Count Alexis


    If Madame Benoit shrugged her shoulders with a knowing look when the purity and austerity of my manner of living was discussed, she had good cause for it.

    Madame Benoit was an old friend, a friend of my childhood. About twenty-four years ago she married a tax collector in the little town of N-, where I made the acquaintance of the gentleman whom I called Monsieur Benoit at first, and who simply became Benoit to me afterwards.

    My dear friend had the weakness to confide everything to his wife, even to his old love scrapes, which were familiar to her, and that is why Madame Benoit shrugged her shoulders when my wonderful qualities were enumerated.

    Benoit had died some years previously and being somewhat lonely in my bachelor quarters, I took an apartment near my late friend's widow.

    There was a good deal of whispering to be sure, but Madame Benoit was forty-two years old and I was forty-eight. The fire of youth was probably soon to be extinguished for my neighbour but as for myself, the older I got, the younger I felt.

    My time was spent in dressing, eating, and visiting. I rose late. However, if I was in bed even five minutes before eleven A.M. I was up at eleven sharp. It was my rule at five minutes past eleven every day to be in my bath, as I usually took a cold bath in winter as well as in summer.

    Fifteen minutes after eleven, I jumped out of the water to be rubbed down by my faithful Jean. This operation lasted ten minutes. Then, warmly enveloped, I gave myself up to the delightful operation of touching up my beard with a dye brush and as I was almost bald, the work was not arduous.

    My lady friends only saw me at night when I lit up to great advantage, adding to this that when I was not under the scrutinizing eye of Madame Benoit I was very lively, even adventurous, as you will see when you read on.

    At noon my toilet was completed and as the clock struck twelve I might have been seen every day rapping at the widow's door.

    I generally found one or two callers, not too old, however, to have deserted the ranks of the armchair maids and widows, still on the qui vivre for a husband.

    I would chat for a quarter of an hour, and Madame Benoit would give one of her shrugs when fat Mademoiselle Rosalinde would say between two languishing glances: "Ah, how well does Monsieur Dormeiul carry his forty years. It is the effect of regular habits; a well spent existence will bear its fruit."

    Naturally I would stammer some polite answer but when Madame shook her head with an 'Ough!' I slipped out of the room. How, I could not say. Far from being timid, heavens knows, I cannot yet understand the terror which seized me when I was in the presence of my terrible neighbour and her friend.

    I always took my first meal of the day on the corner of the Rue Montmartre where I read the morning papers. This took one hour and a half altogether.

    About two o'clock I strolled along the boulevards and there, in a little shop, I sought my sweet scented correspondence. Mademoiselle Hortense, who kept the little shop, was an old acquaintance of mine.

    Ah, Hortense was a queer girl! If just for fun, you had a fancy to stoop down near her, and while her handsome dark eyes gazed fixedly into yours, you slipped your hand dexterously under her petticoats, you would find a firm and well shaped leg in a nicely gartered stocking.

    Following the stocking, which led you far, you would have found the contour of a thigh still half covered by the stocking, but as to the other half-oh! you ask me the feeling one has on such occasions? Oh, nothing, but the devilish sensation which always seizes me when I come in contact with the warm, soft palpitating flesh of a woman!

    And Mademoiselle Hortense's flesh was so soft in its firmness! You proceeded to pass your hand gently around her thigh, when all at once to your surprise, you could get no further. It was merely her other fat thigh which pressed closely against this one. And there between, a little upwards, was one of nature's marvels, with a tuft of curly hair hidden away in the midst of the soft silky bush you would find it a little more moist than it had been a moment before.

    I touch the slit with my finger and Mademoiselle Hortense's looks grow more and more sensuous. My finger moved gently upward and inward, when she would open her thighs widely…

    My trousers become uncomfortable. Mademoiselle throws one arm about my neck and presses tighter and still tighter as my finger moves faster and faster. I feel it slip all the way up the passage, which is in an amorous blaze. It becomes wet!

    What is going to happen? Why nothing, it is all over. Mademoiselle Hortense would straighten up all at once and tap on my hand for form's sake. Her look was no longer intense. Pretty soon boxes would be quickly opened. I used to buy in this way, every fortnight on Thursdays, a pair of gloves. I had at one time many pairs of gloves.

    It is time that I should return to my deliciously perfumed correspondence. Some days I found it quite voluminous, other days I had none. The day on which I started these memoirs, I found a tiny note awaiting me.

    One Thursday for the reason just given, I remained later than usual at Mademoiselle's. On other days I only took the time to get my letters and exchange polite salutations with her.

    Happy possessor of a loving message, I left the shop and walked with a quick step as far as the Rue Coq-Herron where I had a small room.

    There, lying back in an easy chair, I could, without fear of interruption, devote myself entirely to the charms of a somewhat hazardous literature inspired by a little god called Cupid by some, but whom others insist upon calling Mammon.

    Although each day seemed to repeat itself, yet it was always new to us and it was with the same trembling hand that I tore open the delicate envelope, and always with the same kind of emotion that I plunged into the perusal of a dear, capricious letter. I enjoyed at that time a pleasure that no doubt many persons would fail to understand. I unfolded the letter which read thus:

    My dear Friend,

    I will need you this evening at the Hotel X-. Do not forget your promise of the day before yesterday, or I will pull out-you know…

    Truly yours, Pauline.

    Pauline was a handsome girl but I could not obtain anything from her but correspondence for a long time. I accepted writing to her with the hope that I would gain my point some day, but in vain. You will see later on how I succeeded.

    Although it was too early to keep my appointment with Pauline, nevertheless I directed my steps in the direction of the Hotel Xsimply because it was my regular hour. When the sweet little maid opened the door, she said mockingly, as she looked at the clock: "I could have guessed it was you!"

    The roguish remark was worth the five francs I placed in her hand as I familiarly walked into the little parlour, whose open doors seemed to tender me a pressing invitation. And then I heard the melodious voice of a siren: "Julie!" said the voice, "if Monsieur Lorille comes, bring him in at once."

    Julie had no time to answer, as I was already in the room. A splendid blonde was half sitting, half lying on a sofa. I remained standing before her with bowed head. I have always been gallant and I was humbly awaiting when a peal of laughter caused me to start.

    "I have not called for a mirror, you are mistaken!"

    The little woman was indulging in a hearty laugh at the expense of my bald head. A novice would have been confused, but I answered:

    "What, Madame, such charming beauty as yourself, could not do better than admire her own image, she would then imagine that all around her was beautiful."

    "Upon my word, Monsieur."

    "Monsieur Dormeuil, at your service."

    "Monsieur Dormeuil," continued the blonde, "you must forgive me. I like to laugh but I am not the worse for it. Be seated."

    Before the charming creature could finish her sentence I was by her side.

    "Never having had the happiness to meet you before, Madame, would it be an indiscretion on my part to ask your name?"

    "Yes, sir, at least until I know you better."

    "To know you better, Madame, is my dearest wish."

    "Monsieur Dormeuil," answered the blonde, "men are ungrateful wretches. There is M. Lorille for instance, for whom I have sacrificed so much, but who does not even come as he promised to."

    "Adorable blonde, just make half of that same sacrifice for me and…"

    "What would you have then? I find you rather-what would you call it?" said the little woman impatiently.

    "Call it ambitious, that is all!" I replied.

    She gave me a look that sent a thrill through my flesh.

    By degrees I got nearer to my charmer, I admired her earrings and found her dress in good taste; I wanted to see her shoes, but she refused.

    However, a well-turned compliment on her dimpled cheeks gained me a smile, which made me notice her beautiful teeth. I tried to kiss my way to them but unsuccessfully.

    "Ah, what a beautiful little hand, let me kiss it!" and I obtained permission to do so. Her arm was not withdrawn when I covered it with burning kisses. Little by little, the pretty blonde laughed oftener and easier. Her eyes lighted up; very soon I could see her foot and her ankle -afterwards I was allowed to kiss her cheek. Shyly, I tried to put my lips on her mouth but without success. Finally, on trying again, I not only had a kiss but it was returned.

    Liberties now fast succeeded to more serious liberties. I unfastened her waist and feverishly pulled at the fine linen which covered the most beautiful breasts that I had ever seen. My lips wandered from one to the other, and when I had taken off the corset, I seized successively between my teeth, the two little nipples, pink as strawberries.

    How good it was to feel those tiny points in my mouth. I leaned over to snatch up the skirts and she offered no resistance. I opened her drawers.

    Heavens, what beautiful curly hair, and just enough too.

    Suddenly I found a little hand trying to find its way into my trousers and with astonishing dexterity my instrument was drawn out, the use of which she seemed so thoroughly to understand in all its details. She gently pulled, and lowered its cap…

    "I beg of you my dear, stop! Do stop, or I will spend!" I cried as I felt the intense excitement getting the better of me.

    "Make haste then and get at my little pet!" she replied, as she pressed my pizzle into the opening of her fragrant bower.

    Ah, what a sensation, it was little tight but how good and soft. I passed my hands under her bottom, voluptuous to the touch, as it rose and fell in my grasp.

    Her mouth clung to mine; my tongue caught hers and found it. My little blonde heaved and fluttered and quivered; her tongue pressed harder against mine. Her beautiful breasts, of which I did not lose sight for a moment, palpitated convulsively.

    "Oh, go on, it is coming! Not so fast! Faster! Now kiss me-wait-now, there. How good it is! All the way in-all the way in-oh-oh- oh!"

    She lifted her bottom, her mouth was glued to mine, the little beauty's body and mine were made but one… Then one long shudder with a sharp movement of her buttocks, saying… "I am coming… go on! quick!

    Oh, heavens," and she spent. Finally she fell into a spasm of voluptuous rapture. She was beautiful as she lay in her amorous disorder; her hair slightly disarranged, her skirts well raised, showing the wonderful whiteness of her skin.

    She remained in this position a moment longer, then rising, she moved towards the door with an unsteady step, unbolted it and passed out of the room without once turning around.

    She was probably going to repair the disorder of her toilet and I did the same on my side.

    The hall clock struck five when the young woman re-entered the room, sat down in a chair opposite me and looked calmly at me. After a short silence, I said:

    "Mademoiselle, or Madame, sit a little nearer and forgive my silence. I am still under the spell your charms have thrown over me."

    As she approached, I took her hand and drew her down onto my lap.

    "Have you any family, Monsieur Dormeuil?" she finally asked.

    I shook my head. "No," I said, surprised at her question.

    "I see-you are a horrid old bachelor!" she said with a pout. I bowed, a little flattered.

    "Not too old though," she soon added smilingly, "or you might have come off worse than you did. You love to spend your nights in debaucheries, I suppose, like Monsieur Lorille. I must introduce you to that gentleman, he is a dear friend of mine and has related some of his adventures to me.

    "He has had many and knows many more, but the one which follows is one of his most entertaining."


    "Not far from the Varennes, on the banks of the Aire," she began in a dreamy way, "stands a convent, in a little valley nestling among the mountains.

    "The good nuns there spend their lives in prayer and in sewing for the orphans of the village. Their number, when the convent is full, is about forty. The little church, situated in the middle of the village, counts among its flock the inhabitants of the country for ten miles round and includes the convent in question.

    "The officiating priest being old and feeble, was assisted by a young Abbe who had arrived only a few days previous to the opening of this story. The young Abbe was of such modest demeanour, that even the oldest bigots of the parish took him for a saint in swaddling clothes.

    "The young girls all remarked that he was undeniably handsome and when they went to the confessional, each one went early to be sure to get a chance to confess during the day.

    "The old curate was not sorry to be relieved of his arduous work and it was only right that the poor man should have some rest. He now only confessed the nuns at the convent every fortnight, when they sent their old coach for him.

    "It was always a treat at the convent when the venerable priest visited them. They dined in the great refectory and he seemed to bring with him an odour of out-of-doors, which always touched the hearts of the novices, who sighed every now and then under its influence.

    "One day, however, the old vehicle brought the young Abbe to the convent. The old curate was ill and had sent his excuses to the Lady Superior. The latter received the young man in the parlour on the ground floor and was quite charmed with his modest bearing. They conversed at first about the curate, then about the crops, then the church. They had been repairing the chapel of St. Anthony, etc.

    "The Lady Superior finally assembled the nuns in order to present them to their new pastor, and one after another they passed before him and curtsied without raising their eyes to his face. Why should they, since he was only to speak words of peace and comfort to them from behind the wooden grating.

    "Three novices were the last to enter. One of them had examined the young Abbe through a crack in the door before coming in, and her cheeks became crimson as she curtsied to him.

    "After the presentation the Lady Superior made a little speech and then accompanied the Abbe to the chapel, followed by the whole party of nuns.

    "The young priest opened the centre door and closed it carefully after him a moment later. A slight rustling told his auditors that he was slipping on a white surplice that was hanging inside the door, then came the noise of a stool sliding across the floor, and all was silent.

    "The nuns were all present except those occupied with the household duties. They had glided into the chapel more like shadows than like human beings. Two of them knelt in the confessional.

    "Presently the sound of a deep voice, followed by soft whisperings was heard. The murmur ceased, then commenced again. Then came a long silence. The arms of the sinner moved restlessly as she pronounced mea culpa. The Lady Superior rose with a bowed head, her arms crossed on her breast, moved towards the little chapel of the Holy Virgin.

