• Kidnapped Teen PART ONE
  • X'd PART ONE


    Kidnapped teen

    Kidnapped Teen


    I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Johnny was bad enough… but… Hank, and Bill, and T-Bird… all four of them… corning closer and closer.

    I cried out… I begged them to reconsider what they were doing.

    But it did no good.

    They kept coming closer, stopping only to tip the bottle of cheap tequila up to their mouths.

    And then, their hands were on me…

    How many times have we heard of one media report or another telling us that sexual activity starts younger in our children these days.

    Our mothers wondered what shoes to wear with what dress when they prepared themselves for a date. Our daughters are faced with a similar question, whether to wear the leather panties, the crotchless or the edibles.

    Ah love… ah life. Most of the experts (if anyone really has faith in THAT designation anymore) agree that this trend is a healthy one. It's a meaner world that faces our children than the one our parents knew. It should, therefore, be prepared for earlier, and the rituals of love and sex should naturally be an integral part of that preparation.

    So say the experts.

    But one can't help wonder are young minds and young personalities ready to cope with the wild extremes of emotion that accompany serious sexual activity?

    Rejection is difficult enough at any age, but when one has scarcely scratched the surface of the question, "Who am I?" can he reasonably be expected to handle a painful rejection? Is there, perhaps, an increased danger that extremes of emotion, ill prepared for, could produce extreme reactions?

    The following story would indicate that this is the case. Read for yourself, and decide.

    I was talking to my friend, Mary Beth Rogers.

    Or, rather, she was talking to me.

    "Junella Simpson, you are really too, too much! You deserve better."

    "Mary Beth, you just don't understand him. There's a soft side to him… really. Johnny's… I don't know… he's afraid that people are going to brush him off…"

    "I know. So he pounds them into the dirt before hand, just to keep things in gear."

    "Well… I'll admit, he does have a temper."

    "Oh, give me a break, Junella. That's like saying Anne Boleyn had a headache!"

    "No… you give him a break!"

    "Like he gave Harry Robbins?"

    I was afraid she'd mention that.

    Johnny and Harry had both been thrown out of school for a week because they were fighting. Harry, however, in addition to the failing grades, was also going to have a big hospital bill. Johnny had broken his arm and his nose.

    "And another thing," she went on, knowing when she had me at a disadvantage and pressing it to the fullest extent possible, "the morons that he hangs out with are even worse."

    She was referring to Hank Smoot, Bill Scogg, and Ernie, a.k.a. T-Bird, only one of whom, T-Bird, was still in school, and he was walking a thin line himself.

    "I know," I finally had to admit. I didn't like hearing what she was telling me, but it was hard to argue with her.

    "You know it's the truth," she pressed.


    "I mean… you can't have opinions about truth. It's just…"

    "Mary Beth! You do not have to rub my face in the mud! All right?"

    "Easy girl… don't be so sensitive."

    But I knew she was right. I just didn't like hearing it.

    "What do you see in him, anyway?"

    I took a moment before answering. I could have said the same crap about seeing a different side to him than he showed to everyone else… a soft side… a sensitive side…

    I could have said that I knew there was potential there, that he could develop into a first-rate human being…

    I could have said that he needed me… that without someone like me to care for him, he'd just go down the tubes…

    I could have said any or all of those, but I didn't, because it would have all been bullshit!

    I knew it, and Mary Beth knew it.

    If there is such a thing as redeeming social value, Johnny Waddell was NOT the person the term had been coined to describe.

    The sonfabitch was worthless, and I knew it.

    Miserable human being.

    He lied.

    He stole… from his mother, his sister, from my mother and from me…

    He beat up on anyone who got in his way or who wouldn't give him what he wanted…

    Me included.

    In fact, the first time he took me out, he raped me.

    That's right.

    Just up and raped the shit out of me.

    "This isn't the way to Center City, is it?" I'd asked him when I saw that there were less and less houses.

    "I told you," he mumbled in that quaintly inarticulate way of his, "it's a short-cut."

    "Yeah… well, usually when my daddy takes a short-cut, we get lost."

    He smirked, and then he casually looked my way. "Well, some short-cuts are shorter than others."

    "Listen," I said, "I think I want to go back now."

    "You do, huh?"

    "Yeah… I do. Can you turn the car around?"

    "In a minute."

    "Why? Why not now?"

    "Because we aren't where we're going to be, when we get there, that is."

    "Where's that?" I asked, getting more and more scared.

    "Where we're going."

    Then, looking levelly at me, he said, "You ask one fuck of a lot of questions. Ain't anyone ever told you that women should keep their fucking mouths shut?"

    "NO! No one ever told me that. And furthermore…"

    "You're wrong. You just been told."

    I was going to say something, but then he started to slow the car down. "Where are we going? Where are you taking me?"

    He smiled. "You'll see. You're gonna like it."

    "No I won't. Let me go! Let me out."

    "Hang on, would you?" he asked, acting like I was getting all worked up over nothing and wouldn't I feel silly once I realized that I'd just been over-reacting…

    Well, I wasn't over-reacting. I was being taken down a tiny dirt road, a real backwoods washboard road, and then, suddenly, he stopped the car, and the thing had been making so much noise before, rattling and shaking over the bumpy road, that the sudden silence was jarring. Frightening… almost as frightening as the look on Johnny's face reflecting the moonlight.

    "Where are we?" I asked. I cursed inwardly at the way my voice was shaking.

    "Where do you think?"

    "I… I don't know."

    "We're at the playground."

    I looked around. I couldn't see anything but trees.

    "What are you talking about?"

    "I'm talking about the fact that now you and me… we play."

    "You stay right where you are," I said as he slid across the seat anyway.

    "Don't be that way, Junella," he said. "Don't. It's real unfriendly."

    "You get back. I never let a boy kiss me on the first date."

    "Suits fuck out of me," he said. "I'll forego that and get straight to the good shit."

    "You leave me alone!" I shouted.

    "Ain't no point in you shouting at me," he said, "or shouting at all, for that matter. No one's ever going to hear you out here."

    "Johnny… please…"

    "There's an old saying. 'Put out, or get out.' You ever hear of that saying?"

    My hands and my voice were both shaking terribly by now, and I didn't have the faintest idea what I was going to do next.

    "What's it going to be?" he asked. "You going to put out, or are you going to get out?"

    "I… I…"

    Then, I realized. The bastard… he was bluffing.

    "You aren't ever going to lay a hand on me, that's for sure."


    He opened the door to his side, got out, walked around the big car and opened my door.

    "Don't you think I'm polite? Opening the door for my date? Come on… get your ass out."

    "Johnny! You can't be serious! Stop kidding."

    He didn't say anything for a moment. Then he said, "Look, could you hurry it up? I don't have all night."

    I realized he wasn't kidding. At all.

    I started to cry.

    "Oh shit…" he said, annoyed. "You're going to stain my new seat covers. Damn! I just put the fuckers in… look, would you get the fuck out of my car? I'm getting tired of this."

    He reached into the car and grabbed me by the wrist. "You're going to have to learn that when I say something, you stupid slimy cunt, you'd best do it, and the first time I say it, too!"

    He pulled.

    I started to pull back.

    He pulled harder.

    I pulled back harder.

    "Oh, I see. You don't want to get out huh? That leaves you with one option."

    And with that, he jumped in on top of me.

    "Johnny," I screamed, but it was already too late.

    His hand was starting to creep up my thighs, and I felt his fingers pressing against my panties.

    "Lord, now don't that feel nice," he said, "all wet, and juicy… you must have known I was coming and got ready, huh?"

    He stuck his fingers underneath my panties then, pulling the crotch piece off my cunt lips.

    "Look at that, would you? I've never felt a pussy that was, hotter or wetter. Say, are you a virgin? Or what?"

    I couldn't believe it was happening to me.

    There was a sharp burst of fear plowing through my body, like the blade of a sword, and it felt like it was cutting my guts out.

    I couldn't move.

    I couldn't think… and I couldn't react.

    All I could do was feel… feel his fingers scraping over my cunt… feel my clit throbbing and aching…

    I felt a pressure inside my body, and although I wasn't thinking well, I was worried.

    I paid it no attention though.

    I figured that if it was in my cunt, and I was afraid, well, naturally I was afraid of rape.


    Well, his fingers started to spread my pussy lips, and soon, they were snaking right up into my cunt hole.

    I felt the muscle around the rim closing in real tight, but there wasn't anything I could do to keep his fingers from entering me… he was much much stronger than I was.

    Back in the days before he started doing drugs, Johnny had played football for the team, and now, even though his coordination wasn't worth the effort for him to even go out for the team, his muscles were still well-developed… and like I said, he got in a lot of extra practice beating people into the dirt and all.

    Well, he wasn't going to have to beat me into the dirt.

    I felt that big meaty arm of his clamp around my neck and start to squeeze, and decided right then and there that the scars from rape would heal a lot faster than the scars from death, so I went all limp, letting my muscles sag and relax, and he just moved right in, piling his fingers up into my cunt.

    I groaned from the pain, but I stopped fighting him.

    I knew that I wanted to live, and at that moment, I didn't trust him to let me, if I fought him, that is.

    He pulled my dress up, and then, gripping the waistband of my panties, he pulled real hard on it, just yanked as hard as he possibly could, and I felt the material tear.

    I felt another burst of fear… at least I thought it was fear, but the truth is, I was too worked up and hyper-charged with adrenalin to know what I was feeling, to know what I was thinking, to know what was happening to me.

    I just felt my nerves alt starting to explode, all through my body, and I felt my muscles starting to twitch, and to jerk, and I just knew that I was going to be in for one rough time.

    I didn't know how rough… but I figured that he was going to beat me, and make me bleed, and I suddenly had weird thoughts about a trial, and I saw me staggering into a police station, and I saw the local cops sitting around, laughing at me, saying things like, "You're sure now, little lady, that you didn't give him the tiniest bit of encouragement…?"

    And then, I felt Johnny's hands on my thighs, lifting them up off the car seat.

    I was crying.

    "Please… just be gentle… don't hurt me… please… don't hurt me."

    He reached his hand down to my mouth, started to squeeze with his fingers, and he said, "You don't worry about a thing, Baby. I'll take care of you. Old Johnny and his cock'll take real good care of you."

    He laughed then, a sharp, harsh, nasty laugh, and stuck his fingers into my cunt again.

    "I think you done had your cherry popped, didn't you?"

    I didn't say anything, but any fool could have figured that out.

    "I guess old Clyde got a chance to dip his wick after all, didn't he?"

    Johnny was talking about Clyde Potter, my very first boyfriend, and I thought for a while that he'd be the only man I'd ever love.

    But then he went away to college, and so to getting even, I stopped loving him.

    I guess I showed him.

    But now, I was wishing that it could be Clyde's fingers up my cunt instead of Johnny's.

    Clyde was gentle, and he really knew how to take care of me.

    He could make me come almost every time, and he never hardly shot off too quick.

    That's what I was thinking at the time, anyway.

    But Johnny, he was being just as rough with me as he knew how.

    Two fingers… three… stuffing them up into my hole and then spreading them apart as far as he could possibly stretch my hole.

    I felt tissues that I'd never even known about sending out sharp signals of pain.

    I started to cry.

    Real hard.

    "Damn," muttered Johnny, "all over the seat covers again."

    "Well to hell with your fucking seat covers," I yelled at him.

    That seemed to take him by surprise for just a second but then I heard him laugh in the darkness.

    "Yeah… that's what I like. A woman with a little fight in her. Come on, Darling! Yell at me again."

    I said nothing. In the pale glow of the moonlight, I could see him grinning like a cat… or a skull.

    I didn't know which, but neither one was anything I wanted to be around.

    He suddenly slapped me on the side of my thigh.

    "Come on, Darling," he said again. "I want to hear you get pissed off. Yell at me a little. Let's see a little spunk!"

    He slapped me again.

    "You piece of shit," I said, but I said it softly, not yelling.

    "There you go," Johnny cried, enthusiastically. He forced me over on my side and gave me a hard slap on my naked ass.

    "You stupid asshole," I yelled.

    "Hey hey!!! That's what I want to hear."

    He slapped me again.

    It was starting to hurt.

    He stuck a couple of fingers back in my cunt again, and slapped me two or three more times on the ass, each time hitting me harder and harder.

    "Stop it. stop it!!!" I yelled.

    "No… you stupid cunt. I'm not going to stop it. Not until I'm good and ready."

    There was something in his voice that I heard then, something that I hadn't heard before.

    It turned my blood to ice and made all my muscles go rigid from fear.

    He sounded like one of the most dangerous people I'd ever been in contact with.

    I realized then that he was crazy, and that I was in danger.

    I didn't want to die.

    But I knew that I was hopelessly defenseless against him.

    He slapped me four or five more times, each one solidly applied to my ass cheeks, each one stinging like flames, and each one hurting me bad, so bad the tears were spurting from my eyes.

    "Stop, Johnny," I said again, and again… I don't know how many times I said it, begging him. He completely ignored me. He was a sadistic beast.

    And then, I heard the final sound, the one that I'd been dreading the most.

    I heard his zipper coming down.

    He pulled his cock out.

    Even in the dim light, I could see the shape of the thing. It was huge. It was a monster.

    "Oh… my… God…" I said, astounded.

    I realized that I had about thirty seconds of life left… and then my body would be split wide open, ripped from my cunt right up the middle… and I'd bleed slowly to death…

    Well… maybe I was being a little melodramatic, but I knew that Clyde cock had never been that big… and I didn't think that cocks could grow that big.

    Ten inches.

    That's what it was.

    A ten inch cock. Two inches across.

    My pussy was already screaming in pain, just from the thought of that thing pressing into it… squeezing against it.

    I felt him pull my legs apart, and suddenly, in a fit of blind panic, I started to scream, babbling incoherently, and struggling.

    He reached between my legs, grabbed a handful of my pubic hair and started to pull on it.

    "Ease up, Doll," he said calmly. "I can get mean. Really mean. I don't want to… but I will."

    I kept on shouting, screaming… crying… babbling, and then, he slapped me.

    Not on the thigh… not on my ass… but on my cunt. Brought the backs of his fingers down sharply across my wet, exposed slit.

    It was like he'd pounded a sharp spike into my cunt.

    I screamed, even more loudly, but I stopped struggling.

    "Yeah," he said, "that's better."

    Then, he climbed on top of me, pressed the swollen head of his cock against my cunt and started to shove it into me.

    Well… he didn't shove it into me yet… he just shoved. My hole was just too tiny and narrow to let him in.

    But that didn't stop him from trying.

    He was a hard bastard, and stubborn, and he didn't even make an attempt to be gentle, to try to work it in a little bit at a time.

    He just shoved.

    In fact, that's as good a phrase as any to describe Johnny's approach, not only to sex, but to the whole world.

    If it won't fit, force it.

    He forced it all right.

    He forced the tight hole between my thighs to open, even though there was no way that it should have happened.

    The pain was the worst thing that I'd ever experienced in my life… worse than anything I'd have imagined possible.

    He never stopped, either. No point where he rested a moment, maybe pulled back on his cock to spread the juice around, (for there WAS juice inside my pussy, and lots of it), nothing like that at all.

    He just rammed onward, deeper and deeper and deeper, until I felt that huge, mushroom-shaped glans pressing against the back wall of my pussy.

    That was a shock.

    I'd never really known how deep my cunt was before.

    Clyde's cock had never shown me, that was for sure.

    I'd played with myself, stuffed things into myself, but I'd never plumbed the depths of my cunt to see how much cock it could hold.

    I'd never had a cock that needed to find out.

    Now, I knew how deep my cunt was.

    I could feel the entire inner chamber for the first time in my life… and the amazing thing was, when I brought my fingers up to the opening, I could feel that there was still some of Johnny's cock left on the outside.

    "I guess I'm too small, huh?" I said.

    That, of course, was a mistake.

    "You don't think I'm through with you, do you?" he said.

    I didn't have any response to that, but I knew what was coming.

    It was.

    He just leaned all his weight against his cock, pressing it against the bottom wall of my cunt well, and I just knew it was going to split open.

    But I got my first lesson in what the body is able to tolerate, that evening.

    The walls of my cunt are much more elastic than I'd realized, and the thing hurt like hell, pressing against me, but it didn't split me open, the way I'd feared.

    It stretched me.

    And stretched… and stretched… and stretched…

    I screamed… I was writhing beneath him… squirming hard.

    The pain was like sharp razor blades slicing through the inside of my pussy.

    I couldn't stand it, but there was nothing I could do to make it stop.

    He kept pushing… and finally, to my amazement, I began to feel something new.

    It was a light tapping sensation… and it was slapping against my cunt slit… and I realized then that it was the sack of his balls. He had pushed his cock all the way into my cunt!

    "There you go," he said, sounding pleased with himself. "I knew you weren't too tiny."

    I don't remember what I said. I just know that I was incoherent from the pain, and still totally dazed from shock and fear, and disbelief that this was really happening to me.

    Then he said, "Now, you're going to feel what a real cock is like fucking you."

    He raised his ass up off my body, pulling his cock out with it.

    That huge meat roll scraping back over my tortured cunt walls hurt almost as much going out as it did going in.

    But it did accomplish one thing, and that was to spread the thick juices that had accumulated inside my pussy all over the walls, and particularly along the rim of my cunt hole.

    That was the spot that was the most hurt by the entry of that massive cock.

    Then, he reached the opening of my cunt with his glans, and I braced myself for another harsh plunge.

    It came, about as I'd expected it would.

    A quick jabbing thrust sending the full length of his cock plunging back into me.

    I screamed, and I felt something inside me tear.

    I was certain that he'd gotten the angle wrong that time and that he'd pierced the wall of my cunt.

    But he just laughed.

    "You worry too much," he said.

    "Oh God, it hurts, it hurt… it hurts so bad…"

    "Yeah? Well, a little pain's good for you. It never hurt anyone."

    "Johnny… why are you doing this?"

    I still didn't understand that. I would have probably fucked him anyway… maybe not that night, but I'd have given in. That's the reason I went out with him in the first place, because I wanted a guy who would treat me like a sex object for a change.

    But of course, all of those thoughts had been forgotten when he started to attack me.

