Mother Eager Beaver


    Tom smiled at Barbara as his fingers weaved through the softness of her naturally red hair. A twist of fate had brought them together and nothing would tear them apart, not ever. The past thirteen years had brought them more love and pleasure than they realized possible. They were glad they'd been deserted by their first marriage partners.

    They didn't even know each other before the desertion hearings, and that is the fate which brought them together. The twist of fate was due to the fact their first marriage partners had run off with each other. Since their case was so closely related and involved the same persons, the judge called them in at the same time. They'd both been deserted and each of them had been left with a child. The hearings were a simple formality. It took a very few minutes for the judge to grant their divorces.

    Tom had looked at Barbara during the hearings, trying to figure out what kind of woman she was. He'd never liked a woman who pretended to be something she wasn't, and that's exactly how she appeared to him. That fiery hair hanging down below her shoulders was "false. It just had to be dyed. Her skin was smooth and creamy, very unlike the freckled redheads he knew-hell, she didn't even have a freckle. He found himself wondering if anything else about her was false.

    He walked up to her after the hearings were over and smiled as tenderly as he knew how, then asked if she'd like to get a cup of coffee. She didn't smile back but accepted his offer. That was the first of their meetings but it surely wasn't the last.

    They started dating, then Tom discovered there was nothing false about her, not even that glorious red hair. She was a real woman in every sense of the word.

    It didn't take either of them long to realize they were meant for each other, then the inevitable happened-they were married.

    That seemed like such a long time ago as his fingers entwined in the curls of her hair, then he smiled at her again.

    "What are you thinking?" she asked sweetly as she looked up at him. "You seem so far away."

    "I was thinking about us," he answered. "I was remembering how you and I came to be together in the first place. Are you happy?"

    "Oh, darling, I've never been happier," she smiled. "There are many times I thank God for letting Ben and Jo Ann leave us. It opened the door to my happiness."

    "Our happiness," he corrected her gazing at her sensual lips as they pursed with anticipation. "Our happiness is forever.

    He leaned over and kissed her tenderly, his hand easing beneath her short nightie as her head slid back to the pillow. Her breath quickened and became raspy as his hand covered one of her heaving breasts, then when his fingers brought her nipple to a pert hardness she began to quiver with desire. Her asscheeks started to churn expectantly as the crotch of her panties became damp with anticipated pleasure.

    "Mummmm Hummmm!" she purred as her hand eased between his legs to tease at his growing hardness. "Go all the way… darling! Fuck me tonight… pleaseeeeee! Don't leave me! I need you!"

    He glanced at his watch as his hand slipped beneath her panties to caress the soft fullness of that delightful pussymound, then his fingers eased into the puckered cleft of her sensual treasure as the flesh of his thumb teased at her swollen clit. God, her pussy was slushy with desire. He wished he could fuck her but there wasn't enough time.

    "It's past ten o'clock and I must punch in by eleven," he groaned as his index finger found the entrance to her vagina, then he shoved it into her hot depths and worked it around in her trembling belly. "God knows I want to fuck you, but I'd be late for work,"

    "Please… fuck me… darling!" she moaned as her legs opened for him. "I need your prick so much! It won't matter if you're a little late for work."

    "Yes. It will matter. I must be there to keep things running right," he answered apologetically. "I'll fuck you tomorrow night."

    Barbara hated it when Tom was on the night shift. He always managed to prepare her for his cock but he never had enough time to complete the job. Her cunt was left throbbing with desire after he went to work and her pussy juices spilled themselves on the covers till she did something about it. She usually fingered herself to a sort of satisfaction, but that wouldn't be enough tonight. Tom's prick felt so good in her hand. A hard cock would be the only thing that could possible satisfy her needs.

    "Please… Tom! I need to be fucked! Don't leave me like this!" she begged as her cuntal sheath contracted desperately on his thrusting finger. "Don't build me up and run off. I need a hard cock in me. Don't do this to me!"

    "Ill have tomorrow off, then 111 be on the day shift for awhile," he smiled as he continued to frig her hot pussy with his finger. "You can surely wait until tomorrow night. Hell, I can hardly wait, myself."

    Could she wait? She wondered if that were possible. Her cunt frothed as he worked his finger around inside her. Pussy juices flowed into the crack of her churning asscheeks as he brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Her cunny was beginning to quiver in ecstasy as his finger slipped from her pussy, then it was all over.

    "Pleaseee… darling… I need a cock," she whimpered as the burning in her pussy shot deep into her belly. "I need to be fucked!"

    "I'm afraid you'll have to fuck someone else if you need a cock so badly," he smiled teasing at her. "I can't fuck you till tomorrow night."

    "I can't stand it, Tom. Damn it! I can't wait! Don't you understand?" she groaned as she removed her nighty and panties, letting her hand ease between her legs to cover her undulating red brush, then a finger slipped into the slippery folds of that seething, delightful crease. "I need to be fucked now, not tomorrow night."

    He got up and smiled down at her as he watched the length of her finger disappear between her puckered pussylips, then he knew she was working it around inside the vagina.

    "That's it, baby! Finger that pretty little pussy for the time being," he suggested as he slipped on his clothes. "If I'm not too tired when I get home in the morning I'll fuck you. Maybe you won't have to wait till tomorrow night."

    "Ooohhh… Tom… aaaahh! I can't wait till morning," she writhed as her churning cunny began to fuck at her finger. "You've built me up' every night for two weeks, then you've run off to work. I can't stand it any more. I need your cock so badly! I need somebody's cock! Pleaseeeeee… fucckkk meeeee!"

    He slipped on his jacket, then he leaned over and kissed her as he patted the hand on her pussy.

    "It'll keep, darling," he smiled at her. "Just have it good and hot by the time I get back."

    "Pleaseeeee… darling! Don't do this to me!" she begged as he slammed the door behind him, then she opened her legs wide as possible and thrust another finger into her cunt. "I need a cock! Ooohhh… my God… I need a hard cock!"


    Tom had already left for work when Barbara rammed the third finger into her seething tunnel. She was desperate and there seemed to be nothing else she could do. Tom had left her wanting pussy burning and itching for the past two weeks. She'd frigged herself with her fingers a few times but it hadn't really satisfied her. If it were possible to ram her whole goddamned hand into her snatch it wouldn't satisfy her. She needed a hard cock and she knew it. Any cock! Any size! It didn't really make any difference as long as it was hard.

    The fourth finger was slipping into her overflowing sheath when she heard the knob of her door jiggle a little. Her fingers very quickly slurped from her hot snatch as she turned to her side. She didn't even have time to cover herself before her

    Redheaded son barged into the room.

    Her mind went blank. What could she do? Sleep? That's it! She'd pretend to be asleep.

    "Mama, are you awake?" he sobbed as he walked up to the bed. "Please be awake! I need you… Mama!"

    She couldn't pretend, not with her son on the verge of tears. Besides, he'd probably seen her turn onto her side.

    "What's the matter, darling?" she looked tenderly at him. "Why are you whimpering?"

    "I had a bad dream," he whimpered as a tear trickled down his cheek. "I can't go back to sleep."

    Her hands reached out to his as she tried to keep her breasts covered with her arms. It was shameful enough her young son had discovered her naked like this. She surely couldn't allow him to view her private parts. She was suddenly glad John was her

    youngest child-it would've been more than shameful if she'd been discovered by one of the older ones. It would've been downright disgraceful. Even '. Martha would've been smart enough to figure she'd been playing with herself.

    She shivered a little. What if Tom's had walked in on her? Worse yet, what if her own Mike had seen her like this?

    She suddenly wondered why she was thinking of Judy belonging to Tom and Mike belonging to her. Maybe it was because they were older than the other two and she didn't want either of them seeing her naked. They loved all the children as if they were full brothers and sisters. They'd always been mother and daddy to all of them. Judy was two and Mike was three when she and Tom married. Hell, they'd never known another mother or daddy.

    She squeezed John's hands tenderly as she hid her breasts from his view.

    "Was your dream really that bad, darling?" she tried to comfort him. "What did you dream about?"

    "Oh, M-m-mama!" he sobbed jerkingly as he fell into bed beside her. "I dreamed you… you died! It was terrible!"

    "Oh, baby, it's all right! I'm not dead! I'm right here beside you!" she comforted him as her arms surrounded his jerking body and pulled him to her warm naked breasts. Keeping herself hid from his view was no longer important. Trying to comfort her weeping son was the only thing that mattered right now. "I'm alive, John. I'm holding you close to me. It was only a dream, a bad dream. Don't cry, please!"

    His mother was warm and alive, He snuggled to her as his whimpering subsided, his arms sliding around her naked waist as he tried to pull her closer to him.

    "Please, Mama, don't make me leave you!" he pleaded. "Don't make me sleep with Mike. I'm scared."

    What could she do? She was completely naked and she was holding her son's body close *to her. John was almost naked. There was nothing covering him but his shorts. She felt the warmth of his young body on her as she shivered again.

    "You'll be all right in a minute, then you can go back to bed," she suggested, wondering what she'd do if he insisted on staying with her. "Everything is all right now. I'm alive and that's all that matters."

    "But I'm so scared, Mama!" he trembled in her arms. "Let me sleep with you, please!"

    She didn't answer him for a moment. She was so hot and bothered she couldn't stand it, and that warm crotch of his pushing at the lower section of her belly didn't help matters. At any-minute one of the other children could walk into the room. What the hell would happen then? There'd be no way to explain holding John close to her naked body. There'd really be no way to explain her nakedness in the first place, even without the presence of her young son.

    The inside of her thighs were sticky with juices of passion. Her quivering pussy was tingling and itching with a desire she'd never felt. Tom had left her in this predicament many times, but she'd never felt such a desperate need for a cock after he-went work. What could she do? She needed to ram something into her frothing depths. How could she do that? John was pleading to sleep with her,

    "You never answered me, Mama," he shivered a little, "Are you going to let me sleep with you? Please!"

    "Y-y-yes!" she heard her voice tremble, not knowing how else to answer him. "You can stay with me."

    "Thank you. Mama," he sighed as he kissed her on the cheek. "I'm not scared anymore."

    Barbara was now the scared one. She was scared to death John would feel the wetness between her legs. She must do something. The itching and tingling in her pussy was growing worse. She'd never get any sleep holding his warm body next to her, not without first satisfying her throbbing membranes. She couldn't frig herself with him lying beside her. She must use the privacy of the bathroom.

    "Will you be all right by yourself for awhile?" she asked anxiously. "I need to use the bathroom."

    "Yes. But please hurry," he pleaded hopefully. "I don't want to be by myself."

    "I'll hurry, darling," she promised, not knowing how the hell she was going to get to her robe without him seeing her naked pussy.

    She wouldn't dare ask him to close his eyes. He'd know she was ashamed of being naked with him and he'd suspect something was wrong. She suddenly shivered a little. He'd also suspect something was wrong if she got up and put on her robe. He'd know she felt guilt about something and she couldn't allow that. The only thing she could do is slip out of bed and go to the bathroom just as she was, naked as hell. It would surely appear less conspicuous to her son if she pretended this was a normal thing for her.

    She got out of bed, trying to appear cool and calm about her nakedness. Her heart pounded in her chest as his young eyes moved over her body, then she trembled mysteriously as his gaze came to rest on her red haired pussymound. She was certain he could see the glistening wetness between her thighs. What would she do? What could she do? He was looking anxiously at her sex-starved pussy and his very young eyebrows were raised in a sinful arch. He licked at his lips as her cuntal sheath contracted crazily. A sudden thrilling chill shot up and down her spine as she realized a certain pleasure from her young son's exploring eyes. Jesus, what the hell was happening to her? Was she losing her goddamned mind?

    "What's the matter, darling?" she asked, her body trembling with unknown anticipation at the tender caress of his youthful stare. "Is something wrong?"

    "No. Nothing's wrong." He smiled sheepishly at her. "I just couldn't help looking at you like that and I'm sorry I did it. I hope you'll forgive me."

    "There's nothing to forgive. What could possibly be wrong when a young boy wants to look at his mother's naked body?" she heard a strange, trembling voice emerge from the depths of her throat, then she realized she'd better get the hell out of there before she lost control of herself. "I'll be back in a few minutes."

    "Don't be gone long, Mama," he said as she turned and walked to the door. "Since it's not wrong for me to look at you I want to do it some more when you get back,"

    "Oh, my God!" Barbara gasped under her breath as she closed the door behind her. "What the hell am I doing? I've led my son to believe it's all right to look at my naked pussy. Worse yet, I was beginning to enjoy letting him look at me. My pussy is on fire for a cock and his young eyes made me feel somewhat sinful. I dread to thin what 11 happen if he wants to look at me when I go back to my room. What's happening to me? I know he'll want to look at me. What can I do?"

    There's only one thing she could do at this point-take care of her frothing snatch in the privacy of the bathroom and deny her son the pleasure of looking at her naked pussy.

    A smile crossed John's face as his little prick began to stir. He couldn't understand why his mother said it wasn't wrong for him to look at her. He knew it was wrong. He also knew it was wrong on her part to stand there and let him look. He didn't know what had come over her but he was glad of the sudden change in his mother. He'd never seen a red haired pussy and he couldn't seem to wait for her return. His three inch cock soared to complete hardness as an idea crossed his mind. He slipped his shorts off his legs and dropped them beside the bed. He didn't know what it'd prove, but if it was all right for his mother to be naked it was surely all right for him to be naked.

    John knew he was too young to fuck but he wasn't too young to think about it. He'd spied on his sisters a couple of times while they were taking a bath, then he went into his bedroom and played with himself while he thought about their naked pussies. It would be more than wonderful if he could play with himself while looking at his mother's beautiful red haired pussy. It'd almost be as if he were fucking her. Maybe he could play with himself without letting her know what he was doing. Hurry, Mama. He prayed. I want to look at you some more.

    Barbara locked the bathroom door behind her, then she lowered the lid on the commode seat. She sat down and opened her legs as her hands caressed the inside of her sticky thighs, then she leaned against the tank. She raised her knees a little as her pussylips gaped for the pleasure she hoped to give herself. The fingers of one hand opened her labia while two fingers of the other hand eased into the warm slipperiness of her swollen membranes.

    She teased at the contracting entrance of her seething vagina for only a brief moment before ramming her fingers into the very depths of her wanting belly. She worked them around inside her tunnel for a minute, then she slipped another finger into her cuntal sheath and gasped at the pleasure she felt. She quickly eased the fourth finger beneath her grasping pussylips and thrust it alongside the other three. Her breath quickened as her asscheeks undualted on the commode lid, forcing her frothing, cunny up and down in a fucking motion at her demanding hand.

    She was on the verge of orgasm but she just couldn't seem to bring herself off. All four fingers were rammed into her up to the third knuckle but it wasn't enough. She needed a cock. That's the only thing which would do her any good. She'd give almost anything to feel a hard cock inside her right now.

    "What's the use?" she groaned as her fingers slurped from the heat of her wanting snatch. "This is no good. It just won't do the job."

    She suddenly thought of John as she reached for a towel. She couldn't let her son see juices of desire bubbling from her pussy. Maybe he'd forget about wanting to look at her but she doubted it. She wiped the wetness from her legs and pussy as she stood up. She looked at the reflection of her reddened face in the small mirror. It looked sinful and guilty, then she shivered from fright. What would she do if he still wanted to look at her? Could she just stand there and let him look without desiring more attention from him? Her swollen dit suddenly throbbed and ached with desire. Would she dare ask him to touch it with his finger and caress it? She trembled as she remembered the thrill of his young eyes on her nakedness, then a tear slithered down the cheek of the image in the mirror.

    What in the goddamned hell was she thinking? What was happening to her moral standards? She wanted a cock and she couldn't help it. Another tear suddenly trickled down the other cheek of the image. She couldn't help needing a cock so. badly, but she could stop thinking about her son this way. Jesus, even her thoughts seemed disgraceful and sinful. She smiled at her image as she told herself she could never stoop low enough to do anything other than let her son look at her. And she'd do that only because she'd led him to believe it was all right.

    She walked back to her bedroom with more confidence in herself, then she found herself bolting the door behind her. She gasped as her eyes fell to the bed, then her face turned white with shock. John was completely naked and he was lying on his back. Her knees almost buckled as her eyes locked upon the engorged hardness at his crotch. His little cock was pointed straight at the ceiling, standing at attention in proudness.

    "Oh, my God!" she moaned as her cuntal sheath contracted mysteriously, causing the inside of her thighs to become wet with oozing fluids of desire. It'd done no good to wipe herself off; her pussy was just as damp as it'd been in the bathroom. "John, what the hell do you think you're doing?"

    "Nothing, Mama. I just got naked like you," he tried to smile innocently at her. "It's all right, isn't it?"

    What could she say? He'd assumed if it was right for her to be naked it was right for him to be naked. She wanted to cover his naked body and get that hard prick out of her sight. It was literally tearing at her insides sticking up like that, and what it was doing to her mind was even worse. She was already trying to figure a way to get it into her quivering depths. She felt faint and feverish as she looked lustily at his gorgeous little cock. She couldn't allow this. Oh, God, she just couldn't. Her body began to jerk a little, then she began to sob. The sobbing was more for her son's sake than for her own.

    John's expression changed. His mother was crying uncontrollably and knew it was somehow his fault. He jumped out of bed and ran to her, throwing his arms around her and pulling her close as his hard cock pressed upward between her creamy thighs.

    "I'm sorry, Mama, I didn't mean to make you cry," he whimpered, beginning to sob a little. "What did I do wrong? Why are you crying?"

    Her voice choked up. She couldn't say a thing as her son pulled her to his warm nakedness. She felt that glorious little cock of his penetrating the soft valley between the upper section of her thighs, wishing it were penetrating the crease of her pussy. Sweet Jesus, this was her son's young cock between her legs and her pussy juices were flooding her thighs because of the delightful feeling. She knew she should push him away and run back into the bathroom but it was already too late for that. Her sinful, selfish need for a cock had driven her into her son's arms. Maybe it had driven him into her arms. It didn't really matter, his hard cock was between her legs and it felt good. She couldn't seem to keep her legs from opening a little, permitting his cock to push deeper and settle higher between her creamy thighs, then she caressed at his hardness with the warm softness of her skin as her arms surrounded him.

    They stood there holding each other close as her hands soothed her son's naked back, pulling him even closer to her. He wondered why she was still crying. Hell, she was sobbing worse than before. Her heart must be breaking. She's the one who should be soothed. His hands slowly moved up and down the silky smoothness of her back, caressing her naked skin tenderly. He liked her close to him like this and he liked the feel of his cock between her warm legs, but he surely didn't like to hear her cry.

    "Don't cry, Mama, please!" he begged as tears began to stream down his cheeks. "I just wanted to look at you. I didn't know you would get upset if I got naked like you."

    Barbara found herself smiling a little at her son's concerned voice, then she somehow managed to control her sobbing and jerking. The choked up feeling in her throat was gone. Maybe she could finally talk to her son. She backed away from him and looked into his tearstained face, her eyes coming to rest on his puckered little lips.

    "You're the one who shouldn't cry; you've done nothing wrong." She smiled down at him, then she kissed him on the cheek. "You're a little too young to understand what I felt when I saw you naked awhile ago. When you're older you'll know what I'm talking about. And don't worry about me; I'll get over this in a few minutes."

    "I don't think I want you to get over it," his lips puckered even more. "I like to look at you and I like to hold you close to me. It feels good."

    "It feels good to me too, darling. That's why we shouldn't do it," she whispered as tears came back to her eyes. "You see, it's wrong for us to do such things. I led you on, forcing you to do something you didn't want to. I'm sorry, John. Can you forgive me?"

    "There's nothing to forgive," he smiled as he threw her own words back at her. "What could possibly be wrong when a young boy wants to look at his mother's naked body? And what could possibly be wrong when he wants to hold her close to him? Especially when it feels so good?"

    "You're making this very difficult, John," she moaned, trying to smile a little. "It's wrong, don't you understand that?"

    "I don't care," he looked hopefully at her. "It felt good, especially when my… my thing was between your legs. Can't we hold each other like that some more?"

    She moaned as her body trembled a little, then her gaze again fell to his crotch. His cock was still hard as a rock. She licked at her lips as she looked down between their bodies. Her heart began to pound in her chest as she thought about holding his hardness between her legs. It did feel good. She couldn't deny that. Her breath began to come in short fast spasms as her eyebrows raised into that sinful arch. She felt that incestuous demon enter her heart, causing her pussy to throb with a desire she'd never known. If only this wasn't her son. She could overlook the fact that John was only ten years old, but could she overlook the fact that he was her son. The demon in her heart suddenly screamed out for passion, then she knew she could overlook anything.

    "Can't we, Mama?" he repeated his question. "Can't we hold each other some more?"

    "Do you really want to, my little darling?" she heard the strange demon in her throat again. "Do you want to stick your… your cock between your mama's legs and hold her close?'5

    "Yes! Oh, yes!" he exclaimed excitedly. "Can we do it right now?"

    "Yes! The sooner the better," she groaned as she eased closer and opened her legs. "Do it right now! Oh, God! Pleaseee!"

    John slid his hardness between her warm thighs and scrambled close as possible. His arms surrounded her as he pushed high into her soft creaminess, then her legs closed on him.

    "That feels good, Mama," he groaned as the warmness of her thighs caressed tenderly at his cock. "Does it feel good to you?"

    "Ooohhh! Yes! It's just what I need!" she gurgled as his cock throbbed a little, then she could contain herself no longer. Her asscheeks began to churn slightly, forcing his cock back and forth between her thighs in a slow fucking rhythm.

    "That's what feels good," he moaned as her arms surrounded him. "I like to feel myself sliding back and forth between your legs like this."

    She groaned as her legs parted, then she squatted onto him as her hands slid to his youthful asscheeks. She grasped them firmly and worked his hard shaft back and forth on her frothing cleft, then she clamped her legs shut and pulled him to her. He wasn't inside her, but that little knob of his was caressing the slushy membranes of her labia as his shaft teased at her bursting clit. Her breath was hot on his neck as her asscheeks churned faster and faster. The gurgling in her throat became something sensual as he began to push back at her.

    "You're wet down there, Mama," he sighed as his fingers touched the roundness of her buttocks. "It feels good, but what does it mean? Do you have to go to the bathroom?"

    "No, darling, I don't have to go to the bathroom," she cooed sinfully at him. "It only means I want you so much. Your mama needs that little cock of yours."

    "I don't know exactly what you mean, Mama," he looked at her wonderingly. "What do you mean when you say you need my cock?"

    She looked into his innocent face, then she brushed his young lips with hers. The tip of her tongue teased at the crease of his lips, then slithered deep into the wetness of his channel as she kissed him passionately. It was more than she could stand, especially when his youthful tongue started searching the depths of her mouth. She suddenly released him and dropped to her knees.

    "I'll show you what I mean, darling," the demon gurgled in her throat as her fingers reached for his cock, then she rolled it between her fingertips. "Remember when you said you liked looking at me? Well, I like to look at you just as much. In fact, I like to look at you so much I feel the need to play with you. I feel the need to kiss that little cock of yours. I feel the need to… to do things you can't understand."

    "You can kiss my cock if you want," he smiled down at her blushing face. "You can do anything. I know all about sex if that's what you're worried about."

    She was shocked at her son's words, but delighted as hell to hear them. She couldn't have stopped the demon in her right now if her life depended on it. It was somewhat comforting to know her son wouldn't be taken by surprise. There's no telling how far she'd go before she was through with that little cock. One thing she knew for sure-she must somehow reach an orgasm.


    Barbara's tongue trembled as it slithered from between her wanting lips, then it barely touched upon the warmth of her son's engorged cockhead. Her body quivered as she looked up into his innocent eyes, the tip of her tongue teasing in a circular fashion around his purplish little rim. He sighed, then she saw his eyes close as he thrust forward so she could have her way with his young hardness.

    She cuddled his tight nut-sac in her hands as the tip of her tongue pushed against his slitted pisshole, then her mouth watered as her lips parted to cover half of his delightful crown. She sucked at his small hole with passion as her fingers tickled at his young balls, then she fondled them tenderly in their tight pouch. Her wet tongue slid beneath the rim of his knob and fluttered on his little cord of desire as her hands left bis balls and eased around his hips to his backside. She felt him shiver as her hands cupped his youthful asscheeks, then he began to tremble as her fingertips eased into the valley of his half-moons to tease at his puckered asshole.

    His wrinkled little pucker nibbled at her intruding fingertips, then she felt his knob jerk delightfully between her pursed lips. The tingling fire in her belly suddenly became a flaming inferno. Her desperate pussy was itching and throbbing for some kind of attention. Her swollen membranes had never been so slushy with juices of passion, and she was getting wetter with each contraction of her cuntal sheath.

    One of her hands slid between her creamy thighs, then she squeezed at the fullness of her soft pussymound. Her red cunt hair was damp, almost matted together with stickiness. The tip of her forefinger eased into the top of her slippery gash to tease at her swollen clitoris, then it slid into the warmness of her puffy vulva to tease at the mouth of her wanting vagina. It circled her contracting entrance a few times, then she shoved it deep into her quivering sheath.

    The demon in her feverish body closed a forbidden door in her foggy mind, making this moment of bliss seem clean and wholesome. It was suddenly right to be with her son like this. It no longer mattered they were mother, and son and it no longer mattered he was only eighteen. His little cock was extremely hard and that.was the important thing-his cock was exactly what she needed.

    A gurgling groan escaped his lips as her other hand worked his hips in a circular motion, driving his cockshaft in and out of her sucking channel, then her fingers tickled more sensually at his tender asshole. When she felt his wrinkled pucker dilate with desire she shoved a finger into his young rectum.

    Her hot mouth was a demanding thing on his hard cock as she sucked with a passion she'd never known. She felt his shaft stiffen to the utmost, then it began to jerk crazily between her lips. If he'd been four years older she'd have been swallowing his cum into her stomach. She wished her son could cum in her mouth; she'd like to feel gooey semen erupting from that delightful little slit at the tip of his young cock. She felt as if she could drink his piss right now and feel no regrets.

    Her asscheeks began to churn a little as she frigged herself with her thrusting finger. Oh, God! She'd give anything for a good climax. She was getting very close but not quite close enough. Something just had to push her over the cliffs of ecstasy, but it sure as hell wouldn't be her finger. If she couldn't release herself soon she'd lose her goddamned mind.

    John watched her for a moment, then he began to feel sorry for her. He knew she needed something but he wasn't old enough to understand the needs of an older woman. He somehow had to please his mother. Maybe if he played with her pussy it would feel good to her. He knew her hands had felt good on him.

    John was a young boy but he was old enough to know his mother needed more than her finger. He pushed her gently away from him, forcing his hard cock to slurp from her sucking mouth. When she looked longingly up at him, her eyes sparkling with a lust he wasn't quite familiar with, he was smart enough to realize she needed a real man. He wasn't a real man but he would surely try to be one. John may be young but he wasn't exactly stupid.

    He held his hands out to her, then he lifted her to her feet. He led her to the bed and gave a childish gesture, letting her know he was there for her.

