Connie_s young lover


    She needed cock. Goddamn, did she need cock! It had been at least two days since she had last felt six inches of hard, hot prick fucking her cunt. Christ, shit, fuck, piss it couldn't have been that long ago! She had never gone that long without cock unless you counted the days she was on the rag, but even then some courageous dick would fuck her pussy.

    Connie felt the incessant itch between her thighs. What now? Finger her pussy, pretending that it was the six inches of cock she needed? Christ, any woman knew that what a man had hanging, prick erecting, between his legs was a better thing to get off on than one or two fingers.

    She delved between her thighs. God, her cunt was really wet! She felt the lips. God, her cunt-lips were swollen! She felt her cunt. Christ, she needed a fuck-a cock, a goddamn husky cock that would give her pussy a real good naming all night.

    What to do?

    She turned around in the chair, grabbed the phone and dialed.

    "Jason, I know I shouldn't be calling you at home, but if I don't get a goddamn good fucking right now, I'll go bananas!"

    "Connie… er… don't ever call me at home again," replied a husky whispering voice. Now angry: "What if my wife had answered?"

    "Oh, fuck your wife!" Connie said, slamming down the phone.

    It was Saturday night, Connie had a hot cunt, and one of her favorite fuckers had just refused to come over to her apartment and douse the flames that roared through her pussy.

    Another phone call.

    "Martin, what time you closing tonight?"

    "Who's this? Connie? Oh, hi, Connie. Listen, I'm really busy tight now, I gotta fix a millions drinks, the club's packed tonight, and"

    "Fuck me!" Connie blurted.


    "Listen, Martin, get your ass away from that bar and came over to my apartment and fuck me. I'm dying for prick. I'm gonna go crazy if some guy doesn't come over and lay me. Now, are you gonna do it or do I have to… "Shit, what could she do if Martin refused her?

    "Connie, I can't. I'm busy. Listen, how about tomorrow? I'll pick you up at-"

    Connie slammed the phone down again.

    "Fuck!" she screamed. "This is fucking crazy. I wanta be laid, and nobody's willing. Fuck, shit, piss!"

    She went into her bedroom, stripped off her clothing. Throwing her blouse to the left, her hip-huggers to the right, and her bra overhead, she stared at the mirror. She stared at her naked body, evaluating it from a man's point of view. She had tits made to be fondled. God, they were still firm, still fully packed. And, shit, her nipples were made to be sucked.

    Connie couldn't believe it. She wasn't some ugly hag. She didn't have bad breath, hairy legs or zits on her tits. She had one of the finest thirty-three-year-old bodies in town. Wasn't that what her last fucker had told her?

    "Shit, Connie, you've got a body built like a brick shithouse." Those were Jason Moresby's words as they had lain on the sofa, he on top of her, his prick buried balls-deep in her horny cunt.

    They were drunk, had been drinking since their last fuck which was exactly an hour ago. He had called her tits scrumptious, her cunt delicious, and he had licked her nipples, tongue-tickled her navel before finally settling his mouth over the lips of her cunt.

    Cunt eating. Yeah, that was something that she had always dug. And Jason was no slobbering idiot. He ate her puny, licked up and down her creamy cunt so many times that Connie was ready to crawl the walls.

    With every upward lash of his tongue, his nose rubbed her cunt. And that made Connie scream.

    "Oh, god! You eat me so good! Aaaiiieeee!!"

    And with every downward stroke of his tongue, his chin would bump her asshole. And that would make Connie wrap her thighs even more intensely around his fact and she would writhe and scream.

    "You goddamn mother fucker! Oh, Christ, eat my cunt! Eat my cunt! Eat my cunt!"

    And when Jason shifted around to present his prick to her opening mouth, his lips would leave her cunt momentarily. And that would make Connie eager for more tongue, more nose-rubs against her clit, more chin-bumps against her asshole.

    Jason's cock stabbed into her face. Connie grabbed his prick eagerly, guiding it to her pursed lips. She planted little French kisses all over the hot head, then engulfed his entire tool.

    Cock sucking. God, that was another thing that she really dug! There were times that she wished she weren't so good at giving blow jobs. Maybe if she were a beginner, those big cocks wouldn't come so fast. But Connie knew she was good. Too many men had told her that she was the best cock sucker They'd ever known.

    Cock sucker. The best cock sucker.

    Shit, she had a reputation, and now she would have to prove to Jason that she was second to none when it came to eating prick.

    She gobbled his cock head, her lips sliding tightly down the shaft. His prick was a good eight inches, but there had been so many cocks down her throat since she was fourteen that eight inches of stiff prick was no big deal.

    She moved back, her lips tightly gripping the shaft, then the cock-head, as she retreated. Then down again, her mouth opening wide as her lips came into contact with wiry crotch hairs.

    Up… down..up down. Shit, the asshole was coming already! That was the only fucking thing wrong when you were the best cock sucking chick in the world. The pricks didn't last very long. Why the hell couldn't they control their balls? Why the fuck couldn't their pricks stay hard?

    The cum was throbbing, spurting, then blasting out of his cock like water from a sawed-off fire hydrant. The spurts of sperm clogged her throat, but she gulped and kept gulping, not a drop of cock cream escaping her mouth.

    And there were other things about being the best cock sucker in the world that Connie wasn't happy with. Every time those cocks blasted into Jo her mouth, it was thrilling and challenging for her but where the hell was her own goddamn orgasm?

    Even now, as Jason's cock spewed forth his cream, where the hell were those good cunt-eating lips of his? Connie knew where they were. Jason's lips would be spread in an ecstatic smile as he felt the thrill of coming in her mouth.

    Jason screamed: "Oh, baby, you are the best! Goddamn, you're the best. Suck that jizz, baby! Eat my cum! Shit, my prick's never been sucked off so good before!"

    Connie was pleased when Jason once again reaffirmed that she was the best cock sucker in the world. But while he was moaning and groaning, his lips just weren't glued to her pussy-flaps any more. No more up and down tongue-swipes over her hot gash. No more tongue-teases across her erect cut. The bastard was simply getting off in her mouth, having all the ecstasy while she was out in the cold left with nothing but her reputation for being the world's number-one cock-sucker.

    Connie sucked heartily on his prick, swallowing down the last of his spunk. Then she bit down not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough to make Jason scream:

    "Mother-fucking shit! What the hell did ya do that for?"

    "Because you're a goddamn asshole who cares about nothin' but gettin' his own rocks off!" said all those things to make her feel good.

    She studied her ass in the mirror. She wiggled her buns, convincing herself that she did have a good ass that it was the type of ass most girls envied and most men whistled at as she stooped over to put groceries into her car.

    Now that she had studied herself in the minor, Connie knew that she'd strike it rich with some man tonight. In a town full of five thousand people, half the population had to be male, and at least half of those males had to have pricks that would come erect at the sight of her cunt, ass and tits.

    She vowed to try again, this time the nice girl approach. She picked up the phone, lay back in the bed. She kicked off her panties and spread her legs.

    "Hello, may I talk to Reverend Worthington please?"

    Connie moved her hand down across her belly and into the moist meat of her cunt. Her pussy was oozing with juice, making slushy noises like a boot pulling out of mud.

    "Hello, Reverend Worthington," Connie said sweetly. "This is Connie Ryan."

    "0-Oh, hello, Connie, er, I mean Miss Ryan. What can I do for you? Are you in some kind of trouble?"

    "Yes, I am, Worthie dear. I want you to come over and listen to my problem."

    "Well, er, as you know, Miss Ryan, the church social is tonight and the whole congregation will" "But it won't take very long to hear me out, Worthie dear. Here, listen to how bad my problem sounds."

    Connie placed the telephone between her thighs as she rubbed her cunt-lips squishily over the phone, sending her need for cock all the way across town and into Reverend Worthington's ear.

    "Connie! Er, Miss Ryan… Miss Ryan!" Connie heard Reverend Worthington's voice pleading between her thighs. She lifted the phone to her ear. "Did you hear my problem, Worthie dear?"

    "M-Miss Ryan. What was that noise?"

    "It was my cunt, Worthie dear. And my pussy has a problem. It needs a cock-real bad. Wanta hear it again?"

    Connie heard Reverend Worthington gasp. "Miss Ryan, your problem does sound… er, urgent. It's just that I'm really tied up with the church social. Why don't you see me after church tomorrow? Say, around noon or so. I'll-"

    "Goddamn you son of a bitch! Didn't you hear how much my cunt needs a goddamn fucking? I'm hot. I wanta fuck!"

    "Now, Miss Ryan. No need to get hysterical." "Fuck you, Reverend. That's the last time that I'll ever beg you to fuck me."

    "Now, don't be hasty, Miss Ryan. I'm sure-"

    "I'm sure, too! I'm sure that you're never gonna get into my cunt again. Good-bye and amen, Worthie dear!"

    She slammed the phone on the Reverend Worthington as he was babbling: "Now, Miss, Ryan, I'm sure that your situation-"

    Jesus, Connie realized, she had just struck out. Who the hell was she gonna get to fuck her on a Saturday night in a hick town like Weedville? Well, she was determined to get cock if she had to go out to Tom Brewster's dairy and grab one of his Holstein bulls.

    Connie slithered into a loose mini-dress minus bra and panties. She was gonna find cock if she had to stop the first guy she met and beg him to fuck her.

    Dabs of perfume behind the ears, on the nipples, underarms and between the legs. She grabbed her purse and headed angrily for the door.

    She opened the door.

    A boy stood there, his hand ready to push the doorbell.

    "Oh, hello; Miss Ryan. I came to collect for the paper. I missed you every night this week. I'm sure glad you're home tonight."

    Connie stared at the boy. He looked delicious, especially when she was as hot to fuck as she was tonight. Well, she had promised herself that the first person with a cock between his legs was going to be the first guy she asked for a fuck. But a boy? – Christ, she wondered if he could even get it up.

    But there was that itch between her legs. She had struck out on three of the very best flickers in Weedville and she just had to get some cock to scratch the itch between her legs.

    "And I'm glad you found me tonight," Connie said, smiling at the boy. "Why don't you come in?"


    Before the boy could answer, Connie had her arm around him, closing the door behind them with her foot. She made sure his arm was nestled against her tit.

    "Why don't you sit on the couch while I make out a check?"

    The boy sat down on the edge of the couch. Connie sat down in an easy chair across from him. She pulled her check book out of her purse. "What's your name, young man?" "Tommy." "What, no last name?" "Tommy Trimble."

    Connie thought a moment. "Are you Lucas Trimble's son?"

    "Yes, I am, Miss Ryan."

    Connie chuckled to herself. Lucas Trimble was the mayor of Weedville. In fact, for as tong as she could remember, he had been the only mayor of Weedville.

    Connie studied Tommy's face as be gazed up at the ceiling nervously. He was a red headed kid with freckles. Lanky frame just like his father's. Blue eyes thin lips which he had obviously inherited from Lucas' deceased wife Mavis Trimble.

    "How much do I owe you, Tommy?"

    "Two dollars for this month, Miss Ryan." Tommy looked at Connie and noticed her tits. No male could resist noticing her tits.

    Connie smiled at Tommy and leaned back in the easy chair, her check book in hand. She spread her legs, wondering how much of her thighs and cunt young Tommy Trimble could see from his position on the couch.

    Tommy opened his mouth in awe. God, she wasn't wearing any panties! And he could see way, way up between her legs. Shit, he'd never seen a cunt before unless you counted his sister's. Tommy's brow beaded with sweat as he moved his legs nervously. Shit, if she would just spread her legs another couple of inches. he knew that he would be able to see her cunt.

    As Connie began writing in her checkbook, she spread her legs farther apart, her mini-dress inching higher.

    Tommy gasped, then shut his mouth quickly. Shit, he didn't want her to hear him. Oh, please, Miss Ryan. Open up just a little more. I can see the hair, but I can't see your Oh, my God! There it is her cunt!

    Slyly, Connie glanced over the edge of her checkbook, pretending to write. She watched Tommy squirm, and she was amazed at how delicious he looked to her.

    "Oh, darn it, Tommy. I made a mistake. If you'll wait just a moment I know how busy you are-I'll write another check out for you."

    "0-Oh, that's all right, Miss Ryan. I'm not going nowhere tonight."

    Connie smiled at him, then tore out the check. She began writing again; this time she really spread her legs apart.

    Oh, gosh, Tommy thought, his flesh feeling clammy. Oh, gosh! Oh gosh! I can-I can see all of her CUNT' My gosh!

    Tommy sat up straighter, his hard-on paining him as it throbbed against his fly. He sat at an angle to Connie, hoping that she wouldn't look up now so that he could straighten out his prick, move it from his pants leg so that the bead pointed towards his belly button. His palms were sweaty and his fingers trembled.

    Connie felt ecstatic; she hadn't realized how really powerful her charms were. All the other guys who had fucked her knew she wanted to get laid as badly as they had wanted to lay her. But now, here was a young teenage kid-shit, Connie hoped that he was in his teens-who probably hadn't seen a cunt, didn't know the first thing about fucking and sucking, and had probably just discovered how wonderful it felt to fuck his fist. Shit, what a goddamn thrill it was to make this kid squirm!

    Connie scribbled her name on the check, then stood up.

    Tommy sighed. He sure wanted to see more of her cunt before he had to go. Well, at least he had managed to straighten out his hard-on before Miss Ryan had spotted it. He reached out for the check.

    "Would you like something to drink before you go, Tommy?"

    "W-Well, sure, Miss Ryan."

    Connie led him into the kitchen. She pointed to a chair. Tommy sat down, staring at her tits, her ass, wishing he could see more of her cunt. He still didn't believe that he had finally seen a pussy. All his friends had talked about cunt, what it would look like what it would do what it would feel like. Shit, now he couldn't wait to tell the gang about the cunt that he had seen, to describe how hairy and hot it looked.

    Connie opened the refrigerator door. "Let's see what I've got in here, Tommy."

    She bent over and rummaged through the lower shelves of her refrigerator.

    Tommy gasped. Miss Ryan's ass was almost in his face as she bent over, her head peering into the refrigerator. Now he could see her cunt from a different angle. God, it was so hairy, so hot looking, yet it looked so tight; He wondered how the hell a cock could get into a slit like that. Shit, somehow he knew that cunts just had to open themselves up for a guy to get his prick inside.

    "Gee, Tommy, I just know I've got some lemonade or Cokes or something in here," Connie said; bending way over, pretending to reach for something in the back of the refrigerator.

    Holy shit! Connie's dress had slipped off the hill of her ass. Tommy was not only inches away from her cunt but now he was only a cock's length from her puckered asshole. He could feel juice oozing from his prick as it once again strained against the crotch of his pants.

    Had Tommy's eyes not been centered on Connie's cunt and asshole, he might have spied the six-pack of Cokes over the rise of her ass-cheeks.

    Connie stood up wiggling her ass slightly as her mini-dress slithered back into place.

    "Oh, here are the Cokes, Tommy. Right up here on the top shelf."

    Tommy's gaze was still focused on her ass even as the mini-dress curtained off his view of the magnificent sight.

    Connie grabbed two bottles and spun around. She tripped and fell against Tommy.

    Tommy was startled then his reflexes took over and he reached out to brace her fall. Her chin landed in his face and Tommy's heartbeat raced as he felt her spongy boobs and smelled her erotic perfume.

    "Oh, damn it, Tommy. I'm sorry. Must be something slippery on the floor." Connie straightened up, looking down for some mysterious water puddle in the middle of her kitchen floor.

    Tommy stared not at the floor but at her fits. He had managed to glimpse them when she raised up and the top of her dress had billowed out to expose the hot meatiness of her big jugs. The cum leaking out of his straining cock-head had now dampened his crotch, and he was embarrassed.

    "Why, what's wrong, Tommy?" Connie asked as she set the Cokes down on the kitchen table. She came over to him and put her hand to his forehead. "You look flushed. Have you got a temperature?"

    "N-No, Miss Ryan. It's just that it's, er, hot and stuffy in here."

    "Now, Tommy, are you telling me the truth?" Connie asked as she swept aside the perspiration from his brow and thrust her tits at his face.

    Tommy felt as if he were being smothered. Christ, her tits were only inches away from his face! If he had had the balls to lean towards her, he would have smothered himself with her tits, but Tommy was too young, too inexperienced to know any better. So he sat there squirming as Connie ran her hand through his hair, her tits right in front of his face, while his prick throbbed harder and harder.

    'Tommy, I think you've got a temperature. Listen, why don't you lie down in my bed and I'll run and get the thermometer and take your temperature?"

    Tommy shook his head. No, he didn't want her to take his temperature; he wanted to get the hell out of Miss Ryan's apartment and into the privacy of his own bedroom so that he could jack off while thinking about her tits, ass and cunt.

    "N-No, Miss Ryan, I'm all right. I-I just want to… ~' -

    Connie placed her hands beneath his chin and raised his face so that they saw eye to eye. Tommy had never seen prettier brown eyes. "Now, young man, I'm not going to let you go until I'm sure that you don't have a fever. I'm not going to have Lucas Trimble telling all of Weedville that I'm not a Good Samaritan."

    Tommy had never seen such luscious lips on a girl. As if he were hypnotized, he nodded his head, staring at the lipstick gleam of Miss Ryan's lips. It was the first time that he had ever wanted to kiss a girl-on the lips.

    Connie grabbed Tommy's arm and helped him from the chair. She almost burst out with laughter when she saw Tommy's crotch. Obviously he had a hard-on. Connie could see it. And she couldn't wait to get his prick out in the open.

    She led him to the bedroom and fluffed up the pillow under his head. As she walked out of the room to fetch the thermometer, Tommy began shaking, his thighs quivering. He saw Connie's bra and panties on the floor of the bedroom.

    Connie reappeared, shaking the thermometer. "Why, Tommy, you're shaking!"

    Tommy didn't know what to say. He still had the urge to jump off the bed, out of Miss Ryan's apartment and into the safe confines of his own bedroom. Christ, he just wanted to jack off!

    "I-I'm really a-all right, Miss Ryan. I think I better go.

    "Not- before I take your temperature, Tommy." Connie stood over the boy. "Open up now, Tommy.

    Tommy opened his mouth, then his teeth clattered against the thermometer. Connie sat down next to his shaking body.

    "Gosh, Tommy, you're really shaking… and look how much you're sweating," Connie said as she ran her hand over his forehead, then over his ear to his neck.

    Tommy nodded.

    "Here, let me loosen your shirt. I think you're getting hotter. -

    Connie unbuttoned his shirt as Tommy tried to protest with a groan and an adamant shaking of his head.

    One, two, tree, four buttons; then Connie pulled his shirttails out of the waist of his pants. She spread open his shirt as if it were the pages of a newspaper. She ran her hands over his chest and smiled at Tommy.

    "My, my, my, Tommy. You're burning up. Here, sit up so that I can take your shirt completely off"

    Tommy's eyes bulged with fear, the thermometer shaking nervously in his mouth. His body felt like a limp dishrag as Connie helped him to a sitting position, her tits digging into his sweating chest.

    Tommy moaned, closing his eyes. He wanted to go home and yet he didn't want to go home. He could feel Connie peeling his shirt off his limp arms, her warm breath wafting on his shoulders. He looked down. The cum had definitely stained his pants and the stain was spreading. He looked up and prayed to Cod that Miss Ryan wouldn't see what he had just seen.

    Tommy lay back down, his sweaty flesh being absorbed by the cool bedspread. His eyes were still closed.

    Connie hid her laughter behind a smile. She looked down and saw the stain at Tommy's crotch.

    "Tommy, now I don't mean to embarrass you, but it looks. . well, it looks like you had an accident."

    Tommy didn't want to go home now, and he didn't want to stay. He wanted to die; he wanted the thermometer to dip between his chattering teeth and choke him; he wanted the bed to become some gigantic white shark that would swallow him whole.

