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    Her Secret Life

    Chapter 1

    Paul Evans was sitting at his desk in his apartment thinking about work when he glanced out the window and first noticed the little girl by the swimming pool in the courtyard.

    The computer program he was working on bad a bug somewhere in the feedback system, and his desk was strewn with papers, all but burying a compact desktop calculator. On a pedestal to his right stood an electric keyboard computer terminal, hooking him directly into a big computer at a research center a few miles away.

    He carefully punched a complex formula into the calculator's memory storage, and then he found himself again staring out the window at the little girl by the pool. She was wearing a skimpy yellow bikini.

    She looks a little young for you, Evans! Paul chided himself. Can't be more than twelve or thirteen!

    But there was something about the slender child that held his attention and he watched her step out on the diving board. Honey blond hair swung straight almost to her round little ass. Her face was a delicate oval, her button nose still almost a little girl's. Her eyes were large and accented with long lashes, and Paul guessed they-would be blue.

    Paul thought her body was absolutely beautiful. Her little breasts were just beginning to curve the top of her suit, and Paul thought he could just make out the shape of her little nipples through the cloth.

    Her legs and ass already had the shape of a woman's, but more slender. The cheeks of her little ass were well rounded and had a saucy little bounce to them when she hopped up and down on the diving board. Her thighs were slender and well tapered.

    She turned around on the board, and Paul looked where the tight bikini panty lewdly stretched across her little pussy. The mound of her pussy was just beginning to swell to maturity, not yet as full as that of a grown woman. She lay down on the diving board, stretched out in the sun, and her legs were spread just enough for Paul to see the bright yellow bikini stretch tightly between her thighs.

    Jail-bait! Paul said to himself. And I should be ashamed of myself? A thirty-five year old man leering at a little girl! Next thing you know, I'll be out in the park in a dirty raincoat!

    Paul made the desk computer read out the formula he had just programmed into it, and started a series of calculations based on the formula. He was copying figures from the computer readout to a flow-chart when the phone rang.

    "Hello, Paul Evans here," he said.

    "Paul? Oh, Paul, I'm so glad you're home!" It was a female voice; and Paul's face flashed a slight grimace of annoyance when he recognized it.

    "Hello, Angela," Paul said. "Yes, I'm home… home working! You know I've only got a few days left to get this program set up for Engineering Dynamics."

    A whining, note crept into Angela's high-pitched voice. "But, Paul! You promised we'd go out today!"

    "I told you we might go out for dinner if I got enough work done!" Paul said. "But it's not even noon yet, Angela and I've barely gotten started on my work!"

    "Oh, Paul, don't be such a wet blanket! I've got a picnic lunch all packed! We can drive up the canyon to our favorite spot, and… "

    "Angela, you don't seem to understand!" Paul interrupted. "I can't go on any picnics! I only just this morning finally figured out the right formula to handle the feedback effects after… well, anyway, Angela, I can't go! And that's all there is to it! Can't you understand?"

    "Sure, Paul, I can understand!" Angela's voice was quavering. "I understand just perfect! I understand that you and that God damned computer ought to be having an affair, not you and me! That's your real love, Paul!"

    "Angela, please! Do we have to go through this all over again? Just because I'm self-employed I can't always go off and do anything I want any time I want to! If I'm going to make it with my own consulting business, I've got to produce the programs for the customers when I promised them! Please try to understand!"

    "Damn you, Paul Evans!" Angela was sobbing openly now. "Damn you to hell! Why do I always have to understand you? Why don't you ever try understanding me? I'm a woman, Paul! I'm not a computer that you can turn on and off with a switch!"

    You're telling me! Paul groaned to himself. "Angela, I know you're a-woman!" he said.

    "Well, damn it, treat me like one!" she sobbed. "I want to bet treated like a woman! I want you to want my body! I need you to want me, Paul!"

    "I do want you!" Paul exploded. "Look, I'll be over about seven! We can have a quiet dinner at your place, and then… "

    "Fuck you, Paul Evans!" the woman shrieked. "I want you to want me now, you son of a bitch, not at your convenience! I want you to come over here as fast as you can, and throw me on the bed and tear my clothes off, and jump on me with your big hard cock, and stick it up me and fuck my brains out! Come fuck me, you son of a bitch! If you want to make me feel like a woman, act like a man! Quit jacking yourself off with those computers, and…"

    Paul slammed the receiver down in the telephone cradle and sat shaking with emotion. Damn that woman! Damn her to hell! Why the hell did he always end up with these damned hysterical women! His wife had been just like this, and all his lovers before and after her, right up to the present! Was it just the nature of women to be so damned unreasonable?

    The problem was, Paul did need a woman. His sexual urges were strong and healthy and he liked to play hard after be worked hard. But none of these damned women understood that the work had to come first! He really had been looking forward to spending the night with Angela, because he hadn't been laid in a few days, and he knew he needed it. But the thought of calling Angela back and trying to patch something together made him almost physically ill.

    His eye drifted out the window again. The little girl was still playing on the diving board. She was on the end of the board, squatting on one leg and trying to dip the toes of her other leg into water.

    The extended leg was slim and beautiful, and between that thigh and the thigh of the folded leg, the thin fabric of her bikini bottom stretched tightly across her girlishly young pussy, bulging the fabric just slightly. Was it his imagination, or could Paul just make out a single wisp of blond pubic hair escaping from the crotch of her panties?

    Paul turned abruptly back to his calculations, but the figures dance in his head like pop-corn.

    I need to cool off he said to himself. He went to the bedroom and changed into his swim trunks, pretending he wasn't even thinking about the little girl at the pool.

    He didn't even look at her when he went out and dived in. He swam a couple of laps and then hauled himself up on the edge. He shook the water out of his hair and allowed himself to study the child on the board.

    Her eyes were blue. She turned them on him and warmed him with a smile. Her little teeth were even and white, and her eyes were as blue as the summer sky.

    "Hi. My name's Lisa! What's yours?" the girl asked.

    "Hello, Lisa. My name's Paul. Are you new around here?"

    "I got here last night," the little girl said. "I live with my mommy-in Arizona and I'm in California spending two weeks with my daddy. He lives here. He works in the morning, so I get to swim and watch TV. Then In the afternoon he comes back and we get to go do something. This afternoon we're going to Disneyland!"

    "That'll be nice!" Paul said. "First time you've been there?"

    "Yep," the little girl nodded.

    Up close, Lisa seemed to Paul even more beautiful. Her long slender limbs were covered with the lightest finest blond hair Paul had ever seen. Her skin looked smooth and baby-soft, and her body was at least as lovely as it promised from the window.

    Paul got up and sat on one of the plastic lounge chairs.

    Lisa too got up and walked off the diving board. He watched her little ass bounce past as she walked to the next chair.

    "Are your mother and father divorced?" Paul asked.

    "Uh-huh! My mommy has another husband now, but my daddy still lives alone."

    "Don't you get bored here by yourself all morning long?" Paul asked.

    Lisa sat on the chair and crossed her legs. Paul tried not to stare between her open thighs. He wished he bad brought his sun glasses. But then the little girl leaned back and closed her eyes to the sun, so Paul allowed himself to feast his gaze on her young body.

    "This was my first morning, and I didn't get bored yet," Lisa said. "I don't think I will."

    Lisa's stomach was slender and flat, and her little navel looked like a folded rose bud. Paul studied her belly and her tight yellow bikini panties. He could see the slight swelling of her pussy mound, and, yes, that was a stray strand of very young pubic hair sticking out.

    Not only was that lock of pussy hair exposed, but her legs were spread far enough that the crotch of her panties was spread father than it could cover, and the crease was visible where her upper thigh met the pink flesh next to her pussy.

    Paul couldn't keep his eyes away from her crotch. Every time he tried to look away, some force compelled his glance back to that pink strip of exposed skin inside the leg-hole of the bikini He felt a excitement coursing through him, and he was shocked to admit to himself that he was thrilling with sexual arousal.

    Lisa opened her eyes and hopped to her feet. "It must be getting close to noon!" she said.

    Without even thinking what he was doing, Paul held out his hand, and the little girl took it, and he pulled her gently; and she sat down in, his lap as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

    "I like you, Paul Evans," she grinned. "I'm glad I met you, and I'm glad you live here! Maybe if I get bored in the morning sometimes, we can play together!"

    Paul's throat was nearly too dry for speech. Her young body felt so warm and soft in his lap! "I… hmm… Id really like that, Lisa! Any time! I live right over there!"

    "I know," Lisa said. She squirmed her little bottom into a more comfortable position and casually put a thin arm around his shoulder. The gentle pressure of her ass in his lap was sending chills of sexual stimulation through his sex organs. He wondered if he would get an erection.

    "I saw you through the window," she continued. "It looked like you were working, and then you were talking on the phone. It looked, like you were havin' a fight!"

    Paul laughed. "You're very observant," he said.

    "Does that mean I was right? You were havin' a fight?"

    "I guess I was," Paul said.

    "I bet it was with a girl!" Lisa said. And she turned her little girl's face towards him and gave him a pouting smile that was so womanly and so child-like at the same time that he couldn't help himself, and he put his arms around her and pulled her to him for a kiss.

    Lisa came willingly, but her kiss was that of a child, a peck on the closed lips. He allowed his hand for a brief second to lie on the smooth softness of her thigh, and even that childish kiss sent an electric shock through his nerves. Then she hopped off his lap and flashed a smile back over her shoulder.

    "See you later!" she said.

    Paul sat for a few minutes and then went home and changed and sat down at the. desk again. His emotions were very confused. He could not conceal from himself that this little girl had moved him very deeply. He felt ashamed of himself, but at the same time he was more aroused than he had been for months with a woman.

    He pushed it out of his mind and worked through the night until one o'clock. The feedback correction formula worked perfectly, and he finally fell into bed exhausted but feeling some accomplishment. But he was still very horny.

    Chapter 2

    Paul woke up at eight the following morning, feeling refreshed and ready to work. He showered and shaved and breakfasted quickly, and was at his desk before nine. He became immediately absorbed in his work, refusing to allow himself to even glance out the window toward the swimming pool.

    Nevertheless, he was instantly aware when the little girl came out of her father's back door. Again he found himself incapable of taking his eyes off her lovely little body.

    Instead of the yellow bikini, Lisa today was wearing a very short sun-dress of a thin knit material. There were big circles cut out under the arms, and the dress only came to the tops of her slender thighs. But it was clingy enough to show the gentle curve of her immature breasts.

    Paul watched as Lisa dawdled for a moment by the pool. She leaned over and looked into the water, and her short dress inched up in the back, treating Paul to a glimpse of her white nylon panties stretched across the round cheeks of her ass. Then she turned around and walked straight up and knocked on Paul's veranda door.

    Paul opened the door for her. "Come in, Lisa," he said. "How did you like Disneyland?"

    "Oh. I loved it! I just loved it!" Lisa bubbled. They walked into the kitchen, Lisa bouncing with excitement as she told Paul about her adventures at the amusement park. "I made Daddy take me on all the scary rides, some of them twice! I just loved the jungle ride! Can I have some orange juice?"

    Lisa sat on a stool while Paul went to the refrigerator and poured a glass of juices The stool was high, like a bar stool, and when Lisa put her bare heels on the rung, it brought her knees up and her skirt fell away, revealing her white bikini panties.

    Paul handed her the orange juice, and sat down on a chair in front of her. He knew he had selected his position for the best view between the little girl's legs. She kept talking about the park, her animated little body squirming on the stool Paul tried not to stare where the white nylon stretched across her soft little sex place, but the white length of her open thighs kept pulling his eyes back to her crotch.

    "This afternoon we're gonna go for a boat ride out on the ocean!" Lisa continued. "We're gonna try to catch some big fish! Maybe we'll catch one we can eat! Do you ever go fishing in the ocean?"

    "Not very often," Paul admitted.

    "How come you don't have to go to work?" she continued. "Do you work here at home?"

    "Yes, I work right there, at the desk in the other room." Lisa hopped off the stool and ran into the living room, Paul following.

    What's this?" she said leaning over the computer terminal.

    Paul leaned over her, feeling the warmth from her little body. "It's a computer terminal," he said.

    "That's a computer?" she asked.

    "Not a whole computer. The computer is really big, and it's a long ways away, in another building. That terminal is connected to it, like with telephone wires."

    "Oh." Lisa leaned over closer, and Paul moved closer behind her, until he could feel his upper thigh pressing against her round warm ass. "Well could we talk to it, if we wanted to?"

    "We could, if we had anything to say." Paul reached around the little girl and flipped on the terminal switch. His arm brushed her bare shoulder, and he could feel her soft blond hair brush his face. It smelled clean and fresh.

    "Say something to it!" Lisa squealed. She bounced up and down on her toes with excitement, and her round ass rubbed against Paul's thighs and his genitals. He was very much enjoying being so close to this little girl, and he wanted to prolong the contact.

    "Okay. Watch the screen." Paul reached around her. His arm brushed against the swelling bud of her little breast, and she made no attempt to move away. Paul cradled his left arm loosely around her waist and typed out the standard address code.

    The little television screen over the keyboard flashed snow for a second and then read-out: STANDING BY FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS. PLEASE USE ENTRY KEY 779-BJ6.

    "Wow!" the little girl said. "That's really neat!"

    She leaned back and pressed her body against him, and then squirmed pleasurably, enjoying the animal physical contact. Hardly realizing what he was doing, Paul crouched slightly and opened his knees, so that the girl's soft round ass fitted perfectly into his crotch.

    "Make it do some more!" she said.

    Paul leaned forward to the keyboard again, using it as an excuse to hug the little girl's warm body close to him. He held her very close to him and typed out the instructions for the machine to read out his own entry catalogue. As he punched the address, he could feel his arm moving up and down over Lisa's young breasts.

    Lights dance across the screen and then formed themselves to spell:


    "Golly!" the little girl said. "That's really neat!"

    She rubbed her young body against him in her excitement. He left his arm around her, feeling her breasts on his forearm. The mound of her tit swelled slightly, but her little nipple was almost as large as a woman's, and it was becoming erect from the casual friction of Paul's arm.

    Lisa broke out of his embrace and skipped around the room. "Show me the rest of your house!" She said.

    "There's not much more to see," he said "Just the bedroom."

    He followed the little girl as she ran into the bedroom. She looked around once and then flopped on the bed. She pulled her bare feet up after her and raised her knees until Paul could see her round thighs all the way up to the bottom of her panties.

    "How come you're not married?" she asked.

    "I used to be," Paul answered. "But I got a divorce. Like your mommy and daddy." He sat down on the edge of the bed. Lisa moved her legs and her thighs parted, revealing the white crotch of her panties.

    "Do you have a lot of girlfriends?" Lisa persisted.

    "Not a lot. A few. Enough, I guess."

    "Didn't you ‘n your wife have any kids?"

    Paul shook his head. "Nope, we never got around to it. I guess it's best that way."

    "Did you and your wife use birth control?" the little girl asked. The question was so unexpected that Paul broke out into a laugh.

    "As a matter of fact, we did, but I think you're the first person who ever asked me that question! What do you know about birth control anyway?"

    Lisa giggled and sat up on the bed. She crossed her legs and once again the leg-hole of her panties gaped just enough to show a thin strip of the pink flesh, lying next to the pussy. A tiny blond curl of downy pubic hair peeked out.

    "I know it's what people use when they want to… you know, when they want, to do it, and they don't want to have babies!"

    Paul could feel his heart hammering in his throat. He was amazed how it excited him just to be talking about sex with this beautiful little girl!

    He decided to try to establish the limits of her knowledge and experience. What do you mean, ‘do it'?"

    "Well, you know, doing it, ya know?" Like when a man and a woman do the baby-making thing, ya know?" Lisa's pretty face was slightly flushed with embarrassment, but the glow in her eyes revealed that she too was secretly excited by the turn the conversation had taken.

    Without even thinking about it, Paul heard himself asking, "Do you ever do it? Have you ever done it with a boy?"

    Lisa's eyes widened and she shook her head. "Oh, no! I'd be too scared!"

    Paul pushed on. "Why would be scared?"

    Lisa pouted and shrugged her shoulders. "Cause it's scary, ya know?"

    Paul nodded. "I know. I was scared at first, too!"

    Her eyes met his again. "Were you really?"

    "Sure. Don't worry about it. Do you have any boyfriends?"

    Lisa nodded. "One. His name is Roger. We go to school together. Sometimes he carries my books and I let him hold my hand."

    "He holds your hand? Is that all?"

    "Uh-huh. Once I let him kiss me."

    "On the lips?"


    "Did he put his tongue inside your mouth?"

    Lisa giggled. "No! That sounds… dirty!" She was still giggling.

    "Didn't you ever like to do dirty things?" Paul asked.

    Her face grew pouting and secretive. "I think about dirty things sometimes," she admitted.

    "Like what?" Paul persisted.

    Lisa squirmed with the exciting agony of her secret. Her little ass wiggled on the bed, her panties stretched still further, and for a brief second Paul thought he got a glimpse of folded pink ‘flesh nestled in shadowy blond curls.

    "Tell me!" he bogged her.

    "Well… once a couple of years ago I was at my friend Sheryl's house, ya know? And she has a little brother. He was about six or seven then, ya know?"

    "Yeah? And what happened?"

    Lisa giggled and squirmed, her pretty little face flushing with a mixture of excitement and embarrassment.

    "Sheryl talked him into takin' his pants off!" she blurted, laughing and blushing. "We looked at his peter!" she added.

    "Wow!" Paul said. "That must really have been exciting!" His head was swirling and his belly tingling.

    What the fuck do I think I'm doing? Paul asked himself this little girl is only twelve years old, she's never even been properly kissed, and you're sitting with her, encouraging her to talk dirty, and getting a hard-on for her!

    It was true! Talking to Lisa about sex, and watching her beautiful little body had made Paul so excited he could feel his cock stirring inside his pants. He tried to rearrange his legs so it wouldn't show.

    I really should stop this right now, ho told himself. I really should tell her to go home so I can go back to work.

    But instead, he heard himself saying, "Did you touch his peter?"

    "No! I was scared! But Sheryl did!"

    "She did!"

    "Yeah! And you know what?"

    "Tell me!"

    "It got big! His peter got big!" Her face was suddenly serious. "Do all boys' peter get big like that?"

    "Sure!" Paul answered. "Is that the only time you've ever seen a boy's peter?"

    "Yes," Lisa said. She looked away for a moment, but then Paul caught her sneaking a glance at his lap.

    And he had to admit he wanted her to see it! He wanted her to know he had a hard-on! He uncrossed.his legs so she could see it pressing upward against his pants. She kept looking at it, pretending not to.

    And Paul had to admit he found this flirtation with this little girl more exciting than all the foreplay he'd gone through with women for many months!

    "Do you know any dirty words?" Paul asked her.

    Lisa giggled again. "Yes," she said.

    "Tell me," he urged.

    "I'm scared," she pouted.

    "C'mon! It'll be fun, and I won't ever tell anybody!"


    "Sure! Tell me a dirty word you know!"

    Lisa's face broke into a blushing grin. "Cock!" she burst out. "that's a boy's thing. Like peter!"

    "Right!" Paul encourage. "What else?"

    She giggled. "Piss and Shit!"

    "Okay!" Paul said. "What else?"

    She pouted shyly. "Pussy."

    "What's that?"

    "Don't you know?"

    "I think so, but I want you to tell me!"

    "It's a girl's thing! Like a boy's peter. Girls have a pussy!"

    "Do you have a pussy?" Paul asked seriously.

    "Of course!" she burst into a laugh. "Silly! All girls have a pussy!"

    "Does your pussy have any hair on it?"

    Lisa blushed deeply, but she answered. "A little bit! But not as much as mommy!"

    "What color is it?" Paul pressed.

    "Like my hair, only maybe a little darker!" she said, Showing, him a long lock of her straight honey-blond hair. "Mommy's is all black!"

    Paul felt dizzy with sexual excitement. His cock was fully erect now, and the pressure of his pants rubbing against the swollen red knob sent thrills of pleasure surging through his crotch. "Do you know any more dirty words?" Paul asked.

    Lisa smirked and blushed. "I know another one that's real dirty!" she giggled.

    "Tell me! What is it, Lisa?"

    The little girl squirmed with the pleasure of saying forbidden words. "It's fuck! she blurted.

    "Tell me what fuck means!"

    "You know what it means!"

    "I want you to tell me!"

    Lisa squirmed and blushed, her blue eyes blazing with excitement. She twisted on the bed, and her panties gaped again for a second, and Paul glimpsed thin pink lips before the white nylon stretched across her crotch again.

    "It's like when a boy'n a girl do it, ya know!"

    "How do they do it? Please tell me!"

    "Well, first the boy's peter gets big."

    "You mean, his cock gets a hard-on!" Paul said.

