Midnight intimacies

I pass over the usual love expressions of my boyhood and adolescence merely saying I had, from a very; early age learned all about the various joyous thrills my young body, could render me. At the age of twelve I had practiced every form of sexual desire that my vigorous imagination could conceive. I had “had” several beautiful boys of my own age with whom I indulged in all sorts of sexual acts. I had also played with and “had” several young girls from the age of six to twenty, which, together with my carnal knowledge with all the animals on my father's farm — cows, sheep, pigs, and more particularly the horses, of which I had two beautiful ponies male and female, of my own — a present from my father who doted on me. I had thus developed a good size cock when I reached the age of fourteen, which at that ripe age I was able to give infinite delight to many of the pretty servants in our employ at and about our house.

I used to plan and scheme all sorts of new pleasures I could indulge myself in, with myself or others. Among the numerous forms I tried, I will content myself by mentioning but a few. I would secure a watermelon, take it to my room, cut a small hole in it to resemble the female organ, then lay on it and insert my cock into the opening made.

The soft and juicy pulp gave a very realistic feeling of being into a young girl's tight belly. When the hole became too large with use, I'd cut another one and so on till the entire melon was all used up, then throw it away.

I then tried a medical battery on myself. This instrument was unlike the usual medical box affairs. It was all complete in itself in a metal tube about ten inches long and one and half inches in diameter. All one had to do was to turn one end and the current was set on, the more you turned it the stronger became the current. The shape and size had a fair resemblance to a cock. Well, I'd put this to my young cock and smooth balls — I had not grown any hairs there yet, then turn on the juice. It is impossible to tell the exquisite feeling it gave. It is something like when you are in the throes of “spending” only in that case the feeling last but a few seconds, whilst with the electric instrument that very same feeling is kept up all the time for as long as you can stand it, till your mad ejaculation puts an end to the fun for the time being.

There are several attachments that go with the instrument, one of which is a small polished ball at the end of a curved steel rod. This was attached to the instrument and the ball inserted up your bottom. When the instrument was placed to either cock or balls the current rushed through your bottom, cock and balls giving a divine thrill to all those parts, but most particularly when the sensitive head of the cock was touched. This would soon send me into a heavenly “spendings" most profusely, the gism spouting out in powerful jets, my cock throbbing in a violent manner, and my bottom grasping tightly on the ball inserted deeply in it. The cock would become extremely rigid and thick. I attribute the strength and largeness of my cock and balls mainly to this electric treatment I gave it each day almost, and can highly recommend to any man or boy who wishes to have a large and powerful organ of pleasure, for all who are so blessed with a big tool will ever be in great demand by the ladies and especially young girls, who love to have their young bellies well crammed with the emblem of love. I can most sincerely recommend it to me who, from much indulgence or excess have lost much of their youthful vigor, or who cannot get a good stiff “hard on” to try this method and it will both surprise and give you a great joy to see, feel and know you can again experience all the thrills and passionate “spendings” of your most fiery period.

The instrument can easily be carried about in the pocket unnoticed. I often used to insert it into the bellies of girls and women and they then craved it ever afterwards. This is the thing to make the most cold-blooded female powerfully rampant if you can but persuade her to try it just once. Here again, you married men, who have frigid wives, try this treatment on their unresponsive pussies and see them furious with a lustful fire and a mad, mad desire for a powerful fucking.

I said I had two pet ponies, male and female, I had been sexually intimate with them for a year or more, playing with the stallion's affairs, jerking him off, playing with his massive balls, or inserting my entire arm into the juicy, smooth slit of the mare, or actually fucking her myself. — Both animals were very fond of me and were docile creatures. At a word from me they would spread their legs apart, lift their tails in sheer glee and give themselves to all my strange whims. I often used to take Teddy and make him mount Nelly whether she was in heat or not, and guide the big, hard tool into her gasping cunt and then play with his balls and bottom hole while he pushed into her powerfully till his spendings would soon ooze out of her little cunt. Into both of them I used to insert the electric battery, up cunt or bottom, or around the balls and cock of Teddy till both became frantic with the delight it gave them. Teddy's tool would soon be almost touching the ground, when I'd put the battery to the end of it, his tool would stiffen, throb and jump till he would soon shoot a rich hot river of milky “spendings” on the floor.

I wish to say that every word of this narrative is true in every detail, no matter how erratic they may seen. And here let me say that truth will ever be stranger and more thrilling than mere fiction.

Now, you who happen to be reading these pages just stop and think with me the narrator, there are few, if any adventures written here but what you, yes you and every man and every woman, boy or girl have not at least though of doing or desiring to do if the proper chance came without being caught in the acts. If each one of us were brave enough to tell all our lustful doings, or thoughts, you would be most surprised to find just how true each one of us humans feel and act under similar circumstances. Yes, we would then find very little original to what we ourselves thought, felt, or did, the countless myriads of strange fancies of others we'd find we have felt them too.

It is merely the various conventions of the country in which we happen to live, that set the rules of conduct for all to follow and obey.

Different countries differ greatly in what they are pleased to term morals or ethics, so that one country may taboo as utterly vicious, bad or disgusting, may be thought highly virtuous in another land.

Even in any one land, these strictures on our personal freedom change in the course of time, so that what was once looked upon as “horrid” may now be looked on as good and worthy, and visa-versa, so I ask you, dear reader, where is truth and justice to be found?

Were I to narrate every detail of my sex life, several volumes would be required. In all the biographies we read it is only the high lights, so to speak, that are especially picked our for special reasons. If the subject be a criminal, then all the bad traits are strongly in evidence, while the more sublime thoughts, feelings and acts are carefully suppressed in order to poison our minds against them.

But if the subject be a “good” man then all his trivial acts are enlarged upon to make him appear a demi-good. We can only know, and that only a very small part of anyone only by actual contact and personal acquaintance with them. Even then, we each appear somewhat different to our different associates, so that no two people know us exactly alike.

I shall therefore pass over many incidents of my life and come to the years that saw me about fifty years old. I have had numerous love affairs, so I shall open up with Ann-I was so sure I could safely broach to her what was in my mind, of a new longing that had possessed me for some years. She was a lady of about thirty two, refined, college educated, and fairly well-to-do. She had married early, and soon gave birth to a boy. Soon after this her husband died.

About ten years after his death I became her lover. It seems her husband had never fully satisfied her sexually, the facts of countless women who thus suffer simply because of utter ignorance of the marital duties, or in some cases due to squeemishment or false shame, afraid to let themselves go the limit of their natural promptings, afraid that they might give the impression they were not conventional and “modest” before their husbands. I ask you who is to say or dare to say what is conventional in a bedroom? How many married people would be brave enough to tell of their love feasts in their secret, private domain, even to their closest friends? None. So it was she, because most passionately attached to me, and I to her, just because she had learned the rare secret of acting her natural self in an unrestrained way, so that I at once found her the very counterpart of my own passionate nature. — Being like herself, college bred, there were many ideal links of unique interests and sympathy established between us to which we readily gave a hearty response. We were, in addition, both deep thinkers, which is not the usual blessing bestowed on college folks at graduation. Philosophers are born, not manufactured in any school or institution.

She told me of her own boy, now a fine lad of fourteen, who had been in the habit of having intercourse with her, his own mother, for nigh three years. No other but the lad and I had ever had access to her since the death of her husband. I now told her of my desire to know a nice, clean woman who had a girl of about ten or eleven years old, that I preferred a widow, or one left alone somehow, so I could have the girl become acquainted with what the mother and myself were doing, to have her see and play with me, that I yearned to handle a young girl's hairless, pulpy, cunnie before she had yet learned about men.

Anna was game, her eyes sparkled as she said she knew just such a woman, that she lived in Allentown, was about thirty-five years old, pretty, well shaped and preserved, refined, that she was in modest though comfortable circumstances, had given birth to a lovely and very pretty girl, who was now about such an age, born out of wedlock. The man had not married her, but she got along very well, and was still a friend of his, while from talks she had with her recently she knew, beyond doubt, she would be very ready to yield to me. As for the girl knowing, that would have to come by my arrangement, but as her friend lived in a very small town house she knew there could only be one bed room and she guessed it could not be helped but the pretty and chunky girl must see and hear every thing. She gave me a brief note of introduction, and I adroitly, considerately but unmistakably led to the point. Anna had already confided in her about us two. The name of this new flame was Mary, and the girl's Liza. Mary said she had but the one bedroom and what would she do about Liza? To which I replied: “Oh, we'll be quiet, she will be fast asleep.

Besides, what's the difference? She must learn about men and women sooner or later, and far, far better the girl learn through us than strangers.” Oh, the Dutch women are pliable if a man is but pleasant and has a little money he can easily get on the right side of them.

Liza proved to be a most pretty blond child, with heavy golden hair in ringlets, about her shoulders, as plump as a partridge, very large for her years, she would very easily pass as thirteen or fourteen, though she was only just past eleven. I was really astounded that one so young could look so big and plump. Her breasts were almost ripe, nice and firm and round. Her bottom was very large and solid as wood that would have graced many a woman let alone so young a girl.

Her legs and thighs I knew by inference would do justice to her other rotundities. I also knew by instinct at once, as soon as I set eyes on her that she was lustful though of course she herself did not realize it. Puberty was about to set in and she was already feeling the change, for she strutted about the room so proudly, jerking her knees well back at each step which would set the two solid cheeks of her bottom quiver in harmony with her titties.

This is but a pencil sketch of the dear child, my first impression of her till I had the opportunity to know her better which was not very long, no indeed!

I soon won the child's confidence, and soon had her rolling all over me and kissing me with a good deal of passion.

Her mother had a trip to make to the store and would not be back for an hour or two. She left the girl in my keeping, though she asked her if she wanted to go along with her, to which she promptly, protested begging to stay with me. The knowing mother slyly winked at me, and on leaving, whispered to me not to fuck her till she could assist, but that I could feel at her all I wanted if I went about it cautiously so as not to arouse her suspicions. When we were alone, the» dear child sat on my knees and kissed me lovingly. I then stood her between my legs, saying I was too tired to hold her on my knees any longer. In this position I commenced my maneuvers.

She had her soft arms around my neck. I now began to pat her bottom, which could easily be felt beneath her one thin house dress. I asked her what she called this — my hand gently squeezing her round, hard cheeks. To which she naively replied: “My bot-tom, that it was made to be spanked.”

“Does mother ever spank it for you?”

“Oh, yes every day almost if I am not a good girl, or get my lessons wrong. It hurts at first, then feels good. Mother makes the cane hit me right under here,” pointing to her cunnie. I now put my hand up under her short dress. She had on a pair of very tight panties that fitted her like tights, bringing the two firm cheeks closely together.

She did not resent this liberty of mine, but seemed rather pleased. What thighs, so round and chubby, what a lovely bottom and as smooth as silk. I moulded it, patted it, squeezed it, ran my fingers in between the cheeks, then in under her thighs which she had separated by instinct. My hand grasped her fat, springy, hairless cunnie that protruded so admirably from the graceful swell of her belly. I ran my fingers ever so gently in between the tight lips that now were quite moist. She liked it. for her bottom began to squirm and clutch slyly on my other hand that held it so lovingly. I asked her what she called this I was feeling? she replied: “My, birdie that's where I pee out of.”

Not a blush came to her sweet, rosy face all the while, so innocent was she, for she knew no wrong. She instinctively kissed me very sweetly as I toyed with her dear little love nest. I could have loved to have put the head of my now rampart cock against those two closed lips of her darling cunt, but restrained myself, as I had given my word of honor to her mother I should not do any more than feel the various charms of her delightful young body. I felt her tits, large for one so young, forming two very nice round globes which, when fully matured would set the hearts of men on fire to kiss or fondle them as I was now doing. To all my handling she leant herself most freely and seemed to enjoy it immensely. I lifted up her dress and beheld a glorious white and supple body with all its alluring invitations I pulled up her panties as high as they would possibly go. My, what a sight to see her bottom tightly encased in them and drawing the twin globes together! I patted it again and again, fascinated by the sight and the feel of them.

I now gently pulled off her one little thin dress, and then her drawers. She had but her shoes and stockings which came a little above her knees. I stood her between my wide-spread legs, with her bottom resting on my thigh. Both hands were very busy feeling all her charms by turns, one by one, then going the glorious round again. I'd mold her titties, tickle the nipples till I felt them distinctly get hard and stand out proudly. I'd slap first one then the other cheek of the bottom, dig my finger between the smooth furrow, in under her thighs my hand would go marching for her sweet little slit, which made a very good handful I can assure you. I got a finger into the tightly closed lips for about two inches, when she said it hurt her to put it up any further. At which, I of course desisted. I was in a furious state, my cock was jumping madly, so much, that the child began to ask what it was that was jumping so much inside there, as she pointed to it. At once I opened my pants and let the poor suffering prisoner out.

She did look comical as she viewed the pillar of Eros. She got hold of it of her own accord, I did not even suggest it to her, she fondled it in her own innocent way, which only tantalized me, till I showed her how to jerk it off for me. This she did very cleverly for a first experience. I asked her to rub the head up against her cuntie.

Standing in front of me she took hold of my member and commenced to rub the head of it between those two soft, moist velvet lips, running the entire length and back again, down again and right under her bottom. Once more she brought it to her tiny orifice and rubbed it quickly. I felt the crisis coming over me, I clutched her bottom which was agitated with her own emotions, for she tightened and relaxed it violently by turns, I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked on it powerfully.

Oh, will I ever forget that rich, violent “spend” I shot into her belly! Mind you, I did not insert my cock into her, but merely let the head rest inside the fat folds of her nest as I shot a torrent of love juice into her. She was surprised at the discharge and thought I had peed into her as she expressed it. I took my handkerchief and wiped her off clean and told her to put her clothes on and that we might do it again soon if she liked it. She said she liked it, that it made her birdie feel ever and ever so funny. When she had her dress to rights again, she nestled in my lap and thus her dear mother found us on her return. I soon had an opportunity to acquaint her with my progress with the daughter, omitting nothing, but telling every detail. She was more than pleased to hear it. She said nothing to the girl, but waited till bed time came. I wondered why she could continue her habit of undressing downstairs by her mother and washing before going up to bed, doing all this before me, but I learned why later.

She sat on a stool and removed her shoes and stockings, then her little panties, and while she was just a wee little bit careful she showed delightful glimpses of bare thighs, a bit of bottom, and twice a full view of her sweet little cunnie, which, however, only lasted a brief second or two, the child being totally unconscious I was looking at her endearing charms, neither did she know she was exposing herself unduly, so very childlike and natural did she act. She went behind me back of a piece of furniture to wash, and when she came out she was in her nightie. She kissed her mother a fond goodnight, and looked over at me so demurely. Mother said: “Kiss the gentleman goodnight,” which she did sweetly. I smiled and told her that was worth a whole dollar, and gave it to her, upon which I got several hot kisses and tight hugging as I patted her bottom again.

Mary and I talked a long time, during which she told me her story of her life, and of despairing of marrying just because she was not pretty looking enough. I interrupted her to tell her she possessed more than beauty in her neatness and cleanliness. She said that when the man came along under the sweet promise of marriage when she was twenty, she let him have his will of her and do what he liked with her ripe, beautiful charms. The result was Liza. He left her, but she had a little cash from him so she bought this little house and she had some money in bank.

“But I am looked down upon, and my dear little girl is shunned by those, I'd like her to play with, so what's the use? I'm going to have fun, and I'm going to teach Liza how to be careful as well as to get things when she gives something to a man.” She said she took kindly to me because of what Anna told her, and how nice and considerate I was, that I would not be up to any tricks about her bit of money. She had plenty of assurance from me, so we were on the best of intimate terms at once. We both undressed down, stairs so we would not make any noise up stairs. To show how clean she was, she bathed herself thoroughly in a small tub, then she took my “boy” and washed it very tenderly and then lovingly dried it gently. She was a brunette, or semi-blond rather, her child's father being a large blond, Liza evidently had inherited her large physique and golden locks from him. Mary herself was beautifully developed well nourished, glorious breasts that stood out so proudly in all that splendor of full maturity of womanhood. Her lips were large, her bottom round and full, a slight growth of hair covered her mount of Venus the lips of which were strong and full, meeting in a thin line that tightly kept it closed. It jetted out finely from the round gradual swell of her belly. Her thighs were of the graceful type, being firm and well rounded, her ankles and feet were small.

She informed me, that she had not had a piece of tail since her man left her, that she was just so glad I came to her for she was aching for a real good fuck. I tell you I could not refrain from giving her the tongue treatment — which Anna had not had from me — I nursed her titties, sucked them as I sat on a chair with her between my legs. I moulded her glorious hind quarters, sticking my finger very deeply but gently into it all of which she fully appreciated to the utmost of her warm, passionate nature. We made no approach to fuck down stairs.

I now stood up while she played and fondled my rigid cock, skinning his head and gently teasing it, then taking it into her mouth. I kissed her and whispered '“Let's go up stairs.” She reminded me to be very quiet, and up we went. She preceded me, I was immediately behind her. I ran my hand up between her thighs and could feel the two heavy globes of her bottom sway on my hand as she took each step up the stairs to Lover's own paradise.

On the bed I was in no hurry, and commenced again my loving caresses to fully arouse her to the utmost of ardent desire and fire her body with a keen lust, and to make her feel I wanted to please her as well as myself. In this respect so many men are selfish and think only of themselves and stick their cocks into a woman at once when she is made ready. Mary let herself go in abandon, and before she observed it, the moon came around to our side of the house lighting up the bed and us on it. Fortunately there was no building on the other side of her house from which anyone could see into the room. In due course I fucked her well and thoroughly so the night was perfect to her desires, and most so for me. There is a vast difference between a woman who has not been with a man for a long time and one who is attended to regularly. Her cunt was very tight, as tight as any young girl's virgin slit, so that in one of my vigorous pushes into her she gave an involuntary cry of pain. I then became more careful of her.

That Liza was too cunning a girl to be asleep I felt sure, and I felt certain she had heard and saw us in our love feasting, because at the last, our paroxysms were quite beyond the control of either of us, and the well lighted room from the moon gave her a full view of all our actions.

After a rest we went down stairs to wash, and as we passed Liza's cot Mary pointed to her. Her nightie was pushed up to her throat exposing her body completely from her twin titties to her tiny feet. She lay on her back, her thighs slightly apart and her smooth little cunnie bulging out like a dough-nut. Her head was turned to one side, her eyes closed pretending sleep. Upon going up stairs after, Mary and I had a drink together, she leaned over Liza and found her sobbing. In wonder she asked: “What's the matter with mamma's little girl?” I was leaning over also and so was looking down upon the little naked Venus. Liza sobbingly uttered: “I have a pain, oh, such a big pain in my tummy, mama!”

“Show mamma just where it is, dear?” Liza put her finger into her tiny cunt as she looked up at her mother, saying, “In here, and all the inside, mamma!”

“Bless her little heart!” Mary cried out as she picked her up in her naked embrace and put her in bed beside us saying to her: “Uncle Tom will soon chase away your pains from there, he's a good doctor for just such pains in there, dearie!” and she laughed as did Liza but very demurely now.

She took Liza's nightie off and told me to take her in my arms. Right eagerly I did, Liza snuggled close up to me and put her arms around my neck, while her young and supple body pressed close up to mine, pressing against my stiff cock. My hands quickly flew to her bottom and I could feel it sucking and trying to grasp the fingers of my hand as they wandered down the smooth crevice as she pushed her taut belly toward me. I kissed her and caressed her thighs, bottom and the little cunnie with its fat lips which opened and closed over so tightly, though rapidly. She was certainly in “heat” as the saying is.

I told Mary it would be nice I thought if I were to kiss away Liza's pain, and that she could hold her to her bosom in her lap against her breast while I did so. As I began to run my tongue ever her dear hairless cunnie, she opened her pretty thighs wide apart, and when her mamma asked her if it were nice, she could only say: “Uh, Hu, O-oo!”

When I parted the tightly closed lips and found the cute little hiding place of her “Little boy in the boat” she just squeezed my face between her thighs, pushed her bottom up to me and moaned with pleasure. All this time I lay with my body towards her, and Mary with her hands on my cock, erect and throbbing, said to Liza: “See, dear, isn't this nice, and just as bare and smooth as your velvety pussy!”

Liza paused in her new experience of joy long enough to lean over to him and seize him with her hand. She lay thus and uttered a low cry and fell forward with her face on my cock. I sat up quickly fearing she had gone into a faint, but it was only. a natural collapse, and her strong young heart soon brought her splendidly through. We both hovered over her, and upon her recovery, the dear child reached one hand to her mother's breast and the other grasped my cock tightly.

Then she whispered to her mother to have me do again to her mother what she had only partly seen earlier in the evening. Mary laughed and said: “You little rogue, you were really and truly watching us were you, pet?” Mary asked me if I felt like it, I said I did, and I wanted Liza to help me and see how the “boy” works. I had Liza turn so that her head was at our hips, her thighs so I could reach her cunnie with my tongue. I had Mary well down to the foot of the bed so I could push into her hard, then I directed Liza to wet my “boy's” head in her mouth arid then to guide the head in between the lips of mama's cunt.

After fondling her mama's for a while, she actually put her tongue right up into it as I had done to hers, then she gulped my big cock in her mouth as much as she could get in, and very soon held him to her mama's cunt as she parted the hairs very gently to let it slide into it easier. I was slow entering, so that Liza might see every effect.

“Now watch him, Liza, keep the lips of mama's cunt open till the head is all the way in, then those greedy lips will take good care of the rest aplenty.”

