.

    What a capital plan!'

    'Yes, I have to get them made in that manner to accommodate on my own occasions when I want to piss, you know.'

    This little word, 'piss' fired Alick as she designed. With one hand he held open the soft hairy lips, while with the other, he directed the head of his prick to the sensitive entrance at the lower part of her moist slit.

    Then giving one heave of his muscular backside, he thrust his prick, and watched it as it slowly disappeared amidst the rosy folds.

    Frances gave that peculiar expansive movement of her thighs, joined with a slight upward heave of her bottom which is so strongly indicative of extreme enjoyment, while the most lascivious fire gleamed in her eyes, as she asked him, 'Can you see it, Alick? Can you see your prick fucking my cunt?'

    'Yes, I am watching how the fat hair lips of your cunt suck it in and how red and moist it looks when I draw it out, while the lips seem to follow as if loth to part with it — there, do you like that ' he asked, as he pushed softly up the whole length of his new well-stiffened prick.

    'It is delicious. I like your slow quiet style of fucking. It gives one time to relish the prick. How sweetly the head opens up the inner folds of my cunt! Oh! that is so nice! I feel it ever so far up, while the lips of my cunt are stretched round its root and your large hairy balls rub my bottom.

    Press against me — hold the cheeks of my arse — you may squeeze them as hard as you lie, yes, I will say all the bawdy words I can think of for you. Queenie has a lovely arse, and the most lubricious way of showing her arse and cunt together.

    'Yes, I have often seen her fucked, and watched her pissing too. That is great fun, you know, to watch the yellow piss shooting out from the hairy lips of a big randy cunt. Yes, I will piss or your some other time; and will hold your prick while you piss for me. And I will suck your prick just after pissing. You want to bugger me, do you? Very well, you may; I'll hold open the cheeks of my arse — can you see the little round hole? Oh! I feel your prick there — it's going in — don't push it too far — the most feeling is just inside the opening — yes, that's the way. Do I find your prick too large? No, it feels so well moistened after my cunt! Now, watch — see how I rub the clitoris — this way; then down the slit so. Oh! the feeling is coming! Oh! are you ready? Shoot your spunk into my arse, while I frig my cunt — fuck — fuck. Oh! Alick — hold me; arse, cunt and prick are all on the flow together. Oh!! Oh!!!'

    Alick said afterward that he enjoyed this spend more than any he had that day; that Frances not only gripped him with peculiar tightness in her bottom, but presented her cunt in such a wanton and lubricious manner, that his amorous feeling was worked up to the highest degree.

    He also told us that he suspected her true sex from the first moment that he saw her. For in spite of her affected boldness of manner, he perceived that there lay underneath a conscious timidity that did not quite accord with her assumed character.

    Besides he detected traces of that habit of keeping her legs together, which is so characteristic of most women, and therefore felt encouraged to proceed the more boldly in his pleasurable enterprise.

    CHAPTER 15

    A sacrifice to Venus by Lord Ferrars' narrative of his boyish amours

    When Jim and I returned after finding the major, Frances ran forward to meet us. Her clustering curls of golden hair were tossed and disordered, but her eyes were bright and her voice cheery as she exclaimed, 'Queenie, I have been vanquished. Both the major and Captain Stuart have proved too strong for my weak defence. My armour has been penetrated, and every vulnerable crevice discovered and laid bare. Let me go in and throw aside my harness as useless and unavailing.'

    We only laughed, as the major replied, 'No, my sweet Frances, your disguise is admirable, and tends more than anything to enhance your surpassing charms. Is not that your opinion, too?' he said, turning to Alick, who had just come up.

    'Most assuredly,' replied Alick, 'Frances would be lovely and lovable in any dress, and better in none at all, for to her the poet's words might be justly applied:

    She is, when unadorn'd, adorn'd the most.

    Yet I fully agree with you that her boyish costume renders her charm still more piquant and irresistible.'

    We then went into the house to prepare for dinner and get ready to welcome Lord Ferrars and Dick on their return from the hunting expedition.

    Our new friends were received there with great cordiality, and we were soon as familiar together as if we had been friends all our lives.

    When the servants were got rid of after dinner, we retreated into my snug little boudoir, and then, as usual, undress became the order of the day.

    The gentlemen did not object to our making free with their engines of delight, and we placed no difficulties in the way of their full and free investigation of our secret charms.

    We handled and frigged their pricks one after the other, and they fingered and viewed our cunts and bottoms in every variety of attitude and position. My husband and Lord Ferrars, being tolerably fresh, had their pricks in fair fucking order, while those of the others were rather languid after their late services with us; so it was decided that Lord Ferrars was to sacrifice to Venus, and that Jim's cunt was to be the alter on which the libation should be poured forth, while the major was to act what was to him a very pleasing duty — the part of presiding priest, that is he was to hold the sacrificial knife and see that the victim was duly penetrated and the sacrifice in all respects complete.

    Jim was accordingly stripped to her stockings and boots, which by universal consent is judged the suitable amount of dress for these occasions, and laid on her back on a broad couch in the centre of the room. We gathered round her, and the major commenced his duties by lifting her legs, pushing a pillow under her bottom and spreading her thighs to their widest extent.

    This posture, of course, opened out the charm of love, and presented it in the most favourable aspect for examination and for viewing the entrance of the sacrificial knife.

    Then the major, taking a position a little to one side, proceeded to direct our attention to its varied beauties and capabilities. Passing one hand under her bottom, he placed the other on her rising mound as he said, 'Observe this voluptuous hillock, called the mount of Venus, how luxuriously it is crowned with this thicket of silky hair! And here, in the thickest part, see the commencement of the furrow of love, bounded on either side by large well-rounded lips! How the project in ripe luxuriance! How soft and unctuous they feel, while their interior lining is mantled with all the blushing hues of morn. See how this rose-bud clitoris uprears its saucy head!' then drawing open the nymphae, he continued: 'But look here. This sweet chink, adorned with coral sides, redolent with most stimulating perfume, and wet with ambrosial dew, is the very seat and home of love. And observe how instinct with life it is! It actually pants with desire as I titillate its sensitive nerves! How they compress themselves as, with wanton heaves, the open cunt invites the hot and moist encounter.' Then passing his hand over her smooth belly, he pronounced: 'This alter is now prepared, and this luscious cunt is only waiting to receive its libation and then lie soaking in the flooded streams of love. Come forward, my lord, and do your part.

    'But let me first inspect the weapon. My duty is to see that it is fully qualified for the work, and then that the work is duly performed and satisfactorily completed. Mrs Harpur, let me ask you, as priestess on this auspicious occasion, to place the weapon in my hand.'

    I at once complied by pulling his lordship's short over his head, and placing one hand under his balls, I grasped his prick with the other and drew him forward to the major's side.

    The major's eyes glistened with pleasure as he took in hand the firm standing prick, and having gently drawn down the soft movable skin, regarded with admiration its glowing head.

    Meantime, Jim had passed her hand from behind the major's thighs, catching his bollocks, had drawn him nearer to herself, so that while she lay back with her cunt fully opened to our view, she was able with her other to clasp his prick and frig it up and down.

    The major smiled as he gave one glance at his own affair, so pleasantly captured, and then turned his attention to the more vigorous prick he was manipulating himself. He was now quite in his element, for he loved above all things to hold in his hands the tool of another man, and he watched it admiringly while his fingers played round its firm shaft and gently moved the loose skin up and down, covering and uncovering the large rosy head and making it elevate its crest in proud deviance.

    Lord Ferrars, having somewhat similar tastes, did not object to the major's familiarities. Nay, he evidently enjoyed his skilful manipulation, for he pushed forward his prick, and looked down upon it with satisfaction as with successive jerks of his bottom he made it pass backward and forward through the major's circling fingers. The latter then pronounced the sacrificial weapon fit for its work and said: 'Now, Ferrars, let me place it at the exact spot where it can most easily penetrate the victim and pass through the opposing folds until it reaches those hidden recesses where the libation must be made which completes the sacrifice of Venus.

    Lord Ferrars, yielding himself to his directions, passed between the wide-spread thighs of Jim and bent down over her recumbent form.

    Then the major, having rubbed the swollen head of his lordship's prick two or three times up and down the juicy chink of her cunt, placing its point at the critical spot, and, transferring his hand to his lordship's manly stones, cried: 'Strike home, my lord.' And suiting the action to the word, he gave him a resounding smack on the backside.

    The whole length of his lordship's prick rushed up the moist and heated cavity, his hips pressed hard between her open thighs and his balls rubbed the sensitive edges of her arsehole.

    'Not it is for the victim to dry aloud and utter her dying song as she feels the weapon of Venus reaching her very heart and yields herself to the maddening ecstasies of love.'

    'Oh, yes, sir priest, I perspire and spend. I ma penetrated to the heart. I feel the glowing weapon in the very centre of delight. O divine prick!

    O happy cunt! O sweet fuck! Ram your prick home in my cunt, Lord Ferrars. Batter my arse with your cods — Oh, my arse! — Oh, my quim!

    Major, put your prick in my mouth. Alick and Dick, let me hold your pricks and rub them to my titties.'

    She clutched Alick's prick in her left hand and my husband's in her right, and drawing them toward her rubbed them against her swelling bubbies. She thus attained the highest degree of voluptuous enjoyment. Her cunt was gloriously filled by Lord Ferrars' noble prick;

    Frances pinched her bottom and tickled her arsehole with her finger.

    Her mouth was crammed with the major's tool, now stiffened up again, while his hairy appendages rubbed her face. Alick worked away at her left side, as she kept his prick pressed against her breast, while my husband was equally active on her right, making the nose of his prick — now in first-rate order — plunge against Alick's every push.

    Outside of all, I passed around, frigging bollocks and pricks, arses and cunts in succession, stimulating each by the most wanton expressions and lascivious touches I could devise.

    Then the floodgates of pleasure opened, and Jim literally swam in a sea of delight as streams of spunk poured on every side, saturating her cunt, belly and breasts and accompanied by excited cries and sonorous groans.

    Then the major declared that the sacrifice was a complete success, and that the all potent goddess was delighted with the devotion of her ardent and persistent votaries.

    We accordingly arranged ourselves in various attitudes of repose, taking care that each prick should be conveniently placed for the gratifying touches of a female hand, and each cunt open to the inspection and feel of the masculine members of our social party.

    Lord Ferrars reclined between my legs, his cheek resting on my thighs, his fingers toying with the curling hairs of my cunt, opening and shutting its pouting lips and pressing the clitoris that lay between.

