My dear friend:

    It gives me great pleasure to inform you that I have received your letter and am happy to know that you sometimes think of me. I am delighted, too, to know you are enjoying such splendid health. Really, my dear, I thought you had quite forgotten me after all these years, but I see you haven't, and I am glad. Yes, I am very happy and contented, and I have retired from professional life. I intend to devote the remainder of my days to travel and… well, you know my great weakness. It is strange that you should ask me to write my memoirs just when I was about to write them for myself, and now I believe I shall do so. And I hope you will enjoy reading these pages as fully as I have enjoyed them in the flesh. Well, where shall I start? At the very beginning, I suppose-all careers have a beginning somewhere, you know.

    Up to and including my eighteenth birthday there is precious little to tell, so I shall skip over that; it has nothing to do with this tale and would-I dare-say-be rather tiresome.

    I knew nothing of love, except, of course, the love one had from a parent, and the pets I had. So I can think of no one thing which might be called responsible for the strange and delightful life I have led. To sum up the whole thing, I guess I was born for love! How could it be otherwise when it has been the one ruling passion of my whole life? Love! Yes, that was it, and believe me, I have had my share.

    There are very few things concerning my early life which I think would be of interest here. I was an only child. We lived in a pretty little home, and in my childish way I was happy. I never had to attend school like the other children. Father provided a private tutor, and an ugly old witch she was, too. She was very strict with me, and I can well remember how she used to scold me when I romped about the gardens with my pet poodle, telling me it was vulgar to show one's legs; nor could I visit with the other children who passed our home.

    It was this very strictness as much as anything else, perhaps, which led my active mind into other and stranger channels.

    I guess she was what we call today a “prude” and I believe she disliked herself. So you see, I was kept in close confinement, as it were.

    But, with all her faults, she was a very learned person, and I have many, many times profited by her teachings.

    Mother was very kind to me, and I always had the things I craved. Father earned a wonderful living for us; he was a skilled mechanic, inventing many optical items used to this day, and for which he received a great deal of money.

    When I received a scolding from my teacher, I would run to Mother for soothing and kindness, to say nothing of her kisses. But she had implicit faith in my tutor, telling me I must mind her as she knew best.

    I must tell you of a little incident concerning this strange woman. At the far end of the gardens there was a tiny lake, and one day I asked permission to wade in it. But my tutor was horrified! The very idea was scandalous!

    I suppose I am no different than anyone else; had she allowed me this simple pleasure, I am sure nothing would have come of it, and what happened as a result of what I did wouldn't have happened at all. Having been deprived of the pleasure, I promised myself that, unknown to her, I would do that very thing!

    The next afternoon I watched for my chance. On the pretense of taking my poodle for a walk, I slipped away and ran to the pond. It seems to be a human trait to lust for that which is denied us. Whether that is true or not I do not know; I do know, however, that I yearned for that pond as I had never yearned for anything else in my life.

    The poodle, nearing the pond and thinking it quite natural, ran into the water. Standing there watching him splash about made me all the more eager to partake of this pleasure, and the more I watched him the greater the longing became.

    It's a strange thing that such a simple thing can lay the groundwork for one's whole career, isn't it? Yet, such was the case. Had I been allowed to wade at the time I asked my tutor, everything would have passed as before; now, standing there knowing I was contemplating something forbidden made the desire all the more pronounced!

    I had never been in the water, and as I stood there contemplating the pleasure my poodle was having, I was taken with the idea that I, too, would like to splash about in it.

    Making sure no one was about, I stripped off my slippers and stockings, and holding up my already short skirt, I waded in. The water felt delightful on my feet and ankles, and for minutes I stood there. I wanted to go in deeper, but, as I have said, I had never been in such a large body of water and the thought frightened me.

    The next day, however, I tried it again, and this time I mustered my courage and went in to the bend of my knees. It was wonderful! I did this twice more before I was detected by my ugly tutor who ran to Mother with the startling news that I had willfully disobeyed her!

    Again I cried, and again Mother consoled me and made me promise to always obey my tutor.

    A week passed, but my desire to wade was as strong as before. It was Sunday. Tutor had left for the day. Father, too, was away, and Mother was busy about the house. Knowing I would never have such a favorable chance again, I raced for the pond! Naturally, I had gotten over being timid, and this time I was quite daring!

    Knee-deep no longer interested me. Besides, there was something delightfully naughty about the feel of the water on my legs! What it was I didn't know, of course; I knew only that it was the most wonderful sensation I had ever felt, and the deeper I went, the greater the sensation!

    I went deeper and deeper. Then, to my dismay, I found the lace at the bottom of my drawers was stiff and soaked, and that the legs were wet halfway up! I was frightened! I knew Mother would be furious if she discovered this, but my desire for the feel of the water was overwhelming. I hurried up the bank and removed the offensive garments, and after spreading them to dry, I hurried back into the pond! Free, now, of the troublesome things, I waded out, and this time the water lapped at my cunt! Oh, what a thrill it was!

    I mention all this to show you that in my innocence I knew nothing of myself. I knew nothing of the thrills one might enjoy through the medium of one's cunt. So, of course, I didn't know that I was experiencing that first spark of young womanhood which comes to all girls. All that I was interested in was the fact that it felt so nice I thought I was in heaven!

    The heavenly feeling seemed to center deep between my thighs. Wondering what it could be, I put my fingers there, only to find the strange sensations increased, for my fingers had come in contact with that tiny sentinel which guards the abode of bliss and which, until that moment, I never knew I had.

    It was, as you may have guessed, my clitoris, that little jewel of an organ that was to play such an important part in my life in the years to follow!

    Do you remember, my dear, how you used to love lying with your face between my legs? And how you delighted in kissing and tenderly sucking that tiny red tongue, as you called it? Well, it was that same tiny morsel I found that day as I stood hip-deep in our little pond. So, do you realize now what an important part my ugly tutor played in my later life?

    I was frightened as well as happy, and as I dried my dress before returning home, I promised myself many more wading parties in that little pond. You see, I thought the water was responsible for those strange and heavenly sensations I had experienced.

    And that, dear friend, was the very beginning of a life of utmost pleasure.

    Then came a change in my life, and I found myself temporarily deprived of the pleasure of wading. It's just as well-I might have become an addict to that dreadful practice known as masturbation!

    About this time, it was discovered I had a most unusual voice. I had been singing in Sunday school, and our music teacher often spoke of the wonderful future in store for me. I accepted these compliments gracefully, and I continued to attend to my music. Then one day my choirmaster visited our home and spoke for some time with Mother. I learned that he had discussed with her the unusual quality of my voice. Mother spoke with Father about it, and it was decided that I should receive some formal training.

    Then followed four months of intensive study. I practiced faithfully and soon it was learned that my voice was far beyond anything my instructors had even conceived. It was suggested that I be sent away where I might study under masters, and thus develop what they termed my good fortune.

    But Mother and Father refused to listen to this. They did, however, consent to hire a private music teacher. As this change necessitated the removal of my other tutor, I was overjoyed. I expected another old witch, of course, but anyone would have been preferable. I praised the good Lord when she finally packed her belongings and left.

    For a few weeks, I was quite alone. I had no tutor, my only studies being that of music. I attended Sunday school daily. Also, I had plenty of time to run about the gardens, and you may rest assured the little pond came in for its share of attention. I bathed there every day. Sometimes in complete nakedness, at others partly so, but always my little cunt came in for its share of fondling.

    As the days slipped by, I began to take notice of my breasts. They grew larger and firmer and rounder, and as my fingers caressed them a thrill swept over me. I noticed, too, that my legs seemed rounder and more firm. And there was something else. I noticed that the hairs about my cunt grew darker and darker, and thicker and thicker.

    I found also that I experienced more and more thrills and that they became more and more pronounced just before and just after my “sickness.” I didn't know what caused this, but I wasn't to be left long in the dark, as you shall see.

    One afternoon about this time, Mother informed me that she was expecting guests. It seemed the “guests” were her niece and the niece's husband-to-be, and since they had long promised to visit us, they took it upon themselves to do so before their marriage. The following day they arrived, bag and baggage. Since these two young people were to furnish a spectacle that prompted and hurried me upon my career, it is no more than right that I describe them here. The girl was about twenty and very pretty. She was shapely too, and her complexion was superb; all in all, one might sum her up as beautiful.

    Meeting such a girl in later years, I would have promptly put her down as one literally dying to be fucked. Five years later, when I became a lover of women's charms, I invariably chose just such a girl, for the simple reason that she was animate and would comply, willingly, with my every request.

    Her lover was equally good looking. Five feet eleven, very handsome, slightly dark with wonderful eyes, I fell quite in love with him. They seemed devoted to each other and were seldom out of each other's sight.

    Now, it must be remembered that I was just approaching young womanhood-that period in a girl's life where so little is required to ignite the spark of passion. I remember that when I came near this man I would blush, and hot flashes came over me, thrilling me to the core.

    Both were very nice to me, and as I recall it now, this man often cast longing glances at me. Had his future wife not been present there is no telling what might have happened, as I am sure I would have welcomed him to my arms.

    Life is a strange thing. A thief is forever finding something to steal, a drunkard is forever being offered wine, and so it was with me. I have already said I believed I was made for love. I repeat it now. It was as though temptation was forever being thrown in my path.

    Let me explain. A day or two after their arrival, I had taken my poodle and started off for a walk. At the far end of the gardens, and not far from the pond, there was a little summerhouse.

    As I neared this, I heard someone laugh and recognized the voice as that of the bride-to-be. My poodle had bounded off to his favorite swimming place thinking, of course, that I would follow; but another idea popped into my mind. Why not creep up and frighten them?

    As I neared the tiny building, however, I delayed my surprise attack. I heard something of what they were saying, and my curiosity being aroused, I listened. My heart was beating wildly; I knew it was an evil thing to eavesdrop, but my shameful curiosity had the better of me.

    My eagerness to hear was further aroused when I heard my cousin say: “Oh, please, dear, wait until tonight; we can take a walk up the road and then you can have all you want!"

    I wondered what it was her intended wanted. Thinking it might be something good to eat, perhaps, I crept closer to the window and found I had a clear view of the interior. What a sight met my eyes!

    They were standing in the center of the cottage. Their arms were about each other, their mouths were joined, and they seemed lost in the affectionate embrace. Then their lips parted, and they stood for a long moment staring into each other's eyes.

    "But, darling,” he said, still clasping her in his arms, “it's been almost a week since I've had anything! I'm bursting for it! Here, feel for yourself."

    Then, as I stood there breathless, my eyes fairly bursting from their sockets, he pulled open the front of his trousers! His great tool came out! It was thick and stiff and heavily veined, and at the top was a glistening pink bulb that seemed near to bursting.

    "Here,” he said, placing her hand on it. “Feel how hard it is, dear! Please!” Then, clutching her in a tighter embrace, his lips met hers in another clinging kiss, her hand now working up and down the poker-like thing she held in her hand! For one breathless moment, I watched her as she toyed with that thrilling organ. Then something else occurred: His arms, which had been clasping her, now slid down. His hands clutched the firm cheeks of her bottom! My eyes staring, I watched as he slowly drew up her dress! Up and up! Now it was at her hips!

    Suddenly my mind went back to my old tutor! She was forever telling me how vulgar it was to expose one's legs. Yet, here was a man pulling up a girl's dress and about to expose far more than her legs!

    What was more, my cousin seemed to enjoy this freedom! Was it possible, I thought, that this girl liked being denuded in this startling manner?

    Truly she must have, for now her dress was well above her waist and the man was toying with and feeling all over her bottom and back, which was entirely devoid of anything like drawers or other undergarments!

    I felt the perspiration burst out on my face. My lips grew hot and dry, while a sensation yet unknown seemed to take possession of me. Still the picture lingered. Her hand continued to work up and down his big affair; he continued to play with the naked cheeks of her lily-white bottom!

    Again the picture changed. As one, they moved to a broad couch-like seat and here he pushed her down, but not for a moment did they stop what they were doing. He continued to toy with her naked cheeks; she persisted in stroking his iron-hard tool! Her legs fell apart, and at the same time, his hand came from behind her and slid into her now fully exposed crotch! What a picture I was witnessing! Naked from her lush, cherry-capped breasts to the tops of her stockings, her thighs well parted, she seemed to relish the feel of his hand as it toyed with the thick black curls at the base of her belly or slid into the crimson gap buried in its folds!

    Her hips were moving and her hand quickened its up and down motion on his shaft. She let go of him as he suddenly dropped to his knees, and, while I stared, hardly daring to breathe, plunged his face into the forest of black hair, kissing and licking her cunt in a frenzy of delight!

    I knew nothing of it then, but how many times since have I experienced that delightful thrill of feeling a lover's tongue exploring the inner cavity of my own cunny! Ah, that young man was an artist; someone had taught him his lessons well.

    For a minute, it seemed, he kissed it, and all the time she showed by the very expression on her face that she loved this strange sort of kiss! Her head rolled from side to side, little moans escaped her lips, and her hips thrust up and back in a steady motion. Her hands came down to his head. I thought she was trying to force his mouth away, but I discovered she was holding him even tighter to her! He lifted her thighs to his shoulders, wrapping his arms about her hips!

    She was moaning aloud now! She stiffened, then gave a little startled cry as her hips jerked violently. Her eyes were glazed over and she muttered: “Oh” and “Ah” at each new attack!

    Then, with an “Oh, my God!” on her lips, she threw her head back. She held herself rigid for fully a minute, then collapsed in an inert heap before him, her hands falling to her sides and her thighs falling from his shoulders!

    Wondering what had happened, startled to almost the screaming point, I watched him bring the end of his rod to that lovely red gap he had been kissing! With his hands on her hips, he forced his belly against hers, driving his cock deep into the glistening slit!

    I thought he must be killing her, so violently did he plunge it into her! Her legs came up and about his back, while her arms circled his neck. They both began swaying backward and forward. Then, with a firm forward thrust, he again drove it into her-just as I plunged my hand down the waist of my drawers and drove a finger into my own cunt! Ah, God! No one can describe the sensation I experienced at that moment as I immediately spent for the first time. My knees trembled beneath me; I gave a gasp, so intense was the thrill!

    My finger, thrust to the last knuckle in my burning cunt, was bedewed with the thick starch-like fluid of my come. Streams of it, it seemed, gushed down my hand and forearm! But what's the use of trying to describe it to you, my friend? How many times have you complimented me when I poured that elixir of love into your willing lips? How many times have you told me I was the best suck you ever had? Who, then, is a better judge than yourself as to the amount I threw off that first time I fingered myself?

    How many times have I longed to live over those first thrilling moments of my young life. But I must get on with this first installment of my story. After the sensations of feeling my finger in my own slit died down somewhat, I brought my attention once again to the young couple. He was still thrusting within her, but his movements were faster now, and the girl was rotating her hips furiously. Just then, her head arched back and she let out a wrenching sob. He also choked back a cry and rammed himself yet further into her. They held this pose for endless minutes, their only movement being the shuddering of their limbs. They became more quiet; her legs slid down from his back, and then, free of her clasp, he withdrew his cock from her. I noticed then that it was but half its former size. He took his seat beside her, but I noted how careful she was not to cover her charms.

    Instead, she sat there, her skirt well above her waist, and for the first time I had an unhindered view of her pretty cunt. It was far larger than mine. Its color was deeper and it was surrounded with thick, black hair, while the cunt itself gaped open and a trickle of thick white stuff ran from the bottom and dripped on her skirt.

    As her lover seated himself beside her, my cousin lifted her left thigh and placed it across his lap. Then she carried one of his hands to her cunt, and as his fingers divided the red lips and bored into the dark interior, she placed her nearest hand upon his half-limber cock and toyed with it. He slipped his arm about her and kissed her lips with soft, clinging kisses.

    Now and then their lips would part and they would say something I couldn't hear, but at last, when it seemed she was about to eat him entirely with her passionate kisses, she said, “Now, Paul, darling, suck me off again!"

    This time, instead of kneeling between her knees as he had previously done, he slid to the floor and lay full length on his back. For a long moment, she stood staring down at him. Then, with a deft motion of her hands, she swept the dress up to her breasts and fell astride his upturned face which disappeared into the thick fleece between her thighs!

    Reaching out one hand, she grasped his cock, which was again in a wonderful state of erection, and worked it up and down, not unlike she had previously done. Then, her face wreathed in smiles, she leaned down and took it into her mouth and began sucking it in and out, while Paul massaged her cunt with his tongue!

    She pulled back and let her lips lightly caress the very tip of his throbbing cock. Her tongue darted out in butterfly movements, laving the turgid head of his member with her moist kisses. Slowly, she sucked him into her mouth again, this time allowing the length of him to continue its penetration until her very nose rested on his balls. Slowly she pulled away again, sucking with all her might upon his thick tool. Once she had only the acorn-shaped tip in her mouth again, she sucked even harder, easing the morsel in and out between her lips. I could see the veins stand out from her neck with the incredible suction she was exerting. He freed his mouth from her gaping slit and cried out his pleasure. His fingers replaced his lips and tongue, frantically caressing her as he jerked his hips, burying his engorged cock in her waiting mouth.

    I remember wondering at the time what I would do if a man were to place his hand on my cunt, to say nothing of kissing it! I knew I would have died on the spot!

    Rising, at last, she turned and kissed his lips, saying, “You darling lover, you! Your come almost choked me, there was so much!"

    Again I wondered what could have happened, but it was no use; it was far too much of a mystery for me to solve. I would have remained and watched more had not I been overtaken with another violent spasm of pleasure, and again my hand and arm were drenched with the creamy jism which gushed from me! My head was in a whirl! I was shocked beyond anything I had ever experienced!

    I waited to see no more. Quietly I crept away and made my way to the pond. Here, without even the formality of removing my shoes and stockings, I waded in, not stopping until I was tittie-deep! However, after I had been in the water perhaps five minutes, I came to my senses somewhat, and realized what I had done. Knowing I had to face Mother and that I was due for a dreadful scolding, I went my sorrowful way back to the house. Fortunately, I was able to enter without being seen by her! Quickly I ran to my room, changed into dry clothing, and returned to the lower floor without a single soul ever becoming the wiser.

    As I opened the door to go out again, the two lovers were walking up the gravel path toward the house. The tranquility on their faces defied one to even guess at the strenuous exercises in passion they had so recently indulged in. Despite my innocence, I marveled at this, for even the cool water of the pond had failed to quench the fire that raged within me.

    Naturally, I was anxious to again witness those strange scenes between the two lovers, and shortly after dinner I was fortunate enough to see them again slipping off to the garden, where I was sure they would repeat their banquet of love. But just as I was about to follow them, a girlfriend entered the gate and came to me. She, like myself, was taking singing lessons at the parsonage. Being something of a pianist, she thought we could rehearse at home while she played. My chance of again witnessing the lovers’ duet was, of course, out of the question for the time being.

    Do you understand now, dear friend, how I was being led into that carnal path from which there is no turning back? Is it any wonder that I became the rage of all Europe? Do you wonder that I was the talk of every city I visited?

    But do not think for one moment that I am complaining of my past; I am not. I have been far too happy in my life to even think for a single moment that I have done wrong. Nor has it given me the slightest moment of regret as to whose company I kept, and I am sure that goes for the future, too.

    That I believe I was born to love I can prove in a few brief words. Consider for a moment the young man who chooses Art as a profession. Some little thing has, perhaps, inspired him to paint. He takes up the study, and what happens? From the very first he is thrown in with painters-artists, we call them-and their instructors and fellow students. Everything is art in his life. He sees it, lives and breathes it and, so, in a few years, he becomes an artist; at least he's called one.

    Take the case of the student who takes up medicine. In college, he hears nothing else. He attends classes, sees surgeons operate; his mind becomes imbued with surgery. And so, he in turn becomes a surgeon. Do you see what I mean?

    Very well, then. Instead of becoming a painter or a surgeon, I took up the study of love-and all because I was reared in the very arms of love and lust.

    Let me tell you of another delightful scene I witnessed, and this right in my own home. I had been assigned to another room, mine having been put to the disposal of one of our guests. It happens that this room adjoined the one occupied by Mother. It connected with hers by a door, over which was a transom. There was another entrance to my temporary room, but this led to the porch. I mention this door since it's to play a role in the scheme of things.

    That evening at dinner, I remembered that the following day was Mother's birthday. After supper, the lovers suggested that we gather great bunches of flowers with which to decorate the house. I readily agreed. So, the following morning, we three were out gathering the multicolored buds, and by noon the house had been gaily decorated.

    Accompanying the lovers-as I choose to refer to them-was never a bother, for I was treated to many thrilling sights. Indeed, they seemed to have gotten over the idea of hiding their lovemaking from me, and many times during their stay, I saw Paul's hands slide up beneath my cousin's dress. The day we gathered flowers was no exception. They toyed with and petted each other at every opportunity, and by suppertime, I was sure I was to witness another episode of their thrilling lovemaking. But in this, however, I was wrong; if anything went on it was after I had retired to my room.

    But I wasn't to be deprived altogether. All evening my parents seemed gay and happy (a rare thing, I might mention), and as I went to my room, something seemed to prompt me to look into theirs. On the porch was a short stepladder, which Father used in trimming the bushes and vines. I carried this into my room through the porch entrance. Placing it against the door leading directly into their room, I climbed it and discovered I had a splendid view of the interior through the glass of the transom. The room, however, was vacant; they had not yet arrived.

    Taking advantage of the interval, I quickly undressed and donned my nightgown. Then, just as I was ready to again climb the ladder, I heard someone moving about in the next room. With heart beating wildly-for I had never before spied on anyone except the lovers-I climbed the ladder.

    Father was sitting upon the side of the bed removing his shoes and stockings. He was gazing raptly at Mother, who stood before the mirror taking down her hair. The upper part of her splendid body was covered with only a chemise of sheer linen, and since it was cut quite low, I had a splendid view of both her full, firm titties almost to the nipples.

    She had unhooked her skirts, and these hung about her rounded hips threatening, it seemed, to fall from her with every movement.

    All this I took in at a single glance. Then I turned my gaze to Father, who had finished his disrobing with the exception of his drawers and was sitting on the bed as though waiting for Mother to finish her undressing. I had never before seen a man as near totally naked and was surprised to see the profusion of black hair on his chest. It seemed to cover the whole front of his body and disappear down into his drawers. In the meantime, Mother had finished with her hair and had turned, facing Father. She asked if she shouldn't put out the light, but Father answered, “No, dear, it's seldom I have a chance to view your beautiful body. So as long as this is to be in honor of your birthday, let me have you completely nude."

    Mother laughed a little. Then, with a toss of her head and a slight shrug, she pushed the little straps from her shoulders, allowing both the chemise and her skirts to fall to the floor. The next moment I saw, for the first time in my life (for my cousin and her lover had always worn this or that odd bit of clothing), a stark naked woman! And what a picture she was! In all my travels, I have never seen a more beautiful woman naked!

    Quickly she moved to the bed, as though ashamed of her nudity, and placed her arms about his neck. They kissed, not as the lovers had during their lovemaking, but soft, clinging kisses, such as I had never seen before. All the time one of Father's hands wandered all over her body and thighs, she lending herself willingly to his every touch. His hand slid down into the thick fleece above her slit, where it toyed for a few seconds, then dropped between her thighs. For a moment Mother held her legs together and then, as he reclined her on her back, she allowed them to fall loosely apart.

    Since she'd been sitting on the side of the bed facing me, I had a wonderful view of her full-fledged cunt! For a minute or two, he played with it, and then he suddenly stood up and let drop his drawers. As he turned to place them over the back of a chair, a sensation of the sheerest delight swept over me, for his stiff cock stood out from his belly like a bar of iron!

    I had but a moment to view the wonderful bobbing thing, for a moment later he turned his back again and settled down upon the bed. Here they lay kissing each other for several moments! Then, as though he could no longer stand it, he quickly mounted her beautiful body! It was the same as I had already witnessed between the lovers, only instead of rushing about the business at hand, everything seemed to be deliberate and done with care.

    First he applied the velvety pink head of his thick cock to the lips of her cunt; he hovered for long seconds, rubbing the head of his throbbing shaft around the lips of her pussy. She let out a soft moan and shook her head from side to side. He worked the head in a little way, wetting it with her now-flowing juices. He pulled the tip of his cock back out and again caressed her soft lower lips with it. Having excited her till her breasts were heaving and her breath was coming in short gasps, he then began forcing it into her, driving and pushing until it was in to the hilt! Like the girl in the summerhouse, Mother raised her legs and clasped them about his middle, and then the fucking began in earnest! Sighs and kisses were exchanged with the same freedom as those of the lovers, but their action seemed to lack that fire and fierceness I had previously witnessed.

    But, like all lovemaking sessions, this one ended like all good fucks should end. Mother twisted and squirmed as Father shot his boiling sperm into the innermost recesses of her trembling cavern. Both lay for several minutes as though dead. Father was the first to move. As he relieved her of his weight and dragged his diminishing piston from her cunt hole, I could see the same whitish fluid running from the bottom of her crack as I had seen in the summerhouse. Mother's pussy, though, seemed to be larger and gape further open. At that time, I was anything but a connoisseur of feminine charms, and my first impression was that Mother's cunt seemed greatly inflamed. But this was due, no doubt, to her age and the fact that I had passed through those soft portals.

    For a few moments, she lay there panting. Father, too, seemed in great need of rest, for his cock had fallen to but half its length and was hanging down between his thighs. Then Mother arose and went to the dresser to get a towel. Returning to the bed, she first dried his drooping shaft and then her cunt. This done, she seated herself again. She leaned over him and began kissing his lips, and then she suddenly changed her position.

    Now she devoted her attention to his limp member, toying with it and caressing it. Then, in answer to something he said and which I couldn't hear, she bent down and took the end of it between her lips and sucked it!

    Now, I haven't given you a hint as to my own feelings as a result of watching this strange and exciting affair, and this is because I can find no words to convey my meaning. I had drawn up my nightgown, and as Mother took the end of Father's cock between her lips, I put my fingers between the lips of my pink little virgin slit and diddled myself not-very-expertly until I bathed my hand with another prolific dose of my girlish juice. Because I hadn't drawers on this time, it gushed down my thighs unhindered. I so lost control of myself that I slid down the ladder and lay in a heap on the floor in a near exhausted condition.

    Remember, again, that I was rather young at the time, and found it rather trying to withstand the rigors of continually masturbating. Later, however, I managed to crawl into bed where I fell into a troubled sleep. It was troubled only in that it was filled with the most wonderful cocks in the world, and though I fought frantically to grasp one that I might use, the wicked things eluded me with the most surprising energy.

    As long as I can remember, I never saw my parents kiss each other again, nor did I ever see them repeat their actions in bed, though I watched several times hoping for another performance.

    I have often wondered if that little affair hadn't been something which took place only on special occasions-like a birthday! What a shame if that was indeed the case!

    Another strange thing about it was that the next morning neither of them seemed to show the slightest hint of the wonderfully thrilling party they had experienced the previous night. But, after all, hadn't it been the same way between the lovers when I saw them after leaving the summerhouse?


    A few days after this, the lovers returned to their respective homes, and I was again left to my own reflections. I spent many hours going over the wonderful things I had seen.

    I hinted in no uncertain terms to my girlfriend as to these wonderful revelations, but she would blush and turn away as though she didn't wish to discuss the subject.

    And so for two whole weeks I was left alone. The pond no longer lured me, and there's no telling what might have happened had not Father returned with my new music teacher.

    I don't know why, but I was suddenly taken with the idea that I didn't want another teacher. I had been alone so long that the thought of another ugly old woman to pester me was sickening. I realized my days of freedom were over.

    Very well, I thought, if I'm to have another teacher, why not have one more romp at the pond? There was no one to watch me. I hadn't seen my new teacher as yet, since she had retired to her room immediately upon her arrival. I hurried to the water. Pond lilies were in bloom and the surface of the water seemed covered with them.

    Then another idea occurred to me: I recalled the thrill I had experienced that day I entered the water fully dressed! Why I had gotten a thrill out of this I have never been able to determine; I know only that the thought persisted! Making sure no one was about, I plunged in! I had long since become used to the water, and I no longer feared it. My skirts floated up about me as I waded deeper and deeper, and in less time than it takes to tell it, I was in to my neck. I had a wonderful time. I thought this was probably the most dreadful thing I had ever done in my life besides my eavesdropping. I knew Father would punish me if he discovered that I had gone near the pond, much less in it, but I didn't care! The water felt delightful on my body, and I sported about in it for nearly an hour.

    I was a sorry sight, indeed, as I climbed out, but I had gathered some lilies and I was happy. Quickly I stripped off my wet clothes, squeezed the water out of them, and spread them to dry. Then, stark naked, I entered the pond again. I had often gazed at my nude charms in the glass since seeing my mother reflect on herself that way. Now, as I stood there in the clear water, I discovered that by standing quite still I had a clear image of myself.

    I noted her same hips and legs and breasts; I noted, too, the same colored hair at the base of my belly and the same cunt, though I wasn't nearly as developed as she.

    Finally, after my clothes had dried, I wandered back to the house to meet my new teacher. I expected another old hag. Imagine my surprise when I saw, sitting upon the porch beside my mother, one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen! Here, instead of an ugly woman, was a perfect beauty, not a minute over twenty years old, and when I say she was beautiful, I mean just that. Not only was her face beautiful, but she was beautiful all over. As you will find a little later, I got to know that beautiful body in every detail, and the more I knew that girl, the more I delighted in kissing and petting her.

    At table that evening, I couldn't keep my eyes from her; I must have acted the dummy indeed. I could eat only a little. Both Mother and Father chided me about it, but I passed it off saying I didn't feel just exactly right. Had Mother known my thoughts at that very moment, I would have been horsewhipped and Vera would have been driven from our home.

    After dinner, however, I had a chance to further admire that beautiful creature. Mother suggested I show her about the place, and a moment later, Vera and I were walking through the gardens.

    Her hair was a deep brown color; her cheeks were rosy red and her full lips were like ripe cherries, while her teeth, white like the snow of early winter, were even and firm. I noted her swanlike neck and the narrow, slanting shoulders, and I admired her dainty ankles and tiny feet. All this I saw that first evening as we wandered about the gardens, but I was to see more of her a little later.

    I was to see her beautiful legs and thighs; her full, rounded hips and bottom-cheeks; the slender waist; the full, firm breasts with their tiny pink nipples; and above all I was to admire the most beautiful cunt I have ever seen, even to this day!

    That first evening, when my hungry gaze was limited to her facial charms, I fell desperately in love with her! I was overjoyed at this sudden turn of events! I laughed and cried in turn. I danced all about her, picked flowers and forced them upon her and, I guess, made a fool of myself in general. But I just couldn't help it; I was that happy.

    Though she noted my actions, she paid no attention to them. Her only reaction was to take me in her arms and kiss me as tenderly as a mother would kiss her only child, and I felt that we were to become the most wonderful friends.

    Later that evening, she told me that we were to become lovers at heart. Of course, it wasn't necessary for her to tell me that: I was already her lover at heart.

    Ah, how little did I know then what she meant by that remark! Oh, God! What pleasures I had in your arms, Vera!

    Years after, while basking in the arms of another woman, I always fancied it was Vera's charms passing beneath my lips… it was Vera trying to satisfy my endless craving by offering to my hungry lips that pearly nectar with which she was so plentifully endowed!

    I remember only too well that first night in our garden. We had wandered to the summerhouse, that same summerhouse in which I had witnessed those strange scenes between the lovers. There, seated upon that same couch, she took me in her arms and kissed me! Perhaps it was due to the great influence the summerhouse had over me, or perhaps it was my love for her, but whatever the cause, I gloried in her kisses.

    Not only did she kiss my lips, but also my cheeks, eyes, and even my throat. Her kisses were far different than any I had ever received before. When kissing my mouth, she would quite cover mine with her own, while the tip of her tongue would caress the inside of my lips. She did this a dozen times, I guess, each time a little more deliberate, and each time sending a delicious thrill through me until I thought I was literally dying of pleasure.

    Looking back at that night, I am convinced I would have been an easy conquest for her, for she had instilled a strange thought within me. Though I had never heard of such a thing, I was taken with the idea that I wanted to kiss her all over! I wanted to do something dreadful to her! Something naughty! But in my innocence, I could not think of a single thing to do.

    A few moments later, we rose from the couch and retraced our steps. I led her by the pond. Somehow, I felt free with this wonderful woman. I felt so free, in fact, that I told her of my delight in wading in the water, and how my former tutor had forbidden me from going there. Vera laughed at this. Then she told me I might wade whenever I so chose, but that I must be careful since I was now in her care. She made me promise I would never wade there unless she was with me. To this I solemnly agreed.

    Later we sat upon the porch, and here again I came in for a lot of kissing. But Vera was clever. She knew only too well how easily she might spoil it all by hurrying matters with me, and she would stop kissing my lips just when I was feeling the best.

    She wished to know all about my studies-how far I had advanced; in fact, she wanted to know all about me, and many of her questions I thought strange and far from the point. I wanted her to hear my voice, but she refused to let me sing in the night air, at least until my voice got stronger and settled. In later years, I realized how correct this was when I saw any number of girls ruin their voices by abusing them.

    Later that evening, she took me to her room, and here she allowed me to assist her in unpacking her trunk. I saw things I had never dreamed of-all sorts of the finest underwear, dozens of pairs of the finest hose, several beautiful nightgowns, and several dressing gowns. One would never have guessed this girl had to teach music for a living, for her wardrobe was equal to that of a princess.

    That night before I retired to my own room, she gave me another of those clinging kisses. How it thrilled me!

    The days which followed proved to be a perfect paradise to me. Never in the least did we tire of each other. We were always together. Mother, too, had the utmost confidence in her, and Father never gave us a thought. And so my love grew and grew.

    One afternoon, about a week after her arrival, we discovered that both Mother and Father were going to the city on business, and as soon as they left, I suggested we go to the pond and wade. Vera was willing and off we went. Happy in the thought that I could do as I chose in the matter, I stripped off my slippers and stockings and began paddling about, while she sat upon the grassy bank and watched.

    Becoming used to this, I ventured out further. Vera, seeing that the lace of my drawers touched the water, said, “You had better pull them up, dear, or you will wet them."

    I did this, but I found I still lacked something. I wanted to go in naked. But I thought Vera would never approve of that, and right there I lost an excellent chance with this beauty. She told me later how seeing my naked legs thrilled her.

    You see, my friend, how I dwell upon all this? It isn't that I wish to tire you; it's simply that I delight in relating every little item of our conversation, and the strange things that led to a much clearer understanding between my music teacher and me. It was, I believe, the most wonderful period of my whole life; at least I thought so at the time.

    I recall how I asked her to remove her slippers and stockings and come in with me, and how she declined, saying she was “unwell.” This required considerable explaining on her part. She asked me how old I was and when I told her, she explained the whole business.

    I had come out of the water and was sitting beside her, and I couldn't help but thrill when she explained to me all about the “periods” a girl experienced once every month. She told me I was passing into womanhood, and I'll never forget the way she looked into my eyes when she told me I must be getting to be quite a full-fledged woman. And there was another splendid opportunity gone. Little did I know she was waiting for me to make the first suggestion of something more intimate.

    The afternoon passed and we returned to the house for dinner, only to find that my parents had been detained in the city and would be unable to return until the next day. Left by ourselves as we were, we found it much more convenient to converse on the porch, and you may rest assured we took the opportunity to cuddle in each other's arms.

    She suggested that we retire. I agreed, though I would have rather remained there on the darkened porch and enjoyed more of her clinging kisses.

    Our rooms were separated by only a narrow hall, the doors being opposite one another. She said, “Since we are so alone, dear, perhaps we had best leave the doors ajar-then I can hear if you call me."

    I thought this a splendid idea; we could talk to each other as we undressed. I couldn't be satisfied away from her, even in sleep!

    I recall how quickly I undressed and donned my nightgown, and how I crept to her door. I wanted to see her undressed! I'll never forget the thrill I had when I peeped into her room! She was standing before her mirror, taking down her hair and arranging it for the night. Nor was that all. She had taken off everything but her little undervest, an extremely short and transparent little garment, and this was furled up over her splendid behind, leaving her naked from well above her hips to her heels!

    What a thrill that was. For long moments, I stood staring at her. Her legs, hips, and buttocks looked beautiful to me, but it was as nothing compared to what happened a moment later. Raising my eyes, I discovered that she was looking directly at me, though she was still looking into the glass, and had been watching me for some moments. Then she turned, resting her palms on the edge of the dresser. She was naked in front, more so by far than her rear, for the tiny garment she wore was cut so low I could see her naked breasts!

    Speechless, wonder showing in my eyes, I stood there gazing at her beauties, but my eyes were even more riveted upon the patch of hair that almost covered her beautiful cunt! It was Vera who broke the spell.

    "Naughty!” she whispered, beckoning me toward her. “Why do you stare at me so?"

    Rushing into her outstretched arms, I said, “Oh, Vera dear! You are so beautiful and-and I love you so!"

    "Silly little girl,” she cooed, kissing me again and again. “I'm not one bit more beautiful than you!"

    We were almost of an equal height, so we found it quite convenient to reach each other's lips as we stood clasped in one another's arms.

    Evidently Vera knew the time was ripe to carry her caresses further, for she said, “You are beautiful, dear, but you are unfair!"

    "Unfair?” I asked, startled.

    She nodded. “Of course you're unfair. You are so covered while I am so uncovered."

    "You mean…"

    Again she nodded. “Why not stay here with me tonight,” she breathed, kissing me lovingly and squeezing me in her arms. “Then, too,” she went on, “it's so warm, and-and, well, we could sleep without anything over us!"

    Again our lips met and clung. Then, pushing me away, she let drop her tiny garment. Forcing it down over her full, rounded hips, she let it drop to the floor, the tiny thing laying like a bit of fluff about her feet! For a long moment I gazed at her, excited as I had never been before! Then her hands drew the little shoulder straps from me, and while I stood as though petrified, she dropped my nightgown to my feet, leaving us both stark naked!

    "Isn't this so much nicer?” she asked, leading me to the bed, seating herself on the edge, and drawing me down beside her. “Wouldn't you like to spend the whole night with me?” she asked.

    I remember the strange light in her eyes as she hugged me close to her breast, and the flushed cheeks which fairly burned mine, but I thought this was due to the pleasure she anticipated in having me with her the whole night.

    "Oh, darling,” I cried, kissing her again and again, “I'd love it!"

    Rising, she quickly doused the nightlight, while I scrambled into her bed. She followed me quickly, taking me in her arms and kissing my lips, cheeks, eyes, and throat! Not satisfied with this, she buried her face in my hair, this little act quite forcing my face down to her swelling breasts and upturned nipple-buds. The moonlight shone directly across the bed, giving me a perfect view of her lovely orbs as she pressed them against my face! I wanted to kiss them, and I don't know why I didn't.

    "I could eat you with kisses!” she cried, coming back to my lips again and fastening her open mouth over mine with the most maddening kisses she had ever given me. “Don't you just love it?” she asked.

    "Oh, Vera,” I answered, hardly knowing what I was saying, “I love you so!"

    Taking it for granted that I was hers, she pushed me on my back. Leaning over me, she kissed my face and throat! She kissed my titties and mouthed the erect nipples, while little shivers of maddening delight dominated my very soul!

    "I love you so,” she cooed, sliding her hand up and down my back and gently patting the firm flesh of my bottom. “I could eat you alive with kisses!"

    "Oh, Vera,” I answered, “I am yours to do with as you like!"

    "Then lie still, my darling,” she instructed, coming up over me and again kissing my lips, “and I will give you the most delightful thrill you have ever had!"

    And the next moment, she started kissing me all over, while one of her hands played with the thin moss about my cunt. I was in a heaven of delight! I couldn't lie still! My bottom moved on the linen sheet, my hips were set in motion, and all the while her lips swept up and down my body and legs. Not a spot escaped her hungry lips. From my breasts to my feet, her lips rained kisses. For several seconds, she contented herself with my feet, then ran her lips up my legs, to my moist slit which she kissed and tongued in a frenzy of delight!

    Circling my hips with her arms, as though to keep me from escaping her, she fastened her mouth to my pussy, giving me those same openmouthed kisses. Then, as my thighs fell loosely apart and I grasped her head between my hands, she drove her tongue into me! The feeling was wicked but delightful. My mind was reeling with the flood of emotion that overtook me. Her tongue swirled about, the fine soft tip delving within the tiny slit, then stroking up and down between the lips.

    I felt the same sensations I had felt when watching the lovers! I realized I was going to come, and I tried to tear her face away, but she held me in a tight clasp. And then it happened! Now, instead of trying to force her face away, I held it pressed tightly to me. I no longer thought it dreadful to kiss one's cunt! I recalled how the lovers did it. I remembered how Paul had feasted his lips on my cousin's cunt. I pictured Father sucking Mother's pussy. Now here was a girl doing that very thing to me! The thought was maddening!

    Arching my hips, I held her pressed tightly to me. I spent in waves, my cries matching hers as she felt the very essence of my soul flowing into her mouth-and then I fainted.

    How long I lay thus I do not know, but when I opened my eyes, it was to find Vera lying partly upon me. She was tenderly kissing my lips. One of my thighs was clasped tightly between hers, and there was a gentle movement of her loins.

    "Oh, God!” she cried, kissing me. “How I love you!"

    "And I love you, too, Vera,” I answered, my voice barely a whisper.

    Then she insisted that if I really loved her I should do something to relieve her suffering. When I asked her what I could do, she answered, “Kiss me, dear! Kiss me just as I have kissed you, and make me flood your lips with my love-dew!"

    "I would love to do that to you!” I cried. “Come! Lie over on your back and I shall prove to you how I love you!” And as she quickly turned over, I bent down and put my face between her thighs and attacked her lovely cunt with a passion that truly surprised me. It was heavenly. I loved it!

    I felt her grasp my head between her hands, heard her beg me to put my tongue in-all of which I did. She must have been worked up to an unbearable excitement from her frantic licking of my slit for she didn't last long under my unpracticed tongue. She cried out, then arched her hips, and the next moment my mouth was flooded with her warm dew!

    She lay quite inert, and it was several moments before I realized what a naughty thing I had done-I had played out the scene I had witnessed in the summerhouse. But, strangely enough, I didn't think it improper. I thought, on the other hand, that it was quite fitting between lovers, and Vera was my lover! Just as I was hers.

    She was lying in the same position as when I had kissed her cunt. I thought she, too, had fainted, for her eyes were closed and her head was thrown to one side. Then I again dropped my eyes to her lovely pussy. It was beautiful. The lips, instead of lying far apart, as I had noted in Mother and my cousin, were close together and pinkish, and quivered the least bit.

    I wanted to kiss it again, but before doing this, I turned and looked into her eyes, only to find that she hadn't fainted but was smiling up at me.

    "Isn't it wonderful, darling?” she asked, thrusting her hips a little. For answer, I lowered my face and kissed her cunt again and again!

    Then a strange thing happened. I felt one of my legs being lifted over her breasts. Her hands came to my hips, drawing me down, and the next instant I felt the tip of her tongue slip into me. Then, though I had never heard of it before, we performed a perfect “69!"

    I can remember every detail of our lovemaking as though it were but yesterday. And as God is my judge, my friend, we both came no less than three times before we fell apart! And then we-or rather I-fell asleep.

    How well I remember waking (I thought I had just fallen asleep) to find it broad daylight. We lay for some time clasped in one another's arms, kissing and petting. Then Vera whispered, “You had best go to your own room, darling. What would your Mother say were she to find us together like this?"

    I rebelled against leaving her; I wanted to stay. I loved her a thousand times more than I had the previous day. But her better judgment finally won me over and I returned to my room and dressed, though I vowed I would never be out of her sight another minute!

    You think, perhaps, that I had a dreadful night of it, but such, my friend, is not the case. I never slept better in my life than I had that night. And when I awakened, I was as refreshed as ever, and anyone seeing me as I dressed would never have guessed how I had spent the greater part of the night.

    Do you see now how I was being led into the byways of love?

    The months that followed were heaven to me. True, I had not tasted the pleasures of a man's kisses, nor felt a cock boring into my very vitals, but I learned all there was to know about it without the real experience or actually feeling it, as I shall here relate.

    My singing lessons were a delight, and to wait upon Vera was my chief aim. I kept her room literally banked with flowers, and as the fruit season came around, I heaped the various items upon her.

    But it must be remembered that Vera did not allow me to plunge into my newfound pleasure with that utter disregard I might have, had the choice been mine. Oh, no, indeed! She was far too much of an artist to allow me to become disgusted with it all, and it was three days later before I was allowed any freedom with her again.

    That day we walked through the gardens. Coming to the summerhouse she told me she was obliged to go to the city that afternoon, but that she would return in time for dinner. This made me sad; I didn't want her to go away, even for an afternoon.

    "I know what's the matter with you,” she said, pushing me over on my back and kissing my lips. “You think I don't love you-is that it?"

    I nodded my answer, for this was just what I thought.

    "Very well,” she continued, slipping one hand underneath my dress and patting my thigh, “just for that, you lie still and I will show you, my dear!"

    Dropping to her knees, she raised my dress and pressed her face into my crotch. She rubbed her nose through the sparse fleece covering my cunt, inhaling deeply. Suddenly, her tongue darted out of the beautiful mouth and into my slit. She worked her practiced tongue up and down and side to side until not one inch had gone untouched. It was heavenly! I thought I was dying from sheer joy and happiness, but there was even more pleasure in store for me. The motions of her tongue slowed and the section of her attention became more and more concentrated. Soon she was concentrating exclusively on the small ridge of flesh above my now-dripping hole. Opening her mouth, she sucked that little jutting bit of flesh between her lips. Warmth spread throughout my center and I gasped with the overwhelming sensations she caused. With an uncontrolled sob, I felt everything give way and explode. She lapped at my streaming cunny for long minutes, so great was the amount of juice I gave her!

    The fact that I had done nothing since that first night accounts, no doubt, for the unusual volume of pearly nectar I gave her. It must have been voluminous, because she told me it was! Indeed, I must have been a very unusual person in my younger days, my friend. I have had any number of persons-both men and women-tell me the same thing.

    I well remember a very handsome Hungarian gentleman who delighted in kissing a girl like that. Wealthy, he kept a dozen girls for that very purpose. It was their sole duty to hold themselves in readiness at all hours of the day and night, that they might be ready at his beck and call. He told me he had chosen these girls from scores he had tried, and had chosen them from the others because they were prolific “spenders.” Then came the startling information: It was to the effect that I was even better than any of those he maintained in his castle, and to prove it he gave me a diamond necklace.

    Later I told him of my first music teacher, and he asked me to get in touch with her for him, that he would give her a thousand marks every time he had her that way.

    After I had had my pleasure, I wanted to give her the same, but she put me off; she told me she had just come “sick.” I insisted that she had told me that when we had first visited the pond, but she said she wasn't unwell that day; she simply told me that so she wouldn't have to go into the water. She preferred to lie on the bank of the pond and watch me wade. However, she promised me no end of pleasure as soon as she returned from the city.

    It was a surprisingly long day for me after she left. My poodle and I wandered all over the place. We went to the pond, romped in the wood, but in spite of that, time hung heavy on my hands. I had taken a seat in the summerhouse, and here I allowed my thoughts to wander back over all the thrilling things I had seen and heard. But it was Vera who held my thoughts. Being separated from her for even a few hours was nothing short of torture, and I couldn't get my mind off her or that dainty little cunt of hers-that beautiful object I had so come to love and adore!

    Oh, how I loved it! There hadn't been an hour since I first had her that I didn't want to pop my head beneath her dress and suck her! Having seen the lovers together, and having seen him suck her, I naturally thought it the most normal thing in the world. I recalled how in return she had taken his cock into her mouth and sucked him.

    But hadn't Mother done the same with Father? I could feel my face burn with blushes at the mere thought of allowing a man to do that to me! Still and all, it must have been quite nice; both women seemed to have enjoyed it. I recall how my cousin had thanked her lover for “coming” so profusely in her mouth!

    Certainly Vera had “come” in mine. Then I wondered if men did it in a girl's mouth the same way? This mystery must be cleared up at the earliest possible moment; I would ask Vera as soon as she returned! Surely she would know all about it.

    Vera returned about dinnertime. I could hardly wait until I could get her alone, and shortly after dinner, she told me to wait for her in the summerhouse as she had to take care of herself before joining me there.

    I knew, or thought I knew, what she was doing; she was bathing herself. She wanted to be as neat as possible, since she was going to allow me to feast on her luscious sweets. She didn't know it, but I would have preferred it if she wasn't quite so particular about herself. I had come to love the deep, penetrating odor of her person. Years later, I came to love this more and more; there is something delightful about the odor one gets from a pretty girl's cunny.

    In the very midst of these strange thoughts in the summerhouse, Vera came to me. I thought her even more beautiful than when I had last seen her, and I sprang into her willing arms and covered her face with kisses. But alas, I had forgotten all about her “illness."

    Sadly, she wouldn't allow me any liberties, even when I hinted that I wanted her to kiss and caress me. She put me off, telling me I must be patient and wait until she was entirely well, and then we would have another wonderful party.

    The following day, when Vera's period had come to its end, Mother informed us that she and Father were obliged to go to the city again and would be unable to return until the following evening, possibly the day after. I remember how sincere she was when telling me how nice I must be to Vera; that I was to obey her in everything, do as I was told, and be a good girl generally.

    How well I remember the expression that came over Vera's face at hearing Mother tell me all this! I saw her catch her lower lip between her teeth-a habit she had when excited-while the deep color came into her cheeks. Indeed, she showed me in a dozen ways that she was overjoyed at the prospect of being alone with me for a whole night and day, and you may rest assured that it was a dreadfully long time before my parents departed. I could hardly control myself, I was so filled with wicked desires!

    How we got the dishes washed and put away I do not know; but at last they were finished and arm in arm my lover and I hurried to the music room.

    And now, my friend, I am afraid you are going to doubt what I am about to tell you. I know you will call me a liar when I relate to you the various things that happened that night. But as God is my judge, every word is the gospel truth. Not only that; I am going to relate it word for word, as near as I can recall it.

    As I said, we hurried to the music room, and though I was partly aware of what was to happen, I was hardly able to start putting my thoughts into practical use. It was different, however, with Vera.

    She knew all about what was going to happen; as she told me afterward, she, too, had been looking forward to that night. I can remember every detail as though it were but yesterday. First Vera pulled all the shades down. Then she arranged two lamps so their light would shine all over the room. Then, when everything seemed to her liking, she turned to me. Taking me in her arms, she kissed me again and again.