    Tommy opened his eyes and saw Miss Ryan looking at his crotch. Somehow he wanted her to be referring to some other "accident".

    "There's nothing to be ashamed of, Tommy," Connie said. "Life is like this, Tommy. Well, what I mean is, people fart in strange p1aces… you know, like at the grocery store or something, and suit, they get embarrassed. But life is like that. Accidents do happen."

    Tommy squeezed his eyes shut and nodded his head in total agreement.

    "Now, let me take your pants off, Tommy, and I'll…"

    Tommy's eyes shot open. He shook his head vigorously. He crossed his legs. His body tensed. Why couldn't he just die?

    "Now, Tommy, don't be embarrassed."

    Tommy was embarrassed. What other thirteen-year-old boy who had stained his pants with cum wouldn't be embarrassed? Tommy wished now that he was sick, the sicker the better.

    "Ill just take your pants off, throw them in the wash and dry them off. Won't take more than a half-hour."

    Tommy strained, writhed, twisted, the thermometer quivering like a crazy metronome

    His hands were on his belt buckle.

    More cum oozed from his prick.

    God, his zipper was coming down. Her fingers grazed across the tented bulge of his shorts.

    His cock lurched and throbbed.

    Tommy squirmed. He couldn't let Miss Ryan get a hand hold on his belt!

    Connie smiled as she gripped the waistline of his pants. "Now, Tommy, you're a big boy now. Just pretend that I'm your mother. I promise not to look."

    Pretend that Connie Ryan, who had exposed her tits, ass and cunt, was his mother? Tommy couldn't believe it. Miss Ryan definitely did not look like a mother, and she didn't act like a mother. A mother wouldn't dare go around the house without her undies. A mother wouldn't sit down in such a straddle-legged fashion, exposing her cunt. A mother wasn't the type of woman who bent over, head in the fridge, showing off her ass to her thirteen-year-old son!

    Connie jerked off his pants. She gasped. The kid had at least a year's supply of cum drenching his shorts.

    Tommy opened his eyes fearfully. Oh, God! He didn't want to die; he wanted to go straight to hell-now! She was looking right at his crotch, right at his throbbing, bulging, hot and hard cock.

    Connie put her hand over her mouth-more to hide the laughter-and pretended to be awed.

    "Tommy! You have a…a…er…an… erection! Your thing is- Oh, my gosh!"

    The flush that had turned his red face crimson seemed to pulse in every vein in his body. What the hell could he say? What the bell could he do? The mercury rose in the thermometer.

    "Oh, Tommy, I don't know what to say," Connie gasped. "I-I didn't realize… well, I didn't know that… I, honest Tommy, I didn't know that I was affecting you like that. Did I really do that to you?"

    Tommy nodded his head.

    "Oh, poor, poor, dear."

    Connie sat down next to Tommy. In a consoling voice, she said: "Tommy, I'm sorry if I embarrassed you. But it looks like we do have something in common."

    More cum oozed from Tommy's prick as he listened to Miss Ryan's soothing voice and inhaled her erotic perfume.

    "You see, before you came to the door, I was ready to-oh, how shall I put it-I was ready to find a man who would-you know-make love to me."

    Tommy's head buzzed. Why was she telling him all about her troubles? Why couldn't she just leave the bedroom, wash his pants and give them back to him? Why couldn't she leave him alone so he could pull on his rod and spurt all his frustration out?

    "You see, Tommy, whereas you got an erection because, of me, I was beginning to get all hot and quivery over seeing you."

    What! Tommy couldn't believe his ears. Maybe it was all the agony and turmoil in his balls that was affecting his mind. Maybe if a kid didn't release his cum when it hurt, he would go blind and crazy.

    Connie was ready to go out of her mind. Shit, she'd dropped enough hints to this kid, and he hadn't even made a move for first base yet. She was getting really tired of playing make-believe. Shit, after seeing all that cum the kid had wasted on his shorts, she was ready to eat him alive.

    She got on her knees beside Tommy. Slowly she lifted her dress.

    "See, Tommy. Women get excited like guys do. Look. Come on, Tommy, turn your head this way and look at me."

    Tommy turned his head. He almost swallowed the thermometer. He gulped, feeling his prick arching stiffly against his Jockeys.

    "This is my vagina, Tommy. Have you ever seen a vagina, Tommy?"

    Tommy didn't want her to know that he had seen her-what did she call it, a vagina? before. He shook his head vigorously.

    "Well, Tommy, this is my vagina," Connie stated, pointing to her cunt. "And when my vagina gets excited, my clitoris starts to erect-just like your cock. Do you see my clitoris, Tommy?"

    Tommy nodded. Could he see her cut? Hell, yes, he could see her clit and a helluva let more. God! He could see almost all the way up to her womb the way Miss Ryan was spreading her pussy-lips.

    "Now, Tommy. When I was ready to go looking for a man, before you came in, my vagina was all wet and oozy. Can you see how wet and oozy I am, Tommy?"

    Tommy's eyes widened, his prick was ready to burst. Could he see her cunt oozing? Shit, the cunt-juice was almost splattering against his face!

    "Do you want to feel how wet and oozy my cunt is, Tommy?"

    Tommy's mouth opened in awe. The thermometer slid from his lips, landing in the pool of cunt-juice beside his head. He stared right into the heart of her wet, warm-looking, meaty snatch. Somehow he managed to nod his head.

    Connie grabbed his hand and thrust his fingers against the lips of her pussy.

    "Oh, goddamn," she moaned.

    "Oh, gosh!" Tommy groaned.

    It was the first pussy he had ever felt, and it felt like two slices of hot liver that had been sewn together on the ends. And now he knew how pricks got into such tight spots-her cunt was opening up, becoming very moist, the flesh getting very hot. He wriggled his finger.

    "Oh, shit, it feels so goddamn good, Tommy."

    "Does it-does it hurt, when I d-do that, Miss Ryan?"

    "Didn't you hear what I said, Tommy? It feels sooo goddamn good! Come on, Tommy, really dig your fingers in there."

    Hesitantly Tommy thrust his index finger; into Connie's cunt-hole. Her cunt-lips squeezed around his finger then snugly clasped his knuckle. Tommy wriggled his finger.

    "Mother of God! Finger me, Tommy! Do it harder! Harder and faster!"

    Tommy was really getting into it now. He shoved his finger in and out fast, amazed at the look of rapture on Connie's face. His prick had softened somewhat because he was concentrating on fingering Connie's cunt harder and faster, just like she wanted him to.

    "Now, finger my cunt, Tommy! Finger my cunt! Aaaaiiieeee!"

    Tommy fingered her cut. He was really getting to know the ins and outs of a woman's cunt. Still, he couldn't believe how much hotter and wetter her cunt felt!

    As Tommy jabbed his finger in and out of her cunt, rubbing around her cut with his thumb, Connie began bunching her hips back and forth, then up and down. The kid was really turning her on; her pussy was spewing out juice-or it seemed to her as if her cunt was spewing out juice.

    Connie glanced down, watched Tommy's finger fucking in and out of her hungry snatch. She looked at his face the kid looked as if he were doing some sort of class project. He was mesmerized, hypnotized as he fingered her hot pussy.

    "S-Stop, Tommy. Stop. Quit fingering me," Connie moaned.

    Connie gasped and Tommy looked at his wet finger quizzically.

    Connie took in a deep breath and let her dress fall back into place. "You see how a woman gets all excited, Tommy?"

    Tommy wiped his finger on the bedspread, then looked up into Miss Ryan's flushed face. "Yeah, I do, Miss Ryan. Women get real hot, too, don't they?"

    "Y-Yes, we do, Tommy," Connie gaspingly replied. "We just get hotter in a different way.

    "Boy, I didn't know that a woman's…uh… thing could get so hot."

    "Well, Tommy," Connie said. "that's because it's not as obvious. You have to feel a woman s vagina to see if it's hot. Now a man, he's different. It's easy to see when he's hot."

    Tommy smiled and looked at Connie. She was staring at his erect prick hidden beneath his shorts. Tommy's face became crimson.

    He watched in fascination as Connie leaned over and pulled back the waistband of his shorts. Slowly she peeled the shorts down and his cock sprang out, slapping against her wrists as she tucked the elastic of his shorts beneath his balls.

    Tommy couldn't believe that that was his prick. It was hard, smeared with juice, standing erect from his crotch, the apricot-shaped head quivering.

    "Now, Tommy, don't be embarrassed."

    But he wanted to scream out to Miss Ryan that she was the first girl to ever see his prick. His sister had seen his prick once or twice when he had forgotten to shut the bathroom door as he pissed. But his sister had never seen his cock like this, standing straight out from his crotch, the staff throbbing with blood and pent-up cum. Christ he wanted to hide his cock!

    As Tommy looked down at his prick, he saw Miss Ryan's warm hand snake through the tendrils of his crotch hair before gripping his cock-shaft tightly.

    "Oooohhh, Miss Ryan!"

    "Did I hurt you, Tommy?" Connie asked, her eyes devouring the beautiful piece of cock-flesh that trembled and quivered in her hand.

    "N-No, Miss Ryan. I-it just feels good to have your hand on my, my thing."

    "Why of course it feels good, Tommy. It felt good when your hand was on my vagina, and my hand feels good to you on your cock. See, women are no different."

    Connie was amazed that so much juice was leaking from the tip of Tommy's prick. She spied his balls, and was amazed again. Where the hell was all that jism coming from?

    Tommy groaned, his hips writhing, the bedspread feeling like a bed of slugs and snails. He watched her fist move up the shaft of his prick. He felt her fingers gather up the cum that oozed out of his piss-hole, gather up all that juice and rub it over the sensitive crown of his cock. "Aaaiieee! Miss Ryan! What are you doing?" "Masturbating our penis. "Oh."

    Tommy remembered that word. Miss Schellenberg, his home-room teacher had mumbled it in their ten-minute lecture on sex education that the state of South Dakota required for all eighth-grade boys and girls. His buddy Norman Wizer had told him that masturbating was just a nice word for jacking off.

    Tommy watched as Miss Ryan jacked off his cock. The cum dribbled from the cock-head-his cock-head!

    Miss Ryan was going to get rid of that God-awful feeling that filled in his balls. She was going to relieve him of the immense pressure that threatened to burst his cock-shaft.

    Connie maintained a steady hand-job pace His cock-head was getting bigger, mushrooming outwards and upwards. Cum covered her moving fist as the cock-shaft got holier and bigger. Christ, for a thirteen-year-old kid, he sure had a nice-sized prick. Connie could hardly wait to suck it. "Ooooohhhh, Miss Ryan! I think I'm gonna" The white glob of sperm took Connie by surprise. His aim seemed to volcano from the tip of his prick, splattering on her thigh. The next shot arced out and splashed on her hip. Another stroke, another burst of jism spewed forth.

    Tommy was hunching and twisting on the bed. He couldn't believe the pleasure that was flowing from his balls and prick. His eyes were closed, his thighs were tense, sweat bathed his face: and yet, he shot another glob of cum from his cock.

    "My God! Tommy, you have so much sperm!"

    Tommy wondered if there was something wrong with having so much sperm. He couldn't help it; there was no way he could control his orgasm.

    "Aaaaiiieee!!" Tommy screamed as something wet and warm covered the head of his prick.

    Christ! It was her mouth!

    Tommy gasped, couldn't believe what he was seeing. Miss Ryan was sucking his prick, her lips latched tightly on his spewing cock. Another heavenly spud of jism shot out-into her mouth! And she was swallowing… and moaning… and swallowing some more!

    Now there was less force behind each shot of cum. Tommy moaned, then gasped, then breathed heavily. His mind spun with visions of Miss Ryan's sweet lips wrapped around the mushrooming cap of his cock, sucking with fervor, drawing out milky cum from the swollen bag of his balls.

    Connie sat up, her tongue licking at several drops of spunk that clung to her lips. The cum tasted bland, not at all like the flavor that all those expensive porno books described-it wasn't sweet, it wasn't the honey of the gods, it wasn't nectar of Man. To Connie, cum was cum, not hot, but warm, not sweet but gluey. Still, cum excited her taste buds, make her smack her lips gratefully.

    "And now, Tommy, we're gonna fuck."


    Tommy couldn't believe what she had just said. Fuck?


    With her?

    This couldn't be happening to him guys didn't fuck until they were seniors in high school, when they could get their cars, grab their chicks and make it in the back seat.

    "Did you hear me, Tommy? We're gonna fuck. Now, all you have to do is think about having your penis thrusting in my vagina. You know: In and out, in and out, like you were sawing wood."

    Tommy imagined his prick going in and out, in and out of Miss Ryan's cunt. Sawing back and forth, feeling the lips of her pussy holding tightly to his cock-head, her clitoris rubbing his shaft as he sawed in and out of her cunt-hole. He was getting another hard-on. And only five minutes ago his prick lay like a worm against his thigh, cum and lipstick sticking to the knob.

    His cock was getting bigger as he thought about fucking Miss Ryan's cunt.

    Tommy didn't want to think any more. He was ready to fuck. His cock-head looked like a balloon ready to bunt.

    "I can't believe it, Tommy," Connie said in a whisper, awed by the sight of Tommy's prick jerking to life, boning up, stiffening with each beat of his heart.

    "Look at your prick! It's starting to get hard again. Christ, I haven't seen a cock get up that fast after a blow-job since I was sixteen."

    Tommy looked at his prick. It didn't matter whether Miss Ryan was helping to support his cock by gripping the base of his prick-shaft. Hell, his prick was hurting again, filled to the tip with pent-up jizz. He didn't need her hand to hold up his cock: It would have stood up on its own. But he did want her hand on his cock because it felt nice, much nicer than his own fist.

    "Now, you just lie there, Tommy, and I'll get your prick into my cunt. Doesn't it sound exciting to say nasty words-call a prick-a prick instead of a penis?"

    Tommy couldn't reply. His eyes were filled with Miss Ryan's pendulous tits as she threw her leg over his crotch while maintaining her hold on his cock. He watched as Miss Ryan centered her cunt directly over the head of his prick. God, he was gonna get fucked!

    "First, I'm gonna wiggle the tip of your cock against my cunt, Tommy. That way I'l1 be nice and greasy when I sit on your prick."

    She moved the head of his prick against her juicy cunt-lips, and Tommy just couldn't believe that his cock was actually touching her pussy. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, but he sure could feel what he saw.

    Oh. shit, fuck, piss, he had never felt anything so good in his life! His cock-head was brushing back and forth, faster and, faster within the slippery groove of Miss Ryan's cunt.

    Faster and faster. Juice was oozing from his cock. The head looked purple and full of rage.

    Connie was sweating feverishly, her tits jiggling madly as she brushed Tommy's prick against the hot, wet flesh of her slippery gash.

    "Oooohhh, Tooommmyy! Can't you feel how hot my cunt is?"

    "Mother of God yeessss! P-Please, Miss Ryan. My… my cock's really hurtin'. Please, do-do something.

    Connie did something all right. She squatted down as hard as she could.

    Tommy's cock slithered into her -pussy like a greased pig. In a flash, her cunt-lips were mashed against his crotch hair, her asshole nuzzling his roiling balls.

    "Aaaiiieee!!" Tommy screamed, feeling the hot fleshy meat of her puny slamming down on his prick, smothering his sensitive cock-head, clasping tightly to the shaft of his cock.


    "Does it feel good, Tommy?"

    "Aaaaiieee!!" "Does your cock still hurt, Tommy?"

    "Aaaaiiieeeeh" –

    "Tommy, can you hear me? Answer me, Tommy!"

    Tommy couldn't answer. His prick was being inundated by the most incredible sensations he had ever felt. Her cunt felt a hundred times better than his fist, fifty times better than her fist, ten times better than her sweet cock-sucking lips.

    Jesus, he was getting his first fuck, his first piece of ass! It was the finest moment of his thirteen-year-old life. Nothing could ever be better than the feel of Miss Ryan's pussy bearing down on his prick, making that long slide down the shaft of his cock. He would never forget her, or her tits… or her ass.. or her cunt.

    Then, as if he were coming out of a fog, he heard Miss Ryan's voice calling him from a fair.

    "W-What did you say?"

    "I just wanted to know if my cunt feels good to you, Tommy.

    "Oh, gosh, yes! I never felt so good in my life. Jesus, but you're sure hot in there."

    "My cunt's hot, Tommy, because I needed to fuck your prick. Do you like fucking, Tommy?"

    "Oh, gosh, yes! I never felt so good in my life."

    "Now, I'll show you the best part of fucking, Tommy.

    Tommy was going to ask her to repeat what she had said. Nothing felt better right now than having her cunt snugly gripping his cock. He couldn't believe that the best was yet to come. But he had to believe; because Miss Ryan was slowly raising her cunt off his cock her pussy-lips seeming to grip his rod like a greased glove. And the sound of her cunt as she withdrew! God, it sounded so squishy!

    Connie raised up until the lips of her cunt embraced the crown of Tommy's cock. She exerted pressure, and her cunt-muscles clamped down on the ballooning head of his prick.


    Then a fast down stroke of her cunt, her pussy-lips sliding like a greased collar over the shaft of his cock.


    "Didn't that feel great, Tommy?"


    Connie glanced at his face. The kid was biting his lip. His forehead was furrowed with wrinkles, the sweat sliding off and pasting to his hair. He looked as if he were in pain. Christ, this mother-fucking kid was something else!

    "Again," Tommy mumbled before panning at the ecstasy that surrounded his cock-flesh.

    "You mean like this?" Connie asked, raising her cunt off his prick for the second time. Then she came crashing down again, Tommy's cock shooting up into her moist-fleshed pussy.


    "And this!" Connie was getting her fuck-rhythm now. She began moving up and down on his prick, her as bouncing against his balls.


    Her tits were bouncing up and down as Connie raised and lowered her cunt on his cock. With each stroke, perspiration ran in rivulets off her forehead, splashing on Tommy's perspiring chest. Up and down again, her cunt gripping his cock in a blanket of warm flesh.

    Now, Tommy realized what Miss Ryan said about the best part of fucking. It was now. It was when she moved off his prick, and his balls seemed to tighten up against his crotch. It was when her cunt moved down on his cock, and his asshole puckered and jizz leaked from his prick. He was getting fucked.

    Connie fucked faster and faster. Shit, her cunt was getting holler and hotter. Tommy's prick was getting bigger and bigger. Christ, she was going to come! She was going to get her rocks off on a thirteen-year-old kid! She was going to blast all the pent-up frustration out of her pussy and bathe his virgin prick! Now!

    "Aaaiieee!! I'm cooommmiinngg, Tommy."

    "Me, too! Aaaiieee!!"

    The bursts of cum filled Connie's hungry pussy filled it to overflowing. Jizz-seemed to be squished out of her cock-filled cunt. Her cut seemed to be one raw nerve-ending as it scraped back and forth on Tommy's 'cock-shaft. Then she collapsed, her huge tits spreading out on Tommy's thin chest.

    Tommy embraced her body as she fell against him. He thrust his cock up, way up, into her cunt and froze as his cock oozed out one last dribble of own, and Tommy's ass fell back to the bed.

    "I-Is that what fucking's all about, Miss Ryan?" Tommy asked as he smelled the fragrance of her perfume.

    "Yeah, that's what fucking's all about, Tommy.


    Some people considered Miss Elvira Schellenberg a sexless creature. They never came out and said it, but they regarded her as a teacher first, a citizen second, a person third, then. well, then they thought of her as a female.

    Elvira had always considered herself in just the reverse order. She was a woman, granted a woman who had never kissed a man, let alone been fucked by one. But she did have a cunt between her legs, and she did have two tits that were more like pimples on her chest. She did have a feminine looking face or at least that was the part that most people complimented her on. Of course, they didn't have to look beyond her face for anything else that would be considered sexual charm in a woman.