    "All the nuns in turn came and knelt on either side of the confessional.

    Finally it was the turn of the youngest novice.

    "Trembling with fear and yet impatient to hear the Abbe's voice on the other side of the grating, she knelt down on her little wooden stool. By closing her eyes and stopping her ears she tried to examine her conscience. The image of the Abbe, however, would rise up before her.

    She waited until the rattle of the little window warned her that he was ready to listen to her, and the confession began!

    "'Your blessing, my father,' etc., etc., until the solemn moment arrived when her most secret thoughts must be unveiled.

    "'My child, have you sinned in thought; have you longed for the world and the pleasures thereof?' "She gave no answer.

    "Then the Abbe whispered low: 'Have you ever had any bad thoughts?

    Did you ever commit any sinful deeds?'

    "Still she could not answer.

    "'Have you listened to the demon tempting you to sensual actions?

    Speak without fear, my child, God is good and will forgive.' "'My father,' stammered the poor little novice, not understanding and yet trying to see the priest who was plying her with these terrible questions.

    "She could only distinguish, however, through the grating, two flashing eyes which stirred her very soul with a magnetic influence, which the poor little novice would have been unable to define.

    "'Yes, father!' she replied at last, forced to say something.

    "'Have you sinned in thoughts and deeds, my child. How many times?' he then inquired, his voice trembling slightly. 'Did you commit these sins alone or have you a companion in sin? Speak, my child, to obtain pardon, you must confess all, as you can only obtain peace after a full confession. Have you given yourself up to Satan by day or by night?

    Be careful not to commit sacrilege. I shall be obliged to refuse you absolution the next time if you do. Meanwhile examine your conscience carefully. Pray for help. Then you can approach the communion table. Pray every night with a contrite heart. Go, my child!' "With an unsteady step she left the chapel. That night the young nun, Sister Clemence by name, could not sleep. She tossed restlessly on her narrow bed, and could think of nothing but the words the Abbe had spoken.

    "'Sinned in thoughts-yes, often I have longed to leave the convent and enter the beautiful shops in the city. Then there was Mr. Ernest, who used to come to my aunt's house. I have often thought how delightful it would be to ramble through the woods with him alone.

    But are these bad thoughts-sensual thoughts?' she said.

    "She finally closed her eyes and fell asleep and saw Satan! Yes, it was Satan. All at once, however, he assumed the form of the Abbe.

    "He took her hand and placed it between her legs. Oh, what a delicious sensation, how delightful. 'Mr. Satan, Mr. Abbe, please, please go on… don't stop… ah, this is delicious!… oh!… Mr. Abbe!!' "Sister Clemence awoke suddenly, trembling like a leaf, weak and tired. She felt numb between her legs. Placing her hand there, she found it was wet… poor little novice, she could not understand.

    "Daylight appeared at last, but Clemence was unable to rest. She threw back the coverings and raised her long white chemise. She wanted to see, but there was nothing but the little stain of blood which surprised her very much at this particular time of month.

    "When the great bell gave the signal for rising, Sister Clemence, usually so quick and lively, crept out of bed with difficulty and dressed herself slowly. She was the last to enter the chapel and kneeling down, joined her hands mechanically for the morning prayer.

    "In the refectory she was unable to eat. When the Lady Superior arrived she questioned her. She was a sort of physician but she perceived nothing extraordinary in the symptoms of her subordinate and advised a few days of rest.

    "During the eight days that Sister Clemence remained in her cell, she did not seem to improve; on the contrary, she grew worse and worse.

    She could not sleep and if she happened to fall into a feverish slumber, the same vision pursued her, accompanied by the same temptations. It sometimes happened that even half awake, her hands would seek the mysterious spot, centre of such delightful sensations, and unconsciously her fingers lingered there.

    "Finally, entirely awake, the same irresistible power drew her fingers to the same place, but then it required a longer time to reach the point of supreme enjoyment.

    "At first the novice's thoughts were not fixed upon any particular object. Then she thought of Mr. Ernest, and lastly of the Abbe What a sacrilege!

    "If you had seen this little childish hand buried between those white thighs, smooth and firm as marble, her lovely eyes partly closed and those ripe red lips slightly parted, you would have seen her body motionless at first, become slightly agitated, then the legs move further and further apart, the little finger slip in and out of the rosy mouth, until with a deep sigh, she sank back, powerless to move hand or foot.

    "Two weeks had elapsed and the Abbe returned to confess the nuns.

    The Lady Superior called on the invalid and asked her if she wished to confess. She even said that the Abbe had kindly offered to come to her cell as she was not able to rise. How to thank the Abbe for such a favour!

    "'Certainly, Mother, I should like to confess,' dutifully replied Sister Clemence.

    "The Lady Superior left the cell and soon returned with the Abbe who entered with that bearing of humility he habitually assumed. He appeared most concerned at the illness of the novice and insisted that a full confession was the best possible remedy.

    "Sister Clemence did not dare look at him, she was so confused. The Lady Superior retired, and the Abbe took a chair by the side of the bed.

    "'Have you examined your sinful heart, my child; are you ready to make a full confession?' "'Yes, my father!' "The confession began. The poor little Sister did not know how to reveal what had happened. The fear, however, of not receiving absolution and communion gave her courage. She disclosed everything.

    "The Abbe drew closer and closer, until she felt his breath upon her face. Her eyes were closed.

    "Suddenly she felt his lips pressing hers in a long kiss. Unconsciously, a timid little kiss from her lips answered his. Then she felt a warm hand upon her body, which gradually seemed to move downward towards that spot where Satan had placed her finger on a certain night.

    "The Abbe took another kiss, his hand passed gently over her thighs and slipping under her bottom, forced her to turn over on her side. Now he slapped her gently and pushed his finger into her slit between the two hills of her bottom, and it finally found its way into what appeared to be his desire to reach.

    "But his hand set everything on fire on its way. With the other hand he unbuttoned his robe, undid his trousers and pulled out a prick whose erection was fully justified by the beauties his hand had explored and was still exploring.

    "With a sudden pull, to throw off the cover, he laid himself down on the edge of the couch, close to her. Then, pressing her in his arms he covered her lips with kisses and taking her hand, placed it upon his god of love, firm and rigid as a rock.

    "The contact caused the novice to open her eyes. He called her by the most endearing names: 'My love, open your eyes-kiss me. Open your eyes-receive my tongue-give me yours- so! Do you know what you are holding and squeezing so hard, my dear? It is the tree of life that you have so often heard about and desired so ardently without knowing the reason why. Place it where you put your finger sometimes.

    There! Not so quick! Open your legs… one minute… there it is!' and the enormous instrument presented its head to the little pussy as she instinctively drew nearer to the Abbe.

    "He pushed gently, then raising her chemise, he uncovered her breasts and sucked them, bit them, then returned to her lips and with a shove he pushed his prick into its rightful place as he smothered a scream from the poor little novice. Now they are enlaced in the closest embrace and when his pizzle seemed to come out, she clung to him; when she seemed to recede, he boldly followed her up.

    "He came out and went in; the action became accelerated; in her amorous transports she crossed her beautiful legs over his back and wriggled about like a dear little eel.

    "'Go on, darling!'

    "'Not so quick!'

    "'Do you feel as if you were coming?'

    "'Yes-it is coming!'

    "'Quick!-your mouth-your tongue!' "'Father-oh, how delightful it is. I am coming-heavens, how big it is once more.' "'There!' said the Abbe, panting, as he gave a last shove. His engine disappeared in the tiny opening.

    "ister Clemence held him in a close embrace and covered his face with grateful kisses for the good he had done her.

    "From this day on, the Abbe, who had found means of corresponding with the attractive novice, succeeded in introducing himself into the convent many times and Sister Clemence often found herself amorously wriggling under the vigorous pizzle of the priest.

    "She received a thorough education in the Art of Love and soon recovered her health. However, this state of affairs could not last much longer. The Abbe was no more to be made a priest and reside forever in the quiet little village than was Sister Clemence to remain in a convent.

    "The old aunt who had brought her up had been an invalid for years and finally died, leaving her a handsome fortune. From that time, the whole convent busied itself in trying to persuade her to take her final vows and give up her fortune to the community.

    "The Prior even condescended to come in order to preach to her and the poor little novice was about to accede to their wishes, when the Abbe proposed that they should elope.

    "One night he came to the secret door of the convent, carrying under his arm a bundle containing a complete suit of boy's clothing, together with a long cloak. Sister Clemence quickly put them on and together they slipped out of the place unseen.

    "The novice looked fairly bewitching in her new costume. She spread her legs however a little too much in walking, and after hurrying along for a couple of miles, the Abbe proposed making an examination to see what the trouble could be between those beautiful legs of hers.

    "He made her lean up against a tree and unbuttoned her trousers for her. To handle the lips of her little secret mousetrap was his only object, as you may imagine. He soon had her so excited that he was obliged to put his mouth down to it and with his tongue play a thousand amorous tricks.

    "In her voluptuous transport, she sought with feverish hand the Abbe's fiery monster, which was only too gratified at being set at liberty.

    Seizing it, she stroked it vigorously.

    "To describe that scene would be impossible. The Abbe's tongue was well educated. Sliding between those rosy lips of her slit, it suddenly came out to circle itself into a multiple of tongues, so rapid were its movements.

    "Meanwhile Sister Clemence shook his wand furiously, convulsively, and the movement of her bottom indicated that her delicious moment was coming.

    "The Abbe's tongue went slower but pressed harder, and when she gave him a great shove accompanied by a warm rub on his immense cock, a superb jet spouted from the latter, while he received her little amorous dew upon his tongue, the deserved tribute of conscientious labour.

    "That very day the Abbe cast his robe to the four winds of heaven and carried little Sister Clemence off to Paris. Once in possession of her fortune, she took pretty lodgings and furnished them nicely. She made up her mind to have a good time between theatre-going and her amorous sports with the Abbe, who had also a comfortable income of his own."

    "The story of Sister Clemence is excellent, Mademoiselle," said I, "and I would give much to make her acquaintance as well as that of the Abbe. Unfortunately, it is only fiction!" I added.

    "On the contrary, it is a story of real life, M. Dormeuil, the true history of a person to whom I can introduce you, if you like," replied the little woman.

    "Truly I would be charmed to know her and shall await an introduction with impatience," I answered.

    "You will not have long to wait," was the unexpected reply of the blonde. She then rose and making a timid curtsy, her eyes modestly cast down, her hands joined, she said:

    "Allow me to introduce to you Sister Clemence, Monsieur Dormeuil," and she broke into a merry laugh.

    I was amazed. "And the Abbe?" I inquired.

    "You have heard me speak of Monsieur Lorille? He is the Abbe," she answered quietly.

    I had a good laugh over the whole adventure, and then we conversed pleasantly on many subjects until we were interrupted by the arrival of Pauline.

    Pauline was certainly a very handsome girl, very tall and graceful, with rich brown hair, large full, frank eyes and tiny hands and feet. She was Pauline for everybody here but Madame L. de Portiera for Parisian Society.

    There were only a few privileged persons at the Hotel X- who had seen her face. This house was a particularly exclusive one, and only frequented by the elite.

    Indiscretion was unknown there. Amuse yourself as much as you like and as long as you like but never overstep the boundaries of good society. Such was the motto and the rule of this remarkable house.

    A Minister, a Senator or a Prince could come here, give his name as Mr.

    Toto and if he wished to remain incognito, he never would be anybody else but Mr. Toto while he remained there.

    A mask to conceal your features was equally respected. A great many persons wore them, especially the ladies. That is why, as I said before, Madame de Portiera had only been seen by two or three privileged persons.

    A few widowers and old bachelors like myself allowed their own names to be used because they had nothing to hide; and they never had cause to regret it.

    Pauline (we will use her nom de guerre) wanted to see me to request that I would serve as sponsor to a new guest. I accepted at once and to the usual observations concerning the person, she merely said that he was a Russian.

    That was all that I wanted to know. Being near supper time, I took leave of the handsome brunette and strolled over to my restaurant in the Boulevard and afterwards dropped into the Cafe Parisian where I met some old friends, and someone being always ready to play backgammon, we were soon deeply engaged in a game.

    It lasted until nine o'clock, when after a few minutes walk on the Boulevard, I returned to the Hotel X. The company was numerous although there was no particular reason for it, and I was soon quite at home with the joyous band. It is true that I often gave the signal for the craziest games and this was perhaps the reason for its popularity.

    They were waiting for me. Pauline left a corner of the main parlour and came to meet me, followed by an elegantly dressed man, who at first sight attracted my attention.

    A perfect blond, with soft expressive blue eyes, he was my protege for the evening and I introduced him according to the prescribed rules. He was received at once with boisterous acclamations.

    The conversation of the Count, as he was called, had a rare charm that evening, and he spoke our language with great elegance.

    In a few words I put him au courant with the few things he did not already know, and he gave me an idea to propose to the assembled party which seemed to me so amusing that I at once communicated it to the party. The ladies then surrounded Count Alexis and tendered him their congratulations.