    "You really love me, dear?” she asked.

    I nodded my answer; I couldn't find words to tell her how much!

    "And you wish to make me very happy?” she continued.

    Again I nodded my answer. “Oh, Vera,” I cried, “I'm ready to do any and everything you say!"

    "Then go to your room and undress,” she whispered, her eyes bright, her breasts heaving, “then return here."

    For a long moment, I gazed into her eyes. “And you. Will you be undressed too?"

    "Hurry, and don't ask silly questions!” she chided me. “Go!"

    My heart beating wildly, I rushed to my room. I knew we had nothing to fear; we were alone in our home. The curtains were drawn and we had the entire night before us.

    Quickly I slipped out of my clothes. Without waiting to make such preparations as one would deem necessary under the circumstances, I hurried back to Vera. But as hasty as I had been, I found her already undressed and waiting. How she ever got out of her clothes so quickly I never knew, nor did I ask. I rushed into her arms like a crazed person! Our nude bodies met with a resounding smack, and for long moments, we stood there, our breasts crushed together!

    Then she led me to a broad couch and pushed me down. I tried to lower my face between her shapely thighs, but she would have none of this. She had other ideas about what was to follow.

    "You must be patient, my dear,” she said, kissing me. “We have the whole night before us, and we must go slowly. You must conform to the program as I have thought it all out. Won't you do that?"

    I could only nod my head in answer.

    The program, as she termed it, consisted of placing me upon the couch, in a position not unlike that assumed by my cousin in the summerhouse. And I, finally getting the idea of what she wanted, allowed myself to be molded to her will.

    First, she positioned me full length with my thighs well parted. Then she leaned over me, kneeling on the floor herself, and began kissing me all over! I will never forget that night! Like the first time I had had her, she licked and kissed me from head to foot, ending the performance by sucking me most deliciously.

    And even after I came, she continued to kiss my pussy gently, a little act she keenly enjoyed. Ah, Vera was a skilled artist, my friend. She knew how to best distill delight. She proved it a moment later when I wanted to suck her; she put me off, saying that she had other and better things in store for me.

    Leaving me on the couch, she hurried to her room. She returned, carrying a cardboard box. Opening this, she produced an article which she called a “dildo.” You know all about these things, so I won't tire you with a description of it. Enough to say that it was a beauty; indeed, it proved to be the most perfect one I have ever seen. It was slightly over eight inches long and about two in diameter. It looked just like the cock I had seen in the summerhouse and dangling below Father's belly, even to the hair and balls, the only difference being that this one possessed much larger balls.

    Naturally I was filled with wonder about the thing, and undoubtedly asked many foolish questions. Vera simply smiled and fastened the thing on me around my waist; she insisted that a demonstration of it would answer all my questions. I must have looked rather funny as I stood there with the strange instrument fastened on and sticking almost straight up in the air. I marveled at this part attached to me, similar to the ones I had seen on my father and my cousin's lover, but looking so alien to my own female form. I reached down and stroked it, running my hands over the tip and around to the sack-like appendages that hung down against my thighs. I grasped the thing about the middle and stroked it up and down, liking the feel of it. I was again drawn to the head with its flare of flesh that demarked the rod-like middle and formed into the rounded cap. It felt oddly right, jutting out below my belly as it did. Just the right distance from my arm for it to feel perfect in my hand. I wondered what it would be like to be a man and have one of these wondrous things for real instead of strapped on as this one was. I thought I'd never get any studying done-not to mention the other things a person must do all the day long-if I had such a delightful toy at my disposal; one so much more obvious and solidly present than my own sensitive but tiny clit. But I wasn't left long with my reflections before I was grasped and forced onto the couch. Vera placed me in a kneeling position upon the firm cushions and then knelt in front of me and clasped me in her arms. She pressed her full breasts against mine, rubbing them and mashing them together. With one hand, she reached down and grabbed hold of the stiff shaft I wore. She eased it between her thighs so that it rested parallel with her moist cunt. She rocked back and forth so that the length of the device glided along her cleft from the top of her slit to the back of her buttocks. The tip of the thing exited on the other side, far between her thighs. With each forward motion of her torso, I could feel the dildo press into my own mount, having been attached to me there.

    Excited by this contact, I began moving my own hips, sliding the thing in and out of Vera's thighs. Suddenly Vera wrested the pole from between her legs and turned around upon the couch. She knelt in front of me again, but this time she faced away from me. I looked down upon her milky white buttocks which swelled in front of my legs. She reached around behind her and grabbed the device, pointing it to her now gaping cunt. She pulled the thing forward-and me along with it-and eased it within her juicy hole. “Push forward,” she gasped, panting with excitement. Maddened beyond endurance myself, I did as she instructed. I felt some slight resistance as I slowly worked the monstrous thing into her. It seemed to move in endlessly, disappearing into her anxious passageway. Finally, I could push in no more, and I felt the device butt up snugly against my own trembling slit. She rocked forward, pulling away. Having seen male-female pairs enacting this very scene, I needed no further instruction. I pulled back away from her and watched the long shaft reappear again as it exited her cunny. As it pulled free, I could see streaks of her pearly fluids adhering to it. As soon as all but the head had reappeared, I arched my back and thrust forward, ramming the entire length back into her in one shot. She moaned. Taking that sensuous sound as a sign that I'd done as she wanted, I repeated the movements again. I found that I liked the rhythm and the sucking sound that accompanied the push and pull of the “cock.” By now, Vera was writhing on and wildly thrusting herself back to meet my own motions. Each time the stiff pole was buried fully within her, my own cunny was treated to that pleasing pressure as the flat back of the device rubbed me. I frantically fucked her with that fake cock until she screamed with pleasure and fell in a heap in front of me. As soon as she broke free from the thing, I grasped it in my hands and ground it against me, bringing on my own crisis.

    I wanted Vera to do the same to me but she would not listen. She said I was far too young to be penetrated with that monster; besides, she had something else far more appropriate for me.

    The result of this, as you can readily guess, was a delightfully naughty sixty-nine, during which I came no less than three times. Vera, more seasoned than I, came five or six times. Then, the sharp edge having been taken off our appetites, we retired to her room. Spread out on her bed, I asked her many questions, and she told me the story of her life.

    It seemed she was one of several sisters, and while still quite young, her father had married a second time, her own mother having died a year before. This stepmother was very cruel to them, with the result that one day Vera and her oldest sister ran away from home. Each had quite a sum of money that enabled them to live in fine style for a time. Then, having decided that their money could not last forever, they sought employment and were fortunate in getting it. Vera got accepted to a music school, and it was here she discovered she could sing. Before very long, one of the instructors took her in hand.

    It happens that there were some two hundred other girls in this school. As is common in such places, one is sure to find a chum, or pal, with whom one could find happiness. Vera, being very pretty and full of fun, had no trouble in finding several girls she liked, and from these she chose a Miss Adams, an English girl, very pretty and talented, and greatly devoted to Vera. About a week after forming a friendship with this girl, Miss Adams asked Vera to sleep with her.

    Both knew this was forbidden, but liking each other as they did, both took the chance. It turned out, however, that Miss Adams had something far more interesting on her mind than sleeping. As Vera was of an affectionate nature, the other had little or no trouble in convincing her that kissing was something of an art.

    This acquaintance grew into a real love affair between them and they were never happy when out of sight of each other. Nights were not enough; every afternoon they would meet on pretense of studying, and would always end the session by sucking each other off at least once.

    Eventually, Vera accepted an invitation to spend the summer holiday with her new friend. At Miss Adams’ home, they renewed their lovemaking, sleeping together every night and wandering about the countryside every day. It seems this girl had a brother, and one day, when their stay was about up, this young man happened to run across Vera, who was sitting beside a small stream close to the house.

    She rather liked this handsome fellow, and had made little or no effort to fight off his initial advances. This time, though, when he got overzealous, Vera attempted to call a halt, but the handsome brother thought otherwise. Instead of accepting her wishes, he became rather nasty and told her, in no uncertain terms, that he had witnessed her and his sister in bed together, and that he had seen them sucking each other.

    This of course frightened her, but still she wouldn't give in to his advances. Releasing her, he said, “Very well, young lady, since you are too nice to let me have my fun, I'll just report you to the police. There is a law against such practices, and if I am not greatly mistaken, you and my delightful cunt-lapping sister will find yourselves locked up in jail!"

    Vera was badly frightened. He really made her believe there was such a silly law.

    This so frightened her that she consented to do anything he said, if only he would not tell of what he had seen. This was the very thing he had been fishing for, and his demands were that she allow him to fuck her. There was nothing to do under the circumstances but comply with his outlandish command, and that very afternoon he took her deep into the woods. She felt she would die of shame when he lay her down and uncovered her charms, examining and commenting on each of her fine features. She covered her face with her arms in an attempt to shut out the horror of the thing, but even with her closed eyes, she couldn't change the fact that he was soon upon her and between her thighs. Frightened, she tried to keep her legs together, but he worked his knees between her own and therefore kept her thighs wide apart. He lowered himself until his stiff prick lodged within her defenseless cunny. With one brutal movement, he rammed his cock into her. Frightened half to death at the time, her heart going pit-pat, she hadn't a very clear memory of it all. In answer to my questions as to whether he hurt her, she had to say that she could not remember. She was far too frightened to know anything beside the fact that he penetrated her to the limit, and after a most savage poking, he poured his steaming hot jism into her.

    Strangely enough, she found herself liking him after this strange rape. This, coupled with the fact that he held his threat over her head, compelled her to meet him that evening. She expected to be half killed again, but she was surprised to find that instead of hurting her, his rampaging cock felt delightful. The harder he did it, the better it felt. That night he took his fill of her, giving her three splendid fucks there on the grass.

    Finding herself in love with him now, she consented to go to the city with him the following afternoon. Here he rented a room. She didn't like the idea of going into a room with him, but after a short session of petting, she allowed him to strip her stark naked and lay her across the bed. Passionate by nature, she literally made him fuck her the entire afternoon!

    A few days later, and after he had taken her shopping for many of the lovely undergarments she had shown to Pauline, she and her girlfriend returned to school, but not until she had tasted his splendid rammer no less than a dozen different times. She was sorry when she was obliged to leave him.

    Shortly thereafter, she allowed one of the professors to fuck her a few times, and it was during this blissful event that she had the misfortune to become pregnant. She consulted her mentor, the professor who had taken her under his wing. He took her to a medical man who caused her to get rid of it, as she termed it. After that, she swore she would never have anything to do with a man again.

    But, like most women, she was weak. The doctor who had assisted her had been very kind. He was good looking and soon she was listening to his pleadings. The result of this was that she allowed him to “have” her twice a week over a period of several months. She used to meet him at his office, and by following his instructions, she was able to avoid pregnancy in the future.

    But after all this, she still retained her love for the girlfriend, though this friend never knew that Vera had let several men fuck her.

    During all this revealing of her life's events, I had become deeply interested, and it was then that I told her of the wonderful things I had witnessed between the lovers, and Mother and Father. My descriptions were complete, and, seeing that I already understood something of the business of sex, she told me all there was to know.

    Among other things, she explained how her affairs with the various men she had met made it possible for her to take into her cunny such a wicked-looking thing as the dildo. She told me the difference in men; how some men liked men and couldn't get satisfaction with the prettiest women; how there were clubs scattered all over Europe where men met and enjoyed sexual affairs with each other. She told me how much more a man could ejaculate than a women; how her friend, the professor, had taught her to suck him, and how she became a devotee after the second or third time, even getting something of a thrill out of it the very first time. She told me of those who considered it “unnatural” to kiss and caress one's partner in such a manner; she confessed that there was a certain amount of degeneracy in man when he mingled with other men for sexual purposes, but that it was considered quite all right for girls.

    Naturally I had been an interested listener to all this, and when she asked for my reaction as to whether I thought it unnatural for one girl to caress another in that manner, I promptly pressed my face between her thighs.

    And so we spent the night. It was a perfect Eden to me. Having the entire house to ourselves to do as we pleased, my excitement knew no bounds. I remember how, after I had sucked her, I, with a sly wink, asked her what she thought of a girl who would surrender her lips and tongue to another.

    Taking me in her arms, Vera said, “I think it perfectly dreadful, little naughty, but as long as I am to be your instructor, and you insist upon learning all there is to know about it, I suppose I'll have to do the dreadful thing.” And turning, she dropped her face between my legs in what was the most delightful series of sensations I had so far experienced. I hate to dwell upon this particular event, and above all, I do not wish to tire you with a description of it all, but there was something about it at that particular time that I shall never forget.

    We had already indulged in several loving embraces and the fiery edge of our passion had long since disappeared, so it was rather a lengthy caress she was obliged to render before it had the desired results.

    I recall how she arranged me. I was lying upon my back and partly on my right side. My right leg was out almost straight, my left one drawn up, the heel of this foot being hooked behind her neck.

    Her left cheek rested on my right thigh, her left arm was under me and clasped about my waist, her right hand resting upon or toying with my belly and taut-nippled titties. Propped against the pillows, I was in a position to gaze down into her eyes while her lips pressed the gentlest of kisses up on my pussy, now and then letting the tip of her tongue glide along between the lips. Would you believe it, my friend, when I tell you that her attentions lasted well over an hour? That every time I approached the spending point she would stop, look up into my eyes and wait until the desire to “come” had passed from me? That is the reason why I so clearly recall everything about it; that's the reason I shall always hold it as the most thrilling “love affair” I had ever had up to that night!

    And so we spent the remainder of the evening. With nothing but a light coverlet over us, we slept the sleep of the satiated. But, strangely enough, we were not overtired; there was something refreshing about what we had done, something which produced sleep without exhaustion. We awakened in the morning quite renewed, though it was nine o'clock before either of us opened our eyes.

    Sitting upon the side of the bed, Vera confessed her love of being about the house in complete nudity; she said she had often done this when alone. The idea delighted me! The most remarkable thing about it is that I so quickly grasped the idea. Three minutes later, we were in the kitchen preparing breakfast, our only covering being the slippers on our feet. I believed I had never been so happy in my life.

    Not satisfied with being about the house in complete nudity, I opened the rear door and dashed into the garden, not stopping until I was fully a hundred feet from the house. Startled, Vera called to me to come back, but there was nothing to fear; our house was set well apart from any other and there was little or no danger of being seen. When I explained this to her, she also came out, and here we stood, allowing the warm sunshine to drench our bodies. From that instant, dear friend, I have been a devotee of the nude, going about without the slightest covering, and, whenever possible, teaching the idea to others. I have appeared among many intimate friends in a perfectly naked condition. I have attended a naked ball with some five hundred persons, and I have spent days on end in the garden of a friend of mine in London without the slightest trace of covering. There were at least thirty women there who delighted in going about naked; but all this and much more I shall relate in good time.

    Arm in arm we wandered to the pond where we enjoyed a pleasant hour splashing about in the water. Drying off in the sun was another favorite sport with us-but we had to return to the house; there was no way of knowing just when Mother and Father would return. Above all, we didn't want them to catch us in that scandalous condition.

    It was fortunate, perhaps, that we were tied down with studies and obligations to a certain extent, or there is no telling just what might have happened to us. For Vera became like one possessed. Returning to the house, she hurried me to her room. Producing the dildo and filling it with warm milk, she made me fuck her again and again.

    I begged her to try it on me. I wanted to be penetrated with the wicked thing, but she wouldn't do it. She did put it on herself and touch me with the tip end. Here I learned she spoke the truth regarding the pain necessary to a penetration.

    There is little more to tell, my dear-at least nothing you have not already heard. To retell it would be but a repetition of what I have already related. And so I shall skip over the vast number of things that happened between Vera and me and give you a recital of the more interesting and strange things that awaited me. Enough to say that I was still a virgin-in flesh, if not in mind-when Vera and I parted. And you may rest assured that our parting was amid tears. We swore to remain true to each other, but I soon found plenty of temptation which caused me to quite forget my first real love.


    After something like a year-and-a-half, my voice had developed to a point where neither Vera nor my Sunday school teacher could have been of any assistance to me. Indeed, I had quite passed beyond both, and if I were to do anything about it at all, it would be necessary to go somewhere where I might gain the necessary finishing touches.

    It had been arranged that I would go to Austria, where I would finish my musical education. Vienna being the popular place at that time, I was sent there. I was heartbroken when it came time to leave my parents and Vera, but I soon got over it, and I might add here that it was the only time in my whole life when I really felt bad about anything. I thought, too, that it would be dreadful to be cast among strangers in such a far off country. But to my surprise, I found it delightful.

    Many other girls and young men were there, all studying voice. They were unusually nice to me, as were the aged instructors. One in particular was wonderfully patient with me.

    Knowing that I had never been away from home before, he was sympathetic and anxious to make me comfortable. I spent a week in his home where both he and his delightful wife did everything possible to make my stay a pleasure.

    But, unfortunately, they were Puritans. Can you imagine me being with Puritans. Can you imagine me being puritanical, my friend? Me, above anyone?

    Fortunately I wasn't to be under their jurisdiction all the time. I saw many things during the study hours that quite awakened me. At home, I had heard of almost every kind of love. In Vienna, I was to see it.

    You remember that at the time I went there, there was a governor in charge who certainly must have believed in “free love.” Besides being rather lax in the enforcement of civil laws, he was really a despoiler, a vulgarian. His court reeked with scandal. It was common gossip that he abused his wife and kept a dozen whores in constant attendance. This influence spread. His subjects, copying him, did likewise.

    The theaters were nothing more than brothels where the most indecorous practices were indulged. Men and women alike wandered unhindered backstage, and the most brazen flirtations were carried on. All of this, of course, I missed; I only mention it here to convey to you the deplorable condition of Vienna at that time.

    The school was housed in an old converted castle, and here every passionate thought was expressed, though, of course, in a more guarded manner. But there were any number of things that couldn't very well be hid, and through it all, I found myself in a most unusual frame of mind. Chief among other things, I found myself wanting a male companion. I saw dozens of girls who made no effort to hide the fact that they had lovers. Indeed, some three or four different ones even went so far as to suggest fixing me up with some friend they had, or knew. But Vera had poisoned my mind with thoughts of possessing a handsome man, one who was sympathetic and understood real love.

    My real objection was the danger involved. I had never forgotten Vera's experience; how, after allowing her professor friend to fuck her a few times, she had to spend days in bed while a doctor relieved her of the “aftereffects.” I didn't want any of that.

    But that in no way diminished my desire for a lover. No, indeed. I longed for it, yet I dared not make my desires known.

    It had been arranged that I was to maintain a small cottage during my stay in Vienna, and about a week after my arrival, I was successful in getting one that suited my needs. Also, I was supplied with a very pretty and charming maid, and while she was unusually smart and quite happy in her new environment, she was not for me-at least not in the manner I preferred!

    I had been at the school not quite a month when my professor suggested to me that I have what he termed “a tryout” with a local booking agent he seemed to be well acquainted with. The very next day he took me there. This agent happened to be a Spaniard, and though I had never taken kindly to Spaniards, this one proved to be most unusual in many ways. To begin with, he seemed quite taken with me. He told me frankly that I had a very wonderful voice and encouraged me to accept a place with a small opera company operating under his supervision. It wouldn't, he said, amount to very much of anything, but it would give me the “atmosphere” I needed, as well as get me used to appearing before an audience.

    Naturally I accepted this generous offer, and the following day I was interviewed by the manager of the opera company. I had a most interesting talk with him, and then, quite without warning, he said, “Now, my dear, let me see your legs."

    And though he said this in a very matter-of-fact manner, I was somewhat taken aback with the suddenness of it. Seeing my cheeks turn a flaming red, he added, “Have no fear, my dear-to me legs are something to hold up the body, nothing more."

    He then explained to me that, besides a voice, I must possess very pretty and shapely legs, since the costumes I would have to wear would be rather revealing. Thus reassured, I got over my timidness and brazenly lifted my dress. But I quite overdid it. Catching sight of my reflection in a large mirror, I discovered my dress was high enough to display not only my legs, but a considerable portion of my hips and belly. This, coupled with the fact that I was wearing only the briefest possible drawers, gave him a view of everything he might have cared to look at.

    But it so happened, he cared only to view my form for exactly the reason he had said. He never so much as placed his hand on me, nor did he make the slightest suggestive remark. He only told me, quite frankly, that I had the most beautiful legs, hips, and buttocks he had ever gazed upon. The whole affair ended by my being engaged to perform with his company.

    I was so happy I burst into tears. My rise so far had been sudden, and my good fortune quite overcame me. The old gentleman allowed me to have my cry, and when I had recovered, he told to report for rehearsal the following morning.

    That night I wrote mother telling her of my good fortune, and I'm sure she found traces of my tears on the pages.

    Somehow it never occurred to me to investigate the type of theatrical company I was joining, and I didn't discover its true nature until the following day when I reported for my first rehearsal. As you might already have guessed, I wasn't left long in doubt.

    The company, as I recall it, consisted of some fifty persons, thirty of which were women and girls, the remainder young men.

    My first surprise came when I viewed the type of dress I was supposed to wear at these rehearsals. I use the term “dress” lightly. If a pair of short, lacy drawers can be called a dress, then they were dresses. What shocked me more was that the female members of the company were expected to change from street clothes in plain sight of the men. Some even seemed to enjoy it, going so far as to literally strip stark naked before them. And, strangely enough-I thought-the men seemed to take little or no notice of them. It was with much misgiving that I likewise stripped off my outer clothes and took my place with the others.

    Despite my nervousness and seeming modesty, don't think I wasn't aroused, my dear. Having been away from the caresses of Vera for so long a period, and having none other with whom I might indulge my passion, I became quite smitten with some of the girlish charms I saw so freely displayed. Indeed, I became quite overcome with them.

    And the talk among them! Everyone, it seemed, had a sweetheart, and each one seemed to be competing with the others in their descriptions of them. This one had a boyfriend who possessed the most wonderful cock in the whole world. Another boasted of the wonderful party she and her friend had attended; there had been endless quantities of wine and champagne, and long before midnight the whole crowd had taken off their clothing and finished the night in the various beds supplied for the purpose. The teller of the story seemed to be the heroine of the evening and boasted of the fact that she had had two men at one time.

    Very startling to say the least. No one seemed to pay the least attention to me; they simply took me for granted. It being but a rehearsal, I got through with it somehow. There were two full weeks of this, and by the end of that time, I became quite used to the whole thing, even to the point of going about almost completely naked. Before the opening of the show, I had forgotten all about such a thing as modesty and found myself undressing-quite nonchalantly-in the presence of the male members of the company.

    And when this idea of modesty had forever been banished from my thoughts, I took to it like a duck takes to water. Indeed, I quite surprised myself. And do not think for a moment, my dear, that I hadn't chances to pick out a lover. Indeed, no! There was a never-ending line to choose from. It being a new show, and a good place to pick out new beauties, the stage and wings were constantly filled with men and women who, as I stated before, flirted in the most brazen manner. While several of the girls listened to the giddy tales whispered into their ears, I remained aloof. I wanted none of them. The man who was to get my maidenhead was to get it through pure love and not for a cheap thrill.

    As I have already mentioned, by the time the show opened I had become quite used to appearing in various stages of undress among the members of the troupe, but the opening night was quite something else again, and I'll never forget the thrill I experienced when the curtain went up! As I have said, my costume was brief. It consisted of but a tiny, fluffy skirt which flared out about my waist, while the waist-if you could call it such-was nothing more than a bit of gauze which left both breasts naked.

    My part in that first show was small. It consisted of a few lines, and I sang in the assembly numbers. But it wasn't the lack of a juicy role that bothered me; it was the almost complete state of undress in which I was obliged to perform. Now, it also happens that I was positioned beside our leading lady-or prima donna, as she was known-and she was always whispering encouraging words into my ear. This woman was about thirty years old. Besides being very beautiful, she had a splendid voice, and at that time was all the rage in Vienna. She was the whole show, of course. That opening night the stage was a sea of flowers. Baskets and boxes of them sat everywhere.

    There was nothing of the drama about the thing; it was a simple little Shakespearean era piece chosen primarily for its erotic songs, a part quite suited to our prima donna. I well recall a little scene in the last act. The stage was set like a flower garden. In the center of this bower-like place was a flower-decked couch, and upon this reclined our leading lady. Just before the curtain descended on this last act, I was supposed to step close to her-while she lay upon the couch in almost total nakedness-and sprinkle flower petals down on her upturned face. I was doing very nicely until she touched my thigh with one of her hands, a little gesture which quite startled me. She whispered something to me, but I was so taken by surprise at her silken touch that I didn't make out the words.

    As is the custom on opening night, the “elite” gave our prima donna a party backstage. I had heard considerable whisperings going on and, from what I heard, I gathered it was to be something most unusual, so I gracefully made my exit. I was hardly ready for a wild party as yet. The following evening, however, I heard all about it, and then I was doubly glad I hadn't taken part, for the whole affair turned itself into a most awful orgy. All the members of the company, as well as the men and women guests, stripped stark naked and indulged in every method of sexual pleasure quite openly.

    The second night I didn't escape quite so easily, however.

    During the last act, when I had to sprinkle her with the rose petals, she whispered to me that I should come to her dressing room as soon as I could after the closing scene. Wondering what she could want with me, I mentioned it to some of the others. I saw them shrug their shoulders and wink their eyes meaningfully, but they said little. I was determined to find out something about it; the apparent mystery surrounding the reason for my invitation prompted me to delve into it further, and so I managed to corner a little blonde. When I asked her what our prima donna could possibly want with me, she smiled faintly, and said, “She's awfully nice-if you like her kind-and she gives those she favors wonderful presents."

    And then she turned and walked off, leaving me quite as much in the dark as ever. What she meant by that I hadn't the slightest idea-but I was soon to know.

    Upon entering our prima donna's dressing room, I found her still changing.

    "Sit down,” she said, smiling very prettily, then: “What happened last night, my dear? You didn't stay for my party?"

    I made some excuse or other, and she went on: “Ah, I know! You are a very naughty girl! You had a lover waiting for you; but you should have invited him here to my party! He would have enjoyed it, I'm sure!” And she looked at me from beneath her long lashes in a very naughty manner.

    She then told me that she wished me to go to her apartment with her, and since I could not gracefully refuse, I accepted her invitation. The others had already departed by the time we emerged, and a few moments later, we entered a carriage and were driven off to what proved to be her “hotel.” This was a very famous retreat among the gentry at that time, and there she maintained a suite. There were nine rooms in all, and until that time, I had never seen anything nearly approaching it in splendor. Two large drawing rooms, an elegant dining room, a dressing room, and last but not least, a beautiful sunken bath. Everything was literally covered with flowers. It was indeed a fairy bower if I ever saw one.

    Left alone for the moment, I cast my eyes about. I saw many small pieces of statuary of the most erotic kind, many depicting various women of past fame. All were nudes.

    At the end of the drawing room I first entered, there hung a life-size painting of the prima donna, herself. It was also a nude. She had posed for it, she said, and I believed her, for the artist had brought out every detail of her body and limbs, even to the patch of golden hairs on her lower belly and her lovely pink-lipped cunt. It was very accurate as I was later able to attest. While I stood admiring it, she joined me.

    "Does it look like me?” she asked, slipping one arm about my waist and pressing me against her body.

    I made some complimentary remark about it, I remember. Her only answer was to pat my bottom in a caressing manner and kiss me. Perhaps it was what I said about the picture, or it might have been that she took me for granted, but whatever the reason, the lady asked, “Do you know why I have invited you here, darling?"

    When I answered in the negative, she said: “Seeing you in that naughty little costume caused me to think that I would love to have you for a whole night. You would like to stay and sleep with me, wouldn't you, dear?"

    I made some silly excuse about having to be home-which wasn't true-and she promptly sent a messenger with a note telling my maid that I was staying with her that night.

    It was obvious she was in the habit of having her own way. However, I made another attempt to get out of it. I had no idea of what was in store for me, and though I hadn't the slightest objection to spending the whole night with her in her bed, I didn't want to get caught there and have her stage a party like the one she had had the previous night. I hadn't the slightest desire to be ravished by a man I didn't know.

    I said, “But aren't you afraid I'll disturb you by remaining here with you all night?"

    "Nonsense,” she cried, kissing me again and again. “Besides, I'm going to enjoy holding you in my arms and kissing you all night."

    I was no longer in doubt as to the part I was to play that night, and this time when our lips met I gave her the tip of my tongue, a little act she accepted as answer enough.

    Stepping to a tasseled cord, she summoned a maid.

    "Prepare my bath,” she said to this domestic. “We will be bathing together. Place wine and eatables on the table; then you may go."

    All very commonplace, I thought.

    "Come,” she said when the maid withdrew. “Let us remove our clothes. There is no need for us to be uncomfortable; besides, I seldom wear anything when in my own rooms. Come!"

    That this woman knew what she was doing was proven a moment later.

    Leading me into a dressing room, she went about the business of undressing as though she were alone, and I, having long since gotten over the idea that it was prudish to go about naked, quickly followed suit.

    I couldn't help but wonder what Vera would have said had she seen me walking about those rooms in complete nakedness, and I couldn't help but wonder what she would have thought could she have seen us a few moments later reclining in that wonderful sunken bath!

    The sight of this splendid woman electrified me. I thought, too, that she was even more beautiful than Vera, but I've often wondered if that thought wasn't prompted by having her naked and so close.

    Lying there in the bath, she became quite amorous, and I, having been without a companion so long, returned her caresses in a manner that must have been quite convincing, for she said, “Come, let us get out and dry! I am dying to kiss your lovely body, but I can't very well put my head under water!” And as though that wasn't enough, she slipped one hand into my crotch and toyed with my cunt for a moment adding, “It's beautiful, darling! I don't think I'll be able to wait till we get on the bed!"

    But she did wait. In the outer room, we found the maid arranging the table with good things to eat, but even the presence of this girl didn't deter her. Filling two glasses, she handed me one. Then standing facing me, she said, “A toast to your darling little cunt, dear; may it never be without a companion, be it tongue or cock."

    Somehow I managed to say something appropriate about the golden hair that surrounded her cunt, and then we seated ourselves, though we didn't sit with our arms about each other as Vera and I had done often at home. The food was delicious and I did full justice to it. I also indulged in a considerable amount of wine and champagne, and long before we left the table, I was more than willing to begin the oral festivities.

    Suddenly she sprang to the piano. “Sing for me,” she suggested, seating herself and running her fingers over the keys. Perhaps it was the wine; I don't know. Maybe it was due to the unusual condition I was in, but whatever the cause, I sang that night as I had never sung before, and when I finished, she raised from the stool and took me in her arms.

    "What a silly girl,” she cried, kissing me. “How utterly foolish it is for you to remain with our little company when you should be making a name for yourself in the famous cities of Europe!"

    I couldn't believe that this woman would take such an interest in me, but I was quite mistaken, as you shall see.

    "Come,” she said, leading me toward one of the bedrooms. “We are but wasting time. Besides, the night is short enough as it is!"

    On the bed, she fitted her body comfortably next to mine. “Where do you receive your lovers?” she asked, leaning over me and gazing into my eyes. When I told her that I had never had a lover, she could hardly believe it.

    "Lie here on the edge of the bed so I can see for myself if you have ever had a lover!"

    Helpless in her hands, my head filled with the fumes of the wine and champagne, and eager to surrender myself to her in any manner she liked, I did her bidding. Taking my thighs upon her shoulders, she drew the lips of my cunt well apart and gazed into it. I could feel her hot breath upon it, she was that close.

    "As God is my judge, the child's a virgin!” she cried.

    Knowing that in another moment I was going to receive the hottest of kisses, I grasped her hair and drew her face close! It was a daring thing to do, of course, but I was so overcome I couldn't help it. But my action wasn't without reward. Her mouth pressed tightly to my anxiously awaiting cunt. She shot her tongue into me as far as she could reach, but a half dozen stabs with it brought down a veritable flood of my pearly creme, and before I realized it, I was shooting my nectar between her lips!

    This so maddened her that she literally threw herself upon me. She sat astride my upturned face, her cunt rubbing against and between my hungry lips while my tongue did its part to produce a reciprocal spend from her! What a night! It was like she had said; there was going to be little sleep for either of us that night!

    I became like one possessed! The feel of her unusually long tongue exploring the depths of my cunt drove me almost mad! Not satisfied with limiting myself to her beautiful pussy, I explored the lower regions, that dale between the snowy cheeks of her bottom, and here, strangely enough, I found a new delight!

    Later I am going to tell you of my little Rose-that being the name of a very pretty and talented maid I had later-and how she delighted in forever finding new ways to thrill me. It was her greatest delight to bury her face between the cheeks of my bottom and tickle me there with the tip of her tongue. But meanwhile, I had never heard of such a thing and I cannot, even now, recall what prompted me to attempt such a novel-and deliciously wicked-act.

    I found myself liking it, and we gave each other an endless amount of pleasure in this manner.

    And so it went all through the night. But, since we were only human, we needed rest, and at last we fell into a peaceful sleep.

    In the morning I felt none the worse for my night's pleasures, and aside from a slight smarting in the region of my cunny, I felt quite myself. We had a bath and a delightful breakfast, and then, when I was about to depart, she gave me a beautiful ring. It was a small diamond, mounted into what resembled, I swear, a tiny cunt. I have kept it to this day. She insisted it was a perfect picture of my own little pussy.

    After such an experience, I felt I really belonged, so to speak; I took more kindly to the strange conversations I heard all about me, and I began to rather like my surroundings. To give you some idea of the freedom with which these girls discussed the most private subjects, let me tell you of a short conversation I had with another girl of our troupe the following evening.

    She started very bluntly by asking, “How did you make out with our leading lady last night? Was she as nice as you thought?"

    I tried to be a little uppish. I thought it a rather indelicate question, so I said, “What caused you to think I went anywhere with her?"

    She shrugged her shoulders, and without looking up, said, “You are wearing one of her keepsakes. She never gives them to anyone except those with whom she's spent a night. Don't be offended, dear, it's a sort of badge of servitude, and she gives them only to those with whom she's had the most pleasure. And,” she went on, raising her head and looking at me, “spending a night with her means just one thing. I know, I spent a night with her myself!"

    So, I thought. The whole troupe knows about it, do they? Well, what of it? I had had a wonderful time so why worry about who knew it? I noted that three or four of the others wore the same sort of ring; besides, I might find it to my advantage to be nice to this prima donna.

    A week passed. I was invited to more parties, but I refused them all. But I didn't refuse my friend when I was again invited to her apartment. Indeed, I was rather looking forward to it. Having tasted the bliss to be found in this woman's arms, and a whole week having elapsed since then, I was quite willing to spend another night with her.

    But what was my surprise to find, upon entering, a party of six other girls besides ourselves. My new sweetheart must have noted my confusion, for she said, “These are all friends of mine, dear, so please make yourself quite at home.” I noted, too, that each and every one wore a ring similar to mine, and as this emblem constituted a sort of sisterhood, I began to feel more at home.

    I also learned that these girls were members of splendid families and were in the habit of getting together from time to time for an out-and-out romp.

    All were very pretty and shapely, and not a single one of them was over twenty years old. Among them, however, was one very pretty little thing that was an out-and-out tribade. She was greatly sought after by women of the elite. Her greatest delight was to administer to women who enjoyed oral satisfaction. She made not the slightest secret of it. She openly solicited women to her arms, and her greatest “hunting ground” was the theater, where she made it a practice to enter the various dressing rooms. Here, between scenes, she would pop her face between the thighs of anyone who took her fancy or would have anything to do with her.

    She was one of the most lascivious girls I had ever met. She openly declared her liking for me and said she hoped I would let her prove herself to my taste.

    It was shortly after midnight when we entered the apartment, and before one o'clock, we had all imbibed more or less freely and were feeling rather frisky. The avowed cunnilinguist started the festivities. She complained of the heat, and then, without waiting for an invitation, quickly disrobed and stood stark naked before us.

    This seemed to be the signal. I have noticed that in a party of this sort, it invariably rests upon the shoulders of one to start things going, and it was this woman who started things off that night.

    Dresses, slippers, and stockings were cast aside by everyone now, and I found myself following suit. In no time at all, we were undressed. Then our prima donna and the woman who had so forwardly undressed slipped off somewhere-a little act which caused wild speculation among us. I found myself in the arms of a very pretty and shapely brunette who began showering me with kisses.

    About that time, the others were forming into pairs and were slipping off into darkened corners or bedrooms. Finding ourselves alone-or as much alone as it was possible to be-my companion began going further afield with her kisses. Lips were not enough. Titties, shoulders, arms, and legs quickly passed beneath her skilled lips, and it wasn't long before I felt her greedy mouth sipping sweets from my cunt! Her tongue was soft as it laved up and down the expanse of my cunny, which was charmingly laid open so as to allow her the greatest access possible. I motioned to her that she should bring her own delightful slit within reach of my own hungry mouth, but she would have none of it.

    "For long hours now, I have ached to have your delicious cunt under my tongue,” she said, her breath making the soft hairs of my mount stir as she spoke. “I do not wish to be distracted from my pleasure in tasting your charms. There will be plenty of time this night for you to repay me in kind."

    That said, I relaxed, determined to fully enjoy what I knew would be a delightful encounter.

    I was not disappointed! Her talented tongue made broad sweeping circles about my love lips. My eager flesh tingled with anticipation as she tightened the circuitous path that led to my innermost center of joy. Her tongue hardened to a point as she neared that moist, pink tunnel that beckoned her further in and down. She stabbed wildly at my opening, plunging within to the depths. She dragged her sodden tongue out of my throbbing slit and swiped it across my upstanding clit. I cried out with joy as the magic button was pushed. Her lips fastened onto the ever-rising sentinel of joy. She greedily sucked upon the stiff bit of flesh while her hands stole beneath my body. Clenching my bottom-cheeks in her clasping hands, she spread apart the globes of flesh. In a flash, she lifted my legs over her shoulders, rocking my body back so that I rested more upon my shoulders than upon my back. The way opened, she probed with her tongue into my smaller, tightly clenched hole. At the feel of her warm, wet tongue tip, I let my body relax, allowing passage of her slightly rough tongue. The narrowed tip slipped inside, delving into that dark chamber. She eased me back down; her eager lips once again fastening upon my clit. But my bottom-hole wasn't to escape her attentions completely. As she sucked my aching clit deeper into her mouth, teasingly biting the sensitive flesh, one of her fingers stole back to that tight, sensitive opening. The way having been already paved by her wet tongue, her questing digit slipped in up to her knuckle. Letting go of my clit, she plunged her tongue once again into my now sopping-wet pussy. She noisily slurped up my bountiful fluids, savoring the hot, wet flavor of it as her finger frantically fucked by bottom-hole. As the crisis overtook me, I heard the sounds all around me of other girls engaging in the arts of Lesbos. The sounds of passion surrounding me, and the double-barreled assault I was being subjected to, culminated in an earth-shattering orgasm. I sobbed out my joy, adding to the vocal chaos that reigned in that passion-filled room.

    I awoke, not realizing that I had collapsed in a passion-clouded daze, to see my partner hovering over me, caressing my painfully erect nipples in her ever-hungry mouth. I shook my head to clear away the climactic fog that had enveloped me, determined to wrestle my partner to the floor in order that I might give as good as I had received.

    After that, things happened with such rapidity that it was difficult to memorize them. Suffice it to say that before we slept, I had the fun of gamahuching every girl there. By the time I got to have the famous cunny-lover, I guess she got rather a dry kiss; I know she had little to offer my willing lips.

    And that night, I was to learn something else about what went on at these orgies. It is a known fact that flesh and blood can stand just so much and after that, some extra stimulant is necessary. In this case, it was the birch rod. Never having heard of anything like this, I was rather surprised. Our hostess, however, seeing that I was the novice of the party, took it upon herself to explain the whole thing, hinting in no uncertain terms that I was to be the victim of their lust. I was somewhat startled at this bit of news. However, I knew better than to decline; I was in their hands, and I felt I had best submit to this indignity, even though it did hurt.

    It's a very strange thing, my friend, how quickly one can bring him or herself to liking a thing like that. I wasn't the only one whipped that night. I learned, to my surprise, that many of these girls really delighted in being stripped naked and whipped on various parts of their bodies; I learned, too, that there was really something in it. Why a person could possibly have a desire to be whipped was, until that time, something of a mystery to me.

    I realized, however, that the birch rod in the hands of a skilled practitioner of the art can produce an almost unheard-of pleasure-at least I found it so in my case. At first it hurt dreadfully, of course, but in a few moments it ceased to hurt so much. I felt I was being cut to ribbons; I was sure my back, bottom, and legs must be laid open with cuts, but nothing of the sort happened at all. I did have a few ridges the next day, but these soon healed and I felt not the slightest effects of it. Believe it or not, my dear friend, but I had come to like it.

    Again, I am not going to tire you with a recital of all the things we did that night; if I did, I would be but repeating myself, and that you would not wish. You are well informed as to what goes on at a party of this sort, I know, so there is little to add. Enough to say that I was initiated into the gentle art of eating and drinking from a girl's cunny, bonbons and wine being the goodies in question.

    Isn't it strange, my dear, the odd things one will think of when in the passionate embrace of a loved one? I recall such an incident. One of these girls seemed prettier to me than any other. She was the proud possessor of an unusually well formed bottom. The cheeks were round and plump and as smooth as ivory, and somehow I couldn't resist the temptation of covering them with kisses. She had evidently been operated on in this manner by our prima donna, for as soon as I made known my desire, she promptly offered the choice morsel to my lips, even holding the cheeks apart that I might more easily reach that which lay buried within. I trust that my own talent in that field didn't disappoint her.

    Does the story so far convey to you just what sort of a life I was leading? And do these lines portray something of my own lascivious nature? Write me and let me know your true reaction.

    Had it not been for these parties consisting of charming, pussy-loving women, I am sure, with my lascivious temperament, I would have fallen an easy victim to some unworthy man.

    I learned among other things that many men kept as mistresses young girls, and that Eve-that being the name of the bold woman from the party-was kept by a wealthy man, though she spent much of her time at the home of an aged uncle.

    I learned, too, that there is no end to the strange things a man will request of his mistress, be she permanent or a casual “pick-up,” and in a few moments I am going to tell you of an experience I had with one of these.

    But before going into that, let me tell you of my success-I like to dwell upon that. Shortly after the event recorded above, I had an opportunity to become understudy to a famous singer of that day.

    She was getting along in years, and through the influence of our prima donna, I managed to get into the show in which she was starring. This particular woman had been in the habit of having fainting fits; also, as I have already stated, she was getting along in years. She treated me very kindly from the very first. There was considerable study ahead for me, but I pitched into it with a vengeance, and I am proud to say that it was this chance that gave me my opportunity to go to the top.

    As is customary for one in a like position, I was offered all sorts of opportunities to indulge my passion, many of these offers coming from aged men. True, I had had love affairs with various men, but they had been of a platonic nature and nothing came them. Also, I managed to find a girl here and there who liked to be sucked off, so you see I had little or nothing to worry about.

    I recall one man among the others to whom I took rather a shine. Like many of the others, he was wealthy. He gave me wonderful presents, and though he coaxed me for favors, I always refused. I can't say, though, that I did not think favorably of him. Almost every girl had a lover; but when they talked of them among themselves, I only listened. Had this man pressed the least bit in making his desires known, I would have fallen an easy victim. Of this I am sure.

    I recall one night in particular. I might mention here that he was a splendid-looking man, not a day over fifty, tall and well formed. He had asked me to dine with him that night, and I had accepted.

    The place he chose was notorious for its ribald parties, but I didn't mind; I was in rather a strange mood that night. As is customary on such occasions, we occupied a private dining room. This room, besides having the necessary table and chairs, contained an inviting couch. I happened to be wearing a very becoming dress. At that time, if you will recall, the women were going in for the extreme in decollete and were trying to out rival each other-or so it seemed-in indecent exposure. Because it was quite the proper thing, I was also wearing a decollete gown that revealed both my breasts and quite a bit below them.

    We enjoyed a delightful repast. Also, we consumed a considerable amount of wine, and it wasn't long before I began feeling rather frisky. Shortly after finishing our meal, we adjourned to the aforementioned couch. This couch, as everyone knows, was there for but one purpose, and I wasn't so sure that I didn't want to put it to its destined use.

    Then, too, he seemed more caressing than I had ever seen him; my lips weren't enough for him and he was soon passing his lips over my naked titties, kissing and sucking the nipples like a true lover. That was as far as I had ever allowed a man to go before that night, but that particular evening I felt randy, and I made not the slightest effort to resist him as he laid me over against the pillows with which the couch seemed covered.

    At this point, he took hold of my ankle and toyed with it; I knew what was coming but I didn't stop him, and soon his hand was working its way up my leg and thigh. He even slipped his fingers into the lacy drawers I was wearing and toyed with the curls there. Why I didn't put a stop to all this I don't know; I do know, however, that his fingers felt lovely as they toyed with my burning cunt, and it wasn't ‘till he attempted to press his face between my thighs that I called a halt, and only then because I had gone off twice. I was weak after that and I am sure that, had he pressed his advantage a little more, I would have willingly accepted his cock, which even then was sticking from his trousers. He had taken it out with the hope that he would be allowed to slip it into me.

    To his everlasting credit, he did not force me; he simply took it for granted that I did not wish it at that time, and though the man never got another chance like that, his presents never stopped coming to me. As he said, “He lived in hope."

    Now I shall tell you of that strange experience I had and let you judge for yourself just what temptations lay in wait for a girl.

    The night I have in mind, I received a basket of flowers. Strangely enough, I hadn't sung that night, so I couldn't account for its reception. In the basket, well hidden, was a letter. It was addressed to me. There being no longer any doubt that it was intended for me, I opened it. It was a request that I have dinner with the sender. In still another part of the basket, I found a long slender box. Upon opening it, I found it contained a necklace of very fine pearls. Wondering why anyone would send me such a valuable present, I put the matter up to one of the girls.

    "You're a lucky devil,” she said after reading the letter.

    "Lucky?” I asked.

    "Lucky is right. Why couldn't I get an offer like that from the old duffer!” She seemed peeved at what she believed was her ill luck.

    "Tell me about it,” I prompted her. “What does one have to do?"

    "That's where the funny part comes in,” she smiled. “All the old geezer wants is some peeing!"

    "Peeing?” I asked, mystified.

    She nodded. “I know a dozen different girls he's had out to his place, but I've never been lucky enough to get asked; I guess he doesn't like my kind.

    "But tell me,” I insisted, “What, exactly, does one have to do?"

    She patted me on the shoulder. “Listen, dearie, if you turn down this offer, you're a far bigger fool than I could possibly think! Go ahead, you lucky devil!” And with that, she turned and left me.

    I might have asked someone else; I wanted to know something more about this “peeing” business, but there seemed no one else there who knew very much about him.

    The letter said that he (the writer) occupied the number two box, and to avoid mistakes, he was wearing a yellow flower in his buttonhole. It also instructed me on how to join him outside the theater. I was to enter a certain carriage, which I would find at the exit. Here I would find him waiting, and he would explain his wishes.

    I had little time in which to make up my mind. The play was almost over, and I had to decide quickly. Going to the little peephole through which the players were able to see out without being seen, I searched the box in question, and there he sat. Naturally, with the theater in semidarkness, I couldn't see very well, but from what I could make out, he didn't look very dangerous. Then, too, I was to talk with him, in his carriage, and if I didn't care for his proposal, I wasn't obliged to go with him. Anyway I looked at it, the affair had the promise of a thrilling experience.

    As was the habit with me, I made up my mind quickly. I would go, just for the novelty of the thing!

    Following his instructions to the letter, I left the theater and entered the carriage that was waiting at the exit. Sure enough, the gentleman was within and waiting for me.

    "You are prompt, my dear,” were his first words, “and I am very grateful to you. You will find me a gentleman, so you need have no fear of me. Rest assured I shall treat you with every consideration."

    "I am sure of that,” I answered, by way of starting a conversation.

    Little was said by either of us, however, as the carriage moved through the city, and it wasn't until we had entered a very beautiful villa that he made any suggestion as to what I might expect. Indeed, we were seated at the table and had sampled the delicious foods and the splendid wines before he enlightened me.

    Then, quite nonchalantly I thought, he told me that he cared nothing whatever for women; that is, he cared nothing for them in a sexual sense. Only certain women appealed to him strongly, but in another sense altogether.

    I must have appealed strongly to him for he went into the business at once. Rising from the table, he stepped to a closet and brought out a white dress. With almost the same motion, he produced a purse and laid it beside the dress.

    "In the purse there are one thousand marks,” he said, “and they shall be yours if you will don this dress and do my bidding, acting as if you were my dutiful wife. You have nothing whatever to fear from me. I admit my request is a strange one, but since I have given my word that nothing will happen to you which might harm you in any possible way, I will be delighted if you will assist me by doing your simple part that I might enjoy myself in the only way I can. Will you do this?"

    Really, I was thrilled. I had become reconciled to being alone with him; I could see nothing in his manners which might lead me to believe him insane and, in truth, I was beginning to get a real thrill out of it already. Besides, I would have something really spicy to tell my friends!

    "Very, well,” I answered, “I promise to go through with it providing I might rest assured that you will not whip or hit me or molest me in any way."

    He nodded his agreement, then said, “You will find your task simple, indeed. Go into this room,” he said pointing to a door, “and remove all your clothing. Then you are to dress in this costume. You will find slippers and stockings to match the dress in the room. Put them on. But remember, you are to wear nothing but the dress, slippers, and stockings."

    Without further ado, I picked up the dress and entered the room in question. He held the door open for me and closed it, telling me to return as soon as I had changed.

    I heard the door click shut behind me. It was too late to back out now. I hurried out of my clothes. Then, before dropping my last garment, I nervously looked all about but could find nothing amiss. In fact, it was nothing but a beautiful bedroom with a dresser, chairs, and a wardrobe that contained many other garments-to say nothing of an endless assortment of slippers and stockings. These seemed to be a weakness with the old boy, I thought.

    Choosing a pair of each suitable to my feet and legs, I sat down to put them on. Suddenly, a strange feeling that I wanted to make water came over me. This I thought unduly strange, for I had attended to my wants before leaving the theater just a short hour before. But the feeling persisted. Indeed, it grew on me as I sat there thinking about it, and I began seeking something into which I might pee. There was nothing available, however, so I slipped on the dress.

