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    Pierre le Valle

    The Pleasures of Bankruptcy

    Chapter I

    “You can easily see for yourself how I am situated, Mr. Freeman! I am perfectly solvent-if I could only collect the money owing to me. Business is bad just now, of course but it always has this time of year and I would really have no good reason for any complaint if only I could obtain what is due to me-for the lovely gowns and fine lingerie that I sell… to cover the beautiful, soft bodies of women and girls who never seem to give me or their overdue bills the least thought.”

    “Yes-to be sure… I understand that well enough.”

    The graying, heavy set man who sat beside Mrs. Rose Bolton at her office desk moistened his lips unconsciously and stirred vaguely in his chair as he listened to her final sentences.

    “Certainly,” he said — in a tone which caused Mrs. Bolton to raise her shapely, well poised head and glance at him in an enquiring manner. “Of course… lovely-feminine bodies must have rich, beautiful coverings-but not at the expense of a person like yourself, who is struggling to make a living by providing all this… er… underwear and all that.”

    “It never before struck me, Mrs. Bolton-but I suppose that the lingerie, panties, chemises, etc, are a far from negligible part of your business. I see these marvelous gowns in your showrooms, but I had not considered that these more intimate garments are also a specialty of the shop also-eh?”

    Even though Mrs. Bolton had noted an unusual inflection in the voice of her wealthy landlord as he referred to these articles of apparel usually hidden from view, the words in themselves had no particular reason to shock a woman who was in the business of selling these things daily. So her attractive coloring was not heightened by even a shade as she nodded assent with a smile.

    “Oh, yes…” she assured him. “We create gossamer thin garments of all kinds of — clothing the young aristocracy from the skin out… and it is amazing as well at very annoying to find how many of them are either reluctant or unable to pay their bills. It is as a result of this that I find myself compelled to postpone paying you the rent which has been long overdue. I have already explained to your agent… but perhaps you would care to look at my books and see for yourself exactly how I stand at the present time?”

    Mr. Freeman bent above the volumes she laid open on the desk before him-but it was with unseeing eyes that he regarded them. He seemed oddly indisposed to abandon the… to her… unimportant topic she had launched.

    “You-you build these undergarments right upon the bodies… which are to wear them?” he queried. “They are tried on-fitted to their wearers-just as you do with gowns and such things? These rooms of yours must have seen some delicious sights, Mrs. Bolton.”

    The pretty woman looked up at him once more, somewhat startled by his tone. She noted the Bush of color in his face and saw that his gray eyes were turned down- apparently to her lap-although the books to be thus examined were upon the desk.

    The dark green silk of her dress moulded her rounded thighs. The silk had mounted, too, as she sat there-and she realized that both her dimpled knees were well in view. She stirred somewhat embarrassedly and drew the dress downward to cover the bare flesh. And she essayed a laugh.

    “Why… pleasant enough, I suppose,” she said, trying to humor this dangerous creditor even though he was disposed to discuss subjects that were not decorous. “As for 'delicious'-that is hardly the word, is it-considering that only other women and girls could have been here?”

    “Of course…. no men, naturally not…” he replied, and he appeared to emphasize his words rather oddly. Rose Bolton thought. He hesitated a moment, before he resumed in a low and constrained voice:

    “I suppose you realize,” he went on, “that the actual presence would be willingly foregone by some men-pro-riding they could only watch some charming young maid or matron quite unwittingly revealed to them in such- er… suggestive disarray as trying on a chemise or a pair of step-ins.”

    He sighed heavily… in what might have been pity for the vicious instincts of mankind in general. Then he glanced covertly at the woman by his side-who was really flushed and quite startled by this time.

    “Why… some of them would even pay heavily,” he went on. “You have no idea what an attraction it would be to many a well-to-do man.”

    “They would pay with a jail term if they concealed themselves for such a purpose in my establishment,” said Rose firmly.

    Mr. Freeman's mouth hardened a little at her reply.

    “Of course,” he said, “it's only because we're both of us grown up… and friends, I hope-that I have ventured to mention some of the proclivities of hot-blooded males-”

    Rose saw that he had stiffened in some displeasure… and she hastened to be cordial… for this powerful creditor must not be offended-especially at this time when she had such need of his forbearance. So she went very far-for her-in a quick attempt to restore his good humor.

    “I realize,” she murmured, “that you were just warning me of what might occur if I allowed the male escort of some fair visitor-supposed to be awaiting her quite respectably in the main reception room-any opportunity to roam about the dressing rooms to see what he might find…”

    “And I am no child-at thirty-five-to be surprised to hear of such a tendency in mankind. My own experience would lead me to believe it pretty common. I've had, Mr. Freeman, a warm-blooded husband-and another, a very near relative-and the latter especially has given me cause for great concern-and agitation!”

    “Ah! Your young son is visiting in the Middle West, I understand,” said her visitor apropos of nothing, but yet very significantly. “How old is he now?”

    Rose Bolton turned scarlet, and her keen distress was evident in her fine, liquid eyes.

    “Seventeen,” she replied in a low voice. “You-you know too much about the scarcity of my near relations, Mr. Freeman, and I should never have spoken as impulsively as I did-for I might have realized that you would jump to a quick conclusion.”

    “I wouldn't for the world have you think badly of my son Lester. He isn't at all bad really-” she went on fervently. “He's affectionate and fine-natured. But he was alone too much with his young mother-and you may guess more than I did about the blunderings of the newly awakened instincts of a young boy. I realize now that I looked on him as a child too long.”

    “So-what happened-?” enquired the man bluntly and with obvious eagerness. “Don't fear to tell me all about it. You know my friendship and also my reticence. And besides, I might be able to advise you… since you are a widow.”

    “I–I've told no one-I hardly think I could-” she said ashamedly and in a husky voice. “No, really… it would sound much worse than it really was-just his youthful, almost innocent instincts turned, unfortunately, in the only course available-and that a wrong one.”

    “I shall, of course, have to imagine the worst,” said he, firmly. “Since a widowed, healthy young woman is not quite self-controlled sometimes-and since moments will occur when the virile youth at hand will appear as a man rather than as a blood relative.”

    His lips were working, and a shadow of repressed passion passed across his face as he spoke.

    “Ohh… Oh, my God!” stammered the appalled Rose. “How dare you-I mean, who can you… no-no-no!”

    “Well then, why not confide in me?” he said quietly… in the hope that his accusation of the greater evil might draw forth a confession of the lesser… as he had deliberately planned.

    “You know,” he added coaxingly, “I have been a boy too-I suffered the hesitations of puberty-and have reason to recall its blunderings. Really, I think you need a man's advice-instead of banishing the lad from you- as you seem to have done. Tell me-dear lady…”

    She raised her bushing, attractive face once more-startled anew by the almost affectionate appellation from a man she had considered as 'strictly business' and with whom her relations had hitherto been closely confined to business interviews.

    “I–I'm afraid I couldn't-” she faltered uneasily.

    His whole face and attitude hardened at her rebuff and be frowned sharply. “I have no wish to seek unwilling confidence or trust,” he said crisply-and mendaciously. “1 had thought to deserve some-but no matter-”

    Rose did not say-as she might quite truthfully have done-that he had never deserved anything of her except the rent, which he had been paid-and that other rent which was unhappily still due.

    Perturbed by the evident irritation of a man who held her so much in his power that her eviction and business loss could be forced if he so desired-yet overcome by shame at making him her confidante regarding episodes so intimate that she scarcely dared think of them even in solitude-she still hesitated, and then succumbed to what seemed the inevitable.

    The more so when he added with ominous sternness: “Now as regards this rent overdue…”

    “Ohh! Indeed, I'll tell you,” she quavered hurriedly as he paused. “I realise it is a kindly interest that prompts you to wish to know-and that you hope to be helpful. It is only that Lester began to-have too much curiosity about-about my person. At first just little things.”

    “Would it bother you to go into detail-from the very beginning?” he asked-showing her a face which seemed to be full of kindly interest. “I would like to know exactly what occurred. Things that were unimportant in your eyes might be of great significance to me.

    Rose Bolton, with a great effort of self-control, tried to banish the notion that perhaps her landlord was moved by curiosity to hear from her own lips those domestic indecencies which had eventually so alarmed her.

    She simply had to banish it in order to be able to go on at all. Surely Mr. Freeman, hard though he sometimes seemed, really had benevolent thoughts and hoped to be genuinely helpful. In any event, she concluded helplessly that his firmly expressed wish had been equivalent to a command.

    “Lester was only thirteen… a mere child-when his father died,” she murmured. “I had been in the habit of bathing him almost up to that time-you know mothers so often fail to realize or dislike to admit that a child is growing up? I discontinued the practice of bathing him because of — well — rather disturbing symptoms he displayed…”

    “It got stiff-when you touched it?” suggested the man interestedly.

    “Really. Mr. Freeman — ” stammered Rose, blushing hotly, and turning her head away in embarrassment.

    “Oh! We're adults-and either you're telling me-or else you aren't-” he insisted ominously. And as she still remained silent, he rose and reached for his hat and coat.

    “My lawyer,” he began, “will see you tomorrow.”

    It was as curt a threat as possible, and under ordinary conditions Rose's pride would have asserted itself in a flare of contempt. But at the moment she was threatened by the peril of financial ruin-from which this man only could possibly save her.

    “Please don't be angry, Mr. Freeman,” she pleaded. “It is not easy for a mother to speak of such things, as you must know. But try and have patience with me-and I will tell you what…”

    “Quite plainly and simply-without any unnecessary kind of prudery,” he remarked, seating himself once more.

    It was an affirmation which held within itself an order. Rose shivered a little, and paled noticeably. She was not used, in her pride as a young and handsome woman, to just accepting meekly such an attitude as this man's. Then, too, there was no longer any doubt in her mind that it was a lascivious curiosity which prompted him to wish to penetrate her hitherto private life to such an extent.

    Yet — heaven help her — it seemed that she must minister to that seemingly benevolent yet actual perverse and insistent curiosity. It was too late to retreat. She could not afford to pay the price of financial ruin for the privilege of personal reticence.

    “Yes-I will tell you-” she said, swallowing a lump in her throat.

    “Everything-in plain words-not balking like a child at the facts…” were phrases which she heard dimly in his low toned but insistent reply.

    She bowed her finely poised head. She was unable to avoid his meaning-that he wished her narrative to be spiced with a certain crudity-nor could she escape compliance. And all her breeding and refinement merely served to make her task the harder.

    “So you bathed the boy-when he was already thirteen?” prompted Freeman. “Naked, of course. And what had your late husband-the boy's father-to say to that?”

    “He-my husband used to laugh about it,” she faltered. “And he said I was babying Lester too much-that he was too big to be bathed by a woman. Of course he knew there was no thought of intentional indecency in it. But he began asking me queer, disturbing questions about it…”

    “Such as…?” murmured Mr. Freeman, as she paused nervously.


    She swallowed and took the plunge. This man had to be placated, even at the expense of her womanly and motherly instincts.

    “Whether any hair was beginning to grow about his — about Lester's-private parts?” she whispered falteringly. “And whether his soft little-thing… showed any signs of excitement-growing stiff-when I bathed him. And whether I took it in my fingers to wash and dry it — and whether it swelled up and hardened as I handled it? Very embarrassing questions like these… and some others.”

    “And you told him…”

    “I'm afraid I wasn't always candid with my husband about these and a few other episodes,” she confessed. “You see, I fancied there were morbid motives behind his queries…”

    “And another thing-it is hard for a mother to admit that her child is no longer a child-or that he is passing beyond the need of her ministrations and her supervision. So I clung jealously to my prerogatives in regard to Lester's person as well as in other fields. I led Mr. Bolton to believe-by scoffing rather than by direct denials-that Lester remained quite unmoved by my fingering when I washed and dried his body.”

    “I let him think, too, that the boy was always permitted to wash his private parts himself,” she faltered- with downcast eyes.

    “His little tool-his prick and balls?” queried her visitor insistently. In his gray eyes was an imperative order to the dismayed woman to compel her tongue to use words such as she had never before uttered.

    She turned her gaze downward to the twisting fingers in her lap. Her pallor yielded to a rising tide of color. Her tongue hesitated and her enunciation was thick as she forced herself to attempt what the man desired. But at the same time she was conscious, to her amazement and horror, that she thrilled strangely to the necessity of adopting the vocabulary of a chorus girl or prostitute to satisfy the demands of this man who held her in his power.

    Rose felt almost as if she were prostituting herself bodily to his desires as she whispered-so softly that he had to stoop to catch the words:

    “His prick and balls-I used to bathe them myself- but I let his father think that Lester attended to this part of his ablutions. But I did it-and I pretended not to notice when-when his little prick hardened up and expanded and thrust out in pink capped extension,” she said almost casually.

    She raised dark, glazed eyes upwards. And she saw that the man was in a silent, flushed ecstasy as he listened to her.

    Chapter II

    And then this handsome, healthy widow… for years accustomed to think of her sexual life as wholly a thing of the past-in spite of her relative youth — vibrated furiously if ashamedly, in rhythm to the vibration of her libertine tyrant. Her voice grew clearer, ever though it was still tremulous. She cleared her throat that he might hear better. She almost reveled in her shame as she told him…

    “Lester's cock would be persistently stiff when I had finished drying it. There was never anything said about it between us. Though at first he had seemed terribly self-conscious about its notable display whenever he was to be bathed. But as I continued to show a matter of fact attitude regarding his-his hard-ons-he presently lost his shame concerning them, and even seemed to gloat over showing himself before me in this state.”

    “Insistently I told myself that it was a matter over which an affectionate mother need have no concern- that it was just the natural effect of the forces of nature bubbling up in the body of an adolescent, and that my boy-man required more assiduous care from his mother than ever before.”

    “I thought that it would be better to keep him from dwelling too much on these changes in his body-by being or seeming to be-casual and even playful about them. Later, I thought, I could instruct him more fully in the significance of these same carnal manifestations-but not now-oh, not now… while he was still my little baby boy…”

    “I was in error-as I have realized since-” She cleared her throat again-and suddenly started in quick astonishment. Francis Freeman saw that she had at last noticed the evident signs of his own carnal agitation.

    In silence, but breathing hoarsely and with her lovely bosom rising and falling tumultuously. Rose Bolton suddenly clenched her hands upon her lap till the knuckles were white. Here was the undeniable evidence that she was prostituting herself to the desires of the male-that she was touching him with the fingers of her words-just as she had touched a younger male with the fingers of her hand-and in the same regions.

    Snatching her eyes at last from the spectacle which he made no effort to conceal from her, she hurried on with her tale. Her words came stumblingly at times — and ever and again her lovely eyes, drawn by a force stronger than her own will, strayed down surreptitiously for a glance at his nether person-an action which not only delighted but emboldened Freeman.

    “Go on…” he said, as she paused and hesitated- and she said, eyes still downcast:

    “Yes! I blundered. I made the mistake of thinking that all possibility of any real indecencies or even strange impulses were obliterated by the fact that we were mother and youthful son. And we played games-largely of his own invention-after his bath. I was glad to see him so playful and merry, and I introduced my own variations into our innocent frolic.”

    “We wrestled together-I was trying to get him into a good position for a playful spanking, and he laughing and twisting to avoid being placed in that dangerous posture. I was accustomed to be quite lightly clad for the daily baths which I gave him-to which we both looked forward with a secret zest which should have warned me…”

    “If I observed that he seemed to be trying to rub his stiff little prick on my bare arm or leg as we struggled in our play, I would casually take it in my fingers and draw it aside-not rebuking him openly-but thinking that he would realize from my gesture that what he was doing was not quite nice.”

    “Quite frequently I would be wearing only a short chemise beneath my loose kimona or dressing gown- and slippers on my bare feet. Lester's muscles developed so rapidly after his thirteenth birthday that he often managed to pin me down on the bath mat-when he would sometimes find that an expanse of naked thigh or thighs had emerged from under my wrap and was available for that friction of his rigid little staff which so delighted him…”

    “These contacts-it becomes clearer to me now as I tell it to you-moved me more deeply than I then understood or, was willing to admit to myself.”

    “Longer and longer grew the periods during which I would appear to ignore what he was doing-but always, sooner or later, I would extend a rather shaky hand to take his stiff little prick and offer it the rebuke of being removed from contact with my bare skin.”

    “And I would endeavour to restore the innocence of the scene-and our mutual gaiety-for he grew silent and flushed as he rubbed his swollen, boyish prick on my denuded person, and I was in a somewhat similar state- by resuming our playful wrestling until I contrived to get him across my knees with his bare behind exposed to a merry paddling.”

    “And he seemed to get as much pleasure out of this posture as I did, wriggling and pressing his body down against my thighs until I could feel the quick throb of his youthful weapon against my bare legs, while my own chastising hand rose and fell on his tautly quivering little bottom till he cried for mercy.”

    “I could not bear to reproach him for these episodes. And I deliberately blinded myself to his increasing licentiousness-refusing to admit its existence, since with any reference to such things I would be unable to continue treating him as the child which in fact he no longer was-and thus would have to abandon our daily playtime of bathing and petting.”

    “Very soon now he achieved a boldness which required more than my nervous laughter to disguise. And if my kimona did not open of itself when we struggled on the rug, he would himself furtively contrive to open it.”

    “And under cover of our air of merriment, I would find all of my naked legs and thighs freed from their silken coverings. And while we rolled and wrestled together on the floor, Lester would seize the opportunity to press his loins, his immature genital bush and his now mature and excited member to my bare flesh wherever he chose-calves, thighs, even my bare feet-from which he had plucked the slippers.”

    “But this luxurious friction against my unclad body in which my son persisted in indulging whenever the chance arose-I dismissed mentally as merely a sensuous but not a sensual pleasure in soft, intimate contacts-such as a Persian kitten might have enjoyed in play.”

    “The day came, however, when the curtain was lifted in part from my obstinately blinded eyes, for when my late husband was dying he said to me:

    “Rose, my dear, if I have to leave you, I expect and hope that Lester will prove a great consolation to you. You are a healthy and passionate girl, and our bed will seem very empty to you during the long nights when you are alone. And if we had a daughter I would advise taking her to bed with you-to give you that companionship which is necessary to one who for years has been unaccustomed to sleeping alone.”

    “Yet this which I have in mind may well be better- and I advise that you should make a bedfellow of Lester. He looked at me deeply-and more meaningly than I then quite realized-in the eyes. I flushed deeply, though I had as yet no inkling of his true meaning. It was only later, when going through his diary-in which he had recorded bow he had several times watched-and with excited pleasure rather than the opposite-while I bathed Lester and handled him sexually, and the unseemly frolics that had ensued.”

    “So I was surprised-but not particularly agitated or at all ashamed when he continued:

    “Let me advise you, then, to take our son to your bed, in the event that I should not recover. You will thus he enabled to watch over his budding manhood-and even the snuggling together of your bodies and your hugs and warm kisses before going to sleep will be a source of pleasure and delight to both of you. I should not even deem it wrong if you lay naked thus, for these delicate little pleasures are as natural to mother and son as if there were no blood ties whatever, and it is only convention and prejudice which stamps them taboo.**

    “The boy must learn about womankind — and from whom can he learn it more tenderly than from his mother — and I feel sure that upon reflection you will agree with me, though I must warn you to be extremely careful lest any careless indiscretions on the part of Lester or yourself disclose any hint of your intimacies to the outside world.”

    “In spite of my amazement I tried to laugh-saying that I expected to keep my present bedfellow for many years to come. The fact that he set no bounds to what I might do with my sturdy young son-a sort of blanket absolution for incest-I dismissed mentally as due to his illness. And yet, Mr. Freeman, he had already set down in words what I was to read later.”

    “Lester is so ignorantly hot after his beautiful mother, and Rose does so love to touch his stiff young prick and feel it against her naked limbs, that I am surprised she has not long since drawn him between her opened legs — and so taken her full pleasure with him.”

    “It is a constant joy to me to watch them unseen during the bath hours. What a delightful sight it would be- this well-built boy and my handsome Rose with their naked bodies yoked in passionate sexual conflict.”

    “With the passing away of Mr. Bolton I did not adopt his strange if well meant suggestions. In the grief and the disarrangement of our daily lives I even abandoned the bathing and petting of the boy, who was now very nearly fourteen.”

    “But as the weeks passed-and I saw how disconsolate Lester became in the face of my gentle rebuffs to his demonstrative advances-as he pleaded that-'really he couldn't get at all his body when bathing alone'-I resumed my former habit of treating him as a child.”

    “I shall not easily forget his delight when I at last consented to bathe him once more. He was naked in a moment-and advancing towards me for a kiss and a hug before entering the tub-showing me a prick which did seem more formidable than I had ever seen it before- probably thus aroused by the fact of his nudity before me, and the prospect of a renewal of his former happy frolics.”

    “It appeared to me to be larger than his father's- a notion that so affected my senses that this bath became an essentially lascivious rite from its start to finish- having little or none of the carefree gaiety or tenderness with which I normally approached this maternal task.”

    “All the white softness of his supple young body was of interest to me now. My fingers trembled as they touched his round bottom-they shivered as they penetrated the crevice between his pink buttocks in my customary test of the effectiveness of the manner in which I had dried him after the bath.”

    “Lester sensed my nervous excitement. Both of us were unwonted silent and flushed. My breathing was hurried and my gaze kept wandering to the rigidity of the pink and uncapped shaft which sprang from what was by now a thick bush of sex hair.”

    “I tried to take myself in hand, to overcome my stupid self-consciousness. I managed to laugh as I prepared to handle that formidable cock-and to murmur shakily that 'this naughty thing is bigger than ever, Lester, and so much more arrogant! Whatever can be the matter with it-answer me?'”

    “It loves you, mother dear-and I guess it wants you to play with-“"he whispered in return.

    “Already, while he was lying or standing in the tub, I had sponged and soaped those very demonstrative and disturbing genitals and had afterwards run a towel over them. But as the moment came for the 'finger drying' to which I had accustomed him, I was devoured by both eagerness and dread-dread of not being able to control myself to the decency which in these handlings I had been wont to show.”

    “I seized the bull by the horn, so to speak-clenching my teeth in the determination to overcome this morbid desire of mine which sought to evict the innocence that I had thought presided over these functions.”

    “And instantly, Mr. Freeman, I was in flames of passion-oh… pity ray womanly weakness-don't scorn me — I'm so ashamed, and you have made me tell you all these dreadful things.”

    “There, there, dear lady,” he soothed her. “Don't worry so-be confiding-certain that I admire you more than ever…”

    He gently stroked a lovely bare arm, and then the nape of her softly rounded neck. He was murmuring words which she could scarcely hear. To her surprise, the agitated Rose found herself liking the man-this brusque business man-who had never before seemed to her capable of attracting a genuine affection or of lavishing one.

    That even now, in her confession, she was acting under what had been a cruel compulsion, did not seem any longer to cause her any detestation of Francis Freeman. And through the tears that filled her great dark eyes she glanced flushedly up into his face. It seemed almost to be tender-and not with the assumed benevolence which sometimes masked it.

    That he was interested in hearing the narrative of her shame he made no attempt to conceal. His gray eyes glowed into hers with a fervor that caused her eyes to fall. She trembled a little-and discovered to her amazement, that he had drawn her head to his shoulder-and that she was letting it remain there-and allowing him to smooth her reddened cheeks very gently.

    “You are interesting me immensely, dear lady, with your candid story,” he murmured.

    “It… it's a very wicked story,” she whispered. “But I beg you to believe that I didn't realize its real and underlying wickedness until my relations with Lester-all of a sudden-were right out in the open.”

    “It's all a part of life,” he replied. “And from life there is no escape but death.”

    He was gently caressing a round, firm breast now, through the thin silk of her dress. Rose moved uneasily — shamed by the increasing familiarities which she was tolerating. Weakly she struggled to sit upright-but the arm about her neck declined to allow this. With a little sigh she permitted her head to be pillowed once more. But she whispered-

    “Please, Mr. Freeman…”

    “Pay no attention,” he said. “You are overwrought, and need to be soothed and consoled.”

    The handsome, flushed woman breathed deeply, panted a little. It had been so long since a marauding hand had petted her sensitive bosom-not since her husband's sad death had she known anything like this.

    From one swelling hillock to the other the caressing hand moved-petting very gently. And the man murmured “I dislike to hear you accusing yourself of wickedness, Rose, my dear…”

    She trembled perceptibly at the increased familiarity of his address. Her lips opened-and closed again, as she sighed and yielded to the soothing yet infinitely exciting fingers which moved upon her breasts.

    “You see it was not really wickedness,” continued his low voice. “It was perfectly natural that both you and Lester should have felt as you did-as your husband had hinted…”

    As a finger pressed lightly but persistently upon first one and then the other of her taut nipples… which thrust up through her thin garments-Rose thrilled to his cool audacity. She was inspired now to confide in him fully-even to shock him, if that were possible-to titillate his senses by the fullness of her confession even as he was titillating hers by his soft caresses.

    “But it was wicked, surely?” she whispered in a shamed little voice, “when I took my son's-balls-in one hand… as I did on the night I was telling you about-and deliberately let my other hand stray caressingly up and down his swollen prick!”

    She heard him gasp over her gratifying bold words as well as over the mental picture of the scene which see had portrayed. He steadied his voice before replying.

    “A lascivious gesture certainly-yet innocent in the sense that it was prompted by nature. And then…”

    “Lester quivered from head to foot-looking at me with eyes shining with delight as well as surprise. Never before had I permitted myself to handle him with such an outspoken sexual caress. But even as I shivered with desire-I shrank back with shame as I realized what I was doing. I abandoned my fingerings-and retreated on my knees as he advanced… holding out to me temptingly his throbbing, rigid cock.”

    “Mother is not quite herself tonight,” I stammered. “She didn't intend to do what she did then. She was just playing.”

    “Ohh! It felt so marvelous!” he whispered. “Please do it again, mother darling-just once!”

    “I shook my head. But when I saw him grasp his rod and as I had done, try to duplicate upon it the caresses I had given it, I started forward in alarm.”

    “Never, never do that, Lester!” I cried. “You will make me very sorry that I ever played with you. You could injure yourself by such experiments. Promise me that you will never-pet yourself-in that way, when you are alone…”

    “Somewhat startled by my earnestness, he promised what I had begged. And I made ms if to rise to my feet My light negligee opened in front-and a naked thigh was disclosed. I covered it hastily as I saw the gleam in his eye. But I was too late, for he threw himself upon me with the utmost impetuosity, eager for the frolic he so much desired.”

    “He was laughing merrily as he groped for a leg hold by which he might throw me to the rug in our customary game. Realizing my own distracted state of mind I attempted to dissuade him-but he overbore me gaily- and I found that I was laughing too-a bit nervously… as I wriggled and twisted to evade him.”

    “It was, I told myself, a restoration of the spirit of un-contaminated fun-and showed that Lester had thought but lightly of the somewhat perverse and prolonged caress which I had given him. My own spirits were thus raised, and we rolled and wrestled together on the mat with gasps of mirth. And yet, in fact, both Lester and myself were on a hair trigger of sensuality.”

    “At the beginning of our romp he had managed to free almost all of my hips and thighs from the loose and flowing negligee which I was wearing. Beneath this was only the brief chemise which I had adopted for daily wear-for the dainty panties accompanying them had been taken off-as was usual when I disrobed before giving the lad his bath.”

    “My naked son was all over me in an instant. His power seemed phenomenal. His obvious intention was to pin my shoulders to the mat-a wrestler's triumph. But in the process of thus pinning me down he was writhing upon me supposedly for the foregoing purpose-and his bare belly and swollen prick were taking full toll and pasturage on my naked thighs-thus amply at his disposal…”

    “I was vibrating and thrilling intimately again. And my laughter was forced and almost hysterical-a mantle of sound to make me appear unaware of the licentious contact which was thrilling me more than it had ever done before-and to disguise also that I was in no hurry this time to dislodge his stiff member from contact with my nudity as I had always done very hurriedly on the other instances.”

    “He had me almost flattened out beneath him. Admiring his boyish strength. I had no particular aversion to my defeat-and letting him plant me flat. But what changed my views all of a sudden was the fact that Lester had contrived to place himself right between my naked thighs. His smooth young body was instinctively gripped by them as he bore my torso down towards the floor- while his loins, armed and preceded by that stiff weapon of his-were pushing nervously upward.”

    “If the smooth knob of that rampant virility was searching for an even more intimate part of my body in which to nestle, it had almost succeeded in finding it. For his prick had burrowed lightly beneath my chemise, and already I could feel the hard, warm head of his weapon up against my naked crotch.”

    “I gave a hoarse, muffled little cry as I realized the imminence of the danger-a danger which chiefly lay in the throbbing desire within me to allow him to continue until the mystery of the flesh was a mystery to him no longer…”

    “Stricken with the fear that my senses might betray me at any moment into guiding the blind instincts of my son and enable him to attain his sensual ends, I recommenced to struggle. Writhing and twisting frantically I freed my legs from their attractive burden, and wriggling beneath the boy's detaining arms I suddenly found myself upon my face.”

    “He pounced upon me again-holding me down. I was panting for breath… not even conscious that one naked buttock had emerged from my tangled negligee during our struggle. My son was seated on my back-resting, as I supposed, though he was strangely silent. And then he bent forward-and I knew from his warm breath on my bare flesh that his whole attention was centered on my nude mound.”

    “I reached a hand backward to repair the disorder, but he was before me in my attempt. With a little cry of delight he snatched both negligee and chemise up to the small of my back and pounded with a cry of ecstasy upon my naked bottom.”

    “Oh! Ohh! It's so lovely-it's wonderful, mother- your bottom…” he panted. “Let me-ohh, let me- play with it a little while. Don't move… oh, please!”

    “Lester. Lester! Your hands-you're too old… you mustn't touch me there-it isn't nice!” I wailed hoarsely. “Ohh! You mustn't-indeed you mustn't!”

    “But I was trembling under the fervor of his attack and his wild delight. I seemed so weak-unable to order him or enforce my commands. And now he seemed absolutely crazy with excitement as he moulded the soft flesh.”

    “The ample, lovely flesh of those twin mounds…” breathed Francis Freeman huskily.

    Chapter III

    Rose Bolton gave him a sidelong glance from suffused eyes. She colored yet more deeply.

    “Oh! Mr. Freeman,'“ she protested in a hushed murmur. “You mustn't drive me to distraction by saying such things. I'm just trying to confess to you, as you wished. But you make me feel as if you knew as much of… of my — that part of my body as my naughty son discovered that evening when he-when he bared…”

    “Your young son was the luckiest boy in the world that evening,” interrupted the man. “But as an admiring observer on many occasions of your delightfully clad person, I feel as though I can visualize the beauties which fascinated your son… those marvellous buttocks-those mounds of silky white tinted with delicate blue veins- and the deep cleft which parts and emphasizes them.”

    His voice was shaky with emotion. His excitement was communicated, and enhanced her own agitation. Rose managed to extricate herself from his detaining arm. She smoothed her disordered hair, and looked vaguely about her.

    “I can't realize,” she said at last, faintly, “that I am sitting here and telling you all these things… and hearing without bitter resentment, such improper words from you…” Her voice faltered into silence.

    “But you like it-I tell you-and more, you even enjoy it at times… you lovely Rose-” he muttered. “You like to tell me what I wish to hear-and you liked to hear me say what I did about your… lovely bottom-and-”

    “Don't touch me-ohh-please…” she begged him distractedly. “I… I don't know what has come over me, I feel…”

    She struggled, but she yielded, with a little sigh of resignment, to the slow traction that drew her from her chair into his lap. And as he snuggled her into a more comfortable posture for them both, he caressed and petted for a moment one of the firm yet yielding cushions which had, in its state of nudity, so fascinated and charmed her son on the occasion of which she had spoken.

    The woman quivered at his commanding touch. She let him press the velvet of her flushed cheek against his tanned countenance as he adjusted her to his liking. But the position in which he placed her made her start and exclaim sharply in her golden voice. For a futile instant he tried to rise from his lap-but his grip constrained her as though she were a child.

    And so his yearning to press his own distended sex-hardened and throbbing as a result of her story-upon the soft splendour of her rounded buttocks-was realized. He pressed her down upon it-thrusting her firmly into his lap as she continued weakly to resist.

    Through the thin fabrics which separated their flesh their mutual warmth penetrated. Quivering and with a were about her now, and she nestled her head into the angle of his shoulder with a tiny murmur of content.

    She strove to keep her buttocks motionless upon that throbbing and monstrous affair which they pressed… but every little while as, upon his insistence, she continued her story, her luxuriant behind just would squirm softly, and thrillingly against his person.

    “You were saying,” he whispered, “that your son first moulded the flesh of your naked bottom… after he had uncovered it?”

    “Not only that,” she replied falteringly. “He seemed to simply worship my twin mounds. He devoured the soft flesh with his mouth and his fingers. He kissed — and licked-and nibbled-and even bit me gently. I was startled and almost terrified by his gasping, hot breath on my naked flesh. I was moved too-why try to conceal it… I was terribly moved by what he was doing.”

    “My remonstrances were stifled in my throat by the choking and horrible pleasure which affected all my being I seemed to have no strength to combat him now. Even when he parted the cheeks of my bottom and peered within the cleft-and thrust unfilial fingers into the valley-and touched with a probing forefinger the tiny orifice he found there… I could only moan with shame and a fiery ecstasy.”

    “Finding me so unresistant, Lester became moved to an infernal audacity. He twisted around so as to mount my bottom, and rubbed his virility furiously upon my soft buttocks — easily mastered my squirming, with strong fingers which sank deeply into the flesh of my hips.”

    “It was not until he had contrived to lodge his penis in the furrow between my twin mounds, and had begun to rob his member to and fro there as if in a sheath, that I was suddenly inspired to a final and successful attempt to dislodge him.”

    “I rolled over and sat up, dishevelled and panting. I weakly attempted to cover my slender, naked legs, so noticeably protruding from my disordered robe. I looked tremblingly at my nude son, who knelt there discomforted and panting.”

    “I was shaking with the inner conflict between desire and a sense of motherly rectitude. As I look back I can see very clearly that if Lester's knowledge had been on a par with his sensual desires, he could have thrust me over backwards and… and taken me-”

    “He could have fucked you, you mean?” breathed her malicious tormentor in her ear… as his hand moulded her soft yet swelling breast.

    “Yes-” said Rose, simply and directly. “He could have fucked me. Since you seem to wish to make me as common and vulgar as possible, I'll use your word of a vicious schoolboy. But the boy was half crying at my own obvious distress, and his sorrow soothed me to the point where I stammered something to the effect that he mustn't treat his mother's body like that-and then held out ray arms to him in reconciliation.”

    “He was in them immediately and affectionately-so much to that he bore me backwards at full length. But this time I was flat on my back, and he was lying between my fully extended and bare legs. He was quickly comforted, hugging me, kissing me. I hugged him in return… but I was sighing as I did so-with the sensuous effects of his naked male virility pressing almost dominantly upon me.”

    “The slender, wiry legs had seemed to part my own limbs and slip in between them almost instinctively, and his warm kisses were setting me aflame with desire. For there was another thing which now occurred which was hard to explain in a mere lad. He breathed something about my parted lips looking like a flower-and he began to lick them hotly-thrusting his tongue into my mouth in search of my own.”