    It was some time since we had an entertainment and we were most grateful to the newcomer for the idea, which was as follows:

    The next night there would be a ball and supper in full evening dress, and the ladies were to dress in gentlemen's attire. It was absolutely forbidden, however, for any one to wear trousers. A light gauze was the most that was allowed for the ladies' covering of the lower parts of the body. Everyone was to disguise his or her identity in the most ingenious manner possible and a mask was obligatory.

    After arranging the details of the new entertainment, we separated and sat talking in groups and couples, the latter to give themselves up to the pleasure of fingering, almost always followed by a voluptuous coit in a little room next to the parlour.


    The moment arrived at last to cross once more the threshold of the Hotel X-.

    All day I had been as impatient as a child who had been promised to be taken to a play. I felt very queerly in my dress coat, with the tails flapping against my bare bottom, while my prick rose and fell as though it suspected that something unusual was going to happen.

    How strange that, on entering the parlour, no one called me by name. It was simply due to the fact that I had succeeded in disguising myself better even than I had hoped. How few persons there were present.

    Heavens, what a beautiful cunt! Who could be the beauty who displayed such beautiful thighs and such a lovely mount of Venus? My soldier-like instrument stood at 'Carry Arms!'

    Look at the pretty doll of a girl over there, and who is that big fellow who has just passed his hand between her legs and tried to carry her off. By George, he is strongly built! What a prick he has! Aha! She kisses him for fear he might let her fall, she holds him fast by the prick and takes the liberty of shaking it.

    All the organs of creation are in erection! Who could help it!

    "Ladies and gentlemen," began a tall, slender woman whose well defined notch made me wish to fuzzle her on the spot, "I have taken the liberty of inviting two intimate friends to this reunion. I thought that as we were all masked and in disguise beyond recognition, there would be no harm in so doing. The ladies will be here at midnight!"

    "It is twelve o'clock already," exclaimed a fat man with a broken voice who knelt down before the beauty and kissed her bower of bliss.

    She bent over slightly and raising her coat-tails, displayed the most beautiful bottom in the whole world and forced him to kiss it. After this was done, he held her in spite of her struggles and went on kissing and biting gently.

    The beauty soon began to enjoy herself immensely and it was an easy matter to induce her to lie down on the carpet and receive a rod long enough to make a monk jealous, into her handsome boudoir.

    At this juncture a beauty with luxuriant black hair on her pussy bent over to have a better view of the performance and the 'Big Fellow' before mentioned, took advantage of the opportunity and coming behind her, raised her coat and began to rub his stiffener between the dimpled cheeks of her behind.

    But the brunette caught him quickly by the tool and pulled him all around the room, much to the amusement of the company. Suddenly she released him and threw herself upon a sofa, with her legs spread wide open. He understood the invitation at once and shoving his arrow between her thighs quite up to the hilt, he placed his hands under her bottom and picking her up, walked with her all about the room as he futtered her softly.

    A sigh of pleasure was soon heard as he made with her body the motions she would have made herself. Then he augmented her voluptuous excitement by inserting his finger in the hole of her arse; she wriggled and held him tightly round the neck and in the delirium of pleasure called him all the sweet names imaginable, until he showered her with sperm.

    Then he laid her gently on the sofa again and still under the influence of this particular fuzzing, she continued to move her beautiful legs as if in perfect bliss.

    Suddenly the door opened and two masked ladies stood on the threshold. Their dresses being only slightly low in the neck, a murmur of disappointment was heard on every side. Being the first to find words to express the general sentiment, I said:

    "Ladies, you have made a mistake, you are masked, it is true, but you should have complied with all the regulations of the evening."

    "True, sir," replied the smaller of the two, "but you must excuse novices who could not make up their minds to appear in a costume so primitive, yet so civilized."

    "There is no excuse for you, ladies!" answered the Big Fellow, "and you are condemned first, to be whipped according to the regulations, then you must submit to a quarter of an hour's sexual connection with whoever is selected for you, and the rest of the evening you must appear in the costume of Mother Eve!"

    The two women looked at each other for an instant and appeared undecided.

    "Don't be afraid, ladies," I said, "we are all kindly disposed toward you and will do nothing whatever to displease you."

    "This is not the reception we expected," answered the smaller one, in an impatient tone.

    Before any more could be said, the ladies found themselves between two gentlemen, whose pricks were in a magnificent state of erection; seats were placed as though they were to assist at an entertainment and we were invited to take our places.

    The Big Fellow, armed with a birch, prick erect, approached the taller of the two, whose ample form excited my admiration, and began thus:

    "Madame, I have been commissioned to administer to you a whipping.

    It is a great honour which is conferred upon me. I will not insult you by asking you to undress, a long experience on my part facilitating this proceeding which is a most agreeable one."

    "Sir, if you are a gentleman, you will not carry out this odious threat," she answered in a low but firm voice.

    The Big Fellow whispered something in her ear and it seemed to reassure the beauty by some promise. Then he began to undress her, turning to the audience:

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, this waist is in the latest fashion and somewhat difficult to get off but we will succeed finally." Suiting the action to the word, he removed the garment and our beauty appeared in her corset.

    Her alabaster bosoms which were heaving with emotion, appeared like two hemispheres. He kissed them ardently, then passing behind her, he untied her skirts and raising the lady in his arms, lifted her out of the mass of clothing which had fallen around her feet, leaving her in her drawers and corset only.

    He had no need to recommend that she remain perfectly still; she did not attempt to make a movement. He finally took off her drawers and corset and the contour of an admirably beautiful form was seen through her only remaining garment, a fine cambric chemise. It showed a superb bottom and a pair of magnificent thighs.

    Seizing her by the middle of the body, he gently laid her across his knees on her belly and raised her chemise. Between the slightly parted legs could be seen a thick mass of blonde hair. Her white thighs were as smooth as satin and as firm as marble.

    "Oh, sir, be quick, I beg of you, or I shall die of shame!" she murmured.

    For answer, he struck her arse with the switch and she gave a piercing scream. He struck again but she struggled so that he could not hold her alone. Two gentlemen rushed forward, seized her arms, and the Big Fellow struck again. The beauty twisted and turned her bottom in every way in her agony and rage, to avoid the strokes of the switch which still fell upon her.

    Her handsome arse was soon covered with red lines and the Big Fellow, considering the punishment sufficient, had an ointment brought him, with which he rubbed the lovely buttocks.

    In doing so, however, he found an opportunity of exploring the treasure hidden between her legs and it soon appeared that the beauty had forgotten the whipping and was giving herself up to the pleasure of being rubbed. Her behind rose and fell voluptuously and she was on the point of 'coming' when the Big Fellow asked:

    "Who is the happy man who is going to enjoy connection with this lady?"

    I was selected by common consent and presented myself before the altar of love, ready to enter from behind. Requesting two gentlemen to hold her slightly raised, when I was about to enter her, she murmured:

    "Quick, I beg of you, I am burning with desire!"

    With my prick in one hand, while with the other I felt my way, I introduced myself into her warm garden, while she returned the attack with a vigorous movement of her soft white buttocks.

    With what ardour she goes on, what happiness it is to me to feel my prick in that region filled with voluptuous moisture. From time to time she squeezes her thighs together, as though to extract the juice quicker from my balls.

    The movements of her bottom follow each other with great rapidity and my beauty seems to wish me to penetrate into unknown depths. I am about to attain the supreme point of bliss, when she gives a little cry of voluptuous satisfaction, as she spends with me.

    I remain a moment longer with my prick in the yoni of the beauty and it seems as though a little hammer is tapping right upon the end of my tool, a kind of palpitation of the flesh in the interior of the charming retreat. Finally, I withdraw and several ladies carry the beauty to a sofa to rest.

    Now comes the turn of the smaller of the two ladies. They were obliged to hold her while they were whipping their companion. Seeing that it would take too long to undress her, a young man, slender and distinguee, tied her hands behind her back and dexterously placed her head between his legs.

    His prick must have tickled her neck agreeably but nevertheless she did not cease insulting us. In order to get through more quickly he took her skirts and raised them over her back.

    The beauty wears drawers which are very wide open. It is an easy matter to whip her without taking them off. He raises her chemise and her arse appears amidst a cloud of laces, not large but round and dimpled, looking like a lovely peach.

    Slap! Slap! The young executioner does not think it necessary to use the switch; he merely gives her a whipping with his hand. No use for her to wriggle, she cannot escape a single stroke. Slap! Slap!

    "There, Madame, two more than your friend received, because you have been so naughty!"

    It is easy to see throughout his performance that the young man does not try to hurt her much and the victim soon begins to understand the farce, not knowing at first whether to laugh or grow angry, but finally she takes it all in good part and laughs heartily.

    As a reward for her better behaviour, the company gives her the privilege of choosing the one who is to perform the second operation.

    The clear, piercing eyes beneath her mask go slowly round the room, resting an instant on each of the gentlemen. I feel them lingering upon me with some hesitation. They pass on to my neighbour.

    Finally the charmer selects a gentleman who is tucked away in a corner near the mantelpiece to be the happy mortal. He is the only one whose thigh finger is not in erection.

    Two ladies rush forward to undress the little lady. She allows them to do so with the best grace possible. They strip her completely; she has the form of a child, how charming!

    Her little bosoms are scarcely formed and her thighs are slender but round. She is like a charming doll. The gentleman she has selected comes slowly forward and asks what position she prefers.

    "Lie down on your back on this sofa," she answers laughingly, "I will get astride of you and do all the work."

    At this moment some one tapped me on the shoulder and as I turn, I see that my neighbour is a lady with abundant, curling, golden hair between her legs.

    "Monsieur Dormeuil!" she says.

    "Yes!" I answer, not suspecting the trap laid for me.

    "Ah, I knew it was you!" and then I recognize Clemence. It is too late to retreat.

    "Little Sister Clemence, how charming you are in this costume!" I put my hand under her coattail and over her firm, round bottom, slipping it down to her rose garden and allowing my finger to wander in her silky hair.

    "Stop, you naughty pirate! I only wished to introduce you to Monsieur Lorille, the Abbe. It is he who is about to offer up a sacrifice to Venus, but poor man, he is dreadfully tired. He gave it to me seven times already tonight and it was so good!"

    "Ah, that is the Abbe! Sure enough, he does seem rather worn out," I remarked, "and the little blonde over there seems to be tiring herself out rubbing his cock without great success."

    The Abbe seemed to rally, however, and soon he was stiff enough for the little siren to introduce him into the tiny slit that she opens with her fingers. He is now in and leans forward, first to kiss her red lips, then the pink tips of her bosoms. Ah, how well she works! The little woman rises and falls on his mighty organ with the regularity of an amorous machine, rubbing the Abbe's prick delightfully.

    Little cries of pleasure escape from time to time, which thrill me with desire from head to foot. At the moment when he is about to spend, she changed her position so as to make it last longer.

    I could wait no longer so I put my prick between her two globes and pressed with my fingers her small child-like bosoms.

    Those little titties were very firm and her movements led me to think that very shortly I shall flow into her little arse. At any rate, she is about to spend. Oh, there, one… two… her plump bottom rises and descends more quickly, she breathes hard, her hand seizes the Abbe's tool and seems to wish to push it up to the hilt. Then comes a shiver that shakes her whole body. I feel that she spends with me and that the Abbe follows suit.

    The little woman is all perspiration, and they hasten to her and wrap her up in a cloak.

    I now perceive that the Big Fellow has warmed up little Sister Clemence and from the movements of her bottom, I know she is going to get it for the eighth time. I am astonished to see them come towards me and still more to recognize in the hero of the evening, the Russian Count. I was very much pleased and complimented him upon his success.

    "Have you discovered Pauline, Count?" I inquired.

    "Certainly. She is the tall brunette who announced the arrival of the two ladies, her friends. There she is, talking with the gentleman who so gracefully performed with the little blonde."

    Pauline was superb with her majestic limbs, her beautiful bottom that I had admired so much and her handsome retreat so rosy and adorned with a luxuriant hairy covering.

    I could not resist the temptation of going to finger her a little. I come up behind her and press a kiss upon each of the globes of her behind. She turns, but not considering the attack dangerous, continues her conversation with Monsieur Lorille.

    Her behind is just at the proper height and the temptation being great, I place my tool in the deep rut very gently while I pass my fingers through the curly hair of her treasure.

    There is a little sensitive point between the lips of the 'beauty' and every time I touch it she gives a slight start with her arse, which excites me more and more. Now my finger penetrates between the moist lips and moves about in the interior of her boudoir.

    She pays no attention to it at first but little by little her buttocks move slightly, and then the movements become more accentuated as my finger moves quicker. Judging that the propitious moment has arrived, I quickly introduce my lance, but the beauty tries to make me lose my hold. I cling to her bottom and hold it like a vice, and the more she tries to throw me off, the more excited I become.

    Finally the Abbe comes to my assistance and holds her hands as she throws up her backside with a movement like a bucking horse.

    "Ah, you want it!" she says wildly. "Then take this!" Then comes a punch from her plump behind. But she does not succeed in dismounting me. At last the friction of my pizzle in her shrubbery begins to excite her and with head thrown forward on the Abbe's shoulder, she exclaims:

    "Push harder-harder!"

