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    The story told in these letters was for some years considered too scandalous to be permitted public circulation. In their correspondence, the writers freely describe the seduction and enslavement of a number of young women.

    Even now it is quite out of the question to reveal the identities of the two protagonists. To do so would be to create a scandal in the highest echelons of English society. It may still be objected that the demands enforced upon the girls-the ravishings, lesbian seductions, sodomies, and stern flagellations-ought not to be so fully detailed as is the case here. Yet these adventures will be meaningless unless published in full. The pages which follow are not for the prudish or the timorous. In giving them to the light of day, the publisher has bowed to the consideration, as the poet has it, that No thought which ever stirred A human breast should be unheard. 13 Faubourg Montmartre, Paris, France Anonymous Aphrodizzia A Hint to the Reader

    The private confessions which you are about to read were the work of a high-spirited lady and gentleman, known to one another as Dolly and Jack. In the course of a single summer each became master or mistress of several lively girls and young women, whose natural lecheries gave every opportunity to our two friends.

    You will readily believe me, then, when I tell you that these papers are of a kind usually consigned to the oblivion of the fire. I have been privileged to keep and publish them only on condition that the full names of the two correspondents are not revealed. To this stipulation I must give reluctant consent. I will not detain you a moment longer than necessary from all that follows-the lewd boudoir passions of sly young Elke-the lesbian amours of Petra and Sonja-the bedroom whipping of demure Claudia- the first removal of knickers from young Natasha and Julia by foreign hands! Yet you will relish the tale all the more if I first tell you something of my friends Dolly and Jack, and if I explain how these adventures began. Jack is an English gentleman of education and property, with a wistful eye for a maiden of sixteen. He combines these advantages by offering during the summer months an English education to girls from the continent of Europe. To pursue this hobby he has bought a fine old house, secluded in its own grounds, above a flowery promenade on the coast of Sussex.

    My friend Jack remains a bachelor, his dark hair scarcely brushed with grey at the temples. Were you to meet him, you would think him a handsome and vigorous fellow in every department of his life.

    Dolly is a blonde beauty of twenty-nine, the widow of a German scholar of great repute, who married her when she was seventeen and left her well provided for three years ago. She still lives not far from the great libraries and university of the Unter den Linden.

    Indeed, her charming villa reminds one a little of Jack's, for it overlooks one of the placid and tree-embowered lakes by which Berlin is delightfully surrounded. Now, I have no wish to shock your sensibilities but it is best that I confide to you from the start Dolly's secret passion. Though she did her duty in bed eagerly enough for her older husband, she has always cherished a second romantic passion-for certain members of her own sex. Like Jack, it amuses her to take pupils during the summer months. The English high-school from which they come is not, of course, the common or garden type which that name implies in Germany or Hie United States. It is a private institution, catering for the daughters of the bourgeoisie. A finishing-school in embryo. In addition to one or two of these English nymphs, Dolly is frequently attended by a pair of intense young women, Sonja and Petra, who work for a Berlin photographer. With all her protegees, Dolly knows how to employ loving fingers, amorous tongue, no less than the cane or whip which lie conveniently in the bedroom cupboard. It was last December, when the streets of Paris were bright with coloured lights for the festive season, that Jack and Dolly met again. After an evening at the opera, they were guests during a dinner party at the Cafe de la Paix. They talked the night away and, long after two in the morning, began musing on the summer which lay ahead. Each of my friends has long been aware of the penchants cherished by the other-there is no hypocrisy between them!

    Jack offered to superintend the choice of the two adolescent pupils who should be summer guests at the Villa Anna. Dolly smiled and vowed to send Jack a selection of several nymphs who would tax his ingenuity to the full in the cunning and even perverse pleasures to which he would be able to submit them. Two such high-spirited adventurers as Jack and Dolly agreed at once that each must share the other's experiences. They promised, accordingly, that during the summer months they would keep one another fully informed of the extravagant demands they made upon the pretty girls of their “harems,” and the games they played in training these lovely creatures to their whims. To this engagement they remained true. After a month or two, their friend Frederick, Viscount A-,* became a partner in the venture. He it was who provided a charming palm-fringed island, where the dream of a seraglio might become reality. To this delightful haven our friends lured the girls in their charge. In the second part of this volume you will find two or three spirited letters between Lord Frederick and his friends, following their retirement to this secret pleasure-palace. I promise you, that you are the first person outside the charmed circle of three to whom this secret has been revealed. Yet I would not trespass on your courtesy, nor offend your sense of decorum. Perhaps these pages are not for you. Do you recoil from Claudia's startled innocence as her thighs and backside are first laid bare? Do you wince at the extreme and vulgar lewdness of Elke in the hands of her boy-friends? Does the use of the whip on the bare bottoms of pretty girl-pupils strike you as de trop? In that event, I urge you to turn from these pages at once and find a more congenial subject.* Lord Fred is a rising nobleman, owner of a “private plantation,” where modern female slaves of paler hue have replaced their tawny sisters. I have his promise that I may publish his own reminiscences in a few months more, when the present scandal has abated. Yet if you wish to read of men and women as, alas, they too often are, not as they ought to be, then let us follow our young friends into that summer of sunlit beaches and sensuous warmth. Let it be that season of the year, that sunny clime, which is known with a smile as “Aphrodizzia.”


    In which we meet our first two delectable pupils-The prim blonde Natasha-Julia, the lewd little puss with the painted eyes-Their secret longings under demure scholastic uniforms!-Natasha's private pleasures-Julia's furtive randiness with the boys of the town-Our hero arranges the removal of both girls to the private “harem” of Dolly's villa-The game is begun.

    Dear Dolly, Faithful to my promise,

    I write to tell you of Julia and Natasha. These two parcels of budding beauty and adolescent mischief will await your collection Wednesday evening next from the Anhalter station in Berlin. As I undertook, they are yours for the remainder of the summer and for long after that if our ingenuity is rewarded! As you know, I have taken great care in observing and investigating those elegant young ladies who make up the select and respectable girl-pupils of our acquaintance. Will you approve my choice? I feel sure that you must. Being so inveterate a photographer, I enclose a number of prints taken of these girls in passing, so that you may the more easily recognise them. No less important, I must tell you a little about these two snooty, pert charmers, whose mistress you will soon be. I know you will find them a most piquant contrast to one another. The first gems in the album will show you the younger of the two, Natasha. She is such a smug and self-confident young lady for her age, with the air of one born to be pampered and spoilt. Do you like the way our little blondes hair is fringed at the front and worn in that sweet little chignon at the back? I find it most endearing! But when you look at Natasha's face, you will see at once that she needs firm handling. That fair complexion belongs to such smug and self-indulgent young features.

    Those blue eyes and prim looks have the classic poise of English middle-class femininity. Compare the two girls and you will see that Natasha is visibly the younger of the two. I regret that the green jumper covers her cotton blouse, for without it you could judge more accurately the extent of her budding breasts. By the same token, one regrets that the navy blue skirt covers her down to the knees.

    From what you can see between its hem and her white ankle-socks, her legs are slim and not yet as rounded as they will soon be. When the skirt is removed, her briefs of tight white cotton will conceal little from you. Then you may judge the tautness and slight underdevelopment of outline in Natasha's bottom and hips. Have no fear, Dolly, our young blonde will “come on” in the next few months like the very best wine! More of Natasha in a moment. First let me say something of Julia, whose pictures appear on the next page. I believe you will find in her a challenge which will excite you to quite unprecedented determination! Julia, you see, is a girl of good family and education, with the means of being pretty. Yet in her adolescent rebellion, she chooses to adopt the crudity and boldness of a streetwalker. See for yourself. You observe that Julia has blue eyes and a soft, high-boned face. Yet the eyes are darkly painted and the pale face itself rouged and made up as if to impose a deliberate hardness upon it. And what can one say of her dark hair? See how close it is cropped, how it is short and tapered down the back of her neck, how its cut strands at the front rise with the spiked look of a cock's comb! Even in her uniform it is evident that Julia is by far the more fully-developed little madam of these two! But turn to the next page of the album, my dear Dolly, and you will see photographic gems which tell you as much about Julia's character as about her figure!

    Ah, you can scarcely believe your eyes! Conduct of this kind would never be permitted, you say, in the respectable streets of Berlin!

    Let me explain. These pictures were taken during the spring holidays, when the teenage girls like Julia are left to their own devices. Even after school, she would spend several hours loitering in the streets with boys of the most common sort. With no supervision at all, she dressed as you see her here, to keep company with them for days at a time! Now, there is no reason why a girl of her age may not wear riding-jeans and singlet in the right place. But did one ever wear pants of that tightness in the most fashionable streets of such a town? I could not resist following after with my little Kodak, for without such evidence you would swear I had invented the incident!

    See the front view! Julia walking along in a row of young ruffians, the hardness of her painted face and the most unfeminine look of her spikily-cropped dark hair. Such a curiosity of human science, Dolly. One knows that there are prim and demure high-school girls whose secret dream of excitement is to imagine themselves as whores or street-women. Such fantasies are often nature's compensation for the strictness of the lives which society forces upon them. In Julia's case, however, it seemed as if she would translate fantasy into reality! You doubt me? Look, then, at the four prints of her rear view, taken as Julia and her boy friends walked away up the slope of the street. Her figure is that of the goose not quite become a swan-and in those tight pants Julia displays it to the world almost as if she were naked! See for yourself. One notices that her thighs are more fleshy and somewhat heavier than Natasha's elfin limbs. And what shall we say of Julia's bottom? The tight seat of her pale blue jeans leave little to the imagination. One can see, for instance, the clear outline of the stretched cotton briefs which she wears under the seat of the straining denim. Observe, too, the softness and weight which-adolescent “puppy fat” gives to Julia's provoking young bottom-cheeks. Does your pulse begin to beat a little faster, Dolly? If so, the cause must surely be the thought of having two such pupils as Natasha and Julia under your absolute command for many months to come! How will you deal with such a wayward and perverse delinquent as. Julia, I wonder? There are two opposite methods. The world at large would recommend a birch-rod and a whipping-stool in a soundproof room. With a girl like Julia no one would blame you if you chose to enforce her regular pilgrimage there once or twice a week. On the other hand there is a softer remedy, your fingers working gently between Julia's legs as she lies gasping and squirming in pleasure with her pants down and the thick dew gathering warmly on the smoothness of her thighs. You and I, my dear, are wiser than the world. We know that with such girls as Julia one need not choose. Both remedies are to be employed without any contradiction arising between them. Despite her rebellious attitude, I do not think that Julia had ever been chastised at school. She may have been smacked at home but I am sure she has never been properly strapped or birched. That being so, what an awakening of many sorts you may have in store for her!

    Let me tell you now something of the conduct of the two girls who will become your possessions next Wednesday. Natasha lacks the boldness of Julia. When Julia is at the centre of a group of common lads, Natasha with her prim blond looks will stand on the edge of the crowd in her neat formal uniform and watch uncertainly. She would like to be thought as bold as her friend and yet she has that instinctive reserve of the well brought-up middle class girl. While Julia walks with the leaders of the gang to the house of their lewd rendezvous, Natasha brings up the rear diffidently, and never crosses the threshold. When Julia and her admirers enter and climb the stairs, Natasha turns away and walks homeward with sulky disappointment.

    Yet you are not to think from this, Dolly, that our elfin blonde is indifferent to the pangs of love. I have made the most careful inquiries-discreetly, of course!-and have by the happiest chance discovered that a physician of my intimate acquaintance attends the family. They consulted him about Natasha's conduct, having accidentally spied upon the girl when she thought herself alone.

    Natasha is in the habit of returning home quietly in the afternoon and slipping up to her room. Being old enough now, she is permitted to be there unattended. As if wrestling with temptation, she stands before the dressing-table mirror and contemplates her image.

    Her fingers comb the fringe of her blond hair moodily or she strokes the little chignon against her neck, relishing its silken smoothness on her skin. Then she studies her own pouting sulkiness in the glass until her mind is quite made up. Because she is not permitted to lock herself in- sensible precaution-Natasha has to proceed with care.

    She must undress as little as possible for her sacrifice to Venus, knowing she may have to put herself to rights at the first creak of a footstep outside the door. She lies on the bed, wearing her white ankle-socks and flat shoes, as well as the green jumper, white blouse, and striped tie of her costume. Even her navy blue skirt and white stretched briefs must remain on, though she adjusts them at will.

    Lying over the counterpane, able to see her reflection in the mirror if she chooses, Natasha pulls her navy-blue skirt right up.

    When she was first observed, Natasha masturbated by fondling and squeezing her pussy-flesh through the thin cotton of her knickers.

    However, the aftermath was a pair of disagreeably dampened panties which might have to be worn for some time before a pretext for their renewal could be presented. Therefore, as Natasha worked her navy-blue skirt up over her prim young hips, so she eased her white briefs down until they formed a tangle round the slim fair-skinned thighs of adolescence. What a charmingly naive picture she made in the mirror! There was the rather sulky young face with its blue eyes and blond fringe, the hair drawn back with pretty severity into its saucy tail. In the narrow loins below the flat taut belly the first fair moss of the pubic bush appeared. Natasha's trim, high bottom-cheeks had the innocent and tremulous pallor of budding maidenhood. You may be well assured, Dolly, that our young pupil blushed a little to see herself so fully exposed in the glass, even though she thought herself secure from all eyes but her own! And yet, though the little charmer blushed, she could not quite draw away her gaze from the sly fascination of her own body. Settling her head on the pillow and closing her eyes, for all the world as if preparing to sleep, Natasha would allow her mischievous right hand to fondle its way down her firm, flat belly to the archway of all delights. Her fingers touched and explored those coral lips, her knees pressing together and her slim pale legs trembling a little at the sensations which her own fondling provoked. Despite her inexperience, Natasha must cram the corner of the pillow to her mouth to quieten those little sounds which might betray her, if heard beyond the door. Yet for all her care she cannot quieten the rude windy noises from her cunt which such excitement and lubrication soon engender. Natasha masturbates in this manner for as long as possible, sometimes delaying the climax of her joy for an hour. Often she attains the summit of bliss but not always. Pity this poor pupil when a footfall on the stairs or landing obliges her to scramble from the bed, hastily pulling up her panties and tugging her skirt down. By the time that a stern parental gaze surveys the room, Natasha sits at the table, head bowed over her homework, the top of a pencil between her lips as she worries it studiously with her pretty little teeth. Are there any signs which might betray her? Has she remembered to straighten out the counterpane of the bed in her hasty flight from it? As the paternal lips kiss the charmingly uncovered little ear or the side of the bare neck, is there perhaps the faintest mineral odour of feminine arousal?

    It would take a stricter observation to confirm such suspicions. An immediate inspection of the state of Natasha's warm little knickers, perhaps. Happily for her, dire draconian measures are a little beyond paternal authority in such cases. From maternal inquisitiveness she has much more to fear! I may tell you in confidence, Dolly, that it was a casual moment of self-indulgence at school which happily revealed Natasha's secret masturbation to my acquaintance. Believing herself to be alone in the girls' washroom she could not resist a little performance, standing before the mirror with her skirt rucked up and her hand inside her panties. Little did she know that the dragon who guards the maidens-the stem head mistress herself!-stood unobserved by a partition. Imagine the woman's delight! On no account would Natasha allow news of her misbehaviour to reach her parents. Naturally there was but one alternative. The girl was ordered to wait there while the “dragonness” went to her lair! The mistress returned bearing the dreaded punishment-strap, a strip of thin leather, eighteen inches long and two inches wide, split into three tails at its end. Presently our prim young blonde was bending to touch her toes, naked from the hem of the green jumper at her waist to the white ankle socks on her feet. The milk-white cheeks of Natasha's bottom, so pert yet demure in their emergent femininity, were fondled by the mistress's own hands. Then the tiled walls rang to twenty strokes of the smarting leather across Natasha's backside-four more added when she dared to straighten up in floods of tears and beg for a respite. That evening the bedroom mirror reflected those demure maidenly buttocks again. But this time they were printed with the broad scarlet paths of the strap, which had scarcely faded by bedtime.

    For the next week, by daily inspection of her own rear, Natasha was able to watch the gradual fading of several expertly inflicted bruises on the cheeks of her prim little arse! Have no fear, my dear Dolly, the education of Natasha will prove a truly rewarding experience for you! Let me say something of Julia. There is a curious paradox in England, a propos the upbringing of young ladies. A “good” girl like Natasha gets the strap for a comparative peccadillo.

    Now, Julia is an adolescent whore by any standard. Yet she gets no such penalty. It is as if parents and teachers are prepared to thrash and reprimand England's daughters, so long as their sexual offences are slight. But once the girl gives herself up to promiscuity, the stern moralists cease to scold and put away their scourges. To witness Natasha's youthful enjoyments, you would have to spy upon her closely. Julia, though but a few months the elder, performs her lewdnesses in the public view-when that view includes the darker corners of streets and courtyards. Yet no birch-rod waits in pickle for her arrival home. They have, you see, given her up. Her reputation is gone and neither high-school teachers nor her family care beyond that. Observe what hypocrisy is indulged by “respectable” society in England! It is not the conduct of the girl but only her reputation which concerns her elders. As the rules demand, Julia must appear before her betters in the same school uniform as Natasha-the decorous skirt, the blouse and striped tie, the ankle socks and flat shoes.

    With the boys who accompany her on other occasions she will flaunt herself in the tightest riding-jeans or-given the chance, no doubt-in leopardskin tights! As if to advertise her character, even under the supervision of female moralists she adopts this hardened manner, the cropping of her dark hair to its short, spiky appearance with its close tapered cut on her nape-for all the world like a labourer's boy rather than a middle-class miss. You would not wonder at Julia's preference for short singlet and tight jeans if I told you of how easily the boys' hands may fondle her close to the skin. I do not suppose a girl feels much if she is fondled through a dress and several petticoats. But if you could see Julia and a pair of boys in a dark doorway or the arch of an alley-way, you would understand. To fondle her between the legs, or to handle the soft weight of Julia's bottom-cheeks through thin denim is almost to feel her as if she were naked. Indeed, there is no doubt that the tight denim pants must rub her up a little as she walks! There again, as a boy glues his mouth to Julia's in a long kiss, pressing her in the corner of the archway after dark, how easily he may slip a hand into the waistband of her pants. And you may be sure that while his fingers play between her legs or part the cool cheeks of Julia's arse, the girl's hand has already opened his fly and is manualising his erection in return.

    I do not know if her virginity has yet been impaled on the stout lance of male pleasure-nor indeed if Julia's arsehole has been breeched. Yet she is certainly adept in masturbating the boys of her acquaintance with a ready hand and leaving the seed of future generations spilt in the nooks and arches of the town! Even as she sits at her desk in close company with girls of reputation and refinement, you would recognise her at once for what she is. If you doubt me still, let me tell you of a glimpse I had, the first which opened my eyes in this case. Julia lounged under a railway arch in the embrace of some happy young ruffian. His pale erection was stiff in her hand and his own fingers were busy inside her pants. Now, I confess, in those circumstances I should want to take Julia somewhere private and do all manner of things to her-some of which even she could not guess at! In the singlet and riding-jeans, she looked quite a young woman and not a lumpish high-school girl. Julia's cunt was no doubt yielding copiously into her young swains hand. Yet even to take her pants down was impossible in such a place, when the bulls-eye lantern of a policeman might swing into view at any moment.

    Did our hardened young heroine with the darkened eyes and rouged cheeks merely desire novelty? Or was she determined to have closer acquaintance with the penis? Whatever the cause, she offered little resistance when the boy pressed on her shoulders, pushing her to her knees before him. He held her head gently between his hands. Julia's mouth opened a little, still hesitant, but enough to admit the penis-head between her lips. Holding her head more firmly, he began to move his hips in an energetic rhythm. Did Julia suck him actively-or did he merely employ her mouth as a necessary receptacle?

    Once or twice she made a faint gagging sound in her throat, which suggested that neither of them was expert in the matter. At last he came in her mouth, still holding her close and urging her not to waste a drop of such precious balm but to swallow it all down. At that moment a second lad-there were five in all!-came from the shadows and took his place. Julia uttered a muffled plaint as her mouth was filled once more by a stout truncheon of flesh. When all five had finished with her, they left her on her own, lying curled on the ground, as if entranced by the memory of what she had just been made to do! How I envy you two such pupils, Dolly! The maiden of bashful sixteen is the stuff of legend. Will these two charming girls-so different in their characters-be so bashful at sixteen after your care of them? I can scarcely wait to hear! Do not forget that I shall inform you also of every detail relating to the pretty frauleins who arrive here next week to spend the summer under this roof! Jack.


    The Villa Anna-Preparations for the arrival of the two English adolescents-Dolly's menage-Sonja and Petra, the two Berlinese “bitches” of the villa's mistress-Their lesbian amour-Restless nights in the bedroom's luxury- The arrival of Julia and Natasha-A charming encounter of innocence and experience-Sobs and sighs.

    My dearest Jack, I shall treasure your last letter more than any other you have sent me. What promise! What pleasures lie in store for us during the summer months! I feel almost like Thackeray who thought that a plum bun was so delicious that its anticipation was more exquisite than its consumption. But you, my dear, have promised a pair of plum buns-so delightful individually and so exciting in contrast. Ah, yet wait till you see how I repay you.

    By this time on Friday you will have four delightful pupils under your roof, thanks to my influence. All are between the ages of fifteen and eighteen. You will recognise them from the enclosed photographs as Katharine, Claudia, Elke, and Helena. Indeed, if my further plans are successful, you may also have an opportunity to introduce the intricacies of the English tongue to such olive-skinned belles of Italy as Daniela and Valeria-not to mention Agnetha, Milena, and certain other blonde beauties. But now to our present drama. I write this letter a little after midnight when the villa is quiet and the girls sleeping. Julia and Natasha arrived this evening in the care of a dour-looking duenna who departs again tomorrow morning. Then I shall have the two new pupils to myself! Yet I have not been idle while awaiting them. Indeed, they will soon make the acquaintance of two young women whom I may almost regard as my slaves. If the Isle of Lesbos had boasted a seraglio, Sonja and Petra would surely have been among its treasures! They are not yet wholly mine but I propose to take possession of them completely in a little while. If you would understand the fate I nave in mind for our two pupils, I must begin by revealing to you something of Sonja and Petra. Were you to enter a certain photographer's establishment in a shopping boulevard of this city, you would find these two young goddesses waiting to attend you. Sonja is the elder, at twenty-two years old.

    She has some experience of sharing a husband's or a lover's bed-we do not inquire closely into the couple's marital status. What more charming sight than to see Sonja walking on a summer evening near the Savigny-Platz? She has a lithe suntanned body, seen to advantage in her light pink blouse, brief turquoise skirt and white ankle-boots.

    There is a gamine quality in her trimly muscled calves, as much as in the crop of her medium brown curls, her roundish sun-warmed face and blue eyes. You may be sure that as she walks along the Kant-Strasse or the Kurfursten-Damm in her easy strides, many a camera takes Sonja's picture-bare legs and cheeky manner-for a private collection. If Sonja is the dominant girl of the pair, Petra may seem to be the submissive one. Yet you would not think so by her off-hand and dismissive manner towards many of the male customers! She too is undoubtedly a charming contrast-as Natasha proves to be to Julia.

    Petra is a slim lithe girl, eighteen years old, with flaxen hair fringed on her forehead and sometimes worn loose to her shoulders, sometimes tied in an untidy tail. Her face has a fine fair skin with the bloom of health on her cheeks, while her expression combines innocence with a certain surliness of manner. Her features are perhaps more crudely prominent than Sonja's pertness, which is sometimes the way with the daughters of the German proletariat. Both girls give an impression of lissom energy, their firm trim-made legs moving with bare suntanned grace below the hems of their little summer skirts. I promise you, Jack, many a gentleman who chances to peep into that shop sighs wistfully at the thought of having Sonja and Petra under his absolute command. What bedroom scenes fill his thoughts-and to what little purpose! The truth is that Sonja and Petra yearn for each other's bodies more strongly than for Apollo himself. Yet two such charming young lesbians are always in peril in a city like this.

    Sonja, indeed, had a regular ration of penis between her legs when she was a few years younger. Though she wears no wedding-ring, perhaps she was even obliged to submit her cunt and arse to the demands of the marriage-bed. Imagine the eagerness with which these two girls accepted my offer of protection here at the villa! They put themselves entirely in my charge and I am a frequent spectator of their billing and cooing. Neither of them dreamt of such luxury and sensual indulgence. A day hence and the photographer will see them no more.

    Knowing me as you do, Jack, you will guess that my intentions towards Sonja and Petra are not entirely honourable! The Villa Anna will soon be their sumptuous prison where they lie bound by the soft threads of amorous desire. If a certain type of man-a person of wealth and firmness-should take a fancy to the pair, I will have Sonja and Petra broken to his demands without further ado. While Petra's flaxen hair threshes like wheat in a storm, her knees shall be held apart for her initiation. Then she shall be turned over, a smack on the slim curve of Petra's bottom to make her relax its cheeks for a proper admiration of what lies between them. Such dramas are in the future. Perhaps they will never be enacted, though I should feel a natural disappointment in that case. At present my plan is more direct and simple. Though I must not let my own part in the affair be seen too soon, it is my intention that the two young German women shall lure your pair of pert little girls into the most heavily perfumed flower-paths which the gardens of depravity have to offer! I propose that by the end of the summer, our elfin blonde, Natasha, shall experience pleasures so perverse that the mention of them would bring a blush even to the cheek of a young wife fresh from her weeks of honeymoon passion! With this in mind, I determined to put Sonja and Petra themselves to the test on the night preceding the arrival of the two English girls. It was a beautiful summer evening, the late sunlight still lingering in a warm dusty glow over the gardens of the villa where they run to the lake shore. The ornamental urns and the birch trees cast their distended shadows on the gold radiance, though it was almost ten o'clock. The two young women share a bedroom-and a spacious bed-luxuriously appointed. Its balcony, in the Italian manner, overlooks the placid waters with a view to the trees and the Crown Prince's castle on the far side of the lake. They are well-used to my presence in the room as they prepare for bed. Indeed, they accept that the playing of certain amorous games is part of the gratitude they are to show me for their safety and comfort here.

    We went up together to the bedroom with its walls panelled in pink silk, the damask cover of the wide bed, the mirrors which conveniently reflected that arena of pleasure, and the eight bright bulbs of the electrolier which illuminated its languors. Dinner had ended an hour before, the servants having cleared away and gone to bed in their own part of the building. The two girls were dressed informally, as they had been when they left work for the last time.

    Sonja matched her brown tan and cropped dark curls with the pink blouse, the little white ankle-boots, and the short turquoise skirt which left bare the brown, agile form of her calves. Petra was more simply attired in her white blouse and a plain short skirt of blue denim. Picture me, then, as ring-mistress with these two charming performers in the ring. The long curtains were drawn across to hide our enjoyments from prying eyes. Then each girl undid her skirt and blouse, removing both garments and hanging them neatly in their places. They stood before me, each clad in nothing but a skimpy white breast-halter and matching briefs of white cotton web, stretched tight over hips, loins and seat. “I must put you to bed, my pets,” I said, taking no care to conceal my amusement in this game. “Lie on the bed dressed just as you are. Sonja, lie with your head towards this end and Petra, my child, lie with your head towards the other. You shall sleep head-to-tail tonight-if you find any leisure to sleep at all!” They obeyed without any real sign of reluctance. Sonja put her knee on the bed and climbed over to her side. She settled the shock of her dark curls at the centre and stretched out her bare limbs which are brown as a gypsy's after so much sun. Petra followed more bashfully, first putting her hands behind her head and forming a collar-length pony-tail of her lank flaxen hair which she secured with an ordinary rubber band. Eighteen-year-old Petra arranged herself so that she lay facing Sonja, head-to-tail. The posture kept each girl's face level with her friend's hips. To complete this charming ensemble I enforced a degree of amorous bondage upon them, Round each girl's waist is a light gold chain, its ends welded so that it cannot be removed. About each pretty neck I now clipped a broad leather collar from which ran another twelve inches or so of chain.

    This I locked round the shapely partners waist. So our pretty pair were condemned to pass the night in their present suggestive manner, each pillowing her head on the others nips or backside. Each girl's field of vision was almost filled by the charming prospect presented by the other's hips, backside, and upper thighs. Though still wearing their white stretch-briefs, each was obliged to present herself to the face of the other in an appealing upwards squat!

    Under the level fringe of her blond hair, Petra's face coloured a little as I took the waistband of her briefs and drew them down to the mid-point of her slim lightly suntanned thighs. I did not remove the briefs altogether, jack, for there is something more provocative about a girl like Petra with her panties down round her thighs than with her lower body entirely naked. Under the occasional rudeness of her manner in the shop, one finds a true sense of vulnerable innocence in Petra's blue-green eyes. She was self-consciously aware that even the more roughly-used and easily-blemished part of her knickers was under Sonja's immediate gaze. Sonja's round gypsy-brown face looked at me with blue eyes expecting the same treatment. I smiled at this.

    “You shall keep your pants on for the moment, Sonja. Content yourself with enjoying your view of Petra!” Indeed, the collar-chain which attached her to the gold links round the young blonde's bare waist gave Sonja no chance to turn from her contemplation. Her cheek rested on the taut slimness of Petra's upper thigh. Her eyes confronted the younger girl's trim nymph-like buttocks, and of course the lips of the cunt between her legs with their stray tendrils of fair hair. On these occasions, Jack, when I am in full command of my two slaves, I am as strict in one respect as any English prude. I do not allow either Sonja or Petra to masturbate. Their hands are fastened so that each may play with the other but not with herself. So now a leather cuff went round each wrist and a light chain from each attached it to the other girl's waist again. There was no limit to what one girl's mouth or fingers might perform upon the other's sensitive part. Yet neither girl could reach far enough to gratify herself. Had I been in a wicked mood, Jack, I should have arranged matters a little differently. Having mixed a strong aphrodisiac in the dinner coffee I would have had them trussed in this posture but with their wrists strapped behind their backs and their collar-leads holding them back from even the lightest kiss. Then each girl must have itched for relief and seen the other's beauties of hips and thighs before her eyes, while having no power to ease the erotic anguish of herself or her companion. I promise you, dearest, that my plans for Petra and Sonja include such a restless night of amorous torment. Yet this was not to be the occasion of it.

    I watched them for a little while as they lay waiting on the bed.

