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    Maude Cameron And Her Guardian

    Volume 1

    Chapter One

    Charles Cameron was forty- four years old and had achieved the happy fortune of being able to select his practice when and as he chose, thanks to an unexpected inheritance from an uncle whom he had dimly remembered from his childhood and who had settled in India some forty years ago. Thus Charles Cameron was able to travel on the Continent during the summer and to enjoy the finest food and vintage wines when it pleased him.

    His own parents had died when he was in hip twenties, by which time he had become a barrister’ s clerk in London, the city of his birth. In due course, he passed his examination and was engaged as a solicitor for the same firm with which he had spent his legal apprenticeship.

    He had found the profession of law satisfying as to status in his community and because of the respectability of the profession which accrued to members of it, and his firm was quite proper and oldfashioned so that the litigation in which he was involved was mainly that of estates, transfers of property, and the like. There were no criminal cases, as the senior member of his firm regarded them as demeaning to the dignity of a reputable lawyer.

    Charles Cameron had conducted himself with becoming propriety during his years with the firm, but he had never married. It was not that he did not enjoy the companionship of the opposite sex: quite he contrary. It was just that he did not wish to be saddled with the encumbrances that a wife and family would give him, since he wished to feel free to seek his fortune where the wind blew. Had he wished to marry, doubtless the fact that he was employed in one of London’ s leading legal offices would have prevented him from seeking a livelihood abroad if the opportunity had presented itself. But perhaps, too, with a bachelor’ s cynicism, he had decided that too many of his friends found their pleasures curtailed when they took unto themselves a wife.

    Discreetly, then, he had an occasional mistress, taking care that none of his associates was aware of the identity of these lights of love. He was gallant and virile, and rather prepossessing, so it was easy to see that members of the opposite sex could readily be attracted to him.

    Physically, he was almost six feet in height, with pleasant blue eyes, regular features, a sensuous mouth given a masculine imperiousness by a carefully trimmed moustache, firm chin and straight nose. His hair was brown, and in his mature age showed as yet no signs of grey.

    The inheritance from his uncle came to him when he was thirtyfive, an at that time the thought occurred to him to withdraw gradually from practice so that he could have more time to himself and his relaxations. At the very outset he purchased a pleasant little house in the country, about forty- five miles to the northeast of London, and spent most of his summers there when he was not traveling, and an occasional weekend- particularly when in the throes of an amorous affair with one of his pro tem sweethearts.

    In his lovemaking, as in his own decisive handling of business affairs at his office, he believed in taking the initiative and being aggressive. Innately, he found himself with a predilection for taking even more authority and command with the opposite sex. This if no way implied brutality or jealousy, but on the other hand, being well read in erotica, he had chanced upon several volumes which he discovered in a Parisian bookstall on the occasion of his first trip abroad following the inheritance. These books had detailed accounts of lovemaking wherein the hero demonstrated an imperious control over a mistress or a love- slave by employing a judicious amount of corporal chastisement. The idea intrigued him and from time to time, when he found a mistress who was rather less inhibited than the average young woman, he sought to introduce into the loveplay and the wooing some of this Gallic imaginativeness. In the main, he found that it was well received and that it led to exciting culmination.

    This summer Charles Cameron faced a decision about which he had been thinking for several years, and that was his absolute retirement from the firm where he had spent so many years. To begin with, John Croce, the senior member of the firm had just died, and there was a change in the policy of the firm with new blood coming into it. Young Hubert Rascow, for example, the youngest nephew of he late junior partner, had taken a post of prominence in the office and declared rather pompously that he meant to go after lucrative criminal cases. The atmosphere was not what it had been and it would appear to augur a rather trying time of adjustment. Financially Charles Cameron was well off, and besides he had always intended to enjoy life to the fullest at a time when he still had his physical and mental faculties. This was assuredly as good a time as any.

    He therefore gave his notice in May that he would leave the firm on what might be termed a Sabbatical at the end of June and he would decide when the summer was over what his future plans would be. He had reason to believe that he would not be greatly missed in the new order of things, but without making a final break, the door would still be open if he decided to return at the end of the summer. So, after standing all the members of the firm a final dinner at Simpson’ s, he betook himself to his little summer house and looked forward to enjoying the beauty of the countryside. A few miles from this sylvan retreat there lived a handsome divorcee named Mrs. Patricia Ellerby who, the last time she had met him in London, had given Charles Cameron reason to believe she would not regard it amiss if he paid her diligent attention. But it was pleasant to be by himself and make plans from day to day, to go on walks, to prepare meals at odd hours, and devote himself to many of the books he had always put off reading until now.

    The first week of July brought Charles Cameron a letter which recalled to him a casual promise he had made some six months ago, and about which he had completely forgotten. An elderly attorney by the name of Douglas Rivers, having met him at the City Club prior to Christmas, had found Charles Cameron a sympathetic listener and had confided the story of his life. Rivers had married quite late in life an attractive young woman who had been left penniless by the machinations of a dissolute father and a spendthrift mother. He had taken pity on her, and the pity had turned to love, as it so often does. Having never married before and being in his fifties, Rivers had found the resurgence of a new and exquisite emotion in befriending this helpless and lovely young woman. She, for her part, had reciprocated his feelings with more ardor than he had dared to hope. Out of their union had come a child, a girl, named Maude. But after this bliss, the young wife had contracted pneumonia and died when Maude was only five. Rivers had thereupon hired a housekeeper while he went to the office daily to conduct his business affairs. But now he confessed himself to be ailing- indeed, Charles Cameron had noted the elderly barrister’ s jaundiced color and sunken eye sockets and opined privately to himself that Rivers was too long for this world. As a consequence, Rivers had told him, he was greatly concerned over his little girl and what her future would be. He himself had not done too well in the marketplace of life, and while he had been always “ of the most scrupulous fidelity to the exalted legal profession which he served, pursuit of this had not brought him great material gains.

    Charles Cameron had made the usual sympathetic and philosophical reflections which one does when a casual acquaintance unburdens himself of such a story, but Rivers had mistaken this for sympathetic understanding. Seizing Charles Cameron’ s hand as he leaned across the table, he had fervently implored the latter to promise him that in the event of his death, Charles Cameron would do what he could to assure the future of the little girl. And Cameron, without giving sufficient meditation to what this promise might entail, had affably agreed. It was true that he had felt sorry for Douglas Rivers.

    And now that chance promise, exacted by a chance meeting, had come home to roost with a vengeance. The rural postal carrier on his bicycle had just this morning left a letter from London with the address of Douglas Rivers, but with a. woman’ s flowing handwriting. Charles Cameron had opened it and sat up with a start It was from the housekeeper, who begged to inform him that her employer had died last week after a lingering illness, and that his final words had been to urge her to communicate with his dear friend Charles Cameron and to remind the latter of the promise that had been made last December. The letter went on, couched in sententious phrases, to inform Charles Cameron that Douglas Rivers had left almost no money for the child’ s welfare and that she, Mrs. Beddlington,- the housekeeper in question- had scarcely received her own wages for the past several months. She would be deeply grateful if Charles Cameron would arrange to have Mr. Rivers’ daughter come down to him at the earliest possible opportunity.

    Charles Cameron winced and rubbed his chin reflectively. The devil take it, he thought to himself. How easy it is to pay lip service to a casual acquaintance and then to find that there is much more imposed upon one as a result of one’ s good breeding. If only he had not shown such a sympathetic ear to old Rivers that melancholy December day! But now the harm was done, and here was the proof.

    What the devil would he do as the guardian of a little girl, particularly when he had no wife to serve as mother to the child? Of course, he could go about the business of hiring a housekeeper, but that would be to destroy his privacy and, in effect, to leave him as badly off as if he himself had taken a wife under his roof with all the pertaining responsibilities and encumbrances of such an act.

    Yet, as he reflected, he realized that in all honor he was bound by what had been virtually a deathbed promise. Well, at least he could give the poor child what amounted to a pleasant summer vacation. Then in the fall it would be time to see about putting her into some kind of school. At the worst, he might scout around among his friends of longer acquaintance to see if there were not some sort of foster home in which she could be placed until she came of proper age to make her decisions for herself. And so, with a sigh of regret in the anticipation of an altered summer, quite different from the months of leisure and self- indulgence which he had promised himself, Charles Cameron penned a letter to Mrs. Beddlington and dispatched it that very afternoon.

    Four days later he received another missive from Douglas Rivers’ housekeeper, notifying him that Miss Maude would arrive on the following Thursday afternoon. He had enclosed a fifty- pound note as a gesture of payment of Mrs. Beddlington’ s back wages and expenses for conveying the child to his domicile. And so the die was cast. And now it was Thursday noon already, and in a few hours the little summer house would lose its quiet and peaceful solitude to open its doors to a little girl. Heaven alone knows what a chatterbox or ill- tempered little minx she might be, Charles Cameron gloomily thought to himself as he went to the kitchen to prepare a bite of luncheon. When he had finished, he lighted his pipe and sat out on the back porch overlooking the broad of his little estate. He had no neighbors for several miles, and the only sound he could hear was the chattering of the squirrels in the old oak trees and the chirruping of the crickets as twilight fell on the landscape. Now all this peace and reverie would be broken. Well, it would teach him not to be receptive the next time someone had a hard luck story to tell, he reminded himself.

    Chapter Two

    On the Thursday named as the day for his meeting Douglas Rivers’ little girl at the rural railroad station, Charles Cameron dressed himself in his finest suit and bowler hat, not forgetting his spats, hitched up the roan mare to the surrey and set out to meet the train. He had spent a rather restless night, reflecting on his folly at having shown such a humanitarian attitude to old Rivers. On the other hand, Rivers had taken advantage of his good nature in a rather maudlin way. However, there was nothing that would be done about it now. There would be problems with a child, especially a female. It would be well if he looked about the neighborhood to see if he could hire a housekeeper, and make temporary plans for the summer. It would probably curtail his own intended endeavors in the amorous field, but that was the price he would have to pay.

    It was a beautiful day, not too hot, with a balmy breeze, and the roan mare trotted proudly down the thickly arbored lane towards town and the station. It was a pleasant little town, Charles Cameron felt, with sufficient shops, including a greengrocer who catered to a rather wealthy clientele and thus stocked, in addition to fine melons and strawberries and raspberries from the Continent an excellent wine cellar. Charles Cameron was fond of port and, at times, good German hock, though there were times when a good sparkling Burgundy suited his palate to a T. The town itself had a population of about seventeen hundred, and most of the residents were affluent country squires or retired pensioners who had had good fortune in their ventures on Fleet Street or speculating in the stock market Altogether, there were refined country gentry here, quite different from the hustle and bustle of London. Scenically, the little town of Rushton offered as much pleasure to the eye as it did to one’ s peace of mind. There was a little stream not far from Mr. Cameron’ s house, and farther to the north there was a fresh water creek where he could swim if he had a mind to. To the south there were rolling hills and clumps of trees which made hiding a decided sport He sighed dolefully as the station hauled into view; taking out his gold watch and opening the face, he saw that it lacked five minutes till the arrival of the train. The station- master was on the platform with a flag and after Charles Cameron had tied the reins of his mare to the hitching post, he struck up a conversation with the rather portly gentleman. It served to spend the five minutes amicably enough, until at last smoke towards one side of the railroad tracks indicated the oncoming train on which Douglas Rivers’ little daughter would be arriving. Perhaps, Charles Cameron thought to himself, she had been accompanied by Rivers’ own housekeeper, Mrs. Beddlington, although the latter had not mentioned as much in her letter to him. Certainly if the woman were trustworthy, she would now allow the child to travel by herself, even for such a short journey as from London. Well, that could be seen to when the time came. The immediate thing was to welcome Maude Rivers and try to comfort her over her certain grief through this bereavement and at least try to make a good face of it and give the child a proper home for the summer.

    With a great deal of huffing and puffing and squealing of brakes, the engineer drew the train to a halt, and Charles Cameron watched intently as the porters opened the doors and helped down the several passengers who were alighting for a respite. In the first car nearest him, there was a heavily set gentleman with a ruddy complexion and a kind of helmet which suggested that he had seen service in Bombay or elsewhere in Her Majesty’ s sway over the embattled provinces of India. He was smoking a black Indian cheroot, which further authenticated his earlier locale.

    In the second car, two elderly spinster sisters, twirling parasols and chattering like magpies were helped down by the friendly porter, who took their valises to a waiting surrey driven by a short little fat man with horn rimmed spectacles. Well, now, where was Maude Rivers? There was a stunning young woman alighting from the last coach, with a parasol and a pink flouncy dress which modestly hid even her ankles. She had golden hair and a swan- like neck, and her dress was decorous to the utmost, but it did not hide from him the splendid development of her bosom. Charles Cameron eyed the blonde arrival with a glow of sensual appreciation in his eye. She was still in her teens, to be sure, but this did not prevent his admiring the magnificent formature of her haunches and bosom and her legs. To be sure, the word “ legs” was one that was highly improper in polite society, but among men of the world, one knew precisely what was meant by it. And despite the bustles and stays and voluminous petticoats which the opposite sex were wont to wear in these days, a discerning male with experience in the boudoir could ascertain what charms were hidden by the thick concealment of garments and of undergarments as well. Charles Cameron rather prided himself on being able to appraise a figure of a woman and detect her flaws and virtues in the twinkling of an eye.

    No one else had descended from the three coaches, and now the stationmaster was talking to the engineer, who had once more ascended to his cab and was ready to start on the rest of the journey. Meanwhile, the golden haired young girl, for such she was, approached in his direction, with the porter carrying two of her valises and looking about anxiously, aware that the train was about to start up without him. She espied Charles Cameron and in a sweet voice inquired, “ Are you by any chance Mr. Charles Cameron, sir?”

    “ Why, yes, indeed I am,” he replied excitedly.

    “ My name is Maude Rivers. Then I believe you are here to meet me, Mr. Cameron.”

    “ I- er- yes, of course.” The mature bachelor solicitor recovered his aplomb and strode forward to seize the valises from the porter, whom he generously tipped. The latter hurried back to the coach and clambered aboard, just as the engineer tooted the whistle as a kind of farewell to the rustic village of Rushton.

    Charles Cameron felt as if he were transported to another world. Beside him was one of the most beautiful young girls he had ever seen in all his life. She was of medium height, perhaps five feet five inches or a quarter more. Her form had that ripe voluptuousness without excess which can be found in an adolescent female of good breeding. Her skin was a satiny pink, with a gloss and freshness such as one might find on a freshly picked peach. Her eyes were widely spaced, enormous, and a translucent blue, appealing and poignant and utterly feminine. Her forehead was rounded and pure, her nose dangerously snub, with just a saucy hint of a flair to it, while her mouth was ripe, sweet and full It was a heart- shaped face of character and alluring feminine mystery.

    “ Then you must be Douglas Rivers’ daughter,” Charles Cameron said rather astonishedly. “ You see, I had Mrs. Beddlington’ s letter, but I somehow thought my old friend had led me to believe that you were still in the nursery.”

    “ Oh, fie, no indeed, Mr. Cameron,” Maude Rivers protested. She blushed divinely. Charles Cameron’ s keen eye swiftly rode over her face and form, and this blush assured him that she was of a sanguine temperament which augured well for his own sensual interests. It was not without a certain foreknowledge that he found himself enraptured by the sensuous charms of this golden- haired young girl, for after all she had been entrusted to him by a dying man, and he was honor bound to give her every tender care and aid in this her hour of great loss. But he had already come to the reflection that he would be her legal guardian, under the terms of Douglas Rivers’ letter, and that even in a court of law the lovely creature beside him would be handed over to him until her twenty- first birthday.

    For the first time he began to be conscious of his great good fortune, and he began to congratulate himself on his foresight in having agreed to Douglas Rivers’ plea.

    “ Oh, what a lovely mare!” cried Maude. “ It was very nice of you to come to meet me. My father spoke highly of you, you know,” her high, sweet voice assured him. Charles Cameron helped her into the surrey, not forgetting to feast his eyes on the neatly turned ankles which she exhibited, chastely veiled in rather drab and unprepossessing black cotton hose. She behaved quite like a little lady, holding her skirts just so, and there was a proud bearing to her. Yet the softness and loveliness of her curvaceous body had already begun to excite him. He reflected to himself that the old adage about casting bread upon the waters and having it returned a thousand- fold had never been more truthfully borne out than on this particular day.

    On the way back to his house, Charles Cameron put himself out to behave as affably as possible, so as to make the best possible impression on his lovely young ward. For her part, Maude chattered away like a veritable magpie, exclaiming over the natural beauties of the scenery around her, the peacefulness of the landscape and he general neighborhood. Interspersed with these amenities, she provided spontaneous tidbits of information about herself and her father which helped document Charles Cameron on the cruel set of circumstances which had brought her to this virtual orphan’ s estate. She revealed also, unwittingly to be sure, that her elderly and ailing father had practiced a kind of deception on her new guardian: Douglas Rivers had purposely neglected to inform Charles Cameron as to his daughter’ s actual age, preferring to have the younger man suppose that Maude was a very little girl.

    “ But I promise I shan’ t be the least trouble to you, Mr. Cameron,” she exuberantly declared as the vivacious mare at last stopped before the house. “ I learned quite a few things in school and from Father’ s housekeeper, you see, and I can sew and cook rather well and I shall try to make myself very useful to you, Mr. Cameron, in return for all you are going to do for me.”

    “ No, now,” he chided with a pleasant smile, “ there is certainly no need to try and compensate me for taking care of you. After all, I was your father’ s good friend, and it is little enough to do for so fine a man.” This sentimental speech which Charles Cameron made without unction, and, indeed, with a definite effort to keep from smiling and thus revealing how hypocritical it really was, seemed to delight the lovely golden- haired young girl She clasped her hands together, sighed, and gave him a dazzlingly beatific look from those enormous and expressive soft blue eyes of hers. That look alone repaid Charles Cameron for having disrupted his placid schedule in going to the railway station to meet his unexpectedly grownup ward.

    “ Oh, thank you, thank you,” she cried delightedly. “ But just bear in mind, Mr. Cameron, all you need to do is just tell me what you wish, and I shall learn to try to anticipate your desires. I wish to make myself useful to the extreme in this my new home.”

    Had he been more cynically inclined, the handsome mature bachelor would have retorted that there were innumerable ways in which she could do precisely that. But as to that subject, which was far too titillating and risquй in that day and age for a young lady’ s ears, he contented himself with a smiling nod and the noncommittal retort that he would try not to make too many demands upon her good nature.

    Her delight was unbounded after he had taken her through the house and shown her the room on the second floor, to the left rear, which was to be her very own. She found his accommodations extremely spacious and much more handsome than she had been used to in London, and she innocently inquired, “ But this must be quite a bit of work for you, Mr. Cameron, to take care of so large a house all by yourself. And you say you don’ t even have a housekeeper to look after you? Now I know how I can repay you- I shall be your housekeeper.”

    Laughingly, he took her soft little hand, brought it to his lips as a Continental cavalier might do, and kissed it, saying, “ Then assuredly no house in all England could ever boast a more lovely housekeeper.” He was rewarded by seeing the soft satiny pink cheeks of his new ward crimson vividly, which made him, connoisseur that he was of female aptitudes and instincts, aware of the intensely and emotionally excitable temperament which his new ward must certainly possess. It would, he thought, augur quite well for the future. For already he had made up his mind to enjoy his authority and his legal tenure of this mouthwatering specimen of young, unprofaned femininity by adroitly, consummately and deliberately seducing her. He had not in all his career as a bon vivant and amorist ever had the opportunity to enjoy an intimate relationship with so young and ravishingly lovely a partner. There were, to be sure, certain technical grounds, and he being a member of the legal profession knew them better than most men, which might cause difficulty in attaining to such a degree of felicitous collaboration with the charming young Maude, but his agile and ingenious mind was already leaping far ahead to determine just how to circumvent even these temporary obstacles.

    From some of Maude Rivers’ comments along the return journey home, Charles Cameron had deduced that for all her sweet docility she evinced a certain latent spirit all her own. Now, he told himself, if judiciously he could arrive at provoking her disobedience against his edicts, by challenging that very spirit which he sensed lay within her innermost psyche, then she would be certain to rebel and, naturally, being under age and completely in his realm of authority and power, such rebellion might be exquisitely chastised in the manner which he himself most enjoyed.

    By this, dear reader, it must be known that Charles Cameron, though to this date no scandal had ever been bruited about his name and conduct with the fair sex, had a predilection for the use of the rod as a stimulant to those flights of Cythera on which he was wont to pilgrimage on occasion. Now it was also true that not all of his paramours in the past were complacent to this manner of seduction, but it was equally true that a number of others, notably bolder and more intrepid divorcees and young matrons who had traveled as he had on the Continent, were quite willing to lend themselves to this fascinating sport.

    But since in the main he could not always be certain that an amorous conquest would permit him to indulge himself as his secret and erotic nature yearned to do, Charles Cameron had provided himself with a magnificent library, of which at least a third was devoted to works of erotology in several languages, handsomely bound in buckram, tooled leather and hand- canvas, for his leisurely perusal. These books, French, German and also some from the Orient, were kept in a special bookcase under lock and key, and it came to Charles Cameron’ s mind that this very safeguard might be used as the very first pretext under which he could subjugate his lovely ward, Accordingly, having shown Maude through the house, he led her into the library and pointed out the fateful bookcase.

    “ I am sure,” he sententiously declared, “ that you will wish to continue your studies and your comprehensive knowledge of cultural things, my dear, and here you will find many excellent books for that purpose. However, the books in that case with the green baize drape over the top are those which I do not wish you to read, and I have consequently locked the doors with a key which I keep on the hook beside it on the wall. I trust that you will observe my one little domestic rule, as otherwise I should regretfully be compelled to punish you for disobeying.”

    The golden- haired young girl uttered a charming little laugh, and her pink cheeks colored divinely as she retorted, not without a flair of sauciness, “ My gracious Mr. Cameron. However would you do that? I shall be seventeen on my next birthday, which is only a month from today, ‘ I’ ll have you know. And Father never punished me at all, except perhaps to scold me when I did something he didn’ t quite like. I shall try to be very good, of course, and I will do what you tell me to.”

    “ So long as you remember that cardinal principle, my dear,” he at once replied with an affectionate smile which hid his true feelings, “ I am sure we shall get along famously.”

    From the roguish glance which the golden- haired young girl gave him, Charles Cameron felt certain that she would essay to show her independence against this categorical tenet, which of course he had made up on the spur of the moment.

    The rest of the day passed quite pleasantly and, having been a lonely bachelor for longer than he cared to remember, Charles Cameron found himself looking forward almost impatiently to the evening, when intuition told him he would have the very first opportunity of taking emprise of Maude. There was, to be sure, a feudal concept involved, whereby to all intents and purposes the virginal, lovely creature whom the dying old Rivers had trustingly put into his custody would actually become his little slave- girl. For Charles Cameron, being in the legal profession himself, was well aware that he could exert the sum total of parental authority in his capacity as Maude’ s guardian- and that is what he proposed to do. It would, he was certain, be much more logical if the pretty minx would give him the opportunity he sought without his taking the first step, he assured himself. In that way she could bring upon herself the logical outcome of having flaunted his authority.

    He allowed her to prepare supper, and found that she could make good her boast of being quite able to cook. It was a pleasant contrast to have a charming young girl opposite him at the table to wile away the evening which would otherwise be spent in locking himself up with his beloved books and conjuring up fantasies of those secret erotic intricacies which had become so keenly absorbing to his desires. And the prospect of having a flesh and blood virginal ingenuous and totally helpless partner at his disposal for experimental purposes in carrying out these fantasies was absolutely breathtaking.

    At about nine- thirty, he judged that the day had been sufficiently exciting to the newcomer in his mйnage, and so tactfully suggested that Maude would feel more receptive with a good night’ s sleep. Accordingly, he rose and with a final smiling reminder that she might, if she so chose, sit up for a little bit and amuse herself with all the books in his library except those in the locked bookcase which he had already pointed out, he took himself off to bed. His own master bedroom was on the first floor at the back, so that Maude was directly above him, and the thought that only a flight of stairs and a door separated him from her virginal bed was positively intoxicating. Pouring himself a glass of sherry from the cut- glass decanter which he kept on the little buffet stand hear his bed, he savoringly sipped it and, closing his eyes, let his mind run riot with the most vivid and speculative pictures of delights to come.

    About an hour later, having donned his dressing gown over his night shirt, and slipping his feet into a pair of heavy felt slippers, Charles Cameron tiptoed from his room and went down the hall to the library. It took only a moment to ascertain that his spirited ward had defied his interdiction referring to the forbidden books: true, the case was still locked and the key remained on its hook as before, but there was a noticeable gap on the first shelf, and two books had been tilted rather naively to hide the loss of one which obviously the charming Maude had taken off to bed with her. Another glance told him that the book was none other than “ Life at Miss Belissa’ s Boarding School,” an extremely spicy volume which told of the experiences of two attractive teenaged sisters who discovered that at the private school to which their aunt had sent them, they would be introduced to not only corporal punishment when merited, but also scandalous clandestine nocturnal encounters with their female classmates, who would seek to initiate them into the tender rituals of Lesbos.

    Charles Cameron smiled with zestful anticipation upon discovering the title of the volume which his ward had seen fit to pilfer. Of course, there was no clue to let him know whether she had simply made a random choice or had simply had spent time enough perusing the various tomes on the shelf and thereby acquainted herself with the extremely candid and lasciviously outspoken volumes of his erotic collection. In either instance, she deserved chastisement for having first defied him and secondly taken reading matter which he had forbidden her on the grounds of her tender years. There remained only to catch the culprit in flagrante delicto and then apply the requisite penalty.

    Chapter Three

    Charles Cameron felt the blood pounding in his veins and that exquisitely indescribable feeling which always is the prelude to carnal adventure as he tiptoed down the hall to Maude’ s bedroom. In preparation for what he fully anticipated would be required- which is to say, the very first chastisement of his beautiful young ward at his hands under his own roof- he had pot into the pocket of his dressing gown a flexible, stingy metal leafcutter which had hitherto been used to cut the pages of newly issued French novels which his London book agent frequently purchased for him, since Charles Cameron read French as fluently as he did his native tongue. He stood before Maude’ s door, made certain that his gown was belted and that he observed- at least at the outset- the strictest propriety of demeanor. Suitably, he adopted a stern expression on his handsome face and then knocked at the door.

    Listening intently, he could at once detect that Maude was flustered by his unexpected visit, for he heard movements, a little gasp, and then after a few moments a quavering gasp, “ Who is it?”

    The sly little minx, he told himself with a grin. She intends to play Miss Innocent to the very hilt. So much the better! “ It is I, Charles Cameron,” he called sternly. “ Open the door at once.”

    “ Yes, Mr. Cameron. I- I was just going to bed.” He heard the stammered and obviously frightened reply, closer to the door this time. He waited, standing patiently and erect as befitted a mature guardian of so tender a ward, until at last he heard the bolt slip back and the door opened.

    Maude was absolutely breathtaking, as she stood there blushingly, her eyes big and round as saucers. Over her nightgown she had hurriedly drawn a robe of rather dull grey cotton twill and had belted it circumspectly. Her golden hair was tousled, indicating that she had gotten out of bed in a hurry.

    “ Whatever is it, Mr. Cameron?” she ingenuously demanded.

    “ I am sorry to see that on your very first day in my house, my dear, you have seen fit to disobey me,” was the stern rejoinder.

    “ But I don’ t understand what you’ re saying, Mr. Cameron!” the lovely blue- eyed face expressed wonder and not a little apprehension. “ I read a little bit, and I was just now going to bed when you knocked.”

    “ I am quite certain that is true, my dear, but you remember that I expressly forbade you the use of books which are far beyond your years and which are kept under lock and key in a particular space in my library.”

    “ Oh, I remember that you said that, Mr. Cameron, and I took pains not to disobey you, truly I did,” she hastened to explain. “ I was reading a novel by Bertha Southworth. I brought it off to bed with me- perhaps I shouldn’ t have and I’ m sorry.”

    “ It is not with that book I am concerned, Maude. Let me see for myself.” With this lie walked toward the bed, and Maude hastened after him, wringing her soft little hands, her brows arched and her rosy mouth a delicious circle of adolescent apprehension.

    “ But I am telling you the truth, Mr. Cameron,” her voice nervously persisted. “ I- I put the book under my pillow, you see.”

    “ I told you that I am not concerned with that innocuous piece of trash. But one of my other books is missing, and I have reason to suspect it may be concealed somewhere in this room,” and with this he reached under the two fluffed- up pillows and drew out the book to which his ward had referred.

    “ There! You see?” she triumphantly exclaimed.

    “ Yes, I see the one but not the other. Let us have a more extensive look, if you don’ t object, Maude,” he retorted, and he began to thrust his hands down beneath the covers which she had drawn up almost to the pillows. Maude bit her lip and stared at him with growing alarm. He felt a bulge over to the side of the bed, and his fingers at last encountered the volume and drew it forth.

    “ And what do you say to this, pray?” he confronted her, holding up the telltale book in his right hand.

    Maude was speechless in her fright at having been found out both in deception and a lie. “ My gracious,” she tried her best to recover her aplomb. “ I must have brought that along and never noticed. Truly, that’ s how it happened.”

    “ I should be inclined to believe that, Maude, if it had not been necessary for you to obtain that book by taking down the key, opened the bookcase, and selected it from among the various shelves and their contents,” he said deliberately. “ And I daresay that you took pains to glance through the other books, all of which were forbidden to you. This is a fine way to repay my kindness in taking you in as my ward, you know.”

    The lovely blonde was very nearly in tears, and with clasped hands before her, her lips trembling, she stammered an almost inarticulate explanation which he impatiently silenced with a wave of his hand: “ Do not try to add to the seriousness of your offense by inventing implausible explanations, my dear. I can see exactly what you have done, against my express request. I am afraid I shall have to punish you, Maude. If I am to be your guardian and have every authority over you, you must allow me to regulate your conduct as I see fit, being many years your elder. Now, to temper the enormity of your fault with your confession, which might lead me to leniency with you, I will ask you if it is not true that you took my remark about the forbidden case as a kind of challenge and decided you would see if you could get away with it. Isn’ t that so?”

    He stared at her levelly, until her blushes spread down to her lovely rounded throat, and he watched her nod silently. By that nod, of course, she was delivering herself up to his tender mercies, and nothing could have suited him more at this moment. The robe did not quite conceal the provocative dishabille of her thin, clinging, lawn nightgown. It seemed to him that her bosom almost boldly thrust out into the nightgown, making her beauty even more tempting than if she had been naked. As a voluptuary, he savored both her scanty attire and her mounting distress at the thought of being punished, particularly the uncertainty of what form that punishment was going to take. And a moment late she confirmed his suspicion in this regard by stammering, “ Oh, truly I did not intend to disobey you, Mr. Cameron. Won’ t you please say you forgive me if I promise very sincerely never to do it again? Oh- oh- how are you going to punish me? When you look at me that way, I am so afraid, Mr. Cameron.” He did not answer her question directly, but countered with a question in turn: “ Do you agree that you deserve chastisement for disobeying me, your guardian?” The enchanting young blonde bit her lips nervously, then ruefully nodded.

    “ Very well, then, Maude, you must be aware that you have committed several very naughty acts, the very first of which was going against my wishes and opening the forbidden bookcase. Then you had the temerity to lie to me by letting me believe that you were reading a novel by Bertha Southworth. And finally, although you have not yet admitted it, you decided that you would test my good nature by promptly doing what I had expressly forbidden you to do- three quite serious faults. The question remains, therefore, only to settle your punishment. And I think, since this is your first occasion to test my authority, that I shall be lenient.”

    “ Oh, thank you, Mr. Cameron,” the golden- haired girl gasped with relief.

    “ I think, Maude,” he resumed, deliberately choosing his words and maintaining constantly his stem demeanor for the purpose of dominating this lovely prize, “ I shall punish you for pilfering, and since those soft little hands of yours were the guilty offenders, opening the forbidden bookcase and taking out one of the books you were not meant to read, I shall direct that chastisement to them. Come stand in the center of the room and hold out your left hand.”

    With this he moved away and waited for her to approach. His eyes devoured her delicious shrinking figure as she slowly moved towards him, discerning the mouthwatering curves of her bosom and hips through the robe and the nightgown beneath. Her pretty little feet were bare, and he did not overlook their chiseled loveliness and perfection of form, with dainty, straight little toes and elegant and patrician arch and gently rounded heel.

    “ Now, then, Maude,” he decreed, “ hold out your left hand with the palm out toward me and put your other hand behind your back and do not dare to take your other hand away until I say you may.” With this, he drew from the pocket of his dressing gown the flexible leafcutter and grasped it by the point. Maude’ s large blue eyes widened with alarm at the sight of this wicked little implement and she uttered a stifled little gasp.

    “ Oh, what- what are you going to do, Mr. Cameron?”

    “ I shall give each of your hands a good dozen smacks with this leafcutter, Maude,” he informed her. “ You are not to flinch or move your hand away until the punishment is over, under penalty of a much more serious chastisement. Now, are you ready?”

    The young girl’ s cheeks were flaming with virginal blushes, and Charles Cameron felt the fires of desire beginning to ignite within his loins. Her utter femininity in this dishabille and her tremulous voice and plaintive, almost tearful look thoroughly inflamed his virile nature. But he knew precisely how to play the role of authoritative disciplinarian so as to lead this toothsome morsel ultimately to his bed.

    Slowly lifting up the leafcutter, he delivered the first smack directly against the soft little palm. Maude uttered a little cry and promptly drew back her hand. “ Put it back at once,” he sternly rebuked her. “ Just for that, the first smack will not count at all, and you still have your dozen to endure. That’ s it- spread the fingers widely now. If it hurts, Maude, you have only to remind yourself that you should have known better than to flout the one rule which I set forth upon your entering my household. Now then, are you ready?”

    His golden- haired ward nodded, her dilated eyes humid with unshed tears, and he observed how her little hand trembled when she held it out to him, palm upward. The first stroke of the metal leafcutter had left a bright outline of its stingy kiss on that tender, soft flesh. His face impassive, he raised the implement again then delivered a crisp smack. Maude’ s rosy lips formed a delicious O of pain, and she grimaced and flexed her fingers, but this time she did not dare to take the offending hand away.

    “ That is one. And now you have eleven left.”

    “ It stings so, Mr. Cameron. I really can’ t bear very much pain. And I am truly sorry I was so naughty. Won’ t you forgive me?” she archly inquired, stealing up a look at him from under those long, thick lashes in the most beguiling way.

    “ You shall not be forgiven until you have had the punishment I have set for your naughtiness, my girl,” was his inflexible reply as he brought the leafcutter down even harder this time. A plaintive little squeal announced the stinging impact of the metal instrument on the tender young flesh, and this time Maude partly drew her hand back.

    “ That is two! Remember, if you draw your hand away, the stroke will not count. So if you wish to terminate your punishment quickly, you had best make up your mind to be brave and endure it,” he warned her.

    Typically, Charles Cameron prolonged the intervals between the stinging smacks of the metal leafcutter so as to enervate the lovely golden haired victim. By the tenth, Maude snatched away her left hand and burst into tears, imploring him to spare her any more. “ You shall have your just due, Maude,” he chided her, “ and since you drew your hand away, the count is only nine, with three left for that naughty little hand. Put it right back out again, if you please!” She gave him an imploring look from under those beguiling lashes, which he noted glinted with pearly tears, and the quickened rise and fall of he magnificent young bosom added to his mounting excitement in believing himself to be in full possession of this mouthwateringly enticing young creature.

    Reluctantly, Maude put out her left hand and with fingers trembling and piteously trying to dose, but he took hold of her wrist with his own left hand and ordered her to stretch out her fingers and spread them as before, while he resumed the inexorable, slowly spaced, stinging cuts of the implement until the full dozen was meted out.

    “ Now you may have a respite for a moment, my dear, and then it will be the turn of your other hand.”

    Maude hastily drew her reddened, smarting hand behind her back and surreptitiously rubbed it against her rounded hip in an effort to allay the exacerbating throbbing heat which the smacking had engendered. He took full advantage of this pause to appraise her tearful and yet totally submissive attitude, which embellished her tempting loveliness to an almost intolerable quality as regards his own eager wish to savor the pleasure of having a young defenseless girl at his mercy alone in this rustic setting. Presently he sternly ordered her to put out her right hand, and when the young girl stammered a plea for mercy, he moved beside her, quickly loosened her robe, and compelled her to draw her right arm out of it, thus exposing her in her thin lawn nightgown. His eyes blazed with ill- concealed joy at the delineation of her plentifully endowed forms, and the rondure of her firm young breasts excited him enormously. Maude uttered a startled gasp, her cheeks burning with maidenly modesty at this partial disrobing.

    “ Oh! I am- I am so ashamed, Mr. C- Cameron,” she quavered, rolling her eyes and quivering with enervation.

    “ Then you would have done well to have reflected on your naughtiness before committing it, my girl,” was his straightforward retort. “ Now put out your right palm in the same way for the dozen which will be meted out to the offender!”

    So saying, he took hold of her right elbow with his left hand, so that they were standing close together, and obliged her to extend her hand in the air with the fingers spread and straight. Then slowly he lifted up the leafcutter and applied a wicked cut. Maude squealed with pain and tried to snatch her hand away, her bosom heaving violently. “ That hurts so!”

    “ The leafcutter does make a noisy sound, doesn’ t it?” he capriciously enquired.

    “ Oh dear,” Maude complained. “ It isn’ t the sound- it’ s the feel of it that’ s so awful. Please won’ t you forgive me now and let me off any more.”

    The smell of her hair and of her young virginal flesh augmented Charles Cameron’ s ardor. “ I shall not let you off for your naughtiness,” he replied, “ because that would be to condone it and to encourage you further in your rebelliousness against my role as your guardian. No, you must learn from the very start, Maude, that I mean to be obeyed in everything.”

    He gave her a significant look and the golden haired young girl again lowered her eyes, the blushes flooding from her cheeks down to her throat and forehead. He was certain that despite her youth, his young ward was far from being so innocent as she pretended, and the evidence of her choice of literature for nocturnal and clandestine reading seemed to confirm this.

    His fingers glided along from her elbow to her wrist until he had firm hold of that slender and gracefully molded limb, and his eyes fixed on the agitated upheaval of her round young breasts through the thin stuff of her nightgown as he slowly raised the leafcutter and delivered another smack. Maude squirmed against him, and the contact of their bodies added fuel to the fire. But as a connoisseur and a voluptuary, Charles Cameron was a master of self- control and knew precisely the route along which he intended to lead this charming captive until she would at last succumb to his carnal urges.

    “ Keep your hand well out,” he coldly declared as he applied still another smack. A piteous little cry announced the smarting sting of that noisy impact of metal against tender girl- flesh, and Maude clenched her hand and looked imploringly at him as she sobbed, “ I will be very good and promise never to disobey you again if you will only stop. My hand is so sore already, and I don’ t think I can bear the full dozen.”

    “ But you must. Now open your hand at once or I shall double the count. Or perhaps you would prefer a good smack somewhere else, such as here?” he rejoined, and to her consternation, turning slightly towards her, applied the springy surface of the leafcutter just over the top of her beautifully rounded left breast. Maude uttered a shrill squeal of pain and grabbed for the wounded place with her swollen left hand, staring at him incredulously as if she could not believe the evidence of her senses in his audacity in inflicting pain in so intimate a region of her person. “ Oh, not there, for Heaven’ s sake, Mr. Cameron. It is awful there!”

    “ In that case, open your hand and take the rest of what is due you, my girl,” he commanded.

    Once again, grasping her right wrist firmly with his left hand and standing very dose to the girl, Charles Cameron inflicted the remainder of the punishment. When the last of the dozen was counted out, Maude was in tears and he himself was wildly roused by the sight of her tearstained, contorted face and the erotic rise and fall of her beautifully rounded bosom. Also, in her agitation she squirmed and swayed against him, and this further added a kind of aphrodisiacal stimulus to his inflamed lust for his beautiful young ward.

    “ There, now. It is all over,” he soothed, as he put the leafcutter back in the pocket of his robe. “ I did not mean to be so harsh with you, but you deserved it, you know. Come and sit on my lap and I will try to console you and we shall be friends again.”

    With an arm about her waist, he led the sniffling golden haired beauty to a deep armchair in which he first seated himself and then gently drew her down upon his lap. Maude kept flexing her fingers and blowing on her reddened palms, while the tears ran unchecked down her flushed cheeks as she bowed her head before him. The pressure of her round, firm bottom on his lap was still another torment and exacerbation for the hero bachelor, and the sensations of feeling himself in full mastery over this ravishing young creature, the youngest female for whom he had to this moment felt carnal desire, was like drinking a heady wine.

    Slyly he encircled her supple waist with his left arm and then, turning up her chin, murmured, “ Now that it is over, will you give me the kiss of peace?”

    “ You- you will forgive me, then, and not punish me any more like that, Mr. Cameron?”

    “ I will always punish naughtiness in a girl, my dear, and you had best get used to that. But if you mind my orders and do as I wish, it is quite likely I will not have to make you weep any more as now. Kiss me, then, and say you forgive me, and I in turn will forgive you,” he said somewhat hoarsely in view of his understandable emotions.

    With a sobbing little sigh, lovely young Maude flung her arms about his neck and put her rosy young mouth to his. She gave him a quick kiss, and his left arm tightened around her waist to hold her pinioned to him in that delicious embrace, which he prolonged by caressing her softly rounded neck with his right hand and slightly parting his lips, he intimated to her that he did not wish to terminate the kiss quite so quickly.