    I tried to dismiss the thought from my mind. I was about to turn the knob when I was again taken with the necessity of wanting to pee, and the need of freeing my bladder was so pronounced that I couldn't see how I was ever going to stand it until I could get out of the house.

    Thinking to hurry the matter, I opened the door and entered the room where I had left my benefactor. As he had suggested, I acted the dutiful wife. My hands were clasped in front of me, and my eyes were downcast; all in all, I must have looked properly submissive.

    Wishing to say something, I asked him why he had chosen me as his wife. He explained that only such a girl as I could appeal to him, and that since I was an actress, I could carry out the part as he desired it. While he was telling me this, I squirmed and twisted about, so great was my desire to pee.

    Finally, when I though I could no longer stand it, I told him that it would be impossible to continue until I had been allowed to visit the privy. I was quite startled by his reaction. “No!” he yelled, looking at me, a stern expression on his face. “And do not mention it again! When the proper time comes you may attend to your needs, but not before!"

    To say that I was frightened would be putting it mildly. Then he handed me a bridal veil and told me to put it on. This done, he said, “Now answer all my questions just as though you were my legal wife. Will you do everything a dutiful wife should do?"

    "Yes, sir,” I answered, somewhat cowed now.

    "You will obey me in everything?"

    "Yes, sir,” I answered, sure now that he must be a madman. My bladder almost bursting, and my knees pinched together for fear of spilling it all over the expensive Persian rug on which I stood, I awaited his next command. I didn't have long to wait.

    "Come,” he said, leading me into another room. Here, in spite of the outside warmth, a great fire burned on the hearth, and before this lay a great bearskin rug. Without further ado, he lay down upon this rug, his head resting on the head of the thing. Then he commanded me to come and stand close to his head.

    "Closer!” he cried. “That is right. You are now in the right position. In the future you must dispense with drawers; they will be in the way while you are acting the good wife."

    I knew then that he was looking under my dress, and if he wasn't getting a good look at everything, it wasn't my fault, for I was without drawers; I wore nothing except the dress, slippers, and stockings.

    Then, when I thought I could no longer stand it and would surely pee then and there, he said, “Now step astride me!"

    With an effort, I managed to do his bidding. It was an effort because now I felt as though I was about to burst, so filled was my bladder. Hurrying to do his bidding that I might get it over with, I moved up so I stood astride his chest, my feet at his shoulders.

    "Now squat down,” he said. I did this. He kept me thus for fully a minute; it was the longest minute I had ever been called upon to endure. I began to suffer in still another way; I found my legs were hurting me dreadfully; they seemed filled with cramps, and my knees ached. He must have noted my suffering, for he said, “Do you still feel that you wish to make water?"

    Snatching my dress away so I could see his face, I nodded.

    "Then,” he said, a strange light in his eyes, “since you are my dutiful wife, I command you to do it right where you are!"

    I could hardly believe my own ears! Was I hearing correctly, or had the man gone completely insane? Then it suddenly occurred to me that the girl back at the theater had said something about this-something about getting a lot of money for simply peeing!

    "Could it be possible,” I thought, “that this man wanted me to do this dreadful thing on him!” I recalled having read something about a certain Russian count who, before he could bring himself to have sexual connection with his mistress, insisted upon her pissing on him! Could it be possible that this man wanted me to do the same thing, and that afterward he would ravish me?

    The thought sickened me! It wasn't that I dreaded the thought of doing this supposed dreadful thing on him; it was the fear that I might in another minute be ravished by him. But my fears and dread were not to be taken into consideration. I had already stood for more than I could stand, and even as I squatted there over him, I so lost control of myself that the flood-gate was forced open, allowing a solid stream of my amber fluid to gush and spatter over his shirtfront!

    Suddenly I felt thrilled at it all! The fact that he seemed to enjoy this most intimate thing done upon him so aroused my lascivious mind that I deliberately arched my hips that I might dash the stream directly upon his face!

    Nor was I alone in these thoughts. At the first contact, his arms went about my naked hips and he quite lifted me directly over his open mouth! His lips stretched wide, he let my fluid splash onto his tongue.

    At last, I had no more to give; my bladder was empty. But, if my desire to make water had passed, my desire to be sucked had not. I had been greatly aroused. The dreadful act didn't sicken me; rather it had tantalized my unusually lascivious nature to the limit!

    One of my hands went to the back of his neck; his hair and the back of his collar were drenched, but I cared not for that! My desire then was to go off. That this wasn't in his plans didn't faze me in the least; I was burning hot! Moving and twisting about, rubbing my cunt all over his clinging mouth, I drew him higher and tighter, and then I felt the joy rising within me!

    I came with great wrenching spasms, flooding his mouth with my pearly fluid! I could see in his eyes (that being the only part of his face I could see since the rest was buried in my own thick curls) that he was not unhappy about this ad-libbed addition to his own little play. I realized then that I hadn't gone too far. But the double shock had been far too great for me to stand. With a long-drawn sigh, I collapsed upon him, only to roll to the floor, helpless to defend myself had this been necessary which, thank the Lord, it wasn't.

    Instead of mounting me as I thought he would, and which I was powerless to prevent, he satisfied himself with simply rolling off with me, and here, his face still between my naked thighs, he contented himself with simply kissing my aching gap. It was at his own initiating that the play ceased.

    Rising to his feet, he stood looking down at me; then he did a strange thing. Bending down, he drew my skirt over my legs, thus shutting out the sight of my nudity. “You had best rise and take care of yourself,” he said in a low voice. “You are quite wet."

    Almost reluctantly, I rose to my feet. “Iam wet,” I answered, raising my single skirt to well above my waist with an utter disregard that I might be inviting him to further liberties.

    But the gentleman made not the slightest effort to molest me, and I reentered the bedroom quite as intact as I had left it.

    Here I bathed myself and hastily dressed. It had been a rare novelty to me, but I would feel better about it all when I was safely back in my own rooms. He was waiting for me when I came out of the bedroom. I thought he appeared somewhat crestfallen, and I couldn't help but thrill inwardly at the thought of the strange story I would tell my friends.

    When he saw that I was smiling and that I wasn't angry at anything that had happened, he said, “I sincerely hope you will not think too harshly of me, my dear-I am unfortunate in that I am unable to enjoy the embrace of a woman in the natural way, and I wish to thank you for your kind consideration in assisting me."

    Fully dressed now, I felt more or less safe, and smiling, I said, “Please do not make any apologies; I, too, have keenly enjoyed it all, and whenever you wish it, I shall be only too glad to come to you again."

    Think of my surprise, then, to hear him say that he would never call upon me again. I thought there might have been something about me that he disliked, but I was mistaken in this. He complimented me very highly for my conduct. He said I was the best subject he had ever had but, unfortunately, he could never get the same thrill by having a girl the second time. Then he handed me the purse; I had earned it, he said, adding that I should wear the necklace in memory of the blessed event.

    I couldn't quite look at it as a blessed event, but I did remember it as one of the most strange-if not the strangest-events I had ever experienced. I accepted the purse, of course; it wasn't that I was in such great need of money-I had saved my earnings and my pay was good-but I would use it to throw a grand party for my friends.

    Though it was all very strange, I must say that he was one of the most perfect gentlemen I had ever met. True, his desires were most unusual, but that was nothing I need worry about; I have met any number of men whose desires were far stranger than his, and they were far from being gentlemen.

    I arrived home all right, and no one was ever the wiser, though later I told our prima donna about it. Her only reaction was a shrug of her shapely shoulders and a faint smile. “You will get used to all that and many other things,” she said. “Men seem to think a diva is something unusual, and as long as they are silly enough to believe that, we might as well reap the gold harvest of their thoughts."

    She told me of dozens of men she had had that way, and I was surprised to find that there were women who were equally guilty of the offense mentioned.

    It had been a most wonderful experience for me. I cared little or nothing about the money and necklace; it had been an experience just suited for me as it was one more adventure leading me down the road into a life of freedom and ease.

    I no longer feared being naked in the presence of men, since I had already been sucked off by one. It was, however, the last affair of its kind I experienced in Vienna.

    A few weeks later, I was called upon to take our diva's part. She had been stricken down and was unable to carry on. This had its good points; one night I was interviewed by a celebrated gentleman. It seemed he had been in the audience constantly for a week. In fact, he let on that he was about to open another far bigger opera in Frankfurt, and I was engaged for the part of Juliette.

    At last, I was made, as they say in the theatrical world!

    I was given a wonderful part and I received many wonderful presents, and I have them to this day. I had taken an understudy, just as I had been understudy to our prima donna, so I was able to leave almost at once. A few days later, I departed the wonderful city that had been so instrumental in providing me with so many thrilling and delightful experiences.

    I found to my great delight that a very beautiful villa had been provided for me by my new manager. I thought, of course, that I would be called upon to pay-in the manner such things are supposed to be paid for-but he proved to be a harmless little fellow. He seemed to think it pay enough if I allowed him to kiss my hand, which he did at every opportunity.


    One might consider this the second part of my story, since it is the beginning of a far different life than I had been living. It was here in Frankfurt that I was to meet the man who was to become my first real love! You remember, my friend, how I told you I believed I was born to love? Well, I am more convinced of it than ever. Think back for a moment: Even before I left home, I met a woman who opened my eyes to the joys of sex. True, it was an unnatural love to be sure, but what of that? I have never suffered from it; I acquired something of an education through it all, and though it was the wrong kind of an education-as some will try to make you believe-it had its advantages in that it was to provide me with the talents necessary in the years to follow. Such talents, I firmly believe, are necessary to a career such as mine.

    I believe I have already mentioned that I intended to retain my virginity until I came of age. Even before I left Vienna, I had been taken with the desire to have a lover, but I held off, even passing my eighteenth birthday-that age when it is quite proper and fitting for a maiden to be regally and royally fucked.

    Even when making the journey into Frankfurt, I was overtaken with these thoughts. I believe I had arrived at the age when it would be good for me to accept the love of a man, and as I reflected on my past life, I was suddenly overcome with the desire for a male lover!

    Yes, that was it. I was in love without a lover-a most amazing state of affairs. But it never occurred to me that I was to have one so soon.

    Following my arrival in Frankfurt, my manager had provided me with a housekeeper. For years she had held the position of wardrobe mistress in the various productions and was quite well versed in things both on and off the stage.

    She was a motherly old soul and I was quite taken aback when she said, “I do not wish to presume, my dear, but when do you expect to be joined by your lover?"

    The question amazed me. At first, I was inclined to resent this bold remark, but I thought better of it-and I have always thanked myself that I wasn't harsh with her.

    "My lover?” I asked, showing surprise at the audacity of her question.

    For a long moment she stared at me, then: “You have a lover, have you not?"

    "No,” I answered, “I have no lover. Why do you ask?"

    "I hope you will forgive me for mentioning it,” she began, “but don't you think it quite necessary-to your voice, I mean?"

    Then I remembered having heard something or other about this. At the time, I had wondered what it meant. Regardless, I did not have a lover. Here I was, a total stranger in a strange city with few, if any, friends. In the late past, I had never been without a girl upon whom I could lavish my caresses, and I suddenly felt rather alone. Also, I wondered if it were possible that this elderly woman had designs on me? Feeling somewhat frisky, I decided to put her to the test. She wouldn't be so bad, and an old tongue was better than nothing.

    Laughing, I said, “I am sorry, my dear, but I have no male lover. I've only had lady lovers,” and I stretched seductively, allowing one bare leg to jut out between the folds of my gown, the only article of clothing I was wearing at that moment.

    She shook her head. “You are a very foolish girl,” she said. “It is all very nice to have a sympathetic girlfriend, but if you won't think me over bold, I would say that you are abusing yourself in not taking a real lover-you understand, do you not?” There was a merry twinkle in her eyes as she said this.

    Becoming more daring, I said, “You mean I should take one who will caress me in the manner I like to be caressed?"

    She nodded. “You will find it necessary in the developing of your throat muscles. Please do not think I am presuming too much,” she went on. “Indeed, I am quite serious. You must do this, or sooner or later you will lose your voice.” And turning, she left me alone with my thoughts. You may rest assured my thoughts were conflicting.

    The rest of the day I spent between reclining on a beautiful little flower-decked porch and fussing about a well-appointed kitchen.

    To give you some idea of how the thought gripped me, let me tell you how I ate my dinner that night. I had dismissed my housekeeper and set the table for two places. I fancied I was entertaining my lover, and to make the picture complete, I wore only a thin dressing gown and slippers, being careful that the gown was open down the front. It was foolish, of course, but I was having a grand time of it. Later, when “we” finished our dinner, I fancied he carried me to a broad divan in the living room, and here he kissed and kissed and kissed me. Oh, I don't know what I thought!

    I found myself eager for a man! I pictured him as a strong man; one qualified to administer real, brutal-love.

    Then, the following day, a strange thing occurred. It was as though my prayers were being answered. A carriage stopped at my door. From it alighted my aged manager, and with him was one of the handsomest men I had ever seen! From behind the curtains, I gazed at him alone (I had no eyes for my manager). He had handsome, black, silky hair. Ah! He was like Apollo!

    They entered. To my surprise and joy, this man was to play the part of Romeo in the play in which I was to star. Never shall I forget the expression that came over his handsome face when he was introduced. For almost a full minute, perhaps, I stood staring into his eyes, and it was he who broke the spell.

    "Really,” he cried, his voice low, “I had no idea I was to have an angel as my costar!” We all three laughed at this, and after a brief visit, my manager left us. He had many duties to attend to, he said, and bowing himself out, he left me to speculate on the outcome of it all. Even in those first few moments, I couldn't help but wonder how it must feel to be fucked by a man such as this one! And even then, I promised myself the pleasure of having this man in my arms! Yes! He would be my first real lover! Even then I was speculating on how best to lure him to my bed.

    In the theater, one sees nudity every day, and I realized it would take more than bare flesh to bring about a union between us. I might add here that I was dressed somewhat scantily; my only garment, besides a short silken undervest, was a kimono of pale silk, and low bedroom slippers on my bare feet. I took advantage of this scant apparel to bring about a better understanding between us. “I must beg your forgiveness for allowing myself to be caught so,” I began, motioning to my dress.

    "Pray forget it,” he said. “I quite understand. It is rather warm and I am delighted that you are considerate enough of your own comfort to dress accordingly."

    "But,” I insisted, a wave of almost uncontrollable lust sweeping over me, “I am almost naked!” I laughed to show I wasn't frightened.

    "Pray! It is no matter,” he said, smiling his sweetest. “Again let me say I think your dress is quite satisfactory. However, since my visit here was but to meet you, may I withdraw?” He kissed my fingertips and withdrew before I could ask him to stay.

    I was vexed with myself and I spent a dreadful night. My thoughts were filled with nothing but that wonderful man. There was one consoling thought, however; on the morrow, he would be back, and I promised myself that I would never be so silly again. In reality, I had meant to call attention to my scant dress hoping in that way to attract him into my arms, but he was a gentleman and took my remark as a desire on my part that he withdraw. I cursed myself for a fool!

    If he had but known the easy conquest I would have been, I am sure he would have stayed with me, and instead of kissing my fingertips, he would have had something far more substantial to kiss. After he departed, I slipped out of my gown and undervest and donned my nightgown. Standing before my glass and viewing my image, I patted my hairy mount, saying aloud, “Very, very soon, my dear, you shall have something far more thrilling to caress than a mere tongue tip."

    The following day was a long one for me, though he arrived shortly after lunch. Taking advantage of his suggestion that I dress for comfort rather than for convention, I was wearing an outfit not unlike that of the previous day, the only difference being that my gown was of black georgette crepe, and I wore black silk stockings. The black gown accentuated the whiteness of my body and limbs. Somewhat daring, don't you think, my friend? But I can tell you I was desperate; I had been pricked with Cupid's dart-it remained but to be pricked with my lover's!

    This time he complemented me on my thoughtfulness in dress.

    "Do you realize that you are very beautiful?” he asked, “and that I'm afraid I shall never be able to withstand your nearness?"

    I thrilled as his eyes swept over me, for while my gown covered, it did not in the least hide the outline of my body and legs! “Nonsense,” I laughed, “You have seen any number of handsome women, and you seem to have survived."

    We seated ourselves upon the divan. There we went over the lines of the play. You are familiar with the playRomeo and Juliette so I won't tire you with the story. Enough to say that the balcony scene is unusually thrilling. Romeo, as you know, is supposed to climb the balcony, and here he is to meet his mistress, Juliette; Juliette is supposed to have just gotten out of bed and is wearing but a nightgown.

    If you will recall, I told you earlier in this story that the whole of Europe had gone mad over exotic scenes both in and out of the theater, and I had been given to understand from the start that this particular scene in our coming production was to be enacted in a somewhat unusual setting. Instead of wearing a nightgown, I was supposed to wear a white georgette crepe dressing gown. As we sat there scanning our lines, he came to this particular situation. “You are being called upon to assume a most unusual role,” he said, without raising his eyes from the page.

    "Yes?” I said. I also kept my eyes riveted to the paper.

    "Yes,” he said. “I hope, however, that you will have no objection to wearing the scant attire this scene calls for."

    "Why should I?” I asked, trying to answer nonchalantly. “After all, it's all in the play, and the play's the thing, isn't it?"

    "I'm afraid it won't be all play on my part,” he said.

    "Indeed? And why not?"

    "Because,” he answered, “carrying such a beautiful lady, and having one so beautiful as yourself quite nude might prove too thrilling-I might drop you, you know."

    I laughed at this. I knew we were treading on dangerous ground, but I didn't care; I was more determined than ever to win this handsome man to my arms! “Don't tell me,” I said, laughing, “that I will be the first naked woman you have held in your arms!"

    This time it was he who laughed, then: “I would rather not talk of that. However, if I have ever done anything like this, the lady was far less beautiful than yourself."

    "That is very beautifully said. I hope, however, that you will not be so overcome that you will drop me. That, I'm afraid, would be too dreadful for words!"

    "Rest assured, I shall not,” he said.

    How we ever passed through the day without any overtures on his part I shall never be able to tell, for God knows, I did everything possible to impress him. On three distinct occasions I recrossed my legs, each time giving him a full view of my naked thighs to the very tops, and each time slowly drawing the folds of my scant gown over my knees.

    Yet, nothing happened.

    The following day, it was the same thing, and the day after that. By this time, we had familiarized ourselves to the extent that we were ready to go over our lines together. That is, we were far enough advanced to practice our parts.

    That day I had dressed very carefully. I rid myself of everything except the lacy dressing gown and slippers, and the gown was a buttonless affair. I was looking forward to practicing the balcony scene, though I was careful to hold my gown together until it came time for that thrilling moment

    But nothing happened. We went over everything again and again-but for some unknown reason, he didn't think it necessary to practice the balcony scene.

    Finally I came to the conclusion that if I were to get anywhere with this man I must make the advances myself. Going about practically naked seemed to make no impression on him whatsoever. True, he never failed to compliment me on my attire, but compliments did little to quell the burning within my aching cunt!

    It might be mentioned here that I had managed to get a very good maid, and my housekeeper was relieved of the burden of caring for my home. This maid, however, was the worst kind of a greenhorn; I doubt very much if she knew there was more than one use for her pussy. I had given her hints enough, but she simply looked at me when I flitted about in complete nakedness.

    And so, without even the comfort of my maid or my housekeeper, I found myself getting desperate. Something had to be done. I said, “Why not arrange to have dinner with me tomorrow night! There is no reason why you shouldn't, is there?"

    He hesitated a moment, then said, “Why, I would be delighted! No, there is no reason why I shouldn't."

    This was my first real step in paving the way to love! Real love between a man and a woman! Already I pictured myself lying naked in his arms! Already I felt his lips kissing and caressing me from head to foot.

    "You are married?” I asked, hardly knowing what I was saying.

    "Whatever gave you that impression?” he asked.

    I shrugged my shoulders. “I don't know,” I said. “I should hate to be the cause of trouble between you and your wife. I am glad, however, that you have none! I shall be expecting you-early!"

    I'll never forget the strange light in his eyes as he kissed my fingertips at parting!

    Believe it or not, my friend, I had to take an opiate that night before I could go to sleep. I didn't really want to sleep; I took it only so that I might speed the hours until I was to see him again.

    The next day everything was hustle and bustle. I am not the world's best cook, but I managed, with the help of my maid, to prepare a delightful dinner. This done, I dismissed the woman, telling her I would not need her again that night.

    From the icebox, I produced several bottles of champagne and the choicest wines, placing them in a convenient place by the table. Then I took a bath. He would arrive soon and I wanted to be at my best that night! This night! The night I was to surrender my maidenhead! The night I was to be ravished for the first time!

    After a highly perfumed bath, I arranged my hair. Then I began speculating as to what I should wear. It must be something unusual, of this I was sure. Already I had appeared before him in next to nothing! What, then, could I wear?

    Finally I chose a black dressing gown. It was a daring thing, but I didn't care-I was desperate! Beneath this I wore a short chiffon undervest. When I stood before my glass and viewed the result, even I blushed. If this didn't do the trick, I would give up the idea of ever winning him to my arms.

    The gown came to about midway between my hips and knees, and since it was cut away daringly at the top, it was necessary to wear the frail undergarment or my breasts would have strutted boldly out of the gown. While I was gazing at my reflection in the mirror, the bell rang! My intended lover had arrived! Snatching up a pin, I stuck it into my gown to hold the thing together. Slipping my bare feet into low slippers, I hurried to the door!

    He looked at me strangely. Entering and kissing my hand, he said, “Your maid-she isn't here?” He couldn't seem to understand why I should have attended to the door for him.

    "My maid,” I said, “has been called away on account of a sickness in the family, but fear not, my friend, I have a splendid dinner for you!"

    I wondered how I could be so calm in the face of my lascivious plans.

    I saw him gaze at me, and I knew he was thrilled at what he saw, for this time the gown concealed nothing; even the hairs about my aching cunt were fairly well revealed.

    "I shall have to be your serving maid tonight,” I said as I flitted about him. The dinner was a huge success, and long before it was finished, we were both chatting away at a great rate. We consumed much wine, as we both seemed possessed by unusual thirsts.

    "Let the table go,” I said as we went toward the living room. “My maid shall attend to it tomorrow; besides, we might feel like eating something later!"

    I must have made a rather startling picture as I sat there beside him upon the divan, my scant gown open down the front, revealing both my legs naked to almost the tops. Ah, don't think I hadn't worked out a fitting campaign. I was desperate, and I was daring-and so was my plan.

    I had brought a bottle of champagne into the living room, and by way of initiating the daring plan I had in mind, I said, “Now let us drink to the success of our dinner, and our friendship."

    Even while saying it, I could barely control my voice, knowing that in another minute or two, I would have him in my arms. It was enough to thrill anyone, wasn't it, my friend?

    Very graciously, he filled two glasses, and handing me one, we repeated the toast. As I sat there holding the glass, I realized that the moment had arrived! My well-thought-out plan was about to materialize! Leaning against him, I said, “We should seal our friendship with a kiss-isn't that the proper way?"

    I saw his eyes glance quickly at the windows! Then he slipped one arm about my waist and kissed me. As his lips met mine, I deliberately spilled the contents of my glass across my thighs, at the same time giving a startled, “Oh!"

    He drew out his handkerchief and attempted to dry me. “It's nothing,” I said. “I shall go and change!"

    My heart was beating wildly, for now I was going to do the most daring thing of all! Quickly I slipped both garments from my shoulders, kicked the mules from my feet! Then I gave a piercing scream and threw myself down across the bed in what was supposed to be a beautiful faint!

    In an instant, he was at my side! Seeing the apparent faint, he grabbed up a bottle of salts and pressed it beneath my nose. My eyes fluttered open. He placed his arms about me and kissed my lips again and again saying, “What happened? Why did you cry out?"

    I smiled. “I saw a mouse,” I answered, “and I… I guess I fainted."

    Remember, my dear, I am an actress, but it took every bit of my skill to act timid then, for I was stark naked and I was in the arms of the man I loved! I made a feeble effort to rise, but he held me down. “Please, dear,” he said, holding me all the tighter.

    "But, darling,” I cried, laughing faintly and trying to blush, “I'm stark naked! What must you think of me!"

    "I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” he said, kissing me again and again, “and I want to hold you in my arms, just like this, forever and ever!"

    What could I do? While saying this, one of his hands had crept down to the hairs on my lower belly! I made not the slightest move to stop him. As his hand slid further down, my thighs fell loosely apart, and his searching fingers quite took possession of my cunt!

    "I love you! I love you!” he cried.

    My arms slid about his neck. “And I love you, too,” I answered. Kissing his lips, I added, “I have loved you ever since I first saw you, and though I am still a virgin, I want you to make me a woman!"

    Our lips met in a clinging, soul-stirring kiss! Then, raising his lips from mine, he whispered, “Will you be mine? Now? Right here on your bed? I shall never rest until I have had you-body and soul!"

    "You already have my soul, my darling. You have but to take my body. It is yours to do with as you like!"

    "Then lie still and let me seal our love with a kiss!"

    With a bound, he was on his knees and pressing burning kisses squarely on my cunt! The wine, my mad desire for him, and the thrill of it all drove me almost mad! Grasping his head between my hands, I wound my fingers in his hair, threw my legs over his shoulders, and bucked my hips, thrusting my ravenous cunny into his face. He licked and sucked me frantically, grasping my heaving buttocks in his hands in a vain attempt to hold me still. With a triumphant cry, I heaved once more, and in a moment, I came with a force that must have shocked him! No longer did I attempt to hold back! His arms were about me! His hands clutched my naked body and his greedy mouth sucked and tongued my cunt in a frenzy of delight!

    Again I came, and this time I almost fainted for real, so intense was the shock! And while I lay there, my thighs still parted to his eager gaze, he quickly stripped off his clothes. In a moment, he sprang naked into my waiting arms!

    With a dexterous motion, he placed the head of his monster cock to the flushed lips of my cunt and pressed it in. Thanks to the many tongues that had delved there, to say nothing of my own fingers, he soon passed the barrier without a noticeable amount of trouble. Indeed, I felt no pain to speak of. But, oh, the other sensations that washed over me. I could feel his hard piston pushing in, opening me up, and filling me with his throbbing meat.

    I was penetrated; he was in me to his balls, and from the way he drove into me, I thought he was trying to get them in, too!

    At last I was being fucked! Too late now to turn back, I bucked upward against him with all my might! Mad with lust for each other, we were like two animals! My tight sheath must have been too much for him. Ramming into me frantically, he filled me with endless spurts of his hot sperm. To my undying joy, he began again almost instantly! Our lips joined, our tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths, we fucked like mad! All the pent-up passion of long, virginal years was now let loose! How many times I came, I can't remember! How many times he filled my cunt with his prolific spend, I could not count!

    I know only that I was supremely happy. I had never been so happy in my life! For a long time, neither of us moved; we just lay there soaking in bliss and our own passionate juices. Then he gazed into my eyes. “Do you think this was acting on my part,” he asked, “or do you believe now that I love you?"

    "Of course you love me, Paul, darling. But let's reverse the question. Don't you think I am the one to ask that question now that I have given you the one thing a girl has to give?"

    I will not go into the details of all the things we said to each other that night. Many of them are too sacred to repeat, even to you, my friend. Enough to say that we swore eternal love for each other, and I believe he really meant it; I know I did.

    But if I refuse to tell you of the things we said, I won't refuse to tell you of the things we did. You have a perfect right to that after the thrilling letter you wrote me.

    After relieving me of his weight, he went to the bathroom and returned with a basin of warm water and some towels. Bathing and drying me between my thighs, he bent and kissed my cunt with one long, clinging kiss.

    Then he lay down beside me, took me in his strong arms, and kissed me repeatedly. Then we talked. But talk did little to satisfy me. I had heard from both Vera and our prima donna of the joys of toying with and kissing the male organ, not to mention the times I had seen my cousin and my mother perform that very act. One of my hands stole down to his half-flaccid tool and my fingers clasped about it. I loved the feel of the smooth skin, which covered, I knew, much harder flesh. I squeezed and pressed it. It grew larger and I continued to caress it. It grew and grew. Soon it had swelled to full erection, and I could no longer span it with my fingers. I thrilled at the thought that at last I had taken such a monster into my very womb. I wasn't very well informed regarding the sizes of men's cocks, but I knew enough to realize that this one was of unusual dimensions. It was nine inches long from base to tip. Oh, it was a beauty, I can tell you. It was fully two inches thick and set in a bed of thick, crisp hairs. His balls filled both my hands, and they, too, were thick with hair. Is it any wonder that I fell so desperately in love with it-and with its owner?

    During the short time I had been toying with it, one of his hands was busy with me. From hip to titties his soft hand caressed, and then, no longer able to stand it, he said, “Oh, darling, I love you so! Please let me fuck you again!” And he made as if to roll me on my back, but I would have none of it.

    "Wait, dear,” I cried. “Wait until I have proven my love for you, too! Let me kiss your lovely cock! Then you can have me whenever you choose!"

    A look of incredulous joy crossed his face as I scrambled out of his arms and slid down upon the bed. God! How handsome it looked then! Standing straight up in the air, its ruby head seemed ready to burst!

    Stooping, I kissed the purple and pink head! Staring at it and working my hand up and down its length, I became fascinated! I loved it! Dropping again, I kissed it once more! But I wasn't satisfied; I wanted more of it! Rising to his elbow, he stared down at me, hardly believing what his own eyes saw being enacted before them! I kissed it again, this time with open lips, and I heard him give a little gasp as I quite swallowed the head! Still I wasn't satisfied! I felt something was lacking! With a downward lunge, I plunged it far into my mouth, and then I sucked it with all my might! He was trembling; he tried to draw it from between my lips, but I wouldn't have it! I wanted to show him that I, too, could love; that I was no half-baked mistress! I wrapped my arms about him, held him in a tight embrace, and seeing that I wasn't to be done out of it, he clutched my head in his hands and delivered the contents of his massive balls deep into my mouth! Nor did I give up my position till the last drop had been given me, all of which I eagerly swallowed!

    Then, and only then, did I allow it to slip from my lips, and coming up over him, I kissed him again and again! “There,” I cried. “I, too, have shown my love for you, darling! And now you can fuck me to your heart's content!” And as though to prove my word, I straddled him and placed the still-hard head to my cunt and sank down upon it, taking it in to his balls!

    You may rest assured, my friend, that I left nothing lacking in my love for him that night. When he tired of the sport, I sucked him back to erection so that he could again find lodging within my ever-hungry cunt. Three more times I sucked and swallowed the sperm from his lovely crest.

    What more is there to tell? How can I convey to you the wonderful things we did that night? Why try when you know all too well what happens between persons who dearly love each other?

    It is enough to say that, after a most thrilling night, we slept only enough to revive our strength so that we could renew our pleasing occupation. We re-enacted these scenes until morning. Then Paul left me, promising to return as soon as he had attended to his affairs.

    My maid found me still in bed when she returned after her night off, and I guess by the way I saw her staring at me that I scandalized her puritan mind, for I made not the slightest effort to hide my nudity from her gaze.

    Of course, every girl suffers more or less after a night such as I had had, and I was no exception. I was happy in the fact that I had lost my useless maidenhead, however, and for the first time in my life, I realized what it meant to be without one's love. I agonized when I remembered that I had allowed him to leave without his breakfast, and I promised myself that I should never be so unthinking again.

    Lying there against my pillow, thinking of all the delightful things that had happened to me the previous night and that morning, I became frightened. I recalled how Vera had told me of her few nights of love, and how she had became pregnant as a result of it. And then I brightened. Why worry about it? Besides, it was worth it! What I had done, I did for love. If I was with child, it would be a baby of love. I dismissed it from my mind; the damage-if any-was already done, and I had almost a full month to go before I would know the outcome.

    Then I got to wondering about my maid. I wondered if she had discovered that I had entertained a man all night, and that he had slept with me. My thoughts were interrupted when she entered my room. In her hand, she held the bloody towel, that same towel with which Paul had removed the traces of my maidenhead, now gone forever. She seemed frightened, but I explained it away by telling her that I had had a slight accident.

    After breakfast, I played the piano. I wasn't very much of a pianist; I played only for my own amusement as I sang. I tried out a piece I had been having some trouble with and found that I now had not the slightest difficulty reaching the unusually high notes.

    I wondered if my ability to reach these notes was due in some way to my recent experience with Paul? I recalled what my housekeeper had told me about having a lover whose cock I could suck! Could there be a connection? If so, could there possibly be a reaction so soon? I promised myself that I would ask Paul about it as soon as he returned! If this was true, I would acquire one of the most famed voices on earth, because I intended to reward myself with activities like those I had enjoyed last night often. I adored it! I had thought that kissing a girl's cunt until she spilled her love-dew into my mouth was the height of delight, but it was as nothing compared to sucking my lover's cock and having it plumb me to my very depths!

    My thoughts lent wings to my feet! I flitted about the house with an abandon which quite startled my maid! In my eagerness to do something even more startling, I dropped off my gown and danced all over the place in complete nakedness.

    I saw her eyes following me, and I knew she was shocked beyond words. “Very well,” I thought, “If you are so easily shocked, then as soon as Paul returns I shall give you something to be truly shocked about!” I laughed inwardly as I pictured the expression on her face when she would see the costume I had decided to wear!

    Wishing to be ready when he arrived, and hardly wanting to be disappointed in the fun I was going to have, I brought out the tiny undervest I had previously worn. As I have already said, it was the very briefest thing I had ever seen-cut low enough at the top to almost expose both my breasts, and so short that it came to but my hips in length. It was so transparent as to amount to exactly nothing as far as concealment went. It was a naughty garment, indeed. Still, it lacked something.

    That was my thought, strange as it seems. I wanted to be as near naked when he arrived as it was possible to be but still wearing something! And above all, I wanted to shock this silly girl as she had never been shocked before!

    He was due to arrive any minute; he had promised to have the noonday meal with me, and it lacked but a few minutes to noon. A plan of daring entered my mind! Why not make it a real naked reception? Why go about it half-way? Why, indeed?

    Picking up a pair of shears, I cut the tiny garment up the front, making a gown of it, the tiny ribbons over my shoulders alone holding it on me.

    Watching from my bedroom window, I saw him coming up the gravel walk! Calling to my maid to admit him, I took a final look in my glass! I heard him enter! Drawing the top of the thing well back from my titties, I quickly stepped into the room and went to Paul, my arms raised to greet him!

    Even Paul gasped at the daringness I displayed, but I quickly whispered into his ear my intention to shock my silly maid, and he, great actor that he was, quickly took the hint! “You darling,” he cried, holding me off at arm's length and gazing at me. “You are a million times more beautiful than I thought! You are adorable!"

    And drawing me close and slipping his arms about me beneath the garment, he hugged me close, kissing and tonguing my mouth with all the zest he could muster. All the while, my maid stood staring in awed wonder.

    But Paul wasn't done yet. Falling in with my own lascivious acts, he carried it a bit further. Picking me up in his strong arms, he carried me into the living room and to the divan. Pushing me over on my back, he kissed my breasts, neck, and face like a madman. All the while from the corner of my eye, I saw the maid staring at us. I became more daring. Taking one of his hands in mine, I carried it to my cunt, patting the back of his hand as he fingered the naked lips. I threw my legs well apart and whispered into his ear.

    Looking toward the door again, I noted that the chit had disappeared; the loving display had undoubtedly been too much for her sensitive nature. But our lovemaking went on until I thought I would surely lose the delightful load I had been saving for Paul.

    The delightful fellow, while ardent in his attack, knew when to stop, and as we lay there cuddling each other, I told him why I had adapted such outlandish attire. How he laughed. “What you need is a more sympathetic maid,” he said. “I shall attend to it at once. I believe I know the very one for you. In fact, she's so good she can be both maid and housekeeper for you."

    Rising from the divan, he called the housekeeper and the maid. “Here,” he said, handing each some money. “This will carry you over until you find new positions. You may pack your things at once."

    Though I felt sorry for them, I believe they were glad to go. The maid looked especially relieved; such carrying-on as she had she witnessed that day proved too much for her puritanical nature.

    He kissed me and promised to return in an hour, and after he had departed, I bid the two servants adieu. I stretched out upon the divan to await my lover's return, and I couldn't help but think how happy I was. A position in the world of Art, a splendid income from which I could prepare for the future, a splendid cottage to live in, and above all, a lover! Strong, handsome, young and animate, and armed with the most noble prick with which to fuck me!

    Paul found me radiant, indeed, when he returned, informing me that he had engaged the services of a charming maid and that she would report to me the following day.

    "Oh, Paul, you darling,” I cried, pulling him down beside me. “I love you so, I never want you to leave me again!"

    "And I love you, too, dear,” he answered, kissing me again and again, “and I feel that I never want to leave you again-even to sleep!"

    There was plenty more said that afternoon, and it all ended by him taking up residence there with me. Then I told him of my conversation with the woman who had acted as housekeeper, and how she hinted at the necessity of my having a lover, one whom I could gamahuche (I used that expression to him, then), and the great good I would derive from it. “Is that so?” I asked, looking him in the eye.

    "I'm afraid it is,” he answered, smiling. “At first I didn't want you to do that to me-"

    "Why?” I interrupted.

    "Well,” he hesitated, looking off toward the window, “I realized, dear, that it was a dangerous thing for you to do, and…"

    "Why is it dangerous?” I asked

    "Well, you see what happened… you know, when I spouted into your mouth."

    "And does that mean that every time I kiss you like that, the same thing will happen?"

    "I'm afraid so, darling,” he answered. “It's a dreadful temptation for a man to ‘come’ when a beautiful woman holds his rampant tool in her mouth, as you did!"

    "But I ‘came’ in your mouth when you did it to me, didn't I?"

    "I'll say you did, darling, and that's what I want you to do every time I caress you like that."

    "Is that a promise?” I asked, kissing him.

    He nodded his answer-and five minutes later, we were proving our promises to each other with relish!

    During the night, he told me it was necessary for him to be away for two or three days, but that before he left, he would spend his every minute with me. It seemed he owned some land in a distant part of the country, and as there were taxes and other things to take care of, he was forced to be away.

    I wouldn't allow him to leave, however, until my new maid arrived. I'll never forget the radiant smile that crossed her pretty face when she noted my scant attire-not at all like the other girl who had seemed frightened at my semi nudity, this girl looked pleased. She seemed to take it for granted, and I was sure she would be everything a maid could be.


    After Paul left me, I arranged to visit the city. Paul greatly admired my pretty dressing gowns and chemises. He offered to buy them for me (he felt he had a perfect right to do this, since he was my accepted lover), and I only had to pick them out. Why refuse?

    I found, upon my arrival back at the cottage, that my new maid-whose name was Geneveve, and who in the future I shall call “Gene,"-was quite a worthy maid. Everything was as spic and span as I could have hoped, and to my further delight, I found her in the act of preparing something for my dinner. She said she knew I was to be alone for a few nights and wanted to assist me in everything.

    That she did mean to assist me in everything was proved that very evening, as you shall see.

    After our dinner (I had insisted that she join me) I took a book and was reclining beneath a light. I had been reading but a few moments when I noticed her standing close beside me.

    Wondering what she wanted, I asked her, and was surprised to hear something like this: “Madame has such lovely long hair; perhaps she would like to have me comb it for her?"

    There was something delightfully refreshing about the girl; she was wearing a little dress of the type commonly worn by domestics, and revealing enough for me to determine that she was beautifully formed. Through the thin material, I could easily detect her firm breasts, the nipples of which seemed to be trying to break free. Also, I had detected the whiteness and plumpness of her thighs as she moved about here and there, and this coupled with her strange offer regarding my hair made me think kindly of her. I also wondered if it were possible that she knew more about things than I had as yet learned. The book I had been reading wasn't all that interesting, so I made up my mind I would question her a little.

    It also happened that I delighted in having someone play with my hair; I had an unusually long head of it, and derived a great deal of pleasure from having it combed and fussed over.

    "Why, yes,” I answered, smiling sweetly, “I would love to have you comb it for me."

    I was wearing, as was usual, a thin dressing gown and low slippers, and I was lying in a more or less revealing position, but she seemed not to notice this. Without further delay, she arranged the pillows beneath my back and shoulders, and a moment later was letting down my hair.

    After a few moments, I said, “What prompted you to think I liked having my hair done?"

    "My last mistress liked having hers done. It was long, like yours."

    "Did you like waiting on her?” I asked.

    "Yes, madam. She was very kind to me."

    "And why did you leave her?"

    "She took a husband and is traveling in India,” Gene answered.

    "I see. And if she hadn't married, would you have stayed with her?"

    "Yes, madam, I liked her very much."

    I became interested in this other woman. “Tell me about her,” I said. “Tell me everything of interest about her. Was she very pretty?"

    "Yes, madam, she was."

    "And you have seen her in an undressed condition-like I am?"

    "Oh, yes, madam. I have seen her undressed many times. In fact, she was always undressed when I did her hair and massaged her."

    "Oh, you massaged her too?"

    "Yes, madam. You see, my former mistress liked wearing low-cut dresses, but unfortunately she had rather small breasts, so she used to have me massage them every night and morning in hopes that the stimulation would make them grow."

    "That is interesting indeed,” I said. “And did your treatment help them, and did you like doing that?"

    "I didn't at first, but after two or three times I got to like it."

    "That's strange,” I said. “What could there be about it that you didn't like? I can't imagine anyone not liking pretty breasts."

    "Oh, it wasn't that I disliked massaging them; it was something else."

    "Something else?” I asked, curious and warming to the subject.

    She nodded. “I hope you won't misunderstand, but, well, she liked to have me take the points between my lips and suck them."

    "Indeed! And how often did you do this?"

    "Every night and morning, madam,” came the ready answer.

    "I see. And you liked doing it?"

    "At first I didn't, but after a while I liked it."

    There is no telling just where this might have led to had I not, at that moment, received a caller. I was hardly dressed to receive visitors, and I had Gene receive them while I hurried to my room to don suitable covering. It proved to be my aged manager bringing still another member of the company for me to meet. She was a middle-aged woman, rather motherly I thought, and this proved to be so, although she was unusually broad-minded for one her age. We spent a pleasant hour, and then she left.

    The spell had worn off, and since Gene had about finished my hair, I retired to bed where I read myself to sleep.

    I was awakened by my maid, who smilingly told me breakfast was ready and would be served as soon as I had bathed. Imagine my surprise when she followed me into the bathroom where she assisted me at my toilet, insisting upon sponging my back and drying me. This was rather a new experience for me; I had had maids, but never one who waited upon me literally hand and foot.

    After breakfast, I was in for another treat. The morning was bright and clear, and dreadfully warm. As I reclined before a window, Gene said, “You know, madam, seeing you lying there makes me think of my former mistress; she delighted in taking sunbaths each morning while I arranged her hair."

    "And sucked the nipples of her titties?” I interrupted, smiling.

    Gene laughed and nodded her head.

    "All right, dear,” I said, “you can arrange my hair, and then, if you're very good, I'll let you suck the nipples of my titties. Mine, however, are rather nice, don't you think?” I said, throwing the folds of my gown back to better reveal them.

    Having been without my lover's splendid cock throughout the night, I was feeling unusually randy that morning, and I thrilled anew when Gene answered, “They are very beautiful, madam, and I should consider it an honor to be allowed to massage them."

    "Very well,” I answered. “Since you think them so nice, suppose we let the hair go for the moment. Come here on your knees, so I can determine if you are as good as you are leading me to believe."

    I noted the change in her at once as she knelt beside me. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were bright. If I was any judge at all, this girl knew more than she had let on so far.

    I noted, too, that she didn't attack the nipples at once; instead, she traced little lines about both my titties, starting at the base of each and circling them in little spirals, coming to the nipples as a last resort. I use the word “resort” because that is the word best suited to it, for I could see from the moment she started on the unusual job that she was trying to arouse me. And she did arouse me, too.

    Finally I said: “Really, dear, you are even better than my lover; but he's not so stingy with his kisses!” I saw the strange light in her eyes as she raised them and stared into mine, and I went on, “Naughty girl! I'll bet you did something else for your former mistress, if the truth were known!"

    I thought at first that I had carried my naughty suggestions too far, for there came a strange expression over her face; it seemed as though she was frightened, but a moment later, I found this wasn't so. She said, “I didn't want you to know, but-well, I did have to do something else!"

    She blushed a little, and I said, “I knew it, you little dear. But don't you think for a moment that makes any difference to me. I happen to know that many women employ girls for all sorts of reasons; I myself have had girls, so you needn't hold any secrets from me. Now tell me, dear, what was it you used to do for her?"

    Gene blushed deeply for a moment, then: “She used to make me play with her curls-there,” She said, pointing in the general direction of my pussy.

    She still wore that strange expression about her eyes, and I said: “And I'll bet you liked that, too, you little pet, didn't you?"

    She nodded, then: “Like I told you, I didn't at first, but I did after a few times."

    It was a strange thing, this unusual experience with my maid, a girl I knew little or nothing about; but as I said, I was in a strange mood that day and I found myself liking her more and more with each passing moment. Then, too, there was something charmingly feminine about Gene. And I was suddenly overcome with the desire to see her little pussy. It occurred to me that if I was quite careful and didn't hurry this strange flirtation, I might develop a real friendship with her. If I hadn't mistaken my guess, Gene would prove a splendid alternative when Paul was away.

    But I was not going to rush this budding friendship.

    I said, “Very well, Gene, you little dear. If you are a really good girl, I'll let you try it on me a little later, but in the meantime you might continue to kiss and caress my titties-it makes me feel dreadfully naughty.” Gazing at her in a most suggestive manner, I continued, “That's what my lover, Paul, does before he gives me his lovely big rammer."

    Smilingly, Gene did my bidding. Her lips skipped all about my breasts, sucked the nipples in turn, and showed in a dozen ways that she was perfectly satisfied with her lot.

    But I didn't want to spoil it all by hurrying matters, so after a few moments, I said, “There Gene, you delightfully naughty girl, I guess you had best stop your naughty sucking for a little while; you've got me as randy as can be,” and I playfully pushed her off. “After lunch, perhaps I'll have you entertain me again-if you are good!"

    I could see the disappointment in her eyes as I said this, but I was determined to make her wait for the “good things” I intended offering her red lips.

    About the middle of the afternoon, however, I began putting my plan into action. I realized that it wasn't fair to Paul to develop a flirtation with even this little maid, but my lascivious mind conjured all sorts of strange ideas; I wanted to be entertained. Even Paul's wonderful cock hadn't robbed me of my thoughts of a pretty girl. Indeed, I had already given promise to myself that I was through with women and girls. But the fact that Paul was away-and likely to be away often-led my thoughts into these weird channels.

    Included with the furniture contained in my cottage was an old-fashioned piece which resembled a bed chair of the type used by elderly women during their declining years. It had a sort of footrest that could be used when one wished to partly recline. When I first saw it, I thought it about the most uncomfortable thing in the house, but my eyes fell upon it now as about the best possible medium with which to bring about the desired results.

    "You naughty girl,” I said, dropping off my gown completely and seating myself in the wicked-looking affair, “this morning you made me feel dreadfully nice with your lovely lips, and aching for more. But I'm to be alone tonight; I won't have my lover's kisses.” I tried to be calm, but I hoped she would take the hint. I think she did, for her cheeks became flushed and her eyes again took on that strange light I had previously seen.

    I was stark naked, and I thrilled as I watched Gene's eyes sweep over me. Noting this, I said, “And if you're real nice about it and make me feel good, perhaps I'll let you do my hair down here,” touching my hairy mound.

    That Gene was more than willing to get at the task was plainly shown by the manner in which she went about it. Watching her for a few moments, I said, “Tell me, dear, how did it come about that your former mistress insisted upon your doing such a delightful thing for her?"

    For the first time, a frightened look came into her eyes, then: “I suppose I might as well confess-you will find it out sooner or later anyway.” There was a faraway look in her eyes as she went on: “My former mistress-the one before my last one, I mean-mislaid some of her jewelry, and I was accused of taking it. The police made a great fuss about it and I was taken to the workhouse."

    The sincerity of Gene's story was proven a moment later by the appearance of tears beneath her lashes; then she dropped her eyes, saying, “But why should I trouble you with all this-"

    "Oh, but I wish to hear it,” I said. “Your story interests me; go on, tell me all about it."

    "Well,” she went on, “my last mistress was a great friend of the lady who accused me of taking her gems. That night, shortly after I had been confined in the workhouse, my mistress found her jewelry where she herself had placed it. But she was afraid to let her mistake be known; the lady who had been her friend-the same one for whom I worked before coming to you-took advantage of the situation and came to me, telling me she would see to it that I was let out at once providing I would work for her as her maid. Naturally I was overjoyed and promised anything. It was some time before I discovered the discrepancy in her statement, but it wasn't long before I discovered the true state of my late mistress's intentions toward me; for though I had never given my former mistress any reason to think that I liked her in any other than a purely platonic nature, she took a deep interest in my well-being. I didn't, of course, want to do the things she hinted at, but she continually held it over my head that she had taken me from the workhouse, and if I didn't do her bidding, she would see to it that I was returned there at the earliest possible moment."

    "Well?” I encouraged her, seeing that she hesitated. “What then?"

    "It was then she insisted that I play with her breasts."

    "But,” I pointed out, “you told me but a little while ago that you liked doing it. Don't tell me now that you were fibbing me."

    "No, madam, I wasn't telling a lie. It was true that I didn't want to do it at first, but, as I said, she held it over my head, and I was obliged to do it, and-well, I got to like doing it, I guess."

    "Then,” I said, smiling prettily at her, “seeing that she was getting you to go that far, she insisted that you do her other hair. Is that it?"

    She nodded, blushing as she did so.

    "And you got to the point where you liked that, too?"

    Again she nodded. “Yes, ma'am."

    "Very well,” I said, smiling, “forget all about the alleged theft. Personally, I don't believe for a moment that you did anything wrong, and I think it most unkind of her to make you do something you disliked doing. But aren't you just the least bit glad, now?” And I reached out and encircled her waist with my right arm and drew her close.

    She smiled then and nodded her head, the index finger of one hand tracing little imaginary figures on my belly.

    I had been deeply touched by her story. It was not the first time I had heard of such practices being used when one wished to gain certain ends; but that did not in any way lessen my desire to indulge this girl's arts to the fullest. I said, “Now that you have told me so much, my dear, tell me this: Why did your mistress wish you to kiss and caress her titties? That part of the story interests me."

    "Because she liked it,” answered Gene.

    "And how long were you called upon to do this before she wanted you to ‘do her hair,’ as you refer to it?"

    "About a week."

