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    Editor's Note:

    The pensionnat de demoiselles-or educational establishment for young ladies-from whence a number of the letters herein originated was sited just outside the ancient town of St-Germain-en-Laye which lies above the west bank of the Seine and obtains fine views of Paris. It was here that Henry IV built a magnificent chateau which nowadays draws many Continental visitors. That particular edifice was, however, patently of far less interest to the young ladies here involved than the one in which they were to receive some extremely unconventional education. It was obvious, to the Editor at least, from the ensuing correspondence that letters both written from the pensionnat and those received there were passed around among the most intimate of acquaintances. Hence much more was known between these bold young things than perhaps should have been, though the Editor does not wish to moralise in the matter and merely presents the epistles as they were written. The letters being printed in chronological order, the first is one from the Hon. Miss Blanche Fairfax Henderson to her closest friend in England, Miss Ethel Minster. One has no cause to doubt that both were of approximately the same age.

    My dearest Ethel, I promised to write and tell you about my new school life here, and now I have had ten days of it and can give you a fair idea of what it is like. To begin with, it is about as unlike Mrs. Walter's establishment in Colchester as anything you can possibly imagine! There, as you remember all too well, we were kept grinding away at History and Geography and dull things of that kind. Did we not wear the dowdiest of clothes? How awful it was! The only thing I feel grateful to her for was her insistence that our corsets were always tightly laced, for I grew used to it as you did, and find that it is the same here. The Principal here, or “Madam” as we have to call her, is a handsome woman of about thirty-five, exquisitely dressed in the height of fashion and in such a way as to show off her superb figure. As soon as she learned that Papa is willing to spend almost any amount on me, she immediately carried me off to have me fitted out in the latest Parisienne style. Gone are my old brown, blue or black gowns, gone are my nasty old brown stockings (though all new, I confess, but I did not like them) and my plain shoes-all of which dear Mama insisted that I have, of course.

    Madam was delighted to find that I was able to wear the smallest of corsets. She remarked upon the alluring curves of my hips as soon as I donned a small lacy one. Oh, how I wished you here to have tried one on as well! For stockings I purchased half a dozen pairs of black, blue and white-all delightfully patterned and of such sheer silk that I could not help but stand and gaze at my legs which looked quite transformed. My several dresses that I then purchased with her at a couturier's were more low-bodiced than Mama would ever allow and, would you believe, allow half of my breasts to show! As to boots and shoes, I can hardly describe them to you, being made of the finest and most supple leather with pointed toes and heels quite three inches tall. My hair was curled in the latest style by a most elegant and handsome male coiffeur, and all surmounted with a fashionable picture hat with a gauzy veil. Madam explained to me as we returned in a much-laden carriage that she intended to treat me as a senior pupil and would give me a bedroom on the upper floor where the five other senior girls slept. On Sunday afternoon we went out for a walk-that is to say Madam and I and my five new friends (though none as sweet as you!), and I was very occupied in looking at the costumes worn by the lady bicyclists. Many of the so-called knickerbocker costumes are so tight as to be positively indecent. However, those with voluptuous figures seem to think nothing of displaying themselves in this way and I observed that Madam was literally feasting her eyes on the bicyclists' wickedly revealed bottoms that looked so round and appetising! One of the girls whispered to me during our perambulations that the reason why bicycling has become so popular with the ladies is that the front point of the saddle creates a delicious friction between one's legs as you work your feet round and round on the pedals, and indeed I noticed one young lady looking very flushed as her feet worked faster. I am sure the naughty girl had a very moist pussy by then! Little did I know that I was to enjoy an even better “feeling” that evening, for as soon as I settled down in the “dorm” the other girls came in and asked me whether I had heard of their “Society of Lesbos.” At first I did not twig, I must say, and my expression told them so for they laughed. Which reminds me to tell you that almost all the girls here are English, and I realise why, for in view of what we “learn” I think it would be somewhat indiscreet for them to be closer to home where their Mamas and Aunts and others might prove too inquiring! Saying that I was willing to learn about their Society, I was told to get ready for bed just wearing my nightgown only and that they would all return in a little while. Of course I adore mysteries and so I was only too willing to comply for I knew I had nothing to fear from them. Madam does not allow any pranks here and is constantly alert for them. When they did return some fifteen minutes later- and I all of a wonder, as you can imagine-one of them locked the door and then all slipped off their peignoirs and revealed themselves completely naked except for the fact that each was wearing the most saucy patterned black stockings with tight rosetted garters which are very much a la mode here for they keep one's stockings taut and neat and so give the legs the most shapely lines.

    One of the girls, whose name is Bertha-a most beautiful brunette with large round titties and a thick matt of dark curls around her quim-then approached me and gently removed my nightgown. Oh dear, Ethel, I have never used the word “quim” to you before but have learned it here! It means “pussy,” of course, but is preferred among the girls. As one said, it has a nice, tight, soft sound! So you see how wicked I am becoming-though really no more so than I have been with you. Immediately they saw me naked, their compliments were most flattering. “Her tummy is like a gentle slope of polished marble,” said one. “Did you ever see such exquisite, voluptuous thighs?” “Yes-and look at that adorable quim between them!”

    “What pretty coral lips it has, and such a soft curling fringe of silky hairs!” All this being said and their words of praise raining upon me, I was made to lie back on my bed and my legs drawn slowly apart. I must confess to you that I felt a little tremulous at this, but thought it best to submit. The sight and nearness of five such lovely naked bodies around me and brushing against me made me feel terribly excited. “Now, darling,” said Bertha bending over me and kissing me full on the mouth, “keep your beautiful legs wide open and you will have the first of many naughty adventures that you are going to enjoy both with us and with some of our male admirers.”

    Oh goodness, I could hardly believe such a thing, but even as she spoke Bertha slithered her warm tongue between my lips, sending delicious shivers through me. I felt its tip tickling and caressing that of my own in such a sensuous manner that I was soon ready for anything. Meanwhile, two of the other girls each bent over me and took one of my rosy nipples between her lips and commenced to suck upon them until they rose rigid with pleasure. I sighed my pleasure into Bertha's mouth and wound my arms around her neck as our tongues entwined. At that she began to roll me slowly over on to my hip whereat some very inquisitive hand began to explore the plump half-moons of my bottom, one forefinger caressing me so beguilingly there that I increased the flicking motion of my tongue around Bertha's. That pretty brunette was obviously delighted with my response for, as she later said to me, some new girls required to be seduced much more slowly and even sometimes fought a little, which gave an extra pleasure to her lovely conquerors once she was finally brought to submission. Now, however, I felt the disappointment of Bertha's lips leaving my own, but this was only momentary for her real desires, as I quickly discovered, were centred elsewhere. With a murmur of pleasure, while the others continued to play their lips and fingers over me, Bertha flung herself to the foot of the bed and moved her face up between my open thighs. In another instant I felt her long and ardent tongue flicking steadily against my clitoris, which the heady excitement of my “seduction” had erected to a quivering point.

    I squealed with pleasure and tightened my thighs against her cheeks as that wicked tongue began to snake within and explore the inner recesses of my quim. So much did it stimulate me, making my bottom squirm with delight, that I implored the kisses of one of the other girls upon my mouth. No sooner asked than being done, my bottom cheeks began to bounce up and down with increasing desire. The adulation of Bertha's tongue combined then with one of her fingers inserting itself in my slit and the other-oh, most naughtily!-teasing around the rim of my bottomhole. All of a sudden a beautiful fire began to glow in my belly. All my supple curves were yielded to them, my mouth being kissed and my nipples sucked, so that only one of the five stood idle, though happily watching! I sobbed and sobbed then with increasing desire into the mouth of the sweet girl whose tongue was between my lips. I writhed, I moaned. Bertha increased her divine ministrations. Her little finger even dared to invade my tight bottomhole! Then an exquisite feeling of release came upon me and I spurted a fine long spray of “love's liquour” into Bertha's mouth, then slumped in a near-swoon of delight. When at last I “came to,” I was showered with kisses and congratulations by the girls who declared that the lasciviousness of my hips and the voluptuous contortions of my body had marked me out as a true member of their Society and that I was undoubtedly endowed by Nature to appreciate to the full the joys of sensuality. Recovering slowly as I did in a pink haze of pleasure, I begged Bertha to allow me to do to her what she had so blissfully done to me. In a moment she had straddled my face, presenting the rolled lips of her luscious pussy to my mouth in such a manner that-blissfully “blinded” as I was-I had but to clasp her svelte hips and sidle my tongue up into her receptive slit. Her ripe bottom quite bumped upon my nose as I did that, but I knew it to be a token of her enjoyment as I twirled my tongue. While we were doing this, the other girls fell upon the adjoining beds and indulged themselves in a similar exercise so that the whole dormitory was filled with lovely juicy slurping sounds! I am sure that you must be surprised, dear Ethel, with all that I have written and the very naughty words I have been using, but I swear to you that there is such an untold pleasure, in it all that I must convey it to you as my dearest, sweetest friend. Do not be shocked with me, will you? As soon as I am home during the vacances, I shall long to take your drawers down and explore all your own treasures, I do promise you that!

    Since that night I have been very much more popular with the other girls who at first most amusingly thought me “pious.” Now that they have made sure that I am ready to be as naughty as they, they have thrown off all constraint. They keep the most wicked drawings, photographs and books locked up in their cabinets, the like of which I never knew existed. Some of the girls also keep a collection of the letters they receive from male admirers, and one has the very, very naughtiest of epistles from an uncle of hers who sometimes visits here and comes to see her privately. But there-I shall have much more to tell you about all these things soon, and so I remain your dear and loving friend who prays to hear from you so that she may know she is forgiven for her naughtiness.


    Editor's Note:

    It is frequently thought that young ladies of our time, and indeed, those of our charming letter writers, were prim in the extreme. One learns from this correspondence of course that this was by no means the case-and one is certain that it remains true. Blanche, Ethel and very many others were, as shall be seen, lively and vigourous young things whose pursuit of certain pleasures was no less than that of males, although it is to be suspected that one would never have known it to have met them casually. In Ethel's reply may be seen the beginnings of “quivering interest,” as it were


    My dearest Blanche

    With what inquisitiveness and anticipation did I open your letter! Fortunate I was that Mama was not here when the postman arrived bearing an envelope with the very handwriting upon it that I had waited for. Papa was aware of its arrival, but no doubt thought it full of “silly stuff” and so did not ask me about its contents, which was extremely fortunate! Did it all really happen? Oh, you must tell me more! I was quite carried away, and so much so, I confess, that while I perused it lying on my bed I could not help but steal a hand up beneath my skirt to tickle myself a little. So you see, you are not the only naughty one! Alas, I cannot really reply in kind, for you know how dull life is here. Even so, I will confess that Cousin Edwin kissed me the other day upon the first landing when no one was about. I was much in a fluster that one of the servants-or worse, Papa or Mama-would ascend and discover us.

    The naughty boy pushed me into a corner, and though I tried to twist my mouth away from his, he finally succeeded in capturing my lips which made me feel quite swoony. I begged him softly to desist, but he would not. Boldly then he pressed his leg between my own so that I actually felt his thigh rubbing against my pussy through my gown and drawers! Dear Blanche, I blushed and tried to press him back, but cornered as I was he had the advantage of me, said what a pretty thing I was and then had the greater temerity to feel my titties at which I cried out a little and he, being scared, ran into the bedroom he is using and closed the door. For myself, I could not move for a moment and felt quite dizzy. My titties had swollen and my nipples were hard.

    I felt my cheeks flushed and had a naughty desire to rub myself between my legs. Had I but received and read your letter before, I might have let him continue to be libertine with me for a moment or two more, but in thinking on it I do realise that you were enjoying yourself with girls, whereas with a man it is more than merely naughty, is it not? Perhaps you will be my adviser now-who knows! Did I do wrong to let him feel my breasts? The naughty boy said, “Oh, your lovely tits!”, the while he kissed me, which at that moment then I thought was very rude. Even so I cannot wait the long weeks for your return, however brief. I would love to kiss you properly now, dearest Blanche, and let you feel inside my drawers. How naughty we shall be, but what exciting fun! I remember once when you were trying on a gown of mine and stood in petticoat and stockings, I thought how nice your bottom looked and dearly wanted then to feel it-did not dare to say so, though! You see, you are more than forgiven. Indeed, I cannot contain myself for the sight of your next letter. Do hasten it, I beg you, for my poor head twirls. I try to think of more and more naughty things you girls can do, but my silly imagination is not up to it. To be sure, I think myself so ignorant now regarding all these things. If you were here now, we could take all our clothes off and lie in bed naked together with our fingers in each others quims (what a lovely word that is!) and you could tell me all, and all again. Write soon, write soon, for I shall die to know! Your adoring ethel my darling Ethel, What a dear surprise your letter was! How thrilled I was to learn of your first exploits, but I must tell you very quickly (for I fear that if I do not write it down now I shall hesitate to do so) that one may be as equally naughty with men as with girls-or yes, even lovely ladies! You see, I had better explain that we do no real “lessons” here, by which I mean that the only commonplaces of education we must sustain are to improve our French and similarly to improve our writing styles in English. Madam is very insistent in elegance in all things, even down to prose.

    French in particular is very important for reading many of the delicious books that are almost too naughty to translate into our own tongue, although Madam says that this must be one of our exercises!

    Additionally we have music, dancing, and physical exercises, for it is paramount (the word that Madam uses) to develop our figures to the full. As you know, it is a very expensive establishment and limited only to a dozen girls whose fondest parents wish for them a complete education. I am sure, of course, that dear Mama is unaware that naughtiness is part of our curriculum, and never will. One must be discreet, as Madam says, and always gives a little wink and rolls her hips whenever she says it! We are called at 8.30 each morning by maids who bring us cups of steaming coffee or chocolate with small croissants, butter and a little marmalade, which Madam kindly imports from home. After this we get up in pairs and go to one of the three bathrooms. The baths are big enough for two girls at a time and are surrounded by tall mirrors so that we can see ourselves reflected from every angle. Since my “seduction” I enjoy it immensely, for I and my companion of the morning intertwine our limbs in the warm, perfumed water and watch the reflections of our lascivious postures in the mirrors. It is important, Madam says, that we should see how gracefully we move our limbs, thrust out our bottoms and keep our titties raised. Many of the girls-including of course Bertha-tell me the most excitingly improper stories when we are ensconced thus in the bath, when, of course, our lips and fingers soon begin to play with one another. After bathing and having a full breakfast, we are allowed to wear only our gown, stockings and shoes, with nothing else whatever beneath, for Madam insists that this encourages the most important of our curves to grow and-as she says-fulfill themselves. We linger around chatting until midday when we have a light meal and then gather in her private sitting room, which is very luxurious and commodious. There we always find her as enticingly undepressed as we.

    Our French lessons begin then, and these consist mainly of reading aloud in turn from some novel of a very spicy kind, after which we discuss and ask about the words and phrases that are foreign to us. Madam does everything to encourage this, then sets us to our exercise books and our translations of the most sensuous passages from the novels. Finally, before dinner, we are allowed to walk around the town. I must say that, dressed so lightly and so tightly as we are, we draw the most lustful glances from the men as we go by. The naughty words, “What a bottom!” are frequently heard in French. So cunningly are our dresses fashioned that our titties bounce inside them as we walk! On our return we practise our physical exercises in very tight and revealing costumes, or do a little music and then dance. It is only we older girls-the six of us-who have the privilege of later dinner with Madam. Saturday evenings in particular are a very special occasion for then we arrive in her sitting room wearing cloaks which, as soon as the door is closed, we discard, revealing our very exclusive gowns which display our breasts to just below our nipples, and the hems of which come an inch or two above our stocking tops, to all effect like very brief chemises! This, as Madam says, is to encourage us not to be shy in any circumstances with men, whoever they may be, provided that their admiration for our charms might immediately or at some future time be to our advantage.

    Immediately we seat ourselves, the sliding up of our skirts reveals the most alluring of sights and, during our story-telling and novel-reading hour, many are the longing glances thrown at Madam's superb figure, her long milky thighs revealed as boldly as our own.

    Occasionally I have heard her sigh and part her legs most provocatively when one of the girls told a really naughty tale, which-by the way-we must always do in French since it sounds much more elegant and by no means as crude as when uttered in our own plain Anglo-Saxon. This reminds me to tell you about a book that we senior girls are reading with Madam and which is called Le Demi-Monde des Jeunes Filles. I need not tell you that it is very rude and that the word demi-monde is one used to describe high-class ladies with the most erotic tastes who are sometimes even rewarded for their services!

    In the case of this story, however, none of the ladies deign to receive other than costly gifts, which Madam says is every young lady's right in any event. But I see I am late for my next soiree with Madam so must hasten to finish now and will tell you more of this naughty story in my next. Have you been on the landing again with Cousin Edward?!

    My fondest love,Blanche

    Editor's Note:

    In order to spare the reader an unbroken text, I have divided the letters much as chapters are arranged in other books. Ethel's reply follows immediately.


    My darling Blanche,

    Your letters become ever more exciting and I pray they will continue to do so! What a pet you are to tell me all. I cherish every sentence that you write and cannot tell you how many times I have read your latest until I know most of it by heart. I am sure this can do me no harm at all and in fact will improve my education quite free of charge! I long to hear of the naughty novel you mentioned. Will you tell me all about it? I have never read one, as you know, nor even had sight of one (poor Mama would faint if she knew they even existed, I am sure), and so I am all agog to know what it will contain and if it really has some very naughty words in it. Alas, dear Edward departed shortly after I had written to you and made no other attempt to capture me, but only, I am sure, because he feared discovery. He looked at me most longingly several times. I did not know whether to be bold with my eyes or not and dearly needed your advice-or Madams! Already, however, you have awoken my inquisitiveness and I have benefited much therefrom. Indeed, I may even cock a snook at you, as they say, for you must believe me when I say that I have seen a man's THING! Until now I had only seen my younger brothers and that very limp and small when he has run into the bushes in the garden to piddle. Mama scolded me for looking, which of course made me want to do so all the more. That was three years ago, but now that Dick is sixteen I am sure it has grown bigger and for the reason I shall now tell you. Our valets name, as you know, is John, and quite a fine young man he is, though rather rough of tongue when below stairs, I hear. It happened that I ventured down to the pantry when Mama and Papa were out. I know not why I did save out of curiosity and was rewarded for my inquisitiveness. Fortunately, I had approached quietly along the passageway when I heard a sound as of a girl giggling. In truth it was Milly, the kitchen maid. She stood in the doorway with her back to the framework and John close upon her.

    The wicked fellows hand was so far up under her skirt that I could see her knees so that I knew his fingers must be about her thighs, for his wrist was hidden underneath the folds. At that moment John was half turned away from me and fondling her, kissing her neck, while she was saying, “Oh, get off with you,” though did not mean it, I am sure, for her bottom moved most restlessly in a way that made her appear excited rather than put out. I, concealed in the shadow of an alcove which in turn is also partly hidden by a tall cupboard, saw all. What will you think of me when I say that amidst his amourous endeavours, John turned his body more towards me and from his opened trousers exhibited the most MONSTROUS thing, oh so long and thick and with a bulbous gleaming head-quite ten times the size of my brother's when I had last seen it! Amid his kissing-and he succeeded despite her giggles in capturing her mouth now and then-he attempted to place her fingers around it. Indeed, I Saw her distinctly touch it! You can imagine that I trembled all over at such a sight and would have given much to have seen more, for his thing was so upstanding and stiff that I could scarcely recognise it for the little limp thing I had seen of Dick's. I heard him then murmur to Milly to take hold of it and rub it, but she squirming all about would not, and then all was spoiled by the sudden calling of cook for Milly, who, poor girl, jumped and pushed and struggled and made her hurried way past into the pantry, pushing her skirt down as she went and leaving John all with his monster still displayed! At this, of course, I grew afeared that he might see me and huddled back into the shadows of the alcove. He, however, looked bemused and began to fumble with himself until with some effort he was able to tuck the big stiff thing back into his trousers. Cook's voice was heard again berating Milly for her absence, the which made John hurry away. Indeed, he passed me within two feet or so and I quiet as a tortoise, seeing the cloth of his trousers straining out! What big things men have-or are they not all the same? Oh, I could almost JUMP up and down with impatience at being so “h'ignorant” as our coachman, Jervis, often says of other servants! It was such a lovely, juicy one, Blanche, really, though I am sure you will think this a very feeble little tale in comparison with your own.

    Would I be as Milly was and be afraid to touch one? Does your naughty novel say things like this? Believe me, I shall stand at the window watching for the postman every day for the next fortnight until I hear from you again. Do not spare your pen, I beg you!

    Ever your loving Ethel

    Darling Ethel,

    Oh, how delighted I was to hear of your adventure! Yes indeed you have the better of me-so far? How big was it really? Madam says they can be as big as nine or ten inches long and as thick as your wrist or mine! Can you imagine!

    But of course you can, how foolish of me, for you have had the privilege of seeing the real thing whereas, poor me, I have seen only drawings and photographs. Yes, photographs which I can hardly bring myself to describe to you, so saucy and so wicked are they with gentlemen actually putting their pricks, or their cocks, into a girl's quim or, would you believe, much more naughtily in her bottom!

    But still, I must to my other duty to you for you asked me to tell you all I possibly can about Le Demi-Monde des Jeune Filles. As an exercise which was put upon us during French written lessons, I have translated a little part of it, though I confess my translation was not entirely up to scratch and so I have cheated a little by sending you now that which I wrote down together with Madam's much more learned corrections. One gentleman in the novel is a certain Cesar Blonde, a writer of erotic and lustful poems, about forty years of age. He encounters a most fetching young lady of but eighteen, half Italian, half French, whose name is Bianca. In talking with her at a dinner party he discovers by experimental squeezing of her thighs beneath the tablecloth that in spite of her assumed air of innocence she is fully alive to the pleasures of sensuality. So, my dear, they arrange a rendezvous for the next day and Bianca arrives very prettily dressed, for knowing what is likely to happen from all the compliments he has showered upon her and the wicked suggestions he has made, she displays special care over her dress, her coiffeur and her toilette. Arriving at his house, he plies her with liqueurs and kisses her passionately. Pretending at first to be coy, Bianca nevertheless thrills to the sensation of his hand creeping up beneath her skirt, whereat he discovers to his immense delight that she has paid him the very fine compliment of omitting to wear any drawers! Soon, then, his hand is cupping the furry nest of her pussy while her own impudent fingers toy up and down along the huge bulge in his trousers.

    Having so exchanged their first libertine caresses, Cesar leads the flushed maiden upstairs to his huge bedroom, the walls of which are in part panelled with full-length mirrors in order that whatever takes place upon the bed may be viewed by the participants. On another wall are reproductions of paintings of the most lascivious kind.

    Standing side by side they inspect them while his hand “caresses the warm and bulbous promise of her breasts and bottom.” Bianca, who has never seen such vivid depictions before, “palpitated madly as her eyes came upon a painting that showed Leda yielding to the swan.

    Another depicted Jupiter in the form of a bull inserting his immense prick into the fulsome nest of Europa. Blushing and wriggling amourously as Cesar's hand delved up beneath the back of her gown to fondle the bare cheeks of her bottom, Bianca finally gazed with a voluptuous stirring of her hips upon a scene wherein Lot was lying half-drunk on his back with one of his daughters seated at his knees and toying with his rigid member while the other offered her swollen nipples to his lips.” Having fully awoken his young partner's body and imagination, Cesar divests her of all her clothing save for her long black kid gloves, her silk stockings and shoes, “for as an experienced sensualist such a bewitching state of undress excited his lust far more than if she were merely naked.” Madam agrees with that entirely, by the way! But to continue, Cesar then lays her on the bed and strips in turn. “Her nipples drawn to fine points of fire, and all her youthful innocence of the realities of desire falling rapidly away from her, Bianca saw with wondering eyes the stark protrusion of Cesar's thick, wagging penis and his heavy balls beneath. For a moment she wilted at the sight and made as if to roll off the bed, but he with a victorious laugh was quick upon her, forcing her delicious young curves to wriggle wantonly beneath his hard male form.

    “Scarce able to breathe for excitement, Bianca exchanged the wildest of kisses with him, joining her tongue to his the while that his fingers foraged in her plump nest and her own dared to engage themselves with the throbbing rod of his desire. Little moans broke from her mouth and her bottom began to work eagerly in response not only to their mutual caressing but to the hot words of love he poured into her ear. Panting with desire, Bianca permitted him to part her thighs widely so as to settle her firmly on her back in order to receive her first stallion. Then a moment of panic seized her as he rolled upon her, allowing his fervent tool to throb upon her smooth and silky belly. Bianca commenced to struggle feebly, but Cesar being much the stronger was perfectly well accustomed to mastering young girls once he had brought them to a certain pitch of excitement.

    “'What will you do?' she moaned, feeling the swollen crest of his rammer gliding back down until it nudged the pouting lips of her cunt.

    “'Let us fuck, my love. Have you not been fucked before?' asked her swain with some amusement. “'N… n… no!' gasped Bianca, who knew not now whether she wanted to or not. In such a situation, the sweet girl was of course given no further option and with but little effort Cesar grunted his satisfaction in being accorded such a divinely curved young creature and succeeded in inserting the knob of his prick between the moist lips of her quim. At that, Bianca uttered a little cry and arched her back, all unknowing as she did so that this but aided the efforts of her stallion, who thereby was enabled to push up a full four inches of his throbbing tool into her cunny.

    “Even then, Bianca beat feebly with her fists at his muscular shoulders, moaning and bucking her bottom in such wise that Cesar knew her to be well on heat and ready for the joust, despite all her pretences. Even as her face twisted petulantly from side to side so he urged his penis up within her narrow channel inch by inch while drawing amourously with his lips upon her quivering nipples.

    “Oooh-woooh-woooh!” Bianca sobbed, or made great pretence of doing so. Inwardly however she was thrilled to the core at finding Cesar's throbbing weapon so smoothly inserted up her quim and causing her belly to tremor with ecstatic thrills. Her shapely legs stirred all about, her tightly stockinged thighs rasping to the flesh of his own as-with his full lodgement well secured in her silken purse-Cesar commenced to pound her pestle. “At that, Bianca more fully awoke as from a dream. Her tummy seemed to be filled with fire, her ardent bottom grinding upon the coverlet of the great bed as her first champion commenced to ride her. Fortunate was she perhaps that Cesar was a master of the art, for he was neither too fast nor too slow in his endeavours and with every inward and outward surging of his well-sheathed tool he poured words of adoration and of erotic bliss into her velvet ears, imploring her to answer him in kind. “At first, Bianca could only stammer against his passionate lips the while she drew with ardour on his cock, which was causing her such exquisite thrills. Then, casting the last veils of her modesty aside, she commenced to answer him in kind, saying in turn such words as he, thus cock and balls and fucking-to, of course, his perfect delight, for like all lustful males, Cesar adored hearing such words hotly whispered by a maiden. 'How many cocks will you have in this hot little cunt of yours, my love?' he asked coarsely in the rising of his passion. Unable to reply, with her hard-nippled tits rearing beneath his manly chest, Bianca's mind was itself too clouded by desire to find reply, though curiously enough she thrilled divinely to such a wanton question, the like of which she had never thought of before.

    Being beseeched then to raise her black-stockinged legs and wind them around the hips of her possessor, she did so while clasping her arms equally about his brawny shoulders. All then seemed to dissolve in her. The very room appeared to be fogged in a deep pink light as she felt herself sprinkling his tool again and again with the glorious outflooding of her come. “Feeling himself so anointed and being aware that he had discovered a treasure among treasures, Cesar then worked her even more manfully, uttering many obscene words in her warm, receptive ears until in turn the exquisite moment came upon him.

    His powerful loins rippled, his tongue drove deep into Bianca's mouth.

    Surging his pulsing weapon deep inside her receptive nest, he expelled such a powerful shoot of sperm as made her wriggle her bottom in delight and sob for more. Lost for words himself in his erotic delirium, Cesar could but grunt and moan as the now lustful young creature beneath him caused him to spout and spout again until the thick gruelly substance of his sperm seemed to flood the amourous cave of her cunny and run back in warm trickles down her thighs.” You can easily imagine, my dear Ethel, what an effect the reading and translating of such a tale had upon me! Even so, it was to take an even more wicked turn, as I shall now describe. After further delights between the pair, during which Cesar threaded her yet again, he took her in his carriage to the door of her house, still keeping both her mouth and her pussy well engaged as they jogged along the dark, deserted streets. Arranging then a further rendezvous with her, but ever counselling her to caution and to say nothing to anyone of their affair, he left the dear girl in a highly excited state-so much so indeed that her Mama (who much disapproved of her arriving home so late) was quick to notice signs of disarray in her attire, which is to say that two buttons of her corsage were still undone and that there was a high flush in her pretty cheeks. “As all young ladies know at some time or other”- so continued the writer-“it is one thing to enjoy high excitement and another to find oneself facing a suspicious Mama who knows exactly what signs of wantonness to look for. Being something of a martinet, Bianca's Mama soon drew from the tremulous and now momentarily subdued girl a little-though most certainly not all-of what had transpired that evening between herself and Cesar. Her righteous wrath being aroused (although she herself had done no less in the past), the father was then called down and informed of all, being instructed that he was to forthwith whip some prudence into the wayward girl. “Never having performed such a task before, Bianca's Papa was dubious in the extreme about doing so, but under the urging of his wife he took his daughter's arm and led her sternly upstairs. Reaching her pretty boudoir, he closed the door and gruffly instructed Bianca to prepare herself for the score of strokes demanded by her Mama. Her eyes moist with tears which arose from a mixture of emotions-and not least those which Cesar had aroused-his daughter positioned herself dutifully upon her bed in a kneeling attitude, raised her skirt to her hips and then leaned forward on all fours-causing her fond Papa to blush to the roots of his hair.

    “Now for the first time,” the text went on, “Monsieur Piedmont's gaze fell upon Bianca's shapely calves, the inviting swelling of her thighs which of course her black stockings perfectly enhanced. Above, these columns of bliss supported two globular hemispheres, which to his amazement were utterly naked. Such immediate evidence, which appeared to support all that his wife had suspected, cast Monsieur Piedmont into a spell of fury which even the adorable bulbing of his daughter's naked bottom did not dispel. Thereupon, removing his leather belt, he began to lay it in with some relish upon the quivering cheeks which soon assumed a shade of pink that rendered them even more appealing. “Biting her lip and even pushing up her exquisite derriere quite bravely to the splatting sweeps of the leather, Bianca let not a sound escape her, for her pride was great.

    Curiously enough this affected her Papa, who wished to hear her squeal. At the seventh or eighth stroke, however, an equally strange transformation made itself felt in the girl. Her hips began to writhe in the most sensuous fashion and her lovely face-being in great part hidden by the clouding of her hair about it-assumed a dreamy look.

    “A sweet, warm sensation not unlike that which she had experienced on Cesar's bed began to swim in her belly the more that her bottom cheeks absorbed the swathing heat of the strap. On all fours as she was, Bianca clutched at the bedcover and screwed up her eyes. Spreading her legs a trifle wider, she began to emit soft, appealing moans that mingled with the cracking sound of the leather as it coursed across her wriggling orb. “As we have said, Monsieur Piedmont was a novice in the art of tingling up a young lady's bottom, though by now he was discovering somewhat guiltily that there was a considerable pleasure in the act. This-however warming to his heart and creating a certain tingling in his loins-was yet the least of the sensations now aroused in him, for not only did he view the attractive strawberry hue of his daughters once snow-white nether cheeks-not only did his eyes linger more in the enticing crevice formed by the inrolling of her hemispheres-but with the wider parting of Bianca's legs he gained as well a heart-thudding view of her saucy quim, which lay nested with its rolled lips coyly half-hidden in a bosquet of curls. “For a moment Bianca's Papa strapped her even harder, causing her to wince a little and to tighten her bottom all the more.

    Even so, amidst the heat whose long tongues seemed to invade her every crevice, and even despite the mist of tears across her lovely eyes, Bianca felt the blissful approach of her spendings. 'hoo-hooo!,' she moaned aloud, whereat Monsieur Piedmont-fearful that he had overdone the strokes and now in great part hypnotised by the secret visions vouchsafed to him-caused the strap to sweep much more lightly across Bianca's rosy orb, the which she received with a mewing of pleasure and found herself once more moistly wafted into Paradise.

    “'Oooooh-oh, Papa!' sobbed she. Then, straightening her legs back so that the sharp heel of one of her shoes actually struck Monsieur Piedmonts shin, Bianca slumped down on to her belly and rubbed her pussy furiously upon the quilt before lying still. So still indeed was she thereafter, and with but her eyelashes fluttering, that her Papa grew fearful she might have fainted and rolled his daughter over on to her back. “Alas or not, as Bianca now found herself in a second immodest posture with her stockinged legs apart and her bush well displayed, so in turn Monsieur Piedmont quite unwittingly caused himself to be exposed in turn. In bending over her, his trousers-lacking the support of his belt-sagged down to his knees.

    Thus in her position immediately beneath him, and gazing up under his shirt, Bianca found her vision filled by his pendant balls and a large penis, which in the last few moments had become so turgid with emotion that its size was already doubled. “'Dear heavens!' croaked Monsieur Piedmont, for the privacy with which they were fortunately endowed and the utter wantonness of Bianca's display caused his penis to erect itself fully, making the front of his shirt billow forward.

    Perceiving even more then of this unintended parental offering, and observing how thick and veined the gross stem was, Bianca writhed, her hips and-digging the heels on her shoes into the carpet so that she might not slip on to the floor-gazed up at him with such a look of passion as her Papa could scarce believe. “'D… d… dear Papa!' choked she and squirmed her hot cheeks all the more upon the quilt while offering him her most beseeching look. “'My little pet, I have hurt you,' exclaimed Monsieur Piedmont for want of anything better to say as his trousers-with no reluctance whatever-slid further down to his ankles. “At this point, it most be confessed, Bianca's thoughts were equally in turmoil. Just as devils haunt the corners of all our minds, so in that moment she seemed once more to hear the wicked Cesar asking her, 'How many cocks are you going to have in this hot little cunt of yours, my pet?' A trilling sob escaped her then, for she knew she was about to be much naughtier than she had even been with Cesar. “'My b… b… bottom is hot, Papa,' she whimpered and reached up one arm as though to take his hand in order that she might rise. Instead, however- and with all the appearance of an accidental fumbling with the hem of her father's shirt-Bianca took hold of that which she had never even thought to see. In so doing, the movement of her wrist raised the front of Monsieur Piedmont's shirt whereat he experienced not only the sight but also the extreme pleasure of his daughter's fingers being coiled warmly around his erect and throbbing member. “'My darling!' choked he. “'Oh, Papa!' responded Bianca, who nevertheless did not relax her grip and thrilled to feel the pulsing rod of flesh which her slim fingers could by no means fully encircle. Half closing her eyes, she clung to her new possession much like a child with a plaything while a dazed and excited Monsieur Piedmont solicitously raised both her stockinged legs and turned her about so that she lay full upon the bed with her head on her pillow, so drawing him forward with her by means of her demanding grip that in a trice he found himself couched between her shapely legs. “'It is incest, my love,' he murmured throatily as though to explain, to accuse himself and to offer himself pardon all in the same moment. Then with an insensate thrill such as seemed to inject molten lava into the veins of both, the rubicund crest of his stiff cock nudged the pouting lips of his daughter's honey-pot.

    “'Yes, Papa,' whispered Bianca, giving her hips a sly wriggle so that with an open gasp from both the nut was inserted. “'Incest,' repeated Monsieur Piedmont, as if he were evaluating the word rather than actually indulging in the act. “'Yes, Papa,' repeated the wanton girl, for not having heard the word before she assumed, not without some reason in the circumstances, that it was an expression of pleasure. Doing as she thought was right, she parted her lips and slithered her tongue within his mouth, making him quiver with unutterable delight as the fervent, velvety tip met his own. To Monsieur Piedmont, the sultry lips of his daughter's quim, already clamped with amourous pleading around the knob of his big, veined tool, now seemed to be drawing him in. Inch by inch the elastic, silky walls of Bianca's lovenest parted to admit his awesome tool. Her arms coiled about his neck, her perfumed breath panting to his own. Raising both stockinged legs as Cesar had taught her to, Bianca crossed them tightly about her father's waist and with a little jerk of her hot bottom brought him finally to sheathe his prick fully in her. “In such moments, even the most mild-tongued of men tend to become so over-excited that all manner of unbidden words come to their lips. The pressure of his daughter's legs was demanding indeed. Her saliva, seeping into his mouth from her luring tongue, tasted as nectar and her belly rippled with pleasure beneath his own. With a helpless gasp, Monsieur Piedmont felt his embedded cock tingling and throbbing as never before, so sweetly clasped was it by the walls of her pussy.

    “'You… you bitch! D… d… divine little witch!' he uttered passionately. “Bianca, who would hear such words spoken to her in moments of hot desire many times in the years to come, laughed throatily into his mouth for her own pleasure and excitement were so intense that she could not help herself and surrendered utterly to the moment. “'You naughty Daddy,' she gurgled in response, her eyelashes fluttering against his cheekbones. “A deep groan escaped her sire, who knew he was deeply in sin but could not help himself, so luscious were the sensations of their most intimate embrace. Snorting against the ivory column of his daughter's slender neck, he began to pump her slowly, causing the most dreamy expression to come over Bianca's face. No longer did she kiss him but turned her face on the pillow and simply rocked her bottom back and forth in rhythm with his own fine thrusts, his balls smacking beneath her orb with every stroke. “'Dear sweet my love, I am fucking you,' choked he in utter disbelief and all in one long breath.

    “'Mmmmmm…' hummed Bianca pleasurably, and thus affording him no doubt whatever that she was enjoying the forbidden fruit upon which her ardent cunny was gently sucking. “So the incestuous bout proceeded, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, but ever rising upwards to the desired peak which both now in their careless lusting sought.

    Their tongues again met, moving more freely and lasciviously in each other's mouth. Sliding her legs down and parting them wide, Bianca dug her heels into the quilt. Her bottom urged frenetically back and forth, slipping and sliding upon the soft surface beneath her as the big piston of flesh pumped back and forth, ever nosing up to the root and then drawing out again. “'D… d… do it to me, Papa-come on!' she moaned and clawed his back impatiently, for she wanted nothing more now than to feel her father's sperm gushing up his throbbing tube to expel its liquid treasures within her. Hearing him then pant the more and feeling him work his cock in her more vigourously, Bianca clasped her arms about his shoulders possessively, delighted to have discovered that his big penis was no less doughty than that of Cesar. “Even so-and curious indeed is human nature- some spasm of remorse seized Monsieur Piedmont then. Several times he had felt his nubile daughter crinkle her own tribute around his embedded cock and, now on the very point of coming himself, he withdrew his steaming tool from its clinging abode and with a profound utterance of longing groans expended the first shoots of his come upon her belly, this causing Bianca (for one is bound to tell the truth) to utter plaintively enough her disappointment. “'Oh-ho-no, Papa-oh, you have wasted it!' she wailed and felt her tummy wet and all bedewed. “'I d… d… did not dare, my pet-I know not why,' quivered her Papa while fresh spoutings from his cock flooded over her silken skin. “'You s… s… silly! Oh, you will next time- you will?' she mewed and rubbed herself up against him luringly, at which moment alas her Mama's voice was heard from below calling her errant husband to account. “'Bianca my precious, oh, my love!' uttered Monsieur Piedmont somewhat incoherently. Despite the expenditure of his sperm, he longed to delve his cock up into her nest again, but for the nonce he was put to unseemly haste and rose up from her while Bianca's hooded eyes noted with interest the thick pearls of come that dripped still from his prick. His legs quivering not a little in the aftermath of their torrid bout, her Papa hastily repaired himself, replaced his belt and stumbled to the door. “'You will next time, Papa-you will?' insisted Bianca drowsily, still lying with her legs apart. For though she had come several times herself she had wanted to receive the male emission which she judged to be a maiden's due.

    “'Ah yes, ah yes,' responded he. Completely bewildered and bewitched, yet thrilled to the very core of his being, Monsieur Piedmont opened his daughters bedroom door rather hazily and knew himself to be in an entirely new world from that which he had inhabited little more than half an hour before.” Oh, my goodness, Ethel, I dare write no more! It has taken me a full hour to set this down for you, and I confess that I have played with myself a lot while writing it and so delayed the passage of my pen! After your own little revelations, dear, I feel sure that you will now find yourself similarly occupied! So forgive me if I do not add any more news and gossip, though there is sufficient of that, too. I shall be late for Madam's soiree now and will surely feel the birch across my bottom! In much haste and with many kisses (everywhere!).

    Your Loving Blanche


    Editor's Note:

    At this point we turn-I trust not to the disappointment or inconvenience of the reader-to comb other epistles which were or had been written at this time. It was not many weeks after the date of Blanches last letter that a certain personage made himself present at Madam's establishment, he being what we would nowadays call a School Inspector. French law required such official visits to be made once every two years at least to private educational establishments. Madam's had not long reached that anniversary, but-as we shall see-that remarkable lady was perfectly able to deal with such an intrusion. The following letter is from her to an obviously very intimate friend.

    My dear Henri,

    I have the most amusing news to Convey to you, but pray-as you have always done before-hide this letter from the view of all eyes save your own and those of your adorable wife. Two weeks ago I received a most pompous letter from the Department of Education advising me of a forthcoming visit by an Inspector, which news, of course, put the girls all a-flutter.

