The Oyster, volume1 and 2


    What is it that causes my lord to smack his chops in that wanton, lecherous manner, as he is sauntering up and down Bond Street, with his glass in hand, to watch the ladies getting in and out of their carriages? And what is it that draws together such vast crowds of the holiday gentry at Easter and Whitsuntide to see the merry rose-faced lassies running down the hill in Greenwich Park? What is it causes such a roar of laughter when a merry girl happens to overset in her career and kick her heels in the air? Lastly, as the parsons all say, what is it that makes the theatrical ballet so popular?

    There is a magic in the sight of a female leg, which is hardly in the power of mere language to describe, for to be conceived it must be felt.

    Most of my readers will be acquainted from experience with that magic which emanates from the sight of a pretty leg, a delicate ankle and a well-proportioned calf.

    Your editor never sees a pretty leg but feels certain unutterable emotions within him, which as the poet puts it:

    'Should some fair youth, the charming sight explore,

    In rapture he'll gaze, and wish for something more!'

    The Editor of The Oyster

    Thus in the zenith of my lust I reign;

    I eat to swive, and swive to eat again;

    Let other monarchs, who their sceptres bear

    To keep their subjects less in love than fear

    Be salves to crowns, my nation shall be free;

    My pintle only shall my sceptre be,

    My laws shall act more pleasure than command,

    And with my prick I'll govern all the land.

    Bolloxinion, King of Sodom or The Quintessence of Debauchery

    The Earl of Rochester (1647-1680)





    WHEN EVEN now I awaken in the still darkness of the night with a sudden start that appears to possess no apparent physical origin, when I am driven mad with passion and feel my hands stealing down to caress my ramrod-hard pego, then I know that the sweet dreams fast vanishing, alas, into the shelter of oblivion must have contained at least a fragment of fantasy about my darling Lucy, or one of the other young ladies who helped make my formative years so pleasurable during those dear days almost beyond recall.

    I refer, my friendly reader, to the times spent as a schoolboy at the Nottsgrove Academy for Young Gentlemen situated near the pleasant hamlet of Arkley, deep in the wilds of rural Hertfordshire. Perhaps my first essay upon the delights of studying at that most progressive academy, penned for a previous issue of our esteemed journal, is not unknown to you. (See The Pearl, Volume 3.) Though the years have passed by, the pictures of Lucy will never vanish from my brain: her dear face next to mine, close enough for me to see her lips parting with desire; her ripe body touching mine, setting me on fire with carnal yearnings, clasping me with pleading urgency.

    Ah, sweet recollections of lying naked on crushed and rumpled sheets, watching the early morning sunlight caress my sated, sleeping lover, listening to the muted sounds beyond the boudoir as the countryside wakes to another morn. Alas, often when old men meet together, many are full of woes. They hanker still for the joys of youth, remembering how in their spring years they would besport themselves with wine, women and song, all hours of the day and night. Now, in the autumn of their time upon this planet, they think it is a great deprivation that those times are way behind them. Life was good then, they moan, whereas now they feel that they hardly live at all. I do not agree with this pessimistic outlook, for old age has the advantage of offering more time for contemplation and relaxation. I look back with much enjoyment upon my memories of a boisterous youth, and utterly refuse to allow my old age to be crabbed, for my recollections are to me as a fine summer's day of much sunshine and few clouds.

    One further word before I open my store of the times that have passed. Hopefully we shall see the day when science and not theology will become the arbiter of personal morality; when pure reason, unfettered by the bumbling antics of well-meaning but ignorant clergymen, bound and limited by the dogmas of preconception, will seek and find sane and sensible standards of civilised conduct between the sexes.

    For I hold that there is no distinction to be found between the sexual needs of the married and unmarried, as a young man's passion does not suddenly awaken at the moment of his betrothal. Nor are the desires of a widow permanently extinguished upon the death of her spouse. The number of predatory widows in London Society is proof enough, and the names of such ladies may be omitted here as they are well-known to all the many gentlemen who frequent the salons of Belgravia and Mayfair. So Lady Cecilia A-and Mrs Hester S-may, with others of their ilk, rest easy, as I do not propose revealing their secret lives in this manuscript.

    Fortunately our century has produced, an abundance of publications proclaiming the delights of the body in all its forms. And now I offer my own journey down the lane of memory as a humble addition to those other memoirs penned by that group of lusty scribes who have built up such a fine stock of gallant literature.

    Finally, I would add only this-no apology will be forthcoming from me for putting into print this highly charged erotic narrative, as I feel assured that every devotee of voluptuous reading will derive as much, or hopefully even more, pleasure than that afforded your humble author in the writing of this epistle. I would like to thank my old friend and mentor Sir Lionel T-, himself an Old Nottsgrovian, for allowing me the use of his fine library to compose this work, and I end this prologue with the wise words of Boccaccio:

    'If in my tales there are a few words rather freer than suits the prudes, who weigh words more than deeds and take more pains to appear than to be good, I say I should no more be reproved for having written them than other folk are daily reproved for saying 'hole'. 'peg'. 'mortar'. sausage and like things.

    'No corrupt mind ever understands words healthily. And just as such people do not enjoy virtuous words, so the well-disposed cannot be harmed by words somewhat less virtuous, any more than mud can sully sunlight or earthly filth the beauty of the skies.'


    Those of us fortunate enough to have studied under the wise and caring guidance of Doctor Simon White will always salute the achievements of this remarkable scholar whose main educational aim was to break the shackles that bind us to a false morality. He showed his pupils that in his learned opinion, throughout man's past, throughout all known civilisations of both East and West, there have always been conflicts between the desires of some and the imposed wills of others. Sometimes, one class has been in a minority, sometimes it has been the other; but the rule holds good and indeed, it seems but only yesterday that I was back in my favourite chair in the prefects' room at Nottsgrove Academy, listening with the other senior boys to our dear old headmaster espousing his theories of philosophy with that characteristic passion and lucidity that were hallmarks of his delivery of a lecture to us. I should say that he encouraged argument and never attempted to indoctrinate us against our wills. But I digress, so I shall take up again the Wands of memory to a day of excitement at Nottsgrove.

    It was a lazy summer afternoon during my last term at Nottsgrove. The day's classes had ended and I was busily engaged in deciding what news to pen in my obligatory letter home (no excuses for the absence of such an epistle were ever allowed), when Doctor White entered the hallowed portals of the prefects' common room to pin up a notice of forthcoming sports fixtures upon the wall board.

    After a moment or two my old friend Pelham Forbes-Mackenzie asked the good doctor some trifling question about a paper on modern philosophy that he was preparing for the summer examination-and of course, this was more than enough to set our much loved and respected old pedagogue on course for yet another lecture about the faults of present-day civilisation.

    'My dear old chap,' he boomed, 'never forget how we are unchained in body yet still shackled mentally to grossly outdated ideas that make our lives unnecessarily worrisome. But soon, Forbes-Mackenzie, very soon we shall face a climax in this continual struggle between, upon one hand, established authority with its clutch of beliefs and rituals and, upon the other, the soon-to-be-awakened intelligence of the until now uninformed, ignorant masses!'

    All conversation in the room ceased, as we knew that the Doctor always enjoyed as large an audience as possible for his little speeches, and I sat back to hear him continue.

    'To deflect the attack on these taboos which will be made when the general education of the common people is completed,' he announced, 'I believe that our so-called masters and betters will attempt to reinforce all those rules and regulations (which they themselves often ignore!) in an attempt to hold back the natural flow of self-understanding and enlightenment that mass education will surely bring.

    'It is up to you all, the new leaders of the Empire, to resist these oppressive inroads before they are firmly established as the laws of the land, as unchangeable as those of the Medes and Persians!' he thundered.

    'Above all, it is in your interests to fight the good fight! I know that you boys think of little else in your hours of free time except the desirability of fucking a pretty girl. Well, if the new barbarians achieve their ends, all you will ever be able to do is think about it until the time that you may marry!'

    When our headmaster was firmly mounted upon his hobbyhorse, it took a great deal of energy to persuade him to dismount! Of course, those readers who have perused my previous recollections of life at Nottsgrove will recall that we fortunate boys who studied under his care were given a most pleasing row across the sexual Rubicon by the doctor's young niece, Lucy, and by other young ladies of her acquaintance all, of course, to further Doctor White's belief in freedom in all social and personal relationships.

    However, to return to that particular afternoon, Pelham turned to me after the Doctor had finally swept out of the room after finishing his oration and said: 'Andrew, my old chap, I believe that in your case, our headmaster has translated principle into practice as far as relations with the fair sex are concerned?'

    'This is so,' I replied carefully. 'I received my first lesson from Lucy some ten days ago.'

    'That's damned unfair,' complained my friend. 'I have yet to fuck my first girl and I am only three months younger than you.'

    'Well, that is something you should perhaps speak about to a higher authority than I, for it is up to Doctor White to decide when a fellow is ready to lose his virginity,' I said, trying very hard to keep any note of gloating or superiority from my voice. Pelham was a hot-tempered chap and easily angered, but his temper was short and not malignant. His name, of course, may not be totally unfamiliar to readers of this chronicle as he later made a great name for himself in the 13th Hussars in India and later in Canada. A very striking and commanding figure-even as a youth, he possessed a strong, determined face-and as we will later find out, an equally determined pego! But while he had a fierce exterior, there lay behind it a warm and kindly heart, and I never knew a better friend, so I had no desire to upset his injured sensibilities any further as he furrowed his brow in anger.

    'I do think it is time for my turn now!' he said crossly.

    I urged him to speak to Doctor White whose administration, it must be admitted, could be a little slipshod if truth be told, as his memory was cluttered with so many matters to which he had to give his fullest attention. Thankfully, he accepted my advice and marched off directly to tackle the headmaster directly as to why he was still waiting for his first encounter in Part defaire Vamour.


    Later that evening, only half an hour or so before lights-out, one of the doctor's house-servants knocked upon the door of my study and announced that the headmaster wished to see me immediately. It was a warm July night and I was dressed only in a shirt and trousers and, as the matter seemed of such prime urgency, I slipped on a jacket and followed the man to the door of Dr White's private domain. I knew he would forgive my omission of a waistcoat and tie, as punctuality was a virtue he prized highly.

    It occurred to me that in all probability my call was in connection with the truly heartfelt plea Pelham had made to Doctor White to be allowed to cross the Rubicon-and indeed, my premonition was soon to be proved absolutely correct. For when I knocked smartly on the door of the headmaster's private chambers, instead of a deep, somewhat gruff voice commanding me to enter, there was a soft sound of a muffled little giggle. Instantly I knew that the little minx Lucy was behind the door waiting for me-possibly alone, but more probably with Pelham, as she had used my services before to demonstrate the art of fucking to newcomers to the sport.

    Without further ado I opened the door and, as I had expected, there was the pretty little filly attired simply in a light blue cotton robe that she was very fond of wearing, especially as it had been a birthday gift from Doctor White. It was a wide, sweeping garment with ruffles, held together only by a blue sash of the same material. From underneath, the intoxicating aroma of her luscious young body poured out, mingling subtly with the French perfume I knew that she had dabbed between her bare breasts. And there, standing forlornly, without a stitch of clothing to his name, was poor Pelham looking a trifle shamefacedly down at the floor.

    'My dear Andrew,' smiled Lucy. 'As you can see from the droop of his little pego, your friend is rather nervous. Perhaps he is a little frightened of me. Will you help me put him at his ease?'

    'We can easily cure this malady, my sweet Lucy, by showing him how to fuck like a gentleman!' I said, already fired by the stunning beauty of this delicious girl.

    'Those are my sentiments exactly,' she agreed, and as if by a prearranged mutual signal, we both stepped forward and engaged in a hearty embrace. As we kissed and our mouths opened to receive each other's tongues, Lucy tugged at the sash of her gown to untie the simple knot. The sash fell to the ground, the gown opened and she stepped out in all her naked glory. She stood before me like a statue crafted by a master sculptor come magically to life. Below the roots of her golden blonde hair, her creamy white skin was of an incredible softness. Her beautiful full breasts were as firm and round as two globes; her well-rounded shoulders tapered down into a small waist; her small feet, with delicate ankles, expanded upwards into fine calves, her thighs were full and proportionately made, whilst hanging down between them, forming a perfect veil over the pouting little slit, was a mass of silky blonde hair that contrasted so well with the snowy whiteness of her belly. As we writhed about in each other's arms, I managed to disengage myself of my clothes and my prick began to leap and prance about between her thighs, seeking an entrance into the hospitable retreat that awaited him. Her breasts rose and fell with the quickening pace of her breathing but I realised that I had to instruct Pelham in the full range of lovemaking. I therefore disengaged my mouth from her burning kiss and sank down to my knees, pushing her down onto the carpet. I squeezed those gorgeous orbs and ran my fingers over the stiff, engorged nipples that stood out like taps waiting to be drawn upon, then, as I heard her gasp with pleasure, I buried my face in the thick brush of fluffy pubic hair. I grasped her lovely bottom cheeks as I flashed my tongue round the damp motte. She whimpered as her pussy opened wide and I slipped my probing tongue between the pink sex lips. I felt myself flicking against her stiffening clitty as I licked and licked in long thrusting strokes. Her cunny was now gushing love-juice and as you may well imagine, my young pego was straining at the leash.

    Lucy moaned with desire and I knew that such a sound heralded her wish to receive me fully. I raised my head and Lucy lay flat on her back on the lush green carpet with her legs spread wide to await the arrival of Mr. Pego. She reached out and grasped my swollen rod, which was now in its prime state of erection. She caressed the throbbing shaft and I knew the time had come to conclude the overture and begin the performance in earnest.

    I knelt between her sturdy white legs as she handled my prick so gently that I was concerned that I might come in her hands before I had tasted the full delights of her juicy quim.

    'Come now, Andrew,' she murmured. 'Let's show Pelham how to do this exercise properly.'

    As she guided my throbbing cock into her moist crack I noticed that Pelham's thick prick was now swollen upward as he watched Lucy guide my cock into her warm, moist love channel. To hold her creamy buttocks was sheer delight and to suck her stiff little pink nipples was just too much for me. As soon as Lucy began to massage the underside of my balls I pumped wildly into her eager cunt and she groaned with delight as the gush of my juices sent wave upon wave of erotic energy passing through our bodies.

    I knew that the delicious girl needed more fucking and that I had to be unselfish and let Pelham have his way with her. I heaved myself off Lucy and, after a questioning glance, Pelham gently lowered himself upon her, his body quivering with anticipation of the joys to come. There was a brief moment before his tight little arse was lowered and Lucy moaned when he finally managed to guide his excited cock into her. Although this was his first fuck, Pelham had a natural understanding of what was required and he did not rush in and out in a mad frenzy but thrust home slowly, then withdrawing and re-entering further. This had the desired effect upon Lucy, who was now in a state of high excitement. Her entire body quivered as she gasped: 'Oh, lovely, really lovely Pelham, ah, those long powerful strokes and-oh, yes-now, Pelham, now. Make me come! Ram your darling cock into me! Shoot your sperm! Ah!'

    Her bottom ground and rolled violently as she clawed Pelham's back and he grasped her shoulders and began to ride her as a bucking bronco. Her legs slid down, her heels digging into the carpet as she arched her back, working her cunt back and forth against the ramming of Pelham's thick, glistening tool. The moment was nigh and Pelham sheathed his cock so fully within her that his balls nestled against her chubby bum cheeks. 'Now, Lucy my little pet,' he said huskily, 'Suck it out with your darling slit-every drop.' He shuddered as powerful squirts of creamy spunk exploded in her, on and on, until the last faint dribblings oozed out as he sank full down, his weight pinning her to the floor with the last weak pulsings.

    My own rod was now standing as straight and erect as any Guardsman on duty, and Lucy could see that I was game for a third bout. She smiled at me and motioned me closer. 'I know what you want, Andrew,' she whispered. 'But Pelham's big prick has made me somewhat sore. Just stay where you are and I will relieve your agony.' She pulled my aching prick towards her gorgeous lips which opened to receive my red knob. Lucy squirmed away to leave Pelham lying on his own as her lips enveloped my shaft and sank down its length, making me shudder with pleasure. She quickened the movements of her mouth and her right hand snaked down and busily frigged away at her still juicy cunt. All too soon I was forced to whisper to Lucy that I was about to come. She craned her neck forward and forced the entire length of my tool into her throat, her lips almost touching my balls. As I shot off my cream into her hot mouth she cupped my balls in her hand, her buttocks bucking up and down as she transported herself to the very pinnacle of delight. I spent copiously into her mouth and she greedily sucked every last creamy drop from my now shrinking affair.

    Calm now being restored, I awarded the sweetly flushed girl a loving kiss, caressing her everywhere. Of course, it was now Pelham's turn to be ready for more fun and games, but Lucy said she was exhausted and needed to rest. 'Doctor White is dining with Reverend Shackleton tomorrow night,' she giggled, 'and I have invited my good friend Amelia Fenland to spend the evening with me. I have a splendid idea. Let us all meet in Doctor White's bedroom after supper. Shall we say at half past eight?

    'That sounds wonderful, my darling. That's all right with you, isn't it, old man?' I said, glancing across to Pelham.

    'Oh, yes, most certainly. I would love to-ah-but-ah-does Amelia-” he stammered.

    'Of course she does, you silly boy,' laughed Lucy. 'Amelia hardly has the chance to have a good fucking more than once a month as she lives with her Uncle Jonathan in Totteridge Village, and he is terribly strict and rarely lets her leave the house. So she will be more than ready for the fray. Go to bed now and don't be tempted to play with yourselves as I want you both in tip-top fettle tomorrow night!'

    And with this stern injunction she kissed us both lightly and stole away back to her rooms. Although she was the good Doctor's niece, she spent few days in idleness, as she spoke both French and German with great fluency and marked all the foreign language essays of the fourth and fifth form boys.


    We walked back slowly to our studies, but outside the door of the small sanitarium I heard a rhythmic creaking of bedsprings. I looked across to Pelham who had also heard the noise and we tiptoed to the door which I opened slowly and with care. I held up my hand and motioned Pelham to stay still. The room was dark except for the light of two small candles. Sitting on one of the beds, quite nude, was the gardener's boy, Jack, a fair-haired youth of about fourteen.