    By now, he had managed to slip down her robe to her waist, leaving her clad only in the thin nightgown, and Maude became aware of her immodest revelation before a man, even though he was her guardian. With a gasp, she tried to put her arms back into the robe, but he restrained her.

    “ Do you promise to be very good henceforth and obey me in everything, Maude dear?”

    “ Oh yes, Mr. Cameron, I do promise.”

    “ Then kiss me again, more slowly and sweetly this time, my dear little girl,” he murmured.

    Maude smiled wistfully through her tears and promptly obeyed. In trying to put back on her robe, she had squirmed about so that her voluptuous bottom had rubbed back and forth over his lap, rousing him to an intolerable state of agitation. And though the punishment had been innocuous, he had derived sufficient excitement from its application so that he took advantage of her docility and apparent submissiveness rather more quickly than he had originally intended. Once more his hand caressed the back of her neck and prolonged the kiss by parting his lips so that he could taste the moist, palpitating rosebud petals of her virginal mouth, and he at last ended the kiss and stared at her compellingly.

    “ Now we are friends again, aren’ t we, my dear?”

    Maude dutifully nodded, and her tremulous little smile was once again exhibited, together with deepening blushes as she once more strove to thrust her arms into the sleeves of her robe and thus conceal her scantily clad self from his eager eyes.

    “ And you have promised to obey me faithfully,” he pursued.

    “ Oh, yes, and I will, Mr. Cameron.”

    “ Very well.” His left arm tightened its hold on her supple waist. “ Then I want you to invite me to bed with you, Maude dear.”

    She started convulsively, stared up at him, her eyes dilating enormously. Then with an indignant gasp and with cheeks aflame, she sprang from his lap, shook her lovely head until her golden cascade danced in the air, and indignantly exclaimed, “ Oh no. That I shan’ t do! You have no right to ask me such a dreadful thing!”

    He rose from the chair and walked to the door, while she hastily drew back on the robe and scrambled quickly into bed, drawing the covers over her.

    “ Very well,” he said quietly. “ I shall not force myself upon you. But I promise you that you will regret your rude and hasty answer. The next time I have occasion to punish you, my girl, it will be on a far more tender and private part of your charming person, and with something a good deal more severe than a leafcutter. And now goodnight, and I trust you will think over your sauciness and impertinence in so replying to me.”

    Having taken the forbidden book in his hands, he gave her a last stem look and left the room, closing the door behind him. Maude Rivers stared after him, her face scarlet with embarrassment, but in her blue eyes was a look of apprehension, caused by the dire prediction of his words.

    Chapter Four

    The next morning, at breakfast, Charles Cameron did not allude in any way to the events of the night before. Nevertheless, he noted with secret amusement that his lovely ward made haste to serve him and to see to his creature comforts at breakfast with a deference that bespoke a considerable amount of apprehension. By contrast, he. was solemn in demeanor and laconic in speech, a state of affairs which left lovely Maude in something of a quandary as to how to set things right in their new relationship. He was well aware that she felt awkward and uneasy, and he said nothing at all which would give her to understand that the episode of last night was a closed issue.

    Finally, it was Maude herself who broached the subject. At the very end of the breakfast, after she had served him his second cup of coffee and he was ready to light his morning Havana, by clasping her hands, standing beside him, her beautiful blue eyes moist and dilated with entreaty, stammering out, “ Oh, Mr. Cameron, do be kind to me, sir! You must understand that I have always been a good girl and Father never taught me otherwise. What you wanted me to do last night was entirely impossible. But surely you cannot be so cruel as to hold that against me, in that I was brought up so strictly.”

    “ Why, as to that, my dear,” he blandly retorted as he deliberately lighted his cigar and drew on it to make sure that the aromatic fragrance had been properly ignited and would give off even wreaths of redolent blue smoke, “ I expect only obedience from you. We will say no more about it, for you have had your punishment for your naughtiness last night, and there is an end to it. I am not the kind who would force himself upon the attentions of a young lady without her so desiring this, as you will discover in due course. However, I must tell you in all honesty that since you are under my authority and answerable to me for your actions, I shall expect alacrity and total obedience to my wishes in the manner of your conduct while you are under my roof.”

    “ Oh, sir,” she at once responded, her voice nervously strained with anxiety,”! have no intention of acting otherwise, you may be certain. I know that I must be a great deal of bother to you, and it may be that you wish to engage a housekeeper-”

    With a wave of his cigar, he interrupted this dissertation by curtly interposing, “ But since you have already shown that you can cook very well and have told me that you have the other virtues, such as sewing and the like, there is really no need to engage a housekeeper. And you are a grown girl by now, quite ready to take care of yourself, I am certain. However, it strikes me that perhaps in view of your father’ s straitened circumstances, your wardrobe will probably be in need of replenishing. So early next week we shall go into town and try to rectify this. I shall buy you some pretty things which will make you even more attractive than you are now.”

    At this, Maude’ s lovely, wistful face shone with pleasure: “ Oh, sir, you are very kind and flattering, and I shall do my best to please you.”

    “ In all ways except refusing to share my bed, eh?” he sarcastically intervened. At once a vivid blush inflamed Maude’ s soft pink cheeks and she turned her head away, striving to maintain control as she replied in a low voice, “ But you know that that is impossible, sir. I cannot give myself to anyone until I am married. That is what Father brought me up to understand. You certainly cannot hold it against me, sir, that I am a good girl”

    “ No. Not at all. Now, now, perhaps if the weather is fair this afternoon, we shall take a little ride around the vicinity and show you the sights, which you only saw in part yesterday upon your arrival.”

    And so that afternoon he hitched up the little mare and took his charming blonde ward for a leisurely drive. There followed a nap, and then Maude further exemplified her culinary skill by preparing an excellent dinner for him. In all things Charles Cameron was well pleased with his unexpected acquisition. He had now at his disposal a charming, beautiful and desirable young girl who would fill the role of housekeeper admirably, thereby making his lonely stay in the summer house a highly enjoyable prospect in the months ahead. And if, as he surmised, he could lead her to the surrender of her person, he would have acquired a voluptuous young mistress in whom he might inculcate all those exquisitely libidinous traits which in his opinion a complaisant inamorata should possess.

    On Tuesday of the following week, Charles Cameron took his lovely ward into town and to the shop managed by a Mrs. Evelyn Standish. It was an elegant dressmaking shop, which sold in addition many intimate articles of ladies’ apparel, including expensive French lingerie. Evelyn Standish herself was a widow of about thirty- seven, with chestnut hair piled in an imposing pompadour, of medium height and with a superbly buxom figure and a lovely if somewhat petulant face. She had already remarked on his having become a resident of this placid little English town and when he entered the shop in company with the blushing Maude, she herself hastened to wait on him rather than have her sales clerk, a Miss Dorothy Trenchard, do so. She found Charles Cameron dashingly virile and would not have found it amiss if he were to entertain clandestine desires in her direction. As a matter of fact, Charles Cameron had noticed her quite tempting and mature charms long before this, and might well have paid court to the lady had it not been for the unexpected arrival of Douglas Rivers’ only child.

    Charles Cameron bowed politely, explained briefly that he wished his ward Maude to acquire such articles for the replenishing of her wardrobe as she felt desirable, but that he himself had a few particular notions as to styles. Maude moved away, her blushes deepening at the thought of having a man discuss openly with a stranger those articles of wearing which should be seen only by a husband or by oneself in the privacy of one’ s boudoir or toilette was highly embarrassing to her virginal modesty. As for Evelyn Standish herself, what Charles Cameron had to say as to what he thought Maude’ s undergarments should be like heightened her own color and titillated her interest in the suave, handsome, mature bachelor even more.

    “ Besides frocks, which should be of lawn or muslin and decorously cut,” he carefully explained, “ I should like for you to select for her a kind of school tunic and bloomers to match, the kind such as young ladies would wear in a private school.”

    “ I perfectly understand, Mr. Cameron.”

    “ Very good. Then a supply of camisoles, new stays, several of the most attractive and flimsiest petticoats you have in stock, and then of course stockings. Elegant black silk from France would be my preference.”

    Evelyn Standish inclined her head. Regardless of the rather wide degree of impropriety which such a selection of intimate apparel for Charles Cameron’ s ward entailed, the order represented a very handsome profit and she was eager to serve him well. When he looked stern, as he did now, he became even more attractive, and the lonely, attractive widow saw herself- such is a woman’ s folly!- in Maude’ s place in that household and enviously wished that it were she and not the golden haired girl for whom Charles Cameron were procuring this new wardrobe.

    “ Then, as to knickers and drawers,” he continued, eyeing her levelly, as he touched upon a topic which most men of that day and age would have hemmed and hawed about, “ I wish you to take my ward’ s measurements exactly, for I desire these garments, those which touch the actual skin itself, to be as tight and snug a fit as possible. Also, I wish to have lace flounces at the hems and about the waistband, too, if you please.”

    “ Certainly, sir. I have just received from Paris a large shipment of very attractive merchandise of that nature. I will see to it myself personally that Miss Maude is a total credit to you.”

    “ And to herself as well, Mrs. Standish,” he chuckled. “ Now, then, let me see. Oh, yes- several pairs of pumps. I consider these button shoes ugly and they do not enhance the molding of the foot or ankle in the least. Do you not agree?”

    Evelyn Standish, who herself had been a model of propriety until her husband’ s death- loneliness does much to make the fortress of a woman’ s virtue crumble- found herself agreeing enthusiastically with her astoundingly forthright bachelor visitor and customer.

    “ Oh, to be sure. I have just the thing. However, if Miss Maude is unaccustomed to wearing pumps with narrow heels, she may require some practice at it.”

    “ She will have it,” he promised, and there was a ring of authority in his voice which made Maude turn and eye him in surprise, even though she had not heard everything that he had said.

    “ Then I leave her to your care. I shall return in about an hour, by which time I shall hope you will have taken her measurements and have decided on those articles which I have already mentioned. You will put them on my bill, and remittance will be prompt.”

    “ Oh, sir,” Evelyn Standish beamed, “ There is no question as to your credit. I am not a mercenary tradesperson. I wish only to serve you and your charming ward to the best of my humble ability.”

    “ Then you will please me very greatly by paying particular attention to what I have said about the snugness of fit and the embellishment of laces and ruffles,” he warned. Then, with a courtly inclination of his head, he left the shop.

    He returned somewhat after the hour, to find his ward blushing vividly, while the admiring sales clerk and her employer busily engaged themselves in wrapping and packing the purchases which were to be charged to Charles Cameron’ s account. He took them out to the surrey, and as a final gift for Maude herself, bought her a pink parasol. The lovely girl did not know what to make of so much luxury and stammered on the way to the surrey, “ Oh, Mr. Cameron, I shall never be able to repay you for all this. I have never had so many beautiful things.. And they are all so expensive, too. I should not dare to wear them.”

    “ But you will wear them, my dear, and they shall become you. Particularly the tight- fitting knickers and drawers which I expressly bade Mrs. Standish fetch for you. Did you try them on?”

    Maude gave a little gasp and nodded, her cheeks scarlet with girlish confusion. A mocking little smile curved the lips of the voluptuary as he helped her into the surrey.

    “ I take it from your charming blush that you. find the articles to your liking, my dear,” was his bland comment as he took up the reins and headed back for home. “ I have also made some other purchases, such as a bicycle which you are to ride. It will be good exercise for you.”

    “ But I’ ve never ridden one, Mr. Cameron.”

    Charles Cameron frowned as he eyed her. “ What would really please me, my dear, is that you would henceforth call me ‘ Uncle Charles’ instead of ‘ Mr. Cameron.’ I should feel much closer to you and responsible for you in that way.”

    “ Of course, Uncle Charles. That is little enough to ask,” Maude happily responded, as out of her impulsively sweet nature she suddenly hugged him by way of thanking him for his extravagant present of the wardrobe.

    “ Now you are my dear little niece,” he said softly, as he tilted up her chin and planted a quick little kiss on her rosy lips, “ and when you are like this, you are utterly adorable.”

    “ You are so nice to say such sweet things about me, Uncle Charles. And I do hope we shall be very good friends.”

    “ Much better than that in due time,” he said with a significant smile which Maude pretended not to understand. At supper that evening his ward appeared in a new green muslin frock which set off her golden hair and pink skin bewitchingly and showed off the curves of her delectable young figure to advantage. He bade her try on a pair of the new pumps, but Maude found it difficult to maneuver, unused as she was to high- heeled shoes.

    “ Never mind. You shall get the knack of it in time. I shall aid you in that direction,” he said with a mocking little smile.

    The following afternoon, after an errand boy had Drought around the other purchases Mr. Cameron had made in town, Maude’ s guardian ordered her out into the driveway. It was beside the house and led to the shed in which the mare and the surrey cart were quartered. Just to the right side of this driveway was a wide stretch of firm ground which Mr. Cameron had originally thought might be converted into a lawn tennis court, but about which he had done nothing yet.

    “ If you will go into the shed, you will find a bicycle for you, my dear,” he instructed.

    Wonderingly, Maude hurried into the shed and came out pushing a gleaming blue bicycle. On her charming face there was a look of astonishment. “ But, Uncle Charles,” she protested, “ I could never ride this. This is a boy’ s bicycle. There are ones made especially for girls, and they are ridden sidesaddle, you know.”

    “ I am well aware of that, but I wish you to learn to ride this one. And I think I have the means at hand to persuade you to acquire the knowledge quickly,” was his sardonic retort. Maude uttered a cry of terror and surprise: in his right hand he held the stock of a slim carriage whip, which had a tapering lash of about six feet in length, ending in a tiny forked tip.

    “ Oh, sir,” she pleaded, tears springing at once to her beautiful blue eyes. “ You surely aren’ t going to punish me with that dreadful whip. I’ ve done nothing today to displease you. I’ m sure I haven’ t.”

    “ You are right, my dear. To this moment, at any rate. But you would distress me greatly if you should refuse to ride the present I have bought for you.”

    “ Oh, but I want to obey you. But don’ t you see, it’ s impossible for me to do so on a boy’ s bicycle.” Maude was very nearly in tears. Charles Cameron shrugged.

    “ All you have to do is remove your frock and mount it as would a boy. I think you are wearing a sturdy camisole and several petticoats, as well as your drawers and stays, are you not?”

    Consternated, Maude nodded, her face absolutely scarlet from temples to throat.

    “ Well, then, don’ t stand on ceremony, but get ready.”

    Stretching out the long whip, he drew back his arm and then flicked it vigorously in the air. It made a horrid little “ Crack!” at which Maude uttered a frantic little cry of terror.

    “ Oh, gracious!”

    “ But I see you are not beginning to obey me. Are you going to be obstinate again, as you were yesterday?”

    Once again the whip flicked through the air with a sinister snap. Maude uttered another little cry and hastily drew her frock over her head and shoulders. In her tightly clinging, white lace camisole she was the most provocative creature in the world, and his eyes drank in her loveliness.

    “ Well, what are you waiting for?” he demanded, flicking the whip again over her head with an angry little “ Crack!”

    “ But I never shall be able to stay on, Uncle Charles,” she wailed.

    “ What I have in my hand will ascertain that you will do so after a little practice,”“ was his mocking retort. “ If you find yourself encumbered by all those petticoats, by all means get rid of them. You are wearing three, I take it?”

    Scarlet with confusion and miserable with apprehension, Maude dolefully nodded.

    “ Then remove two. One will suffice to protect your modesty, believe me.”

    As he stared at her so meaningfully and that long- lashed whip was ready in his right hand, there was nothing for Maude to do but obey. When her outer two petticoats had been removed, her voluptuous jut of her round bottom and delicious haunches made his eyes glitter with covetous anticipation. “ That’ s much better. Now get astride of the bicycle and ride it around in front of me,” he commanded.

    Maude uttered a little groan of despair and awkwardly lifted up one leg to put it over the leather saddle. The immodesty of what she was doing appalled her, but there was no help for it.

    “ That’ s right,” he called. “ Now set one foot on the pedal while using the other foot to steady yourself by till you are well balanced. That’ s it- now shove off!”

    Urged on by fear of that long whip which overcame her outraged modesty at appearing in this scanty costume before a man, Maude nervously did as she was told. The bicycle wavered, she brought back her other foot to the pedal and strove frantically to maintain herself upright, but to no avail. She and the bicycle tumbled down in a heap on the soft ground.

    Charles Cameron drew back his right hand and, taking careful aim, directed the long lash outward so that it flicked against her right hip. With a squeal of agony, Maude leaped to her feet, rubbing the injured spot. “ Oh, Uncle Charles, please don’ t hit me again with that horrible whip. It stings so horribly!”

    “ Then get back on that bicycle and be quick about it!” he coldly ordered.

    Once again Maude called upon her skill, and once again fear of the whip in his hand which he wielded so adroitly caused her to forget the assault on her modesty and decorum. She managed this time to make about a quarter turn before she lost her balance and, with a cry, fell off the bicycle. The long lash again shot out with unerring aim, this time catching her on the left calf. With a wail of pain, grabbing for the wounded spot and rubbing it frantically, Maude stumbled to her feet. Her long golden hair was disheveled, her face was streaked with tears, and the appeal in her anguished blue eyes added to his mounting passion.

    “ Don’ t stand there looking at me, Maude. Get on that bicycle. You are to make three complete circles around before me before we end this lesson.”

    For the next half hour, poor Maude, bathed in perspiration and tears, squealing and wriggling and twisting, tried her best to avoid the diabolically accurate tip of that long carriage whip. She scrambled onto the bicycle after her falls, hardly stopping to rub the injured places of her tender anatomy, for the burning tip of the whip was even more painful than the bruise. She managed in desperation to pedal a few feet farther before disaster again overtook her, but by the end of that half hour, she had at last managed to make three complete circles in front of him without losing her balance.

    “ That’ s very good. You see what practice can do? We shall try this for half an hour every day, if the weather continues good. Now, put away the bicycle and go take yourself a bath and then a nap. I have some letters to write and I may go into town again.”

    Chapter Five

    For several weeks, Charles Cameron concentrated on the single project of training his lovely young ward to ride the bicycle without falling off, much to Maude’ s chagrin and embarrassment. In all other things, he treated her with a mellow deference and almost paternal affection, till she began to believe that the nightmarish suggestion he had put to her that very first night in his abode had been merely an impulsive whim, or perhaps a ribald jest to disconcert her.

    Yet the afternoon sessions held on that stretch of ground beyond the driveway were the cause of disconcerting and conflicting emotions for the golden haired adolescent. Once she reported out there and he assumed his stance with the thin, flexible and cruelly snappy carriage whip in hand, he took on the aspects of an Egyptian overseer and she that of a slave- and it was precisely this contrast in her otherwise exemplary status as a kind of foster daughter which made her reflect with growing perturbation on the real motive behind such outlandish treatment Undressed to camisole, stays and a single petticoat, conscious of the gross immodesty of such undress, Maude at last learned to ride the boy’ s bicycle without toppling off, at the cost of many a flick and stinging whiplash from the dexterously wielded implement which never once quitted his accurate hand.

    To be sure, he was well aware of her confused state in forcing her to undertake this practise, at variance with the rest of the daily regimen which was so easygoing. For Charles Cameron, far from giving up his determination to bring this lovely creature to his bed as a humbled and willing love slave, used exactly this daily “ exercise” to bring him not only nearer to his goal but also to enforce on Maude’ s impressionable young mind the awareness that he was to be henceforth her sole law and guiding spirit.

    Imagine, then, her consternation, in hoping that by being adept at bicycling she had at last earned his praise for her obedience and docility, when, just two days before her seventeenth birthday, at the end of a grueling half- hour astride the bicycle, Charles Cameron nonchalantly remarked, “ You see what perseverance to discipline can accomplish, my dear. And I trust that now you are of a better frame of mind to accept my invitation to go to bed with me.”

    Maude turned a fiery red from crown to throat, and, turning away, as she held tightly to the handlebars of the bicycle, faintly responded, “ Oh, please, Uncle Charles, everything has been so pleasant being here. Will you not be kind and accept me as I am, without demanding of me what I cannot give?”

    “ Will not give, you really mean,” he sharply retorted. “ Come now, my lovely one, you have been here almost a month, and you surely cannot gainsay the courtesy and kindness with which I have treated you. I had begun to hope you had found me sufficiently companionable by now to feel a joyous eagerness at my invitation and confidence enough also to trust me as an initiator of the tender passion in your untutored heart.”

    “ But you know very well I could not bring myself to let a man who is not my husband take liberties with me, liberties which are reserved only for man and wife,” she tried to propitiate him with an appealingly soft tone of voice and imploring look out of her tearhumid blue eyes.

    He shrugged. “ I see only that you are still a willful, obstinate naughty minx who needs must be chastised rather than coaxed. Very well. I promise you, Maude, that this next Saturday evening, you will repent your stubbornness, for I mean to introduce you to the kisses of the birch, since you will not have my own.”

    “ Oh! Sir- what- what are you saying? You are surely not going to be so cruel as to p- punish me simply because I cannot bring myself to commit mortal sin?” Maude tearfully quavered.

    Charles Cameron smiled suavely, flicked out the carriage whip along the ground, and Maude gasped as she watched him whisk it up and take off the head of a dandelion with its tapering leather tip. “ I do not consider it as such, my girl, and since you are my legal ward and accountable to me for your behavior, I take a very dim view of your persistence in holding me off with such a sanctimonious excuse. Love, Maude, between the sexes, is a thrilling and wholly satisfying experience, and yet, simply because you have let yourself be influenced by old fashioned notions, you put up barriers in advance before you even know what it is like.”

    “ Oh, but- but I do know a little something- only, please, it- it is so embarrassing to mention such things in your presence, Uncle Charles.”

    “ Ah ha!” he chuckled sarcastically. “ You are what is known as a wise virgin, then. Possibly I should have guessed as much when you unerringly went to the forbidden bookcase. You are not so innocent as you make out.”

    Maude’ s blushes, beautiful to behold against her fair pink satiny skin, were furious by this time. “ Oh, sir,” she wrung her hands despairingly, “ I have only read a very little about what married people do, and one of my girl friends in London told me things which made me blush with shame. That is all I know- except that, as my own father taught me, I must save myself for the man who is going to be my husband.”

    “ So be it. Then your bottom will pay instead for your silly prudery, my girl. You are duly warned,” he said and turned away, whip in hand.

    “ Oh, Uncle Charles, please, please, you- you can’ t be going to wh- whip me for that?” she wailed. But he took no heed and went back into the house, purposely leaving her in a state of troubled agitation- which he had exactly calculated would befall her when he had determined to deliver his ultimatum. For Charles Cameron meant to enjoy his lovely ward’ s virginal treasures, while at the same time indulging himself in the delicious sport of making her wriggle and twist about and plead for pardon under the swishing of a good birch rod.

    ‘ The next day, which was Friday, he reminded her of this dire threat- the subject had not at all been mentioned till the afternoon- by saying suddenly, as they were finishing their high tea,” Maude, there is something in the comer of my bedroom, beside my dresser, which I wish you to bring to me at once.”

    Wonderingly, she went out, and when she returned, tears were trickling down her cheeks, for she had found a birch rod placed in the corner of his room, made of half a dozen slim switches, still leafy, and with many scratchy twigs, with a white cloth tied round the end to use as a handle. “ Oh, please, please, dear Uncle Charles,” she sobbed, “ surely you aren’ t meaning to wh- whip me with this dreadful clump of switches?”

    Eyeing her levelly, he said coldly, “ Since my arguments to your reason have made no dent, I mean to try to appeal more directly to your impertinent backside. Yes, Maude, you shall be birched. You shall be tied up, undressed, and then feel this good rod on the naked flesh of your saucy bottom. And it will be tomorrow night.”

    So saying, he took the rod from her nerveless hand, swished it in the air and smilingly commented, “ I think it will sing nicely in the air, don’ t you, my dear?”

    At this, Maude Rivers felt her resolve to be the chaste, obedient daughter her father had taught her to be beginning to ebb away, and she uttered a tremulous sob and responded, “ Oh, Uncle Charles, I cannot bear the thought of pain. Surely you are not going to deal with me so cruelly on my very birthday? If- if I agree to do what you wish, will you not let me off. I cannot bear the thought of being punished with that awful rod, Uncle Charles… and so, if I must obey you, I- I will do so if you will spare me.”

    And with this, clasping her hands, she sank down on her knees, raising her lovely blue tear- filled eyes to him.

    He stared at her greedily, and after a moment savoringly responded, “ No, Maude, I shall let you off nothing. You shall be tied up, your impertinent posterior prepared to receive the salutations of the rod, and after you have been soundly birched, perhaps then I will discover the extent of your obedience.” So saying, he brandished the birch rod in the air and ordered summarily, “ Now then, Maude, as a precursor to this newly found submissiveness of yours, whose motivation I do not at all doubt, rise, hoist your skirt and petticoats and bend well over so that I may test the efficacy of this newly fabricated instrument upon your fleshy parts.”

    Maude groaned with distress as she slowly rose, her face scarlet with mortification and apprehension, and reluctantly gathered up the folds of her muslin skirt and two of her three petticoats and slowly bent over, looking back with dire anguish as she plaintively besought him, “ Oh, please, n- not too hard, I beg of you, Uncle Charles!”

    He studied her bottom, protected by a single petticoat and the snugly fitting ruffled lace trimmed white drawers yet voluptuously outlined despite that covering. Maude’ s bottom cheeks were magnificently rounded, tightly spaced, with a breathtaking upsweeping curve from the base where her posterior nascently sprang from the tops of round, lovely, molded thighs; there was a fullness of flesh, particularly at the plump, resiliently taut summits, and altogether her bottom was one of the most enticing and promising he had yet beheld. Even granting his carnal adventuring with females a decade or more older than his charming ward, Maude Rivers had no need to fear comparisons, as regards her Callipygian charms.

    Holding her breath and closing her eyes, her dainty little fingers feverishly clutching the uprucked hems of her garments, Maude awaited the “ test,” and meanwhile her guardian moved from side to side, selecting the best vantage spot for the application of the supple rod. This prolongation of suspense manifested itself by the convulsive tightening of her gluteal muscles, which accentuated the sumptuous curves of her voluptuous young seat in the most provocative manner, and Charles Cameron promised himself a veritable regalia of sensual gratification when, tomorrow night that bounteous yet firm and beautifully proportioned pair of nether globes should be unveiled for the first time to the eyes of a man and the finely grained, satiny pink skin exposed in its shimmering nervousness as it awaited the burning kisses of the birch.

    When he perceived from the sporadic trembling along her thighs- bewitchingly set off in the finely meshed black silk hose which he had commanded her to wear- he stepped to the left and slowly brought the flexible rod to bear across the plumpest sectors of Maude’ s jutting bottom, pressing it slowly forward so that the lovely adolescent could not fail to be aware of what awaited her. He was rewarded by a stifled little gasp and the feverishly instinctive jerking of her hips from side to side, a spasm which indicated her mounting dread of her introduction to birch discipline. Having her thus at his disposal with the thrilling certainty that some twenty- four hours hence she would be bound and helpless under the stinging slashes of the twigs and withes, her virginal flesh shamefully bared to allow his discerning eye to behold the marks of the rod, gave Charles Cameron a sense of glorious power arid absolute dictatorship over this beautiful young creature.

    “ Stay well bent over, with your bottom out, Maude,” he sharply directed as he slowly lifted the rod off her twitching posteriors, and then, keeping her in suspense a moment longer, swept the withes vigorously across the broadest curves of both fleshy hemispheres, just where he had indicated to her the first stroke would fall by the suspense- ridden preliminary ritual of pressing the birch over the area selected for its chalorous caress.

    The whistling sound of the rod through the air, a kind of longdrawn Swishhhh!- was followed by the soft impact of the spreading switches over the resilient contours, only two thicknesses of fabric shielding her satiny pink bare skin from the birch. Nonetheless, Maude wriggled and uttered a shrill cry, “ Ohhh! Ohh, it is dreadful, Uncle Charles! Please, please don’ t birch me tomorrow night, I know I shall never be able to bear it, truly I shan’ t!”

    She instantly straightened up, though he had not yet given leave, and as she let her clothes drop back into modest place, frantically rubbed the place the birch had attacked, her eyes welling with fresh tears and her lovely heart- shaped face an exquisite study in maidenly distress and anguish.

    He knew perfectly well that the little ceremonial he had just perpetrated would have the effect of preoccupying the emotional nature of his young beautiful ward to the point of weakening all her natural defenses, and so demoralized as she would be when confronted by his shrewdly conceived plan put into execution, her virtue would fall an easy prey- yet not without the most voluptuous kind of prolongation and nuances of interludes which would make her conquest a never to be forgotten delight.

    In the morning, he woke after a good night’ s sleep, hugely refreshed by the prospect which awaited his delectation that evening. He had, before going to bed, busied himself in the cellar of the house, preparing various and sundry devices for the event which was to conclude the night of lovely golden- haired Maude’ s seventeenth birthday. So it was with rare good humor that he presented himself at the breakfast table, to find his blushing, timorous young ward eyeing him with a state that balanced feverish despair with piteous entreaty, her lovely big blue eyes brimming with tears- a sight which infallibly made her even more desirably attractive to the voluptuary that Charles Cameron was.

    But before she could vouchsafe a word in her defense on a topic he knew in advance, he took her quite by surprise by casually remarking, “ Happy birthday, my dear. Oh by the way, I took the liberty of putting a little remembrance at the foot of your door out on the landing. You might wish to go upstairs now and see what it is. A trifle, of course, but as I always say, it is the sentiment not the gift that counts.”

    “ Oh- t- thank you- U- Uncle Charles,” she stammered, essaying a faint smile which he returned with a gentle nod of his head as he seated himself at the table. She hesitated a moment, then hurried upstairs while he partook leisurely of the oatmeal she bad placed before him, well creamed and sugared.

    In due course, Maude returned, her face bright with happiness. “ Oh, whatever can be in it?” she exclaimed as she undid the little ribbon bow and hastily removed the tissue paper of a small box. Her eyes widened as she opened the lid. “ Oh, how beautiful it is, Uncle Charles! It’ s truly the loveliest thing I’ ve ever owned,” she announced as she lifted a gleaming gold charm bracelet out of the cotton bottom of the box and held it up for him to see. Several little golden hearts dangled by tiny chain links from the bracelet, and there was an inscription on each, “ To Maude from her guardian.”

    “ It is only a trinket my dear, but a token of my esteem for you,” he rejoined.

    “ But it is so lovely and so thoughtful!” her eyes fairly danced as she hurried over to him and put her soft round arms round his neck and gave him a delicious kiss on the cheek. “ Oh, thank you ever so much, dear Uncle Charles!”

    “ You are quite welcome, my dear. And there is also something a bit more tangible in the form of a new savings account in your very own name at the little branch bank in town where I have deposited twenty- five pounds in your name. You may use the money for anything you like, whether it be gewgaws and frippery or good books.” With this last, he gave her a mocking little smile, thus reminding her once more of her initial disobedience and catching his meaning, Maude turned a bright pink with adorable confusion.

    She put on her bracelet, held it up to the bright sunlight streaming in from the window and once again expressed her pleasure in the gift: “ Oh, how bright and lovely it is, dear Uncle Charles. I’ m ever so grateful, and I shall always treasure it.”

    “ As I shall treasure you, my dear,” he remarked with a bland smile.

    Coquettishly, golden- haired Maude approached him, her eyes full of appealing pathos, as she murmured, “ Oh, surely now that you’ ve been so nice and given me this lovely present, you can’ t mean to punish me the way you said, Uncle Charles.”

    “ But that is quite another matter, my dear,” he gravely interposed,” and I always keep my word. This evening, promptly at nine, you will accompany me to the cellar where your punishment for disobedience will take place.”

    Maude Rivers uttered a stifled gasp and biting her soft full red lips, stammered, “ Oh do please let me off, this one time please, dear Uncle Charles! I know I shall never be able to bear that awful birch and I’ ve tried so hard to please you these last few days.”

    “ In every way except that which I most desire,” was his ironic quip.

    Staring blushingly down at the floor, not daring to look him in the eye, so distraught my maidenly confusion and the awareness of strange, troubling new emotions to her virgin psyche, Maude at last timidly murmured, “ I- I have done a good deal of thinking over what you have said, Uncle Charles. And- and I don’ t want to be b- birched. I will have to do what you want in the long run, anyway, I- I know… and so- and so-” here, taking a long deep breath to pluck up her courage, she blurted out so faintly he could hardly discern it-“ So if you will only spare me tonight, I- I will try to- to do what you want.”

    “ Oh no, my girl, it’ s not so easy as that,” was his tart reply. “ And then after I had spared you, you would find some other reason for withholding your favors from me and we should have it all to go through again. Decidedly not! Tonight at nine, your plump backside will make the acquaintance of His Lordship Sir Birch, and there will be nothing between either of you so that the meeting will be burningly candid, take my word on it. And now I have further errands to run in town, so you will oblige me by seeing that the house is nicely cleaned in case of any visitors- though I do not expect any- and by thinking of what you will give me for supper this evening. I bid you good day till this evening then, my dear.” So saying, he rose and walked out of the kitchen, leaving poor Maude very nearly in tears, twisting her slim little hands in mounting anguish, her cheeks crimson with her vividly imaginative pictorial concept of what would unfold tonight at nine..

    Chapter Six

    Considering it was charming Maude’ s seventeenth birthday, supper was hardly a festive occasion, though Charles Cameron had opened a bottle of port and bidden his ward drink half a glass to respond to his toast for her natal anniversary and many more. She had prepared a cutlet for him, and a fresh garden salad. For dessert there was a tasty apple cobbler which her own dainty little hands had concocted and which he pronounced as capital. But Maude herself ate little and when he spoke to her amicably of this or that, her responses were faraway and faint- an understandable reaction when one considers the imminence of the fateful hour which he had designated as being that destined for her chastisement.

    At times, she gazed steadfastly at him, hoping that by flirtatious little smiles and roguish glances, his hard heart might be softened from its dire purpose regarding the incredible emprise of her most intimate charms which his declaration augured. But he pretended either not too notice these or not to conceive her innate meaning and so the repast passed without discussion on the topic which, one may well divine, was of rather burning anxiety to the charming, teen- aged golden haired victim.

    At seven, he dismissed her, after complimenting her on the excellent supper she had prepared, and told her dryly that he would expect her to be in the living room promptly at nine so that the matter of her disciplining could be undertaken. Maude nodded, choking back a tremulous sob, and once again gazed so heartrendingly at him with her limpid blue eyes that one would believe only a hardhearted ogre could be impervious to so poignant a supplication.

    Up in his room, Charles Cameron carefully bathed and shaved, anointed himself with a tangy cologne and touched up his finely pointed moustache. Then, putting on his summer white linen trousers and a silk shirt- under which he wore nothing- and thrusting his feet into a pair of comfortable sandals, he stretched out on his bed and stared thoughtfully at the antique clock on the mantelpiece which registered the hour of seven- thirty- five… not quite an hour and a half before the ordained moment when Maude Rivers should commence her initiation into the realm of carnal pleasure- though it will be admitted that the lovely blonde victim could hardly be expected to consider it as such- at least at the outset since the amorous terrain in question, so to speak, was to be thoroughly prepared with a vigorous application of the supple birch.

    It suited his state of mind exactly to lie in relaxation on the bed and contemplate the forthcoming procedure which he had already calculated well in advance for the subjugation of his ward. By this time, he was convinced that although she was undoubtedly virginal, she was not without some theoretical knowledge of the ways between a man and a maid; and he had only to recall her selection of racy literature the very first day of her arrival at his little country house, to say nothing of her supplicating request to be let off the imminent chastisement in return for complete submission to his desires- for she must surely have had some modicum of awareness of what these might well entail.

    But he let his mind run riot in fantasy, providing images of Maude’ s voluptuous, ripe young beauty being disrobed and prepared for the ultimatum he had tendered, and this suggestive speculation fired his senses and procured the dominating virility which was the characteristic of a mature voluptuary such as Charles Cameron decidedly was.

    He lit a cheroot and through the wreaths of blue smoke which rose to the ceiling of his bedroom, he seemed to behold the vivid pictures of her satiny pink limbs writhing and squirming as the swishing rod inflicted its implacable caresses to induce her, at last, to tender her own ingenuous but ardent affections to his manhood. When at last the clock marked a scant ten minutes before the appointed hour, he rose, his eyes sparkling, feeling a sense of supreme wellbeing from the vitality which the immediate task ahead inspired, and went out to the living room to wait for his beautiful young victim. It would be a further proof of her obedience, he knew, by compelling her to appear before her executioner, so to speak, and it was another delicious nuance which made the blood surge in his veins as he seated himself with arms folded across his chest and awaited her.

    As the last stroke of nine sounded, Maude slowly appeared on the threshold of the living room, her eyes sparkling with unshed tears, arms at her sides, her whole attitude one of prayerful resignation, very much like a victim who hopes despairingly for a last- moment reprieve.

    “ You are prompt, I see, Maude, and that is very good. If you had been late by so much as a moment, I should have been obliged to add to the severity of your punishment,” he stated as he rose and walked towards her.

    The golden- haired girl was ravishingly lovely in a pretty white muslin frock with high neck, whose skirts were pleated and descended to her slim ankles, from which there peeped a glimpse of the black silk stockings he had purchased for her the month before and exacted that she wear henceforth. The dress had sleeves to the wrists, full and ruffled, with bits of embroidered blue- tinted lace, and altogether she was given the most charmingly ingenuous mien thereby. Her golden hair had been combed and fell in a thick, rich cascade to the middle of her supple back. He observed that her dainty little hands were spasmodically clenched into fists as if to steel herself for the oncoming ordeal, and also that the magnificent contours of her well developed firm young bosom were prominently accentuated by the clinging bodice of her frock as, in her nervousness, her breath came quickly and erratically.

    He could not help encompassing her with a long level look, at which she turned crimson to her golden hair- roots, and, lowering her head meekly, faintly stammered, “ I- I want to obey you, uncle Charles. Won’ t you please be kind, because this is my birthday, and not punish me cruelly? I promise I- I will do whatever you wish, if you will only be merciful.”

    “ And I repeat what I told you earlier, my girl,” he dryly countered as he took hold of her elbow and directed her out of the room and down the passageway, “ that I do not believe in so quick a conversion of heart, and that after you have been chastised in the most exemplary way, if you are then of the same docile opinion as to your conduct before me, I shall take credence in it. Come!”

    The cellar was reached by a narrow, winding little stairway from a closet near the pantry, and Charles Cameron, lighting a candle to illumine the murky way, went ahead of his quiveringly fearful young ward, holding up his other hand to her to grasp so as to negotiate the slow, foreboding descent.

    He then used the candle to light the gas tapers set high on the wall to cast, finally, a bright light on the scene of what was to be Maude’ s ultimate subjugation, and the girl shrank back, her blue eyes wide with anxiety, as she beheld what was in store for her.

    From a metal pulley set in the ceiling in the middle of the wide cellar, two ropes dangled, and on the floor itself was a narrow little ladder not much longer than that of a yardstick. Against the wall to the right was a bucket in which reposed two birch rods, soaking in brine, and, on the floor beside the bucket, a long- handled bath brush with thick, stiff bristles. Against the opposite wall, there was a low leather couch, quite wide, black and gleaming, in the center of which lay a battledore paddle and the same metal leafcutter with which he had smacked her soft little palms that memorable evening when she had flouted his edict about the forbidden books.

    Once she had unwillingly stepped over the thick wooden threshold of this ominous room, he closed the door, turned the key in the lock and pocketed it. Maude espied the birch rods and turned to her guardian hands clasped at her heaving bosom, her face adorably contorted with anguish as she pleaded, “ Oh, dear Uncle Charles, I am sorry I made you angry and if you will only be kind to me, I promise I shall obey you just as you wish, truly, truly, dear Uncle Charles!”

    “ You are delicious when tears come into your soft blue eyes, Maude,” he said with savoring relish as he felt his dominance grow with that thrilling excitement which every virile man experiences when a desirable and lovely young female implores mercy at his hands, “ but these are crocodile tears which every naughty girl sheds in the useless hope of escaping merited retribution for her naughtiness. No, I shall not spare you, so you had best make your mind up at once to obey swiftly every order I put to you, if you wish to have only a moderate chastisement. Now then, be so kind as to remove that frock!”

    Sniffling with woe, poor Maude could only comply, and, turning her back with naive modesty, slowly loosened the buttons of the sleeves and upper bodice, then stooped to catch up the hems and draw the garment reluctantly over her head and shoulders. She stared at him imploringly as she turned to face him, holding the frock in both trembling hands.

    “ Let it fall on the floor, it does not matter,” he ordered, devouring her with glittering eyes as her round dimpled bare pink satiny shoulders came bare in this dishabille of the pink lacetrimmed camisole. Over the camisole was a white linen vest, which he bade her remove at once and drop to the floor to follow the frock. Now, in three flouncy lace- trimmed petticoats, stays and drawers and camisole, the black silk stockings held up just above her knees by elastic garters and her dainty little feet embellished in the narrowheeled elegant black French pumps, already his young ward represented the most appetizing picture of femininity at bay that can be imagined- but since she was already so delectable desirable, her virile guardian had no intention of denying himself the forthcoming treats of further disrobing which would reveal her most intimate maiden charms.

