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    My Grandmother's tale

    From an unsophisticated Manuscript found amongst the old lady's papers, after her death, supposed to have been written about A.D.1797.

    chapter I.

    When I was sixteen years old I was a pupil teacher at the N. School. I had a bedroom to myself, but I always chose one of the elder girls to sleep with me. My favourite, Susey P-, was about my own age, and of a warm friendly disposition. We soon became very intimate, and promised to tell each other all our secrets.

    We were both exceedingly curious to know all about the secret pleasures of love, and often talked over the subject at night, all the time fondling and playing with each other's cunts.

    "Did you ever hear any name for this little chink, May?"

    "Yes, dear, cunt. One of the girls wrote it the other day on her slate. She said that was what the boys called it."

    "And what do they call their own things?"


    "Why do they call them pricks?"

    "I suppose it is because they prick our cunts."

    "Would you like to have your cunt pricked?"

    "Yes, I think, I would like it now, for my cunt feels so very hot."

    "So it is, and mine is just the same. O May! if my cunt could be turned into a prick what fun we would have."

    She then got over me, and rubbed her cunt against mine, while I held the cheeks of her bottom and pressed her in between my thighs.

    "May, did you ever notice the lump between the legs of Mr. T-, the resident tutor?"

    "Yes, dear, that's his prick, every man has that, though some have it larger than others."

    "O yes, I know that, but have you seen it swell out when he talks to us girls, and leans over us to make us hold our pens right?"

    "Perhaps he is then thinking of our cunts."

    "I am sure of it, and especially of yours, for you are his favourite. If he were here now I know what he would like to do."


    "Just to get on top of you, and shove his prick into your cunt, and fuck you."

    I only laughed, and we soon fell asleep.

    On Sunday, a short time after, having a headache, I remained at home. I was not aware that anyone was in the house, until happening to pass Mr. T-'s room, he suddenly sprang out, caught me in his arms, drew me in, and closed the door.

    "Oh Mr. T-. Please let me go."

    "Dearest May, let me tell you how dearly I love you." And while he half smothered me with kisses, he gently drew me towards the bed.

    "No, I won't sit down – let me up – don't attempt to put your hands under my clothes."

    But he forced his hand up, and I felt his eager fingers exploring all my secrets there.

    "Mr. T-, take your hand – I cannot allow such liberties – let me up, or I'll scream."

    "Don't, my pet, for there is no one to hear."

    "Do let me up, and take your hand – oh my! how dare you lift my clothes."

    He held me down, and soon, in spite of my struggles, he uncovered all my belly and thighs, and my cunt lay bare and exposed to view.

    It was the first time it had been seen by man, and I felt horribly ashamed. But a peculiar sensation of pleasure quickly turned the idea of exposure into a source of delight.

    His face flushed, and his eyes sparkled as he looked down, and exclaimed, "What a lovely cunt you have, May; this rising mound is covered with such a profusion of rich brown hair, and the swelling lips, how deliriously they pout, while the glowing red chink between is most luxurious and inviting. I must kiss it. Oh! how sweetly it smells."

    He stooped and warmly kissed my cunt.

    Then opening the lips he sucked the clitoris and pushed his tongue into the hot recess.

    The touch of his mouth made my cunt thrill, and when I felt his tongue moving around the clitoris, and penetrating the sensitive folds inside, I could not help opening my thighs and raising myself a little, so as to afford him a freer access to that pleasurable spot.

    When he stood up I saw that his trousers were down, and that his prick was sticking out pointed towards me, and nodding its great red head as if in proud defiance.

    Holding it in his hand, he said, "Look at this poor fellow, May, he craves your kind indulgence, and only asks to hide his blushing head for a moment in this sweet nest; won't you take him in your hand?"

    "O, for shame! Mr. T-. Put that horrid thing away. I won't look at it, or touch it. I won't let you put it in." And I covered my cunt with my hand. He pulled my hand away, and placing it on his prick, forced my fingers round it. It felt deliciously smooth and soft, but at the same time firm and stiff.

    "Mr. T-, let me up. What do you mean?"

    "I mean that I am going to fuck you May; to put my prick into your cunt and fuck you."

    "I will never let you. It would harm me, and hurt me."

    "No, my love, it will neither hurt you nor harm you. Let me put it in, do, my sweet pet."

    He pushed the head of his prick in between the lips of my cunt, and moving it up and down the furrow, said, "There, that does not hurt you, I am sure." He then placed it at the inner opening, and with a sudden push forced it in.

    "Oh! Mr. T-. Take it out. Oh! it is hurting me. You said you would not hurt me."

    But he only pushed harder, then something gave away inside, and I felt the whole prick rush up into my belly. It had a startling effect at first, and almost took away my breath, but when he went on to work his tool in and out, and I felt it rubbing with a most delicious friction against the throbbing folds of my cunt, the feeling became one of overpowering delight. I twisted about and heaved to meet his thrusts.

    "There, darling, now don't you like that?"

    "Yes, I like it now, that's very nice."

    "Now say it's name."

    I whispered, "Prick."

    "Say it out."


    "And yours?"


    "And doing this?"


    "Go on, say what it is you like."

    "I like to feel your prick fucking my cunt."

    "Oh, go on, it's just coming."

    "Prick – cunt – fucking – belly – bottom."

    Then, drawing his prick suddenly out of my cunt, he poured a torrent of hot seed over my belly, and up to my very breasts.

    After this Mr. T- and I lost no opportunity of performing the sweet rites of Venus, and he soon initiated me into all the various ways and modes of enjoyment. I found that I could fully trust him, as he was very discreet, and particularly careful to avoid doing me harm.

    Susey and I too became more and more confidential. I acknowledged to her that I had been fucked, but did not name Mr. T-.

    One night I prevailed on her to give me full particulars of some love scenes between her elder sister Jane and her intended, Mr. John C-.

    "They used to take me out to walk with them. They generally went to a wood, where they had a favourite resting place, well sheltered among the trees. But when there they always sent me away to gather blackberries or flowers.

    "I often saw him kiss her, and sometimes when no one was looking, push his hand up under her petticoats. This aroused my curiosity, and I resolved to watch them.

    "So the next time when I went off with my basket, I made a circuit, and entered the wood behind them. I crept through the trees until I could both hear and see them plainly.

    "He was lying on his back, his trousers all open, and a long fleshy thing with a purple head was standing up. She was stooping over it moving it up and down with her hand. Then she kissed it, and took it in her mouth and sucked it.

    " 'How nicely you suck my prick, Jane. Kneel up now, I want to see your beautiful bottom and cunt at the same time.' "As she did so he threw up her clothes over her back, uncovering the two round cheeks of her bottom, and the thick lips of her cunt jutting out like a huge hairy mouth between.

    " 'My darling, you have a splendid backside, the sight of it would bring to life the prick of a dying man. Keep as you are, I'll fuck you this time from behind, in what is called dog fashion.' "He then got up, and knelt between her legs, and drawing apart the white cheeks of her bottom, pushed his prick into her cunt.

    "Then holding her hips, he worked his article rapidly in and out, telling her to push back her bottom to meet each thrust of his prick.

    "She panted and pushed, while he grunted out, 'Do you feel it Jane? Do you feel my prick?' " 'Yes, dear John, I do feel your prick, ever so far up my cunt – that's right – drive it in hard. Fuck – fuck – fuck.' "Then they fell together on the grass, and I ran away."

    "How did your cunt feel, Susey, when you saw his prick, and watched them fucking?"

    "Oh, it used to get very hot, and then I would rub it and squeeze it as hard as I could."

    "Did you often see them doing it, Susey?"

    "Yes, many a time, and in every kind of way. Would you believe it, I saw him once fuck her in her bottom, and she did not mind it a bit."

    "Did they ever find you out, Susey?"

    "They did. I'll tell you how. One day I crept up very close to them, she was standing with her back against a tree, hold- ing up her clothes. He was kneeling between her legs kissing her cunt. He looked up and she said:

    " 'Well, to please you – there – watch.' "And a stream of amber fluid spurted out with a hissing noise from between the hairy lips of her cunt. She had scarcely done before he kissed it again, and sipped up the drops that hung about the hairs.

    " 'Now, John, it's my turn to see you spouting.' " 'Well, if you hold my prick I'll try.' "She held it while he pissed, rubbing it all the time, as if she was milking a cow's teat, and when he had done, she kissed and sucked it.

    " 'Your prick is in grand order to-day. Look how stiff it is.' "She bent it down, and let it go, when it sprang up erect as before.

    " 'Lie on your back, John, and I'll get over you, I know it is a way you like.' "So he lay down, his fine prick standing up in full erection.

    " 'Now tuck up, and turn your bottom to my face.' "She did so, and straddling over him with her great white bum jutting out, she stuffed his prick, neck and shoulders, into her gaping cunt.

    "Then she bounded up and down like a jockey riding. When she rose up I could see the prick standing up, all red and inflamed. Then heaving down, the prick rushed up into her cunt, and her bottom came flap against his belly.

    "This scene excited me greatly. I envied Jane. She seemed to enjoy it so thoroughly. And not thinking what I was doing, I forced my middle finger right up my cunt, the sudden pain made me cry. 'Oh!' They started, and quickly drawing aside the branches, saw me, my clothes up, and my finger in my cunt.

    " 'Holloa, Susey! is that you?' cried John.

    " 'You wicked little minx,' said Jane, 'how dare you steal upon us in that manner?' "I said nothing, but covering my face with my hands, began to cry.

    " 'Don't scold her, perhaps she could not help it. Come here, Susey, sit down and dry your tears. Now promise you will never speak of anything yon may have seen.' "I sat down, and earnestly promised all that they desired.

    "John, passing his hand up under my clothes, and pinching the lips of my cunt, said: 'You have already given me a glimpse of this little nook, Susey. I want a closer and fuller view. Lean back. Open your legs. There. There. Hasn't she a nice innocent looking little cunt, Jane? I think the cunt of a young girl before the hair grows over it is particularly pleasant to look upon, and to kiss too,' he said, as he held up my bottom with his hands, and buried his face between my legs.

    "I felt his whiskers brushing my thighs, and his soft tongue pushing into my cunt.

    " 'Yes,' replied Jane, 'you may pet and kiss Susey's little plaything as much as you like, but remember that is all.' " Tell me, Susey, what did you see?' " 'I saw you pushing something into Jane.' "He drew out his prick, and putting my hand on it, asked, 'Was this what you saw?' " 'Yes.' " 'Do you know what it is called?' " 'Yes, I heard Jane call it prick.' " 'And what's this little slit?' " 'My cunt.' " 'Would you like to see the prick going into Jane's cunt again, and fucking it?' " 'Oh, yes, I would very much.' " 'Well, Jane, my love, let us have another turn before we go, my prick is awfully excited.' "He laid her back, and opening her legs, made me look at her cunt. I had often seen it before when she was bathing, but had never looked into it until now. I was surprised at its depth and extent. He put my hand on it, and said: 'See these fine thick lips, how they swell out. That's the sort of cunt a man loves to fuck. And this deep chink, how red and hot it is. Put your fingers in.' "Three fingers entered easily. The soft warm folds inside closed on my fingers, and seemed to suck them in.

    "Just like your own cunt, May. Oh! how hot it is! and how it throbs! And mine is throbbing too. Let us have a mutual suck before I proceed with my story."

    I readily agreed, for my cunt felt all in a flame. We threw off our shifts, and lay naked on the bed. She got over me, and lifting up my thighs, sucked eagerly at my cunt, and twining her arms round my hips, tickled my bottom.

    My tongue was equally busy about her sweet orifice, and as she felt it penetrating the heated parts inside, she wriggled about, and pressed her bottom on my face.

    We were soon partially relieved by a copious discharge from our founts of pleasure.

    Susey then resumed her exciting narrative:

    "John knelt between Jane's thighs, and made me direct his prick into her open cunt. I held it by the root as it passed quickly up. He told me to stir his balls and pinch his bottom.

    "Meanwhile, I watched the operation with the greatest interest and delight.

    "As the prick went in, the lips enclosed it with a kind of eager suction, and when it came out they seemed to follow it, as if loath to part with such a pleasant morsel.

    "John put his hands under her, and raised her up. As he warmed to the work, his great muscular bottom heaved backward and forward with increasing rapidity, making his prick plunge in and out of her hot receptacle.

    " 'Are you pinching him, Susey? Pinch hard.' "I pinched his bottom, and tickled the hole there with my finger.

    " Push it in, Susey, oh, that is so nice. Tell us what you see, dear.' " 'I see your bottom heaving backward and forward and your prick rushing in and out between the thick hairy lips of Jane's cunt.' " 'What else do you see, Susey?' " 'I see the bag below your prick, and feel two round things in it.' " 'Stir them, Susey. What else do you see?' " 'I see the round hole of your bottom.' " 'Move your finger inside, Susey. Oh! Oh!!' he cried, as he drove his prick with great force into her cunt, and banged his balls against her bottom, while she clasped him in her arms."

    All this time Susey had been frigging my cunt with her fingers, and now she sprang on top of me, and pounded her cunt against mine, until our cunts again overflowed with love's sweet juice, and we lay back to rest.

    The next time I went to Mr. T-, after the usual preliminaries of petting, sucking, c., he said he wished to try a new mode of enjoyment which he had seen in a picture. So he first set up a large mirror before us, and then sitting on the edge of a sofa, he lifted me up backwards, and placed my bottom on his belly. Then putting his hand under my thigh, he raised my knee up to his breast. So that, in the glass, we had a most exciting view of my open cunt, and his upstanding prick nestling its rubicund head between the hairy lips.

    I rested my foot on his knee, and then pressing down, watched it slowly disappearing in the pouting gap. As I rose up, the sweet instrument of pleasure again appeared, all red and shining with the moisture of my cunt, and when I pressed down it hastily returned, leaving nothing outside but the balls in close contact with the hairy lips.

    Mr. T- smiled, as he saw his tool absorbed in the crimson recess of my greedy cunt, and said:

    "How beautifully plump and pouting your cunt is, my sweet May. With what delicious pressure it sucks in my bounding prick, while the soft cheeks of your bottom rub sweetly against my belly. But let us not hurry, it is so pleasant to talk together while my prick is soaking in your cunt. I want you to tell me something about your friend Susey. Does she know much of these matters?"

    "Indeed, she does, everything in fact."

    "Do you speak out the names? Prick, c.?"

    "Yes, she talks freely of pricks and cunts, and of fucking too."

    "Was she ever fucked, do you think?"

    "I think not, but she has often seen it done."

    "How was she able to manage that?"

    I told him how she had seen her sister fucked by her intended before their marriage.

    "Do you often pet each other's cunts?"

    "Yes, nearly every night."


    "When we are stripping for bed, she often asks me to lean back; and then she kisses and pets my cunt, and I do the same for her."

    "Has she a nice cunt?"

    "It is a nice little cunt, much tighter than mine; the lips are very plump, and well covered with light red hair. The skin round it is white, and smooth as satin, and the inside a bright pink."

    "Why, May, you have quite excited me. Would you be awfully jealous if you saw me fucking her?"

    "No, I would not be such a fool."

    "May, you are the dearest girl, and have the sweetest cunt in the world. But I must take out my prick now. Hold it in your hand. There – see – how it spouts."

    Before leaving I consented to let him hide in my wardrobe the following evening, that he might hear and see how we got on together.

    When the time came I detained Susey in the schoolroom, until I was sure that Mr. T – was safely ensconced in his hiding place. Then we went to our room, and having carefully fastened the door, commenced undressing as usual right opposite my wardrobe. I stopped her as she was putting on her nightdress, and said:

    "Susey, the night is warm, let us have some sport before we go to bed. And first give me a good peep at your nice little cunt."

    I stretched open her thighs, as she leaned back on the bed, that Mr. T- might have a better view.

    I opened the soft pouting lips, and said:

    "Your cunt is very red to-night, have you much feeling in it?"

    "Yes, it is all aglow. Oh! pinch the clitoris – rub your finger – there – you may push it in if you like."

    The door of the press opened a little further.

    "Susey, my pet, I want to see you make water. I'll hold the pot between your legs, and you can do your pee into it."

    I did so, and soon the hot piss came gurgling out.

    I heard a stir in the press behind me.

    "Now, May, it is my turn to see you perform, and I will hold the pot for you."

    I spread my thighs and fired away.

    "Lean back May, and let us tip cunts, for want of something better."

    She got in between my thighs, and pushed hard against my cunt. Mr. T- must have had a grand view of her peach-like bottom, as she heaved it up and down.

    The door of the press opened further, and I could see the head of a prick sticking out.

    "Tell me, May, once again, how you felt the first time you were fucked?"

    "Well, you know, he pushed me back on the bed, pulled up my clothes, and in spite of all my efforts, laid bare my cunt. Then he forced himself in between my thighs, and with his naked prick standing up. He made me take it in my hand and rub it up and down. He praised my cunt, and sucked it, which I thought very nice, though I wondered at his doing it."

    "I don't," said Susey. "I love to suck your cunt, darling May, but go on, tell me more."

    "He said he wanted to fuck me. I said he shouldn't, but he forced the head of his prick into the mouth of my cunt. Then giving a great heave he drove it up. It smarted me a good deal at first, but when it got in altogether, and he commenced to work it in and out, the pleasure was so great that I could not help telling him, when he asked me, that I liked his fucking very much, and that his prick felt very nice in my cunt."

