• PART I. Jolly Good Pals
  • PART II. Some Cunning Stunts
  • PART III. Comings and Goings


    The Secret Chronicles of Henry Dashwood, Vol. 1

    PART I. Jolly Good Pals

    Wednesday, November 7th, 1895

    'My dear Henry, memory is the diary we all carry with us,' advised my favourite uncle, Sir Robert Bacon, when he presented me with this large day-by-day diary today – my sixteenth birthday.

    'But it can often play strange tricks,' he went on, 'and if in later years you would like to remember with complete accuracy the important happenings in your life, the only way to do so is to write down your recollections of these events as soon as possible after they have occurred. 'Yes, Uncle, and it would also be useful to be able to take photographs to complement one's recollections,' I said, hoping that this might trigger the thought to buy me a camera for Christmas.

    Unfortunately, Uncle Robert saw through this shameless ploy immediately and grunted: 'H'rmph, well I cannot deny that photography is a fine hobby for any boy, and indeed, you may assume that if I were presented with the proof that you have kept a full and frank account of important incidents in your life from today onwards until I see you on Christmas Eve at Lower Tarlowe (my parents have invited Aunt Lucinda and my uncle to stay over the holidays) you will be far from disappointed with the gift you will receive from me to celebrate the festive season.' 'You may take this as a promise,' I replied.

    Uncle Robert is a decent old stick who can always be relied on to slip a florin in my jacket pocket whenever he visits me, either at home or here at my school, the Albion Academy for the Sons of Gentlefolk. Visits by relatives are normally frowned upon by Dr Muttley, our headmaster, but my birthday has fortunately chanced to coincide with a half holiday, so Uncle was allowed to take afternoon tea with me in the refectory. So, here begins this chronicle of my schooldays and whilst I am composing this narrative, it strikes me that in future years it is quite possible that this record might be seen by eyes other than my own. I should therefore sketch in some background details about myself and some of the other chaps in the Upper Fifth. False modesty is as foolish and vulgar as overweening pride, so the first entry in my diary will be about myself, Henry Edward Ludlow Dash wood. I am sixteen years old and, at just an inch under six feet, am considered tall for my age. I am reasonably proficient at most academic subjects and am right back and captain of the Academy Colts football team. However, I would be the first to admit that I am somewhat of a duffer on the cricket field, being an indifferent middle-order batsman, a below-average leg spin bowler and an inattentive fieldsman. I share my study with two good friends, Johnny Bridges, who celebrated his sixteenth birthday just two weeks before mine, and George Nugent-Bull who will reach the age of sixteen next Monday. Johnny is slightly shorter than me but has a stockier frame and more hair on his chest – and round his cock! Like myself, Johnny has dark brown hair and similarly coloured eyes, unlike George, the third inhabitant of our study, who has inherited his blond hair and light blue eyes from his Swedish mother. Some fellows think that George has girlish features and he was cruelly teased when he first arrived here. However, whilst he is by nature a mild-mannered sort, who in normal circumstances wouldn't hurt a fly, George's undoubted prowess with his fists soon sends bullies flying. Unlike some other pretty boys, he is very able to fight off the unwanted attentions of predatory prefects in the dormitory, who often try to share his bed after lights out. We're much of a muchness as far as our studies go, though it should be noted that Johnny came top in history in last summer's examinations. Both my friends are in the Colts football team, Johnny at centre forward and George at outside left. Funnily enough, both chaps are also pretty useless on the cricket field, though Johnny did knock up thirty-seven in the traditional match against the Masters who play a team drawn from the Lower Sixth and Upper Fifth during the first week of the Autumn Term.

    One other factor the three of us have in common is that we are all still awaiting, with increased impatience, the chance to practise the lessons learned from our biology teacher, Mr. Hawkins. Also those acts gleaned in far more interesting and greater detail from the issues of The Oyster, which Desmond Harvill, one of the most daring members of our class, smuggles into school every month inside copies of Hobbies Magazine For Boys. There is no physical reason preventing us from crossing this Rubicon into manhood, for all our parts are in excellent working order, except the absence of pretty girls who would be willing to assist us. Indeed, I can boast the thickest prick out of the entire fifth form, but alas, so far, like the others, my only experience has been of solitary frigging or in a tossing-off circle in the showers after a game of footer.

    Incidentally, I don't think anyone really takes any notice of the Reverend 'Holy Joe' Jellicoe's monthly sermons about the evils of self-abuse. If there were any truth in his assertion that the habit causes blindness and softening of the brain, all the boys at the Albion Academy would be wearing glasses and how did our senior sixth formers manage to win seven places at Oxford and three at Cambridge last summer? Holy Joe may frighten the new boys, but I am certain that the truth lies in the articles by Doctor Jonathan, the medical adviser in The Oyster, who writes that the habit is entirely harmless and is as perfectly natural as getting a stiffie when looking at French postcards. When Johnny and George came into the study after tea to begin their homework, they found me writing my name and address in the front of this book. I explained to them how I planned to keep at least half an hour free every evening to record the important events of the day in its pages. (I really want that camera.) George clapped me on the shoulder and wished me luck. 'Rather you than me, old boy,' he grinned, as he looked over my shoulder at the wide expanse of blue-lined paper which I have to fill with my daily essays. 'I shouldn't really try to put you off, but even after making New Year resolutions, most people start writing their diaries on the first day of January and give up by the end of the month!' 'Ah, but I have an incentive to continue at least for the next seven weeks,' I replied. 'It'll certainly be a bit of a fag, but Uncle Robert has promised me a decent camera for Christmas if he's satisfied that I've made an entry every day in this blessed book. He says it will prove to be a wonderful aide memoire when I'm older.'

    '“Memory is the diary we all carry about with us,'“ observed Johnny as he fished out his French dictionary and exercise book from his desk. 'That's what Uncle Robert said to me,' I remarked.

    Johnny chuckled and went on: 'The phrase is not original, Henry, your uncle and I both borrowed it from Oscar Wilde. I'm pretty sure the line comes from The Importance of Being Earnest but, as my Mama says, now that poor old Oscar has been sent down for two years, no-one in Society will want to be reminded how they once fawned upon his every word.' 'I think Uncle Robert would agree with your Mama,' I replied with a smile, thinking of the snatch of conversation between two of Uncle's housemaids, I overheard on my last visit to Bacon Lodge, my uncle's country seat down in South Devon. 'What makes you say that?' asked George. I recounted the little story to them about how I was sitting in a high-backed chair in the library when the two girls came in to dust the shelves. As I was sitting facing the window, neither of them saw me – which was just as well because I was reading a book I'd found after climbing the little step-ladder which is kept in the corner of the room for purposes of reaching the top shelf. I had picked out Uncle Robert's secret copy of An Introduction to Fucking In The Eastern Style by Mustapha Pharte which was hidden behind a set of bound copies of The Field. I sat quietly, listening to the girls who were giggling about how if the coast was clear, Uncle Robert would pinch their bottoms when they walked by him.

    'Sir Robert's a randy old goat, isn't he? Do you know that the other day he offered Millicent ten shillings if she would let him see her titties,' said Doris. Elsie laughed and said: 'As much as that? Why, I know for a fact that he only gave a gold sovereign to Maria, that pretty, new scullerymaid, for tossing him off. I happened to be looking out of the window of my room, which is just above the kitchen garden, when I heard Sir Robert say: “It's a very warm day, my dear, feel free to undo the top buttons of your blouse. You will feel far more comfortable and I shall enjoy seeing the swell of your luscious young bosoms.” 'Maria said impudently: “Oh, is that all you want to see, Sir Robert? If you would like to make it worth my while, I'll undo all the buttons and you can look at my titties.” '“Of course I will, you splendid little filly,” he growled and I could see the outline of his todger sticking out in his trousers as Maria quickly stripped off her blouse and pulled her underslip over her shoulders to stand bare-breasted in front of him. Her bosoms aren't as large as mine but they jutted out naughtily enough as she tweaked her titties between her fingers. 'Maria sat down on the bench and Sir Robert sat down next to her and kissed her as he cupped her bosoms in his hands. Then he muttered something that I could not hear into her ear and now when they began canoodling again, the randy girl unbuttoned his trousers and pulled out his big, stiff cock. She grasped hold of his tool and began fondling it, sliding his foreskin back and forth in long, slow, pulling strokes. I began to feel a lovely tingle in my pussey as I watched her fist her hand up and down Sir Robert's thick prick whilst with her other hand, she caressed his hairy, pink ballsack. '“A-a-a-h! That's delicious, you saucy wench!” croaked Sir Robert, whose face was flushed with excitement.

    “Now rub my cock a little faster because I'd better spend before anyone sees us.” So she obliged him by quickening the pace and, only a few seconds later, with a sudden spurt, a great jet of spunk shot out from his knob, all over his trousers. He pulled out a handkerchief and anxiously tried to clean off the sticky, wet stains but Maria told him not to fret and said: “Go upstairs and change, sir, then bring these trousers into the kitchen. These spermy stains will vanish after a good dab of Professor Fletcher's Elixir.” '“Just as well,” said Sir Robert with relief, but at this point I had to put my head back inside because Maria's remark made me choke with laughter. I use Professor Fletcher's Elixir for cleaning the grates whilst old Reynolds, the coachman, swears by it as a cure for constipation!”'

    Laughing heartily, the girls left the library and my hand strayed down to my cock which was already as stiff as a poker, even before I had had a chance to look at Uncle's rude book. I didn't bother to look at the text but turned the pages to the photographs. There were some fine-coloured plates in the book but my favourite one was of a stark naked Indian girl, lying on a bed with her legs spread wide apart.

    Through the mass of dark pussey hair, I could see her cunney lips, which were slightly open in anticipation of being fucked by the man standing by the side of the bed. His huge, stiff shaft was firmly held in the pretty girl's hand. I paused here and Johnny urged excitedly: 'Well tarry on, Henry, you can't stop there. Tell George and me about the rest of prints!' 'I'm afraid there isn't any more to tell,' I said regretfully. 'Just as I was gloating over this first photo, my uncle's housekeeper, the gimlet-eyed Mrs. Mutkin came into the library with a message for me from one of the neighbours, inviting Sir Robert and myself to make up a foursome for lawn tennis that afternoon. 'Although she made no reference to the book which I had left open on the seat, when I jumped up at the sound of her approaching footsteps, I am pretty sure that she caught sight of it.

    For, when I hesitated to reply, she said meaningfully: 'Come now, Master Henry, it will do you far more good being out in the open air on such a glorious day than it will being cooped up here with a book.

    In any case, your uncle has accepted the invitation so I have instructed Elsie to lay out your white shirt and trousers after luncheon.” 'When she swept out of the room, I wondered whether she might tell Uncle Robert that she had caught me reading an unsuitable book. I decided it was too risky even to keep the volume in my bedroom, so, there and then, I nipped up the step-ladder and replaced it back on the top shelf.' 'How pathetic of you!' George snorted with obvious disappointment, when I convinced him this was the end of the tale. Out of all the chaps I know, George is the one who most enjoys a rollicking, smutty story with lots of high jinks.

    'Honestly, Henry, I'm surprised you didn't think about hiding the book somewhere safe where you could read it at your leisure whilst enjoying a jolly good wank. Then you would have been able to describe all the photographs to us. Johnny, I've half a mind now not to give him his birthday present!' I shrugged my shoulders and apologised for my apparent cowardice. 'Sorry about that, chaps, but if Uncle Robert had found out from Mrs. Mutkin that I had been reading something from his private collection, there would have been all hell to pay.'

    'H'mm, I suppose that's fair enough, but I feel that one of us should write to Sir Robert and tell him that he shouldn't leave his spicy stuff lying around in his library if he doesn't want people to read it,' complained George. Then, with a grand flourish, he brought out a small package from his desk, wrapped up in coloured paper, which I guessed contained my birthday gift. 'Happy birthday, Henry, we do hope you like what we've bought you. As it happens, it would seem that we've chosen a very appropriate present, but if you don't really want it, we won't be at all offended if you take it back to the General Trading Company who will exchange it for something else.' I accepted the present with grateful thanks and unwrapped the paper to discover that my two best friends had clubbed together to buy me a magnificent Alanbrooke non-leakable fountain pen.

    'Oh I say! It's just what I wanted,' I exclaimed in all sincerity, as I turned the pen over in my hands. 'But I know how expensive Alanbrooke pens are. You won't have had any change out of guinea for this beauty.' 'You're worth it, Henry, even if Johnny and I will be stony-broke till the end of the month,' said George with a smile.

    'Besides, we know you're a ripping good sport and will stand us the odd jam tart and a bottle of pop in the tuck-shop' 'Don't be too sure of that, old man,' I warned him. 'Golly, you must now be waiting on tenterhooks for your next allowance from your father. Blimey, I've forgotten that you turn sixteen next week too. I'd better start counting the pennies!' 'Dear me, well before you decide to rob the safe in the headmaster's study, let me show you how to fill your new pen as you're hardly the most mechanically-minded chap in the form,' said George. 'Look, this is the shut-off valve which controls the ink supply. Don't worry, even when it's full you can carry it in any position in your pocket. Try it out and tell us if it writes smoothly. We asked for a medium, broad nib to be fitted, but if necessary, we'll send it back and ask for a finer one to be sent to you.' I wrote today's date on page one of this book and told my pals that the nib was perfect. Indeed, it is such a pleasure using my handsome new fountain pen that I've spent too much time on writing up this entry and not enough on my French homework!

    Thursday, November 8th, 1895 (Before lights-out)

    What a red letter day this has turned out to be!

    Certainly I can't believe I will ever forget it if I live to be a hundred! And it began so badly too with our form-master, Mr.

    Hutchinson, making some cutting remarks about the poor standard of my French composition: 'Dashwood, I recall you informing me that you wish to become a foreign correspondent for The Times. Let me give you some good advice, my boy. Unless you pay more attention to your French and German, you may as well forget any idea of following such a career.'

    'Tell him that you would study harder if you could have a subscription to La Vie Parisienne!' whispered Johnny, which earned him a swift imposition of fifty lines from our keen-eared teacher.

    However, Johnny managed to finish his lines during break and things began to improve quite rapidly after luncheon. Johnny, George and myself – or the Tip Top Trio as we are wont to call ourselves – wandered down to Fletcher's Fields where some of the chaps had already gathered around the football pitch to watch the Albion Academy Colts take on a team from Beddinghurst College, a far larger school than ours, situated near Rye on the border between Sussex and Kent.

    Not only does Beddinghurst have more boys from which to pick their teams, but the school prides itself on its sporting achievements. The results of our matches played against them show a heavy balance in our opponents favour. Still, we have a number of good, keen players and our new games master 'Bunny' Hare is a Varsity soccer and cricket blue and an inspiring coach who motivates us to play our hearts out for the honour of the old school. He strode into the dressing-room as we were changing for the match to give us a few final tips and words of encouragement. As captain of the side, I clapped my hands together, calling for silence as Bunny cleared his throat and told us not to be worried about Beddinghurst's fearsome reputation. He declared: 'Boys, as the trainers tell their fighters in the boxing ring, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. And, whilst I won't pretend that we're not facing a first-class side this afternoon, man for man, we're just as good as they are and there's no reason in the world why we shouldn't win by at least three clear goals. 'Dashwood, I'm relying on you to keep things tight in defence – don't tackle unless you feel certain you're going to win the ball because you can't afford to sell yourselves and give their forwards the freedom of the pitch. Up front, I want to see first time passing to Bridges so he'll have every opportunity to use his speed, though make sure you look up and see what is happening before you pass, and if our centre forward is surrounded by defenders, play the ball out to the flanks. Jefferies, as a right winger you have the speed to take you past their defenders to the corner flag and Nugent-Bull, you're a most promising outside left. Just slip the hall into the middle as soon as you can and don't yield to the temptation of showing how clever you are by heating the same opponent twice.

    'I know you won't make that mistake at centre half, Fowkes, just remember to stick like glue to their centre forward. Never let him get away from you and even if he wanders out to the wings, don't leave his side until he comes off the field. If you're drawn out of position, Edwards and Pearce will cover for you. And that goes for everyone, chaps. You must all work hard for each other. Now go out and show those Beddinghurst blighters how to play the game!' We ran out on to the pitch to great applause from the crowd of boys behind the ropes on the touchlines and I noticed that even members of the staff, including Mr. Hutchinson and the headmaster, were to be seen standing on the half-way line. The school magazine will carry a full report on the game so I will merely record that in the final minute of a hard-fought match, with the score standing at two goals each, we were awarded a corner kick. George floated over a perfect centre which the Beddinghurst centre half could only head out to the edge of the penalty area, from where our inside right, Billy Goodall, dribbled past one defender, evaded a tackle from another and then thundered an unstoppable shot into the net to give Albion Academy its first victory over our lordly rivals since 1889. As captain of the team, I found myself being chaired off the pitch by a group of cheering spectators and I was carried shoulder-high to the pavilion. Bunny Hare was waiting in the dressing-room with a beaming smile upon his face and showered us all with praise for our sterling performance.

    'What a grandstand finish! It's a good thing that my heart is sound or that game would have been the death of me,' he added with a twinkle in his eye. 'And I can tell you that Dr Muttley has retired to his study and is probably executing a Red Indian war dance on the hearth rug to work off some of his exuberant spirits.' Then he came across and sat down next to me to look at my leg as I peeled off my stockings. Late in the game, I took a nasty kick on my shin from an ill-timed tackle by the Beddinghurst inside left during a melee in our penalty area, for which we were awarded the much needed relief of a free-kick. 'H'mm, that's an ugly looking gash, Dashwood. I want you to have a quick shower and then report to the sick bay before going to the slap-up tea we've laid on for both teams in Trippett's Hall,' he said as he studied the bloodied wound some three inches under my knee.

    'I think it would be wise for Mrs. Dickerson to have a look at this shin of yours.' Now, whilst this instruction meant I might miss the start of the victory celebrations, I was happy enough to obey his order, even if it entailed the painful application of an iodine bandage round my shin. This is because Lizette Dickerson, the school's assistant matron and nurse, is a strikingly attractive young woman who we think is probably in her late twenties. It is no secret that she is a masturbatory fantasy for nearly every chap in the school. A distant relative of Dr Muttley, she was cruelly widowed after only eighteen months of marriage. Her husband was one of the fourteen people killed in the terrible train crash at Clapham Junction seven years ago and she was glad to accept the post which Dr Muttley kindly offered her after this tragedy. Her cheerful nature and gentle application of her medical skills, has swiftly made her a firm favourite with the masters and us boys alike. Interest in our assistant matron was recently heightened when two or three chaps who spent time in her care whilst recovering from influenza, boasted after their stay that, as a reward for their good behaviour, she had tickled their pricks and unbuttoned her blouse to show them her titties.

    Frankly, I had discounted these tales as mere wishful flights of fancy. However, as Alexander Pope says, hope springs eternal in the human breast. Hence, as I hobbled along the corridor to her room, my cock began to thicken whilst I day-dreamed about how wonderful it would be if there were, after all, some faint glimmers of truth in these wild stories. With these lewd thoughts in mind, I knocked softly on her door. There was no reply so I knocked a second time, more firmly, but again to no avail. I was tempted to leave for the slap-up tea in Trippett's Hall and return later but my injured shin was getting more painful by the second and, as Bunny had suggested, it was best that Mrs. Dickerson should attend to it as soon as possible.

    Perhaps she was tending to the needs of a patient, I thought to myself, whilst I made my way slowly up the spiral staircase to the sick bay bedrooms on the first floor. When I reached the landing I heard voices coming from one of the bedrooms. My head jerked back in amazement when I heard a lady, who sounded suspiciously like Mrs.

    Dickerson, squeal: 'Julian, you naughty fellow, you'll get us both into the most awful trouble with the headmaster if you carry on like this.' I could hardly believe my ears when a familiar masculine voice replied with eager passion: 'Oh hang the headmaster, Lizzie, it would be well worth being gated for the rest of term or even expelled so long as we're not interrupted for the next hour or so – and there's little chance of that happening because I've locked the door.' My heart started to pound as I leaned back against the wall. So it seemed that the rumours about Mrs. Dickerson were true after all! Naturally, I could hardly wait to confirm this for myself and I tip-toed carefully across to the closed door, behind which, I could now hear the sounds of muffled laughter. In truth, there was very little chance of anyone in the vicinity hearing me, because Mrs. Dickerson had persuaded Dr Muttley to purchase a thick carpet which was laid throughout the entire first floor so that patients could rest undisturbed by the comings and goings of any visitors or members of the domestic staff. For the first time in my life, I bent down and peered through a key-hole to see what was going on and I could not prevent myself from uttering a gasp of astonishment. For, there on the bed, were the bodies of Mrs. Dickerson and none other than that of the lordly captain of the school, the Honourable Julian Clayton, pressed together in a fierce amatory clinch. Their mouths were locked together and Julian's hands were moving over Mrs. Dickerson's voluptuous curves whilst she skillfully wriggled out of her blouse and skirt. Julian then tore off his shirt and vest whilst Mrs. Dickerson pulled her slip down over her shoulders. I was rewarded by the sight of her huge, bare breasts, crowned with large, nut-brown nipples, which Julian kissed before scrambling to his feet to unbuckle his belt. Without hesitation, he pulled off his trousers and drawers and stood naked in front of her. I noticed that whilst his chest was devoid of hair, below his belly-button there was a matted, triangular bush from which his colossal, stiff shaft was rising upwards in salute. (A far bigger sized tool than even that belonging to 'Donkey Dick' Savory whose enormous organ is prodigiously developed for a lad of his age.) Mrs. Dickerson rolled down her knickers, and I drew a sharp inward breath as I caught sight of her pussey. She stretched out her hand to clutch hold of Julian Clayton's huge prick which now stood majestically against his stomach with the top of his uncapped helmet reaching his navel. She smacked her lips and slicked her fingers up and down his truncheon and the thought crossed my mind that surely it would be well-nigh impossible for such a thick pole to fit inside her. Then she slipped down off the bed to kneel in front of him. From the theoretical knowledge I have gleaned from the well-thumbed pages of The Oyster, I guessed what she was going to do next. It was thrilling to watch her kissing and licking Julian's meaty member, especially when she took the wide dome of his knob between her generous lips and started to suck uninhibitedly upon it. My own penis was now as stiff as a poker and I tore open my flies and brought out my palpitating shaft. Just as I began to slide my trusty right hand up and down my throbbing length, Mrs. Dickerson rose to her feet and laid herself face down on the bed, sticking her superbly rounded bum cheeks high in the air. At first this puzzled me, but then I remembered the French postcards which Johnny Bridges purchased in Paris during a summer vacation in France with his parents and that were later passed surreptitiously around the dormitory. These erotic photographs showed a couple fucking 'doggie-style' and I gulped hard as I realised that I was about to witness a performance of this unconventional mode of intercourse. Sure enough, Mrs. Dickerson now rose to kneel on all fours and, brandishing his huge cock in one hand, the Honourable Julian (the younger son of Lord Garvice of Paddington) mounted her from behind. With his free hand he parted the lovely hemispheres of her backside and then he manoeuvred his cock into the cleft between them. 'Here we go, Lizzie. Here we go!' he panted and I saw the captain of the school plunge his prick inside Mrs. Dickerson's cunt. A warm wave of pleasure engulfed me and a spray of sticky spunk spurted out of my cock and splashed against the door.

    Hastily, I moved backwards whilst I finished myself off. Then I rebut-toned my flies and wiped the jism off my fingers and the door with my handkerchief. I stuffed it back into my pocket as I hastily bent down again for a second look through the key-hole. However, I had only time to catch a brief glimpse of the head boy's cock pistoning a passage through the crevice between Mrs. Dickerson's bum cheeks, when I felt a sudden tap on my shoulder… To write that I was greatly startled would be an understatement! It would be more truthful to record that I was frightened out of my wits by the touch and with a yell, I sprang up to face the wrath of one of the masters or prefects. But, thank heaven, it was luckily only my chum George Nugent-Bull. 'Hello there, Henry, what's up old sport?' he enquired blithely. 'Bunny Hare was worried that you hadn't come down for tea, so he sent me round here to see if you were all right.'

    I frowned at poor George and muttered an oath under my breath for there was no way in which the writhing couple behind the door could not have heard us. The thought flashed through my brain that neither of them could afford to have their liaison made public so I should be safe from any punishment. George's unwitting interruption would only mean that I would not see the conclusion of this thrilling erotic spectacle. Nevertheless, there was potential for great embarrassment for everyone concerned in this situation and I pushed George roughly towards the stairs whilst I replied: 'Yes, yes, I'm fine. Quickly now though, we must get away from here as soon as possible.' Alas, almost immediately, the bedroom door flew open and I glanced round to see Julian, clad in a khaki dressing gown and with a thunderous scowl upon on his flushed face. He slammed the door shut behind him and roared angrily at us: 'Come back here at once, you two scallywags.' I would probably have ignored him and legged it down the stairs, daring Clayton to chase us in his bare feet and – in all probability – without anything on under his dressing gown. But, having a completely clear conscience, and not wanting to give the senior prefect the opportunity to swish him for disobedience, George turned round and walked slowly back across the landing. This left me no choice but to accompany him for I could hardly let my innocent pal face the music alone. Reluctantly, I followed his footsteps to where Clayton was waiting with a look of cold fury in his eyes. 'I'll tan your hides so hard that you won't be able to sit down for a week, you dirty little rascals. How long have you two cads been skulking outside this door?' Clayton demanded angrily. But, before either of us could answer, Mrs. Dickerson now made an appearance. She looked somewhat dishevelled and she too was only dressed in a blue silk robe.

    However, when she spoke it was in a far calmer tone. 'Stop shouting at the poor lads, Julian, there is no call to make a scene,' she admonished. Then she whispered something in Julian's ear. He listened intently to what she had to say and then, with a grunt, he disappeared back into the bedroom. Mrs. Dickerson turned to us and added with a sweet smile: 'Boys, would you please wait outside for a few moments for me, I won't keep you very long.' A couple of minutes later, the door opened and a now fully clothed, grim-faced Julian Clayton stormed by us without a word. 'What the heck has been going on here?' asked George, bewildered. I couldn't resist giving him a little dig in the ribs with my elbow as I sniggered: 'Use your loaf, George, what do you think Julian and Mrs. Dickerson were doing in there – practising first aid?' 'Well, you could say that in a manner of speaking,' said Mrs. Dickerson, who I had not seen open the door when George asked his question. 'But come inside and I will give you both a fuller explanation.' She stood aside as we entered the bedroom and she locked the door behind us. We stood somewhat awkwardly in front of her as she sat down on the bed and, looking up at us and with a faint smile playing around her lips, she began her explanation. 'I believe that you are both old enough for me not to beat about the bush. For some time now, I have considered it my bounden duty to educate the senior boys at this school about the reproductive process, for this subject is so poorly taught in the classroom here. 'Nature has made the act of physical union extremely pleasant, and yet, the powers that be insist on propagating the philosophy that there is something sinful in the very act upon which the preservation of our species depends! My late lamented husband was a victim of such ridiculous ideas and I have determined to do my utmost to ensure that at least some of our young men are able to shed these unnecessary burdens of guilt and shame about natural expressions of sexual desire. Do you follow the drift of these remarks?' George and I both muttered that we understood what she was saying to us. She slowly nodded her head and continued: 'Very good, then you will appreciate why Julian Clayton was so concerned that we might have been spied upon during his lesson in the finer points of fucking.' When Mrs. Dickerson saw our jaws drop as we heard her utter such a strictly prohibited word, she laughed openly and said: 'Forgive me, I should have said the finer points of sexual intercourse, but I prefer honest earthy language.' She picked up a book from the small table at the side of the bed and went on: 'I doubt if either of you have heard of Boccaccio. He was a wonderful Italian writer who lived more than five hundred years ago.

    I'll read to you his answer when he was castigated for using earthy language in his stories.' Then she read aloud the following passage which I am copying from a book I've taken from the library:

    If in my tales there are a few words rather freer than suits the prudes who weigh words more than deeds and take more pains to appear rather than to be good, I maintain I should no more be reproved for having written them than other folk are daily rebuked for saying 'hole', 'peg', 'sausage' and like things. No corrupt mind ever understands words healthily and just as such people do not enjoy virtuous words, so the well-disposed cannot be harmed by words less virtuous, any more than mud can sully sunlight or earthly filth the beauty of the skies. As we stood there digesting these wise words, she put down the book and asked us softly whether we would promise that we would keep secret everything we had seen and heard this afternoon. 'You have my word of honour,' I said. George nodded his head in agreement: 'And you have mine too, Mrs. Dickerson.'

    When she had received these assurances she asked us softly if we wanted to enroll in her very private biology class. 'Yes please,' we chorused. She let out a knowing little chuckle and said: 'I was pretty sure that you would both be game. Well, there's no time like the present, if you have some free time to spare.' I insisted that I had. However, George clapped his hand to his forehead and exclaimed: 'Damn, I'm free too, but I must go back to Trippett's Hall and give Mr. Hare a report on Henry's leg.' I gave a short laugh, for I had been so completely occupied with the extraordinary goings-on in the sickbay that I had quite forgotten why I was there in the first place! So, only now did I show Mrs. Dickerson my injured shin. As I expected, after examining the wound, she wrapped a small bandage round my leg and said to George that he could tell Mr. Hare that I would make a swift and full recovery. 'Please don't start the first lesson without me,' George begged as he strode to the door.

    'I'll tell Bunny the good news and be back in just five minutes,' he assured Lizzie. He was as good as his word and when he returned Mrs. Dickerson opened the proceedings by saying: 'Now let's start as we mean to go on and dispense with silly formalities. My name is Lizette and I shall call you Henry and George. Now, I need to know just how physically developed you are, so will the pair of you both undress. Hang your clothes over those chairs by the window.' I am sure that George would agree that if either of us had been alone with Lizzie Dickerson at this stage, we might well have been too nervous to continue further. But the presence of an old friend helped us to overcome our shyness. Remember this is the first time that either of us has exposed our grown cock and balls to female eyes.