    I had determined to see if it was possible to light Sonja's “fuse” and by so doing cause the “explosion” of love in Petra without ever touching her myself. I sat at the middle of the bed, stroking Petra's blonde fringe as she pillowed her fair-skinned beauty on the fuller curve of Sonja's brown thigh. Her view of Sonja was rather as if Petra had been looking up at the open seat of a chair on which the young woman sat. Though Sonja's white briefs still moulded the “landscape,” the rear opening of her thighs was but four or five inches from Petra's blue-green eyes. The firmly-rounded cheeks of Sonja's bottom were clearly and separately presented in the fight cotton-as was the soft bulge of her pussy-flesh between her legs.

    Gazing down the length of her own body towards me, Sonja's blue eyes looked wonderingly from her pert brown face with its shock of dark curls. I smiled at her, holding her questioning gaze as I gave a light pinch to the soft pussy-flesh through the cotton gusset of the panties. A quick tremor of her body was followed by the young woman straining her hips back to open her rear access more fully. Using the back opening of her thighs, so that Petra would see everything, I began to masturbate Sonja gently through the stretched cotton web of her white panties. “You're well used to this, my dear,” I murmured to her as I stroked and squeezed lightly, “You like to play with yourself, Sonja, don't you? Yes, you do. You like it very much!

    Petra, my innocent child, watch closely! There's a good girl! See how my fingers find the slit in Sonja's cunt and rub up and down it through the cotton knickers?… Is that nice, Sonja? Is it? Let your lubrication begin to come. You needn't be bashful about moistening your briefs. I'm sure it's happened before when you've been played with… You like watching Sonja masturbated, Petra? Do you? See how she needs it!… Can you feel how you're wetting yourself, Sonja? I must show Petra your juice on my fingers. Oh, you little innocent, Petra! Don't try to turn your face away… Very well, then, I must hold you by your little tail of hair and make you breathe in the scent of Sonja's arousal!” Sonja's fuse, having smouldered for so long, now burst into flame.-When I held my fingers still she rode her hips to and fro on them, frantic for the rubbing between her legs.

    “I'm sure some lucky man had fun with you, Sonja! What a juicy ride! Ah, some more on to my fingers then!… Now you shall wait while I ease it off on the back of your thigh… But you must be more passionate than this before we take down your panties, Sonja!” I had scarcely spoken these words when Petra gave a startled but grateful little cry. Sonja, frantic to do as she was done by, had buried her face in the rear of the blonde's slim thighs and was kissing Petra's fair-haired cunt-lips hungrily. How many times, I wonder, had she done this in reality or fantasy behind the photographer's studio? “Do it better than that, Sonja!” I said with mock severity, “Otherwise I shall give you a smacked bottom and no more fun! Tickle Petra's clitoris with your tongue! Properly! Then you may tongue-diddle her if you wish.” When the tongue-tip touched her sensitive little clitoris, eighteen-year-old Petra was the most quivering, half-hysterical nymph. She shrieked as if in the most atrocious torment-a sure proof of the near alliance of pleasure and pain in the human sensibility. I stroked her lank fair hair reassuringly. “Don't hold back, Petra, my sweet! Scream in your joy, if you wish! There is no shame in that-only a great release!”

    Petra's sharp, spasmodic cries fell presently to a gentle moaning of pleasure. The window curtains stirred a little in the warm night-breeze across the lake. I held the fingers, which were slippery from Sonja's cunt, to Petra's lips. She first kissed, then licked them gently. I still refused to let her take down Sonja's briefs, curious to see what the blonde nymph would do. With a shudder of longing, Petra leant forward and applied her pouting kiss to the warm wetness of the cotton, where it clung to the softness of Sonja's vaginal lips.

    Later I intervened, drawing Petra's head back by the flaxen pony-tail and taking down Sonja's panties to mid-thigh. In Sonja's case, her plump little cunt is mossed by dark hair. At twenty-two years old her bum-cheeks have the round sauciness of womanhood, contrasting with the pale ovals of Petra's demure buttocks! The two girls mouthed and tongued one another between the legs, each trying to stroke the curls or pony-tail of the beloved who gave her such joy.

    In a moment more, Sonja's spasm was almost upon her. With a sudden sound in her throat, her dark curls jerked and I saw her face, her lips drawn back over bared teeth like one in a fit. I wanted, of course, to make her abandon herself completely at this moment. Sonja's twenty-two-year-old arsehole was visible between her buttocks. I took the vaseline jar and spread a dollop of the grease on her anus. Her dark curls were twisting to and fro, her cheeky suntanned face agonised in the spasm of coming orgasm. I took the smooth metal tube which once held a large Corona cigar and slid its rounded end into Sonja's behind. I held it with several inches inside her and the rest protruding. My other hand worked expertly at her cunt-lips. “I want you to come with your arsehole held open, Sonja,” I said gently.

    And so she did, reaching her climax with a wild cry that was midway between a scream and a snarl! Gently I drew the tube from her arse, wiped her between the cheeks with paper from the roll by the bed, and dropped the paper on the floor. But Sonja had hidden her face in the silk cover now and was sobbing as if with shame at the exhibition she had made of herself. It was, of course, only the natural anticlimax which follows such ecstasy. I touched her hot and slippery cunt and began to stroke again gently. Her sobs broke out anew, as if she hated this! Yet Sonja would climax a dozen times before dawn broke, for I had decided upon that. Presently the sobs ceased, the first yearning sighs began softly once more, and her brown tanned hips moved gently in time to my fingers as I masturbated her. Then I gave her to Petra to suck. The eighteen-year-old blonde had her own “happy time”-the first of several on that restless night!-ten minutes later.

    It was almost dawn when I left them, still fastened head-to-tail in the same manner and still playing with each other like a pair of charming and lascivious kittens! When I entered next morning, they were sleeping exhausted in their posture. Each girl's panties were still in a tangle round the middle of her thighs and she presented her bare hips in their upwards squat to her partner. How long had their loving continued? From telltale smears, it was evident that the wicked cigar tube had entered Petra's backside as well as Sonja's and that their cunts had yielded several more libations after my departure. To spare the silk cover of the bed, they had torn paper from the roll and wiped each other's love-juice. The scattered sheets of paper on the floor showed the evidence of this, as well as wiping off of vaseline from between Sonja's buttocks-and between Petra's nymphlike bum-cheeks too. They were drowsy and drugged by pleasure when they woke. Desire became a lethargy and they would not have chosen to leave the villa, even had this been permitted. They curled up together on the bed like two young animals in their contentment as I went to the Anhalter Bahnhof to meet Julia and Natasha. Have I not done well in making my arrangements for their stay here? Ah, my own Jack, as soon as I set eyes on those two delightful pupils, I knew that you had been as good as your word. Prim little Natasha at fourteen with her blond chignon, and Julia with her sullen looks and cropped comb of dark hair! I swear that if means can be found, they must not return to England. There are masters in the world who would pay handsomely for such a pair of slave-girls! What a waste to permit them two or three years more of sitting at a classroom desk.

    By now, dear Jack, I hope my own “presents” to you will have arrived, even if you have not yet had the chance to unwrap them completely! Claudia at fifteen is charming, is she not? Her companion Katharine is rather a plump blond slut at seventeen. Elke is a young puss who merits close observation. Of the four, it is Helena who adopts the most haughty and self-possessed mien. Yet you would be surprised how easily those blue eyes can be made to look so apprehensively and with such dismay upon her fate. But I tell you things which you will guess for yourself as soon as you set eyes upon them. I await your first account of the girls with great expectation.

    In a week at the most, I hope to have news for you of how Natasha and Julia have taken to the life of my sapphic “harem!” Your loving Dolly.


    The arrival of several German beauties at Pineboume- Katharine and Claudia-A-voluptuous Rhinemaiden and a gamine nymph-Jack's first adventure with them-The master incognito-Katharine and Claudia in racy bathing-costumes-Jack's surreptitious photographs of the pair on the beach-A perfect pretext for undressing and chastising the two lovely girls. Dearest Dolly, Will you ever believe what I have to tell you now? At the very moment when I was expecting the arrival of the girls from Germany, Austria, low countries and Nordic wastes, I was called away to Town. My broker, who has for years thought Consols a good enough resting place for my funds, favoured a switch to the gold mines of the Rand. But as the price of those shares was about to rise, so he was told, we must act in short order. There was nothing for it but to leave the establishment here in the hands of my duenna and absent myself two whole days. On my return I thought it advisable to take a good look at the girls before allowing them to see me. I find this prudent, as a means of judging their conduct and characters without allowing them to know the identity of the “stranger” before whom they perform. How right I was to do this-and what an adventure it has led me into. I promise you I had no hope that our sport would begin so soon. Let me tell you all about it. On the afternoon following my return, I chose to make a reconnaissance of the beach, taking with me my Kodak which I always use on these occasions.

    The girls had done their morning lessons with the duenna, Miss Leach, and had now been dismissed to the pleasures of the sea shore. I knew their appearances well enough from having peeped through the window at them during their studies, and so was easily able to recognise each.

    July has brought perfect summer weather to the Sussex coast. The turf is warm on the downlands where the scattered flocks of sheep graze and the gorse is in yellow bloom. Sunlight glints on the calm waters of the English Channel and the band plays on the pier whose iron spider-legs extend into the breakers and shallows. Just now it is low tide in the afternoons, which is more agreeable. You may easily imagine how crowded the beach becomes with holiday folk from the grand hotels and humbler boarding-houses, not to mention those trippers from London whom the trains bring down for the day. The upper part of the beach between the wooden groins consists of pebble or shingle. Further down, where this slope ends, it is flat sand, which is covered when the tide is in. Yet when the rim of the sea is but a distant glitter, the broad expanse of damp sand is a capital place to walk or play-far below the crowded shingle. I walked along there, amused by the shouts and laughter of English girlhood wading and splashing in the shallows of low tide. From the bathing station to the pier and on to the edge of town, the beach was crowded with such pretty creatures. Here I caught only the faintest sounds of traffic where the grand hotels and flower gardens of the esplanade stood high above the wavelets. Such was my state of mind and the view before me, when I came upon the most delightful and seducing? sight of the entire afternoon. Far down on the beach, where the damp sand was no more than twenty feet from the ripple of the slack tide, I saw half a dozen of my German nymphs. They were cavorting almost naked in the most enticing manner. It was innocent enough, I suppose, and yet I began to think at once of the opportunities their “scandalous” conduct offered me. Two of them I recognised at once. Katharine, the plump and tall Rhinemaiden of seventeen with her sun-toasted flesh and the gently waved blond tresses brushing her shoulders. And Claudia, the nymph of fifteen with her crop of light brown hair and the heart-shaped beauty of her young face. What were they doing? All were dressed in the skimpiest fashion which only the healthy innocence of German culture would permit. They wore the “Roman” bathing suits which consist of a little breast-halter and pants which are tight as they are brief. Surely these were made for the privacy of the baths and not for a public display? However, one girl was sitting at the centre of the circle, while the others sat on their heels facing her. With shrill teenage laughter they scooped up the wet sand and began to pile it against her legs and hips, burying their laughing victim to the waist. I moved unobtrusively towards them, knowing how indignant I must later pretend to be at their display of themselves in breast-halters and briefs. The cap was off the lens of the camera and I was ready to begin. I chose Katharine first, in order to make a photographic record of her “depravity,” against which she could not argue. Picture the scene. Katharine must either accept the punishment allotted or else the sporty photographs of her arse and tits, almost naked, must be despatched to her sorrowing parents.

    So there she sat on her heels, the blond tresses brushing loose on her sun-browned shoulders. The light blue eyes, strong features, the golden-tanned back and thighs of this softly voluptuous German Venus were a pleasure to behold. The girls were so busy with their game that they did not notice me at all. I pretended to be looking through the viewfinder in order to take photographs of the pier which was close by. Yet each time, as the shutter clicked, it was Katharine's image which filled the frame. You will think me boastful, Dolly, but I took such full and perfect portraits of her face, laughing and pensive, as an artist might envy. And then, of course, the girls had just been bathing in the sea. Katharine's costume was made of thin russet brown cotton. It clung like a second skin to her soft damp body. The detailed photographs of her plump young breasts showed every curve and line through the wet costume. It was clearly visible in the prints that the cold sea had erected her nipples in the most wanton yet provoking fashion! Having taken the first set I squatted down, some half dozen feet behind Katharine as she knelt, and pretended once again to be puzzling with the workings of the camera. How one might adore the bare sheen of the girl's sun-browned and sand-dusted back! Those strong young legs and fleshy hips! When you see the photographs you will notice that she wears a gold slave chain round her left ankle. For which lucky lad in Cologne is that kept? Katharine is so soft-hipped that the elastic waistband of her briefs dents the flesh quite deeply. Imagine then, how fully she fills her skimpy pants! My chance came a moment later. In order to pile the wet sand against the victim, each girl had to lift her hips from her heels and go forward on all fours. When Katharine did so, I thought my prick would fairly burst open my trousers. The damp cotton of the brown briefs clung to the fat-cheeked view of Katharine's bottom! Did ever a girl offer herself like this except to her lover in their honeymoon passion? Twice-and thrice-the shutter clicked while she was in this posture, our blonde Rhinemaiden's backside and bare thighs filling the entire plate! To speak plainly, Katharine is not to every man's taste. Yet for those who like a modern Rubenesque beauty, athletic and sun-browned, she is a perfect object of amusement. I felt a surge of delight, aware that I now had enough evidence of her scandalous public display to require a private and intimate encounter between us! In a short while, Dolly, you shall be the possessor of a set of these full-plate prints!

    Imagine how you might cover the wall of your study with a display of such provoking postures-as I have already done! At this point the girls ended their game and went back up to the pebbles where their clothes and towels had been left. My attention now turned to fifteen-year-old Claudia-and with good reason. By contrast with the plump charms of Katharine, Claudia has that beauty which most appeals to me-the perfection of the nymph. The first photographs show the allure of her lively eyes and trim features, the perfection of a face whose proportions run from wider cheekbones to a firm round chin. I know you must share my admiration of her prettily tousled brown hair, curling over her forehead, its thickness cut short at her nape.

    At her present stage of development, Claudia's figure has the elasticity and resilience of youth. Yet though she has not quite blossomed into full femininity, the lines of womanliness are already visible in her adolescent form. Of the two girls, she would be my choice and I shall be most reluctant to see her return to her grammar school in Dusseldorf! I was walking across the pebbles, no more than ten feet behind the girls, when Claudia knelt down to smooth out the towel upon which she was going to lie. My view of her, as she sat on her heels in the elastic tightness of her emerald green briefs and breast-halter, was breath-stopping. Her young shoulders, back, and legs are more lightly sun-tanned than Katharine's. Moreover, Claudia still displays a narrow-waisted elegance, the delicate bone-pattern of her spine prettily contoured. Yet like so many German girls, Claudia already has that softness of hips which may lead to fatness in ten years time. The dampness of the briefs made them fit like skin over her flanks and arse-halves, the elastic waist denting her nubile skin a little. I had taken one or two portraits of this view when Claudia raised herself and knelt forward on all fours. What a delicious sight she offered, Dolly! How could any warm-blooded man not want to feel her under his hands and loins? She knelt with her bare knees apart a little, the cheeks of her backside, rounded and broadened in a most womanly manner. Yet once again, it was the soft pussy-flesh between the thighs, so clearly moulded by the damp green briefs, which caught one's attention first. I was able to take several close-up photographs of this view in which the details have come out with astonishing clarity. The bare soles of her feet are pretty enough to kiss, nor should one hesitate to nuzzle them. Following her thighs to their tops there is such a sweet plumpness of their inner surfaces just before her legs join. I propose to kiss and tongue-tickle her there this summer, Dolly, to taste the sea upon the young flesh and to savour the mineral tang of Claudia's own body. And who could possibly allow the adolescent cheeks of Claudia's bottom such useless labour as sitting on the bench of the Dusseldorf academy? Had she been my slave, Dolly, and this the beach of my seraglio-as Don Juan found one-I should have detained her in this pose while I took out my prick and inserted it up the leg of her briefs to begin its voyage of exploration. You and I, my dear friend, know the means whereby such girls may be spirited away to a secure house-there to serve the pleasures of its master. You will not, I venture, find such a place in Eastbourne or Brighton. Yet I urge you, Dolly, to see if some such fate may not be arranged for Claudia. I grant you she is a demure young lady as yet, but that ought not to save her from such a delightful bondage. A whipping across her bottom from time to time would not only add to her owner's amusement. By obliging Claudia to submit, it will infallibly increase her own pleasures. Do, my dear Dolly, see if something of this sort cannot be arranged in her case!

    In a little while, she and Katharine got up and ran down to the incoming tide, splashing into it and getting up to all sorts of healthy frolics. As they came back and walked up the beach to where I chanced to be standing, it was only natural that I should aim the camera and take several more shots of these two playful girls. As she noticed this, a shadow of doubt and dismay crossed Katharine's face.

    She turned to Claudia and they stood together, talking in a solemn and subdued manner with many a glance in my direction. They had not the least idea that I was the director of the establishment they attended-an amorous tyrant whom they had yet to meet! Presently, Claudia came up to me, with Katharine walking at a little distance behind. Although Claudia is the younger, she is already more proficient in the English tongue. “Excuse me,” she said, a little uncertain in her charmingly Germanic English, “I think you have been taking photographs of us. No?” I laughed hugely at this. “A man who takes scenes of the beach will necessarily take pictures of those who are upon it,” I said, “But why should that concern you-unless you were engaged in some dishonest or indecent conduct?”

    It seemed to relieve them a little that they were not the sole target of the camera. “Ah,” I said, as if trying to clear up a misunderstanding, “Do you mean that you would like me to take a photograph of you? You think I am a professional photographer, perhaps?”

    Imagine, Dolly, the penalties attached to such a crime-asking strange men to photograph them half-naked!

    However, they conferred together once more and then politely declined the offer. I regretted this but decided to try another tactic. “Tell me your names,” I asked, for though knowing them already, I thought of what must be done to a girl naughty enough to give her name to a strange man. Who knows what use some unscrupulous fellow might make of it? These two polite and eager young frauleins thought of no such thing. “My name is Katharine,” said our blonde Rhine-maiden, “I am coming from Cologne. I have seven years English in the grammar school.” Such frankness made me feel that, perhaps, my subterfuge was less than honourable. But now the nymph with the cropped and tousled hair piped up. “My name is Claudia. I am coming from Dusseldorf. I have five years English in the grammar school.” With that they made their polite farewells and went back up the beach. It was already growing cooler and Claudia was obliged to put on a black velveteen singlet to cover the upper half of her body. My pulse was beating faster with the thought of the pleasures which the evening would afford me. I began to make my way back to the house in order to prepare for them, thinking of your other “gifts” to me! At the tennis-court I saw the Swedish girl, Helena, as she emerged and began to walk back along the same road ten yards in front of me. She was dressed for the game, in no more than a white singlet and olive-green pants. My camera, dear Dolly, is so much an extension of my body that, before I thought of what I was doing, I raised it and began to take photographs of the slim blonde whose bare sunkissed legs twinkled ahead of me. She looked back once, saw the lens and heard the shutter click, then scampered onwards as fast as her slim shapely legs would carry her. So it was that I came to the end of a busy and rewarding afternoon. Katharine, Claudia, even Helena and indeed Elke, were now to be mine to deal with as I chose. I will not act the hypocrite, Dolly. The prospect of taking down the knickers of all four girls and caning their rounded bottoms was one which I thought of with stiffening excitement. Yet I hoped that such discipline would be the side-dish rather than the main course. How was I to accomplish my true feat of arms? How to thread Helena's pure young cunt or gratify Claudia's nymphlike backside? Have no doubt, Dolly, that I intended no less than these things and was determined upon them-if I must flee the country in consequence. A standing prick, they say, knows no conscience-and nor did I. Yet a man who will win such prizes must plot well for them. If I rushed matters that evening, I might gain no more than the lesser amusement of thrashing a few charming backsides. By restraining my passion for day or two at most, I might have pleasure enough to last me all summer.

    So for that evening I contented myself with the housemaid Sian, she of the soft fair-skinned face, the dark eyes, and the russet tresses which cluster to her collar. At twenty-one there is such a pouting petulance to the little red mouth-yet she knows her place. Did you ever see her in tight drawers or working-trousers and bodice? Sian is not fat and yet there is a delicious pale softness to her bubbies and arse-cheeks. Many a passing gentleman who spied her through the window in such a costume would find his gaze detained. I summoned her to my bedroom at ten, ordering her to wear the blouse and denim working-jeans in which her figure is best revealed. I kept her at tasks which involved her either kneeling so that her bubbies brushed my knees as I sat in the chair, or else in having her back to me and bending to some chore which offered the taut round cheeks of Sian's bottom. I asked her if she would like to earn two sovereigns. As usual, Sian's pouting little lips made a moue of protest but she nodded. I reached for the short leather riding-switch on the table and tapped the carpet at my feet. “Then kneel here, Sian, and do what you must.” She obeyed, kneeling, opening my fly, and taking the bone-hard penis in her mouth. Sian is a girl of the lower orders, adept in sucking the street-boys with whom she once mixed. As her red hair spilt about my loins and her mouth sucked the tip of my knob maddeningly, I several times had to restrain her. Sian wanted to draw the venom from me and earn her two sovereigns quickly. On the other hand, I was determined not to let her spoil the game. I wished her mouth to labour, her loins to toil and even to make Sian's bottom, work hard for its share of the spoils! Her pants came off, Sian's knickers discarded in the basket. She lay on her side, knees drawn up a little, and played with herself until the lubrication of her cunt began. Taking this on her fingers, she moistened my knob with it several times. Rough in my passion, I turned her on her back, held her knees apart, and entered the hot velvet passage between her legs.

    I rode my young filly in this manner for some while, pausing to prolong the enjoyment. Then I said, “Turn over and offer your young arse, Sian!” She turned on her belly but there was a tension in her body which would not let her open fully. I held her round the waist and gave a dozen ringing smacks on each cheek of Sian's bottom. Then her arse-entrance yielded and I enjoyed a second gallop. Drawing back at last, I knelt over her and obliged Sian to take the monstrous serpent and suck its venom from it. By these precautions, I was able to ease my own randiness and plan more carefully the drama I had in mind for the young nymphs of Germany and Austria. I believe, Dolly, when you read the next act of the comedy, you will understand that I was wise in my choice.


    Our hero's plan for the ravishing of his nymphs-The preparations-An education in English manners and customs-Claudia made to read of pretty Jane in the reformatory-The English way of discipline with knickers down-“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”-The scandal breaks-Claudia confronted with the evidence of her public indecency-“I fear I must now send these photographs to your unhappy parents”-“Oh, no! Please! Anything but that!” “Anything but that, Claudia?” “If you wish, sir.”-Claudia examined, blindfold, for her fitness to be birched-“Oh, what is that instrument between my legs?”-“Oh, no! Nor so far in!”-“All the mercury from the thermometre is spurting out inside me!”-The evening-Claudia's bare bottom soundly thrashed-Her tears and affectionate gratitude to her master! I need not tell you, my dear Dolly, of the dismay which appeared on the faces of Claudia and the others when they saw me as master of this house.

    They realised with growing consternation that the strange man who had photographed them surreptitiously on the beach was to be their guardian for the rest of the summer! I did not yet confront them with their crimes, for the full-plate prints were not ready. Yet I and my duenna prepared the girls for their fates by a simple process of education. They were to learn the customs of English society and, however unusual they might appear to be, these young ladies must school themselves to submit. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. That was to be the motto of this house. For several hours a day, the girls worked at the books chosen for them. Do not suppose, Dolly, that I gave them those choice volumes which remain locked behind wires on the top shelves in the library-tales to make pretty little maidens blush. Such gems as Beatrice or The Days at Florville, Suburban Souls or Nights of the Rajah would be imprudent suggestions as yet. But I have not scrupled to set them reading James Miles's House of Correction memoirs-for what are these but law and justice?-and even a chapter or two of the gallant Adventures of Captain DeVane, describing Britannia's imperial glories. He who would enjoy taking down Claudia's knickers must first persuade the girl that the action is consonant with morality and the code of manners prevailing. Later I hope my charming pupils will graduate to the loving affections of father and daughter in Beatrice or Jacqueline Grant arse-upwards for ravishing in the Rajah's palace. But such frolics cannot come yet. It was enough for the time being to show my pupils how the noble Mr. Miles had dealt with such girls as Jennifer Parry or Elizabeth Craig, Elaine Cox or Jane Mitchener, even young women like Susan Webb. I therefore set each of my pupils the task of composing a long account in her own words of the training of one of the reformatory girls. You may imagine how careful I was in my allocation! It was one thing to set the birching of a saucy little imp or a randy young wife for Katharine, but Claudia required a more decorous subject. In the end I set Katharine to give an account of the fate of fifteen-year-old Elaine Cox, at the master's hands-a shouting, striding tomboy defiantly tossing the lank fair hair which framed the broad oval of her face with its slum-child's snub-nosed insolence! Katharine's eyes widened as she read of the scene in the reformatory whipping-room. The pleated grey skirt of the school uniform, worn scandalously brief on Elaine's sturdy thighs, was removed. The matrons strapped her kneeling over the block. Then the white stretched briefs were pulled down, baring the full pale cheeks of Elaine Cox's tomboy bottom for fifty agonising strokes with a prison bamboo cane. Claudia, meanwhile, was made to work at the amusing tale of the youngest girl, beguiling Jane, with her lank dark hair and fringe, the openness of her firm pale features and resilient young body whose beauties touched the frontier of childhood and womanhood. Claudia was so sentimentally moved that I expected a tear to fall at the fate of pretty Jane. Younger than Claudia herself, that appealing girl with her teeth set teasingly on her lip, the lank dark tresses framing her face, was bent over the stool and fastened down. With poor Jane's knickers and skirt removed, the very matrons felt a pang at her fate. The wide brown eyes under the brief slant of her fringe were so appealing. Though the blossoming womanliness of her figure was never in doubt, there was such a tense pale innocence of youthfulness in the shape of Jane's trimly-rounded adolescent bottom-cheeks as she bent for punishment. Alas for pretty Jane. Pity her they might, but this was a chance for which every matron and master longed. Twenty-four vicious lashes with the punishment-strap across Jane's bare buttocks. Still secured over the stool, her sobs hardly checked, she was then alone with her master.

    There being no witnesses to tell tales, the cane, the birch, even the braided leather of the pony-lash made their intimate acquaintance with her young backside. For two weeks or more in the washroom, the matrons watched the fading of empurpled weals and dark bruises from Jane's demure young buttocks and thighs. I will tell you of a little incident, Dolly, which may bring a smile to your lips. Claudia was busily translating Jane Mitchener's story, her eyes growing ever larger with wonderment. I could see she was having difficulty with one of the pages, which she then brought to me for my advice. Before the evening thrashings, the rules required that Jane should be inspected by the master in the afternoon so that her fitness for the whip might be certified. He removed her skirt, also the stretched white briefs which constituted Jane's schoolgirl knickers. Then she must bend over his desk while he surveyed her from behind. Young Jane was, of course, ordered to keep her eyes to the front. The inspection lasted for half an hour or so. Still Jane was greatly perplexed to know what instrument was used. In her teasing innocence she thought it was like a pair of warm whiskery lips in a pouting kiss. The kisses, as they seemed, feasted on the bare pallor of her trim adolescent thighs. They nuzzled the lightly-mossed lips of her vagina until she did not know whether the wetness came from her or them. They pouted with gentle affection over the tense white cheeks of her trembling teenage bottom. Yet they could not be lips, she said, blushing at her own explanation. For her buttocks were parted a moment later and the gentle pouting was applied to the very dimple of Jane's little anus. Then, she explained, there would be a sound from behind her as of vigorous polishing. It ended with the sense that long but random jets had splashed her bum-cheeks from a plate of warm gruel. She was told to remain bending while her master left the room for a moment. Jane naturally put a hand behind her and wiped her backside with it, studying with curiosity the marks of the warm slipperiness on her fingers.- When the master returned-presumably from putting away the instrument of the inspection-he would sometimes open the long drawer of the desk. There, among the canes and whips, was a roll of useful paper. He tore off a sheet or two and ordered Jane to wipe her bum-cheeks before pulling up her knickers. She was instructed to drop the used paper in the basket before she left and that night the master thrashed her with exceptional severity.

    Imagine Claudia's puzzlement and her question to me! As a mere student of English she could not grasp the meaning of the passage! I was very gentle with her, Dolly, explaining that such posthumous memoirs often posed problems to the greatest scholars. I comforted her with the assurance that the passage of time would, in truth, make such doubtful pages clear. I was intrigued to see the contrast between Claudia's innocence and the worldly wisdom of our voluptuous Rhinemaiden, Katharine. The elder girl asked no questions. Indeed, she read avidly the confessions of the lewd old fellow who enjoyed himself so greatly with some of the reformatory girls. In this case, I would notice her pulse quicken a little as she read of the enforced kneeling over the block, the strapping down, so that the master should have fun with his whip upon the full pale cheeks of Elaine Cox's bottom.

    Katharine licked her lips as the account described the vulgar rear view of the youngster's vaginal pout between her thighs and the justices gazing at Elaine Cox's arsehole. In this case too an “inspection” carried out privately in the master's study had preceded the caning. I promise you, Dolly, that with my own eyes I saw Katharine read one passage several times over with growing animation.

    In her posture over the block, said the scribe, the fifth-form girl's pussy flesh had the moist look of having been well fiddled with.

    Suspicious traces of grease even shone between her buttocks and the withdrawal of a deflated member had left a smear of vaseline across one fattened cheek of Elaine Cox's tomboy bottom. The girls were greatly intrigued by these strange English customs, the truth of which could not be questioned. For was not the master publicly prosecuted by the courts? And was he not exonerated, congratulated by his judges, handsomely rewarded, and sent back to continue his excellent work of moral reformation? That being the case, what could Katharine and Claudia do but bow to the law of the land and the customs of the country? I allowed several days' grace for them to grow used to this idea-and also for some truly excellent prints to be made of the incriminating photographs. Then I spoke to my duenna, Miss Leach, and showed her the evidence. Her eyes shone with moral outrage and she could scarcely keep her hands still. There were Katharine's breasts, almost life-size, in their scandalous little halter. The erection of her nipples was clearly shown to every man and woman on the public beach! Miss Leach, a tall and statuesque young woman herself, gasped at the indecency of it and pursed her lips. I showed her the full-plates of Claudia in swim-wear taken from the rear while the girl was on all fours, Claudia's tightly and briefly clad bottom-cheeks almost filled the picture. And how round and lewdly spread they were!