    Immediately this intelligence reached me, I of course took such precautions as I thought necessary and had put away in the safest places all our naughty books and such illustrations as you and dear Antoinette have oftimes seen-thereafter indulging before my very eyes in some of the postures while I myself was being attended to in like wise by Raphael. Enough however of such reminiscences, for we shall soon enough again be enjoying the realities when I bring one of my pupils to visit you both. I shall not tell you which one and so you will be kept in glorious suspense at the thought of initiating her between you both. It was but yesterday that the Inspector, a certain Monsieur Delfond, made his presence felt. Finding him a man in middle years with a fussy though not too sombre air, I received him graciously in my sitting room, which he took to be my study and so was quite bemused with the air of luxury it affords as equally he was taken with the fine wine I dispensed. Even so, he remembered his duties quickly enough, went through the register of pupils-observing with some curiosity as he did that the majority come from England-and then expressed a desire to tour the establishment. Being as well prepared as I was, and all the girls in knowledge of his presence and well rehearsed, he found nothing in the first instance but several groups of demure and most properly attired young ladies in various rooms intent on their studies. All of course gave him the shyest of looks, though not forgetting to flutter their eyelashes at him in a mildly coquettish manner, which I felt happily certain had drawn his interest. That may explain perhaps why he listened to a reading by several of the girls of some rather dull passages from Lamartine's works, nodding as he did from time to time as though to say that he himself was a master of classical literature! Having guided him similarly to two other groups of girls, I then advised him that the last were to be found doing their physical exercises in the gymnasium.

    Much as he endeavoured to appear learnedly interested in this news, I observed his eyes flickering not a little at my murmured hesitation that in allowing him to view them he would find them in a certain state of light undress- such as gave freedom to their limbs, as I put it. “I do not wish to offend your modesty, sir, nor theirs,” said I while even so turning the handle of the door which leads into the exercise room. Opening it a foot or so, I allowed him to peep within, at which his cheeks grew slightly flushed! For the occasion I had attired Blanche, Julie and three others in what are styled Grecian robes, which is to say that they are light and gauzy in the extreme and permitted his eyes to feast upon their thighs, the lilting of their breasts beneath the almost transparent veils, and their undoubtedly most fetching knickered bottoms. Indeed, he gulped, the while that I opened the door more. At this juncture-and I having well arranged the thing-Sylvia, who is one of my more promising pupils, came upon the scene from along the corridor and advised me that I was required urgently at the entrance by an enquirer.

    “Monsieur, you will forgive me, for I must to my duties. Pray go within and see for yourself how excellently the young ladies comport themselves,” I said, at which his face assumed an even pinker hue which I affected not to notice and departed in company with Sylvia, who was naturally perfectly in the picture and knew of no other visitor whatever. Hearing the door to the exercise room close, we then quietly retraced our steps and entered an adjoining room, where, as you know, I have had the good sense to create several small apertures in the wall through which one may peep. These have benefited a number of discreet gentlemen who have entered the house quietly, and now they much benefited me. Little did the Inspector, who now stood open-eyed in the long exercise room, know his fate-nor that Blanche had been promised her first sight of an erect penis! I did not doubt that Monsieur Delfond would soon have one since the girls' only attire beneath their gauzy robes were their frilly drawers, which had been purposely loosened at the waist so that with every jump and twist they slid lower and lower! Blanche's were the first to descend fully, and the artful minx so arranged matters as to find herself in close proximity to the Inspector as they descended to her ankles, whereat his eyes all but popped out of his head. Blanche, I should say, is well endowed in all respects. Her titties are full and rosy-nippled, her belly is sleek and has just the slightest curve, which gives an attractive female such a voluptuous air. Her legs-oh, what long and lovely legs she has! Her thighs are columns of ivory bliss, dear Henri, and will soon fall victim to your own and to Antoinette's artful tongue. Between them, at their juncture, nests her cunt, which is well-furred for her age, plumping up its proud curls all around to form an enticing mound. “Oh, Monsieur, pray assist me!” gasped Blanche, falling against him in such wise that her belly pressed to his and her firm pumpkins wobbled to his chest. “I shall f… f… fall if I try to pull my drawers up now! Oh, girls, go out please while the Monsieur assists me!” I had warned the girls not to giggle at this, though several were on the point of doing so. Indeed, so well disciplined are they that scarce a glance went the way of the seemingly enlaced pair as they demurely and swiftly went to the door and passed beyond, closing it behind them. Thus left with her prey-if such he may be called-Blanche managed to blush very prettily. One must remember after all that this was her first “engagement”! “Please assist me, but I will turn my back on you in all modesty,” she declared winningly and then turned cautiously about with her ankles still somewhat trapped. Her robe flapped gently as she did so, and one could not help but remark the superb development of her bottom, which is exactly at that stage that most gentlemen admire, which is to say that it retains its girlish chubbiness while giving the full promise of maturing female bliss. No sooner in fact did Monsieur Delmond so perceive it, orbed before his very eyes, than a considerable protuberance appeared at the front of his trousers which gave no doubt to his state of virility. This of course Blanche did not perceive since she now had her back to him. “Ass… ass… assist you?” he stammered. “Please, yes, will you bend and draw them up while I raise my robe? It will take but seconds and then the other girls may return,” replied Blanche glibly. In what state of mind that gentleman took this invitation one will never know, for it was uttered in such perfect innocence that I do not doubt that his cock quivered all the more! I have frequently told my girls that an air of girlish innocence combined with a fetching state of dishabille is the surest way to bring a prick up to its most hopeful stance, and so it was then.

    With something of a grunt and a groan-perhaps even a hint of a sigh!-Monsieur Delfond fell to his knees behind the entrancing girl in the very moment that she commenced to raise her robe. With what delicacy and apparent hesitancy she did so! Were I to award gold medals, Blanche would certainly have one! First her calves were revealed, then the sweet indipping of her knees, then her swelling thighs until at last (glory of glories!) her luscious orb was fully bared for his attention. Peeping through an adjacent aperture in the wall as she was, Sylvia uttered a little sigh which I doubted not stemmed from the fact that she does not share the same dormitory as Blanche, but would dearly wish to. Making a mental note that the two must be brought together privately as amourously as possible, I passed my nearest hand up beneath the attractive girl's skirt and fondled her own warm derriere, much to her delight, for she wriggled it in order to accommodate my enquiring fingers the better! What a perfect pleasure it is, as we well know between us, to toy amourously with a companion while viewing the indiscreet pleasures of others! “Bend forward a little, my dear,” now murmured Monsieur Delfond huskily.

    “Yes, sir,” replied Blanche dutifully and, so doing, placed her hands upon her knees whereat, of course, her ardent bottom made immediate contact with the gentleman's nose, which found itself most happily, I am sure, pressed between her springy cheeks. Drawing then his face back, and one that was all aglow, the Inspector reached up and clasped Blanche's hips lightly as though bidding her be still, though Blanche was as a very nubile statue and in a most enticing pose. “You… you… you have, I believe, a speck of dirt on your b… b… bottom,” stammered he, inspecting in fact what is a perfectly sweet beauty spot situated most strategically on her right cheek close to her groove. “Oh! Please then remove it, if you will, before you pull my drawers up,” said Blanche, who was so naughtily displaying her pouting nest beneath her orb that but an extension of his tongue would have reached it. Monsieur, however, had other ideas, and such as emboldened me to nimbly untie the bows of Sylvia's drawers, which, drooping immediately to her knees, allowed me to finger both her orifices. Passing his hand cautiously around the front of Blanche's left thigh, Monsieur Delfond lowered his other to quickly free his member, which-my goodness!-was not of the very noblest but a good eight inches long and full in girth. Sylvia uttered an incautious little murmur upon seeing it, whereat I whispered to her not to utter a sound lest we be heard. His member now nakedly upstanding, the gentleman displayed his further opportunism now by licking all about Blanche's beauty spot (which he could have mistaken for no other than that) as if endeavouring to remove it.

    “Ooooh-ah!” gasped that maiden, “has it g… g… gone, sir?”

    “Not yet, my dear, it has slipped a little further in. Permit me.

    Bend a trifle further if you can.” This Blanche obeying with a murmur not unlike dear Sylvia's, so that her hands then rested beneath her knees, the gentleman twirled his tongue a little and pointed it deep with her groove. Ah yes! feuille de rose, as we call it! “Whoooo!” Blanche choked, though being well-tutored and this not being the first seeking tongue she had had in her nether orifice, the dear girl squeezed up her eyes with pleasure and even bulged her bottom more into Monsieur Delfond's face until I had no doubt at all that the warm snake of his tongue was well embedded and (if he knew his tricks) was twirling as well within as it had done without.

    Bent over in profile to us as she was, Blanche's pretty face was a perfect picture of surprise and pleasure. Her breath hissed through her nostrils, and she dearly wished, I know, to rotate her bottom gently, but did not wish to seem so forward. What restraint she showed as he commenced to tongue her thus, the tip emerging only to delve within again until her eyes screwed up with delight! “Is it… is it g… g… gone, sir?” she asked in trembling tones. “My dear, it is utterly elusive. Pray move forward, will you not, and rest your hands upon the back of that chair. You will be more comfortable thus,” abjured he who was showing himself unconscionably wicked and was lucky indeed to find himself in MY establishment and not some prudish one where girls wear tightened drawers all day, and even in the night for all I know! A little comedy ensued for a matter of seconds as Blanche cautiously inched forward and took with her hands the wooden bar of the chair between the back struts. Being thus, she maintained her “stance of offering” well, leaving the gentleman for a moment a few feet behind her. Bless her, though, she did not glance back but remained as I wished her to in that submissive pose with head hung down so that her eyes had but sight of the seat of the chair.

    Thereupon Monsieur Delfond rose quickly and came to stand immediately behind her globular cheeks with his cock at full stand and all but brushing the velvety surface. “If you will but permit it, Mademoiselle, I have a syringe here whereby we can extract the wretched speck which otherwise might tickle you,” he murmured, having as most men do the gall to believe that Blanche was as innocent as she looked-or rather, I should say, did not, for her pose was an extremely lewd one in all conscience (I am glad to say!) and Monsieur clearly meant to take the utmost advantage of it. “Hold still,” he uttered and therewith gently parted the young girl's springy nether cheeks and so fully exposed the wrinkled aperture that was his goal. Bending his knees a trifle, he gazed for a second at the ceiling as if in devout prayer and then with a hissing out of his breath brought the purplish knob of his stiff penis to pulse against her hole. “Oh, s… s… sir, it f… f… feels like a big syringe!” quavered Blanche, who was skillful enough to seem to turn her head and yet did not. “It will fit, my pet. Have patience. Hold your bottom still. What an adorable one you have!” “Oh!” exclaimed Blanche then, as if in return for his compliment, though in fact her surprised gasp was caused by the deeper intrusion of his parting thumbs and the act that the bulbous head of his penis nubbed immediately against her bottomhole. All that I have so for taught the dear girl now came into play. “Ooooh no!” she uttered as with the first pressure of his loins the well-moistened rubbery rim of her aperture ceded to demand and allowed his knob to enter. “Ho, ho, ho, but its naughty!” she began to sob and pressed her hips back into him with artful cunning as though to rid herself of the intruder, whereas of course the supple movement served precisely to assist him in lodging a good three inches within.

    Her hands then pressed-up as if she would raise herself, but being the quicker of the two (though he knew not the actress in her), Monsieur Delfond grasped the nape of her neck firmly with one hand and thrust her down again. I have advised my senior girls, of course, that they will always come to such a moment as this and that the male invariably clamps the young lady in this way- and usually to good effect. A strong girl may struggle successfully, but this my pupils are taught NOT to do, but merely to give every sign of apparently so doing while suffering the first insertion of the cock in their bottoms. It being a natural reaction for a novice to rebel at finding herself corked-or about to be-one can temper apparent rebellion with such restraint and art as I have taught them. Thus with a seemingly pathetic little whimper, Blanche allowed her head and shoulders to sink again as if she could not help but submit to the clamping hand.

    “S… s… sir, how b… b… big your s… s… syringe is! Have you, have you f… f… found the speck yet?” she stammered.

    “There is a little way to go yet, my pet. Heavens, how blissfully tight you are! Come, press your lovely bottom back to me and so assist in absorbing all.” “I c… c… cannot-dare not! On, Mama!”

    Blanche cried most realistically, though in a muted tone such as would not pass through a good, stout bedroom door-this winning my approval muchly., “You must, you must. That is the best way to draw it out,” Monsieur Delfond responded with considerable guile, which intimated to me better than anything that this was not his first attempt at exercising a young girl in this way! “Oooh-wer!” exclaimed Blanche then, for with a manful urging of his plunger he succeeded in entering it right up her bottom and so held her while her warm, satiny cheeks rotated wildly against him. For a moment in that act of rigid, throbbing insertion, her eyes bulged, her mouth opened and her cheeks grew flushed. Dear girl, it was her first corking, her first experience of being put to the cock, and how truly lovely such a moment is! The full possessor of her adorable buttocks then, Monsieur Delfond relaxed his grip upon the nape of her neck and passed his hand beneath to fondle both her titties, whose lustrous weight was so easily felt and fondled under the cloudy material. Responsive as she is, Blanche's nipples came rigid to his palm in but seconds. Her lips came together once more. A faint whimpering issued from them as she experienced the full throbbing of the male member in her most secret orifice-one I have no doubt that warmed her through and caused her titties to swell upon his palm. As you may well imagine, my dear Henri, my fingers were at that time sweetly foraging in both of Sylvia's apertures in turn. For a moment she turned her face to me and licked her tongue into my mouth with long sweeping strokes while amourously surging her hips all around and mentally beseeching, I am sure, something much more doughty than my thumb or forefinger. Not only was Blanche being initiated, but Sylvia was too, for this was her first viewing of that which she would surely receive during her vacances at home, if not before. “Will he do it in her?”- she whispered to me naively, knowing very well my reply but wishing to hear the naughty words said. “He will sperm her, yes. She will feel the full flooding of it and will come herself. When you are taken toll of, my love, behave as she. Be restless, mutinous and yet submissive, too.” At that her eyes became a little bleared and she leaned against me, her own bottomhole sweetly moist to the insertion of my thumb and her hips jiggling prettily. Taking my eyes from the peephole, I turned her half towards me and with my free hand cupped her pulsing nest, parting the succulent lips with the tip of one finger so that she quivered as if in ague. “I want to,”

    Sylvia moaned into my mouth. As fervently as any girl ever has, she boldly raised my gown in turn and delved into the slits of my drawers both back and front. Monsieur Delfond and Blanche were momentarily forgotten. Her eyes rolled until her pupils could only just be seen. I knew her to be on the point of coming then and twirled my fingertip about her clitty. “You must wait, cherie,” I teased her for I always wish to bring my girls to the highest point before they are put over. Blanche was an exception, and a very saucy one. “Don't want to, please!” moaned Sylvia, who was quite beside herself with dreams and pleasure. “Your Uncle Richard is in Paris next week, my dear, as I happen to know, for he wrote me on the matter and desired to see you. Such visits are normally forbidden here, of course, but in the circumstance…” “Ah yes, Madam!” the quite possessed young creature responded passionately. Our fingers now having taken mutual possession of one another, we all but fell to the floor in such a frenzy as comes upon one in such moments. “Then you will take his cock in front of me as token of your naughtiness,” I said, whereat Sylvia uttered a huge quivering sigh, expelled as fast and fine a rain of spendings as I have ever felt creaming my palm, then sank slowly to the floor, where, lying sightless, she commenced playing with herself.

    I confess that I was tempted to follow down upon her, but duty called!

    Adjusting my gown, which had become rucked up to my stocking tops, I returned to my watchfulness though almost by then too late. The pair were in full flight. Moaning as if piteously, though most obviously with pleasure, Blanche was bent over the back of the chair but fully still, as I have told my girls to be at their first corking. Her legs were straight and her bottom well bulbed. Into it Monsieur Delfond was plunging his ramrod back and forth with increasing speed, making her rearing cheeks slap to his belly. “Mon Dieu! Quelles fesses!” he was heard to declare and then, snorting like a bull, evidently expended his liquid forces, causing dear Blanche to wriggle her bottom in the most sensuous manner while receiving the warm spouts of his libation. This, then, was my signal. Quitting the small room in which I had concealed myself, in but four steps I reached the exercise room and threw open the door. Immediately I did so, Blanches companions appeared as if by magic and clustered after me in the doorway. Monsieur Delfond stared at us open-mouthed with his prick still expelling the last pearls of its essence into Blanches well-corked derriere! I will not-indeed need not-describe to you the flurryings that followed, I for good example immediately ejecting the other girls and Blanche uttering a wail as if of despair as Monsieur's wicked plunger was withdrawn-a wail that might have been interpreted as an expression of regret for having parted from it, or one of remorse at having received it. Knowing it of course to be the former, I upbraided her with great realism and marched the Inspector to my sitting room, his diminishing tool covered. His state of confusion, general disarray of manner and dire embarrassment was such that he had little to say and nothing to excuse himself for, as I most sternly told him. Mention of the possibility of the matter reaching the ears of Blanche's parents caused him to blanch and all but fall upon his knees before me. Taking pen and paper, I brought the cowering man to write and sign a brief confession of his dire deed-“the utterly unmentionable,” as I imperiously put it. He begged me to show it to no one, or his career and his family would be ruined. “You may be in no doubt that I shall never bring myself to-unless, that is, I become aware of any but the most glowing report of my establishment,” I told him and promptly ushered him from the premises. What laughter followed his exit once the front entrance was closed! What babblings of desire there were from the girls all about a much “recovered”

    Blanche, who was begged to tell of her sensations. “What does it feel like?” “Was it nice?” “Did he come much in you?”

    Thus and thus was asked until I, putting on a matronly demeanour, sent them all back about their studies and engaged myself privately with Blanche. That, however, is another little story. For the nonce I have also engaged myself for far too long with this epistle, which I trust at the least you will find, dear Henri, as warmly described as I wish it to be. salutations, my kisses, and all the devotions of my waiting lips to you both.

    Your Affectionate Julie


    Editor's Note:

    The amourous frolics at Madame's led occasionally to some very unexpected complications in the outside world. One newcomer to her establishment, Maude Evrington-who was in the bloom of her seventeenth year-evidently did not care for the somewhat unconventional education she was receiving and wrote to her Mama, who, as will be seen from the following, was thereupon forced to put hasty pen to paper to a newfound lover in the absence of her husband, Arnold.

    My Darling Edmond,

    Our next rendezvous will, I fear, be delayed. To my great surprise I received this morning from Maude a letter to say that she wishes to return home, and this only two weeks after departing for Madame Lorraine's College for Young Ladies in France! I cannot think what has got into Maude, who writes in the most veiled fashion of “unseemly behaviour” there, which I cannot bring myself to believe. Goodness knows what Arnold will say of this on his return from Birmingham, though as you know he is not due to come back for some three weeks. What is to do? I cannot deny my dear daughter her right to return home, and yet I know that when she does she will be all about me and may even wish in all innocence to accompany me when I most desire to meet you. You may well imagine how fretsome I feel about this-and just at the very moment when we have so much time to indulge our love! I can think of no way out of this contretemps and am quite frantic. Dear heart, do write to me immediately and tell me what you think. I am quite sure that Maude is being merely hysterical, which I believe sometimes happens to girls of her age. I am utterly in despair, my love!

    Your Adoring Adelaide

    My Beloved Adelaide,

    Queen of the boudoir and Queen of my heart! Have faith in your Edmond, for he has a solution to this awful contretemps which will otherwise keep us apart. You remember of course the Fortescues whom we met at the Goodwood Races last summer? You are not closely acquainted with them, my love, but I can assure you that they are a couple utterly sympathetic and helpful in such situations. Indeed, I have taken the liberty of speaking to them already and they are most eager to assist us and in the most tactful manner. Having two young sons of their own, they are used to such “hysterics” as Maude is evidently experiencing and would love to take her in hand for a week or two to calm her down and-as they say-bring roses to her cheeks. This, then, is my plan. You will leave a note for Maude to say that you have been called away to the sickbed of your Aunt Miriam, whom, as you casually mentioned to me once, is quite detested by your daughter. Maude will not wish to follow you there in her present mood. But tell me the date of her arrival and I will arrange all with Frank and Nina Fortescue.

    Coincidentally-or so it will seem to Maude-they will arrive to visit you on the evening of her arrival, by which time you will already have departed. Maude cannot help but receive them, whereupon all will be well. The Fortescues will comfort and distract her as only they can, for they have already had a little practise among other friends in dealing with fractious young ladies. What say you, my dove? They have the most charming mansion, and there Maude will be as well seen to as any young lady might be, as well as having the company of young friends about her. You may then come to me as freely as you intended to, while Nina will keep us well informed. Make haste to write to me and say but that you agree. I cannot wait for the postman to arrive!

    Your Adoring Edmond

    My Dearest, Darling,

    What a dither of uncertainty all this has put me in, but I am sure you are right. I confess to a sense of unease at so plotting against my own dear daughter, yet as you say she will be in good hands for a few weeks while I shall be in the arms of my beloved! Maude arrives on Thursday. My note to her, which I shall leave here, is already penned, so you may gauge from that my impatience to come to you. I trust, though, you will not think me utterly wanton in so acting. I know that you have frequently asked me to write to you such naughty things as we have said to one another during the deliriums of our passion, but I could never bring myself to. Do you think me wayward for that? I have learned all from you, I swear. You are the first-the very first-to whom I have lowered my drawers in daylight (oh, I blush to write it!), and you, wicked darling, declaring what a “beautiful muff and lustrous thighs” I have.

    There, you see, I am capable of writing such things, though I truly think myself a loose woman in doing so. I know you will say otherwise, and I am hopeful of being very convinced! So do my thoughts run away with me. Is not my bottom too fat? I have gazed at it often enough these past few days-glancing over my shoulder into my mirror-and have thought of you. I blush to think that I have let you do it to me that way, and yet you are so masterful that I positively have no resistance to you. I shall be in your arms, I swear, within an hour of your receiving this.

    Your Ever Loving Adelaide

    Editor's Note:

    Upon receiving this, Edmond wrote the following to the Fortescues and so revealed himself in a light that many will think utterly improper and which would certainly have put Adelaide into quite a tizzy had she known about it. In the light of future events and of her own “education,” perhaps it was better that she did not.

    My Dear Nina,

    In your husbands temporary absence, I write to you to say that the net is cast and the bait taken, my pet!

    Maude-a most curvaceous young creature whom you will adore-waits unknowingly for your visit on Thursday. Her dear Mama will meanwhile be with me and enjoying all the fruits of libertine desire to which she has set herself. I am forever grateful to you for having set her in my sights, for she is as toothsome a female as one could wish to meet and is already learning many of the delights of Priapus which Arnold never appears to have taught her. She has a superb bottom for fucking and has already learned to take my cock well up her there, was fretful at first about it but now enjoys it thoroughly. I shall introduce her into your entourage, my sweet, at the right moment, though she has little idea of that as yet. As to Maude, I have told Adelaide that you intend to put roses into her cheeks, but cautiously omitted to say that they are likely to be her nether ones!

    Madam Lorraine's methods are better known to you and I than to the more innocent Adelaide, who well believes that Arnold sent their dear daughter there to improve her French. More likely that she will have learned French kissing! I rely on you entirely to handle the wayward girl as you will and to obviate such prudery as you will undoubtedly find in her. That “gentle firmness” for which you are renowned will surely win the day!

    Your admiring and grateful Edmond

    My Dear Edmond,

    It is not you who should thank me but the other way around! Maude is all that you described and more. What perfectly delightful titties she has-such pumpkins! She was all a-dither, of course, at our arrival, but in the absence of her brothers and sisters was by no means displeased to find herself in our company. A few glasses of some fine port soon persuaded her that with her Mama “gone to her Aunt's,” she would find herself in better company at our house, and so it has turned out. I will not bore you with all the preliminaries. It appears that there are VERY naughty goings-on indeed at the college and that a girl who has not learned how to tongue another pupil's pussy in her first week is considered a failure! Yes, my dear, it is as advanced as that-though I suspect you well knew it. The dear girl was loath to tell me all that she did, but I soon persuaded it out of her while Frank tactfully absented himself.

    When she spoke distastefully of French kissing, which she said she refused to try, I pretended amazement. Seated with her on a sofa and with my arm comfortingly about her shoulders, I told her that all the very best people did it nowadays and that it was considered quite the thing. At this, of course, Maude expressed amazement, though at the same time could not bring herself to distrust me, which I much relied upon. Surely I did not do it, she asked. “My little dear, my pet, how else?” I replied artlessly and raised my chin as though to show her. At this she giggled and would have hidden her face.

    Thereupon I brought a slight note of reprimand into my voice and said that she would make herself look a proper duff if she complained about something that so many people did nowadays, adding that perhaps it was not done properly at Madam's and that I would show her. Most hesitantly Maude's mouth came to mine. Most impudently I inserted my tongue between her lips (which are as delicious as any you might taste). Her own tongue coiled back. Thereupon I placed one hand on the back of her neck to keep her face in position and murmured to her to touch my tongue with her own. Her hesitancy in doing so was quite sweet. Finally she succumbed and a quite electric thrill shot through me, which I felt certain communicated itself to her. You were quite right, Edmond, in bringing her to me. An older woman can so much more easily seduce a young girl than can most men. By impressing my mouth firmly upon hers I brought her head to sink back, and the kissing and tonguing so became prolonged that I was able to engage my free hand in feeling her titties. At that she rebelled a little but I murmured into her mouth to continue. She wilted and clutched at my shoulders, not knowing what to do. In but seconds I distinctly felt her titties swell to the passing across and beneath them of my hand. Her face grew flushed. I could feel the greater warmth of it beneath my own. As if by accident then I pretended to slip sideways and so bore her with me until her head lay on the seat. In a trice we were newly positioned, I kneeling and Maude with her legs half on the floor. “Oh, what are we doing?” she moaned fitfully. “Something nice. Is it not?” I replied, “but you must give me more of your tongue or you will never learn.” A faint protest was heard, which I ignored. Little by little I persuaded her until both our tongues lapped one another's fully. In the process I began to stealthily unfasten the buttons of her bodice. “What are you doing?” she whined again. I replied that I wished to see her titties and that they felt most beautiful-as indeed they did! More protests! My dear, I could continue this recital all night! My patience, however, was unbounded. How luscious it is to hear the whimpered protests of a young girl whose mouth is so moist against one's own! All her wrigglings were in vain. I exposed the two perfect globes, snow-white and firm as they are, and even while her hands fluttered helplessly brought my lips to suck upon her coral nipples until each stood proud as a thorn of love and moved its rubbery tip with increased yearning to my tongue. Maude then lay still, though breathing fast, her face turned shyly sideways and away from me. I moved my mouth to her face, kissed her nose, her cheeks, her eyelids, whispering such words of tenderness into her ear as she might never have heard before. My thumb flicked her rigid nipples while I spoke and then, descending lower, began with some due caution to commence drawing up the hem of her gown. Ah me, she made to start up at that! “Do not!” she moaned. “Why, what a silly you are, I just want to see how warm you are,” I said, though begging the forgiveness of Venus, Goddess of Love, for having to indulge in such nonsensical remarks! In a moment I had found her thighs above her stocking tops-the skin smooth as the finest silk and warm as toast. I essayed a little higher, finding the crotch of her drawers and soothing the cotton against the hidden lips of her pussy. A hissing noise escaped her. Her hips bucked to my touch. I was about to steal my fingers to the bows of her drawers when a slight sound behind me attracted my attention. My impatient husband had entered! Alas, Maude heard him, too, and struggled up, shrieking aloud as both her titties and her thighs were exposed to him. “Oh, my goodness, what a fuss!” laughed I, sprang up and let her go while Frank took a good view of all he saw. A protuberance in his trousers showed immediately!

    Her face aflame, Maude raised her bottom to push her skirt down with one hand while endeavouring to conceal her upper beauties with the other. “What merriness! Were you tickling one another?” Frank asked, accustomed as he is to such frivolities, which so often pave the way for more serious things. “Yes, we were, were we not?” I asked Maude gaily. “Has she not pretty legs, Frank?” “Oh!” squealed the little madam at that and knew not how to put herself.

    Suave as my dear husband is, he turned away, went to the sideboard and commenced to pour some claret for we three, which interval allowed Maude to repair her modesty and declare in a would be tearful way that she wished to go to bed. “Nonsense!” I told her and made her take her glass from Frank, whose eyes looked so benignly down upon her that she had little cause for alarm. He is as cautious as I in the training of young ladies. In which respect, my dear, how are you progressing with the older one?! Do hasten to write and tell me at least that my poor narrative has caught your interest. I have certain ideas as how best to progress Maude and will tell you all!

    Your ever-admiring Nina

    My dear Nina,

    I have little enough time to reply to your exquisite letter. Dear Adelaide is so enamoured of me that I scarce have a moment to myself. At present she is in the bath and hence I hasten to congratulate you upon the care you are lavishing on young Maude. That you have already sucked upon her nipples and felt her quim through her drawers not only makes me envious but gives my prick a decided tingle, I can tell you! Being more advanced with Adelaide, I accorded her a first lusty fuck this morning (by which, I hasten to say, I mean the first of the day!) and then lay with her in that sweet languor known only to satisfied lovers. My cock dripped sperm on to her thigh even as we kissed in the throbbing aftermath. I caressed her marbled bottom, which is resplendent indeed and would bring Franks cock up quite as hard as the sight of Maude's thighs and titties did! Lying belly to belly as we then were, Adelaide murmured all the affections that she likes to lavish upon me and even cradled my balls in her palm as I bid her to.

    How strange it is that a woman may be married for a full eighteen years and know not all the ways of lasciviousness! I tickled her bottomhole, at which she stirred her hips and said that such was an exceedingly naughty thing to do. “I, my love, can think of something even naughtier,” I replied and then teased her for long minutes before I would tell her, despite her beseechings. I rolled her upon her back and made her lie with her thighs wide apart and her sperm-sprinkled bush showing boldly. Even now she is timourous about displaying herself in this way, but I make her do so more and more. “Tell me!” she urged on and on, and I appearing then to hesitate as I laved her mouth with kisses, easing the tip of my forefinger around her clitty as I did so until I felt her belly ripple with renewed pleasure. “How I would adore to watch you being fucked, my love,”

    I murmured. At that she clutched my shoulders, stared at me. “My love, my love, how can you say such a thing!” she wailed, “I would never betray you-never, never!” I pretended some confusion then. How artfully we must put on disguises of this sort! I did not mean it, surely I did not, she begged. I sighed, I sucked upon her nipples, made my finger work the faster. “It is for love of you, my pet-to see your wondrous curves, your voluptuous form, your adorable legs, your magnificent bottom all writhing in the ecstasies of desire,” I said. I will not, however, bore you with her protestations. She was in any event, as I could tell by her breathing, “coming on” again. Her legs stiffened, her toes spread down. “I could not, I could not!” moaned she even amid our kisses. My tongue then buttered its obscenities with sweetnesses. I spoke of the joy of watching a manly piston urging its pleasure, and hers, in and out of her cunt, of watching her eyes glaze over when she came (as indeed she was about to do). “Do not make me!” she whined, but then her tongue joined to mine in the onrush of her bliss. The tip of my small finger delicately invaded her bottomhole.

    Her hips surged this way, that. Her warm breath flooded my mouth.

    “Let me watch you being fucked, my love,” I murmured, though in that moment she was, I believe, too far gone to hear. Her eyes rolled, showing their whites and the fiercest of sprinklings flooded my fingers from her quim. “Ho-ho, do not make me, dearest,” she whimpered, then closed her eyes and, turning, cuddled quite protectively into me while my words of love and desire poured into her ear. She hid her face into my shoulder and would not answer. I leave you, then, upon this note-that tomorrow evening (although little does dear Adelaide know it), I have invited my friend Ralph around. He knows what is to do and is thoroughly eager for the joust. Whether Adelaide will be more quickly brought to the Altar of Venus than her daughter is to be seen. I shall not fail to acquaint you with the consequences, brief as my missive might have to be. Meanwhile I can hardly hold my patience to learn how the younger of the two is progressing!

    A kiss upon your adorable quim, my pet.


    Dearest Edmond,

    What are you at with your lady? Oh my goodness, how I long to hear of what next transpires! How utterly amusing that we have both mother and daughter in hand-if I may put it so delicately. There are such possibilities in this as make me quite dizzy with all sorts of wicked thoughts. Now, as to Maude, I had quite an inspiration. It did necessitate an extra bit of naughtiness on my part, as you will see. Having given Maude a first and quite mild little tumble, I gave much thought as to how to progress her, for we did not take her any further on the evening of which I last wrote. As you know, my elder son, Matthew, is now fifteen and sufficiently in his Mamas confidence to do as she bids. I confess that in this case it was more of a request, but one that I knew he could not refuse. I do swear to you, Edmond, that thoughts of embroiling Matthew in any naughty deeds have never entered my mind before, but when I first mentioned the idea to Frank (in bed, of course!) he was much amused and taken with it and advised me solemnly to proceed as I wished.

    Thereupon I called Matthew into my bedroom the following morning when I was in some slight state of undress-that is to say I wore my corset- which being black showed nicely against my skin- together with my frilled drawers and stockings. I was thus quite decent, as might be said, though being seated at my dressing table and Matthew standing beside me, he saw rather more of my breasts and thighs than he has hitherto. Indeed, while I kept him waiting for a moment while I brushed my hair, I could not fail to notice in the reflection of my mirror that a certain shape was making itself evident under his front trouser buttons. Not meaning to tease the dear boy overmuch, I parted my legs a trifle, turned about on my stool and took his hand. It felt a little moist. The conversation that then ensued was perhaps not totally proper as between mother and young son, but the manner of my idea enforced it. As I parted my thighs wider (though do remember that I did have my drawers on!), I drew him forward a little so that he stood between my garters, so to speak. At that he grew quite flushed and his protuberance appeared to become more enlarged.

    “Matthew, I want you to be a teeny-weeny bit naughty this morning,” I told him, while assuring him immediately that no punishment whatever would fall upon him. He choked a little, gazed down into the valley of my breasts (which my corset only concealed as far as my nipples-and indeed I believe that one actually showed) and said dutifully enough, “Yes, Mama.” It was to play a little game on Maude, I told him. I must tell you, Edmond, that despite all my other darings, I had great difficulty in finding the words to explain what I intended. I referred to his “thing” and caused him to blush. The very mention of it appeared to make it perk up more, so that I really felt for his discomfort, by which-you naughty man-I did not mean that I actually felt it, though confess was a little tempted! He is quite well-armed for his age, though I was not to discover such in that particular moment. He listened to me, I will say, with a charming mixture of awe and admiration, the latter being perhaps occasioned by the fact that my thighs pressed against the outside of his knees and actually caused him to tremble a little. My drawers, being of silk, swathed me quite tightly and there were moments, I fear, when Matthew could not resist glancing down at the crotch of them. “D… d… do you mean it, Mama?” he asked when I finished telling him. “I do, Matthew, and I promise you that neither Papa nor I will admonish you in any way.

    Indeed, if you play your part as I wish, I shall award you a very nice kiss. Would you like that?” I asked. His legs quivered and he nodded.

    His face appeared too suffused for him to speak. “Would you, Matthew?”

    I asked more softly, for the dear boy had taken my quite shocking suggestion so well that it came to me of a sudden that he had much of his Mama's spirit in him. Again he appeared to choke a little.

    “Oh yes, Mama, much so,” he replied with a certain eagerness so that I all but rose and donated him a kiss then and there, but on brief reflection decided that he must earn it. You, my dear, are now in utter suspense as to what I was at, I know. Let me tell you then than within half an hour both Maude and Matthew were in the garden-fully within, my sight from the drawing room window as I had told him to be, and lying on the grass together. Evidently he amused Maude, for she giggled and was quite relaxed beside him. I opened the window a trifle and heard her say, “Yes, very well, but I have never played it before.” Thereupon Matthew took out a large handkerchief I had given him and blindfolded Maude and made her lie back with her hand nearest to him open and upraised. Into it-from several objects he had put behind his back-he first placed an apple. Maude, you see, was to guess what she was holding. Yes, Edmond, I swear that you have guessed already! The apple was followed by a carrot, then by a banana-all of which the dear girl naturally identified by fondling and feeling, which was exactly what I wished her to do. Then said Matthew (as I had instructed him), “I shall find something more difficult.” Ordinarily, I have no doubt that he would have had to rub himself first, but such thoughts as I had appeared to put into his mind had ensured that his cock was still well up-a trifle that Maude had not noticed!

    Unbuttoning his trousers (though not without a little difficulty), he then took Maude's hand and coiled her fingers around his stiff prick, the which caused her mouth to open wide! “Oh! What is it? It feels so warm,” exclaimed she while naughty Matthew slid it back and forth across her palm, which I certainly had not told him to do, but Nature will have its way-as I trust it has also done by now with dear Adelaide! I called softly to Frank, who was in an adjoining room and already alerted. In a flash I was out into the garden then-an event which caused two things to happen at the sound of my “alarmed” voice. Matthew withdrew his cock guiltily and with a cry as if of despair was up and gone into the shrubbery-again at my earlier behest to him when he was in the bedroom with me! Maude uttered an even louder shriek and tore at her blindfold. By then I was upon her. “Oh, Maude! You naughty, bad girl!” I scolded her and dragged the poor thing up and began hustling her indoors by way of the French windows into the drawing room, where Frank also then appeared as if alarmed, he crying, “What is to do?” Maude-blushing to the roots of her hair-tried to flee, but I held her just as might her own Mama in the circumstances while I “explained” to Frank that I had caught her and Matthew playing a very naughty game. “He will be birched!” said Frank in such a loud voice that I swear if Matthew heard it he must have doubted my assurances. “And this naughty girl, too,” said I, whereat to shrieks from Maude she was half-dragged, half-carried upstairs and put bottom-up across the side of our bed. “No, please!” screeched she, for I had already well described to Frank what I had seen her holding, just in case she was still in doubt of it! All her cries and protests were, of course, ignored. Frank it was who held her over while I took up her skirt to her waist and rapidly dispensed with her drawers. Ah, quelle derriere!

    Such a peach! So deeply split and the cheeks so tight and round as an apple! Of course, the dear child was not to be direly punished, though she as novice was ignorant as to that. Indeed, I tried to tell her so while swiftly exchanging places with Frank so that I held her shoulders down and he took out the birch which had been placed ready under the bed. “Oh-ho-ho, I shall die!” cried Maude theatrically in the very moment that Frank raised the birch, she managing to give him a wild and beseeching glance over her shoulder. The bed being a high one, as you know, only her toes touched the floor and hence her bottom was beautifully uplifted and displayed. “Wait, Frank!” I commanded him, for as you will guess all had been well rehearsed. “It is not entirely Maude's fault. Accord her only half a dozen strokes,”

    I said, at which he snorted as though receiving a ridiculous request.

    “But, but, but, but…” began Maude wildly then, but before she could produce another such sound the bunched twigs swept burningly across her naked orb and caused her to squeal more loudly than she had ever done before, either here or there or elsewhere, so to speak.

    “Na-ha-haaar!” came her screech, followed by a series of sobs as her lovely young bottom writhed. What delicious pink streaks the birch first leaves across such pure white half-moons! “Yeeee-eeeek!” squealed Maude as the next one burned her globe, sweeping full across the centre of her cheeks. She bucked and rotated her now pinker bottom madly, while I was forced to press a little harder down between her shoulder blades to prevent her from springing up. Frank's eyes were hot, as well they might have been. In the wild kicking of her stockinged legs I knew full well that her quim showed plain to him- or rather, not so plain, for it is a very pretty and desirable one!

    Sweeee-issssssh! Even while Maude was in mid howl, the next one took her a mite below the path of the last and so helped to bring her luscious young bottom to a redder hue. I swear there is no lovelier sound than that of a birch meeting offered bottom cheeks, unless it be the louder splatting of a good wide strap! A girl's first birching is a rare delight to see-and you know, my sweet, that I do not mean that cruelly. One knows that such pain as comes from it is short-lived and that, as little as the “miscreant” first realises it, it causes all the most intimate parts to tingle deliciously. Maude, of course, was far from realising that or even caring about it. Her entire concentration, as I well knew, was centred on the “awful” sensations of fire and stinging in her bottom. As to myself, my cunny was as moist as Frank's big prick was hard and erect under his trousers! “One more only, Frank!” I then interjected. He contrived great astonishment, though knew my plan. “But, my dear!” he protested. “I will have it so, Frank. One more full across her bottom and then leave us be,” I said, though as you well know, Edmond, he and I are utterly accomplices in all, and were so in that moment. “Oh no, please! No, please!” came from Maude but I on her behalf, as it were, knew better. It was, of deliberation on Franks part, a much lighter one than she expected, though even so her bottom waggled none the less. “A salutary lesson, I trust,” said he in a tone that would have convinced anyone of his righteous wrath, and then he took his exit. Are you disappointed, my dear? You thought he would be at her then? Why no, for my plan had its extension still. Gathering Maude up and about so that she was brought to lie-bottom-bouncing-on the bed, I drew full length beside her and cuddled her most tenderly. For a few fretful moments she would have none of it, but my insistence told. I palmed as lightly as I could her hot and throbbing bottom, kissed her lips and murmured words of comfort. Then my master-stroke, if I dare call it such, came. “I d… d… did not m… mean Matthew to put his… to do it,” she blubbered while little pearls of tears coursed down her cheeks.

    “You sillikins, that is not why you were put to the birch. You may handle Matthews naughty thing if you want to-or another's if you will-but you must not then pretend to me that you dislike it, don't you see?” “Oh, but…!” Maude began wildly, twisting about in my arms. “No buts, my pet. It is a young lady's prerogative to enjoy the cock. Let us make no bones about it. If you say you did not know what it was at the very first and slightest touch, who is to believe you?” At that, there was a gulp from Maude. Her flushed face pressed itself between my breasts. My palm continued to soothe her bottom still. Now and again I reached my fingertips slyly beneath her glowing orb to touch the lips of her cunny, which of course were pleasantly moist. “Besides,” I whispered before she could gather any more thoughts, “the sting of the birch is not so bad as you make out.