    "Yeah!" Lisa laughed. "The boy's cock gets a hard-on!"

    "And then what?"

    "Well, then he puts it inside… you know! He puts it inside the girl's thing. Inside her pussy!"

    "He sticks his hard cock up inside her cunt!" Paul said.

    "Yeah! And that's how they fuck! ‘Cept when they get done, the man has an-an-"


    "Yeah! The man has an orgasm, and he shoots this white creamy stuff out of his peter, inside the girl's pussy! And that's what makes the babies grow inside her tummy!"

    Lisa stopped talking, all out of breath, her eyes glassy with pleasure from talking about sex. Then she refocused and looked at Paul, a sudden worry shadowing her brow.

    "That's right, isn't it?" she asked. "I mean, about the fucking and everything?"

    Paul laughed. "Yeah, it's right. But did you know that girls have orgasms, too?"

    "They do?"

    "Sure!" Paul assured her.

    "No, I didn't know that. They don't have any white creamy stuff come out of their pussies, do they?"

    "No, Lisa," Paul said. "But it feels really good for them, just like for the man."

    "Oh!" Lisa said.

    "That's what sex and making love are all about! Didn't you know that?"


    Lisa shook her head speechlessly, her eyes suddenly wide. "I'd be scared," she said. "I did it once in the bathtub, and it tickled so hard, I got scared and quit."

    Lisa spied the clock-radio beside Paul's bed.

    "I gotta go!" she said, hopping abruptly off the bed. "Daddy said I could make some sandwiches to take I fishin'!"

    Then, just as abruptly, she sat down on his lap and put her slender young arms around Paul's neck.

    "I want you to give me a real grownup kiss!" she whispered. Before he could even close his eyes, she pressed her hot wet mouth to his lips. He put his arms around her and cuddled her to him. Her lips moved on his and he felt her little tongue probing into his mouth.

    "Is that right?" she whispered.

    "It's perfect!" Paul moaned.

    Their lips met again, Paul gently inserted his tongue into the little girl's mouth. He tenderly caressed her lips and tongue with his lingual member, until he could feel her responding to his kiss.

    "Oh, wow!" she sighed. "That does feel good! Let's do it some more!"

    This time she opened her mouth wide, and their lips and tongues sought each other with a passionate hunger. Paul caressed the girl's back, and his hand moved slowly down to her ass.

    He felt her round ass under his finger through the thin skirt. He felt the seams and elastic bands of her bikini panties. Then his hand slipped further down and he felt her naked thigh underneath his fingers.

    Paul's senses swirled with sexual excitement. His hard cock throbbed against the pretty child's hip, and his trebling hand explored under her skirt. He forgot about everything in the world except the beautiful, aroused little virgin in his arms.

    "Oh, Paul, kiss me again!" she moaned. "It makes me feel so funny! Dizzy, like a Ferris wheel!"

    The little girl surrendered her mouth completely to him. He licked tenderly inside her lips, pouring his passion into her warm trembling mouth.

    His hand moved on her thigh. He felt her panties under his fingers, and the warmth of the thin skin beneath the panties. He stroked her pretty round ass, and then moved his hand around to her lap. Her legs were slightly open, and be started caressing the insides of her thighs.

    Paul wondered if he had the nerve to go ahead and touch her pussy, but at the same time he knew he lacked the power to stop.

    "I'm going to touch your pussy!" he whispered into her ear.

    "OH!" Lisa said.

    Without pausing to think, Paul dipped his fingers between her thighs. At the same time, he lowered his left arm and lowered her upper body onto his lap. The movement left Lisa half-lying in his arms, her legs spread still further.

    Paul stroked the thin soft material of her panties. Her pubic hair was too soft and downy to be felt through the thin nylon, but Paul could make out the outlines of her slit.

    He pressed his fingers gently into her crotch, and she moaned and squirmed in his arms. He cradled the mound of her pussy in the palm of his hand, allowing the fingertips to tickle the upper part of her crack, where he knew her clitoris was.

    "Oh, that feels funny!" Lisa giggled. But she made no move to stop his caressed.

    The mound of her pussy was not as full as a woman's, but Paul could tell it really turned her on when he stroked it. He tickled it with his fingers until the girl's ass was squirming with pleasure.

    "You're tickling my pussy!" Lisa panted.

    Paul's finger crept down to her slit. He could feel the tender folds of her pussy through the thin panties. He rubbed back and forth across the lips of her little cunt, and soon she was shuddering with unknown pleasure.

    Paul knew she was really getting excited when he felt the moisture from her little slit start soaking into her panties. The wet nylon clung to the girl's crotch, and he clearly felt the shape of her vaginal lips. He located the place he knew her clit should be, and started rolling his finger back and forth across the child's love-button.

    "Oh! Oh! Oh, Paul!" Lisa gasped. "Oh, that feels so funny!"

    "Do you like it, Lisa?"

    "Oh, yes!" but it's scary, too!" the little girl answered. Then she giggled and hugged him close and whispered in his ear. "It feels kinda like when ya really hafta go to the bathroom, but it tickles real hard too! All the way up in my belly!"

    Lisa opened her slim thighs still further. Paul pressed his hand between her legs and kept massaging her clit with one finger!

    "Were are you touching me?" she whined. "I didn't know I had any place between my legs that felt like that!"

    "Well, now you know! And you'll always be able to find it again!" Paul told her. "It's called clitoris, or clit or clitty for short."

    "Oooohh… it feels so good!" she moaned.

    Lisa hugged Paul tightly around the neck and kept kissing him while he fondled her cunt through her little white bikini panties. He moved his caressing finger faster and faster.

    "Oh! Oh Oh, Paul! A-h-h-h-a-h-h-! Oh, Paul, you make me feel so good!" she moaned.

    Paul licked tenderly into Lisa's shell-pink ear and whispered, "Lisa! Lisa, I want to make you have an orgasm! I want to make you come! I want to make you have an orgasm! I want to make you come!" I want to make you have your climax! I want to caress your pussy until you come for me! I want to make you have your first orgasm in my hand!"

    Paul's hand was as good as his word. His experienced fingers stroked Lisa's little clit and cunt with increasing passion, and she responded by wiggling and squirming with pleasure. Her little ass was rubbing against his bard cock, sending waves of sexual pleasure throbbing through his huge bard-on.

    Paul forgot who or where he was, allowing himself to slide into a voluptuously sexual consciousness. He forgot everything but the little girl's virgin pussy, and felt only the pleasure of her round ass squirming against his stiff dick.

    Lisa too was overwhelmed with sexual excitement. Brand new sensations of intense pleasure were awakening in secret parts of her body she had never paid much attention to before. Her newly discovered clit was tingling with electric joy.

    And her little slit was going through strange changes! It tickled really hard, like she was peeing, but she knew she didn't have to go to the bathroom… except that she could feel wetness between her legs! Where did that come from?

    "Oh, Paul, I feel so strange!" she whispered.

    Lisa's belly muscles tightened with pleasure, and her limbs started quivering with little spasms. She didn't know what was happening to her! Tremendous amounts of pleasure were thrilling through her little body, but her confusion and fear mounted with the pleasure, and suddenly she felt like her breath was pounding so fast that she couldn't breath.

    "Oh, stop! Stop! Please!" she sobbed. She tore herself out of Paul's arms and stood shaking in the center of the room.

    "I'm sorry, Lisa!" Paul said. "I didn't mean to scare you! Please forgive me!"

    The little girl quickly regained control. "It's all right!" She reached out and took his hand.

    "That's okay," Paul said. I understand."

    Lisa leaned over and kissed him once more on the lips. "I gotta go make sandwiches. I'll see you tomorrow!"

    And then she was gone.

    Chapter 3

    Paul spent the rest of the day in something like a state of shock. He felt guilty and embarrassed about what he had done with Lisa, but he also felt extremely aroused by the little girl, and he knew nothing could prevent him from seeing her again.

    He forced himself to work on some trivial but time-consuming calculations for the computer program until dinner. He went out for supper and had several drinks and returned home to a fitful night's sleep. He was conscious in the morning of having had many erotic dreams featuring the little girl across the courtyard.

    Paul rose early, but couldn't bring himself to eat more than orange juice and coffee for breakfast. He carried the coffee pot and mug to his desk and stared moodily out the window at the empty pool. Finally, around nine, a man he had seen once or twice before came out the back door of Lisa's apartment and crossed the courtyard to the garage. He was blond and round-faced, and Paul recognized him immediately as being Lisa's father. Paul experienced a moment of irrational fear that the man would see him, and only with difficulty did he restrain himself from ducking below the desk. Of course, Lisa's father never glanced towards Paul's window.

    Paul never consciously decided to go over to Lisa's house. It was as if someone else had taken his body into the bedroom and dressed it in cotton slacks and a T-shirt. Who commanded his feet to walk across the court, around the pool, stopping at her back door? Who pressed the doorbell?

    Lisa answered the door in her nightgown, but she seemed genuinely glad to see him.

    "Hi!" she greeted. "You must be up early today! My daddy just left for work!"

    "Good morning!" Paul said. Suddenly he felt very strange. He looked at the little girl… she seemed like a perfect stranger, and he wondered what he was doing there, as if he had sleep-walked.

    But little Lisa didn't feel at all ill at ease. She came up to Paul and put her thin arms around his neck for a kiss, and he bent over to her without thinking. He was aware how much taller he was. Then he felt his arms encircling her warm, soft body and his body was flooded with feelings from his mostly forgotten erotic dreams of the previous night.

    He pressed her to him and eagerly sought her lips. Her mouth parted for him and his tongue slowly penetrated her wet pink lips. Her little body pressed against him. She was wearing a thin cotton gown, very short, and her little nipples pressed into him. His hand trailed down her back, over her round asscheeks, and under her gown. He ascertained she was wearing bikini panties of very thin cotton, and he stroked the crack of her ass through the cotton.

    "I was sorry you left. But I wasn't mad!"

    "Good! She kissed him again. "I was just gonna have some orange juice. You want some?"

    "I'd love some!" Paul laughed.

    "Sit down," she invited seriously.

    Paul sat down at the dinette table and watched Lisa preparing frozen orange juice. Her thin flannel gown was baby-pink, and he soon observed that her cotton panties were the same color. She danced around the kitchen barefoot, and every half-minute she found some task requiring her to reach high or bend low, so Paul had plenty of opportunities to study her perfectly rounded little ass under thin panties.

    She turned serious eyes on him and said, "I could warm up some of the coffee from breakfast if you'd like some."

    The eagerness in her voice suddenly made Paul realize she was playing a part with him. A part learned from thousands of hours of watching domestic scenes on television and movie screens. She was playing a half-real, half-fantasy game of "house" with him, and she was offering him coffee as if they were lovers meeting in the kitchen set of a soap opera.

    "I'd love some," Paul said, and he felt his sexual arousal growing as he watched the beautiful little blond girl pouring coffee.

    She gave him his cup and sat down next to him, crossing one ankle over the other knee and exposing the crotch of her pink panties. The elastic leg-holes were decorated with little lace flowers. He waited to see if her next statement would be more borrowed soap opera dialogue, but she surprised him by starting to talk immediately about sex again.

    "Paul, ya know, yesterday when you were playing with my pussy?"


    Well, ya know, I got really wet down there! I had to change my panties when I got home! Is that the way it's ‘sposed to be?"

    Paul chuckled. "It sure is, baby! That's what's supposed to happen when you get turned on!"

    "OH!" Lisa looked relieved. "Does that happen to all girls when you play with their pussy?"

    "That's right," Paul answered. "It's like when a man gets a hard-on. A man's cock gets big and hard, and a woman's pussy gets wet and juicy. It's to make it easier to fuck. The girl's cunt gets all juicy and slippery so the man's cock can slide into it without hurting her." Sexual excitement thrilled through Paul's body while he talked about sex to the little girl.

    "Oh!" she said again. She thought for a moment, and then asked, "Paul, did you have a hard-on yesterday when we were kissing?"

    "Yes, I did!" Paul admitted.

    Lisa giggled with sexual energy. "I want you to kiss me some more!" she said. Then, remembering her role in the game she was half-playing, she stood up and said with mock seriousness, "Let me show you the rest of the house."

    She held her hand out to him. He took it, and she led him straight to the bedroom. Lisa stretched out on her bed and invited Paul to join her.

    "I want you to kiss me, and touch me, and make me feel good again!" the little whispered to him.

    Paul kissed her, his tongue lingering in her pink little mouth. His hands caressed her back and shoulders.

    "I can make your little pussy get wet without even touching it!" Paul whispered.

    "How?" Lisa asked.

    "First of all, by feeling your breasts," he answered. His hand moved around to the front of her body, and he started caressing the soft, firm mounds of her budding breasts. "Does that feel good?"

    "Oh, yes, it does!" she said, giggling. She had known there was something "dirty" about breasts, and now she understood why as Paul's fondling filled her young body with pleasure. "Oh, do it some more! It feels so good!"

    Paul stroked and gently pinched her little breasts, saving the nipples for last until she was squirming with joy. Then he used both hands and tenderly pinched both her little nipples, applying gentle pressure until her little nipples were erect as thumbs.

    "Oh, I never knew my breasts could feel so good!" she cooed. "My nipples feel all tickly when you do that! Do it some more!"

    Paul tugged her little nightgown up almost to her shoulders and fondled her naked breasts. The little mounds of flesh were hardly developed at all, but the nipples were more mature, more like a young woman's. They were a deep rose-pink, in contrast to the ivory pink of her soft skin Paul rolled the stiffened nipples between his fingers until Lisa was squirming with pleasure.

    "Oh, that feels so good, Paul!" she moaned. "It makes me shiver all over when you play with my nipples like that!"

    Paul decided he wanted to kiss them. He started working his way down her neck. He rolled her over on her back and kissed his way down between her little breasts.

    "Oh, your lips are so soft and warm!" Lisa giggled.

    Paul kissed and licked his way around the gentle mound of her right breast. He loved the smell of her clean little girl's flesh, and the feel of her soft skin under his lips. He could feel his cock swelling with passion. He stuck his tongue out and licked all around her tit, not touching the nipple until last.

    "Your little tits are so pretty!" he said "I love kissing them! And now I'm gonna kiss and lick and suck your nipples!"

    Lisa lay squirming on the bed while Paul started mouthing her nipples. Her young body was thrilling with new sensations; her heart pounded as the tip of Paul's tongue laved her swelling nipple. She giggled nervously as a new wave of pleasure swept through her.

    Paul swirled his tongue around her right nipple until it was glistening, quivering with pleasure. Then he moved over and did the same thing to the left one, until they were both pulsating with sexual excitement.

    "That makes my little nipples so hard!" Lisa gasped. "I love it! It tickles so hard!"

    Paul moved back to the right nipple. He sucked it gently into his mouth and bathed it with his lips and tongue.

    "Oh, Paul! You're sucking my tit! You're sucking my nipple, Paul, and it feels so good!"

    Opening his jaws, Paul got his lips around as much of her tit as he could. He sucked almost the whole little breast into his mouth, lapping the stiff nipple with his tongue. Lisa twitched with sexual joy.

    "Oh, suck me! Suck me! Suck my nipple, Paul! Now suck the other one!"

    Paul moved over to her left tit and repeated the action. Continuing to caress her right breast with his fingers, he sucked her left into his mouth and loved it with his tongue while gently sucking on it. Lisa loved it!

    "Oh, suck me! Suck my nipples, Paul! You make my breasts feel so good!" Lisa panted.

    He sucked her nipples until her whole body was quivering with passion. Then he whispered in her ear.

    "Do you remember what I told you? That I could make your pussy get juicy with out even touching it?"

    "I remember!" Lisa moaned.

    Paul slid his-hand down her belly until he touched the top of her panties. He moved his fingertips lightly over the immature mound of her pussy. He could feel her body quivering through the thin cotton panties.

    "Do you think your pussy is juicy yet?" he asked.

    "Oh, I think it is!" Lisa gasped. "Paul, it makes my pussy tickle when you suck my nipples! Did you know that?"

    "That's right!" Paul said. "There's a nerve or something like that running straight from a girl's pussy to her tits!"

    "Oh, hurry up and touch my pussy, Paul!" Lisa giggled. "I really want you to! It feels tickly down there!"

    Lisa opened her lovely thighs, and Paul's hand slipped over her pussy. He could tell at first touch he had been true to his promise to make her get juicy! It was so wet between her legs already that the crotch of her panties slid like they were oiled. He pressed his finger gently over her clit and rubbed softly.

    "Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Touch my pussy! Play with my cunt, Paul!" Lisa said. Her little body trembled as Paul's finger caressed her throbbing slit.

    Lisa closed her eyes and abandoned herself to the powerful new sensations. She had hardly been aware of the area between her legs until now, and suddenly it seemed as though every nerve in her body was connected either to her pussy or to her breasts.

    Her little belly contracting with pleasure spasms, Lisa squirmed on the bed and let Paul touch her wherever he wanted to. He tweaked her ditty, for a while, and then moved his probing fingertip down to her virgin slit. Her pussy juices made the soft cotton panties cling to her like a second skin, and he could feel her cunt almost as though it was naked.

    "Oh, Lisa! Lisa!" Paul moaned. His hand exploring between her thighs, he pressed his lips to her left nipple. He could feel his stiff cock straining against his slacks, his balls tightening with pleasure. He made himself forget everything except the physical pleasure of his body, and the body of the slim twelve year old virginal girl next to him.

    I'm sucking this child's nipples and caressing her little cunt with my hand! he told himself.

    "I want to take your gown off," he said. She lifted her body for a moment so he could slip the thin garment over her head and shoulders.

    Shall I take her panties off, too? he asked himself. He was sure she would let him do it if he wanted to. But then he realized there was something exciting about the little girl in her pink cotton bikini panties, and he decided to wait for a while before treating himself to her naked young cunt. He settled back down beside her and put his hand back between her lovely thighs. Lisa put her arms around his neck and eagerly spread her legs for him.

    "You're touching my cunt!" Lisa whispered. She was discovering that her excitement increased when she said dirty things to Paul while he was feeling her. "You're feeling my cunt! My cunt is getting all drippy from your feeling it! I like it when you rub my cunt and my… my… what's that word for the place in my slit where it feels so good when you feel me there?"

    "Your clit," Paul told her.

    "Clit or clitty. Short for clitoris." she said.

    Paul caressed the little girl's crotch from her asshole to the top of her slit. He was trembling with passion.

    "Do you want to put your hand on my cock?" he whispered.

    "Oh! I don't know! I might be scared!" Lisa giggled.

    Paul caught one of her hands in his and guided it to his crotch. His trousers were thin, he wasn't wearing any underwear, and he pressed Lisa's fingers to his throbbing prick.

    "Oh, is that it?" she squealed. "it feels so big! What do you want me to do with it?"

    "Like this!" Paul showed her how to grasp the swollen knob and squeeze it gently with a pulsating pressure. When he was satisfied that she knew how to caress him, he put his hand back on her panties and resumed stroking her little cunt.

    Her panties were soaked through the crotch with her passion fluids. Paul slipped one finger inside the leg-hole and touched her naked sexual flesh for the first time. A lightning-like thrill of excitement flashed through them both.

    "OH, Paul! Your finger is on my naked pussy!" she gasped "You're inside my panties, touching my cunt!"

    Paul let his finger move directly to her slit. The inner lips of her vagina were swollen with passion, and the inside of her wet pussy was the softest thing Paul had ever touched. Lisa writhed with passion when she felt his fingertip slip between the lips of her slit.

    "Oh! Ah! Oooohhh!" the little girl moaned.

    Paul twitched his fingertip, stirring the dripping mouth of the child's virgin twat. Lisa squirmed and trembled.

    "Oh, you're tickling my cunt! It feels so strange and good! I feel like I'm on a roller-coaster, and I'm peeing at the same time!" she gasped.

    Paul stopped fingering her and took his hand to the top of her panties.

    "I'm gonna slide my whole hand down the front of-your panties so I can play with your cunt better," he explained.

    His fingers slipped under the elastic band, and he was stroking her naked pubic hair. It was very thin and downy, and it didn't grow very far up her pussy mound. He continued on down until his fingers found wet, trembling flesh.

    "My cunt!" Lisa whispered. "You're feeling my naked cunt!"

    Paul laid his middle finger down her crack so it covered her clit and the tip was right between the inner lips of her slit. He started rubbing back and forth, stimulating both her clit and omit at the same time.

    "Oh, cunt! Oh, cunt!" she babbled. "Oh, cunt! Cock! Shit! Piss! Fuck! Cunt! Cock! Fuck!"

    She wasn't neglecting his cock either… her little fingers kept up the steady gentle pressure on the swollen red tip, through the thin slacks, and Paul's crotch was churning with pleasure.