    Here Susey commenced bounding between my thighs. "Oh! May! how I long for a prick. How I do wish that Mr. T- was here. I could almost ask him to fuck me, my cunt is so burning hot."

    The press door opened, and Mr. T- stepped out perfectly naked. In a moment he was behind Susey, poking his prick against her cunt.

    "Here I am then, ready and delighted to gratify each of my sweet pets."

    Susey started, but when she looked back and saw Mr. T-, and felt the head of his prick in her cunt, she hid her blushing face in my neck, and resigned herself to his amorous attack.

    I laughed and held her buttocks open while he drove his prick into her maiden cunt.

    It did not hurt her much, as she had enlarged the opening when frigging it with her finger.

    After a few strokes I asked her how she liked the feel of a prick in her cunt.

    "Oh May," she replied, "why do you ask me. You know well yourself how a prick feels."

    I slipped my hand between them, and felt her hot clitoris clinging to his prick, as it plunged in and out. While at every push she got behind, her belly and breasts heaved against mine.

    Mr. T- was too much excited by all that he had seen and heard to be able to prolong his fuck, so he had to draw out his prick to avoid harm.

    I held it in my hand, as he rubbed it in the furrow between the cheeks of her bottom, and I soon felt the emitting spasm, as it poured a stream of hot sperm over her back.

    Susey seemed disappointed, however, and asked why he took it out.

    "Just because I would not injure you."

    Then he explained how that unless the seed was injected on the mouth of the womb, which lay at the end of the passage, there was no danger of any woman being put in the family way. And though the pleasure of both parties is lessened by the withdrawal of the prick at the moment of highest enjoyment, yet a man must be a selfish brute if on that account he would run the risk of doing such a grievous wrong to any girl whom he respected and loved.

    He now placed his pendant tool in Susey's hand, and said if she would pet it a little that it would soon be in working order again.

    She raised it up, and regarding it with interest, drew back the soft movable skin, and uncovered its rosy head.

    "Kiss it Susey," I said bending her down.

    She kissed the end of his prick, as she gently worked it up and down. Then as it gradually stiffened she let its head pass into her mouth, while her roving hands wandered over his bottom and balls.

    Then he laid her back that he might inspect and kiss her pretty love chink.

    "Is not this soft red hair very nice?" I said, passing my hand over her swelling mound.

    "Yes it is exceedingly nice and exciting," and he buried his mouth in the pouting slit, while I caressed his prick and balls.

    Rising up, he presented his prick, which had now regained its former size and strength, and asked, "Which of you will take it in?"

    Susey said, "Fuck May, Mr. T-. I would so like to put your prick into her cunt, and see you fuck her."

    He leaned over me as I lay back on the bed, and Susey, looking up between his legs, popped his tool into my cunt, and held his balls as he pushed it up.

    Then, at his request, she laid down beside me, with her thighs up, and her pretty little cunt open before him. He leaned over and kissed it, at the same time softly working his prick in and out of my cunt, and not being so hot as before, he was able to prolong the pleasant exercise. After a minute or two he stopped and said, "I must take it out now, as I feel it coming. Hold it in your hand Susey, and you will soon see what a man's seed is like."

    She held it over my belly, while he pressed his balls against my cunt. And the white seed, like fluid starch, spouted in spurts from his excited tool.

    "Oh! isn't it funny," she said, stooping down, and touching with her lips the tip of his prick, when a fresh spurt darted into her mouth.

    "Oh! there is very little taste. Will it do me any harm in my mouth?"

    "None whatever, not even if you swallowed it all, indeed, it is considered most invigorating."

    He told us afterwards how greatly he enjoyed seeing us playing together, and especially doing our pee, for, he added, nothing excites a man so much as seeing a woman doing her pee, the water streaming out of her hairy chink is most suggestive of love's delights.

    We spent many nights after this when we sported and fucked in every possible way. His great delight was to have one of us sucking his prick and tickling his bottom, while he sucked and frigged the cunt of the other. He loved to make us spend in his mouth, at the same time that we swallowed his seed.

    We let him fuck us in our bottoms too.

    He said this gave him great pleasure, for our bottom-holes were smaller and tighter than our cunts. We did not like it so well, but we were so fond of him we could not refuse.

    Mr. T- often lent us pictures that were a great source of amusement. Among others, a set of scenes between a handsome white girl and a negro. In the first he is sitting on a chair, playing the banjo, his trousers open, and his great black tool sticking out. She has her eyes fixed on it, while she holds up her dress, and points to a most voluptuous cunt between a pair of widely extended fat thighs, as much as to say, "Look here, Sambo, here is a place that will soon take the stiffness out of your prick."

    In the next behold him on his knees, between her thighs, holding open the thick furry lips of her cunt, while with his tongue he licks round the clitoris, and the red chink below it, muttering, "Oh, sweet cunt! how I lub to taste you, to suck you, and to fuck you."

    In the next she is seen stooping forward, with the full orbs of her snowy bottom naked before him. With one hand he pats those delicious prominencies. With the other he directs his prick, now larger than ever, into her cunt.

    It seems to quiver with delight, as the organ of bliss penetrated its soft folds.

    Now Sambo, work your active bottom; drive home your noble tool, and make this willing fair one feel the vast pleasure that can be given by the sturdy prick of the despised negro.

    chapter II.

    When vacation came, and the school broke up, I returned home to my father, who was a widower. And Susey went to keep house for her bachelor uncle in Scotland.

    We promised to keep up a regular correspondence, and to write a full account to each other of everything interesting.

    I felt very lonely after Susey had gone, and missed Mr. T- more than I could tell.

    My cunt demanded a large share of my attention. I did not know what to do with it. In vain I looked at it in the glass, I combed it, I petted it, I frigged it with my finger, I poked it with a candle until I spent, but it was a poor substitute, I panted for that reality.

    About this time I noticed Tom, the gardener's son, a lad of eighteen. He was always eager to work in my garden, and never seemed so happy as when I commended him.

    One morning I was sitting in the summer-house when he returned from his breakfast.

    Not seeing me he came to a corner near the summer-house, and, taking out his prick, began to make water. I could see it through the leaves as he held it in his hand. It was a large, strong-looking prick, and I feasted my eyes on its fair proportions. He seemed in no hurry to put it up, but looked at it as he drew back the skin, making its red head swell and bound in his hand. Then, with difficulty, he forced it into its usual hiding place, and went to his work.

    The sight of this prick set my cunt on fire, and I resolved to get possession of it if I could.

    I returned to my room, and taking off my drawers, carefully washed and dressed my cunt.

    Then going back to the garden I called Tom, and told him to set up the ladder against the pear tree by the wall, as I wanted to see if the fruit was ripe. He held the ladder as I climbed up. He was just below me, and as I moved my legs about, reaching to the pears, he must have had a full view of all I had between them.

    I glanced down to observe the effect. His face was flushed, and he was gazing up with all his eyes.

    "Take care, Miss, or your will fall."

    "No fear, Tom," I replied, stretching out to one side, when my foot slipped, and I came sliding down, just over him, so that his head passed up between my thighs.

    He caught me in his arms, and as he held me for a moment I felt him kiss my cunt.

    "Oh, Miss, are you hurt?"

    "Not much, only a little stunned. Carry me into the summer-house."

    He took me in his arms, his hand still resting on my naked bottom, and laid me on a seat.

    "Shall I call anyone, Miss? You seem very faint."

    "No Tom. I shall be all right in a few minutes; it is only my knee."

    I lay on my back with one leg up. He was kneeling on the ground at my side. I saw him peeping up under my dress.

    "Is it here, Miss?" Putting his hand on my knee, "May I rub it?"

    "Yes Tom, thank you, that makes it better."

    He rubbed my knee, he touched my thigh above the stocking, he moved his hand gradually higher and higher, until at last he slightly touched the hair on my cunt. He looked up at my face. I lay with my eyes closed.

    He grew bolder, he pressed the lips, he felt the chink between, he rubbed the clitoris.

    "Tom, where are you putting your hand?" I said, in a languid tone.

    "Oh Miss, I can't help it. You are so beautiful."

    He convulsively grasped my cunt, and pushed his fingers into its glowing slit.

    "Tom, I cannot allow this, let me up."

    "Darling Miss May, don't be angry."

    He forced his head under my clothes, and rapturously kissed my cunt.

    I trembled with delight as I felt the touch of his lips, and the soft probing of his tongue, yet for appearance' sake, I cried, "For shame, Tom, let me up, you are making me very angry."

    I raised myself on my elbow, and saw that his prick was out and standing in fine condition.

    "Tom, how dare you expose yourself in that manner. Go away."

    "Miss May, I can't help it, indeed I can't."

    He still kept his hand on my cunt, opening and closing the lips, and pinching the clitoris.

    He drew me across the wide seat, and getting in between my thighs, pushed the head of his prick against the lips of my cunt.

    "Sweet Miss May, do let me put it in, oh do."

    "No Tom, I won't allow it. Let me up now, perhaps I may some other time."

    He pushed again, the head entered, it passed up, the whole prick was in, it filled my cunt.

    My hungry cunt, with what eagerness it sucked in a morsel so delicious! Oh! there is nothing to be compared to a standing prick for gratifying a girl who knows and understands the supreme delights of fucking.

    So I lay back and let him work away.

    "Tom, what are you doing?"

    "I am only – fucking – fucking your cunt – Miss May. Oh! how good you are – ain't that nice!" he said, as he drove up his prick with most thrilling effect.

    "It is, dear Tom, press up to my heart."

    "Do you like my fucking you, Miss?"

    "Yes, Tom, you have a very nice prick, but take care or you may do me harm."

    The dear fellow understood me, and just before he spent drew out his prick. I took it in my hand, and held it while it poured forth a torrent of love's juice.

    I need not say that after this many happy love scenes were enacted in the summer-house.

    Tom proved very docile and prudent. He had a wonderful prick, always ready for its work, and eager for a fuck. He knew well how it use it with effect, and I soon found that he was no tyro in the art of love.

    He told me many curious things; among others, that papa was in the habit of fucking our milk-maid Sarah in the hayloft. It was she herself told him, for he had been the first to open her maiden channel.

    He offered to place me in a position where I could safely witness all that passed between them.

    "Meet me early to-morrow morning. For it is after Sarah brings in the milk, and while Robert the groom is at his breakfast, that the master comes out."

    So the next morning Tom conducted me to the hay-loft. He covered himself and me lightly with the hay.

    We had not long to wait, for we soon heard papa talking in a low voice to Sarah as they came up the ladder.

    They came down near us.

    Papa then said: "Take him out, Sarah, I have been longing for a fuck all night."

    She unbuttoned his trousers and drew out his prick. It was in good order, with a fine large ruby head.

    The sight of my father's prick had a curious effect on me. At first I did not like to look at it, but at length the amorous feeling overpowered every other; and I almost envied Sarah as she held it admiringly in her hand, slowly moving it up and down. Then she took out his balls, and putting her hand underneath pushed it on to his bottom.

    He had meanwhile pulled up her coats, and uncovered a fine thick-lipped cunt, which pouted in fleshy luxuriance.

    "What a splendid affair you have, Sarah! It is the most lascivious cunt I ever looked at. Now tell me, who fucked you last?"

    "La, sir, why do you ask me that?"

    "Just because it excites me more to hear you tell. You know I don't care who fucks you, provided you hide nothing from me, and keep yourself from harm. Did not Robert fuck you last evening? Your face was so red when I met you after leaving him."

    "Well, to tell the truth, sir, he did."

    "Tell me how it happened."

    "I went into the stable to borrow a lantern, he caught me in his arms and kissed me. Then he forced me back on a heap of straw, pushed his hand under my petticoats, and got hold of my cunt. I scolded him, and boxed his ears. He did not mind, but squeezing in between my thighs, he thrust his big tool into my cunt, and fucked me like mad."

    "Has he a big tool, Sarah?"

    "Yes, it is very big and strong, but he does not use it so nicely as you do, he is always in too great a hurry."

    Papa now got over her, she held his prick, and with her hand directed it into her cunt. He pushed it slowly up until his balls pressed her bottom. She grasped his buttocks, and vigorously heaved up to meet every thrust he gave, saying at every heave, "Dear sir, oh, how nice – push it in – drive it home – that's the way – how your prick fills my cunt – fuck me fast – fuck me hard."

    I was leaning forward on the hay, and Tom over me, his prick and balls resting on my naked bottom; but as soon as papa commenced fucking Sarah, he lodged his prick in my cunt.

    He then timed his strokes, so that each time papa pushed I felt Tom's prick driving up my cunt, and his hair tickling my bum.

    I spread my thighs and raised my bottom, Tom suddenly drew out his prick, and holding open the cheeks of my bottom, popped it in there. As it was well moistened with the juice of my cunt, it slipped in easily. I dared not speak, so had to let him have his own way.

    He pushed it home, and bending his arms round my hips he frigged my cunt. After a few strokes, which were far from disagreeable, he administered a warm and soothing enema, just as papa with a grunt of satisfaction poured his libation at the shrine of Sarah's cunt.

    He then got up and went away, after telling her to remain until he was out of the yard.

    He had not gone many minutes when Robert popped up his head.

    "Holloa, Sarah, so master has been just oiling your notch. I heard him fucking you, and all you said too. And now I'll have my revenge."

    He seized her in his arms, threw her on the hay, and pitched her clothes over her head.

    She struggled and kicked her legs about in the air, but Robert held her down while he gloated over her wriggling bum and inflamed cunt. It looked very red and open, while the rich juices of her previous fuck trickled down her bottom.

    "So you say master fucks better than I do, and that I am always in too great a hurry. Well, I will be slow enough now."

    He took out his prick, and held it in his hand, while he opened the lips of her cunt.

    It was the largest prick I ever saw, and had a tremendous head. I was curious to see how she could take it in. He pushed it against her cunt. She plunged about.

    "Be quiet," he shouted, giving her a slap on the bottom. "Keep your arse quiet, I say, and mind your fucking."

    He forced the head in, and, to my surprise, it passed easily in. The huge prick must have filled her belly. He grasped the cheeks of her bottom on each side, and held her up, as he plunged his great prick with wonderful force in and out of her smoking gap.

    I had seen many a fuck, but never a fuck like this. I admired the wonderful size and strength of Robert's prick, and could not repress a longing for a taste of its prowess.

    Tom too was greatly excited by the scene, and fucked me in his best style. But it was the idea of Robert's prick that filled my mind.

    The next afternoon, drawn by an irresistible attraction, I went into the stable.

    "Robert, I have come to look after my mare, I think she wants to be clipped," and I stepped up.

    "Take care, Miss," he said, putting his hand on my shoulder, "she is very restive just now."

    "Oh, I am not afraid," and I began to pat her.

    He made some kind of noise that caused her, I think, to plunge and kick.

    "I told you so, Miss," he said, passing his hand down over my bosom, and drawing me towards him. "It is a mercy you were not killed." And he pressed me in his arms.

    "Robert, let me go – where are you drawing me – you will make me fall. Oh! what do you mean – don't push your knees there – don't attempt to raise my dress. Robert, what are you about – I won't let you – take it away – you must not do it- Oh! oh!! – you are hurting me – Oh, my! what are you pushing in – yes, I do feel it – hold me in your arms – yes, I like that – you may fuck me, Robert, as hard as you like."

    The monstrous prick was in my cunt. I felt it everywhere. He grasped my buttocks. He lifted me up. As he arose I clasped my arms round his neck, and crossed my legs over his back. He carried me around the stable, with his prick still embedded in my cunt. It seemed to penetrate to my very heart. Every nerve within me thrilled with rapture, as he shot into my vitals a stream of gushing sperm.

    It was the first time I had ever received into my cunt the seed of man, and the feeling was intensely delicious.

    "What have you done Robert? Perhaps you have ruined me for life."

    "Not at all, Miss, look here," and he showed me a large syringe, "and there happens to be warm water in this bucket. Let me syringe your cunt at once, it will remove all danger."

    I lay back with my thighs widely extended, while he poured such a flood of water into my cunt as must have washed out every trace.

    Robert then wiped and kissed it, after which he knelt by my side, and presented before me his prick once more in splendid condition.

    "What a great fellow you have, Robert," I said as I chafed it in my hand, and uncovered its rosy head. I kissed it, and with difficulty took part of it in my mouth.

    "Oh, Miss May, you are very good, and you have the sweetest cunt I ever fucked, may I put it in again?"

    "Not this time, Robert, I would rather pet this fine fellow, while you are tickling my cunt."

    So keeping its glowing head in my mouth, with one hand I frigged the shaft, and with the other stirred his balls and touched his bottom, while he was equally busy about my seat of pleasure, deliciously frigging with his fingers each sensitive orifice.

    And just as I felt my cunt flooded with love's effusion, he shot into my mouth such a torrent of seed that I could not swallow it fast enough, and it squirted out on each side of my mouth. It was pungent and pleasant to the taste.

    Before I left him he swore on his oath never to speak of what had just happened, and he proved loyal and true.

    I had now two esquires both able and willing to gratify me at any time, or in any way. And although I soon found out more of papa's secret amours, yet I myself exercised the greatest care and circumspection.

    A few days after this adventure papa told me that as he considered I must be very lonely so much by myself, he had asked a young lady named Kate L- to come and stay with us for some time.