    It leaves a pleasant glow in aftermath-even, I would say, a longing.

    Is it not nice and comforting to press your bottom into my palm now?

    Come, let us have no more dissimulation, Miss.” “Yes, but…” she began. In such circumstances a girl knows not really what to say.

    “There, there,” I comforted and covered her mouth with my own.

    Her drawers being off, I made bold to insinuate my hand up the fronts of her thighs to her honeypot and there began to tickle her lightly.

    “Oh!” she uttered, but such a small and beautiful moan it was, her head sinking back on the pillow and her mouth soft as a peach.

    “Part your legs more, darling,” I husked into her mouth. This time I had no difficulty in finding her tongue. My hand ran all about her thighs and then returned to her bush. Her erect bud tingled to my questing fingertip. “How lovely it is to hold a stiff cock, is it not?” I whispered. “Huh?” she replied dreamily, but I knew my words well taken. “It throbbed in your hand, did it not? Throbbed like a bird, eager to invade your nest?” “Hooooo!” Maude quivered. I felt her legs stiffen and her belly shimmer. “Come, darling, come-come as you will over their cocks,” I whispered. Her eyes rolled. “Say that you want to be fucked, Maude. Come, say it. In this moment!” “Haaaaaar! Hoooo! Yessssss!” she moaned brokenly.

    “Their cocks will soon be up you, my love.” The words broke from me with tender passion. Did she hear? It mattered not. Her hips worked as she came, her eyes half-blinded with desire. Twice, thrice and four times she spilled before her face flopped sideways away from me and she lay still, pulsing gently as I kissed her cheek. In a moment she dozed. I got up and left her quietly. Are you pleased or impatient with my mode of progressing her, I wonder? Patience tells, my dear, in such cases. With Adelaide it is another matter. She is mature, full-bodied and-I have little doubt-waits but for an even more complete awakening than even you have been able to afford her, by which I mean two stiff cocks in succession, which I trust she by now has had! As to Matthew (for I read your thoughts well), I made immediately to his room and found him there, as I expected, though not in the state that I expected! Upon his bed he lay, trousers to his ankles and staring at the ceiling as he fisted his erection. At my opening of the door he made to start up, but such was my speed that I was beside him in a moment, seating myself at his hip upon the bed.

    Alas, dear Edmond, I could not resist what I did. “Mama will give you your kiss now,” I declared softly and-bending my face to his-reached back and clasped the fervent member that his own hand had guiltily deserted. A moan escaped him. In quite demented fashion his young lips drew upon my own even as I urged my fingers up and down his straining tool-a goodly six inches or so thereof, I would say. His cock throbbed madly in my grasp. “Do not come too soon, Matthew,”

    I murmured. His hips jerked as he strove to rub more of it in the warm clasp of my palm. “Mama, let me!” he sobbed. Blindly enough his hand sought the hem of my skirt and raised it. My knee and then my thigh was exposed to him. His fingers thrilled around my garter and then sought the firm flesh above.- “Oh, darling!” I choked. I could not help myself! With some desperation, which I did not attempt to hinder, his fingers urged beneath the elastic of the leg of my drawers and, expanding it, crept upwards. I raised myself a little to assist his naughty endeavour. The warm mound of my cunny came to the first groping touch of his fingertips. “Ma-ma-ma-ma!” I heard him moan and then, pulsing vigourously, his stiff cock ejected its fierce jets of sperm into my hand, over my wrist, and dripped down on to his shirt. I frigged him more gently then and felt with an insensate thrill his forefinger oozing between my cuntlips, which, however, were too compressed by my posture for him to venture more than an inch within. It was enough! Delicious quivers coursed through my body. In but seconds my drawers and his finger were almost as soaked as was my own yearning hand. Then a glazed look came over his eyes. He shuddered, pulsed out a final jet and then slumped back, his face as soft as an angel's, his eyes half-closed in that dreamy ecstasy that comes to all. Perhaps only then did I become fully conscious of what I had done. My fingers lingered lovingly on his diminishing tool and then slipped away as a movement of my hips forced his hand from within my drawers. “Sleep now,” I murmured. I Could find nothing else to say! I retreated on tiptoe, I swear! My mind was in a whirl-believe me. I had reached the furthest bounds of wantonness-or is it such? I who have had so many voluptuous adventures knew not what to think and fretted whether I should confide in Frank as to my naughty deed. In the event I could not help but tell him all that had occurred. He listened with the greatest fascination to Maude's surrender, which I detailed lovingly to him. When I then came to the episode with Matthew, I looked-as indeed Frank said-a little coy.

    Should I beg his forgiveness? Would he admonish me? To the contrary, he smiled quite benignly on his wanton wife. “He has to learn, my pet, and in what better hands than yours?” he said. I threw my arms around him in relief. His trousers were as soon down as my skirt was up!

    Now tell me your news-for I have told you all mine.

    Your very wicked Nina


    Editors Note:

    Intriguing as is the narrative formed by these last letters, we must leave the correspondents for a moment to return in spirit at least to St. Germain-en-Laye where Madame evidently received an unexpected visitor, as she here recounts.

    My dear Henri,

    Another incident which I know will amuse both you and Antoinette muchly! I look forward so much, by the way, to the return of your dear wife from Lyons. You must tell her that I expect to hear from her immediately she is back, for I am most desirous of encountering your young niece whom she promised to bring here-but for the nonce here is my own intelligence. There is-or rather I should say, was-here a most attractive young thing, Maude by name, at whom alas you have never had a chance to peep, for she departed of a sudden three days ago, announcing pertly enough that she was returning to her Mama and that she would tell her all manner of “naughty” things that pass here. This news from her lips I took blandly enough. I have nothing to fear from the Mamas of these young things, for I take no well-bred lady to be so absolutely folle as not to know the main purpose of their education here. And as to Papas, I have no need to tell you anything! One such arrived here but two days ago and thus missed his errant, wilful offspring-yes, Maude herself-by scarce twenty hours. At this news his face fell, for in truth-as I gathered-he was supposed to be about his business in Birmingham or some such ridiculous place. Indeed, it took him some time to absorb the fact that Maude had left our shores and I was put to proving it to him by conducting him around the establishment, even to showing him her empty bed, at which he gazed most mournfully! “Did you then wish to see her with a special purpose?” I asked idly enough. Thereat he cleared his throat and looked around my study in vain hope that one of the young girls he evidently fancied here might appear. He stammered and stumbled quite a lot at my question, finally asking how her education was proceeding. Faced with such a question, I realized caution must reign, for I have known other girls do as Maude has done and then return a day or two later, quite shamefaced, and having enjoyed themselves in Paris-or merely lurked there moodily before deciding to return to their delightful fate. On quick reflection, however, I decided to acquaint Maude's Papa, whose name is Arnold, with the truth of the matter. At this he blenched and then went pink. “To, to tell her Mama?” he echoed, for I admit to having told him this in a sense of mischief. “Indeed, yes,” I teased, but then as soon enough put his mind to rest by telling him that his good wife could soon enough be convinced that Maude was exaggerating.

    “You will write to her?” he asked anxiously. “Should the need arise, but I have never known it to, Monsieur,” I replied, at which he seemed much more comforted. He hesitated. He cleared his throat several times. He was evidently seized with an anxiety that I might then indicate the interview to be concluded. I had not the heart to do so, of course. He had journeyed for a purpose, and there was one other at least who would most benefit from it. I refer, my dear Henri, to Sylvia who you will recall has been so deliciously stirred by recent events here that she has been looking forward in the naughtiest possible manner to a visit from her uncle. He, by then, would have been discreetly introduced to his future pleasures with her were it not that his wife had decided to accompany him from England. I blame her not for keeping a watchful eye on him, though had he been but more adventurous then he could have brought her along as well. A pretty enough little orgy would then have ensued, I swear-or if I do not swear, then at the least I like to think that it might have done!

    I dispensed wine to a calmer but still frustrated Arnold, who gave every appearance of being sufficiently manly to accommodate dear little Sylvia. “It is a pity, of course, that dear Maude was not here longer; there was no time at all to induct her in the major pleasures of life let alone the minor ones. She received but one birching, though was wilful and kicked overmuch. I would have wished to progress her as I have others. Sylvia, for instance.” I admit to letting my voice trail off mysteriously at this point. “Sylvia?” he exclaimed.

    “You know her? Or perhaps Maude has written to you of her?” I riposted. His sudden exclamation, however, was occasioned merely by my mentioning what evidently struck him as a promising name. “Sadly, no,” he replied and gave me such a look as a spaniel might in seeking to be thrown another biscuit. “There is no harm to it if I introduce you, Monsieur,” I said and then conveyed to him in the most oblique manner Sylvia's disappointment at the failure of her uncle to appear. At this he brightened considerably, while, as for myself, a rather fetching idea had come to me so that to his vague surprise I clapped my hands. “Shall we play a little game on her, Monsieur? I feel for her disappointment as you no doubt do yourself. Promise that if I bring her in you will not utter a word but merely obey such invitations as I might offer to you?” “By Jove, yes!” he replied, as if the utterance of the name of a Greek god placed a benediction on the matter! I smiled at him winningly and rose. The opportunity was too good to miss, Henri. Would you not agree? Of course you would!

    Cautioning him once again, I left him with the hint that he might meanwhile remove his jacket, and sought out Sylvia. Putting on such a straight face as I could, I then informed her that she had a surprise visitor in the shape of a man. “And a very eager one,” I added. “Oh!

    My uncle! He has come?” she replied eagerly, but I-not wishing to be caught out in a fib-merely placed my finger to my lips as though to caution tact. “Not having saddled you before, my pet, he is a little shy at the prospect-at first, that is-of meeting your eyes while he unveils his weapon for your pleasure. Be not too hard on him for this. It is in many senses a compliment to your winsome ways,” I told her glibly while she, all in a wonder and a-tremble, waited. “The sheer delight of finding his cock up your succulent cunny will soon cure him of his shyness, Sylvia, but for the nonce I shall lead you to him blindfolded. We shall play some pretty tricks together and then-presenting your bottom to him just as you saw Blanche do the other day-you will receive his benediction in the form of a very manly prick. Well?” “Oh, Madam, yes!” She knew not whether to cry or to laugh with tremulous excitement. “Come, then,” I urged and took her along to my study, having obtained a piece of black velvet cloth with which to bind her eyes. With Sylvia thus blinded and groping around a little in her nervousness, I led her in to Maude's Papa, who had already taken the unseemly step, I noticed, of unbuttoning the top of his trousers. Our eyes met over Sylvia's shoulders as I held her steady. His own burned into mine in hope. My own responded in good measure. “Here is your sweet charmer, Monsieur. I have explained the circumstance to her and all is well. Once you have both worked yourselves up to pleasure, there will be no need for dissimulation.

    You have dreamed long, I know, of the thighs, titties, cunny and bottom that are about to be unveiled to you. Sylvia in turn has had so many girlish fancies for the feel of your cock that she will more than warmly offer up both her cunny and her bottomhole to you-will you not, darling?” I asked Sylvia softly. Her reply was merely gurgled, for at that moment I, moving beside her, raised her chin and brought her sweet mouth up to mine while at the same time I fumbled up her skirt as slowly as I could, bringing first her rounded knees and then the pale splendour of her thighs into view, the lustrous, smooth skin contrasting brilliantly with the black silk of her stockings. “Come, Sylvia, let him see your treasure pot,” I murmured against her mouth.

    Less bold now than she had been with me in private, her hands trembled as she assisted the raising of her skirt to her hips and then with rather pretty hesitancy began to push her frilly drawers down beyond the slight curve of her white belly until the curls of her pussy came to view. Monsieur, of course, grew more bold himself at that and immediately unbuttoned himself further in anticipation of the delicious act and produced an extremely virile-looking prick, whose rubicund head gleamed in the afternoon sunlight that fell in shafts through the window. To his surprise I then motioned him to step much further back, for I wished to whisper to Sylvia. Bringing my lips to her ear, I murmured, “He wishes you to act as might a naughty girl who does not want to let him do it to you. Shall we play a game? I shall tie your wrists behind your back?” There was but a moment's hesitancy, but then Sylvia nodded. Prepared as I am for all contingencies, I left her standing like the minx she is, procured a piece of cord from a drawer in my desk and bound her wrists in front of her. You will see in a moment why I did not tie them behind her back, dear Henri. Then, as any recalcitrant young Miss might be taken, I led her to my desk and bade her bend over it. Hobbled as Sylvia was by her drooping drawers, I bent and drew them off her ankles-all this to the great pleasure of Monsieur, who was clearly on tiptoe to begin and whose cock waggled enormously. “Now, Monsieur, you will see how one deals with naughty girls who will not make an offering, as I call it-that is, to show their bare bottoms.” At this, dear Sylvia-who had had long seconds to think about the matter-took her cue and cried out, “No, I do not wish him to! It will be naughty-no!” I, standing by her side, tucked up her skirt waist-high and afforded her naked derriere such a smack as I knew she would respond to gallantly.

    Indeed, she did! A little squeal escaped her, her hips wriggled and her feet shuffled apart the better to display the soft pouch of her quim. “It is time, my pet, that you were put to the cock. How old are you? Eighteen! My goodness, you are a year or two late already,” I apprised her all in the spirit of our private game. “What naughty words you use! How horrid you are! Oh, Mama!” sobbed Sylvia most realistically. Indeed, she will make an adorable little actress in the private plays we intend to put on at your house sometime, Henri!

    Arnold by then had begun to edge forward, but I motioned him to stop.

    ''Patience, my friend, I must warm her bottom well first for what it is to receive,” said I, giving him thereby the best hint that I could of the route he was to take. With that I afforded Sylvia another sharp smack, and another. She screeched out thinly while Arnold's eyes positively glowed at the sight of the imprints left by my splayed fingers on her luscious young derriere-pink to white-strawberries and cream! “No, please, I don't want to! You mustn't let him! I shall tell Mama!” sobbed Sylvia, though not a tear would have glinted in her eyes. “You will not,” I responded for the benefit of Arnold, “And the reason you will not, my little dear, is that you are about to surprise yourself by enjoying what you receive-to wit, the manly cock and sperm. His balls are swollen for you now-or shall you have another smack…like this, like this, like this?” “Hoo-hooo!” responded Sylvia to every one, though I knew her in her heart (and not to say her bottom as well!) to be enjoying it. Treading softly across to her waiting stallion, I then took hold of his upstanding prick and murmured softly to him, “This, Monsieur, is how you must handle Maude-wrists bound, and smacked to warm her to the task. Be not afeared, she will say nothing once she has received your sperm.”

    “By… by… Jove!” he stammered, I easing him forward all the time until his erection poised itself just above the swell of Sylvia's bottom. Unable to resist, he gave a little jerk, which brought the engorged crest in contact with her silky skin. “Oh no! Oh, Mama, oh! Oh, save me, oh!” squealed Sylvia in such a soft, low tone as I have taught her to! Alas, so realistic was her cry that Arnold made to take a step back. “Put it in, you fool!” I hissed at him, “and I will hold her cheeks open.” “NEEE-OH!” came from Sylvia at that while I, good as my word, leaned a little upon her and-facing Arnold as I was-prised apart her springy nether cheeks to expose the rose of his desiring. He gritted his teeth. He seemed not to know whether to or not. Fearful then that he might utter something to betray him to Sylvia, I took his stiff penis in hand myself and pressed the bulb up to her hole. At that, his eyes rolled and he seized her hips.

    “No-no-no!” Sylvia mewed and wriggled her derriere so artfully that with some pressure from his manly loins the plum was entered slowly and sank up until she had a full three inches of his cock.

    “Aaargh!” he groaned. “Hooo!” came from Sylvia, though had he but recognised the fact, it was a cry of pleasure. His nostrils flared.

    His knees flexed slightly. He was now as a man prepared to do his duty and so gripped her hips tightly. “Doh-doh-don't!” Sylvia moaned all the while pushing her bottom into him so that to a fevered cry from both his cork was entered full up into her bottom. “You have her now. She will moan but she will quieten. Hold it in and let her feel the throb of it,” said I. Even as I spoke I dropped one hand between Sylvia's stockinged thighs and the edge of the desk and slyly guided her fingers to her cunny. The darling understood, of course, in a trice, and with eyes half closing began to tickle her spot, as I had intended her to do. Her whimpers died, rose, and died again, I giving Monsieur a little nod as if of satisfaction that he should have accomplished his entry so smoothly. Sylvia's warm tight bottom was now balled close into his belly. His balls hung beneath her quim.

    Both trembled delicately and waited as if upon my signal. I intended not to hasten matters, though. In such times one must ever be a connoisseur! Maude-I knew- would be much louder in her reaction to such a joyous assault, but I could offer no help for that save to pray for the true deliverance of Arnold's offerings in one or both of her apertures henceforth. At least he had my guidance as to how to prepare her! “Ooooh-wooo!” Sylvia uttered softly then as, with my nod of seeming permission, the fleshy cork was withdrawn some seven inches or so and then majestically re-entered, causing her nether cheeks to slap ardently into his belly. “Be good with her, Monsieur, and plough her slowly-the little darling deserves it, does she not?” “Yes!” he gritted, but so profound were Sylvia's sensations that she probably heard him cry out and so continued to believe that her uncle was pleasuring her. Casting my glance sideways, I saw the forefinger of her right hand moving ever faster about her button. “Deep, powerful strokes,” I murmured to Monsieur, “you see how quickly she is beginning to enjoy-how smoothly such rebellions are quelled?” He gulped and choked. His eyes rolled. Sylvia's nether hole gripped him tightly as did its inner, silky sleeve. Her bottom rolled a little, inviting his pokes. Thereat he began to move his powerful loins more steadily. The cork went in-the cork came out! Ripples of out-breathing pleasure came from Sylvia's throat. Her face lay sideways on my polished desk. Her eyes were glazed. “She wishes you, Monsieur, to go faster! Pump her well,” I whispered. “Mmmmm!” Sylvia hummed. The intrusion of a stiff cock in between her springy cheeks was evidently fulfilling all her dreams of such. She began in fact to move her hips in opposite motion to his own, thereby serving the rising of their pleasure well, for as her bottom retracted from him so his knob all but emerged and allowed him a complete re-entry once more which caused waves of pleasure to shimmer down her back, as she afterwards confessed to me. “Good girl, good girl, how well you take the cock,” I murmured to her, stroked her hair and felt beneath to fondle both her tits, whose nipples were as sharp as thorns.

    Slap-smack her bottom met his belly then, both moaning, hissing through their nostrils. Pure delight! “Empty your balls! Come now in her,” I urged, “she has long waited for this moment as you, too, have. Thrust deep in-let her feel it all!” “Gooo-hooo!” then broke from Sylvia, and from him a groan. A small portion of his thick cock being then protruding, I felt for it and felt the vein pulse madly. “I am, I am, I am c… c… coming… up… up… up her darling bottom, oh!” he husked and balled her bottom into him.

    “Mooo-ooooh! Oh, yes, I can f… f… feel it!” exulted Sylvia.

    Her bottom rotated to him, flesh to flesh. How I envy sometimes, dear Henri, certain advantages in being a male! Sylvia's bottomhole would be clenching him even tighter, I knew, as she received the throbbings and gushings of his spermatic offering. The pleasures that I had but described to her and in which she had watched Blanche indulging were now her own. Insofar as I could glimpse them, the inner surfaces of her thighs glistened with her own excited exudations. She had creamed and been creamed! For a long moment the ever-pulsing Arnold stayed with his pulsing cock clenched in her bottom. Then he withdrew and there sounded that small, luscious plop! as the knob popped out and dribbled pearls of come all down her thighs. As he stepped back-and a sadder sight one never sees than when a penis has just spent-so Sylvia straightened, tottered, fell into my arms, there to be laved with kisses all about her fresh, young face. “Oh-woh, he did it!” she choked. “Yes, my pet, your darling bottom has been anointed at last. Was it not nice?” She nodded blindly into my shoulder. A true shyness had overcome her in the aftermath. I loosed her blindfold gently. Monsieur sat down and looked forlorn-though not for long. The douleur of his spending was upon him. A bottom as tight as Sylvia's sucks full well-as you do know, Henri! After a moment she turned to gaze upon him. Her jaw dropped, of course. “Oh! It is not…!” “No, my love. It matters not. Permit me to introduce Maude's Papa to you,” I replied and with such grave courtesy as made her laugh. “You naughty man!” she exclaimed and then hid her face again between my breasts. “Do you not want a dosage in your cunny, too?” I whispered and felt her nose rub between my titties as she nodded. I led her to him where he sat upon the couch. How soon we might bring him up again, I knew not, but so worthy had the dear girl proved that she deserved a second bout. That, I might say, was not too long in forthcoming-in fact Arnold was very forthcoming when his cock nested in her cunt upon the couch! But I leave you to imagine that. I am sure you prefer to!

    Your ever-loving Irma

    Editor's Note:

    Sylvia obviously could not suppress telling her own tale in a letter-though sadly and girlishly briefer-to a friend who alas did not preserve the whole of it. The first page or two is thus regretfully omitted in the following:

    … and then he did it to me-in my bottom! Oh, it felt so big and at first quite took my breath away. I truly believe that if Madam had not been there I would have struggled, really! We used to talk about what it might be like, and I can tell you it is very, very nice, once you have got used to it. Madam says that every girl struggles a bit the first time, especially up her bottom, but that is the best way to have it, she says, for you can feel the sperm shoot out, and I did-oh, lots of it! I really did think it was Uncle until she took my blindfold off. I felt shy, but that, Madam says, is quite usual, too, so there are lots of things to get used to! I do not know now which I like best, whether to have it up my bottom or in my quim. I think I like both! I will tell you now an awful secret-it was Maude's Papa, but don't tell anyone! I wonder why he came to see her all the way from Birmingham? Do you think he would have been naughty with her? I asked Madam afterwards and she laughed and said, “What do you think?” But Maude is silly and very prim. I don't think she would and I told Madam so. She gave me such a strange look and said, “Oh, I think she will-eventually,” then asked, “Will you not?” I blushed. She laughed and began to tickle me until I said I might, but in the dark!

    After he had done it up my bottom, Madame took her dress off and we all three squashed on the sofa together. She said such naughty things and made me hold his prick. It seemed to take ever so long to get big again and when it did she made me lie on the rug on my back with my legs open and my knees bent, because she said that is a good receiving position! Have you done it yet? Do tell! It hurt a bit when it first went in, but that only lasts for seconds and then it was bliss! Madam lay down on the carpet beside us and urged us on. I put my tongue in his mouth when she told me to, and then he began to move his cock faster in my cunny. I was all out of breath and so was he. It felt better even than she had told us. I spread my legs more and then he got it in better. I said “Fuck me!”-I really did! He panted a lot.

    Madam said afterwards that he was overexcited and that I had enchanted him. I think she only said that, though, for I'm sure Blanche would have been just as nice for him-or Maude! But I bet Maude won't let him. Do you think she would? He was very oozy in me and came such a lot. I could feel his prick pulsing in me all the time. He was quite nice, really. I'm going to let him do it to me again when I am back home. Madam said that when I do I must make Maude do it with him, too, but I know I wouldn't. Maude would be silly and would spoil it.

    You know her, too. Don't you think she would? Now that I've done it I feel as full of questions as ever, but Madam says that is natural and that I am really just dying to have it again, which is true! Do you think I'm terrible? I could not keep my bottom still in bed that night and could still feel him up me. So will you when you have-it, I wager you will. It makes you feel very shameless, but Madam says that shame is a false emotion to have where mutual pleasure is concerned. I think I shall be a bit shy the next time, I mean just at first, but not for long! Tell me your news and that you don't think me too wicked.

    Your loving Sylvia


    Editor's Note:

    A revealing episode indeed! Madam evidently fancies herself as a descriptive writer, and not without good reason.

    As to Maude's Papa, he was clearly pot as dour and prim as one might have expected from the brief references to him by his wife. One must wait and see, however, as to what matures in his respect, for we may now return to those other industrious correspondents whom we interrupted for a brief return to Madam's establishment

    My dearest Nina,

    Indeed I shall tell you my news after the wondrous explosion of your own! I must confess that had my Mama been as bewitching and curvaceous as yourself, I too would have followed in Matthews naughty pursuits in feeling up to her knickers. Frank was wise not to discourage such illicit pleasures, for I am sure he will soon enough have his own with Maude. But it is of course of her Mama of whom you wish to hear. Dear Adelaide-she does not even yet know what a treasure she is! I have a great problem in concealing your letters, as you may well understand, for she is ever inquisitive as to my doings and literally dotes on me. This, however, is what I wished in all respects, so will not complain about it. Immediately after writing to you last, I broached again to her the subject of which I previously wrote and told her of my heartfelt desire to watch her being fucked. Amourous as she was in that moment, her reaction weakened but a little. How could I wish it, she moaned, while tossing her bottom fretfully to the working of my digit. I implored her to forgive my “strange desire,” for by so saying I intended to excuse myself afterwards. “I could never,” she moaned and sought to silence me with her sultry lips while I brushed my fingers up and down her furred cunt, making her belly twitch adorably as I brought her to a point of coming. “I would fuck you first, and then another. Your quim will foam with sperm,” I murmured. Adelaide shook her head, unspeaking, little knowing that within few hours-on that very evening, in fact-the event would take place. I will not, dear Nina, bore you with all my manoeuvres vis-a-vis Ralph. It involved my keeping Adelaide out of the house for a while, which was not too difficult since I simply took her to dinner! During our absence, Ralph entered the house with a key I had given him and secreted himself in the bedroom adjoining my own. He is younger than myself-but thirty-four, to wit-and is possessed of a fine and lusty weapon, which I would beg you to taste some time! The dear fellow had to wait but half an hour upon our return, refreshing himself meanwhile from a brandy flask and a plate of oysters that I had left most appropriately, I thought, for his delectation! As to Adelaide, she had feasted and wined so well- I plying her with extra liqueurs-that she was perfectly ready to accompany me straight to bed. I had not watched her dress on this occasion before we went out. Passing my hand around her gorgeous bottom, and above, as we ascended, I was pleased to find that she was wearing a short form of corset with long suspenders to her stockings.

    Having a very slightly plumpish but very well-curved figure, she looks at her most enticing when attired in these garments only, as I told her when we entered the bedroom. “You still think me beautiful?” she laughed excitedly while we found our way, kissing, to the bed.

    “Of course. Could the day ever come when I would not? Remove your dress, your chemise, your drawers, my love, and let me fuck you thus in corset “and stockings,” I abjured her. “Yes, my darling, you shall see me thus and have me thus,” she replied romantically and so undressed while I in turn rapidly stripped and displayed as fine and firm an erection as I am ever likely to have. “How excited you are!” she teased while pushing down her drawers, her eyes positively glowing at the sight of my upstanding tool. I assured her that only she could make it so, but thought it best not to add that the idea of what was soon to be excited me even more! My stiff cock prodded against her belly as she came slowly to me, her drawers abandoned. Our embrace was long and sweet, I cupping the warmly throbbing mound of her quim while she fondled my pego. Long did I keep her so swaying in my arms-longer than I normally do-until my fingers had all but brought her to a point of coming. Her knees sagged. Her tongue lolled in my mouth. “Put it in me,” she begged, “Oh, do not make me wait!”

    “You shall be well fucked tonight, my pet,' I replied in all truth and with that bore her back upon the bed where we quickly accommodated ourselves, I between her stockinged thighs but with my body raised a little so as to tease her more. “Do it,” she wheedled. “Ask me first to fuck you, for such words sound adorable from your lips,” I replied, knowing all the while that Ralph would be now within hearing of us, for I had left the bedroom door ajar. “Fuck me,” she mumbled and tried to draw my knob into her slit, but I would not have it so. “Tell me that you wish to have a spermy cock up your cunt,” I whispered. “Oh! Oh, Edmond, the rude things you make me say!” “Say it!” I insisted and allowed the crest of my weapon to rub alluringly about her cuntlips. “I w… w… want a spermy cock in my cunt,” she murmured, eyes half closed. Still she tried to draw me in, wriggling her fleshy bottom impatiently. “Spermy cocks. Say that you wish to have spermy cocks in your quim,” I husked. Her eyes closed completely. Her face shook from side to side. “No,” she mumbled. At that, I thrust her lush thighs wider and inserted my knob just between the rolled lips, making her jerk. “You will say it, my love, before I sperm you,”

    I said and took her chin and brought her face full under mine.

    “Noooo!” she whined, for still the barriers of her old primness held. At that-and such was my endurance for the cause!-I rolled from her and turned my back on her as though pettishly. “What, Edmond, what? Oh, what is it?” she cried and flung her arm about me, rubbing her furred quim against my buttocks. “You will not say it,” I said, giving a deliberate slurring of apparent moodiness to my tone.

    There followed then a brief silence while she continued to hug me from the rear. Then to my delight a small voice murmured in my ear, “I will. I will then if you really want me to.” I rolled about immediately and was on her once more. Her eyes sparkled with love. Her arms embraced me. Drawing up her knees she brought my pego to glide halfway up into her hairy slot. “Go on,” I gritted. “I w… w… want spermy cocks up my cunt. Oh, Edmond you have made me say it!” she bleated and then uttered an insensate gasp as my rod sheathed her to the full and her belly quivered divinely under mine.? “Let mine then be the first to sperm you tonight, dearest,” I murmured.

    “Wha-aaaart?” she began, but already I had begun to shunt my engine back and forth and she was lost to the delirious sensation.

    You have ever told me, dear Nina, that every act of love and lust should be carried to its final end, and thus it was. A torrent of sweet obscenities poured from my lips as I worked her. I praised her ardent bottom, her bouncing tits, her thighs, her calves and the warm clutch of her cunt. Her fingers dug into my back; her bottom bucked.

    “Spermy cocks, my love, and mine the first,” I groaned. “Yes, oh yes,” she answered in full passion. Were the barriers frailer now or did her words fly over them, I wondered? I would soon know. It was I who was to make the real sacrifice. Her belly rippled and I felt her come. Her hot mouth blathered under mine. In such moments how divine it is to tutor and coax a beautiful but well-mannered lady into following one along the paths of joyous “obscenities,” as they are stupidly called! Thus did I inveigle Adelaide until she had moaned out almost all that I wished to hear. Her mind was totally in some otherness. I, beholden to my own plans, monitored myself with care despite my apparent rage of eroticism. I pumped her faster, pretending to be on the point of coming and thereby inducing her to spill again.

    Her cuntlips tightened a little around my indriving tool as she did so. “haaaar!” she shuddered. I quivered deeply, pretending to inject my come, and then groaned out her name twice over. It was the signal upon which Ralph had waited. I doubt that Adelaide even heard him enter. His naked feet appeared to make no sound upon the carpet while I, by fervently raining kisses on her neck, had made her turn her face away. “Come, darling, come over my cock as I have just done in you,” I husked. Her legs straightened, her fingernails dug into my back. The moment could not have been more perfect for the enterprise.

    I heaved my back a little, breaking her grip on me and keeping her face well averted from Ralph, who stood, cock stiff and waiting, by the bed. In all the maze of her sensations, Adelaide could never have dreamed him there-nor anyone indeed! In a flash I had drawn out my still-throbbing erection and rolled from her, and all this so adroitly that before Adelaide could recover from the sudden loss, Ralph was upon her. Ah, what a cry she uttered! Her stockinged legs kicked, but all too late. I had left the pillarbox open, so to speak! With a single urging of his lusty tool, Ralph was embedded in her deep. “No! Oh, my God!” Adelaide shrieked, his belly by then being flat upon her own and his swollen eggs nesting tight to the underswell of her bottom. Her hands clawed the air, her knees threshed like a marionettes while Ralph of deliberation held her so, as fully corked as ever she might be. “Mur-mur-mur-mur!” she sobbed wildly, for that- my dear Nina-is the closest I can get to the sounds she uttered! “Oh god, who is it? No, Edmond, no! Oh, get him off!” she uttered madly, and bucked her bottom to such effect that she was in all truth already fucking with him. Her hands made then to claw his back-so wild were her emotions. Violence, as you have frequently said, my dear, must never be used, but in such circumstances I had no recourse but to kneel up, seize her wrists and draw them over her head.

    “Ho-ho-ho! Edmond, how could you?” Adelaide sobbed, but I detected even then a note of surrender in her voice. The dear lady had come but twice and was quite capable of doing so thrice again, as she often has when I have ploughed her. I had quitted the saddle most cunningly when she was in mid-point of expelling her liquid treasures, so to speak, and knew well enough despite all her wild endeavours and cries that Nature would soon enough take its course. “No-ho-ho!” she continued to bubble on as the steady smacking of their bellies sounded in the room. Her wrists writhed in my grip but could not find release.

    Her eyes sought mine wildly, her mouth open as she sobbed. Tears pearled down her cheeks and yet I knew them in my heart to be not of tragedy but a pleasure she resented still. “My God, how lovely she is! What a tight, hot cunt!” uttered Ralph, who now began pouring kisses on her thorny nipples, ramming his charger back and forth. I had told the dear fellow, of course, that he would have to monitor his forces as I had mine, for I had not yet spilled myself-and to a purpose. I bent. A furious shaking of Adelaide's head ensued until at last I succeeded in capturing her lips. “Oh no, Edmond, no!” Even then she was able to sob her cry, and yet I felt her legs no longer weaving. Her bottom jerked rather to accommodate Ralph than to unsaddle him. “Blub-blub!” she choked under my seeking mouth, much as a schoolgirl might when first being put to the cock. “Let him. Come, darling, come-flood his cock with your divine juices, O my Princess!” I husked romantically. At those words she appeared to soften a little. Her mouth no longer sought so madly to escape my own.

    I stroked her cheek. Her tongue touched mine and then retreated as though recognising its own lewdness. I stroked her cheek. Her warm sobs flooded in my mouth. The faint slurping sound that came from between their hot loins told me of her secret pleasure. Adelaide was coming yet again! “My love, my love!” I murmured. Her head fell back upon the pillow. Her wrists no longer sought release. “Oh, Edmond!” she choked, but her bottom worked the faster to him then.

    “Take his cock, my pet, and then you shall have mine again. Come, feel how stiff it is for you!” I released her nearest arm with caution. Mewing and gasping, she at last allowed her fingers to be drawn around my cock. “My Queen!” I croaked, thus elevating her in the ranks of royalty! Her eyes closed. Still holding my prick, though loosely, she began to pant. Her eyes closed. “Fuck her well, Ralph; she will take you now,” I said, and knew it to be true. I released her other arm cautiously. It wavered and fell again behind her head. I knelt up again, her arm extending so as not to lose hold on my cock. “How beautiful you look,” I uttered, and meant it truly.

    “What a superb fuck she is! Adelaide, darling, give me your lips, your tongue!” implored Ralph. His face descended then full over her own for the first time. Adelaide's lovely visage twitched and jerked for a moment, but then to my perfect delight she surrendered. I moved backwards on my knees and raised her own. They were slack and unresisting. Coarse sounds of pleasure issued from the throats of both as I brought her stockinged legs to wind about his waist, watching with delight-as I was then able to-the urging of his glistening tool in and out of her mossy channel. Their pantings sounded louder.

    Easing one hand beneath her hot, plump bottom, I cautiously inserted the tip of my forefinger in her rosehole and moved it back and forth.

    It would make her come again, I knew. “Oh my God, I am coming in her!” choked Ralph, at which Adelaide's legs distinctly tightened about his waist. The barriers were down at last! “Do so, old fellow, for she is to be well-spermed tonight,” I rejoined, at which he gave a violent shudder, thrust his prick up her to the full and literally juddered upon her divine curves as he spilled jet upon jet of hot sperm up her cunt. For long moments they quivered and clung together as the last of their essences were distilled. I gave her then no quarter. Scarcely had he at last withdrawn than I in turn was upon her again. “Edmond!” she moaned and then absorbed my tongue. I was not too long at her, I fear, for the excitement was too intense and in but a minute her well-creamed quim received its second libation such as made her claw my back with pleasure. Drowsily we sank down then. Adelaide hid her face and trembled like a bird. Most tactfully Ralph then extinguished the gaslight and came together with us on the bed. Immediately that he did so, and all of our three naked bodies huddling in delicious concourse, Adelaide put on her shyness once again and hid herself to me, face to my neck. I stroked her hair and praised her overmuch, used not obscenities but sweetness then.

    Ralph, as I knew, would not be overlong in producing the full length of his pleasure stick again. Quiet as we all lay in the dark, I felt Adelaide at last give a tremulous jerk. Holding her arms pinned to her sides, I reached behind and parted the rumptious cheeks of her bottom.

    “Goooo!” she choked and began to struggle, though briefly enough for in a trice Ralph had his knob full nestling up her hole. Bubbling sounds came from Adelaide as, thus held, he invaded her ripe bottom slowly. Judging him to be almost full in, I took her face and brought her wobbling lips to mine while gently cupping her thickly-tufted quim. “Noooo!” she moaned, but meant it not! A small, gritting cry escaped her as Ralph's cork was fully inserted and there held.

    “Let him sodomise you, Adelaide,” I murmured, even though he was in the very act of doing so! Incomprehensible words escaped her lips in moans. Her bottom jerked and then was still. Ralph now it was who pinned her arms while I, adjusting my position, brought my own corker up against her lips. At that, Ralph began to work her. As I told you, he is a truly lusty lad. How curious that she should have tried to resist this lewd and lovely act, and yet she did! Whimpers issued from her, as if she had forgotten how to speak. Her lips compressed themselves mutinously against my knob, whereat I pinched her nose and, so causing her mouth to open, urged my cock within until I felt the lustrous wetness of her tongue beneath its stem. The breath hissed through her nostrils as I released my grip. “Suck, my darling, suck-receive us both,” I urged her. Loosing her arms and taking a steely grip on her hips, Ralph then began to pump her vigourously while her warm breath flowed over my prick. “Glob!” she choked, but then no longer resisted. I felt the delicious suction of her mouth and urged my tool gently back and forth within the perfect O formed by her sultry lips. At that she snorted more and worked her hips to Ralph. Ah, my dear, what a coming we had of it, all three of us! My sperm flooded over her tongue even as his spouted up her bottom. I felt her raining tribute on my fingers then. She, sucking harder, extolled my every drop as she did Ralph s, I swear. Turning her on to her back afterwards, I felt a distinct puddle of warm come under her fulsome orb. “Leave me!” she moaned, pretending sleep. I motioned then to Ralph who, like the gentleman he is, departed as quietly as he had come. With his going, Adelaide turned and nestled into me, murmuring, “Oh, what has become of me?” “You have been well pleasured, my pet, and have yielded sweet returns. Was it not delicious? Were you not superb?” “You made me; I hate you! Oh, let me go to sleep!” she whined, but would not speak again, her head bowed to my shoulder while I caressed her all about, praised her anew.

    The latter was perhaps my salvation, for though she fretted at the contact of my hands, she did not move away from me and throbbed her way into the sweet dreams, I am sure! I will not tire you with the events of the morning that followed. At first she cried and then was silent. I attempted playfully to smack her bottom, but she would not have it and pushed me rudely away. “Go away, go away!” she repeated and has been cold and distant with me ever since. Has then my plan failed? How could a woman receive such pleasures and prove a dullard yet? How amazing such creatures are! You will admonish me perhaps for my hastiness or crudeness in the matter. I long to hear from you and feel indeed defeated when I should be victorious! Hasten to write-if only of this- and to give me your advice!

    Your forlorn Edmond

    My dear Edmond,

    Forlorn indeed! Or so you say. I must, of course, congratulate you on your success and the smooth plan of yours whereby dear Adelaide was brought to such delight, as she obviously was. Make not the error, my dear, of believing all females to be fundamentally wanton- as all males would wish them to be. One must first explore the possibilities, as you yourself did, then coax, explore, and coax again until full fruition is achieved! If, that is, it can be achieved. With some women who are naturally close, tight and prim by nature, it can never be. Pray do not let your heart sink. You have no need to. In but one night you have all but completed the conversion of Adelaide. Do not now attempt to hasten matters further, nor be put out by her coolness to you.

    Continue to give her the assurances of her love-or, if you are as wise and cunning as I believe, play cool with her in turn, for that will fret her and she will surely turn back to you again. When she does, dear Edmond, do not overdo your role, nor speak to her too lustfully.

    In bringing her to passion again as you surely will any night now, speak playfully and gently of what passed, continue to tell her of your abiding passion, and do not fail to say how madly bewitched Ralph was with her. Such treatment will mollify her much. In such circumstances as yours are now, take hold of your natural passions and do not let them run away with you. You have told me enough to know of her that she is by nature a passionate creature who requires, however, her lusts to be given the patina of romanticism. And why not? She will secretly preen herself at the thought of Ralph's adoration, despite the circumstances in which he mounted her. Tell her, if you wish, that he longs to see her again, but in the same breath take caution to say that you have advised him that she may not desire it. It is your ego that is hurt-not her desires. There are pretty games to be played with such as Adelaide, by which I intend only such as she will eventually appreciate and so make herself a full member of our little circle. I pray you bring her here next weekend, but leave all to me. I have to exercise my little colts now-by which of course I mean Matthew and his brother. Frequently since last writing to you, Matthew has found opportunities to press himself against me in some wise and beg a kiss or two from his “dear Mama.” I have but to let his hands stray once again, though, and know what will happen-nor, I confess to you, would I be able to resist. I intend that not to happen, or not as yet, at least. I swear the darling boy frigs himself much in secret now after what has passed, and for this he can scarce be blamed.