“You are a wonderful man in every way, Ro,” Liza, in a loud whisper cried — “Oh, they open to meet it and they are now drawing it into it I” Just gently and slowly I pushed and was glad to see Mary smile as she lay under me, while she said, “I never was so well fucked, or as sweetly as you do it.” of course I at once complimented her on her splendid body and the way she made it respond to mine, so we were in perfect harmony.

While working my cock slowly and getting it into her to my nuts, I could give but little attention to Liza with my tongue, and when in her excitement she turned more to us, lifting her right thigh over her mama's head, the movement and friction brought her dear little cuntie right over her mama's face, and then Mary tongued it madly for her, to which Liza worked her fat and tightly clutching bottom rapidly backwards and forward. It would be difficult to tell which thing delighted her most — my cock working her mother, or her mother's tongue working her cuntie. She had her little hand on my cock and nuts and so could feel it go deeply into her mother's nest, feel it grow and stiffen even more than ever, she cried to her mama “Oh mama, dear, I love you, his cock is growing ever so big and bigger as it goes into your belly, oh-o-h!” She relapsed and panted while I hugged her dear body and kissed her upturned bottom cheeks and its cute little hole into which I got the tip of my tongue, at which she gripped my face delightfully with those two fine globes of hers.

“Now, sweet Liza, mama and I will let the “boy” soak until you get over your new thrill, then you can look on while I send her into just a state, but nicer dreams than your belly gave you just now.” She turned around and kissed her mama most frantically, then raised to kiss me, putting her nice, cool, bare arms a-round my neck saying: “Yes, do, let mother go to heaven again, for see how her nice cunnie and bottom are sucking for it.” Her mama smiled with eyes partly closed, and she looked really sweet in that soft light and that expression. Liza, between kisses, asked her again in a sort of soft mumbled whisper: “Is it all in you, dear, does it feel ever so good inside there up your belly?” Mary in a low tone, and letting the words come very slowly, sighed rather than spoke, “O-H, O-OOH, AH!” I now said to the girl, “Now, Liza, just watch the two play with each other,” and with a sweet endearing kiss she turned towards where those two perfect organs were in communication in their delightful game of “hide and seek.”

Mary's thighs were spread apart and raised in the true position of a true devotee of Venus will assume to show she wants to receive in the fullest measure all the delicious nourishment. In that manner it gave to Liza a full view of the fine work of a cock and cunt's amorous clingings, and the bottoms suckings and grippings in their spasmodic excitement. Mary soon had to let herself “go” and showed her delight. I waited till she had recovered while keeping my cock well pressed into her tight, moist cunt. Soon the motions began again, Mary calling me fond, pet names, while I kissed her most tenderly and passionately on the mouth.

She now moans and utters: “Ahs, and Ohs” as her bottom dances furiously in every direction, Up and down, up again, where it stays a few seconds and there slowly squirms, the cheeks closing tightly and slowly relaxing to quickly tighten a-gain, then it squirms from side to side, then bounces down on me violently and twists again and again, stretching out he thighs kicking her feet, and bouncing up to me in sheer-paroxysms of frantic delight and untold bliss. Liza had her hand on her mama's agitated bottom all the while, following all its contortions, and sticking her finger into its hole as far as she could possible get in, which gave both mother and daughter added joys.

Liza now sees some pee splash from Mary and hears us both almost scream our ecstasy as the final sting of pleasure overtakes us.

We hear Liza say, “That's it, oh, o-oh, o-oh mother!” It is an exclamation of utter satisfaction of deep feeling as she falls over us, her face on my bottom, one arm around me, the other hand on her dear mother's poor worked bottom.

We lay thus, quietly, for a long few minutes, then Mary tells Liza to get a wet cloth, not too wet, at the same time asking the child if she were afraid to go down stairs alone, “No mama dear, I'm not a bit afraid now, wait till I hurry back.” Soon she is with us again and then asks “What shall I do with this now, mama?” Mary tells her “Now dear, take this dry cloth and press it close to my bottom under my cunt as uncle takes his thing out of me.” I pull it out slowly to let Liza see all the white gism ooze out of mama's belly on the cloth she holds with both hands as directed. One hand presses the cloth close to the cunt, the other encases my cock in its fingers as it draws out. I lay on the outside of the bed next to her as she stands on the floor leaning over me, her nice little titties brush the end of my wet cock again and again as they swing over it till it throbs at the delicious, delicate contact. Mary takes a handkerchief and sits up, wipes off my cock as Liza says: “Why it's all wet and slippery. It wet my titties just now as it touched them, see, as she showed her twin globes up to her mother. Said Mary, this dear cock spilled mama's belly when he reached the same, and that came to you a while ago. Now you can wipe it off nicely with your wet cloth, then dry it clean with the other.

Didn't Liza perform her instructions deliciously though! In that one sweet and gently performance she showed what a perfect lover of cock she would be, nay, was indeed already become, and to dry him she took her own nighty. I then took her in my arms, kissing her warmly, squeezing her titties, patting her bottom, giving it several tender smacks on both cheeks and then, in underneath on her pouting cunnie and hugged her tightly to me.

Mary having washed down stairs, brought me and herself a little drink of whiskey, a glass of ice water, and got in bed on the other side of Liza. In this position we all soon fell into a deep sleep. When late morning had come, I was still sleepy, but was slightly awakened by Mary who said in a low tone, “Don't get up yet, Ro, I must go down so that people see some movement around, but I'll not go out, and not let anyone in, and when breakfast is ready, I will be up to tell you.” She kissed me and left.

Liza was asleep, and I soon was too. I know I was awakened and, subconsciously began to get an idea without opening my eyes — that Liza was now playing with my cock, skinning his head and squeezing it while it was in a soft state — just in that shape in which a cock is so nice to fondle and play with. All the time she was murmuring over him: “OO — OO, but you're so nice to feel!” She lifted my bag of heavy nuts in her soft hand and exclaimed to herself, “I wonder what these nice round balls are for?”

Very quietly, so as not to awaken me, she straddled over me and rubbed the head of my prick along the line of her hairless cunnie.

Of course it began to stiffen and got so she could not lift him to her, but had to lean forward on him.

She now looked up at me and saw my eyes open, whereupon she fell flat on me, belly to belly. In doing so my cock slid between her thighs and ran up between the cleft of her nice, chubby bottom cheeks so that I could very easily feel them rub front of my cock and thighs rubbing the back of it, her legs being very tightly closed it felt good. I put my hand on her bottom, opened them and squeezed it, while she worked it up and down, and before I knew it she had made me spend all around her bottom, thighs, and back. Just at that moment her mother came in and found us both thus and said: “Isn't that a little too soon for my little girl, don't you think?”

Liza pouted her lips and said: “Why, mama, George Wilson puts his into Emmy's belly every day.” Mary just sat on the bed beside us and laughed till the tears ran down her face. I asked what the great fun was, then she said: “Why Ro, the two whom Liza mentions, are brother and sister the boy being about fourteen and the girl about twelve years old, they are the children of the man who should have married me.” Then the startling announcement became something astounding in a way, though not so very wonderful after all to me. We then asked Liza to tell us all about it, to which she replied, “I, Emmy and George once went down to a pool up the creek, that brother and sister stripped and waded, but I didn't want to, for I didn't like George very much. After a bit they came out of the water and lay on the grass and played with each other's “things", — They wanted me to undress, but I wouldn't. Then he asked me to lift up my clothes so they see “things”. I just lifted them a wee bit, then George ran his hand up my clothes and got hold my “thing” and rubbed it a lot, then Emmy put her hand up behind me and stuck her finger up my bottom and pushed it in and out, while George did the same in my cunnie. This made me feel funny down there and I had to pee, they both watched me do, so as I bend down on the grass. Then Emmy asked me not to tell about them. I promised I wouldn't then they said, “We'll play as papa and mama,” and George got on top of her, she opened her legs and put her hand to her wet “thing” I said, “call it cunt, dear,” well, cunt, and I saw his cock — is that right, uncle Ro? I threw her a kiss and said yes-” slip into her belly — I mean her cunt, all the way till I could not see any more of it, only his balls hanging up against her bottom, which began to move up to him as he began to push down on her forcing his thin — I mean his cock into her more and more. Then I could see it come nearly all the way out then rush rapidly back into her cunt again. I put my hand in between their working bottoms and they both said it made them feel good, so I put my finger up his bottom and worked it in and out as Emma had done to mine, then I put a finger into her bottom and did the same for her. Just then both of them worked like fury and all of a sudden lay quite still on each other, only both their bottoms kept twitching in jerks and I wondered why that was. After a while both got up and Emma told me they had seen their papa and mama do it nearly every night. She had also seen her uncle and aunt do it too. and they had gotten out of bed and walked around the room where they slept, that they were both naked too. That her uncle had a bigger cock than her papa, and her papa's was bigger than George's, and that's all. But I want uncle Ro to fuck me too, I do, oh, oh, mama, I do so much want to feel that nice big cock working in and out of my cuntie.

Mary and I laughed and said, “I'll tell you dear, how we'll manage it so as to get my cock into her little cunt, for it can be done. The dear little things are wonderfully elastic and will stretch a good deal.” At this Liza sat up in bed, and, now in daylight, her nude, plump body showed up well. She was eager to hear how her' desires were to be satisfied, and said in an eager, urgent tone, “Go on, Uncle Ro!”

Mary sat by me, her hand on my cock as she listened. “After breakfast, and the work all out of way I will fuck mama and send her into a dear, sweet day dream, then, while my bo, (here Liza said, “I'm going to call him Willie, he's a cock, but his name's Willie now.”) We both laughed and I said, “All right, little sweetheart, while Willie stays in mama's warm nest and is quiet, I will run my tongue into your little cunnie and wet it good, and when I think it is juicy and willing enough to take your Willie in I will quickly get off mama, who will spread the lips of your cuntie as much as possible, for it is very tight, and help his head inside, then we shall see whether you can take him in or not. How's that, mama, will you help to make her a real young woman?”

“I surely will, she's going to be fucked some day, even if I didn't know it, and I'd rather help her now to take your “Willie” and so do the job for her first. But come now, breakfast, I'm starved out, and I've got a meal fit for a king. Don't dress, we wont let anybody in, we're not at home for anyone.

The loving and kissing we all three did put us in a very tender mood to each other. The meal was certainly a corker, no wonder that as I sat content after such a repast that “Willie” aroused in his full majesty to render, as I said, his homage to the two ladies. Then Liza lay over on my knee and mumbled: “You dear boy, my Willie, and going to hurt my little pussy are you, worse than mama's strap do when she spanks my bottom for being naughty, but I must have you, oh, I must!” as she kissed him most sweetly. She now most dutifully helped mama to wash the dishes. Mary had just a dress on so she could go to the door if anyone called, but Liza and I were naked. I lay on the lounge smoking while they worked, and it was a source of keen delight to watch the rise, fall and sway of Liza's solid bottom as she pranced about. It was sweet play to put my hand up Mary's dress whenever she came near me, and to caress her thighs, cunt or bottom and she felt glad that I should think of her while the rarer charms of her daughter was present at the same time. Not that I neglected Liza at all, as I would smack that same young bottom gently when she came within my reach, which she did often enough just for the purpose of receiving a little pat or squeeze, then she would prance and jump high in the air pretending I had hurt her and rub her bottom and push her belly forward to escape the smacks on the alluring region. That was a delightful morning before we went up stairs — I shall never forget it as long as I live, and it happened now going on for thirty years ago — to lie naked, and to know that Mary wanted me to. After a bit she also threw off her one single garment, and we all three toyed with each other, telling Liza all I could of the effect of a cock and a cunt.

She had heard older girls talk about “being caught", but didn't know how or what it meant. She told us that Flossie Jones had their big dog lick her cunt, and she skinned his big red cock a little while he did so, and then Flossie had skinned it way back until it pushed out in a real big red thing, much bigger than George Wilson's.” We both laughed at what this young child had seen and knew so early, and I know from a life time's intimate relations with mothers and daughters that knowledge of this kind is very, very prevalent in all youngsters whom we think so innocent. Oh, how many fond parents and adults are thus deceived by these young schemers!

When my cigar was done and Mary thought it was time to go up stairs for the great event, Liza just threw herself into her mama's arms, their titties kissing each other gratefully and warmly. I said, — “don't I get a kiss too, for I'm the one who is to do the job?” She ran to me and kissed me and said: “You shall have a kiss, but you don't do the job at all, it's Willie here will do it, isn't it Willie?” Oh, you dear, sweet baby, I could just eat you all up, So hungry for you am I,” and she proceeded to do nearly that, until I told her if she wants Willie to be in a proper state to do her bidding and enter her cunnie she must stop that right away. From our long explanation to her she knew now what it means, and so she runs away from us upstairs. I took this chance to talk to Mary, and we both fully understood each other, and while there was no explanation or any expectations that I could continue with them a long time, I wanted Mary to know how much I appreciated her efforts to please me. She on her part declared that she was very glad it had fallen to my lot and hers, as well as Liza's that I was the one to introduce her to pleasures for which she had been pining so long.

In bed again, and again it's Mary under, I told them they must not play with Willie much or he would run away from me, then I could not do what Liza was expecting. So at once Willie is pointed to Liza's dainty hand at her mama's ripe door, which she also opens for him her with her other hand, and in he goes with one rush up to the hilt. Liza saying: “I hope he will do just that for mine, I'm just aching to have him up, way up my belly, right up here,” pointing to her titties.

I now fuck Mary as sweetly as I know how, not hurrying, and she lets herself go “off” easily, but I keep on with her now, just diddling her cunt with Willie's big head just between those two well formed lips so moist and clinging that try vainly to catch him and suck him all into her hungry belly that rises so magnificently in a glorious curved hill above her nest. I then slip it in and pull it out completely, then ran it into her again about an inch, then a slow in movement and a quick out movement. I let it touch and dangle against her bottom cheeks, then in between' the cheeks right against its little round orifice, then back to her pouting cunt where I give her a sudden push and cram her full of it making the head of my cock touch her womb. She cries out, “Oh, I can't — I–I can't hold any longer — there — th-re she goes again — OO- OO-O, OH, A-AH, y-ou de-ar m-a-n!

Ow, my cu-nt, fu-ck it, fu-ck i-t- goo-d, A-ah, Aa!!! Kiss me. Uncle Ro. No more for me. Come Liza dear, quick, — quick and get ready to take your Willie into your belly.” I do not withdraw from Mary until Liza is by our side with her tender thighs well open and her bottom well raised and resting on her shoulders and feet. I now quickly withdraw from Mary and put the head of my cock at the young virgin cunt as she tries to open it for me. Mary is quickly on the job and holds my cock while spreading the two plump lips as much as she can, wet as they were from my vigorous tonguing as I was fucking her mama.

I can feel the head getting in a little, just within the thresh-hold as it were, and I am pushing firmly but gently into her, Mary helping, when I suddenly realized that the extraordinary features of this drama give my cock such a thrill that I at once gushed forth a torrent of sperm and literally lather those lips inside and out thoroughly. Mary too realized my crisis and said: “Just the thing, Ro, now, push, push hard into her as it pours out, push, that's it, PUSH-oh, there it comes now, PUSH right into her — Up- U-P, that's it — push more!”

In it goes, and still the juice, the slippery gism pours into that tight little slit that now skins my cock good and hard. Mary cried: “There now, just a little more and it will be into her belly where she wants it.”

Will I ever forget that sweet young childish maidenhead I now took at that very moment? NEVER! — NEVER! Dear little Liza only gave one cry out just when I shoved into her the last time at Mary's bidding, when I felt something way up in Liza's cunnie yield and I could feel my cock getting in and in, and all the time the gism was shooting from me in torrents, her tight little cunt was stretching the skin of my cock so that the blissfulness that only belongs to a real good spend in a live young cunt was a long, long drawn out treat.

And Liza? She kissed me and hugged me to her bouncing titties, and putting her legs around my back said, “I'm never, never going to let you have my dear Willie again, I'm just going to keep him warm and snug in my belly!” As her maidenhead gave way to my fierce thrusts, I had my hand well under her tightly drawn bottom, with my finger buried into it to the knuckle and I felt those two young cheeks grasp most powerfully on hand and finger with all the force of youthful ardor. It relaxed and clasped again and again completely. She squirmed and wiggled that fair bottom in every way. I pushed into her young belly with my splendid weapon, though the sweet pain nearly drived me frantic, I want to relieve the intense feeling by pulling back a little, but I also want to see what I can produce in the dear child. I noticed her big blue eyes are closing as I now rub the nose of my cock against her tiny womb, she's so tight I can't tell what I'm reaching for in that sweet little recess of her. Suddenly she cried out: “Oh, Ma — ma, ma-ma Oh, O-OO ho-l-d me I-m pee-ing O-OO!”

She actually did pee over me in little jets wetting herself and me delightfully, then she spent her first love juice, crying “Ahs,” and asking us what is it that now is jumping out of me inside, up there, it isn't pee, but feels so, so nice, oh! Her voice became a mere whisper as she shivered and snuggled her face in her mother's bosom, as Mary hugged her while I raised my body to let her see the how well fucked little cunnie, though my somewhat subdued cock still clung to that girlish pussy. After awhile Liza recovered her breath, her panting became less, so she could open her eyes and rub her face against her mama's swinging titties. She then turned and looked at us both saying: “What happened to me down there, in my cunt” I asked her if it was nice or not and if she would like it again, She replied: 'It was nothing I ever thought of, except the tongue tickle, only this was lots and o lots more nicer, and it was just coming and I wanted to reach for it to come, and at once I thought I was on wings. I thought I wanted to cry out, but I knew I didn't but to laugh and couldn't do anything for my panting, and now I've been fucked for the first time, and by a nice big cock — a man's cock, not a boy's little thing was in me. Let it stay there awhile, Uncle Ro, please do, and it didn't hurt much when it burst through something inside me.”

We let her tell it all in her own way without interruption, and now Mary told her story, “It was good for your tight little cunnie, dearie, that Willie pumped his” milk good and plenty into you just then, for that stuff is just the kind of oil our cunt needs, and that's why he got into you with mama's aid, I watched him, and believe me, he never was hugged so tight in his life before!”

“Yes", I added, “and her cunnie is hugging and sucking it now, so that it doesn't want to get away, only he's just half stiff.

Just put your hand underneath to her bottom and feel how those cheeks are behaving together, gripping each other as hard as they can.” Mary complied and said: “Just lay still till I see whether I can induce him to get brave a-gain in her belly.”

With Liza's kisses and panting my face, and I seizing her young bottom in both hands and pulling her tightly to me, and Mary caressing my balls after tenderly wiping off all the gism, toying and squeezing them and the root of my cock, where she would give little pinches to the bulging lips of the fair little hairless cunnie why of course he began to stiffen in the little belly and more so as I began to move in and out of that gripping sweet nest. I then said to Liza: “Now, Liza you are going to get a real mama's fucking!” She settled herself to it bravely, the sweet little dear, and I did all I knew how to delight her mama with a view of Just what she had herself got. As my cock stiffened up well I diddled her, which I do by just working the head in and out about an inch between the lips and when ready to push in, Mary held the lips apart and then my short in and out strokes were short, just moving enough to excite her cunt and bottom to action, then cramming her finally and rubbing it's head up against her womb firmly — but not too hard, so as not to injure her. I watched her and saw she was about “on the way” I stopped, once more was all she dared to “go off” and I would go off with her and would tell her to get ready. By reason of the fuckings my cock had been through, Willie could do a lot of work all of which more than delighted the dear girl to the utmost, and, without pain, because by this time, her tight cuntie was well oiled with slippery gism which has oozed out of her.

Pretty soon I found him “on the way” and whispered to her: “Now, dear, get ready for his love juice — yes-get-ready-dear-o- oh-y-e-sN-O-Will-Heavens! I knew I cried out as the sharp intoxication and quivering sting struck my vitals as I lay over on the dear child.

Liza's screams were an indication that she had also been touched by the arrow of Eros and so was allowed to reach as happy extend of bliss as I. I still lay with her, could feel her pulsing cunnie throbbing around my cock. Mary was at her post with her head between our thighs, but not touching us, watching to get ready for the first glimpse of the “dearies” when they were ready to part. She had a cloth under Liza's bottom to catch the precious juices when I was ready to pull out. When I did so she held him tightly that we could hear the “suck and snap” that always is present in a very tight hole, as he finally got out. I now looked at the dear, naked little cunt, and saw it was all red and tender, some of her dear red blood mingled with our juices. I lay down beside Liza awhile, while Mary tenderly fixed our “sweeties” as she called them. Liza was too much overcome with contented happiness to talk, and she just put her cool arms around my neck and kissed me again and again, ejaculating in one long drawn-out sigh “O-OH M-Y.

Mary then asked me where I got the idea of shaving around my privates, saying “I think it looks so pretty that way without a lot of unsightly hair, it is so smooth, velvety and so like a boy's for silkiness, but I didn't know men did so, though I have known a few women preferring to have their bellies shaved.” I told her it was my own notion of years past, that I shaved once a week for the cleanly feeling it gives and because I like to feel all smooth places, that is why I love this little girl's belly so much, and I would like to shave your cunt, if I may, it would then look as nice and tempting as this young thing here (touching Liza's). She responded “You may do anything you think to please you.”

“Alright, dear, then after a rest and a smoke and a little drink I will make that dear cunt of yours as perfect a dear to lick at as any young girl's in the world.”

I forget to mention, that is was while I was in tune with Carrie that I first had shaved. We, Mary, Liza, and I sat around and talked and played and kissed. Mary anointed her daughter's thighs, bottom and cunt and massaged them well, then made her squat and exercise her legs to overcome any tendency of stiffness in the parts from the severe strain and use that had been made on them, and which might otherwise give the show away when she walked out. In due time we had dinner-and the work was out of the way, we were rested and I said: “Now, Mary dear, you lay on the bed with your feet on the floor while I remove your cunties' hair so the birdie can be seen.” She came and stood in front of me, and I knew she wanted me to kiss it, so I tickled it a little and said: “You wait till I make it as smooth as the day you were born then I'll kiss it all you can stand.”