    Bidding her stand under the dangling ropes, he next himself undid the strings of her petticoats and the laces of the stays and let these fall in a rustling pile upon the discarded frock and vest, so that now she shrank before him, eyes huge with distress and outraged young modesty, in the attire of camisole, stockings, pumps and drawers. These drawers were of white silk, with lace at the hems, and encompassed her magnificently rounded buttocks so snugly that the mysterious crease separating them was tantalizingly outlined beneath the fragile stuff. Their hems descended to the tops of her stockings, and the contrast of the smooth skintight thin white silk against the gauzy black silk of her stockings which molded out the voluptuous curves of her quivering calves, gave Charles Cameron a visual feast which he lingeringly enjoyed while adding to poor Maude’ s atrocious distress at the ever nearing moment of her atonement- an atonement which, judging by the ominous sight of those two rods steeping in brine a few feet away from her dilated eyes, would be searingly chalorous indeed.

    He now took hold of one of the pulley ropes and sternly bade her raise her right arm, and when she had dolefully complied, bound her wrist tightly. Going to the wall, he touched a concealed lever, which at once motivated the pulley and drew the rope upwards till her soft pink arm was tractioned upwards tightly, forcing her to stand nearly on the toes of her dainty little pumps.

    “ I have left one of your hands free, Maude,” he remarked as he went back to the apprehensive girl, whose blue eyes followed him with poignant, humid gaze, “ and possibly it will enter your mind what use to make of it and to propitiate me when I am birching your naughty backside.”

    ‘“ I- I don’ t know what you m- mean, Uncle C- Charles!” Maude gasped tremulously, her cheeks a fiery red with confusion.

    He shrugged. “ Then you will be inspired by imagination later on, I have no doubt. And now, it is time to bare that impudent bottom, the proper field of those good swishy rods which have been soaking all day long in anticipation of saluting your soft flesh with their own special kind of birthday adulation.”

    “ Oh, for heavens’ sake, dear Uncle Charles,” Maude twisted round, her face contorted with desperate shame, “ not my drawers! Oh, do leave them on, for mercy’ s sake! I shall die of shame to be exposed before you, truly I shall! Oh, they- they are not very much protection, they are so thin and tight, do please let me keep them on while you birch me, I beg of you!”

    “ No, Maude, I shall not leave them on, for when a naughty girl is given the birch, it must be on the naked flesh so that one can see precisely what degree of severity is laid on and that she does not escape by one iota the quota merited by her naughtiness.” So saying, he unfastened the waistband, and grasping the tops, began to tug them down, while poor Maude, wailing in her shame and frantic anxiety over the imminence of those birch switches attacking her soon to be totally unprotected naked skin, sobbed and squirmed about, frantically hoping to win pardon by her poignant pleas.

    With a cry of shame, she announced the descent of the silk drawers just down past the swelling base of her velvety behind, and teetered there, eyes closed, head bowed, panting with shame and distress at her situation, while he greedily studied the area condemned to the burning kisses of the rods.

    Her bottom was absolutely breathtaking in its lush beauty, and despite her tender years, there was a firmness of flesh and nobility of contour such as a mature woman would have gloried in- naturally, in the privacy of her boudoir with an appreciative courtier to compliment her on her Callipygian charms! The succulent upsweep of the base of Maude’ s posterior merged into the fleshy proportions of the gluteal hemispheres themselves, their upper summits plumply appetizing and impudently jutting forth. There was an adorable dimple at the chinkbone, and the elegant hollowing of the lower back beyond the posterior only served that much more to call attention to the lovely globes themselves. The shadowy groove parting them narrowed to hide the supreme mysteries of Maude’ s delicious person, yet set off each luscious hemisphere to its fullest advantage. The velvety smoothness and pink vibrant satin of the skin were qualities that furnished the bachelor connoisseur unspeakable pleasure, and it was torment to him not at once to put his hand upon that terrain of voluptuous, virginal nudity and discover its tantalizing appeal. But, voluptuary that he was and a master of the art of prolongation in the secret tourney of love, he contented himself for a long moment by staring at Maude’ s buttocks, which, contrarily, the poor girl, knowing herself so indecently exposed before her guardian, tried piteously to diminish by dint of all the muscular contractions of which her young, healthy body was capable- and this, it goes without saying, only increased the provocative loveliness of her naked bottom, while at the same time documenting to Charles Cameron the resilience and emotional sensitivities of her flesh which he meant to chasten as a father corrects an errant daughter.

    Nothing could be more indecently presented than Maude’ s full young bottom, with the drawers rumpled just below the base of those appetizingly firm velvety cheeks, tied up by one wrist as she was so that every shiver and tremor which that traction enforced manifested itself along the supple back and lovely rounded calves and thighs.

    “ Now to complete the preparations, my dear,” he at last announced, his voice a trifle hoarse with comprehensible emotion. Quickly stooping, he drew Maude’ s left ankle to one side of the little ladder and corded it to a rung; then the right ankle. When he rose, the blushing, gasping young girl found herself with her legs exaggeratedly straddled a full yard apart, which naturally prevented the rucked- down drawers from descending any further and acted as a kind of decorative aureole about the tops of her round trembling young thighs.

    Slowly he constated the appetizing freshness, the smoothly glossy epidermis of that magnificent behind exposed to his appreciative gaze, its sumptuous yet perfectly proportioned contours were breathtakingly put into relief by the exaggerated straddle of Maude’ s stockinged legs to the farthest rungs of the little ladder on the floor and by the traction of her pinioned wrist: thus the globes, with a piquant vitality increased not only by the girl’ s apprehension and shame at this indecent and enforced exposure of her person to a man’ s eyes- and worse!- strove frantically to diminish their all too fulsome development, thereby causing spasmodic contractions which had the effect of tightening the hemispheres over that sinuous cleavage and hitherto unprofaned temples of her young womanhood. And the rippling tremors which visited her back, and called his rapt attention to the vitality and sensitivity of her emotions and their physical responses in the most maddening way.

    Festooning the tops of her thighs, the rucked- down drawers formed a salacious pinion all their own, setting off the glory of her velvety pink- naked bottomcheeks, whose twitching fluxions augured for Charles Cameron the most enjoyable regalia of choreography under the play of the rods which waited his good pleasure. Dying of shame at this long suspense and enforced exposure before him, blonde Maude pathetically implored in a groaning little voice hardly heard, “ Oh, I cannot bear the shame, Uncle Charles! Surely I have been punished enough already for whatever I did! Do be kind and let me go now!”

    “ You have not even begun yet to comprehend the extent of your chastisement, my dear,” was his sententious response as he moved about to get an unhampered view of her voluptuous young behind. “ But I think we shall proceed to its commencement at this time, to give you a better idea of how a naughty, stubborn minx meets with her just desserts.”

    Maude groaned again and bowed her head as she heard him approach her trembling, straddled, tractioned body. Out of the instinct of sheer modesty, the lovely golden- haired girl had pressed her free hand between her gaping thighs so as to shield from her guardian’ s eyes the niche of her femininity, and in her efforts to hide her most intimate parts from his greedy gaze, she desperately tried to flinch her stockinged thighs, but of course to no avail.

    He stood at her left side for a moment, lost in contemplation of the superb naked posterior which jutted forth in all its tempting satiny resilience, observing the interplay of her gluteal muscles and thus discerning what a superb subject for the rod she truly was. The finely grained skin of her bottom and thighs promised a swift reward for his flagellatory attentions, for the skin was sensitive and delicate and would readily mark. However, to guarantee this, he substituted touch for vision, and Maude uttered a cry of distress and threw back her head in wild alarm as she felt his palm lingeringly glide over the cheeks of the naked bottom.

    “ Oh, for God’ s sake, Uncle Charles, don’ t shame me so,” she tearfully begged, feverishly pressing her soft little palm with all her might against the downy nook between her straddled thighs, “ oh, if you must punish me, do it now and get it over with, I beg of you! I shall die of shame, truly I shall! Oh, do please take your hand away!”

    He did not answer for a moment, being lost in a world of sensations all his own. The unspeakably exquisite feel of the delicate skin of her hindquarters to his palm had roused all his virile desires for the half- naked young girl; as for herself, Maude absolutely aghast at the liberty her guardian was taking with her person, twisted and wriggled with all her might and main to evade the suave caresses of his expert hand, flinching and contracting her muscles in a supreme defense, which naturally only served to excite him by giving him tactile proof of the mercurial vitality of the flesh he meant to chastise.

    From caressing, he passed to delicate palpations, squeezing here and there, tweaking and pinching lightly all over those magnificent, sumptuous nether hemispheres so as to determine the quality of their resistance under the birch. Pathetic little cries, whimpering gasps, sobs, and tearful entreaties punctuated his calm pursuit of the objective in view, until at last poor Maude turned her scarlet, tearstained face over her shoulder, and gasped, “ Oh, do get on with it so that my punishment will be over, dear Uncle Charles.”

    “ So you prefer the kisses of the birch to the caresses of my hand, do you, my dear?” was his ironic answer as he gave one of her buttocks a smart little slap that drew a startled squeal and jerking twist from the tethered victim, “ well, I shall do my best to gratify you then, you minx.”

    So saying, Charles Cameron strode to the bucket in which the two birch rods were steeping, side by side, and drew out each in turn, swishing it about in the air to shake off the water and also to impress the wide- eyed victim as to what awaited her. The two birches were not at all the same: one was broader, composed of about fourteen switches bound together with a cloth wrapper at one end to serve as handle- grip, while the other was composed of only half a dozen long, slim switches. There was a specific reason for this divergence in the punishment instruments Mr. Cameron had chosen for the castigation of his ward, as we shall see.

    Taking the bulkier rod, he crossed over to the trembling young girl, who turned her contorted face to watch him approach with the weapon of execution readied in his right hand. An abject gasp of terror and supplication burst from her as she beheld it: “ Oh, you’ ll kill me, Uncle Charles. You’ ll fairly kill me with that dreadful rod on my poor tender bare flesh. I implore you to have pity on me on my birthday and not thrash me so cruelly with that horrid rod! I promise I will be very good and do my best to obey you in all things if you will only grant me this one time…”

    He die not let her finish. With a cold little smile, he took his place behind her, at her left, and pressed the bulky rod full across the plumpest sectors of the cringing bottomcheeks, as if to indicate to her where the first stroke would fall.

    Looking back over her shoulder, her eyes dilated and bright with tears, golden- haired Maude feverishly petitioned, “ Oh, no, I beg of you, dear Uncle Charles!”

    “ Oh, yes, my girl!” was his sardonic response as he drew back the rod and sent it whistling out towards the all- too- vulnerable target. With an angry hiss, the bundle of switches bit home against the ripe, velvety, pink- satiny summits of Maude’ s voluptuous bare bottom, and with a shriek of painful surprise at the malevolence of that first cut, the lovely victim lunged forward, while at the same time dashing her free left hand back to the wounded place in a futile attempt to cover up the all- too- liberal expanse of naked skin submitted to, chastisement in this way.

    “ Oh! Oh- h- h- h! It burns like fire, Uncle Charles,” she wailed. “ I know I shan’ t be able to bear it! How many of those dreadful strokes am I to endure?”

    “ Until I have deemed that you have had enough,” was his laconic answer, as once again he pressed the bulky rod home against her huddling bare bottomcheeks, this time lower down. Maude sucked in her breath and bowed her head, while a shiver rippled through her tractioned body as he forced home the scratchy withes against her tender, stinging flesh. Already he had seen that the very first cut had left vivid red imprints against that tender jutting backside.

    Keeping her for a moment in suspense, he finally drew back his arm and sent the rod dancing once more over the twin hemispheres at exactly the spot he had chosen. A shrill cry of pain was the response as Maude lunged and twisted her bottom from side to side, once more turning her tearstained face over her shoulder and this time shamelessly rubbing the wounded region with her free hand.

    “ Oh, do stop- do stop, Uncle Charles! I can’ t bear it, I just can’ t.”

    “ But you must, I’ m very much afraid. Now take your hand away- or perhaps already you have thought up what it is you are to do with that little hand, eh?”

    At this sly and lewd reference, Maude’ s cheeks turned an embarrassed scarlet, and she gasped, “ I don’ t know what you mean. Truly, I don’ t. Oh, how can you be so cruel to me on my birthday?”

    “ There is an adage that he who would be kind needs must first be cruel,” he parried as he laid the rod across her naked hindquarters for the third time, still a little lower down so it was just over the upswelling base of those velvety young hemispheres.

    “ Now, then, get ready for another good cut!” So saying, he deliberately drew back his arm, suspended it for a moment, then swept the bundle of switches firmly against the chosen site. Maude’ s loins dashed forward in a convulsive propulsion: a shrill, tearful scream was wrested from her, and then her hips executed a sporadic squirming from side to side as if to cast off the intolerable heat which was already beginning to visit her naked seat. The strokes thus far had left bright, visible patterns of horizontal, thin striata across the pink velvety canvas which was her naked backside and on which her guardian proposed to paint with memorable artistry a portrait whose completion would lead to her total surrender.

    Charles Cameron, as a master of the art of castigation, as an amorous agent in the procuring of exquisite carnal pleasures which the average man rarely conceives of or procures for himself, did not in any way hurry this first chastisement of his beautiful young ward. For him, the spectacle of the enchantingly lovely, golden- haired, ripely formed young virgin in her provocative half- nakedness of camisole, hose and lowered drawers, with one hand bound high above her head and the other still ludicrously pressed between her quaking thighs, afforded the most indescribable voluptuous joys. Savoringly, like the connoisseur he was, he took full appreciative cognizance of the nuances attendant upon Maude’ s ordeal. Slowly, for the fourth time, he laid the bulky rod solidly over the palpitating hindquarters of the squirming, gasping, victim, an inch or two above the jutting base of those luscious globes whose muscular reactions gave vent to a veritable pageantry of dance by which the subtle ambery furrow between those rotundities yawned and clenched alternately, allowing glimpses of the never before explored maidenly terrain of Maude Rivers’ twin virginities.

    He perceived also that she had the most adorable dimples just above the base of each buttock, which came and went with untold frequency depending on the neural agitation of her senses and the burning of her aggravated young flesh- signs again of what he might expect when she might be brought to total surrender. He vowed to himself to draw forth all these latent ardors which were slumbering beneath that pink satiny skin so as to find for himself the most passionate of mistresses.

    Catching her breath once more as she felt the cruel announcement of the scratchy switches pressing home against her bare buttocks, Maude uttered a long groan of pathetic appeal. “ Oh, dear Uncle Charles, won’ t you please let me off now? It cuts and tears so! You’ ll tear me to pieces, I know you will!”

    “ Nonsense!” he laughed, as he slowly rubbed the bulky rod too and fro against her huddling bottomcheeks. “ There’ s nothing like a good birching to revive tone of healthy flesh and to salubriously warm the temperament. You will hardly be marked at all, twenty- four hours from now, but I promise you that your bottom will burn long enough to make your conduct henceforth exemplary. And now I think you must be ready for some more good cuts.” So saying, he drew back his arm and with nimble dexterity sent the rod thudding against the lower summits of the naked bottom globes of his beautiful young victim, who instantly lunged forward, twisting her naked hips from side to side and glancing back over her shoulder, as once again her free hand plunged to her inflamed flesh and frantically rubbed in an effort to rub away the mounting heat which was gathering in the attacked regions.

    “ You still haven’ t found a use for that little hand, I see,” he quipped, as once again he laid the rod firmly against the trembling base of Maude’ s voluptuous behind, patted it a few times while she gasped and squirmed in her bonds, then dealt her a quick lunging cut which sent the ends of the switches flicking round in front towards her tender groin. A piercing squeal of pain attested to the efficacy of this stroke, and Maude executed the most lascivious peroration imaginable as she crossed her free hand over to her hip and upper thigh and commenced a feverish rubbing to allay the atrocious sting which the kiss of the birch had imparted.

    With a connoisseur’ s eye, Charles Cameron paused to constate the marks left by this preliminary switching, and passed his left palm over the twitching naked globes, once again patting, squeezing and pinching them with a liberty that astounded the gasping, tearful penitent. “ As I thought,” he at last concluded and brandished the birch again, “ there is hardly anything to show of your punishment as yet, and your skin is just mildly warm and not at all cut. Prepare yourself, therefore, to receive a more serious portion of your wellmerited chastisement!”

    With this, giving her no warning whatsoever, he slashed the rod over the tops of her naked hips, forcing her to plunge forward once again with a shocked cry of pain and twist halfway round as she sought to stare at him appealingly, in such a way that he caught a glimpse of the thickly fleeced dark golden triangle of her mount of love. Despite her suffering, poor Maude, recognizing the shameless display she had just made of herself, clapped her left palm over the intimate hollow to hide it from him, and was promptly rewarded with another magisterial stroke of the rod, this one switching fiercely across the broadest, most resilient curves of both her bottomcheeks.

    “ Oh! Oh- h- h- h! Oh dear! Oh, please, Uncle Charles. I can’ t stand it! I just can’ t stand any more!”

    “ I’ m afraid you’ ll have to, my dear,” was his mocking reply as he patted the upper summits of her now vividly marked and striped hindquarters with the flexible birch. “ Get ready now!” And once again his hand drew back, suspending the instrument of castigation in the air, while Maude wriggled and tightened herself instinctively in anticipation of the stroke, until at last he delivered it, stepping forward to give further impetus to the whistling switches as they clung tenaciously to the huddling naked contours of her beautiful naked posterior.

    “ Oh, don’ t! Don’ t! I shall die Uncle Charles. I know I shall!” she wailed.

    “ On the contrary, Maude, I should say that you were never so much alive as at this moment,” was his taunting reply as he delivered yet another blow, this one bounding over the base of her tightening, contracting naked buttocks and whisking the ends of the twigs on towards the tenderest spot of all. His eyes glittered as he saw how her rounded young thighs flexed in a muscular spasm as she sought to clench her legs against the evil inroads of the birch, and he shuddered with voluptuous delight at the hideous wail of pain that was torn from his helpless young ward.

    “ Oh, forgive me, Uncle Charles! I’ ll do what you want. Only do stop, I pray you!” Maude entreated in a tear- choked voice as she turned her contorted face over a dimpled young shoulder in a humble effort to propitiate her relentless executioner.

    “ These are still crocodile tears, I fear,” he judiciously pronounced as he patted her naked bottom once again, this time an inch or two above the base. In due time the rod swept over the chosen area, and now the scratchy little blue splotches left by the fresh twigs began to appear on the once velvety, unmarked, pink, glossy bottomflesh. Already on the floor were strewn about several twigs which were broken off as the birch collided insistently with Maude’ s appetizing young behind.

    Pausing a moment to contemplate his handiwork, Charles Cameron now moved over to the right to “ touch up” the left side of Maude’ s bare seat, which had been relatively untouched by the birching thus far. Four or five slowly spaced and solid strokes drew feverish cries and sobbing exhortations to him to spare her and promises that she would obey him in all things. Deaf to these pleas, however, Charles Cameron did not allow himself to be softened by her distress and pain, but now lowered the birch to the floor and remarked dryly, “ There is an area which I have neglected thus far, so I will try a little remedy. Attention to the birch, my girl!” And with this, and with a dexterous twist of his wrist, he sent the ends of the switches leaping up between the gaping thighs, so that their tips flicked into the soft inner region between the dancing, huddling bare bottomcheeks. Maude seemed to arch herself up, her back hollowing, her hips wildly jerking in the most convulsive spasms, and then her head fell back, her eyes staring at the ceiling, and her hand heedlessly rushed between her thighs to rub away the smarting sting, as an incoherent scream was drawn from her.

    “ I think another in the same spot will really make you conducive to humility, my girl,” he observed as once again he lowered the birch to the floor, took careful aim, then sent it surging upwards to bite between the distended hemispheres of his ward’ s naked, well- striped bottom. A long- drawn scream of agony testified to the diabolical efficacy of that perfidious cut, and Maude’ s hips swung from side to side, lunged forward, then back, putting her wealed bare bottom into the most exciting state of agitated reaction imaginable.

    “ No ideas have come to you yet about how your free hand may mitigate your sufferings?” he slyly hinted as he paused once more as he moved back to the left and patted the sobbing girl’ s lower buttocks with the now frayed birch rod.

    “ Oh- no- no- no- oh for God’ s sake, Uncle Charles- I can’ t bear any more. I shall die. I know I shall. Oh, do let me off and I’ ll be so good to you!” Maude tearfully sobbed her entreaty.

    “ Girls don’ t die from being birched, Maude, but on the contrary are made far more alert and docile,” was his reply as he delivered two quick cuts which this time bounded diagonally from right to left across the inflamed, dancing naked bottom of his ward, each followed by a strangled cry of pain and a frantic lunging this way and that.

    His face flushed, his eyes sparkling, his chest heaving, Charles Cameron reveled in the domination of his beautiful, helpless young ward, the sight of whose suffering furnished him with the most powerful erotic impulse one can imagine. Now a pile of strewn twigs on the floor all around the tethered girl indicated the severity and energy with which he had directed the bulky rod across her vulnerable hindquarters. But this did not deter him, as he patted the top of her right end with the ends of the switches, then sent another diagonal cut switching over both palpitating, striped bottomglobes.

    “ Oh, don’ t, I beseech you, do have mercy now, it cuts me like a knife, it rips and tears me, dear Uncle Charles,” Maude screamed, again half turning to him, tears running down her flushed cheeks, her nostrils flaring and shrinking, her rosy little mouth twisted in her suffering.

    Charles Cameron did not answer, but patted the lower part of her bottom again and applied, with about thirty seconds between each, three successive wicked little cuts which made her lunge and dash about in the most uninhibited way conceivable. Then he concluded this first part of her chastisement with a solid, swishing blow which made the bulky bundle of switches dance against her plump bottom summits and drew the wildest cry yet from this young sufferer a s he cast the frayed rod to the floor and stood panting with excitement as his eyes drank in the uncontrolled choreography which is known as the dance of the rod and which this beautiful young girl so breathtakingly performed for his own private gratification.

    Chapter Seven

    Drawing up a little footstool and seating himself on it, Charles Cameron lit a cheroot and in leisurely manner gave himself respite while at the same time intoxicated himself with the visual and aural aftermath of this first half of his ward’ s punishment. The groans and sobs and pleas which emanated from the tethered young sufferer were music to his ears, and now, heedless to his presence, poor Maude dashed her left hand back to her blazing bottom and rubbed away without caring what a spectacle she made of herself. The skin was broken nowhere, but here and there, particularly at sensitive places near the shadowy crease which separated the globes one could see dark splotches and stigmata as evidences that the birching had been rather severe. From bright pink, the weals had turned dark red, and stood out against the glossy pink epidermis with an indelible quality that left no doubt as to the graduated severity of the castigation.

    When he had full control of himself again and the cheroot was half smoked, Charles Cameron extinguished the latter and then languidly rose and walked over to where his ward stood on tiptoe, still rubbing her furiously smarting bottom. Satisfied that her distress was not feigned, he walked over to procure the long- handled bath brush and then walked back to face her. “ Are you sufficiently humbled by now, my girl?” he asked as he pressed the bristles directly between her shaking, straddled thighs, so that their sharp, prickling filaments probed against the most sacrosanct portion of her person.

    Maude could only gasp and groan, so overwhelmed was she by the myriad sensations that assailed her. Whimpering, she arched her back and strove to evade stabbing kisses of the bristles in so sensitive a nook, thereby thrusting out the inflamed naked bottomcheeks in the most indecent way. He drew back the brush and applied a gentle forward- driving path, so that the bristles bit against the dark golden triangle of her love- cleft.

    “ Oh, not there! For God’ s sake, please not there, Uncle Charles!” Maude shrieked as she plunged her bottom out still more and grabbed for the hurt part with her free hand.

    “ You must answer when I speak to you, my girl,” he remarked as he gave her another cruel little tap with the bristled side of the brush, right into the furry thicket of her maidenhood.

    “ Oh, arrr, yes, yes, for God’ s sake, yes I am, dear Uncle Charles. Don’ t hit me there with that awful brush, oh, please, not between my legs! I entreat you so!”

    “ Then perhaps it will come to you now how to use that naughty little hand which I have purposely left untied,” he archly commented as he reached around her and snapped her swollen bottom with the bristle side of the long- handled bath brush. Maude uttered a loud shriek, lunging forward against him, glancing back frantically over her shoulder as he lifted up the brush again and menaced her burning behind with those dreadfully sharp, prickling bristles. Then, with a frantic gasp, as her eyes met his and scarlet blushes surged all over her tearstained cheeks, the golden- haired captive put out her hand towards him and fumbled for the buttons of his trousers.

    “ That’ s it. Go on,” he hoarsely uttered. As she fumbled with the buttons, he speeded her docility with a couple of new bangs of the wicked bristles up against her already burningly birched hindquarters, as with wailing cries and sobbing pleas, Maude finally opened the fly of his trousers, permitting the liberation of his massively roused male weapon. He nodded to her in sign that she was to take hold of it and nurture it between her soft, trembling little fingers, prefacing this command with still another bang against her right buttock, which brought instant compliance and a shrill squeal of agony from the young sufferer.

    At last he bade her desist and then untied her bound wrist, first going to the wall and touching the lever to lower the pulley. “ Now then,” he said hoarsely, “ we will proceed to the final portion of your punishment, and its severity will largely depend upon your complete and complaisant docility, Maude, my dear.”

    He thereupon forced her to lie down on her back and to raise her legs, which were still, of course, fixed to the ends of the little ladder so that her thighs were widely straddled. This time he tied both ends of the cords which still dangled from the ceiling to the rungs, so that the blushing, weeping beauty was compelled to expose herself in the most shameless way. Then, walking over to the bucket, he took a rod from it and returned to her, swishing it in the air.

    He then stepped towards her, planting his feet on either side of her bosom, so that he could commandeer her straddled, up- tractioned thighs, having first taken a penknife and cut away the festooning drawers so as to have free access to the most intimate areas of her secret person.

    Now, the slender, flexible rod in his right hand, Charles Cameron crouched over his young ward’ s recumbent nudity, his eyes fixing on the exquisite fleecy vista between her gaping, updrawn thighs, against whose pink satiny smoothness the contrast of the black stockings intensified the enticing patrician satin of her naked skin. Lifting the rod, he deftly flicked it down towards the yawning maiden groove, the tips of the half- dozen supple switches stinging Maude’ s tender inner thigh just at the juncture of the loins. Frenziedly, the almost naked golden- haired captive reached up with both hands between his legs to catch hold of his liberated manhood, whereupon he hoarsely bade her continue to stroke and palpate him very gently and lingeringly, and commenced a voluptuous flicking well in between her jerking, naked legs. The spectacle before him was calculated to arouse his virility to the most intense peak, as well it might and would have done with even a lesser man than Charles Cameron: he had, if he so wished, the entire estuary of her already well- birched naked bottom to caress with the thinner rod, as well as the extremely sensitive contours of the insides of her spread- apart legs. And finally, which goes without saying, he stared upon the sacred temple of Maude’ s dainty pink- lipped virginity which, owing to the exaggerated straddle of her legs, (since her ankles were still tied to each side of the little ladder) gaped its tantalizing little pink mouth from within the thicket of dark little golden curls which usually hid its oasis from even such inimical eyes as his.

    Each time the tapering ends of the birch switches whisked against Maude’ s shivering satiny upper thighs at their insides- deliberately he spaced the area of the flicks so as to cover her legs from the knees to the crotch- the young girl arched and wriggled her wealed bottom in the most lascivious way, while her head rose or fell back or rolled from side to side throughout the prolonged ordeal. But her soft little fingers busied themselves with procuring his carnal pleasure in the frantic hope of appeasing at last his tyrannical disciplinarian treatment of her, for by this time it was obvious that Maude’ s only desire was to pass from the burning kisses of the birch to those equally burning but more pleasures and ardors which he had initially demanded of his blushing ward.

    As for himself, Charles Cameron was well- nigh spellbound at the furious contortions which Maude’ s naked hips and loins executed there on the floor before him, as well as the spasmodic flexions of her updrawn straddled thighs each time the birch delivered its downward darting kisses. At times, alternating the flicks between left and right legs from knee to thigh, Charles Cameron directed a particularly insidious little flick right into the mossy grotto of love itself, and these invariably produced the most feverish responses from the young and beautiful sufferer. Her strident wail, her convulsive jerking of her hips to and fro on the floor, proved only too well the diabolical torment he was rousing in this the most sensitive threshold of her entire femininity. Yet at the same time, so hastily did her fingers ply him with caresses to bring this finale of her chastisement at last to a complete stop that Charles Cameron decided that the moment had come for the defloration of his young ward.

    “ If I spare you any more now, Maude,” he hoarsely demanded, “ will you agree to go to bed with me at once without discussion or false modesty?” and to punctuate this imperiously, he lifted up the slender rod and swept it down with a short turn of his wrist so that the tips of the swift withes bit home exactly in the exact center of her being.

    “ Aaarrrrr!!! Oh, my God, yes, Uncle Charles. I’ ll do anything if you’ ll only stop. Oh, not there any more. Please, Uncle Charles! I’ ll die! I’ ll do what you want, only put down that dreadful rod!” was his ward’ s plaintive and high- pitched pledge.

    Casting down the birch to one side of the weeping and wriggling, half- nude girl, Charles Cameron went over to the wall to lower the pulley rope and then in turn to unpinion her slim ankles. Then he helped her up from the floor, while Maude, all resistance at an end and overwhelmed by the myriad sensations which had taken possession of her soul as well as of her tender well- birched flesh, huddled against him, her arms locked around his back, tears streaming down her flushed cheeks, and her lips freely offered up to his. Nor did she struggle or make the slightest gesture of outraged female modesty when in the heat of ardor of that welding embrace, she felt the prodigious prodding of his manhood against that maiden orifice which he had just so cruelly flicked with the thin, long, swishing rod. Her eyes closed, her lips trembling, her bosom flattened against his chest in the thin camisole which was now her only garment except for the black stockings, his ward surrendered herself without more ado.

    He ordered her to remove her camisole, which she did at once, standing naked in pumps and stockings- the most voluptuous sight in all the world to the mature voluptuary. Then, at his whispered order, she moved to him and shyly but docilely unbuttoned and removed his shirt and then his trousers, so that he was naked except for sandals. Lean and sinewy, his manhood was swollen now with pent- up fury after the sell- control he had exerted throughout her initiation.

    At his further order, Maude timidly brought him the battledore, a flexible kind of paddle which is better ‘ known as the sports device used to send a shuttlecock through the air across a net over a summer lawn in the countryside. However, Charles Cameron had found a much more vivid usage for this article of sports, as he now proceeded to demonstrate, much to poor Maude’ s dismay.

    Stretching out on the low, wide couch, he gestured to her to come lie upon him, which she at once did, eyes closed and cheeks furious with blushes. After his whispered edict to her, she ingenuously took hold of him and managed to insert his manhood between the lips of her vaginal cleft, and then was ordered to slip her arms around him and hug him tightly as she glued her mouth to his. Thus, as a pasha might, Charles Cameron compelled his beautiful and virginal ward to take the amorous initiative herself and to quicken her naive responses circling the small of her back with his left arm, lifted up the battledore in his right hand, and delivered a resounding smack on her already stigmatized round naked bottomglobes. With a wild squeal, Maude flattened herself, thus deepening the inroads of his virile member. Aware of the success of this maneuver, he applied two or three more harsher smacks over the spacious rondures of her wriggling backside, till poor Maude uttered a shriek of pain to announce the rending of her virginal barrier as she sank down upon him.

    Then, casting aside the battledore, Charles Cameron took his ward in his arms and, crushing his mouth against hers, taught her the way of a man with a maid.

    It may be added that he had no reason to complain of her obedience for the rest of that night!

    Chapter Eight

    For the next two weeks, Maude Rivers became the abject love slave of her guardian and docilely went to his bedroom almost every night. However, despite her compliance to his wishes- and his pleasant discovery that once her timidity and her virginity had been conquered, she was indeed an extremely passionate lover- Charles Cameron did not deny himself the added stimulus of watching his beautiful ward wriggle and twist and squirm under corporal chastisement.

    Often the prelude to their lovemaking was his stern order to “ Remove your frock and petticoats, Maude, then bend down and touch your toes while I test this little rubber dog whip on your big, plump backside!”

    With their growing intimacy, Charles Cameron divulged to the receptive blonde ward the many diverse and unique items of his fustigatory arsenal, and on several earlier occasions poor Maude learned to her sorrow and the suffering of her tender bottom that the slightest hesitation to widen her horizons as regards such implements, to use the metaphor, would be sternly admonished with a much heavier dosage than was originally planned.

    Once she had assumed the submissive pose he wished, he would keep her in suspense by caressing her tightly jutted- out bottom with an appreciative hand while complimenting her on the development of her Callipygian charms before “ testing” the instrument in hand. Then he would lower her drawers to mid- thigh and apply about a dozen cuts, during which she had to remain completely passive in that bent- over posture, though of course she was permitted to cry and to wriggle about as much as she liked, so long as she did not show that she was attempting to evade his mastery of her person.

    On other occasions, he would have her stretch herself forward across a narrow rectangular table, so that her slim fingers would just grasp the edges beyond, and then, rucking up her camisole and lowering her drawers and her knees, make further demands upon her meek docility by teaching her the difference between the sharp bruising smack of the cane as compared with the swishing caresses of a birch rod. Or at times again it would be a little French three- thonged martinet whose tapering, gleaming ends would wrap around her. hip or loin and sting her in an even more intimate region.

    He made her essay many different poses for submission to his flagellatory propensities, from a simple over- the- lap position to kneeling on the bed and all fours with her head bowed down to the counterpane and her bottom indecently elevated and distended so that the skin was tautly drawn to let the cane or birch or whip or martinet bite home with even more imperious zeal. At times, since his penchant included bondage, Charles Cameron would fetter the wrists of his lovely ward so that she was obliged to stand on tiptoe; once he hoisted her right ankle in the air by means of a pulley rope whose end he then tied to a metal ring set into the wall, in order that he might flick the slim long switch well up between her gaping legs and over the satiny pink insides of her squirming thighs.

    Towards the end of August, one evening when Maude was kneeling on a low armchair and bending over its back, having first wriggled out of her drawers and being in the act of hoisting up her camisole, since her guardian enjoyed seeing the smooth, deeply hollowed pink sculptuary of her bare back as well when he wished to flog her plump bottom, she archly inquired, “ Wouldn’ t you like someone else to visit us, dear Uncle Charles?”

    Charles Cameron, rolling up his sleeves and about to take up a leather tawse about twenty inches long, whose last six inches were split down the middle to form two fingerlike thongs, frowned. “ Why? I don’ t quite see the need, my dear. You do quite nicely for me, and we are getting along splendidly, just the two of us.”

    Glancing back over her shoulder, Maude coyly giggled as she explained, “ Oh, I didn’ t mean it quite that way, Uncle Charles. When I was in London, I had a friend- she was really my best chum- she was tall and dark- haired and very pretty, and I was thinking you would like her very much if she came here to live with us. She has an old aunt who is quite ill and would be very glad to get rid of her for good, I know.”

    “ I begin to see your drift, you impertinent minx,” he laughed as he took his stance behind her and idly let the leather tawse dangle over her enticingly outthrust bare bottom, watching her shiver and lasciviously wriggle her bare posterior from side to side- for by now the young beauty had quickly and instinctively learned those ways best to please her stern guardian and thus alleviate for herself the preparatory pangs which he invariably made her endure before taking his carnal pleasure with her. “ What you really mean, Maude, is that you would like to have someone here whose bottom might on occasion substitute for yours, isn’ t that it?”

    Maude nodded, glancing back with a coquettish appeal in her lovely blue eyes. “ Oh, yes, Uncle Charles. But you see, Alice- her name is Alice Birchington- is very self- centered and haughty and rebellious, and she really needs discipline, and besides she could help me with the housekeeping chores to earn her keep.”

    “ Well, that is not such a bad idea at that,” he mused as he playfully flicked the tips of the fingers of the tawse against the side of one luscious rounded bare pink- satiny hip. “ You may write to her tomorrow, if you will, to see whether she can come down here till the middle of September, when school starts again- for I fancy her aunt will want her to continue her education.”

    “ I don’ t really think so, Uncle Charles. You see, her parents didn’ t leave her very much money, and she often told me her aunt would be happy to send her away to earn her own living. Besides, she is eighteen, and she really doesn’ t want to go on to college or that sort of thing.”

    “ Hmm. Very well then, you might intimate in your letter to Alice that if she likes us and cares to, you could offer her a post as your companion and housekeeper to me, and that I would be glad to pay her aunt a fee for her services.”

    “ Oh, that’ s wonderful, Uncle Charles! I’ m sure you’ ll like her very much, and I know you’ ll want to punish her, she has such a headstrong nature,” Maude coaxed.

    “ We must not forget in the interim,” he ironically replied, “ that your own naughty nature has yet to receive its due this evening. You may count six, Maude.”

    Maude readily obeyed, thinking herself fortunate to be let off with so mild a dosage, for the tawse cracked wickedly and stung her bare flesh, especially when the ends of the two supple “ fingers” snapped against her proffered bare seat. However, Charles Cameron was grateful to his ward for her unexpected suggestion, which would furnish him with two, not one, beauties for his little harem, and so that evening he did not punish her very severely. For after the six strokes of the tawse, he seated himself on the chair which she had to quit, then took her over his lap and finished her off with a voluptuous little handsmacking, after which she was bidden to sit upon him and grant him carnal joy, which she did with enthusiastic vigor, no small modicum of which may be said to be attributable to the feverish heat generated in her bare bottom.

    And the next day, she wrote the letter, to his careful dictation, so that nothing could give Alive or her elderly aunt the slightest suspicion that the opportunity offered Maude’ s best chum would be anything except what was implied. Three days later, Alice wrote back, overjoyed at the prospect, eagerly confirming her aunt’ s indulgence to accept this offer of a combined vacation and light housekeeping position. And so it was arranged that she should come the following Saturday.

    Chapter Nine

    As a further assurance to Alice’ s querulous aunt that her niece would be well cared for and even at a profit to herself, Charles Cameron had sent his cheque for a hundred pounds. So overcome with avarice and delight was the old woman that she had at once written back openly suggesting that perhaps Mr. Cameron would care to engage her niece as a permanent companion to his own ward, for, being decrepit and impoverished, she could not well hope to support the girl, who was of marriageable age and, she added, quite independent and saucy of manner, which was a handicap as regards placing her suitably in domestic employment. This answer not only amused the mature voluptuary but also created a new horizon of meditative planning for him; for if Alice Birchington were as attractive as Maude had told him and was, moreover, possessed of a spirited, defiant nature, he would have ample opportunity to amuse himself with chastising her and subjugating her just as he had done with the golden- haired young beauty who now shared not only her house but his bed also. Best of all, he would be able virtually to adopt Alice into his house, where she would be entirely dependent upon his good will for her creature comforts. The prospect mightily attracted him, and in the time that passed between Alice’ s eager acceptance of the invitation to spend the rest of the summer with him and Maude and the day of her arrival at the little railway station, he displayed to Maude a more benign conduct, especially as regards the moderate dosage of fustigation which he found it necessary to inflict on her delectable bare buttocks to rouse her to meet and encompass his carnal passions.

    At the station that bright Saturday afternoon late in August, Charles Cameron’ s eyes widened with admiring appraisal as a slim elegant young lady stepped down from the railway car and walked with a determined, arrogant carriage towards him. She was everything Maude had said, and more. Alice Birchington was about five feet seven and a half inches in height, deceptively slender- for the fashions of this era sometimes dissembled and augmented the graceful contours of waist and bosom, and the full skill then in vogue could not always tell a male whether its wearer’ s limbs were plump or lean, long or short.

    Nonetheless, his shrewd appraisal and past experience with the opposite sex enabled him to observe, with secretly delighted anticipation for the future, that Maude’ s school chum possessed elegantly long legs. and that her posterior, dissembled though it was in the modishly full, flouncy skirt which swept down to her ankles, where it revealed the fact that her black button- on shoes rose well beyond those slim joints, probably to mid- calf, it was evident to him that her backside was highset and vivaciously solid, though to be sure not at all so spacious as Maude’ s ripely appetizing hindquarters. Yet variety being the spice of life and for a voluptuary like Charles Cameron the most exciting adventure of all, he found no fault whatsoever with this first impression of Miss Alice Birchington’ s tasty charms, and promised himself the treat of unveiling them in their mouthwatering reality at the very first opportunity.

    Her hair was jet black, with curls piled along the top of her forehead, and drawn in a kind of Gibson- Girl pompadour, though with an ample oval bun at the nape of her bewitchingly slim neck. This coiffure made her high- arching forehead the more imposing, and gave all her features a kind of arrogant impertinence- which was Charles Cameron’ s favorite prototype as regards his secret penchant, for such females had an inordinate amount of temperament which was bound to result in disobedience and mutinous obstinacy, and this in turn would summarily call for disciplining.

    Her eyes were brown, very large, widely spaced on each side of the bridge of a patrician aquiline nose, whose thin, delicate wings flared and shrank with a hauteur quite out of place with a young lady whose financial circumstances were as straitened as he knew hers to be. Her mouth was small, haughty, supercilious with upper lip pronounced, and her cheekbones obliquely set, which gave her still more a mien of mercurial, spirited nature. The oval face brightened now as he acknowledge her remark: “ Yes, indeed, my name is Charles Cameron, I am Maude’ s guardian, and I see I have the privilege of greeting her dearest friend Miss Alice Birchington.”

    Alice’ s face colored, and she fluttered her very long eyelashes in coy pleasure at this graceful introduction. “ How very nice of you it was to come to meet me, Mr. Cameron. And here is dear Maude! Oh, how good it is to see you again, my dear!”

    Mentally, her guardian said to himself, This saucy minx gives herself unwonted, unbecoming airs. The birch is an infallible remedy for such pretentiousness! He watched amusedly while his golden- haired ward effusively welcomed her former London school chum, and he could not help thinking what a perfect little conspiratress Maude had become, for not only had she archly proposed his inviting Alice to the house where the girl would be entirely at his mercy, but also she had even gone so far- last night, indeed- to intimate that she would not be averse to watching Alice receive punishment which she was sure to earn for having such a saucy tongue and bold airs.