    In due course she arrived. She was a nice, pleasing girl, with dark hair and eyes, and three years older than I was. I found her amiable and obliging, and ready to enter into my plans and share in my amusements.

    Papa paid her particular attention, and I observed she did not seem at all averse.

    They were often alone together, and I guessed something was going on, but she never told me anything.

    Her bedroom was separated from mine by a bathroom, into which both our rooms opened.

    One night, when we went upstairs, I sat for some time with her, and after bidding her good night, I passed through the bathroom, leaving the doors slightly opened. When I had undressed I put out my candle, and sat by the fire to warm my feet before going to bed.

    I had not sat long when my curiosity was excited by hearing whispering in Kate's room.

    I crept softly to the open door and listened.

    "Oh, sir, why have you come into my bed?"

    "Because I am so fond of you, my darling."

    "If you were really fond of me you would not come to me in this way – don't – I pray you leave me – oh, my! – how can you be so nasty – take your hand off me – I don't like it – no, it is not nice – let my hands go – I won't hold it – I won't move it up and down – don't separate my thighs with your knee – what are you getting over me for? What are you pushing into me?"

    "My prick, darling Kate. There, don't struggle, my pet, let it in, don't be frightened, I won't harm you in any way. Open your thighs, that's the sweet girl. Now I'll push it in as gently as possible. There, it is in, it is all the way up."

    Then the bed began to creak, and the clothes to rustle.

    "Put your arms around me, my love. Heave up your dainty little bottom. That's right. Do you know what doing this is called?"

    "No sir."

    "It is called fucking. Isn't fucking very pleasant?"

    "Yes, it is now. Do I heave up right?"

    "My darling, you heave as if you had been fucking all your life. Pinch my bottom. May I pinch yours?"

    "Yes, as hard as you like."

    "Now place your hand here. Hold my prick. Hold it tight. Oh! there it comes."

    And rolling off her he lay panting at her side.

    I felt greatly excited, and crept into the room, close up to the bed. I heard them kissing.

    "Did I hurt you, my love?"

    "You did a little at first, but when your prick was well in, and you commenced fucking, there was no feeling but pleasure. Would you like me to pet your prick now?"

    "I would, darling, rub it up and down, this way, put your other hand on the balls, move your fingers further back, still further, there."

    "Have you much feeling there?"

    "Yes, there is great feeling behind the balls; don't you feel the root of the prick extending back to the little hole? That's a dear girl, the touch of your finger there is delicious. Push it in a little, my sweet pet. Kate, did you ever look at May's cunt?"

    "Yes, I have seen it when she was in the bath; it looks well covered with hair."

    "I am sure if you made free with her you would have great fun together, for, unless I am greatly mistaken, she has a very randy disposition. Promise to try to-morrow night, and tell me next day all that you have succeeded in finding out."

    She promised to carry out his wishes.

    "But now that you have worked up my prick we must have another fuck. Lie over me this time."

    I heard her getting over him.

    "Now it's in, heave away my love. You must do all the fucking yourself."

    She panted as she worked her nimble bottom up and down over him.

    "Do you like it this way, my love?"

    "Yes, as a variety, but I like better to have you lying over me, and pushing in your prick."

    He now prepared to leave, and I started for my own room, and was soon fast asleep.

    I had several amorous dreams that night. I thought that Robert was fucking me in the loft, when papa came behind, pulled him off, and thrust his own prick into my cunt, and fucked me most delightfully. In my dream I felt no surprise at papa's fucking me; on the contrary, the idea seemed to add greatly to my enjoyment.

    The next evening Kate offered to sleep with me. I could not repress a smile as I consented.

    When we were undressing Kate said: "I would like to see you quite naked, May. You know we girls need not be ashamed of one another, and I will set the example."

    She threw off her shift and stood before me, then pointing to my cunt she remarked that I had a great deal of hair there.

    I replied that her dark hair was prettier, for it set off the whiteness of her skin.

    She put her hand on my cunt, and asked me to let her feel it, "and you may feel mine if you like."

    She touched the clitoris, and passing her finger down the slit pushed it up the passage, and said:

    "Dear May, you are very open, were you always as open as you are now?"

    "No, I was not; but are not you very open too?"

    She smiled as she said: "May, if you will give me your full confidence I will promise you mine."

    "Agreed," said I.

    "Did you ever see what a man has here?"

    "I did, did you?"

    "Yes, do you know what it is called?"

    "I have heard it called a prick, is that it?"

    "It is. Had you ever a prick in here?"

    "I have Kate, haven't you?"

    "Yes, dear. Now tell me how it happened, and I'll tell you about myself afterwards."

    I related my adventure with Mr. T-, and how he was so fond of kissing and sucking my cunt.

    "Would you like me to kiss it?"

    "I would, dear Kate, and I'll kiss yours too."

    "Well, lean back, lift your legs, open your thighs as widely as you can. There, do you like that?" Holding my buttocks with her hands she sucked my cunt with great ardour, rolling her tongue round and round, and thrusting it up the passage.

    After enjoying it for a while I said, "It is my turn now, dear Kate, let me pet and kiss your sweet cunt, while you are giving me the account you promised."

    I sat on a stool between her thighs, and with my mouth buried in her open cunt, listened to her narrative.

    chapter III.

    kate's narrative.

    You know I am a native of the West Indies. I was born in Santa Cruz, where my father had a plantation, and lots of slaves.

    The little boys and girls were naked until they were eight or nine years old: I remember being greatly struck with the fine little cocks of the boys, and wondered why they differed so from girls.

    The son of our overseer was just my age, about ten. He was a smart intelligent boy, and we used to play together. His name was Joe.

    One day I caught him piddling and looking at his cock. I laughed and told him he ought to cut it off, it was so ugly.

    He said he would be sorry for he would much rather be a man than a woman, "and when I grow to be a man," he said, "this will grow big."

    "How do you know?" I said, putting my hand on it.

    "Because I have often seen men naked. Do you know what a man calls it?"

    "No. What?"

    "He calls it a prick."


    "And do you know what he does with it?"

    "He piddles with it, I suppose, like yourself."

    "Ah!" he said, looking very sly, "he does more than that with it."


    "He can put it into a woman between her legs, in that queer little slit you girls have."

    "There's no room for it there," I said.

    "Yes there is; I'll show you if you'll let me, may I?" he said, lifting my frock.

    "You may, just for a minute."

    He put his fingers into my cunt and felt about for the opening. At last he found it, and, to my surprise, pushed his forefinger up.

    "Stop," I cried, "that hurts."

    "I won't hurt you bye-and-bye," he said, with his sly look.

    "How, what do you mean?"

    "I'll tell you, but mind, it's a great secret. You know Jim who has the cat and flogs the slaves when they misbehave. Well, when the women are sent, he flogs their backs; but when girls are sent he flogs their bottoms. I was near the place when a fine plump girl came from your papa with a note, which I saw afterwards. It had only these words: 'Give this girl twelve lashes.-E. L.' "Jim brought her in and shut the door but I stole round to a window on the other side and peeped in. He had her kneel on a bench and tied her hands to the block. Then he threw up her petticoat, uncovering her shining black bum, and took out his cat.

    "He said: 'Be quiet, Norry. If you let me have my will of you I won't hurt you, but if you won't I'll give it you.' "He opened his pantaloons and out started, oh! such a big one, it would have frightened you as he pushed it against her bottom. She cried more than ever.

    "He brought down the cat with a smart stinging blow on her bottom.

    "She jumped and yelled.

    " 'Be quiet now or you'll get more.' "She stopped, while he separated her legs as widely as he could. Then stooping, he looked up into her slit, which he kept open with his fingers. I could see that it was very red inside, had plenty of black woolly hair on it.

    "Then he put in the head of his prick, and giving a great push, it went in every bit of it. Then he withdrew it out all wet and red looking, and putting his arms round her hips he went on pushing in and out with all his might.

    "She did not mind but only poked out her bottom as if to get more of it.

    "Then he stopped suddenly, and pressed in hard against her.

    "After which he untied her, and giving her a kiss, sent her away."

    "That's very odd Joe. It must have hurt her very much."

    "Indeed it didn't. She liked it beyond anything. I know it by the way she stuck out her bottom. Will you just try and you'll feel how pleasant it is."

    My amorous feelings were aroused, so I did not object to his having a trial.

    I kneeled on the seat, as he told me, and jutted out my bottom.

    He tried to get his cock into my slit, but failed. I put down my hand and kept the lips open, but whether from my immaturity or his inexperience, he could not succeed.

    A few days afterwards he came running up to me in great glee, crying out: "I can do it now, Katie, I can do it now!"

    "Stop your noise. What do you mean?"

    "Stay, Katie, and I will tell you. You know father and I live in the cottage. He has, however, generally one or two of the slave girls with him in the evening. They like to come to him for they get plenty of rum, and are sure of a half holiday next day.

    "He sends me to bed and then produces the rum, sugar and water. Last night he had three with him. He sent me off to bed as usual, but I hid behind the door.

    "They soon became very merry over the drink and capered about in style. He threw up their petticoats, slapping their bottoms and tickled their cunts, while they pulled out his prick and handled his balls. Then he made them undress and chased them naked around the room. Whenever he caught one, he felt her cunt, and making her kneel would stick his prick into it from behind while the others tickled his balls and bottom. In the midst of the fun, one of them suddenly opened the door, and spying on me, seized me, and dragging me into the room, cried out: 'Oh, here's massa Joe playing bo-peep. What shall we do with him?' " 'Let's strip him,' cried another, 'and we will make him fuck Fanny. She is the youngest and her cunt will fit his little prick best.' "My father only laughed and said: 'All right, he'll be man enough for any of you some of these days.' "So I was stripped, nothing loath, and placed over Fanny, who was lying on the floor. She had her legs wide apart and with her fingers kept the lips of her cunt open while one of the others, after kissing and sucking my little cock, pushed it in. Then they clapped my bottom, and sat around to watch the performance.

    "Oh, Katie, you can't think how easy my prick slipped into her cunt. And I felt it growing bigger when it got in; she was so hot inside. She then hugged me in her arms and jerked up her bottom, while I worked and pushed as I had seen father do until the nice warm feeling came and I nearly fainted with pleasure.

    "I was then glad to get away and creep off to bed, for I was tired and sleepy.

    "Look at it, Katie, isn't it larger and stronger than before?"

    He held it in his hand and drew back the skin until its head stood up round and red as a cherry.

    "Put your hand on it, Katie. Feel how firm it is!"

    I took it in my hand and rubbed it up and down.

    "Yes, Joe, it is larger and stronger. You may put it in if you like."

    He laid me back, lifted my dress and looked at and felt my cunt.

    "Yours is much prettier and nicer than the black girl's, Katie. These soft round white lips are beautiful. Hold them open like a dear girl while I push it in."

    I put my hands down and opening the lips with one while with the other I directed the head of his prick to the right spot and told him to push. He did so. It entered. He pushed harder. It got in more and more until it was all enclosed and I felt its head far back.

    Oh, sweet sensation! Nothing can exceed the pleasure of feeling one's cunt for the first time filled up with a throbbing, heaving prick!

    His eyes sparkled and his breath came hard and fast as I hugged him in my arms, and told him to push in his prick and fuck me very well.

    Having now ascertained for ourselves the wondrous power we each possessed of conferring pleasure on the other, our play always turned on the practice and enjoyment of love.

    We were never tired of examining and petting each other's privates.

    And our senses being now fully aroused, we were always on the watch to enlarge our experience of the ways and means of enjoyment.

    My father had several slaves almost white, and most of them good-looking. These were all retained in the house and never sent into the fields.

    One pretty little girl named Nina was assigned to me as my waiting-maid. She always attended me in my bath, and used to dry me when I came out. She was particularly attentive to my little slit, on which the hair was just beginning to grow. She used to perfume it, and comb it, and kiss it.

    "You have a beautiful cunt, Missy, the sight of it would set any young fellow wild!"

    "I suppose it is much the same as other girls', your own for instance. Show it to me, Nina."

    She lifted her dress, and opening her thighs, gave me a full view of her cunt. It was a pretty little mouth, with a full rosebud clitoris, and the lips covered with brown silky hair. I put my hand on it, and pushing up my finger, said: "Did this ever set any young fellow wild?"

    "Oh, Missy, you must not ask me such questions, or I will have to tell you lies."

    "Nina, if you want me to be your friend you will tell me everything. But this will do for the present."

    My father was in the habit of walking in the garden after sunset when it was nearly dark, to smoke his cigar, and I found out that he always had with him one or the other of the white slaves.

    One night I missed Nina, and guessing where she was, I threw on my shawl and went out softly into the garden. I heard voices in a sheltered walk, and as it was almost dark, I was able to get within range of hearing without being seen.

    "Now, Nina, be kind and you'll be my pet, and I will give you all sorts of pretty things – there, let me feel it, that's a sweet girl, open your legs more, lean against this tree, hold up your dress, give me your hand, place it here, close your fingers round it. That's the way. You have a dear little cunt, very fat and plump. But I wonder you have much hair on it. How old are you, Nina?"

    "Just fifteen, sir."

    "Now then, press out in front. Hold my prick, while I push it – there it's in – put your arms round me – press my bottom. How do you like the feel of my prick in your cunt?"

    "It feels very nice, push it in more."

    I heard them kissing and panting as they shoved together, and then they rested in each other's arms.

    She soon left him, after promising to go out at that same hour that day every week.

    I often followed him out now, and found he always had one of the slave girls with him.

    I then learned all the terms and ways of enjoyment, for he was fond of variety, and loved to make them talk, and say all manner of words while he fucked them. And I was astonished to hear how freely they spoke of pricks, cunts, arses, frigging, fucking, pissing, etc.

    Joe had been sent to school and my cunt, not having been entered for a long time, was in an aggravated state of longing and desire.

    So, when Nina's turn came next, the thought flashed upon me, why not personate her for one occasion.

    I was about her height and size, and my cunt was now pretty well furnished with hair. So when the hour came, I set her to a task which would occupy her for some time, and said I was in a hurry to have it done.

    Then, going out in the dark I quietly strolled up the walk. Someone met me, put his arm round me, and pushed his knee in between my thighs.

    "How is your sweet cunt tonight?"

    I said nothing but only pressed against him as he lifted my dress and felt my cunt.

    Moving his finger about, he said: "It's very hot and juicy tonight. I am sure it is longing for a fuck. Put your hand here, my love."

    I felt his firm upstanding prick. I moved the loose skin up and down as Joe had taught me. I put my other hand below and felt the two soft balls in their hairy bag.

    "Take it in your mouth, dear, for a moment."

    I had gone too far to recede now, so I stooped and sucked its glowing head while I tickled him behind the balls.

    "Oh, Nina, that's delicious! Now lie back on this moss bank, raise your legs, open your dress, that I may press your soft bubbies, while my prick is in your cunt."

    He knelt between my uplifted thighs. He leaned over me, He opened the lips of my cunt. He introduced his prick. He moulded my breasts. He kissed me and darted his tongue into my mouth.

    "Say you like it, Nina, my love!"

    "Oh, yes dear sir!" I whispered heaving up my bottom. "I feel your prick in my cunt – fucking – fucking – oh! so – deliciously!"

    The rapturous feeling increased. He pushed and panted. I heaved and gasped: "Oh, yes, push, fuck, oh! oh! oh!"

    He lay over me, his face on my shoulder and his prick buried in my cunt.

    After a while he said: "I don't know how it is, Nina, but I never enjoyed fucking you so much before, your cunt closes on my prick with such a hot compression, and you nipped the head of my prick when I drove it home as you never did before, and which only a few women can do. Oh! there! I feel it now!" (Here I interrupted Kate by asking: "What do you mean by nipping the head of his prick?"

    "Well, my dear, I'll teach you. When you feel the entire prick driven in as far as it can go, draw up your bottom inside, as hard as you can. If you do it right you will squeeze the head of the prick as it rests on the mouth of your womb. Try it now while I have my finger in. Yes, that's the way."

    "Well, go on, what did he say next?") He asked me: "Is Miss Kate kind to you?"

    "She is," I whispered in reply.

    "Don't you attend her in the bath?"


    "Does she let you see her cunt?"

    "Yes, I dry it and sometimes kiss it."

    "Is it a nice little cunt?"

    "Very nice."

    "Do you think she has any longing to have it fucked?"

    "I am sure she has, it is always red and hot."

    "I guessed as much. Indeed, I often think of it when I observe her swelling hips. How I would enjoy fucking her, if I could only do it without letting her know who it was."

    "Perhaps I could manage it for you. Come to my bed tomorrow night and I'll prevail on her to take my place. I'll tell her I expect a young fellow who will take her for me, and give her the greatest pleasure but without doing her any harm. If you find the door of my room unlocked you will know I succeeded."

    Next evening, papa did not go out at all and I saw he was regarding me with a peculiar look in his eyes. He was also more affectionate and made me sit on his knee when I was bidding him good-night and he pressed my bottom and thighs in the warmest way.

    Nina readily agreed to my taking her place for the night when I told her I had been restless of late and thought a change of my bed would do me good.

    About midnight someone entered the room and felt his way to where he heard me breathing. He quietly put off his clothes, and slipped into bed. He put his arm over me and felt my cunt. He opened the lips and rubbed about the clitoris and then tried to push his finger up.