She dropped on the bed saying, “Do as you please with me and take no hurry for every minute in your hands is precious and as new trip to heaven by a different route.” (I had not mentioned she was a college woman, and had been a teacher in a very select private school for boys, and that she taught her own daughter instead of sending her to a school.) Liza sat by me to help, but more to look on. I had a safety razor with me. First I carefully clipped the hairs off with a scissors, keeping a curl and cutting one for Liza, who, after tying it with a silken thread, stuck it into her cunnie for a moment or two. I could insert a finger or two into Mary's cunt to push the firm flesh out so I could work on it better and thus run no risk of cutting her, and when I could, I'd let my thumb rest on the “little boy in boat”.

All this caused Mary a great deal of joy and pleasure, and Liza was busy adding to the joy by stroking her mama's bottom and thighs. It took a long time to do the job artistically and it was a spot I delighted to work upon so I was in no hurry. We all three enjoyed ourselves and it would be hard to tell which of us had the greater fun while the shaving was in progress.' Occasionally I stopped to kiss her. When at last it was done and I had bathed her with witch hazel and powdered it, Liza begged to be the first to kiss it, so I let her give it a good tongue-ing. After awhile, I gave Mary a mirror to look at her new love nest. She admitted it looked far nicer and certainly more smoother and velvety than before, so that she was charmed by the transformation. Then she stood up before me between my knees, pushed her belly forward to me, I put my hand around to her bottom, inserting a finger into it, drew her to me as I sat on the floor and gave her a good tongue-ing, so nice, that she couldn't stand up, and she fell on the bed where I finished her off in the same way sending her into exquisite dreams. It was a most lust provoking sight to see those big splendid round cheeks of her bottom, with its furrow ending in those two dear firm lips of her closed cunnie now so smooth. I patted it and loved it fiercely. Oh, girls and ladies, let me advice you to shave yourselves weekly, for it makes it look so nice, clean, sweet and certainly more tempting.

“Now girls,” I said, “I shall be the master of ceremonies the rest of the afternoon, and there is to be no more diddling of any kind.”

“Mary interjected, “I think you have been master of ceremonies all the time since your arrival, much to my delight, but have it your way, sir, I am so satisfied that I am awfully contented, only don't ask me to do anything, for I'm too tired, and just want to rest and talk awhile.”

Liza said, “I think “Willie” has been the chief performer so far, haven't you, Willie, dear?” and she patted him as she gets on the bed beside her mama and proceeds to run her smooth cunt, for it fascinated her in it's new form or dress. I sat on the bed beside Mary and asked her to regale us with the story of every erotic experience she have had with boys and men cocks, and also to tell us all she had seen or heard from childhood days. She replied, “Well, I will, for Liza knows of my mistake that brought her into the world and from what she has told us, and with what she has thus far indulged in with us, the telling will interest and amuse her and you too.” Here Liza kissed her and said, “Oh, do tell us, mama dear, and don't skip anything now!”

Now Mary shall do the talking, and what follows in her own narrative in her own words.

I am thirty five now. I taught school from eighteen to twenty four. My father met his death when I was fourteen, and my mother died when I reached twenty. I had one brother five years my senior, who went West before I had my “accident", and he died there a few years ago, so that, as to immediate family relatives I am alone, and under the circumstances I am glad, for I shall, in a few years, when Liza is fifteen, sell out here and move to another city. So much for that.

Father and mother left me fairly well off or rather comfortable, but in my childhood days they must have lived very savingly, for we had only this small house where we are now. You see there is only this one room below, one bedroom and that whole of a room next to us. I slept in a crib as a baby I guess, but from the time I was three I was taken in bed with mother and slept on her side of the bed. We were always put to bed early; brother had a cot in that closet of a room, and I think my parents retired about nine o'clock. Just what year it was when I first began to notice things I do not recall, but I know I was five at the time I first remember what I now tell. Bear in mind we were of the Dutch, and with all their phlegmatic manner they are an amorous race. In the privacy of their homes there isn't so much care on the part of father as to concealing his sex tokens. On this particular night when they came up to bed, he stripped naked, and told mother to do the same. She whispered something to him about me, but he poo-pooed it and she obeyed I lay there with my back to the light coming in the window here, so that my face was in the shadow, while their bodies were fully revealed to me. It is strange how children can even deceive their own parents in such matters, and pretend to be sound asleep. Of course they naturally expected that if I did wake up I would stir first and make some little bit of noise or intimation thereby.

There stood my father (what I remember from having seen it often afterwards) with a big cock, standing straight up his belly, and he seemed to enjoy mother's hand on it when she came to him naked as he was. I saw the pubic hair around both their places, though mother's was rather scanty, just enough to barely cover it thinly so the lips were to be seen plainly in evidence as they pouted well forward from her well rounded belly and plump round thighs, like a regular little cushion.

They lost no time in all those little endearments and preliminaries of love's combat, such as we have, for such knowledge was then even far rarer than now, and even to day, during this so called enlightened age, when so much science is known and applied to every walk of life, so little is known of the divine laws of love by the average man or woman. Is it any wonder so many marriages turn out failures after the “first night” and all through ignorance, for both parties certainly desire to please each other in their respect. Well, as I was saying about father and mother, she lay down on the bed and he on top of her while I saw her hand down by his thighs doing something, and soon I became awfully afraid for mother when his big thing was pushed into her belly until it could not be seen. I felt I ought to scream at him to go away from her, but some fear held me still I guess, because she was talking nice words to him, and I must have thought it was alright and that she wanted it up her belly and liked it there, I could see his bottom rise and fall at each move, and her belly raise up to his at the same time. Occasionally I caught a glimpse of his big thing as it worked in and out. Then I wondered, after they stopped short after their fastest motions, and both muttered nice words and panted for breath. They lay quiet for awhile, and I saw mother put a cloth down there as he pulled it from her, his cock now bending down and all shining and just glistering — for I didn't know then it was all wet with gism. After a bit, with their nighties on, they came to bed, and I lay still and really went to sleep. After that, you may be sure, I slept with one eye open, as the saying goes, and saw many such sights. When alone, I began to feel around by my own bottom and “pee place” to find out what there was for me when I became a grown up woman. After much handling, I found a spot that seemed to feel good when touched. I soon now learned the art, and helped myself to it more often than was good for me, but, except to awaken my passions and curiosity very early, it had done me no physical harm.

When I was six they decided I was to sleep in with brother, being too big to be in with them, so I was put in the cot with my brother Frank, who was then eleven. For a child of six I was well grown, and more like eleven or twelve in size then six. I was very solid and chunky and very well formed in all places, even my titties were now showing up well. I do not have such recollection then of Frank's doodle, though I had seen it. Now I became curious to feel his thing. I only thought of them as “things.”

Within a few nights I had tossed the light summer covers down, and had slid about so that my nightie was well up above my waist. I wanted to see what my brother would do, when he'd see my cute little cunnie as I lay on my back with my legs slightly apart. I must tell you he was always a bashful boy, retiring, and not one of the noisy kind. I heard, rather than saw, that he had raised himself on the cot, and I felt he was most intently looking up my thighs with his head close to my cunnie but not so much as touching me in any place.

Being summer, it was twilight when we went to bed, and even before any moon came to our side, he could see my white skin. Besides, mother always left a lamp burning on the bureau over from the door. I turned over on my belly, so as to let him see my bottom, then, as if dreaming, I turned again on my back, kicked down with my feet, legs wide apart, threw both arms away from my side, my right hand landing as if by accident, on his leg just above the knee, and blew amp; deep breath as though I was in a deep sleep. I was more than ready to meet him half way, but I saw he did not like or was afraid to make the first advance. I waited thus. After a bit I felt him move toward me and in his pushing down in the bed a little, my hand came just so near his stiff thing that I felt my hand touch it. It wasn't long now before he gently put his hand softly and ever so lightly on my aching spot, stroking it so delightfully but very, very gently so as not to a-waken me. I let him caress it while never I showed him I was awake.

He stroked my thighs, then my belly, then my titties and then he put his hand in under my thighs and felt both cheeks of my bottom, Coming back to my cunnie he became more bold, seeing I lay so perfectly still, and began to put his fingers into the moist lips. At this point I opened my eyes and said, “Why, Frankie, what's the matter, what are you doing with my belly?” My hand was now at his cock, and I sort of instinctively in waking, closed my hand tightly on it. He leaned over and said, “Let's play with each other's a bit.” I said, “Alright, let's,” and moved close up to him.

He pressed my hand on his cockie and said, “hold it tight and I play with yours.” He did all he could or knew and it felt nice, He asked me to turn over on my belly so he could play with my upturned bottom, which he did, and enjoyed as much as my belly, for he stroked, caressed and patted each cheek, and gently smacked them, then he inserted his finger into it, and this made me squirm with a new sensation of joy. He now slid his hand in under to my cunt. There wasn't more done then, for soon our parents came up and we both pretended to be sound asleep. Mother came in her shirt only to see if all was right with us before Putting out the light. She must have seen Frank's stiff thing I guess, for she laughed to father over it. Frank and I then heard them take one of their pleasure trips before sleep caught us both. Next day, mother had to go to the farm for something, so Frank and I stripped naked and went to bed. He had me play with his stiff doodle, for that's what I called it then, saying to him that some boys call it a cock, and mine a cunt or pussy. As I fingered his cock, it made him feel good, and it felt nice to feel his finger in my pussy. I then showed him the spot to touch. Soon he said, “Faster, Mary dear, take a good hold of it at the end and rub real fast-fast-er, f-a-s- t-er, Oh, O-Oh O!” and he fell on the bed and told me to stop. I asked him what I done? He, in a wise way said, “You made me “go off”! and that's the end of it.”

Then he began explaining, “when Pa does it to Mama he goes off just like that in her belly, up here,” touching my cuntie. He had a nice sized cock as I now recall, even then at his age. I continued to play and fondle it and his neat little balls and it soon became stiff again. When I told him to do it to me as Pa did it to Mama. He got on top of me, but despite ill our efforts we could not get his cock into me, and so had to content ourselves as best we could. We often played with each other after that day whenever we got a chance.

It was a few years later when we first saw gism gush from his cock, from one of my rubbings of it. That startled us, for we had never been near enough to know that Pa poured out gism. Some time after this — I was ten and Frank fifteen, when we tried again to do the real thing together, and this time it worked just like your Willie with Liza, (here she cried out, “Liza dear, if you don't stop tongueing my “boy" and fingering my bottom hole, I cannot go on with my story, for you make me so hot and wet down there. One thing at a time, dearie, besides, mama's cunt has had quite enough for awhile.

Come up here and lay in my arms — there's a sweet little dear.”) Well, Ro, Frank's cock spent right at my waiting pussie and made all around it wet and slippery, the hotstuff running down the nick of my bottom.

He was cool and did not loose his nice stiffness. He got up and rubbed his fingers around my parts, inside and out, and it surprised us both how easily his fingers slid into me, both behind and in front. He got on top of me again, his cock slippery and wet, he was so eager and hot over the idea, that he pushed and finally got his cock into me. It hurt a little, but I didn't mind it, I wanted it up, further, and now got it — got it all the way into my belly as far as he could push it, till his balls nestled below my cunt and swung against my bottom as he worked it like mad into me. I guess it felt good to both of us.

After that, we did it often, just when we got a good chance, which was often, and I soon got my full measure of joy from his splendid cock. Once he got it up my bottom and spent a lot of gism up there, while he finger-fucked my pussy, this new way felt good to both of us for we often did it this way. He would have me stand straight up, then he'd stand behind me, rub his cock between my bottom cheeks, smack it with his stiff cock, which would make me just jump a little bit, then he'd gently push it up my bottom, making me wiggle and twist every way, from side to side, backward and forward till I'd feel his hot milk gush in torrents all the way in my vitals. Then he'd ask me to let him see me eject it from my bottom, and this used to make him feel good and hot as he'd hold both cheeks firmly, closing and opening them as his milk ran from my bottom to the floor. I was twelve when an event happened to me.

Father and mother had decided to take Frank to town to buy him a new suit of clothes so he'd look as good as the other boys for the fourth of July celebrations that was to take place in the little town next to us. My dress had already been made for me by my mother, who was very handy that way. They all three set off early in the morning, so to avoid the rush and be able to get home by 4 o clock in the afternoon if possible. I was left to do the housework. In warm weather I did not bother to dress much but usually went about the house in a shimmy. Our house stood by itself, the nearest dwelling to us being over a block away. Dense woods were at the back of our place, so it was fairly cut off from view. I was happy, and sang to myself as I did my work. I stepped out at the back for a little cool air, and whilst out I bent down to pee, lifting my shirt well up out of the way, so that all below my waist was fully exposed, I then went back into the kitchen to finish my work. I had not been there long when I was suddenly seized by a pair of powerful hands from behind by a big man, a hobo or tramp, who at that time infested the district. He clamped his hand over my mouth before, in my fright and shame, I could cry out. He put his hand up my skirt and ripped my bottom, inserting one finger between my thighs he thus lifted me up. I now felt his thick finger sink deeply into my little slit to the knuckles. He could see my bare legs as they dangled and kicked out before him; I struggled more from fright than anything, though he still held me in this position. He now pulled his hand away from my bottom, and began to smack it as hard as he could. He still had his hand to my mouth and I was stood up pressed to him sideways. He now put me across his knee and belabored my bottom soundly, and hit me right on my wet cunnie several times. Then he again rammed his finger at one push up my pussy and worked it in and out very rapidly — I was still laid over his knee. It made me feel good, — though I dared not show it to him. He now let me get up and tied a cloth over my mouth saying he'd kill me if I did not let him do what he wanted of me, that if I was good and kept still no harm would befall me. I had heard of these bad man and knew it was best for me to let him do all he wanted if I was not to get killed perhaps. So I surrendered to him.

He sat on the side of the bed, and made me stand between his legs. He turned me around and around, viewing my backside and pinching it and prodding it, then he'd turn me till my front faced him, when my titties would be rudely squeezed, the nipples pulled out and let go so the tit would rebound back and quivver. He then slapped my belly, then my cunnie, which he now got hold of in his hand and pulled it out as far as it would go and let it then bounce back, where it quivered and trembled a little like jelly. He now pulled out of his pants an enormous cock. He took my hand and forced me to grip it. He held my closed hand on it and worked it up and down over the head of his cock, then told me to do it myself without his helping me. I desisted for a moment when he gave me a fierce smack on my cunnie that made me jump in the air. I now performed the task for him in fear. He made me stand in front of him with my belly right up to him and made me rub his cock fast up and down the lips of my pussy. Soon I felt him shoot a stream of white, hot cream about my belly, some of it going inside my slit.

All the time I was performing on him he was pawing me, either my titties, which he sucked, or my bottom, into which he jerked his finger.

He now made a strange request. He told me to stand right in front of him, close up, and piss. He reached out his hand to the table and got a tin basin and held it or rather made me hold it between my outstretched legs. I had only a few moments-before peed outside and though I had no more pee in me. But I have learned since, that nervousness can induce this function rapidly, so I myself was surprised to see my pee come in little nervous jets. All the time he had both hands around behind my bottom. He could feel it grip as I exerted myself to pee, and this sight of my hairless cunnie pouting its plump lips, sucking in and out in peeing, made his cock as rigid as possible. When I had done it he carried me over to the bed, lay me on it, or rather threw me on it. One foot remained on the floor, the other was stretched out on the bed, my pussy was thus fully exposed to him. I now became really more alarmed than ever, for I thought I could never get such an enormous cock into my little belly. He now took a position between my well opened thighs, paced one hand over my mouth, seized his cock and placed the big head to my trembling cunnie. I held my breath in anticipation of the pain and struggle so unequal and held myself in readiness for the ripping open of my poor little belly as I then surely thought. He began by running the head slowly and firmly up and down the length of my slit. Gradually inserting the head. He got a-bout an inch of it, then took hold of my bottom in both hands, gripping tightly and fiercely each cheek and pulling me up to him forcing his cock slowly into me. Never before had I felt such a tearing, stretching of my pussy lips as they tried to accommodate such a monster. It was fortunate that there was plenty of his gism all about the parts which helped it to slide into me less painfully than otherwise it would with out that oil-like substance. Up, up, up I felt it making its terrible way into me, till at last I had the full length of it in me, so that his big bag of hard nuts rattled against my bottom as he held the cheeks cruelly wide apart. Madly he worked it in and out to its full length. I felt most thoroughly packed tightly and it began to give me some pleasure, for I could not help but meet his advances by showing my belly up to him, which pleased him I saw. All at once I felt one of his fingers dart rapidly into my bottom and work about inside there in all directions. This had an electric effect on me for I remember I worked as furiously as my assailant. One hand now seized one of or other of my bouncing titties, or he'd mould one while he ravenously sucked the other. Soon I felt the biggest stream of hot milk shoot into me. I was so packed inside with his big cock, that there was no room left for even liquid, so that I felt it dribbling down my belly bottom, which was thoroughly lathered by it. He now pulled it out and immediately fell on his knees and began to suck my hot pussy, wet with his gism. Again he made me spend. All the time he was feeling my legs, thighs, belly, titties, or bottom, roaming at will where he pleased while I just lay there still and helpless.

Though I must confess the fires of lust were now more then thoroughly awakened in me, arid I responded to him by various movements of my body.

He now asked me to get up and kneel on the floor on my hands and knees. I did so, he got behind me and rubbed his tool all about my protruding bottom. He told me to open my thighs, and I jumped with surprise and pain as I now felt his cock strike very hard against my pussy. Bang after bang he gave it to me with the full, rigid length of it, then seizing my tits he rammed it in at one fierce and sudden push till I felt my very womb double up inside my belly. I uttered a suppressed moan of pain at this unexpected attack, but he continued to fuck me rapidly till I again felt the soothing river of gism shoot into me. Looking down between my legs I could see his staff working in and out of me, and now beheld the thick drops of gism drip from my pussy on to the floor.

Out his cock came with a “plop” like noise. Again it visited my bottom, gently pressing firmly against the little hole. To my horror I now felt it digging its way gradually into my bottom. Good Lord, the pain was terrible, I fainted here. How long I remained thus I do not know, it could not have been more than a minute, but when I came to my senses I felt his cock working its full length in and out of my poor bottom which was contracting on it and gripping his bag of nuts that was pressed up between the cheeks. Now the hot juice began to be shot up my bottom. I could feel it in jets as his rigid cock stiffened with each ejaculation. He pulled it out, and again the popping noise I heard. He now made me squat on my heels while he put his face under my bottom, then he told me to let his gism fly out of my bottom, which I was glad to do, as my bowels felt uncomfortable with that great load of gism in it. Out came the stream on the floor while he prodded my cunnie with his finger. It must have been a rare sight for him to see a young girl's smooth skinned, silky plump, hard bottom letting out his hot milk. Once more, while I was in this position, he stood up and again began to beat my bottom with the palm of his hand, harder and harder they became, thighs, cunt and bottom got a thorough beating as I now squirmed with pain. He now stood me on my feet and finished off by giving my trembling bottom several hard smacks, all the time the sight of my quivvering bottom as I stood before him gave him intense joy. He said he was through with me, and that if I shouted out as he was going he would come back and shoot me, showing me a pistol. I assured him I would be quiet and told him to go away as quick as he could and leave me. He left. I ran and locked the door, and threw myself on the bed all sore from the rude attack I had gone through. I was so glad when father and mother came, which was very shortly after. I told them all what had happened to me during their absence. Of course they were mortified, but what could they do, the man had fled, and they did not want it to become known that I had been attacked, as it would be liable to disgrace me. Mother hugged me and cried, put me to bed, bathed my sore parts most tenderly and sent Frank for the doctor. Mother told him what had happened, and he was crazy over it, however, he advised that it must be kept quiet for the girl's sake, for she'll get over it in a day or two. He asked me all about it, and I took pleasure in telling him all details in a blank and childish way, so that as he stood by the bed I could see his cock beating and throbbing violently in his pants. I think it got out somehow, in a sub-rosa way, and it may have had its effects in keeping me from proposals of marriage from any young man I would have accepted.

The doctor washed me thoroughly, using some kind of instrument. Upon leaving me he said I must lay still for two days, then come to his office at four o'clock when he would have more time to examine me more thoroughly after the inside parts had restored themselves. I obeyed, and in due time, mother sent me to the doctor. I was called into his private office after the last patient had left. He put me on the operating table, lowered it a bit, took off my panties, and examined my slit.

He stroked and molded it so nicely that I soon became hot under his clever touches, for I could not help but move my bottom up and down and side ways slightly, but enough for him to notice my excitement. He pronounced my cunt to be all right, and as he stood up to me he held my thighs apart and deliberately slipped what was evidently proved to be a good-sized cock into my now moist, hot cunnie. I cried out, “Doctor, you mustn't do that to me, what will my mama say?” He replied, “You are not to tell her, — why shouldn't my old cock fuck your nice and pretty cuntie which was already been well fucked by a tramp?”

I gave in, what was the use of spoiling a good thing, besides, I had learned enough though only twelve years old, to reflect that a doctor lover might be a good thing. I surely was getting my share of sexual nourishment at twelve years of age, I thought. I did not tell mother about the doctor, but I told Frank all about everything. I knew enough to be careful nothing became known about me.

Frank was close mouthed, and, of course the doctor could be depended on not to talk.