    And also naked was his companion who was lying on the bed slowly frigging his standing prick as if keeping it in a state ready for use. I peered forward and saw that it was Gilbert Bell, a third-form boy who was supposedly ill with a severe cold. He too was fourteen or fifteen years of age, a tall slender boy whose girlish features had caused him to bear the brunt of much teasing by his classmates.

    Jack lay down on the bed and began to rub his own prick up and down until it too was in a fine state of erection. He slipped the skin of the shaft down from the red mushroomed head and said to Gilbert, 'Well, shall we see who can come quicker, you or me? Mind you, it would not be a fair contest as you've been frigging your prick for at least five minutes already.'

    'Alright, Jack, on the count of three. One, two, three, go!' And to my surprise they began fondling each other's cocks (fortunately Gilbert was left-handed) and, sure enough, within moments they both began to spend with the first spurtings of white juice shooting out of their pricks like miniature fountains.

    Pelham was about to speak and no doubt halt the proceedings, but I put my finger to my mouth and motioned him towards the door. When we were back in the corridor and I had shut the sanitarium door, he exclaimed: 'Why didn't you let me stop those two dirty beasts?'

    'Look, we've had a jolly time and those two will forget the pleasures of solitary vice once Doctor White introduces them to nice girls like Lucy!' I said, feeling generous to one and all in anticipation of frolics the next night.

    'Well, I don't know about that,' said Pelham with a dubious note to his voice.

    'Live and let live!' I said cheerily as we strolled back to our studies.

    'Plato believed that punishment brought wisdom,' remarked Pelham somewhat pompously.

    'Ah yes, and Aristotle viewed it as a kind of medicine,' I replied gaily.

    'But then Oscar Wilde has written that punishment is often more brutalising than the crime-which I find difficult to believe,' said Pelham.

    'I'm not so sure,' I said thoughtfully. 'Would it have made any difference if you had swished young Bell! I have grave doubts about that and you remember what Doctor White is always telling us. Mankind's efforts to enforce conformity in social morality has had a truly disastrous record of failure.'

    'l suppose so, for it is true that no-one has yet devised a system of punishment that immunises society from evil or revolt.'

    'So there you are. Good night, Pelham. I've just remembered that there's only a morning's lessons to be slept through tomorrow, as in the afternoon we are playing cricket against the Savages from High Barnet.'

    'Good night, Andrew. Yes, we can sit and snooze whilst our team thrashes those yokels and then there is the evening to look forward to. My, I have only one regret.'

    'What's that?' I asked.

    'That Doctor White did not let Lucy initiate me into the arts of love last term!' he laughed. I joined in his merriment and we both undressed quickly and prepared for bed. Tomorrow would be a day worth waiting for!


    I will pass over much of the happenings of that day, though I recall well how we eyed the clock frequently, waiting for the tedious hours to pass till the time appointed to meet our partners for the evening's frolics. Suffice it to say that somehow we managed to pay sufficient attention to our lessons in the morning to escape detention or extra evening preparation. We spent most of the afternoon lolling in the grass watching, as I had forecast, Nottsgrove's senior cricketers easily vanquish the team of gentlemen farmers from neighbouring High Barnet.

    After a light meal, Pelham and I decided to take a short stroll through nearby Arkley Woods.

    'We should have some fun tonight, old boy,' I said to Pelham, who looked somewhat thoughtful as we walked towards the quiet of Oaklands Lane.

    'Yes, Andrew, I am looking forward to it tremendously,' he replied. 'I am just a little worried that Mr Priapus will fail me as he did with Lucy.'

    I laughed and reassured him that he had little about which to worry. 'My dear old chap,' I said, 'The first time or two you will naturally be nervous, but once you become accomplished, all will be well.' I could see by the bulge in his breeches that he was already thinking about the joys to come that evening, and I laid my hand on the pulsating swelling. 'My goodness, Pelham,' I said. 'I am sure that your prick is even bigger than mine. Let us compare and see who has the larger.'

    Without ado I opened his trousers and let out his naked red-headed cock which stood in all its manly glory, stiff and hard as marble with the hot blood looking ready to burst from his distended veins. He then pulled out my own not inconsiderable affair which was, as it happened, fractionally shorter in length, which must have given Pelham further confidence for the evening's entertainment. We handled each other's tools in an orgy of delight during which I spunked creamy jets of froth onto his hand. I then dropped to my knees and played and sucked his delicious prick till he spent in my mouth with an exclamation of rapture, as I eagerly swallowed every last drop of his copious emission.

    When we had recovered our serenity we walked back to the school, still pulsating with unsatisfied desire, to await with scarcely concealed impatience the appointed time of half past eight o'clock. And who could find it in his heart to blame us for wanting to speed the passage of time as the hands of the clock seemed to move so slowly! Ah, the fire of passion that coursed through our youthful bodies is now but an ember, though my torch is still capable of fighting a fire or two! Many a good tune is played upon an old fiddle!


    IN my experience, most pretty girls are not friendly towards one another, thinking perhaps that an equally attractive companion may turn some of the attention of the gentlemen present in the company. In fact, Lucy was not one of this flighty breed, and she chose her friends of the fair sex for their true qualities rather than any other. And indeed, this was well shown that marvellous summer evening.

    The sultry day had ended with one of those wonderful sunset skies-with such gold as Cuyp himself never painted-though if truth be told both Pelham and myself were far too agitated to enjoy fully the beauties of nature. I cautioned my friend not to eat too hearty a meal. Somehow, we contained our impatience until the time came for us to wander through the cool of the old schoolrooms to our arranged meeting place. As we reached the bedroom door I could see Pelham trembling with excitement.

    'Look, old man,' I said to him, 'Don't worry if you have, ah, starting problems again. Just relax and let yourself be swept along with the tide, so to speak.'

    'Yes, Andrew, thank you for the advice,' he said. 'I suppose you can see that I am nervous.'

    'Well, just don't fret yourself,' I said firmly. 'Fucking is as natural as swimming. All you have to learn is to do what comes naturally and all will be well.'

    'I hope she's a pretty girl, this friend of Lucy's,' he muttered. 'Would you like to be a good chap and pair off with her and leave Lucy for me?'

    I smiled as I guessed that Lucy would not be satisfied until we had tried every known sexual permutation, but I judged it best to leave Pelham in ignorance of the full joys awaiting him behind the door which stood before us.

    'Don't worry, Pelham,' I promised. 'I'll stay with Amelia whilst you and Lucy do whatever takes your fancy.'

    I knocked lightly upon the door and I heard a little giggle and then Lucy called out for us to enter. I opened the door and ushered Pelham in. The room was dark as the girls had closed the curtains and only two lamps lit the large room. I closed the door and locked it behind me. Although the girls were obviously there, we could not see them. Then we heard another muffled giggle from the far side of the large bed and I grinned-so that was where the two hussies were hiding!

    'I can hear you though I cannot see you!' I called out, 'you are discovered, my prettiest.' At this Lucy rose from her hiding place and to my amazement the delicious girl was quite naked! Although I had seen her in a state of nudity before, I gasped with admiration at her uptilted breasts, her flat stomach and the thick blonde mass of hair at the base of her belly. In a trice I rid myself of my shirt, trousers, socks and boots, and I moved purposefully towards her. We embraced and now it was my turn to tremble with delight as I felt the touch of her lips and the soft probing of her tongue in my mouth. My cock was now as stiff as a poker and ready for action. Though I could hardly wait to plunge Priapus into her waiting love bush, I knew what Lucy preferred me to do beforehand. So with a gentle effort I reclined her backwards upon the bed and moved my head down between her splendid white legs where the luscious, pouting lips of her cunny, quite vermilion in colour and slightly gaping open, invited my attention as she drew her legs further apart.

    I was down on my knees in a moment and I glued my lips to that lovely little crack, sucking and kissing furiously to the infinite delight of the delicious girl who sighed and groaned with pleasure. It was now impossible to hold back, and getting up on my knees I brought my straining shaft to the charge and, to Lucy's high squeal of delight, fairly ran it right through into the depths of her throbbing pussy until my balls banged hard against her bottom. We lay still for a few moments whilst Lucy's pulsating pussy squeezed my cock so beautifully that I almost swooned away with pleasure. She then heaved up her bottom and I responded to this move with a shove of my own and we commenced a most exciting struggle. My manly staff fairly glistened with love-juice as it worked in and out of her sheath, whilst the lips of her cunny seemed to cling to it at each time of withdrawal as if afraid of losing such a delightful sugar stick; but this did not last long as our movements got more and more furious; and then suddenly she was transformed into a wild animal, screeching as she bucked and jerked uncontrollably beneath me. Then, with a little wail she slumped backwards, her buttocks and thighs clenched as she shook all over in a rapid drawn-out series of tiny spasms. Her cunt squeezed my prick even tighter, and the continuous pressure was now too much for me to bear. I could feel the boiling sperm rising and then it surged out of me, spurting from my prick deep inside her secret parts in an orgasm that seemed to last and last as I pumped my creamy white froth into her juicy, dark warmth.

    We lay there panting with exhaustion from our labours and to my surprise I could see young Pelham and Amelia standing stock stiff watching us in some kind of awe at our performance. Like Lucy, Amelia was quite naked. She was a tall girl blessed with long tresses of light auburn hair, slightly golden in tint, deep brown eyes set off by dark eyebrows and long dark eyelashes, a full mouth, richly-pouting cherry lips and a brilliant set of pearly white teeth. And what magnificent swelling young breasts she possessed, round and firm with a lovely whiteness of belly which was set off below by a bushy Mons Veneris, itself covered lightly with silken, reddish hair through which I could just perceive the outline of her slit. Her breathing had quickened with excitement, brought about by the passion that she had just seen displayed in front of her, her eyes were unduly bright and her nostrils flared out like those of a stallion coming upon a mare in heat.

    'Come on, you two slowcoaches,' called out Lucy. 'Why, Pelham, you still have your clothes on. That is almost an insult to Amelia. Don't you want to fuck her?'

    'Oh, of course I do!' Pelham stammered out.

    'I think he is just a little bit shy,' said Amelia gaily, as she stroked the huge bulge between Pelham's legs which showed well that his equipment was now in the finest working order. She gave the bulge an encouraging rub up and down with her hand and this had the desired effect of setting a match to the tinder.

    This was indeed all the encouragement he needed and in a veritable flash he was undressed and I noticed his thick cock with its enormous red head was bolt upright. Amelia and Pelham rolled beside us in the huge bed and now it was our turn to take the part of spectators at the match.

    Amelia was experienced enough to see that her partner was fast approaching the climax of delight so she climbed onto his lap facing him and squeezed her knees alongside his muscular thighs. She put one arm round his neck and felt for his cock with her other hand, adjusting her position as she slipped his rock-hard tool between them, fitting it snugly into her quim. When she was sure that the few inches were safely inside, she hugged him tightly, kissing the corners of his mouth, and whispered: 'Push your prick into me darling, harder, that's right, you won't hurt me, keep pushing!' She worked her hips up and down, riding slowly but firmly on the throbbing shaft, letting it sink all the way into her juicy snatch, holding it there completely engulfed.

    Pelham was in his own private heaven now, too excited to remember that he was performing in front of an audience and, within a minute, I saw him shudder as the spunk began to gather for the finale. Amelia began to grind her bottom round and bounced up and down on his mighty cock. Pelham thrust upwards as his prick began to spurt, giving complete and utter satisfaction for them both. But Amelia was now afire and, to my astonishment, she shot out her right hand and grabbed my cock which immediately responded by standing smartly to attention as she rubbed it up to its peak condition.

    'I hope you don't mind, Lucy, if I get Andrew to fuck me,' said the little minx with a great show of politeness.

    'Not at all, my dear friend,' replied Lucy. 'Please feel free to do so whilst I suck that lovely young prick of Pelham's which looks as if it still has some life in it.' And so saying, Lucy moved across me to kiss the end of Pelham's rod which was still oozing tiny drops of semen. Her tongue encircled his knob, savouring the juices and she drew him in between her rich, generous lips, sucking lustily as Pelham instinctively pushed upwards as her warm hands played with his heavy, hanging balls.

    I was now more than ready for a further fray and I lifted myself onto my knees between Amelia's legs and quickly hooked them over my shoulders so that her bottom lifted entirely from the eiderdown and was immediately cupped in my hands. A low gurgle of anticipation escaped her and my tongue protruded, licking gently up between the lips of her slit whilst she bucked and writhed with pleasure. Heady as the salty musk taste of her was in those shell-like folds, I savoured too the lingering cream of her libation which had oiled her cunny as much as Pelham's pego had done just minutes before. 'Ahhh! Aaaah!' she cried as I found the pink bud of her clitoris which had erected itself like a miniature penis. My searching tongue made smaller and smaller circles till it probed that very centre of sensual enjoyment. Her rounded bottom began to move in rhythm with my explorations as I lashed juicily around the pearly flesh and gently nibbled at the swollen clitty, causing ripples of cum to spill over my tongue which I greedily slurped up.

    Her heels drummed against my shoulders, her torso twisting, the silky cheeks of her plump bottom squirming in my palms whilst the tip of my tongue flicked remorselessly back and forth over her bud, diverting now and again to the sopping aperture of her cunny itself. Her quim literally mashed itself to my mouth bringing a fine salty sprinkling of her pleasure whilst I held the peach of her bottom cheeks drawn apart. 'Are you ready?' I whispered. 'Oh, yes, yes, put it in, dear Andrew without delay,' she gasped as raising my head, I slithered across her lovely body as her legs came crashing down on the bed. She opened them wide then curled them round my hips as she raised herself to meet my hungry pego. So willing and so ready was she that she clung to me as if she would draw the very last breath out as I thrust harder and harder, plunging again and again as she pulled me even deeper inside her. She reached climax after climax as my throbbing cock slid in and out of her now dripping pussy. Oh! the joy as she rotated those lovely buttocks, getting my prick to penetrate her to the very extremity! My body grew moist with perspiration yet still she held on with her legs as her cunt wildly received my boiling spurts of sperm as it jetted spasm after spasm of spunk into her writhing love-box. She squeezed my balls gently as I withdrew and the last creamy drops trickled down my thighs. I rolled back exhausted but Amelia pointed my head to the left where, holding the thick shaft at its base in both hands, Lucy was still sucking Pelham's cock! It was obvious that they too had reached the crossing of the Rubicon as his prick jerked up and down and Lucy sucked as much as she could of the gushing cum as she gobbled the ruby head and her hands jerked up and down the shaft of his thick prick. Once he had shot his load we all lay back quite exhausted.

    'Let's all snuggle up under the eiderdown,' said Lucy sensibly, as we would be foolish to catch cold after our fun. Pelham lay on the outside next to Lucy whilst I was sandwiched between the two beautiful girls.

    'Oh, I love sucking cocks,' said Lucy smacking her lips. 'I would like to suck and suck but even Pelham here, who is one of the best, squirts off too quickly.'

    'Yes, that can happen,' agreed Amelia. 'But I also enjoy it very much stroking a cock gently, playing around until it is really stiff. Then I like to suck it, but I don't really enjoy the spunk coming in my mouth.'

    'But that's almost the best part,' said Lucy. 'I just adore a man who can shoot cream again and again. I find it so satisfying swallowing spunk as it squirts into my mouth. Nothing tastes as clean and fine as fresh sperm. You really should persevere, my dear, if for no other reason than that way you will never become pregnant!'

    Amelia sighed and nodded agreement. 'I suppose I must try harder.' she said. 'Mind, I can say that I have never had any complaints. You enjoyed fucking me just as much as being sucked off by Lucy, didn't you, Pelham?'

    'Oh, indeed,' said Pelham gallantly. 'Both of you are absolutely top-hole, aren't they, Andrew?'

    'Absolutely so,” I said heartily, reaching out to rub Lucy's mound with my right hand whilst my left hand strayed towards Amelia's hairy cunny and I gently inserted a finger and began slipping it in and out of her juicy snatch. She wriggled slightly and laid her hands on my semi-tumescent organ, but continued her conversation.

    'I like to hold a stiff prick.' Amelia said. 'I like to put it in my cunt and to hold his balls while we are fucking. I think many girls lose much pleasure by not letting themselves relax.'

    'That's just what I told Pelham to do-to relax completely,' I chimed in.

    'I think I need to do that right now. I feel quite shattered,' groaned Pelham.

    'I think Andrew still has something left over,' laughed Amelia as she rubbed my foreskin up and down leaving the ruby-domed head uncovered.

    I thought it best not to show Pelham I could still fuck again so quickly so I moved Amelia's hand away.

    'Let's rest for a little while,' I suggested.

    'Oh, very well,' said Amelia. 'I think that shows that we are not really the weaker sex, are we, Lucy?'

    'Certainly not, my dear Amelia, far from it,' smiled Lucy.

    Now I remembered how arousing it could be for Lucy to recount one of her erotic encounters and I suggested that she told us a story from her past.

    'Oh, very well,' she said. 'You two might feel jealous, but one of the most satisfying sexual affairs I ever took part in concerned another girl.'

    'This should be worth hearing.' I replied. 'We'll all listen quietly to you.'

    Lucy sat up and began her tale. She was a born storyteller and we listened in silence as she began:

    'Only recently a clever girl said to me that if you want to understand something you must face it naked. She was expressing herself in philosophical terms as the role of philosophy might well be said to extend and deepen our own self-awareness. This is true also in the field of sexual relations. We must experience everything in the conceptual framework to truly aid our understanding, and it is proper for intellectual groups to make this particular sort of effort at self-comprehension. Until recently, if I may now recall my own personal experience, I had never enjoyed the experience of an amatory affair with one of my own sex, for at my school I always had a bedroom to myself. However, at a reception given by my uncle, Doctor White, some months ago, I found myself deep in conversation with a jolly girl named Kate Wilson. I don't think any of you have had the pleasure of meeting her, though her papa is an old acquaintance of Doctor White from their days at Cambridge University. He is now a diplomat and Kate travels with him often in Europe. Last year they were away nearly three months in Central America. However, I digress, and must return to the point of this tale.

    'Kate was an extremely pretty girl with lovely firm and rounded breasts, a narrow waist but with a generous posterior and long shapely legs. Her complexion was somewhat darker than mine due perhaps to the considerable amount of travel she had undertaken, but it was set off well by silken hair almost as blonde as mine. She had large sensuous eyes and her flesh was as firm and smooth as ivory. We were the only females present and I soon gained the permission of Doctor White to escort my new friend to my rooms as the conversation was not of interest to us. I showed her around and as she inspected my bedroom she pounced on a copy of The Pearl which I had inadvertently left on my bedside table.