    I held his hand. "Oh, you hurt me!"

    "Why, you are not my Nina at all."

    "No, I am only Nina's friend."

    "Well, whoever you are, you have a sweet cunt. Put your hand on this, it won't hurt you."

    "But it will do me harm."

    "No, trust me, my pet, I won't harm you."

    He then got over me and began to push his prick against my cunt.

    "Oh, no, I can't, I am afraid. Oh, pray don't, it is too big!"

    I held him by the hips and pushed him back.

    "I can't bear it – it will kill me!"

    Every time he pushed the head of his prick at the entrance, I shrank from him.

    He begged me. He prayed me just to let it in and he would be so very gentle.

    He got it in a little way inside the entrance.

    "Oh, push easily, or you'll kill me. Oh! Oh!"

    "There, now – it is quite in. My precious I shall not hurt you any more."

    He moved his prick very slowly in and out, in and out.

    I began to heave and twist.

    "Darling, this is exquisite! Your cunt is delightfully tight, and its soft pressure most delicious. Put your arms round me, my love! I only once before had such a fuck as this."

    I pressed him in my arms, thrust up my bottom to meet every thrust of his prick. I raised my thighs and crossed my legs on his back.

    He ran his prick with delightful friction in and out of my throbbing, heaving, panting cunt. I felt a soft hand on my bottom and soft fingers playing about my cunt. I knew they were Nina's, I did not mind. I was intoxicated with pleasure. I squeezed in my bottom to nip his prick.

    "Oh! That's grand, who taught you that sweet trick – do it again. Oh! That's splendid!"

    Nina got into the bed and pressed against his bottom.

    "Oh, Nina you are just in time. Let me get on you that I may spend in your cunt."

    He drew out his prick, saying to me: "You know I promised not to harm you; but Nina does not mind the risk for she knows she will be well taken care of. Let us get outside the clothes and take off everything, the night is so warm."

    He then got between her uplifted thighs, and resting on her breast, told me to put it in.

    I felt her cunt, it was very hot and flowing. I took his prick and rubbed its throbbing head between the soft lips, placed it at the entrance. He pushed, it passed in. I went behind him and holding him around the hips rubbed my cunt against his bottom while he fucked.

    He discharged immediately and soon afterwards he bid us good-night and went away.

    Nina begged me to excuse her. She said she heard all that passed and got so excited that she could not help coming in to us.

    I asked: "Did papa know who your friend was?"

    She said she was not certain but thought he did.

    There was something peculiar about papa's manner the next morning. He put his arms around me several times, called me his sweet girl, his darling pet. He told me he was making arrangements to send me to England, to have my education completed there. He told me that he had taken my passage in a sugar-brig which was to start in a few days, and which was commanded by a friend of his, a Captain Lemberg, who would take good care of me.

    I said I would like it very much but would be sorry to leave him and put my arms round his neck kissing him.

    He enfolded me in his; he lifted me off the ground, carrying me to a sofa and laid me down. He sat by me and slipping his hand under my dress put it on my naked bottom. "My darling," he said, "let me pet you, I feel so fond of you and I won't have you long." ''Dearest papa, you may do anything you please with me, I love to give you pleasure."

    He kissed me warmly, turned me on my back, lifted my dress, opened my thighs, and looked at my cunt.

    "You are beautifully made here. Tell me, my darling, was it you in Nina's bed last night?"

    "It was I, dearest papa; was I very wicked?"

    "No, my darling, you gave me the sweetest pleasure I ever had in my life. Did you enjoy what I did to you then?"

    "I did indeed, it was most delightful."

    "Might I do it to you again?"

    "You may, dear papa, if you like."

    He drew me to the end of the sofa, made me raise my legs and open them as widely as possible. Then kneeling on the floor, he kissed my cunt. He praised its shape and colour. He opened the lips, put in his tongue and licked the inside round and round. He introduced his prick, pushing it slowly up, and fucked me most delightfully.

    I tried all I could to increase and intensify his pleasure. I asked if he was enjoying it much.

    "Do you like it, papa?"

    "Yes, my sweet pet, your cunt is perfection itself. I envy the man who gets you for a wife."

    I now ventured on a request I had long in mind.

    "Dear papa, I have one thing to ask you for."

    "What is it my pet? I would do anything in the world to gratify you."

    "Will you give Nina her freedom and send her to England with me?"

    "Surely, my pet, I will do more; if she marries with your consent and approbation I will allow you to present her with Ј50 dowry, and besides, you may order whatever dress she may require for the voyage."

    Need I describe the response I made to these kind words, how I clung to him, how I tightened the pleasure girths within, what a glowing reception I gave to his prick as it darted into my quivering cunt, or how he grunted his satisfaction: "Oh, Katie! Oh! Katie, my pet!"

    Nina was overjoyed when she heard that she was to have her freedom. She thanked me on her knees and promised to be the most faithful of servants.

    Now, dearest May, I have told you more than ever I told anyone else, because I find in you a kindred soul and I want someone to sympathize with me. Don't judge me too harshly; I was little more than a child and alone, my father has been a widower ever since I could remember. Do you love me less?

    "No, dearest Kate, I love you a hundred times more for your confidence and affection; but go on and tell me about the voyage and how you first met papa."

    "I will dearest; but not to-night. I am tired and sleepy. Kiss me, my love, good night."

    chapter IV.

    kate's narrative continued; the voyage; Captain Lemberg and his niece Hilda.

    On the next occasion that May and her friend Kate were snugly stretched in bed, their arms fondly circling one another and their hands tenderly plucking the hair of each other's cunt, they soon grew so excited that she, throwing off everything and May reversing her position, lay over her friend and gamahuched her most lovingly, Kate's tongue returning those fiery kisses of love with such interest that in a few minutes both were dissolved in a balmy emission.

    As soon as they were recovered a little and more composed, May said softly: "Now, dear Katie, proceed with your most interesting and exciting narrative."

    Well, when the time came, papa brought me word to board the brig, and after taking a most affectionate leave he left me in charge of Captain Lemberg and his niece, Hilda. I was delighted to have her as a companion for she was a merry, spritely girl, and had made the voyage before.

    I had a little cabin adjoining hers and opening on the salon.

    Nina was accommodated in the forepart of the ship and was with a soldier's wife, a Mrs. S and her sister Jenny. The vessel sailed early the next morning and soon began to pitch and roll. The motion made us all sick. Nina was not able to leave her berth and Hilda was nearly as bad. As for me I never felt so bad in my life.

    About noon the Captain came into my cabin. I was lying down, only half dressed and so sick that I did not care what was done to me.

    He said he was so sorry to find me so bad; but that if I would allow him to prescribe for me he knew what would be sure to give relief.

    I said I would take anything he gave for I could not be worse than I was.

    He went out and soon returned with a tumbler of hot brandy and water. When I tasted it I said: "I cannot take this, it is too strong."

    "All the better, my dear, it will do you more good. Come, trust an old sailor."

    He put his arm round me and supported me while I gulped it down. Then he laid me back. It relieved the sickness but threw me into a stupor.

    Before he left he arranged my dress and was very particular in setting it over my breast. Seeing I did not move he passed his hand down over my stomach and pressed the mound at the bottom of my belly. Then he lightly kissed my forehead and went away.

    After a short time he returned and finding me tossing about, but still in a state of stupor he softly rubbed my stomach over my chemise, bringing his hand lower and lower, until he reached my cunt. Finding I did not mind him, he passed his hands up under my chemise and boldly grasped my cunt.

    "Oh, Captain," I muttered, but could say no more.

    He pushed his hand between my thighs so as to feel the lips. He separated my thighs more and felt them round about. Indeed I don't know what he did, I was so stupefied, but I think he kissed it.

    In the evening the sea calmed down and I felt much better.

    He brought me a cup of coffee, which roused me up. He supported me with his arm while I was drinking and then stooped to kiss me. I could not refuse him my lips, he was so kind.

    In a few days I recovered from the effects of my seasickness, and I began to feel at home in the vessel.

    Hilda brought me about and showed me everything.

    At the opposite side of the salon the Captain and the mate, Mr. Carle, occupied cabins corresponding to ours.

    Mr. Carle was a young man, good-looking and very agreeable. He was most attentive to Hilda and did not mind me much. But the Captain was unremitting in his attentions to me. He got into the way of kissing me every night and used to squeeze my bottom when I passed near him.

    With Hilda he was still more free, but then she was his niece.

    In arranging my cabin I found there was a sliding panel between Hilda's cabin and mine which, when open, gave a full view either way.

    The Captain generally kept the first night-watch and remained on deck until after twelve; then he would come down, take grog, and turn in.

    One night I was awakened by talking in Hilda's cabin and I heard her say: "Now behave yourself, I won't have you coming this way into my cabin at night. Ah, stop, I will call out, if you don't let me alone."

    "Hildy, my pet, let me, just a moment."

    "No, you mustn't put your hand there – you mustn't raise my shift – you mustn't open my thighs. Oh, Uncle, do – take it away. You are a terrible man, why don't you go and fuck Kate? What would Carle say if he knew you did this to me?"

    I got up, opened the panel and peeped in. Her lamp was burning. I could see that he had drawn her to the edge of her berth, over which her naked bottom projected. Her legs were raised up and resting on his arms while his large prick was darting in and out of her open cunt. I could see that she was beginning to enjoy it for she wriggled her bum and threw her arms around his neck.

    "Press it, dear Uncle! You make me like it in spite of myself."

    At every thrust he banged against her rump, crying: "There, there, you have it all."

    Before he left I heard him talking of me and telling her to show me some books and pictures.

    The next day, coming suddenly out of my cabin I caught her sitting in Mr. Carle's lap. He had his arm round her and was kissing her. They started and blushed when they saw me and he got up and went on deck.

    She then told me that they were engaged to be married at the end of the voyage. "And do you know, Kate, though I am fond of Carle I dread it."

    "Why?" I asked.

    "Oh, don't you know what a man does to a woman when they are in bed together?"

    "No," I said, looking very innocent. "What?"

    "Oh, you must know that he has something that he puts into her stomach."

    "What is it like, Hilda? Tell me about it."

    "It's a thing called a prick, eight or nine inches long, with a purple head. It hangs between his legs and when it stiffens he can push it into our slits, which are called cunts, you know. Then after working it in and out, something comes out, and it makes the child."

    "How queer! Did you ever see it, Hilda?"

    "I have often seen pictures of it. Uncle has curious books with pictures, that tell all about it. Would you like to see it? I was looking over his books and I came upon a secret drawer which was open, and there I found them; come, I'll show them to you."

    We went into his cabin and on opening the drawer saw a number of books full of coloured pictures of the most lascivious evolutions of love.

    There were naked men and naked women with their cunts and pricks and bottoms displayed in every kind of attitude and position. They were frigging, sucking and fucking in all varied positions.

    There were some large French prints also. One depicted a beautiful girl with her bare shoulders and legs, seated on the lap of her lover. Between her voluptuous thighs her cunt is seen delightfully gorged with his standing prick. Her arms are round his neck and her face is turned up, beaming with the satisfaction she experiences in her well-filled cunt.

    Another showed a fat nun with her frock up and her breasts bare, stretched on a couch before a large mirror; she had been working a dildoe, that is, an artificial prick into her voluptuous cunt. She has obtained an emission and is now lying back in delicious languor, while two randy monks, peeping round the curtain, and beholding the luscious scene reflected in the glass, have pulled out their pricks and contend who shall be the first into her lustful orifice.

    Then there was a scene in a cafй in Paris: a number of naked men and women dancing together. As they circle round, their pricks and cunts are presented in most exciting points of view; one is pressing the soft buttocks of his partner, while she holds with loving grasp his standing prick. Another squeezes the breasts of his beloved, while she supports his pendant balls. Another couple falls, but they so manage that he falls between her extended thighs and his eager prick soon finds lodgement in her expectant cunt. Some are lying their partners, nothing loath, upon the surrounding couches and relieving their excitement by plunging into their melting cunts. While others again regale their senses of taste and smell between the voluptuous thighs of their delighted fair ones.

    These pictures excited me greatly. I had never seen anything like them before. "Oh, Hilda," I muttered as I pressed together my thighs, while she pointed out each lascivious detail.

    "But we must not remain here," she said. "Let us take some of these books into your cabin and there we can observe them at our leisure."

    So, taking three, we shut the drawer and made off.

    When we had comfortably settled ourselves on a little sofa at the side of my cabin, we opened the first. It contained a thrilling description of a doctor's exploits with a buxom young widow. How he gained her confidence and then excited her amorous feelings, until he succeeded in raising her snowy smock and in feasting his eyes on the ripe beauties of her voluptuous form. The next depicts her standing thus at his side with her splendid cunt protruding its full rounded lips from the midst of a thick covering of crisp curling hair, while the crimson line between gives promise of a warm reception to his prick.

    He has put her hand on his standing prick, which she looks at with shy pleasure as she draws the skin down from its glowing red head.

    In the next plate she is seen lying across his lap, her beautifully rounded bottom with its milk-white globes is turned up to meet his amorous gaze. He pats the cheeks and titillates the furrow between, while his prick is luxuriating in the soft folds of her melting cunt.

    In another plate she is represented as astride of him, her bottom rubbing against his belly as he leans back. By the sweet suction of her mouth she has restored his prick to vigorous life, and, as it now stands up between her widely separated thighs, she presses it warmly against the lips of her longing cunt.

    "How would you like to be in her place, Kate? And to feel a fine lusty prick pressing against your cunt and then pushing up into it filling you with rapture and delight?"

    "I am sure it would be very pleasant if it were the prick of one I loved."

    "No doubt that would vastly increase the pleasure; but don't you feel when your cunt gets excited that any prick, if it were in the right condition, would give you pleasure? How does your cunt feel now? Would you mind my putting my hand on it, Kate?"

    "Not in the least, Hilda, if you want to."

    "Lean back, dear, open your thighs. Might I see it?"

    "I have no objection."

    I now became aware that the sliding panel was slightly open and though I saw something like an eye peering through the slit, I pretended to take no notice. I replied: "You may, Hilda, provided you let me see yours afterwards."

    She quickly raised my petticoats, uncovering all my belly and thighs right up before the panel, which was now opened a little further. She played with my hairy turf and praised its colour. Then, separating my legs as far as possible she drew the lips apart. "You have a sweet little cunt, Kate, with a wonderful clitoris, and a deep red recess. Oh, how hot it is inside! And how it sucks and presses my finger. If I only had a prick I would like to fuck you myself." She stooped and kissed the lips and sucked the clitoris. I then got up and made her display her secret charms before the panel, which made her blush for she well knew what was there.

    She had a very pretty cunt, daintily fringed with light red hair and the inside hot and juicy.

    That night the Captain changed watches with Mr. Carle and before he went to our cabins made us take some of his grog. Hilda took it very freely and made me take more than I wished; in fact, when I stood up I felt quite giddy.

    The Captain took me in his arms and made me sit on his knee. While I was warding off his kisses he slipped his hand under my dress and pushed it up between my thighs.

    "Oh, Captain! Stop. Take your hand away – no, I won't allow it!"

    "What is he doing?" Hilda asked, laughing. "No matter, I won't allow it – stop! Oh, stop, how can you be so impudent?"

    "Don't be angry, Kate, my pet. I won't harm you. Sure every pretty girl likes to have her cunt tickled. Doesn't she, Hilda?"

    "Well, I don't, and I won't let you. Oh, Hilda, don't let him raise my dress – don't let him – you make me ashamed – how can you be so wicked?"

    I was now stretched on my back and he over me holding my arms and stifling me with kisses.

    "Hilda! What are you doing? don't let him push it in! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

    Hilda with her sly cunning had trapped me. It was she that opened the lips of my cunt, pushed in the head of his prick and then held it by the roots.

    At each thrust he cried: "Sweet Katie – sweet pet – you have it now – in your delicious cunt – fuck – fuck – fuck! Hold my balls Hilda! Slap my arse, slap hard!"

    At every smack she gave his bottom I felt his prick rush up with increased vigour into my cunt. I began to wriggle and heave.

    "Ah, little one, you like it now – ah – oh, it comes – there – there it is."

    He then put himself in order and hurried on deck to take his share of the night duty.

    When I stood up I could hardly walk, so Hilda supported me into my cabin and helped me to undress.

    When she had settled me in my berth she kissed me and wished me good night.

    I stopped her and said: "It was a shame, Hilda, to allow me to be so treated."

    "Don't mind, dear," she replied, laughing. "You are nothing the worse. And if I am not much mistaken you will enjoy it better before you leave the ship. Good night."

    Though I was tired yet I was too excited to be sleepy.

    After a short time I heard someone open the door of Hilda's cabin.

    "Oh, Carle, what do you want here at this time of the night?"

    "I want you, my pet, I can't live without you."

    "Sure you have me all day."

    "But I want you all night, too."

    "But that you can't have yet, you know."

    "Why not, love, don't you trust me?"

    "Wait until we are married, Carle. You will have enough of me then. Go away now, there's a dear fellow. There, you've kissed me enough already to serve for a month. Well, I will sit on your knee just for a moment, if you promise to go away at once. Ah, where is your hand stealing?"

    "Let me, my pet, I am curious to know if you are as nice here as I expected."

    "And if I am not, what then?"

    "Well, let me try anyway – there – open."

