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    The adventures of Lady Harpur Vol.2


    My adopted father and protector

    Passing over for the present the events immediately succeeding our landing, behold me, settled in Government House, the favoured guest of the respected governor, and the chosen companion of his only daughter.

    My rooms are luxuriously fitted out in the cheeriest part of the building; I have almost a little suite to myself; a comfortable bedchamber, with a commodious bathroom adjoining, and the snuggest possible little boudoir opening through a veranda on to a portion of the grounds especially set apart for my enjoyment and supervision.

    For attendants, I have my own maid Zilla and an intelligent black boy, called Davy, to work the grounds and run errands.

    The old gentleman himself pays me every attention and visits me often on the sly; in public he is most circumspect, yet always exceedingly kind and indulgent.

    I have grown very fond of him, and do everything in my power to please and gratify him.

    Blanche and I are very good friends; we read and work together and receive joint instruction from various masters.

    I am not sure whether she is fully aware of the connection between her father and me, but if she is, she takes no notice of it, wisely judging that it is at all events better for her than if he married again. In due course, letters were received from my father, thanking the governor for his attention to me and gladly consenting to our present arrangements.

    Carlo obtained from the English government the pardon he sought, together with a substantial reward; and being found efficient as a seaman and a navigator, he was appointed captain of the good old ship Cammarilla.

    Good tidings also awaited our Sporio: the governor heard from the British envoy to the court of Tuscany, not only confirming the account he had given of his family, but announcing that his brothers were dead, and that he was the sole heir to the title and estates of the Lambertini.

    Sporio, now Count Lambertini, heard himself from the family lawyer, informing him of the same event and placing a large sum of money at his disposal.

    One of his first acts, was to offer me his hand and fortune; but I was not then inclined to marry, for having youth, position and independent means I loved my present freedom too well; besides, I thought that among the proud nobles of Italy, the irregularity of my birth would surely be cast in my teeth; so I declined his generous offer in the kindest manner and with many expressions of esteem and affection; at the same time I advised him to turn his thoughts to Blanche, who was more suited to him by birth and connection, and I know loved him very dearly.

    He took my advice and having proposed for Miss Stanhope was accepted by both father and daughter and after a marriage celebrated with musical eclat, Blanche set sail for Italy as the Countess Lambertini.

    Having thus satisfactorily disposed of our chief dramatis personae,let me return to my humble self, and my protector, the old governor, Sir Charles Stanhope.

    To arrest scandal he went through some legal procedure adopting me as his child; and having made a settlement he prevailed on me to assume his name. in consequence, I was everywhere well received, had great court paid to me and no end of suitors.

    But now I must explain our private arrangements. He had a concealed entrance to my rooms of which even the servants were ignorant. In my bathroom was a press for hanging towels; it had a movable back, which also formed the back of a similar press in the room at the other side, which was furnished as a spare room but was never occupied.

    His practice was to retire early in the night, pleading in excuse his advancing years, for though not yet sixty, and hale and hearty for that, yet his grey hair made him look much older.

    My boudoir was my favourite place for working and reading, and I avowedly devoted my evenings to study. So when the house was quiet, and my doors and windows well secured, the governor was able without attracting notice to visit his fair Rosamund, as he loved to call me.

    Then in the full light of brilliant lamps I would strip for him, and take out and fondle into life his soft and attenuated prick, while I read aloud some luscious work or related some amorous tale. But nothing so thoroughly pleased and excited him as hearing me describe my own fucking adventures; and he was always begging me to get myself fucked as often as possible, and as soon after as I could, even while my cunt was still saturated with the spunk which had been poured into it, to give him the fullest details; then he would examine my inflamed quim, sniff up the salty odour and lick its moistened lips.

    On one typical occasion, the governor was lying on a wide comfortable sofa opposite a large mirror; I was leaning back by his side in such a position as to afford him a full view in the glass of my cunt and bottom.

    I petted and frigged his slowly stiffening prick, and he titillated my excited orifice, watching its appearance in the glass, while he asked me for the latest news.

    'Well, Queenie, my pet, have you anything to tell me tonight? Did you succeed with James our English coachman? He seems a safe kind of man, amorously disposed. I was glad to see you coming this evening from the stables.'

    'I did, my Charlie' (his pet name in private); 'don't you feel and see how moist my cunt is? I have not even wiped it since; smell it, dear.'

    'Yes, my love, it is in a delicious state. It is very moist, and the hot smell from it is most fragrant and exciting. Now tell me everything that happened; don't miss one word.'

    'Well, I went out to ask after my mare which was so frisky in the morning that I could scarcely mount her. James met me in the stable, and as I passed him on my way into the loose box to pat the mare on her neck as usual, he put his hand on my shoulder to keep me back saying,

    "Take care, Miss Stanhope, she is not just now in a humour to be trusted," and in some way he made her plunge. I naturally started back, and he caught me in his arms. "Oh, Miss Queenie, you were near being hurt, and I should have been so sorry, for we are all so fond of you," and he pressed me to his breast. "Dearest lady, who could help loving you! How glad I am to save you from harm," he said, as he drew me towards a sheltered corner. I thanked him for his care and attention and said: "Now, let me go, James, I am in no danger here!" He put his face close to mine, and whispered: "Oh, might I make so bold — just one — darling Miss Queenie." '"Well, as a reward — here — take one — now, that will do — let me go — you will make me fall — Oh, James! What are you doing? Don't push your knee between mine — don't attempt to raise my clothes — what do you mean by unbuttoning my dress? O stop! I did not give you leave to put your hand there — Oh, James! How your fingers tickle me! Oh! How big you are! It will kill me — Oh! It is in! how nice it feels! How well you do it! press up to my heart. Yes, James, I will say it if you wish, I like you to fuck me. Yes, it is a strong, large prick. Yes, you my pinch my bottom and put your finger in while you fuck, fuck, fuck," I cried, as I felt his great tool poking my cunt while I lay under him on a heap of hay in the corner; he drove it home with such energy and force that his hard balls banged against my bottom as with a suppressed shout he flooded my cunt with boiling spunk.'

    By this time, I had Charlie's prick in a fine erection and he cried: "Get over me, my love, lay your sweet arse on my face; I will suck your delicious quim while you draw from my prick its milky juice.'

    I presented to him my arse, as he wished me to call my bottom, while he licked and sucked both apertures in my furrow of delight, I received in my mouth the discharge of his seed, and frigged his bottom-hole with my finger.

    Then we took some refreshment which I always had ready, and he returned to his own apartments, for he seldom cared for more than one emission at a time. Next evening he came as usual, and asked had I anything new to tell him.

    'Well, Charlie, you know I am always on the lookout for any love adventure that I think will give you pleasure. You spoke the other day about Dr. Prickett, and asked me to give him some encouragement.

    Well, he called again this afternoon, and by my direction was shown into my boudoir. The blinds were down, and I was reclining on the couch, complaining of a headache and pain in my chest. He examined my chest with his stethoscope; while doing so I allowed him to get a good view, and feel too, of my swelling bubbies. His eye sparkled as he gently pressed one of my nipples in his trembling fingers. Then putting my hand down, he said he wanted to feel the region around my liver.

    "But I can't through all this dress; may I put my hand underneath?" '"You may, over my chemise," I replied, leaning back.

    'He bent forward, and as if by accident, passed his hand up, not over, but under my chemise.

    '"Oh, doctor! I said over my chemise, and I feel your hand on my bare skin." '"Well, dear Miss Queenie, what difference does it make. It is after all a professional hand, and we medicos are accustomed to have no secrets kept from us." All the while his hand was roaming over the lower parts of my belly, and at last I felt his fingers passing down my thighs and pressing the lips of my cunt.

    '"Oh, doctor! That's not where my liver is at all." '"True, but it is very intimately connected with it. When the liver is inactive there is always sympathetic disturbance here. Do you ever feel any unusual heat here, or anything like obstruction in the passage?" and he pushed his finger boldly into the entrance of my easily excited cunt. Then, rapidly changing his hands, he put the other which had been in his pocket on my cunt, and began to rub the clitoris and nymphae.

    '"No, doctor, there is nothing wrong with me there indeed — Oh! What are you doing? You will drive me wild! You are making me so hot. Do I want anything there? — I do — Ah, you have made me so foolish, I really do not know what I am saying or doing. What do you want, ah, you know yourself. A prick? Well, a prick, if you like. Yes, of course I know you have a prick; how could you be a Prickett if you hadn't? I said, laughing at my wretched witticism. Put my hand on it? well, I will to please you. Yes it is a fair specimen of the manly organ — both stiff and long. Do ladies like that kind of prick? You know that better than I do.

    Would my cunt? Yes, doctor, for however you have managed, you have set it on fire and made it glow like a furnace. I am sure you have put something into it, it burns so." '"Nonsense, child, it is the sight and feel of my prick which has made you long for a fuck; now confess, isn't that it?"

    'All this time, he was most skilfully manipulating my cunt, making every nerve in and around it tingle with pleasure.

    '"Yes, I am longing for a fuck — you have made me, whatever you have done; come, hurry — put it in, or you will drive me distracted," I cried, spreading my thighs, and pushing up my cunt naked and open before his face.

    '"There — in with it — Hah! I have it at last — now fuck away; how grand your prick feels! It quite fills up my cunt; you doctors are great fellows, and can do just what you please with us poor women." Then pushing my hand between our bellies, I felt the root of his prick and squeezed his balls, while I threw up my legs and hammered his bottom with my heels, to force him further into my cunt, now in a state of the most ravenous excitement. He held me with a grip like iron, while he fucked away, and then with a frantic yell of delight, he poured into my cunt a torrent of his boiling injection.'

    Meanwhile the dear old governor fairly quivered with emotion, as he poured his scanty discharge over my breast, where I was frigging his prick with my bubbies pressed against its sides.

    He next prevailed on me to favour him with an actual fucking exhibition, while he lay concealed in my room, and Davy, my black errand boy and gardener, was fixed on as the medium.

    Though called a boy, Davy was a well-grown lad of eighteen, and not at all bad-looking.

    'But what if Davy should prove unwilling?' I asked.

    'Oh,' he replied, 'don't trouble yourself about that; you will find him only too willing, if a woman, and that woman a lady, happens to throw herself in his way.'

    'But if so,' I added, 'are we safe in trusting him?'

    'You can make him safe by gaining his affection, and young fellows of his class are often more trustworthy than those from whom you might expect better things; but to make assurance doubly sure, you may threaten my displeasure; the fear of that would, I think, be sufficient to shut his mouth.'

    So I consented, and arranged with the governor for him to be hiding in my room about the middle of the next day; the time when I usually took my bath and he his siesta. And through the open door, he might hear and see all that passed.

    The next morning, having warned Zilla to allow no one to disturb me during my after-bath sleep, I directed Davy to gather a nice bunch of flowers and bring them to my boudoir.

    Meanwhile the governor entered by the secret door, and was duly ensconced behind my bedroom door.

    Soon afterwards Davy appeared, his ebony face beaming and all his ivory flashing by way of contrast, while he held a glowing bouquet in his hand. He found me loosely dressed and lying on a sofa. I said, 'Oh, Davy, I am so glad you have come as I cannot sleep for these horrid flies, lay down the bouquet on the table, take my fan there, and like a good fellow keep them off while I try to get a little rest, for I am tired and sleepy.'

    Davy took the fan and kneeling on a stool at my side, with the quiet noiseless movement of his race, discharged the office thus imposed on him. While I, overpowered with heat, lay tossing about and affording him sundry peeps at my fair arms and bosom. 'Oh, Davy, I am so hot that I cannot rest, could you unfasten my belt for me? It is hooked behind,' I said, turning over on my side. With deft and ready fingers he did what I required.

    'Why, Davy, one would think you were trained as a lady's maid,' I said, turning on my back and raising one of my knees.

    He grinned and said with inborn gallantry that I made him very happy, and asked, could he do anything else to give me more ease. I smiled up at him, and said: 'Davy, you are a good attentive boy, and you see how much I trust you in having you by me while I sleep.'

    Closing my eyes, I continued: 'Yes, there is one thing more I think you could do for me, and which I am too lazy to do myself, and that is to unbuckle my garters; they feel very tight now that I am so warm.' Davy almost bounded at the word, and quick as thought, his trembling hands were fumbling about my knees, while I pretended to be more than half asleep and totally regardless of his manoeuvres. My garters were fastened above my knees, and the heat, I suppose, had caused my thighs to swell, for he seemed to find considerable difficulty in opening the buckles; at last, and with some effort and much lifting of my skirt to see what he was doing and perhaps something more besides, he succeeded with the leg that was raised, but the other he had to lift himself to facilitate the operation. He stooped a good deal, and in raising my leg managed to separate my thighs. I was conscious that he was most intently gazing up, but I lay quite motionless, as if overpowered with sleep. Meanwhile, having removed the garters, he continued touching and softly pressing my thighs, first on the outsides and then on the inner parts, gradually lifting my dress more and more.

    He now bent forward until his head was almost between my thighs, and I heard him sniffing, as if he was perceiving and enjoying that subtle perfume which exhales from the cunt of every healthy woman — no matter how cleanly she is in her habits, or how particular she may be to keep her private parts nice and sweet. I could almost hear his heart beating as his trembling fingers approached the hairy chink which was now the great object of his desire and which lay so temptingly within easy reach. At last his fingers touched the outer edges of the lips; as he perceived no shrinking from his touch, he let his hand rest lightly on the soft pouting ridges, and looking up attentively scanned the features of my face.

    At first, a slight twitching at the corners of my mouth seemed to alarm him; but I quickly brought the refractory muscles under command and the symptoms of heavy sleep prevailed; so he ventured again to investigate the object of his special interest and desire. He softly pushed his fingers in between the lips, and at the same time in the gentlest manner spread my thighs a little further apart. His head bent forward as if irresistibly drawn toward the magic spot. His breath stirred the hairs that grew around it. He kissed the lips. His protruded tongue entered and played around the soft recess.

    My nerves began to tingle and my clitoris to swell. To remain quiet longer was impossible — I stirred; he started up, looked caught, and seemed covered with confusion. To reassure him, I said in my blandest tones, 'Oh, Davy! I have had such a pleasant dream, I thought I was once more a child, bathing with my nurse, and that she was kissing me all over'; then glancing down, I continued; "But Davy I am sure you must have been looking at me, and touching me somewhere; did you mistake me for your sweetheart?'

    'No, missy, Davy hab no sweetheart, he lub nobody but missy herself.

    Oh, missy! When I take off your two garters, I force look up, and I did see something; de bery opening ob heaven did shine out between your lubly thighs. Oh, missy! It too much for poor Davy; if you no let him see day heaven again, he die, dat sure.'

    'Ah, Davy, I fear you are a foolish boy; however, I would not wish you to die; yet if I let you look again, you might boast of it to somebody, and that would grieve me and make me sorry for being so kind to you and trusting you so much.'

    'Sweet missy, you may trust Davy, he die sooner than make you sorry.'

    'Well, then, Davy, to show you how much I trust you, you may take one peep, but only one, mind you.'

    In a moment my dress was lifted up, my thighs widely separated, and Davy's head and shoulders between them. He darted on my cunt like some famished animal on its prey. He kissed its lips, and rubbed his nose in the chink between; then thrusting in his tongue he licked all the inside, and up the passage as far as he could reach.

    This tasting of love, as pleasing to me as it was ravishing to him, only whetted his appetite and increased his excitement.

    He looked up again, and now his eyes seemed actually ablaze with amorous fire as he exclaimed, 'Oh, missy! You have sweet cunt, as juicy as a melon and hot like a baked yam. It surely long for um friend. Oh look at um here. Darling missy, don't be angry wid poor Davy,' he pleaded as he pulled out a fine black tool of goodly size, with a full dark-coloured top, stiff and erect; and pushing it toward me, he said, 'Feel um, missy,' emboldened by the look fo interest with which he saw that I regarded it.

    It throbbed as I felt it with my hand, and when my fingers closed around it, it gave a bound as if electrified by their touch.

    He now leaned over me, and with a most entreating look, said, 'Darling missy, won't you let him in? he will fill you all up wid lub and delight.'

    'Well, Davy, I can hardly refuse you now, as I have let you go so far; but first see that the door into the veranda is bolted securely, you need not mind my bedroom door, no one can enter by that; and now let down your pantaloons, or take them off altogether, that will be better, it is so warm. Now tuck your shirt well up, that will keep you cool.'

    He obeyed with the utmost alacrity, and presented to view fine muscular legs and shapely buttocks as he stooped over me and gently drew me across the couch. I twisted my body into such a position as would afford my dear old Charlie the fullest and most exciting view of the whole transaction. I smiled towards him, as I could just distinguish his face through the slightly open door.

    The room inside had been darkened for our purpose, but I could see that he was nodding approval, and rubbing up his tool with his hands.

    Meanwhile Davy, having raised up my thighs, had inserted the point of his weapon in the open sheath prepared for its reception and, led on by natural instinct, was working it forward and back with both skill and effect.

    Each time he drove it home, he grunted: 'Oh, missy! Oh!!' And as the feeling of pleasure grew more intense, the loudness of his tones increased until, with his eyeballs almost starting out of his head, he shouted: 'O — ah! Ah — O!' and I felt a torrent of hot sperm discharged with unusual vigour into my throbbing and swimming receptacle.

    Davy desired a repetition, and was quite ready for it, too, and so was I, but my thoughts turned to my dear old Charlie. So I checked him and said: 'Not now, Davy, some other time. I will call you again; you must really put on your things now, and be off to your work; it would never do, you know, for anyone to find you here in my boudoir.'

    He reluctantly obeyed, and getting into his trousers set himself to rights. I then let him kiss me, and promised to receive him soon again, on which, after a loving hug, he hastily withdrew.

    I bolted the door after him, and turned to meet Charlie, who now entered, radiant with smiles and holding his prick in a state of unusual stiffness in his hand. Folding me in his arms, he thanked me for the great pleasure i had afforded him, and commended what he called my extraordinary cleverness in conducting the affair in such a natural and satisfactory manner.

    I said: 'I am glad you liked it, Charlie, and I may tell you that the thought that you were looking on and enjoying it too increased my own pleasure tenfold; and I am now ready, as you see, to give this poor fellow a specially warm and lubricious reception. Look how red and swollen the lips are! And see what a lot of white oily spunk is trickling down the furrow! Now pop him in, and he will feel the welcome I have ready for him.'

    He then revelled as usual in my excited and well-moistened cunt; and after a most enjoyable fuck, accompanied by expressions of fondest endearment, took his departure.


    The training of Susy

    About this time Zilla, who rendered me willing and valuable aid in my efforts to please the old governor, received into her charge a pretty young girl to train as lady's maid. She was the orphan daughter of a soldier, Susy by name and just fifteen years of age. The governor was greatly pleased when he heard of it and said it would be such a treat to see her in the bath with me and hear us talk together, and 'my Queenie knows the kind of talk that will please her old Charlie best.'

    I planned the matter with Zilla, who was to be her initiator in the first instance and who promised carefully to report progress to me. She therefore brought her to her own room, and they slept together the first night. Next morning when Zilla attended me as usual she told me she had no difficulty in obtaining Susy's fullest confidence; that she had a charming little cunt with smooth lips and just a suspicion of light silky hair at that part of the projection where the slit begins; that the little rosy clitoris was very sensitive and easily excited, and that altogether, from her disposition and previous learning, she was fitted and prepared in no ordinary degree for all kinds of amorous sports and enjoyments.

    Zilla also fount out that although Susy had not as yet been regularly fucked, she was perfectly familiar with the act and knew the names of all the parts employed — and liked to talk about them too; that she had seen her mother fucked by other men besides her own husband; and that one of the officers had frequently petted and looked at her cunny as a child, and taught her to frig and suck his prick. I said I would like her to attend me when taking my midday bath, and went on, 'You may tell her, Zilla, as if from yourself, you know, that the more free and unconstrained she is with me, the better I will like her, and that nothing would please me more than to hear from herself a full and minute account of all she has ever seen and heard of these interesting matters, for I am exceedingly curious about such subjects.'

    The old governor was delighted when I told him all this, especially when he heard that Susy had a smooth little fat cunt with scarcely any hair on it. 'How I shall enjoy,' he said, 'seeing her naked with you in the bath!'

    So on the following day, I had him snugly ensconced in the towel press, seated on a chair and able through a slit in the door to see and hear all that passed in the bathroom.

    I was soon puris naturatibus, but I observed that she hesitated about pulling off her shirt.

    'Why Susy!' I said, laughing, 'You don't mind my seeing you naked, I hope; it is natural enough to be ashamed before men, but it is excess of modesty for women to mind one another, for I expect we are all furnished pretty much after the same fashion. That's right,' I continued, as she drew her shirt over her head, 'and certainly,' I said, drawing her toward me and putting one hand on her bottom and the other on her smooth plump little cunny, 'you have no reason to hesitate, for you seem very nicely furnished for so young a girl; come: let us compare together.' of course my object was to make the girl display her young charms in the fullest manner, and to lead her on to lascivious talk so as to give more gratification to my dear old Charlie, who was, I knew, at the moment, rubbing up his old cock as he feasted his eyes on her budding cunt of fourteen summers.

    I drew her forward to race the press, and passing my hand over her pretty rising mount, asked, 'Is it ling, dear, since these silky hairs began to sprout?'

    'No, missy, it is only within the last month that I observed any hair to be growing there.'

    'These fat round lips are very soft, and this funny little lump between, how it slips about, do you often pet it with your finger?'

    'Sometimes, miss,' she said, as she laughed and blushed.

    I laughed too, and as I frigged her, said: 'Susy, you and I will be good friends, I think. and now, let me assure you that the more confidence you have in me, the better I will like you; and besides, I know very well what girls are, and that no matter how demure they are before men, when they are among themselves, they delight in unrestrained liberty, both of speech and action. And moreover, I don't think the worse of a girl, provided it be done wisely and discreetly. Now tell me, dear, was this pretty little chink every touched by a man?' I asked, still continuing the frigging, so that she twisted and started as often as I pressed the sensitive top of her tiny clitoris.

    'Yes, miss, Oh!'

    'By more than one?'

    'Yes, miss.'


    'Yes, miss.'

    'Ah! I thought so and I like you all the better. Now let us take our bath, and we can finish our talk afterward.' We then stepped in and enjoyed the refreshing effects of the cool water while we dipped and splashed about.

    Susy grew more familiar as we played and toyed together, and became quite affectionate as she dried me afterward.

    Before we put on our things again, I said, 'Sit down here with me awhile, Susy; lean back and open your thighs, you have a charming little loose chink and I want to get a good view of it; now tell me, who touched it first, and how did he do it; but first tell me, do you know my name for it?

    'I do, miss, but I am ashamed to say it?'

    'Why need you be ashamed? is it cunt?'

    'It is, miss.'

    'Well, say it.'


    'And before you proceed, what is a cunt for?'

    'Oh, it is for — for-'

    'Out with it.'

    'Well, it is for fucking.'

    'With what?'

    'La, miss, you want me to say everything.'

    'Of course I do.'

    'Well the, fucked by a prick.'

    'Good girl, now go on.'

    'Well, miss, the first man who touched my cunt was captain Joyce. My mother was her washerwoman and she used to send me to carry home his clothes. He always got me to put them away for him in his drawers.

    He knew the time of my coming and generally had cakes and something nice for me to eat. One day he kissed me and called me his pretty little maid. He quickly saw that I felt flattered, for at that time I thought it a great thing to be kissed by an officer. Then he got me to sit on his knee and tickled me, first under my arms then between my things; at last he got his hand upon my cunt, and after awhile he prevailed on me to lie back, open my legs and let him look at it; and what do you think, nothing would satisfy him but to kiss and lick the inside with his tongue! Was that not horrible?'