One good effect their cocks had upon me was to completely stop my self indulgence, and I became alert minded, studied easily, and made very good progress in school. By this time we had moved into a better house where we had a bath, and I made good use of it. Many a fuck Frank and I took in a full tub of water. His being able to use me, kept him from jerking off, and he grew up self-reliant. I had developed into a well-rounded figure, nice plump breasts as firm as could be, the nipples standing out straight, splendid legs, and a bottom that must have caused many a man and boy to sigh after me, for they all would turn and look at these charms as I passed them, on the street. Many a young fellow wanted me to wed him, but I scoffed them away. I would not trust my reputation to the young sports. I considered that what I really was at heart was my own business, but the public must not know me for what I was.

The good old doctor continued to fuck me until I was seventeen, when he too had passed away, and occasionally Frank had slipped his very nice sized cock into my both holes during these years.

There was something peculiarly fascinating to me in those years before he went away, in lying naked in my brother's arms, and he felt the same way. I may say here, from my own actual knowledge alone, as well as from well founded reports here and there, that many brothers and sisters fuck each other from early childhood to long after both are married; that many fathers use their daughters in the same way, as well as a few mothers who love to have contacts with their sons. Did you ever notice the keen resemblance of some children to the brothers of some sisters who married?

Well, Frank and I thought a good deal of each other, and I was terribly put out when he died away from me. My name was the very last word he spoke on earth. True, he asked for mother and dad also, but my name and my body were the last thoughts he had on earth. Father and mother never knew exactly just why We always were so devoted to one another, but you, dear reader, know the secret so jealously guarded from them.

In the year that the doctor died, and before Frank left home, he and I rarely fucked, for, now that I had not the dear old, fatherly doctor to depend upon, we were both afraid of “an accident of birth.”

At eighteen I taught school here, in the grade known as grammer grade junior in a private select school which will indicate my attainments as a girl. I had not been sexually nourished for some months, except I must mention (and now don't be shocked) — well, you'd never guess — by our large collie dog, he was a real beauty too! During the time Frank was home we often used to let Brownie lap us, not often to the point of going “off", however but when Frank did let himself go the collie lapped away all the gism as it had gushed out, while I used to fondle his nuts and bottom, and would skin Brownie's cock. I jerked Brownie off many a time, but I had not yet let him mount me, the idea never occurred to me till after Frank left home. Then one summer day when I was alone, I determined to have a good time with Brownie, thinking then only of a tongue lapping and jerking him off. I wore only a skirt, no panties. I lay back on a lounge, one foot on the floor, the other up on the couch. I did not call him, I wanted the pleasure of seeing what he'd do of his own self and from his own desires. I pretended to be asleep but was peering at him through partly opened eyes. He stretched and yawned and whined in a Pleading manner but I paid no attention to him. He came over to me, nosed my hand which did not respond. Then he planted his hind quarters over my suspended arm until his cock was against my naked wrist, and still I did not respond. Then he began to smell around my leg, and seemed to sense that what he wanted and what he had tongued so often was somewhere under my clothes, for he got his nose under the bottom of my dress and lifted his head till I could feel his cool nose against my knee, the touch and smell of my bare skin must have told his dog instinct that he was on the right track, for he impatiently sniffed and lifted the skirt, his entire head now under it, his tongue soon found what he wanted, and right good use he made of it too. I awakened now and said, “Good Brownie, nice Brownie!” as I toyed with his cock. I jumped up before letting him send me off, threw off my dress and was naked. I took him to the bathroom and gave him a good bath, washing his cock carefully, then I dried him. Sitting on a chair I let him suck me, holding the lips open to aid him. Right up he went till it touched my womb, and oh, how he did wiggle that long, sharp tongue in my cunt!

But still I did not go off, for I felt that would knock me out for more fun, and I wanted to have him tongue my naked body all the afternoon. I stopped in time, and pressed his face between my thighs, kissed his hind legs and felt his cock with my bare foot.

I got up and arranged my hair, in doing so I let a hairpin fall on the floor. All the time Brownie was by my side pleading and panting in plaintive whines for something. I would pat him and say “Nice Brownie" at which he'd wag his tail, lick my bottom as I stood before the mirror, or throw himself on the floor and lick the protruding end of his cock. I must mention that the tip of his cock was a tender, elastic, spongy affair. His cock was thick, but not at the end, for more than an inch it was slightly curved and very pointed, and I loved to touch it with my finger tips which he must enjoyed.

I had to get on my hands and knees to find the hairpin, and you can imagine my surprise, for it was real, when Brownie jumped upon my back, his two front feet hugging me tightly, and as quickly as he jumped, as quickly his cock found my cunt and in it went up to the thick lump at the root of it, yes, he jabbed it all the way into me at one push. I said to him, “You dear brute, you have well earned that, and you shall have it undisturbed.”

I backed my bottom to him to help and to encourage him, and I soon knew the lump at the root had gotten well into me also. A dog does not fuck like men, no in and out motions which are heavenly delight to feel. Brownie did just as I had seen one dog do when he mounted a female dog — just packed — for I could not feel a stroke, but just strong, hard pushes. I was very pleased to feel the length of his cock inside me and feel the end of it against my womb, and an infinite thrill was sent through me when I felt that thin, pliable end actually enter my very womb for about two inches and pack it tight, as he went off in a violent push as I felt his hot jets strike the inside of my womb and I went off too in a frenzied delight. Oh, it was so good for my poor, hungry cunt, I can tell you!

Until it was over I never gave it a thought of his getting fast in me, as a dog does in a bitch. But I need not have worried, for my cunt opened enough to let him out easily. I remembered then that the doctor had told me, that in the bitch there is a tightness of the cunt muscles that clings to the cock, so that at the time of ejaculation it is kept in the female so that it cannot slip out and loose the semen by which nature intends to breed the species. The doctor once said he'd take me to his farm when the next mare was in heat and let me see his big thoroughbred stallion mount her if I cared to see it. My eyes told him, as well as my words that I'd be delighted. I will put off for awhile my doings with Brownie to tell of a trip to the farm — the doctor's — a year or so before he died. — He phoned me to come to his office for a ride out to his farm, and, as it was windy, to wear a veil. I knew what the veil meant and therefore wore clothes I had discarded a year or more ago, so that at the farm I would not be recognized. Doctor led me at the farm, to a little enclosed building at one side of the barn yard, there was a secret sliding panel to be used as a window. He said the deed would be done in a full view of that panel. The mare, he said, was beautifully ready, just as hot and randy as I would when I got back to his office.

The mare was led there, and I soon heard a fierce neighing, a violent snort, and a strong grunt, of the same nature as a man in the gratification of his sex longings, only in this case it was much more louder and more fierce. I tell you it is a sight to please the gods and to arouse humans to the utmost pitch of passion to see such approach as this magnificent stallion made to do his service. And then the utter submissiveness of the beautifully shaped mare. From the stable door his attendants brought him. He danced on his hind legs, his entire front elevated till it seemed he would fall backward, and such a sex token! Heavens! I thought must that poor little mare's small cunt take all that? Really, if I could have put my arm, at the age I was then, alongside his cock, I am sure that with my shoulder at its root, the head of his cock would have reached for several inches beyond my fingers. Oh, it was a huge monster, and a bag of nuts as large as a young girl's tits (the doctor told me stallions had the biggest tool of all animals he had on his farm) I just glued my eyes on that cock, and on the stallion's flaming nostrils, his wild eyes.

He kept rising on his hind feet, his cock pushing out of his sheath to its utmost length. I remember I was so excited that I let the pee run from me as I stood there, and it was very fortunate I had no panties on. Another man now took hold of a reign, and thus one on each side of the mare had a reign from each side of the stallion's bridle to hold him after the job was done. Up he comes to the mare, and would you believe it, he just licked her fat cunt, sticking his tongue way into it as it opened and thrust itself violently out to him. Up he now flew, his front legs at the knees gripping now her sides, just like a man's embrace of a woman, and like Brownie held me. The chief attendant quickly seized the end of the stallion's cock and guided it to the mare's cunt which was opened to receive it, sucking and closing and opening again. I saw that huge cock slide right into the mare who took it beautifully. I could hear the moist suction as he made abort pulls in order to give harder pushes. Her head dropped, he neighed and snorted and in a short while he emitted a stream that was almost terrifying which told me the sweet sting of love and ejaculation had caught the end of his cock and I could well imagine how fiercely violent his climax must have been, judging from the lesser human males I have had experience with. Oh, it was a sight! The snorting and fierce discharge of breath continued a minute when the men pulled him aside and led the mare away from him. Her tail was raised stiffly in the air, her cunt was opening and closing and thrusting its two big lips out then sucking them in close again, Oh this was a sight to make a statue hot and lustful. I felt I wanted to rub my own cunt and bottom up against her inviting cunt, I wanted to put my hand up into her, I wanted to mold, pat, and caress the lovely piece of cunt meat, I wanted to smack it, a thousand vague ideas ran all through my soul pertaining to sex ideas never before awakened till now. And his cock, on escaping from her sheath surely showed a different head than when it went in to it. Then it looked like Willies head only much bigger and thicker — as thick as my arm, this was so it would enter the mare more easily. But in order that the mare's cunt channel should hold his stream of spendings the head had become much like mushroom.

The stallion's big cock, still firm and fully extended, dripping big drops of precious juice while he still pranced about, as if proud of what he had just done. He was held in the yard for a few moments for my own delectation, as the doctor said, and I saw that cock slowly recede, then he was led away to his stable. I closed the slide and just collapsed in a heap on a bench, and uttered a deep drawn sigh that was a sob, and just then the doctor came in and fastened the door. I jumped up put my arms around his neck and kissed him madly saying, “Oh, doctor, if you love my young cunt, oh, please, please give it a good fucking NOW! It is burning hot, I can't wait till we get back, I must have it NOW! at once.” I sobbed and put my hand up under my clothes and stuck my fingers into my poor aching cunnie. I then bent down to pee, still holding my hands to my privates. I just squirmed and twisted a-bout so madly hot and lustful was I aching for a good fuck the only thing that would sooth me. Dear old doctor, he lost no time in throwing off his pants, and I had already pulled my dress up above my titties, and very quickly, to my intense delight I felt his rampant cock's head slapping my cunt very hard. He had a way of thus slapping my cunt with the length of his rigid cock that, while pleasant, was much like when the strap would hit me there when I got a spanking at home. This only added fire to the fire that now consumed me. I threw my belly up and out to him, spread my thighs, so that his fierce cock smacking on my cunt just thrilled me and tantalized my overwrought feelings. If ever a girl was on fire with lust, I was. I could have shoved a corn-cob up my belly and torn it, so mad and hot was it. Suddenly, I felt his cock rammed into me to the hilt at one Powerful thrust and bang up against my womb, as he gripped my bottom and pulled me to him so eagerly. As he was as hot and worked up as I at the sight we had witnessed, a few rapid, strong pushes sent his pent up milk gushing into me in torrents which I gratefully received with subdued moans of rapture. I spent and peed at the same time, and the splashing of his cock in my flooded cunt showed how much I had yielded to the exceptional afternoon's excitement.

Now I fully realized what a powerful stimulant horses of either sex are to humans, especially boys and girls who find every excuse to loiter around the stables, and when alone, love to fondle the magnificent privates of these noble animals — o the boys fucking the mares in both holes, and the girls running their fair, slender smooth arms all the way into the moist and tender cunts of the mares.

I have known girls to stand on a box up behind the mare so that their own cunts were on a level with that of the mare, then hold their clothes up and rub their aching cunts up against that of the mare, and even pee into it while another girl or boy would dig their fingers up her bottom during the act. It gives the girls keen pleasure when the mare pees into and on their own bellies, it runs in a strong, powerful stream and thoroughly bathes their bellies and thighs as they push themselves forward as far as possible onto to the pissing cunt.

Well, to come back to the afternoon with Brownie. After he had pulled away from my cunt, he had so nicely surprised, I rolled over on the floor beside him and saw his cock all out as well as it's knob. He lay down and licked it clean, then, on his side, laid his head on my thighs, gave a deep groan of satisfaction, and closed his eyes, content, but loving his mistress still. My! I thought, what experience I do have, and every one is good and sweet. After caressing Brownie's face, and gently touching his still, long, red cock, holding it in the palm of hand and gently squeezing I said, come, Brownie, get washed. He followed me, his tool still hanging limp almost to the floor. I put him in the bathtub, and tossed cold water on his hind quarters, especially his cock, which began to recoil into its sheath.

I was not done with him yet, and wanted to see how soon he'd be ready again for his rare feast of a nice young girl's altar of love. He was a lucky dog! Having cleaned myself thoroughly, we went to my room, and I gave him some candy. I lay on the bed on my side, he lay on the floor. Then I thought I'd get on the floor and see if there's a romp in him. Sure enough, there was, and so we rolled and played, he could throw me over if I did not resist too much, and I'd put a leg around his neck and pull his nose to my cunt. When I thought He might be ready again I laid myself over the side of bed, my feet on the floor, my bottom well protruding over the edge of the bed and waited. Brownie sniffed my cunt while I tickled his balls with my bare foot. He soon extended his cock against my leg. I now snapped my fingers over my breasts and said, “Come up, nice Brownie.” He hardly sensed the position, but finally seemed to understand, and he leaped his front feet up, and as my legs were wide apart when he sprang upward, I got both my feet around his hind quarters and pulled him to me, he could not help but find his cock at my cunt. He danced his now thoroughly stiff cock up against my cunt lips, and soon found the entrance when in it went at one mad dive. Again it touched my womb, and he not forgetting his part, waited till he felt the thin pliable end of his cock enter the little opening into my womb, getting it in about two inches. I could feel it become packed, he now began his thrusts into me, the thick knob of his cock now half way up my cunt and packing it nicely, and his hairy balls tickling the lower end of my cunt and in under my bottom gave me the thrill of my life.

This time it took him longer and I relished his wiry hair gently pricking my naked flesh. He finally sent his love juice against into my womb. It is impossible to describe this bliss. It is different from the usual flooding of our nests by a man's cock, which baths th «inside only, but does not often squirt into the womb, or if so, only a drop now and then unless it well opened which happens sometimes in a very passionate girl. Now I must hasten along my journey of sex knowledge and pleasures. I was then teaching school, as stated, and was on the look out among the boys of my grade, who range from ten to fourteen years of age, for one or two could be trusted. I wanted a sweet boy now, one to whom it would be a treat to see my naked body, and whose eyes would open in wonder, who would be bashful and blush deeply — it is such a pretty and lustful sight to see a young and pretty boy or girl blushing deeply and who know not what to do to hide their confusion. There were boys in my grade who were very free with little girls I knew well, the latter accepting them only too readily to their dear little charms, and I often admonished my girls by sensible talks, showing them that boys only talked very lightly about girls who lapsed from the dignity and modesty of their bearing. These talks only seemed to arouse passion in both boys and girls alike, which, to tell the truth, I really had wanted to, but had to be careful not to arouse suspicion in them, and it was only by such guarded talks I could get an inclining to their young hot natures. The girls would slyly rub their pussies under their clothes or over them when they thought I was not looking, and I'll bet many a pair of little panties was soaking wet from the pee that escaped in their suppressed longings for the boys cocks to poke them, and I'll bet every cock in the room was stiff to maddening to be at the hot girlsies. Three or four of the older boys I could easily have had as lovers, but I could not trust myself to them, believing them merely scorners of our sex and “smarties", they were on their proper behaviour to Miss Mary as they called me. Let me here say, that this was a school of the old type where the rod was well applied to bottoms for even little faults, such as getting lessons wrong. The boys were put across the bench in front of the entire class of boys and girls — the girls sat on one side of the room and the boys on the other — and I'd go through bench after bench with rod in hand and smack the nice chunky little bottoms before me, making them dance and squirm — to the suppressed delight of the girls who were all eyes. For great faults I'd take them into a small private room, pull down their pants and belabor their naked bottoms across my knee, aways taking care to hold their cocks and balls in my hand to protect them from the blows of the cane, which I applied thoroughly to thighs, bottom and in under to the crotch. In every case the little cocks would soon stiffen and fill my hand nicely. But I never make any remarks, but kept a stern face, reprimanded them all the time so that no suspicion of my secret pleasure became evident to any of them. The same with the girls, only they were never flogged or humiliated in the classroom, but only in this little private room. And oh, how I loved to fondle those dear, pretty little girls bottoms and cunties were I gave them the cane. I often found excuses to stick a finger into cunt or bottom as it lay across my lap, showing their forms up the better with their legs being well and neatly stockinged, and the kickings they made only added to my lusts. How I did delight to whip their little fat pussies that peeped up so well between the upturned cheeks of their smooth and velvety bottoms and fat thighs. Sometimes they would wet my dress with little jets of pee they could not control in their excitement. Each classroom had one of these special “punishment rooms” for the same purpose, and in each one was a specially constructed “whipping horse” to which culprits were tied hand and foot. Culprits were always blindfolded when went to the “horse", so they could not let an inkling of what was being done to them. I often lifted up my skirt and rub my belly up against their protruding bottoms or cunts that would bulge beneath them. When a girl was very bad, extra punishment was inflicted on her in this way. After her bottom, thighs and slits had been well thrashed, a smooth, round stick, about the thickness of a mans cock, was inserted into her bottom and worked very rapidly in and out while her cunnie got some more caning. Oh, how this treatment made them toss about, how those young, agile bottoms would bounce up and down and pound the horse. They'd cry out, “Oh-o-o-oh, do take that thing out of my bot-t-o-m, OO!” They would then be left for half an hour in that position, with the stick still stuck in their rumps and a threat that, if, when I returned they had let the stick fall from behind they'd get more beating on them. I'd then leave them and go to the classroom and proceed with the lesson, and go back to the tortured culprits when the half hour of her punishment was up. It ever inspired me with hot passion as I'd open the door and see the first glimpse at the upturned dress of the girl, with her naked bottom still clinging to the stick in the center of it. At times, it would happen she could not hold ft and the stick would fall out, then she'd be treated to another cunt whipping. This was the regular punishment in the school, and while the other teachers did likewise, they never had mentioned or referred to it. taking things, as did the pupils, as a matter of course. Whether the other teachers got a thrill out of it or not I do not know, probably they did, who would not? Then too, the class would know the kind of punishment the culprit was undergoing, and I could see the boys surreptitiously put their hands to their pants to shift the position of their young, stiff cocks, or the girls give a sly rub to their itching bellies It was always a keen sight of pleasure to see the boy or girl emerge from the punishment room into the class room and face the penetrating glances of their mates who devoured them with curious eyes. A girl would come out with her head bent down, blushing scarlet, weeping, more from shame than pain, and, if she was strong willed, she would keep her hands down by her sides no matter how much her bottom or cunt hurt her, if not, she'd put her hands to either place and rub no matter what the class saw, and go back to her desk.

Of course, she would be joked after school by both boys and girls, who'd ask her, tauntingly, “How is your pussy now? Did you piss? How did you like the cane up your bottom? Did you drop it? I'll bet you did and got another good puss puss warming for it?” To which the girl would retort, blushing very deep and pouting as only girls can do — “No, I didn't, there, smartie. Your turn will come soon, just see.”

Some of the worse boys or girls would crowd around her and all hands would try at once to get up her clothes and feel her up, the boys would say, “Her cunt is wet, gosh I got two fingers right up it, see,” and he'd put it to his nose and smell it. — Some would succeed in inserting a finger into her tiny bottom and remark how easy it went in, saying they'd love to put their cocks in there right now, and, “Won't you let me cock your dainty bottom, Susie?” They'd tease and tease her and each other till, as they went through the woods there would be a general fucking match, changing partners. Though all belonged to well-to-do families, they all acted like other children, being roisterous, and culture did not show well in some of them, in others it did.

After about four months close observation I finally selected two I wanted to work on, but, of course, taking only one at amp; time and have him well in hand for a month then taking the other. I set out to watch them without their knowing it. I felt sure both were accustomed to jerking off, for they were bashful, retired, and very refined, so unlike the rest of the boys, and even mingling with the girls to any great extend, but they were both real boys with boys.

The first to be my victim was Harold — He has gone away long ago. He was then just twelve, large for his age, blond curly hair, pretty blue eyes, and a most sweet, angelic pretty face and form. Very mannerly and courteous, with a certain diffidence of manner toward his teacher that showed the sentiment and high regard, but he was shy, timid, not showing the usual boyish initiativeness. I knew there was but one cause for such traits in a boy with his natural endowments.

I decided he was a good subject, and I needed Mm myself, for he often set me on fire unknown to him of course, for, not being able to grasp his lessons well, and having his parents to see me about it more than once, told me not to be afraid to use the usual punishment on him and see if that would help his apathetic brain. I often had him in the whipping room, with pants down, and smacked his lovely shaped, white, smooth bottom with hand or cane, grasping his tool and smooth bags of nuts, which were large for his age, and once, whilst whipping him he spent right into my hand. I made no remark about it at the time. Reaching my conclusions about him, I set about planning. After the class was discharged one day I examined his desk for anything that might show his bend of mind. Down in a corner and carefully covered with a lot of books I found a note — “Dear Miss Mary,” Written twice nothing else, I knew the time was ripe, it remained to be done. First I determined to detain him one day after the class had gone and asked him why he sat dreaming so much, gazing into vacancy? I told him not to build air castles. He blushed a deep red, looking ever so much prettier thus, for I had my hand gently laid on his bottom, patting it in a motherly sort of way, and his pants being very thin and tight, the two pretty globes stood out plain. I saw he made a brave effort to restrain his tears I now put my arm on his shoulder and said, “I am not scolding, I just want you to pick up and study more, I think you may take this desk now in the corner and be more yourself where I can remind you and you will do more and better work, and I don't want to make you conspicuous to the rest, so they won't taunt you.”