    "Will you swear on your soul that you will marry me at the end of this voyage?"

    "I will, indeed, dearest, on my soul. Thanks Hilda. Now I love you more than ever because you have confidence in me. You are very nice indeed, my sweet pet, you have a darling little pussey. Oh, how soft and warm it is. Now put your hand here and you will find something that is just made for it. Move it up and down, my love, it is all your own. Feel how strong and hot it is; it's longing to make acquaintance with its friend here. Won't you let them kiss, just to touch those loving lips?"

    "Ah, Carle, it's not kind of you; you know I am so fond of you! You won't hurt me?"

    "Open your legs more – there – it's in – in your sweet cunt. Darling Hilda, don't you like to feel my prick there, fucking, fucking?"

    "Yes, but push gently, there's a dear."

    "My love – oh, my love! – How my prick loves to fuck your sweet cunt."

    Then they went on hugging and kissing for ever so long.

    After a while I heard her asking questions about his prick and balls. "Now it is beginning to get large again. There, see how it has stiffened up. Would you like me to put it into my mouth and suck it?"

    "Yes, my love, that would give me great pleasure. Thanks, darling Hilda, your mouth is almost equal to your cunt. That's delicious."

    "But who can tell what queer places this has been in. How many girls have you had, Carle?"

    "Ah, Hilda, don't be getting jealous. I have fucked, as you know, a good many girls. And if you are a wise little wife you won't object to my fucking a few more besides yourself, even after we are married. Now, let us make an agreement, love, which I am certain will tend to our mutual happiness. Give me perfect liberty and I will promise never to do anything without your knowledge and consent. I will give you the same liberty to have anyone you please and as often as you please, on the same conditions. I am satisfied we will love each other better and enjoy each other more than ever when we are not tied up exclusively to each other. Do you agree?"

    "Well, Carle, I don't desire any liberty myself but if it will make you happier and cause you to love me more, I agree. But, remember, the condition must be carried out." ("Just a moment, Kate! Were they married afterwards, and did they follow that agreement?"

    "They were, and the last time I met them, I thought I never saw a happier or more loving couple."

    "Another word: what do you think of the arrangement yourself, Kate? I ask you because Mr. T has proposed the same thing to myself, that is, if I marry him."

    "Well, dear, it is hard to give an opinion. Most women like to have a man all to themselves and as a rule they are satisfied with one; but in cases where either party has led a free life before marriage, I can quite understand that such an arrangement would be expedient and wise. But you may have an opportunity of judging for yourself as your papa intends inviting them here as soon as Carle returns from his present voyage."

    "Oh, that will be delightful. I am longing to see Hilda and we may have Mr. T also, for he says he can't wait any longer for me and he has written to papa. But go on, dear Kate, and tell me what happened next.") Just this: The following day Carle told the Captain of his engagement with his niece and that he had promised to marry her as soon as they arrived in port.

    The Captain replied: "All right, old fellow, I congratulate you. She is a thorough good girl and will make a jolly wife. But you may have her at once so far as I am concerned, if you sign the marriage contract in my presence, which you know has legal force in Danish law."

    Carle jumped at the idea. So the contract was drawn up and signed by Hilda and himself, the Captain and I adding our names as witnesses.

    "Now," said the Captain, "I pronounce you man and wife together, etc. Have at her as soon as you like, my boy! And as we have witnessed the wedding it would be only fair that we should witness the bedding too."

    Carle found her in his arms and placed her on his knee. The Captain caught hold of me and moving his leg under me, said: "Kate, you will have to be my niece now." And in spite of my struggles he forced his hand up between my legs.

    Carle was not slow in following his example, and soon amidst many "Ah, Carle," "Stop Charlie" our cunts were taken in full possession of by exploring hands while two standing pricks boldly upreared their rosy tips.

    Finding that they were bent on enjoying us openly, we saw no use in further resistance and so let them have their way.

    The Captain smiled when he saw how skillfully and lovingly Hilda caressed Carle's noble tool, and under cover of a kiss placed my fingers on his own. "Now, Carle, lay her on the locker and don't spare her maiden-trap. Kate will guide the bird into the nest and I will look on, and see fair play and no favour."

    Carle laid her back and tenderly lifting her dress uncovered her belly and thighs. Then raising her legs, he spread her thighs widely apart and paused to admire her cunt, fringed with golden hair, and cosily placed himself between her luxuriant thighs. He then leaned over her so as to place his prick upon its opened lips.

    "Kate, now pop it in and hold it firm."

    I stooped forward and taking hold of Carle's bounding tool pushed its head into her soft recess. In doing so my bare bottom became exposed to the Captain's view.

    He caught me round the hips and cried: "Oh, lovely arse!" He kissed it and I felt his warm pliant tongue playing in and about my cunt and penetrating my bottom-hole itself. Then quickly rising up he thrust his rampant prick into my cunt and fucked away all the while leaning over my back, watching Carle and crying out at every thrust: "That's the way, old fellow! Send it home – rattle your bullocks against her arse- fuck – fuck – fuck – ah, oh!" And we all fell together, our cunts overflowing with the discharge from their excited pricks.

    After lying over her for a few moments Carle began to heave his bottom again and gave her the benefit of a second fuck, without taking out his prick.

    This pleased the Captain greatly. He stooped over his niece and kissing her asked how she liked being fucked.

    She smiled, and stretching out her hand took hold of his prick, now soft and hanging down.

    Carle laughed to see her frigging her uncle's prick and went on slowly driving his own in and out of her cunt.

    The Captain's prick began to stand; he pushed it towards her face. She drew it to her lips and calling me, raised my clothes and placed Carle's hand on my cunt, then looking up she said: "Now we are quits."

    He kissed her and said: "Darling Hilda, you are the best and sweetest of wives, you will never regret it."

    Then bending down he asked me to lean back and open my thighs. He kissed my cunt and sucked the clitoris all the while with a slow and measured stroke, fucking Hilda's cunt.

    "What are you doing to Kate, Carle?"

    "I am sucking her sweet cunt while I am fucking yours. And what are you doing to the Captain?"

    "I am sucking his prick and squeezing yours in my cunt."

    The Captain now heaved his great heavy bum and worked his prick in and out of her mouth, just as Carle with increasing vigour drove his prick in and out of her cunt. She heaved up and down, and in the height of her excitement, grasped one of the cheeks of my bottom and at every thrust of Carle's prick gave me such a squeeze that I could hardly suppress a shout.

    But I felt nearly as excited as herself, for the action of Carle's lips and tongue in my cunt was almost as exciting as that of his prick in hers, while the view of his fine bottom rising and falling between her wide-spread thighs, and the Captain's tool darting in and out of her mouth, caused me fully to share in the general form of excitement.

    The Captain feeling the tide of pleasure rising to the flood, cried: "Fuck her, Carle – fuck her cunt."

    Carle replied: "Suck him, Hilda – suck his prick."

    Whilst I, I pressed my cunt against Carle's mouth and spent on his tongue, called out the names – prick – cunt- arse – frigging – sucking – fucking – oh!

    Carle went on deck and the Captain soon after tumbled into his berth. Hilda and I retired to our cabins and were soon fast asleep.

    chapter IV.

    Ka te's narrative continued; the voyage; Captain Lemberg and his niece Hilda

    I need not tell you that after all reserve was laid aside amongst us we certainly enjoyed ourselves amazingly.

    Carle and the Captain seemed to delight in fucking us turn and turn about, but everything was done openly and by general consent.

    The books and pictures were freely used and we tried to act the scenes depicted or described.

    The Captain would lay Hilda on her back across the table. Then, placing me over her so that her face was between my thighs while my feet rested on the floor, he would produce his prick, and Hilda looking up, would pop it into her cunt and hold it while he fucked.

    Carle would be at the other side of the table between Hilda's uplifted thighs, while I, stooping forward, would take his prick and stick it into her open cunt and then handle his bottom and balls. The Captain leaning over my back would watch the operation with great interest, and, waiting until Carle's prick was all absorbed within the hairy lips, would cry:

    "Now, old fellow, let us make a fair start! Draw out first, and when I say one, push."

    "ONE." – The two bottoms heaved, driving the two pricks deep into the recesses of our cunts.

    "TWO." – Another energetic shove, making our breasts and bellies rub together.

    "THREE." – A vehement push; the Captain's belly smacked against my bottom, and Carle's balls banged against Hilda's rump.

    "FOUR." – The two excited pricks rushed with delicious force into our throbbing cunts, making us bound to meet them.

    "FIVE." – We felt the pricks rammed home, they seemed to reach our very hearts.

    "SIX." – A flood of boiling seed burst into our cunts and filled our reservoirs so that they overflowed and the hot sperm poured out, saturating pricks, ballocks, and cunts in love's sweet juice.

    The next time that Hilda and I were alone she pointed to some whipping scenes among the pictures and suggested that we should make a trial of the boasted efficacy of the birch rod in producing emotion.

    "But where shall we get a rod on board ship?" I asked.

    She at once replied: "Oh, I know where there is a broom without a handle. I can easily abstract some of the twigs and tie up a rod with enough for our purpose."

    So, that evening, when I was in my nightdress, Hilda came into my cabin and showed me a rod which she had prepared and neatly tied with ribbon.

    I was a little frightened at the sight of it and said:

    "Won't it hurt?"

    "Oh, it may a little at first, but when one begins to get the feel, the pain will be turned into pleasure. However, begin with me, I am not afraid."

    She then placed herself on the sofa with her naked bottom up, and making me tuck up my shift, she put her arm round my hip and told me to whip away.

    I touched up her beautiful white posteriors while she played with my cunt.

    "You may hit harder than that, Kate," she said, wriggling her bottom about.

    I began to enter into the sport and struck her so smartly that the cheeks of her bottom assumed a rosy hue like two blooming apples.

    "Oh," she cried, as she rolled over, "my cunt is on fire- put your finger into it, Kate. How I would enjoy being fucked now. How I wish Carle was here."

    "Well, you have your wish," he said, as he stepped in quite naked and holding in his hand his fine red-headed prick in stiff erection.

    He seized her round the waist and making her stoop forward he plunged his prick into her cunt from behind.

    "Stay a moment, Carle," she said. "Kate is to get her whipping now, and lest you should cover it with your hands let me tie them here."

    And without asking my leave she secured my wrists and tied them firmly to the legs of the sofa, and then to keep my legs apart, she tied my ankles, too. I did not quite like my position but as I was helpless I only said:

    "Remember, you must stop when I tell you."

    Then she leaned forward and Carle introduced his prick into her cunt from behind.

    They both laughed while she played away at my poor innocent bum. At first I tried to bear it as patiently as I could; but Carle became more energetic in his strokes, and she imported more force to her blows. At last I said: "I say – Hilda – stop! Hilda, you wretch, what do you mean? You cruel girl let me up, you are torturing me!"

    My whole bottom felt in a flame. I made frantic effort' to release my hands and I began to sob. Just then she fell forward, and Carle pressing against her bottom discharged into her cunt. Then, coming to me, she untied my hands and laying her cheek against mine, said: "Forgive me, dearest Kate, I was so excited. I am just burning!"

    "Oh, Hilda, you cruel girl, how could you? Oh, I am so hot; I am just burning!"

    "Where are you so hot, darling Kate?"

    And I felt a hand slip up between my thighs and press the lips of my cunt. Looking up I saw the Captain's good-humoured cheery face.

    "Never mind, Kate, we will punish her for this. Let me give you what relief I can."

    Then, gently separating my thighs he pushed in his prick while Hilda kissed away my tears. The soft head of his prick had a most soothing effect on the terribly excited folds of my cunt and as it gradually passed up I forgot the pain of the whipping in the intensely amorous excitement I now experienced. I never felt anything more delicious than the sweet friction of the Captain's cock in my fevered cunt; it made every nerve thrill again with pleasure.

    "Does not that repay you?" Hilda whispered.

    "Oh, yes," I replied. "Push it in; drive it home, fuck me- fuck me. Oh, fuck – fuck – fuck!"

    The Captain now declared that Hilda ought to be well whipped for her cruel treatment of my poor bottom.

    "Very well," said Carle, "but as I am the real offender I will bear it in her place."

    So putting the rod into my hand he leaned over the berth and stuck out his great fleshy rump, while Hilda sat below him, holding his prick and sucking it in her mouth.

    "Now, Kate," said the Captain, "lay it on strongly; don't spare his impudent backside, hit him, hit him hard! Don't mind, he used to be flogged every day at school!"

    I whipped away and soon his bottom began to glow, his balls were tightened up and his prick swelled and stiffened. He heaved gently so as to work it in and out of her mouth and then with a tremendous "Oh!" he spurted his seed down her throat.

    Now, sweet May, that must do for the present. Good night, my love, good night.

    chapter V.

    Kate 's narrative concluded.

    Before I resume Kate's narrative I must tell something that happened to myself the following night.

    Kate was later than usual in coming and when she did I was in bed, my lamp out and the room quite dark. When she got into bed she put her hand on my cunt, and asked if I had ever any longing for a prick now. I told her I had but that I was waiting for my lover to come and then I should have plenty of fucking.

    "But would not any other prick do you as well as his," she asked, all the while frigging my cunt until she had it in a glow.

    "Well, Kate, you have so excited my cunt with your finger that I could enjoy being fucked by most any prick."

    "Well dear, your finger has done the same for me. Let us try to relieve each other and as the night is hot let us get outside the clothes. Come, lie over me."

    And placing herself on the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor, she put me astride over her, my breast and belly resting on hers, and my bottom turned out. Then she threw her arms around me and thrusting her tongue in my mouth held me firm. I felt something touch my bottom and then a soft round stiff thing poked against my cunt. I spluttered out: "Let me up, Kate, I am sure there is someone behind us."

    "Nonsense," said Kate, "it is only your own overheated imaginative mind."

    "I tell you it is no imagination. Oh! – it is pushing in – let me up – there is someone fucking me. Oh, Kate, I feel his prick, my cunt is filled with it, do let me up."

    But she held me tighter than ever.

    "Don't be foolish, keep your bottom quiet. It is only my finger."

    "No, it is a prick, I feel its head – in – ever so far. Oh!"

    "What is it doing?"

    "It is fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking. Oh, there the feeling comes, how delicious!" And I lay motionless on her bosom. Then the prick was suddenly drawn out and must have been thrust into her for I felt a belly with hair on it rubbing against my bottom as the prick was worked in and out.

    Then a pair of strong arms clasped us both together and after holding us for a moment, quickly withdrew.

    After we had returned to our usual places in the bed I asked: "Who was it, Kate?"

    "Oh, never mind, let me go on with my story."

    "Both the Captain and the mate had good voices and they sometimes sang for us when taking their grog in the evening.

    "Our custom was to sit reclining on the broad stern locker which was well covered with cushions. Carle was generally between Hilda and me, and with a hand on each of our cunts. I would be occupied petting his prick and balls while she would be similarly engaged with the Captain. The latter while sipping his grog would strike up one of his favourite ditties in a bold rollicking tone, and Carle would quickly follow suit. After which there would be a general fuck such as I have already described.

    "I only remember two of their songs, which I will repeat for you as specimens if you like."

    "Do please, I would like to hear them."


    I care not what squeamish lovers may say, The maiden that best suits my mind Is the sweet girl that will meet me half way, And while she is free, be as kind.

    With her rich beauties I never am cloyed, Fresh pleasures I find at her side;

    I don't love her less because she's enjoyed By many another beside.

    Shall I try to describe all her merit,

    I feel that I'd never have done;

    She is brimful of sweetness and spirit,

    And sparkles with freedom and fun.

    It is bliss then to hold her and win her, She never proves peevish or coy;

    But the farther and deeper I'm in her,

    The fuller she fills me with joy.

    She opens her thighs without fear or dread, She points to her sweet little crack, Its lips are so red, and all overspread With hair of the glossiest black.

    Reclined on her breast, and clasped in her arms, With her my soft moments I spend;

    And revel the more in her melting charms, Because they are shared with a friend.


    My Jamie is a lover gay,

    He is so very funny.

    When last we met to sport and play,

    He took me by the cunny.

    Then drawing out his sturdy prick,

    Right in my hand he placed it,

    And said 'twould be a jolly trick,

    If in my mouth I'd taste it.

    I kissed its bright and rosy head,

    And then began to suck it;

    He felt about my cunt, and said,

    He wanted now to fuck it.

    Down on the bed he laid me,

    With bursting balls, and prick's round head, Love's sweetest debt he paid me.

    Let maidens of a tim'rous mind

    Refuse what most they're wanting;

    Since we for fucking were designed,

    We surely should be granting.

    So when your lover feels your cunt,

    Do not be coy, nor grieve him;

    But spread your thighs and heave your front, For fucking is like heaven.

    When Kate had repeated these songs she asked me what I thought of them.

    I told her they were excellent, especially the mate's, and that I certainly should learn that one and sing it to Mr. Trevor. Kate then continued her narrative:

    I ought to tell you that during our voyage my maid Nina had not been idle. She attended me every morning to assist in giving me a sponge-bath and in dressing me. She amused me by the recital of her adventures with the sailors who coaxed her to come to them at night in their hammocks. She said fucking in that position was quite new.

    She had an adventure which I must repeat to you. Our passengers were a sailor, Jim Murphy, sent home on sick-leave, is wife and her sister Jenny, a buxom damsel about twenty.