    In due course, after the journey home, during which Alice loudly commented on the sylvan setting of her new temporary home, the brunette was installed in a room on the second floor, directly across the hallway from Mr. Cameron’ s very own private quarters. After lunch and a nap, the three went for a lengthy, pleasant drive in the countryside, during which Mr. Cameron had ample occasion to consider the very evident charms of his new prize and to take note of her behavior and her affectations manner of speech, by which she tried to hide her unfortunate lack of material opportunities.

    After supper, which Maude graciously prepared and served, there was much conversation across the table between the two girls, and once again, as before, Alice took the lead in topical declamation, expatiating vividly on her unhappy life with her elderly aunt, who, while she had never physically mistreated the brunette, was strict and miserly and gave Alice little chance to be more than a household drudge But here, she proclaimed with a happy smile, she could at last enjoy the leisure and comfort of a vacationer without obligation, and she was ever so grateful to her dear friend for having thought well enough of her to have offered this escape from the cloistered existence she had been compelled to endure. Charles Cameron said little, but the intent appraisal which his gaze fixed on Alice ought, had the young lady been more perceptive, to have given her reason to pause in her giddy chatter.

    Presently, after the dishes had been cleared away, they repaired to the library, it being much more cozy and with a little fireplace in which one could burn logs when cold weather came. Now, one of Charles Cameron’ s errands into town had been to order a very special kind of armchair, which, when one pressed certain little buttons concealed in the upholstered back, would unexpectedly spring out a metal clamp which would lock round the unsuspecting victim’ s waist to pinion her, while at the same time tilting her backwards so that she would be completely off balance and unable to defend herself. He had explained the night before the usages of this ingenious piece of furniture, and so when he blandly suggested to the slim brunette that she would find herself quite comfortable in it, Maude had to suppress a titter of malicious delight when Alice promptly seated herself.

    First, however, he had shown his books to the visitor, but without explaining why one case had all its shelves under lock and key, and invited Alice to select something to read while they sat and took their ease. Typically, the brunette after some deliberation settled on Godey’ s Book of Fashions, and, crossing her legs one over the other, leaned back and attentively studied the illustrated pages, no doubt dreaming that she herself were arrayed in such elegant finery.

    Charles Cameron and his ward, each having taken a book, took their places near the unsuspecting brunette, and after about half an hour, he exchanged a significant glance with Maude, which was their agreedon signal. Then, looking up, he said in a loud voice, “ Don’ t cross your legs, Alice.”

    The brunette, startled by this stem admonition and the employment of a term which was most risquй in speech between man and young lady, uttered a gasp and stared at him as if she had not heard aright, then went back to her fashion book. She sat, with right leg crossed over left, and her skirt was thus rucked up almost to the dimpled, suave joint of her sculptured knee, showing off her black cotton stockings and confirming his belief that Miss Alice Birchington was deliciously possessed of long, supple legs that would reveal ideal feminine proportions. Her calves were sinuous, high- set, an extremely graceful, auguring the glories of her maidenly thighs above. And these, as well as all the rest of her appetizing young loveliness, he intended to see!

    For a moment, she regarded him, then went back to her book. Charles Cameron smiled savoringly, and gave Maude an almost imperceptible nod. This first show of rebellion would furnish precisely the motive required for the initiation of haughty Miss Alice Birchington into the toils of corrective discipline.

    Clearing his throat, he said, a little louder, “ Perhaps you didn’ t hear me, Alice. I said, don’ t cross your legs, it’ s quite immodest.”

    “ Oh! You haven’ t any right to talk to me in such a cross way, Mr. Cameron,” Alice declared her large brown eyes very wide and angry now as she flouted him with a bold, defiant stare. ‘ I’ m your guest, not your ward the way Maude is. And I’ m not doing anything wrong, anyway.”

    “ I see. Well, then, since you feel that way, let me give you another order, Alice. Suppose you stand up, take hold of the hems of your frock, and raise them as high as you can so that we can both admire your legs, which you are apparently very eager to display.”

    Alice Birchington uttered a gasp of indignation at this sly rejoinder. “ I shall do no such thing, Mr. Cameron, and you are not a gentleman to make such a remark in a young lady’ s presence. If you don’ t mind, I shall retire to my room.”

    “ I think first you will obey my order, Alice. Stand up, pull your skirts well up to your waist and let us see your legs as far as you can,” he repeated with a cynical little smile.

    Alice Birchington stamped her foot with vexation, her creamy skin coloring hotly at the immodest request. “ You go too far, Mr. Cameron, and you owe me an apology. I am a decent girl and I would not think of doing what you wanted.”

    Maude had slipped from her chair and gone slyly round behind Alice; now, at his nod, she pressed the necessary buttons, and all of a sudden Alice uttered a startled cry as she felt the metal clamp shoot out and clutch round her waist, tightening to pinion her in place. Also, the back of the chair seemed to recede, so that she found herself compelled to follow its lowering angle. “ Stop it! What is it? Oh, how dare you! Let me go, I say!” she cried in a rich contralto voice, eyes flashing with indignation.

    “ I shall not let you go, Miss Birchington,” he retorted sarcastically, “ till you have been properly punished for your sauciness and your indifference to my order of decorum, which any well bred young lady would instantly have heeded. And now, Maude, if you will assist me, we shall remove her frock and begin to prepare her for that well- merited chastisement.”

    “ I see it all now!” cried the enraged young brunette, struggling futilely to get out of the deceptive armchair, “ a false friend you are indeed, Maude Rivers! Was it your idea to entrap me and get me into this brute’ s clutches?”

    “ Insults will avail you nothing except an aggravation of punishment, I fear, Miss Birchington,” Charles Cameron calmly interposed as he stepped to one side of the furiously struggling, defiant slim brunette and, avoiding her attempts to strike at him with her fists, seized one of her wrists, while Maude promptly held the other. This done, it was a simple matter to work her left arm out of her sleeve, whereupon the other was soon freed, and Alice’ s pretty frock was descended to her waist, exhibiting her fine firm panting bosom, tumultuously upheaving, confined by the modest and rather thick white cotton camisole.

    A table had already been placed in the library, well in advance of this scene- which, as our readers may well suspect, had been artfully planned some little time ago. It was rectangular, rather wide and very sturdy, and each of its legs was outfitted with a sturdy little metal ring, for what purpose we shall soon see. A few felt- covered cords lay on the table; these were to be used as pinions for the victim, who, as we can well divine, was to be none other than Alice Birchington herself.

    Now, stooping, Charles Cameron touched another button at the foot of the armchair, and metal gyves thrust out, unlocked; these he swiftly fixed round Alice’ s slim ankles, locking them into place, and then, releasing her of the waist- pinion and restoring the seat to its natural horizontal plane, he and Maude lifted the storming young brunette up by her elbows, despite her cries and threats. Her flushed face and dilated eyes and flaring nostrils all gave evidence of her anger at this betrayal, and she continued to upbraid Maude with contemptuous denunciation on the latter’ s tricking her to deliver herself up to a profligate who had absolutely no right to touch her.

    To these angry, stormy insults, Maude and her guardian paid not the least heed, and the frantic brunette found herself undressed progressively of petticoats and stays and, clad only in her black cotton stockings- which reached only an inch or two above her knees and were secured by elastic garters over which the tops were neatly rolled- her high- button shoes, her camisole and her rather drab gray cotton drawers which descended to mid- thigh and had not the least embellishment of lace, was dragged over to the table and summarily bent down over one end. While Maude held her wrists- under her guardian’ s threat that if she let go, she would be obliged to take Alice’ s, place, a threat which made the golden- haired conspiratress summon all her young strength to the task- Charles Cameron knelt down and carefully corded one of Alice’ s slim ankles, fixing the other end to one of the little metal rings. A moment later, the other leg was fettered in the same manner, and now Alice found herself with her legs straddled a full yard and more, in the most vulnerable position a chaste young lady could find herself to be at the mercy of a man intent on castigating and deflowering her.

    He then crossed over and bound each of her wrists in turn, fixing the ends of the cords to the rings set in the front legs, and thus poor Alice was stretched tightly along the table, with her bottom upreared and jutting out, distended by the exaggerated straddle of her slim long legs, in an attire that was not at all in keeping with the chaste propriety which she deemed should be tendered her.

    At the other end of the library, a painted screen had been placed to conceal a bucket in which, steeping in brine, two birch rods had been placed in advance. Maude, at her guardian’ s sign, now left the library, while Charles Cameron, stroking his chin, stood back and admired the helpless, fuming young victim, whose position, distressing though it surely was for her, heightened in his appraising eyes the considerable beauty which she was thus compelled to exhibit willynilly.

    Alone with him now, the svelte young brunette turned her face round to see him, her cheeks scarlet with shame at the indecent scantiness of attire to which she had been reduced and the helpless, grotesque posture of her most intimate anatomy which the fettering enforced. “ Please, Mr. Cameron,” she said hoarsely, “ untie me and let me put my clothes back on! You know you’ ve no right to treat me this dreadful way. I could go to the authorities and complain about you, and you would be sent to prison.”

    “ You still don’ t seem to realize, my girl, that you are in no position to threaten or insult, only to receive a long overdue chastisement for your impudence and your defiance of my orders. No, Alice, I will not let you off. You shall be flogged, my girl, until you are contrite and humble enough to repent your sauciness. And now here comes Maude, to assist me in your chastisement.”

    Maude had indeed returned, clad only in slippers and a tightly belted dressing gown, again at his prior orders. “ Are you going to whip her now, Uncle Charles?” she asked in the most casual way, which made poor Alice gasp and frantically jerk at her bound wrists and ankles, to no avail, her maneuvers only serving to accentuate the spectacular jut of her posterior and the splendid vitality and delicious sculptuary of her straddled thighs.

    Pinioned as she was with her upper body flattened down and tractioned along the top of the table, her wrists corded at one end and her ankles fixed well apart on the other, Alice’ s camisole hiked up an inch or two, exposing the most thrilling glimpse of creamy white flesh imaginable between its hems and the waistband of her clinging drawers, which because of her coerced pose, clung to the cheeks of her behind like a veritable second skin. He feasted his eyes on his victim, prolonging the reality of final preparation so as to exacerbate his own excitement.

    Alice’ s buttocks were sleek ovals, firm and temptingly salient, separated by a sinuous, tight crease which, owing to the distension of the globes in her present pose, was immodestly gaped. Her highset sinuous calves merged into long, deliciously svelte thighs, which, however, did not lack the elegant rondure as they in turn rose towards the jutting posterior. He espied nervous quiverings, as from tension, ripple along those yawning columns now, rising to find play in the beautifully proffered hillocks of her condemned bottom.

    “ I think the moment has come to introduce Alice to the discipline of the rod,” he at last proclaimed.

    A cry of stupefied horror broke from the victim, who again jerked with all her might and main at her cords, succeeding only in wriggling her appetizingly jutting bottom to and fro and intensifying the eagerness of her mature male executioner to give it a burning reason for such choreography. “ No! No!” she cried hoarsely, turning her flushed face back to appeal to him, “ you have no right, I’ ve done nothing! Maude, for God’ s sake, don’ t let him do this to me- you, who were my dearest friend, how could you lure me to this monster’ s den this heartless way?”

    “ She is very saucy, Uncle Charles, I think a good dozen with the birch would be the best thing in the world for her,” Maude eagerly proposed, deaf to her friend’ s agitated appeal.

    “ I am inclined to agree with you, my dear. By the way, are you wearing anything under that robe?”

    “ No, Uncle Charles,” Maude blushingly murmured, at which Alice uttered a horrified gasp.

    “ Then suppose you bring me one of the rods, and let me test it. It has been soaking for some hours, and should be swishy and supple enough for employment now,” he ordered.

    Maude knew better than to argue or protest this whimsical decision on her guardian’ s part, so, eyes downcast and cheeks rosy with blushes, she hurried to the screen, went behind it, and returned with one of the rods, which she tendered to him. Then, stooping, she drew up the tails of the robe and bent well over, revealing to him the magnificent pinky- satiny plenitude of her voluptuous young bottom, whose contours were well known to him by now but did not lack erotic allure for him all the same.

    Having stationed herself in front of Alice to the latter’ s left, Maude stoically submitted herself as he came forward, swishing the rod a few times in the air to get the feel of it, while poor Alice looked on with incredulous dilated eyes. Gently patting her naked backside with the broadest part of the rod, he at last drew back his arm and swept it majestically over the velvety surfaces. Maude uttered a squeal and wriggled furiously, but did not leave position as she gasped, “ Ohh, it’ s a very good rod, Uncle Charles! It cuts ever so keenly! Don’ t wear it out on me, Uncle Charles, use it on Alice!”

    “ The more slender rod is, I think, better suited to her conformations, Maude,” he replied, glancing back at Alice’ s contorted face and inwardly delighted at the admixture of shame and fear and dreadful anxiety which he saw registered thereon.

    “ But you aren’ t going to birch her over her drawers, are you, Uncle?” Maude artfully went on.

    Uttering a wild cry of alarm at this supreme threat to her maiden modesty, Alice wailed, “ Ohh my Lord, no! Surely you don’ t mean to be naked in front of a man! Ohh, the drawers are no protection against such an awful rod, I am sure they’ re not! For God’ s sake, Mr. Cameron, don’ t strip me bare, it’ s shameful, it’ s indecent! I implore you in the name of mercy!”

    “ Shall I take down her drawers, Uncle?” Maude continued, again ignoring her friend’ s heartfelt plea.

    “ Ohh, you hateful girl,” Alice fairly sobbed out, “ I wish it was you instead of me!”

    “ Pooh, Miss,” Maude mockingly retorted as she turned to confront her frantic chum, “ I’ ll have you know Mr. Cameron has often birched me on the bare skin, and I haven’ t made such a fuss over it as you are doing now before you’ re even touched. If I were he, Miss, I would take down your drawers and birch your impertinent bottom till you begged to go to bed with me!”

    “ Ohhhhh!!!” Alice Birchington was speechless at this incredibly indecent declaration.

    He nodded; Maude, with glee, hurried back of her pinioned friend, while poor Alice turned her face to watch with frantic eyes, and at once attacked the elastic waistband of the drawers, while poor Alice pressed herself frenziedly against the edge of the table to avert that final catastrophe. But Maude stealthily gave her a cruel little pinch on the tender inside of one of her thighs, and when the poor girl wailed out her anguish, Maude deftly tugged till the drawers began to recede from those oval hemispheres and the glorious glossy- white satin of the naked palpitating bottomcheeks hove into view. With another energetic tug, Maude dragged them down as far as they would go, for the straddle of Alice’ s legs prevented their complete removal. However, he now handed her a scissors, and Alice shrieked as Maude heartlessly snipped away and the drawers at last fell in tatters to the floor, leaving her naked from the lower thighs to the small of her back. In a desperate effort to shield her private parts from a man’ s eyes, Alice tried to clench her legs and to tighten the muscles of her velvety white backside so as to hide those treasures which no modest young lady ought ever to show to a man except in wedlock and in the confines of the conjugal bedroom.

    But before the full realization of her helpless nakedness was borne in upon the svelte young brunette, Charles Cameron approached, his eyes blazing with avid delight, and his fingers roamed over Alice’ s bottom ovals, squeezing and pinching, stroking and smoothing, handling her naked backside with an audacity that fairly left her breathless, though she continued to groan and to make violent lunges and twists in futile attempts to break loose from the pinions that compelled her to accept these odious attentions from a man.

    “ Ohh- ahh- ohh- my- G- God!” she ejaculated hoarsely, closing her eyes desperately tight and making the muscles in her beleaguered naked seat flex and ripple with the spasmodic tensions she was summoning to avert his access to her most secret oases of erotic delight, “ take your hands away- ohh- ohh- it’ s infamous! Ohh, I beseech you, sir, Have pity on me and do not shame me so!”

    Stepping back, his chest heaving and his face flushed, he chuckled, “ A little less haughty now, my girl? It will not help you escape your just due. Maude, bring me that other rod. It is much more supple and thinner, and it will ferret out the tenderest spots in this impertinent minx’ s big naked backside!”

    And with this, drawing back his right hand, he delivered a solid slap on the right bottom summit, followed by one on the other naked huddling nether globe, that fairly made poor Alice bound against her table of tethering, uttering strangled gasps of shame and discomfort, while the vivid scarlet imprint of his palm sprang up at once on the nacreous creamy mounds of her virginal bottom.

    Maude came forward with the birch, which he grasped by its cloth handle. “ Now then, Alice,” he pronounced, “ you shall have a good dozen, and you shall count them as they come.” With this, slyly, he drew back the rod and swished it over the tops of Alice’ s naked hips. Taken by surprise at the stinging hot pain, the half naked brunette uttered a shrill cry of pain, threw back her head, her eyes fixing the ceiling, whereupon he applied a second whisking cut from left to right just over the upper summits, and managed to get in a third whistling cut straight over the broadest part of both cringing creamy bottomcheeks before the frantic culprit was able to cry out “ Ohhh- Three! Ohh, ohh, how it cuts, how it cuts me!”

    “ It is not three, Alice, since you did not count the first two strokes. It is not even one and will not be one till you call it out,” he tauntingly declared as the birch swished viciously across the lower summits. Already the bright thin lines of the switches had left their feverishly hot kisses on Alice’ s naked white skin, and the muscles of her bottom twitched and clenched, writhed and surfed in piteous appeal against the searing caresses of the willow switches.

    “ Ahhrrr! Ohh, ohh, one then- oh, not so hard, I implore you, Mr. Cameron!”

    Swishh! The birch curled the tips of the long withes insinuatingly round the fronts of Alice’ s right thigh as the next stroke swished without warning over the upswelling base of her naked hindquarters. Alice’ s body jerked, her face turned, her eyes sparkling with great tears: “ Ohh- ahrr- aii- ohh, for God’ s sake, I’ m dying, I’ m dying!”

    “ Nonsense, Alice. Girls don’ t die of a birching, as Maude herself can testify. On the contrary, you’ ve never seemed so alive as at this moment. But you are forgetting to count, are you not?”

    And- Swishh- once again the slender rod danced venomously across poor Alice Birchington’ s naked bottom cheeks, this time straight over the summits, eliciting a shrill, tearful: “ Ohhouuu! Three!”

    “ Hardly. Again you err in your count, my girl. You counted only one, and now you jump to three. Where, then, is two?” he taunted, as he sent the rod dashing over the tops of her naked, wriggling hips again.

    “ Aiii! Ahhowwwwoooh! Two, two! Oh, for God’ s sake, you’ ll tear the skin off, ohh, ohh, how it does hurt!” Alice wailed, lunging and twisting her vividly striped bare bottom in the most indecent way, while Maude watched, her eyes glowing with cruel delight, for by this time the golden- haired ward had learned to relish these erotic games which gave her guardian such joy and herself, in ultimate turn, so much indescribable pleasure in surrender to them.

    His ward stood well over to his right as she followed her school chum’ s ordeal, and now, to Alice’ s last plaintive appeal, maliciously interposed: “ What a cowardy- cat she is, Uncle Charles, to be sure! You have birched me a good deal harder than that, and the skin of my bottom wasn’ t at all cut. Besides, her bottom is much harder and stubborn than mine, and you could birch her all night long before you tore the skin!”

    “ Ohhh!” wailed poor Alice at this latest perfidy, as she turned her tearstained face back towards her erstwhile chum, “ how can you stand there and watch me being tortured? I have never felt anything so dreadful in all my life! Ohh noo, oh, do please stop, Mr. Cameron-” this last, in a sobbingly submissive appeal, as he slowly laid the supple birch against her naked, wriggling, vividly streaked behind, exactly against the base, by way of forecasting to her where the next cut was going to fall. Alice contracted her bare bottomovals, catching her breath and straining at her bound wrists, while he kept the lovely brunette victim in suspense by continuing to press the birch over her quaking seat; then, swiftly drawing back his arm, he sent the switches dancing over the spot he had chosen, and Alice’ s hips swerved violently from side to side as if trying to shake off the burning sting of that swishing kiss: “ Aiiii! Ohh, three, three, for God’ s sake, you’ re killing me!”

    “ I’ m ever so much braver, aren’ t I, Uncle Charles?” Maude giggled as her eyes fixed on her friend’ s colorfully streaked bare bottom, which, dashing about under the attentions of her guardian’ s rod of castigation, unwittingly disclosed glimpses of the blackfleeced core of her virginity, the most salacious vista a man could behold and shamelessly proffered thanks to her contortions and the immodest straddle of her writhing thighs. “ You must remember, Maude,” he jested as he studied the tempting, squirming naked posterior before him, “ that Alice had led a sheltered life and thus far been spared the consequences of her naughtiness. I daresay she is feeling less mutinous now, aren’ t you, Alice?” he added, as he slyly patted the girl’ s right upper thigh with the ends of the flexible bundle of switches, then sent a stinging, whistling cut round the lovely creamy column, the tips licking in and around towards her loins.

    “ Ahrr- ohh, not there, please, ohh, f- four- ohh, how it cuts and bums me, oh, Mr. Cameron, have mercy on me,” Alice wailed as she made frantic attempts to clench her trembling thighs, along whose elegant columns the muscles flexed in constant spasmodic play. Maude went forward now and heartlessly took hold of the camisole and rolled it up high on Alice’ s beautifully sculptured ivory back under pretext that it might conceal a portion of the condemned area, though really it was to gloat over her chum’ s ordeal and secretly relish the fact that at last her guardian would have someone else to chastise when the mood seized him.

    Now he patted the sensitive satiny inside of Alice’ s left thigh, while the harassed young brunette tearfully implored: “ Ohh, oh, not there, for God’ s sake, it hurts so, Mr. Cameron! Please, please, I apologize for being rude and disobedient, but for God’ s sake, spare me any more, I beg of you!”

    He continued to pat the shuddering ivory expanse of tender, appetizing flesh, his gaze devouring the convulsive tremors that ran through Alice’ s naked thighs and bottom and reveling in the view of the dark curly moss that flourished between her straddled legs, at the very apex of those licentiously yawning thighs of hers. “ I am happy to see that you are beginning to learn humility, but it is a hard lesson and must be thoroughly learned, especially the first time. Get ready, Alice, you still have eight good cuts left you, and don’ t forget to count!” So saying, he swept the switches around the ivory column, the tips curling in round the delicate front, and Alice Birchington raised her head and shouted out, as her body jerked and twisted, “ Eeeeeeahrr! Ohh, five! Ohh, I can’ t stand it, I just can’ t stand any more, Mr. Cameron, won’ t you have mercy on me now? Oh, please, please! I’ m suffering so!”

    “ What a noisy little coward she is, Uncle Charles,” Maude sadistically purred. “ I would birch her till the blood ran down her legs, for daring to disobey you and being so shameless in exposing herself there in the chair.”

    “ Oh my Lord,” Alice sobbed, again turning her contorted, tearstained face back to intercede with her heartless executioners, “ how can you say such a cruel thing about me, Maude? I am a good girl, I swear I am, and I didn’ t mean to disobey!”

    Of course Charles Cameron was overjoyed at the turn of events and the way his lovely golden- haired ward was entering into the spirit of the enjoyable little game he was playing with poor Alice, for those virginal treasures he had already conceived a furious lust. He deemed himself blessed by the gods of fortune in having acquired two such divergently attractive mistresses to gratify his secret carnal whims, and had to admit that “ preparing” a girl for the loss of her virginity under the whistling birch was infinitely more exciting than the normal course of seduction. In his eyes, the sight of Alice’ s now furiously marked backside and upper thighs, the welts and scratches of the twigs standing out in salacious relief against the flawless ivory sheen of her bare skin made her a thousand fold more palatable for those rites of Cythera which his virile nature yearned to perform.

    Once again he laid the flexible birch straight over poor Alice’ s shrinking and trembling naked bottom, this time across the upper summits, and was rewarded by her tremulous sobs- a far cry from her earlier haughtier bravado!- as her slim long fingers clenched and clawed the air, her back hollowed, and her fettered ankles jerked at the cords which pinioned and so exaggeratedly straddled her magnificent loins and behind for his visual as well as castigatory attentions: “ Oooh- ahh- ohh, spare me, spare me, Mr. Cameron, I implore you! Do let me off, and I’ ll be very good, I swear I will,” she entreated.

    “ I always keep my word, Alice,” was his reply as he went on patting her frantically huddling, striped bare bottom, “ and you will recall that I promised you a thorough chastisement. There are still seven cuts due that naughty backside of yours, so keep on counting, for any you don’ t count will, of course, be extras!” And with this, drawing back his arm slowly, he kept the frantic half- naked sufferer in suspense by withholding the rod to watch the fascinating interplay of her bottom and thigh muscles, till at last, when she was least expecting it, he delivered the swishing stroke.

    “ Ahhowwooouuuu! Ohh, six, six! Oh I shall die, I know I shall,” Alice shrieked as her hips lurched and swerved in the most erratic way, this side and that, and again her face turned back to him, her large brown eyes drowned in tears that ran unchecked down her flushed cheeks. He could not help but acknowledge the fact that she was infinitely more provocative and desirable when dissolved in tears and abject suffering, and he determined to prolong her punishment as long as feasible, so as to extract every iota of carnal delight from the scene.

    “ I promise you you won’ t die, Alice,” he chuckled as he took careful aim once more and patted her right buttock diagonally with the supple rod, so that the tips of the switches would whisk over the slope of her svelte velvety hip and on against the tender side. A sobbing groan exuded from the sufferer, who tried to shrink herself down along the table and at the same time contract the muscles of her bottomovals to diminish the menaced area. Keeping her in suspense again as he savored doing when punishing a girl, Mr. Cameron drew back the birch and watched Alice struggle and steel herself, till he saw the muscles of her colorfully striated nether hemispheres relax their muscular tension; then the rod dashed down to flagellate the jutting globe in a diagonal line, the twigs biting over tine hip and round into the brunette’ s naked side.

    “ Owooeeeeee! Ohh, dear Mr. Cameron, have pity on me, oh, I’ m suffering so! Ohh, ohh, it’ s dreadful! Maude, I beseech you, if you ever were my friend, beg me off, please, oh, Maude, please do!” Alice wailed.

    Instantly the birch descended again, this time with a dexterous twist of his wrist Mr. Cameron sending it to launch its burning kiss diagonally over the left buttock, from the top and outer edge of the girl’ s hip to the ambery fissure that was so immodestly distended because of the victim’ s enforced pose over the table.

    “ Ahrrrrr! Ohh, have mercy- ohh, eight, eight!” Alice called out shrilly, again turning her tear- bathed face round to supplicate reprieve.

    “ She didn’ t count seven, Uncle Charles,” Maude intervened, “ so that cut doesn’ t count either, does it?”

    “ Ohh ohh, my Lord!” Alice wailed, while Maude’ s guardian sententiously pronounced judgment: “ You last left off at six, my girl, so neither of the last two count, and you still have a good half dozen of the best due your impertinent backside. Get ready!” With this, the rod, first lightly tapping the base of her distended naked rear, swished through the air and bounded against the dancing, wriggling naked seat, Alice fairly howling out “ Ahrrr- eeeeeeaiii- oh, seven, seven, oh be merciful now, I’ m going to faint, at pains me so, Mr. Cameron!” as her naked hips executed the most frenzied gyrations imaginable, the table shaking from the maddened ways the slim brunette tried to break free of her bonds at wrists and ankles.

    Pausing a moment to constate his handiwork, Charles Cameron devoured the indecent abandon with which poor Alice swerved and wriggled, accentuating her most secret treasures in the most abandoned way, heedless of all modesty and decorum. Then he laid the swishy, thin, long rod carefully over the broadest curves of both huddling, inflamed and well- streaked bottomovals, and Alice broke down tearfully, praying for pardon and imploring him to accept her profound apologies for having angered him, avowing that she would be dutifully obedient and humble in all things henceforth if he would only spare her. His only reply to this heartrending petition was “ Don’ t forget to count, Alice,” as the rod was drawn back, poised, then slashed vigorously over the martyred hindquarters at exactly the region marked out, and Alice bellowed “ Ohhheeyahhh! Eight- ohh, I’ m going to die, I know I can’ t stand any more, oh do please spare me any more, dear kind Mr. Cameron!”

    “ How indecently she capers about when she feels the birch on her big impudent backside, dear Uncle Charles,” the golden- haired accomplice giggled, gleefully standing near her guardian and, as he did, savoring her chum’ s plaintive distress, for Alice was again looking back over her shoulder, tears running down her cheeks and her nostrils flaring and shrinking in the most voluptuous way. Gone was all pretense and disdain, as invariably it is when the birch dominates the scene. “ And such a fuss over a few mild cuts!”

    “ Ohh my God,” groaned poor Alice, “ Mild? I know I’ m bleeding everywhere, oh, how I suffer! Oh, Mr. Cameron, Mr. Cameron, have pity on me now, and I will never disobey you or be rude again, I swear it!”

    “ There are four strokes left, Alice,” was his cool rejoinder, “ and I advise you to count them properly. Pay attention to the birch, Alice!” So saying, he insidiously lowered the slim rod to the floor, leaped it up well between the brunette’ s dancing bottomcheeks. The effect was magical. Alice’ s head flung back, her eyes huge and staring, her mouth gaped in a frenzied O as a piercing shriek resounded, and then her bottom arched, leaped from side to side, flattened, huddled, yawned the globes, then shudderingly contracted them. Instantly lowering the thin bundle of supple birch switches, he was able to get in two more upward flicking cuts before the overwhelmed victim found voice to shriek out, “ Eleven! Ohh not there, in mercy’ s own name, not there between my legs, dear Mr. Cameron, ohhh, please, you’ re murdering meeee!”

    “ It can’ t be eleven when your last count was eight, Alice,” Charles Cameron responded as he pressed the birch’ s tips up against the tenderest spot of all, while Alice wildly wriggled her naked striped bottom this way and that and made the most heroic attempts to dislodge the perfidious switches from so intimate a nook. Lowering the rod, he sent it leaping up into the mossy grotto of her virginity, and again the half- naked victim arched and writhed over the table, shrieking out “ Nine then, ohhhhh, spare me, oh not there, oh if you have to go on birching me, please do it in the regular place, but for dear God’ s sake, not there between my legs, Mr. Cameron!”

    This time, taking careful aim again, he flicked the switches up against the inner top of Alice’ s left thigh, and followed it with another that flicked stingingly into the groin at the right thigh, though each avoided the distended triangle of her maidengroove. Alice wept and sobbed hysterically, managing to call out only ten, and missing the second cut, so overwrought were her maidenly emotions by her furious suffering.

    “ It is really only nine, Uncle Charles,” Maude interposed slyly, “ because she really called out ten just when you were ready to give her the eleventh cut.”

    “ Well, at any rate, she shall have two more good strokes and I expect her to call them out as they come,” he remarked as he flattened the switches straight over Alice’ s lower summits, his eyes delectating over the convulsive spasms which shook her jutting wellstriped naked backside. The birch swished vigorously in the air and thudded over the area, and Alice howled out “ AAhrrrr! Ohh my God, eleven! Ohh, thank God it’ s almost over!”

    The birch slowly came to rest against the base of her bottom, and Alice caught her breath and huddled herself against the table, head rolling from side to side.

    Swishh- thuckk- the switches clung tenaciously to the furiously crimsoned flesh, and Alice screamed “ Ohh twelve, twelve, it’ s over, ohh, thank God, I’ m going to die, ohh, ohh, my bottom, my poor torn bottom!”

    “ Nonsense,” he chuckled, lowering the rod and watching her struggles over the table, “ nowhere is the skin broken. Granted, it is warm and colored, but that shows your excellent sanguinity. Now then, Maude, untie Alice and prepare her, for I am sure she is ready to be deflowered now, are you not, Alice?”

    And, by way of intimating to her that refusal would mean a resumption of the birching, he lightly and playfully flicked her naked right upper thigh with the tips of the rod. “ Ohhhhhh! Yes, yes, Mr. Cameron, anything in the world if you’ ll only stop whipping me!” she cried.

    He nodded to Maude, who, with feigned compassion and cooing murmurs, bent over the weeping brunette and untied her wrists and ankles, aided her to rise, then made her turn round and bend herself backwards over the table so that she faced him; swiftly Maude retied the cords around the victim’ s wrists and ankles, presenting her straddled and defenseless to her guardian’ s will.

    “ Now then, Maude,” he commanded, “ unbelt your robe, get up there on the table beside Alice on all fours, and present your bottom to me. I am not going to tie you, but if you leave position, I promise you a sovereign thrashing!”

    Maude colored hotly, but realized the futility of argument, and meekly unbelted her robe, crawled up onto the table to the right beside her pinioned friend, and hoisted the robe well over her waist, sticking out her glossy pink bottom in the most tempting way.

    “ Whip her well, Uncle Charles,” Alice eagerly cried, “ she deserves it! How she betrayed me!”

    It delighted him to hear this mature beautiful brunette call him by that endearing, intimate term, ample evidence that the birching had amply prepared her for her maiden sacrifice. “ I shall indeed,” he promised, as he divested himself of his trousers and stood between Alice’ s quaking, yawning legs.

    Alice uttered a gasp as she felt his manhood pressed against the most vulnerable temple of all, and stiffened, closing her eyes, but submissively made no attempt to clench her trembling thighs.

    Raising the rod, which, though frayed, was still quite serviceable, Charles Cameron swished it over his ward’ s plump rounded jutting pink naked bottom straight across both summits, and the squeal of discomfort and the wriggling twist which Maude’ s hips evinced at this salutation whetted his lust inordinately as he pressed home his advantage between Alice’ s gaping thighs. A groan of pain testified to the peril in which he had just put Alice’ s hymeneal seal, but with another vigorous swish of the birch over Maude’ s lower bottomcheeks and a masterful forward thrust of his loins, he accomplished the longed- for deed, and Alice arched and squirmed with a cry of distress as she felt herself become a woman.

    Then, while he had Alice, he switched Maude’ s wriggling backside, and few men in all Christendom can be said to have enjoyed such dual delights as were now afforded the astute voluptuary.

    For the rest of the summer, Charles Cameron enjoyed his two beautiful and complaisant mistresses, sometimes whipping one and going to bed with the other, sometimes tying them both up together side by side or facing each other, sometimes making one kneel on a chair to be birched or smacked or caned while the other crouched humbly at his feet and proffered him the tribute of her ardent lips and tongue, so that in all ways he enjoyed the delights of Pan with Venus as few men are privileged to do. And it was late in September when he determined, thanks mainly to the eager and roguish suggestions of both his beautiful young loveslaves, that the opening of a private school for girls would provide him with countless new bottoms to flick and birch and spank, a project which we shall recount in Volume Two of this edition.

    Volume 2

    Chapter One

    Charles Cameron had often thought, in idle fancy, that he would, once retired, enjoy the leisure and income of some sort of private institution wherein he could instruct, and which would permit him at the same time to enjoy the comforts of home without going into the city. Now, at Rushton and his scenic retreat, with an income already moderate and assured for his future, he had achieved the luxurious joys of a sybarite in being granted two beautiful young teenaged girls who were responsive to his every sensual penchant. And so when they artfully proposed that he open a private school for girls- Alice, this time, was the chief exponent of the idea, doubtless for the same reason that Maude had had initially in wanting Alice to come to Rushton to divert all of her guardian’ s amatory and fustigatory attentions to someone else-, he found the idea not only amusing but also very practicable.

    To begin with, he owned the acreage next to his house, and also, there were many families who sought to send their children away to private boarding school thus to have freer lives and not be bound by the mundane necessities of caring for and feeding their offspring. And that was why workmen appeared on the premises that fall and began to construct a building which, interrupted by winter, went on apace by the next spring and was finished by mid- summer, to be exact, on the very day of Maude’ s eighteenth birthday. Alice, whose birthday was in April, celebrated her nineteenth, and for that particular event Maude baked a little cake on which she put 19 candles and Alice, who had been blindfolded, was instructed to blow out the candles with a single breath. She failed by five, and was sentenced to a birthday birching which Maude herself applied whilst Alice was, still blind folded, undressed down to camisole and elegant black silk hose with purple rosette garters and tied with her arms in cross and her thighs widely yawned apart in the middle of the room, cords fixing to wrists and ankles being fixed at their other ends in turn to hooks set into the cellar wall. Then, whilst Maude laid on five- and- twenty carefully and slowly administered strokes, Mr. Cameron distracted the svelte brunette by having her, standing clasping her, and the stimulus of the rod which Maude plied energetically over her chum’ s ivory bottomcheeks and upper thighs induced Alice to respond with such furious and feverish animation that the two of them experienced supreme carnal gratification.

    In a circular which Mr. Cameron carefully devised, a kind of prospectus for the school was sent out that spring, for enrollments the following fall in September. The two wards- for Alice had formally been adopted by Charles Cameron, and now called herself his niece, just as did sweet golden- haired Maude- discussed the idea with their guardian, and agreed to be instructresses. Maude had been exceptionally good at history and sewing, cooking and geography, and it was agreed she would undertake these curricular subjects, whilst Alice, who had had several semesters of French, and was proficient in painting with watercolors, English literature, would take these subjects. However, for an accredited school, it would be well to have on the faculty of teachers at least two women with advanced education, though they would not live on the premises for reasons that could be guessed in advance by the reader himself. The building could house at least sixty girls, whose ages should be from thirteen to twenty. Maude would have the younger girls, ages thirteen to fifteen, Alice the next group from sixteen to seventeen, whilst the two other teachers would divide the remainder between them.

    The dormitories were constructed, as well as classrooms, and Mr. Cameron specified that a large gymnasium would be located on the second floor, with a window that looked directly into that of his bedroom in the adjoining house. Finally, he had constructed a curious little shed near the window of the gym, whose own windows would have one- way glass in them so that those inside could see without being seen, and which would be furnished with a comfortable low divan, tabouret, and table. This he called his Snuggery, and its uses would be manifold directly classes began and culprits were summoned to punishment.

    The enrollments were even larger than he and his wards had anticipated, and finally, when registration was at last closed for the fall semester, he discovered that he had no fewer than eighty- two girls. The tuition cheques had already been sent with application, for the parents or relatives of these young girls and ladies found his fees extremely reasonable, being only twenty- five pounds per quarter, which included food and lodging as well as lessons. He also, in his prospectus, intimated that his nieces believed in the old fashioned discipline and seriously desire to employ corporal chastisement when they deemed it vitally essential, so for that reason, as he stated in the prospectus, any parent or relative who demurred should not send in an application. But apparently those who forwarded their eight- two applications believed as he did and granted him, by letter accompanying their cheque, authority that would allow his nieces to sentence a forward or naughty girl to the birch or cane if her conduct at all merited it.

    So, by mid- September, the first class opened, and Maude had twenty- two girls between thirteen and fifteen in her class, Alice twenty- one in hers, and the balance of thirty- nine girls from eighteen to twenty were in charge of a Miss Nancy Medbury and a Miss Alma Davis.

    These two handsome young instructresses lived in villages not far from Rushton, and preferred not to live in with their pupils, which was the prime reason Mr. Cameron, who had interviewed a number of applicants for the posts, selected them. Moreover, both were extremely attractive, and it must be admitted that the mature rouй conceived that it was not beyond the realm of possibility that one fine day either of or both of these mature young women might fall into his punitive hands for one reason or another.

    Miss Nancy Medbury was auburn- haired, of medium height, with very fair creamy skin, and a buxom figure, a spirited face with full rosy mouth and fascinating gray- green eyes, all of twenty- five. Miss Alma Davis, who wore spectacles which gave her piquantly sweet face a je ne sais quoi of provocative allure, was a year older, winsome, with dark brown hair, a slender figure but delightfully swelling hips under the decorous bustle which she affected. Her skin was smooth and tawny. Both young women were, though not spinsters, considering matrimony, and, as it turned out, each was tentatively betrothed to young men in the Royal Navy who would be gone from England for a full year at least and hence wished to while away that waiting time profitably by dedicating themselves to the teaching of the young. Of course, the new instructresses thought it rather odd that Mr. Cameron should have his own nieces as teachers, when they were no older than their older pupils, but when Maude and Alice were fashionably dressed in elegant black silk gowns with ruffled white lace at the sleeves and bodice, they did look considerably older than their actual years. Besides, Mr. Cameron paid the two mature young women a far handsomer wage than they could have found anywhere else in England, and so their hesitance at accepting Maude and Alice as colleagues was greatly mollified. Alma Davis, Mr. Cameron had already observed, tended to be something of a snob and rather disdainful in her manner of speech, and he foresaw the delicious possibility one day of forcing her to bare her stunningly spacious backside much as would one of her pupils and endure precisely the method of castigation which he had planned to have Maude and Alice inflict on their charges.