    But Elvira considered herself sexy; well, not sexy as much as having sexy feelings. She knew that whereas most of the women in Weedville had husbands they could fuck, or lovers they could suck, she had other ways of getting off.

    Every day after school she would head down to Jason Moresby's combination grocery/hardware store and load up on cucumbers. Then she would take the cucumbers home and wail away on them. That is to say, she would fuck her virgin cunt with each cucumber she bought.

    She couldn't remember the first cucumber, but who the hell remembers cucumbers? Other girls, like Connie Ryan, a fellow classmate of hers in high school, had plenty of memories of the first guy that had fucked them. What Elvira had was a dim remembrance of the first cucumber she had ever stuck up her cunt. She had been thirteen and the cucumber eleven inches. But that was as far as her memory took her-one cucumber looked just like another.

    If Elvira had one fear, it was becoming a vegetable-a person who hadn't ever loved or been loved, a woman who had never experienced the glories of fucking or getting fucked, a girl who would probably die a virgin. But that fear had dissolved six months ago when she met Vance Manning, the new sheriff of Weedville.

    Elvira never questioned his motives for getting involved with her. She was too scared to. She was dreading the day that she might discover Vance Manning had some other dubious motivation for becoming intimately involved with her. No, she dared not question what he saw in her. It would be best to let things go, let whatever would happen happen.

    Besides, she was too busy now with her classroom of eighth-grade kids-thirteen in all. The fourteenth, Tommy Trimble, was absent today. Elvira wondered what the problem was. He had told her last Tuesday that he was really looking forward to today's outing at Lake Weed.

    Elvira shrugged her shoulders as she got onto the bus.

    Marcia Moresby was getting on ahead of her, and Elvira noticed how her saucy ass sashayed beneath her mini-skirt.

    God! She wasn't wearing any panties!

    Elvira blushed, glanced away, almost stumbled against Eddie Beasly, a sixteen-year-old stubble chinned boy who had flunked eighth grade for the last three years.

    "Sorry I'm late, Miss Schellenberg," Eddie said in a husky voice, catching a glimpse of Marcia's ass-cheeks. "Just got out of the head. Boy, Coach Crowley was in the crapper again. Christ, it smelled like a dead moose in there."

    "Eddie Beasly!"

    Eddie laughed; then before Miss Schellenberg could tell him to mind his manners, he was into the bus, following Marcia's spicy-looking ass towards the back.

    Elvira shook her head. She just didn't know about what the hell was happening to the younger generation these days. Why couldn't they be more like Vance Manning? Respectable, disciplined, orderly.

    Elvira got her frail body into gear and ascended the steps of the bus. She kneeled on the driver's seat and clapped her hands for attention.

    "Children! Children, let's have it quiet."

    "I ain't no child," said a voice two bench seats away from Elvira.

    "Now, Jordan Worthington, what would your father say if he heard you talking like that to me?"

    "He'd probably whip your ass with a Bible!" Eddie hollered from the back of the bus as his hand sneaked into Marcia Moresby's blouse while the girl giggled beside him.

    Elvira's class tittered and guffawed. Why was it, Elvira wondered, that these brats were always tittering and giggling all the time?

    Elvira clapped her hands again. "Now, it'll only be about a twenty-minute ride. So let's be so quiet that we can hear a pin dropping in the back of the bus."

    "Oh, shit," Johnny Locker mumbled to Norman Wizer. "Christ, you'd think Miss Schellenberg was teaching nursery school."

    "How quiet, Miss Schellenberg?" Eddie asked loudly from the back of the bus. His hand was full of Marcia's right tit, and the girl had stopped giggling long ago. She was now moaning and groaning, feeling her nipple rise against Eddie's caressing hand. She couldn't believe how hot she was, considering that Eddie had fucked her last night.

    "So quiet you can hear a pin drop," Elvira repeated in exasperation.

    "Shut up, everyone!" Eddie shouted menacingly. Marcia tried to moan in soft whispers, but, Christ, Eddie's hand really had a grip on her nipple!

    Everyone was quiet, including an amazed but thankful Elvira.

    She turned in her seat and was just about ready to start up the ten-year-old bus when Eddie faded-one of those gas bombs that only Eddie Beady could specialize in, the kind of tear-rendering fart that he had really saved up for a special occasion.

    Elvira glanced into the rear-view minor. Her mouth dropped. She refused to believe that anybody could be that rude, that uncouth. She had never heard of anybody doing such a nasty thing!

    The class tittered, Elvira sparked the engine to life, and Eddie went back to playing with Marcia's tits.

    Tommy loved nature, and now he was enjoying one of nature's beautiful sights-Lake Weed as seen between the upraised cheeks of Connie Ryan's ass as she kneeled on all fours on the blanket. His balls began to quiver his prick was being caressed by the cool autumn air and the warmth of Connie's hand as she fondled his prick with her arm thrusting back between her splayed legs.

    It was a fantastic view!

    Never mind that the lake water was turning brackish because the town of Weedville used it as a combination sewer and reservoir. No matter that the mosquitoes-the hardy ones who had lived through the DDT-treated lake-were stinging his naked ass; and it was of no consequence to Tommy that the air smelled, like yesterday's washed-out hog slop.

    Tommy was absolutely stunned by the beauty of Connie Ryan's upturned ass as she presented him an unobstructed view of her cunt and asshole; and when he bent lower, he could see her dangling tits and smiling face beyond the plane of her belly.

    Her hand was fondling his erection, his hard prick ready to burst with cum in the palm of her hand. Tommy had lost count of the number of times her hand had been on his prick since last Saturday night

    Sunday, after church, he had run by Connie's place and been given a blow-job while she fingered his uptight asshole. That had sent his cum spewing all over the fresh bedspread.

    Monday night, he had told his father that he would be late because Herbert Hoover Junior High School was fielding its first coeducational football team. He had run down to Connie Ryan's apartment and been given an around-the-world suck-job.

    Jesus, he sure was finding out all about fucking and sucking. And there seemed to be no end in sight-except for the one that Connie presented him now on the banks of Lake Weed as she moaned for him to fuck her asshole.

    "B-But won't it hurt?" Tommy asked, his cock aching with cum, pulsing in Connie's palm.

    "Do you want to fuck my ass or don't you!"

    "I-I do, Connie, but, shit, what if I tear something?"

    "You won't tear a goddamn thing, Tommy!" Connie said impatiently. "Now, would you just climb over my ass and stick your cock into the highest hole? Shit!"

    Tommy had never heard Connie so angry. In the last three days she had treated him so nicely, so gently, showing him all the perverted ropes about fucking and sucking. And now she was acting like some, some bitch in heat.

    "All right. I'll do it," Tommy said.

    "Then do it. Fuck my ass!"

    Tommy got up from his kneeling position, and Connie's hand no longer could hold onto his moving away prick. Tommy grabbed his cock, steadied it. Jesus, the juice was oozing from his cock-head already. He bent his, knees, aimed the head of his dribbling cock at the target of her asshole.

    Connie waited eagerly for Tommy to shove his cock into her ass. Hell, the flies were buzzing around her face, but at least the stench of hog shit was moving downwind from her. She couldn't complain she had gotten more cock action out of. this kid than half of Weedville's finest male citizens.

    What the hell was taking him so long?

    Her question was answered when she felt Tommy's prick lunging at her asshole, stabbing her butt-cheeks, the top edge of her wet cunt, fucking everywhere but in her asshole.


    Connie reached back and grabbed Tommy's cock.

    "Goddamn, Tommy! Don't just start shoving and pushing. Put your cock-head up against my asshole, then shove! Do I have to do everything for you!"

    Tommy was embarrassed. Connie had always done everything for him. She was the one who always guided his prick into her mouth or cunt, but this ass-fucking was something new to him. Exciting, yes but it sure wasn't some ordinary way for a young kid to get his rocks off.

    Connie pulled his prick forward, until the knob nudged her shitter. She tried to relax as she said, "Now shove your goddamn cock up my ass!"

    Tommy obeyed his hips lurching forward and his prick screeching into Connie's tight ass.

    "Aaatiiieeee!!" Connie screamed her voice carrying beyond the lake.

    Tommy stopped his forward fucking motion. Christ, he had never fucked anything so tight! His cock was almost bent at a right angle, half the shaft buried into the gristly grip of Connie's asshole. Jesus, if his cock hurt him so much, how the hell was Connie going to be able to endure the rest of his prick? Shit, how the hell was he going to get all that prick into her asshole?

    Connie moaned. Tommy's lunge had shoved her to the far edge of the blanket where she could see a trail of ants as they marched across a corner of the quilt, carrying bits and pieces of a dead frog.

    Shit, the kid had really shoved hard. Connie couldn't believe it when she felt how much cock was remaining outside of her asshole. Was it that long since she had had her ass reamed out by a cock? Christ, Connie couldn't even remember the last guy who had fucked her ass-oh, yeah it had been Coach Crowley last Wednesday.

    "Tommy, reach down and run your fingers through my cunt."

    "What did you say?"

    "Goddamn, Tommy! Fuck my cunt!"

    Tommy felt her cunt as his gaze remained on that portion of his prick that was still outside Connie's butt. Her cunt was wet, hot, getting hotter and getting wetter. Tommy had never felt her cunt when it was dry; it always seemed to be wet and ready for his cock.

    "Now, grease up the rest of your cock, Tommy.

    "W-With what?" Tommy asked.

    "Goddamn, Tommy! With my cunt-juice!"

    Tommy greased up the rest of his prick with her cunt juice. Now the shaft looked as if it had been carved from wax, his prick was so shiny and glisteny.

    "That's it, Tommy. Now, before you shove it in, let me relax my asshole. When you feel it start to relax, start shoving!"

    Tommy shoved hard, and another inch of cock disappeared into the tight ring of her asshole.

    "Aaaiiieee!! N-Not yet, Tommy!"

    Tommy shoved again. Shit, all the time he had been obeying her instructions, he had acted like an automaton, like some robot. Shit, he wasn't made out of nuts and bolts. His prick had started to get that tingly feeling, his balls had started to squish up against his crotch, his asshole had tensed shit, it was only human nature for a red-blooded man not to be kept on edge when his cock was gripped by something as tight and snug as a woman s asshole.

    It was almost as if Tommy suddenly realized that there was no way in hell that any man would have stopped in mid-fuck, especially his first ass fuck. Although he had tried his best to stop his lunge forward, that swirling feeling deep in his balls had overcome his senses. He had to stuff her ass full of his cock, get it all in as fast and as hard and as furiously as be could. Jam it in, then pull it out, jam it in harder than the first time he lunged.

    "Aaaiiiieee!! You mother fucker, Tommy!"

    "You mother fucker, Tommy!"

    Elvira stood up as stiff as a board. She had just picked up a ladybug to show her pupils when Connie Ryan's blood-curdling scream carried over the shit green waters of Lake Weed and resounded like a Chinese gong in Elvira's ears.

    "What the hell was that?" Eddie Beasly asked from his nestling quarters of cattails and marsh as he stopped fondling Marcia Moresby's naked titties. Eddie parted the cattails. The rest of the class was standing oh the edge of the lake, peering across to see what or who had made such a horrible sound.

    Elvira couldn't believe her ears.

    "My ass is burning up, Tommy!"

    Christ, she had to believe her ears now. Holy cow, someone was fucking someone else in the ass! The voice obviously was a woman's, Elvira surmised, so it must be some guy screwing in some woman's God, she had heard about such things, but she couldn't believe that human beings could or would… or should have intercourse like that!

    The cattails sprang back into place, and Eddie went back to pawing Marcia's right tit with his left hand while his right hand was three knuckles deep in her pussy. Marcia never heard Connie Ryan's terrified scream; she had been too far gone in her own world of feelings.

    Eddie wriggled his fingers in Marcia's tight box. Moisture and more moisture dribbled down his wrist and across the watch that he had stolen from Marcia's father's store.

    "Class," Elvira announced with a shaky voice, "I think it's time we left."

    "But we just got here!" Johnny Locker said, wiping snot on his jeans. His head was turned in the direction of that seductive woman's voice. Since he was the youngest in his class, Johnny had never had a hard-on, and didn't know what his wee-wee was for, other than "to eliminate all the bad germs from your body," which was the way his mother had interpreted pissing.

    When Eddie heard Elvira's gravelly voice telling the class that they had to go, he said "Shit, come on, Marsha. Get your ass out of the weeds. Miss Schellenberg says we gotta leave. And will you quit moaning! Shit!"

    Elvira hustled the thirteen eighth graders onto the bus.

    And as the doors hissed closed, she heard one last: "Fuck me harder, Tommy! Shove it in my ass!" coming from all the way across the still waters of Lake Weed.

    The class tittered, she started the bus, and Eddie had stopped Marsha from moaning by thrusting her head into his lap and watching her suck his cock.


    Vance Manning was a forty-eight-year-old asshole, who was also, the sheriff of this shit-hole of a town called Weedville. He was a huge man; normal-sized doorways always gave his shoulders trouble when he ambled through them. His hair was starting to thin, which was something he wished would happen to his bulging waistline.

    Vance knew he was getting fat; it was getting harder and harder to buckle on the bullet belt that held his five-pound, pearl-handled.45 Magnum, a weapon that Vance called "Law". To provide equal weight for the other side of his belt, lest his pistol slide down to his tree-trunk of a thigh, he carried a billy club, a weapon which he referred to as "Order".

    Thus, for the twenty-eight years that he had been a peace officer, he had always warred on crime with "Law" and "Order" on his side.

    Vance Manning was the kind of cop who believed in cops, believed they had the right to bust unruly niggers over the head. Vance was a believer in walking tall and stomping niggers, hippies, pushers and pimps. Of course it was such a belief that had led to his severance from various law-enforcement agencies throughout the nation.

    The FBI had at one time trained him to be an infiltrator. Vance liked the sound of that title. And he had learned to become a spy buying an Afro wig, wearing dirty shirts and jeans. Why he had even gone so far as having "peace" and "love" tattooed on his bulging forearms. Then he was sent to an Oakland commune, which accepted him eagerly especially when he showed them how much marijuana he was carrying.

    Of course, there came the inevitable day when Vance Manning was discovered as an infiltrator.

    It had happened when some hippie jerk-off was cursing LBJ for maiming those friggin' Orientals in Vietnam, for napalming innocent, naked kids.

    Shit, Vance didn't give a damn for those yellow fuckers. Oh, some of their chicks looked all right, but Christ, some of those chinks looked like slope-headed coolies with their pigtails cut off.

    When the hippie leader had finished his rousing speech, everyone was on their feet, praising him, screaming out their love of peace and friendship and brotherhood.

    To get in on the act, Vance had bellowed: "Yeah, fuck that warmonger LBJ! Shit, if I were him, I'd kill anybody who wanted to start a war!"

    An hour later, he was no longer a FBI infiltrator. A day later he was no longer aFBI agent. A week later he was in L.A. swinging a nightstick in the Wilshire district.

    His beat then was the rough and tumble world of Fairfax Avenue. Shit, he busted heads, stomped hookers, bullied pimps, and even billy clubbed a Mexican pusher to death.

    In one 'week Fairfax Avenue no longer had drunks sprawling in gutters, and because there were no sidewalk bums, the young punks who rolled them disappeared. There were no more black hookers pushing their pussies and tits out at honkies driving black Cadillacs. There weren't' any more two-bit pushers trying to palm off nickel bags of grass to wild-eyed hippies.

    No, Fairfax Avenue was clean of scum, as long as Vance Manning paraded up and down the sidewalk.

    Then there came the day, in the wee hours of the morning, when Vance Manning spotted a goddamn white hooker in front of Woolworth's. Shit, he knew she was.a goddamn whore because her mini-skirt showed half her ass, and she was standing straddle-legged as if giving her cunt air to breathe.

    At first he couldn't believe it. Vance thought the word had gotten out that he was head honcho of Fairfax Avenue. Shit, he'd fix that whore's cunt for good.

    He backtracked and circled the block. He cut through an alleyway that he knew would give him a banzai attack on the hooker from behind. He'd catch that fucking hooker and show her who the hell owned Fairfax Avenue.

    Vance spotted her standing brazenly beneath the street lamp, her miniskirt flapping in the breeze, her white ass-cheeks exposed. He sneaked up on her. Twenty feet, ten feet, now only a billy club's distance away.


    The billy club caught her right over the head, and the hooker slumped to the sidewalk. Vance knew no one had seen what had happened. Shit, he had cleaned up Fairfax Avenue so good that curfew for crime didn't start until the stores opened, and that was still a couple of hours yet.

    He dragged the hooker into the alley, toppled over a trashcan. Garbage was strewn all over the alley. Vance grabbed the hooker's limp form and placed it over the trashcan, face down, stomach over the groaning tin container, ass sticking out in the air.

    Vance laughed. Shit, it was the first time he had seen a hooker with a whistle-clean asshole. He grabbed a good handful of ass-cheek.

    He unbuckled his belt, and "Law" and "Order" lay in a heap in the stench-filled alley. He unzipped his pants and brought out his snakelike cock. Shit, his meat was like a limp extra-large Farmer John sausage. He vigorously jerked on his prick, his pudgy hands moving the foreskin over the knob.

    Cum oozed from the slit at the top, of the cock-head. He gazed at the hooker's asshole. Yeah, this fucking hooker was gonna get it right in the ass. Shit, Vance was going to shove all ten inches of his fat meat right into, that tiny crapper. It was just too bad that she was unconscious, because he wanted to hear her scream bloody murder when he fucked all of his fleshy cock into her butt.

    Vance spit on her asshole, the spittle dribbling down into the slit of her cunt. Then he spit on his cock. He ambled forward, placed one hand on her ass-cheek, guiding his prick to the tight ring of her bung.

    The cock-head lay against her asshole.

    Vance shoved.

    Christ, her asshole was tight!

    Shit, his cock was hard!

    Fuck, his cock was bending as it met resistance, but her asshole was gradually widening, opening up like the mouth of a starfish.

    He shoved harder. Shit, he couldn't believe the ecstasy building in his balls.

    Another lunge and another inch of hot, hard cock meat disappeared into the tight shit-hole.

    "Aarrrggghhh!" Vance moaned, his voice echoed in the alley, startled rats scurrying for cover.

    Fucking shit! His prick was almost all the way into her snug ass. He shoved, the muscles of his hips tightening as they furnished the power to shove all of his prick into the asshole.

    Oh, Christ! What a god damn good feeling. His prick was buried balls-deep into the tightest ass he had ever fucked. He could feel the rough edges of her bung rubbing and scraping against the supersensitive tissues of his cock-tip.

    Vance pulled his cock out halfway. Blood appeared on his cock-shaft, bright-red drops clinging to the pulsing cylinder of his prick. He shoved forward, then back again.

    His balls felt as if they were ready to burst they were so goddamn tight and snug against the base of his prick.

    His cock felt enormous it was one of the best hard-ons he had ever sported. The tip was ballooning upwards and outwards. Cum was whirling in his balls, inching towards his piss-hole.

    Shit! He was coming!

    Vance fucked as fast and as hard as he could. His strokes in and out of the hooker's asshole looked like a blur. Every spurt of sperm, every glob of cum that arced out of his prick sent him into fuck frenzy.

    Vance collapsed over the hooker's back, and his motion knocked off the whore's wig.. "Uuuuhhh," the hooker moaned.

    Vance smiled. With her asshole bleeding all over his cock, Vance felt like he was Superman, like he was Super cop of the world.

    "Oooohhh," the hooker groaned.

    Shit, when she woke up and found her ass still filled with his cock, Vance was going to show her another thing or two. He was going to have the fucking hooker blow his blood stained, shitty smelling prick. Oh, yeah, he would show her who the hell was the best flatfoot in the department!

    The whore screamed when she came out of the fog-filled world of unconsciousness. Christ, she fell as if her insides were ready to burst, as if one huge turd had rebelled against the forces of nature and was trying to backtrack into her intestines.