    It occurred to me that some lascivious story or lustful narrative was just what we needed to rekindle our smouldering fires and cause them to burst out afresh in amorous flames; and that Lord Ferrars, for all his experience and well-known ability, was the very man to help us in that way.

    So, rubbing his prick softly between by feet, I said, 'My lord, you once told me of some of your boyish loves, which interested me greatly. I am sure that if you would kindly favour our present company with a similar sample of your early reminiscences, they would be highly gratified, and we should all feel so much obliged.'

    'I have nothing of any special interest to relate, my darling Queenie,' replied his lordship, 'but if it would gratify you and our friends, while we are resting together, I will be happy to do the best I can. In the early days of my boyhood, much of my holiday time was passed with my aunt, Lady Flora, who was a young widow with independent means; but though of a very ardent temperament, she had determined not to encumber herself, as she said, a second time with a husband. She preferred, in fact, being her own mistress, able to carry out her own programme of enjoyment without restriction or restraint. She strictly observed all the social proprieties of life, so far as outward observation extended, but with great prudence and skill she secretly indulged her wanton propensities with the utmost freedom, not only with men of her own rank, but with her grooms and gardeners, and indeed anyone disposed to enjoy her favours with discretion and ready to submit to her wanton caprices.

    'She had a special fancy for boys just budding into manhood and delighted in playing with their partially developed pricks, taking great interest in observing the first signs of sexual pleasure, especially when aroused by acquaintance for the first time with the appearance and uses of the female parts.

    'When I first went on a visit to her, I was nearly twelve years old. I had learnt from the more knowing of my schoolfellows that my little cock was called a prick and that the slit which girls have between their legs was called cunt, and that putting the prick into the cunt was a very pleasant operation, but as yet I had not had experience of the matter.

    'My aunt commenced by pretending that she was very particular that I should have a good bath every morning and said she must come to my room and see that her wishes were fully carried out. So next morning, before I was up, she came into my room, and having arranged the water in my bath, told me to get up, take off my shirt and step into it.

    'I hesitated, for I then felt somewhat bashful about displaying my nakedness before a lady, even though she was my aunt. Observing my hesitation, she quickly pulled down the bedclothes, and said, "You need not mind me, Fred. I am your mother's sister, and often nursed you as a child. There is no reason for being ashamed in front of me, so pull off your shirt and jump into the bath." 'I did as she asked me, for I was really fond of her, and besides felt amused at her fancy. I sat down in the path and sponged my back and shoulders, with my face turned away from her. She watched me for a few moments, and then offered to help me herself. She uncovered her right arm, and taking the sponge poured the water over my neck and shoulders. In doing so, a large portion of her snow white breasts became exposed to view, which excited my liveliest emotion and made me willing to comply with any further demand, however wild or extravagant.

    'She quickly perceived her advantage, and told me to stand up. I did so, this time facing her, with my little prick much larger than usual in full erection before her. She looked at it with admiration, put her hand on it, and said, "What a funny little thing! What do you do with it?" '"Ah, don't you know! I do my pee with it," I said blushing.

    '"But it was meant for something far nicer than doing pee," she replied with a smile, frigging me as she spoke.

    '"What's that? Oh, auntie, do tell me. I will be so fond of you, and do everything you wish." '"Well, we will see; but first I must give you a good drying." 'She rubbed all the upper part of my body with a towel as I stood before her; then slipping off her seat went on her knees to get more easily at my lower limbs. When she had carefully dried all between my legs, she took my little prick tenderly in her hands, and drawing the skin back as far as it could go she kissed the head and then took it into her warm mouth.

    'Then placing her hands behind me, she caught the cheeks of my bottom and moved me back and forward, so as to make my prick pass in and out through her tightly pressed lips.

    'I actually shivered with delight, and placing my hands on her head, said, "Oh, auntie, how good you are! Oh!! That is so nice! Don't stop, I do not know what is going to happen but I never felt anything so nice in my life." 'Then a warm glow passed through my whole frame followed by a delicious languor, so that I should have fallen if she had not caught me in her arms and held me up.

    'I do verily believe, that, young as I was, I enjoyed then my first spend, or, at all events, felt for the first time the pleasurable emotion caused by the spasmodic action of the organs of ejaculation; and the feeling was so overpowering that for a few moments I lost all consciousness.

    'When I came to myself, I was lying on a sofa. My aunt was still bending over me, fondling my prick and playing with the little balls which had lately come down. She looked up at me and said: '"Well, Freddy, my pet, how did you like that? Is not that better than piddling?"

    '"Oh! it is delicious — nothing can exceed it." '"Yes, there is something better still. But I think I have taught you enough for one lesson. Perhaps tomorrow, I will teach you more.

    Meanwhile be a good boy; ride your pony; take plenty of outdoor exercise and eat plenty of beefsteak. I want you to grow up strong and healthy, and then you will be a favourite with all the ladies.'

    '"I shall be quite satisfied if I am a favourite of your, dear auntie,' I replied, with all the gallantry I could muster.

    'During the day following, my thoughts often recurred to the pleasant sensations which my aunt's touches had shown me were so richly stored up in a part of my body I had hitherto been led to despise on account of the obligation to keep it covered up and concealed. But now the attentions and admiration of my aunt had enlightened me as to its value and importance; and I longed for the further instruction she had promised me.

    'Besides, the glimpse she had given me of the soft beauties of her bosom, and the rich valley that lay between those swelling orbs, had made me eager to explore farther down.

    'I had seen the pouting slits of little girls, and fancy painted them for me a similar slit — of course — larger and deeper — that must lie at the bottom of her belly and extend in between her thighs, and I wondered, would she let me feel it with my finger? 'That night when she kissed me as I was going to bed, she said? "As you have been such a good boy all day, Freddy, you may come into my room in the morning, if you like." '"Thanks, dear aunt, what time shall I come?" '"About seven o'clock — after you have had your bath, when you are warm and dry, wrap something about you, and come just as you are."'

    'My first thought in the morning when I woke was the lesson my aunt had promised to give me; and putting my hand to my prick, I was surprised to find how much larger it seemed to have grown in a single night. My aunt's touches on the previous day and above all the suction of her lips had caused it to develop its power with unusual rapidity. It now felt uncomfortably stiff, and I longed for my aunt's help to relieve its tension as before. I accordingly lost no time in taking my bath, and though it was half an hour before the time mentioned by my aunt, I stole softly to the door of her room. It was closed but not fastened and opened without a noise when I applied a gentle push.

    'Inside, the air felt warm, and pervaded with a perfume highly suggestive of voluptuous enjoyment. In the subdued light which entered through the richly curtained windows. I perceived my aunt's bed, under a canopy of gauze. I heard a gentle breathing as I approached. She was fast asleep, lying on her back, and to my great delight partially uncovered. One beautiful knee, white as alabaster, and part of the adjoining thigh were exposed to view. I stood at the bedside for a moment in mute admiration. Her arm lay across her face, and her bosom heaved at regular intervals as of one in deep sleep. The outlines of her beautiful limbs were clearly indicated under the light covering that spread over them. I could not resist the desire to see more, so I gently raised the sheet. As she did not stir, I felt emboldened to make further attempts to gratify my prurient curiosity. I gradually uncovered the whole thigh until my wondering eyes caught sight of a thick bush of light curly hair that seemed to cover the bottom of her belly and fill all the angle between her thighs. I felt irresistibly impelled to put my hand on it, at first very lightly and then more boldly, as she did not move.

    'Looking at it with scrutinising eagerness, I perceived through the hair two swelling lips, and I pushed the tip of my finger between them. The furrow felt warm and moist, and seemed to open of its own accord. I bent over it and drawing the hairs aside peered into its pink recess. A peculiarly subtle odour exhaled from it, which I sniffed up with delight, for it caused my prick to tingle with lascivious desire. I stooped and kissed the pouting lips. My aunt heaved slightly against me. I started with alarm: and thought she was going to waken up; but it was only an involuntary stirring of her limbs, for she quickly relapsed into heavy sleep as before. On recovering my self possession, I perceived to my great delight that her thighs were now much more widely spread than at first. And as I bent over her again, I could see that the pink furrow extended down between the cheeks of her lovely bottom. I spread it open with my fingers, and found that upper part was filled with a fleshy lump, which has a soft outer skin, but felt inside to be gristly substance, that had considerable elastic firmness when I pressed on it.

    'I felt intoxicated by the sweet it had: I applied my lips to it and rubbed it with my tongue, and finally took it into my mouth and sucked on it.

    My aunt then gave a sudden start, put her hand on my head, and pushed up her cunt, as she said: "Freddy, you naughty boy, you have anticipated me in discovering all my secrets! What are you kissing me down there for?' at the same time placing her hand on my prick and pushing the skin back from its tingling head.

    '"Forgive me auntie, for being so bold; when I came in, I found you asleep and partly covered, and I could not help feasting my eyes on the beautiful little nest you have at the bottom of your white belly." '"Well, Freddy, I forgive you. I meant to let you see it — you may kiss it as much as you like. Get over me, and rest your belly on my bubbies, and put your little prick in my mouth — my upper mouth, you know.

    How do you like my lower one?" '"It is lovely, aunt; it has such thick fat lips, and such a delicious smell!

    May I draw it more open?" '"Oh, you may do anything you like with it — kiss it, and suck it, and push you tongue into it. Do you know its name, dear?'

    '"Yes, auntie, our schoolboys say it is called cunt — is that what you call it?" '"Yes, that is my cunt, and below it is my bottom. Can you see that too?'

    '"Aye, that I can, and admire it as well. Your cunt runs down to it. Your cunt and bottom, auntie, seem to be all one.'

    '"No, no, they are different; my cunt opens to the front, don't you see?

    And my bottom opens behind, and they are separated by a ridge. I am sure my cunt is much nicer than my bottom, and has a nicer smell besides." '"Not at all, dear auntie, I love your cunt, but I admire your bottom too.

    Like your cunt it has a savoury smell, and sweet. Would you like me to put my finger in as you do to mine?" '"Yes, Fred, if you wish. You are a dear boy, and do that very nicely. I like to feel you kiss and push your tongue into it. Do you know any other name for it besides bottom?'