    "I'm gonna make you come today, little girl!" Paul whispered. "I'm gonna stroke your little cunt until you have an orgasm in my hand!"

    Her little slit was bubbling with froth, and Paul smeared some up on her clit. His finger twitched back and forth, faster and faster. Lisa's little clit was swollen with sexual excitement, and it radiated with electrical pleasure.

    "Oh! Oh, shitty fucking cunt-cock!" Lisa panted. "It tickles so hard! It feels so good! Oh, Paul, it-feels so good I'm scared!"

    "Relax!" he whispered. "Just relax and concentrate on the good feelings!"

    His finger slid back and forth across her erect little clit, stirring her slit-lips with the fingertip. Lisa was squirming and shivering and her pretty blond head rolled from side to side, eyes half-closed arid glazed with pleasure.

    "Oh! Ooooooohhhh!" she moaned. "Feels so good! Cunt feels good! Oohh! Oh, Paul!"

    She threw her arms around his neck and buried her face in his chest, jerking and moaning with pleasure.

    Paul could feel her orgasm coming through her trembling limbs. Her belly muscles knotted under his arm. His hand massaged her throbbing clit and her virgin slit bubbled joy juice.

    "Ooohh! Aaahh! ooohh, fuck! Aoh, Paul! Ah! Oh! Oh, Paul! Ah! Ah! A-a-h-h! Oh," Lisa was on the verge of orgasm when the telephone started ringing.

    Paul's heart leaped into his throat, and he jerked involuntarily to his feet, his head reeling. Lisa gasped, shuddering. She stood still for a moment staring at Paul with gaping eyes as the phone bell pounded in their heads.

    Paul stared down at the little girl on the bed. Her long blond hair was tangled on the pillow. Her half-grown breasts trembled as she breathed the red nipples swollen with passion. Her slender belly was knotted, and her little panties were pushed halfway down her slim hips, showing the top of her cream-colored pubic hair. A dark spot in the crotch showed where the love-juice had soaked through.

    The telephone kept on ringing.

    Lisa leaped out of bed, grabbed a terrycloth robe, and ran for the kitchen phone.

    "H-hello?" she gasped. "Oh, h-hi, Daddy! No I'm fine! I… I was out in the pool and I heard the phone ringing!"

    Paul still stood by the bed, staring at the place where the little girl had lain. He looked down at his own body-his hard-on was pressing against his pants, and a spot of moisture stained the material near the tip of his cock. He could still feel Lisa's fingertips pulsating around the swollen knob.

    "Oh, you're gonna be home early? Ooohh, goody! What are we gonna do? Ooohh goody-goody! Oh, hurry home dadd!"

    Paul took a deep breath and forced himself to walk out of the apartment. He did not look at Lisa as he left. It took great effort not to run across the courtyard to his own door.

    Back inside his own kitchen, Paul allowed himself to sink into a chair. A thousand turbulent emotions surged through him.

    "Jesus Christ!" he exploded. "Paul Evans, what the fuck do you think you're doing? What if that little girl's father bad come home early without calling? Where would you be right now?"

    He realized his whole body was shaking. He stumbled to the cabinet where he kept his liquor supply and poured himself a hefty amount of scotch, drinking it.off with trembling hands. Then he went into the living room and sat at the desk. His glance fell out the window to the pool, to Lisa's back door. He got up and pulled the shade across the window over the desk.

    This was a warning, he told himself. Let it be a warning. Don't let this happen again. Leave her alone. Don't even think about her. Get to work! Finish those calculations.

    He turned on the light over the desk and tried to work. But his mind refused to forget the creamy feel of her little cunt, the excitement of her trembling little clit as it swelled with pleasure. Nor would his cock forget her touch. It stayed hard as a rock, no matter how hard he tried to concentrate on his task at hand.

    Chapter 4

    That night was a nightmare to Paul. No matter how hard he tried, be was unable to concentrate on his calculations. By late afternoon he was almost out of his mind with guilt, confusion, and lust. He desperately wanted to forget all about Lisa-but even more he wanted to possess her.

    At sundown Paul went out and ranged the lonely Los Angeles street, finally settling in a dark bar in Santa Monica, where he drank a number of straight scotches. But he still felt dead sober when he finally drove home and fell into bed.

    Sleep was a long time coming, and it arrived in fits and starts, the early dreams filled with visions of lovely blond little girls. Paul awakened once with a bulging erection, but when he wrapped his hand around it, it collapsed into a cold limp broken thing. Finally, long after midnight, he drifted into a restless but continuous slumber.

    He thought he was still dreaming when he awoke and found Lisa standing beside his bed, especially since she was wearing her nightgown.

    "Oh, go away!" he moaned. "Leave me alone!"

    He closed his eyes and then reopened them, but the vision of the lovely child refused to vanish from his bedside. A look of genuine concern clouded the child's lovely face, and she tenderly reached out a soft white little hand and stroked his sweat-streaked brow.

    "Are you sick, Paul?" she asked. "What's the matter?"

    Paul blinked his gritty eyes several times and sat up in bed, staring at the little girl.

    "Lisa! Lisa, what are you doing here?"

    He longed to take the child in his arms and press her small perfect body to his. She was wearing a different nightgown-a filmy white nylon gown that barely covered her little ass, which was encased in tight bikini panties. The gown was transparent and her girlishly immature breasts with their large nipples could clearly ‘be seen. She had a terrycloth bathrobe thrown over her shoulders for the walk across the courtyard, but it concealed nothing.

    "I came to see you!" Lisa said. She sat down on the edge of the bed. "I was afraid when you ran away like that yesterday! I was afraid you didn't like me anymore! Did I do something wrong?"

    "Lisa…" Paul began, but he couldn't find the words to tell this lovely child what was in his heart. "You didn't do anything wrong, Lisa! Nothing! If anybody did anything bad, it was me!"

    Lisa frowned. "I don't understand! You didn't do anything I didn't want you to do!"

    Lisa shivered and reached for the top of the blanket. "I'm cold! Let me get in bed with you!" The little girl grabbed the bedding arid threw it back, revealing Paul's naked body.

    In spite of his confusion, Paul's body was reacting predictably to Lisa's nearness-he was starting to get an erection. Lisa stared fascinated for a moment, and then jumped in beside him, after dropping the bathrobe, and pulled up the covers.

    "Don't you want to kiss me?" Lisa asked, putting her arms around Paul's neck.

    Paul wanted to protest-he really did! He knew what his involvement with Lisa could lead to-prison, disgrace, the destruction of his whole life and career. He knew some people would say that he was surely destroying the little girl's life as well… or worse. But when Paul Evans felt that slim warm young body slide in next to his, his resolution melted, and he took her in his arms and searched for her little mouth with his lips.

    She responded eagerly to his kiss, and soon lie felt her tongue burning in his mouth, caressing, licking. He seized the little tongue with his lips and caressed it with his own, until the young girl was squirming with passion.

    Obviously her father's phone call interrupting their sex play the day before had had less effect on Lisa than on Paul. She clearly wanted to start right up where they left off! Taking his hand in hers, she pressed it to her breast.

    "Please touch me, Paul!" she whined. "My nipples felt so good when you played with them yesterday! You made them get all hard! Remember?"

    Paul felt like he was losing all control of his movements. His hand started to caress Lisa's breast, until he felt her nipple pucker under his fingers.

    "Yes! Like that! Lisa moaned. "Pinch my nipples between your fingers, Paul!"

    Embracing her slender body with one arm, Paul fondled the child's nipples with the other hand. Lisa kept squirming around in the bed, rubbing her legs against Paul's groin.

    With a tremendous effort, Paul pulled himself away from the little girl. He disentangled his arms and then pushed her away, moving to the other side of the bed and sitting up, pulling the sheet quickly around his swollen cock.

    "Please, Lisa!" he moaned.

    Then, to his utter consternation, the little girl broke into tears. She looked at him with horror-filled eyes brimming with tears, and then buried her head in her arms and sobbed.

    "Lisa!" Paul said. "Lisa, what's the matter?" Paul had pulled the covers off Lisa in his haste to cover himself, and now her body lay before him, shaking with sobs. Her sheer shorty gown was pulled up above her waist, and her lovely little ass-cheeks quivered under her thin panties.

    Her round little shoulders heaved with her sobs, and she looked completely helpless, and totally desirable Paul felt himself moved in many directions at once. Loving feelings of warmth and tenderness went out to the little girl, but at the same time, his cock didn't get any softer.

    Tentatively, Paul put a hand on Lisa's shoulder. "What's the matter, honey? Please tell me!"

    "You don't like me anymore!" the child-like girl sobbed. She lifted head, fixed him with accusing red-rimmed eyes, and addressed him directly. "You pretended like you liked me a lot! But then you ran away, and now you don't want me anymore!"

    She started sobbing again, and the tears flowed down her face as she cried out her words to him. "I let you kiss me and touch my body and everything, and now you don't want me! Well, it's not my fault if I don't have big tits and a lot of black hair on my pussy! I can't help it! You don't have to be mean to me!"

    Paul closed his eyes for a moment as his brain reeled. Lisa thought he was rejecting her because she wasn't mature enough! He was exerting every ounce of willpower at his command to keep his hands off her body, and her heart was breaking because she thought he didn't want her!

    It was too much for Paul. He stretched out full length next to her, and started petting her with his hands.

    "Don't cry, baby!" he whispered. "I really do like you! I really do!"

    He put his arm around her and pulled her to him. At first she resisted.

    "Leave me alone!" she cried.

    But Paul continued to caress her with his strong hands, all the time whispering in her ear.

    "I wasn't playing a game with you, Lisa!" he pleaded. "And I really am attracted to you! I don't want you any older! When you're a full-grown woman, I'm sure you'll be beautiful, and I'll be just attracted to you as I am now! But right now, just as you are, you arouse me more than any female I've ever known!"

    Softened by his assurances, Lisa slowly relaxed and allowed Paul to cuddle her into his arms. He embraced her tightly, and used one hand to caress her round thighs.

    "You really do like me?" she whined.

    "I really do, baby!"

    Paul put his hand on her breast and started caressing her immature young tits again. They were eager for his caressed. The nipples stood right up again, and Lisa sighed as her sorrow was slowly replaced by sexual arousal.

    As for himself, Paul knew he was beyond the point of no return. When he had relented and taken the sullen girl back in his arms, he knew he was surrendering his freedom of choice to a need much more powerful than his puny willpower.

    Lisa's soft warm body provoked a reaction in Paul that was too strong to resist, and all of his resolution from the previous night evaporated in his lust. But what about the danger, the terrible risk involved?

    "Don't you really think my breasts are too small?" Lisa asked.

    "I think-they're just perfect!" Paul assured her. "I love them just the way they are!"

    Paul pulled her sheer gown up almost to her shoulders. Her mature nipples were completely at attention, puckered with passion, and twitching as Paul teased them with his fingertips,

    "I love your little breasts!" Paul said. The sight of those childish little tits topped by the adult, lustful nipples aroused a powerful response in Paul. "I want to kiss them… they're so lovely! I want to make love to them with my mouth!"

    "Well, go ahead!" Lisa giggled.

    Paul pressed his lips to the warm flesh between her two budding breasts. He kissed and licked the skin between her tits until she was squirming with nervous sexual excitement. Using both hands, he tenderly squeezed the erect nipples while kissing in between.

    "You're teasin' me!" Lisa giggled. "Hurry up and kiss my nipples, Paul!"

    He was teasing himself, too, he knew. Finally neither of them could resist any longer, and he reached for her tit with his mouth closed over her swollen nipple, felt her little writhe with joy, and they both sighed with passion as he started sucking her breasts.

    Lisa was already learning how to enjoy sex. She lay back and closed her eyes, concentrating on the wonderful sensations.

    "You really make my tits feel good, Paul!" she whispered. "I guess you must like them a little bit!"

    "I love them!" Paul was relaxing and getting into the passion of the little girl's awakening sexuality. He licked her breasts, and then opened up his mouth and sucked her right breast completely inside, stroking the throbbing nipple with his tongue.

    "Ooohhh! That's so good! Do the other one, too!"

    Paul sucked both Lisa's little tits while she giggled and writhed with joy. His hands ached for her young pussy, but the memory of the previous day's horror prevented him from making this move.

    But it turned out that Lisa was thinking about the same thing. "Paul, you remember what you told me yesterday! About how playing with my tits would make my pussy get juicy?"

    "I remember," Paul said.

    "Well, it sure is getting juicy now!" the little girl hinted.

    Paul felt his last line of resistance melting away. Lisa was wiggling her ass around, rubbing her thighs together.

    "Don't you wanna touch it?" Lisa cried.

    "Oh Lisa!" Paul sighed. "Yes! Yes, I want to touch it! I want to caress it, to fondle it, and make it throb with good feelings! I want to make you feel all the wonderful sexual sensations your beautiful little body is capable of! I want…!!"

    Confusion masked Lisa's lovely round face. "Well, why dontcha do it then?"

    Pulling himself together with great effort, Paul made one last attempt to communicate his concern. "Lisa, listen to me! This is serious!"

    "You don't really like my pussy, after all!" the tile girl pouted.

    "Lisa! Damn it!" He put his hand under her little chin and forced her to meet his eyes. "Lisa, do you know how much trouble we would get into if anybody knew we were doing this?"

    Lisa's beautiful face suddenly twisted with fear. "Oh, Paul! You didn't tell anybody, did you?"

    "No! No, of course not!"

    Her fear-strickened face surprised Paul, who had been expecting-what? Certainly not this!

    "No, Lisa, I haven't told anybody! I swear!"

    "Oh please, Paul! Please, please!" the little girl begged, her eyes bulging with pleading. "Please promise you'll never tell anybody! If mommy ever found out, she'd never let me out again by myself until I was an old lady! An' daddy'd punish me with his belt! They mustn't ever find out! Please promise you won't ever tell anybody, Paul!"

    "Lisa, I promise! I give you my sacred word of honor that I will never tell anybody anything about the things you and I do together in private!" Paul said solemnly. He crossed his breast, making Lisa nod with approval.

    "Thank you, Paul!" she said. Then her pretty face got serious, but not frightened. "Y'know, I worried about that a little after Daddy called yesterday! That's why I decided it was better if I came over here!"

    Paul felt his last reservations washed away in a river of relief. He couldn't believe how this turned out! He didn't even bother asking Lisa to make a similar promise to him. Obviously she wasn't going to tell anybody what was going on!

    Lisa sat up for a moment to pull off her gown, leaving her little body naked, except for the brief panties.

    "Mommy and daddy still like to treat me like a little girl!" she complained, looking down at her body as stretched full length on the bed. "But I've been gettin' my period for almost a year now!" She looked up at him, both playful and serious. "Don't you think I should be treated like a woman, Paul?" Her little mouth stayed open at the end of the question, and her pink tongue slid out and licked her full lips.

    His terrible fears relieved, Paul felt almost elated. He laughed at the little girl's studied attempts at adult sexiness, and reached out for her. "I'll show you how I think you should be treated!" he said.

    When she slid into his arms again, all the tension between them had dissolved, and the emotional vacuum they left was quickly filled with sexual passions.

    Paul put his hand on Lisa's ass-cheeks and caressed her through the thin panties.

    "That feels good!" Lisa giggled.

    "I just love your ass!" Paul said.

    Lisa rolled over on her stomach so Paul could fondle her little round butt. He slowly ran the palm of his hand all over her smooth cheeks, and caressed the tops of her thighs.

    Paul started running his fingers between the little girl's legs. Lisa giggled and spread her legs further. Paul explored the place where her panties stretched between her legs.

    "Now turn over again! I want to admire you from the front!" Paul said.

    Lisa complied, bending her knees and opening her thighs. Paul stared at her panty-clad crotch. For days he had been stealing glances at this arousing sight, and now it-was presented to him like a banquet.

    Lisa giggled and squirmed under his gaze. "You like to look at my panties, don't you?" she asked.

    "Yes," Paul admitted. "It turns me on!"

    "I thought so! Well, I don't mind! Look all you want! You can even touch it!" she laughed.

    Paul started stroking the soft flesh on the insides of Lisa's lovely slender thighs. He liked to watch the nylon strip between her legs ripple when she squirmed with pleasure.

    "That feels good!" Lisa said. "You know, I think a lot of men like to look at my panties! When I go to the park or ride the city bus, I'm always catchin' ‘em tryin' to look up my dress!"

    "I can't blame them!" Paul said. He let his fingers work up her leg until they were at the very tops of her thighs, within an inch of her little virgin pussy.

    "Ya know what I do sometimes?" Lisa giggled. "Sometimes, if I'm feelin' naughty, I pretend like I don't notice! And then I even pull my dress up a little and spread my legs!"

    "You teasing little bitch!" Paul laughed.

    Lisa wiggled and spread her legs further. Paul got down between her legs and ogled her crotch. He started caressing the front of her panties, where her little pussy mound was just starting to develop.

    Paul rubbed her immature pussy mound until Lisa was gasping with passion. Then he moved down and started stroking the thin cloth that covered her little crack.

    Lisa laid back and sighed. She closed her eyes and relaxed, enjoying the exciting new sensations from her sex organs. Paul hadn't really even touched anything yet, but already her little clit was beginning to swell with passion, and she could tell she was getting wet inside her little slit.

    Paul pressed harder, until he could feel the flesh under the thin strip of nylon. He pressed gently and moved his fingertips around, gradually making out the outlines of her genitals underneath.

    "Oookkkkhhhhhh! Hhhmmmmm!" Lisa moaned. Her young ass squirmed on the bed while Paul slowly stimulated her little crotch.

    Paul determined the length of her crack from the top, at her clit, to the bottom, where it disappeared into her little asshole.

    He caressed the length of this crack, making Lisa twitch with joy.

    As she got more excited, he could make out the outline of her slit-lips inside her crack. He started pressing down on her clit and her slit.

    Little Lisa was awakening into a whole new universe of physical sensations. Her newly discovered clitoris was thrilling with delight every time Paul's finger pressed it. Her virgin slit tingled with joy and already the wetness was starting to ooze.

    Before long, Paul felt the soppiness starting to seep through the panties, and he knew the little girl was really getting aroused. The wetness made the panties stick to her body like a second skin, and now Paul could even see the shape of her crack where the nylon clung to her crotch slit.

    Lisa was starting to gasp from the intensity of the new sensations. The overwhelming power of the feelings was almost beginning to frighten the child. Paul probed inside her cuntal opening with fingertip, pushing her panties inside too, and the resulting sensations were taking her breath away. She felt like she was losing control, and she wasn't sure she liked it.

    "Paul!" she moaned. "Paul!"

    Hearing the urgency in her voice, Paul stopped his caresses. "What's the matter, baby?"

    "Paul… Paul, I need a hug, and a kiss!"

    Paul immediately got up from between the child's legs and laid down beside her, taking her in his arms. The little girl snuggled into his arms, and then their lips met for a passionate and reassuring kiss.

    Once she was back in his arms, Lisa's growing Inst returned to her. Now she was sorry Paul had stopped rubbing her pussy, and she wanted him to start again. She opened her legs and took his.hand and put it between her thighs.

    "I'm kinda scared, ya know!" she whispered. "Like, I was losin' control!"

    Paul chuckled and kissed her shoulder, his hands once again caressing between her legs. "There's nothing wrong with losing control" Paul said. "Once you get used to it, it's the greatest thing in the world, but it's always scary when you've never done it before!"

    Paul kissed Lisa passionately, probing deep into her soft wet mouth with his stiff tongue. She sucked tenderly on his tongue, licking it with her own.

    At the same time, he slipped his hand under the elastic band around the top of her panties. He felt soft moist pubic hair under his fingers, and felt Lisa's belly quiver at his naked caress.

    "Oh. Paul!" she gasped. "You're inside my panties! I can feel you stroking my pussy hair! It feels really nice!"

    The tickling sensations around her crotch were so good that Lisa couldn't lie still. She squirmed and twitched, while Paul's hand worked closer to her pink wet slit.

    Once again Lisa started feeling herself slipping into the flowing stream of her passions. But with Paul's arms around her, his lips on her face, neck, and shoulders, she was less afraid, and she allowed herself to be carried along the thrilling sensations.

    "You have such a nice little pussy!" Paul whispered. "Your downy cunt hair is so soft!"

    Paul just barely touched her little clitoris with his fingertip, and she sobbed out loud at the feathery touch.

    "Oh, my clit! My clit!" she sobbed. "Oh, Paul, I've never felt anything like that before!"

    He continued tickling the little girl's love-button until she was shuddering with sexual pleasure. Spasms of joy twitched through her young crotch.

    "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she gasped.

    Still maintaining only a feather-weight contact, Paul moved his fingertips down to her virgin slit. Her little pussy lips were beginning to swell with passion, and the vaginal juices were now flowing freely. He caressed her slit a couple of times, causing her to groan with pleasure, and then returned to her clit with his finger coated with her slippery fluids.