    How wantonly the soft flesh of her cunt was displayed to the world in the tight gusset of her bathing pants! Could English morality be denied its right of retribution for so scandalous an offence? “I fear, Miss Leach,” I said, “that such girls as this will prove a pernicious influence here.” She nodded eagerly. “And so,” I added, “my duty is clear. I must send copies of these prints to the parents of the two girls and request that their daughters return to Germany.” At these words, Miss Leach looked as if the breath had been knocked from her by a sudden blow. The light went out of her eyes and dismay spread over her face. “Is that not a little harsh, sir?” she ventured. “Might some means not be found of dealing with the offence here, on these premises?” Well now, Dolly, I put on a great show of wrestling with my conscience. At last I condescended to reply. “If it were possible, Miss Leach, that their characters might be improved by chastisement-by truly severe chastisement-I would perhaps consider it. Though it would be against my better judgment.”

    “One must temper justice with a little clemency, sir,” said she.

    “Oh, do relent, sir! Do give them the alternative of a birching. A truly severe one!” I had never intended otherwise but I thought it prudent to appear to wrestle with my better nature for a moment more. “Do you think, Miss Leach,” I said at last, “that if I were to deal with one of these young wantons, you could bring yourself to chastise the other?” The sudden flash of passion in her eye was enough to answer my inquiry. You see, Dolly, I had already decided that Claudia's panties were the ones I most desired to take down. And by allowing Miss Leach the pleasure of disciplining Katharine all night long in the privacy of her study, I could guarantee that my duenna would be the very soul of discretion. Were I to keep all the enjoyment to myself, there was a great danger of the resentment which passionate minds begin to feel. So it was agreed. I summoned Claudia, my pulse quickening as she stood before the study desk with her heart-shaped face so solemnly pretty and the short crop of charmingly tousled fair hair so appealing. “Claudia,” I said firmly, “I wish you to go and put on the costume in which you appeared on the beach, four days ago.” She made no objection to this for, at her age, she has been well taught to obey her elders. Ten minutes later she reappeared in the tight thin cloth of her breast-halter and those sweet little briefs. She had added the black velveteen singlet whose shoulder straps left the shoulders themselves charmingly bare, but that would interfere little with my purpose. “So that there shall be no mistake,” I said quietly, “I wish you to look at these photographs and tell me if you are the girl who appears in them.”

    As if I were dealing a pack of cards, I laid out a dozen of them on the desk. Claudia knew perfectly well that they were of her, for she had seen me taking them. Yet such a delightful confusion now filled her young face. “Yes,” she whispered, nodding nervously, as if she could scarcely utter the word. “Consider,” said I, acting the stern pedagogue, “the shame you have brought upon this house, your own family, and yourself by such lewd and indecent display in a public place.” Under the clustering locks on her forehead, Claudia's eyes looked so prettily startled. She was lost for words! “I will not waste breath, Claudia,” I said as I gathered the photographic prints, “Such wickedness at so early a stage of your visit! I cannot permit you to contaminate other girls by your example.

    I shall send copies of these prints to your unhappy parents and request that arrangements be made for your return to Dusseldorf at their earliest convenience.” Now she recovered her powers of speech with the greatest speed. Innocent though she was, Claudia did not look it, for she appeared to offer her arse and open thighs willingly and wantonly to the camera in these gems. She leant forward over the desk and pleaded with me not to despatch the prints to her family. I thought I saw the first sparkle of a tear in her eyes.

    Kneeling by my chair and kissing my hand, Claudia begged to be allowed to remain under my roof. She pressed her lips to my hand again and vowed to be “a good girl.” In her despair at my implacable moral rectitude, she implored me to inflict any alternative form of punishment- however severe. She would submit to it eagerly-and love me for it ever afterwards. I shifted a little in my chair, partly to give an impression of judicial indecision-and in part to try and conceal from Claudia's eyes the stiffening bulge of my prick in my trousers. “Nothing but a bare-bottomed whipping would suffice, Claudia,” I said abruptly, “and such a punishment would be rather unseemly.” No it would not! Claudia assured me at the top of her voice. She had read of such things in her studies- so she had!-and knew that in England girls were very often punished in that way.

    “You suggest I should whip you like the young Mitchener tart?”

    She nodded with something like excitement at the chance of escaping so easily. “I give fifty strokes with the cane across the bare bottom,” I said dismissively, “Never less. Sometimes more.”

    Claudia quite understood and seemed more eager than ever. She is not a girl who enjoys a whipping- quite the contrary-but as an alternative to public disgrace and family scandal she wanted it badly.

    “I should have to examine you very thoroughly- before and after-as is customary in reformatory thrashings.” She was so delighted at my relenting that I thought she might bend over the desk and take her pants down for my fingering there and then. And so, Dolly, I became the decent fellow who hates to see a girl's character ruined when there is a less damaging way of dealing with her offence.

    I led her to the far side of the desk. “Bend tightly forward over the desk, Claudia. Stretch your arms out in front of you so that I can strap your wrists to the two far corners.” She obeyed and I anchored her in this position by the straps. What a view, Dolly! The firm broadened cheeks of Claudia's bottom in the tight sheen of emerald green briefs! The shape of pussy flesh plumply offered! The firm young thighs already bare! I saw that she had twisted her tousled crop of light brown hair and was trying to look back at me as she pillowed her head on the desk. It would never do. I took the two little screens and set them either side of her hips as she bent.

    Stretched out as she was, it was now impossible for her to see what was going on behind her. I knew that I was truly going to enjoy myself with Claudia, and this expectation stiffened my prick so monstrously that I had to unbutton myself and release it. I chose a long and supple cane which would have raised panic in the hardest reformatory girl-and I opened the jar of vaseline. I pulled the black velveteen singlet well up to enjoy a view of Claudia's lightly suntanned back with the delicate and intricate bone-pattern of its vertebrae. “Do your teachers in Germany never undress you like this for punishment, Claudia? No? I'm sure they must want to. Any man with a pretty pupil like you wants to use the cane across her bare bottom.” The swollen knob of my prick touched the sheen of her briefs, nodding against a well-rounded cheek. “I shall take your briefs down now, Claudia. You'll feel the punishment more exquisitely from having the bamboo across your bare buttocks.” I took the waistband where it dented the soft flesh of her hips and stripped the green briefs down and off. The broadened young cheeks of Claudia's backside in this posture were more obviously swelling into firm femininity. I still maintain, Dolly, that it is at fifteen or so that many German beauties are most appealing in this part. Too often another ten years add a fatness to their behinds which is a little excessive for my taste. J opened a drawer of the desk between Claudia's pretty knees, obliging her to keep her legs six inches apart at that point. My hands touched the cool smoothness of her nymphlike buttocks, pressing the oval cheeks apart. I laid my finger on the little bud-hole of Claudia's anus. “I shall have to take your temperature here, Claudia, with an arse-thermometre. Before and after your chastisement:” Claudia's rear hole seemed to go suddenly very small and tight. Was it the threat of the thermometre or the touch of my finger? I slipped a hand between her legs and cupped her light-haired cunt in it. “I must also examine your fitness to receive chastisement by testing here, Claudia. I prefer not to cane a girl who is too greatly aroused. She may become hysterical or else manage to distract herself from being hurt. I think you like to masturbate, don't you, Claudia? How often do you play with yourself?”

    All girls do so, Dolly, so the question is one which always has an answer. But almost always, as with Claudia, the confusion of the girl on being asked makes speech well-nigh impossible. “Answer, please, Claudia! Otherwise I must cane you and then send you back to your parents!” “I do it!” she gasped in her charmingly awkward English. “Where do you like to do it, Claudia?… In bed?… In the toilet?… In the bath?” She nodded submissively at each of these as I fondled her between the legs. “And when did you last play with yourself, Claudia?” “L-L-ast night!” The answer was gasped out after a pause. I knelt and began to nuzzle my lips over her lithe young thighs, for she had read that some “instrument” was applied here before punishment. Her knees being held apart, I feasted long on those two soft little swellings on the inner surfaces, just below the joining of her legs. I gave a little wash with my tongue. Claudia had just returned from the beach and so the soft flesh had the tang of the sea and the mineral tastes of a girl of fifteen.

    Standing up again I manualised her cunt gently, under the pretext of looking for signs of her own masturbation. In five minutes more, Claudia was yielding her slippery love-dew. “Dear me,” I said severely, “You must have the medical speculum put up you, Claudia, in order that we may determine the extent of this moral disorder.” I assured her that the instrument would be warmed first, so that she might not cramp from the cold. Standing behind her, I guided the swollen knob of my erection between the rear of her thighs, parted the lips of her cunt with it, and felt myself grasped by a slippery velvet tightness. I had the greatest difficulty, Dolly, in not crying out with joy or panting hard. “We must probe you for five or ten minutes, Claudia. In the modem world, a whipping is a matter of careful science. It would never do for you to enjoy such a state between your legs when you have been brought here to suffer pain from the bamboo. We shall use the speculum to help you get such things out of your system before the caning begins.” Having delivered this load of claptrap, I began to ride gently in and out, trying to control my sounds of enjoyment as best I could. It was Claudia who came first, however. With rising whimpers of pleasure and sharper little cries, she scaled the peak of her ecstasy, squirming against the desk over which she was strapped, and yielding at last in a long, convulsive shudder. Picture me, Dolly, with my prick withdrawn and waving about, still stiff as a flagpole. I must bed it somewhere and spend-even if my reward should be the Pentonville gallows next day.

    “Now the thermometre, Claudia,” I panted, “we must ensure that you have not overheated yourself.” I took a dollop of vaseline from the jar, touched it to Claudia's arsehole, and applied the knob.

    I was so maddened that I obliged her to open almost at once- though with a sharp cry of alarm from the girl. Under various pretexts of taking her temperature, I buggered Claudia for ten minutes more, relishing the tightness of her adolescent arsehole round my shaft. The exercise evoked that rear view of her kneeling on all fours by the pier and presenting the smooth seat of her green bathing briefs.

    Claudia's cropped hair twisted vainly to and fro as she tried to see exactly what this strange thermometre was. At last I released my spurting jet deep in her backside, causing her to cry out again with alarm at this sensation. How the devil would I explain the “accident” to her? I withdrew my prick and managed a forced laugh. “You little minx, Claudia!” I panted, “Why, you overheated the poor thermometre so much that some of the mercury spurted out through the little escape hole! How fortunate it was in your backside and not in your throat.”* Did she believe me, Dolly? I did not care then and, to be frank with you, I do not much care now. I have long thought that the only safety for me is to do as our friend Lord Frederick has done. When he left England and bought a plantation upon which “slaves” might still be held, I was half inclined to follow his example. When the “slaves” are girls of every prettiness, I cannot find a word to say against the system. Perhaps the authorities are more easy-going in Germany but here I often feel that my little enjoyments will one day put prison bars between me and the rest of the world-and I an officer and a gentleman! However, I am wandering from my subject. I now closed the drawer of the desk in order to strap Claudia's lithe young legs together. I took the long bamboo and swished it once or twice through the air for effect. Then I measured it across the firm young cheeks of Claudia's bare bottom. Oh, I assure you, Dolly, now I was the sternest of moralists with my prick at ease. And I was greatly enjoying it. “Keep your bottom quite still, Claudia. Don't tense the cheeks, you little bitch. You were keen enough to show your backside on the beach in those little green bathing pants weren't you, Claudia? Oh, yes you were. Fifty cuts of the bamboo across that nubile young backside, Claudia. I'm sure the teachers in the Dusseldorf classroom would envy me now.” I brought the bamboo down with an expert lash across the bare cheeks of the young nymph's bottom.

    Claudia gasped at the agony of the naked smart. A splendid red stripe began to glow. I thrashed low down, where her softer buttocks and firmer thighs meet in a faint crease. Claudia cried out and I aimed with malicious excitement across that same stripe again-and again. My attentions raised a crimson weal across this place and drove her half frantic. Yet to increase the effect of the caning, I wanted the German nymph to feel that the bamboo had drawn blood in its first few strokes-and to fill her with horror at what lay ahead. She had asked for the cane and she would get it. I aimed again across the dangerously raised welt and this time a precious droplet rose and ran down the back of Claudia's firm young thigh. Our lithe adolescent nymph may have begged for a caning rather than the disgrace of being reported to her parents. Yet the bamboo had now branded the pale spread ovals of Claudia's fifteen-year-old bottom-cheeks with several vivid weals. As the cane drew a red droplet or two on the soft undercurve of her young arse, Claudia screamed loudly enough to be heard all the way to the Rhineland. Desperately she strained against the broad black straps which pinioned her legs and ankles, and which tethered her wrists. Let there be no hypocrisy between us, Dolly.

    There was a wicked excitement in having made Claudia scream after seven or eight strokes of the bamboo across her bare backside-when there were still more than forty strokes to come. All the same, it was injudicious to allow her cries to be heard so easily. In the traditional way, when the panties are taken down they form a useful wadding but the bathing briefs were too stiff. Then I remembered Sian, the young servant with the red tresses and fair skin. Sian had had her cunt-jig and arse-exercise in this room once or twice during the past week. There in the basket lay a discarded pair of Sian's panties. Duly dampened and folded they were soon muffling Claudia's shrillness-much to the young nymph's dismay. “I'm going to make you begin all over again, Claudia,” I said gently. “We don't permit such interruptions while you're being caned. The first stroke again. If you fart, Claudia, or try any other diversions, it will merely add extra strokes to the discipline. Bend tighter. Get properly arse-upwards over the desk, Claudia, you young minx! Remember that when the cane thrashes you across the backs of your thighs, the stroke does not count.” For the next ten minutes, Claudia was frantic. Her adolescent buttocks jumped and quivered under the smacks of bamboo.

    The stripes grew to weals and the strokes that crossed them made her toes curl with the anguish. Eight times I aimed across her thighs, from the backs of her knees almost to her bum-cheeks. The mop of her tousled light brown hair twisted to and fro as she tried to writhe in her straps. I promise you, Dolly, that for the next week or two Claudia's bottom-cheeks and the backs of her thighs will be too brown and yellow with bruises to make it possible for her to be returned home-even if that was my intention. Once or twice she managed to twist on to her hip, almost lying on her side. I caned her even then, on the exposed flank of her hips. Claudia knew that such strokes did not count but you may judge of her state, Dolly, by the fact that she would even incur such extra punishment to give her young bottom a moment's respite. She now has several red stripes across the flank, two or three upon the front of her thighs, and one aslant her firm young belly. On each occasion I turned the sobbing culprit over again and made her present her smarting arse for the next stroke. I confess, Dolly, that I went somewhat beyond the allocation of strokes.

    I know it-and Claudia knows it. But no tales will be told. The state of Claudia's bottom this week is seen only by her bedroom mirror and the toilet-seat upon which she sits each day. Yet is it not monstrous, Dolly, that these inanimate objects should be privileged to enjoy the charms which our fifteen-year-old nymph hides self-consciously from such admirers as I? To be sure I have continued her punishment-lesson by making her work in my study each evening in the brief swimsuit in which she committed her offence. But that is not the same thing at all! I envisage a delightful and remote seraglio-well guarded from censorious eyes-and with no means by which the girls could stray. There one might keep a few dozen young ladies like Claudia to serve one's pleasures. Is it not severely logical? I might do to Claudia the very things which have just proved so enjoyable-and yet without any of the pretence at “justice” or “retribution” which English morality forces upon me. Claudia masturbates two or three times a week. At fifteen, it would be strange if she did not. But if she is going to do it anyway, why should she not be made to do it on a well-placed demonstration table for the delight of her admirers? As for the bedroom-mirror and the toilet-seat, why should they not share the contemplation of her with men who enjoy such things? The idea of necessary solitude will be at an end when she is made to understand that her master has sole right over her body and its performances. You see, Dolly, Lord Frederick has accomplished this on what he calls his “plantation.” We are rich as he. Could not something be arranged? His lordship will be passing through Berlin next month on his return from the Crown Prince's battues in Pomerania. Speak to him, I implore you, of such notions. And what of our two girls, Katharine and Claudia? You will be pleased to hear that the fat young cheeks of Katharine's arse were thrashed by the duenna-strap until our voluptuous Rhineland blonde could scarcely walk. And Claudia? Ah, Claudia! After I had finished caning her and reluctantly undid the straps, Claudia's first act was to press my hand to her lips and cover it with ardent kisses.

    It was not, Dolly, that our tousled-headed nymph had fallen deeply in love with me, though she was carrying a good libation of my passion up her arse! No, it was gratitude! Tears flowed long and sentimentally.

    She wept not only for the state of her young bottom-cheeks. It was pure gratitude to me as the kind master who had saved her reputation by permitting her to be punished in this enlightened manner! For the present, my dear Dolly, I bid you au revoir! Do think of Lord Fred and what might be arranged- for Natasha, Julia, Sonja, and Petra as well as the girls here. In the meantime, tell me of our high-school pair. I hope by now you have broken in the two little bitches to your ways! Your own adoring, Jack.


    Julia and Natasha at the Villa Anna -A first lesson in lewdness-Our two little madams ordered to spend their mornings on the massage-table-Gloved hands and soapy fingers-Julia and Natasha broken in as “bitches”-The gross depravities on the marble table-Smacked and perfumed-Julia and the street-boys-The railings between them-Love between bars-Passions at six inches distance-Natasha proves that youth knows the greatest perversity.

    My dearest Jack, Oh, what a wretch he is! Poor young Claudia, and she only fifteen! To deceive her so! And up her young bottom too! And the wicked, wicked cane! All these things I said to myself on reading your letter, Jack. For, as a woman, would the world not insist that I must be outraged on behalf of the poor girl's bruised bottom and ravaged cunt? Have no fear, my friend.

    Before I had half finished your amusing letter, smiles were twitching at the corner of my mouth. Ah, dear Jack! The charming dream you describe of a place where one might enjoy a few dozen such girls with no danger of tales being told! You may be sure I will speak to Lord Frederick about it. I shall see him in a few weeks more, for he never passes through Berlin without stopping for a day or two with me.

    But now, my dear friend, let us be serious for a moment. You were quite right in your so-called hypocrisy with Claudia. A man who wishes to enjoy a girl though pure randiness will risk the police court if he forces himself upon her. Yet by a seeming pretence of moral purpose, he may often accomplish the very same things and be congratulated on his fine sense of public duty. You will forgive me for mentioning this again, dear Jack, but I think you are inclined to take the truth of it too flippantly. While in England you must adhere to this principle of moral hypocrisy or you will be destroyed. Only consider this.

    Suppose that the venerable reformatory master you mention had seen Elaine Cox striding back from school, tossing her fair hair contemptuously, the pleated grey skirt worn brazenly short. As she passed his house, he might have dragged her in and ordered his cronies to bend her over while he thrashed her bare arse soundly for the young slut she was. And the consequence? An arrest, a prosecution, and a few months in the municipal gaol. But instead, he happened to notice the youngster when she was thirteen and he bided his time. Her insolent conduct in the street merited a reprimand. Our respectable reform-school master spoke privately to the justices. The girl was taken into custody and consigned to the reformatory. She and her two sisters. Many an afternoon in his study, he looked up from his desk to see those full pale cheeks of Elaine Cox's fourteen-year-old bottom presented over the stool for a whipping. He did things to her which you and I would envy. Yet the country's rulers praised him, and the world thought him a fine upstanding fellow-so he was for his prick was stiff night and day. I mention this, Jack, in order to explain my own method with Julia and Natasha. Imagine that my first act was to order these two young pupils to get their knickers off and prepare for something between their legs, up their bottoms, and in their mouths.

    You can guess at the squeals and yells, the indignant protests, the arrival of furious teachers and parents to fetch them away, the surrounding of this villa by the imperial polizei. So, though I mean to achieve all those things, I proceed by an opposite route. As soon as the two girls arrived I frowned at Julia's tight riding-jeans and sluttish manner. I talked of the need for cleanliness and decency in body and mind. I spoke of discipline and strictness as though I might have invented the very ideas. The result? Julia and Natasha are writing letters home in which they assert that I am a very dragon of moral compulsion. That a girl may not so much as sneeze out of tune in the Villa Anna without being reprimanded for it. They will, of course, receive no sympathy from their homes. Instead it is I who get the replies to their letters. You would not credit how I am thanked for my careful supervision of girls who had been the despair of their parents and teachers alike. Is there any chance that I would have the time to take on the education of Julia and Natasha permanently? It is understood that I sail away to warmer climes in the winter-but if I would consent to take as my companions… You see, Jack? We are already nine-tenths of the way there. How did I accomplish this?

    Quite simply by the lewdest means under the most respectable pretexts.

    It was necessary to accustom Julia and Natasha to the most menial sensuality before I gave them into the arms of my two young women, Sonja and Petra. To do this one must get the little bitches' pants down and have them under one's hands. It was a little early to strip them on the pretence of spanking or whipping-I lacked the admirable pretext which you found with Claudia. Moreover, too much bare-bottom discipline at this stage might alert the curiosity of their families.

    I chose the only other alternative which seemed to me reasonable.

    For the first few days I talked fiercely of cleanliness and decency and of the high standard which is required in Germany, far superior to that of any other nation. So impressive was my display that I really believe Julia and Natasha thought themselves the two dirtiest little girls alive. I asked frequent questions as to the cleanliness of certain parts of their anatomies. Julia responded in her surly manner, Natasha with habitual sulkiness. Yet both blushed and I always seemed to be less than satisfied by their assurances of bathing and sponging, of regular visits to the tiled room near the boudoirs. I allowed my displeasure to assume irresistible proportions. Oh, Jack! What an actress is lost in me-as the dear Emperor Nero very nearly said! Or may I not one day say with him: qualis artifex pereo? Two days ago, the first thing after breakfast, I marched Julia and Natasha to the tiled “treatment-room” on the ground floor. Its centrepiece is the marble “massage-table.” This broad and wide surface is, in truth, nothing but a demonstration-table on which girls are made to perform by their masters for the entertainment of the guests. Yet it is admirably equipped with the means of restraint. “Natasha!” I said sharply, “Slip off your skirt and panties, then lie on the table.

    Julia! Take those jeans and briefs off! Lie on the table facing Natasha! Since you cannot be trusted otherwise, you shall be brought here each morning. I will have your conduct strictly supervised, since you seem to regard proper German decency as beneath your dignity!”

    There were protests at this, for the two girls already guessed at the sort of things which were to be done to them. “I do not tolerate disobedience in this house!” said I, in that quiet voice which is far the most menacing, “Nor do I permit a lewd little girl to play with herself lasciviously behind the bolted door of the tiled closet!” At this their faces blushed in unison. I did not know, of course, that they actually had indulged solitary pleasures in that place. Yet it would be most unusual for two girls like Julia and Natasha not to masturbate on the sly. I had clearly hit the mark with quite unexpected accuracy! I intimated that, unless they showed themselves obedient now, my report on their misconduct would travel to England by the next post. Had they known that they were to be the objects of sexual enjoyment, the two girls might have resisted even then. But I appeared to be such a dragon of a mistress, continually ranting of cleanliness and decency, that the thought would have been the last to enter their minds. Natasha looked at me for only a moment longer with that fair-skinned pouting sulkiness under her little blond fringe. Then she undid the navy-blue skirt of her uniform and stepped out of it. The slim, almost fragile pallor of those young thighs was a perfect picture. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her white, elasticated briefs, and then pulled her panties down so that she could step out of them. Most reluctantly, she put one pretty knee on the edge of the table, clambered up, and lay on her side with her back to the table's edge. At the very centre of the table is a well-anchored steel ring. I drew a strap firmly round Natasha's waist and fastened her to the metal ring. I also strapped her wrists together in front of her. Drawing back the tail of hair from our young blonde's neck, I then kissed her pretty nape and ears as if to assure her that she was now behaving as a good girl should. Julia, the older and more rebellious girl, had hesitated longer. Yet even she bowed to the inevitable. In her fuller young face the blue eyes with their darkly made-up lashes grew narrower. With her dark hair cut to so short and spiky a crop, there are looks of aggression and resentment in her appearance. All sides of this room are mirrored-for reasons which you will understand at once, Jack! The glass reflected the somewhat fatter cheeks of Julia's bottom in her tight jeans and the slightly heavier thighs-just as you caught them with your camera when she was walking up the shopping street with her young admirers.

    Is it not an amusing irony, Jack? Julia, the product of a select school and good family, chose to behave as a slut at home. Now, when she is to be treated like a young slut, she shows all the indignation of a perfect lady to whom one makes a lewd suggestion. Never fear, her hands began to undo her riding-jeans. Down they came, with her knickers inside them. She turned, and I was able to admire the adolescent fatness of Julia's bottom and thighs as she clambered on to the table and lay facing the younger girl. I drew a waist-belt round Julia and a strap round her wrists so that she too was tethered to the steel ring set conveniently at the centre of the marble surface. The two girls lay there, each gazing at the long mirror on the opposite wall in which she saw her own and her partners bare rear view reflected in the infinitely receding images. “You may as well accustom yourselves to this routine,” I began gently as I pulled on my thin rubber gloves. “No more playing with yourselves behind bolted doors in closets or washrooms. From now on you shall spend an hour or so each morning lying on the table, in the hands of whichever mistress supervises you.” They both looked at one another with wild surmise-and then they looked at me. The resentment in Julia's hard young face was matched by the petulance of Natasha. I took the jar which contains a soap-cream heavily and elegantly perfumed with sensuous flowers. Taking a generous quantity in the palm of the rubber gloves, I began to spread it slowly over Natasha's elfin form, from her waist to her knees. I smeared the moist slipperiness over her young belly and round her still narrow hips. My hands travelled down her slim white thighs and up again. “Open your legs a little more, Natasha,” I said gently. A light blush showed in her face but she obeyed. My fingers moistened her lightly-furred vagina with the perfumed cream. I drew my hand away and then spread the soapy wetness over the taut slim cheeks of Natasha's bottom. It was the work of a moment to sink my forefinger deep into the jar of perfumed soap-cream and then to insert the rubber-gloved finger up Natasha's pert young arse to the very knuckle! She cried out in alarm, Jack, for you may be sure she has never had anything like this before. Yet Natasha's arsehole yielded with ease, though a girl of her age is naturally tight in that area. Slowly I withdrew my finger, leaving that rear escape route well lubricated. Natasha was trying to hide her eyes from Julia as well as me-and you may be sure that the blush had deepened a little. I chided her humorously. “Such false modesty, Natasha! After you have had this every morning for a few months, you will become quite addicted to a finger in that manner!” I took the sponge and made Natasha open her legs again. “Now,” said I, “we must see that little fountain play, Natasha!” She tensed and could not, though her need was not in doubt. Happily, Jack, there is a remedy to this. If one tickles expertly the little pipe-hole of the fountain, the patient cannot hold herself back. So Natasha let the golden rain flow like Danae, loading the grateful sponge. I leant over her and whispered into her ear that my rubber-gloved hands were also waiting to receive something else. How she buried her face in her arms now, Jack! I daresay she would have defied me, but the skilful application of that finger made defiance impossible. A moment more and she gave a little cry, her bottom yielding its burden into the gloved hands behind her. I left her lying in her present state no longer than it took to restore the gloved hands to their pristine pinkness.

    Then I had only to sponge over Natasha's prim young body from waist to knees where it was already spread with the richly perfumed soap-cream.

    The sponge was well-prepared, for such girls as Natasha and Julia carry their own ample supply of warm water with them, do they not?

    Despite her consternation at this, I assured Natasha that we observe economy in all things. Our young blondes elfin bottom had the most obvious need of the sponge, which next moved in wet lathes over her hips, belly, thighs and between the legs. When I had finished, there was no more than the faintest glistening of unwiped lather between Natasha's buttocks and on her thighs. That apart, I left her wet from waist to knees with her own flood. The heavily perfumed soap-cream imparted a heavy, even cloying richness of scent to Natasha's trim body and to the air of the warm room. In my passion for cleanliness and decency, I insist that even the white elasticated briefs of Natasha's school knickers shall be so sweetly impregnated when she wears them that the perfume will scarcely be washed out of them. Imagine Julia's face as she saw that her own turn had come!

    Under the short parted fringe of her spiky coiffure, the hard young contenance and heavily made-up blue eyes were set to defy me.

    “Not in the mood to submit yet, Julia?” I asked coolly. “Very well. Perhaps you need a taste of the strap across those soft young bottom-cheeks.” To tell the truth I wished to avoid this, but there was no real alternative. I took the broad strap of thin leather, pressed down on the back of Julia's waist, and gave three smarting strokes. I aimed one of them so that the end of the strap caught her just between the legs, leaving an angry red line. With another stroke, the split tails of the thin leather curved in between Julia's bottom-cheeks. I leave you to imagine, Jack, if she continued to defy me after that! Once again my rubber-gloved hands spread the wetness of the soap-cream over Julia's heavier thighs, lumpish hips, and fatter arse-cheeks. Anticipating greater resistance, my well-loaded forefinger entered Julia's backside three times until her young belly's rear exhaust-pipe was quite filled with the cream.

    Despite having had three smacks of the strap across her bare bottom-cheeks, Julia continued to gasp and tense under my hands, quite unlike Natasha's blushing submission! I suppose, Jack, that it would never do for an adolescent rebel like Julia to submit tamely to obedience-training imposed by her elders and betters! Be that as it may, she was no more able to resist the tickling of the little fountain-nozzle than the younger girl had been. Once more the grateful sponge was well-supplied. On my command, Julia's backside paid its tribute to the rubber-gloved hands. The provision of warm water was ampler in Julia's case than in Natasha's. Presently she lay defeated, shining wet from her own torrent. The morning ritual, which had lasted an hour, was almost over. Despite the extreme lewdness of what had been done to the two girl-pupils my stern moral diatribe had justified everything. I took a dry sponge and wiped the two pairs of thighs, hips, and rear cheeks until the moisture had almost gone. Taking perfumed powder in my hand, I rubbed it first over Natasha's bareness and then Julia's. I was most careful to work it into each little swell of pussy-flesh. Need I tell you, Jack, that the same powder contains a stimulant-irritant if you prefer-which would set up a virulent itch of longing in each girl's cunt? “Pull your knickers up, Natasha!” I said sharply, “Put your skirt on! Straighten those little white ankle-socks! Brush your hair into place! Straighten your tie!…

    Julia, you young slut! Pull your panties up as well! And those jeans!