    Nevertheless, George and I were still quite bashful at this prospect so we turned our backs to Lizzie as we pulled down our drawers and we both covered our cocks with our hands when we turned back to face her. Thankfully, she did not show any amusement at our self-consciousness, but instead said reassuringly: “There's no need to be shy about letting me look at your cocks. The first lesson for most of my pupils is that girls enjoy the sight of a sturdy shaft, just as you relish seeing their breasts and pusseys. Dear boys, I can assure you that I have seen more than a few specimens here, of all shapes and sizes. So, let me see what you're hiding behind those hands and, if I judge that you're ready for it, I may well give you both a real treat.' We were momentarily transfixed by her boldness but our pricks reacted immediately. They shot up at once when Lizzie loosened the belt of her robe and gracefully stepped out of the garment to stand naked in front of us. George gasped as, for the first time in his life, he saw a woman's bare breasts. And what beautiful bosoms they are too, creamy white, firmly rounded and topped with large, pink areolae and delicious, strawberry-red nipples. I was the first to release my rock-hard stiffstander and George soon followed suit. Lizzie looked approvingly at our erect, throbbing tools and commented: 'Well, you both sport very nice pricks which look ready for action now, though by the time you're in the Upper Sixth, your cocks will be even thicker and your ballsacks will be bigger and hairier too. My word, it's truly a great pity that you have been forced to waste your seed just playing with yourselves. I think it is high time you enjoyed the experience about which I'm sure you have fantasised whilst tossing yourselves off. 'Henry, you were first off the mark to show me your cock, so how would you like to be the first to cross the Rubicon?' she asked, running her hand through the glossy curls of the bushy thatch of hair between her legs. I am certain that my eyes must have glistened like never before as they eagerly followed the path of Lizzie's long fingers which were tracing a sensual line down between her pouting pussey lips. She stepped forward and, grasping hold of my rigid rod, led me by my tingling chopper to the side of the bed. We sat down and she kissed me lightly on the cheek and placed my hand on her right breast. I squeezed the ripe flesh and stroked the soft red nipple, which I felt harden beneath my fingers. We fell back upon the mattress and Lizzie now slid my hand down to her moist pussey whilst at the same time she guided my head to her bosoms. I needed no further encouragement and began to lick her titties. This was my first experience of touching the previously forbidden areas of a girl's body. My forefinger slipped smoothly into her love channel and the feel of Lizzie's pert nipple in my mouth, together with the stimulating wetness of her hairy quim, made me almost faint with excitement. Lizzie realised that the spunk was swiftly building up in my balls for she now pulled me over her and whispered fiercely: 'The moment of truth has arrived. Young Dashwood, slide your cock inside my crack and fuck me.' With expert hands she guided my knob to the entrance of her cunney and, thus placed, I needed no further lesson. A tiny cry of triumph burst out from my throat as I plunged my prick between her yielding love lips, deep into her welcoming, wet cunt. Instinctively, I pistoned my cock in and out of her juicy funnel and Lizzie wrapped her legs around my waist as her hips jabbed upwards to meet my ever-quickening thrusts. Of course, I spent too quickly for, not surprisingly, my over-excited cock could not resist the exquisite contractions of her clinging cunney. All too soon I shuddered in heartfelt joy as I drenched Lizzie's crack with a flood of creamy spunk. She was kind enough to praise my performance as I scrambled off her soft curves, but I knew full well from the way she continued to lie there with her eyes closed, frigging herself for all she was worth, that she had not managed to spend. 'My cock is still stiff – please let me finish you off,' I pleaded. She opened her eyes and saw that my shaft, which was coated with our mix of love juices, was still as stiff as a board. Lizzie pushed me down upon my back and, to my ecstatic delight, lowered her tousled head between my thighs. She began to swirl her tongue along the sensitive surface of my helmet, and then, after teasing the ridge of my knob with the tip of her magic tongue, she opened her mouth wide and popped my cock between her lips.

    I turned my head to see George was now standing only a foot or so away, masturbating wildly. His knob protruded from his clenched fist which was sliding at great speed up and down his swollen shaft. My chum groaned with passion as he climaxed and an arc of sperm splashed out of his prick through the air and landed on the eiderdown.

    Lizzie released my cock from her mouth and said: 'Oh dear, George has wanked himself to a spend. I may have to postpone his fuck till another day. Still, no matter, Henry I want to taste your cum.'

    She gobbled my cock back between her lips and started to suck lustily on my shaft, yet again making me almost swoon with unbelievable pleasure. Warm waves of sheer bliss flowed through my entire body as her teeth scraped my cockflesh and she sucked slowly all the way down to the base of my tool. As Lizzie's darting tongue lapped along the underside of my shuddering shaft, my balls began to tighten. I whimpered because I realised that I was unstoppably close to a second spend, even though she had only been sucking my cock for barely a minute. Lizzie must have sensed my urgency, for she now clamped her lips around my shaft and gently squeezed my balls, with the result that, in seconds, the sticky jism was shooting up my cock and spurting into her mouth. She gulped down my copious emission with great delight, although even an experienced fellatrice such as Lizzie, could not contend with the huge gush of spunk she was milking from my twitching todger, and a dribble of white seed trickled out of the sides of her mouth and dropped on to my thighs. Lizzie smacked her lips as she milked the last drops of cum from my now deflating member. When she had finished, she lifted her head and with a saucy smile asked me to tell her with total frankness whether I had enjoyed my first journey into manhood. (Apparently, very occasionally, some young men feel disappointed after their initiation into l'arte de faire l'amour.) 'Do they really?'

    I said. 'I find that difficult to believe because for me it was such an immensely pleasurable experience. However, I must apologise for climaxing too quickly for you to join me there.' 'How thoughtful of you, Henry,' said Lizzie warmly. 'You show a fine consideration which will stand you in good stead in your future intimate relations.

    In all honesty, there is no need for you to worry overmuch about the speed of your spend. It's only natural for boys to fuck for the first time at a gallop, as if they were jockeys at Royal Ascot. Now that you know the course, so to speak, in your next lesson you can concentrate upon the finer points of riding.' 'Never mind about Henry,'

    George interrupted. 'I would dearly love to know when I am going to have my chance!' Lizzie looked at the clock on the mantelpiece and said with regret: 'I am so sorry, George, there really isn't time now for any further instruction. But do not despair. I shall not keep you in suspense for very long. Have either of you any plans for the coming Sunday?' 'No, though if we had we would cancel them, wouldn't we, Henry?' George replied. This made Lizzie laugh as she said: 'Very well then, come up here at half past two on Sunday afternoon, and remember to ensure that you are not seen.' 'Thank you, Lizzie,' I said gratefully and went on to add that such an arrangement would be especially fitting because on the following day George would celebrate his sixteenth birthday. She raised her eyebrows and commented: 'Is that so? Oh, then in that case I will try to arrange something special for the birthday boy.' 'How kind of you, and please feel free to make similar arrangements for his best friend,' I chipped in. Lizzie gave my cock a tug and giggled as she remonstrated: 'You've already had your treat, you insatiable boy.

    I take my motto from the Salvation Army which helps the needy, not the greedy! Now, get dressed and go back downstairs before Mr. Hare decides to send out a search party for you. And speaking of Mr. Hare, this reminds me that I have not asked you about how we fared in the football match this afternoon. Presumably we were vanquished as usual, but I am sure you fought to the final whistle to make Beddinghurst work hard for their victory.' 'We fought to the final whistle well enough,' I said, as I pulled on my drawers. 'So much so, in fact, that Billy Goodall scored in the last minute and we beat those blighters from Beddinghurst by three goals to two.' Lizzie clapped her hands in glee at this welcome news. 'Oh, well done, boys, well done indeed! Dear Dr Muttley will be so pleased. Perhaps I shouldn't tell you this, but for the last five years, your headmaster has staked a small wager on the Albion Academy's teams with the headmaster of Beddinghurst, every time their two schools have met at cricket, hockey and football. To the best of my knowledge, this will be the very first time that Dr Muttley will not have forfeited his guinea.' Lizzie continued to shower her congratulations on us as George and I hurriedly dressed ourselves and when we were ready to leave, she said: 'Unless you hear from me to the contrary, I will see you again on Sunday afternoon. If for some reason, you find yourselves unable to keep this arrangement, let me know as soon as possible. If I cannot be contacted, you may leave a message with young Polly, the eldest daughter of Mr. Smeeth, the head gardener, at their cottage.'

    My eyes shone at the mention of Polly Smeeth, for this seventeen-year-old blonde-haired beauty is admired by all the fellows in the senior school and also by Mr. Lewis, our Geography master. It is rumoured, she was recently seen going into The Three Tuns public house with him, in the nearby village of Willesborough. What a bonus it will be if the gorgeous Polly also involves herself in Lizzie Dickerson's valiant effort to educate the future rulers of the Empire.

    Oh, the joys of fucking! George and I thanked our kind instructress and took our farewells. By the time we reached Trippett's Hall the crestfallen Beddinghurst contingent had left for the railway station and the housemaids were already clearing the tables.

    Nevertheless, Bunny Hare had stayed to wait for our return and he sent George off to inform all the members of the team that there would be a training session next Wednesday afternoon. Then he swung his chair towards me and commented that my gait seemed much improved since the treatment given to me by Mrs. Dickerson. 'Lizzie Dickerson's an excellent nurse,' he said and then, to my surprise and with a curious look on his face, he added: 'And a fine figure of a woman too, don't you agree?' It was impossible to prevent my cheeks from colouring up a bright shade of pink as I replied with as much nonchalance as I could muster: 'Is she, sir? Yes, now I think of it, I suppose you are absolutely right.' 'I'm damned sure I'm right, just as I am equally certain that the presence of a female such as Mrs. Dickerson can undo the school's promotion of mens sana in corpore sano, a healthy mind in a healthy body, by meretricious attraction of the Sins of the Flesh,' he snapped. Then, pausing for a moment and speaking in a more gentle tone of voice, he went on: 'Henry, I would like to speak to you in the utmost confidence on a matter of extreme delicacy concerning Mrs. Dickerson. Certain tales have reached my ears about her behaviour that I find difficult to believe have any foundation.

    However, there is rarely smoke without fire, and I have come to the conclusion that these stories should be investigated, if only to scotch these rumours and exonerate Mrs. Dickerson from any wrong-doing.' Oh Lord, I thought to myself, and I recalled the little lecture Bunny had given us at the beginning of term, to take a cold shower every morning to save ourselves from 'the evil of the solitary vice'. I realised that he would be very down on any hint of sexual hanky-panky. However, it was not simply to save myself from any embarrassment but because I firmly believe that Mrs.

    Dickerson is performing a valuable service for scholars at the Albion Academy, that I decided to tell an untruth when Bunny asked: 'Do I make myself clear?' I nodded and replied with a casual shrug: 'Yes sir, but as I have not heard any such gossip myself, I don't see how I can help you.' Unfortunately, my denial did not cut too much ice with Bunny Hare who must have noted me blushing when he commented upon Mrs. Dickerson's physical attributes. 'Come now, are you quite certain that you have nothing to say about all this? I should inform you that only last week, I overheard a member of the fifth form boast that whilst he was laid up with influenza earlier this term, Mrs. Dickerson put her hand under the bedclothes for a purpose which it is hardly necessary for me to explain to you, he persisted.' No, it is quite unnecessary, but I'll lay odds you will not leave it there, I thought to myself, as I further recalled the relish with which the sports master had warned us against the dangers of impure urges. In all probability, this meant that in common with Reverend Jellicoe, Bunny would now begin to question whether I had experienced erections, suffered from nocturnal emissions, fantasised about naked girls or, worst of all, played with myself.

    Therefore I knew what to expect when he delivered a short homily on the need to resist 'impure acts' and I resisted the temptation to smile when he assured me that the prowess of the football team would improve if we succeeded in keeping ourselves pure. It was on the tip of my tongue to inform him that every member of the side enjoyed the delights offered by Mother Thumb and her Four Daughters. Even more so in mutual fashion with a friend, as the practice is more pleasurable from someone else's hand. Wisely, I held my peace and hoped that my silence might persuade Bunny Hare that his suspicions regarding Mrs. Dickerson were unfounded. Then the bell rang to signal the start of evening prep and, realising that there was no further ammunition for his quest to be gained from me, he gave a heavy sigh, wished me a speedy recovery from my injury and left me to walk back, silently chuckling, to the fifth form corridor. Bunny isn't a bad old stick but he obviously suffers from this deadly disease of shameful feelings about his bodily functions. This makes me understand even more fully, how urgently the services of Lizzie Dickerson and her ilk are needed in our school. Johnny and George had already arrived and were sorting out their books when I opened the door of our study and entered with a self-satisfied smile upon my face.

    Johnny took one look at my expression and exclaimed: 'Ah ha, here's Henry and he's also beaming like a cat that has stolen the cream. Don't take me for a muggins, you chaps, I wasn't born yesterday. So spill the beans and tell me what the devil you have been up to whilst I was taking tea with the rest of the team and our friends from Beddinghurst in Trippett's Hall?' At first we insisted that we didn't understand what he was carrying on about, but Johnny would not be denied. 'Pull the other one, it's got bells on,' he said with undisguised derision. 'I'm surprised at the pair of you, we've never kept secrets from one another in this study.' Johnny continued to press us so strongly that he put us in a dilemma. To George's and my shame, in the end, we broke our promise to Lizzie and related everything that had happened in the sick bay to him. Not surprisingly, as I expounded in graphic detail about how I had fucked Lizzie Dickerson, we were all soon sporting gigantic hard-ons and within a short time, the three of us had brought out our pulsing, erect pricks and started to fist our hands up and down our throbbing, stiff shafts. 'Henry, you do George with your hand whilst he does me and I'll do you,' suggested Johnny and we spent the next few minutes engaged in an orgy of mutual masturbation until we all enjoyed copious spends. Unfortunately, I mis-directed George's spurts on to the arm of our most comfortable armchair. The experience was far from being unpleasant but, since tasting the joys of a genuine fuck, I now realise how different are the ecstatic feelings engendered by the real thing. Be that as it may, when we recovered our composure, George and I demanded that Johnny swear a solemn oath to keep secret the information that he had prised out of us. 'Of course I will, you need have no fear on that score,' he assured us. 'Though in return I want you chaps to ask Mrs. Dickerson if she will enroll another pupil into her private class. After all, we are best chums, are we not? All for one and one for all, eh?' This was not an unreasonable request and I agreed to ask Lizzie on Sunday afternoon if, on another occasion, Johnny could join in our fun and games.

    Saturday, November 10th, 1895 (after tea)

    However hard I try, I find it almost impossible to keep my mind off the forthcoming joys of tomorrow afternoon. This morning, I justly earned a rebuke from Mr. Hutchinson for my inattention in class. George was little better, staring out of the window instead of listening to Mr. Hutchinson's comments on the early political career of Mr. Gladstone. We were both lucky to escape a detention this afternoon and, as Mr. Hutchinson acidly commented as he gave us a 'wigging' after dismissing the class, we might have been heroes two days before for vanquishing our old foes from Beddinghurst on the football field, but we can not afford to bask in this glory and should treat this as a final warning to pull up our socks. After he had stalked out of the room, George grinned and said: 'Never mind him, Henry, roll on Sunday afternoon. There's no more classwork till Monday, so how about watching me and some other chaps tackle a three mile run round the grounds this afternoon? Bunny Hare is giving prizes to the first three home and I reckon I have a decent chance of coming in second or third behind Jimmy Peck. No-one will beat him over a long-distance race, of course, unless I can get someone to whack him on the knee just before the start.' Even if I had not made other arrangements, I doubt if I would have taken up his invitation, especially as the weather has been distinctly on the chilly side.

    However, I was able to put on an expression of regret and reply: 'Sorry, old boy, I've already promised to go with Johnny to a meeting this afternoon. A party of girls from Sparsit's over in Westwell is coming over for a discussion on the responsibilities of modern society and it could turn out to be jolly interesting, if you get my meaning.

    George chuckled: 'Very well then, Henry, I'll meet up with you and Johnny after tea.' The girls of Sparsit's School For Young Ladies visit us very rarely although we often see them taking the air on the heath. However, they are so well-chaperoned, that usually there is never even a hint of conversation, let alone any hanky-panky between us. Still, love laughs at locksmiths and, as my Aunt Augusta who spent several years in India, is fond of saying – after the drought comes the monsoon. If any proof is needed of the truth of this maxim, it certainly came this afternoon. It really is quite extraordinary because, for at least the past twelve months, I have thought of little else except about how marvellous it would feel to have my leg over with a Sparsit girl, if I may be excused the popular colloquialism. Now that dream has at last been realised and, all being well, my lessons in l'arte de faire l'amour will continue.

    However, although I thought I might enjoy the lecture with the girls from the college, in my wildest imaginings, I never dreamed that I would sample the delights afforded by the soft, sweet body of Charlotte Harley of the Lower Sixth. Let me first recapitulate as to how this happy state of affairs was brought about. The charabanc from Sparsit's arrived punctually at half past two and after depositing their hats and coats with our domestic staff, the girls were ushered straight into the library where the lecture was to take place. Dr Muttley himself welcomed the dozen or so young ladies who had made the journey, along with their escorts, the strait-laced Miss Atkinson, the headmistress, and an attractive younger colleague, Miss Irvine, who teaches history and science. Charlotte Harley is surely one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen. She is, to the day, eight months older than me and will celebrate her seventeenth birthday in early February. She is of slender build and medium height and her pretty face is sheer perfection; her chin is charmingly dimpled whilst, when she smiles, her full, pouting lips open to give a glimpse of two rows of ivory teeth set in the rosy flesh of her wide, sensuous mouth. Her nose is of the Roman cast, her eyes a lustrous deep brown and all this beauty is set off by shiny, chestnut hair.

    After the lecture, I ensured that I secured the seat nearest her table at tea. Until recently, I would never have dared to do even that, let alone open my mouth, but I now found I possessed the bravura to introduce myself and opened up a conversation with her. This boldness is quite untypical for, at heart, I am a shy young man. My confidence with the fair sex must have been boosted by the encounter with Lizzie Dickerson for soon, Charlotte and I were whispering animatedly like two old friends. But, out of the comer of my eye, I noticed that Julian Clayton was looking at me with a dangerous gleam in his eye. Unfortunately, he too had designs on the lovely Charlotte and could not have been pleased with the fact that, as captain of the school, he was placed between Dr Muttley and Miss Atkinson. I made a mental note to keep well out of his way in the coming week! At the same time, I smiled as I thought of how wonderful it would feel to caress Charlotte's full, swelling bosoms whilst she commented on the social and economic iniquities which could be laid at the feet of unrestrained monopoly capitalism. 'Do you not find this a matter of great interest, Henry?' she added. I murmured in reply: 'Oh yes, absolutely, I do so agree with you.' Two delicious dimples appeared on her cheeks as she smiled sweetly and wagged a reproving finger at me. 'Are you quite sure that you do? It seemed that you were paying little attention to what I was saying and, at best, heard only one word out of three.' I blushed scarlet with embarrassment as I made the most profuse apologies and asked her to forgive me, adding that I would have to admit that my mind had temporarily strayed elsewhere. It was then, as the Cockneys say, that you could have knocked me down with a feather, for she leaned forward and quietly replied: 'Indeed it did, and in my considered opinion would have been discovered between my thighs if that bulge in your lap is any guide to the state of your mental condition!' I was dumbfounded by her frankness, but Charlotte was far from offended by the tented erection in my trousers, for she slipped her hand down to stroke it and whispered: 'We have an hour or so before I have to leave. Can we slip away somewhere private where we won't be observed?' My heart began to beat faster and, deliberately raising my voice so that her chaperones could hear and we could not afterwards be accused of skulking away without permission, I asked Charlotte if she would like to see some fine paintings by George Moore in Trippett's Hall. This is a very public part of the school which I hoped would give the impression that we would never be left alone and thus gain Dr Muttley's approval. 'Thank you, that would be most agreeable,' she replied. Miss Atkinson's eyebrows shot up, but Dr Muttley had also heard me and, though her face was still clouded by doubt, when he whispered a few words to the fellow head teacher, she nodded to us: 'Very well, Charlotte, you have my permission to leave the table, but please be brief or the charabanc will leave without you.' Once we had left the room, I guided Charlotte straight down the corridor to Trippett's Hall. 'We'll just take a quick look at the paintings in case you are questioned when we return,' I said. Charlotte gave my arm an admiring squeeze and, with a roguish twinkle in her enchantingly large, brown eyes, she giggled as she said: 'My word, Henry, you're quick on your toes or perhaps you have escorted girls around the school before now?' 'No, you will be the first female visitor to my den,' I answered, holding her hand as we walked briskly towards my study. I hoped against hope that George would not have returned from his cross-country run. I crossed my fingers as I pushed open the door – and, thanks be, there was no sign of George who was, in all probability, larking around in the Fifth Form common room or attending the regular Saturday meeting of the philately club of which he is a member. Charlotte followed me inside and, after I had shut the door smartly behind us, the clever girl turned the key in the lock, then threw her arms round my neck and kissed me on the lips.

    In a trice, her wicked tongue filled my mouth, probing and rousing. I responded in kind and, clutching each other in a passionate embrace, we staggered over to the armchair where Charlotte sat on my lap and shrugged off her blouse. Whilst we continued to kiss, she pulled out her chemise from under her skirt which enabled her to pull it over her head so that I could delight in the wondrous sight of her firmly-rounded, bared breasts. I marvelled at the delicious feel of her hard, erect nipples against my palm whilst her hands now pulled open my fly buttons and she extracted my thick, stiff cock which she held tightly in her hand. 'Quick, Henry, I want you to fuck me before you spend,' she said with great urgency and after we had stripped off the rest of our clothes, Charlotte turned her back on me and bent over the arm of the chair with her jiggling buttocks only inches away from the tip of my straining, uncapped knob. She pulled her dimpled bum cheeks apart and I could see her wrinkled, little arse-hole as well as her fleshy pussey lips which she stretched open with her hand to reveal the flushed chink of her love channel.

    Now, whilst I have read about 'doggie-style' fucking in The Forbidden Texts Of Cremorne which I purchased from a pedlar at London Bridge Station last summer and I saw Julian Clayton fuck Lizzie Dickerson this way, this was my first try at this method of fucking.

    Of course, I didn't mention this to Charlotte as I leaned over her, and she whimpered as she felt the smooth helmet of my cock wedge itself inside the cleft of her gorgeous backside. She turned her head round to look at me with lust blazing in her eyes and whispered fiercely: 'Press on, Henry, but don't go up my bottom unless you have some cold cream handy.' Frankly, the idea of sticking my prick up her bum had never occurred to me, and so, as I propelled my prick forward, I gasped: 'Don't worry, Mr. Pego is heading straight for your cunney.' Charlotte wiggled her bottom from side to side until my shaft had entered the supple, glistening crack of her juicy cunt. 'Oh, I'm in, how delicious,' I cried as I pushed onwards, burying my cock to the very hilt so that my balls slapped against her bum cheeks. I pulled back a fraction before yet again plunging deep inside her welcoming honeypot. 'Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!' she groaned, so fiercely, that I anxiously enquired whether I had pushed in too hard. I was relieved to find out that this was far from being the case, and Charlotte wanted me to fuck her with even more verve until she could feel every last inch of my cock inside her tingling quimmey.

    'Keep going, you're doing fine, fuck the arse off me, you randy rascal!' Charlotte panted. The curvy rondeurs of her backside responded to every shove, her body rocking in a lascivious rhythm, as she pulled my arms around her and told me to rub her titties whilst I fucked her. The beautiful girl shuddered as a series of spends exploded inside her cunney whilst I continued to pump relentlessly in and out of her delicious cunt. Her love funnel was wet and yet incredibly tight so that her cunney muscles clung to my cock as, again and again, I pumped my prick in and out of her sopping slit. I felt the inexorable surge of jism building up in my balls and I croaked out that I was about to spend. Then, Charlotte let out a high-pitched yelp of triumph and shuddered to her climax, just before I gushed my copious tribute of sticky, warm spunk into her cunt. I collapsed down on top of her as we completed this blissful fuck and then I withdrew my softening shaft which was gleaming with its coating of pussey juice. Heaving myself off her soft body, I walked across to the wash-basin and pulled a towel off the rail. Then, after quickly wiping my cock, I passed it to Charlotte who dried her thighs before throwing it back to me. 'I must be going. Miss Atkinson will be furious if I'm not in the entrance hall by six o'clock,' she sighed. As we began dressing ourselves, I asked shyly: 'Will you write to me, Charlotte? Perhaps I could bicycle over to Sparsit's on a weekend half-holiday.' 'Yes, dear boy, of course I will,' she replied as she kissed my cheek. 'And I shall slip out of school somehow. I promise faithfully that I will let you know as soon as I think of a way.' We finished dressing and I had just unlocked the door when I heard footsteps in the corridor outside. Without the courtesy of a knock, the door was flung open and the muscular figure of Julian Clayton stood framed in the doorway. He looked at me through narrowed eyes as he said through gritted teeth: 'Miss Harley, your driver has returned earlier than expected and Miss Atkinson wants you to leave as soon as possible. So will you please come with me and I will escort you to the entrance hall where she and the rest of your party are waiting for you.' 'Clayton, I'll be happy to walk CharI mean Miss Harley, down to the entrance hall,' I said, but he glared at me and said that he had been asked to take her back so he would not delegate the task. His voice changed in tone as he turned to Charlotte and he gave a little bow as he went on: 'In any case, it is hardly an onerous duty and is one that I am only too pleased to carry out.' 'Thank you, sir,' smiled Charlotte, as she returned his bow with a curtsy. However, sensing the brooding antagonism between us, the sweet girl gave me a merry little wink as she continued: 'Gentlemen, I have a splendid idea, you shall both escort me back to the entrance hall.'

    PART II. Some Cunning Stunts

    Sunday, November 11th, 1895 (before Luncheon)

    I should also have recorded yesterday that Julian Clayton and myself buried the hatchet last night. After we had waved our good-byes to Charlotte and the Sparsit girls, he turned to me and muttered: 'Come with me to my study, young Dashwood, I want a few words with you in private.' Oh Lord, now I'm for it, I thought, but happily I was proved wrong. I should have known that Clayton – who is a decent, fair-minded chap at heart – would never have taken out his anger and frustration at being denied a fuck by punishing me, although I was also the cause of his coitus interruptus with Lizzie Dickerson. He pointed to a chair when we entered his study and sat down opposite me. 'Dashwood, have you studied Shakespeare's Othello yet? No? Well, Othello was driven to murder his lovely wife Desdemona by a so-called friend named Iago, who spread the lie that Desdemona has been unfaithful to him. Iago did this by mixing good advice with villainous falsehoods. At one point, he actually warned Othello: O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-eye'd monster which doth mock The meat it feeds on. He paused to clear his throat and then continued: 'I must admit that I was very angry when you inadvertently interrupted my fuck with Lizzie and this anger was compounded by jealousy when you struck up a friendship with Charlotte Harley. Dr Muttley had asked me to sit with himself and Miss Atkinson, making it impossible for me to renew my own acquaintance with her. Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that my temper has cooled and you don't have to feel you need to hide from me.' 'Thanks, Clayton, and I'm sorry if I queered your pitch this afternoon,' I said. He gave a good-natured chuckle. 'I don't think you are, especially if Charlotte was in the mood she was in when we last met.' I said I was unaware that Charlotte had visited the school before and Clayton said: 'Oh yes, I'll never forget the time she visited the school with the other Sparsit girls, a few days before the end of last term. It was a splendid summer afternoon with bright sunshine and a clear, blue sky – far too nice to spend indoors. So, during the lecture, I managed to slip out to take a walk down to Webb's Meadow. There I found Charlotte who had also broken away from the gathering. 'We sat down on a ridged mound of earth under the shade of a small tree near the banks of the River Kendal. Almost from our feet stretched tall, thick grass which dipped into a small copse beyond. I lounged on my back with my head cupped in my hands, whilst Charlotte sat up hugging her knees as she surveyed the beautiful scenery. 'Then suddenly she gasped and tugged on my shoe.

    “Julian, sit up a minute and look over there to your left in the copse. Am I imagining it or is that not a couple engaging in some naughtiness?” 'Dashwood, you will hardly credit it, but when I hauled myself up and peered down towards where she pointed with a trembling finger, I did indeed see a couple who, believing themselves well hidden in the copse, were engaging in what I can only describe as a most energetic fuck.' 'Don't tell me the chap was from school,'

    I blurted out. The captain of the Albion Academy nodded and gave me a cheery grin. 'Oh yes, he most certainly was, and you can probably guess the identity of the female participant who is also known to you.' 'Lizzie Dickerson,' I answered promptly but he shook his head. 'Good try but no cigar, as the Yankees say. No, it was the lovely Polly, old Smeeth's daughter, who you will soon be fucking yourself now that Lizzie's chosen you to be in her select screwing band.' 'Yes, she did mention something about Polly joining in the fun,' I said. Then, remembering the story which had circulated around the school about Polly and Mr. Lewis, the geography master, going into a public house together, I proferred: 'And I would also guess that you saw Polly being fucked by one of our learned schoolmasters that afternoon.' He looked hard at me as he confirmed my supposition, saying: 'Well, don't be coy – who are you talking about, Mr.

    Hutchinson, Mr. Clee, or -' 'Mr. Lewis,' I interrupted, having to clear the names of the other members of staff, although I felt I had sneaked upon one of the most popular masters in the school. 'Because you must have heard the rumour that he was seen with Polly in The Three Tuns.' 'It's not a mere rumour, because it was I who saw Polly and Michael Lewis,' the school captain coolly replied. 'And I'm extremely sorry that the story has obviously gained a wide circulation around the school. I only told one person about it and he broke his solemn word of honour that he would not divulge the information to anyone else. You can't always trust your closest friends to keep a secret, Dashwood, so I sincerely hope you'll keep your lip buttoned about Lizzie Dickerson's romps or we'll all be for the high jump.'