    'Not at all, dear Susy, it is quite a natural thing for a man to kiss and suck the cunt of a nice girl like you; why I have known even women to kiss each other's cunts; but go on, what did he do? did he show you his prick at all?'

    'Indeed he did, he coaxed me even to unbutton his trousers, and take it out with my own hand, and then he showed me how to frig it up and down, and got me to kiss it and suck its head; one day he stropped me stark naked, and placed me across his lap with my bottom to his belly, and he pressed his standing prick along my slit in front, while I frigged it with one hand, and stirred his balls with the other, and soon a lot of hot milk spurted out of it all over my belly.'

    'Did he ever try to get it into your cunt?'

    'Yes, often, but I was quite too small, though he hurt me a good deal.'

    'Did you ever see anyone fucked, Susy?'

    'Oh, dear yes, I saw my mother fucked, and indeed most of the women in the barracks.'

    'I am so glad; tell me everything and all about it; but, I declare, Susy, I do believe you are spending — stay let me taste it'; and putting my hands under her plump little bottom, and my face between her widely spread thighs, I rubbed my nose in the sweet savoury chink, and lapped up the hot rich juice that exuded from its excited depths.

    'Dear miss, how pleasant that is,' she said, wriggling about, 'how kind and good you are! I never felt anything so nice; let me kiss and suck your sweet cunt in return.'

    'Here then, Susy, I will hold it open for you while you suck it, and slip the tip of your finger into my bottom, I love to be tickled there at the same time, yes, that is very pleasant.'

    I lay back, so that Charlie might have a good side view of my cunt while Susy sucked it, and as she leaned forward, her own pretty little bum with its round hole just over the rosy chink of her cunt was turned to him too.

    'O! Susy dear! I am spending now, suck it, love, suck my cunt,' and putting down my hands, I pressed her head between the wide-spread thighs as I felt the sweet suction of her lips on the clitoris and the point of her tongue darting into the sensitive orifice beneath.

    'That is a good girl, you gave me great pleasure, Susy; I must see that you are nicely fucked some of these days; how would you like to feel a good prick going into this little chink?'

    'It would feel very nice, I am sure, but would you really like to see me fucked, miss?'

    'That depends upon whom you were fucked by; how would you like to be fucked by the governor?'

    'La, miss, sure he would not care to fuck a girl like me.'

    'Why not, Susy, you could give him as much pleasure as the finest lady in the land.'

    'Oh, but isn't he too old? He might not care for that sort of thing now.'

    'Ah, he is not as old as he looks! What's more, I have reason to know,' I said smilingly, 'that he enjoys a fuck now as much as ever he did in his life.'

    She opened her eyes and looked at me in earnest and excited manner.

    'What I mean, Susy, is he has no wife now, and you know, a man needs a woman at times, and I am sure you are just the one he would like to have; and if you are inclined to gratify him, I would not in the least object, for I am very fond of him and like to have him pleased, and then he would be very good to you, and might be of service to your mother, too.'

    'Well, miss, I will let him, as it pleases you — if he cares for it himself; but how and when can it be done?'

    'Oh! I will manage that. He will be taking supper with me tonight; you and Zilla will be there to open oysters for us, and then perhaps we shall all have some fun together; in the meantime, if you care for it, you may have a little play with Davy in the garden.'

    She blushed crimson and said, 'Why miss, you don't think that I play with Davy?'

    'No, but he plays with you, and is not that much the same thing. Ah you little rogue! You thought that I saw him kiss you this very morning, and, if I mistake not, run his hand up to where your little fanny hides herself.'

    'Oh, my, miss! What sharp eyes you have! It was a great piece of impudence in him, but he shan't do it again; if he does, I will give him such a slap as he won't forget in a hurry.'

    'Oh, well, don't be cruel, Davy is a merry boy and full of fun; I don't think he means any harm; now go, I am not angry, as you see.'

    I was quickly in dear old Charlie's arms; oh! How he fondled and praised me. Love's vocabulary was exhausted in the effort to fined sufficient terms of endearment and delight.

    We had a delicious fuck. And here, let me say a word in explanation.

    After an unusually wide experience in the matters, I prefer the embraces of an elderly man, provided he has not enfeebled by early excess or self-abuse. As a rule young men are too hasty and precipitate, and their only thought seems to be self gratification.

    Whereas, an elderly man is usually more deliberate in his action and more anxious that the woman he is with should fully participate in the pleasure, so that she might more lovingly respond to his emotion; as Byron tunefully expresses it:

    All who joy win, must share it -

    Happiness was born a twin.

    An elderly man also is generally more fond and tender in his love and far less exacting in his demands.

    But another deeper reason for this partiality arose from the different way in which the act itself is regarded by the two sexes. Man, who is perhaps by nature and training more selfish, generally looks for pleasure irrespective of the female who supplies it, anyone in fact that suits his purpose will do. it is not so with woman, at least not generally, and I know my own sex well; their chief and highest gratification arises from their capacity to import enjoyment to the man they love, and hence they seldom care for the venereal connection except with one whom they esteem and love. Of course, I don't refer here to those who from unfortunate necessity are obliged to grant favours to anyone who will pay for them; for such as they the poet speaks when he declares:

    Let all mankind this certain maxim hold, Marry who will, our sex is to be sold.

    With empty hands not tassels you can lure, But fulsome love for gain we can endure;

    For gold we love the impotent and old.

    And heave, and pant, and kiss, and cling for gold.

    I refer only to those who bestow their favour freely, without that wretched greed for money or costly presents which degrades so many.

    And with respect to such, I consider that Byron slanders us when he reproduces the French maxim:

    In her first passion, woman loves her lover, In all others, all she loves is love.

    Now my dear old Charlie, though not perhaps the object of my first passion, had really gained possession of my heart's best affection, and I therefore enjoyed and reciprocated in his embrace with a warmth I experienced with no other man.

    I found him always kind, gentle and considerate, and, what would have been a special charm in the eyes of many, he was absolutely free from all tinge of the green-eyed monster, jealousy.

    On the contrary, instead of restricting me in dispensing my favours, he was continually urging me to form fresh connections and seek out-oftheway adventures.

    Provided I kept his secret inviolate, and that he occupied the first place in my affections, he rather rejoiced in the number and variety of my lovers; in fact there was not an aide de camp or officer in attendance whom he did not suggest as a likely subject for an amorous intrigue; but more of this anon. Now, as he lay soaking in my arms, he asked me to tell him more about Susy and Davy. 'But, how quick the fellow was in making up to her!'

    'It turns out,' I said, 'that they are old friends. His father has charge of the barracks garden, and Davy worked there with him, and often brought Susy in to get fruit. So this morning he went out to renew her acquaintance. He seemed delighted to meet her again, and drawing her under the shade of wide-spreading banana trees, he took her in his arms, felt her young breasts, and then suddenly stooping ran his hand up her petticoat. I saw it all, for I was watching through the jalousies, and although she pretended to me that she was very angry, she certainly showed no displeasure at the time, so far as I could observe, for she remained quiet, and even opened her thighs to give him more room; what more might have happened I would not venture to say had not Zilla come into the garden to call her; when she heard Zilla's voice, she jumped and ran to meet her.'

    'What fun it would be, if we could watch them together! Could you manage it, Queenie?'

    'Well, I might; the kiosk at the end of the grounds commands the whole garden. I pass much of my time there reading in the upper room. If we could get there without being seen by them, we might watch all their manoeuvres and see everything they did through the jalousies. But perhaps the plan would be to take Davy into my confidence, and let him know beforehand that I was looking on and that he was giving me pleasure, as well as getting it himself. You might, without his knowledge, enter the grounds by the wicket gate close to the kiosk, and be there before me.'

    'That is a capital notion, Queenie; arrange with him for tomorrow forenoon, and I will come around after dispatching my letters and telling them inside that I am going for a walk; but what would you think of calling him in now, settling with him, and giving him a little sport as a reward? The very thought of it is stirring me up, and making me disposed for a second turn.'

    'Very well,' I replied, 'Go in there and conceal yourself while I call him in; I dare say he won't be slow in availing himself of the opportunity.'

    So leaving the governor to settle himself again behind the door in my darkened room, I stepped into the garden and called Davy.

    After a moment, he showed himself at the farther end, looking flustered and hurriedly getting his dress into order, while at the same time I caught a glimpse of Susy's skirt as she hastily disappeared through a side door.

    'I want a bunch of geraniums to take with me in the carriage. Davy, gather some, please, and bring them into my room.'

    He quickly followed me with the flowers in his hand. As I took them from him, I said, 'I am sorry to have disturbed you just now, Davy, what were you and Susy about?'

    'Oh, missy, I was talking to her and she wanted to kiss me,' he said grinning.

    'Very good, and you, Joseph-like, ran from her?'

    'No, no, miss, Davy nebba run from a petticoat.'

    'I believe you, Davy, you are too fond of what is under the petticoat; forgive me for having called you away from it.'

    'Ah! Missy, I have been just longing for you to call me again as you promised; Oh, missy, may I now, just one leetle feel?'

    'Well, Davy, if I let you for a moment, will you be very good and do everything I ask you?'

    'Dat I will, everything.'

    He went on his knees, and I quickly felt one of his black paws roving over my bottom, and the other exploring my well-moistened cunt.

    'Oh, how soft!' he muttered, smacking his large fleshy lips, 'it all melting wid lub; let me look.' I helped him to raise my dress. 'Oh, it hab bright colour — red as de rose; and a lubly smell, like one pinky; let me kiss um — oo-oo-ah; and suck um; it hab sweet juice like one sowsap.'

    'Now, Davy, stand up before me while I sit on the sofa so; I want to see what you like,' I said, drawing out his black tool, 'why, it is all hot and moist, what were you doing with it?'

    'Oh, missy, don't you know? Susy was kissing it.

    'Then it must have been with the mouth between her legs; I know by the smell it has; you may as well tell me honestly; I won't be angry with you.'

    'Well, missy, I won't tell you one lie, I had just given her one little poke, and was going to begin the second time, when you called me. I felt angry then, but I glad now.'

    'Has Susy a nice cunt? Did you every fuck it before?'

    'No, missy, but I kissed it. it is very nice, and you can see it all very plain, for it hab scarcely any cubbering, and it bery smooth to suck; but oh missy, I nebba see cunny so nice, and soft, and beautiful as yours; may I get in and hab one little fuck?'

    'Yes, Davy, but listen first. I want to see you fuck Susy. To enable me to do so, you will have to bring her into the lower part of the kiosk in the garden, and lay her down on the matting in the corner, with her clothes well thrown up, you know, so that when I look down through the floor of the room above I may see all that you do. I will be there tomorrow forenoon and Susy will be sent into the garden while she thinks I am out riding. And if you do it well, and have plenty of talk too, I will give you a reward soon. Do you understand?'

    Davy grinned with satisfaction. 'Good missy, Davy will do all he can to please.'

    I then leaned back, spread my thighs, and let him push in his engine of love, turning him so that Charlie might have a view of it as it glided in and out between the clinging lips of my cunt.

    'Now Davy, my boy, push home; what do black people say you are doing now?'

    'I braggin, missy.'

    'And what name have they for the tool itself.'

    'Tommy, miss.'

    'And what do they call the woman's thing?'

    'The whole in her crack.'

    'And what is your tommy doing now?'

    'He just going to puke. Oh! Oh!!'

    'Let him puke away, then.'

    Davy now pounded away with all his might, and just as the seed was gushing from him, he let out a tremendous rouser, which so tickled the governor's fancy that he fairly laughed out, but Davy was in such a commotion that he did not observe it.

    I then sent him out and gratified my Charlie with another inspection, but would not let him emit; I wanted to save his force for the evening.

    After dinner the governor came openly into my part of the grounds and strolled about with me until suppertime; then we entered my boudoir where the lights were burning, and the windows carefully closed. Zilla and Susy were in attendance, and we had a good deal of chaffing with them while they were opening the oysters. The governor insisted on their taking some champagne to refresh them after their exertions, and we soon all grew very merry. The governor began to kiss and tickle them, they retaliated, and Zilla even pulled his beard; in return, he ran his hand up her petticoat and seized the hair of her cunt.

    She pretended to be angry, and squealed out; Susy came to the rescue and the melee was tumbled on the floor with her clothes tossed up.

    Zilla laughed, and cried: 'Oh, for shame, Susy, you have shown the governor everything you have between your legs.'

    Susy struggled to get up, but I held her down, saying, 'Don't mind, Susy, you are just as nice there as any of us; we'll have a peep at Zilla herself by and by.'

    Meantime the governor pounced on her, and getting his head between her legs began to kiss her smooth little cunt.

    Then, at a nod from me, Zilla unfastened his braces, while I unbuttoned his trousers in front, and drawing out his prick and balls, cried: 'Now then, governor, you are cleared for action; engage under the old flag that for forty years has braved the battle and the breezes.' Susy struck her colours to keep up the metaphor as the governor ranged alongside, and with open arms and legs received him in to her sally-port.

    Zilla knelt in front, and holding up her dress, gratified him with a few and feel of her luscious thick-lipped savoury cunt, while I guided his not over-stiff affair into Susy's tender recess, letting it slip in and out through my fingers as I slapped and pinched his bottom to stimulate his efforts.

    He ran the usual race of pleasure, and with loud and repeated grunts testified his satisfaction at reaching the desired goal.

    Then when he had put himself to rights, he kissed me, and said, 'Darling Queenie, you and your charming maids have given me very great pleasure, I look forward to many happy reunions here; meanwhile, let me remind them, I rely implicitly on their secrecy and discretion, and they shall not repent of pleasing me.'

    He then took his departure and we finished the supper by ourselves, and laid our plans for future joy.


    Susy's account of her experiences of barrack life

    The kiosk referred to in the last chapter was a light ornamental structure built in the Turkish style, consisting of two storeys and commanding a beautiful and extensive view of the government grounds and also a large portion of the island.

    The lower part was used for keeping garden tools and implements and rolls of matting for covering young trees and plants. The upper part was luxuriously furnished with loungers and easy-chairs; and the windows were protected with outside shutters and jalousies. It was sheltered by a fine old tamarind tree, and was a cool and delightful retreat in the hot sultry weather that prevailed.

    I passed much of my time there, and often received Charlie, and other privileged guests. For though living in the house as the governor's daughter I acted in all respects as my own mistress.

    The next forenoon, I started to pay some visits, but soon re-entered the grounds by the wicket gate of which I kept the key, leaving the door unfastened after me. Then having given some directions to Davy that would keep him for a time at the further end of the grounds, I returned to the kiosk.

    The governor soon joined me, and after a few warm caresses, and a sight and kiss of my cunt, which latter salute he never omitted, he cautiously raised one of the loose boards of the floor.

    Then he arranged the rugs and matting so that we could recline at our ease and at the same time see and hear all that passed in the place below.

    We had scarcely made all comfortable, when we heard Davy's voice.

    'Come in here, Susy, my lub, dis nice cool place. Missy is out, and de garden door locked, so dere is nobody to bodder nor disturb us; sit down on dis nice clean matting, and we will take our fill ob lub and delight.'

    He then threw off his jacket, and helped Susy to remove everything but her handkerchief and shirt; then, making her lean back, he spread her legs wide open, and pushed a roll of matting under her bottom, which caused her fair smooth little cunny to stand out and project in a most lascivious manner.

    The governor watched it eagerly, while I petted his slowly stiffening tool, and with loving touch sustained its drooping head.

    Davy threw a knowing glance upward, and went on, 'Do you mind, Susy, the night when you and I were hiding in the cupboard, and we saw Sergeant Tompson on top of your mammy; and she clutched and hugged him as he darted his great tool in and out of her hairy crack; and how I wondered at your liking to look at dat secret place where did you gib yur first squeak?'

    Susy, who was evidently enjoying Davy's lustful toyings, and whose wanton fingers were at the same time busy manipulating his fine standing prick, replied, 'Why should I not look at it, when she let me see it so often before; shall I tell you how I saw it first?'

    'Do, Susy, my lub, dere is nothing I would so much like to hear.'

    'Well, one night my dad and Corporal Simms agreed to exchange wives, and all went to bed together; they had all been drinking, and I suppose that would be their excuse; however, when they came to the bed, I was in it fast asleep. Mother said something about not disturbing the child, but they all laughed, and dad said: "She's now a well-grown girl, and her time for being fucked will soon come, so she may as well have her first lesson now." Whereupon they took me up and stripped me naked like themselves. When they all got on the bed, dad rammed his prick into Mrs Simms' cunt, while the corporal hoisted mother's legs, and slapping her behind, said: 'Look here, Susy, when will you have a cunt like this?" and he drew open a pair of great hairy lips, showing a long red chink extending from the furry mound of her belly down to her bottom. And not content with my looking at it, he took my hand and rubbed my fingers up and down in that moist furrow.

    'Now, Susy, I'm going to fuck your mother, and if I can knock as fine a child as you out of her, I'll be proud — here hold my prick, and put it in."

    I felt excited, and not a little curious to see how it was done, so I placed the red swollen nob at the end of his prick in the hot crevice of mother's cunt, and felt the whole prick slipped through my fingers and passed up into her belly until the balls pressed hard upon her bottom.

    'Mother only laughed, and said, "In for a penny, in for a pound." And drawing me up, she made me lie with my bottom by her face, and my cunt turned up, so that the corporal could lick and suck it while he fucked her. This seemed to afford him great delight, for he sucked my cunt with such force that he almost sent me wild; while mother bit my bottom as she shook under the impetus of his heavy prods, I could distinctly hear the sound made by his prick as it rushed in and out between the unctuous lips of her receptacle.

    'Dad, who was lying on Mrs Simms stretched alongside, though in the contrary direction, and hammering at her cunt with his muscular backside, now turned his flushed face toward us, and seeing how I was placed, panted out: 'Ho! They have got Susy between them; how the corporal sucks her cunny while he fucks her mother; put your hand here, child, and you will feel your father at the same sort of work." 'He then raised himself to let me see the whole of his large prick, as he drew it out of the hairy sheath into which it had been plunged. Child though I was, I was quite familiar with all these things; I liked the look of it, it seemed so strong and full of life and had such a bright ruddy colour. So I willingly put my hand on it and held it firmly as he drove it again into the pouting mouth that seemed to devour it with such relish and satisfaction. It slipped easily through my fingers for it was greasy with moisture and glowing with heat.

    'Well, Susy, dey war queer women dat libbid in dat barrack room; but sogers' wives and sogers themselves seem to lib for nutting else dan shagging and drinking. You hab oder funny tings to tell, I know, but you see dis here chap won't wait; see how he nods his head; he smell a rat in dis here little hole, and he long to poke in his nose; now open wide and push up to him — ugh! Hold im — Susy — hold im — he going to turn sick — shall I take him out?'

    'Davy, you're an ass — you black fellows can never fuck like other people — you make such an awful splutter and commotion — can't you be decent, and don't be letting all the world know what you are doing.'

    The old governor shook with fun and enjoyment. He whispered to me, 'Queenie, your plan has turned out a great success. That Davy of ours is quite a genius in his way. Susy and he are well matched and improve one another by their contrast; I owe them something for they have given me a glorious cockstand. Get over me, my pet and put this shameless fellow out of sight.'

    He then carefully closed the aperture in the floor, and gave himself up to the enjoyment of his own sensations.

    'How uncommonly tight you are, Queenie! After all the fucking you have had, you have the most wonderful power of contradiction I ever met with in any woman; I feel not only a strong suction at the entrance but a powerful grip the further I push in; how do you manage it?'

    'Oh! It is just a knack I have learned. Do you like that?'

    'Yes, it is very delicious — I feel as if my whole soul were in my prick, and as if, at the point of it, it formed a junction with your own — Oh! Oh!

    I can't help groaning out — I hope they won't hear me. But I think they are talking again — let us listen.'

    He then put up his again shrunken tool, and having softly removed the covering from the opening, we reclined as before.

    'davy, what's that queer muttering I heard?'

    'Parrots, Susy, de parrots in de tamarind tree, dey are trying to copy us,' he said with a grin, 'but dey cannot get beyond de sound.'

    'It seemed to me, more overhead; what's upstairs, Davy?'

    'On it is dere Missy Queenie sits and reads in de heat ob de day. Dat is de way up, but she out now, and she always keeps de door locked.' Susy got up and tried the door, but fortunately we had bolted it inside; so finding it fastened, she returned to the side of Davy, and amused herself playing with his prick and balls.

    Davy glanced up again, as he said, 'Go on, Susy, tell us something more of what you seen in dat barrack room — warn't dere a girl, called Nelly Sykes, just about your age?'

    'Oh, yes, Nell and I were great friends, it was from her I learned almost everything, for she was older, and had seen more than me; her mother had the far end of the room, which was always thought the pest part.

    You know, it was a long room with six windows, and the six married women on the strength were all lodged there, but it was curtained off, so that each couple had a window and a space about it to themselves.

    The fun of it was that the men coming in from guard, often under drink, were continually making mistakes and getting into the wrong beds.

    Most of the women thought little of this and after having the full benefit of the men while they were fresh would then ramble about until they found their husbands and lug them back to their own compartments.

    'But there was one, a Mrs Morgan, who pretended to be very particular, and she was always trying to set us all to right, but everybody disliked her, for she was a great scold. She often kicked up a row at night, when the wrong man got into her bed; but the men all declared that she never discovered the mistake until she had been well fucked and got from them all they were able to give; then she would shout: "Morgan!

    Morgan! Come to your own bed; here is somebody else got in by mistake"; and if he did not respond, she would jump up and go round the room in search, waking everybody and scolding all round.

    '"Mrs Sykes! I do wonder at you! What do you mean by keeping that rapscallion of mine, you ought to know better!" '"How can I help him, Mrs Morgan, when he won't go; and you're worse yourself, for you have had my man with you this lat quarter of an hour, and were quiet enough until now; out with you, and don't be ballyraggin in that fashion." '"Nell and I used to enjoy all this amazingly. We often followed the men when they came in, and crept under the curtains after they got into bed. We would then get close up alongside, and listen to every sound and word. Sometimes we even ventured to push our hands between the sheets and feel them fucking; when they were at all muddled or excited they never minded us, and many a good feel we had of their slimy pricks as they passed in and out of the wide hairy gaps of the women.

    'When Nell and I were by ourselves, we could talk of nothing else:

    "What a queer thing fucking is, Susy!" she would say, "it is such slobbery work, it must make them feel very nasty." '"It can't be very nasty, when they are all so fond of it. Did you mind how Mrs Morgan hugged the corporal last night, and pushed up t him, though she knew right well, I am sure, it wasn't Morgan himself; and then without saying a word how she got over him and gave him her cunt to lick; how would you like to be licked there, Susy?" '"I am sure it must feel very nice; did anybody ever lick yours, Nelly?"

    She laughed: "Well, let me look at your little fanny, and I will tell you." '"Oh! I don't object in the lease if you care to see it," and I held up my frock; "but you must show me yours at the same time." '"Well, lean back and let me kiss your smooth little slit, and you can kiss mine afterward if you like." 'She then got her head between my thighs, and holding open the lips, she sucked my clitoris, and tickled it so with her tongue that she almost made me spend in her mouth.

    'Then she lay back, and poked out her mossy chink for me to tickle and kiss. It had lots of short curly hair about it, and the clitoris was very big, and it grew bigger as I rubbed it and pushed my fingers into the opening below.

    '"Now Nelly, tell me who has been kissing it, and making the passage so wide and roomy." '"Shall I tell you how it all commenced." '"Yes do, that is what I mean." '"Here goes then: do you mind the night when my dad was carried in tipsy, and was confined in the guard room?'

