• Foreword
  • PART I. A Sensuous September
  • PART II. Amorous Appetites
  • PART III. Rural Rides


    The Secret Chronicles of Henry Dashwood, Vol. 2

    There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy.

    Robert Louis Stevenson 1850-1894


    Readers of this admittedly uninhibited narrative may be surprised that until the fifth year of my education at the Albion Academy for the Sons of Gentlefolk, I loathed to put pen to paper on any subject, unless absolutely necessary, and preferred to spend my time on the playing field. However, all this changed with a vengeance when my eccentric uncle, Sir Robert Bacon, presented me with a large desk diary with the promise of a Kodak Brownie for Christmas — on the condition that I penned a full, unexpurgated daily entry in its leather-bound pages. 'Schooldays are the happiest days of your life,' he had solemnly intoned as he stood warming himself in front of the fireplace in my study. 'Record in toto every item of the day's doings, my boy, and in later years you will obtain tremendous joy in remembering the fun of these carefree years.' My schooldays ended months ago, but I am finding that old habits die hard and the only way that I can scratch 'the insatiate itch of scribbling', as Juvenal described the disease which afflicted so many of his friends, is to put aside an hour or so every day to set down even the most intimate details of my personal life. Fortunately the first decade of the new century has produced an abundance of gallant literature which proclaims the delights of the pleasures of the flesh. To these fellow scribes, I dedicate this short journey down the lane of lusty memories.

    PART I. A Sensuous September

    Clayton Towers, Cheltenham, September 28th, 1901

    Until my initiation into manhood through the kindness of Mrs. Lizzie Dickerson, the much respected Matron at my old school, I used to believe that my initial impressions of people were invariably right and I still hold it true that the firmest of friendships often begin within minutes of the first meeting of the persons involved. But I have now learned that other cordial attachments nurture more slowly as evinced by the gradual development of the close rapport which exists between myself and Julian Clayton, the former Captain of the Albion Academy. With hindsight, anyone would understand why Clayton was so angry when he first made my acquaintance. At the time he was lying naked on the bed with the equally nude Mrs. Dickerson and was about to slide his straining shaft into her juicy pussey when I interrupted their coupling by knocking loudly on the door of the Matron's private quarters. With the restraint of a saint, Clayton, who could hardly afford to be caught in flagrante delicto with the buxom Mrs. Dickerson, was forced to abandon his intent of fucking the comely lady. Instead, the poor chap had to pull on his clothes in double quick time before rushing to the door to see me standing outside like a spare prick at a wedding, as Uncle Robert (himself no mean cocksman) remarked when h? read about the incident in my diary. Fortunately, that and any further misunderstandings between us were swiftly settled and Clayton and I became the best of friends — so much so in fact, that when I took up my place at Oxford, he insisted that I should spend the week before the University year began as his guest at Clayton Towers, his family's impressive mansion near the village of Charlton Kings on the outskirts of Cheltenham.

    'Our house is only some forty miles away from the 'Varsity so you will be able to arrive at Brasenose after only a short train journey as opposed to a long haul from your own home,' he had written to me, and then had added mysteriously: 'Anyhow, you must come here for a visit, Henry, I am in urgent need of your body! No, do not be alarmed, I have not joined the surprisingly considerable number of homosexualists who may be found lurking amongst the dreaming spires!

    All will be explained over a whisky and soda after Fletcher has taken your bags upstairs.'

    Naturally I accepted his invitation, for I was looking forward to meeting up again with my fellow Old Albanist and was keen to hear what was behind his strange request. Being a year older than me, Julian left the Albion Academy last summer having also gained a place at Oxford to study at Magdalen, so I also wanted to hear his comments about undergraduate life which I was sure would be extremely helpful for a naive 'fresher' like myself. So, this is how I came to be pacing up and down the forecourt at St James's Station, Cheltenham, at three o'clock yesterday afternoon, somewhat concerned that Julian's carriage was not waiting to meet my train. There was little I could do but wait and so I stood by my cases and glanced through my copy of the Daily News. I looked up when I heard the honk of a motor horn and, lo and behold, there was my chum sitting grinning like a Cheshire cat as he sat taking off his goggles at the wheel of a motor car. 'Hello there, Henry, I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting but I had a ruddy puncture on the Old Bath Road,' said Julian as he jumped down from his seat and strode towards me. 'What do you think of my horseless carriage, as my father insists on calling it?'

    I know little about motors, but I recognised the vehicle from the distinctive semi-circular, finned-tube radiator. 'This is one of this chappie Austin's machines is it not?' I enquired as I helped him load my cases on to the car (my parents are kindly sending two large trunks containing my books and other belongings directly to Brasenose).

    'Yes, this is a Wolseley from his Birmingham factory,' answered Julian proudly as he passed me a spare set of goggles. 'I decided to buy this model after reading how successfully it competed in the Thousand Miles Trial last year and I must say that I've found it to be extremely reliable, although that's the third tyre I've gone through in the last two weeks!' I clambered into the car and after a few minutes, I remarked on how many people had stopped to stare at us as we drove through the High Street. Julian put his foot down on the accelerator and soon we had reached the giddy heights of twenty-five miles an hour. 'I say, old boy, steady on,' I gasped. The car skidded to a halt some half an hour later on the loosely laid gravel of the drive of Clayton Towers. The butler was waiting to welcome us and to receive Julian's instructions. 'Afternoon, Fletcher, this is Henry Dashwood who will be staying with us for a few days. Put his bags in the Blue Room,' said Julian. 'Very good, Sir,' replied Fletcher and then turning to me, he said: “Welcome to Clayton Towers, sir. I'll have your luggage taken up immediately and Alice will lay out your clothes. Unfortunately, we are somewhat short-staffed as the valet and Lady Clayton's personal maid, have accompanied Sir Talbot and Lady Clayton to Scotland.' 'Yes, my apologies, Henry', said Julian. I should have mentioned that my people will be away whilst you're here. They send their best regards but they've been invited for a few days hunting, shooting and fishing up in the Highlands with Lord Macfarlack. My brother Nick has gone to stay with some friends in Bristol so I'm afraid we'll be rattling around the house by ourselves.' However, a few minutes later as we sat sipping whiskies and sodas in the drawing room Julian expounded further on this subject and upon the curious statement which he made to me in his letter of invitation. 'Whilst I'm sure that you would have wanted to meet my folks, I have to confess that I deliberately invited you to come here whilst they were up in bonnie Scotland,' he explained with a smile. 'For I am equally sure that you would prefer to spend your time fucking Harriet, our new young chambermaid. She's only been with us a month and I've been poking her solidly almost since the day she arrived.' 'Good for you, old bean, but what has this to do with my presence here? If anything, I would have thought having a house guest would cramp your style,' I observed. To my surprise Julian shook his head and smirked happily at me before he answered: 'Oh no, Henry, far from it. You recall that I wrote to you saying how I needed the use of your body?

    Yes, I thought you might, it was a pretty strange thing to say. Well, Harriet's the reason for that request, because she is such a devilishly horny girl and I don't mind admitting I simply can't satisfy her just by myself. I'm not ashamed to admit this because it isn't as if she doesn't spend every time we fuck. 'To be honest, I simply cannot keep up with her any more, Henry. Four times on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday plus at least five fucks last Saturday night is too much even for such famous cocksmen as Sir Ronald Dunn or Prince Konrad Kochanski and all those other chaps I've read about in The Oyster.' I shrugged my shoulders and murmured: 'Well, old Doctor Muttley always maintained that even a gourmet can tire of caviare, lobster and champagne.' 'Maybe so, Henry, but this premise doesn't apply to me,' said Julian with an edge of irritation creeping into his voice. 'Believe me, I still adore a good poke with Harriet or any other willing wench. To be blunt, my dear chap, I just need a fresh cock to keep Harriet happy and your John Thomas was my first choice to fit the bill!' He gulped down the rest of his drink, then hauled himself out of his chair and strode quickly across to the writing desk at the window. He unlocked a drawer and brought out a photograph which he gave me on his return as he went on: 'Naturally, it goes without saying that you must not feel under any obligation in this matter. If fucking Harriet does not appeal to you, I dare say Patrick Fitz-Browne would be more than willing to help me out. But, whatever you decide, please keep mum about it for Harriet would immediately lose her situation if anyone found out what was going on.' 'Anyhow, here's a picture of Harriet which you might find of interest,' he concluded, looking intently at me whilst I studied the colour tinted photograph. One could hardly blame Julian for wanting to keep his amorata sweet for Harriet was without doubt a cut above the ordinary. She could not have been more than eighteen, and her pretty, fair-skinned features were well set off by good eyes and tresses of light hair. The top buttons of her white blouse were open giving a teasing view of the swell of her firm creamy breasts.

    But what made me catch my breath was the lusty expression on her face as she looked to her right at a naked, stiff penis which she was clutching in her hand, with the uncapped knob only a few inches away from her lips! 'Hell's bells, Julian, what a smasher!' I gasped and he let out a snort of laughter and gurgled: 'Yes, isn't that the handsomest cock you've ever seen — and the girl's jolly good-looking too!' I peered at the photograph again and said: 'So it's your tadger on display, eh? So who took the photograph?' 'I did,' he said proudly. 'It was the first time I had tried this shot and it worked to perfection.' 'Isn't science wonderful?' I chuckled as I handed the photograph back to Julian who walked over to the desk and slipped it back in the drawer. 'No wonder you keep it under lock and key.' 'Absolutely, old boy,' he agreed. Knowing how from my own limited experience of l'arte de faire l'amour how foolish one can be when the blood is up, I looked up sharply at Julian and commented: 'Um, I don't wish to cast the slightest aspersion on this girl's character, but I hope she doesn't possess one of these prints?' A broad smile creased Julian's lips and he said good-humouredly: 'No, don't worry, Henry, I'm not totally daft. Giving her this photograph would be like placing a loaded gun in her hands if my mother and she ever quarrelled. Be assured, I'm well aware that fucking one of my mother's servants is not a very clever thing to do, but you must agree that Harriet is something special.' This answer relieved my disquiet and with a nod, I concurred with his estimation and said: 'She certainly is quite gorgeous, you lucky chap. Tell me, how did you know that she was fond of a bit of rumpy-pumpy?' Julian settled back in his chair and replied: 'Funnily enough it was more by accident than design. I had been out on the Cheltenham Athletic Club's paper chase. Well, I didn't win but the weather was fair and I was glad of the exercise. Anyhow, when I came home I went straight upstairs for a steaming hot bath and, after a nice long soak, I heaved myself out and wrapped myself with a towel I had taken out of the laundry-room.

    'As I dried myself, it occurred to me that back at Albion Academy if Lizzie Dickerson had given the winner of the mile race a similar reward to that she gave the scorer of the winning goal against Bedinghurst, I would have broken the school record for the distance!'

    'Yes, and you would have been able to pole-vault over the winning line as well,' I laughed, for as Julian knew, I was the lucky recipient of Mrs. Dickerson's accolade, a sensuous sucking-off which makes my shaft stiffen at the mere memory of the delectable way she swirled her wet tongue all over my quivering cock. 'And this would apply to any chap if he had been informed that he would win a lovely long gobble from the Matron,' he grunted and then continued: 'Not surprisingly, thinking about Lizzie Dickerson made my prick spring to life of its own accord and even before I began to stroke my shaft, it had swelled up to bursting point. I stood admiring myself in front of the full length mirror for a little while and then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Harriet standing in the doorway with-a pile of clean towels in her hands. She was also staring at my love truncheon in the mirror. '“For heaven's sake, Harriet, why didn't you knock?” I snapped irritably as, greatly embarrassed, I hurriedly threw a towel around my waist. But, to my utter astonishment, the little minx took no notice and calmly came into the bathroom, dropped her towels on the floor and proceeded to lock the door behind her without so much as a by your leave. Then to my amazement she said: 'Oh, you must forgive me, sir, but looking at your enormous stiffie has made my pussey go all wet.' 'I was so shocked that I stayed stock still. Harriet walked over and pulling down my towel, she exposed my slowly shrinking shaft. 'Now, now, we can't let this lovely thick prick be so shy,' she mumbled. 'She knelt down and ran her fingers along my penis before squeezing my shaft in her soft hands.

    This was all the encouragement it needed to swell up again to its fullest extent and I gave a little groan when Harriet cupped my balls in one hand. '“Does that feel nice, Mr. Julian?” she muttered, but I was now far too excited to reply coherently and all I could do was to let out a tiny growl which made Harriet giggle. “Well, if you liked that, young sir, let's see what you think of this.' 'With those words, she leaned forward and, to my amazement, kissed my cock and washed my knob with the tip of her tongue. My God! The feeling was just unbelievable when she sucked my shaft into her hot, wet mouth. My balls started to tighten as they filled with cum and I thrust frenziedly forward, almost choking her whilst she slurped lustily on my raging tool. 'I was close to shooting my load although she had been sucking me for barely half a minute and she clearly felt my urgency for she sucked even harder as she gently squeezed my ballsack.

    This sent me over the top and sent a rush of seed up the channel of my pulsating prick which exploded into her mouth, causing a torrent of jism to pour out of my cock and down her throat. 'It was as well that Harriet had unbuttoned her blouse because although she swallowed as much of my spunk as she could, she found it impossible to contend with the huge gush of semen which overflowed on to her chin and dripped down into the valley between her breasts. 'Finally, she licked round my knob and gave my still semi-stiff chopper another kiss. “My word, Mr. Julian, you didn't half let fly a tremendous spurt just then,” she said with admiration. “I've never had a problem swallowing cum before but you were fairly choking me with spunk!” 'Somewhat dazed, I said: “Thank you, Harriet,” but she countered this with a shake of her head and said: “No, thank you, sir.” 'Then she lifted up her skirt and added provocatively. “Oh dear, my pussey's absolutely soaking. I'm sorry, but I'll just have to take off these knickers.” '“There's no need to apologise,” I said thickly as she pulled down her drawers and the sight of her damp thatch sent my shaft swelling up again into its former rock-hard state. Now it was Harriet's turn to look surprised and she said: “Goodness gracious, how can you prime your cock for some more action so quickly? I was going to save the pleasure of being fucked by your meaty cock till tomorrow, but seeing as you're raring to go and my cunney is already so wet, there doesn't seem any point in waiting, does there?” '“No, there doesn't,” I said hoarsely whilst Harriet unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged it off her shoulders. Then she unhooked her skirt and stepped out of the garment leaving her clad only in a chemise which she pulled over her head so that she stood naked in front of me. 'She pulled me against her smooth body and, as our mouths meshed together, I slid my hands around her jouncy big breasts, brushing the pinky-brown nipples which hardened beneath my fingers and made her gasp with delight. After a while she moved my hand downwards, still holding my face hard against her bosoms which I nibbled greedily, grazing the randy young vixen's erect buds.

    'Thus enjoined, we sank to the floor and Harriet laid herself down on the pile of towels she had brought into the bath-room. She parted her thighs and moved my hand away to spread her cunney lips with her own forefinger, revealing the red chink between them.

    '“Go on, big boy, fuck my sweet little pussey,” she muttered.

    That was all I needed to hear! With a groan I rammed my cock deep into her juicy cunt and she jerked her bottom to absorb more of my slippery shaft until it was fully engulfed inside her clingy cunney.

    My balls dangled against her bum cheeks as she wrapped her legs around my waist to hold me firmly inside her. 'Dear Lord, what a marvellous fuck that was! I plunged my prick in and out of her clinging crack in time with the ever quickening upward thrusts of her hips. Suddenly I could feel her love channel tighten and she cried out: “Oooh! Oooh! Fuck me hard, Mister Julian! Oooh yes, I'm going to come!' 'I could feel the surge building up inside her and the contractions of her cunney muscles immediately sent the spunk to my cock. Harriet shuddered in ecstasy and, at the same time, I drenched her cunt with a stream of sticky seed which mingled with her own flood of pungent love juice. 'We lay together on the floor, panting, and then she wriggled out from underneath me. Whilst she dried herself with a bath towel she remarked pertly: “What a skilled cocksman you are, sir, you must have made love to lots of the maids working at Clayton Towers.” '“You're quite wrong, my dear, I haven't shagged any of the girls on our staff since I was sixteen and had my very first knee-trembler with Elsie, our former scullery maid, behind the greenhouse,” I replied mildly. She looked at me in some surprise and said: 'Well, I can tell that you haven't just played with yourself since then! Surely, there weren't many opportunities to fuck at that posh boarding school you went to.” Without mentioning Lizzie Dickerson's name or giving away too many details, whilst Harriet began to dress herself, I explained to her how a kind female connected with the school had assisted senior boys through the rite of passage into manhood. 'I noticed with some surprise that Harriet had slipped on her chemise, blouse and skirt although her knickers were still lying on the floor, but I decided it might be rude to point this out to her, so I made no comment and continued: “First love can be idyllic or a totally disastrous experience, and like my friends who were also chosen to receive these special private lessons, I count myself extremely fortunate to have been instructed in the mechanics of copulation by such a wonderful teacher.” '“Well, this lady certainly did a good job and I bet you came top of the class,” said Harriet with a smile and with that she checked how she looked in the mirror. Then she picked up her knickers from the floor and threw them at me. '“There you are,” she giggled gaily as she skipped to the door which she unlocked and as she left she winked at me and went on: “A memento of our first fuck, which is more than your brother Nick received after I tossed him off before he left for Bristol last Thursday morning.”' Julian paused and tramped over to the sideboard to refill our glasses from the silver-mounted spirit decanter. 'Lucky old Nick,' I observed. He looked up at me with a frown and grunted: 'Lucky indeed but hardly old, Henry, my young scamp of a brother is only just fifteen!' I rose from my chair and joined him at the sideboard where I pressed the handle of the siphon and splashed a dash of soda into my whisky as I asked: 'Why did Harriet's remark upset you? I'm damned sure Nick was delighted with his first experience of having a soft female hand slide up and down his shaft. Come now, old boy, when we were Nick's age, wouldn't we have given almost anything to have a girl like that to want our cocks? Of course we would! Come to think of it, I wouldn't turn down an offer of Harriet's fist now or at some time in the future!'

    Julian grinned and shrugged his shoulders as I passed the siphon to him. 'You're absolutely right. I would have signed over part of my inheritance for a lass like Harriet to rub my prick when I was fifteen,' he admitted with a heavy sigh. 'And I shouldn't be jealous, but I wouldn't be surprised if Nick actually gets to fuck her when he returns from his trip, the randy young so-and-so.' 'M'mra, I hope I shall have my chance to poke this willing little miss,' I said thoughtfully as I returned to my armchair. 'Oh, you've no worries on that score,' said Julian lightly. 'Anyway, you will make Harriet's acquaintance at dinner tonight. As you heard Fletcher tell me, there is a shortage of servants with Hobart and Emily away with my parents, and another two maids down with chills even this early in the season.

    Consequently, Harriet will be waiting at table this evening.

    Incidentally, there was no dining car on your train was there. You must be ravenous. I'll ask Fletcher to call us in for dinner at seven and skip tea. If all goes according to plan, we'll need to have worked off our evening meal by the time Harriet clocks off.' I raised my eyebrows and asked Julian if he had already made any firm arrangements with Harriet. He gave me a sly wink and answered: 'Have patience, Henry, all will be revealed in good time. It's possible that she might not be able to sneak off till quite late so I'll challenge you to five frames of snooker after dinner if we have to wait an hour or two for her.' Fletcher the butler may have had to press Harriet into service to help him serve dinner, but there were no signs of any problems in the kitchen. Mrs. Sawyer (the cook at Clayton Towers since Julian was a small boy) produced a mouth-watering dinner of Hors d'Oeuvres Variee, Noisettes d'Agneau aux Primeurs; Pommes Mozerre;

    Epinards au Beurre; Salade Vosigienne; Tarte de Framboises et Groseilles; Compote de Peches, Glaces Vanille et Chocolat and I should record that the lovely Harriet proved herself an adept waitress.

    After this magnificent blow-out feast, which we washed down with two bottles of a very decent hock (a '99 Niersteiner Pettenthal as Julian later informed me) we retired to the drawing room where Fletcher was waiting to pour out coffee and liqueurs for us. 'I think I'll skip the port,' I said as I flopped into an armchair. 'As it is, I'm feeling rather tired and I need to sharpen up if we're planning to remove to the games room afterwards.' 'I'll also forgo my usual cognac. I need to keep my aim steady,' said Julian meaningfully. 'So just a small black coffee for me, Fletcher. Henry?'

    'I'll have the same, please,' I said and after the butler passed us two Crown Derby dessert cups, he retired from the room. A few sips of the strong Mocha coffee swiftly cleared my head and I heaved myself up from the chair, prepared to challenge Julian to the frames of snooker. 'Game for it?' he said carelessly, putting down his coffee cup on a side table. 'Personally, I'd much prefer a bloody good fuck! I might have sounded blase when I told you that Harriet was tiring me out, but talking about how she seduced me in the bathroom has made me feel so randy that every time she sidled up to me at dinner, my prick shot up like a bullet out of a gun. By gad, Henry! I can hardly wait to slide my stiffie back inside her tight juicy pussey.' He sighed and glanced up at the clock. 'You're right though, old boy, we could both use a little warm-up to work off Mrs.

    Sawyer's delicious dinner. Marvellous cook, isn't she? Trouble is, she tends to spoil me and I always put on weight when I come home during the vacations!' 'Well, if it's any comfort, the latest medical opinion is that a five minute fuck is the equivalent of putting yourself through a one hundred yard dash or a good brisk country walk,' I remarked. Julian rubbed his hands together and chuckled: 'Then let's hope that we'll run a mile or two tonight, eh? Come on, let's walk up to the games room, that's where Harriet will expect to find us.' Sir Talbot Clayton, Julian's father, is a keen devotee of snooker and billiards and has recently purchased a full-size twelve foot table. Frankly, there was little excuse for poor shots on such a magnificent table with its low, last cushions and a bed of superfine baize cloth. But after forty-five minutes play, neither Julian or myself had managed to make a break of more than twenty, for we were finding it impossible to concentrate fully on our game. 'Damn! I'm playing like a one-armed drunkard,' I muttered softly after I missed potting an easy red. Julian looked up for the umpteenth time to see if there was any sign of Harriet and he also fluffed his shot. 'Isn't it about time she made an appearance?

    Perhaps she's changed her mind. I commented.' 'I can't believe Harriet would do that although it is getting rather late. Old Fletcher has probably got her helping the kitchen staff clear up,' he offered as he put down his cue on the table. 'Still, I'm also fed up with waiting for her. Why don't we go down to the kitchen and see for ourselves what's happening below stairs?' 'Very well,' I said approvingly and we strolled down to the hall. Julian put his finger to his lips and said: 'Quiet now, Henry. It would be best if we can find out whether Harriet is still working without any of the other servants knowing we're down here.' We crept down the stairs to the kitchen where we could hear the scullery maids chattering as they finished the washing up. 'I don't think she's in there,' hissed Julian softly and motioned me to follow him back up the stairs to a small landing and round a corner to the door of the butler's pantry. Here we heard the low murmur of voices and then a high-pitched, girlish giggle coming from inside the room. 'Sounds as if Fletcher has company,' he whispered angrily. 'Damn it, if Harriet's playing around with him as well, I've a good mind to dismiss the pair of them!' Julian scowled and pushed open the door where, to everyone's embarrassment, he revealed the old retainer with his trousers round his ankles, engaged in pistoning his prick between the jiggling bottom cheeks of a dark-haired chambermaid who was standing naked in front of him with the top half of her body bent across a table. They were so bound up in the enjoyment of their coupling that at first we stood unseen and watched in silence as Fletcher reached round to cup her pert breasts in his hands whilst he slewed his shaft in and out of her sopping slit. But then Fletcher turned round and the shock of seeing us standing there made him stand stock still with his cock embedded in the girl's cunt. This made her turn her head and she gave a little scream, horrified to see us gaping at them. The embarrassed silence was broken by Fletcher. 'Is there anything I can do for you, gentlemen?' he said hoarsely. Julian cleared his throat and replied somewhat shamefacedly: 'No, no, don't mind us, there's no rush. We're quite happy to wait till you've finished, aren't we, Henry?' 'Most certainly,' I agreed, and although it appeared that the girl was not overmuch annoyed by our presence — perhaps because she was not unhappy at having Fletcher's cock stuffed inside her tingling cunney — I hurriedly added: 'Please forgive our hasty intrusion. Julian was living me a guided tour of the house.' We withdrew hastily but not before we heard the girl say: 'Come on Martin, let's carry on where we left off.' I am somewhat ashamed to admit that Julian and I could not resist taking an ungentlemanly peep through the large keyhole of the door. The butler showed that he was no slouch for he was fucking the saucy girl at a steady, regular pace. 'Ooooh!' she gasped as he achieved maximum penetration of her love channel by bending forward and twiddling her large raspberry titties between his fingers as he pumped in and out of her juicy snatch. I must admit that the sight of Fletcher's glistening tadger sliding in and out between the girl's rounded bum cheeks gave me an instant erection. She felt behind her and caressed his tight, hairy ballsack which she gently squeezed whilst he pounded away behind her. Her arse responded to each lusty shove as he drove home again and again until his sturdy shaft excited her to such raging peaks of lust that she cried out: 'More! More! Empty your balls now, quickly now, that's it, that's it!' Fletcher permitted himself to smile broadly as he speeded up the tempo of the fuck to breakneck speed and then his torso went rigid as he croaked out: 'Here you are then, brace yourself!' 'Y-e-s-s-s! Y-e-s-s-s! Y-e-s-s-s!' she panted as, with a final tremble, the butler ejaculated inside her seething slit and she yelped with glee as the glorious sensations of her climax swept through her and she lasciviously twisted her bum to draw out the last drains of spunk from Fletcher's twitching tool.

    'M'mm, what a marvellous fuck. Time for another one?' said the girl brightly. But the butler looked down at his shrunken shaft and shook his head sadly. 'Sorry, my dear, twenty years ago I might have been able to carry on, but these days I'm afraid my old cock isn't up to it,' he sighed as he pulled up his pants and trousers. 'Of course, I don't know whether Mr. Julian or his friend would be interested to help out if you care to ask them to oblige you.' The girl's eyes gleamed and before I had a chance to react she pulled open the door and said: 'Oh yes, what a good idea! How about it, boys? I'll suck one of you off whilst the other fucks my tight little cunt.' Now we were the ones to be caught out and we half retreated back down the corridor. I confess that right then I would have liked nothing better than to fuck her juicy young pussey, especially as I had seen her tongue pass sensuously over her top lip as she looked directly at the bulge which had formed between my legs whilst I was watching her performance with Fletcher. However, whether out of embarrassment or because of Harriet, a red-faced Julian sensibly answered: 'Thank you for the kind offer, but I don't think our cocks are available this evening. Nevertheless, I'm sure I can speak for Mr. Henry if I say that we would both be delighted to fuck you tomorrow night.' His answer disappointed the salacious wench, for her face fell and she said: 'What a shame! Never mind though, I'll finish work at around seven o'clock tomorrow so if you and Mr. Henry would care to come up to my room after dinner, I'll promise you both a warm welcome.' 'Well, thank you, we'll look forward to it,' I said quickly flashing her a friendly smile. Julian frowned: 'Fletcher, have you any idea where Harriet has got to? I fancy an early night and my bed needs turning down,' he said. 'I'm so sorry that you were inconvenienced, sir,' the butler apologised. 'I am afraid that because of the reduced numbers below stairs, we are all finding it takes longer to complete our work and dinner in the servants' hall finished thirty minutes later than usual. She went upstairs half an hour ago, sir, and is probably carrying out her duties as we talk.' 'Jolly good show,' said Julian and he beckoned Fletcher to come closer to him. He lowered his voice as he continued: 'You may care to try this little tip to get the old pego up again. Dab some mustard up your backside, a chappie at college told me about this old country remedy last term.' 'I'll bear that in mind, sir,' said Fletcher with just a hint of a shudder as we made our exit. Julian said cheerfully: 'Splendid! With any luck Harriet will be ready and waiting for us in my bedroom!' We raced up the stairs and burst into Julian's bedroom where sure enough Harriet was lying stark naked on top of the eiderdown, one hand holding a copy of The Cremorne and the other sliding gracefully to and fro on top of the flaxen fluff between her thighs. 'Ah, I wondered where you two had gone when I didn't see you in the games room,' the voluptuous girl exclaimed as she put down the ribald magazine and took her hand away from her pussey. 'Look, my finger's all wet as I had to start without you!' 'Oh dear, sincere apologies, Harriet,' said Julian as he bent down to suck on a large tawny nipple. Harriet responded by rubbing her palm against his stiffening shaft and he gasped out: 'Let's not waste any further time. Harriet, this is Henry Dash wood, one of my best friends from school.' 'Pleased to meet you, Henry,' Harriet said coquettishly. 'I hope that you and Mister Julian have primed your cocks for a good night's fucking because I'm warning you both now that I'm feeling very, very randy!' 'I should say we have,' growled Julian as he pulled off his jacket and threw it across the room we've just been spectators to a highly arousing scene.'

    Harriet cocked an eyebrow inquisitively and said to me: 'Get your togs off, Henry, first come first served.' Well, normally I would have been out of my clothes faster than The Mephistopheles. However, call me old-fashioned if you will, but I decided it only right and proper that my host fucked the delicious girl before me. And to be frank, as one should always be when recording any event in a diary, I will also admit that I felt unusually shy about shagging this nubile blonde less than a minute after making her acquaintance! I undressed carefully folding my clothes on a hangar whilst I watched Harriet trace her fingers over her plump breasts before letting her hands fall against her furry blonde bush. She smiled knowingly as she rubbed her thumb against her pouting pussey lips and said in an impudent tone: 'Hurry up now, you two. Otherwise I shall cover up the display of goods and offer the merchandise to other potential customers.' I turned away to place my hangar on the hook of the wardrobe door and turned back to see that Julian was already up on the bed kneeling face to face with the gorgeous girl who was holding his throbbing tool in her fist, frigging it gently from the root to just below the crown. Except for the rhythmic movement of Harriet's hand, they were still, their bodies pressed together, their lips and tongues engaged in a lascivious exploration of each other's mouths.

    Julian's stiff cock pressed against the softly accommodating pillow of her smooth white belly. Then, moving back slightly, he reached around her waist to grasp Harriet's rotund bum cheeks and she responded by rotating her hips in slow, voluptuous circles. She now reached down herself to guide his majestic stiffstander into the slippery channel of her juicy cunt. My own prick thickened as I saw Julian's blunt, fleshy helmet hover between her pink cunney lips before sliding easily into her welcoming crack. Harriet's hands slipped down to clasp his taut buttocks and she arched her hips upwards to gain even more pleasure from his thrusting cock which was now gliding sweetly in and out of her sticky honeypot.

    'H-a-a-r-g-h!' groaned Julian as they fell backwards on the bed and he fairly bounced up and down on her pneumatic curves. Meanwhile Harriet clawed at his back as she attempted to pull him even closer inside her. She began to rotate her hips, lifting her bum off the eiderdown and gyrating wildly. Julian rode the excited young girl like a top jockey at Glorious Goodwood in sight of the winning post. He too was caught in the frenzy and I could not only see but hear the slip-slap of his balls bouncing against her bottom and the erotic squelch of his blue-veined truncheon pumping in and out of her wet quim. 'I'm there! Oh God I'm there! Fill my cunt with your spunky juice, you randy rascal!' Harriet suddenly yelled out as the power of her climax crackled through her. I shot a quick look at the door, for although Julian's parents might be away, there were still servants in the house who might be tempted to take a peep through the keyhole, as he had done earlier. 'Woooh! Woooh! Shoot your load, you big-cocked boy!' Harriet all but screamed. I can't recall any girl I have made love to making quite such a racket but Harriet was oblivious to everything except the flood of Julian's seed which was now flooding into her and driving them both to ecstatic heights.