    Misses Davis and Medbury left promptly after school was finished in the afternoon, which was about four, and returned home in a surrey which was sent to fetch them and which came from about sixteen miles away, the former living in Nettlebury, the other in Salisgrimham, a mile east of Nettlebury. Maude and Alice and Mr. Cameron had all agreed that these two young women should not be authorized to inflict corporal punishment, and, indeed, when Mr. Cameron had tactfully questioned Miss Alma Davis on her feelings, she had remarked indignantly that such a punishment for poor scholarship was barbarous and a relic of medieval times and that she did not propose to conduct her classes with that corrective method- a further argument which strengthened his resolve to arrange matters so that the outspoken and very attractive opponent of the rod should herself one day taste its cutting appeal to reason. However, he judiciously ordered both Misses Davis and Medbury to keep accurate lists of demerits for their older girls, which would be turned over to him at the end of each week and which he would review- the purpose, of course, being to render these mature young ladies not at all immune from the rod, the tawse and cane and battledore paddle. And with eighty- two delicious females cloistered in the school building and living there, it was apparent to him that he would have a virtually unlimited source of flagellatory pleasures. Maude had also naughtily pointed out that when girls are quartered with their own sex, as they would be at the Rushton school, they might well give themselves up to naughty thoughts and acts, which would bring about sterner measures than the usual weekly demerit flogging, and with this idea he was heartily in accord- though to chastise her immodesty, as was his pretext, he summoned her to appear in the cellar that night clad only in her shift and sandals, and then, blindfolding her and rolling up the shift to her waist and pinning it up out of harm’ s way, signed to Alice who crept in, clad deliciously in high- heeled pumps and sheer black silk hose with rosettes and a purple dressing robe, and proceeded to give her chum a sound and prolonged handsmacking till Maude was finally dissolved in tears, whereupon she doffed her robe and let Mr. Cameron have her before her squirming, sniffling chum. Then, justice prevailing, Mr. Cameron ordered Alice to change places with her golden- haired friend, and, blindfolding Alice in turn, seated himself on a low footstool and amused himself by pinching and tweaking Alice’ s creamy oval buttocks while Maude used a long feather over Alice’ s panting breasts and straining thighs till the brunette passionately implored solace. She received it from Mr. Cameron only after Maude had dealt her a dozen swishy cuts with a thin rattan. As her wrists were tied up by pulley ropes to the ceiling- as Maude’ s had been- Alice was only able to dance and caper under the swishy smacks of the thin cane, which so inflamed Mr. Cameron that he had her in that helpless position, possessing her vigorously while Maude, out of sheer jealousy, laid several extra whippy smacks with her cane over her rival’ s striated, writhing hindquarters.

    A system of demerits was worked out, and Mr. Cameron decided that Friday afternoons, after the older instructresses had left for the weekend, the naughty culprits would be flogged in the gym.

    There were several sets of parallel bars in this spacious chamber, two padded horses- which could be adapted to whipping horses very simply- and three or four huge round padded cushions fixed into the floor, known as domes. Normally, these last were used for posture exercises such as “ bicycling” with one’ s legs in the air whilst reclining on one’ s back over the broad circular cushion, but they could also be utilized as birching or smacking cushions by dint of forcing the victim to lie across them, her wrists and ankles corded to rings set in the floor at each end, since the dome would arch up her naughty bottom tightly and augment the bite and kiss of birch or tawse or cane.

    Allowing the first week not to count, so that all the new girls should be orientated to the rules and their surroundings, Mr. Cameron was obliged to take his fustigatory pleasure with his two lovely young nieces- wards, and on this particular Friday evening, since he was hugely excited by the sight of so many delicious tidbits of femininity enrolled at his school and henceforth to be- unknowingly at the outset- procuresses for him of the secret joys he so adored, Maude and Alice received an exemplary chastisement. Indeed, to “ try out” the paraphernalia in the gym, he obliged them to strip nude save for their long clinging sheer black hose and garters, pumps, and knickers, then each lie over one of the domes and be bound with wrists and ankles so as to present a bewitching target, arched and proffered to whatever flagellatory implement he wished to use. He amused himself by smacking each girl in turn with his hand over her drawers, then drew down Alice’ s and treated her to a dozen slow and burning kisses of a slender birch rod. Next Maude’ s drawers were lowered as far as they would go, and her plump pink round bottomglobes squirmed and huddled under the burning caresses of ten strokes with the supple polished brown leather tawse. Following this, he cut away both pairs of drawers, and, sitting on a little footstool placed between the domes, used a three- thonged martinet, flicking and whisking it over this, then that bare streaked bottom in turn, and obliged each lively willing victim to win reprieve by asking him in the most exciting way to have her. Alice won that contest and sat on his lap while he had her, continuing to whisk the martinet about over poor Maude’ s dancing, jerking bare bottom. He pronounced the facilities of the gym a huge success; Maude and Alice grudgingly agreed! They impatiently awaited the next Friday, when their own authority as correctresses would officially begin.

    And then at last the week rolled back, and Alice and Maude, having consulted the demerit list, brought it to their guardian that noon. Maude had three names on hers: those of lone Bell, a plump, sandyhaired coquette of fourteen who was extremely well proportioned of bosom and bottom; Georgette Henshaw, thirteen, with live skin and an exquisitely supple figure; and Madge Noonan, fifteen, sulky- faced, dark- brown- haired, who tried to act older than she was and had been rebuked twice for impertinence in class. Alice had two names, those of Lily Ashton, sixteen, a willowy beauty with sensitive, delicate cameolike features, a gracefully supple figure, and a decidedly tart, forthright manner of speech, which had cost her enough demerits under Alice’ s tutelage to receive this summons to retribution; and Sally Eames, seventeen, a real beauty with jet- black hair, a simpering, shy face, superb bosom and hips and very proud of her wealthy uncle’ s influence and prestige, for he was an attachй in the embassy in London. Sally was, alas, a diffident student at best and had been reproved by Alice for her failure in French, which she had not endeavored to rectify at the end of the week in a makeup examination. So there would be five new bottoms for Mr. Cameron to watch being prepared and castigated.

    The unlucky five culprits were told to report to the gym at five promptly, while Mr. Cameron, clad only in a dressing gown, and noiseless felt slippers, hastened to clamber from his windowsill through the open gym window which was only a foot away, and disappeared into the little shed known as the Snuggery, from which he could watch without being seen.

    When all was in readiness, Maude and Alice, wearing their highnecked black silk gowns- under which they wore only silk stockings and rosette garters, high- heeled pumps and their own satiny bare skin (so as to be ready for Mr. Cameron’ s attentions when his excitement over witnessing the oncoming punishments should demand their undivided cooperation), each in turn lectured the culprits, warning them that the principal, Mr. Cameron, had given them the full authority to act in his stead and that they hoped these disciplinary measures would not have to be repeated again, lest the penalty be more severe.

    The regulation costume for this school had been selected by Mr. Cameron himself with an eye to expected disrobing for chastisement, one that would enhance the wearer’ s buttocks and legs and call especial note to these physical attributes of her person.

    It comprised a high- necked black cotton tunic (which became wool in colder weather), with clinging sleeves down to the wrists; black silk stockings rolled just above the knee with elastic garters, black cotton bloomers (for all girls up through the ages of seventeen; those from eighteen to twenty were permitted to wear black cotton pleated skirts that descended just to the lower calf), dainty French- heeled black pumps (save for gym class, where the girls wore sneakers), and, beneath the bloomers, tight- fitting black cotton drawers with very tight waistband and hems that reached the lower thigh, whereas the elastic- banded hems of the bloomers went an inch lower. Under the tunic, each girl wore a half- camisole, which covered her bosom and tucked into the waistband of the knickers. For the older girls, a white silk shirtwaist substituted for the tunic, and a kind of strapon white cotton chemisette vest replaced the half- camisole.

    Having concluded the lectures, Maude and Alice glanced back at the Snuggery, where their guardian was excitedly awaiting the commencement of their first display of subjugational authority, and Alice now sternly announced, “ Now, each of you shall be blindfolded, and receive her well earned punishment in proper turn, depending on age; the youngest shall be first. Miss Cameron, will you apply the blindfolds, if you please.”

    “ Certainly, Miss Birchington,” Maude gleefully agreed as she passed towards the single file of five downcast culprits who, hands clasped behind their backs, eyed the domes with apprehension, as well they might, for beside the domes were placed a straight- backed chair on whose sturdy seat lay a battledore paddle, a slim birch rod, and a gleaming metal leaf- cutter, very much like the one Mr. Cameron had used on Maude’ s dainty little hands that memorable July evening a year ago.

    “ But first, ladies,” Maude resumed, composing her heart- shaped face to look very stern as a dominatress should, “ you will prepare yourself. Remove your tunics, place them neatly over that tabouret near you, after which I shall blindfold you.”

    “ Oh- m- must we, M- Miss Rivers?” quavered pretty Georgette Henshaw, who had been sentenced to report this afternoon because, being gregarious by nature, she had twice been found guilty of the charge of whispering in class while Maude was explaining a lesson on the blackboard.

    “ Unless you wish me to help you, Georgette,” Maude retorted gravely, “ and that will cost your naughty bottom additional strokes, you may be sure! Quickly, now, all of you, and do not let me find rebelliousness, for our beloved principal Mr. Cameron had given strict orders that insubordination and disobedience are to be strictly dealt with at his school!”

    With murmurs of reluctant dismay and attenuated modesty, the five culprits resignedly began to remove their tunics, all except lone Bell, whose large blue eyes widened with dismay and whose fair milky skin was vivid with blushes at the thought of public disrobing. Hesitating, she fidgeted and wrung her hands, then exclaimed, “ I think it’ s a great shame!”

    “ Do you now,” drawled Maude, approaching the plump, pretty young blonde girl and taking her by an earlobe, “ you, who had the great indecency to walk out of your room wearing only a towel-”

    “ But it was late in the evening, Miss Rivers, and I was only going across the way to the shower,” lone protested, squealing and bending forward to ease the traction on her tender earlobe.

    “ Come along, my girl. You shall be the first to have punishment,” Maude pronounced as she led the victim to one of the domed cushions and bade poor lone lie down on her back over it, whereupon Alice came forward to fix Ione’ s wrists and ankles by cords to the rings, after first compelling the blushing juvenile to remove her tunic. Her body was thus arced over the dome, her surprisingly well ripened round widely spaced bosom standing up boldly against the thin halfcamisole, while her thighs strained against the clinging silk hose, and, in this spread- eagled, up- arched pose, the hems of her bloomers and knickers rucked up a bit, exposing the milky- pale satin of her bare thighs just above the garters over which the stockingtops were rolled.

    Maude then blindfolded her, to Ione’ s fright and pleas for mercy, and went back to blindfold the other girls, warning them not to dare to take off the blindfolds under penalty of a very severe thrashing.

    Now Maude made a sign that all was ready, and Charles Cameron emerged, eyes sparkling with anticipation as he contemplated the blonde penitent stretched so tightly over the big domed cushion, his eyes feasting on the rhythmically heaving rondures of her full young breasts, and taking in the delightful amplitude of her plump yet very well proportioned thighs. Drawing up a little footstool, he seated himself and brandished in his right hand the metal leafcutter he had picked up from the straight- backed chair as he had approached the scene of action.

    Alice stationed herself beside him, to play the role of executioner for Ione’ s benefit, though of course the punishment itself would be left to Mr. Cameron, whilst Maude returned to the blindfolded, uneasy quartet a distance away to warn them to keep silent and not to dare to touch their blindfolds.

    “ So, Miss Bell,” Alice began sternly, “ you are accused of indecency. For shame! A girl so young to come before us on such a charge! You deserve a good smacking, and you shall have it directly.”

    “ Oh, Miss, for heaven’ s sake, I didn’ t do anything wrong, truly,” Ione tearfully protested. Then she gasped and wiggled; Mr. Cameron had just patted her thigh with the leafcutter, and a moment later, smacked her vigorously through the thin bloomers and drawers. “ Ooooh!” she squealed and arched and twisted about, “ ohh, it stings!”

    “ It is meant to. Take your punishment humbly, Miss Bell, unless you want your bloomers and drawers drawn off and the chastisement applied on your naked flesh,” Alice warned.

    Meanwhile, Charles Cameron had slyly extended his left hand and begun to squeeze the ample, firm velvety- fleshed peaks of poor Miss Bell’ s panting breasts, whereupon the horrified young girl uttered a cry: “ Ohh, please don’ t feel me there, Miss Birching- ton!”

    “ So, you prefer good smacks to being felt, you shameless thing,” Alice quickly took her cue. “ Very well, I shall do my best to oblige you.” Meanwhile her guardian was busy rucking up the legs of the bloomers and drawers beneath to expose the shapely, plump round thighs in their sheer silken sheaths, and lone wailed and squirmed over the dome, her magnificent young bosom in erratic upheaval.

    Taking the leafcutter, Charles Cameron now began to deliver quick, energetic smacks all over the girl’ s rounded calves and lower thighs, presently visiting the tender insides of her thighs with noisy spatting cuts, while Ione sobbed and begged for pardon, trying her best to wriggle from side to side to evade the painful smacks. He left off for a moment, then laid the leafcutter against one of her panting breast, and Ione fairly shrieked, “ Oh for God’ s sake, Miss Birchington, not there, oh please not there,” and tried her level best to twist away, but in due course the leafcutter went spatttt- and bounded against the firmly resilient contour of the lower curve of her left breast, drawing a frantic high- pitched cry and vociferous tearful pleas to be let off any more. Now moving to the other breast, he applied a cruel little smack over the inner curve’ s lower section, and then, while poor Ione Bell was still exhaling her plaints from that wickedly stinging cut, began to deal the quick downward darting taps all over both heaving young bosomglobes, not forgetting the sensitive cores where her pert, ripe young nipplebuds thrust up saucily against the tight cling of the half- camisole. These fairly drove Ione Bell wild with pain and shame and her piercing cries reverberated through the gym, making the four waiting culprits shudder with apprehension.

    Seeing that he was losing interest in the noisily squalling young blonde, Alice lectured her sternly on observing school rules as to undress after hours with greater attention to propriety, and at last untied her, while Mr. Cameron helped her rise- taking advantage to squeeze one of her panting breasts as he did so- and Maude led her out of the gym, gave her back her tunic, removed the blindfold and bade her go back at once to her dormitory and meditate on her future conduct.

    Charles Cameron had slipped onto the straight- backed chair, as soon as Maude had whispered that it was dainty Georgette Henshaw’ s turn next, and Maude brought the terrified coppery- haired girl forward by the wrist, lecturing her every step of the way on her flouting of authority by daring to whisper in class after having already been rebuked for the same cardinal sin, then passed her over Charles Cameron’ s lap, telling her that Miss Birchington was going to smack her naughty bottom after first taking down her bloomers.

    Furiously shamed, the charming olive- skinned girl offered no resistance when Alice’ s slim fingers slowly lowered the bloomers, exposing an altogether charming, very saucily contoured bottom to Mr. Cameron’ s entranced gaze. The cheeks were sinuous ovals, rather widely spaced, and the tight fit of the white drawers shaped out their firm proportions, even to the widening furrow between them. Then, while Maude held the girl’ s wrists, Mr. Cameron slowly palpated the trembling youngster’ s vivaciously contoured bottomcheeks with his right hand, whilst tucking her in with his left arm round her waist and Alice told Georgette that she was now to be bottomsmacked to teach her not to whisper again, and that if it occurred the next time, she would be obliged to forfeit her drawers and received a good sound paddling with the battledore on the bare flesh.

    Charles Cameron now began to spank the pretty youngster, reveling in the springy feel of her pert oval- shaped bottomcheeks under his eager palm, and it did not take Georgette long to kick her pretty, slim legs about, to wriggle and to entreat pardon in a tearful voice. Her frantic twistings over his lap served to excite him, and at last he released the sobbing red- haired culprit, who was sternly ordered by Maude to pull up her bloomers without daring to remove her blindfold and then was led outside and sent back to her dormitory just as Ione Bell had been.

    Next to suffer punishment was Madge Noonan, whose sulky disposition showed even through the blindfold and whom Maude had decreed to her guardian was really deserving of receiving a sound switching over her bare skin. Madge, when she heard the sentence, was indignant with shame and made a gesture towards her blindfold, but the wily Alice seized her wrists and pulled her towards one of the domes, Maude helping her accomplice, and in a trice Madge found herself stretched out over the cushion, her wrists corded to the rings set in the floor just beyond, but her legs left free, and then Maude proceeded to tug down Madge’ s bloomers, at which point the dark brownette began to kick and struggle mightily. Mr. Cameron now crept forward and grasped Madge’ s slim ankles in both hands so that his wards could manage the descent of both bloomers and drawers to the culprit’ s kneehollows, and then returned to his waiting footstool to watch.

    With a shriek of shame and angry defiance, Madge announced the baring of her voluptuous young posterior. Of medium height, she had a skin of carnation hue, very fine- grained and sensitive, and the effulgent rotundities of her bottom, though not excessively proportioned, were emphasized in all their provocative nakedness by the up- arching positioning of the cushion- dome. The cheeks were upstanding, set tightly together, and deliciously dimpled at each lower summit. Alice now lifted up the slender birch lying on the straight- backed chair, laid it across Madge’ s naked bottomsummits, announcing, “ Get ready, you insolent minx, for a much deserved thrashing!”

    When the rod swept down, Madge uttered a startled cry of pained surprise at the burning swipe, like scalding water over her tender naked seat, and frenziedly crawled forward over the dome, finding that her legs were free, a maneuver which of course jutted up her naked bottom all the more, and the birch regaled it with a vigorous sweep over the base, then a third cut whistled over the lower summits, and a fourth over the top of Madge’ s hips, each accompanied by a loud yell of pain and sporadic kicking up of feet. Now, patting Madge’ s struggling bare seat, Alice announced where the next cut would fall- imitating her guardian’ s penchant admirably- Alice continued to flog the wailing Madge, who quickly lost her insolence and began tearfully to implore pardon like any youngster. But Alice did not stop till twenty cuts had been duly inflicted over the furiously crimsoning hemispheres, and caused Madge to kick, lunge, arch and crawl all over the dome, offering a shameless spectacle of her loins in her desperate gyrations- which Mr. Cameron’ s eyes devoured.

    At last the birching ended, and the two lovely instructresses released the weeping Madge, led her out of the gym, removed her blindfold and gave her back her tunic, then sent her back to her quarters.

    It was now the turn of Sally Eames, for Charles Cameron had indicated to his wards that he wished Miss Lily Ashton saved to the very last.

    Sally tried to beg off, then to threaten Maude and Alice with her uncle’ s importance, and when these attempts failed, blubberingly showed her cowardice by begging not to be so humiliated as to have her undergarments removed- for Alice had sentenced her to a sound birching on the bare, to smarten up this diffident pupil.

    All in vain; Maude and Alice had to drag the sobbing, pleading brunette to the dome, force her down on it, whilst Mr. Cameron himself made her wrists tight with the cords to the rings, and then, seeing that she had begun to kick frantically, helped his wards fetter her ankles, though he did not pull the cords out to extreme, wishing not to straddle Sally’ s long, lissome legs so that it would be easier to ruck down her drawers and bloomers. When these descended at last to the knees, exposing a breathtakingly contoured ivory- hued pair of broadly ample but splendidly firm nether globes, Mr. Cameron himself decided to take the birch in hand, and, having whispered to Maude, obliged her to kneel and part the folds of his dressing gown and stimulate him with her soft little hands while Alice prefaced the birching by applying a good sound hand- smacking to Sally’ s bare bottom that soon had the mature young lady in childish tears. The birch scorched her reddened backside, and her threshing, twisting and wriggling together with Maude’ s sly caress, brought her guardian to pitch, and, just as he delivered a final furious downward- leaping cut that sent the slender rod right along the ambery groove between poor Sally Barnes’ s naked bottomcheeks, he felt himself overcome by fruition and expired in Maude’ s sweet caressing grasp. Languidly now, he repaired to the Snuggery, whilst his wards led weeping, tottering Sally out, restored her tunic and doffed the blindfold and now it was the turn of Lily Ashton, alone with her instructresses and, though of course she did not know it, Mr. Cameron.

    Lily Ashton was really one of the most enchantingly tempting minxes Mr. Cameron had ever seen. About five feet six inches in height with willowy, slender figure, her exquisitely delicate features with large gray eyes and dainty brows, Grecian nose, and prim haughty little mouth, Lily possessed thick glossy auburn tresses, knotted in a thick bun at the back of her slender neck. When she had removed her tunic, it was to exhibit two deliciously firm highset pear- shaped breasts pressing against her half- camisole, and her skin had that milky tint with rosy flecks so typical of redheads of her species.

    Alice, who was Lily’ s instructress, now harangued the stoic beauty- who had stood throughout these other chastisements with hands clasped behind her back, head held high, her face flushed with apprehension and also indignation. “ You, Miss Ashton,” Alice concluded,” have much to free a tongue, and in my classroom I do not wish to hear it prattle.”

    “ But, Miss Birchington, I only asked you about-” Lily began.

    “ Silence, you forward minx! Your way of even asking questions flouts my authority. You deserve a sound birching, Miss Ashton, and you are going to receive it. Come, Miss Rivers, help me put this insolent minx over the dome!”

    They seized Lily, who promptly planted her feet on the floor and tried to hold back, but Charles Cameron, who had emerged from the Snuggery, came forward stealthily and gave Lily Ashton’ s deliciously oval- cheeked bottom so cruel a pinch that she wailed and stumbled forward to her destiny. While Alice and Maude grasped Lily’ s slender wrists and forced her to kneel down over the dome, Charles Cameron deftly loosened the waistband of the blindfolded culprit’ s bloomers and descended them to her knees, though not without frantic wriggling and twisting and stormy protests from the auburn- haired delinquent, who tried to kick and roll over onto her side. Nonetheless, Mr. Cameron soon had her drawers dragged down to snare around her knees and join the bloomers, exposing an adorably slender, supple waist and then the jut of breathtakingly firm, jauntily rounded hips and bottomcheeks dissected by a thin sinuosity whose shadowy mysteries were dissembled as the angrily protesting culprit, tightening all her muscles in an instinctive defense, sought to diminish the enforced immodesty of her person.

    “ Help me tie her wrists, Maude dear,” Alice purred, observing with shining eyes the excitement of her guardian at this moment, for the unveiling of Lily Ashton’ s superb young behind had roused him anew to carnal yearnings, as was evidenced by the flushed face and narrowed, intensely burning eyes he turned on the regalia that was the auburn- haired culprit’ s naked posterior.

    “ I won’ t be tied, I won’ t!” Lily cried in a clear, loud, angry soprano voice and she jerked at her wrists and twisted over onto one luscious hip, thereby unwittingly granting Mr. Cameron a dazzling vision of the thick crisp dark auburn thatch at the apex of her gracefully slender but esthetically curved thighs. The contrast of these supple columns which merged into the jouncily upstanding rounds of her naked backside was further calculated to excite his animal passions, and Alice, who, perhaps more than Maude, displayed the most wakened sensuality now that he had been so definitively conquered, blew him a kiss with one free hand whilst she maintained one of Lily’ s slender wrists in the other.

    “ Oh yes you will, Miss,” Maude declared as she seized one of the cords and made it fast round Lily’ s other wrist, whilst Alice, at her guardian’ s decisive nod, hastened to emulate her colleague. Thus Lily Ashton found herself stretched out over the dome, which up- arched the pale milky, rosy- flecked cheeks of her frantically tightened naked bottom up in the most salacious and vulnerable way. “ Now for her ankles, Alice!”

    “ Noo! You shan’ t, you shan’ t!” wailed Lily, and tried to kick. But Mr. Cameron had anticipated this resistance, and seized her left ankle and made the cord fast round it, then moved over to the other frenziedly kicking leg and captured it, and when he had finished, Lily Ashton was tightly pinioned over the rounded cushion- dome, her legs spread at least a yard apart, and a mouthwatering sight indeed she was with her voluptuous young velvety- sheened backside looming up from the very center of the dome and her lowered bloomers and drawers stretched to the risk of tearing away from her stockinged kneehollows.

    “ There now,” Maude panted, “ so much for your defiance, you impertinent minx! Alice, since she is your pupil, avenge yourself on her insubordination!”

    “ I will indeed,” the brunette eagerly declared, “ Lily, prepare yourself for a serious birching on your big naked bottom!”

    Mr. Cameron stepped back, his eyes never leaving the enchanting vision before him, while Maude, sensing his desires and by now admirably conjoined to his whims and foibles, stooped to ruck up Lily’ s half- camisole so that a goodly portion of her deliciously supple, deeply hollowed bare back should also be visible. The auburn- haired culprit, now that she was pinioned and helpless, ground her teeth, closed her eyes under the blindfold and resolved to give her tormentresses no satisfaction of her suffering.

    Taking the slender rod that had lain on the straight- backed chair, Alice swished it in the air several times, while her guardian watched intently the interplay of Lily Ashton’ s volatile and immediately responsive bottom and thigh muscles; there was, he perceived, an adorable little oval brown birthmark just under the base of her right buttock, and he made a sign to Alice to hold off the birch whilst he picked up the leafcutter, drew up the little footstool beside the quivering young rebel, and, tapping her bare upper thigh exactly over the birthmark, delivered a wicked flick that smacked noisily in the sudden silence. Lily gasped with surprise, and her muscles flexed violently, sending rippling tremors all along the slender columns and into the clenched hemispheres of her upreared naked backside. Slowly and deliberately, prolonging the blindfolded culprit’ s suspense to the utmost, Mr. Cameron delivered vigorous smacks of the leafcutter till the birthmark was almost entirely hidden by the angry bright crimson splotch which the reiterated impact made.

    After some twenty hard smacks, he paused and, shifting his footstool a little more to the right, made a sign to Alice to begin the real punishment. During the smacking, Lily Ashton had managed to suppress all cries save for occasional stifled gasps of discomfort, but the repeated stinging of that one tender spot had induced her hips and thighs to spasmodic jerks and squirmings, all of which registered magnificently along the glossy- sheened bare flesh of her thighs and bottom.

    Alice, standing at the victim’ s left, slowly laid the birch down over the swelling, twitching naked globes, an inch over their plumpest curves, and Lily Ashton, with a hissing intake of breath, steeled herself, her slim fingers digging into her palms, her smooth bare lower back rippling with uncontrollable tremors.

    The slim brunette had partaken of Mr. Cameron’ s sadistic fervors, and, quite understandably yearned to inflict punishment after having been compelled to submit to it herself; now, too, sensing her virile guardian’ s obvious sensual admiration of the blindfolded culprit who lay stretched tightly over the dome, Alice was motivated by an erotic jealousy to chastise Lily Ashton soundly for having so inflamed Mr. Cameron with the shameless spectacle of her nudity. Continuing to press the flexible switches down over Lily’ s palpitating naked seat, she savoringly decreed, “ Now then, Miss Lily Ashton, I am going to make you apologize humbly for your sauciness and stripe that big impudent backside of yours till you cry like a baby. Get ready, Miss!” So saying, she lifted up the birch, suspended it in the air along moment while Lily, thus forewarned, summoned up all the stiffening of her agile young muscles to withstand the burning kiss of the rod. Mr. Cameron, his eyes feasting on the scene, nodded smiling approval to lovely brunette Alice, who, thus encouraged, delivered the first cut with a vicious swishing hiss as the switches leaped greedily over the vivid milky- rosy- flecked bare satin of Lily Ashton’ s proffered, stretched bottom. A startled though suppressed gasp of pain testified to the efficacy of that very first cut, and on the smooth flawless background of the lovely young flesh there rose the bright pink striata of the switches.

    “ Now you’ ve had a taste of what it will be like, Miss Ashton,” Alice taunted the tensing blindfolded victim, whose calf muscles tautened and flexed under the black silk stockings, “ and you may expect a long and thorough birching.”

    With this, she slowly lowered the rod till it grazed the quivering rotundities a little higher up, rewarded by seeing Lily Ashton’ s convulsive tensioning and the sight of those slim fingers shifting nervously, while the lovely auburn head rose slightly. Swishhthuckk! went the birch, with its characteristic music on downrushing, whistling hiss, then the brisk impact as the switches bit into the stretched, resilient, firm young naked flesh. Lily’ s hips jerked nervously under the bounding birch, and her head rose higher, but only a tiny “ Ohh!” escaped her compressed lips.

    The sensitive, finely grained, naked skin, Mr. Cameron greedily perceived, gave very satisfying visual evidence of its owner’ s delicate quality, for the bright hue of the scratchy lines rendered on Lily Ashton’ s bare flesh proved that despite her stamina and courage, she must assuredly be feeling already the hot swiping caresses of the punitive rod.

    “ Perhaps,” Alice mocked the stoic culprit, “ your big bottom is so thick- skinned it hasn’ t felt the birch yet. Never mind, Lily my girl, you shall have lengthy acquaintance with it till you do express your feelings! It will be a long time before I allow you to rise from the dome and draw your drawers and bloomers back into place over that impudent and saucy big backside of yours!” A shivering tension of the auburn- haired penitent’ s stretched, spread- eagled body over the dome was the only sign that Lily Ashton had heard that dire threat to and jeering insult of her Callipygian charms. Alice now brought the slender rod to bear down over the tops of Lily’ s deliciously rounded naked hips, and kept it against the quivering flesh for a long moment, while Mr. Cameron made a sign to her and then insidiously raised his leafcutter and delivered a wicked, loud “ Smack!” exactly over the already angrily reddened place on her bare right thigh which was the locale of the birthmark. Taken by surprise, Lily uttered a dull groan and pressed herself convulsively down over the dome; at this precise moment, Alice, her eyes sparkling, ascended the flexible rod and dashed it down over the tensing young satiny hipslopes. Lily stiffened, then swerved her hips as much as her bonds allowed, her calf muscles surging, then relaxing, then surging again, while a new stigmata appeared with indelible imprint on the satiny white area thus attacked.

    Maude, at her guardian’ s sign, came to kneel beside him facing him, and complaisantly hoisted her long skirts to expose her goldendowned lovecenter, while his right hand fondled her inner thighs and the secret grotto of delight, having transferred the leafcutter to his left hand. Alice, herself roused by this erotic scene and determining to make Lily Ashton pay for her guardian’ s choice of Maude, changed tactics; instead of announcing to the victim where the birch would next fall, she applied without any warning a whistling cut that danced over the patient’ s lower bottomsummits and, this time, tore a gasping “ Ohh- ohhhh!” from the courageous sufferer, whose buttocks clenched and then yawned in the most salacious way as she ground her loins against the rising dome and, opening and closing her fingers, evidenced that she had really felt that burning caress of the rod.

    Mr. Cameron made another sign; Maude languorously rose, dropping her skirts, moved over to the auburn- haired penitent stretched out over the dome, and, bending over the blindfolded stoic captive, loosened the oval bun of auburn hair, letting it cascade down her supple back nearly to her waist. Lily, taken by surprise at this nuance, uttered a stifled, “ Oh- what- what are you going to do to me?” to which no one deigned to reply. Alice, impatient at this intervention, once again lowered the rod till the tips of the half dozen slender long switches brushed over Lily’ s twitching naked lower buttocks, and insidiously rasped them towards the shadowy furrow which dissected those luscious hillocks; again the victim, grinding her teeth, could not quite suppress another stifled gasp, and wriggled herself hard against the dome in an effort to shrink herself against it, while at the same time the muscles of her naked striped bottom tightened furiously to escape that immodest and painful probing.

    Maude added a touch of her own calculated to please her sensual guardian; she rucked up Lily Ash- ton’ s half- camisole under the girl’ s distended armpits, so as to expose the magnificent sculptuary of her pale milky, rosy- flecked bare back, thus exposing all of Lily’ s enchanting young person from upper back to stockingtops, and thus providing his eyes a feast of contrast between the unmarred smooth satiny flesh and the now quite vividly marked twitching, huddling round bottomglobes, while Alice still diabolically rubbed the tips of the switches along Lily’ s nether cleft.

    But these ritualistic pauses exacerbated Lily Ash- ton’ s stoicism to the utmost; turning her blindfolded face back over her left shoulder as to appeal directly to her executioner, she gasped, “ Oh, for Lord’ s dear sake, Miss Birchington, do finish with me, please!”

    “ So, now,” Alice triumphantly declared, while she sadistically kept on prodding Lily’ s dainty ambery cleft with the tips of the slender switches, “ you are eager to be flogged, are you, you audacious, impertinent young hoyden! I shall birch you as long as I wish and whenever it pleases me to do so, Miss Lily Ashton, and it will be a very long time before I finish with you, as you so quaintly put it! Get your big naked backside ready for more cuts, then, since you aren’ t grateful for the respite I so graciously allow you!” And with this, Alice swished the birch down horizontally over the auburnhaired culprit’ s upper bottomsummits, drawing a convulsive squirming from the culprit’ s naked rounded velvety hips and a faint moan of distress at the atrociously gnawing heat engendered by the rod’ s pitiless caress.

    Maude now returned to kneel before her guardian, and, at his nod, doffed her gown, being nude in pumps, hose and rosettes. Once again, leaning forward on his footstool, he caressed her golden- furred mount of love with one hand, whilst his other extended over towards the dome on which the auburn- haired penitent lay stretched, blindfolded and with her vividly wealed posterior high in the air- indeed, higher than either head or heels- so that he might indulge himself in the sensual luxury of palpating this virginal bottom and determine the degree of heat the birching thus far had evoked in that satiny pale milky- rosy flecked bare flesh. Lily, not knowing, to be sure, that a man’ s hand was outrageously profaning her most intimate anatomy, shuddered and groaned, grinding her teeth to hold back her protests and supplications to Miss Birchington- who, she believed, was torturing her nerves this shameful way- to resume the flogging that it might be the sooner over (for she had already been informed that such appeals would be of scant use), twisted her fingers this way and that and squirmed herself uneasily over the dome, trying to find an easier place of purchase to endure the continuation of her chastisement. As for Mr. Cameron, he was beside himself with delight, having one lovely naked girl to titillate and fondle as a preparation for receiving him when the other girl whose bottom he continued leisurely to stroke and pat would in her torment under the rod draw him to the longed- for crisis.

    At last he made a sign to Alice to restore Miss Lily Ashton to the painful reminder that this lulling maneuver which paid tactual tribute to her superbly ripened young naked bottom was only a suspension and far from a termination of her merited correction, and Alice greedily laid the rod against Lily’ s bottom just an inch below the clenching summits to apprise her victim that pain and not caresses were now to be in store for her tender palpitating virgin flesh.

    Lily again caught her breath, raised her head, then bowed it, and once again all the agile muscles of her calves, thighs and naked backside surged into feverish play as she summoned her courage to withstand the hot swipes of that flexible thin bundle of birch switches. Swishhthuckk, the inimitable music of the rod was heard once more, as the switches wrapped viciously over the up- jutting globes, their tips whisking round towards the tender outer edge of the girl’ s right hip. “ Ahh!” Lily’ s groan was audible now, and a long rippling tremor passed through her pinioned straddled body on the dome, while she raised her blindfolded face towards the ceiling as if seeking divine intervention. Her cheeks were very flushed, and it was observed that the delicate wings of her nostrils were twitching uncontrollably, proof that she was not at all impervious to Alice’ s corrective attentions.

    “ Finally!” the slim brunette sarcastically exulted as she again laid the birch across Lily’ s now visibly trembling, quaking, tightening bottomsummits, in the ripest parts once more, as these were extremely tempting to even on amateur flagellatress such as she had become and in her debut, it might be added, Mr. Cameron already found reason to applaud her talents and to give inward thanks that he had acceded to his two wards’ suggestion to found a school where his predilection for giving the rod and seeing it applied should have full and free rein. “ I had begun to think that you hardly felt my cuts as being more than love taps, Miss Ashton! I shall have you in tears begging me to stop before too long, I think!” And with this, drawing back her graceful arm, Alice directed the switches down over the jutting target she had already selected; the crisp impact of the switches against the warm, reddened, resilient and tightly presented flesh was instantly followed by an even louder “ Ohhh!

    Ohhh!” from the courageous auburn- haired victim.

    Lily’ s head fell back, and the thick cascade of auburn hair shifted along her upper back as she now slowly turned her head from side to side; her fingers opened, clawed the air, then clenched, and her straddled thighs jerked convulsively. As Alice lifted up the birch, Mr. Cameron could perceive the prolonged tremor that ran through the victim’ s legs and backside, pursuing its course along the delicately hollowed spinal column. As to the exquisite little birthmark he had earlier discerned, it was not at all visible, the leafcutter having inflamed it thoroughly and the birch’ s stripes superimposing an even brighter, burning hue on that provocative salient of velvety girlflesh.

    Now, taking a deep breath, Alice shifted her field of operations by moving to the right so as to commandeer the left part of her naughty pupil’ s posterior, and this time kid the rod diagonally over the left buttock, from the outer edge of the left hip down over the globe and just across the median gape which, despite her instinctive muscular attempts to hide so intimate a region of her virginal being, was exaggeratedly widened owing to the spread- eagling of her pretty legs.

    Maude by now was evincing signs of passionate excitement, for all this while her guardian’ s forefinger had buried itself in her lovegrotto and had been slowly peroroating and touching the most sensitive spots of her femininity. Alice, catching his eye, sent the birch slashing down over the place she had just marked, and a shrill “ Ohh dear! Ohhh my!” was torn from Lilly Ashton’ s hitherto compressed and stoic lips, whilst her face upturned to the ceiling of the gym, and now it could be seen that slow tears were beginning to trickle down the flushed, contorted cheeks. Under that stinging, leaping cut, her naked hips had executed a wildly erratic swerving maneuver, and as Alice paused, it was seen that Miss Lily Ashton was still slowly rubbing her loins against the curving apex of the dome. Denoting this to Mr. Cameron by means of gesturing with the end of the rod, Alice watched with glittering eyes as the auburn- haired culprit subconsciously- or, who knows, perhaps even consciously!- sought to alleviate the fires raging in her virginal buttocks by stimulating her maiden loins through the distraction of salacious friction.

    This time Alice patted the victim’ s bottom right down the middle, pressing the raspy switches’ surfaces down into the tightening shadowy gape between the striped and trembling bottomcheeks, and Lily groaned and squirmed, trying frantically to escape that satanic cut. But in vain; the arm of the brunette bore up the bundle of switches, paused them in midair while the lovely executioner watched Lily try to huddle and diminish herself, waiting what seemed an interminable time; then, just as the victim’ s muscles relaxed, Swishhthuck, and the birch bit home down the tender median gape, excoriating the inner edges of those two delectably rounded firm naked bottomglobes, and drawing a wail of shrill, prolonged distress from the anguished culprit: “ Ouuuohh- ahrrrrr! Ohh, ohhh, Lord!”

    Her bottom seemed to jerk up, then flatten; once again, all three conspirators saw how the victim’ s loins seemed to perform a grinding, circular motion over the surface of the dome, and Mr. Cameron signed to Alice for a quickening of fustigatory tempo, so as to give the sufferer ample occasion to seek to its finite end this sensual distraction against the empirical powers of the punishment rod.

    Swishhthuck, swishhthuck, twice the birch flashed down, each time leaping greedily down to bite against the sensitized, furiously streaked naked skin of those once pale creamy hillocks; each cut left its imprint in a diagonal line from the left hip to the inner edge of the lower summit of Lily’ s right bottomcheek, and each drew sobbing, wordless cries, followed by indescribably feverish lunges and writhing contortions, while Lily’ s fingers clenched and clawed, her face upturned, her pearly teeth gleaming as her mouth gaped, and tears flowed freely down her cheeks by now.

    Now moving over to the left, Alice proceeded to “ touch up” the right nether globe of her naughty mature pupil, sending the rod hissing down diagonally from the top of the right hip to the inner edge of the left buttock just above the base. Three such cuts, and Lily Ashton no longer held back her uncontrollable spasms; frenziedly she had begun to friction her loins back and forth, forth and back, in a circular motion that eloquently testified to her furious attempt to console herself for the torment which Alice’ s birch had dealt her violently striated backside.

    Mr. Cameron could endure no more. Gesturing to Maude to take the birch from Alice and dispatch Lily, he seized his beautiful brunette ward and, hurrying her into the Snuggery, made her doff her gown and get down on all fours facing the narrow door, which this time he left open so that he could follow the continuation of Miss Lily Ashton’ s thrashing.

    Maude, enraged at this deception- she had fully believed he would select her as his inspiration- took out her spleen on poor Lily’ s burning backside, as with long sweeping cuts of the rod she added new stripes to the entire conformation, first vertically- alternating first right cheek, then left-, diagonally, and finally horizontally, just as the birching had begun. Lily no longer sought to be stoic; her cries resounded, wordless, poignant, imploring, and to their threnody was added the gasping near- rapture which her furious self- immolating surgings of her loins over the dome had summoned. As Mr. Cameron, careful to clench his teeth and lips so that no telltale sound should warn the victim that her sacrifice was being witnessed by a man, achieved his satisfaction between Alice’ s quaking creamy thighs, Maude, having reached the culmination of her fury against poor hapless Lily’ s bottom, regaled the wailing culprit with a last pair of swiping cuts over the burning base of that inflamed naked backside, and Lily, her head falling back, uttered a last prolonged shriek… and her body jerked and quaked with the pitch of her own self- sought fulfillment. Maude, casting away the birch, ruefully watched her guardian and her chum in their cohesive ecstasy, and, ignoring the moaning, still squirming Miss Lily Ashton straddled and bound over the dome, her once white bottom a canvas of crisscrossing, darkening weals, applied her forefinger to that most burning core of hers to partake in her own turn of much- needed relief. And thus ended the first punishment Friday of the new school!

    Chapter Two

    One can well imagine with what fervent anticipation Charles Cameron looked forward to the Friday afternoon sйances in the gymnasium when the scores of demerits given during the preceding week were accounted for in true disciplinary fashion so dear to his penchant. And Maude and Alice saw to it that always new culprits were introduced to the disconcerting ordeal of the blindfold, the dome or the straight- backed chair, aware of his keen predilection for watching delightfully contoured bottoms and thighs squirming under the swishing cuts of the birch or noisy smacks of the leafcutter, tawse or spanker. This last was an implement he himself had devised, and comprised a well- worn leather sole from one of his slippers to which a broad oval doubly- thick piece of leather had been stitched to serve as handle. It made a superbly satisfying whacking sound when it came into contact with a tautly stretched feminine posterior, whether over drawers or on bare twitching skin, and since he was a voluptuary whose senses were vividly attuned, the characteristic noise it made was capable of stimulating his erotic nature to its highest pitch, as Alice and Maude quickly determined.