    Now, Mrs. Murphy kept a sharp look-out on Jenny, with whom the boatswain soon fell in love, and he tried to find opportunities of being alone with her to press his suit, or in plain language, to get a fuck out of her.

    Mrs. Murphy had at times to be in her husband's cabin to give him medicine or attend to his wants, so she told Nina in her absence never to leave Jenny alone with the boatswain.

    Nina faithfully promised and kept her word in the following manner.

    One evening Mrs. Murphy was sent for to attend to her husband and the moment she was out of sight the boatswain came and sat down by the side of Jenny and Nina and asked Jenny to sew a button on his shirt.

    "Yes," said Jenny.

    "Then come to my cabin and I will give it to you."

    Nina said: "Yes, Jenny, we will both go."

    So all three went into the boatswain's little cabin and Nina said: "Now if you want to show Jenny your prick Mr. Boatswain, now's your chance, and I will unbutton your breeches for you." And suiting the action to the word she did so, and released his noble pego from prison. His swelling head stood proudly erect, and Nina, taking hold of it, said: "Look, Miss Jenny, here's a noble plaything for you to put in your cunt."

    Jenny blushed scarlet all over neck and face, and said: "Oh, for shame, Nina, to talk about such names!" boatswain. – "Well said, Nina! You know a thing or two and pretty Jenny here will soon know how pleasant it is to make love. Come sit on my knee, darling, and give me a kiss before your mother comes back. You know, I want to make you my wife if you will marry me as soon as we get ashore. And then I have a nice little house of my own we can live in. Give me a kiss and sit on my knee, there's a darling."

    Jenny did both and the boatswain made her grasp his prick with one of her hands while one of his own quickly slipped under her dress and touched her knee. Jenny called out, "Don't, don't," but the hand goes further up until the bower of bliss is reached and one finger gently intrudes and tickles her slit.

    "Say yes, darling Jenny, and I swear to marry you and to give you a silk dress and a home of your own. For I am very sure your mother is cross to you." jenny. – "Yes, that is true, she is cross, but I'm afraid." nina. – "Now Jenny don't be a fool! Do you expect to get a better husband than the boatswain who earns more than a pound a week? You do all he asks and I will be a witness for fair play! You will find it most delicious to have his sugar-stick stirring you up – you will like it so much that you will ask for it afterwards."

    "But will you be certain to marry me, Mr. Boatswain?"

    "Yes, by the Holy Virgin, I will, as soon as ever we get on shore and can find a priest to marry us."

    "I should like a house of my own and to live away from mother, for she is very cross at all times."

    "Then that is all settled, darling Jenny! I consider you my wife; and now I will teach you a wife's duty. Lay down on my bed here, dear Jenny, I suppose you know a wife and husband occupy one bed?" jenny. – "Yes." boatswain. – "Now, Nina, keep watch at the door. There now, my prick is getting into Jenny's cunt. Oh, it's heavenly! Why, Jenny, what is the meaning of this? Where's your maidenhead?"

    "Oh, the priest took that when I had my first communion. Mother knows all about that."

    "Well, I'm going to have a good fuck now."

    And Nina said it was half-an-hour before he left off and she saw Mrs. Murphy coming. I went into the boatswain's cabin and Mrs. Murphy followed me and saw him fucking her daughter.

    "Oh, you villain, you dirty blackguard!" she exclaimed: "you have ruined my daughter, my precious Jenny! Stop your fucking this minute," trying to pull him off and turning to me: "As to you, you promised to keep a close watch over Jenny, you wretch!" And she gave Jenny a look and Nina a blow on the shoulder with her fist that stretched her on the floor.

    Nina got up and said: "And so I did keep close to Jenny and I have watched over her, and I it was who saw Mr. Boatswain's prick slip in and out of her cunt, and I have been watching her while he did it! What could be closer watching than that, Mrs. Murphy?"

    "But he has promised to marry me," called out Jenny.

    "Yes," said the boatswain, "I swear I will, but she must let me have a fuck every day until we are ashore."

    Mrs. Murphy was obliged to give her consent as she saw the mischief was done.

    All our love-matters went on in much the same manner, until at last our brig reached London docks, when we wished Jenny and the boatswain good-bye, and with Nina and our luggage, Captain Lemberg took us to the hotel, where he usually put up when he returned from his voyages.

    Captain Lemberg was very kind and chose a bedroom for myself and Nina next to his own, and both opened into a parlour intended for our mutual use.

    Captain Lemberg decided I should remain a week or two at the hotel with him, to rest after the voyage and to see some of the sights of London, before I went to the school. In fact he told me he did not think I need go to school until he was obliged to return to the brig, which would be a couple of months, and I told him I would prefer to obey my father's wishes. So we decided I was to go to school in a week.

    My father had given me a letter to hand to Madame Stewart, the school-mistress, who lived at Hampton Court.

    Captain Lemberg took us to the theatres, which pleased me extremely, also to the Tower and Monument and British Museum.

    The time passed very rapidly away in seeing the wonders of London by day and the theatres in the evening, and then we had nice suppers at our hotel and Nina and I retired to our bed, soon to be followed by Captain Lemberg to continue those loving fucking matches like those on the ship.

    At last the week ended and Captain Lemberg took me in a coach to Madame Stewart together with Nina, who was to continue to wait on me as lady's-maid.

    We had a little fucking in the coach and at last arrived at the school, which was a large house surrounded by ornamental grounds and gardens, enclosed by high walls. The grounds sloped down to the Thames, on the banks of which, of course, there was no wall.

    Madame Stewart received the Captain and myself and Nina in a large drawing-room, and I handed her my father's letter and told her Nina was my servant.

    She told Nina to retire for the present to the housekeeper's room.

    Madame was a fine-looking woman of about fifty, with dark hair and eyes and a fine bust.

    After reading the letter she kissed me and said she was acquainted with my father many years before and would try to make me happy, provided I obeyed the rules of her establishment.

    Captain Lemberg then paid her Ј100 for one year's fees in advance and asked for a receipt.

    Madame asked him to step into the next room with her as she kept her writing materials there, and she wished to ask him a few questions in private.

    So pouring me out a glass of wine and giving me some cake and a book of pictures, they withdrew into the next room and shut the door.

    You may be sure my eye was at the keyhole in a moment and I saw that the Captain had pulled out his prick! And I heard him say:

    "Madame, I am entitled to the usual commission for bringing you a new pupil and I will take it in dog-fashion."

    "Hush!" said Madame, "or the young lady will hear you."

    "Nonsense – now get down on all fours so as not to derange your dress."

    Madame did so and the Captain tossing up her clothes exposed her bottom, and standing behind her, leant over her back and fucked her in that position.

    When this was over they each took a chair and I overheard the following conversation: madame S. – "Is this young lady a virgin?" capt. L. – "Yes, as much as you are!" madame S. – "Shall I read you the letter her father has sent me?" capt. L. – "I shall be delighted to hear it read."

    Madame then read the letter aloud, and I heard every word that follows:

    My Dear Madame Stewart:

    These will be handed to you by my daughter Kate, a fine girl just over twelve years of age. Captain Lemberg has kindly undertaken to see her safely to your house, and I have authorized him to pay you for the first year's expense, one hundred guineas.

    My daughter's education has been neglected in such matters as penmanship, grammar, drawing, and music. Be pleased to spare no pains in instructing her in these.

    In some other things she is in advance of her years. On account of living all her life on a slave plantation she has always seen boys, girls and women in a state of nakedness, so the difference in sex is familiar to her. She has seen men and women in the act of coition.

    You will please pay special regard to her religious duties, and also try to inculcate that modest demeanour which is such a characteristic to your own movements that I shall never forget being struck with on occasion of my last visit to your school some fifteen years ago when I had the felicity of watching you slowly strip naked at noon before a large mirror in your dining-room previous to your honouring my pego with a visit to your fine quim.

    Alas! Madam, these remembrances quite overpower me and make me regret the distance that separates us!

    I have sent a very fair mulatto-girl named Nina, to wait on my daughter.

    From your obedient servant,

    Sebastian de Lorme.

    P.S. – Nina is not a virgin although she is very tight in her cunny. She may be useful at your conversations. Neither Kate nor Nina have ever been birched." capt. L. – "What a very interesting letter. Do you use the birch still, Madame?" madame. – "Certainly, when my young ladies deserve it." Capt. Lemberg then insisted on having another fuck, for reading my father's letter of his interview with Madame Stewart had given him a cockstand.

    So they had another bout and the Captain said he must leave. So I hastened from the keyhole and was apparently absorbed in my book when Madame and Captain entered the room.

    The Captain kissed me as he bade me good-bye and thrust his tongue into my mouth as he did so, bidding me obey Madame in everything and all would be well.

    He promised to take me for a day's holiday before the brig sailed if Madame would kindly consent.

    I promised to endeavour to please Madame, and with another kiss he departed.

    Madame Stewart then had a long talk with me and urged me to be candid and truthful in my answers to her questions. She asked: "Have you ever seen the slave men quite naked?"


    "And the slave women?"


    "And is it true that neither of them ever have any hair on their private parts?"

    "Do you mean their cocks and cunts, Madame?"

    "Yes, my dear."

    "Then it is not true, because I have seen short curly hair on those places, and in the case of the men, quite as much as was on my dear father's prick."

    "Do you mean to say you have seen your father's prick?"

    "Yes, Madame, and felt it too!"

    So I told her all my history, at which she was delighted and wanted to look at my cunny. I complied and she complimented me on my rich growth of hair.

    She told me I must never let a man's prick enter my cunny without her consent being first obtained as she was desirous of shielding me from harm whilst I was under her roof; but she promised I should have all the coition that was good for me at proper times if I was diligent in my lessons.

    You may be sure, dearest May, I was pleased with this intelligence and gave the required promise, thinking what a wise and kind schoolmistress she was.

    I told her my father had fucked Nina and sent her to be my waiting-maid, and as we were very fond of each other I hoped she would allow us to be together as much as possible.

    She agreed to this saying she quite understood from my father's letter that it was his wish Nina should be with me. She made me repeat the tale I had told her about my taking Nina's place in the garden with my father and also the scene with him just before the brig sailed.

    Nina was then called into the room and I told her that Madame Stewart was a very kindly lady and was willing we should occupy the same room like we did at home.

    Poor Nina was profuse in her thanks and asked permission to kiss Madame's feet as a token of her gratitude.

    Madame then told us to follow her upstairs, and she took us down a long passage with bedrooms opening from both sides of it. Here she pointed out a room and told us it was ours, but shared with another girl, the daughter of a wealthy baronet, Sir Thomas Moreton.

    The room had three narrow beds in it, as Madame said her rule was for each pupil to have a bed of her own.

    Madame then kissed me and told me to read the rules, a copy of which was fastened on the wall. As nearly as I can recollect they ran as follows:

    Rule I – Every pupil, before retiring to rest, must strip naked and wash her person in every part.

    Rule II – No pupil may examine her secret part before the mirror.

    Rule III – No pupil must occupy a bed that is not her own.

    N.B. – The penalty for breaking either of these rules is one dozen stripes with the birch.

    When Nina heard me read these rules she said: "But how will Madame know if we break them?"

    I replied: "Perhaps the other girl will tell tales on us! Or, perhaps she will be a nice girl and we can do as we like."

    "Hush!" said Nina.

    And Madame entered our room with Miss Moreton, saying, "Let me introduce you young ladies, as you will occupy this room together. Miss Moreton has been in this establishment for two years, so she knows all the girls and all the customs. You will soon get acquainted."

    Madame withdrew and Miss Moreton asked my age and who my father was and we were soon chatting away glibly.

    She said she was sixteen and should leave the school next holidays. Her name was Alice. She asked me if I had ever had a lover. I told her yes – Captain Lemberg – and that my father had sent me in his ship from home to England.

    "Oh!" said Alice, "then you had a fine time together, I know! Please tell me all about it."

    I said I would someday, but now I wanted to know all about the girls at school as I was never at school before.

    Alice was surprised at this but I informed her my mother died when I was young and my father would not part with me, but preferred teaching me himself.

    Alice told me Madame was very strict with the new girls until she had the chance to whip them a few times, after which she was very indulgent.

    She told me that Saturday evening was punishment time and she had found out that gentlemen were admitted to Madame's room to peep at the girls punished. I enquired how she knew that. She said I had no doubt noticed that the grounds reached the water's edge.

    Well, said Alice, one Saturday Madame sent me into the garden to get some fruit the gardener had forgotten and I saw two boats stop at the boat-house. I hid behind some bushes and saw four gentlemen, muffled up in cloaks, walk up the path which leads to the side entrance of the house. They were admitted by Mrs. White, the housekeeper. My curiosity was excited, so I quickly brought Madame the fruit and ran into her private room, and crept under the sofa to listen, thinking I would be certain to find out something. Nor was I wrong in my conjecture, for in a few minutes Mrs. White ushers in the four gentlemen and two of them sit down on the very sofa I was under. They talked to each other about the superior manner in which Madame's establishment was conducted. Two of them said they had daughters at present in the school and hoped they would have broken some of the rules that week.

    This remark astonished me but my surprise was greater when by the voice of the next speaker I recognized my own father, Sir Thomas Moreton! He had visited me that very morning, gave me a supply of pocket money, wished me goodbye and said he was going back home at once; and here he was in the same house!

    The other speaker was the rector of the parish church, the Hon. and Rev. Algernon Stanley. I knew his voice, for in the course of the conversation he was addressed as Stanley by my father.

    Evidently the party of four were acquaintances, for they all chatted away on good terms.

    In a few moments I heard my father's voice:

    "Well, gentlemen, I will bet you five pounds that when you see the punishment this evening you will allow my daughter's bottom to be the plumpest and most exciting of any you shall see tonight!" rector. – "But suppose your daughter is not birched tonight?" sir moreton. – "Then we will let the bet stand over till some other Saturday when she is flogged and we all are here."

    Here, dear Kate, was a revelation to me! My father and three other gentlemen evidently were here for the purpose of witnessing the punishments about to be inflicted on the schoolgirls' bottoms! And my father must have seen my bottom on some previous occasion, or how could he make this bet! I knew I was to be punished that evening for my name was on the blacklist.

    How should I escape from under the sofa and reach the schoolroom? For my ambition was fired by my father's words of admiration about my plump bottom and I wanted him to win that bet!

    Fortunately for my intentions, Madame came into the room and invited the gentlemen to adjourn upstairs.

    Directly they were gone I crept from my hiding place and ran up to the schoolroom by the back staircase and seated myself at the piano and commenced practicing my exercises.

    In a short time the German governess, Fraulein Hoffman, came to me and said:

    "My dear you must prepare for punishment."

    "Yes, Fraulein," I answered.

    And, according to the custom, I retired to my bedroom, took off my form, skirts and corset and returned to the schoolroom in chemise, drawers and stockings, which was the regulation dress for punishment.

    Three other girls were to be punished; one rebelled from Fraulein's order and had to be dragged to her room and undressed.

    At last we heard a bell ring and each of us, the culprits, was escorted by a governess to the room especially used and fitted up for punishment. It was lighted from the roof and had ladders, Berkeley horses and other appliances, such as ropes from the ceiling, rings in the floor and ceiling to which to fasten refractory culprits.

    On this occasion we were made to slowly take off our drawers and then kneel on a kind of table with our heads low down and our posteriors sticking well out, with our hands and ankles tied securely.

    Next, our offences were read out to us by Madame as follows:

    "Margaret Stanley, your offence is as usual peeing in bed. I give you notice that I intend telling the worthy rector, your uncle, of this most disgusting habit of yours.

    "Emmeline Chesterfield, your offence is greediness in eating up the cake you brought from home, and not sharing it with your schoolfellows.

    "Constance Le Ray, you were discovered viewing your naked person in the glass; such vanity must be checked by the rod."

    And then Madame read my name.

    "Alice Moreton, your offence is one against decency. It is that of having received a letter from a lover whom you obstinately refuse to name or give any information as to how you have carried on this clandestine correspondence.

    "I will read it aloud to you, Miss Alice Moreton, and I hope your cheeks will blush with shame as much as the cheeks of your bottom will blush under the rod, presently. This is the horrid letter:

    My Dear Alice:

    How I do long for another kiss on the lips of your pussey! The last I had was delicious! I dream of you every night and sometimes fancy I am in one of those high pews at church with your naked bottom sitting in my face, so I can kiss and suck your pussey! At other times in my dreams you catch hold of me by the cock and sing: "I will not let thee go, unless you fuck me!"

    You cannot wonder at these dreams, sweetheart, for they are only repetitions of the facts of the day!

    Give my love to Madame and asked her to notice the beauty of your cunny!

    From your devoted love,


    Madame having finished the letter told the governesses to commence flogging us, and to strike as she called out, One, Two, Three.

    They were stationed close to our heads so they had to strike over our backs to reach our bottoms, which were turned towards the end of the room at which Madame was seated on a dais, raised up six steps above the level of the floor.

    I remembered the conversation of the gentlemen and the bet of my dear father, and I had no doubt they were watching us from some secret peep-hole, or were perhaps under the dais. So at every blow of the rod I writhed and twisted my posteriors as much as possible, in order to display all its beauties.

    Margaret received fifty stripes, Emmeline sixty, Constance eighty, and I, the greatest offender, received one hundred, which caused me to faint away.