    Her hips rise and fall and she would not let me draw out my cocked rod now for anything in the world. Her lascivious movements are now so exciting that I can hardly maintain myself in position. Excited to the highest pitch I give three or four good shoves and drench her with my sperm at the very moment when she spends herself. When she has recovered, I whisper softly in her ear:

    "When will you give me another-your friend Dormeuil!"

    She answers, half angrily: "I wanted to keep you waiting six months longer. Now the second will be whenever you like."

    I kiss her hand and rejoin the Count who says he has enjoyed the scene immensely. The two little ladies who were whipped are now walking in the parlour entirely naked, their bottoms shaking prettily as they move about.

    I take advantage of the situation to smack them both as they pass by.

    The music for the dancing has been playing for the last half hour and it is really a charming sight to watch those half-nude women pass before my eyes. After the dance comes the supper. I am seated near a brunette whom I do not recognize and I give myself the treat of investigating her beauties with one hand under the table.

    She touches my stick from time to time to keep it awake and we drink and eat heartily.

    A wild gallop terminates the whole performance and as the light of day begins to show itself, we conclude that it is time to put on more presentable costumes. The ladies leave first and I go home to seek a much needed rest.

    Jean stuck his head into my room to tell me the time of day but I did not hear him. It was five o'clock in the afternoon, before I got up and began my toilet. Jean does not utter a word. He probably thinks he has a new master.

    "Has any one been here?"

    "Yes, sir, a tall light haired gentleman who left his card. He has been here three times."

    "Where is the card?"

    Jean handed hit to me; it is the Count's. He writes on the card with a pencil that he will return at six o'clock. Evidently Mademoiselle Hortense will not see me today.

    The bell rings and Jean introduces my new friend. He comes to invite me to supper at his country seat. I accept with delight. Before leaving, however, I must go and say goodbye to my neighbour.

    "Good morning, neighbour!"

    "Say good evening, rather; it is late enough for that," answered Madame Benoit with a severe look.

    I was holding the knob and as I closed the door, I heard the murmur:

    "Old Bachelor!"


    The Count's carriage is at the door and we are soon on the way to his villa, which is situated near Poissy. It is a pretty, modern, cheerful place with gardens on three sides, the other side sloping gently to the Seine, wooded, with narrow paths through it to the river.

    The sun is setting and it is one of those beautiful autumn days that remind one rather of spring than the commencement of winter.

    A butler does the honours of the house and if there are any other servants they do not appear.

    There is a pretty parlour on the first floor, very richly decorated and furnished with sofas and armchairs and mirrors. I am much surprised at the style of the room, to the great amusement of the Count, who passes his arm through mine and leads me to the dining room.

    The table is ready and a stroke of the bell brings the butler, to whom he gives orders for serving our meal.

    After an excellent supper I stretched myself out in an armchair and the conversation begins.

    The Count, who is a good talker, tells many personal adventures, which are all new and hail from all parts of the world. With a large fortune at his command, he has been able to satisfy every whim, and has travelled through America, Asia and part of Africa.

    There is no country in Europe with which he is not perfectly familiar and he speaks several languages fluently; in fact he is a charming fellow.

    "I had just been travelling in Switzerland," began the Count in his now familiar and well modulated voice, "and I had enjoyed the trip so much that I was tempted to extend my travels further south. I visited all the principal cities in Italy, and the occasion presenting itself to make the trip from Naples to Marseilles with an English family, I accepted the invitation with pleasure, and we set sail.

    "For four days the vessel glided smoothly on the Mediterranean and I was almost sorry at last when we arrived at our destination.

    "During the trip I had made the conquest of the younger of the girls, who had proposed the most embarrassing things to me: to elope with her or to marry her on her arrival at Marseilles. I got out of the difficulty by promising to go to Manchester the following season, which of course I was careful not to do.

    "After taking leave of the Anderson family and thanking them for their kind invitation to visit them in England, I was taken with a severe attack of spleen and hesitated between following the little Misswhich I thought would be ridiculous-and returning to Moscow.

    "I do not know what notion possessed me to visit Algiers, which the French had just conquered, but I took passage on the best steamer of the line which was then beginning to run every fortnight.

    "The first meal on board the vessel brought together all the passengers around a long dining table. During the first part of the meal I could not fail to see that my neighbour was doing his best to start a conversation with me, and I would have ignored his overtures longer had it been possible. But giving me a nudge on the arm, he said:

    "'This is excellent roast beef, sir, just what we have at home!' "I turned, and for the first time saw his features. He had a good natured, big round face- simplicity itself-was about forty years of age, and showed that he belonged to the class of well-to-do merchants.

    "'Yes, sir, an excellent roast,' I answered at last.

    "'You are doubtless going to Algiers on business, like myself,' he continued.

    "'No,' I replied, 'I am going on a pleasure trip.' "'On a pleasure trip!' cried the good man in amazement.

    "'Certainly, to see the country, hunt, kill time. I cannot kill anything else.' "'You are a Parisian,' said he with the air of a man who thinks that only a Parisian could conceive such an extravagant idea.

    "'No, I am a Russian, from Moscow,' I answered.

    "'And I am from Carpentras,' he returned proudly. 'I am going to Algiers on business and I am taking my wife with me. The poor little thing would not be separated from me, so I took her along. We have only been married for six months, he added confidentially with another nudge as he laughed his great big laugh.

    "I was undecided whether to continue my conversation with him or to go and take a stroll on the deck, but my companion was a regular sticking plaster.

    "Once on deck he talked loud enough to be heard a mile away. I was obliged to listen to the history of his fortune and count it over with him several times.

    "His name was Theodore Paillard. At about eleven that evening, we retired to our cabins. My cabin was next to his and before I went to sleep, I heard him relating to his wife a lot of things about me of which I was totally ignorant but which he found in his fertile Southern imagination. I then heard Madame Paillard tell him to stop, that she was sleepy, but he would not be quiet, he wanted it, he said… he had not had it for three days.

    "She said: 'No, it is not convenient in this little box.' I then heard her scold him. "'You are too big, Theodore. I assure you that you hurt me.

    Then you are so heavy, you smother me. Let me put it in myself, you are so awkward. Now go ahead, easy. Oh… I don't feel anything. Get it for yourself and be quick about it. Don't pinch me like that, you hurt me, I tell you! How long you are… You have been drinking, I am certain.' "Then all was silent for a moment until Madame Paillard's voice rose once more, but this time in anger.

    "'You are always the same, you satisfy yourself and leave me full of your stuff. You are selfish! I have really only had it once since we are married. Ah, now you are going to sleep and I must get up and wash.' "'My dear, I am very tired. I promise you that I will give it to you in the morning,' replied he in a pitiful tone. Then I heard the noise of a syringe. Theodore was snoring like a satiated beast. I dreamed all night of Madame Paillard and when I awoke during the night I got to wondering whether she was pretty, or if she were only passable! One is easily satisfied on board ship.

    "Early the next morning I was on deck. I was not alone, however; a young woman was walking up and down, stamping her tiny feet from time to time to warm them.

    "When she turned I was literally dazzled. An Andalusian beauty with the delicate features of a Princess. This beautiful lady had a superb skin and large black eyes as soft as velvet; she was, moreover, a blonde.

    I never saw a more beautiful woman in my life. She passed me, smiling, and apparently wholly ignorant of her beauty, which added to it an irresistible charm. I was stunned, fascinated!

    "When she turned to walk back I was still in the same spot. I could not lift my eyes from her. All at once a familiar voice fell disagreeably on my ear. It was that of the man from Carpentras, Paillard, whom I was going to send to the devil, when the beautiful lady suddenly took his arm and said coaxingly:

    "'Theodore, please walk with me, I am so cold.' "Was this Madame Paillard, then; my head was in a whirl.

    "'Come, Virginia, let me introduce you to my friend from Moscow,' he cried in his big voice.

    "One must have been very deaf not to have heard him, and advancing towards the ill-assorted couple, I saluted the young woman in my best possible style.

    "She received me most gracefully, and turning to her husband, reproached him for not giving my name. I presented my card to her and as she found my name hard to pronounce, she said:

    "'I will call you Mr. Alexis, if you will allow me.' "We then all three walked the deck for a while, talking and chatting.

    Theodore was still looking at my card, trying to make out my name.

    The breakfast bell was a welcome sound as the sea air had given me a ravenous appetite.

    "When Madame Paillard was relieved of her wrap, I perceived a full bust that made her tight dress look tighter still. She was twice as pretty, and many curious thoughts rushed through my brain.

    "I could scarcely eat. On the second day I became more intimate with the lady and on the third, as we were nearing the Balearic Islands, the sea became quite rough, so she remained in her berth.

    "The exuberant nature of Theodore needed more space and air; he could not live closeted in these cabins, he said.

    "He came to me to explain the situation and asked me to go down to reassure his young wife, who was terribly afraid of the rolling and tossing of the ship. Lying on a little sofa in the cabin, she looked lovely in her negligee. She got up to meet me and I could see her firm bosoms, entirely without support, like two soft spheres, shaking with every movement.

    "We talked of a thousand different things and little by little our conversation turned on burning grounds. She told me that she had come to marry Mr. Paillard who had been so kind to her mother! She said this with a sigh, and I felt a rush of desire go through me.

    "I could see under her thin dress, and between that dress and her flesh there was a chemise. Attracted to her by an irresistible force, I drew nearer, and as I did so, I had an intense desire to feel that woman's flesh against my own. I could not tell you what I talked about and very likely she did not hear a word.

    "Suddenly we seized one another by the shoulders and our mouths formed one, our lips were glued together, my eyes plunged into her and we drank without reserve of the voluptuous bliss of love, that fiery passion beyond compare. There seemed to be a communicative excitement in the very feel of her bare skin, which intoxicated me.

    "We would certainly have been surprised by the husband had it not been for his incorrigible habit of loud talking.

    "He found me standing by the door. He had not come to remain, he said, but only wanted to see how Virginia was, and finding that she looked well (I should think she would, under the circumstances) he tapped her on either cheek and forced me to sit down on the edge of the bed. He seemed quite delighted to find me so obliging, the poor man. Pshaw! It was his own fault. Why did he want to take advantage of the gratitude of this poor young girl. She was really to be pitied.

    "Once more alone, we did not know how to resume the interrupted conversation. Our eyes, however, spoke for us. I went back to my seat at her side and her hands were soon between mine.

    "I pressed her voluptuous bosoms with both my hands and carried the license so far as to unbutton her dress and kiss them.

    "'Virginia,' I said, 'let me kiss those treasures. Let me admire this skin, so soft and white!' and I held up one bosom which filled both my hands.

    "The little pink tip, hidden at first in the flesh of the globes, all at once appeared triumphant, I seized it between my lips, then between my teeth and sucked and bit it. I then sought the vermilion mouth of my beauty; her moist lips were trembling, they seemed to invade mine, and when my tongue entered her mouth, I thought she was going into spasms.

    "Her whole body quivered, she was almost delirious. What would you have done in my place, with a tool as stiff as an iron bar in your trousers? I carefully raised her dress and as I supposed, there was only a long linen chemise to defend her virtue.

    "The obstacle was soon removed and as her legs were parted, it was an easy task to introduce my prick and penetrate into the grotto of love. It was as narrow as that of a maidenhead. She felt a slight pain when I pressed further in but feeling my stiff prick in her tiny, moss covered bower, she became furiously agitated and seizing me by the neck, would have smothered me between her large bosoms, had I not freed myself.

    "To maintain my position in this retreat, I was obliged to pass my hand beneath her bottom and moderate the hysterical leaps she made, due to a desire so long repressed.

    "I now slipped my tongue between her teeth and ran my weapon of war up and down along her little furrow. She suddenly seemed to quiet down and enjoy calmly my amorous embraces.

    "Nothing could indicate that she had attained the supreme point of bliss when I was about to spurt my provision of sperm into her retreat, except a slight shudder, followed by complete exhaustion.

    "I left her undisturbed for a few minutes while I admired her magnificent thighs, her superb body, so round and firm, and her little pussy of hair like that of a child of sixteen. I proceeded then to wash her, remembering the reproaches she had addressed to her husband the night before.

    "The contact of the cold water brought her to her senses. She opened her eyes in astonishment, until she remembered all, and then, jumping down, she threw her arms around my neck and pressed her lips passionately to mine.

    "The same scene was renewed the following day amid long talks. She regretted the separation which must come at our landing and it also worried me, for I really hungered after the woman, I had not possessed her enough. I promised to accompany her everywhere but when she thought of how she would be obliged to submit to her husband whom she did not love, burning tears would roll down her cheeks. I was kissing them away gently one day when an idea struck me, and I resolved to communicate it to her and convince her of the success of my scheme whereby we would not be separated on landing.

    "I communicated to Virginia my idea whereby we could continue our relationship but she refused to listen at first. The more she refused, the more feasible it seemed to me and I insisted. At last she laughed heartily and was ready to put it into execution. I explained the intrigue to her in every detail.

    "Soon after our arrival she was to appear unhappy. Theodore was to find her always gloomy and two days before the departure of the steamer she was to propose returning to France.