    'What a fuck! I could spend the rest of my life with a thick stiff prick up my snatch,' purred Harriet. She stretched her legs languidly whilst Julian rolled over to lie next to her, his chest heaving from the force of his strenuous exertion. My penis was now fairly aching, standing stiffly upright against my tummy and as hard as a rock. The stimulating sight of Harriet's relaxed body — the soft white globes of her breasts with their erect brown nipples and the moist mass of blonde, fluffy hair around her pouting love lips — only excited me further. 'Do come and join us, Mister Henry,' she invited, but still feeling a trifle shy, I smiled nervously and hesitatingly approached the bed. When I neared Harriet, her hand snaked out and she wrapped her fingers around my shaft. 'H'mm, this is a nice-looking cock, not too big but just the thickness which I prefer,' she said reflectively. 'But my little quimmy would just adore some loving kisses. Are you a skilled pussey-eater?' Of course, Harriet was unaware of the superb coaching in l' arte de faire l'amour I had been given by the Matron of the Albion Academy and I said to her: 'Well, I'll be pleased to prove to you just how good I am,' Without further ado I positioned myself between her legs and dived down to nuzzle my lips around her damp pussey fuzz.

    'Ooooh,' she cried out happily and I became wildly excited as I inhaled her pungent cunney odour. I clamped my hands around the jiggling, rounded cheeks of her shapely backside and pulled her closer to my mouth. The tip of my tongue flicked unerringly around her damp crack which opened like the petals of a flower as she lifted her behind off the bed to enable me to slip my tongue neatly inside her cunt. Immediately I found her clitty which I started to lick in long, languorous strokes. As I continued to tongue fuck the trembling girl, her excited pussey began to gush out a fountain of aromatic love juice which ran over my lips and dribbled down my chin. I spread her cunt wider and I inserted a finger inside her dripping slit whilst I nipped playfully at her clitty which I felt harden as Harriet wavered upon the edge of an explosive spend. Then a tremendous shudder ran through her and she spent copiously, drenching my mouth with a mix of Julian's jism and her own tangy cuntal juices which I gulped down with real enjoyment. 'Henry, I'm ready for your cock now,' she breathed and eagerly I stretched up and positioned myself on my hands above her quivering body. Her hand slid down and pulled my knob towards the slippery entrance to her honeypot and my muscles tensed as the swollen dome of my bell-end thrillingly teased its way between the yielding rolled cunney lips and plunged directly into her wet willing furrow. Waves of indescribably exquisite pleasure crashed through every fibre of my body and I was sorely tempted to ram my rigid rod at great speed in and out of Harriet's delectable cunt. However, I gritted my teeth and managed to hold back, pistoning my palpitating prick in and out of her clinging cunney at a reasonable pace, sliding all the way in and then withdrawing all but the very tip of my helmet before plunging in again to the hilt. Connoisseurs of fucking will know that the vast majority of girls enjoy this mode of shagging and it certainly had the desired effect upon Harriet whose behind rolled around as she arched her back, working her wet cunney back and forth against my hard, thrusting tool. 'Oooh, my pussey's all of a-tingle,' Harriet gasped as she looked to her right and swivelled my head round in the same direction. In a free-standing long mirror which she had set up against the wall whilst she was waiting for Julian and myself, we could see ourselves in action. This was an arousing new experience and it was extremely stimulating to watch myself sheath my shaft so fully inside her juicy love funnel that I could see my balls nestling against the back of Harriet's thighs. I could feel the inexorable rise of spunk now rising up from my tightened ballsack so I started to stroke my cock backwards and forwards, faster and faster, building up to a gigantic spend. I let out a hoarse growl as squirts of sticky warm froth seethed out of my prick. Gush after gush of jism flooded into her cunt until the last dribbles oozed out of my knob, but I continued to drive my still-stiff shaft to and fro until Harriet also cried out with delight as she thrashed around in the throes of a shattering climax. 'Lord above, Mister Henry doesn't your cock shrivel down after spending?' enquired Harriet as she slicked her hand up and down my shaft which was of course coated with her pussey juice.

    'Usually, but I can sometimes keep it up till I've spent a second time,' I answered proudly and Harriet showed two fine rows of neat white teeth as she gave a vulpine smile and said with a sly wink: “Then I'll gladly repay you right now for the gorgeous way you licked out my cunney with your tongue. Well, I'm assuming you would like me to, of course, though perhaps you have some objections to being sucked off?' 'None whatsoever, and nor do I believe there can he any red-blooded man in the whole country who would not take up such a kind offer,' I replied instantly. Giving a husky chuckle, the horny girl slid herself over me with her breasts resting comfortably over my ribs as she set to work with a will. After wetting the dome of my knob with a series of long, slow licks, Harriet immediately proceeded to suck in six inches of my thick tower of power between her lips. She was an extremely skilled practitioner of the ancient art of fellatio and I panted with pleasure as I felt my prick slide easily over her tongue and down into her throat. Somehow she managed to cram my entire shaft into her mouth, presumably in much the same way as a sword swallower performs his act without being injured by the lethal blade and I lay back in sheer bliss whilst her moist mouth worked up and down my delighted cock, licking and lapping on my pulsating length. Her hand gripped the base as she bobbed her pretty blonde head up and down like a yo-yo, keeping her lips magically taut as she continued to suck my quivering cock and with her free hand she gently massaged my balls. My hands clutched her head as Harriet continued this heavenly tonguing and her swirling tongue collected the pre-cum juice which now started to ooze out from the 'eye' of my knob.

    Then she jammed her mouth over my cock and slurped so lustily on her penile sweetmeat that I almost fainted from the powerful electric shocks of erotic joy which crackled through every fibre of my body.

    Even though a copious emission of seed had only just flowed out of my cock, with a desperate cry I sent a fresh flood of creamy spunk down her waiting throat and she sucked and swallowed every last drop of salty semen until my prick stopped its crazed jerking and slowly started to deflate back to its normal limp state. Suffice it to say that very soon afterwards Julian frigged his tool up to its previous rock-hard stiffness and he and Harriet enjoyed a delectable soixante neuf whilst I wanked over the randy pair. Let me finish this entry by recording that Harriet proved herself truly insatiable and milked my prick twice more and Julian's cock a further three times before she finally allowed us to rest our weary heads on our pillows.

    By gad, she is a real little strumpet. I spent this morning in bed, composing a little ode which perhaps might not have been up to the standard of my prize-winning essay on the suffragette question which was printed, but I believe is worthy of scratching out in my diary. It reads as follows:

    I care not what other men may say The girl who suits my mind, Is a wench who meets me in joyous play And whilst she is good, she is kind, With her beauties never could I be cloyed Such pleasures I find at her side; For I don't love her less because she's enjoyed By another young man beside. She opens her thighs without fear or dread And points to her dear little muff, Its lips oh, so red, and all overspread With blonde hair of the fuzziest fluff. Reclined on her breasts or clasped in her arms, With her my best moments I spend, And revel the more in her sweet melting charms, Because they are shared with a friend.

    The Montpellier Restaurant, Cheltenham, September 30th, 1901 (Over luncheon)

    Poor Julian! Although we enjoyed yet another fabulous night's fucking with Harriet last night, the wheel of good fortune turned away sharply from my chum this morning. As one would expect after such frenetic exercise, Julian and I were still feeling somewhat fatigued. Indeed, for the first time in many weeks I tried to freshen up by taking the advice (given of course in a vain attempt to prevent us beginning the day with a wank) of our old games master Bunny Hare to begin the day with a cold shower. However, I was still yawning when I came down to breakfast at ten o'clock. 'Good morning, sir, I trust you slept well,' said Fletcher who was in attendance in the morning room. The butler could see from my haggard expression that I needed a pick-me-up and he continued: 'Unless you have a preference for coffee, sir, may I recommend a cup of the Darjeeling tea which Sir Talbot has shipped over directly from his brother's plantation? It's a most refreshing brew with which to begin the day.' I nodded and he passed me a warm plate and went on: 'Then I will go down to the kitchen and ask Mrs. Sawyer to brew you a fresh pot and make some more hot toast. In the meantime, would you care to serve yourself from the buffet?' 'Thank you,' I said and walked across to the sideboard to help myself to a hearty breakfast from the row of silver dishes kept hot by spirit lamps. Although I was still tired from my exertions with Harriet, I was also quite hungry and piled my plate with three rashers of bacon, two sausages, and some scrambled eggs. Then I sat down and just as I started to tuck into this appetising feast, Julian came in dressed only in pyjamas and a dressing gown, looking bleary-eyed and definitely worse for wear. He flapped a hand at me and said wearily: 'Hello there, Henry, I hope you managed to catch a few hours sleep. Unfortunately, I've developed a rotten headache.

    Please forgive me but I feel uncommonly rotten and would prefer to go back to bed till I feel a bit brighter.' 'Of course, my dear chap,' I replied sympathetically. 'I could take the opportunity to go to Cheltenham and see if I can find one or two books on the reading list for my first 'Varsity term.' 'Jolly good, um, you haven't yet learned to drive a motor, have you? No matter, I'll get Fletcher to arrange for Dawson, the under-gardener, to drive you into town,' he said as he flopped into a chair to wait for the return of the butler.

    It was obvious that Julian would be unlikely to recover till tea-time at the earliest, so knowing that I might have some time on my hands, I took this journal with me today and hence am busy filling two or three pages over an excellent cup of afternoon coffee. The Montpellier Restaurant is across the road from the domed Rotunda, built some fifty years ago as a Pump Room where one may sip the famed Cheltenham waters in ease and comfort. Personally, I am somewhat sceptical as to whether glugging down pints of mineral water is beneficial to health (although I suppose a course of treatment cuts down on one's alcoholic intake). My uncle, Sir Robert Bacon, swears that he comes back a new man after his annual visit to Carlsbad every July. However, this has probably to do more with his nightly dalliances with the ladies of the town than anything else and I remember just how difficult it was for him last year to explain away to my aunt the contents of billet-doux he received from Countess Marussia of Samarkand after his return from the Slovakian spa. Be that as it may, my own far shorter excursion to Cheltenham has so far proved extremely rewarding. For a gardener, Dawson drove Julian's Wolseley extremely well and I asked him how he came to acquire this skill. 'I went down with Sir Talbot to “Lunnon” for the Royal Agricultural Show and at my request he let me take the wheel there and back,' he explained. When I enquired whether he had enjoyed the sights of the Metropolis, he said: 'It were all right, sir, but the Cockneys thought I was a “furriner” and I couldn't understand them.' At my request, he stopped the car outside the first bookstore we came across which happened to be Robertson's Bookshop which was situated almost alongside the theatre and opposite the County Court. Remarkably, I was the only person in the well-stocked shop and I scanned through the books in the Political-Economy section uninterrupted by other browsers. Alas', I could not find a copy of Basic Economics by Professor Zanerowski which I had been recommended to purchase by my tutor. When I asked the assistant who was sitting by the till at the front of the shop if there might be a copy in the stock room he said: 'I very much doubt it, sir. There is little demand for academic titles round here except from the Cheltenham College — but you might be lucky and find a copy in our second-hand department upstairs.' 'Very well, I'll take a look and see if you're right,' I said and made my way upstairs where two gentlemen were engaged in a heated discussion.

    It soon became clear that the well-set gentleman dressed in a black Vicuna jacket with a silk-quilted collar and cuffs was Mr. Robertson, the eponymous owner of the shop and the younger man, who was wearing a smart grey lounge suit, was a representative of a publisher bent on obtaining an order for his company's latest wares. They were engaged in a keen discussion upon the state of the book trade to which I listened with interest, for if I ever had to enter trade (God forbid!) I would certainly plump for this gentlemanly profession.

    'No, no, no, the market for historical texts is dreadfully slow and you'll have to show me something more lively than another of Mr.

    Jackley's accounts,' said the bookseller. 'Come now, Mr. Lewis, surely the editors at Burbeck and Newman plan to publish some more contemporary works? The representative gave a tiny smile and passed a blue folder to his unwilling customer. 'Neil, I think I shall have to ask you to write to Mr. Burbeck and assure him that I do drop in here regularly. Your orders have been so small this year that he accused me of missing your shop out of my calls.' 'Well, you can tell him from me that if he published better books, then we would all earn more money,' said Mr. Robertson as he opened the folder and extracted some typed sheets from it. 'Good grief, what's this when it's at home?' 'It's The Courtship of Francesco by Mrs. Heather Adamson which is going to be the biggest seller this year. Neil, I guarantee that come December every lady in Cheltenham will be asking you for a copy of this novel. We've sent out advance reading sheets to some customers and though they deemed it a very fast story indeed, they all wanted a finished copy. 'I'll take fifty,' said Mr.

    Robertson after some thought. 'And I'll up to seventy-five if you'll take back a dozen copies of Paris of Today by Louis Baum. When you showed me the book and said it was an intimate look at the city and its inhabitants, I assumed it is was going to be a little racy — and so did my customers, everyone put it down when they discovered that the Moulin Rouge isn't even listed in the index!' 'Ha, ha! You're pulling my leg,' laughed Mr. Lewis. 'There's no call for smutty reading in this high-falutin town.' 'No call for smutty reading?' echoed the bookseller. 'Now you're joking, Michael. If it weren't for the copies of The Oyster I sell every month, the ruddy shop would hardly show a profit. So how about giving me credit for twelve copies of Paths of Today?' Mr. Lewis considered the offer and then said: 'How about sending back six and increasing your order for The Courtship of Francesco to sixty?' 'Done,' said Mr. Robertson without hesitation and the two men shook hands. Whilst they continued talking, I searched the shelves for a second-hand copy of Professor Zanerowski's book. I was about to give up when I suddenly found one in such good condition that I could hardly believe that it was second hand. However, the name of the previous owner was scrawled on the flyleaf, which bothered me not a jot especially as I expected to save a considerable sum by purchasing a used edition. 'How much is this please?' I asked Mr. Robertson. He looked carefully at the book and said: 'Ah, you must be beginning your studies, young man.

    Oxford? Well, I sincerely hope you stick at it harder than the previous owner of this volume.' 'Did he not complete the course?'

    I asked. The bookseller shook his head and said grimly: 'He was sent down during the middle of his first year for continuous rowdy behaviour caused by drunkenness. He had been given several warnings but when he ripped down his trousers and exhibited himself to the members of the Oxford Women's Institute who were being shown round Brasenose College by the Dean, I'm afraid he had to go. Or so he told me when he came to me to sell his texts.' I looked at the book again and unsuccessfully tried to decipher the signature. 'As the book finished up in your shop, I presume this chap abides in Cheltenham, but I can't quite make out his signature' 'Yes, it's difficult to read, isn't it, but his name is Brindsley Markham. I have recently learned that he used to live at Prestbury a few miles north of the city. His father is General Markham, who has sent him packing on a one-way ticket to America to make a new start.' 'Perhaps it will be the making of him,' I suggested. Mr. Robertson grunted: 'I doubt it, I mean just look at his signature. As you said, it's impossible to read. An illegible signature is supposed to be a mark of bad character — so it is, bad character and bad manners as well!'

    'Anyhow, you can see that he hardly opened this book. A brand new copy would set you back twenty-five shillings, so I would have thought that fifteen bob was a fair price.' 'Oh, surely twelve and six is nearer the mark,' I retorted and then I had a brainwave. 'Or how about fifteen shillings if you throw in a copy of The Oyster?' He gave a low chuckle and said: 'You drive a hard bargain, young man, but fair enough. I don't have any of the current issue though, it'll have to a copy of the summer edition.' 'Good enough,' I replied and whilst at my request he wrapped up The Oyster in a separate package, I promised Mr. Robertson that I would never reveal from where I purchased my copy of the naughty magazine. 'Now and then I give a copy to the desk sergeant at the police station over the road, I can't afford to take any chances or I'll end up like old Martin Bressey.' he said. After my late breakfast, all I wanted was a light luncheon so I wandered into this restaurant after a lazy stroll through Montpellier Gardens. The restaurant is not crowded and I have placed myself at a small table in the corner where a pretty waitress has served me Fricassee of Chicken washed down with white wine. As soon as she left the table, I couldn't resist pulling out my copy of The Oyster which Dr Robertson thankfully bound up in plain brown covers. I turned to the opening page, which contained the first of several letters received by the editor. To my astonishment I saw that the first epistle came from a Miss Susie V-of West Trippett, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. I put down the magazine for a moment and expelled a deep breath for I immediately wondered whether the writer had been my seventeen-year-old cousin Susie Varnon. I decided it was simply impossible that she had composed this missive. The similarity of the two names has to be sheer coincidence. For it is hardly credible that Susie would even know of the existence of such a journal as The Oyster let alone compose a letter which would be printed in its pages! Even so, the author does seem remarkably like Susie. I have decided to copy out the letter for future reference although this is proving difficult as the waitress seems to be rather more attendant than the best waiter at the London Ritz Dear Editor, I hope your readers will find of interest this true story of my introduction to the delights of lesbian love. As a member of the Sixth Form at Dame M — in rural Derbyshire, I am hardly ignorant of the existence of tribadism. It is not completely unknown for girls to slide into their friends' beds after 'lights out' in the seniors' dormitory. However, through ignorance rather than inhibition, the only such encounters in which I have taken part merely involved open-mouthed kissing and fondling of the other girl's budding bosoms.

    Nevertheless, I have sometimes been driven into the ecstacy of a cum from these embraces, the moist flow of love juice soaking my thick bush of pussey hair particularly when I close my eyes and dream it is some handsome young man (like a certain cousin of mine) and that it is his hand inside my nightdress and cupped round my bare breasts…

    The school is far from being a hotbed of tribadism, and in my opinion there would be even less lesbian activity if we were allowed to mix more freely with members of the opposite sex (take that phrase as you will, Mr. Editor!). Nevertheless, it is not unknown on venturing into the bathrooms, to find two girls wrapped together in a clinging wet embrace under the shower and I will admit that I have often been invited to join in this sensuous fun. Until last year I had resisted such temptations, but my resolve faltered when after a hard game of hockey, Miss Archer, the senior games mistress, asked my pretty friend Laura, who is blessed with long silky strands of auburn hair, and myself whether we would be kind enough to do her a great favour and collect all the players' sticks and deposit them in the gymnasium storeroom before returning to the pavilion to change back into our uniforms. Miss Archer is a jolly young lady, very popular with all the girls, and we readily agreed to her request.

    Alas, after tramping all the way back to the school, we found that the storeroom was locked up and it took a further fifteen minutes to discover the whereabouts of Mr. Barlow, and obtain the keys from the old school porter. All the other girls had left the sports pavilion by the time Laura and I reported back to Miss Archer, but she had waited for us and she said gratefully: 'Thank you again for your help, girls. The kitchen staff have brought plenty of hot water so instead of a quick wash you can both luxuriate in a warm bath if you wish.' 'Oh, that would be lovely,' said Laura and we trooped off to undress in the changing rooms. We took off our boots and then I left Laura unhooking her skirt whilst I went into the bathrooms and began to Jill one of the baths with the pitchers of steaming water.

    When I returned, Laura had pulled off her blouse and shift and was standing there quite naked except for her long drawers. Frankly, I was aroused by the sight of her bare breasts which jiggled so deliciously when she reached up on to the shelf above her head for a towel to take into the bathroom. I said nothing whilst I swiftly undressed, but Laura could see from the look on my face the effect her semi-nude body was having on me. Now also wearing nothing except my drawers, I reached up for another towel and then we trotted into the bathroom together. Laura clambered in first and let out a contented sigh as she slid into the welcoming warmth of the water. 'Oh, if only we had some decent soap to wash ourselves with,' I grumbled, as perched the edge of the bath tub, I coated my arms with the small unscented tablet provided by the school. 'Yes, for what our parents pay to send us here we should be given a choice of the best French soaps like Dubois-Crepy or Maubert's,' Laura said consolingly. 'Let's pretend we have a bar of Roger and Gallet's Fleur d'Amours.' (As readers of the fair sex will be aware, this is one of the most expensive toilet soaps on the market and is only available at the most exclusive stores.) Laura held out her hand and smiled at me. Her pretty face was partially shielded by damp, silky strands of hair which covered her shoulders and reached to the tops of her high, uplifted breasts which were topped by large strawberry nipples. I glanced downwards and my own bosoms began to tingle as I peered at her flat belly which was dimpled by a sweet little button in its centre and below which nestled a mass of curly pussey hair. Here I should state that my own breasts are not quite so large as Laura's but are just as delightfully firm and are almost unbearably sensitive.

    Sometimes I have managed to spend simply by rubbing them against my fingers and yielding to the exquisite sensations as the nipples swell and throb under my touch. I stayed still, staring at the gorgeous girl's supple, sensuous body, whilst she returned a similar look at my own naked figure. 'Shall I wash your back for you, Susie?' Laura asked and when I said that I should like nothing better, she said: 'Then put in some more hot water.' When I turned round to pick up a half-full pitcher I was convinced that she was staring hard at the flaunted cheeks of my raised bottom. 'That's better,' she said and as the fresh water cascaded into the tub. She added brightly: 'Come on in with me then, if we squeeze up there's easily enough room for two.' There was no need for her to repeat the invitation. I squeezed in beside her and she began to sponge down my back.

    'I'll sit up so you can lie back and rinse off the lather,' she suggested and as she moved up and I moved down, her arm slipped around my shoulders and our cheeks brushed together. Then, to my great delight, Laura let her fingers slide across my tummy and down into my wet blonde bush. I sighed with pleasure when her fingertips began smoothing a salacious passage from top to bottom along the edges of my tingling cunney crack and I slid my arms around her waist to hug her soft body whilst her fingers continued to rub insistently against my pouting pussey lips. Shivers of delight coursed through me when I sat up and Laura pulled her hand away and instead fondled my breasts as our mouths crushed together and her wet tongue slithered between my teeth and began to lap lubriciously inside my mouth. 'Oh yes, darling,' I panted when she tweaked my engorged raised nipple between her thumb and forefinger. I lay against the back of the bath as Laura returned her hand downwards and glided her fingers into my sopping slit. Her thumb prodded against my clitty and I squirmed with joy and pressed my own hand against her curly pubic muff. She let out a throaty gasp as I slid two fingers between her cunney lips and, as I sank them in to the knuckle, Laura pushed herself upwards, arching her back and wriggling her delicious body to signal me to penetrate her love funnel even more deeply. In the meantime she repaid the compliment by thrusting three fingers in and out of my juicy cunney at a fast, rhythmic pace, and at every stroke her thumb rubbed excitingly at the erect fleshy ball of my ditty. 'Susie, can you pull out the plug?' asked Laura. I swung my arm backwards and lifted the chain upwards to let the water begin gurgling down the drain.

    When the tub had emptied, my finger slipped out of her cunt as she moved herself downwards. Next the frisky girl locked her thighs around my knee and she writhed her pussey back and forth across it. My senses reeled when she looked up at me and giggled before swiftly burying her pretty face between my thighs. Her hands slipped under my buttocks which she squeezed firmly as her mouth found my love lips and I squealed as she began nibbling at my erect clitty which now protruded out from my cunney. I pushed her head tighter against my groin and purred with pleasure as her tongue prodded a passage between my pouting pussey lips. 'A-h-h… A-h-h-h… A-H-H-H!' I shrieked as Laura brought me off in a series of exciting little cums and after this stupendous oral fucking, she lifted her head and whispered: 'Now will you please finish me off?' To say the least, this was an understandable and reasonable request with which I was happy to comply. At my suggestion we got out of the bath and Laura sat on the bath mat with her legs apart whilst I spread out a towel and laid down on my tummy upon it. I climbed on top of her and, entwined in the most passionate of cuddles, we exchanged a further passionate kiss, lips to lips, titties to titties and cunt against cunt. 'Oh darling! At last… at last!' murmured Laura as I broke off this sweet embrace and then moving downwards, nuzzled my lips around her hairy muff. My hands clamped themselves upon her jouncy soft bum cheeks and she continued to murmur and call out to me.

    Although I was totally inexperienced in cunnilingual practices, immediately my tongue started to flutter along her pussey.

    Laura's crack opened out like the petals of a flower and she cooed with ecstatic joy as with long, powerful strokes I slid my tongue through the pink pussey lips and licked between the grooves of her love channel. I rolled my tongue around her clitty and soon Laura spent profusely over my nose and lips as she cried out with a convulsive shudder: 'Susie! You lovely girl, you're reaming me out beautifully! Oh! Oh! Oh! What a divine cum! A-h-r-r-r-e!' I raised myself up and placed a warning finger upon her lips although I thought it inconceivable that Miss Archer had not heard the cacophony of our sensuous moans and groans. And indeed, after we had scrambled to our feet and wrapped our towels around our naked bodies, I was almost certain that I saw the fleeting shadow of a figure against the wall of the passage leading from the bathrooms. 'You're probably just imagining it,' said Laura whilst we hastily dried ourselves and slipped our drawers back on before walking back to the changing rooms.

    However, I don't believe that I was mistaken, because as we finished dressing ourselves I said to Laura that I would pop into Miss Archer's office and wish her good-night. The door of the office was slightly ajar and I could see the games mistress sitting on her chair, her face flushed, her skirts thrown up and her knickers round her ankles. Perhaps it was as well that Miss Archer was so busy frigging herself that she had not heard my footsteps and I decided not to interrupt her but simply walked back silently to Laura and told her what I had seen. Later that evening we continued our lesbian love-making in bed, but the next morning, a worrying question struck me and I hope you will be able to put my mind to rest. Mr.

    Editor, I wish to pose this question to you — after reading this candid confession, are you of the opinion that I am an out-and-out tribade or might I outgrow these lesbian love sessions for normal fucking with a young man of my choice. I await your comments with interest, and remain, Sir, Your humble servant, Miss Susie V Looking at my pocket watch, it has taken me a good hour to transcribe this letter. The editor must have known it would have good effect on his readers to publish it in full. My prick is sticking up as if it had been liberally powdered with yeast and I have been forced to put down the magazine across my legs to hide my raging erection. Unfortunately the waitress is hovering nearby again. I have ordered coffee and shall attempt to copy down the editor's reply.

    My dear girl, Perish the thought that you are doomed never to experience the joys of copulation! Once you have left school, there should be ample opportunities for you to sample the delights afforded by the first lusty young-fellow-me-lad who will be lucky enough to sheath his stiff shaft inside your sweet little quim.

    Have no fears because you took part in a sexual liaison on the borders of the established norms. In the wise words of Sir Robert Dunwell, who has devoted his life to a lifelong practical study of human sexuality in all its forms: I strongly maintain that the entire experience of a grand fuck is greater than the sum of its parts, though every part has its pleasure and every pleasure its part! After all, in love-play, anything can happen — and usually does sooner or later.

    Yours confidently The Editor

    A sound enough philosophy, I shall put the magazine back into its brown paper bag and pay my bill. I'm sure the waitress is expecting a generous tip. Clayton Towers, October 1st, 1901 (Before retiring) Today is the first day of a new month and marks my last day of repose at Clayton Towers before taking up my position at Oxford. But before I muse on what delights lie in store for me, let me finish recounting the remarkable events of yesterday afternoon which were initiated by my asking my pretty waitress to pay her compliments to the chef. The girl blushed a little and suggested that I might like to thank the cook in person as she would be extremely pleased with the compliment. There seem to be an increasing number of females in the work force these days, which I can only think is a good thing if I am to have such delectably sweet encounters every time I dine out. 'I'll do just that,' I said, wiping my mouth with my napkin as I rose to my feet and following the waitress's pointed finger, marched through a pair of swing doors into the kitchen. However, there were no staff to be seen and as the time was now approaching four o'clock, it appeared as though the cook and her assistants had left the kitchen for a well deserved rest. I was about to leave when I heard low moaning noise coining from inside the scullery at the far end of the room, followed by what to my ears sounded very much like that arousing squelchy sound of a thick stiff cock sliding in and out of a juicy wet cunney! I decided to make a further investigation for on the other hand, I might be mistaken and the groans could be those of a lady in distress. So I tip-toed towards the scullery and poked my head around the door to see exactly what was going on in there. Fortunately, one glance was enough to confirm that my initial conjecture was correct for the sight which met my eyes was of a couple heavily engaged in a full-blown fuck! A buxom wench was leaning back against the wall with her skirts up and her frilly drawers around her ankles being shagged by a curly-haired young commis chef who had discarded his shirt, trousers and pants which were lying in a rumpled pile on the floor beside them and was clad only in a cotton vest. His taut buttocks jerked to and fro as he pumped his prick in and out of his paramour's pussey at a great pace.

    'H-a-a-r! H-a-a-r! Oooh, Maggie, I'm going to spunk, I can't stop!' he choked and with a cry he jetted his jism inside her love channel. Then, to my alarm, he slowly slid down and collapsed in a heap at his lover's feet. 'Are you all right, Jack?' she enquired as she squatted down beside him. The lad did look in a bad way and I thought they might need some help. I stepped forward and offered my services. When she saw me the cook gave a tiny scream and I hurriedly explained that I was not spying upon her but had only come into the kitchen to offer my congratulations on her excellent cuisine.

    'What exactly is he suffering from? Nothing serious, I trust,' I asked her. 'The heat?' I continued. She shrugged her shoulders and answered: 'Not really, it's more from fucking.'

    'From fucking!' I spluttered. 'Yes, sir, the fucking,' chuckled the cook and as she moved closer I detected the smell of alcohol upon her breath. 'You look like a man of the world, sir, and I'm sure you understand that a culinary artist like myself who finds herself in a dump like this after working under the finest chef in Europe needs something to prop herself up during the day. Young Colin down there has a nice thick cock but he always spends too quickly for me and so we have to start again until he manages to wait for me to finish. “The problem is that if he doesn't get it right after two spunkings, he isn't in any fit state to continue so I have to find another way to satisfy my needs.' 'So I see,' I said, casting a meaningful glance at a half-empty bottle of Old Jamaica rum and a liqueur glass on the scullery table. She followed the direction of my eyes and said: 'Oh, I'm really not a great tippler, sir. I only take an occasional nip whilst I'm on duty. Otherwise I couldn't prepare my food properly — and thank you very much, Mr., er 'Dash wood, Henry Dash wood. And your name is…?' 'Maggie Crompton, at your service, Mr. Dashwood,' she said as we shook hands.