    '“Heavens, how did you come by this book?” she asked. I began to stammer a reply but she chuckled and said: “Please do not be alarmed. I am neither shocked nor am I against people reading what they will. But the trouble with these smutty books is that they are all about men and women poking. Am I not correct?”

    'Yes, I suppose this is true,” I answered. “Ah, but have you read about the joys of loving between women?” she continued. “I am sure that you have never read anything about that, let alone experienced such pleasure.” I had to confess the truth of her observation though I had heard Doctor White mention this phenomenon in a lecture.

    'I am somewhat ignorant,” I said. “Although my uncle tells me that there is a famous German professor who calls love between girls moral insanity because of its essential contrariness. And Professor Mantagazza classes it 'an error of nature',” I continued glibly. 'Such conduct is called a sickness by doctors though I am more tolerant, even if I still believe that there is nothing to beat the gorgeous feeling of pleasure occasioned by a thick tool entering one's damp cunt.'

    '“How do you know?” said Kate hotly. “In the women's club I belong to (the Holly and the Ivy Circle just off Regent Street), most of us feel that there is something better.” And before I knew it she kissed and hugged me so lovingly that at first I felt slightly confused and, although we were all alone and no one was in the least likely to disturb us, I felt my face burn with pink blushes as her hot kisses on my lips made me all atremble. Her touches fired my blood and the way she sucked my tongue seemed truly delicious.

    'Suddenly we were locked together on my bed and her hot moist lips pressed down on my mouth as I responded as our tongues licked deeply inside each other's mouths. We rocked to and fro until she suddenly pulled away, stood up and undressed. I must tell you that the sight of her beautiful naked body sent shivers of desire up and down my spine. Her full breasts stood firm and her brown teats and rock-hard nipples contrasted excitingly with her smooth golden skin and large amount of crinkly hair covering her love mound that bulged between her long slim legs. I threw off my own clothes and in a flash she was on top of me, rubbing my titties to full erection between her fingers. She then gently eased her hands down between my legs to allow access to my own yearning cunny that was already moist, even before she began to stroke my clitoris until my little button protruded stiffly. I lifted myself up and buried my face between her breasts making her titties shake with desire. I then lay back and massaged her deep breasts, stroking her titties to new peaks of hardness.

    'Our pussies ground together as she sucked one of my own hard nipples making me squeal with excitement. I rubbed my pussy even harder against her until we were both practically on the brink of the ultimate pleasure. Kate gurgled with pleasure and she lowered her head towards my sopping quim and slipped her warm, wicked tongue through my cleft, prodding my little clitty, tonguing me to a little series of pleasure peaks. Our hands were everywhere, grabbing and squeezing and writhing together as our bodies locked, demanding release. “Lucy, my darling, where's your hand? Here, put it there, rub your finger on my crack, just there,” she whispered. I frigged her passionately until I ducked my head between her splayed thighs and buried my mouth in the moist and succulent padding of curls in which nestled her cunny. I had a glorious view of the paraphernalia of love. A splendid mount covered with curly black hair; the serrated vermilion lips of her cunt slightly parted from which projected quite three inches a stiff fleshy clitty as big as a man's thumb. I opened the lips with my fingers, passed my tongue lasciviously over the most sensitive parts, took that glorious clitoris in my mouth, rolling my tongue around it, and playfully biting it with my teeth. It was too much for Kate and with a cry of, “Oh! Oh! You make me come, darling Lucy!” she spent profusely all over my mouth and chin.

    'I continued to move my tongue along the velvety grooves of her cunt, licking and sucking the delicious juices that ran down like a stream, mixing with my own saliva. With each stroke of my tongue, Kate arched her body in ecstacy, pressing her fully erect clitty up against my flickering tongue. “Oh, Lucy!” she gasped, wrenching my mouth from her trembling slit. “Heavens! Pull my clit! Hard! You won't hurt me!” Gripping it in my fingers I tugged vigorously as she writhed her hips wildly beneath me. After a brief rest she rolled me over onto my back.

    “Now it's my turn to repay the delicious pleasure I owe you,” she sighed, kissing me rapturously, and sucking my tongue into her mouth so that I could scarcely catch my breath. With her fingers she opened my crack as wide as possible, then directing her fingers to the passage she probed into my most sensitive regions as only a woman would have known. Her fingers tickled round the hood of my clitty and when the little red love-bean broke from its pod, I at last had the courage to caress her own sweet body. Gladly she let her heavy breasts rest in my keen hands. I squeezed her tawny lips and then I came before I really wanted to, soaking her fingers with my pent-up juices. I sighed with utter bliss as my hands ran over her delicious body with frantic ecstasy. I cupped her breasts and stroked her buttocks and my fingers ran up the groove in between them and round and round… and then she pushed her head deep down between my legs and she was tonguing me to new peaks. She drove her wicked tongue right into the ring of my cunt and tossed it round the quivering walls, withdrew it, then plunged it in again deeply, rapidly in and out, in and out.

    'Frantically she attacked my engorged clitty-a short, thick point of pulsating lust-as I groaned with sensual desire. She pulled away momentarily and then in a trice our bodies were locked together as she directed her own stiff clitty to the juicy passage she had opened up and she seemed to stuff it all in, lips and all, closing my cunt lips upon it and holding them together tightly with her hand. I can hardly express to you how novel and delightful this new conjunction was to me. We were both so heated as our spendings mingled together that we reached new heights of erotic fury. Without separating for a moment she rubbed and pushed about inside me, the lips and hair of her darling cunny titillating the sensitive parts in the most thrilling fashion. We swam in a veritable sea of lubricity until at last, sated with pleasure we lay panting together, almost swooning from the frenzy of our emissions.

    'It was a warm evening and we recovered our strength while we lay naked on the bed. “Was not that perfect bliss, my dear Lucy?” asked Kate.

    '“It was certainly a most pleasing experience,” I rejoined. “However, I still maintain that a really good fuck with a boy is even nicer.”

    '“I have enjoyed ordinary fucking,” said Kate, “and it is true that it is certainly more pleasurable than most other activities.”

    'Then, to my horror, there was a knock on the door, and I remembered that I had asked one of the fifth form boys whom I tutor in French to give me the exercise I had prepared for him earlier that day. “Who can that be?” asked Kate with a note of worry in her voice.

    “It is Charlie Watkins, a fifth form boy who has an exercise to give me,” I whispered.

    “Well, let's use him to see if you prefer boys to girls after all,” she said.

    'My blood was still up so I padded across to the door, still quite nude, and opened it wide. 'There stood sturdy young Master Watkins, a regular Adonis of a boy, rather slim, tall and dark, with a beautifully plump rosy face, dark hair and dark fiery eyes.

    '“Come in, Charlie, don't be afraid,” I said gaily. “I would like you to meet Kate, a dear friend of mine who would like you to fuck her. I'm sure that you will be a good sport and join in the fun.”

    'His eyes sparkled as I had never seen before. I should have guessed that he had yet to prove his manhood, and before I could close and lock the door, the bold boy had slipped out of his clothes and was on the bed with Kate.

    'She reached down and encircled his fast-swelling young cock. I watched as she massaged it until it grew stiff and erect. She was now completely engrossed and unaware of my presence as she leaned over and took the ruby-headed knob between her lips, jamming down his foreskin and lashing her tongue round the rigid shaft. Then she sucked hard, taking at least half his tool into her mouth while her hands played with his rather small balls. She opened her mouth further and took the dome and stem further into the depths of her mouth, extending her tongue down to lick the soft underfolds of skin along the base of the shaft. She sucked with a firm motion as she slid her lips up and down the rock-hard cockshaft, gulping noisily as the head of his grand tool slid along the roof of her mouth to the back of her throat.

    '“That is exquisite,” groaned my fine young man, and from the manner of his fast breathing and twitching cock, I knew that he could not last too long and was fast approaching his climax. Kate had surmised this as well and she pulled her head up and whispered urgently: “I want your cock inside me. Lie down on your back, I want to ride you.”

    'He did not wait to be asked twice. He lay on the bed with his cock poking straight up. Kate quickly straddled him with her now ravenous pussy engulfing his prick, sliding down the not inconsiderable length of it until it was buried to the hilt. As soon it was lodged deep inside, she became frantic, sliding up and down, swaying back and forth with her hips as he arched up to meet her wild thrusts. This was too much for poor Charlie who began pumping faster and faster and his face reddened as his breathing quickened even further. My own juices had just begun dribbling down my legs for as you can imagine, this was most exciting to view, when Charlie came with great spurts of spunk that shot out of his prick all over Kate's lovely flat belly.

    'This was too much for me to bear and I jumped on the bed and took hold of the sperm-coated cock, grasping hold of the now semi-erect monster. But after only a few quick rubs up and down, Charlie's cock was up to its full majestic height again and I lay back and opened my legs to receive him. He lowered himself gently on top of me and his lovely rod slipped into my hungry cunt. He began pumping up and down in a steady rhythm and my body surged upwards to meet his as every pounding jab struck home. I managed to slow him down, making sure that on each stroke the whole of his marvellous cock slid in and out of me like a piston. His eyes were closed and he had a dreamy look on his pretty face as his hands fondled my breasts. I whimpered with joy at every thrust and the climax came, shooting through the whole of my body, taking away every other sense as I tossed and turned in delight. My hands thrust into his back, my cunt thrusting upwards in a mad effort to cram even more of that magic hardness further inside me as his balls banged against my bottom. I tensed to drain every last drop until, as my clitty throbbed from its explosion of fulfilment, his tool jerked wildly inside me and he shot a superb load of creamy jism into me as our juices mingled happily and our hairy mottes crashed together as we reached that fabulous plateau of pleasure.

    'He rolled back exhausted but I thought that the young fellow-me-lad could perform at least one service. My hands ran around the cluster of thick black hair around his tool and I let my mouth travel along that lovely blue vein that ran along the shaft to the uncovered dome at the end of his glorious knob. Even though Charlie's prick was limp, it still looked capable and as you know, I love to fondle a prick and feel it throb and swell as my hand grasps the shaft and begins rubbing it up and down. Very soon, Charlie's cock had swelled up and I gently kissed the purple dome as I eased his foreskin up and down until his strong young weapon stood smartly to attention.

    'His prick was throbbing furiously now in my mouth and I greedily gobbled the pulsating tool as I looked up to Charlie with twinkling eyes. He lifted himself to cup my breasts with his hands, deftly flicking my nipples with his nails. I began to give him sharp little licks on his swollen rod followed by a series of quick kisses up and down the stem, encompassing his hairy balls and running to that amazingly sensitive zone between his prick and arsehole. I thrust his cock in and out of my mouth in a quickening rhythm-deep into my throat and out again with my little pink tongue licking at the tip at the end of each stroke, lapping up the drops of creamy white fluid that were beginning to ooze out of the tiny eye at the top of his lovely knob.

    'As soon as I felt that he was on the verge of coming, I made ready to swallow his love juice. Charlie thrust upwards and his cock shuddered violently between my lips, and then in one long spasm he released his spunk, first a few early shoots and then crash! My mouth was filled with juicy, gushing foam as his cock bucked uncontrollably as I held it lightly between my teeth. I let it flow sweetly down my throat, gently worrying his now spongy knob with my tongue to stimulate it as much as possible and then, very gradually, I allowed the wet shaft to slide free.

    'The three of us continued to suck and fuck until sheer exhaustion compelled us to separate. I discovered that Kate had already arranged to sleep in one of our guest-rooms whilst it was not difficult to smuggle Charlie back to his dormitory. In this short narrative it would be impossible to describe everything we did at great length, but I can assure you that our worship of Venus and Priapus led the three of us to hours in Paradise!'


    This voluptuous narrative had stirred my blood and Amelia, whose appetite for Pamour was the equal of my own, quickly perceived that I was aroused. She stroked my now rampant prick, admiring its smoothness, its large uncapped head, red and glowing with the heat that was raging inside it. So, gently laying her down and placing a pillow under the half-moons of her firm bum cheeks, with my hands I gently pushed her legs as wide apart as they would go, exhibiting to my gaze the gaping lips of her cunt, ready and open to receive my throbbing cock, which by now had raised its foaming head erect against my belly. Laying myself down upon Amelia, I made her take hold of my prick and put it in, but so firm and erect was it that she could barely bend its head down to the entrance of her dripping cunny. So magnificent was the erection that I had difficulty in entering the dear girl, despite the stretching her pussy had previously received from our exertions. Drawing myself back to wet the head of my charger with some spittle, I slowly shoved away until my balls banged against her bottom hole. I moved slowly in and out at first, building up to such a speed that we soon both melted away, giving us both the maximum enjoyment of a joint spend.

    Watching our couplings stirred both Pelham and Lucy, and I sensed that both were now ready for one last joust of a splendid evening's entertainment. Lucy lay face down and buried her pretty face well into the pillows. Immediately Pelham raised himself to kneel behind the delicious girl, clasping his arms around her waist and manoeuvring his glowing, iron-hard prick between the cheeks of her lovely bottom.

    'What an adorable bottom,' he exclaimed. 'May I have the pleasure of inserting my rod au derridre?'

    'Of course you may,' smiled Lucy. 'But do be careful as you poke me as we have no cold cream readily available.' He made no answer but thrust his cock towards the wrinkled little bum-hole that beckoned his throbbing tool. Lucy whispered to me to aid my friend who was totally inexperienced at bottom fucking.

    'Ease into her slowly but firmly, old boy,' I murmured. 'Here, let me assist you.' I took hold of his pulsating shaft and eased the glowing dome of his noble weapon between Lucy's superb cheeks which were waiting to be split. He pushed forward but found difficulty in penetrating, so with my fingers I moistened the gleaming, rubicund dome with spittle and again placed it aright. This ministration achieved the desired effect and his prick quickly enveloped itself between the in-rolling cheeks of that mouth-watering bum. A little fearful at first in case he injured the darling girl, Pelham pushed slowly at first but then realised that he was now absorbed well enough in her tight little orifice and began to work himself with vigour, pushing his whole body forwards and backwards, making her bottom cheeks slap loudly against his belly as she moaned deeply with delight. His prick was now fully ensconced in her warm, tight arsehole and he screwed up his eyes in sheer bliss.

    'My love, my desire!' he cried out as he bent over Lucy to fondle and weigh her lush breasts and erect titties. As she waggled her arse provocatively she lifted her head from the pillow and we could all see that there was no doubt of her total enjoyment of Pelham's thick rod pounding in and out of her gorgeous bum.

    'Now, Pelham, now!' she gasped, and he needed little effort to obey as he flooded her bum-hole with such vibrant shoots that one could almost view the ripples of orgasmic joy that ran down Lucy's spine as she shuddered to her climax. As she artfully wriggled her bottom, spout after spout of creamy spunk filled her juicy hole as with a succulent plop, Pelham withdrew his glistening shaft and sank back upon his haunches as the exquisite spendings melted away to a tiny blob of white spunk on the tip of his cock.

    We continued to fuck, suck and gamahuche until almost half past eleven and the lustful orgy drew to a close. Our passions were sated and we were all more than ready to fall into the arms of Morpheus. Pelham and I wished the girls a loving goodnight and made our way back to our rooms. We both slept extremely well until the rising-bell awoke us from our slumbers. A new day had dawned and this day too had its charms which I will now recount.


    IT WAS a glorious summer day and, as good fortune would have it, my day was free of scholastic work as Doctor White had decreed that on such a beautiful morn, his senior charges would be best occupied in activities of a physical nature. Although his progressive ideas were shared by few of the parents, they all agreed that the good Doctor was always mindful of his boys' physical as well as mental well-being.

    Ah. yes, mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body) was a maxim dear to his heart and this is why that fine July morning saw me stride out through the fields, my rucksack on my back filled with my luncheon sandwiches and a jacket to slip on in case the weather changed, which at first seemed unlikely.

    It was just after ten o'clock when I left Nottsgrove to walk to a favourite spot of mine, Lapping's Meadow, some two miles north of High Barnet. As I walked briskly along Oaklands Lane I became aware of what I believed to be a figure behind me that seemed to be keeping pace for pace with me. The sensation of being followed is a disagreeable one and I began to wonder if I were to be attacked by a footpad, though such crimes were virtually unknown in that sparsely populated area.

    I quickened my steps and at once was conscious that the figure behind me was doing the same. Soon the path was clear of trees and I became ashamed of my first apprehensions. After all, the Queen's Highway was free for one and all to use. The steps dogged me as I walked on enjoying my exercise. But though it had been bright and clear when I left the school, as I crossed the main Barnet road the air began to smell of rain. It was still warm when I sat down on a mossy bank between the road and the fields of a jolly local farmer, Mr Morrison, whose sixteen-year-old daughter, Louella, was a young lady much admired by all at Nottsgrove. She was one of Tennyson's rosebud garden of girls, a miniature of conventional English beauty with gold-dusted light-brown hair and soulfully expressive dark brown eyes, a most exquisite and charming girl who had attended the occasional cricket match between Nottsgrove and the local club of which her brother Harry was a noted member.

    I allowed my rucksack to rest against the slope of the hillock and the skin of my back haled warm moisture. I stretched my arms above my head and yawned, at peace with the world. But then the first drops of a summer shower blew against my face and I stood up reluctantly and readjusted my pack. I was about to walk across the field to take shelter in a barn only some two hundred yards away when I stopped abruptly as I saw the figure that had been following me for the previous mile or so. It was none other than Louella Morrison and I blushed to think that this lovely girl had frightened me into thinking that I was in some kind of danger.

    'Good morning, Miss Morrison,' I called out. 'Have you been following me? I thought I heard someone behind as I was walking.'

    'Indeed I have, Andrew,' she replied shyly. 'I would have called out to you but you looked deep in thought and I had no wish to disturb your meditations.'

    'That was most thoughtful, of you but, indeed, my mind was engaged upon nothing more than admiring the scenery. Now, alas, the rain has interrupted any such thoughts I might have had. Let us walk briskly to your father's barn and shelter ourselves from this unfortunate shower,' I said.

    'Yes, let us do so,' she replied with a little smile. We stepped out smartly, when Louella stumbled and, with a grimace of pain, hobbled along as quickly as she could.

    'Miss Morrison, I am so sorry, let me help you.' I said and took hold of her arm and placed her hand on my shoulder. 'is that better? Come, let us see if you can walk.'