    "He, stingy, and going to Algiers for the purpose of making money, would not think of consenting to go back with her, and would not allow her to return alone. I would advise him to let her go alone, and the journey being short, the Captain and stewardess would take good care of her.

    "By degrees he would become accustomed to the idea, then I would whisper in his ear that without his wife, he could take advantage of the innumerable chances which were never wanting here. Ah, if he should only find a Moorish beauty! One of those ideal women which exist in novels at home, but which are here in flesh and blood.

    "I was certain of the success of the scheme. She was to go on board of the steamer, excuse herself a few minutes and go into a cabin where she would find a Moorish costume which I would provide for her.

    When the first bell rang for the departure, she was to go back on land and leave the rest to me.

    "'But you see, Alexis, the thing is impossible! When I go on land I will find my husband with you. He will accost me and then what language will I speak? I only speak French as it is, and no other language but this and Spanish.' "This remark disconcerted me for a moment but I soon found a solution.

    At a pinch we might speak French; there would be nothing extraordinary in a Moorish woman speaking French, but we would have less liberty. He might recognize the voice and a familiar expression might spoil the whole game.

    "However, I remembered that when at college in France, the pupils had a way of conversing by adding a termination to each monosyllable, article, etc., being careful to make it accord in sound with the words used. You finally got an outlandish jargon, which no one could understand who did not possess the key.

    "Madame Paillard was quite sure that her husband, who was somewhat of a simpleton anyway, would not understand such a language. So everything was settled.

    "The young woman, in ten minutes understood the whole system and I left her, recommending that she practice speaking in this manner when alone, feeling that in two or three days she would speak it with facility.

    "A few days after our arrival in Algiers, according to program, Madame Paillard became very gloomy; her husband seemed quite uneasy and one day when I told her that a steamer sailed within fortyeight hours, she declared to Theodore that she wanted to return to France. She was dying with ennui, she said.

    "Everything happened as we had foreseen. I became really eloquent in the cause and Paillard decided to let her return alone. I arranged everything with the Captain and Stewardess. Madame Paillard's trunks were to remain in Marseilles until further orders.

    "We accompanied her to the steamer and at the last moment, the husband would go with her, but the magic words 'Moorish Beauty,' whispered in his ear, decided him to remain. The young woman excused herself and disappeared down the companion way, smothering her laughter.

    "At the first signal for departure, Theodore wished to rush down and kiss her once more good-bye but at that instant a woman, heavily veiled, showing her two handsome eyes, passed by as light as a butterfly and brushing by our friend on the way, she gave him a burning glance.

    "'There is a Moorish woman!' I said hurriedly, 'come do not let us lose this chance, it is a rare one, I assure you.' "He instantly forgot wife and all, and trotted breathlessly after the woman who was walking a few steps ahead of him. He overtook the beauty and was talking to her when I joined them but, of course, she did not understand a word of French. 'She does not understand French, Mr. Alexis,' said he in such pitiful tones that I could not help bursting out laughing.

    "'Do not distress yourself,' I said, 'I understand her language and will talk to her,' and there I was, chattering away with the Moorish woman in the language I had taught her in ten minutes.

    "I was obliged to translate M. Paillard's propositions, which were businesslike, and I made him understand that being in a foreign country, under no consideration whatever to attempt to raise the woman's veil for that meant instant death.

    "He promised faithfully not to try the experiment and I felt no more uneasiness on that score.

    "I had rented a little villa about five minutes walk from the city, surrounded by beautiful gardens. I explained once more to Mr. Paillard that Moorish women never uncovered their faces; that they always eat and dress alone. To seek to uncover their face is a crime. He was easily convinced.

    "'Do you think I could sleep with her?' he asked eagerly.

    "'Certainly! Nothing easier!' I answered. 'You will certainly succeed on that point.' "Everything passed without mishap. I talked all day to the young woman (Madame Paillard), and when it was time to retire at night, she hung on my arm and gave Theodore to understand that she would prefer spending the first night at least with me.

    "Theodore retired to the room next to ours and was soon snoring the snore of the just. Left alone, I seized the young woman in my arms.

    "She was lovely in her somewhat original costume. I helped her to undress and for fear of a surprise, we concluded she had best sleep with the veil.

    "The night was warm and I persuaded her to sleep naked. I felt a foolish desire to view her charms, and took off her chemise in spite of her remonstrances.

    "She was a mixture of strength and weakness; her neck was slender and I have already spoken of her handsome bosom. Her luxuriant bottom was enough to make the Colonel of the Tenth Cuirassiers jealous, as they say in Russia.

    "I did not know what to handle first; I went from her cunt to these two beautiful globes, which stood out as firm as marble. I felt like eating her up and when I put my face between her admirable thighs, she held my head tight enough to smash it.

    "I took her beautiful body in my arms and laid her on the bed; then, placing myself over her, I began to explore her sweet little cunny with my tongue. My prick was placed just above her face and in her excitement she took hold of it and rolled it with her hands. My tongue was shooting a thousand strokes into her vagina and she would lift up her body in her passion, then give a sudden pressure of her legs on my head which nearly sent me wild.

    "The very tip of my prick was burning with ardent fire. I put it into her mouth. Oh, how she sucked it! Her tongue gave me an indescribable sensation; my ardour became double and I sucked and bit the lips of her little cunny in a perfect storm of passion.

    "Feeling that I was about to spend in her mouth, I withdrew my prick and pushed it between her beautiful bosoms, telling her to press them against my prick as I tickled her two little strawberries.

    "This sensation, added to the sensuous lingering of my tongue in her voluptuous vulva, soon threw her into the wildest spasms of delight, and with true cries of delirious joy, she inundated my tongue with her delightful fluid.

    "Her cries had awakened Theodore and suddenly I heard him jump from his bed to the floor.

    "I had neglected to lock the door and he walked in without further ceremony. Fortunately the light was out and we had time to prepare ourselves. He said his prick was in such a state of erection that he absolutely must have the Moorish woman. What was to be done?

    "She did not want him in the least, and he was bound to be satisfied. I made him believe that it was bad form to enter into the vagina of a Moorish woman at the first meeting and that he must content himself with rubbing his prick between the cheeks of her bottom; that she would agree to it, I guaranteed.

    "He was so excited that his teeth chattered and he agreed to accept anything that we proposed.

    "'Tell him to make haste,' said the young woman.

    "'You must move your arse so as to hasten matters,' I suggested.

    "'I will,' answered the poor boob.

    "He was soon astride her bottom and placing his immense prick between the two hillocks, he began to rub and she to wriggle.

    Sometimes she raised herself and rubbed her behind against his prick so that he touched her cunt.

    "'It is strange but this backside reminds me of my wife's,' he would say almost out of breath.

    "'Do not talk that way!' I said boldly.

    "He soon began puffing like a porpoise and lay down on the young woman's bottom.

    "She complained that he was smothering her and I was obliged to raise him up and tell him to be more lively in his movements. She rubbed him a little while longer and when finally a jet of sperm inundated her back, she gave a sigh of relief, which caused him to ask her if she had spent.

    "'Oh, yes, yes,' she replied, and he went away quite satisfied to resume his snoring. I washed-her, poor little thing, and fatigued with such hard work, she fell asleep.

    "Ever after that I locked the door carefully.

    "This went on for a month and only once during that time was he allowed to even rub his cock between the buttocks of his wife. He was far from suspecting her of being his own wife and everything went well with one exception.

    "Then it happened in broad daylight when he could not possibly contain himself any longer. I unfastened the full, Turkish trousers of the beauty and held her head between my legs. She took advantage of this to suck me gently while her husband agitated his prick between the cheeks of her bottom.

    "This time it rather amused her. She did not pretend to help him and he kept asking me to tell her to move-her arse more. He had to spend, however, and I advised him to catch the sperm in his handkerchief. I did not care to receive the charge.

    "To tell you of the delightful nights I spent with that lovely woman during that month would take me a very long time and become monotonous, so I will end by saying that all went well.

    "It did not surprise Paillard that I should take the beautiful woman to France with me. On arriving at Marseilles, I pretended to leave her at the Hotel until she could be dressed as other women dress in Europe, and she started at once for Carpentras; her mother was to say that she had spent a month with her and everything would be settled all right.

    "I parted with her reluctantly but she promised to see me again some day. I detained her husband a day in Marseilles in order to give her time to have everything settled.

    "Thus ends my story.

    "Ah, you want a conclusion; well, here it is!

    "After leaving the husband at the station, I started for Paris where I remained some months and as I was about to leave the city, I received a letter from Theodore, announcing the birth of a boy whom he had named Alexis, with the full consent of his wife.

    "Dear old Paillard-this act of courtesy was really due to me."

    The Count had been very animated as he related this adventure, but now he became grave and melancholy and seemed pensive, shaking his head as though to cast off some thought.

    "My dear friend, thrown as I have been for the past fifteen years amid pleasure, with no time to study the exact moment for my conquest, I have certainly committed acts which sober people might call indelicate.

    "If indeed I have sometimes gone too far in my mad career, if I have brought grief to some hearts and pain to some young slits, at least once in my life I have had scruples.

    "Let me confide this strange adventure to you; it will be a relief to me.

    You have made a study of mankind and I feel certain that you will not laugh at me but will understand my feelings in the matter."


    "Three years ago, and about eighteen months before my trip to Algiers, I was on my estate, a few miles from Moscow. The winter was very severe and I went to the city as seldom as possible, even when it was a question of sensual satisfaction. Aside from one or two large landowners like myself, I saw no one, and spent the time looking after my servants, hunting wolves and reading a few erotic books, which were not calculated to calm my passions.

    "I soon noticed the daughter of one of my farmers, a handsome girl, and the only one who appeared to be modest among all the girls and women with whom I was thrown in contact night and day.

    "It was a rare thing to see her smile, but when she did, she showed beautiful teeth, and two dimples would make two deep holes in her rosy cheeks.

    "She had luxuriant hair, as black as jet, which she wore in a braid that hung far below her waist; the short dress, which came just below her knees, displayed two handsome legs, round and firm, while her large black eyes were shaded by heavy lashes. She was beautiful, very beautiful, and just fifteen.

    "As she was extremely modest, I did not know how to make propositions to her which many of the others would have quickly accepted. Several times I tried to enter into conversation with her. I questioned her first about her parents in a careless, indifferent manner, then I laughingly asked her if she had a betrothed. She looked at me quietly, surprised perhaps at such a question, but she did not answer.

    "For a whole month I remained in this embarrassing position.

    Sometimes I would wake up at night after dreaming that I had her in bed with me, that I had fully possessed her, and I would turn over and find myself alone with my prick at full stand. I would then make up my mind to fly from the spot that very day or force her to surrender, but the day would pass just as the preceding one and nothing came of it.

    "Sometimes I surprised her looking at me, but the look was so frank, so innocent, that I did not dare to speak.

    "I do not know how or why, but her mother perceived what was going on, and coming to me with tears in her eyes, told me the farm did not produce enough to support the family. Praising her modest daughter, she begged me to take her into my service. I was delighted with the proposition but was careful not to show it, and dismissed the woman without making any promises.

    "A few days later I had a visit from the father and finally I consented to take the young girl.

    "One day, a theft having been committed in the house, all the accusations fell upon the young girl and I had her summoned before me in order to question her myself.

    "She scarcely deigned to defend herself. She had not stolen anything and suspected no one of the deed. This was all she would say. At the head of the female department of the household I had a dragon of a woman who was extremely strict and whose devotion to me was, without question, devout. She advised me to have the girl whipped to make her confess the crime. I was obliged to consent and ordered the whipping to be administered in my presence.

    "The girl looked on calmly while the preparations were made for the torture, but what amazed me was to see her quietly undress herself, throwing to the floor one by one her articles of clothing until she was naked to the waist.

    "Her back was turned to me. Ah, when the woman struck her on the back with the strap, I almost cried out, and ordered her to stop and retire.

    "I got up, took the young girl in my arms and gently drew her on my knees as I tried to reassure her-it was only then that she burst into tears. I tried to draw her hands away from her face, which she had hidden in them; I wanted to see her bewitching eyes bathed in tears.

    "She was so beautiful thus that I lost my head, threw her brutally on the sofa and rushed upon her like a hungry wolf.

    "I kissed her tiny bosoms furiously. They were firm as marble. I stuck my head under her skirts and there was the peculiar perfume of a clean woman which made me delirious with lubric passion.

    "Like an animal, I squeezed the firm, rosy lips of her hidden parts and rubbed my face against them. I was intoxicated by the delicious odour.

    I stuck my tongue between the lips of her little pussy. I drew out and licked it like an amorous animal, for I too, was an animal then in my sensuous desire.

    "Suddenly surprised at not feeling her move, I disengaged my head from her skirts and was not a little bewildered to find her sobbing as though her heart would break.

    "I took both her hands in mine and placed my fiery lips upon hers. The tears streamed down her cheeks and dropped one by one on my breast.

    Her mouth seemed insensible to my caresses.

    "Finally calmed by the sight of so much grief, I suddenly awoke as from some horrible nightmare, picked up her clothing and covered her nakedness. This seemed to calm her somewhat and when my paroxysm was over I got her to talk.