    'I'm so glad you enjoyed my cuisine. Monsieur Escoffier himself taught me how to prepare all the dishes I know.' As she spoke, the young man on the floor groaned and I suggested that a glass of rum might revive him. 'Well maybe, but only a small one,' she agreed hesitantly as I moved across to the table and poured out a small measure for the lad. 'Otherwise he'll fall asleep and there's a heck of a lot of washing up for him to get through before he starts peeling the potatoes for dinner.' Happily, a swig of the dark sweet spirit did the trick for Colin, although he still looked groggy as he scrambled to his feet and of course his cock had shrivelled up and was dangling loosely between his thighs. On Maggie's advice, he pulled on his clothes and staggered upstairs to lie down for half an hour's rest before coming back to tackle the pile of dirty dishes which were stacked up in the sink. After he left us, Maggie Crompton slipped her knickers into a drawer and then produced two more glasses and a bottle of Hennessy's three star cognac and insisted that I joined her in a drink. Now I am no gourmet but I pride myself on being able to appreciate good brandy. Therefore I was pleased to accept her offer, although I eyed with some trepidation the large measure she handed to me. So Maggie and I enjoyed a nice chat, during which she told me of her exciting days working with the great Monsieur Escoffier at a Paris hotel. After a time she formed a liaison there with an Italian sous-chef with whom she left for London and then Cheltenham where they purchased the Montpellier Restaurant with the idea to provide a high-quality eating house for the citizens of and many visitors to the city. Alas, they found that the burghers of Cheltenham were suspicious of anything except plain English fare and Arturo Volpe, her partner in the venture, soon sloped off to Turin leaving Maggie to run the restaurant single-handed. 'Oh, I could manage in the kitchen well enough without him,' she remarked when I said that these must have been dreadfully difficult times for her.

    'But I'll be honest, Mr. Dashwood, I don't half miss him between the sheets after work — and I still do! I love rumpy-pumpy and a dildo is a poor substitute, I can tell you! Arturo hasn't got the biggest cock in the world, but I've never been one for sheer size. What is more important is that he knew how to get me going by tickling my clitty with his knob.' 'Is that so?' I asked politely. My own cock, which had already been excited by the letter I had been reading began to thicken again. As Maggie had been speaking, her hand had strayed down and pulled up her skirt and she was now rubbing her forefinger gently along her half-hidden cleft. Then, with a faraway look, she sighed and slipped first one and then a second finger inside her pink quim. I was not sure quite how to react to the situation but the brandy had loosened my tongue and I said boldly: 'Don't mind me, though I would be pleased to help. More hands make lighter work, h'm?'

    'You are kind,' she said, reaching out and squeezing my arm. 'I'm just about ready to accommodate another finger or two. Then Maggie hauled herself up and murmured: 'I've an even better idea. If you frig me from behind, our fingers will be able to meet in the middle.' 'By all means,' I said, smacking my lips as she turned round and, throwing up her skirt over her back as she bent down, flaunted a mouth-wateringly plump pair of smooth bum cheeks in my face. With one hand I parted her buttocks and slid my fingers into the crevice between the jiggling globes until my fingertips were gently caressing and exploring the luxuriant, dark jungle of her splendid thatch of cunney hair. Maggie squealed as the tip of one finger touched her fleshy clitty and then she removed her own hand from her crotch to whip off her dress and chemise so that all the charms of her luscious naked body were revealed to me. 'Oh, that's lovely! I just adore having my titties played with,' she purred as I kissed the back of her neck and slid my arm round her ribs and tweaked one of her large raspberry nipples which rose up in salute between my fingers. Meanwhile, her clitty had now fully erected under my touch and Maggie urged me on, sliding her cunney back and forth against my well-lubricated fingers whilst she moaned in ecstasy.

    Her cuntal juices flowed out copiously from her crack when I plunged my fingers in and out of her love funnel. 'M'mm, that's simply divine,' panted the randy cook when I trapped her clitty between my fingers and she added breathlessly. 'Please will you finish me off with a doggie-style fuck, there's a dear.' Now my uncle, Sir Robert Bacon, has warned me against poking my prick into strange pussies, so initially I hesitated, but when I related this incident to Julian Clayton later in the evening, I was glad that he agreed with me that it would have been churlish to have ignored her heartfelt plea.

    Anyhow, despite the praise lavished upon his sexual expertise by all who know him. I dismissed Uncle Robert's admonition from my mind and concentrated on how I could best unbuckle my belt and unbutton my trousers with only one hand, for Maggie had closed her thighs and would not surrender my right hand whilst my fingers were frigging her engorged clitty. Somehow I managed to perform this tricky operation without removing my wrist from Maggie's crotch and I slid my stiff cock in-between the rolling cheeks of her bum until the tip of my knob touched her cunney lips and at last she released my fingers from inside her sticky quim. I pressed home firmly, inserting my helmet inside her slippery honeypot. Her cunney expanded to take in the extra width of my rock-hard rammer and I continued to push forward inch by inch until my pubic bush was rubbing against her bum and my balls were swinging against the backs of her thighs. What a grand fuck this was! Maggie rotated her delicious bum cheeks around the fulcrum of my throbbing tool and she whimpered in appreciation as I withdrew almost all of my meaty boner and then plunged forward to the hilt, and I continued this powerful pistoning until the length of my shaft was glistening with a moist coat of Maggie's cuntal juices.

    'Oooh, that's marvellous, Mr. Dash wood!' she cried out happily.

    'Carry on now, don't stop now whatever you do!' 'Don't worry, I won't!' I promised, working my stiffstander in and out of her delectably clingy cunt, pushing my whole body backwards and forwards whilst Maggie mashed her soft bum cheeks against my belly.

    'There, can you feel my prick reaming out your cunt?' I panted as I increased the pace, my balls banging against her bottom with each powerful lunging thrust into her squelchy slit.

    'Yes! Yes! YES! Shoot your spunk, you randy rascal!' she screamed, which was just as well because I was already on the brink.

    Within seconds I shot my seed, spouting jets of frothy jism into her cunt and I saw waves of orgasmic delight ripple down Maggie's back as she scaled the ultimate peaks of sensual pleasure. I must digress a moment here and state how much I enjoy fucking in this way. Some regard the method as animalistic, but most mammals copulate in this fashion and as Sheridan rightly points out, nothing is unnatural which is physically possible. In my opinion there is nothing more stimulating than the resilient, tender cheeks of a pretty arse quivering in front of you as one slides one's cock in and out a tight juicy cunney (or the wrinkled little bum-hole if the fancy takes you and your partner is agreeable). A girl's backside, perhaps more than any part of her anatomy, transmits the results of a good fucking and I cannot think of anything finer than how, in the fiery heat of passion, these pneumatic spheres tremble and twitch so divinely with each pistoning plunge of the prick. Maggie was a game girl and it took her only a few minutes to recover although I was happy enough to sit down heavily on the chair whilst she poured out another two glasses of cognac, passed one over to me and then, at my invitation, perched herself on my knees. We toasted each other and she looked down at my beefy, semi-erect truncheon and said: 'Well, you've more stamina than young Colin and that's a fact. My goodness, are you able to fuck again straight after spending?' 'Sometimes,' I replied with due modesty. 'But I prefer to rest for a little while after a climax, because I have found fucking to be very strenuous exercise unless the girl climbs on top of me and does most of the work!' She smiled and said as she slid down to the floor: 'In that case, you close your eyes and relax whilst I suck you off.' I opened my legs for her to crouch between my thighs and she cupped my balls in one hand and with the other she slid her fist up and down my sturdy shaft. It swiftly swelled up again to its fullest extent. Now it was my turn to sigh with bliss as Maggie's wet tongue lapped around the ridges of my uncapped knob whilst she gently but insistently squeezed my tightening balls. Then she started to suck my prick in earnest, sliding her lips up and down my rock hard rod. Maggie gulped in my length which smoothed across the roof of her mouth and down towards the back of her throat. I leaned forward and held her shoulders as her head bobbed to and fro as she gobbled with unashamed gusto on my throbbing tool. As my climax approached I leaned forward to flick her titties between my fingers while she continued her lusty sucking.

    Very soon I pumped a stream of creamy spunk down her throat which she swallowed with the same lip-smacking urgency with which she began this lascivious encounter. Gad, what thrilling waves of ecstasy crashed through my body as Maggie milked my cock! As Lizzie Dickerson, the Matron at Albion Academy and my first teacher in l'arte de faire l'amour used to say to me: 'Most females soon discover that sucking a boy's cock is the deepest, most sensitive way in which a girl can acknowledge her lover's masculinity.' Maggie asked me to stay the evening as her guest but I had to decline this kind invitation for I recalled that Julian had promised the nubile chambermaid who was fucked last night by Fletcher the butler, that he and I would both shag her this evening. Nevertheless, I copied Maggie's details into my address book and faithfully promised that I would keep in contact with her as soon as I had settled down in my 'digs' in Oxford. As fate would have it, when I returned to Clayton Towers this evening, I was mortified to learn that it would not be possible to fuck the girl.

    Rightly, Julian had given her compassionate leave to travel to the nearby town of Winchcomb after she had received a letter from home saying that her grandfather was very poorly and not expected to last out the week. 'She was most upset that the old boy was about to croak,' explained Julian gloomily. I clicked my teeth and said: 'What a deuced shame! I was looking forward to tonight and comparing this girl's pussey with Harriets. Oh well, what did Robbie Burns say — “the best laid schemes of mice and men gang aft a-gley”. Still, one shouldn't be selfish and, we still have one of Mrs. Sawyer's delicious dinners to look forward to and then we can concentrate on a real game of snooker,' I said as we settled down in our chairs for a snooze for which I was more than ready after my afternoon's exertions with Maggie Crompton!

    PART II. Amorous Appetites

    Brasenose College, Oxford, October 3rd, 1901 (Before breakfast)

    Julian and I arrived here yesterday for the start of the new University year. I shall not see him for at least another fortnight because his course in natural history began this afternoon with a two-week field trip to the Northumbrian coast. I am starting Varsity life in earnest tomorrow, albeit with some trepidation as the first seminar of my course is to be led by none other than the infamous Dr Keith Barnes, the controversial lecturer in political philosophy whose radical ideas as expressed in his book The Progress Of Democracy In England have unleashed storms of protest and calls for his dismissal in the Morning Post. As to more mundane matters, this morning a local carrier brought round from the railway station the trunks containing my clothes and books. Now that I have unpacked the box and put out some of personal possessions, my room feels more homely. Even better, I have already made the acquaintance of a nice chap named Charles Farleigh-Windsor who was educated at Bedinghurst, Albion Academy's fiercest rivals on the sports fields.

    At the freshers' reception last night Charles recognised me as the centre half of the Academy football team who had vanquished the Bedinghurst first eleven the previous year and we soon found that we were both, studying classics with an extra course in philosophy and political history. 'Isn't there a great deal of reading to plough through this year?' I said to Charles. He shrugged his shoulders and replied: 'Oh, I wouldn't worry too much about work, old boy, our tutors won't expect too much of us. Honestly, Henry, coming up to Oxford is like being let out of jail. I understand that the regime at your school was relatively liberal, but I can tell you that if Albion Academy followed the ancient Athenian ideals, life at Bedinghurst was positively Spartan. Cold showers every morning, rotten food, and an atmosphere in which anything remotely aesthetic was looked on with horror. For instance, we would have to cram in hours of Latin but reading poetry for fun was only for wimps. The only other thing the school really cared about was how many laps you had run round the quadrangle, how many wickets you had taken, or how many goals you had scored.' Then he lowered his voice and added: 'Mind you, although I enjoy a game of footer, I would far rather score with that gorgeous creature with the long reddish hair over by the window talking to that Greek chap, Professor Pachnos. Gosh, she really is a corker. Now the question is to how I can best effect an introduction.' 'Well, this is a getting-to-know-you affair, is it not, so why not simply join them,' I observed as I turned my head to gain sight of the girl whose appearance had attracted Charles' attention. 'Come to think of it, how is it that there are females here this evening?' 'A good point, Henry. Who the heck can she be?' Charles replied. I was now also highly interested in this mysterious pretty girl and murmured to Charles: 'I've no idea, but could she be one of these new bluestocking types who are getting places at Somerville college? We don't know anyone to introduce us to her, so frankly the only way to find out her identity is to ask her ourselves.' 'Let's hope that she doesn't take offence,' said Charles doubtfully. 'No matter, though it would be a pity if she did so,' I said, straightening my neck tie. 'Let's face it, if this girl is foolish enough to cut two decent looking chaps simply because they haven't been formally introduced to her, as pretty as she is, I for one would forget all about her.' 'H'm, I take your point, and I would probably feel the same way,' concurred Charles. 'So let's cross our fingers and hope that she isn't such a silly snob and doesn't give us the cold shoulder. Anyhow, faint heart never won fair lady so let's give it a go.' 'Hold on, Charles, you saw her first,' I protested with a grin. 'You hardly need me to accompany you, I'll feel like a spare prick on a wedding night.' He shook his head and said: 'Don't be daft, we're not going to fight over her. If she prefers the cut of someone else's jib, it might as well be yours. Anyhow, there's always a chance that she has a friend for whichever one of us draws the short straw.' 'Yes, that's true,' I agreed as we made our way across the crowded room. 'Girls often prefer going out in foursomes. I daresay they believe there is safety in numbers.' 'Well, I hope that I will always behave like a gentleman,' sighed Charles. 'Although I'll confess to you that I'm dying for the chance to get my leg over some luscious lady. There was no chance of any nookie at Bedinghurst, that's for sure.' As we approached Professor Pachnos and the unknown beauty, it crossed my mind that poor Charles might be in a state of virgo intacto. However, more important was the task in hand and so when we reached our quarry, I screwed up my courage to the sticking point and said boldly to the Greek gentleman: 'Professor Pachnos, I'm Henry Dashwood. Pleased to meet you. You must find this damp weather rather discomforting after the sunshine of a Greek summer.' Naturally, not knowing me from Adam, the professor was somewhat startled by my interruption, but no doubt thinking that I must be one of the many students to whom he had been introduced that evening and that he was guilty of forgetting my name, he replied politely:' 'Kalishera, Mr. Dashwood. How do you do?' And to our great joy turned to his charming companion and said: 'I don't suppose either of you gentlemen have had the opportunity of meeting Miss Miranda Franklin. Miss Franklin is Dr Barnes's stepsister.' I smiled at the lovely girl and said lightly: 'A pleasure to meet you, Miss Franklin. I must admit that Charles and I were curious as to how you managed to breach the gates of this male bastion of learning.'

    She brushed a lock of chestnut hair away off her forehead and I marvelled at the beauty of this girl who could be no more than twenty.

    Her countenance displayed a clear skin, exquisite cornflower-blue eyes, a tiny nose and shapely red lips which parted in a wide smile showing rows of pearly white teeth. She replied: 'It wasn't difficult as I am here as a guest of my stepbrother, but so many people have been staring at me that it's as well that I'm used to being looked at.' A pink blush suffused Charles's cheeks as he cleared his throat and said in a husky voice: 'Are you, Miss Franklin? May I ask the reason why?' 'I have been sitting for Elisha Withington, the famous, or should I say infamous artist who has been painting my portrait for his exhibition at the Gewirtz Galleries in New York next month,' she said sweetly. At this answer my eyes widened for the popular newspapers have hinted that this talented young gentleman leads an extremely Bohemian lifestyle. The 'horn books' have been less reticent and a writer in Cremorne Scandals has gleefully recounted how Withington makes it a practice to make love to all his models before he makes even the first preliminary sketches. Furthermore, the artist is known to be a member of the ultra-fast South Hampstead set led by the erotic bibliographer Sir Lionel Trapes whose parties in St John's Wood have also been commented on with undisguised relish in the pages of The Oyster. However, at this stage of our acquaintance I could hardly question Miss Franklin about her activities with Elisha Withington, so I changed the conversation and asked her if she was interested in Greek antiquities. She said: 'Oh yes, very much so.

    Indeed, Professor Pachnos and I were just discussing the vexed question as to whether the British Museum should return the Elgin Marbles to Athens. Are you familiar with the sculptures, Mr.

    Dashwood?' 'Of course, and I remember what an impression they made on me when I first saw them,' I said, though this was being somewhat economical with the truth for I was only twelve years old at the time and was disappointed that on our two day visit to the capital my parents had not taken me to the London Zoo. Nevertheless, I was not being insincere when I added: 'Certainly I can well understand why the Greeks want them back.' I was delighted when Miranda Franklin nodded her head in agreement and remarked: 'So do I, Mr. Dashwood, although sadly I cannot see the Government yielding to any such request.' Then she turned to Charles and asked him: 'And what is your view on this subject?' Now I might have answered in the same fashion as my new friend, because I do hold strongly to the view that on most occasions, telling the plain, unvarnished truth at the end of the day will have proved to have been the most rewarding course of action in a difficult situation. But naturally there can be exceptions to this rule, and really this was a time when Charles should have used more discretion instead of blurting out: 'I'm afraid I've never seen these statues, Miss Franklin, and frankly I must confess that I know very little about them.' 'Shame on you,' she said lightly. 'We're talking about a group of Greek sculptures well over two thousand years old which originally decorated the Parthenon but were shipped to Britain by the Earl of Elgin some eighty years ago. But now members of the Greek government are calling for Britain to return them and whilst I think they have every justification to make this demand, it is most unlikely to be met.' Be that as it may, Charles's candid admission effectively left the field open to me, although my brain had to move into top gear when Professor Pachnos grunted something in Greek and Miranda Franklin replied in the same language. Alas, the lessons in Ancient Greek which had been drummed into me at school were of little use in trying to understand what was being said, and I commented as much to the Professor. He smiled gently as he replied: 'You must forgive me, Mr. Dashwood, it is most impolite to have spoken in a language with which one's company is not familiar.'

    'I don't think you should apologise over-much, Professor,' I said, although my eyes were fixed upon Miranda Franklin's pretty face.

    'The British are so insular that we always expect Johnny Foreigner to speak English and we make little attempt to learn any other languages.' 'Oh come now, Henry,' Charles protested heatedly.

    'Many good schools now offer French and German as well as the classics. But it's hardly surprising that Europeans are more needful to learn our language because English is the world's most important lingua franca.' 'I'm afraid that I must side with Mr. Dashwood,' said Professor Pachnos. 'On the other hand, an English colleague of mine who died some years ago spoke perfect French, Italian and Spanish as well as being fluent in Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi.' Childhood memories came back to me of how distressed my mother had been to hear the news that a cousin of hers, who was a famous archaeologist noted for his linguistic gifts, had died suddenly and I asked the Professor: 'Would you be talking of the late Henry Layard, by any chance, sir?'

    'Yes, I am,' he answered. 'Henry and I worked together on 'digs' in Crete and also briefly in Constantinople. But why do you ask? Have you read his scholarly treatise on the remains of Nineveh?' I replied with a hint of pride: 'We have a signed copy of the first edition at home. That's hardly surprising though because he was my mother's first cousin and indeed I am named after him.' This should put me in good standing with Miranda, I speculated, and indeed to my great delight, these thoughts were instantly confirmed when Miranda said with a warm smile: 'How very interesting, Mr. Dashwood.

    And do you possess his talent for languages?' I turned to her and beamed: 'Not exactly, I can get by well enough in French and German, but then Henry Layard was hardly a typical Briton. He came from Spanish stock on his mother's side and he was educated in France and Italy.' 'In that case the gentleman can hardly be counted as British,' commented Charles, but Professor Pachnos voiced his disagreement and said: 'Oh, I don't know about that. After all, if a man was born in a stable that does not make him a horse!' Then he said to me: 'What is more important though is that no-one would deny that Henry Layard was an exceptional man and you may be proud to have him as a relative. Did you know that after Henry retired, Disraeli appointed him to be the British Ambassador to Turkey?' We spent a few more minutes discussing the merits of my distinguished relative and then, sensing that he was way behind me in the struggle to gain Miranda Franklin's interest, Charles gracefully withdrew from the contest and left the field open for me to see if I could make any further progress with her. He swung round to Professor Pachnos and said: 'Don't you agree that the white wine being served to us today is extraordinarily good, sir. But not from your country of birth, I would think, though I'm fond of the jolly old retsina.

    The professor was a sportsman for he replied: 'So am I, my boy, but you won't find any in Oxford and you would probably have great difficulty finding a bottle of retsina except in the cellars of the largest London wine merchants. However, as you say, the wine being served this evening is very pleasant. Actually I happen to know from which country it originates and this information quite surprised me.'

    'Let me guess,' said Charles and taking a sip, he rolled the wine around his mouth before swallowing it. 'H'm, it's a sound wine with a fruity taste and a crisp, fresh edge. A Sauvignon '98 perhaps or an Italian white from the Abruzzo region?' Professor Pachnos shook his head and said: 'You're way off target although I'm sure that many experts would have agreed with you. I won't ask you to make another guess for the answer is Australia. Some years ago, a tutor at the college went out there to teach at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. As a hobby he bought an interest in a large vineyard near the University and Miss Franklin's stepbrother, Dr Barnes, told me that after he sent over a case, the college placed an order for a regular annual supply.' 'Shall we find a waiter to fill our glasses?' he concluded and Charles mouthed 'good luck' in my direction as we moved away with the professor. 'No doubt Kit purchases two dozen bottles every week from the college store, and more if he is planning any entertaining in his rooms,' said Miranda dryly as they left us. I looked at her in surprise. 'Kit? Surely you are not talking of Dr Barnes?' 'Yes, I am,' she nodded grimly. 'I'm not accusing my stepbrother of being a toper but in my opinion he has been drinking too heavily these last few days. It's understandable because poor Kit has been under great pressure from the Dean to tone down the controversial nature of his lectures and on top of that he is behind schedule in finishing the book on State Socialism he is contracted to write for the Oxford University Press.' 'Well, from what I have read of his views, your stepbrother and I are on the same side of the barricades, and I am looking forward to studying under him. But forgive me, Miss Franklin, I am really more interested to know if you will be staying in Oxford for a while. I do hope you are not rushing straight back to London tomorrow morning.' To cut short this entry, I will now simply record the fact that I elicited from the stunning Miranda the information that she was staying in Oxford for only a three further days at the Randolph Hotel before going off to visit her father, General Arthur Franklin of the Eleventh Bengal Lancers, now living in retirement in a small village near Nottingham.

    And suffice it to say that after three more glasses of the splendid Australian white wine, we were on first name terms and she readily agreed to my suggestion that I escort her back to her suite at the Randolph Hotel. I expected no reward for this although I was going to ask her if I could see her again before she left town. So I was overjoyed when in the foyer of the hotel she said: 'Henry, would you care to join me for a nightcap? Yes? Well, as the management of this hotel would probably disapprove of my entertaining a member of the opposite sex in my rooms, perhaps it would be wise if I go up to the second floor now and you follow me up in a few minutes time. Turn right as you leave the elevator and my suite is number sixteen, the second door on your left.' I was so excited that I mixed up the directions and turned the wrong way when I left the elevator, though perhaps it was as well that the attendant saw me turn towards rooms nineteen to twenty-four. Hastily, I doubled back and there was Miranda standing at the door to welcome me in. My heart began to pound when I saw that Miranda had changed out of her dress and was now wearing a cream silk night dress with smocked cuffs and trimmed with lace. Yet, interestingly enough, although Miranda's beautiful body was fully covered from top to toe, she had unpinned her long auburn hair and the sight of the shiny locks falling down over her shoulders and the welcoming smile on her pretty face made my cock swell up alarmingly as I entered her room. 'What would you like to drink?' asked Miranda as at her invitation, I sat down on a comfortable balloon-back chair. I paused and then she looked at me and grinned: 'Henry, perhaps I can help you make up your mind — there's coffee, tea or me? 'From the size of that bulge in your trousers, I think I know the answer,' she murmured as she unlaced the cord of her gown and slipped it off her shoulders. My jaw dropped as Miranda walked towards me, stark naked except for a tiny pair of frilly lace knickers, but my cock stood up in salute to her nude charms, stretching the material of my trousers to the very limit. I rose to meet her and the rosy nipples of Miranda's firm, rounded breasts looked up pertly as our mouths crushed together in the sweetest of kisses. My prick pressed up against her belly and my hands slid wildly up and down her back as she pulled me hard against her. We stood in this fashion for some seconds, our passions rising to boiling point and then Miranda whispered huskily: 'I want you to fuck me, Henry. But I'm not interested in what do the Yankees call it — a “wham-bam, thank you ma'am” affair — so you must first promise to stay all night.' 'I swear I will stay, you have my solemn oath on it,' I replied, my voice cracking with unslaked lust as I ran my fingers over her hard, engorged nipples and she slipped her hand downwards to squeeze the fleshy bar of steel between my thighs which bucked uncontrollably in her grasp. 'Very well then, let's not waste any more time,' said Miranda. Without further ado she began to undress me, shucking off my jacket and then unbuckling my belt whilst I tore off my collar stud and unbuttoned my shirt. When I had stripped down to my drawers she tugged them off and, clutching hold of my cock in both her hands she breathed: 'Come on, Henry, the bedroom's just behind me. Oooh, I can hardly wait to feel this nice meaty stiffie sliding into my juicy notch.' We kissed again, and with Miranda still holding my cock, we staggered into the next room and crashed down upon the bed. I tugged down the delicious girl's knickers and ran my hand through her silky curls of auburn pussey hair which formed such a sensuous veil over her pouting little slit. As we writhed in each other's arms, my shaft started to leap and prance about as it desperately sought an entrance into the clinging stickiness of Miranda's love funnel. She lay back invitingly with her legs apart as I raised myself over her and, holding my throbbing tool, I guided my knob firmly into her slippery wet cunt. Although my excitement was now at fever pitch, I gritted my teeth and willed myself not to rush in and out of her juicy quim in a mad frenzy and I slewed my sturdy shaft in and out of her gloriously tight cunney as slowly as I could, going right in and then withdrawing before plunging back again to the full. This had the pleasing effect of exciting Miranda even more and her bottom began to roll around on the crisp white sheet, arching her back upwards as she worked her cunt back and forth against the rhythmic ramming of my twitching tool. This was a thumping good fuck and Miranda was clearly enjoying it as much as I was, for she yelled out: 'Oh God, that's so good! Oooh, I adore those luscious long strokes and — oh yes, that's really lovely. Now make me spend! Ram your cock into me and shoot your spunk, you horny boy! I want it all!' 'Here it comes, brace yourself, Miranda,' I growled when I realised that my moments of supreme pleasure were nigh and it felt as though every nerve end in my body shuddered with ecstasy as I jetted a fountain of creamy jism into her seething cunt. I pistoned to and fro until her sensuous sheath milked the last dribbles of spunk from my cock which began to shrink when I rolled off her delicious curves and lay panting with exhaustion beside her. “That was a truly wonderful experience for me,' I said softly as I swung myself over on my side to look at the gorgeous girl and ran my fingers through her glossy auburn hair. She turned her head and looked at me with a cheeky smile and said: 'It was good, wasn't it? If I say so myself, I'm a very good fuck. But it isn't every boy who can make me come — although I haven't had as much experience as you might expect, because contrary to what you have every reason to believe, I'm not the sort of girl who pulls down her knickers for all and sundry. If it hadn't been for that rotter of a former boy-friend, I very much doubt if you would have found yourself in my bed tonight.' 'In that case, I must be very grateful to this gentleman,' I said, letting my hand slither down and playfully run the length of her moist pussey lips. Miranda gave a short, rueful laugh and nibbled on my ear lobe as she said: 'Yes, I suppose you do owe Neville a favour for it was his caddish behaviour that made me wary of allowing myself to make love to another man. In fact, this is the first fuck I have permitted myself to have since Leonard and I parted three months ago.' 'Then I am further honoured,' I said with the utmost sincerity. 'I hope this fellow did not attempt to force his affections upon you?' 'Not in the physical sense, although Neville was quite dishonest in his intentions, which really is little better,' she replied firmly. 'It has taken me some time to recover from his duplicity. I don't mind telling you exactly what happened between us, Henry, as I'm sure you'll understand how upset I was to discover that the Honourable Neville de Vere Slingsby was a pervert. We met at Viscount Greenhalgh's Empire Day Ball and very soon he and I became very close.

    'Now, despite letting you fuck me tonight, and being ready to admit to being generous with my favours, not even those girls who dislike me can truly call me a wanton. It took six weeks of constant attention — dinner parties, visits to the theatre, opera and ballet, days at Henley and Royal Ascot — before finally I surrendered to Neville's entreaties and agreed to stay the night with him in his luxurious London pied a terre in a mews off the Edgware Road near Marble Arch. '“George, my valet, is very discreet,” he assured me as he ushered me through his front door. “He has this wonderful knack of performing all his tasks whilst keeping out of sight. Now why don't you go through to the bedroom, my dear, whilst I lock up.” 'It was some time before he joined me there but I simply assumed he had paid a visit to the bathroom. I wanted to slip between the covers but Neville said: “No, darling, it's a warm night, let's make love on the quilt.” 'So we began kissing and I will readily confess that the way Neville petted me really excited me. He began by touching the edges of my breasts and tracing a big circle around each bosom.

    Gradually, he decreased the size of each circle, getting closer and closer to the areoles until finally he reached my erect nipples.

    'By now I was so excited that I could feel my pussey moisten and I twisted and turned as he tweaked my titties between his long, tapering fingers. Oh, the feeling was so delicious that I could hardly wait for him to diddle my cunney with his fingers as I reached down and circled my fingers around his swollen cock. '“Suck me, darling,” he breathed. I had no qualms about pleasing him in this fashion, and I swivelled round so that my head was lying on Neville's thigh and my legs were facing the headboard, giving him the opportunity to play with my pussey whilst I leaned over and kissed the fiery uncapped knob of his stiff, twitching prick. 'I had just begun to lick his helmet when I heard a noise outside the door.

    “What's that, Neville? It sounded like an intruder.” I gasped.

    '“It's nothing, darling, it's just old George pottering around,” he said soothingly. I believed him and so jammed down his foreskin and sucked his shaft into my mouth whilst I toyed with his hairy ballsack.

    Henry, I have no wish to boast, but false modesty is as unbecoming as overweening pride so I shall tell you that all my male friends consider me to be an excellent cocksucker and Neville cooed with delight whilst I sucked his thick tadger, sliding my lips up and down his rigid rod. 'Meanwhile, he was sliding his forefinger in and out of my juicy cunt and I was already spending when again I heard sounds from outside. I opened my eyes to discover that Neville and I were not alone! And it was not George, the faithful valet who was responsible for interrupting us but two of Neville's friends from Hurlingham Tennis Club, Desmond Kendall and Gareth Williamson. They were standing in the doorway watching me suck Neville's cock! 'In a flash it came to me that Neville had deliberately left the door on the latch and that the noise I had heard earlier was of these two young men entering the apartment. Both of them had ripped down their trousers and were frigging their big cocks, a sight which both annoyed and yet excited me. I also felt angry, but this was directed not against them but at Neville and it struck me that the best way to pay him back was to give him a taste of his own medicine and let him take the role of a mere spectator whilst I pleasured myself with the two fine-looking penises of Desmond and Gareth. '“Come over here and strip off, you two, don't be shy,” I called out and, nothing loath, the athletic lads tore off their clothes and joined us on the bed.