    '"I do well." '"That night, I went to Sergeant Luby, into his room, to ask him to get father off; he's colour sergeant, you know, and has great influence with the captain. He put his arm around me, and said, 'You are a good girl, Nelly, for being so fond of your father; but what will you do for me, if I get him off?'

    '"What would you like me to do, sergeant?' I asked.

    '"I would like you to give me twenty kisses.'

    '"That I will, as many as you like,' I said, holding up my mouth, and throwing my arms around his neck.

    '"Oh, but anybody may kiss your mouth, I want you to kiss me where you kiss nobody else.'

    '"How could I kiss you except with my mouth?'

    '"Have you not another little mouth lower down? That's the mouth I want you to kiss me with.'

    '"His meaning now dawned on me, and I hung my head.

    '"Let me see where it is, and I will show you well it can kiss,' and he pressed his hand on the bottom of my belly, and began to pull up my dress.

    '"Oh, sergeant, mother is crying in the room; get my dad out, and send him to her, and then I will let you.'

    '"I was knowing enough, you see to secure my bargain first.

    '"Well, my little pet, that's fair; but if I go and get him out, will you stay here, and wait until I return?'

    '"I will, sergeant, but don't be long.'

    'Just let me feel it for a moment, and then I will go.' He quickly got his hand on my cunt, and began to pinch the lips, and rub his fingers in the slit. After a moment, he rose hastily and went to his press, and taking out a book placed it in my hands, saying: 'Here's something that will amuse you while I am away,' and he went off smelling his fingers as he left me.

    '"That was the funny book; it was full of coloured pictures of naked men and naked women; and the men had the finest pricks ever seen, and the women the biggest cunts. They were sucking and frigging and fucking in every way that could be imagined. The sight of them made my blood boil. I raised my dress and rubbed my cunt in the vain attempt to relieve the intolerable itching I felt there. So absorbed was I with the pictures and my own sensations, that I never noticed the return of the sergeant until he was close-up; when he burst out laughing observing my excitement, and the manner in which I was trying to alleviate it. 'Bravo! Little woman — you have the right stuff in you — but I will show you a trick worth two of that.' He then took me in his arms, and kissing me, said: 'But first I must tell you that your dad is free. I had him safely taken to your mother, for he was not able to go himself. Now let me see the little mouth we were talking of before I went out.'

    '"Of course, I had to yield to his wishes now, so I let him place me lying across his bed on my back, and naked from my waist down. He then knelt on the floor, and shoving his hands under my bottom began to kiss and lick my cunt. 'There — my little pet, I have taught you a new way of kissing, how do you like it?'

    '"It is very pleasant, but now you have got the twenty kisses you asked for, won't you let me go?'

    '"I will, Nelly, but first I want to show you something. You seemed to like looking at the pictures; now look at the reality,' and he pulled out his fine standing prick. I sat up to look at it as he asked me. 'Put your hand on it dear; you are a clever good-natured girl.' How well these men know our love of flattery. He saw that I liked his praise, and taking my hand, he placed it on the nervous shaft of his animated prick. 'You have delicate fingers like a lady, and they feel soft and tender to the touch; now move it up and down — this way — put your other hand down here; these two round things are the stones which hold the seed, the stuff, you know, of which children are made. Did you ever see it Nelly?'

    '"No, sergeant.'

    '"Would you wish to see what it is like?'

    '" I would, sergeant.'

    '"Well, close your fingers firmly round, now gently push back this loose skin all the way; see how that makes the head get redder and stand up more erect! Go on that way — softly up and down — now hold your hand Oh! Oh! There it comes! And such a lot of thick white stuff like starch spouted out and ran down the sides.

    '"The sergeant gasped and lay back, and his prick became quite soft and much smaller. After resting awhile, he sat up, and pulling me across his lap made me rub my bottom and cunt against his prick. 'That will bring him back to life again,' and sure enough, I felt it grow quite hard between my thighs. Then lifting me up, he placed its top between the lips of my slit. 'Now push down; once you get it in, it will feel so nice.'

    '"I like the touch of it in that most sensitive spot, and so pressed down as he asked me, but the moment it began to enter, I felt a terrible smart.

    'Oh! Oh! It is hurting me. Oh! I can't bear it.' But he only put his strong hands on my shoulders and forced me down. The cruel wretch, only thinking of his pleasure, was altogether heedless of my cries of pain; in fact, judging from the fire in his eye, I do believe he enjoyed it all the more for my anguish. Be that as it may, the whole of his great tool passed up into my belly, and the lips of my cunt rested on the hair which clustered round the roots of his prick.

    '"I almost fainted at first but in a few moments, when he began to move it softly again, a most heavenly feeling succeeded and I hugged and kissed him in the greatest delight. I have been with him often since, and that is why you find me so wide and room."

    'Such was Nelly's account of how she was first sucked and fucked. And now, Davy, I must be off; it would not do for Miss Queenie to find me idling with you when she returned. So for the present, goodbye.'


    Dick's letters

    It will no doubt gratify my readers to hear something of my old friend Dick. During this period, I received several letters from him acquainting me with the progress he made in his studies and describing various love adventures, which he narrated in glowing terms and with great particularity of detail.

    I will therefore interrupt the course of my story by introducing a brief account of these proceedings, not however in the disconnected way in which he wrote them but placed together in the form of a continuous narrative.

    After arranging his college matters, he went about looking for suitable lodgings. The ones he selected were kept by a widow named Mrs Bond, and what chiefly influenced him in making the selection, was, as he told me, that the hall door was opened by a pretty clean-looking girl called Polly, with a bright smiling face, and about seventeen years of age.

    So finding the situation good, the rooms comfortable, the rent moderate, the landlady agreeable and, above all, that Polly was to wait upon him, he at once agreed to the terms and his traps brought from the hotel.

    He soon learned also that Mrs Bond had two daughters; the elder, Mary, was a quiet ladylike girl who played and sang well, and was nineteen years of age; the younger, Jemima, more generally called Jim, was a lassie of thirteen, still attending school, but when at home, full of fun and up to every kind of lark. Dick, being large hearted and ambitious of making conquests, determined on going in for the whole three, and even the mother herself, who was of the fat, fair and forty school, was not excluded from the range of his far-reaching desires. He therefore laid himself out to please them all by every means in his power. In doing so he tried to adapt himself to the tastes and ideas of each; to the widow, he was affable and good, and all that was proper and becoming; he sang and played with Mary, listened to her music and performance; he romped with Jim, and filled her pocket with goodies and sweets; while on Polly, he lavished his warmest look and most insinuating speeches, backed up with a crafty present now and again.

    But for some time Polly, who had a great idea of the proprieties of life, resisted all his overtures and kept him at arm's length.

    He then bethought himself of his medical resources. He knew there were certain drugs which exercised powerful on the genital organs. He therefore searched the college library, and through his knowledge of Latin ascertained from the learned works stored up there the names and qualities of the drugs he was in search of, while his position as a student enabled him to obtain the drugs themselves.

    Thus armed, he commenced a series of cunning assaults on the innocence of the unsuspecting Polly. Now Polly herself, it must be admitted, rather laid herself open to these attempts; for she had the common but evil habit of sipping and tasting the wine and sweets which Dick kept in his cupboard. He found this out, and gladly utilised the knowledge for his purpose, but although he commenced dosing his wine bottle and jam mug, it was bur for some time without any apparent effect, for though the wine and jam certainly suffered in his absence, she still resisted his advances and seemed proof against al his allurements.

    Yet he persevered, and one evening, when Mrs Bond and her daughters were out taking tea with a neighbour, he determined on making a more decided attempt. He usually took a tumbler of rum toddy after his late dinner, and when Polly brought in the hot water, he mixed a glass for her, which he pressed her to accept; I need not say, it was both strong and well-dosed. Polly had been that day more jovially inclined than usual, and Dick had made her a nice present; she did not like to refuse. She took the glass and began to sip it, still standing however at a respectful distance.

    After a little chaffing about her sweethearts, and her own good looks, Dick prevailed on her to sit by him on the sofa. The toddy now began to tell; her eyes brightened, her bosom rose and fell, as if some tumultuous emotion was stirring her within, an Dick perceived the crisis of victory was approaching; his hand went around her waist and he pressed her in his arms.

    He kissed her cheek, he kissed her lips. She feeble struggled to free herself from his encircling grasp. Her imagination became inflamed as his toyings became bolder. First the treasures of her virgin bosom were explored and brought to light. As he waxed warmer she grew more languid and yielding. She vainly strove to stay the rapid progress of his roving hand as he lifted her snowy smock and exposed to view her beautifully rounded fleshy thighs and the rich tuft of auburn hair which nestled in the voluptuous angle at their junction.

    With muttered entreaties, she begged him not to take advantage of her weakness, but the feeble lamb might as well ask pity from its devourer; not that Dick felt at all like a devourer, he was conscious only of being impetuously driven on by his all-subduing passion. He pushed her back by his weight, and gently but firmly separated her closely pressed thighs. Then he got the first view of her charm of delight. The pouting lips seemed throbbing with desire. As he parted the soft, moist folds with his fingers, they felt hotter than those of any cunt he had ever touched. He pressed his middle finger up the tightfitting passage, and he felt a kind of living suction inside, as if some vital force was acting on the incoming digit. She gasped, while tears trickled down her blushing cheeks. He kissed them off, and while doing so released his fiery charger, and placed his ruddy crest within the projecting ridges of her cunt, now burning for enjoyment of the unknown but much desire pleasure.

    He plunged in, not without difficulty to himself and pain to her; but she was so terribly excited, and so eager for the coming joy, that she heaved madly against him; and between the two opposing forces his stiff prick rushed at one bound into the soft warm bed so ready for its reception. A shiver of delight passed through her languid frame. Her overstrained muscles relaxed their tension, and all the feeling of her body seemed centred in the region of love as she breathed out, 'Oh, Mr Dick! It is too much, you will have your will of me at last! Oh, yes, I will be good to you, it is delicious, oh!'

    Dick quickly spent, and after reposing for a few moments in her now loving arms, recommenced his cunt-stirring, soul-thrilling movements and in the midst of warm kisses and gentle love-murmurs finished his second course.

    From that evening, Polly was all his own, and at night when everyone had retired, and all the house was still, she used to creep into his room and pass the happy hours in his fond embrace.

    Under Dick's tuition, she acquired a practical acquaintance with the various ways of fucking, and all the favourite modes of producing sexual excitement. She seemed to take special delight in using lascivious terms and expressions; she talked freely of his prick, bollocks and spunk; to please him she held open her cunt for his inspection, then squatting down, she willingly piddled before him, and said: 'Now you must piddle for me, and I'll hold the chamber and let you piddle through my fingers; then she sucked his prick; in short, she made use of every device to inflame his passion and gratify his lust.

    Dick had soon to discontinue his stimulating drugs, for he felt that otherwise he would be consumed in the volcano he had himself ignited and stirred up.

    Moreover, Dick loved variety and desired fresh conquests. He therefore put forth all his powers of persuasion to induce Polly to aid him in his efforts to gain the favours of the two sisters.

    Polly was not naturally of a jealous disposition, and being very much under his influence, and exceedingly fond of the sport herself, she readily entered into his view.

    Fortune too favoured him in a most unexpected manner, Jim hurt her leg climbing a tree, and a tumour formed on the inside of her thigh. Mrs Bond consulted Dick, and allowed him to examine Jim in her presence.

    He lanced the tumour and ordered a poultice, and said she would require both rest and care.

    The tumour was very near her little cunny and although her mother tried to keep it covered, Dick managed to get a good peep at the smooth little chink while he pretended not to see it at all.

    The poultice was to be changed every day, and the tumour reopened; so each morning, Dick, with the mother's help, performed the operation. After a few times, the mother, observing how delicately he discharged his duty, uncovered her without scruple before him, and Jim opened her legs to give him more room to examine her. But one morning Mrs Bond had to go out, and she sent Polly to tell Dick to visit her daughter as usual.

    Jim always enjoyed his visits, and liked to feel his hand moving about her as he was so skilful and tender in his touches; and though he often pressed the poultice to the ridges of her modest little slit, she was quite unconscious of his object, and much enjoyed his caressing touch.

    So, on this occasion, her face lighted up with pleasure when she saw him enter her room. She lay back and held up her clothes while he examined her, and when he asked her to open her legs more, she spread them out as widely as she could.

    Dick now feasted his eyes on her budding charms as he gave directions to Polly about preparing the poultice. He gently passed his hand over the fat smooth lips, and with the tip of his finger rubbed lightly up and down the warm cleft.

    She felt the thrilling effect of his knowing touches, and with a flushing face, said: 'That was very nice, Mr Dick; it quite removes the pain.'

    'Yes, dear, that is what I am trying to do, the nerves here are very sensitive and this friction stills the pain.'

    When Polly came with the poultice, she was not a little surprised to see Jim lying back with her thighs wide apart, her eyes closed and her face flushed with pleasure, while Dick leaned over her with one hand under her bottom and the other busily engaged in frigging the rosy slit of the projecting cunt.

    'See, Polly, I have almost cured Miss Jemima by rubbing this sweet little mouth; she quite enjoys my touching her here, don't you, Jim?'

    'Yes, Mr Dick, it feels very nice, and has quite lulled the pain!'

    'It is such a pretty little mouth, too; I would so like to kiss it; might I, Jim?'

    'Oh, no, Mr Dick, you surely would not kiss me there — nobody would do that.'

    'Yes, there is somebody that would, and somebody that will,' and raising her plump little bottom with his hand, he pressed his mouth between the pouting lips and took a long sucking kiss. Jim's face glowed with pleasurable excitement, and turning to Polly, she asked: 'Did you ever know such a thing?'

    'Yes, indeed, Miss Jemima, I have heard it said that when men are very fond of us they like to kiss us there.'

    Meanwhile dick sucked her clitoris, and frigged her with his tongue and he soon felt the thrill of pleasure agitate her frame.

    She breathed fast and hard, and then lay back with her eyes closed.

    When she recovered, he kissed her mouth and said, 'You are a sweet little pet, Jim, and as I have relieved the pain, I will put on the poultice and leave you to rest.'

    She smiled and said: 'Thanks, Mr Dick, you have given me great ease, and you are very kind.'

    Dick then motioned Polly to accompany him, and when they were out of hearing, she laughed and said: 'You are a terrible man, Mr Dick, you seem to get your way with us all.'

    'Well, I have made a fair beginning,' he said, 'and I must leave the rest in your hands. She will be sure to question you, and you know to lead her on — return to her now, and tell me about all that passes.'

    When Polly and I were next alone, she told me that when she went back to Jim, she at once began: 'Well, Polly, isn't Dicksie' (a pet name they had for me among themselves) 'a funny man! I can't to think what made him kiss me between my legs but, do you know, it felt so very nice I don't think I could refuse him if he asked me again.'

    'Of course you would not, he is very fond of you and that's why he kissed you there.'

    'But, Polly, it made me feel so hot and the heat is there still.'

    'Let me see,' said Polly, and she lifted her skirt, Jim leaned back and opened her thighs and Polly softly and tenderly frigged the little love slit, and went on: 'This is the part of us woman that men are always thinking of, and longing to see and feel, and do something else to, tool'

    'Why what else could they do?" 'Do you know what they have themselves?'

    'No, Polly, how could I?'

    'Ah you do, every girl knows; you have surely seen little boys' cocks?'

    'Oh, yes, is that what you mean? I thought you meant something big.'

    'And so I do; when little boys grow they become big cocks.'

    'And what have big cocks got to do with us, that's what I want to know?'

    'Just this: they are made to go into us here, and that's why this little crevice is like a mouth, and when you grow older hair will come there like a man's moustache.'

    'How funny! I never thought of that; you are older that I, have you a moustache there? Show it to me, Polly, there's a good girl.' Polly allowed her to lift her dress as she stood by her side; then Jim put one hand behind her bottom and drew her nearer, while she pushed the other between her legs to open them, and exclaimed: 'Oh, my! So you have! And so bushy and soft! And such thick lips! And so hot inside!

    And so large! I declare, two — three fingers go in easily; was a big cock every pushed into you, Polly?'

    'Ah, Miss Jim, that's not fair, what would you think of me if I told you?'

    'I would think you the kindest and best natured girl in the world; tell me, Polly, you may trust me, and I will be so very fond of you.'

    'Well, miss, I may as well confess that I have enjoyed that pleasure, and you'll not find many girls of my age that haven't; and whether they have or not, or whatever they may say, they all wish for it; even you, Miss Jemima, young as you are, seem quite ready; see how far I can push my finger into this soft opening and it does not appear to hurt you.'

    'It does hurt a little, Polly, but still I like it; you may go; oh that's nice — would a big cock feel nicer than that?'

    'Twenty times nicer, dear, it is so smooth and soft and has such a pretty round head and slips in and out so deliciously that it would make you just tremble with delight; oh, if it was here in place of my finger, how pleased you would be.'

    'I think I would Polly; has Dicksie one of these nice big cocks?' she asked with a knowing look.

    Polly blushed and turned away her face: 'Ah! Miss Jemima, how curious you are: of course he has, but he does not call it by that name.'

    'How does he call it? I am so fond of you Polly for telling me these things, and I want to know everything; what does he call it, Polly?'

    'He calls it his prick, miss; I am sure he would very well to show it to you, and let you feel it too, if you ask him.'

    'I would not ask him for the world; prick… prick, I remember seeing that word chalked on a gate. But I did not know what it meant, and there was another word just below it which seemed to belong to it — cunt; what does that mean?'

    'Why, that's the name of this little mouth here.'

    'Is that what Dicksie calls it?'

    'Yes, dear, the very thing, but now I must go, I have told you enough for this time.'

    Dick praised Polly's tact and cleverness, and having satisfied her with an extra-loving embrace said: 'Now, Polly, all we need is an opportunity to complete the work you have helped commence.'

    That opportunity soon occurred. Mrs Bond was again invited out to tea, and as Jim was unable to accompany her mother and sister, she obtained leave to ask Dick to come and sit with her in the evening.

    Dick readily accepted the invitation, and made himself as agreeable as he could. When Polly had removed the tea things, Jim asked her to remain and keep them company. Then came that happy 'tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.'

    Jim and Dick reclined together on the sofa, while Polly sat on a stool before them. Dick remarked that Jim must now be almost quite well, as he had not to lance her for several days but 'let me see again to make sure', and he raised her dress to look.

    'I am ashamed, Mr Dick, at your seeing me so often uncovered.'

    'You need not feel ashamed, for you are beautifully made; and this is the sweetest little mouth I ever saw or kissed,' and slipping off the sofa he pushed in between her legs and frigged her with his tongue. Her excitement was now evident, for she spread her thighs and pushed forward her cunt.

    Dick felt that now she was ready for the climax itself; so he looked up and asked if she liked the feel of his tongue in her love-chink — 'this dew little cunt, I mean'.

    Jim blushed, and murmured that nothing could be nicer.

    'Oh, yes, there is something that would be nicer, is there not, Polly?'

    'Indeed there is, Miss Jim, let me show it to you,' and opening his trousers at the front, she drew out his fine standing prick.

    'Look at it, dear, put your hand on it — feel how firm and stiff it is!' Jim smiled, and looked at it with admiring eyes; she let Polly close her fingers around it, and under her direction, she frigged it up and down.

    'Now, dear, lean back and push your bottom to the edge, and Dicksie will rub the nice soft head of his prick between the lips of your longing cunt, and then you will know what pleasure means — so — isn't that nice?' and holding the prick in her hand, she rubbed its head up and down in the moist furrow. 'Now let him push it in; it will feel so good!'

    'Oh, Polly, it is hurting me — take it out — take it out.'

    'No, I won't; you can bear it until it gets in, then it will hurt you no more — that's a brave girl — push, heave — there, it is in! now fuck away.' Polly rubbed her cunt on Dick's bottom, and joined in every push, and getting greatly excited as she felt the last quick probes, cried: 'Prick!

    Cunt! Bollocks! Fuck, fuck!'

    How Dick proceeded with the others, and his final success, must be left for the following chapter. Suffice it to say that these letters were all read to the old governor, and were a source of the greatest delight to him. He sent many kind messages to Dick, and a special promise that if he came to Trinidad after he had completed his college course he would obtain for him a government appointment and otherwise forward him in his profession.



    Dick had less difficulty with Mary than he anticipated. She drank in his flattery with avidity, and seemed pleased with his attentions. They often sang together, and when he accompanied her in a duet, his arm would naturally stretch across her shoulders as he held the chair on which she sat. After a while, as they became more familiar, his hand would as naturally steal around her waist.

    Again, when he stooped to turn the music, their cheeks could not avoid touching and then their lips. Not wishing to frighten her by a too rapid advance, he remained satisfied for a short time with such chaste salutes, though gradually increasing them in warmth and frequency, and occasionally indulging in soft pressures of the lovely breasts, swelling out in ripe and most luxuriance.

    They now passed much of their time alone together; her mother regarded Dick as an eligible suitor and thought that if their liking for one another ripened into love, he might not be a bad match for her daughter, and therefore she rather encouraged and promoted their increasing intimacy.

    The accomplishments of this design was further facilitated by Mary's love for classical studies. Dick placed in her hands a literal translation of Ovid's works, which gratified her poetic taste while it stimulated her amorous inclinations. She seemed greatly interested in the account given by Ovid of Jupiter's amours, and put many questions to Dick respecting Europa, Leda, Danae and others. He told her how Jupiter loved the beautiful Europa, and assuming the shape of a bull, coaxed her to mount on his back, and then carried her off to Crete, where she became his mistress and had many children by him. How when Danae was shut up in a brazen tower, Jupiter got access to her by means of a shower of gold, and when she had spread her knees to fill her lap with the glittering treasure he availed himself of her position to attain the object of his desires. Mary blushed, but evidently understood what was meant, and did not object to listening.

    He accordingly thought he might now venture a little further in his account of Jupiter's amour with Leda. He described how when she was bathing naked in a river, Jupiter came to her as a beautiful swan chased by an eagle; how she naturally opened her arms to give him protection, and when he found himself pressed against her soft bosom, and between her lovely thighs, he was able, even though a swan, to give her a taste of the sweet joys of love and fill her with happiness and delight; somewhere here you know,' he said, slipping his hand suddenly up between the yielding thighs of the half-bewildered Mary.

    'Oh, Dick, don't you tickle me too much, don't lean against me so hard, don't my love. Oh!' she panted, as Dick pressed her in his arms, called her his darling, and drew her on to his lap.

    'Oh, Dick! What do you want? What is your hand doing there? I can't let you do that, don't you know it is not right? Oh! How you tickle me, what would mamma say if she knew that you had your hand there?'

    'Why, what could she say? She was often tickled there herself; how could she have had you if someone had not played with her there, and put something into this sweet little mouth, you know what I mean.'

    'No, Dick, Oh! I can't sit quiet! You tickle me so! How could I know what you mean!'

    'Well, Mary, let me enlighten you, put your hand here my darling.'

    Having already unbuttoned the front of his trousers, he drew her hesitation hand toward the opening, and pushing it in, placed it on his bounding prick standing up with uncapped head inside.

    'Oh, Dick, for shame! I won't put my fingers around it; I can't move it up and down; oh, Dick! Oh! What are you doing? Don't press me back — don't spread my thighs, you mustn't see it, you mustn't kiss it — how can you! Oh! Your tongue is sending me distracted!'

    'What a lovely cunt you have, Mary! How red it is between these fat lips! How soft it feels! And its scent is most delicious; how nice to kiss it, and smell it; and lick it and suck it! and this dear little round bottomhole, I must kiss it too. Lift your legs more, that I may better see all your lovely white arse. Now let me pop my poor fellow into this sweet mouth and give you a practical lesson in the Art of Love.'