    Suddenly Clyde had started to look real good again.

    I felt his cock savage the inside of my cunt, and then do it over and over and over.

    Harder. Faster.

    Faster still.

    Harder and harder…

    I could see that there was a look of demented determination on his face. He was breathing hard… and there were strange gurgling noises coming from his throat.

    I have to say, the man scared me to death.

    But there was something else, along with the fear, and up until now, it had been obscured in the blast of adrenalin that had been flowing through my veins, the gut-wrenching panic that seized me like a cold, icy fist.

    Now… I realized that there was also a sensation of heat.

    In the depths of my cunt… along the surface… between my pussy lips…

    I felt my clit give out with a twinge every time his cock pulled out, or shoved back in.

    I hadn't been paying any attention to it, but now, there was no longer any way that I could ignore it.

    I felt the juices inside my pussy, and they had grown so thick, the initial sensation of rubbing and scraping had largely given over to a feeling of pleasant friction… a friction that was almost perfectly suited to the sensitivity of her cunt walls.

    In and out… in and out…

    He was going as fast as ever… and as hard as always… but somehow, it didn't seem as mean… it didn't seem as horrible… I was… (have you guessed) starting to enjoy it. And the sensation crept up on me so insidiously that I wasn't even aware of the fact till long after it had me locked in its grip, as helplessly captive as when I'd been paralyzed by fear.

    I felt the sensations gathering now, all of then starting to focus directly on my pussy.

    With every stroke of his cock, I had a feeling of floating… of being swept up into the air… of being carried higher and higher…

    The juices from my pussy were covering my cunt… my thighs, my pubic bush… his pubic bush…

    We were slipping and sliding against each other… we were grinding our hips against each other… and I realized then that I was helping him along. It was no longer Johnny raping me… we were both fucking each other.

    As his cock plowed down into my cunt, I was raising my hips, thrusting them up at him to increase the pressure of his cock as it slammed down into my hole.

    I moved with him, matching him thrust for thrust… and with each stroke, I was moving closer and closer to madness.

    I started to scream again, but this time, I wasn't screaming for him to stop.

    I didn't realize exactly what I WAS saying until after I'd been babbling the words for a while.

    "Don't stop," I gasped. "Don't stop. Please… don't stop. Oh, don't ever stop…"

    And suddenly, we both realized what was happening… and I think he was just as shocked as I was.

    "What the fuck did you say?" he asked in disbelief.

    "Don't talk. Fuck," I said.

    "Look," he replied, starting to sound annoyed, "no bitch gives me instructions…"

    "Either fuck me or let me go, asshole, but shut up! All right?"

    He shut up… and he fucked.

    Like a man possessed.

    I came in a wild fury of muscle spasms and sloppy wet sounds of his cock sliding in and out of the mushy swamp of my aroused pussy flesh. He came with me… I don't suppose he was able to hold back once he felt my hips starting to go crazy. I slammed them against him twice for every single stroke of his cock by that time. I was totally out of my head. Totally crazed. And beyond sensation. I was delirious.

    "Yes… yes… yes… yes… yes… yes… yes… yes…" I said, over and over.

    He just stared down at me, still looking dazed, while his cock spurted into my cunt.

    I felt the juices getting much thicker, and now it was all my own hip movement that was keeping the friction and the sensation alive inside my pussy.

    He was acting like he was too shocked to move. I don't suppose that was exactly the attitude he was looking for, but I didn't care. I was coming harder, and it was lasting longer, than had ever happened before in my life.

    Nothing was going to interfere with my pleasure.

    Not even his cock.

    His jism was starting to squeeze out the side of his cock, oozing between his cock and the rim of my cunt hole, and I ran my fingers along the edge, letting the goo gather on the tips.

    Then, once more to his wondering eyes, I licked my fingers clean.

    I didn't care what he thought.

    If he couldn't handle it, he had no business fucking me in the first place.

    I was hot… aroused, and I felt raunchy, dirty, filthy, and I didn't care who knew it.

    "You look surprised," I said after we finally slowed down to catch our breath.



    "Why do you think?"

    "Don't know. That's why I asked, dumb fuck."

    Earlier, that would have probably earned me a black eye. Now, I could say anything I wanted and he didn't dare net mad.

    I had learned a very important lesson. I wasn't sure what it was, exactly… I mean, I hadn't exactly put it into words… but I knew that it might be useful.

    Unfortunately, I also had a lot more to learn… all of it about Johnny.

    And I learned it too. Very rapidly.


    But of course, I couldn't have told Mary Beth that. No one knew. No body had any idea that Johnny had raped me on our first date… and that I'd come so hard that I made him fuck me again that night before taking me back… and that I'd tried to suck him off as we drove home that night but his cock wouldn't get hard after coming twice in less than an hour.

    I'd spent the rest of that night in a kind of dream world. I couldn't believe what had happened.

    I couldn't believe I'd acted the way I had.

    But… like Mary Beth is always fond of saying… truth is truth, and you can't have opinions about truth.

    It had happened… but so had many other things since then.

    And it was those things that Mary Beth was talking about when she told me that I was a fool to stay with Johnny.

    "Tommy Allen wants to take you to the spring dance, Junella, and I think you'd be a fool to turn him down."

    "Mary Beth, Tommy Allen's a nice boy. I like him. We have a lot of fun in study hall. Why ever would I do something mean to him like go to the dance with him?"

    "I don't get it."

    "Mary Beth… if I told Tommy Allen that I was going to the dance with him, are you saying that Johnny wouldn't find out? Don't be silly. And if Johnny finds out, are you saying he wouldn't beat Tommy so bad he'd never be able to walk or talk right again? Don't be even sillier. It wouldn't be fair to Tommy. Besides, if I try to break up with Johnny, you know what he'll do to me… and I don't need that, thank you."

    "You are a fool! You are a little, brainwashed fool! This is 1983, for God's sake. What's it take to bring you up to date. Women have been fighting for their rights, Junella. Go buy a newspaper. They talk about it all the time. It's okay for us to come now when we fuck, and it's okay for us to say that we don't like getting our lips split wide open just because we don't want to go out with a guy. They call them laws, Junella, and they're meant to protect us."

    "Bullshit. They'll punish Johnny, maybe, if he does something to me, but there isn't a thing in the world that'll protect me if he decides that I'm two-timing on him. He'll kill me, Mary Beth, and you know it."

    I knew it too.

    It had nearly happened once before.

    I'd thought about leaving Johnny… and I couldn't. I mean… I loved him… I thought.

    I loved his cock. I know that.

    But there were things that he'd do to me that I just didn't like too much.

    Like the time we were at the Kwikburger, and he was drunk as usual, and we were eating hamburgers and drinking our milk shakes, and Hank and Bill and T-Bird pulled up next to Johnny's car.

    Now, the Kwikburger is just about the only spot in town where you can go after a date, unless you want to drive over to Center City, and no one did that on a week night, so there were a lot of cars there… and I knew just about everyone.

    "What's happening, folks," said Hank, sticking his head in the window on my side.

    "Just having a little snack," I said, being polite. I wasn't real fond of Johnny's friends, but I knew better than to make a big scene about it.

    He wouldn't be real nice to me if I talked down about his friends to him.

    They knew that I didn't like them too much either… but they were polite enough to me… until that night, anyway.

    Johnny finished chewing up what was in his mouth and then he said to me, "That's not what they're talking about. They can see we're having a snack. They want to know what we was doing before we came here."

    I smiled my prettiest. I was pissed inside, but I knew better than to show it.

    "We went out for a ride."

    "Yeah," said Johnny, "and after we rode around for about five minutes, we got to where we were going and then we fucked."

    The three of them started to snicker. Bill said, "Oh, gosh… I reckon we shouldn't have pried, huh?"

    "Why not. I did. Hey Junella, show them your hickey."

    Well, my cheeks were already burning, and I was just about fit to be tied, and I got real pissed and just up and poured my Coke over Johnny's head.

    Bill and Hank and T-Bird just stared in silence, saying nothing at all. Everybody knew about Johnny's temper.

    I turned to Hank and I said, "Would you please get out of the way of the door. I'm getting out."

    "The fucking hell you are," said Johnny, calm as he could be.

    "Don't you say a word to me, Johnny Waddell! You're an uncouth pig, and you aren't fit to be let outside without a leash and a muzzle."

    And then, I slapped him.

    By this time, some other people nearby noticed what was going on.

    Johnny turned to T-Bird and said, "Ernie, take this for me, would you," handing him the curb-service tray that had been fixed to the window, "and pay for the bill. We'll settle later."

    He started the car.

    "You let me out of here, Johnny Waddell," I said, and then opened the door.

    He reached for my dress and jerked me back onto the seat, tearing the material.

    "You aren't going anywhere. Hank, shut the door."

    "Help!!" I screamed.

    He slapped me.

    He reached over me and slammed the door shut himself, saying to Hank, "Thank's good buddy. We'll settle later too."

    Hank looked a little scared.

    A few people had gotten out of their cars, and they were looking like they thought SOMEONE should help me… not them, necessarily, but someone should do something.

    No one did anything.

    Johnny screeched out of the parking lot peeling rubber and leaving a cloud of thick, acrid smoke, and within a couple of seconds, he was out of the city limits, flying down the road at about a hundred miles an hour.

    "Slow down, Johnny," I said, really scared. I didn't even care at that point if he beat me up. I just didn't want to wind up wrapped around a telephone pole.

    He didn't say anything.

    "Johnny, you didn't have to talk that way about me to your friends."

    "I'll do anything I damn well please, and if you don't like it, you fucking keep your mouth shut and put up with it anyway. You hear?"


    He slapped me, never even looking at me. His hand ripped across my face.

    I tasted blood on my lip where he'd connected.

    "You motherfucker. You shitass pig. I hate you. I HATE YOU!!"

    He hit me again.

    I went crazy and jumped him.

    Now… I'm sure there are those of you who will argue that jumping a maniac when he's got the gas pedal floored is not the brightest thing to do.

    Neither was going out with Johnny Waddell in the first place. I just couldn't seem to find myself where he was concerned.

    I wrapped my hands around his neck and started to squeeze, but that was stupid.

    I could hardly get them all the way around, even using both hands at the same time.

    He placed his big paw against my tits, and first, he squeezed them hard… real hard… and then he shoved me backwards against the door on the passenger's side.

    I felt dizzy for a moment, and then I felt nauseous, and then I felt like my head was coming open.

    He slowed down.

    "Johnny, what are you going to do to me?"

    Then, I started to get scared.

    There was nothing around but the dark night, trees… and a deserted road down which I hadn't seen the first car running besides the one I was in.

    He didn't say a thing.

    He just pulled off the road, and slowed to a stop.

    "Johnny, don't hurt me."

    He sat there thinking… and thinking… like he was pondering all the options that were before him.

    I knew he was going to hurt me. Or at least, I knew he wanted to hurt me. The only thing he wasn't sure of was how badly he was going to hurt me, and whether or not he'd let me live, or just go ahead and kill me after he'd gotten his rocks off and take his chances.

    Finally, he said, "Get out of the car."

    "Johnny…" I replied, my voice shaking real badly.

    "Don't fuck any more with my head. Just get the kick out of the car."

    I didn't want to get him any more upset than he already was.

    So, I opened the door.

    At first, I thought that maybe he was going to just drive off and leave me there, but then I heard the door on his side open as well.

    I was really getting scared.

    There wasn't even a moon this night.

    I could hardly see my hand in front of my face.

    The sky was a slightly paler shade of black than the thick forest surrounding us, and I could just make out the shapes of the trees along the roadside.

    "Take your clothes off," he said to me.

    I was crying real hard now.

    "Johnny… don't do this… you don't need to do it… please… please…"

    "I said, take your clothes off, honey."

    "But… but…"

    "But!? Don't fucking give me any shit! You do what I say, or you're going to be real sorry. Real sorry indeed. You hear me?"

    I said no more.

    Instead, I unbuttoned my blouse. I unsnapped my jeans. I pulled the zipper down.

    I wiggled out of them, pulling the tight material down my legs.

    "Johnny… don't hurt me… please… don't hurt me…"

    He didn't say anything.

    He just stood there.

    I could make out the shape of his body now. His arms were crossed, and his weight was supported on one leg. He looked real calm and casual… and I could have easily been getting ready to fuck someone that loved me and who I loved… except that Johnny was someone who was very different from everyone else… and I was scared to death of him.

    He stood there, saying nothing, but I knew that he could see me… and see everything that I was doing.

    Now, my eyes ware growing adjusted to the dark, and I could see him fairly clear too.

    He wasn't smiling. Whatever was on his mind, I could tell that he was serious.

    Deadly serious.

    "Take your shirt off. Come on… hurry it up."

    "It's cold out here, Johnny. Honest… I'm shivering."

    "I'm getting ready to warm your ass up, don't you worry about that, Darling."

    "Johnny, I didn't do anything to hurt you. I don't know why you have to be so mean to me."

    "Take your clothes off, you worthless damn cunt, or you're really going to regret it."

    I started to cry, but I guided my trembling fingers to my blouse and pulled it down over my shoulders.

    Then, unclasping my bra, I let that fall to the ground as well.

    "You're still wearing your panties," he said. "You can take them off yourself, or you can let me do it. If I do it, you probably won't be able to wear them again. So why don't you save me the trouble of ripping them off your body, huh?"

    I took them off, and then, I was standing naked by the side of a deserted country road, not having the faintest idea what was coming up next.

    "Turn around," he said. "Lean up against the side of the car."

    I started to shake from fear. "No… oh God… no… no…"

    I still didn't even know what he was going to do, but I didn't like the sound of it.

    "Do what I said," he replied, sounding tired, like he was getting annoyed at me for "making" him do all this stuff that he really didn't want to do.

    The bastard.

    He stood there, arms still crossed, watching me… waiting… knowing that in the end, I would do anything he told me to do. I would do it because I sincerely believed that to go against him would be much much worse than anything he could try to make me do.

    He had a temper that was absolutely uncontrollable, and once he lost it, there was no way to predict what he would do.

    The fastest way to make him lose his temper was to not give him what he wanted, no matter how unrealistic or unfair it was. Because then, he'd just go berserk and the motherfucker was like a wounded bull elephant when that happened, and since no one that I knew in town, least of all me, had an elephant gun, it was always better to just let him have his way.

    So I turned around.

    I leaned against the car.

    The flat of my palms pressed against the cold metal of his car. I felt the sandy shoulder of the road with my bare feet, and the cool evening breeze wafting over my naked skin.

    I was shivering, but not just from the chill. I was scared. More scared than I'd ever been in my life.

    Then, I heard him pulling his belt off.

    I started to cry even harder. "Oh… Johnny," I sobbed. "Don't… please… don't…"

    "You just stay right where you are, Junella… don't you fucking move a muscle. You hold right there, until I tell you to move."

    I heard the buckle of his belt jingling. I didn't know what he was doing with it, but I had a pretty good idea.

    I was crying even harder now, begging him to let me alone… begging him not to do this.

    But his response was simply to keep jiggling the buckle of his belt… wrapping it around his hand, I realized, looking at his reflection in the window of his car.

    He was slowly coiling it around his palm. His fingers were all stretched out straight, and he was just standing there, calm as anything, casually wrapping that belt around them.

    When he had a little over a foot remaining, he stopped.

    I felt my ass muscles starting to tense up, but I thought that might make the pain even worse…

    And besides, I wasn't even sure that he would hit me there.

    He might decide that there were more painful spots to whip me on.

    I couldn't believe this was happening.

    I really couldn't believe it… but it was, and for some reason, I didn't feel like there was anything I could do about it.

    That's the kind of hold he had over me.

    Don't ask me how… don't ask me why I allowed him to have such a hold over me, that he could command me to submit to degrading and humiliating punishment, but he could… and I allowed it.

    I watched in the window as his arm raised.

    He was starting to remind me of the kind of demented half-crazed demon you see in movies with names like "Killer On The Loose" and "The Town That Dreaded Sundown" and "Bloodlust" and things like that.

    He was breathing hard, and he was breathing through his nose, which made the sound even louder.

    I felt more and more paralyzed by the fear that I was feeling.

    My legs got weak. I felt the muscles shaking… trembling… and I was afraid that they wouldn't hold me up.

    He swung the belt.

    The pain bit into my nerves, rushed to my brain, and I felt like hot lava had just been poured over my body.

    He swung again, bringing the belt down across my back.


    And again.

    I couldn't stand it… I started to scream.

    "Stop IT!" he yelled, hitting me even harder. "You keep that shit up, I'll really give you something to scream about."

    It hurt, damn it, and I had to scream, and I couldn't stop just because he was telling me something stupid like, "STOP IT!"

    But it was what he meant.

    And when I couldn't stop, he hit me a few more times on my ass, and then he grabbed me by my shoulders and spun me around.

    "You stupid slut! I'm going to give you something to fucking well scream about."

    He pulled me towards the front of the car and tossed me back against the hood.

    "Spread 'em."

    "Oh… God… God no!!"

    But he just got this twisted look on his face, looking madder than I'd ever seen him, and he swung the belt again.

    He brought it down hard across my tits.

    I had never had my tits whipped before.

    It hurt so bad, I couldn't stand it.

    I started to cry.

    "Oh yeah… I hear you," he sneered. "You go ahead… you kicking cry… I'm going to give you something to cry about."

    And then he stepped up to me and forced my legs open.

    "I said spread them, cunt!!"

    Finally, I gave in, just because I didn't have the strength to resist him any more.

    And the second I did, he turned sideways and brought the tip of the belt up in a sharp upward thrust, cutting it right across the wet slit between my thighs.

    I screamed again.

    And again… and again…

    "That's good… that's good… you just keep it up, you worthless cunt. You keep it up, and I'll keep it up, and we'll see who of us drops first."

    He was swinging fast… hitting me again and again… again and again.

    I felt the strokes of his belt starting to merge into one single, unending, searing blast of pain.

    I couldn't feel the separate strokes any more.

    I had lost track.

    My nerves were already fully stimulated… particularly in my cunt.

    My clit was reacting more strongly than anything else… and as he kept hitting me, the thing kept throbbing.