    I blushed with concern, wishing George and I hadn't caved in to Johnny Bridges's persistent questioning. (I pray that Johnny will not succumb to the temptation to spread the news of Lizzie's private tuition.) Anyhow, wishing to hear more of Polly and Mr. Lewis's frolics, I said: 'Quite so, Clayton, but to go back to your story, did you actually see Mike Lewis have his way with Polly?' 'Oh yes, there was no doubt about it. They were rolling around stark naked on a blanket spread out on the grass and he was on top of her, nuzzling her titties. Charlotte and I saw her raise her thighs and clasp him round the waist whilst his bum went up and down as he pistoned his prick in and out of her cunney. 'We were utterly engrossed in the scene and Charlotte, sensing that I was standing behind her, all of a sudden pressed herself backwards against my thickening prick. Even through the layers of our clothing, I could feel her tight little bum rubbing against my stiff cock. I whispered that the lean, white backside we could see rising and falling in such sensuous rhythm belonged to the head of Albion Academy's geography department. '“Good heavens, surely you aren't talking about that nice Mr. Lewis? Why, he frequently bicycles over to my school to take tea with Miss Hibbert, our games mistress. I wonder if he gets up to such larks with her, she's a very attractive lady,” Charlotte exclaimed. 'With a little giggle, she now started to move her cheeks in time with Mike Lewis's buttocks which were rising and falling at a frenzied pace and I noticed Polly's hips lifting clear off the blanket so as to force his chopper even deeper inside her cunt. 'Then we heard a hoarse cry from the direction of the lusty pair and Charlotte reached back and squeezed my painfully distended shaft with her hand as she muttered: “I believe Mr. Lewis is discharging his obligations and flooding that pretty girl's pussey with his manly essence.” 'I helped her unbutton my flies and brought out my throbbing stiffie which she clutched uninhibitedly in her small hands. We watched Polly Smeeth and Mike Lewis subside into a quivering heap. When they were finally spent, Mike stood up and produced a small towel with which he wiped Polly's pussey. Polly then wrapped the towel round his prick and rubbed him dry. Mike Lewis attempted to slip on his under-shorts but Polly sat up and took his cock into her hand and kissed it gently before tucking it back into his drawers. He returned the compliment as she was about to pull on her knickers, lowering his head between her thighs and kissing her cunney before they both started to dress themselves in earnest. '“I am pleased that Mr. Lewis remembered to bring a blanket with him for grass does so stain one's clothes,” murmured Charlotte. Her busy hand now slid up and down my bursting tool and she rapidly rubbed my cock until she felt my shaft tremble as the jism forced its way up from my balls. '“Careful, I'm about to spend!” I warned her and Charlotte deftly stepped to one side and pointed my knob towards the copse just as the first spurts of spunk splashed out. Then, in the distance, I saw Dr Muttley strolling towards us. I hastily adjusted my trousers and Charlotte hid herself behind some bushes. “There was no further opportunity for Charlotte and I to spend any time together, but we have written to each other now and then and I have longed for the chance to see her again. On reflection though, I don't think she would have been amenable to any rumpy-pumpy because I have been most remiss and not answered the letter she sent me at the beginning of this term.

    'So there you have it, Dashwood, I know you will keep what I have told you under your hat because I am sure that you also have designs on the sensuous Miss Harley. Well, you may as well know that I shan't be standing in your way as I now have another girl much closer to hand who is very keen on fucking. Charlotte is all yours – that is, if you can divest her of her knickers.' I was tempted to brag that I had already fucked Charlotte, but I am pleased to record that I stayed silent and shook hands with Clayton before leaving his study.

    So much for yesterday afternoon – this morning's events also deserve to be noted in my diary. I found myself in the chapel, a place in which I am rarely seen if I can help it. However, this morning, Dr Muttley stopped me in the quadrangle and invited me to attend Divine Service. Before I could mouth my polite excuse, he added: 'I would deem it a favour if you did put in an appearance, Dashwood. We have a guest preacher, the Reverend Beresford Tagholm a curate from East Grinstead. He is a nephew of Smeeth, the groundsman, and I happened to discover that he was staying for a few days with his relations in their cottage. Of course, being of humble birth, the poor chap has to work extremely hard and needs to win several scholarships to further his education. He seems to be such a pleasant fellow that I persuaded Reverend Jellicoe to invite him to give a sermon this morning. I decided that there must be something in my personal aura, for after the school captain, the Headmaster now confided in me and went on: 'Between ourselves, Reverend Jellicoe was none too happy about surrendering his pulpit, but he could not refuse me. Now, I want to see far more chaps than usual in chapel this morning, not just out of politeness to our guest but also because it might help me to persuade our chaplain to cease his delivery of those fire-and-brimstone sermons which frighten our more simple-minded boys witless but do little to install a true religiosity amongst us. And I believe piety and moral strength are essential to chaps such as yourself who I believe are destined for great things after they leave us.' My father has always maintained that flattery will get you everywhere and indeed, without further ado, I yielded to Dr Muttley's request. I was chuffed to be thought of as a future leader of men, but I also reckoned that if her cousin was preaching, then Polly Smeeth would be in chapel to listen to him. There was no need for me to speak to Polly for George and I had no intention of changing the arrangements for the revelries with Lizzie Dickerson. However, I wanted to know whether the frisky Polly would be joining us in the afternoon as Lizzie had hinted.

    Dr Muttley must have spoken in similar vein to several other boys, for the chapel was far more crowded than when I last attended a Sunday service. George and Johnny were both there and I managed to squeeze in a pew beside them. My parents would most certainly approve of the Reverend Beresford Tagholm, an earnest young chap of about twenty-five, who delivered an address on the need for those of us born into the upper social classes to prevent the rebuilding of our cities solely for the enrichment of speculators, town councillors and building contractors. After the sermon we sang a rousing chorus of 'Jerusalem' and when we filed out I took the opportunity to shake hands with the Reverend as I said: 'My father would have enjoyed your address, sir. As a country parson, he also speaks out strongly about the social evils of modern times, often to the discomfort of certain members of his congregation.' 'Good for him, I fear the Church has remained silent too long on these matters. Is your father's parish in this part of the country? If so, I would very much welcome the opportunity of meeting him.' 'And I am sure he would want to meet you, sir, but I'm afraid he lives many miles away in Gloucestershire,'

    I said regretfully. But the curate's eyes lit up. 'Bless my soul, your father wouldn't happen to be Reverend Miles Dashwood, by any chance? He is? Well, what a happy coincidence. I had the privilege of listening to his address at a meeting of the Christian Socialist Society in Oxford, only a few weeks ago. What a wonderful man! So you must be his son, Henry, who he told me was at a boarding school in Kent.' 'You have an excellent memory for names, sir,' I smiled.

    He grinned at me and said: 'One needs to have that facility in my work. But please don't “sir” me, my name is Beresford, or Berry to my friends. Henry, you probably know that I am staying with my Uncle Roger and Aunt Maud this weekend. Do join us for tea this afternoon.'

    At this point I saw Polly Smeeth walking across the quadrangle towards us and I stammered out: 'Thank you, er, Berry, but I'm afraid that I have a previous engagement this afternoon.' 'Oh dear, what a shame,' he went on and as Polly was now in earshot, he added: 'I'm sure that my cousin would also have welcomed your company at tea this afternoon, wouldn't you my dear?' 'Very much so,' smiled the pretty girl surreptitiously pinching my arm as she stood beside me.

    'Unfortunately, I shan't be at home this afternoon either, Berry. I have been asked to help the assistant matron with some chores.

    However, I will be back by early evening.' He tut-tutted at this news and declared: 'You mustn't let yourself be put upon, Polly. My goodness, it isn't as if you are even paid a decent wage for your labours. You should speak to the housekeeper against being asked to work seven days a week.' 'This is more a labour of love,' said Polly hastily. 'Mrs. Dickerson is a most considerate employer and I want to help her out this afternoon in return for the many kindnesses she has shown me.' 'Ah, then that is a different matter altogether and far be it for me to criticise such a generous action,' said her clerical cousin. 'Look, I am staying here until Tuesday.

    Henry, I hope it will be possible for us to meet again.' Dr Muttley now approached us and to the great relief of Polly and myself, shepherded the Reverend away to partake of luncheon with himself and his old friends from Appledore, Colonel and Mrs. Crabbe-Newington.

    'Phew, that was a close shave,' I said, mopping my brow with a handkerchief from my jacket pocket. 'Nugent-Bull and I can't wait to see you and Lizzie in the sick bay this afternoon.' The news that George was planning to join in our frolics surprised Polly and she said 'Nugent-Bull? I understood you were going to be our sole pupil, Henry. Is Lizzie absolutely sure that you and your friend are mentally and physically prepared for your first fucks?' 'Of course we are, and in any case, I have already moved on from my initiation with Lizzie,' I said with no little pride. 'And, as for George, he is fairly bursting with anticipation.' 'Oh, very well then,' she said agreeably, giving my balls a gentle squeeze. Then she giggled and, lowering her voice, she added: 'After all, two cocks are better than one.'

    Sunday, November 11th, 1895 [continued]

    How slowly the hands of the clock dragged their way to half past two! George and I ate sparingly at luncheon to keep ourselves in trim for the afternoon's indoor athletics. Our refusal of second helpings of Mrs. Mimble's scrumptious apple pie was noted at our table and elicited a polite inquiry about our loss of appetite from Billy Goodall. 'Don't worry about those two chaps, they're planning a long hike in the woods this afternoon so they can't stuff themselves before such hard exercise,' said Johnny Bridges meaningfully. It was obvious that poor Johnny was still upset that he would not be coming with us to visit Lizzie and Polly. I tried to soothe the troubled waters by saying: 'Yes, Johnny, and next Sunday you'll be coming with us, won't you?' Johnny took the hint and steered the conversation away to another subject, for in no way did he wish to jeopardize his own chance of crossing the Rubicon with one of the two willing females. We made our excuses and walked briskly out of the dining hall. With George at my side and on the dot of half past two, I knocked on the door of the bedroom. We waited only a few moments before Lizzie opened the door and let us in. She was wearing the same blue silk robe as she had before. She ruffled her hands through our hair and said: 'Punctuality is the politeness of kings and, as you have arrived exactly on time, you must forgive Polly and I for starting without you.' 'Starting without us -' began George with a puzzled expression on his face but then he stopped when I pointed to the bed on which lay the delectable, naked body of Polly Smeeth. She looked the very epitome of feminine pulchritude and I feasted my eyes on the gorgeous girl with her pretty face, her long locks of golden-blonde hair and her superb breasts which were topped with large, rosy nipples. At the bottom of her flat, white belly was a silky thatch of flaxen curls and when I walked slowly round to the foot of the bed, she opened her thighs so that I could see the glowing, red chink of her cunney between her pouting love lips.

    'If you boys would like to get yourselves undressed, Polly and I will continue where we left off,' said Lizzie. My cock was already standing to attention when she slipped off her robe and stood in all her naked glory in front of me, before flinging herself down next to Polly on the bed. Neither George nor myself had any experience of tribadic love, but we found the prospect most exciting. When we had torn off our clothes, we had to make a gigantic physical effort to stop ourselves wanking whilst we watched the two girls play with each other. We watched in total fascination as Lizzie and Polly engaged in a passionate embrace, kissing rapturously and thrusting their wet tongues into each other's mouths. With her left hand, Lizzie clasped the younger girl's delicious backside, whilst with the forefinger of her right hand, she frigged her pussey which made Polly purr softly with obvious pleasure. Then she caressed Polly's ripe breasts until her titties stiffened into two hard, tawny peaks before transferring her attentions to Polly's golden-haired pussey.

    'Ooooh, that's nice,' Polly gurgled and she parted her thighs, giving us a marvellous view of the crinkling lips of her cunney from which protruded a pretty, erect clitty. Then, Lizzie bent her head down between Polly's smooth thighs and started to roll her tongue around the hard, little bud, playfully nipping at it with her teeth.

    Even though George and I were somewhat startled at this uninhibited display, we found it most stimulating to watch, and our cocks were throbbing with lust. Then Polly began to shudder and she cried out: 'Oh! Oh! Oh! You're making me come, darling!' Polly fell back on the pillow with a seraphic smile upon her pretty face but Lizzie straightened up and slipped off the bed to face us. Her nude body glowed in the subdued light. She stepped towards George, the movement leaving her in profile and allowing me to drink in the proud thrust of her full, uptilted breasts, the sweep of her sculpted thighs and the fluffy, crisp thatching over her pussey. George's slim, yet muscular chest heaved as Lizzie's hand slipped down to grasp his swollen shaft and her tongue pushed between his unresisting lips. She guided him towards the bed where Polly had moved over to allow them room to lie down together next to her. Lizzie whispered her instructions into George's ear, keeping her hand clasped around his cock as she rolled on to her back. Then she spread her legs and I could see that George was shivering with excitement as he gently lowered himself upon her. I had expected her to first instruct George to squeeze her breasts or rub her titties but, doubtless concerned that he would spend too soon, Lizzie guided his cock into her cunney without any further preliminaries. George cried out in delight as at last he was landed and his arse jerked frantically up and down as he pumped his prick in and out of Lizzie's juicy love channel. No doubt Lizzie had warned him not to rush but to ream out her cunt more slowly, for after his initial frenetic burst, George slowed down the pace. This produced the desired effect and Lizzie trembled all over, panting: 'Yes! Yes! That's really first class! What powerful strokes! Keep ramming home, dear boy, you're doing wonderfully well!' She started to squirm and claw George's back as he lost all inhibition and began to ride Lizzie as if she were a bucking mare. Her legs slid down and her heels drummed against the sheet as she arched her back, working her quim back and forth against George's tool. George sheathed his shaft so fully inside her honeypot that his balls nestled against her bum cheeks. The moment of truth was nigh and he jetted his tribute into her cunt, his buttocks bouncing up and down as the final, weak dribbles of sperm oozed out from his sated cock. Then he sank down in a state of complete fulfilment upon her luscious, soft body. In the meantime, Polly had recovered from her spend and she now beckoned me over to sit on her side of the bed.

    She scrambled up to bend over me and rested her pretty, blonde head across my thighs. She smiled up at me and then pertly stuck out her pink tongue which teased its way around my knob and the edges of the spongy cap whilst she gently caressed my balls. What blissful waves of sheer ecstasy flooded through my entire body when Polly opened her lips and enveloped my helmet inside her mouth. She sucked in two or three inches of my shaft and, instinctively, I pushed my hips upwards. Her teeth scraped the tender skin as she drew me in between her lascivious lips, gobbling in more and more of my cock to savour the juices which were already oozing from my knob. I closed my eyes and a hoarse growl of excitement escaped from my throat as the lewd girl continued to suck and stroke, her clever tongue working along the underside of my prick. At the same time, she cupped my balls in her hand, rubbing them softly as she bobbed her head up and down my stalwart shaft. All too soon, I felt the tingling sensations of my approaching climax and my lusty, young penis pulsed in her mouth. I let out a strangled cry and jetted wedge upon wedge of creamy, white spunk into Polly's adorable mouth. She milked my cock to the full, not ceasing to draw upon it until the final drops of pearly juice had been eagerly gulped down. Polly raised her head and kissed my glistening cock which was now slowly losing its proud stiffness. 'M'mra, I really enjoyed that, Henry. Your spunk has a delicious salty flavour and I must suck you off again before the afternoon is out,' she said earnestly. She rose from the bed and made her way to the bathroom. I turned back to see George lying on his back, slowly fisting his shaft which had quickly recovered from its virgin spend and was again as stiff and hard as a telegraph pole.

    However, before she climbed upon his waiting cock, Lizzie rolled over towards me and squeezed my prick, pressing it first against her titties and then against her cheeks before she jammed down my foreskin and took the uncapped helmet between her lips, swirling her wet tongue all over the smooth surface as it began to swell menacingly in her mouth. Then she suddenly thrust the whole shaft down her throat and under the delightful stimulation of her exquisite palating my cock was also soon proudly erect. 'Ah, Henry,' she gasped, easing my knob from her mouth. 'Now we can begin your next lesson – I want you to fuck my bottom whilst I ride George's stiff-stander. But first you must dab some pomade on your shaft. You'll find some in a little jar on my dressing-table. 'Then come straight back here and stick your cock up my bum!' she added, with a wickedly voluptuous expression on her face. Obediently I scuttled over to the dressing table and liberally anointed my pulsating prick with the greasy ointment. When I had finished, I scrambled up behind Lizzie who had straddled George and who was now lowering her juicy crack down on to his quivering cock until she was sitting flat upon the tops of his thighs with every inch of his throbbing tool ensconced inside her love box. She rocked to and fro and, on every stroke, she thrust herself forwards as far as possible and pushed out her backside so that I was given an inviting bird's eye view of her wrinkled, little rear dimple. I took my cock in my hand and carefully positioned it in the crevice between her rolling bum cheeks which I parted wide so that her arse-hole would be fully opened to my prick's impending attack. Then I manoeuvred my knob into position. I hesitated as my cock seemed too big for Lizzie's back-passage, but Lizzie sensed my apprehension and gasped out: 'Go on, Henry, if it hurts I'll call out and you can pull back.' Ever obedient, I followed her command and shoved my cock slowly and steadily forward. Lizzie grunted as I pressed my knob inside her bum-hole, but the whimper changed to a moan of delight as my prick stretched her anus and slid inside her until her bum cheeks were pressing against my belly. She writhed and twisted so much that she found it difficult to keep George's cock inside her cunt, but she managed to so do and I could feel his prick rubbing against my own with only the thin divisional membrane running between us. This kindled such arousing passions that we both spent almost at once, deluging Lizzie's cunt and arse and spurting frothy spunk over each other's balls with every thrust. We were both now hors de combat, and when Polly skipped back into the room, she looked most disappointed to see the state of our limp, dangling cocks.

    'Goodness gracious, Lizzie, what have you done to these poor lads' pricks?' she exclaimed. She flicked my friend's shrivelled shaft with her finger. 'George, I rather fancied sucking your cock. I'm sure you would find it a most enjoyable experience.' George's face flushed with delight as he gasped: 'Oh, I know I would love it, Polly.

    No-one has ever gobbled my prick before and I'd be awfully grateful if you would be the first to do so.' 'But neither of your cocks are yet ready for such a fray,' observed Lizzie as she let her fingertips stroke a passage through George's flaxen, pubic hair. 'However, this brings us neatly to your third lesson, which is how to please a lady when your equipment has been exhausted from your previous efforts – or indeed when your member refuses to obey your command. 'You may have discovered that sometimes your cock appears to possess a will of its own. At your age, you have probably found out that your shafts stiffen for no apparent reason and when you are older, you may also find that it occasionally refuses to rise to attention when you have every reason to want it to do so. Do believe me, boys, even the greatest lovers have suffered from stage fright at one time or another in their careers.' 'What should we do when that happens?' I enquired. Lizzie smiled at me. 'Well, there are still ways you can please a lady even if your cock is temporarily out of action.

    Henry, you watched me bring off Polly with my mouth. Why don't you see if you can do the same to me?' Now of course, I had never performed cunnilingus although I had studied the practice of 'muff-diving' in the pages of The Oyster. Frankly, the idea of licking Lizzie's cunt did not appeal to me at first, but I thought that it would be most churlish to refuse such a request from our instructress.

    So, I disguised my true feelings and said it would give me the greatest pleasure to try. I hauled myself on to my knees and then slid down upon my belly between her open legs so that my face was only inches away from her pussey. At last year's Boxing Day party at Bacon Lodge, after the ladies had left the dining room, I had overheard my Uncle Robert chortle to one of his cronies: 'Like nipples, like clitty, old boy!' And Lizzie proved the truth of this adage, for her tawny, elongated nipples were matched by the size of her stiff clitty.

    For the first time in my life, I inhaled the aromatic smell of cuntal odour which I found far from displeasing. I kissed Lizzie's pungent pussey and worked my face into the cleft between her thighs.

    'Good boy, nibble my clitty,' she breathed. I placed my lips over the tender bud and sucked it into my mouth. The tip of my tongue explored it from all directions and when I nipped at it lightly with my teeth, I could feel it swell even larger while her thighs now wriggled against the sides of my head. My tongue flashed unerringly around her damp pubic bush and the folds of her pussey opened wide as she lifted her bottom to enable me to slide my tongue through the pink lips. I licked between the grooves of Lizzie's quim in long, thrusting strokes and her cunt now started to gush with love juice. Each time I tongued her, Lizzie's clitty twitched and I now slipped my forefinger inside her juicy honeypot. 'Ohhh! Ohhh!

    Ohhh!' she panted and I worked my tongue till my jaw ached whilst at the same time I frigged her cunney with three fingers. Finally, her lovely body began to tremble violently and a veritable fountain of cuntal juice splashed all over my face. My own cock was thickening and on lifting my head I saw George and Polly embrace. Then Polly slipped her hand down to squeeze George's now rigid, blue-veined truncheon and whispered: 'Close your eyes and relax, my dear, whilst I suck your succulent todger until the spunk boils up in your balls and comes gushing out of your knob!' She slid down on to her knees, and with her left hand sliding up and down his smooth, hairless chest and the ringers of her right hand gripped tightly around his rock-hard rammer, Polly opened her mouth wide and eased his uncapped knob between her lips. Then she moved her free hand downwards to smooth her palm against one of his bum cheeks whilst with the other she massaged his hairy ballsack. Polly sucked on the throbbing, young cock that was jammed inside her mouth in long, squelchy bursts, varying the exquisite rhythm every so often by occasionally taking out George's cock and planting a series of wet butterfly kisses on his ruby helmet.

    Then she licked all over his straining shaft, and for a moment or two, she took each of his balls into her mouth and lightly washed them over with her tongue. George's body went rigid and his eyes tightened as he gasped: 'My God! I'm going to spend!' His lithe body bucked to and fro as he spouted into Polly's mouth and his copious spunk dribbled out of her lips and on to her chin as she sucked and swallowed as much of his ejaculation as she could manage. George lolled back panting with exhaustion as Polly licked the remaining drops of his jism off her lips and remarked: 'Yum, yum, I do love the tangy taste of masculine seed, don't you, Lizzie?' 'Very much so,' replied our mentor. 'And yet there are some girls who prefer to spit it out at the climax and there are even those who have never sampled the delights of sucking a thick, throbbing cock.' 'Oh, I do love sucking pricks,' exclaimed Polly warmly. 'I would love to suck for much longer during a fuck but unfortunately none of the men I have ever had can hold back for more than about five minutes. Mind, it's so exciting when a boy's cock starts to quiver and his spunk squirts out of his prick and shoots down my throat, especially when it doesn't taste too salty like George's seed.' Lizzie nodded her head in agreement. 'Yes, I enjoy that too, though sometimes I stop sucking before the lad ejaculates so that his cock is as hard as a rock before I slip it into my cunt.' These lascivious thoughts so fired the delicious girl that she gave me an encouraging kiss on the lips and lay back on the bed, spreading her legs wide open to expose her glossy, dark fleece and her pink cunney lips which visibly protruded through the thick mass of pussey hair. Naturally, my cock stiffened at the sight of her delicious quim. I knelt in front of Lizzie and I pushed her legs even further apart, trailing my hand through her hirsute thatch until I found her fleshy, little clitoris and she gasped with joy as I slid my fingers around it. 'You clever boy!

    Play with my clitty!' she panted as she writhed under the stimulation of my questing fingers. I can see you will soon have to move to the advanced class!' 'Thank you,' I murmured. Then I removed my fingers and, rising on top of her, plunged my prick straight into Lizzie's squelchy cunt and began fucking her in a veritable frenzy of passion. Ah, her sopping sheath was as a violin and my cock was as a bow and every stroke raised the most ravishing melody on the senses!

    This time the build-up to our mutual spending was slower than when I first fucked Lizzie three days ago, and we abandoned ourselves totally in a sensuous ecstasy. Our matted, hairy triangles were both soaking with each other's juices as my trusty tool slid in and out of the folds of Lizzie's cunney and our surging cries of delight echoed around the room as we climbed up to the ultimate peak of pleasure.

    'Oh, Henry! Oh-h-h! O-h-h! I'm going off, my dear,' cried Lizzie as she threw her arms and legs around me. She bit my shoulder in a frenzy of sexual passion whilst the lips of her cunney clung to my cock and she cried out: 'Shoot your spunk, you big-cocked boy!'

    'Here I go,' I gasped. I began shaking like a leaf from head to toe until my body was enveloped in the blissful warmth of a tremendous spend and a stream of creamy sperm erupted from my cock and drenched Lizzie's cunt.. At the same time, the force of her own climax crackled through her limbs and she screamed with joy as my ardent ejaculation drenched her love funnel. All good things come to an end, and whilst we would all have loved to continue to participate in this orgiastic cornucopia, Lizzie reminded us that, as members of the school orchestra, our presence would soon be required in Trippett's Hall for the Sunday afternoon concert. Dr Muttley is a man of liberal persuasions and believes that, whilst Sunday should be a day of rest, there is no harm in allowing music to be performed on Sunday afternoons (though boys whose families object to entertainments on the Sabbath are excused attendance on the production of a note from their parents). George and I knew that we had no choice but to leave our two charmers. However, we made arrangements to see Lizzie and Polly again on Thursday afternoon after football practice. I did not forget to mention how keen Johnny Bridges was to join in our amusements. Lizzie considered this request and, when I informed her that his member was even thicker than mine, though of a slightly lesser size, she said that she had no objection. She then asked Polly whether she minded if Johnny participated in our secret recreations.

    'Not as such,' she replied pertly. 'Though this will mean there will be only two cunnies for three cocks and, as we are all aware, three into two won't go. However, I have often wondered what it would be like to have a boy fuck me whilst I was sucking off another lad, so by all means let Johnny join in our fun and I will be able to satisfy my curiosity.' We gave Johnny the good news as we hurried into Trippett's Hall (named incidentally in honour of Albion Academy's great eponymous benefactor who studied here between 1862 and 1868).

    'My God I can hardly wait till Thursday afternoon,' exclaimed Johnny, rubbing his hands in glee. George winked at me as he said: 'Well, that's all very well, but don't start thinking about it and get a stiffie or you might get expelled for tossing off during the Sunday concert!' Johnny took the teasing in good part and we heartily applauded Dr Muttley when he walked on to the stage with Sir Nicholas Webster, a gentleman farmer whose country seat and one hundred acre estate lies only three miles away. According to Mr.

    Moore, Albion Academy's head of music, he is one of the most talented amateur violinists in the country. Dr Muttley thanked Sir Nicholas for giving up his weekend for our benefit and the baronet then introduced the three other members of the string quartet who would play for us – the second violinist, Professor Nicholas Clay of the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London and two most attractive ladies, Miss Angela Brendan-Sykes and the charmingly-named cellist, Miss Laura Lightly. 'Hello Henry', said a cheerful voice from behind me during the first interval. I turned round to see that the sprightly figure of the Reverend Beresford Tagholm was sitting behind us, next to an exquisitely pretty girl who I had never seen before. 'We meet again. Are you enjoying the concert Sir?'

    'Very much so,' he replied. I introduced my study-mates to the amiable young curate and, in turn, he introduced his companion, saying: 'And let me introduce Miss Nancy Bulstrode, my fiancee. Nancy lives with her papa at nearby Bulstrode Towers, and is the reason I have availed myself of my uncle's hospitality this weekend.' 'How nice to meet you, Henry,' said this lovely creature in a delightfully soft voice. I returned the warm, friendly smile she bestowed upon me whilst I hoped that my face did not betray my shock – for old General Bulstrode is a fearsome martinet of a country squire, a local magistrate who would happily hang, draw and quarter any poacher who trespasses upon his or any other local landowner's estate. It is even rumoured that he bribed one of the warders to ensure his presence at any flogging of miscreants at Maidstone gaol. Incidentally, the General's wife, Mrs. Gertrude Bulstrode, is rarely to be seen as she is always away visiting friends, seemingly to get as far away from her husband as possible. I was staggered to think that this beautiful girl could have a father so unlike her in looks and temperament.

    However, the musicians were now ready to play the next piece in the programme and I put the matter of Nancy's parentage to one side.

    The concert ended with an inspiring interpretation of Schubert's 'Quartet in D Minor', a wonderful piece of music which I have studied with Mr. Moore. I listened with intense enjoyment as Sir Nicholas effortlessly played the lovely melody of the Allegro and there were tears in my eyes at the end of the performance. Whilst every person around me rose to afford the musicians a deserved ovation, I reached into my pocket for a handkerchief to dab my eyes and, as I did so, I noticed that Nancy Bulstrode had been similarly affected by the melancholy beauty of the music and tiny rivulets of water were cascading down her cheeks. She gave me a grateful smile when I proferred my handkerchief and, after Dr Muttley had again thanked Sir Nicholas and his fellow musicians for the wonderful entertainment, she gave it to me back and said gratefully: 'Thank you so much, I know it must appear foolish to cry so during a concert, but I find Schubert's music so emotional, especially such a sad theme as in the second movement.' 'It isn't foolish at all,' I said stoutly. 'Especially when one thinks how much marvellous music he composed during his brief life. Anyhow, the second movement is supposed to be sad.' 'Quite so, it is based upon his song 'Death And The Maiden', said the Reverend Tagholm as he took Nancy's arm. 'Although it does upset me to see you cry, dear! I see you too were much affected by the music, Henry. It's as well you didn't take up my offer of afternoon tea.

    'Dr Muttley had forgotten to tell me about the concert and I must confess that I was not expecting to have the pleasure of seeing Nancy this afternoon. She was unsure until the last minute whether her parents would accept the invitation to spend Sunday afternoon with some friends in Orlestone and thus make it possible for her to meet me here.' Nancy pulled a face and said: 'Yes, but I had to leave a note for my parents to say when I would return home. You know my father's reputation. If my parents get back to Bulstrode Towers before me, Papa will probably come raging down to your uncle's cottage with a horsewhip.' 'In that case, I shall go out and attempt to reason with him,' said her fiance gently. 'Who knows, perhaps I might even persuade him to recognise that you and I love each other and, like my own parents, he and your mama should give us their blessing.' 'I doubt that very much,' she replied with some spirit. 'Still, you are a clergyman and if you didn't have faith, then I suppose you would be in the wrong calling and should resign to join your brother Roger in the regiment.' 'I don't think that a pacifist brother would be much help to Roger,' said Beresford mildly, which made Nancy laugh.

    She said to me: 'Come on, Henry, do walk back with us to Mr.

    Smeeth's cottage in case Papa does arrive home earlier than expected from Orlestone. If Berry won't defend himself, he will need someone else to do so.' 'No, I won't,' he said indignantly, although he smiled-perhaps at the thought of having a sixteen-year-old schoolboy as his champion. He went on: 'You forget, my love, pacifist I may be, but if your Papa attempts to inflict physical violence upon my person, have no fear that I shall hesitate to disarm him. Heaven forbid, though, that such a state of affairs should come to pass.'

    Frankly, I was slightly embarrassed to be involved in this affair, but as we walked out into the cold evening air, we met Lizzie Dickerson who stopped me and said: 'Ah, Henry, I have an important message for you. Your appointment for treatment of your shin is confirmed for Thursday afternoon at five o'clock in the sick bay.'

    'Thank you very much,' I answered politely and, hoping to slide out of accompanying Beresford and Nancy to the groundsman's cottage, I said: 'Mrs. Dickerson, have you met Reverend Tagholm and Miss Bulstrode?' 'Oh yes, Nancy and I are old friends and Beresford and I had luncheon with the headmaster today,' replied Lizzie who, to my relief, accepted an invitation to join us in the ten minute stroll.