    Now he applied a little more pressure to his clitoral massage. Slick with pussy juices, her little clit twitched and shivered when he rolled it under his fingers.

    Before long Lisa was feeling more sensations run through her body than she'd ever thought possible. The center of it all was her clitoris, but the thrills raced through every inch of her, like an electric current.

    And at the-center of it all was her little clit, as erect as a little nipple, broadcasting messages of intense sexual pleasure to every cell in her body. It was very intense, but Lisa wasn't afraid of it anymore. She flowed with it, and after a while she could feel a certain tension building up in the muscles of her crotch and lower belly.

    "Oh, it feels so good!" she moaned. She tried to think of words to describe her sensations. "It's… like being on a roller-coaster, and you have to pee so bad you can't stand it, but at the same time you are peein' and it feels so strange and tickly!"

    Lisa squirmed and writhed, carried away with her first real sexual passion. Paul sensed her mounting sexual tension, and he used all his tender expertise to bring her slowly up the ladder of pleasure.

    "Let me get your panties out of the way!" Paul urged. He stopped tickling her clit and she lifted her ass up so he could roll her panties down the round cheeks of her beautiful butt. He left her rolled-up panties at the tops of her thighs, with her little pussy lewdly exposed.

    Resuming his caresses, he started including her little slit too. He rubbed tenderly from her clit to her vaginal lips, carrying slippery fluids back and forth, and also stimulating the little girl's piss-hole, hidden in the fold between her clitoris and her vagina.

    This added yet another dimension to Lisa's pleasure. Now her little slit was getting as much stimulation as her love-button, and young crotch was throbbing with passionate sexual sensations.

    "Oh, Paul! Your touching my cunt!" she sighed. "Oh, it feels so great! It makes my pussy twitch! Am I really wet down there, Paul?"

    "Baby, your little pussy is really juicy!" Paul said.

    "Do you like to play with it?"

    "Oh, Lisa, I love it!" he assured her. "Touching your soft wet little slit gives me thrills! It squirms with pleasure when I touch it, add it's starting to swell open!"

    "You can try to put your finger in it if you want!" she giggled.

    Paul wiggled his finger gingerly into Lisa's tight little twat, while the excited little girl's round ass squirmed and shifted around on the bed.

    "I can only get it in about an inch before I run into your maidenhead!" Paul whispered.

    "But that inch feels so good!" Lisa gasped. "Wiggle your finger around some more!"

    Paul flexed the tip of his finger inside the entranceway to Lisa's virgin cunt. The little girl was overwhelmed with sensations. Warm thrills of pleasure rushed through her belly, until she was panting for breath.

    "Ooohh! Aaaahhh! Ooohhhhh! Paul! Paul! What are you doing to me? I'm gonna swoon with pleasure!"

    Lisa was dizzy with pleasure. Her blue eyes glazed and drifted half closed, while her lovely little body shivered with spasms of sexual joy. Her belly started to ache with passionate tension, and her crack was beginning to convulse with pleasure.

    As Paul's finger stirred Lisa's slit, the sensations felt so good that Lisa's vagina would involuntarily contract. The contraction would intensify the sensations almost to the point of pain, and then would relax with a spasmodic release of pleasure through the whole belly. Then, relaxed, the finger-stimulated little pussy would be ready to start all over again!

    Each little spasm left behind a residue of sexual tension that gradually tightened all the muscles in Lisa's belly, crotch, and ass.

    Paul could read this tension and he tenderly brought the little girl to an orgasm, slowly and gently.

    Lisa was losing contact with any realty except the growing stimulation of her virgin sex organs. She knew she was losing control, but she was no longer afraid. She trusted Paul, and she knew intuitively that only an orgasm would release the tension of pleasure in her young body.

    "Oh, Paul, make me come!" she groaned. "Play with my cunt and make me have an orgasm! I want to have my first orgasm now, Paul! Make me come!"

    The pink inner lips of Lisa's pussy were swollen open with lust, Slippery with juice, and Paul's finger slid easily in and out, making her shudder with joy. He smeared her whole crack with pussy fluids until it was all as slippery as the inside of her slit. Her slit rolled like it was oiled.

    To give her the best orgasm he could, Paul used one finger to stimulate her slit, and caressed her clit with his thumb. He moved his hand gently but quickly, and his knowledge of female sexual anatomy paid off immediately for Lisa.

    "Oh! Ooohh! Oooohhhhh! Clit and cunt! Clit and cunt!" the child babbled. "Feels so good! Tickles so hard! Cunt and clit!"

    Lisa closed her eyes and abandoned herself to her lust. She wrapped her arms around Paul's neck and clung to him, whimpering and sobbing in his ear. His left arm held the shuddering child in a warm embrace, while his right hand expertly stimulated her throbbing young cunt.

    Paul could feel the child's warm breath on his shoulder. Her lovely little body squirmed against his, and her naked, hip rubbed against his hard-cock. Manipulating this little girl to the point of orgasm was the most arousing thing Paul had ever done, and his huge hard-on twitched with desire.

    Lisa panted and whimpered, her belly boiling with passion. Her little cunt leaked rivers of slick gravy. She desperately wanted to come, but she wasn't sure how. Her lithe body was jerking with convulsions of sexual tension.

    "Wanna come! Make me come! Make my pussy come!" Lisa whined.

    Sensing exactly where the child was at, Paul gently increased the speed and pressure of his clitoral manipulation. The extra stimulation on her come-button was just what Lisa needed to drop over the edge. She started sobbing loudly.

    "Aaaahhh! Ooohhhhh! Ooohh! Oh! Aaaaa hhhh! Ooo hhh!"

    The intensified sensations in her clit were like a blasting cap setting off a load of dynamite. The length of her slender body shuddered-with convulsions.

    "Let go, baby!" Paul urged. "Just let go and come!"

    Actually, Lisa didn't have any choice! Once it was set into motion, her orgasm was as unstoppable as an avalanche. Her climax quickly included her slit along with her alit, and her whole crotch was filled with spasms of release.

    "Ooooohhhh, God! Oolilth, Paul! Ooohh! Aaahhhhhhhh!"

    All Lisa's sexual tensions exploded with joy, and sexual pleasure poured through her young body. Her slender legs kicked-twitched. Her arms tightened around Paul's neck. Her back arched and her sexy little ass jerked up and down on the bed.

    In spite of all her squirming, Paul kept Lisa enclosed in his embrace, and he kept his lingers pressed to the little girl's spasming sex organs. He was delighted and aroused by the intensity of the girl's first climax.

    Lisa's body shivered and twitched until all the tension drained out through her orgasm. She had never dreamed that her body was capable of such sensations! The stimulation Paul had given her in the past couple of days was nothing compared to this!

    "Oh, fuck, Shit, cock, cunt, pussy, peter, piss!" Lisa babbled, giggling with pleasure. As her orgasm slowly passed, Paul held her tightly and caressed her tenderly. Finally she sighed and at last lay still.

    "Oh, Paul, Paul!" Her voice was quavering, and he could feel her hot tears on his shoulder.

    "What's wrong, baby? Did I hurt you?"

    "Oh, no! Not at all! I'm crying because it felt so good! Thank you, PAUL! Thank you so much!"

    He slipped his hand out of her hot wet crotch and held her close in a two armed embrace. He was really impressed by the intensity of the little girl's passion. He was also powerfully aroused, and he could feel his stiff cock rubbing against her naked loins.

    "If you really want to thank me…!" Paul said, taking one of Lisa's hands and guiding it to his groin.

    Lisa gasped when she felt the length and girth of Paul's cock. "Oh! You're so big! Does it feel good when I rub it?"

    "It sure does, Let me show you how!"

    "Oh, please do!"

    Paul wrapped her slim fingers around his cook right below the swollen knob. Putting his hand over hers, he showed her how to slide the skin up and down.

    "Is that right?" she asked.

    "Great!" He took his hands away and relaxed and stroked the little girl on the ass while she jacked him off.

    "Kiss me!" she whispered.

    Their lips met and then opened, and their tongues met. Paul extended his tongue and caressed the inside of the young girl's mouth while she manipulated his hard cock.

    "You make my dick feel real good!" he told her.

    "It's fun to play with it!" she giggled. "Did it make you horny to play with my pussy until I had an orgasm?"

    "It sure did!" Paul admitted. "That's why my cock got so big and hard!"

    Lisa was jacking very sweetly and tenderly, and Paul's penis was twitching with good sensations. His balls were tightening up with pleasure, and he decided they could use some stimulation, too.

    "Use your other band to tickle my balls!" he suggested.

    The little girl willingly complied. She put her soft hand around his quivering nut-sack, fondling and rolling his balls. She kept rubbing his cock at the same, and Paul was soon squirming with delight "So you liked your first orgasm, huh?" Paul whispered.

    "Oh, yes!" Lisa reflected for a moment, her eyes thoughtful, her hands busy on Paul's sex organs. "If somebody had told me before what it was gonna be like, I wouldn't have wanted to do it! But now I can hardly wait for the next one!"

    If Lisa's cock play lacked experience, she made up for it with sweetness and enthusiasm, and soon Paul was feeling his belly churn with excited tension.

    Paul soon realized Lisa had a natural talent for sex play. She paid attention to his responses, and concentrated on those movements that seemed to give him the greatest pleasure.

    He showed her bow to fill her palm with saliva from her mouth, to lubricate her strokes. He taught her to refine her technique by giving a little squeeze to his swollen knob at the top of her stroke. He showed her the place on the bottom of the knob where all the nerves meet.

    "You mean right there?"

    "Oh, yes, yes! That's it, baby! Right there, rub it hard! Oh, you make my cock feel so big!"

    Paul's nuts were throbbing with pleasure, and little spasms were lurching through his long dick. A clear liquid started leaking from the piss-slit at the very tip.

    "That's not come, is it?" Lisa asked.

    "Not yet!" Paul gasped "But it means I'm getting close!"

    "I can't wait you to have a really nice orgasm!" Lisa said. "Is there anything special I should do?"

    "Oh, yes!" Paul said. "There's a special place, right at the base of my cock, between my balls. When I start to come, you can tickle firmly right there. That'll really make me come hard!"

    Lisa was really enjoying jacking Paul off.

    She threw the sheet back so she could watch. She was amazed at how big and red his swollen dick was.

    "I can't believe you put this huge cock inside girl's pussies!" Lisa said. It's so long, and so big around! Doesn't it hurt them terribly?"

    Paul laughed. "Not really! In fact, just the opposite! I've never had one yet that didn't tell me she thought it was wonderful!"

    Lisa leaned over Paul's groin and let a big drop of spittle fall from her lips to the twitching red knob of Paul's cock. Her hands looked very small, wrapped around the thick shaft! Paul moaned and squirmed as the little girl's loving manipulations brought him closer and closer to coming in her hand.

    "Paul, what if you and I wanted to fuck! How could you get this giant peter inside my little slit?"

    Paul had not even allowed himself to consider the possibility of actually copulating with Lisa. As soon as he even started thinking about it, he knew it was a powerful idea, because his cock swelled up even harder, and his balls started twitching with passion.

    "Well, baby, I don't really know!" he moaned. "Haven't you never fucked a virgin before?" she wanted to know.

    "I've fucked a couple that said they were! But they were… they were both about nineteen. Or at least seventeen. They were older than you."

    "Oh!" Lisa jacked his cock for a moment in silence, and Paul was afraid he had made her feel bad about being young again. "Well, wouldn't you like to fuck me?" she finally asked.

    "Oh, Lisa!" Paul moaned. "Yea, I guess I would! In fact, to be strictly honest, I guess I'd have to admit I'd probably like to fuck you almost more than anything else in the world!" he confessed, to both of them.

    "But, we couldn't, huh! Cause I'm not old enough!" she persisted.

    "Oh, I don't know, baby! If we were very patient, and very gentle, we could probably do it!" Paul closed his eyes and tried to imagine slipping his hard organ into Lisa's tight twelve-year-old pussy. Surprisingly, it wasn't very hard to imagine at all, and the more he thought about it, the easier it got!

    Squirming with sexual pleasure, Paul opened his eyes and looked at the beautiful little girl who was jacking him off, about to make his semen erupt. She was so lovely, with her straight long blond hair, her round childish face, her perfect slender little body, with round full buttocks and long slender legs.

    Lisa's immature little breasts jiggled as she whipping her hand up and down on Paul's throbbing red hard-on. Her nipples were erect with general sexual excitement. She had not bothered to pull her little panties back up, and they were still rolled at the tops of her lovely thighs.

    Paul stretched out one hand and lazily petted the little girl's naked buttocks while she masturbated him. Re loved the soft smooth feel of the skin on her perfect ass. He loved the way her soft hand whipped his swollen shaft into a frenzy of joy, making it twitch and leak. His balls bounced and rolled sensuously in the palm of her other hand.

    "Oh, baby, that's fine!" Paul gasped. "Your hands on my cock are so great! You're gonna make me squirt my jism pretty soon!"

    Lisa giggled and increased her speed. "Shall I tickle you between the balls now."

    Without bothering to wait for an answer, Lisa pushed between his testicles with her gentle finger, sending chills shivering through Paul's crotch.

    Paul's hips started jerking up and down with involuntary spasms. His ass and balls tightened, and the base of his cock vibrated with intense sexual sensations.

    Lisa read Paul's signals perfectly! She allowed more saliva to drip from her mouth onto Paul's cock-knob, and jacked even faster. Something made her try squeezing a little harder too, and she was instantly rewarded for her efforts when Paul's cock convulsed in her hand, and started leaking still more fluids.

    "Aaahh aahhh aaahhh! Oooooohhhhhmmmmmm!" Paul groaned.

    Probing gently between his shivering testicles, Lisa's finger finally located Paul's prostate, his prime pleasure point. As soon as her fingertip contacted the kernel-sized pleasure node, Paul's whole body started jerking and twitching. Lisa giggled and massaged it tenderly with her finger, at the same time gently squeezing the slippery knob of his cock.

    "Fuck!! Here it comes!" Paul screamed.

    His pleasure-stricken sex organs convulsed violently, and a huge stream of creamy thick liquid spurted out the red piss-slit.

    "Jack my cock!! Jack my cock!!" he screamed and writhed.

    Lisa whipped her hand up and down the slippery length of his spewing prick. She could feel it jerk under her fingers as another huge load of semen squirted into the air.

    "My God!! My cock is coming in your hand!" Paul wailed. "Lisa, MY cock's coming in your hand!!"

    "I know!" the little girl giggled. "I'm makin' you have an orgasm!" she said proudly.

    Lisa rolled her little fingers over his prostate gland, and he couldn't stop coming, even when his shivering nut-sack tightened up like a fist. She jacked her fingers tightly up and down his slippery cock, milking huge hot jets of creamy come out of his convulsing cock.

    Powerful spasms of pleasure convulsed Paul's crotch and belly while his jerking hard-on squirted his semen between Lisa's wiggling pink fingers.

    The little girl was really delighted with herself! The hot cream coming out of Paul's red, piss-slit was proof to her that he really was attracted to her, and that she was capable of bringing a man to climax of passion.

    It excited her to watch the white semen spurting, out, and she giggled and gave the red knob a fondling squeeze. Paul jerked his hips a lot while he was coming, and his sperm got scattered all over the place. One big passionate ejaculation splattered on her right breast and slowly trickled down her pink nipple.

    This was the best orgasm Paul had experienced since he was a boy, just starting to ejaculate! None of his adult girl friends made him come this good. Not even fucking their cunts, to say nothing of a hand-job!

    Thinking about fucking made Paul think about tucking Lisa. He looked down at the lovely white body of the little girl who was milking the semen out of his twitching cock.

    Just the mere thought of ejaculating inside her tight pink little twat sent a whole new thrill through him, and his cock, almost exhausted, gave one last tremendous spurt of jism.

    Almost in a trance, lovely little Lisa leaned over until her lips quivered only inches above Paul's spewing prick. Her eyelids fluttered, her mouth hung open, and that last huge jet of come covered the child's lips, tongue, and teeth.

    Paul watched Lisa drink his last ejaculation, and then sank back on the bed, moaning, shivering as his last spasms quivered away in his belly.

    Lisa straightened up slowly, her eyes half closed and unfocused. Slowly, as if in a dream, she licked the creamy semen off her lips.

    Paul held his arms out to her, and she cuddled up next to him. They snuggled in each other's arms, purring and shivering in the after glow of their shared pleasure.

    As if by mutual unspoken agreement, Paul put his hands between her thighs, one over her little pussy and one between the cheeks of her perfect little ass, and Lisa put her little hand over his spent cock, and they petted each other in the places they had recently had so much pleasure.

    They stayed that way for many minutes, whispering.

    "Did I do it right for you?" Lisa asked.

    "Oh, God! Did you ever!" Paul sighed. "You were really wonderful! I mean it, Lisa! The best I've had in years!"

    Lisa's little breast stirred with pride, and she gave his tired cock a tender squeeze.

    "I'm so glad!" she purred. "Paul, I.really like what you did to me, too! Thank you for making me have my first orgasm!"

    "I loved it, baby!" Paul chuckled.

    After a while Lisa stirred and said she had to go home. Paul watched as she got up. She was so beautiful! She had pulled her little panties back up over her round buttocks, covering the small blond mound of her little pussy. She wiggled back into the gown and shrugged into the bathrobe. Then she came back to the bed and kissed Paul on the mouth. "Shall I come back tomorrow?" she asked.

    "Oh, please do!"

    And then she was gone, Paul laid on the bed for a few minutes more, feeling very relaxed and satisfied. He still couldn't quite believe all this was real.

    The phone started ringing. Paul decided to ignore it, then abruptly changed his mind and snatched up the receiver after the fifth ring.

    "Hello?" He knew it would be Angela even before he heard the voice.

    "Well, so you're still alive. I'd never know, since you're always too busy to call me!"

    Paul sighed and moaned inwardly. "Hello, Angela," he said. "How have you been?" he asked mechanically.

    "As if you really cared!" she whined. "No doubt you're spending night and day sticking numbers into your precious computer programs!"

    Paul grinned maliciously into the telephone. "What makes you think that! As a matter of fact, just before you called, I was masturbated to ejaculation by an exceptionally lovely twelve year old girl! I played with her little pussy until she came for me, and then she jacked me off until I shot jism into her little white hands!"

    Angela sounded as if she were gagging. "Oh, Paul Evans, you are the most disgusting, foul-mouthed bastard I have ever known! Your sense of humor is just as sick and warped as the rest…"

    Paul returned the instrument to its cradle, severing the connection while her hysterical voice was still quacking out to the speaker.

    "Good-by, Angela!" Paul said to the silent telephone. There was smudged wet fingerprint on the receiver. Paul's fingers were damp. He put them to his nose, and smelled again the musty scent of Lisa's little slit.

    Chapter 5

    Paul discovered he was actually humming to himself as he cooked up a light lunch. He sat down at the desk to eat, and almost immediately his eyes fell on a page of calculations that had totally frustrated him the day before.

    The logic of the series of numbers instantly became obvious to him, and even before he had finished his breakfast, he picked up his pencil and started making notes on a piиce of scrap paper. By the time his egg was all eaten, he had switched on the computer terminal on and was mapping out major corrections in the program.

    He worked through the afternoon until after dark. When he noticed the time, it was nine-thirty and he still didn't feel tired. He fixed himself a huge salad for dinner with chopped ham and grated cheese, and worked happily until almost midnight.

    By the time he quit for the night, Paul had a clear understanding of all the problems in the Engineering Dynamics program, and he looked forward to the next few days work with pleasure for a change.

    He turned out the lights and stretched out on the bed. He felt a glowing sense of well being. He thought about his work, but as sleep neared his thoughts were more and more intruded upon by the vision of the beautiful little girl across the courtyard. Paul drifted off to sleep imagining the child's pink wet slit, and remembering her squirming in his arms as she experienced her first orgasm.

    He slept extremely well and awakened early, well refreshed. He got up quickly and made a pot of coffee. He was aware of Lisa's back door across the courtyard, but he was also interested in his work, and he made some notations while he drank his coffee.

    Lisa's father left at a quarter to nine, looking as if he was late and in a hurry. Paul poured another cup of coffee and sharpened his pencil.

    At ten minutes after nine the door across the court opened again and Lisa stepped out into the southern California sunshine. Her radiant blond beauty almost took Paul's breath away.

    She was wearing a pair of very short white hip-hugger shorts, and her perfect little ass rolled under the stretching cloth as she twisted around admiring the day. The shorts were very tight in front too, stretching across the budding mound of her little pussy.

    On top she ware a thin halter of white gauzy material, almost transparent, and from clear across the yard Paul could see the points in the garment where her little nipples strained.

    Her white legs were long and slender, perfectly shaped. Once again, she stopped to examine the pool on her way across the court.