    Barbara watched her son motion toward Hie bed, then her body trembled a little as she realized he wanted to become the aggressive one. She crawled into bed and flopped onto her back, not knowing what to expect from an inexperienced youngster. Would he want to kiss her naked body? Would he want to play with her private parts? Maybe he even had intentions of thrusting his young finger into her vagina. Jeez! What if he wanted to fuck her? Would she allow him to go that far?

    Her cuntal sheath suddenly quivered at the thought of his little cock sliding back and forth inside her, then she realized anything he wanted to do would be all right with her. Her vision blurred as she looked up at him and tried to smile. Tears filled her eyes as she realized she'd lost all control of herself. She could stop what was happening to her right now no more than she could stop breathing.

    John just stood there and looked at his naked mother. Her body began to tremble again as her eyes sparkled with tears, yet her eyes seemed to be dancing and glistening with sinful delight. He hoped she wasn't about to cry.

    "Don't cry again, Mama," he pleaded, then he sat beside her and took one of her hands in his. "I like to see you happy."

    "I am happy, darling. I've never been happier in my -whole life," she squeezed his hands gently. "I just don't want to feel as if I've forced you to do something we'll both jregret. I shouldn't have allowed this to start in the first place and now I can't seem to do anything to stop it."

    "Do you want it to stop?" he asked wonderingly. "I wanted to look at you some more." ;

    The trembling in his voice suggested he wanted to do a lot more than just look. Barbara smiled at her young son as his voice caused a tremor in her burning pussy. She yearned to feel his hands on her body. It was too late to deny she needed him; she only hoped she could control her emotions. What was he waiting for? Why wouldn't he reach out to her? She suddenly wondered if he lacked the courage to touch her, then she remembered his ' very young age. The poor little fellow was too young to realize what he should do. The female body was still a mystery to him. Hell, he didn't know how to begin the delightful sensations of foreplay. He needed a little encouragement from her.

    "I don't really want to stop, darling," she cooed sweetly as her other hand moved to his face, then one of her fingers tenderly outlined his pouting lips. "I want to feel your hands all over me."

    She saw him swallow hard, then she knew for a fact he wanted to do more than just look.

    "I think I want you to kiss me first," she suggested. "Then I'll show you what I want you to do."

    He smiled joyfully as he stooped over and kissed her on the cheek. His mother understood his plight; she'd gladly show him how to play with her body.

    "No! I don't want you to kiss me like that," she purred sinfully, then she cupped his little face with her hands and pulled his lips slowly toward her own. "I want you to kiss me like this."

    Her lips brushed his as both of them shivered, then the tender kiss of passion turned into something hot and sensual. His young tongue jabbed hotly into her sucking mouth and probed deeply, searching the mysteries of his mother's warm, wet, quivering channel. She sucked wantingly at his delightful tongue as she pulled it deeper and deeper into her throat, then they were no longer mother and son-they were lovers lost in a sensual passion of their very own.

    Barbara's breath was hot on her son's lips as she felt him pushing her deeper and deeper into oblivion. She reached for his hands, tugging them to her heaving breasts. She placed them upon her naked flesh, shivering as he kneaded them tenderly. He was so young and awkward, yet he was so gentle with her. It was almost as if he were afraid he was going to hurt her in some way. She worked his fingertips back and forth across her nipples, then she began to groan with desperate need.

    John felt her nipples harden beneath his fingers, then he began to caress them of his own accord.

    "Your titties are getting hard like my cock," he whispered between her passionate lips, "Are they dancing and glistening with sinful delight. He hoped she wasn't about to cry.

    "Don't cry again, Mama," he pleaded, then he sat beside her and took one of her hands in his. "I like to see you happy."

    "I am happy, darling, I've never been happier in my -whole life," she squeezed his hands gently. "I just don't want to feel as if I've forced you to do something we'll both regret. I shouldn't have allowed this to start in the first place and now 1 can't seem to do anything to stop it."

    "Do you want it to stop?" he asked wonderingly. "I wanted to look at you some more."

    The trembling in his voice suggested he wanted to do a lot more than just look. Barbara smiled at her young son as his voice caused a tremor in her burning pussy. She yearned to feel his hands on her body. It was too late to deny she needed him; she only hoped she could control her emotions. What was he waiting for? Why wouldn't he reach out to her? She suddenly wondered if he lacked the courage to touch her, then she remembered his very young age. The poor little fellow was too young to realize what he should do. The female body was still a mystery to him. Hell, he didn't know how to begin the delightful sensations of foreplay. He needed a little encouragement from her.

    "I don't really want to stop, darling," she cooed sweetly as her other hand moved to his face, then one of her fingers tenderly outlined his pouting lips. "I want to feel your hands all over me."

    She saw him swallow hard, then she knew for a fact he wanted to do more than just look.

    "I think I want you to kiss me first," she suggested. "Then I’ll show you what I want you to do."

    He smiled joyfully as he stooped over and kissed her on the cheek. His mother understood his plight; she'd gladly show him how to play with her body.

    "No! I don't want you to kiss me like that," she purred sinfully, then she cupped his little face with her hands and pulled his lips slowly toward her own. "I want you to kiss me like this."

    Her lips brushed his as both of them shivered, then the tender kiss of passion turned into something hot and sensual. His young tongue jabbed hotly into her sucking mouth and probed deeply, searching the mysteries of his mother's warm, wet, quivering channel. She sucked wantingly at his delightful tongue as she pulled it deeper and deeper into her throat, then they were no longer mother and son they were lovers lost in a sensual passion of their very own.

    Barbara's breath was hot on her son's lips as she felt him pushing her deeper and deeper into oblivion. She reached for his hands, tugging them to her heaving breasts. She placed them upon her naked flesh, shivering as he kneaded them tenderly. He was so young and awkward, yet he was so gentle with her. It was almost as if he were afraid he was going to hurt her in some way. She worked his fingertips back and forth across her nipples, then she began to groan with desperate need.

    John felt her nipples harden beneath his fingers, then he began to caress them of his own accord.

    "Your titties are getting hard like my cock," he whispered between her passionate lips. "Are they supposed to do that?”

    "My titties aren't getting hard. Those are my nipples," she giggled sinfully. "They get hard when I'm really enjoying myself, and it feels even better when someone pinches on them gently and rolls them between their fingertips."

    "Like this, Mama?" he asked as he rolled her hardened nubs between the flesh of his fingers.

    "Ooohhh, Godddd, yessss!" she gurgled deeply as the delightful tingling in her breasts shot through her body to the area of her seething snatch. "Exactly like that!"

    He continued to roll her delightful nipples between his fingers as her breathing got shorter and faster, then he noticed she was gasping for breath. It excited the hell out of him to know his fingers were giving her so much pleasure. He pinched at them a little harder, then his mother's body began to tremble and quiver as erotic groans escaped her pouting lips.

    "You're beautiful, Mama," he whispered as he lowered his head to her chest, then his tender lips found one of her nipples. He sucked it into the warm wetness of his mouth as his tongue lashed back and forth across it, making it harden to the very utmost.

    She thrust her heaving tittie up at his searching mouth as her asscheeks began to undulate upon the covers. She grasped one of his hands and pushed it frantically over the silky smoothness of her naked belly to her slightly churning red-haired pussymound, then she forced his gentle fingers around the puffy fullness of her frothing triangle. His young heart pounded in his chest as he felt her pussy push wantingly into the palm of his hand. Oh, God! What should he do? He'd never felt: a pussy before. He squeezed gently at his mother's mound, wondering if he were putting too much pressure on her delicate looking pussy. The inside of her reddened labia had looked so sensitive and ' tender while she was playing with herself, yet she'd frantically rammed her finger in and out of herself with force. He wished he were more experienced; he'd love to put his finger inside her raw gash but he surely didn't want to hurt her.

    "You won't hurt me, darling," she gurgled as she looked into his wondering eyes, almost as if she were reading his mind. "Ease your finger into my pussy… please! I need to feel your finger inside me."

    One of his young fingers very awkwardly slid beneath the pouting lips of her pussymound and explored the swollen membranes of that slushy labia. The tip of his fleshy little finger worked back and forth across the seething mouth of her vaginal sheath, then he felt it nibbling at him. He teased mysteriously at it, not knowing he should thrust his finger any deeper.

    "Jeez! Your pussy's so slippery, Mama," he smiled at her as he felt her push up and down at his hand. "It's even wetter than before; that means you're enjoying it more, doesn't it?"

    "Yesss… ooohhh… yessss! I'm enjoying it a lot more," she groaned desperately as her pussy thrust hotly up at him. "Push your finger all the way into me… please! Make it feel even better."

    "But, Mama," he protested a little, "my finger's far as it'll go."

    "No, darling! It'll go deeper," she moaned as her cuntal juices ran into the crack of her asscheeks.

    "Push your finger deeper… pleaseeee! Ooohhh… Pleaseeee!"

    John frowned a little as he pushed his finger downward, then smiled as his finger slid into the contracting entrance of her hot tunnel. His finger was actually going deeper into her pussy and it seemed to be getting hotter to him. His smile got broader as a certain mystery opened up for him. He'd always wondered how a man could get his huge cock inside a woman's small pussy; he now knew it must enter that contracting, delightful sheath. He wished he could fuck; he'd love to put his cock in a sheath like his mother's.

    "Mama, can I put my… my cock between your legs again," he asked hopefully, wanting to get his hard cock close as possible to her beautiful red-haired pussy. "I like to feel it sliding between your legs."

    He smiled down at her as he crawled onto her naked body, then pushed his hardness between her creamy thighs, letting his shaft slide against the crease of her slippery pussy as he pushed deep into the valley of her warmth. He had purposely eased his cockshaft between her thighs at a higher point so it would put pressure on her delicate slit when he moved back and forth. He wanted to put his cock inside a pussy, and if he could catch his mother off guard he'd have his cock inside her before she could stop him. It may seem like a dirty scheme and she may beat the hell out of him for it, but if he could fuck her it'd be worth it.

    Barbara suddenly came to her senses as she felt her son's small cock easing up and down the slippery crease of her pussy mound. The demon had left her body. He'd left her to fight it out alone, but he'd left at a time her son's cock was feeling the very best to her. His hard shaft was actually inside her slit, sliding up and down against her slushy labia while his hairless young pubis pounded into her swollen clitoris.

    Oh, my God! My son's cock is almost inside my vagina. She tried to reason with herself. What the hell am I doing? Why have I allowed this? How can I keep him from fucking me? John, my own son! This is a terrible act of incest! Sweet Jesus, I’m letting my son's cock tease at my pussy.

    She grasped his shoulders and pushed him upward but it only forced his engorged crown deeper into her wanting vulva. His knob was now teasing at the entrance to her vagina. Her cuntal sheath contracted with passion, then more sticky juices flowed into the valley of her asscheeks. She couldn't allow this to happen; it was unforgivable. What would people think of a thirty-four-year-old woman letting her young son fuck her? Her mind suddenly went blank again as her legs began to part beneath him. His thrusting little cock was just too sensual to ignore. She needed a cock in her pussy and she couldn't deny that fact. No one would have to know she'd fucked her own son. Her door was locked. No one would know what happened between them. Besides, she didn't care if the whole goddamned world knew about her and John; it was all Tom's fault anyway. He shouldn't have made her need a cock so badly.

    She felt John's little crown penetrate the entrance of her frothing sheath, then her legs surrounded his asscheeks as her legs opened wide. She locked her feet together, then she pulled him into her hot depths, forcing his tight nut-sac to push into her gaping labia,

    "No! Oh, my God! John, what are you doing to me?" she gasped feebly as his pubis caressed her bursting clit, making her cunt quiver with forbidden lust. It'd kill her if his prick should slip from her hot tunnel; she'd never allow it to do that. She tightened her legs around his little ass, then her cunny grasped his cock in its slippery clutches. Her asscheeks began to undulate beneath him as her cuntal sheath gripped his hardness in sudden orgasm. "Aaahhh! Jeeeezzzz! Are you trying to fuck your mama?"

    "Am I doing it right, Mama?" he groaned as he felt her hot pussy suck madly at his little shaft. "Does my cock feel good to you?"

    "Yesss! It… it feels so good." She gurgled as her orgasm grew in intensity. "But move it around a little… pleaseeee! Slide it back and forth inside me. Aaahhh, yesssss! That's it! Godddd, that's itttt! Move it faster, darling! Faster!"

    John's hard little cock began to ram into her spasming sheath with force as she writhed delightfully beneath him. The harder he pounded into her the more she seemed to enjoy it. Sweat popped out on his forehead as he slammed into her for all he was worth, driving his cock in and out of her like a miniature pile driver.

    "Mmmm… honey… I'm going to CUM! Your little cock's driving me up the wall. Fuck me harder… make me cum… pleaseeee!" she begged as her body began to quake in an ecstasy she'd never known, then love juices started bubbling from her frothing pussylips like a small overflowing well of passion. "Aaaggghhh! Fuuccckkk meeee… sugar! I'm cuuummminnnggg! Oooooohhhhhh… My Godddddd… I'm cuummminnnngggg all over you! Jeeeezzzzz…it feeeelllls sooooo goooood! I can't help it! Aaaahhhh…Sweet Jesus… Oooooo!"

    "Ssssshhh, Mama!" he tried to quieten her down a little. "You may wake the others."

    "I dont care!Oh, My God, I don't seem to care about anything but your beautiful little cock," she squealed in sinful pleasure. "I dont care if the whole World wakens; this is the best fuck I ever had."

    John finally covered her lips with his own. He had to muffle her sounds. His young tongue slithered into her passionate mouth as she continued to spend herself in the most delightful orgasm of her life. She pulled his tongue into her contracting chute, then she sucked on it as if she were sucking his cock. He groaned as he felt his cock jerk a few times, then he felt his mother relax beneath him. Her orgasm was over and his little balls were covered with the slippery aftermath of her ecstatic spasms. There was nothing left but delightful moans and groans of satisfaction from his mother's lips. Her cuntal sheath had stopped gripping at his hardness but he could feel it quivering in the last throes of beautiful ecstasy.

    "Don't get up, darling," she whispered hotly in his ear as she pulled him closer to her. "Leave your cock inside me for a little while."

    He relaxed on the smooth softness of his mother's naked body as his head nestled between her full breasts. He was more comfortable than he'd ever been. Hell, he'd stay like this all night if she wanted him to.

    "Let's stay like this all night, Mama," he suggested sweetly. "I like this."

    She smiled as they snuggled closer. Neither of them had any intentions of changing their present position.


    Barbara awoke with a sudden start. She yawned and glanced at her watch, then she smiled as she remembered the hardness of her son's little cock. It'd been such a beautiful dream, a dream so real it was almost as if it'd actually happened. She turned to her side, then her heart pounded wildly. Her naked son was lying beside her.

    ''Oh, my God!" she gasped, his youthful nakedness bringing her back to reality. It was no dream. Every moment of sinful bliss had been the real thing. "I've seduced my son. In my moments of sinful lust I compelled my baby to fuck me. What'll he think of me? What I'll do?"

    She looked at her watch again. It was six o'clock. The rest of her children would be awake in a little while. John must be in his own bed before the others realized what had happened.

    She frantically shook his sleeping body, then his eyes fluttered open.

    "Morning, Mama," he muttered as he slipped his arm around her naked waist. "I'm glad I slept with you, aren't you?"

    "Yes, darling," she groaned in despair. "But you've got to go to your bed before the others awake. You'd better put on your shorts and leave." "Why, Mama?" he asked sleepily, then snuggled up to her naked warmness. "You weren't worried about them last night."

    "I wasn't worried about anything last night, but I was crazy with lust," she shook with fear. "Get your shorts on and go to your room. No one must • find out what we've done. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

    "Yes, I understand," he groaned as he climbed out of bed and slipped on his shorts, then he walked over to her door and opened it, "but I enjoyed what we did, Mama."

    "I enjoyed it too, darling," she answered, knowing it must never happen again, "but we must never tel! anyone about things we did."

    "I understand," he winked at her in a childish way. "I'd never be that stupid."

    He smiled at her as he closed the door, then he was gone.

    Barbara thought about her husband and the happiness she'd found with him. She hadn't fucked anyone except Tom since their marriage, not till last night. She never desired to fuck anyone else till he started working some at night. She wouldn't have desired it even then if he hadn't left her pussy dripping with passion night after night. This whole goddamned thing was Tom's fault and she knew it, yet fucking her son was inexcusable. If she'd fucked some stranger it would've been a different matter; she could've at least forgiven herself.

    She shivered as she thought about facing Tom when he came in from work. One look at her and he'd know what she'd done. She sat on the edge of the bed, then dropped her face into her hands. She began to whimper a little, then the whimpering became jerking sobs. In a few moments she was crying uncontrollably and her hands were filling with tears. What would she do if Tom saw the guilt on her face? How would he react when he realized she'd fucked John? Her marriage would be through! So would her happiness! So would her life! Yes! She'd rather die than let him find out what she'd done. She'd die anyway if he found out.

    She walked over to the dresser drawer where Tom kept his pistol, then opened it slowly. She reached inside and withdrew the.38 special, then held it in her hands. She studied it through blurry eyes. Her dream had suddenly become a nightmare, a nightmare which must end her life. She cocked it and held it to her head, pressing the end of the barrel to her temple. She closed her eyes, her finger tightening upon the trigger. In a few moments there'd be no need for forgiveness; her life would be over and it'd be as though she never existed.

    The slamming of the front door brought back her senses. She tossed the pistol back into the drawer and slammed it shut, then ran to the bed as tears streamed down her face. She fell onto the covers, her body jerking with the shame she felt.

    Her tears flowed freely to the pillow as Tom walked into the room.

    He took one look at her jerking nakedness, then walked to the bed and sat beside his beautiful wife. She'd been crying all the goddamned night because of him and his stupidity. He never should've walked out when she needed him so badly.

    "My God, darling! What've I done to you?" he groaned, placing his hands on her naked shoulders and kneading tenderly. "I didn't realize I was leaving you in such a predicament. Jesus, I'm sorry! Please, forgive me! I didn't know you were going to lie here and cry all night. Hell, I thought you were joking when you said you needed me."

    Her body jerked even more beneath his caressing hands. Her concerned husband thought she was crying because he'd left her last night. The poor thing couldn't know why her heart was breaking. He was trying to place the blame on himself. It was true that he'd made her need a cock, but he hadn't twisted her arm and forced her to fuck John. She turned over and looked at him through tear filled eyes, knowing he would see the shame and guilt on her face.

    His hands rested on her breasts as she settled beneath him, then his fingers twirled her nipples between them. He felt her pull away from him, then he looked into her face. He didn't see shame nor guilt on her beautiful face; he only saw the hurt she felt. He couldn't blame her for pulling away; he'd hurt her terribly.

    "I-I-I wasn't joking, Tom," her voice jerked. "I needed you! You're responsible for everything that happened to me."

    "I know, and I'm really sorry about that," he apologized. "I just wish you hadn't been alone all night, especially since you were crying your heart out for me."

    Her face looked so innocent and pure to him. His wife was the most virtuous woman in the whole goddamned world.

    Tears continued to flow from her eyes as she began to feel sorry for him. She was the guilty one and he was being punished. She couldn't tell him about John. If he couldn't see the guilt written all over her face it wasn't her fault. She wished she could be alone for awhile; she needed to think about what had happened to her and what she was doing to Tom.

    "I don't want to hurt you any more than I have," he said, looking deep into her watery eyes. "I know I promised to fuck you this morning, but how the hell could I know one of the machines would break down. I've got to go back to the plant."

    Did she hear him right? Was her prayer being answered? Would she have the time she needed to think things through? She didn't say anything; she only looked at him wonderingly.

    "I'm sorry, darling. I know how much you wanted me to fuck you but I can't do it. I have to be at the plant within the hour." He apologized, taking her hands in his. "I'm the only one capable of repairing the machine. It's ironic that this happened when you need me the very most."

    "Will you have time to eat breakfast?" she looked at him wonderingly.

    "I'm afraid not, darling," he smiled down at her. "I'm holding everything up by being here right now. I need to get back at once."

    "Wake the children for me," she said as she managed to sit on the edge of the bed. "Ill get their breakfast ready for them."

    "You're not mad at me for leaving, are you?" he asked, dragging his finger tenderly between her puckered pussylips. "I can't help this."

    "No! I'm not mad," she tried to sound calm, relieved she wouldn't have to face him for a few more hours. "I realize you have a job to do."

    "I'm glad you understand," he smiled at her again. "I don't know what I'd do without you."

    She got up and slipped on her robe while he woke the children, then she walked into the kitchen to start their breakfast. Tom walked into the kitchen and kissed her goodbye, then slipped out the door and went back to the plant.

    "Children, I'd like to be alone this morning," Barbara suggested as they finished eating. "I wonder if there's any place you could go?"

    "Sure, Mom," Mike answered. "I'd like to go to the library for awhile."

    "And I need to do some research," Judy smiled. "I can go along with Mike."

    "I don't have anything to do," Martha frowned. "I guess I play with Joe and Sally."

    John didn't say anything. He figured his mother wanted to be alone because of what happened last night. However, he couldn't understand why.

    "What about you, John," she asked sweetly. "Can you find anything to do?"

    "He can go with me," Martha suggested. "Four can play better than three."

    "Yeah!" John muttered, knowing he wouldn't stay at the neighbor's house very long. "I'll go along with Martha,"

    In a few moments the children left, then Barbara felt nothing but loneliness in her heart. The house was quiet, almost too quiet. She walked back into the bedroom and slipped off her robe, then tossed it to the bed. She walked to the dresser and looked at herself in the mirror. She had a damned good figure but it was just a little too old for her son. What the goddamned hell was she thinking last night? What had she allowed herself to 'become? Why had she seduced her son? Had she really needed a cock so badly? Couldn't she have waited for her husband to come home?

    She modeled her nude body before the mirror, turning from one side to the other, then she spotted the shadowy figure in the doorway. Her heart sank; someone was watching her,

    "You're beautiful, Mama," he sighed, gazing wantingly at her lovely nakedness, "You're even prettier than you were last night,"

    "John!" she gasped, relieved it wasn’t one of the older children staring at her naked body. "You startled me! I thought you were with Martha,"

    "I was, but I got tired of their childish games," he smiled at her. "I like our games much better."

    "What're you talking about?" she asked, then shivered a little. "Our games ended when I awoke this morning. You must forget about last night."

    "I don't want to forget about last night," he smiled as he walked over and cuddled her breasts in his hands, then when he teased at her nipples with his fingertips, they hardened instantly. "You like it too, Mama. Your nipples are getting hard, just like they did last night."

    "No, darling! Forget about last night," she groaned, her cunt beginning to tingle with that desperate urge. "Your mama was out of her mind last night."

    "That may be true, but you enjoyed every bit of it-I could tell," he smiled as one of his hands eased between her thighs to tease at her pussymound, then his index finger found its way inside her gash to caress at her hardening clitoris. "Everything is just as it was last night."

    "No! It can't be!" she groaned, her pussy starting to push at his finger. "Last night was a dreadful mistake."

    "Then it was a very beautiful mistake," he moaned, slowly escorting her to the bed, then his mother fell gently to the covers as her legs opened for him. The tip of his finger found its way inside her vagina, then he thrust it deep into her quivering sheath. "I need you, Mama. I need your pussy just as you needed my cock last night. Please, let me have it."

    "This can't be happening-, not again," a moan escaped her lips, yet her asscheeks began to undulate in a sinful fashion. "We can't allow this to happen, John. It's wrong! Oh, my God… aaahhh! Jeez! Don't do this to me… it's unforgivable!"

    "But it feels good; you've got to admit that," he smiled, then his wanting young lips brushed back and forth across her pert nipples,, making them swell with anticipation. "You're enjoying this even though you say it's wrong, I can tell you want me to play with you. You really want to do everything we did last night."

    She realized he was right. She wanted him even more than she did last night. Warm pussy juices oozed from her trembling depths to find its way into the valley of her churning asscheeks. She wished she'd never yielded to her desperate need last night. She was ready to blow her brains out for seducing John, but Tom had come home just in the nick of time. Maybe it would've been better if Tom hadn't come home. Maybe it would've been better if she'd pulled the trigger and taken her life. However, that would've been a greater sin than what she was doing right now. What the hell would her children do without her. Two of them were almost too young to make it in this world alone. She shivered as she thought about her children trying to struggle through life without her. She suddenly knew she'd never try to pull a fool stunt like taking her own life again, yet what the hell would she do about the desires she'd embedded in John's young mind? The same desires she'd let creep into her own mind? What would she do about the two of them?

    It was too late to stop what had happened between them. She couldn't go back and change the outcome of last night's sensual demands. She'd just have to accept things as they are and try to live with them. She knew her legs would be opened to her young son's desires everytime he needed her. She also knew her desires would be greater than his most of the time. The only thing she and John could do at this point is to be very careful about when their needs overtook them-they just couldn't allow anyone to catch them in such a compromising situation. No one would understand this. Hell, they didn't exactly understand it themselves.

    "Mummm Hummmm," she purred as he thrust another finger into her pussy and sucked her nipple deep into his mouth. "That's it, darling! You know what your mama wants, don't you?"

    "I knew you liked it, Mama," he smiled, letting her tittie slurp from his mouth. "I'm going to make it feel even better to you. I'm going to do the same thing you did last night."

    His tender lips slid across her naked abdomen to her belly, then she knew what he meant. He was going to eat out her slushy pussy. She trembled with anticipation as the tip of his exploring tongue teased delightfully through the red curls of her cunt hair, then she felt it slide into the top of her puffy slot. Her legs opened wider as her red-haired crevice parted slightly before his eyes, then she pushed it upward, seeking the ecstatic sensations she hoped he could accomplish.

    John stared wonderingly at the crease of her pussy for a moment. He'd never seen the inside of a pussy; this was going to be a delightful experience for him.

    His little hands moved to her protruding mound, then his fingers tugged at her parted cleft, opening her puffy lips wide as possible. The delicate tissues of her labia seemed red and swollen, glistening with slippery fluids of desire, then he saw that wonderful little hole at the bottom of her pussy contract crazily. This was the mystery which he'd discovered last night-the place a cock goes when you fuck. He winked back at it, then stared at her swollen clit. God, it was big and puffy; it'd surely burst wide open if it got any harder.

    Where should he start? There were so many places he could put his tongue, but where would it feel best to his mother? Oh, well, he had to start someplace and that delicate labia looked good to him.

    He lowered his mouth, letting his tongue explore tenderly across the soft, glistening, swollen membranes of her open vulva, sampling the sweet deliciousness of his mother's sex. He felt her quiver a little, then he pulled her pussyflesh into his mouth.

    "Mm… baby… aaahhh!" she whimpered delightfully as he sucked her tender flesh deeper into his throat. "Suuccckkkk my pussy! Eat it out! Make it feel good… pleaseeee!" Her open mound began to fuck at the lower part of his young face as his tongue explored deeper and deeper. The tip of his tongue finally circled that mysterious little fuck hole, making it tremble delightfully, then he could stand it no longer. He pushed his tongue into her contracting depths and lapped her oozing juices with heated desire, then worked his tongue back and forth inside her, caressing her vagina walls with a jabbing motion. "Ooohhh… Godddd… sugar!" she writhed beneath his thrusting tongue, her cunt beginning to spasm a little. A delightful orgasm began to grip at her quivering tissues, then she wished he'd take her clit between his soft lips and push her over the brink of ecstasy. "Lick my knob… darling… pleaseeee! Suck my clit! Make it feel good!"