    However, the Misses Nancy Medbury and Alma Davis, who between them had thirty- nine pupils from ages eighteen through twenty had, at the end Of the first month, not yet seen fit to put on report a single enrollee from their classes, a circumstance which distressed him a good deal as obviously the older, more mature girls would surely furnish even more interesting reactions when it came time for them to submit to the juvenile and humiliating punishment of corporal chastisement. He could not, however, without rousing their suspicions, simply order them to sentence to such punishment any girl just because he wished to see her bottom bared and soundly thrashed, but he urged Maude and Alice to keep their eyes open and report, when they could, any suspicious incidents in the conduct of the older young ladies, this being after hours when they were safely in their dormitories. To be sure, he reminded his mature instructresses that any girl falling short of passing grades should be “ smartened up” in the traditional way, and both Miss Medbury and Miss Davis assured him that they too wished a standard of scholastic excellence, but, out of regard for their own perfectionist feelings in their posts, preferred to encourage and work with backward students rather than arbitrarily send them off to punishment. While this was very high- sounding and admirable, it naturally did not please Mr. Cameron at all, and he began to think to himself that perhaps he had been wrong in engaging these instructresses without first having made sure they would be complaisant to his particular views concerning the disciplinary rod.

    But by the second week of October, when the leaves were crisp and brown and the air cool and clear, Mr. Cameron had at last his longedfor opportunity to chastise one of the older girls, “ thanks to Maude’ s complicity in the matter. On Thursday night, the golden- haired young beauty had decided to walk along the hallway of the dormitories to watch for any signs of delinquency, such as talking when the lights were out or reading when it was past hours. There were actually a number of dormitories, and these had been subdivided into many large rooms in which four and sometimes five girls were quartered. It had also been arranged, in the case of the older girls from eighteen onwards that they were given more respect for privacy and maturity, and so a number of rooms which accommodated three or even two had been put at their disposal.

    Maude wore her nightie and robe and slippers and had just turned into the right wing of the building, along the hallway where the older girls lived, when she espied a young lady slipping noiselessly out of her dormitory room and tiptoeing down the hall towards the quarters of the younger girls. Keeping out of sight, Maude watched breathlessly as the unknown culprit moved swiftly towards one of the dormitories and stood quietly at the door apparently waiting for someone. In a moment, the door opened, and one of the younger girls appeared, in just her nightie and slippers. She instantly flung her arms round the older girl and the kissed each other on the mouth. Then, hand in hand, staring tenderly at each other, the two moved back along the hallway and towards a linen closet just round the comer. The older girl opened the door and, with a nervous little giggle, pushed her accomplice into the closet, then followed, closing the door.

    Maude hurried back to the house next door, and found her guardian in his bedroom, as she had surmised. Her soft knock was answered by a husky, “ Wait a bit- all right, come in!” And when she opened the door, it was to find her rival and friend, brunette Alice, stretched out over Mr. Cameron’ s lap, wearing only her camisole, the hems of which had been furled up well over her svelte ivory hips, while her guardian maintained the virtually naked girl in the classical smacking pose, left arm tucked round Alice’ s waist, his right hand brandishing one of the spankers which had been adapted from the sole of a wornout slipper. Alice’ s velvety oval buttocks were already brightly imprinted with vivid red splotches marking the outline of the sole, and her eyes were dilated and suspiciously moist as she squirmed over his lap.

    Maude blushed, for despite her edification and participation in her guardian’ s erotic habits, she was still emotional and young enough to experience jealousy at the sight of his preference for another girl, even if that preference amounted only to laying bare the latter’ s backside and regaling it with a sound correction.

    “ Well, my dear?” he coldly asked, keeping the spanker pressed over the center of Alice’ s twitching, inflamed naked hindquarters, “ I take it you have an excellent reason for disturbing me, for if you don’ t, I very much fear you will replace Alice.”

    “ Oh, no, Uncle Charlie, I didn’ t mean to disturb you, only I saw something just now I know you will want to hear about.”

    “ Very well,” he remarked, raising the spanker and bringing it down smartly across both bottomcheeks so that the leather sole wickedly smacked the inner curves of those deliciously firm and saucily up- proffered nether globes, drawing a smothered “ Oooh- eeee!” from Alice and a convulsive wriggling over his lap, “ let me hear this news and see whether I agree with your estimate of its importance.”

    Hurriedly Maude imparted her newly acquired knowledge, and Mr. Cameron chuckled and nodded. “ Very good, Maude! Now hurry back and discover exactly who these naughty girls are, for they shall be made an example of for their sinful naughtiness.”

    “ The older girl, I’ m very sure, rooms with Hazel Braddock, Uncle Charlie. She has brown hair and a very sweet innocent face, the shameless hussy! But the younger girl I already know, for she’ s one of my own pupils, you see. Her name is Charlene Davidson, and she has been wanting a sound birching for quite some time now. Indeed, I was meaning to put her down on tomorrow’ s report, Uncle Charlie, for her classwork is very unsatisfactory and she is given to fits of daydreaming in class.”

    “ Then we shall see if we can’ t disperse her dreams with something that will smarten her up quite a bit, such as this, for example,” he laughingly responded as again he lifted the spanker and delivered a noisy whack over the base of Alice’ s left buttock which drew a plaintive, “ Ooooh, dear Uncle Charlie, it stings like fire, I’ ll be a good girl!”

    “ Shall I bring them in now, Uncle Charlie?” Maude asked.

    He pondered a moment while adjusting the squirming brunette on his lap to position her bottom in an even more upturned and vulnerable angle. “ No. Just make sure of their identify. Then tomorrow, after the regular chastisements have been dealt out, you and Alice will have them report to my office here in the house.”

    “ Very good, Uncle Charlie, I’ ll go right back,” Maude promised and disappeared.

    Mr. Cameron slyly slipped his left hand down and round between Alice’ s parted naked thighs till his forefinger attained the tenderest spot of all her luscious femininity. Then, patting her upper bottomcheeks with the spanker, he warned her to stay in position if she didn’ t want an extra dozen with the cane, and proceeded to lay on twenty more slowly spaced and noisy spanks, while continuing to tickle her secret parts, and the combination of the heat generated in her weaving backside and that which his finger was evoking from her ardent loins soon brought her to a tearful supplication for him not to punish her anymore but to have her, which he summarily did, making her sit astride his lap facing him so he could play with her breasts and squeeze her inflamed, throbbing bare bottom while he enjoyed her frantic contortions.

    Meanwhile, golden- haired Maude quietly went back to the school building and stationed herself outside the fateful linen closet, from which she could hear sighs, giggles and the unmistakable sounds of kisses and caresses. Presently the door opened, and the older girl came out first, glancing uneasily around to make sure no one was in sight. Then she led the younger girl out by the wrist, kissed her and whispered something, and the latter scurried off like a frightened rabbit back to her dormitory. Maude had occasion to confirm the younger girl’ s identity; it was, indeed, Charlene Davidson, fourteen, with carroty- red hair, wistfully attractive features, and a lissome, supple young figure. The other girl was, assuredly, a pupil in Miss Medbury’ s class.

    The next morning, Maude, under pretext of conveying to the auburnhaired mature instructress one of Mr. Cameron’ s wishes as regards the markings of test papers, glanced slowly round the assemblage, observing the girls dutifully at their desks, till her blue eyes fixed on one who, eyes downcast and cheeks flushed, was busying herself writing something in her composition book. “ Who is that girl in the third row, next to the window, Miss Medbury?” she whispered. “ Norah Byron. A very good student, though quite reserved and shy most of the time,” Nancy Medbury responded.” I have to draw her out, but when she does talk up, she shows very keen intelligence. Why do you ask?”

    “ Oh, nothing,” said Maude airily, “ Mr. Cameron had asked me to make special note of the best students in all the classes, so he might in due time have a chat with them. I shall bring Miss Norah Byron’ s name to his attention, then. Thank you, Miss Medbury, that will be all.”

    That afternoon, after the Misses Medbury and Davis had left for the weekend to return to their respective homes, Maude and Alice supervised the regular chastisement session in the gymnasium, but Mr. Cameron this time was not hiding in the Snuggery, as had been his wont, for he wished to conserve his energies solely for the interview with Miss Norah Byron, whose indecent conduct in corrupting one of the younger girls called for a much more serious punishment than was generally given in the gym. As for the younger culprit, Charlene, she had been informed coldly by Maude at the end of the last class that afternoon that she was to report to the private chambers of her golden- haired instructress that evening before bedtime, for Maude had been assigned the disciplinary duties of punishing the carroty- haired teenager for having yielded to Miss Byron’ s Sapphic attentions.

    There were, this particular Friday afternoon, five girls to be dealt with, three from Alice’ s class of the 16 and 17- year- olds, and two from Maude’ s. Lily Ashton was once again present, this time for failing marks in one of her examinations, but this time, curiously enough, she offered no such arrogant defiance as she had on the occasion of her first birching. Alice decided to hold over her till the very last, curious over this change of attitude.

    The first girl was Norma Brenner, a doll- faced, dainty honeyhaired chatterbox of thirteen, who simply could not control her impulsive desires to whisper to her classmates while Maude was at the blackboard, and who, after having been undressed down to halfcamisole, drawers, hose and shoes and provided with the regulation blindfold, was obliged to lay herself down over Maude’ s lap whilst the latter seated herself in the straight- backed chair, quickly took down Norma’ s drawers and, holding her snugly under her left arm, dealt the soft carnation- skinned round buttocks of the talkative pupil twenty sonorous spanks with the leather spanker, which thoroughly convinced the wailing young penitent of the danger of continuing her discursive ways in the classroom, next, Alice took over the chastisement of Lucy Allen, a light- brown- haired tall and bespectacled girl of seventeen, who had been backward in her studies and had made the cardinal error of arguing earnestly over Alice’ s chiding her for poor work. Lucy was a very shy girl, and the thought of undressing for a. chastisement made her sob and blush, but Alice gave her the choice of submitting passively or else being forcibly placed on the horse and severely birched, whereupon she weepingly draped herself across Alice’ s lap in the chair and received first a good handsmacking over her drawers which had her in genuine tears before it was over, and was then obliged to stand up, lower her own drawers, and go back down over the slim brunette’ s lap for twenty slowly dealt out spanks with the leather sole.

    Maude was next to administer discipline, and her culprit was Betsy Castle, a pretty, plump, black- haired, simpering- faced girl of fifteen, very well developed as to bosom and bottom, whose demerits had been registered for inattentiveness in class, slovenly written compositions and failure to keep her bed and clothes in her dormitory section in proper order.

    Betty was placed over the dome, her drawers first rucked down to her calves, then her ankles tied well apart, jutting up her spaciously rounded, rather deeply cleft young pale milky- skinned backside admirably for the administering of eighteen smartly and slowly spaced cuts with a rather bulky, swishy birch. The scratchy twigs almost drew blood, as her fair skin was very sensitive and thin, and her wailing entreaties and frantic contortions amused both Alice and Maude.

    Before it was Lily Ashton’ s turn to conclude the Friday festival of corporal retribution for scholastic and misconduct faults, Alice took charge of Dorothy Winters, sixteen, petite but beautifully developed, with heart- shaped face and dark brown eyes and thick chestnut hair, who had been accused of whispering during an examination and had indignantly denied her guilt, which naturally led to the further charge of insubordination. Dorothy tried to be very brave, though she still protested her innocence as Maude led her, blindfolded, towards one of the big dome cushions, laid her down and tied her wrists, while Alice herself took down the girl’ s drawers, exposing two bewitchingly creamy- satiny globes of splendid amplitude, dissected by a narrow, shadowy cleft which was almost invisible as, in her shame and apprehension, the culprit contracted all her muscles. To humble and shame the culprit, Alice sat on a footstool and administered a good sound handsmacking till her hand was tired, then picked up the spanker and ordered Dorothy to count out twenty five strokes. Poor Dorothy’ s suffering hampered her in this obligation, and she received at least a dozen good extras, whereupon her ordeal was concluded with half a dozen of the very best with the birch that drew shrieks of agony and fervent supplications never to be insubordinate again.

    It was noted that, under her chastisement, Dorothy at last tearfully and ruefully admitted her guilt of cheating, and so, after the correction already detailed, Alice righteously lectured the weeping victim and ordered her, by way of further penance, to come to her private chambers this very night, just before bedroom, in her nightie and robe, for a supplement. When Dorothy pleaded that her bottom was already in such a state that she knew she couldn’ t bear any more, Alice snapped, “ Then perhaps you would like to go to Mr.

    Cameron’ s room instead and have me tell him that you cheated and then lied to cover up your grievous fault?” which threat, to be sure, swiftly induced the tearful girl to agree to Alice’ s slyly sadistic order.

    And so at last Lily Ashton found herself alone with Maude and Alice, standing in half- camisole and drawers, hose and shoes, blindfolded and with hands clasped behind her back. Face downcast and altogether submissive in mien and bearing, she humbly and silently endured Alice’ s scolding, and then was given the unexpected order: “ Since that last birching didn’ t seem to cure your naughtiness, I’ ll see this time if I can’ t give you a really unforgettable lesson, Miss Ash- ton! Take your drawers off this instant!”

    Scarlet to her dainty ears, the charming young rebel meekly obeyed and when again her surprisingly spacious posterior was bared and the two young instructresses observed the contrast between those fulminating globes and the slender waist, shiveringly awaited their next command. “ This time,” Alice decreed, “ you shall be horsed, Miss Ashton. It will stretch the skin of your big impertinent backside properly so you can really feel the cuts of a good flexible swishy birch, and I warrant you that you will not enjoy the experience, as you seemed to do the last time.” This was an oblique reference to Lily’ s startling gyrations over the dome in a manner which apparently had given her some naughty assuagement from the burning of the rod as it danced over her plump backside, and she turned an even more furious crimson as Maude and Alice took hold of her wrists and led her to the padded leather horse, which she was compelled to straddle. As soon as she had done so, Maude strapped her wrists to the front legs of the apparatus, whilst Alice made her slim ankles fast to the other legs, thus spread- eagling her startlingly jutting, white, twitching bottom out and up in the most lascivious way, so that the secret ambery crease between the naked hillocks was lewdly distended and every portion of her private anatomy exposed not only to the gaze of her executioner but also to the searching tips of the slender withes of the fresh new rod which Maude now handed her chum with sparkling eyes.

    Maude thereupon went forward to roll Miss Lily Ashton’ s halfcamisole up high to her shoulder blades and tuck it under his distended armpits, so as to expose as much of her lovely young person as possible to the chastening rod of correction, though of course Alice intended only to birch the girl’ s backside and thighs. But they had already divined that their domineering guardian enjoyed exposing all he could of a naughty girl’ s bare skin purely for the humiliating and shaming effect it had on her as she lay helpless and bound and waiting for her thrashing, and they had “ by now become such ardent devotees of the rod. that they automatically imitated whatever he did, finding therein a certain gleeful pleasure.

    Laying the rod straight across the twin hemispheres at their broadest part, Alice let Lily Ashton sigh and squirm uneasily for a long moment before she designed to lift up the rod and dash it vigorously across the plump summits of that white bottom, drawing an instantaneous squeal of pain and a frantic wiggling peroration from the tethered, straddled culprit. The vivid marks of the switches over the extremely tightly stretched bare skin of Miss Lily Ashton’ s backside promised that this second castigation would be a much more severe taxation of her courage than had her very first chastisement over the dome.

    In no hurry whatsoever, Alice progressed with the execution of the girl’ s punishment. A dozen stripes from hipslopes to the tops of Lily’ s straining thighs left the bewitchingly pale milky backside in a woefully striated condition, and Lily’ s wails and sobs testified to the burning efficacy of the rod. The jerky, convulsive writhings of her hips, the lunging movements she made as the switches danced over her broadly widened, tautly presented naked hindquarters, and the sporadic jerkings at her wristbonds attested to her real suffering, as did the tears that flowed down her flushed, contorted cheeks.

    Pausing a moment, Alice now resumed the fustigation by placing six vertical cuts right straight down each buttock in turn, crisscrossing the angry bright red lines left by the first dozen, and Lily’ s wails and pleas grew heartrendingly tearful as she twisted her blindfolded face round to implore pardon, her supple bare white back hollowing and twitching uncontrollably, as the muscles of her blazing posterior yawned and clenched to achieve the lewdest choreography conceivable.

    Another pause, where on Alice resumed by placing and cuts more slowly- about a minute apart- and diagonally over the inflamed, swollen backside. Half dozen from the top of the right hip down to the base of the left globe; then a corresponding half dozen from the top of the other hip downwards over the yawning shadowy groove which parted the twin hemispheres. By now, blood had surged to the exaggeratedly stretched skin, especially at the summits and the base of Lily’ s behind, where Alice especially liked to place the cuts more slowly- about a minute apart- and rubbing her straddled loins back and forth over the leather saddle of her implacable steed, as if intent on galloping away from the swishing rod which Alice mercilessly yet calculatedly directed behind her.

    Seeing that she was near her swooning pitch as a result of this frantic maneuvering, Alice signed to Maude to hand her the leather spanker, and startled poor Lily, whose naked bottom had been squirming furiously about in anticipation of that continued burning rhythm which the slender whistling birch had announced over her fiery backside, by applying it solidly and vertically down the exact middle of the right bottomcheek. A howl of frantic torment resounded, and poor Lily threw back her head and mightily tugged at her straps, imploring Miss Birchington to spare her, as she could not bear anything more.

    “ Spare you, Miss Ashton?” laughed the lovely svelte sadistic young brunette as she dangled the spanker over the blazingly streaked hemispheres, “ But that would be to deny myself the pleasure I find in watching your big bottom wiggle so ridiculously about. I pray you, continue in the same manner till you have exhausted your strength and I my arm, Miss Ashton-” and- Shwacck!- the spanker furled across the upper summits, the supple polished leather clinging to the much too effulgent, furiously reddened flesh, again drawing a prolonged, piercing “ Ahrrowww, ohh, have mercy, dear Miss Birchington, for God’ s own sake have mercy on me now, I just can’ t bear it any longer, truly I can’ t!”

    “ I am afraid you will just have to, Lily,” mocked the young tormentress, and the smacking went on with loud, sonorous impacts of leather against overheated, tightly jutting naked flesh, till at last poor Lily cast aside ail modesty and, rubbing herself like a cat in heat, concentrated on relieving herself in a way that would palliate the whistling, stinging smacks of the leather sole across flesh already welted and scratched and left in woeful conflagration by the flexible birch rod.

    Since this was precisely what Alice wanted, she let the patient indulge herself to the fullest, accelerating the smack- smack of the spanker’ s kisses against the bounding, jerking, weaving, scarlet hindquarters, till with a last sobbing shriek, Lily sagged in her bonds astride the punishment horse, having at last mercifully tasted the swooning antidote to the hot agony that was scalding her discolored, swollen naked bottom.

    Maude and Alice left the culprit to writhe and weep on her relentless mount for a time whilst they repaired back to Mr. Cameron’ s house to appraise him of the way things had gone in the gym that afternoon and to get his instructions for the imminent chastisement of poor Miss Norah Byron, who did not at all expect to be punished by a man, as we shall see, while Maude savored in advance her private sйance with the charming young delinquent who had been Norah Byron’ s Sapphic acolyte, the enchanting young Charlene Davidson.

    Chapter Three

    One can imagine with what timorous hearts, dry, constricted throats and dilated eyes pert Charlene Davidson and blushing, angelfaced Norah Byron entered the adjoining house beside their school to keep their interviews, the former with Maude, the latter with Mr. Cameron herself. Maude had not told Charlene what was in store for her, any more than Norah herself had been documented on the reason for this private interview with the school principal, but since both girls knew what they had been guilty of, it is certain that each had mounting inward apprehensions as they entered. Charlene and Norah exchanged an anguished glance with each other before going to the respective chambers of their executioners- though to be sure they did not know Maude and Mr. Cameron were going exactly to play such roles.

    Once Charlene had timidly knocked at Maude’ s door, the goldenhaired ward ordered her to enter, and the carroty- haired delinquent reluctantly did so and was bidden to close and lock the door behind her.

    Maude wore only a camisole under her blue satin dressing gown, and high- heeled pumps and black silk hose held up by flouncy red rosette garters, and her golden hair had been modishly set in imperious pompadour to give her a look of greater maturity than her years afforded. Charlene was properly impressed, but Maude at once recalled her to realization of her shameful misconduct by snapping, “ I dare say you are wondering why you were sent for, my girl?” And when Charlene faltered a hesitant, “ Y- Yes, Miss Cameron” (for Maude had taken her guardian’ s last name with legal adoption), the goldenhaired ward maliciously resumed: “ You were seen last night leaving your dormitory, Charlene, and going to meet one of the older girls, who herself is at this very moment closeted with my uncle, the principal, for the same reason you are here, except that, to be sure, she being the older and the one who led you astray, her punishment will be much more severe.”

    “ But- but I didn’ t do-” Charlene ill- advisedly began, only to be interrupted mockingly, “ Don’ t add lying to your wickedness, Miss! Perhaps I didn’ t see the two of you in that linen closet, but I heard. You and Miss Norah Byron was committing one of the most shocking of sins, and I am going to chastise you this evening in a manner that will cure you, I hope, once and for all, of ever resuming such indecencies. Now you may prepare yourself; take off everything except your shoes and stockings!”

    “ Ohh, ohh, Miss Cameron, do please spare me,” Charlene sobbed, breaking down at the formidably cold attitude of her instructress. “ I really couldn’ t help it. Norah made me meet her, and-”

    “ Silence! If you don’ t undress at once, I shall call Mr. Cameron to assist you-”

    “ Oh, no, no, I should die of shame, I’ ll do it,” Charlene tearfully agreed, and hastily began to disrobe, to Maude’ s great glee.»

    Once the lovely culprit was stark naked save for the black cotton stockings with elastic garters and the pumps, she revealed dainty highset, widely spaced apple- round breasts whose delicate pink coral tips quivered with apprehension as did the muscles of her sleek, gracefully rounded nubile thighs. Her bottom was rather ovalcontoured, tightly compressed, and of a glossy satin texture that made Maude greedy to see the effect of a birch or cane or the spanker over its flawless epidermis.

    Completely defenseless, Charlene began to weep, hiding her face in her hands, whilst Maude completed her preparations. A heavy teakwood tabouret was in the middle of the room near the bed, and Maude now instructed the unhappy culprit to drape herself over it, whereupon she proceeded to bind Charlene’ s slim wrists to the front legs and the girl’ s ankles to the others, thus straddling and up- rearing the culprit’ s milky naked seat in the most immodest way. Next, Maude applied a black bandanna over the girl’ s eyes, which terrified Charlene to the point of imploringly asking her executioner what she was going to do to her, but Maude gave her no satisfaction on that point, merely reminding Charlene that she was here to obey and submit humbly to punishment if she did not wish immediate expulsion from the school.

    Now drawing off her robe, beautiful pink- skinned Maude appeared in only her thin white silken lace- trimmed camisole, hose and pumps, and the sparkling eyes and sensuously moist mouth indicated her mounting excitement at having this tasty morsel of girlhood to thrash and torment to her heart’ s utter content whilst her guardian was disporting himself with Charlene’ s iniatress in these forbidden erotic games.

    Drawing up a little round footstool and placing it to the left of the tabouret, Maude seated herself and, reaching out, caressed the satiny bare bottomcheeks so lewdly proffered to her attentions. Charlene uttered a faint gasp of fear and shame: “ Oh- do- do- wh- whip me and get it over, please, M- Miss Cameron,” she begged, wiggling nervously over her altar of atonement.

    Maude’ s palm continued to stroke the twitching huddling velvety bare hindquarters in a languorous method that suggested nothing of the harsher treatment in store for those palpitating milky globes, and Charlene, deceptively lulled by this tender and seductive gentleness, uttered soft little gasps and tiny moans which, quite obviously confirmed in Maude’ s mind the decided Sapphic tendencies which this hot- blooded young minx was given to- and so in turn recalled to her the imperious need under which Charlene required purging of those naughty habits.

    She had by now slipped her fingers between the trembling young gracefully shaped thighs and run them lightly up to the dainty furry mound of love, brushing the foliage till Charlene unconsciously squirmed herself so as to present that dainty secret core of her being to Maude’ s wily touch. But Maude maliciously kept the blindfolded all but naked girl in an enervating state of suspense by continuing to fondle her bottom and inner thighs and only occasionally prodding with a questioning fingertip the soft morsel of loveflesh which nestled at the apex of Charlene’ s straddled thighs, so that the poor girl was nearly wild with pent- up desires which, of course, Norah Byron had exploited. As a matter of fact, Norah had once come upon the girl in the W.C. one evening a few weeks back and found Charlene attempting to relieve her immature young ardors with her own finger, and had suggested a sweeter game- that was how Charlene had succumbed to the tender and perverse passion, and her payment for those stolen pleasures was to take place very soon.

    It was not too long before poor, ingenuous Charlene was beginning to twitch and squirm uncontrollably in the grip of potent emotions which had purposely been roused by her wily young executioner. And this was precisely what Maude had been waiting for: “ For shame, you wicked little hussy,” she scolded the whimpering penitent, “ even when you find yourself prepared for a sound thrashing, you keep on playing your nasty little games, do you? Very well, Miss, you shall have your thrashing, and a very sound one it will be, you may depend on that!”

    With this, shifting herself at right angles and to the left of Charlene’ s upreared naked bottomcheeks as she sat on the footstool, Maude proceeded to inflict a lengthy and progressively vigorous handsmacking over the carroty- haired girl’ s naked behind, till it was furiously inflamed and Charlene was piteously weeping.

    Then after a pause, whilst Maude once again ran her palm over the trembling bare globes to constate the degree of warmth which this preparation had evoked, she took up a slim, whippy birch which had been reposing in the corner of the room in readiness, and bade Charlene count off twenty- five good strokes.

    The very first cut, whistling across the ripest curves of both huddling, reddened nether globes, drew a frantic cry of pain from the young sufferer, who had never before felt the onus of the rod; and as the handsmacking had suitably sensitized her sensitive bare skin, the switches felt like a sudden scalding of hot water. Her violent contortions over the tabouret, needless to say, showed off the most secret parts of her nubile young body in the most lascivious way, and Maude righteously exhorted Charlene to take her birching humbly and not be such an indecent minx, advice which poor Charlene could not have heeded at this point, much less count off the strokes. Thus it was that the sentence of twenty- five became more nearly forty, and by the time Charlene had at last screamed out the requisite count, her buttocks were pearled with tiny drops of blood at base, the tops of her wiggling hips and over the summits, where the tempting jut of young girlflesh had particularly drawn Maude’ s flagellatory zeal.

    But now, singularly, the beautiful young executioner seemed to repent of her cruelty towards the unfortunate delinquent. Soothingly, she rubbed medicated cream on Charlene’ s excoriated posterior, and her soft fingertips wandered often between the distended thighs and shuddering bottom cheeks of the weeping culprit, grazing the furry little nest of Venus as well as the more subtle rosebud which shrank and contracted at the slightest touch. And once again, Charlene was lulled by this sensual attunement, just as Maude knew she would be, so that when at last the bonds were removed and the blindfold as well, Charlene humbly and unthinkingly, in her need for solace from the atrocious pain that was burning her young buttocks, showed no resistance when Maude tenderly lifted off the half- camisole and gazed greedily upon the carroty- haired culprit’ s appetizing nudity. She made Charlene lie on her side on her own bed then, extinguishing the gaslight, doffed her robe and swiftly joined the still whimpering captive.

    And, not much later, Charlene was swooning under Maude’ s avid kisses and caresses, for the golden- haired ward was feverishly determined to experiment for her own first time with the joys of Lesbos- though, to be sure, Mr. Cameron, before the school had opened, had often bound her and Alice naked and facing each other, then flogged them both to compel them to grind their naked loins together in a semblance of Sapphic amour, after which he made his own amorous choice of one of the other of them respite his own imperious sexual needs.

    And Maude discovered to her great delight that, by this secret chastisement of the charming ingйnue, she could feel something of the wild, triumphant joy which her virile guardian himself experienced, in having at her mercy the squirming bared flesh of a young penitent and then alleviating the suffering of the rod with a sweeter, more perfidious torment…

    Charlene, to be sure, was warned not to tell her fellows the nature of her private punishment, for, as Maude hypocritically purred, “ if you do, my poppin, I will have you horsed naked- yes, Miss, bare naked as a worm!- in front of all the school and Mr. Cameron himself will give you the birch till the blood fairly runs down to your shoes!”

    In that manner, the younger companion of beautiful Miss Norah Byron expiated her “ sinful naughtiness.” But it was quite another matter with the chief offender herself, as we shall now see…

    Chapter Four

    Norah Byron timidly knocked at the door of Mr. Cameron’ s private chamber, as she had been directed to do so by Alice, who had met her and Charlene at the door of the house and indicated that Charlene was to accompany her to Maude’ s room, whilst Norah was to wait in the hallway till Alice came back to escort her to the interview with the principal.

    The charming Miss Byron had no knowledge of why she was being summoned to an interview with the principal himself, but, being of high- strung emotional nature and not without a sense of secret guiltiness over her escapade with Charlene- indeed, the presence of Charlene at the house with her had given her a singular sense of foreboding- she was already in some considerable nervous trepidation as she timidly knocked at the door and heard his summons to enter.

    His stem features did not altogether reassure her, nor did the fact that he was not suitably clad to receive a young lady as befitted his position at the school, seeing that he wore a dressing robe over his nightshirt, and slippers, though the robe was tightly belted and at least evinced sufficient propriety for the occasion. As for the brown- haired culprit, she was delicious in her regulation costume of shirtwaist and black skirt and the black silk hose which, despite the lowness of the skirt’ s hems, did not hide very fetching, shapely, slim ankles.

    “ Good evening, Miss Byron,” he began gravely. “ I have to ask you to accompany me at once, without questions. It is essential that we have the utmost privacy, as what I have to say to you requires a good deal of delicacy, in view of your mature age and the circumstances which make this interview necessary. Come this way, if you please.”

    Wonderingly, her cheeks already starting to crimson, Norah Byron followed the imperious head of the Cameron School for Girls, but her apprehension as she descended the narrow stairway leading to the cellar grew by the moment. “ Oh, sir,” she quavered, “ I don’ t understand-”

    “ You will in due course, Miss Byron. Follow me. You will have adequate explanation before long, I warrant you,” was his crisply authoritative answer.

    They had reached the cellar, whose gloomy darkness did not ease Miss Norah Byron’ s fears in the slightest, especially when, as Mr. Cameron now took his lighted taper and turned up the gas and lighted it, she suddenly perceived the curious accoutrements with which it was furnished. “ Ohh!” she gasped, shrinking back.

    He had added several apparatuses to its confines since last year; a steel triangle, shaped like an isosceles, with a metal ring soldered at the very top and inside the frame- to which a captive’ s wrists could be securely corded; a solid, wide, square table under a ceiling pulley; a trapeze bar which already had been lowered to within the reach of hands raised above the head of an average- sized female; a dome cushion fixed to the floor, exactly like those in the gymnasium. And a leather- padded gymnasium horse, complete with buckling straps. Whilst on the walls, Norah Byron’ s dilated eyes could behold a panoply of hooks from which hung the cord grips of white rattan and Malacca canes, or leather tawses, or a model of the leather spanker which was used for Friday chastisements in the gym in the other building, as well as coiled rubber and leather dog whips and martinets with shining red or black wooden handles and tapering thongs whose sinister serpentining shapes foretold burning retribution for sins committed or obeisances omitted.

    Her eyes suddenly fell on an oblong box from which emerged the cloth- bound handles of several birch rods of various thicknesses and lengths, and Norah Byron was suddenly terrified.

    Staring at her with greedy eyes, Mr. Cameron observed the highly satisfactory effect this preview of his private Inquisition chamber had induced, and in his mind already were maddeningly tantalizing images of how her soft white flesh would be adapted to the numerous contrivances in this ominous subterranean chamber where she was now helplessly and completely his prisoner.

    Yet in spite of the somber nature of the room, it had its elegancies too; a comfortable thickly upholstered armchair, a buffet table and sideboard, on which decanters of port, sherry and excellent whiskey posed. And it was in this armchair which Charles Cameron now seated himself, studying the trembling young lady before him with a stern expression which made poor Miss Norah Byron’ s heart erratically skip a beat or two.

    “ Now then, Miss Byron,” he relished his carefully chosen words, this preamble to punishment’ s consequence, “ you are doubtless asking yourself the reason for my having ordered your presence here.”

    “ Y- yes, s… sir.”

    “ I told you that we must have complete privacy, which is why I brought you here away from the house so that my wards, who are your instructresses, would not be compelled to learn about your unspeakable misconduct, Miss Byron. For it they did, I have no doubt they would urge me to expel you at once, lest you contaminate the other girls assigned to my charge and theirs.”

    “ Ohh- s- sir!” she gasped, putting out a hand by way of trying to say something in her own defense. “ You cannot recognize what I refer to, Miss Byron?” he shot her a steely glance.

    Norah Byron’ s lovely, poignant face was flooded by a vivid blush, a characteristic trait of those addicted to the stealthy practises of onanistic stimulation, which is to say exactly what Miss Byron was inherently guilty of. Nonetheless, a faint, stammered, “ N- no- no, s- sir” exuded from between her trembling, full soft lips.

    “ I understand your reluctance to confess your naughtiness, Miss Bryon,” he resumed, enjoying his discomfiture and marking how beautiful she became from the telltale blush, “ it is something a young lady does not care to discuss with a member of the opposite sex, for it is perverse and wicked to the utmost. But understand this now, my girl, I am your principal, not just a man, and it is because you have committed an unpardonable sin against the morals of my school that you are here this evening. My niece, Miss Cameron, detected you last night with Miss Davidson in the linen closet-”

    “ Ohhhhh! S- sir!” Norah Bryon uttered a frantic gasp of shame, a hand to her mouth, and her blushes intensified, if that were possible. “ Then you admit your presence there and with the aforementioned young lady, who at this very moment, is being dealt with as she deserves by Miss Cameron?” he pursued.

    Norah Bryon wrung her shapely, long slim hands, and her magnificent young bosom violently heaved under the thin, clinging shirtwaist. A pulse was hammering in her soft white throat, and Mr. Cameron’ s gaze avidly fixed that adorable hollow, divining what delicious treasures below that nook would soon be as bare as her throat, once shirtwaist and skirt and other more intimate garments had been cast off- as well they would be.

    “ Your silence is damning confession, then, Miss Byron,” he gravely continued. “ There remains the consequence of your shamelessness, which is to say, your punishment. You may prepare yourself, therefore, to receive it.”

    “ Ohhh!” Norah Bryon gasped again, her face averted, still furiously crimson. “ S- sir, I- I know I- I was in- indiscreet-”

    “ That,” he broke in ironically, “ hardly begins to cover the nature of your naughtiness.”

    “ B- but, I- I am a c- coward, and I- I cannot- cannot bear p- pain very well, Mr. C- Cameron, I.. I beseech you, please do not h- hurt me- I- I suppose you- you are going to- to c- cane my h- hands- I- I have heard that girls are p- punished this way in sc- school.”

    “ It will not be your hands that are caned, Miss Bryon. No, the punishment is to be inflicted on a much more intimate place.”

    “ W- what d- do you m- mean s- s- sir?” quavered poor Norah Byron, who at last raised her beautiful, eloquent, humid brown eyes to his.

    He rose, as answer and, ordering her to put her arms at her sides, began to unbutton her shirtwaist, under which the splendid, well spaced turrets of her young firm bosom rose and fell agitatedly.

    “ Ohh- s- sir- sir- wh- what are y- you going to do to me?” Norah Byron groaned, imploring him with huge, tear- swimming eyes as he now undid the third button of her shirtwaist. And she put her hands on his wrist, to try to halt his audacious assault on her modesty.

    “ You have only to submit yourself, Norah, or you will be expelled, though not without suffering your justly deserved chastisement. I do not think your aunt and uncle would enjoy reading this scandal us report of your doings with Miss Davidson in the linen closet last night,” he sarcastically remarked. The frantic brownette uttered a choking cry and meekly lowered her arms to her sides. “ That is better,” he declared as he finished undoing the last button, and then calmly dragged the shirtwaist off her lovely body.

    In the thin half- camisole beneath it, only a single thickness of fine- spun fabric now shielded the glorious rondures of Norah Byron’ s agitatedly panting young bosom, and exposed the milky beauty of her dimpled soft shoulders- with the adorable tufts of dark brown maidenfronds sequestered in the soft kissable niches of her armpits- and the graceful contours of her bare arms. By now, her blushes had spread to her rounded soft throat and even to the dainty lobes of her piquantly close- set little ears.

    “ Now you will remove your skirt, “ he announced, and the brownette recoiled, a hand over her mouth, her eyes huge with stupefaction. “ Not- not in front of a man- oh, sir, it- if s indecent-”

    “ That word comes strangely from your lips, Miss Byron,” was his sarcastic retort, “ Shall I call in Miss Cameron and Miss Birchington, the former of whom will tell you what your fellow sinner has to confess about the infamous little games you two were playing last night? If I need to, my girl, your chastisement will be infinitely more severe!”

    Norah Byron bowed her head and a long shuddering sob escaped her. Finally, in a dying voice, she murmured, “ If.. if I submit my- myself, s- sir, will you have mercy on me and- and not hurt me too much? I cannot stand physical pain, truly I can’ t- I am so ashamed- this is punishment enough-”

    “ Not for what you dared to do last night,” he cuttingly interposed. “ Quickly now, the skirt!” And, taking a few quick steps to the panoply on the wall, he took down a little black rubber dog whip with doubly thick handle and tapering lash whose tip ended in two three- inch- long strands, the tip having been cut in two much as the manner of the Scotch tawse, so as to impart added sting to the naked flesh of a naughty girl’ s posterior.

    Norah Byron uttered a frightened little cry of terror and recoiled, then hastened to unbutton the waistband of the skirt, which now fell about her ankles; she stepped out of it and stood in the coquettish, flouncy, lace- trimmed drawers and camisole, the black silk hose caressing her sleek high, sinuously molded calves in the most bewitching manner. The purity of her soft milky skin had a luminosity to it which swiftened Mr. Cameron’ s desire, and his eyes lingered on her calves and thighs, which were deliciously proportioned, neither too plump nor lean nor short, and which merged into the prominently high- set rondures of a magnificently firm bottom. Meeting his gaze, she turned an even more vivid scarlet and suddenly hid her blushing face in the crook of one dimpled, bare arm, a pose which indescribably heightened his erotic desire to possess her. But he knew as a connoisseur that she would give him greater pleasure by submitting to fustigation, for therein lay supreme shame at having to uncover her secret parts to a man to be flogged for a sin which only females are guilty of and which no man should know about.

    He next ordered her to go over to the solid square table over which the pulley ropes dangled, and once she had obeyed, commanded her to lie down on it on her back. When she hesitated, she tasted the whistling kiss of the two- tipped dog whip over one bare shoulder, and the vivid bright weal that sprang up on the nacreous flesh told him what exquisite pleasures were in store for him this night. Sobbing, Miss Norah Byron scrambled upon the table and draped herself on her back, her legs hanging over the end, her eyes enormous with fear and shame.

    Swiftly, he made the pulley ropes fast to her stockinged slim ankles and hoisted her legs aloft, first buckling a broad strap round her waist, “ Ohh sir, sir,” she wailed, “ what are you going to do? For God’ s sake spare me, I will never be naughty again, oh do let me go, I’ m afraid!”

    “ Not without good reason, Miss Byron. But first you must experience the deepest shame at being exposed by a man, to punish you for your scandalous immodesty with that young culprit,” he sententiously declared. So saying, he bent over the front of the table and thrust one hand down the bodice of the thin half- camisole. A shriek responded as Norah Byron grabbed for his hand, trying to remove it from the firm satiny warm turret of her maiden breast, whose naked peak he was squeezing with an audacity that made her breathless. “ Ohh stop! Oh it is dreadful to treat me that way, sir!” she pleaded. But for answer, he simply grasped both her wrists with his left hand, and continued to feel her naked bosom with his right; while poor Miss Norah Byron rolled her head from side to side, eyes tightly shut, tears edging through her fluttering long thick brown eyelashes, her body shaken by tremors she was powerless to control.

    The posture was exciting to the extreme: held securely round the waist, her legs drawn straight up tautly, Norah Byron thrust out her magnificent young bottom, clad in the tight drawers, in the most provocative way. Taking a pair of scissors, he returned to the foot of the table, and now warned her not to so much as breathe lest he wound her in a particularly sensitive spot. Then, taking up a fold of the tight drawers between left thumb and forefinger, he snipped away the thin fabric, right over the apex of her lovenest!

    “ Ohh don’t! Oh my God in Heaven, please don’t expose me there!” Norah Byron shrieked, fairly beside herself, and tried her best to clasp her hands over his to prevent the operation. But Mr. Cameron desisted, and went back to strap her wrists together and drawn them down towards the floor, fixing the end of the long rawhide thong to a round wooden peg set in one of the rear legs especially for that purpose, and poor Norah Byron found herself even more immutably fixed to endure her maiden martyrdom.

    Resuming with the scissors while the frantic, shamed virgin held her breath and did not dare to move, Mr. Cameron snipped away till he had exposed the furry plump triangle of her lovecenter, by which, half fainting with shame and distress, the brownette had averted her face to one side and lay panting with agonized terror.