    Dick now had her lying on her back across a broad sofa; her bottom on the edge, her thighs drawn up, and at their greatest stretch. This position, of course, caused her cunt to appear like a hungry mouth gaping widely before him.

    He placed the firm head of his excited prick in the rosy chink under the clitoris, and rubbing it up and down in that luxurious and highly sensitive hallow, he asked her if she liked the feel of his prick in the mouth of her cunt, and whether he might push it in? 'O yes, Dick, it feels very nice, you may push it in, but won't you do it very gently, my love?'

    Dick held open the lips with his fingers, stooped over her, and began to push.

    'Oh! It is taking my breath! Oh! It is tearing me up! Oh my! It is smarting terribly! Oh, it is in! I feel it — oh I feel it — ever so far up my belly! Is this fucking/'

    'Yes, isn't it good? Do you like me to fuck you?'

    'Yes, you fuck me so nicely. I like to say fuck, when I know it pleases you; and I feel your long prick stirring up my cunt; as it is now — fucking — fucking — fucking. O yes I knew these words before, but I never used them until now.'

    When they had finished fucking, and while Dick was lying on her belly with his prick, pleasantly so, soaking in her cunt, she whispered: 'I will tell you a secret — I saw you fucking Polly yesterday evening in the garden; you did not think I heard you telling her to follow you there; but I did, and I followed too; and she unbuttoned your trousers, the shameless girl, and took out your prick. Then she kissed and sucked it, while you, bad man, kept fingering her cunt and bottom.

    Then you placed her on her back and rammed your prick into her cunt, while she kicked about her legs, and called out: 'Fuck me, fuck me, fill my cunt with your prick, the balls against my arse, fuck — fuck — fuck.'

    I fell in love with your prick then, and envied Polly the great pleasure she enjoyed when you pushed it up into her belly.

    Stand up now that I may see it again, balls and all, and after I have frigged and kissed it, you may put it back into my cunt and fuck me again if you wish.'

    Dick declared that of all the randy girls he ever saw, he never met the equal of quiet, demure, modest-looking Mary Bond.

    He had no sooner finished one fuck than she wanted another, and she was always suggesting some new plan for varying the enjoyment or intensifying the pleasure. She loved to look at erotic pictures, of which Dick had a store, and was always trying to imitate the attitudes and adapt the positions therein depicted.

    She told him that for years she had been conscious of great irritation in her cunt; that she often frigged it while watching its reflection in the glass; and that she had never met any young man without casting a sly glance at the lump in his trousers and wondering what his prick would be like when it was stiff and standing up.

    She had also a particular fancy for looking at and playing with the cunts of other girls. She assured him that there was scarcely a young lady of her acquaintance whose cunt she had not seen and handled, and that she liked even to kiss and suck them.

    Dick asked her if she generally found it easy to prevail on them to allow her to take these freedoms?

    She replied, that of course most girls more readily yielded their hidden charms to the enterprises of the other sex, and were more inclined to trust them, too; yet, as they all liked the thing itself, she usually found that, by gaining their confidence and by skilful allusion and suggestion exciting their imagination and providing their desires, she could mostly get them to meet her halfway; especially as they knew that with her they ran no risk of a big belly; and as she was always ready to gratify them with a similar inspection of her own belongings, she seldom experienced much difficulty. Dick told her how delighted he would be if he could witness one of these inspections without being seen himself.

    She promised to gratify him if she could. So one day she told him that a young lady, Miss Madge Stevens, whose cunt she had often seen and petted, was to visit her next morning; and as she always brought her special visitors to her own room, she would hide him there first if he could spare the time.

    He said he would arrange that, and promised to be there at the time she fixed. So accordingly, remaining home the next day under plea of a headache, he quietly stole upstairs to Mary's room, and by her direction, concealing himself under the dressing table; in the cover of which a slit was made to enable him to look out and see as well as hear all that passed.

    Soon afterward, Mary and Madge entered the room together, with their arms round one another.

    'Come sit with me on the bed, Madge, I have not seen nor petted your little fanny for nearly a fortnight; how is it getting on?'

    'First rate,' replied Madge, 'how is your own?'

    "Just as troublesome as ever; it is for all the world like a bird in a nest opening its mouth every moment expecting some titbit to be popped into it!'

    Madge laughed, 'I suppose that most girls, who know what the titbit is like are in the same sort of expectation and desire; and true for you, Mary, your cunt is in a most excited condition; oh my! How hot it feels!

    And how red it looks. I am certain you have had a fuck lately; now tell me all about it like a darling; ah! You are laughing! You can't deny it, you may trust me, dear.'

    'Well, lie back first and perhaps I will tell you; draw up your thighs, and poke your bottom out that I may see it all, as I like a good sucking and kissing.'

    The bed was opposite the table and window, so Dick had a magnificent view of Madge's splendid arse, with its great fat cheeks bulging out on either side, and a most delicious hairy randy-looking cunt gaping in the hollow below.

    Mary pulled open the lips with her fingers as widely as she could, showing the rich carmine of its interior folds all glistening with the dews of love. Then drawing up her own dress behind, so as to indulge Dick with a view of her own naked posterior, which she knew he greatly admired, she kneeled on the floor and plunged her face between Madge's wide-spread thighs, and kissed her cunt with such vehemence that she caused that voluptuous young lady to exclaim in a loud voice, 'Oh! Mary you drive me wild! You make me long for a prick! Have you not got one! How I wish you were a man! I would tell you to stick in your prick and poke it up to the last inch.'

    'Hush, Madge if anyone heard you, what would they think?'

    'What would they think? they could only think that we were a pair of love-stricken maids that were ripe and longing to be fucked, just as their mothers before them. But Mary, in sober earnest, I never did feel in such humour as now! Where is that dildo you were talking of! Fetch it, my dear, anything at all in the shape of a prick to give one some relief.'

    Dick had already given Mary one of those precious instruments, and when he had to save his own over-taxed energies, he enjoyed watching her endeavours to satisfy her cunt with that inanimate substitute for the living tool. Not that I mean to repudiate or make light of the dildo. It has its own peculiar excellences and good qualities. It is more under command, and does not need the coaxing and the humouring which the living article sometimes requires. We can make it move fast or slow, just as we like, and it will retain its stiffness as long as we desire. It will discharge too at the precise moment when we can meet it with our own. But, at the best, it is still only a poor substitute for the living, throbbing organ of bliss wielded by a man we like, thrust into our quivering cunts by successive heaves and driven home by the mighty push of a vigorous backside.

    But to return. Mary said: 'Well, remain as you are while I unlock my drawer and take it out of its hiding place.'

    As she turned around she glanced toward the dressing table, and catching Dick's eye peeping out through the slit, she smiled and put her finger on her lip to warn him to keep quiet.

    Then quickly returning she reoccupied her former place between Madge's wide-spread thighs and holding up the dildo, cried: 'Is not this a pretty plaything for two innocent maids like you and me, Madge, to amuse ourselves with! Now I will give you a taste of its performance, but I must stiffen it first,' she said, blowing into the tube and then screwing up the nozzle.

    'Let me feel it in my hand,' said Madge, taking it up and rubbing its smooth red head to her lips; 'and, Mary is this an exact resemblance of a man'' prick? I did not thing it was quite so large, but you can tell me about it, I am sure.'

    'Don't be too inquisitive, Madge; one thing at least you may depend on, it is intended to be an exact resemblance, and as to its size, you can best judge of that when you have it in your cunt; now open it as much as you can; once we get the head in, the rest will be all plain sailing.'

    She spread open the lops of the randy-looking cunt, and standing so as not to interrupt Dick's view, took the dildo again, and having moistened its top pushed it against the tender opening.

    'Oh! Mary! Oh! It does feel very big, ah! You have got it in, that is a relief — how well you work it — yes, I like that — Oh! It is beginning to feel very nice, go on push it in further — faster, harder.' Mary worked the dildo with one hand, while she frigged her own cunt with the other, panting at the same time, 'I am fucking you, Madge, and frigging myself. Oh! Prick — cunt — bottom — piss — fuck — fuck,' and throwing herself forward on Madge she hammered her own cunt on the butt of the dildo, while they both squirmed about in all the voluptuous wriggles of full enjoyment.

    Dick described this scene as having a most overpowering effect upon him. It made his prick stand like a bar of iron, while his spunk seemed actually boiling in his cods; his heart beat audibly, and his breath came fast and hard. Yet the fear of frightening Madge and offending Mary caused him to use every effort to restrain himself; but at last he could endure it no longer; the view of Mary's splendid arse bounding between Madge's voluptuous thighs fairly conquered him. So slipping out from under the table he crept upon hands and knees behind Mary, and seizing her round the thighs began to kiss the soft cheeks of her bottom. Mary seemed almost to have expected his approach, for she did not start, nor utter any cry, but quietly spread her legs further apart and bent her bottom more to his face.

    Under any circumstances Dick could not fail to have been moved by this extraordinary sight, but in his present excited state, it appeared absolutely celestial. He could just distinguish the fat lips of her cunt spread out on the end of the dildo, close to the little round hole of her arse, with its delicate pink edge wrinkled up, and fringed by fine silky hair and flanked on either side by the resplendent semi-orbs of her glorious bottom, lasciviously quivering with amorous excitement.

    He applied his mouth without hesitation to the sweet little orifice, sucked it with vigour, and thrust in his tongue.

    This was a treat he had not given her before, and she enjoyed it immensely. She pressed her bottom on his face, and relaxed the constricting muscles, to allow his tongue to penetrate more deeply into that highly sensitive entrance.

    It prepared her too for his next move when, raising her up, he softly pushed her forward over Madge so as to cover her face with Mary's bosom, then drawing the dildo out of her cunt, he replaced it with his inflamed tool and slowly worked it in and out.

    At first Madge did not perceive the difference, but after a few strokes the delicious friction of the living instrument on the flesh ridges of her cunt stirred up every lustful emotion, and forced her to exclaim: 'Oh!

    Hold me, press me — I feel as if I were in heaven, my cunt is just bathed in rapture — oh! Keep on, don't stop, sweet dildo, precious tool, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, let fly now — I'm off! And Madge sank back in love's delicious swoon.

    Meanwhile Dick pressed his belly against the fat cheeks of Mary's arse, and squeezing her in his strong arms moved her body from side to side as he plunged energetically in and out of Madge's hot receptacle and uttered groans of prolonged delight as he inundated Madge's cunt with his boiling spunk.

    Mary looked over her shoulder and whispered, 'Oh Dick! What have you done! Do go back to your hiding place, like a dear fellow.'

    But Dick was not yet satisfied; finding that his prick still retained a fair allowance of stiffness, her drew out of Madge's dripping cunt, and placing its well-moistened head to Mary's little pink arsehole, with one push he drove it up to the hilt. Mary groaned, but it was a groan of extra delight.

    'Oh, my bottom! Oh, my bottom! Yes, push — yes, my arse — Oh! I can't keep still — fuck — fuck my arse — I can't help it,' and tightening her arsehole, she closed it like a fiery ring of pleasure around Dick's tool as it slipped rapidly in and out.

    'What are you saying, Mary? Who is fucking your arse!' and looking up, Madge blushed crimson as she saw Dick stooping over Mary, his face flushed and his eyes starting out of his head, while his thrusts made them all shake together.

    Just then, a loud knocking at the door made them all jump. Dick, without saying a word, rushed back to his shelter, Madge smoothed down the bed and threw herself into a chair, while Mary fumbled at the door to give them time. When she did open the door her mother, who was standing outside, asked: 'What on earth are you two girls about? Making such a noise! And your door locked and your faces like scarlet and your dresses all tumbled!' and she glanced from one to the other. 'What I wanted was to ask whether you know anything of Mr Dick? A messenger has come from the hospital for him, and he is not in either of his rooms, thought I thought he had not left the house.'

    'How are we to know? You don't expect to find him here, I hope, mamma.'

    'I don't know as to that, my dear,' she replied laughing, 'for when two such skittish girls as you and Madge Stevens get together, if you have not a young man with you, I am quite sure you would not be wishing for him, or perhaps even trying in some way or other to make up for the deficiency. What sort of a thing is that?' she said, with a twinkling eye, and a knowing look, as she pointed to the dildo lying on the floor at the bedside where Dick had thrown it, and forgotten to put it away.

    'Oh! Mamma,' groaned out Mary, covering her face with her hands, 'how horrible! What ill luck brought you in?'

    'Ah well, dear,' said Mrs Bond mildly, not wishing to make her presence disagreeable, 'you need not mind me so much; don't I know very well that it is not at all unnatural to like this sort of thing, and most girls have an itching for it, more or less, whatever they may say; and indeed, if they only amused themselves with such innocent playthings as this' — taking up the dildo — 'it might be much better for them. But which of you was trying it, may I ask?' As she spoke, she passed it through her fingers with a loving kind of touch, while her eyes glistened with amorous excitement.

    Mary made no answer, but she and Madge looked at one another, and seeing the turn that matters were taking, they broke out into an uncontrollable fit of laughter; the events which followed, however, require a chapter to themselves.


    Mrs Bond

    Mrs. Bond, as already described, was fat, fair and forty; but she was something more, for not only had she a very imposing presence, and a remarkably find physique, but she was possessed of one of the hottest, randiest and most insatiable cunts that every poor widow was plagued with; but, at the same time, she was clever enough to maintain a character of the greatest decorum and respectability.

    On this occasion, she felt that having caught the girls in flagrante delicto, she might safely indulge her favourite passion; besides, she had been listening for some time at the door, and had heard sufficient to agitate very keenly her prurient inclinations.

    So, sitting down on the bed, she joined in the laugher, and invited the girls to sit by her side. Then, placing her hand with lascivious pressure on Madge's soft thigh, she said: 'You really must give me a lesson in the use of this clever invention. I need to make up for the pleasures that have been taken from me, while you employ it in anticipation of pleasures you hope to enjoy in the future; and which, if report is to be relied on, you at least, Madge, will soon have to the utmost your desire.

    Jack seems well supplied — eh Madge! — and I am certain that you are equally well prepared to give him every satisfaction. Let me feel how you are furnished up here. You know I have had great experience in these matters,' and stooping forward she ran her hand up under Madge's petticoats.

    'Oh! Mrs Bond, how can you!'

    'What a luxuriant crop you have! This is a larger bush than mine though I am twice your age; and such a pair of luscious lips! How they will suck in Jack's tool, and cling around it with loving delight! Oh, Madge, I envy you your first fuck; but very likely you have tasted that pleasure already — eh Madge? — you are quite as roomy here as I am.'

    'Oh, Mrs Bond! How you talk!'

    'Why not, dear, I was myself fucked many times before I was married, and my good man was never the worse for it; of course, I was not fool enough to tell him, though he got the benefit of it, all the same, for I knew beforehand what would gratify him much better than if I had been a poor innocent unsophisticated girl. And now, as I want you both to be quite at your ease, I will, if you wish, give you a full account of how and when I was first fucked.'

    'Do, dear Mrs bond, it will be delightful.'

    'Very well, but let us place ourselves in position; I can talk more freely when I am looking at a cunt, and when somebody is petting mine. Tuck up, Madge, and let me see it, and place your hand here.'

    'Oh, Mrs Bond, what nice soft silky hair you have; and the mouth feels as hot as fire! May I see it?'

    'Yes, dear, if you wish,' and pulling up her petticoats she displayed a pair of fleshy thighs, and between them a cunt of extraordinary luxuriance and extent, its great lips pouting out in the most wanton manner as if ready for any kind of prick.

    'Oh, Mrs bond, what a grand affair you have! Mary, did you ever see such a glorious love-chink?' and drawing the lips apart with her fingers, she exhibited its glowing interior.

    Mary looked at her mother's cunt at first with a sly kind of interest mingles with feelings of shame at its exposure to the prying eyes of Dick, who, she knew well, was then regarding it with most lustful desires. But when Madge went on manipulating it, rubbing the large distended clitoris, pressing together, then opening wide, the fat pouting lips, her libidinous propensities overpowered her natural disinclination to make free with her mother's cunt, and with a sudden dash, she placed herself between her mother's widespread thighs, and having regarded for a moment the mysterious portals through which she had passed into life, she pressed her lips on the secret spot, drew the soft clitoris into her mouth, and probed with her penetration tongue the hot folds of the passage inside.

    Mrs Bond laughed with pleasure, as she pushed her tingling cunt against her daughter's mouth, and said: 'Why, Mary, Mary, are you sucking your mother's cunt? I must see that your own sweet little pussy is soon gratified in the way it likes best. I have no doubt that if Mr Dick was here, he would be quite ready to repay it for the pleasure you are giving me; and I would place his prick myself in its mouth and hold his balls and tickle his bottom while he fucked you. And now that I think of it, when I finish my story, we need search for him, for I am sure he is in the house, and if he gives me his promise to marry you, he may enjoy you at once, and we will all be happy to assist at the demolition of your maidenhead — that is, if you have not given it to him already, which I am strongly inclined to believe.'

    Mary kept her head down, and said nothing, so turning to Madge, Mrs Bond asked: 'What's your opinion, Madge, don't you think that Mr Dick, who often passes whole evenings alone with her, has already explored her maiden secrets, and made her acquainted with the power of his pleasure-giving tool?'

    'Indeed, it is highly probable; and as I was saying to her before you came in, in spite of her innocent looks, I am sure she has been often fucked, and could tell us all particulars of Mr Dick's prick and balls and everything, if she pleased. But in the meantime, don't forget the story you have promised us.'

    'Well, my dears, let me say, by way of preface, that I am a great admirer of what the Americans call going the whole hog, that is, if I go in for a thing at all, I go in for it altogether; I mean what I say, and say what I mean. I am not ashamed to cal a cunt, a cunt; and a prick, a prick.

    I enjoy fucking, and I like to talk of it. I delight in frigging and being frigged; and I find great pleasure in looking at and petting a nice cunt, like yours, Madge, and to have my own cunt at the same time caressed and sucked by my darling child is heaven itself.' Here she laid her hand most lovingly on the back of Mary's head as she licked between the fat unctuous lips and darted her tongue into the recesses.

    'I sometimes think,' she continued, 'I must have been born with an itching cunt, at least, I don't remember any time when it did not. When I was quite a child, I used to play with two young cousins, and their little pricks were objects of great admiration and wonder to me. I loved to fiddle with them and suck them in my mouth, and was always gratified when they repaid the compliment by inspecting and kissing my little nest, as they called it. I had a governess, and used to tease her with all sorts of queer questions: what was a virgin? What was a eunuch? Why was it wicked for a man to lie with a woman? And what harm could it do her? Her attempts to evade my questions only made me all the more curious. As I grew older, nature made me feel that my little slit was evidently so formed that something might enter it, and whatever that something was, I felt sure it would be a source of great pleasure and enjoyment. And I determined that if any opportunity ever presented itself, I would not fail to make the most of it. Well, my dears, the opportunity came in the shape of a slave boy, named Dindee. My uncle had a plantation in the hills about six miles from Kingston, where we lived, and I sometimes rode on my donkey to visit him. On such occasions I was always attended by Dindee, as the donkey was his special charge.

    'We usually took a short cut across the wild part of the country through which a small stream flowed rapidly down. One very hot day, we were passing near a deep pool in a retired part of the river. Dindee asked permission to take a dip to cool himself; so I dismounted a little way off and told him I would mind the donkey while he was bathing. I soon heard Dindee splashing about in the water and the temptation arose in my mind to creep among some bushes that lined the bank and watch him as he sported naked in the water. The shrubs were pretty thick and enabled me to come quite close to the edge which overhung the water some four or five feet. I was delighted with the view of his black shining body and queer-looking tool lolloping from side to side as he rolled about enjoying the refreshing coolness of the stream. He was sixteen years old, and had an unusually large prick for so young a lad. He touched it occasionally with his hand and shook it up and down. Oh! I said to myself, that is the very thing I want for my little slit.

    How nice it would feel going in! and putting down my hand, I squeezed the lips and rubbed the clitoris. His further proceedings were still more attractive, for leaning against the bank right opposite hiding-place, he commenced frigging his prick in the most deliberate manner, drawing down the skin from its large round head, and making it stand up firm and erect; then placing his hands on both sides of it he jerked his bottom so as to make his prick pass in and out through his palms, just as if he was fucking a cunt.

    'In my eagerness to se all I could, I incautiously stretched too far over the brink, and to my terror and dismay, the bough on which I was leaning gave way, and I tumbled head-foremost into the water. I gave a cry as I sank below the furnace, but in a moment I felt myself borne up by the arms of Dindee, taken to the other side and drawn up the sloping bank.

    'Beyond a good fright, and a thorough wetting, I was uninjured, so, looking at Dindee's rueful countenance, I burst out laughing, as I said:

    "Dindee, what shall we do? I am wet to the skin." '"Missy must take off her wet things or she will catch cold; leave them here and I will dry them on the rocks." And he turned as if to go away.

    '"Stay, Dindee, I want you to help me; I am so drenched, that I never could get them off by myself." 'I turned my back to him, and after a deal of tugging and twisting, we got them all off except my stockings and shirt. I then sat down while he spread them on the rocks to dry. Shivering with cold, I called Dindee again: "Dindee, you must help me off with these also, they make me quite chilly. Thanks. Now come and give me a good rubbing, as if you were shampooing me."

    'I stood with my back toward him, while he rubbed my arms and legs. I knew by his quick breathing that he was growing very excited. I pushed my bottom up to him, and felt his stiff prick poking against me.

    He put his hand on my buttocks, and rubbed the cheeks; then passing between my thighs, rubbed softly up and down. The side of his hand touched the lips of my cunt; I opened my thighs a little and he touched my cunt again, and yet again, each time pressing more firmly against the lips. He passed his other hand round in front and placed it on my mons, just beginning to be overspread with silky down. One finger slipped in between the lips. "Oh! Dindee, that tickles me." 'The other hand passed swiftly round, and with both together, he pressed my bottom into him. I felt the head of his prick poking stiffly between my thighs, and rubbing up against the lips of my cunt. He opened the lips with his fingers, and rubbed the head of his prick in the moist chink.

    'He little knew how my cunt tingled as he said, "Darling, missy, stoop a little." '"What do you want to do, Dindee?" I asked, stooping as he wished me to, and twisting my bottom about.

    '"To fuck, darling missy, to fuck this lubly cunt." '"Oh! Dindee! How it smarts! Oh, how strong you are! Hold me — I cannot stand against you." He leaned forward, and let me down on my hands and knees, and grasping me firmly by the hips he pressed hard against me from behind. My cunt opened, and, oh girls! The dear soft thing I had been longing for passed up into my belly. It seemed to reach my very heart and filled me with supreme delight.

    'How delicious is the first fuck! To feel the dear prick passing in and out through the clinging lips, rubbing every sensitive ridge, opening every voluptuous crease, and then, after a few vigorous strokes, pouring into you a hot flood of living spunk.

    'The joy I felt in giving down my own share of love's essence was so great that I fell prone on my belly, with Dindee over me, pressing on my bottom, and his prick still soaking in my cunt.'

    'Oh, Mrs Bond! I'm coming too,' cried Madge; 'rub your finger in the entrance. Oh! I'm coming. I'm coming.'

    'Straddle over my face then, Madge, put your cunt on my mouth and let me taste your spending.'

    Mary too resolved to share in the common ecstasy as she gazed with pleasure at the voluptuous prospect Madge presented with her mother's mouth buried in her cunt. So pulling up her skirts behind, she turned her naked arse in all its attractive beauty toward the table, while she frigged herself with her finger and lapped up the rich streams which now began to flow from her mother's fountain of delight.