    She kneeled down on the curb around the water, bending over to look at the smooth surface. The white shorts stretched tightly across her round buttocks, and Paul could tell she wasn't wearing any panties.

    Paul was still in his robe, and he could feel his cock stiffen as he watched the lovely blond nympho. Had this beautiful vision of budding femininity actually allowed him to caress her little crack? Had her soft little white hands actually encircled his swollen cock and fondled his manhood until he ejaculated? Had that sweet angelic little mouth opened greedily to drink the creamy semen that spurted from his red throbbing dick?

    Paul could tell that Lisa was looking at her reflection in the swimming pool. The white cloth strained across her lovely ass, and Paul stared hungrily at the thin strip of cloth that ran between the little girl's slim thighs.

    Once again the thought of actually having intercourse with Lisa flashed through Paul's brain. His cock twitched inside of his robe. What would it be like to slip his hard prick inside those little legs wrapped passionately around your plunging ass?

    A thrill ran through Paul's body, almost making him spill his coffee, and at the same moment Lisa stood up at the edge of the pool.

    She stood straight and seemed to stretch toward the nourishing sun. Up on tip-toes she went, and Paul saw her little breasts straining against the thin halter. The muscles in her beautiful calves and thighs stood out as she stretched. She lifted her bare thin arms to the sun, arched her back, and shook with spontaneous childish animal pleasure, like a dog after a dip in cool water. Paul watched in delight as she switched her beguiling little ass.

    Then, after this brief unintentional, moment of sun worship, the lovely child proceeded across the courtyard to Paul's door. Paul watched her approach, noticing the way her little pussy squirmed around as her thighs moved back and forth. He already had a full erection by the time the little girl knocked on his door.

    Lisa skipped in smiling, obviously in love with the fine summer morning. She twirled once around the room in her skimpy costume, and then fell theatrically into Paul's arms, turning her face up to him for a kiss.

    "Good morning, Mr. Evans!" she giggled.

    "Good morning, Miss Lisa!" Paul returned.

    Her kiss was passionate. She opened her mouth as soon as their lips came together, and Paul could feel her little tongue slipping into his mouth. He closed her slender body in his arms, and his hand trailed down to stroke her little ass.

    "I just love your round little ass," Paul whispered.

    Lisa giggled. "It feels good when you pet it like that!"

    Paul ran his hand over her lovely buttocks, feeling the warmth of the youthful skin under the thin cloth of her shorts. He squeezed and stroked her little butt until she was pressing her breasts and pussy into his body.

    They rubbed their bodies together until they were both becoming aroused. Then Lisa felt Paul's huge erection poking through his bathrobe.

    "Your cocks already big and hard!" she said. "Is that for me?"

    "I don't know who else it would be for!" he laughed.

    They went into the living room and sat down together on the sofa.

    "Open your robe up so I can see your prick!" Lisa urged.

    Paul opened his bathrobe and showed his throbbing rod to the little girl. She couldn't resist reaching out and touching it with her soft small hands.

    "Paul, what does ‘masturbate' mean?" she asked.

    "It means using your hands to make yourself have an orgasm," Paul answered.

    "Where did you hear that?"

    "From a friend. Paul, do, you ever masturbate?"


    Lisa giggled. "Show me!" she urged him. "I wanna watch!"

    "Only if you do it too!" Paul countered.

    Lisa's lovely blue eyes opened in surprise. "You mean girls can masturbate, too?"

    "Of course! First, take off your halter!"

    Lisa reached behind her and unbuttoned the little garment. It fell to the couch, exposing her little breasts and large nipples.

    "Now, first start out by caressing your breasts."

    Lisa put her hands on the budding mounds of her immature tits and started rubbing in a circular motion.

    "Like this?" she asked. "Is this right?"

    "Does it feel good?"


    "Then it's right!"


    Lisa caressed her own breasts until the nipples started to become erect with desire.

    "Should I play with my nipples, too?"


    Lisa pinched her nipples gently between her thumbs and fingers and rolled the red nipples until they were standing up like little thumbs.

    "Oh, Paul! That really feels good!" she moaned.

    Lisa leaned back on the couch. She closed her eyes and caressed her nipples, her little face registering the sexual pleasure that was starting to generate in the little girl's lovely body.

    Paul put his hand to his cock and slid the skin up and down a few times, until it started to throb with good sensations.

    "Lisa, I'm jacking off!" he said.

    The little girl looked down at his cock. Paul could see that it turned her on to see him stroking himself.

    "Now unzip your shorts!" Paul said.

    Lisa's little white shorts had a zipper down the front. Lisa opened it, exposing the upper part of her pubic hair. At the sight of it, Paul started jacking a little harder.

    Keeping one hand on her breasts, Lisa slid her other hand down her belly, into her shorts. Paul could see the outline through her shorts as her little fingers moved over her immature pussy mound.

    "Mmmmmmmmmm!" Paul moaned. "Take ‘em of baby!"

    Lisa lifted her weight up off her pretty ass and slid her shorts down over her naked buttocks. She pulled them down, her long slender legs, off her feet, and dropped them on the floor. She was completely naked, and her beautiful almost thirteen year old body was glowing with her healthy awakening sexuality.

    Paul stopped jacking to watch Lisa strip.

    He didn't want to come too soon! Already a pearly drop of moisture had leaked out of his twitching piss-slit.

    "Your cock's leaking!" Lisa said "Is that semen?"

    "No," Paul said. "Those are called ‘preseminal fluids.' When they leak out like that, it means I'm horny!"

    "Oh! "Preseminal fluids," the little girl repeated.

    "Spread your legs and show me your pussy!" Paul said.

    Lisa stretched her lovely young body out on the couch, with Paul sitting at the end. She opened her white thighs, revealing the dark blond pubic hair and the pink slit. She was not yet very passionate, and her little slit was almost closed, with just a little of the bright pink inside flesh showing. Her clit was tiny and soft.

    Paul knew he was going to get to watch every second! This idea really excited him, and he reached down and tickled his swollen cock in a teasing way. His prick jerked with passion.

    "Oh!" Lisa said, her eyes wide. "I didn't know your cock could jump like that! Do it again!"

    Paul stroked the swollen knob and twitched the muscles at the base of his dick, and it leaped again.

    Lisa laughed. Her hands went unconsciously to her sex organs, and her little body thrilled as she touched her clit.

    "Oooohhh!" Lisa leaned back on a big cushion, her legs spread open, so she could watch Paul's cock while she masturbated.

    "What should I do now?" she asked Paul.

    "Take your finger and tickle very lightly up and down your crack!" Paul said.

    Lisa used her fingertip to give herself a feather-weight tickling of the cunt. Soon she was gasping as the teasing sensations started to arouse her little sex organs.

    "Put your finger in your mouth and get it all wet!" Paul directed.

    The little girl put her right index finger to her pink lips. Her little tongue, glistening with moisture, poked out between her little white teeth, and she sensuously sucked and licked her finger until it was dripping with saliva.

    "Now rub your little clit with it!"

    Lisa put her hand back between her open thighs and fondled her clitoris with her fingertips.

    "Oh! That feels really good!" the child gasped."

    She rubbed her finger a little faster. Her face softened with pleasure, and she breathed a little faster as her arousal increased. Her pretty little ass squirmed on the couch. Paul stared between her spread legs and started slowly jacking his cock.

    "Tell me what it feels like!" he urged.

    "Oh, it tickles so hard I can hardly stand it, but I love it and I can't stop!" Lisa gasped.

    The little girl's body was writhing in pleasure. Paul watched closely, and he could see that her little crack was starting to swell with passion. Her clit was now erect and red.

    Paul's cock was feeling pretty good, too! It was tremendously swollen with lust, and every time he slipped the skin up and down the shaft, the whole length of the organ throbbed with good sexual sensations. His balls were tingling with pleasure.

    "My cock really feels great!" he told her.

    "I think it's really fun to masturbate!" Lisa laughed her little finger flying over her lustful love-button.

    "Why don't you play with your slit for a while now?" Paul suggested.

    Lisa stopped stroking her clit and started exploring lower. "Oh, I'm getting sort of wet! And my pussy's starting to open up!"

    "Put all your fingers together and just press down on your whole cunt!" Paul said.

    Lisa covered her genitals with her hand and rubbed in a slow rotating motion. She was delighted with the results!

    "Ooohh! That makes my whole crotch feel so good!" she moaned.

    Paul watched the little girl rub her pussy, and stroked the swollen knob of his dick. He put his other hand between his legs and started tickling his shivering nut-sack.

    "Now take one finger and start caressing the opening to your slit!" Paul instructed. Lisa ceased rubbing, and followed his instructions. She used one fingertip to stroke the little pink lips to her inner slit. Soon those little lips started swelling open wider and wider with lust, revealing the bright pink pleasure flesh within. Little droplets of sweet cunt nectar were starting to run down the child's ass cheeks.

    "Oh, that really feels great!" Lisa sighed.

    "It tickles so hard, and it gives me warm chills, ya know?"

    Paul laughed. "Warm chills! Yes, Lisa, I know what you mean! I'm getting them too! Especially in my balls!" Lisa started at his swollen sex organs, fueling her own lust by watching Paul stimulate his large cock.

    "There's more stuff leakin' outa your cock!" she observed.

    "I know!" Paul answered. "I use it to lubricate the head when I rub it with my fingers!"

    Lila's little cunt was now showing the complete transformation to full sexual arousal. Her clit was erect and bright with lust, and her pink pussy lips were swollen with pleasure, creamy with her slippery white juices.

    "Now push the tip of your finger into your slit!" Paul urged.

    Lisa parted her cunt lips with her little fingertips and her body squirmed voluptuously with the good sensations.

    "Oh, this is really nice!" she purred, her little body shivering with sexual pleasure.

    "Oh! Ooohh! Aaaahhhh!" the little girl moaned. "Oh it feels so good! Oh I can-hardly stand it! But I can't stop! My pussy's starting to twitch, Paul! I can feel it kinda squeezin' my finger!"

    Paul could see the child's pink slit-lips having little spasms of pleasure. It made his own cock jerk with joy, and he jacked himself a little faster.

    Lisa was wiggling her finger rhythmically inside the entrance to her young vagina, and soon her little ass was humping up and down with matching strokes. Paul could tell the little girl was really getting turned on!

    Lisa kept pushing further and further, until her finger encountered her little maidenhead.

    "Oh!" she said. "Paul, I think I just touched my cherry!"

    She stopped stroking and her face assumed a thoughtful expression as she explored the inside of her virgin cunt.

    "Paul my cherry's got a hole in it!" she announced.

    "Of course!" Paul explained. "How did you think your period got out?"

    "Oh, yeah!" Lisa giggled. She explored some more. "I can get my fingertip through the hole!" she said. Lisa kept her fingertip in the hole and started moving it around again.

    "Oh! Oh! Ooohh, my pussy feels so good!" Paul's cock was quivering with excitement, and he gave it some good strokes, until he could feel his balls tightening with joy.

    "Paul, is this called ‘finger-fucking'?" she asked.

    "That's right!"

    "Ooohh! I'm finger-fucking myself, and it really feels good. Oh, I'm so glad you taught me how to masturbate. Paul!"

    Paul laughed. I'm sure you could have figured it all out by yourself!"

    "But this is so much more fun! And it gets me a lot hotter to do while I watch you play with your big cock!"

    "It is fun to do it together!" Paul agreed. He stopped stroking, feeling himself getting dangerously closer to having a climax.

    "Why'd ya stop?" Lisa asked.

    "Cause I don't want to come yet!" Paul said. "I want to prolong my pleasure as long as I can."


    Lisa's pretty face was flushed with lust, and her child-like body twisted passionately on the couch as she manipulated her little slit with her finger.

    "Oh, finger-fuckin's so good! I just love to do it to my self! My pussy's twitching all the time now!"

    Lisa moved her finger faster and faster, writhing with joy. Then she stopped and looked at Paul.

    "Ya know, I think my hole's gettin' bigger, ‘cause my finger goes in further now!"

    Paul could see that the child's finger was almost half-way-up her quivering little slit. "I guess I must be stretchin' it with my finger, huh!" she commented.

    "Does it hurt?" Paul asked.

    "It feels great, silly!" the little girl laughed. She stirred her finger around inside her little slit. "I can feel my cherry stretchin'! And it feels so good inside me! Oh, Paul… I just-love-the way It feels inside my-cunt!"

    "Is it all wet and juicy in there?" he asked.

    "Oh, yes!" she answered. "Do you wauna feel?"


    Paul stretched his hand toward Lisa's pink slit. It was very slick and silky feeling, softer even than her "sweet mouth. Paul's cock jerked with joy as his finger penetrated her young slit.

    He pushed as far as her maidenhead and stopped to explore. For sure, his fingertip quickly found the opening Lisa told him about. The day before it had been so small he hadn't really even noticed it, but now it was big enough for him to penetrate slightly with his finger. He managed to push it to about the first knuckle, and he was amazed at how soft and tight the little girl's slit felt beyond her maidenhead.

    "Oh, Paul! That feels so good!" she said. "I can feel it stretchin' me, ‘cause you got bigger fingers than me!"

    Lisa moaned and squirmed as Paul finger-fucked the first inch or two of her virgin vagina.

    "Maybe you can stretch it enough to fuck me!" Lisa said, but a glance at Paul's huge cock filled her with doubts. "Your peter sure gets big when it's hard though!"

    Paul hadn't been allowing himself to think about sticking his dick into this pink slit, but when Lisa brought up the subject, he felt his cock twitch eagerly.

    "I'd really like to do it with you," Paul admitted, "but I wouldn't want to hurt you! But I know how much my cock would like to be sliding inside your lovely little slit!"

    "Just like your finger is now!" Lisa giggled. "I like it when you finger-fuck me, Paul!"

    But Paul remembered that this was supposed to be a lesson in masturbation, so he reluctantly removed his finger with her own.

    Lisa and Paul concentrated for a while on their masturbation. The little girl discovered she could insert the entire length of her middle finger up her slit, and she was delighted. She stuck it in and wiggled it around, enjoying the new sexual sensations from her virgin pussy wails.

    Paul rolled his balls gently in the palm of his left hand and rubbed the skin up and down his cock with his right hand. His big hard-on was throbbing with pleasure, leaking juices.

    "You got some more of those presemenal fluids running outa your cock!" Lisa said.

    "Oh, I "know!" Paul said. "Shit, it feels so good. I'll I've probably jacked off close to a million times, but I know already it's gonna the best one I ever had!"

    Lisa laughed. "Well, I never finger-fucked myself before so I guess this has to be my best one too!"

    Instead just inserting her finger and wiggling it around, Lisa started experimenting with moving her finger in and out of her wet slit. And she liked it!

    Ooaohhh! Oh, Paul, look, I'm strokin' my finger in and out! It really feels great! Ooohhhh, shit!" she mewed.

    Lisa's little pussy really liked that in-out action! It got still juicier, and her cute little ass squirmed all over the couch as she stroked her clit with her-finger.

    "Ooohh-oohh-ooohhh-ooohhhh!" she wailed. "Oh, fuck! Shit! This feels so good, I can hardly stand it! Oh Paul, I bet it feels good only better to be really fuckin', huh!"

    "Only better!" Paul assented. "A good fuck is the best feeling in the whole world, Lisa!" Paul told her.

    "Are you both ‘sposed to come at the same time?" she asked.

    "If you can. It's great when you do!"

    "Let's come at the same time now, Paul!" the child suggested.

    "Okay!" he laughed. "But not for a while yet! I want to keep feeling this good as long as I can!"

    "Mmmmmmmm!" Lisa nodded and slowed her strokes.

    "Try your clit again for a while." Paul suggested.

    The beautiful little blond girl moved her finger back up out of her slit to her little lust-button.

    "Oh!" she gasped. "What a good idea, Paul! Oh, that really feels good! My little clitty feels even better after I finger-fucked myself!"

    Paul masturbated his throbbing cock with measured strokes, keeping his pleasure at a maximum without spilling his come. His balls were shivering with joy, and the swollen knob of his prick ached with pleasure. Lisa rolled her little clit under her fingers, making it throb with wonderful sexual sensations, until her little crotch was vibrating with passion. Sex nectar spilled out of her swollen little slit, and the bright pink flesh between her vaginal lips quivered with little spasms.

    Because Lisa was only twelve years old, her crack was deeper than grown women's are. "Use the fingers ‘of your other hand to hold your crack open, and you can get at your clit better!" Paul suggested.

    Lisa used her left hand to open up the lips of her deep little crack, and her little clit soon stood up alone, red with lust. It got more direct stimulation that way, and soon the child was able to pinch the tiny pleasure organ between her finger and thumb.

    "Oh, that is great, Paul!" she cried. "Look, I can even get a hold of my clitty! I can almost jack it up and down like a little-bitty cock!"

    She moved her fingers up and down, demonstrating her point, and her belly was instantly filled with warm electrical sensations of intense sexual pleasure.

    "Oh! Ooohhhhh! Ooohh, Paul, nothing's ever felt like this before in my life! Oh, fuck! Shit! Fuck! Cunt! Pussy! Cock!" the ecstatic child babbled.

    Lisa's little clitoris started having spasms of incredible pleasure, and Paul could sense that her orgasm wasn't far away. He started jacking his dick faster faster, feeling his cock and balls swelling with preorgasm sensations.

    The little girl squirmed her lovely body all over the couch. Hex beautiful butt writhed and bumped, and her twitching twat gaped and leaked slippery fluids.

    "Ooohhhh-ooh oooohhhh-ah-ah ah-aahhhh!!" she sobbed. "Oh! I can't stop! It's too good! I'm gonna come! You come too, Paul?"

    "Oh, yes, come, baby, come!" Paul encouraged. "I'll be right with you, sweetie!"

    Lisa was twitching around so much she couldn't keep her hold on her slippery little clit, so she stopped pinching it and started roiling it between her fingers. This was just as good, maybe even better, she decided.

    "Your slit!" Paul panted, jacking his cock quite rapidly now, "Put one finger up your cunt and jack your clit with your other hand!"

    Lisa slid the longest finger on her left hand back up inside her tight wet little virgin slit. "OOOHHHH!!" she gasped. "Oh, fuck, that really feels fantastic! Oh, shit, this'll make me come real quick, Paul!"

    Paul whipped his stiff penis, his eyes feasting on the lovely vision before him, of the beautiful little pubescent girl with her hands jerking between her long legs, quivering on the brink of orgasm.

    "Oh, fuck yourself with your hand, baby!" he panted. "Use your little finger like a little cock, and slide it in and out of your little pink pussy slit! Oh, shit, I love to watch you masturbate while I'm jacking off my hare cock! My balls and my asshole are getting tight, and I know my come will be spurting out of my dick pretty soon!"

    "Oh, I can hardly wait to see you come!" Lisa gasped. "I really wanta watch the stuff pouring out of your big hard peter!"

    Lisa's long blond hair trailed over her face and naked shaking breasts. Her eyes were half-closed with lust, but they were still firmly focused on Paul's bard swollen cock.

    A preliminary convulsion at the base of his cock told Paul his orgasm was only a few strokes away. Gasping with passion, he started pressing against his prime pleasure point between his balls.

    "Oh, fuck! I'm not gonna try to bold it any longer! Here it comes, Lisa.!"

    Lisa's eyes opened wide. A tremendous convulsion seized Paul's cock and balls, and his whole body spasmed as his jerking cock spewed first with ejaculation.

    "Oh, yes!" Lisa gasped. "Yes, you're coming! I can see the jism squirting out the end of your cock!"

    This lewd sight was so stimulating to Lisa's young sexual Imagination, it pushed her over the edge, and she felt her orgasm overtaking her with a tremendous shivering chill of pure sexual pleasure.

    "Ooooohh-ooohhh oohh ooohhhhh!" the child sobbed, racked with spasms of joy, body jerking convulsively, cunt and clit both exploding with pleasure. "Ooohhh! Oh! Oh! OH! oohh! ooohh!!"

    The little girl's cries of sexual passion increased in volume and wildness, like a woman in childbirth. Her young body shook with convulsions of pleasure. Sweet fresh cunt nectar, spilled out of,her climaxing virgin vagina.

    All through her orgasm, Lisa never took her glowing eyes off Paul's spurting cock.

    She loved to watch that huge male pole twitching in passion, spurting his semen up into the air.

    Paul, in turn, kept his eyes glued to the little girl, watching her pink little slit contracting with spasms of joy around her slender finger. The hand pressing her clit was reduced to a tremble, but even this tremble sent new shiver of orgasm through her climaxing little crotch.

    Paul's shaking fingers pressed tenderly against his electrified prostate, and the semen poured out of him like a stream of white piss.

    After the first spurt, the rest of the ejaculation came out in one agonizing stream, while his cock swelled and jerked with burning pleasure.