    Show me the rear view. Ah yes, Julia! You like to parade through the streets in those tight pants, don't you? Do you do it to excite yourself- or to excite the men who see you? Or is it perhaps both?

    Well, my two little bitches, today you shall walk in the grounds of the villa and no further. To save you from trying to play truant, you will find that the gates are locked and that the railings are tipped with sharp spikes to prevent you climbing over!” I dismissed them from their morning toilet but, as you will soon guess, I watched their activities closely while they walked in the sunlit alleys of the gardens. Knowing the grounds as well as I do, it was a simple matter to follow and spy upon them through the interstices of leaves and branches. The irritant powder rubbed into their cunt-flesh was working well. Indeed, I noticed that Julia was furtively touching herself through the tight denim of her jeans even before they left the washroom! As the erotic torment increased, they would grow desperate for relief and-I hoped-would perform some most lascivious antics.

    And yet, Jack, let me be the first to admit that I had not reckoned upon the ingenuity of Julia. So used to running with the louts of the town, there is no whore in Piccadilly who has a surer instinct for sniffing out a stiff young prick-as if her nose could pick it up a mile away. Not an hour had passed before Julia was conversing with four young ruffians though the strong iron railings.

    Natasha, as usual, stood back a little. She still played the part of the prim little prig. It was at a place where the line of the railings formed a right-angle, an unfrequented corner of the grounds. It was a scene of bonfires and compost heaps, silent as a rule but for the drone of summer flies. The four boys talked to Julia in broken English, supplemented by sign language. Even at fifteen, with her hard young face and short spiked crop of dark hair, Julia looked a whore.

    Now there was no doubt. One of the lads unbuttoned and took out his prick. Natasha blushed at this, but Julia smiled. There was no way in which the young penis could embed itself in Julia's cunt or arse. The railings are two inches thick. Even if Julia spread her thighs or arse-cheeks right against the rails on her side, it would be hard for the lad to penetrate her. Yet they soon made a lovers' compact.

    Julia was to bend over alongside one line of the corner railings, her face pressed to the other. It was simple for her to push her nose and lips through the gap a little and, indeed, to reach through with her hands in order to fondle their pricks. At the same time, the boys could walk round to the side of her as she bent, manualising her tits, cunt, and backside. In ten minutes more, one of the boys had taken down Julia's jeans and panties. With one hand he milked her cunt gently, the forefinger of his other hand up her arse. Another boy had worked his hand up inside her singlet to fondle her adolescent bubbies. Julia's healthy young cunt lubricated plentifully and she squirmed her hips in grateful ecstasy. She took the prick or an innocent young boy in her palm and stroked its limpness as if it had been a pet bird. When the young cock raised its head a little and stood proudly, Julia drew it to her mouth, rounded her lips, and began to suck gently up and down the pale shaft. Natasha, desperate to masturbate and relieve her erotic itch, was too bashful to do so openly. Yet she let the boys coax her to the railings and even went so far as to reach through and fondle a young penis. She did it wonderingly, for it was almost the first of these fabulous beasts that our little explorer had seen in reality. Despite the torment between her legs, our demure blonde could not quite bring herself to do what was necessary. Happily, the young ruffians decided the matter for both girls. Natasha's wrists-and Julia's-were suddenly held firm on the outside of the bars. Pulling the two girls forward by their arms, the boys looped a rough noose round each young neck. In a moment more, Julia and Natasha were bending side by side, mouths at the bars of their improvised prison, their bodies in easy grip of the lads who walked round to one side. The muddy pallor of Julia's bottom and thighs was already bare. Now it was the young blonde's navy-blue skirt which came down, followed by Natasha's cotton briefs. Julia, of course, was used to sucking the pricks of the boys in the town and continued to give the lad a good time with her agile tongue. But what of our prim little blonde? Natasha stared aghast when the youthful erection presented its knob insolently to her lips. Twisting her head vainly, she mewed her refusal through pressed lips. But one of the other boys reached through and began to manualise the desperately itching little clitoris and vaginal lips. A heavy odour of boudoir soap rose from the bare legs and hips of the two girls in the warm day. Despite her elfin slimness, one lad wished to touch up Natasha's bare arse and legs with the smouldering tip of a stick in order to make her obey. The others were wiser than he. Already she was giving out whimpering gasps of relief at the fondling and her little cunt shed its first pearly tears of lubrication into the boy's hand.

    “Suck the prick, Natasha,” he said gently as he fondled her. “In ten years time or less you'll be a bride- and your husband will certainly make you do it. You might just as well learn the art of it now!” Natasha gave a little whine of refusal. The boy drew his hand away. “In that case, Natasha, you must not expect the caresses of others.” She gave a cry of despair as the virulent erotic itch now reasserted its power, unappeased. In vain she tried to rub her cunt-lips between her legs. “Suck the prick, Natasha, if you want me to fondle you,” said the boy with a laugh. Natasha turned her head to the bars, the blue eyes and sulky young face so self-pitying under the blond fringe. The lad who presented his erection to her lips took the chignon of her soft hair and held her steady. As if obliged to avoid suffocation, Natasha opened her mouth and allowed the youthful penis to enter. The other boy returned his hand between her legs. He felt Natasha shudder with gratitude as the masturbation was resumed. Throughout the long summer afternoon, Julia and Natasha remained bending. Each boy who waited his turn to be sucked frigged his pupil, while his predecessor was tantalised by the loving lips and tongue. A girl who takes the spurts of male sperm down her throat is said in Berlin to “drink a toast to Cupid” or “to drink Cupid's milk.” So the gentle voices of that warm day charted the girls' progress in debauchery. “Suck the prick again, Julia…

    Natasha, drink another toast to Cupid… Wait for a moment, Julia. I must smack your bottom for you, you little whore!… Natasha! Drink another toast to Cupid!… No cheating, Julia! Swallow down your pride!… I had not the heart, dear Jack, to interrupt young love's innocent frolics! Between them, Julia and Natasha must have consumed almost a pint of Cupid's nourishment that afternoon. They returned and dined upon more orthodox victuals. When it was almost time to send them to bed, I ordered them instead to the fateful room with the convenient marble demonstration-table. Perhaps by now they were too weary even to protest at the removal of skirt and jeans, as well as their white stretched briefs. Yet it was not I, Jack, who attended them now. They were bathed with most orthodox warm water and soap, washed from toe to top and elegantly perfumed, by the hands of Sonja and Petra. There was no severity, you understand, only the most loving attention. They were like sisters together, rather than mistress and slave. From the next room I heard Sonja's gentle tones.

    “Turn over on your tummy now, Natasha! Relax the cheeks of your bottom properly, my little pet!” And then the washing and the towelling continued, followed by the perfume spray. Presently the voice resumed, more humourously. “What thick fleece between your legs, Julia! Open your thighs a little wider. We must trim some of that away. Lie still, my dear! No, I shall not shave it all away. But you must have it trimmed a little. Like this. You see? What was there to make such a fuss about?” You will draw your own conclusions, Jack, when I assure you that this “bathing session” lasted quite as long as the morning toilet had done. I will not weary you with the many unnecessary strokings and partings inflicted on our two young pupils by my own pair of bitches! I will only add this. Natasha and Julia occupy two single beds in the same room. The next morning, the maid reported to me a curious fact. (She is an old family servant and utterly to be trusted.) One of the beds had not been slept in. The sheets of the other were much disordered and bore upon them the sort of blemishes which she had never been accustomed to find except when passionate young married couples had been our guests. As for the rest, I have now had Julia and Natasha on the marble table every morning for a week and my routine never varies. The doors of all other such rooms are locked against them and the key is in my pocket. Their protests and struggles grow less each day. I swear they are learning the gratification of their own wetness on the sponge and of the soapy finger which enforces the performance of certain acts. Despite her high-school education, Julia has the tastes of a whore, and Natasha may be trained the same way. They will not, of course, become whores-unless slavery to one master under captivity be such! But only think, Jack, of what I said at the beginning. Had I begged them to take down their knickers and let me fiddle with them, to have sex-fun with them, as they say… Imagine! Parents, teachers, police would have vied with one another to destroy me. But I talk only of cleanliness and decency, of manners and discipline. What is the result? Each morning the girls wallow in the grossest lewdness on the marble table. Their arseholes are opened on the soapy finger and the gloved hands receive the tribute. They are sponged over in their own fountain-water and then perfumed so heavily that a French brothel would wince at its power. They are left powdered with an irritant that drives them to masturbation on the table as soon as I leave the room.

    And yet I am spoken of as a martinet, a lady of irreproachable moral strictness and personal severity. Parents, teachers, and police are my greatest admirers. Profit by my example, dearest Jack, for in it lies your only true safety and pleasure! I almost persuade myself that I really am a moralist-and no libertine, after all! Your loving Dolly.


    Jack and his German nymphs-Elke, a randy young Austrian girl-Her love of frisky stories-New antics with the boys of the neighbouring school for young gentlemen-Her wicked fun with Master Algernon-Algy trapped bending through a wooden beach-groin in bathing drawers-Elke's cruel amusements with him-Gingering-up Algy with a sting-fish in his pants-The remarkable effect on his young prick of the stings and Elke's lewd finger-The wheel of fate turns-Sixteen-year-old Elke caught bending-Her pants down for the schoolboys' lewd revenge-Left to her fate-English moralists outraged at her naked wantonness-Their resolve stiffened at the sight-Elke's impalement-Her first taste of a good old English birch! Dearest Dolly, I need hardly describe my delight in reading your latest letter.

    The moral discipline which you have devised for Julia and Natasha is just what those two little minxes deserve! My only regret is that I dare not show the letter and share the amusement with even my closest friends. Not everyone would be as quick to congratulate you on your moral zeal as I shall be. Yet it would be a sin to destroy such a delightful account of the little bitches being trained to obedience.

    Therefore I propose to lock it safely away with instructions to our friend Professor J- to publish this and the rest of the correspondence when circumstances permit.**He has now done so!-Editor. If I tell you that my adventures here with the German and Austrian girls are proving no less remarkable than yours, you may hold me guilty of exaggeration. Yet since I last wrote, there has occurred an incident which would have brought joy to the heart of Rabelais and wild mirth to the spirit of the Comte de Sade.

    Perhaps you will more readily believe me if I tell you that it involves our sixteen-year-old Austrian pupil, Elke. As you well know, she is an eager little sensualist with no idea of morals in any sense of that word. You will easily recognise her from the photographs of the girls which accompany this letter. Elke is the one of medium height with the straight brown hair cut short at her collar, the insolently pouting mouth, the heart-shaped face with its high cheek-bones which forms an ideal setting for her sly hazel eyes.

    The photograph does not, of course, show much of the little tart's conduct! Yet her disposition is clear to anyone who watches her walking down to the beach with a pair of leather jacketed German youths from a similar institution. Elke likes to show off her young figure in the tightly-stretched wool of a short black jumper and a pair of even tighter, though faded, riding-jeans of blue denim. The black wool clearly outlines the proud young shape of her breasts. From the rear, the tight denim shows an adolescent fullness, the ripe soft cheeks of Elke's backside. You think I am severe in my account of the girl, Dolly? You protest that she may be just a high-spirited teenager? Let me show you, by example, what her tastes are! As you know, I like to make the girls in my care study closely such accounts of English life as Master Miles's reformatory memoirs. Yet I take precaution that the more spirited adventures of Beatrice, Eveline, Birch in the Boudoir, Captain DeVane, Laura, or The Days at Florville, remain on the top shelf behind locks and wires, for fear they should make pretty maidens blush! The other night, long past the witching-hour, I was musing in my study when I heard the sound of a footfall in the corridor. Who was the nightwalker, creeping past so stealthily? You may be sure that I moved softly to spy upon the creature! Having turned out the light, I saw nothing at first but an obscure figure moving cautiously ahead of me. The door of the library opened and closed. Then the light was turned on in the room. I slipped out into the garden and along the path, knowing that this would give me an excellent view through the window of the library. Can you guess what I saw? No one would call Elke a studious girl. Yet there she was at her studies! As I watched, I saw her run her fingers along an upper shelf where I keep the key to my collection. Do not ask me how she knew where to find it, for I have no idea. Then, fetching a stool to stand upon, she stepped up, unlocked the doors of wire mesh, and took down a racy volume. To my delight, she came and sat in a leather chair with her back to the uncurtained window, so close that I could see quite clearly what she was reading. It was the Memoirs of the scapegrace Captain De-Vane. Do you recall, Dolly, how he took two girls from reformatory or finishing school on a voyage? Do you recall them? Sandra Williams the tomboy of fifteen with her appealing innocence, brown hair loose and lank to her shoulders, the muddy pallor of her skin, the quick smile and ready courtesy of her blue eyes? She was one of them. The younger girl was Linda Jennings, a sly, sensuous little blonde with a soft pale beauty, blue-eyed and with a short mane of fair hair worn forward on her lapel. Elke opened the book and her finger ran under the lines of print as she followed the story. Sandra, stripped to her white breast-halter and elasticated briefs, was DeVane's cabin-girl for the voyage. Randy young Linda was his bed-slave. Sandra was to spend most of the voyage lying bottom-upwards over his bunk with her knickers round her knees. Many a morning Linda slept until noon, exhausted by the night's antics. A charming picture she made, sprawled on her belly over the pillows, the vaseline jar, roll of tissue, and cane still lying with her discarded knickers on the table. As our randy little blonde dozed the morning away, the soft mane of hair pressed to her mouth, the traces of the night's orgies were still visible. In sleep, Linda licks her lips as if still able to taste her lover's passion upon them. A certain sheen between her thighs tells of spent desire. Though she has wiped off most of the vaseline on the sheets of tissue which strew the floor, a fugitive smear still gleams between her buttocks. Nor can she conceal the prints of bamboo across her pearly little bottom. Elke read at breakneck speed, her finger racing under the lines of the pages.

    Alas, she shows nothing like this skill when the immortal works of William Shakespeare or Lord Byron are set before her! Often she returned and read over again the spicier passages of Captain DeVane!

    At last she let the book fall to the floor and I saw that one hand had been thrust down into the waistband of her pants and that she was fondling herself. The fingers moved in a long steady rhythm. Her mouth opened, lips parting a little and tongue running along them repeatedly and lasciviously. She breathed more deeply in her labour of love. The sly hazel eyes closed lightly, opened again, and then closed once more in a languorous dream of bliss. Curled on her side in the capacious leather chair, Elke masturbated like this for almost an hour. Twice she had her orgasm with faint shuddering whimpers. I can assure you that she lubricated greatly with the excitement which the book had provoked, for the moisture on the leather chair was still there after she had turned out the light and left. It was, perhaps, partly the sweat of her exertion in the warm night but not entirely that. I tell you all this, Dolly, that you may more readily understand the adventure which followed it the next afternoon. At a little distance from us there is a school for England's future prime ministers, judges, field-marshals, and bishops. The boys who attend it are of the best families, arriving at thirteen and leaving for the two Universities, the army, or the imperial service when they are eighteen. Now, you may be sure that the venerable Dr. Thwackum (as I call him) takes good care that his young gentlemen shall not be contaminated by mingling with hoi polloi-or {Greek} as his scholars are more properly taught to inscribe it. Where the beach belonging to the school ends there is a wooden groin running down to low-water.

    Unlike the other groins, it is quite six feet high and topped by broken glass! But, Dolly,-boys will be boys! Here and there a hole appears in the wood, large enough for a lad of fourteen or fifteen to squeeze through feet first. Off he goes to smoke cigarettes on the sly, to peep through his little spy-glass at girls bathing, in fact to do all those things which would incur a severe birching from the reverend headmaster if they were ever detected. It may not surprise you to know that such girls as Elke also creep up to the hole in the wooden groin, in order to spy upon the boys at their bathing.

    Ah, perchance to catch a sight of a young penis, as if a glimpse of the bulous monster were precious as that of a unicorn! Master Algernon, the son of a cabinet minister, is an innocent enough lad with a turn for imagination and poetry. He is, I believe, somewhere in his fifteenth year. You might see him in the school grounds, wearing the traditional broad white band of the Eton collar, the short black jacket-known as a “bum freezer”-and striped trousers. Yet these would have been quite out of place when bathing. Yesterday afternoon was a glorious summer scene, the heat intense as it never is in England except during July. The low tide glittered along the Sussex shore, far beyond the damp sand, and the Channel was calm as a lake in the strong light. Elke and her two German swains had gone down to the beach together, just where the groin divided the school grounds from the public domain. The shingle and the sand lay deserted just there and seemed ideal for their amorous encounter. Master Algernon knew nothing of this. A fresh-faced boy with cherubic curls, he had been bathing far down by the tide and now returned up the beach with the thin white cotton of his drawers clinging to him so wetly that it was almost transparent. At that moment, the place being so deserted, he seems to have thought it safe to take a little stroll along the public beach. What sights there might be to serve his imagination when next he pumped his young organ. To negotiate the hole in the groin, which was two feet or so from the ground, it was necessary to put one leg through first, then the other, and finally to draw his torso through with arms extended. It was Elke who watched with growing curiosity as Master Algernon's first leg appeared through the hole.

    She walked across and saw the second leg appear, the boy now bending through the gap. From the waist down he was on her side, his arms, head, and torso still on the other. When Elke glanced round, she saw that her two boy-friends had begun to walk away along the beach, not having seen what she was doing. For at least two miles, where the shore ran away from the town, there was no sign of any other person approaching. With vindictive glee, Elke drew the belt from the waist of her tight jeans. Even free of it they were in no danger of falling down. With quick fingers, she drew the belt round Master Algernon's waist, also running it round the metal pins of the groin on either flank as she pulled it tight and buckled it. The result was that he found suddenly he could not move either forward or back. When he tried to reach back with his hands, Elke picked up the ends of the mooring-cord which the boatmen discarded along the pebbles and noosed his wrists together behind his back. It has all happened with such speed that Master Algernon seemed utterly dumbstruck. He now bent helplessly through the hole, the wet bathing drawers showing his buttocks and upper thighs pinkly through thin white cotton. “I say!” he gasped urgently, “Look here! I say! Don't go and get a fellow into trouble! Please! I shall be most dreadfully swished if they catch me like this! Do be a sport! Please!” But Elke merely gave a sulky little pout with her mouth and began to take off her jeans and panties. Algy tried in vain to twist round and see what she was doing but the wooden groin blocked his view. Elke put her jeans back on again but she held the cotton briefs in her hand. Reaching through, she presented these knickers to Master Algernon's face. The poor fellow blushed at the mere sight of them. “You will wear my panties in your mouth,” said Elke petulantly, “Or else I will leave you like this and tell your masters where to find you-with your drawers pulled down and your prick out.” “By Jove!” cried Algy in alarm, “Now, see here! Don't you think you'll get away with this, young lady! Don't you imagine for one minute…” The rest of his oration was lost, for Elke had pinched his nose and obliged him to open his mouth for breath still wider. “Let goth of by nothe!” he gabbled, “Let goth, you thucking little whoreth…” But now the panties were crammed in his mouth and Elke was running a rope between his teeth to keep them in place. The shrill violence of the sounds behind the gag were Algernon's vain promises that his father was a minister of the crown and that he would have Elke confined in the cruellest reformatory for ten years to come! Leaving him, muted and bound as he bent helplessly through the hole in the groin, the Austrian girl walked down the beach towards the tide until she found the thing that she was looking for. It was almost like a colourless mass of jelly. She collected it with care on a sheet of driftwood. As she stood behind the boy and he saw what she was holding, Master Algernon went nearly frantic. The sting of the jelly-fish known as a Portuguese Man-of-War was scarcely less than the tortures of the Inquisition. This specimen on the driftwood was still visibly alive and moving. Master Algy's cherub curls twisted and the blue eyes above his gag bulged with apprehension. Though bending, he performed a side-to-side dance with his legs and hips, as if to avoid what was going to be done to him. Elke put down the board. She drew his young prick and balls out through the front vent of his drawers, the young penis stiffening a little despite his predicament. Then she held him by the balls and used them as a bridle to hold him still or move him as she chose. You may be sure that Algernon had never been handled by a girl before and that the experience was not entirely disagreeable to him. A thoughtful frown clouded Elke's sixteen-year-old face. She slid a hand into the back of his drawers and tickled the boy's bottom-hole. At this, Algernon's young prick rose stiff as a mainmast. Elke scolded him for a dirty wretch. She lifted up the pale jelly-fish on its board, opened the back of Algernon's pants again, and tipped the slithering mass into the seat.

    As Elke watched, she could see the slight ominous movement of the blubbery mass, the extension of the tentacles from the main body. The first pad fastened on one cheek of Algernon's young bottom and jabbed the ferocious poison of its sting into him. He yelled wildly into his gag, dancing and kicking vainly with the torment. Another tentacle slid round and stung the flank of his buttocks, another the back of his thighs, while the fourth slid between his spread buttocks and another under his legs. Elke took him by the balls again, holding him still for his ordeal. It was intriguing to see that each time the searing pain of the sting jabbed his arse-cheeks, Master Algernon's young prick stiffened with a convulsive jerk. After some while, Elke seemed to grow bored with this. Through the wet cotton it was plain to see that Master Algernon's soft pale bum-cheeks were scarlet from the stings and untouchably sore. Elke drew his pants down and allowed the jelly-fish to fall on to the wood again. Algernon stared back at her, the blue eyes still bulging with apprehension above the gag and the cherub curls in disorder. Elke picked up a length of the thin mooring-cord. She pointed at Algernon's unfortunate prick which stood out forlornly stiff as his pants hung round his knees. “Dirty wretch!” she said severely, “Now you have the whip!” When one considers that Algernon's scarlet buttocks were smarting atrociously and had been swollen fatter by the stings, the prospect of the whip was bound to cause panic. He twisted, yelled into his gag, danced and kicked his legs about in a manner which would have made any ballet-master proud of him. Elke took the wet cord to thrash him once-twice- thrice-across the agony of his tender buttocks.

    The schoolboy tripped and yelled, kicked and farted, in a most extraordinary exhibition for one of England's ruling-class. Indeed, if any part of his anatomy remained stiff, it was certainly not his upper lip. Unfortunately for the boy, Elke had all the cruelty of a girl of sixteen who has yet to learn the limits of punishment. She thrashed his backside without remorse-on-and on- and on. They passed fifty strokes-and even a hundred. Weals appeared easily on the sting-swollen bum-cheeks and roseate droplets flowed. After a long time, while only the call of gulls and the measured lash of the whip disturbed the warm stillness of the beach, Elke laid down the cord. She chose a round pebble, the size of a plum. Moistening it well with cream from her reticule, she pressed it firmly between Algernon's buttocks until it vanished up the lad's arse. Algy's mouth and eyes went very round all at once, with surprise, consternation, and-who can tell?-perhaps just a dash of excitement. Elke bowed the cropped bell-shape of her brown hair, watching closely as she took the fledgling prick in one hand, laying it on her palm, and tickled Algernon's arsehole with the other forefinger. Despite his state, he was excited enough to jig his hips, moving his anus on the finger-tip and trying to rub his prick on the girl's palm. Elke gave the young penis a few tugs and squeezes, as if mocking it rather than encouraging it to perform. Yet even this was sufficient for Algernon's body to go suddenly tense and for the vent of his tool to spout a pool of sperm into Elke Mahne's palm. She studied it carefully, then left his member to dangle while she went to wash her hand in the tide. On returning she looked at poor Algy with distaste as he bent there with bathing drawers round his knees, his penis limp and his buttocks scalded. She pulled up the boy's pants and lifted the drowsy jelly-fish on the board. “Now you get some more of this,” she said disdainfully. While Master Algernon danced and sang into his gag, she again opened the back of his waistband and tipped the loathsome blubber into the seat of his pants. Stooping down she looked at the wildness in his eyes through the hole in the groin as he was stung anew for the first time. “I leave you for two hours,” she said quietly, “Then I tell your master where you are and what a dirty wretch you have been with your dicky hanging out. He will have you fetched and birched, I think,” Algy did not only think so-he knew it! The prospect of two hours torment from the savage stings, followed by a birching on his tortured buttocks quite unmanned him. In a last attempt to win a reprieve while Elke was within earshot, he danced and capered from the waist down, howled into his gag, kicked about and cursed lustily with sheer panic.

    Elke Mahne turned away and went to find the two German boys with whom she was going to have a good time. They went later to lie by the bathing huts, under the eyes of respectable middle-class families and their children. Yet had you seen them in their tipsy state, Dolly, what would you have thought? Sixteen-year-old Elke was shouting and falling about as if drunk. It seems that the boys, in order to make her more pliable, had taken her somewhere and fed her on the powder of aspirin spiced with just the tiniest pinch of a drug. I have the details from the venerable Dr. Thwackum himself, who was walking back along the promenade and saw the entire spectacle of Elke and her two young ruffians on the shingle. (Ever since I told him of the conduct of Katharine and Claudia, the reverend headmaster has carried his own Kodak with him in case he should be able to take snapshots of other culprits in flagrante delictu.) Elke began to shout abuse, screaming “Salaud!” and other pleasantries at each boy as he lay with his arms about her. Then she would go limp and submit to his fondling.

    Sometimes she would writhe against the boy eagerly and sometimes scream if one of them touched her. Indeed they were obliged to put their hands over her mouth. When a kindly man inquired if she was ill, Elke shouted that she was ill with heart-ache because no boys loved her! Insolent and hysterical, she shouted that she was Elke Mahne who had been to school in Vienna. Her cheeks were flushed, though sometimes she bowed the bell-shape of brown hair and covered her pert high-boned face with her hands. It was evident that after her amusement with Master Algernon, she had taken the aspirin and a dash of something else to lift her spirits high. She lay inert on her side, facing the boy who had his arms about her. The promenaders gazed at the tight and softly filled seat of her faded jeans which she turned to them. At sixteen years old, Elke Mahne's bottom-cheeks had a slight fatness and width to them which was as yet seductive, though it would be excessive in a few years more. When the boy who was lying with her slid his hands into her jeans, Elke's feet twined together with excitement. She drew her knees up a little. Dr. Thwack-urn's photographs show the soft ripe cheeks of Elke Mahne's arse in the faded denim, squirming and tensing together as the boy masturbated her gently. High on the soaring excitement, Elke screamed and submitted alternately. She gave not a thought to the wretched Master Algernon, stuck through the hole in the wooden groin, the jelly-fish in his pants and the pinions holding him. Dr. Thwackum would gladly have stayed to attend to the girl himself. As luck would have it, however, he was due at a meeting of the college governors in half an hour. Yet he had promised himself that he would print the photographs as soon as possible and send copies to me. You believe yourself to be a moralist, Dolly? Then how much you would have in common with Jonathan Bonaventure Thwackum, D.D. Scholar of Magdalen College, his career at Oxford ended when he narrowly missed a Fellowship of All Souls. Rural Dean, Archdeacon, Canon of Long Sarum, he chose the life of a headmaster before that of a bishop. His aim with the birch has all the exactitude and precision of his textual scholarship. He is, of course, a man underneath all that. You recall Sian, my sluttish Welsh housemaid with the red tresses? I am not unaware that she visits his bachelor apartments on certain evenings and returns next day richer by a few sovereigns.

    However, let us not sneer at his weaknesses for he is a resolute disciplinarian. On hearing of the fate of Katharine and Claudia, he begged me to avail myself of his skill with a birch if any of the girls require it. I had resolved to let him birch nineteen-year-old Sian. For the rest, I would keep them to myself. By the time that Elke recovered herself, the boys had left her and she was lying on the beach alone. It was past five o'clock and in an hour more she must be back on these premises or incur the penalty of absence. Though still dressed, she was wet between the legs and moist at the rear, for the boys had made a farewell gesture of masturbating her and popping several well oiled peanuts up Elke Mahne's arsehole. As she began to walk back, clearing the muzziness of her head, she evidently saw that the luckless Master Algernon was still fastened bending through the hole in the groin. Little as she cared for the appalling torment he must have suffered, Elke walked towards the scene, no doubt remembering her promise to send a message to Dr. Thwackum and ensure the lad was birched. She walked within fifty yards of the poor victim without noticing anything amiss. Then a frown appeared on her pretty high-boned face. The legs protruding from the bathing-drawers were mere sticks of wood! Before she could turn round, four strong middle-school bullies who had chanced to find poor Algernon and rescue him, seized the Austrian girl firmly. Algy himself stepped out from concealment. “That's her,” he said savagely. How the tables were now turned! While Elke screamed and cursed, they bundled her to the hole in the groin and forced her head and shoulders through it.

    Now it was she who bent helpless and strapped down, with all the appearance of a dirty little girl who was trying to glimpse the boys bathing. The masters on the school side of the groin would see the collar-length crop of her brown hair, the fringe, the sullen heart-shaped face and hazel eyes. To the world, there was a prospect of her adolescent thighs and the full soft cheeks of Elke Mahne's backside alluring, broadened and spread in her tight jeans.

    Master Algernon was in such a state that he had not been able to get his trousers on again. Instead he wore a towel round his waist, from which his prick now protruded with renewed vigour. “You little whore, Elke!” he said, almost smiling in his anguish, “First we shall have our fun with you. After that, you can prepare yourself for a hard time.” Elke, of course, cursed and struggled vainly, then pleaded with them not to make her late for her return to the villa.

    They filled her mouth with the same convenient gag of panties which she had used on poor Algernon. Algernon himself was allowed the honour of undoing Elke's jeans and stripping her from the hem of the black woollen singlet at her waist down to her heels. He paused to admire the slight fleshiness of her pale young thighs with the cunt-slit peeping between, and the ripe swelling cheeks of Elke's bottom.