    "Did she ever tell you why, or give any excuse as to why she wanted you to do this?” I asked.

    Gene nodded, then: “She said her lover complained of her breasts being so small."

    "Oh. So her lover was in the habit of seeing her breasts? Yes?"

    "Yes, madam."

    "And did this woman's lover know that you were sucking her titties?"

    "Yes, madam, he did. In fact he encouraged it,” came the ready answer. “She gave me to understand that their wedding would be delayed until such time as her breasts were fully developed."

    "And you believed this silly story?” I asked.

    "At first I did."

    "And afterward-weren't you glad she taught you such a delightful pastime?” I asked.

    She nodded her head again.

    "Now about the other hair,” I said. “Isn't it true that you liked doing that, too?"

    "I'm afraid I did-though I didn't at first."

    "And what was the reason for her wanting that hair done?” I asked, still holding her close to me.

    "She said her lover liked it best when her thing was completely bare."

    "Her thing?” I asked, smiling.

    "Her pussy,” came the ready answer.

    "And didn't you like her pussy-afterward?” I asked.

    Gene nodded, though she blushed this time.

    "Was it as pretty as mine?” I asked, nodding toward my own.

    "Oh, no!” came the startled answer. “It seemed far bigger, and the hair about it was of a dirty black-not at all like yours!"

    "Thank you,” I said, patting her bottom caressingly, “that is quite a compliment, indeed!” A daring plan came into my mind. There was no longer any doubt as to what Gene had been taught by this other woman, so why, I thought, shouldn't I profit by the other's trouble?

    I said, “That's a strange coincidence, Gene. It happens that my lover also likes the hair on my pussy well out of the way when he kisses it. Does that shock you so very much?"

    Shaking her head slowly, she said, “Why should it shock me? All men-at least I have been given to understand that all men-like to kiss their mistresses… that way."

    "Does your lover?” I asked, increasing the movement of my fingers on the girl's bottom.

    "I have never had a lover,” came the ready answer.

    "You mean,” I said, somewhat startled, “that you have never allowed a man to diddle you?"

    Gene shook her head. “Never,” came the quiet answer.

    "Do you mean to tell me,” I said, becoming interested now, “that during all the time you were being called upon to assist your former mistress, her lover didn't try it upon you?"

    "Oh, yes, indeed,” came the quick answer. “He offered me fifty marks if I would allow him to do it to me just once, but my mistress discovered it and they had a terrible scene, and she threatened to have nothing further to do with him."

    "But,” I insisted, “you were willing, were you not?"

    She smiled and nodded, then: “My mistress seemed to get a lot of pleasure out of it, and…"

    "How do you know that?” I interrupted.

    "Well,” she went on, “I hope you won't misunderstand, but-well, I heard her groaning one night and thinking she was hurt, I went into a closet adjoining her room, only to find that he was with her-and he wasn't hurting her."

    "And what were they doing?” I asked, slipping one hand beneath her short dress and patting a smooth thigh.

    "He was doing it to her. They were on her bed, and-and they were all undressed and he was on top of her."

    "And?” I encouraged, warming to the subject.

    "Well, after that I used to watch them every night. Oh, madam!” she went on, seemingly startled at her own confession, “please do not hold it against me, but, well, I just couldn't help watching them!"

    "I know you couldn't,” I answered, patting the warm flesh of her bottom, “and I know just how you felt, too. I once watched two lovers and, when I did, the most wonderful sensations swept over me, so I know just what happened to you then, too!"

    "What?” came the ready question.

    "You wanted a taste of his rammer, didn't you?"

    She blushed and nodded.

    "I'm glad you admit it, dear,” I said. “Every girl wants a man to slip his cock into her pussy, and you and I are no different than the others; the only difference being that I allow mine to fuck me, and you have yet to do so. But don't worry, dear, you won't have to peep at Paul and me. There is no door on my room, and just to prove that there are no secrets here, I am going to have you serve us breakfast in bed just as soon as he returns. Will that shock you very much, dear?"

    She shook her head. “I'd love it!” she said, eagerly.

    Gene didn't know it, but her ready answer gave me another thought! It was weird, I'll admit, but my lascivious nature drove me on and on to greater heights! If Gene was so eager to see a man and woman in each other's arms, then I would not only make it possible for her to witness a real love battle, but I would solicit her assistance as well! I would have her in our bed with us!

    Wild with desire now as a result of my wicked thoughts, and wishing to bring her under my own powers, I said, “Now that we understand each other, dear, tell me the truth: Didn't your toying with your mistress's pussy give her considerable pleasure? And didn't she cause you to continue until she came?"

    Gene blushed deeply, but she nodded her head.

    "And isn't it true that you liked to make her go off that way?"

    Again she nodded.

    "And if I were to tell you that I felt dreadfully naughty and wanted to go off, would you consent to assist me, too?"

    Once more she nodded, this time quite eagerly, I thought.

    "And if I allow you to do it for me, will you promise never to tell?"

    She nodded again, and I went on: “Then go to your room, dear, and take off all your clothes-then hurry back!"

    I thought this suggestion startled her, but she did my bidding, returning a few moments later as naked as the moon! I, too, was naked, and I'll never forget the expression which passed over her face as her eyes swept over my nude form! And you may rest assured, my friend, that I, too, feasted my eyes on her unusual nudity! She was positively beautiful, but what drew my attention most was the tiny patch of golden-blond hair above her cute little cunt! Throwing myself down upon the divan so that my bottom was at the edge, I spread wide my legs, my left foot touching the floor. I waited, my right arm drawn up close to my bottom!

    She seemed to know what was needed then, for she quickly knelt between my thighs where, in awed wonder, she stared at my wide-open slit! “Isn't it pretty, Gene?” I asked, giving a slight upward thrust of my loins, a motion she could hardly mistake.

    She settled down, that she might better gaze at it. “It's beautiful!” she whispered, and then, as though unable to resist it any longer, she leaned close, pressing her lips to it in a long, clinging kiss! Her closed lips skated over the warm, slick flesh of my cunt until, timidly, her tongue peeped out between those pretty, full lips. She rimmed my now-gaping hole with more confidence now, licking and sucking until she had me writhing in ecstasy. Expertly judging that I was close to the brink, the little maid plunged her stiff tongue into my channel as far as she could, while with one slim finger she rubbed my erect clitoris. I had a shattering orgasm and slumped back onto the couch.

    And that, my friend, was the beginning of a most delightful courtship between little Gene and myself. Is it necessary to tell you that I, too, tasted the delights of her thatch? Well, you are quite right in assuming it.

    That night I invited Gene into my bed, and here we abandoned ourselves like only two tribades can. She was marvelous! That day and that night we indulged our passions to the fullest, and I'll never forget how she thrilled at the thought of waiting upon Paul and me, and how she blushed when I threatened to tell him of the delightful things we had done together. There was nothing the little maid wouldn't do, I believe.

    When Paul returned and I told him what a wonderful maid he had brought me, he too was glad. “Perhaps,” he said, hugging me close to his chest, “you will find her even a better maid than you first thought."

    "Is that why you suggested this particular one?” I asked, returning his kisses and showing in every way that I liked the idea.

    "Well,” he said, “it's quite the fad to have a ‘talented’ maid these days. Besides, there might be times when I can't be with you."

    The morning following his arrival home, I suggested that Gene serve us our breakfast in bed. Paul favored the idea, and I was somewhat surprised to note the girl's willingness to assist us, even going so far as to slip out of her clothes. Nor did we make any effort to hide our own nakedness. Indeed, I thought Paul took an unholy delight in showing her his erect cock-its erectness due, undoubtedly, to the lovely blonde's nudity.

    All that day, Paul and I wore but dressing gowns, insisting upon Gene remaining in complete nakedness as well; a little task, by the way, to which she took kindly, if not readily.

    "You old darling,” I said that night as we lay upon the bed and I toyed with his erect cock. “I believe you have designs on my little Gene!"

    "I'll admit it, dear. And why shouldn't I have her, too?” he asked. “You've had her a score of times,” he continued.

    Somehow the idea of Paul having her did not upset me-in fact, I rather liked the idea.

    "Would you really like to have her?” I asked kissing him.

    "If I thought I wouldn't lose you; if I thought you wouldn't be angry,” he said, kissing me.

    "Of course I wouldn't be angry. Nor would you lose me,” I said. “Only yesterday the little imp told me she was wild to be fucked, so you might as well do it here in my bed with my blessings. It would be but a matter of days before she enticed you into her arms!"

    In answer to my call, the little beauty came into the room. She looked charming in her nightgown, but at my suggestion, she let it drop and sprang into my arms, perfectly nude!

    I held her close to me and rained kissed down upon her upturned face. Her sweet little lips were too inviting for me to gaze down upon and not cover with my own. My hand moved up and down, skating over the smooth flesh of her breast before working over her small waist and out again over her full hips. I eventually settled upon her fleshy mount; it sat in my palm so sweetly. “Isn't it time,” I whispered into her sweet mouth, “that you had a visitor here. One big enough to teach to you all the delights of love."

    "Oh, ma'am,” she sighed, “I love it so when you slip you finger into me."

    "I love it, too,” I answered, smiling at her naivete, “but that isn't what I meant. Paul knows all about the little thrills we give one another.” I laughed at her sudden blushes and said, “He would like to taste your sweet charms as well."

    As if on cue, Paul slipped his head between the pretty maid's legs as her upper torso rested in my arms. I soothed her wrinkled brow as she felt a man's face between her sweet thighs for the first time.

    "Oh, ma'am, his face is so much more rough. I like it, though,” she said.

    Paul was licking and sucking upon her still virgin cleft with a frenzy I thought would surely overwhelm the poor girl with fright. I was right, in a sense. He overwhelmed her, but it did not seem as if fear were the emotion that gripped her. I felt her body begin to convulse and I clutched her to me, fastening my lips on her. I sucked her tongue into my mouth just as Paul sucked her upstanding clit between his lips. She came seconds later, sending a rush of juice into Paul's eagerly waiting mouth. From between her quivering thighs, he looked up at me. I gave a slight nod. Before the pleasurable convulsions that wracked her body died down, Paul raised himself up and took up his position between her dew-sprinkled thighs. I, myself, brushed back the soft, downy curls of her mount and gently opened the lips of her slick pussy. Paul guided his madly twitching rod to her slit. The ruby knob dipped into her entrance. I let go of her cunt lips and they snapped shut, encasing his shaft, seeming to beckon him within. I couldn't bring myself to abandon the unfolding drama, though, so with one fingertip I sought out her clit. I gently massaged it as Paul began moving the head of his tool within just the entrance of her love channel. Nodding approval at the restraint he was showing, I increased the movements of my finger until I was frigging her at a furious pace. Her breasts were heaving and her stomach contracted-she was on the verge of spending again.

    "Now!” I cried out.

    Paul needed no further prompting. She squealed and cried when Paul thrust his big cock into her, but we were both unmerciful, and before long, he ejaculated into her belly. By then, she was caught up in her own crisis and was more than reconciled to it. She returned both our caresses with a will!

    I didn't suffer greatly because of my magnanimous gesture in having the girl deflowered upon my very bed. Paul proved to be worthy of handling two women, and Gene and I both came in for a share of pleasure.

    During the week that followed, Paul and I went into our work with a will, and long before the opening date of our performance, we were able to put on a complete dress rehearsal, very much to the satisfaction of our manager.

    At last, I was a recognized prima donna! A diva! My ambitions had been realized!

    That night, after the initial performance, or opening as it were, I was the guest of honor at a party backstage. We knew, of course, that this was the custom at that time, but Paul and I had arranged a little party all our own; we wanted to be alone; we wanted to celebrate the success of my first venture. And I might add here, my friend, that my success had been assured. That night I was showered with the most costly presents I had ever received. Everyone seemed to be trying to outdo everyone else. A great table had been laid there on the stage, and the dinner was attended by all the most famous people in Frankfurt. And just to give you an idea of the type of party it was, let me say that they insisted upon my appearing in the costume of our closing scene.

    There is considerable difference between wearing scanty dress in some scene in a play and wearing the same clothes at a social gathering, but evidently I hadn't known Frankfurt. That I did not was brought very much to my attention that night. Among our guests was a couple I must mention. The gentleman was easily thirty-five, and his mistress was about twenty. The gentleman was wealthy and a collector of rare books. It so happened that these two were responsible for the delightfully elaborate dinner tendered me, to say nothing of many of the more costly presents, among which was a book, at that time most rare.

    I knew nothing whatever of these two delightful people. Remember that I had been in Frankfurt for but a short time, and most, if not all of that time had been taken up by rehearsals and the almost constant attention shown me by Paul. However, I found the couple most congenial, and at parting that evening, Paul and I were invited to spend the weekend with them.

    I wasn't so sure I wanted this; I would have most preferred to be alone with my lover. But Paul, who was far better acquainted than I, thought it best that we pay them a visit.

    Upon arrival at our host's home, we discovered they had other guests. They were a jolly crowd and long before the last couple left, we discovered that most, if not all of them, were members of a love cult of some sort or other that had been making history in those parts.

    Later, as I was preparing to retire, I was visited in our suite by our hostess. She was wearing a long velvet dressing gown, and I noted her utter disregard at showing her naked legs. She said, “My dear, did you read the book Herman gave you?"

    "Yes, I did, and a most unusual document it is, too."

    The book, by the way, wasOpus Sadicum, which, as you undoubtedly know, is a treatise on cruelty. The author, one de Sade, was an advocate of whipping and various other degrees of punishment. I recalled that when I had scanned the book, I wondered how anyone could possibly get any pleasure inflicting punishment of that type and cruelty on another. One chapter in the book, however, held my attention more than any other. This was the chapter describing a character named Roland who, not satisfied with stripping and whipping girls in the most brutal manner, must satisfy himself by having connection with them in the “rear passage” or bottom-hole.

    Thinking this a good chance to clear up the matter, I said, “There is one chapter in your book which is not at all clear."

    "Yes?” she answered, settling herself in a more comfortable position.

    "Yes. It concerns one Roland who preferred to have his women in a manner not prescribed by nature-"

    "There are many such modes,” she interrupted, a strange look in her eye. “Just which one do you refer to?"

    "I refer to the one where this Roland prefers his women by the rear route, if I may refer to it that way. What I don't understand is, how can a man get satisfaction by penetrating a girl in that strange manner?"

    "That is quite simple,” she said. “It is an art practiced since the days of the Caesars; truth be told, it is practiced to this day. Indeed, I might add that it is much more in vogue these days than during the Christian period. Don't tell me you have never tried it."

    I laughed. I knew very little about this splendid-looking woman and was hardly ready to confess everything to her. “I'm sorry, my dear, but I must confess that I have not."

    "Then by all means you must do so at once. You will find it a most thrilling experience.” Rising, she came and stood close by my side, then: “You gave your lover your true maidenhead-why not give him the rear one?"

    We stood looking into each other's eyes for a long moment; she, undoubtedly, trying to fathom me; certainly I was trying to ascertain her motives. She broke the silence.

    "My real reason for stopping in to see you, dear, is to see if you wouldn't care for a little diversion-something to raise your pulse; a little whipping, for instance?"

    "You mean-” I asked.

    She shrugged her shoulders, then: “I have a very unruly maid and seeing her whipped serves to arouse my lover's passion to some great extent.” Noting the look in my eye, she continued, “Come along, my dear; I'm sure you'll enjoy it."

    I might add that at the moment, I was wearing but the briefest of camisoles and seeing this she said, “Don't bother dressing, dear; you couldn't possibly have on less than I,” and by the way of proving her statement, she opened her gown and showed me that it was her only garment.

    Imagine, then, me walking into the well-lighted living room all dressed up in a tiny undergarment of the thinnest possible gauze.

    All of this may have little or no interest to you, my friend; it is written for the sole purpose of showing the real character of my lover; how he fostered this visit; how he was a friend of long standing with these people and had been in the habit of visiting them and taking part in the weird entertainments there. The whole thing, briefly, was to initiate me in their free-love cult, and I, ever seeking new thrills, calmly walked into a nest of the worst sadists in all of Europe.

    Nor was that all. There was no doubt, as the woman had said, that her lover's passion was greatly aroused after watching someone being whipped. After a buxom lass had been led naked into the room and frightfully lashed, all four of us stripped stark naked, and I found myself paired off with this other woman's lover.

    Without so much as a kiss on the mouth-or anywhere else-he rammed his erect charger into my dripping cunny (for I was not unaffected by the evening's entertainment). After several thrusts, he withdrew and, moving up over my body, eased his juicy cock into my mouth. I licked and sucked at the engorged head, rather liking the taste of my own love-dew on the fleshy pole that wore it. Not satisfied with this, though, he turned me over and positioned me on my knees. Crouching on all fours while this sadist rubbed his hands over my backside, I realized that I was about to learn all I wanted to know about being diddled “the back way.” I looked over my shoulder, wanting to know what was to happen-and just when it would occur. It seems that just the sight of my creamy buttocks excited the man no end and his already sizable tool swelled to an incredible dimension. I feared for my timid little bottom-hole. Not suffering from the same apprehensions, he grasped his shaft with one hand, and resting the other hand upon the small of my back, he presented the knob to my crinkled orifice. Well lubricated from its dalliance within my cunt and mouth, the very tip worked in with surprising ease. But only the very tip. My bottom-hole expanded that small bit eagerly. Feeling resistance already, the man, seemingly well versed in such matters, pushed down on the small of my back, easing his access somewhat. Without further warning, he shoved mercilessly into my unsuspecting passage. He had been progressing with such patience that I was caught quite by surprise at this brutal assault. It was all for the best though-since I had no idea of his intentions, I had not the time to clench my bottom-hole as is often the case with virgins of the technique. He was past the tight sphincter muscle and sheathed writhing in the dark passage with little or no pain on my part. He remained there motionless while I had time to acquaint myself with this novel visitor. As soon as he felt my tentative grip of his swollen tool within my canal, he completed his entrance until he was in me to his balls. He wrapped the fingers of one hand around the front of my thigh to give himself greater leverage for the mad ride to come, and he worked the fingers of his other hand into my neglected pussy so as to give me greater joy. He pulled out slowly and then pushed back in. Again he pulled out until I retained but the crested hood. I could feel every glorious inch of him. Exasperated at his slow progress, I heaved my buttocks back, taking all of him in. He needed no further hints. Soon he was fucking my back passage with relish. My own efforts almost unseated him, and he let go of my cunt in order to hold onto my heaving hips with both hands. Deprived of this wonderful stimulation, I was forced to attend to my anxious pussy myself. With my own fingers frigging my clit and his ever-growing shaft plumbing me to my depths, we both came in a flood of erotic down-pouring.

    Needless to say, my friend, that I became a frequent visitor at our new friends’ home, and here, thanks to their efforts and the effort of their friends, I found my education advancing by leaps and bounds.

    But I won't linger longer over my time in Frankfurt. Enough to say our stay covered two years. Just when the show was to close in a few weeks, I had the good fortune to receive a visit from a producer of operas who was about to open a show in Pest and was eager to get my signature to a contract. Then, as though fate had laid in wait for me, Paul also received a splendid offer, which was to take him on a long tour.

    There wasn't the slightest doubt that I would take this offer, but there were a number of reasons which hurried my signing. First, I was about to lose Paul. Second, I had already been touched by another beside Paul (nor were these two the only ones). The third was for the reason that a splendid-looking young fellow accompanied my new producer, and I found myself falling desperately in love. His name was Arpid, and that night as Paul and I lay clasped in each other's arms, I fancied it was Arpid who held me. Indeed, I even called out the name Arpid when at the height of my passion, so great was my desire for this young man. But Paul was nice about it. He told me to go and enjoy myself; that I was free, and though he would never forget me, I should now take another.

    I might mention that I never saw Paul again.


    I have often wondered at the strangeness of my own nature. For two years I lived with a man, the same man who had the pleasure of taking my maidenhead and initiating me into the mysteries of sex, and yet at the expiration of those two years I hadn't the slightest regrets at leaving Paul.

    Some people will say that a woman cannot have two loves and have the second be as passionate as the first. That, my friend, is not true. And my case, too, was different than most women. There wasn't a spot on my body, from the tips of toes to the end of the longest hair on my head, that hadn't at some time during our two years been inundated by his prolific spend, nor was there a single method known to man that Paul hadn't tried upon my body. You may dispute that, but I can safely say that it is true.

    And what is stranger still, perhaps, is the fact that I wanted it that way. Paul's moods were strange, as were mine. I had known him to literally tear the most costly garments from me and ravish me in the most unheard-of manner; he had taken me in my dressing room, just before I was about to make my entrance upon the stage. I believe this lent strength to my voice, for standing there, feeling his prolific sperm trickle down my thighs from the overdose he had so recently given me, I sang as I never had before.

    I had had him in a railway carriage; in a coach; I recall how once we were riding through the park, and how I made him fuck me almost under the eyes of the driver who sat on a seat above us. Oh, I could tell you of a hundred crazy things we had done, and yet, the day I left Paul, I had not the least feeling of regret.

    With Gene it was the same thing; a kiss and a well-filled purse was all that passed between us as I left her, though tears showed on her lashes. I was told later that Paul took her with him, but of this, I knew nothing-nor did I care. My mind was on but one thing, and that was my darling Arpid!

    I thought the trip from Frankfurt to Pest would never end. Imagine fifty hours on a train alone and burning with desire for a man I knew little or nothing about!

    I arrived in Pest about the middle of the afternoon, as I recall it, and never shall I forget the welcome that awaited me. It seemed the entire populace had turned out to greet me. Many of these people were strangers to me and many I already knew. Among others, of course, was my manager and Arpid.

    As soon as possible, I shook off the others, and entering my manager's carriage, was driven off. He had arranged for me to occupy an entire suite in the city's best hotel, and we were driven directly there. A hurried tour of the place convinced me that my desires had been carried out to the letter. My suite consisted of twelve rooms and a bath. This bath was the nearest approach to the Roman ideal that it was possible to produce. The plunge itself was entirely surrounded by mirrors; even the floor was one vast mirror-including the bottom of the plunge.

    The rest of the apartment consisted of three or four bedrooms, lounging rooms, and dressing rooms. My inspection over, I suggested dinner, and here again fate seemed to guide my future.

    My manager, delightful old soul that he was, found it impossible to remain, even for the time necessary to dine with me. I made out as though I was dreadfully disappointed, but I wasn't; in my heart, I was overjoyed at the prospect of being alone with Arpid!

    If I had thought him handsome when I first laid eyes upon him, he was a thousand times more so now, and when I found that I was to have him all to myself, my joy knew no bounds-for weeks and weeks I had thought of nothing else but him, and now that I had him, I was more determined than ever to possess his handsome body.

    I might add here that Arpid was far better looking than Paul-at least I thought so-was far younger, and obviously from a better family. Indeed, his every action cried “culture."

    In spite of the fact that he was Hungarian, he spoke German fluently.

    He had spent all his life in schools and colleges. Indeed, he had just finished his final educational period, and at the time I met him was touring Europe and had stopped off to visit his uncle, my manager.

    Dinner was an event long to be remembered. Besides the wonderful food, we consumed large quantities of wine, and though I flirted outrageously with this handsome boy, it was plain that I had a novice to contend with. During the entire dinner, my bell was kept ringing by friends and acquaintances who demanded to be received, but to all I turned a deaf ear, pleading a severe headache and making appointments for the future.

    Mad with a lust that was rapidly consuming me, I began my attack on Arpid. Begging to be excused for a moment, I dashed to my room. Here I quickly stripped off my clothing and donned a tiny, transparent undervest and a pair of the briefest possible drawers, both garments of the finest linen. Over this I wore a transparent dressing gown, its only fastening being a tiny ribbon about my middle. Thrusting my bare feet into low bedroom slippers, I hurried back to Arpid! I saw him give a start as I swept back into the room, my gown flowing behind me, showing both my thighs naked to the very tops, and my breasts jutting bare out of the top of the undervest!

    During the half hour that followed, I was anything but selfish with the exposure of my charms! I was getting desperate! Taking advantage of a moment when I happened to be out of my intended's line of vision, I deliberately drew out the tie cord of my gown, allowing it to flow open about me! Catching sight of myself in a mirror, I thrilled at the image, for I may as well have been stark naked, so revealing were the tiny undergarments! My gown, almost falling from my shoulders, had the desired effect; his cock, almost as large as that of a young stallion, lay along his thigh beneath his trouser leg, and the thought of possessing it-having it driven into my burning cunt-was fast driving me wild! But still he made no effort to take me.

    For more than an hour I had been seeking a means to make him stay all night with me, and then, as though in answer to my prayers, a most violent thunderstorm broke through the heavens.

    Here was a chance I couldn't possibly let slip by! Since Arpid was too timid to declare his love for me, then I must declare mine to him!

    "Oh, Arpid,” I cried, springing into his arms and pressing myself against him, “I am so afraid! The storm frightens me! Please promise me you won't leave me alone tonight!"

    "But, but-” he went on, evidently frightened half out of his wits at the thought of having to stay the night in a lady's apartment.

    "Please, Arpid, my darling,” I continued, cuddling against him like an affectionate kitten, “I know what you're going to say! You're wondering what my friends will say when they find I have had a man in my rooms for a whole night! But I don't care! I'm frightened! I can't let you go! See!” I said, pointing to an open door. That shall be your room, dear! It's right next to mine, so that if I get too frightened, I may call you! Please, dear!"

    How I did it I do not know, but I got his promise to stay the night in my apartment! Mad with a desire to bring about the ending I so desperately wanted, I pushed him into the room set aside for him!

    Hurrying into my own room, I quickly slipped off the frail garments I had been wearing and waited for him to climb into bed! Knowing that it was quite the custom for Hungarians to sleep without night clothing, and feeling certain that he, even here in my apartment, would do so, I put out my light and waited!

    I heard the bedsprings creak beneath his weight! There came a more violent crash of thunder! I darted into his room! With a single sweep of my hand, I threw the cover from him and threw myself into his arms, being careful that I landed astride his hips!

    "Oh, Arpid!” I cried, “Hold me tight! I am so afraid!” and slipping my arms about his neck I nestled close, thrilling anew as I felt his darling cock pressing against my naked bottom!

    Any man who couldn't be tempted after that, wasn't human!

    Arpid was no exception. In an instant, his arms were about me! Our mouths met and clung! Aroused himself, he rolled me over upon my back and got between my thighs! One of his hands came down, that he might steer his mighty cock to my slit!

    "Oh, Arpid,” I cried, “what are you doing to me?” But even as I said it, I was reaching down with my own hands-not to force it away but to assist in steering it to my hungry, burning cunt. At the first touch of the wide, almost flat cap of his cock to my eager slit, I let down a veritable waterfall of come, drenching both of us with my passionate juices. A moment later, my greedy cunt lips literally sucked his shaft in up to his sperm-laden balls!

    Arpid might have feared me in the outer rooms, but here in bed he proved himself my master. In my short career as a fuckstress, I had never met a man like him. He rode between my thighs until I was writhing with pleasure. At almost every inward thrust, I came, and every time he pulled his magnificent machine out, I practically cried aloud with grief. Three times he shot his scalding sperm into me without even withdrawing between times, and even after that I didn't let him rest! Wild with an unsatiated desire, I bent over him, toying and playing with his half-limp cock! Then, with a little cry of happiness on my lips, I slipped it into my mouth and sucked it back to erection! It was the longest cock I had ever seen until that time, but its length did not faze me! Rising, I got astride his hips and with a single downward motion, I impaled myself! With long strokes, I slid my cunt up and down its towering length. And so, my very first night in Pest was spent in the arms of a man I had come to love at first sight.

    Nothing was spared. Like myself, Arpid was made for love, and I had not the slightest trouble in teaching him the various modes of pleasure I had learned. At the very first touch of his lips and tongue to my cunny, he all but ate me alive!

    He became my slave, eager to satisfy my slightest whim or desire. Later I shall tell you how, in the presence of my guests, he abandoned himself to me.

    It was noon before we attempted to rise from bed. I only agreed to let him leave after he promised to come and spend the night with me again.

    After he had departed, I gave my attention to the many cards and letters I had received. These had been left by my earlier callers who promised to return when it was more convenient for me to receive them. All day long, I received these guests. My rooms were banked with the choicest of cut flowers, and that night Arpid and I sprinkled our bed with the petals. Upon these, the delightful boy ravished me throughout the hours of the night.

    The following day I threw open my door to my friends, both new and old. These proved to be the elite of Pest. Men and their wives rubbed shoulders with kept women and their lovers. Young and old, they trouped through my rooms, leaving tokens of endearment, some only trinkets, others of great worth.

    Three hundred people in all passed through my rooms that day. Among them were two sisters named Anna and Nina. They were scarcely twenty years old and as beautiful as the most costly Dresden dolls. I remember how they seemed to hang back until the last of my guests had departed, and how, upon being presented to them, one of them handed me a letter. Upon reading it, I found it had been written by a very dear friend of mine in Frankfurt, and that it was to serve as a letter of introduction to the sisters.

    I recalled the many things my former friend had told me regarding the thrilling exploits she had had during her stay in Pest, and since the letter stated in no uncertain terms that Anna and Nina might prove worthy of better acquaintance, I asked them to stay and have dinner with me. This they readily agreed to, and as most of my guests had already departed, and my door had been closed to any late stragglers, I soon found myself closeted with my two new friends.

    Strangely enough, I felt like I was meeting old friends in these two girls. I also knew by the letter of introduction that I need have no fears that these two weren't quite my equal.

    While dinner was being laid, I said, “This letter of introduction makes me feel as though I am but renewing old acquaintances; your friend has often told me of the delightful times she had had during her stay in Pest, but I didn't at that time, of course, know that the girls she spoke of were you two."

    "I hope,” said Nina, smiling and gazing at me from beneath partly lowered lips, “she did not tell you all the things we did."

    "I'm afraid she did,” I answered. “There were never any secrets between us. She told me, also, that you girls disliked the idea of wearing clothing-is that correct?"

    Anna answered, “That's quite true. And since Grace has written us that the same thing is true of you, why not stop pretending?"

    Nina nodded her approval of this, and I said, “Then why not make ourselves comfortable? You are staying to dinner with me, and I would love having you both for the entire evening. Besides, I have any number of chic dressing gowns we might don."

    Smilingly, we three entered one of my dressing rooms, emerging a few moments later clad in hip-length gowns, the handsome sisters making not the slightest pretense of fastening them about their naked bodies. I saw their eyes sweep over me from head to foot for, like them, I allowed my gown to fall away from my shoulders.

    Dinner was announced. The well-trained maid paid little or no attention to our outlandish dress-or undress-and during the repast we consumed considerable wine. Later, having finished dinner, and while we were lying about in another room, I said, “My friend hardly did you girls justice when she referred to your unusual beauty."

    "Indeed,” answered Anna, rising and coming to seat herself beside me, “you are a beauty to behold yourself.” She took my face gently between her hands and kissed me full on the lips. Before she drew away, I felt Nina nudge her head between my thighs. I moaned, overtaken with the lascivious idea of being ravished by two gorgeous girls. I slid lower down on the couch, allowing Nina greater access to the damp slit she was desperately trying to reach. Her sister moved her eager lips to my aching breasts. Molding one full globe in her small hand, she sucked the nipple of the other into her mouth. Her tongue flickered over the taut cap of my breast while her sister's tongue flicked across my rigid clit. My hands sought out their own warm flesh as their lips devoured mine. I was enveloped in a veritable banquet of hips, breasts, thighs, and arms-it was hard to tell what body part belonged to whom.

    I'm not going into the details of all the things we did before the return of my lover Arpid. Enough to say that we became very well acquainted before another hour passed, and I found they lived up to my every expectation.

    Becoming more calm after the first outburst of passion, I said, “Your friend in Frankfurt told me something of the good times you used to indulge in here. Tell me more about them-tell me something about yourselves."

    Between them I learned that they were of wealthy parents, that they lived in a mammoth house, and that they were allowed to go about as they pleased. Parties in their home seemed to have been something of an event, so I said, “What about those wonderful parties you had there? Tell me about them."

    The girls exchanged glances, then Nina, shrugging her shapely shoulders, said, “Why shouldn't we tell her-she'll be wanting to attend one, and she might as well know what to expect."

    "Bad as all that?” I asked, settling myself in a more comfortable position.

    "Worse,” answered Anna. “Want to hear about it?"

    I nodded my approval and she went on, “We meet at our home twice a week. Here new members are discussed and voted upon."

    "Voted upon?” I repeated.

    "Exactly,” Nina said. “Every now and then some member of our club, as we call it, has a new member she or he wishes to introduce. At the Monday night meeting, we discuss this person, and a committee is appointed to look into that individual's past history. This checked, we vote to either take in or reject. If accepted, and it's convenient for everyone concerned, we hold the initiation that Saturday night."

    "Something about that word ‘initiation’ does not sound so good,” I said, laughing, though undaunted. “What's the idea of the initiation?"

    "To assure strict secrecy,” she went on. “If one is called upon to do a so-called ‘dreadful’ thing, and has to do it in the presence of a mixed group, that person isn't likely to tell on someone else about something he or she has done."

    "Sounds interesting,” I said. “Tell me more about it."

    "First, the candidate is stripped stark naked. If it's a girl, she is led, blindfolded, into a room where the men are assembled. These men, naked of course, are assembled about the room while she, still blindfolded, points her finger to one of the men. She must go on her knees before this man and suck him off. She's never to know who the man is, except that he's one of our crowd. A man is subjected to the same performance when he is initiated, the only difference being that he is taken before the girls who, like the men, are nude, and here he must suck off some designated girl. If everything goes as expected, then we unmask the girl, or man as the case may be, and abandon ourselves to the pleasures of an out-and-out orgy. How does it sound, my dear?"

    "It's all right,” I said, “but there is one thing that isn't quite clear: Why must the girl, or man, be blindfolded? Why not allow the candidate to choose his or her partner?"

    "That,” said Nina, “is where the spice of the thing comes in. The candidate never knows who he or she had that first time. If it was not for that, the candidate would be sure to pick someone whom they particularly liked above someone else."

    Does this seem strange to you, my friend? If it does, let me tell you that in every part of Europe people of the so-called “better class” were forever forming some sort of love cult or other, so there was nothing remarkably strange about the entire affair, as far as I could see. After all, who are we-you and I-to judge others?

    This, however, was the state of affairs in Pest at that time. I could go on for hours telling you of the strange affairs that I know were taking place every night. But that is not my idea; I am not writing a history of other persons’ affairs, but rather, as I told you in the beginning, a history of the more exciting things in my own life, so I shall stick to that, digressing only when it is necessary to bring out some particular point in my story.

    Anna and Nina were more than willing to spend the night with me, but I begged off. There were many other nights, I said, and I had to reserve a place for my latest lover, Arpid.

    "So,” Nina said, “you already have a lover? You work fast, my dear. I was hoping to assist you in the choice of one."

    After a few more minutes of conversation, the sisters dressed and bid me goodnight. Knowing Arpid was due any moment, I did not bother to dress, but lay on a broad couch. Lying there, I began going over in my mind the description of Nina's and Anna's parties, and the more I thought of them the more excited I became.

    Arpid came in and, seeing me lying there in complete nakedness became quite excited. You may rest assured that I came in for considerable loving; Arpid had hardly gotten used to his new playmate as yet, and was slightly put out when I asked him to lie with me there on the couch; the darling boy was forever getting his face between my legs, a little trick I would have gladly welcomed had the two girls not taken about all I had to offer for the moment.

    We spent a delightful night, however, and though the girls had done much toward abating the hunger I usually had for it, I managed to give Arpid a few wonderfully long drawn-out fucks and sent him to sleep by taking his wonderful cock into my mouth and sucking a splendid spend from it.

    Never having heard of anything like that, Arpid was wild with delight at the thought of his cock between my lips and going off there; but he was dreadfully bashful. He confessed that I had been the first woman he had ever had. I then conceived the idea of teaching him something of the things I had learned to love.

    The following afternoon, Nina and Anna called on me, and I told them my plan at once. There being no secrets between us, I told them of all the delightful tricks I had taught my new lover, how I had taken his “cherry,” and how I wished to initiate him into being more brazen in his methods. I had a reason for this; I really loved Arpid, and I wanted him to share the pleasures I had devoted myself to. The girls were delighted with the prospect of teaching him, and at my suggestion both stripped stark naked, hid their clothes, and then we three waited for his return.

    Soon we heard him coming and the girls quickly hid in a closet. He found me, as before, lying completely naked, and once again he wanted to start in. “Please, dear,” I said, kissing him, “hurry and undress!” Never will I forget the sight of him when he reentered the room, his great cock sticking almost straight up along his belly. Again he wanted to mount me, but I held him off.

    "Get astride my chest, dear,” I said. “I want to have your lovely plaything where I can kiss it!” His eyes shooting fire, he did as I directed. I had propped myself up against the pillows in such a manner that I was in a splendid position to take his noble charger, and after toying with it for a few moments, I signified my desire to have it in my mouth. Smiling, his bone-hard tool leaping in my hands, he leaned forward. I knew the girls were watching, and I was determined to put on a good show. First I licked it all over! Then, fearing it might explode, I quickly took it between my lips, and Arpid, having learned his lesson, pressed nearer, sending it far into my mouth!

    But the battle was short-lived. My warm mouth was too much for the novice, and just as the first gush of his creme came from it, I gave the signal and the two nude beauties rushed in upon us!

    Arpid was wild, but between us, we got him quieted, and he became quite reconciled to his fate. Indeed, he flirted so outrageously with the two girls that we finally agreed to let him have both of them. I don't really like sharing my lover with another woman, but we couldn't very well do otherwise, since it was my ambition to awaken him to the point where he would agree to joining the secret “club” the girls maintained in their home. Long before the evening passed, Arpid was willing to agree to almost anything.

    I might add that Arpid got all the sucking he needed that day, but with the three passionate women operating on him, he was of little use to me that night.


    Three weeks after our little exercise with Arpid, the new show opened and was a huge success from the very start. Invitations were pressed upon me from so many different sources that I found it impossible to take care of them. Ministers, businessmen, and bankers were all turned down-and turned over to Nina and Anna. I depended upon them to choose the most worthy for my attention.

    That's a strange way of putting it, isn't it? I use the word “worthy” and I mean just that. My two friends, knowing everyone in Pest, chose only those they thought I would care to see. If this one seemed a prude, his or her name was discarded. If this or that couple had children, their names were discarded.

    "Here,” Nina said, holding up a letter, “is a person you should cultivate."

    "Yes?” I answered, taking the letter. “Who is she?"

    For a long moment, Nina looked at me, then said, “Have you ever been whipped, my dear? For love, I mean?"

    "I have,” I answered. “Why?"

    "Then by all means go and see her; but if you have a tender skin, then stay away."

    "Sounds interesting,” I offered. “Tell me more about her."

    Then followed the strangest story I had yet heard. This woman, it seemed, was a Russian. In her early twenties, very beautiful and greatly sought after not only by the wealthy men but also members of the nobility as well, she was an enigma, a paradox if there was one.

    She had caused more men's hearts to flutter than any one person in all Pest by her daring dress, or lack of it. She invited the handsomest men to her villa, only to have them bodily thrown out; she had a positive fetish for appearing in public in the most bizarre dress; she had herself driven through the streets, reclining in her carriage wearing but the thinnest possible nightdress; she received her guests in plastic; never wore a thread of dress within her home, and had once entered a celebrated hotel and walked the full length of the dining room stark naked. I listened to all this from the lips of the two girls, and wondered.

    "Her lover?” I asked.

    "She has none,” came the startling answer.

    "A girl lover, perhaps?” I offered.

    "If she has one, it has never been found out,” answered Anna.

    "What, then, does she do for her entertainment?” I asked, interested.

    "Now we're right back where we started from,” offered Nina. “The delightful creature depends on her whip to furnish her pleasure."

    I was becoming more and more interested in this woman, and made no secret of my desire to meet her. “You know her?” I asked.

    "I've had the pleasure,” answered Anna, “and I do not care for her very much. Nor does Nina."

    "Why?” I asked. “I can't imagine you disliking a pretty girl,” I said, looking at her in a decidedly naughty manner.

    "Who's a better judge of that than you?"

    "Naughty! But tell me more about this woman,” I said. “Perhaps I shall call upon her; I have her invitation, you know."

    "There's very little to tell,” offered Nina. “That is, there's precious little anyone knows about her except that she maintains a dozen beautiful maids and that she goes in for active flagellation. Aside from that, little else is known."

    "You intrigue me,” I said. “Please let me see her letter."

    Scanning the letter, I noted the date she would expect me; it was for the following day, and I was expected to dine with her. I would have ample time before the performance that night.

    "This is very unusual,” I said. “Here I am being invited to this woman's home to take dinner with her, and I have never had the pleasure of meeting her.

    "But that's where you're wrong,” suggested Anna. “She has already been here; she was among your guests at your ‘at home’ day."

    "Indeed. It's strange I do not recall her. However, since that is the case, I believe I shall call as she suggests."

    In truth, I was all excited to meet this strange woman, but I was hardly prepared for what I was to witness the following afternoon.

    The following day, at precisely two o'clock-the arranged time-I was driven to her door and ushered in by one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. This was shock number one. Shock number two came at the same moment; this latter was caused by the most unusual dress I had ever seen a domestic wear. It consisted of a little purple jacket, fit tight about her waist, and a skirt, if the thing could be called a skirt. It was actually just a stiff ruffle about her waist. It flared out straight from her, leaving her stark naked from her waist to the tops of her purple stockings. On her feet, she wore heavy shoes, like those commonly worn by Russian peasants.

    I noted, as I followed this girl through the hall, that her bottom and thighs were marked with long, red weals, and I wondered if it were possible that this beautiful girl had recently been the unhappy victim of her mistress’ wrath?

    A moment later, I was shown into a luxuriously furnished room where I was immediately joined by this Russian woman, whose name proved to be Rosenloff-Countess Marie Rosenloff.

    Something of a name, don't you think, my dear?

    But it wasn't the name, however, that bothered me; it was the most fantastic dress that went to make up her costume. It consisted of a crown of ostrich feathers. That was her entire costume; otherwise she was stark naked!

    If ever in my young life I wanted to laugh outright at anyone, it was this strange woman. After looking her over, however, I became more or less used to it. She was very beautiful; her body was well formed and unusually fair, and it was evident that she had taken good care of herself.

    "You do not object to my dress?” she asked, seating herself in the direct rays of the sun. When I assured her I did not object in the least, she said, “I thought you wouldn't; I have been given to understand that you, too, like to be about in the altogether."

    "That is quite true,” I said, “but I do not limit myself to the indoors.” I wondered if the countess got the significance of this. Evidently she did, for she said, “We are the pioneers, my dear. Sooner or later everyone will discover the benefits of going about stark naked."

    My visit to this woman's home had been brought about by curiosity alone. A woman who has no male lover, yet will walk into a hotel in a state of complete nakedness, must have some direct reason for doing so. I put her down as a conservative; and I mean by that, one who chooses her lovers, and these lovers were a select few among the girls and young men. In brief, I put her down as an out-and-out tribade-a lover of her own sex. Wishing to draw her out, so to speak, and perhaps learn for certain just what she might be, I took the bull by the horns. And I might add here, my friend, that I found it something of a delight and joy in gazing upon her nude charms.

    Here I was, practically a total stranger to her, yet she greets me in complete nudity! Knowing, as you do, that I have a weakness for well-formed girls in the nude, I might be forgiven for gazing with a certain amount of longing upon this splendid young woman.

    Her hair was corn yellow, there was the unmistakable slant to her eyes, her nose was rather small, and her mouth was unmistakably Russian. Like women of her race, she was big boned, though not too much so; her breasts were full and, I thought, unusually erect, while the nipples were pointed and stiff, and quite cherry in color. Her waist was small, her hips full, and her bottom-cheeks were beautifully rounded and plump. Her thighs were things of beauty! Round as apples and as smooth as ivory, they tapered down to graceful, dimpled knees; her ankles were small and her feet were dainty. But that wasn't all I found myself fascinated with; what took my interest most was the fact that there wasn't a trace of hair about or above her full-lipped cunt, which she seemed bent on my seeing in all its glory.

    Thinking to get at the bottom of this mystery, I said, “I can quite understand your desire for being about in complete nakedness. You are very beautiful."

    "You, too, are very beautiful,” she said.

    "My face is-at least so I have been told."

    "Ah, but your body, too, my dear."

    "Indeed. I didn't know that you had seen enough of me to make such a judgment."

    "Yes,” she said, touching a button on a stand. “I happened to have been in Frankfurt, and there I had the pleasure of seeing you in your opera. You were marvelous as Juliette-particularly in the balcony scene."

    "Indeed. I seemed to have set a precedent in the art of appearing in almost complete nakedness-in the opera at least."

    "Enough,” she said, “to convince me that you are beautiful. There is one thing, however, that I don't understand: Why have you never removed your pubic hair?"

    "That's strange,” I said, smiling. “I was just wondering where yours was. I have so much and you have none; I'll admit, however, that it makes your cunt more beautiful.” I thought this would surely open up the conversation a little, but she merely said, “That is very complimentary, but I did not remove it for beauty's sake; it was purely for sanitary reasons. Not only am I without the useless hair, but my maids are compelled to remove theirs also."

    Wishing to be a little more daring, I said, “I once suggested having mine removed, but my lover at that time said it would be a shame to remove it; he said the hair just shaded it enough to make my pussy beautiful.” Allowing this to sink in for a moment, I added, “And what does your lover say about yours? He likes ‘bare facts’ I presume?"

    Before the countess had a chance to answer this, a maid entered in answer to her summons. Here again I was the least bit shocked, for the maid, another very beautiful and shapely girl, entered, her only covering being unusually high-heeled slippers and the tiniest apron I had ever seen. While I was busily engaged in summing up the girl's fine points, the countess said, “Why did you keep me waiting, Molly?” and without waiting for an answer, continued: “Hold yourself in readiness for my call; then come and bring the whip. I shall lash you between your legs. In the meantime, bring a bottle of my choicest wine and two glasses."

    I had been watching the maid and I couldn't help but note the expression on her face as she listened to her mistress’ scolding. The color mounted to her cheeks, she bit her lower lip, a brightness came into her large eyes, and I was sure the faintest trace of a smile crossed her pretty face. When she bent her knee and turned and walked from the room, my eyes followed her, and I could easily understand what Nina meant when she said the countess’ maids were the prettiest in Europe; her bottom-cheeks were beautiful, and I should know, for the girl was stark naked behind.

    I was on the verge of asking questions regarding this girl when the countess interrupted. “You were asking about a lover, were you not?” and when I nodded, she went on. “I have none; in fact I have never had one, if you were referring to a man lover."

    "How, then, do you get your pleasure-if that's a fair question?"

    I watched her now; I wanted to note the reaction to this.

    She shrugged her shapely shoulders. “Sounds funny to you, no doubt, but I have no desire for a man. I am quite content with my maids; besides, they understand me."

    I saw I would have to change my tactics. I hadn't, so far, gained the slightest bit of information. I would have to do something unusual to gain the facts I wanted. I said, “I surely cherish your wine; it is dreadfully warm,” and I fanned myself with my handkerchief.

    "Oh, my dear,” she said, “I'm sorry. I quite forgot myself; I was so comfortable I quite forgot my guest. You will stay for dinner, won't you?"

    "I haven't made any other arrangements,” I said, “and will be delighted to stay; I rather like your arrangements here.” This had the desired result, for she promptly said, “Then why not make yourself comfortable by slipping off your clothes? You are not bashful?"

    "Hardly,” I answered, smiling. “Too many persons have seen me naked for me to be modest now.” Then I added, “You forget, my dear, I have a lover."

    The countess remained in her position on the lounging chair as I started to undress. “I shall have one of my maids assist you,” she said, touching the convenient button again.

    I laughed. “I'm almost afraid to trust myself with such a pretty girl,” I said, giving a slight little wiggle with my hips, and before she could find an answer to this, the maid appeared. This one, however, was one I hadn't seen as yet.

    "Assist Madam with her slippers and stockings,” said the Countess. Up to that point, I had removed only my upper garments, and I was surprised to see how quickly this pretty girl went about the task assigned her. Quickly kneeling, she slipped both hands beneath my dress and up along my leg to my knee. Remembering, then, that she had failed to remove the slipper, she quickly did so, and once again her hands slid up along my leg. Watching the countess, I made it appear as though I was having difficulty with my skirts, and was delighted to note that instead of watching her maid, she was watching the uncovering of my charms.

    Glancing down, I happened to catch the maid's eye, and I noted the deep color in her cheeks; she was deliberately taking her time about removing the garters. Catching the hint, I said: “Be careful not to stretch the elastic, my dear.” Again turning my attention to the Countess, I said, “Are you in the habit of whipping your maids simply because they happen to be delayed in answering your summons?” As I said this, I felt the unmistakable sensation of soft fingers stealing up my thigh-far, far too high to have anything to do with the garter!

    "That's why I asked you to call today,” the countess said, moving with that languor common to one under the influence of another's presence under certain circumstances. “This is punishment day."

    "Indeed,” I said, making believe I was surprised at this choice bit of information. “Then I am in luck. I have never witnessed anything like that."

    Hidden beneath my skirts as they were, the maid's hands were taking advantage of the golden opportunity, for while one hand toyed with the elastic of the second garter, the other slid along and quite came to rest among the curls that lay hidden there. Holding my waist momentarily between the countess and me, I looked down only to find the naughty maid staring up into my eyes, and if ever a signal passed between two persons, one passed between us; I am sure the pretty girl read my thoughts.

    Naturally, I wondered at this. Why, I wondered, would this girl deliberately flirt this way with me? Was I to learn something further about the inner-doings of this mysterious house?

    The stockings having been removed by this time, I pushed the skirts and drawers down over my hips, letting them fall about my bare feet. There was an unmistakable flush on the countess’ cheeks, one I hadn't noted before, and she seemed to be centering her attention on my hairy grotto. Very well, I thought. If you enjoy looking at it, my dear, I shall have the pleasure of feeding it to your clever mouth before I leave here today!

    But I was never more mistaken in my life, my friend, as you shall see. That the countess was eager to get at the punishment business was manifest a moment later when she said, “If you are really interested in what is about to happen, my dear, come along to my punishment room,” and she rose languidly and motioned toward a curtained doorway. Grabbing up the bottle and glasses, I said, “I will enjoy it far more if I am fortified with this,” waving the bottle on high and following her to the doorway.

    Turning to the maid again, she said, “Have Molly come to me in ten minutes-I shall punish her first."