    'Nancy, I presume you do know that your father's carriage drove through the gates Five minutes ago.' The poor girl's jaw dropped in horror at this news. 'No, I was unaware that he was here. Oh, Berry, what shall we do?' Lizzie Dickerson was genuinely distressed to see Nancy so upset and took her hands in her own and asked if there was any way in which she could be of assistance.

    'What's the matter, my love? I suppose he is on the rampage again about your keeping company with Beresford,' she said with resignation in her voice. 'Look here, you two lovebirds, go on down to the cottage and don't worry about the General, I know of a good way to keep him occupied. 'Yes indeed,' she added thoughtfully. 'Henry, I may require your help. Would you mind staying with me?' 'Not in the slightest, I'd be glad to do anything I can for you,' I said eagerly and so I stayed with her whilst Beresford and Nancy made their way carefully along the dark drive. 'Good boy, I need you to run an errand for me,' she explained and then, to my surprise, she said: 'Between ourselves, Henry, the General might be a foolish old duffer, but his bark is far worse than his bite and underneath that dreadful bluster, he is really quite kind-hearted.' She chuckled when she saw the look of amazement on my face and went on: 'Now you've probably heard the story about his wanting to witness the floggings at Maidstone gaol. Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you but there's not a word of truth in that tale. 'Anyhow, you will do everyone a favour if you would run to the housemaid's quarters and instruct Freda to go with you immediately to Mr. Hutchinson's study. If he is to be found there, you must tell your form-master that I would like to see him as soon as possible.' 'But what if he won't come to you straightaway?' I enquired. Lizzie grinned and said: 'Oh, he'll move himself all right, you may bet upon it. But if he isn't there, tell Freda to stay in the study and await General Bulstrode's arrival whilst you search high and low for Mr. Hutchinson and when you do find him, give him the same message to meet me in my rooms without delay.

    Is that quite clear?' 'Oh yes, and then is there anything more for me to do?' I asked. She thought for a moment and then, with a brisk nod, she said: 'Well it would be most useful if, after the General has gone to meet Freda, you could head off anyone going to Mr.

    Hutchinson's study and interrupting them.' 'Interrupting them?' I repeated blankly and Lizzie shrugged her shoulders and said: 'Mrs.

    Bulstrode spends more time away than at home and, despite what a young man of your age might believe, people in the prime of life still enjoy sexual relationships. And what man in his middle years would not relish fucking a good-looking twenty-five-year-old lass like Freda Prestwich? So, if you could keep guard, so to speak, outside your form-master's study, I will ensure that he won't disturb them.'

    'Very well, but could you explain to me why you are making all these arrangements?' I said. Lizzie patted me on the cheek and said gently: 'Run along now, Henry. I think you will find that everything will become clear in the next hour or so. If not, I'll answer any questions you may have on Thursday afternoon.' Still puzzled by her reply, I trotted off first to the servants' quarters where I gave Freda Prestwich the message about meeting General Bulstrode in my form-master's study. She seemed very pleased to hear this news and said: 'How nice, Master Henry, I'll take my keys with me in case Mr. Hutchinson has locked the door.' By good fortune I met Mr. Hutchinson just as he was about to open his door. As Lizzie had correctly forecast, after I passed on her instructions, he muttered: 'As soon as possible, did you say? Very well, I'll go round to the sick bay as soon as I have returned this book I borrowed from Dr Muttley's shelves last week.' 'I'll return the book to Dr Muttley for you, sir,' I said innocently. He nodded and said: 'Thank you, Dashwood, that will save me a little time. Please give the headmaster my compliments and tell him I found Mr. Mountjoy's volume on foreign affairs extremely interesting.' I could also pass on the information about Freda to General Bulstrode, I thought to myself as I knocked on the door. But when I opened the door after Dr Muttley had boomed 'enter', I immediately saw Lizzie standing next to General Bulstrode and realised that she must have already given him the news about Freda. And indeed, this must have pleased the General who said in an almost genial tone: 'Well, I must be away as I have someone waiting to see me. I'm happy to leave the matter we discussed in your capable hands, Muttley. I'm sure that I can rely on your good sense to help me keep this impudent young puppy from pestering my daughter.

    Good night to you, sir, and good night to you, Mrs. Dickerson. Thank you once again for passing on that message to me.' He brushed by me as he walked out of the study at a lively pace and shut the door firmly behind him. Forgetting my presence for the moment, the headmaster turned to Lizzie and said: 'What a strange chap he is!

    Whatever was in that note certainly calmed him down. In any case, I have no intention of interfering with personal matters which are of no concern to myself or the school. After all, Smeeth's nephew is a Church of England curate, not some kind of libertine cad!' Lizzie coughed and looked meaningfully in my me standing there. 'Ah yes, Dashwood, what can I do for you, my boy?' I gave the headmaster the book and, after I had relayed Mr. Hutchinson's message, Lizzie and I left the headmaster's study together. Outside in the corridor, she kissed my forehead and said: 'Well done, Henry, now I must be off to see Mr. Hutchinson, but you would be doing Nancy and Beresford a great service if you strolled down to Smeeth's cottage and informed them that the General will be too busy to bother them for at least the next hour. Then come back here and keep an eye on things.' I was in two minds whether or not to comply with this request, but when I returned to the study, neither Johnny nor George was to be seen. So, I slipped on my overcoat and walked down the drive to the groundsman's cottage to deliver the good news to the happy couple. Although there was a dim light showing through the curtains in the front room, there was no reply when I knocked on the door. I knocked a second time, but again there was no reply. I decided to walk round the back and investigate for I could not understand why neither Nancy nor Beresford had opened the door. There were no lights showing around the back and I was about to leave, when the thought came to me that, only the other week, I had read in the Ashford Gazette of an old lady who had been badly burned in a fire caused by a faulty oil lamp left burning in her kitchen. Now Smeeth is a most careful kind of chap and would never leave a light on if nobody was at home. So, with the best intentions in the world, I set about looking for the spare key which Polly had told me her father hid under a flower pot if she was working late at the sanitarium. Then it occurred to me that perhaps the cottage was being robbed by one of the petty thieves whose activities have also been recorded recently in the local newspaper. In that case, I decided I would apprehend the burglar. I picked up a stout stick which was lying against the side of the house and, sliding it under my arm, I quietly approached the front door. I tried the doorknob and, to my fear and surprise, the door opened. I stepped into the darkness of the hall and closed it almost noiselessly behind me.

    Then, with the stick gripped firmly in my hand, I tip-toed towards the light coming out from the front room, the door of which was only half shut. I bit my lip however, when I instantly recognised the sweet tones of Nancy Bulstrode's voice. 'Oh Berry, don't you think it would have been wiser to answer the door?' she asked in a faltering voice. 'No, I'm sure whoever knocked will have just gone away. It was so kind of Lizzie Dickerson to head off a confrontation with your Papa, and as my dear cousin Polly has arranged to keep my uncle and aunt away till eight o'clock, I certainly don't want to waste a moment of the little precious time we can spend alone.' 'Neither do I, darling,' Nancy sighed. I dared not move whilst I tried to decide what I should now do. On one hand, I could simply retreat and leave the lovers be, but on the other, I had important news to impart to them, and surely they could not have meant to leave the door unlocked.

    So, how best could I make my presence known without embarrassing Nancy? The answer came swiftly to me – I had a sheet of paper in my overcoat, and I would use my new Alanbrooke fountain pen to write a message which I would leave in the rack for letters by the front door.

    Then I would go outside, close the door and keep knocking until I heard Beresford or Nancy come to answer it. In this way, they would find my note and I would be able to walk away, without having to engage in any conversation. Just to ensure that all was as it should be, I peeped through the half-open door and saw Nancy and Beresford sitting together on a small sofa. As I looked on, she closed her liquid, blue eyes whilst the couple dissolved into a passionate kiss. I stifled a gasp of surprise when Nancy's hand wandered to the front of Beresford's trousers and pressed hard against the bulge of his stiffstander. I was even more astonished – for, when all is said and done Beresford Tagholm is a man of the cloth – when I saw the curate unbutton the front of Nancy's dress and slide down the straps of her chemise. Her beautiful bare breasts were as white as alabaster and crowned with luscious strawberry-coloured nipples. 'Play with my breasts, Berry, I love having my nipples kissed,' she murmured and her fiance was more than ready to oblige! Whilst he licked and lapped her gorgeous titties, he started to undress her, until the adorable girl was completely nude. Then he tore off his own clothes and a pang of jealousy shot through me when I saw the size of his enormous prick which was standing stiffly up against his belly. It was the biggest cock I have ever seen, at least twelve inches long and even thicker than that of Hawton of the Lower Sixth, whose tremendous todger took first place in the unofficial Victor Pudendum contest which is held on the last day of the summer term for the largest shaft in the senior school. Nancy curled her fingers around it and began to move her fist delicately up and down the blue-veined shaft. Then she dropped to her knees and kissed the uncapped, glistening helmet, her fingers drumming softly on his bum cheeks. She took as much of this colossal cock as she could between her lips as she started to suck on it like a fruity lollipop. But Beresford very soon pulled her head away from his twitching tool and said softly: 'I'm sorry darling, but unless you stop, I'll come in your mouth and I want to fuck you properly.' With a delicious smile, the gorgeous girl did as she was told and stood with her legs apart as she bent over the sofa so that both Beresford and I enjoyed a lovely view of her open bottom and pouting quim while the lips of her cunney stretched to expose the flushed chink of her love tunnel. Then Beresford leaned over her and her bottom wriggled sensuously from side to side as, taking a series of deep breaths, he pushed his huge knob between her buttocks.

    However, Beresford did not attempt to cork her bum-hole, but pushed his cock inside the supple, wet crack of her cunt, thrusting deeply as Nancy let out a tiny yelp of delight. He pushed forward fiercely, burying his shaft to the very hilt so that his balls rested against her bum cheeks and, holding her round the waist until he felt his cock could push forward no further, he shifted his hands to fondle her soft, rounded bosoms, rubbing the elongated rosebud titties until they must have been as hard as rocks. 'Fuck me, darling, I adore the feel of your big cock sliding in and out of my little cunney,' breathed Nancy. Beresford immediately obeyed, sliding his immense organ in and out of her pussey at some speed. Nancy responded gaily to every thrilling shove and I could hear, if not see, Beresford's hairy balls slapping against her bum as he moved to and fro in a fierce, shunting movement. This brought them both to the boil very quickly and, with one final, almighty thrust forward, he spurted into her, working his gleaming shaft back and forth as he creamed her cunney.

    I ripped open my fly buttons and released my own pulsing organ which had been bursting to be freed from the confines of my trousers.

    I began to slide my cupped hand up and down the straining girth of my swollen shaft, my firm motions regularly revealing and covering the crimson blush of my domed helmet. 'Oooh, your cock is still stiff,' exclaimed Nancy joyously as she reached behind her and clasped hold of Beresford's shining, wet shaft. 'Now, my dear, you must lie down on the sofa and let me do all the work this time.' 'With pleasure, my dearest,' Beresford panted as he pulled his cock out of the cleft of her buttocks. 'Who am I to disobey such a sweet command?'

    He lay down as she had instructed and Nancy sat astride him, trailing her magnificent breasts up and down his torso. Then she lifted her hips and crouched over his quivering cock, her cunney directly poised above his uncapped, purple knob. She slid gently down his rigid rod with a heartfelt sigh of satisfaction and, ever so slowly, she lifted and lowered her dripping honeypot so that Beresford's boner went higher and deeper inside her with every stroke.

    They soon established a rhythm to their fucking and his hips jerked upwards at each of Nancy's downward thrusts. By this time, I could no longer hold back my spend and my proud prick spurted a fierce jet of sticky jism on to the Smeeth's hall carpet as warm waves of sheer bliss coursed through my body. I wiped my cock with my handkerchief, but my attempt to dab at the soiled carpet was ineffectual. I glanced up to see Nancy was now pumping up and down on Beresford's shaft at great speed, digging her fingernails into his ribs. Each voluptuous shove was accompanied by their mutual wails of ecstasy. He pulled her body forward so as to rub one of her red titties between his fingers whilst he took the other pouting strawberry between his lips. The supreme moment soon arrived and she dropped down hard upon his raging rammer with a husky cry. They spent profusely, draining each other dry, until they finally came to rest.

    'Oh Berry, that was a truly splendid fuck,' said Nancy happily.

    'We really must get married soon for I cannot go for such a long period of time without being threaded by your wonderful cock.'

    Beresford replied: 'I would like nothing better, my precious girl. Ah, if only we could get your father to see reason.' His voice trailed off and Nancy kissed him as she said: 'If only I came into my inheritance at twenty-one, but according to the terms of grandfather's will, I cannot inherit my share of his fortune until I am twenty-five. Then my parents can do nothing to prevent our union.

    But I don't want to wait for almost another five years to become Mrs.

    Tagholm!' 'We could marry when you are twenty-one,' ventured Beresford. Nancy sighed: 'Yes, that is so, but we have discussed this possibility many times. The situation has not changed-if I marry without my father's consent, not only would he cut me off without a penny, but I would also forfeit my right to the eighty-five thousand pounds, plus bank interest, which would come to me from my grandfather's estate. I know that your family would augment your small salary, but I will not deny that I might well regret the loss of my inheritance in later years-especially if we started a family. It would be most unfair on any children to disinherit them.' 'It would be unfair, I entirely agree with you,' concurred her fiance with feeling.

    'I may only be an unworldly curate, but if the boot were on the other foot, I would feel exactly the same way about the money. Alas, my dear, we must wait, unless some kind money. Alas, my dear, we must wait, unless some kind and clever soul like Lizzie Dickerson can persuade your father to drop his objections to our engagement.'

    He sneezed and Nancy said: 'Sweetheart, we had better get dressed very soon. I don't know for how long Lizzie has managed to head off Papa but he might be at the door at any moment.' 'You don't think it might have been your father knocking on the door some ten minutes ago?' enquired Beresford. Nancy chuckled and said: 'Oh no, if it had been Papa, he would not have simply gone away but would have stood outside bellowing like a bull for me to come out and drive home with him 'this instant, my girl,' she concluded, giving a good imitation of her father's gruff, angry manner. 'Well, we can always pray for a change of heart by your father,' sighed Beresford. He gave a short laugh and went on: 'And we must have faith that this could happen, although it has been some nineteen hundred years since Our Lord performed his wonders! On the other hand, God helps those who help themselves, so we had better get dressed as you say, and try to fathom a way out of our problem.' Like the Bedouin Arab who folds his tents and steals silently away, I buttoned up my trousers and walked noiselessly to the front door. I hastily scribbled out the note and silently placed it in the rack. Then, with great care, I turned the door handle and opened the door just enough to enable me to slip through on to the porch. Once outside, I banged on it with some force three or four times, then I ran back towards the safety of the school drive. As I walked along the drive, the bell started to toll for the evening roll call, about which I had quite forgotten, but I had time in hand to present myself at the fifth-form assembly point where Davidson, the duty prefect, ticked my name off on the register.

    Johnny and George were larking about with some other fellows and they invited me to join in a tug-of-war match in the common room.

    'Sorry chaps, I don't think I'm up to it,' I said, making the excuse that my shin was playing up so I would take a rest in the library and see them in half an hour's time for supper. Of course, this was, shall we say, a terminological inexactitude, for the truth was that I was curious to know what, if anything, might be going on in Mr.

    Hutchinson's study! Stealthily, I made my way to my form-master's study, making as sure as I could that I was not seen and, when I reached my destination, I put my ear to the keyhole which, sadly, was blocked by the key. I could hear grunts and groans coming from behind the door and longed to know what was going on. Then I had a fine brainwave – the study faces the third-form classroom across the yard and, so long as Mr. Hutchinson had not drawn the curtains, and the lights were on, I could see what was going on between Freda and the General from there and perhaps better so with the aid of my new Danziger amp; Seligsohn German binoculars. (A birthday present from my dear Mama, who sent them to me with a note suggesting that they would be useful for nature watches.) Well, in the widest sense of the term, I was on a nature watch. I hurried back to my study to collect my binoculars and then to the third-form classroom. I offered up a prayer of thanks, for Mr. Hutchinson had not drawn his curtains or turned out the lights and I could see the outlines of an amazing scene unfolding. Everything became crystal clear when I used the binoculars, which, having adjustable focusing, magnified my vision so perfectly, that not even the smallest detail was hidden from me. It was difficult to prevent my hands from shaking slightly as I trained my glasses upon Mr. Hutchinson's table which had been cleared of books and papers, but was not empty. For, lying across it, flat on his back and stark naked was none other than General Bulstrode! His chest was covered with dark, matted hair and his corpulent belly sagged over the sides of the table without the restriction imposed by his clothes to keep his body in shape. However, his throbbing tool stood up smartly enough, a thick, twitching truncheon which was being manipulated in expert fashion by Freda Prestwich who was dressed, or rather half-undressed, in her black housemaid's uniform. Assisted no doubt by the gallant General, she had taken off her blouse and her large, hare breasts were swinging voluptuously from side to side, looking mouth-wateringly ripe for a touch of lips or fingers. My hand flew to my fly buttons, and for the second time in less than an hour, I pulled out my palpitating prick and began to slide my fist up and down my swollen shaft whilst General Bulstrode fondled Freda's breasts. Of course I couldn't hear what she then whispered in his ear, but it must have been along the lines of 'Now I want you to fuck me' because he heaved himself up from the table and helped Freda to unhook her skirt and slip off the garment together with her drawers. When she too was completely nude, Freda obligingly bent over the table with her back to the window so that I could see her full, sumptuous bum cheeks and she pulled them apart herself, inviting the General to plunge his prick between them. When he appeared to hesitate, I assumed that he was merely debating, like a billiards player, whether he should go for the pink or the brown. I wondered in which of Freda's warm, wet orifices he would slide his stiff shaft. But when he continued to stand by Freda's side with a forlorn expression on his countenance, I trained my glasses on his groin and noticed that the gallant soldier's equipment had malfunctioned and that his flaccid shaft was flapping limply between his thighs. Freda turned her head, presumably to ask why the General had not taken up position behind her. Then, after a brief, animated conversation, to my astonishment, the couple changed positions and the General sprawled himself over the table, lifting his buttocks high in the air. For a moment, Freda disappeared from view, but she soon returned to the scene having picked up Mr. Hutchinson's cane which he keeps resting against the wall in the far corner of his study. She gripped the cane and smoothed the stick across his arse – but even then I could hardly believe that she was actually going to swish General Bulstrode for not being able to maintain his hard-on!

    And, funnily enough, Freda also seemed unsure as to whether she should carry on with this punishment for she appeared to ask the General whether he really wanted her to continue. He must have answered in the affirmative because he nodded vigorously in answer to her question.

    Freda shrugged her shoulders and positioned herself ready to lay six of the best upon his chubby posterior. She raised her arm and brought down the cane with no little force across his bottom and, when she raised in for a second stroke, I could make out an angry red line across his bum cheeks. Nevertheless, General Bulstrode must have derived some queer pleasure from being whopped for he clenched and unclenched his buttocks in what I assumed was a further invitation to Freda to continue. She did so so skillfully that I suspected this was not the first time she had chastised the General in this manner.

    Crack! Crack! Crack! Even though I could not hear the sounds I still winced at the sight. Freda laid on with a will, delivering the cuts with equal force, one below the other, so that the red stripes were imprinted on the General's backside at regular distances whilst he wriggled and writhed. She finished the flogging with an almost vicious snap to the deep crease of his arse. Then the General hauled himself up off the table and I could see why he had requested Freda to cane him – for now his rod was standing rigidly to attention.

    The girl now knelt on her hands and knees whilst General Bulstrode guided his stiff shaft between the lovely cheeks of her bottom. From the expressions of delight on their flushed faces, I guessed that he had buried his tool deep inside her clinging sheath and I noted that he slipped his hand around her waist to handle her luxuriously-covered mound, sliding his fingers into her cunt to join his veiny love truncheon. My own cock now jerked and twitched in my fist and my whole body shuddered. Spurts of sticky spunk erupted from my knob as I gave myself up to the joys of a long and copious climax, spraying the window with my powerful jets of jism. As I wiped myself with my handkerchief, which was already coated with spunk from the result of my tossing off whilst I watched the glorious fucking of Nancy Bulstrode by the Reverend Beresford Tagholm, I saw the General collapse down upon Freda, doubtless having discharged his seed inside her cunney. As I squeezed my shrunken shaft back into my drawers and buttoned my trousers, I reflected that it would still be some time before General Bulstrode was ready to continue his search for his daughter. Meanwhile, Lizzie Dickerson would be entertaining Mr.

    Hutchinson (in a manner I could well imagine) so that there was little chance of his returning to his study and interrupting the fine sport which was still taking place there. A final glance showed the housemaid on her knees in front of the General, coaxing his dangling shaft into a further cockstand. I decided that there was no need for me to have any further involvement in these matters and I walked thoughtfully back to the fifth-form common room. I've been reflecting whether Dr Muttley has the slightest inkling of just how much fucking has been taking place within the buildings of 'the grand old school', as he often refers to it. My conclusion is that the headmaster remains in a state of blissful ignorance of such carnal carryings-on. However, whilst he would not approve of them, he might prefer these expressions of sexual desire to take place rather than foster the sexual practices between us boys which are bound to occur if we are denied access to the company of the opposite gender.

    When I opened the door of the common room, I found myself pressed into umpiring the rowdy tug-of-war match that was taking place until supper-time. Then, (as is the custom at the Albion Academy on Sunday nights) we had to attend a brief assembly in the main hall for a short lecture upon a topic of the day, occasionally given by a sixth former or by one of the teaching staff, but delivered this particular evening by Dr Muttley himself on the subject of 'The Ethics of Empire'.

    Our headmaster is an unrepentant Imperialist and urged us never to forget that, to us, a certain definite duty has been assigned: 'to touch the mind of Asia and Africa with the ethical ideas of Europe; to give to thronging millions who would otherwise never know peace nor security, these first conditions of human advance. Whatever others might say, we do not possess the right to cast from us this vast world-work which our forefathers have entrusted to our care'. As we filed out of the hall on our way to the dormitory, I remarked to Billy Goodall that it was all very well for Dr Muttley to talk of the need to civilise the natives, but how about the need to provide decent living conditions and jobs at reasonable rates of pay for our countrymen who are crammed into the slums of our big cities and have little hope of escape from their wretchedness?' 'Now then, young Dashwood, we'll have none of that radical clap-trap here, if you don't mind,' snapped Addington, one of the sixth-form prefects who was walking behind me. 'I don't want to hear you spouting that dangerous nonsense again, it's all based on selfishness and socialist envy.'

    'You may not agree with me but I'm entitled to express my opinion,' I challenged. He scowled and replied: 'Not when I'm around you're not, Dashwood, do you understand?' 'Only too well,' said the familiar voice of Julian Clayton and I spun round to see the captain of the school glaring at Addington. 'I don't agree with what Dashwood is saying either but he has every right to put forward his point of view. Haven't you ever heard of free speech?' “Thanks, Clayton,' I said as Addington walked furiously away. “That's all right, young Dashwood,' he said with a conspiratorial wink. 'Don't hesitate to let me know if that foolish fellow bothers you again. We pupils of Lizzie Dickerson must stick together!'

    PART III. Comings and Goings

    Monday, November 12th, 1895 (After Supper)

    When I met Lizzie Dickerson as I was coming out of the dining hall after luncheon, I could hardly wait till we found ourselves alone in a quiet corner of the quadrangle. 'Did everything go to plan last night?' I asked. She gave a merry little chuckle and replied: 'Yes, I'm pleased to report complete success, Henry, and you may claim no small credit for your part in this affair which shows again that amor vincit omni.' (I remembered the translation from Latin class: 'love conquers all'.) 'General Bulstrode is at last now prepared to talk to the young couple about their future instead of shouting abuse at his daughter and her lover,' she continued. 'I am sure that once he gets to know Beresford better, his opposition to their marriage will gradually wither away. 'And Freda Prestwich enjoyed a good poke from the General, which she gets far too infrequently although I understand he always leaves her a present of a guinea which is more than two weeks' wages for a school housemaid anywhere in the country. 'Mr. Hutchinson and I also had a fizzing time. Unlike most Englishmen, he is a dextrous exponent of the art of cunnilingus and we spent twenty minutes in a divine soixante neuf.' Lizzie noticed the envious look on my face for she giggled and said: 'Don't be jealous, Henry, it doesn't suit you.

    Now, you be a good boy and I'll show you, George and Johnny Bridges just how delicious a mutual sucking can be when I see you on Thursday afternoon.' This cheered me up and I said that I was glad to have been of service. 'So was I,' said Lizzie as we walked back to the main building where the bell was ringing to warn of the start of afternoon classes. 'Generally speaking, I think it wrong to interfere in other people's love lives, but General Bulstrode was being so unfair. It isn't as if the Tagholm family is in any way inferior to his own, although, as landed gentry in Shropshire, I suppose that Beresford's people may be living in straitened financial circumstances due to the current agricultural depression. 'As far as I can tell, his only objection is to what he calls Beresford's 'communist' politics. Frankly, I think this is an unwarrantable calumny. To the best of my knowledge, Beresford does not preach bloody revolution but only a gospel of social reform to give the poorer classes more opportunity to lead happier and more fulfiling lives. Good heavens, don't I sound like a politician! Mind, it is true that dear Dr Muttley believes me to be a wild woman because of my belief in female suffrage.' 'My father also supports the idea of votes for women,'

    I told her as I spied Addington walking towards us. 'However, I very much doubt if this chap does,' I added as I swiftly told her of my contretemps with the prefect last night. 'I don't have time to bandy words with him though because your friend Mr. Hutchinson has said he is fed-up with people coming in late after luncheon and that he will swish anyone who isn't at their desk when he comes in to take the first afternoon lesson. But I'll wager this so-and-so tries something on with me.' 'Who, Addington? Leave him to me if he causes any trouble,' said Lizzie with a sigh. 'I know he can sometimes be most unpleasant but I don't think he will bother you whilst I am in earshot.' However, Lizzie was proved wrong, for as she walked away, the prefect called out to me: 'Dashwood, go to my study and bring down my History of the Punic Wars which you'll find on the table. I'll wait here for you.' 'I'm not your fag, and even if I wanted to, I wouldn't go now because the task would make me late for class,' I replied, noticing that he was carrying an ash-plant under his arm. 'Up to you Dashwood, either you get whopped by me for not doing what I say or by Mr. Hutchinson for being late,' he sniggered. I would have been caught between the devil and the deep blue sea if it had not been for the timely intervention of Lizzie Dickerson. Wisely, she did not attempt to take my side but simply said: 'Ah, I'm glad to see you, Addington, please come with me.

    Sixth-form classes do not begin for another ten minutes, do they? And, being Monday, you will be studying Latin with the headmaster, if my memory serves me correctly. I have an important message for Dr Muttley that I want you to pass to him. 'I'm rather busy just now, Mrs.

    Dickerson,' he stammered. I took the opportunity to walk briskly away and managed to be sitting at my desk relating the above incident to Johnny Bridges and Billy Goodall when Mr. Hutchinson swept into the room. 'Good afternoon, gentlemen, I am pleased to see that you have heeded my warning to observe strict punctuality in returning here after luncheon,' he said. I noticed there was a twinkle in his eye as he paused for a moment and then went on: 'And your good behaviour is now to be rewarded.' Now, my form-master is not like some schoolmasters who may be clever yet lack insight into young minds. To these teachers, all boys are wild dogs who have to be cowed into submission, but Mr. Hutchinson knows that soft words and a pleasant manner carry more weight with us pupils – especially when we know that, in the last resort, he does not shirk from using his cane!

    So, when he held up his hand to quell the little buzz of excitement that went round the classroom, we fell silent immediately and he continued: 'The Mayor of Ashford is coming to the school this afternoon to discuss our participation in the forthcoming ceremonies next month which will accompany the granting of the freedom of the town to Mr. Alfred Austin, our local distinguished man of letters who was created Poet Laureate three years ago. I have been asked to join in the discussion in the headmaster's study. 'I'm sure you will be dreadfully disappointed to miss a double-period of French,' he added dryly and then he himself joined in the laughter which broke out at his words. 'Well, the weather is dry and less chilly than we might have expected at this time of year, so Mr. Hare has kindly agreed to referee a game of football in which you can all take part. Um, I appoint Nugent-Bull and Harvill as the two captains and I suggest that the boys sitting on my left make up one side and those on my right the other. Billy Goodall raised his hand and said: 'Sir, there are twenty-three of us in this class, so someone won't get a game.'