    Frank, with whom I discuss all, has said that he sees no harm in it if I “milk” the boys occasionally, for otherwise one of the maids may do it, and no fortune will come from that. Matthew has such large, romantic eyes for his age, and I am sure will seduce Adelaide beautifully, for from all you have told me of her appearance, he will think her much like me, which will truly make his eager cock stand up.

    Am I not wicked? You know I am. But to my other news. I was about to say major news, but regard Adelaide as just as important as her daughter, Maude. Franks impatience-as you may well imagine-has been brimming over. In the days following my last intelligence to you, I nurtured Maude carefully and twice smacked her bare bottom, though as much playfully as stingingly. On the second of these occasions-I having surprised her in her nightdress-I drew her into the bed with me. “Is it not nice?” I asked her and caressed her warm orb, which she now lets me do after I have attended to it. She mumbled into my shoulder that she did not know-and “not to know” is always the best of signs, my dear. By degrees, despite her many tremulous starts and jerks, I wreathed her nightgown up to her armpits and caressed her titties. “How hard your nipples get when I spank you, but it is the usual thing with young ladies,” I said while licking all around the adorable tips in a way that made her arch her back with pleasure. My other hand, I need hardly say, was by then engaged under her moist nest. “Oh?” Maude answered doubtfully, but could not stop herself wriggling. I spread her legs a little wider, and when as usual she tried to close them, gave one a little smack. They immediately opened again. You see, cherie, I am training her well. “That is why you were sent to Madame's, to be made ready for the world- ready for the cock, my love. That is what your Papa and Mama wish, for all young ladies come to it and may do so nicely, as you are doing. Your cunny will drink at the fount of desire tonight, my love.” “What do you mean?” she moaned, though knowing perfectly well. Such girls love to have all manner of naughty things said to them whereby they can contain their consciences in believing that they are being persuaded against their will when in fact one is but the trigger to the bullet.

    “I mean that you are to be spermed, my pet-and how better than by your Uncle Frank?” (for so I have taken to calling him with her). At that she made very feebly to start up, but I smothered her mouth with my own and brought our tongues to touch. “No, he must not! Oh, please!” she moaned, but could not help herself for my fingertip had brought her to the point of coming. Both observing and feeling all the signs of fluttering and pulsing in her, I refused her that immediate pleasure and withdrew my hand from between her legs. “If you do not, I shall strap you, Maude. Why think you that Madame birched all her girls, as you told me that she did?” “Dunno,” she whined and pressed herself to me, I raising my nightgown so that our cunts and bellies touched. “You do understand very well, Maude,” I told her sternly, “for it is to encourage them to come on to the cock, and once they have, then their pleasures are divine. Do you not think your Papa and Mama were not conscious of this when they sent you there?”

    “Oh, I don't know! I cannot believe it!” she moaned. The trap of hypocrisy was closing upon her and I believe she knew it. “You cannot believe perhaps that we are pressing our cunnies and titties together, that our bellies are warm and tingling with love and our cunnies moist with desire? Is that the way you will have it, Maude?

    Why else would you have been sent to St. Germain-en-Laye? How fortunate you were, and yet I well understand your shyness. You are a very, very special girl, darling, and need individual care. That is why I will bring you on to Frank's cock myself tonight.” “Oh!” she gasped and tried to curl up, but could not, for I held her close.

    “You know the truth of what I say, Maude. Make no further pretence. A girl must be broken in just as a young filly must, but whereas the horse might find it irksome, the girl does not, and swirls down into pleasure. Once you have taken Uncle Frank's cock, my sweet, you will yearn for the return of it, but there will be others whose knobs will pulse to enter your portals- or your delectable bottom,” I added, which brought a soft, shrill “Ooooh!” of surprise from her. I have already fingered her there, though, and find her not overtight.

    “The first several, Maude,” said I cautiously, or rather in a mood of caution, “may be chosen for you, but thereafter you will be free to enjoy those whom you desire the most and so will have entered into womanhood, not as foolish, dull girls do who have not had your advantages, but as a very pretty young woman who knows what she wants and has all the means whereby to obtain it. You understand now very well what I am saying,” I concluded, whereat-as though he had judged the moment miraculously, though it was entirely by chance-Frank was distantly heard returning home, the which of course made Maude struggle up. “Let me go!” she panted, though I was not too hard put to it to bring her head again upon the pillow. “NO, dear Maude. Were you at the college now you would receive a sharp birching for such wilfulness, and know you would ” “B… b… but there are no gentlemen there!” she sobbed, or made pretence of doing so.

    “Tut, tut, what a sillikins you are! You were not so advanced that one could be brought to you. And besides, would you have desired a complete stranger in the saddle? Though it is more likely,” I added solemnly (and no doubt with truth!), “that he would have had it up your bottom first.” “No!” cried Maude, though whether in that moment at Frank's entry into the bedroom or what I had said, one will never know. It mattered not. The die was cast for her. Frank closed the bedroom door and gazed at us both with apparent (and I may say well-modulated) surprise. He had rather usefully already doffed his jacket and cravat downstairs. “What is to do?” he asked, though making not too much show of amazement, for so saying he went to the dressing table and calmly brushed his hair a trifle and tweaked his moustache. “Maude is pretending that she is a duff, but she is not really, as we both know. How proud her Papa and Mama will be of her now! Come, get into bed with us, dear.” “No!” Maude positively shrieked at that, whereat I rolled her over by surprise on to her tummy and awarded her naked bottom a resounding SMACK!-at which of course she yelped! With my next movement, the sheet rolled down, displaying to a delighted Frank her pink and white bottom. “Oh, for shame! Cover me up!” Maude moaned without moving. “You see?” I remarked to Frank while placing one hand firmly in the small of her back so that she might not rise. He, meanwhile, was already doffing his boots, socks and trousers. “Young Annie was the same, but how much she loves it now,” said he, concocting an entirely fictitious person. “I won't!” came a squeak from Maude, while her hands clenched beneath the pillow as if they, too, wished to hide, since her naked derriere could not. “I have told dear Maude all,” I remarked with an air of apparent sadness in my tone. “I shall tell Mama!” cried our young acolyte, this being her last resort in terms of threats. “And proud she will be of you,” I laughed while Frank, divesting himself of his shirt, stood naked by the bed with his prong full up. “I have told her, Frank, that she will otherwise be strapped first-and what will her Papa and Mama have to say when they discover that it was necessary?” “They will think her backward,” he responded solemnly. Thereat, with a wink to me-and I moving suddenly aside-he was upon her back, impressing the big throbbing tube of his cock against her bottom's cleft. At that the first notes of a shriek sounded from Maude, and at that also Frank did that which I had not bade him to and slid his hand beneath her chin to smother off her cries. I made to knock away his hand, in fact, but decided not to. It was as well that I did not, for the ensuing spectacle was delicious.

    I had spoken of nervous fillies to Maude. She now in all truth became one. Her shoulders quivered, her eyes bulged, her cheeks grew red. She made to buck- and Frank most cunningly permitted her the movement so that his hips rose up with hers and-in a trice- Maude found herself (entirely of her own volition) in a prime posture on all fours with Frank's cock under her downy nest, his hand still clamped about her mouth, and his free arm now strongly encircling her slim waist and holding her up! I needed no further bidding, was up on my knees beside the pair and, groping his weapon, guided its swollen crest against Maude's lovelips. Her efforts to escape her fate then became frenetic, but in bucking her bottom (precisely as with her Mama and Ralph, my dear!), she only succeeded in assuring Franks perfect lodgement, so that with a muffled squeal from her his cock entered her portals and held her already half-corked. “Right in,” I gritted, and with that he afforded her the last virile movement of his loins so that his meaty charger was fully sheathed. My goodness, how her hips wriggled-and in vain! How her head twisted from side to side, but still Frank held her quiet. It was best so, and does no harm provided the chosen girl's stallion is to deal with her lovingly. Thereupon, Frank's other hand slid down across the fronts of her delicious thighs and his thumb began to tickle her clitty. He required no help from me!

    His embedded prick moved back and forth quite tentatively and slowly then, easing out some four or five inches and then delving in with such care as she really should have appreciated! Reaching one arm beneath her crouched form, I fondled her titties, which hung down like small, ripe melons. Her eyes closed, opened, and closed again.

    Bringing her warm bottom full into his belly again, Frank so held her, moving his thumb the faster while I tickled her nipples. At all this, Maude no longer continued to strain. Her bottom relaxed a little and I saw it do so. Frank, screwing up his eyes, caused me to realise what delicious sensations the tight, silky pouch of her cunt was affording him. “What a little darling she is in all truth. Take your hand away, Frank, for she will let you do it now, I know,” I murmured and, with that, threw myself on my back and sidled my face beneath Maude's. Frank removing his hand in that moment, her mouth found itself sucked upon by mine. Smack! Smack! Smack! came the joyous sound of her bottom bouncing against his belly. “Your first sperming is about to be, Maude, but you must come first. Sprinkle his cock, my love!” so I enjoined her. She moaned, she whimpered, she mewed. Her mouth slobbered petulantly to mine, though I gave her scarce a minute of my company in this wise, and slipped again from under her, aware as one must be that a girl on first being mounted should not be made to feel herself captive, for she may afterwards come to add resentment to pleasure. Frank's nostrils flared. I knew that he would not be long in coming, and would luxuriate more slowly with her afterwards when awarding her a second dosage. I deemed therefore that a departure on my part at this moment would be most tactful. Perhaps even dear Frank was not aware of my slipping off of the bed and quietly taking my exit. Passing along the corridor, I entered Matthew's room, thinking to find him at least drowsy if not asleep. At the appearance of my wraithlike figure, however-garbed as I was in but a white nightgown-he sat bolt upright and ejaculated eagerly, “Oh, Mama!”

    I put my fingers to his lips and glided to his bed. “Be quiet, my pet. Are you not asleep yet?” I asked. Taking my seat on the side of the bed, I chanced to let my hand fall upon something that was projecting quite fiercely under the sheet. At that, he started, jerked, looked both guilty and beseeching, and let his head fall back again upon his pillow. “I c… c… cannot sleep, Mama,” he said.

    “Can you not? Do you wish Mama to cuddle you?” I rejoined and then (taking great care that my nightgown did not ride up), slipped into bed beside him and drew the sheet over us. My goodness, how his cock thrummed against my belly! I grasped it firmly through his nightshirt, whereat he embraced me fondly. “You will always do as Mama says, will you not?” I asked, while permitting him to rain fervent kisses on my neck. “Oh, yes!” he replied and rubbed the knob of his pego most improperly against my belly. I admit that I could scarce resist the naughty invitation, Edmond, but knew I must, for such young males must be well monitored in their beginnings.

    “Be still, Matthew, and let Mama rub it for you, for I have some news for you,” said I. Oh, but heavens! I am forgetting the hour, dear Edmond, and have long over-run my time. Forgive me if you can for this abrupt ending. Advise me only that you are bringing Adelaide!

    Your naughty Nina


    Editor's Note:

    No sooner does one curtain descend than another rises! Here a quite extraordinary event takes place, which is about to explain itself. Suffice to say that the writer of the following is the guardian of the young Miss to whom Sylvia last wrote, and that the addressee is none other than Sylvia's Papa.

    Dear Dick,

    I have some most extraordinary news to convey which I trust may not come as too great a shock to you. I recall your mentioning to me some weeks ago that Sylvia is at a finishing school near Paris, and one that had been highly recommended to you. I fear, dear fellow, that all is not as it seemed and that your informant was either naive or badly informed. You will wonder much at this opening remark which I dread to think may carry overtones of impertinence on my part. Permit me therefore to say immediately that a letter has come to light in the possession of my ward, Alison, which has caused me the deepest shock. I do not, of course, normally venture into her room, but had cause to do so yesterday in search of a book she had borrowed (quite properly) from my library. Alison being out, I made a tentative search about her writing desk-not wishing, I must add, to pry-and could not but help let my eyes fall upon a letter which lay carelessly open and which your daughter had addressed to her. I have to tell you that I read with total disbelief that letters contents and can excuse myself only by saying that since both Sylvia and Alison are under the age of consent, one should know a little of what they are about. I have to convey to you, then, the awful news that the Principal of the establishment, to which you in all innocence sent your daughter, is a total wanton and so encourages her girls to be! I fear that you may think me utterly deranged in saying such, yet I swear that this is so, for the manner in which the letter was written- the language used therein (of which I still blush to think), and the acts described have proved almost beyond belief to me! Dear fellow, I know from all our past acquaintance that this will come as a terrible shock to you. I think it best that Alison does not know of my discovery as yet, for she might then hasten to write to Sylvia and beg her to disavow its contents. Hence I cannot send it to you, but would suggest rather that we meet at some early and mutually convenient moment to discuss the import of all this.

    Your faithful friend Horace

    Dearest Caroline,

    I am sending this to you posthaste by messenger in the hope that you will be able by some means to make contact with me as soon as possible, for I must reply to the enclosed within the next two days at least, or that dreadful Horace Emmerfield (whom you know but vaguely, and would hardly wish to know otherwise) may dip his nose even deeper into affairs. It will be simple enough for me, of course, to protest innocence of what goes on at the establishment, but therewith I would be put to bringing Sylvia back in order to save face, the which I am sure would not please her, for the tone of her recent letters to me has well enough indicated that she is enjoying herself in whatever wise. As a confidante of Madam's, you are best placed to advise me, though heaven knows what you can say! Of course, the letter to which Horace refers may be much more innocent than he would have me believe, but Sylvia is such a jolly girl that I do not doubt her occasional indiscretions. Quite frankly, as you know, I do not mind what she does so long as she enjoys herself, and it was in the spirit of such remarks on my part that you advised me to send her to St.

    Germain-en-Laye, for having no Mama she must have someone else to guide her, as you averred. What are your thoughts, if any, upon all this-and how should I act in the matter? I pray for your early reply!

    Your loving Dick

    My dearest Dick,

    Do not fret yourself! I have never hid from you the fact that Julie's methods of tuition are of a most unconventional nature and that she prepares her girls for the world in such wise as would indeed shock the silly Horace. What a bore the man must be! Others, surely, would have never blazoned the matter to others, but might well have looked forward to secretly reading other intelligence from your lovely daughter! If she has been frank therein, then she has been frank. What else is to say? This does not, however, solve your present dilemma to which I have given much thought. I propose therefore a step which in the face of it will seem unusual but is in fact perfectly logical.

    I suggest that you read Sylvia's letter with as little comment as possible. Let Horace not have the victory of seeing you shocked-if shocked you are indeed to be. Maintain your composure, but at the same time have a firm look about you and declare that you will hie forthwith to St. Germain-en-Laye and that you wish Horace to accompany you in order that he may be disabused as to Julie's actual practices.

    Should he protest too much that Sylvia should be torn from her clutches, and that his ward must not continue to be influenced by her, reply as staidly as you can that such things as might be contained in Sylvia's letter are often written in high spirits and imbued with much imagination. Insist that Alison herself learns the truth by accompanying you both! Are you taken aback by my advice? My goodness, darling, do not be. You will take much pleasure from your visit. Of this I assure you, for I have spent a few days there myself-not in pursuit of learning, my dear (you of all people surely would not think I needed that!), but to amuse and instruct myself as to Madam's methods. They are highly unusual, quite delightful, and thoroughly productive! Yes, they are saucy, too, if one may employ a coy term. There are several girls there who will quite enchant you and may even melt the icy heart of Horace Emmerfield! To action then, as I do suggest. You will not rue the day! I look forward to hearing from you on your return.

    Your loving Caroline

    Editor's note:

    A quick fluster of action followed this missive as Caroline (about whom, alas, we know little as yet) hastened to follow it up within the hour by another. In order to avoid repeating certain matters which the foregoing will have already conveyed to the reader, I have truncated her letter as necessary.

    Dearest Julie,… And so Dick is probably to visit you very shortly in company with (I do hope) Alison and her quite boring guardian. I am quite sure that Dick will follow my advice, for he will not only be pleased to see his daughter again, but will need as well to have his curiosity satisfied. “Only his curiosity?” I hear you laugh, and so leave matters to you in the knowledge that you and Sylvia are at least forewarned and may prepare yourselves for whatever you intend, demure or otherwise. Whatever comes of this, you will at the least have to be at your most ingenious, and in this you have no peer. If Sylvia has written the very naughty letter that I feel sure she has, then her bottom will have to be warmed- but comforted afterwards! What Dick will have to say to me on his return, I cannot imagine. I do trust you therefore to keep me well-informed! In haste.

    Your ever-admiring Caroline

    Editor's Note:

    A week passed before Caroline received the following reply, and one that was entirely in the spirit of what she had hoped to hear.

    Ma Chere Caroline,

    What a conundrum you set me-or rather Mr. Emmerfield did set us all. You may be sure that first of all I birched naughty Sylvia for her indiscretions-she confessing all that she had written to Alison. The latter, by the way, is utterly charming and proved almost as well prepared for mischief as she might have done even with my tuition. She is comely, slender, and has a perfectly lickable pair of titties, to say nothing of the rondeurs of her derriere. I am sure that this visit proved a tonic for her since she has otherwise been much frustrated by her guardian. Upon my advising Sylvia that her Papa was arriving, she of course threw into quite a dither, for clearly while the dear man vaguely thought of us all as having “jolly times” here, he did not envisage it as clearly as he might have done, and perhaps even wished to pretend to himself that it was a little other than what he thought. Though what he thought I do not know! In any event, he knows now much more than he did and is far from being displeased thereby. “I cannot face him!” flustered Sylvia. As to that, I told her that she might claim to be incommoded and keep to her dormitory, though I did not advise it, for such action would seem suspicious. “What can I then do?” she asked with all seeming motions of despair, it then becoming her moment to confess to me the entire contents of her letter wherein she had mentioned her uncle who of course is her late Mama's brother. What a contretemps! I would if necessary, I told her, endeavour to convince her Papa that many girls in the first flush of desire were given to daydreams of this nature. “Will you be believed?” she asked somewhat pertly, while still wriggling her bottom, which I had but ten minutes before attended to. “As to that, who knows?” I answered, a little put out by her question, I confess, though seeing some merit in it.

    “If he does not?” she asked timidly. “Then, my pet, there is no path to follow but the one upon which I have already set your pretty feet,” I told her, which caused her to blush and gaze down into the carpet. “At the worst, my pet, your Papa can only birch you-which you do not now mind overmuch,” I said mischievously. “And at the best, Madam?” Was that a true question, I wondered, or was it that she did not know what to ask. “I have already answered that, my pet,” said I, expecting her (foolhardily!) to blush, but instead she took a set look on her face. “Then I would have to go back,” Sylvia said after a moments contemplation on her part, “And all will be known,” she added quickly. This being a conundrum I could not solve for her, I produced my trump card. “Monica is returning home this week. She might do so in company with your Papa,” I said idly and waited for Sylvia's mind to work as quickly as I hoped it might. Quite obviously she knows Monica, well enough, and many delicious hours have we known!

    She is twenty-five, svelte, and supremely erotic when she wishes to be. All this Sylvia also knows for they have played licky-lick at each others pussy several times. Seeing the twinkle in my eye, she laughed.

    “Monica will divert Papa, you mean?” Sylvia asked. “More than that, he will know that you know, and that will make you even and so smooth your path completely henceforth when you are back.” Sylvia giggled. “Yes, it will, won't it,” she replied and looked just like a cat does at a bowl of cream. In one fell stroke, as I felt, I had solved the situation, for what Mr. Emmerfield did or said was of no matter to me. What of Alison, you will ask? My dear, I mean to put that matter bluntly. Once having been introduced to her, I summed her up as quickly as you would have done yourself-and intended to have her well-fucked during her brief stay. Sylvia's Papa, having had much time to cast eyes on the girl by then, showed as many signs as men do of imminent desire, but it would not do for her mortar to be put to his pestle only. However, I will come to that in a moment. Upon the arrival of the trio, all was utterly quiet and sedate within the establishment. The surprise of the two gentlemen at this showed on their faces. I diverted Alison by introducing her to Monica-which I felt appropriate to the situation, for they would have much to talk about eventually! This permitted me to entertain the men in my little drawing room. I listened to their tale, read the letter that Sylvia had written, made no immediate comment and poured them each some wine.

    It was, I should say, a very particular brew-they not observing that I myself drank from a different bottle! I began then my little speech about the fantasies of young girls. I spoke slowly and bided my time. Even as I did I observed a slightly choleric look on both their faces, for the aphrodisiac that I had mingled in their bottle before their arrival had begun to take effect. Though they took embarrassed pains to try to do so, neither could fully hide the fact that-seated before me as they were-their erections made themselves extremely prominent by thrusting up the fronts of their trousers.

    “Gentlemen also entertain fancies about young girls,” I then said, making it evident by the paths of my eyes and my tone of voice that I had missed nothing of their helplessly Priapic display. My little plot having been well planned-and Sylvia herself knew not all the details-a knock sounded and Blanche entered, attired exactly as she had been for M. Delfond some weeks before, which is to say in a diaphanous robe, black stockings, drawers and shoes. Her drawers were perfectly visible through her robe and hence she displayed herself as enticingly as any well-curved maiden might. Upon seeing the gentlemen, she came to a halt and feigned great surprise, stammering out some excuse for interrupting me and feigning not to have known of their presence. In thus pausing, the folds of her robe floated open to her waist, bringing to view even more clearly the lustrous gleaming of her thighs between the puckered legs of her knickers and her ridging stocking tops. “Did you have an urgent message for me, Blanche?”

    I enquired and beckoned her forward. She came with seeming timorousness, planting herself (as we had arranged beforehand) between myself and the visitors, so that as she bent to whisper in my ear, so her tightly-sheathed bottom was offered up most prominently to them. I could hear indeed the slightly raucous sound of their breathing above her whispering, which was a mere hissing in my ears, for in truth she had nothing to say. I clutched her arm as she spoke and thus gently kept her luscious young rear facing them. “Very well, Blanche, of course you may,” I then said and let her rise. Most prettily, she then pretended confusion to have the two pairs of male eyes so close upon her most intimate parts. Her titties were entirely naked beneath the gauze of her light covering and so displayed their nipples and surrounding aureoles proudly. She emitted a giggle-one of exactly the right tone-as though to chide them for their “naughtiness.” Her perfume lingered after she had gone. Each turned in his chair to watch her passage, and to watch the slight jiggling of her bottom cheeks, which, though they could not be described as over-large, are of a pleasing size for her age and provide two delicious handfuls.

    “You appear hot, gentlemen. It is the climate here. Please do set yourselves at ease. Remove your jackets and cravats,” I murmured, gazing even more directly at their prominences, for each was in a devil of an erotic state by then. “The attire in which you have just seen Blanche is worn purely for physical exercises here. I encourage them. Girls should be supple in the hips, should they not? Sylvia wears such and looks perfectly lovely. So would Alison, were she to stay here,” I added slyly. A greater boldness was about me then, Caroline. Such details as in their hazy state they would remember from the letter would but serve to add to their unexpected state of excitement. In disposing of their jackets, they could no longer conceal their condition. By purposefully eyeing both, I made certain not to conceal my seeming admiration for their virile states.

    “Let us be frank, Messieurs. It is by no means unusual for gentlemen such as yourselves to experience a state of arousal when finding themselves cloistered with so many adorable girls. As for my pupils themselves, they too experience all sorts of fancy desires when shielded as they are from male company. Hence Sylvia's letter, which, I must admit, I found not entirely unexciting. Did you not?” I asked, addressing myself to Horace. In so speaking, I rose and brushed myself as though by accident against the rigid pole in Horace's trousers. He blushed profusely. “Ah, yes!” he gasped as though possessed.

    “Then so be it,” I declared, “for I see you are both in a fine state to refresh at least two of my beauties.” Sounds emitted themselves from both their throats which might best be described as gargles. Their minds had been all but fully taken over by the swelling of their balls and the maddened state of their pricks. Smiling my assent at both, I went to the door and beckoned those who waited. From an adjoining room along the corridor came Alison, attired as had been Blanche, save for the fact that she wore no drawers. Being a shade tallish she looked to my own faintly disturbed eyes (for you know, dear Caroline, what a penchant I have for nubile maidens, just as you have too) like a veritable Princess. Her proud tits bounced, their nipples fiercely erect. Guided along by Monica and Blanche, the eyes of Alison looked clouded, as indeed they might, for during all that had taken place in my drawing room, the sweet girl had been caressed and feather-tickled to distraction, having been cajoled to this by Sylvia herself. Tight frilly garters banded the sleek tops of her stockings. Her boots-knee-high-were of a fancy variety with gold inlaid into the fine scrolls that decorated them. With each step she took and with every parting of her robe, the dark bush of her quim showed itself plump and proud. And-I have no doubt-expectant!

    Alison's now vibrant curves literally quivered as I stepped outside briefly and enfolded her in my arms, palpitating the tight half-moons of her naked bottom. “You will do your duty, my love, for the sake of us all- and for that of your own future,” said I. She swayed against me and uttered some soft sound that had no outward meaning save to show that she was by then submissively desirous, for so skillful had her “attendants” been that they had time and again brought her to the point of liquid delight and then on each occasion left her yearning for fulfillment so that her whole body was ablaze.

    She was-as might be put- cock-ready. Taking her arm, I led her in and held her with her wrists lightly behind her back so that she was made to face her guardian and Sylvia's Papa. In such relatively small interval as they had had, each had stripped quickly to his shirt and showed his penis proud. At the sight of his ward-her titties, belly, bush, all bared-the face of her guardian became even more rubicund. A low moan issued from Alison. Her head sank back on to my shoulder. “You have not seen her before thus?” I mocked Horace.

    Utterly beside himself with lust, he stepped forward. “Give… give her to me,” he gritted. I laughed. I could not help myself. The scene was utterly bizarre and yet with the help of my friendly aphrodisiac could easily be repeated with others and in other circumstances. “You shall have her. Your cock may work back and forth in her cunny until you have both come. Thereafter she will be your mistress and share your fortune. That is understood? Remember that I am witness to this.” “No!” moaned Alison softly, though without too much conviction. After all the delicious caresses that had been afforded her with tongues and fingers and feathers, she would come at the first touch of his knob to her lovelips. “It shall be as I say, Alison. You will benefit in future each time you lower your drawers to him-and that entirely at your own discretion. Come, lie on the couch and spread your legs. Be bold and wriggle your bottom well.”

    “I must, I must…” she began even as I gently steered her there. She intended, I swear, to utter, “I must not.” Her rogue of a guardian, however, gave her no time to conclude her faint protest. All but thrusting me aside as we neared the brocaded edge of the sofa, he was upon her. A low cry came from Alison. In falling, her legs opened and raised themselves. Such lovely long legs they are as well-as I would have wished you to see! A distinct smacking sound of their bodies meeting echoed in the room. With a growl of desire he was between her thighs. Her lovelips, moist and petulant, appeared to open like the petals of a rose to the helmet of his charger, which, being so fearsomely stiff, needed no guiding in. The succulent mouth received his swollen knob. Alison's arms flailed. Her limbs remained open in a wide Vee as she received the sturdy plunging of his enraged penis between the silken walls of her slit. So well prepared had she been for such endeavour that it appeared to take but two seconds for his erection to sheathe itself completely. Her hands clawed the air and then settled on his broad back. Her fingernails dug into his shirt, impressing themselves sharply, as I felt, into his skin beneath. “My god!” he choked. “Mooo-hoooo!” Alison moaned and bucked her bottom as though to swallow into her honeypot the last half inch of his throbbing tube. So frenzied was he that Horace forgot even to kiss her and nibbled passionately at one ear-lobe as her quim tightened on him and expended its first juices. “HAAAR!” Alison shuddered and knotted her calves up over the hips of her unexpected stallion. Their loins heaved madly. A distinct squelching sound was heard! All this, as I say, taking place in but a few blinkings of the eyes, I felt a groping at my bottom and turned about from the enlaced, heaving pair just in time to prevent Sylvia's father from hauling up my skirt. As though defensively, I seized his rampant prick and felt its mighty throbbing in my palm. “M… M… Madame!

    Permit me!” he groaned, whereat, on a perfect cue (Blanche having been listening at the door), the room was invaded of a sudden by Sylvia, who had no doubt needed to have been urged and thrust within. She, too, wore a floating robe, her stockings, bootees, and no drawers. The door slammed behind her so that she fell against it and gaped with seeming wildness at what she saw. Utterly closed off from the world by their unbidden passion, Alison and her guardian bucked and thrust and threshed in a perfect harmony of aroused desire. Had the roof fallen in they would not have noticed it. His balls slapped against the underside of her bottom, which reared to him at every urging-in of his pego. Their mouths were locked. Their tongues worked.

    Still grasping the equally entranced member of Sylvia's Papa, I gazed at her as if in surprise at this interruption. The sight of what I was holding appeared too much for her. She swayed back and forth even as he croaked out her name in whatever anguish he then felt, whether it were of lust or dismay. “Oh, Papa!” uttered Sylvia and slumped slowly to the floor. To all intents and purposes, she had fainted, and swore afterwards that she did, but I believed her not.

    Her head bumped a trifle on the carpet and then she lay still, legs parted just enough for him to see the crown of her glory with its bush of curls and saucily peeping lips. “S… s… syl-vee-aaah!” he moaned. Her eyes distinctly opened, for she lay some six feet from him and, in her prone position, had a very superior view indeed of the size and rigidity of his tool, which I managed to display to her as much as possible with the purplish head of his cock nuzzling out from the side of my clasping hand. A slight movement of my palm beneath the veined surface of his penis and he began to come. His knees sagged, as did his jaw. His come arced thickly into the air, noble and glutinaceous in its passage, directing its passage towards Sylvia's neatly-shod feet, though of course it did not reach them but plopped down on the intervening surface, to be followed immediately by another and another-all the while his thick pego pulsing madly in my hand as it discharged its first load. Half behind me then, a bellow sounded from Horace as he in turn performed the climax of his first major duty in respect of Alison, who-by a quick glance over my shoulder-was, I saw, still clinging beneath him blindly and seesawing her bottom to his spurting thrusts. “Blanche!” I called out sharply while yet the thick drops continued to pearl from the prick of Sylvia's Papa. Blanche entered and, appearing dismayed at the prone form of her friend, bent her knees and raised and shook her so that Sylvia's eyes opened wide again and she and her sire stared at one another as if in a trance. Then, stumbling to her feet and being much assisted, she was led out. Horace had come fully and was prone upon his ward. Her cunny frothed its pleasure around the half-embedded shaft that now grew limp but would not so remain for long. Sylvia's father, loosed from my admittedly guiding hand, tottered backwards and sank into a chair. A sniffling and snuffling sound came from the pair on the couch. The insides of Alison's thighs moved sleekly and encouragingly against the tree-trunks of his own. I could not see her face, which was hidden by his own. A throaty murmur came from him. I heard her whisper “Yes.” His buttocks tightened, his loins twitched.

    His ramrod, seemingly released with reluctance from the spongy grip of her slit, appeared almost to the knob and then sank in again. Another choked “Yes!” from Alison. He snorted. He began to drive the peg anew.

    My heavens, what pent-up passion was evident, dear Caroline! From behind me in my watchful and unwary state, a hand again groped my bottom. I would have ceded then to Sylvia's Papa, but you know how I ever put the pleasures of my pupils first. I drew away from him and shook my head. His pego was in turn showing all signs of revival-a condition of virility that must have astonished him himself! I motioned to Alison, who was again clawing at Horace's back. It was she who was to receive their benedictions, and indeed did. Sylvia's Papa fared as well on her as had her guardian. Having been pumped thrice, the dear girl slept. The culprits put their trousers on and looked bemused. Putting my fingers to my lips so as to indicate that Alison must not be awoken, I poured them each another glass of wine. A thirst was upon them. Being innocent of the little devil that lurked in the fine vintage, they drank eagerly-each glancing at one another with fierce pride, would you believe! “You may be free to leave your trousers unbuttoned at the front, gentlemen. Blanche will come in shortly and escort you to another room so that Alison may sleep her peace. You, sir, will not forget your promise to her,” I said, addressing Horace. The rude knob of his ready penis poked already in a fine state from the gap in his nether garments. Flushed with glory, he assented to my words and promised to lavish all on her that she desired. “Excellent. Then you may now both refresh another,” I responded-at which Blanche entered and escorted them forth. Dear Caroline, I shall not tell you who the second young Venus was. You will have to guess. By morning, Sylvia had decided-wisely enough as I felt-that she would make up the returning quartet rather than Monica, who (poor thing) had had no fun at all. “It is a wise decision,”

    I told Sylvia gravely, “for Monica…” I deliberately left the sentence unfinished. “Oh yes, I know well enough what she would do,” replied Sylvia pertly, and looked most pretty in a new blue dress that she had saved for her return. The affair of the letter was of course totally forgotten and not to be spoken of. Who was to speak of mere words when such deeds of amourous valour had been accomplished? I waved all four off as a carriage took them to Paris. They looked content enough, I felt. Such is my news. Am I to be congratulated, awarded bouquets-or, even better, your long, slow kisses where I most cherish them? Hasten to come and see me soon and I shall introduce you to Monica who has been for several years with me, both as pupil and assistant. My private boudoir is available to you both at any time. She has seen your likeness and is already smitten, I do believe. If she accompanies you back to England then I am sure there will be no accounting for your mutual adventures! Except to me!

    Your very affectionate Julie


    Editor's Note:

    While preparing these letters for publication, it occurred to me that there were one or two minor characters, so to speak, who were not heard of again. One such was Ethel, whom we encountered at the beginning of this collection. What happened to the “dear girl” one will never know. It is probable that she was diverted to events closer to her own abode. In much the same fashion, one had rather expected Monica to disappear, as does a star which twinkles briefly from behind a cloud and then is seemingly gone. It is therefore pleasant to report that this young lady not only reappeared but did so in such a fashion as enabled one to learn more of the story of Edmond, Frank, Nina et Cie. Here we find Monica writing to Madam.

    Dearest Julie,

    I feel very familiar in writing to you in this manner, though you not only said that I should but that I must! I confess to having been a little despondent, as you know, at not having been able to join in the delicious ebats (as you might call them) which occurred when Alison and Sylvia received their “refreshments.” I do think that is a lovely term of yours by the way and intend to use it much in the future as a very discreet way of advising certain intimate friends of “gifts received!” But about my “despondency,” I soon got over it, and knew that all your actions were for the best. I intend to visit Sylvia shortly to see how she is progressing-and Alison, too!-and will not fail to advise you, though I suspect that Sylvia will herself send you some very excited missives.

    Having taken the steamer to Dover but a day after herself, you will be surprised (or not) that I decided not to return home immediately, but instead went upon a visit to a delightful couple called Frank and Nina. They have quite a reputation in these parts for their “sauciness,” though few enough know how far that extends. Had it not been decided to send me to you then I am perfectly sure that I would have received tuition from Nina, if not also from her husband.

    Your eyes will brighten at that, I know! Well, the first surprise I obtained was in discovering that Maude is there! What a small world it is! You can imagine how bowled over she was to see me again, although our acquaintanceship was brief enough at your establishment and I still remember the day she ran off. However, she is much changed, so I am now content that your methods worked well with her, though she did not realise it at the time. But the greatest surprise of all was that her mama had also just arrived on a visit, and I sensed some confusion on Maude's part about this, which rather told me that she HAD been naughty and did not wish her Mama to know. As things turned out, though, everything proved topsy-turvy, as you will see. I trust you are sitting comfortably, for I have much to convey! To be very, very naughty (and I know that you wish me to be), Blanche should be sitting at your feet with her warm face between your lovely thighs while you peruse my news. I am sure you will be in need of her wicked tongue! Maude's mother is called Adelaide, and a very comely creature she is-I suppose perhaps thirty-nine or forty which is only a trifle older than Nina herself. Accompanying her was a good-looking gentleman named Edmond whose presence, I gather, Adelaide was hard put to explain to her daughter. You may therefore well guess at the situation between Adelaide and her male friend. As I gathered afterwards from Nina, Edmond has been converting Adelaide to the more interesting paths of life, and with some success. Nina herself is a lady who likes to take a hand in such things (very much as you do!) and so was instrumental in much that followed. Shortly after my arrival (I excusing myself for going unannounced, but Nina and her husband not at all put out by my presence), I came upon the latter kissing and fondling Maude in the library. How pink her cheeks became when for a brief moment I opened the door and saw them embraced with his hand up her skirt at the rear! Of course, you have always said that such unexpected interventions can have their uses, and so this one proved. I retreated and quickly closed the door again. Half an hour later, Maude-all in a flurry- came to excuse herself to me and said that he had tried to be naughty with her. Being as tactful as you have taught me to be, I omitted replying that I witnessed no struggle on her part, but very gently said that men were often so and that if a girl were wise she could profit much from such advances.

    Maude appeared pleased and relieved to hear me say this and she even asked after you-perhaps having a conscience about her departure. “Why, Maude, so long as you are enjoying yourself as I believe you are, then I know Madam would be very pleased, and proud of you to boot,” I said, which caused her to blush and to attempt to hide a giggle all at the same time. “I do not know what Mama is about,” she then confided in me and looked at me questioningly. “Nor I, but let us all enjoy ourselves, for if that is not the purpose of living how dull all would be,” I told her encouragingly, at which she looked even more relieved and asked me if I thought her Mama was “in love” with Edmond.

    “Perhaps, or perhaps she is in love with something of his,” I answered, which caused her to give me a most wondering and impish look, for I swear she could not misunderstand what I meant thereby. In fact she turned her back on me and pretended to be looking at some knick-knacks on a table. “I am sure Mama is not like that,” she said. “Like mother like daughter,” I replied-remembering how often you have said that. She turned and cried, “Oh, what do you mean?” Her mouth looked so deliciously pouty as they formed the words, that I could not help but draw her to me and kiss her. Being bold-as you well know I am-I felt her titties as I did so. Lovely proud pumpkins! She stirred but did not over-resist, being quite amazed by what I did. I felt her nipples with my fingertips. “Let us have fun,” I urged, for I had such a nice feeling then between my legs! She started away from me and said awkwardly, “Oh, I don't know,” but looked pleased and silly at the same time, which I am sure drives Frank to delighted distraction when he pumps her! “Yes, you do.

    Wait until tonight,” I said and gave her bottom an encouraging pat.

    Her bottom cheeks urged into my palm a little, so I knew she was not put out and would have got into bed with me if there had been opportunity then, or would have allowed me to “persuade” her. But I must to the events of the night, or you may think my narrative tedious. Nina advised me privately that something interesting was afoot and that after I had apparently retired, I should sneak down through the servants' staircase at the back and so make my way around that I could enter the main quarters via the butler's room and so on.

    A devious route, but I found it! Maude retired when I did, at about ten. Frank by then had absented himself somewhere-I suspected perhaps to sneak into Maude's room. All that I saw and heard from my watching post was then utterly delightful and very, VERY outrageous!

    Maude's mother sat conversing in the drawing room with Edmond and Nina. Much whiskey was being dispersed! By peeping through a crack left by the door which stood ajar, I could see all. “Have you two enjoyed yourselves?” Nina was asking. All three sat upon a sofa and Edmond had his arm about the waist of Adelaide. She sat between them and looked a trifle shy, I thought. “Oh, I don't know. We are only friends,” replied Adelaide coyly. At this Nina laughed pleasantly and asked, “Are you not sportif, my dear?” this causing Adelaide to blush and stir so that Nina immediately added, “Oh, but I must not embarrass you, for such as we occasionally do is very PRIVATE, is it not?'' I do not know what Adelaide might have replied to this, but then Frank's voice was heard from upstairs, calling, “Edmond, old chap, I have something in my study that will interest you, I know.”

    Edmond thereupon rose and excused himself. Adelaide looked relieved and moved a little apart from Nina, which I believe annoyed the latter a trifle, as would be only natural, for that lovely lady quite adores fondling tits and thighs and all else as much as we do.

    However, such a “surprise” as she had in store for Adelaide was about to transpire and I realised very quickly that Frank and Edmond were all in the plot. After a minute or two there came a pattering of feet and into the drawing room in their nightshirts came Nina's two young sons, Matthew and Mark. I believe there is about two years between them. Matthew is the older, and a quite adorable youth who is nicely poised in looks between the masculine and the feminine as boys often are at that age. Being asked what they were at by their Mama, they replied they could not sleep and cast themselves down on the rug at the two ladies' feet. “Then you are very naughty boys, but you may each have a glass of punch before you go back to bed, for that will make you sleep,” said Nina. At that they jumped up gleefully enough and ran to serve themselves at the sideboard, returning with their glasses, and Matthew politely asking his Mama whether hers and “the lady's” might not also be filled. Adelaide, I believed, would have refused, but as soon as it was asked so it was done and I could not help remarking a certain projection in the fronts of the nightshirts of both the boys! Adelaide seemingly remarked this naughty phenomenon, too, for she blushed and looked askance at Nina. Quite to tease her, obviously, Nina laughed and said, “They are frequently naughty like this. What is to do with them?” At that, Matthew laid his cheeks against his Mama's legs and gazed up at her appealingly. “Will you not read to us before we go to sleep?” he asked. “Tut-tut, at this time of night, Matthew? I have a little headache now and fear I cannot, but this nice lady will, I am sure.

    Will you not?” she then asked Adelaide, who I must say looked most confused. Thereupon, Mark boldly hugged her knees, kneeling up, and asked excitedly, “OH, will you, please?” This second youthful request appeared to mollify Adelaide, who-perhaps a wee bit in her cups from a mixture of whiskey and punch-actually flushed and emitted an awkward laugh, for she could not fail to glimpse the outline of the knob of Mark's young prick, which was thrusting up the front of his nightshirt. “Go on with you, then. You had best read to them in Matthews room,” Nina said and rose. At that, both boys jumped up as well and hugged her in such manner that their stiff cocks rubbed against her thighs-she appearing not to notice such an untoward event.