He managed to utter “I'd like to sit there, Miss Mary.”

“Very well, then, tomorrow you ask me to when you come in, and when someone else is at the desk,” I said.

That worked out exactly right. You see, I had the desk facing the school, a closed desk at which I sat, flat top, of course, but closed around the base. At my right was a desk table with four slender legs, all open under the table, and that faced Harold's desk which was lower than where I sat by the two steps of the plat-form, so you can begin to imagine my methods.

I watched my prey closely, and caught the day for my experiment. He had been particularly dreamy, and as a result his arithmetic lesson was a bad bungle. I said to him in the class that he failed to catch the solution, and that he should remain after school when I'd go into it more carefully with him. I said this in a dignified way, but graciously, so as not to humble him before the others. I was always ready to help anyone over hard places, and I was fully appreciated by the entire class for this, so that all felt Harold could be most thankful for my pains, for I meant to make a man of him, if I could at all. I said to him, “Now, Harold, to get your mind diverted from a day of close application to study, so that you can come back to your lesson fresh, will you please take down some items I call off, putting the figures in this column?” I leaned back in my chair, put one foot on my knee- I wore no panties and having practiced well before the mirror I knew I was just right for him to see up my clothes and see my cunt, for not having much hair there — just a sort of down — he could see its shape well also my thighs and the under part of my bottom, as I set it well forward on the edge of the chair. My paper, a big sheet, was held so he did not see my face, nor could I see his eyes look up my clothes. I paused at times to let him feast his eyes on me, which I knew he must be doing. After doing all I wanted, I told him to go get a drink and then we would begin with his lesson. The water was in a cooler on the way to the boys toilet. I wore low white sneaks. As time went by and he” did not return I knew the time was ripe, and so I sneaked off to the boys toilet quietly. Sure enough, there he was utterly oblivious to everything, evidently thinking he would not be disturbed there by his teacher above all, and no one else was in the school but he and I.

There he stood his pants down to his knees, one hand on I his bottom, the other jerking violently a very nice sized boy's cock. I took the scene in well before saying in a very, very surprised tone “HAROLD!”

He stopped as if petrified. His mouth opened, his jaw dropped, he stuttered in trying to say something, blushing, he let his tears flow freely. He did not, or could not even think of pulling up his pants, or covering his cock which now became limp and hung down by his smooth balls in a thick coil, he was too dumb-founded to know what to do. I went to him, put one arm around his neck, the other I placed gently on the right cheek of his glorious bottom, and crooned to him in a motherly way, “There, there, don't cry so, tell Miss Mary all about it, and be sure, you dear boy, no one shall ever know anything about it. It is very harmful to you, and it is the chief reason for your day-dreaming and inability to apply yourself to your studies. Now tell me what impelled you to do it, you are so young to have such desires as such a big thing as this (getting hold of it and letting it rest in my palm as I put the other onto his beautifully rounded bottom). After he had subsided, his natural modesty caused him to want to put it out of sight, but I said, “Wait, Harold, let it be, for I want to give you a lesson about it for your own good. You will never tell about this to anyone, will you, not even to your parents?” He declared on his honor he'd never breath a word about it, then I said, “It is evident you have been holding this nice little fellow for a long time, and no one has warned you against it. I must, for I know from my work in Doctor's office and study of medical books.” Then with my hand on it and his balls which I molded gently I explained all about it, and their proper use, the result of long abuse, and how nature had provided a proper way to put it in when one's nature demands it, but you seem so young to need it yet, how did you get into the habit, and did you ever get such a big “thing?”

He said he often pictured himself with a woman, never a girl, who liked him and pitied him and did nice things for him. That he just loved me and hoped I would forgive him, but that he often did it as he thought of me thinking I was doing it for him. Then to day, as I sat at the table facing him and my leg over my knee he saw my bare thighs, bottom and “thing” as he called it and the sight raised such a longing he could not overcome it. He leaned against me and said, “Dear Miss Mary, I did not mean to look up your clothes, but I just could not help it, for it looked so nice up there and — and — I love you so!” To this sincere confession I replied, “I am shocked at myself, Harold, to know that I was so careless as to thus expose myself, you dear, sweet boy, stay I will put this nice thing away myself and button up his door, there! Now, you come to my home this evening and we'll talk more of this. Tell your parents your teacher is going over a lesson with you. Can you do that without showing by your face or manner what's up?

He kissed me tenderly and whispered “Yes, Miss Mary, and I'll never, never tell a word to anyone about it!”

“All right, dear, come about seven, and you shall know more than you need to know about it.”

I was alone that evening, as I knew I would. When Harold came I placed before him dainties I knew he liked and then talked awhile. I told him about sexual desires, what must be the intoxicating pleasures from the universal quest of it, though I do not know myself, but dear, I seek it too, and maybe you and I find it together. He came to me now, and I stood him by my knees. He called me dear, sweet Mary, you are so nice and kind! I kissed him on the mouth and he responded fiercely. I had but a thin wrapper on turned in at the neck, and unbuttoned so (that with his rubbing against me in my arms he drew it down and left one breast exposed over the curve, that and the warmth of my body stiffened his dandy cock, so I unbuttoned his pants, pulled them down to his knee, lifted up his shirt, exposed his beautiful white body to my enraptured gaze. His belly curved so nicely above his fine thighs. I turned him round to see his glorious young bottom — and oh, what a wonder is was in all its solid roundness, its satin skin, its solidity, I felt it, patted it, stroked it, ran fingers between the tissue of the quivering globes then in between those rounded thighs to his smooth balls so large for one so young. Not a vestige of hair obstructed my roving fingers, but all so delicately, daintily smooth and like so much velvet. But oh, what a delightful cock that sweet faced boy had, my! It stood out like a little shaft of pure ivory marble, with all the throbbing rigidity of adolescence, more than enough to set any girl on fire to have it prod her cunnie. I fondled it and his nuts. I did no rubbing at all, and was surprised to hear a low gasp and intense murmur, “Oh-oh dear Miss Mary — oo-oo!”

His young cock was throbbing violently in my hand, and knowing he had gone off I gently rubbed it to give him a satisfactory finish. I kissed him repeatedly.

As soon as he recovered his breath, I exposed a full breast and held it to his face. He was not long in taking the stiff nipple in his mouth and sucking it frantically. “Come close, dear and then we shall go up stairs,” I said, to this he replied “Oh, it's so nice here, Miss Mary!”

“But don't you want to see any more of what you only got a mere glimpse of at school” “Oh, you dear, sweet woman, may I, may I?”

I smiled as he jumped about me, and, seated in a low easy chair, I let my arms lean over the sides, extending my legs. He now seemed to sense privileges, and began to feel my bosom, found buttons which yielded easily to him, and quickly both tits were both exposed. Like every real man I ever knew, he sucked them passionately, saying, “Oh, how nice these are, Miss Mary, O-OH!” His face was between them as he moulded them tenderly, kissing and nursing first one then other, all the while I tried to encourage him with smiles. Finally I half closed my eyes and sank back a little more into the chair, this served to direct him a little more, for now he had loosened the buttons all the way down until I was fully exposed to his enraptured eyes. His boyish raptures I cannot well describe as he had caressed me, dropping to the floor between my legs, he lifted both thighs to his face and kissed them.

The nearness to some discovery prompted him to run his fingers into my almost naked cunnie. He fondled the springy curved lips in his fingers, opened them, and soon found the “boy in the boat”. He was looking at the goal of every male's desire. It was his first real view of a woman's charm. He kissed it passionately sticking his tongue into its recess without any suggestion from me, for I just lay passive to him, revelling in being the first female who had revealed herself to him.

“Harold, let's now go up stairs, dear, I want you to strip and I'll give you a nice bath, then we'll experience together the joys we can find.”

He jumped up with alacrity and we are quietly and quickly nude together. We embrace in the standing posture. There is a fascination in this position, one's hands can then roam at will along the unbroken line and curves of the figure at ease. There is a gracious charm in the lovely figure and grace of a fully developed boy, so supple, solid do his rotundities stand out so shapely. My hands roved over his bot-tom, which just quivered and shook like jelly at each touch so well knit and solid were his muscles. He fondled me likewise, and soon, both of us were rendered intoxicated with this new freedom of our naked bodies in close contact His young virile cock was kicking against my belly anxious to feed on it, as yet, he did not know what. It was nice, a fat, four inches of throbbing boyhood, which I concluded was enough to do me much real good.

I now lay on the bed with joy, with my feet on the floor and said, “Dear, just try putting that stiff thing into that soft place between my thighs. I know that is what is to be done with it, and let us see if it proves as nice as we think. He had fully recovered from his first paroxysms, at which time no gism had come for I thought his balls had not yet formed it, though it could not be much longer reaching puberty. He now stood between my thighs, and falls on my belly, while I assist his virgin cock into my hungry cunt. That it did slide into me easily did not occur to him of coarse. That peculiar first sense of joy that comes from the immediate entering of a cock inflamed with passion, into a hot moist drenched cunt was almost overpowering in its effects on him, whose young stout cock now felt such a warm and tight embrace clutching it for the first time in his life He sank heavily on me and his hot desire made him give spasmodic thrust, just two or three times, his bottom gripping tightly as if forces his belly down on mine, which sent his dear cock flying up my grotto to its full length. I saw him raise up slightly with a look of such wonder in his lovely eyes (I'll never forget it). I knew what was coming and held me on his bottom pulling him strongly to me and holding him tight, over so tight in my embraces. A violent quiver caught him, and a scream of unrectracted, uncontrolled escaped him as he now roared to try to sink into my very body. I still had him in a vise grip by his bottom knowing his dear cock would not loose its stiffness — for Frank had spent three times into me without pulling out, and I was so certain this virile virgin cock would literally feast in a hot young cunt. Without getting up I managed to move back on the bed a bit more, dragging him with me without letting his cock escape my clinging ravenous cunt that just devoured it. Now I nursed him back to normal, kissing him and patting his bottom, hugging with my legs around him. I did everything I could to fill him with delight over his “wonderful woman”. Pretending ignorance I asked “What happened, Harold dear, something out of ordinary must have occurred, did it feel nice?” For answer he hugged me tightly, kissed me and lay there upon me his cock throbbing in my cunt, his bottom opening and closing in harmony and rhythm with it, too overcome for words for a few minutes, all the time I caressed him, every part of him I could reach, but I played particularly with his beautiful upturned bottom which fascinated me and which was such a thrill to fondle and squeeze gently. Soon he whispered m short, intense gasps, “Oh, Miss-Ma-ry, something — seemed to-to go off inside my- thing. I don't-know how to tell you, but a sweet, stinging shot went right through my thing and I felt a river of something- like pee — rush out of it-oh, ever and ever so much. Was it nice to you, Miss Mary?”

“Not that time, darling, I was too intent on watching you to think of myself, but I know from the way that place in between my thighs feels with your dear sweet hard thing in it that it is going to have a very nice time all its own when you are ready to work it in and out of it again.”

Now he raised to look me over lying naked under him, and I asked him truly if he liked me. There could be no doubt of his love, in his innocent, boyish way for me from the warmth of his kisses. He happened to draw away a little to look down, and pushed in, discovering thus a way to produce pleasure in himself, and to begin his first fucking lesson. I encouraged him by whispering with intensity, — “Dear boy, do that-that's it- that's aw-ful nice, Oh, o-oh, d-o it fast-er, faster, oh, push, push hard-er, o-oh, cram me-hard, dig it right up me you dar-ling bo-y!” and my own unrestrained joyous cries now had mingled with his as we both drank of the intoxicating bliss, tightly clasping each other. I was overjoyed to feel his cock still stiff. I just held him to me telling him how he had given me the nicest, sweet-est feeling “down there", that I didn't know there was such happiness to be had in this world. It made him proudly happy to be told what his young cock had done for me. We lay and kissed, and his stiff cock resumed its pleasing work on my cunt.

This time it was longer, and the longer the more intense it seemed.

Once again we reached the pinnacle of human happiness at the same moment. And yet that young cock was stiff, I could feel it actually thicker in me than before, reaching much further in and his cramming was much fiercer and more prolonged. Now I helped him by raising my bottom up to meet him, holding my belly poised thus in the air, squirmed and wiggled it madly, let it fall, only to rise it up again.

I drew my thighs together to rub his cock more and grip his swinging balls that were smacking up against my bottom with his fierce lunges into me. I could now feel his round balls in the soft flesh of my thighs as I held him thus. He worked violently, as did I in an intensity of passion and lust for I wanted to subdue that strong little cock. I fucked him harder than I ever worked for a man or boy before. I could see the joy coining — I had spent once again on this trip, and now, intending to make his coming climax a supreme one I worked my cunt violently on his rork, sucking it tight — as tight as possible. When I saw the unfailing sign that the joy sting had struck I clasped him fiercely to me, and held him so hard that I know the strain would give him the fiercests kind of joy thrill, and thus the delirious end came again to both of us.

This time, Harold emitted a scream and moan after moan of “O-OH!” He tossed from side to side of my body, bounced up and down on me saying, “O-oh, M-is- Ma-r-y- I'm pee-ing again in-to y-o-u, OO, — OO!

Oh, how I held the dear, spending boy. to me, devouring him with ardent kisses, and telling him how sweetly he had made me feel again in between my thighs and all the way up my belly. I knew he'd soon cease to quivver, that soon his cock would cease to throb, so I held him to me hungrily, for I knew the nature of these dear sweet cocks, old or young.

After the recovery from the violence of his orgasm I turned to him and lifted myself from him to see his cock drop and roll to his pretty thigh as if so, so tired, and how wet and slippery it was! “So, dearie, you have become a man, with a man's cock, have you. See, Harold, your dear cock has been pouring out into my thing all the nice, white, thick milk, and that is what you felt coming from it when you thought it was only pee.”

“What is it, Miss Mary?” he asked, “Why, dear, it is the orgasm of love that is stored in these little balls in this smooth bag of yours. It doesn't form in boys until a certain age, and to day, they were ripe and just burst into me, flooding me pleasantly, and now you are my little man, my dear little boy-lover!” How I did smother him with kisses, laying over him but not on him, and smiled on him as played with my hanging titties free to his desires.

“What nice, round things these are, Miss Mary,” he said laying there under me and kissing them. I told him I was now just his “Darling Mary,” but that he should not forget the “Miss” in the presence of others.

“Now, Harold, we must bath our dearie and dress, so come with me.” I washed his cock and balls gently and dried it so carefully that it began to raise its pretty head, but I say, “No, sir, no more of you this time, some other day, soon, if you are good!” patting it and robbing it between the palms of my hands, then kissing it, and giving it one sweet but strong, powerful suck. “Dress is now the word, Harold dear,” I said.

Down stairs again, and some sweets to eat, a good night kiss with a promise to meet again soon, and I let my sweet boy-lover go home full of joy. I murmured to myself, that experience was well worth while, bless the dear boy, he will become a real, fine fucker with a six or seven inch cock when done growing.

Here Mary stopped her story to say to us “K's been perfectly delightful to lie here with you two, showing by your caresses and kisses that you both are fully responsive to the moods and incidents I real but we must now have a bite to eat and a bottle to drink — that will leave but little work, we will not put a single garment on and I will finish my story down stairs where it will be cooler, and you, Uncle Ro, can smoke, and we'll be near each other as well.”

After supper, Mary resumed her tale of love. After that first evening with Harold, at once a change for the better could be seen, he was more firm in his step, his voice took on more resonance, he could apply himself, and it was not long before he outstripped the entire school in the lucidity of his studies. His parents commented me, for the dear lad gave his “Miss Mary” the full credit of awakening his mind by her painstaking analysis until he could begin to do himself, and many a smile he won from me in school, telling me afterwards that those smiles were a beacon light to him.

The very next day after our evening, he came to school with me, meeting me on the street by waiting for me. I was pleased to note this mark of respect, and indeed I never had reason to be sorry for my faith and trust in him. Asking him how he felt he looked up at me with bright eyes and said “Dear Miss Mary, I feel like a young lion!”

“Say, rather, a young studhorse,” I said laughing, at which we both laughed and he squeezed my arm and said, “You're a dear, sweet woman.” Other girls met us and we all went along together, he falling back a step or two behind, showing he was very mindful not to attract any special attention to me. That same afternoon I took up my old position now purely for Harold's sake, knowing he would glory in the glimpses he could have up my skirts at the spot he loved so well.

Remember my desk facing the class was all enclosed, and I had pulled the drawers of the desk on that side all out so as to be screened from anyone who might enter the door. I now lay back in my chair a little, as class was about to be dismissed. I sat well forward on the edge of the chair, merely the top part of my bottom resting on it, the under cheeks being thus well brought forward and hanging in all the loveliness of their curves beneath the line of the chair. I put one foot on my knee and pulled my dress up, my thighs were thus well spread out and afforded a rich, uninterrupted of all my “womanhood.” I had not told Harold, but the dear boy had his eyes on me every move all day, so he was right in the scene when the curtain went up. Not a move or sound escaped him, but his eyes brightened, and he looked as furtively as the place and time required. I saw him looking, I dropped my foot, spread my legs and pulled my skirts up above my belly-button.

I heard a deep sigh as he saw the abode of bliss which he, the evening before last had never believed the world contained. Just a brief vision and down went the skirts, and soon the bell rang for dismissal.

He loitered in school, came to me with a lesson as the rest filled out, and we went down the street together. He asked if he might come to me that evening. I said, glad, dear, but for one thing. Some thing happened to you last night, do you know what it was? He flushed and said he had thought he guessed what I meant that his jewels had poured out what I called the “cream of love.”

“Just so, Harold dear, and it might do you a lasting injury to drain them too much at such a time, as they are now merely in the formative stage. This is Thursday, and Saturday afternoon will soon be here, and that day my mother is going on a trip to Statington, so we shall have all the afternoon to ourselves. Won't that be ever so nice to wait for?”

“Oh, yes, dear, sweet Mary, anything you plan is good and nice for me. I'll think of you all the time, and please do again what you did for me to day, will you?” he said. “Yes, dear, I will gratify you, for I note you are careful and discreet, and I know you will be always so about me, so we are to be two jolly friends together, you can give me bushels of pleasures with that little fat ivory cock of yours that I need so much, and you can get oceans of bliss from my body, can't you dear?” His response was “Dear Mary, I never hoped, in all my life, for the wonderful happiness you have given me. Every wee bit of your body is a spot of bliss to me, and I want to kiss you, oh, all over every wee tiny place of it, everywhere. To day, when you sat so I could see up your clothes, I just wanted to run to you and kiss that dear little pouting thing that hides so cutely between your nude, round thighs.”

I laughed, and told him he was becoming a real lover, to which he said, “So I shall ever be to YOU!” I gave him a smile that spoke volumes to him. At a parting in the street, he right gallantly raised his cap to me so gracefully that fully showed all the good breeding and care with which he inherited from his refined parents. I cannot tell of every time I had with him, or with anyone, but will recall special times. Friday, I gave Harold more than one good glance up my thighs, turning to sit on one cheek only and let the other hang over the seat so he could see both globes plainly and the little pad of love bulging out beneath them. It must have looked more lovely thus surrounded by all those swelling rotundities of thighs and bottom, which only pressed the lips outward.

Saturday afternoon found me with him at one o'clock. The Blinds were drawn on the first floor. We went to the living room, where was a sumptuous lounge, I laid on it, leaving the next move to him. He asked it he was not to see me as before, I smiled and said, “My little gallant I am refusing you nothing, take what ever you desire, do to me and with me whatever you wish, I shall gladly surrender my body to all your whims.” Kissing me attentively he began at my neck and took the pins out, then opened my buttons. Soon he had my bodice open and could get at the milky globes that stood out so proudly and solidly to meet him, quivering at each of his found touches. Having relieved the depths of his feelings upon these twins, he proceeded downward. He got the skirts unhooked and pulled down, I raised my bottom to allow them to slide over it and off my feet, I wore no panties. I must have looked tempting as I stood up before him in my corsets, shoes and stockings which came half way up my thighs.

My form showed to advantage thus, with the upper part of my thighs naked in their whiteness as contrasted against the black silk stockings, the corsets gripping me by my narrow waist bulged my naked bottom out to its full glory, and in front, my tits being held up smugly showing the upper two thirds all naked. At sight of me thus he ravenously kissed bottom, cunt and paps, — stroking me here, there, everywhere, putting fingers into bottom or slit at will. He seemed to pay more attention to my bulging bottom cheeks, for he'd seize them and spread them wide open, then let go suddenly and watch them quiver as they came together. He opened them and held them thus while he knelt down and inserted his tongue into the little recess. My, how that did make me squirm and thrill to the very heart which was beating madly. He got up and stood a few steps away from me and asked me to turn about slowly and to keep turning all the way round so he could see the beautiful Venus in modern dress as he called me, of course I did so, — charmed with the pretty allusion to the pretty goddess of love. After a few moments of posing he took off my corsets, but left my chemise on. He now pulled down his white pants to his knees, sat on the lounge and asked me to straddle over him. I got over him with a knee resting on the outside of each of his thighs and supporting myself on the lounge. My thighs were thus well opened, my cunt just above his stiff ivory cock. He gently put a hand to each cheek of my bottom and told me to lower myself down on him so my cunt would meet his cock. I soon found it filled with his charmer, I then worked my body up and down that dainty shaft as he held my cheeks wide apart.

Cometimes, he'd release one hand to fondle my titties, but always kept one hand roaming over my hind globes or sticking his finger into it.

He saved his strength and did not spend into me, though he made me do so once. We now got up and I began to undress him. Oh, the delight of undressing a neat, sweet faced, stocky, refined boy! As each charm of his appeared I'd pat it. His cock was as rigid as iron but as hot as fire, and as smooth as silk. He moaned with pleasure as I touched the end of it. It throbbed violently and then stood still as a rigid piece of wood for a second or two, then danced again with its throbbings.