    And the throbbing sensation kept growing hotter and hotter… and the sensations kept on moving out through my body… and I felt like I was losing control over what I was feeling and what it was doing to me.

    I felt my muscles start to go into spasms.

    I felt myself leaning back across the hood of his car, felt myself growing too weak to stand up… felt myself starting to fade in and out of consciousness.

    He never seemed to even slow down, let alone stop.

    Again and again and again, he hit me with his belt, across my stomach, my thighs, and my tits and cunt.

    Particularly my tits and cunt.

    I stopped feeling pain.

    I felt something else.

    It didn't feel good, but there was no doubt that it was a sexual reaction.

    Noooooo, I thought to myself. I didn't want this to happen. I'd reacted like this when he raped me, and that was why I was in this situation now.

    I couldn't control my body at all, it seemed. If it wanted to start being stimulated and aroused by something, even though I hated it, there wasn't anything I could do.

    And so, as I felt his belt ripping over my clit again and again, and I felt that tortured bud of nerves growing more and more erect and swollen, and felt the nerve endings gathered there responding with greater and greater reactions, I stopped fighting.

    There was only so much that I could do, and then I had to yield in the face of overwhelming force.

    I started to cry… I was screaming, actually, but I no longer was sure if it was just in my head or if it was out loud.

    I knew that my body was getting aroused.

    I didn't like it, but I knew that I couldn't do anything about it.

    But damn it, I thought, I wasn't going to come.

    That would have been the supreme humiliation.

    To have an orgasm in the midst of such awful torture. That would have been my own body insulting me… forcing me to view humiliation and pain as pleasurable.

    It had happened once before, but I was determined to control it now.

    But of course, Johnny had a surprise in store for me.

    Suddenly, he threw his belt down onto the ground and unzipped his fly.

    I didn't have a chance to protest, to even make a sound before his cock was out and he was pressing it against my cunt.

    I moved instinctively, I moved without thinking.

    We'd already fucked that night (as he'd so crudely admitted to his friends) but now, there was a fire in my cunt and a throbbing erection between his legs that went past any ordinary fuck.

    He shoved it into me and met with no resistance.

    Spreading the hole of my cunt wide, he rammed it all the way in… all the way to the bottom… and he filled me completely.

    My muscles were already spasming out of whack, and now, as his cock rammed into my cunt, they went totally berserk, the muscles along my pussy wall in particular.

    I felt my cunt gripping his cock like never before, as if I was trying to organically fuse him to my pussy walls.

    Harder and harder… he pulled out… he plunged back in… I let out a long, low moan… And we came.

    It felt like we'd both been consumed by flames… I felt myself spinning… spiraling up or down, I couldn't tell which… twisting… turning…

    I was a mass of pain… but now… all the pain had magically been turned to erotic stimulation… arousal… pleasure…

    It was a pleasure that made me feel like one of the damned.

    But I couldn't deny it or turn it away. All I could do was to thrust my hips back at him, force his cock to plunge to the deepest point in my cunt and fill me totally.

    And when at last we were finished, I collapsed in his arms, there was a possibility that a kind word, a gentle caress, a soft kiss might have turned the entire experience into one that I would have always remembered as the most memorable in my life.

    But that was something he was incapable of.

    Instead, he pushed me away. I was at my weakest, most vulnerable point, and he just pushed me away with a terse, "Get dressed," and put his belt back through his pants loops.

    He walked around to the driver's side, climbed in, lit a cigarette, and just sat there, waiting for me.

    I climbed into the car after pulling my panties and my jeans back on, and stuffed my bra into my purse.

    I took my time buttoning my blouse back up.

    We didn't say a word on the drive back into town.

    Needless to say, I didn't kiss him good night when he let me off at my house.

    But then, neither did I break up with him, despite every bone in my body screaming for me to do just that.

    I couldn't.

    Until that day when Mary Beth talked with me. By that time, I was ready, and I was only waiting to be talked into it.

    She did it.

    I figured that it would be a little easier with him out of school for a week.

    There was talk that Harry's family was going to press charges against him.

    I thought that if ever there was a time for me to free myself of Johnny Waddell, it was now.

    Boy, was I ever wrong!


    It was the night of the spring dance.

    I was wearing a real pretty gown that I'd bought just for this occasion, and Tommy Allen was acting his usual goofy but sweet self, and we were having a good time.

    He'd come by to pick me up from my house at six o'clock because we were going to go over to Center City for dinner first.

    Now… I don't know why I wasn't worried about Johnny, but it had been over three weeks since I'd broken up with him, and he still hadn't given me any trouble over it.

    Maybe I was just whistling in the dark, but I'd really started to think that he'd decided to just leave me alone.

    We'd even passed each other in the halls at school once or twice, and he'd smiled and nodded his head and been real polite.

    Now… I know what you are probably thinking.

    What a fool… right? Well, I was hoping… and that's all I could do, because I was just too afraid of him going out of control.

    The possibility was just too real.

    Everyone who knew him and who knew anything about us knew that it was possible, and they'd all told me to be careful, but I wasn't going to let him ruin my evening.

    Besides… it was already ruined.

    You see… I was like a junky. There wasn't anything I could do about it. I knew he was bad for me… I knew that he might even kill me one of these days… but I couldn't do anything to stop the feelings that I had for him.

    I was addicted to him just the same as anyone who ran smack into their veins.

    I didn't let on to Tommy about this, of course, but there wasn't anything I could do about it.

    I was just going to have to wait until he worked his way completely out of my system… and God only knew how long that might take.

    But I never in my wildest moments thought…

    But anyway… here's what happened.

    We were driving back from Center City.

    It was about nine-fifteen by now. We'd had a real nice dinner (Tommy's parents are real rich, and so he was able to take me to a fancy restaurant over there, one that was classy, one that was really elegant. It took reservations and everything) and I had to admit that I'd seen a side of life that Johnny Waddell would never be able to show me.

    It was a side that never even had occurred to Johnny. He wasn't interested in anything that was elegant. He was only interested in things that he could break.

    I was feeling a little warm and cozy by this time. Tommy, as usual, was friendly, and he made me laugh, and I really did like him… as a friend.

    "You wouldn't be interested in something to drink, would you?"

    "You have something?"

    "Oh… maybe."

    He opened the glove compartment to his car and said, "Well well… what have we here?"

    And he pulled out a bottle of… are you ready for this… cognac.

    "My God," I said. "I don't believe it. This is just fancy wine, isn't it?"

    "Yeah… that's all. And diamonds are just fancy lumps of coal."

    "Oh… like that, huh?"

    "You guessed it."

    "You guessed it. Take a sip."

    I thought it was sissy booze, until I looked at the label.

    "Eighty proof?!" I said. "I thought it was just wine."

    "I said take a sip," he told me.

    "Okay…" and I did. And it was wonderful. I'd never had anything quite like it before.

    "Oh my…" I said, giggling. "That's right tasty."

    "Yeah… I know."

    I took another sip… and another and another… and before too much time had elapsed, I was feeling real warm and nice, and cozy… and starting to wonder what kind of cock Tommy had.

    "You wouldn't want to take a little ride out to the woods, would you?" I said. "You know… just skip the dance altogether…?"

    I put my arm around him, and lay my head on his shoulder. That's when I realized that for the past few minutes, I'd been taking sips of the cognac and he'd been saying nothing at all.

    "I daresay, Mr. Allen, but I believe you've been trying to get me drunk, and being rather cagey about it."

    He still didn't say anything.

    That's when I saw him looking into the rear-view mirror.

    I turned around. There was a pair of headlights about fifty feet behind us.

    I looked at Tommy. "What's wrong?"

    "Nothing. Yet. But there might be."


    I had a stab of fear that was tied to nothing rational. But I knew… I just KNEW that it was Johnny. I didn't even need to know what it was that had made Tommy suspicious.

    "He's been about the same distance behind me ever since we left Center City. When I slow down so does he. When I speed up… the same story."

    "Oh God…" I said, and I could hear the fear in my voice.

    "It's Waddell, isn't it?"

    "I don't know. I really don't."

    "He doesn't have a van, does he?"

    I turned back around but couldn't see anything that helped.

    "Is that a van back there?"


    "T-Bird has one."

    Tommy sighed. "Okay… if they want to play rough, we'll play rough."

    I felt the car surge forward, and then suddenly it shifted into overdrive and it literally blasted away from them.

    But it took only about forty-five seconds for them to catch up… and this time, they moved right up behind Tommy's car.

    "Shit," he muttered. "We're still about five minutes from town too."

    "But… he wouldn't do anything… would he?" I asked.

    Tommy laughed. "You're asking me? Like you expect ME to know?"

    "It is pretty stupid, isn't it?"


    That's when the first bullet whizzed past.

    "Oh my God. He's shooting at us."

    "NO! Johnny wouldn't do anything like that!"

    "You tell me who else would be tailgating at this speed."

    I couldn't argue with him… but it still didn't seem possible that he would be doing something like that.

    Then, another bullet whizzed past, but this one hit the roof as it did so.

    "He's just trying to scare us. Well… two can play that game."

    Tommy looked at me and said, "Fasten your seat belt, Darling. We're in for some stormy weather."

    I did as I was told. "You're not gonna hurt him, are you?"

    "I'm going to try to save my life, if that's what you mean. Whatever that involves."

    He then said, "Hold on tight."

    And he hit his breaks.

    There was a screeching of rubber, and then a sickening jolt as the van piled into us.

    I screamed… and the car careened all over the highway.

    But Tommy's main objective had been realized, and that was breaking the headlights.

    They couldn't see where they were going… but now, we couldn't see where they were either.

    "Oh God… what's going to happen," I asked.

    "Fuck if I know."

    He started to floor it again, but I heard him mutter, "I don't believe it."

    I looked around behind him, and to my amazement, I saw the van gaining on us in the other lane.

    He was moving fast enough now that I was convinced I was going to die… but he seemed to know what he was doing.

    There were four maniacs in the van, however, who I was not so sure of.

    I looked over at the van. There were dim shadowy forms inside, but I couldn't make out their faces.

    Then, I saw the window rolling down, and I saw the glint of metal.

    "They're gonna shoot!" I screamed.

    Tommy hit his brakes hard.

    At the same time, he turned the wheels toward the van.

    As the brakes slowed the car, the van shot ahead of him, and as he turned into it, the front of his car rammed against the back of the van, throwing it off balance and causing it to go into a vicious skid.

    But it wasn't enough to run it completely off the road.

    They came to a stop, turned around, and were already driving back towards us as Tommy got his car turned around.

    "Good fucking driving," he said, amazed.

    That's when I heard the gun firing again.

    "Shit!" yelled Tommy.

    Then I felt the car starting to tilt, and I realized that they'd shot out the tires on the side facing them.

    Scary shit!

    "Fucking maniac," he said, but we were helpless, and we both knew it.


    "Out. Both of you."

    Johnny was sticking the gun through the window of the car.

    Tommy said, "Just take it easy with that thing, man. No one's going to argue with you. All right? No one's going to give you any shit."

    "Well… that's too bad. I can't stand a one-sided argument… but if you insist I'll gladly oblige."

    "God damn it man, you're being a fool," said Tommy, but he never had a chance to finish.

    Johnny opened the door and yanked him out of the car.

    "Johnny don't hurt him! I'll do whatever you say! Honest!"

    "Junella, you'll do whatever I say no matter what. That's no bargaining chip. Why don't you climb over into the van and make things easier on all of us."

    Then, he hit Tommy over the head with his gun.

    Tommy collapsed in a crumpled heap, and Johnny kicked him five times… hard.

    I screamed, and Johnny turned to me, aimed the gun, and shot it.

    I felt the bullet fly past my ear.

    It went whizzing right past me.

    I couldn't believe it.

    It was the most incredible thing that I'd ever experienced.

    "I've got one more. It can be yours… or his… I don't care which. You fight me, I'm going to give it to him… or maybe to you. What's it going to be."

    His voice was utterly calm. I knew that he was past anger, hurt, rage… he was completely lost in madness… and with it went that peculiar kind of control the totally insane can show.

    Someone could have almost believed, just from watching Johnny in action, that he was normal, and that he was doing whatever he was doing for normal reasons.

    I turned to the van. I could see that there were people inside.

    "What'd you do, bring along witnesses?"

    He reached for me, wrapped his fingers around my neck and started to drag me to the van. The side door opened, magically it seemed, and he threw me in, climbed in after me and said, "Haul ass!"

    They squealed away, leaving Tommy tying there beside his car.

    I was already out of my mind.

    "Look, Johnny, we can't go anywhere," said Hank, who was driving. "That motherfucker put out my headlights."

    "Shit, don't give me a lot of grief. Drive to your dad's trailer."

    "Hey, I don't know if he'd like us using it for…"

    "I don't want to hear about it, all right? Just move."

    He looked helplessly at Johnny. "You're fucking out of your mind, you know that?"

    Johnny said, "I know. Don't fuck with me… I'm crazy. Pass me that tequila."

    I was staring from one to the other, but only Johnny would look at me.

    "What's wrong, T-Bird… Bill, you afraid to look me in the eye?"

    "No…" said T-Bird, still not looking at me.

    "Well, why won't you look at me."

    "Johnny, shut her up, would you."

    "Don't fuck with my head, you sorry hound. Look at the lady. Hell, you're going to fuck her… you should look at her."

    "Johnny," I said, not even reacting to that last comment. "You're a pig."

    "I know," he said. He took a heavy swig from the bottle that Hank had passed him and then he said, "It's my most endearing trait"


    "Who wants to be first?"

    No one moved.

    I was sitting on the couch. I couldn't believe it was happening, but it was.

    There was a dirty T-shirt stuffed in my mouth… and my hands were tied behind my back.

    Johnny and his three friends were standing over me, but Johnny seemed to be the only one with a stomach for gang rape.

    I was naked.

    I was scared out of my mind. And this was one time that my body wasn't going to betray me with pleasurable sensations when I didn't want them.

    I was sitting with my legs spread apart. My left foot was tied to the leg on the left side of me… my right foot was tied to the leg on the right side of me.

    I couldn't close my legs.

    The ropes were cutting into my ankles. Deeply.

    "What's wrong, you all pussies?" said Johnny.

    "Well shit Johnny," said T-Bird. "She's your cunt. Why don't you fuck her?"

    "I'm going to, boys. But I just thought I'd share the wealth with you."

    He was acting so friendly, I couldn't believe they didn't see what a fucking ruse it was. But they were stupid sheep. Whatever Johnny did, they were more than willing to follow, and never question a thing about what they were doing.

    He tipped the bottle up again, and I saw that it was very nearly empty.

    He winced and his whole body shuddered. But then he took in a deep, satisfied gulp of air and turned to me.

    "So, cunt!" he said loudly. But he said nothing else. At least not for the moment.

    Instead, he leaned over and gave me a sloppy wet kiss on the cheek.

    I turned my head away from him, trying to avoid touching him, but he wasn't having any of that.

    He slapped me. Hard.

    Right on the left tit. I screamed.

    "Well, would you listen to that, she's trying to scream with that rag in her mouth. Gosh… I'm sorry to see her exerting all that energy and not having anything to show for it. What do you say? Do you think we should let her scream?"

    No one said anything.

    "How about it, Hank? There any neighbors out here?"

    "A few… but no one cares… I mean… they're not going to call the cops or anything like that. If that's what you're getting at."

    "Yeah… that's what I'm getting at."

    "But… well hell, I don't know, Johnny. Maybe we ought to just…"

    "Maybe we ought to just… what?"

    "Hell… I don't know."

    "You're absolutely right about that, Hank. You don't know. You don't know shit, that's why you hang out with me. Because you don't know shit. I know enough for all four of us, however… and you'll be glad to know that I'm more than willing to share it with you."

    Then he pulled my gag out.

    "Go on, Darling. Let's hear you scream. I'm all ears."

    He was grinning at me now staring down at me, and I've never seen a colder, crueler look in my life.

    He slapped me.

    I remained silent.

    "Well, now ain't just like a fickle cunt? You stuff up her mouth, she wants to scream. You ungag her, she don't say shit. I'm all kinds of disappointed in that. I was all set to listen to her sing."

    He reached down to my breasts, took my right nipple in his hand and started to pinch it between his thumb and forefinger.

    He started out fairly gentle, but it soon grew to be an excruciating pressure against the tender bud of flesh.

    "Come on… come on, Darling," he said, taunting me. "Let's hear a little squeal out of you."

    "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

    "Yeah… I'd like that a lot."

    "Well… you're not going to get it."

    "Is that right?"

    He stood up.

    "I'm annoyed," he said. "That's what I am."

    And then, he curled his fingers into his fist like they were puppy dogs going to sleep, clenched it tightly, and slugged me, right on my tits.

    I gasped. The shock of pain was so extreme that I could make no sound at first.

    Then, I moaned. It was more of a whimper, actually, but I couldn't remain silent.

    It hurt too bad.

    "Come off it, Johnny… let her go. There ain't no point to this."

    "Sit down and shut up."

    "Johnny, seriously," said Hank, but Johnny whirled around.

    "You want to end up like that turd out on the highway?"


    "I'm not kidding with you, Hank. Shut the fuck up!"

    Hank glowered suddenly at Johnny, but he shut up.

    Johnny turned back to me.

    He said nothing else. Instead, he pulled his cock out of his pants.

    "Boys, I think you should all join me, but since you're all such pussies, I'll take care of this cunt myself."

    He belched, and then he fell on me.

    His cock was only semi-hard.

    He jabbed it against my cunt, and I started to taunt him back. "What's the matter, big man? Hmm? Can't get it up? So big and tough… you're trying to put on a show for your friends. Do they know that you can't ever get it up."

    He sat upright. "You're fucking lying."

    "It's true," I said, looking at T-Bird and Hank and Bill. "He could never get it up when we'd fuck, unless I worked real hard on him, for a long time. And then, if anything happened to interrupt us, you know… like a plane going overhead, or a whistle off in the distance, or just about anything… it'd just get real soft again, real fast…"

    Johnny was staring at me like I'd just taken a dump in church.

    "You fucking cunt whore." He turned around to his buddies. "She's lying. Fucking 'A' Jack, she's fucking lying, that's what the fuck she's doing."