    Dick described this scene as being the most exciting spectacle he had ever witnessed, and though he had spent twice but a short time before, his prick was bounded up like steel, and he felt consumed with vehement desire. He had a shrewd suspicion, which he afterward found was correct, that Mrs Bond was perfectly aware of his presence, and was in fact only endeavouring to draw him out from his hiding place.

    She was naturally of a prying disposition, especially in such matters, and by listening at doors and spying through peep-holes, she had made herself acquainted with all that was going on between Dick and her daughter; and had been for some time planning how she could turn her knowledge to account, not only in compelling Dick to marry her daughter, but in gratifying herself by a participation in their joy.

    On this occasion she felt certain he was in the room, and her sagacious eyes at once fixed on the dressing-table as the only shelter that could afford him a sufficient hiding place.

    She accordingly arranged the little scene on the bed and told her exciting story, both with the intention of drawing him out and then profiting by his excitement to make him give the promise she required and obtain for herself the gratification she desired.

    She did not succeed however as she expected, for Dick, wishing to hear more of her extraordinary confession, by a great effort restrained himself.

    Among her other distinguishing qualities, Mrs Bond never allowed that she was beaten. Apparent failure only nerved her for renewed and stronger effort.

    So after resting a few moments on the bed, she sat up and said: 'My dears, we all want something to give us fresh spirit; run Mary to the pantry and fetch a little of my French liqueur.'

    Mary soon returned with a decanter and glasses. The effect of the strong and highly spiced stimulant was soon apparent; Mrs Bond tumbled the two girls on the bed, tossed up their clothes, smacked their bottoms and kissed their cunts. They retaliated in like manner upon her, to her evident satisfaction.

    'Now Mary,' she cried, 'I must have a good look at your own pussy; lie across the bed with your head resting on the edge, and I will straddle over you and suck your cunt while you watch Madge giving me a taste of the dildo.'

    Mary placed herself in the desired position, and her mother, after fastening up her skirts, stooped over her and buried her face between her upraised thighs. Her object evidently was to favour dick with a full view of her splendid posteriors bulging out like two creamy globes on either side of the furrow where nestled her moist cunt and inviting arsehole.

    Madge also tucked up her dress at Mrs Bond's request, and then with Mary's help worked the dildo in her salacious cunt.

    Mrs Bond was one of those whose pleasure is intensified by the consciousness that all the secrets of their cunt and bottom are open for inspection. So she exclaimed, 'Dear girls, that is most delicious, are you both watching?'

    'O yes, dear Mrs Bond, we see all your fine bottom, and your cunt sucking in the dildo — how I wish it were a real prick! Could you go on with your story now, or shall we wait until you spend?'

    'Oh! I can tell it now, if you wish; keep the dildo where it is, and only stir it a little now and then.'

    Here, as luck would have it, some stray hair or fly tickled Dick's nose that, in spite of all his repressive efforts, he delivered a tremendous sneeze. Mrs Bond jumped from the bed, ran to the table, thrust her hand under the cover and caught hold of the first thing that met her touch, which was nothing other than Dick's rampant tool.

    'Hallo! What have we here? Murder! Thieves!' and tightening her grasp on the exposed limb she tugged with such force that Dick was compelled to crawl forth, trying to look droll, with his finger in his mouth.

    'Oh! Mr Dick! What a shocking fellow you are! Prying into the secrets of us poor women. What shall we do with him, girls?'

    'Tie him to the bedpost,' said Madge, laughing, 'and lather his breech, and let Mary be the executioner, for I guess she is more to blame than he is.'

    'Capital, the very thing Madge, you are worthy of your salt. Come here, my young man, and don't stand there in that barefaced manner before these innocent girls. Face about, sir, we will make you bare206 bottomed as well as barefaced,' she said, tucking up his shirt behind, while the girls tied his hands firmly with towels to the bedpost.

    'Now, Madge, off to the garden, and fetch a bundle of good stout twigs, and do you Mary go to the house closet for some strong cord to tie them up.'

    Having thus got rid of the girls, she turned to Dick.

    'Now, sir, I want your serious answer, by a strange stroke of luck you have go behind the scenes; now I want you to assure me that you intend to act honourably by my daughter Mary. If you give me your faithful word then you shall be welcome, not only to enjoy her anew, but to share in all our private amusements.' (This was a trying question, and very craftily put. According to my notions, Dick answered wisely and well. He had found an agreeable, clever, well-educated girl, devotedly attached to him and of a temperament warm and lascivious as his own; and that knowledge, which might have repelled others, he wisely judged, only secured for him that freedom without marriage would have been to him insufferable; hence his reply.) 'Well, dear Mrs Bond, my answer is ready. I love Mary. She is just the girl to my taste. As soon as I have a home to take her to, I will make her my lawful wife.'

    'All right, I always knew you were a gentleman; now we will try to gratify you as much as we can,' and she placed her hand lovingly on his still erect prick, and pressing up to him, gently frigged it.

    Dick looked up at his hands, and said, 'My hands are tied, or I would return your kind caresses.'

    She at once reached up and untied the knot; in doing so, her fine swelling bosom was brought close to his face, he kissed the voluptuous globes, and at once placed his hands on her bottom and cunt. She leaned back on the bed, her thighs expanded, he slipped in between; his projecting prick against her open cunt; he pushed it, it entered; he passed up; his balls pressed against her bottom; he placed his hands under her thighs, and raised them up; she crossed her legs over his back. They heard steps approaching; he stopped heaving. 'It is only the girls,' she muttered, 'don't mind them; fuck away, give me all you can, quick.'

    Mary entered and could hardly believe her eyes when she saw Dick on top of her mother, and the sight did not please her. Dick looked around and smiled, while Mrs Bond said, 'Mary approach. Dick has given me his promise to marry you, and this is his reward.' Mary still looked doubtful. When Madge returned with the twigs and heard the last words, she rushed into the room with a merry shout; 'Hold him, Mrs Bond, Hold him — now's your chance, Mary — punish him — punish the wretch; after promising to marry you, the very first thing he does is fuck your mother! — did anyone ever see the like?'

    She hastily tied up the twigs, put them into Mary's hand and pushed her toward Dick's naked bum, which presented itself in the most suggestive manner as he heaved gently up and down.

    He looked smilingly at her, and said, 'Do it, Mary, I deserve a whipping.' But Mary had evidently no heart for the office, and she applied the twigs in the softest way to the buttocks of her lover.

    Observing which, Madge pulled the bundle of twigs impatiently out of her hand saying: 'You are no good; give it to me, I'll punish him,' and she laid on Dick's arse with such a will that she made him jump again, to Mrs Bond's manifest delight.

    Dick fucked as he had never fucked before. 'Oh! Madge, have you no mercy? Stop you vixen!' and he discharged wit fury into Mrs Bonds fully gratified receiver.

    After a few minutes of rest, during which they all arranged their tumbled dress, Mrs Bond said, 'Now, my children, we must separate for the present; but as Madge has promised to remain for the day, we hope that you, Dick, will join our party this evening.'

    'thanks, Mrs Bond, I will be most happy,' replied Dick; while Madge added: 'And then, Mrs Bond, you will favour us with the continuation of your interesting story.'


    Mrs Bond's story

    On his way to the hospital after accepting Mrs Bond's invitation for the evening, Dick bethought him — to use his own words — how strangely Fortune in her blindness totes her gifts to us mortals! While she ignores some, she heaps on others more than they know what to do with. Many a poor evil goes moping about looking for someone to take pity on his loneliness, and cheer him up with a bit of cunt; while I, perhaps not half so worthy, feel overborne by l'embarras des richesses! Now there is Polly, who must not be forgotten; merry little Jim, she will not be overlooked; Mary, my sweet fiancee, ever ready and exacting too; and now the circle is enlarged not only by Madge but by Mrs Bond, the weightiest of them all. I am nearly used up as it is, and if I encounter these three tonight on my own, I guess that by tomorrow morning, I shall be like what Polly calls a ha'p'orth of soap after a week's washing.

    I must get someone to share the burden with me. The friend who sprang to mind was Jack Price, who, he had just learned, was engaged to marry Madge Stevens. We have had many a spree together, he went on to himself, and it was only the other day that, in a fit of great cordiality, we promised one another that if ever we married we would sometimes swap wives for the sake of a little variety; and if wives, why not sweethearts?

    So he looked up Jack, and soon found that, so far as he was concerned, there would be no objection; it was, in fact, just the thing to please him, and he was all expectation and desire.

    It only remained to win over Mrs Bond — which might involve some difficulty as she was so very particular about her reputation.

    At first when Dick broached the subject to her, she did not at all relish the idea of entrusting the secrets their private sports to one who was a comparative stranger; but when Dick undertook to answer for his fidelity, and said he had already sworn him to secrecy, and especially when he dilated on his manly capacity and virile powers, she readily gave her consent.

    It was arranged by Mrs Bond, who wanted to pay off the girls for their treatment of herself, that Jack was to lie in hiding until they were in full swing then to be called forth by herself.

    Mrs Bond had a private sitting-room, which she called her 'sanctum' and in which scene of their orgies that night, and she said he could conceal himself there if she could smuggle him into the house without the knowledge of the girls.

    Dick suggested leaving the hall door open at tea-time, when Jack could slip into his rooms unobserved, then by watching his opportunity he might himself conduct him to the sanctum.

    So it was finally settled; Polly was allowed out for the evening, and Jim, as usual, went early to bed.

    Jack succeeded in getting in without notice, and was soon concealed under a sofa, while the girls were upstairs dressing, or rather undressing, themselves — for the very lightest costume was to be the order of the night.

    Passing over the merry jokes and light freedoms that diversified the supper, and the plentiful libations that followed (the hidden one not being neglected), we come to the real business of the night.

    When they had betaken themselves to the sanctum, they found the rooms so warm that with one consent they threw off all remaining cover. Then Mrs Bond, with one girl on either side of her, reclined on the old-fashioned sofa (under which Jack lay concealed) and invited Dick to lie across on their bare thighs. Dick approved of the plan, for he could thus lay his face close to Madge's fragrant slit, and by turning his foot, could nestle his toes between the soft lips of Mary's sweet recesses, while his bottom rested in Mrs Bond's luxurious lap, and her experienced fingers played with their accustomed skill around his prick and balls.

    Dick told me that no one ever touched him so pleasantly as she did; she was perfect mistress of the art. She knew, what all women seem to know, that the virile organism is a highly sensitive apparatus and needs delicate handling. She did not rub or frig, but she applied such soft and ever shifting touches that for a lengthened period she sustained the prick in the highest stage of exaltation, without extracting one drop of its brimming seed.

    'Now for the story,' cried Madge, as she spread her legs to enjoy more of Dick's gratifying titillation; 'we are all longing to hear how you and Dindee got on together.'

    'Well, my dears, I can't ell you how fond I grew of Dindee's black prick.

    I used to pet it and frig it and kiss it at every opportunity. He sometimes climbed up to my window and entered my bedroom at night. And then we would both strip naked and play all sorts of antics.

    His favourite way of fucking was from behind; he said he liked to rub his belly on my bottom the way dogs and horses did. I did not dislike it either, so to please him, I generally went on my hands and knees, and he held me around the hips, and tickled my clitoris while he fucked.

    However when I found out how he acquired the taste, I turned from him in disgust and never let him come near me again.

    'It happened this way. One evening when I was alone, I went out to the stable to look for Dindee. Intending to surprise him, I softly approached the open door, and looked in. I saw Dindee in the far corner, as I thought grooming the donkey, and I was just going to call him, when something in his manner stopped me and caused me to look with more attention. And oh! Girls, what do you think he was doing?

    He was fucking my donkey; and she seemed used to it, for she stood perfectly still, and stooped her haunches with her hind legs spread apart and her tail twisted to one side, and his long black prick rushed in and out of the slit at her bottom.

    'I turned and went away in disgust, and soon afterward got my father to part with him, for I abhorred the noting of being a co-partner with a beast.

    'But though I gave Dindee up I had no intention of giving up my favourite pastime. Indeed I could not if I would; for my cunt had grown quite imperious in its demands; it was always craving for a prick. I tried in every way to appease it; I bathed it; I injected hot water; I used candles and various substitutes. I certainly had nothing half so good as this dildo, but if I had, it would not have satisfied me; nothing but the living, bounding prick would do for my longing, hungry cunt.

    'So I cast about for someone to fill his place. At last, I bethought me of our family physician. He was married, it was true, but that did not stop me; in fact, it added zest to the enterprise.

    'He had shown me in many little ways that he was quite ready to make free with me, and you know how quick a girl is in such matters, so I felt certain there would be no hesitation on his part to go as far as I would allow him.

    'I therefore called boldly at his house, and told his servant that I wanted to consult her master. I was shown into the surgery, as I intended, and soon after, Dr Bolus came in smiling.

    '"What does the fair Sophia want with me today?" he asked, as he motioned me to an easy-chair with a very sloping back and low wide cushioned arms.

    '"doctor, I am not well, and I suffer from constant irritation." '"Is it in the bowels," he said, putting his hand on my stomach, "or lower?" sliding his hand down.

    I blushed, and nodded assent.

    '"Will you let me examine you and then I shall know what is wrong and be better able to prescribe?" '"Could you not prescribe without examining me?" '"Of course, I could' — Oh the knowing fellow — 'but it will be far more satisfactory to us both to ascertain by inspection what is really the matter. There now, lean back, that's a good sensible girl — open your legs, let me uncover you just for a moment." 'He lifted my dress, at the same time drawing me forward to the edge of the chair. "Let me spread your thighs more open," he said, lifting my legs over the arms. He then went down on his knees, with his face close to my cunt, and felt all around it, and opened the lips with his fingers.

    'Yes, the vulva is a good deal excited, but there is nothing abnormal about it; the nymphae are somewhat inflamed, and the vagina is in a very heated and sensitive condition. Have you been doing anything to it?" '"Yes, I syringed it with an ivory syringe which my mother had." '"Ah! I thought so, but that is not suited to you, it is too hard for the very excited state of your organ; you require a syringe of a peculiar construction" (clever dog) "not only smooth, but soft and flexible. I have one just the right size, and if you will allow me, I will apply it myself." '"Very well, doctor, if you promise not to hurt me." He went to a press and took out a mahogany case, which he brought over and opened before me; it contained some black-looking tubes of different sizes. He laid the case on the floor, and again knelt between my thighs. He threw my dress up so as to cover my face, which I did not object to. I then felt him trying the tubes in my cunt, beginning with the smallest.

    He asked each time how I like it, and whether he was hurting me? I said, "No, on the contrary, you are giving me great relief."

    "Just so," he replied, as he put in one that had a peculiar soft pleasant feel. Ah girls! There is no mistaking the real thing. Do you guess what he was doing?" 'Yes, Mrs Bond, he must have been trying the natural tube.'

    'So he was, my dears, and doing it so skilfully that I could not help panting out, "Oh doctor! That is nice — push it in further — I want more of it, Oh, doctor! That is very good — don't take it out — press against me — Oh! Oh!! That will do." 'When I sat up, the doctor was still panting after his exertions, his face was beaming, and his eyes twinkled as he said, "You are a famous patient; what I have done will, I think, be of great use to you, and when you need my services, come again; you know my consulting days are Tuesday and Fridays, but whenever I am at home when you call, I shall always be at your command.' Then he kissed me, and I went away.

    'Well, my dears, you won't be surprised to hear that it was not long before I paid the doctor another visit; and let me tell you, there was nothing singular in my going to him, for he was a well-known ladies doctor; and many came for great distances to consult him, especially in cases of disappointment at not having a family, and if report is to be relied on, he not only prepared them for their husbands, but often took the place of the husband himself. And I am sure many came to him with that notion.

    'Well, be that as it may, I willingly submitted as he placed me in position as before; and when he had excited me by skilful rubbing, and by various touches and pressures, he said, "You are making very satisfactory progress my dear, and now, as I have the tube which suits you in my pocket, if you will lean back more at your ease, I will introduce it, and administer the usual injection."

    '"Very good, doctor, am I right now?" I asked, pushing up my cunt; "no wonder you carry that tube always in your pocket, for I guess you find that it is in great request among the ladies." 'He looked up at my face, and catching the merry twinkle in my eye, he perceived at once that I understood the true character of his instrument.

    '"Ah!" he said, his face relaxing into a genial smile, "there is no use attempting to humbug you, you are too cute and too clever. I knew from the first what you wanted; and after all, it is the only thing that can give you real relief. I am therefore glad that you approve of its exhibition." '"Well, why don't you exhibit it now; I know it by feel, let me know it by sight also." '"You are a charming girl, Sophy! If my wife were only like you. I would never thing of any other woman in the world." As he said this he rose from his knees, opened his trousers in front, took out his prick and stood at my side.

    'I sat up and took the dear thing into my hands. Oh! How nice and attractive it looked! A black tool may be all very well as a novelty now and then, but to a refined taste there is nothing like the white. Now, the doctor had one of remarkable freshness and purity of colour. My eyes gloated over it — my mouth watered to suck its rosy head — my cunt throbbed to feel it encircled in its soft embrace — its smooth loose skin was of such a clear milky whiteness, its head was so large, round and glossy. I pressed it to my lips — I rubbed it to my nose — I sniffed with delight that subtle odour which always pervades the prick of a healthy vigorous man. A little pearly drop glistened at the tiny slitlike opening. I licked it up, it had a spicy flavour, and its taste made my cunt glow.

    'The doctor put his hands on my head, and played with my ears and chin: "My darling, you handle my prick most deliciously, I love to feel your delicate fingers playing with my balls — that is delicious — you are too kind." I had pushed in my hand, and inserting my forefinger in his bottom, I stirred it gently around. "Would you like me to spend in your mouth, dear? I cannot keep it in much longer." '"You may — I would like it — you can put it in my cunt afterward," I replied, taking out his prick for a moment. I quickly replace it, taking as much as I could in my mouth, an sucking as hard as I was able, while I stirred up his balls with one hand, and tickled his bottom with the other.

    'Oh! Darling Sophy, there, Oh! Oh!' He stooped over me, and groaned with delight, while the hot bubbling drops of spunk spurted into my mouth, and flowed down my throat.

    'He brought me a glass of wine, and told me to remain as I was, while he sat on the floor to rest between my legs, his had supported by my thigh, as he kissed and frigged my cunt.

    'He questioned me as to when and how I had first fucked. I hesitated a little, but thinking it wiser to trust him altogether, as I had trusted him too much already, I told him all about Dindee and his black prick; but said I like a fair white tool such as he had far better.

    'He laughed and said he never met a girl that pleased him so much; and that my talking so freely was an especial charm, for nothing enhanced the enjoyment of the act itself so much as the preliminary feeling and looking and talking about it and kindred matters.

    'Now let me put this pillow under your bottom to elevate the shrine of love, and enable me to pay my devotions with more ease and effect." 'He then watched his prick glide into the sanctuary, and when it reached the innermost retreat, and we were closely pressed together, he leaned over me and placed his hand under the back of my head, further to excite what he called the cerebellum, or lesser brain, which is the seat of animal desire.

    '"Now, my dear, concentrate all your mind on the sensations in your cunt, as I slowly draw out my prick. Now the head is just at the entrance, between the two little clinging nymphae. Now as I slowly drive it in again, I make the ridge on the glans rub against every fold and furrow of your vagina. How do you like it?'

    '"Oh doctor! It is maddening! — Oh! You know how to fuck — press me in your arms — hold my head up to take your tongue into my mouth — Ah!

    Fuck, fuck, fuck." 'We panted with effort and emotion, both cunt and mouths became vocal with soft slurping sucking sounds, attended by a rubbing accompaniment, as our bodies bounded together in all the heat of amorous encounter.

    'Just as my cunt had drunk up his hot sperm and he sank with a long drawn sigh upon my breast, I caught his eye, and asked, "What would your wife say, is she saw us now?" '"She would say: You old sinner!" exclaimed a voice, to our consternation, from behind the opening door. "Have I caught you at last! You cannot taunt me about young Lyons now; you must forever hold your tongue — come in, Mr Lyons, see how your employer practices surgery with ladies when he gets them by themselves.' And his assistant, a good-looking young fellow with ruddy face and merry eye peeped into the room.

    'Oh, my dear, stop your foolishness; you may do with Mr Lyons just as you please; don't barge at me, and you can have him as often as you like. Lyons! Come in, you are a right good fellow. I have for some time regarded you as a son, but I suppose I must for the future look at you in some other light. As she does not even veil her desire for you — and for the sake of peace — you can have her with all my heart; only let there be no more hugger-mugger, or concealment, let everything be done openly; come and watch us — then, it is only fair that we in our turn should have the satisfaction of witnessing your performance together." 'I never admired anything so much as the doctor's clever way of getting out of his difficulty, and completely turning the tables on his wife. She seemed scarcely to relish his proposal, however, as she had nothing to say; she folded her hands and sat down on the sofa. So he went up to her, just as he was, with his trousers still open, and giving her a kiss, said: 'Now, like a wise old girl submit cheerily, and then we shall be quits — come here, Lyons — I am sure you know these quarters pretty well already,' and inclining her back, and drawing up her skirts, he add: 'Look at this fine randy fat cunt,' and pushing her legs apart and opening the lips said: 'This is for my special use, but I am no dog in a manger. I here constitute you my partner in the fucking line, as well as all my other business; and if that is not true liberty, equality and fraternity there are no such things in the world." 'Here, Lyons looked amused, and muttered some kind of thanks, while he evidently regarded the randy fat cunt with admiration and desire, for he stooped and pressed his mouth on the open lips.

    '"Now, Sophy, my love," cried the doctor, "come here, and prepare this bashful young man for his work; unbutton him, and take out his prick — there's a dear!" 'You will agree with me, I think that under the circumstances, any display of modesty on my part would have been unnecessary and out of place, so, discarding it for the time, I unbuttoned his trousers, pulled up his shirt, and soon brought to light a fine young healthy prick in full erection.

    '"Kiss it, Sophy." I pressed my lips to its soft head, then let it slip in and gave it one little suck.

    'The doctor's wife, now more at ease since her husband was presiding, threw a handkerchief over her face and resigned herself to the job appointed her; and when she felt young Lyons between her thighs, she drew up her legs and spread herself as open as she could. The action showed how eager she was for the dearly loved fuck.

    'She reminded me of a randy cat, cocking up her end, and poking it out to make the way plain and easy for her favourite tom.

    'The doctor held open the lips of his wife's cunt while I, kneeling behind Mr Lyons and holding his prick in both hands, pushed in the head; as it passed out of view, I grasped his balls, and quietly squeezed them as he went about ramming his prick in and out. Some women don't care to handle a man's balls — I do, and I find it the best way to stimulate and increase his efforts.

    'What do you say, friend Dick, do you like having your scrotum petted, and your testicles gently pressed and stirred about?'

    'Oh! Mrs Bond, it is delicious, but I am on the point of discharging, let me in somewhere or I shall burst.'

    'Yes, you are in first-rate condition; look here girls, here is a prick for you, which of you will enjoy it first.'

    'Dear Mrs Bond, you ought to have the first for yourself, for it is your beautiful story and delicate handling that have brought it into such fine condition; come Mary, we will amuse ourselves on the floor, while Dick fucks your mother. I am just in humour for a little tribadism; get over me, my dear, and place your cunt on my mouth, and let us have as sweet a fuck together.'

    She laid herself down on the soft carpet before the sofa, with her legs stretched wide apart, while Mary, straddling over her, rubbed her cunt on her mouth and presented her magnificent arse in full view of Dick and her mother, and of Jack too, who waited impatiently peeping out from under the sofa.