    'That can be me sir. Mrs. Dickerson has told me I should rest my leg,' I said, for whilst I love playing footer, my shin is still bruised from the encounter with Beddinghurst College and I want to be fully fit for our next big match against St Lionel's in a fortnight's time. Mr. Hutchinson nodded and said: 'Yes, of course, Dashwood, that works out splendidly. I will think of something less strenuous to keep you occupied. Right, now will everyone else please file out quietly to your studies, collect your football kit and go straight down to Fletcher's Fields where Mr. Hare awaits you.' 'Bad luck, old man,' said George as he stood up and gathered up his books under his arm. 'See you in the study after the game.' After my form mates had left the room, Mr. Hutchinson said to me: 'Dashwood, I understand from Mr. Reynolds that you are showing some real talent as a water-colourist. If the art room is free this afternoon, you could do far worse than paint a small picture for the classroom wall – though I would have no objections if perhaps you would prefer to sit on the touchline at Fletcher's Fields and sketch some of your chums in action. I am content to leave the choice to you.' “Thank you, sir, but I'll pass up the idea of sketching a football scene. Frankly, I find that humans and animals are far harder to draw than still-life subjects,' I remarked as I collected my books together in a pile and then followed him outside. 'Well practice makes perfect, you know,' replied Mr. Hutchinson, as he glanced at his pocket-watch. 'I must be on my way or I'll be late – don't forget to show me the result of your artistic endeavours after assembly tomorrow morning.' 'Of course sir,' I called out as he hurried down the corridor. However, I was in no rush and took my time in sauntering across to my study and from there up the stairs to the art room. This is small in size, but being situated on a corner of the second floor of the building, has the benefit of excellent natural light which pours in through the enlarged windows, constructed on two adjoining walls. Few schools such as ours can boast any facilities for budding artists, but Dr Muttley is an enlightened educator who insists that the Albion Academy should offer the widest possible curriculum to broaden the minds of its students. Any artistic capabilities I possess, have certainly blossomed from the skills of the excellent teacher engaged by Dr Muttley, Mr. Michael Reynolds R.A., a critically acclaimed, young Kentish artist whose home and studio are only a few miles away near Wye. I rather enjoy our weekly hour-long period on Tuesday afternoons with Mr. Reynolds who infects us with his enthusiasm for good paintings and especially for the works of Dante, Gabriel Rossetti and the Pre-Raphaelites. Mr. Reynolds usually works in his own studio on Monday afternoons so I did not expect to see him after I had climbed up the two flights of stairs and carelessly swung open the door of the art room. However, on this particular Monday afternoon, Mr. Reynolds had chosen to work here, at school and he was engaged in a nude study of Louisa, one of our scullery maids, who was standing in front of him, leaning forward with her hands resting upon the back of an upright, wooden chair. Louisa let out a frightened little scream and Mr. Reynolds growled out angrily: 'What the blue blazes are you doing up here, Dash wood? I don't teach your class on Mondays.' I expressed my apologies for the interruption and hastily explained to him that Mr. Hutchinson had proposed that I spend the afternoon in the art room. His brow cleared, and, with perhaps a somewhat cavalier disregard for Louisa's feelings, he invited me to set up a board and easel and begin making a charcoal sketch of the pretty girl who was standing there, wearing not a stitch of clothing, no more than a couple of yards away from me. 'Thank you, sir, er, so long as that meets with Louisa's approval,' I said, hesitantly. But Mr. Reynolds waved away my concern. 'Tush, she doesn't mind at all, do you my poppet?' he grunted and, to my astonishment, he gave her bare bottom a friendly slap. 'After all, you don't have to do anything extra for your ten shillings an hour modelling fee. Simply keep standing there and look beautiful, a very easy task for such a pretty girl.' 'Flattery will get you nowhere,' she replied pertly. She smiled at me, with no apparent concern that I was unable to prevent myself from ogling her luscious, naked body. 'So, you would like to sketch me, Master Henry? Do you think I will make a suitable subject?' she teased. I gulped hard as I looked with awe at the brazen girl, who cannot have been more than seventeen years old, although she was tall for her age. She was blessed with long tresses of light, auburn hair, slightly golden in tint, and a very pretty face with deep brown eyes, set off by long, dark eyelashes, a full mouth with rich, pouting, cherry lips and a brilliant set of pearly-white teeth. And what magnificent, proud young breasts Louisa possessed, so round and firm, and what a lovely whiteness of belly contrasted by the glistening silky, reddish hair between her thighs. The idea of flaunting her naked charms before me must have appealed to her for the rise and fall of her delectable, bared breasts showed her breathing to have quickened. I noticed that her nostrils flared out slightly when she smoothed her hands across her pussey hair before placing them back on the chair in front of her.

    I set up my easel and looked hard at Louisa's enticing curves, wondering how best I could capture her sensual charms. After a while she sighed and pouted: 'Come on, you two slowcoaches, why it's an insult that you still have your clothes on! Michael, aren't you going to make love to me like you always do before you start work in earnest? Surely you're not too shy to fuck in front of Master Henry.'

    Mr. Reynolds laid down his brush and palette as he grinned at the cheeky girl and said in a genial voice: 'Louisa, I am well rebuked and offer my humble apologies. Dashwood, would you please be a good fellow and kindly help Louisa pull out the mattress from the wall-cupboard on your right whilst I get undressed?' 'Of course, sir, it will be my pleasure,' I stuttered. I watched the art master sit down, remove his shoes and socks, slip off his jacket and unbuckle his belt. He wriggled out of his trousers and drawers and stood up, his body covered solely by a flapping, blue shirt which he proceeded to unbutton before sliding it off his shoulders. His thickening prick was dangling down, but when he flexed his muscles, his shaft started to rise and his foreskin snapped back to reveal the wide, purple helmet of his knob. Louisa and I pulled the small mattress, which was covered by a clean, if rumpled, white sheet, into the centre of the room. As we passed by Mr. Reynolds, Louisa clasped her fingers around his stiff cock, rubbing her hand up and down the hard, fleshy bar.

    This had the desired effect of setting a match to the tinder. The art master pulled Louisa towards him and their lips mashed together in the most fiery, passionate kiss. They sank to their knees upon the mattress and, disentangling herself from the embrace, Louisa climbed on to his lap, facing him, and squeezed her knees along his muscular thighs. Louisa put one arm round Mr. Reynold's neck and with the other she felt for his iron-hard chopper, adjusting her position as she placed his knob at the gateway to her juicy cunney. 'Ready, steady, go!' she cried as she slid down his thick tool until it was fully engulfed inside the warm, wet sheath of her love channel. As soon as it was lodged snugly inside her quim, she swayed back and forth, letting his pulsating prick ream out the furthest recesses of her honey pot. When Louisa was satisfied that she had every last inch of his cock inside her, she hugged him tightly in her arms, kissing the corners of his mouth before whispering in his ear: 'Push your hips up, Michael, harder, that's the way, you don't have to be afraid of hurting me.' She worked her own hips in rhythm with his upward thrusts, riding slowly but firmly upon his pulsing shaft, letting it sink all the way into her juicy snatch and holding it there. His eyes closed in blissful ecstasy. Mr. Reynolds was now in his own private heaven and too far gone, I am sure, to remember that he was fucking this lovely girl in front of one of his pupils. My own cock was now throbbing unbearably as the randy pair panted their way towards a finish. Louisa bounced up and down on my art master's truncheon, grinding her bottom round in tiny circles. Mr. Reynolds shuddered and thrust upwards as his prick spurted its creamy tribute inside her tingling cunney. This was too soon though for Louisa who shot out her right hand and gripped hold of me, pulling at my trousers. 'Michael, you don't mind if Master Henry fucks me, do you?' she enquired as she clambered off his gleaming wet cock which was still semi-erect but obviously losing its stiffness. 'No, of course not, I'm sure that he would be absolutely delighted to poke you,' said Mr. Reynolds generously. 'But be gentle with him, my dear, because Dashwood is probably a virgin.' I corrected him instantly and said: 'Actually I have enjoyed quite a number of experiences, sir.' 'Is that so?' he replied with some surprise. 'Have you really found a willing lass here at the school? No don't answer that question, it is a matter about which I should not have asked. Always remember that a gentleman never discloses the names of his amorata unless he discovers she has bequeathed him a pox, in which case it is his bounden duty to immediately inform all his friends of the danger.

    Whilst I digested this wise counsel, Louisa said brightly: 'Oh never mind all that palaver, how would you like it if I sucked your nice big cock before you stick it in my cunt?' Without waiting for my answer (which in any case would have been in the affirmative), she slid her rich lips around my knob. I felt my shaft slide into her throat and she gobbled so lustily that I was reluctantly forced to removed my prick from its sweet prison or I would have very soon spent inside her mouth. I said nothing, but the salacious girl understood and cast herself back on the mattress, spreading her legs wide apart. 'Come now, Master Henry, show me if you really do know what to do with your thick stiffie,' she said teasingly. With my cock waggling in excited anticipation, I clambered upon Louisa's soft body without further delay and I let out a husky sigh when she took hold of my cock and positioned it at the entrance to her love funnel.

    Slowly I pushed forward and my knob eased between her yielding love lips and into the haven of her juicy cunt. 'Ahhh, that's divine,' she breathed as I moved gently back and forth to enjoy the feel of the silky grip of her cunney muscles. 'Now keep still and let me fuck your cock.' I did as I was told, holding myself perfectly still whilst Louisa moved her body in a sinuous rhythm, working her clinging cunney up and down my shaft. Then I joined in, pumping my hips up and down whilst my balls smacked against her bottom with every thrust. 'Go on then, Master Henry, ram away!' Louisa cried out as I slewed my shaft in and out of her sopping slit. I pounded to and fro at an ever greater pace, my hands clasping her beautiful bum cheeks as I felt the spunk boiling up in my balls. Sensing that Louisa was somewhat behind me in the final sprint towards the pinnacle of pleasure, by a great mental effort I managed to delay the moment of truth for another half-minute. But as my cock continued to slide against the sleek walls of Louisa's cunney, I knew that my spend could not be denied any longer. With an almighty groan I flooded her crack with a foaming spray of spunk. Jets of jism spouted out from my sated prick and mixed with Louisa's own love juices which now poured from her pussey as she climaxed with me in a wonderful mutual spend.

    'Gad, the lad certainly does know how to fuck!' she panted happily. Mr. Reynolds agreed and gave me a curious look as he commented: 'You have certainly benefited from a line tutoress in the sensual arts, Dashwood. Be for ever grateful, my lad, because first love can be either idyllic or an unmitigated disaster, and you have had the good fortune to have had a partner who has obviously helped to make your passage into manhood an extremely pleasant experience.

    'Now, we had best get back to work. I have to finish this picture of Louisa for Lord Bresslaw and you had better produce a couple of sketches of her for Mr. Hutchinson. Incidentally, I would suggest that you draw only her face or he might become suspicious!' he added with a chuckle. We dressed ourselves, but frankly, I was still too excited to concentrate on my work. Mr. Reynolds kindly added a few well-judged lines to my own poor efforts before I left to take tea with George Nugent-Bull, Johnny Bridges and some other chaps in my study. As it was George's birthday, Johnny and I had planned a slap-up spread. Dusk was falling rapidly and the football match should have finished. The boys must have still been in the showers for no-one had yet returned from Fletcher's Fields. I opened the cupboard and carefully coaxed a tempting plum cake from its packing. Then I filled our biscuit barrel with a mixture of coconut and shortbread biscuits and set out the meringues and jam tarts we had selected from the tuck-shop along with the other goodies. Then I reached up and brought out the present Johnny and I had purchased for George from a shop in Ashford. It was a travelling chess set with pegged men in a polished mahogany box which cost us half a guinea. But George is a true friend and neither Johnny nor myself begrudge the cash, although after buying the grub for the birthday tea, I shall have to beg some extra funds from Mama to see me through the rest of the term! It was now almost half past four. I completed the feast by preparing two large jugs of lemonade and I remembered to take out the small extra present for George which I had bought from a novelties shop for sixpence and which I thought he would find amusing. As I laid out the glasses, I heard the noise of footsteps and excited chatter in the corridor outside and Johnny Bridges burst in with George, Billy Goodall, Stephen Harvill and Bob Fowkes. 'Hello, Henry, I hope every thing is ready for the birthday boy, it's been a marvellous day so far, a soccer match instead of afternoon school and our team winning a splendid game by five goals to two,' George cried.

    When he saw that I had laid out the splendid tea he clapped me on the back and said: 'Gosh, what a feast! Just as well you and Johnny bought so much grub from the old tuck shop, I'm starving after the footer! Come on, chaps, dig in and help me make the most of my birthday.' I was as hungry as the others after my own indoor feats and we fell upon the food like a pack of hungry wolves. Then, after we had assuaged our hunger, we toasted George in lemonade, and on behalf of Johnny and myself, I presented George with his chess set.

    He thanked us warmly and I smiled at the puzzled frown on Billy Goodall's face when George mentioned how grateful he was to me 'for the set of extra tutorials.' Not wishing for Billy to pursue this matter further, I gave George my personal extra present of the 'Seebackroscope' which he thought was a most amusing gift. 'With the aid of this instrument, the possessor can see behind him,' he read out from the leaflet which accompanied the small rubber periscope.

    'Observe who is following you without attracting attention by turning around, simply by placing the Seebackroscope to your eye. 'Thanks a lot, Henry, this could turn out to be jolly useful,' he said.

    Johnny laughed and said that George could also have great fun with the Seebackroscope next year when he stayed with his parents at their summer house in nearby Felpham, standing outside the bathing machines on the beach at Bognor Regis! 'Ha, Ha, Ha! What a jolly idea! And, before then, I'll practise standing with my back to Mr.

    Hutchinson and see if I can note down the answers to our maths homework,' suggested George. We demolished the rest of the plum cake and spent the remaining time till 'prep' in a merry mood, swapping ribald jokes. The best of these came from Billy Goodall who recounted an anecdote about a gentleman of the Romish persuasion who went to Confession one morning and informed the priest that he had been fucking one of the servant girls for the previous month. The priest admonished him and warned him that if he did not desist indulging in such carnal sin, upon his demise he would be consigned to the fiery depths. Much chastened, the gentleman left the church but, a mere week later, was back again in the confession box with an agitated expression on his face. 'Father, I tried tremendously hard not to fuck Matilda, but this morning, when I saw her bending over as she filled a shopping basket, I simply could not refrain from throwing up her petticoats and poking her.' 'My son, my son,' cried the horrified priest. 'Think of your immortal soul which will be barred from the doors of heaven!' To which the gentleman smiled wanly and replied: 'Perhaps so, and in the meantime I am also barred from the doors of Mrs. Estelle Cohn's Emporium in Kensington High Street!'

    We roared with laughter at this comical tale and Johnny said: 'That joke reminds me of a little “Nursery Rhyme”: “From the depths of the crypt in St Giles, Came a scream which resounded for miles, Said the vicar, 'Good gracious, Has Father Ignatious Forgotten the Bishop has piles?'” This set off a round of rude rhymes of which I can only recall Stephen Harvill's: 'A comely young lady named Ransom, Was ravished five times in a Hansom, When she cried out for more, A voice from the floor Groaned “Madam, I'm Simpson, not Sampson!'” I enjoy a smutty story or poem which possesses genuine wit, but alas, I can never remember even the best of them.

    Hopefully I shall now be able to rectify this situation by writing in this diary which will act as a repository for the most amusing jests which I wish to recall. Because of Mr. Hutchinson's absence, there were only some Latin verbs to mug up for 'prep' and George and I had plenty of time to take a short stroll down to the gymnasium to return the referee's whistle to Bunny Hare which George had absent-mindedly left in his shorts whilst changing into his ordinary clothes after the match. No-one was training in the gymnasium when we entered but in the far corner there was a light and a low murmur of voices coming from Mr. Hare's office. 'Why on earth is old Bunny sitting in his office when he has turned off the gas jets in the gym?'

    I murmured as I closed the door quietly behind us. 'What the blue blazes can he be up to?' George grinned as he pulled the Seebackroscope out of his pocket. 'Stay here for a moment, Henry and I'll find out,' he said. He padded noiselessly across the wooden floor and climbed silently up the stairs to the changing area. At first, I wondered what he was about, but then I remembered that last week, at morning assembly, Dr Muttley informed us that some wood was found to be infested with dry-rot in the gymnasium and that for a few days there would be a gap of about ten inches between the planks of the upstairs floor, almost directly above the gymnasium office. 'Be careful to avoid this area, there is no danger of the floor collapsing underneath your weight, but we don't want anyone catching their feet in the hole,' the headmaster had warned. I realised that George would have no need of his Seebackroscope for he would be able to peer downwards for a bird's eye view of Bunny Hare's room. I waited for a minute or so and then made my way upstairs to join him, taking care to move as quietly as possible on the boards. Luckily, they were sturdy and didn't creak. When I reached George, he was down on his knees with his eyes glued to the gap and he beckoned me over to see for myself what was happening directly beneath him. As I took up position next to him, he mouthed: 'Just take a quick gander at that, Henry, the dirty beast.' I looked quizzically at George for a moment before squinting through the hole to gaze down at Mr. Hare who was standing by the treatment table talking to Gordon Harding, a good-looking third form boy, who was lying on the table with his head propped up against a pillow. 'I hardly breathed as I saw Bunny unbutton Harding's trousers and slide his hand down the stiff little shaft which he extracted from the vent of the fly. I bent closer to hear what the sports master was whispering to the boy as he slipped his foreskin down from the purple domed head. Harding continued to lie with his eyes closed whilst Bunny fondled his twitching tool.

    'Does that feel nice, Gordon?' he enquired. Harding replied: 'Oh yes, sir, please rub faster as I think I'm about to spend.'

    Bunny obliged him by working his hand to and fro at a greater pace until, with a sudden spurt, an eruption of white seed burst out of the boy's cock like a miniature fountain. 'This isn't playing the game,' muttered George under his breath. I nodded my head and whispered: 'Let's go downstairs quietly and then make a noise as if we've just come in. That will frighten the balls off them both.'

    This is precisely what we did and the result was exactly as I had forecast. By the time we reached the office, Harding was standing fully dressed besides Mr. Hare who was breathing hard but who otherwise looked relatively composed. 'Ah Nugent-Bull and Dashwood – what can I do for you, boys?' he enquired cordially. I frowned at George who I sensed was about to make a tart retort about not needing Bunny's fingers on his cock, and I prevented him from doing so by answering quickly and before my chum could open his mouth.

    'We've come to return your whistle to you, sir. Nugent-Bull took it back with his kit by mistake after the footer this afternoon.' I explained. George threw the whistle on to the treatment table and with a steely glint in his eye he said to Harding: 'Hello there, Gordon, are you doing some extra training for the match against Rookwood juniors on Thursday?' Mr. Hare replied for the third former. 'No, no, Harding simply twisted his foot and I invited him here so that I could give his ankle a massage,' he said as he patted the youngster on the head. 'Off you go now, and try to rest the foot as much as you can. With any luck, you'll be fighting fit for the game.' Despite his advice, Harding scuttled out and I pulled George's sleeve as I politely wished the sports master good evening.

    'Good evening to you, chaps, and thank you for giving me back my whistle,' he said, as he stuffed it into his pocket. 'The great South African athlete, Laurence Nathan, gave me this whistle whilst we were at Oxford. I used to time his sprints, you know, and next Spring, he's off to represent the Orange Free State at these new Olympic Games some obscure French Baron is staging in Athens.' As we walked back to our study, George argued strongly that we should have confronted the sports master about how we had seen him fiddling with young Harding, but I shook my head and said: 'Look, for what it's worth, I would think that our arrival gave Bunny quite a fright and he won't try and seduce any other boy in a hurry – but if he does, it's odds-on he'll be discovered, just like we caught him out this evening. 'And let me ask you this, old boy. Hand on your heart, would you have got so hot under the collar if it had been Freda or one of the other servant girls whacking off young Harding?' George wrinkled his brow as he reflected upon how best to answer my question and finally said: 'Well, I suppose not, though I would still have considered it to have been a misdemeanour on her part.' 'So would most other people, including myself,' I agreed as we turned the comer into the fifth-form corridor.

    'Certainly, no-one has the right to interfere with a fourteen-year-old kid like Harding, not even a well-intentioned lady like Lizzie Dickerson. I think we should have a quiet word with Harding and tell him to inform the headmaster if Bunny Hare attempts to interfere with him again.' 'Very well, Henry, if you insist then I'll go along with what you say,' said George. 'But I still think we should report the matter to Dr Muttley ourselves. After all, Harding didn't seem to need much persuasion to let Bunny toss him off. How do we know if Bunny has pressured other boys who might not be so compliant?'

    This was a good point which forced me to reconsider my position.

    'Yes, that's true and I must say that I hadn't thought about that,' I confessed. 'Yet, I still wonder whether making a meal out of this incident might not do more harm than good. In all probability, left to his own devices, Harding will forget about this business, especially when it's time for someone like Lizzie to instruct him in the joys of fucking a woman. 'However, perhaps you are right and we should warn Bunny to pick on a playmate of his own size,' I commented.

    George nodded and said: 'Yes, I really do believe we should speak to him about curbing his proclivities, on pain of being reported to Dr Muttley. I know you're a tolerant chap, Henry, who likes to live and let live, but Bunny's behaviour is beyond the pale. If he had been having it away with say, Mr. Hutchinson or Smeeth the groundsman…'

    The very idea of these gentlemen being involved in such activities made us both burst into laughter and we agreed not to mention the matter to anyone-not even Johnny Bridges-and that we would speak to our sports master after supper.

    Tuesday, November 13th, 1895 (During Prep) Last night was so hectic that I did not have time to record all that happened until this evening. What luck that Mr. Hutchinson has gone down with a heavy cold and has not set us any homework. I can use the hour set aside for 'prep' to finish writing up my diary whilst my pals play Ludo with Mabb and Osbourne in the next study.

    During supper last night, George and I worked out what we would say to Bunny Hare when we went round to his quarters after the meal.

    Neither of us was looking forward to this encounter, but in the end it did not turn out as badly as we had feared. When we knocked on his door he ushered us in and immediately invited us to sit down. Then he sat down himself, and with his elbows on the table and holding his head in his hands, he said quietly: 'Boys, I know why you have come to see me. Unless I am greatly mistaken, you are aware that I committed a senseless, foolish and criminal act this evening in the gymnasium. I deserve no mercy, but for the sake of my parents, I still beg you not to make public what you saw. Be assured, though, I am about to write my letter of resignation to Dr Muttley. I looked across at George who cleared his throat and slowly replied: 'Perhaps that would be best sir, but I want you to know that Dashwood and myself had no intention of telling anyone about what happened between you and Harding except perhaps the headmaster, and if you are leaving us, I don't see why we need to say anything to him.' 'Indeed not,' I said quietly.

    Trying not to sound too pompous, I added: 'And it gives me no joy to see you leave. I'm sure that most other chaps in the school will agree that you have been a superb sports master. But, if you really are a follower of this lifestyle, perhaps it would be best if you followed some other career?' 'You may be right Dashwood,' he said unhappily. 'Yet I am far from being a fully-fledged homosexual. If only there were opportunities here to enjoy sex with suitable young females, I would be the first to take them. But the sad fact is that I have never sampled such joys.' 'Good heavens, sir. Have you never fucked a – I mean, never had intercourse?' George blurted out.

    Poor Bunny Hare shook his head and said: 'No, I have never had the chance to do so. You see, Nugent-Bull, I was brought up in a very stern environment. No mention was ever made of sexual matters and my mother would never even use such harmless words as trousers – she would call them “unmentionables”. Even the legs of our piano were covered for the so-called sake of decency. At the age of thirteen I was sent to an equally strict school where, in the dormitories, a senior boy introduced me to the joys of masturbation. 'When I reached Oxford I thought at last I would be able to meet some girls, but the Dean of my college was almost as puritanical as my father and I never managed to progress further than a quick kiss or two under the mistletoe with one of the servant girls at Christmas. Since then my only outlet has been onanism'. This was a term neither George nor I had heard of before and George repeated blankly: 'Onanism, sir, what's that?' Bunny gave a ghost of a smile as he explained: 'What is vulgarly known as pulling your pud. Anyway, I have tried to sublimate my sexual desires, but the sight of naked boys playing with themselves in the showers after a game of football brings back memories of the games of mutual masturbation I indulged in at school.

    'Somehow, Harding divined my interest when I came across him and four other boys fondling each other's cocks and threatened to report them to their form master. He came round to the gymnasium tonight and complained about twisting his ankle and then, when I was going to manipulate it for him, he said he would prefer me – and I quote verbatim “to massage my cock, for we would both enjoy that more.”

    He heaved a deep sight and concluded: 'That is about the long and short of it, my boys. I must thank you both for listening to me, I have never told anyone about all this before and I must say that I'm damned glad to have got it off my chest.' Whilst he was speaking, an idea was slowly forming in my brain. Dr Muttley had taught us that ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle held that punishment brought wisdom. However, when I mentioned this to my father, he shook his head and disagreed. He said that after visiting inmates in Gloucester gaol, he opined to the belief that the punishment meted out was often more brutal than the crime. His words echoed in my mind as I thought to myself that little good would come of Bunny Hare simply resigning and taking up a post at another school. Far better, surely, to find a cure for (again to quote my father) the maladjustment which has led him to offend in the first place. So, I held up my hand and said: 'Sir, before you give the headmaster your letter of resignation, would you permit Nugent-Bull and myself to tell one member of the staff of your affliction? I believe that she can help you. Even if you still feel it would be best to leave the Albion Academy, after her treatment, I'm sure you will never again feel tempted to indulge in shirt-lifting activities with little cock-teasers like Gordon Harding.' The sports master was nonplussed by my request and he stuttered: 'She could help me, you say? Who is it you have in mind, Dashwood?' 'I would rather not say at this stage, sir,' I replied slowly. 'For, in the unlikely event that I am mistaken and she feels she cannot be of assistance in this matter, it might cause her great embarrassment if her identity was made known to you.' By now George had cottoned on to my train of thought and urged Bunny to comply with my request. 'I know what Dashwood has in mind, sir and I give you my word of honour that there is no way that the lady in question would reveal a word of anything told to her in confidence,' he said. I followed up these words by adding: 'In all honesty, sir, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.' Bunny lifted his head from his hands and looked me straight in the eye. 'Well, I dare say that's true enough-but tell me, Dashwood, why are you taking so much trouble about all this? Wouldn't it be easier all round if I simply resigned and left at the end of term? How do I know that you boys can be relied upon to keep your silence?' 'Of course we can, sir, you have our word, but I do urge you to place your fate in this lady's hands,' I said stoutly.

    He shrugged his shoulders and said: 'Very well, Dashwood, as you say, what have I to lose?' I suggested that he should stay in his study whilst George accompanied me to make an appointment. (With Lizzie Dickerson, of course, although I took care not to mention her name in from of Mr. Hare.) 'We will be back with her decision very soon,' I said. George and I raced up to the sick bay where, by good fortune, Lizzie happened to be still on duty, dispensing some medicine to a second form boy who was complaining of a stomach ache.

    'There, swallow this down, Thomson,' she said to the reluctant junior. 'Yes, it does taste rather foul but you're bound to feel better in the morning, especially after a good night's sleep – and next time don't scoff Mrs. Mimble's jam roly-poly so quickly. I'm sure that's the reason why you've had to come and see me this evening!'

    She shooed him out and wagged a reproving finger at us as she said: 'Now what brings you two scallywags here? You aren't due for another lesson until Thursday afternoon. You have very quickly forgotten my philosophy that I should help the needy, not the greedy!'

    'No, Lizzie, you have the wrong end of the stick,' I replied.

    When I explained to Lizzie the circumstances which had brought George and I to the sick bay – i.e. to ask if she might be able to help Bunny Hare back on to the straight and narrow, she soon understood that we were not simply there to beg for an extra session of fucking. We went into Lizzie's office and sat down whilst she questioned us more closely about what our sports master had said to us. Then she declared: 'Well, from what you tell me, I'm sure that losing his unwanted virginity would do wonders for Mr. Hare.

    'Now, don't think I am terribly 'down' per se on homosexuals. As the famous actress, Mrs. Patrick Campbell recently commented, mankind's efforts to enforce conformity and social morality has a truly disastrous record. Consenting adults should be free to do what they like to each other sexually, so long as they don't do it in the streets and frighten the horses. But, from what you tell me, I think that once dear Bunny has tasted the joys of straight fucking, he will have no further desire to continue with these foolish fumblings.'

    'Yes, he needs the opportunity to release himself from his inhibitions as quickly as possible,' I said. 'Oh yes, the sooner the better.' Lizzie: enthused. 'Send him up here without further delay. George, in about twenty minutes time, would you be kind enough to escort Mr. Hare to my private bedroom whilst Henry assists me in preparing for his treatment.' 'By all means Lizzie,' said George, rising from his chair. 'Will you need me for anything else? If not, I'll go off afterwards to write a thank-you letter to my Aunt Mary and Uncle Martin for the postal order they kindly sent me for my birthday.' 'No thank you, my dear,' said Lizzie. When George was out of earshot, she also stood up and asked me to go with her into the bedroom. I followed her in, sat down on the bed and, in all innocence, asked what she now wanted me to do. Lizzie laughed aloud and said: 'Well, as I said to you, it is vital that Mr. Hare sheds all his inhibitions. Normally, I would suggest a gradual leading up to the moment of truth. When teaching someone to swim, one begins with exercises in shallow water, but in this case, we shall have to throw our student in at the deep end, so to speak. The best way to do this is to excite him to boiling point by a kind of instructional poses plastiques exhibition.' I understood the drift of her remark at once and said: 'With you and I as the performers, I presume?' She nodded and, with a mischevious grin, she set about unbuttoning her blouse. In no time at all, she had shrugged off all her clothes except for her knickers. My shaft soon thickened as I gazed up at the swell of her beautiful bosoms. She sat next to me on the bed and, when she kissed me and her probing tongue filled my mouth, my stiff cock began to throb in expectation of the delights to come. Lizzie slid her hands to the front of my trousers and wrenched off the belt as I fumbled with the buttons of my fly. Once I had torn off my trousers and pulled down my drawers, she grasped my hot prick with both hands, rubbing my shaft with such urgency that, almost immediately, I shuddered to a delicious climax and creamy white jism gushed out of my purple dome. 'Oh dear, that's rather a pity, I wanted a dress rehearsal as opposed to a proper performance,' she murmured as she looked down upon my limp prick. I reassured her that my cock would be in fine fettle again by the time Bunny Hare arrived. Whilst I recovered my strength I asked Lizzie if she cared to hear an amusing joke which Billy Goodall had told me a few days before. 'Please do, I always enjoy a funny story,' she said.

    So I continued: 'Well, it appears that Lady Farnes-Harnes caught her old butler Jorrocks in flagrante delicto with a pretty housemaid and she sacked the girl on the spot. However, as she did not wish to lose her butler she warned him that he had better turn over a new leaf or he too would be dismissed from her service. But, later in the week, she discovered him in the conservatory buggering the page-boy: “Jorrocks! I thought you promised me that you would turn over a new leaf.” “And so I did your Ladyship,” he retorted. “Only I have begun at the bottom of the page!” This droll tale made Lizzie laugh and she said as she rolled down her knickers: 'Now, why don't you undress completely, Henry, it's so much nicer to make love in the nude.' I readily complied with her request and, within a minute, I was sitting stark naked on the bed and Lizzie was gently stroking my swelling shaft with her long, skillful fingers. Naturally, my love truncheon quickly regained all its former stiffness and then, suddenly, her tousled hair was between my thighs. I felt her tongue swirl wetly over the smooth surface of my uncapped helmet and then she opened her mouth wide and encircled my knob with her lips.

    Instinctively my hips jerked upwards to force my yearning prick even further inside her mouth as her wicked tongue washed all around my throbbing tool. Savouring my juices, she drew me in fully between her luscious lips initiating me to fresh heights of sensual pleasure.