    "Oh christ, what a come!" he gasped. "Oh, fuck, I'm pissing come! My cock has opened up and started pissng come, and it feels so great I can hardly stand it!"

    Lisa watched with wide eyes as her lover spouted come like a fountain. Her own little body was shaking ecstatically in the, biggest spasm of her orgasm. Her legs were twitching and jerking, and her pink ass humped up and down. Her little breasts fluttered with her spasms, the red nipples as erect as ripe cherries.

    It was a tremendous orgasm for both of them.

    "Oh, Paul!" Lisa sobbed when it was finished. "I never felt anything like that before in my life! It really felt good to have an orgasm with something inside my slit!"

    Paul laughed while still trying to catch his breath. "I can tell already, you're really gonna love fucking!"

    "Oh, I know I am!" Lisa said seriously. "I can hardly wait!"

    The little girl grabbed up a corner of Paul's terry-cloth robe and wiped up all the pussy juices that had leaked at of her pink slit while she masturbated, Then she carefully wiped up Paul's semen from his chest and stomach.

    "I really like doing sex things with you, Paul!" she said. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. Thank you for everything you're teachin' me!"

    Paul hugged her slender body to his and laughed. "The pleasure is mine!" he said sincerely. "I'm really glad you liked it so much!"

    "Oh, I love it!" Lisa sighed. "And now that I know how to masturbate myself, I can make myself feel good anytime I want to! ‘Cept it won't be as good unless I have your cock to look at!"

    Paul thought of suggesting that any cock might work as well, but though better of it.

    Instead, he said, "I had a really good orgasm too, Lisa! Did you see all the come squirting out in one long stream? When it comes like that, it feels so good I can hardly stand it!"

    Lisa kissed him again and then left his embrace. "I hafta go pee!" she said without any self-consciousness. She went into the bathroom and urinated without closing the door. Paul could bear the tinkle of her piss in the toilet.

    When she was finished she came back and started dressing. Paul watched with satisfaction as she pulled the skimpy shorts up her long slender legs, and shrugged into the flimsy halter.

    "I gotta go," she said. "But I'll see you tomorrow!"

    "Bye baby!" he called, and then she was gone.

    As if by a mutual unspoken agreement, they never talked about her father anymore. Lisa did not volunteer information about her afternoon, and Paul never asked.

    Chapter 6

    Lovely little Lisa arrived at Paul's door the following morning, wearing a blue tank top over a very short red skirt. The child was grinning eagerly, and returned his kiss excitedly.

    "Paul guess what! Last night after I went to bed, I masturbated myself! I did it all by myself… I rubbed my little ditty until it was all hard and everythin!" she babbled, squirming in his arms.

    "And then my little slit opened up, and it was all wet and everything! And I stuck my finger up inside it, and moved it in and out! It really felt neat! I masturbated myself until I orgasmed!"

    "What did you think about?" he asked.

    "Your big cock, with the come squirting out!" the little girl promptly answered. "And right at the end, when I was coming, I pretended like I had a big grown-up pussy, and my finger was your peter, slipping in and out of my cunt!"

    Paul laughed delighted with the child's open sexuality. As usual, he was wearing his robe. He sat in a kitchen chair, and the child sat on his lap, her pretty legs straddling his closed thighs. Of course, her short skirt was up around her waist in a matter of seconds, and Paul saw that she was wearing little bikini panties of pale blue nylon with lace around the leg holes.

    The little girl continued her story, her perfect ass bouncing on his knees in her excitement. "And right at the very end, when I was comin' real hard, I pretended my finger was your cock, and it was shooting your semen up inside my slit. That made me come really hard, pretendin' you was comin' inside me at the same time!"

    And then they were kissing passionately. Paul's tongue explored Lisa's hot wet little mouth, caressing her tongue and gums. His left hand encircled her body, and his right palm tasted the smooth warmth of the skin on the top other left thigh.

    "Well. I have a story to tell you, too!" Paul said. "Maybe you'll think I made this up, but I masturbated last night after I went to bed, too!" Paul confessed.

    "You did? Really?"

    "Yes! And guess what I thought about?"


    "You, Lisa! You and your sweet little pussy!"

    "You really did?" The child was delighted! "Did you shoot come, and everything? And you thought about my pussy?"

    "Yes!" Paul exclaimed. "I pretended that I had your little pussy so excited, it took all my cock without hurting it a bit!"

    "Oh!" Lisa squealed. "Did you pretend like you came in it?"

    "Yes! But do you know what I pretended first, before I came?"

    "No! Tell me, Paul!"

    "I pretended that I licked your little pussy until you had your orgasm with my tongue up your slit!"

    "Ooooooooohhhh!" Lisa giggled and shivered at the strange idea. "Have you ever done that to a girl's pussy?"

    Lisa was squirming around with excitement, and Paul started fingering the lace on the bottom of her panties.

    "Oh sure!" Paul said. "Girls really like it a lot!"

    Lisa thought for a second. "Well, do girls like to lick boys' cock, too?"

    "Sure! Haven't you ever heard of ‘oral sex'?"

    "Huh-nh! What's that mean?"

    "Oral means when you use your mouth. Oral sex is when you use your mouth to have sex. Have you ever heard of sixty-nine?"

    "No! What does that mean, Paul?"

    Paul slipped a felt-tip pen from his robe pocket and drew the double digit on the table for her.

    "See the way it fits together?"


    "Well, try to imagine a man and a woman lying down together, and the man has his mouth on the woman's cunt, and she has her mouth on his cock!"

    "Oh, I see!" Lisa's face lit up with comprehension. But then it clouded over again with uncertainty.

    "What's the matter, baby?" Paul said.

    "Well, Paul…" He could see that the little girl looked seriously disturbed by something.

    "There's something I don't understand!"

    "Tell me, baby!"

    "Well… why would people want to kiss each other where they go to the bathroom?"

    Paul tried very hard not to laugh, because he could see from the child's face that this was in her mind a serious question.

    "Well, of course, because it feels good. But I think maybe there's another reason, too!" Paul's fingertips were beginning to slip inside her panties. He could feel downy pubic hair under his fingers. Lisa squirmed passionately, her own hands beginning to fumble in his lap.

    "What's the other reason, Paul?"

    "I think, deep down, there's something sexy about going to the bathroom!" Paul explained.

    He watched Lisa's face as she considered this idea. "Yeah!" she finally conceded. "Maybe there is!"

    "Have you ever watched a man take a piss?" Paul asked.

    "Do you think it would turn you on?" Lisa nodded her head wordlessly. Her eyes revealed that even thinking about it was turning her on.

    "Do you want to watch me take a piss?" he asked.

    "Yes! And then I'll take one for you, ‘cause I gotta pee a little bit, too!"

    "We don't even have to shut the door!" Lisa cried, and at that moment the full excitement of breaking all her old toilet taboos filled her little body with excitement. She threw her arms around his neck, and they exchanged a very passionate kiss. Paul finally pulled himself away from the little girl's hungry embrace.

    "I have to piss before I get a hard-on!" he told her. "Otherwise, I'll have to piss on the ceiling!"

    "Oooooh, hurry! I wanna watch!"

    Lisa sat down on the edge of the bathtub. Paul dropped his robe around his ankles, exposing his full nakedness to the little girl.

    Lisa stared giggling at his cock. Even soft, Paul was well-hung.

    He stepped up to the toilet ant put his hand on his dick.

    "Wait!" Lisa cried. "I wanna hold it! Can I hold your peter while you pee?"

    "Sure!" Paul agreed. The child reached her slim band out and tenderly took his cock between her fingers.

    "Okay," she said. "You can start pissing!" Paul let go of a short stream of piss so Lisa could make sure she was aiming it in the right direction. This delighted her. "You can make your start and stop too!" she said. "Sometimes I make my pee start and stop, and it feels good. It feels kind of like sex!" she added.

    "I told you!" Paul said. "Now I'm gonna pee some more!" Paul released another stream.

    "I can feel it runnin' through your cock!" Lisa squealed, "Now make it atop again!"

    Paul cut off his piss again, and Lisa laughed. She started slipping the skin back and forth on his cock.

    "Hey!" Paul said. "If you make me get hard, I'll never finish pissing!"

    Lisa pointed his dick back at the toilet, and Paul released the rest of his urine. Lisa laughed and she moved his cock around like a fire hose.

    "This is fun!" Lisa said. "Girls don't get to have this much fun when they pee!"

    Paul's pee-stream finally came to a stop. "Now what, Paul?"

    "Shake it a few times, to shake the pee off the end!"

    Lisa shook Paul's prick until it was dry.

    "Now it's my turn to pee!" she said.

    Lisa pulled her short skirt up, revealing her slender loins encased in the skimpy blue panties.

    "You can take my panties down if you want!" she said.

    Paul got on his knees in front of the lovely child. He hooked his thumbs in the elastic band and slowly pulled the thin panties down over her cute little round ass. He watched with mounting excitement as her little pussy came into view. He pulled her panties down her long slender thighs, past her knees, down her slim calf. He left them around her ankles. Lisa put down the toilet seat and sat down.

    With her thighs together, her scanty blond pussy hair almost disappeared between her legs.

    "Spread your legs!" he urged.

    "I never peed before with my legs spread!" Lisa said. But she did as he asked.

    Paul knew he could never get tired of looking at Lisa's pretty little pussy.

    Paul sat down cross-legged on the floor, so he could get a good view of her pink little crack, right under her little clitoris. She stopped it after a second or two, and a few drops trickled down her crack.

    "See? I can make my piss turn on and off whenever I want, too!" the virginal young girl giggled. "And it feels good, too!"

    Lisa let go of another small stream, and Paul almost put his chin on the toilet seat, be was so anxious to see all the action.

    "Lisa, I want to use my hands to hold your little crack open, so I can really see where the piss comes out!" he said. "Is that all right?"

    "I guess!" Lisa giggled.

    Lisa spread her legs oven further, almost straddling the toilet seat. She held her skirt up out of the way while Paul put his hands between her thighs and use his fingers to gently separate her outer cunt lips.

    This gave him a good view of her whole little crack. Her clit, although still not yet fully aroused, was beginning to wake up and show some color. Her little slit and the inner vaginal lips were a lovely rose-pink, moist but not flowing with wetness.

    "Can I pee now?" she asked.

    "Piss away!" Paul said.

    Lisa released her yellow stream, and now Paul could see exactly the tiny opening below her clitoris, where the piss came out. Her little genitals shivered slightly while she urinated.

    The little girl giggled while she pissed. "This feels funny!" she laughed. "It's funny to have somebody touching my pussy while I'm takin' a pee!"

    Lisa's bladder finally emptied, and she squeezed out the last few drops.

    "Now I gotta wipe!" she said.

    "I've got a better idea!"

    "What's that?"

    "I want to lick it clean!"

    "Ugh!" Lisa said, "You wanna lick my pee?"

    A few drops won't hurt me!" Paul said.


    Lisa giggled and squirmed. "Okay!" she shrugged.

    She scooted her little ass up on the toilet seat until she was on the very front, with her cunt lasciviously exposed between her open thighs…

    Paul put his face between her legs quickly, before she could change her mind. He smelled the sweet spent of her little genitals, and his tongue lapped out eagerly.

    Touching the tip of his tongue to the very bottom of her little slit, he licked slowly upward, toward her clit. Her pussy felt like the softest of fine silk on his tongue, as slippery as a clam.

    "Ooohh oohh-oohh-oohhh!" Lisa shuddered as she felt his soft wet tongue come into contact with her virgin sexual flesh. Her belly shivered with passion, and her pussy juices started to flow almost immediately.

    Paul licked his way up her slit to the top, and he paused with the tip of his tongue right over her little piss-slit. He still had one hand on both sides of the little girl's cunt, and he separated her vaginal lips so he could lick her piss hole with his tongue.

    "Aaahh! Aaahh! Aaahhhh!" Lisa moaned.

    Her genitals shivered with the strangest sensation, and she squirmed passionately on the toilet seat.

    "Oh, that tickles so funny!" she babbled. "You're tickling me where I piss, with your tongue!"

    Then Paul slipped his tongue up her little clit. He lapped tenderly at her little lust-button, until be could feel it start to swell under his caressing tongue.

    "Oh, my clit! Paul, your lickin' my clit!" Lisa giggled. Her little ass squirmed all over the seat.

    Then he went back to her slit for one last lick. He used his hands to open her cunt as wide as be could, and he probed deeply in her slit with his tongue.

    Lisa moaned and shuddered with passion. "Ooohhhh, Paul! You're stickin' your tongue up my cunt!"

    Paul pressed his face into her crotch, pushing his tongue deeper and deeper, until he touched his maidenhood. Be moved his tongue in little circles, licking out the entrance to her vagina, until the little girl was sobbing with lust and passion.

    "Ooohh, Paul! Paul! You're lickin' my cunt, Paul! I like it! I like oral sex!" she sobbed.

    Paul already knew she liked it, too from the way her slit was beginning to swell open with passion, leaking slippery juices. As soon as she was fully aroused, Paul stopped and stood up.

    "Ooohh, no!" she moaned. "Why'd you stop?"

    Paul laughed. "It's pretty uncomfortable on the bathroom floor here!" be said. He picked the little girl up in his arms and carried her into the bedroom. Her panties were still hanging around one ankle.

    Lisa hugged Paul's neck and laughed while be carried her. "Are you gonna lick my pussy some more?" she asked.

    "I sure am!" Paul assured her.

    "Oh. goody! It really felt-good!"

    Paul laid her down on the bed. She kicked her panties off her foot and grinned. Her eyes went to his groin, where his cock was starting to come to attention.

    "You wanna take the rest of my clothes off?" she asked.

    Paul got on the bed with the little girl. First he pulled her shirt off, exposing her pretty breasts. The nipples were already beginning to stiffen with desire, and Paul quickly kissed them, bringing them, to full erection.

    Lisa squirmed delightedly, pleased with the sexual sensations of having her nipples sucked. "Oral sex!" she remembered. "You're havin' oral sex with my titles! And then you're gonna have oral sex with my pussy!"

    "That's right!" Paul affirmed.

    Lisa unzipped her skirt and slipped it off down her legs while Paul sucked her nipples into his mouth one at a time, caressing them with his tongue, and stroking the gentle breast-mounds with his hands.

    "Now we're both naked!" Lisa giggled, kicking her skirt onto the floor.

    Paul sat up from his breast sucking and surveyed the lovely young body laid out before him. No longer quite a little girl, but not quite yet a woman, Lisa seemed to Paul the most beautiful, provocative female he had ever known.

    "Are you gonna lick my pussy again now?" Lisa asked eagerly.

    The lovely little blond spread her long white legs, revealing her secret sexual flesh once again. Paul laid belly-down on the bed between her legs. He started kissing and licking the soft flesh inside her thighs, beginning just above the knee and working slowly up toward her crotch.

    Lisa sighed and shivered with pleasure. Nobody had ever kissed her thighs like that before! She could feel her little pussy start to twitch and get wetter and he hadn't even touched it yet!

    "Oh, Paul! I think I'm really gonna like oral sex a-lot!" the child moaned. "When you suck my thighs like that, it really makes my pussy tingle!"

    Paul turned his bead back and forth, kissing one thigh and then the other until he was at the very tops, and be could again smell the sweet scent of her sex, stronger now that she was more aroused.

    He was using his hands again, too. He had his fingers right alongside Lisa's cunt on either side, massaging the crease where her thigh joined her crotch.

    Lisa was giggling and laughing, squirming with passion. He still hadn't actually made contact with her little cunt, but his teasing approach a powerful stimulation to her sexual passions.

    "Oh, Paul, I know what you're doing! You're teasin' my pussy! Kiss it, Paul! Lick my pussy!" she begged.

    Paul laughed, watching her little slit twitch with lust. He opened his mouth and pressed it to her, crotch. The lips of his mouth encircled the lips of her vagina, and his tongue laved at will up and down the full length of her crack.

    "Aaaahhhh Ooohhh, shit! Ohh, Paul, what are you doing to me!" she gasped.

    What Paul was doing was pressing this tongue tenderly against her little clitoris, and when licking rapidly back and forth, rolling her lust-button under his oral member.

    "Ooohh! Shit! Fuck! Aaahhh! Mmmmmmnmmm!" Lisa mewled.

    Lisa's little-clit, which only a few days ago had been a complete stranger to her, was now getting the most stimulating sensations of their short friendship. Her little come-button was throbbing with warm electrical vibrations, sensations so intense she couldn't lie still.

    "Clit licker! Clit licker!" Lisa panted.

    Once her clit was completely aroused, swollen with passion, he moved his slippery tongue down to the little girl's slit. Lisa sobbed when she felt his silky tongue gliding over her sensitive slit-lips.

    "Oooohhh-oohh-ooh-oh-oh-ohhh!" she sobbed. "Now you're lickin' my little cunny! You're lickin' the outside of my pussy!"

    Paul was enjoying what he was doing, and he wasn't in any hurry. He let his tongue play outside the girl's slit for quite a while. Soon her pussy flesh was swelling with desire, and her slit was leaking slick passion juices.

    "Oh, Paul, that feels so good!" Lisa gasped. "It tickles so hard when you lick my pussy like that!"

    Paul licked all around her pink slit, until her inner slit lips were so swollen with lust that he could suck them into his mouth. "Ooohhl Shit! Fuck! Cock! Cunt!" Lisa blurted. "Oh, fuck, that feels good!"

    Paul sucked her pussy lips and caressed them with his tongue. Spasms of pleasure rippled through the child's body. Her sucked slit throbbed with joy.

    At last he was ready to penetrate her with his tongue. Using his hands again, he stopped sucking her slit lips and instead gently separated them with his fingers. Bright pink flesh glistened inside, and drops of pearly wetness dribbled out.

    Lisa was too excited to lie still. "You're gonna lick up inside my pussy!"

    "I'm about to push my tongue right up your slit!" Paul agreed.

    And then he did. He opened the pink petals of her little pussy-flower, and dipped in deep, licking for the sweet nectars. He inserted his tongue up Lisa's twelve year old pussy until she squirmed and gasped with the thrills of sex pleasure that ran throughout her beautiful little body.

    Lisa squealed with delight.

    "Oooooooobhhh-hh! Ahhhhhh! Oooohhh! Ooobhhhhh! Mmmmmmmmmm!"

    Her pretty round little ass squirmed all over the bed, and Paul had to move with her to keep her little impaled on his tongue. He seized her round buttocks gently but firmly in his hands using his thumbs to spread open her cunt.

    "Ooohh! Ooohhh! Ooohh, Paul Paul! My cunt! Oh, my cunt!" Lisa's little pussy was crawling with sensations of the most intense sexual pleasure. Paul's tongue was very slick and soft, but also stiff enough for penetration clear to her maidenhead, and he started moving it around in circles, caressing the sensitive flesh inside her pink slit.

    Paul licked deeper and deeper, and his lips started rubbing the little girl's swollen clit, adding still another dimension to her pleasure.

    "Eeeeee eeeeee! Oooohhhh! Aaaahhhhh!" the child shrieked, almost swooning sexual passion. "MY CUNT! My clit! My cunt and my clit! Lick my cunt! Eat my pussy, Paul!"

    Paul lapped deeper and faster, right up her maiden head, his tongue probing the stretching hole through her cherry. His lip rubbed back and forth across her stiff lust-button. He lapped up her twat nectars. Little Lisa never had a chance to try to control her orgasm or anything. The sensations in her crotch just kept getting better and better, until they were almost unbearable in their intensity. Lisa felt herself slipping into a raging river of lust and passion, and she soon lost all control over her ecstatic little body.

    "Ooohh! Oohh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh Oh!" she sobbed, her whole slim body racked with thrills of joy.

    Paul felt his own body thrilling, with excitement as he licked Lisa to orgasm. The way Lisa squirmed and sobbed when be ate her really turned Paul on, and he could feel his cock throbbing with sexual energy.

    Paul kept his mouth pressed to the little girl's cunt, his tongue stirring her bright pink inner flesh. Her little virgin slit was having convulsions, and he could feel it contracting softly around his rotating tongue.

    "I'm coming! I'm coming!" Lisa sobbed. "I'm coming! I'm coming! My cunt is coming in your mouth!"

    Paul squeezed her squirming ass-cheeks with his fingers, and his thumb kept her little slit lips wide open for the deep thrusts of his tongue. His upper lip caressed her clit into explosions of pleasure. He used every technique of oral copulation he could-think of to keep the little girl coming as long as possible.

    "Fuck! Suck! Cunt! Orgasm! Cock! Oral copulation! Prick! Pussy!"

    Lisa blurted dirty words, now that she was at top of her orgasm.

    Lisa's tender little sexual organs had been caressed to distraction by Paul's skillful tongue. Her whole belly was heaving with convulsions of pleasure. The intensity of the sensations made it impossible for her to remain still for even a second.