Gently I moulded his dear balls in their silk-like pouch, ran the tip of my finger up under his bottom to his inlet and just inserted the tip of it inside the twin globes which he clutched on my hand. In bending over to remove his pants I let my titties brush against the head of his cock, which brought a suppressed murmur of joy from him. I now had him completely naked and knelt down before my little god and sucked his cock with my arms about his slender waist, or I'd put that wonderful shimmering bottom of his. I did not suck long as I did not with him to spent yet, much as I would love to drink his precious fluid. I wanted to reserve if for my hungry pussy.

Another idea came to me as I said to him, “Now, dearie, much as I do not want to do this thing to injure you, I think just once will not hurt it, and I want to see the cream jet out and see just how it does look like.” He put his arms about me and said, “I'd love to have you do it to it with your own soft hand, Mary dear.”

I sat down on the lounge, took him on my lap and played with it. I then thought it better to let him stand between my legs so I could feel his bottom while I jerked him off with the other hand. It simply fascinated me. He held first one then the other breast, moulding the tips so nicely, then he'd bend down and kiss me ever so sweetly on the lips. He stood up straight again, at my request, so I could have the full benefit of the full smooth roundness of his bottom on my hand. I slid my finger into the little tender hole, and with my right hand now worked on his cock rapidly. Soon I felt those powerful cheeks clutching tightly on my hand as the river of love began to course on through the root of his cock till it gushed forth in strong jets across the floor for several feet. But only a few drops were thus wasted, for at once I had his cock in my mouth and sucked the sweet liquid in its career. My! but how his bottom did churn and grip my hand, as he pushed his belly out. I cried out, “Oh, look, Harold, quick, there — there it goes — your love juice, see it?” He only saw the first jet, the rest I caught my mouth.

After a rest, we reversed the situation. He sat on the couch and I stood before him between his legs sideways, so he could jerk me off. Exactly as I did to him he paid me back. Sticking a finger into my back globes the other he sent into my belly rapidly till he soon had me gasping sweet “A-AH's and O-OH's” as my milk drenched his smooth hand. I wagged my belly violently from side to side, my tits bounced and heaved, my bottom gripped on his prodding fingers as I melted divinely. Another rest and we lay close for a long time. As our force came back to us we touched each other at will, then I lay on my back and got him over me with his half stiff cock up my belly to his balls. It was delightful to feel it fully stiffen to rigidity in me as he began slowly at first, then rapidly to dig it into me good and proper. In a firm grip he now seized my bottom and pulled me to him, as he began to jet into me another river of love's balsam. I let it soak for a few moments then put a cloth I had ready for the purpose saying, “Take him away from “Beauty” and we will bath them.” He stood up with his dear cock hanging down, but not limp — dear me, no! It was slippery wet as was his very balls and part of his thighs with the liberal libation we had both contributed to the feast. I wiped it off, patted it, stroked it, then, arm in arm we went to the bathroom where I carefully bathed him and myself. After this, we went back and laid down peacefully together. We talked and talked and cooed leisurely on sex matters and promptings. He told me it gave him extreme delight whenever I whipped his naked bottom at school, that it always made him feel good when I, in obedience to the rules of the school on this matter, took hold of his cock and bag of balls to protect them from injury during the castigation. That the harder I whipped him the better he liked it, the hotter he became and held he have to jerk it off the first opportunity he got to be alone. He asked me if I'd whip him now — just for love — and not as a punishment merited. I obeyed with glee. I laid him on the bed, then the idea of him standing, naked, I thought a better, more lustful position to whip him, then I could see his bottom hang naturally and see it tremble and quivver at each stroke. So-he stood up against and I began to whip, first one then the other big globe and told him to gradually bend down. It was a luscious sight to see him do so, extending slowly those two big, white, smooth cheeks to the rod. He had squirmed as I beat him, but when I sent a few stinging under cuts right along the fissure between the cheeks, my! how he did dance and worked his belly in and out. I could easily see his bag of balls hanging up against his bottom, making a clat, tat by the violent contact. I now seized his cock, rigid and throbbing and lashed into him with all my might. The keen stimulation soon had him spending a rich torrent into my hand that was slightly jerking him off. I dropped the rod and stood quickly up to him, with my cunt against his jetting cock, then I turned him round and rubbed my wet pussie in between those warm globes as far as I could push it, for I was full of lust by this time and ready for anything, anything at all. I asked him to do the same for me. He looked at me dumb founded. I told him I wanted him to whip my bottom for love now as I had done for him. He was loath to comply, but I finally persuaded him, if he loved me, and if he wanted our friendship to continue, to whip me as hard as he could and every spot, mind you, every spot!” I stood up straight for the first part of the whipping so he could indulge his eyes on the natural position of my bottom cheeks.

I gradually bent over. He merely patted then gingerly touched me with the cane, till I commanded him to whip, whip me really hard. Now he began in earnest. I soon had to toss my bottom in every way as the cane came heavily on it, but oh, how I jumped when I now got it on my pouting pussy. A sort of lustful cramp seized me as I held my bottom well up in the air, my thighs open, and little twitches I gave as I spent freely. It was thus I became addicted to the sweet joys of birch, though, I felt a certain amount of pleasures in it from school routine, now I sought every opportunity to use it on both boys and girls in school, and I even whipped my own sweet little Liza here oftener than she merited it in order to sooth my passion by this method. Her fine bottom has grown used to the rod a long time ago, her kickings gave me infinite delight, though she liked her bottom smacked and whipped, though at first she didn't, but it soon had aroused her keen animal nature and now she was glad to know it gave her mama so much delight.” They kissed each other fondly at these revelations and both now promised many indulgences of the kind in the future.

“If I were to tell of every item of my affairs with Harold I could not enlarge upon the raptures already described. He stuck that dear little cock into every hole and crevice of my body. After awhile, I began to think of another conquest- another young and beautiful boy, and to manage so that neither knew of the other. I wanted to secure a second before the school term ended too, so in proper time I had an idea of inviting both on a trip, if it could be managed. About this time too, another adventure happened to me, which I will tell afterwards for I think I need a good fuck right now, oh, give it to me, give it to me good!”

Mary got her fuck, Liza acting as the youthful Venus of Ceremonies. Liza was content to wait for her dose, for she was said.

Mary resumed after her recovery deeply interested in her mama's story she from the joys of “Willie.”

“Well, I had been invited to come to a friend's farm and spend Decoration Day and the week-end. At this holiday came on Thursday it had been decided not to open school until the following Monday. I told Harold of it, told him not to abuse his pet, and as soon as possible after the return we would have a beautiful time together in the nude. He was sorry I was going away and said he'd be real good and study hard. I kissed him most tenderly as we embraced, giving his bottom a hard squeeze through his tight, thin pants, he doing the same to mine — we being alone in the school of course, for we had lingered till the others had left.

My friends, relatives in a way, older than I too, had a boy fifteen, well grown, and well developed, larger all round then Harold, but then pretty Harold was only twelve, and this boy was three years older, which can make a lot of difference all round. The husband was a fine built man, tall, erect, a man to please any woman's fancy. The wife was a good looking woman, but frail, much of an invalid, gentle in manner, and treated lovingly her husband and son. They had house help, of course, who slept in an adjoining house.

My friends were building an additional room to their house, and the work of one past of the upstairs was open to permit joining on the structure. They explained this, Alice telling me they would have to leave Robert in the spare room with me, but a screen would be placed between the beds. I carelessly said, “All right, dear, that will be nicely.” They little thought that a dignified school teacher would find a mere screen any objection when a fine young boy — and only fifteen too — and pretty too was on the other side of it. I now looked forward in anticipation to a good, royal time.

Decoration Day I sat in the swing with the willing Robert pushing me. As usual, when I had an object in view, I wore no panties.

Robert had a good view of my calves, but I meant him to see more of me, and told him to wait till I stood up on the swing and I could help him to swing me much higher, that I wanted to touch the branches of the tree — and I smiled my sweetest on him. His father had gone to town, and Alice could not come out, but asked me to amuse myself as best I could with Robert, so the coast was clear, and no one knew I had no panties on except the boy. Now he had to be under me to push the swing, and until it got going well he had to run under, I did the propelling with my bent knees on one stroke and straightening for the other. I stopped when I thought he had seen enough. I pretended that I was afraid to get dizzy. He could not help but get a full view of my entire body from the waist down — bottom, thighs, cunt — for he lay on his back right under me. Then we took a walk round, coming to the cattle yard, here stood a bull with flaming eyes and snorting nostrils. I said, “Oh, what a fierce beast!” I asked him why they kept such an animal. He told me for breading calves, and looking at me wonderfully but respectfully. I said “Oh” and dropped the subject. We passed the swing yard, here again the male was in evidence, his long prick showing plainly in its sheath, with a big pair of balls hanging down, nearly as big as my titties. I was wishing to see these animals on the sex job. We went back to the house, and I sat talking to Alice until supper, and when the boy had gone to bed, to both husband and wife. In due time I went up stairs, refusing a light, because it was full moon. I locked my door, their room was down a small hall.

It all looked favorably to my plans, I thought, for I was ready. Quietly I disrobed, and putting on just a thin silk nightie which opened well down the front nearly to my waist, leaving my breasts exposed, I went in the bright moonlight past Robert's bed to look out of the window, and, being between him and the light, he could see me, if he were awake — and I was sure he was. I moulded my breasts as I stood there for a few moments, then I put my hands on my backside, a hand on each cheek as I stuck out my hips and pretended to take breathing exercises. I then turned and looked over at him there laying on his back, his nice elegant cock was straight up and exposed, I then leaned over the foot of his bed to get a good view, gave a furtive sigh and tip-toed to bed, to make him think I believed him asleep.

After awhile, as I lay still, I heard his deep breathing and a sound that told me what he was doing, so, getting out of bed very quietly, I sneaked out at the other end of the screen, but this time with him between the light and me. I saw him jerking off and breathing heavily. I wanted to stop him at once, so I surprised him with “What's the matter, Robert why do you do this?” He gulped a breath and began quietly to sob, and as I went to him he said in a low voice “Oh, Aunt Mary, it aches so.” — “There, there, Robbie, don't take on so, Aunt Mary will sooth you!” I leaned over him, my breasts to his view, and stroked his head. His sobbing ceased, I turned to his waist, pull up his nightie further, and said in a very low tone, “What were you doing to this, Robbie?” and I put my hand on it, but believe me, my one hand did not begin to cover its length. Oh, it was a big one! He said, “Aunt Mary I was making it feel good, I just couldn't help it. I saw your nice bottom to day on the swing, so I had to do this to it.

Forgive me, will you, and oh, please don't tell mother!” My hand was caressing his magnificent beauties as I now leaned over him close and whispered that I would not tell, of course not, if in then he'd keep secret what I'd do for him. “Oh, oh — Aunt Mary, I will never tell a word, will you — will you dear Auntie rub it for me?” I said to him, “Come quietly to my bed and you shall see fully what you only got a glimpse of at the swing.” I then removed my nightie and let him examine me, look and feel me all over. Like a true voluptuary he sank to the floor and sucked my hot cunnie. I moved away from him saying, “Let's go to bed, and there you may do whatever you please to me, dear.” On the bed he fondled my tits, kissing and sucking the nipples real hard, thrilling me, running his hand over my belly, thighs and bottom, then got done again with his tongue. I fully enjoyed his work on me, both tongue and roving hands, the fingers would run up and down the moist lips of my cunt, then thrust them inside, which soon sent me off, then I said “Come up to me,” I put my hand on his adorable cock and caressed him all over, played with one of most superb bottoms I ever saw on a boy, it was as smooth as glass so that my fair hand slid over its polished, hard surface. I was not ready yet to suck his cock, for I could not know how clean it might or might not be. I found it was clean in a way, anyhow, and fit for a good boy-fuck. I asked him if he knew what it was for. He said he guessed he did, it had something to do with marrying, but he didn't know just what. Then I told him about the bull and the boar, that they used them to breed, but humans used them for both breeding and pleasure. Now see, dear, if you can find the right place to put this lovely big, long thick cock.”

Saying this I lay stretched out on my back, thighs apart, and he crept upon me, but hesitated what to do, but impelled by his desire to do something, he moved over my body to place himself between my thighs, and let me tell you it was a real joy and thrill I felt as his body, cock and balls rubbed me in his movements. His was a virgin body like my own sweet Harold's. With his cock now at the lips of my cunt he said, “Tell me, Aunt Mary, what to do with it?” I said, “No, find out for yourself, it will be so much nicer believe me.

I lay quiet in his arms, while I opened my thighs to suggest to him the idea. He fingered my cunt, opened the lips, and finally found the little stiff thing. It was delicious to feel him groping about knowing it was his first sight of the entrance to heaven on earth. I must give him credit for his sense of the fitness of things, for when he saw those two pouting lips-which Liza is now kissing for me — he promptly kissed them, ran the flat of his tongue over them. He parted the lips gently, as if afraid to hurt something there and discovered the inner doors, and still bent on discovery, very carefully parts them and reveals what is evidently some kind of opening. Once again he kissed the place and inserts his warm tongue, then, I suppose as I studied his moves, he must have thought it an opening for his cock, for he brings the head there and lets it lay as the lips fall together about it. He raises his body to look at me in a questioning way and in that position I take him in my arms, pulling his bottom down to me and raising mine up to him which carries his cock well into me. “Is that a nice place for this Robbie?” He said, “Oh, dear, yes, my yes indeed!”

I told him what to do, for I now wanted it so badly. His cock was over an inch longer, and a little thicker than Harold's and I knew I'd be more than well fucked by it. I let him over as he pleased once he had learned, and was content to let him spend as soon as his cock ran away with, him the first time. But dear me, I had to put my hand to his mouth and hush him when he did spend, and I went off with him so excited had I become with the whole act so far. His climax was fierce, almost uncontrollable, and I really believe he had another one on top of the first, for his paroxysms were continuous, his cramming was hard and persistent. I now soothed him till his panting became under control, kissed him, held him tight, as he liked to just lay there on my belly with his cock right up, in it. I wanted his reply after his first fuck. “Oh, Aunt Mary, dear, dear Aunt Ma-ry, I never want to leave this place, oh, please let it stay, is it tight, Oh, is it?” His hand dropped to my titties, the muscles of my cunt were always firm, and all this time were sucking rapidly on the full length of his cock, so that he raised again and went on a cruise to find the tame heaven he had been in. God bless the one who invented cocks and cunts say I!

Now he worked faster and faster in long in and out hard strokes, determined to get to heaven by quickest route, and I helped him. Soon the climax was again reached so I whispered “Don't scream, dear, just kiss and hug me to you tight, dig it deeply into me, and I will hold you!” Oh joy! he got me too and our kisses mingled. I had to restrain myself too, for his good reach of cock just played havoc of my womb. I held him fast to me, and believe the throbbing of that young cock made my vagina walls throb in unison. I now rolled over with him under me, I had closed my thighs thus gripping his balls and worked my bottom like lightning up and down on his cock. You bet this treatment soon had him spending to profusion. But I did not stop, no sir, I kept on as hard and as fast as I could bounce up and down on him, letting the head come out several times then ramming my cunt on to it again, and as it did not always hit the opening right at once, it banged up against the lips above or below it or in between my closed thighs till it did find the hole again when I'd work him like mad, letting it come out all the way and repeat the hit or miss of the slot. Twice I made him spend outside my cunt. Once he let it go off when I had it between my thighs the head right up against my bottom where he shot his stream in between the cheeks making all around there slippery. Once it spend on my belly and around the lips of my cunt.

Half way through this latter I got it up my cunt and rammed on his jetting cock till I had him nigh crazy. He put his hands-to my bouncing bottom and let them just rest on the cheeks. What a fuck that was for both of us, good lord! What a sea of milk I drew from those young balls! In fact, they are indescribable, aren't they. But I must hasten, for other events occurred on that visit which will make you glad to hear of. That last effort thoroughly subdued Robbie, for he almost sank into a deep sleep that was so profound that he never knew or felt me washing his cock off. In the morning I came down stairs telling Alice the country air completely mastered me, for I slept soundly. Robert had gone out to help the men on the house. I asked Alice in a voice to be heard outside the open window, if there was a pool anywhere near where I might take a little swim and not disturbed.

I had seen her husband, Roger, out there doing something but he had not seen me, Alice said, “Why, yes, Mary, you will find just such a pool about a mile and a half from here, and you are not very likely to be disturbed at this time of day.”

She told me how to reach it. I told her I loved the running water absolutely devoid of any clothing, and was fond of swimming. She said she used to be in earlier years, but dared not now, “This blamed weak heart of mine robs me of many a good thing” — this she said with a sigh — I at once understood her meaning — robbed her of a good fuck, so I kissed her tenderly and said, “You poor, poor dear!”

She always had to lay down after nine A. M. so I hiked out, wearing only a white under skirt, thin dress, no corsets, and of course no panties. I knew Roger saw me going out, but I did not let on to see him. I soon reached the place. It was lovely, cool, isolated spot, and seemed secluded enough for a nymph like me, who would have been sadly disappointed if not disturbed by the big, manly Roger. In short order I was stripped naked. I stretched my. arms, jetted my bottom out and took deep breaths, moulded my titties. I took care not to look around. I had already done that whilst clothed and of course concluded thank you, Mr. Roger — that it was safe. The wiles of humans are past finding out, especially of amorous women. I put first one foot, then the other into the water, then with arms up I made a dive.

The water was so clear you could easily see the bottom. I swam about in high glee. When I stood up to blow the water from my mouth, and treaded while I freed my eyes, I looked toward the shore, there, God! there stood a man — naked! I did not scream loud, oh no, but uttered a frightened “Oh-Roger-you horrid man, go away!” Instead he swam to me, I swam as fast as I could, but taking care to do so in circles. He soon caught me and held me in close embrace. In gasps for breath he said, “Mary, I need you now, I must have you, dear, tender young body.

God, how I need you, for poor Alice I dare not touch, dear. You surely are not a virgin at your age, with such a beautiful and finely developed body. Lord! when I saw you standing and stretching your glorious bottom as you stood nude (I looked up in shocked surprise) I felt you were too full of life to refuse me.” I had no mind to refuse him, but merely wanted it to seem natural, so I hid my face against his shoulder as we stood in the water above our waists. “How did you know I was here, surely Alice did not tell you?”

“No dear, she did not, I heard you as I was just outside the wide open window, but you did not know it.”

I then said, “Well, what will Alice say or think, dear Roger, for I am not so hypocritical as to pretend I would not love to, now you are here, and your big thing against my thigh, I would not grieve Alice for my own pleasure, nor must you.” He replied, “She is not to know of this, but if she did I am sure she would not mind, but would condone the act, while maybe sorry for the deception if she finds out.

But come, Mary dear, if you knew how famished I am you would pity me deeply.”

We went ashore, and while the air dried us, I looked at him in such amazement that he took me in his strong arms, laid me on a blanket he had brought from the carriage house. I said in some degree of alarm, “For heaven's sake, Roger, do be gentle with me in trying to get it into me, for it is such a monster. I have knowledge of one, a doctor dead and gone a good while so try to give me joy without real hurt, for I do not think my belly will take-all that in, I am so small down there.” He held me to him from the blanket so easily, kissing me so fondly assured me he would be gentle and clever so that I'd soon desire the operation again. I assisted the entrance of the biggest cock I have ever seen or taken. But he was an accomplished past master of the art. He was gentle and easy, and I pretended by letting my finger nail touch his cock below the head that he should think it was so tight in my cunt entrance that it was straining his cock. In due time, by my holding open the lips, and now then squirming as if by hurt, with many wigglings of bottom and warnings of “Be careful, dear,” I managed to get full length into me.

Then I said, “Oh, wait a little, Roger, don't move, it hurts so often such a terrible stretching it's no wonder, either, wait just a minute dear till it gets used to him inside it.” My eyes were closed, partly to conceal my thoughts, but as much to let me think of nothing but that wonderful cock that was buried in me and was now all mine. It crammed me so much that I even felt it crushing my bottom hole, so thick and long it was. All the time my cunt was playing on his cock that must have him frantic. He could wait no longer but said he'd be gentle with me and my dear “Little Fanny” as he called it, which was sucking on his cock so as to drive him wild. I opened my eyes to look up to him in wonder “Why, do you feel any movements in me,” I said innocently and in babyish voice. “Do I! — he gasped, “God, I do Oh Mary — Mary — Oh for Heaven's sake — Oh — Jesus!!” I could have screamed myself, for the head of that huge cock always nosing at my womb somewhere had been keeping me in a perfect frenzy of delight near the actual madness. But it suited me best to wait before showing him how fully I enjoyed him. He lay beside me holding me to him tightly, his cock pressed my womb up to my heart.

That monstrous cock (for a man to have) did not easily subside. It was easy to see he was starved for the need of a fuck in so hot and sucking a young cunt as now buried it and clung to it passionately. He now rolled me on top of him, played with my springing titties, clapped his hands on my upturned bottom, smacking it rather soundly, digging his finger right into it at one push sending me bouncing on his terrible cock that impaled my poor little belly as he said to me, “There is nothing like a young girl to thoroughly satisfy a man, and you are such a dear, Mary, so pretty in face and form, so solid in your parts, that it electrifies me to rove my hands all over you, I do not get such a chance often. I am going to have you fuck me now as I have often desired, but never had it thus, a girl on top of me, so, go to it, as hard as you can, make that fine bottom make your dandy bottom dance, my cock feels ever so good in your cunt, it will stay stiff and hard, and he is going to do another act more prolonged, and with the Juice he has already poured into your little cunt he will now work it without any hurting, and, dear, I'm going to make your belly mighty glad of this big cock. Do you what to make me deliriously happy?” I looked down at him, my face feverishly blushing, kissed him and said, “Y-es, Ro-ger de-ar, I do, I DO, OH! OH, — FUCK me till I scream with delight, for I too, am starved.” I then fell down on him.