    'Thank you, Andrew,' she said, but I could see that she was in pain.

    'Permit me,' I said and taking hold of her with my left arm behind her back, lifted her off her feet and carried her to the barn door which was slightly ajar. Once inside, I gently let her down by a pile of newly-mown hay. 'Are you alright?' I enquired.

    'Well, yes, I think I am. Let me take a few paces. Ah, that is better, I think it was nothing more than a slight strain and I am fully recovered. Thank you so much for helping me.' And to my astonishment and delight she gave me a full kiss on my cheek.

    'Why, Miss Morrison,' I stammered.

    'Oh, please, call me Louella,' she said. 'After all, I call you Andrew and you do not take offence at the familiarity, I trust?'

    'Not at all, no, of course not, Miss, er, Louella.'

    I shrugged off my rucksack and sat down next to the girl on the huge pile of hay that performed sterling service as a couch. We were both somewhat weary from our walk and we refreshed ourselves with a drink of bottled water that I had placed in my rucksack. The shower had now ceased and the barn was warm so I removed my jacket and sat in shirtsleeves and trousers. We sat together then in silence and I could not but admire the heavenly creature next to me. Her dark hair was drawn back in a bun and, as she loosened it, I noticed that her skin appeared faintly olive-tinted but otherwise of such clarity that it seemed illumined from within. She was wearing a blue jacket which, being fashioned tightly to her torso and waist, allowed me to see the perfect development of her breasts, while her lower limbs were clad in a long, pleated skirt. Her features were finely shaped and her full rich mouth beckoned mine. Our mouths joined and in a trice we were kissing and cuddling with the greatest passion.

    She pulled away from me suddenly and said: 'Andrew, I know it is your birthday next week. I have a present. Would you like it now?'

    Puzzled, I replied: 'Yes, Louella, I would, but where is it?

    She undid her jacket and threw it to the ground, then putting her hands underneath her dress, she pulled down her drawers. 'Help me off with my skirt and petticoats!' she breathed, and I needed no second bidding as my cock now reared up hard against my trousers as the skirt dropped to the ground, swiftly followed by the rest of her clothes, until she stood completely naked in front of me. I could at first only stare with wonder and then with unabashed lust at her small but exquisitely formed uptilted breasts and smooth white skinned belly, below which twinkled a dark, rounded mass of curly black hair.

    Without further words, we sank back into the hay, entwined in each other's arms, exchanging the most ardent of kisses as the clever girl began to unbutton my trousers, releasing my straining cock which sprang up like a flagpole between my thighs. She lay me down on my back and then bent forward, rubbing my rigid member against her breasts, squeezing along its length, moving to straddle across me so that her pert young bum cheeks were but inches from my face as she lowered her head, parting her full lips to take my cock into her deliciously wet mouth, sucking slowly, deeply, softly. She manoeuvred until her lips completely covered my engorged member, sucking lustily as she slurped down to the very base. The cheeks of her bare bum so close to my face fired me to even new heights of passion. The moist lips of her quim parted to my groping fingers and her bottom cheeks began a merry dance. Without delay I forced my head upwards and slipped my tongue between those pouting cunt lips which caused the lovely girl to moan with delight as she sucked steadily on my pulsating prick. She wriggled her hips anew and the curled point of my tongue found the wrinkled little bum hole into which I inserted it a trifle, as a fond murmur of pleasure escaped from the owner of the altar of love to which I was attending. My hands moved over her body in tantalising strokes and her clitty throbbed against my fingers as they slipped in and out of her pussy with ease, coated in the love juice which trickled from her in a stream.

    I knew that I could not keep this position without exploding and I gently eased her off me until she lay on her back. I eased her legs apart and knelt down between them. She pulled down my head to her sweet cunny and my tongue searched out her fine stiff little clitty which projected quite an inch and a half from the pouting lips of her vagina. I sucked it in ecstasy and titillated her sensitive parts so well that she spent profusely in a moment or two, holding my head with her hands to make me go on. It was perhaps the most exciting gamahuche ever as my tongue revelled in her creamy emission till she begged me to stop and instead insert my now bursting prick.

    I grasped her thrilling young body and guided my rampant cock into the soft, clinging pussy and she grasped my bottom cheeks to pull me inside her. Soon we were locked in hard, sweeping strokes as my long stiff prick slid in and out of her sopping cunt. I sank myself into her warmth, glorying in the smooth unfaltering motion of her hips, in the strong confident lifting of her body as she joined me in a wild bout of passion. I felt myself swell further within her as she kept driving up against the power of my punching hips, bouncing back from each drive, over and over again as she met every onslaught with complete delight. She bucked beneath me as I felt the juices boil up inside my throbbing tool and with one mighty wham! I plunged yet again into her juicy pit and the darling Louella arched her back to receive the thick squirts of frothy white cum that spurted out of my pulsating prick.

    My climax rocketed through me with such force that I was totally unable to fight against the current as the hot gobs of jism continued to pour from my cock. I could only whimper as the spunk dribbled down from the tip of my glistening knob which I slowly withdrew from its enclosing sheath. 'I regret that I came too quickly for you!' I panted.

    'Oh no, you dear boy, I have spent copiously too, but I am sure that we can repeat the game, can we not?' She smiled back at me, sweetly, with a slight nod of her head. 'This is really marvellous. I want you to fuck me again and never stop!'

    'I'm sure they never taught you such words at school,' I said. I am most surprised.'

    'Oh, every girl knows the word. Now come on, Andrew, fuck me hard! Fuck me in the mouth and fuck my cunt!' And in a moment our lips were glued, our tongues caressing. The hairs on my chest had brushed her nipples to erection and my fingers found their way to tickle her bumcheeks. She pushed me down onto my back and tongueteased my prick erect. The sight of her pretty face, her mouth bulging with my rock-hard cock, prepared me soon enough. But before I could move, it was Louella who swung a leg over her mount and lowered herself upon the phallic saddle.

    'Now, Andrew, now!' she cried. 'Oh, my dear love, fill me!'

    Smoothing out every little wrinkle inside her cunt, it seemed to me, my prick drove upwards to her soft depths as she rode gracefully and easily, leaving me little employment. My hands roved around her slender shoulder blades and found the light contours of her spine. Following these down, I came to the cleavage of her bottom and fiddled between her cheeks to excite her doubly. She drew my hands from there, in protest, as I thought. But it was only in order that she might lead my right hand in a light smacking rhythm upon her rump. My frisky filly wanted the double pleasure of riding whilst at the same time feeling that there was a jockey upon her to spur her on! Gently and rhythmically I spanked her backside as she rode. The effect was such that I could feel warm, pearly droplets of love juice bedewing my prick as it drove into the very depths of her pussy.

    Suddenly she released a muffled scream of ecstasy into my mouth and the crisis was precipitated for us both. From the swollen knob of my cock great gusts of jism jetted into her dripping cunt. Indeed, it must have felt as powerful to her as to me-a rare event if we are to believe Doctor Featherstonehaugh-for Louella had her second orgasm within seconds of the sensation of my sperm squirting into her.

    We lay there quite exhausted at last though my cock still threaded her and gently we turned on our sides, remaining entwined. Presently we drew apart and hastily dressed as we had no wish to be compromised by discovery. Louella whispered to me that the house just half a mile along the road was empty but that she possessed the keys and that we could continue our pleasures there. I eagerly assented, remembering that the cottage belonged to a Mr Greenhalgh, a writer, who spent a considerable amount of time in France.

    Indeed, the little cottage was quite empty when we arrived at the front door. Flowering myrtle crept up the sides and wild roses perfumed the air about it. The flowers smelled of love and excitement, an incredibly sweet and moving odour.

    Louella bent down and extracted the key from under the doormat. 'That is a most unsuitable place to leave a key,' I exclaimed. 'Any robber would look for it there after ascertaining that the cottage lay empty.'

    'Ah, yes,' replied Louella. 'But in fact Mr Greenhalgh gave the key to me and I left it under the mat only earlier this morning.'

    Oh, sweet girl, la bella donna delta mia mente! We kissed with burning passion as we entered the hall. I looked around as Louella led me into the drawing room. As Mr Greenhalgh used the cottage infrequently, he furnished the rooms quite sparsely. The furniture, all very old, consisted only of a large sofa with a huge bent wooden back, an oval table in front of the sofa, chairs along the walls and two or three cheap prints in yellow frames, representing girls with birds in their hands-that was all.

    But the room sufficed for our needs. The sun was now shining fiercely and its rays burned through the wide windows heating the room so that we stayed warm, even as we tore off our clothes to stand before each other absolutely naked. My truncheon was already standing to attention as stiff as any guardsman, its bulbous dome bursting through the foreskin to pulsate, exposed, as the lovely girl gently clasped the shaft of my hot prick as I took her in my arms. I swept her off her feet and, with her lips still glued to mine and now fiercely rubbing my cock up and down, she put her other arm round my neck as I carried her over to the waiting sofa. I laid her down on her back and, still refusing to relinquish her hold on my throbbing rod, she continued to tongue my mouth so vehemently that I felt the boiling juices already collecting in my balls.

    Somehow she sensed that my climax was nearing and she quickly withdrew from my mouth and pulled me on top of her. She motioned me to put my prick near her lush red lips and she eagerly sucked upon the red knob, noisily and uninhibitedly lashing her naughty tongue all around my rampant pole, slowly but surely encompassing inch after inch until I could hold back no longer and I began to fuck her mouth in long, slow strokes until at the downstroke, every piece of that delicious morsel was in her mouth and throat and my balls banged against her juicy lips. Such delight could not continue indefinitely and soon, all too soon, I felt the gush of sperm that was not to be denied and I spunked gob after gob of thick white foam into her throat. Louella greedily slurped every drop of love-juice from me, licking every blob from the tip of my knob until my fine prick lay limp on my thigh.

    The sofa was wide enough for us to lie closely beside each other, so I rolled off her and we lay motionless in each other's arms.

    'Did you enjoy that sucking-off?' enquired the delightful Louella.

    'Oh, my darling, the joy was almost more than I could bear,' I replied truthfully.

    'I am so glad. My dear friend Sophia taught me how to suck a stiff prick but I feared that she was more expert than I.

    'Sophia? Do you mean Sophia Lyttelton, your cousin, who came with you to Nottsgrove last April when we invited local ladies and gentlemen to see our school amateur dramatics?'

    'Yes, that is the girl, Andrew. Do you remember her? She is prettier than me, is she not?'

    I looked at my new love with indignation. 'Certainly not,' I said heatedly. 'She is by no means as lovely a creature as you.' This was certainly the truth although I did recall Sophia as being a most uncommon beauty. She was a tall, slim girl, not yet sixteen with wavy golden brown hair, a high complexion and intensely blue eyes, a pretty little nose and a fine bow mouth. So that little minx had instructed my Louella in the art of sucking a penis! I was quite flabbergasted, and told Louella of my surprise.

    'It may shock you, dear Andrew, but Sophia has been sucking for almost a year now. In fact her first amour was with my brother Harry.'

    'With Harry? He is only a year older than you is he not, my precious? This is indeed a surprising conversation for me.'

    'Well, that may be so but Harry is quite a handsome boy and, despite your denial that Sophia is prettier than me, I know how attractive she is to men. Since Harry's cock has been able to stand, I have noticed that his breeches bulge whenever he is near my cousin!'

    'Good heavens! Are you sure that they have actually-'

    'Most certainly. Why, I saw them together only last month. You remember one Sunday the temperature rose to what must have been record heights. My parents were out for a walk and the three of us were left alone. Shall I continue, Andrew, as I have no desire to bore you with an uninteresting story?'

    'No, no, go on, go on.'

    'As I said, then, we were alone and the sun was beating down with all its might. Sophia suggested we take a short walk down to the river where it would be cooler. Our way to the river bank was by a path through a plantation of tapering firs which had been planted some years earlier and which sheltered the path in winter from the elements. By reason of the density of the interwoven foliage, it was a mite gloomy there, even during a hot, cloudless afternoon. To describe the place fully it would be best to call it a vast, low, naturally formed hall, the plumy ceiling of which was supported by slender pillars of living wood, the floor being covered by a soft, dun carpet of needles, mildewed cones and tufts of grass.

    'We all stripped off our clothes as Sophia and Harry wanted to bathe in the river and she had brought some towels with her. Nothing loath, I laid my clothes neatly in a pile but when I looked up I could see Harry and Sophia were already walking hand in hand towards the river bank and his cock was already in a state of some excitement.

    'I pretended not to notice and stepped off the river bank into the cool water, which was more invigorating. But to my amazement, Sophia and Harry had set down a towel on the bank and were sitting on it, embracing passionately. Harry was squeezing her titties in between running his hands licentiously all over her naked body, whilst she had hold of his rampant cock which stood staunchly up with its bulbous dome unhooded as she rubbed his shaft to iron-hard stiffness. Then, shaking a fringe of hair clear from her eyes, she bent down and took the stiffened tool in her mouth. I could see that she sucked slowly, with every refinement of tongue, tickling and working round the little “eye" on the dome. Then, afraid that Harry would spend too soon, she left off her lubrication with a butterfly kiss and turned over on her belly, pushing out her firm young rump towards Harry's glowing face.

    'By now 'I, too, was excited and my hand went down between my legs and I began to rub my own pussy which was already deliciously damp as I was standing in water up to my belly button. My excitement increased when Harry wet the head of his prick with spittle and, as he drove it down between Sophia's bottom cheeks, I heard her gasp with fright. She knew, however, that she should not tense herself against the knob and she relaxed her cheeks as Harry drove forward again, this time reaching her puckered little bumhole, and he grunted with delight as he pushed in at least two or three inches of his prick, which fortunately was not too thick.

    'Sophia obviously possessed an exquisitely tight reardimple and his cock rode in and out of the tight sheath of her bottom as at the same time he twiddled her nipples and kissed the back of her neck. Delightedly I watched his lusty young tool plunge in and out of the now widened rim of her bumhole, pumping and sucking like the thrust of an engine. She reached back and spread her cheeks even further as the pace quickened and the movements of her rump became more hurried until Harry shot his jets of spunk deep inside her bottom.

    'All the while my fingers were working in and out of my pussy as my thighs squeezed together, but though some love juice dribbled out, it was not nearly as satisfying as a good honest fuck and Sophia had obviously reached the peaks of delight. They now lay silent except for their long-drawn breaths as the call of birds and the smell of mown grass came from the sunlit world around us.

    'Then Harry sat up and, with a frown, told us that he had just remembered that he was already late for an appointment with Mr Atkins, the farm manager. The matter of business would detain him only a half-hour at most but he had to make his excuses. We said we would wait for him to return and he dressed quickly and ran as fast as he could after his exertions towards the farmhouse. Meanwhile, I decided to return to the bank and I picked up a fresh towel and dried myself as Sophia lay back, exposing her firm young body to the sun.'

    Listening to this sensual tale had made my cock rock-hard and the telling had stimulated Louella who responded eagerly to my advances. She wriggled herself on her belly and twitched her rounded bottom cheeks provocatively at me. I immediately positioned myself for the charge and Louella took hold of my swollen prick and lasciviously placed it at the entrance to her puckered rosette. I pushed hard and she cried out in surprise more than discomfort. 'Go on, go on, Andrew. I want a nice thick pressing of juice up my bum.'

    So I went to work with a will and her bottom responded gaily to every shove as I drove home, my balls bouncing against her smooth rounded bottom. I worked my sturdy prick in as far as it would go and it tingled deliciously in her velvety depths as her nether cheeks were drawn irresistably tight against my flat belly. I had corked her to the very limit. She squeezed to eject me from the constrictions of her bottom-hole but only served to heighten my pleasure. I moved in and out in a slow shunting movement as I snaked my right hand round her waist and, diving into her curly motte, I massaged her little erect clitty, with much luscious kissing as she turned her dear head towards me. I could feel her love juices flowing as she worked her bum to bring me off in a flood of gushing come which both warmed and lubricated her superb backside. As I spurted into her I continued to work my prick back and forth so that it remained stiffly hard and, with a 'pop', I uncorked it from her well lubricated arsehole. We lay exhausted, recovering our senses as the warm sunshine bathed the room in a rosy glow. My, my, the tenderness of those hours will ever remain with me, tamen urit amor; quis enim adsit amori. (Love consumes me yet, for what bound may be set to love?-Virgil.)

    By now we were hungry and we eagerly devoured the sandwiches and consumed the lemonade I had luckily packed in my rucksack. I asked Louella if she could come to the school that evening as I had no preparation before me and I wanted to fuck Louella again as soon as possible. We agreed to meet that evening at the entrance to the school and, after a fond farewell kiss, I dressed and began my walk back to Nottsgrove. At first I walked brightly with a gay demeanour, but the nearer I got to the school, the more my conscience pricked me-for how would Lucy take to the idea of my introducing a fresh girl into our sport? I knew that Lucy preferred me to fuck her above all others and she would be hurt if I showed that my heart was bound up with another. This was a delicate problem which would have to be solved and I wondered how I could do so without hurting anyone's feelings. Never do tomorrow that which can be done well this day-this was a maxim that Doctor White was fond of repeating to us. There was much to be said for grasping this nettle at the first opportunity and I resolved to do so. Perhaps a mutual friend could come to my assistance, I mused, and by the time I reached the gates of my dear old alma mater, a plan of action had formed in my brain.


    I may have mentioned in a previous epistle to this esteemed journal that Doctor Simon White was a keen horticulturalist and was often to be found during his few hours of leisure preparing learned papers upon the delights of flora and fauna. And it was just such a paper that he was working on when I called upon him in his private study. It was typical of the man that, although deeply engrossed in the preparation of his thesis (those readers interested in his works may read them in the quarterly magazine produced by the Royal Horticultural Society), he looked up and greeted me in his usual affable fashion. Every boy at Nottsgrove knew that the headmaster's sanctum was somewhere they could go to at any time to discuss a personal matter of any description.

    'Andrew, my dear old chap, come in,' boomed the good doctor. 'I haven't had a chance to speak to you for some days, and I wanted to know how Forbes-Mackenzie behaved himself during his recent initiation?'

    'Oh, very well, sir, very well indeed. He played his part to the full, showing every kindness and consideration to his partner.'

    'That is good to hear, Andrew, I am well pleased! Far too many young men partake of the joys of fucking but forget to ensure that the lady who is providing such exquisite delight is also entitled to some happiness, especially as she may be running the risk of an unwanted swollen belly! I hope that we won't have any problems on that score.'