    “Sometimes they are very naughty, as you see, and have to be seen to, Adelaide,” declared Nina, giving both her sons a little push so that they all but fell in turn against Adelaide, who was then rising from the sofa. “Yes,” Adelaide said, and I can tell you that her voice sounded very strange and thick, but Nina was already declaring “Goodnight” and swept out. “Please will you read to us a whole story?” wheedled Matthew then. His excitement was all too obvious, as was the straining of his virile young pego through his nightshirt. In speaking, he made very bold indeed to pass his arm around her waist, which appeared to utterly astonish her. “Yes, but…” Adelaide began, but then Mark slipped behind her and began to push her playfully towards the door, his hands quite ardently for his age cupping the bold cheeks of her bottom. “Oh!” Adelaide ejaculated in shock and knew not how to comport herself, though perhaps put it down to mere high spirits on their part. “Do not!” she was heard to say, but then all three passed out of my sight into the hallway and I feared to see no more. I need not have troubled myself in that respect. Their feet sounded above, and I heard another hushed exclamation from Adelaide. A door opened and closed. I ventured silently into the drawing room, clad as I was in my nightdress.

    Footsteps were heard and I made to hide, but to my relief it was Nina, who placed her fingers to her lips and beckoned me from the doorway. I followed her on tiptoe. By great fortune none of the stair treads creaked. We arrived at Matthews door. Nina's hand moved to it and turned very quietly the key which projected on the outside (every detail having been attended to!). From within came a sharp exclamation from Adelaide and then a cry of “Oh, do not! What are you at! Nina!

    Nina!” Much scuffling was heard! Nina moved not, keeping her ear to the door and standing very tense as did I. “No, no please! Oh, you wicked boys! Not my drawers! Release my hands! Nina! Stop this, oh, stop it do. Aaaargh!” Would that I could convey to you all such cries as were emitted through the door, but you will well guess at their nature! The bedsprings sang. There was much rustling and heaving, then a further cry from Adelaide of “Oh my god, no! Do not hold me, Matthew! Stop him! Mark! Do not, do not-oh, not up there!”

    She screeched quite loud and then was evidently quietened in some manner for only a gurgling sound came and the very distinct smacking of flesh to flesh. “Hooo-hooo-hooo! Oh, Nina, where are you?” came Adelaide's squeal, followed by a sound as if she were being forcibly kissed, as I am sure she was. “Take, take, take it out!” she moaned, and then another shrill cry of surprise came from her that was accompanied this time by breathless gasps from the boys. I made to stir. I was so excited. Nina motioned me to stillness. Sobs came from within that were not entirely Adelaide's. Again the sound of bodies smacking. How thrilling that always is! “Noo-noo-nooo!” was heard from her, but now a little softer. Breathing heavily, as I thought, Nina then slowly turned the key in what was an evidently well-oiled lock. Having drawn back the ward, she then placed her hand on the door and-asking loudly and as if much disturbed from sleep, “What IS it?”-thrust the door open. Oh my heavens, Madam, what a sight! Adelaide lay on her hip naked from the waist down, sandwiched between the boys. The glorious orb of her bottom was pressed into Mark, but at his mothers entry, he gave a start and withdrew his cock a little from Adelaide's bottomhole. His penis, being thinner than his brothers, was well suited to this naughty task and Adelaide-with a wriggle that initially could scarcely have been thought desperate-contained half its length. As for her quim, that had been equally invaded by Matthew, whose balls hung down beneath her thick bush. At the vision of such voluptuousness, I almost fainted! All three combatants on the field of love turned their heads together in the direction of Nina who stood for a moment poised and statuesque.

    The expression on Adelaide's flushed face was indescribable. At the sight of his Mama, young Matthews loins twitched and the final inch of his pego rammed up into Adelaide's cunny. You have schooled me well enough, dearest Julie, in comprehending how many fine details may be taken in by the knowing eye in the space of but a second or two.

    Apart from the delicious details of triple intercourse, with her stocking tops and suspenders rubbing against both boys' thighs, I needed but part of that second in which my eyes gazed into Adelaide's to comprehend with a thrill of excitement that she had actually surrendered to their libertine endeavours but moments before the door opened. Here before me was an act of love such as you had never mentioned-and were perhaps wise not to do so, for although all your girls are brought (I am sure) to surrender to the cocks that wait them eagerly on their return, the thought of indulging two at once might well cause them to pull their drawers up quickly! Adelaide's mouth was open, her lips motionless- so horror-struck was she evidently in being caught thus. “I see,” Nina said in a tone of voice that was neither encouraging nor intimating shock and (much to my disappointment!) stepped without and closed the door again, though this time not locking it. “Oh-ho-no!” Adelaide was heard to sob.

    The renewed panting of the boys sounded. Nina smiled as she heard and shrugged her shoulders prettily as if to say, “What can one do?” She did not stir, however, until she had satisfied herself, by such small noises as were heard, that Adelaide was once more caught up, haplessly or not, on the wheel of pleasure. Her hand extended to mine.

    “Come, darling,” she invited me. Our palms met warmly. My nipples were fiercely erect beneath my nightgown, which she did not fail to miss.

    Saying nothing, we passed along the corridor, where the door of her boudoir stood half open. A little encouraging pat on my bottom and I was within. There lying at their ease on the bed and both entirely naked and with the most threatening erections, waited Frank and Edmond. No, no-of course I did not squeal or run! Have you not taught me better? Frank extended his hand-not to say his stiff prick as well. He drew me down on the bed and with a quick flurry of arms and legs I was rolled over him (feeling the stiffness of his prong much in the process!) and came to lie between them. Nina meanwhile closed the door and with quick fingers began unhooking her gown.

    “Have her first, both of you, then I will take my toll of both your cocks,” she smiled. Unresisting, I allowed my nightgown to be peeled off. Some murmurs of admiration attended the quick process! How immodest I am, and yet it was true. I lay passive and looking utterly desirous with my legs apart. I sensed that as Mine Host, Frank would be the first to pillage my cunny with his cock, and so it was. How divinely he rode me! Nina- having cast off all save her gartered stockings-joined us on the bed and played merrily with Edmonds cock while he waited to take his turn on me. Two cocks, one after the other! Did you ever expect that of me? I am sure you did-and even worse, perhaps. Am I your good pupil! I came so much! I never knew such a delirious pleasure as when Franks weakening tool at last slipped from my well-creamed slit and then a fresh one entered me! I yielded my spurts of fine rain even as the knob of Edmonds weapon glided up between my longing dovelips. I clung to him. Nina's mouth descended over mine-an extra benediction! My tongue swirled with hers as Edmond pumped me, causing me the most exquisite sensations. I knotted my legs about his waist. Every slap of his balls under my bottom was a perfect delight! I remember you saying to me once, in a moment of mutual bliss, that you could make me fuck with almost anyone, “provided you nearly wanted to,” you said with teasing. I did not understand quite what you meant then, but now I do. I loved both the males in that moment, but do not do so otherwise. I was happy to surrender to their urgent pricks, to draw the pulsing sperm up from their stems-for as you have often truly told us, the female is the victor always in her bouts. The three of us having been well appeased for the nonce, we all discussed naughty things, not to say the affair of Adelaide, which Nina most frankly described to her husband and to Edmond. Both were delighted with her progress! “Have you again locked her in?” Frank asked. It was an agile question-pertinent!-for as he explained when Nina shook her head, Adelaide might otherwise take on remorse and come to interrupt us all.

    That being said, Nina slipped from the bed and- naked as she was-went out and repaired the omission on her part, though for her own original purpose she had thought best to leave Adelaide to make her own choice. The thought of our being disturbed-as might well have been the case-was paramount, however, so all four of us were then more content and got to doing all the naughty things you told me of, including (yes!) I have had my bottom tupped, and a most delirious experience it proved to be. I will tell you more soon enough, for that of course was not the end of the affair. My wrist aches now and I must stop!

    Your adoring Monica

    Monica Cherie,

    I am sure your wrist aches, though not entirely from writing. I am much occupied at the moment with several new girls, though this need not prevent me from begging you to continue your tale. I yearn to hear! What of Maude, meanwhile? I cannot contain my impatience! Write again soon! What a perfect pupil you have proved!

    Many, many kisses Julie


    Editor's Note:

    It was said once by a wise man-a French writer, I believe-that once a man gets a certain idea into his head, he can think of nothing else. He was referring, of course, to such phenomena as we encounter in these letters. Most certainly it proved true of Monica, as of almost all the others who became so lustfully embroiled in such proceedings. Here we find her replying to Madam, who must have been particularly pleased to find her pupil more coherent and given to loving descriptions than Sylvia had in her own indiscreet missive to Alison.

    Darling Julie,

    What warmth exuded even from your short note- which I do quite understand in the circumstances. You see, I hasten to reply to you within the week, being now arrived home as I am (and further adventures to tell of that sometime, for I have been just as naughty as you said that I would be!). At about three a.m. on the morning of which I last spoke, and when even the receptacles of our two lusty paramours had been drained, Frank and Edmond retired to other rooms, leaving Nina and I to kiss and to whisper together. She, venturing along quickly to Matthew's room, returned to say that all was quiet within and that Adelaide's own bed was still empty. “All sleep the sleep of the just,” said Nina, wriggling up to me once more. “What shall you do in the morning, then?” I asked, though almost slipping into sleep.

    “On verra,” she replied drowsily and almost immediately dozed with her head on my shoulder. I thought her for a moment lax about the matter then, but was wrong. At seven-thirty I was shaken awake. A most unladylike hour to be roused! Told to put my nightdress on-as Nina did as well-and to be quiet, I followed her along on silent feet to Matthew's room. Again the key turned soundlessly-and there the three slept like angels. So cautious were we that we did not disturb them. Adelaide's position had not moved, I saw. Still she was sandwiched between the boys, and although the sheet was drawn up, I suspected Matthew's cock at least to be sandwiched between her thighs, which by the way are nice and plump and quite as smooth as mine!

    Nina stood motionless, regarding all and then with a gentle smile on her face withdrew, with me in train. Closing the door quietly, she whispered, “I shall not disturb them. They will wake soon, and then I shall take my bow!” And so it proved. Hearing sounds at last-after we had dressed and taken coffee-Nina motioned me to remain in the breakfast room. Frank and Edmond had gone out shooting, taking Maude with them-perhaps to catch their “pellets”! Unable to resist my curiosity, I crept to the foot of the stairs. I heard Adelaide cry out. Nina's voice sounded briskly, saying, “Get up, you naughty things, for breakfast will be due in half an hour.” Then-to the complete astonishment of Adelaide, I am sure-she swept out, as though all such were the most normal thing. There followed then much scampering. In due course Matthew and Mark appeared for breakfast. I was pleased to find them neither perky nor too quiet. Evidently they preened themselves on having followed their Mama's instructions!

    Adelaide did not appear and so Nina caused breakfast to be sent up to her on a tray. An hour passing without her venturing down, the boys were dispatched to divert themselves in the garden and Nina and I went up. In the seeming despair in which she found herself, Adelaide lay upon her bed-her own bed in the guest room, in this case!-with the breakfast tray untouched. “Well, now, Adelaide, what is to do? All must eat and drink to keep their strength up,” Nina cajoled her and brought her to sit up. “I cannot face the world!” Adelaide moaned and covered her face. “What nonsense! Of course you can, my dear.

    What did you lose last night but privacy-and that by chance. I knew the boys intended naughtiness as soon as they ventured down and, besides, Matthew was much taken with you, that I know,” Nina said.

    “Your own sons!” Adelaide wailed as if this were the most terrible event in the world. “Naughty is as naughty does, Adelaide. Come now, you have slept in these clothes all night. The first thing is to refresh yourself and take a bath. I will have one run for you,” Nina told her and rang the bell. “No,” responded Adelaide feebly, whereat I assisted Nina in drawing her up and commencing to unfasten her gown. Adelaide made much ado about this, fretting and swaying and even peevishly attempting to stay our hands, though I am sure that in her heart she was relieved that the “roof” had not so much as cracked, let alone fallen in upon her! Naked as we soon had her-and a fine, firm figure to show for it-she was soon persuaded into a robe, by which time the maid who had responded to the bell announced that the lady's bath was ready. “Let me go!” uttered Adelaide foolishly, though whether to the bathroom or wherever, she did not say. “Have your bath and we shall take some wine,” Nina insisted and all but propelled her through the door. Once gone-and much slurping of water sounding- Nina then apprised me of a very amusing bout that Adelaide had been brought to have before this with Edmond and a friend of his. “Ah, then, she is almost converted-what a silliness on her part!” I exclaimed. “She will perhaps always remain a woman who is almost so,” Nina replied, “and may secretly see in this part of her charm.” I, asking then what was to do, she replied blandly, “Let us have her first, fresh from her bath. She certainly must not be left to brood and must be kept enlivened.” The breakfast tray was then removed and sweet white wine brought up, and so we waited. Adelaide perhaps expected us to be flown, or to be elsewhere in the house. Naked, warm and perfumed as she was, she soon fell victim to our hands and lips. “No!” she begged plaintively, having been laid back between us on the bed, robbed of her robe and with her legs hanging down over the edge-in the very best of potential attitudes for love! Wasting no time on further discourse, I knelt before her, parted her rather mutinous thighs and delved my mouth up to her bush. “Noooo!” she moaned and made to roll her hips away, but Nina cast herself beside her and pinned her shoulders down. “Take pleasure again, my dear, for you surely seek it,” Nina murmured, at which my enquiring tongue parted the rolled lips of Adelaide's fine, furry quim and licked enticingly about and within. A sound of apparent despair issued from her then, but she kicked not overmuch and was soon pretending by little querulous cries not to like it while in fact taking pleasure from my lapping tongue as I could feel by the insinuating movements of her bottom, which was poised on the rolled edge of the bed. “How can you even speak to me!” whined Adelaide while a sound of kissing came from above me.

    “How delicious your mouth is, Adelaide! I speak of it very easily, my dear, for though Matthew and Mark were naughty in the extreme, still I am proud to find them as lusty as they are-were you not?” Nina asked beguilingly. “I did not mean to!” quavered Adelaide, though the tremor in her voice was, I suspect, was as much due to the titillation of my tongue around her risen clitoris as the subject of their conversation. “Even so, they had you-twice perhaps?-and are no worse for it. Did they pump you well, my sweet, both fore and aft?” “Stop!” Adelaide moaned-though I'm sure not to me, for I could hear her breathing increasing quickly and sensed that she was on the point of spilling out her lovedew! “What is to stop? The merriment? The pleasure? We take note of nothing else here, my love, and nor will you-nor Maude, for she, too, has not passed the hours unpleased, and takes the cock as sweetly now as you.”

    “Hooooo!” quivered the lady and strained her legs over my shoulders where I by then had them placed. A gurgle then came from her that seemed to have been lost in part in Nina's kissing mouth. Her bottom jerked. A fine salty tribute rained over my tongue. “M… M… M… Maude!” Adelaide moaned in the surging sweep of her enjoyment.

    “Of course! Maude has taken Frank's cock and Edmond's, as you too will take both now, Adelaide. Even as I-even as Monica,” came Nina's voice while my tongue was being frothed. “Woh!” Adelaide uttered softly. Her thighs parted so wide that her knees slipped from my shoulders, her toes coming to rest again on the carpet. I licked the faster with my hands beneath her fleshy bottom. “No!” I heard her utter, yet it was but an invitation as both Nina and I knew. The fire then in her belly could not be denied. I heard more fruitful kisses from above. “We shall enjoy together, Adelaide-you know we shall.

    Perhaps we shall even tame the males by taunting them-who knows?” came Nina's laugh. Slurping sounds came as from the joined lips, then Adelaide of a sudden slumped, rippled out another small, sweet shower against my mouth and was still. I rose, wiping my lips. Nina sat up and sparkled! Adelaide lay with her eyes closed and her face coyly to one side. “She will lie so and then join us in the garden, will you not, Adelaide?” Nina asked. The lady's lips moved, but no reply came.

    We tiptoed out and closed the door. Another victory, as might be said! “We shall see if she joins us and comports herself now in a civilised manner. If she does not, I shall birch her and then Frank and Edmond shall mount her both,” Nina said in the most practical fashion as we descended. I admit to being as enthralled in her company as I always was in yours, Julie. You both have the same intent and both meet, it seems, with the same success! Three quarters of an hour passed while Nina and I sat under sunshades in the garden and listened to the rollicking of the boys. Then Adelaide appeared, gazed all about uncertainly and then joined us, though ever watching nervously for the appearance of Matthew and Mark. “I… I must leave today,” she twittered. “You have nothing to fret about, Adelaide. Why return?

    Maude may not wish to leave.” “Oh, she surely will,” Adelaide replied to Nina. “Be not so sure, my pet; she has enjoyed herself and is doing so at this moment, too, I wager. She is perfectly safe with Frank and Edmond, and knows herself to be. Ah, here are Mark and Matthew!” Nina exclaimed as the boys emerged from behind a shrubbery and came towards us, making Adelaide quite jump. Before she could move, however, they had run to their Mama's side, Nina taking on a mischievous aspect and saying to them, “Now, you are not to be naughty again unless I bid you to. You understand?” “Yes, Mama, but oh, the lady is so beautiful!” Matthew replied, so that Adelaide blushed and knew not where to look-might indeed have risen and run indoors had not Nina put up a gently warning hand. “You see how taken they are with you, Adelaide? Come, give her each a kiss, boys, and say you are sorry and will not intrude upon her again-unless she wishes it, in which case…” “Oh!” exclaimed Adelaide, but quick as darts the two youths ran and kissed her on the mouth and were off like skylarks before she could recover! “You see how sweet they are?” Nina chided her. “I… I cannot say! I do not know what to say! I have never encountered…” Adelaide began. “Two at once? My pet, they are virile, eager, mean no harm. Did they change places in the night?”

    Nina asked with such delightful charm that only the most utterly miserable could have resisted her. “They may with me tonight-if they want,” I said quickly, whereat Nina laughed and asked Adelaide, “You see?” Quite what Adelaide might have replied to that I cannot guess, but then an interruption came of a most unexpected nature. Her husband was announced! Oh, my goodness, how she sprang up from her wicker chair and looked as might a lady who has lost her drawers in public! “Adelaide! Be calm, be still! He can know naught of what has passed, nor shall,” Nina said while a maid stood waiting for instructions. “I shall see the gentleman in the drawing room,” she then told the servant, who was, of course, perfectly used to hearing all sorts of strange remarks passed in the house. The maid departing, Nina then told her guest, “Leave him to me, my love. He can have no doubts about you and therefore you have none to assuage. Edmond in due course will be introduced to him as a friend of Franks-as indeed he is.” “B… b… but Maude!” choked the lady, whereat I intervened. “She will be utterly discreet. Leave that to me,” I said to her relief, whereat I accompanied Nina within and there met with the gentleman of whom I believe, Julie, you have some acquaintance! Being told that his wife awaited him in the garden and that Maude was out, he could not help but let himself be entertained by us for a few moments. One does not rush one's greetings to one's hostess, after all! He had searched in several places for his wife and offspring, it appeared, but was now at rest and comforted. Being told that Adelaide had fallen asleep in her garden chair and need not be disturbed at the moment, he settled more and danced his eyes all over me! Nina then pretending she had to speak to cook, I was left alone with him. Immediately then his expression changed, for he had learned from a chance remark of Nina's of my sojourn with you and thus knew me to be acquainted with Maude in other ways than here at home in England. “Did you find it irksome?” he ventured, pretending great ignorance of your superb establishment. I, seated opposite him (but not too far!), moved my hands coyly, but then gazed at him boldly-for that, as you told us, intrigues them, and it does. “Not at all.

    At first perhaps one finds it a little unusual-a trifle sportif, shall we say-but then one gets used to it and takes pleasure from it,” I replied, alternately looking at him and then not, as if my eyes were skaters on a pond. He cleared his throat. “Maude, though…” he began. I looked about us as if for fear we might be interrupted.

    “Shall we to the library? We have less fear of being overheard there,”

    I said, which of course pleased him much! He was quick in following me. The door closed upon us. I stood by a window and gazed down. He ventured to come as close to me as he dared. “I have spoken with Maude much since her return. She is more settled now and regrets leaving.

    She is better tutored than she was,” I murmured carefully. His hand nudged my hip as if he had made an accidental motion of his hand. I did not move. As you have frequently told us, a young lady should be composed at all times save when she is being birched or bedded! “Better tutored?” he repeated. “Madams ways are unusual. One would not find the like in England, sir. She teaches that which cannot here be taught-or leastways, not with such skill, such understanding, such delicacy. Some might say such daring!” I said and bit my lip as though to quell a smile. I heard him swallow and turned my face to him. “Judge every second that passes and act upon it,” you have said, Julie. I did! “Ah!” said he. He clearly wished me to continue, and I did. I sighed as if I were revealing secrets but saw no other path to take. “Maude was fretsome and impulsive. Had she stayed at Madam's she would have learned that which she has learned here-from Nina and myself,” I said with emphasis. He appeared relieved. Evidently I had set the right tone! “My dear, if you have been of help,” he said, and dared to enlace my waist with his arm. “I trust I have. You will not be put out with Maude for that? She has known here-entirely in the most discreet of female company and no other-both the sweetness and the sting, if I make myself clear.” He swallowed again. Our noses brushed. “If… if I were to interpret that, so to speak…” he began while giving every indication with his eyes that he wished me to do that for him. I brought my feet together trimly, girlishly, as you have taught. My head was bowed. I could not then help but perceive the large lump that had arisen in his trousers! “You show every sign of understanding,” I remarked and then uttered a most pleasing sound as he dared to kiss me and projected his concealed erection against my thigh. “Were you thus made bold?” he asked-his voice a croak! “In privacy, sir, yes. Not over-bold, though. A girl must needs be coaxed-and hence the stings.” “Of the birch, you mean?” he asked. His mouth belaboured mine with quite a gentleness. I started not away! “With the birch, the cane, the strap. One comes to know the way of it-as Maude now has. Discreetly so, you understand? Your dear wife knows nothing of it- pray do not say a word,” I said naively, for I knew he would wish such a tone to come into my voice.

    “Good heavens, no! By jove, never-nary a word!” he exclaimed and turned me more to him so that his penis thrummed against my hidden bush. “Is it nice?” he asked with a forlorn eagerness. “It is very nice when it is properly done, sir. Conserve your forces, though, for they who need them. Your wife may see you thus and be amazed-if not put out,” I laughed and brushed my knuckles across his straining tool. “Yes, she would have great alarm to see me so, and so would Maude,” he replied with some sly cunning. “Oh, as to that, you shall see,” I rejoined and moved away, though not without a seemingly admiring glance at his Priapic display! “Think of other things,”

    I abjured him, “think not that you have dared to kiss me, nor of Maude's warm bottom to the birch.” Did I choose my words well. He gazed at me in awe! “I shall… I shall try,” he stammered.

    “They have both fretted at their absence from you, sir, and will return with you this day, I have no doubt,” I said, for all in a flash I felt this the best way to deal with the situation, which otherwise would have been fraught with problems, and so I rather dared to anticipate Nina on this matter. “Indeed, yes,” he replied and knew not whether to prod his cock towards my eyes or not. I solved this by absenting myself quickly and so left him best alone. Finding Nina, I told her what had passed, and she agreed with me. We repaired then to the garden and gave Adelaide all the assurances she needed, as well as the news of her imminent departure. Most fortunately Maude then returned and, coming straight into the garden by the side entrance (Frank being ever wily when things were afoot), soon knew all. Or rather, she knew even more than her Mama did, for I drew her aside and assured her of our total discretion in regard to Frank and Edmond. “Oh, is that so?” she asked, quite pleased.

    “Most certainly it is, Maude, but as to your flight from Madams, I have explained that you have since seen the error of your ways. Your Mama does not now need to ask about that; she has been well enough cossetted here and was very naughty last night, even as I expect you were. But no matter with that,” I went on quickly before she could interrupt, “you are expected now to be as Madam would have taught you, which is to say discreet in all your public ways, but neither troublesome nor prim when bedroom doors are brought to close on you.”

    Maude's eyes fluttered. “You… you did not tell Papa that?” she asked. “There was an understanding, Maude,” I said carefully, which brought a quick “Oh!” from her. I chucked my hand beneath her chin. “We all return from Julie's bent on pleasure,” said I, using your name familiarly. Maude shifted her feet and gazed down between us at the grass. Nina meanwhile was still ladling out assurances to her Mama who seemed disposed to be more calm.

    “Yes,-I suppose,” Maude murmured. “Do not merely suppose, Maude, but do as you desire or are bidden to. Your bottom needs a little scorching yet, but not too hard, as I have told him,” so I fibbed. “D… d… did you?” she stammered. I knew her for a hypocrite in any case and guessed her drawers well-moistened after Frank and Edmond both had fingered her at least, as they were bound to have done. “Simply be quiet, my dear, and accept your pleasures.

    A cock in the hand is worth…” I broke off then for Nina and Adelaide approached. I smiled at the latter winningly. “All is well-is very well,” I said and led her forward so that we distanced ourselves from Nina and Maude, who in any case, I am sure, wished to speak.

    “Will you really… I mean tonight, will you?” Adelaide asked suddenly and in the most hushed of tones. I knew well enough to what she referred! “Of course. Two young, fresh pricks-delicious!” I teased her, but made her see I meant it, as I did! It was-dare I say so-the perfect flourish to events. I believe she would have giggled if she had dared! As to Maude, I would adore to be a fly on the wall in her bedroom now, but alas that cannot be. Do you think she will be as naughty at home as I have been? Do I fulfill all your expectations in telling you all? I trust I do, and that you will find time to write again to you!

    Ever-admiring and adoring Monica


    Editor's Note:

    How many of us have not wished sometimes that we might listen at certain keyholes, or even peep within, to our profit? There is a veritable witchcraft in letters such as we have been perusing, for in all effect they permit us to do both, and without harm to those to whom we listen, which is surely as important as anything may be. On first coming upon this collection and in commencing to scan the many sheets, I wondered whether we might lose sight of Madam's establishment in all the brouhaha of events elsewhere. Fortunately this was not the case, as I discovered, and is now seen again here.

    My darling Julie,

    Such a bubbling visit from Monica-and oh, the news she brought to me of Maude and her Mama-all of which she says she has conveyed to you in detail, as I hope she has. What indelicate events, and how delicious! Adelaide, I gather, relapsed for a week or two into quietness and had no pleasurable activities whatever. But then-seeing all about her fair and undisturbed- she gathered confidence and has even made a short return to Nina's where she was once more feted. However, as to that it is another story. For the moment my thoughts are with Sylvia, and it is about her that I ask your advice. The sweet girl appears to have suffered a curious relapse. Upon arriving home, she became moody-as I understand-and would not let anyone touch her, and has remained so since. She is quite out of spirits, and so much so that I have been minded to ask you for a certain of a little liquid that you confided in me was dispensed by you into the wine of certain visitors in order to enliven them. What do you think? Sylvia is capable of so much fun and it is such a pity. She converses quite naturally, I might say, but has taken to dressing up her dolls again-at her age!

    I await your word, and-perhaps-a little glass phial?

    Your loving Caroline

    Dearest Caroline,

    No, my pet, NO “little glass phial”! I reserve such for awkward gentlemen or (very occasionally) recalcitrant or interfering female relatives of a fairly mature age. Of which more to follow! It is not so very unusual for girls to suffer the kind of “relapse” you describe. Sylvia was ever eager, as you know, and perhaps a little too much so. You must recall that on her one and only “occasion” here, she was fortuitously blindfolded. I have known females who prefer this, and may have chanced upon such a case in her respect, though I do not think for a minute she will continue in this way. I knew a lady once who quite adored having her wrists bound and being blindfolded-not knowing who her rider was to be, or pretending not to know. In such a condition she would first be led about the room, stumbling a little here and there as I believe she liked to, for it made her seem “helpless,” which she was not, for a sincere cry from her would have brought her immediate release. After being “paraded,” and hearing others coming quietly into the room to watch (whether it was her own boudoir or drawing room, or in the house of another), she would be laid on her tummy on a suitable couch or bed and then her bare bottom-for she was always rendered naked to her shoes and stockings for such events-gently “striped” with a thick silken cord such as one finds used for bell-pulls and such. Her derriere thus being enervated and stirred, she would be turned this way and that and tickled up a lot, endeavouring as she did to maintain a silence herself all the time.

    After half an hour or so of such preparatory doings, she would be laid on her back or made to kneel and then be well pumped. Occasionally she took two cocks in this manner, one after the other.. Her husband, I might say, was pleased to observe these “displays” and might let another do the tickling and teasing before he himself fucked her and then put her up to the other man, or vice versa. In all other respects the lady was quite normal and one would never have guessed at her curious whims. I have tried such myself, by the way, and have occasionally found such a game to be quite enchanting when one is in the mood! I am sure, though, darling, that I have nothing to teach you in this respect, but as to Sylvia it is another matter. I suppose it might be said that, having been returned to her domestic surroundings, she is afraid to enjoy that which she wants to enjoy.

    Here she was in entirely female company-except for two very naughty occasions of which I advised you. She was therefore able to expand on her fancies and fantasies and even to be guided to the practise of them under my instruction. There perhaps lies the clue, dear Caroline.

    Such girls (even ladies indeed as we have to some extent seen in the case of Adelaide) feel perfectly safe when they are told to do what they wish to do. One may call this a trick of the mind, or what-I do not know. There is also the question of pride, my dear. I always inculcate pride into my girls. Perhaps she was badgered into putting herself up too soon-whether on the journey or on arrival. One does not know. Perhaps she became jealous of Alison's sudden advancement in the cause. Who can tell? Were I to be present with her now, all problems would be resolved. She would follow the lead that I would give her and would feel comforted to do so. Have you not come across such? I am sure you have! Do not counsel her or “have talks” with her. They may only irritate. She is like the lady I have just mentioned, and does not wish to speak, at the moment, of that which she wants. Have her in her room and blindfold her. If she asks what you are about when you produce a suitable kerchief or cloth, simply say, “We are going to play a little game, like Blind Man's Buff”-as you call it in England.

    She will take to that, I am sure. Such will provide the perfect excuse for her. Then take her wrists and bind them loosely. If again she asks what is to do (I am perfectly certain that, alone with you as she will then be, she will make no great ado about the matter), say merrily that you are playing “captives,” or some such word that perhaps better fits in with English games. Add, as you do this, “Is this not how Madam used to play?” Sylvia will then better understand what is to do, and the mention of my name will be of some assistance, I know. Praise her much also, and say that I, too, did so, the while that you are then putting her skirt up and taking down her drawers-for I am sure from what you say that she wears them again now! Be sure your preparations are all made beforehand-which is to say that by whatever device you have concealed a birch, strap or cane beneath her bed beforehand, and that her stallion is standing by, though perhaps before this he may have deliberately given outward every sign of leaving the house. Your mind must work in all directions! Thorough preparation allows all to proceed smoothly. The lock of her bedroom door should be discreetly oiled so that she does not hear it open again while you are attending to her. Though I have mentioned the cane, I advise against it in these circumstances. It is not my preferred implement by any means, as I am sure you know, for it tends to be too harsh, and only the most skilful, who know how to skim it across an offered orb, should employ it. Better the strap, I believe.

    There is sure to be a broad and well-used one in the stable, if nowhere else. If you find it not supple enough, lay it in oil overnight and then have it wiped and polished dry the next morning.

    You can always say that it is for your luggage trunk, if you wish!

    Strap her bottom slowly and without undue force. Indeed, allow a small interval between each stroke, and murmur pleasingly to her ears all the time. Praise her rondeurs, the whiteness of her limbs. Tell her as jovially as you wish how “naughtily” her pussy peeps when her bottom is put up. At the sixth stroke or so (and laying the leather full across her cheeks but never, as I say, harshly), undo her bodice.

    Your intention is to spur her on and not in truth to punish her. She will divine her “fate” once you have exposed her titties. You may even bend beneath her briefly and suck her nipples before warming her bottom a little more. Have a signal prepared between yourself and her waiting stallion. Perhaps you may cough, or utter a certain word, in any event, he must be at the ready. On knowing the trigger about to be pressed-as it were- he must enter silently and rear up immediately on the bed with his cock at the ready. Let him not be over-lustful or hasty, but thread her slowly by whichever route. The thought must ever be imposed upon him beforehand that Sylvia's pleasure is paramount.

    Once the prick is in, she will not struggle, I know. Indeed, I am sure she will come very quickly after such careful preparations! Let not a word be said during the bout-and certainly none coarse. The moment he has filled her to the brim (and that after not less than two minutes), he should sink down with her and keep his pego in so that her bottom is well cuddled into him. You may then deftly remove her bonds, but not her blindfold. Remove yourself then. Say nothing to her afterwards, but observe closely how long it is before he quits her bedroom! For his part he should ask her softly-after due care and caressing-whether she wants the blindfold on or not. If she does not answer, he should remain locked with her until his forces have recouped themselves (as I am sure they will!) and then pump her again, though this time on her back and she well beneath him. During this second course (which I am perfectly certain Sylvia will not resist), he may gently remove that which blinds her eyes and bring himself to much adoring kissing of her lips. You know my principles. Young ladies should know that they are adored. I do not send them back to be the mere slaves of men, but to know the ways of pleasure and to be cossetted and, yes, thoroughly spoiled! Nor are they to continue to be birched or strapped unless they wish it, though some do! No pupil of mine has ever proved finally recalcitrant, as witness the case of Maude! I had tickled her imagination just sufficiently here for her to be converted where otherwise she would have resisted and squealed the house down. Nina is much to be thanked for the way she handled her and will, I trust, continue to indoctrinate such promising young ladies as have the misfortune not to come to St. Germaine-en-Laye! My advice to you will be taken well, I know It may be that by some hint or another, Sylvia may wish to repeat the process. One must judge such things as they come. Do what you can to take her to bed with you on the evening of the day when she first receives her stallion's sperm.

    Treat her with devotion and with admiration, as I know you will. Say little of the day's events except perhaps some passing phrase such as “Wasn't it nice!” Persuade her, if you wish, that you have done the same in your own recent youth. At some stage then-perhaps within a week or two-effect a trio with her. That will embolden her more, She is, I believe, a voyeuse par excellence and will much delight in seeing your own adorable bottom working to the cock. Affect on that occasion to be a little “tipsy” even, for that will add to the merriment of the occasion. I will say no more. Perhaps I have said more than enough! You are quite capable of doing all this without my advice, but perhaps only desired to be nudged into proceeding. How frank I am-but you know me well for that trait. If you tell me that it has not succeeded then I shall be, as you say, “all at odds and ends”!

    Write soon, but not too soon for I wish to hear all.

    Your loving Julie

    Editors Note:

    An interval of two weeks obtained before Caroline wrote again. When she did, it was (inevitably perhaps) to announce full success of the venture.

    Dearest, dearest Julie,

    Yes! It worked! But of course you knew it would, and I will not pretend other than that your advice was exactly what I wished to receive. How very right you are that we all so often need to be urged! You described so exactly what would pass that I scarce have need to detail the first occasion. All was done step by step, as it were, and-when finally prepared-Sylvia received his cock with scarce a murmur. I expected her, upon his full entry into her pretty quim, to wriggle her assent. In fact she remained placid all the while and barely a movement of her hips! Their mutual pleasure was, even so, quite divine. On the ejection of his sperm, Sylvia mewed softly and received all. I departed, as you instructed, though not without a lingering glance at her flushed cheeks and the way her rosy bottom moulded perfectly still but tightly into his belly. Outside the door I waited and listened. I had counselled him to say not overmuch once her cunny had milked his powerful juices, and in this he was wisely obedient. During this interval of quiescence, he held her unbound wrists down gently to her sides, which I believe she liked. Upon caressing her bared titties, he turned her face (all this told to me afterwards by him) and kissed her unresisting mouth. He was not long in returning to a fine state of virility. I heard the bedsprings tinkle and sensed that Sylvia was being laid on her back. A few gasps and murmurs came from both. The bedsprings sounded louder. The soft moans of pleasure that she uttered did not escape my ears. This second course lasted a full four or five minutes, so well did they enjoy! Upon his finally reappearing, Dick indicated to me by gestures that Sylvia was sleeping, or apparently so. I left her to her own devices and did not see her for an hour, when she reappeared fresh as a daisy and wearing a different dress.

    That night I asked her gently and with apparent hesitation (for which I should surely receive a laurel wreath!) whether I might cuddle her in bed, or so I put it. Sylvia nodded without saying a word. I left her to prepare herself for bed and then entered the darkened room, casting off my nightgown to the floor and slipping in naked beside her. The soft light in her eyes seemed virtually to glow as does that of fireflies, for she lay with her head on her pillow gazing up at me as might an angel. I kissed her, found her mouth receptive and plunged my tongue within, drawing up her nightdress as I did so.

    How hotly she wriggled! “Do you like it?” I asked, meaning all sorts of things. “Yes!” she replied instantly and opened her legs to receive me. Her satiny belly squirmed beneath my own. The moisture of her quim was utterly delicious against mine. Our tongues worked.

    All was lost in a fever of passion. I could not contain myself! “I shall blindfold you again,” said I, our tongues all liquid to each others. “Yes,” she mouthed simply. “And bind your wrists,” I said. “Yes,” came from her again. I had to sense her mood where you, Julie, might have cajoled and excited her more to more open confession. I thought of your occasional (and very proper) sternness and sought a little to imitate you. “Let us be even more formal, Sylvia, tomorrow You shall wear stockings only, and your pretty boots that button up to just below your knees. I shall attend to your lovely bottom as I did today, but not upon the bed. I shall lead you to the study, bound and blindfolded. There you will bend over the back of a chair and present yourself. I shall strap you first-you understand?” Sylvia did not reply. I did not expect her to-perhaps did not even wish her to, remembering your dictum that “Silence, in the case of young ladies, implies consent.” Our lovemaking was all the more passionate for it. Our tongues never ceased lashing nor our pussies to spill their spurts-or so it seemed!

    Utterly exhausted at the last, we slept like babies in each other's arms. Alas, one of Dick's sisters chose to visit the next afternoon, for I had prepared Sylvia for the thought that immediately after lunch would be an excellent time, when our bellies (yes, I did say “our”!) were well-warmed by food and drink. The wretched lady-for so I could not but help think of her-did not depart until after we had taken tea at four. Poor Sylvia was all on edge, though concealed it well. I feared in fact that with her aunts departure she might withdraw from the little arrangement. The carriage having been seen off and our visitor safely gone, Sylvia went up immediately to her room. I followed her, for just as one must strike the iron while it is hot, so one must appease a waiting cock and cunny that are more than an hour over due in their expectations! Sylvia stood with her back to me as I entered and this pleased me, for I said nothing and I knew she expected me so to act. Without hesitation I slipped the blindfold around her eyes and knotted it. She did not stir! I bound her wrists before her and then-oh my goodness!-remembered that she was still dressed! Yes, I can hear you tutting at my silly haste.

    Fortunately her dress that day was of the type that unbuttons at the back. I attended to unfastening them. Sylvia has since told me that she wanted to giggle when she knew the mistake I had made! Then to untying her bonds again and undressing her. The wise girl had put nothing on save her gown and a chemise. In but a moment she was rapturously naked to her stockings and boots, her bottom bulbing beautifully and her legs so sweetly curved that I could not help myself but bent and kissed from her waist down to just above her stocking tops. She quivered and uttered a little sound, but otherwise was good. At last then having her ready, I led her out, going before her to guide her along the passageway. How prettily her lips were open, and how flushed her cheeks with expectation. “I shall not strap you hard,” I murmured to her all incautiously. You would have berated me for that! “I do not mind,” she whispered to my thrilled astonishment. She gave a little start as we reached the study door and heard it open. Dick stood very still to one side, clad only in his shirt and with his pecker very throbbingly erect! I could almost hear her listening for his presence as I led her to the chair over the wooden back of which a cushion had been tied to receive her tummy. Only the faintest resistance came from Sylvia as I bent her over it and then-with a little admonitory smack on her firm young bottom cheeks-brought her to part her legs, she turning in her toes most sweetly and so waiting. Dick held his breath evidently, for I heard hot a sound from him. How tempted I was to step back and fondle his erection, but did not dare. Besides, in such circumstances you would have berated me very sternly for that! The strap lay ready to one side, upon a stool. I bent and picked it up and ran the sleek leather across my palm while Sylvia waited. Her legs being of good length, and only an inch or so shorter than dear Monica's, her derriere was “presented” superbly. Of her shoulders and head I could see nothing, save for a flowing of her hair to one side where it spread over the seat. The parting of her legs revealed the saucy peeping of her quim exactly as one wanted.splat! the leather sounded as I coursed it first across her offered orb. Only the slightest retraction of Sylvia's hips betrayed the stinging it afforded her. Her heels teetered and then were still. Scra-aaaack! The second was a little fiercer and left a broad swathe of pink in its wake to contrast with her otherwise creamy skin. “Zeeech!” Sylvia gritted softly, for it was the hardest I had given her. I sensed, however, that she wished it so-wished it to be clear that she was being made to be naughty, just as you have always said. Even Dick, I believe (for he was behind me) winced a little at it, though the bark of the tawse or whatever one may call it is far worse than its bite. I knew very well, as did Sylvia, that I was only warming up the “reception room!” She clearly wished to be a little more vocal on this occasion-perhaps as a subtle invitation?-“No-woh!” she sobbed as I laid a third one in and literally made her bottom bounce. “Yes, Sylvia!” said I. I had not intended to speak, but the interjection seemed appropriate to her mood. “Goooo!” she choked as then I gave her another, her bottom becoming rosier every second and her hips undulating very saucily. “You will learn, young Miss, to take the cock more freely now,” I said and found myself in wonder that I was seeming to be giving a very poor imitation of you! “I won't, I won't!” Sylvia spluttered and began to sob “most realistically,” as you would say. For good measure-since the entire “game” now invited it-I swished three more into her tight, round bottom and really made it roll. “Oh-woh-woh! Don't make me be naughty!” Sylvia wailed, and I knew her then to be more than ready for the joust. So, evidently, did Dick, for he could wait no longer, poor man! Urging me aside and with her bottom all aglow and ready as it was, he yielded to the wicked perversity of the moment, thumbed her darling cheeks apart and without ado presented his knob to her most secret aperture.