    Here was a most unusual event in my young life. I had already done many strange things; I was no stranger to the ways of the flesh with both men and women, but this was the first time I had ever stripped stark naked and followed an equally naked woman into a darkened room for the purpose of watching her give her pet maid a severe whipping. But because I had promised to discover all the mysteries possible within this house, I was determined to go through with it regardless of what happened.

    What was my surprise, then, to find myself in a cute little bowerlike place, where the only article of furniture-besides a large bearskin rug on the floor-was a broad, low couch upon which the countess threw herself in a position which quite conveyed to me her intention.

    "Why do you whip these pretty girls?” I asked, dropping down beside her and slipping one arm about her nude waist. Carelessly I dropped the other hand upon her smooth, warm thigh.

    She had removed the silly headdress and was partly lying and partly sitting, her thighs quite well apart. Looking into my eyes, she said, “A few moments ago you asked me a question regarding a lover, and I told you I had none.” While saying this, she deliberately raised her leg and placed it across both of mine, and once again I could hardly mistake her meaning. However, I did not take advantage of this apparent offer right away, but contented myself with patting and toying with the warm flesh of her well-turned thigh. I nodded my answer and she went on: “That was quite true; I have no use for men. Nor is it possible for me to enjoy the embraces of a woman until I have first been aroused by watching another suffer under the lash."

    Again I nodded. “I can partly understand that,” I said.

    "There are, however, exceptions to that rule. Seeing your beautiful body, and knowing something of your past, it would require but precious little attention to arouse me fully. You know what I mean, do you not?” she said, giving me a dreadfully naughty look and moving her belly in little rotating motions.

    I understood fully enough, but I did not propose to be caught in any of her traps. I said, “Doesn't it arouse you to have so many pretty, nude girls about the place?"

    "At times. They are very skillful and delight in pleasing me, but one tires of that after awhile. Your presence, however, has aroused me to no little extent.” And gazing at me from beneath her long lashes, she added, “You do not misunderstand me, do you darling?” at the same time moving her belly again.

    I laughed. “How could one be mistaken?” I said, sliding my hand up along her thigh and bringing my fingers to rest upon the soft lips of her cunny.

    "I thought you would understand. Now if you will but go down upon your knees and do my aching cunt justice, I shall be able to furnish you with a very pretty little show."

    There was not the slightest doubt about her meaning now, and though I found her very desirable, I had not the slightest intention of allowing myself to become a victim of her wiles. It also occurred to me that she was a bit brazen about it. One does not approach it in such a manner, and her actions conveyed the impression that I was being led into some sort of a trap from which I might find difficulty in extracting myself. So, sparring for time as it were, I said, “I'm sorry, dear, but you seemed to have forgotten about me. You see I, too, have to be aroused; so why not wait until after you have punished one of the girls-I will feel more like it then."

    "But you don't understand,” she said. “You see, it's this way: If I were to go about it without first being relieved, I would be sure to soften and fail in my duty. The whipping, I mean, would be a failure; it wouldn't bring about the desired results."

    I was thinking fast now. Here I was in this strange woman's home, naked, in the most compromising position and being literally invited to “go down” on her without the slightest indication that she would reciprocate. How, I wondered, was I going to get out of this fix?

    True, I wasn't the slightest bit afraid of her; I was too famous to think for a moment that anyone would dare lay a hand on me. I just did not want to be caught in any traps. Blackmail was far too prevalent at that time for me not to know the pitfalls one can so easily walk into. No, indeed! If I were to do this woman's bidding, then she must return the favors bestowed upon her.

    I have always tried to live a Christian life (that may seem strange coming from me, but it's true) though I had long since given up the idea that prayers could be of any possible assistance to me, but that afternoon an unspoken prayer was answered. I had been taxing my brain for a way out of the present difficulty when the curtains parted, admitting a girl. It was the same beautiful creature who had removed my stockings, and like myself, she was completely naked.

    "Molly is ready, madam,” she said in a low voice.

    "You have prepared the whip?” asked the countess, relieving me of her leg and sitting up.

    The girl nodded. “Everything is ready, madam."

    "Very well,” she said, by way of dismissal. Turning to me, the countess said, “Would you like to be in the room when I inflict the punishment, or would you rather remain here and watch through the curtains? I am sure the latter would be the best; Molly would be sure to respond with far greater freedom if she thought she didn't have an audience."

    I was thinking fast. “I believe I would much rather remain here-if the punishment room is close by."

    "The next room,” she said, indicating the heavy curtains at the far side. She rose and walked toward them in what I thought was an abrupt manner. Turning just before passing between the drapes, she said, “I shall have the couch drawn close to the curtains, that you might recline while watching."

    Then, as though they had been waiting for that very signal, two girls entered the room and, without a word, moved the couch, with me still upon it, close to the curtains. One of these girls was the one who had announced Molly's readiness, and you may rest assured signals again passed between us before she and her companion left the room.

    Leaning forward and carefully parting the curtains, I gazed into the next room. It was a strange place, if ever I saw one. All about were strange pieces of furniture, if one may call devices such as these furniture. There were pulleys, strange-looking benches and chairs, all equipped with straps.

    There was an affair not unlike one seen in workshops-what is known as a “horse” on which mechanics saw boards, though instead of the flat top, it was almost knife sharp. I was to learn afterward that this unusual piece of furniture was known as the “Berkley Horse,” a very wicked and cruel affair, to say the least. However, that strange thing had little or nothing to do with what I was about to witness.

    The countess, when I gazed through the curtains, was pulling on a glove. This, I was to learn later, was for the purpose of protecting her palm against the ravages of the whip handle, a wooden affair of the type commonly used in northern Russia.

    This adjusted to her satisfaction, she picked up the long-lashed “knout” and flicked it wickedly through the air. A shudder passed through me! “Could it be possible,” I thought, “that she intended to use this wicked instrument on a girl?"

    My speculations were cut short, however, by the appearance of the girl Molly, who had served us the wine.

    And here I was to witness what I believe was the strangest affair I had ever heard of. And then, as though the devil himself was looking out for me and reading my mind for my slightest wish, the girl-the one who had removed my slippers and stockings-glided noiselessly into the room.

    When first I saw her enter the room, she was wearing the sorry excuse for an apron I had first seen her in, but she quickly removed it was stark naked.

    "You shouldn't have come here,” I said in a low tone, pulling her down beside me. “Your mistress might not understand; she might take it upon herself to punish you, too."

    The girl smiled and cuddled her smooth, warm body close, and whispered into my ear, “There is no danger of that, since it isn't my day to be punished.” I thought her rather composed.

    "Not your day?” I asked, surprised at this strange remark.

    She nodded her head then explained: “We have certain days to be whipped; mine comes again next week."

    "Then you have already been whipped for some offense?"

    She smiled faintly. “There was no offense,” she whispered.

    "Why, then, does she whip you girls?” I asked, pressing amorously against her. “Your body should be reserved for kisses."

    She pointed toward the curtain, then said, “If you will but watch, you shall see why."

    Again I applied my eye to the crack between the curtains.

    The countess was sitting on a divan, her right leg across her left one. The girl who was to be whipped was standing in the center of the room. Suddenly, the countess rose and walked directly in front of the girl; she was swishing the lash through the air.

    "You were dreadful today! Why did you keep my guest and me waiting! Were you trying to anger me?"

    "No, madam,” came the faint answer.

    "Is that all you can say, ‘No, madam!’ and without waiting for the answer, she went on: “Then there is another matter. Why did you enter Yvonne's room last night, when you know I have forbidden you girls to entertain each other!"

    The girl dropped her face. “I'm very sorry, madam, I forgot. It shall not happen again."

    "That is not good enough, and for your forgetfulness I shall give you an unusually severe whipping! Now kiss my feet!"

    Without a word the girl dropped to her knees and, clasping both her mistress’ feet in her hands, rained kisses all over them, raising them one at a time and quite caressing both the instep and pinkish sole.

    Afterwards, the countess said, “Now kiss the whip."

    Obediently, the girl did this, clasping it in both hands and kissing the lashes as well as the wood handle.

    Obviously, the countess seemed to have forgotten all about me, for after making the girl stand and submit to having her hands fastened to two straps which were then drawn up far above her head, she said: “You are very pretty, Molly, and it's a shame to stripe your lovely body, but it shall be! I am dreadfully hot today, so I am afraid I shall strike hard! But don't worry, my dear, you shall have your reward-afterward!"

    The lash fell across the tender flesh, making the girl lunge forward.

    Drawing the nude girl closer, I whispered, “Why does she whip that girl? She has done nothing to warrant such a beating!"

    The girl, snuggling close in my embrace, nibbled with her pearly teeth at the lobe of my ear, then she whispered, “I wish it were me she was whipping! I love it so!"

    "You love to be whipped?” I asked, hardly believing my own ears.

    "Yes! It's the only way in which we are allowed to enjoy ourselves!"

    "Tell me,” I whispered, “Doesn't your mistress ever allow you girls to relieve each other's suffering-in bed, I mean?"

    "We are allowed only the pleasure from the whip-she whips us until we come from the heavenly torture!"

    "Then?” I asked, caressing the flesh of her belly and thighs.

    "Then we have to caress her-with our lips and tongue-until she has had her pleasure!” The girl seemed greatly moved now; there was little doubting the sincerity of her statements.

    I took another look between the curtains before venturing to ask my next question. The girl was still struggling beneath the lash, her back and thighs showing red marks-I knew that there must be an end to this strange affair before many more moments passed or else she would surely kill the girl. I said, “Do you enjoy giving pleasure to her that way?"

    "I love it!” came the ready answer.

    "Would you like to do it to me-now?” I asked.

    Instead of answering, the girl slid quietly to the floor between my knees! I couldn't be mistaken now! I raised my foot and put it upon the divan. Instantly her hands came to my crotch! Carefully she smoothed the hairs back, and holding the slit quite open, applied her half-opened mouth to it! Wild with desire for it, I strained closer to her face! Her tongue came across the clitoris, toyed with it for a moment, then, like a javelin, darted into the depths like only one trained in the art can do!

    Now I turned my attention to the occupants of the next room.

    Strangely enough, I no longer thought the countess cruel. Indeed, I thought it quite fitting that she should whip the girl! It's strange, isn't it, how quickly one can change from a tender, mild person to a cruel, wanton one. That was me. For the first time in my life, I gloried in the suffering of another! I thought the countess quite beautiful in her radiant nakedness! I thought the victim beautiful, too!

    That the whole affair was nothing short of a ritual never entered my mind until much later. The victim, her fists clenched, every muscle of her splendid body drawn taut, was staring at the ceiling. Her legs were well apart. Her loins were moving in spasmodic little jerks; now they rotated, the cheeks of her well-formed bottom opening and closing!

    Then, when it occurred to both that the proper moment had arrived, the girl cried, “Now! Now! Oh! My God-I'm coming!” and at the same instant the countess directed the blows upward between the well-parted legs, bringing the tips of the lashes well into the exposed cunny of the other in a series of well-aimed blows!

    Nor was that the end of the performance. At the same instant that the girl went off, the countess stiffened, grasped her breasts and squeezed them, uttering a low moan then she went off too! It was too much for my torn nerves! I felt my crisis arriving! Clutching the head of the girl between my legs and pressing it tightly to me, I allowed the floodgate to open, bedewing the javelin-like tongue with what I supposed was the most abundant spend I had ever let down, the shock of which almost caused me to faint!

    Indeed, it was some moments before I was able to again direct my attention to the other room, and here I found the picture changed. The girl had been released and was kneeling before the countess, who sat-or partly lay-on the divan. Her thighs were well parted, one of which hung over the other's neck while Molly toyed with and kissed the wide open, glistening box of her mistress!

    More calm now, I drew the girl up beside me. “Tell me,” I said, “does the countess do the same as she is having done?"

    "No,” she said, shaking her head. “She never does! And she would kill me if she knew that I had done it to you! She even refuses us the pleasure among ourselves!"

    "Have no fear that she will ever find out from me,” I said, kissing her gently. “But I want to know more about this woman,” I continued. “I want to know why she is never active in her pleasures. Can't you arrange to visit me very soon? She allows you to go out, does she not?"

    "Yes,” answered the other, “but she watches every step we take! I'm afraid!"

    Again I looked through the curtains. The picture was the same, except that the countess was now reclining, quite as though she had forgotten she had an audience. Motioning the other ahead of me, for I had seen enough, I followed to where I had left my clothes.

    "Tell me,” I said, for we could talk more freely here, “why don't you leave this dreadful place? What is there to keep you here?"

    There was a wild look in her eyes. “I don't know,” she answered, glancing with her ever-widening eyes toward the second set of curtains. “I don't know!"

    "Has this woman something which she holds over your head? Something she might use against you, that would hold you here against your will?"

    "Oh, yes! No! Oh-I don't know! I don't know! I'm frightened!"

    It was the strangest reaction I had ever seen in my life. The girl was either insane or lived in dreadful fear, there was no doubt about that. But how, I thought, was I to get to the bottom of the secret? How was I to find out the mystery of this den?

    I gave it up. “Bring me the bottle from the other room,” I said.

    A moment later, with this in my hand, I drank deeply. I wondered why I didn't dress and flee this strange house. But I didn't. Why I didn't, I do not know, though no great damage resulted by staying.

    "Well,” said a voice off to one side, “how did you enjoy the little performance I staged for you? You are an actress, so you should be able to judge."

    It was the countess, still naked, and just as pretty as ever. “It was splendid,” I said, trying my best to smile, and making, I guess, a rotten job of it. “I enjoyed it as I have never enjoyed anything in my life.” Trying to be flippant, I added, “Won't you have a drink? Personally, I always insist upon wine after an attack like the one you just enjoyed."

    The countess threw herself down upon another divan. “I am disappointed,” she said, “I didn't enjoy it in the least."

    "Indeed!” I said, lifting my brows, “You seemed to, if I am any judge. What was the cause of your disappointment?"

    "It was your fault,” came the startling answer.

    "My fault?"

    "Yes,” she said. “I had planned on having you as my victim. A pretty woman always excites me."

    "I am sorry,” I said, “but I could never stand to be punished like that. However, I am dreadfully sorry."

    "Oh, I didn't mean about the whipping,” she said.

    "No?” I said, toying with the half-emptied glass.

    "No. I was looking forward to having you suck me."

    The brazenness of the woman startled me. I said, “What prompted you, my dear, to think that I would do anything like that?"

    She partly rose from the divan, looked at me with wide eyes, then said, “Can it be possible that I have been misinformed?"

    I smiled. “I have no idea what you have been informed of, but of this I am sure: I am no garbage bucket for anyone-not even a so-called countess!"

    She stared at me for long moments, then said, “I'm sorry, my dear; I did not understand. I hope you will forgive me."

    An instant after I had rebuked her, I was sorry, but the words slipped from me. I softened, however, and said, “It is quite all right, my dear-it is I who should be sorry."

    I began drawing on my stockings. “You are going?” she said. “I had hoped you would stay for dinner. I shall be dreadfully disappointed if you do not stay."

    I gazed at her; I knew I had her bested. “Are you in the habit of allowing your guests to suffer while you enjoy yourself? I, too, am but human, you know.” I continued dressing.

    She rose and came to my side. “What did you mean by that?"

    "I mean,” I said, “that watching two pretty women, as I have had the pleasure of doing, has greatly aroused me, so I shall have to return to my own apartment for a like relief. You offer what appears to be delightfully tasty, but I, too, have something to offer, though you have seen fit to ignore it. Tell me,” I went on, giving her a splendid opportunity to get her fill of my secret charms, “is mine so repulsive as to cause you to decline it? Especially after having expected me to take yours? I am correct in that you intended me to do so?"

    For a long moment she stared at me, then said, “Am I given to understand that you would partake providing I would return the compliment?"

    "You will have to draw your own conclusions about that part of it,” I said. “What your presumptions are matters little to me. The fact remains, however, that I, as I have already said, am human. I am dreadfully sorry, but I must have relief; watching your delightful game has aroused me dreadfully; nothing short of a cock measuring two hundred and fifty meters would come anywhere near satisfying me."

    The countess seemed greatly put out that I would not stay. But I was persistent. Turning at the door, I said, “You must come to see me. And in as much as you delight in having a pretty girl, I shall take great pleasure in furnishing one or two for you."

    So you see, my friend, I did not gain much by this visit. True, I had had the pleasure of having a very talented girl perform for me, but I had set the countess as my game and, like her, I was disappointed.

    Anna and Nina, who were almost daily visitors at my apartment, were waiting for me when I returned. They were anxious to hear the results of my visit.

    "The huntress goes forth to conquer and returns empty-handed!” cried Nina, springing up to embrace me, smiling the while.

    "Not entirely,” I said, passing into my room that I might get out of my clothes. “I'll admit my trip wasn't entirely a success, but it wasn't without a certain amount of pleasure; the countess has some very pretty maids,” I said, looking at her from the corner of my eye.

    "But I'll bet a pretty penny you didn't capture the countess,” she insisted. “If you did, you are the first."

    "Nina, dear,” I said as I settled myself to enjoy a rest before going to the theater, “there is something about that house that is next to terrifying, and I would give much to penetrate its secret.” Both girls listened in rapt attention as I related everything that had transpired in the countess’ home. I described with minute detail everything as I remembered it. I told how she had almost openly solicited me; how I had had the pleasure of beating her in her scheme. And I told them of the brief conversation between the girl and myself.

    When I ended my recital, Anna said, “All right, my dear. You wanted to take the matter into your own hands and you have failed. Now we'll tell you the truth of the matter. No, don't look so startled; you would never have been satisfied until you made that call, and now that you have been there yourself-and gotten nowhere-we'll tell you what we know about her."

    "Tell me this first,” I said. “Why do those girls remain there for the sole purpose of being whipped? What power does she hold over them, and why are they deprived of the pleasure afforded most young women who crave the flesh?"

    "One question at a time, dearie,” suggested Nina. “Let us take them in the order asked. To begin with, this woman, as you undoubtedly know, is Russian. She is of a class who delight in lording it all over those beneath her. She was reared, undoubtedly, in an atmosphere of mock splendor; lived and breathed wealth and power. The girls do not remain with her through their own initiative; they are held there quite against their will. Why? Listen carefully and I shall tell you. Our friend, the countess, has a brother. Like her, he is a low beast-I have met him and know, as has my pretty sister. At the moment, he is chief jailer at a prison in Budapest. He rules like a czar; the people of Budapest look upon him as something akin to the unnatural, and that is exactly what he is: an unnatural beast.

    "Now, then, the beautiful girls our friend the countess maintains in her spacious home are provided by this wealthy brother. He keeps her provided with pretty and talented young women. The girls have all been arrested at some time or other on trumped-up charges and are held there against their will. With his unholy power, this is easily done. Believe it or not, that prison is the worst den of iniquity in all Europe. Men of great wealth-and women, too-frequent the place for the sole purpose of holding orgies of the most awful sort. During these orgies-and that's all they are-the most fiendish and brutal practices are inflicted upon the inmates. Men and women, mostly young women, are stripped stark naked, fastened to, or on, strange instruments of torture and brutalized to the point where it is not at all uncommon for the victims to die. The more beautiful of these are shipped to the countess and are held in her house under pain of death. Now, as far as the girls liking the idea of administering to the sensual desires of the countess-to say nothing of liking the lash-it is because they are instructed by the noble brother. They are deprived of the pleasure derived from men and women. It is true that they are not allowed to frequent each other's rooms. They are told that if they disobey a single rule laid down for them, they will be returned to Budapest to finish their days in prison.

    "We know for a fact that has already happened on several occasions. Those girls would put up with anything the countess suggests rather than be returned to prison. As far as their appearing to like being whipped, they do not; it's simply that they know they must do it, and so they concentrate their thoughts on lascivious things and actually bring themselves to the spending point for the sole purpose of entertaining their mistress. Does that explain it, my dear?"

    "Partly,” I answered. It was, without doubt, the strangest story I had ever heard. “Tell me this,” I continued. “Why does she have the girls wear such strange outfits? Why is her home decorated with the most obscene pictures all devoted to whipping, and why, above everything else, does she wear such an asinine headdress and go about otherwise naked?"

    Nina laughed. “For a young woman you have a happy faculty of asking questions. If the girls were allowed clothing, they might try to escape; naked they wouldn't get far. Her home is decorated with whipping pictures for the simple reason that there is little else on her mind; the strange headdress you refer to is a direct symbol of her insanity."

    "You mean,” I ventured, “that the woman is insane?” I began to realize how silly I had been in laying myself open to an attack from her.

    "Crazy, yes,” answered Nina, “but crazy on one thing; otherwise she is quite sane."

    "Why didn't you tell me of this?” I asked.

    "Why try telling you anything? You would have gone anyway."

    I saw the truth of this and did not press her further.

    "There is one thing, however, that isn't at all plain,” I said. “How can one get pleasure-sexual pleasure-in watching another suffer?"

    Both girls looked at me for a moment before Anna said, “Think back for a moment, my dear. Weren't you highly excited at witnessing the show?"

    I wondered at that. I wasn't at all sure whether it was the sight of their nakedness or the whipping. “I don't know,” I said in answer to the direct question. “I am somewhat in doubt about it."

    "Enough to want to put it to the test?” asked Nina, gazing at me from beneath her lowered lids.

    "What do you mean by that?” I asked, mystified as to her meaning.

    "I mean,” she said, “do you care enough about it to want to put it to the test? If you do, it can be arranged."


    "By making up a little party and visiting the prison in question. I know the very person who would be delighted at the chance of going with us-say a party of four?"

    Something snapped within my brain! The thought intrigued me!

    Why not? I thought. If there is a chance to visit this den and discover if I, too, have an inborn desire (unknown to myself) to witness another's suffering, then why not take advantage of it?

    "How can it be arranged?” I asked, trying to remain calm.

    "Easily,” answered Anna. “We can arrange it for one week from this Saturday. That Sunday the theater is closed for Saint's Day. We could leave right after Saturday night's performance and have plenty of time to enter into the spirit of the thing; then you could return either late Sunday night or early Monday. In any event, it would give you plenty of opportunity to rest for your next show."

    I gave it considerable thought for a few moments, then said, “Are you sure there will be no danger in this wild scheme?"

    "None whatever. We have both been there and suffered little or no damage to our delicate persons."

    "And this other person-a woman, I presume? Who is she?"

    "Her name is Bernice; she is one of the most beautiful and prominent women in Pest, and maintains one of, if not the best-known whorehouses in all of Europe."

    "Great God!” I cried, “Is there anyone you don't know? But never mind-go ahead with your plans; I'm crazy to see the place!"


    Well, my friend, I suppose by this time you have quite given me up as the worst person in the world, and I don't see how I can blame you if you have.

    But if I have pictured myself to you as a wanton, it was but to prepare you for my further adventures; adventures which quite outshine any I have yet related.

    With me it has always been a quest to seek something new and startling; something to stir the blood; that would raise the temperature; something to thrill one from head to toe-and I got it in Budapest!

    As you undoubtedly know, it isn't such a long run between the two cities, and we made it that night, arriving at the prison in the early hours of dawn. Nina and Anna having made all the arrangements, we were royally received. An excellent breakfast, a few hours rest, and we were ready for the busiest day and night I have ever spent.

    The prison itself wasn't much-just one of the many of its type found in older cities throughout Europe. Low, grimy, filth everywhere, it was a sight for Satan himself, and I guess he presides over it with consummate, if not extravagant, infinity.

    It was enough to cause one to turn away, but the gaiety of my friends and their expectations of something unusual in the manner of this orgy led me on. And I'm not sorry, in a way, that I remained. True, the things I saw, nay, even took part in, the experience I gained as to the inner workings of the human mind, to say nothing of the delightful creature I found there and who was to become my maid, all compensated me, I believe.

    The fourth member of our party, the one chosen by Anna and Nina to make the quartet, was a very beautiful and talented young woman by the name of Bernice, a young lady of Spanish extraction and known, like most famous women at that time, as “Madam"-Madam Bernice.

    During the journey I had had a chance to study this woman, and the longer I was in her company the more I liked her. Raven black hair, a dark, olive complexion, beautiful features, well-formed and firm breasts, a small waist, full, rounded hips, thighs as round as the most perfect spheres, tapering calves and ankles, small, well-turned feet with unusually high arches-a mark of distinction in itself. Added to that she was unusually intelligent and liberal to a fault. I found myself delighting in her drollery and wit.

    She was daring, too. Like my friend, the Russian countess, she had an almost unholy delight in appearing in public in the scantiest of dress. Stranger still, she was welcomed into the most wealthy and famed homes in both Pest and Budapest; wealthy dames thought it something of an honor to be seen in her company, and many of them-thousands, if you please-frequented her spacious home and indulged in their passions to the limit. I shall tell you much more of this a little later on.

    I found that she had, on several occasions, visited the famous prison and was on excellent terms with the Russian warden. Indeed, I found that some of her prettiest girls were brought from this dreadful place, as were several young and handsome men, and of this I shall also have more to say a little later.

    Our reception into the warden's office was an event I shall long remember. The warden was the nearest thing to a pig in human form I have ever seen outside a circus. The man weighed close to three hundred pounds-I was to feel his great weight before I left the den-like place. Like his famous sister, he sported the high cheekbones and the slanting, Mongolian eyes so common among the lower classes of Russians, while his nose was flat and broad and appeared as though a great slice had been taken from its base, leaving the great holes of his nostrils looking like miniature caves. Not a very pretty picture, one might say.

    Moving one's vision further down the broad, flat face, one came to what was supposed to be a mouth, but which resembled a cave that housed a few long, yellow teeth. The chin, or what there was of it, wasn't much, and this was covered with a two-or three-day growth of light-yellow beard. His great head of corn-yellow hair was unkempt, and his eyes were set close together. All in all, his features did not instill in me much trust.

    His shoulders were unusually broad, his body was massive, as were his belly and hips. His legs were like pillars, while his feet, encased in monstrous shoes, were things of dread. Add to this a profound hatred for water and soap, and you have what might prove to be a rather unique picture of the gentleman.

    Believe it or not, my friend, the mere sight of this monster sickened me-yet, I was to know him much more intimately within a short time! Startling, isn't it?

    Madam Bernice, however, didn't seem to dread him. Rushing up to him in the most unorthodox manner, she sprang into his waiting arms and kissed his froglike mouth with what appeared to be a frenzy of delight. Hanging about his great shoulders and smiling into his eyes, his great hands molding and pressing her bottom-cheeks through her thin dress, she cried, “Think of it darling! I leave a thousand of the most handsome and powerful men in Pest, ride most of the night on a stuffy old train just to be with you again! Just for the pleasure of having your wonderfully big cock again! Tell me you love me, Mike!"

    "Sure I love you!” he cried, holding her out at arm's length as though she were but a doll. “And you'll get it, too! Get it as you've never got it before! And you, Anna, my angel!” he cried, dropping Bernice and taking Anna in his great hands and tossing her up in the air amid a flutter of flying skirts. “So little Anna has come back to be properly fucked! Ho! Ho! Well, like Bernice, the little half-black Spanish-nigger, you'll get it too!

    "And you, Nina!” he said grasping the laughing girl in his soiled hands. “The most wonderful little bedfellow in the world! The little one who knows how to cuddle one between her pretty little thighs! Ho! Ho! The hottest little cunt in all creation! Ho! Ho!"

    Then, as though I had been invisible until then, his pig-like eyes fell on me. “So!” he cried, pushing the others aside and rushing upon me like a crazed bull. “So this is the new beauty you were telling me about! Ho! Ho! Well, my darling, I'm going to make your trip worthwhile! I'm going to give you a dose of sperm that will still the very beating of your heart! I'll drown it! So I will!"

    You think that dreadful, my friend? You think this quite the most unusual incident you have ever heard of? Then listen to this and judge for yourself just what sort of a man I found myself confronted with. Having finished with his description as to what I might expect, he tossed me up and astride his massive shoulders and hurried toward a stone-paved room where a great plank-like table was being prepared by a half-dozen girls from the women's section of the prison.

    Guards, less gigantic than my warden, though no less cruel in both looks and demeanor, followed us, each carrying a kicking, squealing bundle of laughing, shouting femininity, namely Anna, Nina, and Bernice! Nina, seemingly gone mad with the spirit of the thing, literally tore the upper part of her bodice away, baring her breasts! “Look!” she screamed, leaning close and rubbing the erect nipples across the eager lips of her guard. “Aren't they beauties! Don't you love them! Suck them, you dog!"

    Anna, held in the embrace of another guard-a fat little pig of a man-was suffering his kisses, one of his hands caressing her bottom-cheeks, the other probing into the cloth of her dress! “Fool!” she cried, snatching up her skirt that he might have unhindered use of his probing, searching hand. “That's no way to feel one's lover! Feel how slippery it is! All ready for your lovely cock!"

    Bernice, more daring, perhaps, than the rest of us, broke away from her escort's embrace. Jumping upon the table, kicking bottles and glasses out of her way, she tore the clothes from her body! Waist, undervest, skirts and lacy drawers, all went by the board! Naked now, save her slippers and stockings, she broke into a most obscene dance!

    I had but a fleeting peek at all this. The warden, whirling like the dancing fool that he was, kept me busy holding onto his shaggy mane that I might not be dashed to pieces on the paved floor!

    "Look!” he cried, stopping and holding me aloft with his powerful, ham-like hands. “Look, a blond! A beautiful blond! Fair enough for my own fair Russia, yet selfish enough to hide her crowning beauty from my gaze! Zounds! Is the woman dead?” he said, tossing me upon the table and clawing at my skirts.

    "Strip! Get out of your clothes, quickly! It is the only way!” It was Bernice whispering into my ear! Somehow, though I'll never be able to explain how, I caught the spirit of the thing!

    With clawing fingers, I tore at the fastenings of my dress and underthings! Not satisfied with this, the warden was clawing at my slippers and stockings, pulling them too! I tripped, fell sprawling upon the table, and here the denuding was completed! As naked as a newborn baby, I was lifted again in his powerful hands! With one hand beneath the crook of my right knee, the other under the small of my back, I was held aloft while his carnivorous mouth sought out the treasures of my nude body!

    Nina and Anna were upon the table now, and a moment later they, too, were also naked and submitting to the indignities of their partners! Laughing, shouting, kicking their legs this way and that, offering their hairy cracks to probing fingers and tongues, the mad scramble went on! I knew it was useless to resist; I gave myself up to the maddening caresses of the froglike mouth.

    What an orgy! Bernice, under the very eyes of the awed girls who had fallen back from the table, was being fucked by a guard! Anna, who had succeeded in freeing her partner's cock from his trousers, was astride his lap and was riding up and down upon his hard cock! Nina was kneeling before the other guard and was sucking his tool, sliding it in and out of her mouth as though it was the last she was ever to get!

    Myself? Well, I was being sucked off! The warden, seeing that I had given way to his seeking mouth, laid me upon the table, while he, on his knees before me, held my thighs in his great hands and feasted his mouth on my most secret charms!

    Why not resist? Why not fight them off? One might well ask all these and more questions. But to what purpose? Hadn't we gone there for an orgy? And if we refused to enter into the vile performance, would we not be forced against our will? The answer was yes. We would have been forced, so why not submit peacefully?

    I expected, of course, that the brute would ravish me after the delightful service he had just rendered me, and I wasn't at all sure I didn't want him to. But he didn't; at least not just then. Instead, he rose and gazed about him, not unlike one who had just committed a great theft and was afraid he had been caught.

    Bernice, in the meantime, had been freed of the weight of her partner, and coming to the warden, clasped her arms about his neck, kissed his still-wet mouth, and cried, “You old darling, I've got to have at least a dozen new girls, and you've got to furnish them for me!"

    "Of course, of course! Why not! Ho! Ho! Of course I shall! And the price will be a hundred rubles and a fuck each! What say you to that, you half-nigger wench? Ho! Ho! What say you to that?"

    I wondered at the strange names he called her, but I was to learn that Bernice was wise to the ways of the Russian warden.

    "Of course I'll pay the price, pig! Lead me to them, oh keeper of my cunt, and you shall have your gold! Lead on!"

    "What is it now?” I whispered in Bernice's ear while the great warden was mustering his guards

    "We are going for an inspection of the prison, and mind you, say nothing to those who hurl insults at you. Here, put on your slippers, for we shall climb many stairs and the way is hard!"

    "Like this?” I asked, referring to my nude form.

    "Why not?” she said, smiling and patting my belly. “Your blond beauty will be a treat to their tired eyes."

    "Fie!” I cried, rubbing amorously against her. “It's not half as pretty as yours."

    "You think mine pretty?” she asked, cocking her head to one side.

    "Sweet enough to eat!” I quickly answered.

    "Be careful, darling,” she cooed, rubbing in turn against me, “or I'll take you literally and offer it to you!"

    "Is that a promise?” I said. “Can I depend on it?"

    "You may-providing I might have yours at the same time!"

    The great warden had gone on ahead, and the other two girls were grouping about us, thus cutting off further promises. “Isn't it grand?” cried Anna.

    "Isn't it just too lovely for words?” cried Nina.

    "Wait until you've had a taste of the warden's giant cock!” cried Anna. “He'll be sure to take you to his bed! You're new to him, and he always falls hard for a new girl! Like it?"

    "Wait until I've tried it, and then I'll report,” I answered. “Anyway, if it's as nice as I've heard, why shouldn't I like it?"

    "You will! I've had it half a dozen times and I know! That's why he didn't diddle you here on the table; he's waiting until he gets you on his bed, and once he has you there, baby, you'll know the meaning of a good fucking!"

    A few moments later we heard a whistle, and as this seemed to be the signal for us to come on, we trooped across the flagged floor and into the men's section of the great prison.

    I'll never forget that experience! Think of being a prisoner in that dreadful place and having four stark-naked women stop before your cage and flirt outrageously with you! It was the most cruel thing I had ever seen-or been party to. Men, their eyes sticking almost out of their heads, stared at us as we wandered along the various corridors. Would you believe it, dear, there were men who had been incarcerated there for months, for years, without even so much as a peek at a woman? Would you believe it when I tell you that more than one of them openly masturbated right before our eyes? Would you believe it when I say that those three girls stood as close to them as was safe and allowed the scalding fluid to splash upon them as the prisoners ejaculated?

    That is as true as the gospel, my friend.

    Nor were the girls alone in their taunts. The guards, taking eagerly to this mode of torture, lent their lascivious aid by calling attention to our various charms, mine with the others. They were careful, however, not to let any of the caged brutes get their hands upon us.

    Finally, having spent at least an hour touring the men's section of the prison, we entered a large room. This proved to be part of the women's section, though they were never allowed to enter this room unless called. The place sported a rug upon the floor and there were several easy chairs and two or three couches scattered about the place.

    "Line up the women,” the warden said to one of the guards, “and march them in here in pairs!"

    And so we waited for the parade of the younger girls. Since this would take several minutes, the guards and the warden made good use of their wait. Anna and Nina wasted little time in getting the two guards on the couches, while the great and handsome warden took both Bernice and myself upon his willing lap.

    "Naughty old cunt-lapper!” she chided him, patting and caressing his cheeks. “Don't forget our bargain, you old pig! I'm to have a dozen girls-if your old musty jail can furnish that many-and for every one I choose, you have got to give me a fuck! Do you understand that, old Frog-Face!"

    "You think I can't!” cried the warden. “Ho! Ho! You think I can't! No? Very well, half-nigger! I'll take you both! I'll ram your guts out! Ho! Ho! I'm as fresh as a newborn baby! I haven't had a woman today! Ho! Ho! You will see! Ho! Ho!"

    The girls were led in and were as quickly led out again.

    More were led in. Like the others, they were stark naked. Almost without stopping, they were led away. “What is it?” cried Bernice, pulling his shaggy hair. “What is this? Some kind of a new game? Where are the good-looking cunts? Bring on something with a little style! Something my clients will rave over! For a hundred rubles I should have queens, you old pig!"

    And through it all, the warden laughed in uproarious gaiety. It was all very funny to him. Perhaps he was happy in the thought that he was to ravish me, a new woman to him, a blond like his dear Russians. More girls were led in. These were better, and Bernice beckoned to one; she was to remain; the others were dismissed.

    Holding back, her eyes downcast, her hands trying to hide her charms, she was jerked in front of Bernice, and here she underwent a series of questions. Interested, I listened. Many of the questions were of a decidedly personal nature, but to them all, the girl nodded her head; she was willing to do anything, go anywhere, if only she could escape from that den of inequity. She was chosen as the first new inmate of Bernice's house of ill fame.

    "You see!” cried the warden, pinching Bernice's nipples. “Ho! Ho! You see! One woman! One woman you choose! Gold! One hundred rubles and a fuck! Ho! Ho!"

    Others were led in. They were all shapes and shades. It was a modern slave-market, where women and girls were chosen for their beauty and ability to please men-and women-for Bernice maintained a resort that was patronized by as many women as men.

    Finally, after almost a hundred were led in, Bernice managed to get a full dozen; Japanese, Hungarians, Swedes, and Italians made up the quota, and only the most beautiful were chosen.

    Then I made an announcement. Taking advantage of the warden's anxiety to have me, I said, “Do you suppose it would be possible for me to find a maid? I have none, you know."

    "Why not? Ho! Ho! Why not? A hundred rubles apiece! Ho! Ho!"

    "But,” I said, kissing his cheek and carrying his hand between my legs, “you wouldn't charge me a hundred rubles, would you? Remember, you are to have me a little later."

    "Ho! Ho!” he cried, squeezing my breasts. “Ho! Ho! I have you already! You can't escape me! How can you? Ho! Ho! A hundred rubles and a fuck; that's the price! Take it or leave it!"

    I saw the uselessness of trying to bargain with the brute. He must have his gold, and I was getting damn good and tired of his constant “Ho! Ho!"

    "Let one of the guards take me through the women's wards,” I said. “We can save time that way, and you shall have me all the sooner."

    This, strangely enough, seemed to tickle his fancy, and I was allowed to wend my way through the prison. And here, stranger still, I found a girl who instantly took my eye. Calling her to one side, I questioned her. She was young, very beautiful, and quite shapely, and I wondered why Bernice hadn't seen her. Then, upon further questioning, I discovered that she was being reserved for a future date when she was to be whipped before a company of select women guests who were expected the following week. This I wheedled out of a reluctant guard.

    When I asked him if I might take the girl to one of the tiny cells to question her further, he said, “And what do I get out of it, if I do?” There was a mean leer in his evil eye.

    I said, “What do you want?"

    He answered, “The warden has her picked for a little party, and he'd kill me if he knew, but the price is a fuck, young lady!"

    "Done,” I said. “Shall it be now or later?"

    "Now,” he said, “and a promise from you that you won't tell!"

    It is needless to go into the details of it. Be it enough to say that in the very cell in which I was to hold a private interview with the girl, I submitted to the guard's embrace. Nor was I so dreadfully put out over it, either, for the guard proved quite capable of performing his duty in rather a pleasing manner.

    A few moments later, I had the girl alone in the cell. Her name was Rose, and she stared at my nudity in ever-increasing wonder.

    "Tell me, Rose,” I said, taking her in my arms and kissing her, “how would you like to be taken away from here and become my maid?"

    Her eyes filled with tears, and it was some moments before she could answer, “Oh, madam, if you will take me away from this awful place I'll be your slave for life! I'll die for you!"

    "You won't have to die for me, little dear. On the other hand, I might ask you to do strange things for me, but I'll never whip or abuse you. Do you think you could obey me in everything, Rose?"

    "Oh, yes,” she cried, her eyes wide. “I'll do anything!"

    "Anything?” I repeated, slipping my hand beneath her ragged skirt and patting her smooth flesh.

    "Oh, I wouldn't care what you asked me to do. I would do anything! You are wealthy, and I'm sure that if you ask, they will let me go with you!"

    She said this with so much meaning that I believed I couldn't be mistaken. “Will you do something for me, Rose?” I asked.

    Nodding her eager approval, I said, “Will you take off your dress, little dear? I want to see you naked; just like I am!"

    Quickly, her eyes wide in wonder, she slipped off her dress, the only garment she wore, and stood naked before me. My eyes swept over her beautiful form, and what I saw pleased me. “And if I take you away with me will you give me your solemn promise that you will never refuse me a single request, no matter how naughty it might seem to you?"

    There was an eager light in her eyes. “I'll do anything,” she answered, her voice low, pregnant with meaning. We sealed the bargain with a kiss, and I returned to the sitting room, leading Rose-again fully clothed-by the hand.

    "I've made my choice,” I said, indicating the girl by my side.

    "Ho! Ho!” cried Frog-Face. “Ho! Ho! You can't have Rose! You can't have Rose! Ho! Ho! Rose is being saved for other guests!"

    Bernice, quick to note my plight, came to my rescue. “Then the deal is off!” she cried. “You can keep the girls I chose! I can get others, you pig! And you'll not get the thousand rubles, or the rest of our bargain! ‘Ho, Ho’ over that, you old pig!"

    I expected a scene, but there was none; old Frog-Face was far too eager for the gold to allow Bernice to get away with her threat.

    "All right! All right!” he cried. “Ho! Ho! But she'll cost you plenty! A thousand rubles! A thousand rubles is the price! Ho! Ho! A thousand rubles for the pretty Rose!"

    "You're a fool!” cried Bernice. “A hundred it is, and that's far more than she's worth, you thieving pig!"

    Crestfallen, beaten at his own game, the warden led us back to the prison proper and into the room with the table. Here we found a great spread laid out. We dined and wined. Bernice whispered to me, “Now you'll see the real show, and after that, he'll take us both to his bed, so prepare yourself for a fucking you'll never forget!"

    "I fooled the old pig,” I whispered. “I had to fuck the guard before he would admit me to Rose's cell."

    "For God's sake, don't let the old bastard find it out or he'll kill the poor man! I know him! He's the worst brute in all Europe!"

    Bernice, with all her experience, seemed frightened, while I, strange as it may seem, was looking forward to an engagement with the monster! I wanted his monster cock! I hadn't seen it as yet, but all three girls had boasted of its great size! Then, too, he had promised to take both Bernice and myself to bed with him, and that in itself was enough for me! Just then I would have done anything to be with this black-haired beauty! Even then, perched as she was on the monster's knees, I couldn't keep my eyes from her thatch! It was thick and entirely surrounded her cunt, growing far up on her belly and ending in a little point just below her navel!

    But my thoughts were cut short. Two girls were led in naked. They were larger than any Bernice chose, but they were well formed and sturdy. Quickly they were tied down and brutally whipped until the blood ran in streams down their buttocks and thighs. Finally, they lay in a dead faint.

    It was brutal, but I found myself liking it! Something within me stirred at sight of the blood! I had never felt so hot in my life! One hand stole down to the front of the warden's pants! Sensing my meaning, he separated his great legs, allowing my fingers full access! A moment later, I had his great cock out! I gave a gasp! It truly was a monster! By far the largest I had ever seen! My fingers could not span it, it was so big!

    Still, I was overcome with a desire to have it! Forgetting the strange scene being enacted before us, I dropped to my knees before him and kissed the purple head, trying to take it between my lips, but it was far too large! Blind, now, to everything else about me, I kissed and tickled the orifice with my tongue, squeezing and stroking the great column. I bit the head and ran my mouth up and down its entire length! Screams, cries, and shouts were mingled in the bedlam of noises! Soiled hands clutched my head, pressing it with ever-increasing force against the throbbing head of that wonder-dart, trying, it seemed, to drive it into my mouth! Somewhere I heard Bernice cry aloud like a banshee!

    Pandemonium had broken loose! Other guards rushed upon the scene! I was forcefully dragged off! Clutching hands tossed me, as though I were a feather, to the stone-paved floor! Naked feet, as well as feet shod with hobnailed shoes trampled me, ground me to a pulp-or so it seemed!

    Through all this maze, I saw other women rushing upon us. Women from the wards-women too far gone to mingle with those whose cells we had visited! It was as though the very beasts of hell itself had been turned loose upon us! Somewhere in the distance, a great gong clanged. It was enough to raise the dead from hell, so great was the crashing beat of its gigantic hammer; but it was dimmed by the inferno of babbling, screaming voices!

    I tried to creep away, but I didn't get far. Great, hairy hands clutched me! I was tossed high in the air! A great beast of a man, far more heinous than the warden-if that were possible-was dragging me away! I screamed! Other hands clutched me, were trying to drag me away from the foul beast that seemed bent on carrying me off to his den…

    I had fainted. When I opened my eyes, I was upon a bed-a very dirty bed. Startled, I tried to sit up, but I was forced gently back against the pillows. “Lie still.” It was Bernice. With her were Anna and Nina. No longer were they the beauties who had entered this hell.

    "What ever has happened?” I asked, trying again to sit up.

    "We seemed to have arrived at the most inopportune time,” answered Bernice. I thought her unusually calm in the face of what I decided must be the end of the world, if one were to judge by the din somewhere outside the door.

    "What is it?” I repeated.

    "There has been a mutiny; but it's all right now-the guards are putting it down."

    "A mutiny,” I cried, fearing the worst. I had heard of such things happening. Nina was gazing through a crack in the door.

    "It will be all over in a moment,” she said. “They are driving the prisoners back."

    "Here. Drink this.” Anna pressed a bottle to my mouth. The wine tasted good to my parched lips. In a few moments, the warden came in and we learned what had caused the trouble.

    It seemed the sight of us walking through the prison before all those men had been too much for them. They had overpowered a guard, taken his keys and liberated the others, and then they liberated the women. The combined gang had rushed upon us. A few had been killed, many had been injured, and not a few had managed to make their escape.

    "It's all right!” cried the warden, brandishing his great, hairy fists above his head. “They couldn't stand up under these! Ho! Ho! I taught them what it means to cross me! Me! The new czar of all the Russians! This will be the beginning of the overthrow of a tyrant! A despot! A new czar shall rule!"

    He ranted on and on. Now it was all clear to me. He, like his egotistical sister, the countess, was mad! Mad with a lust for power!

    Strange, isn't it? Like Bernice, the beautiful and talented girl who rested beside me, who had her choice of the most handsome and talented men of all Europe, I found myself admiring the beast, mad though he was.

    Bernice, taking advantage of the situation, managed to get him down beside us upon the filthy bed; and like the child he was, he quickly forgot the terrible battle that even then was going on in a far section of the prison.

    Toying fingers worked stealthily at the buttons and fastenings of his torn clothing; nimble fingers freed his great feet and legs of their nether coverings, and soon the great, hairy beast lay naked among us.

    "Now, you old pig,” cried Bernice, throwing herself into his arms, “I shall pay part of my debt! You are going to fuck me!” But the warden would have none of her. He wanted me! I was the new woman; and the great beast was forever seeking new women!

    He mounted me! I thought I was being split, so huge was his rammer, but thanks to his early sucking-kiss, the wine, and my unsatiated passion, I was soon penetrated as I had never been penetrated before!

    Would you believe it, my friend, when I say that that man spurted his seed three times into me before he relieved me of his great weight?

    Would you think me silly when I say that as soon as he could do so he mounted Anna and rode her to a most satisfying conclusion?

    After that, he mounted Nina? Then Bernice, and then me again? We spent the entire day in that filthy room, and he was the only one to share our persons? Did you, I ask, ever hear of such a man?

    No, you never did, nor did anyone else. I lost track of the number of times the man mounted me. I know only that I paid a great price for Rose's freedom. Food was brought before us. Naked, we ate it. Wine was splashed about that den as so much water, and we were drenched with it-this and the great amount of sperm that beast was continually pouring over us.

    Taking advantage of my temporary freedom, I went to the door and looked out just in time to prevent a tragedy. One of the guards had dragged Rose into the outer room, and even as I looked on, he was trying to mount her! I screamed. The warden-at that very moment penetrating the lovely Bernice-stopped his delightful task and rushed toward me. Seeing what was about to take place, he dashed past me and into the outer room where, with one well-directed smash of his great fist, he sent the other reeling across the stone-paved room to crash, a beaten, bloody mass, against the far wall!

    If there was anything on God's green earth I didn't witness that day, then I do not know what in heaven's name it could be-and I was the happiest person on earth when at last we were allowed to depart. My education was-I believed-complete. Arson, rape, sadism, lesbianism, sodomy-nay, I had even witnessed murder! Before my very eyes I had seen men and women killed! Beaten to death!

    But I had Rose! That little darling who was to mean so much to me in the near future.

    I insisted that Rose be taken with us; the other prisoners were to follow with a guard. Bernice, having previously imported women to her house, knew they would arrive; the warden would never pass up a chance to get his filthy hands on such a considerable sum.

    If you will remember, my friend, I had no servants of my own, so Rose was a very welcome member of my household.

    I have always been glad Rose did not witness the frightful orgy which took place in that filthy bedroom. Had she, I doubt very much whether she would have become so attached to me.


    When we finally arrived back in Pest, Bernice returned to her home, but Anna and Nina came to my apartment. Here they took a prolonged bath and tumbled into bed for a much-needed rest.

    Rose, having already seen me naked in the prison, acted as my maid, and it wasn't until the two girls had retired that I decided to bathe, and here I was given an example of her true worth.

    She insisted upon bathing me. From head to toe I was shampooed and scrubbed. I found her apt in arranging hair, and I allowed her to do mine until, at last, I slumped, exhausted, on my bed.

    I had assigned a room to her, but what was my surprise to find, upon awakening the following morning, that Rose, instead of going to her bed, had spent the entire night sitting beside mine. Nor had she closed her eyes even to nap. Never had I seen such devotion.

    When I questioned her about it, she said, “Have you forgotten that I promised to be your slave?"

    I smiled at this. When I first laid eyes on her in the prison, I had felt a great liking for her; now I loved her!

    I said, “Very well, Rose; if you are to be my slave, then brew me a cup of strong coffee.” Think of my surprise to find she had already done this and that it was even then warming over the table stove!

    Then an unexpected event occurred. I was taken down with a slight fever; my experience in Budapest had been the least bit too much for me. Rose doctored me, as did the two faithful sisters, but I grew steadily worse. I called in my manager. He was wild, but there was nothing to be done about it; I was ill, and I must have a rest.

    My doctor, fearing something more complicated than a mere fever, prescribed a sojourn to the health-giving baths at a nearby spa. Anna and Nina wanted to go with me, but I declined their offer; I had other ideas. I wanted to get away by myself. I was tired of the continual round of pleasure, and I wanted to be alone with Rose; I wanted to complete her education.