    “I was startled and shaken more than ever. In my surprise and agitation he had discovered my unresisting tongue and was caressing and tickling it with his own. I can only imagine that at some time or other he must have seen his father kiss me in such a manner.”

    “For my husband was very addicted to this form of kissing, mingling it in affection and passion. He had taught me to enjoy it greatly-to-to reciprocate. He loved to use his tongue… when greatly excited.”

    “And only on your rosy mouth and tongue?” whispered Mr. Freeman.

    Rose affected not to hear-but her enhanced flush was a vivid reply.

    “And now I found my son doing the same thing…” she continued hurriedly. Ignoring his query.

    “I asked you a question.” remarked the man. “I mean to have an answer.” He squeezed the flesh of her buttock, and his other hand groped through the thin fabric and grasped in her lap-seizing a mound so plump that it made a handful for him as he squeezed its lusciously soft flesh — a mound so gauzily covered that his fingers could sense the abundant growth of sex hair which hid it-as he squeezed and pressed.

    Rose Bolton gasped and cringed. Her little cry was a soft, imploring moan of mingled shame and passion.

    “I beg of you-I implore you. Mr. Freeman!” she said with a wail, 'don't treat me like this! Am I a girl of the streets-just because you have forced me to tell you of my… my experiences? How can you humiliate me so?”

    “No girl of the streets-nor of the frivolous world-is one half as desirable as you.” he said thickly. “By God, you are a queen of women, but even that will not save you from telling me what I want to know.

    His breath was hot upon her neck-her bosom-on a taut nipple through the thin silk of her gown. With a descivious gesture he was moulding with his strong fingers the soft plumpness of her genital mound-and gradually his hand was boring still deeper into her lap. A long forefinger curved downward. It sought… found… and pressed.

    And the woman, breathing hoarsely, writhed upon his knees. “Ohhh! Have mercy!” she begged. “Can't you see… that you are d-driving m-me mad?”

    “Whenever you are ready.” he said, “you may answer my question. It was about your husband's employment of his tongue in amorous ways…”

    “He-he licked m-me… I've told you that.” quavered Rose in a shamed voice.

    Silently he continued the voluptuously inflaming play of hand and finger-unrelentingly demanding confessions which she struggled to refuse. And after a futile effort to wrest herself from his embrace. Rose Bolton collapsed against him-panting.

    “I'll tell-I'll tell,” she wailed. “Only stop! He… he… he loved to lick-not only my lips and tongue… but everywhere! There-I've told you… for God's sake- stop driving me crazy!”

    He had forced her full, lovely thighs so far apart by this time that his fingertip moved untramelled up and down in a delicate furrow whose warmth was perceptible through the thin silk that covered it. Rose moaned and twisted upon his swollen weapon — and pulsing flames seemed to shoot through both their veins.

    “Details… I want the details!” he almost gasped.

    “Bat… I can't t-alk-if you keep on… d-doing that to m-me-“ stammered the victim.

    “What am I doing? Tell me and I will stop!” he said hotly. “I promise.”

    “You are touching me-handling me-so indecently,” came Rose's smothered gasp in reply. She understood the price which she must pay to his perversity-to his yearning for the defilement of her chaste and refined lips by the use of these obscene words.

    “You are… feeling-m-my c-cunt…” Rose gasped out despairingly. “There-you promised… to stop!”

    With a lingering slowness that betrayed his reluctance to abandon this dainty pasture, he withdrew his hand. But he thrust it down between her thighs-forcing them to remain parted-and silently threatened a return of that lascivious, delightful torment in case I should fail to humor him.

    Rose crumpled before the iron persistence of the man. It was the first time in her life that she had confided to a third person the strange predilections of her husband. Now she felt impelled to the revelations-and was amazed to find herself throbbing, vibrating, as she whispered in his ear the admissions his tyranny had imposed on her.

    “He used to kiss my hands when we were merely engaged,” she said. “And he licked the fingers softly before letting them go. I was so ignorant that I did not know whether such caresses were usual between sweethearts. It made me nervous and fidgety but I said nothing at all about it.”

    “After a time, during bis calls at my home, he began to kiss more and more of my exposed flesh-and to lick it softly-until I began to feel a vague pleasure from such caresses. He licked my bare forearms as well as my hands. And presently I was moved to come down to greet him in a sleeveless gown-and later on in a modest decollete- thus blushingly offering more and more of my flesh to his lips and tongue.”

    “My whole face came to know those curious caresses — my lips he fairly drank… and my tongue too- although that was then always passive instead of reciprocally active. Thus I would lie in his arms-sometimes tense with sensual pleasure, sometimes relaxed and… trembling… while he kissed and licked my neck, my shoulders, all of my flesh that I had bared for his amorous activities.”

    “He would whisper things to me in the intervals of his embraces-things which he enjoyed saying, and which I liked to hear after the first shock of his words was over. He would tell me, for instance, that he intended to clothe my bare feet and naked legs with stockings woven of his kisses and knitted upon me with his tongue. And I was thrilled with shame and a queer sort of horrified pleasure to these sensuous words.”

    “Christopher announced… that was his name,” went on Rose murmuringly, “That he meant, too, to weave a chemise on my body with his lips and tongue… that he would have to be especially careful over my sensitive breasts-and lower down. His fantasies were extraordinary-as you can see-yet he never attempted indecorous caresses on any part of my body which was clothed.”

    “He told me that he would make me drawers of kisses — that his tongue would measure and cut that intimate garment upon my body. He said that they must fit very snugly in the crotch-so that I would be conscious of their pressure there always. And by this time I had come to enjoy his caresses and even to revel ashamedly in his licentious talk.

    “He was so happy one evening when I wore a dress which allowed him to kiss my armpits-which he found unshaven. He kissed and licked and nibbled there… and I blushed red, but by this time had no thought of repulsing him.”

    “I had one or two slightly decollete dresses, for I was now seventeen. In my bedroom-flushed at the thought of what I was deliberately doing-I increased the decollete of each. Thus I offered him all the upper part of my bosom to kiss and… to lick. And it so happened one evening that his caressing lips bared the upper slope of one of my breasts.”

    “Which one?” asked Freeman softly… and he then squeezed gently but excitingly one lovely mound after the other.

    “This o-one,” faltered Rose. “No, that one… I think — I can't be sure! Ohh! If you caress them like that- how can I be sure of anything… I don't believe I can go on-”

    “You will go on-because I tell you to…” he insisted, snuggling into the palm of his hand a taut nipple which seemed to be trying to pierce through the thin silk.

    “Well… he kissed my breast-where it was denuded. And I shivered a little but did not resist. I felt the tip of his tongue there-ohh! heavens… it seems a small thing now in recounting-but it thrilled me terribly then.”

    “His head drew back a trifle, and I knew by this time he would go no further than the position of my dress made permissible. I hesitated-and then-overcome by my desire for further petting… I buried my head on his shoulder and drew down the borders of my gown and my chemise an inch or two lower on that same breast His eyes-and his mouth-could devour the tender mound almost to the aureole, and he took torrid advantage of the opportunity.”

    “As I held the fabrics up slightly to permit of the soft kisses and lickings which made me quiver, I knew that he could see the pouting nipple itself, and his tongue thrust down so eagerly that he contrived to touch the sensitive tip-shaking me to the core with the delightful sensation, so that I panted frantically-and half-involuntarily I bared the entire breast to his eyes.”

    “The sight served to make him beside himself with joy. Before I could become conscious of what I had done and cover the tender mound, his ardent mouth was in possession of it. And the sensations which he caused me deprived me of any desire to repair my immodesty.

    “His lips, his mouth, his tongue, all took their toll of my already well-developed breast. And I had only muffled and hall-hearted murmurs to oppose him when he drew the warm pink little nipple entirely between his lips. Ohh! God! How warm he made the passionate virgin I then was!”

    Chapter IV

    “You're a darling,” stated Francis Freeman huskily. “And I think it makes you equally passionate now to recall all these things… and tell me about all of them!”

    “Well… I have other things-to make me feel the way that you say I do,” she murmured softly. “For you are not being… very decorous now, are you?”

    “I'm being very happy, at least!” he stated… and the smile which accompanied his words sent a little thrill through her, so that she stared up at him wonderingly and a responsive smile hovered on her pretty face.

    She forgot for an instant that she was horrified and indignant at this man. She forgot that because she was for the time being dependent upon his favor if she were to escape ruin, he had not scrupled to compel her to play on his senses by her story of her secret life. She had become a teller of lewd and intimate personal experiences in order to please him, yet despite this she almost liked the man.

    She refused to admit the real reason for her regard- which was that he had, with an imperiousness which did thrill her deeply, reawakened within her that sexual ardor which had been rigidly repressed in her lovely body for so many years. And mingled with the intense shame of being forced to do his will with regard to telling her story, and accept such sensual and intimate caresses as he pleased to give her, was an inner glow of intense and voluptuous pleasure in her sharp humiliation.

    Freeman buried his lips in her warm, soft neck… and he distinctly felt her tremble as he did so. “Co on with your story, my dear Rose,” he murmured. “Your future husband then showed he could suck as well as lick?”

    “He sucked my maiden nipples…” she whispered- almost as if in soft complaint. “And I think that at this point the modest and retiring virgin really awakened. And she never really went to sleep again, I am afraid.”

    “I quivered and sighed as he drew gently on my bare breast. Reckless of what he might think of me, I bared to him my other breast also. And I sat there… naked from the waist up-beside him on the sofa. He stared at me in utter and speechless disbelief… incredulous that the shy maiden could actually have been led to display her lovely body thus. Then he caught me to him, and his lips took possession of my tender mounds which had never before experienced a male touch of any kind.”

    “And now I am afraid that, in order to continue to be truthful as well as frank with you, I shall have to now portray myself in a new and not very seemly light. For the shock to my sensibilities of having actually shown to my fiance the whole of my torso quite naked seemed to mingle with the progressive agitation which I was deriving from his very strange caresses and serve to bring my own youthful desires to the surface-and cause them to blaze forth in quite unwonted style.”

    “And thereafter, Mr. Freeman, I fear I was in some sense the temptress and the 'teaser' when alone with Christopher. The sucking and the lickings applied to my already well grown breasts had thrilled me to the core, and since it was my own self exposure which had brought this about, I was tempted to continue the process and seek new thrills.”

    “With this notion fermenting in my mind I advanced from boldness to audacity in his regard. A curling leg thrust up under me served to draw my skirt upward and disclose some inches of bare thigh. I myself pretended not to notice this display of nudity-but my fiance did- and at once claimed the privileges which he had already taken with other parts of my youthful body.”

    “I murmured in shame-and that shame was in some ways real… and I expostulated softly and plaintively — and that expostulation was not real at all. For I was enamoured from the first by his hot kisses on the nudity I had then exposed, and soon ceased to make any further plea for forbearance. And with careless fingers I twitched from time to time at the silk of my skirt, and thus afforded the excited Christopher fresh fields to conquer.”

    “I was wearing short wide-legged drawers… reaching not more than half way down my thighs. And Christopher's lips attained the lace edging of this garment upon the exposed leg. He glanced up at me-as if dimly aware that it was by my compliance that so much of my soft flesh was at his disposal.”

    “His face was radiant and his eyes radiant and his eyes were glowing with passion. As for myself, vibrating as I was with the ecstasy caused by his nibbling and licking of my flesh, I was flushed and quite unable to meet his gaze. He was kneeling before me with closed eyes, as if only half-conscious. I drew out the leg from beneath my rump-and extended that like the other… to his caresses.

    “Christopher did not fail to take advantage of the new charms thus offered to him. Both of my thighs as far as the lace of my drawers was thus at his disposal. And he kissed and nibbled and licked the soft flesh inside my tender thighs, raising or parting the limbs in order to reach regions he had not yet visited.”

    “I allowed all this-with no more than an occasional long drawn and quavering sigh.' I hardly think I could have said a word… so palpitant was I at being ministered to in this exciting manner.- I saw his nostrils flare-I suppose some sexual aroma had reached him and so increased his agitation.”

    “I saw him gaze intently towards the spot where my gown was raised sufficiently to disclose the intersection of my drawers. Fortunately or unfortunately, they were of the closed variety, for I think I would have fainted, in spite of all that I had condoned, if he had at that time been able to see my secret parts.”

    “And yet I had sufficient pity for his obvious regret to surreptitiously pluck towards the legs of my drawers so as to offer him fresh territory when he resumed his caress. Presently he had both thighs right to their tops at his mercy, and his busy tongue foraged wherever it could reach, until I was once more moaning and sighing with delight.”

    “Yet again I was overcome and conquered by another more capricious and licentious thought. Even in the solitude of my bedroom I blushed scarlet as I discarded my drawers. For according to the code of the countryside, none save a lost girl could be in the presence of any male when she was without this chaste garment, even if completely swathed otherwise in clothes. But I had a reason — a morbid reason-for wishing to omit my undergarment on this occasion.”

    “I had discovered a light, discarded but quite presentable skirt in the back of my wardrobe. And in the rear of this skirt was a deep plaquet slit. I smiled to myself as I saw this and was smitten by a sudden inspiration.”

    “Suppose that a girl… I said to myself-had carelessly forgotten her drawers while wearing this skirt? Suppose the girl were I-and suppose that Christopher were with me when a sudden movement on my part disclosed a prominent if rather reprehensible part of my anatomy through that cleft in my clothing-”

    “I gasped with delight over the idea. Already I was in my underwear-about to dress for his evening visit. I saw my flushed face in the mirror-and the die was cast. I carefully enlarged the opening in the plaquet with a pair of scissors, and donned the skirt, having drawn up my short chemise to a point where I knew it would not obstruct the view which I intended to afford my fiance that night.”

    “I moved to and fro before the mirror, and turning my head over my shoulder I noted the effect. I saw that at my least movement there was a white flash which even the dumbest of men would realize was not the white on linen slips or silk undies. And if I stooped over a bit it opened to a really exciting extent. I even held the slit open with my hands, gratified if slightly horrified to note that now almost my entire bottom was presented through the opening.”

    “Even though it had been tacitly assumed between us that my fiance was at liberty to offer his caresses to any part of my anatomy which was bared to his eyes, that fact did not constitute an effective passport to whatever regions he might have once visited. For instance, although he had once had me unclad from neck to navel it did not follow that he could visit my bosom with his caresses whenever be might so desire.”

    “So he always waited until I myself, overcome with desire to feel his tongue and lips and fingers caressing me in other spots than my face and arms and neck-would, with languorous shame and apparent unconsciousness of what I was doing, commence to expose myself in the region which longed for his caresses.”

    “And thus, this evening, when flushed and horribly self-conscious of the nudity beneath my skirt, I joined my fiance in the parlor, I had plenty of time to decide on how to commit the unmaidenly act which I contemplated. So at last I whispered softly: 'Your tongue is lovely, my darling. It's like warm, moist velvet on my skin. I love to have you bathe me as you wish-and to feel you even suck my flesh. Shall you-bathe my bosom after we are married… just as you did the other evening?”

    “He almost groaned with delight at the thought, and then whispered shakily that he would bathe my very feet — my toes… with his tongue. He could show me now how he would do that, and how delightful I should find it. And he looked meaningly at my short skirt and my slender legs, clad in the very thinnest of silk hose.”

    “To encourage him, for before undertaking my experiment I wished him as wrought up as possible. I silently rolled my stocking down to the ankle. And I flushed as I then submitted my bared limb to his lickings and tonguings-until for the first time he pleaded with me in words to grant him a further exposure than I had already made — I pretended to think it over.”

    “He begged me: 'Mayn't I have this darling foot bare — for just a little moment?”

    “I bowed my head in assent. And he gasped with great pleasure as he drew off my shoe and almost reverently bared my foot by removing my stocking. Later I was to discover the hot desire which my naked feet could arouse in him. For many a time I have sat there reading a book while he caressed and licked my bare foot before promenading it over his exposed and rampant prick.”

    “But now his breath was hot upon my toes-and his lips and tongue also. I was glad now of the immaculate care I had always given my girlish feet and toes and nails. And I was amazed to find how thrilling to my senses were his fervent caresses on my pedal extremities. I was wrought up now to the pitch which gave me courage for my incredible and indecent experiment in testing his complaisance.”

    “I sighed-moaned gently… laughed hysterically- and wrested my foot from his hands with a little jerk. And I drew the leg upward, rolling upon the sofa in such a disorder that my skirt mounted more than a trifle. So I crouched there, panting, upon one side, with both knees drawn upward. I could almost feel that tong slit in the plaquet part slightly.”

    “I heard a low gasp from Christopher. Then his fingers trembled on the opened cleft of my garment-which may have revealed at the moment some six inches of white and tender flesh of my left buttock.”

    “My darling… my beautiful darling-” he gasped, as he pressed eager lips to my bared backside.

    “I exclaimed in shame and agitation-fairly groaning with excitement as I felt his tongue on my bare rump.”

    “What… what are y-you d-doing, Christopher? I sighed, as I moved uneasily beneath his caress.”

    “He murmured: 'Darling, the slit in your drawers must have opened a little-right under the opening of your skirt. I'll fix it for you in a moment-but first… just let me kiss you there a little'.”

    “I sighed with shame-and with a subtle pleasure, too. I babbled whisperingly about it being so disgraceful… for him to see me in such a spot. But my lack of real resistance seemed to empower him to indulge his senses as he wished. Already he was lavishly licking the soft flesh curving down to the base of the buttock. And his questing face and mouth were gradually widening the opening.”

    “I shivered with a strange intoxication, though I was quite silent now, have for my feverish breathing. And his lascivious nibbling of the soft and abundant flesh thrilled me unspeakably. Christopher was making further discoveries now. Already his caresses had parted my dress to the point where the vertical cleft between the two mound was exposed to his eager eyes.”

    “His hot kisses traversed this delightful valley from top to bottom, and then his tongue followed the same trail. His eager fingers parted the cleft further and he made the next discovery. 'Darling!' he exclaimed in a hoarse whisper, 'you have no drawers on'!”

    “Tremulously I uttered a little fib to the effect that I had been able to find no clean ones-but that I hadn't supposed he would be so horrid as to find it out.”

    “He paid but little attention to what I said, for he had now drawn all my naked behind from the sheathing of silk which made just a frame for its two lovely cheeks.”

    “He whispered, gloatingly: 'Ohh! How lovely your big bare bottom is! I could eat it, darling! Let me just kiss and bathe it a little'!”

    “My shivering silence and failure to remonstrate gave him the permission he sought. And the boy, he was only twenty then, banqueted with mad felicity on the nudity he had uncovered. He kissed and licked and nibbled. His tongue even penetrated the cleft-and I sighed, panted and writhed in shame and ecstasy as I realized that he was licking all over the sides of the cleft and down into the depths of the valley which he had exposed with his errant fingers.”

    “Worse was to come, if that were possible… worse and yet more delightful to the maiden that I then was. I had slowly sung forward on my face-and his lips and tongue foraged deeply at the very base of the luscious twin hillocks.”

    “His questing tongue seemed to wish to intrude further — his face delved frantically… parting my legs somewhat. His tongue tip was maddening me with new thrills and throbbings. At length he succeeded in barely touching the lower end of the secret cleft But he could not yet attain his desire, and he caught me around the waist- slipping his hands beneath my loins.”

    “Helplessly and weakly-too palpitant now to recognize his objective-I yielded to the urgings which placed me on my knees with my head on the back of the sofa. And now far more than the moons of my behind were at the disposal of his searching tongue if not of his eyes. I gasped and shuddered, and then wailed aloud with delight, as his tongue worked its way up between ray thighs.”

    “Christopher's face was hotly pressed to the lower part of my bare buttocks. His tongue was thrusting into the more delicate nook between my thighs from the rear. And now it commanded almost the whole length of my secret cleft and could do with it what he willed!”

    “He licked and licked-and I promptly went into such hysterics of rapture which were utterly unfeigned. The funds of passion concealed in the body of the girl I was then may be understood when I tell you that although in his present posture he could only lick the outer walls of my slit-an omission he more than repaired on other occasions-I spent in such frantic convulsions that he was quite alarmed.”

    “I sank forward in a tangled, panting heap-hardly comprehending what had occurred. But the evidence of my bliss reassured him-and even informed him as to what had transpired. He gave a low cry of delight and triumph and on his knees he raised and parted my recumbent legs.”

    “And now he must have obtained his first view of my little sexual nook-of the small pink cleft-to which he had brought such felicity. He cried out hoarsely at the sight and his tongue advanced to sip the dew which still came down to moisten the lips of my ardent slit. Eagerly he licked and caressed the orifice-which yielded more and more to his hot tonguings.”

    “There… my darling Rose,” he whispered at last. “Did I bathe you nicely?”

    “I could only moan a feeble 'heavenly' as I pressed my loins upward to seek just one more caress. But not all the words ever coined could have expressed the sheer rapture which I had just experienced.”

    “We shall return to this topic later on, possibly. Rose,” said Francis Freeman, “for your sexual experiences are of enormous interest. May I recall to your mind, however, that we left your sturdy son lying naked on his almost naked mother on the bath-mat… that he was crowding down between your bare thighs, and was showing by licking and sucking your lips that he had inherited some of his late father's proclivities.”

    “That was,” remarked Rose — sighing almost regretfully, “the very last time that I bathed my adolescent son — and indulged in this quasi-maternal freedom which we both relished so much.”

    “For you see-I'm afraid I was nervously squeezing the boy between my thighs — and returning the ardent caresses of his lips and tongue. I was in an inferno of desire so intense that I quite forgot that it was my own son who was thus lying upon me.”

    “But now I underwent a shock that brought me to my senses. For Lester-shivering with passion and delight- was now inspired by male instincts alone to attempt to rape his mother. His thrusting in between my legs had raised the short chemise which was now my only covering. His stiff prick thrust blindly upward as he kissed and hugged me. And it subbed thrillingly into my open crotch. Entirely unaware as he was of the usage of a woman or the yoking of the sexes, Lester continued to work bis loins and stab upward with his-with his big stiff prick.”

    “His organ reached curling hair-the groove of my sex — even amid his frantic excitement the boy was aroused to a new curiosity. He drew back slightly from my naked body. His eyes fell upon my exposed sex, and all its intimate surroundings-for by this time I was bared half way up the belly.”

    “Ohh! Lester-no… no… no!” I gasped and sobbed incoherently.

    “His youthful eyes burned-his whole face glowed. I was in such a stupor of passion myself that I hardly realized what he was about or the extent of my nudity. He touched me — he fingered my secret opening. His fingers dwelt with delight on the treasures he had discovered.”

    “How lovely, mother!” he cried ardently. “Even lovelier than your bottom! All this soft, dark hair-and the cute mound-and the rosy little opening.”

    “I was trembling from head to foot-literally unable to move or to reply to him-rebukingly or otherwise.

    “And now the boy was assailed with a new idea-and one which was older than the hills but nevertheless new to him.”

    “Mother dear,” he coaxed. “Let me just see if I can't push my tassel into his darling place a little way?”

    “I had taught him as a child to call that appurtenance of his a 'tassel'-though heaven knows it didn't resemble a tassel at this time. But under the throbbing of my pulses I heard him only vaguely, and I made no response to him.”

    “And then suddenly he was upon me once more, in between my legs-trying to adjust his stiff member to the lips of my… of m-my c-cunt!”

    “The shock sobered me from the sensual intoxication in which I lay. Suddenly I realized the horror of the whole situation. I wailed aloud and managed to scramble into a sitting position just as Lester had contrived to get the tip of his organ so placed that its pressure was beginning to expand the soft lips against which it was thrusting and throbbing.”

    “It was a fearful wrench to both of us Conscientiously I could not blame the boy as much as myself. And now- for the first time-I entered into explanations about sexual facts about my son.”

    “I told him that it was as man and woman-instead of as mother and son-that we had nearly entered into such an intimate embrace. I explained in some detail that it was thus that babies were made.”

    “Then you and father made me that way?” he commented, very directly and somewhat embarrassingly.

    “I flushed and nodded.”

    “Then-since he made a son of you-why shouldn't I make a grandson for you?” he enquired ingeniously.

    “So then I had to tell him of the conventional horror with which the world regards sexual relations between near relatives. I said that it would be a source of shame and regret to us if anything like that were to happen.”

    “Why-I shouldn't feel in the least ashamed or a bit regretful!” he asserted. His boyish face had fallen but now it brightened with a consoling thought.

    “Anyhow,” he said, “so long as we can play around like this together without my clothes on, I shan't mind so much not being able to do what I wanted to do with you. May I see you all bare, mother, now? I never have, you know-though I've seen such lovely parts of you.”

    “I told him that it was impossible. I broke to him the news that I could never bathe him any more. I did not conceal from him the fact that I had longed to give him his way with me-and that to refuse him my body had been perhaps the hardest thing I had ever had to do.”

    “I said that it had all been my fault-but that from now on we were going to live the normal lives of an affectionate mother and son. And in the course of a few days he became cheerful and boyish again.”

    “But after a time I became conscious that he was making stealthy efforts to obtain those peeps at my unclad body which I had refused him. I scolded him about it once or twice, and then bluntly accused him of trying to peep through the keyhole» f the bathroom and bedroom doors to see me undressed.”

    “He admitted it, and said that he was so troubled with his dreams about what he had already seen-that it all seemed to him that he simply must see me just once stark naked.”

    “I was touched, of course-though rather as a mother — than as a woman. I asked him if he thought that this queer yearning which troubled him would vanish if I allowed him one brief look of the thing which he had in mind?”

    “He thought it would, he said. And I had so far subdued my own senses in regard to my relations with Lester, that it was with no thought of any danger to myself that I set about my plan to give my young son that 'treat' I hoped would finally cure his persistent craving.”

    “It was late evening-almost our usual bedtime-when we had our chat. And I told Lester to come from his room when I had taken my bath and gave him a call-and that he should stand for just a moment in my opened bedroom door and… look at me!”

    “I had thought myself quite unmoved as far as the sexual element was involved-yet I did tremble a little as with the lights brightly shining and the bedroom door wide open, I undressed for the deliberate purpose and full intention of showing myself completely naked to my virile young son.”

    “My nervousness increased as, after removing my shoes and stockings, I drew my final garment over my head. I was shaky-and no longer with concern over the welfare of my son. Picture yourself as a woman for an instant-and then imagine yourself stripped to the skin by your own hands in order that your own child might gaze on your nakedness-and you may be able to realize the way in which I was moved.”

    “Nevertheless, I went through with it. I imagine that the low call which I contrived to utter was rather shaky and husky. Never had I made such an effort before. But the lad-probably already waiting in the passage in his bathrobe beard it and arrived at once.”

    “I saw him standing there in the doorway-with his hand clenched- his usually merry face pale with excitement and delight. He appeared to be awed into silence.”

    “I was facing him as I stood there-all my body outlined and its nudity emphasized by the glow of the lights. My own emotion was enhanced by his. I managed to smile at him, however-and try to restore by some tremulous remark the equanimity of both of us.”

    “You certainly can see me more clearly than in a dream now-can't you, dear?” I jested. “Take a good look and put an end to these visions. For this is the first and last time that you will see your mother in her… birthday clothes. It shall be complete this time, though. Have you seen me enough in front? Then-see the rest!”

    “I turned slowly round as if on a pivot. I was flushed scarlet and breathing heavily. I stood now revealing all my rear nudity to the boy. On the thick carpet his feet made no sound, and I had no inkling that he had left the doorway until I heard a little gasp just behind me.”

    “He was directly behind me, and had fallen silently on his knees. His arms were about me-one hand on my loins and the other upon my mount-and his hot lips were….”

    “I staggered on my feet-overwhelmed with growing agitation. Yet still he did not lick-perhaps did not even comprehend that the tongue might participate in the conquest of the female body-he only kissed… hotly, wildly, anywhere and everywhere upon the twin rotundities of my quivering buttocks.”

    “Struck dumb at first, I appeared also to have been struck motionless. The fervor of his kisses thrilled me from head to foot-and the hands by which he held me on my belly and bush-did nothing to allay my agitation and emotion.”

    “He rose at length-but it was to hug me violently from the rear-with both hands grasping my taut breasts as I managed to stammer breathlessly:

    “You wicked, wicked boy — you are breaking your promise to me!”

    “But I didn't promise anything, mother darling!” he said desperately.

    “Well, you are being very disobedient anyhow,” I cried — “you are grieving mother very much… and making her sorry she tried to be nice to you.”

    “I can't help it-ohh! Mother… I can't help it!” he wailed huskily. “You are so lovely-I just have to hug you and-kiss you all over!”

    “I managed to twist my body in his encircling arms- for his fingers caressing my nude breasts were driving me frantic with an emotion which I must at all costs hide from him. As I turned, I felt his rampant staff rubbing across my hips, my buttocks, my thighs.”

    “In all truth I had escaped from Scylla to Charybdis. For as I stood face to face with him and still in his arms — panting and weak with desire to yield to him that which he so much coveted, he was able to kiss my throbbing and passionate breasts-drawing their taut nipples between his lips-in a caress which set me aflame.”

    “There was milk there for you once,” I faltered-trying to restore calm to the situation, and hoping to withdraw from his clasp. “But there is no longer any left!”

    “This is something far sweeter than milk,” he insisted, as he sucked hard on each nipple and tickled it with his hot tongue.

    “Then, with a little gasp, he slipped to his knees. With encircling hands he took both my buttocks in a nervous grip so as to maintain me in position. He kissed my naval and pressed his lips fiercely into the little dimple-and then his mouth descended to the curling hair which only half disguised my sex.”

    “In delighted dismay-overcome by the emotions which now possessed me-I found myself unable to struggle free from the strong arms which held my naked body so deliriously.”

    “Lester's lips were pasturing furiously in my genital grove and on the plump mound which the curling hair concealed. I swayed and tottered on my feet, and my closely pressed thighs must have yielded imperceptibly. For he gave a cry of delight and triumph…”

    “There it is-the beauty-I can just see a bit of it- the little pink crack…** he gasped thickly. “How I love it-how I've dreamed of it! Let me, mother… I will — I must-kiss it!”

    “Moaning with passion now, as much as with shame and keen distress that my experiment had failed thus disastrously, I could not avoid the contact with his lips on which his heart was set His taut arms held me bound to him. His flushed face pried its way to the treasures it sought-parting my soft thighs in its advance.”

    “He withdrew his face a few inches-but his hands on my rear did not permit me to close my thighs-which he had gripped firmly to hold separated. With a sigh of pure ecstasy which shook him from head to foot, he scanned all the soft treasures of my nakedly displayed cunt for a long moment.”

    “And then-my God! How his kisses burned me-his kisses on my-on m-my cunt… that shot burning hot tremors right throughout my sex! With face turned upwards I moaned out quivering pleas for forbearance- but in his present state of mind my son did not know the meaning of the word.”

    “But the intolerable situation was to become worse yet. Whether the instinct was inherited from his father I cannot tell. But Lester's tongue entered into play. Along the crevice of my already pouting cleft it journeyed ardently. In a sensual lethargy I stood for half a minute enduring the thrills of this caress.

    “Enduring it-” I say, but actually I was vibrant from head to toes under the ineffable rapture which his tongue was provoking within me! I was, indeed, on the verge of spending… for now he had brought his hands into play — and parting the lips of my slit with his fingers, he had thrust down with me as far as his stiffened tongue could reach…”

    “Even though I was thus released from the arms which had bound me, I seemed unable to move a muscle to escape this glorious persecution. But suddenly, as Lester's tongue ceased to seek the hot depths of my cunt and dwelt instinctively instead upon the tip of my throbbing clitoris I realized that in another instant I should be spending helplessly into the mouth of my adoring son.”

    “With an effort that rent me through and through, I forced my hips away from that lascivious caress-though only a few inches. Convulsive jerkings had seized my muscles-my body seemed no longer my own. I gasped in delirious agony and tangled my fingers in the boy's mop of curling hair, clutching the dear head to me in frantic passion.”

    “His tongue darted at me in a final thrust-my cunt gaped open to receive it-and my hips jerked to and fro as I spent in a torrent that flooded his caressing tongue — and creamed over his lips and down his chin!”

    “Astonished though he was at this sudden culmination to our embrace, Lester seemed instinctively to know how to receive it, for he swallowed frantically and passed his hot tongue deep into my quivering cunt so as to suck forth any lingering drops of my love-dew.”

    “I felt as though his caressing mouth was drawing down my life itself from my quivering loins-my thighs and legs gave way under me-and I sank in a crumpled heap of naked femininity on the floor beside him-clutching his dear body fiercely to me and covering him all over with devouring kisses.”

    “There, Mr. Freeman, is the true story of how my darling Lester seduced his foolish mother… and sucked her off… are you satisfied now-and will you-let me go… please?”

    Chapter V

    A profound silence ensued which neither of them seemed inclined to break, and finally Rose swallowed hard and made another effort to move her captor to pity.

    “How I could ever have brought myself to speak to you of such dreadful things-so intimate-I cannot understand…”

    Yet even as she spoke she understood too well the fatal compulsion under which she had practically prostituted her most secret memories to the lecherous curiosity of this man. A woman of gentle breeding, she had every reason to be afraid-shamed and apprehensive-at which she had done. For not only had she pandered to his sensuality in ways that seemed to her almost incredible- but she had thereby given him a greater hold over her than ever.

    Still on his lap-reclining now on his muscular body- and submitting to his embrace-she trembled at the very thought of what she had done, and what she was submitting to. Here she was-on this man's lap… literally afraid to insist on being released lest he should feel offended-allowing her thighs and breasts to be stroked and pressed as he pleased-and with her sex still palpitant from his masculine grasp and quick exploration.

    What was this man to her now-this man, who, seeming to be deep in thought, yet detained her in his grasp like a plaything, and was fondling her person with no apparent concern as to whether she desired his caresses or not And who was quite aware that she was vibrating beneath his touch although she realized his cool assumption that he could do as he wished with her person, without regard to her own wishes.

    And what was he pondering so deeply? She felt excluded from his thoughts-an added humiliation, since when he did not deign to speak she must sit there and be his toy.

    Twice she tried nervously to rise-and each time she sank back upon his knees with a stifled cry of confusion and shame and with her cheeks burning hotly. For he grasped her promptly on each occasion-with one hand between her legs in front-and the other sinking into the yielding flesh of her plump bottom-so that he could casually force her back onto his lap like a child.

    And even the manner in which he seemed to try to soothe her as she lay back in his arms was additionally mortifying. For if he was aware that she was a creature possessing a free will of her own-and entitled at least to be given some choice before being petted or embraced — he showed no realization of the knowledge.

    Over her warm and thinly clad body his hand wandered at will-smoothing abstractedly her flanks and belly, her legs and bosom. Occasionally he laid parted lips to where a tiny, stiff nipple protruded through the silk at her soft breast-and she shrank and gasped as his breath seemed to burn her taut nipples through their covering.

    He was still thinking-still removed from her-and she was still something which must not complain-when he commenced to caress the soft curves of her legs.

    Rose stifled a tremulous little cry in his coat collar as his fingers proceeded almost mechanically beneath her silk skirt. Then, with a slowness which aggravated her agitation intensely-with a methodical advance which left her scarlet and breathless, and gave her the sensation of a schoolgirl being 'felt up' for the first time-those searching fingers crept upward from her knee.