    Gareth was blessed with a gigantic circumcised prick, so incredibly thick that my hand could scarcely reach around it. I made him lie down on his back and, after climbing on top of him, I guided his plump helmet into my squishy love funnel. He filled my cunt up divinely and I stayed still, squatting on his colossal cock whilst I consigned Neville to licking my titties, I asked Desmond if he could stand on the mattress next to me, he correctly guessed what I had in mind and answered hoarsely: “I'll say I can,” and holding my head with one hand, he piloted his prick towards my mouth with the other. 'This was the first time I had fucked and sucked at the same time and what an experience it was to slide up and down on Gareth's enormous stiffie whilst gobbling on Desmond's beefy boner. To cap it all, the two men spent together, and as their spunk coursed into my mouth and pussey, I also climaxed with a huge jolting orgasm. Waves of ecstatic delight swept through me and my cuntal juices flooded my cunt to mix with the creamy jism Gareth had unleashed inside my cunt. 'Neville's cock was now bursting but I pushed him back on the pillow and said: “If you invite people round, you must be a good host and, if necessary be prepared to wait until your guests have finished before tucking into the goodies yourself.” 'I lay down next to Neville and instructed Desmond to lick me out. His tongue was soon at work inside my sopping honeypot, flicking and licking around my pussey lips which swiftly parted to allow him to suck on my swelling clitty. My excitement grew stronger as I lovingly clutched his head, murmuring my approval as his lips pressed against my cunt. He slid his tongue up and around, sucking my clitty. As I ground my slit against his mouth, my love button emerged from its protective sheath and rose up in size like a tiny cock between my cunney lips. 'Desmond flicked it so expertly with his tongue and teeth that I spent very quickly, my pussey juice dousing his face as he eagerly lapped up the sweet flow. '“I'm ready for your cock, Desmond,” I called out and happily his shaft had regained all its former stiffness since he pulled out his dangling tool from my mouth. '“Aaaagh!” I cried as I thrilled to the feel of his wide bell-end sliding straight into my squishy cunt, deeper and deeper as I worked my legs upwards, wrapping them around my back as, slowly and with great deliberation he fucked me with his sinewy truncheon.' Not surprisingly, this stirring narrative had greatly excited me and almost unconsciously I was fondling my own cock as I observed: 'I'll wager that Neville was driven to distraction watching Desmond fuck you.' 'I'll say he was!' Miranda chuckled softly. 'And to make matters worse I grabbed hold of his shaft and only had to wank him off for a few seconds before he spunked all over my fingers! So Neville had to sit back gasping with frustration whilst Desmond fucked me with his beefy truncheon, pumping his prick furiously into my tingling cunney and his heavy balls barging against my bum with every forward thrust. He filled my love funnel with his big cock and gradually built up his speed as his prick pistoned away in and out of my crack. 'When I was ready to spend, an enormous ripple of orgasmic pleasure began to seep through my entire frame and I slid my hand down to squeeze dear Desmond's balls to finish him off. Sure enough, his tool started to twitch and he exploded inside me in a wave of sticky spunk which jetted out of his knob and creamed the walls of my cunney.' Miranda sighed as she concluded: 'It was a somewhat drastic way to take revenge and I have never felt the need to indulge in an orgy since then but I won't deny that I did enjoy being fucked by Gareth and Desmond. 'Do you think I was very wicked, Henry?' I shook my head. 'Not in the slightest.

    Carpe them, guam minimum credula postero, eh?' I said lightly, sliding my arm around Miranda's shoulders and pulling her hand down towards my cock which was sticking up like a thick fleshy rod between my thighs.

    'Seize today, trusting the morrow as little as you can,' the translated as she slowly fisted my swollen shaft up and down. 'It's getting rather late to begin fucking again, Henry. Perhaps we should order up some supper and then turns out the lights and go to sleep.'

    'Why? Are you hungry?' I asked, taking her at her word, although in some surprise because I thought that like Charles and myself, Miranda would have tucked into the splendid buffet at the college reception. She smiled and released my prick to ruffle her fingers through my hair. 'Silly boy, I was just teasing you,' she giggled.

    Then her arms went round me and we lay locked together, hugging each other tightly. Then she started to rub herself against me, her erect nipples tracing tiny circles against my chest. She ground herself against my body and I felt the warm friction of the pleasing entanglement of our pubic muffs. My prick found its way unerringly between her thighs and the hairs of her soft, hirsute thatch brushed sensuously against my shaft as she moved backwards and forwards, stroking it to a state of almost painful arousal.

    Miranda levered herself up on her arms and looked at me anxiously. 'You don't mind if I go on top, do you? If we fuck this way, I will be able to feel your cock sliding against my clitty.'

    'Of course not,' I gasped, and so, without further ado, she lowered herself upon me and my knob slid effortlessly into her warm, wet honeypot until our pubic bushes were again entangled. We stayed stock still, savouring the delicious erotic feel of each other's bodies. Then she-settled so that the cheeks of her lovely bottom pressed down upon the tops of my thighs and my cock throbbed inside her juicy quim when she twitched her shoulders and I watched her superb bare breasts swinging unencumbered above me. I raised my arms and rubbed her erect nipples against my palms. 'M'mmm,' she purred, lifting herself a fraction and leaning forward so that her breasts were now brushing my chest. I slid my hands underneath to fondle the smooth soft orbs and hard rubbery titties. Now Miranda leaned further forward and stuck out her tongue, thrusting it deep inside my mouth. As I began to jerk my hips, moving my cock up and down inside her cunt, so her tongue moved in unison, exploring and probing around my gums. The wetness in my mouth was soon matched by the wetness of Miranda's cunney. I slightly adjusted my position so that I could feel her pussey hair and clitty rubbing along the upper side of my shaft and she responded to my movements, sliding to and fro with little squeals of joy. 'How does that feel?' she breathed as I stretched out my arms to clutch her jiggling bum cheeks, taking control of the pace of this gloriously relaxed fuck, moving Miranda at an easy pace, pulling her down then urging her back up. I sighed with delight at the sensation as her pussey lips opened and closed over my quivering cock. We began to match thrust with counter thrust and suddenly she whispered: 'How would you like to finish me off doggie-style, darling?' 'Yes, please,' I said breathlessly and in an instant she had turned herself over on to her hands and knees and raised her delicious backside high into the air. Cradling her head on her arm, she looked backwards at me through the tunnel of her parted thighs and panted: 'Go on, Henry, fuck the arse off me!' Like her breasts, Miranda's bottom was well divided and I gazed at the puckered ring of her anus and the wider crack of her cunney. Then I let out a short wild laugh when I recalled how the other night whilst we were playing snooker, Julian Clayton had said aloud: 'Well now, old bean, I don't know whether to go for the pink or the brown!' 'Shall I go through the tradesmen's entrance?' I whispered in her ear and Miranda answered: 'If you want to, but first rub some cold cream on your cock, you'll find a pot on the bedside table.' I wrenched open the jar and whilst I smeared the grease on my shaft she said: 'Do go gently, darling, I haven't been bum-fucked for goodness knows how long.'

    'Of course I will,' I promised as I parted the soft rounded cheeks of her bottom and placed the tip of my knob at the entrance to the wrinkled little hole. Anxious not to hurt the lovely girl, I slowly inched my way forward until I heard her sharp intake of breath.

    'It's all right, it'll get easier in a minute,' I said as I withdrew slightly and then pushed on, easing my way further and further inside the narrow sheath. Miranda strained herself to widen her legs and thus ease my passage. Not wanting to distress her I paused, ready to pull out my prick if need be. But then all at once I felt her relax and I slid all the way into her. My eyes swept down to her jiggling buttocks when she started to ride my shaft, her sphincter sliding to and fro on my rampant rod. The cold cream had lubricated my cock so well that although my shaft was trapped inside Miranda's tight back passage, I could easily ride along with her and I watched in fascination as my shaft appeared and disappeared into Miranda's bum. I slid my arms round her ribs to play with her titties and Miranda rubbed her clitty as she moved her anus up and down on my hot, twitching tool. Then she turned her head and panted: 'Henry, please spend in my cunt or I might not be able to climax.'

    'I'll do my level best,' I replied, although I was concerned as to whether I would be able to withdraw in time and shoot my seed into her cunney. Still, I could but try, as deeper and deeper I thrust back and forth inside her arsehole. She moaned and trembled all over as I felt the first sensations of the onrush of spunk shooting up from my balls. Swiftly I pulled out my cock from her bum and, keeping tight control of myself, I managed to stem the tide before sliding my shaft into her soaking honeypot. For both our sakes I was determined to make this lovemaking last for as long as possible in order to savour this grand fuck to the full. Miranda was also enjoying herself hugely and she spread her bum cheeks as far apart as she could so that my cock was able to slew in and out of her quim. But now though, try though I might, I could no longer hold back the flow of spunk from my bursting balls. I drew in a deep breath and plunged into her pussey one more time. 'Aaagh!' I groaned, for as I immersed my shaft inside her sopping cunt, the seed shot out of my knob and creamed her delicious quim with an unstoppable deluge of hot, sticky spunk. She rose up to meet me as I rammed into her in a series of short jabbing strokes, filling her honeypot to overflowing as jet after jet of jism spurted out of my cock and into her crack. 'Yes! Yes! Yes!'

    Miranda cried out fiercely as a series of shudders jolted through her until my pace slowed and the last spasms of my spend shook through me.

    We collapsed down on to the soft mattress, totally drained by the tremendous amount of energy which we had expended. I kept my promise to Miranda to stay the night with her, but at dawn I steeled myself and instead of giving her a loving morning poke, I quickly washed and dressed myself before waking her up. 'Miranda, I must get back to the college and change,' I whispered in her ear.

    'It looks like being a nice bright day so may I call back here at about half past ten and we can take a stroll round the town. Funnily enough, my first tutorial is with your stepbrother, Dr Barnes, but that's not till three o'clock so we can spend the morning together.'

    'Thank you, Henry, I'd like that very much,' she said, lifting her cheek from the pillow as I kissed her. 'Be careful though when you leave the hotel. Don't try and creep out as if you have something to hide, but swagger through the foyer and you'll see that no-one will attempt to question you.' 'I hope you're right,' I said with a smile, running my hand across my unshaven chin. 'Good-bye then for now, I shall be back here very soon.' Taking Miranda's advice, I sauntered down the stairs, my head held high. I returned the hall-porter's morning greeting with a curt nod as he swung open the door for me and I walked off briskly down the road. As I write up this entry the wise words of Lizzie Dickerson come to mind. One evening after I had emptied my balls into Lizzie's squelchy cunt, she said to me: 'Henry, fucking is the finest sport of all for a red blooded young man like yourself. However, never forget that every fuck should be different from the last. If you become blase and reach the stage where one fuck is much like another so that afterwards you cannot recall the particular taste of the girl who you fucked, then you should abstain from carnal joys for a time. After this self-imposed break, you will find that you and your next partner will enjoy yourselves much more between the sheets.' Well now, I have been lucky enough to have shagged several delectable girls recently but I am still far from reaching the point where I should be heeding Lizzie Dickerson's warning!

    Brasenose College, Oxford, October 3rd, (Before Barnes Lecture)

    Let me continue where I left off yesterday. After taking a leisurely hot bath, I shaved and changed before going down to breakfast where Charles Farleigh-Windsor was naturally eager to know how far I had progressed with the delectable Miranda. I gave a small smile and said: 'Charles, you'll agree that a gentleman does not even mention the names of the ladies with whom he is involved, let alone brag about his conquests. So please don't ask me to say anything more about Miranda. However, I do believe that she and I will become firm friends. Unfortunately she is leaving Oxford in a few days time.'

    'My apologies, old boy, I am well rebuked,' said Charles. Then he chuckled and went on: 'But be a good chap, Henry, and ask her if she has any unattached friends!' I laughed and said: 'Your apology is accepted, my friend. And if you like, I will speak to Miranda and find out the answer to your query but I'm not sure whether you'll strike lucky. In my experience, pretty girls always seem to pair up with less attractive ones.' Charles nodded his agreement and said thoughtfully: 'Yes, I've noticed that too. At first I thought that perhaps the pretty girls did this deliberately to accentuate their beauty, but then one evening my brother Andrew and I were introduced to a brace of girls at a party, one of whom I thought was exquisite and the other, well, I know this will sound unkind but to my eyes she was frankly very plain. 'But Andrew thought the stunning girl rather ugly and found the plain one to be exquisite! And then it dawned on me that rarely will two chaps see the same girl in the same light, because it really is true that one man's meat is another man's — de gustibus non est disputandum.' 'No, there is no accounting for taste,' I agreed. Then we forgot about the other sex and joined in a fierce debate which was taking place between some other undergraduates at the table about the morality of the war in South Africa. 'I'll warrant that Kit Barnes is a pro-Boer,' drawled a tall, nattily-dressed youth with a spotty face. 'If I'm right, I shall let him know what I think of him this afternoon.' 'Quite right, Claude, in any case we all know that the man is an out and out cad,' agreed the fellow sitting next to him. But this only led to fresh outbursts of violent disagreement. Tempers became so hot that a free fight broke out between the spotty youth and his ally and a fair-haired burly chap. Thankfully, Charles cleverly prevented mayhem by smashing a plate on a table leg. The noise immediately distracted the attention of the combatants and Charles shouted: 'Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Remember where you are! This is a University not the public bar in a saloon.' I backed up my friend and called out: 'Free speech for all! For both those against, those who support and those who don't give a fuck about the Boers!' Although the Boer War is an important matter about which I would not normally speak so light-heartedly, I had hoped to cool the situation by making a serious point in a jocular fashion. Indeed, my words succeeded in dousing this over-heated argument, though from the manner in which the two groups snarled at each other whilst they filed out of the dining-hall it bodes ill for a peaceful settlement of this conflict.

    Charles and I strode out of the hall and there parted company, he to his rooms to prepare for this afternoon's meeting with Dr Barnes and me to walk briskly back to the Randolph Hotel for my appointment with Miranda. She was waiting for me in the foyer. In the presence of strangers, she greeted me in a suitably chaste fashion by shaking my hand as she said: 'How nice to see you again, Mr. Dashwood.

    Are you sure you have enough time to come sight-seeing with me this morning?' 'Of course, Miss Franklin,' I replied for the benefit of anyone else in the vicinity. 'I'm looking forward to our walk tremendously especially as I have yet to see much of the town myself.'

    Oxford is an ideal city for the pedestrian and its centre is packed with memorable medieval buildings and other places of interest.

    Our first stop was to make a brief visit to the Ashmolean Museum in Beaumont Street, the oldest museum in the country which was rehoused in its imposing building in 1845. Then we ambled down some of the town's prettiest streets past Merton, St Edmund Hall and Exeter colleges until we found ourselves approaching Magdalen, probably the most beautiful college of all, its tower a striking sight for visitors entering Oxford from the south. It is extremely pleasant to saunter through the cloisters, but the chief attraction is the deer park. We strolled through Addison's Walk and over the small bridge into the Fellows' garden where we admired the small ornamental lake.

    The autumn sunshine was exceptionally bright and warm for the time of year which made our walk even more agreeable, but we decided that as our time was limited, we would take morning coffee in a nearby cafe and then finish the morning with a trip to see the famous Bodleian Library in Broad Street. We looked at the exquisitely vaulted fifteenth century divinity school which houses some of the library's greatest treasures. On the way out I left Miranda in the quadrangle whilst I went into the gentleman's washroom to relieve myself. I record this trifling fact because on the wall of the urinal some wicked undergraduate had penned the following erudite graffiti:

    Apud Rege tutor veteramus Puellaria odit profanus Semper optandus Pueri sperandus Gellifactus in si His anus. And underneath that ode another hand had scrawled: There was a young rector from Kings, Whose mind was on heavenly things, But his heart was on fire For a boy in the choir Whose bum was like jelly on springs.

    I gave a hearty chuckle as I buttoned my flies and walked out into the quadrangle where I saw Miranda chatting away happily to a craggy, broad-shouldered man in his late twenties. Who was this interloper, I wondered crossly? But when I reached them Miranda gave my arm a friendly squeeze and said to her companion: 'Kit, this is Henry Dashwood, the young man whom I met at the reception last night.

    He has offered to escort me around town this morning. Henry, I would like you to meet my stepbrother, Kit Barnes.' 'Pleased to meet you, Mr. Dashwood,' said Dr Barnes. 'I trust you will take good care of my young sister. 'But of course,' I replied, shaking hands with the controversial lecturer. 'Er, we'll meet again at three o'clock, sir, as I happen to be one of your students this term.'

    'Oh yes, of course. I remember your name now. Let me see, haven't you come here from the Albion Academy in Kent? Well, young man, in my opinion your former headmaster, Malcolm Muttley, runs one of the few civilised public schools in the country.' I smiled and said: 'He is of a liberal disposition, sir, but I don't know whether he would subscribe to all your radical ideas.' 'I doubt if he would,' he agreed. 'But old Muttley would certainly have the courtesy to listen to what I had to say and if necessary argue his corner afterwards.

    Regretfully, this is not the case even amongst some of my fellow academics who simply try to shout me down when an emotive subject like the Boer War is under discussion.' 'How typical! I'm afraid that this is also true of a boorish group of your freshers,' said Miranda, shaking her head in disgust. 'Henry told me earlier that some of them came to fisticuffs this morning.' Dr Barnes gave a gruff laugh and, giving me a large wink, he remarked: 'Then I must certainly try to be particularly provocative this afternoon. Henry, can I rely on your support if the hooligan element attempts to silence me?' 'Of course, sir. He clapped me on the back and cried out: 'Capital!

    Capital! I'll see you later then, but I must now be off and revise my notes for this afternoon's lecture. Oh, if you two would like to look round the Bodleian, you may borrow my reading ticket. Don't worry, the old dodderers in there won't ask you for any identification and there won't be any problem smuggling in Miranda as your research assistant.'

    The sky had suddenly clouded over, so we gratefully accepted his offer and went inside where Miranda led the way to the public reading room. 'Henry, did you know that except for the Vatican, the Bodleian has the largest collection of erotic literature in Europe?'

    Miranda murmured as we stood in a quiet corner. 'It would be a pity to miss the opportunity of browsing through some gallant stories whilst we have the chance.' 'I say, do you think they will allow us to look at any forbidden material?' I said, my voice filling with excitement. 'Well, we can but ask,' Miranda said. Unfortunately we were informed that one needed a special ticket to peruse books in the special section of the library. However, as we turned away from his table, the attendant called us back and said: 'Just a minute, sir. There is a annexe nearby where we store some of the more recent naughty books which have yet to be filed. You could browse for a bit in there, if only it weren't kept locked.' It was not difficult to understand what he had in mind. 'Does half a sovereign unlock it?'

    I asked, fishing out the money from my pocket. 'That it would, sir, so long as you promise to give back the key by one o'clock,' he replied with a smirk as he pocketed the half-sov which I slid across the desk to him. We made our way to the small room where there were certainly some exciting books crammed on the shelves. I turned over some pages of In My Lady's Boudoir: A Journal of Voluptuous Reading edited by Sir Horace Shackleton and A Lady of Quality, whilst Miranda giggled over a copy of The Amorous Adventures of a Photographer's Model by Jacques de Clare. I peered over Miranda's shoulders to gaze upon one of the plates in her book. This was of an exquisitely beautiful, naked girl of no more than eighteen years-old standing with her arms at her side, looking sensuously at her reflection in a long cheval mirror. The photograph had been taken at a slight angle so one could see both the front and back of this stunning beauty whose fair, naturally curly hair fell over her shoulders like a shower of golden rain and her bottom was a perfect peach, the chubby cheeks well proportioned and eminently pinchable.

    'Isn't she absolutely gorgeous?' remarked Miranda. I grunted my agreement whilst my cock swiftly swelled up to a steel-like hardness as I scrutinised the girl's firm, ripe breasts. Her erect nipples looked particularly succulent but my cock started to throb to bursting point when I switched my gaze to the thatch of hair around her prominent pussey lips. Thickly curled, the hirsute fleece had grown into a delicious triangle over her mound, so neatly formed that I wondered whether she had trimmed it. Miranda turned the page and we both gasped when we looked at the next plate in which the pretty wench was shown on her knees in front of the mirror but this time she had been joined by a naked young man of about my age or perhaps even a year or two my junior, who stood sideways to the girl, his prick standing as stiff as a poker from out of his luxuriantly thick black bush. Over the page, the next photograph showed his cock in close up with the girl's lips closed over the rubicund helmet and her hands caressing his hairy balls. Further plates showed the couple in all sorts of sensual poses. My favourite set were those which showed them in bed, and the best of all was that of the girl on her back with her legs either side of the boy who was sliding his thick cock between the pink lips of her cunney whilst his hands squeezed her pert, rounded breasts. '“Well, that's a different way of looking at it,” as the fly said when it landed on a mirror,' I remarked as Miranda shut the book and returned it to the shelves.

    She chuckled and said: 'H'm, it seems obvious that a photographer's model leads a far more exciting life than that of someone like me who poses for avant garde artists like Elisha Withington.' Then she turned round and slid her hand between my legs and giving my stiff shaft a quick rub, she said huskily: 'I'm not surprised that you're feeling horny after looking at those pictures.

    My pussey is as moist as if I'd been frigging myself for the last few minutes. In fact I think I'll take off my knickers. They're so wet I'll catch a chill if I keep them on.' Miranda hitched up her skirts and in a trice her drawers were around her ankles. She looked me straight in the eye and said: 'Dear me, Henry, you're somewhat slow off the mark this morning. The door is locked so pull down your trousers and let me suck your cock — what are you waiting for?'

    What indeed! In my haste, I ripped off two buttons from my flies, but then Miranda was on her knees tugging my underpants down to the ground. I growled with unslaked desire and clutched her shoulders as she swirled her darting wet tongue over my uncapped knob before licking every inch of my stiff shaft from tip to base and back again.

    Delicious stabs of desire ran through my body as she sucked my cock and I moaned in frustration when I realised that the spunk was already about to shoot up from my balls. But Miranda sensed this and prudently took her sweet lips away for a few moments. Then she returned to the attack as she slicked her tongue along the sensitive underside of my aching penis, making my tool throb with an ever-increasing urgency. She clasped my cock in her fist and bobbed her head up and down my beefy shaft until I could no longer contain myself. My lusty tool pulsed in her mouth as I let out a hoarse cry and jetted spurts of salty warm jism down her throat, and Miranda continued to milk my prick to the utmost, swallowing every drop of my copious emission. She purred with satisfaction and planted a swift series of butterfly kisses along the shaft of my gleaming cock which had lost only a small proportion of its thick stiffness. “That was delicious, Henry, your manly essence has such a fresh, tangy taste. I'm afraid there's only room for what I believe is commonly known as a knee-trembler but what would you say to a quick little fuck?' 'Yes, please,' I stammered. Miranda gave a throaty chuckle. 'Good, I fancy one too,' she replied as she unhooked her skirt, Standing against a stack of books which reached up to the ceiling she pulled me towards her and sank her wicked wet tongue into my mouth. Then she slid her fist around my cock and rubbed it up till it was again standing fully erect and guided it between the lips of her hairy pussey. My senses reeled as our bodies rocked sinuously together whilst I pounded in and out of her juicy cunt, my hands clasping her delicious bum cheeks as we lost ourselves in the passion of this wild coupling. Alas, I could not wait till Miranda achieved her climax and with a low groan I flooded her honeypot with my spermatic libation. My cock was in no condition to perform a third time so I finished off the dear girl with my fingers. Also, I must confess that in the heat of the moment, we knocked over a small pile of books and a mix of my spunk and Miranda's cuntal liquids left large wet marks on the front cover of a reprint of the early eighteenth century classic, Fanny Hill. We could hardly report the damage, and as Miranda later said to me with a giggle, at least the stains were from appropriate sources! When we had dressed ourselves, I unlocked the door and we made our way back to the attendant where I gave him back the key. 'Thank you, sir. I can see it was worth the money,' he leered, looking down at my groin, Following his look, I realised with no little horror that a third button must have joined its fellows in the annexe and that although my cock was not swinging free, my drawers could be seen through the gap at the front of my trousers. Miranda was quick witted enough to come to my rescue by snatching a raincoat from a cloakstand. 'Put this on,' she ordered.

    'As soon as we get back to your rooms, you can change and then come straight back here and return the raincoat to its rightful owner. If necessary, you can always apologise and say that you slipped it on by mistake. But with any luck, he'll never even know that you've borrowed it.' And she was right. Thankfully, the gentleman whose raincoat I filched from the Bodleian Library never knew that his garment had been borrowed for a mission of mercy. No accusing hand was laid on my shoulder after I hung up the coat again on the stand and with a huge sigh of relief, I ran back to Miranda who was waiting for me in the quadrangle. 'Mission accomplished, ma'am,' I grinned. There was just time for me to take Miranda to Mrs. Clark's Tea Rooms for a celebratory fight luncheon of mulligatawny soup, cold roast beef and salad and a rhubarb tart, for I had no wish to miss a minute of her stepbrothers' first lecture of the term. 'You must hurry back to college, Henry,' said Miranda as we rose from our table. 'But I'm in no hurry so I shall visit the Sheldonian Theatre which is only two minutes' away from here. Then I'm very happy to stroll back to the hotel by myself.' 'Very well, but can we meet again this evening?' I asked. But she shook her head. 'I'm afraid not, my dear, Kit is squiring me to some important party. However, I'm free tomorrow night, and I insist that you come to dinner at the Randolph as my guest. I'll send a note round confirming this later today.

    Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy Kit's lecture, you must tell me all about it tomorrow might.'*** Diary, it did not immediately strike me what a novel idea Miranda was proposing — after all, who has ever heard of a girl taking a boy out for a meal! Anyhow, I have accepted her offer and am greatly anticipating the 'dessert'.

    Brasenose College, Oxford, October 4th, 1901 (After breakfast)

    There was a buzz of excitement in the air when Kit Barnes walked into the lecture room to meet his batch of first year undergraduates who were taking his course in current political philosophy. I arrived ten minutes early to bag a seat in the front row and I noticed that two groups had formed around the tall, spotty-faced youth (to whom I readily admit I have already taken an instant dislike) and the burly, blond chap. They are clearly the leaders of the factions who are respectively in favour and against the continuation of the Boer War. Charles Farleigh-Windsor sat down next to me and whispered: 'Hello there, Henry. Where have you been, old bean? The atmosphere hasn't really cooled down since earlier, but I'm damned if I'm getting involved again if some bloody idiots start any trouble. 'You can see for yourself how Maurice FitzAllen and his cohorts from the Imperialist Society are already spoiling for a fight, and that fair-faired fellow Johnny Tomlinson and the pro-Boers won't run from one either. Johnny was the vice-captain of the English Schoolboys rugby team and the bloke with the goatee beard on his right is Paul Adler, the son of the Liberal MP for Whitechapel, who I know has already been pencilled in to represent Oxford in the Universities boxing tournament.' “The boxing ring would be a far more suitable venue to settle their disagreements if they cannot debate the issue like civilised human beings,' I commented sourly, for at heart I am a peaceable soul and dislike violence so much that I never even swished any of the cheeky young fags during my year as a house prefect at Albion Academy. Here let me digress briefly to state that I agree whole-heartedly with the American idea of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and I make no apology in stating that I am allied to a philosophy of live and let live. My unashamedly hedonistic happiness lies in good food, jolly companions — and as many pretty girls as possible who I can persuade to share my bed! I said as much to Charles who chuckled and said: 'So you think if only we all looked after own business and didn't interfere with others, the world would be a better place, h'm? This might not sound unreasonable at first sight, but I'm afraid I can't agree with you. For a start, not everyone is as easy-going and kind as you, and if everyone followed your path, too many people would duck out of their obligations towards their fellow citizens.' It was not to my credit that I sarcastically observed: 'My goodness, this is a somewhat strange, socialistic argument to be propounded by a scion of the Farleigh-Windsors, one of the oldest and respected families in the county of Herefordshire.' Indeed, I was then going to apologise for the unfair comment when Dr Barnes entered the room and the buzz of conversation died down as he strode to the lectern. There was a collective intake of breath as Dr Barnes cleared his throat, but he began mildly enough and opened by welcoming us to his course. Truth to tell his fifty minute lecture on conventions of the unwritten British Constitution caused not a murmur of discontent from his audience.

    However, the fireworks began when he asked if there were any questions we wished to put to him. Maurice FitzAllen rose to his feet and said in a sneering voice: 'And just what are your views on our brave soldiers fighting the Boer terrorists in South Africa?' Dr Barnes looked hard at the pimply-faced youth with barely concealed contempt and then said: 'I'll answer the question and ignore the impolite manner in which it was asked and despite the fact that the matter has little to do with the subject of my lecture. But I will answer it on a once and for all basis. After this afternoon, I will hear no more of the rights and wrongs of the South African campaign.'

    I am sure that he felt the electrically-charged atmosphere in the room for he proceeded to speak carefully, weighing his words, trying his best not to inflame the deep divisions which he was aware already existed between his students. At first we listened in silence as he said: 'Contrary to what some of you might have read, I am not one of those people who believe that the Boers are merely simple, brave farmers who are lighting to protect their homeland against aggressive British imperialists. President Kruger, who as you know, has fled to Europe to drum up support for the Boers on the Continent, is an obstinate and reactionary old fool who has led his people up a blind alley. 'On the other hand, the case against the Boers has been over-stated and our interests are far from being in the welfare of the natives or our own colonists, but far more about the diamonds and gold waiting to be extracted from the South African mines! Now, like it or not, de Wet is a thorn in our side and my opinion is that it would not only be morally right, but less expensive in lives and property on both sides, to reach some kind of accommodation with him.' So far, he was heard with only a subdued rumbling from the two camps but then he paused to take a sip from a glass of water and went on: 'For not only has the policy proved unsuccessful, but Lord Kitchener's policy of herding Boer women and children into concentration camps is unworthy of the British Empire. It is a stain upon our national character and I bitterly regret that Joseph Chamberlain and the Government have played the familiar gambit of rushing out troops and then denouncing any reasonable opposition to the conflict as treachery.' 'It is treachery!' snorted Maurice FitzAllen loudly.

    'Down with the pro-Boers! Hurrah for our gallant fads risking their lives on the Veldt!' Dr Barnes shook his head sadly. 'I don't think there is any point in continuing the discussion,' he commented.

    'If you believe my country right or wrong then all I can say is that genuinely I feel sorry for you, for as Chesterton trenchantly argues, “my country right or wrong” is a thing no patriot would think of saying except in a desperate case. It is like saying, “my mother, drunk or sober”! This sally made the pro-Boer party burst into applause and may well have won over many of the neutrals. However, Maurice FitzAllen was so infuriated that he gathered his books together and stormed out of the lecture-hall, stopping only at the door to shout: 'God save the King!' For a second time this day Charles defused the situation, for he could not refrain from calling back: 'What has he got to do with it? The monarchy is supposed to be above politics and anyhow, Teddy is probably more concerned about getting his leg over Mrs. Keppel!' This caused a howl of laughter from all but the most rabid of FitzAllen's supporters who silently followed their leader out of the room. Dr Barnes looked up at the clock on the wall and said: 'I think this would be a good moment to close these proceedings. Thank you for your attention, gentlemen, I look forward to seeing you here again next week.' A smiling chap came over to Charlie and offered his congratulations on the way he had helped make FitzAllen look so foolish. He clapped him on the back and said: 'Many thanks for helping Dr Barnes to see off FitzAllen, he's a nasty piece of work and deserves all the ridicule that can be heaped upon him. I don't think we've met, have we? My name's Joshua Allen.'

    Charles and I shook his preferred hand. 'Henry Dashwood, I said. 'My own feeling is that we should give this bastard a taste of his own medicine,' opined Johnny, but I sided with Charles when he said that this would merely be descending to FitzAllen's level.

    Then Joshua snapped his fingers and said excitedly: 'I have it!

    Let's face it, there is nothing that deflates a bully as much as ridicule. Well, I have a plan which will make the cad look so silly that he will hardly dare show his face around the college for weeks.'

    I said: 'That sounds like a good idea to me, Joshua. What's your plan?' He stroked his chin and said thoughtfully: 'I'll explain my scheme, but it will all depend upon Rosamund whether we can pull it off.' 'Rosamund? Hey, you don't mean our maidservant, do you?' exclaimed Charlie. The girl who cleans our rooms? She's an attractive young lass and I've fancied my chances of taking down her knickers.'