    I said, "Do you think he'd be so hot on hitting people if he could get it up and fuck normally? The only way he could ever get hard was to beat me up."

    Johnny recoiled like I'd stuck him with an electric cattle-prod. "You slut."

    He lunged for me, started to slap me back and forth across the face, harder… harder… and then, I felt his cock do exactly as I'd predicted it would.

    It got hard.

    And he wasn't even thinking about it… he just rammed it home… stuffed my pussy with that monster log, filling me as full as he possibly could stuff me.

    "Oh… God…" I moaned, but there was no pleasure in it this time. I was hurting.

    My cunt was at an awkward angle, and I couldn't quite get him all the way into the full length of my cunt chamber.

    He rammed the head against my cunt walls, stretching them horribly. I hurt… and I screamed.

    I kept on screaming… even though he was doing all the old moves, pulling his cock in and out… in and out… in and out…

    Things that used to guarantee that I'd come whether I wanted to or not.

    He was fucking me as hard as he possibly could.

    I started to feel dizzy.

    In and out… faster and faster… I could feel the enormous width of his cock shoving against my cunt walls, pressing them to the limits of their endurance.

    I knew that any moment now I was going to feel the thin, fragile membranes tearing wide open… and I was going to die, and they'd carry my body off somewhere and just leave me to rot in the woods…

    Well, who can blame me?

    I'd never had to face such a degrading and humiliating experience in my entire life.

    I was so completely crazy by this time, I knew that I was going to be gang raped by every single one of them… I was going to die… I was ready for it…

    The pain grew worse.

    Johnny was getting really demented now… acting more and more crazed… more and more out of his head.

    I was dimly aware that he was starting to hit me… slapping me hard around the side of my face.

    I was screaming… but I knew that it wasn't going to do any good. I just kept yelling… hearing my voice getting softer and softer… as if I was down a long hallway… listening to myself grow more and more distant.

    Have you ever felt yourself die?

    Well, I guess I haven't either, but I was convinced that night that I was feeling just that.

    I could sense a growing numbness as it crawled up my jets.

    My feet, of course, were already numb from the circulation being cut off.

    I felt his cock slamming in and out of my cunt, but the pain that had accompanied those initial strokes seemed to have abated somewhat.

    I couldn't feel my nipples anymore… not even when he grabbed my tits and squeezed them as hard as he possibly could.

    I looked down and saw his fingers squeezing my nipples almost completely flat, but it didn't seem to be me… I had a sense that all I was doing was watching a pornographic film… that I wasn't involved in this at all.

    My face was numb now as well. His hands kept rising, swinging hard at me, striking me…

    I could hear the crack of his palm against my cheeks, but the sound was gradually absorbed in the loud ringing that was filling my brain.

    And there was a lot of other noise as well… a feeling of sounds from other times in my life…

    I heard people calling to me… people trying to say things to me… people shouting…

    I was almost incoherent…

    Nothing made sense…

    Nothing was real…

    And when they finally dragged Johnny off met… all three of them, and he tried to fight back and they forced him to his knees and finally someone knocked him out… I was hardly aware that it had happened.

    I was too far gone… simply sitting on the couch, feeling as if my body had been shattered, scrambled… rearranged in a completely new pattern…

    I didn't have anything left to hold on to… and I cried… long… hard… loud…

    Hands were on me again… and I assumed that they were hostile hands… even when no further pain accompanied their touch.

    It didn't matter… I was numb anyway. They could be cutting me with razors and I wouldn't know.

    I was incoherent… and I was dying, as far as I was concerned.

    It didn't happen, of course… and they eventually brought me back into town…

    I went away… there were trials… I didn't follow them, however, and I refused to testify, but Tommy had no such reservations, and they were all sent to prison eventually.

    But it did nothing to remove the scars on my brain. I never did get over Johnny, you know. That strange hold that he exercised over me… I could never break the bonds that kept us together…

    I tried. Lord knows I tried. I failed.

    And now… he's going to be getting out soon.

    He'll be coming after me. He's crazy still… and they say he blames me. But they're going to let him out anyway, because he's served all of his sentence that he has to, with time off for good behavior… and he's coming after me… and God help me.



    He was a prince.

    I was Cinderella.

    He was going to rescue me from a life of misery and drudgery and I in return would spend my life worshipping the ground he walked on.

    I was seventeen, he was twenty eight.

    "You're a fucking fool, Marilyn Sackett, that's what you are!"

    Mother held a different view, obviously.

    "Momma, don't be that way. He's a nice, man, and he's got money."

    "And he's got a look in his eye that you're going to pay for. Let me tell you! You're going to pay!"

    "Momma… what do you want me to do, spend the rest of my life here in Sludge Falls!?"

    "Don't you be bad-mouthing this town. Your daddy and I've been here all our lives, our parents lived here… it's the place where you come from and it's always going to be the place you call home. Don't you ever kid yourself different!"

    She slapped the big mound of dough that she was kneading for emphasis and turned to check the oven temperature. She was baking bread, which she did every three days, whether we were out or not. What was left over, she gave away.

    "What would your daddy think if he knew what you was fixing to do?"

    "He'd tell me to do what I thought was right, that's what he'd do."

    "Yes, and then he'd die from a broken heart."

    "Momma, he's already dead."

    "Yeah, well, don't be confusing me. If he was alive, it'd kill him."

    What I was going to do was marry Elwin Zimmler. Elwin was the oldest son of the local druggist, also named Elwin. My Elwin, however, was nicknamed "Hunter" because that's what he liked to do more than anything. His family had a lodge up in the mountains that they used, although his younger brothers didn't care too much about it… and his daddy was getting too old.

    Trouble was, my momma didn't like him. That was all. She just didn't like him. Kept muttering about bad blood, and tainted money, but all I could get out of her was a lot of cryptic references to big cities being dens of iniquity and the fact the money corrupts, no matter who or what it comes in contact with.

    Hunter really did have a good bit of it… a lot more than he ever got from his daddy.

    And he wasn't too talkative about it.

    "Made some investments," was all he'd say.

    But I didn't need to know. I was young, and I was in love, and I wasn't wilting to listen too much to what my momma had to say.

    I met him when he came into the restaurant where I was a waitress, and we got to talking, and I thought that he was gorgeous, and that he'd changed a lot since the last time I'd seen him, which was about five years earlier when he'd gotten out of the army and came home for a little while. But then he'd gone on to New York, and now, here he was back again, not saying much of anything about what he did in the city, but flashing money around like he had lots more where that came from, and for a little girl like me, just fresh out of high-school, I was impressed and amazed.

    Real impressed and real amazed.

    He was friendly, and funny, and he seemed to be the kind of person that knew exactly what he was talking about… and who knew exactly how to get what he wanted… and before long he was asking me what I did, and what I wanted to do, and would I maybe consider going out on a date with him somewhere high on my list, and before that night was over, I was in the front seat of his car making out with him, and his hands were crawling all over my tits and up my dress and I felt like maybe I should be more careful, but damn, he was just so damned gorgeous, I couldn't quite bring myself to stop.

    So I didn't.

    He started to unbutton my blouse, and I let him, looking down at his fingers as they expertly unfastened each button.

    I felt a shiver race through me as he pulled the material aside.

    My tits were nicely formed, and they were extremely sensitive to touch, particularly if it was a gentle, delicate touch. He had one. In fact, he seemed to know exactly how to make me get aroused, without even seeming like he was putting any effort into it.

    I'd gotten so used to clumsy guys from my school pinching me, and getting their cocks stuck in their zippers and coming all over my hands/dress/their jeans/etc., that to suddenly have someone touching me that KNEW what he was doing… it was a shock… and a very pleasant one at that.

    His fingers slid easily over the contours of my breasts, and as he pulled my bra straps over my shoulders and unclasped the cups from each other, he complimented me on the way they looked.

    I blushed.

    "Does that embarrass you to hear me say it?"

    "No… I mean… gosh… I've never had anyone tell me like that before."

    "Like what?"

    "Like… making me feel like it's okay."

    "Why wouldn't it be?"

    I wasn't sure how to answer, so I fumbled around a moment before I said, "Well, you know how it is… with girls I mean… my momma's always telling me that guys are just dirty, and all they want to do is to… you know… fuck… and…"

    "What do you think I've got on my mind?" he asked, smiling. "For that matter, what the hell do you have on your mind, coming out here to make out, and let me take your clothes off, if it's not fucking?"

    I felt even more embarrassed, and I was really glad that we were sitting in a dark car. I didn't need him to see my cheeks getting red on top of me feeling silly already.

    But there was something about him that made me think it was all right… something that said he was different… and the way that he took my shirt off was only part of it.

    He also was real good at making me feel comfortable… and making me feel like instead of running from him… instead of thinking that his designs on me were bad and something that I should avoid, I should be glad… and go after him.

    Maybe, like my momma said, I was getting a real good con job.

    I didn't feel like it at the time.

    I felt like I was getting an education… a much needed education.

    He placed his hands on my tits and gently began to squeeze them, manipulating each of my nipples around and around in circular motions… going more and more softly as I got more and more aroused.

    He had lots of patience, and that was nice… because I didn't have much experience and if he'd pushed me, I'd have gotten real skittish.

    I'd have gotten scared.

    Instead, I got hot. Real fast.

    I felt a tingling start between my legs, and at first, it was just a pleasant, warm sensation, but pretty soon, I could feel it beginning to localize itself right in my clit. I was already well aware of that little button, and what it could do, and I was more than willing to feel it getting hard and stiff… but I wasn't ready for what he was going to do to it.

    He left his hands away from my crotch for a while, and I guess that was good, because it didn't take too long before I started to wonder if he was going to go for my pussy at all. Every boy that I'd ever known shot his hands straight for it, right from the start, and I was always trying to pull them away, or saying things like, "Not so hard," and "Please… go easy on it," and things like that.

    With Hunter, I was wishing that he'd do the same thing to my clit that he was doing to my nipples. Which was gently playing with them, making them hard, and making them tingle with the most pleasant sensation that I'd ever experienced.

    But he took his time, and the longer he took, the more I wanted him to touch me there between my legs.

    I pressed my thighs together, and the pressure seeped down into my cunt, rubbing the inner surface of my pussy lips over the hard shaft of nerve-endings, and the sensations that spilled out through the rest of my body almost at once were so intense that I let out a low moan.

    "Are you all right?" he asked.

    I started to feel embarrassed again, but I managed to assure him that I was. I'd also felt something else, besides pleasant sensations.

    I felt a lot of juice gathering in my panties, seeping through the material and already starting to coat my thighs. They'd rubbed over each other with an oily slickness.

    I wanted him to touch me, so bad I was afraid that I was going to do something really silly like ask him to.

    And then, I asked myself, "Why not?"

    After all, what was wrong with telling him what I wanted? The way he was touching me seemed to suggest that he was interested in making me feel good anyway… I'd never been touched that way by a man before… and it damn sure felt good…

    So, I said, "Touch me… touch my pussy. Please…"

    He didn't stop. Instead, smiling at me, he pulled his hands away from my breasts and lowered his mouth to my left nipple.

    I felt his lips open and surround the hardened bud of flesh, and then he slowly drew it inside his mouth.

    The tingling between my legs started to increase, growing to a furious level of intensity… and I felt as if I was starting to float… to feel dizzy… to feel as though I was drifting… sinking… swirling and twirling around in the air…

    But it was all taking place inside my head.

    And it felt good too. But there was still awful pressure building up inside my cunt… awful in the sense that it was growing stronger and stronger, and it wasn't going to let me alone.

    I felt the juices inside my pussy oozing out of my lips, filling the material that coated my cunt slit.

    I kept wanting him to touch me… but he didn't.

    I asked him again, "Please… touch my cunt. I want to feel you touching me."

    Again, he kept sucking on my nipples… harder and harder… bringing his teeth against the sensitive flesh… but my pussy he continued to ignore.

    Finally, getting more aroused than I'd ever been before, I reached for his hand (both of them were hanging uselessly at his side) and I started to feed it up my dress aiming it towards my cunt.

    He pulled away!

    "What's wrong," I finally asked, thinking, that he didn't want me after all.

    He chuckled.

    "What makes you think something's wrong?"

    "Well… don't you want me?"

    "Do I look like I don't?"

    "But… you won't touch me."

    "What's your hurry?"


    And I realized that I didn't have an answer.

    No answer!

    "You're a big girl now, aren't you? You don't have to be home by ten-thirty or anything, do you?"

    "NO!" I said, firmly, even though I'd gotten into trouble before with my momma for staying out too late. I knew that this was something special, and it would be even worth risking another fight with my mother.

    He smiled again and said, "Fine. Why don't you just settle back, and relax, and we'll take our time."

    I did what he told me… leaned against the door… and the car was such an expensive, flashy car that the arm rests were thickly and lavishly upholstered… it was almost like having a pillow to rest my head against.

    He now slipped my unbuttoned blouse and my bra off of my body, unhooked my skirt and started to pull that down my legs as well.

    I felt the tingling sensations in my cunt increase.

    My tits were also feeling more and more swollen with the sensation of arousal… I was getting hot, and I didn't care if he knew it. I could smell my cunt now… spreading my legs and removing my skirt seemed to set lose a cloud of pussy vapor that filled the car.

    "My God," he said, bringing his face down between my legs, taking a deep whiff, "you have the sweetest smelling cunt I've ever encountered."

    "You like it?" I asked.

    "Do you really have to ask?"

    Actually, I did. You see… there's something about guys in Sludge Falls, and of course, I had no reason to think that Hunter was any different, that makes them talk about fucking a lot… and go after girls all the time to fuck them, but they really don't like cunts… not when you get right down to it.

    They're afraid to touch them… they don't like to do things that turn girls on, particularly if it means that they've got to play with their pussies… and very few of them get any kind of a kick out of pussy-licking.

    In fact, I'd never had a guy even ask me if he could lick my pussy, and if it hadn't been for one of my girlfriends finding a dirty book in her brother's closet and the two of us staying up late one night reading it, I wouldn't have known that there even was such a thing.

    I didn't think that Hunter would want to lick my pussy either, until he brought his face down between my thighs and told me that I smelled good. I guess I'd always thought my cunt smelled bad. But… he didn't think so.

    I was already in love with him, just for that.

    He ran his fingers up and down my thighs now… letting the tips dance along the surface of my skin, stroking me softly, gently, as if he really cared about me.

    I was lying on my back, in only my panties… and the feeling of his fingers moving all around my cunt but never quite touching it was driving me slowly but steadily out of my mind.

    He would start down just above my knees, slowly glide his fingers up my legs, moving the tips around to the inside of my thighs, always keeping the pressure light… deliciously light… and then, just before he reached the wet slit between my pussy lips, he would instead follow the line my thighs made as they joined with my body, tracing along the valley between the tops of my thighs and the mound of my cunt lips.

    I could feel the tickling sensation as it shot through my nerve endings, making my clit throb harder and harder… and finally, I started to roll my hips around, trying to intercept the tips of his fingers as he moved them past my cunt slit.

    But he was avoiding me… easily… and it just made me more and more insane.

    I wanted it now. I wanted not only to feel his fingers on my cunt, I wanted to feel his cock inside me.

    I had never wanted it so bad. I'd been fucked before, but there'd always been this feeling of resignation, as if to say, "Oh well, why not..?" but never anything like real lust and desire.

    I'd never been turned on before.

    But I sure as hell was now. And I didn't think I was going to ever be normal again.

    I felt like my body was changing right there, as if I could feel all the changes seeping over me.

    I wanted to feel more and more…

    I wanted to feel his fingers doing more and more so much so, that finally, I grabbed his wrists and forced his hand to slam right into my cunt.

    I almost shot through the side of his car.

    It was delicious.

    It was the most tasty thing that I'd ever felt in my life.

    I screamed… loudly… and felt all my muscles going tense.

    "Yes… yes… yes… yes… yes… yes…" I screamed… shaking… shuddering… begging him for more.

    And he gave it to me.

    That was the best part.

    I was ready… and at that moment, I wanted it more than I'd ever wanted anything else in my life.

    I don't know how long I could have kept that feeling alive.

    I think that pretty soon, I'd have just felt so frustrated that I wouldn't have wanted any more… I'd have just wanted it to stop. Cold.

    But no… he caught me at the best point, let the tip of his finger touch my clit, and even though he wasn't pressing hard, the sudden increase in sensation was exactly what I needed.

    I felt an electric shock tear through me… and all my muscles went totally rigid.

    I cried out… loudly… so loudly that for a moment, I was afraid that someone would hear us.

    But then I remembered… he knew the town as well as I did, and he knew all the good make-out spots.

    Nobody was going to bother us… and anyone nearby would be more interested in doing the same things we were doing.

    He pressed harder now… not much harder, but my clit was so hyper-sensitive that the slightest increase made me do cartwheels.

    I felt his fingertips running up and down over my crotch, pressing the material of my panties into the wet gash between my slit, rubbing it over my cunt membranes.

    "Oh… yes… yes… yes… yes…" I gasped… "I love it."

    "You do, huh? My… I'd never have guessed."

    Then he pulled the material off my body.

    "Oh yeah… do it… do it… do it to me. Fuck me."

    He laughed.

    "You're in an awfully big hurry, aren't you?"

    "I'm hot. What do you want?"

    "Oh… I want the same thing as you do… but I think you should just be patient."

    "I can't be. Please… I'm too hot. Fuck me now. Stick your cock in me."

    "I will… as soon as I'm ready."

    He was holding my panties in his hand now, and as he brought them up to his face to sniff them again, I felt his fingers starting to crawl over my naked pussy.

    He slid the tip inside my slit. I felt him pushing the lips aside… slowly, gently… letting the tip of his finger move right up into my hole.

    He wouldn't push it in all the way, however. Instead, he left it there.

    I started to raise my hips up off the seat. I was so hot, I couldn't stand waiting any longer.

    "Please… stick it in. My cunt feels so empty."

    He kept laughing at me… I didn't get the feeling that he was being mean or sarcastic or anything… but he wouldn't stop laughing at me, making me feel silly.

    "Am I just a silly little girl, or what?"