    "W-What the hell! Oh, shit! My ass! Goddamn, please… my ass hurts so goddamn much!"

    "It should hurt, whore-face!" Vance growled. "'Cause got it stuffed with ten inches of meat. You like it, slut?"

    "You son of a bitch!"

    "Don't go callin' me no names, Ms. Whore!" Vance threatened; "Call me Mr. Manning, the cop who owns this goddamn Street!"

    "Y-You're a cop? You son of a bitch!"

    Vance had had enough disrespect. He stood up quickly, his cock jerking out other bloody asshole. As he reached for his billy club, the hooker kicked out her spike heel and caught him flush on the chin.

    Vance fell flat-faced in the mess of wilted lettuce leaves and used kotexes that had spilled out of the trashcan.

    He spun around, and came face to face with a.38 special.

    "You son of a bitch!" the hooker screamed, one hand reaching behind her to feel her asshole. "You're gonna pay for this!"

    It was the first time that Vance Manning had ever faced the business end of a gun. He was ready to shit in his pants-but he couldn't because they were still draped around his ankles.

    Then the hooker bent down, gun still aimed at Vance's crotch, and picked up her purse.

    "You mother fucker," she snarled. "I'm a police officer, undercover agent for the vice squad. You fuckin' pig, you're gonna pay for this!"

    The badge that she pulled out of her purse and flashed before Vance's numb face made him fart in fear because he was too scared to shit. Now he felt like the world's dumbest pig.

    Vance broke out in a sweat as he recalled that God-awful moment in his career. He always broke out in a sweat whenever he remembered his past. But now, he knew, with his latest job as sheriff of Weedville, there would not be any more sweating moments of horrible fear.

    Vance tossed a Tootsie Roll into his mouth and squatted his ass into his swivel chair, propping his Thom McAnn's on the littered desk. He chewed nervously then he glanced at his watch.

    Shit, where the hell was Delbert Farley, his deputy sheriff? Shit, if Vance had any goddamn say-so in running things in Weedville, he would have shit-canned Delbert three months ago. The fucking yo-yo was always late. And here it was Monday night, and Vance was looking forward to getting off at five-thirty so he could catch the Buffalo Bills pounding the chicken-shit out of the San Diego Chargers.

    Boy, he sure admired the way those Bills played football. They played like men, like animals. A hard, kick the shit out of the enemy running game. No finesse or brains just ram that fucking pigskin right up the enemy's throat. Shit, that was the only way to play the game-hard and fast, hand off to the big black spade and watch him fuckin' pound away.

    Shit, where the hell was Delbert? The game was going to start in half an hour.


    Every town has its village idiot, and Weedville was no exception. The townspeople of Weedville were happy with the idiot that lived amongst them after all, they could always point to the village of Pattonsville, which was about an hour's ride on a hobbling mule down the road from them, and scoff at their village idiot.

    Pattonsville's chosen sloth was a man named Tom "Thumb" Rentzler, a reformed sex pervert. Just three years ago he would go ambling down the streets of Pattonsville with his prick hanging obscenely from his fly on Sunday no less. Now, after constant talks with Pastor Luis, he had agreed to a compromise.

    On Sundays, he would go ambling down the streets of Pattonsville with his fly down and his thumb sticking out from where his prick should have been. Now, all the ladies of Pattonsville were relieved; although some of them secretly wished that old Tom "Thumb" Rentzler would pull out his fourteen-incher to show their husbands what a Man's cock should look like.

    Yes, Weedville was lucky, or at least they thought they were lucky. Their village idiot was a man named Boris Jerkovich, the town photographer.

    Boris' studio lay sandwiched between Martin Seaman's Buckeroo Bar and Jason Moresby's grocery/hardware store.

    On this Monday evening, Boris was inside, in the back, developing his latest photos.

    The red light was on. And his frail old hands dipped into the cleanser, deftly lifting up a photo of Connie Ryan sucking on somebody's prick. Boris was naked, except for the moth-eaten socks that no longer had the elasticity to hold them up higher than his ankles. Moving as fast as his seventy-two-year-old bones would allow, he rummaged through his frayed shirt that hung from a peg.

    Boris found his wire-rimmed glasses. Put them on.

    Glanced at the recently developed photograph. Holy slit!

    Connie Ryan was sucking some young kid's prick. Jesus, the kid had a good-sized cock on him, and it was oozing cum he knew it was cum because it didn't froth like spit and it was oozing out of the corner's of Connie's cock-filled mouth.

    Quickly Boris developed another print. God in Heaven! Connie was on top of the young kid's cock, her cunt poised right on the taut prick-head ready to slide down, or had she just raised up? Boris didn't know, but he moved faster now because he knew the answer would be shown in the next developed photo.

    Aha! Connie's cunt was moving down on the boy's prick. The kid was grimacing, as if he were in pain. Connie was her usual self hair cascading over sweating shoulders, tits at rigid attention, thighs taut as they squatted over the boy's loins, cunt dribbling hot juice.

    Boris didn't know the boy, but he knew that as soon as the kid turned eighteen and came in for his senior pictures, he would learn his name.

    That was how he had first met Connie.

    It had started exactly seventeen years ago when Connie was a hot cunted senior at Weedville High.

    She had come to him for her senior picture; all the seniors came to Boris Jerkovich for their senior pictures because he was the only person in Weedville who knew the first fucking thing about a camera.

    Boris remembered that day fondly. It had changed his whole life. It was an autumn day, and Connie had entered his studio wearing her sweater on backwards, black and white bobby soxers, three layers of petticoats beneath a very frilly dress, white cotton panties and a stiff Junior Miss bra. Now how did Boris know what she was wearing beneath all her 1955 apparel?

    Well, he knew because he had cut a hole through the dressing-room wall. He had gotten the idea that year because the senior class had decided to have their pictures taken in formal looking graduation caps and commencement gowns. So naturally Boris had ordered appropriate graduation attire for everybody to pose in.

    His first senior girl had been Elvira Schellenberg, a pony-tailed, acne-faced, young-looking scarecrow who insisted on putting on the cap and gown instead of just slipping it over her clothes and having her blouse collar show through.

    So Boris had her dress in storage room that happened to have termite-eaten hole through which he saw his first piece of ass Elvira Schellenberg's scrawny ass and his first set of tits since the winter of '35.

    Thereafter, Boris spied upon every senior girl that had used his storage room for a dressing room. In one month he had seen ten young, and some hairless, pussies that pranced about in front of his bulging eyes.

    The month of October proved to be one helluva hard-on month for Boris Jerkovich, and he couldn't wait to see the pussy of the eleventh girl Connie Ryan.

    And that was how Boris knew what Connie Ryan was wearing beneath that frilly yellow dress. He had watched from his spy hole as she unbuttoned the dress, letting it slither to the floor and form a chiffon cloud around her ankles. Then came the three layers of white petticoats, one after another billowing downwards.

    Connie stepped out of the mountain of frilly chiffon and billowy petticoats, completely unaware of the one brown eye that gazed at her trim, firm thighs. She reached behind her and unbuttoned her sweater, peeling the woolen garment from her lithe-looking arms. She looked around, then decided to hang it from a nail that was three inches to the right of the eye that stand at her.

    Gad! Boris could smell her cheap perfume, could see right down into the heaving cleavage of her tit-filled bra. His palsied hand found the zipper of his fly.


    God! Had she heard him? Did she know that he was on the other side of the wall, unzipping his pants and pulling out the lanky piece of meat that was his cock?

    Christ, his hand stunk with the odor of jizz. He hadn't played with his prick since he was a Russian teen-ager on the steppes of his former motherland.

    The cleavage moved away from him. Connie was looking around for the cap and gown. She looked all around the storage room. Then hands on hips, her toe tapping against the hardwood floor, she called out "Oh, Mr. Jerkovich, where's the cap and gown that I'm supposed to wear?"

    Boris was in seventh heaven. This was the moment he had been waiting for. Quickly he positioned his camera where his eye had been. He set it on automatic timer so that it would snap pictures of Connie Ryan's lithe teen-age body in white cotton panties and stiff Junior Miss bra every ten seconds.

    Click. "What did you say, Miss Ryan?" Click.

    Connie raised her arms as if imploring heaven for help. "Where the hell is that cap and gown I'm supposed to wear?"

    Click. "Oh, I have it over here. I'll bring it right in." Click.

    "Just hand it through the door, Mr. Jerkovich. I don't want to see you looking at me now and gettin' funny ideas."


    Boris smiled as he carefully thrust the gown through the crack in the door entrance.


    Later, Boris Jerkovich developed six photos of Connie clad only in her white underwear. Then he started jacking off, his erection slowly rising to full hardness, Of course, he never did come; the last time he had shot any juice out of his prick was in the winter of '47 when he was in Siberia happed in a logger's cabin with a lonely Cossack wife.

    Still later, he had made over a hundred prints from those original six, and he had pasted them up all over his dark room, where under the eerie red light he could pull on his old prick and hope that someday he-could come again.

    Then came the day three years after those senior pictures, when he was admiring Connie Ryan's body and his hand was jacking like lightning on his cock that a brainstorm appeared out of nowhere. If he could take pictures of Connie like that, what if he sneaked around and photographed her completely naked in the bathroom or in her bedroom?

    That very same night, he lumbered out into the darkness, camera in hand. He found out that Connie had moved out of her parents' house and was living in one of the most expensive apartments in Weedville, shelling out almost eighty bucks a month for a three-bedroom rental.

    He scouted around for an hour. Then he finally figured out how he could do it. There was a sturdy oak tree that grew past Connie's bedroom window. The light was on in the bedroom, and her window was opened slightly. He would have to be very careful.

    By the time he had reached the desired limb which would give him the best peeping position into Connie's bedroom, he was gasping for breath. Then he was gasping for lust

    Connie Ryan was in bed all right. And she was naked all right in the same position that Boris Jerkovich had dreamed so many times. Except that there was a husky, hairy, naked man on top of her, his cock drilling her cunt.

    That was something Boris never dreamed about. It had been almost a quarter of a century since he had seen a cock fucking hard and fast into a woman's cunt. That had been his own cock fucking hard and fast into a Cossack woman's cunt.

    Boris blinked his eyes. That man! It was Lucas Trimble, the mayor of Weedville! His honor was fucking Connie so fast that his cock looked like a blur to Boris as it pounded greasily into Connie's pussy.

    He watched as Connie's arms and legs wrapped spider like around Lucas' bunching, hairy back. His ass was taut as the sweat flew from the tense muscles of his ass-cheeks.

    Connie's mouth was agape. Her eyes were closed in ecstasy. She writhed her body beneath Lucas' heavy weight, her tits scraping across his heavy chest.

    "Fuck me, Lucas. Christ! Give me your cock! Your prick's the best in town! Oh, whatta cock! Whatta cock! Whatta great fuckin' cock!


    Then Lucas was bellowing like a stuck pig "I'm cooomming! Coommmiieeeee, I'm coommmminnnng!


    Connie's eyes shot open in disbelief: Lucas' cock had swelled to immense proportions, and it was spreading her cunt-lips wide open. Never before had a cock so big ever fucked her cunt so wide open.

    Leaves were rustling and the limb was creaking as Boris tried to steady his camera in one hand and pull on his prick with the other. Shit, it was at least fifteen feet to the ground. He had to hang on!

    "You mother-fucker, Lucas! Fuck me!" Connie screamed as the spurts of jism blasted into her clutching cunt.

    Lucas' spine was strained as he arched his back, his toes digging into the sheets, his face covered with sweat, as he shoved his cock as far into her sweltering cunt as he could. The creamy cock-juice was exploding from his prick, wads and wads of ecstasy-filled cum pouring from his spewing prick-head.

    Then he collapsed onto Connie's chest, his chin nestling gently against her boob. Connie moved her body languidly, bathing in the afterglow of such a sweet and sweaty fucking. Her thighs moved slowly up and down on the outside of Lucas Trimble's hairy legs.

    Cum was dribbling out of her pussy, escaping from around Lucas' huge cock and running in whitish rivers down the crack of her ass. Ah! It was such a good feeling to be fucked as many times as she had been fucked this night.

    That night had been almost fifteen years ago, yet it seemed just like yesterday for Boris. He remembered climbing down from that oak tree, dragging his weary body home to his studio. He had developed the photographs, and was amazed at the sight of Connie being pinned to the sheets by the mayor of Weedville.

    Since those fifteen years, Boris had improved on his camera techniques and his method of peeping. On his own time, which he had plenty of he developed a periscoping, camera one that would enable him to stand at ground level and through a system of complex convex mirrors, watch all the action in Connie Ryan's bed with her and her fuckers unaware of the camera lens that wavered outside of her bedroom window.

    Within those fifteen years, he had captured on film such carnage and perversion as to put Rome to shame.

    Boris reached for the photo album above the sink. It was a thick as Gideon's Bible. On the first page, pictures of Connie Ryan, hands on hips, bedecked in white cotton panties and Junior Miss bra.

    As Rods flipped through the pages, he remembered each moment that he had photographed Connie and her fuckers.

    There on page four was Lucas Trimble fucking Connie Ryan from the man behind position.

    There on page thirteen was Reverend Worthington getting his prick into Connie from the missionary position.

    Page twenty showed Connie sucked avidly on Jason Moresby's cock the cum dribbling down the shaft as her lips pursed hungrily around the knob.

    Page forty-two showed Connie getting her asshole reamed by Coach Crowley as she kneeled before him, her mouth caught in mid-scream and Coach Crowley's ruddy lips opened in mid-moan.

    Page fifty showed several color shots (Boris had just found out about color film) of Martin Seaman titty-fucking Connie. She was on her back, both hands shoved against her pussy. Martin was sitting on her stomach, his hands pushing together Connie's huge tits as his hard-on bounced against her chin. Connie's face was covered with cum, and her red tongue was snaking out to catch the sperm drops that clung to her lips.

    Now, on this lonely Monday night, Boris sadly pasted in the color prints of Connie and her newest lover a piss-ant youth who looked as if he didn't know what his cock was for.

    As Boris studied the pictures, he noticed something different in Connie's face. Her eyes were sparkly. Her face looked soap-scrubbed clean and there was just a tinge of peach color to her cheeks. She was smiling in every shot she was smiling!

    Boris realized that in all the other photos Connie never smiled. In all the other pictures with all her other male "friends" there was a look of wanton lust. But now, as she fucked the kid, there was a look of wholesome ecstasy on her face. Was she in love?

    No! No! No!

    She couldn't be in love; Boris didn't want her to fall in love. She had no right to be in love, just as he had no right to love her. What?

    Boris in love with Connie Ryan? Suddenly, Boris realized that he was in love with Connie. So what was wrong with him being in love with the woman he cherished above all other women in Weedville?


    Coach Crowley was an ass man. He had been an ass man ever since be drilled that hole through the wall of his private locker room so that he could see right into the girls' locker room on the other side.

    And being an ass man, his swarthy flesh was flattened out against the wall of his locker room, his eye peering into the peephole looking for foxy young asses.

    Mother-fucker! Will you get your scrawny ass out of the way, Elvira!

    Elvira Schellcnberg was standing right in front of Coach Crowley's peephole, directing the girls in the proper way to towel themselves dry.

    "I've noticed," Elvira said in lesson-voice number thirty, "that many of you girls do not know the proper way to dry your bodies.

    Coach Crowley snarled; his prick was getting impatient. Goddamn, Elvira! He had a class to teach. Shit, his boys were out on the football field doing calisthenics, and he had to get his ass in gear.

    "Will you hurry the fuck up, Elvira!" Oh-oh, he had almost said it too loud.

    "Now, girls, always dry your upper torso first. Then your legs, Then your face. Uh, the last thing you should dry. er, to be sanitary and so you won't spread germs with your towel is, er, between your legs.

    The girls tittered.

    Marcia Moresby, who was standing behind the bare, nubile bodies of four of her classmates was moaning. She had already toweled her face, then her big tits, then her trim thighs, and now she was really drying herself off between the legs. She was running the soft towel like a shoeshine cloth through her cunt and ass, holding the ends of the towel from the front and back.

    Elvira moved away.

    Coach Crowley rubbed his hands in glee. "Now, come on, girls," he whispered hoarsely. "Let's see those asses move! Come on! Move those hot asses!"

    Hot asses, cold asses, wet asses and dry asses swam before Coach Crowley's eyes. Some of the young chickens had hair between their legs. Some had bumps for tits, others were more like humps. By far, Marcia Moresby had the best set of thirteen-year-old tits he had ever seen. But he didn't give a hog's shit about her tits-he wanted to see her ass. Shit, Marcia-baby move that towel and turn around.

    Marcia turned around, the towel moving back and forth across the plump mounds of her ass-cheeks. Shhiiiitttt! Coach Crowley was getting more than an eyeful of nubile ass. Hog shit! He was getting a good gander at her asshole.

    Fucking God! He couldn't believe it. Marcia's asshole was as clean as the whistle that dangled from his neck. Shit, her asshole was made for fucking.

    Come on, Marcia hot-ass, chickie-babe, spread those ass-cheeks, bend over, drop a bobby-pin and bend over to pick it up.


    His dreams were coming true! There was the bobby-pin that had come loose from her long blonde hair. SSSSHHEEIIITTTT! She was bending over, just like he wanted her to.

    Mother-fucking shit! He just had to pull out his prick and give it a few tugs. No man could resist a sight as erotic as that: Marcia s ass spread wide as she bent over to pick up her bobby-pin.

    Coach Crowley's cock was up and ready, in his hand and ready to burst.

    Hog shit! No!

    Double hog shit!

    Don't get up yet, Marcia! No!

    I haven't even stroked my cock yet. You mother-fucking teasing little bitch!

    The ass was disappearing from view and Elvira was walking towards the peephole. Shit, it was like looking at beauty, then the beast.

    Coach Crowley zipped up his pants angrily. Frustration and pent-up fury showed on his jowly face. He picked up his clip board and cinched up his cleats. Those mother-fucking boys of his were really going to run their asses off for him now.

    He headed for the football field.

    Delbert Fancy's balls felt as if they were ready to fall off. He had just gotten through fucking his wife Winona and had jumped into the '56 black and white Chevy that everybody in Weedville knew was the only cop car in town.

    He stepped on the gas, then came to a screeching halt in front of the police station which was located next to Jason Moresby's grocery/hardware store.

    The time was seven-thirty. Shit, was he going to get his ass kicked. He was an hour and a half late.

    He opened the door.

    He was greeted by a Thom McAnn in the balls as Vance Manning leveled him to the floor with a swift kick. Now, Delbert's balls felt as if they were up his asshole.


    "You mother-fucker! Where the hell you been? Don't you know the Buffalo Bills are playing tonight? Stupid shit!"

    Delbert cowered, then crawled to one corner of the ten-by-ten office of police headquarters. He couldn't talk; his hand was still trying to locate his crushed balls.

    "You been fucking that fat pig wife of yours?"

    Delbert nodded.

    "Ever going to do it again?"

    Delbert didn't understand. Do what again? Fuck his wife or be late? He shook his head no to save his life.

    Vance hitched up his belt. "Don't ever be late again. Or next time I'll kick your balls up your ass.

    Delbert nodded fearfully. Shit, his balls felt like they were in his butt now.

    Vance spun around and left. He slammed the door behind him. He was really pissed. Shit, he'd be lucky if he got to see anything at all of that black bastard plowing into those chicken-ball Chargers. Fucking shit, the score must be at least fifty to nothing!

    He headed up the street. It was dark. Shit-kicker music wafted from the juke box of Martin Seaman's Buckeroo Bar.

    Vance walked down the street as if he owned it. Hell, it was no Fairfax Avenue, but at least there was something that he could be king of. Weedville was his town, and nobody was going to tell him how to run his town.