His finger again bored my bottom, which at once set it in violent action in all directions, making his cock dig every portion of my cunt. I pushed and squirmed on it like a crazy woman, for I could not help myself, that finger in my vitals made me do wonders I never thought possible. He now rolled me under him, still keeping his finger and cock lodged in me and bounced up and down on my belly like fury, his cock drawing out of me completely, then suddenly ramming into me deeply, making the pouting lips curl inwards on his cock and pack me tighter. I spent several times in succession. It was the supreme effort of his mighty cock that thrilled me as never felt before in my life. That is the only explanation for what I can poorly describe of that ever to be remembered and most glorious fucking I got that day.

His cock was drawn to the lips, the big head just playing there — just a little movement — but it ravished me, then slid in, and I could hear the play of his cock in the cunt filled with gism, and the suction of my cunt on him as he drew back gently for awhile, the splashing, oozing of my poor little cunt could be heard plainly all the time. Oh, I couldn't contain myself, and did not try to. I spent once, twice — oh, I don't know how many times. I got the best milking a woman ever got in her life. I kicked my legs about in all directions, I let him know by my bottom's powerful tightening as well as my moans of pleasure what unsurpassed joy his cock was giving my cunt, young as it was. After awhile he paused letting his cock soak in my hot, flooded cunt, but not for long. Now he lifts me under him with his arm under my back and packs, crams, fucks in little short rapid digs. I simply moan with pleasure and rapture murmuring, “Oh sweet, glorious cock, fu-c-k me fuck m-e, FU-CK ME! I CAN'T

Help it, give it to me, Ro-ger, o-oh!

I screamed loud this time, thoroughly carried away by my feelings. I was powerless I threw my arms and legs about, relaxed all muscles to be done with as he pleased. I kept up a joyous moaning that was intensified. His eyes devour me, as he too groans in his agony, looks down at my opened thighs and heaving belly and when he draws back both of us can see his cock and then see it disappear again into me. The feeling of it slipping in was, oh, so delightful. At this instant he holds me tightly, fucks me rapidly, and gives vent to vociferous “Ah's" fairly screaming “Mary G-od, Ma-ry!!”

“Y-es, darling Ro-ger!” I moan and hug him so tight “Oh, O-OH Roger, Ro-ger, COME COME WI-TH ME THIS TIME, OH-O! A-AH, O-O!” He roared “JE-SUS YES!” as he held me to him like a vise and crammed me with his hot milk now jumping forth in furious torrents deluging me, and that sent me off again.

I pleased him immensely by declaring him a most wonderful physique, with the most glorious appendages that woman could yearn for. I said as I stood up, “Roger, it may seem unwomanly, I will not say immodestly, for I am not a maid, to tell you I am glad you came, glad indeed. I say it because it is due you for the pleasure you have given me, and I am natural and not a pretender.” He held me in his arms as we stood up close together, belly to belly his hands roving over my bottom, his wet, drooping cock against my slit which was dripping gism down my thighs in rivers and said, “Next to Alice, Mary, I love you for just what you have been to me to day, a perfect gem of delight, not simply a woman to fuck, but a true and refined voluptuary.” We kissed fervently, and I ran to the pool, he after me.

When he caught me I said, “I'll wash this lovely cock myself, I brought soap as I intended to have a bath, and I want to study the thing more closely.” He just laughed. Oh, but it was a beauty, but to proceed. I said, “Roger, I want to see that bull do his duty to a cow, may I?”

“You surely can, dear, if I can get a cow in heat, and I think I can, but I want to be near you, Mary!”

“And I'll want to be near you too, Roger, I am sure!”

We surely did make each other feel good by our very tenderness. I went back to the house my way, he made a greater detour and came in by the rear. He managed to let me know that a cow would be fit tomorrow. That afternoon, as Alice and I sat on the lawn, you may well imagine my surprise at what she said. It was, — “Mary", I looked up, and if I ever saw true friendship and real love of one woman to another, it was then, “Yes, dear, what is it” I said. “Will you do me a lasting favor, a real good lasting favor?” I surely will, Alice, if it's in my power, and I guess you think it is or you wouldn't ask it to be done!”

“Will you:- will you take Roger to bed with you?”

I jumped up in sheer amazement, too astonished for utterance, but not angry, just simply stupefied. I dropped into my seat before saying a word, then said “Alice, you poor suffering woman, has your husband put you up to this?”

“Mary, upon my honor, no, it is my own thought, and I cry many times for him and myself too, because the doctor has warned us both about indulging, and he loves me so warmly, does not run after other women. I once in a while rub his thing off for him, but you know that isn't good for him nor satisfying as a real act would, so dear, as a great favor I ask it. You told me about the doctor and you, that's why I ask you, and I know you'll enjoy him, will you-will you, dear?”

I said, “Alice dear, I have been too much amazed for utterance, not offended, dear, heaven's no, but in sheer wonder at Buch an offering of husband by a wife. — You must love him with a rare love, one in a thousand, but are you sure that when I am in his arms you will not hate me for yielding?” I will admit to you I would welcome such a relation with him, I am no prude, and since the doctor's death I am hungry, Alice dear, but not so as to hurt you dear in your condition.”

“Mary, you're a dear. I could not make such a proposal to any other I know, and I'm honest in my hope and wish that you will let me send him to you this very night.”

I went to her, sinking on one knee and kissing her said in a low voice, “He is not to come to me, dear, I will not risk Robert's wakening, but I'll come to your bed with you and him in it. That shall be your best test, Alice, if you can endure it. I know you meant it as you declare.” She replied quickly, “You dear, dear darling, that's a desire I feared to express to you. Then it shall be under my very eyes, and I will delight in it, to see two perfect specimens engage thus, it must be a great sight to behold, and he's a wonder I can tell you. Mary, he has a wonderful affair to give any woman thrills of pleasure,”

“Oh, I admit, Alice, the thought sets me on fire, for he is a fine appearing man, and ought to please any woman.” I said, “Well, prepare for this night, Mary.”

I whispered to Bobbie later that I would be late coming to bed, that he should go to sleep, and I'd waken him by doing something nice for him. That night I went with Alice early to their bed, and Roger was not much behind. We kissed, laughed and joked as if we had not met (he and I) before. That was to be a closed book, but hereafter she should know of each occurrence.

The presence of the wife gave added zest to the affair which ended gloriously to the chief actors, and caused Alice to declare it was a perfectly glorious exhibition of a glorious act. She kissed me tenderly and was glad when I told her my joy had been perfect, that he made me feel ever so good, oh, ever and ever so nice and good “down there", I declined to stay the whole evening saying, “Oh, no, once with that engine of love was quite enough for me!”

I laughed with them, then went to bathe, and retired to Bobbie — I wanted my boy-lover. There he lay in the bright moonlight dressed, but with his white pants pulled down to his knees, his shirt up and his “member” fully exposed. There his nice roly-poly of a cock was curled down on his balls and I thought it a nice, captivating to look at in that state. I lifted it, filled it in the palm of my hand, and all at once it grew stiff slowly rising to his belly. I knew he must be dreaming, as he was talking of me in his sleep saying, “Is it right, Aunt Mary?” I crawled over him quietly without touching him so as not to awaken him, and placed the lips of my cunt on the tip of his stiff cock for about an inch, for I felt sure he'd go off in his sleep.

I did not move, but waited. In less time than it takes to tell it, the crisis came upon him and my kisses prevented his moans being heard. In the shock of the climax he awakened to a true knowledge of the real state of affairs. I asked him what he had dreamt, he said of me, and that he had just got the head of his cock inside the lips of my pretty cunnie when he spent into it. I told him how I knew he was dreaming, then we lay there for a while till he had recovered for the treat I had in store for him. I did not need his present work, but there was an exhilarating and fascinating delight to take the well formed son after coming fresh from the father's big cock which was presided over by his mother. Truly I was having the rarest experience. This time with him, for just the reasons given, and because I wanted time for my poor hard worked pussy to recover from the terrible stretching it had just had, I was full of mischief and curiosity, and so I determined to suck his beautiful marble-like boy-cock, almost devoid of hair as it was, and with skin as smooth as velvet, to suck it to a finish and swallow the hot love juice while it jetted from him.

I told him I would now give him the nice treat I had promised him, on condition he would never tell it, now or ever. He vowed silence. To let him know what it was to be, I started on one of those nice tonguings I can do. I stopped and asked as he kissed me frantically “Is that nice?”

Oh, Aunt Mary, it makes me dizzy with joy to know you will take him in your pretty mouth. Oh, let me kiss you, dear sweet tongue that is to give me unexpected bliss.” I put out my tongue as far as I could, and he took it in his dainty little mouth and sucked it till I almost went off in a spend. I still had my shoes and stockings and shift on so I took the boy and stood up beside a low ottoman on which I now placed myself, with my bottom well over the end, my thighs spread wide apart. He could thus get a splendid view of my charms as I sucked his cock. I now leaned back, turned my face towards him as he stood before me with his pants down and his dandy young prick throbbing with excitement, and slowly I took it in my mouth which I held rather tight so as to grip the head of his cock as it entered on his first suck. I tell you it was a good mouthful for me. I rubbed my tongue heavily over the head and rim, I put my hand up between his thighs to caress, pat and squeeze his nice solid bottom globes, to stick a finger into it's lovely tight little recess and finger-fuck it. But the position made this feat tiresome soon, so I just let my hands fall at my side and gave all my attention to my mouth and the sweet morsel that “filled it. It was not long before I had it jumping so that it almost lifted my head up with it. He'd bend down and finger fuck my cunt, then straighten up again till I finished him off God, but didn't he shoot a big hot load down my throat! and how strong and powerful were the jets of milky cream. At once my finger flew to his clutching bottom hole where I dug into it and rammed it in and out as fast as I could. After we had finished he said, “Oh, dear Auntie, if you can swallow that I can and would like to drink your pee as it runs from your little pussy.”

The very abandon of the boy endeared him to me more than ever. It was late, and I thought we have had enough for this night, so we fell asleep in our naked embrace.

I was sure I had a big day ahead of me, it being Saturday afternoon or early evening, and Robert was to drive me to the station after his Sunday school, so I had the time all mapped and timed out, so it did not suit my plans to let Bobbie fuck me when he awoke, but as he beat me in waking, and was kneeling between my open thighs toying with “it" when my eyes opened, I shook a finger at him but lay still and passive for him. He now leaned over me and took his cock in his hand and began to rub the head all about the lips, inside and out and way in under my bottom. Of course that could end in nothing but a fuck so I said, “She's your's, Bobbie, give your cock to her good and proper.” He needed no second bidding and again my cunt welcomed the smooth slipping in of a nice boy cock.

I can't prolong my tale. After breakfast, I said to Alice, “Roger must let me see a bull on top of a cow if I can find him anywhere, do you mind, dear?” She kissed me in her own inimitable way all her own saying, “Go after him, I think he's at the big barn, and after seeing that I think you will want the same kind of treatment as the poor cow, dear. I did when I saw it a year ago. It certainly makes us women passionate at a sight like that.” She jokingly touched me up (over my dress of course — a habit prevalent among women and girls who do it as a species of fun more than licentiousness) so we laughed, but I can't recall I said, and left for the barn. I wore a buttoned wrapper only, with a belt, all I had under it was a vest, black silk hose, high shoes. I wore no hat. Sure enough, there was Roger waiting for me, and he had plans all made, and everybody at work elsewhere. He led me to the lower part of the barn were the half doors were, the top being open and out of the way.

To be sure we did not get that far out of the barn without his hand being up my dress. He was so grateful I had come so nicely prepared, quickly his hand clenched on my bottom, and it gave him pleasure too to feel it swaying at each step I took, the two solid cheeks in their gentle swinging or swaying motions must have made him feel so good, and when he now and then gave it a sharp smack I'd jump a little and push my belly out, when he'd hand a slap on my cunt forcing my bottom backwards again till I said, Oh, Roger, stop, you'll have me spending before I see the cow get hers.” I ran away from him, and he was laughing.

There was Mr. Bull in a clean cow yard, but no cows, and as mad a bull as could be. He snorted and blew a steam of vapor from his nostrils, bellowed, and pawed the ground. I pitied any poor cow that entered there, for her soft cunt would get a most terrible fucking. As she came hot, he crooked his back. Now, he actually did this — he bent his back way up, and shoved out a loud, long, red cock, not very thick (not any thicker than Willie's here by me now) and he rubbed it against his hairy belly.

Heaven's, what a long red hot poker to shove into a poor cow, but, remembering Brownie's affair I concluded the cow would no doubt like it very well indeed inside her belly. Before he jerked off completely, he stopped, straightened — and such eyes he made, oh me!

He pawed and stamped, his long red cock stretched against his belly and beating up against it I now heard a gate shut and knew his poor victim had come into the yard. He ran to her at once. Heavens, it wasn't a cow I saw, but a young heifer, and she wasn't a bit afraid of him, but turned her hind quarters to him, swung her tail out of the way, while her cunt had just peed it was now sucking madly and the bull saw it. He only stopped long enough to smell it and give it a strong lick, when up went his front feet over her back, his fully twenty four inches of live, hot, red prick pointed unerringly at that quivering, sucking cunt and it — slid in without a pause, clear up to his balls. The operation was not a long one. I saw his cock then his balls draw up and I knew his juice was being squirting into her cunt.

My, how he bellowed and stamped when he drew it from her! Roger was near me, his hand all the time resting quietly on my bare bottom up under my clothes. He said he'd wait a bit, as the bull would doubtless repeat the act, as he had none for many weeks, and as the heifer was young and fresh she would take him again while her “heat” was on her.

He asked me if MY “heat” was on as he now slipped his hand way under my bottom and grabbed my moist cunt and gave it a gentle moulding and a squeeze.

We laughed, and I said it soon will be so you can be ready after the bull repeats the act. Sure enough, he comes to the heifer and smells her warm cunt, which was in a violet heat thrusting the lips way out and drawing them way in, and keeping it so for a minute.

He mounts her again but does it slower. I now see long in and out pushes. But the bull is not as attractive as a stallion at the same work, nor have cows the same beautiful contours and rotundities as the horse is blessed with. I now turned my attention to Roger who had his hand still at its love provoking work up my clothes, making me as hot as the bull was now. I opened his fly, then his belt and let his pants fall, his big cock fairly jumped into my willing hand. To make it real hard and hot, I opened my wrapper the full length, exposing all of me standing nude above my black silk stockings.

“Now Roger, I want to measure this beauty while he is fit for a queen. I had brought a tape with me for the purpose. His cock, under my handling got harder and harder as I pretended to find the right side of the measure, while he called me “his darling cutie.”

Well, sir it measured from the inside next to the belly root, to the tip of its nose exactly eight and half inches. Around the base its circumference was six and half inches, while the head was an inch and a half across the front. It was over three inches in diameter as I computed and there is no doubt at all it was more then two inches thick, and that's the cock I now threw my thigh over and myself into Roger's arms.

He carried me to a hay-loft, took my wrapper off, laid me on a nice blanket he spread over a bed of new mown hay, himself naked except for his socks. Oh, what joys I felt as that big, hard cock just prodded my aching cunt, making every part touch and rub every spot inside it. My poor little cunt lips turned inward as his cock forced his way into me. I gave up and could not restrain my joy and moans, my. rapture was fully conveyed to him in pet names. I asked him if anyone could hear us, he assured me not, so I gave myself up to the utmost abandon.

“You darling Roger, dear big COCK, FUCK, FU-CK me HA-RD, Oh, you are. YES, you are, O-OO, my CU-NT.” I tighten my cunt, grip my bottom, raise up to him as I arched my back and spread my legs open, thus thrusting my cunt out to him to its utmost, and he held me so, while he rams me fiercely, gripping my bottom with all his strength.

Oh, what a sea of spending he gushed into me! God! His balls were flying against my bottom in their violent hangings of which I could plainly hear the noise they made in the contact — like the slapping of a bottom with the flat of the hand. God, what a delight all this gave me! I spend and spend, so did he, I could feel it running down my legs in stream as his cock beat against my womb. Oh cunt that contains such a packing cock! Oh bottom that is getting such a spanking from such magnificent balls!!

We praise each other's bodies lavishly and sincerely too I know, then he said “This is to be a gala day for us both. Come, I've other treats for your eyes.” He stood me up and I wanted to wash my cunt, but he would not let me saying he wanted it to be slippery and moist to splash at our next fuck. I replaced my wrapper and he his clothes then he took me to another part of the farm to where he had some sheep. They had been shorn of their wool and looked neat and gamboled prettily about. This part of the farm was isolated from the rest, and there was a little room through which a secret panel gave us a full view of the mating of these gentle beasts. He brought in a male and female who were in heat and came into me. We watched their amorous dallings which were tender indeed.

It has always been noticed what a very true resemblance the ewe's private is to a woman's In shape and size it is almost its counterpart. Soft and luscious it bulges out in a neat and dainty little pad, and as I afterwards felt it with my poking fingers, it is for all the world like a young girl's inside and out.

The lips are soft and smooth, the inside is tight and clinging like a virgin's pussy. Is it any wonder these animals are much sought after by shepherds and men away from civilization to appease their sex longings! Well, the ram came along side of her and began to nose around her hind quarters. He licked it for a long time, inserting his tongue into it, to the evident pleasure of his gentle mate. His cock soon began to lengthen and stiffen, and a nice looking cock it looked too. It was about eight inches long, resembling that of a man in size and shape. He mounts her and in goes his cock at one push. He let it stay, there for a few seconds to feel the moist warmth of the cunt I guess, then began the quick pushes that soon brought on the happy crisis for both. He pulled it out and stood away from her, but her cunt showed its joy by the powerful contractions it made, pushing out its lips and then drawing them in. This sight made me hotter than ever. Then the little ewe spread her little legs and let fly her pee, and this reminded me I too wanted to pee, but Roger would not let me then, saying he wanted me to save it for a few moments. Off comes my wrapper and his clothes again. We are naked except for our stockings. He again makes a nice bed with blankets and hay. He loosens my hair so it flows down my back in ringlets. He asked me to lean over a little, which I did. I now felt Roger's cock playing about the region of my bottom cheeks which were opened by the position I had assumed he dug the head into the firm flesh of each cheek, then ran it up and down between them till he reached my cunt which jetted out from beneath them. God, I felt it enter me now, slowly, slowly it glided into my slippery nest, packing it tight. Now I see why he did not want me to wash it off after our last combat. I felt by bottom resting on his belly as his cock reached the limit of my cunt's length, his ball swinging up against my cunt, his hands gripping my hanging tits, he holds me thus and, God, what a ramming I got, whew! I could no longer hold my water and told him so. He said to let it fly as that was just his idea in asking me to hold it awhile, so he could have his cock up my cunt while I peed. I let it go as well as I could with that big cock cramming me so tight and pressing against the little pee hole. It ran out in little jets and must have felt good to him as it ran over his ball, for he burst out with “Oh, you dar-ling, let it g-o, it makes me so randy to feel it so nice and hot over my balls and for my belly to feel your little bottom hole open and close in the effort you make to pee.” I whispered, “Draw it out just a little so I can pee more freely, you almost shut it off, and I must let it fly as I have a whole bladder full.” He obeyed, and the hot liquid now runs free in torrents over his dangling balls making him fuck me more violently than he ever did before, and it made me hotter too to feel the bangs my pissing cunt got from those balls. Oh, what splashings, what sucking noises as his great length of cock runs up and down my peeing pussie I It would give heat to a stone statue to be-hold a young girl like me, her legs straddled, peeing and getting fucked at the same time. We both sailed away in the heavenly bliss, spending many times in rapid succession by the sight before us of the little sheep in heat and she peeing, me doing the same, and Roger fucking me from behind at the same time.

Just stop reading for a moment and try to picture to your self this luscious picture. Roger express his joy at having my bottom to his belly, saying it made him feel like fucking me to death, that I was so plump and solid there, and the two big cheeks would pinch his belly, all of which I received th «full benefit in front by the powerful poking I got.

As I spend I was forced to work it back and forth on him, churning my hips. Now I felt his hot milk madly jet into me. He held a tit in one hand and with the other hand he quickly slid his finger up my poor wiggling bottom which set me in more agitation than before. I had just finished one spend, when I now gave another because of that boring finger. We dressed at last and I said, “Oh Roger dear, I do not want to see any more sights or fucks, for I'm exhausted, and I must attend to myself or I'll be having a litter of babies.” He replied, “Mary, you go to the house alone, tell Alice as much as you please about us, take a rest and come out here about one o'clock when you shall see something you cannot surmise.” I laughed and said, “And of course, come prepared to be well fucked again, eh?” to which he replied, “To be sure, and I'm very sure you will want it then more than now.”

I got back to the house in high spirits and told Alice part of the morning's story, then we had dinner, and it was nearly two when I reached the barn clothed as I was in the morning. Roger was waiting for me. He led me to the horses stable, where was a beautiful stallion, but I wondered that he was so small when I was told he was a jackass. Now different from any other stallion you can fondle this beast. He will stand on his hind legs for you and let you play with him all over. Roger had asked me to remove my dress and go to him and feel the animal's sex. I made friends with him by giving him a lump of sugar Roger had given me for him, then I patted his nose, neck and gradually down to his rump which was glossy and shiny So smooth and round was it. He seemed to sense my sex, for his big tongue lapped and licked my belly and cunt so nicely, rubbing it up against it strongly.