    To the fraction of an inch she could have told at each instant how near they were to her naked skin. And-the crowning source of an ineffable agitation — she was as truly helpless as a child to resist his invasion. He could do with her as he pleased-treat her as a girlish novice who must afford pasturage on her inexperienced body to his fingers-crumple and handle her charms just as he liked-and she could do nothing to protect the sanctity of her lovely person.

    Since confessions from her seemed to be the order of the day. Rose admitted dazedly to herself that this awful treatment to which she was being subjected abounded for her in a series of new and shattering thrills-In the bonds of her nervous shame she clenched her fingers into fists and now she crowded one of them to her mouth to stifle any exclamation which might betray the true state of her hotly inflamed senses.

    Yet she jumped and whimpered softly-almost like a child-as that broad palm and searching fingers slipped up from stocking to bare skin. Freeman paid no attention to her faint outcry, for he was fingering lasciviously the satin softness of her lovely thigh.

    His hand moved-sometimes upward, causing Rose to sigh and hold her breath at its dangerous proximity to a very delicate and most ineffectively protected region- and sometimes across and around the lovely and naked column of flesh, fondling and subtly caressing it.

    Then his fingers passed to the other leg-and there too they stroked and petted, squeezing the soft flesh gently both outside and inside the tender thighs.

    Never before had the handsome and healthily passionate Rose Bolton known just this mixture of horrid dread and sensuous anticipation. That the male who held her would spare her the most intimate caresses she had no real belief-and yet she trembled with shame and fear of the instant to come-and then when it came she felt as if she could have reached out her naked sex to him to take and to possess-if that sex had been extendable.

    She was in flames-yet smitten with dismay that all her dreams of freedom from masculine desires for the rest of her life should seem to be crashing down about her very bewildered head.

    Strangely, she had not thought of the instant when she might be compelled to the final surrender of her body — that she might have to become his mistress in this queer captivity in which she had been entangled by her financial necessities.

    It was sufficient for her present degradation and shame — which mystifying appeared to only heighten her erotic excitement-that she must lie here like this… and be “felt all over.”

    Ohhh! If it were only over-over before she screamed in his arms… from sheer nervous agitation! If only he would just touch her sex-since such must surely be his ultimate intent… to which he was so lasciviously tending-and then abandon her to try to recover some sort of composure. The very inevitability of this unspeakable contest shook her to the core. To be toyed with thus- like a woman of easy virtue-made her pent up chastity burn and vibrate and convert itself into a madly glowing sensuality…

    As the man turned her slightly and ran that agitating hand beneath the edge of her drawers, he lingered the delicate garment for a preliminary instant. She heard a little sigh from his lips-the first sign of agitation which he had given. And the next instant she was quivering from head to foot under the contact of his bare hand with her naked bottom.

    “Ohhh!” she gasped involuntarily, as the thrill of his caress possessed her sensitive body.

    Ohhh! God! He meant to spare her nothing, then. As she succumbed in trembling dismay to caresses and explorations of her secret body that maddened her-as the entire surface of both her quivering buttocks and the crack between knew the shameful delight of his touches and fingerings… she pictured the face of her young son if he could sea her now, a toy in the powerful hands of this man.

    The boy would probably be excited by the sensual display. But she could almost hear his youthful voice saying: “Mother! Is it fair that I was sent away because I loved and wanted your lovely body-when this strange man has you at his mercy and uses his power to handle your body-your beautiful naked body… as he sees and deems fit?”

    And now, with an ease that awed her with the latent power it displayed, the man had forced her to a complete extension of her slender body-which strove to curl up in a ball as some slight protection. And his hidden hand slipped down from her bare behind. From the rear his strong fingers now intruded between the legs which they pried apart.

    As Rose moaned with shame and tried to close her thighs, he said to her curtly:

    “Be quiet, Rose! Don't force me to extreme measures with you. You don't wish to be stripped naked and then spanked… right here in your office-where one of your shop girls may see you, do you?”

    She gasped and surrendered. For she realized that he was quite capable of carrying out such a threat, and that she was powerless to resist. Her shame was deadly in its force, and the necessity of protesting no more-but of parting her naked legs humbly for the intrusion of this male hand-increased that shame tenfold.

    He fingered her softly between her thighs from the rear — seeking the button which fastened the silken strap of her undergarment. His touch there in her crotch seemed to burn her flesh. Against the inner nudities of her thighs his fingers moved-and the upward pressure of his hand upon her secrecies drove her so distracted that a little choking cry that was half a scream bubbled up from the lips which she had sought to gag by burying them upon his shoulder.

    And new he undertook to render her shame the keener, the shaking acceptance of his will the more humiliating. “Ask me to unbutton your undies, Rose…” he said quite nonchalantly.

    “Ohh! My God! Mr. Freeman! How can you…? she wailed in dismay-unable to believe her ears.

    “Ask me-and this instant-to unbutton your step-ins… between your legs,” he repeated softly. “I shall not speak again-and I give you just ten seconds!”

    “I beg of you-this insanity…” faltered Rose. She hid her crimson face on his shoulder.

    He made as if to rise from the low chair, carrying her with him.

    “Ohh! Don't! For Cod's sake, don't!” wailed Rose in her dismay. “I-please, Mr. Freeman… will you… unbutton my undies-in between my legs?”

    She sobbed bitterly in the shame which consumed her. And she buried her face once more on the rough tweed of his coat. Strangely enough, she was not conscious of any real aversion or hatred for the man at the brutality of his treatment of her. All that she felt was a fearful shame and growing agitation, and she burrowed her flaming, finely moulded, distressed features on his shoulder almost like a child.

    And there was an additional cause now for her confusion. For an incredible, huge swelling had grown and hardened there beneath her. She gasped — and clung weakly to him-fearing to shift her position so as to avoid that monster just below her hip.

    From her slim tones upward she was palpitating at the sensations evoked by that fumbling hand between her thighs. The lone button yielded-and Rose sighed with momentary relief as the torment of those hot, searching fingers ceased.

    Francis Freeman drew the borders of the garment carefully away from her crotch..

    “Now ask me to finger your cunt!” he said calmly.

    Shocked to her very depths by the indecency of this new demand made upon her, Rose groaned and writhed upon his lap, careless now of that fact that by thus moving she afforded his throbbing sex a fresh delight.

    “If ever again I have to tell you something twice…” he said sternly.

    “Ohh! Ohh! For pity's sake-don't… don't-I mean do… do please finger… m-my cunt!” quavered the distressed Rose.

    Pale with horror at the words she had just uttered, she sank back in his arms once more. But the contact which she dreaded was long delayed. She stiffened in an intense and nerve straining attempt to endure without crying aloud her shame and her intolerable excitement.

    Her thighs — with the delicate charms between them totally unprotected now against attack… were pressed upon by the male fingers intruding from the rear-while in front his other hand toyed gently, through the fine silk of her gown, with her genital mound.

    Rose could have screamed aloud. She bit her lips to restrain it She even parted her thighs to the inevitable approach-wishing above all things to get the ultimate horror finished and done with.

    Suddenly she gasped and quivered. The touch had come-but so very delicately that it was as if a feather had floated from somewhere to rest quiveringly on the lips of her sex. The feather was the top of a single finger — a finger that was controlled with such artistry that it seemed destined to drive her into a delirium of unsatisfied desire.

    And the feather was blown now in the capricious breeze of the man's desire, not only to revel delicately in this silken sexual warmth and intimacy-but also to drive her into wild and irrepressible acknowledgment of a sensual delight which would surmount even her great burning sense of shame.

    The finger moved indeed-but it moved so very gently, so perfidiously, upon the outer lips of this entrance to the sheath of ripe womanhood, that Rose sank white teeth into her soft lower lip and clenched her fingers into small fists in the attempt to restrain her long, groaning sighs from becoming actual cries of sensual passion and yearning.

    With what firmness she could muster, she had made up her mind to endure the indecency and insult of the firm grasp and the instantaneous attack upon her sex which she fully expected from this man of purposeful action.

    And after the consummation he would withdraw. Each of them would gradually regain poise and self-control… then he would mutter an apology-and after a while she would agree to forgive him — and forgive also his having forced her to tell her shameful story and thus unveil her intimate and almost indecent past. She would hint that he had become temporarily unbalanced as a result of this story, and add that she herself had lost self-control.

    This was the dream which flashed across her mind as she involuntarily almost projected her naked sex forward for the lewd and hasty grasp of the man. But that assault did not come-and this which had come upon her instead was of a nature to render her incapable of any clear thought.

    There were two fingertips now-and now three, or so she thought, and then only one again. She could not tell quite clearly. She only knew that mere zephyrs dwelt upon the pink cleft and lips-and that they kept her vibrating and almost breathless-and that now she could feel her slit literally pouting, confessing its intolerable desire for firmer touches, for more compelling pressures.

    Little flames of desire that burned and ached deliriously shot, through the nerves down there-and then spread all through her quivering body.

    Rose abandoned herself completely. She could not even speak and if she had been able to articulate she would have probably pleaded that this marvelous torture should end-and that Freeman should do anything and everything he wished to end the exasperation of her disordered senses, and to bring facility and ultimate repose to her shaken nerves.

    She was not aware that she had grown pale with this torment that was yet a delight. She did not realize that she had breathed a long drawn “Ohh! God!” that was just one moaning sigh of passion. She did not know that she had writhed up until she lay in a shivering ball in the man's lap-and that now his other hand played no longer upon her silken gown, but directly upon her sexual nakedness.

    She became vaguely aware at last that both his hands were lustfully engaged in toying with her secret flesh- and that a finger of each, from front to rear, bore down more firmly now and travelled to meet each other along the hotly pouting, throbbing furrow of her cleft.

    And he shook her by what he held-so roughly that all her body was in movement Rose wailed hoarsely in a keen delight that overcame all sense of shame or fear. In a moment it seemed that she must explode… spending-spending-spending. The animal treatment she was now undergoing… even the pain that she experienced- served as a palliative for her sensual passion… yet it was a palliative that increased instead of banishing the tumult of her senses.

    If she had a thought in the midst of her confused and frantic desire, it was not of resentment at being treated as the target of his caprices. Instead, it was the firm conviction that now, now he would take her body. That immense thing on which she writhed as her flesh and hair were so deliriously tugged would be buried deep within her body. Her chastity and all her vows of chastity would vanish like smoke before the tempest of his unchained desires.

    Scarlet and quivering, she acknowledged to herself that she did not fear the prospect at all. He would possess her-he must possess her! She believed that she would die if he did not take her-and take her instantly!

    Ahh! Now he was releasing her tormented flesh from the grip of his fingers. He was stroking her thighs, her loins, her back-as if to calm her. He was breathing quickly, but otherwise there was no sign on his part of that desire which corresponded to her own.

    Rose emitted one long, despairing sigh as his hands were withdrawn from beneath her skirt It had been then, just a terrible, lovely dream. He did not intend to take her at all. He had just meant to torment her, to work her up to a state of palpitating passion and submission-so as to shame her more than she had already been shamed — by abandoning her.

    Calmer now, she extended her body from the ball into which it had been rolled-not minding, if she noticed, that now the lovely nudity of her thighs protruded quite noticeably below her disordered skirt. She was beginning to awaken to a sort of gratitude that he had decided to spare her chastity… to be thankful in spite of her hotly throbbing pulses, that he had proved incapable of thus consummating her final disgrace by taking her in a sexual embrace while she was ecstatically incapable of any sort of resistance.

    But what was that low demand he was making-in firmly measured tones?

    “Show me your pussy… and your pretty little cunt, Rose!” he was saying quite calmly.

    Ahh! Dear God in Heaven! A minute earlier he might have done anything he wished… seen anything he desired… by his own volition. But no… he had to wait till she had regained her composure-and then compel her to the utter degradation of denuding herself as indecently as possible-in cold blood.

    She had no thought that she could escape doing what he demanded. And yet she protested. “But — but, Mr. Freeman,” she quavered, “after what you have already done… to m-me-am I not disgraced sufficiently… in your eyes and my own?”

    “Are you going to do as I tell you?” he inquired, in a tone that sent a quiver of fear through her body.

    “Yes-ohh… b-but-y-yes… I will!” she promised, and her voice rose crescendo with fright as he grasped one of her rounded arms.

    He seemed to read her mind-and to disapprove of her mental attitude.

    “You will, indeed, show me your cunt,” he said. “And not because you are afraid of me at this moment… nor because we have both been passionate together and you are still sexually aroused and unsatisfied-but because- listen to me…”

    “You are going to stand up in front of me and expose all of your intimate body as fully as possible-and then you will lie on your back in my lap and spread your legs apart for such examination as I may wish to make-and then you will ask me to have you… to fuck you!”

    “And you will do all this because you owe me money that you cannot pay. You will pay that bill with your body — like any woman of the streets… and in any way that I choose!”

    Rose Bolton was standing now before her persecutor. She looked at the door-as if contemplating flight He gave her a smile as he strolled over to the door and locked it, pocketing the key before he returned to his seat.

    “Proceed with the penalty-the poor debtor's penalty — imposed upon you…” he said.

    The distracted Rose descended to argument-when she would have wished to crush him with material force if such had been at her disposal.

    “I am not a poor debtor,” she murmured. “If I could only collect what is due to me I should have forty thousand dollars in the bank.”

    “But you are my poor debtor,” insisted Freeman, “for you cannot pay me! And you shall be penalized later for your carelessness in ruining a good business. You will offer me things which you never dreamed of-if only I will show you how to extricate yourself from your financial difficulties…”

    She gasped faintly at his clear reading of her earlier thoughts-that his friendship would be invaluable to her — once it were acquired. Of course, any idea of such a friendship with a man of bis character must definitely be abandoned.

    Meanwhile the unspeakable thing was inevitable. There was no way out of it. She clutched suddenly at the hem of her skirt-in haste to terminate the ordeal.

    “Slowly-quite slowly…” he enjoined her. “Raise up the curtain on your hidden charms very gradually- try to make it as pleasantly tantalizing to me as possible… try to yield your nudities to me rather than flaunt them before me too defiantly!”

    So he was quite determined to plunge her as deeply as possible in her bath of shame, she thought vaguely. Her slim fingers were quivering on the thin silk which she raised slowly to the tops of her stockings… and then upward over white nudities which were faintly rosy and yet luminous-the beautiful naked thighs of a lovely woman.

    For an instant the edge of her garment faltered and stopped below the convergence of her thighs. Freeman lifted his eyebrows… and Rose hastily evidenced her fear of continuing her delightful revelations.

    The summits of the tightly closed thighs-with dark brown tendrils clustering there… then the entire forest of silken curls in the mystic triangle — and the white, quivering belly to the navel was displayed to his eager gaze…

    Holding her skirt and her unfastened undies around her waist-undergoing a shame beyond words… Rose found herself fascinated by his apparent imperturbability.

    Could he look upon her thus-in a state of such naked and lascivious abandon and complaisance as no other person had ever witnessed… and remain unmoved? A sensuous and uncontrollable irritation at him possessed her suddenly, and entirely without her own volition she found herself giving a lascivious movement to her hips which thrust her sex forward in a gesture of invitation.

    He raised his lashes for an instant. She could not meet his gaze-for her own cheeks were scarlet at the secret impulse which had overcome her. Hurriedly she dropped her own dark eyes… but she had seen, for just a moment, such a devouring hunger and gleaming anticipation in his gaze as roused sensations of both passion and terror deep in her heart.

    “1 should think,” he decided, “that if you held your garments even higher… clear up to your armpits… and then walked around the room in front of me… you would be paying off some more of your debt.”

    The hesitation of the distracted woman was evanescent. With an effort she raised her crumpled attire as high as was possible… till even the slopes of her lovely breasts were revealed to his watchful eyes.

    She walked-or rather, faltered… across the room. She did not, perhaps fortunately, since her shame and bitter confusion were already so great as almost to deprive her of the power of locomotion, hear the gasp of delight he gave as he watched the nakedness of her lovely buttocks swaying as she walked.

    She turned again towards him. Catching his mood and so feeling herself under the necessity of catering to it… and feeling stronger too as little thrills arose which she found just would manifest themselves when she thus exhibited her nudity-she walked all about the room.

    She was more conscious of the utter indecency of the picture she presented… shod and stockinged but nude from her bosom to her long hosiery-than of the fleshly loveliness of it. Yet she knew this beauty to exist-and she knew too that she was setting this man's senses on fire-and this knowledge added poignancy to the involuntary thrills which overran her as she paraded round the room with bowed head and flaming face.

    Francis Freeman halted her with a word. “Come here now!” he said slowly. “You know what you have to do! I want you like an opened package directly beneath my eyes…”

    Not venturing to lower her attire, Rose stumbled over towards his chair. With a gesture he showed that he wished her to lie transversely over his parted knees. She lay thus-and her nakedness shivered ripplingly under his inspecting eyes.

    And then with touches that not only suggested but aided her in acrobatics of the most licentious order, he caused her to raise her knees and spread them apart Her feet rested on the arm of his broad chair. Her naked thighs were widely parted-and little quivering and involuntary movements flexed their muscles in a most suggestive manner.

    “More-more… still more!” he ordered. “That's it! Now raise your bottom… hang your head and shoulders over the arm of the chair! I want your crotch right under my eyes!”

    Chapter VI

    ROSE succeeded in achieving the infinitely indecent posture he demanded. She was trembling like a leaf as she yielded him thus every inch of her intimacies for closest personal inspection. Her legs were so distended that the delicately rosy slit which began on the lower slope of her plump and delicious mound and continued downward in seductive charm within her crotch-was pouting visibly.

    Further back he could discern the puckered brown of her tight little rear opening. Although her eyes were shut tight, she seemed to sense the flame which shot from his inspecting eyes. His gaze seemed to scorch her intimate flesh. For several minutes-perhaps three or four-he sat there and scanned her charms.

    Beneath her back that swelling protrusion in his lap seemed to be more formidable than ever-an unbelievable monster of throbbing flesh. And Rose was not aware that, despite the shame born of her odious compliance with his demands, she was vibrating now as much from sensuality as from distress.

    She did not realize this-until he touched her. And with the thrill of that almost imperceptible touch on her warm pouting cleft, the unhappy woman quivered violently — and moaned with passion. For once more her state of tense lust was such that his merest touch sufficed to drive her wild with desire.

    And now he was more cruel to her than ever. For just when she could have screamed aloud for more precise caresses, just when she would have welcomed the invasion instead of the mere caresses of that finger-just when he could have thrown her on her back on the rug and taken her body without any protest-he desisted from touching her any further.

    He closed her legs and raised her to a sitting position. His left arm held her by the bare waist-but he smoothed down her garments quite decorously in front, save where her naked thighs peeped out from her disordered skirt One hand still remained with its controlling fingers buried within the patch of curling hair above her crotch. And those same fingers moved mouldingly… forbidding her senses to entirely subside.

    He released her, at last with words which astonished her. “You may show me these books-these accounts- that are pertaining to your business. Sit here by my side and show me.”

    She slipped from his lap-and shook down her garments about her body. But Francis Freeman was eyeing her as she prepared to take her chair beside him-eyeing her and shaking his head.

    “For a woman who is noted for the beauty and good taste of her attire, Rose…”he observed, “you are certainly in a sad state now. Just look at the crumpled condition of that pretty gown! You should at least be suitably dressed when you are working with me!”

    Rose flushed and hung her-head like a child. She could find no words with which to reproach his mockery.

    “You may discard the gown,” he said tranquilly. “And your shoes and stockings as well. You will sit here beside me in whatever underwear you chance to have on.”

    Another ordeal to go through-and she underwent it with a fascinated submission that astonished hen Clad in her still unbuttoned panties, with the silken strap which should have closed them hanging downward between her legs, she sat and removed her shoes and stockings under his interested gaze.

    “Your feet are really very pretty,” he said simply. And he made her lift one naked foot after the other to his lap for a pleased appraisal of their soft whiteness and symmetry and of the manicured pinkness of her small toes.

    They sat now-and he pored over her books. Uneasy at first over her scanty apparel-which seemed even more shocking not that she was engaged in a business way-Rose soon became absorbed in replying to his real sharp queries as he ran rapidly through her files.

    Yet even in his absorption in business, he continued to dismay Rose by a sudden display of sentiments having very little bearing on such transactions. For she gave him some erroneous information regarding overdue payments. And he detected her blunder instantly.

    “You must not waste my time. Rose!” he reprimanded her, “by giving me any such misinformation.”

    He eyed her once more Bushing face and the lovely body so gauzily clad. Through the lace and silk at the bosom of her garment the delicate curves of her breasts were more than visible.

    “I think that you shall strip off that last garment as a slight form of reprimand,” he said. “And in atonement for your mistake, you shall sit by my side quite naked while I check through the remainder of the accounts.”

    Poor Rose gasped with dismay when she heard his harsh decree. Never yet had she been entirely naked before him. But she staggered to her feet and obeyed him-hesitantly letting her last garment, and displaying all her lovely nudity to the full.

    Francis Freeman seemed quite matter of fact about the situation, and from his expression you might have thought that he was quite accustomed to holding business meetings with a lady who was stark naked. He waved the scarlet faced and embarrassed Rose to her chair.

    “Now then,” he said, “remain entirely silent for a few minutes, if you please…” And he selected a number of documents and began to run through them with rapidity.

    Rose… looking like a bashful and ashamed young girl from the shoulders up — and far otherwise from the shoulders down… stole fleeting glances at his face. The fact that he did not look at her at all — that he had not paid her any attention since she drew her last remaining garment over her head and dropped it to the floor… made it somewhat easier for her to sit thus at his side.

    “You have got here, Rose,” he said, “some valuable papers, unless I entirely miss my guess. There are bills which were never intended to reach the husbands concerned-bills which many of the lovelies would pay four times over rather than have them brought to the notice of their hubbies.”

    “Well,” said Rose hesitantly, “it is true that some of our clients have requested me to send their accounts to an accommodation address…”

    “Quite so,” said Freeman. “And some of the addresses might surprise you if you saw them. Perhaps they might be good friends of hubby's as well as wine's, but in any case I will hazard a guess that they would all turn out to be males-and potent ones at that!”

    “Of course, in other cases I should be inclined to suggest that you mark off the accounts to profit and loss- were it not for one circumstance that might keep them out of the red. The men who are in ignorance of their responsibility for these bills might prove to be wealthy only in the known beauty of their wife or daughter buying the goods.”

    “But there is one saving grace, my dear Rose, as far as these accounts are concerned. If sufficiently pressed for settlement-such beauty can usually be converted into cash…”

    “When pressed sufficiently?” faltered Rose.

    “Rather than have their families notified of their debts many of your recalcitrant clients would submit to almost any other embarrassment — say — at the hands of some good friend of yours who might be willing to assist them in their difficulty. I am sure that many of these beautiful women or girls would be so desperate under pressure that they would go where they were sent-and endure what they must-if they were told that in this way only could they obtain security.”

    “But… good heavens-you are suggesting terrible- quite dreadful things…” stammered the dismayed Rose.

    “I am suggesting,” he said calmly, “that you should be as nonchalant in collecting your debts as your debtors are in evading their obligations. Is there anything less… ethical-in advising one of these irresponsible women that she may obtain the settlement of her account by visiting my apartment and there earning the cheque required, than there is in her own withholding from you money which she knows you need and which is rightfully due to you?”

    “Ohh! To send her-to y-you!” quavered Rose. “Then you would… then you intend to — have some of my customers…?”

    “Yes! I think so…” he said thoughtfully. “Some of these young beauties listed here are fit for the bed… or the bachelor quarters of anyone in the world.”

    “Ohh! But… Mr. Freeman!” wailed poor Rose. “I should hate that-so terribly-sending them to you.”

    He eyed her keenly-and she blushed furiously beneath his critical gaze.

    “Can it be that the lovely lady whom I have treated so cavalierly… has some thought of sufficing for me herself?” he queried with a mocking smile.

    Her blush became sheer crimson… but her swift denial lacked assurance-as his perceptions told him.

    “No… no-ohh… how can you say such a thing to me?” cried Rose. “As if I had the least idea of-of doing… doing anything with you that you didn't- force me to do.”

    “Which reminds me,” he remarked casually, “that I told you some time ago that you would have to ask me to lie with you. I shall not insist upon that at once- perhaps the time may come when you will implore me to take your lovely body-to penetrate it-impregnate it if I wish.”

    “Ohh-no… no!” clamoured the distracted woman. “You must know that I would never ask such a thing of my own accord. I submit to all these dreadful indecencies because I must-but…”

    “We will pass by the obvious dispute for the moment,” he replied. “But-for venturing to discuss it with me instead of remaining silent or else acquiescing gently-you will go beneath this table at my knees-and pet me very softly at the spot where you see some indication of my physical pleasure caused by your nudity-while I continue to run through these accounts.”

    Rose grew pale and all the high color ebbed from her cheeks. She slumped despairingly in her chair. And in a split second he was upon her. With a strength that amazed and appalled her, he snatched her up. Her slender ankles were grasped-and she found herself dangling head down with her hair and protesting hands sweeping the carpet “Help! Help!” she gasped-frightened almost out of her wits. Holding her thus, he shook her to and fro-her hundred and thirty pounds of splendid nudity seeming as nothing to his powerful muscles.

    “Be quiet, Rose!” he ordered. “Quit wriggling and keep still. Unless you want me to march with you out of the shop and into the street? I shall do it-if you aggravate me any further!”

    “Please… please,” she begged frantically, subduing her voice now for fear of his displeasure. “I will do-just as you say-only… only put me down.”

    He replaced her upright, and she tottered-all her face rosy red from the rush of blood to the head.

    “Underneath the desk,” he directed curtly. “And be very careful to caress me dutifully-and tenderly-remembering that touching on the material alone will not suffice…”

    The bitterly ashamed woman almost scurried beneath the table, and his final words rang in her ears-telling her that her sensual complaisances were to exceed any thing that she had hitherto anticipated.

    He resumed his seat-parting his knees as he sat. And Rose crept steadily to her ordained post Her fingers trembled upon his thighs, and her turbulent breathing made him smile unseen. And if his delicate touches on her secret person had previously moved Rose to her very depths, the timidity of her attack upon the buttons of his nether garments thrilled Francis Freeman to the core.

    But he did not bother to issue directions to her now — much preferring to appear unaware of what was going on beneath the table-entirely confident that feminine instinct and rising passion would soon direct her in her complaisance and her caresses.

    A button had been unfastened. Slowly another button met the same fate. The unavoidable touches and light pressure upon his hidden virility enchanted him-and Rose's quick breathing as her soft fingers discovered his swollen and concealed weapon informed him clearly of the effect that her actions were having upon herself.

    She was motionless and silent for a moment He heard a sigh-and then a finger… two fingers-crept up to penetrate lasciviously within his nether garments. Both his trousers and drawers were invaded — very slowly and timidly. And suddenly the naked flesh of his huge staff felt the warmth and softness of appraising fingertips.

    At the same instant he heard a muffled exclamation from Rose-half a sigh and half a moan of delirious excitement. And already her buried fingers were touring upon the nude sex at her disposal. She gasped in ecstasy as her fingertips moved up along the shaft. Her left hand hurried to release another button-with rapidity this time.

    All her right hand entered. She was panting frantically now-and her fingers curled-they touched gingerly… they appraised incredulously. The buried hand was withdrawn. Without further delay every button of trousers and drawers was undone. And a husky little cry that was almost a sob of frenzied delight, broke from Rose's lips as the swelling sex thrust forth in all its superb nakedness. Rose was no longer the shy and modest woman who had been so swiftly converted by circumstances into the helpless chattel of a man's desires. In truth she had forgotten that this sensital submission had been forced upon her and she liked it.

    But she was awed by the unexampled-and in her own small experience astonishing-magnificence of the male organ. There was timidity as well as agitation in the way she slowly closed her two hands round the naked shaft.

    His own gasp of pleasure was drowned in the little cry of silvery delight which came from Rose's own throat. She clung now-clung and fondled… and her warm fingers visited ecstatically the entire extent of his masculine attributes-including in their researches the crinkled sack which housed his testicles.

    In her vast excitement and tingling, delirious ecstasy, she still recalled that instruction-to her mind it now became a 'permission' that she was to 'please' him. That at least conveyed something clearly to her imagination-for had she not-unwittingly perhaps-learned so early how to please her own son in the same manner?

    And now her ten soft and caressing fingers made the powerful body of the seemingly absorbed man quiver with delight. They roved around-they pressed-now lightly, now fervently… in every direction. Taught by nature and desire, they thrilled him through and through.

    Her head was bowed… her fine eyes gleamed unseen. So near was her face now to the object that she caressed that her fevered breath as well as her fingers played upon the object of her passion.

    While the man attended above the table to her affairs — which she herself had entirely forgotten — below the table the delighted Rose attended very efficiently to his “affairs.”

    The catch in his voice as he now spoke rejoiced her — for it was the first clear evidence that he was enjoying her attempts to please him. But his actual words drove her to despair-for they banished her lasciviously happy fingers from their delightful occupation.

    “Stop, Rose!” he commanded. “Let go-I shall spend in another moment. Do you hear me?”

    Reluctantly she released her convulsively clutching and prying fingers from their prey.

    “Kneel there,” he said. “Kneel there-and answer my questions!”

    Tremblingly she obeyed. But since there was no room for her to kneel erect, she bowed her head. And crept very close to his person-nestling between his widely parted legs. So near to him, indeed, that as her splendid bosom rose and fell with her turbulent breathing, the soft satin mounds of her naked breasts touched the bare flesh of his thighs from time to time.

    “That feels delightful,” he conceded. “Now that I am a little calmer you may bend your body forward-and place my prick between your charming breasts.”

    And this time there was no delay in her obedience as she gently lifted the object of her attentions, and laid it in the groove between her swelling mounds, squeezing them down deliciously upon it ere she sat back and awaited his further commands.

    He questioned her now regarding certain of her customers, some of whom he knew slightly-some others only by sight and others merely by their reputation for beauty and pure vivacity.

    She answered him as best she could in her present state of unsatisfied agitation. Even when he demanded if she had seen such and such a girl naked or nearly so- and what her nude body was like in intimate details- she gave him with an odd, shamed, sensual pleasure such of these details as she could recall.

    Regarding a certain Norma Wales-daughter of a very wealthy man-she showed a certain amount of enthusiasm. With her close clipped, curly blonde hair, said Rose, this girl was almost boyish, and her expression and features in some ways reminded her of Lester.

    “Her body? Yes… it was lovely-slender-and very white-and at the juncture of her thighs… just the least sign of a tiny pink crack.”

    “I think,” he said slowly, “that this girl Norma has produced a curious impression on you, based perhaps on the resemblance to your son. Have you ever dreamed of seeing and feeling her aristocratic young face pressed to your naked body-and caressing?”

    “Good Heavens-no!” exclaimed Rose in utter amazement. “Why-whatever do you mean?”

    “In your years of marital life,” he explained, “you had learned to enjoy being licked and sucked-and now you find yourself deprived of these delightful caresses… though it may be that in the future your young son…”

    “Ohh-ohh! I don't understand, Mr. Freeman… what you are saying is unspeakable!” said Rose in a smothered tiny voice.

    “So once more you are venturing to criticize,” be said. “And for that you shall lick my balls. Crouch lower-this instant… and take them gently in your hands- and now lick them all over.”

    Trembling and shrinking with a shame more acute than any yet visited upon her. Rose was prompt in her compliance to his demands, though she felt that she was approximating to the status of an animal. And yet the voice of her flesh spoke wildly as her obedient tongue wandered where it had been told. Her breath came in a series of short gasps-and she shook like an aspen as her forehead or cheek just touched, ever and again, the rigid sex which swayed so near to her head.

    Freeman was speaking again-she must listen-for it was perilous not to comprehend his least remark.

    “Would you enjoy,” he queried, “having this patrician girl Norma Wales, lend her pretty, boyish face to comprehensive caresses of all your naked person such as your husband used to supply? Would you like to have her at your beck and; call?”

    She must answer. She must abandon for a while this soft licking which was now driving her to a fury of pure sombre delight.

    “Ohh! My God! Mr. Freeman-I don't understand!” Rose managed to stammer. “A-girl-a girl like Norma- to do such things… and to another woman! I could not even conceive of it-I would be afraid-frightened!”

    “It would not be you who drove her to this surrender,” he replied. “You would have my support-my orders in fact-and I should not have any compunctions about the matter. It would interest me, in fact, to see this girl all naked and prostrating her lovely body-her lips and her tongue-to your service.”

    “And it is no certainty, you know, that it would be such utter torment for her as you imagine-after her first shame was overcome. She is boyish in ways as well as in appearance, I have noticed!”

    “I… I just couldn't!” gasped Rose. “I'm sure I should faint when she touched me!”

    He heard her moan faintly. She was, perhaps, beyond all surprise by this time-yet never had she imagined such a task of abject and shameful degradation being assigned to her. That she could be called upon to prostitute her mouth-to practice such a shameless caress-to offer her soft lips to the animal delights of this-this man.”

    Glancing downward, Francis Freeman beheld her pitiful confusion and shame. And he offered a brief consolation…

    “Look, Rose!” he said. “It seems natural after a time- didn't it-when your husband licked your slit and you spent on his tongue and lips? And what I ask from you is simply the equivalent of that caress.”

    “Ohh… but-” she quavered. “In the-in the state you are-you m-may spend… in m-my mouth!”

    “Indeed I propose to do that very thing!” he replied. “And you shall drink my sperm like milk. Rose. Do yon suppose that I am going to leave you without obtaining some relief for the state of excitement roused in me by this display of your naked charms during the past two hours or so?”

    Francis Freeman understood fully the terrible struggle endured by Rose's shattered nerves as she faced this necessity of gratifying him under such depraved circumstances. And he saw that the quivering woman realized the complete inevitability of doing his will.

    To him it was a sheer joy-a joy which he was in no hurry to terminate by a violent physical ecstasy-to observe the reactions of this refined and naked woman as she now confronted the necessities of prostituting to his pleasure a virgin and delicate orifice of her body-and one that was intended for far other uses.

    He watched her intently, and saw growing upon her fine features-now drained of all color-an expression of amazed disbelief. That she could have fallen so quickly to the point where such a demand could be made to her — and she dared not resent it-impressed her as some terrible nightmare.

    She could not believe that it had indeed been she who had just now caressed with her tongue those dangling appendages hanging from the enormous virility which she was now regarding. Hardly two hours ago she had been the picture of a chaste and self-respecting business woman — and now… now she seemed to be nothing more than the naked property of this man before whom she knelt.

    She considered the matter-dominating the thrills the sight of that waiting prick with its swelling splendor imposed on her as she looked at it. In the first place she had attempted to placate him so as to secure these imperiled business interests. And she had passed from concession to concession as a result of that first fatal mistake. He had drawn confessions from her lips so intimate that whoever heard them was master of herself also. Quite simply, she had conceived that it was merely for the titillation of his senses that he had led her on. But now she realized that his aim had been to bring her to the point where complete and utter obedience to his wishes could be her own course.

    And now here she was-stark naked at his feet-and ordered to-to suck him! She must offer her delicate warm lips to the most shameful part of his body-and she must allow her mouth to become the instrument of his pleasure and the recipient of his seed.