    Joshua wagged a reproving finger at Charlie and said: 'You must know, I have already fucked Rosamund, although I shouldn't really tell anyone about it because I've just been accepted for membership of the Jim-Jam Club and it's a cardinal rule that members do not talk about who they have had in their beds. Unless, of course, they have contracted any nasty infections in which case, the offending partner's name is posted up on a board next to the ground floor elevator. So I feel guilty about disclosing the fact I fucked Rosamund last night and she expects me to do so again this evening.' 'You lucky beggar!' said Charlie wistfully. 'I must confess that I had my beady eyes on her.' Joshua gave a small smile. 'Well, if I misjudge the situation, Rosamund might tell me to get lost and look for some other fresher to fuck her,' he said with a small smile. 'Anyhow, either way, I think you might be in with a good chance because she hinted last night that she might like to take part in a threesome.' 'Share and share alike, eh?' said Charlie with interest, but then his face fell. 'Oh, stop pulling my leg, Johnny, girls might play that kind of game in 'horn' books, but never in real life.' (Of course, the sensuous night of fucking I had enjoyed less than a week ago with Julian Clayton immediately came to mind and I said to Johnny: 'Forgive my butting in, old chap, but I must contradict you.') Then I proceeded to give Johnny and Charlie chapter and verse of the sensational fucking Julian and I had enjoyed with horny Harriet, I finished by asking Joshua if, in his opinion, this girl Rosamund was randy enough to take part in a similar exercise. 'Gosh, yes, she is quite uninhibited,' he enthused. 'I suppose from the way I had been speaking to Rosamund, she knew I was keen on her. But it was still very forward of her to act as she did last night — not that I am making any complaint about her behaviour, you understand! I had decided to have a warm bath before dinner last night, and as I had time to spare, I lay down on the bed to read the newspaper.

    Unfortunately — or rather fortunately as it turned out — I fell asleep and there I was lying bollock naked on my eiderdown when Rosamund came in to turn down the sheets. 'Anyway, I was deep in the arms of Morpheus when I was wakened by someone gently shaking my shoulder. I opened my eyes and frankly I thought I must still be dreaming, for standing there beside me was Rosamund, stark naked except for a pair of tight white knickers, and she was smiling at me as she said: 'Wake up, mister, it's time for your dinner-time treat.' 'I gazed at her beautiful creamy breasts which were tipped by two erect tawny titties and my cock was already thickening when she slowly pulled off her knickers and ran her fingers through her furry thatch of pussey hair. 'May I join you?' she enquired. Not waiting for an answer, she slithered onto the bed and wrapped her hand round my rock-hard stiffie and said: 'M'mm, I don't see many pricks like this around the college.' 'What on earth did she mean by that?' asked Charlie with a puzzled frown. 'Can't you guess?' replied Joshua with a grin. I chuckled and said: 'I think I know the answer. It must have been her first encounter with a circumcised cock.' Joshua nodded and continued: 'Spot on, Henry, she was fascinated by my prick.

    Clearly, Rosamund had never been fucked by an undergraduate of the Jewish or Islamic persuasions.' 'Was she concerned about your lack of a foreskin?' I enquired. 'No, far from it. To be honest, Rosamund was rather taken with my cock and she dipped her head down to kiss my knob which was already quivering in anticipation of joys to come,' he replied. The way in which his lips widened into a smile at the sweet memory of the moment led me to remark that although Rosamund had never viewed a circumcised cock before, I was sure that she had taken several shafts in her cunney and doubtless other orifices too! He grinned and said: 'Oh yes, I could tell Rosamund was highly experienced from the wonderful sucking off to which she treated me. She started by licking and lapping around my shaft and worked her tongue down to my balls. Then she moved her head upwards to my helmet, slowly tracing hot, wet kisses which soon brought me to the very edge of a spend. Her magic tongue swished around my knob, savouring its spongy texture and her teeth scraped my skin so deliciously as she drew my cock in between her luscious lips, sucking from top to base and back again. 'Every time Rosamund sensed I was on the verge of spunking she would deliberately let up, intentionally prolonging our mutual enjoyment, until I could take no more teasing and I pulled her over me. My throbbing tool pushed against her hairy muff as she straddled me and I took her pert breasts in my hands and kissed her erect, rubbery titties. Then she lifted herself slightly over my straining cock and let out a sigh of satisfaction as her slippery pussey lips stretched over my shaft when she pushed herself down over my groin. She threw back her head and sighed with joy as she rocked up and down on my prick, and I must say that Rosamund rode me magnificently, keeping up the pace until she cried out with the force of her climax. Seconds after, I jerked my hips upwards and filled her cunney to overflowing with my thick spurts of jism. Then after we had rested, she kissed my cock-' 'That's enough, we all have the picture,' said Charlie a little acidly. 'But where does this girl fit into your plan to see off Maurice FitzAllen?'

    'Ah, I'm just coming to that,' answered Joshua Charles, 'didn't I see your name on the paper the Camera Club put up on the Common Room wall for people to sign if they want to attend their meeting next Wednesday evening?' 'You mean for the lecture by Richard Hawton, the famous cinematographer?' he answered. 'Yes, I wouldn't want to miss that, especially as Mr. Hawton is going to show us his exciting new film on the Sussex Downs.' Paul nodded with satisfaction and continued: 'I'll see you there, Charles, and I agree with you that Richard Hawton is one of the most talented film-makers in the country.

    Now I'll wager that you yourself possess some skill as a photographer?' 'Well, I can do more than take a snapshot with a Brownie, though I'm hardly in Richard Hawton's league,' said Charles modestly. 'But why do you ask?' 'For the very simple reason that Rosamund is an exhibitionist,' explained Joshua, grinning from ear to ear. 'We were talking about our likes and dislikes after our fuck, and when I mentioned how keen I was on photography, Rosamund said that she would love to have her photograph taken for one of the rude magazines she finds hidden in many of the students' bedrooms. '“I'm proud of my body and I enjoy flaunting it,” Rosamund said to me. “So I would be happy for you if you wanted to send my picture to The Cremorne. And it's not just for the five pounds fee that I'd get for it, either.

    Between you and me, the thought of lots of young fellows wanking over my pictures makes me really excited.'” Before he could continue, I burst out laughing for by this time, I had guessed what was going through Joshua's mind and I chuckled: 'Carry on. I'll volunteer to develop the prints. “Thanks, Henry,' he replied gratefully. 'I'll take up your kind offer if we can persuade Rosamund to co-operate and get the scheme off the ground.' Charlie scratched his head and said: 'Joshua, I'm sorry if I appear dense, but I'm still not clear exactly what you have in mind.' 'Well, very simply we're going to inveigle Mr. FitzAllen into having his photograph taken without his knowledge,' explained Paul. 'And the snapshots won't be of the kind he would want to send home to his parents for they will show him in flagrante delicto with the lovely Rosamund — and the kind of photograph I have in mind won't show him as a rampaging stud. One doesn't always look one's best during rumpy-pumpy. As the old song goes:

    Fucking is a silly thing, It makes a man a fool, It takes away his appetite And wears away his tool!'

    'We had better not go too far, as if by chance they fall into the wrong hands, we don't want to get the poor fellow rusticated,'

    Charles commented. Of course Joshua and I both agreed that we would only circulate pictures which made Maurice look ridiculous as opposed to any which could get him into trouble with the University authorities. 'Heaven help him if his bum's as spotty as his face,' said Joshua thoughtfully. 'I almost feel sorry for the poor bugger. On the other hand, he'll be getting laid for his pains and he does deserve to have the bumptiousness extracted from him.'

    Brasenose College, Oxford, October 10th, 1901

    As Joshua forecast, it was not difficult to persuade Rosamund to fall in with his scheme to bring about the downfall of Maurice FitzAllen, especially when he promised her that should he not be able to sell the photographs to The Cremorne or The Oyster, he would himself give her the five pounds which these spicy magazines paid for photographs published in them. Nevertheless, it took the best part of a week before we were ready to set the trap. The setting was to be Maurice FitzAllen's room which luckily happened to be south facing and was thus flooded by natural light on a bright day. To ensure success, we waited until the weather was right and then on the Tuesday the sun came out and both Joshua and I were deputed to hide in Charles's room, myself on top of his wardrobe armed with a Kodak box camera and Joshua wedged behind the curtains with a Gewirtz Waistcoat camera on a chain round his neck. Charles was somewhat sceptical about our ability to pull it off, but I had little doubt that the plan would succeed. The mechanics were simple enough — Rosamund would collar Maurice when he returned to his room after breakfast (Joshua and I would rise early and leave the dining-hall soon after Maurice appeared there) and proceed to seduce him whilst Joshua and I snapped away. So this is how I came to find myself perched precariously on top of a wardrobe waiting for the arrival of the unsuspecting Maurice and the saucy chambermaid. At least I did not have too long to think about any injuries I might sustain if I fell to the floor. For within five minutes of my clambering up to my eyrie, I heard voices in the corridor outside and Joshua whispered: 'Here we go, Henry, action stations!' Seconds later the door was flung open and Rosamund came in with Maurice in tow. They both appeared to he agitated and I noticed she was holding a magazine in her hand whilst I listened to her complain: 'I'm not fibbing, Mr. FitzAllen, I found this rude magazine under your bed!' She unrolled it and I craned forward to see the title page of The Chameleon before she opened it out and said disparagingly: 'I wouldn't mind, but this is a paper for nancy boys.

    What's the matter with you, sir, isn't a cunt good enough for you?'

    At first I had thought that Rosamund was making up a story but Maurice FitzAllen's face had now coloured up a bright red and there was not a trace of the usual aggressive bluster in his voice when he answered humbly: 'I don't really know, Rosamund, I've never actually done anything more than spoon with a girl at a party.' The chambermaid rolled her eyes and groaned: 'Oh Gawd, not another poor refugee from one of those awful schools where the masters will flog you for looking at a photo of a ballet girl but look the other way at what goes on in the dormitory after lights out.' 'I'm not a woofter,' protested Maurice heatedly. 'Although what you say was definitely true of St Cuthbert's College. In fact, that magazine was sent to me by the school chaplain Reverend Herbert Fotheringay who used to come into the dormitory every night and inspect our pricks to make sure we weren't playing with ourselves off under the bedclothes.

    Anyone who he caught tossing off he marched off to the chapel where the fellow had to dip his cock into a bowl of holy water and occasionally the chaplain would-' 'There's no need for you to go on,' Rosamund interrupted with a shudder of disgust and she went on: 'Obviously it's high time that you were given the opportunity to appreciate the delights of the female form.' She tore up the copy of The Chameleon and began to undo the buttons at the front of her dress. 'Now let's see which way the wind is blowing,' she said throatily as she pulled off her blouse. Seconds later Rosamund's skirt and knickers were on the floor, and after she had pulled her chemise over her head, she stood before Maurice in all her naked glory. I had felt some pity for Maurice when he had confessed his inexperience in l'arte de faire l'amour, but now these feelings were rapidly supplanted by those of envy as I peered at Rosamund's delicious nude body through the viewfinder of my camera. She stood before me like a statue crafted by a master sculptor that had come magically to life. Below her mop of tousled brown hair and pretty face, her creamy white skin looked to be of an incredible smoothness and her beautiful breasts stood out proudly. As Paul had said when he described his telling, the furry mass of curls between Rosamund's thighs contrasted perfectly with the snowy whiteness of her belly and formed a perfect veil over her long, pouting slit. Maurice gaped at the nubile, naked girl, standing stock still as if bound in a hypnotic trance. A lascivious smile formed upon Rosamund's lips and then she said softly: 'Well, as the poker player said to his opponent: “I've shown you mine, so you show me yours.'” But Maurice remained rooted to the spot, to she moved towards him and, slipping his jacket off his shoulders, kissed him on his lips. This broke the spell. Realising that he was being given a golden opportunity to lose his virginity, Maurice began to undress himself at record speed. I was so intrigued by what was happening that I had quite forgotten to take any photographs until I heard a faint-dick of a shutter from Paul Adler's direction. I adjusted the focus and when Maurice tugged down his drawers I took Kodak's advice: 'You press the button, we do the rest.' My first shot was of Maurice standing bollock naked with his cock standing stiffly upwards pointing to the ceiling. I had thought this first click would be enough for him to cotton on to the trick but he was obviously too preoccupied to notice. Frankly, his member was thick enough but was definitely on the shortish size and at best could not have measured more than five inches in length. His shaft appeared to be in fine working order but his lack of inches was clearly on his mind for he said to Rosamund in a self-pitying whine: 'This is all I have to offer, I'm afraid, go on, you can laugh at my little prick, I don't care.' She frowned as she slid her fingers round his tool and carefully inspected his stiffie. 'What's so funny about your tadger? There's nothing unusual about it as far as I can make out.'

    'Oh, don't fib! I know it's bloody small. I was given the booby prize in every thick prick competition we had at St Cuthbert's from the third form onwards,' he said bitterly. Rosamund shook her head sadly. 'You are in a bad state,' she said with a sigh. 'Why are you silly men so obsessed about the size of your cocks? Like everything else in this world, it's quality, not quantity that counts, you chump. I won't deny that the sight of a whopping great cock could well make my pussey tingle. But then I've had a fair number of cocks up me and the best fuck I've ever had was from a lieutenant in the West Oxfordshire Rifles whose prick was probably smaller than yours.

    As the Yankees say, it isn't the size of the ship that counts, it's the motion of the ocean!' I had to force myself to stay silent because a loud 'Hear, Hear' was already welling up in my throat. As Julian Clayton once remarked to me, ask any man if he would like another two inches of cock and out of a hundred, ninety-nine would reply in the affirmative. Still, Maurice FitzAllen was about to be shown in a practical physical manner that the size of his equipment was unimportant so long as both the people involved in the fuck are in receptive mood. 'Don't be shy,' said Rosamund as she climbed on to the bed. 'There's nothing wrong with your cock that a good fuck won't put right.' Maurice looked goggle-eyed as the salacious young miss lay naked on his eiderdown her legs spread wide open; one hand fingering her hairy muff, the other caressing her bosoms, tweaking one and then the other tawny tittie up to a fine erection.

    Then, with a hoarse cry, he leaped upon her and I watched Rosamund guide his cock into the slippery entrance of her love channel. I lined up a camera to take in Maurice's quivering bum cheeks as he trembled with the emotion of his rite of passage into manhood.

    However, to my surprise — and no doubt to Rosamund's — Maurice lay motionless upon the girl. Indeed I soon heard her enquire a trifle crossly: 'What's the matter, Mr. FitzAllen, don't tell me that fucking doesn't appeal to you!' 'Oh no, it's wonderful, it's what I've wanted to do for years,' he stammered nervously. 'Please don't laugh though, but I'm not certain what to do next.' Rosamund suppressed a smile and I rolled on the film to take another photograph as she replied: 'It's very easy, my dear. Just push your prick in and out of my pussey until you feel you're ready to spunk. Then you must pull out your cock immediately and spend over my tummy because this isn't the best time of the month for me to be fucked even if I had some linseed oil handy.' I snapped the couple again as she slid her hands down his back to clasp his bum cheeks and he now needed no further encouragement as her hips rose to welcome his thrusting tool. What Maurice lacked in experience, he certainly made up for in enthusiasm, bouncing up and down on Rosamund as she clutched his jerking bottom.

    'Aaaagh!' gasped Maurice as he plunged deeper and deeper, delighting for the very first time in the ecstatic pleasure of having his cock being caressed inside a sticky, wet cunt. 'Slowly!

    Slowly! You don't have a train to catch!' cried out Rosamund. 'Try and hold back till I'm ready to spend.' However, this set him off at an even faster pace and she was forced to cling to him, bucking her hips urgently so as not to be left behind. This will make a good snap, I muttered under my breath, as Maurice's cock popped out of her cunney and slid crazily across her belly, squirting a tribute of sticky spunk into the whorl of Rosamund's navel, just as I pressed the button to take another photograph. She grabbed hold of his spurting length, milking Maurice's cock of the last drains of white seed and said: 'That was very good for a beginner, Mr. FitzAllen. I'm glad to see your cock is still quite thick. I'm sure that if I suck your shaft it will soon be as hard as iron again. I suppose this will be a new experience for you as well?' But Maurice hung his head and said: 'Not exactly. When I was in the fourth form, Reverend Fotheringay used to lick our cocks. 'I wouldn't worry too much about what your parson did,' said Rosamund as she took Maurice's thickening tool in her hands. She hauled herself up and rested her head on his thigh and began to tease his uncapped bell-end by running the tip of her tongue around the ridges of the springy helmet, whilst at the same time she manipulated his balls through the soft wrinkled skin of his scrotum.

    It was soon clear that Joshua had not been guilty of exaggeration when he had commented so favourably upon Rosamund's skills as a fellatrice. I took the last shot on my roll of film whilst I watched the chambermaid give a few hard sucks on Maurice's meaty shaft. Then she pulled it from her lips and I could see the pre-cum oozing out of his mushroomed knob whilst Rosamund delicately flicked her tongue along his shaft. His face was contorted with delicious agony as she slurped with undisguised lust upon his twitching tool and when she judged that he was ready to ejaculate a second spermatic libation, she began to swallow in anticipation. Sure enough, Maurice let out a hoarse yelp and Riled her mouth with frothy white seed. She gulped down his emission, and when she felt his shaft soften, she rolled her lips around his prick and nibbled on his knob until she released his shrunken shaft from its sweet imprisonment inside her mouth. 'We had better get dressed,' Rosamund remarked as she stepped into her knickers. 'I'm sure you have lots of books to study, and I've also got an awfully busy day ahead of me.' 'By Jove, Rosamund, thanks for reminding me about work! I must read at least two chapters of Dr Barnes' book on the British Constitution before lunch,' he replied somewhat absently whilst he picked up his underpants from the floor.

    'Is that all?' said Rosamund, looking directly up in my direction and giving me a huge wink. 'I've much more than that to do this morning. Some of you young gentlemen are terribly untidy. For instance, clearing up after your friend Henry Dashwood is a real nightmare.' 'Henry Dashwood's no friend of mine,' said Maurice.

    'He and his chums support Dr Barnes and the pro-Boers.' 'Well so what? Why should there be bad blood between the pair of you just because you don't agree about politics?' demanded Rosamund. To my astonishment, Maurice FitzAllen paused from the task of buttoning his shirt and said meekly: 'You're right, Rosamund, there's no reason at all. I don't agree with their political views, but Dashwood and his pals are fully entitled to their beliefs and they must think I'm a dreadful lout.' Rosamund looked up quickly at me again and continued to probe further. 'And why should they think that?' she asked gently. Maurice shrugged his shoulders. 'I led a gang of fellows to try and shout them down,' he confessed. 'I know it was wrong but people like Dashwood make me so angry. And on the evening of the freshers reception I saw him leave the college with Dr Barnes's stepsister who is the prettiest girl I've seen for years.' 'But that has nothing to do with Henry's politics,' exclaimed Rosamund. She might be only a lowly maidservant but she is blessed with genuine perception. 'You were simply jealous of him because this girl preferred his company to yours.' Maurice's face crumpled.

    However, he pulled himself together and said: 'Yes, I admit it, and what made me even more furious was that I was too shy to introduce myself to her. To be brutally honest, I was angry with Dashwood and his crony not so much because they support the Boers but because they seem the type that have more success socially than I do. It's these damned spots on my face, you know, no girl could ever fancy me.'

    'Don't be such a softy,' said Rosamund robustly. 'What were we doing five minutes ago-playing Ludo? Dr Barnes once told me that there was a poet called Pope who was small and slightly hunchbacked, but he always captured the attention of women at parties against competition from the most dashing and handsome young bucks because of his wicked tongue.' Maurice gave her a strange look and Rosamund giggled and said: 'Not that kind of wicked tongue, you rude thing! Pope might have been a wonderful pussey licker, but I meant that he was a great wit, and everyone likes a good laugh, you know. All right, I'm not saying that your spots look nice, but do something about them. Buy a jar of skin cream from the chemist. I'm sure that Smith's ointment will clear them up.' 'Do you really think so?' he said, brightening up for a moment. But then poor Maurice added gloomily: 'But at school we were told that spots came from, er, well, how I shall I put it-'

    'Playing with yourselves,' said Rosamund, finishing his sentence for him. 'Oh, don't blush, Mr. FitzAllen, I've heard all these fairy stories before. Sometimes, the schools tell the boys they'll get spots, sometimes that they'll go blind, sometimes that they'll catch deadly diseases or worse if they don't stop tossing off. Well, all I can say is that if that were the case, the hospitals would be bloody crowded because there wouldn't be more than a handful of healthy men who could expect to reach the age of twenty-five!' 'I'll do what you say, Rosamund,' said Maurice humbly. 'And I'll tell my friends not to interrupt Dr Barnes's next lecture. We were going to rag him, but I'll stop any trouble.' 'And what about Henry Dashwood?' she demanded. Maurice gave her a smile and said: 'Well, after this morning, I don't feel so jealous of Dashwood. Actually, I rather like him and his chum Charles Farleigh-Windsor. Perhaps if I apologised for being so beastly to him and the others, we could still be friends.'

    'I'm sure you could,' agreed Rosamund. When they had finished dressing they left Maurice's room and Joshua came out from behind the curtains and gave me a hand down from my perch. 'Did you get any good shots of Maurice on the job?' he asked eagerly. 'I think I'll have two or three corkers.' I scratched my head and said hesitantly: 'Yes, there are probably some saucy snaps on my film, but I don't think we should develop them just yet.' 'Ah, because of what he said to Rosamund about making up with us,' he said thoughtfully. 'Fair enough, Henry, I suppose we should give him a chance to make amends. But if we don't send any photographs to the rude magazines, I'll have to give Rosamund a fiver myself because it wouldn't be right to put her out of pocket.' When we told Charles about what had happened he readily agreed to suspend judgement on Maurice FitzAllen. 'Now the yoke of unwanted virginity has been lifted from his shoulders, I believe that Maurice will be a far nicer person,' I said. 'Now he has had his first taste of pussy, he won't be so aggressive as he'll have shaken off that dreadful inferiority complex.'

    PART III. Rural Rides

    Brasenose College, Oxford, October 24th, 1901 (study hour)

    Diary, it is now two weeks since I was precariously perched on the top of Maurice FitzAllen's wardrobe. Happily, I am able to report that it proved unnecessary to develop the shot, for Maurice did undergo a change of heart and it is now possible to debate issues of the day with him in a sensible, civilised manner. Frankly, I doubt if he will ever become close friends with political opponents but thanks to Maurice's influence, those who support the Boer War no longer snarl like animals at those in the opposite camp in the dining hall. As we had no photographs to send to The Cremorne, Joshua, Charles and myself each insisted on giving Rosamund a guinea, for her part in the lascivious affair. But, for my part, I am very pleased that we did not have to resort to threatening Maurice as we had planned. For I was uneasy from the very start about the scheme which I knew was only a hair's breadth away from blackmail. Still, all's well that ends well, although as a precautionary measure, Joshua has insisted keeping the negatives from the photographs he took with his Gewirtz Waistcoat camera in case Maurice is ever tempted to revert to his bad old ways. Now on to fresh and exciting news. Charles came into the library this morning and passed me a letter he had received from his cousin Cassandra Morley. 'You'll find her letter far more interesting than that boring tome on political economy you've had in front of you since ten o'clock.' 'Nothing can be more tedious than marginal demand and the law of diminishing returns,' I grunted.

    I took the letter out of the envelope which I noticed bore a postmark from South Devon, one of my favourite areas of England.

    'Charles, this letter is marked Private and Confidential. Are you quite sure that you don't mind my reading it?' 'Not in the slightest,' he rejoined quietly. 'Before you begin, let me explain that my pretty cousin Cassandra is only eighteen, and though educated in a quiet girls' school on the outskirts of Torquay, has a far from demure disposition. The family gossips say that her wildness comes from her mother who is of Italian extraction, and she certainly possesses the physical attributes of my Aunt Elena, whose striking looks attracted His Majesty the King when he visited Morley Hall eighteen months ago. 'He was Prince of Wales then, of course,' added Charles and he lowered his voice still further and said: “There was talk amongst the servants that not only did he share Aunt Elena's bed, but that he also wanted to fuck Cassandra as well, but my aunt refused, saying that Cassie was only just sixteen-years-old and far too young for him.' 'I can quite believe it,' I murmured softly.

    'The King really is an old devil, and I wouldn't put it past him to try and romp with both mother and daughter at the same time.'

    'Quite so, old boy,' agreed Charles. “There can't be many monarchs who would have the nerve to fuck their hostess whilst her husband was snoring away next door — and before you ask, no, my poor Uncle Roger is not a man complaisant.' 'Actually, being only a distant relative of my father, Roger Morley is only an honorary uncle, although my brothers and I have always accorded him this title.

    However, our families have always been very friendly and I've always been especially fond of Cassandra who was an enchantingly pretty child and is now a ravishingly beautiful eighteen-year-old girl, who is lusted after by all the young gentry of Devonshire. 'Anyhow, to return to my anecdote, according to his valet, either the Prince or my aunt slipped a small phial of chloral hydrate into Uncle Roger's final glass of port before they were due to retire. So after he staggered upstairs, he fell into bed and slept like a top whilst Aunt Elena rushed into the Prince's bedroom and stayed there for the best part of two hours. Anyhow, why don't you read Cassandra's letter and then meet me for a coffee in the common room in about fifteen minutes time?'

    He hurried off and I unfolded the sheaves of paper and read the following:

    Dear Charlie, I do hope you have settled in well at Brasenose and that you are enjoying yourself in Oxford. I must confess that J often wish I had studied harder. I might have been able to persuade Papa to let me leave Morley Hall and see something of the great wide world outside. Oh, I know he means well, Charlie, but life down here can be so crushingly dull! Do you remember how you described the boys you met at the Hunt Ball in June? You called them 'chinless wonders' and that perfectly fits most of the local young men who come weekly to Morley Hall at Mama's invitation as potential suitors. More of this later, but first let me tell you of a marvellous adventure Fanny Braithwaite and I had some three weeks ago. I'm sure you haven't forgotten Fanny, I know she made a great impression upon you at the Hunt Ball! You gave her a nickname as well, you naughty boy — what was it now? Oh yes, I remember, it was 'the firecracker'!

    Well, if anything, Fanny looks even more gorgeous than ever, Charlie, and she says I should tell you that if you come down here for a weekend, she would let you see more than her titties which you so enjoyed fondling in the carriage which took you both back here after the ball. Don't even attempt to deny it, Fanny and I have no secrets from one another! Now I don't know what the weather has been like in Oxford, but we've been enjoying an Indian Summer down here in sunny Devon. Even though we are already into the last week of September, the thermometer has shot up to more than seventy degrees. Fanny and I decided to take our swimsuits and go bathing on Mudstone Sands, which you know is usually completely deserted. So we arranged for Polgrave to take us down to St Mary's Bay in the dog-cart and indeed the beach seemed deserted as we went into the bathing-machines to change. I instructed Polgrave to set up two deck-chairs and leave the hamper which Mrs. Hobart had packed for our tea by the chairs. 'You may leave now, Polgrave,' I said. 'Come back at half past four, but naturally if the weather changes for the worse, return here as soon as possible.' Fanny seemed to be in a very subdued mood, which is most unlike her for she is usually such a cheerful soul. When she undressed I admired her firm uptilted breasts and flat white belly which was decorated at the base with a fluffy moss of flaxen curls through which I could see the rolled pink pussey lips when she lifted one leg up on the bench to brush some dirt off her feet. I said nothing until we went outside again. Perhaps a suitor was giving her problems, I thought to myself. But once we had made ourselves comfortable in our chairs, I demanded to know what was troubling my dear friend, for she appeared to be in a very thoughtful mood.

    'Tell me what's bothering you, darling, we're the best of chums aren't we?' I said warmly. 'You know that if there is something wrong and there is anything I can do to help…” My voice trailed off as I saw tears well up in her blue eyes. 'There's nothing you or anyone else can do to help me,' she quavered and to my great distress, poor Fanny burst into tears. Immediately, I scrambled across and wrapped my arms around her. 'Fanny, what on earth is the matter?

    Whatever it is, you must not keep it to yourself. Remember how Miss Beublette always told us at school that a trouble shared is a trouble halved?' Fanny sighed and said: 'Not in this case, Cassie. Very well, I'll tell you what's on my mind, but you must promise not to breathe a word about it to your parents.' 'My lips are sealed,' I assured her. Then Fanny continued: 'Three years ago, my Papa was advised by one of his colleagues on the committee of his London club to invest all his money in certain shares in the New York Stock Market. At first, he made a lot of money, but last month we had some shocking news. The broker who was handling our business in America has absconded and taken all his clients' money with him.' My hand flew to my mouth. 'Oh my goodness, how dreadful! Has your Papa lost a lot of money?' I asked. Fanny whispered: 'Cassie, he's lost every penny he possessed, more than one hundred and thirty thousand pounds.

    All we have left is the few hundred pounds which Mama keeps in the bank so she is going up to London next week to sell her jewellery.'

    I enquired if anyone was hopeful of catching this wicked thief, but Fanny shook her head. 'It's most unlikely, and even if he were, he won't let on what he's done with all our money.' 'So there's no chance of recovering any money at all,' I mused. Fanny said: 'Thank the Lord that Papa's London stockbroker, who was against the plan from the beginning', took out insurance against malpractice, but we will only get back about a quarter of Papa's losses and it will take at least a year before that amount is paid out.' 'Well, that's something, at least. Surely your father could borrow some money until the insurance money arrives?' J cried. But Fanny informed me that her father had mortgaged their house and land to the hilt to buy the American shares and thus had no longer any security by which to obtain a loan: Although I have only a vague notion as to the exact size of our own family fortune, I was sure that if I told Papa about the Braithwaite's predicament, he would stump up at least fifteen thousand pounds as either a gift or as an interest-free loan.

    'Do you really think so?' gasped Fanny when I said as much to her. 'Oh, that would be wonderful, but neither my father nor I would contemplate embarrassing our friends by making a request for financial assistance.' 'If we cannot fall back on a friend in bad times, then how strong can the bond between us be?' I said firmly as I took Fanny's hands into my own. 'Anyhow, the ball is now in my court and I will speak to Papa this evening about this matter. I cannot promise anything on his behalf, but I am certain that you no longer have to bother your pretty little head about this dreadful business. Now let's relax and enjoy what will probably be the last sunshiney day of the year.' I leaned over her deckchair and kissed her, Fanny returned my warm embrace, sliding her arms around my soft curves as we pulled our bodies closer together. Our lips brushed each other's cheeks and then met, pressing firmly against each other with undisguised passion.

    Then we both slipped down on to the sand. 'Oh, Fanny darling, you are so beautiful,' I murmured as Fanny clasped me tightly against her, opening her mouth to allow my tongue to slide between her teeth. She responded with avid passion and moved my hands down towards her heaving breasts, Fanny whimpered with desire when I squeezed the soft globes and she herself slipped the arms of her swimsuit down from her shoulders. I helped her pull off her costume and she helped me take off mine so that we now lay completely naked together. I slid my hands over her delicious bare bosoms, feeling the rosy red nipples pouting against my palms and then she lay back and allowed my loving fingers to linger inside the damp triangle of golden, fluffy hair between her thighs. I kissed Fanny's stiffening titties, lingering over each erect nipple in turn whilst I slid my forefinger between her pussey lips, sensing the cuntal juices welling inside her love funnel.