    What do you think of that, Kate dear?

    I told her I thought it was a great shame and asked if the gentlemen ever came again.

    Alice said no doubt they did although she had never had an opportunity of proving it; still, on Saturdays occasionally she had slipped into the garden and found boats moored to the boat-house. "However, my dear Katie, I have told you all I know, perhaps someday we will make more discoveries."

    Kate said she warmly thanked Alice for telling her all the circumstances, and they kissed and went to bed.

    chapter IV.

    A letter from Susey.

    About this time I received a letter from Susey, who, when the vacation commenced, went to her uncle in Scotland, and I may as well give her adventures in her own words:

    My Darling May:

    You remember the morning you took leave of me, I had to walk a mile to meet the coach. John Cox, my sister Jane's intended husband, came to start me off, and he carried my box on his shoulder as we walked across the fields and down to the crossroads where the coach takes up passengers.

    John told me he and Jane were soon to be married, and he said her belly was so big that it looked beautiful.

    I asked him what made it so big and he laughed as he said: "Why, Susey, because I have made a baby inside of it to be sure, you little goose!"

    John also said that he was now obliged to fuck Jane behind, because her belly sticking out quite prevented his approaching the front.

    He told me that he had a special message from Jane to me which was to be sure to do my pee just before getting on the coach, as I should have to ride for many hours and it was very painful to be obliged to hold your water.

    "So," says John, "you had better squat down at once, and I can see your little cunt at the same time."

    So I got close to some bushes and had a good pee and John had a good look at my cunny, and afterwards kissed and sucked it. Just then we heard the guard's horn announcing the near approach of the coach. So I had only time to give John's prick a farewell kiss, and then we hurried to the little ale-house at the crossroads.

    The coach was full inside so I had to take an outside seat, and as there was no ladder I climbed up as well as I could. But I felt John's hand on my thigh as he stood beneath me.

    When the coach started I looked at my fellow passengers and saw there were two gentlemen – one evidently a clergyman and the other, from remarks made, was his son, apparently about my own age. He asked me how far I was going and I replied, to Scotland.

    "Have you never been there before?"

    "No, sir," I replied;

    "They have some very curious customs in Scotland," he said.

    "What are they?" was my enquiry.

    "The wearing of the kilt, for instance," said he.

    "I do not know what a kilt is," was my reply.

    "I will show you a picture of a Scotsman dressed in his kilt," said he, taking a book from his coat-pocket, and turning over the leaves, he showed me the picture of a tall man with naked knees and a short petticoat which he explained was the kilt.

    I laughed at the odd figure in the picture and asked: "Do the Scotch girls and women dress like that too? If so, they must be cold."

    "I wish they did," said he, "don't you, father?"

    "Well, my son, it would have a very delightful effect, no doubt," said the clergyman.

    I interposed: "But the poor man must feel very cold here."

    "Not at all," said the clergyman. "When I was at college as a young man, I wore that dress once at a fancy ball and found it very comfortable."

    "Did you waltz in your kilt?" I asked.

    "Yes, certainly, and why not?"

    "Because I should think the whirling motion of dancing would cause your kilt to fly up and expose your.." and I stopped suddenly – laughing.

    "Bottom, you were going to say, my dear! And where would be the harm in that? Ladies like to get a glimpse at a man's bottom sometimes," said he.

    "I'm sure they don't," I replied.

    "Oh," said the son, "you think the ladies would rather look at him before than behind, eh? Well, what do you say at this picture," and he moved aside the kilt, which was a separate piece of paper, and showed me the Scotsman's prick in full erection.

    "That's more in your way, my dear," said he. Then speaking to the clergyman, he said: "Father, this young lady, evidently, from her blushes, thinks a man's prick is more beautiful than his bottom."

    "I am very glad to hear it," said he, "for it proves that her education has not been neglected and that she has learnt from her catechism: 'What is the chief end of man?'"

    "My dear father," said the young man, "we have the back part of the coach to ourselves and the guard is sitting with the coachman, so we are quite private here. Would it not be a good opportunity for letting this young lady look at your reverend prick?"

    "Most certainly, my son," replied the clergyman, unbuttoning his trousers. "I am always ready to please the ladies."

    So he pulled out his noble tool, fondly stroking it. "There, Miss, there is something for a man to be proud of, and I am proud to have such a father,"

    "I hope you may have just such another someday," I said.

    "Thank you, my dear," said he, "I will show you what I have at present."

    And he exhibited his own prick. I told him it was as big as he had any reason to expect, and he quite agreed with me and then regretted the fact that our being outside the coach would prevent his father and himself from looking at anything I would like to show them. "But," continued he, "the coach will stop to change horses in a few minutes' time, and then the passengers generally get down and go inside the inn for half-an-hour for refreshments. But my father, the rector, is well known to the landlord and we will ask for a private room and take our refreshments there; and then, Miss Susan, you will have the wished-for opportunity."

    By the time he had finished speaking we arrived at the Royal George, and the parson and his son helped me down from the coach, and I soon found myself in an upstairs parlour with them. They told me their journey terminated there, as they had to drive in a gig to their home, five miles distant, and they both begged me to lose no time.

    I replied: "I am in your hands, gentlemen! Only don't harm me."

    They promised they would not, and the father then raised my clothes, called his son's attention to my white thighs and the pouting lips of my cunt.

    Both father and son kissed and sucked it for a few minutes and then the father insisted on his son having a fuck before he had one.

    By the time each had finished, the horn blew the warning to get ready. So hastily swallowing a glass of wine, I arranged my clothes and bade them good-bye.

    They accompanied me to the coach and this time I was able to get inside, there being one place vacant, and the parson kindly paying the difference in fare.

    With mutual farewells the coach started again and I looked at my fellow passengers and found one who appeared young, the other two being grey-haired gentlemen.

    They all accosted me very politely and hoped we should have a pleasant journey together.

    The young man enquired how far I was going and when I replied to Edinburgh, he expressed his pleasure that we should be going to the same city.

    "What a fortunate circumstance," said he, "that you were not travelling by this coach last week."

    "How so?"

    "Because the notorious Dick Turpin and his gang stopped the coach just a little way from here and robbed the passengers, and used the ladies very cruelly."

    "Oh! how you frighten me! Do tell me all about it," said I.

    The elderly gentleman opposite now spoke and said:

    "I can give you the correct account, for I was one of the passengers and one of the victims, I may say."

    "Oh, do tell me if there is any danger of Dick Turpin coming again today?" I asked.

    "Not the slightest," said the old gentleman, "and that is the reason why I am travelling again so soon. Besides, I am armed with my horse-pistols."

    "Oh," said I, "don't show them to me, I am so terribly frightened! But tell me about the villains."

    The old gentleman continued: "It was just about three in the afternoon when, as we were bowling along, as we are now, I heard several horsemen' ride up on each side of the coach and call to the coachman to stop or he should be shot. And two shots were fired at him, and one wounded him, the other broke the lamp.

    "Of course the coach was stopped and the robbers then called: 'Stand out and deliver your money and valuables, or you are all dead men.' "There must have been ten or twelve men – some on foot, and some on horseback.

    "I should mention that the inside of the coach was occupied by some girls going to York to school. There were four besides their mistress and outside there were four more girls – that makes nine ladies, and there were six men passengers besides the coachman and guard.

    "I should say that two of the misses were my grandchildren, aged about thirteen and fourteen.

    "Well, the villains first looked inside the coach and made the madame give up her gold watch and rings, then they made us men come down and stand in the road while they searched our pockets, one man standing with the muzzle of a pistol pressed close to my forehead while he searched my pockets.

    "When this was done, they abused us for giving them so much trouble for so little money and declared they would be revenged on the women for it.

    "I begged them to spare my poor grandchildren.

    " 'Point them out,' said one of the villains.

    "I did so, thinking that he was going to listen to my requests, but no; to my surprise he tied their hands behind them and then lifted up their clothes and threw them over their heads, exposing their bodies from the waist downwards!

    "I rushed forward to replace their clothing when two of the villains caught hold of me and tied my hands behind my back, and then to my indignation, they actually cut open my breeches in front and pulled out my prick."

    "Horrible!" I exclaimed.

    "Monstrous," said the young man.

    "Yes," continued the old man, "and that is not all. There is something more horrible to tell."

    "Oh, do tell," said I.

    "Pray," said the young man, "continue."

    "Well, the villains made me kneel down and kiss the slits of my two granddaughters and made me suck them and push in my tongue! Then they uncovered the poor girls' faces, and tying their clothes tight under their arms, ordered them to suck my cock! In vain they and I protested. A loaded pistol fired off close to our ears was the warning of what our fate should be if we disobeyed. So first one and then the other dear girl went through the task. And the villains made me say the sucking was pleasant!"

    "And what did you say?"

    "Of course I told the truth, that the sucking gave me great pleasure."

    "And what became of the other men who were passengers?"

    "Oh, they were made to suck the slits of the schoolgirls and to submit to have their pricks sucked in turn."

    "And how did the school-madame fare?"

    "Oh, the villains grossly insulted her by examining her cunt, and telling her she was too old to allow them to give her any pleasure of that kind, so they cut a bunch of twigs from the bushes and forced her on all fours, bared her backside and gave her a good flogging."

    "Do you mean to state that all these outrages took place on the high-turnpike road?"

    "Well, yes, that is to say, close to it, for there was a piece of turf or grass-land rather wide at the side of the road at this place. In fact, there were a few trees and bushes growing there."

    "Did no person pass in travelling along the road, while this took place, for it must have taken some time?"

    "Yes, it took an hour or more, but a fanner with his wife riding behind on a pillion, and one wagon loaded with hay accompanied by the wagoner, were all that passed by during the time. Part of the hay was unloaded to serve for beds on which to extend the unfortunate lady-passengers and the farmer was compelled to fuck his wife in public."

    "Did Dick Turpin take part in these outrages?"

    "No, he told his men to fuck any way they took a fancy to, but he kept watch most of the time and gave the necessary directions to his men so that several of them kept watch in turn, while the others committed these outrages on their victims."

    "Do you mean to say that the ten schoolgirls were all raped and their maidenheads taken?"

    "Certainly; if they had any to lose! They were all fucked before my eyes."

    "How did it all end?"

    "Oh, after a while Captain Dick said: "That's enough for this time, boys. Mount and away!' And so they rode off leaving all the victims tied and bound until some passer-by should come and relieve them. Of course we called for help directly after our tormentors had left us and in half-an-hour some foot passengers and also the returning mail-coach came by and released our bonds and we all made the best of our ways to our destinations."

    The young man now spoke. "It is all quite true, Miss, I assure you; I was one of the passengers by the down-mail on that occasion and I saw the condition of the ten schoolgirls as described by our friend here. They were all tied to trees with their arms behind them, and their clothing raised and tied close to their shoulders so as to expose their bellies and all below.

    "I could not help being delighted with the sight, although of course I pitied the poor things, and I delayed helping to release them in order to have a good view of their naked charms. I was much amused at the remarks of a worthy tradesman and his wife who were also looking at those schoolgirls. The wife spoke sharply: 'Well, Mr. Jones, I am ashamed of you to stand staring like a stuck pig at those naked shameless young hussies. Why don't they put their dresses down?' " 'Well, my dear,' said her husband, 'they have their hands tied behind their backs and can't help themselves, and as to my looking at them, my excuse is I never saw such a sight before! Why, there are ten naked bellies for me to look at and four have hardly any hair on their slits and the others all have black hair on them, but one, and she…' "Here his wife angrily interposed: 'You have made good use of your eyes for these few minutes, Mr. Jones; I must say I am astonished at you, a married man and the father of six girls and four boys, so to demean yourself! Why don't you shut your eyes until this disgraceful exhibition is over?' " 'No, Mrs. Jones, I am not going to close my eyes! I may be called as a witness against the villains if ever they are caught, and if I shut my eyes how am I to describe to the jury the cruel state in which the girls are left?' " 'Well,' said his wife, 'had you not better try and catch those villains?' " 'No, my dear, my duty does not lie in that direction.' " 'Nor your inclination either,' retorted his wife, 'for evidently you prefer the safer course of feasting your eyes on these poor girls' nakedness.' " 'Well, my dear, you know I am always delighted to look at yours but you so seldom allow me to do so.' " 'I should think not, indeed,' said Mrs. Jones, 'and that reminds me that last Sunday I saw you take two of our daughters on your knee and I think you had your hands under their clothes!' " 'Nonsense! Mrs. Jones, only a little play and romping, for my girls are very fond of their old father; besides it is a father's duty to see if his girls' underclothes are clean and in the fashion.' " 'Now, Mr. Jones, do be quiet. What right has a man to be troubling himself about his girls' clothing?' " 'Why what I buy and pay for with my own money I have the right to examine, and you know I should never have married you if I had not examined you first!' " 'For shame, Mr. Jones, to speak about that here in the open air where anyone might overhear you!' " 'Now Mary Ann, dear, will you untie these poor girls' clothes from their necks and help me undo their hands?' "So I then offered my assistance to several of the girls and helped to put their clothing down over their bellies, taking care to touch much of their naked bodies in doing so, and getting my hand on each of their bellies in the performance of this duty.

    "I ought to mention that the place where these outrages took place was a kind of valley between two hills, and where a house was not in sight for many miles. It was up a lane through this valley that the highway-men came on horseback to do their unlawful work, and when they had completed it they went away down the valley again."

    At this moment as the young man finished his account the coach gave a lurch forward, probably from the coachman suddenly whipping up the horses; however, I found myself flung against the elderly man sitting opposite me and he caught me firmly in his arms and kissed me, saying: "God bless me, Miss, don't be frightened, come to my arms, I'll take care of you."

    I replied I could not help it and then felt a hand passing up my thighs from behind, and another hand patting my bottom.

    I cried out: "Oh, this conduct is most shameful gentlemen, do leave a poor girl alone!"

    "Why, what's the matter, my dear?" said the young man.

    "Nobody is touching you," growled the old gentleman.

    "Well, my dear, I am kissing you," said the one on whom I had been thrown.

    "I know that," I replied, "but more than that has been done to me."

    "Well," said he, "I am a magistrate and my name is Squire Johnson, and if you will sit by my side and make your complaint you shall have justice done to you."

    The other elderly-looking gentleman said: "Well, Squire Johnson you have known me for years as the parson of the parish and my name is the Rev. Mr. Scarlett and I expect you to take my oath against any other person's."

    The young gentleman now spoke: "Oh, I am a medical student going home from college. My name is Charley Stuart and I am sure to fall in love with every pretty girl I see, especially such an angel as this!" giving me a most loving look.

    "Now, then," said Squire Johnson, "if you, Miss, will give us your name we will proceed."

    I replied: "My name is Susan Gardiner and I charge Parson Scarlett and Charley Stuart with touching my naked body."

    Squire Johnson wrote this down in his pocket-book and then said: "Miss Susan, you say you charge these gentlemen with an indecent assault! Please state the particulars."

    I did so, saying the Parson put his hand on my bottom, "when the coach by that sudden jerk threw me into your arms and you kissed me. The other gentleman, called Charley Stuart, put one of his hands between my thighs, very high up, at the same time." squire johnson. – "Now Parson, what is your reply to those charges?" parson. – "Oh, I saw the young lady's petticoats disarranged and I tried to replace them." squire j. – "And you, Charley Stuart?" charley. – "Oh, I plead guilty and promise not to do it again until the next time." squire J. – "Gentlemen, from your replies I am quite satisfied that you are both guilty of the offence charged against you; and my sentence is that you each pay Miss Susan immediately the sum of half-a-crown, that you each beg her pardon and that you each offer to show her your pricks. Come, Parson, you first, out of respect of your cloth, as you are in holy orders." parson. – "Never did I hear a more impartial and righteous sentence."

    So he paid me the half-crown at once and pulled out his tool; it was short and thick with an enormous red head.

    Charley said: "See Miss Susan, I offer you this half-crown for the sweet kisses you gave me. Here, balanced on the head of my prick and it is cheap enough."

    And Squire J. – "Now, Miss Susan, I offer you this half-crown, and as it is now four o'clock, before the coach will stop, I propose that you should give us some entertainment – and answer all our questions truthfully." parson. – "Also obey us in all our wishes." charley. – "And Miss Susan, if you do, you shall be paid a guinea from me." squire. – "And another from me." parson. – "And I will give another, that will make three golden guineas! Think, what a lot of money!"

    Dear May, do not blame me for acceding to their wishes. I knew I was completely in their power, and then the presents of the guineas! It seemed riches indeed to me, who had never possessed more than a few shillings at one time in my life.

    So I dried my tears and taking up the three half-crowns, said: "Do not harm me, good gentlemen! I will agree to your proposals and trust to your honour, as I am only a girl entirely at your mercy, but I should vastly like three guineas."

    "A very sensible good girl," said the Parson.

    "You are an angel," said Charley. parson. – "I will ask Miss Susan if she has any hair on her little slit?"

    "Yes," I replied. squire. – "What colour?"

    "Light red"

    "Did you ever allow a man to look at your cunt?" said Charley.

    "Yes." parson. – "And suck it, I'll be bound?" charley. – "And kiss it?"

    "Yes." squire. – "Then Miss Susan shall be laid across the laps of two of us, and the other shall kiss and suck her pretty cunny."

    "Agreed!" they all cried.