    "No… you're a hot woman… you just act like a silly little girl."

    I couldn't decide whether or not he was putting me down, but before I could make up my mind, he just went ahead and started to lower his face down to my cunt.

    He took my cunt lips in each hand and pulled them apart.

    "You look like a new flower," he said to me.

    I'd never heard that before, and at the time, I thought he was one of the most romantic people I'd ever met.

    I felt him spreading me apart… pulling my lips up at the same time.

    There was a growing sensation in my clit, as the pressure from his fingers against my lips increased.

    I could feel that tight, hard bud of nerves moving against the stretched membranes, growing more and more aroused.

    "Yes… yes…" I gasped, "I love it. Play with it. Play with my clit."

    And then I realized… he was going to eat me! He was going to lick my pussy!

    For some reason, I got scared when I first realized that's what he had in mind.

    Oh gosh, I thought, maybe he's going to kiss me after he's finished… and that seemed kind of gross.

    But then I felt the tip of his tongue touch the exposed head of my clit… and all my doubts vanished.

    It was a feeling like I'd never experienced before.

    I'd played with my clit many times… I'd played with my cunt hole… I'd pinched my clit…

    I knew how to make myself come with my fingers (which was a good thing because up until that night, I'd never found a cock that could do the trick) but this was something so totally different, I thought I was in a different world.

    It was as if his tongue had been especially designed to stimulate my clit.

    Back and forth, very very rapidly now, fluttering all over my cunt slit, moving up and down the length of my shaft, focusing on the head and then moving up and down the length over and over, he very quickly sent me into a space that I can only describe as sheer bliss.

    I was floating.

    I was sinking… and it was growing more and more intense every second.

    I couldn't control my muscle contractions… either in my pussy hole or anywhere else on my body.

    I shook, I shuddered.

    "I love it," I cried, spreading my legs as wide as I possibly could.

    He kept pulling on my pussy lips, opening them farther and farther, forcing my clit to stand straight up off the surface of my cunt meat.

    Then he found my cunt hole… let his tongue dip into that steaming opening, and as he licked all around the quivering rim of the hole, I felt the first waves of orgasm beginning to build inside my cunt, spreading rapidly through my entire abdomen.

    He felt them too.

    "Are you gonna come," he asked me.

    I could hardly speak, but I managed to gasp, "Yes… I think so… I'm close."

    So what did he do?

    He stopped!

    I couldn't believe it.

    "Oh God…" I moaned, "make me come. Please… make me come."

    Instead, he pulled his cock out of his pants. "I've got a better idea," he said.

    He moved up over me, straddling me around my breasts, and aimed his cock for my mouth.

    "Suck on this for a moment."

    I opened my mouth, still not quite able to see how big his cock was in the darkness, but as soon as the head touched my lips, I no longer had any doubts.

    It felt like a massive cucumber.

    The sides of the shaft were stiff as iron, and the thing was almost two inches in diameter.

    I couldn't quite get the entire thing inside my mouth, without opening my jaws so wide that they started to hurt.

    "How's that feel?" he asked me… but since he'd started to play with my cunt again, bringing his hands down behind his back and tickling the tips of his fingers along the edge of my cunt lips, I wasn't sure what he meant.

    But then, I didn't care either.

    At first, just for a few moments, I felt really weirded out by the idea of sucking a cock.

    But that was something that luckily didn't last very long.

    After a couple of minutes, I was dragging the surface of my tongue all up and down the thing, licking it like it was an ice-cream cone or something.

    I could taste some liquid at the opening… and it was really good, kind of salty but really a delicate flavor.

    I just lapped up as much of it as I could.

    I was afraid at first that he might push his cock too far into my mouth. I knew that I'd never be able to take the whole thing in… but he was as laid-back with that as he'd been with everything else. He just let my tongue go wherever it felt like going, never forcing it… never trying to make me do more than I was comfortable with… and always those fingers of his… playing around the lips of my pussy.

    I felt like I was in heaven. I never wanted it to end.

    Finally, he pulled his cock back and he said, "Didn't you say something about sticking this up your cunt?"

    "Oh… would you? Would you please?" I said, enthusiastically as I could.

    "I might be able to manage it," he teased.

    Then, he proceeded to do just that.

    He moved around on me, positioning himself between my legs, staring down at my naked body.

    "You're really beautiful," he said.

    "How do you know? You can hardly see me," I protested.

    "I don't need to. I can feel you, and you feel beautiful."

    His cock was right up against my pussy now, but still he hadn't shoved it into me.

    "Please," I said, feeling more and more pressure building inside my body. "Please fuck me."

    He let the head slide between my pussy lips, but he held it up as it began to enter my cunt hole.

    I couldn't wait.

    Getting carried away with my emotions, I thrust my hips upward, got his cock at just the right angle, and force it to ram right up into my hole.

    I hadn't counted on one thing, however… and that was the size of his cock.

    I wasn't used to it, and I guess he'd known that already.

    It went in, all right, but it hurt bad. And I screamed.

    He laughed at me.

    "You see… you can't rush this sort of thing. No point to it."

    He pulled his cock back out, let it rest against my clit, and then after a moment, began to rub it up and down through the wet tissues of my slit.

    I was already feeling better, the sharp pain from that first forced entry disappearing.

    "Oh… yes… yes… yes… yes…" I moaned, "I love it… I love it."

    He said nothing. Just kept up with that maddening movement. Did I say that his tongue was perfectly designed for my clit? I was wrong. His tongue was merely adequate compared to the sensations that his cock was forcing out of my cunt.

    I was starting to feel as if a space was forming inside me… a rapidly expanding space… one that was going to literally consume me.

    I felt as if it was turning into a pit… a deep, bottomless pit.

    It was as if I was balanced on the edge… and the more he rubbed his cock over my cunt, the less sure I became that I'd be able to maintain my balance.

    He kept rubbing… pressing against my clit… but this time, the pressure didn't hurt. It just felt delicious. Maybe it was because his glans was so perfectly curved, or maybe it was because it was still kind of soft and spongy. Whatever, I'd gladly have stayed right there in that one position all night long, letting him do that to me for as long as he wanted.

    But soon, I noticed that every time he brought the head of his cock down through my slit, he touched it to the rim of my cunt hole, pressing a little harder each time.

    Soon, he was pushing it into me… spreading the muscles of my cunt hole a little harder each time.

    The width of his glans was wider than my hole, but the flesh wasn't as hard as the rest of his cock, and the pressure was gentle, easy to take.

    The friction was amazing. I could feel every small part of his cock, but there was no rubbing… nothing that hurt. My juices were thickly layered over the surface of my cunt walls and as he kept pushing his cock deeper and deeper into me, the surface of his erect shaft grew just as greasy and wet.

    I was losing track of the passage of time.

    I only knew that the sensations inside my cunt were growing stronger and stronger, and I had no idea how long it was taking, nor did I care.

    I felt more and more of his cock sinking into my cunt with every stroke.

    He was starting to hold the thing inside me as he reached the bottom of each stroke.

    And finally, I felt the head touching the back wall.

    It had taken so long, and he'd done it in such small increments, I hadn't really noticed that he was increasing the depth each time, only that he'd finally managed to bury his entire cock inside my cunt. It was filling me totally!

    And then, he began to fuck me… pulling it out, all the way to the opening, letting his glans hang there at the rim, tickling my tissues, and then pushing it back inside me again.

    Long, slow strokes… followed then by quick, rapid-fire bursts.

    Strokes that buried his cock all the way into my cunt, and strokes that kept only the glans moving in and out, back and forth over the tight muscles of the rim of my cunt hole.

    I wrapped my legs around the small of his back, pressing his hips down harder on my body.

    It also allowed me to anchor my own hips more solidly, providing me with a support as I thrust back at his jabbing cock.

    In and out!

    Out and in!




    "Yes…" I said softly, my voice sounding distant to me. "Yes… yes… yes…"

    "You feel my cock?"

    "Oh God yes… it's wonderful."

    "Do you want me to keep it up?"

    "Don't stop… don't stop… oh please don't ever stop. Just keep fucking me."

    Back and forth, rocking against the springs of the front seat of his car, bouncing back against each deep thrust of his cock.

    I couldn't believe how good it felt, how intense the sensations were that continued to boil up out of the depths of my pussy.

    Back and forth…

    In and out… Faster and faster…

    Harder and harder…

    Deeper and deeper…

    "Oh yes… yes… yes…" I cried again, more loudly this time. "I'm coming," I said finally, feeling those waves of orgasmic fury starting to gather in the muscles and tissues of my cunt.

    "Don't stop," I begged him. "Let me come. I want to come."

    He suddenly reached beneath my ass, pulling me against him tightly.

    He started to drill me now with his cock.

    He'd been hard and sure before, but now he was like a demon.

    Moving so fast I couldn't even count the separate strokes, he started to churn the insides of my cunt, whipping the thick juices to a frothy lather.

    The waves kept building… gathering more and more pressure…

    "Oh… oh… oh… oh… oh… oh… oh!!!Oh!!! Oh!!! Oh!!! Oh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

    It hit me. I felt the insides of my cunt seem to explode, and the rest of my body, all my nerves… my muscles… my brain… they all went berserk.

    I screamed… but the intensity of the vibrations inside my body grew too strong for me, and finally, I was forced to lapse into silence while the waves just rolled over me.

    I kept grinding my hips against his cock, never letting the pressure relax… and he kept drilling me, sink his cock all the way into my cunt again and again and again.

    And then, I felt him come.

    It was beautiful. A hot glob of jism shot from inside his cock, blasting through my pussy, filling me with more juice than I could possibly hold.

    The stuff started to ooze out the sides of my cunt hole, spreading rapidly over my thighs and my stomach.

    He continued to pump into me, however, never stopping or losing a beat.

    I felt more globs of cum flowing out of his cock, filling me.

    Wad after wad… thick, hot juicy jism.

    "Oh yeah… fill me with your cum," I said to him. "Fill me up with your hot jism."

    It was fantastic. And when we were finally finished, and we'd had a chance to relax, to catch our breath and my brain had returned to normal, and he said, "I'd like to see you again," there was no doubt in my mind that I'd gladly follow him anywhere. I was already hooked.


    "Why do you want to know?"

    Hunter was a little perturbed with me. I'd been asking him about his money. He always had a lot, but he wouldn't tell me what he did for a living.

    "Why don't you want to tell me?" I asked.

    "I never said I didn't. I don't understand your suspicions."

    "I'm not suspicious. It just seems like a perfectly normal question to me. What do you do for a living? How are you going to support me? Aren't those normal questions for a wife to ask?"

    "I told you what I do. I invest."

    "In what?"

    "Whatever makes money. Now damn it, don't keep pressing me on this."

    "But Hunter…" I said, feeling a little hurt, but not wanting him to get pissed, "don't you want to confide in me."

    He blew up.

    "Damn you anyway! Who the fuck needs this shit?! You think I do? Well, you're wrong. I don't."

    "Oh… don't yell at me. Please? It's our honeymoon, and I don't want to spoil it."

    "Good. Quit prying into my affairs."

    I couldn't figure out what he was being so secretive about. And I couldn't figure out why he was being so angry about it. But I apologized to him, not because I really felt like I'd done something wrong just because I wanted to have a happy honeymoon, and pretty soon, he was back to his old self.

    My mother had complained about the same thing.

    "He either doesn't have a decent job, or else he's involved in something illegal. I don't want you to get involved with him. You're a damn fool if you do. Imagine… a man not wanting to tell the woman he's going to marry what he does for a living."

    Well, maybe I should have listened to my momma… but at the time, I didn't want to listen to anyone or anything that would have interfered with Hunter and my wedding.

    We eloped, and we went on our honeymoon to Las Vegas… and I had a good time.

    Hunter did some gambling, but not very much, and he told me that he won a little at the tables.

    So I was thinking that we were doing all right.

    But then, one night, just before we were supposed to go back to New York, I found a gun. It was a small hand gun, but it looked like an expensive kind. I didn't know very much about them, but I did know that it wasn't the kind of gun you buy in a pawn shop for fifty bucks. He'd paid a lot of money for it.

    I couldn't figure out what he was doing with a gun, but since it had been in one of his suitcases, I didn't tell him that I'd found it. I didn't want him to know that I'd been going through his bags… which is exactly what I'd been doing.

    I hadn't learned anything else about him, unfortunately, but that gun was more than enough to make me feel uneasy.

    All the more so after he came back to the hotel room. He was really excited.

    "Hey, hey, Marilyn. Would you look at this…" he said, throwing a large pack of bills on the bed.

    "My God, where'd you…?" I began, but then I picked up the pack and started to count them. "Hunter, there's ten thousand dollars here."

    "I know. I got lucky."


    That didn't make me feel too good. I couldn't imagine him standing down at the tables long enough to win ten thousand dollars… and I certainly hadn't expected him to be so strong a gambler.

    But I didn't say anything. Ten thousand dollars is a lot of money, even if I didn't approve of the way he got it. What worried me was that after we made love, he said he was going back down to the casino, and that he'd be back later to take me to dinner.

    I asked him not to go, but he got pissed at me and told me not to interfere with him.

    He left, and for some reason, I thought about the gun. It was gone when I went back to check on it.

    And later that night, while he was taking a shower before taking me to dinner as he'd promised, it was back in his suitcase again.

    But it had been fired.


    By the time we got to New York, I was already a disillusioned bride. I was, afraid of my husband.

    My mother had told me, "He's a bad seed. He was a delinquent when he was in school around here, and he ain't no better now, except that he's a delinquent on a large scale, which means he's a criminal."

    "Mother…" I'd scolded, patiently, "you can't do that. You've got to give him a chance."

    Well… I was thinking now that she might have known more than me.

    He never did tell me anything about what he did for a living… or where he went when he was gone.

    And he'd be gone sometimes for a week… maybe more.

    "What the fuck you want to know all that shit for?" he'd complained one night when I was trying to get him to confide in me, "don't I provide you with enough? Shit, look at this place. You live in fucking luxury, in the greatest city in the fucking country, and you're complaining."

    "I'm not complaining, Hunter. I'm just… scared."

    "What the hell are you scared about?"

    "You. You're not like you were."

    "And how was I?"

    "You were nice."

    "Am I mean? Do I beat you? Have I ever split your lip? Have I ever broken any bones?"

    "No. You're just not honest with me."

    "I've never lied to you."

    "Where do you go when you disappear? Why don't you call me? What do you do with your life?"

    "I earn money to keep you in this apartment. That's what I do," he said. "But you haven't answered my question. Do I beat you? Do I hurt you?"

    "Of course not. That's why it's so difficult for me to understand."

    He sighed, but I knew that he wasn't going to tell me anything. We'd been married for only three months, and I was ready to quit. I hated New York, I didn't know anyone here, and I didn't know my way around enough to trust myself to go out alone… and so I just sat alone in the apartment, overlooking Central Park, wondering why I'd done it. Hell, I knew why I'd done it. To get out of Sludge Falls… and he'd seemed like he'd be the one to get me out.

    Well… now I wanted to go back, but I didn't dare leave him. He'd never hit me… but I didn't for a minute kid myself into thinking that he wasn't capable of it.

    I knew better.

    I needed something… anything…

    I had to get out of the apartment, had to do something to ease my boredom and take my mind off my husband.

    So finally, one night, around eight, when it became clear to me that he wasn't going to come home, I got myself all dressed up, made myself look just as foxy as I knew how… (mainly because I didn't want any hassles with getting carded because I looked too young) and then I walked out to the street and flagged a cab.

    I climbed in, and he sat there.

    "Drive," I said.

    "Where to, Lady?"

    "I don't know."

    "I hope you don't want me to tell you."

    "I might. Where's a good spot for someone like me?"

    He turned around and stared at me.

    "Depends… what's someone like you looking for?"

    I let a long moment pass, and then I said, "What do you think?"

    He seemed to jump just a little, and then he said, "I'll tell you what. I'll get you over to the neighborhood, but you're gonna have to chose your spot after that. Okay?"

    "Just drive."

    I didn't know if my ruse was working or not, but I felt more confident just by acting like I was confident.

    He took me over to Third Avenue. "You just wander up and down here, Lady," he said. "You ought to find what your looking for in any one of these bars."

    I wasn't sure yet just what I was looking for, but by this time, I'd figured out that the cab driver at least was convinced that I wanted to get laid, and for want of anything better, I decided that I'd go for it.

    "Say look… could you tell me something?" I said.


    "What do I do?"

    He turned around to star at me again. "Huh?"

    "I don't know my way around the city. I've only lived here for a month. I'm kind of nervous."

    "Lady, you walk in, you sit down, you order a drink, and before you got it finished, you walk out with whoever you want. All right? Now look, don't keep reminding me what a lousy job I got, having to drive this hack all night long, 'cause if I had a chance, I'd take you home myself."

    "So do it."

    "I can't."

    "All right, then let me take you home."

    "You're crazy."

    "I know. I'm also horny."

    His eyes bugged at that. "Christ, Lady, you realty are looking for it, aren't you?"

    "Yeah. I am."

    I opened the door, and he started to tell me that I hadn't paid him yet, but I opened the front door instead, slid onto the seat next to him and said, "You sure you won't reconsider?"

    I felt my heart pounding. I was scared out of my mind. The cars were racing past on Third Avenue, the sidewalks were crowded, and I could see a variety of bars up and down the street, all, of which seemed to have attractive people fashionably dressed wandering in and out of them. I then looked at the driver.

    He was in his mid-thirties. He was good looking, kind of… but he looked like he'd been around.

    "Come on… what do you say?"

    "Lady… you're putting me in a bad spot… I mean… I gotta earn a living."

    I was getting tired of arguing. I decided to give him my best shot, which was to pull my dress up to my waist.

    I was wearing a sexy pair of panties that Hunter had bought for me on our honeymoon, cut real brief, see-through…

    I spread my legs.

    "Jesus, Lady, cool it, would you? I mean, there's people around."

    I dropped my dress, tossed him ten bucks and opened the door.

    "Hey wait!" he yelled.

    "Not a chance, clown. You waited too long."

    I slammed the door and walked down the sidewalk.