    She shivered as if with a fever. She contemplated again that imposing shaft of throbbing flesh-with its rosy, uncapped head. And she was conscious anew of a heat which flooded her. With anxious pleading in her glazed but lovely dark eyes, she glanced imploringly up at his face — hoping against hope for a reprieve.

    “When you have quite finished humming and hawing about a thing which you know quite well you have got to do…*” he said, “and a thing which at bottom, whether you realize it or not, you are eager to do to me!”

    “Eager to do to you?”* she wailed. “Ohh! How can you accuse me of wishing to do such an unspeakable thing?”

    “You will like it!” he stated firmly. “You will soon be constantly desiring the velvet feel of it upon your tongue. You will follow me about-frantic for the chance to take as much of my sex as your pretty mouth will hold. And even now you are curious-sensually and firmly curious to learn how it will taste and feel as you suck upon it.'*

    Quivering visibly, she considered this. She raised her eyes once more to his-an the pallor of her lovely face vanished in a rush of blood to her cheeks and brow.

    “You know I cannot contradict you,” she said in a stifled voice. “You are so very-imperative with me, even when I am trying to do what you say. But please-please… give me time. It is so very huge, too-I am not certain that I can get even a little of it into my mouth,” she added tremulously.

    “Not quite like your hubby's, then?” he murmured, rather complacently. “Or like-any others… you happen to have seen by chance?”

    “Oh Christopher's…?” said Rose. “I think it would make at least two of his. And you know very well that is the only one I have seen… except… just a boyish one.”

    “When you next see that boyish prick,” he observed very cynically, “it may not seem so boyish as before. You shall see it that I promise you-if only to gratify my own curiosity as to the reactions of you both when…

    “Merciful heavens!” exclaimed the distracted woman, “you would never have the cruelty to do that-compel me to resume relations with my youthful son just for your own perverse ends-risking both his health and happiness…

    “It might save instead of harming him-and preserve both his health and happiness. What do you suppose is happening to your boy out there-a youth already awakened to sex through your own “innocent" ministrations to his body, and now abandoned to the embraces offered by the girls and women surrounding him, eager to enjoy his unspoiled and youthful virility.”

    “I know of mothers who co-habit with their sons for the boy's own sake as well as their own pleasure, fearing they may fall otherwise into indiscriminate lechery. And many a father and daughter enjoy ineffable pleasures together Without the outside world suspecting that anything is amiss. Don't believe that it is nature that protests against such amorous liaisons. It is only man-made laws and customs that are affronted thereby.”

    Chapter VII

    In an odd stupor Rose had listened to his words. Already she had taken in her fingers for the preliminary soft caresses his huge weapon. And the fart that he did not seem to be concerned with what she was doing — that he was not even looking at her… made it all the easier for her to nestle her hot cheek now and again upon his hot member-and to touch it tentatively with her tongue here and there.

    “Kiss the head-and then lick beneath it-” he whispered very softly.

    She started violently and then colored deeply as this interruption revealed his knowledge of her gradual approach to the final caress-and of her growing sensual delight therein. She complied, nevertheless — and was startled to feel the heat of a perverse pleasure followed by a torrid longing pervade her body and control her nerves.

    He continued talking-conscious that she was becoming infatuated with her task-and aware that this would happen more easily if her thoughts were diverted some other place.

    “Families are scarce in which these irregularities do not ever occur,” he reflected aloud. “In my own case, here is a slight confession to balance your own story!”

    “My elder sister was involved in an accident in which her husband was killed, and she was badly injured. When she recovered and left the hospital she came to live with us, and as she was still bedridden she was constantly demanding my company in her room to keep her amused and happy.”

    “She was already able to move about in bed quite freely, and despite her injuries she was already as pretty and as lovable as ever-and as insistent that her seventeen year old brother was created for the purpose of carrying out her wishes and keeping her occupied-which I was by no means loath to do.”

    “She had discovered on one occasion that the disclosure of her lovely shoulders and bosom above the bedclothes aroused me to flushed interest, and I think it was more than a malicious amusement that filled her when she found that she could excite me.”

    “It was perhaps inadvertently that she let me see one naked and lovely breast-her nightrobe having fallen away from her bosom as I placed an extra pillow behind her at lunch time. I was stricken speechless by the delicious sight-and sister Mary noted my agitation and pleasure-and easily divined the cause.”

    “Thereafter I was permitted to see more and more of her charming person as I sat by her bedside reading aloud and she manoeuvred so as to place all her naked bust before my eyes under the loose nighty which she commonly wore-even though the result was a total lack of attention to the book from which I was reading.”

    “If I tried-and sometimes I did try-to see further than her delightful bosom, she would humor me in that too. For she would lean forward and ask me to adjust her pillows-moving her body in such a way that her nightdress swung open and disclosed her rounded breasts and the lovely body below.”

    “And then-ohh… Rose-that's right-bear downward with your lips… see, they will stretch… and it will slip-right in-all the head will go in… very gently — like that…”

    Breaking off in his narrative as the excited Rose, having licked every inch of the inflamed prick, suddenly gasped and applied her parted lips to the swelling head and sucked down on il. Francis Freeman was delighting now in the soft cradling of his throbbing sex in the moist warmth of Rose's pretty mouth.

    She whimpered with dismay as the bulging red head of his weapon strained her softly yielding lips to the uttermost, but a little sigh of satisfied delight escaped her as it finally slipped right in and found refuge in her hot little mouth. She blushed with renewed shame as he took cognisance of her eager prostitution of her lips-but she persisted valiantly in cramming her mouth with this nice luscious morsel.

    The shock to her nerves was immense-and thrilling — the experience of tasting and feeling this male sex invading every bit of her mouth. She ran the tip of her tongue round the head, drew down on the male juice, savouring the sharp flavor. She was quivering, almost fainting with the keen ecstasy it gave her.

    She had to support herself on her elbows upon his thighs, for her fingers never abandoned their hold on his darling sex. Merely to feel her lips imprisoning this softly warm bit of masculinity intoxicated her beyond words. Its taste-all the sensations of harboring it thus-were heady to her mind like strong wine. She sucked on it gently as he again began his own recital.

    She heard each word-but dimly, as from a great way off. Persistently she forced her mind to recall the disgrace of acting as she was acting. She literally fought to retain the immense shame which she should feel, but which was being eclipsed by a flood of perverse rapture. Her head whirled-and somewhere within it she heard the phrase 'cock sucker' which her husband had once pronounced, adding poignancy to her peculiar sense of pleasure.

    She told herself that she was just a naked animal at the man's feet-naked by his command and forced to minister to his lusts-she was not even his mistress. And as she softly sucked and moved her tongue over this delicious mouthful, this woman of fine upbringing exulted in her own downfall.

    “As I sat thus on her bed,” continued Freeman, “my own healthy young cock would already be hardening from the view of her delightful bosom-and as I saw the nipples of her lovely breasts it would rapidly attain complete ejection.”

    “It became Mary's silent delight to lay her hand on my thigh while I tried to read when in this state-and then quite unconsciously let her errant fingers slip up a little further-to touch, furtively, at this stage, the object which distended my breeches.”

    “It chanced that I was a shy and inexperienced youth at that age-in spite of what you may think of me now. And I was not quite convinced that her approaches were really quite deliberate and planned. I think my sister relished my mute 'greenness.' She had only been married some three years, and was not herself a girl of much amatory wisdom-so that she might have felt incapable of further advances had not my own shyness drawn her along.”

    “The evening came when she wished to try to walk a few steps with my aid, so that we could 'surprise the folks downstairs' as she said. And with my aid-which I think was quite unnecessary-she twisted her legs out from beneath the bedclothes.”

    “She was rosily embarrassed-overcome by a sensuality so long penned up-as she projected her naked feet and then her legs from the bed to my delighted gaze! Even this much display thrilled me-for my somewhat prudish mother I had never even seen barefooted. And there my pretty sister sat-her thighs by now barely hidden. I thought that she was waiting for me to raise the coverlet so that she might emerge from the bed.”

    “I did so-and I gasped and quivered. For her rounded milk white thighs were naked to their summits-while at their convergence lay-equally exposed-the base of her belly and the blonde grove of her sex hair.”

    “She must have contrived, as she moved in the bed, to pull her nighty well up-and that fact perhaps explained the presence of such color in her face and such sensual languor in her eyes as I had never before seen.

    “Yet she exclaimed in apparent dismay as I thus displayed her secret nudities.

    “You could at least have given me a second to make sure that I was decent, Frank, before thus uncovering me,” she remonstrated-but so softly that I was not too ashamed.

    “I was just reaching down to see if my nightgown-was in order, when you pulled off the covers like that!” she complained softly.

    “I'm sorry, Mary…” I stammered.

    “But I noticed-and wondered-that she still sat just where she was-naked from her toes to her navel-and let me continue to look at her.”

    “It was such a shock,” she murmured, perhaps to explain her immobility. “It's left me quite weak. But after all we are brother and sister, and I guess you are old enough to find out how women are made-and very likely you've seen mother like this before now?”

    “There was a distinct query in Mary's voice. And I think she was a little pleased that it was her body which had afforded me my first glimpse of feminine sexual charms. And I know she was pleased as I added: 'I've never seen mother — but — you are really lovely, Mary darling…”

    “Silly boy!” she exclaimed, almost tenderly. “Why don't you help me up, so that the curtain will fall-instead of trying to flatter your ancient sister like that.”

    “She was so scantily clad-with her nighty drawn up so that it had become merely a white girdle with one breast just showing its rosy tip above-that I could hardly touch her without encountering nudity. I hesitated.”

    “Are you going to leave me in this disgraceful state all the evening?” she demanded weakly. “I'm so upset that I can barely move. I think you might first tuck away… m-my n-naked breast-”

    “I panted audibly with delight as I obeyed. To my young and inexperienced self it was the most exciting thing in the world that I should be able to touch with impunity one of those firm, full mounds with its pouting pink nipple. As if it had been a delicate and fragile jewel, I fingers and snuggled it hack into its nest of muslin and fragile lace.

    “And now…” Mary said, and her voice was none too steady as she spoke, “with your arm about me you ought to be able to walk me around the room.”

    “I tried to take her thus-as solicitously as possible. My hand trembled when it touched the fragrant delicacy of her white, smooth skin just below the disordered and tousled nighty.

    “Good heavens.” she expostulated again. “You haven't got to take me by the bare body, have you?”

    “Although her tone was so mild as not to startle me, she squirmed around in the attempt to assist in her own rising. The lovely thighs which had remained pressed together until now, were parted somewhat-and then more lavishly-and I saw what had hitherto been concealed from me-a faintly rosy gash running downwards between her legs from her plump mound with its abundant growth of ruddily golden hair.

    “If I breathed hard-so did she. And I think she was getting an enormous 'kick' out of showing her sex to her then innocent brother-for she prolonged the exposure far more than was necessary as she pretended to avail herself of my help.

    “It was some time later-after she had proudly walked about the room with my arm supporting her-that her own passion and her observation of my stiff erection impelled her to an uncontrollable and licentious advance far more deliberate than any she had hitherto made.”

    “She was back in bed-and I was sitting beside her as I read to her aloud. And suddenly-without any preliminaries her hand was upon my throbbing prick. I choked, stammered, ceased even to try to read. I trembled like a leaf as she deliciously squeezed and petted the huge swelling inside my trousers. She was shaking her head-looking at me with eyes which were suffused with languor.”

    “Poor boy-poor darling-ohhh… Frank!” she whispered huskily. She controlled her voice and began once more in a low tone. “Little sister is really much worried to find you like this-so very excited! It can't be good for you! But perhaps a little petting will make it feel much better?”

    “For a minute or two of extreme felicity for me-and of no great distress for her, you may be sure-she continued to mould and finger the swelling prick within my breeches until I was trembling from head to foot. The book had fallen unheeded to the floor. My sighs of shamed delight were almost moans of passion.”

    “Do you want Sis to do even more than this to try and… soothe you?” she whispered vibrantly. Her pretty face was flaming with excitement.

    “Go on-ohh… Mary darling-do whatever you wish to do!” I stammered.

    “It's not what I wish-it's what I think may be good for you!” she insisted, with an air of complacent virtue. “You may not think it's very nice-at first-what I'm going to do-but something just has to be done-about the state into which you've gotten yourself.”

    “Any… anything-you do-is nice…”I stammered feebly.

    “Her hand was loosening buttons. It crept inside-and I groaned aloud with delight as I felt my naked member taken in her caressing hand. And how she did pet me! Her long, pliant fingers took possession of my sex, and gloriously tormented my delighted prick with their wonderful caresses.”

    “Her breath came hissingly through her lips. With a new found strength she twisted upright on the bed-and took both hands now to uncover and bring to light the object of her devotion.”

    “You monster-ohh! You incredible… lovely and beautiful monster!” she cried hoarsely-as she beheld my rampant weapon in all its proud nudity.

    “She almost tore at my garments as she revealed all my private parts. My shame had vanished ere now. She lingered my balls-squeezed them gently-and let her slim fingers tangle in my genital hair… and then she seized in both hands the column of flesh which seemed to fascinate her…”

    “For a long time she played with it-giving me such sensations that I gasped in ecstasy. Her face was close to it now, she cooed over it. Her breath was hot upon its swelling head. She eyed the red cap about which her lips were poised and hovering. I started-and suppressed a cry of utter delight. For all the tip of my cock was sucked in-throbbing and palpitating within the moist, warm paradise of Mary's hot little mouth.”

    Francis Freeman's voice faltered as he panted out these last words. And Rose quivered to the depths of her being at the culmination of his story. And not even the fact that the frenzied throbbing of his prick within her mouth showed that the instant of her complete degradation was at hand served to make her wish to withdraw her prostituted mouth.

    As if instinctively, she sucked more softly and licked more gently as she drew down on the smooth cap, and then she heard him gasp deliriously and knew that her mouth was about to receive his pulsing sperm.

    Her eyes one lambent flame, she raised them to his face in time to see the delight portrayed there-nor did she mind in the least now that he should be looking down upon her abject occupation and witness her intense delight in it.

    She moaned faintly and stranglingly as her tongue felt the first jet of his sperm. “Ohh-ohh! Ohh!” she gasped. And then drew it down her throat with apparent ecstasy. She continued to draw gently upon the spouting member — and swallowed with frenzied pleasure every drop which her lips and tongue could drain from him.

    A few minutes later Rose stirred and sighed faintly as she heard his low voice. Her breasts throbbed upon the bared masculine thighs. She shook about her shamed and flaming face her long hair, which had become unbound and then she lifted her head mere inches towards him.

    “Come out!” he repeated.

    “I can't… ohh! I daren't…!” she wailed. “How c-can I ever 1-look you in the face again-after-after all that happened!”

    “Another time I should pull you out forcibly-and treat you with severity for such disobedience,” he said gently. “But I realize that you feel covered with shame, not only for having pleased me so delightfully-but by being so thrilled yourself while doing it. Come out here to me!”

    She scrambled out in submission to his wish-to stand by his side with downcast eyes and blushing cheeks.

    “Now kiss me!” he demanded.

    “You wish-you actually wish… you are willing to to kiss me… after that.” she whispered. “Let me at least go and clean my lip?”

    He laughed softly and drew her nudity down towards him until their two mouths were yoked. Then he pulled her onto his knee and kissed her once more.

    “You were simply marvelous. Rose!” he said. “I think you are a genius at that caress-and if you still entertain any ideas of being released from my yoke-you can forget it… for I wouldn't part with you for the world.”

    It was his first acknowledgment that he considered her now as something belonging to him, even though he had treated her as such and though she had felt herself to be his chattel during the past two hours.

    But she could not resent even that now. She was not so certain that she wished to do so. She could only sigh- and avoid his eyes-and when he raised his lips again- stoop down to kiss him very softly and tenderly.

    “And now you can tell me how unspeakably terrible it all was!” he bade her.

    “Terrible! Terrible… not terrible?” she breathed. “It was-you know how I found it-the most wonderful thing I have ever done. I can't hide the fact-so why should I try to deny it? You say I did it nicely… but you must know that I'd sooner die than do it with anyone but you!”

    “But-my precious-and estimable and charming little lady,” he smiled. “I think that you were born to perform this very delightful act-it merely chanced that I was the fortunate man to discover the fact.”

    “But if you should happen to be in the presence of some other stalwart and naked virility-and if you do not feel the intense longing to take it in your mouth- then you may come back to me and say once more that you love only-my prick.”

    But she was so visibly distressed by his mocking words that he felt impelled to desist.

    He had placed her astride his bare thigh, which was now stripped almost to the knee by her efforts to reach as much of his flesh as possible while she sucked him off. And he had raised his shirt so that he might press the warm mounds of her naked breasts to his bare skin. Rose sighed repeatedly at the contact-and shivering, pressed his bare leg between her thighs.

    Her agitated sex was warm and moist to his skin. Her own excitement, enhanced by all this, was almost pitiful. It gave her sufficient daring to fondle lightly the man who had mastered her, and of whom she stood in such oddly delightful dread. She rubbed her cheeks on the matted hair of his chest. She bent down in his surrounding arm to tickle the pit of his navel with the tips of her swelling breasts.

    And all the time she kept casting surreptitious glances downward to where that instrument of sex which she had sucked hung massively down. Such was its bulk still, that she could hardly believe it was soft now. Her drooping hand ventured to touch it-and then, scared by having taken this sensual initiative without his permission, she cast a quick glance at his face to see if he was irate.

    But he was smiling-and under that quizzical look she flushed anew and hid her face on his neck.

    “It is not anything to be ashamed of, Rose,” he laughed, “that you are still vibrating with passion. I have had a relief which thrilled me-but you have had none except the joy which you experienced in sucking my prick.”

    She shivered almost luxuriantly under his tormenting and brazenly reminding words. Perversely he continued: “If time permitted I would lay you on the table here and then compel you to relieve yourself with your finger before my eyes. And if your son were present I should offer him his mother's naked body-and he would fuck you till you really squealed with rapture and begged for my mercy…”

    Dismayed and dumb with horror, the woman flared and shook with fear and desire intermingled at the horror of his suggestions.

    “Even as it is I think you will have some relief if you obey me now. For I value you too much to let you suffer at the expense of your health. I realize what haunts and intrigues you-it is my prick… in its present state of repose. You are curious at its apparent softness and its bulk. Get down there for a moment-and take it again in your mouth.”

    Kneeling down, she complied-and with evidence of real eagerness rather than compliance this time. The plump softness and whiteness of the drooping organ was thrilling and fascinating. She drew down on its shrunken head with ardent fervor, harboring within her red mouth much more of its length than she had managed to absorb on the previous occasion.

    She tasted the great morsel-and adored it. Furtively she touched the great testicles-and fondled the soft yet firm shaft outside her clinging lips with caressing fingers. She sucked lightly-looking up at him for permission.

    Suddenly she gurgled with surprise and pleasure. Inside her warm mouth the great head of his sex had uncapped itself as it swelled. It filled the rosy cavern in which it lay. Her lips were once more distended strainingly by its bulk. And the white shaft which her finger-tips still caressed was once more unbelievably expanded and hard.

    “Stop now… that's all!” he said, smiling. For the naked Rose was moaning her frenzied wish to repeat her previous feat with this lovely sex, and her draining lips were sucking and her soft tongue tickling and caressing very busily.

    “I only wish to disabuse you of the notion that your charms had even temporarily put me hors de combat,” he added. “Now straddle my leg again. That's it. Now-do with this soft hand of yours what you like-and find too, what other pleasures you may in this posture.”

    Even though Rose did not fully comprehend at first the meaning of his words-nature drove her on. Carnally inflamed as she was-she could not help rubbing her throbbing slit upon the hairy thigh which she bestrode- and all the while her dangling hand fed the fire that consumed her by toying most lasciviously with the now rigid member of her Lord and Master.

    Pantingly she breathed forth what he understood to be a plea for further information regarding his youthful adventure with his charming sister, Mary.

    “So that episode interested you?” he queried. “I rather thought it might. And you may be sure it interested vastly the seventeen year old boy I then was. The mere fact that my older sister wished to take my prick in her mouth and suck it mystified me tremendously. But once my startled surprise gave way to the thrills that penetrated all my flesh-how I did enjoy it.”

    “She told me she had learned this pleasant habit from her late husband-and had sucked him daily thereafter, to the extent that she might well have ruined his health if she had insisted on extracting his sperm every time.

    “She had sucked me off and swallowed my spend with great relish that first time. Frightened perhaps by what she had done, she petted and soothed me afterwards for a long time. She even wept, I remember, and reproached herself bitterly-until she saw how the experience had thrilled and delighted me.

    “On subsequent occasions she permitted me indulgently to strip her quite naked on her bed-and to familiarize myself thoroughly with her lovely body. This was a keen pleasure to me-indeed to both of us-for my sister had that keen pleasure in showing her body indecently that is characteristic of so many girls-more especially those who know their bodies to be admirably formed.

    “Mary sucked me every day-sometimes to the glorious finale-but more frequently stopping just this side of the climax-with a self restraint that I now realize was admirable in its solicitude for my health.

    “Yet a minor calamity was impending-and one which much impressed me-particularly because it served to stir my pretty but somewhat prudish mother into action. It seemed that our long daily sessions-so eagerly awaited by both of us-aroused her interest if not her suspicions. So she then descended to a little spying-and she must have gotten an eyeful.

    “But although a woman of action she restrained herself from breaking in on us. She determined at once that she was not going to have her only son ruined by such practices if she could help it And in pursuance of her resolve she came to my bedroom that night.

    “Since her hitherto inveterate prudishness had caused her to cease such visits when I reached my teens, I was quite naturally much impressed — the more so in that owing to her wish not to arouse my father from sleep, she had come barefoot and in her nightgown.

    “I was aroused by the turning on of the bedroom light She questioned me-and when I denied everything she then confronted me with what she herself had seen. I think that I cried a little. Much moved, she cradled me in her arms, absolving me gently of most of the blame. Then she asked me again-and now I related to her most of what had occurred.

    “And now comes the delicate part of the situation, Rose. My mother was a woman of extreme rectitude, as I have indicated. But my tale was not exactly a calming potion — even for a mother. And I shall never know how much her subsequent actions were dictated by maternal anxiety and how much by a perhaps unconscious lasciviousness born of her discoveries and of my story.

    “In any event she whispered nervously something about the possibility that I had been injured by what had happened. And she pulled the bedclothes from me. I wore a nightshirt at that time, and she caught at this tremulously after she had raised the covers.

    “I must ascertain, dear,” she whispered, “whether you appear to have been harmed. You are too young to realize the danger to which your sister Mary may have exposed you, the wretched girl must have been crazy to have done such a thing.”

    “I shall never forgive her if I find that you have been harmed in any way — or weakened in your powers. I should have explained to you about sexual matters-I see that now. Lie still and let mother see-Francis.”

    “I was not protesting-although more shaken than even when my sister had stripped me naked. Mother bared me to above the navel-and I heard her gasp softly.

    “Then she took a seat on my bed. 'Close your eyes, dear — don't even look at me as I examine you,' she said. 'Lie perfectly still. Oh! God! That my boy should be a man already-and such a man! ft is unbelievable. You dwarf your father, Francis! But what am I saying? Heavens!'

    “Her final words were whispered-and I hardly think she was aware of their being audible. She was gazing down with something approaching awe at the sturdy shaft that was reposing on my testicles.

    “But now the shaft stirred-for not even the fact that it was my mother who had denuded me could quite prevent the sexual agitation due to my nudity in the presence of a woman. I turned my head nervously on my pillow and half opened my eyes.

    “And now my mother, gazing fixedly at my genitals and all my naked body, sighed feverishly and gave a low gasp as she saw my prick raise its head and begin to stiffen. There was a clear light behind her-and through the thin nighty that she wore her breasts and all her torso were displayed to me as if she were nude.”

    “She was slender but beautifully built. Her breasts were like twin apples of delight, and through the gauzy silk I could discern the clustering curls that covered her mount and I shivered and sighed in my turn. Then I gasped aloud — for bending forward impulsively she had taken my swelling penis in both her hands.

    “Don't be nervous, dear!” she faltered, although I think it was she who was the more overwrought by this time. And then she handled investigatingly my prick and balls. I heard inarticulate murmurs from her parted lips. She reached for a reading lamp beside my bed-and she told me to hold this so that its light illuminated my genitals and allowed her to peer and finger me everywhere.

    “You are a monster-a lovely monster, my son!” she told me at last. “And mother is so relieved to find that you have not been injured by your experiences with your sister. But I shall tell Mary that they must end immediately. I would rather that she left the house than this.”

    “Oh! But mother!” I cried. “It was so lovely! don't make her stop. I'm a man, you see-it can't hurt me now — please mother!”

    “Yes! I see that you are at least a man,” she said as she capped the ruddy head of my sex in her palm, while her other hand fondled its length tremulously.

    “But it may have been my insistent assertion that I was a man which lodged in her mind and which was the seed of an idea which bore strange fruit later.

    “She had the promised interview with my sister Mary the next day, and I heard the nervously raised, angry voice of my sister and the quieter replies of my mother as she attempted not to attract my father's attention. I could hear Mary threaten to leave the house forever. And then my mother spoke at some length. My sister replied in a softer tone. Then my mother saying:

    “If you would only content yourself with that. Mary, it might even do him some good-and you also. Now that the matter had gone so far-and as the dear boy says- he is really a man now…”

    There was a low but emphatic assent on my the part of my sister.

    “But can I trust you?” enquired my mother anxiously. “Now that I know of this terrible and licentious desire of yours which I simply will not permit with Francis- I shall be afraid…”

    “Good heavens!” exclaimed my sister Mary, “do you think any woman with this incredible huge thing buried in her could have any wish for other indulgences? If you could see Frank's incredible monster just for a moment!”

    “I have seen it,” confessed mother nervously and in a somewhat shamed voice.

    “Then it must have been very recently,” said my sister, with what sounded like a jealous intonation. “For he had always told me how very prudish you had been with him — and I thought you were very silly about it.”

    “His… thing… is indeed marvelous.” sighed mother. It was in direct consequence of this discussion that the most startling incident now occurred. For on the following day my father chanced to be away on business-and that night my dear mother astounded me by rousing me from bed, conducting me to my sister's room, stripping off my night shirt, and introducing me between the sheets of my waiting sister's bed.

    “I found Mary there as naked as myself! She hugged me to her-telling me not to worry-everything was all right!”

    “And with her slender naked body in my arms I was quite prepared to believe her,” added Francis Freeman.

    “Your sister Mary will make a real man of you, Francis dear,” sighed my flushed mother. “She will show you the proper way of sexual enjoyment I agreed to this-thinking that it might be in your best interests-and realizing that after all such a manhood as yours must be appeased.”

    She turned as if to go-somewhat reluctantly it seemed. From the doorway she gave a last backwards glance and then, with a little cry of dismay, hurriedly returned to the bedside.

    For already my insatiable sister had bared both of us by throwing back the coverlet. Crimson with desire from the contact of our naked bodies and from the surreptitious fondling of my prick, she did not perhaps realize that mother was still in the room.

    In any event, she was crouching above me like a tigress over its prey and madly kissing my rampant prick.

    “None of that!” cried my mother. “You know what you have promised, Mary. Unless you keep your word, I shall take Francis back to his room at once!”

    “I had no intention of sucking him,” disclaimed Mary furiously. “I meant to let him-take me-in the normal way. But I suppose I may kiss and caress just for a few moments such a wonderful-darling… cock-as his?”

    “Yes-ohh… yes! I know how you feel,” gasped my mother. “But I am so afraid that you will not be able to hold yourself back from that other…”

    “Then supervise it for yourself-for heaven's sake!” exclaimed Mary furiously.

    “My mother's face paled. Her sensitive nostrils flared. She hesitated-and then seated herself determinedly on the bedside. “I will,” she whispered. “I feel that if I am here-that it would be safer.”

    “Far too inflamed with desire to pay any further attention to her audience, my sister bowed her head over me again. She kissed and licked furiously the virility-which had contracted somewhat from its owner's incredulity and dismay over the situation.

    “She kissed it hotly-and then licked it once more-while her fingers tickled my testicles… fondled all my nudity. Into the pale face of my mother the blood was rushing once more-she was pink with embarrassment-or some other emotion.

    “But-I don't th-think,” she stammered, “that such a caress as th-this belong with — with a normal embrace between a man and a girl.”

    “What do you know about it?” cried my exasperated young sister, raising her head to glare at me. “You-you with father… as mild as milk-and your damnable placidity all around the house. Since you insist on being here-sit still and learn something about a real… fuck…between two people with real bodily passions.”

    “My mother blushed as I had never seen her-and bowed her head before the storm. She shivered as she saw my sister literally chewing my sex hair and then crowding her soft lips for a moment over the ruddy hair of my rigid prick.”

    Almost timidly she took one of my hands-and with her other hand stroked and patted my body-as if to reassure me that she would not permit matters to go too far and too violently.

    Mary bent to lay her stiff little nipples to my lips-one after the other-and whispered to me to lick and suck them in turn-as she drew one of my hands down in between her parted legs-and kissed my lips hotly and sucked my eager tongue.

    Then my sister simply fell upon me. She clasped me with her lovely arms and legs-twining them frenziedly round my quivering body-and then she rolled over on her back, taking me with her. Now I was mounted upon her-and our excited breathing rose in unison.

    The complaisance of my mother now attained a height which astounded me. For upon the demand of my overwrought sister she thrust a pillow beneath her squirming: bottom-and watched eagerly as I thrust up at the crotch before me-still somewhat ignorant of the proper method of entering it in due form.

    “Ohh! Mother! Just look at the stupid boy,” gasped Mary frantically, as she tried to wriggle into position beneath me. “Do take his prick, mother, and show him where to go-he'll slit me wide open if he makes a mistake with that-that thing of his!”

    And after a brief hesitation mother did even this. For taking the head of my prick in her slim fingers, she parted the lips of the sheath which was awaiting it with her free hand. Still holding my throbbing member, she patted my buttocks encouragingly and pressed down upon them- thus indicating what I must do. So while she held my dart at its target, I began to push gently in.

    My sister was liberally appointed in the matter of room — the fact that she had been married having made a difference, I presume. And it was just as well, for if I had been asked to enter a very narrow channel on my first venture, I might have been afraid to press firmly home.

    Even as it was, I found myself very snugly housed- and I managed to effect a partial entrance. My sister gasped and quivered convulsively as I continued to penetrate her soft and delicate slit.

    “Ohh! Ohh!” she moaned deliriously. “The monster — the darling… he is splitting me open! His cock is twice the size… I never felt anything like it! Ohh! Cod! Mother-mother… hold him back-just for a moment — till I am used to it… and can open up a bit more!”

    My mother's usually calm brown eyes positively were gleaming as she watched and listened. She tore at the bosom of her wrapper as if she were stifling. Through her night gown — when a button had slipped — I saw one naked, pink tipped little breast.

    My excitement rose to fury when I saw this. I thrust down brutally-and carried all before me. I listened to no remonstrances-maddened, strangely enough, by this glimpse of my mother's nudity, far more than by the naked charms of my darling sister.

    I was aware at last-but not until my prick was buried to the hilt in my sister's quivering body-that my mother was tugging at me to stop. But by now my sister's cries for mercy had subsided into groans of pure ecstasy.

    “Don't stop him-mother… n-not n-now!” she wailed hoarsely. “It's m-marvelous-I shall f-faint with… happiness! Ohh! God-go on, Frank-go on… f-fuck me — take… m-me… all of me!”

    “I think, Rose, that the darling spent four times in the process of taking my virginity. And when I finally gasped and spent-deluging her womb with pulsing jets of hot sperm-she twined her arms and legs around me and spent again herself-in a spasm of ecstasy.”

    “And in the peculiar household relations thus launched and the developments occurring later on-my mother was not able to bear to let me go unaccompanied to my sister's bed, and insisted on watching with a growing passion, our nocturnal bouts.

    “So inflamed did she become, in fact, that once when Mary, frantically desirous of a second course and finding that I was not prepared to oblige, demanded that I should be stimulated into action by the sight of my mother's naked thighs and body, the overwrought woman found herself unable to refuse.”

    “She permitted her frenzied daughter-who had seen some sign in me that I had a curious desire to view my mother's nudity-pluck up her nightgown and expose all her secret charms to my delighted eyes.

    “Yes, mother was almost fainting with shame and desire as Mary encouraged me to handle her nude limbs and even her delicious little sex with my trembling fingers.

    “It's high time that you let Frank pet you a little,” cried my sister, as she saw my prick leap into erection under this subtle enchantment. “You've seen plenty of him, mother-and you're crazy about him-you know you are….so it's only fair…”

    “How stupid you are not to play with such a lovely boy! With such a prick! Go on, Frank-take her-can't you see she's wild for you? Take her… she's half mad to give you her pretty body, in spite of her silly qualms.” And with remarkable unselfishness she contrived to get my almost fainting mother into position-by dragging her prone and pulling off the remains of her clothing.

    “Don't mind me,” she gasped. “1 shall love to watch this. And don't take any notice of her squirmings and wails and protests, Frank-for she'll never be really and truly happy till she gets you inside her.”

    Mary was holding her flat on the bed with both Viands as I launched myself down between the kicking, struggling legs. I caught the warm velvet of her parted thighs to restrain her. More adept now-I managed to point my throbbing prick at her lovely, almost girlish slit-and I pressed down upon its tiny, delicate lips.

    I was trusting to my sister's assurance that mother would he happy and grateful-afterwards. For I had seen how glowingly ardent and passionate she got when she saw me naked, and how her lovely body vibrated with desire as she was exposed to me in her secret nudity-and I was able to caress her thus.

    But I never forgot for a moment that this was a delicate body upon which I lay, and a delicate sex which I was already beginning to penetrate. Her lovely face had the pallor of a swoon as she felt me commence to impale her. A heavy breathing issued from her parted lips. Her eyes were closed.

    And seeing that she no longer struggled or cried out, my sister had ceased to pin down her lovely, naked body and sat back to watch events. Her eyes glittered with delight as she saw my inward progress. Over the head of my weapon and lips of my mother's dainty cunt were stretched thin and seemed almost transparent-as I noted by looking downward as I knelt between her slim legs.

    Her first groan came as the head slipped in entirely. Then she lay there-quietly shivering-pale and almost unseeing. Mary patted my rump reassuringly. I began to press down softly once more.

    And now-with a little choking cry my mother came to life. Her eyes opened and flared. She quivered-and then she whispered something inaudible. Under my slow penetration she shook and trembled-and I saw the color flood her cheeks once more in a slow tide.

    And then — as I continued to thrust — a little more forcibly now-she was suddenly scarlet… a true crimson blush of passion and desire-at the sensations that now convulsed her. Her sighs had changed to moans- but now they were moans of ecstatic passion.

    She reached her slim white arms for my neck. She kissed me wildly and repeatedly. She twined her thighs and legs about me. Her slim feet pressed down convulsively upon my back. And all the while I continued to sheath within her tight passage the swelling bulk of my excited sex.

    “Quite possibly I took half an hour in burying my throbbing prick within my mother's lovely body. It was hard, at times, to be so deliberate-for my darling mother, who was quivering and driven frantic by a desire which grew more frenzied every moment-was begging for less forbearance every minute.