    And this was done in succession, until all three had had their turn. To do this my petticoats and smock were raised so as to expose to view my thighs and belly. Then each gentleman knelt on the floor of the coach and kissed and sucked my cunny.

    The Parson asked: "How much time, Squire, do we have before the coach stops?"

    "Three hours."

    The Parson then said: "That will be ample time for Miss Susan to strip herself naked, and to let us enjoy looking at her charms in the nude state."

    "Yes," said the Squire, "plenty of time."

    I replied that I should take cold.

    "No, I'll take care of that," said Charley. "I will keep you warm. I will give you brandy from this bottle."

    "But I shall be seen by passers-by," again I objected.

    But the Parson and Squire agreed to keep the curtain of the coach-windows drawn down, sufficient to prevent all chance of anyone seeing me.

    "Now," said Charley, "I will be your lady's-maid and disrobe you."

    He then took off my bonnet and shawl, then my frock stays and petticoats. I begged hard to be allowed to retain my smock, but all in vain as the Parson said it would interfere with the full view of my naked body; besides, he said: "Eve was naked in the Garden of Eden, so there's Scripture for you, Miss Susan."

    I was praised for the whiteness and firmness of my skin, and my shape was much admired.

    Two of them sat on one seat of the coach and one on the other, with their knees as close to one another as possible, and on this broad lap I was laid and rolled over and over, their hands roving over my back, shoulders and bosom, belly and bottom, in succession, one pointing out to the other some attraction that he specially admired.

    My mouth and both hands were next occupied with three pricks at once, and I was obliged to change from one to the other, until each had his prick sucked.

    Next I was seated between two of them on the edge of the seat. Then they raised my legs higher than my head, and told me to jut my belly well forward. This had the effect of exposing my bottom-hole as well as my cunny. Then one gentleman would fuck me in this position and then the others would change places, until all three had fucked me. But I will say, they all withdrew their pricks before spending and spouted their sperm over my belly, as it was solemnly promised by them all that there should be no risk of getting me with a child.

    By the time they managed to get a couple of fucks each, the time came for me to resume my clothing, which I was thankful to do. And I was only decently dressed when the guard's horn warned us the coach was about to stop.

    I was glad to learn we had to stop one hour for dinner, but was amused at Charley telling the chambermaid I was his wife, and so accompanying me up to the bedroom where he actually produced the pot from under the bed and made me sit down and do my pee, while he, lying at full length on the floor with his head close to my belly, watched the waterfall, as he called it.

    Then he went down the stairs with me to the dinner-table, where we all did justice to the repast and had some good wine.

    My companions were all very attentive to my wants and paid my score between them.

    We then resumed our places in the coach as before, the coachman telling us we should have another four hours without stopping at all.

    I noticed the Parson and Squire soon felt the efforts of their wine and good feeding, for they were soon sound asleep and snoring.

    Charley said he was glad of that as now he could have me all to himself. So we first had a mutual prick-and-cunt-sucking match, each trying to hold back the juice of love as long as possible.

    Next, sitting in Charley's lap with his tool ensconced in my cunny, I gently rode up and down, till he was compelled to withdraw and spend all over my belly.

    We tired ourselves out with our varied loving encounters and at last we both fell asleep and were only aroused by the guard's horn announcing our arrival at our destination in Edinburgh.

    My uncle was waiting for me at the inn and after thanking my travelling companions for their polite attentions, I took my uncle's arm and walked with him to his home.

    My uncle kept talking all the way and enquired the name of my late companions.

    I answered truthfully and he was pleased to think I had been in such good respectable society: "For," said he, "now-a-days there are so many villains about that a young girl might be ruined before she knew her danger."

    I mentally resolved to act the part of an innocent girl in dear uncle's presence and also I determined to put in practice the instructions of Charley Stuart, who, being a medical student, told me many things about a woman's private parts that I did not know before. One thing he told me was to get a lump of alum and push it up in my cunny and keep it there all night. It would act as an astringent and make it as tight as a virgin's cunny. And he also advised me to use a solution of alum in water with a female syringe as often during the day as was convenient.

    Dear May, I advise you to do the same. When you send a messenger to buy the alum you can say it is for a sore throat or to use in dyeing – as it is used for both those purposes. Only, dear May, let me give you a caution – don't let the piece of alum be very large, for I will tell you what a fright I had.

    One night I put a lump as large as a hen's egg up my cunny and in the morning I could not get it out! It had caused such a contraction of the inside folds of my cunny that I could barely insert the tip of my finger so you may imagine my dilemma. At last I thought: "Why of course, hot water will dissolve it." So I sat over the bidet for nearly an hour and bathed my poor cunny with warm water and it gradually dissolved some of the alum, and I was none the worse for my fright.

    Well, to resume, Uncle and I came at last to his house which was a bookseller's shop with rooms for residence over the shop and a milliner's shop on one side, and a dressmaker's shop on the other, while opposite was an inn called "The Royal Standard," and next door to that was a board-school for young ladies.

    I mention these details because Uncle called my attention to them, saying they were all his best customers.

    On arriving at Uncle's house he took me upstairs and introduced me to the housekeeper, who was going to leave to get married the following week, and I was to take her place in Uncle's household.

    She took me to a comfortable bedroom, and kissing me, praised my good looks and enquired if I would like a bath after my long journey.

    I replied it was the one thing I was longing for. So she opened a door leading from my bedroom and showed me the bath, saying she would be back in half-an-hour to help me dress and get ready for dinner.

    Oh, May, how I enjoyed that cold bath! I splashed and dashed the water all over my naked body and took the opportunity of removing the alum Charley had considerately slipped into my cunny in the coach, for, said he, who knows how soon you may have to pass for a virgin?

    I had just finished my washing and stepped out of the bath and was seated on a stool drying myself when the door opened and in came the housekeeper, Jemima, and rushing up to me, exclaimed: "Oh, Miss Susan, please stand before this pier-glass for a moment!"

    I did so and found it was as tall as myself and reflected my figure as large as life.

    Jemima now began to rub me with a towel, all the time praising my skin, my back, my belly, and my thighs, in such a loud voice that I began to fancy she intended someone in the next room to hear. However, I kept my thoughts to myself and only said: "Make haste, Jemima, and help me dress for I want my supper so badly."

    At last she was obliged to leave off her rubbings and she brought me a clean smock and petticoat which she helped to put on. Then I sat on a low stool and drew on clean white stockings; but Jemima would help put on a new pair of garters, which fastened with a silver clasp. I was so pleased with them that I jumped up and stood before the mirror to admire my garters, and of course had to raise my smock rather high to do so.

    "Those garters are a present from your uncle," said Jemima, "you will not forget to thank him presently."

    "Of course I shall thank him," I said.

    Jemima now put on me a very low-necked blue frock.

    "And this also is your uncle's present," said she.

    "Oh, what a dear, kind uncle he is! How much I love him already," I replied.

    "Well," said Jemima, "now go down to supper and tell him so."

    On entering the room downstairs I found supper on the table and Uncle in his dressing-gown and slippers sitting by a bright fire.

    Uncle got up and came to meet me, saying: "Welcome, Susey, I am glad you have come! How blooming you look! You must want your supper after such a long ride."

    I threw my arms around his neck and kissing him, said: "Thank you, dear Uncle, for all your great kindness and especially for this lovely silk dress and the pretty garters you gave me."

    "Does the dress fit you, my dear?" he asked, placing his hands on my bosom and squeezing it gently.

    "Yes, Uncle dear," I said.

    We then had supper, and Uncle insisted on my drinking four glasses of the champagne, which I found warmed up my blood as doubtless Uncle intended it should do.

    After supper he said: "Susey, if you love me, show me your garters."

    "Oh, Uncle!" I replied blushingly, "would that be decent and proper?"

    "You are an ungrateful girl to refuse the first trifling request I make," he said.

    "Not ungrateful, Uncle," I replied; "see here, please examine my pretty garters," and I stretched out both my legs as I continued sitting in my chair.

    Uncle was on his knees between my legs in a moment, and put his hands first on one garter and then on the other, unclasping them and kissing my thighs just above the stockings.

    Then he said: "Dear Susey, do you know that your mother was my favourite sister? And that as children we used to sleep together, and were fond of taking off each other's nightdress and of examining the difference in our naked bodies, and making water in the same pot. And now, dear Susey, I want to tell you that your dear mother on her death-bed confided you to my care, and I have paid for your education and maintenance all your life; and now I hope you will love me and be a comfort to me in my declining years."

    "Yes, dear Uncle," I said, "you may depend on my doing everything in my power to give you pleasure."

    "That's a good girl," said Uncle. "But now you can do something this minute to please me, and that is to show me your cunny!"

    I told him he could look at it if he wished. So as I was seated in an easy-chair he lifted one of my legs over an arm of the chair and telling me to hold my clothing and chemise out of the way, he exposed my cunny and bottom-hole to his delighted view, and covered both with kisses, sucking and putting his tongue as far as possible into both places. The end of this, of course, was that I gave down my liquor of love over his tongue and he greedily sucked up every drop, declaring it was most delicious.

    After this he pulled out his prick and pretended to me that he had fucked my mother, therefore he had a right to do the same to me!

    I laughed at this reasoning and feigning ignorance of his meaning asked him to explain everything.

    He then laid me on the sofa before the fire and undressed me and also himself, all the time praising the whiteness of my skin, and then, dearest May, he fucked me, and fancied he was the first that had penetrated my virgin slit, as he fondly called it.

    Now I must close this letter, hoping you have had as much pleasure as I have in the way of fucking.

    By the way, dear May, why don't you get your father to fuck you? Uncle says you would find it delicious, for he knows your father well and says he remembers that his cock is both long and very thick!

    I remain, darling May, your loving friend, susey.

    P.S. – Be sure and keep this letter a secret and don't let your father see it for the world! Write soon and tell me everything.

    I put this precious letter in my pocket and then remembered that Kate had never told me how she first became acquainted with my father. So I went into the dining-room in search of her and found her and papa sitting on the sofa, with their private parts exposed and each was fondling and touching the other's genitals.

    Papa caught sight of me and called out: "Come in May, I want you most particularly."

    I went up to him.

    He continued: "I want to see if the hair on your cunny is as fine and silky as this on Kate's cunt. Now be a good obedient girl and I will give you a silk dress and you shall choose the colour yourself."

    How this promise dazzled me! I had had only one silk dress many years before and now the promise of choosing one myself conjured up visions of beauty to my mind's eye.

    I replied quickly: "Yes, dear papa, I will do all you require," and I raised up my clothing as I stood in front of him.

    "That is not convenient," he said. "You had better slip off your clothes except the chemise. Kate will help you."

    So in a few moments my dress and petticoats were on the ground and I was en chemise as I did not wear drawers in those days. In taking my dress over my head my pocket was emptied on the carpet and the letter caught my father's eye.

    "Oh, a love letter," he cried, "fine goings on, Miss May! I must read this letter from your favoured lover!" and he picked it up and commenced to read it.

    "It is not a love letter," I said, "but one from my school-friend Susey who is in Scotland with her uncle."

    "All the same I shall read it aloud," said my father.

    And he did so. And Kate whispered to me: "Don't be afraid of anything, May dearest, I will take your part."

    My father was delighted with Susey's letter and as his breeches were unbuttoned as he sat on the sofa I could see his pego rise to a fine erection as he came to some of her descriptive passages.

    At last he came to the end where she advised me to get my father to fuck me, and then he cried out: "Sensible girl this Susey! I wish she were here now. I must invite her and her uncle, my old friend, on a visit this summer, and we will have glorious times! But at present I am concerned to examine closely my daughter's cunny! And if she consents, willingly will I fuck her for I cannot use force to my own daughter, I love her too well for that! Only if she cheerfully consents to let me have my will, she shall have five guineas in addition to the silk dress and I will take her to the theatre one night each week!"

    I exclaimed: "You dear kind papa! How much I love you! Yes, do whatever you like with me and teach me how to give you pleasure. I hope, dear Kate will not be jealous of poor little me?"

    "No, no, dearest May," said Kate. "I shall never be jealous of you or any other girl your papa wished to fuck; in fact I should like to see him fuck all the girls in the parish, if he wanted to!"

    Papa said: "Generous-hearted Kate, you shall never have cause to regret such unselfish conduct. It was the perfect nobleness and disinterestedness of your character which attracted me to you, and the more I see of your mental superiority the more I bless the hour we first became acquainted with each other! Now May, I am ready to fuck you!"

    "And I, dear papa, am ready to be fucked," I replied smiling.

    Kate insisted on papa stripping himself perfectly naked and also on removing my smock. She then told papa to lie flat on his back with his prick standing erect; she then made me lie on top of him and she slapped my bottom in time to papa's heaves and thrusts until the crisis came and my womb was deluged with paternal sperm.

    I was swimming in delight and could not help calling out: "Thank you a thousand times, dear papa, for this delicious treat!"

    "And thank you, my darling child, for giving me such exquisite pleasure," replied papa.

    In the next bout our positions were altered and Kate took part in the pastime, – placing herself in such a position that papa could see her cunny while he fucked mine.

    We changed positions many times until papa said he must rest from his labours of love, and after partaking of refreshments we all three went to papa's bedroom and fell asleep on his bed, one on each side of him.

    In the morning I asked papa to tell me how he became acquainted with Kate, and he replied as follows:

    "Last Christmas I went up to London for a holiday and at my club I met with several old friends, who had daughters at school with Madame Stewart at Hampton Court. Sir Thomas Moreton, my neighbour, was one of the party, and while drinking our wine, we talked about our experiences in fucking, and afterwards the conversation turned to the subject of schoolmistresses whipping their scholars' bottoms. I argued that it was not done nowadays but might have been done years ago.

    "Sir Thomas laid me a Ј50 bet that I was wrong and offered to take me to Mme. Stewart's to prove it.

    "I accepted his wager and on the following Saturday evening accompanied him to Mme. Stewart's to put his wager to the test.

    "We were conducted to a room fitted up with all kinds of punishment apparatus and at one end was a raised dais or platform, under which we seated ourselves, and the door being closed we found the front of the platform was pierced with peepholes in all directions so we had a perfect view of the room, which was brilliantly lighted up with wax candles whilst our recess was dark.

    "Presently six girls were brought in by the governess and Madame Stewart ascended the dais over our heads and gave orders for the number of stripes and read the list of offences.

    "The fair culprits were placed with their bottoms towards the dais so we had a full view of their struggles and wrigglings as the rod fell on their thighs and bottoms and we had many a peep at the tender cunny which peeped from between their legs.

    "My Kate was one that was punished on that occasion and I was especially attracted by the quivering of the lips of her cunny as the rod fell on her lovely bottom. At last I was sure I could see the dear girl give down the pearly drops in pleasurable emission. Such sensitiveness charmed me, and when the punishment was over I made an offer to Madame Stewart to take Kate home with me as a fucking-piece, offering her a bribe.

    "Madame demurred at first then said the matter should be left to Kate's decision.

    "She was called into the room and I told her how I was smitten with the sight of her naked charms and wanted her to come and live with me a few months every year.

    "She first looked at my standing prick and then enquired if it would be any advantage to Madame Stewart and that if it would, she would come with me.

    "I told her I offered Madame Ј50.

    " 'Then,' said Kate, 'I will go with you and trust in your honour as to your treatment of me.' "Such disinterested conduct is most uncommon in this money-loving age and I love and honour Kate for it."

    I told my father I was sure he would be generous to both Kate and myself.

    He told me he was anxious I should be married to a gentleman of his acquaintance, an elderly rich widower.

    I enquired how he knew anything about me and what was his name? To which my father replied his name was Mr. Sinclair and it was his cock I had become acquainted with, that he was over eighty years old, so I should be a rich widow probably in a few years. That the old gent was able to do a fair amount of fucking, but if I wanted more I could easily get a young man for a pound a week to do it for me.

    I consented to my father's propositions and we invited Mr. T (the resident tutor at the school mentioned at the beginning of my tale), to come to the wedding. We also invited Susey and her uncle.

    They all came and I was married one fine May morning out of compliment to my name. After the ceremony the clergyman asked permission to have the first kiss on my cunny, which I granted him in the vestry.

    We went for our wedding tour to the Isle of Wight for a month during which time my husband was satisfied he had got me with a child. He then gave me permission to have as much outside fucking as I wanted.

    I told him I should wait until we got home as I was longing for a taste of Mr. T's noble tool and also for my dear father's prick.

    My husband was pleased with my determination and engaged Mr. T as librarian, and in that capacity he remained until the lamented decease of Mr. Sinclair at the age of ninety, who left me with one daughter nine years old, and all his money.

    As soon after his death as was decent I married Mr. S- whom I found to be one of the best husbands.

    Susey often pays us a visit and brings young girls with her to please Mr. T who has a penchant for the unfledged cunny, and often has a game of blindman's buff with the naked children, and a romp with my little Agnes when she is naked. The little darling is now twelve years old and very proud of being able to make "her new papa's cocky get big," as she says, by rubbing her little cunny against its head.

    Mr. T anticipates the pleasure of taking her maidenhead when she is fourteen. I tell him that it is too early and that he ought to wait until she is fifteen, but he is so impatient that I fear he will have his own way.

    So good reader, both lady and gentleman, farewell!

    And may you never want a fuck,

    Nor yet a prick or cunt to suck.

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