    '"Yes, auntie, I have heard it called arse." '"Well, we call it arse too, for the fun of the thing. Do you like me to tickle your arse while I suck your prick?" '"Oh, yes, auntie, it is delicious! But it is making that feeling come again — take out my prick, or I shall piddle in your mouth." '"That's not piddling, Fred, it is called spending; and though spending in the mouth may be very nice, yet spending in the cunt is better — that's called fucking, you know. Would you like to fuck me, Fred? — to put your prick into my cunt and fuck me." '"Yes, dear aunt, if you let me and show me how to do it."

    '"Well, get over me and lie on my belly, and I will put your prick into my cunt myself and teach you how to fuck." 'I got over her, with my breast resting on her soft bubbies, my belly lying along the smooth expanse of her belly, an my prick buried amidst the thick hairy bush at the bottom of it.

    'She pressed me in between her wide-spread thighs and threw her arms round me as she said, "What a nice soft little arse you have, Freddy!" And heaving herself up and grinding her cunt against my prick, she went on, "And so you are going to fuck your aunt, Freddy, and you want her to show you how to do it? Well she will teach you!" and pushing her hand between us, she took hold of my prick and rubbed its head up and down the slit of her cunt. It felt deliciously warm and soft and my prick slipped along its unctuous sides. Then holding its point lower down, she said, "Now Freddy, push — push your prick," at the same time shoving up her cunt; "fuck me now," she cried, as my prick plunged into her hot recess.

    'Who can describe the rapturous joy I then for the first time realised!

    My whole prick seemed clasped in living folds which surrounded it and embraced it on every side. My aunt, however, desired more vigorous action; seizing the cheeks of my bottom, she made me work up and down with a motion corresponding to the rapid heaves of her own body, while she said, "Now, work your arse, Freddy, drive in your prick and fuck me like a man — that's the way — fuck — fuck;' and she rolled from side to side and pressed me into her as a discharge like liquid fire seemed to pass from my backbone through my prick into her cunt, and I sank powerless in her arms.

    'I soon recovered, and asked permission to continue playing with her cunt: but she stopped me, and said, "You are a wonderful boy, Fred, but I must not suffer you to do anything more now, lest you should injure your health. Go and bathe this good little fellow in cold water and return to bed for an hour or two; and I promise, you shall have other opportunities of fucking me yourself or seeing me fucked by another."

    '"Dear aunt, that would be delightful. I would like to see a fine big prick working in and out of your cunt: and perhaps you will let me touch it at the same time." '"Well, hurry off now, and I may let you someday soon." 'As I went toward the door, the thought occurred to me: she is on for sport, and if I could only stay and hide, I might see some fun. So instead of going out I only made a slight noise with the handle and slipped behind some clothes that hung near.

    'The even proved I was right. After allowing sufficient time for me to regain my room, she called in a low voice: "Tomkins, are you there?"

    "Yes, my lady," replied the footman, a tall young fellow, as he stepped out of the wardrobe, "I have been watching the young master's first performance, and I am in a condition to give your ladyship a real treat." 'He then walked up to the bedside, and with the boldness of long familiarity pushed up his prick for her approval and caress. She took it in her hand, and drawing down the skin, looked at it with an approving glance. It was indeed a noble specimen, fully nine inches long, and thick in proportion, and its large glossy head was of a deep ruby tint. I had never seen anything like it before, and it filled me with great admiration.

    'She kissed it and said: "Yes, he'll do. Now, Tomkins, feel my cunt. it has been irritated rather than satisfied by Master Freddy — though indeed he did wonderfully well for a boy, and if he grows to be a man he will have a fine tool." 'Meantime, Tomkins had drawn her across the bed, and going on his knees had laid her up-lifted legs on his shoulders; then pushing his hands under her, he began to kiss and suck her cunt.

    'Dear mistress," he muttered, "your sweet cunt is in a most excited state.

    I never knew it to feel so hot or smell so savoury! Shall I out in my prick?" '"Wait a moment, Tomkins, go on sucking, while I call Susan. Nothing pleases me more than to have a woman spend in my mouth when my cunt is so excited as it is now." 'She pulled a bell-rope near at hand, and immediately a young woman, whom she retained as her special attendant, entered the room through a door concealed in the panels.

    '"Take everything off, Susan, and jump up on the bed." 'She loosened a string or two and her clothes fell on the floor.

    'As she got on the bed, my aunt smiled at her and said, '"Stand over me, Susan, with your legs wide apart. Good, your cunt looks red and inflamed; when was it fucked last?" '"This morning, my lady. James was just beginning to give it a second poke when your ladyship called me." '"So much the better. I hope you did not wipe it on the way?" '"No, my lady, it is still dripping with his spunk." '"Very good, that's the way I like to have it. Now let down your arse, place your cunt on my mouth and talk to Tomkins." 'She squatted down and settled her cunt on my aunt's mouth; then twisting her bottom about, she said: "Tomkins, her ladyship is sucking my cunt. She is pushing her tongue where James had his prick ten minutes ago. She wants me to spend in her mouth, while you are sucking her cunt; so tickle my arse with your finger — now, my lady — there — it's coming — Oh! — Oh!!!"'

    CHAPTER 16

    Lord Ferrars' narrative continued: Lady Flora and her confidential domestics

    'Susan remained with her cunt pressed on the mouth of my aunt, who seemed to sup up with peculiar zest the unctuous drops which exuded from that lustful gap. When her ladyship had finished licking round the sides, and had probed the hot juicy passage with the full length of her penetration tongue, she told Susan to lie back with her legs drawn up and her bottom turned toward Tomkins.

    'Then addressing her footman — who might be correctly termed her cuntman, she said, "Now, Tomkins, my man, give me a good bellyful of prick while you feast your eyes on Susan's randy slit." 'Tomkins made no delay, but getting up at once rammed his prick into his mistress's cunt, and began fucking her with such tremendous energy that I felt the room shake with the concussion of his strokes — more than that, I could hear the sucking sound made by the lips of her cunt each time he drew out his prick, and then the loud smack of his loins against the fat cheeks of her arse every time he drove it back.

    'She showed equal vigour in plunging up to meet the prods of his prick, while she gripped him tightly with one arm and to excite him more placed her other hand on Susan's cunt, and spreading open the lips, cried: "Look at Susan's cunt, Tomkins, open for a prick and begging for a fuck. What a pity it is that my page James is not here to finish his poke and fuck her here before us!" '"I am here, my lady; knowing your ladyship's good-nature, I made bold to follow Susan. Shall I get on the bed and fuck her now in your presence?" '"Do James, you are just in time, and be quick about it, for Tomkins is coming to the short strokes, and turning to the latter, 'Hold back a minute, Tomkins, until James gets into Susan. I will put his prick into her cunt myself, and we will both watch them while they fuck."

    '"Now fuck away, both of you," cried Lady Flora, "and let everyone repeat after me aloud: Heave cunts — press pricks — shove bottoms — get ready bollocks — fire away pricks — swallow cunts — prick — cunt — arse — fucking — pissing — farting — prick — bollocks — cunt — fuck — fuck — fuck." 'Then gripping one another with a convulsive grasp, the lustful discharge flowed from each simultaneously, and with a universal groan of gratified desire, they rolled upon the bed.

    'As you will readily understand, this scene had a powerful effect on me.

    The view of two randy women fucked at the same time, the writhing of their naked bodies, the working of their fat bottoms and the evident satisfaction with which their cunts received the thrusts of two such fine pricks as these young men possessed, all combined to produce in me an impatient longing for fresh enjoyment of my aunt's favours, while the familiar footing on which she placed her servants removed all my apprehension of giving her offence.

    'Her free use, too, of such bawdy language, though it surprised not a little, stirred up my strongest sensations of voluptuous desire. The word pissing especially arrested my attention. I had never seen a girl piss, but as I watch my aunt's fine large randy looking quim, I thought what a beautiful sight it must be to see her piss streaming out from between those soft hairy lips — thus indicating, as it were, the cunt to be the fount of love itself. So I determined, at the next opportunity, to ask her to let me see how she pissed.

    'But I was to be gratified sooner than I expected. My prick had stiffened up wonderfully during the exciting scene I had just witnessed. I grasped it with one hand while I pressed the heated balls with the other. I was on the point of leaving my hiding place and stealing up to them, with a view of joining in, when further activity arrested my intention and inclined me to wait until I had witnessed more of their lascivious proceedings.

    'My aunt having absorbed all the spunk which Tomkins was able to inject at one time, raised herself up and made the two men sit on either side of her while Susan knelt on the floor and with a wet sponge cleansed her reeking cunt. But during this cooling operation she kept her hands on the two pricks, and commenced softly frigging them, as she said: "Now we shall see which of you will come to life first." '"Well, my lady," replied Tomkins, "although the touch of you ladyship's delicate fingers about one's prick is most exciting, yet allow me to suggest that if you permit us to sit on two chairs in front of you, while you lean back and turn up so that we may have a full view of your ladyship's arse, with its little round aperture and luscious slit of your cunt over it, while we frig ourselves with our own hands, I think that your ladyship's wishes will be more speedily accomplished." '"Very well, Tomkins, get the chairs;" said my aunt, throwing herself back while Susan propped up her head with a pillow. Then lifting her thighs she held them open with her hands, and looking through them, she laughed and said, "Is that the sort of view you want? See, you have all the secrets of my bottom before you — cunt, arsehole, and everything." '"Thanks, my lady, such a sight out to raise the dead. Your ladyship's arse gleams like the full moon, your little round arsehole, fringed with hair, looks waiting for a prick; and your fat pouting cunt, so red, so moist, and so open, would draw a monarch from his throne." '"Bravo, Tomkins. What do you say, James?" '"I have only to add, my lady, that if Susan would place her naked bum alongside your ladyship, we shall have the double excitement of seeing two bottoms instead of one." '"Quite right, James. Come, Susan, lean forward at my side, with your nether beauties uncovered; rest one leg on the floor, and extend the other along the edge of the bed. Now, boys, I'll act showman for Susan's fat bottom," and she turned herself half round, thus presenting us with a most lubricious side-view of her own cunt and bottom, as she continued, "Now then, churn your cods and rub your pricks, while I describe Susan's arse. Observe first, how these plump cheeks tremble with lascivious motion as I stir them about. Then view this luxurious furrow lying snugly between them, and in the centre of it this little round, pink, pursed-up opening. Wouldn't you like to stretch these wrinkles with your prick, and feel the purse string holding it tightly as you rammed it in and out? or perhaps you would find this rosy slit, which nature has prepared expressly for the use of the prick, both sweeter and more satisfying? See how these thick lips project! And observe what an inviting look pervades the whole cunt, as if it is expecting to be sucked or fucked, according as your fancy might incline. Now Susan, sit up; it is your turn to act showman. Tell them what you see here," and she turned her bottom toward Susan, still holing her thighs at their widest stretch. Susan, who had been frigging her own cunt with the middle finger of her left hand, now placed the four fingers of her right in the slit of her mistress's cunt and rubbed them up and down the open chink.