    I felt strange. That was something that I'd never done before. I couldn't imagine what I would have done with him if he'd have taken me up on my offer… where we'd have gone… I mean, would I really have taken him back to Hunter's apartment with me? That seemed too risky, but I thought about it some more… and I realized that as I was thinking about it, my thighs were starting to get really moist.

    I was getting turned on… and it wasn't just the idea of fucking a stranger that was turning me on… it was the idea of fucking him in my husband's bed.

    I was getting so aroused, I knew that I'd have to do something about it.

    So, I followed the cab driver's advice and turned into the first bar that looked inviting.

    Donovan's, and there was a large crowd, all of whom seemed to be well on their way to vicious hangovers.

    I perched myself at the bar, ordered a straight tequila and when the bartender set it in front of me, I had it downed before he could even go back for the lemon slices.

    "More," I said, looking at him evenly. "A double."

    He cocked an eyebrow and smiled… but he didn't look convinced.

    And I didn't give a shit.

    I didn't realize it at the time, of course, but I didn't give a shit about anything.

    I was pissed… I was lonely… I was frustrated… and I was hurt.

    And I wasn't in much of a mood to think my way through it. I wanted to get my sweet young ass picked up, and I wanted whoever did it to be ready to fuck my eyes out.

    It took about five minutes, by which time the tequila was weaving a wicked path right through the center of my brain, slashing neurons and syapses at all points along the way.

    I smiled at him… he was already turning blurry, but there was a nice head of blond hair on top of his shoulders, and as near as I could determine, he was good looking and he seemed to be fairly conversant with the English language.

    He was a winner in my book.

    I don't remember much of what we said. Stupid things like: "So, what do you do?" (from him), and "I get drunk," (from me)… back and forth like that.

    The next thing I knew we were climbing back into a cab and I was giving him my address.

    Which is another way of saying I was asking for death. But at the time, I wasn't thinking about anything.

    We got inside the apartment, and he started to talk again, but on the way over in the cab I'd decided that talking wasn't his best suit, so I wanted to see if he had other attributes that would interest me more.

    I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him. Hard.

    I pressed my hips up against him and rubbed up and down over his crotch.

    There was a bulge there… a stiff one, if my sense of touch was still working between my legs. It was.

    He knew when to shut up. Thank God. He kissed me back, and then his hand was on my left tit and his other hand was fumbling around with the hem line of my dress.

    I pulled away from him and turned my back to him.

    "Unzip me," was all I said.

    "Hey… you really don't waste any time, do you…?" he said.

    "What gave you your first clue?" I asked. "Are you going to unzip me, or are you going to waste time with a conversation neither one of us is going to remember in the morning?"

    "I see…" he said, unzipping me.

    Feeling his hands on my body gave me a strange feeling, but it wasn't unpleasant.

    In between my thighs, there was a furnace raging… a passionate pit of lust, and the heat was increasing with… each second. I wanted something to quench the flames, but I was afraid that anything he might have would only make them burn higher, until finally they consumed me.

    I wiggled out of my dress, let it fall to the floor and then I turned back around.

    I had a very flimsy, lace bra covering my tits, and the aforementioned pair of panties over my pussy, and my shoes… and that's it.

    As I slipped off my bra I said, "You're not going to fuck me dressed like that are you? I was hoping to see a little more skin."

    He acted like it had just occurred to him.

    "Oh," he said, "I guess so," and started to get out of his clothes.

    I stopped him and took over myself, almost ripping his shirt off his back. "Hey, easy, would you?"

    "No. I don't do it easy, and I don't want it easy. I just want it. Now."

    I felt my clit pounding between my cunt lips. I felt my nipples, swollen and stiff, like two pebbles.

    I was shuddering from a mindless kind of lust that I didn't even bother trying to understand.

    I reached for his cock as soon as I could get to it, stroked it a couple… of times to a throbbing erection, and then I said, "Now… right here. Fuck me. Right here on the floor."

    He was past arguing with me. He'd been staring too hard at my tits and my cunt to put up any fight.

    He grabbed me, tossed me to the floor and fell on top of me.

    I was out of my head as soon as I felt his cock crawling across my body, moving down between my legs, starting to press between my cunt lips.

    "Oh God, yes. Yes! Oh yes, fuck me… fuck me. Give me that hard pole."

    He had a kind of dazed look in his eyes, like maybe he'd never had someone come after him this hard, but I didn't care.

    I just opened my thighs, pulled out his cock and guided it toward my hole.

    The juices were flowing full and fast inside my cunt.

    He pressed the head of his cock against me and as my cunt hole opened, it was like a flood was unleashed over him.

    "Shit," he said as his cock slid into me with no resistance at all, "you're wet."

    "I know. I'm hot too. I love it. Jesus, you feel good. Fuck me. Fuck me. Just keep fucking me."

    He did it too.

    I have to say, he had a nice sized cock, one that I could feel all the way inside my pussy.

    In the relatively short time since I'd met Hunter, I think I'd developed a lot more sophistication about sex than I'd had when he first met me.

    Now I was able to use it, and measure my effect on a total stranger.

    I'd have to say I leveled that poor bastard. He really never knew what hit him.

    I was hot… and I kept getting hotter. If there were flames in my cunt, his cock was like throwing gasoline on them.

    I pounded my hips up against his body, thrusting harder and harder with every stroke, forcing the thing to delve deeper and deeper into my hot, steaming box.

    I felt him pressing against the back wall of my cunt, and it was delicious, but hardly enough to satisfy me.

    "Faster," I said. "I want more."

    "I… I can't go faster…" he stammered. "Not yet, anyway."

    "What do you mean?" I cried, feeling desperate now. "I need it. Fuck me. Fuck me!"

    "But… If you keep that up, I'm going to come… I don't want to come yet…"

    I looked him in the eyes and I said, "If you come now I'll have your balls. That's a promise." And I kept rolling my hips, driving his cock in and out of my cunt hole.

    But I could see by the look on his face that he really was right on the verge of coining.

    That's not what I wanted… not at all. So… I suddenly jumped up and said, "You wait there."

    "Hey… wait," he cried, but I was already running out of the room.

    "Just keep it hard," I called back over my shoulder.

    I ran into my bedroom, and there, on the table next to the bed, was a hair band right where I'd left it the night before. It was a strong rubber band with an elastic cloth covering over it to keep the rubber from pulling and breaking strands of hair.

    But I had something different in mind for it.

    I ran back out to the living room, and there he was, still lying on the rug, cock still stiff and throbbing, and eyes still puzzled.

    "I've got just the thing for you," I said, and before he could ask me what I was talking about, I had the rubber band sliding down over his cock, and then I gave it a half loop and rolled then doubled-up band all the way to the base of his cock.

    I could see the veins running up and down the sides of his shaft immediately start to bulge out more thickly.

    "Holy shit," he said, "it's like a cock-ring."

    "Yeah. Now, you can fuck me as hard as you want, and it doesn't matter if you come or not."

    I stared at that shaft, growing stiffer even as I studied it, and then, I climbed back on.

    This time, be was lying on the carpet, cock sticking straight up into the air.

    I spread my pussy lips, flashed my pink cunt slit for him to see, and then, I started to impale myself on the throbbing shaft.

    It was nice and stiff now, and wider than it had been before.

    "Oh… yeah…" I moaned… "That feels great. Really great."

    I started to shake and shudder as the thing split me wide open, and I felt the inner space of my pussy chamber filling up… filling with an ever increasing pressure.

    The muscles around my cunt hole stretched apart even though they were constricted and clenched tightly shut.

    I wasn't going to take any time getting that cock in me.

    I'd never had a fever in my cunt that was as strong as this was, and I couldn't stop to think about what I was doing.

    Fuck him… fuck him… that's all I could say to myself. Fuck that cock. Stuff it up you… and fuck fuck fuck the night away.

    "Yeah," I gasped, "that's a real nice tool you got there, boy. I really love it. Now fuck me with it. Fuck me the way I deserve to be fucked. Fuck me fast and hard, and don't stop for anything. Not even if my husband comes home."

    "Husband!!!" he yelped.

    Bad move there, I told myself, but too late. I was in no mood to stop now.

    "Don't worry, he's not coming home. What do you think I am… a fool? Now fuck me!!!"

    And I raised my hips up off him, pulled almost the entire way off, until his glans was sticking just inside the rim of my pussy hole, and then, just as I felt him getting a little restless and nervous, making noise about getting out of the apartment, I let myself slam back down on him… hard and fast, driving his cock in a straight line right through me.

    I screamed, but so did he.

    I pulled off his cock again, and this time, I didn't wait as long before slamming myself back down on him.

    And I tried to fall back onto his cock with even more force this time than before.

    I screamed again.

    "Oh God! Yes. Oh God yes!! Split me wide open!!"

    I did it again. And again. I started to find a rhythm that he seemed to be able to plug into, and as we both began to match thrust for thrust, he seemed to forget my comment about my husband.

    Up and down on that cock, splashing cunt juice all over the throbbing shaft.

    I couldn't stand it, it was so delicious. I thought I'd lose my mind.

    For the first time since I'd moved to New York, I wasn't bored… or lonely…

    I was hot… and getting laid… and it was a nice feeling.

    Harder… harder… harder…

    Up and down.

    The two of us moving together.

    Cock… cunt… melting into each other.



    The sensations getting stronger… stronger… more and more delicious… more excruciatingly delightful.

    I was screaming now… screaming so hard that I couldn't even think.

    I felt him come.

    It didn't matter… all that happened was that his cock squirted a bucket of cum into my box.

    But it stayed just as hard as it was before.

    And now, with all that added lubrication inside my cunt, I was able to fuck even faster… more furiously…



    Over and over again…

    Up and down… up and down… feeling my orgasm starting to build… knowing that I could fuck as long as I needed to fuck… knowing that I could fuck as hard as I wanted to… that I could come as long as I wanted to come.

    The first wave hit like the marines on Iwo Jima.

    I exploded.

    I soared.

    I was shattered into thousands of tiny, quivering pieces.

    My mind turned to smoke.

    All that I had left was sensation… endless streamers of sensation, somehow loosely formed into some kind of human shape.

    But I wasn't human.

    I was an animal.

    I was nothing but mindless lust… mindless, insatiable lust.

    I was a cunt.

    I lived for my cunt.

    I thought with my cunt.

    My cunt was my reason for existing… and stuffing it with this cock became the single most important thing that I'd ever done, or would ever be likely to do.

    Welt look, when you're in the middle of an orgasm like I was having, you kind of develop a different standard of values.

    The first wave subsided, but it was immediately replaced with another, building to a crest more powerful than the previous… and when that broke, there was another… right behind it… and another… and another… and another…

    I couldn't stop.

    I didn't want to stop.

    I just kept on fucking… harder… harder… faster… faster…

    His cock driving in and out…

    His hips rolling up at me… rolling back away from me, only to thrust the other way again, and drive his cock back into me…

    I have no idea how long I'd have been able to keep it up.

    Quite possibly the rest of the night… maybe all the next day.

    It's an interesting question.

    I may try to answer it some day. That night, however, I was unable to reach a natural end to my fucking… and so I really wasn't able to determine how long I could have gone.

    You see… Hunter prevented us from continuing.

    I never heard him come in.

    The first thing I knew about it was a foot slamming up into my asshole… a hard driving kick.

    It was a mean, nasty blow… one that sent a wave of sickening pain shooting through my body.

    It shot me forward, causing me to spill off his cock, and tumble over onto the floor.

    He looked up, and then, he started to whimper and babble incoherently.

    His cock had turned a deep blue.

    It was still just as stiff, however.

    And I have to say, it was beautiful, despite the fact that at that moment, I realized that it may welt have cost me my life.

    "Hurter," I said. "I didn't think you were coming back tonight."

    "Apparently not."

    He looked down at the boy… whose name, I realized all at once, I hadn't even bothered to remember.

    "You go ahead and get dressed," Hunter said, "and if you can get it alt done and get your ass and alt trace of your ass out of here in five minutes… I'll let you live. Sound fair enough?"

    The guy wasted no time.

    I don't think I ever saw anyone move so fast… and then he was gone.

    Hunter looked at me, looked me up and down, and then he said, "You have made me very disappointed, Marilyn. And I don't know what to do about it."

    Then, reaching down, he grabbed a large hank of my hair and putted me to my feet. "But I think I might know a few places to start."

    I was scared… but I'd been fucking so hard, I actually managed to work off some of the alcohol that was in me… and also, when you're real scared, convinced that your life might be in danger, your brain tends to sober up real fast, no matter what you've put in it.

    Hunter, on the other hand, seemed to be slurring his words a little, and he seemed to be just a little bit unsteady on his feet.

    "There's only one thing I want to say to you first, Hunter," I said to him, making my voice just as soft and sexy as I could.


    It was a moment's hesitation, but that's all I needed. I was crazy. Therefore, anything was possible.

    I rammed my knee up into his groin, and he went down.

    I did it again, just to make sure he wouldn't be moving for a while.

    Then, I got dressed, packed enough clothes to fill a small suitcase, emptied his wallet, and caught a cab for the airport. Sludge Falls was looking damn good.


    No one told me that Hunter was back in town.

    That's because no one knew.

    I'd talked to his mother and father, and they'd been sorry to hear that it didn't work out, but they told me that they'd pretty much given up on him a long time ago.

    "Well… you could have told me about it before now," I said.

    "Girl, if you wouldn't listen to your own mother, you damn sure wouldn't have listened to us, would you?"

    I had to admit that they were right.

    They didn't have much more than that to say to me, other than they wished me the best and would I please not bring Hunter around if he should come back to town?

    "You mean…?"

    "Look, girl. You said it, not us. That boy's bad, and he's bad clear through. Ain't nothing for it but to shut the bastard out, and if you're smart, that's what you'll do."

    I took them seriously, of course, but of course, I didn't really think that there was anything that I needed to worry about. Hunter might want to follow me back, but I'd already gone to court to file for a divorce, and there wasn't much that he could do now.

    If he was to come and start pestering me, I could just send the county sheriff after him.

    But like his mother and father said, he wasn't going to be coming around. No one wanted him.

    So I thought.

    I got to feeling weird, the kind of weird that's just an empty feeling in your guts, the kind of feeling you don't have any real reason for, and you don't need any reason for… the kind of feeling that says something's wrong, and if it don't look wrong to you right now, it's going to real quick, just as soon as it gets bad enough.

    I felt like… you know… eyes were on me. I kept telling myself, Marilyn, you're being just stupid… as stupid as you can be.

    But you know… I kept feeling it… kept thinking that there was someone following me… someone watching me.

    It was getting so I was afraid to open my curtains at night… and this was in the bedroom I'd slept in every night since I was a little girl!

    I finally got a grip on myself and convinced myself that I wasn't going to be afraid any more.

    That was the first night in a long time that I'd been able to get to sleep easily.

    That was also the night that it happened.

    I woke up with a hand over my mouth and my heart racing madly.

    Those first few seconds after you wake up are awful… you have no idea where you are… what you're doing… why you're doing it… who you are…

    And if you've been dreaming at the time you wake up, you can't figure out which is real and which isn't.

    I knew that there was one thing that was real.

    There was a hand over my mouth, and it was pressing down so hard that I didn't have a chance to make a single sound, let alone call for help!

    I was frozen for a moment, and then I reacted mindlessly flailing about in all directions, my muscles charged with an overwhelming charge of energy. I was panic stricken.

    I was out of my head.

    I couldn't think.

    I reached up and grabbed an arm… it was a solid, firm arm… it was a man's arm.

    I knew in that moment, somehow, that it was Hunter.

    He'd come back for me… he'd returned to Sludge Falls for revenge, and he'd somehow gotten into the house, and he was going to kill me now.

    I was having trouble breathing. My heart was beating so fast that I couldn't get enough air in my lungs to keep oxygen in my blood, and I felt like I was going to start blacking out.

    I shook.

    I jerked.

    I tried to break away, but then his other hand got me up to my neck, those awful long fingers that had stroked me so lovingly on our first date… those caresses that had convinced me that he was a gentle human… those fingers that had lied to me now were clamped tightly around my neck, pressing in… squeezing me… harder… harder… harder…

    I started to feel dizzy.

    I felt my mind drifting away… felt myself being sucked down into some kind of strange vortex, like a plug had been pulled on reality's drain and now I was going to be sucked into a cosmic sewer for all time.

    He brought his head down to my ear and he spoke, and for the first time I knew without a doubt that it was Hunter.

    "I have a gun. You can yell… but if you do, you'll be dead before anyone can come close to you. Do you understand? I'll kill you. I'll put a bullet in you that'll take an hour to kill you… but you'll die, no one will be able to save you. Do you understand?"

    I couldn't say anything. How do you talk to an insane person? How do you tell someone that you agree to madness… his madness… that you agree to let yourself be destroyed. How?

    He slowly took his hand away from my throat. "I'm telling you the truth, Marilyn. I'll kill you if you make a sound."

    I didn't say anything. I'm not stupid, after all.

    He slowly took his hand away from my mouth now. The flat of his palm hovered about an inch above my lips… I knew that I'd get perhaps a quarter of a second of a scream out and then he'd slam his hand back down on me, and he'd break my neck.

    But maybe he'd wait… rape me first… and then break my neck. I didn't know how he'd do it, but I was already preparing myself to die. I had given up all hope.

    "That's good," he said, when I remained silent. "That's what I like to see."

    He reached into his pocket and removed something… I couldn't tell what it was in the dark, but then I felt something soft against my teeth.

    He pushed it harder, and I realized that it was a soft rubber ball… maybe the kind that you can pick up in any toy store.

    He forced it to fill my mouth, completely… but it wasn't so big that it hurt my jaws.

    It just made certain that I'd never have the chance to scream.

    I suddenly felt a wave of fear and blind panic sweep over me, and I screamed anyway, but of course, it was too late…

    There was no one who could have heard me beyond the door to the room unless they'd stuck their ear right up against the wood.

    I knew my mother was sound asleep… and there wasn't anything short of a war that would wake her up.

    I wanted to fight him… maybe do the same thing that I'd done to him the last time I was with him… but I didn't have the chance. Or the strength.