    'I don't think so, sir, as Lucy and Amelia were both experienced enough to-'

    'Amelia?' interrupted my old mentor. 'Surely you don't mean that the lovely young wench Amelia Fenland partook of the delicacies of the feasts of love?'

    'Well, yes, sir. I must apologise for mentioning a lady's name in such a context,' I stammered.

    'Yes, to be sure, you must hold your tongue about such affairs,' said Doctor White. 'However, no damage is done as I shall not repeat your indiscretion. I am a little shocked to think that she would enjoy sharing with Lucy. Indeed, I did not know that she had even crossed the Rubicon, so to speak. I hope this was not the first time she was threaded?'

    'Oh, no, sir,' I replied, somewhat relieved, that I had not compromised an extremely pleasant girl. 'She was well versed in the arts of fucking, sucking and every facet of the noble sport.'

    He nodded, pleased with the information as he had no wish to proselytise any young person to his own liberated philosophy, nor did he wish a breath of scandal to mar the glorious reputation of the old school.

    I sighed with relief as the conversation had taken a turn in exactly the path I needed to bring up the ticklish problem that was bothering me.

    'Sir, there is a problem bearing some relation to such matters which brings me here,' I said.

    'Nothing too serious, I hope?' said my old mentor. 'Sit down, my boy, sit down. You know as do all my scholars that you may talk to me in complete confidence about any problem, great or small.' He motioned me to take a pew and he settled himself in the deep French armchair that the Old Nottsgrovian Society had presented to him some six years back upon the occasion of his fortieth birthday.

    'Well, Andrew,' he said encouragingly. 'Spit it out and let me hear what is troubling you. As you know, I take a special interest in you and other boys whose parents are often abroad, acting in loco parentis especially in personal and private matters.'

    Reassured, I blurted out my thoughts-how I thought so highly of Lucy yet only that morning-I had banished her from my mind when the beautiful Louella offered me her delicious body and I had totally succumbed to her blandishments.

    'When I am with Lucy,' I said earnestly, 'we enjoy each other's company tremendously. We talk, we laugh and when we are locked together in times of passion, we cling together in a stillness, lost in each other's presence, speaking few words, scarcely moving.'

    'And yet you felt similar feelings when you were with Louella?' prompted the headmaster.

    'Yes, sir, I must admit that I did,' I said somewhat shamefacedly. 'I feel that Lucy will be most hurt if she knows that I am showing favour to other girls.'

    'Your worry does you credit.' said Doctor White gravely, although I could not help but perceive that he had a slight twinkle in his eye. 'But have no fear, Andrew. Lucy thinks highly of you and indeed of all her lovers. She will not fuck lightly, Andrew, and there are many students and I suppose members of staff who would give their all to have their pricks inside my niece-and I don't really blame them either! But Lucy takes her pick of the pricks that are offered to her and she has yet to find the right man to marry. When she does, I am afraid that you and all the others will have to find another mistress as she will then transfer all her favours to the lucky man who will stand beside her at the altar. But rest assured, Lucy has no thought of marriage for some time and you may enjoy your romps with a clear conscience. However, in all fairness, I think you should ask her permission before you bring another girl into your, ah, activities. She may not know the girl which could cause embarrassment or, even worse, she might not like her which could cause problems all round, not least for yourself.'

    'I believe the two girls are not unacquainted, sir,' I said.

    'Make sure, make sure-that is my advice, Andrew,' said Doctor White with a grin. 'And here is some final advice. Let the two of them get together first with you in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Louella is coming to Nottsgrove tonight? You know that guests must leave by ten o'clock, you randy young puppy? I expect you to obey the rules, you know! However, if I were you I would entertain them first with refreshments in your room. Then, perhaps you could read to them. Oh, yes, that would be an excellent plan, and I have a splendid volume of classical literature you may borrow. I suggest you read a portion of the work of Mr Cleland which you will find on page three hundred and five.'

    'I should read to them, sir?' I said, rather puzzled by this somewhat strange advice.

    'Certainly, Andrew,' said the Doctor, rising from his chair. 'Most certainly you should do just what I tell you. After all, think on the words of the great Virgil:

    Tale tuum carmen nobis, diuinepoeta, quale soporfessis in gramine, quale per aestum dulcis aquae saliente sitim restinguere riuo.'

    (For us your song, inspired poet, is like sleep on meadow grass for the fatigued, or in the heat quenching one's thirst from a leaping stream of sweet water.-Virgil, Eclogue V.)

    And with these words ringing in my ears, he sent me packing, clutching his book under my arm. I pondered yet again as to whether Doctor White had taken my problem seriously for there was, I was sure, the hint of a smile playing around his lips as he wished me good afternoon. But was there really any alternative, I asked myself with resignation? In truth, there was none, and I knew that I should have to screw up my courage to the sticking point and face my beloved Lucy. I would tell her quite straightforwardly and with as much candour as I could muster that I had chanced upon meeting a very pleasant young lady that morning and that I had invited her to spend the evening with us. There was no way to avoid adding that I had enjoyed a marvellous fuck with the lady, Louella Morrison, who perhaps Lucy had met before. If Lucy chose to be annoyed by the idea, I would have to inform her that I could not now break my word to Louella and that if she, Lucy, thought I was a cad, so be it. I would accept her strictures in silence and beg her forgiveness. Of course, what really concerned me was the selfish fear that Lucy might be so angry with me that she would never again enter my study at night for a mutual spending of love juices and that our liaison would terminate for ever, but this was a risk I was forced to take and there was now nothing for it but to face the music!

    I was so engrossed in turning over these thoughts in my mind that I can scarce recall how I spent the next hours until I was free to meet Lucy in a favourite place of ours, behind the cricket pavilion after tea-time. This was a most handsome structure paid for by Alderman Sir Michael F-, Lord Graham G-and a wealthy group of sporting Old Nottsgrovians.

    I kissed Lucy and without delay told her that something was bothering me and that we had to talk.

    'Is this a matter of importance?' she enquired.

    'It most certainly is,' I said heavily. How was I going to tell her?

    'Does this weighty matter concern me?' she twinkled lightly. 'Oh, Andrew, what can it be?'

    'Well, my dear,' I struggled out. 'The matter of concern, ah, it is, er, a very, how shall I say this, a most personal, ah, affair.'

    'Concerning the fact that Louella Morrison had hold of your darling prick this morning!' she finished triumphantly with a little giggle.

    Good heavens! I thought with horror. Surely Doctor White of all people would never break a confidence!

    'Oh, Andrew, you are a chump!' she continued. 'Why, you silly goose, did it never cross your mind just how fortunate a coincidence it was that Louella was able to follow you? That she knew that you would be taking a walk this morning? Did you never think how ready she was for that glorious fuck in the hay? Was it by mere chance that Mr Greenhalgh's cottage was so invitingly near and empty, too? My, how convenient all the pieces in the puzzle fall so neatly into place, don't they, my dear boy!'

    I stared in shocked amazement at my darling girl. Why, she had known all the time and from her words it appeared that she had even connived in the whole affair! What a thoughtful, sweet girl she was, I thought, as she looked at me merrily with a roguish smile upon her pretty little countenance. Of course, she realised that I would enjoy nothing better than a nice fresh fuck from out of the sky, so to speak, and I swept the lovely girl into my arms and we embraced heartily, lost in that strange stillness that only lovers enjoy. Readers, I shall always remember the smell of the green grass, slightly damp still after the morning's showers, the smell of the fresh summer air and the softness of Lucy's firm young breasts crushed against my chest. My lips found that little hollow in her neck, my arms went right round her to hold her tightly against me. Ah, what joy, what bliss! My hands roved across her and her flesh quivered beneath the journeying hands and it was as if the earth itself came alive as at the touch of a gale or a storm of rain.

    The scent of sweet Lucy was like that of the earth, the sighing of her breath like that of the wind in the trees. As I fastened my mouth upon hers and laid my hand on her breasts, I was under an enchantment, her spell and the earth's spell. For a moment I clung to her still more closely, and then we sank to the ground and my hands went under her skirt where, to my amazement, I found that she was quite naked underneath. As we continued to kiss passionately, I threw up the skirt to expose the naked charms of her pussy to the world. My hands pressed against the inside of her thighs and she allowed me to spread them wider and she covered my face with her own hands as she felt my breath between her thighs. My mouth touched the love-lips and my hands slid under her adorable bum cheeks, lifting her to my waiting mouth. I carefully examined the soft lips of her cunny, covered with downy golden hair and then I began to lick her and I trembled with excitement as my naughty tongue sought out and found the secrets of her quim. Her juices dribbled like honey from her parted labia and her clitty turned from pale pink to deep red as I flicked it gently with my wet, darting tongue. I delighted in the taste of her flesh as I licked and sucked at the stiffening little clitty and the juices began to flow over my face as I sniffed that erotic female odour, my nose buried in her damp motte. As I sucked and sucked bringing Lucy to new peaks of delight, I moved my own body to the side so that her eager hands could unbutton my now bursting fly. My cock shot up, rampant, as she plucked it out of its covering and pulled me across her as she reached across and sucked the tip of my red-capped cock which waved in front of her. She grasped it with both hands and took it firmly in her mouth, slurping lustily on the shaft as my body went into paroxysms of delight. I could not contain my orgasm and I shot my seed right into her mouth. Lucy's mouth was like a suction pump and she swallowed every drop of my copious emission but still my prick was ramrod stiff and then I heard her whisper: 'Andrew, my dear, I am ready for you now.'

    She held me as I lowered myself on top of her and our bodies were joined from mouths to groins as her nipples brushed against my chest and I could feel their rough hardness, even through the material of her frock. I pumped again in time with her jerking hips as she clutched my own heaving bottom, inserting her finger into my bottom hole to spur me on to push my pulsating prick even further inside her sopping wet cunny. As I drove again and again she bucked her hips urgently to meet every thrust of my jabbing pelvis and she lifted her bottom to work it round and round, her hips rotating to achieve the maximum contact.

    Desperately she clutched at me as I felt the boiling sperm gather in my shaft as my balls banged against her rounded bottom. She threw back her head in abandon and then a primordial sound came from deep within her as her climax spilled and coursed through her body. Her clitty rubbed against my own thatch and I groaned as I could hold back no longer and, with a crash, I pumped spurt after spurt of hot jism into her womb as wave upon wave of ecstasy thrilled through every fibre of my being. I pulled out my soaking tool, which was glistening with its coat of love-juice and was still dribbling out spunk, as Lucy swooped down and sucked the very last morsels of come from me as my cock slipped down into its natural state and the red-capped dome slithered back inside its covering of foreskin.

    'Oh, I would love another fuck, Andrew, but make haste, button your fly as some people might be walking by,' she giggled.

    'I would love to fuck you again, my love,' I replied gallantly, 'but you are right. However, you could suck me off if we go inside the pavilion.'

    'No, my darling boy, I want you in peak condition for tonight's little frolic. Tell me, will Pelham be joining us?'

    'I think not, unless you want him to be there.'

    'Oh, no, although a good thick cock like his is always welcome. But let tonight be just for us alone.'

    'And Louella,' I added. 'We must not forget her.'

    'No, I won't forget her,' sighed Lucy. 'I suppose I must share your gorgeous prick with her but as they say, half a loaf is better than no bread.' And after a final little kiss of farewell we parted, as she had to correct some French papers for Doctor White and I had to bone up on some German verse that I was to be tested on in a lesson the next day.

    I tried very hard to force the lewd images of the two girls from my mind as I studied, holding the book with both hands, and ignored as best I could the continual pressure of the erection that pushed up from between my legs. But after an hour I could bear it no longer and sat down on my bed, opened my trousers and let my stiff cock spring out from my trousers. I grasped the throbbing shaft, rubbing it furiously as the red-capped dome slipped its bulbous head out of the top as I played with myself until my seed shot forth in a fountain of frothy sperm. It was not an unpleasant sensation but what a difference there was between tossing myself off and enjoying a glorious fuck!

    After a light meal of cold roast meats and salad (thanks to Doctor White's interest in horticulture we grew much of our fruit and vegetables in the school grounds and everyone will know how delicious home-grown produce can be), I decided to take a short walk around the quadrangle before retiring to my study for a short rest. After all, I would shortly have the honour of pleasuring two lovely, lusty girls and I would need all my vital health and strength if I were to give full satisfaction, especially as I had been hard at work during the day!

    But as I was about to open the door to my study I heard my name being called. I turned round and saw a good friend and fellow sixth former, Paul Hill-Wallace, striding towards me. Paul was spending his last days at Nottsgrove as he had already gained a place at B-College, Oxford, to study philosophy. He was a brilliant chap and was still working hard at his studies when most ordinary mortals like myself would have used the spare time purely for leisure pursuits.

    'I say, Andrew,' he said. 'Could you spare me a minute or two?'

    'What is it, Paul?' I enquired somewhat crossly. 'I am rather busy just now.'

    'This won't take long and I would appreciate five minutes, old boy. Doctor White has set me a fascinating paper to prepare for next Thursday and I would like to hear your views upon the subject.'

    'I am honoured,' I said rather sarcastically. 'What can I say about any matter of substance to such a distinguished scholar as yourself?'

    This was a most unkind and unwarranted remark and Paul looked a trifle hurt.

    'Don't be a rotter, Andrew,' he said. 'This will take only a few minutes. Come, let me in and we'll jaw about it and then I will promise to leave you alone.'

    He was such a charming fellow and I felt so ashamed at my lapse of manners that I nodded and welcomed him into my room. Paul was my age, just seventeen and a half, and he was blessed with a lean yet powerful frame. His lustrous brown hair was set upon a fresh and handsome face. I am no expert in such matters but Lucy's cool judgement may be safely relied upon here, and he was of a generous spirit. Paul was always top of the class in all subjects yet he would willingly share his store of knowledge with his friends when it came to homework and he helped make our studies far less of a chore through his good nature. I must confess that I was flattered to be asked my opinion upon a matter of scholarship by so able and clever a chap!

    'Please excuse my rudeness,' I said as we settled into our chairs. 'May I offer you some refreshment? No? Well, then now, I am delighted that you should ask me to assist you. How may I help?'

    'Well, the essay I must prepare deals with the role of the novelist in society. I must discuss the importance of the novelist and of fiction in the continual changing pattern of the politics of the modem nation state.'

    I gulped and quickly decided upon a course of action. 'What is your opinion?' I asked, throwing back the question to him.

    'I am somewhat undecided which is why I would welcome another opinion. I am sure that you will agree that it is hardly surprising for a philosopher to use the novel as one of his modes of expression. However, we must of course distinguish the novel proper, such as the works of Jane Austen or of Proust, from the novel of ideas such as Candide or the plain tale such as Moll Flanders and the modern metaphysical tale of which there are innumerable examples. The novelist proper is in his way a kind of phenomenologist for he has always implicitly understood, what the philosopher has grasped perhaps less clearly, that human reason is not a single, unitary tool, the nature of which could be discovered once and for all. The novelist has had his eye fixed upon what we do and not upon what we ought to do or must be presumed to do. He has the natural gift of a precious freedom from rationalism which the academic thinker achieves, if at all, only by a precarious discipline. The writer of fiction has always been a describer rather than an explainer. Would you not agree, Andrew, with such a hypothesis?'

    I struggled for words for, truthfully, the only word I fully understood was 'tool' and in his context I knew that Paul was not using the word in its vulgar form. 'I'm sure you are right, old fellow. Do continue,' I said, settling myself down in my chair for a nap. Even during the early years of my life I had learned a simple yet important rule which was that when people asked you for advice they desired not your true opinion but, in reality, a confirmation of their own views and dear old Paul (who is now, incidentally, a distinguished don with several learned tomes to his credit which to my shame I have never perused) carried on and on until I felt my eyes drooping and within a short time I was deep in the arms of Morpheus.

    I awoke when I felt my shoulder being gently shaken and a voice coming through the mists of semi-consciousness saying: 'Andrew, Andrew, wake up. Oh my, oh my!' Then I heard giggling and I woke up with a start. There in front of me were Lucy and Louella, both heartily laughing, and Paul was also standing there with a smile upon his face.

    'Ladies, you must forgive me,' I blurted out. 'Paul was giving me a dissertation upon the role of the novelist when 'I, er, I…'

    'Went to sleep on me!' Paul grinned and it was typical of the fellow that he had not taken offence at my rudeness. 'Now, don't worry, Andrew, Lucy has introduced me to this charming young lady and indeed has invited me to take tea with her guest. You too of course are invited and I can continue my argument if you so wish.'

    I smiled weakly and stood up. I saw the volumes that Doctor White had loaned me on the table and I took hold of it. 'Lead the way,' I said. 'And it will be my turn to entertain the company with a reading from a great novelist.'

    'That sounds extremely interesting,' said Lucy and I thought I detected a note of irony in her voice but I refrained from comment as we walked towards her rooms which were on the other side of the building.

    After we had made ourselves comfortable, Lucy said: 'Did you really mean what you said about giving us a reading?'

    'I always mean what I say,' I replied loftily and picked up the book I had taken with me.

    'Who is the author?' asked Louella.

    'His name is John Cleland,' I said, looking at the cover.

    'He was the composer of an erotic novel called Fanny Hill but this extract is from a piece extremely appropriate for Paul as he will soon be an undergraduate at Oxford University and this is entitled Memoirs of an Oxford Scholar!'

    Lucy, Louella and Paul settled down whilst I began to read:

    'I released her, kissing her again, allowing my hungry lips to travel down to the warm spot in her throat where the twin pulses race in uneven tempo.

    'My impatience to possess the one who had occupied my dreams impelled me to lift the dear girl, my lips still pressed upon hers, to the waiting bed. Gently, so as not to distress the tender sentiments I saw reflected in her eyes, I unloosed my Chloe's gown and, her passions keeping pace with my own, she unfastened the stays and lay back, her lovely body but barely concealed by the near-transparent shift. I made haste to remove my own shirt and breeches, and seeing Chloe's hand move towards the fastening at the bodice of her shift, I helped her to undo them and to remove the last hindrance to my first sight of that body for which I had so long suffered in denial.