    '"Oh, Susan, that's grand! I'm going to spend." '"Will you ladyship get over me and spend in my mouth, while I frig my own cunt and tickle your ladyship's arse." 'My aunt then got over Susan with a knee on either side and her cunt pressed down on her face. I could hear the sucking of Susan's lips in my aunt's cunt while she frigged away at her own and thrust the forefinger of her other hand into the hole of my aunt's arse. Then my aunt's whole body seemed to writhe in voluptuous contortions as she poured into Susan's mouth the rich liquor of her cunt.

    'Then they lay side by side to rest, with all the interesting parts of their palpitating forms still uncovered and in full view of the two men and myself.

    'But lady Flora, whose appetite for prick seemed unappeasable, did not continue long in this inactive state. She soon sat up again, and looking inquisitively at the men's prick, said, "They seem in tolerable condition; if you would now frig each other, it would give them the finishing touch and gratify me. I love to see one man frigging other men's pricks. Somehow, it is more lust-provoking than when women do it for them." They at once crossed their arms, and taking hold of each other's prick frigged it as only a man can do.

    'Tomkins' prick immediately stood up in all its glory, fully distended, and with its great purple head swollen and pointing upward to the skies.

    'That of James did not look so vigorous. So he said, wishing for a little longer delay, "There is one thing more, my lady, which if your ladyship would oblige us by doing, it would put our pricks at once into first-rate working order. I have often heard your ladyship pissing, and wished so much to witness the sweet performance. If your ladyship could piss now, and let us see your ladyship's cunt in the act of shooting it out, it would be a very great treat to Tomkins and myself." '"Well, James, I will do it if I can." And pushing herself forward, so that her bottom projected over the edge of the bed, she told Susan to hold the pot below her arse.

    'Now, boys, I am going to piss — watch — make ready — present — fire!"

    And a clear amber stream spouted out from between the plump lips of her cunt and rattled into the vessel which Susan held carefully underneath.

    'I could stand this no longer; the sight of my aunt's cunt pissing in full view of two men, who watched it with lust-inflamed eyes while each frigged the other's prick, drew me irresistibly toward them.

    'I darted in between, and pressing up to my aunt's bottom, cried:

    "Forgive me, dear aunt, for coming back. I heard you pissing, and I could not avoid peeping in. And then your cunt looked so beautiful with the yellow piss streaming out between its lips that I ran up to ask you to let me fuck it while it is still wet with the hot piss." '"Well, Freddy, I can't refuse you; you may fuck me now if you like. But let me show you a new way, which will give you fresh pleasure. Sit here on the bed — now lean back, and I will get over you, as if I were the man." 'My aunt then threw herself upon me, almost smothering me with her bubbies, while Susan guided my prick into her wanton gap. Her cunt felt indeed as if soaked in hot piss as my prick glided up into its heated recesses, and the moist clinging folds inside held it with a tenacious grasp.

    'Then addressing James, she said, "You might push along side Master Fred, James; it will not be the first time that I have had two pricks in my cunt at once."

    Immediately, I felt the soft head of James's prick pushing in over mine and rubbing deliciously against it as he worked it in and out, while the grinding together of our cods every time he drove his prick home was a new and most agreeable sensation.

    'In my ecstasy, I cried, "Oh, auntie! What a cunt you have! to hold two pricks at the same time! How nice it feels! May I pinch your bottom?" 'My aunt wriggled about over me, as she answered, "Yes, Freddy, pinch away. It is grand — and you, James, fuck — fuck me — yes, you may fuck my arse if you like; Susan will hold open the cheeks." 'Then James drew out, leaving my prick almost lost in the wide cunt, but very soon I felt the pressure of his tool from the adjoining channel and its rubbing motion nearly the same as before, showing how thin the partition between the two passages must be.

    'My aunt then cried out, "Tomkins, what are you waiting for? See, Susan's bottom is ready for you. You may fuck or bugger her just as you please. Which would you like best, Susan, to have his prick in your cunt or your arse?" '"Oh, my lady, it is all one to me. Let him poke my cunt first and then finish up in my arse if he chooses." 'Susan's arse was well cocked up, and Tomkins very quickly commenced agitating behind her, whether in her bottom or her cunt, I could not decide. All the while, however, I felt her fingers busily playing round the root of my prick, stirring my balls and poking my bottom. The movement of her finger about in my bottom just inside the entrance of my arsehole gave a new sensation of peculiar delight; and I understood then, what I afterward more fully realised, the great augmentation of amorous excitement which is caused when the arsehole is entered by a finger, or still better by a prick, while one's own prick is titillated by and or embedded in cunt.

    'From this time forward, my aunt threw off all reserve and freely admitted me to all her secret orgies. These pleasant gatherings generally occurred either early in the morning or late at night. During the day, everything was conducted with the strictest propriety and decorum.

    My aunt treated her servants so kindly and judiciously that they found it in their own interest to make themselves as agreeable and useful as they could; and although, in private, she permitted and encouraged the most unbounded freedom and familiarity, yet on every other occasion, she expected to be treated with the greatest deference and respect. And they were quite prepared to go along with, for they were well assured that, if at any time they showed the slightest disposition to presume or deem their services indispensable, they would be at once dismissed without compunction or delay.

    CHAPTER 17

    Lord Ferrars' narrative continued: his last term at school

    'My affections were strongly drawn toward my aunt. I admired her cleverness and tact, and I was delighted with the new sphere she opened out for the gratification of my amorous propensities. At the same time, she proved her regard for my welfare by impressing on me the importance of never taxing the powers of nature; and she assured me that if I wished to preserve my physical organism in full working order I must practise much self-restraint and allow those parts that occasional rest which nature requires and prudence enjoins.

    'She also warned me against too great indulgence in self-frigging; and she told me that may boys and young men destroyed themselves in that way. That the obtaining of pleasure in connection with another was natural, but that solitary gratification unless used in great moderation was not only very injurious to health but unfitted one for the true enjoyment of love.

    'However, when I was returning to school for the last term, she said that as I should now be some time away from her, a discreet indulgence now and then might be a relief, and besides would tend to keep alive my affection for her and my desire for renewed enjoyment of her favours.

    'To assist me in this matter, she cut a nice little lock of hair from her cunt, and having steeped it for several hours between the odoriferous lips of her moist slit, she gave it to me to sniff and rub about my nose whenever I handled my prick and though of her cunt and the various delights I had enjoyed with her when petting and feeling, kissing and sucking, frigging and fucking together. and she made me promise to write to her regularly and giver her a minute account of all my lustful feelings, acts and observings; and in every letter to say something about pricks, cunts and fucking.

    'She told me also to endeavour to establish a familiarity with one or more of my companions, and keep her duly informed of the result.

    'I promised faithfully to carry out her wishes, and left her with many assurances of affectionate regard.

    'I can only give you in a general way the substance of the numerous letters I wrote to my aunt, but as they were written with great care and consideration, I have a perfect recollection of their contents.

    'I related to her how I used to frig myself after school hours, lying in the grass. How I would unbutton my trousers, take out my prick and watch it stiffen up as I frigged it up and down. How I used to hold to my nose the lock of hair which she gave me, and which had still a strong flavour of the sweet perfume of her cunt; and that as I frigged, I always repeated all the words she had taught me — prick — cunt — arse — spunk — pissing — farting — fucking — and tried to recall the look of her cunt, as it used to gleam upon me when she spread her thighs and twisted her bottom for side to side.

    'I told her that on one of these occasions, one of the elder boys — Charley Cox, who was always very friendly toward me — stole upon me unaware, and before I discovered his approach, witnessed the nature of my amusements.

    '"Excuse me, dear Fred," he said, observing my startled and half-angry look, "I wanted to see and talk with you on the very subject on which you have been now engaged. The other day, when we were in the changing- room together, turning round suddenly, I saw your prick and was much struck with its remarkable size, and wondered was it through any effort of your own that it had grown so large. But I think you have let me into the secret today; and as I only want a lesson, pray forgive my interruption. So take out your prick again; and see, here is mine, though not half so well developed as yours, but if you can teach me how to make him grow as big I shall be truly thankful." '"Well, Charley, sit down here; I shall be glad of your company, and will do what I can to gratify and oblige you." And reopening my trousers, I again pulled out my prick, and as Charley placed himself beside me, put my hand on his soft pendant tool, he at the same time took hold of mine and commenced frigging it slowly up and down, as he said, "I always thought you a good fellow, Fred, but now I find you to be a real brick. I like the feel of your prick in my hand, and mine is already developing under the magic of your touch." '"Yes, this double frigging is peasant enough, but I think we should on the whole enjoy the thing more thoroughly by doing it to each other turn about; what do you say?" '"I don't doubt but you are right, Fred, and as I feel inclined to spend, if you go on with me, I will polish you off afterward." '"All right, old fellow, then lie on your back, spread your legs, and I will take a stretch between them." I then laid myself between his legs, and resting on my elbows held his balls with one hand and his prick with the other. "Now, Charley, tell me exactly how you feel and when you are going to spend." '"Well, Freddy, your watching my prick and holding it so close to your face while you are frigging it, greatly increase the feeling of pleasure.

    No it is all in a aglow and I feel the spunk bubbling in my cots." 'I at once took the swollen head between my lips, and quite relished its sweet taste, as I sucked with all my force while I still frigged its shaft with my hand.

    '"Oh, Freddy old fellow, have you put it in your mouth — Oh! There — I can hold it no longer — oh!! — oh!!! Did you swallow it, Fred?" '"Yes, why not? — indeed, I could scarcely avoid doing so, for you shot it out with such force that it made its own way down my throat." '"I don't wonder at that, for I never enjoyed a spend so much in my life. I had my first fuck the other evening but the pleasure I had then was not to be compared with what you made me feel now."