    The trip, as you know, was not a long one, and we soon found ourselves in a wonderfully equipped hotel. I engaged a whole suite of rooms (seven in all), two of which were equipped with baths-one a shallow affair for those who disliked water; the other a deep pool, or plunge, where one might sport about as one pleased.

    I had furnished Rose with a complete outfit of clothing-not the type commonly worn by maids, but of a type not entirely unlike that worn by the countess’ maids, though far less scant. She immediately occupied herself arranging my things in various parts of the apartment.

    I decided upon a bath and I went to the plunge. Slipping out of my dressing gown, I slid down into the water. As you undoubtedly know, the water in these baths is kept at a constant temperature, and wading about in varying depths, I found myself thrilled. Perhaps it was due to the warm water; perhaps it was on account of my ever-increasing longing for the unknown, but whatever it was, I found something lacking. It wasn't complete. I called Rose. When she entered, I was standing at the deepest part of the pool, with nothing more than my head above water.

    Gazing up, for she stood above me, I feasted my eyes on her perfect limbs, shown all too plainly beneath her widely flaring skirt, a little affair which came but midway between her hips and knees and which flared from her at a rakish angle. The little dear must have realized I was gazing up beneath her dress for the color came to her cheeks in ever-increasing volume, although I could see she was not averse to having me see her charms.

    But, instead of finding her presence something to console me, I found myself even worse off. Her being there simply added to that something which seemed to be lacking.

    Coming out of the water, I placed myself in her hands for drying.

    So far I had done nothing more than hug and kiss her a little, but now, as she gently dried me, I was taken with another sort of longing for her. You see, my friend, being ravished with the warden's monster of a cock had not quite cured me. There was still a slight spark lying dormant within me-a spark which even then was burning into a flame that was to almost consume me a little later.

    Going into my lounging room, I settled down on a broad, low divan, making her kneel beside me on the floor. Here, while she stared into my eyes with ever-increasing wonder, I plied her with questions, drawing out the whole story of her life. She answered all my questions and asked not one in return.

    "I believe,” I said, by way of opening the subject most dear to my mind, “you love me, Rose. Tell me why."

    She smiled. “I do love you,” she said in a low tone. “I've loved you ever since I saw you that first time."

    "In the prison, you mean?” I finished for her.

    She nodded. I saw the word “prison” hurt her, and I never uttered the word again.

    "Tell me,” I continued. “Was it because I really liked you, or was it because I happened to be naked? Perhaps you fell in love with my nudity, yes?"

    "I don't know,” she said. “I only know that I love you more than ever. What I told you about wanting to be your slave is true. All my life I have wanted to be a slave to a beautiful woman, and you are beautiful."

    "What did you think when you saw me that day-of my nakedness, I mean?"

    "I have often seen naked women; almost daily one sees naked women wandering about that place."


    She shrugged her shoulders.

    "Do you know why I was naked?” I asked.

    Again she shook her head. “It was because I wanted a maid,” I said, “and the warden wouldn't allow me to enter the place until I first undressed. Do you know why he made me undress?"

    "Only too well,” she answered. “He makes all the women undress who call there."

    "And you don't hate me for it? Even when you know that he had me? That he ravished me?"

    She shook her head. “Many women come there to pick out girls, and he does it to all of them; that's part of the price one must pay."

    "Do you realize, Rose, that I did it for you and not because I liked him?"

    "Yes,” came the ready answer. “And that's why I love you, and want to be your slave! I want to be abused! I want you to undress me and whip me! I want to lie naked on the floor and have you walk on me! I want to suffer for you!” Sincerity was written all over her face.

    Very well, I thought, if you want to be my slave I shall make you one, but in a far different manner than you think!

    I said, “Have you ever acted as lady's maid?” She shook her head, and a fear came into her eyes.

    "Don't be alarmed,” I laughed, “I'm not going to send you away. I but wanted to know, so I would be able to gauge where to start with your education. But I could never bring myself to abuse you, Rose. You are far too beautiful to be treated in that terrible manner. There is, however, something you can do for me that would please me far more than anything you could possibly think of.” I saw the light return to her eyes as I went on. “I used to have a maid just like you, and she did something for me which I dearly loved, and I wonder if you would do it for me?” And as I said this, I slipped my hand beneath her short skirt and gently patted her naked bottom.

    Her eyes were brighter now. “Oh, I will do anything you ask!” she cried.

    "Anything?” I asked, sliding my fingers up and down between her firm bottom-cheeks. She couldn't seem to find words to answer this; she just nodded her head, and I continued: “Very well, Rose, but before I ask you to do this something for me, I want you to go to your room, take off all your clothes, then come back to me. Now hurry!"

    She darted away to her room. Taking advantage of her absence, I arranged myself in the most perfect position I could conceive.

    Moving my bottom to the very edge of the divan, I dropped one foot to the floor; the other I drew up close to my bottom, and here, my thighs well parted, I awaited her return. She had shed her scant covering quickly, bounding back into the room almost before I was ready for her. She stopped stock still, stood, and gazed into my fully exposed crotch, for like herself, I was stark naked. And as I allowed my gaze to sweep over her girlish charms, I realized she was even prettier than Gene, my former maid! I beckoned her to me. Making her kneel beside me again, my arm slipped about her, I drew her close and kissed her lips again and again!

    "Do you love me now?” I asked, holding her close.

    "Oh, yes!” she answered scarcely above a whisper.

    "Still want to be my slave?"

    She nodded her head in answer.

    "Then get the little comb off my dresser and bring it here,” I said.

    She returned in a moment. “Now I shall find out if you really want to be my slave,” I said. “Kneel between my thighs and comb the curls there; my former maid used to do it for me, so you need not fear hurting me."

    This, undoubtedly, was the first time she had ever so closely examined a woman's sex, and I thrilled as I watched her stare at it. After a moment or two, I said, “You like doing that, Rose?"

    "Oh, yes!” came the ready answer. “You are so pretty!"

    "That's what my lover says. Of course, I have no lover here, but I am going to have one pretty soon. They all like to find fine, silky hairs about a woman's pussy.” I let this sink in, then: “Do you think mine pretty, Rose?"

    "It's beautiful!” She breathed the words.

    "Back in Pest,” I went on, “I had a lover who admired it so much he was never satisfied unless he lay between my thighs and imprinted little kisses on it! Wasn't that about the strangest thing ever?"

    I could, of course, command her to gamahuche me. Like the girls Bernice had purchased from the Budapest prison, Rose was, in reality, my slave, to do with as I saw fit, but I preferred to bring her on in easy stages. I had learned that it was far better to allow one to creep before asking one to walk. She hadn't answered my question, so I said, “Don't you think it a strange thing for one to do to another?"

    She shook her head. “Most of the girls did it-where you found me."

    "Indeed. And have you ever done anything like that to another?"

    She shook her head. “Once a girl asked me! But she was dirty. She beat me, but still I would not."

    "But I'm not dirty, am I?” I asked, smiling down into her eyes.

    "No. You're beautiful!” she answered.

    "Naughty,” I whispered, moving my hips a little to keep her eyes riveted to that part of me.

    It had the desired result. The comb dropped from her hand, and she settled down upon the floor, her eyes glued to my cunny.

    Through half-closed lids, I watched her for a long moment, then whispered, “Kiss it, Rose!"

    And so began the education of the lovely little Rose. She was a novice, true, but a willing one, and ten minutes later I bathed her tongue with a profuse spend! After that, she confessed that though she had never done it before, she loved it.

    Satisfied for the moment, I fell into a peaceful sleep. Opening my eyes, I found her at my side. “Still love me, Rose?” I asked. When she nodded, I said, “Then get on your knees and kiss my cunt again!” I thought it would surely be a shock to the pretty girl, but it apparently had no effect upon her sensitive nature. And I believe she would have kept up the play all night had I not put a stop to it.

    The ice having been broken, so to speak, I made her take my place-and you can imagine the rest. Afterward, we lay side by side on a couch, and I learned still more of her life. But I won't tire you with that. Enough to say that her incarceration had been a trumped-up charge, a plot to connect her with the murder of a man she never saw; and it was my efforts alone which saved her from a life a thousand times more wicked than that which I prescribed for her.

    All in all, I believed I was fortunate in getting such a talented girl for a maid, and beginning that very day, she proved in a hundred ways that she was willing to do anything for me.

    That night I took her into my bed. I talked to her for hours about my lovers; I told her I might call upon her to entertain me even when visited by my friends; I told her I was going to make some “great monster of a man” fuck her-and to all of this she willingly agreed.

    Together we spent three weeks there, and then, feeling healthy and much refreshed, I returned to Pest.

    The show reopened in a blaze of glory; I met all my old friends and many new ones. I received a call from Bernice and, naturally, I welcomed her with open arms. I thought her more beautiful than ever, and it was due to her efforts that I learned more about the inner life of our talented and wealthy Europeans.

    During the course of her visit, I happened to mention that I had never seen the interior of a house such as hers. “Then why not pay me the honor of a visit to mine?” she said.

    Anna, who was present, said, “Before going to Bernice's home, why not visit some of the other places first? Then you will appreciate the splendor and beauty of hers."

    "A capital idea,” seconded her pretty sister. “I haven't had a real outing since you took sick."

    And so it was arranged. But there was more to it than just getting up and going. All the places, as I was to learn, were not like the famed house Bernice maintained, and a visit to most of them required something more than just merely opening a door and entering.

    And so it became necessary to make a certain amount of preparation for the night's fun, and the witty, fun-loving sisters provided the necessary answer to it. First, we needed to provide ourselves with men's attire. Also, we had to wear little masks and long black capes.

    The following night after the show, we started out. All preparations having been made by the thoughtful girls, we entered a carriage that was waiting at the exit of the theater. I noted, too, that one preceded us while another followed. I said nothing of my suspicions for some time, but seeing that all three coaches maintained the same positions, I finally called attention to it.

    Nina said, “Have no fears, my dear; just a little protection in case things get unruly."

    It must be remembered, my friend, that at that time there were a great many houses operating in the various cities throughout Europe, and since the police were lax in their vigilance (it seemed to be general knowledge that the police owned many of them) it was only fair to assume that some of these dens housed the more criminal element who were forever on the alert to trap the less wily. Hence the two carriage-loads of masculine protection.

    We visited five of these dens that night, and a few brief descriptions of them wouldn't be out of place here.

    The first one, a den that was entered by descending a flight of stone steps, was of the more common type found throughout Pest. It was a cheap drinking place frequented by the lower class of girls who resided in the neighborhood, and where their favors could be purchased for drinks. There were no private rooms, no darkened corners where the couples might converse in private. Everything was done more or less openly and, as is common in such places, fights occurred with startling regularity. Enough of that place.

    We had started, as one might guess, with visiting the more degraded places. The second one, while no less dangerous, was a little better. This was the meeting place for the working, or middle-class, girls and young men, and was less conspicuous. I mean that little rooms were provided, each with a curtain, and a steady parade of couples entered and left them.

    You must think we looked strangely out of place, but keep in mind that we were wearing men's attire, masks, and long opera capes, and since members of the “upper class” were continually visiting these places, it wasn't at all uncommon to find visitors dressed somewhat like ourselves.

    The next place, though a little better, furnished us with a little bit of excitement. It also proved to us that our “guards” were ever on the alert. We were approached by one of the other visitors to the place who asked for a drink. This girl was of the medium type, and after perching herself on the edge of the table and going through the formality of adjusting a garter-a little trick common among them when they wanted to flaunt their wares upon an unsuspecting wayfarer-she asked one of us if we wouldn't buy her a drink. That in itself wasn't at all out of the way, and we would have gladly done so, had not something else happened at that moment.

    Before we could summon a waiter, we were approached by a villainous looking man who promptly insisted that we were trying to steal his darling girl. The altercation was cut short by the timely appearance of a stranger who promptly delivered the would-be troublemaker into the waiting arms of his mistress. The scowling face of our rescuer seemed to convince the callow fellow that it would be far better for him to take his girl and leave.

    When I discovered our deliverer was one of our guards, I said, “What a splendid man, my dears! I should like to know him better!"

    Anna, being better acquainted with the brute, answered, “Leave well enough alone, darling! That brute, while he appears gorgeous, is little better than the man he ruined and would as soon knife you as protect you. The only reason he doesn't is because he is being paid more for his work than he could possibly get from our purses."

    As you can readily guess, I put all amorous thoughts about our protectors out of mind.

    On to the next place! This one was of the better-class resort, and I really got something of a thrill there. Instead of being in a smelly basement, the place was off the sidewalk, and we had to pass between two burly doorkeepers before we could enter.

    I wondered if our eight “guards” would be denied admittance and was glad to see they followed us; a whispered word from one of my companions seemed to have done the trick. Inside, however, they seemed to have melted away, but Nina said, “Don't be alarmed my dear; they aren't far away-they haven't been paid all their money yet, and until they get it, you couldn't lose them if you wanted to."

    The place, besides sporting a dance floor of sorts, was lighted by gas-lamps, and all about the dancing section were tables where one could sit and enjoy the activities of the others, while sipping your drink. I noted, too, that there were several other groups, dressed somewhat like ourselves, sitting at the tables. They, too, were women, only an occasional man being present, though they all wore masks.

    I remarked at this. The only answer I received was a shrug of the shoulder and a lifting of eyebrows. I wondered at this.

    Another strange thing about the place was that several of the guests received notes or cards or a whispered word from the waiter, and in almost every case the one receiving the summons left their group and entered through a door at the far end of the room and disappeared from sight. My curiosity being aroused, I called attention to this, remarking of the scarcity of men present.

    "How do you know they're not men?” asked Anna.

    "So,” I thought, “it's that kind of a place, is it?"

    Knowing more or less about the type of man who ran about dressed as a woman, I didn't think I cared for it. They were, as Anna so aptly put it, a sexless crowd unable to produce a hard-on for even the most beautiful girl.

    There was a string band, which furnished music for the dancers-which were chiefly women-and after a short stay we departed. Riding along, Nina said, “Having a good time, dearie?"

    I laughed. “If seeing is having a good time, then I'm surely enjoying myself, but it's like coffee without cream-there's something lacking."

    "Something to quell the raging fever?” asked Anna, reaching across and patting my belly.

    "Something like that,” I answered.

    "Just what's on your mind, dearie? A man? Maybe a talented woman would do the trick?” This from Nina.

    "Are you trying to flirt with me?” I asked. “If you are, I'll take down my trousers.” This caused a lot of lewd answers, then Nina said: “All right, dearie. The next place we stop, you can turn yourself loose a little-only you've got to take your chance with what you get."

    "Meaning?” I asked.

    "Are you game?"

    "The way I'm feeling,” I answered, “I'm game for anything!"

    A few moments later we were driven into a darkened street, and, closely followed by our “shadows” as we had gotten to call them, we entered a dimly lighted house not unlike the former place.

    Here, however, the occupants were fewer and consisted chiefly of men, though, like the others we had seen, they, too, wore masks.

    "Another one of those places, huh?” I said.

    "Satisfied with anything you get?” Nina asked. “Just as long as you can get your gun off?"

    This was a droll way of putting it, and I couldn't help laughing at the daring girl. “You seem well versed,” I answered, “so suppose you pick out a nice ‘gentleman’ for me?"

    "Done,” she said, “but knowing your weakness, dearie don't try returning the compliment; some night in the near future we'll take you to a place where you can go the limit, and where they don't wear masks."

    "You interest me, my dear,” I said, “so let us hope it will be soon."

    A waiter was approaching. “Let me order,” Anna whispered when the waiter neared the table at which we sat.

    "Merry Wives,” said Anna to the waiter. “Something to warm the red lane.” He bowed. It was obvious he understood this strange request, for he said: “Perhaps the gentlemen would prefer being served in a private dining room?"

    "Later,” answered Anna. “For the moment, we shall watch the dancers; perhaps we will find someone to dance with."

    "Merry Wives? Something to warm the red lane? What in the world were you saying, Anna?"

    "Just an expression to convey our needs, dearie. Our friend the waiter knows what we're here for now, so go ahead and pick out a partner; the best way is to pick out one you want, then dance awhile."

    "Good heavens,” I cried. “Why all the secrecy? What's it all about?"

    "There's no mystery about it, darling. Just a little surprise; surprises are always more thrilling, you know. Now take the one over there for instance; see the tall gentleman with the Vandyke?"

    Nodding my answer, she went on: “The gentleman with the Vandyke happens to be the daughter of one of our wealthiest bankers, and her desire runs to pretty women. She's looking over here now, and a nod will bring her running. Suggest a dance and see what happens."

    "You intrigue me,” I said. “Well, here goes!” and I gave the expected nod, which was immediately answered by the “gentleman” with an reciprocal nod. “Too late now to back out,” whispered Nina, “for here she comes."

    I approached her as she neared our table. “Dance?” I asked.

    This was the expected source of introduction, and as we moved about the dance floor, I could see the eyes staring intently at me through the small holes of her mask.

    "You dance divinely,” I said, pressing against her. Something about this woman (for it was a woman) attracted me. Her mouth was pretty, as were her teeth, and what I could see of her complexion was unusually fair. I found myself wanting to kiss her. Glancing back at the table I had just left, I noted that both Anna and Nina were walking out upon the dance floor. My partner noticed it, too, for she said, “Your friends will be occupied for some little while, so why not join me in a drink?"

    "At your table?” I asked, watching her eyes.

    "I have a private little place where we could be quite alone-besides,” she continued, “I am quite thirsty."

    Well, my friend, to make a long story short, I allowed myself to be led to a small room. Once inside, my host pulled a cord. Almost immediately a waiter appeared. “A bottle of Benedictine,” she promptly ordered. The waiter withdrew. “Won't you remove your cape?” she asked, tossing hers to one side.

    "I would rather wait until the waiter has come and gone,” I said.

    Evidently the waiter hadn't far too go, for he rapped almost at once. “Shall I pay for it?” I asked, seeing that my companion made no effort to do so.

    "It isn't necessary,” she answered. “I shall take care of it before I leave.” The waiter, having dealt with the cork, left us to ourselves. “Now the cape.” It was more of a command than a question. The cape thrown to one side, as was the high hat, I settled down upon a broad divan, my hair tumbling about my shoulders.

    Hardly knowing how to begin the business, never having had a similar experience, I toyed with my glass and waited.

    "You have beautiful hair,” she said, settling down beside me.

    "You knew, then, that I was a woman?"

    "Why else should I have asked you here? Besides, none but women are allowed upon the dance floor."

    "Then you, too, are a woman; one would never guess it,” I lied, “by looking at your beard."

    Her answer to this was to remove the beard. “Now that we understand each other, we can feel more free, can we not?"

    "I would feel more at ease were you to remove the mask,” I said.

    "You fear me?"

    "Not in the least,” I answered. “It's simply that I would feel more at home."

    "And your own?"

    "I would rather not. Perhaps we shall become better acquainted, and then I would feel more like having you penetrate my identity."

    I was wearing freshly pressed trousers and the crease was unusually prominent. With the index finger of one hand, she began tracing it, up and down, up and down.

    "You tickle dreadfully,” I said, moving uneasily, but making no effort to hinder her. It was evident this girl wasn't at all sure of herself with me, for it was some moments before she became more aggressive. Thinking to entice her, and having no idea of whether or not I was keeping the others, I leaned back amid the pillows.

    This seemed to have the desired effect. Leaning partly over me, she said, “Would it interest you to know that I am rather wealthy?"

    "Indeed. And how could that possibly interest me?” I asked.

    She shrugged her shoulders. “I would like to know you better; you are very beautiful-what I can see of you-and perhaps I might be of service to you."

    "That depends entirely upon yourself,” I said with meaning.

    "You mean that you would like me to remove my mask?"

    "Would it be asking too much? I am here with two friends who are acquainted with the place; in fact it was one of them who suggested I dance with you."

    "It appears that I am well known.” She laughed, throwing off the mask and seating herself again by my side. “It doesn't matter; you must know why we are here."

    This being the first direct insinuation, I said, “Hadn't we best lock the door?” A thrill passed through me as this pretty girl took my hint as direct surrender, and I settled myself more comfortably amid the cushions.

    Without further ado, she again placed one hand on my thigh, but instead of tracing the crease in my trousers, her hand slid along to the fly and her nimble fingers were soon toying with the buttons, her eyes constantly upon mine. Then: “I would much prefer to have you completely nude,” she said, slipping her hand into the opening she had made and bringing her fingers directly upon my cunt!

    There being no longer a mystery about the thing now, I said, “That will be quite impossible here; another time, perhaps?"

    "I would love to have you with me a whole night,” she said, leaning down over me. “You are very beautiful. We could go to my home sometime? I have a lovely home."

    I made no answer to this, but, by lying perfectly still and allowing her free scope with her hands, I believe I gave her answer enough. Her hand, in the meantime, had completed its exploration about my middle. Withdrawing it, she completed the undressing; that is, she unfastened the top of my trousers and drew off the legs. This done, she again knelt between my widely parted thighs and carefully rolled up my shirt! Naked, now, from the tops of my stockings to well above my waist, I awaited her attack! Then, a moment later, I said, “Isn't it pretty?” at the same time raising my bottom and rotating my hips.

    "It's beautiful!” she whispered, and then pressed her half-open mouth to it! With my eyes closed and my head turned to one side, I thrilled beneath her skilled lips and tongue! Any doubt that she loved doing it was swept away a moment later when I bedewed her lips with a liberal dose of my juices, all of which she carefully licked up and eagerly swallowed!

    "You naughty girl,” I said a few moments later as I rose from the divan and adjusted my clothes. “I've never had anything half as nice."

    "And you will see me again?” she asked eagerly.

    Slipping my cape about my shoulders, I said, “The next time, my dear, it will be in that wonderful bed you told me about, and if you are half as nice undressed as you are dressed, I'm sure you'll find me willing in more ways than one!"

    I really meant it, my friend; I liked her. She wasn't the type one finds so commonly in such places. She didn't have that masculine look one often sees on tribades, and I fully intended making my way back there again-I was quite sincere about the “bedroom” part of it.

    I found my two friends waiting for me when I came to our table.

    "Had enough?” asked Nina. “Or is there someone else you'd like to try?"

    I had had enough. Besides, the hour was late; it was, in fact, almost daylight when we started back to my residence.

    Naturally, we discussed the events of the evening, and our thoughts drifting back to the last place we had visited. Then, since neither girl held back anything, but freely told everything that had happened to them, I said, “I am rather smitten with your friend, the banker's daughter. I would like to see her again sometime."

    "If you're wise, you won't,” offered Nina. “Once she finds out who you are, she'll pester you to death."

    "As bad as that?” I asked.

    "Worse. Why else would a girl make such a joint rendezvous if she wasn't an out-and-out rotter?"

    This made me open my eyes. I was glad then that I hadn't been so free as to divulge my identity. Nor did I ever go there again.

    We had coffee before retiring and Nina said, “Be a good girl and we'll take you to a place called ‘Cupid's Nest’ some night soon."

    "Sounds good,” I answered, “but in the meantime, I'm going to my own little nest, so goodnight to you, my children."

    You like my story so far, my friend? Is it the type you desired, and is it naughty enough to tickle your fancy? Write me and let me know.

    As you have noted, no doubt, I am mentioning only such events in my life which might prove of interest to you. I could go on and on relating the more trivial ones, but I'm sure they would prove of no interest whatever. Enough to say that for a whole week I devoted my time to my rooms when I wasn't at the theater. There was much to be done. I wanted to devote some time to learning Italian. It was the one tongue which intrigued me and my manager had hinted in no uncertain terms that a contract awaited me, in Milan, where he expected to open another play.

    I might mention here, my friend, that I had lost my lover, Arpid. It was as much my fault, perhaps, as his own, but I couldn't take him with me to the spa, and when I returned, I found that his father had found him. Since he was supposed to be touring Europe before entering military college, his father had taken him back home with him.

    I hated to lose him, of course, but as there was nothing I could do about it, and as there were any number of handsome men to be had at beck and call, I quickly forgot him. Besides, I had my little Rose, and between times when I took up with an occasional man, her pretty lips and tongue were ever at my disposal. Many was the time I awakened in the morning only to find her still with her face between my thighs, and she always gave me a splendid sucking before I went to my bath. As a matter of fact, she gave me one after as well.

    At the end of a week, however, I found myself desiring something more substantial than one tongue tip. Rose was wonderful, and she loved me, but even her skilled efforts failed to appease the hunger which grew and grew within me.

    I mentioned this to Anna and Nina. They were, as I have already said, almost constantly with me. They seemed to have forgotten their home completely, and the witty Anna said, “how about a trip out to Bernice's establishment? You promised her a visit, you know, and she'll be wondering what happened to you."

    I had, of course, been looking forward to a visit there, but there was something else I had in mind which interested me still more.

    I said, “I would fully enjoy calling on her, but there is still another place I would like to see first."

    "Yes?” Anna said. “What is it? Perhaps we can help you."

    "You can, since it was your delightful self who suggested it,” I said. “I'm anxious to see this ‘Cupid's Nest’ place."

    "So,” cooed Nina. “Our little diva's getting a hard-on. Well, I guess it can be arranged. When do you want to go?"

    "Any time it's convenient for your delightful self,” I offered. “The sooner the better."

    "It can be arranged, of course, but it will take a few days. You understand, of course, what sort of a place it is, do you not?"

    "I know nothing whatever about it,” I said. “I guess I've fallen in love with the name of the place. Cupid's Nest,” I repeated over and over.

    "You've got one, darling,” laughed Nina. “Isn't it something to put into the nest that you hanker for?"

    "You've guessed it, and I'll die if I don't get it damn soon!"

    "Then Cupid's Nest it shall be, darling, but keep your pretty legs together a few days, and then you can open them as you please. In the meantime, I'll see about it."

    Seeing Rose lingering about as though wishing to hear more about it, and feeling dreadfully naughty at the moment, I said, “Can't I even open them for Rose."

    "Good heavens!” cried Nina, making believe she was shocked at the idea. “Is the woman debauched to the extent of making a cunt-lapper of this girl!” This caused considerable mirth, and not a little embarrassment to Rose, but she had long since proven herself a good little sport and enjoyed it as much as any of us. Both girls knew that Rose delighted in gamahuching me, and Rose knew that I was on unusually friendly terms with Anna and Nina, so what harm could there be?

    A little later I shall tell you of her loyalty to me and how, at my own suggestion, she allowed herself to be deflowered by a lover I was to meet, and with whom I lived openly.

    But I am digressing, my dear; that part of the story will come in its proper place.

    To return to the story. In due time, Anna and Nina completed the details necessary before we could enter the sanctum of the Cupid's Nest. What a name! By rights it should have been called “Cupid's Dart” for that was what it really was-a place to receive that very thing.

    The place was located on a street occupied, for the most part, by factories. But that did not in the least take away from the splendor one found within its walls.

    A brief description of the interior is necessary at this point before one can begin to understand how the place worked. To begin with, it was very exclusive, being frequented by only the elite of the social world, and no woman was ever allowed to enter, save those who became inmates, either temporary or permanent.

    Sounds like something one reads about in theArabian Nights, does it not? However, it's true. The front of the place was used as a beer garden. The ceiling was high and beautifully decorated with the works of celebrated artists, said decorations being in the form of the most erotic paintings! The walls were likewise decorated. This room, which was large, contained nothing in the form of furniture except tables and chairs upon which the patrons sat, the patrons, as I have said, being men.

    The place was brightly lit, the whole screened from the street by heavy velvet curtains. The waiters were men.

    At the extreme rear of this room was an elevated platform. The front was covered with latticework interwoven with vines growing sweet-smelling flowers. From this latticed hallway-for that's what it was-was a set of steps, six in number. At the head of these stairs was a door, and behind this door, which was heavily barred, stood a gigantic Negro, and woe be unto he who tried passing that Negro! It had been tried once or twice-to the great sorrow to those who tried it.

    Behind this hallway-like space were the main rooms, and these were occupied by the “clients” who frequented them, these last being women, or girls, as the case might be.

    There were twelve rooms, each beautifully furnished and containing a full-sized bed, a dresser, chairs, a closet, and a washroom. There was one lamp on this entire floor, and this was seldom, if ever, lit. These rooms were rented for periods ranging from a week to a month by women, both married and single, for clandestine purposes, and here women and girls could carry on their love affairs without hindrance. The possibilities were limitless, and though the owners of this brothel were censured, they should have been rewarded.

    They were censured, of course, by the good Christians, those Christians, who believednot in the pleasure of the flesh and dwelt only in a spiritual world-whenever someone was looking, that is.

    There was every possible convenience within those rooms, and here is the way the plan was carried out. First, the woman or girl who was to occupy a room was, of necessity, well known. If she was a stranger, she must be vouched for by someone acquainted with the mistress; if accepted, she paid the fee necessary for a given length of time and was given a key to a door of a house on a street in the rear. Entering, heavily veiled, she made her way through this house to the one in which she maintained her one-room apartment.

    When she was ready to choose a lover, she would don a domino and mask and make her way through the hall to the latticed partition which overlooked the drinking-room below. Here she would have a commanding view of everyone in the room, and unseen, she would choose the man she wanted. Having made her choice, she would indicate to a staff member the man she wanted, and a message would be conveyed to him.

    Isn't that a pretty arrangement, my dear? I think it is.

    Nina and Anna having made the necessary arrangements for me, I visited the place. The mistress must, of necessity, know every woman who entered her establishment, but she was the only person who was let in on the secret. Being well known, however, I hadn't the slightest difficulty in getting a room, and I lost no time in getting into it.

    Then I went to the latticework partition and gazed out upon a sea of faces. It was remarkable the great number of handsome men who frequented the place. There were at least fifty there at the moment, and I had no trouble choosing one I wanted. Indeed, they were all handsome-the homely ones never came twice.

    Waiting until I saw the message delivered to the right man, I went back to my room, threw off the domino and mask and settled down upon the bed to await my pleasure. As you might have guessed, I didn't have long to wait-no gentleman keeps his mistress waiting, and these were all gentlemen. True, they weren't all wealthy, nor were they all of the elite, but they were handsome to a fault and were known for their “staying power” when in the arms of a passionate woman.

    I won't tire you with a detailed account of all the things I did that first night. Enough to say that he was a wonderful man in every way-and I'm sure I sent him to his home that night satisfied that it would have been impossible to extract another drop of his precious fluid. I maintained that room for a month, going there directly from the theater whenever the call of the flesh demanded-which, with me, was often. If a certain man was unusually nice, if he had a large cock and didn't object to offering it in any manner I chose, he would be sure to get a second invitation to visit me.

    There was another advantage to all this. If you felt in a mood for variety, all you had to do was to tell the man to leave after he had given one or two demonstrations of his manly powers. Then you simply chose another, and no one was the wiser.

    Would it interest you to know, my dear, that several of these men had handsome incomes from these women, and yet never knew who the women were? Such was the case; I have ample proof of that statement.

    This sort of an arrangement called for a lot of preparation. Why, one asks, should a woman go to all this bother for the sake of meeting some man? Why not go to any one of a dozen hotels or houses set aside for that very purpose? There are a thousand reasons why all this is necessary if a woman wants to keep her secrets.

    There are scores of women in every city who are not mated to proper husbands, convention being the prime fault of that. She might be of the ultra passionate type, while her husband is quite the reverse. She might be the type who craves certain caresses-both active and passive-but is denied them by a husband who wouldn't hesitate to kiss the cunt of his mistress, but wouldn't for the world do the same for his wife, nor would he dream of inserting his cock into her mouth-he could never lower her to do that!

    What better way, then, than for her to engage a room at this delightful place and take her fill of the good things in life?

    Shall I tell you of other possibilities within those walls? Yes?

    Then listen: I had often talked at great length with the woman who runs the house, and she told me many strange things. Though there were no names mentioned, she held back nothing that might lend fact to the telling. She told me of a certain married woman who greatly loved her husband and wanted a baby by him. But he, unfortunately for her, didn't want her to have a baby; in spite of the fact that he was an amorous man and fucked her every night and sometimes in the morning before rising. But at the expiration of each session, he compelled her to take a careful douche, thus preventing her from becoming with child.

    She didn't like it. She coaxed him to give her a child, but it was no use. He insisted it would ruin her figure and that ended that. But it didn't end her desire for a baby. Determined to get herself “caught,” she set about putting a most witty plan into action.

    Now there was not the slightest reason why she shouldn't have gotten in the family way, for there were thousands of men who would have given an arm each for the mere privilege of spending an hour between her adorable thighs, but she loved her husband and would have gladly died rather than to have allowed another man fuck her.

    She knew he went with other women once in awhile, and she knew she could do little about it since most men had their mistresses, so she hit upon a very witty ruse. First of all, she wrote her husband a very pretty letter. Two or three days later, she wrote another. This was followed by a third, a fourth and a fifth, each letter a little more daring, each a little more naughty. She said she dare not divulge her name, but made no secret of the fact that she was smitten with him, and would never rest happily until she had possessed him.

    Like most men, he fell for the ruse at once. A beautiful lady of refinement and culture wanting him to diddle her was a little too much for his sensitive nature. A day or two later he received another letter. This one informed him that the lady would be at the Cupid's Nest on a certain evening, and if he would promise to meet her there, abide by the rules of the place and never seek to find out her identity, and was willing to satisfy her constant longing, he should meet her there.

    Everything worked out as she desired it. She engaged the room, and he had the good fortune of being conducted into the lady's room where he made short shift of pleasing and gladdening her heart.

    Thinking, of course, that he was with some social butterfly whose only thought was to be royally and properly fucked, the good man did a wonderful job, such a thing as douches being the least of his thoughts. The result of that single meeting was a beautiful baby boy.

    Shall I tell you of still another and far more thrilling case? Yes? Then listen to this, for it's but another example of the possibilities in this wonder-house, though you'll admit it the strangest case you have ever heard of. Indeed, I couldn't think of a better illustration than this one.

    Shortly before my advent in Pest, there lived a very beautiful young woman. Nearby lived a distant cousin with whom she shared a special friendship. He was some six or seven years her senior, and like his cousin, unusually handsome-tall with wavy black hair and broad shoulders. He was greatly sought after by the ladies. Indeed, he sought the ladies, too.

    The girl was quite in love with her handsome cousin, but she dared not tell him of this. Finally, the thing became an obsession. She could think of nothing else save her handsome brother. Now it happens that this girl had never tasted the joys of a male member. No man had ever touched her, nor had she ever been pricked with the desire for a man, and now, for the first time in her young life, she felt the call of the flesh. She couldn't, of course, divulge her secret to even her most trusted friend; she had to suffer alone.

    A month passed. During that time she read all the books she could find on the subject of love, and since the book shops sold lewd items almost openly, she had little trouble getting several of the better-known works. Since these books pictured the various ways in which men and women enjoyed the carnal acts, her education grew. And with her education grew her passion.

    Desperate now, she began throwing herself in her brother's way. Becoming more and more brazen, she began appearing before him wearing less and less clothing, though she never let on that she knew her brother saw her. But nothing happened. If he became smitten with her freely exposed charms, it only increased his desire for other women.

    She tried every conceivable trick she could conjure, but she couldn't entice her handsome cause to her arms. She knew he went out with girls, and this annoyed her. She followed him, but this did little good. She persisted, however, and finally she happened to follow him one night when he went to the Cupid's Nest. Eva was no fool. She knew something about the place-as did most sporting women-and after a little inquiry here and there, she got the whole story.

    Her happiness knew no end! Without another thought, she rented a room.

    But, as will sometimes be the case, she spent several nights there before she saw her handsome cousin, and then her thoughts quite carried her away. Without delay, she sent word and hastened to the designated room. Having been to the place several times, he knew just exactly what to do-and he did it.

    With wildly beating heart, she lay there listening to him undress, thrilling anew with the fall of each garment. And you may be sure the happy fellow lost no time in gliding into bed with the wildly passionate girl where, after exchanging kisses of every kind, he gave her proof of his manhood again and again.

    He must have found her tender little cunt most pleasing, for it was hours before he had enough of it. Just before he left, she pressed a prepared note into his hand. It said that she would expect him the following night and that he must not fail her, since she had fallen desperately in love with him. He kissed her in response to her command.

    No longer a maiden, a smile on her beautiful face, she settled down to rest and dream of another night with her handsome cousin!

    The next night she watched him dress and noted the great care he took that he might be at his best with his new love-little dreaming that his new love was his own cousin.

    What mattered if she committed sinful acts? Did she not love him? And hadn't he whispered in her shell-like ear that he loved her, even though he didn't know who she was?

    Her carriage was waiting when she slipped from her home, and she was quickly driven to where the Cupid's Nest was located. Without delay, she slipped into her rented room. Her handsome cousin had not yet arrived, but she hadn't long to wait. Pressing the note into a servant's hand, she watched him deliver it, thrilled to her pretty toes when she saw her brother's face light with inward pleasure at reading it!

    She slipped into her room. Naked from top to toe, her well-developed breasts heaving with inward delight, her cunt throbbing with longing for the feel of his lovely rammer, she threw herself upon the bed and waited!

    The previous night she had been a novice. It being the first time she had ever been with a man, she was the least bit timid. But tonight! Tonight she would be different! Tonight she would return some of those thrilling kisses he had bestowed upon her! Tonight she would banquet on the spermatic sweets she had so often read about! She would abandon herself like those girls she had read of in the naughty books; she would drink pleasure to the full!

    For a full month, these two lovers occupied the same room, and eventually she became pregnant by him. But she was clever. One night she saw him with another handsome young man, and knowing the man was of splendid family, she passed up her cousin and invited this other man to her arms. Then, by what I thought was a very clever ruse, she managed to acquaint this man with her identity, and the fellow, thinking he had been the only one, married her-and they lived happily ever after.


    There is little to tell of the month that followed my entrance into the famous Cupid's Nest. For almost the entire month, I fully enjoyed myself there. Nights when I did not care to go, I gave my key to one of the girls though they were in no great need of men. They knew everybody in Pest and men were the easiest things in the world for them to get.

    The novelty soon wore off, and we were again looking for new experiences. The girls brought me to a fancy-dress party. This one was different though, in that we had to wear masks the whole evening and not disclose our identity to anyone. There were also not to be any romantic interludes or quick passionate meetings. The whole affair took on a rather highbrow feel to it, which I, at first, found uncomfortable. I had become accustomed to the lewd, open, unabashed life-style I'd been leading. Every man was dressed in evening attire-complete with intricate neckwear. The women dazzled in beautiful, but very modest, gowns. No plunging necklines in this group! I would have been vastly underdressed for the occasion had not Anna and Nina, knowing my wardrobe, brought an appropriate outfit. There was a very talented group of musicians playing rather subdued music, low enough to allow for conversation, yet also appropriate for dancing. People mingled freely and carried on conversations with ease. But never did the guests reveal their identities; introductions were skipped altogether. I stood talking to groups of people, or dancing politely with some impeccably dressed man, and suddenly it dawned on me what was the attraction to such a gathering. The sexual tension in the air was more intense, indeed more palpable, than at some of the orgies I had attended. I realized that because each of the people in the room knew there was to be no “free love” or lewd displays, they were more sharply focused on sex than they would otherwise be. The rules of behavior had been carefully drawn so as to create an atmosphere of unbridled lust, hidden beneath a veneer of polite society manners.

    I'll never know whether this cultivated atmosphere heightened my senses or whether I was just destined to meet the next man with whom I would fall in love at this strange party. I saw him on the dance floor partnering a rather nondescript woman. He was tall, broad shouldered, and behind his mask, I could tell that his features were sharply chiseled and handsome. I knew in a flash, with not one slight doubt, that he would become my lover. I moved through the room trying to get closer to him. The dynamics of the crowd, though, were such that, every time I came within a few yards of him, the current of humanity would carry one or the other of us off in the wrong direction. Either I was pulled onto the dance floor, or he was drawn into conversation with a group of people, or Anna and Nina would drag me over to talk to some new people. I could stand no more of this suspense. I knew in my heart that we were destined to meet, but mere consequences were keeping us apart. The situation heightened my desire even more. I could feel my pussy moistening beneath that oh-so-proper gown. If this continued, I would soon be dripping my pearly juices upon the dance floor.

    So sure was I that things had to work out as I'd imagined them-that we'd find ourselves alone all of the sudden when partners were changed during a dance, or out on the balcony when we both found ourselves in need of air-I almost didn't notice that he was making his exit. Hat in hand, he was nodding to a few people and making his way to the door. With unseemly haste, I grabbed Anna by the hand and pointed out the man to her. “I must know who he is. I must meet him. I am in love,” I said with a plaintive whine in my voice. Anna peered after the departing figure of the man I'd indicated and said, “That is entirely against the rules. You were told what this party was to be like,” she said reprovingly. “Besides, I don't know who he is."

    I was devastated. It couldn't be possible that a man I wanted could be so out of reach. I remained sullen for a week after that strange, polite affair. Worried at my downcast demeanor and listlessness, Anna and her sister began a discreet, but intense, search for my mystery man. They made no progress. Undaunted, they came up with a brilliant idea. They decided that we should throw a party of our own. It would be held at their house and there would be no formal guest list. Anna and Nina invited all of the people they suspected were at the ball where I'd seen him and told them to invite anyone else they knew. Since the society was small and close-knit, people tended to appear at all the same functions. Surely my intended lover would show up!

    The appointed hour came and, all of the preparations completed, we stood, wearing masks, in a sort of receiving line conversing amongst ourselves. We had planned the party as a costumed affair, like the other had been, but the rules of introduction were to be quite a bit looser-and hopefully the sexual tension that built up wouldn't be unrequited. Then, quite suddenly I thought, the doors were thrown open and several women and girls entered.

    "Our guests are arriving,” whispered Nina. “The elite of the male sex will be coming along soon now.” Pointing them out one by one, I found myself gazing upon a dozen or more members of the highest society.

    I was still holding my mask in my hand and the two sisters were still wearing theirs. Couples, arm in arm, were constantly passing us. Those who recognized me stopped, and I couldn't help but chat for a while. The hours flew by and still he hadn't shown up! Most of the guests had abandoned their masks, as well as their polite manners, and were pairing off. Anna and Nina had stripped some time ago, giving the signal that this party was to be completely different from that earlier one. Others caught on quickly. Couples were ascending and descending the stairs, and all were stark naked.

    Those descending seemed more at ease; those ascending seemed in a hurry, and the reason was obvious. The sight of so much nakedness was proving too much for the gentlemen, young and old, and the amorous maidens were hurrying them to the various bedrooms that they might reduce the hard-ons and, at the same time, cool their own raging passions.

    Standing with Anna and me in a little balcony overlooking the festivities, Nina laughingly said, “Our party is getting under way with a bang."

    "I can quite understand how those girls must feel,” I said. “The sight of all those thrilling stiff pricks has aroused me too."

    She produced a bottle and glasses, and after we had drunk a toast, wishing for my success in finding just the prick I was searching for, the sisters slipped away. I laughed, for it was plainly written on their faces what was troubling them.

    I turned and headed for the room the girls had prepared for me and my mystery man. I remember commenting when they had showed it to me, “You seem to take it for granted that I have already won him."

    "You will,” they said enigmatically

    "Just as soon as he lays his eyes upon that delightfully pretty little thing between your thighs,” Anna said, placing her arms about me, “he'll be sure to fall in love with you."

    I slipped inside and shrugged off my last garment, meaning to relax for a few moments before continuing my search. I started when Nina called out to me. Heart pounding, I hurried down the stairs with her. We made our way through the laughing, happy couples, Nina playfully touching a pussy here or grasping and squeezing an erect prick there.

    Such an assemblage is bound to become the least bit unruly, but to their everlasting credit, not a man so much as touched me, though some of the girls were less careful.

    Into the ballroom at last, Nina led me through the maze of people. They were standing everywhere, and I wondered how they would ever find room to dance. Some four hundred persons were there, and every one as naked as a newborn babe. Stiff pricks were everywhere and were boldly stroked by giggling girls.

    Few gave us any attention at all; they were too busy with their own partners, and two more naked girls meant little to them.

    Gaining a far corner, Nina said, “I've never seen them so free as they are tonight-I wonder what could have gotten into them."

    "Isn't a little playful fun allowed?” I asked.

    "Of course. The sky's the limit; it's simply that I have never seen this high-society set act with such freedom before!"

    I could see she was excited at all this. I said: “It's just possible that some hot-blooded maiden will so forget herself as to take possession of one of those noble-looking pricks right here among the other guests."

    Her eyes brightened and she said, “You may just be the one to lose control in such a manner. I want to introduce you to Ferry, your future lover!"

    I found myself face to face with the man she had called Ferry. He was talking to two girls, and like them, he was stark naked, sandals on the soles of his well-formed feet being his only covering.

    A smile lighted up his handsome face at sight of me, and he came forward, gently pushing the others out of his way. Grasping both my hands in his, he said, “I have been anxious to meet you. I wanted to talk to you at that endlessly boring party, but I couldn't get near you. I was called out of town on business after that, but upon my arrival, I heard about this party and knew it was my chance. I'm glad to see you've abandoned your mask. How beautiful you are."

    My breath was quite taken away now that I was finally standing in front of him, looking up into his gorgeous face, for he was as handsome as I'd imagined. “But you, too,” I returned, smiling, “are without a mask."

    He laughed. “I'm afraid a little thing like a mask would be poor covering for me,” and he dropped his eyes in a significant manner.

    My gaze followed his, and what I saw thrilled me to the core! I heard Nina give a little startled gasp! Turning quickly, I saw the wild light in her eyes, and she nodded. Returning my gaze to his, I said, “I am glad for your lack of covering.” We stood staring into each other's eyes for a long moment. Then I said, “I'm dreadfully angry at you, my dear!"

    "Angry? Whatever have I done to arouse your anger?"

    I moved closer-close enough to feel the smooth head of his stiff prick touching my belly! Those standing close enough to hear now turned their gaze toward us and stood listening! A wave of uncontrollable lust swept over me! I remembered Nina's challenge!

    "I am angry at you for neglecting me that night!"

    "But what did I do?” he asked, slipping his arm about my nude waist and drawing me close. “Tell me, my dear, what did I do?” He said this in a much lower tone.

    "It wasn't what you did, you dreadful man,” I said. “It's what you did not do that annoyed me! Do realize how much I wanted you!"

    "My dear, I'm sorry. Really I am. And I'll see that it never happens again. Never!"

    "And that isn't all,” I said, becoming more and more daring. “Can you not tell that I want-this?” As I spoke, I placed one hand upon his glowing prick and worked it up and down! I heard another gasp, this time from my left, and it wasn't Nina, either. Turning and taking a quick glance, I noted several eyes upon us; I became more daring!

    "Oh, but I'm dreadfully sorry, my dear. Had I but known, I would have fought my way to your side."

    I thought him rather nonchalant about it. “Nonsense!” I answered, quickening the motion of my hand. “What else could you have thought, seeing me chasing you through that crowd. I wanted you to fuck me! But never mind, you shall not escape me again, for right here you are going to fuck me!"

    And then, with a quick motion, I pressed that noble prick down to my aching slit! My other hand spread the lips apart, and standing on tiptoe, I directed the glowing head to it, pressed against it, and felt it glide in! Too late to resist me now, had he cared to, and overcome, undoubtedly, by the feel of my warm cunny clasped about his raging hard pole, he grasped me in his arms! His hands slid down to my bare bottom! He raised me and at the same time, drew me close, penetrating me to his balls! My arms slid about his neck; my thighs instinctively rose and clasped themselves about his waist, and I found myself sitting, as it were, upon his hard dart, the head of which I felt lodged far up within me!

    Still in this position, he carried me through the mass of packed humanity! Gasps came from every side.

    "Oh darling! Oh, lover! Give me your darling cock! Fuck me!” I cried, not caring who heard.

    Do you want to know what happened there that night, my dear? Yes?

    Then listen: On every side, men were clasping women in their arms. I had started a new vogue. Bedrooms were no longer necessary for that act. Couples were copying our action-but all this I knew nothing about for hours. Remember, I had nothing like this for several days, and this, coupled with a most unholy desire for this man, made me blind to anything else that might have been going on about me. I was sitting, as I have already said, upon that hard prong, the head of which seemed to lodge up between my hipbones. The up and down movements upon it at his every step, and the cries from the crowd around us, aroused my passion to a fever pitch.

    My only thought was that I at last possessed my lover! The man I loved with all my heart was carrying me off-where to I knew not and cared less! With me resting on his palms as easily as though I were a child, he carried me into a room, lay me upon the bed, and fucked me as I had never been fucked before!

    Ferry must have been wild for it because he spurted inside me twice before he withdrew and lay down by my side. How long we lay thus I do not know. I kept no track of time; it was an almost continuous performance. Kisses, embraces, naughty words whispered into each other's ears, dainty touches, kisses showered upon each other's love-parts-all came in turn.

    There was a dim light in our room, and now, for the first time, I realized where I was. I was in the very room Anna and Nina had set aside for me! “How did you manage to bring me to this room, you naughty man?” I asked, cuddling closer in his arms and kissing him.

    "It's the one that was set aside for us."

    "Us?” I said, mystified.

    He nodded. “Us,” he answered. “Are you sorry?"

    It was such a funny thought. Why should I be sorry when I had planned it all.

    "Of course I'm not sorry, or angry either, you dear,” I cooed. Ferry was just the man I'd been looking for. There wasn't anything he could suggest that I wouldn't have done then. I turned and pressed my face into his crotch, my delighted tongue doing a veritable dance upon his again-stiff member. He didn't last long under such a concerted assault, and flooded my mouth within minutes.

    I pulled away. “Satisfied now?” I asked, turning to him again.

    "You're a peach,” he said, kissing me again and again, “and I love you, my darling!"

    I saw Nina grinning at the door. “What happened, dear?” I asked.

    She laughed. “What didn't happen? You two no more than left the lower floor when all hell broke loose. It's a wreck down there. Heaving bodies are strewn all over the place."

    "Oh, dear, I'm sorry,” I said, “but you brought it all upon yourself, if you remember."

    "Oh, I'm not complaining; it was worth it. You started a new vogue, and after this, masks will be decidedly out."

    "And where were you all this time?” I asked.

    "When I wasn't watching you two lovers,” she laughed, “I was in the other room,” she said, motioning toward the room she just left, “in my lover's arms."

    "And where is he now?” I asked. “Why don't you bring him in here?"

    She shrugged her shapely shoulders. “I haven't a derrick, so I guess I'll have to leave him there."

    "Drunk?” I asked.

    Ferry answered the question: “Fucked almost to death, I would say."