    'Good, my daughter! Sappho and Telesilla never presented a more attractive combination. If Jack Price could only see you now he would not know which to fuck. Jack, appear!"

    In a moment Jack was on top of them. They started with surprise and alarm, and tried to get up, but he held them firmly as they were. He was quite naked like themselves, and his fine prick, which had been on stand for the last hour, poked fiercely at Mary's bottom.

    'Put him in, Madge, Put him in,' laughed Mrs Bond.

    'No, I won't, you mustn't fuck Mary. She doesn't want you.'

    'Yes, I do, cried Mary, who having caught Dick's eye quickly understood how matters were and pushed her bottom up toward him.

    'No, Mary, he shan't; if he does, he shall never fuck me again!'

    'Don't be cross, Madge, what harm will it do you? — there — let him in — you will enjoy him all the more afterward,' and putting down her mouth she thrust her tongue into Madge's cunt and produced such a titillation, that in her excitement, Madge actually held her lover's prick to Mary's lascivious slit, and watched it rush eagerly in.

    Meantime, Dick had mounted Mrs Bond, and that salacious dame, as soon as she felt the full length of his prick enclosed the folds of her heated cunt, embraced him so firmly with her arms and legs that he found himself unable to stir.

    'Keep quiet, dear, for a moment or two, while we watch that interesting trio. See how your friend Jack fucks! — he is a powerful man indeed, and has a noble tool; doesn't Mary enjoy it! see how she wriggles her bottom! And look at the face of Madge below, how she watches the great prick as it glides in and through those soft furry lips! There, she is actually kissing and licking his balls, while she pinches the clitoris and lips; and look at Mary, how she plies her busy tongue both in cunt and bottom! Now, Dick, fuck away as hard as you like, poke my cunt well — send home your prick,' and clutching his buttocks, she drove her nails into those soft cheeks of his backside, while he deluged her cunt with an overflow of boiling spunk.

    During the rest which followed, Mrs Bond gratified her lecherous taste by a minute inspection of Jack's formidable tool and magnificent stones. She handled them with delight, and sucked his prick still moist with the juice of her daughter's cunt.

    Madge, feeling somewhat ashamed of her little spurt of jealousy, not called on her lover to favour Mrs Bond with a practical proof of his ability, while she spread herself more conveniently for Dick, who, conjointly with Mary, was examining and petting her wanton recess.

    Jack was willing enough, for he greatly admired Mrs Bond for her spirit and dash; and soon found that she more than made up for her want of youth by her greater experience and fertility of invention. So gently turning her up across the end of the sofa, he plunged into her region of delight, just as Dick was similarly occupied with Madge at the other end, while Mary, not willing to be left out, formed her self into a connecting ling by going between and holding each prick as it worked in and out of the cunts of her mother and Madge.

    They quickly spent, and then they all lay on the floor in one commingled mass of arms and legs, cunts, pricks, bottoms and faces, all rubbing up together.

    When they were a little rested, Mrs Bond proposed a general spongification; and then, after they had taken some light refreshment, she arranged the following tableau as a parting scene.

    She set Mary, who was the strongest, on her hands and knees on the floor then she turned up Madge reversed on her back, with her head resting on Mary's bottom, so that, while Dick on his knees fucked his own sweetheart from behind, he was able to kiss Madge and take her tongue into his mouth; Jack at the other end pressed in between Madge's upturned thighs, and entered her open cunt, and leaning forward sucked the nipple of her breast.

    Thus each girl had the enjoyment of being fucked by one man and caressed by another at the same time; while the lascivious touches and wanton pinches of Mrs Bond's busy fingers added piquancy to the whole.

    This concluded a night of rare and unmitigated pleasure, characterised, it is true, by extreme licentiousness, and unnatural obscenity.

    Dick's letters were a source of great enjoyment to us all. The arrival of the fortnightly mail which brought them was looked forward to with pleasant anticipation; and the governor was sure to find his way into my boudoir that evening.

    He loved to lie at his ease toying with my cunt and bottom, while I read Dick's exciting descriptions, written indeed for this very purpose; for when he heard that his letters were so highly appreciated by the governor, he redoubled his efforts to please, and filled them with lewd expressions and ideas.

    He sometimes favoured us with pen-and-ink sketches of a very humorous character, and sent also some excellent copies of the lascivious drawing found on the walls of Pompeii, lately exposed to view. These latter were sent from Rome to a young Italian who was studying medicine in the same college as Dick.

    He generally accompanied the drawing with some such description as the following:

    In number 1, you have Marpesia, Queen of the Amazons. She has been taken prisoner by the Fauns with whom the Amazons waged frequent war with varying success. She is young, lusty and well-made.

    The leader of the Fauns has determined to enjoy her after a peculiar fashion. She is bound, as you see, to the back of a trusty member of his troop. One of her captured attendants is forced to stoop with her hands and feet tied together. The Faun with Marpesia on his back rams his great prick into the attendant's cunt from behind, while his captain, sitting before her, sticks his rampant tool into Marpesia in front. But you will observe he leaves all the work to be done by his lieutenant, who, as he fucks the attendant, works Marpesia's cunt most luxuriously up and down on his leader's tool.

    Marpesia has her finger raised as if she was saying: 'Ah! You have me now, and can drive your goatish prick into my poor cunt to hour full satisfaction, but wait till the Amazons catch you and maybe they will make you spend to some purpose.

    In number 2, the Faun varies his enjoyment. He wants to have his prick rubbed up, so he has Marpesia suspended over him, with her legs and arms tied to a bough of a tree in such a posture that her breasts rest on his belly, then he nestles his languid prick between her soft swelling bubbies, and makes his lieutenant stand between her thighs and fuck her while thus suspended. The shoves of the lieutenant, as he drives his prick in and out of Marpesia's cunt, makes her breasts rub back and forth on his leader'' belly, thus imparting the most stimulating friction to his lethargic tool.

    In number 3, you find matters reversed. The Amazons now have the upper hand. They have surprised the Fauns in a night attack, and have captured a large number. Marpesia, who has gained her liberty, now takes her revenge and her gratification at the same time. She has them securely fastened down on their backs, on logs of wood, so that she and her feminine troop can stride over them, and gorge to satiety their fasting cunts with their subjugated pricks. Behold Marpesia herself, in grand muscular proportion and beauty, astride over the chief. She has stuffed his pliant tool into her lascivious gap, and sustaining herself by the branch of a tree overhead, works her body up and down until she pumps out all the seminal juice left in the poor wretch's cods.

    She has exhausted several in the same way; one of her attendants tries a poor fellow who she has just left, but finds his tool so limp and powerless, so completely sucked dry, that he cannot get it into her receptacle, so raising her disappointed cunt, she contemptuously discharges over the useless prick a hissing stream of ejected piss.

    In number 4, we have a front view of this famous queen: her breasts are proportionally small, but her arms, thighs and legs are in the highest development of muscular strength and beauty.

    She is seated on a gigantic Faun with his great tool stuffed into her lecherous receiver; the protruding lips of her hairy cunt grasp it firmly at the root, while her nimble fingers churn his reluctant cods.

    With her other hand she frigs the inflamed prick of another of these deformities, whose hands are fastened behind his back.

    'Spend, you ugly beast!' she cries, as with energetic hold and rapid motion she works his tired machine.

    Then the scene changes, peace has been proclaimed between the Amazons and their Sylvan neighbours. To keep up their unnatural tribe, the Amazons are allowed occasionally to wander in the woods, with a view to meeting the Fauns and obtaining the service of their virile powers.

    In number 5, you have, accordingly, Marpesia herself embraced by three fine specimens of these horned and goat-legged monsters. One encircles her with his left arm and elevates her thigh with his right, while he plunges his vigorous prick into the luscious cavity of her hungry cunt. Another presents his bursting tool to her open mouth; with lecherous lips, she sucks its throbbing head, and draws streams of frothy love from the fount within. The third kissed her ruddy cheek and feels her bottom with searching fingers while she frigs his sturdy prick. Her warm and nervous grasp soon makes the hot spunk shoot in milky jets from its glowing tip. just as her mouth and cunt are liberally treated with an overflow of the same fecundating fluid.

    At last the time drew near for Dick to pay us his promised visit. He had successfully passed his final examination, and was now duly qualified to act as a medical practitioner.

    The governor directed him to bring his certificate and testimonials with him, in order that he might be able to fulfil his promise of obtaining for him a suitable and lucrative appointment.

    He also told him to propose to Mrs Bond a move to Trinidad, where she could procure an excellent residence near Government House and, by his influence, an unfailing supply of good lodgers.

    Although this was stated with apparent indifference, I saw plainly enough that the account Dick had given of Mrs Bond and her interesting family had, in the highest degree, excited the desire of the governor to obtain the enjoyment of a closer acquaintance with that salacious lady.

    I foresaw indeed that such acquaintance would assuredly lead to a lessening of my influence over him; but he was growing old, and I might at any time, have to look for some more permanent position, so I did not feel greatly alarmed. Besides, having my old friend Dick, even though married, near me again would be a source of very great gratification and support, Mrs Bond readily accepted the governor's invitation and in due time arrived on the island with all her belongings.

    The result I anticipated was quickly verified; and the coming of Mrs Bond and her party gave rise to many new and interesting complications, which will form the subject of succeeding chapters.


    Dick's poetry

    The selection and arrangement of Mrs Bond's future residence was entrusted to the governor and myself.

    To account for the interest he took in the matter, it was given out that she had been the wife of an old friend of his to whom he had promised when dying that he would look after and protect his widow and orphans.

    It so happened that there was a suitable and commodious house, not far from the government grounds, at that time untenanted. The governor at once engaged it for his friend's widow, and set about having it furnished and fitted up, not forgetting a special boudoir or sanctum for Mrs Bond's own use.

    In the midst of our preparations, another batch of letters came to hand, telling us that they were just about embarking and containing Dick's certificate and testimonials for the governor and also some papers for myself.

    Dick had a taste for scribbling what he called poetry, and as it may gratify my readers, I transcribe for them the specimen which I received on this occasion. It show, I think, some talent, but I am not sure that it is mythologically correct.

    Venus and the Centaur Arms! and the thing, I sing — half-man, half horse;

    Impelled by fate a sort of equine cross, Whose development half in human mould, But left the other half as it was foal'd.

    Unique was he; no other of his form Was there to gambol 'mid the Aegean storm;

    And all too proud the common herd to seek While owning human faculty to speak.

    He lived alone till passion claimed its sway; 'Twas the rutting season, and the month of May.

    Wandering forlorn in this unpleasant guise In vain each nymph, incontinent, he tries;

    No sooner does the monster breathe of love, Than shrieks of laughter echo through the grove; 'A hideous beast like thee!' young Lesbia cries;

    And straight each wanton from his presence flies; 'We'll none of the' the sylvan nymphs declare.

    'Tis pity Pegasus is not a mare.'

    Despairing tears his human cheeks bedewed, Condemned to solitude, unloved, unwed;

    Sought he a mate throughout the whole of earth, His importunities but moved their mirth.

    At length a settled gloom upon him falls, And on Love's Goddess in despair he calls;

    Scarce had his prayer re-echo'd through the wood, Than lovely Venus in his presence stood.

    Her beauteous form in all its naked grace, And wreathing smiles illuminate her face.

    Her faultless limbs no envious drap'ry hides — A living model which all art derides.

    To her the Centaur his petition made,

    And in his misery invoked her aid.

    The Goddess smiled and heaved a gentle sigh, Then to the Centaur blushing made reply: 'Oh! noble Centaur, whose peculiar race To form of stallion add the human grace;

    And has thou, piteous being! felt the dart Of my unsparing offspring in they heart?

    Alas poor Centaur! could not Cupid spare, Malicious boy! but plant his arrow there;

    For those delights which gentle lovers prize, Thou art not fitted, Centaur, in the eyes Of those fair maids who thus they form deride;

    Nature has laws by which we must abide.'

    Thus spake the Goddess, and her beauty's charm To his nature sounded the alarm;

    Her naked shape and the secrets thus reveal'd To his fierce instincts all at once appeal'd.

    Extreme desires assail his wanton heart, And tingling fires through all his body dart, Fancy runs riot as he views her form, Her charming naked parts, and glances warm.

    To her the Centaur, as he seized her hand: 'Art thou Love's goddess, and my pains withstand;

    Can'st thou not quench the burning fires within?

    To Venus all divine, no love is sin.'

    Thus spoke the Centaur, while her roving eyes Observed his weapon of portentous size;

    A lively red suffused her damask cheeks, And her clasped hands her strong emotion speaks.

    Not such as won her, when the shipling boy, She first embraced and taught him to enjoy Within her circling arms the prurient bliss:

    His latest spasms dying in a kiss.

    'Twas not Adonis now, the Goddess fired, To more substantial joys her mind aspired;

    Effective means to stir such wanton hearts Had he possessed of such stupendous parts.

    Now beat his pulses with inflamed desire, His stallion nature owns the mystic fire, His crimson cheeks betray his burning lust, The Goddess saw it, gently sighed and blushed.

    Intense emotions struggle in his breast, And his rude weapon shows its ruddy crest;

    Its swollen veins and long, distended length With frequent jerks proclaim its stallion strength.

    The wanton Goddess feels the lustful fire, And all aflame, now pants with warm desire, His trembling hands rove o'er her glowing charms, And wild with joy he clasps her in his arms.

    Her eyes askance devour the bestial brand, Impulsively she takes it in her hand.

    With gentle pressures she his lust requites, And firmer grasps afford him new delights.

    The throbbing weapon raised on high its crest, While Venus kneeling pressed it to her breast.

    Now too excited long to brook delay The snorting monster urged the prurient play:

    So Venus forward on the bank reclined,

    While the Centaur, rampant, mounted her behind, With furious thrusts his untaught falchion plies, Beats round the bush, and entrance vainly tries.

    But sacred pity acts in godlike minds:

    Plants the fierce point between her lily thighs, And lust-distended, twixt the lips it lies, With poignant throbs all swollen and impressed, While Venus labours to engulf the rest.

    Constrained by that firm grasp and guided true The stiffened gristle disappears from view.

    Propelled by lustful force within it slips, And stretches wide the love-moist roseate lips — Ah! thus forever love will have its way:

    So Venus cries, enraptured with the play;

    Not less, the Centaur madd'ning impulse feels, And beats the verdure with his horny heels — While roars expressive of his joy are forced From his hoarse throat, and in the woods are lost — Divine sensations now he feels, and new, Convulsive pressures prove her pleasures too, While tingling raptures fill the Centaur's veins, And each convulsion fresh insertion gains, Till gorged at length with monster such as this, The fainting Goddess owns the melting bliss.

    With furious thrusts the Centaur's throbbing shaft In Venus' cunt lies buried t the haft, Thrust upon thrust the greedy monster dealt.

    While hot with lust the enraptured Goddess knelt.

    His joy increased till nature could not more, And his big globes were banging at the door, So close the pressure, despite her pains, The quick'ning pleasure bubbles in his veins.

    Too short! too warm! the luscious struggle ends, And with a howl the clinging Centaur spends.

    As spouted forth when sweet Narcissus died, From Mother Earth the clear cerulean tide;

    So now behold the swollen limb distend And spout the exquisite essence from its end — With furious pressures and impulsive thrust He shoots the torrents of his heated lust, While pent-up nature makes prodigious throes, And the thick juice in right profusion flows.

    The Goddess feels this inundation pour,

    And sinks exhausted on the verdant floor:

    Her flooded cunt the fierce coition owns While sobs of pleasure mingle with his groans.

    And sated thus, his passion finds relief:

    His dripping weapon slips from out the sheath.

    The Goddess rises from the reeking ground, And startled wood nymphs, trembling, gather round.

    Convinced at last he has some power to please, They watch his wanton gambols at their ease, Not one so coy she will not gladly share His wondrous gifts, and own their pleasures rare;

    In fact, the monster, thus in great request, Soon trotted off to take some timely rest.

    'Tis thus that fashion, once set in and strong, Obtains, and rules by force the mouthy throng;

    And many a rude exterior hides a charm Which, once 'tis tasted, use conceals the harm.


    The widow's crafty scheme

    The governor and I were waiting on the shore ready to welcome Mrs Bond's party on their arrival.

    Mrs Bond was younger and more fresh looking than I expected. She had the sprightly vivacious manner of a Frenchwoman, and all the ease and accomplishment of a well-bred lady.

    Mary, I did not fancy so much: she was pretty, but there was something reserved and sly in her look and demeanour which rather repelled me; but Jim, with her merry open face, and warm impetuous little ways, was altogether to my taste, and we quickly became close friends. Dick I thought wonderfully improved; he had grown more manly in appearance, and his handsome bronzed face was set off by a full darkcoloured moustache. He met me with the greatest empressement, and his salute was something more than brotherly.

    The governor's interest secured for him the appointment he desire, and when he had obtained apartments in a neighbouring lodging house, he entered his duties with zeal and ability. Mrs Bond quickly made herself at home, and the governor, I need not say, was a frequent visitor at her house and was soon fully initiated in all the mysteries of her sanctum.

    From the first she brought all he seductive arts to bear upon him, and knowing that he had been made acquainted, through Dick, with all her secret tastes, habits and capabilities, she permitted him to take her in his arms, and after a little coy remonstrance, push his roving hand up between her easily separated thighs and explore with lecherous fingers the secret charms of her ripe and unctuous quim.

    Then having carefully secured the door, she allowed him to raise her petticoats and lay bare the hidden beauties that clustered round the junction of her large fleshy thighs; then she even reclined back and spread herself open to afford him the fullest gratification by a near inspection of the gradually swelling mound and full voluptuous lips of her well-garnished cunt.

    While he stooped over her, she unbuttoned his trousers, pulled up his shirt, and drew forth his soft and attenuated tool.

    'Let me fondle it a moment, my dear sir, it has plenty of life in it yet, it only needs a little attention to flatter and excite it.'

    She took it coaxingly in her well-practiced hand and with a stimulating touch passed her fingers gently up and down its shaft and over its pendant head. Then, leaning toward it, she took it into her warm mouth and played around its top and neck with her plaint tongue, while with soft suction she compressed her lips as she moved her head back and forward over it. at last, yielding to her skilful treatment, it slowly filled up and attained a certain degree of firmness and erection.

    Still nursing it with her stimulating touches, she looked up, and with a smile, said, 'It is in fair condition now; would you like me to call in Mary? She is young, fresh and beautifully made; in fact, she has one of the most satisfying cunts that ever man entered and I am sure she will think herself happy in being able to minister to your pleasure.'

    The governor's face quite brightened as he replied that while nothing could exceed the ripeness and the beauty of her own lovely charms, yet as she had kindly suggested the idea, it would certainly intensify his enjoyment to include her fair and accomplished daughter.

    Mrs Bond thoroughly understood the old governor, and with a wily craft impressed a lascivious kiss on the sensitive end of his half erect tool and said: 'Cheer up, you dear old prick, I bring you a fresh young cunt that will fill you with new vigour and delight.'

    She got up and went out, soon returning leading her daughter Mary by the hand.

    The governor rose to meet her and taking her in his arms said, 'allow me to congratulate you, sweet Mary, on the bloom of your lovely cheeks and the sparkle of your bright eyes.' Mary looked shy and turned away her blushing face.

    'Don't be over modest, my child, the governor has been very good to us, and we must do what we cant t show our gratitude in pleasing him by every means in our power; and that reminds me, I intended correcting you for being too lazy this morning. I will do it now, and that will make us all easy together,' and sitting down, she made her daughter bend over her knees, and then proceeded to pull up her skirts.

    'Oh, mamma! don't uncover me before Sir Charles. Ah, don't! you will let him see — all — every — Oh, my! what a shame! Don't look, sir Charles.'

    'I will uncover you before Sir Charles, just to punish you all the more; and if he cares to look, he shall see all you have to show. Now, you lazy girl, take that and that — and that,' each time giving her a smack on the bare bottom with the palm of her hand. 'I will make this saucy bum blush, like your rosy face.

    'Look, governor, do you see how red her bottom is getting? How she pokes it out! and wriggles it from side to side, the impudent hussy! Yes, I will smack you in here too, open your legs, miss.'

    'Oh, mamma! Oh mamma! don't let Sir Charles see my-'

    'Your cunt, you mean, yes he shall see your cunt and everything about it; just to punish you; lift your bottom and spread your thighs more — that's the way. Look, governor, at these two pretty fat lips. I will pull them open for you — see this clitoris, how stiffly it stands out! and this deep chink, how red and moist it is! I declare the impudent girl is spending; look at this white juice oozing out! how hot and randy she is!

    Now, Sir Charles, where's your prick — I will hold her while you stick it in — get down there between her legs — so — let me guide it for you — now push there, how nicely it slips in! Now work away while I keep my hand on your cods and tickle your bottom.'

    'Oh, mamma — let me up — what are you and Sir Charles doing to me?'

    'Fucking you, my dear, don't you feel his nice prick rubbing in your cunt, and his hairy balls smacking against your bottom? Tell him, Mary, how you like it.'

    'Dear Sir Charles, your fucking gives me a very pleasant feeling in my cunt. I hope you are enjoying it yourself. Do you like looking at my bottom? Can you see it while you fuck?'

    'Yes, darling Mary, I don't know when I enjoyed a fuck so much, and your talking about it so freely makes it still more enjoyable. You have a most delicious cunt; it holds my prick like a hand; and you have the sweetest roundest and plumpest little arse that ever lady carried behind her. But I must withdraw now, as I am going to spend,' and he pulled out his prick.

    'Pop it in here,' said Mrs bond, drawing it under the cheeks of Mary's bottom and presenting the little brown hole in the most easy and inviting position.

    'Shall I Mary? shall I fuck your arse?'

    'Yes, Sir Charles, fuck my arse if you like.'

    The governor pushed at the narrow entrance and the well-moistened head of his prick slipped into her bottom, passed up, and discharge amid her entrails the few drops of spunk it was able to deliver.

    Mary ran, poured water into a basin and returned, bringing her own sponge then carefully washed, wiped and then petted and kissed the drooping article which the governor dignified with the name of prick.

    I was not present at this first step in their wily plot, but was informed of what took place afterward, when all was settled and we had fallen into the positions which stern fate apparently had allotted to us. Mrs Bond was as ambitious as she was clever, and at once on her arrival she perceived that the amorous tastes and weaknesses of the old governor presented an opportunity of making her daughter Mary so attractive and so essential to his pleasure that he might be induced to take her as his second wife.

    The engagement with Dick, she treated very lightly, as she knew that she had brought it on herself, and that he probably would not regret being released from the promise which had been exacted from him; while my connection gave her no concern whatsoever.

    I soon perceived the old man's infatuation. He was perpetually at Mrs Bond's; and when with me, which was more seldom than formerly, he could talk of nothing but Mary — her beauty, her accomplishments and her charms.

    So I said to him one day when he was returning my caresses in a languid manner, 'My dear old Charley, I see how the wind blows; you like Mary, you want Mary — why don't you marry her, and you will have the full command of a fine young girl, and her accomplished mother into the bargain?'

    Well, I might, except on your account, and also that she is engaged to our friend, Dick.'

    'As for me,' I replied, 'don't let that be an obstacle. Thanks to your liberality, and my father's kindness, I am independent; and my affection for you under any circumstances remain the same; and as for Dick, I don't think he cares much for Mary after all; it would not break his heart. He would like to see her the wife of his friend and patron, Sir Charles.'

    To make a long story short, it was soon understood, and acquiesced in by us all, that Mary was to be the second Lady Stanhope; and Dick, thus being set free, reminded me of the old passion he had always nursed in his heart of hearts, and asked me to become his wife.