    He sucked at her fuck hole for a moment longer, wondering what his mother really wanted him to do. The only knob he remembered seeing was just inside the top of her slippery crease. That must surely be the knob she was referring to.

    His tongue slipped from her contracting vagina and made its way over her labia to that puffy knob. God, it seemed so big beneath his tongue. It was much larger than it'd been a few moments ago.

    He caressed it very gently, afraid it would split open with passion if he put too much pressure.

    "Sweet Jesus…that's gooooood!" she squealed, her pussy churning frantically upward. "Lick it… baby! That's it… darling! Oooooo… yesssss… that's the way! Lick it goooood! Make it feel good! Suck on it… pleaseeee! Suuccckkk it… sweetie!"

    John took her sensitive clit between his lips, letting his tongue lash tenderly at the small opening of its puffy sheath. Her body began to rock in orgasm beneath his attentive mouth, then he felt her hands at the back of his head, pulling his lips hard against her.

    "That's it… baby! Ooohhh… My Godddd…that's itttt!" she gurgled in ecstasy, her body writhing delightfully as warm pussy cum bubbled from her seething depths and oozed into the crack of her ass to slither across her contracting anus. "You're doing it… lover! You're making me cummmm! Aaaggghhh! Jeeeezzzz… I'mcuummmmminnnngggg! You're doing it right… just don't stop succckkkinnnggg meeee! Dont ever stop! Ssuucckk meee… forever… pleaseeee!"

    In a few moments his mother was trembling instead of writhing. Her orgasm was at its end but that sweet pussy cum continued to ooze from her pussylips. John let her clit slip from his lips, then he lapped thirstily at her cum-filled membranes, swallowing her delicious juices into his stomach.

    "Mmmmm… my little lover… you were wonderful! That beautiful little tongue feels good to my pussy," she sighed, her open membranes quivering at the touch of his tongue. "Lap up your mama's cum! Don't spill a drop! Get it all!"

    John sucked at the open crevice of her juicy cunt, then his tongue slithered into the crack of her ass. He wanted every drop of his mother's tasty goo.

    "Ooohhh… Baby!" she squealed as the tip of his tongue brushed her pucker. "That tickles! It felt sort of… well… good! If you do that again I'll make you put your tongue in my ass."

    He looked up at her and smiled, then he opened her asscheeks with his fingers. He looked at her delightfully contracting asshole. Hell, he'd love to push his tongue into that pretty little aperture, then he began to wonder if his tongue would fit. He lowered his lips slowly, then he kissed softly at his mother's pucker in a teasing way, almost as if he were daring her to make him eat out her asshole.

    "Aaahhh… jeeezzz… dont do that… darling!" she begged as she brought her knees to her titties, thrusting her ass high into the air for him. "It…it feels too good! It makes me want to do crazy things!"

    The tip of his tongue teased at her tight contracting pucker, then he pushed it into her entrance and let it flutter wantingly. He felt her asshole dilate with desire, then he shoved his tongue far as possible. Her anus softened as he thrust deep into the fullness of her swollen wrinkles. He fastened his lips to her tenderness and sucked hotly as his tongue plunged back and forth into the grasping depths of her rectum sheath.

    "Dont… please! Don't do this to me! Dont do it to us!" she continued to plead, yet her asshole was opening passionately for his driving tongue. "It makes me want to… oh… God… this is absolutely crazy!"

    "It makes you want to do what?" he smiled at her when his tongue had slipped from her wanting anus. "Does it make you want to feel my cock in your ass?"

    "Yessss… ooohhh… yessss!" she trembled as she turned to her stomach and raised her ass high into the air for him. "But how did you know what I wanted?"

    "I know all about your desires, remember?" he moaned as he crawled between her parted creamy thighs, then worked his fleshy little cockhead back and forth across her tender asshole. "Maybe I hoped you'd want me to fuck you in the ass."

    "Do you want to, darling?" she asked hopefully. "Do you really want to fuck me in the ass?"

    "Your asshole looks almost good as your pussy," he groaned when he felt her pucker nibbling at his pisshole. "I'd love to stick my cock in it."

    She opened her legs wider and pushed back to him, then raised her ass a little higher.

    "Push your cock into me, baby," she cooed sweetly, then nestled back to him. "I want to feel it inside my asshole."

    John pushed at her as his hands found her rotating hips, then his engorged knob slipped into her tight entrance.

    "Ooohhh… Godddd!" she squealed as his shaft slid all the way into her. "Work it back and forth! That's it… move it around! Keep doing that! Move around some more! Ooohhh… that's wonderful!"


    The game of hide and seek was almost over. If Martha could only find John she'd have it made. She'd found Joe and Sally rather fast, now if she could find her brother she could hide and let someone find her. She'd looked everywhere possible but she couldn't find him. Joe and Sally snickered at each other while she continued to search.

    "Do you two know something I don't?" she asked as she passed by them again. "I've looked everywhere; there's nowhere else John could hide."

    "You won't find him here," Joe laughed, figuring they'd teased her long enough. "He went back to your house before we started playing."

    "Really!" she exclaimed. "Now why would he do a thing like that? I guess I'd better find out."

    Martha left Joe and Sally sitting on their doorsteps and walked back to her own house, then slipped quietly through the back door. She'd find John and make him finish their game of hide and seek. She looked in John's room, then searched the rest of the house. John just couldn't be found, then she thought of her mother's room. That was the only place she hadn't looked, but her mother had made it very plain she wanted to be alone. However, John must be in there; she'd looked everywhere else.

    She walked up to her mother's door, then turned the knob quietly. She eased the door open and peeked inside, not wanting to disturb her mother in case she happened to be alone. Oh, God! She wasn't alone! John was with her and what they were doing just couldn't be described. The blood drained from her young face as she watched his cock plunge back and forth into her mother's upraised asshole. Her mother seemed to be enjoying every bit of it; she was snuggling wantingly back to his hairless pubis as his little cock shoved into her.

    Martha gasped, wondering what the hell was happening. Why were her brother and mother doing this to each other? Why the hell couldn't each of them fuck someone else? Why did they have to fuck each other? It seemed so unforgivable; a mother and son fucking each other.

    She slipped inside and closed the door behind her, then her little pussy began to tingle mysteriously as she squatted beside the facing of the door. She couldn't allow them to see her but she'd become quite interested in what they were doing to each other. However, she couldn't understand how a mother and son could lower themselves like this.

    "Slide your hands beneath my belly," she heard her mother's voice. "Put your fingers in my pussy and play with it while you're fucking my ass."

    She watched her brother's hands slip beneath her mother's belly and grope for her pussymound as his cockshaft pushed back and forth into her tight rectum.

    "That's it! Pinch my clitoris… lover!" her mother groaned in ecstasy, her body beginning to tremble. "Yesss… ooohhh… that's it! Push your fingers deeper! That's the way! Put them in my… my fuck hole! Frig me good… darling! Make me cum again… please!"

    Martha watched her mother's ass twist back onto John's thrusting prick. The faster his fingers plunged into her pussy the more her body seemed to tremble beneath him. Her writhing body was finally a groaning mass of flesh in the heated heights of orgasm,

    "Aaahhh… jeeeezzzz… you're doing it again.,. baby!" she squealed, her hands clutching desperately at the covers. "I'm cuummminnnggg all over the place… and I cant help it! I'm ruining the fuckin’ covers… but I just don't give a Damn! This feels better than before… darling! Make your Mama… make me cum… make me cum… good! Ooohhh… my Godddd… aaaggghhh!"

    Her pussy cum flowed into her son's hands as she thrashed wildly upon the bed, then she raised her head in glorious ecstasy. She stared blurringly at the squatting figure of her young daughter through frightened eyes but it was too late to stop-her orgasm had started. All she could do is spill her fluids and hope her daughter would understand all of this.

    Her eyes locked upon her daughter's figure as she quivered in the last throes of ecstasy, then she realized Martha didn't understand any of this get-together with her son. What would she do? How the hell could she explain this to Martha? She had to somehow make her daughter understand, otherwise everyone would know what she and John were doing to each other.

    "Martha… darling," she groaned as John's hard little cock slipped from her grasping asshole. "What're you doing? Come on in and lock the door."

    "I-I-I am in, Mother," she answered as her little heart pounded in her chest. "A-a-and the door is locked."

    "Good!" Barbara smiled at her daughter. "Then come over here beside the bed."

    "W-w-why, Mother?" her voice quivered. "I-I-I'm scared."

    "I know you are, darling," Barbara coaxed her onward. "But I want to talk to you. I want to explain what has happened."

    "I know what has happened," Martha whimpered a little as she stood beside the door. "But I can't understand why it has happened. How could a mother and son do such a thing?"

    "Come over here, darling," Barbara pleaded as she sat on the edge of the bed. "Let me explain it to you."

    "Yes, Mother, explain it to me," she answered, then walked to the side of the bed and faced her mother. "I'd like to hear some kind of explanation."

    "Do you know what it is like to feel sexual sensations crawl up and down your spine?" Barbara asked wonderingly. "Ecstatic sensations you can't seem to control?"

    "I'm afraid not!" Martha exclaimed, looking into her mother's eyes. "I'm not so far advanced as John seems to be."

    "But surely you've felt something," Barbara suggested as she looked wonderingly at her young daughter. "Don't tell me you've never thought about it."

    "Oh, sure! I've thought about it a lot of times," Martha answered. "But I don't believe I could ever think of doing it with my son.

    "Then what did you feel those few times you thought about doing something?" Barbara asked sweetly, knowing her young daughter had never thought about fucking as many times as she'd suggested. "Did you feel a kind of tingling or throbbing deep inside? Did you feel any kind of sensation at all?"

    "Not really! I think I felt fear mostly," Martha answered seriously. "I was always afraid someone would look at me and know what I was thinking."

    Barbara looked at her daughter's innocent face, then reached up and stroked the silky softness of that long brown hair. Had Martha never felt any kind of sexual sensations in her little pussy? This would be a harder task than Barbara first thought. How the hell could she explain something her daughter couldn't possibly understand? How could she make Martha understand a person can lose control of themselves because of certain sensations they feel at times?

    "Darling, haven't you ever… well… haven't you touched yourself a little?" Barbara questioned her daughter hopefully. "Haven't you played with yourself at times?"

    Martha's young body trembled a little. She didn't have to give an answer-Barbara could tell her youngest daughter had explored the mysteries of her body at various times but her inexperienced young fingers hadn't induced the sensations necessary to bring off a delightful climax. If she could manage to make her daughter understand the ecstatic tremors of orgasm it would be much easier to explain being with John, but how the hell could she accomplish that?

    "It's all right, sugar! I'm in no position to make you feel ashamed of playing with yourself," Barbara smiled understandingly. "You can tell me about it. After all, I surely have nothing to hide from you."

    "Would you like to be alone with Martha, Mama?" John asked, then stood beside the bed. "This is getting a little touchy."

    "No! I want all of us to understand each other," Barbara smiled at him. "Come over here and sit beside me while Martha answers my question."

    John sat beside his mother as Martha stood before them, her young face glowing with embarrassment.

    "Don't be embarrassed, darling," Barbara encouraged her daughter. "John and I are the naked ones; we should be embarrassed."

    "Y-y-yes!" Martha's little voice trembled, her face turning redder. "I've played with myself a few times. I'm sorry! I know I shouldn't have!"

    "Why shouldn't you have explored the hidden mysteries of your own body? How else could you understand yourself?" Barbara tried to assure Martha she'd done nothing wrong. "Did you experience any pleasantness at all while you were doing it?"

    "No! I was too scared to feel anything but fright," Martha began to sob a little. "I always felt as if you were watching me."

    Barbara wiped the tear from the corner of her daughter's eye. She looked so young and innocent. She wished her daughter had felt some kind of excitement when exploring her little body. She wanted to do something; she just had to make her daughter feel some kind of sensation before she turned against sex completely.

    "I'm watching you right now and I feel no shame in what you've done. I only wish you'd enjoyed it more while you were playing with yourself," Barbara cupped her daughter's face in her hands. "Look at me in the face and see if you can feel fear. Look into my eyes and tell me what you see."

    Martha lifted her eyes, letting them explore the depth of her mother's feelings. She sobbed again as her little eyes filled with tears, then she felt her mother's fingers wipe the streaming wetness from her cheeks.

    "Well, what do you see?" Barbara asked tenderly. "What do you feel right now?"

    "I see understanding in your eyes, nothing but understanding and love," she tried to smile as more tears slithered down her cheeks. "I don't know what I feel, but it certainly isn't fear. I'm not scared anymore and it makes me shiver all over."

    Barbara smiled understandingly at Martha. She knew what her daughter was feeling but she didn't know exactly what to do about it. This was surely no time to think about morals. Her daughter needed something sensual; she only hoped she could give it to her.

    "Martha, I want you to take off your clothes," Barbara suggested, almost in a whisper. "I want to accomplish something you haven't been able to do."

    Martha looked wonderingly at her mother. A little fear began to creep into her body. She tried to speak in protest but the words stuck in her throat. She couldn't utter a word.

    "Don't be frightened, baby. I'd never ask you to do something if I were going to get angry later. However, I think you already know that, Barbara assured her very young daughter. "I'll take off your clothes while you look into my face. You'll see nothing but the same love and understanding you saw a little while ago."

    Her mother was right. The same love and understanding was in her face. The fear left her young body but something was causing her to tremble. She closed her eyes as she felt her mother's fingers at the top of her blouse. One by one she undid the buttons. Her little blouse gaped at the top as her mother's fingers moved downward. When the last button was undone her blouse fell completely open, exposing the naked upper half of her body. She didn't mind her mother seeing her like this, but what the hell would John think? She shivered mysteriously as her blouse fell to the floor, knowing her small titties were exposed to his view. She hoped he wouldn't laugh at her.

    John didn't have laughing on his mind as he stared at his sister's plum-sized breasts. He licked at his lips as he wondered how those dainty little nipples would feel in his mouth. He wondered if they'd harden like his mother's had done. He suddenly wondered why he'd never noticed Martha's pretty little titties. Maybe it was because he figured she was too young to have those budding beauties.

    He watched as his mother slid Martha's skirt down her trim little legs, then his cock throbbed a few times when he saw the fullness of that tender pussymound pushing at the material of her panties. Jeez, his sister's protruding little pussy was pressing so tightly against the material he could see the depression of her young slit. Her panties were clinging profoundly to that delightful little incision at her crotch and it made his cock tingle with desire. His little cock stood at full attention when his mother slipped Martha's panties downward.

    Barbara shivered a little as her eyes fell to her daughter's hairless young pussy. The smooth skin of her little cunny seemed to protrude from the rest of her body-just enough to make Barbara tremble mysteriously. She tried to remember when she was Martha's age but she couldn't. She looked at the virgin pussy before her, wondering how she could accomplish the sensations she wanted to instill in her daughter's mind and body. Hell, there was only one way and she knew it; she must handle her daughter's young body. She must let her fingers wander over Martha's nakedness and devote much attention to those youthful erogenous zones. She must also be prepared to use her tongue and mouth if necessary. Hell, she may as well use her mouth and tongue along with her fingers at the very start. Nothing seemed so important as getting her daughter on the right path concerning sexual fulfillment.

    She stood before her young daughter, then she smiled as she looked at Martha's closed eyelids. She reached out and grasped Martha's shoulders tenderly, then kneaded the flesh beneath her fingers.

    "Open your eyes, darling," she suggested sweetly. "Let me know you trust what I'm doing."

    "I trust you, Mother," Martha answered in a whisper as her eyes opened, "but I don't understand."

    "You don't have to understand if you trust me," Barbara smiled tenderly at her. "Just know that I'd never do anything to harm you in any way."

    She took her daughter in her arms, then pulled her close to her naked body, letting their nipples gently caress each other. She lowered her mouth to Martha's ear, then nibbled at the softness of her tender lobe. She felt Martha's young body quiver as her hot breath blew into the channel of her ear. Her arms surrounded Martha's naked back, then her hands caressed lower on her youthful body as the tip of her tongue started teasing along her face, getting closer and closer to the corner of her soft lips.

    Her finger eased into the crease of her daughter's youthful asscheeks to explore the length of her soft rounded valley. She felt Martha push forward a little, then realized their pussies were pressed tightly together. Her daughter was enjoying this but it still wasn't enough; she had to bring Martha to a delightful orgasm.

    Her hands found the protruding roundness of those young half-moons, then she squeezed tenderly at the soft flesh beneath her fingers as the tip of her tongue teased at the corner of Martha's quivering mouth. She pulled that little pussy into her own as her lips brushed those of her daughter, then she kissed them softly.

    Martha didn't do anything at first. She just stood there and let her little pussy ache with desire as her mother kissed her. Her lips finally trembled a little, then she began to yield to her mother's tenderness. Her lips parted, then she kissed her mother with a passion she'd never known. Her little tongue slipped into the warm wetness of her mother's mouth as her young pussy began to move wantingly on her mother's mound.

    Barbara grasped Martha's asscheeks and worked them in a circular motion, forcing their pussies to grind against each other in a slow fucking rhythm. Their pussylips parted a little, then she could feel their clits working together, fucking at each other wantingly. A fire was building in her she never knew existed. Her daughter felt good in her arms, and that swollen little clit was driving her absolutely insane. She could cum all over her daughter's pussy right now if it weren't for the fact her daughter needed the climax.

    She pulled her lips from her daughter's kissing mouth, then her tongue trailed over her youthful skin to one of those delightful plum-sized nubbins on her chest. She licked at that pert little nipple, then when it hardened with desire she pulled it into her mouth. She sucked the fullness of Martha's tittie into her mouth and sucked hotly at it, letting her tongue lap at that bursting nipple with heated desire.

    "That's good… Mother," she heard Martha moan from somewhere in the distance. "I've never felt anything like that.:. never!"

    Her mouth left Martha's delightful little tittie as she sat on the edge of the bed beside John, then her tongue trailed over her daughter's silky abdomen and belly to the top of that puckered bald pussymound. She teased at Martha's soft tender crease for a moment, then kissed it as if she were kissing a lover in the mouth. Her tongue slipped into the crevice of her daughter's young pussy, then the tip of her tongue lashed hotly at that growing knob of desire.

    Barbara never felt the desire to love a cunt, but her daughter's cunt was somehow different. That little pussy was clean as her mouth; Martha's was a virgin pussy. Nothing had defiled its pureness. Martha was white as an angel and clean as soap. She teased at Martha's clit till she thought it would burst wide open with passion, then she pulled away and looked at her daughter's churning pussy.

    "No… Mother… don't stop!" Martha begged as her pussy continued to thrust forward. "Don't leave me like this… pleaseeee!"

    Barbara remembered begging Tom for the same thing. She'd never deny her daughter the pleasures Tom had denied her, even if it meant eating out that little pussy of hers.

    "I won't leave you, darling," Barbara promised, her fingers reaching between her daughter's legs and squeezing her full softness. "I'd do anything to see you get some pleasure from this."

    Martha's legs parted a little, then she squatted onto her mother's hand, pressing her tender pussylips against Barbara's palm. "Do it to me… Mother… please!" she begged, her legs parting even more. "I need it! Oh… God… I need something… ANYthing!" Barbara's fingers opened up her daughter's young pussy, then her forefinger eased into the delicate membranes of that tender labia. Jeez, Martha's little cunny was soaking wet with desire.

    She'd never felt such slushiness except in her own pussy. Her little daughter was ready for anything, even a hard plunging cock.

    "Get on the bed and spread your little legs for me, darling," Barbara coaxed her onward. "And don't be afraid of what happens."

    Martha crawled onto the bed and flopped onto her back, then opened up in a spread eagle fashion. How could she be afraid? Her mother had brought her more pleasure than she'd known in a lifetime, even though she was only nineteen years old.

    Barbara turned to her daughter, then lowered her bead to that dean young crotch. She kissed her daughter's tender pussylips, then her tongue slithered into the slipperiness of Martha's young depths. Her daughter's sex tasted good to her. That tender pussy tasted good as any cock she'd ever swallowed. She sucked her young daughter's pussy flesh deep into her wanting mouth, then thrust her tongue into that delightful winking fuck hole. She worked her tongue in a circular motion as she tongue-fucked her daughter's grasping sheath, making sure her tongue touched every erogenous zone of Martha's young pussy. In a very few moments Martha was writhing beneath her.

    "Ooohhh… Mother! What's happening to me?" she groaned, her overflowing pussy fucking furiously at her mother's attentive mouth. "Why does it feel so good? Why does it feel like I'm bursting wide-open? Oh… Mother… why?"

    "You're cumming, darling," Barbara sighed as her mouth slipped from her volcanic pussy. "Let yourself go! Spill your juices into my mouth… please!"

    She fastened her lips to her daughter's overflowing vagina, then Martha let herself go all the way as Barbara thirstily drank her juices. Barbara didn't know pussy cum could taste so goddamned delicious. Hell, it was almost like eating spewing sperm. Her tongue shot into her daughter's depths as she experienced the last throes of orgasm, then Martha quivered beneath her.

    Barbara turned to her son. Her eyes glowed as she watched him play with his cock. She suddenly wondered how it would be to watch his little prick disappear into her daughter's spasming pussy. It could surely be nothing less than wonderful. She looked into her daughter's face, then smiled at her.

    "Would you like to fuck, darling?" she asked, her finger easing into her daughter's vagina and shoving into her young belly. "Would you like to feel a hard cock inside you?"

    "I don't know, Mother," she answered seriously. "I think I'd like it but I'm not sure."

    "Let's find out if you'd like it," Barbara cooed sweetly, pulling her finger from her daughter's grasping pussy. "Come here, John! Get between your sister's legs and fuck her. Push that hard cock into her belly."

    John scrambled between his sister's open legs, then aimed his cock at her gaping slit and worked his bursting knob into her tender labia.

    "No… Mother! Don't make us do this in your presence!" Martha protested when she felt her brother's knob shove into her vagina "This is embarrassing."

    Her little asscheeks were already churning wantingly upward at him. It was much too late to worry about her mother's staring eyes. Her legs surrounded his buttocks, then her feet locked in the valley of his ass and pulled him downward.

    Barbara watched as his hard shaft shoved into Martha's pussy and disappeared before her eyes. His pubis pushed at her daughter's open pussylips as he fucked at her with heated desire. Her children were fucking in her presence and she was enjoying every bit of it. She shoved a finger into her seething snatch as she settled down to watch them, then worked it back and forth inside her wanting pussy.

    "Fuck me, John," she heard her daughter moan, then she felt her daughter's fingers teasing at her frothing pussylips. She removed her finger and spread her legs as two very tender fingers found their way into her vagina, then she started fucking at them wildly as she listened to the remainder of her daughter's request. "Fuck me good… make me cum… pleaseeee!"

    Martha's thrusting fingers pushed her over the brink of ecstasy. Her pussy cum flowed into her daughter's hand, then she lost herself in ecstasy as she began to push her overflowing well of passion onto Martha's exploring fingers.

    "Ooohhh…jeeeeezzz… baby! I'm cumminngg!" she heard her daughter groan in sudden ecstasy. "Do it good! Make me cum all over the fuckin' place… pleaseeee! Fuuccckkk meeeee goocooood! Ooohhh… My Godddd… aaaggghhh! Jeeeeezzz!"

    The three of them trembled in ecstasy as Martha and Barbara spilled their juices all over the covers, then they were nothing but a pile of spent flesh. They moaned and groaned as the last throes of orgasm quivered through their naked bodies, leaving them in a very spent condition. The moans and groans of satisfaction were all that remained in the quietness of Barbara's bedroom, but it was enough to assure her daughter had been satisfied in every wonderful way. She'd never have to worry about Martha's sexual satisfaction again.

    "Mother, I'm sorry I didn't understand this at first," Martha smiled at Barbara. "I think I can understand how you and John could get together like this. There was a time in all the excitement I couldn't have resisted having him if my life depended on it; I think you know when I'm talking about."

    "Yes, darling! It was when you wrapped your legs around his buttocks and pulled him into you," Barbara smiled at her daughter, knowing she'd found pleasure in their sexual experience. "I'm just glad you enjoyed it; that's all that really matters to me."

    "I realize that now, Mother. You're too wonderful to hurt anyone. There's nothing but love in your heart for all of us. I just hope I haven't made a fool of myself," Martha kissed her mother on the cheek. "I'd like to think we could do this again sometime. I enjoyed it with you as much as I enjoyed it with John; I'd like you to know that."

    "I'm glad you enjoyed it with both of us/* Barbara pulled.her daughter's naked body close to her. "Ill be glad to make love to you anytime, and I'm sure John feels the same way. But I think we should put our clothes on right now; some of the others could come home at any time."

    "Yes, it would be terrible if someone saw us like this," Martha suggested as she snuggled close to her mother. "They would never understand this like we do."

    Those were exactly the words Barbara wanted to hear from her daughter. Martha would never tell what happened between the three of them. She would be available for either of her younger children at any time without having to face the fear of one of them telling what had happened.


    It was almost dark when Mike and Judy got home. However, Tom didn't come in till well after dark. He wasn't hungry so he went straight to the den and sprawled out on the couch. He always watched the nightly news on channel eight before retiring.

    The rest of them ate their dinner and returned to the den to find Tom sound asleep on the couch. "The poor thing hasn't had any sleep for over twenty-four hours," Barbara smiled at her children. "Let's leave him where he is so he can get a good night's rest."

    "That's a good idea, Mother," Judy answered, looking down at her father. "The couch is very comfortable and if we wake him up he may not get any sleep."

    "Maybe all of us should turn in early," Mike suggested. "I'm sure it'd be good for the whole family to get some rest tonight.

    "I'm with you," Barbara answered. "Girls, let's wash the dishes while the boys get their bath. When all of us have finished in the bathroom we can call it a night."

    Within an hour everyone was in bed trying to get some sleep, everyone that is except John, He was lying beside Mike giggling a little.

    "What's wrong with you?" Mike asked, a little bit disgusted. "Aren't you going to get some sleep?"

    "Yes, I will," John answered, then giggled again. "I was just thinking about something."

    "It must've been good to make you giggle like that," Mike said, looking wonderinly at his brother. "Now why don't you go to sleep and forget about it till tomorrow."

    "I can't forget about it but maybe I can quit giggling," John smiled at him. "It's too good to forget."

    "Well just stop that giggling so I can get some sleep," Mike looked at his brother disgustedly.

    "Okay, I won't giggle any more," John assured him. then giggled again.

    "All right, what is it?" Mike asked propping on his elbow. "What's so damned funny?"

    "Nothing's funny," John blushed a little. "Besides, I can't tell you about it; it's a secret."

    "Okay, so it's a secret! Keep it to yourself," Mike answered, knowing John was aching to tell him what was on his little mind. "I don't want to know about your secrets."

    "I'd tell you about it but you wouldn't believe me," John said gazing deep into his brother's eyes. "You'd think I were lying to you."

    "Probably," Mike suggested. "So why don't you forget about it."

    "I can't forget about it, Mike. I… I fucked Mama! I've fucked her twice!" John stated as a matter of fact. "And just today I fucked her and Martha at the same time. Well, almost at the same time-I fucked Martha while Mama was watching us."