    “ Now then,” he said, taking up the little dog whip,” you are ready for your thrashing, Miss Byron, and I may add there is a peculiar justice in chastising that part of you which was the naughtiest last night.” And with this, without further warning, he descended the thong straight down into her virgin- gap, the two slashed little strands of the rubber lash biting viciously into the tender rosy- pink shell of her virgin Venus. A wild scream of intolerable suffering burst from Norah Byron as she tried to arch herself up, straining at her bound wrists behind and below her, and her head turned every which way in supplicating appeal. “ Ohh noo! Not There, oh my God in Heaven, not there, you’ll kill meeeee!” was her shriek as a second downward- darting kiss of the supple thong flicked into her mossy grotto.

    But Mr. Cameron, beside himself with lust and joy at the sight of the mature young beauty’ s diabolical torment, continued to descend flick upon wicked flick down between Norah’ s up- tractioned, straddled thighs, each time visiting the thickly furred lovecleft with the tips of the lash so as to sting the soft pink lips of her maiden quim, producing as one may well imagine the most frenzied and uncontrollable lunges, weavings, twists and perorations till the pulley creaked its protest and her face was contorted and bathed in tears.

    At last he stopped, and it was high time, for Norah Byron was almost delirious with suffering. But with a last sweep of his arm, he sent the dog whip whistling down onto that tender crevice and Norah nearly burst her bonds as she arched from the table against them, her mouth agape in a wordless hoarse scream of unspeakable suffering.

    Leaving the dog whip lying across her heaving bosom, Mr. Cameron hastily left the cellar, going down a narrowed passageway to a still narrower door; opening it, he closed it behind him- and there was his ward Alice awaiting him, eyes sparkling, lips moist and ardent, naked but for long clambering black silk hose with red rosettes and her high- heeled pumps.

    Swiftly she unbelted his dressing robe and then doffed his nightshirt, and his gigantically excited man- rod loomed before her. Felinely sinking down on her silk- sheathed knees, Alice applied her lips to the bulging, angry red meatus of his organ, and then began to fleet the tip of her nimble pink tongue round the groove which separated the head from the turgid- veined shaft till he was unable to endure the sweet torment any longer.

    With a hoarse cry, he seized her by her hair and flung her on her back on the wide cot which alone furnished this extra little storage room, and Alice swept up her lovely long legs round his thighs to clamp herself to him as his bulging organ prodded at the gates of her Venus- temple, and, finding that lobbyway moist and readied for its entry, slipped in to the very hilt in a single massive dig that drew a moan of pleasure from the brunette accomplice.

    Grinding his teeth and closing his eyes, Mr. Cameron exulted in the tight moist enclaspment of Alice’ s avid love- tract, and compelled himself to slacken his pace lest his pleasure be attained far too soon. Alice, quickly sensitive to his moods, also halted her wriggling, and lay passively, fusing her moist soft lips to his in long languorous kisses while her hands pressed hard against his shoulders to intimate to him that she was ready to resume when he was. Meanwhile he lay astride her, feeling the convulsive twinges which her furiously heated love channel applied against his rooted virility, and only after he had regained thorough self- control did he slowly withdraw himself to the very brink of his ward’ s Venus- cleft and start the reiterative journey back to the very deepest recesses of her amorous vent.

    But the clutch of her supple stockinged legs against him and the pressures of her fingers and the suckings of her hungry mouth and the squirmings of her hips as she felt him prong her soon betrayed even Mr. Cameron’ s mighty powers, and with a hoarse shout he let himself gush forth his semenal tribute to his brunette ward’ s lovecanal whilst Alice, in her transports, but him in the shoulder and eased his shuddering constraint till the sweet languor of Lethe overtook him after the appeasement of his frenzy.

    At last he rose from her greedy embrace, through her humid eyes implored him to linger, and quipped, “ I mustn’ t keep Miss Byron waiting, my dear. I have left her tied in a deplorable position and her front is suffering as much as yours was before I had you. Now it is her bottom’ s turn.”

    “ The shameless hussy!” Alice replied fiercely. “ I would be happy to help you give her the sound thrashing she so richly deserves, Uncle.”

    “ You will remain here waiting for my return, as I expect my unveiling that plump white virgin backside of hers will put me into another state,” he chuckled as he squeezed her pear- shaped naked breasts and exchanged a sweet long French soul- kiss with his tongue and hers rubbing together between each other’ s lips. Thus heartened, Alice went back to repose on the cot with arms folded behind her head, naughtily exposing her svelte creamy body for his gaze, and it must be admitted that Mr. Cameron hesitated by the door a long moment before, with a sigh, he recalled his duty to poor Norah Byron…

    As for that unfortunate young lady, she had lain writhing and squirming in her indecent position, agitated by long convulsive spasms from the pernicious burning of her virgin grotto, and when she saw Mr. Cameron return, she prayerfully implored him to pardon her and let her go, as she had borne more than mortal flesh could endure.

    He did not answer, standing there beside the table and reaching down one hand to cuddle her heaving bosom and putting the other right over her exposed furry- thatched crevice, the lips of which were angrily red and swollen thanks to his own merciless fustigation. Norah had to admit to herself that these shameless touches by a male began to cause her exquisitely indescribably sensations, and her sighs and moans and spasmodic shaftings on the table said as much.

    At length he freed her ankles and loosened the strap round her waist and then unbound her wrists, and helped her stand, tottering, in a state of confusion and half- swooning languor- which his sly touches had roused in her virginal but passionate nature. “ Now then, Miss Byron, he drawled, “ it is time for your real punishment, and this time it will be on the proper place!”

    Norah Byron uttered a wild plaintive cry and sank down to her knees, clasping his legs with her milky arms and staring up at him with tearful pathos in her beautiful large brown eyes. “ Oh, s.. sir,” she entreated, “ surely you aren’ t going to wh- whip me any more, not after what you’ ve just done?”

    “ I am indeed. You must be taught once and for all the reprehensible indecency which you exhibited towards one of our young, innocent girls. We cannot allow you to corrupt the school, Miss Byron. Now get up at once and lay yourself over that horse!” was his reply.

    At this stern edict, the lovely brown- haired culprit, her face scarlet to her ears and throat, and her face averted, stammered, “ Oh s… sir, you- you have f- felt me and- and th- thought me pretty. Please, I beg of you, if you will only let me off more whipping, I- I will go to b- bed with you or anything else you want, but only do spare me any more- I just can’ t bear the awful pain!”

    The sight of the lovely half- clad brownette kneeling before him and clasping his legs and submitting herself was inflammatory to the extreme, but, unhappily for poor Miss Norah Byron, Mr. Cameron had been alleviated in his animal passions by eagerly lustful Alice, and so he was proof against Miss Byron’ s many temptations. Had she made this offer at the outset of her correction, there was no doubt he would have accepted it. Having picked up the rubber dog whip, he slashed her over the shoulders, harshly ordering, “ Get up and over to that horse before I take the skin off your naughty backside, Miss Byron!” and Norah, with a wail of torment, scrambled to her feet and fairly flung herself astride the leather- padded horse. A peculiar little triangular- shaped arch had been added to it, so that as he came over to adjust her dangling limbs and posture her to his liking, the arch lofted up her loins and helped jut out her plumply enticing backside, making her even more provocative. Swiftly fettering the slim wrists and ankles with straps and drawing the buckoing, broader strap round her supple waist, he rolled the half- camisole up to her shoulder blades, contemplating the glossy perfection of her deliciously indented milky spinal column, and observing how the thrust of the round hips flared from the waist with an appeal hat stirred his groin to new desires.

    Now taking the scissors, he carefully cut away the material of Norah’ s drawers, till her full bewitchingly naked bottom burst into view, upturned, outthrust and distended by the straddle of her legs as well as by the fulcrum of that padded arch, by which he could see the furry fronds of her virgin slit salaciously in view between them and the inflamed labia of her maiden bower, gaping as if petitioning a virile lover to assuage the burning smart his fustigation had caused that supremely sensitive nook.

    Taking one of the birches from the oblong case in which it waited, he laid the rod across the lower curves of those milky half- moons, and Norah burst into sobs, looking back to implore heartfelt mercy, her beautiful brown eyes welling with new tears, her lips and nostrils trembling, and her brown hair tumbling about her tear- wet, flushed cheeks. The sight of that provocatively anguished face and the sight of her naked behind contracting pitifully to lessen its target for that swishy rod made Mr. Cameron shudder with a new onrush of lust, but he steeled himself to the task and slowly began to birch Miss Norah Byron’ s sumptuous young backside, patting each time to announce where the next cut would fall, whilst the martyred culprit ceaselessly continued to beseech mercy amid tears, wails, cries and protests that she would die under the burning caresses of the birch.

    The salacious little arch which further lofted up her loins and spread out the cheeks of her milky backside in all their fleshly appeal provided him with a breathtakingly exciting view of her most intimate treasures, and as her buttocks grated this way and that, tightening and yawning to expose the shadowy cleft which parted them, revealing glimpses of the diminutive rosebud of her neither entryway to pleasure, he found himself at last disposed to grant Miss Norah Byron her request. So, having prepared the terrain with a good twenty cute and denoting the furious pattern of darkening stripes and scratches all over the once flawlessly milky- smooth posterior, he slyly extended the supple thin rod straight out till the tips of the birch grazed the distended ambery crease of Miss Byron’ s palpitating, striped bottomcheeks and hoarsely demanded, “ Are you ready now to go to bed with me, Miss Byron, or do you prefer more birching?”

    At this, the frantic sufferer, again turning her contorted face over her shoulder, sobbingly cried, “ Oh, Mr. Cameron, for God’ s sake have me now, but don’ t birch me any more, I am dying from it! oh yes, yes, do anything you want with me, but for God’ s dear sake, put down that dreadful birch!”

    He cast aside the rod, and his robe with it, and then his nightshirt, and sinewy, lean, naked in his slippers, drew up a tabouret on which he mounted. Miss Byron had been placed over the horse so that her bottom jutted out over the edge, and the little arch under her loins offered up her maiden cavity most advantageously. Gripping her burning hips with steely fingers, he advanced his weapon till its glistening, taut. skinned head made contact with the mossy crevice, and, then, sternly bidding her to remain passively obedient in this position, thrust himself slowly into her Venus. The almost nude sufferer caught her breath as his fulminating lance imperiously hammered at the secret gates of her chastity, but a final push broke down this temporary resistance and with a cry the lovely brown- haired culprit arched and squirmed as she felt him make his distending inroads into her tight maiden channel, deflowering her masterfully.

    Once planted in her clutching bower, the warmth and tightness of which were as exquisite as any he had ever tasted, Mr. Cameron, who had conserved his energies ably and had had his first frenzy quieted between his ward Alice’ s straining, complaisant thighs, was able to take his time with beautiful young Norah Byron, and soon the murmuring sighs and gasps and frantic little moans, as well as the spasmodic wrigglings of her loins and hips indicated that she was beginning to be compensated for her earlier suffering as with contorted, flushed face, closed eyes and flaring nostril- wings, she began unconsciously to jut back her hips to receive his. firming thrusts.

    At last, with a cry of ecstasy, he shot his essence deep into her womb, and Norah Byron, who had been edified first- hand as to the supreme difference between cloying Sapphic caresses and the dominating virility of the male, uttered an echoing cry as her own tides of passion were swept up to meet and merge with his.

    At length, he released her and helped her dress, sternly reminding her that if she ever again sought to appease her ardors with one of her own sex in this his school, her punishment would be far more taxing than what she had this night endured. And from the submissive, even passionate look she gave him as she stealthily left his chamber- to which he had taken her for a glass of port and a last lecture- whilst his hands stroked her hips and bosom, Charles Cameron had reason to believe that he had conquered another willing slave to his ardent harem…

    Chapter Five

    In such delightful manner did Charles Cameron disport himself at his private school for girls, in ways that the male reader of this tale must surely envy, realizing that it will not be within his powers to realize such opportunities. As we have told in our preceding chapter, Mr. Cameron adjudged that in the conquest of mature and lovely Norah Byron he had found himself a potentially valuable ally as well as erotic companion when the occasion should arise to appeal to her deep- rooted sensual instincts, of which her Sapphic misconduct had already forecast a fitting evidence that she could adapt her loins to satisfy the more imperious nature of the male. And as we shall also see in a future chapter, through the conspiratorial obedience of this selfsame young beauty, Mr. Cameron was put in a position to accomplish his desire of casting one of his truly mature adult instructresses into erotic bondage to him. But of that anon.

    Meanwhile, the Friday penance sessions in the gymnasium continued to delight him and prevent his boredom, for he attended them from his secret hiding place in the Snuggery and, at times, just as we have already described, crept out when the culprits were blindfold and pinioned, to feel their bosoms and bottoms and sometimes even, when the mood seized him, to fustigate their plump white backsides and revel in their squirmings and sobbing pleas for pardon.

    Miss Lily Ashton, who had twice drawn attention to herself in finding secret erotic gratification whilst wiggling her loins captiously under the burning swipes of a good birching, apparently had derived a taste for that sort of thing, for it was seen that at least once a month she managed to get herself into Alice Birching- ton’ s bad graces and go down on Alice’ s report for a particular Friday, which summoned her to the gym there to submit her naked bottomcheeks for the rod or tawse or cane. And Mr. Cameron, having detected this penchant for suffering commingled with sensual pleasure in the mischievous Lily, ordered Alice to give this “ star pupil” free rein to earn herself as many demerits as her delightfully contoured bottom could stand, for one day he meant to edify Lily as to the real delights to be garnered by submitting to the hot kisses of the rod and then to undergo an invitation into the Cytherean mysteries whereby another kind of rod, in its way more demanding and burning still, would bring her sensual core to the crux of physical pleasure… of that too, anon.

    Shortly after the Christmas holidays, whilst the school pupils were settling back down once more to the regimen of life at the Cameron institution, it came to Mr. Cameron’ s attention that a few miles from his house there lived a lonely widow with two lovely grown daughters.

    Maude had, whilst visiting the shops in Rushton in the surrey, heard of this worthy creature, a Mrs. Netting, through the aegis of the handsome matron who had sold her guardian the frilly lingerie and garments which had commenced Maude’ s inculcation into the tender mysteries of pleasure. That handsome female, needless to say, still pined for, Mr. Cameron and hoped that one day he would seek her out not to buy garments- for he had commissioned her shop to procure for him the costumes which all his pupils wore, which was a goodly amount of profitable business for, the attractive proprietress and she wished to show her gratitude in a way fitting and one that would also pleasure her own lonely couch, unoccupied these many years. At any rate, having mentioned Mrs. Netting to Maude, it was in the hope that somehow Mr. Cameron would realize how truly concerned the proprietress was to hold his favor. Maude properly reported the news, and Charles Cameron chuckled, understanding what it was the proprietress really sought.

    However at the moment, he had no need for liaisons outside the school, for the Friday afternoons furnished him ample delight, and Alice and Maude were the two most complaisant mistresses a virile male could ask for. The only fly in his ointment, so to speak, was that Misses Medbury and Davis steadfastly refused to report their older charges as being liable to chastisement, and he yearned to see grown young ladies stripped and humbled and soundly flogged, which, apart from Miss Norah Byron, he had not been privileged to observe. Thus when he learned from golden- haired Maude of Mrs. Netting’ s poverty and her two grown girls, he made it a point to pay the widow a visit the very next day.

    Mrs. Netting was pathetically grateful for his call, and when he saw the distressing circumstances of her little cottage- for she had been forced to pawn or sell most of her valuable in order to meet expenses and to support her two girls- he suggested that Rose and Nellie, the daughters in question, come to stay in his house and go to his school, in return for which he would pay to Mrs. Netting’ s bank a draft which would keep her from want for a goodly time. The poor woman was beside herself with joy, and readily agreed, whereupon he slyly proposed, “ Of course, Mrs. Netting, if Rose and Nellie come to live with me, it must be understood that they are in my charge, just as my nieces are, and subject to discipline when they deserve it.”

    “ Oh?” Mrs. Netting stared at him wonderingly. “ But Rose and Nellie are quite grown up, you know, and very well behaved.”

    “ I’ m sure that’ s true, Mrs. Netting, but I must insist that I have full parental rights over them so that if they are naughty like little girls, they may be punished as such.”

    Do you mean by that, Mr. Cameron that you would actually submit them to corporal punishment?” she anxiously inquired.

    “ Yes, if need be, I would,” he said gravely. Mrs. Netting sighed, pondered a moment. “ Very well, if you must, you must. But do be kind to them, they are such good girls, “ she submissively petitioned.

    And so the very next Monday Rose and Nellie were installed in a room on the second floor of the house adjoining the school, and Mr. Cameron could hardly hide his zestful anticipation at the prospect of making these two delicious young beauties his willing slaves, as he had with Maude and Alice.

    Both were very different in nature and physique. Rose, for instance, was 18, and black- haired, with a lovely oval, petulant face, willful dimpled chin, soft full little mouth, dainty snub nose, flashing dark brown eyes and a flawlessly rich creamy complexion. She was rather petite, being only five feet four, but beautifully made. Nellie was 19, with honey- colored hair, a sweet, gentle, heartshaped face with gray- green eyes, about five feet six inches in height, with an elegant willowy figure though her breasts were suprisingly full and closely set considering her youth. Her pale pinkcarnation skin was very exciting. He divined at once that Rose was forthright and decisive by nature, and foresaw that she had rebellious traits that would enhance his opportunities for coming to grips with her and judging her unveiled charms, where Nellie was meeker and more gentle. The girls at once showed a decorum and modesty in his household that gave him immediately a clue whereby he might find them in flagrant error, sufficient to require chastisement.

    Accordingly, about a week after they had come to live with him, he told Alice and Maude to hide their clothes and substitute dresses with immodestly short skirts and low- cut bodices. Then, at breakfast that Monday morning, he awaited their arrival at the table with mounting interest. But Rose, suspecting something of the kind, had ferreted out Maude’ s hiding place, and so when the two lovely sisters came downstairs, they were clad as before, much to Mr. Cameron’ s chagrin.

    The next day however, Maude’ s choice of hiding place was much more successful, and Rose and Nellie were obliged to come to the table with skirts whose hems reached only to their knees, and whose bodices showed off, together with daringly cut camisoles, the valley of their superb young virgin bosoms. Nellie was scarlet- faced at the table, but Rose, with her usual intrepid sauciness, remarked, “ If you had wanted us to wear indecent clothes, Mr. Cameron, you ought to have told us instead of having your nieces hide our things.”

    “ Take care you aren’ t impertinent to me, young lady, now that I am your legal guardian,” he remarked with a pleasant smile.. Rose only tossed her head. “ May I be excused?” she said coldly. “ I would prefer to eat my breakfast upstairs in my room and not give you a peep show.”

    “ Now that is going too far, Miss Rose,” he said heatedly, “ and I warn you to remember that I have obtained every parental right over you till you are twenty- one, and if you keep up this attitude, you will have cause to regret it.”

    “ All the same, sir,” Rose tartly countered, “ I should like to be excused.”

    “ Very well,” he said slowly, “ since it is time for school and my nieces must be in their classes in a few minutes. But now I give you both an order: you, Rose, and you, Nellie, will find new clothes for dinner this evening, laid out in your room, and you will wear them without any argument or discussion or you will be both be punished.”

    Rose stared at him, and left the dining room, followed by her older sister, whilst Maude and Alice watched the lovely duo till they had disappeared.

    “ Uncle Charles,” Maude earnestly spoke up, “ surely you are not going to let that saucy girl flout you in that shameless manner. What she needs is an exceptionally good flogging.”

    “ And Miss Nellie too, just to convince her not to follow in Miss Rose’ s naughty footsteps,” Alice righteously added.

    Charles Cameron smiled as he lit a cheroot. “ I am of the same opinion, my lovely nieces,” he replied after it was drawing well. “ When the girls return from class this afternoon, they will find a dress box on their bed, and I feel sure that this evening we shall all pass a very enjoyable time disciplining them in the cellar as they so richly deserve.”

    “ Why, whatever have you put in the box, Uncle Charles?” Alice wanted to know.

    “ The charming proprietress of the women’ s shop in town,” he explained, “ sometimes has occasion to furnish costumes for private parties and for theatrical people, whose morals are known not to be of the strictest sort. And she recently procured from France several maid’ s costumes, which comprise a black satin skirt that exposes the knee, a blouse to match which is virtually sleeveless and very deeply cut at the bosom. And with sheer silk hose and high- heeled pumps, with lace- trimmed black silk drawers and matching half- camisoles, I fancy the young ladies will be consternated to find themselves dressed like soubrettes. Now be off with you, both of you, for your pupils are waiting, and you know how I look forward to this Friday afternoon. Perhaps we shall find Miss Lily Ashton in our little reception line, eh? She seems to have acquired such a passion for the rod.”

    “ Oh, yes, “ Uncle Charles,” Alice purred with a broad wink, “ that naughty hussy has already been inattentive in my class several times since her last thrashing.”

    “ Well, we shall see, then,” he concluded, rising from the table. “ Meanwhile, both of you shall assist me this evening, as I am sure Rose arid Nellie will protest my choice of attire.”

    His prediction came exactly to pass. When it was time to come downstairs to supper, neither Miss Rose nor Miss Nellie had emerged from their room, and when Maude was sent up to summon them, they at last descended, wearing the school costume which Mr. Cameron had furnished and which was like that worn by the older girls under Misses Medbury and Davis.

    “ What is this?” he said crossly. “ I thought I told you to put on your new supper frocks to join us at the table this evening. Didn’ t you two read the note I left with the box?”

    “ Oh, yes,” Rose said in a clear sweet voice, “ but after Nellie and I looked at what was in the box, we decided that you surely didn’ t want us to make such a spectacle of ourselves, didn’ t we, Nellie?”

    Her blonde sister nodded, blushing and averting her eyes.

    “ Very well,” he said coldly, “ you have brought it on yourself. I find you both obstinate and disobedient, and there is only one course to take, for I will not keep under my roof ungrateful, naughty girls. You will both accompany me to the cellar after supper.”

    Rose shot her sister an indignant look, but Nellie, being innately far meeker, only bowed her head and sighed with anxiety. So it was left to Rose to brave Mr. Cameron’ s pretended and not entirely justified wrath: “ We have done nothing wrong, Mr. Cameron, “ she rallied to her sister’ s defense as well as her own, “ I am sure you don’ t want us to be indecent, and those clothes are not proper.”

    “ And now, you forward minx, you are criticizing my taste and obliquely slandering my integrity, are you? Miss Rose, you shall feel what the birch is like on your impudent backside before the night is over, I promise you!”

    At this, meek lovely blonde Nellie, with an indignant cry, rushed to her sister’ s aid: “ But that is unjust and unfair, Mr. Cameron! Rose is not disobedient, she is only behaving, as I am, the way our mother taught us. We are good girls, and it isn’ t proper to make us wear such shamefully revealing clothes.”

    He leaned back and stared at her so boldly that she turned a vivid crimson and lowered her eyes before the mocking glitter of his eyes. “ Well, so the shy violet becomes the bold primrose, does she?” he quipped. “ Then you should be properly rewarded for your audacity to judge me that way. Maude, Alice, these naughty girls to the cellar at once!” All too eagerly the golden- haired and the brunette nieces of Charles Cameron seized their victims by the wrists and led them down the steps to the cellar.

    Whilst Mr. Cameron grasped Rose’ s wrists and stared menacingly at her, Alice and Maude, at his orders, obliged poor Nellie to remove her skirt and the shirtwaist, under which, by his particular design, she wore an exquisitely sheer and fragile white camisole and matching, very snug drawers trimmed with Alencon lace at the legs and waistband, Then she was led to the triangle and forced to loft her wrists, which the girls then bound to the top ring, whereupon Maude and Alice each seized one of her slim ankles and made it fast with cords, so that the honey- haired captive was tractioned and spread- eagled helplessly.

    Whilst these preparations were going on, Rose struggled with her captor, angrily denouncing him for his wanton cruelty and injustice in punishing her sister in so shameful a manner. His answer to summon Maude and Alice to force her to kneel in the deep low armchair, whilst he calmly trussed up her skirt and then lowered her drawers to her knees, exposing magnificently ripe- curved narrowly spaced set of nether globes whose ivory sheen and flawlessly soft velvety skin excited him to the utmost, while Rose writhed like an eel and pantingly expressed her furious indignation at being so maltreated.

    Whilst Alice held the brunette rebel’ s wrists behind her back in both her slim hands, Maude, at the back of the armchair, reached down and gripped Rose’ s neck to force the girl’ s bare bottomcheeks well out as Mr. Cameron procured the rubber dog whip with its two tapering strips. “ Now, Miss Nellie,” he remarked officiously as he took his place at the left of the quivering captive, “ you shall see your sister’ s white hillocks transformed into purple- headed moons!” And to Maude, he added, “ Make her stick her bottom out more than that, unless you are to take her place on this chair!”

    At this threat, which she knew him to be perfectly capable of carrying out, Maude shoved Rose’ s neck down so that the girl’ s face was crushed against the upholstery of the seat and the jutting rounds of that ivory backside thrust out in the boldest, most inviting manner conceivable.

    Taking careful aim, Mr. Cameron drew back his arm and swished the little whip over the plumpest curves of Rose’ s naked behind. A stifled cry of pain rose at once, and the captive’ s wrists jerked at Alice’ s grasp, whilst her naked hips lunged and swerved violently this way and that.

    “ There, now, Miss Nellie, “ he turned back to the captive who was facing her sister from a few feet away, “ what did you think of that?”

    “ I closed my eyes so as not to see it, “ Nellie gasped.

    “ Oh, did you now, my girl?” he chuckled, tossing the whip to Alice and bidding her take over the fustigation of the younger rebel” then I shall have to make you open your eyes, shan’ t I?”

    He drew up a tall stool and perched himself on it facing poor Nellie, whose cheeks were furiously crimsoned as she was made aware of his imminent siege on her maiden flesh. For he had come to the supper table wearing only nightshirt and robe and slippers, and now the robe was doffed and it was plain through the thin nightshirt in what an aroused state his manhood was.

    Another stifled groan exuded from the brunette victim as Alice viciously streaked the upper summits with a horizontal slash of the rubber dog whip.

    “ And that one, too, Miss Nellie, what was your opinion of it?” he mocked the lovely blonde, whilst his eyes feasted on the erratic swelling of her splendid young breasts through the thin white camisole.

    She bit her lips, but was silent.

    At his nod, a third lash swept over Rose’ s naked buttocks, this one at the base, and the strident cry of pain attested to Alice’ s malicious vigor in inflicting it. Rose’ s hips writhed frantically, and she tried to raise her head; but Maude, impressed by her guardian’ s threat, managed to force the captive’ s face well down.

    “ Keep her thus, Maude, and come here, Alice,” he instructed. And when the brunette had obeyed, he bade her take a box of pins and “ make Miss Nellie’ s camisole skintight, so that it will be as if her bare flesh were offered for her punishment, whilst at the same time preserving her obsessive modesty.”

    Alice hurried to obey, and in a few moments had taken little folds here and three of the camisole and pinned it so that at every breath Nellie took, her nipples and bosom- peaks seemed to thrust through the fragile white stuff of the garment.

    Then, taking up a metal leafcutter and sitting nonchalantly on his stool facing her, Mr. Cameron drew back the tip and after careful aim and deliberation, let fly to that the oval- shaped head of the flat gleaming implement smacked angrily and noisily against Nellie’ s lower left breast. Taken by surprise, the lovely blonde opened her eyes, which were brimming with tears, and sucking in her breath, wiggled backwards. Mr. Cameron amused himself for a few minutes with smacking her breasts all over, sparing her nipples, however, till at last he tapped the left bud and bade her pay attention to a really harsh smack. The pain was atrocious and Nellie cried out and flung herself back.

    “ Enough of this modesty,” he cried, and, taking a pair of scissors, cut away her camisole so that it fluttered to the floor, leaving her naked but for hose, garters, pumps and drawers. Her beautiful bosom was splotched with bright pain stains from the leafcutter’ s attentions, and his eyes roamed her half- nudity with ardor, while poor Nellie, grinding her teeth and closing her eyes, swayed in her bonds, trying to withstand her ordeal with Spartan stoicism.

    Moving the stool a little closer to his mature half- naked prey, Mr. Cameron rolled up his nightshirt and used several of the pins to keep it in place above his loins, so that Nellie beheld the adamant appendage of his maleness. But since she kept her eyes steadfastly closed, he reached up and squeezed both her bare breasts with greedy hands, till the shame of that bold enterprise forced her to open her eyes and then to gasp and try to fling herself wildly back to escape not only his hands but that threat to her virginal virtue which loomed massively, swollen with desire.

    But when one of his hands slid down her waist to feel her front between her straddled legs, Nellie uttered a hoarse cry: “ Oh, don’ t, you unspeakable brute! You have no right to do a thing like that to me, guardian or no guardian!”

    “ I perceive you prefer pain to caresses, then, Miss Nellie. Very well, I will try to accommodate you. Alice, cut her drawers off and be careful not to snip that fastidious bare skin she so values,” he ironically quipped.

    Nellie groaned and sobbed with shame as Alice hurried to obey, excited by her participation in this mature virgin’ s downfall. Then the pieces of the white drawers fell away, the thick, dark blonde bush of Miss Nellie was instantly in view, hiding even the soft pink corals of her maiden loveseat, so abundant was the growth. His fingers entwined the silky softness of those amorous tendrils, till poor Nellie was purple with shame and turned her face to one side to escape having to watch her own mortification by a man who was himself virtually naked and in the throes of obvious sexual desire for the part of her he was so boldly and indecently manipulating. For now he began to pry the lips apart, marveling at their plumpness and softness, and presently inserted a forefinger as far as it would go, till with a cry and backward lunge Nellie wordlessly informed him that he had attained her hymeneal seal.

    Now, to distract her a moment, he lifted his forefinger up to the shallow wide niche of hex navel and rubbed that dainty nook whilst he contemplated her panting, shuddering nakedness, made the more salacious by the remaining garb of hose and garters and pumps.

    Then his other hand returned to the charge, as it were, caressing the soft tender insides of the young beauty’ s pink- carnationy- satin naked thighs, till she was virtually beside herself, throwing herself this way and that, uttering pathetic little moans and ejaculated “ Ohh no- don’ t” and “ Oh my God, Mr. Cameron, you mustn’ t!” whilst Rose, still forced to keep well bent down in the broad armchair, futilely sought to move her sister’ s executioner by frantic appeals to his decency, which, of course, availed neither of the girls anything.

    “ Now, since Miss Nellie’ s backside is plump and full and spacious, Alice, I suggest a solid birch rod,” he commanded, and Alice hurried to the case in which several of these indispensable implements were readied and waiting. Meanwhile, Mr. Cameron put his left arm round Nellie’ s supple waist and drew her towards him, till her furry thatch was met by the prodding fierce rigidity of his male lance; the frightened naked beauty tried to lunge back, but by now Alice had stationed herself and at his nod, sent the rod whistling across the plumpest middle of that luscious bare bottom, sending Nellie forward with a convulsive lunge and wail of torment as she realized that he was literally between Scylla and Charybdis. His organ foraged advantageously as she bounded towards him, and inserted nearly to the barrier, whereupon he made another sign, and the birch hissed through the air to stripe Nellie’ s lower bottomsummits with an energetic thud. Once again the unfortunate naked captive lunged forward from the burning impetus, and this time Mr. Cameron felt himself burrow through the maidenly obstruction which nature had formed to keep Nellie chase. A shriek of pain evinced this defloration, and now, gripping her snugly round the waist, Mr. Cameron called to his brunette ward to “ Go on, and don’ t spare the minx!”

    Alice did not do so. She was very angry with Miss Nellie for having distracted her amorous guardian and lover from her own embraces, and so she dealt that weaving, reddening, squirming naked backside a ferocious thrashing. But Nellie, now solidly rammed and crammed by Mr. Cameron, could only writhe and groan and sob, for her deflowering was even more imperious to her awareness than was the flogging. Myriad sensations roused and surged through her, till at last Mr. Cameron with a wild cry of joy, attained his objective and flooded the tight warm haven of delight. Alice applied a last pair of furious cuts over the jerking, contracting bare wealed bottom, and Nellie’ s cry soon echoed Mr. Cameron’ s, through hers was more of pain than bliss as was his.

    Cupping her breasts and kissing them in turn as he lingered deep within her vitals, glorying in the feverish sensations which the contraction of her womb procured his still rooting membrane, Mr. Cameron declared himself well satisfied with the punishment of Miss Nellie for false modesty, as he termed it, and at length permitted her to go to her room in Maude’ s company for ablutions and soothing salves, whilst Alice freed Rose from the punishment chair and led her back to the room, warning her that she had been fortunate to be spared a sound flogging and that if she did not show more amenable disposition, she would find herself in the cellar again for an uninterrupted session with the rod.

    Once the girls had been locked up in their room for the night, to exchange their anguished impressions, Alice and Maude returned to the cellar to disport themselves with their virile guardian, who ordered them both to strip nude save for hose, garters and pumps. Then Maude was bound to the triangle and Alice applied a dozen cuts slowly with the birch, after which, to her own dismay, Alice was made to stand facing Maude and was herself bound with updrawn wrists and straddled ankles against her naked companion, so that the least movement of either girl frictioned her body against the other.

    Doffing his nightshirt entirely, Mr. Cameron walked about the lovely naked girls, admiring the esthetic welding of their quivering, voluptuous young bodies and their contrasts, the soft pink rondures of Maude and the creamy sheened svelte and lithe forms of Alice and then he blindfolded them both, and, taking the leafcutter, amused himself with flicking their bottoms and thighs and arms and the sides of their breasts till their wiggling twists and squirmings inflamed his lusts anew.

    To be sure, this involuntary friction, bound together as they were, produced lascivious feelings in both Maude and Alice, and by the time he paused and cast aside the leafcutter, both girls were imploring him to ease their sensual torments by having them. Mr. Cameron decided to enjoy the revelry of a tourney, and so stated that he proposed to give each girl a dozen over the bottom first with the birch, then an equal dozen with the tawse, and that she who least cried out during the flogging would earn the recompense of his embraces.

    Striding to their side with a fresh birch in his right hand, Mr. Cameron paused to admire the trembling, tensing muscles of their glossy bottoms and upper legs, and then swept the birch around Alice’ s upper bottom. She being to his right; instantly, with an ambidextrous twist of his wrist, he cut the rod from left to right so . that it dashed over Maude’ s riper bottom at its fullest salient, and admired the wanton way both girls jerked and rubbed together, tugging at their wrists and trying to close their legs.

    By the time the dozen with the birch had been inflicted on each furiously marked and wiggling bare bottom, Alice and Maude were, it must be said, slyly employing the means Miss Lily Ashton had discovered in the gymnasium for easing the burning of the birch, that is to say, by frictioning her loins against the dome so that erotic sensations would distract her. And of course, since in their case it was against each other’ s private naked parts, the sensations derived thereby were far more considerable.

    When the tawse came into play, it was Alice who first cried out as the wicked two- fingered leather band whisked angrily over the base of her naked backside and the tip swept round to sting the edge of her bare hip. But Maude echoed the cry as she tasted the leather band, and by the time each girl had had her dozen, Alice, who was more emotional, was found to have lost the tourney. Maude was untied and made to straddle over Mr. Cameron as he laid down on a chaise longue which Maude had to draw up before the triangle. Languidly, a long supple switch in one hand, he amused himself as Maude descended herself upon his upright weapon, by flicking the tip of the very long withe against Alice’ s breasts and inner thighs and belly. And thus once again did the connoisseur of female pulchritude taste the dual joys of love and conquest as few men are ever privileged to do.

    Chapter Six

    Of course, Mr. Cameron did not propose to let the younger sister, Rose, get off scot- free for her impertinence and defiance, even though his bout with voluptuous blonde Nellie had been amply satisfying.

    About a week after Nellie’ s subjugation, Rose was admonished by Alice, who had just received a report from Miss Medbury that Rose’ s scholastic progress in class was not all that could be desired. Rose flushed indignantly, and instead of humbly taking this censure meekly, replied that she wasn’ t accountable to Alice at all. The brunette at once reported this to Mr. Cameron, who had Alice and Maude take the rebellious girl to the cellar and strip her of everything except her stockings, garters, camisole and snug white drawers, then tie her to the triangle and leave her to reflect on her impertinence and its imminent consequences.

    Rose struggled against her two tormentresses, whom she resented as being no older than she, and it took the two wards a good deal of time and trouble to get Rose fixed to the triangle as had been ordered. She was finally subdued, however and blindfolded, to add to her suspense, as Mr. Cameron had ordered his wards not to inform her what was to be done with her.

    In fact, Maude and Alice had had virtually to tear her dress and petticoats off her after first tying her wrists above her head to the peak of the steel triangle, so they could then proceed with fixing her legs astraddle. And Alice avenged herself with several malicious pinches of Rose’ s voluptuous backside and inner thighs which drew wails of pain from the rebel and the most involuntarily lewd wigglings imaginable.

    When Mr. Cameron noiselessly made his way to the cellar half an hour later, it was to find Rose squirming about in her restless anxiety, and the sight of her lusciously rounded firm young body tensing and straddled at his mercy was one calculated to stir his carnal appetites to extreme. Maude had accompanied him back to the cellar, naked save for black silk hose and red garters, high- heeled sandals and a red satin dressing gown which was loosely belted and showed off the pink velvety valley of her magnificent round breasts in the most thrilling way.

    “ I hope, Uncle Charles,” Maude spoke at last, “ you are going to flog this naughty girl soundly this time. You let her off the last, and you see how rebellious she has become, besides doing unsatisfactory work in her studies.”

    “ I do indeed,” he replied, whilst Rose gasped and twisted about, jerking at her wrists in a useless attempt to free herself. “ Hand me that long slender birch, if you please, Maude, for there is nothing like a triangle to hold a naughty girl’ s forms in good position to be touched up by the rod.”

    Maude hastened to bring him a birch of about five long slim withes, and he stationed himself in front of the blindfolded captive, reaching out to brush each of her swelling bosoms with the flexible tips of the switches. Rose moaned and executed a smart backward maneuver to escape the atrociously disconcerting touch of the rod on so sensitive an area, but he pursued her, keeping the rod grazing one of her pert nipplebuds, till she gasped, “ Oh, not there! Please if you must birch me, do it on the proper place!”

    “ I shall birch you thoroughly, never fear, Miss Rose,” he taunted whilst he moved the birch over the other breast rubbing its tips back and forth while she threw back her head and squirmed away as much as her bonds allowed, “ but I shall decide which naughty part of you deserves to be switched. Now let us try a few little flicks to see if you are still inclined to be mutinous.” So saying, he dashed the end of the slender rod right over Rose’ s left breast, and the penitent, with a shrill squeal of pain, lunged back, clawing the air with her dainty little fingers. For fully ten minutes Mr. Cameron tantalized the unfortunate captive in this way, patting her temptingly firm round breasts with just the ends of the flexible switches, then holding her in dire suspense while he brandished the rod over her panting young bosom before nicking her left or right breast. Her sobs and groans were music to his ears, and his eyes feasted on the frantic evasive twists and wiggles Rose made to get away from the diabolically stinging little flicks.

    Now he made a sign, and Maude, casting off her robe, knelt facing him and took out his savagely rampant lance whilst he moved to face the condemned bottom in its snug white drawers. The camisole had been rucked up by Maude and pinned about the victim’ s armpits.

    Laying the birch over her plump bottomsummits, he kept Rose in torturing suspense for a long time till at last he drew back his arm and swished the rod right over both huddling buttocks. The tightfitting white drawers, without a crease, seemed like a second skin, which gave him an aesthetic pleasure and enabled him to prolong the flogging without being moved to too quick a reprieve by seeing the angry red stripes which the birch left on a girl’ s bare skin. Rose threw back her head and ground her teeth to keep from crying out, as she did not want Maude to gloat over her martyrdom, and Mr. Cameron, realizing this, determined to make her beg for mercy.

    After a dozen slowly inflicted cuts from top to base, Rose was groaning and restlessly shifting herself from side to side. Maude had now begun, at his nod, to fondle his enraged manhood in her soft little hands and now commenced kissing the red, angry tip as he began to lay the birch in diagonal cuts all over poor Rose’ s dancing backside. A dozen more, and the poor girl broke down and tearfully begged, “ Oh, sir, I beg pardon for my naughtiness, but do please spare me any more, it cuts me horribly!”

    Maude came forward at his sign to take scissors and snip off Rose’ s drawers; her bottom was furiously streaked and livid here and there, but the skin had not yet been seriously cut. “ I think you can bear a few more good strokes” he commented hoarsely, and Maude knelt back down, this time to take his organ in her ruby- red lips and nuzzle it while he applied five or six quick swishing cuts over the base of Rose’ s bare seat and her upper thighs that drew wild yells of suffering and violent contortions that made her triangle creak with her frenetic lunges. “ Go on!” he gasped to Maude, who, tickling his hairy, well laden sacks of manhood with her fingers and engoring her soft warm mouth with his organ, brought him to the pitch as he sent the rod whistling over Rose’ s bare bottomcheeks with a last half dozen vertical cuts. A cry of joy burst from him as he at last cast aside the rod, and Maude received his copious tribute to Venus in her readied mouth. He declared it was the best flogging he had ever given….

    Two nights later, at supper, Rose knocked over the saltcellar, and Maude was quick to call his attention to this clumsiness. “ Take her to the cellar and tie her on the couch,” was his decree. “ No, you shan’ t, it isn’ t fair,” Rose protested indignantly. But Maude and Alice seized the lovely brownette and dragged her down the steps, then removed all of her clothes except a pair of black silk drawers, tying her wrists and ankles with slim cords which were in turn made fast to rings sewn into the couch.