    "She swore on the image of the Holy Virgin that she was innocent and she gently reproached me for my conduct. It had hurt her so much that she began sobbing again.

    "I was ashamed of myself and begged her pardon. I felt vile, degraded before this pure young girl and promised not to annoy her any more.

    After talking about half an hour, I sent her back, consoled now, to her occupation, and told the other servants that I was convinced of her innocence and would not allow anyone to be wanting in respect to her.

    "I was not myself for several days after this incident. I dreaded to meet the young girl and took a thousand precautions to avoid her, and yet I was happy in knowing that she was in the house.

    "Naturally, we often came in contact and she met me with the same beautiful smile. I felt the passion which I had for her growing stronger and stronger and it was then that I determined to leave Moscow and go to St. Petersburg.

    "I attended all the society balls, and one night as I was helping the Viscountess Xenia on with her furs, she invited me to accompany her home. I sent away my sleigh and slipped into hers.

    "Leaning against each other during the ride, I responded to the coquetries of the beautiful woman as best I could; When we arrived at the house, she invited me to come in, which I did with pleasure, not suspecting for a moment that I was to possess that very night the most sought after woman in St. Petersburg.

    "I was shown into an immense, well-lighted parlour and requested to wait a few moments. I stretched myself in an armchair and was thinking of nothing in particular, when a servant informed me that he had been ordered to take me to Madame's apartments. I followed him and we soon reached a sort of boudoir, hung in white satin, with sofas and chairs to match, and a huge mirror.

    "Words cannot describe the comfort and elegance of the room. The mistress of the house soon entered, wrapped in a black silk dressing gown without any trimming; the garment became her complexion admirably. She invited me to sit down on the sofa beside her. She wore little golden yellow slippers, with black silk stockings, embroidered with yellow and was tapping the floor with her tiny feet, and continuing the coquetry begun in the sleigh.

    "'They tell me many curious things about you, Count'… she began.

    "'What do they say, Madame?' "'Oh, they say that you are a fast man, for one thing.' "'Where is the man who has not had that said of him?' "'True, but there are some little scandals here and there. In Vienna, Paris, etc., with ladies of good society.' "'It is proof then, Madame, that I have succeeded in finding favour everywhere except in St. Petersburg. As yet I have not had that good fortune here.' "'You are so seldom here,' she said, pouting.

    "'It rests with you alone, whether I stay or not!' I whispered, taking her hand.

    "'Really, sir?' she responded with a look that was a challenge.

    "I seized her round the waist and tried to kiss her and during the struggle somehow or other, the dressing gown suddenly became unfastened and flew open from top to bottom, displaying her goddesslike form entirely naked.

    "It was only an apparition, however, as she rushed out of the door and closed it after her. Then she made me the most delightful promises if I would undress and put on the costume she would hand me through the door.

    "I had long been accustomed to any proposition, however strange it might be, so I took care not to refuse. I waited, and in a few moments, the door was slightly opened and a lot of clothing fell at my feet.

    "At first I had some trouble in making out what I had picked up from the floor, but at last I found that it was a very pretty wrapper, handsomely trimmed with red lace, and a pair of woman's drawers and stockings long enough to reach to my thighs.

    "'Are you ready?' asked the Countess impatiently.

    "'Not yet, Madame, but I will be presently,' I replied.

    "I had got into the drawers and stockings when she entered quickly. I thought it was a saucy little boy who stood before me and the sudden erection of my member betrayed the emotion produced upon me by the lascivious costume of the charmer.

    "She had on black velvet breeches fitting her superb figure tightly, little socks reached just above the ankles and her tiny feet were encased in black velvet slippers. The upper part of her body was clothed in a fine shirt, puffed round the waist, a short jacket reaching to the middle of her back, while a broad lace collar covered her shoulders. Added to that, were blonde curls falling in ringlets around her neck.

    "I rushed forward to seize her, wishing to add the sensual pleasure of touch to that of looking at her but she stopped me with an angry gesture and offered to assist me in getting into the wrapper. She passed her hands several times over my cock on purpose and I took those occasions to steal a kiss 'on the fly.' I was soon dressed and she commanded me to sit down in an armchair and listen to her with undivided attention.

    "'You are going to have a very bad opinion of me, Count, but if I have determined to indulge in this caprice, it is because I have heard your discretion praised as much as your gallant adventures, and I feel very certain that you will banish this evening's experience from your memory entirely.'

    "'I will forget it for everyone else, but I can never forget it for you, Madame,' I replied.

    "'That is quite sufficient, sir, and now let us abandon ourselves entirely to pleasure… come!' "She now dragged me along a little passage which led to a chamber below. I will not attempt to describe the luxury of this room. She disappeared in a secret closet and brought out an enormous dildo. I was then obliged to play the lady and she made all the advances and caressed me in every possible manner. She slipped her hand under my wrapper and petted my bottom; she kissed me, but would not allow me to touch her. However, she told me to whip her if she behaved badly and as her big bottom was very tempting in her velvet trousers, I contented myself with giving her slaps on top of her trousers to begin with.

    "Her manners became worse and worse, however, so that at last I threw her across my knees, hastily unbuttoned her trousers and gave her a great whipping. Her beautiful buttocks were so fat that in passing my hand over them, near the thighs, the whole compactness moved into a solid block but she held her legs so tightly closed that it was impossible to take the liberty of touching all the beauties which were in that near vicinity.

    "After a goodly number of well applied smacks, the beautiful bottom became quite red, and no doubt considering that to be sufficient, she ran away, but her face expressed more passion than before, and returning to me, she raised my wrapper to my waist and fingered my cock for a moment.

    "Then laying her head on the edge of the bed, she gave me a cat-like invitation by presenting her handsome behind to me. I rubbed my now thoroughly stiffened member between the beautiful cheeks of her bottom. Then she seized my hand, but would not allow me to put it anywhere near her secret parts.

    "'Not yet,' she said, 'be patient,' and she rubbed her backside against my appendage. A moment later she let my hand go so as to pass her hands slyly under my balls.

    "She finally used her handsome behind so well, that I spent at the moment she was fingering me 'a little all over,' as she called it, to accelerate the matter. Then, turning round, she saw my instrument hanging down. She gave me a malicious look and going after the big dildo, she tied it round my waist. She then used a little ointment on it, and presenting to me her superb doorway, whose proportions I was obliged to admire, asked me to introduce the big thing into it.

    "I thought that would be impossible, but she wriggled and pressed against me until she got it almost all the way in. This performance took place on the edge of the bed; she unbuttoned her waist and I could see her alabaster bosoms, white, firm, well developed and nicely separated. I gently rubbed her handsome slit with the enormous tool and she seemed absolutely delirious with pleasure.

    "'Open the valve when I tell you,' she murmured, as she continued to play upon it. She had with a sudden movement wound her legs around my waist and seemed to wish to push the dildo up to the handle.

    "I never saw so much passion in my life. With her eyes half closed, she seemed to be lost in another world. I stooped over her, squeezed her bosoms which appeared to excite her still more, and finally, as if in agony, she cried out:

    "'Let the valve go-let it go!' "I did so, and a copious flow of tepid fluid inundated her handsome cunt. She was still slowly heaving and enjoying this internal 'coit' as I continued the frigging movements with the enormous dildo. Little by little she became more excited and it seemed to me that my pizzle attained the proportions of the big dildo itself. I then slowly untied it and making believe it had slipped out by accident, I introduced my instrument into her loins.

    "Her cunt was large but full of voluptuousness and as I shoved my wedge in, I kissed her delicious bosoms, her neck, her belly and then her lascivious mouth.

    "She sustained this second assault admirably well and it lasted long.

    When she cried out again to let the valve go, I was on hand with a new supply of sperm which appeared to satisfy her.

    "She remained unconscious for a few moments, then got up, her face crimson, and her body exhausted. I advised sleep and she answered with a smile that indeed she thought she needed it.

    "I dressed myself and took leave of the beautiful Countess after taking a voluptuous kiss from her moist coral lips.

    "She offered me her sleigh for my return but as my house was not very far off, I preferred to walk there.

    "Two days after this I was awakened by a terrible noise at the door of my room. My servant answered the bell and returned to say that a young girl had introduced herself into the house and refused to leave without speaking to me. I ordered that she come down and to my astonishment, I saw, once more, my little servant girl.

    "She looked like a beggar and her garments were in shreds. She finally told me that after my departure she had been so unhappy that she determined to follow me. A little money allowed her to travel in a sleigh part of the way, then her purse being empty, she was obliged to walk the rest of the journey.

    "The tortures of all kinds she must have suffered gave me an idea of the strength of her will. The poor little thing acknowledged that she loved me and that she would surely kill herself if I abandoned her. I felt an emotion which was entirely new to me. It was impossible to place her with the other servants and the only thing I could do was to persuade her to go to France with me, where I could put her in a school for a few years.

    "Three years have elapsed now and I have had occasion to appreciate the progress which my protege has made in every possible way, in learning and in accomplishments of all kinds.

    "When my thoughts turn to her it is like balm to my heart. However, she could not remain in school any longer. The Superintendent wrote me lately that she had nothing more to teach her and a few days ago I gave orders to have her brought here, where she is at present.

    "I have had two interviews with Wanda- that is the name I have given her-and her love for me is so intense that I dread to see her.

    When I propose to find a husband for her, she goes into hysterics and I had to promise to make no more allusions to her marriage.

    "Such is my position, M. Dormeuil, what would you do in my place?"

    "I really cannot say, my dear Count. It is most embarrassing. You cannot marry her and you do not wish to make her your mistress."

    He seemed for a time lost in a profound reverie and did not reply for a few moments.

    "She wishes to see me this evening and I am afraid I may weaken," he said at last. "Let me conduct you, dear friend, to a closet, near her room and if passion should get the best of me, come to my assistance, I pray you."

    The greater part of the evening was already spent and we had to hasten our visit to Wanda before she should retire. The Count preceded me and made me enter a closet next to the room, at the door of which he knocked.

    "Who is there?" called a fresh young voice.

    "It is I, Alexis."

    "Ah, at last," she cried, and I heard her run to the door. "How glad I am to see you, I feared you would forget my request."

    "You see, do you not, that I have not forgotten it, since I am here."

    There was a little hole in the door of my hiding place which seemed to have been made on purpose. I peeped through it and saw her on her knees before him. She implored him to keep her with him; she would be his slave.

    She is as handsome as the Count has described her, but taller and more distinguished looking in her white wrapper. As she holds his hands and kisses his face, her expression denotes sincere love. She pulls him towards a large armchair and innocently sits on his knees, as she would have done with her father when a child; while with all the grace imaginable, she tries to extract a promise from him that he will not leave her.

    It was too much for my Russian friend to withstand and naturally he seized her head and covered her face with kisses. They are entwined in each other's arms. Their bodies are like one. It would have seemed a crime to me to disturb them, notwithstanding the request made by the Count.

    How she twists herself like a snake; now they have fallen pell-mell on a beautiful white bearskin on the floor, and he passes one leg between her naked thighs, and she, following her natural instinct, rubs herself against him.

    I could not blame him. As I looked at them, I felt my own prick stiffen up like a poker. When he placed his instrument between her beautiful thighs, I thought he only did his duty, for she was breathlessly wishing for it.

    The jerks of the young girl's body became less marked, and all at once she gave a cry of pain! It was only transitory, however, for she entwined herself round the Count more closely than ever. She literally covered his face with kisses and laughed and cried in the same breath.

    It is impossible for me see her body with the exception of her thighs which escape her drawers, but that is enough to convince me of the beauty of the rest.

    She must have spent several times, although she does not wish to let him go. She has turned over on her side and shows me her back. Her drawers are slightly open and as she pushes with her bottom, I can see her crack with the Count's lance-like prick imbedded in it.

    Her backside must be enormous, for it almost splits the delicate envelope that confines it.

    The Count has just spent but she still remains sticking to him and does not allow her mouth to leave his for an instant.

    I judged that the amorous combat was at an end and in order not to receive any reproaches from the Count, I pretended to be asleep.

    When he shook me, I begged his pardon for having fallen asleep. He excused me politely and conducted me back to his room without saying a word about Wanda. The next morning the Count came to wake me himself and had been thoughtful enough to have my breakfast brought to me in bed.

    I rose and he conducted me to his bath. We talked of a thousand and one things and his conversation was very animated; he seemed much happier and livelier than was his wont.

    "Come," said he, "I am going to show you my library."

    He led the way to a room whose style was most severe, but where all the erotic works of French, English and Spanish authors were arranged on shelves.

    While I admired the handsome collection, the Count pressed a spring and a little drawer flew open which contained some volumes carefully wrapped in silk. He took them from their hiding place with the greatest care and handed them to me one by one. I read their titles:

    A Youthful Adventurer

    The Comtessa Marga

    The Perfumed Garden

    Venus in India

    Adventures of Lais Lovecock

    A Spanish Gallant

    Memories of a Voluptuary and numerous other works of a similar character.

    The British Museum contains some of these works, which are not only very rare but also masterpieces of erotic-literature.