    I felt I would swoon with delight, but Lizzie ensured that I did not again spend too quickly by easing the suction each time she rightly guessed that I was on the verge of an ejaculation. This successfully prolonged our mutual enjoyment. But Lizzie's blood was up and she pulled me down with her upon the bed, lying on her back with her thighs apart, her fingers stroking her hairy notch. She beckoned me to put my hand there too. I needed no second invitation and thrilled to the feel of the soft, warm lips of her cunney which moistened at my touch. 'That's very nice, Henry. Now suck my nipples,' she breathed. My head sank to her breast and I began to lick each of the aroused red titties in turn. I continued to explore the silky muff of pussey hair between Lizzie's thighs and she clamped her legs together, trapping my hand between them as I inserted my forefinger inside her juicy slit. For a while, she was satisfied to be finger-fucked, but then she released my hand and gasped: 'Now, Henry, now! Stick your big prick inside me! I want it all inside my cunt, you sweet, big-cocked boy!' 'And you shall have it,' I panted as I rolled on top of her and pushed my prick towards the pink, pouting pussey lips. But, in my eagerness, I could not find the gateway to her love channel. So Lizzie took hold of my throbbing tool and guided it home herself, inserting my knob into the welcoming embrace of her cunney. 'Ohhhh!' I gasped with delight, enjoying to the full the delectable sensation as we began our fuck. Lizzie possesses the marvellous gift of being able to contract the muscles of her cunney and she clung to my cock like a tight-fitting glove as I pistoned my sinewy shaft. Faster and faster I pumped, to and fro, and Lizzie bucked and twisted under me, urging me all the while to thrust deeper as she raised her legs high in the air and wrapped them round my shoulders. How tightly her cunt clasped my cock as my balls banged against her bottom! Her kisses rained upon my neck and her tight bum cheeks rotated in my hands as my lusty todger rammed in and out of her juicy crack. For us both, the coup de grace could no longer be delayed and, arching my body upwards, I plunged down one final time, crushing Lizzie's breasts beneath me. My copious emission poured into her and her cuntal juices coated my cock as her clever cunney milked my prick until the last drop of sperm trickled out my shaft. I rolled off Lizzie's heaving body and we lay together in silence for a couple of minutes. Then Lizzie turned her flushed face to me and said: 'Oh Henry, I must compliment you. Without doubt, you are fast becoming my star pupil! I shall miss you when you leave the Albion Academy and will envy those lucky young girls who will thrill to the feel of your cock when you fuck them. Just as some fortunate people can play the piano with the minimum of instruction, so you are a “natural” when it comes to l'arte de faire l'amour.' Now who could fail to be displeased at such a handsome compliment! 'Thank you very much Lizzie,' I said with as much modesty as I could muster. 'But I am sure any credit for my ability in fucking must also be shared with my wonderful teacher.' There was a knock on the door and Lizzie called out: 'Just a moment, if you please,' as she slipped on her dressing-gown and walked over to the door. 'Who is that?'

    'It's George Nugent-Bull here, Mrs. Dickerson,' I heard my chum call out. 'Er, I have Mr. Hare with me as you asked.' 'Oh, very good, George. Thank you for your help, you may go now,' Lizzie replied. 'Mr. Hare, I will be with you very shortly,' she added.

    Then she swung round and said to me: 'Henry, may I suggest that you take a book and read in the bathroom until I call you.' 'Very well, I know when I'm not wanted,' I grinned as I heaved myself off the bed and, picking up one of the journals on her bedside table, I scurried off to the bathroom, closing the door behind me. But then I realised that I might enjoy watching Lizzie pluck Bunny Hare's cherry, so I gently opened the door and left it slightly ajar so that I could see what was happening in the bedroom. I saw Lizzie open the bedroom door to Mr. Hare and she swiftly put him at ease, offering him a glass of malt whisky which he nervously accepted. 'I think I'll join you,' said Lizzie as she poured the drinks directly from a bottle of Glenlivet on her dressing table. 'I sometimes take a glass of whisky at night with Dr Muttley, especially during the winter months.

    'An occasional sip is most beneficial for the circulation, you know, as my elderly uncle Angus up in Banff will readily testify. He takes “a wee dram” of Glenlivet every night without fail and last month celebrated his seventy-fourth birthday and has never had a day's illness in his life! He sends me a bottle of Glenlivet every year at Christmas.' Then Lizzie proceeded to question Bunny Hare with great tact about his lack of opportunity to enjoy any physical relationships with members of the opposite sex. As I had already listened to the sports master's personal history, I did not even try to listen to their low voices but looked down at the magazine I had picked up from Lizzie's bedside table. I discovered, to my pleasant surprise, that I was holding the November edition of The Cremorne.

    Opening the journal at random, to my amazement, I found myself reading a letter by a lady of the same name as my father's unmarried cousin, Lady Gwendolen Gaymen of Worcester, which had been sent to the readers' questions column, edited by the club's medical adviser, Doctor Jonathan Letchmore. (Lizzie has kindly loaned me her copy of this randy publication so that I can copy the letter into my diary.) The letter reads as follows:

    Dear Doctor Jonathan, A gentleman friend of mine, a lieutenant with the Coldstream Guards, sports a splendid, eight and a half inch cock, with which I can find no fault. Yet, despite my protestations, he is convinced that nature has not endowed him with a large enough tool with which to satisfy me. I know he is an avid reader of this saucy magazine and I would be grateful if you would reassure him that size has little to do with the quality of a man's performance as far as fucking is concerned. Miss Gwendolen Gayman.

    I read Doctor Letchmore's trenchant reply with great interest: Dear Miss Gayman, Let me reassure your friend that, to use the pithy colloquial homily of our American cousins, it isn't the size of the ship that counts, what matters is the motion of the ocean. Many girls of my acquaintance who have been fucked by Prince Kochanski of Poland (Who is generally reckoned to possess the largest prick in London Society) tell me that, whilst the Prince is an expert cocksman, after a night's romp in his bed, they tend to suffer from painfully sore cunnies the next morning.

    Frankly, I am surprised that any reader of this publication needs to be reminded of this, although note the witty words of the essayist and poet, Miss Elizabeth Thomson; 'Alas, most men believe that penises come only one size – too small!' In any case, eight and a half inches is a very respectable sized cock. If he cares to make an inspection of his fellow officers' pricks, I would wager he will find that at least half have weapons of a lesser size than himself.

    Incidentally, may I take this opportunity to remind our readers that the old country saw about being able to gauge the size of a man's shaft by the size of his nose is utter rubbish! It is an accepted medical fact that neither size, weight or bone structure can ever indicate the dimensions of a cock – nor of a cunt, I should add. May the gentleman take note. Doctor Jonathan Letchmore. I quietly placed The Cremorne on the floor and peeped into Lizzie's bedroom. With some difficulty I suppressed a chuckle as I saw Bunny nervously fumble with his shoe laces. Lizzie, having discarded her robe, knelt naked at his feet and I leaned forward to hear her give the novice tome much needed words of encouragement. 'Don't be nervous, Cuthbert,' she said, planting a light kiss on his flaccid tool. (Cuthbert indeed! No wonder Mr. Hare never objects when he hears his nickname bandied across the dressing room!) Lizzie continued: 'This problem must be solved, my dear man. You said yourself that it has vexed you for longer than you care to remember. At your age, virginity must be a terrible burden and it will be my pleasure to lift this yolk from your shoulders.' Bunny's hands clasped hers as he muttered: 'Will you really let me fuck you, Lizzie? You aren't just teasing me, are you?' 'No, I would be delighted if you would slide that line-looking cock in my cunney.' 'At this moment, I want to fuck you more than anything else in the world!' 'Then you shall, Cuthbert,' cooed Lizzie. She slipped her fingers around his now stiffening shaft and began massaging his cock, drawing back his foreskin to make the blunt, fleshy helmet swell and bound in her hand.

    Then she jumped and lay back on the bed and told Bunny to lower himself over her. She guided his prick on its first journey through the slippery entrance to paradise and spread her legs further to enable him to push his throbbing tool further inside her cunney.

    His whole body trembled, doubtless over come by the elation of finally crossing the Rubicon, but after he had slid his shaft into Lizzie's cunt, he lay motionless. She looked at him in surprise. 'Doesn't that feel nice, Cuthbert? Do be a good man and fuck me,' she urged.

    Poor Bunny knew so little about how to make love that he asked in a timid voice what exactly he was supposed to do. I am sure he has since thanked his lucky stars that he was initiated into fucking by such a thoughtful and kindly teacher as Lizzie Dickerson, for some girls might have burst into laughter and teased him about his ignorance.

    Lizzie simply murmured: 'It's very easy, my love. Just push in and pull out and let nature take its course until you feel the spunk rushing through your cock.' Her hands slipped down to clasp his taut arse and, despite his long period of enforced virginity, Bunny proved himself to be a quick learner. What he lacked in experience he made up for in enthusiasm, bouncing vigorously on Lizzie's soft body.

    She clawed at his jerking bum cheeks and heaved herself upwards to pull him further into her. 'A-h-h-h! A-h-h-h! A-h-h-h!' he groaned, plunging his cock deeper and deeper inside Lizzie's juicy cunt so his cock was caressed to the hilt by the slippery membrane of her love tunnel. Lizzie too was obviously enjoying plucking Mr.

    Hare's cherry for I could see her lifting her bottom and rotating her hips to time with his rhythmic strokes. Then, with a little shout, the ecstatic sports master flooded her cunny. After two or three final, frantic thrusts, he removed his shrunken shaft and rolled over, panting, just like myself only a few short days ago. 'Jolly good, Cuthbert,' said Lizzie as she gently patted his limp tool which was lying across his thigh. 'I thoroughly enjoyed myself as well. But you must try to fuck more slowly as it takes longer for a lady to achieve a climax. A considerate lover will always try to hold back and wait for his lover to spend.' His face fell and he groaned: 'Oh dear, I didn't do very well, because I came to quickly for you,' 'Oh tush! You mustn't mind about that. In all honesty I never expect to climax with a novice lover,' she said, as she toyed with his slowly stiffening shaft. 'Think on this though – when you want to prolong love making, you may find it possible to stop the spunk rising from your balls by clearing your mind of sensual thoughts. Try reciting to yourself a passage from Shakespeare like Mr. Hutch- does, or even something as mundane as a list of English counties. Often, this will cool your ardour and enable you to keep fucking for at least another five minutes which can make all the difference to the girl you are pleasuring at the time.' Bunny Hare was too exhausted mentally to catch Lizzie's slip of the tongue but I immediately noted her unguarded remark about 'Mr. 'Hutch-'. I wager half a guinea that she was referring to my form master, Mr. Hutchinson. Lizzie had no intention of letting Bunny off lightly and she was now kissing his chest and slowly lowering her mouth down across his tummy. He writhed and gasped when her mouth reached his navel. She looked up and instructed: 'Cuthbert, just lie back and enjoy yourself. I presume that no girl has ever sucked your cock?' 'No never,' he gasped with barely suppressed excitement. 'Goodness, I have only read about such things – is it as pleasant as fucking?' Lizzie could not resist giving a little chuckle as she replied: 'Oh yes, very much so. Gentlemen love being sucked, and some would say they prefer a good gobble to a fuck. Let's see what you think of it.' Without further ado, Lizzie began to lick his scrotum, flicking her tongue around the hairy, pink sack. Then, she opened her lips wide and took in both of his balls, somehow managing to get them inside her mouth.

    As Bunny gasped with delight, she grabbed his now fully erect truncheon in her hands and, after releasing his balls from her mouth, she started to nibble on his wide, mushroom helmet. 'Oh God, that's exquisite!' he cried out as she stuffed the purple knob inside her mouth and began to bob her head back and forth. Her lips worked furiously to capture as much of Bunny's cock as possible, until she had eased almost all of his shaft down her throat. He was in seventh heaven as Lizzie's moist tongue worked up and down, licking and lapping at every last inch of his length. Her hand held his cock steady at the base as she pumped her head up and down, her lips taut as she kissed and sucked on her fleshy sweetmeat. Suddenly, she pulled her lips away and her darting tongue lapped up the juices which were oozing out of the tiny eye of his knob. Then she jammed her mouth over his uncapped bell-end and slurped greedily as she gently massaged his balls. With a hoarse yell, Mr. Hare spunked his load down her throat and Lizzie sucked and swallowed every last drain of it until his glistening, flaccid shaft slipped out of her mouth. I was sorely tempted to toss myself off, my own cock being as tall as a flagpole, but there remained a chance that Lizzie might agree to let me fuck her again, a task for which my prick needed to be at its best, so I resisted the urge. I then heard Lizzie say: 'Now, if you would like to make further progress in l'arte de faire l'amour, come back here on Friday night and I will teach you how to suck pussey, a sadly neglected skill in this country, although it is widely practised on the continent. However, you had better leave now before we are discovered,' she concluded as she jumped out of the bed and slipped on her dressing gown. Bunny thanked her profusely whilst she dressed and was about to open the door when Lizzie said: 'Cuthbert, tell me truthfully – isn't fucking far better than playing with little boys' tools?' His face flushed as he said in a low voice: 'Ah, I was not sure if you knew about that unfortunate business. But I can honestly say that the two experiences are like chalk and cheese and any desires I have had in that quarter have been banished for good.'

    'Splendid, I am sure that your sexual development will advance nicely now,' she said with satisfaction. After he left, I came out of the bathroom with my prick standing high up against my tummy as I walked towards the bed. Alas, although Lizzie said she should love to have one final fuck, she told me to get dressed and leave as I would soon have to be in my dormitory. Unfortunately, 'lights-out' is half an hour earlier tonight than during the rest of the week.

    Piqued, I began to pull on my clothes whilst Lizzie remonstrated: 'Now, now, don't feel hard done by, Henry! You did the right thing by bringing Cuthbert to see me, for I am sure he will be a new man now he has finally expressed his sexual needs. Yet, you have been well rewarded and I will try to think up something special for our next tryst on Thursday afternoon with George and the new boy, your friend Johnny Bridges.' I smiled as I bent down to tie my shoe laces and said 'Fair enough, Lizzie, but you can't blame a chap for being disappointed.'

    Wednesday, November 14th, 1895 (Before tea)

    I must note some details of the heated discussion on the status of women in society led by Mr. Hutchinson in our civics class this morning. He asked us our opinion of the current agitation by many females to be freed from the ties of hearth and home, with specific reference to the recent clamour for political rights. I regret that most of the chaps took the side of Cheetham who declared that, in his opinion, the desire of the wild women for equality was as impossible as that of the moth for the star. In his words: 'They repudiate marriage as a one-sided tyranny, willfully neglecting the fact that the normal relationship between husband and wife must be one of control and decision on the husband's side, and of deference and submission on that of the wife. For, where two ride on a horse, one must needs rides behind.' Mr. Hutchinson asked if anyone was prepared to stand up and put forward a contrary view, and without hesitation, I raised my hand and was invited to state my case. I stood up and said: 'Most people would agree on the desirability of free trade, for if artificial restrictions on trade are removed, each country will be able to occupy itself with that industry for which it has the greatest natural advantages. 'Once we emancipate women by removing the artificial restrictions which debar them from higher education and remunerative employment, we will have granted them a fair field and no favour. There is no reason to suppose that, in any respect, women will show themselves either superior or inferior to men. Genius is a patent of individuality and the country cannot afford to let half its citizens hide their true values. I then shamelessly repeated word for word a passage from one of my father's sermons which had angered certain members of his congregation and thundered it out with gusto. I sat down to a noisy mixture of cheers and hisses and the discussion raged on with only a core of fellows-to be precise, George, Johnny, Billy Goodall and the Honourable Gerard Home – taking my side. Thus we lost the vote by a heavy margin. The bell sounded for luncheon and Mr. Hutchinson asked me stop behind a moment after he had dismissed the class. I was concerned that he might speak to me about matters appertaining to Lizzie Dickerson, but my fears were unfounded for all he did was to compliment me on my debating skills. He said with a smile: 'Keep up your attendance at the Debating Society meeting Dashwood. However, unless there is a reason to inflame those who disagree with you on a particular issue into foolish bluster, try to conciliate rather than confront your opponents. Don't forget the dagger kills just as effectively as the cutlass. It isn't wise to make enemies unnecessarily.' Of course I did not wish to embarrass my form master by asking him whether he personally supported my point of view, although I am certain that he had some sympathy with my arguments. So I thanked him for his advice and left the classroom. After depositing my books in my study, instead of going straight to the dining-hall, I thought I would stroll round to the office of Mr.

    Walsall, the school secretary, who sorts the mail and leaves any letters and parcels addressed to pupils on a small table outside in the corridor. As I turned the corner, I bumped into Addington, the tyrannical prefect with whom I had the run in whilst I was speaking to Lizzie Dickerson in the quadrangle. 'Watch where you're going,' he snarled, even though he had his head in a book and it was his fault that we collided. When he looked up and saw that it was my head that had butted his chest, he threw a roundhouse swipe at me which I easily dodged and I skipped out of the way. There were two other chaps walking towards him so he could hardly take the matter further but he still bawled: Dashwood, I'll get you later, you see if I don't!' What did he have against me? I wracked my brains to think how I might have offended him as I walked up to the letter table. A letter was waiting for me, addressed in writing that was unfamiliar. I tore open the (lap of the envelope and pulled out a long letter – which I saw had the headed notepaper of Sparsit's School for Young Ladies. My heart leapt as I realised this epistle was from the gorgeous Charlotte Harley. I stuffed the letter into my jacket pocket to read when I had time to pursue it unhurriedly. After luncheon, I shamelessly used the injury to my shin (although it has now completely healed) as an excuse to skip the sixty minute period of physical training. Bunny Hare, doubtless as a reward for my sterling service the previous evening, agreed to let me leave instead of watching the other chaps go through their exercises, and so I had a chance to sit down quietly by myself in my study and read Charlotte's long letter. It reads as follows:

    Dear Henry, I did so enjoy meeting you yesterday – the lecture was interesting but the high spot of my visit to the Albion Academy was the lovely fuck we enjoyed in your study! I am writing this letter in the library on Sunday afternoon when we are all supposed to write to our parents – I wrote to mine yesterday to give it to Mrs.

    Osbourne so I shan't be hauled over the coals for writing to you instead. We are not supposed to write to boys but Newman, the under-gardener, will post any letters we give to him for a small financial fee. Oh, Henry, what I would only give to have your hands freely roaming across my naked body, sliding your palms slowly over my breasts, cupping my firm bosoms and rolling your fingers along my red nipples. I have taken the liberty of telling my close friends about our liaison and they are madly jealous! Well this is readily understandable, for here we are, two hundred and twenty healthy, high-spirited girls shut up in the heart of Kent without hardly a single member of the male sex to be found anywhere on the premises. It can hardly be a matter of surprise that many intimate and emotional friendships flourish amongst us. Presumably, at the Albion Academy, you are also subject to a similarly repressive regime and, deprived of any contact with the female species, corresponding passions freely abound. There is also a plethora of whispered gossip about you-know-who and so-and-so. To an extent we have lessened the mortfication of rejection and the resulting ribald comments made in scornful notes passed between desks during lessons. This has been done through a convention which has grown up at Sparsit's that, if the object of one's desire is bending over a basin having a before-lights-out wash, it is permissible to approach her from behind and gently run a finger down her spine or smooth one's hand over her bottom. If these advances are not checked, one might slowly rub one's pussey against the swelling cheeks of her bum. Often these caresses are accepted without a word being said or a head being turned!

    Many times, whilst busily splashing my face with water, I have sensed a warm presence behind me and felt the delicate touch of soft hands lifting my nightdress and massaging the cheeks of my backside. I have waited in thrilling anticipation for those same hands to reach around and cup my soft breasts, squeezing and rubbing the stalky titties until they stand proudly erect with growing excitement.

    And I will not deny that I have often been the instigator and quivered with delight as the pretty girl in question shyly raises her delicious bum to signal that the road ahead is clear. Then comes the magic moment when the nightdress is raised and the rosey delight of her tight, little dimpled buttocks are laid bare, first for an admiring glance and then to be kissed, stroked and perhaps lightly slapped. It is not unknown for others to join in, in a kind of 'daisy-chain' so that one finds oneself to be simultaneously both the instigator and the recipient, frigging the titties of the girl in front whilst your own cunney is being fondled by a girl behind you!

    But I can hear the sound of approaching voices and must continue writing this billet doux later this evening. It is now eight o'clock and I have taken an early bath and am sitting alone on my bed in the dormitory in my nightdress. Oh, Henry, if only you were here with me now, we could roll around on the bed with our bodies glued together as we enjoyed a wonderful luck!

    Instead, I must make do with playing with my own titties and close my eyes and imagine that it is not my own forefinger but your delightful, big cock which is slowly dipping into my cunny! I sincerely hope you feel the same way and would like to be with me, watching me lie back with a blissful smile whilst you thrust your thick shaft into my juicy crack. As I slip two fingers between my pussey lips, I think of how you would plunge your prick in and out of my welcoming cunt, slowly at first and then harder and faster just like I am moving my fingers now. Then I would wrap my legs around your waist and beg you to fuck me until your cock begins to twitch and the creamy spunk shoots out of your knob and splashes against the tingling walls of my love tunnel. Oooh, my cuntal juices are beginning to flow as my fingers speed in and out of my cunney and I can feel the waves of a climax overwhelming me. Is your cock stiffening up in your drawers as you read this lewd letter? I know that most boys enjoy hearing about our encounters so I will tell you of a lovely time I had with my closest chum Caroline last night. She is a lovely little wriggler of sixteen with the neatest young breasts, a slim waist and a delicious fluffy-haired pussey. We arranged to sneak upstairs to the dormitory after dinner and I locked the door behind us. Then we swiftly undressed until we were completely naked. Caroline lay down with an open jar of cream beside her on the bed. She smeared some cream on her fingers and then, turning her back to display her graceful round bum cheeks, she parted her legs and ran her fingertips along the lips of her pussey. She looked up at me with a wicked little smile upon her face and said: 'Charlotte, I hope you realise that I am only rubbing my pussey with cold cream to keep the skin soft in this area of my body.' I felt my own pussey moisten as I gazed upon Caroline while she smoothed her long fingers up and down the yielding slit of her pussey. Her breathing became more rapid as she drew up her knees and squeezed her legs together against her hand. Her eyes closed and she gurgled with delight as she began to frig herself to a spend. The sight of this was to much to bear and flinging myself down beside her, I hugged her soft, sensuous body to my own. In a trice, we were snuggled in each other's arms, softly nuzzling and cooing little endearments as we pressed our titties together and rubbed our stiff nipples against each other's flesh. As our lips met and opened, we lost ourselves in deep kisses, our tongues entwining and probing the deepest recesses of each other's mouths. I swiftly replaced Caroline's hand which was jammed between her thighs with my own. My long fingers reached out to stroke and tickle her warm, wet pussey before I moved my hand upwards to squeeze one luscious breast. I fed the other into my mouth, sucking her red, rubbery tittie and nipping the stiffened nipple lightly with my teeth.

    In turn, Caroline now massaged my own yearning cunney, her fingertips gently running back and forth along the length of my juicy crack, manipulating the erect nub of my clitty so expertly, that in no time at all the clever minx brought me off- I gasped as I felt my climax approach and my body bucked and twisted as, lost in the sheer ecstasy of the moment, I gave myself up to the delicious waves of erotic abandonment which coursed through every fibre of my being.

    'Darling Caro, may I lick out your sweet honeypot?' I murmured.

    She kissed me and whispered: 'Of course you may, you silly girl, I would love that more than anything in the world.' The sweet girl lay down on the bed and invitingly parted her thighs as I buried my head into her fluffy fleece of pussey hair which was already fragrantly moist with her musky love juice. I slid my tongue between cunney lips and, as I licked and lapped at her aromatic cunt, I could hear her trembling sighs and her breath catching in ragged gasps of pleasure. I nibbled and kissed Caroline's delectable quim, inhaling the musky aroma of her cunt whilst my hands clasped her tight, rounded bum cheeks, and, after a minute or two, I felt her body quiver, tensing with the onset of her orgasm. Then, with a great groan of ecstatic delight, she spent over my face and I gulped down her tangy love juice. We rested for a while but the evening air was beginning to chill out naked bodies so we dressed and went downstairs to join her friends for a cup of cocoa and a chat. Henry, dearest, I must stop here as the other girls will soon he coming in to settle down for the night. So goodbye for now and write to me soon.

    Lots of love, Charlotte

    What a wonderful, uninhibited letter! My hands trembled as I folded the sheets of notepaper and then pulled at the front of my trousers to try to accommodate my stiffstander. For, reading Charlotte's letter had caused my cock to swell up to bursting point. Indeed, I was just about to unbutton my flies and relieve myself when there was a knock at the door. 'Come in,' I called out as I stood up and to my surprise, the school secretary, came in.

    He was a most unexpected visitor for there is rarely any cause for him to venture into the boy's quarters. He said: 'Good afternoon, Dash wood, I have an urgent message for you from Dr Muttley. He has just received an important letter from your father and he would like to see you at once in his study. 'There is no need to be distressed, I understand the letter is about you taking an extra little holiday,' he added kindly when he saw a frown of concern form on my brow. However, the matter must be of some urgency for the headmaster asked me to find you as soon as possible.' 'An extra little holiday?' I repeated with surprise. 'How very strange! Still, I can think of a great many worse reasons for being called to see Dr Muttley!' I thanked Mr. Walsall and walked back with him to the headmaster's study. 'Ah, young Dashwood, just who I wanted to see,' he boomed after I had knocked on the door and entered his private domain. 'My boy, your father has written to me about a recital which the great pianist Prince Kochanski of Poland is giving tomorrow afternoon, in aid of a most worthy, charitable cause, at the home of Lord and Lady Laversham at Laversham Hall which, as you know, is only eight miles from us. 'It appears that your uncle, Sir Robert Bacon, has purchased two tickets to hear this great maestro perform in person, but unfortunately, your Aunt Jennifer has gone down with a severe head cold and is unable to accompany him. So, being aware of your love of music, your uncle has graciously offered to take you to the concert in her place, if I give my permission for you to miss school for this purpose. Sir Robert also wishes to take you out to dine and he will return you here by ten o'clock. 'Well, I know you must be delighted to hear this news, my boy, and whilst it is not my policy to encourage activities which take boys out of school during term-time, Mr. Hutchinson tells me you have been working diligently at your studies and I will not stand in your way on this occasion.

    Therefore, I have sent a telegram to Sir Robert and your father informing them that I have no objection to their plans. 'My word, I envy you, for I read only recently in The Times that a leading American promoter asked Prince Kochanski to name his fee for a series of concerts in New York. Naturally this offer was refused as the Prince does not need to get himself involved in any commercial undertaking. 'So enjoy yourself, my boy, Sir Robert's carriage will be here to collect you tomorrow afternoon and I look forward to hearing all about the concert.' concluded my headmaster in a genial voice. He rose from his chair and walked across to pat me on the shoulder. 'Off you go now, and, if necessary, ask one of the servants to iron your best suit, for you'll be mixing with people from the highest echelons of Society at Laversham Hall. Of course, I was overjoyed at this news and thanked the headmaster warmly as I left his study. It was only as I was making my way to our common room to tell my chums of my good fortune that I suddenly realised that I will now miss the promised romp with Lizzie Dickerson! However, the die is now cast because I could hardly go back to Dr Muttley and say that I did not want to go with Uncle Robert to hear Prince Kochanski play.

    Even if this were possible, what reason could I give? Anyhow, hopefully I have rearranged the assignment with Lizzie who understood my predicament. Certainly George and Johnny will hardly be concerned at my absence! When I went to inform Lizzie of the situation, I was just about to raise my hand and knock on her door, when it was flung open and out strode a dishevelled looking Addington! His face was flushed and he strode past me without a word, perhaps fortunately for me, not looking up to see who he was pushing out of his path.

    Lizzie followed him out and looked up in surprise when she saw me standing there and said: 'Hello, Henry, what can I do for you?' I explained my predicament and, as I expected, she waved aside my apologies and remarked: 'Good heavens, if I had the opportunity to hear Prince Kochanski play, I would also be off like a shot!'

    'I'm so glad you understand, Lizzie, I wouldn't want you to think I didn't fancy any more fucking,' I said with a grin. I was about to leave when I had an idea and added: 'Before I go there is one thing I would like to ask you. It's about that bounder, Addington. Why is he being so beastly to me? It's not that I've interrupted his pleasure like I did with Julian Clayton. Can you shed some light on the matter?' Lizzie puffed out her cheeks and thought carefully for a few moments before she replied: 'I think in this case I will break my rule of never discussing any boys personal problems with another, though, as ever, Henry, I will have to trust you to be completely discreet. 'To put it in a nut shell, Addington suffers from an inability to maintain an erection. His prick stays hard while he plays with my titties and even when I rub it, but he has an erectile difficulty when we attempt to fuck. I am sure that this has a great deal to do with the emphasis placed upon the immorality of sexual pleasures outside marriage at his last school. He really must rid himself of his worries about the evil consequences he will suffer unless he remains chaste until he finds a bride. 'I have told him many times that for many men, their cocks reflect the state of their emotional lives. When a man is relatively relaxed and happy, the odds are that his shaft will swell up without a problem. But if he is tense or depressed and is carrying the burden of feelings of guilt like Roger Addington, his prick will register these negative thoughts by failing to rise to the occasion. 'Alas, we haven't yet succeeded in keeping his cock up for a fuck, and I am forced to wonder whether he may, if you will forgive the pun, be more attracted to members of his own sex. In which case, he is much to be pitied for it is difficult in this country for those of that persuasion to live comfortable lives. I would have advised poor Oscar Wilde to leave these shores for France before his trial then he would not have found himself in prison.' 'Anyhow, whatever the reason, when Roger saw you talking to me he must have speculated that you had succeeded where he has so far failed and the thought that a younger boy has managed such a feat has made him angry and jealous.' 'Well I'm sorry for him but he doesn't have the right to take out his frustrations on me,'

    I exclaimed warmly. Lizzie nodded her head in agreement. 'You're quite right, Henry,' she replied with a wry smile. 'And, in the circumstances, I think a simple white lie is called for – the next time I see Roger I will mention to him that I have told you that boys must wait until they reach the giddy heights of the Lower Sixth before I allow them to join my little circle.' Now that I am aware of the reason why Addington took such an instant dislike to me, I feel far easier in my mind, especially as Lizzie is taking pains to focus his anger elsewhere. I thanked her for her frank remarks, which I assured her I would not repeat to any one else at school. I took my farewell, promising Lizzie that I would attempt to secure Prince Kochanski's signature for her autograph collection.

    Anonymous The Secret Chronicles of Henry Dashwood, Vol. 1 PART IV. If Music Be the Food of Love Thursday, November 15th, 1895 (just before Midnight) I waited with no little impatience for this morning's lessons to pass and found it extremely difficult to concentrate on my work. I managed to get through History without being asked to contribute to the discussion, but I earned Mr. Hutchinson's scorn in Latin when I translated atque cruentum mandit humum as 'and entrusts himself to the blood-stained ground'. However, I hardly heard his scornful rebuke for I was thinking only of the concert this afternoon. I have loved good music since I was a young child and, though only of average competence on my chosen instrument, the violin, I do have the ability to appreciate the skills of a great musician such as Prince Kochanski.