    'Her bosom, now bare, was rising in the warmest throbs and presented to my eyes the firm swell of young breasts, such as must be imagined on the most beautiful of goddesses. Their whiteness, their delicate fashioning, were all that man had ever dreamed of in his most fantastical imaginings. Their rosy nipples, surmounting the pale mounds of taut flesh, added to the final ravishment to my eye and the most exquisite of pleasures to my roaming hands. She lay there, silent, unresisting of the examination of her body by my lovefilled eyes and my pleasure-ravished hands. Her tender acquiescence to my probings encouraged me to pursue to completion my long-held goal. Taking her small hand in mine, I guided it down to my rod which had by now stretched himself to a fair tallness. The head was extended and blushed a fiery crimson showing the hot rush of blood to its tip. Chloe gasped, pulled away for an instant, then sighed as I placed her sweet hand firmly around the erect shaft, then springing up straight from the wreath of curls that lay at its base. She held her hand still, then by my tender encouragement began to stroke the member softly. Anon, with great fearfulness, she reached her hand down to its base, lingered there in the curly thicket and thence strayed between my thighs. I knew the softness of her fingers as she felt with wonder that globe of wrinkled flesh that held the honey of passion's flowering. Her hand clung to the root of my first instrument, that part in which Nature contained the stores of pleasure and I made her feel distinctly, through the soft outer cover, the pair of round balls that seemed to float within.

    'The visit of her warm hands to those impassionable parts had raised my desires to a boiling heat and I, near to overflowing with ungovernable passions, set upon the attainment of my goal.

    'Her thighs were already open to my love assaults in obedience to the irreversible laws of Nature. I lowered myself between them, and for the first time did the hard bone of my instrument feel the wiry curls that hid Chloe's full-pouted lips. Pressing on, that instrument drove at her breech, conformed to the dictates of Nature, yet shielded over with Nature's own device. I pushed vigorously, yet came against a wall which would not open to admit me.

    'I begged my Chloe to bear with patience as I reached for a pillow to put beneath her buttocks, thus to make a pointblank aim at the most favourable elevation. Again, I lowered myself between Chloe's spread thighs, and rested the tip of my machine against that tiny cleft. So small was the slit that I could scarcely count upon the accuracy of my aim. But assuring myself, I stroked forward with violent energy. My rod's immense stiffness surged forth with implacable fury, wedged against, then rent, the seal that had denied me access. This furious stroke gained me entrance to the tip alone but following well the initial insertion I at once stroked again vigorously and aggressively, increasing the advantage just gained. Inch by inch, achieved with violent thrusts, I was at last in possession of that treasured prize.

    'At last freed from the demands of my own throbbing loins, I looked into my Chloe's face and saw that she had pushed the sheet into her mouth to prevent her disturbing the house with her cries of pain. I gently removed the cloth from her hands and kissed her lips. Now deep inside her, the fury of my passion drove me to complete the journey on which I had started forth with such difficulty. I thrust and stroked heedless of the pain it caused the darling virgin. With an immense shudder, my liquids burst forth from me. As I withdrew my slackening member, I saw that the love-froth was tinged with blood and that Chloe had fainted with the anguish of the tremendous onslaught.

    'When she returned to her senses, she caressed and kissed me tenderly, explaining that I need not regret the pain that I had caused her.

    'Immediately my member, responding to impulses deep within me, begins to transform himself into the stiff gristle of amour. I kissed Chloe again, she responding the more ardently. She wraps her arms around my neck, thus allowing me the freedom to undo the laces that close my shirt and, at length, to remove my breeches.

    'I slip into the bed, already warmed by her pulsing body. Slowly I begin to make advances toward my adored wife, when she takes me by surprise, moving abruptly and lowering herself upon my member, by now extended to his fullest proportion. Following her impulse, she runs the slit of her Venus-mound directly upon the flaming point of my sword, thus piercing herself through the centre and infixing herself upon it to the very extremest degree. Thus, she sets upon me, straddling me with her open thighs.

    'I, in delight, pulled her down to receive the token of my kisses, at the same time increasing the rising sting of pleasure. I toyed with her pert breasts thus arousing her to a sweet storm of wriggles which apace aroused my own sensations.

    Up and down she moved, in the inverted position of mortar and pestle. And then she swayed herself from side to side thus extending even further the arena of our mutual enjoyments. The volleys of heaves and counterthrusts increased to a violent rhythm over which neither of us had any more control. In anticipation of the ultimate moment, I pulled my Chloe down over me with a fevered emotion and, in an instant, we both discharged, flowing mightily from within, the one on the other.

    'I lay back, so overcome was I with the ecstasy of the moment, and Chloe, inflamed to an intolerable point, lifted herself off my still semi-erect weapon and sank down on to the bed, stretching her love-moist body against my own, also wet with the exudations of passion.

    'We remained thus, silent, for sometime.

    'Chloe's thighs, by now obedient to the inclinations of both Nature and passion, happily opened again and with now a glad submission, offered up that tender, ruby gateway to the portal of pleasure. The velvet tip of my aroused organ met the deliciousness of her secret haven. I entered her, inch by inch, to the utmost of my length and, for some sweet moments, remained there, my sword impaling her.

    'She embraced love's arrow in eager, dear suction around it, compressing it inwardly. Every fibre of her love-bowl strained too to be conjoined with my weapon of love. We gave pause, the better to delight in the sweetness afforded in that most intimate point of union. But the impatience inevitable to such a position soon made itself felt, and drove us to the mightiest action.

    'I drove into her with a fierce tumult and she responded with the most violent rejoinders. The more insistent, the more furious became my action, the more heartfelt and frenzied her reactions.

    'Oh happiest of mortals! We were joined in that most intimate of all positions. The rhythm increased to a superhuman intensity; and my body, suffused with the boiling blood of passion, convulsed with the agitation of my ultimate rapture. My discharge, which I thought would be diminished by the previous exertions, seemed only to be redoubled. And Chloe's discharge similarly seemed to be amplified by such previous encounter and we were near drowned in the waves of liquid sweets which emanated with the immensest force from our bliss-parts.

    'We lay back, she in a pallor of faint and I, almost beyond the reaches of my mind in delight.'

    It is not a false modesty but a true regard to the fact of the matter when I say that it was not my rendition but the beauty of Mr Cleland's imagery that thrilled my listeners. I noticed that Lucy and Paul were sitting closely together and that Paul's right arm was around Lucy's bosoms and his hand was squeezing her left breast passionately while she had her right hand placed strategically upon the bulge between his thighs which she was almost abstractedly rubbing gently as she said: 'That was quite wonderful, Andrew. Why, this has made me feel quite randy.'

    'I would rather like a fuck too, Andy,' chimed Louella, climbing to her feet to nuzzle against me.

    'I am sure we would all enjoy some relief,' said Paul. 'Did you notice that he stirred our sexual emotions so greatly without once using an improper word?'

    'He is, or rather was, quite a special novelist,' I said, smiling, as Louella began to unbutton my shirt. I turned to kiss her passionately and she slipped her hand inside my open shirt to run her hand deliciously up and down my chest and stomach. Our mouths were glued to each other as we staggered across to the bed, still engaged in the most passionate of embraces and then, almost before I knew what was happening, Louella was unbuttoning my trousers and taking my rigid prick in her hands. 'Take off your clothes!' she whispered urgently and she undressed even more quickly than me. We lay naked on the bed and my cock was now ramrod-stiff as the darling girl knelt in front of me. When her tongue touched its end and her fingers toyed with my heavy balls I knew that already she was accepting the taste of semen. She could hardly get her mouth over the uncapped redheaded dome but she licked ecstatically until I could bear it no longer. Gently I pushed Louella's head away from my cock and lustfully grasped her to me, smothering her, throbbing lips with burning kisses. As her tongue darted in and out of my mouth, a thrill of lust came over me and I pulled my face away to bury it in the silky brown motte that covered her juicy Mons Veneris. It was delicious, divine. My heartbeat quickened with erotic excitement as my tongue raked her clitty then slipped down to probe deep into her cunt. Almost of their own volition, her legs splayed wider, bent at the knees, as she sought to open herself still more to me. I slurped lustily as I drew the lips of her cunny into my mouth, delighting in the taste of her flesh, licking eagerly to suck more and more of the thin fluid that was flowing from the depths of her cunt. I was in the seventh heaven of delight as I sniffed the unique female odour, my nose buried in her cunt hair. She gasped, jerking her hips upward as her stiff little clitoris was drawn further and further forward between my lips and her hands went down to clasp my head, holding my mouth tightly against her. Her legs, folded across my shoulders, twitched convulsively with joy.

    'Andrew,' she gasped. 'I… I… I'm ready for you now.' My head jerked up from between her thighs, my eyes alight with eagerness and love for this tender young creature, and gently I stretched myself on top of her. She reached down between our bodies to guide my raging prick to the slippery entrance that was to welcome it. My whole being tingled with excitement as the swollen head of my tool teased the love-lips of her juicy, wet love furrow. Slowly I edged my prick deeper and deeper into the pubic mound as wave upon wave of exquisite pleasure enveloped us both. I let my hands rove across her heavy breasts, arousing the nipples until they too stood proudly erect as I began to fuck Louella, first slowly but then increasing the speed until my prick was hammering like a piston, my balls beating a tattoo against her bottom. All too soon I felt myself approaching the ultimate pleasure stroke and, though I tried to postpone the ultimate moment, my body was being wound up tighter and tighter until finally it exploded into one climactic release as I shot my hot, sticky juice deep into the sweet girl who was writhing beneath me as she rotated her hips wildly, lifting her generous bottom to obtain the maximum contact. I groaned as I felt her fingernails digging into my back and the tiny throbs in her cunny as my seed spurted jet after jet of love juice inside her. Desperately she clutched at me, her mouth seeking mine, arching her body towards me and somehow her clitoris rubbed against my own luxuriant growth of pubic hair. 'Ooooooh, ooooooh, Andrew, my love that was the best fuck ever!' she cried, her eyes closed in her own private ecstasy.

    My lusty cock had fired the sweet girl's sensuality to such an extent that she wanted me in her again. She took hold of my now shrunken prick but it would only spring to a semierection in her hand. 'Give me a minute to recover, my dear,' I panted.

    'You may have half that time,' she teased, tweaking her nipples until they stood up like little soldiers ready to do battle. She then slid her hand down to her pussy and began rubbing herself gently as I watched with fascination. She parted the lips of her cunt with two fingers and massaged her clitty with the middle finger, her head thrown back and the other hand massaging her magnificent breasts. Shortly, her bottom started to wriggle in rhythm, her eyes closed and she was in her own private world. Her head started to roll from side to side and she moaned with bliss as she began to come to climax. Her rubbing went in jerks, her bottom cheeks tightened and slackened and by now my prick had perked up and Louella fondled my now rampant cock as we kissed passionately. She pulled my shaft beautifully as my forefinger tickled the crisp pubic hair of the lovely girl, tenderly moulding the soft, yielding lips, and then my finger slid into the dainty quim that was already moistened to a delicious wetness. Her hands roamed all over my torso as I frigged her with now one, two then with three fingers as she clutched my bum cheeks to bring me across her. Our bodies touched from head to toe as she guided the huge purple head of my tool to her dripping love hole and the silky stiff prick eased inside its natural home. Her teeth sank into my shoulder as my first strokes jerked her body to new peaks of ecstasy. I pounded home the strokes faster and faster as we rocked together, climbing to unbearable heights as our spendings mingled, and again and again my raging cock slid uncontrollably in and out of that juicy cunt. Our orgasms crashed through almost simultaneously as she milked my cock of spurt after spurt of hot, sticky spunk.

    Yet my rod was still hard and the shaft throbbed with energy as Louella squeezed it gently. She lowered her pouting mouth and slid her lips across the dome, with one hand massaging the inside of my thighs and the other cupping my hairy balls. My cock was again rock hard and slowly she sucked on her sugar-sweet until her mouth was full and I began to move slowly forwards and backwards with my hips as she noisily slurped on the huge rod that engorged her mouth. I screamed inwardly as she engulfed me, taking almost all my length sheathed deep in her throat, sucking so sweetly that I was soon forced to whisper that I could no longer hold back. Faster and faster I pumped my prick until she gently squeezed my balls and I exploded inside her mouth, filling it with salty white cream which she licked greedily before swallowing, lapping up my juices, wallowing in the sweet taste of sperm as I moaned out my ecstasy, bathed in that wonderful glow of release that flowed all over every fibre of my body.

    This was the most wonderful fucking session but after coming three times in a very short space of time I was quite ready for other players to take the stage! Paul and Lucy had already stripped for action and Lucy was bending over the bed, thrusting her superbly rounded bum cheeks upwards and parting her legs so that we had a marvellous view of her vermilion cunny through which dribblings of love juice were already coursing down her thighs. Paul stood behind her and paused only to give a gentle rub to his long prick which, although not of the thickness of Pelham's or mine, was perhaps an inch or even two longer and it stood stiff as steel with its uncapped red dome reaching his belly-button.

    Now he began in earnest. With one hand Paul manipulated Lucy's sensitive cunt lips and clitoris and with the other he moved his long stiff pronger in a gentle in-and-out movement in the little wrinkled arse-hole that beckoned him so invitingly. He increased the tempo and pushed deeper so that soon he was driving full in and Louella and I watched with great enjoyment the long shaft of Paul's tool whizz in and out of Lucy's wriggling bum. She responded with wild, rising cries of joy and it occurred to me that a girl who is well and frequently fucked may be seen by her bright complexion and general merriness to be so.

    Paul's cock pistoned in and out and the long thick shaft of my own prick began to swell yet again and Louella rubbed the great rod fervently as at last Lucy reached the zenith of her pleasure and the bubble of passion burst. Paul shot powerful jets of jism into Lucy's bottom-hole as he worked that long prick all round its tight little sheath. His strong young prick spurted with such vigour that Lucy's thighs palpitated like moth wings as she reached the crest of a tremendous orgasm, her bum cheeks rhythmically swelling and tensing.

    This had roused Louella to such a state that she could not bear to be bereft of the comfort of a prick in her cunt. She lay back and I moved on top of her and inserted my cock deep into the cunny that wetly enclosed its entire length. Louella gurgled with delight and her heels drummed upon the small of my back as her legs scissored round me.

    'Get your cunt right on the shaft, Louella!' I cried, oblivious to the fact that Paul and Lucy were watching with renewed interest-and of even more import-the door of the room had opened and a young servant girl, Elaine, had entered. What a surprise for that sixteen-year-old beauty who had come merely to turn down the sheets of Lucy's bed! The pretty girl stood transfixed as she watched me fuck Louella who writhed around on the floor as I shafted her with long, hard driving strokes of my thick stiff prick.

    'Now, Andrew, now!' Louella cried. 'Oh, my sweet love, fill me!'

    My teeth were set with the coming of a lust that I could not restrain. I would not have cared if fifty young servant girls had been viewing us. I gripped Louella's hips like a maniac, forcing her even closer to me, Smoothing out every little wrinkle inside her sopping cunny, my cock drove to her soft depths, and the great gusts of love pulsed and shot deep into her womb and she too climaxed in a glorious mutual spend. How we panted and thrashed around as I pumped spunk into her with Louella's own effusion drenching my pubic hairs.

    'Yes, oh, yes, very, very much-and now!' she assented and we fell together on the floor, though I took care to lay her gently upon her back, so that she would not hurt herself. I knelt before her and firmly thrust her legs apart, raising myself above her whilst I placed my lips against her soft white breasts, washing my tongue over a tiny little titty and settling full down to a lick-flick mouthing until both stood hard and erect as she arched her torso up as if to offer them for further urgent attention. My tongue licked and licked eagerly and moved in swathes over the resilient youthfulness of her breasts. No girl's bosom was ever so thoroughly or lovingly licked and her nipples were now as hard as unripe berries to the touch. My cock was now bursting and I guided the huge uncovered knob to the pouting cunny lips that were ready to receive it. For a split second our hot eyes locked together and then, with an ineffable groan, I inserted some two inches of the meaty shaft and was full on top of her. Our lips collided and meshed together. She wriggled and worked her bottom to obtain a further length of cock inside her and this enabled me to embed more of my throbbing shaft as her cunny magically expanded to receive it. With a passionate jolt of my loins my prick was fully inserted and she cried out in glee as our bottoms began to work together in unison. How tightly her cunt enclasped and sucked upon my prick! We gloried in each giant thrust as her spendings dripped onto my balls as they banged against her arse. She implored me to drive deeper by twirling her tongue in my mouth, and cupped now in my broad palms, her tight bottom-cheeks rotated almost savagely as my tool rammed in and out lustily and she withdrew her mouth from mine, gasping and panting for air. Her kisses now rained upon my neck and I felt the throbbing of her pussy increase apace as she cried out aloud with joy at the stinging excitement of my thick prick driving furiously into her soft depths.

    I plunged my face between her breasts and began to suck furiously at her left nipple whilst the friction in her cunt reached new heights as my prick began to move even faster, making us breathless with excitement. All the time she wriggled lasciviously and my tongue now lifted itself from the erect titty and shot into her mouth as she automatically flexed her vaginal muscles to milk the full length of my pulsating cock that was pumping in and out as my balls swished down, banging gently against her bum. Elaine was really finding out what the pleasures of a good fucking could be as her fingers now dug into the flesh of my back and her bucking torso wildly sought more and more of my prick as our pubic hairs crashed together. Alas, I could not contain myself much longer and she screamed with joy as, arching my body upwards, I plunged down hard, crushing her soft body beneath me as her legs flexed and she gurgled with pleasure as my frothy seed poured into her with a spurting gush. Elaine too had spent copiously and I hoped that our love juices would not stain the carpet. I said as much but Elaine quickly reassured me that she could remove any stains with a patent medicine!

    'A patent medicine? That is very odd,' said Lucy. 'What on earth is it called?'

    'Doctor Hopkins' cough medicine, Miss Lucy,' said Elaine, sitting herself down on the bed and showing no inclination to cover up her naked charms. 'Why, we buy it especially to take the stains out of the sheets in the dormitories when the boys soil them after playing with themselves.' 'Good heavens! I must remember not to buy the mixture for any other reason,' said Paul.

    'Doctor White uses it too,' laughed Elaine. 'He says it makes his roses grow!'

    We all laughed merrily and cuddled up to one another on Lucy's large bed. 'There is just one matter bothering me,' I said to Elaine. 'I really should have shot my load over your tummy, for the last thing we want is to put you in the family way. This was most thoughtless of me and I do hope that all will be well.'

    'Oh, yes, Master Andrew,' she replied gaily. 'I have only just finished my curse days and I am certain that no harm will come to me.'