    The collector who could obtain any of them would be fortunate and find their perusal most entertaining. They rank high in their line, and will make many a one stand.

    "I must absent myself for some hours," he continued, "but you can spend your time here pleasantly and read anything you like."

    As soon as he left, I began to read the rarest of these works. The rest were already known to me, at least those in English and French. The Horn Book is a remarkable work and also The Open Chamber.

    When he returned it seemed to me as if he had only been gone a few moments, so much was I interested in my reading. He announced that he had prepared everything for an agreeable evening, but he would not tell me anything more. He expressed his regrets at not being able to spend the rest of the day with me and added that he had to go out and make a few calls.

    I had forgotten Paris, Madame Benoit, Madame Cuchond and the rest!

    I must go too, or they would send out a general alarm. The Count held me back, smiling, and assured me that everything would be all right, as he would go himself to see Madame Benoit and the others and explain everything.

    I preferred it so and agreed to remain. I resumed my erotic reading which caused the remainder of the day to pass very quickly. When five o'clock struck and it began to get dark, I had devoured a large part of the contents of the secret drawer.

    The Count returned a little before six o'clock and soon we partook of an excellent supper.

    After supper-we took our supper in the parlour-I perceived that my friend was in the best of humours. He had been to Madame X-, had seen Pauline, Clemence, the Abbe, and a few others. They did not know what to think of my absence; he had given them some kind of an explanation and they were convinced that I had gone on a hunting expedition some miles away.

    The parlour, I now perceived, had been robbed of its furniture, and there was an open space in the middle of the room. The Count invited me to be seated on a sort of ottoman, low but delightfully comfortable, while he on another, just opposite to mine.

    The atmosphere is perfumed, while the light is so arranged as to be of every imaginable colour. I feel that my friend is reserving a surprise for me. What can it be?

    In answer to his call, Ivan, his faithful servant, brings in two Turkish pipes with their long stems. I would have preferred a good cigar, but for the novelty of the thing I accept the pipe.

    We are sitting quietly, when the curtain over the door moves and a woman or girl with a musical instrument enters the room. I say woman or girl, for she is so wrapped up that I cannot see her face. The Count smokes on without manifesting either surprise or curiosity, and I do the same.

    The woman begins the entertainment, and sits down on a cushion and commences to play a lazy, monotonous air. Two other women enter the room at this juncture and their dance, monotonous at first, becomes more animated as the music becomes faster.

    They turn round each other in the middle of the room and all at once appear to me as if enveloped in a coil of tulle. Sure enough, they have loosened their muslin robes and as they dance, they unwind them. I can distinctly see their legs through their thin single skirt. The dance becomes more and more exciting; the two girls soon become entwined in each other's arms and seem intoxicated.

    Suddenly they tear off their veils and I can see their forms which are admirably moulded. Both are brunettes and apparently sixteen or seventeen years of age. They each wear a small jacket, open in front from the middle of the body to the cunt, while a many-coloured belt, encircles their waists. Besides this, the only garment for each is a gauze skirt.

    They must, however, have something else for an undergarment, for it is impossible to see their flesh clearly. They embrace and, still retaining their steps, kiss each other feverishly. Each in turn passes her head beneath the other's jacket and kisses the snowy white bosom beneath.

    They soon unfasten their short skirts and throw off their belts. They are bewitching in their unique costumes, a little waist reaching scarcely down to the hips and a light yellow scarf covering their bottoms and hidden places, now complete their outfits.

    They continue to excite one another, and the music seems to make them frantic with passion. Hastily they snatch off their clothing and now contemplate each other in almost total nudity.

    They roll on the floor like playful kittens, their fingers tickling each other's private parts, while little amorous cries escape their lips. They handle each other's bosoms and tongue their lips. The youngest seems to be the most excited and while she kisses her companion, she puts her tongue far into her mouth; her bottom moves like lightning and when her companion touches her with her fingers between her legs, she starts as though it actually burned her.

    She wishes to be played with and yet seems to evade the touch. She jumps astride her friend's bottom and rubs her little cunt on her, and while she fingers her pussy, the other turns her head to receive a kiss, and the music plays on.

    At last they have reached the desired degree of excitement and each now feverishly places the head of the other between her own legs, while they caress each other with rapid strokes of their tongues.

    The tallest one has her back towards me, and shows me her arse with its little pink hole. Beneath her I see the tongue and lips of the youngest.

    The little hole seems to open and close as the enjoyment becomes greater. The one underneath her sustains her, and her beautiful bottom looks like a split hemisphere in pink satin.

    I never witnessed a more exciting scene, and my prick, as a proof of my feeling, is swollen to its utmost. The Count is still passive. The two young girls are about to spend and their bodies are quivering with passion. The beautiful behind which fascinates me, rises and falls, opens and closes with marvellous rapidity.

    Suddenly they both spend and the smaller seems actually to want to eat the little cunny which she has between her teeth. She bites it in her amorous delirium.

    My prick makes a movement at the very moment that the girls spend and I have just time to introduce my handkerchief into my breeches to receive the discharge.

    They are still stretched upon the floor to recuperate their strength, and their beautiful bodies give a voluptuous tremor from time to time. I turn my head towards the Count and when I look for the erotic pair, they have disappeared.

    My friend's eyes are a little more brilliant than usual but that is all. The servant enters with two dressing gowns and the Count invites me to lay aside my ordinary clothes, and sets the example.

    "When I travelled in the East, I used to adopt the Oriental costume and now and then I like to indulge in it again. We are going to have a change of scenery," he added as he rang the bell.

    A little girl about twelve years old suddenly springs into the room, as light as a bird, her small body almost quivering with modesty in her costume-which is that of nudity.

    At a sign from the Count, she approaches me and places herself on my knees. Behind her comes a little boy, somewhat older, his face as sweet and beautiful as the girl's. The Count coolly invites me to take my choice. I retain the little girl, not knowing what was expected of me.

    A soft, delicious music now comes from the next room. The child takes my hand and places it between her tiny thighs. Her little aperture is hairless. It seems odd to touch those lips which are so naked. She herself places my finger in her little retreat and seems to know perfectly what she does it for. With her other hand she grasps my prick and rubs and presses it.

    I feel a kind of indignation at so much vice but a look from the Count reassures me, so to speak. I pass my hand beneath the naked cunt of the little Bacchante, who begins to agitate her hand vigorously upon my prick, which she has well moistened and wishes to introduce under her Mount of Venus.

    She amuses me now, I feel, as if I were playing with a doll. Her little bottom, plump and round, twists about in my hand and moving further, I am surprised to find a body quite developed. She shows me her little breasts, and gives me two little bosoms to kiss, about as large as billiard balls and nearly as firm.

    Still she has not succeeded in making my enormous prick penetrate into the depths of her white belly. She soon tries to get astride of my head and thus gives me the lips of her little cunt to kiss. It is with no little pleasure that I use my tongue which seems to excite her immensely. She can scarcely press her little boudoir hard enough against me. She is not very heavy, so I pat her tiny bottom and when she thinks she is excited enough she returns to my prick, which this time she succeeds in forcing into her body.

    Ah, how she wriggles! It seems as if there are a million demons or cupids all along my prick; with consummate art she tickles my tool and while I hold her on the end of it, she wriggles and commences to spend.

    At that moment I take a look at the Count.

    He has placed his boy in a kneeling position with his head thrown on an ottoman and has stuck his enormous prick into his behind.

    The boy moves his round and dimpled backside with as much art as the most skilful grisette. He knows all the fine points and with the movements of his behind puts the Count into ecstasies of delight. I see his tremendous prick move in and out of those two rosy hills and the pretty little behind gives a shove to make it enter still further, then recedes to let it come further out, and so on.

    During this time the Count fingers his little prick, which stiffens and becomes about the size of my finger. This sight, added to the efforts of my little charmer, throws me into the final spasm and as I inject a spray of sperm into the cunt of the little girl, she seems to feel the same voluptuous pleasure as I do. She kisses me and continues the movement a little longer, in order to give me the full enjoyment of it and probably to satisfy herself, then she too, disappears as she came, scarcely giving me time to see her little bottom disappear behind the curtained door.

    The Count finished first. He now gave an order in Russian and Ivan entered with a tray and two glasses and a little flask containing a bright red liquid. Two little pieces of fruit, nicely cut, accompanied the liquid. I was served first and put the fruit into my mouth after seeing the Count do so.

    "When you feel a little hard substance," he said, "swallow it without uneasiness. It is a preparation which invigorates you."

    I had just come to a sweet substance and according to instructions, swallowed it. Ivan presented me then with the glass of liquor which I drank. The liquid seemed to instil new life in me; I felt its warmth pervade my whole being. I had not before noticed a large handsome woman standing before me. She wore Turkish trousers of black silk, while between her thighs was a large mass of silky hair. She holds an enormous dildo in her hands and her bare bosoms, large, well separated, and as firm as marble spheres, seem to shiver in voluptuous anticipation.

    At this moment she smiles at the Count and seats herself astride of a chair, after tying the dildo to one of her heels. She now introduces it into the lips of her cunt, while with a movement of her legs she puts it in rapid motion.

    It soon appears that she enjoys this game immensely, when suddenly, not finding her legs agile enough, she unties the dildo and throwing herself on the floor, spreads her legs wide apart and shakes the enormous affair about inside of her.

    In her passion she throws herself first upon her belly, then on her side, sometimes working fast, then again slowly, very slowly. Sometimes she holds it motionless and with the movement of her arse, presses it in; then again she places it upright on the floor and after letting her trousers down around her feet, she steps over it and forces her cunt open with its large end. Her great round arse rises and falls like a voluptuous machine, as she pushes it up to the hilt.

    Her buttocks rebound faster and faster, and finally she throws herself upon her back and reaches the last great paroxysm of enjoyment by gently rubbing with her cunt, as she squeezes the dildo between her powerful thighs, which seem to be made of stone.

    Thus, almost nude as she was, she resembled an antique statue and as she displayed her magnificent treasures, my prick fairly ached to take the place of the dildo which she was moving gently in her palpitating organ.

    A slight sign from the Count aroused her and she retired slowly, her enormous arse, between whose cheeks I would willingly have disported myself, shaking as she walked away.


    The Count suddenly began laughing; I felt the same desire, gradually creeping over me. I laughed and keep on laughing, unable to stop.

    Lights seem to flash before my eyes, but I imagine some one is tying me; a bright light approaches me suddenly. I am in a delightful garden. It is immense-it seems to be a conservatory.

    Delicious music is heard, first in the distance, then nearer. The scene changes like a flash. I am now in a room all hung in black; the music changes, a lovely woman enters and undresses herself. The scene is familiar to me. I have seen it somewhere. I finally recognize it as a scene in the passage of a book entitled The Exposition, which I have been reading. After having enjoyed reading it, I have the pleasure of seeing it. Then all is dark again, until another flash of light illuminates the next scene.

    Two brigands have seized a magnificent woman; she begs for mercy and offers them money but I can see in their eyes that they will only be satisfied by assaulting the beauty. One of them is a strapping big fellow, but handsome withal; he cuts the laces of her bodice with a single stroke and begins to feel her bosoms. She struggles vainly, and the other man raises her skirts and lays bare a glorious bottom; she turns and twists in every direction and to punish her, he unbuckles his leather belt and lathers her handsome arse furiously.

    The poor woman weeps, but instead of appeasing him, her screams seem to excite him all the more. The other robber after feeling her bosoms, finally draws them out and admires them, and taking an enormous prick out of his trousers, rubs it gently between her snowwhite legs.

    At last she quiets down and her struggles cease. The second robber leaves off whipping her and he, too, draws out his prick and placing it first in her arse, at last presents it at the entrance of her handsome portico.

    The beauty again resists, but two or three slaps bring her to reason, and she allows him to introduce the haughty head of his prick between the shuddering lips of her cunt. His need must have been great, for he had scarcely given two or three shoves before he spends.

    At this, the other robber raises her skirts and putting her in the desired position, enters also by the front. The poor traveller overwhelmed them both with insults and renewed her struggles, but now the tall fellow inserted his instrument, and the more she wriggled and twisted, the more she excited him. He holds her two hands in one of his and applies his mouth to hers.

    He kisses her beautiful titties and discharges at the very moment that she spits into his face. It is only after satisfying themselves five or six times apiece that they tie her to a tree, whip her again and leave her at the mercy of other brigands, or some passer-by.

    Scarcely have they disappeared when a monk passes by. He crosses himself as he perceives the handsome cunt so well exposed. The woman implores him to untie her and he does so, when she relates her story to him. She is about thirty-five years old and from her story he learns that she is the Lady Superior of a convent not far distant, but she does not give its name.

    She had donned a costume to preserve her identity while on a visit. The coach was stopped by two brigands, and she was made to descend.

    Being the only woman in it, they ordered the driver to continue his journey and leave her with them. No one, not a single man had the courage to interfere, but allowed the robbers to drag her to the woods.

    As the Abbess finished her story, her eyes assumed a strange look. The nudity which she was unable to cover was beautiful in the extreme, so dimpled and so white. The monk does not dare look at her but she looks at him and I soon perceive that this poor St. Anthony is having a rude trial to support.