    I consented on the condition that I was to retain the command of my own money, and that we should both be absolutely free to enjoy ourselves just as we had when in possession of our unmarried liberty.

    This arrangement smoothed away every difficulty, and restored confidence and kindly feeling amongst us all.

    Dick and I were invited to join the parties in the sanctum; and Mary and her mother often came to my boudoir to meet the governor and Dick, who continued the best of friends.

    On such occasions Mrs Bond was always called by general consent to preside.

    She naturally made the governor the great object of her attention, and left Dick and me to follow our own devices and join in as we liked; which plan suited all parties very well.

    I will describe one of these scenes as a specimen. Having settled the old governor in a most voluptuous position on the couch, his bottom resting on soft cushions, his back supported by sloping pillows and his thighs wide apart, Mrs Bond would kneel at his side and stoop forward so as to elevate her naked posterior beauties, of which she was justly proud, in front of a large mirror in full view of the reclining governor. Then in the most skilful manner, she would take in hand and delicately frig his prick, which though only partially erect was fully sensitive to the delicious touch of her pliant and mobile fingers. Her other hand meanwhile would stealthily pass under his thigh, and with cunning play, titillate him behind.

    By their direction, Mary would kneel at the other side with her fair white bottom turned toward his face, so that he could feast his eyes or amuse his fingers either with her delicate little nether entrance, or the thick hairy lips of her luscious quim; and sometimes, at a hint from her mother, she would vary her position by straddling over his breast and pushing her bottom to his face, that he might kiss and smell the fragrant apertures there; all the time, however, keeping her open mouth over his prick, so that her mother might pop in its head when she wished to vary the sensation.

    She soon discovered how fond the governor was of listening to randy talk and the special delight he found in hearing women freely using all those wanton terms and expressions which are suggestive of lecherous thought and practice.

    She accordingly gratified him and intensified his excitement by carrying on with Mary a most lascivious and suggestive conversation; occasionally having recourse to Dick or me for the sake of variety.

    'Fucking, mamma! Fucking; there is no more delightful feeling than that of a nice prick being pushed up into one's cunt, rubbing against its sensitive creases and filling it to capacity.'

    'Do you like the feel of Sir Charles's prick fucking your cunt?'

    'I do greatly, especially when you put it in, mamma, and hold it by the root, which makes it stronger; and then I feel your fingers playing about my clitoris and the lips of my cunt.'

    'Where do you feel his cods rubbing when he fucks you lying on your back with your legs raised up?'

    'I feel his cods rubbing against the whole of my bottom — well, my arse, if he likes me to say that. Do you like looking at my naked arse, Sir Charles?'

    'I do, darling Mary, I enjoy greatly looking at your naked arse; it is so soft and round, and of such a creamy whiteness; push it up nearer, and I will kiss it for you.'

    'What do you do, Mary, just before you get into bed?'

    'I take out the pot, mamma, and piss into it; and sometimes I watch my cunt while it pisses. I suppose most people piss before going to bed.

    Don't you? Sir Charles wished to see me piss the other night. I pissed through his fingers, and then he kissed my cunt before I wiped it and while the drops of piss still hung about his hands; then I made him piss for me, and I held his prick as I watched the amber stream shoot out of the little slit at the top, then I sucked it, and got some of the piss into my mouth, I think.'

    Dick and I laughed; we were highly amused at the wily craft of the mother, and the unblushing effrontery of the daughter.

    Meanwhile, we carried on our own little play of kissing and sucking, and petting and fucking. We had enjoyed a nice fuck on a couch parallel with and close to that on which the governor was lying — so near, in fact, that by stretching out his arm he was able to place his lecherous hand on Dick's fine sturdy prick as he worked it slowly and deliberately in my cunt. And for a moment Mrs Bond and Mary had paused to watch us also.

    Dick was now resting with his head on the pillow, while I straddled over him holding his softened tool in my hands, rubbing and pressing it against the warm lips of my still excited cunt. Mrs Bond, who studied the governor's prick as a doctor does the pulse of his patient, perceived that further stimulation was needed; so, winking at Mary she asked, 'Did Sir Charles ever get anyone to fuck you while he looked on?'

    'He did, mamma; I did not quite like it, but you know, I would do anything to please him. He brought the coachman into his room, and having told him he wanted to fuck one of the maids before him, he blindfolded him perfectly. Then he placed him on the bed on his back and desired him to get his prick in order for the girl he was about to bring in.

    When all was ready, he came for me, stripped me naked, led me in and directed me to get on the bed and straddle down over the coachman's face that he might fist gratify and excite himself by kissing my cunt and sucking my arsehole.

    Of course, I liked that very well, especially as the governor was pleased and kept on fingering me all the while.

    I was therefore quite ready when Sir Charles told me to squat down on the man's prick while he stuffed it into my cunt. Then I worked away like a postilion up and down while Sir Charles held his prick to my mouth and asked me to frig and suck it and tickle his bottom until he spent.

    'How did you like it yourself, Sir Charles.'

    'Oh! it was grand! do you remember how I held you by the shoulders, as I drove my prick through your fingers in and out of your mouth as if it were a cunt. And the best of it was, the coachman had not the least idea whose cunt it was that gave him such delight, but thought and still thinks that it was one of the maids.'

    The coachman, however, was none other than my old friend James, and he told me on one occasion when he was indulging in that second bout, which women so love and appreciate, that he knew perfectly well who the lady was that the lecherous old governor wished him to believe was one of the maids. But he thought it wiser to keep the knowledge to himself, especially as he expected her to be his future mistress. 'But oh!

    Miss Queenie, that's where you ought to be — we all love you, but no one cares for Miss Mary, she is too haughty and conceited.'

    Another device of that most lubricious dame was very successful, and is therefore worthy of special record. She obtained a broad shallow basket, purposely made with an open bottom. This was secured like the scale of a balance to a rope that passed through a pulley overhead, so that it could be hauled up and down. In this basket Mary was placed quite naked, with the plump white cheeks of her arse protruding through the open bottom; which position caused her cunt to stand out with a moist luxurious and exciting prominence from the furrow between her smooth round buttocks.

    Of all the varied postures to which prurient fancy has subjected the female form, this is the best I have ever seen for displaying in full perfection both the exterior and interior beauties of a woman's cunt.

    In most cases, no matter how they spread their thighs, the nymphae or inner lips remain closed; but by this arrangement the pressure of the body so forces out the cunt that those little shell-like wings (ailerons, as the French call them) are drawn widely apart, and thus afford a most ravishing view of the crimson depths between them.

    Mary having seated herself in this basket so ingeniously contrived by her mother was hoisted about four feet from the floor.

    The old governor stretched himself underneath on his back with his lustful eyes fastened on the interior charms of Mary's cunt, so invitingly opened out above his head; while her experienced mother frigged up his prick into some degree of life and stiffness.

    Then Dick or I would lower the basket down, so that, under Mrs Bond's management, the ripe ruddy lips of Mary's cunt would just alight on and enclose the head of the prick which was so skilfully sustained by her mother's hand.

    Then, as the rope was further slacked off, the weight of her body would cause the hot moist lips to swallow up the whole of that luscious morsel.

    But as soon as we perceived the soft lips pressed hard on the hair at its roots, we would draw her suddenly up, and expose the governor's tool standing up red and smoking after its sweet immersion; then quickly down again; then up, until the pleasing friction set them both wild with excitement.

    Mary being so much younger and more vigorous, always felt it more keenly. She used to lean over the side of the basket, and looking down on the ruddy tool standing beneath her, would complain of its having been too quickly withdrawn from her throbbing cunt, and crying, 'Queenie, let me have the dear thing again, drive it up fast, make it fuck me harder — quicker,' and stretching down her arms, she would pinch her own bottom, and try to catch hold of the slippery tool; and knowing how it gratified him, she would go rattling on: 'Oh, my cunt!

    Oh, dear prick! Fuck me, governor — fuck my cunt — push up your prick — fuck, fuck, fuck.'

    Then the governor, twisting about wit pleasurable emotion, would direct Mrs Bond to squat down with her bottom on his face in order that he might suck her cunt while he fucked her daughter.

    Mrs Bond would then place her cunt on his open mouth as soon as she felt his pliant tongue licking up and sucking out the juice exuding from it, she would take the basket in her hands, and so press it down and work it from side to side as to make his prick wriggle about in Mary's belly in the most luxurious and exciting manner and thus bring on a grand and abundant discharge.

    CHAPTER 10

    Davy's rape

    On another day, after we had been reading a stirring account of a successful rape, we all agreed that it must be a most interesting and exciting thing to witness the violent defloration of a young girl with well-developed charms.

    'How delightful it would be,' said the governor, 'to watch her struggling in the arms of a big lust fellow, flinging about her legs and twisting her rump as she felt his great tool bobbling at the mouth of her cunt, and trying to force an entrance; and when at last he succeeded in getting in, and commenced shoving it up, to hear her screech and yell, and give him all manner of abuse, until she felt it all inside and began to find out that being fucked was not such a terrible thing after all; and then, like most girls, trying to hide her satisfaction under the appearance of only giving way to unavoidable necessity. Oh! it would be grand!" he said smacking his lecherous lips. 'Could it be arranged, Queenie? With your resources and well-known tact, you might effect it, if anyone could.'

    'I will try,' I replied, 'I am sure that if Davy thought he could gratify me by performing in that manner, he would not hesitate to do all that lay in his power. I will accordingly consult him and let you know the result.'

    When I proposed the matter to Davy, assuring him at the same time that I fully relied on his cleverness and affection, his eyes danced with delight as he answered, 'Ah, Missa Queenie, you allays bery good to Davy, and he lub you very much. It can be done, and it must be done as you wish; let dis chile alone for dat. I know one young missy, dey call her Juliar, who passed by de ground ebery day going to and coming from school. She fine big girl too, and as she walks along, her two fat cheeks behind wag from side to side. I allays look after her and thinks to myself: what grand arse you hab Miss Juliar! if do mouth between your legs stick out in front like de bottom behind, you fine piece for the fuck.'

    'Well, Davy, you have a great eye for the girls; and when you see their bottom wag that way, does it make your prick get up? Come here and let me try what it is like now.'

    Davy bounded t where I was sitting on a chair, and standing before me, placed his hands on my shoulders while I opened his pantaloons myself, thrust my hand and found a fine black tool, nine inches long, standing in proud erection. I drew it out, and pulling down the skin from its dark-coloured head, pressed my lops on its velvet tip. It had more of its peculiar perfume than usual, which in my excited state, gratified my wanton taste and made my cunt tingle with lecherous emotion.

    'Now Davy, tell me truly how you were using this great prick last.

    Whose cunt were you prodding with it? — I will give it a little suck while you are telling me.'

    'Well, missy, Davy will tell you de whole truth: Gobernor send me last evening with bunch of camelias to Miss Mary. Polly open de door and take me into de kitchen. She make me good strong coffee — Oh! it did warm me up and make my prick stand up like anything. She soon notice, take him out and pet um wid her lily-white hand. Den she say:

    "Davy, I hab one great secret; you be sensible boy; Miss Mary will soon be mistress of Government House. She like you, Davy, and intend to make you head-gardener, and gib you de front lodge." '"Bery good, but what about Miss Queenie?'

    '"Nebba mind her, she go marry Dr Dick; but now, listen to me, Davy, you like to please me, don't you?" — Here, she let me take one kiss — "Well, to go me, you must gib Miss Mary a taste ob this first" — frigging my prick gently up and down — "She tired of nursing and coaxing de Gobernor's old cock, and she dying for one good fuck. She make me promise to put her in de way; and so I tink of you Davy, dis here big fellow — " drawing back the skin from de bursting head — 'is well able to gib her satisfaction and it will be de making ob your fortune, let me tell you." '"But, Polly, me no lub Miss Mary, no ways; lub your leetle finger more nor her whole body — Ah! let me," I said, trying to push my hand under her petticoat.

    '"Not now, Davy, no matter what part ob me you lub, you can't had it till you please Miss Mary first." '"Well, let me please her soon, that I way hab you; can I go and please her now?" '"Don't be such a hurry, Davy; hurry spoils eberyting — Can you stay here tonight?" '"I can stay until twelve, will dat do?" '"Yes, dat will do bery well. Now attend; do you see dat ere door? Dat de door ob my room. Come in and I will show you where de bed is — here in de left-hand corner. I will be going to bed soon, and I want you to wait outside while I am undressing, and when you see dat de light in de kitchen is quenched, den open de door softly, cross over to my room, and go up to de bed; and remember, no matter wat you tink, you must make believe dat it is me, and nobody else, and allays say Polly, whenever you speak. Be wise, do your best, and you won't be sorry; now off wid you, and I won't keep you long," and she pushed me out and shut de door.

    'I had to wait longer than I liked, but at least de light was quenched, and I went softly to de door. It was on de latch, I opened it and went in. I undressed by de fire, and den went to Polly's door, which was partly open. I passed in, and up to de side of de bed; I heard somebody breathing, so I said, "Polly my lub, I'm Davy, let me in," and I lifted de bedclothes and slipped in. a pair ob warm arms took hold ob me and pressed me against two delicious bubbies. Den a soft hand found its way to my prick, felt it all over, as if calculating its length and thickness, it den passed on to de balls, moved dem about, and held dem, as if to find out how much dey weighed. Den both hands were at my prick, one holding de root, while de oder passed lightly up and down de shaft.

    '"Stop, Polly, my lub, or you'll make me spend. Shall I get on top of you and fuck you?" '"Not yet," she answered in a low hoarse whisper, "let us have a little play first — bring your prick nearer till I kiss it." I straddled over her breasts, rubbing my balls on her bubbies, as I pushed de head ob my prick toward her mouth. She took it in between her lips, and made her tongue play around it, at de same time clutching my bottom wid her hands until she had me just mad.

    '"Oh, Polly! I'm just busting — may I put it in your cunt." '"Cannot you keep it a little longer — you have not petted my cunt yet." 'I knew what she wanted, so I said: "Let me face about den and I will lean over you and kiss it." '"Do, Davy, dat will be bery nice." 'I turned around, still straddling over her, and bent down my head toward her cunt, as I did so, she raised her knees and spread her thighs.

    My mouth den rested on de hottest cunt I ever touched; it seemed burning like one furnace, and de juice dat was bubling out was as thic as molasses. But de clitoris filled up my mouth, it was stiff too, like a small prick.

    'As I sucked she kept hoisting up her cunt and twisting her bottom about, while she grunted: "Good, Davy — you suck my cunt nicely — push your tongue — squeeze my bottom — that is nice — now turn and give me a good fuck — a good long fuck; I turned about and lay upon her belly. Her two hands held my prick to de mouth ob her cunt. She said: "Push, Davy." I shoved; my prick made one bound and plunged into de tank ob lub. Oh! it war hot like boiling water, and sucked um in like one whirlpool. He legs crossed on my back, and her hands pressed my shoulders. "Push, Davy, push — harder in — harder still — Oh! now! another big push!" I pull him out until only him nose remain between de lips; den I shove hard. With one spring ob her rump she bounded up to meet me; our two bellies came smack, my balls banged her arse, her whole inside felt alive; hands, feet, mouth, breasts, bottom, cunt, all seemed to catch hold ob me. "Fuck, Davy, fuck," she cried at ebery bound; if she habn't held me so tight wid her legs and arms, she would have pitched me off.

    '"Fuck, Davy, fuck; fill my cunt; pinch my arse; fuck Davy fuck — den such a flood. I nebba spent like dat afore. I taught my bery soul was leaving me and all going into her cunt. I just rolled ober on one side like one dead and every little sense I had flew away.

    'After a while, I came to myself, somebody was at my prick a-kissing and a-kissing it; some oder body was raising my head and holding a cup to my lips; it had hot coffee like what she gib me before. I felt good when I drank it, my heart warmed and my prick stoop up.

    'Dey two laughed. I heard Polly say: "He all right again; get ober him now." 'De one dat held me straddled me, and stuffing my prick into her cunt, sat down upon me.

    'I den catch de one dat had de cup, and say: "Dear Polly, let me kiss your pussy-cat." De oder whisper: "Yes, Polly, do." Polly spread her thighs ober my face, and put her lubly cunt to my mouth. Oh, it was nice! Dey ten took hold ab one anoder, while de one below worked up and down, crying: "Fuck, Davy, fuck." Dey now gave up shamming, for Polly said: Hasn't Davy a fine prick, Miss Mary?"

    '"Yed, Davy gib a grand fuck; he had balls like a stallion, rump like a bull and prick like one donkey. You are the only man, Davy, I would trust in this matter; now promise me faithfully to keep my secret, and mind you don't tell Queenie, above all; and I will take good care of you, and let you fuck me as often as you please." 'I muttered something dat I s'pose she took for a promise, but indeed I promised nutting, and I soon left dem for I was tired out. Now Miss Queenie, I hab told you eberyting, won't you let me gib you one nice fuck before de spunk spurt out. Lean ober de arm ob de sofa and let me see all de booties ob your lubly arse and mossy quim, wid its sweet red chink.'

    I placed myself as Davy wished, and greatly enjoyed the feel of his soft paws grasping the cheeks of my bottom and drawing them open as he kissed and sucked the sensitive apertures there. And when he had produced by that most effective means the highest degree of wanton excitement in my cunt, he plunged his great tool into the hot recess, and begged me to tell him how I liked all that he did to me.

    'I like to have you look at my bottom, Davy, and press it with your hands. I like to feel the play of your tongue in my bottom-hole, and the feel of your warm breath blowing about the hair of my cunt, as you suck the clitoris; and now I delight to feel your great prick ramming my cunt and your belly smacking my arse; fuck, Davy, fuck, as they said to you; put your arms around my hips — press my cunt with your fingers; Oh! that is nice — fuck, Davy, fuck, fuck.

    'Now that you have cooled down, Davy, tell me what you think as to the rape of Miss Julia. You know it must be managed somehow in the open space under the kiosk so that I may see all that you do.'

    'Davy think to manage it dis way; wheneber she see me, she allays beg one flower; now I will watch at de gate tomorrow, and when she pass, will invite her into de garden to choose for herself, den I will show her de kiss, bring her underneath, and den we shall soon get a view ab all at she so carefully hide under her petticoat. So, if you are dere about three o'clock in de afternoon, you and me see some sport.'

    'Very well, Davy, I'll be there but I don't wish you to hurt her, you know.

    I only want to see how you manage to fuck her against her will, and what she will do in her attempts to keep you off.'

    'Nebba fear I'll not hurt her more than I can help, ob dat you may be sure; but you won't mid if she squeaks a little and kicks her legs about.'

    'O no, I expect that,' I said laughing.

    The governor and the whole party were delighted when I told them of my arrangement with Davy. So the next afternoon, having employed Davy in the farthest part of the ground, I got them all together in the kiosk without his knowledge. Then I called him and said I was ready and would be on the lookout.

    With Dick's help, we prepared three good slits in the flooring through which we could see all that passed underneath while we reclined at our ease on the soft rugs and carpets.

    While waiting for Davy's appearance we diverted ourselves with a few small exhibitions of our own. The governor, seconded by Dick, requested us three ladies to lie in a row with our bare bottoms turned up for their admiration and inspection; after we had been handled, viewed and turned about to their satisfaction their two pricks came in for their share of attention; the governor's limp as usual, while Dick's affair, which I now regarded as my peculiar property, was in good working trim. Mrs Bond, following out her plan, devoted herself chiefly to the old governor; but Mary seemed more occupied with watching for Davy and painting in her mind the expected treat of seeing his fine prick engaged in amorous play.

    Knowing all I did, I regarded her with much amusement, and being anxious to ascertain the actual state of her feelings, I put my hand on her cunt as she lay at my side. She was pleased at this mark of attention, and opened her thighs to give me more room. I confess that, as a rule, I don't particularly admire a woman's private parts, I suppose, from being so familiar with my own; however, when much excited, I have at times enjoyed petting, and even kissing another woman's cunt.

    But on this occasion, there was something in the touch of Mary's love chink that made me feel as if I had put my hand on an electric box. It seemed actually throbbing with amorous fire. The lips were exceedingly full, prominent and open; the clitoris protruded boldly out from between them and felt very large, strong and wonderfully hot; it slipped about under my fingers as if endowed with life. I felt irresistibly drawn toward it, and bent down my face. She turned on her back and spread her thighs as I passed between them and stooped to kiss her hot recess. Drawing open the lips I buried my mouth in the moist charm. As soon as she felt my tongue playing the clitoris and penetrating the passage, she muttered: 'Oh, Queenie! you are very good — I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying that. It is better even that a fuck. Oh — Oh! Queenie, I'm spending — Oh! Oh!' and a hot gush of the sweetest and most lascivious spunk I ever tasted filled my mouth.

    I really at first thought she was pissing but the thick unctuous flavour testified as to its true character.

    She had scarcely recovered from the languor caused by this emission, when we heard steps approaching the kiosk.

    Davy quickly made his appearance below, dragging with him a goodlooking creole girl, nearly white, and about fourteen years old. As he drew her in through the door, we heard her say in an angry voice, 'What are you hauling me in here for? Stop, you ugly black nigger, you shan't pull up my clothes — stop — I tell you.' But Davy, holding her firmly with his left arm around her waist, drew up her frock boldly with his right.

    'I will, missy, I see your white stockings, and your lubly smooth thighs, and your round fat bottom.'

    'Let me go — how dare you expose me so — you nasty wretch, take your hand off me or I'll bite and scratch you. Oh! Stop, I tell you, you shan't put your hand there.'

    'You may kick and bit and scratch, and do anything else dat you like, but I will put my hand on your bottom in spite of you; aye, and in here too, between your thighs — on your little fat cunt; and I'll push my finger in between these hairy lips — Oh! it is so nice and soft — Oh! isn't dat good.'

    'You abominable beast — take your hand out, your finger is hurting me — stop — do you want to kill me?'

    'No, missy, I lub you too well to kill you; I only wan to feel your cunt, and den put my prick into it and fuck you.'

    'But you shan't — I'll die first — Oh! I'll screech, if you attempt to lay me back.'

    'Screech away; for back you go.'

    'You shan't put in — Oh! you are hurting my hand.'

    'Well, take your hand out of the way.'

    Davy forced her down on some matting, and having dragged her legs forward, the whole of her body as far as her waist, was now completely uncovered.

    She plunged violently, jerking her supple body from side to side, thereby affording us most luscious peeps at the interior charms of her maiden cleft: its pouting lips looked beautifully round and fair and its inner folds were of a glowing red.

    Her frantic struggles gradually decreased in violence as he forced himself in between her thighs. His vigorous prick, sticking out before him like a thing instinct with life, poked its glossy head against the lips of her cunt, as if eager to find an entrance. No girl endowed with ordinary feeling can be altogether insensible to such an appeal, although, for appearance sake, she may prolong her resistance; notwithstanding the throbbing she felt in the region of bliss, still she endeavoured, with the one hand not held by Davy, both to cover her cunt and push away his prick. But he soon contrived to seize this hand also, and then her last resource was gone and she seemed to lie at his mercy. Besides, she was getting tired and worn out by her long continued struggles, so with a sorrowful moan she threw her had back, as if resigned to her fate.

    Davy did not lose a moment in directing the point of his tool to the critical spot between the lips and with a vigorous plunge drove it in about an inch. The smart occasioned by its entrance recalled Julia to life. She screamed out: 'Oh! Oh! you are murdering me.' Davy heedless of her cries thrust again. She yelled: 'Take your horrid thing out of me — Oh! it cuts like a knife.'

    But Davy gripped her more tightly around the loins, and heaving his great muscular arse, with successive prods forced his rampant prick up her maiden sheath.