    “No-ho!” Sylvia bleated, and pressed her bound hands into the seat of the chair, but did not attempt to rise or buck him off.

    “Yes, Sylvia!” he then said sternly and, bending his knees and grasping well her hips, succeeded in entering two inches of his champion in her nether hole. The chair shifted. She made as if to struggle forward! I prevented the venture (if such it was, though I believe it an accident of movement), by moving around before the pair and placing one knee firmly on the seat. It came upon me then to raise my dress, take hold of Sylvia's head and bring her mouth up to my thigh. “Foooo!” she choked, but I knew her well by then and felt her tongue tip emerge against my skin above my garter. By then Dick had ensconced a further length of his erection in her bottomhole, at which she squealed a little, wriggled, then was still. Truly-I swear to you-I had intended this to be a silent and “formal” occasion as I felt in the event you might have wished it. How amusing it would have been to continue in that way, but it was not to be. The devils of desire had overtaken us. I might, of course, have gagged her, but you as a purist would have most certainly forbidden it. Dick's eyes being hot upon me, as I expected them to be in any case in his delirious pleasure, I raised my dress higher and-holding my other leg straight down, displayed the fact that I wore no drawers. A grunt came from him and with a steady pressure of his loins he was embedded in her to the full until her bottom cheeks splurged to his belly. “Oooooh!” uttered Sylvia and, had it not been for her blindfold, I might well have seen her eyes screw up. Such an “Oooooh!” you have of course heard countless times. Alas that one can never bring it to life on paper. It is a sound of satisfaction, of wonder, of delirious delight-even surprise! I reached between us-feeling Dick as I was-and untied her wrists, which were in any event loosely bound (this being, as you yourself would have had it, a silent signal that Sylvia was a voluntary captive) and brought one hand of hers to cup my quim.

    But no- he would not have that-would not be seen to be as bold as that! How strange, but how delightfully perverse! She did not, however, endeavour to escape the “imperative” at-and in-her rear. I therefore pressed her mouth once more to my bared thigh in order that she might “sob” against it as she seemingly wished to, for in her mind no doubt this gesture served to allay such conscience as she still obtained. Dick then intervened and in a manner that I realise now was perfectly right. “Let her be. She must take it, and she will-she wants to,” he declared. “I do-oh-don't!” whined Sylvia at that while I dutifully removed my leg from the chair and went around quietly to his side to view the root of his cock just protruding from her gripping aperture. “Be quiet, girl!” thundered Dick then, so that even I was stilled! “Boo-hooo!” came from Sylvia in a broken sob that I just say was well put on, for by then her bottom-hole had so well received his prick that she must have become accustomed to the naughty invasion and its deep throbbing within her. I feared that Dick might say to remove her blindfold, but he did not. Instead, he abjured Sylvia to straighten her legs more and move them more apart. For a moment she did not, was wilful-then obeyed. “There's a good girl,” Dick murmured, and then commenced to plough her furrow, as it were. Each movement of his sturdy loins caused Sylvia's bottom cheeks to smack most thrillingly against his belly. She moaned, she whimpered and she mewed, but kept her legs straight all the same and even bowed her shoulders down the more! Nothing was heard then but their puffing on. Little snorts of pleasure came from both their nostrils.

    Her nether limbs held admirably stiff in what you are always pleased to call “the formal posture.” I quite adored our Sylvia for that. A few seconds more and her voice broke openly with pleasure. “Oooh-er!” she choked, “Oooh-er! Oooh-er!” but never plaintively and full of hope! I would (standing so close to them) have wished him to kiss me, feel between my legs, but he did not. Quite “properly,” perhaps, for their pleasure was entire and concentrated each upon the other in their movements. Movements, yes, for Sylvia's bottom then began to work. I know not whether she intended it, but could not help herself.

    Her little cries, no longer pitiful as she had pretended them to be, welled up with eagerness. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” both gasped with open pleasure, each sound very jerky, as you will imagine, and all the sweeter for it. I, spectator to the feast, could only watch, and yet with breathless pleasure at her surrender to his cock. The chair scraped, but I had no need to hold it then, for Dick held back her hips so well that both were complementary in their movements. I could tell by all her quiverings that Sylvia had come several times and wished him silently to fondle her spurting quim, but in the “discipline” of the moment he did not. Perhaps wisely so. Do I see you nod! She was to take him up her bottom and no more. Indeed, no less, as well! He gritted his teeth. The veins at his temples swelled. His face had a look of utter glory, as well it might have done. His bent knees trembled a little and then, by every sign, he came-not least by that soft mewing sound of pure delight that Sylvia uttered as he emitted the long jets of sperm within her gripping hole. He gaped. His face softened. Sylvia's bottom squirmed demandingly, sought every spurt of his encroaching juice, then he faltered in his thrusts, hung over her and cupped her pendant tits. At that, her bottom gave a decided little jerk as though to hold him in! Should I retreat, I asked myself, and heard you (ever-present!) murmur “Yes!” Ah, the sacrifices I have made for nubile maidens such as Sylvia! All is now well, though. That very evening, it was she who became tipsy (of a purpose, I am sure) and not I. Teased not a little by myself, she began to giggle, whereat I pulled up her clothes-this in their drawing room- and showed her thighs. “No!” she laughed, but had no heart to resist. “Make her take her drawers down-then you follow suit,” said Dick, for he insists now on our wearing a nether garment simply for the pleasure of taking our drawers down, or watching us do it.

    After much nudging of each other and Sylvia trying to hide her face, we were naked from the waist down and made by Dick to kneel up on the sofa before him with our bottoms bare! I then heard a slithery sound, as Sylvia did, for she gripped my hand, and knew he was producing a straps-so well had he rehearsed himself! Very gently he basted our derrieres at first, chiding us playfully for both being “naughty girls,” then gave us each what I believe some boarding-school girls nowadays call a “sixer.” Oh, it burned! You can well-imagine then that, requiring neither of us to move, he pronged us both, according each six strokes or thereabouts of his cock in turn in our cunnies before-after numerous such plungings of his doughty weapon-he innundated Sylvia's warm nest. There-I have told you all, or almost have, for such details as I have omitted you will well enough imagine, or else they were too mundane to recount. But now to your dear self, for in your last you made fleeting reference to “recalcitrant or interfering female relatives” of whom you were promising to say more. Do tell? Have there been such recently? I am agog to know!

    Your ever-adoring Caroline


    Editor's Note:

    Having received this intelligence, one wonders muchly what has happened to Maude. Perhaps much of the same that happened to Sylvia, but without such “ceremonials”! We shall see, perhaps. Meanwhile, Madam is replying to Caroline, after several weeks during which she has evidently been much occupied.

    My dearest Caroline,

    Forgive my silence. I enjoyed your last letter so very much that in the end I retired with it, finding bed the best place in which to read it all. Dear Sylvia-how well she did, and how well you managed the affair! Your honesty about the “devils of desire” was indeed praiseworthy. Such happens to all of us at times. I am what I believe is called a feminist and hence entirely on the side of women all the time-though they do not always believe it at first! Even so, I must also give praise to Dick who comported himself well and did not lustfully seek to forage between your thighs while so happily engaged in Sylvia's bottom. That speaks of a certain discipline in him which I would not otherwise have known about. In refusing the silent offer of your own body close to his during Sylvia's bottom-tupping, he absorbed himself very properly in his true task and-as it appeared- read the writing on the wall as to the way she wished to receive him. I do trust that you may encourage her to occasionally repeat her “formal exercises,” for they can be truly delightful. Most males are far too greedy for what they wish to have, and hence go too hasty to the matter and spoil it all. Would that Dick might visit here again, for now that I know his character better he could well induce several of my girls to have their bottoms, at least, anointed. No one can discern virginity in that particular respect which-as I have hinted to several of my more advanced pupils-is very useful! So you see, I have nothing to upbraid you for at all, and would praise the reserve you showed on both the first and second occasions. What of Alison, now that you are back at home? Have you heard of her or from her? I perceive that her guardian-although well furnished at his loins-might become a bore to her, though she may not mind that much so long as he is otherwise treating her well. He promised in front of me to cozen her in all material respects. Should you chance to visit them, or make excuse to do so, be an angel (as you truly are!) and observe whether or not this is being done. As to the little tale to which you refer, it occurred some months ago and proved, among other things, extremely handy for two of my girls, Suzanne and Emily. The one is dark, and the latter fair, and they are much taken with, each other, which I do not mind at all! Both are eighteen and have weathered all my tests even-as such I reserve for just the most advanced-to entertaining dildos in their bottoms. These are the slender, velvet-covered ones that you know about and, being not too great in girth, do not alarm the girls too much but ease them nicely into their future fate-or one of them, at least! I should tell you, by the by, that about a year ago a couple came from Surrey to see me, accompanied by their daughter, whom they intended to place with me.

    What they expected, I do not know, for they were absolutely not the kind that I wish to entertain Or be associated with. They were vulgar, my dear, and nouveau riche, the father being in the railway business or something contingent. I allowed them to see me at my worst-quite deliberately, of course, and they departed taking their coddled and plump daughter with them. In that there was no loss to me! The recent occasion has been quite different. Sir Bertram (as I had best discreetly call him) announced by letter his impending arrival together with his wife and daughter. His letter was of good address, of course. I mused upon it. By some whim also he had inserted with his letter a photograph of the daughter, Dorothy (such dull names do you English give your girls!). I was taken with her. Suzanne and Emily were permitted to muse upon her likeness and uttered certain noises of enthusiasm. “I would love to cuddle her!” Suzanne declared.

    Tut-tut, she was scarce sixteen, I said-for so the letter described. I but pretended to prudery, of course, in respect of age. Some girls of fifteen are perfectly ripe for the cock-some not. One judges as one finds! “Let her come! Shall you, Madam?” begged Emily, with I all the time pursing up my lips. What had Sir Bertram and his wife heard of my methods, my approach, I wondered? Would they come in great naivety and then flounce off as the others had? The idea came to me then that I would first entertain them out of doors, which is to say at a picnic. I revealed my plans to Suzanne and Emily, and the reasons thereof. They clapped! So it was arranged. On the appointed day a great picnic basket was prepared- I taking sole charge of the wines for the purpose you may already guess. We attired ourselves suitably in white and pink, with frilled dresses, parasols, and long white gloves. Suzanne and Emily were hard put not to giggle often. I had to admonish them severely while we waited. Then was I put to deliberate mendacity, for upon the arrival of Sir Bertram's carriage from Paris, I opened the doors and pretended great alarm. My secretary, I said, had given me the wrong date. I had expected them on the morrow, I went on. Allowing them no time to recover from this, and finding Sir Bertram seemingly enchanted by the appearance of my two damsels, I went on to say that our picnic spot was but two miles hence and that in order to make mutual acquaintance we might all repair there. My own carriage also being waiting, this was done. Oh, but my goodness, you do not want such “mundane details,” dear, so I'll continue fast. We found our sward in a well-hedged meadow and there settled. Dorothy proved even prettier than her likeness and a perfect little cherub. Her Mama, Anthea, was of slightly stouter stock but not less comely for that and had-as I soon saw-good legs. Sir Bertram himself was tallish, quite imposing, and near to a gentleman as might be. I will not bore you however with all the preambles, during which I discoursed very carefully indeed upon the curriculum at my establishment. The presence of Suzanne and Emily, their attractive forms and faces and the general merriment in their expressions did more to advertise myself than I could do, for they were clearly in the best of health, came from good families, and were patently enjoying all their days at St. Germain-en-Laye, as Sir B. himself remarked (not failing to twinkle at both!). Well now-I really must confess to you, sweet Caroline, that I could have let all be and quite easily drawn Dorothy into my sphere of influence. A mischief was upon me, though. Perhaps the warm sun, the blue sky, and the splendid wine had something to do with it. That which I was about to venture was something I had never done before. My general rule is that parents should be neither seen nor heard once their daughters, nieces, wards, or whatever, are safe within my walls until I am satisfied that tuition has run its course. Such as happened to Blanche, to Alison, and a few others is rare. “In the main the girls return to England with their cunnies still virgin even though they may have been dildoed in their bottoms. Even so, their cunnies by then pout for attention and, I am sure, receive it as soon as can be discreetly arranged, for if that is not the prime purpose for which they are sent here, then all my time is wasted! Perhaps I did feel that Dorothy was a trifle too young, for it is essential that girls should mature in their minds as much as their bodies in certain respects-and you know well enough those to which I refer. I am told that I am a philosopher, which I suppose is true. I do not mind a girl being bedded by her sire provided she is eager for a bout and knows what she is at. My tuition generally ensures the latter but does not stipulate the former! I see you smile behind your hand and do admit to a little hypocrisy in this, but in the end I must say that it is up to the girls themselves. I send them back cock-ready, it is true; that is my task. But I hear you scolding me (if you dare!) and telling me to get on with my tale. Very well. I had decided to give Dorothy a lesson that no other girl has ever been afforded here. In other words, she was to have an exceedingly practical education, while I in turn would garner in and teach her lovingly all that she needed to know. Hence, our cold collation having been consumed, I opened my “special” bottle of wine and dispensed some to Sir Bertram and his wife. I then replaced the bottle quickly in the picnic basket (the lid being up and concealing it from them) as if I had forgotten to serve myself. Sir Bertram-having laughingly reminded me of this-I withdrew an ordinary bottle which to their eyes looked the same. As for Dorothy, she received-as my two pupils did-a seemingly innocent sarsaparilla, the colour of which concealed the very slightest touch of aphrodisiac.

    Just enough to make them sparkle, as you would say! The dosage I had secretly given Dorothy's parents was quick to take effect. Her Mama, Anthea, sank back upon the grass saying rather blearily, “I feel… I feel…” Her arms hung limp. She appeared comatose, as Sir Bertram-joining her in a prone position literally shoulder to shoulder-also did, but I knew that this was but to conceal the extreme state of arousal she V was feeling. Her nipples already thrust vividly into the cloth of her gown, indenting the material sharply. There was a flush upon her cheeks. In a manner that she would never otherwise have dreamed of doing, her legs hung apart and stirred uneasily. Her hands fluttered. She dearly wished to play with herself! Sir Bertram, as you may imagine, was in similar condition. His penis thrust up mightily into his trousers and none could miss the violent projection-not, least of all, Dorothy who stared at it and then looked away, her mouth open. Suzanne immediately slipped one arm about her waist. Sir Bertram groaned and laid one hand upon his wife's nearest thigh. I distinctly saw him feeling her stocking top. Her legs opened more. “You feel sleepy,” said I, “it is the wine, the sun. Close your eyes awhile, as we shall, too. Then we shall repair back to the school.” My words were carefully chosen, for I wished them to remember them. Such as are persuaded by dint of chemistry and Nature into these naughty ways, and whose veins boil for fulfillment, are often easily persuaded afterwards that all that they experienced was a dream. Since none of them have ever behaved in that way before, this is easily achieved. Besides, my words were meant also for Dorothy whose own swelling gourds had swelled the more now that she had imbibed her rosy drink. Her head rested on Suzanne's shoulders.

    Emboldened, the latter moved her arm around her further and cupped one budding tit in her palm. Rising then, I knelt beside Sir Bertram whose eyelashes fluttered. He gazed up at me most imploringly and even made bold (while still caressing his wife's thigh) to fondle my own full tits. Of course, I let him. Anything to increase his state of excitation! “I say!” he blurted. My lips moved down to his ear.

    “Sir Bertram, you are dreaming,” I whispered. At that he uttered a huge sigh and jerked his hips desiringly. Seeing that, I reached over, took Anthea's limp hand that was nearest to his hip and, raising it, laid it full upon his vigourously pulsing cock. Suzanne and Emily were silent, as I had told them to be. I wished Dorothy to remember no naughty words from us. My blood was up, I do confess. What a bizarre happening, and yet I wished it to be! In the eyes of Dorothy-which now and then were cunningly veiled by Suzanne, who raised the girl's lips to kiss her-I was but settling her parents-making them comfortable. Such a word then left my lips as I rarely use. Poising my face between their two heads, I murmured, “You may fuck together in your dream if you wish.” I must say that I scarce had need to add such a crudity! Anthea was already massaging her husband's prick. His was gathering up her skirt after his brief foray with my straining breasts. Moving back on my knees and concealing my movements from Dorothy, I loosed the straining buttons at the front of his trousers. A full banana of flesh thereupon sprang out. He groped blindly for me again, but I retracted my hips whereupon, finding his cock freed, he rolled upon his wife and with much grabbing and grunting bared her to her hips. I will not describe the act that followed, Caroline. It was not of the prettiest, nor the most exciting. It sufficed however for my purpose. Leaning against Suzanne and rocking all about in quite a fever of arousal, Dorothy was being caressed everywhere by the two. Her drawers had been deftly removed, and these I gathered up and tossed into the picnic basket. After all, we had finished eating! “Not too much,” I warned the girls, Suzanne's hand being busy under Dorothy's skirt and Emily having unbuttoned the girl's corsage to show the perfect young melons of her titties whose brown nipples were most suitably erect.

    “Mmmmmm…!” Dorothy hummed betwixt kisses. Betwixt kisses also she took in sufficient of what was happening before her-over the grass-laid tablecloth, as it were-to answer several questions that might of late have been buzzing in her head. Certainly she saw the swollen cock and where its pleasure was. Even so, I was alert to all.

    “Take Dorothy to the school and we will follow on,” said I, well knowing that the walk would clear the young girl's head before she was brought to say farewell to her parents. In this I was immediately obeyed. I am sure that they wanted to get the cherub on their own in any case! Even as they rose, Sir Bertram expelled his juice, which I knew by his groaning and the quivering of his buttocks. The pair lay enlaced and quiet. By the time they had aroused themselves and were once more conscious of the world, I too had gone out of their sight, no doubt leaving them in much wondering but also giving them time to repair themselves. I wandered only to the meadow's edge, in fact, and there concealed myself, watching, with an amusement by no means tinged with malice, their endeavours to regain a state of decency Then I reappeared. Fortunately they did not see me at first, but upon their doing so I waved and came upon them, making all appearances of being breathless. “The girls decided to walk back while you slept. I accompanied them part of the way. Are you well rested now? It was the sun, the wine, and the journey, you know,” I said with much sympathy on my face while then unconcernedly kneeling to pack up the picnic basket. “Eh? What? Yes! Oh yes, Madam!” came from Sir Bertram, who, like his good wife, could not help but gaze down in great wonderment that he was all in one piece and covered up. My bland expression revealed, as it seemed to them, that all was normal and that each had enjoyed the most vivid of dreams.. Fortunate it was, I might say, that the lady had been revealed as wearing split drawers (so convenient for the toilet, and for other things), which had assisted their mutual efforts greatly! “The sun, the wine,”

    Anthea repeated faintly and sought to tidy her hair. “Well, of course: I myself have fallen prey to both before now,” I replied in such a comforting tone that both almost looked pleased with themselves again. Recovering himself much, Sir Bertram then aided me in my packing of the picnic basket while his wife attended to her hair as best she could. I observed that the effects of my little potion still lasted, for he succeeded surreptitiously in caressing my bottom (as though by accident, of course) out of sight of his wife. Should I have given it the merest wriggle, or not? I decided on a middle course, which was to effect a movement of my hips that could have been taken one way or the other but which at the least bulged my warm cheeks into his palm for a moment. Naturally I maintained a placid look and averted my eyes from his! I then assisted Anthea in pinning-up her hair, which caused her to murmur in a pleased manner at my kindness. I was therefore “settled” in their eyes in two directions at once and Sir Bertram at least could look forward to such visits as he might wish to make to see how Dorothy was progressing. In so thinking, I counted upon their acceptance of my intended role in respect of their daughter and went out of my way to say tactfully that they might wish to take time to consider this. By that time my carriage had returned and we boarded it. “We-er-have no doubt that Dorothy will be in good hands,” Sir Bertram declared, mopping his brow while Anthea rubbed her thighs together still beneath her skirt and even cast me several winning looks! Naturally I was tempted to give them some more sport, but such would have been a little indiscreet, not to say dangerous, for the waves of passion had receded in them sufficiently to make any proposals of mine appear too obvious.

    Declaring simply therefore that I would be delighted to take the very greatest care of her, all was settled. Paris beckoned them. They both still had a sufficient itch for the city which English people are pleased to think is more wicked than London! Within a short time they had departed, leaving Sir Bertram's cheque upon my desk. Dorothy had recovered from all the titillations she had received, though was still flushed. I regarded her, I might say, with some affection-and still do for she has become the veritable “mascot” of my establishment, and for several reasons. I have said that she is cherubic, which is true, for among all other things she is small of stature and deliciously well-proportioned with it. Her bubbies are firm and milky and her chubby derriere is a perfect delight. Such eyes she has, like pools of wonder, and a rosebud mouth to go with all!

    Most fortunately her parents put down her slightly excited mood to her pleasure at being allowed to stay, in which respect all was very well indeed. Much as all the girls plainly adored her, I did not intend her to become their plaything. Not that there would have been anything malicious on their part (though they might have teased her overmuch), but I foresaw in some a not unnatural tendency to act towards her as I might do to them. To wit, she would acquire a confusing number of “teachers!” I therefore took her in with me, into the small bedroom immediately adjoining my own. Do I see a twinkle in your eye? You may quench it, you wretch! I have not been naughty with her at all save to cuddle her occasionally in my own warm bed and to give her a little tickle or two, which makes her sigh and cling to me.

    I discovered very well that Suzanne and Emily had finger-teased her to distraction and talked to her of cocks and all such things. These little matters I also obtained from Dorothy herself while kissing her fondly and feeling her firm titties and all else. The girls were perfectly right to talk to her of such, I said, for she would learn more about them soon enough. “You have seen your Papas big thing.

    How naughty he was!” I have said, but once or twice, to draw her out.

    Each time that I have reminded her of that vivid occasion on the grass, she has giggled and snuggled into me, finding in me, I am sure, many of the attributes of a fond Mama (though younger than her own!), or an older sister, or a confidante. NO, I have not tongued her yet, though long to do so and will come to that a little later on with her, I know. I have reaped other rewards, as I am about to tell! You recall the amusing occasion when an Inspector of Schools came to visit? Dear Blanche paid the price for that, though not unwillingly, for she is very sportif! Well-a sequel occurred. Perhaps that wretched man still lurked in the background somewhere in the Department of Education, or had made some ill-advised comment to a colleague.

    Whatever the case, within a month of Dorothy's arrival (though that in itself a coincidence and she being very well settled with me by then), another Inspector was announced. I received him haughtily. All the girls scurried to make themselves look “decent,” for since I sometimes let them dress (or undress!) as they wish, you know how they occasionally disport themselves, knowing very well that I will tingle up a few bottoms with my birch! Monsieur Piraud, as the new visitor was called, looked at first as dry and as officious as his predecessor had. He examined my curriculum-the public one, that is, and not the private one which I actually employ-and looked and sniffed all about.

    There is no male born, of course, who is not susceptible to the sight of half-uncovered feminine limbs, and of these he saw several pairs on his first, unexpected entrance. I explained that the girls in question had been dancing. “Cavorting?” he had the impudence to counter. “It is not the same word, it does not have the same meaning, Monsieur, and it is not my practise to permit what you have just named,” said I crisply, at which he flushed a little for my tone was suitably sharp. At that moment Dorothy chose to erupt within my drawing room. I do spoil the dear child, I know, and she appeared in all innocence, not having been told that I was, as they say, in conference. She attends only such lessons as I think proper for her at this stage- which is to say French, deportment, the culinary arts, a little fashion, and so on. Consequently the naughty dear had not bothered to dress properly (this being in mid-morning) and wore only her drawers, stockings, a thin chemise, bootees, and a robe somewhat floating overall. To my fond eyes she looked absolutely delicious and quite eatable, showing the most appealing flash of thighs between the legs of her drawers and her stocking tops. “Oh!” she blurted upon seeing the gentleman, for they are rare enough within these walls. She put her finger in her mouth and gazed at him in such a wondrous, childish way (I believe she is old enough by now to know how to “put that on"), that I could hardly suppress a smile. Monsieur Piraud's face flushed at the sight of her- and well it might, for though Dorothy immediately gathered her robe about her, its manner of sheathing her sweet young curves only added to their attraction. “What is your name?” he asked, rising and gazing down at her. “Dorothy, Monsieur,” she replied winningly and gave me a slightly awed but not unexcited look. “And how old are you?” then came from him, he addressing himself to her in English as soon as he had divined her nationality. “I shall be sixteen soon,” Dorothy said winningly and ran then to my chair where I placed my arm about her waist.

    The gentleman seemed to want to sit again, but could not bring himself to. He appeared to regard her sternly, though his eyes were not unseeking. The very manner in which Dorothy clutched her robe to her caused her two hands to seem to cup themselves invitingly just below her pussy. “She is, if I may say so, rather young for such an establishment,” said he. “Such an establishment? What do you mean by that, Monsieur?” I asked in bridling tones. No doubt he had made his own mental inventory of what might be my manners and my methods but could not actually put his fingers on them-which was just as well. “Er-that is to say, the other pupils are older. Is she not out of place?” he asked. “That may be your way of thinking, Monsieur, but it is not that of her father, Sir Bertram Mountjoy,” said I, deliberately letting the aristocratic tide drop. This stopped him in his tracks a little, but it was my angelic Dorothy who capped the matter, as you English say, and did so in all innocence-or if she did not is wiser than I know! “What is to do, Aunty?” she asked, and you may well wonder at such exclamation which arose from my sultry nights of cuddling her in bed when I have occasionally teased her and asked, “Am I not as an aunt might be to you?” You see, I have my many methods of psychology! She took thereafter to calling me that occasionally, though never in public before, for I think it would have made her shy to do so before the other girls. Or else, of course, she regarded it as our little secret, as young girls love to do. Whatever the case, the unconsidered appellation spilled out very nicely.

    “Aunt?” echoed Monsieur Piraud, looking much put out. “Of course. What did you think?” I replied smoothly. Then, giving Dorothy a fond smack on her pert bottom told her to go and dress immediately and to have her milk. I thought that was a cunning touch, my dear!

    This allowed for no more questions on his part, and indeed that which he had raised about her was weak enough. I suspected more and more then some collusion on his part with his predecessor. The latter had perhaps unguardedly said that there was a fine time to be had at my establishment if one knew the ways, but I intend to have no such male migrants coming though my doors. I have my reputation to consider!

    I rose. I showed every intention of having him leave. “It is surely the custom, Monsieur, for official visits from your department to be preceded by a letter of intent,” I said. He regarded me stiffly (and, I suspect, defensively) and replied that such was not always necessary. “To common establishments and schools for children,” I said bitingly, “perhaps not, but this is a private college, Monsieur, and I shall require one in future. I shall write to your Minister upon the matter.” At that he swallowed and made towards the door. “It will not be necessary, Madam,” he said. I guided him past the open door of one of the rooms where I knew the girls would be sitting demurely, for they are well versed on such occasions. He could not fail to see how perfectly proper all looked. “Even so, it will put matters in order,” I told him and motioned him somewhat abruptly in the direction of the entrance door. “Yes,” he replied, though totally without conviction. I turned my back on him and walked away, showing him not the courtesy he might otherwise have received. The matter, however, gave me much to think about, for I foresaw a procession of such fellows in the future. Having pondered all possibilities over a glass of fine sherry, I came to a conclusion and called upon Jeannette, a most charming young creature who hails from Lyons where her parents have a fine mansion. She had been then with me for two months and knew my ways, was mischievous in all and thoroughly enjoying herself. It is comparatively rare for me to receive French girls. Most of mind, as you well know, are English. French girls are normally sent to establishments not unlike my own in Germany or elsewhere where the regimes are much stricter and their Mamas or other over-enquiring female relatives cannot too easily reach them. However, as to the subject of my private conversation with Jeannette and the consequences thereof, I must defer my news to next time, which I trust will not annoy you. I have so much to do!

    Your loving Julie


    Editor's Note:

    Caroline's reply to this was rendered almost immediately, intrigued as she no doubt was by the rather mysterious ending to Julie's letter. We therefore come to it immediately in order to proceed to the promised sequel from St. Germain-en-Laye.

    Dearest darling Julie,

    Oh, how you left me nail-biting at wondering what the purpose of your conversation was with Jeannette! You naughty thing to leave me so much in the air!

    Did you slip back again into bed with Dorothy upon concluding your last? “Miaow!” I hear you say, but for all I know the dear child has already been sufficiently well schooled to allow her return to the parental mansion- and what there? Oh, that I could be your Chief Assistant and know all-but perhaps that would rob your news of much of its dear charm and teasing. Anyway, to my own affairs here and those of Alison, about which you asked. How was I best to manage that?

    Of course, I asked Sylvia, but she had not heard much from her friend, being embroiled in her own pleasures and so not seeking to be too enquiring. “I thought her dull,” she said disturbingly, “for she did not look herself. I have a birthday present for her, in fact, but have not time to take it.” Of course, I seized upon the opportunity and offered to present it to the young lady, nor I did not wish to appear otherwise intrusive, so to speak. Two days later I duly presented myself. Horace was fortunately gone about some business or other. His wife looked broody and I had little doubt of the reason for it, though as I later gathered she had resigned herself to his newfound foibles and Alison believes that she occasionally listens at the door when Alison is at the receiving end of Horace's big cock! Oh my goodness, what naughty things I always find myself writing to you!

    Alison indeed appeared a little in the doldrums. Upon receiving Sylvia's present from my hands (and I giving her a flask of perfume, too), she brightened up. Sylvia had sent her an engaging and very frilly waist corset, perhaps as a signal of her own mode of dressing occasionally when she is being “attended to.” “You must try it on,” I said, “for you will look delicious in it.” As with all of us, she could not resist doing that and was soon to be seen, by me and in the privacy of her little boudoir, attired in the fetching garment, which of course leaves her bottom bared, the black lace hovering prettily above her cleft. “You see, it fits you perfectly,” said I, wishing to cheer her up. Attired otherwise only in her stockings and shoes, Alison pirouetted moodily before her mirror, which brought my hand inevitably to venture to taste the marbled contours of her most enticing bottom. “Oh, he will like it. If I wear it tonight I expect I shall get a double,” she replied in a sulky tone, though not moving her warm cheeks overmuch from my seeking palm. “A double? What is that?” I asked innocently, then put my hand to my mouth and laughed, for I saw the light. “You mean, he does it to you front and back?” I asked, at which she sighed and leaned against me, regarding her reflection with not too much misery. As I spoke, I playfully flipped up the fringe of lace in front and cupped her plump quim while my free hand continued to cup such as it could contain of her refulgent nether cheeks. “Yes, he does,” she said and stirred restlessly as my forefinger quested for her spot. “Do you not like it so?” I asked. Her shoulders slumped against my own, her face half-turned to me. I kissed her cheek and wormed my finger in her slit, making her wriggle. “He is too quick, and besides, I do not love him. If he puts it in my pussy first and comes, I do not always have a chance to do so and it frets at me,” she replied. Her voice began to slur and I knew I was exciting her. “Lie down and tell me,” I suggested, at which, with slow movements of our bodies, we sank together on her bed, her stockinged leg against my own. I need not, however, detail all our conversation. She murmured and muttered against my mouth while I made her come-and so abundantly that I knew her to be speaking the truth about her guardian. This, I know, will cause you to frown, for a girl must have her pleasure at all times, and indeed I have often heard you say that, to this end, males must be used by us. How true! Besides, Alison was in a romantic mood, and how better to be so than with another female and our tongues all licking about each others. “You are very hot for it,” I said and added, of course, “As I am, too.” “I know. Sylvia's Papa has also fucked me,” she said dreamily, which did not surprise me at all, for she is full of body and with such voluptuous curves for her age. Her well-furred cunny is a perfect purse of love, as well you know. You were wise to put her up to them as abruptly as you did, for she soon enough got the feeling of urging pricks. Having mollified her several times between her thighs, I disrobed, pushed back her legs and began to tongue her. Such a salty, musky taste she has as if of a girl perpetually on heat! She bucked and clamped my body with her legs to urge me on. In coming and spurting over my lapping tongue, she all but whinnied out her pleasure and ground her quim against my mouth. Very salty were our kisses afterwards! “You should have a younger man-one more understanding, and even more vigourous,” I said. To this she replied that she knew such a one, or one who might be, but that Horace did not let her venture near him. He evidently wishes to keep his harem of one intact! “Stuff and nonsense! Shall you be kept a prisoner? It cannot be so and shall not be, for I will speak to him,”

    I told her. Of course she implored me not to. I nibbled at her stiff nipples, kissed and caressed her everywhere. She was soon in a different mood and became once more quite languorous, asking me how I would do such a thing. “Why, as to that I shall simply say that we are going out. I am your chaperone, am I not, if I so choose to be?

    His lady will not obstruct you, that I know. She has good reason not to,” I replied. “Yes, that is true,” Alison said thoughtfully and took on a much merrier expression. I then learned all from her that I needed to know about the young gentleman in question. They had conversed briefly several times, though always in company. His eyes have yearned for her, she said. I did not disabuse her on that score, for it would have been unkind to do so. Stars were in her eyes when she spoke of him, but there are many such in the heavens that can take up similar positions in a girl's dreams, as we do know! Bruce, as her intended paramour is called, is but twenty-a callow youth! Where to arrange a rendezvous was at first a problem, but a discreet message being sent to him, I arranged to take a room at a hotel in the nearest town and there we met on the following Friday, I being introduced as a cousin of Alison's and going not unremarked in his eyes, as I could tell, as being no less attractive than she, as well as possessing a certain comforting maturity in my presence since I do look older than I am. We lunched and spoke of many ordinary things, I acting perfectly the part of chaperone! Not too much time was wasted, though, for as soon as coffee had been served at the table, I invited both up to take liqueurs in my room. Patently, Alison did not want me present during the opening of her “romance,” but as all the circumstances indicated, it had to be so. Besides, the young man was ripe to be teased. Alison soon saw the spirit into which I entered into things and no doubt advised herself quickly enough that other such opportunities might arise under my “patronage.” “I shall make myself comfortable. Alison, will you not also do so?” I hinted broadly. The bed was commodious (I had insisted on seeing several rooms first before I had reserved it, having learned all about “preparations” from yourself) and the room was large enough to move around within in comfort. Being perched tentatively on the bed, Alison waited on my move which- when it came-surprised her, for I suggested gently to Bruce that he might seat himself with her while I, opening one door of the wardrobe, made as seemingly best as I could to so conceal myself while I removed my gown and sought a peignoir-sticking my knickered bottom into view as I did so! “Oh, we can see you, Caroline!” said Alison. I indeed hope they could-or rather that the young man could for I made a pleasant enough display of my bottom and my thighs above my garters! “Be comfortable, too, my pet, for we may pass a pleasant hour or two together, if you will,” I replied.

    My goodness, what a blatant invitation-but why not? I had the devil in me and knew no other way. Besides, I knew enough of Alison to know that, once teased up, she would be comforted enough. Turning from my attentions to myself and attired in exactly the same type of corselette as she so that my breasts showed underneath my peignoir, I turned back to the bed and raised my eyebrows to find her still fully dressed. “Are you not too warm?” I asked, casting my eyes (and all else) on Bruce, who could not take his eyes from me. Without further ado, I flung myself down upon the bed and let my robe hang open, thus to show my titties to them both. “Take your dress off, dear, and Bruce will pour the wine,” I said, and closed my eyes as if to go to sleep! I remember that as a little trick of yours in such circumstances, and how well it works when the others feel themselves not too much observed! I heard Bruce move and pour. The rustling of Alison's clothes sounded, but I did not peep for I felt sure she was observing me. I waited a moment and then reached one hand up in her direction. Her fingertips touched mine and then her palm. Our hands clasped. A rather foolish titter escaped her as she fell beside me on the bed, but at least I felt her knickers next to mine! From the emerging warmth on the other side of me, I guessed that Bruce was standing by the bed, and perhaps in a little awe of the voluptuous spectacle we two presented. Alison's palm was a little moist in her excitement. “Give it to me,” I murmured, as if meaning the wine.

    I moved my free hand slowly up, encountered trousered legs and then settled upon a vibrant rod that stuck up underneath the cloth. Bruce gasped and made to jerk away-the silly boy! “I said, give it to me,” I repeated and curled one finger under the small flap where the buttons were. “The… the wine!” he stammered. “Put it down, you fool!” I told him, then opened my eyes, sat up and unfastened his front flap so quickly that I am sure he did not know where he was, for in a trice I had a fair and seemly prick upstanding in my grasp, while he, the dolt, stood with a brimming glass in either hand. “Darling, take the glasses from him,” I said over my shoulder to Alison, who of course then lay a little behind me. She could no more show rebellion than he, and probably did not want to by then. Off the bed she slipped, walked round it and did as she was bid. His cock meanwhile throbbed merrily in my palm. “Do you not like this, Bruce?” I teased him. Oh, his face was flame red! “Yes, ma'am-that is to say…

    “he stuttered, whereat I believe that Alison as well as I must have seen his poor worth as a suitor for her. Not that it mattered for almost at first sight of him I had intended him not to be! He was patently too young and inexperienced, though I determined to assist him in making up for the latter. “Undress, Bruce. We will take our drawers off,” I said, most unromantically and abruptly. Alison being stood all awry, I beckoned her quite imperiously to come down beside me again, but as she did so I turned myself completely around upon the bed and placed my feet up on a pillow. Alison, being then on her knees on the bed, hesitated. I did not look at Bruce, but heard him scuffling off his clothes. “Put your knees on either side of my head, dear, and face my feet,” I told her. She hesitated, stared down at me, and I knew her then for one of those young women who must be made to do all-as you, dear Julie, knew from the beginning with her.

    Such creatures can be delightfully sensuous once they have got started-once, as it were, the button has been pressed. I reached out, grasped one leg of her drawers and all but pulled her over me so that her bottom hovered above my head and her knees made deep indents in the quilt. Turning my head and gazing beyond one fulsome thigh of hers, I saw that Bruce was at the ready, naked and with his prong well up. His balls looked full enough, I thought. “Get up behind her, Bruce, pull down her drawers and get your cock up to her bottom,” said I. Full knowing that Alison would utter some exclamation at this, I put my hand up to her chin and drew her full down over me so that her nose was forced to brush my pubic mound through my own nether garment.

    “Ruffle mine down, darling,” I murmured and lifted my hips to assist in the enterprise. By then Bruce had mounted to her rear and her drawers slid down in concert with my own. Thereupon I raised my thighs and clamped them on either side of her head, so bringing her mouth down full upon my quim. “Glooooo!” choked Alison, but a cry of such surprise did not last for long since I licked my tongue up to her furry slit and parted its petals teasingly. This causing her to repeat the salute between my own legs (for she is soon enough brought on, as you too noticed), I reached back blindly with my hands and, passing them up the backs of her thighs, parted the plump cheeks of her bottom. Bruce-who had never perhaps thought to thread a girl by this route-even so did not tarry. His knob was presented, as I could just see by a movement of his prick. A snuffling sound came from Alison, whose breathing warmed my cunny nicely while her tongue worked in. She clasped my thighs and I knew him to have entered. New as it might have been for Bruce, it was not for her. A little jerk of her hips and he was well lodged. I knew it by his heavy breathing. Indeed, he groaned and I saw no good reason why he should not! “Be slow to your task, my boy, and you may have mine too,” I uttered in a very muffled voice. A little “Ah!” came from Alison. Her tongue worked the further in my honeypot. Her hips jiggled and then pressed back, his rude entry causing her quim to tighten a little, I licked around her perky spot and heard her moan. Her quimhairs brushed my nose and all was in a lovely trance! Bruce panted overmuch, though, working back and forth.

    “Slow!” I gurgled to him as commandingly as my position allowed. I caressed Alison's smooth belly and felt it quiver. She was already coming on! Her tongue slurped all around and within my slit, I bumping my bottom vigourously to encourage her salute. Spattering my lips and nose then, she came, and I creaming her tongue in turn. “Pmfff!” sounded from Bruce, for in her urgency her bottom was smacking into his belly hard. She is too urgent, Julie; I will have to monitor her more. No wonder her partners come before she satisfies herself! I did not interfere-was far too gone to do so! Unaccustomed as he doubtless was to such lewd advances, Bruce expelled his sperm and gasped and “Ooooh'd” a great deal while doing so. I fancy he might have only used his hand before this! “Haaaar!” sobbed Alison against my well-oiled cunny. Only my tongue, I am proud to say, then brought her on again and made her honey spray around my chin until her thighs quite burned against my ears with all her urgent pressing. We quivered and were still, all three of us. Then Bruce withdrew his cock and-ugh!-spattered my forehead with his lingering pearls. Alison flopped sideways and lay quiet. Bruce slithered backwards off the bed and began to don his shirt, would you believe? “Where are you going, my lad? You have not done with us yet,” I said. “Mama requires me at the house this afternoon,” he mumbled and was faster into his trousers than are most men out of them! “Oh, he has used me!”