It felt good to feel that large, most tongue flat between my partly open thighs, to feel it smack up against my bottom, while the flat of it caressed my cunt, then he tried to get the tip of it into my slit, which he did for an inch or two and I thought I'd go crazy with pleasure. He now pranced about and raised his hind legs and stood on them and out came his cock, an enormous one for so small a beast.

“Oh, Roger, I would dearly love to fondle his cock and balls.”

“I knew you would, and so you shall, he'll let you, he likes it too.”

“Come here, Billie,” I said, and he came. Roger motioned him to put his front feet up on his stall which he did at once. I got hold of his long cock which was rigid and kicking, then took hold of his balls so large and firm, gosh yes! Then I stuck my finger into his soft protruding bottom, which made him lift his tail so proudly. Roger brought a pail of warm water so I could have the pleasure of washing that big cock. Billie knew he would not be hurt so he held still. My, how it did grow stiff and hard and throb as the warm water and my soft hand touched every part of its length. It was just eighteen inches. I now got a handful of vaseline and began to rub my hand up and down the cock and so jerk him off, a wish I had harbored for many a day. Billie whinnied and his cock fair danced with its hardness and kicking. Back and forth I slid my hand over it and especially the head I had hold of his balls in the other. I now got into position under him, on my back leaning against his stall, so my cunt was on a level with his cock. I soon felt the stream coming from his balls which pursed up, I could feel it enter the root of his cock, so I put the head of his cock to my cunt and jerked him faster and rubbed the head against my cunt.

God! what a shower of gism my belly, thighs, cunt and bottom received.

I held it still to my cunt, and got a shot or two of the hot cream right up my belly.

I got from under him and Roger rushed at me turned me round, placed me on my hands and knees, and, gripping my hard titties, he just rammed his cock into my slippery cunt at one savage push, knocking against my womb in its violence. What a pocking I got! and short it was too, for the sight he had just witnessed had made him ready for a rapid spend. I shall never forget either that stallion fuck nor Roger's that day.

I cannot describe the exquisite feeling of that stallion's cock as I lay under him with that nice hard long cock encased in between my closed thighs, rubbing against my bottom cheeks, cunt and thighs. Of course it was too big to go into my cunt, but it felt nice the way it was. We did not tell anyone at the house about this, it was not necessary. We were to keep it a secret between us. It wasn't what I was doing in those days that got me in wrong, for everything was done within a select and circumscribed circle, carefully thought out.

No, it was the foolish thing of taking one man at his word when I ought to have known his disposition better. I don't regret my relations with him, they were in line with my quest for experience and curiosity about men's cocks, but, believing he was in earnest and that he would marry me, I was less careful than usual, but now I am not a bit sorry since it gave me this lovely, beautiful and affectionate little girlie here, who is like her mama in her love for the male tokens.

Well, I went up to the pool to wash after such an ordeal, and returned to the house. I spent the rest of that day with Alice, and begged to be excused from any more that night when she proposed I come to their room, but I said I would tomorrow afternoon.

When I got up to my room, Bobbie was in bed awake and waiting for me. While fully dressed I leaned over him, kissed him, toyed with his pet and playfully gave it a suck, then I dropped beside him. He said, “Oh, Auntie, if you are tired I will undress you.”

I know it's a keen delight to a man or boy to undress a woman or girl, to gradually uncover the beauties and charms of one's body one by one. I lay passive to him as he removed my skirt, waist, and I then stood up so as to make it easier for him to slide off the garments. Corsets were removed, shift, and now I stood naked except for shoes and stockings. I asked why he did not remove these, to which he answered he liked to see me standing in them all naked above. His cock gave many a toss and kick during the ceremony, and I had to give him squeezes in various well beloved parts of his lovely body. He asked me if I were too tired. I appreciated this keen consideration of the boy for my comfort, I assured him I was not, but on the contrary I had been sparing of my energies all day so I could give myself completely to my own dear little man. I then suggested an idea I had in mind all day — I wanted to give that lovely smooth round bottom a spanking to see it rebound as it got whipped. He responded gaily, saying it would give him a new thrill to feel Auntie whip him, and that he'd like to do the same for mine if I'd let him. I assured him I would.

I stood him straight up between my thighs — a favorite position of mine for this practice. I hit first one big cheek, then the other. Oh, how I grew hot as I saw those two lovely cheeks tremble and quiver like jelly at each touch I gave them with the cane I brought on purpose. I told him to bend down gradually over my lap as I hit him. He did so, I reached with one hand for his stiff prick and dangling balls and seized them and kept them so that the cane could not reach them. I whipped that glorious bum right gladly, smack, smack I gave him under them to the root of his now throbbing cock making' his legs fly this way and that and his bottom toss up and down. Not a murmur escaped him, as he bore it all so bravely. I now gave him the cane to do the same for my itching bottom and cunt, telling him to hit both bottom and cunt as hard as he could as it made me feel good. I leaned over a table for the purpose. He rained blows hard and strong on my out-jetting bottom. Many a time did he hit in between the cheeks on the smooth grove. Then he gripped one cheek in his hand and held it apart while he hit my bulging cunnie which was thus well brought to the fore between the cheeks. Hot? God! I'll say I was. I was made ready for anything, anything at all now. I sang out to him like a woman bereft of all sense and shame, “Ro-bie, whip it, whip it, whip it, there, good, hard, hard-er, O-OOH, A-AH!!”

He threw down the cane and smacked me with his soft, smooth hand, paying special attention to my quivering grotto. How he did smack it, pinch its lips, ran his finger into either bottom or cunt at one dig, making me delirious with passion. He thoroughly warmed up all the fires of lust, till I was a consuming volcano. Standing behind me, he rammed his cock up my aching, burning cunt. Oh, how welcome it was, that dainty, ivory morsel of boy cock, with his tender balls slapping and swinging up against my cunt. I reached down and grabbed them, gently scratching them with my finger nails, all of which he enjoyed.

But it was too good to last long, for I could feel his gism start through his balls on its agitated journey through his cock to deluge my cunt in torrents.

After a little rest in each other's arms, he asked if I'd let him put his cock up my bottom, saying those two twin cheeks so fascinated him he'd like to have them love his cock. I yielded. I stood up and again bent over the table with my bottom facing a large mirror. He stood behind me, his pretty wet cock stroking both cheeks, the cleft and then its little hole. In it went, slowly and without the least hurt to either of us because it was slippery with our gism. Up to the root he finally got it, his balls swinging madly against my cunt, his firm belly pressed against my firmer bottom of which he was now thoroughly possessed of. My cheeks gripped that cock for fully four inches, so I could feel it glide between them into the hole. He soon lodged a good stream of delicious cream up my bottom. I reached down again and took hold of his spending balls and dragged them to my cunt. His hand flew to my cunt and sticking two fingers into it, jerked me off rapidly, while his other hand squeezed one tittie after the other. I peed in little jets and spend at the same time. It is wonderful how nature can produce it so quickly under unusual circumstances. He now withdrew it from me, my bottom clutching it as it left it with a positive “popping" noise, it was so tight and wet.

That was the first time I ever had a cock at my bottom, and I must say it gave a new found joy all its own. Since then I've had several nice boy-cocks up the same place, but never a man's, it being far too long and thick for so tiny a hole. We hurried to the bathroom, washed each other off, with many sly touches of cunt and cock, and many a sharp slap of soapy, slippery bottoms, that got more than one soapy finger suddenly run up into it. To bed we went both more than content with the joy and pleasure we had received and given each other.

In the early morning, we both awoke, and as I thought it wise not to do much at that time of day, we merely contented ourselves by thoroughly jerking each other off. He washed as did I and he hurried down stairs to his numerous waiting duties about the house or farm. I lay in bed still thinking over all the novelties I had known here, when Alice came in and asked in a low voice if I were asleep. I said no, I was thinking of getting up soon. She sat on the bed by me and kissed me as only women can in their own inimitable, fond way, I returned them. Then she lifted up my nightie and said, “Oh, Mary, though I shall see you naked in the arms of my dear husband, I do — I do so long to feel and fondle your lovely young body with its gracious contours, its delightful treasures that are so tempting, may I?” I said “Sure, if it will give your poor starved heart any joy.” She fondled my titties, playing with them so tenderly, holding them up and gazing at them in sheer admiration. She slid her lily-white hand over my polished belly, down my thighs and up them by the back till she came to my bottom. This pleased her greatly — bottom, if well shaped magnetise everyone, man or woman, boy or girl by their lovely roundness. — How she patted, soothed, patted again one cheek after the other, opened and closed and pressed together the cheeks, then ran her small hand down in beneath them to my now throbbing cunt — for her roving hand had set me on fire, she moulded my almost hairless cunt, getting the whole of the thick pouting lips in her hand to squeeze and mould them, then she glided her slender, long finger into it so nicely that I sighed with pleasure saying, “Oh, A-lice, you make me wish you were a man, Alice dear, I'd let you “do me” to your hearts content.”

As I rolled on my back and opened my legs to her ravishing hand. I wondered if she'd tongue me just a little. She said, “Oh, Mary, it is great to be blessed with health and youth such as you have, you can enjoy the best of pleasure in life. God knows I am so, so hungry for sexual relief someway or other, and long to expand my desires on some one. Mary, I think you are so, so nice, and chubby I want — I — want to kiss this dear lovely little girlish nest of yours. Will you — will you let me?” With just the right kind of a sigh I say, “Help yourself to it, dear, do anything to me, anything you wish if it will give you joy.” I spread my thighs out as wide as possible to encourage and invite her timorous soul. She tickled the right spot beautifully, and I let her send me off in a delightful spend. The sight of it and my writhing under-globes made her lose all reserve, so she put her hands to my nest and fingered it passionately. I kissed her, and told her to let me lay still awhile as I wanted to be in good trim for the afternoon's labor. She said she would bring me up a nice breakfast as she hurried away.

Dinner over and Robert had gone to Sunday School. We made mutual signs to each other which were well understood as he left the house. Alice and I went up stairs. We were not quite undressed when Roger came in on us, but in a jiffy all three of us were naked. I took Alice in my arms for she was a magnificently shaped woman not big, not small, but just the right kind of dainty, plump figure to excite one.

“Come dear, you are to be the first,” I said to her, “Now, listen, you can take one with Roger under my directions. I'll keep his big cock from hurting your tiny cunt. It has had so little use that it has become like a little girl's of twelve, and by yielding readily you will get a real good one without any harm to your condition.” Roger too, thought the same — the sly dog, he too wanted the fun of having two lovely shaped women to toy with, one of us to look at each service he rendered the other. Alice assented, and kneeling beside her on the floor, I wet her girl-like cunt with my eager tongue — not for long though — then I said, “Now, Mr. Cock, come here.” He was very loving with her as he hovered over her. My hand was holding his cock, which I had licked well leaving saliva all over its big head. I pointed it to her cunt, the lips of which I parted with my other hand.

Oh, but it was exciting to see that Magnificent cock entering her nice cunt, to see the plump lips turn in on itself as it entered and then thrust themselves out when it withdrew, clinging to it as if loath to part with it. I held the lips a little more apart at each push in and had the satisfaction of seeing the most of it enter her.

“Now, Roger, play there, better not go in any further, do it nice to her, you charming beauty!”

Alice got hers shortly. I bade Roger stay in her a little while till she had fully recovered, then I got on the other side of the bed and lay waiting for what was coming to me, but telling him not to hurry on my account. He now had his hand and fingers roving all over my charms while working his wife's cunt as directed, taking care not to cram her. Alice said, “That was a sweet one, Roger, and I'm all right now. Come, I want to help this to slip into Mary's young, luscious nest.”

Well, I got it. I say it with emphasis. The condition attending the affair, and the wife's hand around my sensitive mount and bottom, and knowing she was looking at her husband's great cock sliding in and out of my cunt, knowing that my nest presented an even more exciting performance about that cock that did her's to my eyes, hearing her words of encouragement and delight, all these things increased the thrills produced within me by the exquisite attention his cock was giving me. I don't know how many times I went off that after noon, I gave no heed, I lost count of them after the fourth, I simply gulped his cock in my cunt and let it do with me as it pleased.

But there was no mistaking my joy each time, for I called out, “Dear Roger, Dear Alice, Sweet Cock!” just as I felt. After some number of spends I murmured to her, “Oh, Alice, you dear, how can I ever repay you for these wonderful favors?” She kissed me tenderly and mumbled, “Dear Mary, you are such a sweet fucker, enjoy yourself, dear.”

Well, exhausted as I was, Roger showed me he was ready for the big event. I helped to give his cock a wonderful climax. I fucked furiously, lifting my bottom up, and by arching my back, held it there, thus lifting my belly up in the air to him and squirming my bottom, on which Alice now placed her hand, whether for support or her own pleasure I do not know. Let me tell you he drove it into me now like a mad bull, touching every spot within me deeply. We kissed and sucked each other's tongue at each of our spendings. I lay limp, and when his cock finally left me it was beginning to drop it's huge head.

I was grateful now for the attention of Alice who whispered to me so wonderfully and tenderly, for I was far too exhausted to do anything for myself. She described our combat as the most wonderful sight she had ever witnessed, and I can fully believe her, poor soul!

Here I interrupted with, “Mary dear, you are too sleepy to proceed, your minute description of that Sunday afternoon is weakening for you, and considering its manifold features, you had better put off the rest till tomorrow.”

“Right you are, but first let me see you slide your nice “Willie" into Liza, for she's so hot and anxious for it. Aren't you, dear?” she said.

“You bet I am, mama, um-m!” Mary does the ceremonies according to the rights of true voluptuaries, and Liza has her “Willie” right up her little juicy slit. Mary says, “The treatment you both gave me during the recital makes me content to sleep and let you two work out your own salvation, so good night, and please do not wake me.” with which she kissed Liza and me, telling her to have a nice time and not to hurry “Willie” if you want to get the most of it dear.

Liza now had my undivided attention. She said, “Uncle Ro, when it gets all the way up my belly I want you to roll me over on top of you and let me do all the work.” I replied, “Good for you, darling!” I soon had her sweet little form on top of me, my cock deeply penetrating her tiny hairless cunnie. She raised herself a little bit to look down on me and I hold a hand mirror for her to see her cunt and “Willie” loving each other the better. She had no relief for some hours and, coupled with her mama's recital, she was most hot, burning, aching for a cock poking. As she looks in the mirror, she slowly presses her cunt down to my cock, pulls up again, supporting herself on hands and knees, sinks down — down hard quickly, squirms her bottom, nips her cunt so as to get “Willies's” head to rub her as much as possible. Up and down her splendid young body bounces, banging her belly on mine with some force. I placed my hands on those two lovely upturned cheeks and toyed with them and finally dig my finger deeply into the young hole. This makes her drive her cunt on me furiously. She kicks her legs about, bends them at the knees and assumes a sitting posture on me, her bottom nestling on my thighs pressing the cock into her as far as possible. A little of this and down flat she falls on me again, her bottom bouncing up and down, up and down rapidly as she fucks herself and me to distraction. Suddenly she screams, “O-OH, O-OH, I-T'S I-T'S COM-ING, O-OO, A-AH!” as she sinks on me, her titties shaking, bottom all a quivering and clutching my still imbedded finger, her long curls around my neck as she drops thoroughly relaxed on me. What a feeling to me it was, to have so young, sweet and plump a child laying flat on me, every part of her well developed frame touching mine, and my cock inserted in so young and smooth a cunnie, her bottom sucking in the delirium of bliss impossible to describe.

She was not quiet for long, for I played with her firm titties drew her curls about me, and a few upward pushes of my cock make her spend again as she opens her thighs wide apart to let it flow out of her, her bottom thrown into active suction the while as it gives little nervous jerks down on me, shoving her cunt on my cock.

She slowly rises again and kisses me declares “That was so perfectly sweet I'm going to do it again. I tell her to turn her bottom toward my face and insert my cock up her cunt in that position. She quickly did it, and her cunt being now well moistened with our mingled juices, it easily slid into her belly at one push. Oh, but it was so good to me to be able to see her dandy bottom in full view working up and down as she supported herself on her feet in the sitting posture, to see it twisting from side to side in its agony of joy, and I could easily see my cock bobbing in and out, my hands playing with her bouncing titties. God! what a sight, what feelings! It begins to tell on her again and she moves her bottom swiftly, ravenously her little cunt now devours my cock, while she murmurs, “Oh, sweet CO-CK, FU-CK M-E, O-OO!” as she spends on me, peeing at the same time so overcome were her feelings, I could feel it run over my balls. She kicks her legs about, and falls forward on my feet, my cock still in her belly. It felt peculiarly good to feel a new sensation grip it in this new position as her body fell forward. I raise my head to see her upturned bottom still struggling, quivering, shaking with my cock straight out, forward in her cunt just underneath the two globes. God, the very sight of it made me squirt a river of the hottest milk I ever spent into her just as she lay thus! Naturally she felt the inundation, as her bottom told the story of her feelings plainly by it's mad relaxation and contractions, her cunt nipping hard on my cock giving me new thrills. She collapsed completely. I take my cock out, pick her up and fold her to me in a tender embrace, my cock inserted in her again so she'd feel it when she came to. She soon did and whispered, “Oh, dear Uncle Ro, I'm so, so tired, you fuck me now, will you?”

“You bet I will, you sweet milking dearie.” She got diddles, crams, rapid fucking, slow in and out movements, one alternating the other till our natures could endure no more, such intensity, such exquisite blissful strains and we spend together twice in rapid succession, hugging each other as if we'd just crush each other. We both fell asleep without either of us getting up to wash.

Mary was the first to waken in the morning and saw the way we had fallen asleep, and she was washing “Willie” when I awoke. Liza too, wakened, then Mary said, “You two must have had something nice, something extra nice the way you both fell asleep without washing.

Liza, you must never, never get too tired for that, dear, or in a year or two it may be costly to you.”

“I know, mama dear, but I lost all control over myself last night after my fourth spend, I can even feel it yet, Oh, but it was awful sweet, mama dear!”

We had breakfast, and as soon as everything down below was over with, we went back to the bed room and Mary took up her tale again where she had left off last night.

“When I left their room that Sunday afternoon I enjoyed a bath and I dressed for my return trip home. I put no panties on, but had to wear corsets to properly set my clothes. I intended to let my little lover Robert, have what fun he could on the long drive to the station. We started as soon as he came home. I had asked to have him drive me, for I told them I wanted to rest and no more loving from Roger, and laughed. We were all three in a jolly mood. Robbie and I started early, so he could get back in good time. We had a light robe in case we passed anyone on the lonely road.

As soon as we were far enough away, I released his cock and toyed with it. He felt blue at my going, but I told him it was better for him, for he must give “this” and “these” a rest. On a hill where we could see all around I leaned over and sucked the nice stiff thing for a bit, then he begged to suck my cunt before I left him. I drew up my skirts to the waist, sat with my belly forward on the edge of the seat and leaned back He dropped on his knees to the floor of the buggy, and greedily lapped my aching cunt. I knew it would please him to know he had sent me “off” so I let him carry it to the finish. My moans and groans the twitching of my bottom, my shoving my belly out to him in little nervous jerks told him I was spending most profusely.

He now sucked at me, more hungry than ever, sticking his tongue way, way into me and meeting my jetting milk as it began to come from me, his hands under my bottom, or stroking my thighs, till I had to say, — “O-OH, B-O-Y, of mine, no more — no mo-re, I can't stand another bit of bliss, O-OH, TH-RE!”

We drove on a bit, and when I thought I was able to stand it, I told him to slip his cock in and give him his last feast. We were perfectly safe from observation where we had turned down into the woods, I fixed myself to aid him and he took a fuck at me from behind as I leaned over the buggy, my bottom wriggling up against his young, tight belly, his balls smacking me underneath at each violent thrust he sent into me. My hand was at the soft cunt of the mare, I spent and peed at the same time as his dear love juice flew into me, up went my arm into the mare, who seemed to enjoy it immensely, the sight of which, I guess, very much excited Bobbie, to see my white bottom nipping, and the large round bottom and cunt of the mare with my arm up it to the elbow, no wonder he spent a river of precious boy-milkings into me. We then drove on and I told him I was to have him come and visit me as soon as he could be spared at home. He expressed his great surprise at such a treat, and I continued “Now you have begun to take pleasure in “junior" you'll be looking about for a new place to put him after I have left. Oh yes, you will, and you may, dear boy, only do not put it into young girls. Get your joy from women eight to ten years older than you, for you can give any woman pleasure with this (I had it in my hand). He promised to be cautious about everything and to maintain absolute secrecy about me in particular.

“And Robbie, while I say “go ahead” and fuck, I must be told all about it when you come to visit me. Remember, dear boy, I introduced you to these joys, and you can depend upon my secrecy. Do you promise faithfully?”

“Yes, yes, Aunt Mary, to all you have urged and asked.” Tears had streamed down his bonny face as we parted, and I loved him for this delicate tribute to me and my memory.

And now I am back home to more quiet hours, and not a fuck to arrange for every few hours. As previously arranged with him, my Harold called that same Sunday evening. We embraced with glee on both sides, then I seated him on a lounge beside me. After our first greetings were over — I was holding him against me — and with the free hand have been slowly unbuttoning his fly and had slipped my hand inside to meet his stiff cock and just held it while he kissed me. And now you can be prepared for a big, huge surprise, for what happened during my brief absence from him.

For this episode and my further adventures in love's pleasant domain, I will treat of in another volume I shall write in the near future if my health continues to support me with its good grace and the strength.

Already this volume has run much further than my first intentions. It does not seem so long when one first starts out on a job of this kind. So, adieu, friends, and I trust we shall all meet again in another long chat. Good night!

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