    Nina laughed. “You're not so far wrong, my dear,” she said, reaching across me and grasping his prick and shaking it. “The one I had is a single-shot affair."

    "Be careful the one you're holding doesn't fire in the air,” laughed Ferry.

    "As though I'd let it be wasted!” she said gravely, and leaning over me, she took it between her lips, pushing it well back into her mouth.

    And so we spent the rest of the night, Nina remaining with us and sharing in the pleasures.

    But that wasn't the end of the affair by any means. No, indeed. Would you believe it, my dear, that the whole incident was aired in the papers, and that several divorces were brought about as a direct result of it? Nor did it end there. My manager, having heard of it and finding that I, his prima donna, had taken an important part in the affair, promptly canceled my contract and closed the show. Oh, I can tell you the thing caused no end of trouble. I was obliged to remain in my rooms for days and days; crowds hovered about outside waiting for a glimpse of me.

    But this, strangely enough, I didn't mind. Ferry had come to my apartment with me, and since he was forced to remain with me during the entire time, it wasn't so bad for me after all. You may rest assured that we put our time to good advantage.

    Every afternoon we entertained my friends. Anna and Nina became constant visitors, and now that the opera was closed and I had all the time in the world, it was one continuous round of pleasure.

    Ferry was my established lover, and because we were of the same mind in many things, we received our guests in any manner of dress or undress we happened to be in. Many times I appeared before them in complete nakedness; Anna and her sister would strip as soon as they entered, and it wasn't long before we found we had started a new fad. Nakedness became the vogue. Handsome men and girls, ever seeking a thrill, became daily visitors. Nudity wasn't enough; sex and all its particulars were freely discussed. I recall one afternoon there were ten or twelve persons present, and since it was warm, everyone had stripped off their clothes. Rose had been kept busy serving drinks, and tongues had loosened somewhat. Two girls were discussing the various sensations they enjoyed most. Each was a recognized mistress to some man, but one of them, thinking to be a little different, said, “I wouldn't snap my finger for the man who couldn't satisfy me without Frenching me between times."

    She didn't finish her statement, however, before Ferry interrupted her by saying, “And I wouldn't snap my fingers for the girl who wouldn't welcome the tip of my tongue whenever I wanted to give it to her, nor would I bother my head with the girl who wouldn't take the head of my prick between her lips and suck it."

    This left the others more or less breathless for the moment, and it was a beautiful black-haired girl who turned a rather embarrassing moment into what became the turning point in the affairs that were to take place in our apartment after that.

    The girl in question happened to be laying full length upon one of the couches, her head resting upon her lover's thigh, which she was using for a pillow. Both were naked, as was everyone else.

    She said, “Those are my sentiments, Ferry, dear. For my part, I wouldn't let the most handsome man on earth diddle me until he sucked me off first. And as for him wanting to be kissed likewise, I'd think him a fool if he didn't.” And then, with every eye in the room upon her, she turned her head and took her lover's prick into her mouth!

    The spell was broken. “By their deeds ye shall know them,” said a pretty golden-haired beauty, rising and stretching languidly, adding, “Hell! We all do it and we all like it and we like having it done, too, so why make such a mystery of it?"

    This girl was right in her statement. There wasn't a person in the room, woman and man alike, who wasn't a devotee to it, and I might mention here that, from that moment until the day Ferry and I left the city of Pest, the utmost freedom was indulged in.

    I saw more than one couple in a perfect “sixty-nine” without the slightest thought as to who happened to be present. As for the Lesbian Kiss-it was just as freely bestowed. Everyone knew the relationship between Rose and I; Ferry knew it and encouraged it.

    All over Europe, groups were forming among the so-called “upper class.” Women of the smart set, dissatisfied with the puny efforts of their husbands and lovers, were forming clubs. At first these meetings were held in secret. Later, when news began leaking out as to the type of affairs held behind closed doors, others wished to join, and soon one was considered strictly “out” if she wasn't a member of at least one of them.

    Men, too, were forming themselves into groups. History was repeating itself. No, Rome and Greece weren't being outdone, if one cares to put it that way. It was simply that the wealthy and idle, living as they did in constant inactivity, found time hanging heavy on their hands. Like the women who came from Lesbos and other islands in Asia Minor, the women of Germany and Austria-and other nations as well-were practicing, and introducing to others, their intimate and lubricious secrets. Maids were being taught the Lesbian Kiss, and only those most expert in the art found positions with wealthy women.

    From this, nudism grew. Women were vying with each other in indecent dress, and soon nudity became general at certain social functions.

    Is it any wonder, then, that we took to it like ducks to a pond? Is it any wonder that we took to openly practicing our own arts? Ferry had openly declared himself by stating that his greatest pleasure was in kissing a pretty woman between her thighs.

    Nina spent considerable time with us. Everyone knew she cared little or nothing for men, and many times during my stay in Pest I had seen her solicit another girl, and almost under our very eyes, perform her most cherished rites.

    I recall one afternoon in particular. Instead of being looked down upon by persons in the profession as a result of the scandalous affair at Nina and Anna's home, I was besieged with offers to go to other cities. Managers from all over Europe (the news of the ball was by this time common gossip) offered me contracts, but Ferry had prevailed upon me to hold off. He was soon to leave Pest, and when he did, he wanted to take me with him. That was his declaration of love, and loving him, I delayed signing a contract.

    We had been living together for several weeks, and since he had been such a constant lover in every possible way, closing his eyes against the affairs I was constantly carrying on with the girls, I thought I would give him a “banquet."

    Anna, Nina, and I talked it over. The girls were delighted with the idea. It would be a fitting tribute to his faithfulness.

    We called Rose and asked her what she thought about it, mentioning the idea this party would be a perfect opportunity for her to have him for the first time. We couldn't help but rejoice at her eagerness to give herself to that handsome man. She was no longer a maiden, having been deflowered by a giant dildo. We thought it fitting, since he had been so understanding of my relationship with her, that she give herself to Ferry.

    The afternoon in question arrived. I had told my many friends that I wished to be alone with my lover that last day and night, and they, realizing the truth of this and thinking that I was to depart from him forever, readily agreed that that was a fitting tribute.

    But I wasn't alone with Ferry, as you shall see. We said nothing to Ferry regarding our plans; Anna, Nina, and Rose were the only ones in on the secret.

    Anna and Nina were, of course, my constant companions. They took charge of everything. A table had been laid for the occasion. Meats of the choicest cuts, highly spiced foods, wines, champagne, and liquors were piled about the place, and the entire apartment was littered with flowers. My bed, that bed upon which Ferry was to enjoy the nude charms of Rose, was covered with fresh-cut violets.

    Ferry watched these preparations but said little. Wise to the ways of women, he realized that this was for him. You know what went on at the banquets of the ancients during Babylonian times; how Alexander the Great died of the excesses heaped upon him; how even the Armenians and Africans celebrated by giving great banquets where, after the guests had become heated with wine, they surrendered themselves to each other in every possible manner?

    You have read how the women would lay aside one garment after the other until they were stark naked, and how the men, equally naked, would engage the women and girls in the most shocking manner and before the very eyes of anyone who cared to look?

    Well, we went them one better. Instead of waiting till the wine had heated us, we stripped stark naked, our only article of dress being tiny rosebuds in our hair. Nudity, of course, was nothing new to Ferry; our guests had adapted themselves to being nude and our apartment was seldom without at least one stark-naked couple.

    "Ferry, darling,” I said, standing on tiptoe and embracing him, “this is to be in your honor. In a day or two we depart for parts unknown, leaving our friends behind. We may never see them again, and it is for this reason I have decided to give you this party. Not only shall you feast on the good things we are to eat, but you shall banquet on spermatic sweets as well. Four of us have elected to provide you with every possible comfort and thrill."

    I saw his eyes sweep over us as we stood about him. “Four?” he asked, mystified. “Where is the fourth? I see but three of you."

    "For days,” I answered, I have seen you watching my maid, Rose, and I, as everyone else, have guessed your desire for her. This day and far into the night, you are free to enjoy her sweet and tender charms in any manner you see fit."

    Our lips met in a long kiss, then, “No man could possibly be happier, my darling” he said, “than I have been with you. Your beautiful body has furnished me with pleasures I never hoped to have in the arms of a woman. You know my weaknesses, my desires, and you have offered yourself willingly and freely that I might enjoy you. I can see no reason why I should seek other women."

    "Ah, but that's no reason why you should deprive yourself of the joys we are about to so freely offer. Anna and Nina have long suffered for the feel of your splendid dart. Then there is Rose. It isn't one in your station in life who looks with favor upon a ladies maid, but Rose is different. Besides, the little imp will never rest until she's felt you stirring her womb and tickling her palate!"

    No man was ever given a broader hint, was he, darling?

    At the mention of his having my pretty maid, Ferry's prick stiffened and rose against my belly. “I must, I suppose, go through with this?” he asked.

    "As soon as we have dined,” I answered, leading him to the table, “and after that, our bodies are at your disposal to do with as you see fit! You have but to command, and we will all do as you direct!"

    We drank a toast. Holding my glass on high, I said, “Here's to your wonderful prick! May it hold its head high that it might caress cunt and lip, and never throughout the hours of day and night be without our constant caresses!"

    I shall not dwell upon the dinner; it was simply a medium from which we might keep ourselves supplied with good things to eat and drink. The table had been laden with the choicest fruits and candies-and we left it just as it was, that we might return to it from time to time as the spirit moved us.

    The highly spiced wines and food had done their work well, and this, coupled with our unusually erotic temperaments, left all of us in a very unusual mood. Rising from the table, Ferry said, “Your party is well received, my dears, and as long as this day has been set aside for me that I might enjoy myself at will, then let us enter into the spirit of the thing with zest. Let us give ourselves body and soul; let nothing we can think of go undone!"

    To this we applauded. “Come,” he said, leading us into the front room where the others had placed two broad couches close together.

    Throwing himself down upon them and arranging us all about him, he said: “Do I understand that I am to be master of ceremonies? That everything I propose is to be carried out to the letter?"

    We voiced our approval to this and he went on. “In all my travels about this great and splendid earth, of all the peoples I have met and mingled with, and of all the banquets and parties I have attended, I have yet to enjoy an affair like this. True, I have had women by the score and in every conceivable position, but I have never been the lone man among a bevy of delightful beauties such as yourselves. And so, I want to indulge my passions to the fullest; I want to do things I have always desired to do but have never been given the opportunity of doing. May I look forward to all this?"

    "Darling,” I said, lying over him and kissing his lips, “you have but to command and your slightest wish shall be complied with, no matter what it is or how naughty it might be. We have tried to bring together everything to make this a day of happiness and joy for you. Our own desires have been set aside that you might have just such a day as you suggested.” Turning to the others, I said, “Is that not the idea of this gathering?"

    Nina said, “She is right, Ferry dear, we have promised to do everything you wish; this is your day. We have even provided whips, in case you wish to indulge your sadistic fancies. Any one of us will willingly surrender our bodies."

    The others voiced their approval. Then he said, “Very well. Have Rose bring me that heaping dish of bonbons."

    Rose, who had been standing at one side listening to all this, bounded to the table, returning a moment later with the desired dish, and this she handed to Ferry. “You,” he said, looking at Nina, “shall be first, so come and sit here on the head of this couch."

    Drunk with desire, her eyes flashing with inward fire, her breasts heaving with pent-up emotion, a smile on her handsome face, she did his bidding. “So,” she said, seemingly satisfied about what was to follow, “having eaten all I can hold, I am to be stuffed otherwise. Is that it, Ferry, dear?"

    "You're very intuitive, darling. Now spread your pretty legs!"

    One by one, he stuffed the bonbons into her lovely crack until five had been squeezed in. Then, holding the lips of her slit together with her fingers, so that the candies might not slip out, she moved down to the foot of the couches.

    The meaning of this was obvious to us all now. Making Anna take the place her now-stuffed sister had vacated, Ferry performed the same rite on the smiling and happy girl. Having seen the other and knowing what was to follow, she held the lips of her pretty little slit well apart and smilingly watched him slip the chocolate-covered dainties into her willing pussy. “You're next, darling,” he said. But I didn't take my place as the others had done. Instead, I lay over him and smilingly watched from between my thighs as he poked and squeezed the semi soft morsels into my cunt until, like the others, I had five.

    Reaching over and taking one from the dish I said, “The banquet won't be complete, dearest, without covering the adjacent parts,” and I deliberately rubbed the sticky stuff up and down between the cheeks of my bottom, and what was left I rubbed through the hairs about my pussy.

    You think this a strange thing to do, my friend? Yes? Well, when one considers this an ideal spot to kiss one's mistress, why not make it even nicer by adding some flavor?

    We were arranged on the couches, our bottoms resting on the very edges and our thighs hanging down in front, pillows heaped behind our backs that each might see the whole performance. Ferry took his place between Nina's thighs and sucked the candies from her, while she, by simply working the inner muscles of her vagina, forced them one at a time between his waiting lips. Then, without moving from his favored position, he sucked her off.

    Quickly he moved to Anna, and here he repeated the performance, leaving her trembling as a result of his sucking kiss!

    "It's time, you naughty boy,” I said, lifting my thighs to his shoulders and clasping my feet together upon his back. “I can feel the sticky stuff melting within me!"

    "Why shouldn't it melt,” he said, “when it's clenched within the sweetest and hottest cunt in all the world!” And down went his mouth-not leaving his feast until every speck of the candy and the last drop of my juice had been licked up!

    "Now bring me Rose!” he said, throwing himself down upon the two couches, his legs well apart.

    Rose, who had been watching this lascivious picture, sprang forward and settled down between his legs. We crowded about, watching, wondering what she would do now that she was face to face with the real test. But the little dear remembered her lessons. Grasping his member between her hands, she worked it up and down for a moment, and then she leaned down and kissed it. I saw Ferry give a start as her warm lips came to it. Leaning over, I whispered in his ear: “Don't disappoint her, darling, but give it all to her."

    Bending down over his belly and grasping the base of his prick in my hand, I said to Rose, “I'll hold it, dear. Put your arms about his hips and give it a good sucking. Make the sap run out!"

    And little Rose did just that. There wasn't the slightest doubt in the world that she really wanted it, for she quickly took it into her mouth with a contented sigh and sucked it. Rose, though she had never sucked a man, was no stranger to it; she had seen men and women gamahuche each other, and she had seen Ferry and I in a similar pose, so the little dear wasn't entirely surprised when he shot his prolific spend into her mouth. I was very proud of her-not a trace of it remaining when she raised her face.

    Then came the best part of the whole program. Eager and willing hands arranged Rose on her back. Smiling, she watched as Anna and Nina held her legs apart. I bent down and applied my mouth to the pinkish slit, lubricating it with my tongue. The two girls, not knowing she had already been ravished with the giant dildo, were somewhat surprised when I guided the hard head to Rose's slit and watched Ferry sheath it to his balls!

    If she had ever spent a happy moment in her life, it was then when Ferry gave her the entire length of it and fucked her with long, powerful strokes. Like all cunnies, hers stretched beautifully and squeezed his prick in a firm and powerful clasp.

    And so we spent the afternoon. That evening we adjourned to my bed, and here, amid the flowers, we abandoned ourselves in every possible way, and always Rose played a prominent part.

    Too tired to continue, we listened to stories. When such erotic tales failed to do the trick, one of us would lean over and suck Ferry's cock to a state of erection. It was nine o'clock, perhaps, when Ferry made a strange announcement. “With everything in the world to make a man happy, there's still one thing missing,” he said.

    Wondering what in the world it could be, I said, “You have but to name it, darling, and I shall produce it for you."

    "If I thought you could, I would demand it."

    "What is it?” I asked.

    "It's a man. A handsome young man!"

    "A man?” I asked, hardly believing my ears.

    He nodded. “I suppose it's terrible, but I can't help it. For years, I've thought about it. I have talked with men who delight in it, and always they tell me the same thing: that I'll never know what a real thrill is until I have had a young man."

    The quick-witted Nina came to the rescue, as it were. “Why not?” she asked. “Women and girls like to suck each other, so why should not Ferry satisfy his desire and have what he wants?"

    "Why not? Why not, indeed?"

    "But, Ferry, my darling,” I cried, “where shall we get such a man?"

    "Bah!” he scoffed. “The place is full of them. I'll bet I could get a dozen in a few minutes!"

    With a bound, I was out of the bed. I summoned the extra maid I had hired for the occasion, knowing that we were going to keep Rose occupied in other than her usual duties. In brief I told her my needs and she, having received many presents from me, hurried off to bring a man to us. I'll never forget the expression on his face when I greeted him. I saw his eyes sweep over me, for I was naked.

    "You want to earn a hundred marks?” I asked in a low tone, for I didn't want the others to hear. “And you will forget all about it afterward? Never mention to anyone what you will see or do?” He agreed to everything.

    "Then strip off your clothes; I want you to be stark naked!"

    I believe I never saw a man undress so quickly. Grasping me in his arms, he said, “I wouldn't need a hundred marks to fuck you, young lady!"

    "Very well,” I said. “Then do as you are told; forget everything afterward, and you'll have not only the hundred marks, but I'll promise to let you fuck me before you leave!"

    I thought this the best way to win him over to our needs. The fellow looked as if he would have gone through fire and water for a promise like that.

    But another surprise awaited him when I led him into the bedroom and he caught sight of the other three girls lying about one nude man.

    "I shouldn't wonder you'd want another man,” he said, a wild gleam in his eye.

    Then I explained his duties. He seemed surprised, but went willingly enough to the bed, and straddling over Ferry's chest, quickly surrendered his prick to Ferry's lips. No foolishness here. Ferry had been sincere. It was, to his everlasting credit, the very first time he had ever had a man like that. Like most men who try it, he was awkward at first, but he grew to like it. Indeed, he sucked off the man three times that night.

    The following morning, long after the others had departed, leaving Rose and me alone with him, Ferry said, “I suppose you'll think me a brute, dear, but I'm looking forward to another affair with a man some time. It was the most thrilling thing I've ever done."

    I sympathized with him. Although he was everything I could ever want in a man, I still enjoyed my dalliances with choice females.

    And so we bid farewell to our friends in Pest. Anna and Nina took Rose and made a lady of her. I learned some time later that she married a handsome man and was well-to-do.

    I wonder if she ever thinks of me.


    Ferry had many friends, and during our journey south, which was to take us into the Balkans where we visited several countries, we talked of them. In Vienna, I expected to head a company in a new opera, but Ferry had asked me to hold off, and because of him, I did so. In Belgrade we were hailed like incoming heroes; everybody had heard of my affairs in Pest, and everyone, or so it seemed, was anxious to greet me.

    Installed in the leading hotel in the great city, I began receiving guests, and one of the first to call was a lady of the Austrian court. She bore a letter from an official high in governmental affairs, and the letter stated that my presence was wanted at court at the earliest possible moment.

    "What does this mean?” I asked Ferry, handing him the letter.

    "You'd better go,” he answered, “or the old boy'll be sore."

    I could gain nothing by questioning the messenger, so I answered saying that I'd be happy to attend the following day.

    Frightened half out of my wits, I entered the palace only to find that my presence was needed, not by the man who had written the letter, but by the emperor himself.

    Now it must be remembered that I visited the Court of Austria at a time when the whole country had gone mad over some sort or other of cult, free-love cults being more in vogue than any known other.

    Presiding over the court was a Duc (it is best to hide his name), who was considered by everyone as a leader in this cult craze. It was also whispered that he was, besides being a despoiler of maidenheads, a man-lover with several handsome young men he kept about the court for his special entertainment when he was so moved.

    I had learned, too, that the court ladies were made up of the prettiest women in Belgrade, that their love affairs were carried on under the very eyes of the emperor who sanctioned it, and that they were maintained within the summer palace chiefly due to their unusual beauty and because of their willingness to adapt to the unusual undress worn by the ladies of the court.

    At last, after a ten-minute wait, I was delivered into the hands of the famous Duc. I found him charming enough, and had it not been for the fact that I already had a lover, I could have fallen in love with him.

    Finally, after leading up to the subject by degrees, he said, “Our emperor is planning a great ball at the summer palace here and desires your esteemed presence. Having heard your remarkable voice and witnessed one of your performances as Juliette some time ago, he is desirous of having you as part of his entertainment.” After a short pause, as though he were waiting for this to sink in, he continued. “You have no objection to appearing in such a scene wearing your stage costume?"

    I smiled at this. “Why-I don't know,” I answered. “The costume you refer to is-well, rather, what shall we say-brief, and I'm afraid such a costume would hardly do for a private theatrical. You see…"

    "That,” he interrupted me, “is the very reason our emperor desires your presence. The costume, as you refer to it, should, if you wish to please our monarch, be even more brief."

    I laughed outright this time. “Then I'm afraid it will be a near thing,” I answered. “If I were to wear any less, I'm afraid the emperor would have me thrown out."

    "The emperor would enjoy it if you would consent to appear in the nude."

    "And where is this entertainment to be held?” I asked.

    He seemed to take this question as an acceptance on my part, for he said, “The performance is to be held here in the palace. Your partner-Romeo, if you prefer-is a handsome young actor, and a great favorite of the emperor. You will like him, I'm sure."

    "And his costume?” I asked, smiling.

    Instead of answering this directly, he reached over and patted my hand in an affectionate manner, then: “You do not seem to understand our emperor, my dear. We have at the moment the Russian Ballet, consisting of sixty members; an act consisting of fifteen persons; a comedy act consisting of six more, and they all perform in the nude. Does that shock you, my dear?"

    I laughed. “Pardon me,” I said. “I wasn't laughing at that; I was just thinking how strange I would look wearing a costume, when the others perform stark naked. I would be out of place."

    "Then it's agreed?” he asked, leaning across the table.

    I shrugged my shoulders. “Is one in the habit of denying your emperor?"

    He seemed to take this question as acceptance.

    The Duc, I mention here, was a Frenchman, his close connection with the nobility having been brought about by his willingness and eagerness to seek out and provide the most startling entertainment for the court. Knowing the vast hordes of beautiful women about the palace were nothing more or less than whores who, like the emperor and his right-hand man, the Duc, were more than willing to do their part toward assisting in the scandal forever creeping out to a suffering public, I became more bold. I said, “I would prefer not to attend alone. You have no objection to my lover escorting me to and from the palace?” This was part suggestion and part question.

    He pouted, inclining his head. “Is it necessary?” he asked. “You are expected to assist in the private entertainment for our emperor, after your formal appearance, and-well, wouldn't the presence of your lover, as you prefer to refer to him, be somewhat uncomfortable?"

    Such, my friend, was the state of affairs one found within the “circle” during those days.

    Without going further into the details of the whole affair, let me close this part of the history by saying that I attended the “party” in honor of the emperor, and that two days afterward, Ferry and I made a timely exit from the fashionable city, to the great disappointment of the entire court.

    We had intended on spending a few more days there, but, as I have said, we thought it best to leave. It wasn't that I objected to the attention paid me; it was because I knew it hurt Ferry.

    And because there are other things to relate, events of far greater importance to tell you, let us skip all this and take up the thread of the story as to what happened a few days later.

    We crossed the border into Serbia, and while the court here was no less impure than that of Austria, there was far less scandal and gossip.

    Wishing to be alone for a change, we took a charming villa in a quiet section of the city. Close to the river Danube, we found it a delightful spot, and here we spent several weeks, and they were, I believe, the most pleasant I had ever experienced.

    We journeyed into Bulgaria, stopping here and there, enjoying the country and its restful climate. But now Ferry became restless. Something was on his mind. “I'm worried,” he said in answer to my questions. “Today I saw an agent connected with the secret police of the Austrian government."

    "But what shall we do?” I asked, now a little worried. We had done nothing to arouse the dislike of these people. I expressed my thoughts to Ferry. “You don't understand,” he said. “It is not what we have done; it's what you haven't done."

    "Me?” I asked, surprised.

    "Yes,” he answered. “Yon don't know it my dear, but our friend, the emperor, was disappointed with your sudden departure from the summer palace, and he's not one to be brooked in his desires. Tomorrow we leave for Rumania. I have friends there."

    That night, lying in each other's arms, we talked of all this.

    He told me of a wonderful people he had met in the mountains and how I would love them. They were Gypsies, he said, and though they were known outlaws and were almost constantly sought by the police, they were a friendly, kind, and generous people. He had met them while busily engaged in writing a book, and though he had been held somewhat apart from the group, one day he rescued the young son of one of the chiefs of the tribe, and as a result, he had been accepted as a “blood brother” and was always welcome. “Besides,” he said, holding me close and kissing passionately my lips and eyes, “you will find them the greatest lovers in the world."

    I laughed. “And what would I do with lovers?” I asked. “Haven't I you? And did I not run away from wealth and royalty so that you alone would possess me?"

    "And didn't you give me Rose?” he countered. “Did you not allow me to satisfy my desires between her snowy thighs, just to make me happy? Oh, no, dear, it is my turn now. Once we get into the mountain fastness of these people and are conducted to their camp, I want you to indulge yourself to your heart's content."

    Then he gave me a detailed description of their mode of living; their habits and loves; how they lived and openly practiced free love; and how I would be expected to adapt to their methods of living. He told me they were the most beautiful people on earth; how, contrary to popular belief, they practiced sanitation in all its phases; and how upon entering their fastness one must sacrifice himself, or herself, to some member of the opposite sex, as this was the only manner in which they could be positive of one's loyalty to them.

    Strangely enough, I began looking forward to visiting these people. There was a certain amount of hardship one must endure before entering their fastness, he said, but after that, it was the nearest approach to heaven he had ever known.

    And so I found myself eager to get under way; something about the whole affair interested me. I cared nothing for the so-called hardship. He did not say what this entailed, so I paid it little mind.

    Three day's travel by cart and stage brought us close to the river Danube, an area that is famous for its delightful climate. Safe in Rumania at last, we felt more secure. We had shaken off the police-forever, I hoped.

    Two days travel by the most primitive carts brought us far into the mountains, and here our drivers refused to go further. They shook their heads and gazed off toward the distant hills; nothing we could offer would entice them further.

    "We will leave our baggage here,” Ferry said, “and take with us only the clothing we are wearing. Come."

    We made our way on foot. I had faith in Ferry; I knew he would never sanction this trip were there any possible danger connected with it, and since I had agreed to do and say everything he suggested, I followed him up the steep paths through the dense wood. We had started early that morning, and it was mid afternoon when we were suddenly confronted by what I believed to be the most bloodthirsty creature I ever had the misfortune to meet.

    He came forward and I had the opportunity to study the man.

    Large and slightly darker than I had expected, he had black, curly hair beneath a wide leather hat, and great gold rings in his ears. He had a wicked cast to one eye. Overall, he was the most murderous-looking person I had ever seen.

    "Be not afraid,” reassured Ferry. “He is but one of the guards, and as soon as he learns our business here, we will be conducted further into the wood where we will meet an escort who will take us directly into their camp."

    The brute-for that's what he looked like to me-asked many questions, and finally, having been convinced that we were not police, he conducted us along the path to a clearing in the dense forest. Directing us along, he pointed out the path we must follow. Without warning, we came to a bend in the wooded path and here, directly before us, was a stream.

    Ferry saw the look of mystery in my eyes. Laughingly, he said, “This is the first hardship I referred to,” and nodded toward the water. “We have got to cross it."

    I had hardly expected this. I said. “But it's deep, darling! How shall we ever cross without wetting our clothing?"

    He laughed and kissed me. “One doesn't cross without wetting one's clothes, my dear,” he said. “If we were to enter the stronghold of these hospitable people wearing dry clothing, we would be laughed to scorn, and I wish to impress them with your willingness to comply with their customs."

    I looked down into the water at my feet. It looked black, and I could swim but little. Ferry, I knew, was a good swimmer, so there would be no danger of anything happening to me. I recalled the delight I had had back home, and how I had often gone into the pond fully dressed. I recalled how one Sunday, returning from my singing lessons, I was overcome with the desire to go into the pond, and how, without waiting to remove my little jacket, I splashed my way in! The thought thrilled me! Why not? It was dreadfully warm, and the water would feel good on my body!

    All these thoughts passed through my mind in a flash. Raising my eyes to his, I said, “Very well, my dear. I am ready when you are."

    "Can you swim?” he asked. When I told him that I swam very little but was not afraid of the water, he said, “That will make it ever so much easier. I'll go first, and then I'll assist you down, and by resting your fingertips on my shoulders, I will be able to get you across. Ready?"

    Nodding my answer, I watched as Ferry turned and dove in. It was all very unusual, I'll admit. We were like two wild children bent upon doing something devilish, and I, for one, was as eager as any child could have been. Coming up and shaking the water from his hair, he came back to the steep bank directly beneath my feet.

    "All right, honey,” he said, smiling up into my eyes. “Lower your pretty little feet and I'll help you down."

    "You won't!” I cried, a daring thought coming into my mind. “I'm going to jump! Catch me!” and without another thought I leaped down! I thought I would never come up, but at last I did, and then I found Ferry's strong arms about me. Happy, my eyes bright with the novelty of the thing, I laughed and shook the water from my hair. A moment or two later we were across and standing upon the sandy bottom near the opposite shore. Turning to look at the far side, I saw the villainous-looking creature we had first encountered staring at us. Raising my arm and waving to him, I was surprised to see him smile. I had thought him incapable of smiling, and after gazing at us for another moment, he turned and walked out of sight.

    Standing tittie-deep, I unloosened my hair, letting it fall about my shoulders. “Like it?” asked Ferry, smiling and coming close by me.

    "I love it!” I cried, kissing him rapturously, “I could stay right here forever and ever! Oh, Ferry!” I cried, “I'm going into every creek and pool I ever see! No matter what the occasion or what manner of dress I'm wearing."

    You have heard of a person having a fetish? Well, going into the water fully dressed had become a fetish with me. Then and there, standing in that unknown stream, I had become a slave to my strange desire!

    I told Ferry of it. He said, “You'll have plenty of chances, my dear. Remember, we've got to return through this same stream."

    Climbing out and standing upon the sandy shore, my thin clothing clinging to me, I looked a sight, every line and curve of my standing stood out in bold relief. “You might as well be naked, my dear,” Ferry said.

    "That's the way I wish to be,” I answered. “I want your friends to see me just as I am."

    "I want them see you just as you are, too, my dear. I want them to see your beautiful body, and I want you to display it willingly. And above all, I want you to surrender to them; I want you to do as the others do. In a few moments, we shall come upon their camp. The chief will embrace you. I want you to return his embraces, lend yourself to him in every possible way, accept any suggestion he might make. In short, you should enter there with an open mind; give yourself to them body and soul."

    "And supposing this man, whoever he is, wants to fuck me?” I asked smiling.

    "You are to do that, also,” he answered.

    "Then,” I said with a toss of my head, “I hope he's better looking than the brute back there,” pointing over my shoulder. Then moving along toward the sought-for camp, I said, “And you? I suppose you will flirt madly with some black-eyed damsel and fall victim to her charms?"

    "You don't understand, my dear,” he said. “A man and woman entering here never violate an unwritten rule-that of fucking their own lover."

    "Indeed,” I smilingly answered, “it sounds interesting. But even though I surrender to another man, my dear, I will try to think that it is you I'm clasping between my thighs!"

    Happy and contented, we hurried along the path, chatting every step of the way, and soon we came into a clearing. We were instantly surrounded by a score of chattering children. One that was more handsome than the others made his way to us. Like the others, he was naked save for a cord about his neck. There was a gold piece dangling from it.

    His eyes brightened at the sight of us. This, I was to learn a moment later, was the boy Ferry had rescued from a great bear, and after a most affectionate greeting, during which Ferry and the boy exchanged several kisses, he ran off shouting at the top of his voice. The other children, seeing the welcome, began dancing and shouting about us. Amid this happy, carefree mob we were led into the camp proper.

    A giant of a man stepped out. He was handsome, his black hair hanging in clusters of curls about his well-formed head. About his hips he wore a great bearskin. He had it arranged in such a manner that it covered but one leg. Otherwise, he was naked.

    He greeted Ferry with the greatest of respect, kissing his lips very much as the boy had done. This giant had come from a low-roofed building without sides, the roof being held by a dozen or more posts. From it, others were emerging. They were dressed very much like the large man, though not a few of them were without the slightest thread of covering, men and women alike.

    Then, Ferry and the giant having completed their greeting, they turned to me. The giant smiled. “My mistress,” Ferry said by way of introduction, and instantly the other placed his great palms under my arms and lifted me off my feet. Holding me at arm's length as though I were a baby, he said, “She's dressed! You know what that means, my friend?"

    Ferry smilingly nodded. “That's why I insisted upon swimming the stream fully clothed,” he said.

    Still holding me aloft, the giant said: “She's beautiful! And is she a good fuck?"

    This frightened me a little, but Ferry quickly answered, “She is indeed beautiful. And lying deep between her lily-white thighs you'll find a heaven of delight."

    "Then,” cried the giant, setting me down on my feet, “I proclaim her my bride for the night.” And slipping the rope from about his hips, he let drop the skin, a simple operation which left him quite naked. Others now came forward. “Take her away,” said the giant, nodding in the general direction of another, smaller building close to the large one.

    Ferry followed me and just as we entered the building, a beautifully formed girl stepped before him. She was stark naked.

    Raising her arms about his neck and pressing amorously against him, she said, “My dear friend-you forget Nattie?"

    Ferry held her close, kissed her lips. “Of course I haven't, Nattie, and since you are without your badge of servitude, I know you are engaged for tonight, but tomorrow,” he continued, “you shall be my bride."

    I heard no more. The girls into whose hands I found myself, escorted me into what proved to be a sleeping-room. Many beds were arranged about the outer side, but the center was devoid of furnishings. As I looked about the room, their dexterous fingers soon freed me from my wet garments. Naked from top to toe, I stood there among them. Towels dried me. My hair was combed and dried; hands patted and caressed me. “You are tired after your journey?” asked one of them in almost perfect German. Nodding my answer, another arranged a bed for me, and a moment later I lay full length upon it. The others knelt all about me, smiling and patting my white body and thighs. One went to the lower end of the bed and massaged my feet.

    "You are a very fortunate girl,” said another.

    "Fortunate?” I asked, smiling. “I do not understand."

    "For having been chosen by the king,” she went on. “It is a great honor to be chosen by our king. He is a wonderful man, and tonight he will make you very, very happy-here,” she said, touching my pussy hairs.

    I was dreadfully tired, but as they continued to hover about, and not wishing to offend them, I said, “You speak as though you were well acquainted with his charms. Tell me-has he ever cuddled you in his arms for a whole night?"

    "Once,” came the quick answer. “He spends at least one night with every girl. If he takes a fancy to some particular one, he chooses her a second time; otherwise he has her but once."

    I noted among other things that one or two of them wore the usual skin affair about their hips while the others were stark naked. In answer to my question regarding this, one of them said, “Those of us who are without covering have been chosen for the night. Those of us you see wearing clothing have yet to be chosen."

    "Which means,” I said, smiling “that you are going to spend tonight in some man's arms?"

    She smilingly nodded. “We spend every night in some man's bed."

    "And what do you do throughout the long hours of the day?” I asked.

    "They are not long hours,” she answered. “They are all too short. From sunrise to dark we play and sing and dance. Sometimes we swim in the lake, or romp through the woods with our lovers. At night the men light great fires, then we sit about these and sing or dance and make love."

    "And do you not ever make love in the daytime?” I asked, interested in this strange, though straightforward, girl.

    "Oh, yes. That is one of the many ways we spend so many happy hours together. We are taught to please the men when we are very young."

    "And supposing,” I said, looking very naughty, “you are unfortunate enough not to entice a man to your arms; then what?"

    She smiled at this. “Then we flirt with them and make them go with us into the woods."

    "And what do you do when you are with your lovers?"

    "Anything he wishes us to do,” came the ready and innocent answer.

    "And am I supposed to do anything with the man who has chosen me for tonight?” I asked.

    They all laughed at this. Then my new friend said, “You will find out tonight. A great banquet will be served, and afterward you will entertain us by lying with our king."

    I wondered at this. Could it be possible, I thought, that I was to be offered to that handsome giant under the very eyes of all of them? I said, “But I supposed I was to spend the night in his bed with him. I would greatly dislike to have him fuck me before everyone."

    They seemed surprised at this. They exchanged startled looks, then one of them said, “Has not your friend told you of what we do? How we live?” And when I told her I knew very little about their ways, she said, “Be not afraid; we consider it a great honor when our king-what do you call it? — fucks us so everyone can see. After that, every man wants to fuck us, and that makes us very happy."

    The simplicity of the girl's statement was nothing short of refreshing. Here was a tribe of people who lived for the very joy of living, giving themselves to any man who desired their favors. Nothing was hidden. A passionate, high-strung people living a life of utmost freedom and ease with no other aim in life other than to make love; a people, as near as I could understand it, who gave themselves under the very eyes of brother or sister.

    It was, as I was to find out a few hours later, a sort of ritual among these people. Instead of going at the business in secret and making a mockery of the thing, it was looked upon as a high honor.

    Very well, I thought, I don't understand it very clearly, but I'll show these people that I, too, can enter into the spirit of the thing with the same freedom as they do. If I'm supposed to accept the embraces of this or any other man, and I'm supposed to accept it in public, then I'll show them that I am not afraid! I shall join in the feasts, I shall sing and dance, I shall flirt with these men and, if I mistake not, I shall teach these handsome girls a thing or two they do not know!

    "You had best sleep,” one of them said, handing me a glass of aromatic liquor. I drifted off into peaceful rest.

    When I awakened, I found many changes. In the first place, it was dark beneath the roof, but outside, the whole place was lighted by many bonfires.

    "You are rested?” asked a low voice close beside me. Turning, I saw the same well-spoken girl I had conversed with earlier in the afternoon.

    "Much, thank you,” I answered, patting her hand which rested on the side of the bed.

    I stretched languidly. “Have I slept long?” I asked.

    "A few hours,” she said. “It is nothing."

    I took it for granted that she had remained by my side, and when I asked her this, she said, “I would have stayed anyway, but it was because our king demanded it."

    "Why?” I asked, smiling up into her eyes.

    She shrugged her shoulders, then: “So no other man would steal what is the king's right."

    "Speak plain,” I said. “What you mean is that you watched over me so no man other than your king would fuck me. Isn't that it?"

    She smiled, nodding her head.

    "Do you like to fuck?” I asked. Perhaps it was due to my unusual position among these people or maybe it was on account of my strangely erotic temperament and the thoughts that I was to enter into the orgy which was to follow, but whatever caused it, I felt dreadfully naughty. I believed I had never felt quite so naughty, and I awaited her answer. “Sit here,” I said before she could answer my previous question, and as she perched herself on the bed beside me I placed one hand on the smooth skin of her well-turned thigh and gently patted it. “You are very beautiful,” I continued as a surge of lust swept over me, “and if I were a man I would consider myself lucky indeed if I were allowed to fuck you."

    She smiled her prettiest. “It isn't the men who are the lucky ones; it is us, we women, who are lucky, for sometimes we have to tease them before they will fuck us. But come; the feast is about ready and we must not keep our king waiting."

    She led the way outside, and here I saw men with great armfuls of wood hurrying toward the various fires. Great quantities of sparks flew high into the air as heavy sticks were thrown on. Everywhere I saw girls and young men in groups talking or singing; children were gaily chasing each other about the place, and everyone was naked. The fire cast flickering shadows over their bronzed bodies; red lips and flashing eyes were in evidence everywhere.

    I stopped. “Where is my partner of the night?” I asked, smiling.

    "I am taking you to him now,” she answered. “He is waiting in yonder temple,” she continued, pointing to a building directly ahead.

    The soft pine needles made the softest carpet beneath my feet, for it must be remembered that, like my newfound friend, I was stark naked. Entering the low-roofed structure, I saw the king at the far end reclining on what looked like a platform. He was lying on a mattress of skins, and beside him sat Ferry. A beautiful girl sat on his knees, and a half-dozen other girls were in attendance as well. All were naked and were listening to the strains of a guitar.

    Suddenly the king saw me. “Come!” he cried, brushing the others off like so much chaff. I hurried to the bed, threw myself down beside him and into his waiting arms. “She's beautiful, Ferry, my good friend!” cried the king, kissing and petting me in the most brazen manner. His great hands slid all over me, patting and gently pinching the flesh of my bottom, thighs, belly, and breasts.

    Everybody was happy and gay. “She's just as I told you, my king,” cried Ferry, “but wait until you get between her powerful thighs and your great prick dives deep into her belly; then you'll think her even more beautiful!” It was plain that Ferry had partaken deeply of the powerful wines they brewed, for in the flickering light I could see the flush on his handsome face.

    "And that, my good friend, won't be long!” cried the king. “See! They are already erecting the great bed upon which your mistress will pay her debt to the king. Wait till she tastes this!” he cried, carrying my hand down to his great prick. I took the hint and clasped it in my fingers, though I couldn't span it.

    My presence evidently had its effect on the king, for his prick was as stiff as a board, and a thrill passed through me as I worked the loose skin up and down. Though it wasn't quite as long as the Russian warden's, I wondered how I was ever to take it all! I saw Ferry making frantic motions; wondering what he could mean. It was some little time before I comprehended. I noted, too, that the others were staring at me, as though they awaited something. I looked at Ferry again; this time I could hardly miss his signal! I felt the color come into my cheeks as I said, “And you, my king, are handsome, too, and I shall consider it a great honor, indeed, to share your bed this night, that I might possess this!” Bending down I kissed the great, heart-shaped head!

    I wasn't at all sure that I hadn't done a dreadful thing, but I was reassured when the others applauded, convincing me that this had quite won me a place in their hearts.

    A great bell boomed out its signal that the feast was ready and we scampered like a lot of unruly children toward the banquet board.

    These people may have had a certain amount of savagery in their souls, but they knew how to entertain their guests. Great tables had been brought forth and erected in the clearing. The entire place was illuminated by the soaring flames of the great fires.

    At the end of the first table, a place had been reserved for the king. I, as his “bride of the night,” held the seat of honor at his right, which was elevated so that everyone could see us. The seat we sat upon was covered with the choicest skins of silver foxes, and the white-tipped hairs tickled and caressed my naked bottom and back. Great platters of roast venison, boar, and lamb were set before us. Tankards of spiced wines and liquors sat within easy reach of everyone. Bread, biscuits and rolls, nuts, figs, and grapes were piled everywhere. There was lively music and voices as clear as silver bells echoed and reechoed through the forest, lending a seductive atmosphere to the scene.

    Children-boys and girls alike-were scattered through the groups or were lifted to the tabletops where they assisted the others in the selection of foods. Indeed, one would have to witness the scene before he or she could get the full significance of it all.

    Everyone was laughing, playing. Kisses were exchanged, hands groped everywhere. Ferry and his “bride of the night” sat on our left and they, as though to inspire the others to greater freedom, were indulging in the wildest revelry. I was beginning to fear the result of all this, but the king reassured me; the revelry, he said, was at its height. There was nothing else to do but copy their actions.

    The singing voices broke into a sort of chant-weird, eerie, and lewd. The voices continued, each stanza more and more indelicate. Now the entire assemblage took it up: bodies swayed; feminine heads rested on masculine shoulders; men's hands toyed with and fondled naked breasts, their own now-erect pricks being stroked by their partners. I saw Ferry's partner raise her cherry red lips to his, saw their tongues mingle and twine about each other's, saw one of her hands capping and uncapping the ruby head of his prick!

    "It's the mating song,” whispered the king, lifting my left thigh across his right, slipping his hand into my fully exposed crotch, and toying with my aching pussy! No longer afraid, I rested my head on his shoulder and gave him my lips, my left hand falling to his great, stiff prick!

    Mad with an unknown lust, I drew my mouth away. “I love you!” I cried, redoubling the motion of my hand.

    "You are ready?” he asked, his voice low and kindly. “Ready to make the sacrifice to Venus? See?” he continued, pointing toward a group who were placing a great skin-decked bedlike affair in the very center of the clearing. “They are preparing the altar upon which you are expected to receive me. You are ready?"

    It was a strange situation, I tell you. I had attended many strange and weird affairs; I had seen scores of men and women in every conceivable position and pose, and I had taken part in many strange and erotic affairs. Why, then, should I be afraid? Why shouldn't I, unknown to them as I was, give myself in the same free manner which was being enacted all around me? I would never see them again; they knew not that I was a prima donna sought after by royalty, indulged and petted by the elite of all Europe, looked upon as a shining light in society. All they knew was that I was their guest, and that I was to sacrifice myself on the altar placed in the firelight that they might become more and more inspired to deeds of greater lust!

    "Afraid?” I asked, gazing into his large, dark eyes. “Why should I be afraid? I love you. I love this,” I said, giving his prick another shake, “and I want it as I have never wanted anything in my life!"

    It was the acknowledgment of complete surrender. I thrilled anew as this handsome giant lifted me and carried me through the waiting groups assembled now about the great bed.

    Though I was overcome with a lust stronger than I had ever felt, I looked about me and saw many strange things. The elder women-hags, they called them-had disappeared as though by magic, and everywhere the younger ones were forming into pairs and were selecting advantageous points from which to watch the sacrifice of my body to the cult of Venus.

    Placing me upon the great bed, the king lay down beside me, and now the music struck up another, more intense beat. It was, perhaps, to inspire me, and if so, it was a huge success-for there before their very eyes and in the light of the great fires, I gave myself to him! Never shall I forget the thrill as he lay over me and drove that bone-hard tool into my vitals!

    My mouth pressed to his, my arms clasped about his back, I raised my thighs and clasped them about his middle-and the battle began.

    Voices seemed to float away in the great, dim distance, and in their place, there came a tinkling of silvery bells. This was my imagination, of course. The voices had never ceased the naughty chant-I only thought they had. The ringing bells had been brought about by the feel of that lovely dart sliding in and out of my warm slit, each inward thrust making the great head caress my heart-at least it seemed so-each vigorous poke rousing a new sensation within my aching womb! A shiver passed through me as I went off!

    Again and again the warm balm flowed down, keeping the pathway lubricated for the piston-like rammer which glided in and out, in and out, with a steady cadence. Twice the handsome fellow spurted his love juices into the very depths of my soul before he relieved me of his weight.

    Our example had been copied by the others, and everywhere couples were swaying in each other's arms. Handsome young heads were pressed between the silky thighs of the girls, whose cherry red lips paid homage to their partner's erect tools.

    As I was raised from the bed and carried to the king's abode, I saw acts of the tenderest nature. Ah, my friend, these people may have been savage, they might have lacked the refinements of life, but they knew how to partake of the pleasures of sex.

    In his temple, as the king called it, another bed awaited us. Alone now, I gave myself up to the maddening pleasure with greater freedom.

    Mad with lust for that wonderful weapon, I covered it with kisses, took the head between my lips and sucked it! I felt myself lifted up and placed astride his upturned face. I felt his face, as smooth as that of a girl, glide between my widely parted thighs as his lips latched upon my slit! In a perfect position to carry out the delightful act of love, we abandoned ourselves to the task at hand! I let down a veritable flood of my thick creme, his greedy lips lapping up all that I offered! I felt him tremble beneath me; I felt the base of his lovely rammer grow stout and leap within my mouth-and a moment later, I received such a dose of his scalding fluid as to quite smother me.

    But such deeds are only the prelude to greater and better acts. That night I was fucked in a dozen different positions, and it was long after the hour of midnight before we settled down to rest.

    Such was my initiation into the mysteries of an outlaw camp. A beautiful breakfast awaited us as we emerged from his hut, and we settled down to a much-needed repast.

    Here I noted another strange thing. Most of the girls and young men wore the customary skin about their hips; not over a dozen were without them. I asked what this meant.

    "Those wearing them are free to choose partners for the coming night; those without have already been chosen."

    It was a very pretty arrangement, I thought. I said, “But I have none. Does that signify that I have already been chosen by some man?"

    "You were chosen last night,” he answered. “Such a beauty as yourself was meant only for a king."

    And so I spent my first full day in the camp. I was free to go and come as I chose. Shortly after breakfast, a group of radiant girls rushed me off into the thick forest and to a beautiful, sandy-bottomed lake. It was the morning bath, they said. Those without skins rushed into the water; those with them simply dropped them about their feet before following.

    Soon a happy, mad crowd was splashing about in the refreshing water. We were joined by several men, and the hilarious gathering indulged in amorous play of every sort. Men whispered naughty words in my ears, suggesting little interludes, but I refused them all.

    I told them I had been chosen by the king and after that, I was left quite alone with the girls. The beautiful girl who had sat by my bed the previous afternoon seemed to be my constant companion; she drew me off to one side and out of hearing.

    "You are happy?” she smilingly asked, leading me into deeper water.

    "I love it,” I answered. “I wish I could stay here forever and ever. It is beautiful!"

    "You like our king?” she asked, and when I told her I thought him wonderful, she said, “He must love you-it is seldom he chooses one for more than a single night."

    "Perhaps it's due to my white skin?” I suggested, to which she shook her head. “I do not believe so,” she answered. “Many white girls come here so they might share his great love, but seldom does he have them a second night."

    "Then I give it up,” I laughed. “I am no different than any other; there are many of you far more beautiful than I. There must be another reason."

    "There is,” came the ready answer. Her eyes bored into mine, as though something was on her mind. “You like the caresses he bestowed between your legs?"

    "Naughty girl,” I cooed, slipping my arms about her and drawing her into deeper water. “Of course I like them; every girl likes to be kissed like that. But how did you know he did that to me?"

    She smilingly shrugged her shoulders. “That he has chosen you for another night proves it; he chooses only those he likes that way."

    "Has he ever chosen you-that way?” I asked, pressing my belly against hers and holding her tightly in my arms.

    She nodded her answer though the color deepened in her cheeks.

    "You liked it?” I asked.

    "I loved it! I adored it! The feel of a lover's tool is so much more acute after one has been kissed like that!” The girl was radiant now. Her full, well-formed breasts rested just above the surface of the clear water, their pink points arousing within me a desire to kiss and caress them! I said, “You're right, dear. With your king, I had no other choice than to accept him in any manner he chose to have me, but were I to have my choice of the most handsome men on earth, I would choose only those who would kiss and caress my cunt before allowing him to put it into me!"

    This girl must have noted the strange light in my eyes; she must have fathomed my desire, for she said, “Let us walk through the forest; we'll see many pretty sights, and afterward I shall show you my secret love bower!” There was a tenseness in her voice that led me to believe I was to be let into a very special secret.

    I would have kissed her right then had she not told me that kisses between like sexes were forbidden.