    With no thought but of the passion which has been awakened by the repeated assaults of the brigands, the Lady Superior suddenly throws herself on the monk, seizes his enormous prick, which would have filled her two hands, and quickly raising his robe, straddles him, planting his big tool in her burning orifice before the monk can interfere.

    She does all the work, holds the instrument in one hand and supports herself with the other resting on the grass. She belabours him with her lower pouting lips in great style and at last, spends, manipulating the enormous prick much as the instrument she hides so carefully in the convent, and uses every night when going to bed.

    The monk supports the attack admirably; his prick is still as stiff at the moment when the Abbess writhes in the act of spending, as at the beginning of the amorous battle. She spends, but is just warmed up to thorough lascivious-ness. She also desires to satisfy him and not knowing what to do, her slit being bruised and sore, she presents to him her big arse and allows him to satisfy himself.

    He runs his long prick against her arse cheeks while the skin rises and falls on the extremity. Finally, the Lady Superior gives a movement or two of her backside and an enormous jet spurts out.

    The scene changes again and I find myself upon a lawn sprinkled with flowers, amid a crowd of boys and girls at play. A young girl hides the face of a youth in her lap, while he has one hand behind his back. The other girls advance on tip-toe and with little screams of terror, they cautiously give the hand a slap and then await, blushing and breathless, for the young man to turn, and guess who gave the slap.

    After watching them a moment I am satisfied that the forfeit of the one who is caught is not an ordinary one.

    When it is a boy they take down his trousers and each gives him a slap, not on the hand this time, but on the naked bottom. He must catch the last one who strikes him and that person must take his or her place until someone else is caught again. It is now the turn of a mischievous little girl to have her dress turned up. She buries her face in the lap of one whose office it is to hold and hide the eyes of each one who is hit.

    They raise her skirts and expose her pretty little arse, while a little lower down can be seen a little pink cunt surrounded by its auburn fringe.

    Whack! Whack! and the rosy skin takes on a deeper tint. The girl rises, and scans the circle but does not guess rightly and once more they hide her head and again the pretty bottom is exposed. This continues until a tall blonde is caught.

    They hide her head, unbutton her drawers, raise her chemise, and, as she is tall, her little canny is more exposed. I can perceive the rosy entrance as a mischievous little girls sticks her finger in the opening.

    The blade does not move and the little girl continues to rub gently with her finger till the blonde gives unmistakable evidence that she likes it.

    At this point a boy draws the girl's finger away and inserts his standing prick. The blonde perceives the difference and gives evidence of the fact by becoming more excited.

    This is the signal for a general debauch such as I have never witnessed since or before. Each little mischief unbuttons a boy's trousers and sucks his little tool; she caresses it until it is stiff enough to enter her little cunt.

    There are forty couples in the greatest diversity of positions. They all spend once and spend again; then, with shirts up and pricks in the air, they have a game of Ring Around the Rosy.

    The girls, with one hand on their neighbour's tools, the boys with one finger in the girls' cunts, either from the front or from the back. Then things become confused and finally I see nothing more.


    "How long have I been asleep?" is the first question I ask the Count, as he enters my room.

    "Thirty-six hours," he says, "or at least so says Ivan, for I have slept just as long myself. My dear Monsieur Dormeuil, I wished you to become acquainted with the strange sensations and visions caused by hashish!"

    This explained the fanciful dreams I had had. I remained a few days longer with the Count and then returned to Paris to resume my old habits.

    I reached my apartment at ten o'clock and surprised Jean in conversation with a chambermaid living in the neighbourhood. I was able to approach them without being heard. She was just showing the boob how to do it.

    "Great Idiot! Wait until I rub that tool of yours," said she, and began rubbing his prick and shaking it, too. "Take my titties, John dear. Not that way, you hurt me. There, that's it. Now tickle the nipples. You see, you begin to grow stiffer. Put your hand under my skirt- there-feel my leg. Wait, you are too rough; you hurt me with your big fingers; now there, what do you feel? Is it wet? Now put your finger in-not there, you are too far down. How stupid you are. I tell you, that is my arsehole.

    Ah, now you are stiff as a Grenadier. Now is the time-what are you doing-that is the right place, but you are hurting me; take your hand away and you will see."

    She takes his prick and puts it between her thighs. "There-shove, John-not so hard- don't you see you keep slipping. There it isnow push. Easy at first-wait, I will get it in myself!" And at last she gets it into her cunt.

    The amorous combat commences and lasts for some time. Several times she is about to spend but the idiot allowed his prick to slip out.

    Evidently it is his first experience and that is why she displays so much patience. Finally he spends, and I hear him say to her, "I did not feel anything much, did you?"

    "Yes, I did, it was ever so good; you are a ninny. Do you want to have another one?"

    But I thought that another one would be too long, so I began to cough and called Jean as loudly as I could. I heard a rustle of skirts and then Jean appeared, as red as a poppy.

    He was very glad to see me back and for that matter, I was not sorry to be at home again.

    I soon pay my respects to my terrible neighbour and am delighted with my reception as I found her quite improved in manner. She has changed her style of dressing her hair and looks much younger. She wears a close fitting dress which displays her still slender form to advantage.

    Our conversation becomes quite animated. She asks me a thousand questions.

    I next go to our restaurant and next to Mademoiselle Hortense whose little cunt I explore of course, since it is part of my Thursday program.

    My correspondence is scant and uninteresting. I go to see Madame X, but I do not return there in the evening, for I feel the effects of the days spent at Poissy.

    The next morning I receive a letter from the Count announcing his intention to start for Russia. Wanda desires him to take the trip, so he will go. He sends his compliments to me.

    This departure grieves me; I have really taken a liking to this peculiar individual, and for some days I feel out of sorts. I spend a great deal of my time in the company of Madame Benoit and find her decidedly more interesting than formerly.

    Two weeks have elapsed; I only go to see Madame X- at intervals, and I have not purchased any more gloves. I lie in bed and think of the past, and have day dreams. I no longer have the same love for women. I do not feel the same regard of gratifying my passions. Another fortnight passes away and brings me tidings from the Count.

    I am more and more in Madame Benoit's company and… shall I acknowledge it? I have made a proposition of marriage to her.

    Who would have thought that one day I would be a husband and Madame Benoit my wife?

    Now and then I kiss the lips of my betrothed and I dare not attempt a liberty, but tomorrow night I shall have the plump body of my wife entwined in my arms in this bed or hers, whichever she may like better.

    The wedding takes place as arranged. It is midnight, and all the guests have retired. The women have kissed the bride and whispered to their hearts' content.

    Naturally, Madame Dormeuil blushes lightly every time she meets my eyes, which becomes her very much. I take her on my knees and try to assist her to take off her waist. She will not allow that.

    "Stop! I beg of you," she exclaims.

    I take a kiss, then another, a third… a great many. However at last I find myself in my own room. She would not grant me the conjugal bed tonight. She denied me so charmingly that I could not insist. I go to bed feeling cross and out of humour. Several times during the night I feel like forcing the other door that separates the cruel one from me. But I am afraid of the noise and the scandal.

    We spend the next day in the suburbs of Paris. The weather is so beautiful that we decided to go to the country. My wife is quite lively and eats and drinks with appetite.

    We return at nine o'clock and as I take off her shoes, I take the liberty of examining the commencement of round, well turned leg. Madame Dormeuil will not shut the door in my face tonight! We have a lengthy discussion on that point, but she will do her duty as a wife. She says that I am to be forbidden the sight of her disrobing, so I am banished temporarily to my own apartment. Twice have I gone to the door but have not been admitted. At last I am able to turn the knob. The lamp on the table is turned very low and the room is so dark that I can scarcely distinguish the bed, the curtains of which are drawn.

    It does not take me long to undress, then I slip in between the sheets where a slight warmth alone betrays her presence. I wait a few minutes, but my wife does not show any intention of beginning a conversation.

    "Dearest!" I venture to say then: "Gertrude! Gertrude!"

    Perhaps she is asleep, and I touch her gently on the back. At the contact of my finger she doubles herself up and draws close to the wall, but I become bolder and in my title of husband, put my arm about her waist, and draw her to me. I forcibly turn her face to mine and impress a burning kiss upon her lips.

    I feel her big bosoms and press them close to me; I turn her quickly in my arms, but she begs me to let her sleep. It appears so ridiculous to her to have me in her bed, she has become so accustomed to consider me as a friend, as a brother, and so on. As she speaks, she hides her head in my bosom. I cannot stand it any longer. Little by little I have raised her chemise.

    I pass my hand over her legs, her large bottom, and press it gently. Then I suddenly thrust one leg between her thighs, explore her legs, the knees, then further up. As I feel the luxuriant hair against my leg, I grasp her pouting pussy, then again I feel her bosoms. They fill my hands, firm yet so soft. Now my hand descends to her great cunt. What a beauty she has! Surely she must feel my prick; it is like a great club against her body.

    "Anatole, I beg of you, not tonight, tomorrow night if you like!"

    "No, my darling, tonight, now!" I say passionately and I succeed but not without some difficulty in getting between her legs; then I immediately try to place my tool at the entrance of her big pussy. On pressing a little, I enter with ease. I give a vigorous shove and I am there! I begin to rub softly and put one hand under her bottom. It does not take her long to respond.

    "Anatole, kiss me," she murmurs. Presently I kiss her again, her tongue responds to mine and her arse moves, keeping time as I enter and leave the little grotto of love. I kiss her voluptuous bosom and I move still faster.

    "Anatole, how good it is. Not so fast! Ah! Ah! Ah! A little faster now.

    Faster!! It is so delightful. Ah-h-h-h!!"

    And now her big bosom goes like a steam engine and she squeezes my tool and plays with my balls. I take good care not to stop her. She is coming! I feel it-there it is!

    "Anatole, I am coming, my darling! Oh, I love you, my husband, my darling!" and her great bottom falls heavily on my hands. We spend once, then spend again, and I am still ready to spend the third time.

    After three successive assaults, we go to sleep in each other's arms, but before closing my eyes I calculate how many years my wife had to remain without having relations with a man and admit that fate is indeed hard on a woman.

    The next day, when I look at Madame Dormeuil I remember my reflection of the night before and I give her a hearty kiss without telling her why. Things go on pretty much the same after the first night, but without any struggle on her part.

    I had been happy in my new existence for a month, when I received a letter from Count Alexis.

    In order to give you an idea of the effect it had on me, I will reproduce it.

    My dear Dormeuil,

    My dear friend, you must either have thought I had forgotten you or that I was dead. My silence was caused by much work and great uncertainty of mind.

    Do you remember Wanda? She is here with me. I was sick and she took care of me with wonderful devotion. Many admirers, young, rich and titled, have asked for her hand in marriage. She refused them all and seems happy only by my side. Before so much devotion, I, the highlived, have succumbed. My heart has spoken; I am going to marry Wanda.

    According to the French custom, before my marriage, I intend to give an entertainment to all my friends. It will be my last bachelor's dinner and I cordially invite you to attend. My next letter will give you the date. I shall count upon you and we will be sure to have a good time.

    By the way, I have a confidence to make to you. You remember when I visited Madame Benoit, your terrible neighbour. When I told her I was sent by you, I found her in a bad humour. One of my little jokes at last, however, made her smile, then laugh heartily.

    Unintentionally, a naughty word or two would creep into the conversation, and I remember that she made me repeat them. Her hearing was not so very good perhaps; to be frank with you, I took a few liberties which were not badly received, and one thing which you will certainly not believe, my dear Dormeuil, is that Madame Benoit's skin is very soft and that her bosoms are magnificently firm.

    Once warmed up by the coquetry of your neighbour, I raised her skirts and presented you-know-what, at the entrance of her retreat.

    Plenty of beautifully curling hairs and big thighs, on my word!

    You doubt the fact I am sure, and think me insane, but it is true for all that; I shall always remember that glorious mount. It was one of the best I ever had.

    Your neighbour fucks well; I should never have dreamed of such a thing, and it was in your interest that I carried matters so far. That is undoubtedly the reason of your charming reception on your return; now good luck to you; use this little confidence as you please. Try it yourself; she is not as terrible as she looks. Let me hear from you pretty soon. I expect your visit shortly.

    With cordial good wishes, I am your friend, Alexis.

    Who would have thought such a thing! Oh, Madame Benoit, the prude. But I reasoned with myself. After all, Madame Benoit was free at that time to do as she pleased and I was a fool.

    A week ago, I myself broke our marriage vows. I received a letter, giving me a rendezvous at 37 Rue de l'Ecoille. It was Miss Anderson, whom Count Alexis had met at Naples. She was still in love with him and asked me news of him. I have revenged myself on the Count with this young English girl.

    I pressed her so hard that I laid her on the bed, and, raising her skirts, introduced my tool into her reception room before she had time to refuse. She worked well and vigorously, and I soon gave her a reserve of sperm which I had saved up, as my wife was angry with me.

    She is a very loving and lovely thing, this little auburn-haired girl. She really spends with the finesse of art. I see her often and she has promised to stay here another month.

    I have abandoned the idea of going to Russia, neither will I be angry with Gertrude, who is quite enough-more than enough for me now!


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