    'We are not foolish,' chimed in Louella. 'We have to take the risks so we are always as careful as possible, aren't we, ladies? I personally sponge myself afterwards with vinegar and lemon juice, but choosing the safe days is perhaps the best way.'

    'I wish there was a medicine we could take to make us completely certain that no harm will come to us.' said Lucy thoughtfully. 'Whoever discovers such a potion will make his fortune.'

    'Or perhaps her fortune!' corrected Louella. 'I believe there should be female doctors. We are quite capable of learning the art of medicine.'

    'I agree with you,' said Paul. 'But don't let us begin a discussion on the rights of women just now. Instead, who knows what Samuel Pepys said about a course of action to take if a man got a swollen belly up.' None of us knew the answer. 'Why,' said Paul triumphantly, 'he said, and I quote: “He that do get a wench with child and marry her afterwards is as if a man should shit in his hat and then clap it on his head!”'

    'That's all very well,' said Lucy. 'But hopefully there will be easy, cheap ways made available soon so that society can adopt a more responsible attitude about bringing unwanted children into the world. It is a grave problem and most unfair as women take all the blame and shame of such a situation as Pepys describes, whereas it takes two to make a belly swell.'

    We all agreed with her observation but were in no mood for serious talking and soon we were entangled in one heap of bodies rolling around on the bed. Unfortunately, Paul and I have only one prick each so whilst we lay on our backs with Lucy on top of Paul and Louella wriggling her pert bum in front of my face as she lowered her dripping wet pussy on my rampant pole, poor Elaine had to be content with the role of spectator. However, I placed her down between Paul and myself and frigged her hairy little slit with two fingers whilst Paul diddled her titties to an upright stance.

    Now Paul professed to be a Socialist and I was (and still am) a staunch Liberal but we agreed upon the unfairness of the distribution of the good things in life. Why should Elaine be deprived of a good fuck whilst Lucy and Louella had almost as many pricks as they could comfortably manage? So to make up for this unhealthy situation, Paul and I spread the lovely sixteen-year-old on the bed and I lay down on her right, lying on my left side, and moved her firm young body to face my own.

    'I am now going to fuck you, Elaine,' I declared. 'And at the same time Paul will prod your tight little bum-hole with his prick, thus enabling you to enjoy a double dose of sheer bliss.'

    'Will it hurt?' she enquired anxiously. 'I have never had a cock stuffed up my backside before.'

    'Not at all, Elaine,' I reassured the trembling girl. 'Just relax completely and Paul will first wet his instrument to allow it free passage.'

    'I will help him,' chimed in Lucy, and taking his great tool in her mouth, liberally coated it with spittle.

    Without further ado, I reached for Elaine's shoulders and glued my lips to hers, holding my hands firmly upon her shoulders. She reached for my rock-hard cock and I pushed my knob inside those juicy portals, feeling myself buried to the hilt in her throbbing sheath. We began the old heaving and shoving motions and as she thrust her luscious bum cheeks backwards as I plunged into her, I grasped them and opened wide the crack in between, parting the rounded globes so that the tiny, wrinkled little brown bum-hole was fully nosed to the attack of Paul's long cock. Fortunately, the spittle and the fact that his tool was long rather than thick enabled him to push hard from the start. With only a short cry of discomfort he was well placed as Elaine began to wriggle and twist as we jointly rammed in and out. At one stage we both pushed in together so that I could feel my own prick rubbing against Paul's with only the thin divisional membrane running between us. This was simply too much for me to bear and I pumped jet after jet of frothy white jism as Elaine and Paul continued to writhe in new paroxysyms of pleasure until, screaming with excitement, they reached the summit of the mountain of love and we three sank back quite sated from this novel experience.

    Lucy and Louella were so fired up by our little threesome that they frigged themselves throughout the proceedings. But what a surprise was in store as, calmly as you please, young Elaine suddenly dived down and buried her head in Lucy's blonde muff, licking frantically all over the golden forest until she came to the lovely wet crack, revelling in the depths of Lucy's pussy and licking lasciviously inside her cunny-lips as far as her tongue would go, whilst one of her hands slipped under Lucy's bum and her forefinger invaded her bottomhole, working in and out in a most exciting way.

    Elaine's own bottom wriggled up and down and I jumped behind her and, passing my hand round her narrow waist, handled her luxuriously covered mount quite freely, slipping two fingers inside her juicy quim. Her bottom cheeks wriggled again, so with my free hand, I guided my already stiff cock between them. Paul's spendings had lubricated her arse-hole so my rigid prick slipped in quite easily, deeper and deeper as she rolled around, still keeping her head firmly between Lucy's legs, nibbling away at the swollen clitty as, with a series of sighs, Lucy tried desperately to rub herself off against Elaine's mouth. I had spent so much that day that it was several minutes before the hot squirts of cream shot off into Elaine's bum-hole, in such quantities that I felt completely drained as I withdrew my still extended prick, now red and a tiny bit raw from the little wrinkled home it had found. A final spatter of love juice dribbled down from my dome onto the floor. I adjusted my foreskin and Louella giggled. 'We'll need an extra bottle of Doctor Hopkins' medicine to clean the carpet!' she gasped, and we all burst out laughing merrily.

    I was now too exhausted for even one more cockstand, but Louella managed to suck Paul up to a final full erection and Lucy and Elaine took turns to have his long cock in their bum-holes until he shot a full load of sperm into Louella's furry little cunt.

    We exchanged our good-nights and crept back to our beds, Louella having arranged to stay the night with Lucy, and we none of us needed any potion to drug our senses. As soon as my head touched the pillow I knew nothing more until the morning alarm bell awakened me.

    All that fucking must have been refreshing for my brain, even though physically I was quite exhausted, for I remember distinctly that an essay I composed that next morning on the foreign policy of Pitt the Younger was awarded an alpha minus by Doctor White-a rare honour rarely bestowed!


    Do You ever wonder, dear reader, who you are? Do you ever think 'that Mr Gladstone or the dear Queen ever wonder about who they think they really are? Or the Pope? Or even the editor of this esteemed journal of quality? Obviously they know who they really are but where, I would like to know, do their minds go to during those lazy daydreaming hours?

    So far as I am able to ascertain from the study of science, man is the sole animal with this extraordinary ability to while away the time in daydreaming. Occasionally, when on a journey (for my work sometimes takes me to the provinces) I look around at the silent people in my railway carriage and ponder as to where their meditations are taking them, what private thoughts are coursing through their minds and what ideas are really behind those bland, expressionless faces, what lovers, both imaginary and real, are being wooed, what triumphs and failures are being lived and relived.

    We are none of us quite what we appear to be. Running parallel with our physical existence, with our mundane chores and daily habits, is another secret, ghostly character, a private companion forever commenting upon what we see and do, rewriting the manuscript record of our lives in a manner more satisfying to us.

    It is this gap between reality and fantasy, between what is and what might be or might have been which I find truly a source of endless fascination.

    Will the fucking of a particular girl be an anticlimax, I wonder? Will reality be but a pale imitation of the adventures of the mind? We accept these dreams with hardly any consideration, never questioning for a moment our right to be able to leave our bodies for a while whenever the mood takes us, but for some reason, as we progress from childhood to adult fife, we become peculiarly embarrassed to admit to this. For the older we become, the less likely we are to admit to the more expansive fantasies, as grown-up, responsible citizens are supposed to have put away this childish habit. This is an impossible task, for surely in all of us there are two beings that ride through life as if on a tandem bicycle, steered by the chap in front but commented upon endlessly by the man in the back seat.

    I do not discourage daydreaming for it represents perhaps the only time in life when you can be sure of playing the lead role, and in that sense, dreams are great revellers. In the vivid play that is acted out in the daydream all manner of wrongs are put right, all kinds of witty ripostes are applauded and the most beautiful of women conquered totally and without resistance.

    Throughout my life I have daydreamed. As a child my fantasies were glorious, unblocked by considerations of reality, but adults dream, increasingly as the years slip away, about what might have been had their lives taken other turnings.

    I must immediately confess to this kind of postmortem, especially over the critical decisions which affect us until our dying days. We are all faced with a series of crossroads that are unique to us and we can continually look back and examine the routes that we chose, for better or for worse, that have brought us to the present time.

    By and large this is a fruitless and indeed even a totally futile exercise, but then since when was mere futility the servant of common sense?

    What brings these musings to mind? I suppose, reader, that were I to be fully truthful, my brain is taking a much needed respite from the hard labours, of recall. Oh, do not misunderstand me, I have enjoyed penning these sexual exploits, which are all totally verifiable. If any person wishes to see proof furnished, simply write to me care of the Post Office, Sudbury, Suffolk and I will personally reply to all letters. How pleasant it is to recall that free and easy life we enjoyed as schoolboys at the Nottsgrove Academy for the Sons of Gentlefolk, and what wonderful memories I have of that giant amongst mortals, dear old Doctor White, whose wise leadership has since influenced me and all other students to such good effect. What a man! His immense learning and erudition were matched only by his cheery manner and true kindness of heart which was shown to one and all, regardless of their station in life. He was a man who won the respect of both peer and pauper. And it seems that it was but yesterday that I was sitting in his book-lined study, sipping a glass of port and discussing with the old headmaster pertinent questions of social and political affairs which had been brought up in that day's edition of The Times.

    You will see, then, how my mind has been straying far, far away on a merry trip to the lands of yesteryear whilst my body has been locked here in the admittedly splendidly comfortable present: the warm armchair in the library of my fine old friend Sir Lionel T-, himself of course a scholar and artist of great distinction.

    So I have skeltered through this brief period of my adolescent life with great joy; which leads me to suggest that if we sometimes feel prisoners of our present circumstances, this may simply be because we are blocking the escape valves of our imagination. If all adults could play the innocent game of make-believe as do our children, we would, I dare suspect, live out our lives in a fuller, more contented fashion.

    Let us now return to the main theme of this narrative, and I crave again the indulgence of the reader for my digression.


    I awoke that next morning quite bleary-eyed and indeed I was so tired that I even forwent my usual morning ritual of shrinking, my stiff prick by a vigorous tossing off. Today, however, I performed my ablutions as if in a trance and what I consumed at breakfast will forever remain a mystery as I have no recollection whatsoever of even sitting down in the dining hall that morning! Luckily, I could enjoy a free period after breakfast, which I spent taking a refreshing sleep in the library until the midmorning break bell shattered my slumbers.

    After the interval I joined the rest of my sixth form colleagues in the Art Room where Doctor White was due to give his weekly lecture upon matters of culture. I sat down next to Pelham who whispered to me: 'I say, old chap, are you quite well? You look rather tired.'

    'I am somewhat sleepy.' I confessed. 'I just could not get to sleep last night.'

    'Well, you are not the only one. Look at Paul sitting slumped over his desk. He also looks as pale as a ghost,' said Pelham.

    I was pleased that at this point Doctor White swept in and began his dissertation immediately, thus saving me the problem of explaining to Pelham just why Paul and I were so exhausted at a quarter past eleven in the morning!

    'My subject today is women in the arts,' rumbled the Doctor. 'Let us look at the status of women in society, and of the current agitation by many females to be freed from the ties of home and hearth.

    'Of course, both men and women have always needed a great deal of determination to succeed in their various professions. But historically women have needed more determination and more talent merely to keep in the race for the glittering prizes even though both sexes alike suffer from inequalities of brainpower. Let us take art and politics. This latter subject is perhaps so controversial that we will keep discussion of it until next week's lecture. So let us today look solely at the world of art, a field in which practitioners have often been forced to suffer varying degrees of injustice.

    'Every artist suffers in this way, but for women the injustice has always been greater, which goes much of the way to explain why relatively few women artists have surfaced and why so many have failed, or why so many women have made initial headway against nude prejudices only to sink back later into obscurity.

    'Even an ardent espouser of women's rights such as my niece Lucy will admit that no significant art movement has ever been started by a woman. But, gentlemen, we must ask ourselves why this is so. And the answer is very simple: historically there has always been a lack of educational facilities for girls and, even when they have matured, there has been a taboo against women at meeting places for artists such as bars, clubs or, heavens alive! a genuine artist's studio! So there has been no real chance availed to them and the female artist has been left in painful solitude.

    'There are still far too many obstacles in their path and I propose that we at Nottsgrove here and now symbolically show the way forward.'

    On this stirring note he strode to the door and motioned into the room a most attractive young girl of about nineteen or twenty years old. She was slightly taller than the average with a mop of bright auburn curls that set off a cheeky little face, the best features of which were a retrousse nose and large grey eyes that sparkled with promise. Her slim, athletic frame was delightfully shown off by a close-fitting dark green costume in the modern style. My tiredness vanished in a trice at the sight of this lovely girl and my eyes gazed longingly at her small but perfectly-formed breasts that jutted out like two firm apples ripe for my mouth…

    'Gentlemen, I would like to introduce Miss Agnes Carter to you. Miss Carter is a close friend of mine and…' Doctor White looked balefully around the room as some of the fellows tittered at the thought of the headmaster having such a beautiful young female friend. I saw no reason for untoward merriment as Doctor White was certainly no mysogynist. If he was fortunate enough to find such a voluptuous companion, jolly good luck to them both!

    'Good morning, boys!' said the young minx with a saucy smile. 'As you heard your headmaster tell you, it is now time for women to be given their fair chance at showing their artistic prowess. Over there you will see that on the raised platform in front of the blackboard I have set up my easel. On the floor be my pencils and brushes. With your help we shall today show the world that it is the picture that matters and that the sex of the artist is immaterial.'

    'I don't think that sex is ever immaterial!' whispered Pelham Forbes-Mackenzie and there was another murmur of laughter.

    Doctor White stepped forward with a frown on his face and said: 'Who said that? Was that you, Forbes-Mackenzie? Yes? I thought so. Very well, you have just volunteered to be Miss Carter's model for this morning's lesson. As for you others, I want your words of honour that you will each remain absolutely silent for the rest of this lesson which will not end until luncheon at one o'clock. Have I your words, gentlemen?'

    We were abashed and readily volunteered our promise to stay silent.

    'Very well,' grunted our dear old pedagogue. 'Pelham, come up here on the dais. The rest of you, stay where you are. I must finish some administrative work this morning so I leave you in the very capable hands of Miss Carter. Boys! I rely on you all not to dishonour me, yourselves and the good old school.' And with that short speech he turned on his heel and left us to the tender mercies of our new young teacher.

    'Your name is Pelharn?' she enquired. 'Well, I will call you Pelham and you will call me Agnes. Is that satisfactory? Good. Now, Pelham, please remove your clothes and take up the position of-'

    'What did you say, Miss Carter?' interrupted Pelham in astonishment.

    'You may call me Agnes,' she replied patiently. I said take off your clothes, and then I will show you in what position I should like you to pose before I begin my work.'

    We tried hard not to laugh out loud at poor Pelham's predicament as we had given our sworn word not to break silence and all that could be heard was a muffled, choking laugh from fourteen lusty young throats.

    'Come on, Pelham, don't be shy. Look, if it makes you feel any easier, I shall take off my jacket so all I shall be wearing is this blouse and skirt. I am kicking off these rather uncomfortable shoes-do not tell Doctor White, boys, as they were a present from him some few weeks ago on my nineteenth birthday. Now, Pelham, please do as I ask,' pleaded Agnes. Pelham was a ripping sport and he was not that shy, especially since Lucy and I had initiated him into Varte de fare Pamour. So he sat down and removed his shoes and socks, slipped off his jacket and unbuttoned his trousers. He wriggled out of his trousers and under-drawers and stood up, covered just by a flapping white shirt which he pulled off over his head. His thick prick was dangling down but I could see the tip of his foreskin rise just a little and the head of his dome rose up too to give air, so to speak, to the little 'eye' in the centre though the dome itself remained capped by the skin of the shaft. He flexed his muscles and I saw that Agnes was very taken with the handsome young specimen who paraded his naked charms in front of her.

    'Yes, that's fine, Pelham. Stand with your back to the blackboard at a slight angle to the class but facing me full on. Oh, yes, that is absolutely perfect, can you hold that position, please? Are you comfortable? Lay your hands on your thighs-good, now please keep completely still.'

    Pelham complied with this gentle request and I must say that I admired his fine, manly torso. His muscular chest and flat, white belly were excellently proportioned, but of course the piece de resistance was his thick rod which dangled down with its ruby-coloured head semi-covered; though it was clear that Nature, as ever, could not bear to be denied and that his massive prick was stiffening perceptibly even though his hands remained firmly in place on his thighs.

    This fact had not escaped the attention of Agnes, who licked her lips voraciously but said nothing as that massive tool rose higher and higher, uncapping the red-topped dome and swelling up to a full nine inches, standing smartly to attention against his belly.

    'My goodness, what a truly magnificent body and such a marvellously proportioned cock. It looks so powerful yet sweet enough to eat. May I be permitted to make a closer inspection?'

    She moved across the dais and slipped her little hand round the monstrous shaft. Her long fingers, working as though they possessed a will of their own, began to frig the giant cock slowly, rubbing it up to an even greater height.

    'Ah! I really am naughty to do this to you. How silly I am to let myself be excited by this handsome creature and his enormous prick. But oh! oh! I cannot help it! I must! I must!' she muttered as she drew back the skin, making its red head swell and bound in her hand. Pelham, nothing loath, remained silent as instructed by our mentor, but this did not prevent his massaging the firm little breasts that jutted out so provocatively in front of him. With her free hand Agnes unbuttoned her thin blouse to allow Pelham to pull off the offending garment from her and on this fine July day she wore nothing underneath, which gave all the boys the horn as those bouncy breasts with exquisitely swollen nipples were exposed to our view. Still holding on to the fat lollipop of a prick, she managed to unfasten her skirt and step out of it, and Pelham assisted the completion by pulling down her short cotton drawers. We feasted our gaze upon the delicious little triangle of auburn hair into which Pelham plunged his hand as their bodies crushed together in a fierce embrace. I could see his hand working inside her hairy mound, opening the large cunny lips and inserting first one and then two digits inside the moist vaginal entrance. Agnes groaned with passion. 'Stop, Pelham, dear, you must stop. I too made a promise to Doctor White which was that I would not let myself be fucked this morning by any boy in this class.'