    “Go on — push — Francis darling!” she implored me. “No matter if you do tear me a little-I can stand it! For Cod's sake… fuck me… let m-me feel your great prick — all the way inside m-me!”

    My amazement at hearing such language from my chaste young mother was inexpressible. I think that Mary was whispering in her ears her own delight at witnessing the combat-and that some of her expressions lingered in the overwrought mind of the older woman.

    Finally I planted within her clinging sheath the last fraction of my weapon. Breathing hotly, I lay upon her heaving, soft, warm belly-trying to spare her as much of my weight as possible. It had been no easy matter to penetrate this moist and warmly welcoming sheath so very solicitously-in order to give her ecstatic pleasure instead of tormenting pain.

    And then, as our genital hairs mingled, a peculiar aspect of our embrace drew my attention. For whereas mother had been so sincerely appalled earlier at the idea of this incestuous union, she seemed not to dwell with frenzied joy upon that very feature of our lascivious encounter.

    As I have indicated, it was necessary to almost rape her in order to penetrate her body at the outset, and it was only her daughter's detaining hands which made it possible. Yet here she was-smoothing my cheeks with fluttering hands, and babbling-

    “Ohh! My son! My darling, darling son-fucking his own mother! Yes… yes-fuck your mother, Francis darling-is your huge, wonderful prick quite buried… is it-clear into my cunt? Ohhh-I'm fainting with delight! Look… Mary… how gloriously he fucks his mother-”

    I was not much better as I stammered replies to her gasping rhapsodies.

    “How lovely to fuck you like this, mother darling!” I whispered. “Your tight little cunt is squeezing my prick to death! I am all the way inside your body now! I will fuck you till you squeal for mercy! Did you enjoy it just now when I fingered your slit-when Mary showed it to me? Will you suck me, too, some time? I saw your lovely little breast the other day… and it made me so hot- hotter than ever before! But now I can see them both- the darlings! Ohh! Mother, mother darling… I'm coming… coming!”

    You can see I was every bit as crazy as she was. And her voluptuous young daughter Mary-writhing nakedly by our side, with her fine eyes glowing with passion-listened to our babbling sensualities and was spending in a perfect ecstasy of joy.

    There is no way of describing the marvels of that embrace. My mother's ecstasy was now silent-now furious — but without intermission. It was too much for the body to endure. My darling mother had already spent three or four time-when she suddenly gasped and fainted.

    I was alarmed, of course, but Mary hurried to fetch her smelling salts and a glass of cold water. And mother soon was revived-to find me still buried within her tender body but regarding me with an anxious face.

    Her eyes were dared and wondering at first-but as I moved my prick gently within her, she shivered and gave a gurgling rapturous exclamation. Her eyes fixed on my face-and her own face flared with joy.

    “Ohh-Francis-God in Heaven… my darling-my sweet Francis!” she sighed softly.

    And she was instantaneously in such feverish and joyful moment-advancing and withdrawing her white belly and jerking and palpitating in every fibre-that Mary and I realized that we must restrain her lest she injure herself upon the weapon which impaled her.

    My sister Mary-beside herself with delight to find that although I had already spent profusely, I was not disposed to withdraw-was in ecstasies of pleasure over the scene she was witnessing. Lying back on the bed, her thighs widely parted, she was openly fingering her rosy, throbbing slit.

    I think that my darling mother spent twice more before I came for the second time myself, deluging her cunt with my hot sperm. And now Mary was all solicitude-tugging at my mother to adjourn to the bathroom and a cleansing douche, so as to avoid any possible trouble.

    And when they returned to the bedroom and both kissed me fondly and lingeringly, she still insisted that my mother should prepare an alibi for herself in case of accidents-by going at once and getting herself thoroughly fucked by my father.

    “But he-good heavens… he hardly ever thinks of such a thing nowadays-” protested my mother feebly. “Besides. I don't like I can't bear… the idea of…:

    My sister continued to insist.

    “I–I don't think I can stand… anymore… now!” remonstrated my mother weakly.

    “It will seem like nothing to you-after what you have just had.” said Mary emphatically.

    “That's true…” conceded mother with a twinkling glance at me. “But- well-John is so seldom interested — or prepared for such a thing… in recent years.”

    “You just go into the room, turn on the lights… and be standing there-stripped naked… when he wakes up!” Mary instructed her. “And then you'll see whether he isn't prepared to beg your ladyship to grant him a piece…”

    “But-Good Heavens…” gasped my mother. “He's never seen me completely nude in his life before!”

    “All the more reason why it will excite him tremendously now,” commented Mary crisply.

    “But he'll think I'm crazy-standing there all naked- in the middle of the night.” said my shamed and reluctant mother.

    “Well… I suppose you need some excuse,” conceded Mary, looking across at me with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “I have it! You can be examining some mysterious injury that has been keeping you awake. You don't know its source, you understand. He will have a good excuse to help you examine yourself-and if he's still a man that should do the trick.”

    “An injury-why I haven't a spot or mark on me!” said mother, with justifiable pride. And indeed her slender, naked body was a thing of beauty in the dim light.

    “You soon will have-” said my sister promptly. And she caught her about the body and overturned her onto the bed, face downward.

    “Smack her, Frank,” she enjoined excitedly. “Paddle her bottom well for having been so prudish with us before. Get mad and spank her till her buttocks are all red and burning…”

    “Make her promise to suck your prick whenever you wish from this time on-or to come to your bed whenever you want her to do so! And stop wriggling and wailing, mother-or I'll beat you myself.”

    “I looked at them both reluctantly. But my sister went on insistently: “Don't mind hurting her-she will love it — after the first smart has passed off… and so will you. It will make you as hot as fire-and she will long for your spankings in the future-and come whenever you beckon. She will be like your daughter and your mother at the same time-and in your bed at that!”

    “Look at her bottom-how lovely and white! Make it rosy, Frank-I promise you she will love it… and then she'll be simply torrid when she goes to your father.”

    “Oddly enough, I felt a nervous inclination to treat this lovely flesh as my sister urged. I applied a gentle slap- and then another more forceful one. And I saw my mother gasp-and then quiver lightly.

    “Francis-how c-can y-you… ohh-Francis… please — please!” she panted, writhing on the bed.

    I gave her three sharp smacks in a row-enjoying now the feel of the yielding flesh-and the faintly pink marks which the snowy skin revealed.

    “Not too fast,” warned my sister. “Give her time to feel each one clearly.” So I proceeded with moderation, but made each slap resound through the room.

    Mother moaned faintly. Her lovely naked legs parted — showing her delicately pouting cleft-and then slapped nervously together again-as her reflexes changed tempo.

    My senses were tumultuous once more. My sister smiled sensuously-and reached out to grasp and caress my very demonstrative sex, while I continued with the task which I found to be unnatural but delicious.

    Mother squirmed and involuntarily showed me her cunt again and again in her twisting contortions. She moaned softly once more-and began to plead.

    “Ohh! O-o-o-h-Francis darling!” she quavered in her dismay. “What have I d-done to b-be… p-punished like this? I'll always b-be lovely-to y-you and… d-do what you wish if y-you'll only s-stop!”

    “Will you go and be fucked by father-as you were told. I demanded furiously. I was wrought up now to an inexplicable pitch-by chastising this naked flesh that I loved.

    “Yes-yes… I will-I will!” she cried. “Though I'd far rather-that it was you!”

    Her backside was rosy now. She was shivering from head to foot. And suddenly her breathing became raucous. She was writhing under my sister's restraining hand. She drew up her slender legs convulsively-and was perched for a second on her knees-with thighs well parted.

    Significantly Mary called my attention with her eyes and a nod-for her hands were occupied-one upon my penis-and the other in restraining mother… to the manner in which mother's exposed slit was pouting rosily in her excitement.

    “Perhaps we'd better call it enough for today,” she said. “She's as hot as molten lava right now!”

    Mother rose slowly to her feet. There were tears in her lovely eyes. She looked at me reproachfully. And then, quite suddenly she came to hug and kiss me. One of her hands was aiding Mary's in caressing my swollen prick.

    “You hurt me, darling,” she murmured, and then, very softly in my ear-“and then, after a hit… I didn't mind — even though it still hurt! Fancy, spanking your own mother! Shall you… spank me often?”

    “Whenever you need it!” I said with assurance.

    She gave me an ineffable glance-full of promise and hot desire.

    “Ohh! Come… come on the bed-just once more!” she begged tremulously. “I–I don't think-I can stand it… if you don't take me!”

    But Mary interfered-with a side glance at me that called attention to her prophecy about the result of a spanking on my formerly strait-laced mother.

    “No!” she said. “You promised to go to father now. Or else Frank will have to spank you again-and your buttocks are already rosy and sensitive.”

    With a resigned sigh my mother acquiesced.

    “But, ohh! What will John think-when he sees how red my rear is?” she queried in alarm.

    “You must tell him that you've been sitting — bare-bottomed on that plush chair in your room,” said my ingenious sister. “And that you think that the skin may have been poisoned by the coloring of the material.”

    “That's a good idea! Remember it, mother! And now come along!” I insisted eagerly.

    “But… b-but-” stammered mother, “you are not going to follow-and watch us-are you?”

    “Both of us!” said Mary firmly. “We shall watch it all from the door-which you must leave ajar.”

    Mother had a moment of downright rebellion. “It's so terrible!” she exclaimed. “The idea of our son and daughter watching us-while we… while we-! Anyhow, I don't know that I can get your father to do it!”

    “Better give her a few more smacks,” observed Mary quite collectedly.

    I grasped mother about the body with my left arm from the rear. My hand closed down on her genitals-she was pinned over my left knee face downward. I raised my band high in the air-and her bottom twitched and quivered in anticipation… the cheeks parting just enough to show me the beginning of her slit-already pouting rosily with sensual excitement.

    “Stop… ohh! Please stop!” begged my mother frantically. “It-my bottom-is already spanked to death. I'm so sore! I'll go-indeed I will!”

    Yet she was writhing under the pleasure which my hand was causing her in front-and I think that at the bottom of her heart she was hoping for another spanking — even at the expense of some added pain.

    I put her on her feet. Hastily draping her night robe around her. She trailed down the hall to her room. Naked as the dawn my sister and I followed her, and she entered the marital chamber-leaving the door ajar.

    “Mother turned on the lights. We could see that she was rosy with nervousness-hesitant as to how to handle such an unprecedented situation.

    Father turned over in bed and blinked at the sudden light. “Who-what-anything wrong?” he said sleepily.

    “Mother had summoned up courage to let fall her robe, and standing there entirely nude, she was rubbing her inflamed bottom and twisting her head round in the effort to see it.

    “For the love of heaven. Dot!” cried father. He sat up in bed-obviously unable to believe his eyes.

    “If the light disturbs you I'm sorry!” said mother. “And I'm sorry too, to be in this condition. But I can't sleep. Something is burning my skin, I'm afraid. John- do you think the dye on that plush chair could be poison to the bare skin?”

    My father's eyes were popping as he climbed out of bed and crossed the room.

    “Don't apologize, Dot!” he said gently. “I've never seen you this way before. You're even prettier than I thought. What can I do to help you? Let me see-” He approached her diffidently but with glowing eyes.

    “Oh! John-I'm so embarrassed!” sighed mother. “But — really, I can't get at it to see for myself what… the trouble can be.”

    Father was endeavoring to appear matter of fact-he was probably afraid of alarming mother-who was so very modest that this was the first time he had ever seen her quite naked. Even now she was shrinking a little as he drew near.

    “Don't be silly, Dot!” he breathed agitatedly. “It is your bottom? Good heavens-however did it get in such a state?”

    “Why… I told you,” said mother hurriedly. “I sat on that plush chair quite a while this afternoon-I had taken a bath-and I had no clothes on… and-”

    “It looks-I swear it looks as if you had a beating!” said father. “There is a lot of inflammation-perhaps some infection-we must throw out that chair!”

    “His voice trembled as he knelt behind her-but not before all of us had noted a remarkable bulge in his pajamas in the critical spot. Mary squealed and squeezed my hand excitedly.

    “Ohh! John!” protested my mother faintly. “Is it necessary for you to touch me-that way?”

    “Certainly-” he muttered. “I have to find out just how for the inflammation has extended-and apply some sort of lotion. To think I had to wait for you to get poisoned to find out what a lovely bottom you have, Dot.

    “Ohh, John-be as considerate as you can,” begged my mother. She was sighing now, and casting apprehensively shamed glances at the door, where she sensed we lurked.

    “Both my parents were breathing hard. Father was sparing no spot on the two rosy mounds-and their intersection-in his fingerings. “My God, Dot. I could eat this!” he murmured, as he bent to kiss each rosy cheek warmly.

    “For shame, John! You-you have never kissed me there-before. It-it's simply indecent,” she whispered huskily. But however shamed she may have been, she stood her ground valiantly. Not even when he now, with a soft gasp of longing and delight, thrust a hand between her legs from the rear, did she do more than stagger and sigh.

    “The examination came to a sudden close. For as mother only trembled and sighed and clenched her thighs closely on his intruding hand, he suddenly rose to his feet. More master of the situation than he had ever been before with his modest wife, he caught her up in his arms and laid her naked loveliness across the bed. Her trim feet were upon the floor. He parted her legs. He sank to his knees between them. And for the first time I saw a man's mouth used to caress a woman's slit-and saw, too, how both of them were set on fire by the lascivious gesture.

    “Ohh! My God! John-John!” wailed my mother, her voice thick with passion. “What a place to-to k-kiss- and 1-lick-! Have you gone mad? Ohh! How ashamed you make me feel!”

    But despite her protests, she was writhing in ecstasy- under his lascivious caresses. And suddenly she gasped-

    “Take me, John… have me-quick!”

    Even though reluctant to abandon the rosy nook he was so deliriously caressing-and I gasped as I reflected what he would have thought if he had seen how that nook was occupied an hour earlier-he rose to his feet, unable to resist that plaintive call. He slipped off his pajamas. He fell upon my naked mother-who received him with a cry of delight.

    “Perversely I could have wished to be right beside them-sucking mother's nipples while she underwent my father's hot assaults. I whispered this to Mary.

    “Poor darling-show me… why, you're almost wild for it!” she whispered. “Feel mine-it's simply dripping! Here-can you get into me… standing like this and watching?”

    We contrived it somehow, and we fornicated gloriously as we watched the proceedings on my parent's bed — which by that time had reached a culminating point.

    Thereafter, I frequently slept between Mary and my mother. For on the plea that Mary was not completely recovered, mother often managed to leave father alone in his bed, and steal down the hall to rejoin us in Mary's bedroom and there they took turns.

    I possessed them both alternately-and with indescribable delight Yet each was so solicitous of my health that they insisted on days of abstinence-and my virile powers seemed to increase as a result.

    “Ohh!” said Rose faintly-speaking with difficulty- for she was busily rubbing her mossy nook on the naked thigh which she bestrode. “You didn't make a little sister or brother for yourself-d-did y-you?”

    He shook his head-smilingly watching the contortions of her slender body and the quivering of her white, lovely nakedness.

    “May I-m-may I… s-spend?” she quavered. “You have made m-me so t-terribly… passionate-I can't s-stop-please!”

    He nodded his head. “By all means,” he said. “Don't think I want you to suffer for want of relief. I like to see you acting like a hot-blooded schoolgirl, Rose!”

    “Or-or… but perhaps,” she panted, ceasing for a moment to rub her crotch on his flesh. “Would you- wouldn't you rather than I… that you-” she hesitated, with a gesture of pretty confusion.

    He waited-looking at her quizzically. On her parted red lips there trembled, he knew, the fulfillment of his own prophecy that some day soon she would ask him to possess her lovely body.

    Seeing his expression, Rose flared crimson — for she read his thoughts.

    “I won't-I won't ask you!” she said feverishly… and thereby confessing what was in her mind. “Unless, of course-” she added hopefully, “you make me ask you… by violence!”

    “I could take you,” he reminded her, “without either of us asking…”

    “I know,” she whispered. “You could do-or make me do-anything you liked. And yet…” she wailed softly, “a few hours ago I was a free woman-who did what I liked-and took not the tiniest order from anybody.”

    “Were you happier?” he enquired curiously.

    “I don't know,” she murmured sadly. “At least-I was free. What-oh, what have you done to me? What have you made of me? And how have you done it?”

    “I saw a chance to capture an unconsciously sensual and lovely woman whom I coveted!” he said softly. “If you only understood the joy I experienced in capturing you thus-you might face the fact that you are not entirely miserable over your new destiny. Do you, in truth — search yourself now… do you feel wretched over it all and wish to be free?”

    Her fine, dark eyes were glazed. She had ceased to move on his thigh-and the sensual flames of her recent actions were subsiding. She tried to think-to answer him.

    “I–I think, that I feel a sort of relief,” she said faintly, “to know that I am allowed no business or financial burdens any longer. And-you know how hot blooded I cannot help being toward you-and how fearfully passionate even your perverse control over me makes me.

    “Yet-can all this compensate for a loss of my freedom which even now I do not fully comprehend? Why-Fm just a serf-not even daring to venture an idea of my own… save when you're in your present mood! Of course, it can't last-in the twentieth century and in civilization. It's just a strange dream.”

    “Perhaps so-but you will not awaken from it until I permit!” he said. “And as for my present mood of lenience, perhaps you have misread that also. Put up your bare belly to me-to be slapped for those argumentative words… come!”

    She colored deeply-shivered at this reminder that she dared not oppose his will-and uncovered and projected the tender white belly on which her hands had lain.

    His slaps were not harsh. They only colored the delicate skin. And the woman sighed-feeling a heat that was truly provocative penetrate inwards from the softly maltreated skin.

    “And now,” he said quietly. “Even though your sensual excitement has died away while we were conversing, I want to see it revived and exploited. I wish you to rub yourself off like a vicious child, Rose-and finger my prick while you do so!”

    In that stark tension of nerves in which he had held his victim, even his humiliating command had the power to make her senses flare. She was almost immediately in quick up and down motion on the great thigh which her tender legs clasped so fondly.

    Of what was odious in the exhibition which she was being forced to give, she had the most lively apprehension, but that did not serve to deter her from tingling with lustful thrills as she rubbed her soft sex against his bare, warm flesh.

    Lasciviously she fondled his rigid member with one hand as she swept her crotch back and forth, now bearing lightly, now forcibly upon his naked thigh. As the sensitive lips of her inflamed slit poured in their excitement, she began to grind down upon his leg more heavily — and to sigh and gasp forth her uncontrollable ecstasy.

    Suddenly she quivered-and collapsed forward against his body-but she did not, even in the midst of her spasm, neglect for an instant to caress the stalwart prick she held in her left hand.

    Chapter VIII

    “I have heard it said,” he observed dreamily, “that the dignity and poise of the charming Mrs. Bolton is one of her chief assets amongst her aristocratic clientele — the charm is on display… but where are the dignity and poise?”

    She trembled, reclining against him in the relaxed aftermath of her emission… but she did not raise her flushed face. He softly petted her heavy, unbound silken hair, twining his fingers in the tresses, tugging at it gently and bending down to nibble the nape of her neck with his teeth.

    “Ah, well!” he murmured. “You did that beautifully, Rose. You were the vicious, masturbating girl to the life. I have male friends who would have given much to have witnessed your exhibition. Perhaps I may some day permit them to look on at your display of talent.”

    And now she wailed aloud in horror. She raised a tear stained and crimson face to his. “Ohh! God! You could never have the heart…” she cried out hoarsely.

    “Why should you mind?” he mocked delightedly. “I might allow you to wear a mask, perhaps-providing you were complaisant with all my friends. Would you like to wait upon my table-a party of four men, perhaps… for a festivity?”

    “You would be entirely naked-and they would he entranced by your charms to the point where my food and wine would not be appreciated. They would be unable to keep their hands as well as their eyes from your magnificent nudities.”

    “And I should he lenient about their fingerings-but I would not permit any of them to drape my lovely maid into a side room-unless I were feeling unusually generous. I know men…” he added reflectively, “who would gladly contrive to slip me into their wives' bed for an hour-providing that I assured them the full possession of your charms in return.”

    Rose was speechless, swaying, crumpled. He realized that his half serious jesting had been too much for her nerves to stand.

    “Easy… easy-don't faint I think far too much of you right now to share you with anyone. Though why, when your complaisances towards me have no longer any limits, you should be so affected at the thought of the surrender of your body to another man?”

    “I am not an odalisque to be bandied about!” she said faintly. “No matter what you have done to me, I am not that And I had an idea-that you prized me-too much to… to treat me…”

    “Your intense femininity,” remarked Freeman, after a brief pause, “is rather striking. The man who first possesses a woman is likely thereafter-for some time at least-to be the only man in the world for her.”

    “It excites you now-in spite of your modesty and all that-to do anything at all for or to me. Yet the idea that any other admiring male should even see your naked body is abhorrent to you.”

    “With your clever mentality, you will be able to understand the temptation it might be to a man like myself, to offer new shocks to your sensitive nature — and to browse quite pleasantly upon the shame you would feel.”

    “I might even feel deeply fond of you at the very time when I caused you to drive some friends of mine almost crazy by showing him your naked little slit.”

    “Please-please!” she begged huskily. “Don't say such things to me now-not just now-when I'm already so very nervous and excited.”

    “To calm yourself,” he suggested, “just dismount from my leg and lick off the moisture you have deposited there.”

    With a devotion that was almost fanatical, Rose knelt to obey him. Her abject submission struck her like a blow-yet it was a blow that sent its repercussions all through her body.

    And suddenly, with a gurgling gasp, she turned from the thigh whose surface she had licked clean-to take his still swollen member in her grasp and expand her lips eagerly over its ruddy head. Hotly her wet little mouth encompassed the tremendous bulb-and smothered sighs of delight came from her gagged lips as she sucked once more upon the morsel of male flesh which was so very precious to her.

    “I do not intend you to take the initiative as a rule. Rose,” he said rather hoarsely. “But this inclination of yours is really marvelous as is your skill in carrying it out. Now finger my balls-all my crotch. Now further back-find the rear aperture-press a finger in!”

    She followed his instructions to the letter. The man panted with delight-and sank back in the deep chair.

    “I love to feel-and see-your white throat gulp my spend,” he muttered. “But that mustn't happen twice the same day. Get up, Rose! Straddle my thighs-impale yourself upon my prick!”

    He heard a low moan of dismay as Rose slowly left her darling prey. And then instantly she was upon him like a maenad, her teeth chattering with unsatisfied lust Her face was a rosy mask of passion and furious desire.

    He calmed her haste and her hot ardor with a stinging blow across a white, rounded shoulder. She sighed with the sharp pain-and then caught and kissed the hand which struck her. She caught the significance of her swift punishment sufficiently to moderate her fury-and the speed of her sensual actions.

    And indeed it was necessary that she should do so. For the monster with which she had to deal was something utterly new to the delicate sex which was about to offer it entrance.

    Francis Freeman slumped even lower in the chair-so that she might point directly at her pink cleft, as she bestrode his hips, the ruddy head of his swollen sex. Rose was moaning softly-and bearing very lightly and timidly the lips of her slit upon the hard head of the shaft which her trembling fingers upheld and directed.

    For her. Rose realized, this was likely to prove a new deflowering-and one of greater difficulty than her original one. She quite saw that now-as the soft lips of her cleft were borne inward, by the pressure that she herself was tentatively administering.

    Yet she meant to bear it even if her tender flesh were to be torn and rent apart. Nothing else, she thought, had ever been so important to her in all her life as that she should house within her body this lovely male weapon.

    The already revealed exploits of this huge virility only fired her the more as she saw, in what seemed like flashes of flame, Francis Freeman sensually yoked with his sister and his mother. She gasped with desire as he bore down more firmly.

    Her bitten lower lip revealed her perfect teeth. The color ebbed from her face as, gasping, she now manager to lodge half of that immense head within the congested lips of her straining cunt.

    She paused-sighing and quivering. Already she felt the touch and light pressure of this intruding flesh upon her clitoris. And the added flames thus kindled gave her courage to do what she must. And suddenly she gave a tremulous cry of triumph and gratification.

    For the entire bulb had slipped slowly past the outer lips. The strain was greatly reduced-and even the light pain was converted into a sort of rapture. From now on. Rose was quite confident, she could endure it without crying out-unless it were with bliss. The hardest part was over-for she trusted to the natural resiliency of her inner passage to make room for even so huge a guest.

    She would not have yielded up her place now for that of any queen in the world. Like a gourmet she meant to savor every second of her sweet impaling. Fears vanished before the quick realization that he was allowing her to be mistress of the situation-that she could proceed as slowly or as quickly as she chose.

    Yet she hissed sharply through her clenched teeth as she admitted just the tiniest fragment more of that darling prick into her secret person.

    Trembling like a leaf she felt her inner tissues yield to the knob of his masculinity and encompass it like the tightest of gloves. She heard the man emit a long, low sigh of pure gratification-and this sound was an encouragement to immolate herself more readily at his altar.

    Yet she worked with the utmost caution as she gradually forced his weapon into her tender body. She had to pause between pressures-sometimes to emit a wee groan of pain and passion as the surprised and reluctant fibres within her tried to give and adjust themselves to an enormity unprecedented in all their previous experience.

    The blood returned to her fine features. Scarlet now- trembling with an ecstasy that no discomforture of her secret tissues could combat, she felt gingerly beneath her with the tips of two fingers.

    It seemed to her that miles of this stuff tissue had passed the portals of her sex and thrust upwards within her. That it had not pierced her heart-emerged in her throat-dimly surprised her.

    “Ahh!” she gasped-as her exploring touch apprised her that hardly an inch of the shaft still remained outside. She caught her breath. She lifted herself up-and poised on her naked toes for an instant-and then cast herself forcibly downwards.

    She cried out huskily and involuntarily. Ohh! God! It was done! They were yoked together as closely as it was possible for two bodies to be. Her little pang of pain died away-and was replaced by a tide of clear, burning rapture so immense that she felt born anew, and shook and writhed and cried out in a felicity almost too great for endurance.

    It seemed to her that her body was nothing now except a shell-a shell ecstatically crammed with the throbbing flesh of this man. But the wee movements of her writhing upon the shaft which filled her determined the issue of her congested femininity.

    She wailed clearly in that golden voice of hers-and then she quivered violently for an instant-while her dew flooded down to greet this dear invader of her body. It was easier after that. She dared attempt no abrupt movements-yet she found that the moisture of her warm emission made it more possible to rise and fall very gently upon the shaft which pierced her.

    It seemed to her now that her seed flowed constantly. And the fact was that jet after jet issued every moment or two from her delicate, excited inner glands. It was as near as possible to that continuous emission, whose raptures, we are told, would slay if prolonged for more than three or four minutes.

    She could feel the head of his prick filling her cunt to bursting point, and it seemed to her that the mouth of her womb was nipping at the invader in frenzied delight His sperm seemed to burn as it jetted up the hot passage — which writhed and clung in a lascivious passion which she would never have dreamed possible.

    She moaned with rapture as she pressed herself to him, twining her body to his, wrapping her legs round his loins, holding him to her with every fibre of her being.

    “Once more!” he gasped hoarsely. “Once more-Rose… you are so wonderful!”

    Wilder than ever with delight over his eulogy, she met his hot kiss and fell against his body. Yet, on tiptoes, she did not cease the slow upwards and downwards motion of her lovely body.

    Knowing her to all intents and purposes out of her senses with ecstasy, he admired the infinite restraint with which she continued to make no move to increase the rapidity of her movements. Every little while she quivered and spent-but after a brief pause, there she was again- measuredly cherishing and nourishing both his rapture and her own.

    Suddenly, with a gasping inhalation of his breath… Francis Freeman grasped her by her soft shoulders with fingers that sank like talons into her yielding flesh. And his sperm jetted once more into her body in ecstatic proof of his frantic bliss.

    And the ecstasy of the woman was such that, mingling her semen with the spurts of his, she gave a gurgling little scream and then-as their spend ceased, she wilted and sank to the floor.

    Be raised her to discover if she had fainted-and she smiled up at him ecstatically — but there were mauve circles under her beautiful eyes, and her lovely face was drawn and haggard.

    “It has been too much for you, dear. You must go to bed at once. I can't have you getting ill, you know!”

    “I did not know,” she said simply, “that such an ecstasy was possible on earth.”

    “And I did not know,” he whispered, “that the woman lived who could make me so happy.”

    “After hearing that, my darling,” she whispered with great glowing eyes, “I could be whatever you wished me to be…”

    “You're persistent in your sentimentality at least,” he observed-but softened the effect of his words by kissing her gratefully.

    “Nevertheless,” he said, a little later-after he had carried the exhausted Rose up to the little suite she occupied, and had put her to bed to recuperate, “Nevertheless, no one has ever acted toward you with such brutality before. Nor am I in the least repentant.”

    “Nor I…” she murmured. “Not even sorry!”

    “Of course,” be conceded-with a somewhat grudging and reflective admission, “you seem to have established a rather stronger hold on me-a more important place in my life-than I had expected.”

    “I had no conscience in the matter. I meant to use and abuse you as my desires dictated-with no thought of your own modesty and refinement and self respect.”

    With her head half turned on her pillow, she still eyed him fixedly. Her face, in the unbound masses of her long hair, was even more charming, he thought, with its traces of sexual fatigue-than it had been before.

    “I haven't complained much-have I?” she whispered, as he seemed to pause for her reply.

    “Damned if I don't believe you enjoyed it from the first!” he burst out. “Of course-the more sensitive and well bred a woman is-the more keenly she will respond to a forced and licentious servitude.”

    “Thank you,” she murmured-with a wry little moue — “I don't really know what has happened to me. But I do know that I detested you when you were just the landlord to whom I owed money which I could not pay-and that I ceased to detest you from the instant that you imposed upon me a physical and mental fear of you.”

    “I had a dread and shame more bitter than I can say, as you allowed me no intimacy or reserve unviolated-but I didn't dislike you. I can see that now.”

    “And that means, Rose, that you will never be quite free as long as I live-or I either. And yet I could quite cynically do the most abominable things to you-at the expense of your pride and womanhood. I had, indeed, thought more than vaguely of showing you naked to some of my libertine friends and of making you endure the most extraordinary ordeals.”

    “Please!” she said tremulously. “Not in the near future — not until I get perhaps a little-toughened.”

    “How does the notion affect you?” he asked, watching her keenly.

    She considered this gravely. “I think,” she said at last, “that if I were your wife-instead of being apparently just a property of yours!”

    She twisted her naked legs luxuriously beneath the sheets, and a curiously lambent light began to glow in her eyes.

    “I think that then I could find something voluptuously indecent and-well-exciting… in being exposed nude to crowd-with, perhaps… other wives compelled to the same display of their naked bodies to each other's husbands. Or perhaps even-!” She hesitated.

    “Even if you allowed one man to strip me naked and possess me-to obtain some ends of your own with him — but only provided you were present could I become impassioned with such a surrender-and only providing it delighted you!”

    “A very frank statement,” he remarked pleasantly. “But I can see that I shall often make you very unhappy. For example, I proposed to enjoy some of your more lovely and patrician customers-who are helpless because of their obligations to you. And you will have to-assist me-very actively at times with these.”

    “Oh… that!” she whispered, wide-eyed. “I had a feeling that you had something like that in mind. The way in which you made me describe some of the girls I had seen unclad-or very nearly so-suggested it to me.”

    “But why should you think that would make me unhappy? Am I not sure to do anything I can to please you? If I were inclined to lie jealous I should always remember that none of these lovelies could possibly usurp my role in your life.”

    “You must go to sleep.” he said, rising to his feet. “Kiss me goodbye!”

    With lovely bare anus emerging from under the covers she embraced him warmly. And there was something in the tender touch of her soft lips on his that moved him delicately. And then the delicacy fled in dismay-for suddenly the bedded woman was sighing-and licking his lips feverishly-and squirming her red tongue between his parted lips-and taking his own tongue hotly.

    He had let her take it-realizing that she was practicing on him the lessons learned from her husband- and that since she had found pleasure in the earns, she wished to give him the same pleasure too.

    He let her eager, wet little tongue have its way with his lips, his own tongue, the depths of his mouth. His tongue was moved to respond, and he was startled to feel a vivid delight in the process. Amorously clinging to his neck, with half closed eyes. Rose was dragged to her naked hips from under the bedclothes in her reluctance to let him go as he stood up once more.

    “Pretty fresh-pretty fresh!” he said in mock rebuke, as he shook his head at her. “Did anyone invite you to give that demonstration, young lady? You may just kiss me elsewhere, another goodbye kiss-as a penalty for your daring.”

    She pressed her lips instantly to the bulge in his nether garments-and quivered with astonished delight.

    “Are you utterly insatiable, then?” she gasped. “And I thought-that I had drained you to the last drop-even as I was drained!”

    He smiled and nodded as she looked up at him questioning and beseeching. And now, naked to the thighs, her soft fingers fluttered dextrously about his buttons. As the huge monster which she adored burst forth from concealment Rose exclaimed in agitation. Taking it in both her hands she nestled it against the warm velvet of her cheeks.

    Her kisses were fervently scattered upon all its swelling length. And finally she opened her soft red lips to the tip and sucked it delicately-as her fingers caressed its long hot shaft.

    “No more!” he said at length, thickly.

    “How mean you are to me!” she pouted. “I could go on sucking you for ever! And-and the juice was-was all coming in another minute! And now I shan't sleep a wink all night-longing for it!”

    “Very fresh you're getting-just because you think that you've found my soft spot!” he mocked. And he swung her nude body around so as to lay two or three hard ships on her soft white bottom-slaps under which she capered and cried out melodiously. Then, as he released her, she lay back on the bed, her lovely limbs all open and displayed, looking at him with bright, birdlike eyes.

    “If you think you could ever gain emancipation from your yoke by the use of your lips, why, you're crazy,” he said, as he motioned to her to rebutton his trousers. “For the pleasure you give me thus is so wonderful that I would keep you for that if you did nothing else! Good night, dear fool!”

    Modesty seeming a small thing now, she slipped from the bed in all her snowy nudity to accompany him at least as far as the door. But he waved her back with a smile. And too tired and prostrate to realize to the full what had happened to her. Rose lay back on her bed attempting to recover mentally the savor and feel of his huge, warm virility in her own warm mouth.

    How-ohh. how it had shaken her with sombre rapture to suck him-to be compelled to suck him! The sensation had been comparable-although so different… to the indescribable and thrilling spasms she had endured when mounted on his lovely prick.

    So wearied that she was like a child once more, she just whimpered softly in the gathering darkness-whimpered because he had finally withdrawn that dear prick from her lips-just as she was trembling with delight over being allowed to suck it once more.

    She did not realize the infinity of her surrender to his domination. She had room for only one thought-he had gone away-when she would have been so happy-scorning scandals that might ensue. If he had only stayed!

    She would not have asked anything of him if he had only remained. She would not have bothered him in the least. She would even have slept on the rug by the bed and given the couch to him, if he had wished it. Her bodily longing for him was terrific-even though he had but just left her.

    Her unreasoning agitation enhanced by her weakness, she wept a little there in the gathering darkness. She was no longer vibrating with passion. She just felt alone and quite deserted. But the one idea that he would return after she had slept, struggled through the shadows of her prostration. And so she let herself slide slowly down into deep slumber.