    As he passed Boris Jerkovich's photography studio, he stopped.

    What the hell was that?

    There was a light that flickered on and off in the back someplace. A red light.

    There it was again.

    Burglar. It had to be, 'cause the sign on the door said


    Mother-fucker, so Weedville had its criminals, too! And here all this time Vance Manning had thought that the only fuss in Weedville was when Coach Crowley took a bat to some kid's ass out on the football field.

    It was gun-action time. Yessireeee!

    Vance ran past the Buckeroo Bar, then turned left into the alleyway. He'd catch that fucking son of a bitch and shoot his ass for good.

    He was huffing and puffing as he located the back door. He turned the doorknob quietly; Shit, locked.

    There was only one way. A frontal assault.

    Vance lifted his Thorn McAnn high, aimed for the center of the door, then kicked with all his might.

    When Vance's size-fourteen foot crashed into the center of the door, his foot shot knee-deep through the splintering wood. How the fuck was he to know that he had put his foot right through a colony of termites that was busily chewing outwards from the center of the door?


    His goddamn trousers were snagged on the wooden chasm that he had kicked through.

    Boris' eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw that gigantic foot smashing through his doorway. In his fright, he had thrown all the prints of Connie Ryan fucking and sucking into the air.

    "Aaarrgghhh!!" Boris screamed. Vance heard the scream. He squirmed his body, corkscrewed his leg, but still his trousers were hung up on the jagged edges of splintered wood.

    "You mother-fucker! I'll get you, you mother fucker!"

    "N-No, no!" Boris said in a high-pitched squeal.

    Shit, there was only one way Vance could get in and get that fucking burglar.

    He pulled "Law" out of the bolster, sighted along the, gleaming barrel, aiming dead-center on the doorknob.

    Blam! Blam! Blam!

    The.45 Magnum bucked in his hand as smoke curled from the barrel. Vance shoved with all his might against the remnants of the door.

    It gave way, but as the bullet-riddled door gave way, Vance was literally dragged along with it.

    Hell, he didn't know that there were stairs leading down to the back room. Now; he was tumbling, his leg still snagged up, falling upside down and conking his head against the steps.

    Boris lost his dentures as his frail body shook with fear. He couldn't believe it!

    "All right, mother-fucker!" Vance screamed as he tried to point his gun from an upside-down position at the naked old man who was turning white beneath the reddish light.

    Vance was in frustrated agony. He couldn't get his goddamn foot clear of the door, and he couldn't get the drop on the burglar.

    Blam! Blam! Blam!

    The hinges of the door were completely demolished and the door came crashing down on Vance.


    "No! N-No, don't shoot! N-No!"

    Boris wanted to say more, but he felt as if his heart had been placed in a vise. One hand grabbed for his throbbing chest while the other clutched his favorite photo of Connie Ryan dressed in white cotton panties and Junior Miss bra.

    Vance kicked the living shit out of the door or what was left of it. He finally struggled to his feet, his trousers and face covered with splinters and dirt.

    Rods staggered away from Vance. His heart was on its last beat. His face was pasty white, and spittle drooled from his quivering lips. The photo dropped to the floor before he did, landing in a puddle of shit his fear-stricken body had made. His heart stopped, his lungs gave way, his eyes closed forever.

    Everything died, except his love for Connie Ryan.


    His cock had been in her ass, and it had felt good. His prick had been in her mouth, and it had felt exciting. Now, his cock was in her cunt, and there was no way to describe how beautiful his dick felt.

    Connie was smiling. She had never felt so beautiful before. She felt radiant, as if somehow, someway, this cock that was energetically plunging into her cunt, was the most important thing in her life.

    But she knew it wasn't.

    It wasn't the cock that was the most important thing in her life. It was the man behind the prick, the man who knew how to fuck, how to fondle her cut, how to eat her cunt, how to fuck her ass until she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

    "Fuck me, Tommy!"

    And Tommy no longer felt like the wayward boy of two weeks ago. He felt exuberant, like he was the king of fuck heaven. He felt like a man!

    "Fuck harder, Tommy!"

    Tommy fucked harder. He was kneeling behind Connie, and she had her head turned towards him, urging him on, smiling so beautifully at him.

    Tommy watched his prick shudder into Connie's clasping cunt, past the talented cunt-lips and into the hot, churning core of her pussy.

    "I promise, Tommy. I'll never fuck another cock so long as I live. Keep fucking me, Tommy! Oh, shit, your cock feels so good. It's so hard! Oh, shit, Tommy! I feel it coming!"

    Tommy felt her cunt moving faster and faster on his cock. He put his hands on his hips and watched Connie's pussy corkscrewing his prick. Her pussy was moving back towards him, then it moved away, then back again.

    "I'm coming, Tommy! Oooooohhh, please hold me! Hold my ass! Cooommiiinnggg!!"

    Tommy held onto the hunching muscles of her ass-cheeks. Getting a good grip, he opened up her ass-crack as her crotch fucked back and forth, her cunt stripping his prick with every thrust.

    Connie felt her ass-crack being spread apart, and she loved it, loved knowing that Tommy was looking at her asshole with lust-filled eyes. Her orgasms were coming in a series of shock waves now. She fucked faster, harder, trying to get every inch of Tommy's cock into her cunt before withdrawing to the tip of his bulging prick.

    "Oh, God! Tommy, you're the best! Your cock's the best! Please keep fucking me! Don't shoot yet! Just keep fucking me!"

    With his first load of cum in Connie's ass, and his second load somewhere between her throat and her belly, there was no way that he could have come now if he had wanted to. Shit, he could go all night fucking Connie with the hard-on that he had.

    "Oh, Tommy! Your cock's always so hard; always so ready to fuck. Keep flicking, Tommy! Fuck me forever and forever! Oh, God! I'm comiinngggg! Aaahheiggg!!"

    Connie's ass ground against Tommy's loins, her cunt filled to bursting with his cock. Her cunt-lips had a firm grip on the base of his cock-shaft and the tube of her pussy was rippling with ecstasy.

    Tommy felt her cunt gripping his cock stubbornly. He felt the rippling start deep in her twat as it whorled around his prick.

    "Tommy! Oh, God! I'm coming! I'm coming! My cunt feels so damn hot! Aaiiiieeee!!"

    Connie's thighs strained. Her tits felt heavy and hot as they dangled, rubbing her nipples against her satin sheets. She leaned down, her face pillowed by her crossed arms. She was exhausted, yet Tommy's prick was so full of hardness that some inner desire forced net to move her cult flack and forth along his prick.

    Tommy felt the muscles of her ass relax as she fucked back and forth in a slow and easy motion. He gritted his teeth and tensed his haunches. His prick quivered inside Connie's cunt.

    "Oh, my God! Do that again, Tommy!"

    Tommy strained, his prick tensing, then quivering deep in Connie's wet, warm snatch.

    "Oh, God! Tommy! I've never felt so fucking good. Oh, God! I want you to come now! I want you to spray your cum all over my pussy! Come, Tommy! Come!"

    Tommy concentrated hard; he shoved deep into her pussy.

    "Oh, God! Hurry, Tommy! I can't stand it! Please come now!"

    Tommy began to move, slowly at first, his prick inching into her cunt, then withdrawing slowly. God, her cunt was clutching so tightly to his prick. His balls swelled, and cum began forcing its way into his cock-tube.

    He fucked faster, gripping her ass-cheeks and pulling her cunt hard against his thrusting prick.

    The wads of cam were building in his balls. The first drops emerged from his piss-slit. His cock-head grew bigger and bigger, harder and harder.

    "Fuck me, Tommy! Fuck me hard! God, your cock's so goddamn big!"

    Then Tommy released all of his pent-up jizz, the spurts of sperm drenching her clutching cunt.


    Tommy could no longer maintain a grip on her sweaty ass. His hands slipped as the last of his cum spewed forth. His chest smacked down on her back, and both their legs seemed to slide backwards.

    Tommy rolled slowly over to his side as Connie lay flat on her stomach. He placed his arm across his forehead, closed his eyes as the pleasurable sensation of release and fulfillment coursed through his body.

    Connie lay still. She was exhausted yet her spirit seemed rejuvenated. Every bone in her body ached, yet she loved the feel of such pleasurable agony.

    Slowly she rolled over, saw Tommy breathe heavily as his cheeks glistened with perspiration. "You know what, Tommy?" Connie whispered, "What, Connie?"

    "I think-I mean please don't say I'm crazy-but I think I love you."

    "Then I must be just as crazy," Tommy replied, rolling onto his side and smiling.

    Connie smiled. God, the whole world was crazy-but it sure was crazy good.

    Elvira Schellenberg was fucking drunk. Blindeyed, pin-holed drunk. She had never been drunk before.

    "Give me 'nother, Marty-farty."

    Martin Seaman poured another Scotch straight. He slid it across to Elvira. "Gee, Miss Schellenberg, I think you better stop drinking so much."

    "What's goose for the gander is goose for the goose.


    "Oh, shut the fuck up and lemme drink my piece in peace."

    Martin shook his head. The whole fucking town of Weedville was going bananas. Shit, Delbert Fancy had come in asking for aspirin while grabbing his crotch. What the fuck did he think the Buckaroo Bar was-a pharmacy?

    And at eight o'clock, Coach Crowley had almost torn down the bar, complaining about his piss-ant kids not running enough laps.

    Hell, he had enough worries with the dusters, hog-farmers and shit-kickers. He sure didn't need no extra hemorrhoids to worry about-Christ, what a pain in the ass Monday nights were.

    Elvira glanced up blearily at the TV set over the bar. Howard Cosell, old weasel-face, rhetorically announced that the halftime score was Buffalo zero, Chargers zero.

    Elvira nearly toppled off the stool as she tried to get down. A burly two-fisted drinker helped steady her arm. s "Get yer fuckin' hand off me, pervert!"

    Elvira dizzily walked out of the Buckaroo Bar. She knew she had gotten soused; she was trying to forget what she had seen at school that day.

    Eddie Beasly fucking Marcia Moresby.

    Eddie was really giving her the cock. And Marcia was moaning like crazy. Elvira had never seen such a sight

    The horny kids were fucking right on top of her desk! Marcia was spread all over her history lessons, her legs sticking wide apart and straight up. Eddie was between the V of her legs, his pants heaped around his ankles, shoving his prick deep into moaning Marcia's pussy.

    God, why had she gone back? Of all times to forget to bring test papers home. She had gone back and found them!

    Why couldn't they have been fucking somewhere else? Why the hell had Eddie chosen her desk for a place to park Marcia's ass and plug her pussy? They could have at least gone somewhere private-like Lake Weed.

    Oh, hell-ever since she had heard that lust-filled scream out at Lake Weed, Elvira knew that people did make love during the day. Out in broad daylight. And now she had found her own pupils not only screwing in daylight, but in a public building! Fucking on government property, in a building paid for by Weedville taxpayers.

    Elvira's world was falling apart and she knew it. There was no decency left, no morals.

    And then she came to the conclusion that maybe she was the one who was different. Maybe she was-abnormal. Of course, she had sexy desires like everybody else, but she didn't go around fucking in public places in the naked light of day. She just rutted at night-alone, with her cucumbers.

    God, after seeing Eddie pound away at Marcia's cunt, after remembering that passionate plea echoing across Lake Weed, she needed a cucumber. Now!

    Fuck the test papers!

    Fuck the siren song at Lake Weed!

    Fuck Eddie Beasly!

    Fuck Marcia Moresby!

    Fuck the cucumbers, because after having seven straight shots of Scotch, Elvira declared that she was not going to shove another goddamn vegetable into her cunt. She was going to be normal like everybody else-she was going to fuck a man!

    Vance Manning.

    Just as soon as the Bills-Chargers came was over, she was going to call him up and plead-no scream, like that passionate voice at Lake Weed-for him to fuck the shit out of her.

    Vance had seen lots of assholes die before, but not like this one. This corpse was white as hell, naked as hell, and cum or something jizzy-looking was leaking from the limp cock.

    Shit, he'd better call the cops. What was he saying? He was the cops!

    Vance leaned down. Yeah, the old man was deader than a sock. He started to stand up, when he noticed the pictures scattered all over the studio.

    He picked one up. He gasped. His prick lurched.

    Connie Ryan, that's who it was, almost bare-assed naked. But she was too young-looking. Then Vance spotted the photo album.

    He picked it up. His balls churned.

    Christ, he was starting to come before he had gotten to the end of the book.

    He couldn't believe his eyes.

    Then Vance walked out of Boris' studio, he was a different man than the asinine clown that had barged in on a dirty old man who shot filthy pictures. Vance not only was going to be number-one asshole of Weedville, but he'd have everybody begging to kiss his number-one ass. For once, Vance Manning felt like he was the king of shitville.


    Coach Crowley literally pounced on his wife when he got home that day. Shit, his balls were so uptight from remembering Marcia Moresby's hot ass sashaying around in the girls' locker room that he now knew what it felt like to have a case of "blue balls".

    Delia had been washing dishes when Coach Crowley walked in through the kitchen door. The smell of roast beef wafted from the oven. The sports page was already set next to his plate on the table.

    But he didn't want to read about the Buffalo Bills getting killed by the San Diego Chargers fifty-two to nothing. He didn't want to eat any of that two-dollars-a-pound roast beef. He wanted to fuck… fuck!

    ''All right, woman, let's get it on,'' Coach Crowley grumbled, unzipping his pants and dropping them to the floor.

    The tired woman cursed softly. Shit she didn't want any part of fucking Samuel Crowley now. She had had a hard day'. Her feet hurt, her arms pained her, the agony spiked in to her spine was pure torture.

    There had been a ton of laundry she had waxed every inch of the kitchen floor she had picked up the dog shit that her neighbors basset hound had deposited on their front and back lawns.

    "Samuel'' Delia implored beseechingly, ''I have a headache."

    ''You won't have a headache after you see what I got ready for you' Coach Crowley said as he jammed his cock against her ass, shoving her cotton print dress deep in to her pantied ass-crack.

    ''Please don't, Samuel I'm exhausted.

    "Aw, come on Delia. 'You won't be tired when I haul your ass on the table and put the meat to your cunt.

    Delia tried to rinse off the roast pan, but Coach Crowley's cock was digging in harder and harder in to her ass-cheeks, making her fleshy tits wobble in her bra.

    'Come on, Delia. Let's fuck. Now!''

    Delia knew she couldn't get out of performing her wifely duty. When Samuel Crowley got a hard-on, and when his balls were swollen with lust, some woman was going to get her ass fucked off.

    "All right, Samuel, all right. Just take it easy."

    "Come on, Delia, we ain't got all day. Get your ass on that table and spread wide."

    Delia undid the apron, turned around to face her husband.

    His face was sweating like a tenderloin cooked at high heat. He was holding his cock, the slit in the prick-head aimed right at her. A drop of cum appeared before Coach Crowley gave his porker a good shaking, the slimy sperm-drop falling on the freshly waxed floor.

    "Shit, Delia, can't you see how hot I am?"

    Delia nodded, lifted up her dress and dropped her panties.

    "Please do it easy, Samuel. It really hurts when you do it too hard."

    "Yahoooo!" Coach Crowley shouted when he glimpsed Delia's hairy brown twat. "Boy, I can tell you're more eager than I am. Just look at your cunt oozing juice!"

    Which wasn't true at all. Delia's pussy was as dry as the Sahara. Her cunt-lips weren't even open yet. She wasn't hotter than her husband and she sure didn't want to fuck at five o'clock dinnertime. Christ, they should be feeding their faces instead of their lusts.

    "Do we have to do it on the kitchen table, Samuel? That always seems so disgusting."

    Coach Crowley sneered, jacked his prick a couple of times. "Delia, when people are as hot as we are, they fuck all over the place. Now come on, get on that fucking table and spread!"

    Delia resignedly got her ass on the table the fucking table and spread. She was on her back, her ass perched over the edge her thighs spread so far apart that one knee touched Coach Crowley's dinner plate, the other his sports page.

    Laid out wide like she was, Coach Crowley was drooling and more white cream was flowing from his prick-hole. Shit, she sure wasn't any Marcia Moresby. Delia was a hefty chunky woman whose best assets were her cooking and her tits.

    "Ooooohhh, Delia, you hot-cunt woman! Here I come, ready or not!"

    Delia Crowley was not a hot-cunt woman, at least not today and she definitely wasn't ready to have her hefty ass fucked off by her swarthy, sweating husband.

    Coach Crowley seemed to jump between her widespread thighs, guiding his prick into the heat of her pussy. He looked down, getting his rocks off at the sight of his bulging cock-head pushing Delia's puffy cunt-lips.

    "Please, Samuel. Do it easy. It really does hurt when you do it hard!"

    Samuel did it hard, really hard, getting all of his two hundred fifty pounds behind the heaving shove of his hips. His cock bent slightly then straightened out as it shot deep and true into Delia's dry cunt-hole.

    "Aaaaiiieee!! Oh, Samuel! You're hurtin' me! Please do it easy! Don't do it hard!"

    Coach Crowley grinned at Delia. Grinned lasciviously. "Aw, don't feed me that horse-shit, Delia. All women like getting fucked hard and fast."

    "Please, Samuel. Do it easy."

    Coach Crowley was withdrawing his prick, getting ready for the next cavalry charge into her pussy. Bugles seemed to blare and the sound of someone screaming could be heard somewhere behind the back of his mind. Hog fucking shit! It sure felt good to ram and jam his cock into a tight, hot cunt!

    "Aaagggghhh!" Delia moaned. Christ, his cock was killing her. She didn't want to fuck, didn't want to have his prick in her cunt, just didn't want to be penetrated to the womb by the thunderous dong that filled her cunt when Coach Crowley was coming. The whole fucking neighborhood knew when Coach Crowley was coming. He was bellowing like a boar getting its nuts crushed by a vise.

    "Aaarrrrggghhh! Oh, fucking Lord! So good! So fucking good!"

    Delia was writhing in pain, her thighs slapping Coach Crowley's hunching hips with sweaty slaps. Shit, it felt as if Coach Crowley were trying to stuff a football into her cunt-lengthwise. But at least he was coming, spurting the final drops of jizz into her cunt.

    Coach Crowley pulled out as soon as the last of his fuck juice emptied out of his prick-tube. He gazed down at the mess between Delia's thighs. Her cunt looked bruised, puffy like, dribbling white streams of jism all over the fucking kitchen table.

    "Not bad, eh, Delia? Now, come on and get up. I sure am hungry after a hot fuck like that."

    Delia got up, her dress sliding back into place. She bowlegged it over to the kitchen sink, cum-juice tracks tailing after her.

    Coach Crowley began devouring the roast beef. Shit, it was cold and tasted flat. And as he gobbled down huge slices of meat, thoughts of Marcia Moresby's hot ass-cheeks clouded his mind. Shit, he sure could use a piece of that.

    As he swallowed the meat, washed it down with beer, he vowed that if he couldn't fuck Marcia's ass by the end of the semester, he would at least go back to fucking Connie Ryan in the ass, the way she really liked to get fucked, just like the way his wife liked to be fucked in the cunt.

    Shit, women sure were particular about where they got cock.

    They always fucked in the dark, because it was only proper and Christian to fuck in the dark. And they only fucked when they wanted to make babies, and that was why there were thirteen little Worthingtons running around Weedville.

    Now, they were trying to make the fourteenth little Worthington. A very solemn occasion, considering that in fourteen years of marriage Reverend Jordan Worthington had only fucked his wife thirteen times.

    He looked forward to creating the fourteenth Worthington.

    The pious Elizabeth Stanton Worthington dreaded the act of sexual congress. She couldn't understand why God couldn't have devised a better, more decent way of creating angelic girls and devilish boys. Why couldn't He have made it so that in a handshake a couple would create their children? Nobody would think that a handshake was a nasty thing. The child could then just pop out of the woman's wrist. Presto! Another wonderful babe produced by the joining of hands. How wonderful it would be.