    "You did what?" Mike gasped, the blood draining from his face. "I don't believe any of this."

    "I told you; I knew you wouldn't believe me," John pouted a little. "I shouldn't have told you at all."

    "No! I'm glad you told me about this," Mike smiled a little as he lay back onto the pillow, knowing his brother had no reason to lie. "I just meant it's hard to believe; I didn't mean to imply you were lying."

    "I didn't lie to you, Mike," John said sleepily. "Everything I said is the truth."

    "I believe you," Mike answered, knowing he would have to hear his mother say John had fucked her. He believed his brother, but his mother would surely have to confirm it. "I believe every word you say,"

    He watched his younger brother's eyes close in sleep, then his breathing became heavy. John was finally sound asleep beside him.

    He waited awhile, thinking about his father on the couch. This would be the perfect time to talk to his mother. No one was in the room but her, and the girls were surely asleep by now. If his mother was still awake he'd have the privacy he needed for their talk. He waited awhile longer, then slipped out of bed and looked down at his younger brother. John was sound asleep; there's no doubt about that.

    Mike eased into the hallway and looked both directions, then crossed over to his mother's room. He tried the knob but her door was locked tightly. He dropped to his knees to take a peek through the old fashioned lock that wasn't even used anymore. The keyhole didn't show much of the room but it showed every bit of his mother's bed. She was spread out on it and she was naked as hell. Her knees were raised high into the air and her fingers were thrusting in and out of her red-haired pussy. Her asscheeks were undulating as her snatch fucked at her fingers in a slow rhythm. John's story was true; it had to be. His cock stirred beneath his shorts as he watched his mother's fingers probe the depths of her seething fuck hole. His cock began to throb with hardness, then pressed wantingly against the material of his shorts.

    He'd seen a few pussies in his young Me but he'd never seen one more desperate, and he'd certainly never seen one with such glorious red hair. He'd seen blond pussies like the hair surrounding his cock, and he'd seen black-haired pussies, but he'd never seen a brown-haired pussy or a red-haired pussy in his life. His mother's pussy was beginning to get to him and he couldn't seem to help himself. His cock throbbed with desire as he watched her fingers plunge back and forth into her wanting tunnel. He stood the temptation as long as he could, then stood up and rapped lightly on her door.

    That must be Tom, Barbara thought, getting up to open the door, not even bothering to put on her robe. Our children are asleep by now.

    She lifted the latch, then turned the knob and swung the door open.

    "Mike\ My God! What are you doing here?" she gasped unbelievingly, then clasped her hands over her crotch. "I thought you were Tom!"

    "You forgot about those," he pointed at her naked breasts. "Shouldn't you cover them?"

    Barbara's face turned extremely red then she clasped her hands over her fleshy titties, leaving her red brush exposed to her son's

    view. His eyes immediately fell to that gorgeous slitted mound between her creamy thighs, then his cock stiffened to the utmost. His six inch hardness pressed desperately at the thin material of his shorts, seeking freedom from its confinement.

    "Mother. You've uncovered your pussy!" he teased at her, causing her face to turn even redder than it was. "What're you going to do about that?"

    She covered her pussy with one hand while she desperately tried to cover her breasts with the other. It didn't work; something would be exposed to his view. In exasperation she lowered her hands and left her whole body exposed in his view. What the hell difference could it make now? He'd already seen her anyway.

    "Mike, what're you doing here?" she asked, her body beginning to tremble mysteriously. It was almost as if she were enjoying his caressing eyes as they moved up and down her nakedness. "God, I feel so embarrassed standing here like this."

    "Don't be embarrassed," he smiled at her. "I was enjoying the view, especially from your keyhole."

    "Oh My God! You didn't!" her face suddenly changed color; it was now white as the sheet on her bed. "You didn't see what I was doing, did you?"

    "Don't be ashamed, Mother," he tried to appear bold in a comforting way. "I've played with myself many times and I never felt shame from it."

    "That's because no one was watching you," she turned away from him, then walked into the room and turned around to face her son. "You would've felt much differently if you knew I'd been watching you."

    "Maybe! However, I don't think so," he smiled as he walked into the room and snapped the lock on the door, then turned to face her as he pointed to his crotch. "The way I feel right now I could play with myself and let you watch every bit of it."

    Barbara lowered her eyes to his crotch, then she saw the oblong hardness pushing at the material of his shorts. Jeez, it looked as if his cock would burst free of its confinement at any time now. His cock looked so much bigger than John's. Her cunt began to tingle with desire as she fastened her eyes to the huge lump in his shorts. She tried to tear her eyes away from him but she couldn't. She tried to say something but there was a knot in her throat.

    "I came in her to talk to you," he explained, walking over to her, then the head of his cock somehow eased beneath the leg of his shorts and pushed upward, bringing at least two inches of hardness into plain view.

    Oh, God! His prick looked so thick and beautiful. The tingling in her pussy turned into a dull throb as she watched it jerk a little, then another inch was brought into view. She wished he would play with himself in her presence; it would give her an excuse to reach out and touch it. Mike's cock was almost big as his daddy's. She tried to remember Ben's cock. Hell, Mike's cock was bigger than his daddy's. It was just as long, and it was a hellofa lot thicker. His thickness surpassed even that of Tom's. However, it wasn't quite as long. What Mike lacked in length he surely made up in thickness. She groaned wondering how it would feel to have such thickness slipping into her pussy, "W-w-what did you want to talk about?" she stammered as warm stickiness slithered down the inside of her thighs.

    "John told me something but I couldn't quite believe it," he said, looking wonderingly at her. "I just wanted to hear what you had to say,"

    "Oh, Jesus! Did John tell you about that?" she groaned then sat on the edge of the bed. "I was so sure he wouldn't say a word about it."

    She dropped her head as Mike walked up to her and placed his hands on her shoulders. He felt her shiver as he kneaded her naked flesh softly.

    "It's all right, Mother! I won't say anything about it," he assured her as his fingers entwined in the red curls of her hair. Jeez, her hair was so beautiful. It's no wonder her cunt was endowed with the most beautiful hair in the world; it was exactly the same color as the hair on her head. "I'd never tell on you. Whatever you do is your own damned business. I just wish it'd been with me instead of John."

    Barbara swallowed the knot in her throat, then brought her eyes upward. They stopped at his crotch and that glorious thick cock. It was pointing awkwardly at her face beneath the leg of his shorts, but it was simply beautiful. The throbbing in her cunny grew worse, then her labia began to itch with desperate need.

    "Do you, darling?" she asked wonderingly, then licked at her parched lips. "Do you really wish it'd been you? What would've you done in John's place?"

    "I don't know," he thought for a minute. "But I surely wouldn't have this hard-on when I got through; I can assure you of that much."

    "Have you ever… well… have you ever done anything like that?" she blushed then licked at her lips again, "I guess I'm trying to ask if you've ever… ah… fucked someone?"

    It was his time to blush. He thought about the few times he'd come close but something had always happened to prevent it. One or the other had backed out in most cases, but there was that one time when his cock was about to penetrate Ginger's little pussy when her mother called her.

    "I've come very close at times. I've even had my finger inside of many girls. There's one time I was entering one of them when her mother called out to her. Of course she had to pull up her panties and run home," he answered, trying to sound like some kind of expert on sex. *Tm sure I could've pleased any of them but I never got the chance."

    "What if you'd gotten toe chance with me?" she asked sweetly as she knew how. "What if you could've taken your brother's place with me?"

    "Like I said before, I wouldn't have this hard-on and I'd do my very best to please you in every way," he smiled down at her, realizing she was interested in his engorged hardness. "My cum would be flowing from the depths of your pussy, that's for sure."

    She groaned as her lips eased closer to the tip of his thick cock. She wanted to lap out at his pisshole but she wasn't sure of herself. She wasn't sure how her older son would take it.

    Mike watched as her lips got closer and closer to his cockhead. He knew she wanted to pull it between her lips but he didn't know what the hell to do about it. He eased a little closer, then his fingers entwined tighter in the curls of her hair. His pisshole was about an inch away from her soft lips and he was trembling a little, mostly from fear.

    "What if I said you could take John's place with me?" she whined as more pussy juices flowed onto her thighs. "If I really wanted you to take John's place what would you do?"

    "I'd die with happiness," he groaned, then pushed his cockhead up to her lips. "And I'd make sure you died exactly the same way."

    "Then die, my darling," she sighed, not able to contain herself any longer as her soft lips kissed the tip of his cock. "Just make sure I die with you."

    He quivered as he felt her lips upon his cock, then he felt her tongue pushing into his little slit with desire. He thrust forward at her mouth, hoping she'd swallow his hardness into her throat. "Aaahhh, Jeeeezzzz! Mother! Did you do this to John?" he moaned, wondering where he'd obtained the courage to approach his mother with such boldness, and especially the courage to use the words he'd been using in his presence. That limited peek through the keyhole was his answer. What he saw his mother doing to herself would've given him enough courage to break the door down and rape her if necessary.

    She couldn't answer him. Half his cockhead was already slipping between her soft parted lips. He watched her beautiful lips slide wantingly over the rest of his huge crown, then they locked tightly behind his engorged rim. He'd gotten this far by being bold with her; he may as well be even bolder and go all the way.

    His hands tightened behind her head, then he pushed forward as he pulled her onto his hardness. He watched his shaft slowly disappear as her face swelled from his enormous thickness, then he heard her gag a little as he shoved into the tender membranes of her contracting throat. He paused for a moment, then crammed the remaining inch of his shaft into her mouth, forcing her stretched lips into his blond pubic hair.

    Her hot tongue played havoc on his cord of desire and it didn't take long to curdle the cum in his balls. He rucked at her mouth furiously for a few seconds, then hot goo shot into the back of her throat with force.

    His cock swelled to the bursting point in her sucking channel, then she swallowed his spewing sperm into her hungry stomach. This is what she needed, hot spurting cum flooding her throat. She'd wanted it from John but he was too young to deliver. She swallowed Mike's jism with desire, then sucked for more.

    When his prick stopped jerking in her mouth he grasped her shoulders and shoved her back onto the covers, then hooked his hands beneath her knees and pushed them toward her shoulders as he forced her legs apart. Her ass was well off the bed and her pussy was gaping with desire. He crammed his fleshy knob into her open labia, wedging his slitted pisshole against the entrance to her vagina,

    "I'm going to fuck you, Mother," he assured her. "I'm going to ram my cock into that pussy if I have to rape you." He pushed into her entrance, then she thrust upward at him.

    "Rape me, baby! Rape me good!" she groaned, her upraised asscheeks beginning to churn wildly beneath him. "Rape the hell out of my unyielding pussy."

    "Your pussy is very yielding," he groaned, "And it feels so hot and good to the head of my cock."

    His thick shaft slid into her pussy, forcing her pussylips wider than they'd ever been, then he plunged into her seething depths with heated desire. His balls clanged into her upraised asscheeks as his slitted hole pushed at her uterus, then he began working back and forth into her cunny as if it were the only thing in the world.

    She groaned in passion as he forced her heels onto his shoulders and lay across her naked body, forcing her pussy even higher for his plunging prick. Her kneecaps were pecking at her shoulders as he fucked at her gaping pussy. He'd have her cumming in no time the way his thickness was caressing the puffiness of her bursting clit.

    He reached down and cupped her sweet little asscheeks in his hands, then squeezed her naked softness with desire.

    "Ooohhh… baby," she quivered beneath him. "If you keep doing that I'll spill my juices all over the covers."

    "Spill your juices, mother," he whispered pulling her ass high as possible, then he started crashing into her uterus with such force she actually hurt. "Why the hell do you think I'm fucking you? I'm going to spill my jazz in a little watched her beautiful lips slide wantingly over the rest of his huge crown, then they locked tightly behind his engorged rim. He'd gotten this far by being bold with her; he may as well be even bolder and go all the way.

    His hands tightened behind her head, then he pushed forward as he pulled her onto his hardness, He watched his shaft slowly disappear as her face swelled from his enormous thickness, then he heard her gag a little as he shoved into the tender membranes of her contracting throat. He paused for a moment, then crammed the remaining inch of his shaft into her mouth, forcing her stretched lips into his blond pubic hair.

    Her hot tongue played havoc on his cord of desire and it didn't take long to curdle the cum in his balls. He rucked at her mouth furiously for a few seconds, then hot goo shot into the back of her throat with force.

    His cock swelled to the bursting point in her sucking channel, then she swallowed his spewing sperm into her hungry stomach. This is what she needed, hot spurting cum flooding her throat. She'd wanted it from John but he was too young to deliver. She swallowed Mike's jism with desire, then sucked for more.

    When his prick stopped jerking in her mouth he grasped her shoulders and shoved her back onto the covers, then hooked his hands beneath her knees and pushed them toward her shoulders as he forced her legs apart. Her ass was well off the bed and her pussy was gaping with desire. He crammed his fleshy knob into her open labia, wedging his slitted pisshole against the entrance to her vagina.

    "I'm going to fuck you, Mother," he assured her. "I'm going to ram my cock into that pussy if I have to rape you."

    He pushed into her entrance, then she thrust upward at him.

    "Rape me, baby! Rape me good!" she groaned, her upraised asscheeks beginning to churn wildly beneath him. "Rape the hell out of my unyielding pussy."

    "Your pussy is very yielding," he groaned, "And it feels so hot and good to the head of my cock."

    His thick shaft slid into her pussy, forcing her pussylips wider than they'd ever been, then he plunged into her seething depths with heated desire. His balls clanged into her upraised asscheeks as his slitted hole pushed at her uterus, then he began working back and forth into her cunny as if it were the only tiling in the world.

    She groaned in passion as he forced her heels onto his shoulders and lay across her naked body, forcing her pussy even higher for his plunging prick. Her kneecaps were pecking at her shoulders as he fucked at her gaping pussy. He'd have her cumming in no time the way his thickness was caressing the puffiness of her bursting clit.

    He reached down and cupped her sweet little asscheeks in his hands, then squeezed her naked softness with desire.

    "Ooohhh… baby," she quivered beneath him. "If you keep doing that I'D spill my juices all over the covers."

    "Spill your juices, mother," he whispered pulling her ass high as possible, then he started crashing into her uterus with such force she actually hurt. "Why the hell do you think I'm fucking you? I'm going to spill my jazz in a little while but I'd surely like to make you cum before I do."

    The pain of his fleshy knob poking at the entrance to her womb caused a numbness in her belly she'd never felt. She suddenly wished she could feel that beautiful thickness enter her abdomen. The numbness in her belly became a delightful throbbing of sinful desire, then she could actually feel the pounding of her heart in her belly. Her body began to tremble as the heartbeats moved outward along her grasping vagina walls, then she began to writhe hotly as they centered in the area of her exploding clit, making her tingle all over. She'd never felt exactly like this in her entire life. Her son was making her cum and they hadn't even started fucking, not really. Never had an orgasm gripped her body like this one was doing, not with anyone she'd ever fucked.

    "Aaagghhhh! Jeeezzzzz! That hurts… but I'm cummminng! Ooooqo… My Godddd… am I ever cuuummminngg!" she squealed in an ecstasy she'd never known as her naked body rocked and swayed beneath him and his plunging cock. "Fuck me harder… pleaseeee! Shove your cock all the way through me! Ooohhh…Sweet Jesus! I'm losing my fuckin' mind! I'm losing everything! I'm cumminnng and I cant help it! Oooooo… Godddd… I cant control myself! Aaaggghhh…geeee… mmmmmm!"

    He felt her warm juices oozing onto his bouncing balls as her hot pussy clutched desperately at his hardness. It was much more than he could stand. His cum was curdling again and he couldn't seem to control it. His balls were tightening with hot cum and he couldn't hold it back. He was going to explode and he knew it. He shoved at her spasming uterus, nestling the head of his cock in the depths of her trembling belly as molten lava entered the base of his thick hardness.

    She felt his cock swell inside her contracting sheath, then she thrust upward, letting her churning snatch milk at him furiously.

    "Unnngghhh… Mothhheeer! I'm… I'm cuummminnnng in that little pussy! Jeeeezzzz!" he groaned, his cock stiffening to the utmost, then he was jerking crazily inside her belly as his hot sperm splashed into her uterus. "This is… ooohhh… beautiful… aaahhh!"

    Their naked flesh quivered against each other in ecstasy as their mingled juices spurted from her strectched pussylips. They writhed in delightful orgasm, then Barbara realized she'd never experienced anything so wonderful, not even with Tom. His prick went limp inside her cunny, then it slipped from her pussylips as their juices flooded his balls and slithered into the crank of her ass.

    They cuddled passionately for a short while, then Mike winked at her and went back to his own room.


    "Time to get up, everyone! This Is The Day Your Granddaddy Simpson is coming to live with us!" Tom's voice boomed through the house. "Up and at it! We've got a lot to do. We want him to feel welcome."

    In a few minutes everyone was stirring about, trying to prepare themselves for their granddaddy's arrival. No, not everyone! Martha was sitting on the side of the bed, her legs spread wide. She'd removed her little nightgown and panties and was gazing at her naked pussy.

    "What the hell are you doing?" Judy asked, somewhat shocked when she saw Martha's fingers open up her tiny pussylips. "Are you going to play with yourself? What the shit's happening?"

    "No! I'm not playing with myself," Martha answered, opening her pussy wide as possible, then she examined her tender labia. "I'm looking at my pussy, that's all."

    "And why are you looking at your pussy?" Judy asked wonderingly. "One would think you'd never seen your own snatch."

    "Oh. I've seen my cunny, but I've never seen it quite the way I do now," Martha smiled a little, then examined her small fuck hole. "I'm just wondering why I wanted to remain a virgin when it feels so good to be fucked."

    "How the hell would you know what it feels like to be fucked?" Judy giggled teasingly at her sister. "I'm four years older than you and I've never had that pleasure. You must've dreamed you were being fucked."

    "No, I wasn't dreaming," Martha looked up at her and smiled. "Look at my pussy and tell me it hasn't been fucked."

    Judy stooped over slightly and fastened her eyes to Martha's gaping little cunny. How the hell would she know if Martha had been fucked? She must admit that tender labia looked a little red, but that could've been caused from Martha's own finger. She suddenly noticed her sister had no hymen. Also, the entrance to her small vagina looked somewhat irritated.

    "Jeez! You'd better be more careful when you play with yourself," Judy suggested as she straightened up. "You may really hurt yourself if you're not careful what you shove into that little pussy."

    "You don't think I did this to myself, do you?" Martha giggled crazily. "It's just too bad you don't know what really happened to me yesterday."

    Judy found herself becoming interested in her sister's puzzling secret, then began to wonder if she could persuade Martha to tell her about it. Judy had no way of knowing Martha was yearning to tell her secret.

    "We've always confided in each other, Martha," she said, trying to sound unconcerned. "I don't know why you think you can't tell me what happened."

    "I didn't say I couldn't tell you," Martha smiled at her. "But you must first promise you'll never mention a word of this to anyone."

    "Okay, I promise!" Judy answered, sitting beside her naked sister. "I've never told any of our secrets, have I?"

    "No, I guess not!" Martha stated, feeling confident Judy would keep the secret to herself, then she related her unbelievable story to her older sister.

    Judy listened intently, mystified as the story unfolded. At times it sounded almost like a fairy tale, yet she couldn't deny the fact her sister's hymen was no longer there. Had John's cock really burst her very young cherry? She wondered about that possibility. The evidence was surely in her sister's favor, no matter how fantastic the story seemed.

    Judy found herself becoming more involved in Martha's story. She even tried to imagine feeling her brother's cock in her pussy while their mother watched. Her pussy began to throb as she listened to the remainder of the story, then her tender pussylips became damp as her labia itched with desire.

    "Well, what do you think of my secret?" Martha asked, turning to Judy.

    "I'm not sure," Judy answered, getting up and pretending she had to go to the bathroom. "It seems a little far-out to me."

    "I knew you wouldn't believe me," Martha's lips pouted as her sister opened the door and turned to her. "But it's the truth so I don't care if you believe me or not."

    "I didn't say I didn't believe you," Judy smiled. "I only said the story seems far-out."

    She closed the door behind her and walked very slowly toward the bathroom. Was Martha's story true? It almost had to be, yet how could her mother be involved in such an act of incest? She couldn't come right out and ask her mother or John about something like that. Hell, she'd be too frightened to approach her mother in any fashion-no matter how innocent it may seem. If she could be alone with John for a little while she may be able to verify Martha's unbelievable story, but how could she get him alone?

    "Hey! Wait a minute!" she whispered to herself as she approached the bathroom door. "While the others are at the airport I could have at least two hours with John. If only I could talk to him maybe I could persuade him to stay here with me."

    The door opened as she reached for the knob, then her mouth fell open.

    "You look as if you've seen a ghost," John teased at her as he walked out of the bathroom. "I guess that's the voices I heard."

    "John! Boy am I glad to see you," she smiled, still wondering how fate could've brought them together at exactly the right time. "I wanted to talk to you before we left for the airport."

    "Okay, but you'd better talk fast," he answered. "Well be leaving in a few minutes."

    "Yes, I know! But I want to talk to you about something which will take longer," she smiled mysteriously at him. "Do you think we can find some excuse to stay home while the others are away?"

    "Gee, is it that important?" he asked wonderingly, then one look at his sister's face told him it was. "Maybe I could come down a little ill and you could volunteer to stay home with me. Do you think it'll work?"

    "It should work fine," she glowed with happiness. "I'm just glad you thought of something; I couldn't think of a thing."

    Within a half hour everyone was ready to leave. John waited till they were going out the door, then folded his hands across his belly.

    "Mama, I don't feel so good," he said, rubbing the area of his navel, trying to appear a little pale. "Do you mind if I stay here till you get back?"

    Barbara looked at hire wonderingly, then noticed he was rubbing the middle of his belly. She looked pleadingly at Tom.

    "Maybe I'd better stay with him, Tom," she suggested, "he could have a touch of appendicitis."

    John quickly moved his hands to his left side and dropped them a little.

    "No, Mama, it's nothing like that," he tried to correct his mistake. "It hurts more around here."

    "Look, Granddaddy will be expecting both of you to be at the airport," Judy smiled at her parents. "Ill be glad to stay with John. He probably just has an upset stomach, anyway."

    Tom and Barbara looked at each other, knowing Judy was right about her granddaddy-he'd be expecting them at the airport.

    "What do you think, Tom?" Barbara asked, looking at her son. "Will they be all right by themselves?"

    "I think so! It's too low to be appendicitis," he answered. "Judy, if it gets worse call the doctor, do you understand?"

    "I will," she assured them. "But please don't worry about John; I'm sure he'll be all right."

    "Whew! That was close," John almost choked when he heard the car back out of the drive. "I thought the wrong one was about to stay with me."

    "Yeah! It looked that way for a moment," Judy shivered at the thought of their plan backfiring, "I'm glad the airport is on the other side of town; we should have at least two hours together."

    "I can't figure why you couldn't talk with the others around!" he exclaimed wonderingly, then sat in the lounge chair and leaned onto the slightly elevated back. "Is our conversation supposed to be a secret?"

    "No… well… yes! It's a secret in a way," she answered, looking at him in wondering way. "I'd like to think we could keep our conversation between the two of us."

    "Okay! I won't tell anyone," he said gazing into her very mysterious eyes. "What did you want to talk about?"

    "Maybe I shouldn't discuss this with you at all," she suggested, studying his young face carefully, trying to arouse his interest. "You're much too young to understand this kind of thing anyway."

    "No! I'm not too young to understand anything," his voice was somewhat pleading. "You'd be surprised what I can understand."

    "But can you understand a conversation about sex?" she asked in a teasing way as she watched his face grimace a little. '-'Maybe I should wait till Mike comes home? I'm sure he'll understand."

    "I understand more than Mike does," he assured her as he thought about Martha and his mother, then his cock began to stir a little. "I could tell you things about sex you wouldn't believe."

    "Really!" she exclaimed, her eyes falling to his crotch, then she noticed the little rascal was getting a hard-on. That little oblong puffiness at his crotch was very noticeable and she couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from it. "I didn't realize I was discussing this with an expert."

    "I didn't say I was an expert," he stared at the floor, his face turning somewhat red. "I just said I knew something about sex."

    A slight tingling sensation rippled through the tender membranes of her virgin vulva as she watched his little cock stiffen beneath the material of his pants. She felt she'd already found out what she wanted to know but she'd carry the conversation a little farther just to make sure. In fact, she may even tempt him a little with her body if the conversation proved out. Maybe he'd feel compelled to fuck her if he liked what he saw.

    "If you know something about sex I suppose it'll be all right to talk to you," she answered, trying to sound more confident in what she was going to say. She paused for a few seconds while her eyes fixed themselves on his young face. "Have you noticed the new look on Mother's face today? Even Martha seems to have the same satisfied look!"

    "N-n-no!" he grimaced again, then his eyes closed tightly. "W-w-what d-d-do you mean?"

    "The look on their face is what I mean," she smiled, realizing he'd told her all she wanted to know. "I knew you wouldn't understand; I'd better wait for Mike."

    "No! Oh God! Don't tell anyone about this," he pleaded with his older sister. "You'll get them into a lot of trouble."

    "How could I get them into trouble?" she asked sweetly, taking her seat on the couch across from him, purposely letting her short skirt ride up her trim legs. "I don't see how a satisfied look could get them into trouble."

    "You just don't understand," he groaned looking hopefully into her eyes, then his gaze fell to the point on her thighs where the top of her nylons were clinging to the soft creaminess of her flesh. "Hell, you don't know anything about sex."

    Her labia itched desperately as she watched his short cock come to complete hardness beneath his pants, then she felt her panties become wet with desire.

    "No, I guess I don't know about sex; I'm still a virgin," she smiled at him. "I don't see what a satisfied look has to do with sex at all."

    He'd never noticed the sensual beauty of his sister's legs before. Maybe it was those sheer nylons clinging to her soft creaminess that made her look _so damned good. Whatever it was he couldn't seem to take his eyes off her. He only wished she'd spread her legs a little more; he'd love to look at that pantie-clad pussy of hers.

    "A person's look has everything to do with sex," he answered, his cock throbbing with anticipation. "Anyone who has been satisfied sexually will surely have a satisfied look on their face. That's why you can't tell on Mama and Martha."

    "Tell on them for what? For having a satisfied look?" she asked, upsetting John even more. "I didn't say they'd been satsified sexually; I only said they had a satisfied look."

    "Jeez, you don't know anything," John stated, almost begging for understanding. If word got to his father about Martha and his mother having a satisfied look he'd surely know what had happened-his father wasn't quite as stupid as Judy seemed to be. He got up and walked to the couch, then dropped to his knees in front of his older sister. "Please… don't say anything about Mama and Martha to anyone, you'll get all of us into trouble."

    Judy smiled at her brother's pleading face, the look of wondering innocence in her eyes. She had him exactly where she wanted him-on the defensive.

    "How could I get you into trouble?" she asked sweetly as he stared at that certain point between her thighs. "You have nothing to do with the look on their face."

    "I have everything to do with the look on their face," he answered, realizing he must educate his older sister in the facts of life right away. "They are satisfied because of me."