    My uncle, Sir Robert, is also a musical connoisseur and recently he purchased one of these new-fangled phonographs from the Army and Navy Store, together with a number of wax cylinders. However, though I marvel at the sound of Dame Nellie Melba coming from the giant horn of the machine, to be quite candid, the quality of reproduction is not of the best and the diva sounds as if she is singing inside a large tin can! Nevertheless, the phonograph is a marvellous invention and I am certain that Mr. Edison's brain-child will be improved, until one day we can hear whole symphonies being played in our drawing-rooms.

    Be that as it may, at luncheon I gave my apple pie to George in order to rush back to the study as I wanted to wash and brush up and put on my best suit (as instructed by Dr Muttley) and at precisely three minutes to two, I was standing in the front hall looking down the drive for Uncle Robert's carriage. My uncle arrived almost on the dot of two and as the coachman drew the landau to a halt, my uncle opened the door and nimbly jumped out of the vehicle. He walked up the steps and came into the hall and shook hands with the headmaster who had rolled up to stand next to me. 'Thank you again for letting Henry come with me, I'll return him to you in good time as arranged,' said Uncle Robert cordially as Dr Muttley escorted us to the landau. 'Goodbye, gentlemen, I look forward to hearing all about the concert tomorrow morning,' called the headmaster. I waved back to him as the driver shook the reins and the horses clip-clopped over the gravel drive. I settled back in my seat and exchanged the usual pleasantries with Uncle Robert, but then our conversation took a surprising turn. 'Henry, my dear chap. I'm especially pleased that you have been able to come with me to Laversham Hall this afternoon,' said my uncle, looking at his pocket watch. 'For this gives me the chance to have a few private words with you.' I waited for him to explain further but he fell silent. I looked at Uncle Robert enquiringly and said: 'By all means, sir, what is it you wanted to say to me?' But Uncle Robert remained silent and I noticed that he did not look in the pink of condition. 'Uncle, are you feeling well? Forgive me saying so, but you look somewhat tired.' I enquired. He roused himself and muttered: 'I am, my boy, quite damnably tired and I'll tell you why. Do you remember Maria, that buxom young scullery maid your aunt engaged earlier this year?' 'Y-e-s-s, I think so,' I replied carefully, although of course only a few days ago I had recounted to Johnny and George how, on my last visit to Bacon Lodge, I had heard two of the housemaids gossiping about how Maria had earned a gold sovereign from my uncle for tossing him off. 'H'mph, I thought you might, young Henry,' said Uncle Robert and then he sighed and continued: 'Gad, she's a wanton little minx and, knowing as I do that you're a chip off the old block, I wondered whether you had poked her on your last visit to Bacon Lodge. I looked at him in slack-jawed amazement – was I dreaming or did this coarse comment really come from the lips of my esteemed uncle, the highly respected patron of the arts and close friend of such eminent personages as the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Dunton Green, Lord and Lady Laversham and even His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales? 'Come, come, Henry, there is no need to beat about the bush,' he said impatiently. 'I know you are no longer ignorant of these matters. Mrs. Mutkin informed me how she discovered you in my library engrossed in reading Mustapha Pharte's fascinating book on Eastern sexual practices. So I repeat, did you fuck Maria?'

    'No, Uncle, I did not,' I stammered, not daring to admit I would very much have liked to. Uncle Robert grunted: 'You would have enjoyed the experience, my lad, she has the most enchanting little pussey which is always eager to welcome my old todger and that's why I'm so damnably tired. Young Maria is quite insatiable. For the last week or so, I've spent at least three hours a day lucking her until I've reached a point of total exhaustion.' He let out a heavy sigh and went on: 'Marriage is an excellent and most proper institution and I trust that when the time comes, you will have as satisfying and as comfortable a relationship as that granted to me with your aunt. However, when one's spouse loses interest in nuptial relations, it is a great temptation to look elsewhere for the pleasures of the flesh.' Uncle Robert looked hard at me and then he leaned forward and said: 'Now, Henry, the reason I am talking of these matters is simply this – several of the distinguished guests at this afternoon's concert have also succumbed to the lure of forbidden fruit, including an illustrious royal gentleman at the very highest level of Society. Now, being a smart lad, you have perhaps already guessed to whom I am referring.' It was not difficult for me to know whom he meant, for the bedroom antics of the heir to the throne are regularly documented in the pages of scurrilous French publications as well as in The Oyster and other homegrown journals of voluptuous reading. “The Prince of Wales, Uncle Robert?' I answered brightly and he put a finger to his lips as he nodded.

    'Correct, my boy, and as Lady Laversham has had to hasten away to be at the bedside of a sick relative, Lord Charles has taken the opportunity to arrange a further entertainment after the concert for a selected number of his guests. I am one and, now that you have reached the age of sixteen, I thought it appropriate that you too should be invited to participate in the fun. It's about the right time that you discovered the joys of, to use the common vernacular, dipping your wick. 'However, it is far from being a compulsory command, and it will be no trouble to arrange transport for you if you would prefer to go back to school immediately after Prince Kochanski has finished his performance. Either way, though, you must treat this matter as strictly confidential,' I hastened to assure him that I would be delighted to take part in whatever bacchanalian delights had been planned and felt it beholden on me to confess that I was no stranger to such pleasures. 'This will not be my first fuck, Uncle Robert. I cannot disclose the name of my partner but I have already been introduced to the joys of love-making by a most kind and considerate partner.' 'Have you, begad? Well, the best of luck to you. And I applaud your reticence in not naming your amorata. Only cads sully a lady's reputation by telling tales in this manner. I am pleased though that you have gone through your rite of passage unscarred. First love can be a most magnificent business – or a disastrous fiasco and you have been fortunate in having a lover who was able to guide you through the experience. 'Most people would say that strict regulations must be upheld with regard to sexual relations or the very fabric of society will fall apart. I disagree and say that if we eased the rigid control of sexual information and encouraged a freer, more enlightened attitude to fucking, there would be far less social tensions in the country – but that's another issue and as those to whom I propound my ideas class me as a dangerous radical, simply because I do not believe in any rules except those of nature, we had best talk of other matters and pursue that particular subject when you are older and more experienced in such affairs.' He sat back and abruptly changed the subject. 'How is your postage stamp collection coming along, Henry? Philately can be a financially rewarding hobby these days. I purchased an 1854 Indian four rupee stamp with the Queen's head printed upside down from Messrs Stanley Gibbons for fifty pounds six years ago. Your aunt upbraided me for my extravagance but only last week I sold it back to them for three times that amount!'

    Uncle Robert looked at me with satisfaction as I congratulated him on his coup though I did not feel it impolite to add: 'Unfortunately, I do not have any capital to speculate on stamps, although one of the chaps at school told me that the most valuable stamp in my album, the fourpenny 1861 Cape of Good Hope, is now worth at least sixty pounds.' 'Oh yes, and I would judge that to be a conservative estimate even for a used copy,' remarked my uncle. 'My old friend Sir Ronald Dunn, who you will meet this afternoon, recently paid three hundred and twenty-five pounds for an unused copy.'

    Soon we swung into the gates of Laversham Hall and when we entered the imposing mansion, a footman took our coats. We were announced by the butler as we walked into the sumptuously furnished drawing room. Uncle Robert introduced me to Lord Laversham and I heard him mutter: 'My nephew was sixteen last week, Charles. The entertainment you are laying on after the concert will be a capital birthday present for the young scamp.' Amongst the other notable people present, whose faces appear regularly in the weekly illustrated papers, were Sir Ronald Dunn, Sir Dunton Green, Lady Linda Wantman and of course His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales. My uncle whispered to me: 'Bertie was going to bring the. Countess of Warwick this afternoon but when he heard that Charles Laversham was organising some racy amusement, he decided to come along unaccompanied.' At three o'clock we filed behind Lord Laversham and the Prince of Wales into the ballroom where the concert was to take place. 'Charles bought a new Bechstein Grand just for this performance,' said Uncle Robert as we took our seats in the fourth row. 'Set him back a hundred and fifty guineas, but then you couldn't very well ask Prince Kochanski to perform on a Bluthner upright piano.' 'No, of course not,' I agreed. Then, to a round of applause, the Prince walked on to the stage with a pretty blonde girl who was required to turn the pages of his music. The Prince was a tall, singularly handsome gentleman, whole face was illumined by large, soulful, brown eyes. He spoke in perfect though slightly accented English as he thanked us for our support of the two charitable institutions which would benefit from his performance – the Musicians Benevolent Home in Croydon and the East Milk Funds. Then, without further ado, he sat down at the piano and began to play. He opened with some Chopin waltzes and then, one of my favourite pieces of music, Mozart's Sonata in D Major. My mother, no mean pianist herself, often plays this brilliant composition although it would be foolish to compare her performance with that of Prince Kochanski. To begin with, the sound which emanates from our old upright instrument cannot be compared with that from Lord Laversham's superb new full-size grand piano, although, having said that, in all honesty I thought the Prince played the allegro slightly too fast and his performance could have benefited from a shade less rubato. During the interval, I said as much to Uncle Robert who did not disagree with me. But the second half of the concert was quite superb. To the audience's delight, after three Mendelssohn lieder, the Prince announced that a gentleman sitting in the back row would join him in a performance of Schubert's 'Fantasia for Piano Duet in F Minor.' 'Good heavens, I didn't know that Motkalevitch was in Britain,' exclaimed my uncle, rising to join the standing ovation given to the great Russian pianist as he smilingly walked up the hall to the stage. Suffice it to say that the two men played the lovely music divinely and as an encore they gave us the third molto allegro movement of Mozart's 'Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major'. Then the guest of honour, the Prince of Wales, made a short speech of thanks to the two artists for their wonderful performances, and with Lady Wantman on his arm, led the audience back into the drawing room whilst Lord Laversham's staff removed all the chairs to enable them to set out a splendid tea. 'Just eat a slice of bread and butter and don't stuff yourself with too much cake, Henry,' advised Uncle Robert.

    'You'll need to be in first class physical condition for what's going to follow after the guests who have not been invited to stay on make their farewells.' With some regret, I took his advice and refused the offer of a second piece of the delicious madeira cake. But, within the next hour, I was extremely glad that I had heeded my uncle's wise counsel. Soon the Prince of Wales, Sir Ronald Dunn, Uncle Robert and myself, were the only guests left in the drawing room, whilst Lord Laversham was escorting Lady Wantman to her carriage. 'A damned pretty woman Lady Linda,' growled the Prince to Sir Ronald who Uncle Robert tells me is a wealthy businessman and philanthropist who is a member of the Prince's coterie of Anglo-Jewish friends. 'It's a great pity that she doesn't really approve of poses plasties. Still, on the other hand, gentlemen, I understand that Charlie Laversham has several very pretty girls waiting upstairs for our delectation.' he added.

    Lord Laversham caught the end of the Prince's remark as he came back into the room. 'Indeed I have, sir, and they are ready and waiting to perform. Um, Prince Kochanski will be joining us too. I hope you have no objection to his presence.' 'Absolutely none,' rejoined the heir to the throne with a chuckle. 'Konrad Kochanski and I are old friends. In fact, we enjoyed a roaring good time in Paris last Spring at Count Gewirtz's mansion on the Rue de la Paix.' Then he turned to my uncle and went on: 'Now then, Sir Robert, I take it that this lucky, young chap is your nephew who is keen to sow his first wild oats?' 'Yes your Highness, may I present Master Henry Dashwood.' I bowed and the Prince patted me on the shoulder and said: 'You'll enjoy yourself, you lucky young feller-me-lad. My God, I was almost twenty-one before I managed to dip my wick when I was with the Grenadier Guards in Ireland. I opened my mouth to reply but felt the point of Uncle Robert's elbow digging in my ribs. Perhaps he thought I might be foolish enough to boast to His Royal Highness that I had already enjoyed my first fuck, but I was too shy to brag about my conquests, and, in any case, even I realised that it would have been tactless to push forward my early apprenticeship in making love when the Prince had been such a late starter in the game. 'We'll just give the girls five more minutes to set up the stage,' said Lord Laversham. 'In the meantime, let me tell you a strange encounter I had with Lady Hostridge's daughter, when dining at some mutual family friends last week. My wife was unable to be present so I spent most of the time talking to Nora, who proved to be a delightful table companion. She's a pretty girl of about twenty-five, with enchantingly wistful, bright blue eyes, a demure Grecian nose and a soft, yet bold, tremulous mouth. 'In the drawing-room after the meal, we happened to stray upon the subject of these blessed wild women and their demand for the political franchise. Well, Nora took their part in no small way and ended by saying that the forthcoming new century will see a great change in the lives of men and women. '“I don't say that women will become the stronger sex, but we will be able to behave as men do at the present time,” she opined. I shook my head and was surprised when she murmured words to the effect that I should say aloud how much I would like to see the two pictures she had recently purchased from the Grove Gallery. 'Well, I did as she ordered and we went outside together where, instead of taking me to see the pictures, she dragged me up the stairs to her bedroom.' 'I'm sure you didn't need much dragging,' observed Sir Ronald Dunn lightly.

    'What happened next?' Lord Laversham gave a hoarse laugh and continued: 'She said to me: “I will attempt to give you an example of what I mean by equal roles, Charles.” She paused, looked me directly in the eye and said: “Yes, I will try but you must understand that I am not one of your blue-stockinged, intellectual, types. To be blunt, I have feminine needs that must be satisfied.” 'I swallowed hard and said: “Do you mean you want fucking?” 'Nora drew herself up to her full height and nodded curtly as she replied bluntly: “It is my chief enjoyment in life to instigate such entertainment. This is precisely why I would like you to take off your trousers and ease your prick into my pussey.” 'She threw herself backwards upon the bed, hitching up her dress and petticoats as she raised her knees and parted her legs. The wanton, little minx was not wearing any kind of drawers and I could see the dark, hairy triangle of pubic curls fleecing the dainty, pink lips of her honeypot. I ripped off my trousers and without further ado, I lowered myself upon her. The lovely girl was clearly experienced in these affairs. There was none of the clumsy fumbling that so often attends fucking a novice. My throbbing cock immediately slipped through the already damp thicket of pussey hair and I found the moist entrance into her love channel.

    'She wriggled her bottom into a more comfortable position and almost without effort, the entire length of my shaft sank into her cunt. Slowly, I started to slide easily up and down her clinging crack and she in turn arched her hips upwards to meet my pistoning thrusts.

    She possesses a wonderful sense of timing, understanding as though by instinct, when to lower the tension so that pleasure may be prolonged.

    'I endeavoured to keep my weight on my elbows as we raised the tempo and I gloried in each huge plunge into her honeypot, making her juices drip on to my balls each time they slapped against her arse.

    She implored me to drive deeper, twirling her tongue inside my mouth and as my trusty tool rammed in and out of her pulsating quimmy, she yelped with pleasure. 'Then, with a shudder, I spurted a copious emission into her cunt. But alas, Nora had not reached a climax. My old pego was incapable of further combat, so naturally I finger fucked her until she achieved a spend.' The Prince of Wales nodded gravely and said: 'As would any true gentleman, my dear friend. Now, will the poses plastiques be ready soon? I have only a limited amount of time I can stay here before I return to London.' 'Yes, let's go back to the ballroom,' said Lord Laversham and he and His Royal Highness led the way. I could see from the bulge in the royal trousers that, like myself, he was sporting a gigantic stiffie. Konrad Kochanski rose from his seat when we entered the ballroom and I noticed that he had changed out of his frock coat and was wearing only a dressing-gown knotted with a cord at the waist. My uncle murmured to Sir Ronald Dunn: 'A bit chilly to start stripping off, don't you think, Ronnie? Or is our Polish friend following this strange new naturist fad of running around naked in the cold air?'

    'It's quite possible, you know how peculiar some of these foreign chappies can be,' Sir Ronald replied. An under-butler arranged a semi-circle of seats in front of the stage, across which a purple velvet curtain had been draped. 'I've just come back from Sweden where, for reasons of health, people sit naked on benches in a wooden hut heated by hot steam, after which they subject themselves to a light beating with birch twigs and then dive into a cold pool of water.' Uncle Robert shuddered with horror and said: 'Good grief!

    How perfectly awful! it reminds me of life at my old school where the headmaster subjected us boys to a similar regime every morning.'

    At this point, the lights dimmed and a striking, red-haired girl dressed in a flowing, green robe slipped between the curtains and curtsied to us. 'Your Royal Highnesses, Gentlemen, welcome to our programme of tableaus vivants by the Company of Three, written by Mr.

    Newman Gradegate and directed by Mr. Brooke Harrison-Thomas. 'Our first little play is entitled Three Naughty Schoolgirls.' She disappeared back behind the curtains to a buzz of excited conversation which stilled a few moments later when the curtains opened to reveal a scene set in a school dormitory. The red-haired girl was sitting on a bed between two others, a blonde with long, flowing hair and a tall, willowy brunette. All three were wearing long, white nightgowns which they had tucked up to the waist leaving their legs and thighs bare.

    They were cuddling and stroking each other's bodies. Then the red-head turned to her blonde companion and said: 'Well, Sally, I don't think the boy who kissed you at the dance your parents threw for you, is coming here after all.' 'I'm sure Harry will turn up, Marcia,' said the beautiful blonde Sally as she ran her hands down the other girl's thigh. 'Do remember, Marcia, that he has to bicycle three miles to get here. When he does, he can climb the ladder we left against the wall up to the window where we will let him in.' 'I suppose we must give the lad time,' sighed Marcia, turning round to the third girl as she continued: 'Penny, don't you agree that it is rather trying having to wait so long to see whether Harry does make an appearance, especially as it can't be guaranteed that he will be able to fuck us all. 'Yes, what a shame, I was looking forward to seeing Harry fuck Sally!' pouted Penny. Then Marcia slipped her hand between her thighs.' Like the other five spectators, I craned my head to see if Marcia was indeed fingering Penny's pussey as she replied: 'You silly girl, of course you will see that happen. What is more important is whether Sally will share his cock with her two best friends.' The blonde girl looked reproachfully at her as she said: 'Now, how could you even think that I would keep Harry's thick prick for my sole pleasure? Did we not all agree that our motto will be like the Three Musketeers – one for all and all for one? Darling Penny, dearest Marcia, you are my bosom friends and I know that if either of you were in my position, you would not hesitate to offer me a share in your good fortune.' The three girls dissolved into an orgy of hugs and cuddles, during which, Penny cried out fervently: 'Ooooh, which of you naughty girls is tickling my cunney? Whoever it is, please stop teasing and bring me off right now.' 'Very well, my love, if that is what you want,' said Marcia as she pulled off her nightdress to reveal her glorious nude body to us. My cock swelled to bursting point as I watched her proud, young breasts jiggle as she helped Penny divest herself of her nightdress, tugging the garment over the tousled head of the tall, slender girl. Penny's breasts were also firm and high-tilted, if slightly smaller than those of her friend, but her pussey was well-covered by a fleece of chestnut hair whilst Marcia's cunt was only fledged with a fuzzy, auburn down. Still in her nightdress, Sally slipped away off the stage leaving the two girls kissing in a most lascivious manner on the bed. Lord Laversharh then stepped forward and asked if someone would be good enough to help him move the bed round so that we could all obtain a better view of what was taking place upon it and immediately I jumped from my seat and volunteered to assist him. I followed him up on the stage and we moved the bed round until it was facing the audience.

    When we returned to our seats, Penny turned over on to her tummy and buried her face in the pillows. Then she pushed her splendid bottom high into the air so that all the watching spectators could obtain a thrilling view of her dimpled bum cheeks. From her side, Marcia moved her thighs slightly apart to expose the pouting lips of her cunney and the line of pink coral between them. 'My goodness, Penny, you are a lucky girl! What a perfect backside! So white and firm, and so well developed! Oh, how inviting that dear little cleft looks between your thighs,' exclaimed Marcia as she moulded and pressed the soft, white buttocks, smothering them with passionate wet kisses. 'Oh, I must – I must!' And, without further ado, she slipped her forefinger between Penny's pouting love lips and twisted it in and out of her juicy honeypot. 'There, does that feel nice?' Marcia panted as she finger fucked the delicious girl. 'I would think you do from the way your cunney is clasping my finger so tightly! Ah, I've found your clitty! Goodness me, what a stiff little love button!' 'Oh, that's heavenly, dearest Marcia!' came a muffled cry from the pillow, and at this, the red haired girl rolled Penny over on to her back and spread her thighs so that we could see the enticing red chink between her wet, swollen cunney lips.

    Marcia paused for a moment to savour the musky aroma of her pussey which had wafted across to where I was sitting. Then she placed herself between Penny's legs and she rubbed the girl's bouncy breasts, making the titties stand up as she informed us about how she was going to slide her tongue into Penny's pussey and play with her stiff, rubbery clitty. Then she nested her head between her thighs and lovingly began to eat Penny's juicy cunt, forcing her tongue deep into her love channel and nipping at her clitty. The willowy girl bucked and writhed under this sweet stimulation, yelping with joy, as she was sucked off. Marcia's bum cheeks jiggled excitingly whilst she licked and lapped Penny up to a spend and she opened her legs so that her own prominent pussey was displayed to the excited male spectators.

    Now, still in her nightdress, Sally briefly reappeared on the side of the stage before descending the steps and padding across to the Prince of Wales. Kneeling beside his chair, she deftly unbuttoned his trousers, freeing the majestic regal cock to leap stiffly into the air. The blonde girl boldly took his pulsing shaft into her hands and said: 'Your Majesty, I have an idea that you would like to fuck Marcia's pretty little auburn-haired cunt-but Lord Laversham promised me first refusal of your fine-looking royal rod. So with your permission…' And so saying she took the huge, domed helmet of the Prince's prick into her mouth, sucking greedily upon his twitching todger whilst reaching down to delicately finger his balls. Sally nibbled daintily on his purple knob and the Prince gave a throaty chuckle of delight. Sir Ronald Dunn called out in a fruity voice: 'Now then, my dear, don't forget that every mouthful should be well chewed before it is swallowed!' The Prince trembled under the vibrations of Sally's giggles as her lips closed firmly over his cock and this time she pursued an insistent passage right down to the very root of his shaft. With his eyes closed and a blissful expression upon his face, the Prince pressed her head down as he sat back and revelled in the exquisite sensations. Sally sucked vigorously on the fleshy royal pole, lashing her tongue along its quivering length until he could no longer delay his spend and with a hoarse gasp, flooded her mouth with a copious emission of sticky spunk. Swallowing and sucking with adeptness, Sally quickly drained his balls and then, licking the last few drops of jism from his knob, she placed his happy but now wilting cock in the palm of her hand and gave it a swift series of farewell butterfly kisses before tucking it away inside his trousers. She lifted her head and said: 'Well, I'm still waiting for Harry to appear, but won't one of you gentlemen fuck poor Marcia. Look at how her bum is wriggling, she is waiting for one of you to take her doggie-style.' Prince Konrad Kochanski stood up and murmured: 'Noblesse oblige, although I will gladly step aside if anyone else is most desperate to fuck this charming girl.' The famous musician shucked off his dressing gown and, stark naked, he climbed up on to the stage, his enormous thick cock bobbing up and down in front of him. Then he jumped up on the bed and nudging her knees apart, positioned his enormous truncheon between Marcia's bum cheeks.

    'Are you ready?' he asked. Marcia turned a flushed face towards him and gave him a beaming smile of assent. Then he guided his gleaming knob slowly into the cleft between her buttocks and straight into the warm wet folds of her quim. They began to mate in a brisk, regular rhythm. He bent forward and his hairy chest brushed against Marcia's back as she went back to licking out Penny's pussey.

    'Ahhhh! Ahhh! fuck me, you randy rascal!' she gasped as Konrad Kochanski reached under her to cup her plump breasts, holding them in thrall as he continued to pump in and out of her juicy cunney. Her bottom slapped enticingly against his flat, muscled belly as she fitted easily into the rhythm and I for one relished the sight of his pulsating, veined chopper see swaying and out of her willing cunt.

    Now Marcia reached behind her to caress his big ball-sack as she rocked to and fro, but it was Penny climaxed first. Marcia licked and lapped up her tangy love juice. Then Konrad Kockanski's torso went rigid and he croaked out, 'Marcia, I'm going to spunk!' Marcia yelped with glee as she spent simultaneously with him, drenching his noble tool with her love juices. He gave one final drawn-out thrust and then sank down on to the girls, who giggled uncontrollably as he tickled their pussies with his hands and they all rolled around on the big, wide bed. Sally reappeared on stage with Konrad Kochanski's dressing gown which she threw at him as she shooed the lewd threesome off the bed. 'I'm expecting Harry Elton at any minute,' she explained as the Polish Prince slipped on his robe and with a naked girl on each arm, descended the steps back to his seat. However, Sir Ronald Dunn pinched Marcia's bottom as she walked by and, letting go the Prince's arm, she sat herself down firmly upon his lap. 'You naughty man,' she protested, although I could see a wicked smile upon her face as she went on: 'How would you like it if I pinched your cock?' 'I don't think I would mind all that much,' said the lascivious baronet, sliding one hand across her young, rosy-nippled breasts whilst, with the other, he dexterously unbuttoned his trousers and brought out his sizeable circumcised shaft for her inspection.

    'M'm, that cock looks too nice to pinch,' remarked Marcia as she slid her hand up and down his throbbing tool. 'Thank you, my dear, and I'm sure you can do something hitter than pinching it, can't you?' chuckled Sir Ronald as she gave his stiffie an encouraging rub, fisting both hands up and down his rock-hard tool. Marcia winked at him and then her silky, red hair billowed over his thighs as she buried her head in his groin and lapped all around his mushroom helmet. Then she took her mouth away from his twitching todger and said with commendable directness: 'I don't mind sucking you off afterwards but first, how about a good old-fashioned fuck?' 'By all means,' he replied instantly. 'If you will just get off my lap for a moment, I'll get undressed.' As Sir Ronald struggled to tear off his clothes, Marcia teased him, sliding her hand across her auburn thatch of pussey hair, rubbing her thumb in a series of tapping movements against her erect clitty which had already popped out of its shell and was peeking through her cunney lips. As soon as the lusty Sir Ronald was naked, Marcia pulled him down by his quivering cock on to the thick carpet and she held on tightly to his prick as they kissed and his hands moved over her thrilling, soft body with practiced ease. He moved his lips from Marcia's pretty mouth to her luscious tawny-tipped breasts and licked first one and then the other until both were deliciously erect. At this point, I heard a gentle sigh coming from my right and glanced over to see that Penny was kneeling between Uncle Robert and Lord Laversham, her left hand clasped around my uncle's palpitating stiffstander and the fingers of her right hand clutched around Lord Laversham's substantial boner. She bent her head downwards, first to the left and then to the right to give each cock a slurping wet kiss. Then my attention turned back to Marcia and Sir Ronald. He was now licking the soft, white skin of her belly and then onwards down into her glossy, auburn bush.

    Inexorably, his tongue passed down the length of her cunney lips and she moaned with delight as the handsome baronet feasted upon her tasty pussey, licking every inch of her cunney lips before sucking them into his mouth and sliding his tongue inside her cunt. 'Oooh! Sir Ronald, you wicked man,' she squealed happily, her bottom wriggling from side to side as he probed her pussey with his tongue. 'Now stick that gorgeous big cock inside my honeypot – hard and fast, that's how I like to be fucked!' 'Who am I to argue?' he murmured and pulled himself on top of her as Marcia placed his knob directly in front of her pouting pussey lips. He slid home easily and started to thrust in and out of her sopping quim with a firm, pistoning grace and their bodies slapped together as she met each of his plunges with one of her own. Sir Ronald started to pump faster and I could not only see but hear the highly erotic, squelchy sounds of their lovemaking as his shaft slid in and out of her juicy love tunnel. I was reminded that I was not the sole spectator of this grand fuck, for the Prince of Wales had quietly moved across to stand next to me and he whispered 'Go to it, Ronnie! Rattle your balls against her bum, old boy! By gad, what a superb couple they make I only wish it were my prick slewing in and out of that squishy, young pussey!' Marcia now shifted her thighs as Sir Ronald Dunn drove on like a man possessed, fucking her at such an intense speed that I could not see how he could hold back his spend for more than a few seconds. 'More! More! More!' the girl panted wildly. The fierce momentum must have made her pussey flood with love juice for it trickled down her thighs. She brought her legs up to the small of Sir Ronald's back,. humping the lower half of her body upwards to meet the violent strokes of his raging rammer as he bore down on her one final time. His lean, muscled frame was now glistening with perspiration. His body tensed and with a low growl, he spent into her cunt. Marcia swiftly squeezed her thighs together, forcing out every last drain of cum from his spurting length, not releasing him until she had finished milking his cock completely dry.

    It occurred to me that I was now the only one of the spectators who had not participated in this voluptuous orgy. However, I only had a few moments to concern myself about this fact because, to my astonishment, from the stage, Sally's sweet clear voice rang out with a message for me: 'Henry Dashwood, where are you? Obviously, Harry Elton has been unable to find a way out of his school buildings and I have no-one to fuck me this evening. So will you come up here and help out a poor cockless girl?' 'Go on, lad, don't be shy,' boomed the Prince Of Wales as he pulled me to my feet. 'Believe me, I know how tiresome an unwanted virginity can be at your age and Sally knows this is your first time and she's as keen as mustard to take your cherry.'

    Well, truth to tell, I almost succumbed to a foolish pride which wanted to make His Royal Highness aware that he was mistaken and that I was not a totally inexperienced cocksman. But my more sensible side asserted itself and I stayed silent. Sally took hold of my hand as I walked on to the stage and sat me down on the bed. Then, in one quick movement, she pulled her nightdress over her head and stood naked in front of me. She was a truly breathtakingly desirable girl with her long strands of honey hair framing her adorable face and her sparkling blue eyes and merry smile. Sally's superbly rounded breasts were narrowly spaced and her large, tawny titties jutted out arrogantly as she smoothed her hands over the flaxen fleece of pussey hair. Between her rounded thighs I could see her erect clitty and, as she spun round to throw her nightdress on the bed, I was given a first class view of her luscious buttocks. 'Do you like my bottom?' enquired Sally as she guessed the direction of my gaze. She put her hands on the bed and thrust out her magnificent backside toward me.

    'You may touch my arse if you like.' I stretched out my trembling hands and smoothed my fingers along the yielding, jouncy flesh. She giggled softly and said: 'Aren't my bum cheeks firm and round?'