    '"Had you a fuck the other evening, Charley? Tell me all about it and I will frig you as often as you please." '"Well, lean back and spread your legs, so that I may take possession of your prick while I recount the ins and out of my little adventure. You know Dolly, Farmer Jones's girl, who often comes to sell buns and sweet stuffs to our fellows. They are always chaffing her as to which of them she will choose for a sweetheart. She has an answer everyone, while her eye twinkles and her pouting red lips seem always soliciting a kiss. I happened to be the only one in the schoolroom when she came last. So after a little joking, I placed a half-crown in her hand saying: 'Now Dolly give me a nice soft luscious kiss.'

    '"She put the money in her fob, and allowed me to take her in my arms.

    I pressed my lips to hers, which she held up for me and readily opened to admit the point of my tongue. While kissing her, I passed my hand down her back and squeezed her fat buttocks. She responded by a gentle pinch of my prick with the fingers of the hand which hung down between us.

    '"All right; I thought, so I said, 'Dolly, I would like a little further play with you, but have not time just now, but if you will come to the little grove behind the hangar this evening at eight o'clock, I will meet you there and give you half a sovereign.' She smiled and gave me a nod, and turned away, as some other fellows were coming in.

    '"At the time appointed, I asked leave to go out, and found Dolly waiting for me among the trees. It was nearly dark, so I again took her in my arms, this time, however, thrusting my knee between here, an as I pushed it up against her cunt, she opened a little to give me more room.

    '" 'You are a good sensible girl, Dolly, and very pretty; are you as nice down here as your charming face above?' I asked, as I rubbed my hand over her cunt outside her dress, and then lowering it to the bottom of her short frock, said: 'May I try?'

    '" 'What an impudent boy you are, Master Charley! What do you want to do with your hand under my petticoats?" '" 'To feel your cunt, Dolly.'

    '" 'Don't — you mustn't do that." '" 'Ah let me — there's a good girl — open your legs — Oh! what a fine big cunt you have, Dolly! Such a lot of hair! and such big fat lips!'

    '"I now felt her hand playing about my trousers.

    '" 'Good girl, take it out.'

    '" 'What shall I take out, Master Charley?'

    '" 'My prick, Dolly. Ah, you know well where to find it. Your cunt is made for it; shall I put it in?'

    '" "I didn't say you mightn't, Master Charley.'

    '" 'Well, lie down here in on the grass — now spread your legs.'

    '"She stretched her legs open, and I got between them and pushed my prick between the moist lips of her cunt. Somehow I cold not find the entrance — it was my first attempt, you know.

    '"At last she put down her hand and said, 'Stay I will direct it. You are pushing too high up — there — that's the spot — now push — Hah, it's getting in.'

    '" 'Oh! Dolly! That's nice; but don't heave or you'll knock me out.' Then a gush of spend and it was all over.

    '" 'Oh, Master Charley, you were too fast; but don't take it out — lie on my a little longer. Did you never fuck a girl before?'

    '" 'No, Dolly. I once felt my sister's cunt, but she would not let me fuck her. Were you often fucked, Dolly?'

    '" 'Scores of times, Master Charley!'

    '" 'Who fucked you last, Dolly?'

    '" 'Old Doctor Scratchem, the headmaster. This afternoon, as I was going away, he called me into his study and said: "I feel awfully randy today, Dolly, and I want you to give me relief, so take my old fellow out and pet him a bit." '" 'I did so, while he fingered away at my cunt and bottom.

    '" '"Here's a book of bawdy prints,'" he said, "lay it open on the sofa, and you can look it over while you lean over the arm and cock up your naked bum; I want a good view of your fine arse." '" 'He then took his old prick in hand and looked at my bottom, first from the right side and then from the left. At last, going down on his knees, he looked from underneath, while I occupied myself looking over the pictures.

    '" 'Wriggle your arse, Dolly, and open your cunt as much as you can, and tell me what pictures you are looking at, while I work up my prick for a fuck." '" '"I see lots of men and women fucking. Here is a girl lying on her back with her bare arse turned up before a naked man with a fine big redheaded prick who is just going to stick it into her cunt. Here is another girl straddling over a man whose prick is deep into her while another fellow is driving his prick into her bottom." '" '"Can't you say: Buggering her arse."

    '"Well, buggering her arse — no I don't want you to bugger mine. It's a good honest fuck that I like. Stick in your prick and fuck me. There — that's the right place — now, doctor, fuck, oh! are you done so soon?" '" 'He pulled out his prick after spending a drop or two, and left my cunt only half satisfied; so I want you, Master Charley, to finish what he left half done. And I think that my story has put you in the way of doing it, for I feel your prick is as large and strong as ever.' Then she gave a sudden heave up, almost pitching me off as she cried, 'Now fuck, and don't be in a hurry — take your time and fuck me with long steady strokes — that's right, now you're making me like it — put your hands under my bottom, and I will cross my legs over your back and keep you in the right position.

    '"Her cunt seemed to grow larger every moment, and sucked in my prick like a calf's mouth. I felt her hands too, trying, as I fancied, to shove in my balls along with my prick. I never thought that a girl's cunt could be so large — and Dolly is so short; but her cunt seems to begin at her navel and extend to her bottom. Somehow I got too much of it, and I did not feel half the pleasure you have given me. Do you like the way I am frigging you? Are you near spending?" '"Yes, Charley — it is just coming." '"Then I will take it in my mouth as you did for me." 'After this, we often had Dolly together; we used to fuck her one after the other, turn about, and sometimes both at the same time, in every variety of attitude we could imagine. Our favourite way, however, was for one of us to lie on his back with Dolly kneeling over him sucking his prick, while the other fucked her from behind just above his friend's face.

    'Charley and I, being older boys, were allowed the privilege of sometimes walking by ourselves, and one afternoon, availing ourselves of this liberty, we met Dolly in a wood a little distance from the house, and thinking ourselves secure from observation, freely indulged in our favourite sport. But we were unfortunate, for the doctor's wife, taking her afternoon walk, came suddenly upon us, and before we were aware of her presence, witnessed all our proceedings. She said nothing, but after taking a good look, passed on. Terror filled our hearts, for we felt certain that condign punishment would quickly descend on Dolly and ourselves.

    'I was not surprised therefore when I got a message that evening from Mrs Scratchem that she wished to speak with me for a few moments before going to bed.

    'Now, I must tell you that the doctor's wife, who was comparatively young and rather good-looking, managed all the internal business of the house. She had a small room upstairs where she kept her laundry lists and accounts and in which she used to see us when she wanted to make enquiries about our clothes and washing.

    'I went to her as I had often done before, but this time I found her seated on a sofa and not at her desk as usual. When I entered, she told me to close the door; having done so, I went and stood before her, looking considerably foolish and embarrassed. At the same time, I scanned her face and observed that although she looked agitated, she did not appear so angry as I expected, while there was a gleam in her eye which I could not then account for.

    'She began by saying, "I feel constrained to speak to you of what I unavoidably witnessed this afternoon. Thinking the matter over, I consider it prudent not to tell the doctor. He might deem it necessary to inflict some public punishment, which perhaps would only make matters worse, so I have decided on speaking to you myself. But it is not my intention to scold you. You and Charley are the oldest lads in the school, and cannot be treated like the younger boys. And besides, for young fellows of your age there may be some excuse. I believe that young men growing into manhood have certain necessities which require to be gratified in some way — I mean by intercourse with the other sex. You see, I am speaking very plainly as a woman of the world and as one who takes a rational view of such things; and therefore you going occasionally with a girl, safely and prudently, I don't altogether condemn. But going with Dolly I consider neither safe nor prudent. I therefore feel bound to give you warning, not merely as being responsible for your health and general well-being, but from the great regard I feel for your excellent aunt, Lady Flora, whom I am proud to be allowed to reckon one of my best friends, and also, I may add, from a personal liking for yourself." Here, she blushed and looked down.

    "But," she resumed, looking up, her face very red and her eyes very bright, 'you will be tired of standing, Freddy; come and sit down here beside me." 'I gladly complied, and as I sand down, she put her hand on my knee as she continued, "the ground of my warning is that I have reason to know that Dolly is almost common to the neighbourhood, and I believe that girls under those circumstances are apt to acquire a very painful and disagreeable disease, which they are sure to communicate to the men who have connection with them; this is what I am dreading for you." 'She paused; so I replied, "My dear Mrs Scratchem, I thank you for your kind warning; but as regards Dolly, I think you are mistaken. She may go with a few — but she is very select and very particular about her own person; and I have no reason to fear that I have suffered in the past." '"Well, that is just the point I am a little uneasy about. The symptoms do not always appear at once. You perceive, I am speaking almost professionally; before my marriage I acted as lady nurse in one of our London hospitals and several cases of this kind were brought under my notice. Now, as you know the motherly feeling I have toward you, perhaps you would allow me to examine you myself, and then my mind would be easy on the subject," and she moved her hand toward the fork of my trousers.

    '"My dear Mrs Scratchem, I have not the least objection. You have already shown me so much kindness that I am ready to please you in this, or indeed, in any way in my power," at the same time unbuttoning my trousers down the front and pulling out my prick.

    She took it in her hand and stooping toward me examined it closely, pushing back the prepuce and turning up the glans, while she pushed her other hand underneath and felt my balls.

    '"Your parts are very nicely made and well developed, Freddy, and seem in a perfectly healthy condition. Was the whole of this inside Dolly today?" '"Yes, the whole of it was in her-" '"Go on — you may speak to me freely. What does she call it?" '"Cunt." '"And what does she call this?" '"Prick." '"And when you put your prick into her cunt, what does she call that?" '"Fucking." '"Yes, those are the common names. They are not used in polite Society, you know, but when people are talking confidentially as we are now, they are more convenient and direct. Now tell me, for I want to know everything, when you had this in Dolly's cunt, fucking her, did she seem to like it very much?" '"Oh1 that she did; she held me tightly in her arms and heaved up her bottom every time she felt my prick driving up her cunt." '"Well, I don't wonder to her liking it, and I suppose you liked it too."