    Her little ass humped up and down in Paul's hands, and her pussy kept contracting with spasms of ultimate sexual pleasure.

    Lisa's blue eyes were glazed over with joy. Her jaw hung slack, and her pink tongue unthinkingly licked her dry lips. Her long blond hair lay in confusion on the pillow and across her breasts. At the height of passion, she pulled her knees down toward her breasts resting her little bare feet on Paul's squirming shoulders.

    "Eat my cunt! Lick my pussy! Fuck me with your tongue!" she screamed.

    And then finally all the stored-up tensions released, and her whole little body was convulsed with one huge voluptuous shudder.

    The sexual tension and energy drained out of her with one last liquid rush of pleasure, during which Lisa felt her little body was floating weightless in an endless sea of pure sexual bliss.

    She woke up sobbing, shivering, cuddled in Paul's protecting arms. He held her tight and stroked her while she slowly regained her breath and her heartbeat returned to normal.

    "Oh, Paul!" she sighed. Ob, Paul! OOOohh, Paul!" The little girl was too blown away by her tremendous orgasm to even express her feelings.

    "It's okay, baby! It's okay!" Paul crooned, until at last she had completely relaxed in his arms.

    "Oh, Paul!" she repeated. "Paul, I never knew orgasms could be that good! How come it never felt that good before?"

    Paul laughed "You're getting better at it! You re learning how to really relax and enjoy yourself sexually."

    Lisa reached down and touched his cock for the first time since she had helped him take a piss. It was throbbing with passion, and a thrill coursed through Paul's bowels as the little girl's fingers caressed the swollen knob.

    "Does it feel as good for you if somebody gives your cock some oral copulation?" she asked.

    "Of course, if she does it right!" Paul said. "Do you want me to do it to you?"

    "Only if you want to!"

    "Oh, I do-!" Lisa assured him. "I want to make you feel as good as I felt. But you'll have to teach me how!"

    "It'll be a pleasure!" Paul said sincerely. "Shall I teach you how to do sixty-nine!" A flash of memory lit the little girl's blue eyes. "Where we both do it? Yes! Teach me how to sixty-nining, Paul!"

    Paul stretched out on his back, and instructed Lisa to crouch over his body, her knees straddling his chest. When she lowered her little ass, she was almost sitting on his face, and her own face was only inches away from the twitching tip of his swollen red cook.

    Without even waiting to be told what to do next, Lisa extended her pink little tongue and started licking Paul's cock as if it were an ice cream cone.

    "Is that right?" she asked.

    "Oh, baby, that's really fine!" he gasped.

    "You're doing great! Keep licking!" Lisa rested her forearms on his hip bones and started using her hands as well as her tongue. She held the base of his cock in her fingers and licked all around the head, until Paul was squirming with lust.

    Paul looked up at Lisa's pink slit. Even though he had just eaten it to orgasm, he wanted to taste it again, especially while she was tonguing his cock. He put his hands on her hips and gently pulled her little crotch down into his face.

    Lisa gasped as Paul's tongue slid across her sex flesh. She giggled and licked harder on his cock. "I like to lick your cock!" Lisa stated. "I didn't know at first if I wanted to or not, really, but I think it's fun!"

    "Oooohhhhn, baby, I think it's fun, too!" Paul gasped.

    "Am I Supposed to suck on it?" she asked.

    "Oh, yes. If you want to! Please!"

    "It's pretty big!" Lisa said dubiously. "I don't know if I'll be able to get it in my month!

    The little girl opened her jaws as far as she could, and tenderly lowered her soft wet mouth over the throbbing red tip of Paul's hard cock. Paul twitched and squirmed, his stiff rod pulsing with pleasure.

    "Oh, yes! Yes, baby! Yes you got it! Oh, suck it sweet, little girl! Suck my hard cock, baby!" Paul crooned.

    Lisa closed her wet lips around the throbbing knob, and her soft tongue swabbed the red tip while her fingertips stroked the thick trembling shaft. Paul squirmed on the bed, and drove his tongue into Lisa's slit.

    "You're licking my cunt while I'm suckin' your cock!" Lisa said. "We're doin' sixty-nine together, Paul!" Lisa giggled.

    "Oh, I know it!" Paul groaned. "I can feel your sweet little mouth wrapped around my throbbing cock, baby! I can taste you're your cunt!"

    In spite of her recent orgasm, Lisa's sexual energies were high, and she was quickly becoming aroused again. Paul decided to see if be could make the little girl come again before she was through sucking him to orgasm.

    He concentrated on her little clit for a while. Once again using his hands to open up the lips of her pussy, he made her little clit stand up like an erect nipple, and then he sucked it into his mouth, caressing it with his lips and tongue.

    "Ooohhh, Paul! You're suckin' on my clit!" Lisa gasped.

    The little girl's crotch was flooded with good sex sensations, and in gratitude Lisa started moving her little blond bead up and down on Paul's cock, causing her wet lips to slip back and forth across the sensitive red tip.

    "Oooohhh, fuck, what a mouth! What a fine fucking mouth you have, baby!" Paul groaned. "Slide your sweet slippery little mouth up and down my hard throbbing cock!"

    So Paul and Lisa sucked each other's pleasure organs, both squirming and gasping with passion and lust. The little girl became thoroughly aroused again almost immediately.

    What Lisa lacked in experience, she made up for in enthusiasm. She slid her warm wet mouth up and down his throbbing cock-knob, until it was leaking presemenal fluids out the piss-slit. She remembered that Paul liked to have his balls tickled, so she began caressing his nut-sack with her fingertips.

    "Oh, shit! Fuck, yes! Tickle my balls and suck my dick!" Paul panted. "Oh, suck me, Lisa, suck me!"

    Paul's passions bad been building up all morning, and he could feel his cock swell with lust inside the child's mouth. His hips rocked up and down in time with her sucking strokes, his belly and his sex organs convulsing with sexual sensations.

    Lisa was rocking her loins up and down, too, rubbing her little pussy across his open mouth, Paul extended his tongue and opened up between her vaginal lips, making her gasp with joy.

    "You got your tongue up my cunt again! Lisa cried. "I can feel you lickin' out the inside of my slit!"

    A certain tightening in Paul's balls and asshole told him his orgasm was approaching, and he knew he would have to hurry if he was going to bring Lisa with him. He licked out her slit with his tongue and used his hand to stimulate her little clitoris.

    "Ooohhhhh! Aaahhhhh!" Lisa gasped. "You're doin' both my cunt and my clit. Are you tryin' to make me have another orgasm?"

    "Yes!" Paul blurted. "Yes, I'm gonna come in your mouth pretty soon, and I want to make you come along with me!"

    He pressed gently on her clit with his fingertip, and rubbed as fast as he could, until the little girl was sobbing with passion.

    "Ooohh! Oooohh, no! Ooohhh, yes! Ooohh, Paul!"

    High intensity clitoral stimulation combined with deep cunt-licking soon brought Lisa to the same level of passion that Paul was on. They were both trembling on-the brink of orgasm. Paul could feel the sexual pressure building up at the base of his hard cock.

    The more turned on Lisa got, the better she treated Paul's dick. When she was really feeling good from his licking; she opened her mouth wide and almost took his cock clear down to her throat. She wrapped one hand around the base of his prick and started jacking the skin up and down, while her other hand tenderly rolled and fondled his balls.

    "Oh, fuck, Lisa!" Paul gasped. "Oh, shit, don't stop! Oh, baby, I can't hold off anymore! I'm gonna come in your mouth real soon!"

    Paul's spasms went from his crotch clear down his legs, and his knees jerked and kicked.

    "Uhh! Uhh! UII! Ooohhh!" he gasped.

    Lisa jacked the skin of his cock up and down, faster and faster. His asshole and balls were having convulsions of pleasure, and then her fingers found the pleasure kernel between his balls and he had to release his load.

    "Uhh! Oohhh! Oooooohhh! Aahh! Uhh! Ooohhhh!"

    Violent convulsions jerked through his cock, and hot semen poured down his prick and out the piss slit, flooding Lisa's warm mouth.

    "Ooohhh! Coming! Coming in your mouth!!" Paul screamed. "Suck me! Drink me! Drink my come!"

    Lisa was absolutely delighted! But his coming cock jerked around so much she had trouble keeping it in her mouth, and there was jism squirting all over the place.

    "Oh. Suck me! Suck me! Suck my cock!" Paul begged.

    Lisa gripped the squirming organ firmly in her hands and sucked it back in her mouth to swallow more come.

    But despite his own pleasure, Paul wasn't neglecting Lisa's vagina. When he felt his cock jerking with joy in Lisa's mouth, he stuck his tongue out as far as he could, until he could feel it straining against Lisa's maidenhead. He fluttered the tip of his tongue back and forth, filling virgin slit with sex sensations that took the girl's-breath away.

    "OOOohhh! Ooohh, Paul, you're gonna make me come again!" she wailed in a quavering voice. "I never knew I could come twice in a row this fast!"

    Lisa's second orgasm wasn't was good as the first, but it had one new feature in it. At the climax of it, Paul slid one wet fingertip up her tight little asshole.

    He hadn't planned it that way. He had never seriously thought about having anal sex with the little girl. But as he laid there, bursting with passion, ejaculating all over the child's mouth and face, he looked up and saw her rose-colored little asshole.

    He dipped his finger in her slit for a few seconds to wet it, and then pressed it firmly up her anal sphincter.

    "Shit!! Fuck!! My asshole! I oh, stop!" Lisa shouted.

    But as soon as the shock wore off, the little girl experienced some of the best sexual sensations imaginable! When her asshole tightened around Paul's finger, her whole crotch was jolted with raw sex energy.

    "shit! I piss! I fuck! I come! I" the girl babbled. "Oh, Paul! I feel like I'm shitting an' pissing an' comin' all at once!"

    As unexpected as it was sensual, Paul's tender assault on Lisa's asshole provided the sexual energy they both needed to reach the absolute heights of their mutual orgasm.

    Her tight slit and asshole exploding with pleasure almost unendurable, and Lisa clung sucking to Paul's spurting cock as if it were her only remaining contact with reality. Her slim hips pumped up and down over Paul's tongue and finger.

    She gave Paul the pleasure of having his cock milked down to the last drop his throbbing balls could produce. She had sucked him completely dry before her own spasms finally declined and she released him from her oral embrace.

    "Uuuhhh! Uuuuhhh! Ooohhh! Ooohhh!" They both fought for breath, panting and sobbing. Lisa's face was dripping with white droplets of Paul's semen, and his face was smeared from ear to ear with her sweet vaginal juices.

    "Oh, Paul! Oh, Paul!" the little girl sobbed.

    "You put your finger up my behind!"

    "Didn't you Like it?"

    "Oh, yes! It made me come again! You made me come twice, Paul!" she sighed. "Did I make you come real good, too?"

    "Oh yea, baby!" Paul gasped. "That's was one of the best orgasms I ever bad!"

    Lisa gradually recovered her breath, and finally she sat up and looked around as if emerging from a dream.

    "I didn't know people had sex with their behinds!" she said. "What's that called, Paul?"

    "It's called ‘anal sex'."

    "Anal sex?"

    "Right. Your anus is your asshole."

    "Oh. Paul, I like anal sex! Can we do it again?"

    "You bet!"

    Conscious of having stayed later than usual, Lisa gathered her clothes up and started getting dressed. But the idea of anal sex was very much in her mind.

    "What other kinds of anal sex are there, Paul? I mean besides putting your finger up there?"

    "You can do anything with an asshole you can do with any other hole," Paul said. "Finger it, lick it, or fuck it!"

    "Have you ever fucked anybody in the asshole, Paul?"


    "Did you like it?" Lisa pulled her blue bikini panties up over her beautiful buttocks.


    "Did the person you were fuckin' like it?"

    "She said she did!"

    Lisa pulled her short skirt up her long lovely legs and zipped it. "Would you like to fuck me in the ass, Paul?"

    "Sure, I'd love it… if you didn't mind!"

    The little girl pulled her tank-top over her immature little breasts. She shook her long blond hair out, and then gave him a very serious look.

    "I think maybe you could anal-sex me with your cock, and I might like it!" And with that thought for Paul to chew on, Lisa blew him a kiss and bounced out the door.

    Chapter 7

    The next two days were Saturday and Sunday, and Paul didn't see Lisa at all. He worked steadily on the new program, and had most of it finished by Sunday evening.

    On Sunday night Angela called again.

    "Well, Paul, you silly old bastard!" she said.

    "You must have a new girl friend, since I never see you anymore!" She was trying to be cheerful and bantering, but the hurt and anger still came through in her voice.

    "My work is going actually very well," Paul responded.

    "Well, I hope you're not still seeing that little girl you told me about the last time I called!" she said, trying very hard to make it sound like a joke.

    "The last time I saw her, she sucked my cock until I couldn't come anymore! But that was a couple of days ago!"

    Angela laughed hollowly. She obviously believed Paul had made this whole story up only to irritate her. "Well, I'll let you get back to your little friend, since you don't have any time for me!"

    "Thank you!" Paul responded. "That's very considerate of you!"

    This time it was she who slammed down the receiver, breaking the connection.

    As he was replacing the phone on its cradle, Paul thought about Lisa. Angela wouldn't be the only one of his friends who would be shocked if they knew that he really having an affair with a little girl not yet thirteen years old! There was not a single one of them who would not be horrified.

    And yet, Paul could not make himself feel bad for what he was doing. Everything was with Lisa's full permission, and she clearly loved every second of what they did together.

    Her awakening sexuality was a constant joy to Paul, and he had no intention of giving it up until the child had to go back to her mother.

    Lisa appeared promptly Monday morning, as usual while Paul was still in his robe. She was wearing another short halter, and a pair of cut-off jeans that were cut very short, right below the crotch.

    "Hi! I missed you!" she cried, running into his arms.

    "I masturbated myself about you every night," she breathed in his ear. "I thought about you and your cock, and finger-fucked myself till I had an orgasm! Did you think about me, Paul?"

    "I sure did, baby!"

    "Did you masturbate about me?"

    "Of course!"

    Paul hugged the little girl and ran his palms over her slim back and round little ass.

    Already he could feel his cock rising in his robe.

    "Know what else, Paul? Last night when I masturbated, I played with my asshole a little bit!"

    "Yeah? What did you do?"

    She giggled. "I put my finger in it a little ways… just the very tip, right when I was about to come! And it really felt good! I like anal sex, Paul!"

    Paul continued to rub her little buttocks, his cock getting harder by the second.

    "Let me undress you!" he whispered to her.

    They went into the bedroom, and Paul unfastened her little halter and removed it. He started caressing her little breasts, pulling her down on his lap as he sat on the edge of the bed.

    "How are your little titties today?" he asked.

    "They're fine!" she giggled. "Especially when you play with them like that!"

    Paul kneaded the little mounds of her breasts until she was breathing faster with passion. He saved the nipples for last. When he finally got around to them, her little nipples were already erect with desire, and she moaned when be started rolling them between his fingers.

    "That feels so good!" Lisa sighed. "And it's making my pussy feel good, too!"

    Paul continued to caress the child's breasts with one hand, moving the other to her lap. He unzipped the front of her cut-off's, exposing her panties. They were bikinis, white nylon printed with little pink and blue flowers.

    He kissed her bare neck, stroked her nipples, and worked one hand down between her jeans and her panties until he could feel the pussy hairs sticking out of her panties between her legs.

    Lisa spread her legs and wiggled her ass to make more room in the tight cut-offs. Paul's hand worked down farther, until he could feel her little pussy through her thin panties.

    "You're touchin' my tits and my cunt!" Lisa giggled.

    Paul picked her up and moved her over to the bed. He took off her cut-offs, leaving her nude, but for the little panties with flowers on them.

    Examining her lovely young body, Paul decided she looked even more beautiful than ever. Her small breasts quivered with excitement, and the muscles rippled in her flat belly. Her young skin was so soft, her young muscles so firm!

    "Today I want to kiss you everywhere!" Paul announced.


    "Everywhere! Every square inch of your beautiful body!"

    Paul dropped his robe and stood over her, and his proud cock twitching with lust. As always, the sight of Paul's huge erection delighted Lisa.

    "Well, I wanna kiss' your cock and balls!" she giggled.

    Climbing onto the bed with her, Paul removed the last article of her clothing the little panties. Lisa giggled, lifting her ass off the bed so he could slide them down over her cute buttocks. As always, the sight of the little girl's small pussy was a delight to Paul.

    "We're gonna have some sex!" Lisa giggled excitedly as Paul slipped her panties off her legs. He held the flimsy panties up with both hands.

    "Shall I try them on?" he asked.

    "Silly!" Lisa laughed. "You're too big!"

    Paul bent down and slipped his feet into the little girl's panties. He pulled them up until they stretched tight, but he couldn't get them any further than midway up his thighs.

    They both laughed. "You're funny!" Lisa cried.

    Paul pulled the small panties off his legs. Then he hung them over his cock.

    That made Lisa squeal with delight. "Your cock's so big, you can't even cover it all with my panties.

    Laughing, Paul dropped the panties and got in bed with the little girl. They pressed their naked bodies together, and were soon kissing passionately.

    Little Lisa probed his mouth with her tongue and she just couldn't keep her hands off his cock! Before a minute had gone by, her fingers had crept down his belly and were manipulating his big hard-on. His dick thrilled at her soft touch.

    "I can tell your cock likes me, ‘cause it twitches when I pet it!" Lisa whispered.

    Paul caressed her body with his palms, delighting in her soft skin and firm flesh. He rolled her over on her back.

    "Don't forget, I'm gonna kiss you everywhere!" he reminded her. Lisa giggled as Paul started fulfilling his promise. He began by sucking her little pink toes.

    "OOOohh! That really tickles!" she squealed.

    Paul kissed her feet and started up her legs. He kissed her slim ankles, and worked his way up her calves to her knees. He did one leg at a time, and when he was starting up her thighs Lisa was already moaning with desire.

    The skin on her lovely thighs was soft and warm. Paul kissed and licked and sucked moving ever closer to her crotch. Soon he could smell the sweet odor of her little sex organs.

    Lisa was lying back relaxing, thoroughly enjoying her sexual arousal. By now she completely trusted Paul, as well as her own sexuality, and she abandoned herself to the pleasant sensations caused by his lips and warm breath on the tender insides of her slender thighs.

    Paul had originally planned to leave her crotch for last, so he turned her over on her stomach and started kissing her little round ass. That really made Lisa squirm with pleasure! He started biting tenderly on her lovely buttocks.

    "Ooohh! OH!" Lisa screamed. "You're bitin' my ass!"

    "Does it hurt?"

    "Well, sorta, but not really!" she giggled. "Really, it kind of turns me on!"

    Paul kept nibbling her little buttocks, until she was jerking with pleasure. He spread her ass-cheeks with his hands and bit and nipped closer and closer to her genitals.

    Lisa screamed and laughed and rolled back over on her back.

    "I want you to lick my pussy now!"

    "But I haven't kissed every inch of your body yet!"

    "I don't care! I want you to lick my slit! Please, Paul!" she pleaded.

    Paul uttered a heavy, theatrical sigh. "Well, what more can a gentleman do, but agree to a lady's request!" Pretending reluctance, he started making oral love to Lisa's crotch.

    He wasn't through teasing yet, though. He started out by licking all around the real sensitive places. He ran his tongue up and down the crease where her thigh met her crotch, and he licked the white top of her thighs.

    "Aaawwwwl Uuubhhhh! Ooohhhh!" Lisa was whining with frustration by the time he finally let his tongue stray lightly over deep little crack "Oh, lick me! Lick my pussy!"

    Naturally, Paul used his hands as well as his mouth to stimulate her sex organs. He pressed his fingers into the sensitive creases at the tops of her thighs before be started licking her crack, and he used his hands to gently open up her tight pussy.

    "Oooohh, yes, yes Lick my pussy! I love it when you lick my pussy, Paul!" Lisa giggled. "I love it when you give me oral sex!"

    Paul loved it too! Her little cunt felt as soft as oiled silk, and he soon located her little clit. He gave her lust-button a friendly lick, and it responded with a twitch of pleasure. Lisa giggled and squirmed. Her small body shivered with sexual thrills as Paul rolled her clit under his tongue. Waves of good feelings rippled through her belly.

    "You're lickin' my clit!" she laughed. "It feels o good! Lick my clit with your tongue some more, Paul!"

    Paul used his bands to open her pussy up until her little clit stood up like a tiny thumb.

    He rubbed and rolled it with his tongue, until she was humping her little ass up and down with joy.

    "Oh, suck it! Suck on my clitty, Paul!" she gurgled.