    Then doubling up her legs under his arms, he rested for a moment on her knees, and pressed his balls with all his force on her up-turned bottom, while with a grin of intense satisfaction, he grunted out, 'Now Miss juliar you hab your belly full up with prick; how you like um? Dis leetle cunt stretch bery wide, and dese here bollocks rub sweetly on your lubly bottom. Nor for the fuck,' he said, slowly drawing out his prick all red and glowing from her newly opened cunt, and quickly driving it up again, continued: 'Now, Juliar, ain't dat good? fuck, oh! fuck, fuck; fuck' — at each word passing his slippery prick in and out of her cunt.

    Somehow Julia had grown very quiet, and if she moved at all it was only a slight upward heave of her body as she felt the prick rushing through the clinging lips of her cunt. After a few rapid strokes, Davy threw himself forward and, clasping her in his arms, lay motionless on her body. When he had rested thus for a moment, he drew out his now pendant tool and slowly raised himself on his feet.

    She never moved, however, but lay back in a kind of faint; observing which, Davy knelt between her thighs and gratified his eyes with a minute inspection of her cunt and bottom.

    Then lifting her up in his arms, with her head down, he carried her round and round with her bare legs brandishing in the air.

    This was evidently done for my special gratification, and it did afford us a very favourable and a most exciting view of her cunt and all its surroundings, it's open mouth, all red and inflamed after the forcible entrance of Davy's prick, being thus displayed to us in the most attractive manner as its ruddy lips were either closed up or drawn asunder by the motion of her legs.

    'Let me down, Davy; let me down — there's a good fellow, and I won't scold you any more.'

    'Will you be good and obedient?'

    'I will.'

    'Well, say cunt.'

    No answer.

    'Say prick.'

    No answer.

    'Will you let me fuck you again?'

    No answer.

    So stooping down his head, he first kissed her cunt and then gave her a smart bite on her bottom.

    'Oh! stop; I will — there — let me down.'

    Davy placed her carefully on the matting, and sitting down by her side, supported her with his arm.

    Her whole tone and manner were now quite altered from what they were a short time before, and it occurred to me as I watched them, what an extraordinary change is usually effected in most girls by a really good fuck. Before it they will treat a man's advances with scorn, and even repel him with violence and abuse, but if he only has the resolution to go on, and the power to effect his object — for that is the main point — the most violent opposition will soon cease, and soft compliance takes its place.

    So it was with Julia; she now looked the very pictures of meekness, and smiled when Davy told her how much he admired her, and that she had the sweetest and most delicious cunt he had ever fucked.

    'But Davy, now that you have done all that you wanted, won't you love me, dear, and never grow tired of me nor give me up for somebody else.'

    'Sweet Juliar, nebba fear, while you are good and do all you are asked to do, Davy will nebba tire ob you, nor gib you up; and now tell Davy, like a good girl, dat you like looking at and petting his prick. Say datmy Juliar.'

    'Dear Davy, let me look at and pet your nice prick.'

    She took it in her hands, and smiled as it stiffened up while she frigged it up and down.

    'Would you like me to kiss your prick, Davy:' she asked, looking most coaxingly at him.

    'Yes, dear, dear,' he said, lying back and spreading his legs. Still holding his prick in her hands she rubbed its big head to her nose and lips. Meaning to giver her a hint, he said, 'You hab sweet cunt, Juliar, it had bery good taste; when I suck it, did my tongue rubbing in it make it feel nice?'

    'Oh, yes, Davy, when you sucked my cunt it was very pleasant, but I did not like you to bite my bottom.'

    'I only did dat,' he replied, laughing, 'to make you speak; you can punish me now if you like, by giving my prick a good nip in your mouth.'

    'I would be very sorry to hurt it, Davy, but I will take it into my mouth and suck it like a cow's tit.'

    She went on her knees and stooped over his prick to suck it, while he uncovered all her white bottom and grasped her cunt with his fingers.

    'Davy it makes me feel ashamed to have you looking up that way at my naked bottom.'

    'Den you needn't my lub; anybody would like to look at your beautiful round white bottom, and dis fat hairy-lipped cunt underneath, and dis pretty little hole in de middle ob de furrow dat run up between dese smooth cheeks. Throw your leg ober me now and let down your bottom on my face and I'll suck it while you play wid my bollocks and prick.'

    While this scene was being enacted below, we all lay on the floor intently peeping down The governor and Dick varied their enjoyment by keeping their hands on our cunts; I favoured the latter by similar attention, while the ever watchful widow carefully manipulated the prick of the former, Mary's regards seemed all concentrated on what Davy was doing with the now pacified and compliant Julia.

    Turning toward me she whispered, 'Hasn't Davy a fine prick, Queenie?

    And how well he uses it! that boy is quite a treasure, I wish we had him up here.' Then looking up, she asked, 'governor, would not you like to see Davy on top of one of us? What fun that would be to have him here with us.'

    'It would no doubt be great fun; but I think Davy would run some risk of being spoiled among you all; what do you say, Queenie? We all rely on your judgement and taste.'

    'I don't think we would spoil him, if we went the right way about it,' I replied. 'And as Mary seems to have set her heart on having him here' (I gave a malicious wink to the governor), 'if you leave the matter in my hands, I think I shall be able to get up such a lovely performance as will gratify all parties, and prevent our Davy being spoiled.'

    It was then agreed that we should all meet in the kiosk at the same hour on the following day.

    CHAPTER 11

    Another turn of fortune's wheel

    The day fixed for Mary's nuptials was drawing near, her dresses were ready and the wedding-cake ordered. Mrs Bond, inflated wit a sense of her own importance, fussed about everything, while her eye beamed with delight as she anticipated the approaching triumph of her schemes. But a sudden turn of fortune's wheel dashed the cup of joy from her eager hands even as she raised it to her lips, and overwhelmed her with disappointment and regret.

    The very night after our meeting in the kiosk mentioned in the last chapter, the old governor was seized with a fit when undressing for bed; he lingered for a few hours and then unconsciously passed away.

    This sad event of course upset all our plans, and destroyed the fine prospects of Mary and her mother.

    I did not very much sympathise with them in their trouble, for they had shown utter disregard for the feelings of others.

    But for the poor old governor I felt real sorrow, and readily assumed the deep mourning that was becoming in his adopted child.

    As soon as we decently could, Dick and I were privately married. He was by this time established in a very good practice, and was able to take a pleasant residence furnished with every comfort and convenience.

    We found our previous arrangement worked admirably; and as we were both resolute in expelling the demon jealously from our doors, all went on smoothly. Dick, of course, slept with me and fucked me to his heart's content; and when he desired a little change — and where is the man that does not — he frankly told me, and I never objected; not only that, I even provided him with the means of enjoying it, and he reciprocated by doing the same kind turn for me.

    What was the result? He loved and admired me all the more, and ever returned to my arms with renewed zest and intensified enjoyment. We were really happy, for we had no secret form one another, no suspicious feelings, no heart burnings, we mutually shared each other's joys and contributed to each other's pleasure. My intercourse with Mrs Bond and Mary gradually lessened, but my affection for Jemima increased, and she passed much of her time with me. On the evening of her first visit to us after our marriage, when the servants had ceased their attendance and we could bolt the doors and feel ourselves free from prying eyes or interruption, we commenced our love sports.

    Dick smiled knowingly at Jim as he passed his hand under my petticoats, and I at once responded by unbuttoning his trousers and drawing out his rosy-headed tool, saying at the same time to her: 'You see, darling Jim we make no stranger of you — you have seen this dear fellow before, and felt it too in your sweet little cunt; now, I want to place it there again myself, and to watch it fucking you. Come here, my pet — sit by me, lean back; what a delightful little cockle-shell you have! stay I must kiss it first.'

    Jim spread her legs and pushed up her pretty round bottom as I knelt on the floor and with my fingers separated the hairy lips of her cunt; then I applied my mouth and tongue with thrilling effect to the dear little orifice of love.

    Oh! how she panted and twisted about her rump! and how she grunted with satisfaction as she pushed her cunt against my mouth.

    'Queenie, you are a darling,' cried Dick, 'and I love you more and more every day.'

    Then, coming behind me, he threw up my dress and pressing the cheeks of my bottom, asked: 'What is she doing to you Jim that makes you wriggle your arse in that fashion?'

    'Oh, Dick, your wife is sucking my cunt! she is frigging it delightfully with her tongue; she is making me mad for a fuck.'

    'And you shall have it too, my sweet Jim, the next turn; for the present, I am deep in the folds of her own randy cunt.'

    'Oh, yes, I feel every push you give her. Fuck her well — ram home your prick — press against her arse. Oh! that was a grand stroke! You must let me get behind you someday and watch you fucking; and I will hold your prick and pike it into her cunt and stir your balls, and pinch your arse, and frig your arsehole with my finger — I know, you like me to call bottom, arse, and talk of your arsehole, and to speak of pissing and fucking, and all that.'

    This kind of wanton talk, as usual, stirred up my naturally hot and lascivious temperament. I rolled her soft, thick luscious clitoris in my mouth, while I relished with intense delight the long, steady strokes of Dick's vigorous prick in my throbbing, palpitating cunt. It felt so different from the feeble, flabby affair to which I had lately been accustomed. Indeed, I often found it hard to tell whether a prick was in my cunt at all or not. But Dick's fine manly tool made its presence felt and no mistake. Its big sturdy head pressed hard on the mouth of my womb seven or eight inches up from the outer lips while the projecting ridge of the glans rubbed with firm delicious friction against the sensitive creases of my vagina. And just as Jim's warm essence filled my mouth, Dick's spouting sperm met my own dissolving flow and we all sank together in that enjoyable languor which usually follows fully gratified desire.

    After resting a while, Jim and I commenced playing with his prick and balls, while he tickled our cunts and bottoms. When we got his prick into fair working order again and Jim had given it a good suck, she looked up and said, 'Now, Queenie, I want to place this in your cunt myself, and see it fucking you; so pull up your clothes as high as you can, lean back, spread your thighs and lift yourself while I put this pillow under your bottom; that's the way — look Dick, how your wife's cunt opens its mouth for your prick! See how red it is inside; and look at this big fat clitoris! how it pokes out its rosy head! I an going to suck it first, before I put in your prick, and you can either watch me or play with my bottom, as you please.'

    The next moment, I felt her warm mouth buried in my cunt, my whole clitoris drawn within her sucking lips and her tongue pushing here and there, poking into every crevice. Not content with that, the little wanton, having moistened her finger in my cunt, thrust it up my bottom, and in the most lubricious manner stirred it round and round inside, saying as she did so, 'I am frigging your arse, Queenie; do you feel my finger in your arse! And, oh! Dick has his finger in mine — but, Dick, you must not fuck me this time — come here, kneel on this cushion.

    Oh, but your prick is fine and strong; wait now — let me first rub its head up and down in this nice sort furrow — now, that's the spot — push — how it rushes in! now pull it out. oh, how wet it is! and so red and hot! and how nice it smells!' And she licked it with her tongue: 'Now drive it up again — how your balls bang her arse! Now, another stroke, how she heaves up to meet you! Oh, what a smack that was! What a grand thing fucking is! Fuck — fuck — fuck! There, now do you feel me! I have got a finger in each of your arses! Fuck — cunt — prick — bollocks — arse — pissing — fuck — fuck — fuck.'

    When Dick, urged to wild delirium by her wanton cries, made his final thrust, she threw herself on his back and rubbed her excited cunt as hard as she could against the quivering cheeks of his bottom.

    Here, I must retrace the steps of my story for a little space. A short time before my marriage with Dick, I attained the legal age of twenty-one; and was then able to carry out my father's intention of conferring the gift of freedom on the faithful and devoted Zilla. She asked me at the same time to sanction my presence her marriage with Davy who, on the break up of the governor's establishment, had set up for himself as market gardener, with a snug little cottage of his own.

    I readily complied, and gave her a liberal present as a wedding gift.

    They were both very grateful, and begged me to favour them by assisting at the consummation also. They evidently meant this as a compliment and also as a proof of the continuance of their confidence and affection.

    So after the ceremony was duly performed, I returned with them to the cottage and went with them into their bedroom, where they both at once began to strip off their light clothing, and were soon in a fit condition for the work they intended. Without more ado, Zilla threw herself on the bed on her back, and spreading her thighs, she asked me to hold Davy's prick and put it into her cunt myself. Davy grinned with delight as he looked down on the rosy chink of his wife's quim as it lay so invitingly open before him and at the same time felt my hands as in days of yore, fondling his prick and skinning its swollen head.

    As I drew him up to her, she raised her body so as to display the whole of her lascivious bottom in all its attractive proportions.

    Davy ran his hands over the voluptuous cheeks, and then pinched her excited clitoris, as I placed the head of his prick at the entrance of her longing cunt.

    'Now take your time,' I said, 'and you will enjoy it all the more.' But they were too excited to heed me; for just as Davy pushed, she heaved, and the whole prick disappeared in a moment amid the hot folds that closed around it with such eagerness and delight. I kept one hand on her mount that I might press her clitoris between my fingers and, passing my other hand around his bottom, I squeezed his balls from behind while I watched with great interest their pushing thighs and amorous grunts which indicated the excess of mutual enjoyment to which the deepest instinct of their natures had brought them. They then commenced a second course.

    Afterward, while resting in each other's arms, Davy's scarcely diminished prick soaking in Zilla's snug recess, they looked up at me, and with a happy contented smile, Zilla said, 'Davy is a good boy, I am very fond of him; but, Missa Queenie, if you have at any time a fancy for him, and he himself be willing, as I am sure he always will be, you are heartily welcome to the services of the best of all tools; for though I might be jealous with respect to others, I never will regarding you.'

    'Very well, Zilla,' I replied laughing, 'perhaps someday I may put your good nature to the test that way; but what do you say yourself, Davy?

    You surely won't desire any change when you are so well supplied in your good wife.'

    'Ah! Miss Queenie, nobody is always pleasant; she bery wise for she know dat when she let me go to you I come back to her wid new delight, and lub her all de more.'

    I admired their simple philosophy and felt it was the result of some deliberation, and therefore followed with more satisfaction; and I left them to themselves.

    Now to return to our visitors, whom we left so unceremoniously.

    Jim had decidedly Sapphic tastes, and declared that while she enjoyed amazingly the prods of a sturdy prick in her cunt, yet her pleasure seemed increased tenfold when she could at the same time pet and suck the cunt of another woman in as randy a state as herself.

    So to gratify her, I used to lie on my back across the bed with my head resting on the edge; then she would bend over me with her belly resting on my breasts and her open cunt right over my face. Then she would encircle my thighs with her arms, holding open the lips of my cunt with her hands, would suck the clitoris while she frigged the passage with her fingers.

    Meantime I would call my husband; 'Come, Dick, you have here, what I know you delight in, a woman's arse in all its naked beauty turned up for your admiration. Look at these great round cheeks, how soft and smooth they are! Look at this lovely valley between them, and here in the middle of it, the dainty little bottom-hole, which you say holds a prick tighter than any cunt. Ah! But I am sure the cunt is nicer and sweeter far! Does not this rosy chink look especially inviting? Why, it seems almost to beg for a fuck! Se these fat lips, how they put at the thought of your neglecting them! And this rosebud clitoris, how innocent it looks as with tiny head up-reared it demands attention!'

    'Queenie, you are right,' replied my husband, with his usual good sense, 'it is no doubt the natural place, and what is natural is always the most satisfactory; besides when you're after it, my pet, no one would be so churlish as to refuse.'

    Then taking his prick in my hands I popped its head into the moist chink where Jim was expecting it. How fondly the firm lips closed around it as he slowly drove it up! up! until the hair at its root pressed strongly against them, and his balls plumped on my face. I felt him give a thrill of pleasure when the whole prick was embedded in Jim's belly and its head poked against her womb.

    His tool looked grander than ever when he drew it out, all red and smoking with heat and moisture, while the smell from it was delicious.

    Pushing up my mouth, and thrusting out my tongue, I could touch at the same time the soft lips of her cunt and the underside4 of his slippery prick, while her mount rubbed my chin as she twisted herself about.

    All this time she was sucking my clitoris with fury, and frigging with her fingers both my cunt and bottom.

    I repaid her energetic manipulation of her own cunt and bottom until she cried: 'Oh, Queenie, that is delicious! Oh, my cunt! Oh, my bottom!

    Fuck — fuck — fuck.'

    Jim had never seen a black prick, and when I described Zilla's wedding as mentioned above, and expatiated on the wonderful power and efficiency of Davy's black tool she was intensely interested and said how highly she would be gratified if I could manage to prevail on Davy and his wife to share our sports and exhibit their sable charms for our joint entertainment. I promised to pay them an early visit, and sound out their inclinations in the matter.

    Davy and Zilla seemed quite flattered at the proposal, and readily entered into my plans. Between us we arranged a little scene in which Davy, or rather Davy's prick, should be the principal performer.

    On the night appointed they came at a late hour, as we did not wish our servants to know what was going on.

    Davy first appeared upon the stage (that is, my boudoir), while Zilla, Dick and I, the spectators, in a nude condition, looked on through the open door of the room adjoining.

    He pulled off his pantaloons, raised his shirt, took his prick in his hand and, slowly frigging it, thus soliloquised: 'So Missa Jim, she want to see a black prick, and take him in her lily hand, and press him to her rosy lips; and then, I guess, she will gib him one little suck, and when she taste him in de mouth above, I tink she will wish to hab him in de mouth below.'

    While speaking, Davy kept looking at his prick and drawing the loose skin up and down until he had it standing up in the stiffest erection.

    Then he walked back and forth, jerking his bottom at each turn, and causing his prick to shoot out its ebony head through his encircling fingers.

    Now, my boy, you be in fine condition for Miss Jim.'

    But I wonder what is keeping her so long! Praps a-rubbing ob her fair skin after de wash! Praps a-combing out de chestnut hairs ob her cunt! or praps she doing a leetle drop ob piss! Ah! Davy would like to see dat nice warm yalla piss a shooting out from de rosy chink ob her lubly cunt. I would like to put my face close up and let her piss away; then I would kiss and suck the wet cunt. And, then, when she see de big black prick stick out, praps she say: "Now Davy, as I let you see me piss, and kiss my cunt, you may finish by putting in your prick and fucking — it."

    But ah! I's so tired waiting, and feel sleepy too, so I lie down on dis sofa, and go sleep with my prick bare, so dat if Miss Jim pass dis way she can hab one good look and feel and anything else dat she like.'

    Davy lay back, his firm prick still standing up, and putting his arms across his face began to snore.

    Jim now entered the boudoir quickly, and rubbing her naked limbs with a towel, as if coming from her bath, said, 'Oh, my! what's that black thing on Queenie's sofa. I do declare, it is a black man fast asleep; and see, his great black tool is standing up all uncovered! What an opportunity for investigating the secrets of a black prick!'

    She went close up to the sofa and put her hand gently on the noble limb.

    'How fast asleep he seems to be! I fancy, he must have taken too much drink — anyway he has a splendid prick, what length and firmness! and such thickness too!

    She softly encircled it with both her hands, and drew down the yielding skin, as she continued: 'And what a noble head it has! It makes all my cunt tingle merely to look and touch it. I wonder would it awaken him if I kissed it!' She pressed her lips on its pulpy head; her plaint tongue softly playing around it, as her open mouth gradually sucked it in. 'Ah! how soft and nice it feels in my mouth! and this tuft of black woolly hair at its root, how thick and springy! but oh! what cods he has! so large and firmly gathered up! What a tremendous lot of spunk he would pour into one! — but stay he moves-'

    'Oh, ah,' muttered Davy, as if speaking in a dream, 'I must am gone to heaben afore de time; and dis am lubly Venus a-come to make me happy. She like black prick too, she know how to pet um and suck um.

    Get across me, Missis Venus — put de black prick into your rosy slit — ha! you understand, I see; de heavenly goddesses no dispised black nigger; dey knows him for a man and a broder. Oh! Ah! How tight. How warm! how hot! Oh, ah! Press hard, harder, quicker, squeeze um, hold um,' cried Davy, in his loudest tones, while Jim, with glowing cheeks and flashing eyes, bounded up and down making the prick rush in and out of her well-moistened cunt, with a sucking sound squash at every plunge, until at last she threw herself forward and clasped him in her arms.

    Meanwhile, we spectators had not been idle; I induced Zilla to lean over a table while she watched the performance of her husband/ then I uncovered the glossy cheeks of her large and beautifully rounded bottom and called Dick's attention to it as I pushed her legs apart and drew open the lips of her cunt so as to show the deep red of its voluptuous interior. Dick came close behind the black bottom, and putting his prick into my hands, said, 'Well, Queenie, I must say you and Zilla are paragon wives. What a different world it be if all wives had your sense and spirit!'

    I liked being commended by my husband, and I knew he was right; for jealousy is a sore evil, it benefits no one, and makes multitudes miserable. I suffered no loss, when I took my husband's prick, which he promised to use for my special benefit, and with my own hand placed it in the cunt of another man's wife. In fact, I gained instead of losing, for I attached my husband more firmly to myself and too pleasure in witnessing their enjoyment.

    As soon as I felt my husband's prick driven up to the roots in Zilla's cunt I went behind and pressing his bottom with my naked belly, began to push. The table I had provided moved freely on castors, and we three glided into the room just as Davy, recovered from the effects of his first emission, was standing up, holding Jim in his arms, with his prick still buried in her cunt while she clasped him round the neck and loins with her arms and legs.

    They gave a shout of amused delight when they saw us moving up to them as if we three, like themselves, were amalgamated into one body, nobody propelled in successive jerks by the energetic shoves delivered on Zilla's arse by my husband and myself.

    Davy lost no time in laying his sweet burden down on the table by the side of his wife, but with her head in the opposite direction. Zilla put her hand approvingly on them, feeling the root of her husband's prick tightly embraced by the lips of Jim's well-satisfied cunt, said, 'Well, Miss Jim, how do you like my husband's black tool?'

    'Oh, Zilla, it is grand. You are very good to lend him to me. I hope you are enjoying Mr Dick's prick yourself, and our dear Queenie is no doubt adding to your pleasure. I wish very much that she had somebody too.'

    'Oh! she is very well off!' I said. 'She loves watching and feeling all your cunts, bottoms and pricks.'

    But our sports were brought to an abrupt termination, for just then the night bell sounded with a sudden sharp ring and Dick had nothing for it but hastily to assume some integument, and answer the door himself.

    He found several men carrying on a stretch a body which proved to be that of a Lord Ferrars, a young Englishman who had visited the islands in his yacht, and when returning on board that night had fallen off the pier, hurt his head and been nearly drowned; and his men thought the best thing they could do was to carry him at once to the house of the nearest doctor.

    Dick had met this Lord Ferrars before, and rather liked him.

    So when he had examined him, bound up his head and found nothing else much amiss with him, he dismissed his attendants and delivered him into my care.

    We placed him in bed in the best spare room, gave him a composing draught and made him all snug for the night. Next morning he was much better, and able to get up after breakfast. He was very grateful for my husband's attention, seemed to like amazingly his present quarters, and gladly consented to remain with us until quite convalescent.

    He proved to be a choice specimen of a young English nobleman, most accomplished and agreeable; and, making himself thoroughly at home, he entered readily into all our amusements and pursuits.

    From the first, he paid me the most marked attention, which Dick observing, he said to me: 'why, old lass, you have gained another admirer, and if you care to have him, I don't object — for Ferrars is a right good fellow, albeit rather fond of the ladies.'

    This kind treatment of my husband made all pleasant, but events arose out of it which neither of us calculated on and which changed the whole tenor of my afterlife.

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