    He had me tied up before I knew what was happening… my arms behind my back, my feet together…

    He lifted me off the bed, and to my amazement, my arms and legs hung down like limp pasta.

    I couldn't move them. I couldn't move at all… I don't even think I could have screamed if the ball was out of my mouth.

    Nothing seemed to work anymore, particularly my brain, and my will to survive.

    He carried me out the open window that he'd entered by, deftly descended a ladder and bundled me into a van that was parked out by the road.

    He drove off, and as far as I could tell, there wasn't a soul around that saw a single thing.


    I finally got a chance to see the hunting retreat that his family owned, the place that had provided him with the past-time that created his nickname.

    Only now… it wasn't going to be used as a hunting lodge.

    It was going to be used as a torture chamber.

    He carried me into the wooden structure, and laid me on one of the bare mattresses that were stacked on iron bedsprings.

    He said nothing to me.

    He didn't need to. I knew exactly what his plans were. It was as if I could read his mind.

    "So," he said looking down at my bound form. "You think you're pretty hot shit, don't you?"

    I looked up at him, feeling more frightened than I'd ever felt in my life.

    He wasn't looking at me with a demented look in his eyes… he wasn't giving me any indications just from his facial features that he was out of his mind.

    But I knew that he was. I knew that he was crazy… mad as a hatter.

    I knew that he was capable of doing anything to me… no matter how disgusting.

    I took it for granted that he was going to kill me.

    He set about preparing his props which I realized were fairly sophisticated.

    "You're looking this stuff over pretty carefully, Marilyn. You've never seen anything like this before? Come on. You're not that unworldly, are you? A block and tackle? You've never seen anything like this? Give me a break. Haven't you ever wondered how people managed to fuck before the block-and-tackle was invented? I know I sure have."

    He was being friendly, jaunty, and then he started to whistle.

    I realized that he must have either done this before, or else he'd been up here already preparing the place for my arrival.

    There were hooks all over the place… large hooks, solidly embedded in the walls to make certain that they'd support the weight of a human body. My body.

    He attached ropes to the hooks, chains to the hooks, pulleys to the chains…

    It looked a dungeon master's nightmare.

    I just lay there on my, bed, staring, unable to comprehend any of it. It was just too awful.

    Finally, he looked over at me.

    "You're ready, aren't you? I sure hope so. I'd hate to think that you weren't ready, after all the trouble I've gone to. You really disappointed me, Marilyn. I hope you realize that. I came back out here just to impress you, let you know that I don't hold any hard feelings just because you were unfaithful to me, and injured me physically, and now you're trying to divorce me."

    "I wanted you to know that I'm still wilting to work things out. If you want to. But… well… it occurred to me that you might need a little persuasion before you really work things out all the way in your head… and I'm more than willing to do it for you."

    "I'll give you all the persuasion you need, my darling wife. In fact, when I'm finished with you, I think you'll be pretty much persuaded to do anything I fucking well tell you to do."

    He laughed.

    "That's what I think."

    Then he gave me a hard slap on the side of my thigh. "How about you? Do you agree?"

    I shuddered. The pain raced through me… and there remained a hard stinging sensation over the surface of my skin where he'd hit me.

    But then, he lifted me off the bed and carried me over to the ropes that were hanging from the ceiling hooks.

    I started to fight him… resisting as hard as I could. But he was too strong, and soon he had the ropes looped around my wrists, fastened securely to the ropes that had already been fastened to me.

    He pulled on the ropes now… pulling against my arms. They began to move up behind my body, the pressure against my shoulder joints until I was certain that my arms were going to snap out of the socket joints.

    I screamed. Oh God, how I screamed. But there was hardly any sound. My jaws were growing weaker and weaker from biting against that ball that was in my mouth. I was lost.

    I felt nothing but pain through my body and fear all through my brain.

    He pulled tighter on the ropes, until my feet were just off the floor. If I stretched my legs, I could just barely manage to brush the tips of my toes over the surface of the floor, and I was even able to take some of my body weight off my tortured arms… but it wasn't worth the effort. The muscles in my legs rapidly grew far too exhausted for me to attempt anything further.

    He ran his hands over my body.

    "It's too bad you ran out on me, Marilyn. You really shouldn't have done it. I would have been willing to talk things out. I would have been willing to give you what you wanted… what you thought you needed."

    That was a lie. I knew it, and he did too. But there was no way that I could say it.

    "You didn't need to hurt me like that, dear. You did, you know. You hurt me terribly. I may never be the same. That's what the doctors are telling me. I might never be the same. I might never be a real man again."

    "But you know what? That's all right. Because now I have you. And I'll be able to balance things out. Don't you believe in balance, Marilyn? Don't you think that whatever you do comes back to you? I think it does. That's why I've come back to you, and why you've come back to me. I'm going to make sure that you're never going to be a real woman any more, either."

    I felt my blood run cold when he spoke those words.

    Suddenly, his hands were digging into my tits… hard.

    The tips of his fingers buried themselves deeply in the soft mounds of my tits and the pain filled them at once, sending sharp bursts of agonized sensation all through my body.

    He kept his hands on my tits, and started to move backwards.

    He dug deeper… and deeper… and deeper… he pulled on my tits as he stepped away from me, and as he did so, my body was forced to follow, swing from the ropes as he pulled me by my tits.

    Now, there was the added pain in my arms that was even more excruciating than what he was doing to my tits.

    I suffered.

    I have no idea how long he amused himself with my tits… but the various things he did to me settled into a couple of different groups. He squeezed… and he hit.

    Everything came under one of those headings.

    For example, after his fingers and his hands seemed to be getting tired, he produced a new gimmick. Clothespins… which were followed about a half-hour later by alligator clamps… which were followed after that by screw-clamps for my nipples.

    He slowly tightened the screws, pressing the small metal plate against the body of the clamp, my nipple caught in between, slowly being pressed completely flat.

    I felt myself starting to come apart.

    It was agony unlike any that I've ever felt in my life.

    It was to get worse.

    He left the nipple clamps on my nipples, and every fifteen minutes or so, he would turn his attention back to them, give the screws another slight twist, sending more and more excruciating sensation ripping through my tits.

    I screamed against the ball in my mouth… harder… harder… and finally, my muscle reactions grew so intense that I could no longer control anything that happened.

    The tip of my tongue pressed against the rubber ball from the back and shoved it out of my mouth.

    It flew across the room and bounced against the wall.

    He applauded.

    "Nice… nice. Good effort. I like getting positive feedback on what I'm doing, Marilyn. It's nice of you to let me know you appreciate my efforts…"

    "You fucking pig," I muttered through lips that were too weak to open.

    "Aw… that's not nice," he said. He slapped my face.

    "Oh God," I cried, and he slapped me again.

    "I think you should apologize, Marilyn. That's what I think. What do you say? You want to apologize to me, or are you going to make me really hurt you?"

    I could scarcely talk, but I managed to repeat what I'd first said to him.

    "You're a pig."

    "A pig," he said. "Hmmmmm. Mighty harsh words. Almost as harsh as, say… this whip…"

    He held up a thick, hard-leather riding crop.

    I stared at it uncomprehendingly.

    I can remember wondering to myself what he was doing with it… wondering what it was… what it was for…

    Nothing was making sense to me now.

    Nothing seemed to fit.

    But then, he stepped up to me, reached his hand underneath my two tits and held them straight out.

    I watched as he raised the riding crop, and as it hovered there for than split second, I moaned, "Nooooo…" but it was futile.

    He cracked it against me. It was like molten lead had been poured over my tits.

    My body went rigid.

    I jerked… I shuddered.

    I screamed.

    I screamed some more.

    I screamed as loudly as I could.

    "Go ahead, scream," he taunted me. "Scream just as loud as you want. I love it. I love hearing you scream. It shows me that I'm doing this right. There's nothing worse than someone who refuses to scream when you're working so hard on them…"

    He brought the riding crop down across my tits again.

    Again it stung like molten lead. I couldn't stand it. I had no choice, but it was driving me crazy… as crazy as Hunter was.

    He hit me again and again on my tits, and then began to move down my bound body with the riding crop, striking me anywhere he felt like it.

    My back… my stomach… the front of my tits, directly across my nipples…

    Down now to my thighs, my ass… hitting my up between my thighs, slamming that awful riding crop right up into my pussy slit…

    I screamed and screamed… and when my voice finally gave out, I continued to scream, silently.

    I writhed in pain… and when my muscles finally refused to work… I hung there limply, the electric sensations rippling through my nerves still from every stroke of that riding crop… and even though there was no movement in my muscles now because they'd been pushed past their endurance, the feeling of agony persisted, and if anything the sensitivity of my nerve endings increased.

    And when I passed out at last, he waited, patiently, for me to wake up on my own, wanting me to feel every stroke of his whip… wanting my body to savor and absorb every red stripe that he laid across my once flawless skin.

    I was bleeding now. He broke my skin in many different places.

    I felt like my body had swollen up to about three times its normal size, but this was really the first sensation of numbness creeping over me. He was killing me, beating the feeling out of my body, beating the life out of me.

    It went on for days… weeks… months… years…

    There is no time when your every waking moment is pure hell.

    I only know that I completely lost touch with reality… I completely forgot everything… who I was… what I was… where I was… there was nothing left in my life but pain… and finally, even that was denied me.

    I passed out… and it might as well have been for good.

    I don't know how long I was unconscious.

    I had no idea what was happening around me.

    They thought I was going to die.

    I woke up in a hospital, and they were shocked to see my eyes open. They didn't believe that I could have regained consciousness.

    "What do you remember?" they kept asking me, not realizing that all I wanted to do was to forget.

    "Try to remember," some would say.

    "Move this finger," others would say.

    "How many fingers am I holding up," others would ask.

    I was patient, but I said nothing. It was almost a year before I would talk again.

    In that time, I learned that Hunter's family had alerted the police that their lodge was a likely place to look, assuming that I really was kidnapped, as everyone was thinking.

    They'd come up, finally, but not before he'd beaten me senseless… not before he'd gone mad himself and turned a gun on his brains.

    They found me hanging where he'd left me… almost dead.

    But somehow, someway, I came back.

    Enough, anyway, to provide this court deposition. But I still refuse to speak.

    Someday, perhaps I'll rejoin the world of the living… but for now, I still feel half-dead, and I prefer not to pretend to be alive, thank you.


    It's hard, you know. I mean, you work all day long, sweat your fucking gonads off and bust your back seventeen times before lunch, break new blisters on your hands every day and then you run the risk of being laid off without any notice… and for what?

    For a lousy paycheck that might make it through till the next one comes along except that you've got a wife who stays perpetually pissed because it's not big enough, and to prove it, she goes out and spends the whole damn thing in two days and then nags you the rest of the week because there's not enough money.

    "What'd you do with my paycheck? I just brought it home Friday?!"

    "Don't you yell at me, Herb Metcalf. It's not my fault that you've turned your life into a case study for failure. You could have done a lot of things but you were too stupid and lazy and worthless and so now we have to scrape by on a paltry salary that couldn't be expected to support a cat… let alone a family."

    "I asked you, what the fuck did you spend the money on? I don't see nothing new! Where'd it go? How come you don't know nothing about managing a budget."

    "Oh yes… I see. It's always my fault… isn't it Herb? It's always my fault because YOU don't earn enough money. You can't make a decent wage, but it's my fault because I don't know how to manage a budget."

    And so it went… every week… month after month… year after year…

    Depressing… damned depressing.

    You can figure out how many nights I'd come home with a hard-on wanting to fuck her… oh by the way, her name's Isabel. I mean, I'm gonna stay awake at nights thinking about her? Shit I am.

    Trouble is, she's not too bad looking either… nice tits… a sweet face whenever she remembers how to smile… but Christ, what a bitch. Meanest bitch you'll ever see.

    Then, there's Cassie… our little girl. Cassie got her mother's body… but so far she doesn't seem to be nowhere near as mean, you know.

    She still likes me in other words… and she don't seem to pay much attention to her old lady when the bitch starts to give me the red ass about not having enough money, which is a fucking joke… I make plenty… she just spends it on shit. Clothes… stupid shit for the house…

    Ah… but what's the use, right? I mean, if I was to try and do the healthy thing, which is leave her… she'd go bonkers and bring the law down on top of my head and fucking well take me to the cleaners.

    So I put up with it… and every day I go to work and I pound nails and I carry heavy beams and I drill, and I measure, and I survey land contours and I put up buildings, and I make me a fairly good living… nothing that ever seems to please the little woman, but I'm doing all right.

    Only… Christ… I spend all my time being horny.

    I mean… there's Gladys the waitress down at Mickey's Bar and Grill, and she's a nice sloppy kind of big-titted broad, you know, makes you think you're getting laid by a whore and loved by your mother at the same time…

    But you know… she and me, we got an understanding and it kind of draws the line at a real specific spot… and I don't go around to see her all that much anyway…

    So… I guess Cassie's moving on to be about fourteen or fifteen by this time, Christ, how can you tell, you know… kids… they're like weeds… popping up and growing by doubles and triples overnight, so you don't even recognize them the next time you see them.

    That's sort of the way I felt one day, a Saturday I think, while out in the back yard reading my paper, laying in the chaise lounge, sipping on a nice cold one… there's a small ice-chest next to me, and before that sucker's empty I know I'm gonna be sucking on a fuck of a lot more… and that's okay, 'cause it's a Saturday and the barbecue's firing up and there's some steaks to be slapped on the grill later on (oh yeah… we got us one of them nice middle-class existences you read about in TIME and NEWSWEEK… but Isabel, she don't want to be middle. She's got her sights aimed for society or something fucked up like that) and so anyway, I'm laying there reading the paper, and being kind of horny on account of I'd thought of going over to see Gladys the night before, and I never got around to it, but that didn't stop me from thinking about her.

    So, I drain that cold beer, and I'm popping the top off another one, and I've sort of got tits on the brain there, thinking about those big sloppy tits Gladys has hanging off her that she still keeps good and firm… you know…

    So what do I see but my little girl, and she's climbing into her girl friend's car, and they're both heading for the beach, it looks like, and I'm kind of amazed because the terrycloth beach coat she's got on comes undone, you see… and there's these tits under there.

    I mean, we're talking tits here, with a capital fucking "T". I mean, this is some fine acreage she's holding up there, and it sort of takes me by surprise.

    She's my little girl, for Chrissakes… and so what's she doing looking so fucking boobulent for?

    And then, I wonder what she's doing showing it off so freely.

    And then I wonder why my cock's starting to throb and pound real hard…

    And that kind of sets me to thinking about her some more… and before I've drained too many more cans, I'm thinking a lot about some of the things that we've done lately.

    She's always been my little girl.

    Ever since she was old enough to move around under her own power and could climb up onto things, she's been climbing up onto my lap, though recently, there's not too much climbing called for…

    But she still likes to come over and plop herself on my lap a lot, and throw her arms around me, and give me a big hug and a big kiss and tell me she's my little girl…

    And rub her sweet little ass over my crotch…


    How come that never seemed to stick out in my mind before, I wondered.

    Because, she's my little girl, and little girls don't try to come on to their daddies… that's why. Except that she's not so little any more… and I can't quite figure out why I never noticed it before now.

    Well, like I said, there was a lot of cold ones in that ice chest, and they were pretty much gone by the time she got back later that night.

    I'd pulled the chaise lounge over to the barbecue grill, and I was kind of lazily watching the steaks, and letting the smell of the smoke fill the back yard and make the place smell just like the suburbs are supposed to smell, and she comes walking out to see me.

    Now, I noticed two things right off, one kind of leading naturally into the other.

    First, I see she's not wearing that beach jacket she had on earlier… which makes sense, it being summer and all… and then I notice that she's still got on that skimpy little bikini she was wearing earlier… and that made it real hard not to notice that her tits were just as big as they'd looked earlier that day.

    Firm, big, round tits, with nice hard nipples poking out of the center, and they was both aimed right at me, like guns or something.

    I was getting a little worked up by this time… and I realized that I'd been staring hard at those sweet little things.

    She saw what I was looking at, and you know, she didn't mind.

    That pissed me off, but at the same time, her body being real pretty to look at and all, I wasn't quite ready to do anything that would send her packing…

    "What's the meaning of walking around in public half-naked like that for, girl?" I say to her… and she smiles, teasing me… and she sits down in my lap!

    Oh Lord, let me tell you, that was something I could have done without.

    "Hey, come on… what do you think you're doing, anyway? Christ, you're gonna have the neighbors talking."

    She just kind of bit her bottom lip, the way she always did when she wanted to get her way (and it always worked too, damn her) and said, "Daddy… what's wrong? You don't want me sitting in your lap any more? Aren't I your little girl any more?"

    "Aw, shucks yeah, Angel… but… but…"

    She gave me a grin that would have melted steel.

    "But what, Daddy?"

    What, but of course, I can't tell her this, happens to be that I'm getting a hard-on you could sink a battleship with.

    And she's got her sweet little ass right on top of it, and the material of her bathing suit just ain't all that substantial, if you know what I mean.

    Hell, I can feel where her two cheeks come together! I'm feeling the crack in my little girl's ass, and I'm feeling it with my cock! My hard cock!

    Let me tell you, that bugger was sensitive as shit too. I could have read the date on a dime slipped inside her bathing suit, that's how fucking sensitive I was.

    Well, like I said, big titted Gladys is on my mind, and now this…

    "Daddy, you don't look so good. Have you been drinking again?"

    "Yeah… hell yeah! It's Saturday, ain't it?"

    She smiled, she put her arms around me, she gave me a big sloppy kiss and damned if she didn't wiggle that sweet ass over my cock again.

    And that did it.

    I felt the fucking thing blow.

    It just started to quiver and shake, and that little muscle down at the base that gets that funny feeling started feeling funny.

    Well, my eyes, they get all wide and wondering, and I suck in my breath, and she's looking at me and she says, "Are you all right, Daddy?"

    "Honey," I say, even as my balls are pumping jism out my cock and into my pants, "you're gonna need to get off me. My… uh… stomach's not feeling all that good… you know…?"

    I give her a weak smile, but you know… somehow, I get the feeling she's not being fooled a bit, and when she gets off, and I see that there ain't no wet spot yet and I've got time to slap the newspaper over my crotch, she just smiles and she says, "I'm gonna go get a shower, Daddy. Um, do you know where Momma went?"