    Retribution began at once, for the boys intended to keep Elke busy all evening. Algernon touched up the Austrian girl's cunt a little with his fingers and found it soon yielded lubrication, though Elke herself shrieked abuse into her gag. Aiming from behind her, Algy guided his hard young prick between her legs and threaded it right up her vagina. The pain of his ordeal that afternoon was now a strange stimulus in its aftermath. Elke tried hard to disengage herself from the impaling prick by jerking and squirming her hips but the only result of this was to make the ride still more enjoyable for the curly headed cherub who ravished her. Indeed, it was evident as the rogering continued that Elke was getting more than a little overheated with the excitement of it. Then, as always, the sperm boiled dangerously in Algernon's loins and he withdrew. Yet now he avenged that other part of himself by carefully vaselining Elke Mahne's arsehole. Despite the hysterical yells which the gag muffled, Elke had to have the prick and the spouting sperm up her tight young arse, for none of the boys wished to be the cause of a paternity summons. To bugger a slightly fat-bottomed sixteen-year-old Austrian girl like Elke Mahne was by no means a disagreeable exercise for Algernon's prick. Our hero made it last ten or fifteen minutes before he gasped out. “It's coming now, Elke! Bend tighter! The further into you the sperm goes the more we'll both enjoy it! Ah, what a fat little bottom, Elke! Here it comes! That's good! Oh, that's marvellous! What a perfect little whore you'll make, Elke!” So it continued-four times over. Each boy spent in Elke's backside and then turned to the problem of retribution-giving her a hard time, as they called it. They had purloined from somewhere a pair of loose-fitting female drawers, elastic-tight at waist and mid-thigh, made of almost transparent pale blue silk. They pulled these up over Elke's thighs and hips. Into the seat of these a fresh and hungry jelly-fish was tipped. “Half an hour's excitement for you, Elke,” said Algernon whimsically. They had strapped her ankles together to prevent excessive “dancing,” for fear it might harm the innocent jelly-fish. Yet the softly full cheeks of Elke's bottom surged and writhed to match her muffled howls. The tentacles got easily between her legs and plagued her young cunt until she almost swooned. Bright scarlet rondels began springing to life on her adolescent buttocks until their anguish merged into a single glow of swollen rear cheeks. Red blemishes rose on the backs of her thighs.

    Then an urgent tensing showed where the tentacles had found their way between the cheeks of Elke's bottom and were wreaking havoc there.

    Before the half-hour was over, the sixteen-year-old culprit was frantic in her plight. Elke Mahne farted as lustily as a full-bottomed Austrian girl of her kind can do. She squirmed and contorted, arched and writhed. At last they stripped down the pants and removed the obliging jelly-fish from the behind of which it was so enamoured.

    Algernon stooped over the girl. “Still think it was such fun, Elke? After we've whipped you, you'll have the jelly-fish tickling you again for a whole hour, so that you really get the chance to enjoy it!” Had such a thing happened, who can say what the outcome would have been? But events were now about to take an unexpected turn.

    Elke was in a perfect condition for being whipped. When Algernon touched a hand lightly to the girl's buttocks, even that made her gasp and flinch away-so sorely had the stings made her smart. They agreed that each boy should give her three dozen strokes across her backside with the improvised whips of mooring-cord. However, at the mention of this, Elke began to twist her hips so wildly that it would have been hard to land the whips in the right place. The ingenuity of retribution had seized Algernon. He had decided to make Elke wear a “persuader” between the cheeks of her arse while she was whipped. This was a simple device. It consisted of a narrow strap which ran from the front of her belt at the navel, down her belly, under her legs, up between her buttocks to fasten at the back of the belt. Where it was drawn tightly up between her hind cheeks, a row of needle-sharp points protruded to either side. He explained carefully to Elke that so long as she bent right over for the whip- her arse-cheeks stretched wide-and so long as she kept quite still, the needle-tips would dent the skin down either surface of her bottom-cleft but would not pierce it. If she attempted to writhe or tense or straighten up, she would martyr herself on the fine steel points. You may well believe, Dolly, that this news did not much reassure Fraulein Elke! How could she not squirm under the lash? However, the strap was drawn tightly into place and her spread arse-cheeks were helplessly presented to her four youthful chastisers. At the thought of giving thirty-six whip-strokes across the ripe adolescent cheeks of Elke Mahne's backside each young penis was beginning to stiffen up again. Indeed, the knowledge that she would get almost a hundred and fifty strokes by simple arithmetic seemed only to add to the hectic excitement.

    Fear not, Dolly! She was to be saved before that happened.

    Algernon himself gave her thirty-six with the improvised whip, thrashing Elke's fat young buttocks with more force than expertise.

    However, he produced some impressive weals and drove her frantic as she screamed into her gag. Twice she failed to control herself and clenched her bottom-cheeks on the wicked needle-tips of the persuader!

    But before they could continue with the discipline, one of the lads shouted “Cave!” the traditional schoolboy warning of an approaching master. They took the persuader, pulled up her jeans and fastened them. The jelly-fish was returned to its ocean pool. They had neither time nor inclination to unfasten Elke but left her with the appearance of a girl spying on boys to see them undress for their swimming lesson. With a gag in her mouth, she could hardly deny it!

    The truth was, Dolly, that the meeting of the college governors had ended and that the dignitaries who made up this body had gone off separately to take the evening air. The figure who now approached down the cliff path was Colonel Randy Hart of the Blues. The view which greeted him on the public side of the wooden groin was of Elke's backside and thighs in the tight jeans as she bent through the hole.

    Of her sullen young face and the sly hazel eyes he could see nothing.

    However it was clear that she was staring at the four boys on the school side who had taken off their bathing drawers, in order to dress in their uniforms, and whose young pricks were freely displayed.

    Colonel Randy brushed up his luxuriant moustaches and screwed the monocle more firmly in his eye. “By Gad!” he said loudly, “A damned little bunter spying on the school fellows! Is that the game, missy? Is it? What? What?” He walked up behind her and clapped his hands on her tightly clad backside. Elke, in her tender state, squirmed and mewed into her gag. Colonel Randy took this for lascivious writhing and moans of passion. The colonel, a builder of empire who had had much to do with native girls and uncontrolled lusts of primitive womanhood, chortled at this. He stared round quickly and believed himself to be unobserved. Looking in the girl's reticule he saw a card with her name, age, and address upon it.

    Knowing something of my own military sympathies he evidently thought himself quite safe-when he saw that I was written down as her summer guardian! “Well, now, Elke Mahne!” He brushed up the ginger moustaches again, “A young hunter that must spy on boys' pricks and then whimpers with excitement when she's touched needs something more than a dame-school nagging! Eh? What?” He undid her pants again and drew them down, grinning hugely as he saw Elke's adolescent buttocks glowing hotter than the setting sun. He spat into his hands, rubbed them together, and gave a dozen ear-splitting smacks on those seductive rear orbs. For any girl, such a spanking would have stung hard. Poor Elke with her arse-cheeks smarting so dreadfully already, shrieked wildly into her gag. “I like a tart of sixteen with hot pants, Elke!” boomed the colonel. “From the look of those arse-halves, you're the sort of slut who likes to get a bottom-smacking! What?

    What?” So the hero of Majuba Hill, and a dozen other conflicts, let fly. This time twelve lusty slaps on each of Elke Mahne's bottom-cheeks. Colonel Randy could see clearly the smarting arse of the Austrian girl and yet this somehow seemed only to stiffen his manhood. He stopped and, taking another look round to see that the coast was clear, he unbuttoned himself. “No sense lookin' a gift-horse in the mouth, m' dear!” he said, with his curious choice of metaphor. His sixty-year-old prick stood stiff enough for a man of twenty-five. He threaded it into her cunt from behind and pumped up into her vigorously. Like many a soldier of his rank, he regarded a girl as a filly to be ridden or driven by a man. He talked to her as if she was his restive mount, smacking her flanks from time to time, as he fucked her, in order to make her more amenable. If ever my plans materialise, Dolly, I shall invite Colonel Randy to be our guest. What choice of pleasure would he make? He will use one of the little garden carriages with a single seat for the driver. Elke Mahne with her jeans and panties stripped off will be harnessed bending between the shafts, one cross-bar supporting her belly and her wrists strapped to the forward one. Imagine Colonel Randy mounting and seeing her ripe sixteen-year-old bottom-cheeks facing up towards him!

    Confronted by such a prospect, what man could resist a long carriage-drive through the grounds, from lunchtime until dinner? Smack goes the whip and round go the wheels! You may be sure that our “pony-girl” Elke would return in floods of tears, her cunt and arse well-plumbed and her young backside embroidered by the colonel's equestrian skill! On this occasion he was much milder, huffing and puffing as he roared towards his climax. Being a gentleman, he did not spend in the girl's cunt but drew his manhood out and allowed it to spout hot jets of gruel all over the scarlet soreness of Elke Mahne's bottom-cheeks and down the backs of her thighs. Scarcely had he done this when a sound of footsteps warned the gallant soldier that he was about to be discovered. Without waiting to pull up Elke's pants for her, he galloped off to the concealment of the cliff-path, stuffing his penis back into his trousers as he ran. Now, Dolly, you may feel that Colonel Randy is something less than a pattern of moral rectitude. But could you cast one single aspersion at that venerable old widow, Lady Loosely? She it was who now appeared on the scene in a long velvet dress, carrying her stole and lorgnettes. She saw the rear view of the fucked fraulein and gasped at the outrage of it. Not only was Elke spying on the boys as they changed out of their bathing drawers, the young whore had undressed herself and allowed a man to enjoy her from the rear at the same time! There could be no doubt of it. Lady Loosely, proud and upright, crossed the pebbles with firm tread and stood behind the culprit. “Slut!” she said, reading the card which the colonel had dropped close by, “Dirty little Austrian slut!” She was about to smack Elke's bottom hard and long but her hands touched a substance which had been foreign to her ladyship's life since her lamented husband died in the cunt of Maggie the Scrubber, the blond toast of Bridewell lock-up. Lady Loosely raised her lorgnettes to her eyes and examined the smarting, glowing cheeks of Elke's bottom, scrutinising the half-congealed spurts of gruel by which they were spangled. Her ladyship straightened up with a sniff. “Disgusting!” she said loudly, “You're a proper little whore, Elke Mahne! I shall go and ask Dr. Thwackum to come down here with his birch. But even he ought not to see you in so lewd a state of spent lust as this.” Taking her own handkerchief, Lady Loosely mopped over the adolescent girl's swollen bottom-cheeks and thighs, wiping carefully between her legs. She then used her hands to examine Elke's state with gentle fondling, stroking and touching. This inspection lasted for quite half an hour, even requiring her ladyship to insert one finger up Elke's cunt and another up her bottom. It was observed by my spies, Dolly, that the rate of the pulse in her ladyship's throat was almost twice the speed on her departure from the beach than it had been when she had first appeared there forty minutes earlier. At last the venerable beak-nosed figure of Dr. Thwackum arrived. In his hand was a severe birch, the kind made of three parallel switches of willow. He stood behind Elke and, it seemed, a trembling fit seized him. You may be sure it was outrage, Dolly, for anything else would be unthinkable in the case of this great moralist and public educator of the nation's leaders. He did not touch Elke but stood about two feet behind her. Bowing a little, no doubt with grief at such a lewd display, he clasped his hands before him, low down. From the back, my informants could not see exactly what the venerable doctor was doing. He seemed to be vigorously winding his watch-or perhaps polishing his cuffs-or even pumping his inhaler. Who would believe so upright a man to be a martyr to asthma? At last Dr. Thwackum seemed suddenly to overcome his moral grief at Elke's filthy conduct. He strained up abruptly and his hips arched forward a little. There was a long gasp and a shudder as the great man composed his mind once more. (My informants, by the way, apologised for an error. They thought Lady Loosely had mopped the sperm from Elke's bum-cheeks and thighs. Now they saw they were quite wrong. She was still spangled with it when Dr. Thwackum stepped aside.) He studied the state of Elke's bottom carefully and smiled quietly at the scarlet and smarting cheeks. There was no doubt that he intended to birch her without pity. Yet his position was, to say the least, equivocal. What repercussions might follow the birching of a girl on a public beach by the headmaster of one of our great public schools?

    A frown of concern furrowed his noble brow for a moment longer.

    And then Dr. Thwackum, Canon of Long Sarum, bared his teeth in a grin of triumph. He is not only one of our greatest moralists and educators, but also the most cunning devil who ever failed to win a Fellowship at All Souls. Can you guess what happened, Dolly?

    Possess yourself in patience a few hours more. I shall write again by the next post. Your loving Jack.


    A delicious comedy with Elke as its victim-Dr. Thwackum brings the well-fucked fraulein back.-His moral outrage at her conduct-The reverend gentleman offers Jack a service-He will birch Elke forthwith using a severity unknown outside our great public schools-Elke's bottom already untouchably sore-Bur she cannot reveal this truth without explaining why and earning worse punishment-Jack's great amusement at her predicament- Elke horsed and birched by Dr.

    Thwackum-Her long ordeal-Prick first, birch later -Dr. Thwackum's nightly visits to her to be continued. Dearest Dolly, I would not willingly have left you in suspense. Yet my last letter was of such length and took almost the entire morning to compose.

    Therefore I had to break off and attend to my duties here for several hours. This evening I find leisure to continue. As I have told you, Dr. Thwackum had devised in his subtle mind a scheme for enjoying Elke Mahne. It was a far more ambitious lechery than the mere pleasure of a single birching given summarily on the sea shore! He unfastened the girl, made her pull her pants up, and brought her back to me in his own carriage. You see? By comparison with all the others involved, was he not the great moralist? Elke was already in trouble for it was past eight in the evening and she was exactly two hours late. But imagine how my anger grew as she stood before my desk and Dr. Thwackum puffing his cigar in the leather chair told me the story. The little whore had been spying on the schoolboys, unable to take her eyes away for fear of losing a glimpse of penis! She had taken her own pants down and bent with them round her ankles-the easier to masturbate, no doubt, as she viewed each schoolboy's cock!

    Indeed, said the reverend doctor, Elke had even stuffed her knickers in her mouth to stifle her cries of excitement. But worse than all this, she had indulged in great and extreme indecency. Some lad-perhaps even one of the doctor's own charges-had pumped his sperm over her at Elke's instigation. He had Lady Loosely's word for it.

    Indeed, when Elke was stripped for the birch, as she surely would be, I might see with my own eyes. Happily, Dolly, I had already been privately informed of the afternoons events and this made the comedy all the riper. Elke Mahne stood before me, the high-boned prettiness of her sulky, heart-shaped young face lowered, the lank brown hair falling forward a little. She could not confess the truth of her conduct that afternoon. To do so would be to incur even worse punishment than that which already threatened. But unless she confessed the truth, she could not explain why, in the present state of her adolescent bottom, a birching would be the most appalling torture imaginable. “She must have her backside thrashed, sir!” said Dr. Thwackum from his chair. “Depend upon it, the slut must be thrashed.” I nodded. “To be sure she must, sir. Fifty strokes of the birch across her fat young bottom-cheeks-with her pants down!” “No!” It was Elke's wild beseeching cry which filled the room, “No! Oh, please! Not that! Not tonight! Tomorrow, if you like!

    Whatever you like tomorrow! But not tonight! Not yet!” I knew quite well the cause of her wildness and truly relished her predicament. If there was one girl among them all who really deserved what was coming, it was an insolent ill-mannered young whore like Elke. “You will be birched tonight, Elke,” I said firmly, “It is absurd to think that we might postpone it until tomorrow. We do not carry forward our accounts. Perhaps there may be some other offence which causes you to be caned or whipped tomorrow. In that case, we could hardly birch you as well. Dr. Thwackum is quite right. You must be thrashed, and it shall be this evening.” Elke shook her head in wondering horror. It was Dr. Thwackum who intervened. “Permit me, sir. It would be presumptuous in me to offer advice in other circumstances. However, since 'twas I who discovered this young tart and saw the state of her debauchery, I trust you will allow me to speak. Ahem! I should esteem it a great privilege if you would permit me to deal with the fat-bottomed young bitch in this case. There is no man, sir, who can wield the birch with such effect as the headmaster of a great English school. There is none who has such intimate acquaintance with the bare and spread arse-cheeks-that is to say, posterior regions-of the nation's youth. I would venture to suggest that if left alone in the games room, with Elke Mahne horsed over the vaulting buck, I should inflict such chastisement as would leave her a changed girl by tomorrow morning!” I could not for a moment doubt his ardour and sincerity, Dolly. Indeed, had not the pedagogue held his top-hat over his lap, I fear the stiffness in the front of his pants must have caused some embarrassment to him. I thought for a moment. The fine old moralist had been trying for weeks to gain my consent to such a thing. He seemed determined to get to the bottoms of my girls one way or another. Why not let him have a go at Elke? It would at least remove the danger that I should find the arse-cheeks of my own red-haired maid, Sian, cut to ribbons. To tell the truth, I had no other plans for Elke. Let the good doctor see to her. “I should count it an honour, sir, to have your assistance in the matter,” said I. What else I would have said was overwhelmed, Dolly. For on hearing these first words, Elke Mahne shrieked with horror! Now, Dolly, you and I know how much of an actress such a girl can be. Not least when the dramatic tragedy is one which threatens a whipping in reality. Elke covered her face with her hands and let out the most piteous sobs. Yet even I could see that she was peeping slyly through her fingers to calculate the effect of this upon me and that the little bitch was quite dry-eyed! The large exercise-room next to my study is well-equipped with gymnastic devices and was in every respect an admirable place for Dr. Thwackum to practise his moral art. I may also tell you, in confidence, that by sliding a certain little panel across on my own side of the wall, a glass tile the size of a small window is uncovered. It appears to be part of the wall-glazing on the gymnastic side. However, when the bright overhead lights illuminate that side, and my own study remains in darkness, the glass tile affords me a perfect view of the antics in there. I had never intended it for the present purpose, of course, but merely to enjoy the sight of several delectable nymphs at their healthy exercise. Elke walked ahead of her chastiser into that place. Turning her bell of light brown hair from time to time as she walked, she shot him glances of outrage, fear, self-pity, and guile.

    All in vain, for the venerable scholar had his gaze fixed upon the two softly moving cheeks under the tight jeans-denim. Once or twice as she looked back, the sly hazel eyes shed an easy tear over the high cheek-bones of her moodily pretty face. The pouting lips made little kissing movements of self-pity and then her mouth was drawn down like a tragic mime as they approached the padded leather vaulting-buck.

    Dr. Thwackum locked the door so that they should not be interrupted. He took off his black coat and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. Then Elke was made to undo her jeans and take them off, also the stretched cotton briefs of her panties. Our stern moralist told her to mount astride the padded leather with her young arse almost jutting back over the rear end of it. He made her lie forward very tightly along it and strapped her wrists to the forelegs of the wooden structure, as far down them as the girl could reach. Pulling the hem of her black woollen singlet up to her ribs, he fastened the waist-belt round her bare skin. Last of all he had only to strap her ankles securely to the rear legs of the buck- and there she was.

    Straddling the padded leather, thighs and bum-cheeks well parted, rump thrust back for his attention, Elke was perfectly positioned for what came next. As if about to join in some gymnastic exercise himself, the venerable headmaster stripped off his shirt, gaiters, and breeches, until he stood only in a cream woollen body-vest and short pants. His withered old shanks and slack belly were clearly evident.

    Elke screwed up her pretty face and gave another dry-eyed and self-pitying little sob. Dr. Thwackum stood by her, the bulge in his woollen pants almost level with her face. Elke gave another questioning little whimper, forming her lips into a pout again but this time kissing the woollen bulge. “Please!” she murmured with an ingratiating little whine. Dr. Thwackum coloured a little, no doubt at this outrage to decency. Yet the gnarled old penis had a will of its own for it seemed to part the vent of his pants and stand out rigidly. Elke gave another soft pleading little whimper and touched her mouth to the empurpled knob. She moved her extended tongue in a light and rapid rhythm on the knob's underside, causing it to jerk with ecstasy. Even the strictest moralist is not always immovable. As if compelled by some exterior force, Dr. Thwackum took a step closer. Elke let out a long and grateful “Ahhhh!” She closed her mouth over the old man's prick and sucked up and down it for a moment.

    Then she drew away for breath. “It is so good!” she gasped, “Oh, it is so good!” Now even Dr. Thwackum could not believe that a sixteen-year-old girl like Elke was truly driven mad with passion by being allowed to suck his venerable staff. To try and seduce her chastiser was merely the easiest way to escape his just vengeance. She sucked again, uttering frantic and almost frightened little sounds, as if she feared she might not be able to control her passion much longer. Indeed, her bare thighs were squeezing the padded leather buck in a lascivious tempo. Either she was a consummate actress or else the sighs of delight came from this masturbation-gallop and not from the aged penis in her mouth. Dr. Thwackum's lips were drawn back in a priapic frenzy from his clenched teeth as he felt the tide of sperm boiling up in his cods. He held the girl's head firmly and adjusted her movements to his own. One could see Elke's agile young tongue teasing and flicking the enraged cock. At last it was the fine old scholar who let out a long gasp. “Ah!” he whispered, “Now it comes! Oh, you fat-bottomed young whore, Elke Mahne! What have you done? Take it down your throat, you little vixen! Let not the world see a drop of this shameful act spilt on the floor!” And so he made her do it. Once or twice the Austrian girl made a sound of rebellion in her throat as he thrust too far, but at last the headmaster's warm yieldings had coursed down and been consumed. He stood for a moment and gathered his wits. Then he stroked the side of her face, smiling. “And now you shall have the birch, Elke. Ah, such cries! Did you think you would escape so easily?” He walked round behind her, only to see that Elke was still riding and squeezing the padded leather between her thighs. When Dr. Thwackum saw this disgraceful display, Dolly, you may be sure that he was truly outraged by it. He evidently thought that Elke was trying to do this while she was birched, in order to take her mind off the ordeal. The stern educator put one arm over her waist and slid the other hand under her legs where she had already made the leather so wet. “I don't allow such diversions as this when I flog!” he said sternly. “Finish yourself off quickly, Elke! It's time you had your taste of the birch.” Despite his appearance, Dr. Thwackum was well used to manualising girls, for what else did he do to my young maid Sian? By a few expert caresses he soon made Elke do it on his fingers and then watched her as she lay sighing and expiring. By wedging a cushion under her loins, he raised her spread hips high enough to prevent her being able to rub on the leather again. As he did this he saw between her well rounded and fattened buttocks the dark bud of Elke Mahne's arse-hole. His erudition in the matter of young backsides made it necessary for him to examine her there with his finger very carefully.

    The dismay on Elke's face in the far mirror would have made an admirable portrait for Punch. Only then did he press the leather muzzle into her mouth and fasten its straps. The birch I had provided is not really of the educational type, Dolly. It consists of three very long willow switches, slim and extremely whippy, bound at one end as a handle. It came to me as a curiosity from Colonel L-, the governor of a certain penitentiary for the most hardened felons. Even there its use is rare and limited. To use it in the present situation was almost unprecedented. Had there been any chance of Elke making a public complaint or telling her tale abroad, I would not have dared to sanction it now. Happily her conduct meant that she must take her punishment and keep the secret. Dr. Thwackum laid into the soft young cheeks of Fraulein Mahne's bottom with a tremendous swish. I dare not put in a letter all the details, Dolly, for one never knows how safe the postal service may prove to be. After twenty strokes it was necessary to pause-but it was no more than a pause and not a conclusion. Let me do no more, then, but pay a compliment to Dr.

    Thwackum's extreme ingenuity. With such a target as Elke presented, our venerable moralist knows how to make the birching last all night!

    There was a sequel to this, Dolly. The fine old scholar asked me if he might not be permitted to continue the young tart's moral improvement by regular visits to her room here. How could one refuse such a suggestion? After all, is not the moral improvement of the pupil a great desideratum of all education? To judge from the first occasion, he arrives rather late in the evening and begrudges his time so little that he and his pupil burn a good deal of midnight oil.

    Elke's room is at the end of a long corridor and may be easily and conveniently isolated from the rest of the building by locking the door at this end of the passage. Yet I have sometimes noticed the light still on behind her curtains at two and three in the morning.

    Dr. Thwackum's plan is to interest her in healthy and wholesome occupations, such as horticulture and the arts of the needle. Upon his suggestion I have therefore arranged that a good supply of springy garden canes shall be kept in her room and that the straps and wands necessary for leather-work shall be kept there also. Until this great savant told me, I had no idea that a jar or two of vaseline is an admirable softener for the leather itself, but I have also supplied this much maligned substance. Yet, Dolly, I grow a little uneasy.

    When you see Lord Frederick, pray remind him of a certain estate which he once suggested I might lease. It is not in the delta area but lies offshore in the warm and balmy breezes of that southern world. If the good Lord Fred has no further use for it at present, I would be delighted to take a lease of ninety-nine years. Perhaps he could also arrange passage for the shipment there of half a dozen respectable young ladies of German origin, now studying under my roof here. Some would make the journey obediently. Yet I trust provision could also be made for others of a more rebellious disposition. To tell the truth, Dolly, I am greatly drawn to the moral zeal of such fine men as Dr.

    Thwackum. Yet I should be easier in my mind if I could exercise it beyond the reach of English law. Your loving Jack.


    The arrival of Lord Frederick at the Villa Anna, Berlin- A serious discussion of Jack's request-The island seraglio is planned -A final and spectacular orgy at the Villa Anna-A double honeymoon-night for Sonja and Petra- Karl and Otto, their two monstrously-tooled bridegrooms-Julia and Natasha as their lascivious little maids-Natasha as cunt-opener and buttock-spreader for Sonja-Julia's services for Petra-Drawing the monstrous tools to the eager orifices-The two brides-Open-legged-Arse-upwards-A toast to Cupid-Smacks and laughter-Sonja and Petra-Two fillies broken in! Darling Jack, What a poetic justice has overtaken young Elke! I believe from time to time you have felt misgivings as to the severity of the retribution. Yet did she not merit every stroke of the birch for her cruel and heartless conduct towards the unfortunate Master Algernon?

    And he a son of one of England's rising statesmen! Let us not forget, Jack, that such an Austrian girl as Elke is too ignorant to revere the proprieties of our established order. Moreover, can you truly feel the least unease when you have such a moralist as Dr. Thwackum on your side? Mark my word, Jack, the good doctor is nowhere near the apogee of his career. We shall see him yet as headmaster of Eton or Harrow, or at any rate the leader of one of England's very greatest schools. All the same, dear Jack, it is only right to tell you that Lord Frederick arrived here two days ago and at once concurred in your view that stern morality has also a dangerous edge to it. The ignorant populace is not always apt to perceive the great unselfish worth of such moral philosophers as you. As Lord Fred quite truly observes, you should remember what happened to Socrates. That being so, his lordships advice is plain. Your sense of duty and your fine scruples must shine as a beacon to the world. All the same, he suggests you should get out while you still can. As for the matter of the island estate, the lease is yours at once. Lord Fred sees no problem in transporting a few of your more select pupils there.

    Indeed, dear Jack, I may be shortly obliged to avail myself of a similar offer. The truth is that certain of the servants here have glimpsed my morning supervision of Julia and Natasha on the marble table and have put the most unwarranted construction upon it. What use is it to talk of cleanliness and decency when the wind of scandal blows? It is plainly best to avail myself of Jacks offer, taking my four girls with me-for I will not leave Sonja and Petra-before the time comes when the two young pupils return home and talk. Yet I do not write, dear Jack, merely to convey such admonitions to you. All shall be ordered, have no fear. Lord Fred and I will precede you to that estate whose location it would be imprudent of me to name in this letter. In a few weeks time, expect to receive further instructions. A certain elegant steam-yacht is to be chartered to take you and your chosen girls on a cruise of the Sussex coast. Do not be alarmed when it puts about, heading out to sea and making for those warmer climes!

    Now, you know Lord Fred and I better than to imagine that we have been sitting here in the Villa Anna with long faces and anxious thoughts. All has been arranged! Let us be merry! And so we have been.

    Lord Fred is attended by his two servants, Karl and Otto, strapping gentlemen of thirty-five or so. I could not bear to leave my dear villa-which is now to be sold-without some little celebration. It is so delightful here in August, the warm sun on the placid lake, the towers and battlements of imperial castles among the trees of the far shore. The Crown Prince himself has not been able to bear leaving his charming lodge this year. So Lord Frederick and I planned a celebration. It was to be a final and stupendous orgy before my departure from the Villa Anna. What should we do? We chose and rejected until it seemed that we had exhausted the possibilities. Then Lord Fred smiled. “Let us arrange a honeymoon-night, Dolly. Let it be for Sonja and Petra. Sonja renounced the penis some time ago.

    Petra has rarely had one. Let us have a nuptial night in which they are the brides and my two strapping fellows the grooms. We shall require Julia and Natasha to be the brides' attendants, opening the way into the cunts for the pricks, parting the brides' arse-halves for the tools. Only think, Dolly, how greatly it will add to the education of those two young pupils as well. And, best of all, let us insist that the night of honeymoon passion takes place under our eyes and that we enjoy the sight of everything which transpires.” I saw at once, Jack, that this was the celebration we needed. Though Sonja is twenty-two and has had a man between her legs, she has never been properly broken in to the prick. Petra has had no more than a casual fuck or two in the course of her eighteen years. Karl and Otto are fine fellows and remarkably well-hung. They are not men to be put off by girlish protests or maiden squeals, when they know that these are intended only to urge them on. We laid our plan for last night, informing the girls in the morning of what would be expected of them.

    You may easily believe that we had no difficulty in persuading Karl and Otto to play the part of lusty bridegrooms. Lord Frederick insisted that the two attendants, Natasha and Julia, must also undergo a certain amount of stripping. He took them into his room and undressed them with his own hands until they wore only the skimpy white dress of breast-halters, tight-fitting briefs and ankle-socks.

    Two of my stalwart maids took Sonja and Petra into their attiring-room. They speedily undressed twenty-two-year-old Sonja first, removing her short turquoise skirt, pink blouse and white ankle-boots. They brushed her shock of dark curls and smiled at the round wonderment of her sun-browned face and blue eyes. Sonja's lithe and trimly-muscled young body has been toasted golden brown by her bathing in the sun. To contrast its warmth, they dressed her in white translucent silk. A short bodice fitted tightly over her upper parts, with breast-cups through which one could see the pink cherries of her tits. They selected as Sonja's panties a pair of tight slinky briefs in the same translucent white silk. Her honeymoon dress consisted of a skirt of white silk in the simplest design. It had two tails of cloth, one hanging down at the front and the other behind her, each dangling separately from the waist-belt. Natasha, our little blonde in the schoolgirl knickers, would bear the train, holding it so that Sonja's bare brown legs and the tight silk panties were seen as she walked. Sonja surrendered herself to all this with some looks of apprehension but without offering resistance. Of the two girls who were to enjoy a night of impalement, it was she who was the more amenable. Even in the photographer's establishment, it was Sonja who served the customers with a willing smile, while Petra did her duty with a more surly and impatient air. The difference between them was no less evident now. It was time for the two stalwart women to come for eighteen-year-old Petra with shoulder length flaxen hair and slim sun-browned body. The somewhat harder features of Petra's fair-skinned face enabled her to put on a more rebellious and resentful air than Sonja had done. Now whoever heard of such a thing on a honeymoon night? It was enough for the two women to lead Petra past the saddlery room, to show her the training-whips while they patted the seat of her blue denim skirt significantly, to fondle the little steel marker so conveniently easy to heat in the brazier coals. A finger tickling between the slim cheeks of Petra's bottom or slender thighs left no doubt of the intended destination. So it was, with a true bride's reluctance at first, that Petra submitted to her costuming. They stripped off the young blonde's singlet and her denim skirt, her panties and other clothes. She was dressed as Sonja had been-with one exception. Do you recall, Jack, how the romancer sans pareil, the author of Mademoiselle de Maupin talks of silk and skin? The great man is adamant that blond beauty requires black silk.