    '"You may be sure of that, Mrs Scratchem, there is nothing in the world I like so much as fucking a nice cunt." '"Yes, I believe you; but would you not like it better to fuck a lady than a common girl, such as Dolly!" '"Perhaps I should if I could find a lady equally kind and agreeable as Dolly." '"What would you say, if out of regard for your aunt, and to save you from harm, I should be kind and agreeable too?" '"I would say that you are the dearest, sweetest lady in the universe." 'She stopped my mouth with a kiss, and taking my hand placed it on her thigh and whispered, "You may." 'I lost no time, you may be sure, in passing my hand under her petticoats and running it up between her warm thighs. How easily I spread them open. How readily she leaned back and allowed me to draw up her clothes! The viewing and handling of my prick had thoroughly aroused her wanton desires, and when she felt my fingers playing about the sensitive lips of her cunt, she muttered, "Oh, Freddy, you won't tell anyone, that's a good boy — do you want to see it? There, what do you think?" '"That you have a lovely cunt, Mrs Scratchem. It is so soft and warm, and smells so nice! I love to open its lips and see the inside." '"Would you like to kiss it? To kiss my cunt and then to put your prick into it and fuck me?" '"Yes, dear Mrs Scratchem, I will kiss your cunt first and then fuck it." 'I pushed my mouth well in between the full unctuous lips of her cunt, while I clutched the smooth elastic cheeks of her fat bottom.

    '"Oh! how you suck my clitoris! You make it throb with pleasure, and your tongue winds deliciously round my cunt. You may squeeze my bottom as hard as you like. Oh! you are pushing your finger in! Yes, I like that. Does Dolly like to have her bottom tickled?" '"She does, but she calls it her arse." '"Well, we call it arse too. Dolly has an impudent arse, for I noticed she did not seem at all ashamed when she held it up naked before you this afternoon. But what was she doing to Charley?" '"She was sucking his prick while I fucked her cunt over his face, and he held my prick and watched it passing in and out." '"And when Charley fucks her, what part do you take?" '"Sometimes, I lie underneath and she sucks my prick and I hold Charley's and watch him fucking. At other times, she straddles over him with her bottom turned up, and them I fuck her bottom while he fucks her cunt." '"Does she like that style of fucking?" '"Yes, she says, it doubles the pleasure to have one's prick in her cunt and another in her bottom at the same time." '"What a strange idea! We might try it someday," she muttered, as if speaking to herself. 'But now, Fred, I think we are both ready for our fuck. Now listen to me and try to follow my instructions. Introduce your prick quickly and deliberately into my cunt; and when you have pushed in as far as you can, press firmly against my loins and bottom, then draw out slowly until only the tip of your prick remains between the lips of my cunt; then drive it steadily back, gradually increasing the strength and rapidity of your strokes. Meantime, if we are able to keep on talking and use plenty of bawdy words, the pleasure will be both increased and intensified. Now put it in."

    'She lay back with her thighs at their widest and, holding her cunt open with her fingers, awaited my approach. I placed the head of my prick between the lips and slowly pushed it up. Her cunt felt very hot and though abundantly large, had such elastic power of compression, that I felt it squeezing my prick all round like the fingers of a closed hand.

    '"Are you enjoying it, Freddy?" '"Oh, yes, it is grand. Do I fuck you right, Mrs Scratchem?" '"Yes, Freddy, you fuck wonderfully for so young a man." 'I was now coming to the short strokes and beginning to breathe hard.

    "Don't be so noisy," she whispered, "or we shall be heard; however, don't stop — shove away — smack against my bottom as I heave my cunt — if you must make a noise, do — just fuck — ram in your prick. Ho! Hah!

    That's delicious!" 'Then, as we rested, she said, "I don't blame you and Charley for going with Dolly; there is no pleasure like that of a really good fuck, and she has taught you well. The next time Dolly comes, tell her I would like to see her by myself, and I expect we shall be good friends — but remember I rely on the secrecy and discretion of you both. Now, goodnight.'

    CHAPTER 18

    Lord Ferras' narrative continued: Dolly and Mrs Scratchem

    'It so happened that Dolly called the next morning, being anxious to ascertain what evil consequences had followed the discovery of the day before. I was just able to say to her: "The mistress wants to see you, Dolly — but don't fear, she means well; and my advice is, give her your full confidence; and if you can, let me know the result, by and by." 'When I saw her again, she told me all that had taken place in her interview with Mrs Scratchem and I carefully wrote it for my aunt.

    'Dolly was directed to the same room where I had seem Mrs Scratchem and found her sitting on the same sofa. She looked kindly at her and said — "Why, Dolly, how you manage to steal the hearts of all the men!

    My old man raves about you. I have been wishing for some time to have an opportunity of telling you that you need not fear my being jealous — in fact, I gave him free rein to go with you as often as he likes. He loves a little variety and so do I. We therefore mutually agreed to leave each other quite free, and so we get on in first-rate style. But as regards our young men, that is a different matter, Dolly. You know we are responsible for their morals and good conduct, and we must maintain the responsibility of the house. At the same time, I am quite aware that young fellows in the hot flush of youth require some outlet for their superfluous energy, and if they can't obtain it in one way they will be sure to seek it in other and perhaps more injurious ways. So I consider it the wiser plan to allow a certain amount of liberty, yet under some control and prudent direction. Now I have heard that you, Dolly, are very particular as to whom you admit to your embraces, and I am sure that if anything was wrong with you, you would not suffer our young men to incur any risk of infection. Is not that your own feeling, Dolly?" '"It is indeed, dear Mrs Scratchem; and as you have spoken with so much kindness and consideration, I am ready to trust you in all these matters. I do try to be very select, and I seldom have a connection without a thorough ablution as soon as possible afterward. But if you have any wish to examine me yourself, I have not the slightest objection." 'Mrs Scratchem replied, "I am glad to find that I have not been disappointed in you, Dolly. You seem to be a good sensible girl, and as I wish to have your full confidence, I accept your offer. I confess, too, that it will gratify me to see and inspect the little cunt which my husband tells me gives him more satisfaction than any he ever fucked. So lean back and open your legs." 'Dolly obeyed, and Mrs Scratchem proceeded to raise her clothes and expose all her belly and thighs.

    '"What a quantity of hair you have, Dolly! It covers all the lower part of your belly! Your whole cunt, too, is large and well developed, and the lips are unusually plump and full, while the inside lining is exceedingly hot and moist. You must be a very lascivious girl, Dolly and I am certain you are very fond of being fucked! Are you not?" '"Yes, I am fond of fucking,' replied Dolly, laughing; 'I know of nothing that can be compared with having one's cunt crammed with a good sturdy prick. When I meet with a really well-made man, I often feel rather more disposed to pay him for fucking me than to look for anything at his hands." '"Dolly, you are right," responded Mrs Scratchem. "The mercenary spirit of some women is detestable. Now I understand why the men are all so fond of you. And I am sure your cunt gets a good share of admiration too. Do you enjoy having it petted and played with?" '"Yes, I love to feel a man's fingers fiddling about my cunt. It always causes me a pleasant thrill and makes me wish for a fuck. But somehow your frigging, Mrs Scratchem, has a stranger effect. I suppose that is because you know that exact spot — which men seldom do. Oh! that is so nice!"

    '"Do you like having your cunt sucked, Dolly? A tongue frig is generally very agreeable." '"Oh, yes. I think a tongue — frig delicious! I always try to get every man to suck my cunt before he fucks me; and sometimes the sucking is the best part of it." '"Was your cunt ever sucked by a woman?" '"No, Mrs Scratchem, I did not think that one woman would care to suck another woman's cunt." '"Quite the contrary, most women like it very much — especially when the cunt has plenty of feeling like yours, Dolly, and above all, when it is kept nice and sweet. Would you like me to suck yours?" '"I would, Mrs Scratchem, if you don't dislike it yourself." 'Mrs Scratchem spread Dolly's cunt open with her fingers, pushed in her mouth and ravenously sucked her clitoris with her lips and tongue, while Dolly twisted about her bottom and muttered, "O — oh la! Mrs Scratchem! How nice! Oh, dear. How you suck! Oh, Mrs Scratchem, your tongue is setting me wild! And now I feel your finger up my bottom!! This is beyond a fuck! Oh, my cunt! Oh, my bottom! Oh, my arse! I'm spending! Oh, I'm spending," and Dolly with a might groan lay back, while Mrs Scratchem, grasping the quivering cheeks of her bottom, licked up the sweet juices that poured from Dolly's fountain of delight.

    'After a while, Dolly came to herself and said, "Dear Mrs Scratchem, I never enjoyed anything like that. I had no idea that it could be so nice to have one's cunt sucked by a woman. And now you must favour me with a full view of your own cunt and bottom, and I will suck everything you have."

    'Mrs Scratchem lay back in her turn and spread her thighs wide open while Dolly pushed a pillow under her, and said, "Why, Mrs Scratchem, you have a beautiful cunt of your own, with red-brown hair, the colour of gold, and a luscious chink, as hot as an oven and steeped in voluptuous dew! What can the old doctor mean by turning from such a cunt and looking at a poor affair like mine." '"Oh, he is tired of it, Dolly; he has frigged it and fucked it so often that he needs something new to stimulate his old cock. And as he does mot mind my getting a stray fuck when I can, he is welcome to you or anybody else. I saw you between Charley and Fred yesterday afternoon, one of their pricks in your mouth and the other in your cunt; which of them has the largest prick, and which fucks the best?" '"Charley's prick is not bad, but Fred gives the best fuck, for he seems to have had more experience and goes about his work in a more artistic manner." '"O Dolly, your are sucking my cunt and tickling my bottom very skilfully and pleasantly, but I don't want to spend just yet; let us have a little more talk first. Tell me now, of all the men that fuck you, which of them has the finest prick?" '"Farmer Jones has the largest and strongest, and if powerful action and a tremendous discharge constitute a good prick, I must place him in the foremost rank. And here, I should tell you, he is not my father — at least, so far as I know. I am a foundling. He took me out of the workhouse, and as he had no child, he adopted me as a daughter. I was scarcely fourteen when he first made free with me. Shall I tell you how?" '"Do Dolly, it is the very thing I would especially like to hear." '"Well, then, I was passing through the yard in the dusk of the evening, near where he was standing in the shadow of a wall with his face turned in. I did not notice him until he suddenly wheeled about, and putting his arm around me said, "Dolly, put your hand here — I have something to show you.'

    '"His dress was all open in front and his great tool was sticking out. He put my hand on it while he still held me with his arm around my waist.

    I had never either seen or felt that part of a man before, and it excited both my wonder and curiosity. However, I pretended modesty and trying to draw my hand away, said, 'Oh, Mr Jones! How can you? — let my hand go.'

    '" 'Now, Dolly, you are no longer a child; come in here,' still holding me, and drawing me toward the stable. 'I want to teach you what every girl ought to know.'

    '"No, Mr Jones, I mustn't — you would harm me.'