    "I don't know what you mean," her voice almost gurgled from the depths of her throat as he pushed her short skirt higher onto her thighs, then she felt a desperate tingling in the depths of her virginal vagina. "How could they have a satisfied look because of you?"

    "Spread your legs and I'll try to explain," he demanded, his cock pushing demandingly at the material of his pants, then he placed his hands on her knees and applied an outward pressure. "I'll have to show you; words can't explain the look on their face."

    "Well, if you insist," she answered, trying to appear the virgin she was. "However, I don't see how spreading my legs will prove anything."

    He watched her creamy thighs part then his eyebrows raised as he looked at that delightful puffy mound. His cock throbbed as he saw the black hairs of her virgin pussy through the flimsy material of her panties.

    God! Judy's pussy looked so damned good to his young eyes. He only hoped he could prove a point to her without making her mad.

    His trembling hand reached out to the slitted puffiness of her panties, then he gently squeezed at the virgin softness of her delightful triangle. His forefinger followed the damp crease of her pantie-clad pussy, then he grasped the fullness of her mound in his hand. His third finger eased beneath the elastic and slid into the crevice of her little cunny, then tickled at her swollen clitoris.

    "Does that feel good?" he asked, his finger easing deeper into her slippery cleft. "Do you want me to keep doing this?"

    "Yes…oh…God… yes!" she purred, her asscheeks beginning to undulate on the cushion of the couch. "But I don't see what this has to do with Mother and Martha."

    "The same thing happened to them," he boasted then his finger slipped into her vagina and shoved into her youthful belly. "They needed me just like you do. I satisfied them-do you want the same things?"

    "Yes… I want the same thing," her slushy pussy fucked at his thrusting finger, kindling a small fire of desire in the tender depths of her quivering sheath. "I want exactly the same thing."

    "All right! But you've got to promise you'll forget about the look on Mama and Martha's face," he demanded as his finger slipped from her grinding cunny. "You mustn't tell anyone what I did to them." :

    "I won't! I'll never say a word about it!" she promised, then looked pleadingly into his young eyes. "Just do the same thing to me… please!"

    Her plan was working. She was getting exactly what she wanted and she was making him think it was all his doing. She was allowing him to be the expert teacher while she played the part of an unlearned beginner.

    "What do I do now?" she asked, trying to sound very innocent and ignorant to her younger brother. "I've never done anything like this before."

    "Oh, gee! Don't you know anything at all about sex?" he asked, somewhat disgusted with Judy's sudden stupidity.

    He saw the sensual gleam in her eyes, then realized she was playing a little game with him, Okay! If she wanted to play the part of innocence he'd gladly play the part of a learned lover.

    "NO!" she cooed sweetly. "I don't know anything about sex; you'll have to show me what to do."

    "All right!" he answered, taking on the role of sexual instructor to his older sister. "Slide forward on the couch and lean back."

    Judy inched forward on the seat, bringing her rounded asscheeks to the very edge, then she leaned onto the backrest. She looked wonderingly into his eyes from her almost prone position.

    "What happens next?" she smiled watching his young eyes dance at the sight of her protruding pantie-clad pussymound. "Shouldn't I do anything else?"

    He didn't answer. That wet crease in her panties was holding his attention. God, Judy's little cunny must be soaked with pussy juices. He licked at his lips, wondering if her pussy tasted anything like his mother's. He'd never gotten the chance to push his tongue into Martha's tender pussy but maybe he'd be lucky enough to taste Judy's virgin juices. There was nothing to keep him from doing it unless she pushed him away. Hell, it was surely worth a try.

    He pushed the short skirt up to her waist, then grasped her panties at both sides. His fingers eased beneath the elastic, then he slipped them over the round fullness of her buttocks and hips. His eyes bulged with anticipation as her black-haired pussymound mysteriously revealed itself, then he slid the panties off her beautiful tapered legs. He s stared at the glistening wetness of that virgin cleft, then he licked his lips again as his cock jerked a few times. If he'd been old enough to cum, sticky goo would've been running down his leg by now.

    "You didn't answer," she purred contentedly. "What should I do now?"

    "N-n-nothing!" he stammered as his trembling fingers reached out and stroked the puffy softness of her full mound, then he wished that pretty little cunny was standing open before him. "Well, maybe you can do something. It'd help a lot if you could get your heels on the edge of the couch and open your legs,"

    "Jeez! I don't think I can do that, not with my ass already hanging over the edge," she answered wonderingly, knowing that if she could accomplish his suggestion, her slippery little snatch would be gaping widely before his dancing eyes. "You may have to help me."

    She brought her knees upward, trying to find the edge of the couch with her heels. It was no use; her heels wouldn't quite touch. She felt his hands upon her ankles, then he forced her heels onto the cushion at each side of her asscheeks. Her heels dug into the spongy material, sinking deep so they wouldn't slip off the edge, then her knees fell open as her pussy pushed upward, gaping with a sensuality he'd never witnessed. The tendons at the vee of her creamy thighs were stretched to the very utmost, making that beautiful little pussy stand open of its own accord.

    The tender petals of her delicate labia unfolded before his wondering eyes, then his cock jerked again. It reminded him of a red tulip in full bloom. He wondered why his mother or Martha didn't have those beautiful petals on their labias. Maybe they did and he'd just failed to see them. The only thing he could think of right now is that pussy before his face. It was the most gorgeous thing in the world.

    The blackness of her cunt hair seemed to frame the beauty of her young gash, making the redness of her swollen labia seem even redder. Even the slippery juice of her pussy seemed to stand out like glistening dewdrops. God, Judy's virgin pussy looked good.

    His mouth watered as he crawled up to her gaping cunny on his knees, then he looked into the softness of her brown eyes. They seemed to sparkle with anticipation as he got closer and closer to that beautifully opened vee, then as his hot breath touched upon the sensitive area of her virgin labia her eyes lost themselves in unknown desire. It was as if her eyes were dancing wantonly to an unheard exotic orchestra, then his gaze fell to that tight little fuck hole. The tender lips of her vagina were contracting crazily, keeping time to the silent exotic music.

    His lips parted as they gently touched the warm softness of her wet labia, then he kissed her openness with such passion it sent chills up and down her spine. He pulled her delicate petals into his mouth, then sucked them into his wanting channel. His tongue fluttered upon them, teased at them, and tasted them till he could stand it no longer.

    His sister's virgin juices tasted good. They seemed to have a more tangy flavor than his mother's juices. His tongue slithered farther into her quivering crevice, then shot deep into her contracting fuck hole as his lips fastened to the mouth of her tender vagina. He tongue fucked her I virgin sheath with hot desire as he lapped up her spilling fluids, then his cock started jerking steadily.

    "Ooohhh…jeeezzzzz… do something!" she begged as a sudden spasm gripped at her pussy, then die started fucking at his thrusting tongue in a kind of forbidden fantasy. "Do something… do anything… pleaseeeeeeeee!"

    John was experienced enough to realize his sister's pussy was begging for release. He'd seen his mother and Martha act exactly the same way and he knew what to do. His tongue slipped from her hot vagina and teased up the open crease of her quivering pussy, then fluttered delightfully upon the swollen knob of her clit.

    "Aaahhh… baby… that's it! Sweet Jesus… I'm falling apart!" she writhed, her seething cunny churning upward at his beautiful tongue, then the spasm in her membranes turned into an orgasm of sheer delight. "Mmmmmm…do that gently! Mummmm Hummmm… That's The Way! Ooohhh… My Goddd… that's perfect!"

    The tip of his fluttering tongue tickled at the small entrance of her clitoral sheath, then she lost herself in wanton passion as her clit suddenly hardened to the bursting point. She seemed to explode inside as her pussy tried to turn inside out for her brother's attention. Her fluids flowed freely into the crack of her ass and she couldn't seem to stop them, not that she wanted to. Her virgin domain belonged to John and she knew it. Her younger brother was bringing her to a climax she didn't realize possible. He'd brought her this far and she was certainly his to do whatever he wanted. Besides, she was enjoying every bit of it.

    At the very heights of ecstasy he dropped his lips back to her tittie fuck hole, then he thrust his tongue into her spasming depths and drank her flowing juices thirstily.

    Her heels left the cushions and stuck straight up into the air as he slurped her sweet fluids, then he removed his mouth from her frothing pussy and quickly crawled between the creaminess of her thighs. He crammed his fleshy tittie cockhead into her open labia wedging his pisshole at the opening of her virgin vagina.

    "I'm going to fuck you, Sis," he groaned then he pushed into her tight entrance. "Goddamn it! I'm going to fuck you a hellofa lot better than I fucked Mama and Martha! I'm going to fuck you till you beg me to stop."

    "Fuuccckkk meeeee… sugar!" she begged, her wanting snatch eating at the complete length of his hard cock, then she felt his nut-sac pushing at her labia. "I'll never beg you to stop! Just fuck me… pleaseeee! Fucccckkk meeeee… forever!"

    His tittie cock throbbed and jerked crazily as he fucked at Judy's grinding pussy. His hardness was about to burst open and he couldn't understand it. Judy's hot virgin cunt seemed so much better than his mother or Martha. Maybe it was because she'd never been fucked, maybe it was because she was his older sister, and maybe it was because he was beginning to enjoy performing the role of sexual instructor to his sister. He fucked at her gaping snatch for all he was worth, not really caring why he was enjoying it so much. He must bring her to a delightful orgasm and that's all that mattered to him right now.

    He plunged into her spasming depths like a young buck in heat, then he felt her warm pussy juices flooding his bouncing balls.

    "Jeez! I wish I could cum," he groaned, shoving his cock into her spasming uterus. "I'd love to fill your pussy full of hot cum."

    "I wish you could too… baby! I'd love to feel your cum in my pussy," she moaned fucking wildly at his thrusting peter. "But you're surely making me cum. Ooohhh… I'm bursting wide open! Jeez… you feel so good!"

    She brought her ankles to his thrusting asscheeks, then locked them onto his youthful roundness and pulled him into her. She held his cockhead in the depths of her belly as her oozing juices slithered across her contracting asshole. He jerked a few more times then it was all over for her.

    Her satisfied flesh gasped for breath beneath him, then shivered as his cock grew limp in her pussy. He hadn't cum but he'd surely satisfied her every need. Her pussy was soaked with juices of satisfaction and his limp prick was still working back and forth inside her. She shivered in one last spasm, then sighed delightedly.

    Her flesh was wet with sweat as she pulled him down to her, then she kissed his lips tenderly. Her very young instructor had satisfied her very need. His little cock had burst her cherry, casting her into immediate womanhood.


    "Babs, I've got to hand it to you," Jonathan Simpson sighed as he filled his plate with a lavish helping of roast and all the trimmings. "You surely know how to fill a table with my favorite foods. This makes me feel right at home."

    "That's the way it should be," she smiled at him. "You're living with us so we surely want to make this your home."

    "It wasn't enough to name your youngest son for me," he smiled back at her. "Now you're trying to make me get fat."

    "I can't imagine you being fat, Granddaddy," Martha giggled at the thought. "You're too tall to be fat."

    "I hope so," he winked at Martha, "but we'll find out after this meal, won't we?"

    Most of the family laughed and talked while they enjoyed the special dinner Barbara had prepared for Tom's father. However, Judy and Mike couldn't seem to get into the same talkative mood. Their young minds were on other things, more delightful things.*

    Mike was remembering last night with his mother while Judy remembered the day with John. It'd been a sensual experience for both of them and they couldn't seem to forget it. Now that their granddaddy was living with them, it'd be much harder to be alone with their newfound sex partners.

    Judy gaze wandered across the table to her older brother, then she saw the faraway look in his eyes. She wondered what could be troubling him, certainly not the same thing which was troubling her. She fastened her eyes upon him, wondering how his cock would feel inside her tender little fuck hole. She was still a little sore from John's small hardness, yet she couldn't help thinking how it'd be to fuck Mike. Her cuntal sheath throbbed with mysterious anticipation as she realized Mike's cock would be much larger than John's

    Mike glanced up from the plate of food he'd hardly touched, then he looked wonderingly into his sister's staring eyes. He felt a little guilty, then tried to smile at her. It was almost as if she were reading his mind. He suddenly felt a little more comfortable when he realized she couldn't know what he'd been thinking, yet there was something about her eyes he couldn't understand. They seemed soft and inviting, almost willing. They seemed to dance with sparkling lust as she tried to smile back at him.

    His cock stirred beneath his pant's leg as he studied her wanton look. He'd never seen such excitement on his sister's beautiful face, but he couldn't quite figure it out. It was almost the same excitement he'd seen on his mother's face last night. He wondered how that could be possible; Judy seemed so young. However, he remembered John saying he'd fucked Martha; she was a hellofa lot younger than Judy. Maybe Judy did have that certain look un her eyes but he'd never find out; there's no way they could be alone for awhile. He suddenly prayed for an excuse to get out of the house with Judy. Oh, well, he'd just have to wonder about that excited look on her face.

    Judy found herself studying her brother's face, then she wished they were alone in the house. His eyes reminded her of John when he caught the first glimpse of her naked pussy. She wasn't sure Mike's look was exactly the same but she'd sure as hell like to find out. The crease of her panties became damp as she wondered what'd happen if the two of them suddenly found themselves alone.

    "That was the best dinner I've had in a long time," Jonathan patted his stomach, then glanced out the window across from the table. "Jeez! It's already dark outside. It must get dark mighty early around here."

    "Not really!" Tom said, looking out the window. "There's a two hour time difference between your old home and your new one. It's already seven o'clock."

    "That's why I'm confused," Jonathan chuckled, glancing at his watch. "I still have five o'clock."

    "Oh, damn!" Barbara muttered, looking at her husband. "I wanted Mike to run across town for me before it got too late. Jane baked a cake for Jonathan and I forgot to pick it up on the way home,"

    Judy and Mike caught the surprised but happy look on each other's face. This was the chance they'd been praying for. They only hoped they were right about each other.

    "I don't know about that," Tom protested. "I don't like for our children to be out alone after darkness."

    "It's all right, Daddy," Judy said, her voice almost pleading. "Ill go along with Mike."

    "That's not exactly what I meant," Tom answered. "I don't like for any of you to be out at night."

    "Well be all right, Daddy," Mike suggested hopefully. "Ill drive very carefully."

    "Well, okay! But I'll expect you back here by nine o'clock." Tom frowned as he handed the keys to Mike. "It's about a thirty minute drive over there, so with the extra hour I'm giving you I want you to take it very slowly, do you understand?"

    "Yes, Sir!" Mike assured him as he and Judy walked out of the house and got into the car.

    After they got onto the freeway, Mike took advantage of the extra speed he could get. The sooner they got to Jane's house and the cake the more time he and Judy could have alone. They had an "extra hour but he wanted more time to be with his sister. Well, she wasn't really his sister but he'd always thought of her that way, They were so young when their parents married they couldn't remember it. They'd always been much closer than most brothers and sisters, but now they wanted tosee if they could get even closer.

    "Why are you in such a hurry," Judy teased at him as she watched the speedometer steadily climb higher. "Daddy gave us an extra hour."

    "But will an hour be enough?" he asked, hoping his sister would give him some hint about the look he thought he saw in her eyes. "Ah… couldn't we use a little more time?"

    She smiled hoping she understood Mike's concern. He wanted the extra time to be alone with her. However, she must be absolutely positive; she mustn't make a fool of herself.

    She slid across the seat, letting her thigh nestle gentle beside his, then rested her hand on his knee. The motion wasn't exactly one of a forward nature. Hell, any sister would sit next to her brother like this. However, if Mike really wanted to be alone with her this move would carry a different meaning for him and she knew it.

    "Yes! It'd be nice to have a little time to ourselves if we don't waste it," she cooed suggestively. "Do you want more time with me, Mike?"

    Her move hadn't been taken lightly, neither had her suggestive voice. His hand moved to her knee, then slipped to the inside of her leg at the hem of her dress. He patted her warm nakedness gently as his fingertips lightly caressed the tenderness of her skin.

    "I don't plan on wasting the time," he groaned as his cock began to stiffen, "not a precious minute of it."

    Within fifteen minutes of their departure from home they pulled into Jane's driveway. If they gained fifteen minutes on their return trip they'd have an hour and a half to themselves.

    "Will you get the cake, Judy?" Mike asked sheepishly. "I can't get out of the car right now."

    "Why?" she asked wonderingly, then she saw the hardened bulge beneath his pants. She was suddenly glad the dash lights were on, otherwise she might not have understood his request. "Oh, yeah! I understand! You just take care of that thing till I get back."

    She hurried back to the car with the cake, then when she'd placed it carefully on the back seat she crawled into the front seat and scrambled over to Mike. Her hand eased to the inside of his thigh, then her fingers slid upward to tease at the tip of his cock through the material of his pants.

    "Ah! It's still there," she purred teasingly as he cranked the car and sped toward the freeway, "I was so afraid it was only my imagination."

    "It's not your imagination, baby," he groaned as her fingers surrounded his thick hardness, then he covered her hand with his. "You don't mind me calling you baby, do you?"

    "Oh, no! I sounds nice. The way you say it makes me tingle all over," she sighed as she squeezed at his shaft, then her heart began to pound in her chest as she realized the enormity of her brother's cock. "Where are we going, darting?"

    "Say that again," he requested, slipping an arm about her shoulders and letting the palm of his hand drape over the fullness of her delightful young breast.

    "Where are we going?" she asked, sounding a little bit puzzled. "Why did you want me to say it again?"

    "Not that!" he giggled a little as he toyed with her pert nipple through the thin material of her blouse. "It sounded good to hear you call me darling."

    "Darling!" she repeated as her nipple hardened beneath his fingertips, then she moved her hand to the top of his zipper. "I like to call you darling."

    "Do you remember that little ball park in our neighborhood?" he asked as she slid his zipper downward. "We're going there."

    "Jeez! That's too close to our house," she protested, her fingers slipping into the open slot of his pants to touch upon the warm hardness of his thick cock. "Shouldn't we go somewhere else?"

    "No! That park hasn't been used in a long time," he answered, sliding down in the seat a little spreading his legs, giving her exploring hand more freedom. "Besides, there's a clump of trees at the park which will hide the car from anybody's view. It's the most secluded spot I know. Youll see what I mean in just a few minutes."

    She reached farther into his pants, then her fingers surrounded his throbbing hardness. She tried to tug it through the opening as she felt his fingers undoing the buttons on her blouse. It was no use; his cock was held tightly by his pant's leg. She sighed as she felt his hand slip inside her blouse to fondle her naked breasts. His fingers wandered from one to the other, making chills crawl up and down her spine before settling in the area of her swelling clit. His hands on her titties were about to make her cum all over herself and she couldn't even get his cock out of his pants.

    "Oooohhh… darling… I need that," she begged as she caressed his shaft wantingly, then she unfastened his belt and unbuttoned his pants.

    "I've got to get it out of your pants. I want to feel it in my hands."

    "You'll get your chance in a second," he said as he drove to the other side of the park and found the secluded clump of trees, then turned off the ignition. "How's this? We'll never have more privacy."

    "It's perfect," she smiled at him in the moonlight as she continued to tug at his thick cock. "But I wish I could get that thing out of your pants."

    "No sooner said than done," he smiled back at her then he tripped the seat latch and slid the seat back as he shoved his pants to his knees. "How's that for a miracle?"

    "It's the most beautiful miracle I've ever seen," she cooed sweetly as she stroked the complete length of his hard cock, making somewhat of a joke out of his statement.

    "All right, now it's time to look at your miracle," he whispered, pushing her gently back onto the seat, then he opened the door so they'd have more room.

    He finished unbuttoning her blouse and pushed it from her shoulders, then pulled her upward a little and slid it from her arms. He undid the two buttons on her skirt, then his fingers hooked beneath the material of her skirt and panties as he slid them down her legs. He removed her slip-on type shoes, then crouched there looking at her young nakedness.

    His cock throbbed with desire as he saw the light of the moon dance lovingly on her body. The effect was nothing less than sensual. It made his sister appear more lovely than he'd ever seen her.

    "Your miracle is more beautiful than mine," he groaned, reaching out to her knees, then he pulled them apart.

    "That's not fair," she teased at him as his hands eased between her thighs, then she opened her legs a little more. "You still have on most of your clothes."

    He smiled at her as he got out of the car and stripped off the rest of his clothes, then he crawled between her creamy thighs and looked down at her black-haired pussy.

    "God, you look good," he moaned, his finger outlining her slippery cleft. "I wish we had more time. I'd like to eat that pretty little thing, then fuck the hell out of it."

    Her cunny throbbed at the thought of his tongue pushing into her, then she wondered how his huge cock would feel in her mouth. Her mouth watered a little, then she felt a desperate need to find out.

    "Let's do it, darling… please!" she pleaded. "We can eat each other for a little while, then we can finish each other off by fucking."

    His cock throbbed as he thought about shoving it into his sister's mouth, then he wondered if they really had enough time. If they did it like Judy mentioned they'd have enough time to sample each other's sex in every way.

    "But are you sure you want to suck my cock?1' he asked wonderingly as he got out of the car and came around to her side, then he opened the other door and crawled inside. "You don't have to do it if you don't want to."

    "But I want to," she sighed as he kissed bis way down her nakedness to her slightly churning pussymound, then his tongue slithered into the quivering crevice of her slippery pussy.

    She shivered as the warm head of his cock brushed against her lips, then she kissed his slitted pisshole with heated passion. Her lips parted as she grasped his hardness in her hands, then she guided his enormous crown between them. Her lips opened wider as she engulfed his warmness, letting her tongue flutter at the entrance of his little slit while her lips locked tightly behind his huge rim. Mike's cock quivered at the touch of his sister's inquisitive tongue. He pushed steadily downward as his shaft disappeared into her warm sucking channel, then the back of her throat contracted crazily upon the head of his cock. He pushed his tongue into her hot little fuck hole as his balls tightened with the onrush of cum, then her cunny trembled in a slight spasm. He wished there was enough time to cum in her mouth and pussy, but that was an impossibility; their time alone was coming to an end. If they were going to fuck they'd better do it in the next few seconds or they wouldn't do it at all. Their cum would be flowing and their time would be expired.

    He quickly pulled his throbbing shaft from her sucking mouth and turned her around in the seat, letting her feet rest on the ground while he guided his hardness into the slushy membranes of her burning labia. He wedged his pisshole into the entrance of her seething vagina and not a moment too soon. His cock was already stiffening with cum as he thrust into her tight depths.

    "Ooooooo… My God! That hurts! Jesus Christ… it's killing me!" she gasped as his thick cock ripped into her sore snatch. "Please… oh, my God! Dont fuck me any more! Dont hurt me… please!"

    His cock had stiffened to the utmost; it was too § late to stop. He shoved into her uterus, then began slamming back and forth into her tight pussy.

    "I'm sorry, baby! I don't want to hurt you but I can't stop!" he groaned, rucking at her like some maniac raping a protesting victim. "That little pussy is just too goddamned good. Hell, I could stop breathing easier than I could stop fucking you."

    After his cock started sliding back and forth inside her the stinging in her pussy subsided. The deadening throb of hurt turned into a thing of sensual delight. The slight spasm turned into a very forceful orgasm. Her tight pussy started sucking and milking at his thick hardness with desire, then released pussy cum flowed into the channel of her grinding snatch. She thrust upward at his pounding cock as her legs wrapped around his asscheeks, then she pulled him deeper into her wanting belly.

    'Ooohhh…darling… dont stop now… pleaseeeeee!" she whined as his hot sperm splashed against her womb in drastic spurts. "It feels good… too good! Fuucckkk meeeeee! Ffuuuuckk mee… forever… pleaseeeee!"

    Their cum mingled, then flowed onto the seat of their daddy's car as his limp cock slurped from her pussy. They smiled at each other as they slipped on their clothes. The only regret they felt is the time they'd lost with each other; they could've been doing this all along. They looked at their watch, then smiled when they realized they'd be home a few minutes before nine.


    Everyone got a good night's sleep after Judy and Mike got home. Not only were they tired but they also had a full schedule ahead of them tomorrow. Tom would be leaving for work on the morning shift and the children would be back in school for their Monday morning classes. Barbara would be giving the house a thorough cleaning while Jonathan unpacked his luggage. The sleep and rest they got seemed to be exactly what they needed.

    They arose on Monday morning with renewed energy, ready to tackle the events of the day. Barbara got their breakfast ready, then before she realized it her husband and children had eaten and gone. She and Jonathan sat there looking at each other across the table for awhile as they sipped on their coffee, then he smiled at her.

    "You know, I told Tom he was making a mistake by marrying Jo Ann, then I reminded him of his mistake several times after they were married," he said, turning the coffee cup to his lips. "You're the one he should've married all along. You have everything: looks, body, brains, charm, the whole damned works."

    "Thank you, Jonathan," she smiled at him. "I made the same mistake with my first husband, and it wasn't until the divorce hearings Tom and I met each other."

    "Yes, I know, and I thank God for those hearings," he smiled back at her as her robe sagged a little, letting him get a glimpse of her naked breasts, then his eyes bulged a little. "If it weren't for those hearings I wouldn't have the most wonderful daughter-in-law in the whole world."

    "You're only saying that because it's true," she teased at him, knowing he'd enjoyed the accidental opening of her robe. "No… really! I've tried to be a good wife to Tom. We've had our differences at times and he's left me in a few bad predicaments, but everything has worked out to our satisfaction."

    "I hope so," he groaned, examining the upper half of her creamy breasts, then he wished he could see more of his lovely daughter-in-law. "I'd never forgive Tom if he mistreated you."

    "You're very thoughtful, Jonathan," she cooed sweetly at him, letting her robe fall open to expose her pert nipples to him. "Ill have to remember that."

    "Remember it good, little one," he smiled at her, then his eyes fell back to her rounded breasts. "If Tom fails you in any way I want to know about it. Ill try to make up for his shortcomings." Her cunt tingled delightfully as she felt his eyes on her titties, then she reached beneath the table and loosened her sash tie, letting the robe fall completely open.

    "Ill remember that," she smiled, then got up from the table to let him catch a slight glimpse of her naked pussy before tieing the sash tie at her waist. "I'll call on you if Tom should fail me, but right now I'm going to wash the dishes if you don't mind."

    Jonathan's cock stiffened a little as he caught that slight glimpse of her glistening red cunt hair, then he swallowed the lump in his throat. My God, his daughter-in-law was naked except for the robe, and her body was thrilling the hell out of him! Something inside screamed out to forget what he saw. Barbara was strictly a one man woman and she belonged to his son. He trembled, his face turning red with embarrassment. He shouldn't think of Barbara in this respect. However, he surely wished he could get a better view of that beautiful red-haired pussy.

    "And I need to unpack my luggage, but I think 111 do that after I finish my coffee," he finally answered, then managed to smile at her. "Say, would you like a little *help with the dishes? I'm the best drier you'll find anywhere."

    Barbara had intended on just throwing the dishes into the dishwasher, but Jonathan's suggestion prompted a plan to start working in her mind. She'd enjoyed him looking at her body in a wanton way; maybe if she played it right she could let him see more of her. His eyes had made her cunny tingle in a mysterious way. She'd surely like to feel his eyes on her again. It was a pleasant feeling to have a man look at her like that, even if it was Tom's father. She suddenly wanted to show him all her body. And if she could handle it in an innocent way there'd be nothing to regret if he didn't take the hint.