    Accordingly, Petra was to be dressed in tight translucent bodice of thin black silk, her paler beauty visible through it. By contrast with her more lightly sunkissed waist and thighs, black panties smoothly encased Petra's arse-cheeks and loins. Our young pupil Julia was to bear her train, the elder schoolgirl attending the younger bride with little more than two years between them. Julia, of course, still cultivates her spiky crop of dark hair whose shortness appears to give a fuller and rounder look to her rather foolish young face. To begin the evenings festivities a fine dinner was served on the terrace of the villa, where it looks upon the Italianate gardens and the lake.

    To show their submissive natures the two brides were required to act as our waitresses, where Lord Fred and I, as well as Karl and Otto, took our places. I need not tell you, dear Jack, what a splendid feast it was. There were the most succulent melon slices, the most fragrantly spiced pate, followed by smoked salmon and roast fowl, the choicest vegetables cooked al dente, and luscious hot-house grapes.

    The wines were iced hock to begin with and warm claret to continue.

    All this was rounded off by coffee and liqueurs. The table was so arranged that Sonja and Petra had often to bend across to reach the guest they served. Many a time did Lord Fred lift the train, revealing as it might be the saucy round cheeks of Sonja's bottom in the tight sheen of silk briefs. Smack, went his lordship's hand on the silken white cheek. And smack again before the gasping girl could recover her poise. Eighteen-year-old Petra endured the same frequent indignity, though her fair-skinned face and blue eyes showed a greater anger than Sonja's. At last the meal was done and the two honeymoon brides were led to the boudoir overlooking the lake. By new only the last golden streaks of sun lingered in the western sky and the cypress trees stood black against the moon-glittering water. Julia and Natasha took up their places behind Petra and Sonja. Each of the high-school pupils raised the rear train of her young lady. Thus the four of us admired the tightened silk seats of their panties and the elegant squirming of their bare legs as they walked. The scene in the boudoir itself was most diverting. Two beds had been set side by side with only a narrow gap dividing them. By now the lamps of the electrolier shone On the silk covers and bedroom tapestries. At the feet of the beds two comfortable leather chairs on a raised platform had been arranged for Lord Frederick and I. We were to sit there like a pair of tyrants upon our thrones and look down on the sports of the honeymoon beds at our feet. Before the two sturdy serving women withdrew they helped Sonja and Petra to make their last submission.

    Each girl allowed her wrists to be strapped together and fastened by a short chain to a collar round her neck. As the two women left they spoke quietly to Petra again, reminding her of the finely tapered whips in the saddlery room and the ingenious little markers which could soon be heated to glowing intensity in the brazier.

    Twenty-two-year-old Sonja was to be the first slave-wife of Karl.

    Natasha was to attend her and already the prim little blonde's puppy cheeks were colouring a little at the thought of what she had to do.

    The grooms made Sonja lie on her back, the dark curls of her head on the pillow. They undid and removed the split skirt of her costume, reducing it to bodice and panties. Natasha blushed a little more deeply. She bowed the fringe of-her blond hair to hide her confusion and showed only the charming little tail of her chignon. Yet she knew better than to disobey. Moistening her fingers on her tongue, she contoured the peaks of Sonja's trim young breasts until the nipples stood hard and tight in the thin white silk. Still with her face blushing a little, Natasha now folded Sonja's knees up so that they almost touched the patient's chin. The tight gusset of the white silk panties was but a mere strip between the spread of Sonja's lithe and suntanned thighs. Sonja's dark pussy-hair was mistily visible through the taut thin silk. With light, inexpert caresses, Natasha began to stroke her there. Those of us who looked on laughed at the little blonde's inexperience, for she made a charming sight.

    “Make love to Sonja properly, Natasha! Not just there, my pet.

    That's where Sonja's little fountain-hole is. Further on. If you tickle the wrong place, you'll make Sonja drench herself.”

    Natasha soon found the right place, by Sonja's shivers and whimpers of pleasure. “That's better, my love,” said Lord Fred to the youngster, “Now wank Sonja gently until you feel the silk of her panties slippery with her juice.” Though Natasha was still rather prim and bashful at what she was doing, there was also the first sign of her natural curiosity to see how a young woman of twenty-two behaved under sexual arousal. Sonja is a healthy young female animal and, as such, she began to lubricate quickly and copiously. One could soon see the wet sheen on the silk panties and even upon the inner smoothness of her upper thighs. “Natasha!” Lord Fred smiled as be spoke, “Help Sonja to turn over on her belly now! That's better. Now take the waistband of her panties and pull them well down her thighs.

    Lift your hips, Sonja, to help her! Excellent!” We now admired the lithe suntanned thighs of the Berlin shopgirl and the saucily rounded cheeks of Sonja's bottom. Lord Frederick chuckled as he continued to give Natasha her instructions. “Put your hands on Sonja's bum-cheeks, Natasha, and pull them hard apart. Does it make you blush a little even now to see Sonja's arsehole? Why, Natasha, I do believe it's the first time you've ever looked at that part of another girl. Now, my little pet, you must open the vaseline jar, take a dollop of grease on your finger and lubricate Sonja's anus with it.

    Oh, Natasha! Do it much better than that! A bigger dollop! And more!

    Spread it nice and thick between her rear cheeks. Better. More again.

    Much better. Now, Natasha, slide your finger up! Further in! Right to the knuckle! Excellent! You must learn not to be shy of such things, Natasha. Why, in a few weeks, you'll be enjoying your own first honeymoon night.” So the proceedings went on. Now that Sonja had been well prepared, Karl unbuttoned his stout prick and walked towards his slave-bride with an erection that was heavy and bold. As for Natasha, she now made her first acquaintance with the penis of a truly mature man. With Sonja on her back, her knees bent up and thighs parted, it was Natasha who took the heavy muzzle in her hand, pulling it gently, and guided its knob to the well-opened cunt-hole. As Karl thrust up deep into Sonja's love tract, it was Natasha who was made to crouch at the foot of the bed and tickle the man's well-filled balls in order to add to his excitement. Sonja gave another shuddering moan and began at once to match the rhythm of her lover's thrusts. It mattered little that she had never seen him until that morning. After all, Jack, they say that some arranged marriages are the happiest, do they not? If that is so, I am sure Sonja gave ample proof now. She had been uneasy, even rebellious, when the decision was first made for her. Now she rode as vigorously and eagerly on the penis as if Karl had been her childhood sweetheart! Karl rode her vigorously too for ten or fifteen minutes, Sonja's heels beating their tattoo on his strong back. When he felt like a variation, he turned her over, kissed her crop of black curls, then fastened his mouth to her lips and eased his erection into the well-vaselined grip of Sonja's arsehole.

    Whatever protests the young woman made were muffled by his amorous lips and his tongue in her mouth. I saw the tension in her lithe sunbrowned legs and knew that Karl's bulk must be a severe test of her body. Yet even know she was moving in time to his ravaging of her.

    It was Petra on the next bed, watching from only a couple of feet away, who showed signs of panic at the realisation that she would soon be suffering such agreeable scouring herself. Otto gathered her flaxen hair into a short tail and slipped the rubber band about it. He made her watch what Sonja was getting and whispered teasingly in her ear.

    “No!” cried Petra, her hard pale features colouring up, “No! I won't! I would rather die first!” This provoked general amusement, for how often has this protest echoed through a honeymoon bedroom, only to be replaced at dawn by the soft cooing gratitude of the protester? Having sodomised Sonja with great relish for a further ten or fifteen minutes, Karl withdrew from her arse and lay down on his back, making Sonja climb on top and ride that way with the penis in her cunt. They were now coming to the climax of the first encounter and he wished Sonja to be spurred on by the aid of Otto. The young woman lay on her lover, her hips rising and falling, her gypsy-tanned buttocks swelling out and then clenching together rhythmically. Otto got up with a smile and took a thin punishment-strap. He stood over Sonja as she squirmed arse-upwards on her groom's prick. Down flashed the strap across her writhing bottom-cheeks. Whack! Smack! Crack! Sonja cried out but one had the impression that she found the painful experience far from entirely disagreeable. Otto slashed and lashed until there were bright paths of the straps crimson across the cheeks of Sonja's bottom. Otto thrashed very hard indeed, bringing down the strap with an impact which almost made one wince. Sonja gave short, energetic, animal screams at each stroke, as of anger and revulsion. Yet not once did she ask for pity, nor did she cease to ride the penis which she was loving with such utter devotion between her thighs. The first blue colouration of bruises began to appear in the vivid red swathes of the strap marks.

    You may be sure that if Sonja were permitted to return to her shop-work, she would take every chance in the washroom or the toilet to let the other girls see her with her pants down, so that she might display her bruises. If they knew of her honeymoon night, she would want them to see how mad with passion her bridegroom had been.

    Sonja was thrashed across her backside as few girls of her age or type ever are. The gold-skinned energy of her firm young legs and narrow back was an excitement to watch. As her hips rose, and her buttocks parted broadly, one saw the thick blobs of vaseline still between the cheeks of Sonja's bottom. Then down flashed the strap again with an ear-splitting smack across her bare arse and Sonja pressed herself writhing upon her lover's tool. Otto was, of course, merely driving her to the summit of her pleasure. He spared her nothing, knowing that Sonja would thank him for driving her on. At last we heard that crescendo of short rising cries which signifies the approach of a girl's happiness. Karl, too, was goaded on by hearing Sonja's joy. In a moment of ecstasy his own sperm burst the dam and spurted deep into her cunt, a supreme sensation which caused Sonja to climax with a scream that might have been heard on the far side of the lake! She lay there, sweltering in the warm night and exhausted by her labours. Her head reposed on Karl's breast, and she broke into gentle sobs-but they were of joy rather than anguish. The strange truth is, of course, Jack, that Sonja was in that paradoxical state of being hurt but happy! Eighteen-year-old Petra was unpersuaded by the happiness which she saw Sonja enjoying. It was not that she wished to be spared the reward but the ordeal which separated her from it made her truly apprehensive now. The narrow fine-boned face and blue eyes were set in a mask of refusal. Fortunately, however, Julia was a more able attendant than Natasha. She doubled Petra's slim legs up in a trice, exposing the black silk gusset of the German girl's panties between her narrow thighs. For all the grotesque spikiness of her coiffure and the adolescent roundness of her face, fifteen-year-old Julia was a consummate masturbatrix. Petra's flaxen hair threshed to and fro on the pillow as she strove to deny herself the enjoyment. But it was all in vain. Julia's fingertips coaxed such lubrication from the girl's cunt that the tight black silk of Petra's briefs was soon shining with the slippery wetness. At Otto's command, they turned Petra over on her belly. As Julia continued to masturbate her, the warm slippery dew seemed to work up over the backs of her thighs and her bottom-cheeks. The seat of Petra's knickers was cut high and tight, arching up and baring much of her slim fair-skinned bum-cheeks.

    They pulled the panties down to her knees and Lord Frederick ordered that Petra's arsehole should be exceptionally well vase-lined. A slim nymph of eighteen would be tighter in that area than a young woman of twenty-two like Sonja. In Sonja's case, she had used the little entrance more and longer in the course of nature. Moreover, any man who had Sonja in his bed would surely have wanted to plumb her by every possible route. Petra was on her back with Julia holding her thighs nicely open. Though Petra went mad as soon as Otto's knob touched her cunt, it was hard to say whether panic or greed inspired the squirming of her thighs and the bucking of her hips. Otto did the right thing, however, by teasing her gently as his randy young tart who couldn't wait for a taste of spotted dick. Whatever the cause of her contortions and jiggings, it made little difference, since Petra was going to get it anyway-and would enjoy it when she did.

    Despite the impressive size of his muzzle, Otto penetrated her without too much difficulty. Built as he is, there are few barriers which stand for long in his way. Moreover, Petra was not a pure virgin, for all her disdainful attitudes and posturings before the customers. She had had the pricks of one or two lucky Berlin lads as lodgers in her cunt. It had happened rarely and briefly, but Otto was not the first to explore this comfortable territory. Like Karl with Sonja, he rode long and easily, Petra's heels drumming on his back. She made howling and retching sounds as he did so, seeming to tell us that this was the most vile and abominable thing that a man ever did to a girl. We did not then know, but have discovered since, that Petra derives great excitement from pretending this revulsion and imagining to herself that every lover takes her by force. I think she truly meant to rebel when they turned her over on her belly for Otto to ravish the seat of beauty as well. Yet Petra knew that she would get it up her arse anyway and so, surely, she was rebelling only to have her resistance crushed. In this too, perhaps, she finds a thrill. As they tried to part her slim pale buttocks to make way for the heavy muzzle of Otto's tool, Petra tensed her rear cheeks against them, trying to press the halves together. We saw Petra's arsehole go tight and small as she barred the way. Having shown his mastery of Sonja with the school strap, Otto was not averse to using it for his own purposes. He stood over Petra and gave the eighteen-year-old nymph a savage smack across her slim buttocks with it. Petra screamed with uncontrolled panic. I do not know, Jack, if she had been daring him to do this, but I am quite sure Petra never dreamt that a school strap could hurt as much. A second whack of the leather across her demure buttocks brought a second scream. Petra was desperate to obey him now. She turned her hard young face and fringe to him, pleading, promising. But Otto was enjoying this too much. Whack! Smack!

    Whack! Smack! Crack! The walls of the room rang with echoes of the searing lashes of the leather strap across the bare and writhing cheeks of Petra's bottom. Otto had subdued her easily and yet he was far from satisfied with her. The thrashing continued until Petra's demure young backside was blazing scarlet and all thought of further defiance was more than she dared to contemplate. Otto knelt astride her and presented the head of the battering ram to the tight rear loophole of the defiant citadel. A lunge and a pressing forward carried the day. There was a moment's shrillness from Petra, a cry of alarm from her, and then Otto gasped out his ecstasy at the tightness of the young nymph's backside which engulfed the hard length of his tool. As Petra's cries subsided and she submitted to that steady rhythm of the sodomy, it was only natural to twit-and chaff her for making such a fuss about so trivial a matter. If she did not join in the game of backgammon quite as lustily as Sonja had done, at least she lay there on her belly over the pillows and appeared to enjoy having it done to her. Otto kept her behind busy for some little while before he released the pent-up passion which had been simmering in his balls. Petra still retained a certain self-possession and dignity, for she was determined not to let us hear her cry out when the moment came. Cramming the corner of the pillow into her mouth, she emitted only a few stifled cries as the weapon shot off and pumped its salvoes into the depths of her slim backside. I will not weary you, Jack, with all the incidents which took place before the first yellow light of eastern sun touched the cool grey waters of the lake.

    Several times Sonja and Petra, squirming on the beds in anticipation of their bridegrooms' return, cried out wildly that they had had enough cock for the time being and could not endure another ravishing in their present tender state. Who has not heard similar entreaties from every honeymoon suite? Yet once the penis was in place and the ride had begun, the hips and loins of the fillies moved with as eager a rhythm as those of their jockeys! I can best describe the extent and vigour of the pleasures by assuring you that when morning came, Sonja and Petra were obliged to walk with very small and cautious steps. The saddle of a bicycle was something which they might have contemplated with sheer horror. When the maids came to make the beds, they found not only the straps but a birch-rod in the folds of the sheets. It will not surprise you, then, to hear that when Sonja and Petra sat down to breakfast, it was with a wince and a sharp intake of breath. We smiled at this and reminded them that a honeymoon does not end after the first night. Karl and Otto are such fine fellows that they recover their strength easily in a few hours.

    In the afternoon, I received a few well-bred young ladies of Berlin as my guests at tea. We talked freely among ourselves for they abhor prudery. Not one of them would miss the opportunity to have several girls as her slaves, in addition to the pleasures to be received from mankind. I made Sonja and Petra attend our little tea-party and, despite their blushes, explained that they had both enjoyed their first honeymoon night a few hours earlier. When Sonja asked if she might withdraw for a moment, three of the ladies pleaded the same necessity and went out immediately after her. You will guess the reason, Jack. When Sonja's knickers came down, these merry young ladies were determined that they must be there to watch.

    The prospect of seeing how her bridegroom had enjoyed himself with her-and she with him-proved an irresistible temptation. To Sonja's dismay, she rose from the pedestal on which she had sat, only to be led immediately out and made to bend for their admiration. The ladies were delighted by what they saw and vowed that so many raised weals of the birch across Sonja's buttocks and thighs argued that hers was a honeymoon of true and enduring passion. They told her that she could not deny having enjoyed herself thoroughly, for the lubrication was still moist in her cunt. Sonja's brown face looked greatly flustered and she pleaded in defence of her modesty that she had been birched against her will. But one of the young ladies pointed out a lingering trace of vaseline between Sonja's bottom-cheeks. At this they all laughed, dismissing Sonja's self-defence, and said that she must have been deeply in love with the man to let him take her in such a way. They kept her bending like this for almost half an hour, intrigued by such a view. Indeed, their fingers explored her before and behind. When she flinched and pleaded, tenderness, this only served to make them more certain of the honeymoon passion which had driven her to such lengths. Petra was also accompanied and examined by these jovial young ladies when she made the same pilgrimage. When the blond nymph begged them to believe that she was detained at the villa unwillingly for these sports, they laughed uproariously. For had she not all the marks of passion upon her? They dismissed her pleadings as a young bride's natural shyness. Now, my dear Jack, as I write these words Lord Frederick comes and gives me a message for you.

    We shall leave the Villa Anna in three days' time. It is the earliest possible date by which we can vacate it. I do not yet know the full details of our journey with the four girls. Indeed, Lord Fred has one or two arrangements still to make. As always, there are customs officials to be bribed and the palm of the chief of police must be crossed with silver. Various guardians of the law will chink the gold in their pockets and look the other way as several girls are bundled past them, eyes bulging perhaps and tongues straining against their gags. As his lordship says, these things are not difficult in any country of the world but they take precious time to arrange.

    A propos, Lord Fred would have you and your little seraglio ready to travel in three weeks' time. You will, I imagine, wish to bring at least four beautiful fair-skinned houris with you. Who could deny you Claudia and Katharine, Elke and perhaps the young Swedish blonde Helena? Will you bring your red-headed maid Sian? Why should you not?

    For the rest, you must be guided by prudence and the likely consequences. You might choose the other Swedish nymph Agnetha and perhaps those two voluptuous olive-skinned Italian students, Daniela and Valeria. Beyond that, however, Lord Fred and I counsel caution. If you must have a high-school adolescent like Vanessa, by all means. But let that be your limit. You will be beyond the reach of the English law, and yet it would not do to attract too much resentment upon yourself. Lord Fred himself will write to you upon our safe arrival with the girls here and will warn you that your time of departure is at hand. You may be sure that I, too, will write him a letter and chronicle our saucy experiences in the new seraglio with our girls!* And now, dearest Jack, I take my leave of Berlin for as long as is necessary before the scandal dies down. Prepare yourself for a similarly agreeable exile in company with us, your two greatest friends and most earnest well-wishers. May fate bring you soon to join Your own adoring Dolly. Lord Frederick 'The letters promised by Dolly will be found in the second part of this volume-Editor Anonymous Aphrodizzia


    Lord Frederick's letter to his friend Jack-His lordship's good-natured offer-The island paradise-Lord Fred describes his own curious plantation in a remote region of the delta -His white women slaves-How one may buy a fancy-girl at auction-The pleasures of such a collection- Merry-making among the planters who have such girls to serve them-The delights awaiting Jack!

    Dear Jack, Let me begin by assuring you how much I regret that our paths have not crossed more often these past few years. Alas, certain circumstances have made it inadvisable that I should return to England as things are, while your enjoyments keep you there almost constantly! Knowing me as you do, old fellow, you may be sure that I have not written to you merely to make a dirge of our separation. In a little while we shall be reunited- and under the most auspicious conditions. Can you guess? I believe you can! Dolly and I have come safely through our voyage and have brought the four damsels to that island paradise which is to be yours for the next ninety-nine years! May you live so long to enjoy it! Who knows but that Dolly may be your guest during some of that time?

    Our journey, though arduous, was never one which put us in true peril. Dolly's chum, the Kaisar's own chief of police for the Berlin region, provided us with papers for the four girls. By means of these we were enabled to cross frontiers to Trieste and to take ship upon the liner Isolde, bound for the Canaries. The good chief of the gendarmerie was not only rewarded by a handsome sum, but also by the gift of a charming blonde, Hanne, a delightful girl of sixteen, a debutante in every sense of that term. By now, you may be sure, she knows the feeling of a constabulary truncheon in every orifice of her young body! The voyage itself was easy enough. Our cabins constituted a suite of rooms at one end of the first-class deck, allowing us to enjoy absolute privacy. Karl and Otto were the guardians of our isolation and such pleasures as we revelled in were uninterrupted. At Las Palmas we had very little difficulty indeed. The officials there were easily satisfied by our story of having to return two fractious daughters to their anxious family and two runaway brides to their sorrowing husbands. Such tales accounted for the condition of Julia and Natasha on the one hand, and Sonja and Petra on the other.

    You may be sure, of course, that we paid these dignitaries well for their assistance. It came a little expensive, Jack, but not near the cost of having to buy a girl off the auction-block at one of the Arabian slave-markets. There was a moment of unease when Julia managed to break away from us and blurt out her story to a young Spanish lieutenant before we could restrain her. Fortunately, however, the fellow knew not a word of English and was only too ready to accept the story which his superior officer told him. However, I thought it only right to show my thanks to the young lieutenant by the gift of a silver cigarette-case-charmingly engraved. He was well pleased by this. Yet, Jack, having seen Julia and the fun one might have with such a rebellious adolescent girl, was she not cheap at the price?

    Only think how many silver cigarette-cases one might trade her for!

    And so we came to the private yacht, Proserpine, which my people had ready for me, and by which means we were brought across to the island. I believe you will like the place when you see it, old fellow, for it has all the palm-fringed beaches and charming little coves of legend. The house itself is a building of Spanish design, begun by the conquistadores, though much altered over the years. Yet it has all those charming courtyards and fountains, verandahs and richly-panelled rooms which one associates with that splendid tradition. I shall not be your neighbour in the literal sense, dear boy, as yours is an island paradise and my territory is a mainland plantation, far removed from prying eyes. The disappearance of slavery, in the political sense, does not prevent a man of wealth from acquiring and holding there a harem of young women, of every hue and race. To speak frankly, it would be impossible in England. Yet in these easier southern climes a different attitude prevails to wealth and lechery. The old St.

    Louis Rotunda has been closed to public auctions this many a year. Yet on certain nights, behind the boarded windows, the lights blaze on nubile female flesh, as one beauty after another is made to mount the auction dais. If you ask the good burghers of New Orleans, you may be sure that they will shake their heads and tell you wistfully that the Rotunda auctions ended long, long ago. One or two will pipe an eye wistfully at the thought of bare and shapely dark-skinned slave-girls whom a man might buy there or in the arcades. But even these poor old fellows will then put on a most sanctimonious expression and inform you that things have changed for the better now. Did they but know of the secret auctions, Jack, you may be sure that their venerable old pricks would spring to attention with the mere thought of it. So, while you and I may not be the closest of neighbours, you may be sure that we shall meet several times a year at such jollities as the Rotunda's private auctions and the grand dinners of our fellow estate-owners. On such occasions I can promise you that we shall be waited upon by a bevy of bare beauties fit to grace the lascivious Rabelaisian banquets of Dolly Morton.**Videlicet The Memoirs of Dolly Morton, published at 13 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, Paris, for the Society of Private Bibliophiles. I promise you that when you have taken up residence on this island plantation, dear Jack, you shall be always welcome at my own little place. There you may have your choice of such adolescent nymphs as Michele Page or Nerissa Gray, such pert misses as Shirley Ross or Tracey Hope, such young women as Kim Roberts or Susan Underwood. If the fancy takes you to indulge such sports as the reformatory discipline of Elaine Cox, Jane Mitchener or Sally Fenton, then you may prepare yourself for those pleasures by dipping into the memoirs of Master Miles himself.* And yet, old fellow, I must not anticipate too far. We have yet to bring you and your girls safe to this place. For this purpose, we have but one simple and infallible scheme. When you have read this letter, wait but for a week. At the end of this time you will receive a visit from the captain of the Proserpine and an invitation for you and your charming pupils to take a cruise along the Sussex coast for a day or two. On the first night, the steam-yacht will moor off Bognor.

    From that mooring she will slip away without showing a single riding-light. By dawn on the second day she will be far out in the channel, with every appearance of a vessel bound on international commerce. By then she will fly the flag of imperial Germany, which you will find the best defence against being interfered with by the British authorities. I do not suppose for one moment that such interference is likely. In any case, by the morning after you will be in the open sea, beyond the power of any nation to impede. An agreeable summer voyage of five or six days more will bring you here, where your friends await you. Dolly has been a little troubled as to whether you can ensure that your girls serve you with that willingness which one expects from the beauties of a seraglio. She has therefore asked me to lend you a girl of my own, a strapping young trollop of nineteen by the name of Noreen. You may be sure that Noreen was a strong and defiant girl at first, trained to obedience by long and careful discipline. From time to time her resentment still flares up. Dolly considers that it would be useful for Noreen, by precept and example, to convince your girls that your pleasure must be their first concern and that their submission to it is not a choice but a requirement of their status here. * The House of Correction: Being the Authentic Memoirs of Jas. Miles, Esquire, to be had also of the Private Bibliophiles.

    Be well assured, Jack, how upon your arrival here you shall find the larder stocked, the cellar well filled, and so great a choice of pleasures awaiting in your spacious bedroom that you will scarcely know where to begin. Do you desire to have your way with Claudia or Elke? Why, they are yours already! Would you enjoy stripping and ravishing such a pair of little madams as Julia and Natasha? They are yours to do as you please with. It may also amuse you to know that a soft young brunette of your acquaintance, one Janet Bond, has also been acquired for your pleasures on my personal instructions.

    Such is the feast which awaits you. I will say no more than that your presence is the one thing lacking to make our present diversions the most exquisite. Dolly pines for you, wishes you were here, and devises all manner of games which you and she will play with your alluring harem in the long sunlit months which lie ahead.

    Tomorrow I must travel onward to my own plantation, for I have no doubt that Maggie and Jackie, Shirley and Kim, Michele and Susan-indeed the several dozen of my girls-are in need of some serious attention. Dolly will write to me every day and inform me of the progress on this charming island, which is now yours by lease.

    You may be sure that I shall visit you in your new domain soon after your arrival with your shapely frauleins. I hope however that you will first do me the honour of spending a week or two on my own plantation. Have no fear, old fellow, I will find some man of sterling qualities who shall superintend your girls and keep them in order for you while you pass this time with me. Do you not begin to anticipate the fun we shall have together-separately and in our combined orgies?

    For the moment I lay down my pen. Who knows? Before we have time to write to one another again, I may have the honour of welcoming you to Spaniards' Reach plantation and of entertaining you as my guest. I promise you that the tricks I have taught to such young wrigglers as Maggie and Sue will almost make you forget Claudia's demure reticence and Elke's sly lewdness. Till that time comes, dear jack, accept the warmest regards of your own devoted friend. Frederick, Viscount A-.


    A letter from Dolly to Lord Fred-Jack's arrival at the island-His girls-The day's routines-A first orgy with Julia and Natasha-Six holes for two pricks-The example of Noreen, a strapping young trollop of nineteen-A tale of birch in the boudoir-Noreen's defiance and her punishments-A fine Havana cigar-The broad pale cheeks of Noreen's bottom well rouged-The varied pleasures of Jack's harem displayed-His visit to Lord F. Dear Freddie, I write from this island paradise on a warm and tranquil day to tell you of Jack's safe arrival. The good ship Proserpine glided to her anchorage two hundred yards offshore at ten o'clock this morning. Jack and his four girls came ashore in the cutter, leaving the steam-yacht like a graceful fairy-craft in the bay. The next boat brought three more girls from the steamer, Sian, Daniela, and Valeria. In addition to these seven we have, of course, Sonja, Petra, Julia, Natasha, and a number of warm-skinned girls of the area. Shawn is my favourite of these but all are nubile and passionate in their boudoir frolics. Jack is greatly amused by your loan of Janet and Noreen, for he finds the latter to be just the strapping and insolent young trollop you described. In my dealings with our two adolescent pupils, Julia and Natasha, I have adhered strictly to my principles. Every morning first thing they appear and clamber on to the marble massage table together, with their skirts and panties discarded. As at the Villa Anna, I smooth over their bare hips, thighs, and rear cheeks with the amply perfumed soap-cream. And as on those former occasions, they receive a gloved digit up their rear holes, and they load with their own warm rain the sponge held between their charming thighs. Ah, yet what a change is here! Now as a matter of routine, I work the light lather between their legs on my gloved fingers until there is such a chorus of tiny sounds! Julia cries out her pleasure with short and sharp utterances, accompanied by impatient butting movements of her bare and lathered hips. Natasha is more restrained, confining her outbursts to soft questioning whimpers of gratification. If you could see our prim little blonde as the gloved fingers rub her pussy-flesh in a light and soapy caress, you would have no doubt that her pleasures are more intense than these timid little sounds indicate.

    For, of course, Natasha arches back her slim hips and opens herself to the intrusion with all the eagerness of a blond young Messalina!