    Too-fatigued even to dream, she was awakened hours later by clear sunlight streaming into her chamber. At first she had the familiar but pleasant sensation that she was just awakening to a wonderful occasion-that something marvelous had or was about to happen to her.

    And then she rediscovered full consciousness-and recalled the past, remembered everything. And realized that presently a master-not just a man but a master-would come, to once more dominate her life. With a silent pain within her being her resuscitated pride and modesty that had recoiled.

    There must be a way out-she could not endure that her normal life should end thus-and a life of serfdom begin. No, she must flatter him-appeal to him-say that he had swept her off her feet. She would insist that she was a free woman just as he was a free man-that their relations must now be readjusted-but-and Rose realised that her mind had been working towards this climax- but she would be is mistress if he wished-with the clear understanding that it was a free will offering on her part.

    It was a rather pale but quite determined Rose Bolton who sat at her desk that afternoon waiting for the arrival of Francis Freeman. A firm footfall outside made her shiver nervously. And then the door opened, without even a knock, and he entered assuredly.

    With a glance his keen gray eyes detected her changed attitude. Perhaps he had expected it. At any rate, he greeted her courteously enough.

    “We have some business matters of yours to go over, Mrs. Bolton,” he said. “Permit me to sit here beside you…”

    Off hand the sensitive woman surmised rather than perceived a faint trace of amusement on his part-and she stiffened at this embarrassing attitude. She had rather expected to have to engage in verbal battle with him for the preservation of her self respect and personal liberty, and she was quite baffled by this disconcerting courtesy. It was almost as if he recalled nothing of the earth shaking events which had occurred yesterday.

    Yet she began slowly to tremble as she sat thus by his side and listened to comments which appeared to be all strictly business in their nature. She was furious with herself for not being able to emulate his own composure. She almost did deserve, she told herself disgustedly, to become what he had made of her yesterday-the chattel he had taken and used and abused at will.

    She was aware that she was flushing-and then suddenly he was speaking of things which no self respecting woman should hear-or countenance.

    “By the way,” he said casually, “I understand that girls of the most select families are prone to take roguish pictures of each other in the dressing rooms of such an establishment as yours?”

    “Sometimes they give the favoured dressmaker herself some of the photos, I am told. Have you any such pictures — especially of the girls whose names are included in this packet of unpaid bills?”

    “Well-really-Mr. Freeman!” said Rose… trying to show surprised indignation. And then she burst into the nervous admonitions she had planned.

    “I… I must tell you,” she said feverishly, “that I now realize what a terrible mistake we committed yesterday- I blame myself as much or more than I blame you-we must start afresh.”

    It was as if she had not spoken-unless the queer gleam in his eyes signified a certain anticipatory pleasure at the frail obstacle offered by her newly imposed dignity.

    “You will speak when addressed. Rose,” he said. “We shall return to this matter later. For the present I am asking you to tell me whether you have any such photographs as I have just indicated?”

    She gasped faintly. She was shivering-unable to pursue a discussion which now seemed like unbelievable temerity on her part. He glanced at her enquiringly.

    “I… I think-” she stammered weakly, “that I have just a few-locked in a drawer-and not to be seen, of course, by any men-even if they are relatives of the girls who gave them to me!”

    “Ah… yes,” he replied, almost indifferently. “Remind me to look at them before I leave. Just now I must put down certain data on the sheet of paper. Give me an old fashioned pen and ink, please-I prefer them to fountain pens…”

    Rose complied hastily with his request. She was in a panic still, she needed more time, she thought, to prepare for such an ordeal as this interview with him.

    He had dipped the pen profusely — and was looking about-apparently for a place to shake the nib before writing. She indicated the new sheet of blotting paper on the desk in front of him. But he shook his bead.

    “Too clean,” he said. “I will not soil a clean blotter that cannot be washed, when there are other things available that can easily be cleansed. Lay bare your bosom. Rose, and I shall select a spot.”

    Scarlet and panting, the woman raised both hands to her breast in a gesture of protection. She gazed at him- wide eyed-incapable of speech.

    “This very instant!” he said emphatically. “You have no idea what will happen to you if you keep me waiting even a few seconds longer!”

    She moaned feebly-her dark eyes suffused and swimming with tears. Her look of pleading-of horror-fell away before his fixed glance.

    “In ten seconds,” he said calmly, as he took out his watch, “your breasts must be naked under my eyes!”

    The words were odious enough-but it was the threat underlying them that shattered her resistance. Her slim fingers wrested open her corsage with feverish rapidity, and pushed her lacy chemise downward over her full and lovely breasts.

    “You did it in nine seconds flat,” he said approvingly as he put his watch away. “You must be trained to such promptitude. Now then — bare yourself further — for I think I will not stain either of these lovely mounds- whose nipples betray a certain rising emotion which I cannot approve. Press your clothing down to the waist- I will blot this upon the skin beneath your left breast — just above the heart!”

    Cynically he spattered the ink upon her snowy skin. She shrank back and murmured in shame-and in real distress too, as from the irregular splash some drops began to trickle further downward on her naked body.

    Rose regarded them in dire dismay-drawing the silk and lace of her chemise further away from the stain-not daring to rub it off without his permission. He bent over and took out his own handkerchief-with which he removed the traces of ink and much of the stain.

    “Rub this handkerchief on your bare bottom at once. Rose,” he said, handing it to her. “I wish to find the stain on there when next I have occasion to strip or spank you. Make haste, we have much to do today.”

    She staggered to her feet. And she underwent the humiliation of thrusting the stained cambric beneath her dress in the rear-of putting aside the light fabric which covered her snowy rump-and of rubbing each buttock with the rapidly drying ink.

    “I am sure it will please my eyes-like beauty spots,” he remarked, as he cast the used handkerchief into the waste basket. “This bluish stain beneath your breast,” he added, as he took the soft and lovely mound in his hand, “may leave traces for a day or two. But I rather relish such a blemish on your immaculate body.”

    “Now, Mrs. Bolton,” he said, “are you going to let me see any further sign of revolt-or will you instantly obey any orders which I may give?”

    The use of her married name instead of the familiar “Rose” enhanced her dismay and confusion. “I… I have not-disobeyed-” she stammered, looking affrightedly up at him. Was this the man to whom, only yesterday, she had inwardly vowed a torrential and enduring affection which her very shame had seemed to enhance?

    “I want a reply-not an argument,” he said. “And I may tell you that if there are any further signs of disobedience I have it in mind to telephone one of your feminine debtors and her husband. And you will receive them stark naked- and be punished before their eyes for having allowed the young woman to run up such a bill. You may be quite certain that the man at least will highly approve of that.'”

    “Ohh…m-my God. You wouldn't-d-do that?” gasped Rose in utter dismay.

    “Don't tell me what I, would or wouldn't do,” he said sternly, reaching a hand towards the desk phone.

    “Ohh-no… no-don't! I will always-m-mind you… I will indeed!” cried Rose feverishly. Her teeth were chattering in her head-but she was yet aware of the inner thrill and throbbing of her intimate tissues.

    “If you ever forget that pledge for an instant,” he said softly, “rest assured that I shall know how to act! Now raise your chemise-the ink is too dry now to stain that pretty garment. Then rearrange your clothing-and make a few notes of my decisions.”

    “I observe that a Mrs. Tasker is indebted to you in the sum of over three thousand dollars-a quite ridiculous amount, considering the financial circumstances of her clergyman husband. And much of this seems to have been incurred on behalf of her minor daughter, Louise. This charming blonde and her ever blonder daughter are entirely miscast as the members of a clerical household- it seems to me!”

    “Yet perhaps they stand in awe of the Rev. Dr. Tasker himself-if he is aroused. They are pleasure loving-and they appear even fonder of expensive attire than of social frivolities. How came you, Rose, to permit this pair to run up such an impossible bill?”

    “I–I'm sorry… very sorry,” stammered the 'mistress' of the business meekly.

    “Don't worry,” he observed grimly-as he regarded her distressed and blushing countenance. “They may yet be worth an ample three thousand dollars to-well, if not to you directly, at least to you through other channels. Is it possible that you have the photograph of either of these beauties en deshabille-in that locked drawer you-er- spoke of?”

    “Why,” murmured Rose nervously, “it happened that Louise was here one day without her mother-a party of her schoolgirl friends-friends of wealthy families with the exception of herself…”

    “There were four of them-all in high spirits-and one of them had a camera-they made pictures… not very nice ones, some of them. Louise was the only bashful one in the group-but she was afraid to be thought 'fussy' I think-so they managed to induce her to be snapshotted like the rest-and once with no clothes on at all. She is perfectly lovely-slim but shapely-with a skin like… like milk!”

    “Ah-you shall show me these pictures presently,” he said. “And now — have you anything 'on' the mother? Aside from her debt, I mean?”

    “N-no-that is… I-” murmured Rose. “There was a very odd episode one afternoon. Some folks might say it didn't mean much-it was about some stockings!”

    “Well, explain the mystery!” he ordered.

    “Mr. George Bliss, the banker, was with her. They had been lunching at the Plaza, I gathered. I think perhaps here had been a few drinks. He had a package under his arm and they were joking about it. I didn't think much about it at first-for Mr. Bliss is a pillar of her husband's church. Mrs. Tasker had an appointment to try on some dresses I was making for her. I think the drinks must have gone to her head, for I never saw her so frivolous before. They were in the small reception room-for all the fitting rooms were occupied at the moment.”

    “Of course they were talking and laughing. He unwrapped the package-and showed her the loveliest silk stockings I have ever seen.. Chancing to notice this as I passed by the door, which was ajar, I was curious enough to keep an eye and ear open.”

    “The talk became lower and the laughter ceased. Mrs. Tasker was looking covetously at the long, gauzy hosiery which he shook out and dangled before her-and I didn't blame her-for they must have cost him thirty dollars a pair at least.”

    “It appeared that she had gone with him to the shop when he purchased them-but without guessing the use to which he hoped to put them. I was so intrigued by the affair that I hid behind a screen and looked and listened. He was saying:

    “But surely we are old enough friends for a little joke to be permissible, Mrs. Tasker-Doris-mayn't I call you Doris-after nearly ten years acquaintance?”

    She murmured that she saw nothing objectionable in that. She was quivering with delight as she looked at those stockings, such, undoubtedly, as she had never been able In purchase herself.”

    “But of course you knew that I had you in mind all the time,” he said. “At least-three pairs for you and three for my wife. And you remember your promise-to pay the same price for them that I might exact from Mrs. Bliss…”

    “I thought it was all a joke,” she said hesitatingly. “How perfectly adorable those stocking are! But really — Mr. Bliss… George… to want to try them on me-it's- going a little far!”

    “Why-stockings-legs are mere commonplace today,” he argued. “Though such legs as yours might prove to be are never commonplace. Did you notice how all the men admired them when we entered and left the Palm Court at lunch?”

    “They shared attention with your lovely face and red-gold hair. I was proud-for I knew all the men-and many of the women-were thinking 'that lucky man probably sees her wonderful legs whenever he likes'.”

    “Ohh-but… George!” she protested, with a nervous little laugh. “Really, I'm afraid you forget you are talking to the demure wife of your pastor. My-my legs are grateful for your compliments-but they cannot forget that they are the support of a body vowed to decency and seemliness.”

    “But not the support of a prude,” he insisted. “They support a charming woman with a keen sense of humor — a lover of fun-a lovely woman in her thirties who has no inclination to find evil where evil does not exist.”

    “Come, my dear Doris-let your husband's old friend present you with these stockings as a momento of a lunch which was most enjoyable-and let him try on just one pair of them for you?”

    Wistfully she eyed the lovely pair which he was now holding out to her-a pair adorned with seed pearls.

    “It would take-a good while-they're so distractingly fragile,” she murmured weakly. “And I may be called at any time to the fitting room.”

    “Just an instant-I'll find out,” he said abruptly.

    “He left the room-and sensing that he was looking for me I made haste to leave my vantage post and show myself where he could not but see me. He thrust a bill into my hand.

    “For your charities,” he muttered. “Please see that I am not interrupted for half an hour at least-I have some church affairs to discuss with Mrs. Tasker.”

    “He vanished-leaving me gaping at a fifty dollar bill in my hand. I hesitated. It was the first time that any one had taken it for granted that my establishment could be used for such a dubious purpose. I think it was the money that affronted me. Yet I pocketed both the affront and the money-really intrigued now by this episode involving the beautiful wife of this eminent clergyman.

    “I hurried to my observation post just in time to hear him say: 'Mrs. Bolton tells me she cannot give you a fitting for at least half an hour-and so-dear lady.”

    “He fell on his knees before the chair in which she was sitting. Mrs. Tasker was flushed. She nibbled at her small fist for a moment Then, as he commenced to remove a very shapely shoe, she opened her lips as though to protest-she tugged at the foot which he had imprisoned. And then as he slipped both hands slowly and luxuriously up the thin silk stocking which covered one lovely leg, she gave a little gasping cry and succumbed.”

    She laughed shakily at him: “You can be assured, Mr. Bliss, that you are the first man I have had who has shown any enthusiasm for his job. Indeed, you even seem disposed to pay-instead of being paid-for such attention you give me!”

    “Not trusting to his voice-for by now his mounting hands were well up beneath her skirts-he mumbled- almost inaudibly.

    Doris Tasker abandoned any attempt to make conversation. She sank back in the chair-and half closed her eyes. Her long lashes fluttered. She was breathing hard. “Ohh! O-o-o-h!” she sighed. “Please-p-please make haste… George! I'm very ticklish-and I'm beginning to think that this-is very wrong!”

    He paid not the least attention to her cries. By this time it was evident that his searching hands were well 'bove the tops of her long stockings. Mrs. Tasker was twisting and sighing with nervous excitement.

    “Please!” she murmured feebly once more. “Do be as — as decorous as possible about our… your-little joke. -I'm nervous… as well as ticklish and the stockings are fastened at the-outer sides… to long garters instead of where you seem to think!”

    The man was as red as fire and twitching with delight. He detached the stocking slowly-and his unseen hands began to roll it gradually down to the knee-which was revealed by the raising of Doris Tasker's short skirt during the last operations.

    “His trembling fingers slowly bared the white roundness of her lovely limb-and travelled-conveying the stocking with them in a little roll-over the swelling calf to the slender ankle.

    “He ventured to raise the woman's foot to his groin as he knelt there. She tried nervously to snatch it away-and I think she must have felt a certain unseemly contact on her stockinged toes. But he held the foot firmly-and drew the stocking completely off. And the naked foot which he displayed was quite as lovely as the leg to which it belonged.”

    “But he shared with me, obviously, the thought that his companion was in such a state of embarrassed confusion that she might well put an end to the 'joke' if he should venture to express his pleasure over the liberties she was allowing him.

    “Still crouching, he held the foot in his knee for a brief moment-while he tried to adjust to the small, rosy toes the stocking he wished to try on. Mrs. Tasker's quickened breathing was audible in the silence. It was very clear to me that this was her first experience with even so mild an extra-marital impropriety.

    “She closed her eyes completely. Her whole face was rosy red. She shivered a little. For now the excited man was daring to caress gently and soothingly the velvety skin of her rounded calf, his fingers ascending nearly to the dimpled knees.

    “I think it will go on all right,” he murmured. “But I am not quite certain-you have such lovely curves here. We must not risk tearing this lovely web-I must see- just for an instant to compare…”

    “With one quick movement he raised her skirt into her lap. She exclaimed ashamedly-starting to rise-and then she sank back again. And now the two lovely legs were stretched out side by side-one naked and the other stockinged more than half way up the exquisitely white, rounded thigh.

    “That Mr. Bliss reveled in the beauty of the sight was obvious. He smoothed the wholly nude thigh. He fingered with delight the soft skin above the stocking which was still in place.

    “Ohh-but… please!” stammered Mrs. Tasker, opening her blue eyes and half rising from her chair. “I'm- I'm so afraid you're forgetting-that this is… just a joke — between friends.”

    “He pushed her back gently, as if, even in his growing excitement, he realized that he was now master of the game — for the agitation of the woman in her indecent exposure was very clear.

    “I'll hurry,” he promised, “as fast as this delicate silk will let me…”

    “Pull down my skirt!” she begged.

    “He did so grudgingly. And he contrived to slip the very shapely bare foot and leg into the silken mesh of the stocking-once more thrusting his hands far underneath her skirt as soon as it became necessary.

    “And now, Doris,” he said, “we must see the effect!”

    “He raised the skirt once more — and exhibited the lovely limbs in their contrasting apparel. 'Just look!' he cried admiringly. 'I'm sure you will like the effect'.”

    Doris Tasker sat up. She tried bashfully to pull down her skirt. Determinedly he lifted it again-calling her own attention to the stocking through whose sheer mesh the lovely thigh and leg shone whitely.

    “Ohh!” she cried delightedly. “It is lovely-isn't it- George?”

    “It is!” he assented. “It is worthy of wearing such an exquisite sheath of silk and pearls'.'

    “Ohh-silly… I meant that the stocking was lovely — not the leg,” she explained. “I feel like a queen in stockings such as these!”

    “If you wore the stockings… and nothing else-you would be more than regal!” he muttered thickly. “Oh! Doris, you're lovely beyond words!”

    I think his loss of composure gave her an assurance she had lacked until now. Any woman, in the presence of a masculine desire of that kind, is likely to feel herself the stronger of the two, unless…

    And Rose gave her companion an apologetic glance, “Unless the man simply crushed her beneath his will and strength,” she concluded.

    He smiled at her. “No woman is worth taking-except quite casually-save as a subdued and palpitating captive,” he stated.

    “Ohh… not-not as a companion?” quavered Rose. “Not as one who would be so-so loving-and grateful… if she were allowed to feel herself as a comrade-as well as just a plaything?”

    “The child and the parent may be comrades,” he stated.

    “But the woman should feel herself to be both subjected and obedient-for she will have-if she learns to care for the man, the consoling knowledge that she is quite irreplaceable to him-that wives and mistresses abound but that voluptuous serfs are rare.”

    Glancing up at him shyly, Rose considered this. She sighed softly, and leaned against him.

    “You left Mrs. Tasker in a rather parlous state-for the chaste wife of a minister,” he reminded her.

    “Well-I was surprised,” Rose continued. “For she was so entranced by the vision of her beautiful limb thus clad that she seemed as if hypnotized. And she was childlike in her desire to see both legs thus adorned.

    “Clutching her light skirt at her crotch so as to make more unseemly exposures impossible, she allowed both her legs to remain exposed to their summits. She quivered a little as he persistently caressed her silken skin in taking off her other stocking-but when he had replaced it with the other Parisian sheating she could not hide her delight at the effect.

    “Standing now-maintaining her skirt at the peak of her thighs-she gazed downward and admired the new marvels that she wore. I think that she was intoxicated with her pleasure. For although she was normally a modest and quite refined woman, she made him now a concession which was far more serious than she had expected.

    “She gave a silvery exclamation of delight when he softly whispered that she should have all six pairs of stockings if she would grant him a favor-'four kisses for an old and affectionate friend.'

    “She assented with a quick nod. And as he rose, she had a coquettish little smile for him as she let his mouth take her lovely lips. He was wily enough not to prolong that kiss unduly, or to put too much fervor into it. As their mouths were parted once more, nevertheless, her color was vivid-and she was sighing softly.

    “He dropped to his knees again. She looked at him with a questioning gaze-and then, as he raised her skirt-she littered a whispered protest.

    “But I have three kisses coming…” he explained.

    “Ohh… but-I thought, of course-” she stammered, “that you meant-on my lips?”

    “There were no such restrictions mentioned,” he replied. “One just above each stocking top is my thought, Doris, you lovely creature.”

    “Her own fine eyes were again on the superb stockings as she humored Mm in this. He gave her the skirt to hold — and he pressed long, ardent kisses on her snowy nudities just above the stocking tops. And so long were these new hose that his hot lips were pressed to her velvety flesh almost at the juncture of her thighs.”

    “And now the last one!” he said huskily.

    “But… but where?” she stammered bewilderedly.

    “Here-right here… you delicious darling!” he said in a hoarse whisper.

    Still mechanically holding up her skirt, the charming Mrs. Tasker literally staggered on her feet. For his head had been thrust swiftly beneath the scanty while silk that fell about her crotch. I saw his fingers seek frenziedly to unbutton whatever obstacle was there, and then his hot mouth was glued to the very centre of her lovely cunt.

    Doris Tasker wailed aloud. Her face was raised to the ceiling. It was aflame-and all her features were working convulsively. She was unable to speak-or even to remove his vampire mouth. She shuddered with a voluptuous ecstasy and she displayed a blazing, incredulous rapture so great that it was clear that she had never imagined such a caress was possible.

    In her fearful perturbation she had unwittingly lifted her skirt still higher. The hanker had, as I imagined, unfastened her undies. Her sexual regions were entirely bared. His lips were hotly pressed upon the upper part of her delicate slit. His face was pressing down, striving eagerly for a deeper penetration between the gloriously naked legs.

    The woman cried out hysterically. I saw the groove of ruddy gold in which his face was resting rise and fall with the palpitation of her flesh. Her legs involuntarily parted — admitting his lips now to all the delicate flesh of her rosy cleft…

    Rejoicing in this exposure of all her secrecies, the man withdrew his face for a second to admire her splendid nude body. I saw-with him-the dainty carmine of an excited slit-begging to be caressed.

    He plunged down again. He kissed madly. I saw his hot tongue emerge to participate in this frenzied caress.

    “Almighty God!” gasped the distracted Doris, as she fell backwards and collapsed into the chair behind her.

    “And so she escaped him-did she?” queried Francis. “I always had an idea that the only use he ever had for a girl was to treat her like a ripe fruit-and suck out her juices.”

    “Oh! He could have done more,” whispered Rose embarrassed to blushing. “I can assure you that he-his- thing… stuck out finely-when he was kissing her… there…!”

    “Learn to speak plainly,” he bade her. “If you mean to say that his prick was stiff while he kissed her cunt, then come out with it!”

    “His… p-prick was-stiff-while he kissed her… c-cunt!” said Rose in a shamed whisper.

    “How you do dislike any lack of decorum!” he said musingly. “I have a notion that it is only when forced to it by me that you can get worked up to an ardor that makes you quite unthinking in your lovely lasciviousness.”

    “I had it in mind to get one of your young debtors- perhaps this Norma Wales-and compel her to pet your naked body in the most luscious and licentious ways- though I am afraid that you would be both horrified and apologetic towards her-instead of the firm mistress who commands an obedient tongue to do her will. Unless-I were there to supervise!”

    “Oh-if you were there,” said Rose ingenuously, “anything you wanted would occur, of course. But I do realize at last-that I wasn't intended by nature to dominate anybody. And all my instincts seem to be to do as you dictate to me!”

    “And that is your first open confession,” he observed, with a smile. “And now tell me, what did old Bliss do to her next?”

    “He got up very slowly from his knees. As he approached her, Mrs. Tasker shrank back and held out repelling hands.”

    “Give me-time to-recover!” she panted. “Go away… please for a moment-” she buried her face in her hands and sobbed.

    “You liked it,” he said doggedly. “You know you did. You even parted your legs-and raised your skirts higher. Your little pussy was just quivering with pleasure!”

    “Don't talk to me-and especially like that!” she said hysterically. “Ohh — I'm so bitterly ashamed — what a thing to do to me!”

    “I couldn't help it,” he muttered. “I'm crazy about you. I think you're the loveliest woman in the city. I was mad wanting to kiss you-and to kiss you where you would feel it most. I couldn't help it, I tell you.” He made a gesture of despair.

    “But… you-y-you saw me!” she wailed accusingly at him. “I was all… b-bare! Y-you saw e-everything… you kissed m-me t-there-on my… m-my… ohh!”

    “Yes-I did!” he assented, almost rapturously. “And nothing can rob me of the recollection, or of the way your lovely slit throbbed against my lips.” He looked at her with a beseeching expression. “I would give anything I possess-just to feel you-spend-on my tongue… my lips! Listen, Doris!”

    “Don't call me Doris any more!” she said in a stifled small voice.

    “Listen, Doris!” he repeated. “You could live in luxury — you and your husband and daughter. I have millions — you could have whatever you wished. I would not ask to possess you-just to be permitted to caress you sometimes…”

    “He pleaded his burning desire for her. He called it love. And I think she weakened somewhat-for she must have recalled that he could do much to injure her husband's position. There was a reconciliation of sorts-but no real sign of relenting or succumbing on Mrs. Tasker.”

    “Well-at least George can boast of probably having had more-much more-from the lovely lady with the red gold hair than anyone save her husband,” observed Freeman candidly.

    A gleam came into his gray eyes. “I think,” he said, very softly, “that you are going to make me a gift of the favors-the ultimate favors of this charming customer of yours!”

    “I… I am?” cried the bewildered Rose. “How could I? You know I'd give you anything I could-but how?”

    “You will at least help me very materially in my plan. And you will, perhaps, see me sheath an old friend-or a new friend of yours-within her body.”

    “Ohh!” whispered Rose dejectedly. “I see what you have in mind. To have every one of the most beautiful of my clients who owe money — beginning with Doris Tasker. Or at least-all who are not maidens?”

    “Have you any objections on those latter grounds?” he asked her seriously.

    “I-why… you will do what you like, I know!” she said, with a regretful look. “But… then-you will not need me-I shall be free!” She smiled sadly. “And I am now finding out that it is not altogether terrible to be- to do-whatever you wish. I found it out yesterday- and tried hard to forget it last night.”

    “Don't weep. Rose,” be said-for tears stood in her dark eyes. “And don't be jealous either. I may take a few lovely, desirable bodies from amongst your customers. But you will remain to me after all these others have sampled my couch… if indeed they do. For there will never be one of them to whom I could say-as I say now to you-'show me your naked buttocks, madam-and show me that you have obediently stained them as I ordered you to do'!”

    Rose started from her seat. Impetuously, she turned her back on him. Her slender fingers raised her skirt, and showed a pair of exquisite lace trimmed drawers. Her quick hands, extended behind her, found and opened the vertical slit in that intimate garment. And the full, beautiful, luxuriant buttocks met his eyes in their lovely nudity-each white mound stained faintly and irregularly with ink.

    “The stains will come out, with bathing, inside of two days.” he said, smoothing and petting the naked hillocks, which trembled voluptuously beneath his touch.

    “I almost regret having made you do this-for your soft and lovely bottom is a source of constant joy to me. Bend forward from the waist-keep your legs stiff and straight. Now part them-further-further. Now spread your buttocks apart with your fingers. Show me your bottom hole clearly. Back up just a trifle…”

    As the now shivering Rose-fully conscious of the indecent exposure to which she was submitting-obeyed and drew near to his chair while maintaining the most immodest and revealing posture imaginable, he bent forward and ran his tormenting fingers slowly and voluptuously through all her crotch. Their tips dwelt on her rosy anus-and on the hot lips of her sex.

    Rose sighed. She staggered-hardly able, in her shame and agitation, to remain upright. She moaned softly, her eyes glazed and unseeing as she bent obediently forward, exposing with her slim fingers the crinkled bud of her bottom hole.

    “I think I should like, some day, to lodge myself in here,” he remarked cynically. “So beautiful a backside deserves to yield its virginity'.” And he illustrated his sombre idea, and redoubled Rose's confusion, by probing his forefinger within the tight portals of the little rosette which her trembling hands were offering him.

    “Oh! God!” she wailed hysterically. “You would kill me, I know. You would tear me-I should never survive such a…!”

    “Yet you would lie down and offer it to me-if I ordered it-wouldn't you, Rose?” he demanded.

    “Yes… ohh… yes!” she cried hoarsely-too inflamed now to do more than stand quivering before him-as he gently pinched and caressed the lips of her throbbing sex.

    Chapter IX

    “I am receiving you,” said Mrs. Tasker, “because Mrs. Rose Bolton tells me that you are representing her in the small matter of a debt which I owe her.”

    “It might be more accurate,” smiled Francis Freeman, as he sat at the desk in Rose's private office, “to say that I am receiving you!”

    “Let's not quibble.” remarked the woman, with a little wave of her hand. “It is through you, I judge, that she has set these proceedings under way-for she herself has always been most considerate.”

    “Far too much so for her own good, Mrs. Tasker,” he said, regarding her with a frowning consideration as he spoke. “Perhaps you do not realize that it is through being what you call 'considerate' towards thoughtless or dishonest women like yourself, that Mrs. Bolton has brought herself to the verge of ruin!”

    “Thoughtless-dishonest?” exclaimed the matron… very lovely now in her flushed indignation. “I do not think I will deal with you, Mr. Freeman. I don't care for your choice of terms. Let me see Mrs. Bolton, if you please, and…”

    “Mrs. Bolton cannot see you at present,” he replied. “She is in no condition to do so-for she is undergoing what we might call a penance for what you have just referred to as consideration to you and others. Now her leniency is being fittingly punished!”

    “Punished?” exclaimed the startled matron.

    “Severely punished,” he said suavely. “And if an over soft heart and lack of business acumen such as hers deserves proper punishment-what shall we say as to the frivolous woman who has brought about her present and degrading plight?”

    Mrs. Tasker gasped and flushed. She rose from her chair in offended dignity. “You are being very harsh- too harsh for me to deal with. Of course, I realize I have been careless-in letting my bill run up. I intend to pay it-and also my daughter's-as soon as possible!”

    She turned towards the door. He made no move to detain her-yet she felt his watching eyes holding her back. She meant to leave immediately-to go out and close the door firmly behind her… and yet-and yet…

    “Certainly,” she observed — nervously and curiously too-“I cannot accept seriously what you Have just said about Mrs. Bolton's being punished? This is the twentieth century, Mr. Freeman-and women are no longer subject to masculine whims and discipline. They are only subject to the law-which she has in no way offended!” She turned once more to depart.

    “Not all laws are made in legislative bodies, Mrs. Tasker, my dear,” he said. “And all women, of whatever age, should be subject to a private code of laws devised for them by stronger persons.”

    Doris Tasker shrugged her perfect shoulders-attracting his attention to lines which made him regret she was not in evening dress.

    “I shall go,'“ she announced. “Obviously I can have no dealings with you. Tell Mrs. Bolton that I hope to settle in the very near future!”

    “Yes,” he agreed, “you are going to settle those hills in the very near future indeed!”

    She started at something sinister in his voice. Then she turned again to regard him with apprehension.

    “I mean, of course.” he said softly, “that it will be in your husband's hands-with full particulars-within the next half hour. He will undoubtedly be glad to discharge your due obligations-which after all are his also!”

    Reddening to her white brow beneath the silken glories of her red gold hair. Mrs. Tasker turned slowly to the chair she had recently occupied, and sank into it once again with a nervous sigh.

    “You have misunderstood,” she said breathlessly. “I am so very sorry if I was cross with you just now-hut the fact is-this business is just between Mrs. Bolton and myself. Even my husband is an outsider where this is concerned…”

    “That is impossible. I am afraid.” he murmured. “Dr. Tasker is bound legally, of course, in this matter.”

    “But…” she said, with widened, apprehensive blue eyes harboring a pleading expression for the first time. “I see I shall have to tell you-he knows nothing of all this-and I could not endure having him know. He… my husband can be very unreasonable when-”

    “Louise and I simply had to have some nice things- and I supposed that Mrs. Bolton was soundly enough financed to carry our account for a time!”

    “Mrs. Bolton has been driven to distraction-by you and others like you,” he said sternly. “She will be soundly financed in the near future-at some expense, perhaps, to her pride and… other senses. But tell me-your husband must have observed that you and your lovely daughter were dressing like the family of a millionaire?”

    “He thought-we had a small bequest-it is spent long ago!” she stammered. He was startled out of his composure by the sudden cracking up of Doris Tasker. The lovely woman was whimpering like a child.

    “I–I simply cannot face having him know!” she said tearfully. “You cannot understand — it might break up our household-I would rather die!” she gazed at him in despair. “Ohh!” she wailed, “is there no way out of this fearful predicament?”

    “There is…” breathed Francis Freeman. “And you are going to take it!”

    “Ohh! If I only could…” she almost sobbed. Her hands were clasped prayerfully, but in her face was a look of what might be called apprehensive relief. For although she had no suspicion of his dire purpose, she knew that whatever could get her out of this difficulty must be no simple matter.

    “Justice must be done,” he said calmly. “You will have to accept blindly what I consider to be justice in this case — and later on you may have the pleasure of seeing me tear up this account of yours and hand you the pieces.”

    “Justice?” she whispered tremulously. “You mean… I must?”

    “There will be retribution,” he said firmly. “I shall be both secret judge and executioner. There will be no appeal from what I determine-or order-during this next hour and perhaps one or two hours on subsequent days!”

    “But-good heavens,” she stared at him with deep and suffused violet eyes. “It sounds so limitless!” she said in consternation. “Why-it would be like going before some kind of inquisition-which could do anything with the poor culprit!”

    “Three thousand dollars are not blotted out in a breath of wind,” he said. “However-since you don't fancy squaring your debt by accepting whatever penalty I impose- I'll just get your husband on the phone…”

    “Stop-ohh-for God's sake, stop!” she wailed as he turned towards the phone. “I promise-I do indeed… to atone as you wish. I know I've been foolish-thoughtless…. but I'm certain,” she added pleadingly, “that you'll spare my womanly dignity?”

    “Your womanly dignity,” he murmured, “is likely to be greatly impaired, I'm afraid! Do you still promise to be really submissive?”

    “Ohh! I must… I must!” she cried, wringing her lovely white hands.

    There was a long silence in the room where a palpitating and flushed beauty and a triumphant but outwardly composed man sat. Finally Doris could endure the quiet no longer.

    “I suppose,” she said nervously, “that you wish me to apologize to you for the harsh words I used earlier and perhaps to Mrs. Bolton for the trouble I've caused?”

    “Ask Mrs. Bolton,” he smiled, “just how far a simple apologize to you for the harsh words I used earlier and he touched a button beneath the desk. There was a slight grating sound, and a panel some twenty inches or so square opened in the wall opposite them. Through the hole thus disclosed there was nothing to be seen. But the sound of sighs and sobs-came to the ears of the startled Mrs. Tasker.

    “This delay is ridiculous — and suggests further and much heavier punishment for the culprit!” said Freeman.

    A gasp and then a convulsive sob-became audible.

    “Have pity… on my-my shame!” came a pleading whisper. “I can't, really I can't-before Mrs. Tasker!”

    He pressed a button on the desk. The sound rang very clearly and imperiously. There was another sob-a moaning little cry. And Mrs. Tasker, staring with incredulous eyes, beheld a whiteness framing itself in the square opening. More accurately speaking, the vision was what had once been a whiteness-but it was now a rosy and gleaming pinkness. It was the perfectly naked bottom of a young woman-and its full curves and soft beauty testified to the sex of the mortified possessor of that lovely pair of buttocks…

    “But… but… o-o-o-h! Heavens! She's been beaten — whipped!” gasped Doris Tasker shudderingly.

    “Let's be accurate-a closer study will help,'.! he said. Obviously he was enjoying the shame and consternation of the participants in the discussion.

    He extended his hand to Doris. Confusedly she gave him her slim fingers. She rose-and followed him up to the lovely but unseemingly display in the opening of the wall.

    “If she had been whipped there would have been stripes on this delicate skin,” he said, as he softly and lewdly caressed the swelling mounds which quivered at his touch.