    'Oooh, Cassie, that feels so lovely… please finish me off,' she murmured and so I slipped my finger in and out of her cunney in an unhurried rhythm as her body rocked to and fro in time with my gentle probing. Next I parted her thighs and moved my body downwards so that I could nuzzle my lips around her blonde pubic muff and Fanny's pussey lips opened wide to allow my darting tongue to slip inside her juicy cunt. I placed my lips over her swollen clitty and sucked it into my mouth where the tip of my tongue explored it from all directions and I could feel her fleshy love button getting even larger as Fanny twitched up and down as electric charges of sensuous excitement crackled through her entire frame. She began to moan in ecstasy and I could taste the tangy juices flowing freely out of her sticky honeypot. She clutched wildly at my head as I continued to ream out her delicious cunney with my tongue, pushing my lips hard against her groin whilst I moved my head back and forth until the lovely girl was quivering all over and desperate for release.

    'A-a-a-r-g-h!' squealed Fanny, and with every stroke of my tongue she arched her body to press her clitty against my teeth. Then she cried out as she exploded in my mouth and I felt her clitty jerking violently against my tongue as I swallowed her copious spend. We lay entwined in each other's arms and then Fanny rolled herself over and nibbled my ear as she said: 'Cassie, you have such lovely nipples.

    See how much bigger they are than mine. Lie back and let me play with them. You don't mind if I suck these beautiful titties till they stand up like little red soldiers, do you?' 'I would like nothing better, darling,' I answered and Fanny twisted her fingers around my right nipple and started to roll it around her palm until it stiffened up like a miniature cock.

    'M'mm,' I purred as she placed her hand upon the fine downy curls that cover my notch and her busy fingers made my heart quicken and my whole body began to tremble with desire. I soon became quite light-headed as Fanny kissed and sucked my titties and then her hand slipped down to frig my cunney, easing a finger into my moist crack. I sighed and raised my bottom to enjoy this delicious sensation to the utmost and soon her finger was joined by a second and then a third as she finger-fucked me at an ever-quickening pace. In no time at all, my love juices were spurting out of my pussey as Fanny continued to frig me until I shuddered as the first waves of my climax washed over me, setting each nerve on fire, and I cried out with joy as I discharged a final flood of feminine jism over Fanny's hand.

    We dozed off in each other's arms, but then a chill breeze woke us up and we hastily scampered back to the bathing machines and changed into our clothes in case the change in the weather caused Polgrave to return with the dog-cart earlier than half past four. In fact he came back only ten minutes after we had dressed ourselves and we returned back to Motley Hall for tea. Papa did not join us for dinner during which Mama imparted some very bad news. My father had been called to London for an urgent meeting with his bankers, for it appeared that the same wretch who had persuaded Mr. Braithwaite to let the scoundrel in New York handle his affairs had also prevailed upon my father to invest a large sum with the same missing villain.

    Although Papa had not lost his entire fortune like Mr. Braithwaite, he had nevertheless suffered a severe financial loss and there was no chance of his being able to offer a loan to Fanny's family. To compound this awful news, my mother informed me that she and Mrs.

    Braithwaite were planning a dinner party for Fanny and myself to meet Alfred and Lester Toddington, the twin sons of a local wealthy landowner who had sent them out to India fifteen years ago to make their fortunes, and they had returned home last year, having made a large profit from some transactions in government surplus goods.

    'But Mama, Alfred and Lester are in their late thirties!' I exclaimed despairingly. 'Fanny and I have met them before, and they may have lots of money but it would be difficult to decide who is the more boring.' 'Ah, they might seem boring now, but I'm sure that when you get to know them better, you'll find the two gentlemen to be far more entertaining then the callow youths you have been used to,'

    Mama replied. 'Anyhow, they have formally asked permission to speak to you and Fanny and it would be most impolite for you to refuse even to meet them.' I made my displeasure known by rising from the table and saying: 'Mama, the very idea of an involvement with either Alfred or Lester Toddington is quite absurd. If we had no financial troubles, you would simply turn down such a request without a second thought.'

    'Maybe I would, Cassie, but I am thinking of you far more than any benefits gained by Papa and myself she replied hotly. 'Don't you see that your father and I are greatly concerned that you might not bring any dowry with you into a proposed marriage. If and of course the decision must be yours and yours alone, it transpired that you found one of the Toddingtons to your fancy, the lack of a dowry would be unimportant.' The next morning I discovered that a similar conversation had taken place between Fanny and her Mama, so I will come straight to the point, Charlie. You must come down to Devon as soon as possible and rescue Fanny and myself from the clutches of the Toddingtons! Don't misunderstand me, of course my parents would never force me to marry against my will, and neither would Fanny's — but I need someone whom I trust implicitly to help us work out how best to cool the Toddingtons's ardour without upsetting the apple cart even further. Can't you get away from Oxford for a long weekend?

    By all means bring a friend with you (preferably a nice young man because I've bad no boyfriend since I decided to end my relationship with the Honourable Graham Bowe earlier this year after catching him behind the pavilion at the tennis club being sucked off by the vicar's daughter). Write back soon, Charlie dear, and let me know whether you will be able to help two girls in need of a doughty champion.

    All my love, Cassandra With a sigh, I put down this heartfelt cri de coeur and carefully folded the sheets of paper back into the envelope.

    Clearly, Charles showed me this letter to find out whether I would be willing to assist him rescue these two young damsels in distress.

    I hauled myself out of my seat and strode briskly out of the library to take up Charles' invitation to join him for coffee in the common room. Wasting no time, I plumped myself into an armchair next to him and said: 'There's only one question I want to ask you, old chap. Do we go to Devon on Friday or shall we wait until the following week end?' Morley Hall, South Devon, October 25th, 1901 (Before Dinner) From the date above this entry, diary, you will note that Charles and I wasted no time in hastening down to assist Cassandra and Fanny rid themselves of their unwanted suitors. Even if it had meant cutting a lecture or two, we would still have booked tickets on the fast London train. However, Dr Barnes was slightly indisposed and cancelled his Friday seminar. If we return by Monday evening, all we will miss will be an economics lecture and Joshua has promised to supply us with his notes so we will not fall behind in our studies. The only disappointment is that Charles and I have both had to drop out of the college football team's game against Oriel, but unless I am much mistaken, Charles and I may well find ourselves involved in physical sport of another kind tomorrow night. We're in fine fettle for any such engagement for Charles and I left Oxford at eight o'clock this morning and we arrived here by tea-time. What a difference the railway has made to travel.

    Journeys which took my parents several days can now be accomplished in a matter of hours, and I am convinced that once perfected, the internal combustion engine will herald a similar revolution in this new century. On the other hand, we'll need to build many more roads to accommodate the growing numbers of motor vehicles and it will be a great shame if we sacrifice the beauty of the countryside. I grant that scientific progress should not be impaired, and there is no doubt that fellows like Julian Clayton derive great fun from driving their motor cars at tremendous speeds of up to forty miles an hour on the better roads. Yet how much more pleasant it is to relax in the luxury of an express train where one can stretch the legs, read a book or simply stare out of the window and then stroll slowly down to the refreshment car for a snack or slap-up meal. Certainly, this is how I enjoyed the journey. A footman met us in a dog-cart to convey Charles and myself on the last mile and three quarters to Morley Hall on the outskirts of the tiny village of Alston. Cassandra was waiting for us at the entrance to the imposing old mansion and I was immediately struck by the striking beauty of this shapely girl.

    Charles had told me that his cousin was stunningly pretty and he had not exaggerated by a whit, for Cassandra is blessed with a finely formed face framed by a mass of shiny brown hair which falls in ringlets upon her shoulders. Her eyes are also a deep shade of brown and her clear complexion shows off her aquiline nose and full, sensuous lips. She was wearing a tightly fitting white blouse which accentuated her high, thrusting breasts and I had to tear my eyes away from her heaving bosoms as she ran forward to greet us.

    'Charlie, how lovely to see you,' she cried as she threw her arms around him and gave him a huge welcoming hug before she turned to me and held out her hand. 'And you must be Henry Dashwood, I've heard so much about you from Charlie that I feel like I'm meeting an old acquaintance.' 'You're very kind, Miss Morley,' I replied as I shook her hand but she immediately said: 'Do call me Cassie, Henry, all my friends do and you will be my friend, won't you?' 'Oh yes, I would be honoured to be counted in that company,' I exclaimed and the lovely girl escorted us into the house whilst the footman took down our cases from the dog-cart. 'Polgrave, put Charles's case in the blue guest room and Henry's in the bedroom next to it,' Cassie instructed the footman as we followed her into the drawing room where a maid was standing behind two polished cake-stands, waiting to serve tea. Then she turned to us and added: 'Papa has had to go up to London on business and won't be back until tomorrow afternoon, but Mama will be here shortly. This summer she has been attending an art class in Brixham and hopes to bring back her latest picture with her when she returns in about half an hour.' As it happened, Mrs.

    Morley arrived only fifteen minutes later as she had been driven home by another artist manque in his new motor car. When she came into the drawing room, I thought at first that she was Cassie's sister, for this attractive lady was certainly no more than forty, and has retained much of her youthful beauty. Her smouldering dark eyes were doubtless the result of her Italian ancestry and her flashing smile must have captured the hearts of many suitors before she married Cassandra's father. 'Aunt Elena, how nice to see you again,' said Charles, rising from his chair and striding forward to kiss his aunt on both cheeks a la francaise. 'Let me introduce my very good friend, Henry Dashwood. Henry, this is my aunt, Mrs. Elena Morley.' I bowed slightly as Elena Morley smiled at me and said in a pleasing, slightly husky voice: 'How do you do, Mr. Dashwood? Welcome to Morley Hall.' 'Thank you, it's a pleasure to be here, ma'am,' I said, and was it merely a figment of my imagination that a mutual spark was lit when our eyes met, and when we shook hands, Elena Morley caressed my fingers for a few seconds longer than was strictly necessary? Only time will tell… Whilst I pondered on this matter, Cassie insisted that her Mama showed us her painting. It is a panoramic view of Brixham. To my (admittedly inexpert) eye, her canvas shows to perfection the picturesque view of the town, with the rows of houses irregularly terraced on the sides of the steep hills of the valley leading down to the harbour. Cassandra cocked her head to one side and said: 'This is your best picture yet, Mama. Perhaps you should send a selection of your work to your art dealer friend in London to see what they might fetch at auction. If they take the fancy of some passing connoisseur, all our financial problems will be solved!' 'My dear, I doubt if even the most amateur of collectors would be interested in my daubings,' laughed Elena. 'But nevertheless, I'm grateful for the compliment.' I cleared my throat and said: 'You must permit me to disagree, Mrs. Morley. 'I would be proud to have this picture on the walls of my living room. The brushwork is bold and clear and I find the use of bright, unshaded colour most pleasing.' 'So do I, Aunt,' chipped in Charles. 'And in my opinion, Cassie is quite right and you should send some samples of your work to a London dealer. What harm could it do? If he does not believe your pictures have any value, all he has to do is write a brief note and return them to you.' Elena frowned and looked hard at us. 'Do you really think so?' she asked doubtfully. 'Mr. Geogliegan is a very busy man, he's always travelling across Europe in search of good paintings, and I wouldn't want to waste his time.' Then Elena threw out her hands and said: 'Very well, I will go to the study and write to Mr.

    Geogliegan this very minute. I will send him this picture and you can all help me select another two or three for Polgrave to pack up into a wooden box which the carrier can pick up early tomorrow morning and put on the London train.' 'That's the way, Aunt Elena,' said Charles, rubbing his hands gleefully. 'Strike whilst the iron's hot!'

    As I was standing nearest the door, I moved quickly to open it for Elena as she walked out to write her letter. 'Thank you, Henry,' she murmured as she passed by. 'I will really value your opinion as to which pictures I should send to London.' After I shut the door, Cassie grinned at me and said: 'Charles has just told me your uncle has connections with Robey and Peck. This is the company which published a book Mama left wrapped in brown paper in my bedroom on my thirteenth birthday.' 'Oh, a copy of Alice in Wonderland or perhaps a calf leather bound edition of Tennyson's Idylls of the King!' I enquired, But Cassie shook her head and giggled: 'Not exactly, Henry, this was a plainly bound edition of The Mechanics of Human Sexuality by Dr Paul Evans.' 'I'll wager that Robey and Peck bring out a new edition of that book every year,' added Cassie mischievously. 'Even if the title page has a printed warning of “For Private Reading. Not To Be Left About”.' 'H'mm, have you kept your copy by any chance?' asked Charles carelessly. 'I've brought nothing to read and I wouldn't mind giving it a glance before turning off the bedside lamp tonight.' 'Sorry, Charles, I'm afraid I gave it to Reverend Ainsworth last year for a Church jumble sale in aid of the Deserving Poor,' she answered, but then she clicked her fingers and said: 'But I have another book which only arrived the other day which I know you will want to read very carefully. Wait here for a moment whilst I bring it down from my room.' 'Why don't I ring for a servant to fetch it?' asked Charles. But Cassie gave a little chuckle and said: 'I keep the book so well-hidden that it would take five minutes just to explain where it can be found.' She gaily skipped out into the hall and Charles looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face. 'What can be so special about this tome, Henry? I simply can't believe that Cassie has purchased a 'horn book,' he muttered. I shrugged my shoulders and said nothing for truthfully my mind was still turning over the question of whether it was only coincidental that Elena Morley's hand had brushed against my thigh when she had left the drawing room. However, Charles had only to wait a couple of minutes for his question to be answered, for Cassie now reappeared, carrying a large book bound in olive green Russia leather under her arm. She placed it on a side table and said: 'Here we are, gentlemen, I know that you'll enjoy browsing through these pages.' Cassie and I stood on either side of Charles as he opened the book and my chum let out a shocked gasp when he read out: 'Fucking For Fun by Major William Goodall. D.S.O., late of the Ninth Calcutta Lancers, Published Privately in Manchester. Heavens above, Cassie, where on earth did you buy this book?' 'More's to the point, why should an officer in the Indian Army offer himself as an authority on shagging?' I asked, a question which Cassie answered first, by explaining that Major Goodall was for many years the Chief Medical Officer of his regiment and during his stay in India he learned Hindi and helped Sir Richard Burton translate an ancient text on erotic pleasure into English. She continued: 'I bought this volume for three guineas at a second hand bookshop in Newton Abbot.

    Frankly, I don't believe the owner realised its true value because only a limited number of the de luxe editions were ever printed back in 1898 and I know that copies are keenly sought after by bibliophiles and collectors of gallant literature.' Charles flicked open a page and a wide grin spread over his face as we looked at a photograph of a handsome young man fucking a girl from behind, sliding his thick prick between her peachy bum cheeks as she stood upright with her hands spread against a wall, a position which allowed her to thrust out her peachy bottom. 'The models look as though they are having fun,' said Cassie. Charles grunted: 'Nice work if you can get it, I'd much rather take part in a session of fucking than read some of our mind-numbing books on philosophy — even if I were being photographed during the performance!' 'Almost anything is better than that,' I agreed. I then proceeded to read out the text underneath the plate.

    'The position of rear entry is frowned upon by some as being animalistic, although anatomically it is the most natural position for sexual contact. If she is on her hands and knees, the woman can support her partner's weight without difficulty since this entails the use of back and thigh muscles, the strongest in the human body. On the man's side, he is free to fondle the woman's breasts and buttocks whilst he can also manually stimulate the clitoris whilst his penis is sheathed inside the vagina.'

    Charles turned the page and we now looked at a photograph of the lucky rogue lying on his back whilst the girl sat poised on top of him, his cock in her hands ready to be inserted into her love funnel. Now Cassie read out the caption: 'Another interesting position is for the man to lie prone and the woman to sit on top of him. Despite its comfort, there are some men who dislike this mode of fucking because they feel their masculinity is somehow threatened by a feminine dominance — an attitude which others find strange as they believe the position allows their women to cater to their every demand.'

    'The lazy man's fuck,' mused Charles to which I said defensively: 'Maybe so, but I enjoy making love in this fashion, don't you?' He gave a non-committal answer, but Cassie took up the cudgels on my behalf and said: 'Well, it must be nice for you to lie back and let the girl do most of the work. Actually, I rather like the position myself, because it's easy for your partner to rub your titties whilst his cock's in your cunt.' 'Cassie! What would Aunt Elena say if she heard you use such earthy language!' scolded Charles.

    She wagged a reproving finger at her cousin and rejoined: 'Oh, don't be such a prude, Charlie! As the great Italian writer Boccaccio told his critics, no corrupt mind ever understands words healthily, and just as such people do not enjoy virtuous words, so the well-disposed cannot be harmed by words somewhat less virtuous.'

    She swivelled round to me and there was a lusty glint in her eyes as she said: 'So you admit you enjoy having a pretty girl on top of you, Henry, with your prick deep inside her pussey. Oh yes, I can just imagine the scene, the girl briskly bouncing up and down on your thighs, her breasts jiggling whilst she rotates her hips, exciting you into thrusting your hips upwards to meet her urgent thrusts. Then she slows the pace and lowers herself, pressing her taut titties against your chest… Oooh, I'm making myself all hot and bothered just thinking about it.' 'That makes two of us,' I said hoarsely, for my shaft was now as stiff as a poker and was throbbing violently inside my trousers. 'Please don't take offence, but you sound just like a story in The Cremorne.' Do I really?' giggled Cassie. 'Oh, I'm not offended at all, I enjoy reading those lusty tales in the naughty magazines. My former boyfriend, the Honourable Graham Bowe, subscribed to several of these saucy publications, but I haven't seen any since we broke up.' I gave a discreet little cough and said: 'Well, you are very welcome to borrow my copy of The Memoirs of Dame Jenny Everleigh.' 'Thank you very much,' Cassie said delightedly.

    'Is it in your suitcase? I hope that it's well hidden because the maids will have unpacked your clothes by now — oh poor Henry, from the pained expression on your face, I can see that you forgot to do so!'

    How could I have been so foolish, I muttered to myself, but Cassie took my hand and said: 'Never mind, Janet, our new chambermaid, is a very broad-minded girl. If anything, she loves shagging even more than I do.' Then she scooped up her copy of Fucking for Fun and turning to Charles she continued: 'Oh, this reminds me, Charlie, unless you prefer to play with yourself, there's no need for you to borrow this book tonight. Janet saw you arrive and when I went upstairs just now, she saw me and asked if I could pass on a message to you that she will be happy to come to your room for a fuck after Polgrave has gone to bed. 'Janet's only twenty-one but very experienced, and although I can't speak from personal knowledge, I understand from Nicholas, Farmer Webb's eldest son, that she is a lively little filly between the sheets.' 'I'm glad to hear it,' said Charles faintly, clearly astonished at the boldness of his pretty young cousin, and when he saw Cassie pulling me towards the door, he added: 'Hey, where are you two off to?' 'I'm putting this book back in its hiding-place and then Henry is going to give me his risque magazine,' said Cassie brightly. 'If Mama comes in whilst we're upstairs, be a dear and entertain her till we come back. If she asks where we are, you can tell her that I've taken Henry for a walk round the estate before it gets dark. The gong for dinner has just sounded and I haven't even changed my attire yet. I must continue to record this entry later.

    Motley Hall, South Devon, October 26th, 1901 (Before Luncheon) The clock will shortly strike twelve so I shall have just enough time to continue to record the events of yesterday.

    Let me take up my narrative from the time that Cassandra Morley dragged me upstairs (not that I needed any persuasion) ostensibly to give her my copy of a 'horn' magazine. Well, there is little point beating about the bush — before you could say 'Jack Robinson' we were lying down on her bed together reading the latest instalment of Call That A Boomerang? an account of Dame Jenny Everleigh's stirring adventures in Australia. 'Henry, did I tell you that my best friend Fanny Braithwaite will be dining with us this evening?' said Cassie as she swung her legs over the edge of the bed. 'Oh, I envy you boys, all you have to do is change into your dinner jacket, but Fanny and I have to decide whether this gown or that gown will be suitable.

    Sometimes I think that life would be would be easier if we wore nothing at all to dinner. 'Do you indeed. I suppose it would liven up the dinner conversation,' I replied with a smile. Cassie pulled herself off the bed and said firmly: 'That's as maybe, but I just cannot decide what to wear tonight. I'll try on one or two dresses and you must tell me which one you like best.' I groaned because I was certain that Cassie would be just like all the other girls who have asked my opinion on which of their clothes I prefer. I well remember being asked by Lady Juliette Davis to make a choice between a pair of green or black gloves. When after careful deliberation I chose the black pair, she immediately asked me what was wrong with the green ones! So it was with apprehension that I watched Cassie open her wardrobe door and disappear behind it. I plunged myself back into reading the conclusion of a magnificent fuck enjoyed by the authoress with Sir Cyril Ashberg, a wealthy Australian gentleman of the Hebraic persuasion. However, my perusal of her randy exploits was soon interrupted by Cassie's voice as she called out sweetly: 'Henry, do you think I would cause a stir if I came down to dinner dressed like this?' I glanced up to see Cassie standing next to the bed stark naked. My eyes widened and my cock, which was already stiff as a board from studying the pages of my 'horn' book, began to throb wildly as it rose inexorably upwards to make a perpendicular bulge in my trousers. 'Well,' she said with a gay smile, smoothing her fingers across the silky strands of curly brown hair which discreetly veiled her pussey. 'I gulped as I gazed at her perfectly proportioned bare breasts, so firm and so rounded and so deliriously topped with two mouth-watering tawny titties. 'On second thoughts, perhaps I had better wear a dress this evening,' she teased as she ran her forefinger, lasciviously up and down the length of her slit. 'It's top cold to walk around in the nude as Papa has yet to install radiators. On the other hand, it is not so cold up here, Henry, so put down your naughty book and undress. I presume you would like to fuck me, wouldn't you? If the size of that bulge in your lap is anything to go by, I would think that your thick prick is simply aching to slide into my tight wet love channel.' 'Oh, Cassie, I'd love to fuck you,' I answered with all my heart. This was all the fiery girl needed to hear, for once I had thrown off my clothes, she threw herself on top of me and hungrily sought my lips and we engaged in the most passionate of kisses whilst my stiff shaft rubbed roughly against the smooth curly bush of hair on her pubic mound. 'Now you said how much you enjoyed what Charles called the lazy man's fuck,' she breathed in my ear, pulling herself upwards as she slid her fingers around my sturdy truncheon. 'That's just as well because I also enjoy being on top, so what are we waiting for?' Without waiting for a reply to her rhetorical question, Cassie gave a throaty little chuckle before sliding herself slowly down upon my trembling tool until every inch was firmly embedded inside her. 'Wowee, what a nice fat tadger, it fits my cunney to perfection,' she squealed happily as she leaned forward and wiggled her lovely breasts against my chest and went on: 'Now, Henry, try not too spend too quickly. Just hold that marvellous stiffie inside my juicy honeypot.' Cassie's rosy cheeks were flushed as she began to bounce up and down on my rigid rod with a look of blissful delight, her ripe nipples standing out like bullets whilst her bosoms jiggled so invitingly every time her buttocks smacked against the tops of my thighs. 'Aaargh!' I growled when she held her hips down upon me, rubbing my cock from side to side whilst cleverly clenching the muscles of her juicy quim. She shuddered as she felt my prick begin to twitch and she urged me on, whispering that her cunney was ready to receive my spermy tribute.

    Seconds later I discharged a copious emission of frothy jism inside her and Cassie yelled out: 'Yes! Oh yes! Well done, Henry, you've made me come, you dear boy!' The luscious girl stayed in this position, her body writhing from side to side as she flashed a voluptuous smile at me. 'Oooh, how wonderful, I can feel your cock is still nice and stiff,' exclaimed Cassie happily. And with my rigid rod still ensheathed in her flooded cunt, she started to pump upon my shaft. Then I grabbed hold of her soft, beautifully-rounded bum cheeks and pulled her slowly up and down, treating my cock to long, deep strokes as I raised the tempo from lento to andante. Cassie eagerly took up the rhythm and pistoned her tight little backside furiously up and down until she was again on the verge of a spend. She yelled: 'Oh Henry, give me all you've got! Shoot your spunk up my snatch, you randy rogue! A-a-a-h, what a wonderful cock you have, I'm spending again! Go on now, finish off by shooting off again inside me!' I gritted my teeth and jerked my hips up and down until with a cry I also spent a second time, hurling wedges of creamy spunk inside Cassie's flooded love funnel. Our bodies heaved and bucked together until she rolled off me and we lay still, panting with exhaustion after this splendid session of passionate coupling. My shaft was now lolling limply over my thigh, milked dry by the exquisite suction of Cassie's cunney. But this salacious young filly spread herself out on her back with her legs wide apart and whispered to me that her sopping pussey was still tingling and would adore some further attention. Although I was feeling tired, I could hardly leave my nubile young lover in limbo, so I heaved myself up and knelt between her thighs. Taking a deep breath, I slid my hands underneath her bottom and dived down to press my face against her love lips, probing Cassie's sopping pussey with the tip of my tongue. She moaned with erotic ecstasy as I sucked her cunney with gusto, licking and lapping at her tender, erect clitty. My face was coated by the flow of the tangy mix of Cassie's cuntal juices and my own spunky emission which was now cascading out of her pussey as she opened her long slender legs as wide as possible to make her pungent pussey more accessible. I paused for a moment to savour her musky cuntal aroma-before nibbling lightly on her pouting pussey lips which caused her to purr with pleasure like a kitten. Oh, how I enjoyed licking out this delicious girl, forcing my tongue deep into her moist love channel, sliding it up and down her dripping crack. She yelped with ecstasy and clamped her thighs around my head when I found her twitching love button, twisting and turning so strongly that I had some difficulty in keeping my mouth glued to her cunney. Somehow I managed to keep my lips firmly over her cunt as she rubbed herself off to a shuddering climax against my mouth. When we had recovered, I kissed Cassie on the cheek and said that I needed to bathe and change before dinner. 'By all means,' she nodded and added: 'You don't have to get dressed again, Henry. You can go straight into your bedroom through the door on the right hand side of my wardrobe.' 'That's very useful,' I commented as I gathered up my clothes. She gave me an impudent wink as she replied: 'Yes, and even more so after we have dined. I deliberately instructed Polgrave to put your things in this room? I won't deny that it was in my mind that you might be able to take my mind off this awful business with the Toddington twins. You see-' I held up my hand and said gently: 'There's no need for any explanations, Cassie, I am fully aware of the situation. I hope you are not offended but Charles took the liberty of showing me your letter before we left Oxford.' 'Oh no, I'm pleased he informed you of the difficulties facing my dear friend Fanny Braithwaite and myself,' sighed Cassie. 'Perhaps you and Charlie will be able to put your heads together and come up with a solution to our problem.'

    I sat down on the bed and declared: 'My God, Cassie, nothing would give us greater pleasure. But we've no experience in financial matters, so I'm not sure what more we can do except give you our moral support. 'But your cousin Charlie is a clever chap,' I went on and proceeded to tell her of the way he cooled tempers of the hot-headed Boer War factions back at 'Varsity. 'So we'll put our heads together and see if we can come up with an idea or two to help you and Fanny resist the pressure to marry these two chaps just for their money.' 'Try your hardest, Henry, we're pinning our hopes on you,' she called out as I blew her a kiss and went through the inter-connecting door straight into my bedroom. I lingered in my warm bath, racking my brains to try and come up with a clever plan to help these two damsels in distress. My father is fond of telling me that the best ideas are the result of one per cent inspiration and ninety nine per cent perspiration, but nothing came to mind by the time I went downstairs for dinner, and I have to confess that I was engrossed in trying to pen down my own concerns with Cassie.

    Cassie and her mother were already in the drawing-room when I got down to dinner and Elena greeted me with a warm smile and a glass of champagne. This time I was certain that the tips of her fingers deliberately smoothed themselves around my wrist as she pressed the glass into my hand. However, before either of us could exchange more than a cordial 'good evening', I heard the rustle of skirts behind me and turned round to see Fanny Braithwaite standing at the door.

    'Henry, you've yet to meet my dearest friend Fanny Braithwaite,' cried Cassie and she introduced me to an exquisitely pretty girl with golden-blonde hair, large blue eyes and a fine, full figure. 'How do you do, Mr. Dashwood?' she said softly in a sweet feminine voice and as we shook hands. The words of the poet John Gay came instantly came to my mind: 'How happy could I be with either, Were t'other dear charmer away?'

    I must readily agree that these unworthy thoughts were of sheer greed, for I was already well set up for the weekend with the lovely Cassandra (and perhaps her Mama as well). So although my prick thickened when my eyes roved over Fanny's luscious bosoms which were spilling over the top of her low cut green gown, I was in a sense relieved when Charles now made his appearance and kissed Fanny lightly on the cheek. 'What a pleasure to see you again, Fanny,' he exclaimed and from the genuine look of delight on her face, it was obvious that these two were already, shall we say, very well acquainted! And I had thought Charles to be an innocent these matters!' Charles and I entertained the ladies with some amusing anecdotes about our first week at Brasenose College and then Polgrave came in to announce that dinner was served and Elena led us into the dining room. Although the Morley family might be experiencing some financial problems, this has not prevented Elena from instructing her excellent cook, to prepare a feast for us. We dined on caviare, asparagus soup, fillets of sole in white wine, roast lamb served with several vegetables and roast potatoes followed by several varieties of fresh fruits, all washed down with vintage wines. Charles and I stood up when the three ladies retired and Polgrave brought in a decanter of port from which Charles filled our glasses. 'Enjoying yourself, Henry?' he asked with a beaming smile upon his slightly flushed face, for Charles had been imbibing at a greater rate than myself. 'Aren't the girls absolute smashers?' 'Without a doubt, old boy,' I replied and rather daringly went on: 'And I hope you will not take offence if I say that your Aunt Elena is also a damned attractive woman.' 'I couldn't agree more,' Charles grunted as he sipped his port. 'Do you remember that I told you she was rumoured to have been fucked by His Majesty the King when he visited Morley Hall eighteen months ago? Well, I gave Polgrave half a crown whilst you were upstairs with Cassie and he swore to me that he heard a noise coming from Edward's bedroom in the early hours and he peeped through the keyhole and saw Aunt Elena lying naked on the bed sucking the royal shaft.' 'Oh my word,' I murmured, feeling upset that I had unwittingly steered the conversation upon delicate ground. 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to rake up any embarrassing family scandals.'

    Charles let out a throaty chuckle and said: 'My dear chap, think nothing of it, Cassie knows of the matter and it's all water under the bridge as far as Uncle Roger is concerned. Between ourselves, he wasn't put out because-now how shall I put it-although he and Elena are the very best of friends, some time ago Uncle Roger admitted to me that unfortunately he has been unable to satisfy Aunt Elena in the bedroom — or anywhere else, come to think of it! No, it's not that he's impotent,' he went on when he saw my eyebrows shoot up. “The problem hasn't been so much about his not being able to manage a stand. It's just that Uncle Roger is rather the other way inclined and has his own set of lovers. Meanwhile, Aunt Elena would like to be shafted morning, noon and night.' So I had not imagined the signals which the good-looking lady had been giving me! 'What are you smiling about?' asked Charles curiously. Then he snapped his fingers and snorted: 'Oh-ho, has my naughty aunt been giving you the eye? Well, it would be surprising if she didn't make a pass at you, Henry, because I doubt if Aunt Elena has sheathed a beefy young prick in her snatch since Nathan, the gardener's boy, left Morley Hall last July.' 'Has there been no-one else available to satisfy her needs?' I enquired. Charles shook his head and answered: 'Not really.