    "I'll make a bet you're the best at anything," she smiled at him, "and whether you know it or not I'm going to take you up on that offer-you can dry the dishes."

    He swallowed the last of his coffee, then joined Barbara at the sink.

    "Where do you keep the dish towels?" he smiled as she handed him the first washed plate.

    "Oh, I'm sorry!" she apologized as she stooped to get a dish towel from the bottom drawer of the cabinet, then her robe opened at the top.

    She started to pull it together but changed her mind; maybe this little incident is what she needed to find out if Jonathan wanted to see more of her. However, she'd surely have to handle this innocently. She'd have to do this as if she were handling nitroglycerin, otherwise the whole damned thing could blow up in her face. It would be very embarrassing to give her father-in-law the impression she were some kind of slut.

    "It'd be a little embarrassing to watch you dry the dishes with the palm of your hand," she smiled as she got up and handed him the towel, then turned to the sink in such a way he'd notice the naked curvature of her left breast.

    "Humph!" he grunted, swallowing another lump on his throat, wishing her robe would fall open a little more so he could view that delightful little nipple of hers. "Nothing should embarrass you in my presence. Hell, you're my favorite daughter-in-law."

    "Why, Jonathan!" she teased at him, then turned toward him and smiled as her eyebrow raised inquisitively. "If I didn't know better I'd swear you're trying to build my confidence by complimenting me with a well maneuvered pass."

    "Call it what you want!" he joked at her, then blushed as his eyes fell to the beautiful little knob of her exposed nipple. "But I'd do a hellofa lot more maneuvering if I weren't an old man and you weren't my son's wife. Oh… ah… I intended that as another compliment, my darling. I hope you don't take it the wrong way. I meant nothing at all by it."

    This was surely the time to let him see a little more of her. Not only was he simulating a few advances in a teasing way but he was also putting himself on the defensive about them. It'd be much easier to accomplish her devilish desires if she could cause him to have mixed emotions about his choice of words. She desperately needed to make him feel sorry for her.

    There was a very sad and disappointed look on her face as her lips pouted a little, then false tears welled in her eyes as she forced a few jerking sobs so her naked titty would jiggle delightfully before him.

    His cock throbbed as he watched her breast dance before his eyes, then her robe parted even more as his wanting hardness began to jerk with desire. His daughter-in-law was so damned lovely, but why the hell was she starting to cry like this? Had he said something wrong?

    "I'm sorry, Babs! I wouldn't hurt you for anything in the world, yet I've made you cry," he apologized. "I didn't know you were going to take my words in the wrong way. Hell, I was only joking."

    "That's what upsets me so much, the goddamned joking. You don't know what I'd give if someone really meant the words you said to me. Maybe it'd make me feel like a real woman for a change. God knows I need something… anything!" she turned and stared into his eyes, then a tear trickled down her face. "Goddamn it! All men are alike! You're no better than your son when it comes to joking about me."

    "I wasn't joking about you, darling; I was joking with you," he looked wonderingly at her, then gently grasped her shoulders. "Now what's all this about Tom and joking?".

    "I'm sorry, Jonathan! I didn't mean those nasty things about you," she smiled at him. "Just forget what I said and forgive me… please!"

    "Forgiving you is easy," he smiled back at her, then his caressing fingers forced the material of her robe to open drastically, "but I want to hear about that son of mine. What the hell has he done to you?"

    "Oh, Jonathan! It's what he hasn't done that bothers me," she sobbed again, knowing her robe was standing completely open at the top. "I don't feel like a woman anymore; that's why it sounded so good to hear you make those precious passes at me."

    "Oh, God, baby! Don't do this to yourself, please!" he pulled her tenderly into his arms and tried to comfort her. "You're the most lovely woman I know, and that son of mine doesn't have any goddamned sense at all. Just wait till I get my hands on him; I'll find out what the hell's going on."

    "Oh… no! Don't say anything to Tom about our conversation… please!" she snuggled closer to him, letting her body tremble a little. "You don't understand. Tom doesn't even realize what he's done to me."

    "I don't understand; you're right about that," he said as her breasts pushed wantingly at him through their robes, then his fingers caressed at her naked back through the thin material. "Do you want to talk about it?"

    "Maybe I should talk about it. I think it'd make me feel better to get it into the open and out of my mind," she pressed at him, then she felt the hardened bulge of his cock against her belly. "Are you sure you want to hear my sob stories?"

    "I make a very good listener," he answered as he slowly pulled his cock away from her belly, afraid he may offend her. "And I promise not to mention a word of our conversation to Tom."

    "Thank you," she whispered, moving her hips closer and letting his hardness once again rest against her belly. "But I don't know where to start."

    "Start at the beginning," he suggested, not pulling away from her this time; hell, she already knew he was carrying a hard-on. "I want to hear the whole sordid story of how my son's been treating you."

    "It all started with his last night shift at the plant, and I wish you'd listen as if this were happening to you instead of me. Maybe it'd help you to better understand my predicament," she sighed, realizing he hadn't pulled his cock away from her, "Every night for over two weeks Tom led me on, building me up to a point which brought my blood to a boil. He'd kiss on me, play with me, and make love to me till I couldn't stand it anymore. Every time I thought he was going all the way with me he'd rush to work and leave me shaking all over.

    "I've stayed awake night after night, wishing for something or someone-anything or anybody; and it really wouldn't have made any difference to me as long as I could've gotten a little satisfaction from it.

    "Oh, God! Jonathan! The past two weeks have been terrible for me, I've been forsaken by the one I love and I don't know why. I keep hoping things'll work out after he's rested up from the night shift but I'm not really sure-he's been off the night shift for two days.

    "I'm scared, Jonathan! What'll I do? For the last few days I've needed someone to hold me close, to look at my body, to caress me, and to say things which would make me feel like a real woman again. God help me but I still need those things; I need them before I lose my goddamned mind.

    "My thoughts make me feel so sinful and vulgar, then I tremble all over with guiit as my feelings get the Lest of me. It's wrong for me to have such thoughts on my mind, but God knows I can't help it. I've tried to force these thoughts out of my head but it just doesn't work.

    "I've even wondered about myself. Could I be at fault? Am I not the woman I thought I was? Do I no longer look good to Tom? Do I no longer look good to any man? Maybe I'm not any kind of woman at all.

    "Oh, Jonathan! Help me… please! I don't know what to do anymore. God, I'm falling apart at the seams; I'm fading away.

    "I'm sorry, Jonathan! Forgive me, please! I shouldn't trouble you with my problems. I'll handle it… someway!"

    Her sobbing body jerked in his arms as her breaking heart released itself. He soothed her naked back through the material of her gown as he cursed his son for doing this to her. She'd begged him for help but what could he do.

    He could hold her close and comfort her. He could let her know he understood how she felt. He could let her know he loved her. Hell, there were a lot of things he could do for her. If he thought it'd help her situation he'd even fuck her and to hell with Tom. However, he knew she didn't want that; she wanted her husband.

    "You know something, my little angel! I've always loved you for being so honest withme, and I'm glad you've been honest with me this time. Oh, Godl I could kill that son of mine for being so goddamned stupid," he whispered as her jerking sobs slowed a little, then comforted her with more words of truth, "I want you to promise something: never again doubt yourself about being a real woman. Hell, you're a woman in every sense of the word. They were thinking of you when they wrote all the books about beautiful and sensual women." "Oh, Jonathan! Do you really mean that? You're not still joking with me?" she asked, letting her voice quiver doubtfully, then she snuggled a little closer as his cock pressed harder into the firmness of her almost flat belly.

    "Joking time's over," he moaned, realizing she'd pressed her belly against him in innocence. "You're the most lovely woman in the world. My son must've lost his damned mind along the way. Any man in his right mind would gladly prove you're a woman."

    "Mmmm! Keep talking like that… please!" she pleaded as her belly dared to barely brush against his cock in a slight side to side motion. "If you're not joking with me… Jonathan… say more nice things… pleaseeeee!"

    Her belly caressed so gently at his cock he knew she was trying to hide her wanton desires. He suddenly began to feel very sorry for her as he realized she didn't want him to know what she was doing. She was listening to his beautiful words while in her mind she was fucking her husband. All right, he'd continue to feed her beautiful words of truth about herself while she drove him crazy with those sensual little movements. He could surely do that much for her, and he'd do his best to pretend he wasn't aware of what she was doing.

    "I'm not joking, not about anything. I always knew you were the most lovable little sex kitten in the whole damned world, and when I hold you close to me like this it confirms my belief," he groaned in a whisper, then he couldn't stop the couple of hard jerks of his cock against her warm belly. "In fact, if I were a younger man and had met you before my son I'd have killed any son of a bitch who wanted to take a look at that sexy body of yours."

    Her heart pounded in her chest as she listened to him, then it skipped a couple of beats when she felt his hardness throbbing against her. That goddamned demon of sinful lust entered her body again and she couldn't help but press harder at his jerking cock. It wasn't because she was being braver with her father-in-law; it was because she liked the feel of his cock on her belly. Her asscheeks began to move back and forth in a slow fucking motion as her belly caressed softly at his stiff prick.

    "You're only fifty-four, Jonathan! And that surely doesn't make you an old man," she moaned, her navel teasing at the head of his cock through the material of their robes, forcing it deeper into her soft warmness. "Besides, you've never seen my body; you'd probably think it wasn't sexy at all."

    He groaned as his cock began to throb with desire. Her words had sounded like an invitation to view her nakedness. His body trembled a little. He wished he could be sure about his daughter-in-law. Hell, he wished he could be sure about himself.

    He pushed her away from him, then looked into her eyes. She'd stopped crying and there were no more tears, yet there was a sparkling glitter he couldn't ignore. It was as if she were begging him to undress her without actually saying the words, but how could he be sure?

    His eyes fell to the open vee of her gown, then he wished it would open completely. He'd love to see those delightful little nipples again. He noticed the creamy whiteness of her breasts as they quivered a little, then he realized she was breathing extremely hard and fast.

    He pushed her away from him a little more, then his hands dropped from her shoulders. A trembling finger reached out to the collar of her gown, then slid slowly along the material to the bottom of the vee to climb up the other side. He paused for a moment, trying to catch some reaction from her face.

    She just stood there. There was no reaction at all. He shivered a little, realizing she hadn't protested his action. Did she really want him to look at her body? She surely didn't seem to mind the fact that his fingers were toying with the material of her robe.

    His finger trailed back down the left side of the vee, but this time he was letting the tip of his finger barely touch the warm softness of her silky skin. Her body trembled a little as his finger gently crossed the flesh of her heaving mound, then he stopped the downward motion of his ringer.

    "But I'd like to see your body, darling," he tried to smile as he pressed the material between his thumb and forefinger, then his hand trembled as he pulled the robe back just far enough to reveal the completeness of her areola and that pert nipple. "You never knew about the many times I've hurt inside because I couldn't let you know how much I wanted to look at you."

    She didn't say anything as she stood there and let him look at her naked titty. She couldn't even smile back at him. However, she couldn't keep herself from breathing faster and faster as her eyes danced with the sparkle of sinful lust.

    He looked straight into her eyes as his fingers dropped the robe back into place, then his hand moved to her sash tie. Ever so slowly he pulled one of the ties as the bowknot loosened, giving her plenty of time to protest or stop him-she did neither.

    The knot slipped loose, then her robe gaped from top to bottom, exposing her glorious nakedness to his exploring eyes. He stood there for a moment, his gaze softly caressing her sensual beauty, then he slipped the dangling robe from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

    "God, you look good! You're the most sensual female I've ever seen," his voice quivered, his cock soaring to a hardness which had never been possible till now. "It scares the hell out of me to stand here and look at you like this; I feel so insecure."

    "Feel what you want," she suggested in a sinful purr. "But don't ever feel insecure around me, please!"

    Was this another invitation? Was she suggesting what he hoped she was? Maybe she'd meant it emotionally and not literally, ft really made no difference this late in the game; he'd passed the point of no return with his daughter-in-law the moment her robe fell open before his eyes. He had to fondle those beautiful boobs and that's all there was to it. He suddenly hoped she'd understand his need; it'd be bad to get thrown out of the house before he had time to move in.

    His hand trembled more than it had when he loosened her robe and let it fall to the floor. He could hardly control himself as he reached out to her firm but fleshy mounds. The back of his finger teased at one of those erect nipples, then when he saw her areola wrinkle with desire he moved to the other one and brought it to a pert hardness. She moaned as her hands moved to his robe, then he knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

    Both his hands were upon her naked titties, kneading their tender flesh as she loosened his robe and pushed it off his shoulders. He'd gathered her into his arms and started for her bedroom before his robe had even touched the floor. It was too late for either of them.


    Judy walked through the front door about the same time Jonathan tossed Barbara's naked body onto the bed. She'd left school quite early because she felt a little feverish. She saw the two robes lying on the kitchen floor, then her eyebrow raised in mystery. She walked down the hallway to her mother's bedroom, then when she heard the voices of her mother and granddaddy she stopped at the door and listened. In a moment she was peeking around the facing, knowing they wouldn't see her anyway.

    "I've seen red-haired pussies before," Jonathan groaned as Barbara stared at the tremendous hardness sticking outward from his pubes, "but I've never seen one I wanted to fuck so much."

    "Then fuck it, Jonathan! Fuck the hell out of it! I want you to fuck it!" she whined as she spread her legs, opening herself for him. "My God! That beautiful cock must be bigger than Tom's ever hoped to be."

    "I don't know about Tom," he groaned, then eased between her creamy thighs, "but my eight and a half inch cock is aching to please the hell out of you."

    "Please me, Jonathan," she writhed beneath him as his cockhead wedged itself against her slushy entrance. "Fill my pussy full of that wonderful cock. I've got to have that beautiful thing inside me. Please… fuck me good!"

    Judy watched her granddaddy's thickness disappear into her mother's gaping snatch, then his huge balls pushed forcefully at her reddened labia. He was all the way into her mother's pussy and it made her young body tremble with desire. God, if she could feel a cock like that inside her belly it would make her shit all over herself from sheer delight. She fastened her eyes upon their private parts as she reached beneath her short skirt and slid her panties down her trim legs, then she eased a finger into her slippery crevice and shoved it into her seething vagina. She squatted as the tip of her finger entered her depths, then she wriggled it around inside her slushy sheath.

    "Oh, God! Jonathan! That's the biggest prick I ever had inside me," she heard her mother groan in ecstasy, then watched her mother's feet lock themselves around her granddaddy's asscheeks and pull him into her quivering depths. "Make me cum; make me enjoy that cock, please!"

    Pussy juice flowed into the crack of her young asscheeks as she managed to slip her skirt down her legs and off her feet, then she unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it to the floor. She slipped her shoes from her feet as her granddaddy groaned from pleasure, then she opened her knees and shoved two fingers into the wanting tissues of her grasping vagina as she watched him slam into her mother's trembling belly.

    "Aaaggghhh! I'm cuummmingggg…Jonathan!" her mother writhed as her pussy pushed onto his throbbing prick, swallowing it into her quaking belly. "I'm cuummmiiinnngggg so good. Soooooo goooood!"

    "Yeah! Me, too!" he groaned, then pounded hard into her depths as his shaft swelled to the bursting point, filling her spasming sheath with expanding cockmeat. "Sweet Jesus! Your… your pussy's sucking my cock… driving me crazy! Ooooohhhh… God… baby! I'm… I'm commmminnngggg… suucccckkk me dry… please! Oooo… pleaseeeeeee!" His engorged cockhead suddenly crashed into the very depths of her soul. He held it deep, letting it jerk against her uterus as his spurting goo flooded her quivering membranes, then Barbara squeeled in ecstasy.

    "Aaahhhggg! Ooohhh… sweetie!" she writhed in sinful passion. "Fill my… my pussy full! Run it over… please, pleaseeeeeee! Oooooo… My God… aaaahhh! Ooohhh… jeeeeezzzz!"

    Judy squatted lower as her mother and granddaddy collapsed in each other's arms, then her frothing little sheath spilled its warm pussy juices into her hand. She trembled as her tight pussy grasped wantingly at her thrusting fingers. She'd brought herself off but she needed more than thrusting fingers-she needed a cock: a hard cock, a big cock, her granddaddy 's cock.

    "Oh, My God! Judy !" Barbara gasped when she saw her naked daughter squatting on her fingers.

    "Jesus Christ!" Jonathan groaned, quickly pulling out of his daughter-in-law's slushy pussy and spilling their mingled cum all over the damned place.

    He and Barbara suddenly found themselves speechless, then his cock wilted. Judy had discovered them fucking each other. Hell, he'd never get another hard-on, not for the rest of his life.

    They watched Judy's fingers slip from that youthful black-haired pussy, then she smiled at them rather wantonly as she strolled to the side of the bed, letting her shapely hips sway nonchalantly before them.

    Barbara knew her daughter was being anything but nonchalant. Judy's sensual smile was nothing short of hidden desire. What did she plan to do? Was she going to tell her father what she'd seen? Barbara felt a sudden chill shoot up her spine when she remembered Judy was Tom's daughter. Would that fact make it easier to tell what she'd seen? Barbara hoped not-she'd always been the only mother Judy knew and she felt as if Judy were her own child.

    "I'm sorry, darling! I wish there were some explanation for what you've seen," Barbara finally managed to say, then tried to smile at her daughter. "I'll not even try to explain it. It just happened and you caught us in the act; that's all there is to it-we're guilty*"

    "Guilty of what? Enjoying each other?" Judy surprised them with her soft words. "I wouldn't want you to explain something you seemed to be enjoying so much."

    "You wouldn't?" Barbara questioned wonderingly. "You mean you're not going to tell your father what you've seen?"

    "Why should I?" Judy smiled understandingly at her mother. "You wouldn't want to know it if I caught him doing the same thing, would you?"

    "No, I suppose not!" Barbara wondered, then looked at her daughter's nakedness. "But you surely must have something on your mind, otherwise you wouldn't be naked. Now what is it? What do you want from us?"

    "That!" Judy said seriously, pointing to her granddaddy's limp cock.

    "My God, Child! You're not serious?" he gasped, his eyes quickly running up and down her body. "I'm much too big for you. You can ask your mother if you don't believe me."

    "He's right, darling," Barbara answered, then remembered watching John and Martha fuck each other. She suddenly realized she'd love seeing that enormous cock plunging into Judy's willing little cunny. "His… ah… thing was almost too big for me."

    "It's not a 'thing,' mother! It's a cock, a huge hunk of beautiful cock! I've already seen it; I know how big it is; and I know where I want to put it," she suggested sinfully, then crawled into bed on her hands and knees, her eyebrow raised in a sexy arch as she looked seriously into their eyes. "Neither of you are in a position to refuse me, are you?"

    "But… Judy!" Jonathan protested. "You're so young, but even if you were older I couldn't get it hard again, not right now."

    Barbara's cunt twitched with new life. The desire to see Jonathan's glorious cock slipping into Judy's tender membranes was tearing at her devilish mind. She tried to visualize that tight little pussy stretching to the very limits to accommodate the tremendous hunk of cockmeat between Jonathan's legs.

    "She's right, Jonathan!" Barbara moaned deeply, her heart pounding with wild desire. "We can't refuse my sweet little daughter. If she wants your cock you must fuck her. You must fuck the hell out of that tender little pussy."

    "My God! Am I the one who's crazy around here?" he listened unbelievingly to Barbara's excited voice. "Can either of you understand that I can't fuck right now? My cock's dead as hell."

    "It won't be dead in a moment, Granddaddy," Judy cooed excitedly, then took his limpness into her hands. She licked at her lips as she ogled the shiny splotches of cum along his wilted shaft. "I know how to bring it to life."

    He watched as his young granddaughter lowered her head to his crotch, then her wet tongue glided along the limp length of his cock, hungrily lapping the globs of cum into the depths of her throat. He glanced at Barbara, hoping she could do something to stop her daughter's action, then he saw the gleam of excitement in her eyes. Hell, Barbara wanted this to happen. She actually wanted him to fuck Judy.

    He lay back onto the pillow as Judy lifted his rubbery crown to her soft lips. There was no need to protest-he couldn't fight both of them. He closed his eyes as the tip of her tongue teased at his little slit. She kissed the tip of his cock wantingly, then swallowed his limpness into the warm channel of her mouth. She sucked his spent knob into her throat, her soft lips nibbling at his pubes as that wonderful little tongue tickled at the underside of his cockhead.

    His cock tingled with desire, then began to spring to life. He glanced at Judy's upraised asscheeks, watching them churn sensuously at nothing, then he didn't want to resist his lovely granddaughter. That sweet little ass was the most tempting thing he'd ever seen. His cockshaft grew to a delightful hardness in her sucking mouth, then began to throb with passion.

    He reached out to those lovely churning half-moons and kneaded Judy's tender youth between the flesh of his fingers. His cock surged because of her yielding softness, then his hand dropped a little lower. He gently squeezed at the fullness of her puffy pussymound, then the tip of his finger found its way into that slippery little cleft. He teased at the tight entrance to her seething vagina for one delightful moment, then slipped his finger into her willing little sheath. He groaned as those swollen young tissues grasped hotly at his finger. It suddenly made no difference Judy was his young granddaughter-she was a very sexy female and she'd tempted him with that hot little pussy, forcing him past the point of no return. Now he must fuck her.

    "Just stay where you are, honey! Don't move a beautiful muscle!" he sighed, slipping from beneath her, then he eased to her upraised asscheeks with his throbbing hardness in his hand. "You've teased at your granddaddy just a little too much. Now you're going to get what you want. Your granddaddy's going to fuck the hell out of that little pussy."

    "Fuck me, Granddaddy!" she whined as his pisshole teased along the crease of her seething pussy. "Ram that hunk of cock into me, please!"

    His fingers opened her tender pussylips, then he crammed his enormous crown into her gaping vulva. She squirmed back to him as his pisshole pressed against her contracting vagina, then he pushed into her small entrance. She flinched from the sudden pain, then lurched forward, trying to free her little pussy from that monstrous cock.

    He reached forward and grasped her shoulders, then pulled her writhing body back into position as the head of his cock once again found that youthful gash. She scrambled forward, trying to drop her pussy low enough to escape his probing cockhead.

    "Pleaseeeee… Granddaddy… don't fuck me!" she begged, her body trembling from fear. "It hurts! Oh, God! Your cock hurts my pussy!"

    "You're the one who wanted this, baby! You even got me hard so I could fuck you," he groaned, holding tightly onto her, knowing he must feel his cock slide into her delightful treasure. "Hold her, Barbara! Keep her steady! I've got to fuck that little cunt!"

    Barbara scrambled onto her daughter's head, placing her crotch at Judy's shoulders, then grasped her young asscheeks and held them for Jonathan. Her breathing became harder and faster as she watched Jonathan grasp her daughter's hips in his hands, then she gasped for breath as he lunged forward,

    Judy bit the covers as her granddaddy's hardness ripped past the entrance to her tender pussy. Her little cunt began to sting like fire as his tremendous crown crashed into her tight sheath. She screamed out in pain but the sounds were muffled by the covers in her mouth.

    "Fuck her, Jonathan! Fuck the hell out of my daughter!" Barbara squealed, her fingers opening Judy's pussy for him. "She wants that cock of yours! She needs it desperately! You heard her beg for it! Fuck her, Jonathan! She needs you!"

    He shoved into her youthful womb, then his cock worked in and out of her tender pussy like a gigantic piston, He rammed into her like an uncontrollable pile driver as his cum curdled in his balls. He pounded back and forth into her young depths like a wild buck, no longer able to control himself.

    "ooohhfl Granddaddy!" Judy moaned, her pussy stretching to accommodate his prick as the burning in her yielding sheath turned into a fire of sensual desire. "Fuck my little pussy! Fill it full of that wonderful cock! Pleaseeeeeee… or pleaseeeeee… fuck me! Fuck my pussy!"

    His cockshaft swelled to the bursting point in her grasping cuntal sheath as she completely yielded to him, He shoved into her trembling belly, his cock stiffening to the utmost. His cockshaft jerked against her young uterus, then he was there-his cock began to pulsate uncontrollably in her quaking belly.

    "Ooohhh, Granddaddyj I'm cummmmiiinnngggg! Oh, My God! I cant help it!" she writhed beneath him as his cock continued to swell demandingly in her belly, then her tight sheath milked at his cock with wild desire. "I'm cuummmmmiiinnngggg all over the motherfucking place! Ooohhh, My Godddd! Aaaggghhh!"

    Her warm cum gushed onto his balls as his cock started throbbing inside her pussy, then his hot jazz splashed into the entrance of her quivering womb. Their cum mingled, filling her spasming cuntal sheath, then began to squish from her tight pussylips.

    Barbara groaned with desire as Jonathan's cock slipped from her daughter's depths, then she eased into position behind those pretty little asscheeks. She covered her daughter's slitted mound with her mouth, then shoved her tongue into Judy's spasming sheath and sucked their cum into her throat. She swallowed their tasty juices into her stomach, then her cuntal sheath contracted crazily as she spilled her own pussy cum onto the covers.

    The three of them gasped for breath as they spent themselves in ecstasy. Trembling fingers groped for cunt and cock as cum oozed onto the covers. It didn't really make any difference whose fingers found cunt or cock-they were there for each other. Pleasure was the only thing that mattered at this moment, and pleasure is what they received.


    "Why do you have that little smirk on your face?" Martha questioned her older sister as they slipped on their robes and prepared to get into bed. "Do you know something I don't?"

    It'd been a very tiring day for most of the family, especially for Judy, her mother, and her granddaddy. They'd decided to turn in early so everyone could get a good night's rest.

    "You might say that," Judy smiled at her little sister as she smoothed the robe over her hips and crawled into bed beside her. "I've got a secret which you know nothing about."

    "Really! Come on, Sis! Tell me your secret!" Martha pleaded, propping onto her elbow as she looked into Judy's mysterious eyes. "You can tell me. I told you my secret, remember? I promise I won't tell anyone about it."

    "Well, maybe I shouldn't tell anyone about this because it could get me into a hellofa lot of trouble with granddaddy and mother," she teased at her wondering sister. "However, since you told me your secret, I suppose I could give you a slight hint Would you believe me if I said I'd seen granddaddy's cock? Would you believe me if I said it was the biggest cock in the world?"

    "You fucked him!" Martha's face glowed with excitement. "You fucked our granddaddy!"

    "How did you know that?" Judy asked, quite amazed at her sister's discernment. "I didn't say I'd fucked him."

    "You didn't have to; I just knew it." Martha smiled at her older sister. "How did it feel? Did it hurt?"

    "It hurt at first," Judy answered, seeing the sinful lust in Martha's young eyes, then she felt the urge to tell everything. "My pussy felt as if it were splitting apart when he shoved into me, but when he started fucking me the pain disappeared. His cock felt better and better till I couldn't stand it anymore-I came all over the place, then he did the same. His cum felt so warm in me; I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life."

    Martha's eyes sparkled with delight as Judy related her experiences with their granddaddy, then her young crevice became wet as lubricating juices oozed from her little pussylips. The crotch of her panties became damp and sticky as Judy continued her sensual tale. It seemed like some kind of fantasy as the story unfolded, yet Martha knew Judy wasn't lying about anything.