    “Tell me, Doris, what do you now think has happened to this fair lady?”

    “I… I-my God! She has been fearfully spanked- at the least!” stammered Doris, too shaken to notice that he had used her given name so informally.

    “Yes-spanked-rather heartily but not fearfully!” he acquiesced. “I pass your blunder this time. But feel this beautiful bottom and note how warm it is.”

    In shrinking shame the woman would have drawn back. He gave her a look that crumpled her resistance. And he laid a timid hand on the nude cheeks and promenaded her fingers across it slowly.

    “Ohh! Ohh… so hot-and soft!” she whispered as if to herself. “Poor… poor dear! Is it-Mrs.-?” she shook her head in denial. “It can't be-she would never submit to such a thing!”

    “Yes-it is Mrs. Rose Bolton,” he assured her softly. “She has been naughty-not nearly so bad as you-but still naughty. I suppose you think that, because her naked behind has been spanked, she is in agony-and that the restlessness of her fine bottom under our touches is evidence of that fact!”

    He bent to the opening. “She isn't in agony for that at all. It is an agony of pure shame because you have seen her thus. As for the restless movements-you will be better able to fathom the cause if I show you what-”

    He spoke sharply. “Protrude your bottom more!' he ordered. “Bend and part your legs somewhat!”

    There was another stifled sob-and his command was obeyed. Indelicately he parted the reddened cheeks, not as red as the cheeks of Doris Tasker, however. He revealed thus, to the woman at his side, a little pink rear orifice into which a candle of reasonable size had been thrust.

    “For my own good reasons,” he said softly. “I am thus enlarging the aperture somewhat-and besides that the inner sensation helps to punish her-and excite her too.”

    “You would hardly believe what the combined effect upon her of the spanking and the candle and the present shame can be. I shall show you-turn around-Rose… fill the opening with your front view-now bend backwards and part your legs again.”

    Doris Tasker gasped and shuddered as a genital fleece of darkest brown adorning the lower part of a white belly showed in the opening. The upper thighs were in evidence also and these Francis swiftly and complacently parted, to expose a ruddy cleft which was pouting and moist with its owner's sexual agitation.

    Mrs. Tasker cried out huskily with a shame almost as keen as that of the unseen-in part-woman behind the wall. She hid her flaming face with her two hands.

    “Is it necessary to commit this unspeakable indecency in my presence?” she stammered. “If the situation is such that you have the power to force this poor woman to such ignominy, is there any reason why I should be forced to witness her distress?”

    “I take note,” he said quietly, “of your criticism. It is, perhaps, a little indiscreet, Doris, bearing in mind that you are not now queening it over anybody. I will, nevertheless explain to you that your presence is making this a very real punishment for Mrs. Bolton.”

    “Unhappily her amorous propensities are so great that spankings and enforced nakedness, while shaming her intensely, make her flare with a passionate desire so great that it is almost reward, instead of penalty to her-but to have to thus undergo an exhibition of her downfall before another woman is indeed bitter to her!”

    “Now stroke her rosy little slit for a while-for I wish you to have personal evidence of her present state.”

    “Mr. Freeman!” gasped the humiliated woman. “This is intolerable! Your language is not that of a gentleman and this display of one woman's-intimacies-to another lady is disgraceful beyond words. Stop it… and let me make those apologies or whatever penance you had in mind for me-”

    “On your own behalf,” he said mildly, “I deprecate this tone… on the part of a culprit before her judge. My own ideas will prevail here, Doris, have you the least objection to raise?”

    It was not his tone but hit eyes and his expression that made the now alarmed woman flinch from him. She would have retreated-but he had grasped her shoulders and it was impossible.

    His face was very close to her own. In truth, he was longing to crush his lips to that exquisite, sensually drooping mouth of here-but he restrained himself for the present-later, perhaps!

    “Of course,” she faltered — unable to withdraw her violet eyes from his gray ones-“I have not so soon forgotten my promise to undergo some penance or other in token of genuine repentance for my carelessness. But this display savors rather of the seraglio or a madhouse than a tribunal dispensing justice.

    He enjoyed even her attempts to maintain a personal dignity under these circumstances — yet his burning impatience to enjoy her in other ways determined him to apply the final crushing blow.

    “Have done with this at once,” he said peremptorily, “and cease any comments not required of you by me. Now lay your fingers where I ordered you to place them-on the soft cunt of this woman. No doubt you would prefer to have your own cunt caressed-as it was kissed one day, some three weeks ago, in the room adjoining-at considerable length by a man other than your husband!”

    “God! Oh, God in Heaven!” moaned Doris tremulously. “Such a vile accusation! I didn't… it didn't happen!”

    “Speak up, Rose, tell us what happened,” said the man.

    And the perturbed Rose, thus called upon for her cruel evidence, began to stammer out something. But the appalled Doris cut in swiftly: “You spy-spy… oh, God! To think of being spied upon-in a supposedly respectable place like this. And I gather that you allowed this man, Mrs. Bolton, to invade the privacy of others… your patrons?”

    Suddenly aware that she was confessing instead of denying by her indiscreet words, she grew pale and still.

    “Speak up, and clearly, Rose!” said Francis Freeman.

    And the perversely displayed woman behind the wall, who was evidently coached already, uttered in a feeble voice words that made Doris Tasker wail aloud in shame and then collapse in the firm grasp that held her.

    “Mrs. Tasker loves to have her cunt kissed! I saw George Bliss kiss it! She held it out-stark naked-to his lips. She pretended to be horrified-but she wasn't. They did such things together that I was considering ordering them out of the place. I always find it necessary to keep watch on the various rooms in order to prevent any immorality in the establishment!”

    “Lies… lies-all lies!” moaned Doris.

    “Don't you dare tell this lady she lies!” said Freeman with considerable asperity.

    “I… I mean,” amended Doris feverishly. “I didn't hold it out to him-he took it-I hardly knew what he meant to do… at first! And I was distracted over it- if she saw us she must know that. I had been foolish in letting him change my stockings… but I wasn't really enjoying it!”

    “That is enough!” he interposed. “This is a matter of which your husband should be fully informed-and he shall be if you fail hereafter to be obedient to my orders!”

    The lovely woman wilted in horror and fear that shook her. She would have fallen to her knees in her terror if he had not stopped her in time.

    “But-not that… ohh! Not that-don't tell him!” she panted. “I will do what-anything you tell me!”

    “You will indeed,” he assured her. “And you will endure a salutary blow to your pride-and express an abject apology to Mrs. Bolton-by kissing her twice on each buttock. Turn around, Rose and show as much of your plump, rosy bottom through that hole as you can!”

    His earlier victim gasped-but she twisted her lovely naked body and made the change of exposure which he had ordered. The crushed Doris fell upon her knees at his touch-she crumpled rather than knelt. And her quivering lips were then pressed twice upon each of the proffered mounds of snowy flesh.

    It would be difficult to say which of the two beautiful women in his power were more confused by this incident.

    The shame experienced by Doris Tasker seemed to burn right through her whole being-but the horror of the threatened revelations to her spouse had so terrified her that all power to resist had fled.

    As for the weaker Rose, the mortification of this proud woman impressed her as much, for the moment, as her own shame.

    “Let us hear, now, your apology,” directed Freeman.

    “I–I'm sorry… Mrs. Bolton,” sighed the matron very tremulously.

    “And now tell her that you would like to feel her pretty pussy and cunt-and see how hot all that has just happened has made her!” he commanded.

    “May… may I-feel you?” quavered Doris. “May I feel your… your sex?”

    His fingers sank irately into the soft flesh of her white shoulder. Hurriedly she changed her vocabulary.

    “Your… your cunt!” she gasped. “May I feel it- and s-see how passionate y-you are?”

    “Turn round again, Rose!” said Francis quietly.

    And once more the opening in the wall which was some three feet from the floor. Rose being obviously on a sofa — was blocked by an even more indelicate display than had just recently been offered.

    Clearly the shattered woman who knelt there had made up her mind that haste in compliance was her only course if she were ever to extricate herself from this incredible nightmare. Gingerly she laid slim white fingers on the shamefully displayed intimacies of her hostess.

    So complete was the exposure now that it was plain that Rose was lying on her back and had raised her widely parted legs against the partition at the foot of the sofa.

    The lower curves of her backside were in clear view- and also the curly hair covering her genital mound as well as the remainder of her crotch.

    And all these womanly charms quivered and throbbed under the embarrassed fingerings of Doris Tasker.

    “I think myself,” said Francis softly, “that you have some reason to feel aggrieved over being watched by the lady of the establishment when you fancied yourself… or yourselves immune from observation.”

    “Just imagine her having the impertinence to peer in at you secretly-while your masculine friends was set on stripping your lovely legs-and getting so excited by the sight that he wished in his own peculiar way to become your lover. She is under discipline now-and I think you should punish her a little yourself for her brazen and outspoken curiosity!”

    “Why not tug at that pretty curly fleece of hers? Make her squirm and squeal a little!”

    Although not in the least inclined toward violence in the normal way, the lovely matron found herself grasping the silken genital hair of her shamefully exposed victim and tugging it with her slim fingers. Her blood pulsed quite inexplicably at the strange action-she reflected in a vague manner.

    But as Rose sighed ardently under the traction-and then gave a faint cry-Doris released the hair she was thus gripping and flared anew with embarrassment over what she had done.

    “You have not understood, I fear.” said the man. “Any suggestion that I make now-is an order! Pull her hair again. Nov finger her entire crotch-from rump to her mound. And tickle her around the anus.

    “Heavens! How she does shake and sigh-to be sure, I am half-minded to remove that candle-for what a fine position she is in now to grant me her remaining virginity-I wonder…!”

    Comprehending at last, through his incredible words, the lascivious indulgence which he seemed to have in his mind as far as the helpless Mrs. Bolton was concerned, Doris Tasker turned crimson. In the face of such cynicism as his, she saw the futility of indignant glances-which were her sole remaining weapon.

    She fluttered and withdrew her trembling fingers-and was rewarded by a box on the ear. Though the blow was light, the shame of being smitten like a disobedient child affected Doris tremendously.

    Her inability to resent the slap overwhelmed her. She gasped and cringed-and obeyed his gesture by putting her slim fingers once more on the pouting delicately coral cleft which was framed in the widely parted thighs.

    “If you felt like taking some further vengeance upon her by pinching those soft lips and by shaming her with an inserted finger, I can't see that she is in any position to resist you,” he remarked mildly.

    Understanding now that her only course lay in instant compliance, Doris muttered a confused determination to do as he said. But her little twinges upon the already excited lips of Rose's palpitating sex only served to cause that voluptuous young woman to groan in a shamed and hot ecstasy-and when the slim finger bent inward between the pouting lips it was all the victim could do to keep from rolling off the sofa on which she lay twisting in passionate delight.

    “Press your finger in as far as it will go,” he bade her in a whisper.

    Rose jumped and clamored hoarsely as Mrs. Tasker obeyed his command.

    “Ohhh! My God… n-o-o-o!” she gasped. “Don't… touch mi-me there… not right on my-ohh! God-no! I'm s-so s-sensitive there-please… please stop!”

    “Now describe to me the state of affairs in there!” he demanded.

    “Oh, heavens! Must you mortify us both to death?” she wailed. “She is… the passage seems to cling to my finger. It is so warm-it is hot! It throbs-and… all wet!”

    “And the clitoris?” he queried.

    “It is-very stiff!” she faltered, transferring her fingertips to the point he mentioned. “It palpitates-jerks- there is… moisture…”

    “It is so difficult to punish guilty matrons or even girls adequately.” he complained. “For no sooner does a man supply shame or force than they begin to become erotical and agitated-and get sensations which transcend one's ideas of discipline.”

    “I expect she would twist and moan and spend-if you were told to atone for the vicious caress you received from Mr. Bliss by applying the same to her.”

    “Oh God-Oh God in heaven!” cried Doris frantically. “You would never have the heart-I should die of… of shame!”

    He toyed delightedly with the woman's apprehension- “I am more than inclined to demand this,” he said. “However I will allow each of you a vote. Rose-would you like to have Doris suck your pretty cunt?”

    “No! No… ohh! N-o-o!” quavered Rose.

    “A vote in the negative-even though I suspect that it is not an entirely truthful one,” he remarked. “And you, Doris, would you like to just kiss-and suck this sweet and pretty slit?”

    “No! Never!” sobbed Mrs. Tasker.

    “Never covers a long period of time,” he commented. “Before this is ended you may beg me for the privilege you have just refused. However, I seem to lie outvoted. I think that we may assume now. Rose, that Doris will require your kind services at once.”

    His enigmatic words conveyed nothing to Mrs. Tasker. But there was a prolonged sigh from behind the partition. The lovely vision of white and rosy nakedness vanished and the sliding panel closed softly.

    Weakened and trembling. Doris sank into a chair. But she was hardly sealed before a lovely and piquant sight came quickly into the room.

    With a hastily attached white skirt. Rose had completed a maid's garb. The skirt failed to meet her stockings by an inch or two. Her fine arms and shoulders and the luscious upper slopes of her breasts were bare. But otherwise she was fully clad-apparently.

    Her sweet face, though, was scarlet-and if she could meet the gaze of the man who had so subjugated her- her eyes refused to encounter those of the squally confused Mrs. Tasker.

    “Upon the entirety of your submission during the next few minutes, Doris,” remarked the man, “depends your escape from the difficulties in which your habits have entangled you. You will go with Rose now-you will implicitly obey her in whatever she tells you to do-recalling that her every instruction is my command.”

    “I think that your ruin-and that of your family- will ensue if you revolt against this little programme of… shall we say-punishment appropriate to your misdeeds — which I have arranged!”

    So grave was his tone and so evident his sincerity that the beleaguered young matron trembles as before the crack of doom. She abandoned herself… horribly apprehensive yet eager to get the inevitable over and done with.

    She was mystified over what might await her… but it seemed certain that in any event no such shame as had been forced on a tradeswoman… even though a refined one… could possibly be contemplated in regard to a lady of her family and position.

    One final imperative glance from the man to Rose bade her not to weaken in what she had to do. She shivered at that look, for it recalled his treat that if she did not satisfy him in this, he would take her to-night to a party in West End Avenue… and that there he would exhibit her naked to a group of his friends… and then raffle off her beautiful body to one of them.

    She sighed as she led Doris Tasker away. Such a pretty woman… perhaps too pretty, she reflected. The door closed behind them… and Francis Freeman took a chair in comfort… and waited with such patience as he could muster.

    There was quite a wait. Le heard exclamations… words of stifled horror quickly muted. But, aware that both these women were in a position forbidding anything save acquiescence to destiny, he gave them a little more time.

    He knew that behind that wall… the lovely Doris Tasker was probably weeping… but he knew too, that she was obeying. There was again that softly grating sound. The panel had opened once more. A marvelously shod and slender feminine foot appeared in the opening.

    It hovered there… reluctant to put itself forward. And then it slowly projected itself through the aperture that framed it. With the slender foot and shapely ankle, there now appeared a calf so exquisite in its voluptuous curves and glimmering whiteness through frail black silk stockings that Francis Freeman's grey eyes lit with delight.

    This marvelous leg was one which he had seen before… but only in part… and it seemed to him, in its abashed display in this queer manner, to be far lovelier than he had realized. The dimpled knee appeared… then the whitely delicate skin above the stocking and the lower part of a delicious thigh.

    Hanging laces were revealed now… and then an expanse of translucent, frail muslin so very fine that the skin beneath colored it a softly rosy white. The entire limb showed now… deliciously enticing too… in this utter display to his eyes. He resisted with difficulty the temptation to advance to the partition and toy with this so lovely leg in its state of semi-nudity.

    “Drawers…?” he queried gruffly. “Well… I have no great objection… for the moment! The other leg… please…!”

    The superb limb was withdrawn with many rustlings… and its mate appeared, heralded by a dainty foot. This foot advanced, wavering as if in search of a firm footing… and it brought with it the lovely leg… which he scanned with delight.

    “Go on…” he said… almost breathlessly. He was noting how the full upper thigh congested the opening in the wall. Yet there was still room for something of buxom rear curves and also a portion of the inner thigh… both covered with sheer muslin.

    At his signal of 'go on' the leg disappeared very slowly. Then it reappeared very gradually once more. But this time the stocking was rolled down from the slender, shapely leg and the lovely knee, with dimples as decorations, was also bare.

    And as the leg advanced towards him, it became apparent that the drawers too had been drawn back as far as was possible. There was something disclosed which was far more enticing to his growing admiration than the fair owner of the leg would have wished, if she had known, in the almost nude presentation of its charms.

    To be shown piecemeal in this manner was… as he had known it would do… driving Doris Tasker into indescribable shame and confusion. He could hear through the opening every little while her soft gasps of protest and then the whisperings of her grief and misery.

    Upon his next signal the other leg was presented to him in similar guise. He noted the crumpled material of the drawers on the lower curves of the buttock and in what little he could see of the crotch. And as he murmured an order unexpected at this point by the listening Rose, he admired the incredible firmness and delicacy of the skin of that naked thigh… with a fineness so clear that the tiny blue veins were perceptible in its faintly pink and snowy surface.

    “The drawers should be removed now…” he said in a low voice… but one clearly audible to the strained and listening ears behind the partition. He heard a panting gasp as the leg disappeared. There was further rustling… and a dry sob…

    “And I think the shoe and stocking also…” he added. “The other leg may be left clad as yet…”

    The delay this time was brief. A naked foot, slim and lovely, made its appearance in the aperture. All the beauties of the delicately nude limb followed in its wake…

    As if aware that something of her corresponding buttock must appear in the opening… and that there was also a peril of more intimate disclosures in case of movement… the panting owner of the exposed leg sought to maintain it motionless… and she even revealed more of the taut buttock than might otherwise have been necessary… because of her anxiety to expose nothing of her crotch.

    “Move the leg and foot… as if searching for some-of soft hair whose strands were of an even ruddier gold thing with the toes…” he directed quietly.

    The hesitation of the bewildered and dominant woman was brief. The exquisite thigh which nearly… but not quite… blocked the opening, moved here and there lightly, as it followed the waverings of the lower log… moving delicately to and fro in its searching… disclosures.

    Francis edged his chair a trifle nearer. His eyes gleamed, for now he had glimpses of a silken moss… of tendrils than those of Doris Tasker's long and heavy tresses. He saw, too, from time to time, the delicate pinkness of the soft, intimate cleft in the perforce expanded crotch.

    The man inhaled and exhaled deeply. “Go on…” he said.

    He had another wait… and then there appeared in the tiny arena of this peculiar theatre a white dome crowned at its very summit by a stiffly erect nipple of coral… a crest set in the tender and faintly rosy circle of the aureole of this gloriously beautiful and firm breasts.

    Presently the mate of this lovely hillock was presented for his inspection. And then both of them together… though they were somewhat crushed towards each other by the narrow opening in which they were displayed.

    And next the perfect jewel of the navel… a dimpled gem set in the white expanse of a lovely naked belly… was pressed against the opening in the wall. He made no audible comment on what he saw… save that his low clear voice signaled every few minutes when he desired the programme altered.

    Doris Tasker possessed fashionably slender lines… the lines almost, of a girl. Yet the naked buttock which she now presented with such bitter shame, nearly filled the opening in the partition.

    He relished intensely the individual display of each of the rear mounds… and then smiled as an effort… doomed to failure from the start… was made to display to him the entire backside at one time. The whole bottom simply could not be wedged into the opening… but he reveled in the view of this swelling flesh… parted vertically by a line which was made snug and tight by the pressure of the flesh from either side.

    “Go on…” he said again, huskily.

    And now there arose from the farther side of the thin partition a sound of confused, low clamorings.

    “I won't… I simply won't… show him… that,” he heard. “Ohhh… how can you… another woman… help in such… such unspeakable things…?”

    Then there was another frantic voice in reply, as Rose interrupted her complaint.

    “There's only this one final exposure… and if you think I'm going to risk a whipping and… other things… simply because you're ashamed…! I shall have to call him… now, unless you submit! He will hang me up by the legs maybe… all naked…. because I haven't been able… to compel you… and as for you… just see what will happen…!”

    “Oh God… can't he be satisfied… with the humiliation… I've undergone already… I tell you… I won't…!”

    “Mr. Freeman…!” called Rose tremulously.

    “Don't… ohh… for God's sake… don't call him!” came the wailing whisper. “He's terrible… there's no stopping him! You can't tell… what he will do… or ask for… next! Please… Just an instant… give me time to…!”

    Freeman smiled grimly in his solitude… taking no notice of the squabble for which he was responsible. Cynically, he appraised in the trembling voice of his newest captive not only the shame and horror which assailed her and the fear which she had so soon acquired of him, but also the panting excitement which had gradually flooded all her being as she exposed, little by little, all her bared charms.

    This excitement, he knew, must be largely sexual in its nature, despite her probable ignorance of the fact… and it presaged for him, when he should so wish, an amoureuse par excellence…

    As the delay continued and he heard the dismayed Rose actually struggling with the frantic woman to force her to this added complaisance, he allowed a low, muttered word of command to become audible…

    There were two scared exclamations from behind the partition, and then silence for a brief moment. And then a vision of maddening loveliness and entire indiscretion made its first appearance on the stage. Just as Rose had done a little earlier, so now Mrs. Doris Tasker was framing for his pleasure in that square opening… all her lovely bared sexualities.

    The dark red gold of her sex hair… nearly bronze in this light… showed first at the base of the quivering, flat belly. Then, gradually, as she managed to contort herself under the guidance of Rose, the distracted matron raised her legs against the wall and parted them… to such a very grudging extent… that he could barely discern the softly carmine line of her sex descending from her plump little mound.

    And now for the first time he touched her. He gently laid a fingertip between the closed thighs… which were at once pressed tightly together in dismay… pressing his hand between their warm, velvety surfaces.

    “Is someone playing tricks on me…?” he demanded, in seeming annoyance at the gesture.

    “Wider… wider… Mr. Tasker…” protested the startled Rose. “If once you annoy him… he may come in here… and then… heaven knows what will happen.”

    With a smothered moan of dismay, the recumbent woman parted her legs… abruptly. And now the lavish display of her nude intimacies made Francis shudder with passion and delight.

    He toyed with her naked charms in a manner calculated to convert into unwilling but crazed desire the agitation which already permeated her whole being. From her white throat gurgled hoarse little sounds which Doris was unable to repress, and which were half cooing and half wailing in their nature.

    She exclaimed at last-almost at the limit of her endurance as his linger gently teased her sex. She stiffened and cried out suddenly as he buried his forefinger to its full extent in the warm, moist sheath, which clung to it ardently. And when he resumed that intensive fingertip play upon her tiny, stiff clitoris, Doris cried out sharply, and, trembling in all of her flesh that was visible, collapsed on the sofa which was supporting her body.

    “I think… she's fainted!” came the alarmed voice of Rose from the next room.

    “No…. ohh-n-no!” was heard in a smothered exclamation. “I–I c-can't s-stand it! I shall d-die… just die!”

    “Is she in the state in which I want her. Rose?” queried Francis quietly.

    “I guess so!” said Rose. “She seems almost crazy.”

    “Then get her in position for me-press her well into the panel opening,” he ordered. “I'll show her a kind of panel game she never heard of. You will be the first one, Doris, that I've taken through a hole in the wall. But perhaps your innate modesty will be grateful for that.”

    “On her knees?” faltered Rose. “Or-or how?”

    “No… silly-as she was just now!” he answered.

    It is improbable that the stricken Doris, if she heard any of this conversation, understood a syllable of it. She was rolling and tossing in such a frenzy on the couch that the springs creaked. And now Rose was struggling breathlessly to adjust the lovely, naked body to the opening in the way which Francis desired-with the legs parted and raised.

    “I… I can't manage her,” panted Rose. “She wriggles and twists so-and closes her legs together… and sighs and throws her arms about.”

    “Doris!” called the man, sharply and clearly.

    Through the confused mists of her distracted condition his voice penetrated. She gave a wail of misery-and then yielded to the directing hands of Rose. The latter mounted the foot of the sofa and managed to get the lovely body into the position desired. Standing there, she held the legs by the ankles-and kept them apart.

    “Her groove is beautifully exposed now.” said Francis. “Just keep her like that-don't let her close her legs.”

    Not satisfied with lowering his nether garments, he removed them entirely. He was aflame with desire by this time. And the unusual manner of his intended penetration of this lovely woman whose pouting sex was thus offered to him added fuel to his flames.

    With his immense prick thrusting proudly ahead of him-he drew near his pouting, inflamed target. The instant that Doris felt that smooth warmth touching her secret lips, she gave a sudden cry and then, as he went on in-she was in wild if half-conscious motion-jerking her belly and her expanded crotch up and down in an ecstasy of excitement-not in the least realizing as yet what was at hand.

    “I… I can't hold her-she is jerking so!” gasped the struggling Rose.

    “Doris!” he warned again-and again the woman feebly moaned and subsided-as he pursued his aims.

    There was a long inhalation of her breath as the huge head of his prick pressed the soft and yielding lips of her slit inwards. She shook as in an ague for a moment- and then, as he gained ground and the lips of her sex were strained to admit part of that ruby head, she gave a deep moan from her very heart-a moan that was replete with a sombre rapture.

    She awakened now to the reality of what was going on within her lovely body.

    “Almighty God!” she gasped. “I'm being taken-he's… h-he's h-having m-me!”

    With another firm pressure, Francis Freeman managed to lodge the entire head of his prick within the congested lips. The woman writhed-and cried out hoarsely-as she felt her intimate flesh thus invaded.

    “Lie still!” be commanded, and her movements ceased abruptly, though she continued to sigh and shiver.

    “Yes! I am… 'having' you,” he said. “In the search for a fitting punishment, and one that would linger in your mind I could think of none more effective than this. I will guarantee that you remember this fuck as long as you live. Have you any objection to offer to it?”

    Her breathing was one long drawn “o-o-o-h,” and he could surmise that she was incapable of intelligent speech.

    “I can feel,” he said… somewhat uncertainly, as the most delicious sensations possessed him, “I can feel the delicate-but fortunately elastic lips of your cunt cling hotly to the weapon which they have housed. I may tell you, perhaps to your relief, that it seems to me that you are so constructed as to admit me with much less difficulty than Rose experienced at first.”

    “And now-as I press further within your lovely body — promising to stop instantly if you show any signs of real pain… I ask you again if you can think of ally valid reason why I shouldn't enjoy you if I wish?”

    In the faint cry which Doris gave in reply there was a mad ecstasy-but no pain whatever. For the brief pressure which accompanied his remarks and his question had thrilled the woman's inmost passions as they had never been thrilled before.

    “No… n-no!” she stammered. “I can offer no objection-you will do as you wish! Ohh! God… God in Heaven — I think I'm dying — with delight!”

    It was with real relief that Francis realized now that his surmise had been correct — that the clinging inner channels of this superb beauty who housed him in part were far more elastic than those of the lovely Rose.

    For with Rose he had worked for the best part of an hour before attaining a complete penetration of her delicious cunt-and even now, ardent and enamoured as she evidently was, it was with some apprehension as well as with burning joy, that the lovely widow who was his amorous mistress, opened her lovely legs to his approach.

    But in this case-despite the outward seeming of delicacy and fragility which he had noted in the slit of the young matron which he was now possessing-he felt exultantly that he need exercise no special discretion.

    Not that the channel within which he was slowly penetrating, to the sound of her melodious sighs and gasps of a bliss beyond words, was large or loose in its tissues. On the contrary, the membranes clung hotly and closely as he very slowly slid in.

    Even her mental suffering had disappeared for the time being-for, in the unspeakable ecstasy that shook her- there was no room for distress of any kind.

    “Come-come closed!” she moaned feverishly. “Ohh- can't you come closed!” She writhed her limbs frantically at him. “Ohh! God! Break down the wall-crush it- crush me! Come… t-take m-me-I want it… clear in m-me!”

    He pressed down a trifle more, and she gurgled with a new rapture.

    “Please… p-please!” she whispered shakily. “Push… lie on m-me-I want to feel-y-you on m-me… to squeeze you in between-o-o-h Cod!.. between my legs — instead of like this.”

    “The next time.” he replied huskily, “for there will be many a next time, Doris. Then I'll flatten you beneath me. But I can't stop now! Can you take another inch of it? Stop her mouth. Rose… those soft squeals can be- heard across the street!”

    Breathing hard, he paused at last-with his virile organ planted to its last inch within the trembling, ecstatic body of the clergyman's lovely wife. He had crowded his body as close as possible to the opening in the wall-and the devoted Rose was holding the writhing nudities of the delirious Doris fully at his disposal.

    In consequence of his care. Doris hardly felt a twinge of discomfort. Her whole being was absorbed in a felicity so great that she raved chokingly-and when at last his sperm jetted forth it was into a cunt already lubricated by two discharges of her woman's love dew-and spending again in unison with him Doris cried out in ecstasy and fell back in a swoon.

    Francis withdrew very gently. The panel closed. He could faintly hear Rose scurrying around as she revived the shaken Doris-and led her away to necessary ablutions. He attended to his own person-and sat down to await what might transpire.

    Presently there was a light tap at the door-and he called out: “Come in!”

    Preceded by a flushed and charming Rose-a delightful maid servant in white, who displayed bare thighs with every whisk of her brief skirt-there entered a figure with the pale and exquisite features of a statue.

    Mrs. Tasker was draped in a long mantle of black silk — a garment which swept the floor in folds amid which the pure whiteness of her naked, beautiful feet showed as she stepped forward, escorted by Rose.

    Pale as marble, the woman looked downward at the ground. Her sole color showed in the magnificent unbound mane of red gold hair which fell about her knees.

    “Look at him, Doris,” whispered Rose. “And speak to him as you were bidden.”

    The still quivering woman managed to raise her eyes. And as she did so their blueness was suffused-and encountering his glance, her pallor was slowly invaded by a delicate flush-a flush which spread over all her face and throat.

    “How-how can I… s-say such things!” she mourned very softly.

    Yet it was clear that she had not yet been able to cast off the enchantment attending on what this man had so recently done to her.

    “You must… ohh-you must!” quavered the flurried Rose. “I told you-you will be punished like a naughty child unless you succeed in pleasing him!”

    “Ohh! My God!” ejaculated Doris, chokingly.

    She advanced close to the seated Francis. Under the light pressure of Rose's hand on her shoulder, she fell on her knees before him. She took his hand and kissed it.

    “I… I thank y-you!” she whispered tremulously. “For… for fucking m-mer-so marvelously. It has made me very happy-to be of use to you in this way!”

    “I hope you are telling me the truth, Doris,” he said quietly. “Were you really happy?”

    Again she met his eyes. And through all the shame of a proud and aristocratic young matron brought to such an unbelievable humiliation, there showed briefly a glance of uncontrollable passion before her long lashes fell.

    “I was… happy,” she murmured. “And I shall be glad — if you wish-to… o-o-h-to show myself to you… quite naked, so that you may see what you have done!”

    “I think that I might permit that,” he said quietly. Doris stumbled to her feet-with the assistance of the hovering Rose. For a moment she stood there swaying- and then, as the man changed his posture with a sudden impatient gesture, she started violently. Her hands went to the throat of her garment — which swathed her very voluminously.

    There was only a single clasp at the neck. This she unfastened fumbingly. She gasped faintly-and then- seeming to summon all her resolution, she took the borders of the garment which she had been clasping so close about her body-and threw back the mantle's silken folds to either side.

    Against the black silk the wonderful beauty of her naked body was sharply outlined. The milk and rose of the soft skin, the perfect curves of the swelling breasts, the charm of the triangle of ruddy gold hair at her crotch — all combined in a picture of perfect womanhood.

    “Hold the mantle. Rose,” he ordered huskily. “Now turn around very slowly, Doris-let me see every part of you against that dark background. Don't stop until I tell you to…”

    She revolved thus for a full three minutes-and he felt that he could have prolonged the display almost indefinitely. Nor was his lovely victim any less affected than the man himself.

    Her face was a glow of exquisite color-and she quivered and vibrated, despite her burning shame, as she presented to him in a continuous display all of her naked and luscious charms.

    “You may stop turning now,” he observed. “No… I did not say you might close the mantle. Stand facing me and hold the drape out to either side. I can now quite understand why so devout a pillar of the church as George Bliss was wild with longing to denude those lovely legs of yours!”

    “You feel that you were a little foolish to give him the opportunity-for a pair of stockings… don't you? I suspect a couple of indiscreet drinks-perhaps?”

    “I was-silly!” murmured Mrs. Tasker with an effort. “He was a friend of my husband's. I wasn't exacting any such overtures from him.”

    “It is easy to understand,” he replied, “that even this elderly man was able to get you somewhat wrought up by handling your naked thighs. And I'll give you credit for having to be able to break away from him-even when his lips were kissing and sucking your naked slit.”

    “Apropos of that-you may show me again, in penance, the spot that he kissed. Bend right backwards-and then round your body in an arc. You had better take that silk mantle from her, Rose! And now, Doris, spread your legs apart as far as you can.”

    The humiliated woman complied. With his face but a short distance away from the expanded crotch, Francis gloated in silence over the freshly laved rose of her sex. The pink cleft seemed almost infantile now in its close-lipped delicacy.

    “It seems almost incredible,” he remarked, “that I was so nicely housed within such a tiny opening. I think… since your hair is so gloriously abundant elsewhere-that we might dispense with it here.”

    “I am quite sure I shall take a great delight in seeing your mound quite denuded-and slipping my prick into so wee and infantile seeming a cleft…”

    Doris choked and wailed with shame-even now not daring to rise to her feet.

    “I beg of you-ohh! I do beg of you!” she quavered, as he crossed to the shelf and picked up the small safety razor with which Rose was accustomed to keep her armpits shaven.

    “Lie down on that couch,” he directed. “And do not ever attempt to argue with me. Rose will tell you how unsafe that can be. And now. Rose, the soap and water- lather her well… rub it in thoroughly-until the whole beard is softened.”

    “He does pay some attention still, to your lovely… body?” queried Francis curiously.

    “He's after me all the time,” she told him frankly, with a little moue. “But not for what you may think. He just likes to… see me and touch-he never seems to get tired of…**

    “And you let him?”

    “A married woman has some obligations,” she reminded him, with a shrug.

    “And does he never take you?”

    “He… he-very seldom,” she breathed. “Sometimes after I have lain there naked in the clear light-and pretended to be asleep and he has felt m-my body everywhere… he wants to do more…”

    “But it torments rather than pleases me. Ohh-ohh- please don't let her rub me there any more… I c-can hardly stand it without screaming!”

    “Go easy, Rose,” he directed. “I think you're deliberately trying to get her all wrought up again. I have a fancy that you found it less of an ordeal than you expected-to help me take her-and that you'd like to see the performance repeated-where you could watch all that went on!”

    “Now I shall shave you, Doris. It is inevitable, so don't complain or wriggle about. Possibly when your husband sees how charming your naked cunt is-he will be moved to-nibble at it like his friend Bliss. You… I think from the sudden start you gave-regard that as quite sure?”

    “Ohh! O-o-oh… my God!” moaned the twisting and distracted Doris-as the brush and then the fingers of Rose worked busily over the sensitive regions of her sex. “Please-please, Mr. Freeman… don't do this… don't make me so ridiculous and indecent. I shall be so ashamed… please, so ashamed!”