    Through the forest, we saw many couples, but we passed them by. But still I saw enough to know that nights alone were not reserved for the pleasures of the bed, sights which in no way dimmed the desire I felt rising within me.

    Slipping between the trees, my escort looked back as though desirous to hide our actions from the sight of the others. We went deeper and deeper, and soon we were alone. Suddenly she stopped and clasped me in her arms. “You will promise never to reveal my secret?” she asked, her eyes bright and shining, her breasts heaving.

    I promised everything she asked, wondering all the while what she was about. I hadn't long to wait. With a final look around, she drew me beneath a vine-like density, and here I received shock number one, for cuddled on a pile of skins was Ferry and his partner of the previous night, and they were naked!

    "Is this the surprise you planned for me?” I asked, staring at her, wonder showing in my eyes. The other girl, a beautiful black-haired beauty, jumped up and embraced me. “Don't be angry, dear,” she whispered, “but Ferry has told me everything!"

    "Everything?” I asked, hardly knowing what he had told her.

    "Everything!” she answered. “Secret kisses are forbidden, but here, in this little bower, we may indulge our desires in any manner we please!"

    I was still puzzled as to why all this secrecy was necessary among a people who took their pleasure where and when they liked. I looked down at Ferry. He was smiling. “Don't be angry, my dear,” he cooed, sliding one hand up my thigh and patting my bottom. “Knowing your desire for a pretty girl now and then, we arranged this little meeting for you, and here we might give ourselves over to our desires without stint."

    For a long moment, I gazed down at him. Then I turned my gaze on my friend. I said, “Naughty. Why didn't you tell me why you were bringing me here, when all the time you must have known I wanted this,” I continued, slipping my hand into the black fleece on her lower belly.

    Instead of returning for the noonday meal, we remained in that tiny vine-covered, moss-decked bower. It was exactly as my friend had called it-a love bower. And there, hidden from the sight of anyone who might pass, we abandoned ourselves to our passions.

    My friend had spoken the truth. She loved those secret kisses, and a hundred times, I guess, I buried my face in her tender crotch where, with lips and tongue, I sipped the sweets as they trickled from between the vermilion lips.

    That night there was another banquet, and afterwards the king again took me to his bed. Three nights in all I received his maddening embrace upon that skin-decked bed, and then, on the fourth day, he left us.

    I thought him the most handsome man I had ever seen as he walked off through the forest. He wore a broad leather hat and a leather coat above green velvet trousers; his legs were encased in red hose and his feet shod with low, silver-buckled shoes, the soles of which were heavily spiked against the ravages of the mountain rocks.

    That day there was another, even stranger banquet, though it was a spermatic one. Our friends had prepared a lunch and had hidden it in the thick wood. Leading me to the lake where we enjoyed a refreshing bath, my friend and I slipped away into the forest. This, she said, was to be a more elaborate affair. In the little love bower we found four of the handsomest men I had ever seen-one of which was Ferry-and six women.

    You recall the party we had given Ferry just before we departed from Pest? And how I got the good-looking young man for him? Well, this was another party just like it, only instead of two men, there were four.

    "We are leaving in a few days,” Ferry said, drawing me down by his side and kissing me, “and this is in our honor. Today we abandon ourselves as we like. See!” and even as he explained, a handsome fellow leaned down and took the head of Ferry's cock between his lips and sucked it! The others crowded about us. One handsome fellow knelt directly behind us, his erect cock sticking up at a rakish angle between our shoulders. Ferry raised his hand and clasped it, worked it up and down. “I suppose you'll hate me,” he said, his voice shaking with emotion, but I can't help it! For years I've wanted it, and today I'll have my fill if I die for it!” and without another word he turned his head and took the head of the other's erect cock into his mouth, allowing the man to push it in!

    Fascinated, I watched the strange sight. Ferry, his eyes half-closed, abandoned himself to his newfound pleasure. I heard him moan, saw him move his lips. He was pouring his hot fluid into the mouth of the sucker before him! I saw the other move his hips back and forth, saw him place his hand upon Ferry's head. I thrilled as I realized he, in turn, was filling my lover's mouth with a prolific dose of his spicy jism.

    What more is there to tell, my friend? You have been a member of many such affairs-you told me so with your own lips-so you must know what goes on. Enough to say that we gave ourselves up to every possible sort of pleasure; we girls sucked each other, and then we sucked the men. The men sucked each other's cocks, and we were fucked in every conceivable position.

    We were out of sight of our friends; no one knew where we were, so Ferry and I enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. A few days later, we departed. Dressed in the clothes we had worn to that bandit camp, we started the return journey. Standing, at last, on the edge of the little river, I gazed down into the cool black depths. Then I smilingly stepped in. Coming to where it was too deep to walk any further, I gave myself into Ferry's hands and he swam the short distance with me. Standing on the opposite bank, we waved farewell to our friends and then went our way. I never saw any of them again, though I have often wished that I might enjoy another week in their midst.

    Ferry and I talked of the delightful times we had enjoyed with his friends and we fully intended returning to them for another and far more lengthy visit, but events that followed made it impossible for us to do so.

    I now needed to turn my thoughts to my work. I joined a company of singers touring the country and bid farewell to Ferry. It wasn't supposed to be farewell forever; it was simply that he had been unexpectedly called to America where he had many interests. But, alas, I never saw him again.

    Shortly after his arrival in the distant country, I received word of his demise, and with it came the news that I had inherited his vast wealth. I'm afraid I failed in my work after that; his loss was, I thought, greater than I could bear.


    I promised myself that I would be true to Ferry's memory, that I would never allow another man to have me, but how weak we women are.

    Then came even sadder news. Both my mother and father had been killed, and this so upset me I decided to travel. I booked passage to Italy. I had always wanted to visit Florence, and there I went. By traveling across Bulgaria, Serbia, and Albania, I gained the coast, and from there, I sailed across the Adriatic Sea.

    I had been there but a few days, however, when I was overtaken with an urge to again taste bliss in the arms of another woman, and, since Italy is noted for its tribades, I had little trouble finding a pretty and shapely girl. But this just added to my urge for a man. I left Florence and journeyed south through Italy.

    In Rome, during one of my many visits to the coliseum, I was approached by a man. Like myself, he was a stranger, touring about the country. In spite of the fact that the man was nearly fifty years old, I found him handsome and intelligent. Indeed, he didn't look a day over thirty-five, and I found myself delighting in his company.

    Perhaps it was due to my thoughts of the coliseum and the wonderful amphitheater, now gone, in which the famous games took place. I love history and I used to dwell for hours at a time on the wonderful things that happened in these historic structures, and many times, I pictured myself walking naked among them.

    This man, whose name was Sir Ethelred Merwyn, told me many strange tales about the feasts and other events which took place within the walls of the crumbling edifices, and I was suddenly taken with the idea that I would like to know the man better. Having been so long without a lover, my mind was easily influenced. And so I set about luring this man to my arms. I invited him to my hotel for dinner, and we enjoyed ourselves to repletion.

    Every day we went somewhere. Then, when it seemed I could no longer stand it, I invited him to my apartment. I told him I felt dreadfully indisposed and would appreciate it if he would dine with me there. He did this, and I thrilled as I caught him viewing my thinly clad body, for I wore but precious little beneath my lacy dressing gown.

    I continued to feign illness, and invited him to have dinner with me the following night. Again I flirted with him, growing less and less careful about hiding my charms. But a peep at my knee, a dexterous swish of my skirt which revealed a patch of white thigh, or a scant view of one nude breast failed to thaw out the man.

    This was Saturday night. As he left me, I made him promise to call early the following day. He must have dinner and lunch with me, I said. About noon, he arrived. He suggested a ride, but I declined; I wanted a different sort of ride than the one he proposed.

    We spent hours talking, and it was late in the afternoon before I succeeded in getting his mind on something else. I finally turned to the subject of women, and this we discussed at great length. He spoke of the different nationalities, pointing out the good and bad points.

    "You are very beautiful,” he said, “though I favor the French women."

    "Why?” I asked. It was a direct question.

    "Because,” he said, “the French, as a whole, are the most beautiful in the world. Their habits are more correct, and they are best fitted to wear the conventional dress of the country."

    He said many more things about the French women, all complimentary.

    "You are mistaken about their dress,” I said by way of getting to the point. “I have seen other women wearing dress the French women would never dare to wear; their bodies are hardly suited for the extreme in decollete dresses."

    "You speak as though you are well versed on the subject."

    "I am,” I said. “I myself have worn dresses no French woman would dare wear. Not only their breasts, but their legs, too, are hardly suited to the extreme in undress."

    I saw him give a start at this broad statement. We argued back and forth, and finally I said, “I have many gowns here with me, and I will wager you that a German woman-myself, if you please-can wear the ultra in undress and still look acceptable."

    This seemed to have the desired result, for he said, “You are making a rash wager, my dear young lady."

    "I am ready to prove my statement,” I said, smiling into his eyes.

    For several moments he remained quiet, as though he was trying to gain courage to put the next question. “I am willing to lose considerable money to back up my statement that a French woman is more daring in dress than any other on earth."

    "Tell me how you know this, and perhaps I shall take you up on it."

    "Very well,” he said. “I called upon on a French girl one time, and, strangely enough, the same conversation came up. Just in a joking way I wagered her that she dare not don a costume consisting of less covering than one I had seen but a few days previous, and the daring girl took me up-and won my wager."

    "And what did her costume consist of?” I asked, feeling sure I had him on the right track.

    "That,” he said, “would be unfair. I didn't tell her what the other had worn, and it would not be fair were I to tell you. Remember, it was you who started this, and it is I who am willing to back my contention with money.” He was leaning forward now, expectantly.

    "You sound sincere,” I said, laughing.

    "I was never more so in my life,” he parried.

    "I am inclined to take you up,” I said, laughing again, “just to take the conceit out of you.” Inwardly I was thrilled. I had given this man considerable opportunity to enjoy my caresses, but he had failed to rise to the lure. I wondered just what it would take to move him. Instead of answering my jibe, he drew from his pocket a large billfold, and from it he took what appeared to be a considerable amount of money. This he lay upon a small stand. Rising, I went to the stand and picked up the money.

    "I am inclined to take your wager,” I said, “but unfortunately I haven't near that amount of money with me. However…"

    "Your word is good enough for me,” he interrupted. “You understand the conditions surrounding this wager?"

    I smiled. “Your wager, as I understand it, is that I dare not appear here before you in as daring a costume as your French friend-is that correct?” When he nodded, I went on. “As you say, this is most unusual, but I have brought it upon myself. So there's nothing for it but to prove my contention by appearing here before you in what I choose to term ‘ultra undress.’ Is that correct?"

    Again he nodded. “There is one condition under which I shall go through with it,” I said. “That is, that you will never mention this affair to anyone. May I have your promise to that?"

    Again he nodded. “I am a gentleman in every respect,” he said.

    Smiling, I turned and walked from the room. With wildly beating heart I slipped out of my already scant covering. Naked, I sprayed myself with a dainty perfume, turned and walked back to the curtain which separated the two rooms. I peeped between them. Sir Ethelred stood gazing at a picture above the mantle. With a quick movement I swished the curtains apart and stepped into the room.

    I saw him gasp. Then, without further ado, he stepped to the tiny table and picked up the money. With a smile on his face he turned and handed me the cash saying, “There isn't the slightest question as to who has won this wager,” he said, “and I take back what I said about women other than French. You are the most beautiful one I have ever seen."

    I saw his eyes sweep over me. I turned, allowing him to view me from every angle, scattering the money as I did so. Stopping before him, I said, “Your French friend-was she generous enough to invite you to remain with her, after she had won her wager?"

    He came to me and took me in his arms. “What do you mean?” he asked.

    For answer, I raised my lips to his in a clinging kiss. Leading me to a broad couch, he kissed my face, neck, shoulders, and titties-and after he fucked me, he dropped to his knees between mine and “Frenched” me. He, my dear, was the first man who ever did that to me; men usually tongue their women only before they fuck them. But Sir Ethelred was different. He was an Epicurean. Leading him to my bedroom, I asked him to strip off his clothes. The sight of his naked body lent further lust to my already overwrought body. I sprang upon him, kissed him all over, and ended by taking his cock into my mouth and sucking him off.

    There were no secrets between us after that. He asked me to tell him my story, and I omitted nothing. He, in turn, confessed that he had on several occasions taken good-looking young men to his bed and that he loved it. He remained with me all night and proved in many ways that he was something of a ladies’ man.

    The following morning, he insisted upon my keeping my winnings, but I refused. “If I accepted your money,” I told him, “you would always remember me as a whore, and I'm not that. I take my pleasure for the pure love of it."

    This so delighted him that he proposed a series of parties, and for one solid week, we indulged in one orgy after the other.

    He told me of the shocking orgies which were forever taking place throughout Rome and promised to arrange that I might witness them.

    One talks of Paris and the gay and exciting things that happen there, but they are nothing as compared to those of Rome. Through peepholes, one might witness scenes never dreamed of in Paris, but I won't tire you with a description of them here; they are far too shocking for even me to relate.

    After a week with Sir Ethelred, I left Italy and crossed back into Hungary, and here I spent a happy month. Here, as I have already told, the elite were vying with each other in every sort of vile and erotic entertainment. A description of one will give you an idea of the sort of entertainment they fostered. During my previous visit to Budapest, I had been acquainted with many members of the “upper set,” and I hadn't been in the city a day before I was being sought by members of this selfsame group. The evening after I arrived in Budapest, I was invited to a great banquet given in the home of one Madam Sylvia Tugwell. Sylvia, though in her early thirties, was the mother of a very beautiful daughter, and was noted for the spectacular parties she was forever giving.

    Living, as she did, in a spacious home, and being married to a man of great wealth, Sylvia had had installed in the basement of their home a swimming pool, and the place had held more than one bizarre party. The banquet was to begin at nine o'clock, and I arrived at seven, just in time to partly overhear a quarrel between Sylvia and her vicious daughter.

    This girl, though scarcely eighteen, had already been mixed up in one or two scandalous affairs and was known to have carried on a flirtation with a captain of the police, he having caught her in a raid and demanding her favors as the price of silence.

    "I don't know what the child will want to do next,” cried Sylvia, wringing her hands and carrying on at a great rate. “Now she wants to bring in a dancer to entertain my guests, and I know it will cause another scandal. What shall I do! What shall I do!"

    "Forget it, Sylvia,” I said, patting her cheek. “The child must have her fling, even as you and I."

    Whether she got my meaning, I do not know. Nothing more was said about it until the end of the dinner. Then plenty was said, and not by Sylvia alone.

    These functions, as one might guess, were the gathering place for rogues and their mistresses and, as in other fashionable centers, the women were forever striving to outdo each other in indecent dress. Sylvia's banquet was no exception. Myself? I wore a gown with little or nothing above my waist. My breasts, like those of every woman and girl present, strutted boldly over my corset. The couples, eighty in number, were from the first families of the city, and the women and their escorts alike boasted of their lovers and mistresses.

    Madam Sylvia herself spent but one night each week in her husband's apartment-the other six she spent in the arms of her lovers.

    Is it any wonder, then, that her daughter, moving, as she did, among the others of the “younger set,” shouldn't go in for the unusual?

    I have, as you know, a pair of full, well-rounded breasts, and long before the dinner was over, more than one gentleman present was viewing them, desire showing in every glance. Much wine had been consumed, and the dinner was rapidly drawing to a close when there came a scuffle. A moment later, a girl was seen to dash through the portieres and run to the table. With a bound she sprang upon it, ran the entire length amid the plaudits of the guests, and finished the performance by doing a most lewd dance in the very center. Does that sound unusual, my friend? No? Well, then, let me tell you something more about it. The beautiful black-haired daughter of Sylvia was stark naked.

    Her mother, of course, was horrified, or pretended she was, but the guests, and especially the gentlemen, were delighted, and insisted that she continue her dance. After that, she was handed from one to the other until she had made the round of the table, and the whole affair ended by her mother kissing her and thanking her for making the party a success.

    But Sylvia, however, had another treat in store for her guests who were to remain overnight. A dozen couples, having come from distant cities, were supposed to remain all night, and being among these latter I, too, remained.

    "You'll enjoy it darling,” Silvia cooed, handing me a “Frenchy” nightgown. “It's so risque. Oh, darling, you'll love it!"

    The “party” Sylvia had in mind was to take place in the famous pool in the cellar the following morning. There was a story leading up to this affair which runs something like this: Once, a few years previous, some women of her acquaintance had given a cruising party to several of her guests. A large yacht carried them into the Adriatic. Everything went well until the afternoon of the third day, and then the yacht sprung a leak.

    There was little or no danger, but the captain ran the yacht upon a sandy shore for safety sake. The dining room, however, was under several feet of water, and someone in the party suggested what she called a “swim-breakfast” and this was seconded by the entire party. Then, just to give the thing “spice,” they went into the dining room wearing their nightclothes, the ladies wearing their naughtiest night-gowns, the gentlemen wearing theirs.

    Sylvia, who had been one of the women, immediately copied the stunt, and once a year she gave her own swim-breakfast in the pool. The pool having been ready since the early hours of dawn, we proceeded into the cellar where we found everything ready and waiting.

    It was, I do believe, the most bizarre affair I had ever attended.

    The water had been lowered ‘till it came to but the top of the table, and the chairs had been weighted down. We found steaming coffee awaiting us, and it was a gay crowd, indeed, who tripped down into the crystal-clear water. Little “Ohs” and “Ahs” escaped their lips at the contact of the cool water.

    Sounds like a very “spicy” party, doesn't it? Well, to me it was the most asinine affair I had ever attended. It was asinine because these fool women were wearing nightgowns of the sheerest possible texture (two or three, more daring than the others, wore gossamer affairs without the slightest trimming) when they should, by every possible right, be naked.

    After all, what is the difference between one woman wearing a sheer nightgown, and another in complete nakedness?

    Two or three of them hurried down into the water and waded to their place, seemingly unmindful that their thin garments floated about the hips. Others, trying to appear shy, flitted about the edge, their gowns drawn up as they begged the men not to wet them; the men, in the meantime, got a splendid view since they stood directly beneath the squealing women.

    At last, however, they all waded in and were directed to their proper place by maids who waded hip-deep, and here again there was considerable squealing when they settled down upon the chairs.

    It was Sylvia's daughter who once more turned the drab affair into a real, honest-to-God naughty party, and thus saved it from becoming a flat failure. The little imp seemed to have been waiting until everyone was seated before she burst in upon the crowd and, as she had been the previous night, she was stark naked. Laughing and splashing her way through the water, she rushed directly to her mother's side, kissed her, and splashed water into her face.

    Sylvia was furious, of course. She remonstrated, coaxed, and pleaded, but it did not the slightest good. Tillie (that was the daughter's name) was bent on making it an out-and-out nude party and finally succeeded in tearing the gown off her mother, very much against the poor woman's wishes.

    This, of course, was wildly applauded by the others, who were only too glad that someone had courage enough to do something to enliven the silly affair. The gentlemen, seeing Sylvia floundering about in absolute nakedness, took it upon themselves to denude their partners, and though the latter made as though to prevent it, it was all too plain that they were doing everything possible to assist the men in the disrobing act. The result was that every woman, myself included, was reduced to complete nakedness, and after the men kindly removed their scant attire, we sat down to enjoy a much-delayed breakfast.

    "Isn't it fun!” cried one.

    "Isn't it just too naughty for words!” cried another.

    "Don't you just love it!"

    "Let's do it every Sunday morning!"

    Tillie scrambled upon the table and was pouring coffee and making herself useful in a dozen different ways, and more than one male hand reached up and patted or toyed with some charm that was so freely exposed.

    Sylvia tried to make one desperate effort to get rid of her daughter, but Tillie wasn't to be put off. “You should talk about me! What were you doing sneaking into your lover's bedroom last night if it wasn't to get a thrill! Oh, don't look so frightened! I saw you in bed together, and you weren't making such a fuss about being naked then!"

    And while Sylvia fumed and fussed, the others laughed at her misery, and the whole affair boiled down to what it should have been in the first place-namely, an out-and-out bare-ass romp.

    That was rather a long description of a rather tame affair, my friend, but I couldn't help but describe the sort of silliness that was forever taking place in that and other cities at that time.

    Being alone (Sir Ethelred having continued his journey into the Orient), I spent several days in the offices of my attorneys, and after what seemed an endless time, my affairs were settled to the extent that I was able to travel again.

    With more wealth than I could ever hope to spend, I toured to France and hence to Paris. I had three distinct reasons for this. In the first place, it was necessary to go there as I had affairs of Ferry's to settle; in the second, I had never been to Paris; and in the last but not least, I wanted to replenish my wardrobe.

    I had heard a considerable amount about Paris and its gaiety, and as soon as I got settled in a hotel, I went on a shopping tour. Being a stranger in the city, I asked one of the hotel clerks to suggest the best-known places in which to buy dresses. He gave me a card and told me of the high quality of the garments sold there.

    I visited this place late the following afternoon, and it was in this shop that I had my first thrilling taste of what went on in this type of store. Having made known my needs to what seemed to be the mistress of the establishment, I was shown into the rear of the place.

    Like many other such places, it was fitted out with a small stage-like affair upon which the models displayed various gowns, suits, underthings, and the like. As is always the case in such upscale establishments, the models were live. And while I stood waiting for the “show” to begin, another young woman entered and seated herself close beside me. I noticed that she smiled at me, and I returned the smile. Here, I thought, was a good chance to strike up an acquaintance-I knew no one in the great city and was desirous of company.

    I noted among other things that she was unusually pretty, that her carriage was perfect, and that she sported a wonderful shape. This interested me, as you might have already imagined.

    There was another thing about her, however, and this was that she was unusually pale. I wondered at that.

    The mistress of the establishment had the kindness to introduce me to this handsome woman (I had previously told her I was a stranger in the city) and I found her charming, indeed. I told her something about myself, she told me a little about herself, and all in all, we found each other splendid company. She said that she purchased all her gowns in that particular shop, thus leading me to believe she must be well-to-do, and that being the type I sought, I encouraged her. When she discovered that I had traveled more or less extensively, she asked, “You have been in Russia?"

    When I told her I had never been in that country, but that I had had the pleasure of meeting several Russians and that I admired them a great deal, she smiled and said, “I am Russian, as you have undoubtedly noted."

    "And I am German,” I laughed. “We should make a good foil for these delightful Parisians.” And so I gained another friend.

    I had never cared very much for French people; those I had met seemed to be narrow-minded and distant, but there is one thing to be said in their favor. When a Parisian does something, he or she does it well. And this held true in this shop.

    Shortly after we had entered the place, the models began to make their appearance, and it was these very models who gave me my first look into Parisian ideas and the way they did things.

    The first model, a beautiful black-haired creature, came out wearing a long black cape and low slippers. Gaining the front of the stage, the girl smiled down at us and dropped off the gown, and there before us, she stood stark naked.

    Nudity was no new thing to me, but this, I thought, was about the strangest thing I had ever seen. I called my new friend's attention to this, but she simply shrugged her shapely shoulders, saying, “It is nothing, my friend. One becomes used to so much nudity, and we think nothing of it here."

    "You have lived here long?” I asked.

    "A year,” she answered. “I like Paris very much."

    Wondering what she meant about so much nudity, I said, “You speak as though you were a frequent visitor here. Is that what you meant about the nudity?"

    She smiled. “No. You see, I have been a professional woman; I was a member of the ballet, but I injured an ankle and,” she shrugged her shoulders again, “well, I never took it up again."

    I found myself liking the woman more and more. I said, “I can quite understand, since you were an actress. It happens that I, too, have been an actress and am used to nudity, but one sees here and there one she likes better than another perhaps.” Pointing toward one of the models who was just coming upon the stage, I continued, “That one, for instance. I am anxious to see her undraped; she must be beautiful."

    My friend smiled. My lure had been taken, for she said, “We all have our tastes. For my part, I would prefer the one over there, the little one who came on first. I could just eat her with kisses. I think her the most beautiful of them all."

    A thrill passed over me. This business of eating a girl was one that you know interested me. I said, “Strange, isn't it, but I was thinking the same of the golden-haired one."

    My Russian friend thawed; my last remark had had its effect. Reaching across and patting my hand, she said, “I do not wish to be misunderstood, but-well, the one you refer to is rather acceptable and can be had."

    Taking the bull by the horns, I said: “Passive or active?"

    "Both,” came the ready answer. “You will find Madam more than willing to accommodate."

    We talked for a few minutes more, made a few selections, and as I was about to leave, my Russian friend said, “If I am understanding correctly that you are quite alone in the city, why not come and have dinner with me. I am quite alone this evening."

    I accepted.

    I discovered she had her own carriage, and in this we were driven to her apartment. I found it furnished tastefully. Costly furnishings were scattered about everywhere. Rugs, many of them very expensive, covered the floors, while in the center of the front, or parlor room, stood a low, broad couch. Upon this was the largest bearskin I had ever seen. It was perfectly white.

    A maid took our wraps, and when she disappeared, I said, “That couch-it looks interesting,” and I looked roguishly at her.

    She dropped her eyes and I wondered if I had been too hasty.

    "You will undoubtedly think me a dreadful person,” she said, her eyes still cast down, “but, well the gentleman with whom I share this apartment is not my husband."

    I laughed. “Naughty,” I said, “I knew it all the time, but do not allow it to worry you. I have had lovers at different times and I wish I had one even now."

    "That makes it ever so much easier,” she said. “I was afraid you wouldn't understand."

    Her name, I learned, was Camilla. She was in her early twenties and what she had said about being a ballet dancer was true. She was the mistress of a gentleman connected with the Spanish government who held a responsible position in the French capitol.

    Summoning her maid, Camilla ordered wine. “Just an appetizer before dinner,” she said, smiling. After two or three glasses, Camilla began talking on life, and soon we were discussing-quite freely I thought-our affairs, previous and present.

    Looking longingly at the skin-decked couch, I said, “It must be something of a thrill to entertain a lover while lying in his arms on such a couch."

    She laughed. “I'm sorry I cannot furnish you with a desirable man at the moment, but…"

    "Then I should have brought that golden-haired beauty with me,” I said, giving a slight rotating motion with my loins. “I could do with her very nicely, at the moment."

    "Tomorrow,” she said, “if you have nothing important to do, I shall show you about our famed city, and who knows-perhaps we might find someone for you."

    "Indeed! That sounds perfect!"

    We enjoyed a delightful dinner, and long before it was time to depart, Camilla was telling me many things about her lover.

    "That couch,” she said, nodding toward the other room. “You would hardly believe me when I tell you of the strange part it plays in our affectionate encounters."

    "Indeed,” I said, “tell me about it. I am interested."

    "Would you believe that my lover, Henri, never receives me unless he is fully dressed? And it is only after I have aroused him by performing strange rites that he undresses me?"

    Not wishing to ask a direct question, I said, “Lovers are often strange, so nothing you can tell would surprise me!"

    "Just the same,” she continued, bent, it seemed, upon telling me about her Henri, “you have never heard of anything like what I am going to tell you. Would you believe,” she went on, “that before he is able to have me, I must first straddle across his chest-while we are fully dressed-and pee-pee on his shirt front?"

    I laughed. “There are many men like that, so your story is in no way unusual.” Then I told her of the strange experience I had had with the old man, and how he made me “pee-pee” all over him.

    She laughed at this. “And that is the reason why I am so pale. Henri insists that I take something to increase the desire to pee-pee; it's something he heard of from a friend and he says it's perfectly harmless."

    I had my doubts about that, however. I said, “After that I suppose he is quite capable of satisfying you? Most men are, afterward."

    "Then I send for my pet at Madam's establishment; the black-haired one, I mean."

    "And what does your lover say to that?” I asked.

    "He's a dear and doesn't mind a bit. He knows I like a girl, that way, and as long as I remain true to him, I can have anything I like."

    "And where is your lover now?"

    "At the moment he is off somewhere” she said, and looking naughtily at me, continued. “That's why I suggested seeing the city tomorrow, if the idea appeals to you, of course."

    "Must we wait until tomorrow?” I asked. I thought this was sufficient to bring her to time, but again she failed to rise to the lure. Camilla was undoubtedly waiting for me to make the first move, but I fully intended it would be she who did so.

    I was doomed to disappointment, though I didn't find out the truth of it until the following day.

    True to her word, she took me on a sightseeing tour of the city and, among other places we visited was a “massage parlor” in a secluded section of the city. The “massaging” was done, not on one's back, but chiefly between one's thighs. And it was then I discovered that while Camilla delighted in having a pretty a girl “entertain” her that way, she never did it herself. Upon questioning her as to why she didn't, she said, “I do not know. It's simply that I never desired it that way, I guess."

    That ended that. Camilla was not for me; as long as she would not reciprocate there was no further reason why I should look forward to a party with her. I did, however, find her rather helpful in my search for a man. She arranged a dinner party for me and promised to invite a friend. Such affairs were common, she said, and I promised to come.

    Camilla had suggested I wear my naughtiest dress, and this I did. Wearing naughty attire was my greatest delight, and since it had been some time since I had had a man, I rather looked forward to meeting this promised Adonis.

    I found Henri's friend rather good looking. In fact, he resembled Ferry.

    Camilla, it seemed, had written to Henri about making the arrangements for this meeting, and Henri, good soul that he was, had brought the gentleman with him. They both arrived late Saturday afternoon. Dinner had been announced for eight, and I had plenty of opportunity to study my new acquaintance. My dress, as Camilla had suggested, was rather in keeping with such a gathering, and though it was delightfully naughty, Camilla went me one better.

    Hers was a white satin affair cut in such a manner as to show both her well-formed breasts and set off the outlines of her splendid figure by its tightness.

    The dinner was a success and long before we left the table the wine had gotten in its effects, for all four of us were feeling quite kittenish.

    It was Camilla, however, who started things off. I could see from the very start that she intended making it a real party. All through the repast she flirted, and just as her maid placed coffee and cigarettes before us, she said, “Perhaps you gentlemen might help settle a dispute."

    Her eyes were dilated, her full lips were even more full and red than usual, and the nipples of her breasts were firm and erect and looked for all the world like tiny strawberries.

    "Indeed,” said Henri, “I hope you two beauties haven't quarreled after so short an acquaintance."

    Camilla laughed. “Nothing as bad as that, my dear; it's simply that we disagreed about women."

    "Sounds interesting,” Phillip (that being my friend's name) offered by way of assisting in what he must have known was to follow. “Go ahead, Camilla, and tell us; perhaps Henri and I can help you settle your dispute."

    "Yes, by all means tell us about it,” chirped Henri.

    "Well,” began Camilla, selecting and lighting a cigarette, “I insisted that Russia produced the most beautiful women in the world, and my new friend here, being German, insisted that Germany produced the most perfect women."

    "What in the world would cause you girls to argue over a thing like that?” asked Henri. “I supposed I had settled that long ago."

    "You might have settled it as far as you're concerned,” chimed in Phillip, “but I, too, have my ideas regarding beauty."

    "Indeed, and what is your idea on the matter? Tell us."

    "Well,” Phillip said, eyeing me naughtily, “I quite agree with my little friend, here. If she is an example of Germany 's women, then I agree with her, although your Camilla, Henri, is quite beautiful."

    "Thank you,” I said, patting his hand and smiling sweetly. “I at least have one friend among us."

    "Not at all, not at all,” he said. “I am quite sincere about it."

    "A man will always stick up for his mistress, and having seen my darling Camilla naked many times…"

    "Henri!” cried Camilla, making believe she was dreadfully shocked. “What will our friends think of us, talking like that!"

    "But it's true, isn't it?” asked Henri, trying to tease her.

    "Just the same, you need not advertise it. Besides, I'm but one woman, you know."

    "Don't quarrel, don't quarrel,” cried Phillip, “but tell us what started the argument."

    "Well,” began Camilla, “we visited a clothes shop a few days ago, and we got to discussing the models…"

    "So,” cried Henri, “You've been cheating again, have you?"

    "Not the way you mean, naughty,” answered Camilla. “Remember, my dear, there are none but girls there."

    "That may be true, but I happen to know what you passionate women go there for."

    "Then you shouldn't go away and leave us alone for so long,” cried Camilla. “Besides, a little kiss never hurt anyone, and if you recall, dear, you said I could go there if I'd promise never to flirt with some man."

    The party was getting under way with a bang. The dinner over, we moved from the table and into the front room. The maid brought in champagne and glasses, and Camilla said, “After you have removed the dinner things you may go; we won't need you further tonight."

    Camilla looked at me and winked. When she first proposed this affair, she had asked me if I was game for a real party. I told her I would do anything she suggested and that the sky was the limit. She had said something about going a little higher than the sky, and I had readily agreed. And now that she had dismissed her maid I could look forward to anything.

    Phillip and I had taken seats, and Camilla had thrown herself down in rather a sprawled position and was waiting for the drinks Henri was preparing for us. This drunk and our glasses filled again, Henri settled down beside Camilla. “Now tell us something more about this argument,” he said.

    "Well, as I said, we happened to meet there to select new gowns, and as they began displaying the models, we got to discussing them. They are of all nationalities, as you know, and I happened to say that I thought the Russian women were the most beautiful."

    "Well?” Henri said, as though to hurry Camilla.

    "Well,” Camilla continued, “we didn't get anywhere in our argument, so we decided to let you boys decide it for us. My contention was that, since the ballet was made up chiefly of Russian women, the world accepted them as the best formed."

    "In what way?” asked Phillip.

    "Their legs, of course,” said Camilla.

    "Nonsense,” I offered in my own defense. “The German women have as well-formed legs as any others."

    "I quite agree,” Phillip said.

    "And I agree with Camilla,” insisted Henri. “When I chose Camilla as my mistress, I chose her from a hundred women of various nationalities. I know women, and Camilla has the most beautiful legs and thighs of any woman I have ever seen."

    Phillip, not to be outdone, said, “Again I dispute with you. I have never had the pleasure of seeing this beautiful woman's legs, but if what I can see is anything like the rest of her, then I am of the opinion that she is far more beautiful than your Camilla."

    "Indeed, she is not,” cried Camilla, “and I stand ready to prove it, too."

    "Ah, but legs aren't everything,” cried Henri. “A woman may have beautiful legs and be out of proportion otherwise. When an artist paints a nude he has, perhaps, a dozen or more models. He paints the feet of one, the legs of another, and still another's buttocks, while others may provide head or breasts. No,” he continued, sighing, “I'm afraid Camilla's right. You forget that I chose her from hundreds, and have seen her completely nude scores of times."

    "Oh, Henri, you're wicked! But thanks for taking my side of the argument,” she said, and she leaned over in his arms offering her half-open mouth to his.

    "I'm afraid that lets me out of the argument,” Phillip said with a great sigh. “I have tried to be loyal to you, but I'll have to withdraw now."

    Not to be outdone when it was plain that the party was just getting hot, I said, “You're just like all men, Phillip, letting me down like that."

    "But, my dear,” he cried, slipping one arm about my waist, “how can I uphold my contention that you're more beautiful when I have never had the pleasure of seeing you nude?"

    "Then let us settle it this way,” cried Henri. “Let the girls strip stark naked and we'll compare."

    "Henri!” cried Camilla, trying to blush. “What a dreadful thing to suggest! I should die of shame!"

    "I agree with Henri,” Phillip said, looking into my eyes and seeing my answer there. “Let both girls strip stark naked. Then we will examine them from head to toe."

    "How about it? Are you willing to back your contention by going through with it?” asked Henri.

    I shrugged my shoulders. “It's a dreadful thing to do,” I answered, “but I'll do it if Camilla will. I'm that sure of myself!"

    "There,” said Henri, hugging his mistress in a tight embrace and kissing her again and again. “Now let's see if you're game, Miss Camilla!"

    "You think I won't?” she cried. “You think I'd back out now?"

    Rising from the couch beside Henri, she said, “Come on! We'll show these two softies we're not the simple-minded kids they think us!"

    Laughing, her breasts heaving, Camilla pulled me into one of the bedrooms and closed the door. “Thanks,” I said, kissing her, “I need it dreadfully bad, and tomorrow I'll pay you back in kind!"

    She said not a word to this, and we quickly undressed, even slipping off slippers and stockings. I had seen Camilla naked a few days previous when we visited the massage parlors, but that night she looked like a marble statue. Her skin, lily-white, seemed even more pale to me, and she was, I thought, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in the altogether. Our wager and brags had been, of course, but a means to an end, and just as we were about to reenter the larger room, she slipped her arms about me and asked, “You still game to make it an out-and-out party, darling? I'm dreadfully hot tonight, and I might shock your pretty eyes with what I do!"

    "Lead the way, Camilla, my dear. I said I'd go through with anything you could suggest, and I mean it. I'm game for anything!"

    "Anything?” she asked, a naughty twinkle in her eye.

    "I'll do anything you do!” I answered.

    She gazed into my eyes for a long minute. “May I depend on it, darling?"

    "Fix it so I can have Phillip for the entire night and I'll promise anything-and I never break a promise!"

    Snatching a single kiss, Camilla turned and ran into the other room. Naked as the day I was born, I followed. I saw Phillip's eyes sweep over me as Camilla and I posed in the center of the room!

    "Naughty!” cried Camilla, trying to cover her cunny and breasts with her two hands. “Don't stare at me like that! It's dreadful."

    For answer, Henri pulled her down upon his knees, and here Camilla forgot all about covering her charms; from that moment on, the party was a huge success. The promised examination was but a ruse; a means to get their hands upon our charms, a little opportunity Phillip didn't waste much time in doing with me, and it was Camilla's timely remark that saved me from asking Phillip to fuck me then and there.

    "Henri, dear, your clothes are so rough,” she complained.

    "That's easily remedied,” he cried, dragging Phillip with him into the bedroom, from which they emerged as naked as ourselves!

    A warm glow swept over me as I rested my eyes on Phillip's erect prick! And it was erect, if ever I saw one! Fully eight inches long and as large around as my wrist-I couldn't keep my hand from it! “Look,” he whispered, nodding toward the opposite side of the room. I looked, and what I saw convinced me that Camilla had been right in her statement that this was to be a real party!

    I had never met a man who wouldn't give me every sort of kiss and caress, but I had met but few who would allow another to see them in this strange position. Henri, however, seemed to have forgotten he had an audience. That or he didn't care, for he was covering Camilla's body and legs with his warmest kisses, every moment or two burying his face between her widely parted thighs and madly kissing her slit!

    "Like it?” came the whispered question in my ear.

    My answer was a kiss. “I love it!"

    That, my friend, was the beginning of one of the most naughty affairs I had ever attended. Like Ferry, Phillip and Henri cared not who knew or saw them. In utter abandon, Phillip buried his face into my willing crotch! Gazing across to the others, I saw Camilla take Henry's crest between her lips and suck it in and out! Not to be outdone, I followed suit, continuing the lovely operation ‘till my handsome fellow spurted into my mouth! Roused now to the highest pitch, I begged him to fuck me.

    The following day being Sunday, we continued the affair throughout the day. Camilla and I flirted outrageously with the two men-and I had the pleasure of another night in the arms of my handsome companion. They left us Monday morning, and I was sorry indeed. I remained several days with Camilla.

    The evening of the second day, Camilla was lying upon a couch, her only covering being a short, lacy affair between the folds of which I could see the silky hairs on her lower belly. Settling down beside her, I said, “You told me a fib, dear. You told me how you had to pee-pee upon Henri before he could get an erection, but you didn't do it. Why?"

    "I guess it was because of you being naked with us-that wasn't the first party like that we've had, and it's always the same; Henri always has a wonderful cock-stand when he sees another nude."

    "Nonsense,” I scoffed, pulling her gown open all down the front. “Seeing you naked is enough to arouse any man."

    "Just the same, I wish you could remain with us forever, for then I'd get all the fucking I want, and I want it all the time."

    "So I noticed,” I said, laughing and sliding my hand up and down her splendid body, which now lay bared before me. “I thought you would kill the poor fellow. I was on the verge of taking him off your hands."

    "Why didn't you? Phillip hasn't a bad-looking tool. If he were here now, I believe I would ask him to fuck me, I'm that hot!"

    "Then why not get ourselves a couple of men? There must be plenty about, and I could stand a good poking myself."

    She stared up at me for several seconds. “I could never bring myself to do that, but, well-if you'll promise never to give me away, I'll let you in on a secret."

    Leaning over her and kissing her lips, I said, “Tell me what's on your mind, dear, and I'll promise in the most convincing manner!"

    Another short silence, then: “I know a place where we can go, but you must give me your faithful promise you'll never tell!"

    I promised, and she went on to tell me of a place she knew of on a certain street. It was run by a woman she knew very well, and she catered to only the highest-class men. The place, she said, was the naughtiest she had ever seen. Ribbons of various colors hung in the front room. For every color there was a girl, and the men, wishing to enjoy the novelty of the thing as well as the woman, chose a ribbon and followed it through the halls and into the room to which it ran. There, she said, the girl, naked, waited for the man. She had been there a number of times, she said, and she wanted to take me there.

    I agreed, naturally. The thing held a certain amount of spice, and I wasn't at all sure but what I would take the first man who came along.

    Later that day we went to the place. We were assigned two rooms. The following morning, just before daylight, we crept away. I, for one, had had all the men I wanted for one evening.

    From that day until I left Camilla, we had dozens of men, and I had the satisfaction of initiating Camilla into that little game known as sixty-nine.

    I had planned on going to London, since I had business there, but I left a little sooner than I intended, and my decision to go earlier was brought about in a somewhat unusual manner.

    One afternoon Camilla had a caller. This was a beautiful French girl. She, it seemed, she also had business in London, and I suggested that we go together.

    She willingly agreed to this arrangement. I noted that she was unusually pretty, well-formed, and sported a pair of the prettiest legs I have ever seen. Bidding adieu to Camilla and promising to spend more time with her, Babette (that being her name) and I left.

    We sailed across the channel, and since we had embarked late in the afternoon, and because the weather outside was damp and foggy, we adjourned to our cabin. It contained two beds, and I couldn't help but notice how elated she seemed at the prospect of being so near me.

    As I have said, Babette was a very pretty girl, and as you might have guessed, I was looking forward to becoming better acquainted with her. I suggested having dinner in our room, since I was too tired to dress for dinner, and Babette readily agreed.

    I said, “Slip out of your clothes, dear, and we'll enjoy our dinner in more comfortable attire. Being something of a nudist, I can't bear much clothing."

    Darting into a tiny dressing room, she gave a startled little laugh, and cried, “That's funny; so am I, but I hope I won't shock you."

    I heard water running and knew Babette was taking a bath; a very considerate gesture I thought. Most actresses are more or less careless with the exposure of their body and limbs, and I'm sure the deck steward got something of a shock at the gown I was wearing when he brought dinner in.

    Dinner placed upon the table and the steward gone, Babette came into the room. The poor kid was a little low on cash and had little or nothing of extra clothing, but I had provided her with certain articles of apparel, two of which she was wearing now: a knee-length dressing gown and a tiny undervest of black georgette crepe.

    After our dinner, she said, “I'm sorry I lied to you, dear, but my name isn't Babette, its Sarolta. I had a little trouble in Paris, and used the name Babette."

    "Nothing serious, I hope."

    "Just a board bill, but in Paris that's serious,” she answered.

    "Then forget it,” I said. “I have plenty of money and you're welcome to it. What's more, when we get to London, I'll purchase you a whole new outfit, from head to toe."

    "You're awfully good,” she said, “and I can't lie to you. I'm not an actress, at least I haven't worked at it for very long. I'm, well… I guess I'm just a little whore."

    "Forget all about it,” I said, seeing a tear in each of her eyes. “We've all made mistakes, and, well-if you must know it, this little thing between my legs is almost screaming aloud for a stiff prick. Anyway,” I continued, “I'm glad you told me that much about it, for now I can feel ever so much more at home.” I slipped the gown from my shoulders-underneath I was naked. The cabin sported a broad couch, and going to this I threw myself down, stretched languidly, and said, “I can't bear a stitch of clothing when I feel like I do now."

    |"Then you should go with me to Mrs. Meredith's home; no one ever thinks of wearing a stitch of clothing there,” she offered, throwing herself down beside me after dropping her own gown, but still retaining the tiny undervest.

    "Indeed,” I said, patting her smooth, warm thigh, “you interest me, my dear. Tell me about it,” and I continued to stroke the warm flesh of her shapely leg. Sarolta, however, didn't get to describing her friend, Mrs. Meredith. I had already taken note of the profuse, raven black hair that almost buried her little slit, and wishing to hurry what was on my mind, I said, “Naughty, I thought you were a nudist. I feel silly lying here without anything on and you all dressed up in a chemise."

    "There,” she said, throwing off the thing and turning about so I could view her splendid body, now completely nude. “Is that the way you want me?"

    She moved to the couch again and settled down, raising her hands to toy with her glorious head of hair. Her knees being separated, I was given a view of her delicious little cunt. I wanted it-I never wanted anything more-but I went slowly. Placing my hand on her leg again and feeling her, I said, “Really, dear, I had no idea your skin was so soft and velvety. And this hair… how lovely and black it is,” I continued, running my fingers through it; it ran far up on her belly and its feel quite thrilled me.

    "Like it?” she asked, raising one leg, thus allowing me more freedom, which I took by diving my fingers lower down.

    "It's lovely,” I said.

    Turning, she glanced down at my hairy patch, “But it's not nearly as silky as yours; you must have taken good care of it.” Then the daring girl slid her hand into the patch, feeling and toying with it and running her fingers up and down through it.

    "You like mine?” I asked, separating my legs a little, a move which she quickly took advantage of by sliding her fingers into my crotch and gently caressing my slit.

    "It's beautiful,” she said in a low voice.

    "I'm glad you like it, dear, for your naughty fingers feel lovely, but if you keep it up, I'll have to ask you to finish it for me."

    "You really like it?” she asked, smiling into my eyes and probing into the soft flesh. And when I told her I did, she said, “Then perhaps you'll like this better,” and dropping to her knees beside me, she slipped her face between my thighs gave me one of the most delightful gamahuchings I ever had.

    "Did you like that?” she asked, raising and leaning over me.

    "How did you know I wanted that, you little minx?"

    She replied, “Camilla told me you loved to be sucked off, and I love doing it.” She said this in the most matter-of-fact way.

    "And do you like having it done to you?” I asked.

    "Sometimes,” she answered, “but I'd rather do it anytime than have it done, and that's why I'm going to London. There are any number at Mrs. Meredith's who delight in having it done."

    Never in my short life had I ever heard anything like this.

    Using her own words, I said, “Do you like to suck my cunt, dear?"

    "I love it. Shall I do it again?"

    I nodded my approval, and she quickly got her face between my legs, giving me another, far sweeter thrill than before.

    A further description of what happened between us is useless here.

    In London, I found this Mrs. Meredith a very charming woman. In her early thirties, she was wealthy, single, and lived for the pure love of living. I discovered, too, a very charming lady there whom I had previously met, and who turned out to be a sister-in-law of Ferry, my previous lover. Strangely enough, this woman knew all about my affairs with Ferry, and then I discovered that she, like the other women and girls there, was a strict believer in free-love.

    The place enchanted me. Mrs. Meredith was one of the most charming women it has been my good fortune to meet, and her home, besides being spacious, was beautiful and was frequented by the elite of London.

    "We have no secrets,” she smilingly told me. “Ferry's sister-in-law has told me all about you, and we welcome you as one of us. We sincerely hope you will make my place of abode your home as long as it is possible for you to remain in London.” With that, she kissed me, told me she thought me beautiful, then said, “Please do not think I presume, but I would keenly enjoy spending the night with you, if you haven't other plans."

    "I could think of nothing more charming,” I said. “I greatly delight in entertaining pretty women, and you are very pretty, indeed!"

    My story is drawing to a close, my friend. There is little left to tell. I remained with Mrs. Meredith for two years, and after an extended trip through Russia, I returned there, and am there now.

    I believe that woman knew everyone of importance in all London.

    Every night there were such parties! She kept the most beautiful girls in all London, and while it was a whorehouse in every sense of the word, no one ever paid for the favors shown them by these women. In the rear of her palatial home was a great garden, and here one found tiny love bowers. Need I mention that no one ever dreamed of wearing the slightest covering.

    Though one seldom ever heard a smutty word, the greatest freedom was enjoyed. Sarolta was a great favorite with the women and men alike, and is still here.

    Would you like to hear a bit of scandal, my friend? Yes? Listen, then. Balls and parties were, as I have said, a frequent occurrence. Once the Prince of Wales (later King Edward) signified his intention to spend the weekend here. When Mrs. Meredith made this known, one very pretty and shapely girl said, “Really, dear! Then I must hurry and undress!"

    Think of one undressing for the Prince of Wales! Yet that is exactly what we did do. The night of his arrival, thirty girls sat at table with him. He was the only man, and every girl was stark naked, save for slippers on their feet.

    I had the pleasure of dancing with the prince, and even though I was nude, he proved himself a gentleman, and twice before his brief vacation was ended, I felt the weight of his nude body upon mine. I wonder what his royal mother would say were she to know that? But then, perhaps she does. Who knows?

    But our pleasures were not confined to the house and garden. We visited everywhere. Vauxhall Gardens, Piccadilly Salon, Holborn Casino, and Portland Rooms were but some of the places we frequented, though we missed none of the lesser spots.

    One night after a splendid dinner when Mrs. Meredith was feeling in an unusual mood, she suggested that we walk in street as common whores. Several of our party had already done this and boasted of the good times they had had. We did it. That night I had six sailors in the back room of a common saloon!

    Another time someone stole our purses. Mrs. Meredith suggested taking a “handsome” home. “But how shall we pay?” I asked.

    She simply smiled at this. “Wait and see,” she said.

    At our door, we were obliged to tell the caddy of our plight. He, good soul that he was, offered to take it out in trade, and right there in his cab. Mrs. Meredith and I allowed the caddy to fuck us. Some comedown for an opera singer, isn't it, my friend? But remember, it was only a lark; either of us could have purchased a thousand handsome cabs.

    I'll never forget his words as he adjusted his trousers. He said, “Be jabbers, I never had a better put-in thin the two o’ yer, and I'm treatin’ yer ter the ride!"

    But Mrs. Meredith wasn't to be outdone by a cab driver. Telling him to wait there for her, she went into the house, returning with a well-filled purse. “Here,” she said, handing it to him. “There are a hundred pounds in it, and it's worth it; you're the best fuck I've had in months!"

    A nudist at heart, I've gone naked for days on end, as have many others here, and the longer I do it the greater the thrill.

    Ever your libertine,



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