    Alison wailed. “Stuff and nonsense, dear, it is you who have used him, and rightly so. Go! Hurry on your way and back to your Mama,” I told him curtly. Perhaps the poor thing was scared at what he had done. Do you think so? Young men are not all given to such adventures.

    He went out looking most untidy, pausing at the door and really not a word to say. Quite properly, Alison ignored him, drawing up her knees.

    She had little to fret about, having been well attended to, as I told her afterwards. “G… g… good day,” Bruce finally uttered, and in the jerky manner of a marionette was gone. Pah! What a poor performance! I am minded to wonder if there should not be a training place for callow youths, as well as for young girls, Julie. However, I think you would be too tempted to taste all the goods and so weaken them for weeks! Were I to have a son of his age, I believe I would be minded to train him myself. Well-there's a naughty thought, but what is life if one cannot at least be full of them? In any case, Alison was not half so put out as she put on to be, and was soon mollified by my later comforting. Indeed, we lay abed a whole two hours, finished two bottles of wine and felt quite gay. “Shall you let Horace do it to you tonight?” I asked her, after we had much discussed the ways of men and how best they can be used to our advantage. “Oh, I 'spect so,” she said moodily, but could not hide a grin. She is well enough looked after in material aspects, so he has kept that part of his bargain, too, for as transpired she has threatened to write and tell you if he does not. What a minx she is at heart! I advised her to continue in his company while I myself would afford her the occasional freedoms she required. As to romance, I told her that she would get enough of that in future years, which pacified and pleased her much. “I like men's cocks,” she confessed boldly, “but I prefer kissing you; it is much nicer than with men and, besides, I like your titties rubbing over mine.” So there is wisdom in her yet! Such is my news of Alison, though a trifle mundane and even a little pedestrian, you may think. You might yourself have acted in a different way, but opportunities are not always so abundant here. Dick was much amused by my recital of events and agreed with me as to my views on Alison, saying that she was a little indolent but very sensuous and that he had put her up himself several times with such fretting murmurs on her part that he knew she really wanted it. “She has a lovely bum,” he said reflectively, “there is no doubt of it,” and looked most philosophic on that score!

    I ventured to ask him how and when he had possessed her, after leaving you. He had the grace to flush and said that, as to that, on disembarking here all four had put up at an inn. By then the two girls had become more coy, and uncertain in their attitudes. The girls were to sleep together, and the men apart. Finally, and in order to break the ice, I suppose, Horace gruffly announced in the dining room that he would escort Sylvia to her room. The pair not re-appearing, Dick then took Alison up and entertained in the other bedroom both her bottom and her cunny. So there, my dear, we have perhaps the reason for Sylvia's grumpiness and how she got herself tied up in a knot. Who knows! In any event all has proved well. I am sure that Sylvia has a lingering “spite” to Alison about it and, cogitating on this, thought it a fine time to bring them back together again. This I have done, my sweet, but will apprise you of it in my next. Do tell, do tell, about Jeannette!

    Love, love and kisses Caroline


    Editor's Note:

    It is merely fortuitous, of course, that the following epistle from St. Germaine-en-Laye should fall beneath the quite artificial number of thirteen herein. Many consider the number unlucky-perhaps merely because it is uncomfortably just one over the dozen!- but neither Julie nor her “pupils” counted the following events so, I am sure. All turned a fresh page, in fact, just as we are here doing.

    My Dearest Caroline,

    Pedestrian your account was most certainly not, and I see that you have caught the trick of leaving me in midair, too! Has there been another voluptuous orgy at which I, alas, was not present? Ah well, I shall know soon.

    For the nonce I nave some most amusing news and shall not try your patience by coming too slow upon it. I was talking of Jeannette, and so will take my story up again. Was not her Papa well acquainted with Monsieur Pierre Remier, the Minister for Education, I asked? She looked a little bemused at that, but answered yes, and that her Mama and Papa had frequently dined with M. Remier and his wife. Well, my dear Caroline, such were my ideas in that moment that I could not resist conveying a great part of them to Jeannette, who is not so dim that she herself did not recognise certain “dangers” in the unwonted intrusion into my domain of quite unwanted and soi-disant Inspectors.

    “How to prevent them?” she asked and bit her lip in expectancy of some ingenious reply on my part. “A word with the Minister?” I suggested, which caused her to laugh and exclaim “Oh!” in pleased surprise. I admit to some daring on my part in venturing to draw her into my plans, but there are times, are there not-and as we all experience-when one must take small risks on this score. I could not in all conscience have gone behind her back and sought the indulgence in the matter of her Papa, who, in any case, I little knew save for one visit here on his part when I first received Jeannette. “Do you… do you wish me to…?” came from Jeannette and then she fell quiet. I merely nodded, but then said, “What a capital idea it would be! After all, we would then have official recognition and-er-patronage. If, that is, things are handled in the right way.”

    How tentative I sounded-but how delicate was the position with her, for Jeannette having all her perceptions present immediately divined much of what I had in mind-to wit that a certain seduction should take place. Adventure bubbled in her, as I hoped it would. “I shall write to Papa and say that you would like to meet the Minister?” she asked. I chewed on that, I do confess I did, and after due deliberation answered, “No, my dear. Better to ask your Papa to visit here, for he may otherwise think it but a quaint idea of yours. I will prepare a pleasant lunch, discourse with him, and then we shall see what may transpire.” “Oh! But I need not be here? At least, not at the lunch?” Jeannette exclaimed. I well understood her confusion over that and agreed. “It will come better from me if we are alone,” I said, which pleased her much for then she would not be directly involved. Well-so it was. Georges Dinet- Jeanette's father-appeared very pleased to present himself upon receipt of my letter and was no doubt more than merely curious to “see inside” again! Of course, I prepared all well and had a little table laid for us in my drawing room. So much cosier, I thought! On a whim, I had Dorothy to serve us, explaining to him in part her position but also adding with a touch of fine finesse, I thought, that she was but a novice. His eyes took in many sneaking glimpses of her, you may guess! I had her most prettily attired in a simple brown wool dress that quite clung to her petite curves and, perhaps, betrayed the fact that she was wearing little enough beneath. Very pleased to be flattered by his attentions, Dorothy returned his every glance, although with shyness. “A novice?” he could not help but echo while partaking of some chicken-very cordon bleu! “A matter of age, Monsieur,” I began, at which he invited me to call him by his Christian name, the which I did. Teasingly, I did not bother to finish my sentence, for it is always best to let them ask, for by this means one is not seen to solicit questions nor to betray anything that is not requested. “Ah, yes, of age,” said he and waited for me to speak, but I did not, being seemingly engaged in enjoying my Piesporter, which, being a German wine, indicated perhaps a lack of patriotism on my part, but it is so very nice! My silence spurred him on. “Some-er-subjects she does not take?” he asked. I appeared hesitant to reply, but finally did so. “There are occasionally certain disciplines I am bound to apply here, Georges.” (Well enough did he know this, of course, since his own daughter was incumbent, but tactfully pretended to forget.) “Dorothy has not yet been birched nor strapped,” I went on, “but she has sufficient liveliness about her that she may not need too much, nor more than does Jeannette now- nor half a dozen of my girls,” I added quickly. “She does not?” he asked, and left it quite open to me to guess who he was talking about!

    I then apprised him of the visits of the two inspectors, and more plainly said how such might create certain difficulties. “In respect, that is, of many confidences I hold,” said I, and was much pleased with the phrase, which was at once as open and yet as subtle as his own question had been. “Ah no-exactly,” he replied and appeared to give the matter as much attention as he was giving to our little feast. A dire thought then appeared to strike him for he asked with as much casualness as he could muster whether the inspectors had asked the names of girls. “But one-Dorothy,” I assured him and then, to add a little spice to the moment, apprised him of how she had addressed me and of the Inspector's subsequent confusion. This caused him to laugh quite in relief! “Have no fear. I believe the Minister will be at once flattered and amused to be asked to make a visit in person-and, besides, I have a certain sway with him. He is much taken with my wife. We are all good friends, you see,” he told me. I could have clapped! Dorothy then returning-for she quite loved this particular chore-I made an excuse to absent myself for a short while and gave her a little wink. Minx that she is, or soon will become, I found them chatting happily on my return, and Georges' cheeks a very pleasant pink. I have no doubt that she had said a few things to him that had quite intrigued him. Jeannette had greeted him briefly on his arrival but had since disappeared, which was as well.

    Telling Dorothy that she might go and join the others, I of deliberation changed my mood a little-knowing men! Seating myself on the sofa, I indulged in a Turkish cigarette and indicated, by such subtle movements as I knew he wished to see, that he might join me.

    “All will be well?” I asked in the manner of a woman who is a trifle agitated. His hand laid itself upon my thigh. “I shall see that he is well received,” I added with such a trace of hopefulness in my voice as he expected, or wished, to hear. “I am sure that you will, my dear,” Georges replied, and I knew then that we were come closer to the matter of his own heart's increasing desire. “Shall you just yourself accompany him?” I asked cautiously, though guessing well his answer and so putting a certain intonation in his voice that he took it- as was intended-as an invitation. “It would be best, I am sure,” he answered and then, placing his arm about my shoulders and bringing my lips quite close to his, murmured, “Do not fret yourself.”

    “I shall not-not so long as you are here,” I said and was then indulged by him in such a kiss as would have made my head swim had I not been plotting in my head all the while! Indeed, he began to rumple up my skirt, which, though little did he know it, was perfect for the changing mood, for I fretfully thrust it down again as a shy young girl might. Slipping my tongue a little into his mouth while grasping his too-eager hand, I said, “Not yet. The visit must be a private little affair, do you not think? The Minister may wish to meet at least one of my girls and- er-question her, as you may, too.” The perfect means of compromising both then came to me, but I said nothing of it then. “Private, yes,” he replied thickly and fumbled my garters through my skirt, but I stood up as one who fears to be disturbed, and said so. “Dorothy may yet rush in. On your return I shall arrange things differently,” I said and affected to be much disturbed by his caresses so that he knew better than to approach me closer once more. “Next Thursday, perhaps. I was in any event going to dine with him then,” he offered. I turned to him and smiled as might a woman who is saved from slipping in a river! “The evening, yes, it would be best. The girls will be discreet, I promise that, Georges. There shall be no stinting of pleasure, if such is called for. He may wish… but then I do not know his ways…” I let my voice break of a purpose as one who is uncertain, shy. I believe I acted my part quite perfectly, for he then joined me at the window and ventured an arm about my waist. “Have no fear in suggesting what you will. We are alone here for the moment, Julie.” On his saying this, I endeavoured to flush a little, but am not sure that I succeeded! “He may wish… he may wish,” I stumbled, “to see for instance my method of disciplining, that is to say… ” “Go on!” he urged. “With a strap, or with the birch. I do not belabour them hard, you understand-Jeannette will vouch for that-but only…”

    “Yes?” His voice could not have been more eager. “Or perhaps we only sit and talk,” I ventured lamely, all the while-to his unknowing-drawing him on. “By no means, by no means,” he half choked! “Oh, very well. I thought perhaps the suggestion too bold, but sometimes I suppose one must come to the- er-point. Their bottoms are bared for exercise, you know. I could allow him just a little peep.” “He would require that, I am sure,” Georges responded, over-eagerly! “And you, dear Georges? I would not want to keep you out of it. Oh, we shall see!” I murmured as if much flustered and knowing not quite what to do. “Your… your suggestion is excellent, pray follow it,” he urged. I bit my lip, half smiled and said, “You think so? It is not too forward? Very well. But only two girls. I shall put the rest to bed.” “Excellent, excellent!” He all but clapped, and turned me to kiss him, but again I urged discretion. “Wait until Thursday-then, perhaps,” said I at which juncture Dorothy-who I am perfectly sure had been listening to all through the door-made another entrance and caused us to move apart. Her timing was exquisite, bless her, for it permitted me to slowly usher my visitor out and leave him all a-glow and dazed! Well, already my wrist is getting very tired with this recital, dear, but should I stop now then you would have no more truck with me, I am sure! So then to the evening and its events. My two chosen girls were instructed and the rest despatched to their dormitories with naughty books and bottles of wine! Indeed, I even locked their doors, not trusting them, but wishing no other involvements on this score.

    Monsieur Remier was a little portly, but by no means repellent, and was exquisitely attired as Georges himself was. They had-rather in the fashion of women!-made themselves up well for the event and from a small, expectant gleam in the Ministers eyes I knew well enough that Georges must have dropped him a few hints on the way. Even so, you will appreciate that I had no wish to open my doors to become the Madame of a bordello and toned my conversation in such a way that both quite stood in awe of me. Georges, indeed, must have vaguely wondered that he had ever succeeded in kissing me! “One has to be so careful. That is why I normally allow NO males here, at all,” I said, and made slightly biting reference then to the visits of the two Inspectors. “Without warning,” I added. Georges and M. Remier then exchanged glances wherein, I swear, were said a thousand silent words! “A nonsense, of course. It shall not happen again, Madam. Of that I assure you,” the Minister said and looked most authoritative as men do when they wish to put on airs. I also knew the purpose of his saying that and nodded and looked pleased. “As for yourself, Monsieur-and indeed for Georges, since he has brought you here-but no others, positively no others, it is a different matter,” said I, and dispensed the last of the visible wine. The hour by then was close to nine and I felt, immodestly perhaps, that I had judged it right, our bellies full and intentions wicked-unspoken as they were! Folding my napkin, I pretended to give a little start. “Oh, Messieurs, I had quite forgotten, do excuse me. There are two of my young ladies awaiting attention-for a little naughtiness, you understand? If you will excuse me…” I rose, went to the door and then gave every appearance of hesitating and cogitating upon some matter or another.

    “Given* your presence, Monsieur,” I said, addressing the Minister, “I would not wish you to think me too hard in my ways. The girls are but lightly disciplined here and have learned to take their admonitions bravely. If you were to see for yourself, you would know me blameless in such matters, but then on the other hand I would not wish to embarrass you.” A perfect “Herrumph!” sounded from his throat. He rose, and I may say did so a trifle unsteadily in his excitement. “I-er-not at all, my dear. In my-er- rather remote position of office it is rare enough that I am able to come upon the practicalities of education. That is to say, of the older girls,” he rather stumbled. Georges, too, had risen. They both looked as expectant as young boys who, promised strawberry tarts, wait for the pantry door to open! “I do of course understand,” said I sympathetically and moved as if shyly through the door, saying as I did so, “It is just along the corridor.” Well, you see, Caroline, I did NOT offer a direct invitation, did I? It was up to the “dear chaps” themselves to follow or to remain, but you may have no doubt that they chose the former course and followed me along like footpads, quietly! I could hardly suppress my laughter, and fortunately kept my back to them as I entered the gymnasium. A soft scuffling preceded my entrance, not to say a clink of glasses as the two chosen recipients of the strap hastened to put themselves dutifully in position. Making certain by a quick glance around that their wineglasses had been hidden, I left the door half open-almost making silent play, as it were, that I knew not of the immediate presence of the two men, who at that stage did not venture in but merely peeped. I had arranged things such that they would see one bare bottom and one blindfolded head. Yes-I had remembered dear Sylvia and how she was. Blindfolds seemed appropriate; they would be seen by Georges and the Minister as betraying shyness, which I may say they actually did! I had had trestles brought in for this exercise, which is to say the kind that are often used in pairs for sawing wood. The two girls were each bent over one, face to face and with an interval of but a couple of feet between them. Having their comfort well in mind, each had a cushion under her tummy! I did not, of course, glance back to the half-open door but simply picked up my best-loved strap, which, as you know from long experience, is some four inches wide and quite supple with all the use it has had these past few years! “Now, girls,” said I in my best schoolmistress fashion, “you have both been a little naughty today and deserve what you are about to get. You know, however, that I never castigate you without reason and that I always require your assent. You will therefore clasp the bars beneath you firmly and indicate by nodding that you are willing to receive your dues.” I was by then within scorching distance, as it were, of she who had her naked globe uplifted well towards the door. Her stockinged legs were straight (naught but a rolled-up petticoat was otherwise worn) and her ankles were some eighteen inches apart in what I term the “regulation distance” for, as you well know, I abhor attending to a girl whose thighs are tight together. It offers no promise at all! The door creaked a little then and I knew it to have been surreptitiously opened a little more to provide a better view for both the spectators. The luscious orb that faced them must have aroused them no end. Its cheeks were chubby and inrolled tightly, the polished surfaces creamy and flawless, save for an appealing dimple on one side. Beneath, the open-leg position offered up a tempting view of two rolled, pouting lips but half concealed within a nest of curls. As to the other girl, who faced them, they could see but the back of her head, her deeply bent back, and just the appealing top of her gleaming derriere, as well as two globing tits that had half escaped the neckline of her petticoat. Both my girls nodded. Well-naturally!

    At the first smack! of the leather, she whose bottom faced towards the door uttered a little squeal, wriggled her hips and then again was still. The strap had left a splurge of pink across her snow-white derriere. I took my time, and-stepping forward and around-attended to the next with two broad sweeps that brought soft yelps from her. That splatting of the leather sounded loud. I had no doubt that two erections were already in existence, but coyly dropped my eyes and looked not towards our visitors. SPLATT!

    Scra-aaaack!-I decided to accord each nubile maiden two at a time and did so with finesse. “YEEEK!” “NEEE-OW!” both squealed, and writhed their hips appealingly. I shall not, however, dwell upon this particular aspect of the evening's pleasure. I knew my girls-knew how they would warm to it-and how moist their pussies were by the sixth stroke across their ardent derrieres. Each squirmed so appealingly that I was sure that trouser buttons were already nigh on bursting just beyond the door! My next move was the most difficult, but I had thought much of what to say. I let the strap drop lazily and walked straight to the door. The girls-as previously instructed by me-did not move, but quivered and uttered “broken sobs” delightfully.

    “You see, gentlemen,” I murmured very softly, “that I do not treat them cruelly. Their bottoms are hot, but not unduly so. You may, if you so wish, examine for yourselves. I must be absent for a while on other things. Forgive me, will you?” In so saying, I brushed past them (too stricken with desire were they to move!) and trailed my hand as if by accident across the bold projection in Georges' trousers.

    Goodness, how stiff he was! “Ah!” he croaked. The Minister's eyes bulged. The encounter of my own with them was brief but promising enough. As I exited so they entered softly and I closed the door-not “going,” as you will guess, but to my peephole in the adjoining room.

    Ah, that you had been here, my pet! Their progress towards the waiting girls was as slow and wondering as men who wade through water. Coming upon the nearest with her bottom of roses and cream ready and uplifted, they appeared to hesitate, bemused. I held my breath! An awkwardness obtained, and then Georges-as though mesmerised by the first of the warm and wondrous offerings-moved his hand rather jerkily and touched the glowing orb. His mouth opened. He appeared rigid in all respects! His fingers lingered, touched the swelling cheeks, then dipped beneath. His “victim” wriggled, but otherwise moved not. I had schooled them well! The Minister stood and gazed at all as might another who sees a man digging for gold, then spies a nugget. “Yes,” he said in a flat tone and appeared as in a daze. Then, moving stiffly, he betook himself to she whose bowed head faced towards him, though not for long! “I-er-I must-forgive me,” Georges croaked out and, removing his finger (very moist!), made immediately to push his trousers down. “AH!” the Minister said, and followed suit! Oh my goodness, what fervent cocks were displayed! “Ooooh!” uttered each of my angels as she received the knob. Mouths open, cheeks full flushed as much as were the girls' proud bottoms, both of the entranced males entered their pricks as in a dream right up both quims and held them there. A righteous and a lustful scene indeed! I swear that the males had never done the like before (in the sight of another, that is), but nothing could delay their efforts now. They bowed their heads and each began to pump. My girls squirmed their bottoms most adorably, huff-puffed and moaned and whimpered, but betrayed me not. “My god, my god!” gasped Georges and pumped the faster. “Mmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!” the girls hummed like little busy bees who are about to receive their honey. True, they gave some coy signs of resistance, but no more than to churn their bottoms about, which, so far from dislodging the throbbing entrants, merely served to embed them further. The trestles creaked a little, but otherwise all was well! With each pumping movement the gentlemen's trousers subsided and descended until they were about their ankles. The smacking of bellies to bottoms sounded very juicily, as you will understand (and will envy me the hearing and the sight of!). Both the Minister and Jeannette's Papa made such noises-you may imagine!-as indicated their delirious enjoyment. Their balls swung back and forth as did the girls' hips. All was deliciously fluid and in rhythm and made more peculiarly thrilling by the general absence of words. What need of words when the music is beautiful? Heads hanging so that their hair all but brushed the floor, each girl's cheeks were delightfully as deep a shade of pink as their bottoms had been, and this of course from the virile attentions that were being accorded them. They grimaced pleasurably, they whimpered, they mewed-these sounds of complete surrender merging in symphonic delight with the groans and grunts of their two stallions. Then as the men bent their knees a little more-the tendons straining in the backs of their legs-first one blindfold began to slip, and then the other. I had anticipated this, with all the jogging back and forth, and most naughtily had done it to a purpose. She who was being reamed by Jeannette's Papa lost hers first-which is to say that it slipped quite slowly down her nose. Then the other's descended, too. For a moment, since all were riding up to their longed-for peaks and the honeypots were about to trickle forth and gush, both my girls continued keeping their heads well bowed, but then as if by a silent signal (which I had not rehearsed with them, but knew must happen), each lifted her shoulders slowly and gazed open-mouthed and flushed not only at each other but at the “riders” to their rears. AH! (Are you about to guess? But I swear you will get it the wrong way round!) Georges-whose sperm was in that moment already spurting up his embedded cock-found himself gazing over the bowed back of his young Venus straight into the eyes of Jeannette!

    This visual encounter was immediate on both sides! “Goooo!” gasped Jeannette, though whether solely because she found herself staring open-mouthed at her panting parent or because the Minister was in that moment injecting her with his lubricious offering is difficult to say. “P… P… P… P…!” she began to moan.

    “Gee-gee-gee-Jean-nette!” stammered he, though this was scarce a time for conversation since he too was emitting his manly juice, and I had no doubt at all that the sweet girl was also sprinkling. Her teeth gritted, her eyes closed and opened again while her Papa could do naught else but gaze hot-eyed on her the while he endured the sweet agonies of the mutual crisis to which all were called. Their faces must have swum before each others eyes and Jeannette, I noticed, could not but help continuing to shunt her supple hips back and forth as though to extract every creamy spurt and blob and drop from her amourous assailant. What then would you have done, sweet Caroline? I had of course already made up my mind upon the matter since the outcome had never been in doubt. I moved from my peephole-feeling not a little wriggly myself-and lingered for a few moments, giving all four combatants enough respite. Moving then with measured steps, I left the small adjoining room and quietly entered the gymnasium. There, as I had thought might be, the two gentlemen had covered themselves up, though the girls had remained unmoving! At my entrance both the Minister and Georges turned slightly pale-if, that is, one can do so while remaining flushed! You will divine what I mean. Their expressions were taut, confused, to say the least. The Minister would have had no more problems in identifying his companion's daughter than Georges had had himself. As to the other girl… no! It was not Dorothy! Certainly not! She was one whom you have not met, but would much like to. Her name is Cynthia and this was but her second sperming. In receiving her first, in England, she had struggled and squalled no end and so had been sent to me. You will judge from her performance that she has learned much better by now.

    I clapped my hands in brisk and businesslike fashion, not addressing myself to the gentlemen at all. “Good girls! How well behaved you are! You may rise now while the gentlemen escort me to my drawing room to take refreshments. Tidy yourselves and clothe yourselves. For your valour in the field, my pets, you may quietly join us, if you wish.” If you wish, said I, but then I had told them beforehand to be obedient in all things on this particular evening, though I do admit to having played a wicked trick on Jeannette, for I had not told her that her Papa was coming and had merely said that the Minister would have a male companion. All this suited my purpose well. To Jeannette I could afterwards say that her Papa's arrival had been unexpected, but that I could do nothing thereafter to hinder events. As to the gentlemen, the Minister had threaded Jeannette and, in all effect, Georges had aided and abetted the voluptuous act since he could not deny that he might have known of his nubile daughter's presence. There was no malice on my part in this, of course. I had merely to assure myself that the gentlemen were tactfully “netted” and that their future conduct would be as I wished.

    Each took his exit in some confusion, though with a smirk of satisfaction lingering on the lips of each. I dallied a moment with my girls, whereat Jeannette threw herself into my arms all a-quiver and uttered only, “Oh, Madam!” “There, there, dear, how delicious you looked, and you, too, Cynthia. Put on your dresses, draw your stockings tight again, see to your hair, and let us all be cosy,” said I. “But, Madam!” Jeannette's little fevered cry followed me to the door, but I ignored it as I knew I must. In the drawing room I found Georges and the Minister very quiet-indeed, one might say speculative, though as I entered I heard them softly avowing to one another their total discretion at all times. I made no bones about hearing this, either. “That is what I like to hear, gentlemen!

    Come, will you not take some port with me? The girls will join us in a moment. You see how delicately I treat them? None of us need have remorse. You saw them strapped but lightly, felt their bottoms warm, discovered not a single weal or mark-is that not true?” I skirted the other “little matter”-well, of course I did. They had no means of knowing that I knew and so to great extent were mollified.

    “Indeed, we are content,” Georges said, and with greater truth than I seemingly had cause to believe. “There will be no-er-unwonted visits any more,” the Minister said gruffly and downed half of his glass! “Excellent, Messieurs, though if both or either of you wish to come again then I shall welcome you, as will my girls-but you alone, of course,” I added meaningfully. Each coloured up a little at that but did not look displeased, whereat I turned the conversation to more mundane matters. Then a very hesitant knock sounded at the door. “Entrez!” I called, and in with simpering feet came Cynthia and Jeannette. Georges sat upon a chaise lounge, I in an armchair, and the Minister accommodated as was I. “Do not be shy, girls. Jeannette, would you care to pour, and perhaps refill our glasses? Thank you. Have you greeted your Papa at all? You must, you know. Cynthia, I fear there is not another chair. Pray take your seat upon the arm of the Ministers chair. Good girl!” Cynthia has delicious thighs. They showed through her thin dress as so she perched and crossed her legs, a slight flush in her face. As for Jeannette, she had nowhere else to go but on the chaise lounge next to Georges and there seated herself, armed with a glass, most sedately, gazing at me in much awe. Oh, but I have over-run my time and space.

    Forgive me if I fly. There IS a little more to tell, but for the nonce I must keep it from you, though not for more than a week, I swear. How long it takes to write! Oh, that we both had magic pens and could cover twice the pages that we do! No matter, it will keep you in suspense. And now your news of Alison and Sylvia, please!

    Devotedly Julie


    Editors Note:

    Correspondents who address themselves to The Times and other worthy newspapers, frequently beg forgiveness of the Editor for taking up too much of his space-and this despite the fact that the said worthy has frequently had to cut half of their verbiage out. My own task in this respect has been much happier. I have omitted nothing that would be of immediate and stirring interest to the reader. Moreover, neither Julie nor Caroline nor all the others would have needed to beg my forgiveness for their “longeurs.” Had they indeed possessed “magic pens,” then this volume would have been happily twice as long. But now to Caroline's reply, since these two appear to be hogging the post!

    My lovely Julie,

    How naughty you are! You have never done the like before. Well-not quite!

    Can you imagine my desire to know what was further said and what transpired in your drawing room on that sultry evening? Even so, I will forgive you for not telling me immediately, for I know you have a penchant for teasing-and more than that, it was indeed a lovely long letter that you wrote me. I have read it countless times and envisaged all! Dick was in no doubt whatever about renewing his acquaintance with Alison, whose bottom seems to haunt his dreams, whereas with Sylvia he has the close reality. “Why do we not have a picnic?” he opined. I thought it a capital idea. “A fuck al fresco?” I could not help saying, at which he put his fingers to his lips at such a wicked word, besides which Sylvia chanced to come in.

    Having greeted me, she asked, “What were you talking about?” “A picnic,” I said, for I felt it might come better from me than from Dick. “With Alison and perhaps others,” I added. Sylvia twisted up her nose a little. “With Alison?” she echoed, and I suspected the return of a little jealousy there, even though she had sent her friend a birthday present. “Four's company-or six?” I rejoined merrily enough, which seemed to appease her, though she said a little fretfully, “I do not know anyone else we could invite.” Of course, she did, but was anticipating certain circumstances. “Have you never heard from Maude?” I ventured. Sylvia shrugged and said, “Oh, I do not know her very well. Scarce at all in fact. Besides, she ran away.” So saying this, she curled her lip as if she were the Great Adventuress herself! “Perhaps she would like such an outing. We could go to Chaileybury Place, for it is otherwise deserted at this time of year.

    I know the owner, Lord Beckforth and his wife. They are away, but would be pleased to allow me free run of the estate.” “There would be servants, though,” Sylvia said grumpily, at which-determined to alter her mood (and, besides, she had quite given herself away in saying that)-I tickled her and made her laugh, while Dick beamed at the both of us. “Oh, very well,” she said at last, “but Maude will think it forward of me, I've no doubt.” “It she does then she will reply that she is otherwise engaged,” said I, though having little doubt of the outcome from all that I have previously heard. We both know that girls do like to be naughty together sometimes, for they feel that it excuses them and also gives them comforting that they are not alone in it. You see, I use psychology, too, you darling wretch! Well, Maude answered Sylvia's note that she would like to but could not come alone and so would bring her Mama! I did not tremor at the thought. Dick murmured fretfully that it would put our plans awry. I did not satisfy him completely as to that and with the merest hint or two that Adelaide was not so stuffy as might be thought, left him to brood upon it. It was inevitable that Horace should accompany Alison, though I'm sure she did not want him to! At any event, they arrived first on the appointed morning and she and Sylvia were very cagey with each other, that I can say. However, the arrival of Maude et Cie drew them together out of curiosity. Adelaide looked statuesque but beautiful, and uses kohl about her eyes in daytime.

    Well! But unexpectedly there came as well her brother, Vivian, a man of quiet aspect in his late thirties. Had he discovered her newfound voluptuousness? I was all agog to know! Or was it all to be very dulled by his presence? At any rate, we wasted no time in getting off.

    Two carriages were needed, of course, and the picnic baskets piled on top. I thought, Julie, of your own picnic venture and wondered much if ours would be the same! At any rate, it was a perfect day for it-blue sky and Small cottonwool clouds, and such a great, tall oak to shield ourselves beneath when we arrived. But of course you do not wish to hear all the tiresome preliminaries. I had made our presence known to his Lordship's housekeeper and assured her that we wished for naught. The tree I chose for us to settle under was a full five hundred yards from the house, in case any stray servants should decide to peep. Perhaps they did and saw us as tiny, distant figures in our amourous endeavours! Yes, we came to that, and to my great surprise (delight!) Vivian began the merriment by idling his hand upon his sister's thighs while we were finishing off the wine. “Vivian, really! Do not do that,” she murmured, having all eyes upon her, which she otherwise might not have done if she had but kept quiet. I saw then, as you might well have done yourself, the opportunity to raise the curtain, as it were and asked, “Why? Are you ticklish then, Adelaide?” She was ready to reply then “No,” but perhaps having eaten less and imbibed more wine than most of us, Vivian cried out teasingly “Yes!” and bore her full back on the grass. Such events are as a finger to a trigger, as you once or twice have said. Adelaide's legs kicked up (purple stockings and white garters, dear!) and she squealed no end as Vivian tickled underneath her arms. “YOU ARE-you ARE ticklish, Adelaide!” I declared, and, springing up, laid myself on the other side of her to Vivian and let my own knees show. “I am not!

    Get him off!” she shrieked, whereat-he very boldly, so I thought-seized her chin and brought his mouth on hers while I prevented the fluttering motions of her hands that would have blindly pushed her skirt back down. “N… n… not in front of…!” she spluttered, but unable to conclude the sentence as his lips ground into hers. How strange men are! I read all in a moment, or so thought I did. He had perhaps attempted to caress her before this and she, in some mood or another, had spurned him, or was perhaps fretful that they would be disturbed. But no doubt Vivian-in a very larky mood-thought she could struggle less before an audience. Perhaps he meant only to kiss her-one does not know. “Oh, Mama!” cried Maude and would have jumped up to assist her fretting, wriggling parent had not Dick seized her waist and bore her down in turn. “She is enjoying it-let be,” he murmured and set to kissing all about her face and neck, which, proving an amourous signal, caused Horace to enlace Sylvia and so treat her gallantly in turn. “No, do not!” Adelaide was moaning, seeing none of this but no doubt hearing dresses rustle.

    “Let him, you silly-we are not observed,” said I (which was in small part true, but only in respect of strangers!). I could not resist and ran my hand full up her legs to taste her plump, rich thighs. Seeing then the frilled legs of her drawers, to which territory perhaps he had not previously been invited, Vivian joined me in groping and caressing her while Adelaide at first continued to heave and struggle. Delighted as I was to find her wearing split drawers, I fingered first her cunny, soft and fulsome as it is, and then as it were exchanged places with Vivian, taking her mouth beneath my own and she bumping her bottom all about. “Noooo! Do not let him! Oh, the girls!” she moaned. “Shush, you silly, they are not neglected. Let him,” I urged, being very well aware by Vivian's movements just behind me that he had knelt between her legs, which thus he held apart. “I have long wanted to!” he groaned and then with a gasp from both was full upon her and his trousers down.

    “Oh my god, no! Stop him do, oh, stop him, stop him!” Adelaide blathered on and sobbed like a girl beneath my mouth. “Open your legs more-let him see your worth,” said I… this being another name for it that I invented on the spot! Behind me sounded gurgles as Maude and Sylvia both had their knickers taken down. Pressing on Adelaide's shoulders while her face turned sideways, this way, that, I witnessed the not unmoving sight of Vivian plunging his knob between the rolled lips of her slit and ruffling up her clothes as he so did so that their bellies came full warm and bare together. “YAH!” squealed Adelaide. She made to fend me off (not with much strength!), but I held her wrists above her head while her brother took possession of her dell and brought his pubic hairs to grind upon her own. The witch-her knees bent up immediately and she received him full.

    “Good girl, I shall not have to spank you now,” I teased. Her eyes looked glazed and then his face descended upon hers and lovingly their mouths absorbed each other's. I turned, sat up. The couple heaved and murmured, moaned, as lovers do. His balls went smacking underneath her bum, the frilled split of her drawers quite tickling up his cock as it emerged and then sank in again. Quite close to them, unheard, unseen, knelt Alison, her face aflame. Adelaide's firm fleshy thighs, drawn up as they were and rimmed halfway by her dark stockings, looked lustrous in the light. “You like to watch?” I asked and Alison, not looking at me, nodded. “He… he is her brother,” she intoned, whereat I coiled one arm around her waist and reached to kiss the corner of her mouth. “Yes, and he is putting her to his cock. It is perhaps time,” I murmured lazily, imploring her then to tip her tongue out at the corners of her lips and so touch mine. She did so as I fondled both her tits, our cheeks warm together and her eyes as hot as I have seen any girl's. Reaching behind, I gathered up her dress and fondled the firm fleshy globe of her derriere.

    “Pull… pull them down,” she murmured, never taking her eyes off of the enlaced pair, who were in full and passionate flight with little grunts of pleasure coming from their lips and Adelaide's fat derriere working amourously. “And your bodice; show your tits,” I murmured lewdly while I drew her nether garment down. With trembling fingers she obeyed, her nipples rigid, sticking out their fiery points I could not help but flick while entering up my thumb within her nether hole. “You like it best there, do you not?” I murmured.

    Blindly slipping her tongue sideways out to mine again, she murmured hotly “Yes”-but would have then said anything! Of course, I have neglected in this brief telling the ebats of the others, but as you will well guess, Sylvia and Maude were being fucked respectively by Horace and by Dick, who at least then found new niches for their cocks. “Oooh-er! Oooh-er!” sounded all behind us then, but we-observing better as we were-turned not our glances on them. What a circus, though, and Vivian at full pelt, his buttocks flashing! “Ah, do it to me, darling, do!” husked Adelaide, her arms tight around his neck, her shapely thighs enlaced about his waist.

    “You, too, must be watched after this, my sweet,” I whispered to Alison. “Hoo, yes!” she sobbed and rolled her bottom- where last night, I suspected, her guardians cock had been-to my thumb. Behind us was pure satisfaction, breaths a-rush and bellies smacking loud. Then Vivian tensed and half withdrew his prick, poised for a moment thus and moaned, “Pray let me do it in you-let!” “Oh, give it all, my darling do, oh, give it all!” responded his sister and then with a vibrant shudder he was again full up her squeezing channel, rained a thousand kisses on her lips and-from the tightening of his buttocks and her quick gasps-exploded in her all his torrid sperm. I had then Alison's furry quim nestling on my palm and felt her come in turn again. The little witch had oiled my palm so much that the cuff of my sleeve was as if it had been dipped in oil! “GOOO-AH! Oh, give me more-oh, Vivian, more!” so Adelaide cried out and hugged him tight.

    Never again dare she play the hypocrite, perhaps! Collapsing all around the frenzied bodies then were, and indulged in liquid soakings for a while. Alison collapsed back on me and I withdrew my thumb from her tight hole. All recovering at last and Vivian slipping from between his sister's thighs, Adelaide lay coy with one arm over her eyes while he lay limp beside her and stared at us as might a man who has found a treasure trove. “I shall… I shall f… f… fuck her again tonight,” he uttered as though he were in great defiance at the world. Adelaide said “Ooooh!” at such temerity and rolled upon her hip away from him. An invitation, as I guessed! “Of course you shall-shall not we all enjoy?” I soothed. The girls had cast their dresses down, the men had covered up their cocks. “Champagne!” said I and poured glasses all around. Adelaide at first would not stir, but at last was made to sit up like the rest. “He shall, shan't he, Adelaide?” I asked, and she knowing well enough what I meant.

    “Oh, I don't know! In front of all of you…” she murmured, let her head hang, drank surreptitiously, and would not finish what she meant to say. “We shall to the house. I saw a servant peep just now,” I said from mischief. All turned their heads towards the house and shrieked-or rather, the girls did. Adelaide moaned then lay back again. “I am undone. Oh, take me home!” she cried. Taking my joke for what it was, Dick laughed and even Horace smiled. “You will be undone at home, my dear-your corset, too, that is. I mean at Dick's. What say you, Dick, shall we return?” Perhaps he, too, thought that the butler saw, for he nodded quickly, rose, and dusted down.

    “Maude, let us go home-oh, what a wicked Mama you have,” Adelaide ejected, but no one took much notice of her then. “It is a perfectly pleasurable time for us all, so do not be silly,” I told her as we made towards the carriages. A long walk, too, I might say, lest the coachmen had observed our game! “Each female will take each male's cock in turn- up on the bed with them!” Dick cried as soon as we were once again ensconced in his fair mansion. “No-on the floor, upon the rug,” said I. Adelaide shrieked and tried to run! But I will not dally on this long, my pet. I straddled over her and held her bottom up. Into her hole each man then dipped his prick, long held it there and then withdrew, her clothes all scattered on the floor as Sylvia's and Maude's and Alison's all were. What a tumbling! Oh, what fun it was! “Me, too-me, too!” I said and took them next, and all three were dared to come before their time. When Alison was brought to it, though, I had it otherwise arranged and had her suck on Vivian's upstanding tool while Dick attended to her nether hole. Being long before then in a frenzy of desire, Maude and Sylvia fell to a soixante-neuf beside the trio and I, the ringmistress, strolling all around as though I had control of all, which in a sense I did!

    You would have adored it, Julie-or would you have thought it crude? Dick tupped his daughter's bottom last and came in her the while that she was tonguing Maude, whose legs were wrapped around sweet Sylvia's neck and so gripped her whether she wanted to or not!

    Then everyone sighed “OH!” and fell apart. Vivian was by then seen betwixt his sister's thighs again, and she resisted not, absorbed his cream, declared herself most wicked and then laughed! So all was well, my dear, so all was well. Amusing, yes, and enervating-very! You would have described it better, but chide me not for that! Perhaps… well… what happened in your drawing room that night? Come, tell-tell quick! I would like a change of girls, though, now. Oh, would that I were you! Draw passionately with your pen, as I know you will, and if there is aught more to tell, write post-haste to you!

    Ever-loving Caroline


    You naughty, naughty Caroline,

    You should have lingered on it longer-yes, you should! Poor me, I had to fill in all the gaps. But no, I tease you only. It is very difficult, my love, to give attention to all things at once. How all those murmurs must have filled the room! What ardent sighs as at last the sperm splashed out!

    Is there a greater pleasure? Girls have often asked me that. Of course, I am perfectly honest with them-they all look to that. I tell them it depends upon their mood at this time or at that, and that sometimes-just sometimes-there is perfect pleasure in drawing on a new, expensive gown and feeling one's waist hugged by a pure silk corselette, one's stockings drawn up tight and-AH!-no knickers on!

    They always laugh at that. Is it not true? The hungers of the body in all ways must be appeased. Ice cream in summer and champagne at night!