    Judy yawned, then smiled at her little sister as she closed her eyes. In a few moments Judy was breathing deep in sleep.

    Martha lay there for awhile trying to imagine her granddaddy's huge cock penetrating her tight little cunny. Her tender membranes began to throb with desperate need, then she realized what she must do. Hell, there was no use lying here thinking about it; she'd try to make this fantasy become a reality.

    She looked at Judy, then slipped out of bed and walked to the door. She eased into the hallway and strolled casually toward her granddaddy's room. She could always pretend she was going to the kitchen if someone should happen to see her.

    She paused at Jonathan's door as her little heart pounded wildly, then glanced back down the hallway. It was quiet, almost too quiet. She hoped everyone was asleep except her granddaddy-she wanted him to be awake for her. What would she do if his door was locked? What would she do if it wasn't locked and she gained entrance to his room? Just how should she handle herself?

    She thought about that, then decided to be brave and aggressive with him. She'd play the part of a little harlot, making him meet her demands. He wouldn't refuse her, not after she threatened to expose him. Feeling very confident in herself she reached for the doorknob. When it turned freely she thanked the Lord he hadn't locked his door, then her heart pounded even harder.

    She swung the door open and walked inside. He was lying on the bed in the bottom half of his pajamas, glancing through a very picturesque erotic magazine. She noticed his cock was already getting hard from looking at the sensual pictures of young boys and girls fucking each other.

    He looked up at her as if he'd seen a ghost, then quickly slipped the magazine beneath the covers and smiled at her as if nothing had happened.

    She smiled back at him as she closed the door and locked it, then walked over to the bed and reached beneath the covers. She slipped the magazine free, noticing the very worried look on his face.

    "D-d-don't open that magazine, darling! I beg you!" he pleaded as she sat on the bed beside him. "You're much too young for such ungodly things." She ignored his pleading voice, then thumbed slowly through the pages. Some of the boys and girls appeared to be very young, and a few of them were performing sexual acts with older partners. She paused at a full-page colorful picture of a young girl about her own age, then her eyebrow raised wonderingly. The girl's legs were spread wide and a male in his late twenties was shoving his seven inch cock into her hairless pussy.

    She sighed and looked at her granddaddy, realizing she wasn't the only girl in the world who waited to fuck an older man. She smiled at him, holding the magazine so he could see the picture, then tossed the magazine to the floor.

    "You don't need that magazine, Granddaddy!" she suggested sweetly, her little hand easing to the inside of his thighs to caress gently. "You and I can do all those things, and we can enjoy it a hell of a lot more than just looking at pictures."

    "My God! You're a little child; I think you've lost your goddamned mind!" he gasped as her small fingers neared the head of his cock. "You'd better get the hell back to your room before someone realizes you're in here."

    "I'm no more a child than the girl in the picture, and she seemed to be enjoying an older man's cock," she teased, the tip of her fingers touching upon the warmness of his cockhead. "And don't worry about someone discovering us together-your door is locked tightly."

    "Sweet Jesus! You're acting like some little nymphet! Don't you realize I'm your grandfather?" he groaned as her fingers slid upon his fleshy crown, then she squeezed gently. "Oh, God! Don't do that! Why don't you go play with yourself?"

    "I'd rather play with you, even though you don't want me to," she smiled into his pleading eyes, then swung her little rump toward his shoulder and opened her. legs. "Why don't you play with me? I think I'd like that much better."

    "Goddamn it, Martha! What the hell do you want from me?" he asked, gazing at her pan tie-clad pussymound through the bottom of her gown, then when his shaft stiffened delightfully beneath her fingers he pushed her hand away from him. "You're too young to even be thinking such things,"

    "Did you push mother or Judy away from you, Granddaddy?" she asked coyly, then placed her hand back onto his cock as she stroked it tenderly. "I don't think you should push my hands away again. I think you should consider playing with my pussy instead. I'm no younger than the girl in the picture I showed you. You do remember the girl in your magazine, don't you?"

    He remembered! He also remembered fucking Barbara and Judy, and he figured Judy must have told Martha everything. His prick stiffened to demanding rigidness in her young hand but he didn't dare push her away. Her little voice had sounded too threatening for him to do something so foolish as to push her hand away from him again. She may never tell anyone what she'd heard but he wasn't going to take that chance. She could play with his cock till her little heart was contented, but that didn't mean he had to fuck her. Hell, her little fuck hole wasn't big enough for his cock. He smiled as her little hand dived into the opening of his pajamas and withdrew his throbbing hardness, bringing it out of its confinement. She could do anything she wanted and it wouldn't hurt him a damned bit-his cock was much too large for that little cunny of hers.

    "Why don't you fuck me," he teased at her, then stared at that pantie-clad pussy as he realized she was about the same age of the girl in the picture. "If you're such a big girl why don't you ram my meat into that little cunt?"

    "I'll do that later, Granddaddy," she cooed childishly, then grasped his hard shaft in both her hands as she caressed its thick length. "But right now I want you to play with my pussy. You will play with my pussy, won't you?"

    Hell, at the present moment he'd play with anything she suggested. He'd do anything she asked him to. If she should ask him to fuck himself he'd break his cock trying to get it into his asshole. She was the one in command and he knew it.

    His hand trembled as he reached between her open thighs, then the tips of his fingers touched her panties-clad mound. He squeezed at it gently, feeling guilty as hell about what he was doing to his granddaughter. God, her little pussy felt good. He wished she were old enough to fuck-he'd have his cock inside her before she knew what was happening. He remembered the picture in his magazine, then he wondered if Martha was old enough to fuck. He'd surely love to ram his hard cock into a tender little pussy like that.

    "You can do better than that," she moaned, pushing her wanting cunny at his hand. "I want to feel your fingers inside me."

    He eased a finger beneath her panties, then slipped it into her tender crevice and shoved it into her small vagina. He worked it back and forth inside her as he slipped another finger into her young depths. Jesus, that little pussy was hot and squishy, and it was tempting as any pussy he'd felt. He wished she were older-he'd fuck the hell out of her.

    "Pull off my panties," she demanded, her hot little pussy fucking at his fingers. "Then finger my pussy as if you're really enjoying it."

    His fingers found the elastic band of her panties, then he slipped them down her tiny legs and off her feet. He tossed them to the floor, then glared at her hairless snatch. The least he could do is put his tongue into the slit of her babyish pussy-maybe she'd enjoy that. She could accept his tongue even if she couldn't accept his huge cock.

    He slipped a hand beneath her knee, then forced her to straddle his head. He found her very young asscheeks, then grasped them firmly as he pulled her tender crevice to his lips. The tip of his tongue entered her bald cleft, then shot into the tissues of her small vagina. Her juices tasted better than any pussy juices he'd ever tasted. She was so young and tender-God, his young granddaughter was delightful. He groaned, then his tongue forced its way into her tight sheath.

    "That's it, Granddaddy! Ooohhh, my God! That's it!" Martha squealed, just above a whisper. "Tongue-fuck my pussy! Tongue-fuck me good! Yes… oooo… yes! That's the way! Shove your tongue deeper!"

    He pushed his tongue far as possible and wiggled it inside her little tunnel, then her tender membranes began to spasm delightfully. He sucked her tasty young juices into his throat, then drank thirstily. Her young body trembled above him, then she sprang to her feet and scrambled off the bed.

    Was his huge cock more than she could take? Was she tired of playing this delightful game? He sighed as she looked down at his throbbing cock, then felt somewhat relieved she'd pulled away from him. Hell, he'd have split that little cunt wide open with his huge cock if she'd forced him to fuck her.

    Martha stood there for a moment watching his prick jerk before her glittering eyes, then pulled her gown over her head and tossed it to the floor. She gazed wantonly into his wondering eyes before leaning over to unbutton his pajamas, then she pulled them down his legs and off his feet. She looked at his nakedness, his cock suddenly becoming the most beautiful thing in the whole world.

    Jonathan stared at his naked granddaughter, then ogled her hairless little cunny. It was a hellofa lot more beautiful than the girl's pussy in his magazine. The picture showed the little girl receiving a huge cock and it made him wonder about Martha. Was she old enough to fuck? Was her little pussy big enough to accomodate his huge cock? It didn't really make any difference, he could tongue-fuck that sweet little pussy till it spilled cum all over the place. And she could play with his cock till he shot his wad into the air. Hell, he didn't need to stick his cock into her, those delightful little hands were enough for him.

    While he was deep in thought she slid between his open thighs. Her soft lips suddenly parted and kissed at the tip of his extended cockhead. She swallowed half of his hardness into the back of her tender young throat before he could stop her, then he didn't want to stop her. His cockhead jerked against her tonsils as her saliva ran down his shaft to cover his wrinkled nut-sac. His cockshaft was being well lubricated, but for what reason?

    Before he realized what was happening his granddaughter had climbed back into bed. She was standing over him with a foot at each side of his hips, then she began to lower herself to him. He watched that tender little pussy get nearer and nearer to his pisshole, then it began to gape with desire. In a few moments she was teasing the slippery crease of her babyish snatch with his tremendous cockhead. His fleshy crown jerked against the swollen membranes of her child-like labia with wild desire, then he began to tease at her again.

    "Why don't you fuck me, my darling granddaughter?" he groaned, wishing she could cram his thick cock into her youthful depths. "Why don't you make me cum in your pussy?"

    She squatted lower and lower onto his thick cock, working it deeper and deeper into her squishy labia, then her contracting entrance nibbled at his slitted pisshole.

    "I'm going to fuck you, Granddaddy," she groaned, putting a little weight on him. "I'm going to get that cock into my pussy if it kills me. If the girl in your magazine can take a grown-up cock I can do it too. I'm going to fuck the hell out of you, my darling granddaddy."

    He giggled a little as he watched her force his engorged crown into her swollen vulva. Her hairless little pussylips stretched tighter and tighter, trying to slip over the huge rim of his cockhead. It reminded him of someone trying to force the tight neck of a small balloon over a large orange, then he giggled again, knowing his granddaughter was trying to accomplish the impossible.

    He reached out to her plum-sized breasts and tweaked her little nipples between the flesh of his fingers. He was quite surprised when they hardened with desire. Hell, he didn't know a girl this young was capable of such feeling. He rolled her pert little nipples between his fingertips, then Martha began to breathe extremely hard and fast as her little body began to tremble. It was almost as if she were about to lose control of her emotions. However, he continued to tease at her because he was certain she was only playing a delightful game of tempting his cock with that little pussy of hers.

    "Well, come on!" he smiled into her lustful eyes. "Stretch that little cunny over my cock. You're not going to stop now, are you?"

    "No, I'm not going to stop," she gasped between quickened heartbeats, allowing her aching pussy to dilate a little more before cramming his cock into her. "Hell, I haven't even started."

    He watched her tightly stretched pussylips slip over his fleshy rim, then beads of sweat popped out on her forehead as she put her full weight on his stiff cock. The soft flesh of her protruding little pussymound had stretched to the very limits, engorging itself dramatically from the enormous cockhead it had swallowed. He couldn't help but think it looked somewhat like the swollen jaws of a chipmunk that had stored its food away. He felt her small entrance dilate with desire, then her grasping vagina tried to engulf his crown. He suddenly realized this was not a game for Martha-she fully intended to get his cock into her.

    "Stop it, Martha!" he demanded, trying to push her away. "Goddamn it! You're serious about this. Hell, this isn't a game at all."

    "I never inferred it was a game," she groaned, pushing against his hands, not allowing him to force her cunny from his cockhead, then she crammed his fleshy meat farther into her entrance. "I said I was going to fuck you, don't you remember?"

    "I remember, but I thought you were joking," he groaned as her tight entrance locked behind his rim. "My God, baby, doesn't that hurt your little pussy?"

    "Yes… oh… God! It hurts! My pussy's stinging like fire! It feels as if you're splitting me apart!" she gasped in tremendous pain, then relaxed for a second and pushed downward hard as possible. "But it'll stop hurting once I get your cock into me and we start fucking."

    He watched in amazement as his thick shaft slowly disappeared into her hairless pussy, then he felt the extreme heat of that baby-type cuntal sheath. The picture of the preteen girl in his magazine suddenly became a very real thing. He'd thought it was some form of trick photography till this very moment, now he knew better. The little girl in the picture had been fucking an older man.

    His cock throbbed with wanton desire as he watched his granddaughter's hairless pussy swallow all but two inches of his thick cockshaft, then he could stand her tempting no longer. God, her cunt was the tightest and hottest he'd ever felt. He thrust upward hard as he could, putting the full weight of his pelvis in his sudden movement, then his fleshy cockhead pushed into the delightful depths of her trembling belly as her asscheeks crashed against his thighs.

    "Aaaggghhh! Granddaddy! You're killing me!" she screamed out in pain as his pisshole slammed against her young uterus. "You've split me open! Why couldn't you let me do this my way? Oh… My God… my pussy hurts!"

    His pelvis began to churn wildly as he thrust in and out of her tight pussy, then he grasped her sweet little asscheeks and held on tightly so she couldn't pull away from him.

    "Shush, darling!" he begged, continuing to ramrod her tender tissues. "You'll wake everybody up! Besides, you said it'd stop hurting once we started fucking."

    The hurting was already beginning to subside as his thick shaft caressed the grasping walls of her squishy vagina, then she began to fuck back at him as she lowered herself to his naked chest.

    "And I was right-it doesn't hurt any more," she whispered in a sensual purr, cuddling close to him, then they began to fuck at each other as if this were to be the last time for either of them. "My pussy feels good with your cock inside me. God, it feels sooo goooood! Just keep fucking me, please! Don't ever stop!"

    Swirling cum filled his testicles as hot blood raced to his stiffened cockshaft, then Martha's little body trembled in ecstasy. Orgasm gripped at her, causing her to gasp and groan as her hot little pussy thrust hard onto his throbbing hardness, then she sat upright and crammed his cock deep as possible into her. Her little pussylips gripped at the base of his shaft while she held his crown deep inside her quivering belly, then the spasming membranes of her tender sheath grasped his stiffness with heated passion, milking and sucking crazily.

    "Oooo… Granddaddy! I'mcuuummminnnggg!Youdid it! Ooohhh… My Godddd! You did it!" she squealed as his stiffened hugeness pulsated inside her. "I'm cuummminnnggg!You made me cum! Oooo… Sweet Jesus… it's gooooood! Soooo goooood! Mummmm…oooooo… mumm hummmm… aaahhh!"

    "No… my little darling… you did it!" he groaned, his cockshaft jerking drastically inside her gripping little cuntal sheath. "Now you're making me cum!Goddamn it… you're making me cum in that little pussy!Ooohhh… but it's soooooo gooooood! God help me but I've got to cum inside you! I… I love that little snatch! Jesus… I want to fill it full of cum!"

    "FILL ME FULL… PLEASEEEE!" she pleaded as his spurting warmness splattered into her womb, filling her small body with sensual heat. "That's it! Ooohhh…yes… that's the way! Keep doing that… fill me full… run my pussy over with cum!"

    He did run her pussy over. Their hot cum mingled and squished from her tight pussylips as he again started crashing back and forth into her, then in a few moments she'd worked his cock to limpness. Their sex was over for the night-he couldn't raise another hard-on if his life depended on it. His little granddaughter had worked him over but good.

    She smiled at him as she raised upward, letting his limpness slurp from her slushy cunny, then globs of their jazz gushed from her hairless slot and slithered down her thighs as she got out of bed.

    He got up and handed her a clean handkerchief, then she wiped the cum from her legs and pussy. She walked over and dropped to her knees before him, then wiped the cum from his limp cock and nut-sac. She stood up and handed the handkerchief back to hint, then turned her back to him and stooped over for his magazine.

    He looked at her little rump, wishing he could get another hard-op, then reached over and tenderly kneaded the tender flesh of her asscheeks. She let him tease at her for a little while, then stood up and faced him with a sensual smile on her pouting lips as she handed the magazine to him.

    "Are you trying to start something with me?" she questioned hopefully.

    "If I could get a hard-on, I'd take you up on that," he smiled at her. "Will you accept a rain check from me?"

    "You know I will, anytime you say," she purred, taking the magazine from him and turning to the picture of the teenage girl and the older man, then handed the open magazine back to him. "Call me when you feel the need to look at the pictures; well look at them together."

    He studied the picture, then when he looked up she was gone.


    The children had already gone to school and Tom was almost at the plant entrance when he brought the car to a sudden stop. He turned the car around and headed back home for the tools he'd forgotten to take to work.

    "Jesus Christ!" he muttered aloud. "Why the hell did I forget my damned tools? Now 111 be late for work."

    He suddenly remembered how fast the night had passed for him. He'd been lying in bed waiting for Barbara to get undressed. It was the first time since he'd started the night shift he felt like fucking, and he'd fully intended to fuck his wife but good, He'd closed his eyes for only a moment, but then when he opened them again the sun was shining through the window. Goddamn it, he'd unintentionally drifted off to sleep and missed the chance to fuck Barbara. Any bastard who'd do that could very easily forget his tools. Hell, it's a damned wonder he hadn't forgotten his fuckin' head.

    Within twenty minutes he'd parked the car in the driveway and entered the utility room. He grabbed his tools and ran back to the car, then tossed the tool box onto the back floorboard. He was already late for work so what difference would it make if he was a little later. He could take time for one last cup of coffee.

    He opened the back door and walked into the kitchen, then poured himself some coffee. He could hear voices in the dining room so he picked up his coffee cup and started toward the door. His wife and daddy would be surprised to see him back home to drink a cup of coffee with them.

    He entered the door, then seemed to freeze in his tracks. The blood drained from his face in shock, then he turned white- all over. He felt very weak, then it was as if his knees were buckling beneath him. This couldn't be real-his eyes were playing some kind of goddamned trick on him. He closed his eyes tightly, hoping the ungodly vision would disappear. He opened his eyes slowly, letting them focus on the two naked figures on the dining table. The scene was very real, but he just couldn't allow himself to believe his eyes.

    How the hell could his wife be fucking his daddy, especially on the very spot he'd eaten his breakfast an hour before. He shook his head in disbelief as his daddy's huge cock plunged back and forth in the pussy he'd claimed for his own in marriage. His daddy was standing beside the table and his wife was lying flat on her back across it.

    Her asscheeks were hanging just off the edge and her feet were draped over his shoulders with her knees spread very wide. Her pussy was slippery and slushy as his thick hardness slowly rammed in and out of her. Hell, from this angle it seemed as if he were getting a close-up view of their throbbing organs-they were dripping with his wife's sparkling love juices.

    His eyes couldn't be playing a trick on him. If they were, his ears were playing the same motherfucking trick. He'd never heard such words of passion in his life, not between his wife and some other man.

    "Aaahhh…that's it… Jonathan…that's the way! Ooohhh… My God…that's the way to fuck me!" he heard his wife squeal as his daddy rammed a finger into her juice covered asshole, cramming it all the way to his third knuckle, then with his other hand he lifted her beautiful ass higher into the air. "Sweet Jesus… this is better… much better than… than it was yesterday!"

    "Yes… oooooo… Godddd… yes! Your beautiful little pussy is in a better position! I… I can get it deeper… much deeper… and it's sucking at me so hard I cant stand it!" his daddy groaned, pounding into her at a much faster speed. "I'm going to cum in that sweet little cunny again, darling! Ooohhh… jeeeezzzz… I'm there! Aaaggghhh…am I ever there! I'm… I'm cummminnnggg!"

    "Meeee… toooooo!" she screamed out in ecstasy, pushing her churning asscheeks high as possible. "Oooooo… Lord… I'm spilling my cum all over the fuckin' place! Fill me full… sweetie… pleaseeeee! Ooohhh… My Godddd…fuuccckkk meeee gooooood! Fill my belly full of hot cum! Fuuccckkk the Hell out of my pussy! Pleaseeee…oooooo… pleaseeeeee… fffuuuccckkk meeee! Pleaseeeeeee!"

    Tom watched his daddy's tremendous cock shove into his wife's depths and stay there. Their pubes were pressed tightly together and he could no longer see their organs. He could only see their naked bodies as they ground frantically at each other in ecstatic orgasm. The moans and groans of sudden passion sent chills up and down his spine.

    He watched them spend themselves in ecstasy. His father's cum spurted into his wife's pussy to mingle with her flowing juices, then they trembled in complete satisfaction. His daddy began to fuck at his wife's pussy again, then the whiteness of their gooey cum oozed from her grasping pussylips. In a moment Jonathan lost his hardness, then his limp cock slipped from Barbara's slushy membranes. Globs of mingled jism gushed from her gaping snatch to slide into the crack of her ass, then Tom felt himself getting sick. He felt like puking all over the goddamned dining room, but what good would it do? It wouldn't change the fact that Jonathan and Barbara had fucked each other. No! He wouldn't puke! He'd just get the hell out of there.

    Without taking one swallow of his coffee he threw the cup against the wall, splattering coffee and pieces of cup all over the place, then glared at their surprised faces like some kind of madman

    "Fuck, Goddamn it, fuck!" he screamed, angrily clinching his fists. "Daddy and daughter-in-law-that makes a damned good fucking team, and both of you are good at it. Why dont you just fuck each other to death you have my permission, because I don't give a good Goddamn what happens to either of you."

    Jonathan and Barbara watched Tom storm out of the house, then they heard the tires of his car squeal as he sped out of the driveway. They looked at each other, then the blood drained from their faces as they sat at the table. They didn't even bother to put on their clothes.


    The children dashed into the house, very happy the school day had finally come to an end. It'd been a long day for everyone, especially for Jonathan and Barbara. They were still sitting at the dining table when the children performed trjeir usual afternoon raid on the refrigerator. They were still naked as hell and Barbara had cried till she could cry no more. Jonathan had spent the day trying to comfort her, but really needed comforting, himself. They were both very pale and they'd been trying to think things through with a clear mind. However, at the present moment they were becoming more confused. In fact, they'd been so confused this whole goddamned day they didn't even think to slip on their robes. Covering their nakedness never even crossed their minds. Barbara's eyes were now dry, but they were red as fire from the crying she'd done.

    The children made their snacks, then raced into the dining room to eat. Their eyebrows raised wonderingly as they crowded around the table, gawking at the nakedness of their mother and granddaddy.

    "WOW!" Martha gasped excitedly. "Are we changing our life-style?"

    "Yeah!" John exclaimed, just as excited. "It'll be fun to have nudism in our home for a change." For the first time since early this morning Barbara and Jonathan realized they were naked, then their faces became even whiter. Barbara glanced at each of her children, then her eyes came to rest on Judy's young face. She was the oldest girl; if any of her children could possibly understand this predicament, she could.

    Judy looked into her mother's eyes, then noticed the glaring redness. Her mother had been crying. She looked deeper, then saw the hurt and despair on Barbara's face. Her heart went out to her mother, just as it had yesterday when she'd discovered her with Jonathan. She figured the same thing had happened, but why had her mother been crying? Why did she look so confused and hurt?

    "What happened, Mother?" she asked softly. "You look so hurt, and I can tell you've been crying. I thought you learned yesterday not to worry about things you can enjoy with someone; it's really no one's business but your own."

    "It's T-T-Tom's business," she stammered, looking hopefully at her daughter, "but he doesn't understand any of this. He stormed out of the house this morning and I'm afraid he won't be back."

    "Oh, my God! He caught you and Granddaddy together," she groaned, reaching out to grasp her mother's hands tenderly, then her little mind whirled and groped for some kind of idea. "Hell be back, Mother, don't worry about that. Hell come back for his clothes if for no other reason. In the meantime we've got to think of something that will make him want to stay with us."

    "Nothing will keep him here, darling," Barbara sighed. "You don't know how mad he was this morning. You shouldVe seen him."

    The whirring gears of her young brain suddenly locked, then a sinful scene began to form in her mind. She wondered if her daddy had ever seen two females embraced in the art of lovemaking. What would happen if he came home in an angry mood to discover that sensual scene? Would he mellow and lose his anger at the sight of female tongues plunging into the depths of yielding pussies? She smiled at her mother as the idea became more vivid in her mind. She could visualize the look on her daddy's face when he walked in to discover her and her mother together. No! Not her mother! He was too mad at her mother for the scene to do any good-it just wouldn't work. However, it could work with someone else-it could work with Martha. Why not? His daughters making love to each other in his presence! It was surely worth a try; they had nothing to lose.

    "Why are you smiling?" Barbara asked. "Have you thought of something to curb your father's anger?"

    "I'm not really sure, but I think it's worth a try," she said, helping her mother to her feet. "We’ve got to plan our strategy but I don't want to do it in the boys' presence-they may not understand. Let's go into your bedroom."

    Judy and Barbara walked to the door, then looked back at the others.

    "Well need you and Martha for the strategy, Granddaddy," she smiled. "John and Mike can wait in here til we're through."

    Jonathan and Martha joined Judy and Barbara at the door, then they walked down the hallway and into Barbara's bedroom, leaving John and Mike staring wonderingly at each other.

    Judy closed the door behind them, then looked at the bewilderment on their faces. She motioned for them to sit on the edge of the bed, then paced slowly before them.

    "My first question will be directed to you, Granddaddy," she said, coming to a stop in front of him, then looked seriously into his eyes. "What would you do if you saw two girls making love to each other?"

    "Are you serious?" he asked, staring wonderingly into Judy's eyes. "I don't see what that has to do with this particular problem."

    "You will, and I'm very serious," she stated, then winked at him. "I need to find out what Daddy would do if he got that same chance."

    Jonathan smiled knowingly as he understood Judy's plan, then he reached out and took her hands in his. She was a very intelligent young lady; he was suddenly proud to claim her for his granddaughter. He thought about her question, then wondered what he'd really do if he saw two girls making love to each other. If Jonathan's son was any kind of man at all Judy's plan would

    surely work.

    "If your daddy's a human being he'd do the same thing I would," he squeezed her hands tenderly. "Hell, I'd stand there looking at something tike that •all day, just waiting for a chance to get in on the action."

    "I hope you're right," she said nervously. "It's the only way I know to keep us together as a family, but daddy may get no pleasure from the scene at all."

    "It's got to work; it's the only plan we have," Barbara tried to smile. "Maybe when your daddy sees you and I making love to each other hell forget about being angry with me."

    "He's angry with you already, Mother. We're trying to take his mind off you at the moment, and that's why you cannot be involved in this little scheme. It'd be better if none of you were around when Daddy comes home," she suggested, looking at her tittie sister. "Martha and I can perform the necessary scenes, and we can do it better if there's no one around to distract Daddy's attention."

    "She's right, Barbara!" Jonathan agreed. "If Tom thought he was being tricked the plan would never work."

    "Oh, boy!" Martha sounded excited about everything she'd heard. "Do you suppose hell want to fuck us?"

    "Martha! Don't talk tike that," Barbara scolded. "Don't even think it!"

    "Oh, but, Mother, that's what I want her to think. That's the idea behind my whole plan," Judy smiled at her mother. "If we can entice Daddy into fucking us he'd be more than glad to forget what he saw today, especially if the rest of you happened to come home at the right time. Once he realizes he's been discovered in such a sinful act by the rest of you hell be so involved he can't back out."