    '" 'Afraid of me? Don't you know me better than that, Dolly." '" 'Well, tell me what you want to do?" '" 'Come here and I will tell you.' He pulled me inside the door, and having carefully closed and fastened it, he said, 'Come sit down with me on this nice clean straw.'

    '" 'Now, Mr Jones! Where are you pushing your hand? Oh! don't — ah — how you tickle me! You mustn't pull up my clothes — what a disgrace!'

    '" 'There — let me look — take away your hand — what a nice fat cunt you have, Dolly! But it is very tight!'

    '" 'Oh, Mr Jones! Oh! Your finger is hurting me — don't push it in so far.

    You'll force me to call out.'

    '" 'Well, let me kiss it to make it well' — and putting his hands under my bottom he lifted me up and buried his face between my thighs and gave my cunt its first experience of a man's kiss. He not only kissed, he sucked and licked and licked my cunt all round. I began to find the situation decidedly pleasant, and made no objection when, raising himself up, he pushed his prick against my cunt and said: 'Now Dolly hold my prick in your hand and rub it between these soft lips — this won't harm you.'

    '"I rubbed its great head over my clitoris and said: 'Yes, but you must not try to put it in, Mr Jones. It is too big — it would kill me.'

    '" 'No, my love, it will go in as nicely as possible, and once inside, it will give you more pleasure than ever you felt in your life. There, rub it up and down the whole way' — and forcing it down to the lower end of the chink, where he well knew the entrance was, he gave a vigorous thrust, and to my surprise the enormous head popped in, and with a shout of triumph he drove it up. I fairly screeched with the sudden pain but in a moment it passed away, and I felt my cunt agreeably gorged with the huge morsel. Mr Jones then hugged me tightly in his arms, and working his loins with tremendous vigour drove his prick back and forward until every nerve in my body tingled with amorous emotion.

    Then he pressed home and in a moment I felt his fiery discharge flooding all my cunt, bursting over the sides and trickling down my bottom.

    '"After the first exchange, not a word was spoken by either of us during that first fuck. But when after lying in me for a few moments, he commenced the second, he said, 'Dolly, you are a splendid girl; you seem to enjoy that silent fuck most thoroughly. Now, darling, let me hear you say how much you like the feel of my prick going in and out of your cunt — this way. Just tell me exactly what you feel, and it will make you enjoy it all the more. Isn't that nice?'

    '" 'Oh, yes, it is very nice. I like to feel your-'

    '" 'What?'

    '" 'Your prick.'

    '" 'Where?'

    '" 'In my cunt.'

    '" 'Doing what?'

    '" 'Fucking me. And I like your hands-'

    '" 'Where?'

    '" 'Squeezing my bottom.'

    '" 'That's right. Now heave your bottom up — so — and your arse.'

    '" 'Yes, I like what you are doing to me. I will heave my arse and say prick, cunt, arse, fuck — fuck — fuck… Oh! Now! Give me all you can — arse — arse — arse.'

    '" 'Darling, you are a first-rate fuck. Now that I know how good you are, you shall be my mistress here, and I will fuck you day and night.'

    '" 'But won't that get me in the family way, and how shall we manage then?'

    '" 'True, Dolly, it would be well to avoid that danger, and I well know one way of doing so, but I am unwilling to recommend it, unless you are disposed for it yourself.'

    '" 'To get yourself fucked as soon and as often as you can by other men.

    The mixing of seed of different men in the same cunt has been found to prevent conception in the womb.'

    '" 'But who is there here to fuck me besides yourself?'

    '" 'Well, there is Sandy, the herdsman. He is a mere country yokel, but he is the best hand I have. And as it happens, he is now near at hand, in the cowshed preparing for the night. So go in and speak kindly to him, getting as close up to him as you can, and I wager a crown piece you will feel his prick in your cunt before ten minutes.'

    '" 'Well, Mr Jones, as I would do anything to avoid getting in the family way, I will do just as you tell me. But won't he know that I have been fucked quite recently?'

    '" 'No matter, he will like your cunt all the better. However, I will give it a good wipe and a parting kiss.' He carefully wiped my cunt, and having given it a good sucking kiss, sent me inquest of Sandy.

    '" 'Sandy, is that you? Are you preparing beds for the cows? I hope you make them warm and comfortable' — and I walked close up to him.

    '" 'Yes, Miss Dolly. You are a good girl to be so thoughtful for the poor dumb beasts! Wouldn't you like to have someone to make you warm and comfortable?' he said, putting his hand on my shoulder.

    '" 'Yes, Sandy, if I could find someone that could do it.'

    '" 'Then you haven't far to look, Miss Dolly, for I'm the boy to make you warm and comfortable,' he said, putting both arms round me and pressing me against his belly so that I could feel his prick bounding between us.

    '" 'Stop, Sandy, don't squeeze me so hard.'

    '" 'Darling Miss Dolly, how can I help it when you are so nice and good!?' His hands were now on my bottom and I felt his fingers pushing in between my thighs from behind. 'Let me just touch you for a moment — that's a love — let go my hand, I won't hurt you;' and he began to raise my clothes and tried to push his hand up under my petticoats.

    '" 'Sandy for shame, that is not the way to make me warm or comfortable.'

    '" 'Yes it is, dear Miss Dolly, oh! what a darling little cunt! How soft and moist it is! I know it is longing for a fuck, and that will make you warm and comfortable. Lie back here.'

    '" 'Oh, no, Sandy, you must not lay me down — I can't let you between my legs — Oh, don't uncover me — you mustn't get over me. Oh! What are you pushing against me?'

    '" 'My prick, Dolly, my prick — there — let it in — it will make you feel grand — open your thighs. Hah, it is in! — now, do you know what it is?'

    '" 'I do, Sandy, you are doing to me what you make the bull do to the cow.'

    '" 'Just so, the bull fucks the cow and I fuck you. Don't you like it, Dolly?

    The cove shoves up her rump to get all she can of the bull's pizzle, and won't you do as much for my prick?'

    '" 'I will, Sandy, push in the whole length of your prick — Oh, yes — that's very nice — fuck me hard — fuck me fast — now! Let me have all you can give,' and Sandy roared as he shot a torrent of boiling spunk into my well-satisfied receiver. I got up and shook myself, while Sandy kissed me and made me promise to give him another treat soon. Then slipping quietly out, I sped away toward the house.

    '"Mr Jones met me on the way, took me in his arms and said, 'Bravo, Dolly, you have made a good beginning, you have taken a fair dose of spunk from two different men within the hour. But now, to make matters still safer, I wish you could get another from I third — it would make assurance trebly sure. Let me see, I will write a line to neighbour Harris, and invite him to pass the evening with me as I am quite alone, and send you with the note, and ask him to take care of you on the way back. I know that he admires you, for it was only last week that he remarked to me what a fine girl you had grown! And he is one of the hottest fellows after women I have ver met. You only have to let him have his way, or at least not hinder him too much, and you are safe to be well fucked before you get home. So put on your traps while I write the note.'

    '"In due time, I delivered the note to Mr Harris. He was very kind and brought me into a snug little parlour where he was taking his evening glass of punch. He prevailed on me to sip a little out of his tumbler. It was very strong and made my heart beat and my eyes swim.

    '" 'Oh! how strong it is! It will choke me.'

    '" 'Not at all, take a little more. It will make you feel jolly and prevent the night air giving you cold.'

    '" 'To encourage me, he put his arm round me and pressed my bottom with his hand. It was amusing how almost universally men begin with the bottom before they attempt the cunt. It is like stealing a march behind. So now when Mr Harris found that I did not object very much to having my bottom squeezed, he thought he might safely take another step, and drawing me to him, he said, 'Come, Dolly, you and I are old friends. Cone sit on my knee while you sip a little more punch' — pulling me down and at the same time slyly lifting my dress. I pretended not to notice him until I felt his hand on my bare thigh, and there could be no mistake as to his design.

    '" 'Oh, Mr Harris! Do you want to ruin a poor unprotected girl?'

    '" 'No, my pet, I'll not ruin you, but I mean to be fond of you and take the best care of you — there — open your legs more — what a luscious cunt you have, Dolly! And plenty of it, too. These are grand lips! Lean back a little more.'

    '" 'There — you have felt it long enough — now, let me go — you mustn't see it — oh my! I feel so ashamed to have you looking into it that way.

    Don't bring the lamp any nearer.' He had drawn the lamp to the edge of the table, and with the light full on my exposed cunt, was kneeling between my thighs and holding my cunt open with his fingers.

    '" 'Your cunt is something to look at, Dolly, I only wish I had more light to see it better. It has the deepest, reddest slit I ever saw! And these great fat lips swell out on either side in the most lascivious fashion. If you don't love fucking all I can say is your cunt belies you; now tell me the truth, you do don't you?'

    '" 'What a question to ask me! How can I tell?'

    '" 'Well, see here, Dolly, this will open understanding.' And rising up, he placed his prick in my hand.

    '" 'No, Mr Harris, put it away; I must not look at it, nor touch it, nor let it near me.'

    '" 'Why? It won't bite. Feel how soft it is! And what an innocent head it shows when you draw back the skin this way' — making my hand move down to the root and causing its red head to stand up stiff and inviting.

    '" 'Now, let it in,' and going down on his knees he pushed it up against my cunt.

    '"I was making a show of covering my cunt with my hand, but he shoved it aside, saying: 'I like your hand there very well, but keep it out of the way while I am getting in.' Then, directing the head of his prick to the entrance, he drove it quickly in and it filled up all the cavity inside. My cunt throbbed, my thighs opened to their widest extent and, in spite of me, my loins worked up, responsive to his thrusts.

    '" 'Ah! Dolly, I am right, you do know what fucking is and you love it well. Don't you, Dolly? Isn't that good?'

    '" 'Yes — Oh! — yes.'

    '" 'It does — Oh, it does — let me hold it in my hand while you are fucking me. Now fuck — push again — Hah! I'm coming — Oh!

    '" 'Tell me if my prick pleases you?'

    '" 'Are you done?' I asked, as after a big thrust, he stopped shoving and drew out his prick.

    '" 'For this time, my pet, but I expect we shall have another fuck before the night is past.'

    '"Then, opening a desk, he took out a note and, handing it to me, said, 'This is only a fiver, darling — a little remembrance, you know; and I am still in your debt, for you have given me one of the finest fucks I ever had in my life. Now let us start.'