    You see, she considers that it would be rather infra dig to let herself be shagged by one of the house servants and in any case, Polgrave is also of the homosexualist persuasion. So feel quite free to fuck my aunt tonight, you'd be doing both Elena and Uncle Roger a favour if you'd give her a good poke. Cassie knows about the way her mother deals with her unsatisfied needs, in case you're bothered.'

    I grinned weakly at him and muttered that I would do my utmost to oblige the lady. I did not inform Charles that his pretty cousin expected me to return to her room later to continue our sensuous joust. Still, I would have to cross this bridge when I came to it. I downed my glass of fine, full-bodied port with a flourish. 'No, no, another will send me to sleep,' I said hastily as Charles offered me the decanter. 'Shall we join the ladies?' He refilled his own glass and swiftly swallowed down another large port. Then he rose slightly unsteadily from the table and said: 'By all means, let's see what the three of them are up to in the drawing-room. But keep your hands off the fair Fanny, old bean, she and I have an understanding, if you follow my drift.' 'I understand perfectly,' I replied and added with total sincerity: 'I assure you that I'll be busy enough without making a play for your girl.' We walked through to the drawing-room where the ladies were engaged in a game of Table Curling, a new table game Aunt Elena purchased from sclfridgcs on her last trip to London, which is played on a specially marked board with miniature hardwood 'stones'. At the ladies' request, Charles and I joined in but after about half an hour, Cassandra gently nudged me under the table and then said: 'Would you all forgive me, but I have a headache coming on and I need to go upstairs and lie down. I find that only resting in a darkened room brings relief — but I don't want to break up the party so please promise you'll continue your game. Henry, do you play bridge? Yes? Then let me say that Fanny is the most talented player in this company. She is always sought after as a partner at house parties.' 'And not only for card games, I'll be bound,' I said gallantly. 'In the meantime, may I escort you to your room, Cassandra?' 'Thank you, Henry,' she replied, placing her arm in mine and we moved towards the door. 'If this headache passes in the next hour or so, I'll be down again in about an hour. But if not, may I wish everyone a very good night and I'll see you all again in the morning.' Elena, Fanny and Charles chorused their best wishes for Cassie's speedy recovery and as we climbed the stairs she told me that Fanny was staying the night at Morley Hall. 'She's in the bedroom across the hall from Charlie's so don't be alarmed if you hear the creak of floorboards during the wee small hours!' she remarked as we reached her door. 'I'll remember that,' I said, kissing her lightly on the forehead. 'And I wish your headache better.'

    Cassie looked at me and giggled: 'Silly boy! I don't have a headache. But this gives me an opportunity to break up the party for Fanny and Charlie. With that pair, I don't know who is the more keen to get their hands on each other! Out of politeness, they'll play at most two rubbers of bridge and then Fanny will yawn, say she is feeling tired as will you and Charlie. This will bring the evening to a close nice and early, so Fanny and I can enjoy the luxury of a nice unhurried night of love-making. 'We worked out this strategy when Mama went out of the drawing-room for five minutes whilst you and Charlie were polishing off your port.' 'You clever girl,' I said admiringly. 'I'll be back as soon as possible.' 'Good, I'll be waiting for you,' she said, pursing her lips to blow me a kiss as she pushed down her doorhandle. 'Don't forget, you can use the connecting door so it won't be necessary to go out again onto the landing.'

    'I'll be as quick as I can,' I promised as I waved goodbye and took the opportunity of relieving my bladder in the guests' W.C. before I hurried back down the stairs to rejoin the others. By the time I returned, Polgrave had set up the bridge table over which he had placed a linen tablecloth as the baize needed repairing.

    Someone had thoughtlessly let his cigar burn a large hole in the fine green baize. We cut the cards and I drew Elena as my partner. The first few hands were uneventful, but then I found myself in a contract of four spades, which Charles had doubled and when Elena laid down her cards, I discovered that she y had been guilty of substantially overbidding the strength of her hand. 'Perhaps I shouldn't have raised you to four,' she murmured as I studied her cards. 'Not with only holding a trump suit of length without strength.' 'That's never a good position in which to find oneself,' said Charles with a throaty chuckle, but neither Elena nor Fanny took offence. I smiled whilst I pondered upon which way I should finesse the queen of hearts.

    I made up my mind and when I craned forward to pull the knave of hearts from Elena's cards, she also leaned forward giving me a closer look at her bulging, ripe breasts. Like Fanny, she was wearing an evening dress with a fashionable, low neckline. 'I must slip off these new shoes,' she murmured. 'They'll be all right once I've worn them in, but right now they are somewhat uncomfortable' As if this were not distraction enough, seconds later I felt a silk-clad foot sliding up against my leg. I became so flustered that after Fanny had played a small heart, instead of taking out the three from my hand, I inadvertently played the ace — to Charles's great disgust for he was now forced to play his singleton queen! 'Fortune favours the brave,' commented Fanny good-naturedly, although under the cover of the tablecloth, I now felt Elena's foot insinuate itself higher until her toes were rubbing against my inner thigh and my cock had swollen up to bursting point! Heaven knows how I managed to follow suit, let alone play out the rest of the hand, but amazingly enough I managed to make the contract and win the rubber. As Cassie had forecast, this was the signal for Fanny to acknowledge defeat and to ask if she too could be excused as she wanted to wake up early and go out horse-riding before breakfast. 'By all means, Fanny,' said Elena graciously. 'But before you go upstairs, gentlemen, as I know how interested you both are in painting, I must show you the latest etchings my husband bought from Mr. Geogliegan's gallery on his last visit to London.' 'Aunt Elena, I've already seen them and as I'm feeling rather tired, would you mind if I browsed through the pictures in your studio tomorrow,' said Charles with a weary smile. This request hardly displeased Elena who nonchalantly replied: 'Yes of course, dear boy, off you go. I don't want you to over-tire yourself as I've arranged lots of nice things for you to do tomorrow.' But nothing as nice as fucking Fanny, I thought to myself, as Charles wished us good-night and left Elena and I alone in the drawing-room.

    Now I was not totally naive, and after her naughty game of footsie under the table it was hardly difficult to guess what she had in mind when we sauntered out into the hall. Nevertheless, Elena proved to be even more direct than I had anticipated, for when Polgrave, who had just come up from the kitchen, sidled up to us, she immediately instructed him to lock up the house and then she turned to me and said quietly: 'You come this way, young man.' She led the way up the stairs, but I followed her not to her studio, but directly into her bedroom. I affected a puzzled look and said: 'Mrs. Morley, I thought we were going to look at your etchings.' 'Damn the etchings,' said Elena in a husky voice as she pushed me on to the bed. 'Look at my bosoms instead. Let me show my two beauties to you in all their naked glory.' Elena had divested herself of her underwear, because after she unhooked the top of her dress and pulled it down, the generous contours of her snowy-white bare breasts with their large, pink areoles and rich stalky nipples, were openly displayed.

    'When my husband and I were in Paris some years ago, Monsieur Toulouse offered to sketch me for only one hundred francs. Roger agreed and whilst he browsed through the galleries on the Left Bank, the painter took me to a bordel de luxe in the Rue des Moulins.

    'I had no hesitation in posing in the nude for him and he completed his sketch in under an hour. The memory of meeting such a great artist will never leave me and his picture is one of my most prized possessions. 'Now I know what you want to ask me, Henry, so I will save you the embarrassment of forming the question. Like all his models, I was most attracted to Monsieur Toulouse but I didn't allow him to make love to me. However, I did let him fondle my breasts and I unbuttoned his flics and pulled out his prick and goodness! What a colossal cock he had on him, of extra-ordinarily large dimensions.

    'No wonder the girls of the Parisian demi-monde adored him! I had to hold this huge throbbing tool in my two hands whilst I let the tip of my tongue tickle his helmet. I opened my mouth and managed to suck in about half of his pole, moving my tongue along its width and then I twisted my body round so that he could kiss my pussey and complete a most enjoyable soixante neuf.' Whilst Elena related this fascinating story her eyes travelled to the swelling bulge in my lap.

    Her fingers followed her eyes and she dextrously unbuttoned my flies and freed my pulsating prick. She licked her lips whilst her hands slid up and down my thick, throbbing tool and then she looked at me with a voluptuous smile and said softly: 'Henry, I was very pleased to notice that you didn't drink a great deal at dinner because it provokes desire but it takes away from the performance. And I want you to stay here and fuck me till daybreak.' I knew that Cassie was waiting for me to carry out the same function but I could hardly refuse her mother, especially when she quickly undressed and displayed the rest of her naked charms. Elena released my cock and trailed her fingertips through her dark pubic bush through which I could see the split love lips leading to the glistening folds of her love channel.

    Then she sat beside me on the bed and pressed my hand to her moist cunney, moving my wrist as my fingers slipped inside her juicy cunt.

    'Oh yes, play with my pussey and bring me off,' begged Elena as we lay back and I directed my fingers to the fleshy little nut of her clitty. She arched her back, pressing her mound against her hand whilst. I leaned over and sucked her pointed nipples. The musky scent of Elena's quim filled my nostrils as I opened up her soaking clit and she gasped: 'Oooh, you've made my pussey so wet, Henry! Now stuff your big stiff shaft into my cunt and let's fuck the night away!'

    Nothing loath, I rolled over on top of her and she took my cock in her hand and placed my bell-end between her pouting pussey lips. I slid in my prick until our pubic curls were meshed together and I rubbed her erect titties between my fingers which made Elena squirm delightedly whilst I fucked her. And although she may have been past her first flush of youth, Elena Morley was a grand fuck. The walls of her cunney felt like velvet around my cock which was squishing and squirting into her pussey. I fucked her with long, smooth strokes and then as I hovered above her, supporting myself on my forearms, Elena panted: 'Ahhh! That's divine, you darling boy!

    Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! My fine young Oxford scholar, I award you a first class degree in fucking!' We laughed merrily and my balls slapped in slow cadence against her bottom as I moved down, up, and down again, increasing the pace when I felt she was near to her spend. I changed the tempo to one of short, sharp jabs as Elena rotated her bum cheeks as I thrust in and out of her squelchy cunt. Then I let out a low growl as my balls tightened and I felt the stream of seed shooting upwards. 'Go on, Henry, cream my cunt,' she cried out, cleverly tightening the muscles of her cunney around my shaft in a long, rippling seizure which ran from the root to the very tip of my prick. Then she relaxed, and at once the spunk burst out of my cock, forcing its way, hot and seething into every recess of her cunney as gush after gush jetted through my shaft, washing the walls of her love funnel with white, foamy seed. In near-delirium Elena screamed out: 'Yes! Yes! Yes!' as she writhed from side to side. Her teeth sank into my shoulder as she arched her body upwards, crushing her soft breasts against my chest whilst the force of a final stupendous spend rocketed through her body. 'M'mm, that was exquisite,' breathed Elena as she collapsed back on to the pillow. Our love juices leaked out into a tiny pool of wetness between her thighs, and as she stretched out her hand to turn down the lamp, I reached down and smeared our mingled cum all over her succulent titties. A warm wave of fatigue washed over me and it soon became impossible to prevent myself falling into a delicious light sleep, as I cradled Elena in my arms. I was woken by a strange hand lightly pulling my ear. 'What the deuce — ' I began and then I saw the slender figure of Cassie standing beside the bed, clad in a dressing gown and holding a lamp in one hand and my ear in the other! 'I was wondering where you had got to,' she whispered but she brusquely cut off my profuse apologies. 'It's all right, Henry, I'm cross but I don't blame you as much as my Mama who really should keep her hands off my boyfriends. I know she has had to make do without since Nathan, the gardener's boy, left our employ last July but really, she might have asked me if I didn't mind sharing before seducing you like this.

    'I don't condemn her affairs though. Thankfully the times when women were simply expected to lie back and think of England during love-making are slowly passing and if Papa cannot satisfy her needs, I don't see why Mama should not look outside her marriage for sexual satisfaction. Enough men do — look at the number of mistresses kept by the King — so why shouldn't women do the same?' 'Why not indeed,'

    I agreed as Elena stirred and her eyes fluttered open. 'Hello darling,' she murmured sleepily when she saw her daughter standing beside and showing no concern that Cassie had caught her in flagrant delecto. Elena mumbled: 'Oh darling, I suppose I owe you an explanation,' but Cassie shook her head. 'Not really, Mama.

    Although I did wish for Henry to pleasure me tonight,' she added.

    I had no wish to become embroiled in any argument, so I hauled myself up and was about to pad out into the bathroom when Elena pulled me back and said: 'Don't be aggrieved, Cassandra, I was not to know that you had designs on young Henry here.' To my discomfiture, Elena threw back the blankets and exposed my naked body, saying: 'But Henry possess the most beautiful penis? Look at the way his truncheon thickens when I rub my hand up and down it. If he hasn't yet fucked you, my dear, I am pleased to state without any reservation that you're in for a lovely treat.' 'Take hold of his cock and feel the warm, skin as smooth as polished ivory,' she urged her daughter, who needed no encouragement to wrap her fingers around my stiffening shaft. I stayed silent for I was happy enough for my tadger to be toyed with by these two pretty women. Cassie sat down on the bed and planted a quick butterfly kiss on my uncapped pink knob. 'Henry has already fucked me so I am well acquainted with his delicious prick,' she commented. 'I do agree with you, Mama, that it is a most attractive specimen. Perhaps Henry will let you make a nice water colour of it for my bedroom wall. I'm sure you could capture the nice way that the curly hair around the root sets off his shaft and his hairy ballsack.' 'What a splendid idea,' said Elena and at last I was brought into the conversation as she looked at me and asked me a question that I had never been asked before and am unlikely ever to be asked again! 'Henry, you wouldn't mind my making a picture of your cock and balls, would you?' 'Please feel free,' I replied and Elena continued: 'Why don't we bring him off together? Then you can take him back to your room for the rest of the night.' 'Fair enough,' said Cassie and mother and daughter immediately went to work with a will. There was room enough for them both to encircle their hands around the ample girth of my pulsating prick and they pressed their heads down to lick and lap on my twitching tool. Elena and Cassie jostled their heads together to suck upon my fleshy lollipop and their sensuous palating was too much for me to bear. Very shortly a fountain of spunk burst out of my cock in a tidal rush of sticky jism into their mouths and they smacked their lips as they gulped down my copious spermatic emission. Their soft hands traced patterns along the distended blue vein along the length of my shaft until I finished my cum in an ecstatic shudder of sexual relief. I lay back and let the pair lick the last drains of semen off my shaft and then Cassie said cheerfully: 'Good night, Mama, we'll see you in the morning. I am glad there are no secrets between us.' Then she gave my shrunken chopper a friendly tug and added: 'Come on, Henry, we must be off. I'll take your shoes and socks if you will carry the rest of your clothes.' I meekly obeyed and once in the safety of Cassie's room, she dragged me on to the bed and our limbs were soon entwined in a fiercely passionate kiss. It was clear that Cassie wanted to be fucked but my poor cock was hors de combat and even the most lubricious sucking by Cassie failed to stiffen my shaft. The disappointment was plain to see on her face as she flipped my limp tool back over my thighs. So I ruffled her hair in my hand and said gently: 'Cassie, all I need is a little rest and I'll be sporting a terrific boner, you just wait and see.' 'I hope you're right or you'll have to fish out my Ladies Comforter which Fanny gave me for my sixteenth birthday,' said Cassie in a relieved voice. 'She gave you a Comforter as a present on your sixteenth birthday,' I spluttered. 'Do you mean to say that this is the sort of gift that girls give each other as opposed to perfume or small articles of clothing?' Cassie gave a short laugh and said: 'Does this shock you, Henry? Clearly, it has never struck you that girls as well as boys have sexual desires. You are fortunate that you can bring yourselves off very easily, but like many of my friends, I find that frigging myself with a dildo is more satisfying than finger-fucking.

    When one also thinks of the number of married women who cannot count upon regular conjugal relations with their husbands-such as Army and Navy wives who are separated from their menfolk for months on end.

    Anyhow, I would still rather be fucked by a real cock than by a comforter tonight.' There was a brief silence and then Cassie lifted her head and said: Ah, I think I have the answer. Henry, how would you like to watch Fanny being fucked by Charlie? Would that give you a hard-on?' 'Well, such an entertainment should certainly be most stimulating,' I answered. 'But surely they won't want to make love in front of us.' 'What the mind doesn't know, the heart won't grieve over,' declared Cassie. 'Go into your room and slip on a dressing gown and a pair of slippers and I'll show you what I have in mind. All should be well so long as Fanny has gone to Charles's room and not vice versa.' Well, no one has ever accused me of being slow in coming forward if there is anything on offer connected with my favourite activity and I hurried into my room to do as Cassie had asked. When I returned she took my hand and after telling me to keep very quiet, she opened the door of her room. After making sure that the coast was clear, we tip-toed out across the landing, turned left along the corridor and I followed Cassie into a small room on the other side of the house. Once safely inside, she said quietly: 'I'm afraid that the Morley family have one or two skeletons in the closet besides those you know about already. To be blunt, my paternal great-grandfather Sir Beresford Morley was; a voyeur who loved nothing better than to see his spouse being serviced by the lusty grooms employed in the stables. To do this, he had two sets of peep-holes made in the wall so that he could watch unseen whilst his young servants pleasured his wife. Mind, in all fairness to the old rogue, he first obtained his wife's permission to bring in a carpenter to carry out the work.' 'A most interesting tale, Cassie, and I recall reading somewhere that this strange aberration is more prevalent than one might think,' I remarked. Whilst I pontificated, Cassie had brought up two chairs which she placed side by side against the wall. 'Sir Beresford clearly liked to watch in comfort,' I observed as I followed her instruction to sit down.

    Then she pointed out a tiny handle, about the size of a farthing, which she motioned to me that I should pull to one side. I obeyed and a small piece of the wall slid away into a groove, leaving a space large enough to peer through into the next room. I placed my eyes to the wall and sure enough I had a grandstand view of Charles and Fanny lying together in the big double bed. The beside lamps were still lit and I speculated that the pair were resting after a vigorous bout of rumpy-pumpy. As luck would have it, less than a minute after Cassie and I took our seats for the show, so to speak, Charles stirred and threw back the bedclothes as he swung his feet over the edge of the bed and murmured that he was just going to the bathroom and would be back shortly. 'Jolly good,' said Fanny as she sat up and stretched out her arms. She did not immediately replace the covers and I drank in her celestial beauty as she brushed strands of silky blonde hair from her face. I licked my lips whilst I stared at Fanny's superb young breasts and her high-tipped erect nipples jiggled up and down as she slid her legs out of the bed. I was now able to admire her shapely thighs and the thatch of dainty golden curls which frothed around her pussey. And as expected, my cock began to thicken at the sight of the shell-like lips of Fanny's cunney pouting out so prettily from the hirsute blonde bush. The spell was broken by Charles opening the door of the bathroom and walking briskly back to the bed.

    'Ah, that's better,' he grinned as he sat himself down next to Fanny on her right hand side, slipping his arm around her waist. 'It's no wonder that I needed a pee, I polished off almost a complete bottle of champagne by myself during dinner. But why have you got out of bed, my darling? Do you also wish to visit the bathroom?' 'No, I was just feeling rather warm,' she answered as Charles kissed her large tawny titties. 'Ooooh, be careful, Charlie, you know how I adore having my nipples kissed. Don't start something that you won't be able to finish.' 'There's no danger of that,' he growled, moving her hand down towards his stiffening shaft. Their faces moved closer together and then their lips meshed whilst Charles cupped her bosoms in his hand and Fanny slicked her hand up and down his swelling shaft.

    They fell back upon the bed and Fanny broke off their embrace to slide her head downwards until her face was level with Charles's quivering, stiff cock. I felt Cassie's fingers clamp themselves around my own rock-hard boner as Fanny swirled her wet tongue all over the smooth, domed crown of Charles's chopper and clamped her hand around the base of his pulsating prick in a firm yet tender embrace. She kissed his knob and squeezed the blue-veined, rigid rod before moving her mouth along it, licking and lapping on the fleshy sausage, sucking in his cock inside her mouth as her hands now moved to his tightening hairy ballsack. 'Oh God, stop sucking or I'll spend!' panted Charles and he pulled her head up and released his gleaming shaft from its sweet imprisonment. Then he gently guided Fanny's head back on to the pillow and I heard her murmur throatily: 'Lick my pussey out, Charlie, there's a dear.' He smiled his assent and knelt between Fanny's legs as she parted the lips of her superbly chiselled crack to reveal the glistening red gash of her cunt. My concentration was temporarily broken when Cassie whispered in my ear: 'You'll enjoy this, Henry, I've seen Charlie perform before and he is wonderfully adept at licking out wet pussies.' Charles certainly lived up to this billing and he began by letting his tongue travel down the length of Fanny's trembling body, stopping only to nibble on her gorgeous nipples and to lick around the whorl of her navel before sliding down to the base of her belly. He was still kneeling when he parted the flaxen curls of Fanny's thatch to part her pouting pussey lips which instantly yielded to the pressure of the tip of his questing tongue as he worked his face deep into the cleft between Fanny's thighs. 'Ahhhh!' breathed the lovely lass as Charles slid down on to his belly, sliding one hand under her bottom to provide additional elevation and resting the other on her inner thigh to enable him to spread her pussey lips with his thumb and forefinger. Fanny purred with pleasure as Charles placed his lips over her cunt and he must have found her clitty straight away for she immediately began to thrash about wildly and she wrapped her legs around his head.

    'More! More! Morel Oh Charlie dear, you've sent me off!' she cried and she writhed from side to side whilst he noisily gulped down her flow of love juice as Fanny shuddered through a delicious body-wrenching orgasm. Now Charles scrambled up to lie on top of the nubile young girl and he slipped his hands underneath her to clasp the soft cheeks of her jouncy backside. He smacked his lips and chuckled: 'I'm delighted that I could bring you off with my fingers and tongue, it's always gratifying when your partner achieves a spend.

    But now I want to pleasure you with my prick, Fanny, so may I have your permission to proceed?' 'Oh yes, Charlie!' she gasped. 'I can hardly wait to feel your cock inside my cunt. Do tell me just how you want to fuck me!' He gave a gruff laugh and replied: 'Well, first I shall take hold of my stiff tadger and slide my knob into your sopping slit. Then I'll move my shaft slowly in and out of your juicy sheath, feeling your cunney muscles clinging to my cock — and then we'll just let nature take its course!' 'Wonderful!' squealed Fanny as he moved quickly on top of her, smoothing his hands over her breasts which sent her into fresh raptures of delight. Then he moved on top of her, hungrily searching for her mouth and the lusty couple exchanged a burning kiss as their pubic muffs rubbed roughly against each other. Charles arched his hips upwards and I caught sight of the knob of his thick tool probing the entrance to Fanny's cunt. Next he lifted himself up on his hands and knees so I could see his shaft squelching its way through into the squishy moistness of her delicious honeypot as they rode together. Like a steel bolt, Charles' sturdy tool crashed though Fanny's wet love funnel, separating the folds of gluey skin as he fucked the lissome girl, pounding his prick in and out of her pussey until he sank down on top of her, his cock well and truly jammed inside her cunt. He rested for a few moments and then continued this vigorous fuck, his lean body rising up and down as he reamed out her thrilling quim with his thrusting sinewy shaft. 'Keep pumping, Charlie! What a marvellous fuck!' Fanny called out as he continued to slew his shaft in and out of her insatiable quim. Finally Charles panted: 'Brace yourself, Fanny, here I go!' This was a signal for Cassie to grip my cock even more tightly as we watched Charles crash down one final time upon Fanny's quivering curves and we listened to their ecstatic moans as she squeezed her thighs together to milk every last drop of creamy spunk from his spurting stalk. 'Oh Henry, I feel so randy,' muttered Cassie as she rubbed my cock and I turned my head away from the peep-hole to see that with her free hand she was diddling her pussey.

    'Let's join the party, I'm sure that Charles and Fanny won't mind.'

    Cassie released my palpitating prick and she bent down and pressed a secret switch at the edge of the parquet floor. To my amazement, a portion of the wall to our left slid open leaving a gap wide enough for us to wriggle through into Charles' bedroom. To my great relief, the apprehension I felt about interrupting Fanny and Charles was instantly disproved because as soon as Fanny saw us she waved and called out a greeting. 'Hello there, you two! Were you watching Charles fuck me through the peep-holes? Honestly Cassie, what a nice thick prick he has on him.' 'Thank you for the compliment, ma'am,' said Charles as he withdrew his shaft from Fanny's cunt. It was still stiff and gleaming wetly with love juice and Cassie looked at it with a gleam in her eyes and said hopefully: 'My word, your cock's still nice and stiff. Can you carry on?' 'Certainly I can, if Fanny would also like to continue,' answered Charles. But Cassie said reproachfully: 'Fanny has already been well looked after.

    Isn't it about time you fucked me, Charlie?' Cassie stepped out of her robe and proudly displayed her lissome naked body to him. Then she climbed on the bed and kissed his knob, licking up the coating of cum which still remained around the 'eye' of his helmet. She guided his cock to her pussey lips and Charles trembled uncontrollably as the tip of his knob touched the soft folds of Cassie's cunt. I wondered why he did not plunge his prick directly into her waiting wet cunney, but then I suddenly realised that my friend was understandably nervous about fucking his lovely young 'cousin' for the first time.

    Cassie must have also come to the same conclusion because she stretched out her arms and clasping his Charles's dimpled bum checks, she pulled him inside her. The sweet stimulation of Cassie's temptingly tight cunt send shivers of ecstatic delight racing through Charles's body and he began to jerk his shaft wildly in and out of her tingling honeypot. She caught his rhythm as he increased the pace and although this was only the first time that Cassie had entertained his beefy cock in her seething quim, it seemed so natural that one would have thought the raunchy pair must have coupled many times before.

    Indeed, it was as if a benign providence had designed each of their bodies for the pleasure of the other, I mused, for their breathing was in perfect unison, deeper now as a sheen of perspiration oiled their writhing bodies and Charles's palpitating prick tingled with excitement from the firm pressure of Cassie's cunney muscles.

    'Ooooh! Keep pushing, Charlie! Harder and faster,' she cried as she lifted her legs and crossed them behind his waist, pressing his cock even more firmly inside her crack, though she was careful not to trap his body too tightly which would inhibit his natural rhythm.

    They speeded up, and considering that Charles had previously spunked less than five minutes before, I found it quite astonishing that he was able to continue this strenuous fuck. But I was now reminded of Fanny's presence as she clutched my shaft in her hand and whispered: 'Henry, wouldn't you rather play than just watch?' 'I should say so,' I replied breathlessly as I gazed upon Fanny's jutting young breasts and her prominent pink pussey lips which nestled so invitingly at the base of the soft triangle of blonde furry hair between her thighs. Then I was overcome by a sudden urge to fuck the sweet girl an derriere and I rolled her over onto her belly. Fanny guessed what I had in mind and scrambled up on her knees, thrusting out her pert bum cheeks as I positioned myself behind her.

    “There's a pot of Vaseline on the beside table,' Fanny panted and although I could hardly wait to slide my cock in the cleft between her chubby buttocks, naturally I first greased my shaft with the gelatinous jelly before easing my glowing bell-end between her rolling bum checks towards the winking little rosette which beckoned so alluringly. Fanny gave a tiny yelp as my prick enveloped itself between the rolling cheeks of her beautifully proportioned backside but any discomfort was only temporary and she wriggled with delight as I leaned over her and began to play with her luscious breasts. I worked in and out of her arse very slowly at first, but when I realised that I was fully absorbed into her tight little bottom-hole, I started to fuck her more robustly, pushing my body backwards and forwards, making Fanny's bum cheeks slap loudly against my belly.

    Next to us, Charles and Cassie were nearing their climax. Cassie was the first to spend, letting out a piercing cry of satisfaction whilst the force of her orgasm raged through her. She sank her nails into Charles's back as her excited cunney squeezed deliciously around his throbbing tool and his face tightened as with a deep throaty gurgle he ejaculated powerful jets of milky spunk into Cassie's cunt as she moved her hips faster and faster. 'Oh yes, I'm coming again!' she panted and he cried out: 'So am I!'. As Cassie threshed frenziedly into a second spend, the thrilling feel of her exquisite body caused Charles's cock to discharge a further copious emission of sticky white seed before he collapsed down on top of her. I screwed up my eyes in sheer bliss as I continued to pump my greased shaft inside Fanny's lubricated back passage. But then I soon opened them when I felt soft hands pressing against my thighs. I glanced down to see that Cassie had been so fired by watching me fuck Fanny's bottom that she had wriggled herself between my legs and was now lifting her head to take my ballsack into her mouth as she swung her arm around my hips and gave me a taste of my own medicine by jabbing a finger into my arse! Charles now also entered the game by also positioning himself on his back so that his head was directly underneath Fanny's cunt. 'Oooh, Charlie, are you going to lick me out whilst Henry fucks my bum? How very, very rude, you naughty boy!' panted Fanny, although the lascivious smile playing across her lips plainly showed that his intervention was nonetheless welcomed. To accommodate him, she moved slightly forward and then lowered her enticing golden-haired pussey on to his lips and Charles instantly began to nuzzle on her dripping honeypot, flicking his tongue into the soft folds of her juicy cunney. So the four of us engaged in a licentious orgy of fucking and sucking and this voluptuous scenario only came to an end when I could no longer hold back and I flooded Fanny's rear dimple with a tremendous deluge of creamy jism whilst her own love juices poured out from her pussey over Charles's mouth and chin. We refreshed ourselves with smoked salmon sandwiches and champagne which Charles had earlier ordered Polgrave to bring up from the kitchen and when we had recovered we formed a delightful fucking chain. Cassie placed herself on her hands and knees and asked me to fuck her 'doggie-style' from behind. Whilst I did so, Fanny thrust her breasts in front of my face and I sucked her lovely high-pointed titties. Cassie leaned forward to exchange a wet open-mouthed kiss as Charles plunged his prick into Fanny's cunt and at the same time fondled Cassie's large bosoms, tweaking up her tawny titties to two twitching little peaks of rubbery flesh. It was well after five o'clock when Cassie and I made our way back to her bedroom and for the sake of propriety (for we did not want to be surprised by the chambermaids bringing us our early morning cups of tea), I left her there and slept away the final hours of the early morning alone in my own bed. Morley Hall, October 26th, 1901 (Continued) Luncheon was a rather quiet affair and after the meal Elena Morley announced that she was going to her study to work on a new picture. “The carrier has taken away those pictures which the four of you persuaded me to send to Mr. Geogliegan,' she remarked as she left the room. 'I still don't believe that they will be of interest to him, but if I am wrong and he makes me a reasonable offer for them, I shall insist on giving you all percentage of the cash.'

    After Elena had shut the door behind her, Cassie said to Charles: 'You don't really think that Mama's paintings are of great value, do you?' 'Not enough to make any enormous difference to your present financial plight, although I am sure they will fetch a useful price at auction,' he answered honestly. Cassie sighed: 'Well, we can but hope. In the meantime, there is the more pressing problem of the Toddington twins to solve.' 'My goodness, I'd quite forgotten that they're coming round here tonight,' exclaimed Fanny. 'Henry, I don't suppose that you have dreamed up a clever plan as to how we keep them at bay?' I shook my head, but then the glimmerings of an idea formed in my mind as I recalled how back at college Joshua had suggested taking some highly embarrassing photographs to make the fiery Maurice FitzAllen look foolish. 'Wait a moment, there might be something we could do if we could get hold of a camera,' I said slowly. Charles snapped his fingers and declared: 'Well done, Henry! Yes of course, but how would we go about it?' 'Well, perhaps Cassie and Fanny will be able to answer that question,' I said and then I explained the scheme to the girls. 'It could work,' said Fanny excitedly. 'We could use Papa's whole plate studio camera if we could lure the terrible twins into Charles's bedroom.'