    "Yes, I like that," Barbara's eyebrow raised in understanding, "but how will we know when to come back?"

    "That's easy, especially if you happen to be visiting with the neighbors across the street. Just make damned sure John or Mike doesn't come out of the house to be seen by Daddy," she said, then looked at them seriously. "John and Mike can be playing with Joe and Sally in one of the front rooms. That way they can keep an eye on our house. The minute Daddy comes into the house they can tip you off in some way, then give us about twenty minutes before coming home. If you slip quietly into the house Daddy will be unsuspecting; you can watch the rest of the action and hell never realize what's happening. I'd really hope you could catch him fucking Martha-that would make his involvement more binding."

    "It surely would," Jonathan laughed, winking at Martha. "Just the idea of a man's cock in such a young pussy would be unforgivable."

    "Yes, isn't it a dreadful thought?" Martha winked back at him.

    "Whatever we're going to do we'd better do fast," Barbara glanced at her watch. "Tom’ll be home in a little while and we’ll still be sitting here talking about it."

    "You two get dressed while I tell John and Mike about our plan," she suggested, then walked over to the door and opened it. "And please hurry, Martha and I will need a little time alone before Daddy comes home."

    She and Martha explained everything to John and Mike while Jonathan and Barbara slipped on their clothes, especially the importance of not letting their fattier see them.

    "The four of you will have to work out some signal when you see Daddy," Judy suggested when her mother and granddaddy joined them in the dining room. "Now you'd better get the hell out of here so Martha and I can get things going."

    Martha and Judy stood there for a moment after the others left, then turned to look wonderingly into each other's eyes. The outcome of the family's fate rested on their young shoulders. If their daddy left them it'd be because they couldn't succeed in seducing him. Judy grasped Martha's hand and led her down the hallway to their father and mother's bedroom.

    "Jeez, are we going to make love in here?" Martha wondered. "Do you think that's wise?"

    "I don't know," Judy answered truthfully as she began to unbutton her blouse, "but all of Daddy's clothes are in here. If he plans on leaving us hell surely come into his bedroom."

    "You're right!" Martha smiled, then began to strip. "And he'll find us making love. What do you suppose hell do?"

    "I'm not sure," Judy answered, tossing the blouse to the floor and pulling her skirt down her legs, "but I'm hoping for the very best."

    In a few moments they were looking mysteriously at each other's nakedness. Judy's gaze fell to her sister's hairless little slit, then shook her head wonderingly.

    "What's the matter?" Martha asked. "Is something wrong with my pussy? I know it doesn't have hair but it's fuckable."

    "I'm wondering about that-fucking Daddy surely won't be like fucking John's little cock. Hell, Daddy's cock must be at least eight inches long," Judy guessed. "Maybe we'd better call this off before Daddy splits you open."

    "Never! Granddaddy's cock is eight and a half inches long and I fucked him last night while you were sleeping," Martha smiled at her older sister, then began to tease at her. "Don't you like my little pussy? I thought you were going to ram your tongue in to it."

    "I am, and since you've assured me you can handle Daddy's cock I'm going to love on that pretty little snatch with my whole being," Judy smiled, walking over to Martha and sliding her hand down that naked little belly, then she kneaded the softness of Martha's hairless pussymound between her fingers. "Do you realize our family is depending on that little pussy of yours?"

    "It's also depending on yours," Martha corrected, her hand slipping to Judy's naked crotch to caress the delicate crispness of her black-haired brush. "We're in this together."

    "Yes," Judy agreed, one of her fingers easing into the puffy slot of Martha's cleft to tease at her swollen little clit, "but that beautiful little hairless cunny of yours will be the one which will trap our daddy."

    Martha spread her legs as her cunt began to tingle delightfully. Judy's fingers felt good as her mother's had felt, then she wondered if her fingers would feel good to Judy. She teased at the top of her sister's incision for a moment, then slipped a finger into Judy's warm membranes.

    "Ooohhh, mmmm!" Judy moaned, squatting a little as her ass churned in a slow circular motion, letting her swelling clitoris brush upon Martha's finger. "I can't stand much of that. If I had a cock instead of a pussy I'd fuck you right now."

    "We've got tongues to fuck each other with and we'd better start doing something right away," Martha's hot breath blew into her sister's ear. "Daddy 11 be home in a little while."

    "Yes, and we'd better stop mentioning his name, otherwise he may realize we're doing this to trap him," Judy looked seriously at her smiling sister*. "Everything we do or say from this moment on must look and sound very sensual, and it would appear more realistic if we didn't have to pretend."

    "I don't know about you but I'm not pretending anymore," Martha purred as Judy's finger teased her bursting.clitoris. "Your finger feels damned good in my pussy; it makes me want to do crazy wonderful things to you."

    "Yes, I know! Your ringer makes me want to do the same things to you," Judy whispered, easing closer and sliding her other arm about her sister's waist, then jiggled her youthful breasts against those pert little nipples of Martha's. "I feel as if I could open that little pussy of yours and kiss it with more passion than if I were kissing you on the lips."

    "But you've never kissed me on the lips," she looked into Judy's sinful eyes, then felt somewhat hypnotized by the dazzling sparkle she saw. "Are you… are you going to…? Ooohhhh… Lord… Jeeeezzzz!"

    Judy's head slowly lowered itself to her. then she found herself licking at her lips in anticipation of what was to come. She trembled a little as Judy's full lips began to pout. Was Judy really going to kiss her? Her lips puckered and parted slightly, then she began to tremble even more.

    The first soft touch was only a slight brushing of lips upon lips, but it was enough to set both their pussies on fire. They pulled their fingers from each other, then fell lovingly into the other's arms. Lips covered lips in sweet moments of passion as tongues caressed and fluttered in search of ecstasy, then black-haired pussy and hairless cunny throbbed for release as they churned frantically against each other before settling down to a slow fucking rhythm. Youthful hands found the softness of very tender asscheeks and kneaded delightfully as vaginal fires soared out of control Even the tips of very young fingers found themselves exploring the mysteries of wrinkled puckers surrounding virgin assholes, then sisters found themselves needing each other desperately. "Mummrnmm… Judy… darling!" Martha moaned as Judy's cunt hair caressed her hairless cunny in a circular motion. "I need your pussy. I… I want to put my mouth all over it. IVe got to do it. Oh… God… I've got to."

    "Yes… oooo… yes! I need to feel your mouth on my… my pussy… baby! I need your tongue inside me!" Judy groaned, leading her little sister to the bed and pushing her gently to the covers, then Martha sprawled out on her back in a sort of spread-eagle. "But first I've got to let my tongue explore every wonderful part of that delicious little body of yours."

    "Do it… please!" Martha begged wantingly. "Oh… God… don't make me wait! Do it… now!"

    Judy crawled into bed beside her sister, then lowered her lips to those little budding breasts. She kissed from one to the other, making both nipples harden to the utmost, then swallowed one of them into the warm wetness of her mouth. The tip of her fluttering tongue danced wildly upon Martha's pert nipple as she sucked the fullness of that pretty little mound.

    "Jesus Christ!" Tom muttered to himself. "I thought they were only playing a game. This isn't a goddamned game; this is serious business."

    He walked through the door just as they'd embraced each other. He'd started to stop them, but wondered what the hell was happening. He hadn't seen his daughters naked like this in a long time, and never had he seen two girls hold each other in an embrace of passion. By the time he made up his mind to intervene in their little game, Judy had pushed Martha onto the covers. He decided to wait a little longer. Hell, a few more minutes wouldn't matter a damned bit. He could beat their little asses when they finished with whatever they were doing.

    He saw Judy lower her head, then he eased around to get a better view. Could she be…? Was she…? Yes! Oh, God! She was sucking her sister's little tittie. He felt nothing but shock at first, then he felt anger. Why did his daughters choose his bedroom to accomplish their sinfulness. Goddamn it, all he wanted out of this house was his clothes. He could be packing right now if it weren't for the fact his naked daughters were using his bed for their lovemaking. However, if they'd chosen another bedroom he'd never know the sensuality of two females locked in the embrace of love.

    He eased a little closer as Judy kissed her way over Martha's naked abdomen. He watched as her tongue dipped into that little navel to lap it out, then her tongue slithered farther down Martha's nakedness. It trailed over her quivering belly to tickle at the top of her childish pussy, then eased into the crevice of her puckered pussylips.

    How the hell could anyone lick a young cunt? Tom wondered, knowing he could never do such a thing. He was going to put a stop to this right now. He walked up to the bed, preparing to say something when Judy swung her hips around to Martha's shoulders and lifted a leg over her head. Her black-haired pussy gaped sensuously before his eyes as she got into position above her sister's face.

    He groaned but he didn't say anything, not at that very moment. Judy's puckered pussy was the most delightful thing he'd ever seen. His prick stirred beneath his pants, then began to harden and come to life. He suddenly remembered he was watching his daughters make love to each other. Jesus Christ, his very own daughters, and he was getting a hard-on because of them, especially because of Judy and that tempting little snatch of hers.

    It was too late to say anything now, his cock was throbbing with the biggest hard-on of his life. He'd waited this long to stop them, why not wait a little longer? Hell, he could watch them and they'd never know he was there. He ducked to the side of the bed behind Martha's head, making sure he had a delightful view of Judy's glistening little gash.

    He'd ducked quickly but not quickly enough. Martha had seen her daddy squat at the side of the bed. She knew he'd taken a position behind her so he could see Judy's pussy. That was okay with her, especially since she knew he was there. If he wanted to look at Judy's pussy she'd be more than happy to oblige him. Hell, she'd expose her sister's pussy in such a way no one could deny wanting to fuck it, not even their daddy.

    She forced Judy's knees apart with her hands, pushing them away from her shoulders so those creamy thighs delightfully opened to expose the fullness of her black-haired pussy mound. She could hear her daddy breathing heavily as her fingers teased through those sparse black curls to touch upon Judy's tender little gash. Her fingers opened her sister's pussy lips, exposing the delicate pinkness of her slippery labia. The inside of her pussy sparkled with glistening pussy juices, then she heard her daddy groan helplessly as something snapped. She couldn't figure what the snap was, but how could she know Tom had loosened his belt and pants before unsnapping his shorts.

    He stood up to slide his pants and shorts from his legs as Martha looked up. She gasped when she saw his cock throbbing above her face; it was the hardest cock she'd ever seen. She watched him remove his shirt and grasp his cock, then his hands started working back and forth along his stiff shaft. He was masturbating while he looked at Judy's tempting pussy, then she suddenly wished he'd cum all over her face.

    She spread Judy's pussy wide as possible, then covered it with her mouth. She kissed wildly as her tongue explored the fullness of her sister's quivering vulva, then she felt Judy's fluttering tongue push into her tight vagina. She groaned wantingly into Judy's slippery labia, then sucked that puffy pussyflesh into her mouth as her young tongue found its way into Judy's contracting vaginal entrance.

    "That's it, baby, eat that pussy," she heard her daddy groan just above a whisper. "Eat the hell out of that pretty little snatch."

    She looked up at him as he closed his eyes, then she knew he was reaching an ecstasy with himself as he watched them make love to each other. She couldn't let that happen; he must shove his cock into one of their cunts before shooting his wad, otherwise their plan would be shot to hell and back. She noticed his cock was only a couple of inches from her face, then realized his pisshole could be easily guided into Judy's gaping labia.

    She reached up and grasped his hands, then tugged him gently forward, forcing his crown to brush against Judy's pussy mound. She watched his cock jerk slightly back and forth, then she opened her sister's pussy for him.

    His pisshole pushed into Judy's parted labia, then he worked it up and down in her slippery crease. She heard him moan with desire as his crown slid deeper into her swollen vulva, then she saw her sister's pussy push wantingly back to him. He moaned again as he pushed forward, then Martha knew he had slipped into Judy's entrance. His cockshaft disappeared before her eyes as Judy's pussy squirmed back to him, then he began to push back and forth into her, going deeper and deeper with each forward motion. His balls finally slammed into her open crevice, then Martha's little cunt burned with desire.

    Her tongue slithered upward to touch upon his nut-sac as he shoved into Judy's young belly, then she sucked his huge balls into her mouth. When they tightened in her throat she knew he was on the verge of cumming. Judy's tongue slipped from her seething little pussy, then Martha heard her squeal in passion,

    "Ooooooo…Sweet Jesus…Daddy… that's gooood!" she snuggled to him, her sweet juices flooding Martha's slurping little mouth. "Mummmmm…ooohhh… mummmmm hummmm! Doooooo meeeee… Daddy… pleaseeeeeee… doooooo meeeeee… goooood!"

    Tom's mind snapped at the sound of his daughter's pleading voice, bringing him back to the reality of this ungodly situation. Oh, God! What the hell was he doing? Why had he allowed himself to become involved in his daughters' sensual little game? How could he push his cock into his girl's cunny?

    He felt the heat of her slushy pussy grasping at the shaft of his hard cock, then realized why his cockmeat was buried deep in her young belly. He'd watched that twitching little snatch till he could stand it no longer. Hell, his prick hadn't been in a pussy in over two weeks, and he was used to rucking at least once a day when Barbara wasn't in the saddle.

    He thought of his wife, then anger entered his heart as he wondered if she wasn't the real reason he was fucking his daughter's cunny. He'd wanted to get even with Barbara for fucking his daddy; maybe this way was good as any. He'd make Judy tell her mother he'd fucked her, but he'd be out of the house by that time. If it could've been possible to get his cock into Martha he'd even fuck the hell out of her little pussy. Maybe he'd try it anyway! Martha could at least tell her mother he'd tried to fuck her. A sinful smile formed on his lips as he visualized them telling their mother what had happened to them, then he could almost see Barbara's face grimace in shock.

    The rest of the family had crowded around the open door to see if Judy's plan was working, then smiled when they saw Tom's hardness crammed deep into her slowly churning twat. They remained extremely quiet, not wanting to expose themselves until exactly the right moment, then they began to wonder if the girls could persuade their father to fuck Martha.

    "Okay, Barbara, my dear little wife, I'll finish what you started!" he muttered in anger, then began to slam into Judy's upraised pussy with tremendous force, flattening his pisshole against her young uterus with each forward motion. "I'll play your silly goddamned game. Hell, we'll fuck everybody in the whole motherfucking world."

    Barbara shivered a little. She thought he'd seen her for a moment, but he was only speaking out in anger against her.

    "Oooohhhh… Daddy… jeeeeezzzz… that's it… that's the way!" Judy writhed beneath his thrusting cock, then clutched at her sister's thighs as she covered Martha's tender pussyflesh with her sucking mouth, her tongue stabbing deep into that tight little channel. "Mumphhhh… ummmm… aaaahhhh… ummmmm hummmmm!"

    Delightful orgasm had begun. Tom could feel his daughter's squishy cuntal sheath spasming crazily on his cockmeat, milking and sucking at him as no other cunt had ever done. His shaft suddenly stiffened to the utmost, jerking hard and steady inside her. His testicles could no longer hold onto the hot cum they'd gathered. Jazz gushed into the small channel of his cock, forcing his cockhead to swell and explode in her belly, then he crashed into her womb and held his pisshole there, letting it jerk out of control.

    "I'm cuummmiiinnngggg…Goddamn it…Barbara… I'm cuuummmiiinnngggg in your daughter's pussy!" he screamed, his spurting jism mixing with her pussy cum to fill her trembling belly, then their mingled juices squished from her tender pussylips to flood his balls and Martha's thirsty little mouth. "And… oooo…God… it's such a nice little pussy! It's sooooo hot… soooo slushy… sooooo Goddamned gooood!It's the best little snatch in the world!"

    "Ooooooo… Daddy… you're wonderful!" Judy cooed, her cuntal sheath quivering delightfully. "Your cum feels soooo goooood shooting into my pussy like that! Jeeeezzzz… I… I love it! I… I love your cock inside me!"

    He loved it too, but it was now time to press his tremendous cockhead onto Martha's childish pussymound. He knew he wouldn't get it inside her, but he could push hard enough so she could tell Barbara he'd tried. He pulled his stiff cockshaft from Judy's terrific little snatch as their cum gushed from her grasping pussylips to splash onto Martha's young face.

    Martha licked the gooey substance from her lips as Judy crawled off her naked little body, then Tom shoved his cum-covered crown down to her puckered lips, just barely brushing them with his oozing pisshole.

    "Do you want my cock,Martha? Do you want to lick the cum from it? Do you want to feel it inside that hairless little cunny of yours?" he asked excitedly, watching her hungry little tongue lap the cum from his throbbing prick. "Do you want your Daddy to make a woman out of you? Does Daddy's little baby want to fuck?

    "Yes… oh… yes… Daddy… I want to fuck… but will it hurt?" she asked, trying to sound so innocent he'd feel compelled to shove his tremendous hardness between her very young thighs. "Your cock won't hurt me… will it… Daddy? Don't hurt my pussy… please! Oh… please… don't hurt me!"

    The sound of her pleading little voice had done something to him. He'd planned to push his cock at her little cunny a few times, but now he wanted to shove it into her tender depths. Her quivering small voice had done that to him. His cock surged with a stiffness he'd never known as he reached down and swung her around in the bed, then he grasped her tiny ankles and pulled her sweet little asscheeks to the very edge of the mattress. He pushed her knees wide apart, then her hairless little cunny came into full bloom before his astounded eyes. The tiny slit of her pussymound opened a little, exposing the delicate pink petals of her babyish labia, then he saw the glistening wetness of her young pussy juices. Hell, maybe she did want his cock. It suddenly didn't make any difference whether she wanted it or not, she was going to get it if he had to split her open. He'd gone too far to turn back now; that tender little slit looked too damned good to ignore.

    He pushed her knees back to her shoulders, bringing her tiny pussy high into the air, then hooked her feet over his shoulders and guided his pisshole into her slushy little gash. He glanced at Judy, then noticed the excitement of anticipated rape in her young eyes. Yes, why not bring her into this sensual little game? There's really no reason she shouldn't help him fuck his daughter.

    "Hold her, Judy, she may try to get away. Yes, that's the way, hold her tight. Now shove your pussy onto her mouth to stifle her screams if there are any. Uh-huh, you're doing fine. Yes, spread that pretty little pussy open and cover her mouth with it. Oh, yes, put a lot of pressure on her. Jeez, that's just right. You handled it like an expert, I'm proud of you." he prompted Judy onward, not knowing Martha wouldn't cry out in pain. "Now, little girl, you're going to get what you need to make you a real woman. Daddy's got a present for you and you'll love every bit of it. I'm going to be honest with you, it may hurt like hell for a few minutes but it'll start feeling better after awhile. If it feels as if your pussy's tearing open when I push inside you, try to remain calm and accept it-that is a natural thing with virgins."

    Martha smiled as she drank their cum from Judy's squishy depths. Her daddy was in for a big surprise. How the hell could he know she wasn't a virgin at that very moment? How could he know a bigger cock than his had fucked her? She could hardly wait to feel his cock enter what he thought was a virgin cunny, then she wished she could see the surprised look on his face when he realized he wasn't getting a cherry.

    "Okay, baby, here it comes," he warned, pushing hard at her tight vagina, then his crown easily slipped three inches past her small entrance. "Well I'll be a motherfucking son of a bitch! You're no goddamned virgin. Hell, you're just a little slut like your mother. So you like to fuck, then goddamn it let's fuck!"

    He shoved the rest of the way into her, his huge balls slapping against her upraised asscheeks, then her pussy began to churn wantingly in a slow fucking motion as he crashed back and forth into her. Her tight cuntal sheath seemed extremely hot and squishy on his hard thickness, then he felt somewhat relieved she wasn't a virgin. At least he hadn't split her pussy open trying to get inside her.

    He groaned as her little twat grasped at his prick with more firmness than a grown-up pussy ever could, then he reached beneath her churning little asscheeks and pulled her high as possible. He thrust downward into her young belly as he felt her spasm delightfully, then fucked harder as the intensity of her orgasm shattered through her whole body. His testicles were gathering more cum; he wouldn't be able to contain himself much longer.

    Martha's tongue fluttered inside Judy's contracting vaginal sheath, bringing forth more warm juices, then Judy shuddered in ecstasy.

    Her pussy cum flowed freely into her sister's throat as ecstatic chills of orgasm shot up and down her spine, then she threw her arms about her daddy's neck and pulled him close, pressing the fullness of her heaving breasts against his naked chest.

    "Ooohhh… God… Martha… Daddy… I'm cuummminnngggg!" she squealed at the heights of heated orgasm. "Oooooo… Sweet Jesus… this is Heaven! Let's fuck like this… forever… pleaseeee!"

    She pulled Tom's quivering lips to hers, then her titties sensuously caressed the nakedness of his chest. Her tongue shot hotly into the depths of his sucking mouth as they lost themselves in passion. His cockshaft suddenly stiffened inside Martha's hot little pussy, then his gathered jazz shot forcefully into her trembling belly. His jerking crown probed at her young uterus as his cum splattered into the depths of her soul. He would've screamed out in ecstasy but Judy's soft lips were sucking hungrily upon his in the heat of their orgasm.

    In a few moments it was all over. Their cum had stopped flowing and their groanings had subsided. However, his cock was still throbbing with hardness; he felt as if he could fuck for the rest of his life and still keep that hard-on.

    He pulled his engorged stiffness from Martha's tight pussy, then looked lovingly at her. His gooey jazz gushed from her hairless little pussylips, then he smiled at her.

    "I didn't mean what I said to you, darling," he tried to apologize. "You're no slut. You have a damned sweet little pussy, and just because you enjoy fucking doesn't make you a slut."

    "And what about her Mother?" Barbara demanded as she stormed into the room, followed by the rest of the family. "I GUESS I'LL always be a goddamned slut?"

    "B-b-babs!" Tom gasped, the blood draining from his face but not from his cock; his tremendous hard-on pointed straight at her. "Oh, God! Did you see…? Did you hear…? Goddamn it, you did! Holy shit! What do I say to you? What do I say to anyone? It just happened and that's all there is to it."


    "Oh, no, that's not all there is to it, not by any means," she said, pointing at his throbbing cock. "It's all right for you to fuck your daughters, but I don't have that same right. I can't fuck Jonathan or my sons because it makes me a slut. You built up my hopes and desires every night for over two weeks, then the moment I try to complete something you started and wouldn't finish I'm nothing but a slut.

    "I've never fucked anyone except you since we were married, not until the past couple of days. Hell, I never wanted to. You were my whole heart, the reason for my existence, but you left my pussy hurting and aching for you night after night.

    "I stood it long as I could, then I just had to have someone. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know your actions forced my attentions upon our son. Yes, goddamn it, I let John fuck me. I seduced my youngest son, and he enjoyed it so much I lowered myself to seduce him again.

    "It wasn't long before I managed to get Mike to stick his cock into my forlorn pussy, then I finally worked my way up to Jonathan. He was the hardest one of the three to seduce but I accomplished it.

    "Aren't you proud of me? Aren't you glad you drove me to the point of cheating you? However, I don't consider it cheating; I consider it a way to release my sexual tensions-tensions you built inside me and wouldn't release.

    "You know something, I was so wrapped up in saving my marriage the most important fact almost slipped away from me-the fact of sexual fulfillment. I actually enjoyed fucking Jonathan and my sons, and I'm sure you enjoyed fucking our daughters just as much.

    "I'm going to tell you something else, we set this little trap this afternoon so you'd feel guilty and wouldn't leave us; but you know something, I suddenly don't give a damn if you do leave. Oh, hell, I love you. I'll always love you, but if you want to leave I won't stop you.

    "You make up your own mind what you're going to do, but you'd better understand this: anytime I feel like fucking Jonathan or our sons I'm going to do so. I'll fuck all three of them at one time if I want. And if I feel the desire to eat out a tender pussy I'm going to spread Judy or Martha's creamy thighs and slurp the hell out of them. All my family can do the same to me if they want, and at any motherfucking time they want. I'll be there for them and that's all that really matters.

    "If you can live with us knowing that, then stay and have fun. There's going to be nothing but pleasure and happiness in this family from this moment on. You can join us or leave us-it really doesn't make a goddamn difference to anyone."

    She turned and started out of the room but Tom had been listening to every word she said, and he knew she was right-this was his fault. He rushed past her and blocked her exit at the door, his hard cock wobbling back and forth in front of him. He looked into her eyes, then realized the pain and suffering he'd caused. He reached out and cupped her face tenderly, then choked up a little.

    "I want to stay, darling, but c-c-can you forgive me for doing this to you?" he asked hopefully. "Will you forgive me?"

    "There's nothing to forgive," she stated truthfully. "You've only caused me to fulfill my very wildest dreams, and I have you to thank for that."

    "What about the girls?" he asked, smiling at her. "Can I have them from time to time if I stay?"

    "You can fuck them anytime you want," she smiled back at him. "This is going to be the freest and most happy family in the whole goddamned world."

    "But can we really be happy if we're that free?" he asked seriously.

    "You tell me," she answered. "Look into the faces of your children and answer your own question."

    He looked into their young faces, then saw their happiness surrounding them like the glow of halos. They seemed happier than they'd ever been.

    You're right, and we're going to make them even happier," he smiled as he began to unbutton her blouse, realizing he hadn't fucked her in over two weeks. "We're going to fuck the hell out of each other right here in their presence."

    "But, Torn!” she started to protest, "Should we?"

    "Why not?" he questioned as he removed her blouse, then loosened her skirt and let it fall to the floor. "I still have a hard-on and I want to make everybody in the world happy. Besides, I want to fuck you."

    "Ooohhh… Tom… please… fuck me! I need you so much!" she cooed, then her lips covered his.

    He kissed her with more passion than he'd ever kissed anyone, then pushed her gently to the floor. Her creamy thighs opened wide as her knees raised into the air, then his throbbing cockmeat pushed into the soft slushiness of her yielding tissues. Her ankles locked around his thrusting asscheeks as their pubes pounded at each other with desperate need.

    "Oh, wow! Look at that!" John squealed, then started stripping. "Mama and Daddy's fucking each other!"

    He looked around at the others, then realized he was behind schedule-everyone was already naked. Mike had lowered Martha's naked little body to the floor and Judy was crawling onto her granddaddy's thighs.

    She watched as Mike's hardness disappeared into Martha's slitted mound, then she surrounded his ass with her legs and pulled him into her.

    He turned his attention to Judy and his granddaddy. He was on his back and Judy was squatting onto that thick length of his erect cockshaft. He watched her hungry cunt eat up the full length of that tremendous prick, then he realized there was no one for him.

    Judy turned to face him, then smiled understandingly when she saw him pumping away at his three inch hardness.

    "Come over here, darling! Let me take care of that hard-on for you," she purred at the thought of having two cocks inside her at the same time. "When I get into position I want you to push your cock into my asshole. Will you do it?"

    "Oh, boy! Will I!" he squealed excitedly as her rounded asscheeks moved up into position, then he crammed his cock between their warm softness and pushed into her tight entrance. "Jeez! Thisis wonderful! Everyoneis fucking everybody else! I hope we dont ever stop having this kind of fun! I wish we could fuck each other all the time like this! It would surely make me happy!"

    All of them sighed in unison at John's words. He was the spokesman at the moment and they fully agreed with him. He'd expressed the desires of the whole family and there was nothing more anyone could add except maybe a final amen!


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