    They went back to tell Mr. Cameron the victim was ready for her punishment, and he ordered again, “ Alice, go fetch a bouquet of fresh nettles and wrap their stems in cloth for a handle. You, Maude take the scissors and snip out the crotch of Miss Rose’ s drawers; then you will shave her between her legs and tie her ankles to the pulley ropes overhead so her legs will be hugely straddled and drawn well up in the air. Now hurry!”

    Nellie, hearing all this, meekly lowered her eyes and blushed. “ I am happy to see, Nellie, that you don’ t try to override my orders for punishing your rebellious sister.” he jested. “ If you are a very good girl, I may summon you to my bedchamber tonight. Now go to your room and prepare yourself for bed.”

    Nellie at once left the table, whilst he savored his glass of port and a cheroot, by the time finishing which Maude had come back to tell him that Rose was prepared for her ordeal and neatly shaven between her yawning, up- tractioned legs.

    At last he entered the cellar to find Rose lying on her back on the couch, arms stretched well beyond her head, naked save for her drawers the apex of which had been carefully cut away so that the soft pink lips of her maiden love triangle gaped before him, exposing the mysterious entryway to her Venus hollow, while her plump bottomcheeks were tightly shaped out by the snug black silk drawers. On the floor beside the couch lay the scissors and a pile of soft thick dark silky lovetufts, the result of Maude’ s extirpilatory endeavors.

    In a blue porcelain vase on a little tabouret near the couch on which Rose lay, two bouquets of nettles had been placed, as well as a low footstool on which he promptly seated himself. Rose turned scarlet with shame as she saw the virile, handsome man before her, clad only in his dressing gown and slippers and his eyes fixing on the immodestly proffered secret charm of her maiden slit whose plump soft labia poutingly gaped through the cut in her silk drawers, as well as on her now rapidly rising and falling naked bosom.

    “ You are still obstinate, are you, Miss Rose?” he remarked as he put on a rubber glove which was in the pocket of his gown, and took up one of the bouquets with their urticating blossoms.” We shall see what a little touching up with freshly cut nettles does for you, my girl.” With this, he tapped the bouquet right over the valley of those two naked loveturrets, and Rose wiggled, twisted her head from side to side and squealed with pain: “ OOooj- ahh- ohh, it burns, it burns!” Whilst she dragged at her bound wrists beyond her head and tried to arch her torso away from the deadly blooms.

    Lightly he began to apply tiny little flicks all over her panting naked breasts, while Rose sobbed, groaned, squealed, tried to drag her updrawn straddled legs free of the cords that pinioned her dainty ankles. The deadly nettles left angry swellings and tiny whitish blisters all over those enchanting maiden lovegoblets, and by the time he at last paused, Rose was in-. coherently imploring him to stop and her body shaken by countless convulsive tremors which made her lascivious almost- nakedness that much more inflammatory to the voluptuary.

    Casting aside the frayed bouquet, he studied her tearstained, contorted face and demanded, “ I take it you are feeling less rebellious now, Miss Rose?”

    “ Oooh- ahh- ohh- ouu- y- yes, Mr. Cameron- oh please do stop now, I can’ t stand any more!”

    “ Quite the contrary, you can stand a great deal more if I decide you must bear it. You regret your impertinence to me and my nieces by now?”

    “ Oh, yes, yes, please, yes, anything, but do untie me and let me go,” she sobbed.

    He reached for the other bouquet of nettles, and gravely considering her lovely, anguished face, resumed: “ To prove your humility, Miss Rose, you are going to beg me please to flick you well between your legs with this new bunch of nettles. Ask me to give you thirty good flicks, then!”

    “ Ohh, not so many, in heaven’ s dear name, I shall surely die!”

    He brushed her gaping, shorn plump lovelips with the tips of the urticating blooms, and poor Rose raised her head and shouted aloud in her distress, whilst her beautiful bare legs frenziedly shook and contracted and gaped in the most erratic pattern, the pulley aloft creaking from her exertions.

    “ Say it! Thirty good flicks, well in between your naked legs! Or I shall double it,” he threatened, again flicking her lightly over the tempting, sensitive maiden spot.

    “ Aiii! Ohh ahrrr- ohhh, it hurts, it hurts- oh- please- Mr. C- Cameron, please give me- oh, do have pity, not so many-”

    “ Then you prefer sixty, perhaps.” Again he deftly flicked the blooms over the slit in her drawers.

    “ Eyahhrr! Ohh no! Oh please, g- give me th- thirty go- good flicks- we- ll in b- between my- my- n- naked- l- legs, ohh- ohh!” she babbled tearfully.

    “ Very well, and you shall count them as they come. Get ready for the first, then!” Backing the footstool a little to have better commandeering of her upraised yawning legs, he brandished the bouquet over her virgin spot and then dashed it down against the yawning lovepinks of her maiden quim.

    “ Ouu- ahahhrrr- one! Ohh my God, you’ ll kill meeee!” Rose wailed, threshing her legs this way and that and arching up her bosom so tightly that the blotched globes looked as if hewn out of discolored marble.

    He kept switching her between the legs for a long time, and Rose interspersed the count with abject tears, cries, pleas and moaning wails as the nettles did their cruelly stinging work in so tender a region.

    At last she cried out “ Thirty!” and he cast aside the bouquet. Then he began to untie her, and, meanwhile, when he had let her up, walked over to an oaken chest, opened it and took out a pair of snug white silk drawers which he tossed to her. “ Put these on and get hold of the trapeze bar if you don’ t want me to birch those drawers off of you,” he menaced.

    Rose quite forgot her sobs and tears to wriggled into the drawers, which Maude had bought in town to the measurements she had previously taken; they clung so tightly over the lovely brownette’ s bottomcheeks that these rondures were shaped out as if about to burst through the thin material. Rose scrambled over to the bar, reached up and caught hold of it, glancing wildly back over a bare dimpled shoulder as he approached, shuttlecock paddle in hand.

    “ I am not going to tie you, Miss Rose, but I am going to smack your bottom.”

    “ Ohh, how many must I bear, for pity’ s sake, sir?”

    “ Till I tire of smacking, is how many. With white drawers, it gives me the view of an immaculate bottom, so that I can go on smacking for a long time and there are no marks shown,” he cruelly explained. Then, patting her behind, he laid a couple of stinging, noisy smacks over the plump hemispheres, and Rose wriggled and sobbed and squirmed uneasily.

    Finally, after about eighteen, she looked back, and striving to control her voice, stammered in a low voice,

    “ Sir, I- I am trying to be humble and obedient and take my punishment, but I would entreat you please to go to bed with me and spare me any more whipping.”

    He paused, the paddle pressed over the base of both her tightly snugged bottomcheeks, and finally responded, “ I almost would prefer whipping you, but I cannot be so ungallant as to refuse so charming an invitation. Very well, Go bring me that short handled birch in the corner and come to me on the couch.”

    “ Ohh, sir!” Rose wailed, clasping her hands in prayer before him,

    “ Is that your idea of docility?” he ironically quipped and the frantic beauty hurried to procure the birch, her lovely naked bosom bobbing and jiggling as she ran.

    Stripping naked, he lay down on the couch and took up the scissors; then, as she timidly approached, birch in trembling hand, he ordered her to stand with straddled legs before him and hold her breath whilst he snipped away at the place between her legs till the swollen lips of her virgin secret gaped before him.

    Taking the birch, he ordered her to get over him, and, reaching over her, applied two or three quick little cuts over her squirming bottom. When she sobbed out for mercy, he replied, “ I am preparing you to be had, so stop your caterwauling before I really decide to flog you instead of have you, Miss Rose,” which quieted her supplications at once.

    Directing her hold to place herself so as to engage his rampant shaft with her tender gaping fissure, Mr. Cameron made her sink down till his fierce rigidity broke through her tender barrier, and, grabbing her, pulling her down atop and over him, locking his left arm round her waist whilst he flicked and swished the short birch over her drawers- sheathed posterior. Thus between two fires, the lovely captive did not take long in squirming and moaning as she experienced the deep penetration of his lance, and the smarting of the rod over her tender backside forced her to gyrate and wriggle in the most salacious way, which heightened his lust and, in due course, brought her to swooning surrender.

    As he neared climax, he applied a furious slash over the base of her bottom that drew a cry of pain, and he drowned it with a sucking kiss whilst holding her tight to him, and shot his bubbling seed deep into her womb, at which Rose, feeling her floodgates ease, merged to him with a moaning cry of tortured ecstasy. And thus Mr. Cameron subjugated a beautiful young rebel and made her his willing, acquiescent loveslave…

    Chapter Seven

    One could not, unless one were indeed a carping and demanding person, expect more of life than Mr. Charles Cameron had derived from it in the short year and few months since Maude Rivers had descended from the train in the little railway station at Rushton. Affluent, with a monthly revenue of tuition fees from the parents and relatives of the young ladies enrolled in his own private school; paid, indeed, for the joys of subjecting many of those charming enrollees to the lascivious ordeal of birch and cane and spanker, his eyes free to gaze upon their most secret charms; and endowed with virility that made him lord and master of not only two beautiful nieces, Maude and Alice, but two new protйgйes Rose and Nellie, to say nothing of Miss Norah Byron, one would suppose that no fly marred the ointment of his reveries.

    Alas, it did. A bold, opportunistic male such as the retired advocate found that when a challenge was issued and not met and conquered, he felt unsuccessful, and thus it was that his annoyance mounted at the fact that the Misses Medbury and Davis, after four months had gone by in their positions as instructresses of the older girls, had steadfastly refused to submit any naughty girl on their Friday report lists which would have made chastisement obligatory for such a culprit.

    When he casually remarked about this, both handsome young women gave him to understand that they did not endorse corporal punishment as the proper modus operandi for young ladies of eighteen and older, and that they would not unjustly sentence any of their pupils to such a barbarous punishment simply to accede to his own theory that such discipline was valid.

    This defiance to his wishes naturally irritated Charles Cameron, and it had the adverse effect upon him of turning his spleen directly upon the two mature instructresses who had deprived him of the expected pleasures of witnessing the castigation of the loveliest and ripest members of the school.

    Nancy Medbury’ s buxom beauty had already caught his practised eye, and it was upon her that he determined finally to undertake a project that would not only change her dogmatic views on the subject of corporal punishment but also possibly furnish him with still another inamorata.

    He therefore had Alice convey to dazzlingly lovely, shy Miss Norah Byron- whose maidenhead he had already pilfered- his wish to see her in his study on a Thursday evening early in January, and when the blushing brownette presented herself, anxiously worrying whether her conduct in the past few months had drawn any menace of mortifying retribution upon her- like that with Charlene Davidson which had cost her her virginity, though it must also be admitted that voluptuous, submissive Miss Byron secretly longed for her virile and stern executioner to master her again, which he had not yet done.

    As she stood before him with hands clasped, face downcast and demurely blushing, he contemplated with obvious relish, telling himself that he had neglected her since that memorable occasion. So, puffing at his cheroot, he began, “ Norah, I have excellent reports of your studies and deportment from Miss Medbury of late, and I am well satisfied with you.”

    “ Oh, thank you, sir!”

    “ You will recall, however, I am sure, that your flagrant wickedness on an occasion we shall not again allude to, brought you into the orbit of my displeasure,” he shyly added, rewarded by her gasp and deeper blush.

    “ Y- yes… s… sir- I- I haven’ t- d- done that again, not ever again, s- sir,” she quavered.

    “ I am sure you haven’ t. But I wish to draw you into my private confidences, Norah, for you can be of assistance to me, and I shall not be ungrateful if you engage your cooperation to the task I have in mind.”

    “ Oh, sir- I- I am very flattered that you should express any wish for my humble aid,” she charmingly retorted, twisting her fingers this way and that and looking very demure indeed.

    He guessed that the reticent minx’ s latent sensuality, whetted by her earlier attempts in the lists of Sappho, had been roused to fullblown ardor by her one surrender to the opposite sex- which, had, of course, been himself- and that she inwardly longed to make again the acquaintance of his animal vitality. Nothing loath in the least, he beckoned her to sit on his knee, and, chucking her under the chin and kissing her satiny white cheek, whispered to her what was foremost in his thoughts.

    “ Ohh sir!” Norah Byron breathed, scandalized, as she stared at him with those incredibly big, humid brown eyes and her thick long curly lashes fluttered like the wings of a butterfly in flight, “ but I should never dare to do a wicked thing like that! B- besides, Miss Medbury would suspect and-”

    “ She will suspect nothing because it will be done adroitly. She has offended me, for reasons that need not be in your ken, Norah my dear, and suffice it to say that your playing this little comedy role will put her in my powers to avenge the disobedience she has shown in fulfilling her station at any school,” he sententiously declaimed. “ Of course, Norah, if you refuse this favor, I shall not intervene when Miss Medbury puts you on her demerit list, and my nieces will not be inclined to leniency in your case either. In fact,” he added with a knowing wink,” Miss Birchington mentioned to me only the other evening that you are not overly tidy in keeping your section of your dormitory quarters neat and clean, and she has the authority, as you know, to have you report on a Friday afternoon for a good smacking with the tawse or a flogging with the birch.”

    At this, Norah turned all colors of the rainbow and hastily agreed to do whatever he asked if only he would spare her from the pain and shame of being thrashed, and so the wily Mr. Cameron, soothing her fears with sly kisses, began to fondle her bosom, until in a few moments Norah Byron was lulled into an ecstatic passiveness whereby she made no outcry as he undid the buttons of her blouse and began to feel her naked bosom under the camisole. In a few more moments, indeed, she was reduced to hose, garters and pumps, whilst he doffed his garments and Norah uttered a faint cry of inarticulate excitement when she beheld his massive virility readied for the task of allaying her final doubts.

    “ Oh, d… don’ t h- hurt me, s- sir,” she moaned as he carried her over to a leather- padded couch and laid her gently down, then clambered beside her, and with an arm under her shoulders, began to stroke her belly and thighs, whilst his lips savoringly kissed the turrets of those panting creamy breasts of hers which had excited such admiration that first time when she had paid the price for naughtiness in the linen closet with Charlene Davidson.

    “ Of course I shan’ t hurt you, pet,” he murmured huskily, as he took one of her slim hands and guided it towards his rigid organ, forcing her to fondle and squeeze it as he sucked each of her turgifying nipple- buds in turn and further caressed her belly and the furry niche below it with his other hand till he perceived from the moistness his hand encountered that the shy and beautiful Miss Norah Byron was being drawn towards carnal pitch.

    Now, his lips sealing hers to quiet any dissent, he mounted atop her and made her little hand guide his fierce weapon towards the secret sheath of her Venus, and in a moment was delved to the hilt within her tight chasm, causing the naked young beauty a near- crisis of tumultuous nerves and moans and sighs and cooing gasps. She linked her creamy arms round his neck, and, thus joined, Mr. Cameron and Norah Byron began a journeying to Cythera whose shores were lengthily reached and which at last brought the naked love- slave to the very brink of ecstasy. Her quaking rapture synchronized with his, and his molten gush inundated the tight passageway, drawing from her a wild cry of expiring bliss as he sank down on her heaving white bosom and gripped the squirming cheeks of her bottom, murmuring, “ Isn’ t this better than being birched, Norah darling?” to which the fainting girl moaned back, “ Ohh- ahh- oh, yes- yes, Mr. Cameron!”

    Fondling and caressing the swooning naked girl, Mr. Cameron felt himself renewed in vigor, and this time cajoled the blushing Norah Byron to crouch on all fours on the couch, whilst with the tip of a forefinger he titillated the lodestone of her very being.

    Wriggling captiously, Norah moaned her pleasure, swiftly forgetting her innate shyness under the powerful onus of his masterful lovemaking, and before long her furious waves of desire began to mount, manifesting themselves in convulsive lurchings of her creamy buttocks and the twitching of those soft moist pink labia which peeped through the thicket of dark brown lovecurls at the apex of her trembling thighs. The contrast of her black silk hose and the creamy warm velvet- smoothness of her naked skin intoxicated Mr. Cameron, and he felt himself mammoth and replenished in vigor to the task of taking his place behind her, and, reaching to cup her pendant breasts, squeezing them deliciously as he probed to find the moist pink core of her body and inserting himself, whereupon with a single vigorous thrust he burrowed to the very end of his weapon in her scabbard. No longer passive, the naked brownette clenched her arms and thighs round her virile mature lover- master, and held to him for dear life as he foraged lingeringly in her love- citadel till once more her amorous tides were shatteringly swept up on the beach of bliss. And when at last Norah Byron crept out of his private chamber, her cheeks aglow and her bosom and thighs tingling from the after- glow of rapture, she was a determined convert to his ideology- which was to involve Miss Nancy Medbury in so critical and perilous a situation that she could not successful extricate herself from it…

    That next morning, Mr. Cameron sent a message to Miss Nancy Medbury, asking if she might see her way clear to staying that evening till Saturday noon at the school, as he wished to discuss the possibility of her taking extra pupils for special tutelage, which would of course garner her more earnings. He had had, he intimated, requests from some of the parents to give their daughters or nieces special and private courses to help them catch up so they might go on to an accredited college after leaving his school. Miss Medbury sent back word by Alice that she would be willing to remain in Rushton, provided he could arrange transportation back to her home the next early afternoon.

    She dined with him, Alice and Maude, and his conversation dealt entirely with the new arrangement- which was, to be sure, fictitious, his only purpose for having had her remain overnight at the end of the week being to entrap her, as we shall see.

    Miss Nancy Medbury was extremely fetching in her black silk gown with lace fichu at her elegant rounded creamy throat, its bodice modestly cut over her highset, widely spaced round breasts, and its cut also lined the glories of her ample yet classically proportioned hips and contrastingly slender, supple waist, in the manner of the true Grecian amphora. This analogy, moreover, fitted Mr. Cameron’ s classical tastes exactly, because an amphora is a receptacle, and so, to his way of thinking, were all women.

    The meal over, Mr. Cameron escorted Miss Medbury to the guest room on the first floor at the back near the kitchen, trusted that she would be comfortable and want for nothing, and then he and his nieces retired- to prepare the tragi- comic scene which was to be enacted for the purpose of victimizing the auburn- haired instructress into total capitulation to his lustful purposes.

    At about eleven that night, when the house was quiet, a key turned in the lock of the front door, and Nora Byron tiptoed in, wearing a filmy silk nightie that descended to her lower calves, her slippers, and a sturdy coat which Mr. Cameron had lent her to keep off the chill. She made her way towards the guest room at the back, discarding the coat on an armchair in the living room, and crept to the door of the room occupied by Miss Medbury, who was fast asleep.

    Maude, who had been posted as vigilant surveillante, espied Norah’ s entry and made her way to Mr. Cameron’ s private chambers to notify him that the stage was set and that it awaited but Miss Byron’ s signal to commence the dramatic mise- en- scene which would achieve the exact tableau that he would require in order to bring off his sly little coup.

    Norah Byron crept towards the bed on which the auburn- haired beauty reposed, hoisted her nightie up above her waist, exposing the furry garland of her mount of Venus, and then stealthily crept into bed beside the sleeping young woman. Maude waited at the top of the stairs.

    Presently Nancy Medbury sighed and turned slowly over till she faced the breathless Norah. Tentatively, in her torpor, she put out a hand and encountered Norah’ s creamy bare thigh, and this was the exact instant that Norah let out a cry of “ Oh please don’ t do that to me, Miss Medbury, I’ m a good girl, I wouldn’ t dare to be so shameless! Please!”

    Roused by this unexpected noisy clamor, Nancy Medbury blinked her eyes, then uttered a gasp and sat up. “ What’ s the meaning of this? Who are you?” she gasped indignantly.

    “ Keep away- oh, you oughtn’ t to have told me to come here to your bed, Miss Medbury,” Norah was an amateur actress but her enthusiasm made up for her deficiencies in emotional depth portrayal. She shrank back, fending off the pretended “ advances” of her instructress with a trembling hand. “ Please let me go back to the dormitory!”

    At this exact instant, the lights were turned on by Maude, who wore her dressing gown over her nightie, and Nancy Medbury blanched with horror to see Charles Cameron and Alice standing there on the threshold staring at her with grave accusation in their eyes.

    “ What is the meaning of this, Miss Medbury?” Charles Cameron sternly demanded. Arms folded across his chest, he looked the very portrait of the righteous avenging angel, handsome and sober in suspended judgment over the flagrant errors of a mortal with feet of clay. In dressing robe over nightshirt and slippers, he managed to fulfill, to the astounded, confused and scarlet- visaged auburnhaired instructress- who wore a filmy nightgown which, though lowering to her ankles, nonetheless was nearly diaphanous- the role of patriarchal arbiter.

    “ Sir, I assure you I’ m as dumbfounded as you,” Miss Nancy Medbury began. “ I was sound asleep when all of a sudden this girl began to cry out and woke me- and then you and your nieces entered the room. I wish explanation as much as you- why, Norah Byron- you are in my class, of course, I do not comprehend this at all, Mr. Cameron. What is this girl doing out her dormitory in my room?”

    “ Why as to that Miss Medbury,” he silkily responded, “ I think you might better have an answer than I- even though it is one that fills me with distaste and consternation.”

    “ Sir!” the beautiful buxom young woman stiffened, eyes very wide and angry now, “ what do you mean by that remark?”

    He shrugged, “ Before my nieces, I hesitate to spell it out, Miss Medbury. But it seems obvious to me.”

    “ Sir, what- what you are implying?” Nancy Medbury’ s face was taut with frantic indignation. As for Norah Byron, consummate actress that she had become, she huddled to one side of the bed, burying her face in her hands- but let her uprucked nightie remain immodestly baring the smooth lovely columns of her quivering thighs and the furry oasis of her lovegroove, which Mr. Cameron did not miss glancing at in his contemplation of the scandalized Miss Medbury.

    “ That you and this naughty young vixen have had an assignation,” he resumed calmly, “ and that you sought to compel her to despicable practices which thwarted females use as simulation of the joys of heterosexual relationship.”

    “ Ohh! This is too much! You have no right to say such a thing to me, sir! I am betrothed and a decent girl. I have never in all my life-” the auburn- haired instructress expostulated. But Norah Byron, sniffling now, faltered, “ Oh, Mr. Cameron, she told me I had to come here in secret, or else she’ d report me for a Friday birching. And then when I got into bed, she- she made overtures to me-”

    “ Why, you little liar!” heatedly cried Nancy Medbury, turning on the cowering brownette, her eyes flashing righteous anger.

    “ Disgraceful, Uncle,” Alice hypocritically shook her head with a long face. “ Miss Medbury must leave our school at once! And it is unthinkable that she be allowed to teach anywhere else in England, lest she corrupt the morals of those innocent girls under her charge.”

    “ Oh- you- all of you- you must be insane, to take the word of this little liar, this daydreaming, simpering creature,” Nancy Medbury looked at Alice, then Maude, then Mr. Cameron, as if unable to believe the testimony of her ears.

    “ I am very much afraid, Miss Medbury,” he retorted calmly,” that the evidence is against you, for all your attempts to bluster it out. Miss Byron would have no reason to make such a calamitous accusation against you if there were not a modicum of truth in it. I shall have to dismiss you with a letter stating that you are being discharged on grounds of moral turpitude, Miss Medbury.”

    Now the thoroughly frightened auburn- haired beauty climbed out of bed and, heedless that she was clad only in a nightgown, clasped her hands and earnestly besought Mr. Cameron to reconsider: “ Oh, sir, never in all the world can such a thing be thought of me. I love a fine young man, and I am chaste, and such an ugly thing as I am accused of is unthinkable to my nature. But do not ruin my character, sir, for that is what would happen if you took the word of this infamous creature and blackened me unjustly. I beg you to reconsider!”

    “ I cannot,” he shook his head. “ Your only hope is to throw yourself on my mercy, to take a punishment which befits such heinous behavior, and to remain on probation in the hope that I will decide to give you another chance, but one wherein you will not be exposed to such carnal temptations.”

    “ Oh, anything in God’ s own name,” Nancy Medbury was nearly hysterical with shame now, “ if only you won’ t dismiss me without a character!”

    “ If I decide to quiet Miss Byron’ s charge against you and change you to the teaching of the youngest group, which Miss Cameron now undertakes, will you accept punishment humbly and retain your position here, Miss Medbury?” he asked.

    Nancy Medbury bit her lips, lowered her eyes, then nodded, color flooding her creamy cheeks. “ Yes, sir,” she murmured in a low, dull voice.

    “ Very well. Maude, take Miss Byron back to her dormitory. As for you, my girl, if I hear from either of my nieces that you have been indiscreet enough to repeat a word of what has been said here in this room tonight, you shall repent it over the birching horse before the entire school. You are warned, Miss Byron!”

    He pointed an accusing forefinger at the brownette, who promptly cringed and shook her head, promising that she would die under stringent tortures rather than let a word slip past her sealed lips. Maude, seizing her by an elbow, scolding her like an angry maternal custodian, slapped her bottom and hurried her out of the house. Once outside, Maude giggled, kissed the blushing accomplice to this little drama and whispered, “ Now for being so helpful, you shall hide in the Snuggery and watch Miss Medbury’ s punishment.”

    “ Oooh, Miss Cameron, whatever is he going to do to her?”

    “ I should rather think that Miss Medbury’ s big backside is going to feel what yours did that time I caught you with Charlene,” Maude twitted, and Norah Byron blushed disconcertingly at the reminder.

    The pair hastened in to the school building and went directly to the gym, hiding themselves in the little shed with its one- way glass through which they could see all without being seen.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Cameron exhorted Alice to take charge of the shamefaced, silent Nancy Medbury and lead her to the gymnasium. He had not yet specifically detailed what her “ punishment” was to be, but just before entering the gym, the creamy skinned redhead faltered, “ S- sir- I beg you to enlighten me on what I am to suffer by way of unjust chastisement so that this infamous and untrue charge can be dropped and my name expunged of wrongdoing?”

    “ I propose to subject you, Miss Medbury, to the kind of punishment I should give Miss Byron or any of the girls of my school found guilty of such wrongdoing,” was his reply.

    Nancy Medbury halted, eyes huge with incredulity. “ Sir- you cannot be serious- I cannot believe- oh no, it is impossible!”

    “ What is impossible?”

    “ That- you mean to say- you intend- I- I-” words failed her, choking in her throat, and she could only stare at him, bemused and aghast.

    “ I intend, Miss Medbury,” was his succinct answer, “ to strap you to the triangle, lay bare your bottom and inflict on it a thorough birching!”

    “ Oh noo! I will not submit to any such indecent, infamous, degrading treatment as that! I would rather be expelled!” she cried.

    “ Too late. Alice, help me with this obstinate young woman,” he called, as Nancy Medbury turned and tried to flee.

    In vain; Alice gleefully caught her by a wrist, doubling it behind the victim’ s back so that Nancy Medbury had to bend over, whereupon Mr. Cameron, seizing the other wrist, dragged her along to the triangle- he had recently had a counterpart of the one in his cellar installed in the gym, finding, from his earlier sйances with Rose and Nellie, how efficacious such an apparatus was in positioning the nether parts of the female body for the rod, as well as more intimate attentions.

    And, despite her cries, threats, kicks and lunging twists, beautiful mature Nancy Medbury soon found herself with her wrists corded and tied to the ring at the peak of the triangle, her ankles corded fully a yard apart to the lower legs of the apparatus, and her lush forms snugly delineated by the cling of the filmy nightie which was her only covering.

    “ Now then, Miss Medbury,” Mr. Cameron gloatingly announced as he walked around to study her writhing forms, especially noting the thick triangular patch of dark red maidenhair which was visible at the peak of her straddled thighs through the thin sheer fabric, “ you are about to suffer the indignity of having your naked bottom feel the caresses of a birch. You who have refused to place naughty pupils on report, shall now decide for yourself how ameliorative a remedy the birch can be when inflicted on the bottom of so mature a person as yourself. Alice, prepare her!”

    “ Gladly, Uncle dear,” cooed Alice, stepping forward, putting her fingers on the neck of the nightie, and with a single violent ripping tug, tearing it off the creamy body stretched on the triangle. A shriek of supreme shame rose at once, and Nancy Medbury made frenzied efforts to clench her thighs together. “Oh God! Not this way! Not all naked in front of a man, oh spare me that at least!” she cried desperately.

    “ Since the thought of exposing yourself to a man shames you, where the notion of going to bed with an impressionable young girl obviously did not, Miss Medbury, I shall blindfold you, that you will not behold me as your executioner,” he retorted, and Alice at once bound a black bandanna over Nancy Medbury’ s staring, tear- drowned gray- green eyes.

    He stood back to contemplate her magnificent creamy nakedness; her thighs were full and womanly, rising from breathtakingly sleek, round calves, to merge at last into the succulent, ripe, rounded hemispheres of an elastic bottom that intoxicated every flagellatory instinct in his being. A broadly sinuous ambery crevice parted the globes, which by reflexive instinct poor Miss Medbury tried to close by contracting all her muscles in a useless defense.

    At his sign, Alice slowly ran her right palm over those huddling, satiny white globes, and Nancy Medbury, believing it was his hand which thus defamed her virtue, broke down and tearfully implored pardon.

    “ Not till you have been humbled and well smacked and thrashed, Miss Nancy,” he chuckled. “ First, I am going to prepare your big immodest backside with a sound handsmacking.” At this, he nodded, and Alice, sucking in her breath with anticipatory relish, proceeded to deliver a furious, noisy slap to the right bottom cheek which left a flaming imprint of her slim hand and drew a cry of rage and shame from the mature captive. A second spank equally energetic, left a bright outline on the other globe, and Nancy Medbury, grinding her teeth, lifting up her blindfolded face, jerked madly at her tractioned wrists, whilst Alice, watching her uncle’ s sign, continued a slow, deliberate smacking, counting aloud and keeping up the pretense that her uncle was in fact administering this humiliating juvenile punishment by remarking, between slaps, “ That’ s seven, Uncle! My, what a tender skin Miss Medbury has! What will it be like when the birch starts to fall over it, I wonder?”

    A pause after twenty such slaps, while the naked captive groaned and wriggled, and then Mr. Cameron stepped stealthily into Alice’ s place and resumed with a vigorous slap that set both cheeks dancing and jiggling as Nancy Medbury lunged forward with a shrill cry of pain: “ Ohh, stop, you are hurting me, sir!”

    “ It must hurt, or the lesson is wasted,” he retorted, adding another slap in the same place that drew an even wilder cry and gyration.

    By forty smacks, Nancy Medbury’ s plump firm bottom was a uniformly angry red, and tears of pain as well as supreme mortification were streaming down her face. Alice brought her uncle the birch, and helped him cast off dressing robe and nightshirt, so that he stood naked in slippers. Then, sadistically she brought a long heron’ s plume and, kneeling down between the captive’ s yawning creamy legs, applied the tip to the thickly furred grotto of Miss Nancy Medbury’ s maiden mount.

    “ Ohh! What are you doing to me?Oh, Sir, I implore you, whip me if you must, but spare me that shameful and odious touching- ohh no! Dont, oh my God, I shall die of shame!” she shrieked, lunging this way and that to escape the sly twirling and grazing of the plume. Meanwhile, behind her, unbeknownst to her, Mr. Cameron, his organ in a fine state of furious tribute to the luscious nakedness before him, drew back a thick, flexible birch and brought it down with a whistling hiss across the ripest curves of both naked discolored bottomglobes. With a yell of agony, Nancy Medbury jerked forward, and Alice delved the feather deep between the plump soft twitching corals of the instructress’ s lovecore. Desperately jerking back, she offered her inflamed bottom to the birch, which magisterially decorated the lower summits with a thudding cut, and once again the choreography of forward- back, forward- back, was repeated as, timing Miss Medbury’ s convulsive wrigglings and lungings, Mr. Cameron slashed at her burning backside with his birch to force her onto Alice’ s feather.

    “ Ohh- ahrr- ahh my God, I cannot endure such torture- oh, stop birching me Mr. Cameron, I beseech you-” Swishh- thuck-“ Ahhaiiiiahrr! Ohh, no more, no more, have pity, I shall surely die-” Swishhthuck- swishthuck-“ Ohh- ahhrr- aiiouuuuuu! Mercy, oh, I will do anything in the world if you’ ll put that dreadful birch down and let me go, sir- ohh, I am torn and bleeding, I am dying, ohh, the pain!”

    Swishhthuck- swishthuck-“ You are not dying, and your energetic movements and loud voice amply evidence that fact, Miss Medbury-” Swishhthuck-

    “ Eaahrr- ohh, have mercy on me, I’ m only a poor woman, my flesh cannot stand such torture- enough, enough- what must I do to have you stop?”

    As he paused, panting with lust from the magnificent sight of her contortions, the flaming, fiery- striped cheeks of her behind in constant mobile play, Alice insidiously began to flick the tip of the plume over the palpitating plump lovecurls of the victim’ s virginal slit, and Nancy Medbury moaned and sobbed, unconsciously squirming from side to side as even in the midst of the intolerable burning of her bottom, certain indefinable sensations began to rise in her maidenly loins.

    “ Perhaps you yourself will find the answer,” he roguishly suggested as he patted her plump bottom, and sent a vicious swishing cut across the upper hipslopes.

    “ Aaahrr! Ohh God, whatever do you mean? Oh, have pity- you are tearing the skin off my poor behind,” Nancy Medbury wailed as she twisted and lunged this way and that.

    “ If I were in your place, Nancy,” whispered Alice, staring up greedily at the jerking bare deep- naveled belly and the flexing cords along Nancy Medbury’ s beautiful velvety- creamy inner thighs, “ I shall beg Mr. Cameron to spare me the birch and go to bed with me instead. I surely would, were I in your situation!”

    “Oohh noo!” Nancy Medbury cried out in sobbing horror, but the birch lowered to flick up between her straddled bare legs, and a wild shriek, “ Ohh not there, oh my God in Heaven, not that, pardon, pardon, have mercy!” was wrested from her.

    “ Go ahead, Nancy before he gets very wroth with you,” Alice perfidiously suggested, as she quickened her ticklings with the feather, first running the plume along the shivering inner thighs, then boldly attacking the now pouting and suspiciously moist rosy labia of Nancy Medbury’ s virgin center.

    “ Oooh- ahh- ohh, don’ t do that, sir- ohh, my God- g- give me time to think- I never have- not even with B- Ben- ohh God, forgive me, but I- Ahrr! Oh not the birch again, oh not on

    my poor raw bottom!” Swishhthuck-“ Ohh not there pleeeeease, oh not between my legs, mercy, yes, ahrr, yes, yes, I submit! Mr. Cameron, take me and spare me any more, oh I cannot stand the suffering!” as a pair of cuts danced first over her bottom, then, as the rod lowered to the floor, leaped up between her straining naked thighs to attack the tenderest niche of all.

    “ Do I understand, Miss Medbury, that you are asking me to have you, as a man has a woman?” he paused, laying the thick but flexible birch straight across the broadest part of her violently striped, inflamed bare backside.

    “ Oh yes!Please take me! Oh don’t whip me again! Take me, Mr. Cameron! I want you to have me and stop birching meee!” shrilled the auburn- haired captive.

    “ Such wantonness almost calls for a far more severe birching. But I shall take pity on you, Miss Medbury, and show you that pleasure with a man is to be preferred with the pallid, secretive joys stolen in the disgraceful bed of two females together,” he unctuously decreed.

    With this, standing facing her, an arm round the small of her back, Mr. Cameron prodded her virgin threshold with his rigid spear, and Nancy Medbury, moaning in shame, instinctively wriggled back, only to be met with a solid crack from a battledore paddle Alice had taken up. With a cry, she lunged back to her fate, and Mr. Cameron, thrusting adeptly, felt himself sheathed between her squirming naked legs and breaking through the not overly tight resistance to all bliss. Now, greedily exulting in his conquest of her tight womb, he pressed onward to the last length of his lance, while inarticulate whimpers and groans and sobs escaped the frantic blindfolded victim.

    But he steeled himself to make this conquest a long and enormously satisfying one with this mature naked beauty, whose body excited him and whose clenching lovewalls gripped his manrod with a fierce mobility that heightened his pleasure.

    Soon, being young and healthy and endowed with an ardent nature, Nancy Medbury began to groan in a way that suggested she was experiencing pleasure in the midst of the burning torment of the birch, and, gripping her inflamed bottomcheeks with both hands, he held on for dear life, as it were, and fulminatingly possessed her.

    After he had withdrawn, Alice went to work again with her plume, titillating the ravaged nook till the lovelips pouted and twitched with desire, and then Mr. Cameron, replenished by the sight, returned to the delicious tight vista he had just quitted. And this time, swooning in her bliss, Miss Nancy Medbury eagerly joined with him in wriggling and arching till both of them experienced that indefinable and endless joy without which the lot of man and womankind would be dull indeed upon this terrestrial sphere…

    Chapter The Last

    It was strange to see, a week later, Miss Nancy Medbury in the class Maude had formerly taught, the latter being elevated to the group of eighteen and nineteen- year- olds. And was equally strange, that next Friday, to find no fewer than four pupils- including Charlene Davidson and the attractive plump Miss Bell- waiting their doleful turns in line in the gym to be soundly smacked and birched across the dome or over Mr. Cameron’ s lap. And strangest of all was the fact that Miss Medbury herself, clad only in a dressing gown, impatiently awaited Mr. Cameron in the Snuggery after he had whetted his appetites for her ardent and mature charms by smacking or birching some fair young penitent’ s bottom.

    It was Nancy Medbury herself who, a month later, whilst lying naked in his arms in his own bedchamber, teasingly proposed to aid him in bringing Miss Alma Davis to the same ignominious and salacious pass as that which she herself had come to.

    Needless to say, Mr. Cameron, overjoyed by her ardor and acquiescence, eagerly accepted her offer of assistance in bringing about the downfall of the bespectacled tawny skinned brownette. And the next Thursday evening, Nancy persuaded her older colleague in pedantry and scholastics to help her correct term papers.

    Unsuspecting, Alma Davis agreed. At their disposal, Mr. Cameron had placed a luxuriously appointed private room on the second floor of the school, to the opposite end of the gymnasium and just beyond the girls’ dormitory. In robe with camisole beneath, Nancy Medbury regaled the lovely brownette with stories of London, which she had often visited- Miss Davis had visited it but once- and persuaded the young woman to prepare for the night. Alma Davis blushingly retired to the private washroom adjoining and presently emerged in her nightshirt and robe. Nancy thereupon led the conversation to the loveliness of the female body, much to Alma’ s blushing discomfiture, and then proposed that they should compare their charms side by side in the mirror.

    Having cast of her few garments, Nancy stood proudly naked, and Alma Davis was overwhelmed with blushes to behold the lusciously curved symmetry of that beautiful body. Timidly she at last removed her own nightshift and robe and stood naked, a magnificent tawny skinned houri with spectacles making her the more piquantly enticing. Her small apple- like breasts with their wide dusky coral aureoles were in breathtaking contrast to the ample, surging hips which comprised two tightly spaced round upstanding hillocks of Callipygian beauty. Nancy exclaimed admiringly, and, moving subtly closer, began to caress Alma’ s bosom and hips, much to the latter’ s horrified confusion. At this moment, Alice, who had been stationed outside and eavesdropped, broke into the room and accused both women of being addicted to Sapphic practises. In vain did poor Alma protest and huddle behind her hastily retrieved robe. Mr. Cameron and Maude now entered, lectured both blushing beauties on their sinfulness, and condemned them to be soundly birched together on the triangle.

    Led off to the gym, both naked instructresses were soon tied with arms aloft and thighs straddled hugely, facing each other. And whilst Alice took charge of flogging Nancy’ s creamy backside, Mr. Cameron, choosing a thin whippy cane, patted Alma Davis’ s tawny- sheened behind and bade her get ready for a serious thrashing.

    Under Alice’ s light, quick cuts with the rod, Nancy Medbury arched and squirmed herself against her companion’ s loins, while Mr. Cameron, slowly choosing a fresh spot, patted Alma’ s bottom with the cane, then whistled it over the wriggling bottomcheeks, drawing piteous cries and tears in short order. By the time the twelfth cut had left its vivid imprint over the base of that beautiful full bottom, Alma was hysterically beseeching mercy.

    “ Shameless hussy, yet you continue to flaunt your sinful ways before Mr. Cameron- look at her, Uncle Charles, see how she tries to relieve herself from the smart of the cane by rubbing against Nancy’ s loins,” Alice pointed out.

    The cane swept fiercely over Alma Davis’ left buttock, eliciting a shriek of agony and the babbling admission: “ Aiii! Oh I can’t help myself! Oh Mr. Cameron,untie me and I will do whatever you ask, but only have mercy on me!”

    “ If I take you down, you will go to bed with me?” he pursued, patting her bottomsummits with the cane. Alma Davis nodded, bursting into sobs. Untied then, she huddled in his arms as he led her to the leather- padded couch and there compelled her to accept him as her lover.

    While she watched, Nancy, breathless, eyes shining, squirmed under Alice’ s teasing cuts with the birch, till Alma Davis expired with bliss in Mr. Cameron’ s arms. And then it was her turn to lie in his arms on the couch, while Alma sobbingly insisting on revenge, made Mr. Cameron accept Nancy atop him so that she, Alma, could birch Nancy’ s bottom, for Mr. Cameron had just whispered to Alma how he had had Nancy help deceive her.

    Thus did Charles Cameron pursue his pleasures, and to this date, so far as may be reasonably conjectured, his are the greater, thanks to the cooperation of his two mature instructresses, who having themselves been converted to a passion for voluptuous fustigation, see to it that his wish to watch pupils of all ages and maturity bared and thrashed is carried out.

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