    “Nonsense!” exclaimed Francis. “You will enjoy it after you are accustomed to it I think I shall ask you to keep your pussy shaven-and use powder and lotion on it every day-to preserve the soft delicacy of your mound and slit. It will be,” he added cynically, “a real treat for your hubby too!”

    “Good heavens!” wailed the shivering woman, as Rose's fingers, applying the lather where the tendrils of hair wandered between her legs, made her vibrate. “Oh! Good heavens… how shall I ever explain it to Thomas?”

    “Why-I… he…” she murmured ashamedly. “Your words just reminded me that-ohh! Do I have to tell you quite everything? Am I allowed no reserves whatever?”

    “Unless you wish,” he remarked, “to show your husband a reddened behind as well as a shaven pussy, you would do well to obey my orders.”

    She flinched and eyed him strangely.

    Why… it was only that: I recalled an odd habit he once had for kissing our daughter between the legs when she was quite young, some five or six years ago.”

    “I was afraid it might develop some erotic tendencies in Louise-and I made such a fuss that he abandoned the practice. She wept and-carried on terribly at the time- which made me all the more determined to put a stop to it…”

    “But she was always such a modest girl otherwise. And in any event it does not seem to have harmed her, or affected her charming maidenliness.”

    “She would no more think of exposing herself now, even before her father, than jumping out of a window. Of course she… she was quite-hairless down there at the time and that was what made me recall it when you said what you did just then.

    Doris's soft voice died away in a tremolo-for Francis, having shaved the entire mound, was now gripping the lips other sex with his fingertips while the razor sought out and removed the little tendrils of hair which still curled between her legs.

    “Ohh… o-o-o-h!” she gasped faintly.

    “Good heavens!” exclaimed the man delightedly-as he straightened up at the completion of his task. “Would you ever have recognized this cunt. Rose? It was so lovely before-but now it is exquisite in a different way… innocently lascivious. Powder and perfume her, Rose!”

    “Heavens… she does look tit to kiss, doesn't she? Indeed I think you shall kiss her! That's enough of the spray and powder. Kiss the smooth mound, Rose-and the little pink slit. Why this hesitation? Obey me instantly… why, she is like a flower down there-you should feel absolutely no repugnance!”

    And now, quivering with shame, Rose obeyed him. He was satisfied with the light kisses she bestowed on the smooth mound-and between the naked legs, which his hands drew apart as Doris would have clenched them together in her intense embarrassment.

    “I believe in immediate punishment for any fault!” said he. “And you shall receive yours now, Rose, for that brief hesitation. Don't tremble and look a» the closet where I keep the whip. I shall not chastise you that way. But shall now prepare me-with your sweet lips-for the dedication of this childish seeming temple.”

    Sinking to her knees, the humiliated Rose held out imploring hands to him.

    “Not before her.” she wailed. “Ohh… I implore you! What can she-or anyone else-ever think of me… if it is known. Gladly-oh, gladly… I'll please you as you wish… but in privacy-ohh, please!”

    Francis eyed the imploring woman sternly. He sat on the edge of the couch whereon lay the bewildered Doris — to whom this interchange of words meant nothing… as yet.

    Upon her knees Rose crept toward him. Refusing to look at either of them, she unbuttoned his trousers-and her slim fingers plucked forth the swollen prick which the woman who had recently harbored it now saw for the first time.

    At the sight Doris gasped… exclaiming in incredulous amazement as she saw the unspeakable abashed Rose now bow her head and after kissing the rigid prick all over — lick it from base to tip. And the reclining woman closed her eyes with shielding palms as she saw Rose slowly slip the shining, ruddy tip between her straining lips.

    “Watch each stage of this, Doris,” commanded the man very brusquely. “If it is new to you-then it is the more vital that you should learn about it If you imagine that Rose is utterly miserable over having to suck me thus-just watch her carefully!”

    Rose stiffened as she heard his words… and endeavoured to disguise the libidinous ecstasy which simply would force itself through all her shame as she felt the throbbing bulb within her wet little mouth.

    But her nerves betrayed her-and presently she was flaring with a sombre delight… giving little muffled and cooing sounds from congested lips-tenderly fingering his hanging balls, and sucking down on him with a rapture which not even the inexperienced Doris could fail to detect… Rose groaned aloud with ecstasy.

    “But… she loves it!” said the trembling Doris… as if to herself.

    “Indeed she does!” assented the man huskily. “And so do I-and she does it marvelously! You would do well, Doris, to be preparing yourself while she is preparing me! I wish to see you finger that charming slit of yours until you spend-and thus lubricate for my admission those transformed premises which I find so attractive.”

    “Ohh!” she breathed, her face one glow of carmine and her violet eyes glistening. “Ohh! You are going to take me again?”

    He nodded briefly.

    “But… but what is it-I must do?” she stammered.

    “You must know-you were a schoolgirl not so long ago and schoolgirls learn-even if they pretend not to… the art of solitary pleasure. Let me see your forefinger or your middle finger-pushed gently within your dainty clit. Yes-that's right. Now touch your clitoris!”

    At all points the subjugated, fascinated Doris obeyed him-watching intently all the time the play of Rose's lips upon his prick. But she jumped and sighed as her finger slipped between the delicate borders — where its slenderness hardly expanded the delicious orifice.

    “Ah!” he remarked with gratification. “You found your little clitoris aroused and sensitive? I fancied you would. Now play upon it gently… until you spend-as I have directed you!”

    In this too… with a delirious frenzy that delighted him-the woman complied. The lava which flowed in her veins as she quivered lasciviously and ardently watched Rose's delightful occupation thrust from her mind the sensual trap into which she had fallen. The masculine organ had been palpitating for some time-and Francis was timing closely the progress of Doris's indelicate occupation.

    Suddenly she shook and shivered as if in a fever. She gave a vibrant little cry-and with finger still deeply imbedded, she twisted and writhed upon the couch.

    “Stop, Rose!” he warned.

    But the woman he addressed moaned and resisted feebly as he would have withdrawn his throbbing prick from her grasping lips.

    “At once, Rose!” he warned again.

    And now she obeyed-but cast herself despairingly forward to give one parting lick to the ruddy head she so adored. In firm hands he gripped the shaking, twisting body of Doris and planted her flat on her back-with widely parted legs.

    “This will probably be your first real fuck!” Francis muttered. “Shove a cushion beneath her rump. Rose!”

    This time he encountered no reluctance on the part of the lovely Doris Tasker-but rather a burning ardor which would have defeated his purpose had he not sternly halted her actions with words of command which beat through her delirium of desire.

    It was a fornication so wonderful that Rose, recovering from her chagrin at being deprived of her adored plaything before she had achieved its crisis, vibrated to the depths of her being as she watched.

    And the pair who had been driven almost crazy with bliss as they coupled-awakened from their ecstatic spasm of delight to find Rose almost out of her mind with desire and performing on herself the same delightful operation that Doris had so recently inflicted on herself.

    “Shameless hussy!” exclaimed the man smilingly. “You were not told to use your fingers thus! It is never permitted without my express directions — remember that. And in atonement-and for your delay a few minutes ago… you may resume the pleasant recreation you then enjoyed. But perhaps you may not enjoy it so much this time, for I expect you to cleanse me thoroughly.”

    Yet it was with a hungry little cry that Rose, lowering her white skirt, fell upon the dangling, still moist member which he had just withdrawn from the vibrating body of Doris Tasker. The fact that it was gleaming with his dew and hers repelled Rose not at all-in her deep yearning to feel it once more in her mouth.

    It was soft-yet still formidable in size. Hut this was the first time that the handsome widow had encountered it in such a state that she could, without difficulty, ring it with her warm lips.

    She gurgled with joy even over its shrunken condition.-finding that she could cram so much more of its lovely flesh into her eager mouth. She did not seem to mind now, if she noted at all-the startled eyes of Doris upon her.

    Yet even in her absorption over her delicious task, she treated the yielding member with less violence in her caress than she was accustomed to employ when it was hard and rigid as an iron bar.

    She sucked softly upon it-rolling it with her tongue- licking gently the portion between her lips.

    “I think I said something about cleaning it.” remarked Francis. “And that meant all of it!”

    She withdrew the prick from her mouth and regarded it critically. Holding the tip delicately with her fingers she licked every inch of its smooth length. Her wet little tongue even voyaged to his balls and his curling sex hair in her determination to follow his directions to the full.

    And then at length she resumed her light suction of the already expanding cock.

    Incredulously, Doris Tasker watched the process. Her amazement was no longer directed to the fascinated self-abnegation of Rose, and her evident delight in her present occupation. Indeed, her flustered mind wavered and her nerves tingled with a curiosity that made her wish to discover from experience just what it was that Rose found so delicious in this strange caress.

    But her incredulity was directed towards the virility of the man himself. For that worthy — that incomparable cock of his now showed no acknowledgment that it had recently performed deeds which certainly entitled it to a rest… at least!

    “Good heavens!” breathed the startled woman and she eyed rosily the rigid and hugely erect prick whose swollen head was again cramming the mouth of the happy Rose to its fullest capacity.

    “You are surprised?” he said complacently, turning to regard the lovely naked vision upon the couch-who was hardly conscious any longer of her nudity. “You are so surprised at the quick recovery of my weapon?”

    “But… I don't understand,” faltered the bewildered matron. “I had supposed that after just once and you have almost killed me twice within the hour, a man was incapable of a… new energy-for an embrace-”

    “There are men-and men,” he replied. “Your husband is undoubtedly one kind and I am another. Then, to give credit where credit is due-Rose is marvelous at this caress. I think she would awaken the dead. And she has found, despite her shame, a source of immense pleasure in doing this to me. Haven't you, Rose?”

    Stifled with his swelling prick, her face crimson, the handsome widow could only nod her head in confession, and let a muffled sound which passed for assent strain from her red lips.

    “Perhaps you, too, will wish to do as much for me some time?” he suggested mildly to the quivering Doris.

    Doris colored hotly and turned her face away without either denial or admission. But Rose rolled distressed dark eyes upwards in jealous apprehension as she heard this sudden possibility of a rival in her own field of sensual and amorous perversity.

    Francis-already vibrating to the ardor of her softly drawing lips and caressing tongue-smiled down at her.

    “Your adored morsel seems to be scorned. Rose, for the present, at any rate,” he remarked placidly. “Yet I think that even though you have a monopoly I shall request you to consider your punishment over for the time being I shall spend down your throat in a few moments otherwise and I shouldn't want that!”

    “Stop and look after this indiscreet lady, who seems not to consider the need for a douche if she is not to add to her family-which might amaze the worthy pastor.”

    Frightened. Doris slipped from the couch.

    “It never occurred to me.” she admitted. “You seem to have driven everything out of my head and myself out of my mind, today!”

    “It's nice to ho crazy occasionally, isn't it?” Francis observed smilingly.

    Doris mustered a grave little smile in response to his own. She was eyeing him very thoughtfully.

    “Do you know, she said candidly and as if she were surprised, “I could almost forgive you, in your present mood, for the injury you have done me. I could even…”

    Her violet eyes widened in amazement-at her unexpected conclusion.

    “I could even-be very fond of you,” she ended quite ingeniously.

    “That is pleasant,” he said, genuinely pleased by her queer self analysis. “I find it satisfying to be liked by lovely women like yourself and Rose-regardless of my own treatment of you. Rose here actually hated me not go many days ago.”

    “I-ohh… I didn't!” denied the stricken Rose. “At least I guess perhaps I did-but I can't see how I could have… felt that way about you!”

    Mrs. Tasker was so shaken by her experiences that Francis prescribed a warm bath to sooth her before she returned home. As he wandered freely in and out of the bathroom where she was thus intimately engaged-and as he watched each stage of her subsequent toilet-she expressed quite frankly her reactions to his persistent supervision.

    “Even a wife,” she remarked, “has some privacy-before and after intimate relations with her husband. But you are treating me as if I were the merest infant-as if I had no right to any reserves or modesty whatever.”

    “It matters very much-to me,” he said. “I should dislike exceedingly to find you losing that delicious modesty and your ability to blush so furiously over any physical and sensual overtures made to you. Yet, only a brief time ago you were raving over an affront far more serious than this we are now discussing.”

    “I was not quite sane at the time.” she murmured. “And I don't know that I shall ever be quite sane again. Even though you have ruined me-shamed me in a hundred ways-why should I try to bide my conviction that I shall never be so incredibly happy in the future as I was while you defiled me-and made me unable to hold up my bead again amongst my friends? Now that it is all over and I have served my sentence…”

    “You have barely begun your sentence,” he assured her-watching the long silk stocking being carefully put on and drawn upward over a beautiful leg and whitely rounded thigh.

    “Hardly begun,” she faltered, pausing in her occupation and raising apprehensive eyes. “Do you mean to tell me that all that has happened hasn't satisfied the… the indignation which you and Mrs. Bolton-justly, I admit, felt against me?”

    “You shall not pay a cent,” he said. “You shall carry the thought that you have paid-and arc paying-with your lovely body-and your freedom. You are mine… do you understand? And you will come to me whenever I summon you. You will feel the weight of my authority and my hot desire for your lovely body-even when you are not with me at the time!”

    “In evidence whereof,” he continued, with glowing eyes, “1 lay two commands upon you now. Firstly, you will quite inadvertently let your husband observe this very night that your pussy has been shaved!”

    “Yon will tell him that you did it yourself-and will explain, when questioned; that you had a strange desire to see once more how you must have looked there when you were ten or twelve years old. You will whisper embarrassedly to him a query as to whether you don't remind him of the way Louise used to look at the time when he was so fond of kissing her between her legs?”

    “You will spread yourself out complaisantly to let him look his nil at your nudities. You will see what will happen. He will be so wild with delight that he will not even notice the inflammation still remaining from my own violent embraces…”

    “He will hug your thighs and begin to kiss you down here as he was wont to kiss his daughter. You will repulse him. He will plead-and you will succumb bashfully. And you will tell me-tomorrow afternoon in this room… exactly what occurred!”

    “It's a changed life-a life of horrible phantasies-with which you threaten me,” stammered Doris. “And it's a dual life too-for how can I avoid the peril that my husband or my innocent daughter may not suspect?”

    “It may be best to be somewhat frank with your innocent daughter.” he murmured.

    And cynically he laid upon the table before her the photo of a totally naked and exquisitely formed young girl, Doris stared at it for a moment with wild eyes.

    “It's Louise-all undressed!” she cried. “How-how did you get… this picture?”

    “Not as you perhaps think,” he told the convulsed matron. “Look at the picture. She smiles-although with shy dismay. If she had been trapped thus by any man- or had even had the thought that any man might see the picture, she would never have smiled.”

    “I think that this is, beyond doubt, the loveliest bit of photographic art I have ever seen. A lovely girl is your sweet, blonde Louise-in her slender shapely nudity- with those finger tempting young breasts-and that curly triangle below her smooth belly.”

    “Please… please!” cried Doris chokingly, trying to atop him.

    “Better tell her the source of the picture. Rose,” he suggested.

    “Some of the girls who come here for dresses get a bit jolly,” explained Mrs. Bolton embarrassedly. “It's not very unusual for one of the party to have a camera and wish to snapshot the others while they are trying things on-or in a state of undress before trying on their silk or satin underwear!”

    “And you deliberately brought this picture to Mr. Freeman accused the indignant Doris Tasker.

    Rose shrugged helplessly. “I didn't,” she said. “He-he made me. He does as he likes-you ought to know that- and what could I do?”

    “The fact is, of course,” he said calmly, “that your daughter is almost equally culpable with yourself in the bills you have run up here, and which have served to bring Rose to financial disaster.”

    “She is paying now for the faults and carelessness of others-amongst whom are your daughter and yourself- by this state of what you term… slavery!”

    “But-good heavens-she is little more than a child and it was really my fault that she ran up this account,” cried Doris. “You can't have in mind any personal penalty for her?”

    “I have no compunctions in the matter,” he assured her. “I wish to see your daughter in the exact guise of this photo. And I shall see her this way, too, I can assure you. For if you falter in bringing it about-incredible things will happen to you… without your saving Louise in the long run. I should not hesitate to send a copy of this photograph to her father if that was necessary!”

    “He would kill her-he would disown her!” wailed the frenzied Doris.

    “There are certain things which are quite without any conscience-proverbially so…” he smiled. “You may not have heard of them-but I have one of them when I look at this delightful photograph!”

    With a cynical gesture he indicated to her that his member was once more rampant. The lovely woman colored hotly-but her eyes returned again and again, through lowered lashes, to the marked pertuberance in his leather garments — a swelling that strained the buttons of his trousers and sought release.

    “You will bring her here,” he went on calmly, “on some pretext of a legal settlement of her debt which requires her presence. Once here, I shall talk with her a moment… aside and privately.”

    “She will be led to believe that prison, disgrace, faces you both-and that the only alternative is submission to the person who holds the obligations due to Mrs. Bolton. The photo she might take lightly-as a mere frolic-but she will not take lightly what I have to say to her.”

    “Will you spare her-virginity… at least?” pleaded Doris, her lovely eyes filled with tears, and her slim hands outstretched in a gesture of despair.

    “That much I will pledge,” he said. “Yet for her own audacity in trying to argue with me and limit my decisions, the lovely Mrs. Tasker shall insert her hand within my trousers and fondle the object she will find there… while we continue our chat.”

    “When she emerges from her private conference with me, Louise will still not know what it is she has to do- but she will have been told that whatever it may be, she must do it And it is you who will instruct her in what is required-following directions which I shall give you beforehand.”

    “I… I think…” whispered Doris huskily-for her extreme agitation over her present task rendered her incapable of speech. “I think that-after all… since you do not intend to ruin her-that it is not so shattering a thing for a pretty girl to show her naked body… to a man at least as old as her own father!”

    “And I think,” he smiled, “that you are becoming reasonable and seeking valid excuses for pleasing me by showing me this vision which will delight me. For unless this picture is very deceiving, Louise is a perfect work of art-when naked-and the originator of such a masterpiece should be proud to exhibit it-What is the matter, is something wrong, Doris?”

    “I–I don't know… I feel faint,” she quavered to him. “Yes-I do know too-and so do you… you horrible man! My nerves won't stand it-to do this to yon and just sitting here! Don't laugh… at m-me!”

    “Ohh! Take me-for God's sake… just once morel Can't you see how I am tortured-wanting you… yet I was quite unconscious of such passion-until you made me… touch you again!”

    Chapter X

    Clad in a simple blue frock of fine material and cut, a slight blonde girl of some nineteen years followed Francis Freeman from a side room into the sitting room of Rose Bolton, the following Saturday afternoon.

    The woman who rose to meet her with obvious anxiety was a ripened edition of this youthful beauty-but the massed hair was of a darker gold, tinged with a ruddy hue. She, too, was somewhat pale and nervous-but she strove to hide her shakiness as she held out her arms to the girl.

    “Nothing to be frightened over, Louise,” she said-and her daughter ran across the room into her embrace.

    “Ohh! Mother!” exclaimed Louise, “this gentleman- Mr. Freeman-says we have transgressed the law in letting Mrs. Bolton's account run up so high. We may be disgraced even-unless we follow his advice and directions.”

    “He is in charge of her affairs now-and he will protect us against possible disclosures to father-and fix it for us to obtain lenient terms, provided we do whatever he has in mind for us. We have gotten into a dreadful mess, he says and probably only he can extricate us.”

    “I know something about it, dear,” soothed Doris very gently. “Mr. Freeman is right, it seems. Our only hope is in submission to his suggestions-even though we suffer in our finer instincts and fail to understand the real necessity of all he will…”

    “That blue gown.” she had said, just prior to his brief interview with Louise, “that gown was one of the last items charged to the girl. A hundred and sixty dollars!”

    His eyes flashed under the impulse of a sudden and daring thought. “And what about the tan silk dress her mother is wearing?” he asked Rose.

    “That was made here, too-and of course never paid for,” replied Rose regretfully. “It wouldn't surprise me, if apart from their hats and shoes and stockings, every single stitch on them came from my atelier.”

    in the girl's lovely little face was an expression of wondering apprehension tinged with an certain relief-for was not this man going to save them from their difficulties if they followed his instructions fully.

    “I think it looks well, too!” she acknowledged. “I'm so light of hair and my coloring is faint, so that this shade seems to set me off beautifully!”

    He nodded approval. “And the workmanship is so very stylish.” he remarked. “May I see the lines-how it hangs — and how it is made? I have some thought that perhaps a blonde niece of mine would be pleased to have one just like it.”

    “Ohh! mother,” she said protestingly. “You don't have to smooth me all over like that. Mr. Freeman can see quite well how the dress hangs-without your rubbing and pulling me everywhere. Why-I feel quite…”

    “I feel just as if I were being massaged,” she concluded. “And you make me-project so-when you do that… every single curve I've got-my bosom and my… my… seat-”

    “Since your curves seem to be ideal,” remarked the man, “you hardly need to worry over that. Is the gown well made in all other respects? Underneath as well as on the outside?”

    “Mother!” half shrieked Louise. “You're uncovering me! You seem to forget that I haven't an underskirt on — just my… my undies!”

    Doris had maintained a certain semblance of maternal composure but she squirmed strangely on her chair as, yielding to his tacit request to be shown the underside of the skirt, she so clumsily contrived to display to him a considerable extent of her daughter's lovely legs as well.

    “Our daughters wear very little underneath their dress these days-even in winter,” she joked to Francis.

    “Could that dress be, by any chance,” he said slowly, “a production of this establishment?”

    Mother and daughter flushed and exchanged a quick glance. They were silent. He turned to Rose-sitting in the background.

    “Yes, that is one of the articles charged, sir,” she said in a low voice.

    “Then we'll regain this property at once,” he remarked sternly. “It is beyond all reason that this young lady should be so wonderfully clad at your expense. I am sorry. Miss Louise, but you will have to surrender that gown at once!”

    “Ohh! But Mr. Freeman!” stammered Louise… as she clutched at her bosom as if threatened by a violent attack on her attire. “I-please… I have so little on underneath-as mother says. And I have nothing to wear home… if I must part with this!”

    “You admit the injustice of your being so expensively clad when it is Mrs. Bolton's pocket which pays the bill?” he inquired coldly.

    “Yes… y-yes!” she faltered. “But I'll work-I'll do anything-I can to pay…except tell father. I'll even go to my cousin Jack Belt and try to borrow the money!”

    “You will not go to Jack,” quavered Doris agitatedly. “How can you think of approaching a man whom I forbade the house-because he thrust his head in at the bathroom door at a time when he knew you were there completely undressed. And he showed himself to you, too, under the pretence that he did not know you were looking-You most certainly cannot see him again!”

    “Mother-ohh! How can y-you give such… intimate details about… m-me-before others?”

    “Did this man, your cousin, see you entirely naked. Louise?” inquired Freeman interestedly.

    “He… he did, yes-the horrid thing!” mourned the girl, flushing scarlet. “I was all undressed and stepping into the tub-and I heard a sound, so I turned around and… there he was-just gaping at m-me! I covered my… my bare-and screamed and mother came running!”

    “I don't know,” observed Francis softly, “that he was so much to blame for wishing to see you unclad. You must be very lovely in that state-and no man could be blamed for contriving to…”

    “Ohh! O-o-o-h!” gasped the confused and abashed girl looking at him with shamed eyes of the clearest, blue. “You could not defend this youth-he's twenty… if you knew more of his behaviour.” interposed Doris, coming to the rescue of her dismayed daughter.

    “He actually had the temerity to display to this child his-male appendages… and in an excited state-an hour or so after this episode in the bathroom. It was then I ordered him from the house, though I had overlooked his previous fault on his plea that he did not know that Louise was in her bath.”

    “But this lovely Louise is not exactly a child… at the age of nineteen,” said Francis mildly.

    “And,” he continued, “Jack may have felt that turn about is fair play-and that since he had seen his lovely cousin in every detail, she was entitled to the same privilege with him.

    “Ohhh… privilege;” exclaimed Doris. “How can you call it that?”

    “In any event.” he said, “we seem to be straying from the business of the moment-which is the immediate delivery of this unpaid for gown to Mrs. Bolton-who will act as my agent in receiving it!”

    “Louise! The dress if you please!” he added, looking at her uncompromisingly.

    Louise gave a low cry of dismay and her mother sighed heavily as she moved uneasily in her chair.

    “It's my prettiest street frock,” mourned the distracted girl, “and I don't know how-I can get home… without it. I have nothing else!”

    “That will be attended to,” he promised.

    “Then I'll just go into the next room-and take it off,” said Louise gloomily. “I could cry over it-I love it so very much…”

    “Here and now-I said!” repeated Francis.

    “But… good heavens-to take it off…. you're asking an indecency of me!” quavered Louise.

    “Unfortunately for you-you are not here to have your feelings considered. You have incurred punishment… and you will receive it!” he told her firmly.

    “Ohhh… mother!” wailed Louise imploringly.

    “I fear, my darling… that you will have to obey him,” faltered Doris. “You see, he-Mr. Freeman-is in the position to enforce his orders.”

    “But… but I have only-one other thing on-besides the dress,” stammered the girl. “How can I undress like that-before a man? Ohh… if you would only go outside sir, and let me turn the dress over to Mrs. Bolton — please, sir!”

    “My patience is at an end,” be announced. “You have ten seconds, Louise, to be outside of that garment.”

    He held his watch up before the vividly blushing girl, who merely sighed and trembled and wrung her hands… and then looked desperately at her mother for help.

    “You will be sorry for this rebellion, Louise!” he said quietly, as he returned the watch to his pocket.

    “Ohh… please he gentle-with her-a maiden!” wailed Doris distractedly. “I… I-if you have any decency for me after what has passed…”

    “After what has passed between us. I suppose you want to say,” he said placidly. “Apropos of that-it might be as well to give your daughter some idea of how firmly I can act in case of need. Possibly she may be led to see the real uselessness of resistance-if you offer yourself as a sacrifice for her? Yes… I consent for the moment, to spend on you the indignation she has aroused!”

    With great, woebegone, shamed eyes, the beautiful Doris looked at him imploringly as he motioned curtly towards the couch.

    “You need no telling as to the penitent's attitude and garb,” he said. “Twice already you have raised your skirt and bared your bottom to me, so let there be no delay!”

    The woman moaned as she took two dragging steps toward the sofa. Then she halted.

    “Ohh! If only Louise could go out…” she whispered. “Couldn't Rose just… take her away?”

    The startled Louise looked on in bewilderment-and entire innocence of what this all portended… “I… I would be willing,” came the perturbed voice of Rose Bolton, “to take Miss Louise away for a little while… so that-”

    “Would you indeed?” he grated. “And would you be willing to refrain from interfering with my arrangements and would you be willing to take your place there by Doris's side? I think it might be as well for Louise's lesson to be redoubled-it might impress her more sharply. So — hurry up and get over there this instant!”

    The indiscreet interrupter wailed softly. She crossed the room and sinking to a kneeling position beside Mrs. Tasker she bowed her head in shame. The petrified girl. Louise, feeling herself to be in a perfect nightmare, looked at both these well bred women lifting their skirts high up over the twin mounds of their naked bottoms.

    “Ohh… o-o-o-h mother!” gasped Louise. “And Mrs. Bolton… have you both gone crazy?”

    “Very lovely, aren't they, Louise?” Francis said softly and gloatingly. “See how charming the bottom of your mother… even though she appears slender when fully clad… shows up beside the ample backside of Rose.”

    “I have had to forbid them the luxury of drawers for the past few days. They are handier to get at when thus clad… or rather-unclad. Come over here-and pet them a little. They are about to suffer-and for your own fault… come-”

    The mother groaned softly in shame as she listened to her daughter's confused outcry-but she nevertheless continued steadfastly to project her nude and devoted bottom toward whatever fate it might be doomed to suffer. But the way in which her twin mounds shrank and quivered as she knelt there showed her apprehension of the punishment to come.

    “You see, Louise, I was compelled yesterday to administer spankings to both of these lovely ladies before they would agree to my requests. I think I told you to come here… and pet them both. Do you hear me?”

    “Ohh! God in heaven!” gasped the shamed and still quite incredulous virgin.

    He raised his right hand and delivered a ringing slap on the soft cheek of Doris's behind. She jumped and cried out and her daughter's cry responded to hers.

    “You see… to avoid jealousy,” he explained, and then smacked the splendid bottom of Rose also… drawing a sigh which was part groan from her lips. He raised his hand ominously over the blushing rear of Mrs. Tasker.

    Crack came his palm on the snowy and yielding flesh. A louder cry resounded this time in response.

    “Not… not s-so h-hard-ohh-p-please!” begged the woman. “It's sorer than yesterday and I can feel only the smarting pain.”

    “You mean instead of what you finally felt yesterday?” he said. “Which made you feel a white bodied, rosy assed and frantic bacchante-ready for any indulgence I demanded of you. If Rose was designed to be kept under the control of a man, I am certain you were intended to be kept under his castigation.”

    “Keep your legs together,” he directed with assumed severity. “You are exposing yourself revoltingly to both Louise and myself. Take pattern by Doris… who clenches her thighs tightly together-even when she is smitten.”

    “To be sure, she is probably conscious all the time of a certain transformation in front, and wished to conceal it from her daughter.”

    “Ohh God…” wailed Louise, uncomprehending his cynical comments, but shaken to the core as she saw him raise his hand once more over her mother's bare bottom. “Don't beat her any more-I can't stand it!”

    “Then you know how to stop it,” he remarked. “You have only to obey my instructions.”

    “What… ohh! W-what m-must I do?” she whispered.

    “You must show a kindly spirit-by caressing and petting the lovely bottoms of both your mother and Mrs. Bolton,” he said. “Ease the smart of their burning backsides if you can, with the caresses of your soft hands.”

    “In the valleys too,” he directed in a whisper. “It's useless unless you are thorough, Louise.”

    “Please-ohh God… please don't make her… d-do t-this,” quavered the shamed Doris. “A young girl… and in-my own child-it's terrible!”

    “She shouldn't mind-since you're both women,” he said mildly. “If one of you were her cousin Jack, for example, she might well be more perturbed. Satisfy yourself, Louise, that they are both of your own sex.”

    The girl swayed on her feet eyeing him with drooping shame. “You are being more and more disgusting… every minute!” she faltered indignantly.

    “No… ohh, no! Can't you see how much she is suffering already?” cried Louise desperately.

    “Run your fingers in between each pair of thighs!” he ordered imperiously. “Clear down, mind you. Pet their little slits-you hear me, girl? I don't know what keeps me from lining you up beside them-with your skirt up and your little pink bottom in full view!”

    “Stop… stop! Ohh… I will do it!” cried the girl feverishly, as her mother moaned and twisted under the harsh blows.

    “Mother-please forgive me… for doing this!” cried Louise. “I have to touch you-there… to save you from being spanked brutally!”

    “I think you are being recalcitrant, Doris,” he said. “It teems as if you are unwilling to permit Louise to perform the soothing gesture which I had asked her to do. You are only making it more embarrassing for all of us. Will you lie there and part your legs nicely and let us see her pet you a trifle?”

    Doris groaned and wailed… and now her fine thighs drew somewhat apart.

    “Now then, Louise…” he said, as he withdrew his hand from between her legs.

    “What an unspeakable thing to make me do!” said the girl thickly. “Mother, mother darling… forgive me- you know how I am compelled…”

    Anil Doris gaspingly resisted again-wholly unwilling that her daughter should discover the transformation that the man's caprice had wrought on the front view of her charmingly denuded sex.

    “You may get up ladies!” he announced politely.

    Doris and Rose slowly scrambled to their feet, their skirts dropping around them.

    “Louise.” he observed softly. “Now that you have seen how thoroughly I punish and humiliate those who are foolish enough to oppose me, perhaps you will not hesitate any more in removing that blue gown and handing it to Mrs. Bolton immediately.”

    Taking the skirt by the hem, she lifted it up the slim lines of her pretty legs, uncovering an expanse of silken stockings-and also the snowy thighs above them. She slid it over her rounded hips, past the swell of her fine buttocks, and then clear of her girlish breasts. Over her head with one single gesture-and she stood before them in blushing confusion and dismay.

    And now, as flaring crimson and clasping the discarded garment desperately to her instead of yielding it to Mrs. Bolton, Louise stood there in just her undies and stockings and shoes, it became evident that she had sound reasons for her dread of even partially disrobing before male eyes-of any age at all.

    “You think, Doris,” he enquired at length, “that this thin gown and this diaphanous undergarment is sufficient for protection for this tender body in our winter weather?”

    “She… she wears a heavy fur coat,” Doris defended herself hastily and tremulously. “Besides, girls do pretty much as they like nowadays… in both dress and… other matters!”

    “But the beauty of her skin might suffer,” he criticised. It would be a crime to allow such lovely thighs to become roughened by the winter weather. Come here, Louise, and let me feel your thighs.”

    “Give the gown to Mrs. Bolton, Louise!” he commanded the girl.

    Mechanically she moved as if to comply — and then, seeing how all her body was revealed through the fragility of her undergarment in its most intimate details, she gave a little cry and drew the dress about her once more.

    “I fear, Doris,” he said placidly, “that you have not trained Louise to instant obedience. You and I will have a reckoning on that point later. Meanwhile, I think that you had better set her a good example by removing and returning to Rose the gown which you have on-which also has not been paid for as yet.”

    The beautiful Mrs. Tasker paled… but she complied at once with his order. With her marvelous bronze gold hair topped by a daintily coquettish hat — with a short chemise of creamy silk barely concealing hips and crotch and leaving the lower curves of her lovely buttocks on display-with her handsome legs clad in gauzy silk stockings to half way up her thighs-Doris presented the loveliest of pictures.

    She was so glorious in her disarray and her shame that, even though he had enjoyed her lovely body to the full the previous day, Francis vibrated ardently to the sight.

    “Follow your mother's example, Louise,” he directed. “Give Mrs. Bolton your gown — which is of course her property and not yours.”

    And as the scantily clad girl still hesitated, he sighed mockingly at her-and turned back to Doris Tasker in simulated regret.

    “I had hoped to spare you, Doris!” he said. “But really! Louise is so obstinate that I must take extreme measures with you in my attempt to appeal to her better nature. Come here-Doris… lie over my left thigh and lift your chemise in the rear up to the small of your back.”

    The bright color flooded anew over the face of the poor Doris Tasker as she gave this renewed evidence of the lascivious and utter domination which the man held over her and Mrs. Bolton.

    His left arm went about her body. He had planted his left foot on a low stool. She gasped-and with good reason, for his broad palm supporting her body did so by invading the soft, hairless mound of her sex… while upon her naked hip was pressed the exciting and throbbing shaft of his concealed virility.

    Wide eyed and shuddering, Louise witnessed this weak and disgraceful display of her mother's abject yielding to this new shame. She saw Francis raise his right hand in the air for the first smack upon the doomed behind. Her mother's body anticipated the blow… and twisted away in a gesture of fright. Her parted legs writhed across his thigh, disclosing all her secret charms.

    “Stop… stop!” quavered the trembling girl hoarsely, as she eyed her mother's pink and moistly opening slit with a mixture of horror and delight.

    “I will do what you say-I will take off anything… I will let you see-do-whatever you say! But… don't… please don't spank my mother again! Mrs. Bolton- here is the dress…”

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