    Also I advise them how to get the most expensive new gowns by encouragement of those who wish to give them. “Oh, but I may not wish to do it with them all- must I?” so am I asked. I shake my head and say “Most certainly not! Use your wiles, show your knees, perhaps even let yor garters be felt and your thighs caressed, but do not give in to everyone. The carrot must be dangled, though.” Of course, by “carrot” they often think that I mean “cock”-and almost true that is as well. My girls, you see, depart much wiser than they come, though my dictum is that for the first full month at least they must let their cunnies and their bottoms both be tupped and so learn the disciplines of receiving before they then learn to refuse. Am I not right? There is a pattern to such playfulness that all knowing females follow in the end. Sometimes they will-sometimes they won't- but each must first be disciplined and put to it that they know it's true worth. Thus it was with Jeannette. Yes, I am coming to it now. Do not you English speak of “breaking the ice again?” That was my task that night, and well I saw to it, though with no more finesse than you yourself would have set to the task. The four of us being settled (though Jeannette a little wary-and embarrassed, too!), I made my discourse quiet, and once again on many mundane subjects, which made her look in awe at me. This was the proper way to do it, was it not?

    Your own circumstances with your girls were different-mine more delicate. There was an air of waiting in the gentlemen. Would they dare attempt my perfumed Venuses yet once again, and in my sight? Both girls wore simple gowns, and naught beneath save stockings. This, of course, I had told them to, and very conscious of it Jeannette was!

    Georges yawned and stretched. I saw him look at me much as a dog looks to a bone that lies behind a wire fence. “Jeannette, are you to kiss your Papa goodnight?” I asked in casual tones. At that she pressed her legs together and turned her face quite slowly to him.

    Perhaps the Minister foresaw my proposed denouement for he slipped his arm around Cynthia's waist and all but tumbled her onto his lap. “Oh!” she squeaked, but could not help but lean against him close, her cheeks against the side of his head while he felt her garters through her skirt. At that, and just as she was about to donate the chastest kiss, Jeannette twitched and then looked back to me. The moment was upon me! I rose and moved quite slowly to her where she sat alongside Georges. “What have I always taught you, dear?” I asked and knelt and raised her chin so that she might not escape my eyes.

    “Wh… wh… what, Madam?” she stammered, going red. “What have I taught? Think on it. When something is to be done…”

    “OH!” she gulped and said, “it… it… it must be then done properly,” and would have dropped her head had I not held it up.

    “Properly, yes. Lie back and take his kiss, Jeannette,” said I most softly and then with both hands guided her shoulders down upon a cushion-beautifully arranged and one to take the full weight of her head! “Jeannette…” Georges husked and fell sideways half upon her as does a tall and heavy tree go down to meet the earth. A little “AH!” from Jeannette and then their lips full met. “Hold her so, Monsieur,” I said to Georges and, worming my hand between them where they lay, gathered up the hem of her dress and brought it up above her stocking tops. “Goooo! No!” Jeannette then gasped, but his hands were eager on her shoulders then and held her pinned. “Wait, Monsieur!” I all but snapped and intervened my face between their own.

    Behind me, from the other pair, I heard much (as you heard in the meadow, dear), but took no note of that. Murmurings and whisperings reached my ears accompanied by the rustling of a dress that could be none other than Cynthia's. “Repeat what you just told me, Jeannette,”

    I murmured. Georges knelt up and left the play to us, though hot-eyed at the sight of her bared thighs again and the stocking tops that rimmed the creamy flesh as tightly as they always should to give allure! “M… M… Madam… to d… d… do everything properly,”

    Jeannette repeated, her own eyes aglow with wonder and her fingers gripping me as if protectively. Her teeth chattered a little-I swear they did-as then I pushed her gown up underneath her bottom and displayed her quim-a quim so thickly curled for one who is six months in sight of twenty still! Georges-glancing over his shoulder and both of us hearing a slight bump as Cynthia's bared bottom met the floor-saw what the Minister was at and (as I divined by mere sounds) prepared himself for battle, too. “No! No!” Jeannette skittered, for she sensed his actions, too. I ignored her fretful movements, words, and kissed her all about the neck, her cheeks, her slightly snubby nose, and big wide eyes. My mouth wandered to her mouth and found it soft. How delicious are such fleeting, teasing kisses when both females are coming up on heat! “I shall rise from you, Jeannette, in a moment…” “No, do not!” she whimpered then and clung again. I loosed her arms and heard the whisperings of Cynthia as the Minister went down upon her, cock to cunny warm. “You will be caressed first. Use your tongue, your fingers and your eyes, as I have taught you, Jeannette.” I was up at that and Georges with quite a growl upon her, feeling up her legs. Her back arched and she gasped a long-drawn “Oh!” “Jeannette!” I barked. She stared at me beyond his shoulder and lay still. Her lovely legs moved restlessly. With febrile, uncertain puttings of her hands to his shoulders, she turned her face away with cheeks ablaze and stared into the back of the chaise longue. “Slowly, Monsieur, she is a treasure among treasures,” I remarked and deigned to turn a moment and look down on the Minister, whose engine was chugging in dear Cynthia's tunnel. She, the cooler of the pair, could well look after herself and her own pleasures now, I knew, and so gave my attention quickly to my protege, as I was pleased to think of Jeannette. Her tight round bottom wriggled uneasily at first as first his fingers burrowed in her fur.

    Evidently, though, he found her spot, for her expression changed. Her mouth took on a sullen, hungry look. “Spread your thighs more, Jeannette,” I ordained. Still staring in the opposite direction, to the wall, she let one elegant leg go lax and slip beneath her fathers to the floor so that her foot just touched it and her shoe was arched.

    A snuffling through her nostrils then as an excitation in her grew.

    Her tummy rippled and her fingers clawed a little at his shoulder blades. I, acting a love-nanny to her, bent upon the flushed pair once more and worked her dress up just beyond her tits that he might suck on them. He did! Once more her back was arched-again her moans! “Do not, do not-no, mustn't!” so she hummed, but only from a habit rather than conviction, so I felt! Her nipples rosy, stiff, he moved his lips up to her face and murmured to her incoherently. His trousers being doffed by then and puddled on the floor beside the couch, his penis beat its urgency against one milky thigh. “No, no-oh, no!” she mewed, though not with very much conviction.

    “Wait, Monsieur, raise yourself a little. Jeannette, give me your hand,” I murmured while the bumping pair upon the carpet hissed their pleasure. “Noooo!” she whimpered, but I took it all the same, limp as it was, and guided it down, down, until her fingers touched against his prick. They lay there flaccid, then I smacked her arm, and then she gripped it, causing him to groan! “Still slowly, still slowly, Monsieur!” I urged, “and now, Jeannette, your tongue. Extend your tongue a little-offer it!” Kissing her neck as he then was and she holding upon the great stalk of his penis, Jeannette slowly turned her face upwards to mine, lips lax, eyes pools of wonder (or astonishment?!). “Do it, Jeannette. I shall then put out the light.” “Oh!” she moaned, though as you well know, Caroline, such is a sound beyond description-what you have often called “a little wobbly sound!” A great sigh issued from her lips, but then I saw her fingers move a little up and down his prick. Her cunny almost bubbling as it must have been, how could she for much longer contain herself? A short, pink stamen of her tongue protruded then and sullenly-or was it in a daze!-she slipped her mouth sideways beneath his own and their tongues met. Ah, how a visible quiver seized them both! I watched their little jerks that came in unison, then melted into one. He rolled upon her more, his penis ready, the plumlike bulb upon her belly pressed just where her pubic curls began. “Say yes, say yes, Jeannette!” he pleaded. All then was still for a moment. Gurgles, moans, came upwards from the floor-the slapping of the Minister's testicles beneath Cynthia's derriere. “Say yes or no, Jeannette-it is for you to speak now,” I whispered, for I wished to give her leeway just in this! She had not struggled overmuch, lay placid, waiting to be spermed, I knew, despite her palpitations, small alarms. The prodding monster of his cock now urged her on to this surrender, the crest quivering on her belly in delight. I moved, moved suavely to the light and turned it down until the gaslight all but flickered out and a semi-dusk of mystery was laid upon the room.

    My absence for those seconds seemed to help. He had whispered something in her ear. I heard her little mewing cry, “Yes, yes, all right-yes, put it in-ooh!-oh!- PAPA!” Her cunnylips had yielded to his knob at last and, as I fell beside them once again upon my knees, she yielded inch by inch. I peered between them in the soft, dim light and watched his rigid penis delving in, the burrowing master of her fate that grooved its course between her sealskin walls and with a final jolt was full embedded to an “AH!” from her. My dearest, you will understand that the rest was such a melange of rising passion as even I cannot describe-nor even you, perhaps! The bout upon the rug was finished. Those two actors lay inert while Cynthia squeezed upon a dwindling cock. The creme de la creme was there, upon the chaise longue, underneath my eyes. “Jeannette! You are so tight, my pet!” “Am I?” Their voices sounded as if in some far dream. Some words were plain, lewd, passionate, and others lost between their hungering mouths. Her breath hissed out again. I knew her to be coming. Her once-limp leg that had lolled down at the side of the chaise longue was raised (by her!) and coiled his waist like a stockinged serpent of desire. “F… f… fucking you!” he groaned; she gasped out “Yes!” as if they had both each just discovered it! I left them to their play. Can you believe it? But yes, I did. I motioned my other players up. Awed and excited their glances fell upon the enlaced and heaving pair, and then they shuffled out, the Minister still holding up his trousers! I guided them to that small room where pupils sometimes take a little rest between their lessons. “Bid goodnight to him, Cynthia. A perfect pet you've been. I shall return, Monsieur, with your companion in due course to see you out.” “Yes,” he replied, and sounded like a frog. I closed the door and heard a giggle from dear Cynthia, who had become of a sudden much, much more advanced, but that is to the good. She will not fret nor struggle any more! I delayed my return to Georges and Jeannette until I thought them “decent” once again.

    Jeannette had fled, however, and Georges was all alone, combing his hair with a certain cockerel pride, though a little bemused to see me once again. I referred to nothing of what had passed, of course. “You are going, Georges? A pleasant evening? Good,” said I. He gave me quite an anxious look. “As to Jeannette…” he began, but had no more to say. “She has benefited much and will sleep like an angel. A little naughtiness here and there-what notice takes the world of it? And besides, the world will never know. I will exercise the girls with no one else-I promise that.” “What a divine creature you are!” He seemed impelled to take a step towards me. I allowed his kiss, though he was for the moment too enfeebled by his bout to have his penis stir again. “You hold in your arms but a sensible woman, Georges. You and the Minister may be counted as the chosen few-the chosen two, in fact! Return together as you will. Only apprise me of your coming.” “Yes, of course!” He almost laughed in his relief. I saw them off and waved their carriage in the dark goodbye.

    Had I been far more indiscreet than I had needed to be? Excitement, I confess, had carried me forward- much as you with Alison and the others. Jeannette had taken refuge in my bed (not for the first time) and I found her there, the light out and she all doubled up and quiet.

    I undressed and slipped beside her, smoothed her hair. Little by little she snuggled into me and all was restful! Thus my story, then, and the wickedest I have yet had to tell-though I almost put a question mark to that! Have I relived it sufficiently for you to feel yourself a witness at the scene? One never does-or never quite, alas.

    We all seek change, delight, fulfillment, and as to your seeking other girls, why not? What a practised Principal you, too, would make! Have you never thought of that? There are, I believe, so-called Governesses in England-some whose advertisements I have noticed in The Times-who take girls in for “discipline,” so called, but I would wager that the young ladies have a very dull time of it for such women enjoy beating bottoms and little else. How utterly boring that must be! You with your expertise, your powers of persuasion, and your skilled devices could do much better than they. And, besides, have you not a ready clientele in your surroundings? Think on it, I implore you.

    Besides, how many merry tales you would then have to tell me! I will help you all I can, you know, even at a distance. Tell me soon!

    Your Hopeful And Devoted Julie


    Editor's Note:

    The endpiece of Julie's letter must have come as a signal surprise to her friend. It is not inconceivable, however, that Caroline must sometimes have pondered the same line of thought as to opening an “English establishment.” As a recent Supplement in our own Ladies' Domestic Journal has shown, interest in the disciplining of young ladies was as rife then as now. Scores of correspondents of both sexes in that Supplement praised the virtues of the birch, and many in a manner that the journal itself had probably never envisaged publishing before. As to Julie's cullings from the Personal Column of The Times, such “Announcements,” wherein ladies of good standing offer to take in girls for discipline, are still occasionally permitted to appear. One has long wondered who replies to these advertisements and what transpires in many an Acacia Avenue behind drawn curtains when the girls are taken in. Perhaps, however, we need wonder no more, since what is about to transpire will indeed lift more than one pair of curtains.

    My darling Julie,

    What a breathtaking letter! What descriptions! The poetess in you has really come out!

    Dear Jeannette, how delicious she proved! Was there a reprise? But I believe you would have told me if there was. You see, I am all at a gabble in my excitement at your telling which, so well restrained, brought all most vividly to me-including the “stockinged serpent” of her leg which coiled about him. Such a languorous pose, I always think. It permits the other foot to dig into the bed or couch and act as lever to the hips! Had Jeannette struggled more, would you have restrained her or let her go and run up to your room (or hers!) in disarray? But tush, it does not come into question, your powers of persuasion being such. Besides, there are few moments more adorable than to kiss the lips of a young girl while she is being reamed. I'm sure that quite seduced her-more than he! But now to your little “surprise piece” at the end. You mean it? Do you really? Could I? Dare I? Oh, my thoughts spin round! How would I begin-what to arrange? I have always taken you for granted in this sense and never thought to ask. Such vistas open before me as I scarce dare think about. Would it be apt to ask Sylvia to assist me-or even Dick? Your advice first on this, my pet, would be esteemed more than I can ever say. You see, you have aroused me so much with the idea that I cannot wait to hear from you, and am in any event in poverty of other news from here. Tell me, tell me, tell me, as I used to say (while shaking you!). I would almost wish to take the carriage to the coast and run down to the harbour to wait upon the arrival of the mail. I wait breathlessly.

    Believe me, I do!

    Your impatient Caroline

    Darling, dearest Caroline,

    By such mischief do you absent yourself to Kew while writing to me upon such an enervating matter! Of course, I think it is a CAPITAL idea, and will help you all you need. What of Sylvia? Would she be part of this-and Alison-or Maude? What help that you might need, I will give you gladly, for I shall benefit a little from it in the end-some charming, round, tight, offered “ends” such as I have no doubt you will be able to present to me! Why not here? After all, the house is mainly empty and has many rooms. The country is to be preferred in any event, for one needs a certain isolation. As to fees, I have no idea, but given the success that Julie has obtained, I believe you might charge exactly as you wished and that none will flinch from writing out the cheques! Yes, I believe one might say that such an establishment would be self-sufficient in all respects! Return as soon as you can, you minx, that we may discuss it further.

    Your devoted Dick

    My sweet, impatient Caroline,

    Very well, I will answer exactly what you ask and will take no room up in my letter with fripperies, indulgences, or naughty tales. To begin with, you must not involve any men in your plan, for they will USE you, my pet, and nothing else. I believe myself that I erred a trifle in inviting Georges and the Minister here, but they were fortunate in this and no others will follow in their footsteps or their penis-probing paths! To the outer world (and I include your male friends much in this) you must remain remote-mysterious! They may enjoy the after-fruits, but are not allowed to shake the boughs! All must be as between a woman and her girls. The latter are more comforted thereby and take heed of other females far more than they will ever do of men. Indeed, they are to be taught this, taught their pride in womanhood, and counselled never, never to give it away. But I have said all this to you before, have I not-and quite unnecessarily, for you know it in your heart and have even practised it. The girls will believe in your guidance, whereas they would flee (and rightly, at that early stage) from the clasping paws of men. I frequently tell my pupils that the males are born in this world to pleasure US, and not vice versa, but that the skilful female will give every outward appearance of believing the latter while wending matters in her own way, and so arranging all to her advantage. This is the primary lesson and, having absorbed it, they will do as they are told. Imagine that Jeannette's allowance was doubled immediately after that torrid night, though he has only once since mounted her and she not half so fretful in their second bout, which took place in privacy, my dear, and in my bed (I, most nobly, absenting myself downstairs and treating it merely as a visit, don't you know!). But there, that little tidbit is for your ears alone. You will come to the same in due course, I have no doubt of it. All my girls know, by inference at least, to whose cocks they are first destined, for then I know them to be broken-in and ready for adventure as they will. They have but that one naughty hurdle to leap, as often enough I hint to them, and then the race to pleasure is all theirs. But to return to what we call administration. No- no males-not even Dick, and certainly not Horace!

    Rent a house, my dear, at first; you will soon decide to afford a larger one than you at present have. Six small dormitories suffice.

    Perhaps two girls to each-or three-the better to confide when lights are out. Three “classrooms”-but you can easily manage that, for they have for the most part no need but to sit around in chairs. Save, that is, for their “discipline.” Yes, they must always have it-and, besides, they are quickly enlivened (and intrigued) by watching the bare bottoms of others being warmed-up. I suggest the same curriculum as I: modes, wines, the arts of conversation (and the arts of teasing!), French, of course-for then they will learn better to read the naughty books-and always, daily, exercises to keep their limbs and hips supple. The real recalcitrants can be feather-teased when bending over-and perhaps held by a senior girl. I never use crude words, you know-may say “penis” or “stalk” or “manly weapon,” but never “prick” or “cock,” except when one or other is most positively about to receive such at the end of term or upon vacation! I am aware that a few do, but advise them privately against it, for I would have them mature first in my hands. Hence I tell them that they may kiss, be fondled a little and even rub themselves against it (though always shyly, of course) but no more than that. So expectations are built up, and again then they return to the birch and strap to keep them ready for the fray and to “advise” them that their treasures in between their thighs and between their bottom cheeks are not too readily to be given up to lusting males. Ever be on their side, and praise men but little! Of course, you must advertise, and most discreetly, as I know you will. “Young ladies disciplined and trained in understanding hands,” will best suffice. The wise will read in to that all that you would have them do. Letters will come in abundance, you may be sure of that! Reply with caution, and but rarely reply at all to those who offer not a printed address and, best of all, escutcheons of arms! To those who seem “inappropriate,” answer merely that you regretfully are full for several terms and will write to them again-but never do! Be utterly formal in your interviews with males. Say “with regret” that no visits are allowed by males who are not accompanied by wives. That soon will shut the eager up! Can I advise you further? I do not think I can. Your mind is just as alert as mine, and you can play the “Madam” beautifully when the mood so takes you. As to Sylvia, why not?

    But have her play a different role. There can be only one leader to the pack! Install her, if you will, as a first pupil. Then (oh, cunning!) she can report to you on what goes on behind your back, though not maliciously but simply for your information, as you used to do with me. Alison? No, I think not. She has not the right character for it. Nor Maude, for she may be indiscreet and confess to having run away from just such an establishment. You know what young girls are when they begin to talk! I say again, you must be strong, my dear, and refuse all males their entrance, save for workmen and the like. From what you have told me in the past, Dick will fret at this, but it cannot be helped. You may otherwise cause scandals and alarms.

    Should girls who have “passed through” decide to visit him and Sylvia, that is another matter and one wholly to his future advantage-but offer him no more than that. He has done well enough from my endeavours first, and then your own. Be merciless, for it will pay you dividends. The guiding of the girls is your first care. But how I lecture you! Forgive me, do. You do not need advice, but plain assurances, I know. You have them here. I hope you have! Besides, how utterly excited I am to know that you will do it anyway. Our correspondence will then be reversed, or at the least will be complementary! It is I now who will show impatience for news of the forwarding of your plans, for as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, they will transpire. Be stern, be kind, be firm, and know your purpose. That is all you need to know.

    Your loving Julie

    Readers, as I am aware, will not so much want to see “plans of the house” as the intended residence itself, and with its curtains gently raised so that one may peep inside. To this end therefore I hasten forward to a period just over two and a half months hence, when we find Caroline installed and ready in a modest but roomy country mansion in the further reaches of Surrey.

    Darling Julie,

    It has all begun, and what a tremulous excitement I feel! I know now the delightful thrill of seeing a fetching young thing for the first time and envisaging how she will look with her skirts up and drawers down, receiving the first admonitions of the birch-or at least, those from my hands! How careful one has to be in interviewing! Thus, the first was Colonel Patherington, who came accompanied by his soi-disant wife, though I suspected her rather of being a mistress, having at the least twenty years less than he and hence being hardly ten ears the senior of Adelaide, his daughter. I held myself with confidence-this being in my “study,” small and cosy as it is-and mulled through my curriculum with them, not hesitating when it came to discipline, but then not brooding on it either! To my surprise, the lady fell on that. “The girls are birched when they are awkward or recalcitrant?” she asked. I wondered then at her motive. Did she resent Adelaide's existence and see in her a bar to being favoured in the Colonel's will? Did Adelaide resent her presence in their house, and for this was to be punished? I replied briefly “Yes” and waited for another question on that topic.

    The Colonel cleared his throat and asked if birching were then “regular.” “With some- with others not,” said I, and smiled at Adelaide. A careful smile! She is willowy, tallish, a straight nose, brown hair, and lovely eyes, her mouth patrician and waiting itself, perhaps, to be broken in. The Colonel appeared to wish to ask more, but was seemingly prevented by the presence of his lady from so doing.

    She rather tartly said, “Well-so long as they are regular.” I marked her then again as most unusual (in this particular circumstance, I mean), but fetching both in face and form, and of a height that just matched Adelaide's. They soon enough departed, leaving Adelaide to me, and I showing no dismay at the Colonel's generous cheque, which lay upon my desk! Another future pupil, Rose, came next. I thought of your Dorothy on seeing her-shy (but soon will giggle), small and shapely, not yet seventeen! I knew immediately the purpose for which her “guardian” brought her-a man who cannot wait (I am sure) to get upon her as soon as he believes I have her ready for the fray. He had the impertinence to speak of teaching her to do what she is told! I shall certainly do that, but in MY way, not his, and will nurture her as you did Dorothy. It will not be to his advantage, that I am determined on. I shall teach her how most winningly she may refuse to entertain his lusts while garnering the greatest benefits for herself.

    He shall pay, he shall pay! The philosophy comes all the quicker once one has encountered males such as he, does it not? Sylvia, being present and introduced as the first of the arrivals, all three were soon a-chatter and I left them to it, gave Rose into her care and Adelaide a separate room. No lessons having yet begun, they were free to disport themselves as they wished and were utterly delighted by the “informality” of things. After tea-for I must tell you this-I accompanied Adelaide to her room as if to further settle her in. She turned to me immediately the door was closed and asked, almost with tearfulness, “Am I to be birched?” She is twenty, my dear-and had not, I asked, yet felt the sting of twigs? “Somewhat,” she replied and bit her lip. I motioned gently to the bed, and we sat down.

    “Somewhat?” I fended, “you must tell me all.” She wore a pearl-grey dress with ribbons at the bodice. Nice-quite nice-but not as expensive for her station as I would have thought.

    “Occasionally-well, twice,” she said and flushed and gripped her hands together in her lap. Was she alone-were “they” alone? I asked. “Oh, she was present,” Adelaide said bitterly and might have cried, so woebegone she looked! I placed one arm around her shoulders, comforting. I dearly wished to get more details from her then.

    “Such things should be private,” I remarked, whereat to my surprise she said, “I know!” and twisted up her fingers more. Were her drawers down, I wondered? Was there then a feast of spitefulness in this for the Colonel's lady? “How many strokes did you receive?”

    “Just six. No-four the first time, and then later six. She said… she said that I must feel the sting of it,” said Adelaide and gritted up her teeth. “Whereas you would rather have birched her,” I said most daringly, yet it came naturally to my tongue and- I believe-came rightly to her mood, with sweet surprise! “What?”

    She could hardly then suppress a laugh of nervousness and some relief that I should have guessed it. “A young lady being birched sometimes wishes another one to be; it happens here-I observe it in their eyes,” I said, ignoring the fact (which she appeared not to have noticed) that I had not started yet! “Do they?” she blurted, eyes on mine, then said, “I mean…” “I know well what you mean, my dear. We have all in part been through it, have we not? A bared bottom soon attracts the eyes. Was yours then bared?” I had not meant to ask, but did. “No,” she said quickly and defensively, “well, at least…” I gathered from that only that her dress had been raised up.

    “So I must be birched,” she then said dully. “I have my methods, Adelaide,” I said and stroked her back a little, felt it warm. There was a silence then, and then she asked, “What for?” and had a dull expression on again. Oh, goodness, I was not prepared for that! Such a direct enquiry is surely rare, I trust! “To bring you to the ways of womanhood,” said I and made her stare at me. “She wishes only to have me under her,” she said, and so brought my imaginings to truth. I smiled and kissed her brow, which must have surprised her but she did not move away. “You will be better under me, then will go under no one unless you wish it so. Antagonism sometimes conceals love, my dear-is brought to conceal the emotions.” “Do you think so?” she asked, and I believe indeed that there was a small and curious catch of hope in her voice. What deep waters was I treading here! “In your case, most certainly,” I replied and quite without meaning to I bore her back upon the bed and kissed her nose. “Perhaps she should have birched you on your own-as I may, if you are good,” I murmured. “Perhaps. I don't know. Shall you?” “If you are good, reveal all, reveal your innerness to me that I might guide you, Adelaide.” I kissed her lips- such lovely, curving lips! She lay inert. “Guide me,” she repeated in a flat tone, “but I have such wicked thoughts, I do, and never can reveal them to a soul.” “You must not tread in dangerous waters,” I hear you say, but certainty that I was right, in all my new and gathering thoughts, was rife in me. “Had you wished her to birch you, and both of you alone, would that have been a wicked thought?” I asked. She blushed and made to hide her face. “As I shall, with your drawers down, Adelaide,” said I, at which she gasped and would not look at me. I kissed her eyes, her cheeks-so velvet-soft. “She… she said once that she would birch me herself, but then Papa heard and said it was his task,” she muttered. “Then you are between the two, and only you can choose,” said I. “Oh, what do you mean by that?” she blurted, tried to say it crossly but could not. I then sat up, was wary of my would-be wandering hands that would have raised her skirt up there and then. “Only you can say, Adelaide, and will, in due course. There are no thoughts I recognise as wicked here. There are useful thoughts, and there are thoughts without any use at all, but I do not mind the latter, for they come and go like puffballs on a breeze.” “You believe no thoughts are wicked? It would help me much to know. I get confused, I really do,” she confessed and sat up, too, and rubbed her shoulder to mine. I had not bargained for such exactness, though! “I said, my pet, that there are no thoughts I recognise as wicked here-that is to say, thoughts which are contained in one when here, thoughts that arise. You would not think of killing anyone? That would be wicked-indeed all cruelty is. But as to pleasure- THAT is what I teach.” “B… b… but birching… that is cruel,” she whispered, though with uncertainty. “You are thinking of the circumstances of your birchings, and not the act itself. You wished her to see your bottom round and beautiful-not your Papa,” I ventured, at which she tried to mask her gaze. “'I do not think so, and anyway that is a wicked thought,” she mumbled. “Nonsense!” I said and laughed, adding (rather dangerously, you'll say!), “it will stir me in many different ways to castigate your own firm nether cheeks, which is to say that I shall desire to punish them and kiss them all at once.”

    I had gone too far in my explanations, and my tongue was loose. I knew that, Julie, and yet sensed in her a quality that is not over-common. She will slip into certain ways with women, might abjure the men, but must learn under my firm hand to take both-now and then, at least. Do you agree? Oh heavens, another would-be entrant! I must fly! Forgive me if I have not told you more, but at the moment there is not much more to tell.

    Your naughty imitator Caroline

    Dear darling Caroline,

    No more to tell? I'm sure there is-at least by the time this has wended to your shores (I feel in a poetic mood!) and crossed the countryside to you. You were a little brash, perhaps, with Adelaide, but who can better judge such things if they are not there to observe and take the temperature of all? No, I chide you not, though am intrigued to know how you ended up. By now her nether cheeks will surely have been scorched by you- though tenderly! Do I agree as to her future ways? I am not sure. I do not know her well! She may have a little penchant for the lady, or may be confused by jealousies. Such women who love other women only, will not wend to men and find them-as you really know-repulsive, or are just indifferent to them all. I am sure, however, from your tender description of your conversation with her that she has a girlish need for cock as much as for a finger or a tongue. Tickle her up a little and you'll soon discover! If she has the worth you say she has, and which at present is mainly hid within, then put her to the dildo after her third or fourth birching. And yet there is a mystery here. I know you sense it, too. Why else your conversation with the girl? It may be a matter hard to breach, my pet, but you must try. I know you will. There is a greater mystery, is there not, in the Colonel's mistress rather than in Adelaide? You see-you have intrigued me from the start! We have reversed our positions, as it were, and I am hungry now for all your news. My girls have all gone home for just a week. What a lovely silence has descended! I am not alone. Henri and Antoinette are here, and with them a most charming young man whose cock I have already milked-as also Antoinette has too! They brought with them a paddle-rather like a small tennis racquet, but the splatting end made of leather, and the handle wood. You must obtain one, or have one made. The effect is very moving-I can vouch for that!

    I had my bottom basted by all three, in perfect merriment, and was then like a pupil of my own, put up to both the men in turn. The sound the paddle makes is the most exciting you can hear-much louder than the tawse and not so fierce, for the air pressure softens all the blows. So one may have three dozen, as I did, and get a really wriggling glow! Enough, though, of my fripperies. Tell me of yours. Or are you in more serious intent with Adelaide? My nose twitches, for I scent excitement there. Shall I be disappointed?

    Surely not! And have you others now? I'm sure you have! You see, I am almost talking to myself in plain anticipation just to hear. If you are too busy, write me a short note, but let me know the core of it.

    Your ever-loving Julie

    My darling Julie,

    Your nose did not twitch in vain, and neither did your instincts let you down. Nor mine, if I may be so bold! I will spare you news of my new entrants until later. Life is so occupied! What you most need to know, I will however tell-and quite extraordinary it is. Beyond all my experience, but I am sure not outside yours. Two weeks have passed since Adelaide arrived. I have put her up to training. She endures it well. On birching her, I exacted not a single squeak nor cry although her bottom twisted all about. We speak of globes, of orbs, but you have never seen the better of this one! It is as round as a harvest moon and almost quite as luminous! The cheeks are plump and firm (and, as so often, larger than I thought), and so resilient!

    Her furrow has a darker tone than most, is gingery but fades into the cream as perfectly as might have been painted by Van Dyke-or even Rubens, if you will, though he preferred a sugary pink. It is not of Adelaide whom I will speak immediately, though, but of her visitor-the Colonel's lady, yes! (Now preen yourself, for you are bound to do so!) She arrived dressed all in black and grey with tricone hat and veil one Friday afternoon and, curiously, begged my pardon for doing so. Her abrupt and haughty manner had deserted her.

    “Is she well?” she asked-but I had best name the lady now. Her name is Vivienne. It suits quite aptly her dark hair and oval face.

    “Extremely so. I do not mis-use my girls. You came to ask that and no more? You came so far?” I might have added that a letter would have sufficed. I confess that my tone was a little curt and should not have been. It was unusual for such a visit, I said, and inferred as delicately as I could that I preferred the girls not to have visitors while they were in teaching. “I understand. Yes-this I understand,” she said, and with such seeming sympathy for me as did amaze me. “You do? She has been birched, you know. Fret not on that,” I said with a trace of sarcasm in my voice. “She has? How did she take it?” “She was quiet,” I said, to which she replied-as one who speaks to herself rather than to another-“Yes, she always was. I could not help myself…” I interrupted. It was scarce my business, though I rather wished it to be! “You need say no more,” I told her. “May I see her, then? I shall not stay too long.” I could not then resist asking her if she were staying in the neighbourhood, since to make a journey of over fifty miles as she had done and all for the sake of an hour or so appeared to me extraordinary. “I may, yes,” she answered absently and looked all about my study as if expecting to find Adelaide secreted there.

    “I will inform her of your presence. Will you wait, please?” I arranged for her to be given tea and then sought out Adelaide, who was at that time sedately imbibing French grammar. Drawing her outside the room away from other girls, I informed her of Vivienne's visit and, as though to soften the effect as I thought, employed the lady's Christian name. “She is here?” she echoed and fell quiet.

    “If you wish to see her privately-or in my study with myself,” I suggested helpfully. Her fingers twisted. She looked a little tense, though not so annoyed that I felt she might have been at this intrusion. “No. I will see her on my own. Perhaps…?” She gazed at me questioningly. “In your dormitory, yes. I will not disturb-though call me if you need, Adelaide. Go now, and I will send her up.” She was gone. I stood and pondered this strange matter for a moment and wondered even if the Colonel was unwell or some such, but dismissed the thought, for Vivienne would have mentioned that, or used it as an excuse. Upon presenting myself again in the study, the lady looked pleased at my news. “I shall not intrude for long,” she said again. “As you will, Mrs. Patherington,” I said, thus providing her with a polite honorific! I then guided her up to the dormitory that Adelaide occupied and then absented myself… agog with curiosity! I returned to my study, but could restrain myself no more than you could have done. I braced myself. After all, it is my own establishment and residence! The doors to the dormitories upstairs are close together. On reaching the landing, I opened quietly the door adjoining Adelaide's, mindful that I could use that room as a bolthole, so to speak. The doors are not too stout, thank heavens, and I could hear some words within where the two were. “Because you were wilful,” I heard Vivienne say, and then Adelaide-in that dull voice she occasionally puts On-replied, “I did not mean to be.” There was then a silence as if neither knew what to say. “Papa is well?” Adelaide asked, to which Vivienne replied briefly, “Yes-as ever. Did your birchings sting you much?” “No more than yours-his,” Adelaide replied as if correcting herself. “Had you but let me do it, Adelaide-” “He would not permit it-and besides…” said Adelaide. “And besides, what? Do you think I wished to have your skirts taken up before him and your drawers displayed? I did not, and you know I did not-” “I do not know of what you speak or what you mean,” replied Adelaide, and then there was a squeak from her and I heard a movement on the bed. “No!” she blurted. A scuffle, rustling, all the usual sounds came to me then! I put my hand to the doorknob, knew not what to do. Should one disturb a family quarrel? Was it truly such? “Bend over as I tell you. Do it now!” I heard to my astonishment from Vivienne, and then a choking cry from Adelaide. Oh dear! My indecision grew. What would you have done, Julie, in such a contretemps? My authority was being over-ridden, so I thought. A smack! A cry! Another smack! How dearly and ridiculously I wished to fly like a bird to St. Germaine-en-Laye, ask your advice, and then return-all in seconds, as it were!-Smack!

    Smack! “I will not! Oh! Don't make me!” Adelaide sobbed out, and I had never known her cry before when her bottom was being attended to, as I have told you. “You would not take them off before him, Adelaide.” “I would not, no!” Smack! “Ow! No, don't! Oh god!”

    By some instinct as we all possess, I divined somehow that Adelaide's last exclamation was not drawn out by the obvious smack on her bottom, but by something else. And, very obviously, her drawers had been descended. To what purpose, though? What was the secret of it? That I dare not let it continue and have my authority removed was obvious, and yet I waited still- again by instinct-for another moment or two. Smack! Smack! again and an utterly babyish “Gooo! Gooo!” from Adelaide that quite astonished me-if I were by then not utterly beyond astonishment! “You will, you will!” from Vivienne. Smack! Splat! “I w… w… won't-lah! Ooooh!” Again I sensed that her cry was of some otherness. Dare I intrude on this bizarre and unaccustomed scene? You will fret with impatience, I know, at my indecisiveness, but I trust will find sympathy with it. The smacks ceased, and still I waited. Sounds, though much muffled, were apparent. I interpreted them well enough to feel a slight moisture of excitement between my thighs!

    I counted. How desperately I counted up to a hundred-yes!-and then turned the brass handle, not making an abrupt entrance but looking within with all the casualness I could summon. You will have guessed what I came upon, but who would not? Both lay full length upon the bed. Adelaide's rosy bottom was half cupped by Vivienne's soothing hand. The girls hands trembled at Vivienne's shoulders. Their lips were merged as if in the longest and most dreamlike kiss. Before either could recover I drew the door to quietly and made my way back down. Neither had seen me, but Adelaide at least would guess that it was I. A glass of wine was called for, though whether to still or to increase my excitement I was not sure! Having imbibed to my satisfaction, I replaced the bottle and the glass and composed myself, giving every apparent attention to the papers on my desk when Vivienne at last reappeared, though the interval could not have been longer than ten minutes. She was suitably flushed, I might say, and I guessed her to be at a loss for words, just as I guessed at the rather frantic conversation that must have taken place upstairs! Nor did I need to conceal my intrusion upon the amourous scene, for after all I was in my own domain and must be seen to be in charge. Even so I modulated my tone of voice and, speaking first, asked her whether she would not like some refreshment. She thanked me quietly but otherwise appeared speechless. I produced my bottle again and, as we drank, uttered one or two quite mundane things-Such as one does when working towards the real subject of conversation! Giving every appearance of but half listening to me, Vivienne twisted the stem of her glass restlessly and half drank the wine, whereat, to encourage her, I rose and refilled it. Her discomfort not lessening, I rose from behind my desk and invited her to join me on the couch, the which she did hesitantly and delicately, perching herself nervously on the edge.

    I waited for her to speak. The moment then seemed appropriate for her to do so. “He would birch us both,” she said suddenly.

    “Pray tell me. I am not unsympathetic, I rejoined. “I know.

    Adelaide has told me so,” she said and, at that, sank back beside me with her shoulder touching mine. “Men take pleasure from it. Some women also do,” I remarked quietly. “I know. You will think me utterly strange. From the very first I was attracted to her. You must be aware, I am sure, that I am not married to the Colonel-that I am… well… his mistress.” “I am not easily shocked, Vivienne. You may confide in me. Adelaide-and of course I but surmise this now-was caught between the two of you and knew not where to let her affections fall. You wished to birch her for the love of her-to bring her to your arms. If I did not surmise this, what a simpleton I would be! But you said that he wished to birch you both.” “Together, yes.” Her voice broke a little, “He often tried to urge me to it-said that I should offer my bottom up beside her own while he was birching her. I knew too well what would be the end of that! Once I tried to kiss her and she spurned me.” Tears glistened in her eyes. So moved I was that I made bold to turn her face to mine and kiss her lips. She has lovely ones. The temptation to continue doing that was great, I can tell you! “It is different now,” I said and clasped her hand. Her eyes gazed into mine adoringly. I had no need to tell her all that I had heard and briefly seen, for she had guessed. “Yes. We have an understanding now. Even so, we must return. What will become of us?” she asked. “My dear, she must need a normal life, and so must you. Let me speak frankly. She has not taken the cock now, but I believe is not averse to doing so-and plainly you are not. We are all women together. We have an understanding of such things. Leave her in my hands a little longer. She will have benefited much from your visit-the ice is broken; she is less constrained than otherwise would have been, without my intervention and without your own, I mean. A month will suffice in her case. Let her then return. What have you told her upstairs? All? I guess that you have, and all is better for it. Now that she knows, then let him have his will.” “His will?

    But you have not understood! Dear heavens, he will attempt her then as well!” “Tut-tut, you know very well that I know all-from what you have told me now. Do not tell Adelaide this- and I most certainly will not-but upon his broaching it with you, agree. Upon condition, that is, that when you are both offered up to him, he puts his cock to you first, withdraws after several strokes, and then enters it in Adelaide. Let him take his pleasure thus for but a few seconds. She will be too bemused-awed and excited, both-to rise when he first takes you from the rear. Upon his so mounting her in turn, let him proceed for as brief a moment as he has with you, then cry the house down in despair. Tear at his hair and pummel him! Adelaide will then cry out her own despair and join you in the fray, I have no doubt. You then will be the victors, Vivienne. His discomfort will be such-not merely physical but striking to his very soul-that he will have no recourse but to retire.” “You believe? Oh, I suppose it is possible! But what then? What afterwards?” “My dear, you are two women together, and are more close in league than you were an hour ago. You will arrange thereafter matters as you think-stay or depart together.

    If you threaten the latter he will soon come to heel, as all men should,” I laughed, and brought a look of wonder to her face.

    “In… in his excitement he might come. I mean when he is…

    “Pumping Adelaide? He may indeed, but you will time it well enough, I'm sure. Besides, if he ejaculates so quickly in the circumstance” (which was a fine way of referring to Adelaide's warm pussy!), “then he will be the more easily pummelled, will he not?”

    “What a wicked man he is,” she said, but could not help but smile-which I took to be a compliment to my wisdom. “You may stay the night, my dear, if you so wish. No one need know. A spare bedroom can accommodate you both. By the morning it might be thought that you slept with me,” I could not help but say with certain mischief.

    “Oh, Adelaide would then be jealous,” she replied with utter frankness, whereupon our mouths met again as much in pleasure as in newfound friendship. “It is nice,” she sighed as our lips parted, and added, “Oh, I wish that I knew more about you.” “There is no need to do so, Vivienne. My advice and my actions are alone what counts,” I said. I kept company with her until after dinner that night, not wishing the other girls to know of her liaison with Adelaide (to whom, of course, I said nothing, nor have done since).

    When Vivienne retired for the night, it was to join her, very discreetly and without anyone else seeing. By the morning both looked in the bloom of health! Well, my love? Have I pleased you? I believe, immodestly, that I might have done, and cannot wait to hear from you. I have not seen Vivienne again, nor shall, but will let matters take their course, though she has promised to write to me and let me know all that transpires. I hope she does, for if not I shall write to her. But now it is your turn to write to me, and I am, as ever, breathless to know what you think of all this.

    Your ever-devoted Caroline

    Editors Note:

    Alas, we shall never know-for the nonce at least-what Julie's response contained, though one may well guess that it was congratulatory. Caroline seemed to have behaved with great finesse in these unusual circumstances and bid fair to become as accomplished as her mentor. Such letters as I have managed to obtain and collate, end here, but I am in hope of finding more-indeed am promised them by such collectors who laid hands on them-and will not fail to bring them then to publication. Such will be my endeavour, and it will be as great, I trust, as surely will be the readers hopes.

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