    "Huh? She's not in there?"

    Cassie shook her head.

    "Nope. She left a note saying she'd be back around eight-thirty."

    "WHAT?! That fucking bitch! She knows I'm out here with these fucking steaks. She didn't even tell me she was leaving."

    Well, I'm all beside myself anyway, and all I was doing was looking for an excuse to blow up, but damned if she didn't wrap her sweet arms around me again, and give me another kiss… and say, "You calm down, Daddy. I'm here… and we can have dinner together… and who needs Momma anyway? Hmmm?"

    I feel her tight lips on my cheek again, and then I watch her tight little ass bouncing back and forth as she walks across the back yard to the house.

    And I'm thinking to myself, Herb Metcalf, you are a sick, sick man. That's sick!!!

    But I already know it's not going to make a damn bit of difference.

    I keep playing around with those steaks… and meanwhile, the wet spot creeps up in my crotch but it's not all that bad, most of the jism getting sucked up by my jockey shorts… and so just as soon as the steaks are done and the wet spot dries, I go back inside… and there she is, hair all wet, and wearing one of her flimsy little robes, only maybe I ain't quite noticed before just how flimsy her robe really is, you know?

    But damn! It was just about glued to the curves underneath it.

    Glued like it had been sprayed on.

    She was just sitting there in the kitchen… waiting… and I don't think she was waiting for the steaks.

    "Daddy," she said, looking up at me, and I see how big and beautiful and deep her eyes are and I start to get all squishy inside and feel the old monster starting to stir down there between the thighs…

    "Huh?" I say, my voice all small and pinched.

    "You want to put those steaks in the oven… for a little while, keep them warm?"

    And I know what she's talking about. Right there in the kitchen, I know my daughter's telling me she wants to fuck me, and you know, I'm seriously considering it… and it took me about two seconds and I say to myself, what the fuck, she's already an adult and if she can't make her own decisions, her being an adult and all, then I guess I done a lousy job as her father.

    It's a little shaky, logic-wise, I'll admit… but I slipped those steaks right into the oven, I stood up and turned around, and then I get slapped in the face with a sight that'd bring tears to a marine's eyes.

    She's got her robe hanging open, and there's these two tits hanging right in front of me, and they're the most beautiful things I've ever seen on a woman's body… ANY woman's body.

    "You were looking at me earlier, weren't you, Daddy?"

    "You, uh… you noticed, huh?"

    "Yeah… it was pretty hard not to."

    "I was making an ass out of myself, huh?"

    "No… you weren't, Daddy. There's nothing wrong with what you were doing."

    Are my ears working right, I wonder to myself. Am I hearing this, or am I still out by the barbecue grill, sound asleep in a drunk stupor, the steaks burned to ash, dreaming all this like a kid, dreaming a wet dream to end all wet dreams?

    "Why don't you come sit in my lap, Daddy. I'd like you to sit in my lap for a change. I've always sat in your lap… now it's your turn."

    And as she's talking, she unties the rest of her robe and slowly pulls it open…

    And I get a bad case of sunburn on my eyeballs, on account of I'm looking at a sight that blinds me for a minute or two.

    Christ, I think to myself, where'd she get all that hair.

    Same place she got her tits, I figure, and then she spread her legs a little, and that sweet pink slit running between them opens up like a new flower blossoming, and I feel myself going out of my head.

    Now, there's voices in my head all this time, and they're giving out with a whole pile of conflicting advice.

    I hear one telling me to stop and haul ass… and I hear another one saying to forget everything and just dive in…

    Well… I'll let you figure out which I was listening to…

    It went real nice with that gaping pink slit opening up between her legs.

    "Cassie," I stammer, trying to remember how to speak English, "you think this is all right…? I mean…"

    She stood up.

    As she rose, her robe fell away from her body so that by the time she got to her feet, she was naked, and that was all the answer I needed.

    "Oh Lord God," I muttered, holding my arms out to her, "I don't care if I am a sick man… you've got me… and you can do anything you want to do to me."

    "Oh… I know exactly what that's going to be, Daddy," she said, and before I can even figure out what I'm doing, she's got her fingers all over my crotch, unzipping my fly, pulling on my cock, wrapping her fingers around it, stroking it, squeezing it, and generally doing things that I didn't think she'd have even read about.

    Christ… she'd done a fuck of a lot more than read.

    On her knees now, mouth like soft feathers tickling the whole length of the shaft at once.

    Her tongue moves all up and down the thing… licking, slapping… pressing… stroking it… and I'm going madder and madder by the second.

    She stands back up, and she silently leads me out of the room… not by my hand, mind you, but by my cock!

    My own daughter!

    And I'm following her like I was a robot or maybe I had had brain damage or something.

    You know… I think I really did.

    Because I sure as hell wasn't thinking too clear. In fact, I wasn't thinking at all.

    I was feeling a lot… I was feeling pretty good, as a matter of fact. But I was pretty weak on the thinking end of things.

    Maybe I'd have stopped it if I hadn't been so drunk.

    Maybe I'd have slapped her silly and told her if she ever did that again I was going to kill her if I'd been more on my toes.

    Maybe I should have gone and seen Gladys last night. Maybe those big tits of hers would have lessened the impact of Cassie's.

    But none of that happened, so all of this happened.

    She took me into the living room, and she made me lay down on the sofa.

    "Cassie." I started, though God knows what I had in mind to say.

    "Shhhhhh…" she said softly, stroking my cock again just as soon as I was on my back. "You don't need to talk. Just lie there. I'll take care of everything."


    "Shhh… I mean it."

    "But Cassie…!"

    "Daddy! Don't make me get sharp with you."

    I couldn't believe it. My own daughter. Hell, let's face it though. She was giving me exactly what I wanted from her.

    I wanted to feel her mouth opening around my cock the way she was doing, sucking the head, drawing the entire length of the shaft into her throat.

    I wanted to feel her fingers playing around with my balls. I wanted to feet the tip of her forefinger touching my asshole, pressing against it… shoving up into it… INTO my asshole!

    Lord, I'm going to hell for this, I thought to myself. Ain't nothing gonna get me salvation after letting my daughter do this shit to me…

    But what the hell, seeing as how I'd already blown it, there didn't seem to be much sense in holding back any more, so I went ahead and pulled out all the stops, and just started to roll my hips around and press that stiff cock up into her mouth, and damned if she didn't take the whole fucking thing into her throat.

    "Where the fuck did you learn how to do this, girl?" I asked her.

    "Not a question you want answered, Daddy. I promise you."

    That bugged me for a moment, but then I figured she ought to know, and maybe I should just go ahead and trust her judgment. She was showing remarkable judgment where the treatment of my cock was concerned… I'll give her that.

    Up and down now, rubbing the full length with her tongue, lingering over the mushroom-shaped glans, then moving down all the way to the base, back up again…

    She tucked her lips up underneath her teeth and formed a circular hole with her mouth, as close to a perfect circle as she could get it.

    She began to bob her head up and down and then she said, "Pump your cock in and out."

    Well… that suited me just fine, and so I did just as she asked. I rammed my hips up into her… and then I pulled back, just as her own head was rising back up from my body.

    I shoved upwards again just as she was coming back down.

    Up… down…

    Down… up…

    She seemed to know exactly when I was going to make my move, and was able to keep the timing of our thrusts and counterthrusts almost perfect, even though the movement and the rhythm continued to vary from thrust to thrust.

    "Christ, how're you getting the whole thing down you?"

    I guess she'd have answered, but she was getting the whole thing down her, and that didn't leave a whole lot of room for talk.

    She kept it up too… bringing an erection to my cock the likes of which I hadn't seen since I was a kid in high school on a date with my hand up a girl's skirt or down her blouse…

    Lord… it's kind of scary just thinking about it… but I was hotter for her than I'd been in years… and it felt an awful lot the way it did back when I wasn't too much older than her…

    Well… things were getting pretty confused, but pretty soon I felt my balls getting ready to shoot up another toad of jism, and that would have cleared things up real fast… it always does.

    But she suddenly said tome, "Don't come yet, Daddy. Don't come!"


    I mean, she's running her mouth over me like she could suck the brass off a bed-post, and I'm halfway from here to Mars already, and ready to blast myself the rest of the way, and she says, "Don't come yet Daddy."

    "Well Darling I've never known how to stop it once it's ready to go."

    She smiled and squeezed on my cock, right below the head… just gave it a nice tender squeeze with her thumb and forefinger…

    Nothing demonic… nothing to bring me to my knees.

    But the fire went out of my cock and the pressure eased up in my balls, and I just sort of stared at her.

    "Hell, what did you do?"

    "I made it soft." Truth was, I didn't know. I sure as hell never thought THAT was possible, but then, this was turning into the kind of day where you learn just what IS possible.

    There's a hell of a lot that's possible… you know?

    So… what's happening now… oh yeah. She's got my cock all nice and calmed down again, although it still feels maybe like it's artificial, on account of it being so hard and all… I mean, I was afraid maybe it was gonna bust open or something…

    You know? I mean, I can't remember when it's been this hard before, but that suits me fine.

    Then I start to think a minute, and of course, that hard-on weighing on my mind and all, I can't help but think about what you usually do with a hard-on…

    And once more Cassie act's like she can read my mind, because she suddenly flips around on the sofa, and that pussy I'd just seen in my mind shoves itself up against my face.

    I just reacted.

    There wasn't any time for thinking… and that was good, because when you spend time thinking, that's just time you could be spending doing something… and so that's what I done… I done something. I slid my tongue out of my mouth and up her crack.

    Christ almighty! What a flavor.

    Now, I've tasted some mighty fine cunts in my day, and then again, I've tasted one or two would gag a maggot. (Somehow, even those leave a sweet taste in your memory) and once I got some of those thick oily juices of hers all over my mouth and tongue, I went ahead and lost what good sense I had left, which wasn't, mind you, all that much to begin with.

    She started up with this moaning… and it was like an angel singing, the way my brain heard it.

    She moved her hips too, real soft, and gentle and delicate like, up and down, back and forth, and after a while I figured she knew enough about what she was doing, and about what she wanted, all I needed to do was to hold my tongue good and stiff and let her work her will on it.

    I was right.

    She felt me get it all stiff and rigid and right off she homed in on it with her clit.

    At first I tried to sort of help her along… you know… press against it, and lick up and down the thing…

    Well, that didn't set too good with her.

    "It's all right, Daddy," she said. "I don't need that much pressure. I'll do it."

    Hoooo-wheee! A woman with a mind of her own.

    Yeah well, I guess that was fine with me, so long as she knew what I wanted too, and damned if she didn't just keep on reading my mind and knowing exactly what I wanted.

    She had the pressure building back in my cock again, and she didn't seem to be all that interested in keeping it under control this time either, at least not from the way she was sucking on it… and jiggling on my balls… and tickling up my asshole…

    THAT was maybe the strangest feeling.

    I mean, my cock was the best, but I wasn't too accustomed to having my asshole played with… by anybody or anything… and to feel those sweet slender fingers slipping up and then back out kind of made me feel all gushy inside.

    My balls were getting crazy again.

    I raised my ass up off the couch and started to shove at her mouth, and I felt her pussy moving harder and harder over my face.

    I opened my mouth a little bit, just to breathe… but as I did so, her clit seemed to scrape over the edge of my upper teeth, and for just a second, she went rigid.

    Then she cried out real hard… "Oh God!!!"

    And then she said, "Again. Do it again."

    I wasn't quite sure just what it was that I did, except that it had something to do with her clit, but what the hell, I was willing to experiment.

    So I sucked on that tight little bud, drew it into my mouth and caught it tight between my teeth… and then I started to tighten down.

    And did I ever tighten.

    I went slow, of course, not wanting to hurt her or anything… but I kept on pressing my teeth together, and I was concentrating on that so hard, and on the hard rubbery feeling of her clit, that I didn't quite notice that I'd been going at it for… a good while, and though she was making a whole lot of grunting and groaning noises and shaking her hips around like crazy, she wasn't even close to telling me to stop.

    That made me feel damned good…

    And it made my balls start to go crazy… and that made me start to moan and groan and let her clit slip out from between my teeth.

    "NO…" she cried, "don't stop. Please… don't stop, Daddy."

    "I'm gonna come. Do what you did before," and she did, she pulled that magic squeeze trick on me again and once more, I was back in the running.

    I made myself a mental note to check up on just what the fuck it was they were teaching our impressionable young minds in school these days, and then I went back to her clit.

    And her clit came back to me… with a vengeance.

    She rammed her pussy down onto my mouth, really hard.

    I let my tongue slide up inside her hole this time before starting to suck on her clit, and the reaction I got out of her was so strong that I couldn't believe the pressure she had built up inside her.

    She started to scream.

    I mean…scream.

    She was breathing funny too, sucking in big deep breaths, hard… going pretty much out of her fucking skull, and I realized then that she was coming.

    Not like her old lady.

    Not even like Gladys.

    Isabel, when she'd let herself come at all, did it "polite". Gladys was all over the map.

    But Cassie was cool about it.

    She hardly moved.

    But she left no doubt that her body was doing things to her that were probably illegal in most states.

    And she was loving it too.

    I slipped my tongue in and out… in and out… in and out… faster and faster, wanting to drive her just as crazy as I knew how.

    She was screaming… and now, she started to move again.

    But this time, it was to pull her pussy away from my mouth, and slam it into my cock.

    Now, whenever I fuck Isabel (which, as I think I've pointed out just doesn't come to that high a number) I have to fumble around, looking for the hole.

    Then she spends a lot of time saying things like "Ouch, it's too dry…" and "Slow! Christ what are you trying to do tear me open…" and "Is it in yet…?" and shit like that.

    Cassie slammed her pussy against my cock head, found the hole on the first shot and rammed it right down onto the thing.

    I felt her cunt suck my cock up like a hungry beggar sucking up a hot-dog.

    The soft, velveteen walls of her pussy pressed against me from all directions.

    I felt strangely secure, as if this was a place my cock had always been meant for, and only now was it finally coming home.

    Okay okay… so that sounds a little corny.

    I was fucking my daughter, all right? And on top of that, I was digging the fucking hell out of it.

    I was crazy. Pretty much. I felt like a little kid again. I felt like I'd always wanted to feel in high school, but never could on account of being too fucked up and inexperienced and young and scared.

    Now I felt inexperienced and old and scared, but at least I wasn't too fucked up.

    Not too much.

    She filled her cunt with me, and then proceeded to prove that kids today grow up one hell of a lot faster then we did.

    I'd never known that a set of cunt muscles could move so perfectly over a cock.

    I'd felt the inside of plenty of cunts, understand, but I never felt a cunt that was alive all on its own.

    I mean, that little jewel between her legs was working a number over my shaft that would have dropped Goliath to his knees.

    I didn't have a chance. Up…

    And back down…

    And back up again…

    And then back down again…

    And over and over and over and over and over and Lord God I was fucking swirling around like a damn windstorm had a grip on my cock and balls and brain and I knew right then that there wasn't a single chance that I was going to get out alive… or at least in one piece.

    I was feeling confident about fucking hard now, with that magic trick she kept on doing to my balls with her squeeze technique, and so I began to pile into her.

    And she was there every step of the way.

    The harder I slammed my hips up, the more force she met me with. I couldn't out-fuck her no matter what I did.

    Up and down… up and down… up and down… that sweet slippery cunt of hers chewing on me like it was a second mouth munching on a hot dog.

    Inside her cunt, there were separate rippling movement, seeming to start up from different places at once.

    I couldn't believe the amazing variety of muscle movements that were flurrying through her cunt. It was starting to send me into uncontrollable spasms… spasms of the brain… spasms of the body…

    I felt her gripping me with the walls of her cunt… I felt her pressing her lips up against my crotch… I felt the slippery membranes rubbing over the surface of my thighs, the juices oozing into my pubic bush… and of course, that shaft, so coated now with grease, it hardly produced any friction at all when it ran through her cunt.

    She was working on me with several different sets of muscles now… and I was having trouble telling them apart.

    In front of my face, tits flopped merrily.

    I opened my mouth and let one of those berry-like nipples pop in, closed my teeth around it and started to bite.

    Hard. Real hard. And I kept getting harder. She didn't cry. She gasped.

    It was a gasp of pleasure. A moan of ecstasy. It was a passionate cry of release.

    It was the sound I'd always wanted to hear from Isabel, and never could manage to force out of her.

    Then, I felt my balls beginning to fill up again.

    The muscle at the base of my cock began once more to quiver, sending the first tentative drops of fluid down the center of my tube in preparation for what I could tell would be a major come. That's major with a capital fucking "M", buddy.

    So, I figured that she'd just work that old magic on me once again… and then, wouldn't you know… she suddenly ram's her hips up into me, so hard, I can't possibly help myself… and she screams, "Oh yes oh yes oh yes!!!" and I feel her cunt eating me down to a toothpick, and there's just no way that I can hold back, but fuck, I don't want to shoot off into my little girl… I mean… well hell… there's nothing that could be worse than getting your daughter pregnant, I think to myself, and so, I pull out.

    And I could feel this powerful sensation gathering inside my balls, and I can tell there's no way it's going to be anything but awesome, and that's when I hear the door open behind me.

    I shot.

    A thick glob was blasted out of my cock and hit Cassie right in the face.

    She was already writhing and moaning, and ramming her fingers into her pussy, feeling the lack of a cock all of a sudden and wanting something to take it's place…

    And then I heard Isabel… and all those years of wanting her to gasp and moan, well… she made up for them right then…

    And Cassie kept coming… and I kept shooting, wad after wad… and Isabel kept making apoplectic noises… and when the dust cleared, I was out on my ass, there were all manner of crude and nasty papers filed in all manner of courts and let me tell you I'm so fucking glad to be rid of that woman…

    But Cassie… she's another story. She's… uh-oh… she's coming. She doesn't see me yet, but she will…

    I roll down the window… I smile… I wave… she sees me… she hesitates… then walks over to the car…

    What can I tell you… I can't help myself. I have to have her… one way or the other, and this time, no one's going to get in my way.

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