    She shushed herself; she had no right questioning the way God had devised for a man and woman to make babies-filthy, sloppy and nasty though it be.

    "Are you there, Elizabeth?" Reverend Worthington called as he stepped into the pitch black bedroom.

    "I am here, Jordan."

    Reverend Worthington was naked. Of course, his wife wouldn't know that he was naked until she touched him.

    Elizabeth Worthington was naked too shivering in dread anticipation atop the sheets, the blankets neatly piled by her spread-apart feet.

    Jordan Worthington touched her feet.

    "Oh there you are, Elizabeth

    His hands were resting on her feet, and he was trying to figure out how high up on the bed he would have to crawl before his cock got into her cunt. He started crawling.

    "Please be kind and gentle, Jordan."

    Reverend Worthington was trying to be as kind and gentle as he could. But it was so damn ridiculous trying to find her cunt in the dark. He knew it was around here someplace.

    Ah! There it was. He had brushed it with his knee; he had moved too far up the bed. He backtracked, placed his kindly hands as gently as possible on Elizabeth's trembling hips.

    Reverend Worthington could feel her legs start to move up; she was ready to receive his seed.

    His cock was ready shit, it had been ready for this occasion for the last three weeks. Ever since the last time he had been over to Connie Ryan's place, fucking and sucking the shit out of her cunt. He thought of Connie Ryan now. Imagined that it was Connie Ryan he was going to screw.

    His cock was quivering, the tip exuding droplets of pre-cum on Elizabeth's pussy-mound.

    "Eeeeekkk!" Elizabeth shrieked. Why did sex have to be so nasty!

    Jordan had almost jumped out of the bed when she shrieked. "Are you hurt, Elizabeth?"

    "N-No, Jordan. Just nervous, I guess." Elizabeth bit her lower lip. She could feel that drop of sperm winding its way through the hairs of her pussy. sliding oozingly through the slit of her cunt, finally resting wetly in the crack of her ass. She tensed her body. Prayed to God.

    "Are you ready, Elizabeth?"

    "Y-Yes, Jordan. I am ready to receive your seed." Why did sex make her feel like she was lying in hog turds?

    Jordan lowered his body atop his wife's trembling flesh. His prick-head grazed against the lips of her cunt, and Elizabeth jumped as if someone had shoved a douche nozzle up her ass. Naturally her hips lunged in the wrong direction towards Jordan's ready to fuck prick.

    The prick slid in; the full knob of his cock was inside her pussy.

    Elizabeth jumped again. Fear was commanding her movements. She didn't want that prick up her cunt, but she was becoming so anxiety-ridden that every movement she made was forcing her cunt onto the shaft of Jordan's prick. God worked in mysterious ways.

    Blood oozed from her lips. Tears were beginning to sting her eyes. Jordan's body was shaking so hard on top of her that she thought she could hear his bones rattling.

    Of course, Jordan was shaking because he knew he couldn't bring himself to fuck his wife like he wanted to. No, he would have to fuck his wife like God intended. Not with lustful, open-mouthed roars that spewed spit across the sheets; not with hammering hips that would aggravate his hernia condition; not with his cock jabbing quickly in and out of Elizabeth's dry snatch while he thought of Connie Ryan's hot cunt devouring his prick.

    Jordan slid his prick into Elizabeth's twat as kindly and as gently as he could. Now his balls fitted easily between the gap of her ass-cheeks.

    Elizabeth was ready to faint. Endure. Endure. Endure.

    Think of how sacred this act was. Think of how holy this union was. Think of the children that this would create. Don't think about the pain that stabbed viciously into her cunt, that seemed to rip through her pussy like a branding iron when in actuality Jordan had slipped his prick in as easily as putting on a glove.

    Jordan drew back, his haunches tense, the muscles of his ass feeling like steel cords. Then, slowly, back into her cunt, his cock separating her pussy-lips, opening up her inner twat tissues, fighting desperately to get as far up into her pussy as it could.

    Shiiiitttt! He was ready to cone! In one sacred stroke he was ready to seed the furrow of her cunt.

    He came.

    In holy streams.

    Hot and creamy streams that had been lying dormant in his balls for three weeks.

    He couldn't help it.

    His prick and balls couldn't help it.

    Nature couldn't help it; she was making him ejaculate wads of sperm into his wife's tight pussy.

    Even God was on his side, or so Jordan thought. He had never come so hard in his life, as the spurts ofjism pulsed from his flaring cock-head.

    Elizabeth said "Eeeekkkk!" as if his prick were a mouse.

    But Jordan's prick wasn't a mouse; it was a rat because the owner of such a boner was thinking all the time about Connie Ryan's pussy and how it would be grabbing his prick and shaking every drop of spunk out of it not like his wife's pussy was doing now. Shit, what a dead cunt, like fucking left-over meat that had been in the refrigerator for two days.

    Jordan couldn't wait to get back to the old regiment of fucking Connie Ryan once a week. He had put off seeing her for three weeks because he had to show Elizabeth his faithfulness to her by fucking her as if he hadn't fucked in a year.

    He thought he had done a pretty good job.


    Lucas Trimble couldn't fuck his wife any more. Not unless he wanted to shovel up six feet of dirt and violate a corpse. His wife had been laid to rest ten years ago before that Lucas Trimble, the mayor of Weedville, had laid her ass every night except on her red days. Even on those occasions he had made her suck his cock.

    Lucas Trimble was a cunt hound. He demanded his cunt-meat like kings call for their meals. He just had to have a cunt holding tightly to his cock as he fucked the shit out of the woman who had offered him a piece of ass.

    Now he had gone three weeks without pussy. He had called Connie almost every night, and she had told him that she was too busy, or she was on the rag or she was going bowling over in Pattonville. Lucas thought his balls were going to burst every day of those three weeks. But he had reverted back to his younger days when he was a very creative boy. He had stripped off the rolls of toilet paper in the three bathrooms of his house just to get to the cardboard tubes that the tissues were wound around.

    Some axle grease smeared all over the inside of the tube, sprinkle a few drops of perfume that he had bought from the Avon lady, snip a few hairs from his head and paste them to the rim of the tube, and Lucas Trimble was ready to whoop it up.

    He had slipped that toilet-paper tube over his prick-God, it was a tight fit, but the axle grease really helped. He gripped the outside of the tube, then started the age old fuck rhythm.

    He sure wished he had some pictures of Connie Ryan while that toilet paper tube jacked like crazy over his cock. Then he had come, or was starting to come, and he gripped the cardboard cylinder too tightly.

    The fucking thing was falling apart. His jizz was spewing out of one end of the tube, while the hairs were failing all over his sweaty belly. Shit, it was tearing right in half!

    Christ, it was a shit-hole of a mess that Lucas Trimble held in his greasy palm. The goddamn thing looked like the afterbirth of a mare that had foaled triplets.

    Shit, three weeks without Connie Ryan's cunt. He dialed her number, then slammed the phone down after fifteen rings. She wasn't home.

    Lucas felt how stiff his prick was. He had to have cunt. And he was going to find some pussy under aged, hairless, furry, jail bait or haggish, he didn't give a shit. He needed pussy.

    They met in the alley. Elvia Schellenberg coming out of the Buckaroo Bar, her cunt acting like a cow-cunt in heat, drunk out of her mind, and screaming for cock.

    Lucas Trimble was coming from the opposite direction, swearing that he'd pick up the first chick in the Buckaroo Bar and hunch-fuck her ass all the way across the state of South Dakota.



    "What are you doing here? Why, you're drunk as a skunk!"

    "Y-Yes, I… I am."

    Well, here was the first chick he came across. He looked at Elvira. Jesus, was he had hard up? Yeah, he was.

    "Elvira, my balls are killing me. I gotta fuck. How 'bout it?"

    Elvira was stunned. It was dark, and she couldn't make out Lucas' face and the alcohol fog just wouldn't clear up. Was he serious? If he wasn't, she knew she was.

    "fuck me?" Holy hog-shit! Suddenly, though it was dark, Elvira Schellenberg looked like the most fuckable thing that Weedville had ever produced. "Here?" "Here!" "Now?" "Now!" "Yaaahooo!"

    They stripped, Elvira slipping out of her dress, weaving crazily, fat cucumbers crossing her mind.

    Lucas shucked his pants, tossed them onto a garbage can.

    Elvira's panties landed on top of his pants. Her bra-she wore one so that the kids in her class couldn't see her nipples, because it was obvious she didn't have tits big enough to see was next.

    She stood there in heavenly nakedness, her mind clouded with erotic thoughts of pricks and cocks. No more cucumbers, just big pricks, like the one Lucas was holding in his hand.

    Lucas' ten-inch prick was half-hard, most of the blood still in the shaft. The tip drooped slightly, but it was soon rising, the slit in the knob opening up to spit out cum-juice.

    "How do you want it, Elvira?"

    "Dog-style, you mudder fucker," Elvira slurred. The alcohol had reached its peak, and now the throbbing rush of lust-filled blood was making her dizzy.

    She got down on all fours, her skinny ass weaving and wavering. Her asshole looked tight; her cunt looked like Lucas' coin purse, except with hair on it.

    Shit, Elvira's pouting ass-cheeks were a damn erotic sight. It sure beat the hell out of fucking toilet-paper tubes.

    He got down behind her and pressed his cock into Elvira's cunt-mouth. He shoved. – "Ooooohhh, shit, Elvira!" "Aaaiiieeee!!"

    Lucas' cock was only halfway in. Sweat broke out of his face. His flesh felt clammy. His muscles ached as he tried shoving in the last five inches of cock that remained outside her tight pussy.

    "L-Lucas! I'm a v-virgin!"

    Virgin? Did she say virgin? Virgin as in V for vanquished? Lucas was astounded, stupefied. But his cock wasn't. It jerked and leaped about like crazy twitching back and forth against her cut.

    Elvira was quivering and shuddering like crazy. Everything about what they were doing was crazy. Fucking in an alleyway? A prim and proper schoolteacher on all fours in a dirty pig-slop of a alley, getting dog-fucked by his honor the mayor who couldn't believe that his prick was jammed into a virgin pussy until he saw the cherry-red blood oozing off his cock-shaft?

    Crazy! Wild bananas! Hot cucumbers!

    Now they really fucked like mad. Lucas overcame his surprise, and stabbed so hard into Elvira's cunt that she skidded across the gravel, her head shoved into an overturned garbage can.

    Lucas fucked hard, withdrew fast, his prick hard and stiff and ready to come.

    Elvira was moaning into the trashcan, her groans amplified and echoing around her ears. Fucking for the first time, fucking dog-style, fucking Lucas Trimble's ten-incher like it was the last time she was ever gonna fuck again.

    She bucked her ass back against him. Lucas fucked forward. Their loins slapped together. Lucas' prick was growing to huge proportions. Elvira could feel it, honestly feel that monstrosity of a prick expanding her upper cunt like a carpenter's wedge.

    'Fuck, fuck, fuck!Fuck me!!"

    "Aaaiiieeeefl" Lucas screamed. His balls were erupting, forcing the jizz into his cock. His prick was exploding forcing his sperm into Elvira's hot, clutching pussy.

    Her cunt felt like it was on fire, an itchy-type fire that consumed every inch of her cunt.

    She grimaced, bearing down, her cunt-muscles clenching and unclenching.

    Lucas kept spurting cock-cream into that delicious slit. Every ounce of spunk that he had stored in his balls shot out of his cannon of a prick.

    "Oh, my God!" Elvira moaned. Then heard "Oh, my God!" as it echoed in the garbage can. The stench was unbelievably bad, but the fucking prick jammed all the way to the end of her twat felt unbelievably good.

    For Vance Manning, who had just stepped out of Boris Jerkovich's studio, what he saw was unbelievable. He stepped back into the shadows, watching Lucas Trimble pull his sperm-drenched prick out of Elvira's cunt.

    That was his girl Lucas was fucking around with! He felt like establishing law and order in the alleyway, like pulling out his.45 Magnum and billy club and start blasting and bashing away. But he suddenly thought of a better way to get revenge.

    Connie was going to get her revenge, too. She was in love, truly in love with somebody, and not somebody's cock. But she knew it was an unrealistic love, and so did Tommy Trimble.

    Hell, she was thirty-three, he was thirteen. People at his age couldn't fall in love. People at her age had already fallen out of love so they couldn't just fall back in. Could they?

    Yeah, they could fall in love. Because both of_ them felt that old magic feeling every time they fucked, which was about every hour on the hour for the past month. Every time they could get together, they fucked or sucked, usually both, but after each sexual episode, the next chapter of their lives was just plain loving each other-tenderly, really caring about the other person's feeling.

    So they both felt that they had to leave Weedville. And that was their problem. People would track them down. Hell, it was almost two hundred miles to the next state, and in South Dakota you couldn't make a move without someone seeing you. The fucking state was so under populated that people were a rarity.

    So they discussed their problem, and Connie came up with a solution. She had been writing a diary of her life of how this shit-hole of a town with its assholes for aldermen kept her as a mistress. And she had written down every exploit, every rotten carnal deed done to her luscious body.

    Now she was planning to send copies to each man who had furnished her with clothes, food and a three-bedroom apartment in exchange for fucking her ass, tits, mouth and cunt.

    That would take care of them. They wouldn't dare come searching for her if they knew what was hanging over their balls.

    But Tommy was a different story. Shit, Connie could get five to ten for child-molesting, and at least twenty to life for kidnapping.

    Tommy felt that even if they threatened his old man with spilling the beans about how and when he had fucked Connie, it would make no difference to him. He didn't have a wife, the others did. Maybe the people of Weedville would be outraged when the truth came out, but they would still elect him mayor-shit, he was the only one who knew anything about mayoring.

    Hell, what a dilemma. And all they wanted to do was get out of there fast and start proving how much they loved each other. If only people wouldn't bug tern.

    Martin Seaman was a titty fucker. No, not one of your usual everyday titty fuckers he really had to have two tits sandwiched over his cock before he could get his rocks off. That was why he really dug fucking Connie Ryan's titties. God, what a pair huge, firm mountains of boob that could create a canyon of warmth ten times better than any cunt.

    Martin was in bed. He was naked, fondling his cock. His wife was snoring beside him-loudly snoring, like the zzzzz's of a drunken elephant.

    Martin was reading a book. He liked to read books before he fell asleep. He thought he was quite a book reader. The book in his hands was called ANNIE'S HOT FANNY. It was a fuck book, or, as everybody else who had read it before it finally ended up in Martin's hands, "a real cock-grabber".

    Martin didn't think ANNIE'S HOT FANNY grabbed his cock. There weren't any titty-fucking scenes. Shit, he had had to read up to page thirteen before Annie was even kissed no, not on her cunt, or ass, or even on her tits just plain kissed on the lips. Fuck, shit, piss. Cock-grabber, huh!

    Martin was disgusted. The fucking book was nothing like the cover. Hell, he got more thrills jacking off over the bra ads in the Sears Roebuck catalogue.

    He got to page thirty. Finally a fuck scene. Annie was starting to give his prick a rise. But the goddamn author was really getting with it. Shit, the writer wasn't even describing how cunts looked when they were stroking madly up and down on a cock!

    Page fifty was another fuck scene. Annie was sucking a nigger's cock. Disgusting. A real turn off. Why the fuck did all those modern fuck books have to have white chicks fucking niggers? Equal rights? Take a nigger to bed today?

    Shit, his cock drooped down again. When the hell was Annie going to get her titties fucked?

    Martin read on, getting to page eighty-five before some more skin-action occurred. Annie was looking through a peephole, watching two queers sucking each other's cocks.

    Martin's prick not only was limp now, but it felt dead. Really disgusting. Every goddamn fuck book always threw in a couple of scenes where fags were buggering each other. What ever happened to straight people like him? Who the hell were all those fuck-book publishers trying to impress?

    Gay guys. Fuck 'em.

    Shit, he was halfway through the book and not one scene had given his prick the full hard erection that he wanted.

    Then on page 155, four pages from the end, there it was-a titty-fucking scene. Martin's prick jerked and throbbed. Well, it was about fucking time!

    Annie's tits were, as the author described them, not tits but mammaries, and the prick that was shooting cock-juice all over those mammaries was called a masculine tower of strength that poured its vast resources all over Annie's bosom.

    Martin couldn't take any more reading. He had just finished reading an inadequate sex scene about one of his favorite pastimes titty-fucking.

    Martin grabbed his eight-inch prick, ran his hands over the tip, then down the shaft. He needed titties. He wanted Connie Ryan's titties, but she had told him that she had lain too long in the sun and that her nipples were burned raw. No more titty-fucking for a while.

    Martin sighed.

    He nudged the huge form of his wife as she lay spread-legged, curlers on top of her head, mammoth fits inflating and deflating with each snoring intake of breath.

    Martin had never titty-fucked his wife.

    He wondered why.

    His prick felt red-hot. Well, why not? Why not just titty-fuck his wife for the first time in twenty years?

    Martin sat up, looked at his wife's face.

    Ruddy cheeks, ruddier lips, flaring nostrils that seemed to balloon from her fat-cheeked face. It was a good thing her eyes were closed, because they wouldn't look so piggish had she been awake.

    Martin gazed at his wife's tits. Christ that was the reason he had married her. Her tits were huge-much bigger than Connie s.

    Each titty looked like a football. And now that she was on her back, the footballs looked like they were two one-eyed heads that she had her arm cuddled around. But when Gladys Seaman stood erect, they looked like footballs, big footballs.

    Why hadn't he tried to fuck her between the tits? Her boobs had turned him on when he was a spry youth of nineteen newly married to Gladys. And now, they still turned him on.

    Quietly he unbuttoned her moth-eaten pajama top. There wasn't much cleavage now, because her massive tits were nestling on her elbows as they sagged away from her chest.

    He lifted, yes lifted, her right boob. God, at least ten pounds of fleshy tit was in his hand. He looked at the nipple; it was bigger around than a short-stack pancake and it was very pinkish. Her nipples looked peaceful, just like her fat, serene face.

    He rubbed his thumb over the nipple. The fat nodule seemed to awaken. He rubbed faster. The nipple was budding out of the dark circle of her areola. It was filling with blood and becoming hard. Very hard. Like his, cock was now.

    His palms were sweaty as he tried to maneuver her monstrous tit towards his face. His moist mouth settled over the nipple, licked it, teased it. Oh, shit, he sure loved Gladys' tits!

    He tried to wrestle her other jug into position as he got on top of her stomach, his weight resting on his knees.

    Gladys grunted.

    Martin stopped fucking around with her tits.

    She snored.

    Martin went back to fucking around with her tits. He was fondling both footballs now, both palms starting at the base of her tits and moving towards the nipples. Christ, he would have to have Paul Bunyuan's hands to cover all that titty-flesh.

    His prick bounced against her navel as Martin leaned forward, thrusting his face between her pressed-together tits.

    He licked her left boob, bringing the nipple to erection. Then his tongue dipped into the narrow valley of her cleavage, moved up the mountain of her right tit.

    The nipple was still wet, still erect, and this time Martin tried to shove his tongue hard against Gladys' right nipple, tried to force it back into all that mass of tit-meat. The nipple fought him hard, refused to retract, refused to budge against his pressing tongue.

    Cum oil leaked from his cock-head, filled her navel.

    Martin grunted.

    Gladys wake up, confused. Then she saw Martin's crewcut between her enormous tits, watched in bewilderment as his tongue raced back and forth between her two tits, licking and teasing one nipple, then the other.

    Gladys' head moved back and forth, watching Martin's butch head moving like a windshield wiper over her titties. "Martin, what are you doing?" Martin grunted. "Martin! What are you doing!?"

    Martin didn't want to talk now. His lips were too busy on her tits. His tongue was too tired from the constant whiplashes he gave each nipple.