    '"All the way back he continued fingering my cunt and bottom, and keeping up the most bawdy conversation. He said he delighted in hearing me speak of pricks, cunts and arses. Of course, when I felt the five-pound note in my pocket, I did and said everything I could to please him. When we came to the last stile, he asked me to lean forward on the top of it and poke out my bottom. 'I want to enter you from behind — it is my favourite mode of fucking. Your arse feels like a cushion when I pump against it as I drive home my prick.'

    '"While fucking me, he kept poking his wet finger into my bottom, until he had my arse as randy as my cunt.

    '" 'Tell me, Dolly, were you ever fucked in hour arse?'

    '" 'No, Mr Harris, surely no one would do such a thing as that.'

    '" 'Yes, they would, Dolly, it is a delightful way of fucking. Just let me get in and you will soon agree with me; put your hands back, like a darling girl, and hold open the cheeks.'

    '"How could I refuse. I poked my bottom out, and drawing the cheeks apart tried to make the narrow way as open as I could. He presented his prick and began to push; its well-moistened head slipped in and quickly passed through the surrounding wrinkles; it smarted for a moment as it was passing in, but when once inside, working up amongst my entrails, the most extraordinary sensation of pleasure pervaded my whole belly, bottom, loins and cunt; I groaned with ecstasy and writhed my body in the most wanton and lascivious contortions, while he held me round the hips, worked his fingers in my cunt and banged his belly against my bottom as he drove his prick in and out of my arsehole." '"Now, dear Mrs Scratchem, I have given you an account of my first experience in the fucking line, and your cunt is on the flow for the third time; let me sup up the juice which is oozing out." '"Very well, dear Dolly, but let us lie on the carpet. You can get over me and put your warm cunt on my mouth, and we can indulge in a nice suck together." 'After this mutual relief had cooled down their amorous heat and allowed their blood to revert to its normal flow, they returned to the sofa and sat down side by side. When they had sufficiently recovered breath, Mrs Scratchem said, "And, Dolly did you find Mr Jones's plan effectual in preventing your being afflicted with a big belly?" '"Well, something has prevented it, for, though I have had no end of men's seed poured into and over my cunt, I have hitherto escaped that evil; and I have heard from others that it has had the same effect in their case." '"It may be as you say, Dolly, and certainly if one strays at all from the straight road, a few steps more or less won't make much difference.

    Anyway, it was a knowing dodge of Mr Jones, for it freed himself from the sole responsibility."

    CHAPTER 19

    Lord Ferrar's narrative concluded: Mrs Scratchem on the spree

    'Mrs Scratchem who in love matters was a thorough-going socialist, put her arm around Dolly's neck, kissed her and said, "You are not at all the kind of girl I thought you were, Dolly. I admire your warm disposition, and I live you for the candour and the confidence you have reposed in me. I greatly envy the free life you lead, and if I could only see my way, I would gladly participate in some of your wanton enterprises. Are there any of your lovers to whom you would consider it safe to entrust our secret?" '"My dear Mrs Scratchem, I shall be only too happy to prepare the way for your free enjoyment of your natural gifts; and I think I know a mode of doing it without reposing too great confidence in the fidelity of anyone; for my rule is never to put more confidence than is absolutely necessary in any but a tried friend. However, my plan is simply this; come out with me occasionally in the evenings, and I will present you to some of my most select acquaintances as a visitor from the neighbouring town. If you alter your hair, darken your eyebrows, put on one of my dresses and come along with me, I will defy anyone to recognise in my friend the fashionable Mrs Scratchem; and from what you tell me of Doctor Scratchem and your agreement with him, I don't suppose he will place any obstacle in the way of your following your own inclinations." 'Mrs Scratchem listened thoughtfully, and then replied: 'Dolly, your plan seems feasible, and it would certainly be very agreeable. When would you propose to carry it out?" '"Well, let me see. I must first prepare Mr Jones, but as he is rather a blabber-mouth, we must not let him know too much. I will only tell him you are a friend who wishes to visit me occasionally for a spree, and that you might not object to a little sport with himself, on condition of his asking no questions and being content to shut his eyes and accept what his good destiny has sent him. I could have everything settled and ready by tomorrow evening, and after dusk meet you in the grove with a bundle if the things we need and you could make the changes there and then come home with me." 'Mrs Scratchem met Dolly at the time and place appointed, and very soon under her skilful management was transformed into a fair specimen of a country belle of the artisan class. A pair of flashy earrings and a gaudy brooch, with a few touches of rouge on her cheeks, completed the disguise.

    'It was dark when they reached the house. Mr Jones met them at the entrance and received Dolly's friend — Miss Lydia Fox — with a warm welcome. Dolly had already told him of her coming to pass the evening and described her as: "A young artless girl, inexperienced in the ways of the world, but of an amiable disposition; and what will please you more to hear, she is very amorously inclined — in fact, whenever we get together, and can conveniently manage it, we soon have a finger in each other's quim and indulge in a little bawdy chat together; so you won't find it very hard to gain her consent, but you must set to work with courage and determination." '"Very well, Dolly,' he replied, 'where I succeeded with you, I expect I shall not fail with her." 'So Mr Jones, thus prepared, and assuming his best manners, gallantly conducted Miss Fox into his sitting-room and complimented her on the bright tinge of her cheeks after her walk.

    'Meantime Dolly got ready cakes and coffee, which she made more exhilarating by the addition of something strong, and all three became very merry together.

    'In the midst of their fun Mr Harris dropped in — unexpectedly, of course — and was hailed as a welcome addition. He quickly exploited the familiar footing on which he felt himself to be by taking Dolly on his knee and pinching her soft bottom.

    'She laughed, but Miss Fox blushed and cried: "Oh! Dolly, oh!" '"Dolly is a sensible girl, Miss Fox," said Mr Jones. "She never objects to a bit of fun, and so we are all very fond of her. Besides I am sure she finds her seat very agreeable. I wish I could induce you to follow her example," and he threw his arm round her.

    '"Oh, Mr Jones! You are forgetting yourself," she exclaimed, trying to look grave but with a wicked twinkle in her eye. "I am not in the habit of allowing gentlemen to make free with me in that manner." '"Don't be foolish, Lydia. Mr Jones won't harm you." And she pretended to give him a sly wink to go on. Mr Jones, this encouraged, not only kept his arm round Lydia but put his other hand under her bottom to lift her up.

    '"Oh! Mr Jones, you stop at nothing. I suppose you will be wanting to kiss me next." '"Aye, that I will and I'll do it too" — and he boldly seized her in his arms.

    She squealed out and tried to push him away.

    '"What fun to see Lydia kissed! Let us go and hold her, Mr Harris," cried Dolly.

    'Miss Fox did not seem very much put out by this general onslaught.

    She laughed, but yet appeared to resist as strongly as she could.

    However, by their joint efforts they soon had her lying on her back. As she kicked her legs about, her clothes were thrown up above her knees; still she did not mind but kicked away harder than ever. Dolly held her arms but her legs seemed the most interesting point of attack for the men; as she fought a thrilling glimpse was afforded them of a red gaping cunt propped up by a pair of gleaming white gloves. And while they tried to grasp her fleshy thighs their hands slipped along their smooth surface until they reached her fat projecting posteriors.

    'Still the struggle went on, and amid shrieks of fun and laughter, her clothes were tossed higher and higher until at last the great bush of golden hair that covered her mount was brought clearly into view, together with the pouting lips below.

    'Then, Dolly, with exultant laugh, cried, "Now's your chance, Mr Jones, take a kiss from that sweet mouth which Lydia takes such pains to hide." '"No, he mustn't," cried Lydia, working her legs in such a way as made her cunt open out and display in the most wanton manner the pink lining of that glowing slit.

    'Mr Jones said nothing, but at once pressed his head between her struggling thighs and soon had his mouth in close contact with her hairy chink.

    '"Now keep quiet, Lydia, and let him kiss your cunt. You always say you are delighted when I kiss and suck it, and Mr Jones will do that much more agreeably than I can." 'Miss Fox made no reply, but as if acknowledging herself vanquished, ceased struggling and, spreading her thighs widely open, pressed up her cunt to meet Mr Jones's warm caress.

    'Mr Harris, observing the turn that matters had taken, drew back from Lydia and commenced pulling up Dolly's skirts. Dolly smiled lasciviously and said to him, "You naughty man — you are copying Mr Jones; you want to have my cunt exposed as well as Lydia's! Well, I won't prevent you, but let me place myself in a more convenient position." And throwing herself down beside Lydia, she pulled up her petticoats, and spreading her thighs, invited Mr Harris to possess himself of her secret treasure in any way he liked.

    'He was not slow in accepting her invitation, and applying his moist lips to her lecherous gap, her rolled the soft clitoris about with his pliant tongue.

    'Now sounds of delicious suction were heard, and both women twisted and writhed as they pressed up their throbbing cunts against the men's mouths, while the latter embraced their soft bottoms with encircling arms.

    'After enjoying this pleasing suction for a few moments, Dolly raised herself and said, "Now, Mr Harris, you have cleared the ground, let me see what you are going to plough it with!" 'Mr Harris already had his prick out, so standing up between Dolly's thighs, he projected it toward her face. She took it in both hands, and drawing it to her mouth, first kissed and then sucked its glowing head.

    'Mr Jones, taking his cue from his friend pushed up his prick toward Lydia's face to induce her to take it in her hands and apply it to her lips. But she kept on jokingly thrusting it aside and saying, "Oh, fie, Mr Jones! How could you expect me to do such a thing — to kiss its impudent head! Oh, fie, and who can tell where it has been, or what it was doing last" — all the time rubbing it with the back of her hand and, unintentionally as it was, giving the most wanton and exciting touches.

    '"I can tell you. The last place it was in was Dolly's cunt; and Dolly's cunt sucked it clean and nice. There's no cunt like hers!" 'Dolly laughed: "Well, you men are often the greatest fools. Don't you know that the cunts of women who have been often fucked are more or less alike."'

    Lord Ferrars' luscious story, told with such consummate grace and skill, produced the full effect; every cunt was now gaping with desire and every prick swelling with eagerness and power. A general melee followed and each, adopting their own fancy or whim, obtained the desired gratification.

    Before we separated, I got Lord Ferrars to promise to give us a further account of his aunt, Lady Flora, and especially a description of his own amour under her auspices with a certain young lady named Clara Alcock.

    And as the major and Alick had consented to come to us again next week, we hoped for an early opportunity of hearing the continuation of Lord Ferrars' pleasing narrative.

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