    Cassie nodded and said thoughtfully: 'Fanny, you know who could be useful in this matter, and that's Mary. She loves nothing better than a good fuck and would be happy to seduce Alfred or Lester Toddington on our behalf.' Charles let out a loud guffaw. 'Mary the kitchenmaid?' he chuckled. 'Oh, Cassie, you can't be serious.

    Mary's a nice enough girl but she's far too noisy, she gave me a headache last time I fucked her.' 'What on earth are you talking about,' I began but then Charles held up his hand and grinned: 'Shush, Henry, I do believe I can hear a familiar sound coming from downstairs.' He walked briskly to the door and opened it and now I also heard an intermittent squealing. With a puzzled look on my face I looked across to see that Cassie and Fanny were unashamedly shaking with laughter. 'Is that noise what I think it is?' I enquired.

    Cassie giggled: 'Yes, that sounds like our pretty kitchenmaid enjoying her regular afternoon fucking with Mick the village blacksmith, or Mick the Prick-as he is known in these parts. As you know, Mama is a firm believer in the broad-minded philosophy of live-and-let-live, but even she has had to warn Mary about disturbing the peace of the house with her yells.' I looked at her doubtfully but Charles said: 'You see, Henry, poor Mary can't help herself. There are girls who sigh, who laugh and some who cry but I've never encountered one who yelled like Mary. Cassie came to her defence. 'Mrs. Hobart has said that Mary is a great help to her even though she also finds it difficult to ignore the noise when Mary is being shagged by Mick the Prick. Incidentally he is a very nice man who always brings Mrs. Hobart a little gift when he comes round here.

    Furthermore Mick has been endowed with an absolutely colossal cock,' she concluded firmly. 'Oh really, Cassie, how can you possibly know?' demanded Charles. She replied unblushingly: 'Because I've seen it for myself! One day last month I asked Mary if I could take a look at his big boner and so next time Mick appeared, he pulled out his prick to show me his gigantic weapon.' 'Well, I have no idea of the dimensions of Alfred and Lester Toddington's tools,' I said to Cassie as Mary's shrieks reached a high-pitched crescendo. 'But if this girl will help us, she can make as much noise as she likes so long as your Mama is safely out of the house.' 'I'll have a word with Mary right now,' said Cassie as she rose from her chair. 'Fanny, would you like to come with me and I'll ask Mick to show you his extraordinarily large chopper.' 'Very well, and I'll pop along to Uncle Roger's den and make sure that his camera is in good working order,' said Charles briskly. 'Henry, I suggest that you stroll over to Aunt Elena and find out if she has any special plans for this evening.' 'By all means,' I agreed and followed the others outside into the hall. The girls bustled downstairs where thankfully all was now quiet and Charles gave me the directions to where I could find Elena. This turned out to he a west facing room at the very top of the house so that Elena could best benefit from the light.

    'Come in,' she called out when I knocked but Elena jumped up in some confusion when she turned her head and saw that I was her visitor. 'Henry, this is a nice surprise. What brings you up here?'

    She moved quickly across to try and hide the sketch which was pinned up on her easel but I was too quick for her and craned my neck round to catch sight of a superbly executed likeness of her own face, her hair curled around her cheeks and a shy but happy smile upon her lips as she kissed the uncapped knob of a large erect penis which she was carefully cradling in her hands. I wanted to ask her whether the finely drawn cock in question was based upon any particular masculine member but felt that such a question would be in poor taste, so I simply remarked: 'You should not feel the need to hide this sketch, Elena, it is a bold yet sensitive work that will be appreciated by all lovers of erotic art.' 'You're too generous, Henry,' she smiled back. 'Although I must admit that Aubrey Beardsley said much the same to me when Roger and I met him at Mr. Geogliegan's gallery back in '95.' I pressured Elena into letting me see some more of her sketches and she showed me a small selection of pencil portraits, some of which were splendidly imaginative. My favourite was of a small orchestra made up of several Society notables with their instruments replaced by others of a decidedly unmusical nature. Miss Norma Grove-Radlett was depicted playing upon a flute fashioned like a greatly elongated prick whilst Lady Brenda Hampstead was seated with a giant cock between her knees which she was bowing like a cello whilst the tympanist, Lord Stanley Goldhill, was using his colossal cock to play on a kettledrum. 'Give me your honest opinion on whether you think I have any real artistic talent,' pleaded Elena and when I replied that I stood by my earlier observation, she looked at me with a lusty gleam in her eye and said: 'Then would you pose for me, Henry?

    It is so difficult for me to find suitable models for my admittedly recherche life-studies? Even when I have been in London I have found there to be a taboo against women artists and if nothing else I would like to show the world that the sex of the artist should be immaterial.' 'I don't believe that sex is ever immaterial,' I remarked, which made Elena laugh and retort: 'Touche, monsieur. But please help me, Henry dear, there's no-one else in the house who I could ask.' 'Well, I don't know,' I said doubtfully but she clasped my hand and went on: 'Oh please help me, Henry. Look, I have a good idea which might make it easier for you to agree to my request.

    I'll take off my dress before I sketch you. This will allow me more freedom of movement and you will feel less self-conscious about posing in the nude.' How could I refuse this heartfelt plea? I am not a natural exhibitionist, although I am far from ashamed of my body. So I told Elena that I would be happy to oblige her and sat down and removed my shoes and socks. Then I slipped off my jacket and unbuttoned my trousers. 'Give me your clothes and I will fold them up neatly for you,' said Elena as I pulled down my trousers and pants and stood covered only by my flapping shirt, in the long mirror on the wall I could see her looking down at my prick dangling down between my thighs when I slipped off my shirt. 'Thank you, that would be useful,' I said as I passed her my clothes and then, after placing my garments in a neat pile on a chair, Elena also rapidly undressed until she was clad only in her chemise. 'Stand over by the window please, Henry,' she ordered. I took up a position facing her with my hands on my thighs in front of a well-upholstered armless chair. 'Yes, that's excellent, can you hold that pose comfortably?

    Good, now try and keep completely still.' I did my best to obey and flexed my muscles as Elena began her sketch, but I could not prevent nature taking its course when I looked at her bare legs and her large, creamy breasts overflowing over the top of her chemise.

    Despite my frantic efforts to prevent it by trying to recite the alphabet backwards, my shaft started to stiffen perceptibly even though my hands remained firmly in place on my thighs. This did not escape Elena's attention and she looked at me voraciously as my thick cock rose higher and higher, uncapping the red-topped helmet as it swelled to its full nine-and-a-half inches, standing smartly to attention against my belly. She laid down her pencil and said softly: 'Oh Henry, you are lucky to have been blessed with such a lovely rigid tool. It looks so powerful yet sweet enough to eat.' Naturally, I was flattered by her praise and made no move as she walked across to me and slipped her hand around my pulsating prick. Her long fingers worked up and down as she frigged my rock-hard boner up to bursting point. I put out my own hands and cupped her generous breasts, squashing the erect, rubbery nipples against my palms. 'Let go my bosoms for a moment,' she panted and then my naughty hostess whipped off her chemise Over her head to reveal that she was not wearing any knickers. I was given a brief glimpse of Elena's bushy triangle of pussey hair before she pulled me to her and our bodies crushed together in a fiercely passionate embrace. Our lips mashed together as my hand found its way inside her hairy mound, sliding my fingertips through the yielding cunney lips into the moist vaginal entrance.

    Elena sighed as I began to finger-fuck her and her fist slicked up and down my quivering cock so sensuously that her rubbing quickly led to the inevitable result and the sticky jism coated her fingers as I sprinkled her belly with my seed. However, my prick remained firmly upright as we staggered towards the chair where Elena pushed me down and promptly sat herself down on my lap, pressing down the lips of her crack to the glowing helmet of my shaft. Then she lifted herself up and guiding my throbbing tool into her cunt, she sat down slowly and artfully wriggled from side to side to work my prick as far up her love funnel as possible. Her breasts jiggled up and down as she panted: 'Aaah, I love to get on top because fucking in this position gives my cunt a hard pounding, especially if the boy is as thick-pricked as you, Henry. M'mm, that's very good, fuck me harder, Henry, and I'll grind my bum around to give my clitty a good rub!'

    I jerked my hips in time with her rhythm and as I arched my frame upwards, Elena gurgled with joy. I shot great gusts of spunk deep into her cunney just at the point when she also reached the pinnacle of pleasure, flinging her arms around my neck as the force of her orgasm rippled through her. Whilst we recovered our senses, I suddenly remembered why I had come to see Elena and I enquired whether she was planning to go out tonight. 'Oh no, we have guests coming to dine with us this evening,' she replied as she swung herself off me. 'I invited Sir Richard Hawton, a local landowner from Forder Green because Lady Hawton is away visiting her sister in Plymouth and he will partner me at dinner.' 'Will there be any other guests?' I asked although I knew full well that Alfred and Lester Toddington had been invited. Elena nodded and went on: 'Yes, I've arranged quite an interesting party. There will be two local gentlemen who wish to press their suits with Cassandra and Fanny, whilst I also have two very nice girls lined up for you and Charles to squire. Miss Jenny Nairman is the niece of Reverend Westhoughton, our local rural dean so you two should have something in common for Charles tells me that you father is also a country parson. She will be accompanied by another young lady named Annabel Tilgate, about whom I know little except that she lives with her parents in Belgravia, and that she and Jenny have been very close friends since their early schooldays. 'Cassandra and Fanny are aware that the Toddington twins will be here this evening but neither they nor Charles know that I have also invited Sir Richard, Jenny and Annabel. Now as I shan't take tea with you because I want to continue working here till dusk, perhaps you would pass on this message to Charles and the girls.' Before I left Elena, I spent a further fifteen minutes posing for her whilst she completed her drawing and in return for the favour, she insisted on giving me a present of her witty landscape sketch of Stonehenge in which every upright stone had been replaced with the likeness of a gigantic prick sprouting up from the ground. Charles was delighted when I conveyed Elena's news to him. 'Henry, I've read about Jenny Nairman in The Illustrated London News. She should be an interesting dinner companion as she's not only a suffragette but a member of Sir Lionel Trapes' South Hampstead set.' He repeated this to the girls at tea-time, but naturally they were somewhat less pleased to hear that Elena had provided companions this evening for Charles and myself.

    Cassie complained that her mother had only done so to ensure that she and Fanny gave their attention to the Toddington twins and she said crossly: 'Really, it's too bad of Mama to behave like this, I'm far more cross with her than I am with Alfred and Lester.' 'Yes, I'm rather sorry for those two gentlemen,' added Fanny. 'After all, they have no idea of our true feelings about them.' 'You shouldn't fret about the Toddington twins,' grunted Charles. 'If they possessed even a grain of sensitivity between them they would realise that the chances of their being any genuine romance between themselves and two pretty young girls are microscopically small.'

    Motley Hall, October 21st, 1901

    It is now almost mid-day and Charles and I will now be leaving Morley Hall later than we had planned-we shall now travel to London by the afternoon train which will arrive in London just in time for us to catch the last connection train up to Oxford. This is cutting things rather fine but the morning express left at eleven o'clock and Charles is still asleep whilst I only dragged myself out of bed half an hour ago as I have decided that it will be easier to write about the wild events of last night whilst they are fresh in my mind. Hopefully, this will also allow me to snatch an hour or two of sleep during the long train journey later today. So without further ado, let me record that Charles and I joined Elena, Cassie and Fanny in good time in the drawing room to welcome the five guests who would be dining with us.

    Sir Richard Hawton was the first to arrive and although at first I could not recollect exactly when and where we had been introduced, I remarked to him that I was certain that we had met somewhere before.

    'It's quite possible, I have travelled quite extensively over the last three years,' said Sir Richard with a pleasant smile. It soon became clear that he was a friendly gentleman with a quick, ready wit and I could well understand why Elena had invited him to partner her in the absence of her husband. Physically, Sir Richard was a stocky, well-built man in his early forties with smiling blue eyes, and clean-shaven complexion and I racked my brains to try and remember where our paths had previously crossed. Whilst I was deep in thought, Polgrave announced the arrival of Alfred and Lester Toddington. Although not identical twins, they were both somewhat plump with sallow, fattish faces with dark, well-curled moustaches.

    Alfred had lost much of his hair and his head shone in the gleam of the lights in the chandelier in the middle of the room.

    Naturally, I was prepared to dislike the Toddington twins on the spot but in fact they turned out to be polite if somewhat shy gentlemen. Charles put them at ease by asking some questions about their long stay in India and this prompted Alfred to tell the company a number of interesting anecdotes of their experiences in the sub-continent. Then, at the conclusion of Alfred's account of a railway journey from Madras to Pondicherry, Jenny Nairman and Annabel Tilgate entered the room. Jenny was an extremely good-looking girl of nineteen, light-skinned with large brown eyes and gold-dusted auburn hair. Annabel too was a genuine beauty though perhaps slightly younger than her friend. Her sweet face was set off by long natural tresses of strawberry-blonde hair and her slender, tall figure was quite breathtaking with her ample bosoms, a narrow waist and I imagined her long legs hidden underneath her dress. Shamelessly, I immediately engaged Jenny in conversation about the recent protest meeting in Hyde Park organised by Mrs. Pankhurst, letting it be known that I thoroughly approved of this latest demonstration by the suffragettes to secure votes for women. She rewarded me with a smile of approval when I observed: 'There is no argument in the world which can logically give the vote to a lowly clerk in the offices of the Army and Navy Stores and yet deny it to the matron of King Edward VH's Hospital for Officers!' Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Cassie was a mite put out by my paying close attention to Jenny, for this meant that she was forced to chat with Lester Toddington.

    However, there was nothing I could do to prevent Elena pairing us off to go in to dinner behind her and Sir Richard. At his aunt's request, Charles took Annabel's arm so that Cassie and Fanny were led in to the dining-room by Alfred and Lester respectively. We enjoyed a most wonderful dinner for the cook really excelled herself. With only the help of Mary the kitchenmaid (who must have been spurred on by her noisy fuck that afternoon with Mick the Prick) and two ladies from the village who Elena occasionally calls in when she gives grand dinner parties, she served the following fine repast:

    Huitres Natives Saumon d'Ecosse Fume Coupe de Tortue Verte Brindilles Diablees Creme Ambassadeur Foison Roti a l'anglaise Coeur de Celeri au Jus Pommes Fondates Poire Belle Jacqueline Fruits de Saison Cafe Turc, Tea Russe et Liqueurs.Perhaps it was the oysters and the constant flow of a very fine Chablis which kept the conversation so animated for I soon began to feel sexually attracted to the gorgeous Jenny. Yet, despite the fact that we chatted away extremely amicably, a little voice inside my brain insisted on informing me that on the girl's part, there was little or no magnetic energy of sexual attraction for me. I tried to ignore the voice, but even whilst I was speaking to her, I noticed how several times her eyes slid across the table to where Alfred Toddington was amusing Cassie with a light-hearted tale about how he had nearly been caught in flagrante delicto with a concubine from the harem of the Rajah of Lokshentan. I stopped talking to Jenny and leaned over the table and said to Alfred: 'Mr. Toddington, Miss Nairman and I could not help overhearing your fascinating story.

    Do please continue, it sounds most interesting.' A slight blush coloured his cheeks but he was encouraged to continue by Elena Morley who called out from the head of the table: 'Ah, is this a tale from the Mystic East? I'm sure we would all like to hear it.' To his credit Alfred turned to Elena and spread out his hands and said: 'I don't think it is as interesting as all that, Mrs. Morley.'

    'You're being modest, sir,' I said heartily, hiding my ulterior motive of embarrassing Alfred under my veneer of chummy heartiness.

    'Now what was the concubine's name again? Gita, wasn't it? So there you were lying down with her on a blanket on the bank of the River Akash and I'm sure we would all love to know what happened next!'

    The murmur of conversation round the table faded into silence and Alfred gave me a glassy smile. Then he mopped his brow and ploughed on with his anecdote. 'As I just said to Miss Braithwaite, it was a hot day and the sun was pounding down on us. '“The water looks so inviting that I wish I had brought my bathing drawers and a towel with me,” I remarked and she looked back at me with her flashing dark eyes and replied: “You don't need to wear anything to go into the water, Alfred sahib. Don't you know that it's much nicer to swim without any clothes on at all? It feels so free to splash around without anything on. Let me show you we can use this sheet for a towel although we'll be able to dry ourselves off in the sun very quickly.” 'Gita stood up and unravelled her robe until she stood naked in front of me.

    She was a pretty girl of only seventeen with very full breasts and a delightful slender figure with a perfectly proportioned little bottom that was well developed for a girl of her age. She paddled her way into the river and slid down into the cool water and called out: “Come on in, Alfred Sahib, this is great fun.” 'I wavered for a few moments because I was now amused with desire for the girl and although the Rajah and myself were on good terms, I knew that he did not take kindly to anyone helping themselves unasked to the fruits of his orchard, so to speak.' 'That's putting it mildly, Mr.

    Toddington,' commented Sir Richard Hawton. 'I was always given to understand that anyone caught with a harem girl would at best be singing falsetto the next day!' Alfred expelled a deep breath and said: 'Quite so, although as the Rajah is an Old Etonian, I don't think he would have exacted such a draconian revenge upon me. Indeed it was with that thought in mind that I muttered to myself some words from the Kama Sutra which I had recently been reading, namely that in our wild and dangerous world, we must drink deeply from the cup of sensual joy lest it be suddenly dashed from our lips. So I heaved myself up and also undressed. Gita giggled when she caught a glimpse of the physical evidence of my unslaked passion before I waded into the river to join her. 'I must say that her observations about swimming in the nude were quite true and I revelled in the sense of total freedom. I lay on my back, wallowing in this sensuous joy when Gita came up to me and slipped her hand around um, a certain protuberance-' 'A certain protuberance?' repeated Sir Richard Hawton, whose flushed face made me wonder if the colour was not only down to the considerable amount of Chablis he had drunk but also whether Elena's toes were playing around in the vicinity of his groin in the same fashion as they had done around mine during dinner on the previous night. 'Don't be mealy-mouthed, sir, you mean she clutched your stiffstander, h'm?' “That would be another way of putting it, as Lily Langtry said to Oscar Wilde,' chortled Charles, receiving a sharp nudge in the ribs from Cassie for his pains as Alfred continued: 'After a while we swam back to the shore and dabbed ourselves dry with the makeshift towel though as Gita had said, it was hardly necessary to do so as the warm sun quickly evaporated all the moisture from our bodies. 'We lay naked on the sheet and somehow it seemed the most natural thing in the world was to lean over and kiss Gita. She immediately responded by sliding her tongue between my teeth in a long, probing kiss. My hands descended to her thrilling young breasts and her lingers slid down to grasp my pulsing erection — but just as she lay back and parted her thighs we were interrupted by a cry of: “Hey there, you dirty rascals, what do you think you are up to?” 'I would have thought that was pretty obvious even to a celibate,' commented Fanny. Alfred gave a throaty c buckle and said: 'Alas, such a witty reply never occurred to me, perhaps because the owner of the voice was none Other than Father Oakhurst a devout Catholic who was travelling with his aunt and wished he'd never set foot in this “heathen” land. 'Of course, Father Oakhurst disapproved of the sins of the flesh and especially of carnal relationships between an Englishman and the native population.

    'My God, what did you do?' asked Jenny curiously. 'Did you try to bribe him to keep silent about what he had seen?' Alfred shook his head and sighed: 'No, that would have been offensive.' 'So did he scurry off and tell the Rajah?' I enquired. Alfred chuckled and said: 'He would have done, but luckily I noticed that he was carrying his sketch book — sketching was an obsession of his. I guessed rightly that he would not have been able to resist sketching us in the water, and when I grabbed the book from him, I discovered that he had drawn several pictures of Gita's bare backside. 'Her bare backside!' spluttered Charles into his champagne. 'So was he one of those chaps who prefer to use the tradesmen's entrance?'

    Alfred answered with a smile: 'Oh no, nothing like that. As I said, the good father is a celibate. But he was forced to explain his obsessive pursuit of the rather strange pastime of gluteusology, a hobby with which you will probably not be familiar. In brief, it is a somewhat esoteric branch of phrenology, the science of observing and measuring the sizes and shapes of people's heads which then enables a judgement to be made on their mental characteristics. Well, gluteusologists believe that human beings can also be classified by the shape of their bottoms and to help develop this theory, Father Oakhurst had been assiduously sketching derrieres for more than five years. 'I had made him promise to keep our secret but cheeky Gita bent down and allowed him to study her shapely brown buttocks. No doubt he has the sketches displayed in his bedroom at home to this day. Cassie winked at me and giggled: 'Was Father Oakhurst interested in all sorts of bums? Men's and women's of all ages?'

    'Apparently not, Miss Morley,' he replied with a straight face.

    'I have not seen his collection of sketches myself but I gather that he specialises in young female backsides and that the piece de resistance of his collection is of six girls displaying their supple little bottoms and bending down to peer through their parted legs.'

    We all roared with laughter although I noticed that Cassie gave Alfred a quizzical look although she said nothing more. Frankly, I have some doubts about the absolute veracity of this tale, but as Dr Muttley always drummed into us back at the Albion Academy, it is the height of bad manners to question the accuracy of another person's anecdote, especially if he is entertaining the listeners. Be that as it may, this stirring story had affected Elena who rose from the table with a gleam in her eye and suggested that it was time for the ladies to retire to the drawing-room. But Cassie turned to her mother and said: 'Mama, I don't see why I should have to leave the table to enable the gentlemen to smoke (which I happen to think is a habit which is bad for your health and should not be encouraged indoors) or to enjoy a glass of port and tell each other risque stories.' It was no surprise to me that a staunch fighter for women's rights like Jenny Nairman agreed with Cassie. 'Quite so, Cassandra,' she said hotly. 'There is no-reason at all why we should be cast aside like second class citizens at the conclusion of a dinner party.' 'There may be something in what you say, my dear, but the custom allows us to leave the table gracefully so that we may visit the powder room,' ventured Elena but her argument was swiftly rebutted by Jenny who said: 'True, Mrs. Morley, but then why should we not be allowed to do the same as the gentlemen and excuse ourselves from the table after the main courses? I wonder what the gentlemen here have to say on the matter. What are your views, Mr. Dashwood?' 'Well, I think it might be better if there were no hard and fast rules about the matter,' I said diplomatically. 'This would allow the ladies who wish to retire to leave the company and those who do not to stay and enjoy a glass of port.' This brought Lester Toddington, who had remained very quiet whilst his brother had regaled us with nil story, into the conversation. 'Oh come now, Mr. Dashwood, this would be an insufferable encroachment upon the male preserve — and I doubt if you could find any young ladies who would appreciate port, it's very much a gentleman's liqueur.' Jenny bristled at this remark. 'I must contradict you,' she said icily as she signalled Polgrave to pour some port from the crystal decanter into her glass. 'In public houses patronised by the wage-earning classes, a port-and-soda is considered a real treat by ladies. However, what is more important is the simple fact that a feminine palate can be just as sensitive as a man's.

    Without wishing to boast, I would back my judgement on port against any man at this table.' She lifted her glass and held it up to the light before taking a sip. Then she looked at Elena and said: 'This is an excellent wine, Mrs. Morley. A full, rich Old Muscatel, which could well be a '92 vintage or even an '87. And as it is so rich, we had better finish the decanter for the port will deteriorate overnight,' she concluded as she swung round to the other end of the table and said 'Wouldn't you agree, Sir Richard?' “Top marks, Miss Nairman,' laughed the good natured baronet who turned to Lester Toddington and added, 'You'll have to eat your words, my dear sir.'

    Lester raised his hands in surrender but Jenny would not be deflected and went on: 'May I also say that if you would like to drink port in an unorthodox fashion, you could do far worse than follow the example of the Portuguese who drink light white port with soda and ice. It makes a delicious aperitif and dear friends of mine, of both sexes, who have partaken of the drink thoroughly recommend it.'

    No doubt in order to keep the conversation on a light-hearted level, Charles rapped his knuckles on the table, 'On that note, ladies and gentlemen, let's finish this delicious port. For the benefit of ladies present who might not be familiar with the custom, the convention is that the decanter is passed around the table in a clockwise direction. Polgrave had to place a second decanter on the table whilst he refilled the first. When that too had been emptied Elena stood up again and Sir Richard Hawton escorted her out as she tottered towards the door. However, in her hurry to leave, Elena had not closed the door and we distinctly heard Sir Richard (who being slightly deaf in one ear tended to speak loudly) say: 'Well, that was a splendid dinner, Elena but there is something you must do for me right away.' 'What's that?' she asked and the reply came back: 'Undo my flies and take out my cock. I've had a tremendous boner for the last five minutes.' I must admit that I let out a noisy guffaw when Elena answered: 'There you are, my dear, is that more comfortable. Goodness, what a big prick you have!' 'There's over nine inches of meat in your hand,' we heard Sir Richard say proudly before Charles leaped up and ran across the room to shut the door.

    There was no doubt that the copious amount of alcoholic refreshment we had imbibed led to some highly indecorous behaviour when the party moved to the drawing-room. Suffice it to say that I was sitting in an armchair with Cassie on my knees. I had thrown up her skirt and glided my hand between her thighs where I was rubbing my forefinger against her moist knickers. At the same time, the frisky girl had unbuttoned my flies and, oblivious to the fact that there were six other people in the room (although Charles had wisely dimmed the lights), she pulled out my prick from my drawers and began sliding her fist up and down my shaft whilst our mouths joined in the sweetest of kisses. The others had paired off into couples — Charles with Fanny of course, Alfred with Jenny and Lester with Annabel. Heaven knows what kind of orgy might have taken place when there was a knock at the door and I heard Polgrave say: 'Miss Cassie, I have an urgent message for you.' “Damn, whatever can that be?' she sighed as she slid off my lap, I stood up and buttoned myself up before following her to the door which she opened slightly and said: 'Polgrave, I hope this is really important or I shall be extremely annoyed with you.'

    'Forgive my intrusion, Miss Cassie, but I thought you would like to know that I just received a telephone call from your father. He was calling from Torquay railway station and he instructed me to send out the carriage to fetch him home. Fletcher is saddling up the horses and will leave in five minutes time, so I would expect your father to arrive home within the hour.' 'Thank you, Polgrave, you were quite right to pass on this information without delay,' she said gratefully. 'Is my mother aware of this news?' Polgrave let out a discreet cough and answered: 'No, Miss Cassie, Mrs. Morley is upstairs in her bedroom with Sir Richard Hawton and I judged it best not to interrupt them.' 'Quite right, Polgrave, I will break the news to her,' said Cassie as Polgrave withdrew. Then she whispered in my ear: 'Come on, Henry, we'd better warn Mama or there will be an almighty scene. Papa might look the other way when she kicks over the traces but he would draw the limit at finding her in bed with one of his best friends.' I did not relish the idea of interrupting Elena and Sir Richard in the middle of whatever they were getting up to (and one would hardly expect to be awarded a prize for guessing what that might be), but naturally I did not hesitate to follow Cassie up the staircase. Clearly it would be less embarrassing for me than Cassie to inform Elena of her husband's unexpected return to Morley Hall.

    When we reached the landing, Cassie suggested that I looked through the keyhole before I knocked on the door. 'A few minutes more won't make any difference if they've started something that should really be finished,' she observed as we stood outside the bedroom door. 'Very well,' I replied as I bent down and looked through the small opening. As expected, the couple had shed their inhibitions along with their clothes. Sir Richard was leaning against one of the bedposts and Elena was on her knees in front of him, holding his huge, swollen shaft which was stiffly pointing upwards between his thighs.

    His sturdy frame was shaking with excitement as Elena washed her tongue over and around his knob, up and down its veiny length as she cupped his balls in her hands. She gave one long, sweeping slurp on his throbbing tool and then wriggled over on to her hands and knees, the twin orbs of her chubby white buttocks almost directly facing me.

    I could not make out what she said but Sir Richard also dropped down on to the carpet behind her and with great panache he began to fuck her 'doggie-style'. Elena squealed with delight as he drew his arm around her to play with her titties whilst her gorgeous bum cheeks jiggled against his belly. 'Oooh, you're coming, I can feel it!

    Oooh! Oooh! Flood my cunney, Richard!' she shrieked out. The lusty baronet's face glistened with perspiration as he yelled back hoarsely: 'Yes, yes! What a glorious fuck!' And as Elena's bottom bucked from side to side, Sir Richard ejaculated his sticky jism into her love funnel and the randy pair rode on until he pulled out his now limp cock from the cleft between Elena's bum cheeks. At this point, I straightened myself and gave three loud raps on the door.

    'Now who the devil can that be?' I heard Sir Richard cry out, but it was Elena who came to the closed door and enquired who was there.

    'Oh my God!' she gasped when I explained the purpose of my mission and Elena said that she and Sir Richard would rejoin us downstairs as soon as possible. 'Golly! We'd better tell the others,' said Cassie and so we hurried back to the drawing room to caution the others, as the notice in railway cloakrooms puts it, to adjust their clothing. In fact, this warning did not apply to Jenny, Annabel and the Toddington twins, but Fanny and Charles had slipped out of the room during our absence into Roger Morley's private study. There I found Charles lying stretched out naked on the carpet with Fanny, also in a state of total nudity, sitting across his thighs, rubbing her pussey lips back and forth across the lip of his uncapped knob. I stood silently at the doorway and watched Fanny move downwards to allow his throbbing tool to enter her yearning love channel. When his cock was fully embedded inside her, she held him in place by tightening the walls of her cunney and Charles arched his body upwards in time to her rhythm. Fortunately, it was not too long before Charles cried out that he was about to spend, and Fanny reached down to squeeze his balls. Their mutual joy appeared to peak simultaneously as his creamy spunk flooded into her cunt and she shuddered into a magnificent climax. Not surprisingly, they were not best pleased to hear my news, although they cheered up when I observed that Mr. Morley would be exhausted after his long journey from London and once he was safely in the arms of Morpheus, we could spend the rest of the night fucking ourselves silly. Anyhow, we were all sitting demurely in the draw ing room when Roger Morley returned — but what excitement followed when he gave us the wonderful news that, contrary to all expectations, the villainous blackguard who had run off with the Morley and Braithwaite family fortunes had been apprehended and that almost all the money had been recovered.

    'Mr. Braithwaite and I will both lose about a thousand pounds, but thankfully such a blow will not be fatal to either of us,' he concluded triumphantly.

    Brasenose College, Oxford, October 30th, 1901

    It will still take Charles and I a day or two to recover from our hectic stay at Morley Hall. I should add that Charles used the camera he set up to entrap the Toddington twins — although such desperate measures were of course no longer needed as Mr.

    Morley's marvellous news freed Cassandra and Fanny from any obligation to marry their wealthy suitors. However, Charles had spent so much time rigging up the camera, that he took several photographs of the four of us writhing around naked on the bed which I have just finished developing for him. My own favourite photograph is of Cassie riding upon my stiffie whilst Fanny sits on my face with my tongue sliding through her flaxen muff into her juicy love channel. The two frisky girls are leaning forward to kiss each other with their hands squeezing each other's firm, rounded breasts. It is hardly a photograph that I can keep in an album but I shall keep it safe under lock and key as a reminder of a top-hole weekend.

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  • PART III. Rural Rides

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