    She sighed as her frigging hand increased the pace of its motion and Pelham's face was now flushed, yet the stalwart fellow kept his word and not a sound passed his lips even when the sensual rubbing brought him quickly to the inevitable result and he spent copiously, the froth shooting out of his prick all over her hand and sprinkling her mossy mount and belly with spunk. But Pelham was a lively chap and his prick remained firmly upright and the hot, soft head was forcing its way between the love-lips of the naked beauty in his arms.

    'Oh, Pelham,' she whispered. 'I must taste that luscious sweetmeat that feels too good merely to hold in my hand.' She knelt in front of him and slowly nibbled away at the fiery swollen dome and then she opened her mouth and sucked away noisily, massaging her breasts with one hand and plunging her other hand deep inside her own quirn.

    Pelham's legs became as weak as jelly and luckily there was a chair behind him as he sank backwards. Some of the other chaps could no longer contain themselves and I saw Simon Allingham and John Mitchell free their bursting tools from the confines of their trousers and were busy frigging away. Meanwhile, poor Pelham could no longer hold back and his body racked with convulsions as he shot a series of pulsating emissions straight into Agnes's mouth which was like a suction pump, milking his cock of every last drop of sperm. Still the fiery girl would not release the juicy morsel that lay between her lips and within a trice she had sucked up that thick knob to almost a full erection.

    'Now I am going to explain something to you all,' she said to the class, who by some superhuman dint of strength had managed to remain true to the vow of silence sworn to Doctor White. 'I want to be fucked, but precious Pelham has already spunked copiously. His sperm tastes very well, too, with just the right salty tang that I crave. But as he must be somewhat tired I shall adapt the sexual position with the female on top so that he does not have to work so hard. You may wish to watch carefully for future reference if your wife or lady partner wants a fuck but you are too tired to perform as well as you would like to do.'

    She motioned to Pelham to lie down on the floor which he did with his noble prick waving like a flagpole and there she sat astride him, pressing down the lips of her aching, cunny to the glowing head. She spread her cunny lips apart and directed the tip of his cock to the entrance and slowly sat down, letting Pelham feel the juices of her warm cunny clasp his raging prick. His hands slid across to her bare bottom and Agnes wriggled around to work the hard shaft of prick inside her as far up within her as possible. Agnes bounced merrily away on Pelham's iron-hard rod and though my own prick was straining unbearably against the material of my trousers I successfully fought to retain my composure-unlike Allingham and Mitchell who were both jetting creamy spurts of white foam all over their hands and trousers (Elaine would need extra bottles of that famous stain-remover that afternoon!).

    'Notice how well this so-called female superior position works,' gasped out Agnes. 'I can certainly advocate it for a change in one's regular fucking pattern, although I do not recommend it as a steady diet. It is quite exhausting and leaves the girl to do most of the work! Unless she has excellent control of her vaginal muscles, she has to lift herself up and down with her legs in a rather cramped position and this may occasionally-ooh, Pelham, what a superb thick prick you have-this may set up harmonic motions which can spoil the fuck in a most exasperating way.

    'Also, too much fucking in this position gives my cunt walls a hard pounding, especially if the boy is as well made as young thick-pricked Pelham. Oooooh, that's good. I think this method works best for me especially when I can sit down like this and grind my arse around whilst I work my cunny muscles. This gives my clitty a good rub as well!'

    She worked her bottom from side to side as Pelham jerked his hips up and down, and then she caught his rhythm and lifted herself up and down to meet his upward thrusts with downward pushes of her own.

    'You see, boys,' she gasped. 'Oh, Pelham, harder, harder. Ooooh! Oooooh! A man normally enjoys this kind of fuck immensely for all he has to do is lie back and watch, although dear Pelham here is a considerate sort of chap who wants to give pleasure-oooh!-as well as simply receive it. There are lazy and self-indulgent types who like this method best, but this means that the girl becomes little more than a frigging post. So this is a good, convenient variant but as a regular way of fucking perhaps-ooh! Pelham, I'm coming, I'm coming!'

    And as if by magic I saw the first gush of cream spurt out of the top of his sinewy cock as they crashed together in a glorious mutual spend. Now Doctor White had commanded silence but surely a round of applause would not be considered amiss and I began to clap heartily which was immediately taken up by the other boys, even the sticky fingered Allingham and Mitchell, and Agnes and Pelham stood up before us and bowed.

    Agnes held up her hand for silence and said: 'Boys, I hope that you have learned an important lesson which perhaps Doctor White has already given the more advanced of you lusty young men. Making love is a partnership. You may eat and drink alone. You may listen to music in solitude or read a book all by yourself. But for a proper fuck you need two people and to make it perfect there must be no holding back. Know what your partner prefers or what he or she dislikes. And you too must be frank and state what are your own preferences. Is that fully understood? Good. Now, Pelham we must return to the original purpose of this lesson. Stand as we agreed and I will draw your body. Class, you are dismissed. Please leave quietly. I am going to finish my work and then we will dress and leave. There will be no more fucking to look at so you may all rest easy!'

    At luncheon I sat next to Pelham and he confirmed that Agnes had told the truth. They had not even embraced until the lesson had ended and they said a fond au revoir. She was leaving Nottsgrove for London that afternoon but was returning after a duty visit to a sick aunt within a week.

    'Jolly good,' I said. 'You will have a marvellous fuck when she comes back.'

    'Won't I just!' said Pelham. 'All this exercise has made me ravenous. I'm going for seconds. See you after lunch!'

    In fact I would not see Pelham until later in the day, as along with some five other fellows I was due to spend the rest of the afternoon in our music-room. I stopped to have a quick chat with one of the chaps about some later appointment for cricket practice, and then hurried along to the music room, where indeed I was the last man to arrive. However Professor Marchiano had not yet arrived (which was strange, as unlike most Italians he was an extremely punctual person) and I sat down with relief.

    'I say, Allingham,' said Peter Hodgson, who was captain of cricket. 'I saw you and Mitchell masturbating during the last lesson, You are two dirty beasts.'

    'Nonsense!' said Allingharn crisply. 'You just could not free your chopper before you came!'

    'That's right!' said Mitchell robustly. 'I saw you and Dixon fondling each other's bulges.'

    'Come on chaps, lay off!' I cried. 'Professor Marchiano will be here any moment. Indeed, I cannot think what has detained him as he is usually the first here.'

    As I spoke the door opened and to my utter amazement in came Agnes Carter! What on earth was she doing here? As if she had read my thoughts she held up her hand to quell the buzz of noise that had erupted and said: 'I know I said goodbye before luncheon but regrettably Professor Marchiano is indisposed. He has a severe cold and Doctor White has asked me to take this lesson as my train does not leave until this evening and my cases are already packed.'

    'Welcome again,' I blurted out. 'I am sure that this lesson will be just as stimulating.'

    'I hope so. Scott-that is your narne is it not? Very well, gentlemen, I believe that Professor Marchiano was about to deliver a lecture upon the great contemporary composer Bedrich Smetana. Would you please make yourselves comfortable and I will deliver his dissertation from the notes he would have used had he been well enough to be here.'

    Life is a strange thing, is it not? A drunkard is forever being offered a glass, and for a fervent fucker like myself it seemed that temptation was again being thrown in my way. Still, I settled myself as comfortably as I could with a familiar swelling beginning in my cock as Agnes began her lecture.

    'Smetana was born in March, 1824, and he enjoyed a calm and happy childhood in the charming little town of Litornsyl in Eastern Bohemia. He began his studies seriously in Prague, but this period was marked by poverty and hardship which was only partially alleviated by giving music lessons to the sons and daughters of noble families. From dance pieces he wrote at this time he proceeded to the responsible and purposeful work of a serious composer. In 1856, to solve his difficult financial problems, he left for the Swedish seaport of Gothenburg where he gave successful concerts and worked as a teacher.

    'He returned home although he visited Sweden several times afterwards. His first opera was well received, but his second opera 'The Bartered Bride' won international acclaim, and in 1866 he was appointed Kappelmeister of the Czech Opera, which at least allowed him to eke out a modest subsistence. In the course of the years he created several more operas but his extensive works were curtailed in 1874 when, at the age of fifty, he was suddenly struck by deafness. Nevertheless he continued his music writing despite this tremendous handicap, and soon afterwards composed his symphonic poems which were to be the first parts of his planned six-part cycle 'My Country.' Other operas followed of which my favourite is 'The Kiss,' and another opera, 'Viola,' sadly remained unfinished at his death three years ago. I am convinced that his work will survive his death and that he will be ranked as one of the most memorable composers of the century.'

    We were all most disappointed as she droned on-then suddenly I had a most brilliant idea, and I raised my hand.

    'The influence of Smetana upon his country's culture is certain to be-yes, Scott, why do you wish to interrupt me?'

    'I do apologise, Miss Carter, only it is most devilishly warm in here. As you know, Doctor White does not allow the windows to be opened in case the sound of music or singing disturbs others. But this means that the room becomes uncomfortably warm. May I have your permission to remove my jacket?'

    'Certainly, Scott, please feel free-and this applies to anyone else who wishes to take off a jacket. I myself will take off this cardigan,' she said.

    Of course this was a signal for all six chaps to take off their jackets. I remember the scene as if it were only an hour ago.

    There were Allingham, Mitchell, Pearce, Foster-Jeffries, Wilkinson and myself, and I must confess that I was the leader in the sport that quickly followed.

    'I think I would prefer to loosen my tie,' I said carefully.

    'Oh, very well, anyone who wishes to loosen their cravats, please do so now and perhaps we can return to our study of Smetana,' said Agnes rather crossly.

    We all took off our ties and as I decided that I could not find an excuse for removing any other garment, I simply proceeded to take off my shoes and socks and began to unbuckle my trouser belt.

    'Scott! What on earth do you think you are doing? Stop it, my goodness, stop it immediately, or I shall call for assistance,' Agnes cried out in horror as I stepped out of my trousers and pulled off my vest, standing before her in my underdrawers with the knob of my prick clearly visible through the front vent. The other chaps realised that here was a lark indeed and quickly they all threw off all their clothes except for their drawers and we stood in a line facing the shocked girl who blushed furiously as Allingham's large circumcised prick (the poor fellow had suffered from a tight foreskin and had been forced to undergo a painful operation) suddenly stuck out of his white cotton briefs.

    'I think you boys would prefer to fuck rather than to hear me talk about Smetana,' she said softly. 'Mind, you are all taking advantage of the fact that I am a new and inexperienced teacher, so I think I will show you that I can give as good as I can take! All right, just let's all get into the mood!'

    She was as good as her word. She immediately unbuttoned her blouse and skirt and pulled down her drawers to expose her gorgeous nude body to our view. Five pricks shot up into the air in salute and she responded by rapidly pulling down all our drawers so that we too were all naked. She first went over to Mitchell who possessed a fleshy, medium-sized chopper and she kissed him violently, exploring his mouth with her tongue and putting his hands on her heaving breasts. Nothing loath, he cupped them, squeezed them and rubbed the nipples up to a fine erection. She traced a delicate pattern on his chest with her long fingers and then she swooped down to grasp his straining cock which she began to frig expertly, stroking the shaft and capping and uncapping the swollen knob which bulged quite alarmingly from her fist. Mitchell was obviously raw at this game so I moved over and began to kiss Agnes's large erect titties, and then bent my head down to suck them as I inserted a finger into her wet cunny which was already nicely juicy and ready for a good stiff prick.

    'Let me show you how to fuck properly like a gentleman, I said to Mitchell who stepped aside to let me face Agnes. She slid down onto the floor on her back and I sat forward on my knees, and she rubbed my prick to perfection. I moved forward to tease her outer cunt lips with my swollen knob before forcefully plunging it deep inside her sopping pussy as she instinctively opened her legs to receive me. She drew her legs up either side of my body as I began to fuck her slowly with long, powerful strokes. She gyrated wildly beneath me as if her vagina had never held a cock so big before, and what with the sensation of the fucking, her nipples grazing against my chest and the hot sun beating through the closed windows, I was almost fainting away with pleasure. So to maintain our momentum I quickened my stroke as she wrapped her legs across my back so that I could fuck her even more deeply; and then I was fucking her faster and we were kissing and biting each other in a sexual frenzy as the most indescribable pleasure built up in my balls and then in my shaft, which suddenly exploded into a blistering orgasm that attacked every nerve-end in my body as I spurted jet after jet of white spunk inside the delicious slit.

    We spent a couple of seconds getting our breath back and then Agnes whispered: 'Oh, darling, that was marvellous. I came at least twice before you spunked. Now roll off and let someone else have his turn!'

    Obediently I disengaged myself and Mitchell got down to join us on the rug. Agnes needed a moment or two to recover so she spent a minute kissing and fondling the handsome boy. I must admit that I was fascinated by the exposed glans of his large circumcised tool and I could see that he too became worked up by pulling her cunt lips apart and watching my sperm trickle down her thighs. He then positioned himself on top of her and slid his prick into her soaking slit, and the mix of Agnes's own love-juices and my coating of spunk enabled his sinewy weapon to slide in and out extremely easily. Agnes lay blissfully with her legs stretched wide and Mitchell's huge glistening cock shafting in and out; but then she whispered something that I could not hear and he withdrew his gleaming cock as Agnes rolled over onto her belly and then lifted herself on all fours so as to present her wrinkled little arsehole to Mitchell's fat prick. He hesitated only a moment before pushing his cock into the tight, puckered little hole and Agnes drew in her breath. 'Hold on a moment,' I cautioned him. 'First wet your prick with spittle, for you surely have no wish to hurt your partner.'

    'He did as I advised and pushed ahead gamely whilst I called upon Wilkinson to kneel down in front of Agnes who immediately grabbed his huge, rock-hard cock in a delirious excitement. My work as master of ceremonies was not yet over and I motioned over Pearce to place himself next to Wilkinson. Agnes took hold of his meaty prick in her other hand and began to rub it up and down. She toyed with both the cocks for a moment and then began to rub them hard as Foster-Jeffries obeyed my murmured instruction to put his finely-formed prick, which was not too large but beautifully proportioned, by Agnes's mouth. My reading of Agnes's desires proved to be correct as she opened her mouth and slicked mightily on his lovely cock, a sucking that was accompanied by a delicious squelching noise. I rightly believed her cunt was a little sore from the pounding I had given it, so I took hold of poor Allingham's tool myself and frigged him to emission as there was no other way that he could be satisfied. Almost at once miniature jets of foam spurted out from her fast-moving hands as Wilkinson and Pearce climaxed in a deluge of spunk which left Agnes's hands coated with cream. Young Foster-Jeffries came too in torrents of sperm, most of which she was able to swallow. Mitchell was still valiantly fucking her bottom, and how they panted and threshed as he slewed up and down while her bottom cheeks rose and fell. All was soon over and he pumped his spunk into her, draining his cock of the last drop until he withdrew his shrinking member out of her arse.

    We all collapsed in an exhausted heap, lying awhile in the sun regaining our strength and composure, as Agnes licked the last drops of spunk from Foster-Jeffries' prick and with a handkerchief dabbed the dribbles of juice that trickled down her glistening thighs, which were drenched with perspiration.

    Soon we all dressed hurriedly, and I made the other chaps promise never to reveal a word as to what had taken place that afternoon.

    'You must all appreciate what a jolly sport Agnes has been and she is going to suck off Allingham before she leaves us tonight as he didn't have a fuck or suck himself. Now we have all enjoyed ourselves, haven't we, so we must all protect Agnes's reputation amongst the more prudish members of society. There are many who would, sub rosa, have thoroughly enjoyed our delightful afternoon but would look askance at Agnes if what we all did ever came to their attention. Gentlemen, I am sure that Doctor White would want us to swear a vow of secrecy.'

    They all readily agreed upon their honour as Nottsgrove scholars, when to our horror Doctor White entered the room.

    'Well, boys, how was your lecture on Smetana?' he boomed out, and I noticed a jolly twinkle in his eye.

    'I'm afraid we didn't get much further than a brief biographical sketch,' laughed Agnes, and I looked puzzled. Surely I had not misjudged the situation?

    'They behaved exquisitely,' she went on. 'Young Andrew Scott here was everything you said-a born leader who showed every courtesy to me as well as ensuring that as many boys as possible enjoyed my favours.'

    'Excellent,' said Doctor White, stroking his curly beard. 'Boys, I think you deserve an explanation. May I present to you not Miss Agnes Carter but Miss Agnes Wilson, currently of the Alhambra Theatre, Holborn. She enjoys fucking young men and I well knew that none of you would mind helping to satisfy her needs. I further took this opportunity to devise my own test of initiative and I must congratulate you, Andrew, for your performance. Forbes-Mackenzie also deserves credit for his sterling work this morning. Agnes, my dear friend, I hope you are satisfied with our labours?'

    'Oh, indeed I am, Doctor. How can I ever thank you? My cunny is rather sore just now but it was well worth the ache to have those iron-hard young rods inside my orifices. To mark this auspicious occasion I have asked my patron, Lord Paddington to donate two hundred guineas for the establishment of a scholarship that will allow boys from poorer homes with the necessary academic qualifications to study here at your wonderful establishment.'

    'How very kind of you,' replied the good Doctor.

    'Merciful heavens, Doctor White, I do assure you most wholeheartedly that the pleasure was quite a mutual affair. Now I must thank all your wonderful pupils again for a glorious bout of fucking that has afforded me much enjoyment.'

    'Is there no way by which we can repay you?'

    'Oh, I suppose there is perhaps one favour you may do for me. I would be most grateful if Allingham could be excused from his studies this afternoon as I have promised to suck him off-he has never enjoyed the sensation before now and I have no wish to break my promise, particularly to such a strapping young fellow who has such a fine, upstanding prick!'

    Doctor White laughed and said: 'But of course you must not break your word. Allingham, you lucky young pup, you arc excused for the rest of this afternoon. Everyone else, back to your labours im-mediately, please, as we have much work to get through before the end of this, term and I don't want anyone falling behind. Agnes, my dear, once again, au revoir, and do come back to visit us again as soon as you can.'

    I led the chaps in a rousing chorus of 'For She's A Jolly Good Fellow' and we trudged back to the classroom to complete the day's studies which for us all was a most disappointing anti-climax! Indeed, I can hardly recall what we were studying, but as my mind fetches forth these happy memories from the store of my recollections, I am put in mind of those famous words of the Bard of Avon as so wittily changed by Lord Byron who wrote:

    'There is a tide in the affairs of women

    Which, when taken at the flood,

    Lead on to God knows where!'

    How true, how very true!

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