    My face flushed beetroot red at her frank question as I answered: 'They're really lovely. May I keep my hands there?' 'Of course you may, Henry,' she trilled, swinging her arm behind her and running her hand along the bulge in my trousers. 'And if you slide your hand under my bum, you will find my cunney which would love to make your acquaintance.' Sally straightened up and turned back to me as she added: 'Come now, let me see how quick you can take off your clothes!'

    I threw off my clothes without the slightest inhibition though, at the back of my mind, I was aware that the Heir to the Throne of the United Kingdom and the British Empire, let alone my Uncle Robert and five other gentleman were watching my every move. These thoughts were swiftly banished as the roving hands of the beautiful girl took possession of my rigid cock and she gently massaged my swollen shaft.

    She breathed into my ear: 'Henry, are you really only sixteen? This is a grand looking cock that any man would be proud of, it's large enough for a man of twice your age. Do tell me, have you ever used this proud prick for anything else except tossing yourself off?' With my hands behind my back, I crossed my fingers and replied: 'No, though I do have a friend who rubs it for me.' 'Good for her, but it's high time you put your chopper to some real use,' she declared as she lay down on the bed and placed one pillow beneath her head and the other underneath her bottom. Then Sally parted her cunney lips with her finger, opening up the enchanting, red chink for me as I climbed on top of her and, taking hold of my shaft, she coaxed the knob between the yielding lips into her tight, clinging cunney. I pushed forward gently and the sensuous girl began to breathe heavily as I thrust my palpitating cock in and out of her moistening honeypot.

    She raised herself to meet my strokes as I fucked her, pumping to and fro at an ever quickening pace. I snaked one hand underneath her to squeeze her luscious bum cheeks and with the other I rubbed her stalky nipples between my fingers. Watching the previous erotic spectacles had excited us both so much that, very soon, we were both on the brink of spending. After only a short time, Sally screamed: 'Oh yes, that's delightful! Ram your fat cock into me, Henry! Ahh, what a glorious fuck! Now empty your balls and fill my cunney with your sticky seed!' My cock continued to pound away and when she reached down and caressed my balls, I spent almost at once. With a long cry I spurted my creamy spunk into her sopping quim, working my shaft in and out until the last drops of jism trickled out and I sank down exhausted upon her. 'Well done, young Henry! You're a chip off the old block and no mistake,' I heard my uncle call out as he congratulated me on my performance. 'I could hardly have done better myself.' 'Yes, well done, indeed, I came twice before you spunked,' added Sally with a cheerful grin. 'I can hardly believe that this was your first fuck.' I looked down to where the men were sitting and saw they were all busily engaged in fucking in one form or another with the other two girls. Mania was gobbling the thick, upright prick of the Prince of Wales whilst she fisted her right hand up and down Lord Laversham's rigid rod and Penny was on her hands and knees sucking Sir Ronald Dunn's circumcised cock whilst she was being bum-fucked by Konrad Kochanski and Uncle Robert was on his back with his face between her thighs licking out her pussey. 'Actually, I am guilty of fibbing to you,' I said quietly to Sally and, without giving any details of where my initiation had taken place, I confessed that I crossed the border into manhood last week. Sally nodded and said with a smile. 'Well, I can't say that I'm surprised, you're a very exciting lover, Henry, and I would like you to fuck me again.'

    'Alas, I don't think I can get another hard-on for a few minutes,' I said regretfully as I glanced down to my limp prick.

    Sally placed her hand on my arm and said: 'Never mind, you can bring me off with your mouth. Have you ever done that before?'

    'Yes, and I'd be delighted to pleasure you in that manner,' I replied. I pressed the delectable girl to me as our lips met in a passionate kiss. Then, remembering my instruction from Lizzie Dickerson, I released my tongue from the sweet prison of her mouth and let it travel wetly down her body, lingering to lick each of her engorged, erect nipples before sliding across her white tummy and down to her delectable cunt. I was flat on my belly and Sally wrapped her thighs around my neck as I worked my face into the silky golden hair of her bush. I placed one hand under her bottom for the purposes of elevation and with the other, I spread her pouting love lips with my thumb and middle finger. I moved my face forward and nuzzled my lips against her pungent pussey which was already oozing rivulets of tangy liquid and flicked my tongue in and out of her delectable cunt, sucking and slurping the cuntal juice. Sally started to writhe in ecstasy as I pushed my mouth hard against her, moving my head back and forth until I found her clitty and sucked it into my mouth, where the tip of my tongue began to explore it from all directions. I could feel it growing larger as her feet drummed up and down on my back.

    'Y-e-s-s! Y-e-s-s! Y-e-s-s!' she moaned, gyrating her pelvis as I increased the pressure. My tongue moved even more quickly along the grooves of her cunney, licking and lapping the juices that were now flowing out in a stream. With each stroke, Sally arched her body in ecstasy, pressing her erect clitty up against my flutter ing tongue.

    She let out a joyous yell as I inserted my little finger into her bum-hole and she spent copiously, flooding my face with her jism.

    When she had recovered, Sally rolled me over on to my back and slicked her hand furiously up and down my thickening shaft until my prick stood up as stiff as a poker. Then she straddled my body, with her legs either side of my hips, before lowering herself upon my quivering cock. My knob slid deep inside her dripping cunt at the first attempt as our pubic bones ground together. For a brief moment she paused, like a rider testing a new mount. Then she clamped her cunney muscles around my shaft and I lay back with a seraphic smile on my face, enjoying to the full the clinging silkiness of her love tunnel. I tried to ram my prick upwards but Sally had deliberately placed her weight upon my thighs so that I was unable to do so, for it was her wish to direct this fuck. She pumped her glorious bum up and down, digging her fingernails into my flesh and each of her voluptuous shoves was accompanied by wails of ecstasy. I grabbed her jiggling, creamy breasts and moved my head upwards to suck on the erect nipples whilst she rode me faster and faster. The tingling in my cock became stronger and stronger and I felt the first gush of spunk forcing its way up from my balls. Sally sensed I was about to come and slowed down now riding me with long, steady movements of her supple thighs. This delayed my climax for a little while but then my shaft started to twitch and I jetted a spray of sticky spunk inside her cunt. Sally began spending with me and the muscular contractions of her quim increased as her orgasm roared through her. She fell forwards into my arms shaking and yelping with delight as her pussey overflowed with our mutual jism. 'Thank you, dear Henry, that was another splendid fuck,' she whispered in my ear as we lay panting with exhaustion. Meanwhile, all around us, the fun had become fast and furious. The Prince of Wales was fucking Marcia from behind whilst at the same time, she was gobbling on both Sir Ronald Dunn's thick tool and Lord Laversham's sturdy shaft. Uncle Robert was embedded in Penny's tight, little bottom whilst Konrad Kochanski was beneath her, nibbling on her clitty. Finally, the girls begged to be excused on account of the soreness of their cracks.

    Lord Laversham then presented each of us with a robe and showed us into the cloakrooms where we were able to make our ablutions.

    Dinner was to be served early as, like Uncle Robert and myself, the Prince of Wales had to leave Laversham Hall at an early hour. Our host then introduced three more pretty girls who were to dine with us – Claire and Phoebe, whose duties in a gentleman's club in London had prevented their earlier arrival and a local lass, Laura Macfarlane, a striking, big-breasted girl. I am finding that I am always famished after a good fuck and I have no complaints about the menu which was far better than the grub served at Albion Academy: Saumon d'Ecosse fume, Tortue Clair, Sole au vin blanc, Selle d'Agneau, Bouquetiere de legumes, Pommes de terre boulangere, Glace Vanille, Selection des Fruits, Cafe. This feast was washed down with a selection of the finest wines from the famed Laversham cellars and we had a very jolly time. I was sitting between Sally and Uncle Robert who I noticed could hardly take his eyes off the well-developed curves of Laura Macfarlane. I wondered why my uncle was so taken with the girl. When the ladies retired, I took the opportunity to ask him whether it was the sensual swell of her breasts that had intrigued him. 'It is an impertinent question but I could not help noticing that you appeared to be fascinated by her,' I said. Uncle Robert was not annoyed by my impudence and he smiled ruefully as he picked out a large cigar from the box being handed round the table by a footman.

    Then, seeing that on my other side, Sally was engrossed in a conversation with Konrad Kochanski and that Penny, who was sitting on his right, was listening to Sir Ronald Dunn's anecdotes, Uncle Robert pulled his chair over to me and said: 'Henry, there is a German maxim that goes Wenn weiber aussernander geben, bleiben sie immer noch ein bisschen stehen. “When it's time to go, there's no need to rush if the women are still talking!” And let me inform you, my boy, that your Aunt Jennifer is no exception to the rule. 'About eighteen months ago your aunt and I had been invited to dine at some friends and, as usual, she was still getting herself ready whilst I sat downstairs in the drawing-room reading the evening newspaper. I was about to help myself to a whisky and soda when Bertha, her personal maid, knocked on the door and came in to inform me that Jennifer had changed her mind about which dress she was going to wear and so would not be downstairs for another twenty minutes. “Oh, very well, but please inform your mistress that we really should leave as soon as possible,” I said wearily and poured myself a stiff drink and settled back into my armchair. 'But, just a minute or two later, there was another knock on the door and Laura, the pretty new chambermaid, came in, She was a most attractive girl with black hair, big eyes and a saucy expression on her face. But her best features were her large breasts which pulsed against the thin, white cotton of her blouse… strongly that the outline of her nipples could be seen very clearly.

    '“Good evening,” I said, finding it difficult to resist staring at these luscious, young bosoms. “Have you also a message for me?” 'She shook her head and provocatively stroked her hands over her breasts as she replied: “No, Sir, but I would like to ask you a favour. May I have next Tuesday afternoon off?” 'I wrinkled my brow in surprise and said: “What a strange question to ask me. Surely Mrs. Mutkin, our housekeeper, is the person you should speak to about such a matter.” '“Yes, sir, I know, but I don't think she would permit me to take a half-holiday unless either you or Lady Jennifer instructed her to do so,” she answered. Then she walked right up to me and went on: “I'd be ever so grateful, I really would.” 'I looked up at her and she passed her tongue slowly over her lips before she went on: “You like looking at my big titties, don't you, Sir Robert?

    Well, how would you like to see them uncovered? I don't mind showing them to you.” 'The shameless, young hussy unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged it off, leaving only the covering of a thin chemise over the rounded swell of her enchanting bubbles. 'With a saucy glint in her eye, she said: “Your artist friend Mr. Truart is paying me half a guinea an hour to pose for him, but of course I wouldn't charge you any fee.” She slid the straps of her chemise down her arms and lowered the garment and I thrilled to the sight of her bare breasts that now jutted out proudly in all their glory. 'Laura's eyes travelled to the swelling bulge in my lap as I sat transfixed in my armchair. Her hand followed her eyes and, before I could utter a word of protest, she was on her knees and unbuttoning my trousers. The little minx freed my pulsating prick and planted a slurping, wet kiss on my knob as her hands slid up and down my shaft. 'Then, she looked up at me and gave me a merry wink before she leant and began licking my cock, slithering her tongue round my helmet, and sending the most delicious waves of pleasure surging round my body. My tool bulged in her cheek as she devoured me, sucking my shaft with gusto while I ran my hands through her glossy, dark hair. '“M'mm, what a nice juicy prick,” she gurgled as she took a deep breath. Then God knows how, she crammed inch after inch of my tool down her throat until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. 'Her tongue moved inside her mouth, rubbing lure, massaging there, and generally exciting me to tremendous heights of pleasure. She sucked away so noisily that I feared we would be discovered but I would have defied any red-blooded man to tell the girl to cease her exquisite palating.

    'So Laura continued to suck my cock until I felt myself nearing my spend. I lifted her head gently upwards and pushed her down on the carpet. Then I hastily straddled her and squeezed her breasts tightly together. I hardly had time to place my bursting member in the vale between those soft, rounded hillocks before my spunk coursed out in a tremendous gush. I moved my shaft from one side to another, drenching her titties whilst she purred and rubbed the sticky, warm cream over her pert, raspberry nipples. 'We dressed quickly and Laura was out of the room by the time your aunt came down the stairs. Of course I promised her that I would speak to Mrs. Mutkin. Evidently, Mr.

    Truart had offered to take her to the spring meeting at Exeter Racecourse if she could get the time off.' Uncle Robert downed his glass of port and gave a heavy sigh. 'When I confronted my old friend about this the next day, he did not deny that he was infatuated with the girl who he said was the most voluptuous lover he had ever bedded, and you can believe me, my boy, that was quite a compliment because Lionel Truart has fucked more girls than you've had hot dinners.' 'Did you ever have the chance to fuck Laura yourself?'

    I enquired. Uncle shook his head sadly as he answered: 'Alas, I was never given the opportunity, for at the races, Mr. Truart gave Laura five pounds to wager on whatever mounts took her fancy. She backed the favourite in the first race which came in at seven to two and then, against Lionel's advice, she staked her winnings on a rank outsider at fourteen to one which obliged her by winning the race by a short head. Then, damn me if she didn't win yet again. To cut a long story short, by tea-time she had amassed winnings of more than one hundred and seventy pounds, and to cap it all, Lionel introduced her to a friend of his from London with whom Laura became extremely friendly. Within a week, she had handed in her notice, saying she had secured a position with this gentleman and I have not seen her since.

    Until this afternoon, that is. I would know those magnificent breasts anywhere. Before I could reply, the Prince of Wales roared with laughter and banged on the table with the palm of his hand as he called for silence. 'Gentlemen, I would like to introduce to any of you who have not yet had the pleasure of meeting her, Miss Laura Macfarlane. During dinner this charming girl informed me that she was recently invited to the headquarters of the Ladies Mutual Aid Society, which Countess Olga Pettroff founded last year in Bayswater. With your permission, gentlemen, I would like to invite Miss Macfarlane to relate to us in uninhibited detail exactly what occurred when she visited this den of vice.' Naturally, no-one would gainsay the Prince even if they so wished, and, in any case, we were all keen to hear what was bound to be a bawdy tale. Sir Ronald Dunn poured Laura a glass of cognac which she sipped as she told us the following story.

    It began when she was in London, performing some errands. She was just walking out of Fortnum and Mason's in Piccadilly, having given in the corsage watch which had been given her as a Christmas gift, to be repaired, when a well-dressed lady thrust an advertising leaflet into her hand. Laura continued: 'The sheet of paper gave an address of a mews house off Kendal Street and stated that Countess Olga Petroff of St Petersburg and Paris was forming a select club for respectable young women of modest means who wished to meet and engage in social intercourse with others of similar social standing whilst in London.

    Any girl interested in joining the club was welcome to visit the establishment between ten o'clock and six o'clock on any Tuesday, Thursday or Friday at 69 Garden Mews, off Kendal Street.' 'A propitiously numbered address,' interjected Konrad Kochanski.

    Laura smiled and continued: 'This all sounded quite appealing and, as I had some time on my hands, I took an omnibus and twenty minutes later I was standing outside the proposed club's headquarters.

    'I rang the bell and an attractive maid opened the door. When I informed her of the purpose of my visit she showed me into a sumptuously furnished drawing-room and asked me to wait for a few minutes until Countess Olga was ready to see me. 'Left alone for the moment, I cast my eye about and noticed many pieces of small statuary around the room, all depicting various unclad girls and women. Perhaps I should have guessed there and then exactly what was going on, especially when I noticed the titles of some of the books in the small library cabinet, The Prima Dona, School Life in Paris, Lascivious Scenes in a Convent and other such rude books.

    'However, I stayed and leafed through the pages of a periodical until the maid came in and asked me to follow her to Countess Olga's rooms. The Countess was waiting to welcome me and, speaking in perfect English, she poured me a glass of sherry and asked me to tell her all about myself. She scribbled a few notes on a sheet of paper and, when I had finished, she exclaimed: “My dear Laura, you are just the kind of girl we would like to join the Ladies Mutual Aid Society. Let me tell you a little more about our facilities. We have a moderately-priced kitchen which prepares light luncheons, teas and dinners whilst every Wednesday night we have a guest speaker to give informal talks on matters of topical importance. On every day except Sunday, the club is open and you may use the library, enjoy a game of cards or just sit quietly or engage in conversation with your friends.

    But our pride and joy is the swimming pool we have constructed which I shall now show you.” 'As she rose, I happened to notice for the first time, the large nude painting of the Countess which adorned one of the walls. She was posed stretched out on white, rumpled sheets and the artist had brought out every detail of her body, even to a patch of curly, black hairs between her thighs and her pink-lipped cunney.

    '“Ah, I see you are looking at my portrait,” said the Countess as she walked round from her seat. “It was painted by Minnie Ashe and I do think she did wonderfully well even though she flattered her subject!” 'Whilst I stood admiring the picture she joined me and, in a friendly manner, she slipped her arm around my waist and guided me to the door. We went through to a large room where the floor had been scooped out and a swimming pool had been laid. Splashing about in the pool was a beautiful, naked girl of about my own age. '“As we don't allow any men inside the premises, we are able to dispense with costumes,” the Countess said lightly. She called out to the lovely girl in the pool. “It's far nicer swimming in the nude, isn't it, Kitty?” '“Oh yes, it's absolutely divine,” agreed the girl as she swam over to us and pulled herself half out of the water, her breasts resting on the tiled floor as she added: “Do introduce me to this pretty girl, Olga.” '“Certainly, my dear,” beamed the Countess as six-looked at her wrist watch. “Kitty, this is Miss Laura Macfarlane – Laura, I would like you to meet Miss Kitty Philbrook. Now, would you both excuse me for fifteen minutes as I have a meeting with our Secretary Miss Sykes, to discuss our accounts. Incidentally, Laura is an acquaintance of several of our friends, Including Lord Laversham. I believe you have met the noble Lord unless I am much mistaken.'”

    Laura paused here and giggled as she looked at him His face had coloured a deep red and he spluttered: 'I don't think there is any need to continue recounting this anecdote, Laura, no need at all.'

    Sir Ronald Dunn attempted to soothe our host's fear and said: “Oh, come now, old chap. We're all men of the world round this table.

    No-one will blab a word if your name is connected with some saucy goings-on. 'Of course not,' said the Prince of Wales with a hearty guffaw. 'Anyhow, I am sure that nothing uncomplimentary about you will pass Laura's lips.' 'Lord Laversham has no need to be concerned,' agreed Laura as she put down her goblet and continued her tale, saying: 'So I asked Kitty where she had met Lord Laversham and she replied: “Oh, where I work, actually, at Madame Parfait's Herbal Baths in Great Portland Street. He's one of my regular clients.” '“Really?” I said with interest. “And what is your work?” She looked at me and grinned as she answered: “I'm a masseuse, Laura, I rub down my clients with oils and smooth away all their aches and pains. Lord Laversham has been a regular customer of mine for the last six months and, as you would expect, he always has the de luxe treatment which includes a good sucking-off and a soixante neuf if preferred.” '“A soixante neuf!” I repeated in astonishment. “What has that to do with being massaged with oils?” '“Not a great deal,” she said with a pert chuckle. “Though can you think of a nicer way to ease away the cares of the day? However, I only offer this special service to a handful of well-heeled clients who pay handsomely for the privilege.” 'As I digested this information, Kitty said to me: “Laura, why don't you join me for a swim in this gorgeous, heated pool? One of the maids has just placed a pile of fresh towels in the changing room.” 'Well, it had been a hot day and the idea appealed to me even though I was somewhat shy at first to splash around in the nude, especially if anyone else come in.

    Nevertheless, I disrobed in the changing room and stepped gingerly into the pool. Kitty had been telling nothing but the truth as the water was indeed nicely warm and we frolicked around gaily. Then, as I rested for a moment at the side of the pool, Kitty swam up to me and began rubbing my pussey with the palm of her hand. '“Let me give you one of my special massages,” she cooed in my ear. “I'm sure you will like it and will also be nice for me to give pleasure to a pretty girl instead of some randy man.” 'It was the first time any feminine fingers had toyed with my pussey and the sensation was frankly delicious although I did make a nominal protest. “You shouldn't really be doing that,” I murmured when Kitty caress my breasts and tweaked my nipples with one hand whilst with the other she began to rub my pussey in earnest. 'I however, was soon so fired up that the last traced of resistance vanished. Kitty started to murmur softly about how she wanted to stick her tongue inside my cunney and suck my clitty. I kissed her cheek and said, “That's all very well, but you can't eat my pussey in the water.” 'For a few quiet moments we stood grinning at each other like a pair of Cheshire cats, and I found myself gazing into this pretty girl's face whilst she studied me with a look of pure lust in her eyes. Then we hauled ourselves out of the pool and, after drying ourselves with the big bath towels, Kitty led me into Countess Olga's private changing room which was just big enough to accommodate a single bed on which were luxurious linen sheets. 'Running her wet tongue over her lips in anticipation, Kitty gently laid me down upon the bed and said: “Just look at our two little pussies, Laura. You have a beautifully dainty crack, darling, and what a fine contrast we make with your thatch of dark, curly hair and my soft, silky bush.” 'Then, with a smile, she fell upon me and our mouths meshed together as we kissed deeply, rubbing our titties and cunnies together in complete uninhibited abandon. The sensation of her gleaming, naked body pressing against my own heightened my desire still further and, when our nipples touched, tingling spasms of sheer delight passed from my breasts to my wet, pulsing pussey. '“Oh my, that's heavenly,” I gasped when Kitty began to stroke the insides of my thighs and she moved her tousled head down between my thighs to lick and lap along my crack. I wrapped my thighs around her neck and she tenderly opened the yielding love lips and slid her finger into the juicy tunnel of my soaking quim.

    'I squirmed and giggled with delight as she found my swollen clitty and playfully nibbled it until I thought I would explode. But, just as I was about to spend, Kitty lifted herself up and, with the swiftness and grace of a gazelle, she twisted herself round and lowered her own pussey on to my face. I thrust my tongue into her rosy chink and we licked each other out in perfect unison until we reached gigantic peaks of orgasmic lust and spent profusely in each other's mouths. 'We lay entwined together on the bed and I closed my eyes and fell into a light sleep. However, I purred like a kitten when I felt Kitty's tongue sliding for a third time into my cunt, lewdly lapping all around the edges before thrusting it all the way in. I closed my eyes and let myself dissolve into a glorious feeling of lubricity as her tongue teased my clitty with long, rasping licks.

    'I relaxed and tightened my thighs around her head, but then my eyes fluttered open when I heard a familiar voice say: “Please move over, Kitty, and let me fuck this sweet girl with my new toy.” 'I gasped in astonishment as I saw none other than Countess Olga Petroff standing over us. She was stark naked and I could not but admire the superb jutting spheres of her breasts, which though smaller than mine, were tipped with large, dusky, coral nipples. Her pubic bush was of a thick, curly fleece but her pussey was partly hidden by a leather belt she was wearing around her waist. At the front it had attached to it a polished, black mahogany object, shaped exactly like a giant, erect cock. '“Laura, you will let me fuck you, my dear girl?” begged the Countess. 'I promise you that you'll enjoy it more than any rough male affair.” 'I had never heard of a strap-on member, although I have since read about such instruments in a book by Doctor Lewis, which I have discovered. I was curious to know if it could provide anything like the satisfaction afforded by a sturdy, stiff prick, yet at the same time, I was slightly hesitant about the idea of being poked by another woman in this fashion. 'Kitty sensed my apprehension and assured me that I had nothing to fear, saying: “This particular ladies' comforter was fashioned from a cast made from the cock of General Goldstone of the West Oxfordshire Regiment, one of the best endowed men in the entire British Army. I have heard it said that several rich ladies possess copies of this noted military prick, carved in ivory at a famous manufactory in Paris.” 'Very well then, I'll give it a try,' I said as the Countess climbed on top of me and I spread my legs to enable her to insert her the tip of the penis between my pussey lips. She parted the lips of my pussey with her fingers and slid an inch or so of the wooden cock which was certainly far from unpleasant! I wrapped my legs around her waist and locked my ankles together as she leaned backwards and forwards, making the imitation prick slide in and out of my juicy love channel. I gurgled with pleasure and urged the Countess on. It took her only a little while to get the right rhythm and, once she did, the dildo gave me great sensations. Every time she pistoned it inside me, it rubbed against my clitty and, at the end of each thrust, I could feel sparks throughout my body. My cunny was soon disgorging a flood of love juices as I spent over and over again. Then the Countess asked me if I would like to strap on the dildo and fuck Kitty with it. At first I demurred but then Kitty said eagerly: 'Oh yes, please-do, Laura. Come to think of it, I've been fucked three times by General Goldstone in the flesh at Madame Parfait's, and it will be interesting to see what differences I can feel between his actual prick and this imitation.'

    Lord Laversham stroked his moustache and enquired whether she obliged Kitty as requested. Laura smiled as she replied: 'Oh yes, and I must admit I rather enjoyed fucking the lovely girl. It gave me a sense of power having a cock mounted between my legs. However, whilst playing around with the Countess and Kitty made me feel randy, I still maintain that nothing beats sucking a sinewy stiff cock and then being lucked by it!' 'So you decided not to join the ladies Mutual Aid Society,' observed Uncle Robert. Laura shook her head and said: 'Oh but I did and I have visited the club several times since that initial visit. I still prefer being fucked by a man but the sensation of being frigged by a female makes a change when I'm in the mood.' She looked around the table and went on: 'I'm sure other girls here will agree with my.” 'Well let us find out,' said the Prince of Wales, rising from his chair, and we followed His Royal Highness into the drawing-room where the other girls awaited us. There, Laura repeated her story and asked the other female guests whether they would be interested in sampling the delights afforded by the Ladies Mutual Aid Society. Sally put down her cup of coffee on the table and said thoughtfully: 'The idea has some appeal and I for one would keep an open mind on the subject, although I cannot believe that tribadism could rival the benefits of a hot, throbbing tool in my cunt, for that's a joy I doubt can be bettered. Still, I would like to find this out for myself so please do give me the address of this fascinating establishment.' 'I do so agree with you, darling,' said Marcia as she motioned with her hand for me to sit in between herself and Sally on the sofa. 'Between consenting adults I do not see why anything that is physically possible should be regarded as unnatural. I have little experience in intra-feminine amours. Since this evening, the last time was at least six months ago when I was taking part in a tableau vivant at Lady Marguerite Palatine's town house in Chelsea.' Konrad Kochanski pricked up his ears at the name of this famed Society beauty. Lady Marguerite Palatine? I simply cannot believe there can be a hidden tribadic side to her nature,' he exclaimed. Sir Ronald Dunn concurred with this view. 'Nor can I, Konrad, nor can I. I would not want to spread gossip about a lady, but it is hardly a secret that since Sir Thomas left his wife to tour his Canadian estates, Marguerite has entertained several gentlemen at the Palantine town house in Redclilfe Gardens.' 'Well, you can hardly blame her,' Uncle Robert grunted as he sat down next to Penny on a chaise longue. 'As I understand it, since their marriage Sir Thomas has had great difficulty in getting a stand and Marguerite was lucky if she was fucked more than once a month by her husband. It was with his blessing that she began to look elsewhere for intimate comforts.

    'I don't blame her, old chap,' said Sir Ronald with a hoarse laugh. 'After all, a fellow at my club informed me that why Tommy Palatine encouraged young chappies to fuck his wife was because he actually enjoyed seeing her poked by other men. Yes it takes all sorts, you know.' He swung round to Marcia and said: 'So you are saying that the lovely Marguerite also consoles herself with female lovers?' Marcia shrugged her shoulders and answered: 'I can't speak in general terms about this lady's sexual preferences, but after what happened between us, I am quite certain that she would be interested in visiting the Ladies Mutual Aid Society. 'Sally, Penny and myself had arrived at Radcliffe Gardens in the afternoon to rehearse our scenes. Everything went well until Sally and Penny went off to take tea and I was left alone naked on the stage, trying out some new dance steps. But, as I crossed the stage to get my robe, I slipped and banged my knee on a bedpost. I cried out and Lady Marguerite, who had just entered the room, came running towards me.

    'Oh you poor girl, are you all right?' she asked, as she helped me to my feet and, throwing my arm around her neck, she helped me hobble over to the bed. 'Yes I'll be fine,' I said but Lady Marguerite insisted I lie down on the bed whilst she gave me a massage. Before I had time to reply, she was on her knees in front of me, massaging my legs and I could feel her hands sliding higher and higher until her fingertips were rubbing against the insides of my thighs. To be candid, I found this most pleasant and I made no objection when her fingers lightly grazed the pouting lips of my pussey. 'Then Marguerite suddenly switched her attention to my breasts. She slid her hands around my creamy, soft globes and said 'My dear girl, what truly delicious titties you have, such a strong, raspberry colour and they're so nice and firm to the touch.' 'I smiled my appreciation at this compliment as her busy hands continued to squeeze my bosoms and then her fingers trailed down over my tummy and into my silky, auburn bush as she whispered: 'Spread your legs a little wider, my darling, and I'll give you an extra-special treat.' 'This combination of flattery and the intense tingling sensation which was spreading all over my body made it impossible for me to do nothing more than purr quietly as I obeyed her command. 'I closed my eyes and shuddered with pleasure as I felt lady Marguerite's wicked fingers pirouetting around the folds of my pussey, but I was now already so heated that, as her forefinger slid into my moistening love channel and began tickling my clitty, I achieved a little spend almost at once and I could hear her breathing heavily with excitement. 'Now we lost all pretence of restraint and she kissed me with a fiery passion as she swiftly undressed and climbed over me so that our breasts rubbed together and I could feel her fleecy, black curls brush against my own glossy thatch as she cleverly positioned herself so that our clitties touched every time she pushed her hips forward.' At this point Marcia paused and giggled as she slipped her hand down on to the bulge in my lap and said: 'Oooh, what a big boner, Master Henry! And I would wager that all the other gentlemen are sporting similar hard-ons. What is there about a tribadic tale that so excites you boys?' I was saved from answering this question when Sally picked up one of the new Kodak Brownie cameras from the floor and rising from her seat she said: 'Marcia, I would think that they are in just the right state for us to take some photographs for our collection.'

    'Quite so,' agreed Marcia and with a sparkle in her eyes she went on: 'Come now, gentleman. Drop your trousers and prepare to be snapped by Sally's Brownie.' Alas, I need more ink and the nib of my pen is running dry. Sadly, it is now one o'clock in the morning and I have to see Dr Muttley tomorrow. Tomorrow, I shall also have my next lesson with Lizzie Dickerson. What more is there to learn I wonder? It occurred to me on the drive back to school that I can't very well let Sir Robert see this diary without giving Lizzie away so I fear I must forfeit my camera.

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  • PART II. Some Cunning Stunts
  • PART III. Comings and Goings
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