    Gladys moaned. Whatever Martin was doing to her was feeling good. "Oh, Martin, I know what you're doing. You're sucking my tits. Keep sucking!"

    Martin's lips pressed down hard around her nipple, then moved with lightning speed to the other nipple. Why did Gladys have to have two tits? Or maybe Martin should have asked herself, why didn't he have two mouths?

    Martin got up, just a little way because he didn't want to be too far away from those gigantic jugs. His forearms tensed as his hands bulldozed her tits towards the center of her chest. The nipples were now no farther than an inch apart, and they looked like two piggish eyes.

    Martin devoured both nipples at the same time.

    Gladys grunted, and her ass heaved high.

    Martin was almost thrown, off, but the pressure he was exerting on her tits helped to maintain his balance and he redoubled his tit-sucking efforts.

    Both nipples were at least an inch long now, filling his cheeks as his arms ached from the constant pressure he had to exert to keep her knockers in place.

    "Oh, Martin, you've got to fuck me. My tits are burning up!"

    What Gladys meant to say was "Oh, Martin, you've got to fuck me in the cunt because you really have me aroused."

    But Martin interpreted it as "Oh, Martin, you've got to fuck my tits."

    Martin let go of her fits, and the two ten-pound footballs fumbled from his grasp and slid back against Gladys' arms.

    He scooted up her body until his prick lay flat against her cleavage. He hoisted her tits back into position his favorite titty-fucking position.

    "Oh, yes, Martin! Bring your cock up here so I can suck on it."

    Gladys' red lips were only inches away from his hot prick. She closed her eyes, waiting for Martin to stick his cock into her yawning cavern of a mouth.

    Martin didn't move; well, he did move back and forth, back and forth, his prick sliding wetly through the valley of her boobs.

    Several titty-fucking moments passed before Gladys realized that Martin's prick wasn't filling her mouth. His cock was just fucking back and forth between her huge jugs.

    "I want to suck your cock, Martin. Give me your cock!"

    Martin grinned, kept moving his prick through the delicious warmth of her caved-in cleavage. The thrills, the ecstasy that surged through his balls and cock were unbelievable, indescribable.

    "Martin! Did you hear me? Give me your cock! I wanna suck it!"

    Martin's ears shut off every sound except the noise that his cock made as it fucked faster and faster between Gladys' huge tits. He could feel that whizzing sensation whirling in his balls, that jizzy dizzy feeling in his loins.

    But Gladys didn't have any similar feelings. She felt as if her tits were being ravaged, Martin held them so hard. There wasn't any passionate fervor racking her cunt. There wasn't any heady lust in her brain. There was just that raw feeling of Martin's cock as it fucked back and forth between her hand held tits.

    She tried to glance down past her double chin to see.

    She couldn't see, because the first white-hot spatter of sperm hit her square across the eyes.

    "Eeaaggghhhh!! Martin! You're coming all 0ver me!"

    Yes sire, Martin was coming all over her face, all over her chin, but most of all, all over her fat titties.

    The mountains of her book seemed to earthquake in his hands as Gladys squirmed her huge body, trying to avoid all those rainfall shots of jism that drenched her face.

    Martin screamed: "Aaiieeee!!"

    Then he let go of her tits, and they bounced against the bed on both sides of Gladys' fleshy body.

    He was in the midst of rolling over, grabbing for his pillow, listening to Gladys say "Martin, that was disgusting!" when he thought about Connie Ryan's reason for no titty-fucking.

    Sunbathing in the nude and her nipples were raw said she couldn't titty-fuck because her jugs were sunburned in the middle of October in South Dakota? Hell, it was colder than a witch's tit; which was what Gladys had become as she grabbed a broomstick from the nearby pantry and starting to whale all over his ass.

    "You mother-fucker, Martin! Don't you ever fuck my titties again. That's perverted!"


    Fucked-up burgs like Weedville always have their ups and downs. People on the outside expected fucked-up, one-tank towns to be up and down; whereas people on the inside didn't even know their up and down because their assho1e lives were like a roller-coaster trying to go both directions at once.

    Reverend Jordan Worthington was up because he had just performed his yearly task of fucking, pardon the expression, mating with his wife. Yet, he was down, because now he had to wait another year before he got his wife's pussy again. To get him on an even keel, he needed a steady cunt Connie Ryan.

    Coach Crowley was an in betweener. His prick was always up because he had his peephole for pleasure. It was his balls that were down because what he saw he couldn't fuck namely Marcia Moresby. He needed a piece of ass Connie Ryan.

    Lucas Trimble had never felt so down in his life. He had fallen to the depths of despair when he tried that old toilet tube fucking trick. But he had been elevated by his cum with that Olive Oyle schoolteacher, Elvira Schellenberg. She was good, but she sure wasn't the best. Connie Ryan was the best.

    Vance Manning was upside-down. He thought he had reached the pinnacle of power when he discovered those sordid pictures of Boris Jerkovich's. But now life was a real downer ever since he had seen his girl Elvira Schellenberg getting fucked doggie-style in an alleyway. He wanted to get the old self right-side up, and he was gonna do it. His answer lay by his side: old law and order.

    Elvira Schellenberg had been down and out. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, her libido had been sparked for the first time and she was ready to make the hot-to-trot scene. And she knew how she would do it. She'd go down on Lucas Trimble, sucking that big cock of his to kingdom come.

    Connie Ryan and Tommy Trimble were sliding deeper and deeper into a shit-pot full of problems. They were truly in love, and they didn't want to stay in a fucked-up town where people knew them. They didn't want to join the ups and downs of a stupid roller-coaster ride. They wanted to go in one direction: Out.

    Eddie Beasly and Marcia Moresby were the only ones who weren't up and down. That's because they were laid flat out in the storage room of her father's hardware/grocery story, fucking and sucking their moronic brains out.

    The only one who was really down was Boris. And he lay six feet under, buried near the shit-filled waters of Lake Weed, put there by one Delbert Farley, under Vance Manning's orders. Christ, Delbert didn't even know who it was he was burying.

    And though it may appear to everybody on the outside that the above-mentioned names had a lot of ups and downs, everything was going to be settled once and for all. And the one who was going to bring law and order back to the whole crazy roller-coaster world of Weedville was Vance Manning. He was the one who started the solution to everything.

    After he had seen his girl getting fucked by Lucas Trimble, he vowed revenge.

    He planned out his revenge very carefully. Everything had to be just right before he started taking action.

    The first part of Vance's plan was simple. Fuck Elvira Schel1enberg show her who the head honcho of Weedville was going to be. Shit, after she had a taste of his prick, she'd never go searching for another cock.

    It was a Friday night. Elvira was going to see Lucas Trimble at ten o'clock that evening at his place. She was going to fuck him, then suck him, then do whatever came next. She was dressed to kill a chemise dress that looked like a square sheet on her bony body, but which Elvira considered to be her sexiest garment. Didn't that fashion editor in Vogue instruct skinny girls to wear horizontal stripes and sack like dresses?

    As Elvira looked at herself in the mirror, she knew she was in vogue. She puckered her lips, which was easy because Elvira's lips looked like she had been weaned on the hind udder of a gopher, and applied creamy, sticky lipstick.

    She smacked her lips, ran her long tongue over them.

    She was just about ready to apply some perfume between her toes when the doorbell rang.

    She hummed "Schooldays" as she went to the door. She opened it. Her lip sticked mouth opened wide in surprise.

    "Vance! What are you doing here?"

    "Just came to see my girl."

    Elvira shuddered. The wind coming through the door was icy-cold and it blew her dress like a mizzentop, and now Vance, for the first time in his life, could make out the faint outlines of her tits beneath the chemise.

    "My ass is freezin', Elvira. Can I come in or not?"

    Elvira had to let him in. After all, he had been the first male to show an interest in her. But why now? Why at eight o'clock, just two hours away from her fucking and-sucking date with Lucas?

    "S-Sure, Vance. Make yourself comfortable. Get a beer out of the fridge."

    Vance sauntered into the kitchen as Elvira glanced at her watch. Yep, eight o'clock.

    "Hey, what's all these cucumbers doing in your fridge? Half of 'em look all wilted and dead."

    "Oh. Oh! Oh! My darling cucumbers! Are any of them alive?" Elvira said in a high-pitched squeal, running into the kitchen.

    "Shit, they looked all fucked out to me."

    Elvira could just about die. Her poor cucumbers, the fat ones, the skinny ones, the wee ones, all had scaly little germmy things pasted on their shriveled skins.

    Elvira looked at her cucumbers sadly; they all looked like limp pricks to her. Big and little limp green pricks. But realizing that they looked like pricks reminded Elvira of the fact that she had had a real, live prick in her cunt. Why the hell did she need cucumbers any more? She wasn't a vegetarian any more she was a real live meateater. Carnivorous for cock.

    "Oh, I just forgot to throw them out, Vance," Elvira chortled.

    "Shit, they really stink, Elvira You better get rid of them tomorrow."

    "Oh, I will, Vance, I will!" Elvira said happily, throwing her arms around Vance in a quite-sudden move.

    Vance was shocked… at first. Then he remembered that scene in the alleyway with Elvira's merry mouth stuck in a garbagecan as she was being fucked doggie-style. She was merry now, too. Too merry for Vance.

    "What the hell was that for?"

    "0-Oh, because I'm in love with.. – (she wanted to say cocks and pricks, but Vance would surely think she had gone off the deep end).. with you, Vance!"

    "Well, I'm glad (which was a lie)," Vance said. "Because I love you so much I… I want to fuck you (which was false and true)."

    Fuck her? Elvira Schellenberg fucking Vance Manning? Well, wasn't he the first one to show any interest in her? And she had already been fucked by a man who barely knew her. Why not?

    "Yes, Vance! Let's fuck now!" Elvira then looked at her watch. It was eight-fifteen. "But we've got to hurry."

    Vance's hand was already gripping the hem of her dress, while his other sneaked behind her, gripping the zipper. He pulled Elvira's spindly body against him.

    Elvira was crushed in what she thought was a death grip. She gasped for breath as Vance struggled with the zipper.

    "Oh, Vance, don't hurry too much. Well, what I mean is let's do it fast, but let's not hurry."

    Vance wouldn't have understood Elvira if all of his 54-IQ braincells concentrated on what she had just said. There wasn't any more thinking to do, as far as he was concerned. All the thinking from here on was going to be done by his balls and cock.

    Elvira gasped. He really had a grip on her.

    Vance cursed at the goddamn zipper. Then angrily he jerked hard and her dress ripped from hemline to hemline.

    "Jesus Christ! Vance, that's my best dress!"

    "I'll buy ya another one," Vance mumbled as his greedy lips latched onto Elvira's long neck.

    Elvira tried to push Vance away. It was like trying to move a mountain.

    "Vance! Wait a minute! Jesus, your teeth are hurtin' me!"

    Vance wanted to grin, but his lips were pulled back in a snarl as his teeth sank very close to Elvira's pulsing jugular vein.

    Eivira squirmed. Her neatly coiffured hair was getting undone. Her makeup was running as her face broke out in drops of sweat. Jesus, what an animal!

    Vance was howling his hands were pawing everywhere now. His fingers gripped what flesh was on Elvira's taut ass. His other hand was on the elastic waistband of her teeny-weeny bikini panties. Rrrrrriiiippppp!

    Now her teeny-weeny bikini panties became two teeny-weeny halves. Vance threw the shredded nylon over his shoulder. He groveled in Elvira's tits, sucking her nipple, then biting down hard.


    His hands were squeezing the balls of her ass-cheeks into bigger balls.

    Elvira could feel her asshole being raped by Vance's thumb. She was beginning to feel agony all over her body. Her nipple felt as if it were being pinched by two dull razors. Her asshole felt as if a mini-cock were buggering her shit-hole. But the pain really doubled at her waist.

    Elvira looked down could see where Vance's bullet belt was scraping the skin just below her navel.

    "Vance. please! The least you can do is take off your clothes." "You take them off!" "What?" "I said you take tern off!"

    Elvira had never undressed a man's body before. And nobody had ever talked to her in that tone of voice before. She was starting to see what beasts men were.

    "I will not take off your clothes. You're not a baby."


    Elvira's head reeled from the sudden blow. Vance was shaking his fist right in front of her face.

    "Now, are you gonna take off my clothes, or do I have to cold-cock you again?"

    Elvira, who had been stunned almost senseless by the blow, shook her groggy head. Cold-cocked? No, she wanted to be hot-cocked. She wanted to be hot-cocked in her cunt and in her ass and in her mouth.

    "Well, are you gonna do it?" Vance screamed grabbing Elvira's skinny arms and shaking some sense into her.

    "Yes, I'll do anything you say. Just give me some hot cock."

    "All right, Elvira baby," Vance sneered. "Start taking off my clothes."

    Elvira nodded, her hands moving outwards, her fingers undoing the buttons of his shirt. Vance shrugged it off. She helped lift his undershirt over his head and arms. Vance tossed it aside. She undid the buckle of his belt, and law and order were laid to rest near his feet.

    "Come on, hurry up! I ain't got all night!"

    Neither did Elvira. She still had that date with Lucas Trimble's prick.

    She hurried. She undid the center button of his pants, unzipped his fly, then knelt down to shake his pants loose from his bull-like thighs. Hot cock was near her face. Vance stepped out of the pants, nudged both shoes off his feet; meanwhile his crotch had stayed pretty close to Elvira 's nose. God, she couldn't believe it-hot cock was so near, just behind the whiteness of those mangy shorts. She had to have hot cock.

    She grabbed the leg bands of Vance's shorts and pulled down hard.


    The goddamn bitch had snagged his cock on his Jockeys as she tugged them down and off his legs!

    "Goddamn, Elvira, be careful. Shit, you almost bruised my prick."

    Elvira apologized with her hands and lips. She grabbed Vance's hot cock, guiding it to her drooling mouth.

    "Uuuummmm," Vance moaned. The slippery tightness of her mouth felt so goddamn good he almost dropped his cock load right into her sucking mouth.

    "More, Elvira! More! Suck my prick hard!"

    Does a cock-sucking woman need any encouragement when she has a prick in her mouth? Hell no! Elvira sucked his prick-head hard. Then she tried to stuff all of his dick into her mouth, her hands moving around and getting a good grip on his sweaty, bulging ass, pulling his smelly crotch closer to her face.

    "Jesus Christ! Elvira, where'd you learn to suck cock! Uuuummmm!"

    Elvira was plainly and simply a good cocksucker a natural prick-blower. She hollowed her cheeks, sucked harder, forcing her lips down hard on the shaft as her tongue tickled his cock-head.

    She urged him on with her hands. Telling his ass to get into gear. Forcing him to shove his cock harder and deeper into her cock-ravenous mouth. She needed more cock to suck. She wanted to take his rod all the way down to her throat, feel her lips mizzling the hairs that surrounded the base of Vance's prick.

    Vance shoved his prick deep into Elvira's mouth. Christ, looking down at her gluey lips as she nibbled on his cock-shaft was making his asshole' clench, making his balls tingle.

    Elvira's lips moved back and forth on Vance's cock as he moaned and groaned. She had him coming and going, and she wasn't so bad off herself. Her cunt felt like a drainage ditch as cunt-ooze dribbled down her thighs, puddling beneath her crotch.

    Vance was ready to scream. He didn't want her, to stop cock sucking; but he had to. Just had to. Oooohhh, but her lips felt so fuckin' good on his prick! And the sight of her face as she munched heartily on his cock-she looked beautiful.

    "You look beautiful, Elvira."

    It was the first time Elvira had ever been called beautiful. Eddie Beasly had called her pretty once… pretty fucking ugly. But Vance had called her beautiful, and she felt beautiful as she bobbed her head and made her throat muscles constrict around Vance's tremendously big cock-head.

    Vance had to pull his prick away from her beautiful mouth; those cock-sucking lips of hers were driving him bananas, but he had to get away, pull his prick out so that he could stick it elsewhere.

    "Please, Elvira. No more. No more cock-sucking, please!"

    It was the first time in his life that he had had to beg a chick to stop blowing his prick. Come to think of it, it was the first time he had ever said please.

    Elvira shook her head, her teeth grinding gently on the knob of Vance's prick. No! Hell-fuck no! She wasn't getting off this prick until it fed her the cum that she wanted. She had never tasted cum, and she wanted to eat the whole thing.

    As usual, Vance had to resort to violence to get Elvira's hungry mouth away from his cock. Had she been Delbert Farley, her balls would have been up her belly, but since she wasn't Delbert Farley but a cock-sucking woman, he kicked her in the cunt gently.


    Elvira tumbled backwards, hands gripping the bruised lips of her pussy. She clamped her legs tightly over her hands, rolled from side to side, tears stinging her eyes.

    "Now, goddamn, Elvira! I didn't want to go and hurt ya like that. But, Christ, when I say stop sucking my prick, you gotta stop sucking my prick."

    "Oooohhhh, Vance. My cunt hurts! God! It hurts like hell! Oooohhhh!"

    Vance was truly sorry that he had hurt Elvira 's cunt. He had tried to kick her pussy as gently as possible. But trained killer that he was, a kick in the cunt was as potent as being gored by a buffalo.

    Then Vance didn't feel any sympathy at all for Elvira, when she rolled over onto her stomach and tried to get up. She was in that same goddamn doggy-position as the night she had been fucked by Lucas Trimble. The bitch!

    As Elvira tried to get up, Vance came tumbling down on her ass. Her legs and arms were splayed out flat from the heavy weight on her spine.

    "Aaiiieee! Please, Vance! Don't hurt me!"

    Now the shoe was on the other foot; Elvira was in Vance Manning's world now-a domain where everybody pleaded, begged for mercy. I-fe loved it!

    "I'm gonna fuck the living daylights outta that hot cunt of yours! My prick is gonna feel like my billy club was stuffed into your cunt! And you're gonna dig every inch of my cock, because I know you dig fucking! Bitch!"

    Flat on the ground as she was, her cunt wasn't a very good target for Vance. But he wasn't worried; he'd just jam his prick between her wide-spread legs and fuck whatever hole he found.

    He found her asshole.

    Elvira found her voice "You sonofabitch!


    Her ass felt as if it had been run through by a saber as Vance poured his prick into her tight, virgin asshole. Vance hunched back and forth vigorously, the sound of Elvira moaning and gasping sounding like sweet music to his ears.

    "You know you dig it, Elvira! You know you love my cock deep in your ass!"

    "Oooohhh, Vance! Please! My ass! It hurts so much! Please don't fuck me there. Fuck my cunt-please!"

    There was no way in hell that Vance was going to fuck Elvira's cunt. He wanted to fuck virgin flesh, and knowing that Lucas had taken the cherry of her cunt, he was going to fuck her cherry ass.

    He lunged hard, his prick wedging deeper into EIvira's clutching shit-chute.

    "Try to relax, Elvira. Then it'll feel really good."

    Elvira couldn't. The pain was so horrible that she felt she had to try and squeeze his cock out of her asshole, try to force his prick from invading any deeper.

    "Aaaiieee! Vance! No more, Vance! Please!"

    Vance's balls slapped wetly against Elvira's open cunt-lips. He soaked his cock in the delicious tightness of her asshole. Sweat streamed down his hairy chest onto Elvira's spindly spine. She was writhing beneath him, trying to wriggle away from his prick. But his hands had a tenacious grip on her hips, and every time she tried to move forward, Vance moved forward faster, thrusting his cock hard into her asshole as he pulled her against his crotch.

    Jesus! Elvira felt as if her ass were being split in two. The tight entrance of her asshole pained with every slip and slide of Vance's cock in her butt. And deep up her bowels, her ass felt bloated with agony, congested with torment.

    "Please, Vance! Don't fuck me in the ass any more! Please pull it out! I'll do anything. I'll suck your cock. I'll lick your balls. I'll eat your asshole-but please pull your prick out!"