    The well-soaped finger up each young backside is now accepted by the two girls as a matter of necessity. Though they do not experience the same pleasure as from the other caresses, they now submit readily to this gentle impalement. I think the time has come when they would scarcely be able to manage without it-and so they have accepted the necessity of what must be. All this has been achieved, as I explained to Jack again today, under the seeming rule of cleanliness and decency. Even some of the other girls, who do not yet know me better, regard me as a moral dragon and a very martinet in matters of proper conduct and deportment. I am most anxious, dear Freddie, that our friend Jack shall encounter no difficulties with the girls who are to be his seraglio. It is so disagreeable when pleasures designed are spoilt or delayed by a lack of compliance among the objects of one's affections. A harem of young women must be, for their master, deesennuy-ant-or he might as well pay for his pleasures along the pavements of Piccadilly, the Via Roma, or the Rue de Rivoli. With this in mind, Freddie, I have made much use of your girl Noreen, as an object lesson to our Berlinese lesbians, our high-school charmers, and the fair-skinned German beauties whom Jack has brought with him.

    Noreen, of course, is instantly seen for what she is, a quite tall and strongly-made girl of nineteen with firm fair-skinned features, the lank dark hair trimmed round at her collar and worn in a level fringe over the natural insolence of her brown eyes. One does not make courtly love to such a young wench as this, and yet she has an appeal for a man of jaded appetite who seeks the taste of strong meat.

    Her costume of white singlet and the faded blue denim of working-jeans showed off her figure admirably when the other girls saw her. One sees so clearly Noreen's strong, straight back and her resiliently-moulded breasts. The jeans shape her firm and agile thighs, her sturdy young hips and loins, the cheeks of Noreen's bottom which are sturdy enough and well rounded but without a pinch of surplus fat. Great care has been taken that the other girls shall hear of Noreen's insolent conduct towards her admirers before that fortunate day when she came into the hands of a trader and was paraded, struggling, on to the auction-block. Several of the keenest bidders were men who had admired her at her shopwork, kneeling on all fours in the singlet and working-pants as she polished the waxed floors. The rear view of her stiffened the tool of every lucky fellow who paused to watch. Held by a stout waist-belt, the jeans-denim was drumskin-taut over the full and broadened mounds of Noreen's buttocks.

    That stout central seam of the jeans-seat was drawn deeply and suggestively down between the strapping young cheeks of Noreen's bottom. Where it was stretched hard under her legs, it even parted the soft lips of her cunt which were clearly shaped as an erotic bulge in the thin denim. Yet when she was still mistress of her fate, the young bitch behaved with great thanklessness to men who paid the tribute of their eyes to this provoking aspect! She would become suddenly immobile on all fours and, with a flick of her lank dark hair, look back at them with firm-jawed contempt. Or she would sit back on her heels and stare round at them, her brown eyes determined to force them from their contemplation of her. You have enjoyed Noreen so often, Freddie, that I need not tell you of the lazy insolence which still remains in the young tart's nature and which is seen from time to time. To submit herself to the will of any other person-man or woman-is not her inclination. For that reason our new arrivals here regard her with fascination, for in her fate they read their own. A strong and resentful working-girl like Noreen would surely have resisted and rebelled. How is it that, despite her lapses, she obeys the commands given her with ill-grace and resentment-yet still obeys them? You see my purpose, Freddie? If the girls can be convinced that even Noreen could not endure the consequences of refusal and rebellion, they will give little for their own chances.

    Jack and I will be saved a good deal which is disagreeable and will settle to our pleasures without delay. This will be more to the benefit of the girls than to our own. We shall enjoy our delights by whatever means is necessary. It is only the girls attending us who may endure chastisement through wayward refusal. It would have been possible, of course, to provoke Noreen to disobedience and then to have taken a vengeance upon her by means of whip, branding-marker, or some other convenient device. However, it goes against the grain to make such a young tart incur anguish merely in order to demonstrate that. Seduction, not sadism, is the method by which Jack and I propose to keep our seraglio in order. That being the case, we allowed the girls to feast their eyes on Noreen and to become well-acquainted with the sight of her. It took only a few hours. When that was done, we left several copies of a birch and boudoir story-a chapter from her life-lying about in places where the girls were sure to come across them. And so they did. You will easily imagine that girls like Elke and Julia, who cannot resist a lewd story, fell upon these and were soon reading out the details to the others. So it was that they became acquainted with your little masquerade, Freddie, when you posed as the captain of the yacht Brandon, which was carrying Noreen and several other girls to their first taste of the silken web of sexual bondage. They read of Noreen's loud-mouthed insolence, her defiance of those who sought to make her the companion of their bed.

    It is the kind of impudent refusals which some of them might offer to Jack or I. The story of that incident informed them how Noreen had fought with such energy against her master, when he wished only to lavish upon her the enjoyment of the sheets, that she broke the poor fellow's arm-or at least obliged him to go about for a week with his right arm in a sling. What was the cause of this? Merely that her master had been sitting like a king in his throne-in a comfortable leather chair after dinner-when Noreen and the other girls were waiting upon him. He summoned Noreen to the arm of his chair and ordered her to turn her back. She flicked back her lank dark hair, gave him a contemptuous look, but obeyed. And so he was confronted by the tight jeans-seat, the shape of Noreen's broad young buttocks and strong hips. He naturally ordered her to bend over so that he might enjoy a more provoking view of Noreen's arse. She did this most resentfully. For some time he contemplated the suggestive shape of Noreen's bottom, so big-cheeked in this posture. After a little while, he ordered her to go into the adjoining room, take off her jeans and briefs, play between her legs, vaseline her arsehole, and then wait to be well ridden and vigorously sodomised. At this the most dreadful fracas ensued and our girls read of it wide-eyed. Noreen struggled and fought against him. Before his valet and grooms could restrain her, she had thrown her entire weight upon his arm, wrenching it grievously, and had bitten him hard upon the wrist. The eyes of Elke Mahne and the others flew along the lines of print to see what would be the outcome of this civil strife. She read of how the two stalwart grooms and the valet led Noreen to her master's cabin on the following evening. You may be sure that the miscreant struggled against them, twisting her hips, bowing her back, and trying every way to free herself from their grasp. The anger burnt red on the points of her wide cheekbones, her firm features set hard, the brown eyes still defiant. The lank collar-length of her dark hair flew to and fro as she wrestled against them, while she flicked her fringe with great energy. As Elke and the others read the tale, it puzzled them to understand how the injured master alone could teach Noreen the error of the crime she had committed. But then, dear Freddie, they do not know that gentleman as well as I do! They could well believe that it took the efforts of all three guardians to place Noreen face-down over a heavy stool-its legs bolted to the floor. One man was deputed to fasten her ankles, with legs full-stretched, to the metal rings at one extreme, another secured her wrists at full stretch on the far side. In this posture, the tight denim of the faded blue jeans presented Noreen's bum-cheeks full and broad. Our girls read how the valet undid the stout belt of Noreen's working-trousers, drawing her jeans down and off. Noreen's knickers, the elasticated briefs universally favoured by such working-girls, followed next. How the story captured the young trollops outrage when the warm cotton was folded, dunked in the crachoir, and then wadded into her mouth! Yet these protests were well muffled as the thin bridle-strap between her teeth was tightened to hold the silencer in its place. The object of this study is, of course, to deter our young ladies from unseemly and rebellious conduct. That being the case, Freddie, I also allowed them to glimpse an account of one of Noreen's other experiences on a certain plantation well known to both of us. It relates to a damp cloth applied in a room and to a part which propriety forbids mention of here. How this serviceable cloth was used to mop between Noreen's bottom-cheeks and over them, between her legs, as she bent for retribution, and only then was wadded to prevent unseemly outbursts.

    In the present case, Elke began to read aloud to the other girls, their eyes growing ever wider, though one or two still seemed mystified as to the events of the story. Noreen's master had entered the room to find the culprit strapped bottom-upwards in this posture, though the strong-jawed and fiery-eyed rebellion was still visible as she turned her gaze upon him. At every peephole in the walls of that room, at every crack and aperture, there was a listener or a watcher. It seems to be the universal opinion of mankind-if not womankind as well-that young women of Noreen's build and disposition merit the strictest retribution for this crime. From the old bosun to the newest cabin-boy they licked their lips and waited with smiling excitement. Many of them had suffered Noreen's impudence and contempt.

    Here and there a youthful prick was already stiffening in a busy hand at the prospect of seeing the sturdy young slut get what was coming to her. Our young German girl-students read with some puzzlement that Noreen's master seemed not the least angry with her now. He spoke quietly and with laughter in his voice as he surveyed the two pale mounds of her broad young buttocks. Though he might promise her a smacked bottom with disciplinary leather when his arm was healed, he was in no state to administer such wholesome correction at the present. How, then, was he to teach Noreen a lesson in manners?

    At this, too, our young pupils furrowed their pretty brows. Yet, as they read the tale or heard it from Elke, the cabin-boys and bosun gripped their stiff cocks harder and grinned with delight as they saw the drama which was developing. Noreen's master took a fine Havana, cut the end, and struck a match. His hand stroked the broad pale smoothness of Noreen's bare buttocks as he puffed the cheroot to a glowing tip of ash. Then he began to tease her. The listeners and peepers at the keyholes were at once gratified by a muffled shrillness from this well-built girl of nineteen. Our valiant captain drew the cheroot to vivid red and remarked that there was nothing like a well-stoked Havana for bringing the roses to Noreen's pale bottom-cheeks. They heard the dry squeak of leather as Noreen pulled vainly against her straps. But the captain merely chuckled.

    “I vow you would break those straps if you could, Noreen! Such desperation. First, the left-hand cheek of your arse, Noreen. We shall begin there. Ah, yes! You would love to break free and create havoc, if you could! Have no fear, Noreen, the straps will hold you securely during your ordeal. Lie quite still, then. Don't try to squirm that fat young backside, Noreen!” (You may be sure, Freddie, that Elke and the others could not take their eyes from the pages which contained such dramatic incidents and speeches!) The first scorching kiss of the cigar upon the pale mound of Noreen's buttock was followed by a long and red-hot tickle, which drove her quite frantic. He allowed her a moment's respite, then the sparkling tip returned and traced an intricate pattern on that same sturdy cheek of Noreen's bottom. “Does that make your toes curl, Noreen? Does it?

    Why, you would burst your eardrums with your shrillness if we had not wadded your mouth so well! How fortunate that you will not be free to tell tales of this little encounter to the world outside. A young trollop of nineteen with such a strapping young backside as yours, Noreen, is well able to stand a little touching-up. Lie quite still, Noreen! I shall rouge one arse-cheek quite outrageously before we proceed to the other.” Stiff with excitement, the grooms and servants who peeped, watched with widening eyes. The laughter had gone from the captain's voice. His mouth was tight and his eyes unsmiling as he circled the cherry-bright tip upon the broad young buttock. The escorts had tied Noreen's lank dark hair into a collar-length pony-tail, the better to show her face to her master during retribution. Under the level fringe, you may be sure that the firm features, the wide cheek-bones and the brown eyes had lost all their insolence as they reflected Noreen's wildness in her present predicament. When a pair of deeply blushing bottom-cheeks confronted him at last, nothing would do but the captain must stroke the cherry red between them, colouring up and down the arse-valley with a quick stippling motion. One must not, of course, draw too solemn conclusions from such an account-yet fiction is here entirely faithful to fact. Could one believe that the captain touched up Noreen merely with his finger-or with the “torture” of the feather which is so exquisitely applied to Alice by the hero of A Man with a Maid? You may be sure that Noreen's indignation at this would have been shrill enough to warrant a gag. The enforced tickling of the young woman's clitoris, the systematic masturbation, would have provoked her rage.

    And, moreover, could the captain now resist the temptation of stretching Noreen's arsehole on his stiffness? All this would have been enough to cause the muffled rage and squirming, her desperation made all the worse by knowing that he would make her scream with pleasure before he had finished. Yet if the truth is to be believed, he continued his revenge until the Havana was a dead stub.

    Withdrawing, he allowed a boy to enter, where Noreen of the glowing bum-cheeks still lay in her straps. The lad carried a handy jar of kitchen-fat which had been amply salted. Indeed, the spending of the boy himself had topped it. Taking it on his fingers he spread it on Noreen's blushing and smarting buttocks, until her rear cheeks shone with the grease and every fire of the punishment blazed up anew. As he withdrew the lad explained, smiling, that his master intended Noreen to spend the whole night in this state, so that she might ponder on her crime and the retribution exacted for it. You will understand, Freddie, what a pensive look this story brought to the faces of Elke, Claudia, and the others. Nor did the drama end there.

    Though it might be only a story-who can tell?-they had seen Noreen with their own eyes and knew she was no insubstantial creation. I allowed the menservants to drop hints to the girls. The secrets of your own plantation (and Noreen's story) may be revealed now that we are safely out of Europe. It is natural that we entrust the papers to our friend Professor J- with freedom to publish when he thinks fit.* * Which he will shortly do for readers of this volume, Chez The Society of Private Bibliophiles, Rue du Faubourg Montmartre. It is enough to let our girls hear of Noreen's defiance and its cure.

    They have also heard of the “Obedience Test” to which certain dinner guests put her every month or two. All is described to them. The stage on which Noreen stands; the apparatus; the youthful pricks poking erect through partition holes for her to suck; the commands of the guests to her; the severe penalties which a failure of obedience incurs. The voices and the merriment of the occasion already ring in our pupils' ears as a foretaste of things to come, while they picture Noreen standing naked and attentive to the orders.

    “Noreen! The first penis in your mouth, Noreen, and drink a toast to Cupid!… Now suck another, Noreen… And another… Lie over the table and make love to yourself, Noreen. Show us how you like to do it… Noreen! Arse-upwards over the thrashing stool for forty strokes… Your bottom on the rubber dildo, Noreen. Exercise your backside for twenty minutes… Do it better than that, Noreen!…Noreen! Drink another toast to Cupid!…

    Bottom-upwards over the thrashing stool again, Noreen!… Now the masturbating-saddle, Noreen. Ride it long and slow… Another toast to Cupid, Noreen… Now, the rubber dildo up your bottom again, Noreen. Twenty minutes of vigorous backgammon exercise!… Such resentment in those brown eyes, Noreen! We must help you to overcome it. See the cheroot-glow poking through the hole? Snuff it between your strapping young bottom-cheeks, Noreen!… So timid now, Noreen?

    Do it at once or face the penalties!…” How Elke and Claudia gaped at this news! And Julia and Natasha stared and wondered! How long must it be before the same degree of compliance is expected from them? I took the opportunity of adding that a failure of obedience in Noreen was followed by a visit from a very knowledgeable gentleman called a “jumper.” A soundproof room was set apart where a variety of penalties would be inflicted in absolute secrecy. There is a greater horror in mystery than in explanation, for which reason I leave our girls to guess at the precise nature of the discipline. Yet I have assured them that the jumper will make Noreen's punishment last all night. The effect of this object-lesson has been entirely salutary. Elke was never anything but a randy young miss and now gives herself up to the pleasures demanded with total abandon. As for Claudia or Helena, they know they cannot be proof against such means as we have at our disposal and therefore, casting aside a reserve of false modesty, they enter truly into the spirit of the game. Sonja needs no persuading, in any case, and Petra's withholding of the delights which her body offers was never more than a certain adolescent surliness which she has now outgrown in a few days. Of our two ingenues, Julia has no reputation to lose. She reconciled herself quickly to the idea that she must purchase a life of pleasure at the cost of being denied any refusal in her partner or the type of pleasure decided upon. Natasha doubted for very little longer. What must be, must be. In all this, Freddie, I find a singular truth.

    If our story is read by the world at large, only imagine the indignation of the bourgeoisie. Why, they will say, these poor girls were made off with and used against their will. These poor abducted youngsters have been forced into the routine of depravity and lasciviousness. Modesty has been torn from them and every veil of decency put aside. Now, Freddie, if this were true would there not be fugitives from every harem that the world has ever known? Or would not those girls for whom escape proves impossible take their own lives rather than be so abused and dishonoured? And yet you will find that the harems of the world contain some of the most contented females in human history. Fugitives are rare and suicides unknown. The truth is that a woman who enters such a places loses her liberty in one respect but gains an even greater freedom. Because the privilege of refusal is taken from her, she may abandon herself to every form of pleasure and feel no remorse. Such beauties enjoy the wildest orgies that their master provides and never blush from guilt. They may love one another in any way they choose. If they are sometimes whipped for their master's amusement, is that worse suffering than the loveless marriages arranged in London or Paris? You may be sure that no man will whip his slave-girl so hard that her beauty is destroyed. Yet how many husbands destroy the looks and lives of their brides by unfeeling neglect? Only consider, Freddie. A young miss in high society is told she may not marry the man she prefers. Instead she is to be the bride of Lord Jackanapes or Sir Joseph Moneybags, because the position of her family or its wealth requires it. She is ploughed vigorously until she drops a cub. Then her husband goes off to the more congenial company of his club, his cronies, or his whore. Do you truly think that Elke or Claudia should envy such young women? Once our girls have learnt by Noreen's example that rebellion is profitless, what awaits them but soft loving and languorous pleasure? On his first night, Jack was in fine fettle. He had, for some time before our adventure began, kept his eye on Julia and Natasha with a view to making them my pupils. Now that our two adolescent girls have had the chance to mature and learn wisdom, Jack wished to put them to the proof.

    How could I deny him this? Accordingly, we summoned them after dinner and led them to the boudoir set aside for these frolics. Jack's greatest desire was to accustom them to the demands which he would soon make regularly upon them in the long hours of the night. At the centre of the bedroom we placed a padded leather bench. Julia was to kneel on one side and Natasha on the other. When they lifted their hips and knelt forward over the bench, their bodies were touching, though one presented her head and the other her rump. Jack knelt down too. He surveyed the adolescent softness of Julia's jeans-seat and Natasha's prim young beauty under the fringe of her blond coiffure. He stroked her face, smiled, and kissed her coquettish chignon of silky fair hair. Undoing the waist of Julia's jeans, he eased them down to her knees, then stripped her briefs down as well. As he unbuttoned himself, releasing his erection, he was confronted by a delicious choice. Julia presented the muddy pallor of thighs and bottom-cheeks.

    The inviting hole peeped between her legs and her anus was almost visible between her lightly parted buttocks. Next to her was Natasha's prim little mouth. Our young blonde was still fully dressed and there was so sweet a look to her in the green jumper, striped tie and white blouse. Jack smiled and presented the knob to her sulky little mouth. “Suck the prick, Natasha. Show me how well you can use your tongue in the vent and under the foreskin.” Natasha gave a resentful little wail and turned her face aside. “Come now, Natasha,” I said gently, and showed her the cane which I picked up from the bed. “Must you have a tanning so soon?” It was all pretended modesty on her part, Freddie. Have no fear of that. Natasha opened her mouth and without closing on her master's tool entirely, played vigorously with her tongue on the knob of the penis. Presently she closed her eyes and began to suck it in the most dreamy manner. At the same time I undid the navy-blue skirt of her uniform and took it off. Natasha's briefs, the white cotton panties, were a mere impediment to my designs. Off they came as well. Now her slender milk-white thighs were bare and the trim young cheeks of her behind.

    She was naked from her ankle-socks to her waist. The hem of her green jumper with its blue piping just arched over the tops of her hips but left the slim cheeks of Natasha's schoolgirl bottom quite bare.

    Well-prepared by the sucking, Jack turned his attention to Julia.

    He gave the little tart a few cunt-squeezes which were quite enough to get her lubricating. I watched Julia's face as he wanked her quickly and thought what a sullen little bitch she is. The rather round pale face with its absurd cocks-comb of dark hair was quite unmoved by his attention. Then her blue eyes widened and she gasped. So she might, for Jack had threaded his prick into Julia's cunt at full length.

    He rode her easily and the young slut had the grace, at least, to begin fretting at her lower lip and sighing with the upheaval in her heart. There are girls like Julia who never give of their best unless they have been “loosened up” by a smacked bottom beforehand. At last she was moaning and squirming, head drooping and eyes closed as Jack rode into her. But now he withdrew and positioned the well-lubricated knob at the tightness of Julia's arsehole. She cried out indignantly, swore she would rather die, and then the veins in her forehead seemed to swell with the energy of a wild scream. Jack had broken the barrier and his prick was surging triumphantly into Julia's adolescent backside. She grew calmer at once, though emitting self-pitying and resentful little whimpers, squirming a little as if she would shit out Jack's penis at the first opportunity. He buggered Julia for several minutes before sheathing himself in her cunt again, which she accepted with a shudder and a moan of gratification. Then he drew away again and presented his knob to Natasha's startled mouth. There was such a cry, and many protests between her pressed lips. Yet, Freddie, you and I know that Natasha can play at being a dirty little girl when the mood takes her, for she knows how to enjoy it despite her prim blond looks. I smiled at her present performance. “Are you bashful of sucking your master's prick, Natasha? Come now, you have tasted Julia and Mr. Jack before.

    Ah, you cannot do it in front of Julia unless it seems you are forced to! Very well, my pet. Eighteen strokes across those slim fair-skinned buttocks. How your mistress would have loved to do this to you.”

    I flexed the bamboo and gave a smacking stroke across the pert young cheeks of Natasha's bottom. She yelled at full force but the cane lashed and smacked until she was frantic to obey. I treated Natasha as if she were a pupil in the strictest reform institution, and I raised a weal across her pert little buttocks with every stroke.

    As soon as I was finished and Jack approached again, Natasha opened her mouth and sucked his tool as if her very life depended on it. He withdrew presently. Then the stout erection parted the lips of Julia's cunt. After that it plunged deeply up Julia's arse and withdrew only to demand Natasha's mouth. Our young blonde hesitated but a well-aimed stroke of the cane across her elfin backside had her mouth open and sucking with wanton enthusiasm. Presently, Jack changed sides and was confronted by an equally charming sight. Now it was Julia's mouth which accompanied Natasha's close-fitting cunt and her dark anus-bud between bamboo'd buttocks. To bugger a girl so pert yet demure, of Natasha's kind, is beyond even the ambition of most men who set eyes upon such beauty. Jack took the hem of the green jumper and pulled it well above her slim hips. He vaselined her and eased his way in against shrill and frenzied dismay. He kissed her neck and ears, as well as our young blonde's saucy chignon. Then he sodomised Natasha long and gently, as only a man of his resolve would dare to do. Yet he did not spend, for he withdrew and touched his knob to Julia's lips.

    It had taken the cane to ensure Natasha's obedience. You will not be surprised, then, to learn that a snakeskin training-lash is necessary for Julia. I whipped the fattened muddy pallor of Julia's bottom far beyond what is customary with such a girl. Yet she twisted the spiky crop of her hair and struggled to avoid the rampant guest who demanded admittance at her mouth. Need I tell you what the outcome was? In the end she offered her open lips and sucked until the tastes of Jack and Natasha must have run together in her saliva. Julia was informed that her master had chosen to come in her mouth, and she received a peremptory smack on the bottom for trying to pull away. And so, pretending that she had never done such a thing for the boys of her acquaintance, Julia swallowed down her pride and Jack's passion.

    After regaining his energy, our friend rode the young blonde's cunt, though for safety's sake he squirted his second boiling of passion deep into Natasha's bottom. Her mouth revived him until he was fit to attack Julia's ramparts again, threading between her legs but, once again, choosing to spend in Julia's backside for safety's sake.

    By this time, we were content to take our ease and merely ordered Julia and Natasha to perform for our entertainment. So they did. Lips clung to lips, hands caressed one another's breasts. They lay head to tail and kiss-fucked each others moist and yearning cunt. At our insistence, Julia's mouth sought Natasha's anus and Natasha's lips found Julia's arsehole. Such things were commanded, Freddie, that even I hesitate to inscribe them in the present letter. Yet I am obliged to add that their games would never have been possible had I not prepared the two girls so well during the past months by insisting upon cleanliness and decency. If they were lewd now, had they not been trained to it? Lying together every morning they had received the most intimate caresses and performed the most suggestive bodily acts-all in the name of moral hygiene. You see how well I have taught them to perform? You may prove all this for yourself, dear Freddie, when next you are our guest. Meantime, now that Jack has arrived safely, we look forward to our visit to you. I confess there is but one thought which delays our departure. We should both feel easier in our minds if you were able to nominate a man of sense and taste who might superintend this establishment during our absence. You have so much more experience in choosing persons of the right calibre for these things-and besides your knowledge of this country is so much more extensive than our own. Do, dearest Freddie, see if you cannot find such a man. In the meantime, Jack and I have gathered together all our correspondence on these matters. As soon as you judge the moment opportune, our friend Professor J- shall have permission to publish it to the world. We suggest, however, that the edition be limited to those who have the sense to comprehend such matters. What a splendid souvenir that book will make of the glorious summer which is now ending. A few weeks more, dear friend, and we shall be reunited with you at the Spaniard's Reach plantation. Until then, the fondest regards come to you from ta chere amie, Dolly.


    A personal invitation from Lord Frederick to the reader Permit me, sir, to add a word to the letters which our good friend Professor J- has laid before you. By now, you will have read them all, sharing the high-spirited japes of dear old Jack on the Sussex coast, or the wanton humours of Dolly on the shores of her Berlinese lake. As you see, the world agrees that our two friends are figures of the strictest morality and the most proper conduct. Were you to doubt this for a moment, you need only apply for testimonials to the Reverend Dr. Thwackum, the Dowager Baroness Loosely, and the Honourable Colonel Randolph Hart of the Blues. If you would accept my own pledge on behalf of our friends, then you might add the word of a member of the House of Lords, a Peer of the Realm, and the heir to the Earldom of Chiltern Hundred. But you are, I am sure, a companionable fellow and a man of the world. With this in mind, I have a request to make of you on behalf of our friends-or perhaps I should say an invitation to deliver. From time to time, Jack and Dolly are my guests on my own spacious plantation, where behind well-guarded fences I cultivate certain flowers of beauty which would make your mouth water at the first glimpse of them. But when my dear friends come to pay me a visit, it necessarily means that their own lovely blooms are untended-or if you prefer, their frisky young fillies lack a rider in the saddle and a touch of the whip to their charming rumps. How much better if a reliable fellow-such as yourself-were able to supply the need while Jack and Dolly are otherwise occupied! You will, I trust, not be offended, if we regard you as a lively fellow with a wicked sense of fun and a nose for the best kind of female horse-flesh. If you have followed our adventures thus far and relished the sport, then you will scarcely turn away from this invitation. In short, we ask you to take Jack's place as lord and master of the harem for as long as it pleases you. Your journey will be safe and easy-for it is accomplished on the wings of imagination. Moreover, I tell you in confidence that you are greatly honoured. Few visitors are ever permitted here, and there are not ten men in the whole world whom Jack would entrust his pleasure-palace to during his absence. Imagine all the fancies you might indulge as master of several dozen lovely slave-girls: To them, your slightest wish becomes an absolute command. You consent to take Jack's place for a night? My congratulations on the wisdom of your choice! Let us travel together, so that I may be your guide as you indulge those rare delights which our friend Jack enjoys upon every day and night of the week. As we talk, the familiar features of the room in which you read these pages will fade from your mind. You need have no fear, everything will be in order on your return-the handsome rosewood cabinets, the rows of leather volumes on the shelves, the buhl clock and the Aubusson carpets. But now another room takes shape before your eyes, no less agreeable than your own study. The dark wood of the chairs, table, and armoire is carved with a Spanish or Moorish design. From the white courtyard outside, one hears the sound of a fountain splashing upon the patterned marble.

    Such craftsmanship in the carving-some of it fine as lacework! Do you notice the change of climate, the warm and languorous air? Even in the late afternoon one feels a summer drowsiness. Perhaps you already detect the odours of spice and the clear tang of a gentle sea?

    Possibly you will care to stroll down to the beach and view such adolescent nymphs as Katharine, Claudia, or Elke at their frolics. Do not forget that these girls belong absolutely to you as the master, and you will require whatever pleasure you wish from them. May I draw your attention to the two Swedish girls, the trim and noble blondes of sixteen or seventeen? Take a closer look at Helena. How could a man resist those pert neat features, the proud tilt of that pretty chin, the blue-green eyes, and the high-boned beauty? Jack is not greatly admiring of flowing skirts and garments which conceal a girl's figure. See how Helena is made to dress. A very short black jacket with a white singlet underneath and a pair of tight beach-trousers in dazzling white denim. If, like Jack, you enjoy taking a few unobtrusive photographs of such teenage nymphs, what a subject you have here! The pale blond hair with its fringe and its well-shaped silken sweep that just covers her collar makes an admirable setting for the young dignity of her face. The tight white jeans with a shiny black belt at the waist, perfectly shape the agile thighs of this slim, suntanned blonde. Look at her now. Holding her shoes in one hand she goes barefoot to the edge of the gentle tide and bends to rinse her fingers. Ah, your camera is ready! What a portrait this will be. As she bends tightly, the short sweep of the pale blond hair falls gently about her face. With feet a little apart and knees tucked forward, the straining white denim of the jeans-seat presents the nymph-cheeks of Helena's bottom. They appear tightly rounded and suggestively separated. As she walks up the beach again towards us, pretend to take a view of the open sea. Now you have the young dignity of her face in the aperture, the pale fringe, the firm features lightly suntanned. Can you resist a few clicks of the shutter? No? My congratulations again. She will not realise yet that you are taking these photographs of her as a souvenir of your adventure. She and the other blonde are now tracing their names in the wet sand with their forefingers-attempted copperplate, no doubt!

    Proudly our nymph inscribes Sweden, and then with careful elegance Helena follows it. Imagine the opportunity given to a conscientious lensman as the lithe young blonde bends to this task!