    Vance couldn't hear what Elvira was mumbling into the nap of the carpet. He could only hear the sensuous slushy noise that his prick was making as it stabbed into Elvira's ass. God! The sensations were so fantastic. Ass-fucking sent him out of this world. Nothing was better than fucking some chick's asshole-especially when the chick didn't want a prick up her ass and she was tightening up her butt muscles all around his prick.

    Vance couldn't keep going much longer. His prick felt bloated and weighed down by the huge load of cum that was on the verge of exploding in Elvira's ass.

    Now his fuck-strokes were going faster and faster. And Elvira was screaming, moaning, writhing, shouting out her pain and tightening up her asshole against the agony.

    Vance came.

    A burst of sperm shot from his cock and drenched the inner tissues of her ass. "Aaaiieeee!! N-no, Vance! Stop! Please stop!"

    Her pleading drove him on. A second squirt of jizz shot from his bloated cock-head; and now he could feel the cum of his first wad start sliding out of Elvira's prick-filled asshole, dribbling down between their bodies and landing in a puddle beneath them.

    Another spirt, just as powerful as the first two.

    Elvira was trying desperately to reach out for the leg of the couch, wanting to grab something in order to move her drenched asshole away from that big prick. But Vance's prick had her ass pinned to the ground now, as his full weight lunged forward.

    "Ooooffff! Oh, God! Vance!"

    The last spurts of fuck-cream were coming out of his prick and his cock was already starting to shrink.

    Elvira gasped for breath. God, he was so heavy. She couldn't move, could barely breathe. She knew her asshole was bleeding, because it felt like someone was pouring a bucket of hot snot all over her poor asshole and cunt.

    At nine o'clock that same Friday night, Connie was licking Tommy's cum off her lips. She was dressed to kill-she was bare assed naked, which would have been enough to make an eighty-year old eunuch get his rocks off let along the thirteen-year-old boy that she was snug in a rug with.

    As Tommy lay on the carpet of Connie's apartment, his prick returning to normal size, he looked at Connie's face. Watched her lick off his gluey cum from those beautiful Mona Lisa lips, before he sat up and kissed her.

    "Mmmm, what was that for?"

    Tommy smiled nervously. "Because I've decided that we'd better tell my old man about our plans. He'll probably take out the old shotgun and fill out asses with birdshot, but at least we'll die together."

    Connie gasped. 'Tommy, don't talk like that!"

    "Well, he just might. Anyway, I'm gonna talk to him tonight. If he doesn't like it well, tough tittie, 'cause I'll just run away.

    "And leave me here in this fucked-up town?"

    "You know what I mean, Connie It'll always be me and you together."


    "Till death do us part."


    Vance was always good at following people. Shit, he hadn't spent a full year in the FBI without learning something about shadowing and following cars.

    Well, the car that he was following at nine forty-five was Elvira Schellenberg's bashed-in, mufflerless Vokkswagen as she headed for Lucas Trimble's place.

    Vance had been amazed when Elvira had come out of her apartment after he had just left. He couldn't believe that she was even walking straight after the ass-fucking he had just given her. Well, after tonight, she wouldn't be walking straight much longer.

    Vance drove straight ahead as Elvira turned her bug into Lucas' gravel driveway. He'd just go on ahead a little way, park the car, then walk back. Then, he'd wait until he caught them in the act, then he'd… Oh, shit, Vance couldn't wait until then!

    Lucas saw Elvira's headlights as she turned into his driveway. God, he couldn't believe it. What the fuck was the matter with him? Was he doing all his thinking with his bails lately, or was he really using his head?

    He glanced at his watch. Damn, Tommy was going to be home soon; his son had said that he and Eddie Beasly were going out to Lake Weed to catch snipes. l-lah! That little fucker wasn't sniping at all. Old Lucas Trimble knew that if his son had truly inherited his cunt-hound nature, the little pussy-hunter was out tracking chicks.

    Lucas crossed his fingers and hoped that Tommy wouldn't come home until late. Meanwhile, he'd really have to fuck Elvira as fast as hell, and get her out of his house before his son came home. Why the fuck had he made this date with Elvira in the first place and at his home?

    The doorbell rang.

    Lucas opened the door. Elvira gasped.

    Lucas was naked, his cock already erect,

    "Y-You're naked!"

    Lucas looked down at his cock. "Yeah, looks that way. Come on-hurry up and come inside. I can't wait to fuck."

    Elvira was confused, bewildered, Were all men like this? She could understand Lucas being blunt when they had had that dog-style fuck in the alleyway. She was drunk and he was horny.

    But now… shit, now it was supposed to be like a date. The kind of date where the man plied her with drink, fondled her tits gently to get her warmed up, eased off her clothes, put a couple of kisses on the wet and ready lips of her cunt before making the introduction of his cock into her pussy.

    Why, Lucas Trimble was no different than Vance Manning! They were just two assholes of a different color.

    "Well, don't just stand there, Elvira. Come on in before the whole neighborhood sees me. Shit, most of them think that this is just another school-board meeting."

    Elvira stumbled in the room, still stunned, but getting pretty pissed off with men.

    "Now get your panties off first, Elvira," Lucas instructed as he closed the door. "What?"

    "I said get out of your britches. Shit, we got a lot of fucking to do and not much time to do it

    Elvira was exasperated. Anger made her take a wide-legged stance and point a finger at Lucas' face. "You son of a bitch! All you want from me is pussy. Y-You don't give a damn for anything about me except what's between my legs. Isn't that true?" Lucas shook his head. Christ, he hoped that Tommy had found someone like Marcia Moresby, the kind of teenage chick that could take one fuck after another until it was time to go to church. "That's not true, Elvira. I think you're a fine teacher. A really good woman with all those asshole kids you have to put up with. Now, can we start fucking?" Elvira threw her purse against the couch. "No, we re not going to start fucking! I didn't just come over here to fuck! I didn't come over here like some hussy with a hot pussy looking for cock!" Lucas was getting mad "Then what the fuck did you come over here for?" Elvira opened her mouth, ready to blurt out her answer in anger when she discovered that there wasn't any answer to scream. Or at least unleash an answer that wouldn't sound like an outright lie. "I… I came over, I guess, because" "Because of Us!" Lucas finished up, shaking his prick at Elvira. "That's all you ever wanted from me, you whore-bitch. You've treated me like shit since that alleyway, making me think that you were a decent schoolteacher in a fine community like ours, when all you wanted was cock. Do you think I like to be treated like some male slut that's used and abused, then thrown away like some week-old Kotex?"

    Elvira stared in open-mouthed astonishment at Lucas. Those were her lines; that was what she was supposed to say. Wasn't it? She was the girl and he was the man. She was supposed to be shy and reluctant, he was supposed to be aggresive and dominant

    "I know women like you, Elvira. You just wanna use my cock a couple times, then, you wanna go find some other prick to fuck your pussy. You just want me for fucking, Elvira, not anything else, not love or money or happiness. Just good old rotten fucking and sucking."

    Elvira still couldn't believe what she had heard. Whoever had written their life stories had somehow gotten their roles reversed. Lucas had somehow gotten the script that she was supposed to read.

    "Now the air's cleared, Elvira, and I know the kind of woman you are. You're not just going to give me a slam bam thank you man type of fucking. Are you Elvira?"

    "N-No, I don't think so."

    "Then ditch those panties so we can get down to the thing that you want to do, disgusting though it is.

    Elvira lifted up her dress was ready to take off her panties when she remembered she wasn't wearing any. "See! See! See! I knew it, Elvira! I knew it! Your being pussy-assed naked beneath your dress only proves that you were going to just give me a quickie fuck and nothing else. You're a whore, Elvira! A whore!"

    Shit, she sure was feeling like a whore-at least with the way Lucas' logic prevailed.

    "All right. Just for that, slut-face, get on that couch and spread your legs. I'm gonna fuck you first. I'm gonna get my pleasure first. No more quickie fucks for me, you whore!"

    Elvira nodded her head, slumped down on the couch, leaned back and spread her cunt for Lucas.

    Lucas was down on his knees, one hand on his cock; guiding the hard rod into Elvira's hot and ready cunt. Her cunt had to be hot and ready, because that's how Lucas had already predicted her pussy would be. Shit, all the other predictions had come true, hadn't they?

    "Oooohhhh," Elvira moaned as Lucas' prick snaked into her pussy, spreading wide the lips of her twat.

    "That's more like it, Elvira. Now you better not come before me, or else it'll just prove how hot and hungry you were for my cock."

    Elvira couldn't help it. Her pussy was full of prick, and her tits were being smothered by Lucas' hot mouth, and she was already coming before they had even started fucking.

    "Lucas, honey! I can't help it! Your prick feels so goddamn good. Oh, God! I'm coomminngg! Coommiiinnngcg!!"

    "You slut!" Lucas gasped as he thrust his cock balls-deep into Elvira's clutching cunt. "Why couldn't you have waited! See, Elvira, you're just treatin' me like some piece of shit again."

    Elvira's thighs slapped against Lucas' legs, her calves were around his back, ankles crossed. She was pulling his prick in the hot and hungry meat of her pussy, forcing as much of his cock into her cunt as she could get. She could feel his balls slapping her asshole every time he made a complete lunge into her cunt. She could feel the hard shaft of his prick wedging open her cunt-lips as Lucas thrust home into her vibrating pussy.

    And through all the above, she was coming. Coming and coming, orgasming and climaxing. She felt as if there weren't any more comes left in her cunt, no more pleasure-tingling whirls in her tits, but there were. Her orgasms were endless; there just wasn't any light at the end of her climaxing tunnel.

    "Aaiieee!! More, Lucas! More! Shove it hard! Oh, God! I'm coming again! Please keep fucking! Don't stop!"

    "No way, you cock-teaser!" Lucas said as he pulled his prick out of Elvira's cunt, watching the lips of her putty squeeze close behind his withdrawing prick-head.

    "Lucas! Please! Ineed you to fuck me! Give me your cock!"

    "Now you know what it feels like on the other side of the shoe, you bitch! Now you know what it feels like to be left hanging! I bet you do that to all the cocks you fuck-huh, Elvira? I just bet you fuck 'em and forget 'em, not giving a shit whether they come or not."

    Elvira nodded many times. "Y-Yes, Lucas. Yes! Anything you say. I'm just a chauvinist sow. I don't give a damn whether a guy gets his rocks off or not. I just need to be satisfied so please, Lucas, fuck me again! Please fuck me! I wanta come so bad!"

    Lucas shook his head. "But first you gotta suck my cock. Then I'll give you the fucking that you want."

    "Yes; Lucas. Yes! I'll suck your cock! I'll suck anything you want me to-as long as you fuck me later."

    "Will you suck my prick until I come?"

    "Oh, yes, I'll suck your prick until you come!"

    "Will you lick my balls while my prick comes?"

    "Oh, yes; Lucas. I'll lick your balls while your prick comes!"

    "Then will you gobble up all my cum, clean my cock dry?"

    "Yes! I'll gobble up all your cum! Anything! As long as I get my fucking afterwards!"

    "Good," Lucas said, smiling triumphantly. "Then start sucking my prick."

    Before Lucas' ass cushioned into the easy chair, Elvira had already grabbed his prick and started sucking.

    Elvira's lips nibbled up and down the twitching shaft of his cock, cleaning the residue of her cunt juice from the hot barrel. Then she suctioned his cock-head, took more of the meaty shaft into her mouth, until her lips were touching the base of his prick.

    Lucas grunted. God, his cock felt as if it were on fire and the only thing to extinguish the flame was Elvira's moist mouth. Her head was bobbing hard and fast over his lap, her ups sucking up and down on his cock with eager, suctioning strokes.

    With Boris Jerkovich's fuck photos in one hand and his trusty.45 Magnum in the other, Vance Manning approached the window cautiously. He peered in. He gasped.

    That cock-sucking bitch Elvira his future fianc‚e and empress of Weedville, was sucking Lucas' cock like a man-hungry cannibal!

    Vance knew that he was going to find them like this; well, not really like this, not with Elvira showing so much eagerness for sucking Lucas' cock, not with Lucas sitting so passively while his prick was being devoured so actively by Elvira.

    What he wanted to find was Lucas on top of Elvira, fucking the shit out of her while she lay there passively and took her cock-fucking like a normal woman should without any ecstatic expressions, without any passionate moans.

    He blinked his eyes, and felt hot-blooded rage racing through his veins. He left the window in a huff.

    He went around and found the entrance. He was ready to ring the doorbell, but then thought better of it. He would blast the doorknob off first before kicking down the door. 'He raised the gun, sighted down the barrel at the shiny brass door handle.

    Bam! Ram! Ram!

    He lifted his foot and Kung-Fued the door. Before the smoke could clear, he was in the room, pointing the Magnum at Lucas Trimble's astonished face.

    Elvira was just turning her head towards the horrendous gunshots behind her, when Vance's.45 Magnum barked again.

    Ram! Ram! Bam!

    When bullets slam into a person's body, usually the victim is very surprised. However the hollow-point bullets that issued from Vance's gun did not catch Lucas Trimble by surprise as they slammed into his head, one right after another. He wasn't surprised he was dead.

    Only one person was surprised and that was Elvira. Surprised that the wet prick in her hand felt like an oversized limp noodle, disbelieving of the bullet holes in Lucas' forehead, shocked by the man of brains and blood that splattered like an abstract painting on the wall behind him. She was ready to puke.

    Vance moved quickly. He grabbed Elvira, stood her weak body up. Then spun her around.

    "You cock-sucking whore! All you want to do is suck a guy's cock. You don't give a damn for me you don't give a damn for Lucas Trimble. You just wanta have some cock fuckin' you all the time. Isn't that true, you whore?"

    Elvira was so dazed by what had happened, so stunned by the blood and brains that oozed down the wall, mining the abstract painting, that the only thing she could now remember as she was being lifted to her feet was that she had to suck somebody's cock and puke. She didn't know which to do first.

    She puked.

    All over Vance Manning's shiny Thorn McAnn's.

    "You mother-fucking whore! A cock-sucking girl like you deserves nothing but a prick to suck on! Here! Come here and suck my cock!"

    Vance had dropped his gun, the photos that he was going to show Elvira as their key to success and his pants as he berated Elvira. His prick was at full hardness, the foreskin peeling back from the head to expose the cock-slit.

    "On your knees, Elvira. Start sucking my prick!"

    Dizzy, stunned, bewildered what could she do except what others had told her to do since that fateful day in the alley?

    She kneeled before Vance's cock, took it into her lips and started sucking slowly, then harder, then faster, until her mind blocked out everything that had happened in the last twenty seconds. Now she sucked cock with relish, with a zeal and eagerness that could be readily seen and heard by Vance as her tongue wrapped around his cock-head before slithering down the shaft.

    "Goddamn; Elvira! You're the best cock-sucker in town. You're the best at eating prick, since-" Vance glanced down at the photos at his feet- "Connie Ryan."

    Elvira didn't hear what Vance had said, didn't want to hear anything that he was saying. She was too busy and too happy sucking his cock.

    But Tommy Trimble had heard Vance's words. He had heard them as he. came in from the back way. He had walked the ten miles from Connie's apartment with turmoiling thoughts in every stride.

    He knew that he had to tell his father about him and Connie, about the fact that they were going to leave town together and never return to Weedville.

    He knew his father was going to blow his stack. But as he peered through the crack of the kitchen door and into the living room, he had never thought that his father would literally blow his stack.

    Tommy wanted to retch and cry, wanted to puke and kill, wanted to hold his father tightly while at the same time wringing Vance's fat neck. Tears trickled down his cheeks. Now he wouldn't have to tell his father a thing. Now, everything was cleared up, he and Connie were free to leave Weedville and pass themselves off as mother and son in some other city.

    But Tommy knew he couldn't leave just at this moment. Not while his father's blood and brains were still warm on the living room wall with his killer no more than five feet away from the corpse, raping Miss Schellenberg.

    Tommy tiptoed quietly upstairs to his father's bedroom. He knew that he had to hurry, because he could hear Vance moaning and groaning, ready to come in poor Miss Schellenberg's raped mouth.

    "Is my prick as good as Lucas' prick, Elvira? Oh, God! Your cock-sucking lips are gonna make me come. Oh, shit! I could just die! I'm comminngggg! I'm shooting all over your face!"

    Elvira loved the feel of jism. She had never had a big stiff prick shooting in her face, and she loved it. Each splash of spew on her chin made her cunt-lips twitch and her twat juice ooze. God! And there was so much of his cum!

    Then rough hands were on her shoulders, shoving her to one side. She fell against Lucas' bloody body, and suddenly Elvira remembered everything that had happened in the last five minutes. She fainted.


    Happiness means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

    To a whore, happiness might mean establishing a profit sharing plan.

    To a eunuch, happiness might mean a medical breakthrough: The first testicle transplant.

    To Connie Ryan and Tommy Trimble, happiness was living in Bismarck, South Dakota, fucking and sucking happily while other fellow Bismarckians suspicioned that their mother-son relationship smelled of incest.

    To Elvira Schellenberg, who was not fondling her huge titties, happiness was getting all the cock from every man that had pumped Connie Ryan's pussy. Ever since she had recovered consciousness in Lucas Trimble's home and had found Vance Manning's head blown off and a shotgun resting in Lucas' arms, nothing but happy things had happened to her. Of course it helped when you had hundreds of beautiful fucking and sucking photographs of all the respectable male citizens of Weedville in order to blackmail them into keeping her as their mistress.

    Happiness for Coach Crowley was the fact that he could have his choice of pussy or ass any night of the week. The pussy came from his wife's slit, her pussy was always hungry for his cock. And the ass came from Elvira; mother-fucker! That skinny bitch had the tightest asshole in town.

    Happiness for Reverend Jordan Worthington was the salvation he had found after Connie Ryan had informed him that she no longer would fuck and suck him to heaven and back. Of course, his salvation wasn't as pretty or as fuckable as Connie but Elvira sure as sin was just as hot. What more could a man want who only fucked his wife once a year?

    Happiness for Martin Seaman was fucking Elvira between the titties and coming all over her face. At first he had wanted to cry when he first saw Elvira's titties-shit, they were no bigger than thimbles. But instead of giving all those on the house drinks down at the Buckaroo, he had charged the shit-kickers double. And he had had more than enough dough to send Elvira out to Hollywood to have her tits remade by the same surgeon that had worked on Racquel and Virna and Marilyn and.. and countless other false titted girls with false names.

    Happiness for Jason Moresby was the fact that he had been elected the first new mayor of Weedville since the winter of '46. God, he was even thinking of running for state congressman until Evira waved those scandal-ridden photos of him and Connie in his face. Shit, Jason knew that there were at least eight other Weedvillians who were keeping her pussy happy shit, what a greedy, cock-hungry bitch.

    Happiness for Eddie Beasly was fucking Marsha Moresby in the ass, in the cunt, between the tits, behind the ears, in the mouth, anywhere that Marsha moaned for his cock.

    Happiness for Delbert Farley, the new sheriff, was finding that his balls were all right and clearing up all those murders that had shocked the shit out of the God-fearing citizens of Weedville. Knowing that he had had to do something, Delbert had, for the official record, decided that the deaths of Lucas Trimble and Vance Manning was a double suicide.

    When Weedvillians were dubious about that one, Delbert had proved his theory to be correct. He had gone out and dug up Boris Jerkovich's body, pinning the murder of the literally dirty old man on Vance and Lucas, who were in cahoots together.

    Delbert's voice had quavered when he had to ashamedly admit to the town's people that "You see old Lucas and Vance were gonna take over this town. But old Jerky here had overheard their plans. So they had to kill him. Since it was the first time they had committed a mortal sin, they were feeling real bad about it and they decided to sit dawn, aim at each other's heads and pull the triggers at the same time."

    To which the majority of the wiser heads of Weedville said "Oh."

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