    Ah, I see you cannot resist a shot or two of the way that this childish game softens the proud young beauty of her face. Of course you will want several studies of her trim thighs in the tight white jeans, tense and firm as she stoops. And the hardened young mounds of Helena's buttocks, so provokingly parted as she writes in the sand, are offered more lewdly-though innocently- than the most easy going burlesque show would permit. Sooner or later the girls will realise that you are taking photographs of them-as Katharine and Claudia did with Jack. But do you not find a certain exquisite satisfaction in their discovery? See Helena and her girlfriend as they glance round at your camera and then whisper uneasily together. No wonder if a slight warm blush and a look of apprehension cloud the self-confidence of Helena's face. As she and her friend walk away with many a nervous backward glance, she is recalling the views she presented to your lens and, in her confusion, knows that there is nothing she can do now to remedy the situation. I have taken some trouble to introduce you to Helena. You wonder why? Jack and I would be greatly obliged if you would command her on your bed tonight. She is young and fresh, Jack says, and he believes it would give you great satisfaction to break her in, demanding every pleasure which our young blonde's body has to offer. Of course, we would not confine your amusement to one girl in a harem of fifty or sixty! That would be a true failure of a gentleman's hospitality. In such a place as this, the master's silken divan is never less than eight or nine feet long and quite six feet wide. On retiring, he is never accompanied by less than three or four girls who sprawl on the divan with him. Have no fear then. You shall not only be provided with such a nymph as this but also with an elfin creature of pert beauty and a strapping young trollop for your stronger tastes. Should these prove insufficient, a ready supply awaits you of mischievous schoolgirls, demure debutantes, softly passionate young wives, and warm-skinned beauties from Arabia or the Orient. First let us partake of some refreshment. Jack will never combine dinner with his amorous pursuits, for he maintains that one excitement spoils the other and begets a habit of indigestion. Here, then, in the colonnaded courtyard where the fountain plays, the table is spread with fine linen, silver, and cut-glass. As if by invisible hands, the most succulent hors d'oeuvres, the choicest dishes, and the most enticing fruits are set before you. All these are washed down by bottles of the finest vintage-claret, burgundy, and hock-all selected to tease your palate without cloying your mind. When dinner is done, it is time for you to retire to the ease of the adjoining room, there to enjoy a leisurely Havana and a glass of malt whisky. The lamps are lit now as you take your ease in a comfortable leather chair among the carved Spanish furniture. The glass, the decanter, and the humidor are on a little table beside you. Now you must meet the three girls who wait here to attend your least desire. As custom requires, the young blonde, Helena, kneels on a cushion before you, her eyes demurely lowered and her head bowed a little as she waits. She is still in the white jeans and short black jacket. When the time to undress her arrives, you would naturally wish to do that with your own hands.

    And who is the charming little “waitress” who must keep your glass filled and your cigar glowing? Though she is a blonde also, she is a year or two younger than Helena. It is Natasha with her prettily severe coiffure of fringe and saucy chignon of fair hair. As you think of the acts you will make her perform, is there not something rather amusing about the pouting sulkiness of that young face? Once again, you will prefer to undress her with your own hands, no doubt. That is why Natasha still wears her formal uniform of green jumper, white blouse, striped tie and navy blue skirt with white ankle-socks.

    As this prim little blonde fills your glass, can you resist stroking her fair-skinned face, kissing the prettily uncovered ear, or even running your hand up her slim young thighs under the skirt, testing their pale smoothness and feeling the firm young bottom-cheeks or warm pussy through the stretched white cotton of Natasha's schoolgirl knickers? However extreme the fantasies which Natasha awakens in your mind, all of them are possible here. The oldest of the three girls attending you is Noreen. Jack thought that after the daintiness of Natasha and the nymphlike elegance of Helena, the appeal of a strapping young trollop at nineteen years old would make an amusing contrast. Noreen's invariable costume here is the snug-fitting singlet which shows her breasts and strong young back, the tight jeans of faded blue denim. You need no introduction to the firm fair-skinned features, the defiant brown eyes, the collar length of dark lank hair and its level fringe. You now see for yourself the well formed thighs of a working-girl in the tight denim, the robust young hips, the broad but firmly-rounded cheeks of Noreen's bottom in the skin-tight denim. To ensure Noreen's obedience, you may very well need a whip, and one will be provided. Jack has also instructed that the two leather cuffs on her wrists are to be linked closely together in front of her. Her task is to operate the fan which stirs the air in the room. To do this we have contrived it that she must stand by the arm of your chair with her back to you, and must bend a little forward to reach the handle which she rums. Do you like the view with the seat of her jeans presented to you in this manner? As you sip your whisky, do you smile to yourself, your eyes roving over the sturdy mounds of Noreen's buttocks in the smooth-stretched jeans?

    Let your gaze follow the stout seam of the denim seat as it is drawn deep and tight between her hind-cheeks and under her legs. See how it appears to part the lips of her cunt. Can you resist a word or two to curb her rebellion? “Such a strapping young bottom, Noreen! I believe that your arse-s the only thing about you that interests your master. Does that bring the anger to those brown eyes, Noreen? Come, now! Did you really think he admired you as a young beauty or a fine lady? You are but a backside and a pair of thighs to men of his rank, Noreen! Even a man who never saw your face but only had this rear view of you bending would know how to treat you. You bottom needs the whip, Noreen. Any man can tell that by looking at your rear. If you forget that tonight, Noreen, I shall leave a little note of complaint about you for my friend to find. And, believe me, Noreen, I will make him a present of the longest Havana I can find.” There may be fury in her brown eyes and defiance in her fair-skinned features, but you have taught her to keep them in check. It is customary before retiring to bed for a guest to be allowed a glimpse at some of the girls in the harem and the men who enjoy them. The carved panels on either side of this room are secret doors. In the arm of your chair you will find a row of concealed bell-pushes. By touching one you will cause a door to swing open and reveal to you the curious or amorous scene in the little closet beyond. I tell you, in confidence, such sights are often a great inspiration to one's own activities on taking three or four girls to bed for the night. Are you inclined to press one or two? Can you resist? You see, the first slides back. There you have a perfect view of Claudia and her harem guardian. He has the girl on her back, her wrists strapped to the top corners of the bed. She has had her pants taken off and he has made her draw her knees up to her chin, thus displaying her pubic lips fully. Dry soap flakes have powdered her cunt-fleece and slit. Now he is tickling her up with a tantalising little shaving-brush. No water is needed. As Claudia's cropped brown locks thresh side to side in her blissful torment, her cunt lubricates so copiously that she works up her own lather. A moment more and he kneels astride, a quivering erection pressing its bloated head into her taut elastic vagina. Leaving him to ride Claudia, press the next button and see Elke astride an ingenious rocking-horse. She is bare from the waist down and one observes how a leather phallus rises from the saddle to enter her cunt. Elke lies forward, hugging the horses neck. The fringed crop of her hair is bowed and the petulant little mouth gasping for breath as she rocks to and fro in ecstasy.

    Her thighs grip the wooden flanks for very life. This time a guardian stands over her, a slim leather switch in his hand. One cannot help being pleased that he is such a hard task-master! Smack! goes the switch across the ripe young cheeks of Elke Mahne's bottom to drive her on. The Austrian girl's buttocks are already black and blue from such discipline. Yet Elke Mahne's riding-lesson will continue for many hours yet. Indeed, this sixteen-year-old sensualist would not stop it even if she could. Jack has acquired girls from every corner of the land. The next little room shows a soft beauty of nineteen. There is a knowing prettiness in Tania's rather olive-skinned face with its deep set blue eyes and light dimples. The short crop of brown curls clusters charmingly over her forehead. She is bending obediently forward over a table, soft young breasts sheathed in clinging wool.

    From the rear, the usual riding-jeans are stretched tight over broadened and softly fattened buttocks, a deeply defined cleavage between them. This time the guardian takes down the jeans with the panties inside them. He dips his finger in a jar and teases the way between her rear cheeks with its length. A brief exertion, a cry of alarm from the girl and then, behold, Tania's young arsehole stretched perilously round the lucky penis-shaft which impales her. You may be sure that not all dramas are so intense for the stage must offer comedy as well as pathos. You have time to press one more button, for the night is young. Surely the last vision is one for mirth of a kind?

    Would you care to know something of the young woman with whom the two men are romping? Jack never thought of her as a great beauty but rather as a charming and amusing means of diverting himself. Janet, as you see, is a rather stocky young brunette, twenty years old. You must allow she has a certain prettiness in her soft freckled face and brown eyes. Indeed one might almost say there is a saucy quality to the way her dark hair is cut in a Roman helmet-shape round her head with its length piled in little top-knot and held in place by a tortoiseshell comb. You agree? You find a certain appeal in the soft prettiness, the light freckles and the timidity of Janet's brown eyes?

    What then of her figure? When Jack first saw her near the beach, she was dressed as she is now. Then, however, she was pushing a perambulator with a charming infant lying in it. The fact that a girl does not wear a wedding ring does not, alas, prevent the dropping of a cub! Perhaps it was this which gave her that slight shimmer of seductive plumpness. Imagine how our friend's eyes started as they made their first acquaintance with this pretty “pram-pusher,” as nursemaids are now called. She was dressed in that short brown jacket which scarcely reached her hips. From the waist down her covering was only skin-tight brown fleshing of the thinnest wool! Poor Jack found himself walking behind her on a long hill as she laboured upward, pushing the infants carriage. As she leant forward over the handle, straining on the steep pavement like a young mare between the shafts, her stocky young thighs pressing forward on the hill, our poor friend goggled at the sight. Under the tight seat of the brown trousers, he was presented with a rolling and shimmering rhythm of the vulgarly fattened cheeks of Janet's soft arse! Though she was obliged to lean forward in her labours on the hill, it appeared to Jack as if the girl was deliberately sticking her full-cheeked backside into his face. No doubt our soft and lightly freckled plaything would have been dismayed to realise the view she innocently presented. To make matters worse, Janet's knickers were rather brief and had lavishly frilled leg-holes. It seemed as if she had worn them in bed to excite her partner and had then put on the dark brown trousers over them. The shape of Janet's panties appeared through the tight trousers-cloth as two curving ridges, arching high and brief over each plump cheek of her bottom. For fifteen minutes on the long hill, the fattened young cheeks of Miss Janet's bottom writhed and shimmered a few feet ahead of our poor friend as he walked behind her. She had a certain radiance in her present condition and yet she was no beauty. Why, then, was Jack so provoked by her? To be sure, he timed every ascent of that hill so that he found himself walking just behind her and enduring Janet's broad and well-filled rear view. Imagine her indignation at realising his fascination! It was fortunate for our friend that he was able to use his influence in the matter.

    Unwillingly, the abducted girl wrote a letter to say that she had run off with a newfound lover. Under such circumstances she passed into Jack's ownership and was brought here. Before you take your three girls to the luxurious sleeping quarters appointed for you, I hope you will consent to watch the little comedy being played out in the last of the rooms. The two scamps who have taken her in there are quite without scruple and capable of anything. You may depend upon them to teach Janet a lesson or two. You see that they choose the low leather-topped stool which is bolted to the floor. How our plump young chicken tries to twist and squirm as they press her down on all fours and attach her. Not surprisingly, her dark hair with its pretty top-knot twists round and they are confronted by the alarmed brown eyes and great apprehension in her soft prettiness. With eager hands they detach the tight brown trousers. One of them strips down her panties, pocketing Miss Janet's knickers as a souvenir. Straps round her ankles, thighs, waist, and wrists hold her to the apparatus.

    The first man slips his hand between the back of her thighs. He finds the soft-haired cunt. Though Janet quivers and tries to pull away, he holds the furry little creature, stroking and calming it. As Jack describes it, a young bitch who has just whelped on the sly is most unlikely to have a true aversion for such fondling. The tears of shame which Janet seemed about to shed do not fall. Instead she allows her cunt to weep copiously into the man's hand. A courgette, an amusing little vegetable, six inches long and smoothly round in proportion, is introduced. Despite herself, Janet's hips begin to move. She is such a timid, wide-eyed innocent-but still she cannot get enough of this sort of thing. To keep her on the qui vive, the man stops short of Janet's climax, in order that she may come off the boil. Now she would almost weep to have the baby cucumber replaced but they will leave her to cool for half an hour. All the same, she need not be without occupation. The other man pulls the hem of the brown jerkin well up above the pale sheen of the girl's plump hips.

    Janet turns suddenly, such frightened prettiness in the soft young face and eyes. The dark fringe of the helmet-shaped cut is parted on her forehead, which adds to this impression of timidity. The two men are studying the pale fattened cheeks of Janet's bottom and the tight dark hole between. They confer and begin to tease the girl.

    Janet is frantic at their proposal, trying vainly to break free from the stool. Now the second man takes the nursling cucumber. Its narrower end presses between the pale plumpness of Janet's buttocks, demanding entrance at her postern gate. In a fright, she tightens against it. The other man intervenes, holding the broad leather of the punishment strap. With savage energy and visible enjoyment, he brings the school strap down across the pale quivering cheeks of Janet Bond's bottom. Again and again the strokes ring out, accompanied by the girl's wild shrillness. Bright crimson paths cross her backside, this way and that, before he lays down the leather. Now the rounded tip demands entrance again. There is a brief tightening against it, a thrust, a cry and then a forlorn yielding. Smilingly the man with the strap holds Janet's hips still and knowingly chides her for such a fuss about such a little thing. His companion works the impertinent vegetable in and out, keeping Janet's anus well stretched about its rim. In the discomfort or excitement of this, the girl gives tense little gasps and holds herself almost rigidly over the stool, as if in fear that the least movement against her ravisher will cause havoc in her bottom. So the well-greased vegetable sodomises Miss Janet.

    With the consternation growing in her pert young face, there occurs one of those incidents which are both alarming and yet irresistibly comic. The man who plies the fledgling cucumber between the girl's plump well-spread buttocks becomes more vigorous. Having admired the cameos of her labouring like a young mare between the shafts as she pushed the pram, and now having her presented in this posture, it is understandable that he should wish to exercise Janet Bond's arsehole vigorously. Then, in a moment of distraction, he goes too far.

    Pressing up hard, he loses touch with the courgette, which passes entirely into her guts, Janet's anus closing over it. Here, as they say, is a pretty kettle of fish! How to extract it? The fatter rounded end, over which the tight hole has closed, is the larger and more difficult to expel. Yet it must come first. Twenty-year-old Janet is frantic, as you may tell from the dismay in her brown eyes, the flared nostrils of her pretty nose, and her mouth open in a wild gasp.

    The two villains who are having fun with her look quite taken aback for a moment. But soon they are exchanging smiles and seem hardly able to control their mirth. The predicament in which Janet finds herself is entirely her problem, for she is a slave-girl. No surgeon is on hand to perform an act of assistance. If the courgette is truly irremovable, there is only one thing left for Miss Janet. One rather imagines that these two fellows would enjoy doing it. Yet as we sit and watch the farce, do you not think the men envisage Jack's displeasure at returning and finding that Janet has had to make her exit? Already, you see, they are urging her to expel the intruder. She will not do so, of course, without an ordeal. Indeed, it may be impossible for her. Is it the monstrous discomfort which prevents her or merely a tensing of her body at the thought of performing such an act in front-of them? The men are implacable. They order her to give birth to the insolent object. Do you see Janet's young belly tensing, her rump thrust out hard and her rear muscle swelling a little like a bud? All to no avail. One of the men laughs at her and turns to the other. “The young prude needs a little stimulation, I think.” Could one disagree? Yet what has he in mind? He picks up a three-foot length of sash-cord and takes the two ends in his hand. The loop of heavy cord dangling from his grip now makes an improvised lash. His mouth in a thin cruel line, he brings it down in a vicious stroke across the plump pale cheeks of poor Janet's bottom.

    His companion takes another length and they thrash from opposite sides with alternate strokes. Laughingly the two men order her not to keep them waiting. Janet's buttocks are soon emblazoned with loops and curlicues of whipcord. Here and there a rosy trickle wanders from the end of a stripe. The minutes pass and still the two men are implacable. A moment to ply Janet with smelling salts, then the measured whipping again. Under the pretty top-knot of dark hair, her brown eyes wide with consternation meet the men's smiles. They run the cord through their fingers to let her see it. “Don't keep us waiting, Janet. Still so bashful? Very well!” Janet's belly is tense, her hips straining as she is whipped. The green cucumber tip peeps out, is withdrawn, then surges out and falls to the ground.

    Maddened by the whips, Janet yields all. But as she lies over the stool, running with the sweat of labour, her eyes avoid the men's smiles. Her plump buttocks are bright crimson. The smiles grow broader, for a fugitive rudeness swells through the rear loophole to lie in a limp curve down one fattened cheek of Janet Bond's bottom.

    After this tragi-comedy, you may well decide to escort your three girls to the sumptuous boudoir with its capacious bed. In the warmth of this climate we sleep upon the silk covers rather than under them.

    Do you approve of the room with its pink-shaded brass lamps, its panels of silk and carved wood? I scarcely think you will need more inspiration. Should you do so, you will find some racy volumes on the shelf by the bed. You may read of the lovely Eveline or the rascal Captain DeVane. There is Colonel Spanker who fustigates Julie or the learned gentleman, before an audience, first applies vaseline and penis, then a whip, to proud Lesley Hollingsworth's bare bottom-cheeks. Or you may read of a cheeky imp like Sally Fenton sucking the prick, and a lover's stiffness stretching Tania Nicoll's arsehole. Let the choice be yours, if make it you must. Yet what need will you have of books and learning when you watch your three shapely companions undressing? See, there is Natasha, slipping off her navy-blue skirt and the white stretched briefs of high school knickers. Noreen strips with many a contemptuous flick of her dark fringe and lank hair. When her clothes come off, she is quite naked except for the restraint of strapping on her pale statuesque body.

    Stout black leather bonds form wrist-cuffs and anklets, collar and waist-belt. With this defiant and strongly built girl of nineteen, such precautions may be necessary. Order these two assistants to the bed.. Noreen in her straps. Natasha bare from the waist down, wearing her striped tie, white blouse, and green jumper with blue piping, as if this may provoke you more strongly. Let your slim and suntanned Swedish blonde, Helena, shrug off her black jacket. Now stand behind her, kiss the pretty ears and charming neck as you brush back the short silky fall of hair. Feel her pert sixteen-year-old bubbies as you pull up her white singlet and ease it off over her head. “Play with those little nipples, Helena. Keep them nice and stiff. You must learn to excite yourself, my pet.” She obeys uncertainly, though it is quite evident that she has been playing with herself in various ways since she was twelve or thirteen. Kiss the silken sweep of her pale hair and look over her shoulder at her mirrored face. Does your manhood not stiffen a little at the sight of the proud high-boned young beauty under the blond fringe? Undo the leather belt at her waist and kneel down behind her as you draw the tight white jeans down her slim, suntanned thighs. Her panties are inside them and come off as well. Will you take the example of Janet's admirers and tuck Helena Thelen's knickers in your pocket as a trophy of the chase? You cause Helena a little confusion now as you kiss the backs of her light-tanned silken thighs. Do your lips feel one or two sweet little tendrils of cunt-hair emerging from the rear of her tightly-pressed legs? A little higher and you kiss the smooth, cool ovals of Helena's arse-cheeks. You make her turn and browse over her taut young belly and mossy loins with your kisses. “Now lie on the bed Helena. At once! With Noreen and Natasha. A show of reluctance, Helena? Must you have a taste of the whip first? That's better. Don't hold your hand behind you when you walk, Helena. Show how your backside moves.” Having unbuttoned yourself and undressed, you follow your young inamorata. On the way, however, you take the short leather lash of the dog-whip from the drawer and lay it by the pillow where the three girls can see it. Natasha knows her job, of course. The pert little blonde with the chignon and charming fringe is to devote her lips and fingers to your prick all night. When not sheathed in your young nymph's cunt-or in Helena's bottom-your member will receive this prim young penis-teaser's constant attention.

    Do not be deceived by her juvenile pretensions. Natasha is a completely depraved little immoraliste. Noreen on the other hand is best employed lying on her back to offer her bare belly as your arm-rest, or lying face down to let you use the broad pale cheeks of her arse as your pillow. Ordering Helena to turn on to her back and hug her knees up to her chin, you are able to lie and view the spread of her underside from a few inches. Tickle her light-haired pussy-flesh until she gives a shudder, a gasp, and lets the first droplets of desire form there. Meanwhile your little imp, Natasha, will not leave your prick alone. Like a greedy little girl with a new toy, she fingers it, kisses its knob lightly, gives it a quick and apprehensive suck, then wipes her wetness off it on her n soft blonde chignon. You part Helena's thighs, draw yourself up, and impale her. With woman's instinct, her legs clasp you, heels drumming on your back. Noreen lies face down across the top of the bed, like a bolster.

    Helena's head rests on the small of Noreen's back. Your own head is level with Noreen's broad young backside. When you look up you are confronted by a rear view of Natasha kneeling with thighs apart, just in range of your lips and tongue. Her blonde tail dangles as she looks back at you through the arch of her legs. The hem of the green jumper with its blue piping comes down only to the top of her hips. You are deliciously held in Helena's cunt, riding easily. Can you resist a kiss on Natasha's slim thighs? Kisses on the silken thatch of her young love-nest follow this while you ride strongly in and out between Helena's trim suntanned legs. A quick flicker with your tongue brings you the tastes of Natasha's randiness. You draw the green jumper of her uniform up, well clear of the little blonde's hips, as you continue to ravish your Swedish nymph. Now your lips browse on the cool elfin pallor of Natasha's fourteen-year-old bottom-cheeks. The saucy chignon of her fair hair brushes to and fro across the back of her collar as she gasps with the tension of arousal. “Natasha, my pet! Turn your head round. Let me watch your face while I enjoy you.”

    As she obeys you, the sulky primness of her expression has now changed into wonderment at the sensations provoked by your lips and tongue. Do your exertions in Helena's cunt require a moment's pause? Then you may pillow your head on the pale mounds of Noreen's buttocks as this sturdy wench lies face-down for a bolster. As in Natasha's case, you may choose to make Noreen turn her head so that you can enjoy the prospect of those firm and fair-skinned features, the insolent brown eyes under the level fringe of dark brown hair.

    Your head lies conveniently close as you make a casual inspection, pressing her strong young thighs apart a little and viewing the coral pinkness of her cunt. Though a resentment bums in the eyes of this young trollop, your fingers will make free with her legs and backside. Fondle the firm and broadened mounds of her rump. Press them apart and let your finger explore the dark dimple of Noreen's arsehole. Looking back at you, the indignation in her face causes two red sparks of anger at the points of her broad cheekbones. You may quell this mute rebellion easily enough by reminding her of what already awaits such ill-mannered conduct. “Your first proper whipping tomorrow morning, Noreen, is it not? How wise of Lord Frederick to engage the services of a prison-officer who enjoys such work! Those strapping young bottom-cheeks of yours, Noreen. They will be in no state to grace the bedroom for several weeks afterwards.

    Better make the most of tonight, Noreen. Your turn shall come after Helena!” The mere utterance of the Swedish girl's name starts you in motion again. Riding her expertly, you watch the blond nymph's head twist to and fro. In her breathless yearning she has closed her eyes, and her teeth fret impatiently at her lower lip. Because you are a gentleman-and not a cad-you do not wish to give her a swollen belly.

    That being so you withdraw and turn her onto her belly, threading her cunt again from the rear. The demure oval cheeks of Helena Thelen's bottom now offer themselves so innocently to you. When the crisis comes, you need only withdraw from her cunt lay your tool in the warm valley between the two cool rear orbs and allow your geyser to spout while the shapely cheeks press upon you. Summon Claudia in her seductive costume of emerald green briefs and breast-halter. Instruct her to attend Helena with the flannel. A moment more and all three girls-as well as Claudia-are at your disposal. The night is yours to spend with them in any way you please. Do you choose to doze for an hour-or are you still too rampant for sleep? If you wish to be attended, you have only to give the word and Elke, Sonja, Petra, and a dozen more shall be added to the charming ensemble on the divan. But can you resist meeting the challenge which Noreen presents? A mere amateur could have his way with Claudia or Helena but it takes a true man to master Noreen. Her pale sturdy body will be naked except for the prudently arranged straps which are customary on the night before such an ordeal as hers. A black strap round her waist is matched by others equally stout and tight round her wrists, ankles, lower thighs and neck. Naturally, you will want to give your full attention to her in the hour or two before the agents of justice take her into the next room. Have no fear, by the way, an ingenious mirror will permit you to see all that happens in there. Noreen lies on her side, curving forward a little from the waist and facing away from you. The full pale cheeks of her backside, the opening of her thighs, and the spread of her hips is level with your face at a distance of twelve inches. Her hands are strapped together in front of her as a necessary precaution. She is no great beauty and no fine lady. A well-built young wench of her kind, however, still offers this rather vulgar stimulant of her arse and thighs. As you lie there on your back, admiring this full-cheeked view, young Natasha sprawls with her head on your loins. She has your prick in her hand, sucking it for a while, taking it out and kissing it, then closing her mouth over the erection again. After so many pretty nymphs and demure maidens, perhaps you feel the need for stronger tastes. “Noreen! Arch your hips further back and stick your bottom right out towards me.”

    She obeys, perhaps reluctantly. Yet now you have that view which, when clad skin-tight in jeans, stopped so many admirers at the saddlery. Touch your lips to the backs of Noreen's firm nineteen-year-old thighs. Browse to your heart's content on their cool marble. “Lie still, Noreen. I'm sure a dozen country lads must have feasted here!” Allow your mouth to move gently to the opening of her legs at the rear. Do you feel her tighten against you?

    You have only to order two of the footmen to hold Noreen while you muse kissingly on the soft fur of her vaginal lips. Then you travel on, over the well broadened and fully rounded cheeks of Noreen's bottom. Your lips salute her fifty times on each. To drive the last thoughts of modesty from her, you kiss the warmer smoother slope descending into Noreen's bottom-crack. And if you wish to hear her gasp with dismay, you mould a long exploratory kiss to Noreen's anus.

    After this, you may settle down to enjoy the view again. Sonja is required to lie on the other side, facing Noreen, and to masturbate the young wench with her hand. Relax and enjoy half an hour of the sport seen at such close range. Watching at the rear opening of Noreen's thighs, you see Sonja's skilful fingers enter from the front.

    Every stroke and probe, every squeeze and spending of the masturbation is enacted a few inches before you. Despite her anger and resentment, Noreen is not proof against this. Do you hear how her breath begins to come in long shuddering gasps? Note a tension of her legs, the faint rhythmic movements of her hips, the way that the cheeks of Noreen's arse keep time by their slight contracting and expanding. Can you resist adding to her confusion? Surely not.

    Conveniently to hand on the table by the divan is the probe, the familiar tube which held your corona cigar. Dipped in the green liquid soap, you present its rounded end to Noreen's anus which tightens in dismay. Have no fear. You need only increase the pressure inexorably until continued resistance causes her more discomfort than yielding.

    See how it enters easily at last, causing Noreen to stick her seat out even further to accommodate it. You may be sure, also, that the lubricating soap will stir up some most unladylike urges in the stripes of this sturdy young woman. With long but rapid strokes you give Noreen a diddling to match Sonja's caresses and squeezings between her legs. A footman holds a convenient mirror so that you may indulge that favourite quirk of watching the confusion in Noreen's face as you sodomise her with the tube. This pantomime lasts quite half an hour. Then you will be struck by another thought. What would it be like if your own penis, rather than tube, was in Noreen's arse? How would it feel to enjoy her there as she herself reaches the climax of her efforts on Sonja's fingers. The science of feeling, rather than mere randiness, may prompt you to this experiment.

    For such a stout member as yours, more thorough lubrication is needed and you will therefore vaseline Noreen's anus properly. She may curse you and struggle a little-but numbers are on your side. Ah! A moment more and you are tightly gripped in Noreen's robust young backside. As you lie there, your eyes will meet in the mirror, fury and outrage in Noreen's, amusement and enjoyment in your own.

    Rebellious though she may seem, you need pay no heed to oaths and expletives. Noreen's bottom has the same anatomy as that of any other young woman. Once you are securely inside her, she has no way of expelling you until you choose to take your leave. As you ride resolutely in and out, you may curb her insolence if you choose by reminding her of what lies in store an hour hence. The black leather thong of the whip and the warder who loves his work. At last, despite herself, Noreen begins that aria of rising cries which betokens her orgasm on Sonja's fingers. At all such times, the woman's natural response is to tighten her arsehole in the spasm of release. So Noreen does now. That exquisite compression is the trigger which fires your own fowling-piece. Your hot spurts of seed are safely spent deep in Noreen's bottom upon hot infertile soil. As you withdraw, Noreen's anus will go small and very tight, your own flaccid tool lolling across her pale bottom cheeks, leaving a dying snail-trail of your passion and an oily touch of vaseline. By now the footmen are at the door. The officer who is to punish Noreen for her previous misdeeds presents his compliments. He asks if it will be convenient to bundle Noreen into the next room and secure her kneeling over the block. You consent at once. Noreen is in a state of consternation, which is accounted for by more than the mere threat of the whip. Her thighs are pressed together and the cheeks of her bottom contract until the crack between them is no more than a thin compressed line. She had never imagined that she would be taken directly to the next room without an interlude of privacy after the night's amusements. She knows that the discipline over the block will last several hours and she begins to gasp and implore, assuring her that she cannot possibly wait so long. This will no doubt cause you to smile and assure her that such a predicament is her problem, not yours. The two footmen lead her at once to the block. Twenty or thirty amateurs of such dramas watch Noreen positioned in her straps.

    Her tensings and sniffings of anticipation are almost overlooked at first. The guests notice instead the wetness of her love-juice between her thighs. They observe the yellowed smear of vaseline near Noreen's arsehole. One woman points out the snail-trail of male semen over one full pale cheek of Noreen's bottom, where the limp and sodomising prick lolled as it withdrew. The guard cracks his whip in the air and there is silence. You will sit, of course, in the leather chair at the secret window. Helena presents her naked beauty at one arm of the chair, Claudia at the other. Both are completely at your disposal as you watch Noreen's discipline. Young Natasha bends just in front of you, bare from the hem of her green jumper down to her feet. The drama in the next room belongs to another story. Indeed, you will guess at much of it. Thirty-six strokes across Noreen's bottom and thighs with the whip, then an interlude. Three dozen more and another interlude. So the morning passes. What caresses and kisses you bestow on your three young graces as you watch. At last Natasha seems to lower her hips towards your lap. Well-prepared she site plumb upon your fine shaft of an erection. The tightness is an exquisite, rending thrill, almost annihilating. You feel your head swim and your senses failing at the delicious anguish of nervous collapse. The scene fades from before your eyes and you wake, at last, in your own study with the book before you. Believe me, there is much more to be told as a sequel to this adventure. Yet you are a man of affairs and cannot devote your entire existence to matters of pleasure. That being the case, I will trespass on your patience no longer. In a little while I hope that our trusty scholar, Professor J-, will lay before you the strange tale of my own plantation and its captive beauties. When that happens, you shall learn far more of me than I have had the leisure to convey to you now. Until that time when our paths cross again, I bring you the heartiest greetings from Dolly and Jack. From the three of us and the girls whose adventures you have shared in, I bid you not adieu, dear friend, but au revoir. Frederick, Viscount A-,

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