    Paul sucked the tiny pleasure organ into his lips and squeezed, at the same time rubbing it with the tip of his tongue. Lisa gasped with delight, her small body shivering with pleasure.

    "Oh! Ooohh! Oooohhhhh! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh!" she sobbed, writhing with passion. "Suck me! Suck my cunt! Suck my clitty!"

    Paul sucked and licked her little come-button until Lisa was beside herself with pleasure. Then he moved his tongue down to her little slit, and started lapping the lips of her vagina.

    "Ooohh, now you're lickin' my slit! Oh, Paul, are you gonna fuck me with your tongue?"

    Paul lapped until her pussy lips were swollen open, dripping with joy juices. Then he tenderly separated her lips with his hands, and plunged his tongue up inside her squirming body.

    "Ooohhhh, yes, yes, yes!" she babbled. "Licking out my slit! Oh, lick-me out, Paul!"

    Paul licked the entrance to her slit with round, swabbing strokes, until her little vagina was swollen with delight. He stirred around and around, whipping the little girls slit into a frenzy of passion.

    "Cunt licker! Pussy licker!" she groaned. "Oh, Paul lick my cunt! Fuck me with your tongue, Paul!"

    Lisa's vagina was flowing with pleasure fluids, and Paul's tongue reached clear up to her thin maidenhead. Then he withdrew his tongue and started stimulating her cunt with his finger. Re moved his tongue down to the area of her asshole, and started licking around her little red shit-hole.

    "Oooohhh! Ooohhhhhhhhhh!" Lisa gasped with pleasure and delight. "Your lickin' around my asshole! And your finger's up my cunt! Are you gonna finger-fuck me and lick my ass, Paul?"

    That was exactly what Paul intended to do! As he dipped into her twat with his finger, Paul noted that her cherry had stretched far enough for him to insert all of his finger into the tight wet passage into her writhing, body.

    "You got your finger all the way in me!" Lisa cried. "That's the farthest anything's ever been up my cunt, Paul! Wiggle it around!"

    Paul flexed his finger in the child's tight pink slit, and continued his oral attentions to her anus. He started licking the tight little opening itself, and he could feel it having little spasms of pleasure under his tongue.

    "Aaaaaarrgggghhhh!" she gasped. "Oh, shit! You're lickin' my shit-hole!"

    Paul licked her ass until it was slick with saliva, and then he began to slowly penetrate her tight butt-hole with the tip of his wet tongue. Lisa squirmed and writhed, babbling with passion.

    "Ooohhh! Uuuuhhh! Aaaawwww! Ooohhh!" she sobbed.

    Paul licked around and around, making her asshole tighten and relax with spasms of pleasure. Meanwhile, he flexed his finger in her cunt, and her whole small crotch thrilled with good sexual sensations.

    When he took his other hand and started manipulating her clitoris, Lisa knew she was going to have an orgasm before long. Her ass and cunt muscles were convulsing with intense pleasure, and now her little clit was vibrating with warm sexual feelings. Her breath came in gasps.

    Paul could also sense her climax approaching, and he did everything he could think of to make her feel goad. The fingers of one hand massaged her throbbing lust-button, while the fingers of the other band manipulated the opening to her passion swollen vagina. His strong tongue continued to stimulate her little asshole, making her bowels writhe with thrills.

    "Oh, Paul, you're gonna make me come!" she called out. "I'm gonna have an orgasm for you. Paul! Oh, Paul, make me cornet Mike me come real hard!"

    Paul switched positions again for the home stretch. He used one hand to manipulate both her omit and asshole, penetrating each with one finger. The other hand he used to her crack open so he could suck her little clit up between his lips.

    The new arrangement delighted Lisa. "Oooohhhhh! Suck my clit! Finger-fuck my ass-bole and my cunt! Oh, yes, Paul! That really makes me feel good!"

    Lisa's little body heaved with convulsions of pleasure. Never before had the small virgin had so much sexual stimulation at the same time. Her limbs trembled uncontrollably, and little beads of sweat broke out on her white brow.

    "Oh, Paul Paul, what are you doing to me?" she gasped.

    Paul was doing everything to her he could think of! The little girl's sexual ecstasy delighted and aroused him. He loved it when her small body had to twist and squirm from the intensity of her sexual sensations.

    The first finger of his right hand penetrated deeply into her virgin vagina, stirring that tight wet slit to a high level of passion. The middle finger of the same hand probed ever deeper into the child's ass hole, making her little anus convulse with joy.

    And his mouth of course remained pressed to her clit sucking and lapping that tiny pleasure organ until it exploded into spasms of sexual delight.

    "My clit! My clit!" the little girl wailed. "I think my clit's startin' to come! Oh, Paul, suck my clit!"

    Her orgasm started, with her little lust-button, quivering under Paul's lapping tongue. Her clit turned white-hot with pure agonizing pleasure, making her slim belly heave with convulsions.

    Paul flexed the finger he had up Lisa's tight twat, and her vagina joined in, the orgasm. Her tight little cunt spasmed violently as the pleasure thrills racked throughout her body, and Paul could feel her little pussy squeezing his wiggling finger.

    "Oh! Ohh! Oohh! Ooohhh! Aaahhhh! Ooohhhh! AH! AH! AH!" the little girl screamed, her slim young body jolted with the raptures of sexual climax.

    The finger Paul had up Lisa's asshole was also trembling, filling that pleasure-hole with exquisite vibrations. Lisa's tight anus squeezed Paul's finger.

    "Oh, shit! Fuck! COME!" Lisa shouted. "I'M COMING WITH YOUR FINGER UP MY ASS!"

    Every time Lisa tightened down in the finger up her anus, a strange intense sensation halfway between pleasure and pain flashed through her anal sphincter. This sensation acted as a booster on the tremendous sensations in her clit and cunt, and Lisa found herself being transported into a world of pulsating sexual delight.

    Lisa pulled her legs up and grabbed her knees with her hands. She rocked back and forth, whimpering and moaning, shivering on the edge other orgasm.

    "Oh, suck me! Eat me! Finger me! Lick me! Make me come! Make me come!!" she shrieked.

    Paul slowed down the pace, teasingly delaying her climax, and then gave it to her full speed, mouth and fingers all skillfully whipping her sex organs into a fever pitch of passion.

    "Oohh! Ooohhh! Oohh! Ooooor hhhhhh! Fuck! Shit! Come! Cunt! Cock! Fuck! Fuck!!" the child screamed, as the full force of her orgasm was unleashed in her trembling body.

    Waves of uncontrollable pleasure churned the child's belly into a cauldron of sexual pleasure. Every muscle in her crotch convulsed violently, as massive thrills of pleasure shivered the full length of her slender young body.

    "My cunt is coming!! My cunt is coming!! My asshole is coming!!" she screamed, squirming and jerking with joy.

    Paul's manipulating hand was drenched with the slick juices gushing from her climaxing slit. He continued to stimulate her pleasure zones until she was virtually overwhelmed with the intensity of the sexual sensations, and finally all her love-muscles twitched in one last convulsion, and her pleasure-racked nerves released all their collected tensions in one final voluptuous spasm of pure sensual ecstasy.

    "Aaaaaa rrrrrr rrgggg ggghhhhhhhh!!!" she wailed, her body shuddering with release. "Shiiiiiiit! Fuuuuck! Coooommmme!!"

    Paul sucked and stroked her through the very spasm, and then at last he stopped and allowed the quivering little girl to collapse back on the bed, exhausted.

    Paul was intently aroused. His huge erection pounded with passion, and his balls and ass quivered with lust. Almost without thought, he mounted the little girl as she laid on her back, legs spread trying to catch her breath.

    "Lisa, I want you so much!" he moaned. "My hard cock throbs for you! Lisa, I want to fuck you! I want to put my dick inside one of your tight pleasure holes!"

    "Oh, Paul, I want you to!" the girl sobbed. "Rub your cock between my legs! Rub my cunt, and see how far in you can go!"

    Lisa spread her legs as far as she could, and bent her knees, opening up her young crotch for his phallic advances. Paul pressed the swollen knob of his dick between the wet lips of her cunt and rubbed it up and down coating it with her slippery twat nectars.

    "Oh, baby, how sweet your soft twat feels!" Paul crooned. "Your little crack is as soft as silk!"

    His cock throbbed with pleasure as he rubbed the red tip between her cunt lips. Lisa liked it, too. Her little ass squirmed with passion.

    "You're rubbin' your big hard cock on my little pussy!" she told him. "Are you gonna try to stick it in? You can if you want!"

    Paul centered the tip of his cock between her pink slit lips and pressed gently but firmly. Almost all the knob slid inside before he was stopped by her maidenhead. He stopped moving, leaving the head of his cock between her, vaginal hips.

    "Oh, Paul! That really feels good! And my, cock really feels good! Oh, Paul, we're almost fucking, aren't we?"

    "That's right, baby!" Paul affirmed. "And my cock really loves it!"

    Lisa's little slit opening, shallow as it was, was filled with soft tissues and good slick juices, and Paul's cock was thrilling with good sensations. It made him want more, and he gently tried to push forward. He got his cock in a little further, but then be encountered stiff resistance.

    At the same time, a change in Lisa's writhing movements told him the little girl's primary sensations had switched from pleasure to pain. "OOOoowwwwwww!" she whimpered. "Paul, your big thing is hurtin' my little cunny!"

    "I'm sorry, baby!" Paul said. Reluctantly, he pulled his pulsing dick out of the sweet slit.

    "Why don't you try fucking my asshole!" Lisa suggested. "I think I can take it there!"

    Frustrated by having to abandon her cunt, Paul was ready to try anything. Trying to be as tender as possible, he pressed the head of his organ up against the rose-colored rose-bud of her little ass.

    Everything hid already been covered with either saliva or pussy juices or both, so there was no problem with lubrication.

    "Go ahead and push, baby!" Lisa urged. "I'll tell you if you're hurtin' me!"

    The first push was the hardest. It seemed to Paul that his huge knob must be ripping her little hole, but she sighed and helped by pushing her hips against his cock. Then her anus opened, and his hard prick penetrated.

    Lisa gasped. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hooked her heels behind his knees, the ancient intuitive instinct for intercourse that even virgins have.

    "Oh, fuck me, fuck me! Fuck my asshole" the little girl gasped. "Oh, stick your peter up my butt!"

    Lisa's ass was not as soft as her cunt, but it was tight and slick, and he pushed his penis in eagerly, enjoying the sensation of having his cock buried in a tight female pleasure hole.

    "Oh, baby! What a tight little bummy you have!" Paul moaned. "My God, what a great ass-fuck you are! Does it feel good for you, baby?"

    "Oh, yes, Paul, yes, yes!" she panted. "I love to have your big cock up inside me! And it feels so good to be fucked in the ass! Are you gonna come up my butt?"

    "I sure am!" grunted Paul, who could already feel his climax mounting in his balls and ass, and at the base of his cock.

    They held each other in their arms, both delighted by this first experience at some form of copulation. Paul found the little girl's lips with his mouth, and they kissed passionately as his bard prick slipped up and down her tight little anus.

    Lubrication was still no problem. Lisa's little slit continued to produce a generous flow of slippery nectars, and all these good juices spilled out of her cunt and dribbled right down to her ass. Every time Paul pulled,, out for an outstroke, thick slick fluids would drip down on the shaft of his prick, keeping Lisa's tight little bummy well buttered for their ever-faster strokes.

    "My asshole feels so funny when you fuck me there!" Lisa told Paul. "I feel like I'm shitting, and maybe pissing too!"

    "Lisa!" Paul said. "Put your hand down between our bellies, and tickle your clit! You'll really like it!"

    Lisa did as suggested. She slid her arm down between their heaving bellies and found her little lust-button. As soon as her fingertip made contact, her little clit started pulsating with pleasure.

    "Oh, yes, yes, Paul! That really does feel good! Oh, fuck me, Paul, while I rub my little clitty!"

    He found her mouth for a passionate kiss, and slid one hand between them to caress her young breasts. He could feel his passions mounting, his balls and ass tightening for the ultimate pleasure.

    "I'll be coming in your sweet ass soon, baby!" he told the little girl. "I can feel it coming! Rub your little clttty as fast as you can, and try to come with me!"

    Lisa dipped her fingers down into her slick nectars, and rolled her tiny pleasure button rapidly between her small fingers. Soon her crotch was throbbing with intense sensations.

    "Oh, yes, Paul, yes!" she whispered. "Come in me! Come up my bummy! I'll come too! Fuck my ass and come in me, Paul!"

    Paul tried to hold back a little to prolong the joy, but his passions were too strong. His cock started jerking in Lisa's anus, his balls,tightened like a fist, and when they relaxed, his crotch leaped with a pleasure spasm, and his hot semen started pouring out of his cock, flooding Lisa's little asshole.

    "Hmmmmmm! Uuuhhhhh! Aaaiwwww! Oooohh! Ooohh Ooh! Oh! OOh! Oohhhhhh!! Oohh, shit!! Fuck! I here'I come!" Paul screamed.

    Lisa could feel everything. She could feel his cock jerking in her anus, and she could feel the hot jism pouring up into her ass. She loved it! The idea of Paul's hard cock dumping a load in her bummy sent Lisa right over the edge, and the little girl started convulsing with her own orgasm.

    "I'm coming too!" she shrieked. "I'm coming while you come in my ass!

    Fuck my ass!!Come in me!! Make me come too!!"

    Paul pinched and squeezed her stiff little nipples, and that made her come even harder. When Lisa came harder, her little anus tightened down on Paul's cock, and that made him come harder too! They both wailed in ecstasy, clinging to each other, squirming and twitching with sexual delight.

    "We're fucking!! We're fucking!!" Lisa bawled. "Paul's fuckin' my asshole!! We're comin' at the same time!!!"

    Paul stiff throbbing cock jerked and shivered, spilling jet after jet of hot jism into Lisa's tight little ass. His balls convulsed with joy, pumping his ejaculations through his trembling tool.

    Lisa's clit and ass vibrated together in a dance of sexual ecstasy coming and coming until the little girl thought the convulsions would never end.

    The end came after a blinding eternity of sexual bliss. Finally, both lovers felt their spasms trail away, and they clung breathlessly to each other, sobbing and whimpering, their breath whistling through their mouths.

    "Oh. Paul, Paul, ‘Paul!" Lisa sobbed. "Paul you fucked my asshole till I came! And you came too, bavin' anal sex with my asshole!"

    "That was good huh, baby?"

    "It was really super, Paul! I love every bit of it! Only… "

    "Only what, baby?"

    "Well… Paul, I'm gonna be here two more days!" she said. "And I'd really like you to take my cherry before I go!"

    Two more days! Paul's mind reeled. Of course, he knew Lisa's visit had to end sometime. But… two more days!

    "Would you like to have my cherry before I go!"

    Paul embraced his little lover and caressed her shoulders, back, and ass. "I'd love to, baby! If you'd like me to!"

    Two more days! Two more days! Paul's brain repeated the three words like a badly programmed computer, caught in a meaningless tape loop.

    "I'd really like you to fuck me before I go, Paul!"

    Two more days! Two more days!

    Paul scarcely even noticed when Lisa slipped back into her clothes and stepped out the door.

    Chapter 8

    Paul awakened the next morning almost as nervous as a bridegroom. There was no doubt in his mind that he and Lisa would try to fuck today, and the idea thrilled and frightened him at the same time.

    It was one thing to take liberties with a little girl-to touch her and kiss her, making her feel good and teaching her about her body. But having intercourse with her that seemed another whole story! But he wanted it so bad! Just thinking about it made his cock start to stand up.

    Paul made a pot of coffee and sat down in front of the window, waiting for Lisa's arrival. He ignored the stack of papers in front of him-there was no question of doing any calculations this morning.

    After what seemed to Paul like an eternity, Lisa's door finally opened and the little girl stepped out into the sun. She stood blinking at the bright light for a moment, and her fragile beauty took Paul's breath away.

    She was wearing a dress he had never seen before. It was full length, falling clear to her slim ankles, but it was made from a thin white material that was almost transparent, like white cotton gauze. Paul could see her white bikini panties underneath, even from across the courtyard.

    When she started walking, Paul could see that the dress was split up one side clear to the waist, exposing her creamy thigh with every step. Her small breasts were clearly visible through the filmy garment.

    Paul held the door open for her. She seemed subdued, but radiant. Her long blond hair glowed in the morning light, and her smile was warm and intimate. Paul had never seen her looking so lovely.

    He closed the door behind her and she came wordlessly into his arms. Their mouths found each other, and their lips and tongues met in a passionate caress.

    "Take me to bed!" she whispered. Paul took her small white hand and led her into the bedroom. He dropped his robe and they slipped together under the covers.

    She was trembling when he took her in his arms and started caressing her back and ass.

    She molded her lovely little body to him, and he could feel her breasts pressing into his chest and her soft belly rubbing on his stiff erection.

    "Oh, Paul, make love to me!" she whispered. "Touch me in all my secret places! Make me want your hard cock up inside my little virgin pussy! Fuck me today, Paul! Make me your woman!"

    Moving with infinitely tender care, Paul removed the child's filmy gown, leaving her naked except for the tiny white panties. He caressed her pussy once through the thin cloth, and then stripped off those too, and she was stark naked, lying by his side, begging for sexual stimulation.

    Paul stroked and kneaded the stiff mounds of her tits, making her giggle, and squirm with desire.

    "Your little tits are so lovely!" he told her. "So proud and cute!"

    He started tickling the nipples, making them stand up in his fingers.

    "That feels so good when you play with my nipples!" Lisa said. "It makes me feel all warm and sexy when my nipples stand up like that!"

    Paul kissed his way down to her breasts, loving the smooth feel of her warm skin under his lips.

    "Ooohhhhh!" Lisa moaned. "You're gonna kiss my tittles!"

    Paul started kissing the swelling mound all around her left nipple. Meanwhile, his hand was caressing her round ass, kneading her firm buttocks, making her squirm and press her belly into his hard-on.

    "I can feel your big cock against my tummy!" Lisa giggled.

    Paul extended his tongue and started tenderly lapping around her quivering nipple. The red nipple got still firmer with desire, and Paul gently sucked it into his mouth.

    "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!" Lisa purred. "I just love it when you suck my nipples like that!"

    Lisa squirmed joyfully while Paul mouthed her tits. It made her immature breasts thrill with excitement, and already the waves of pleasure were reaching down to her little pussy, making it throb.

    "Oh, yes, Paul, yes! Make me all naked, so you can feel me all over!" she whimpered. Lisa purred and squirmed like a kitten, writhing nude in his arms, while he enjoyed the sensation of her naked body rubbing up against him. He started caressing her little breasts.

    "Yes, yes, feel my titties!" she sighed. "Make them all aroused! You know that makes my pussy feel good too!"

    "Oh, Paul! You're makin' me feel so good!" she laughed. "I'm already startin' to feel all tickly down between my legs!"

    "Is your little pussy getting wet yet?" Paul asked.

    "Touch me there an find out!" Lisa giggled.

    Paul slid his hand down her smooth belly until he could feel her downy pubic hair under his fingertips. Lisa giggled and squirmed, spreading her thighs. Paul slid his hand down farther, feeling the warm softness other young crotch.

    His band was as wide as the space between her legs, and he kept his fingers together and petted her whole crotch, making her shiver with pleasure.

    "You're so soft and warm down there!" he whispered.

    Paul separated one finger out and started probing tenderly with it, until he felt the moisture oozing out of pink slit.

    "Yep!" he confirmed. "Your little cunt's getting wet, all right!"

    "Oh, feel me up, Paul!" the child giggled. "You can feel up my pussy!"

    Paul stroked her little crotch with his fingertips, refamiliarizing himself with the territory he had already come to, know so well. First he stroked everything lightly, remembering the soft tickle of her blond cunt hairs, and the depth of her immature crack, and the way her little crack finally disappeared into the swelling roundness of her lovely ass-cheeks.

    "I like it when you pet my pussy, Paul!"

    Then he made a more specific examination, starting up at the top with her little clit. Pressing lightly on her lust-button with his fingertip, he rotated it briskly, making the little girl gasp with passion. He could feel her clitoris growing erect under his manipulations.

    "Oooooohhh! Aaaawwwwwwwhhhh! Ah! Ah! Ah!" she gasped. "Oh, oh, you're really rubbin' my clit, Paul! Oh, fuck! Shit! That feels so good!"

    Lisa's little lust-knob was filling her belly with warm sensations of sexual arousal. Lisa could feel her buttocks squirming on the bed. Her little clit felt so good she couldn't lie still!

    "Good morning, little clitty!" Paul hummed. "Have a nice day!"

    Then he turned the attentions of his finger to her little slit. It was already spilling slick nectars, so he coated his fingers with her cunt lubricant and started stroking the outside of her pink slit lips. He could feel them swell and twitch as he caressed them.

    "Ooohh, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Lisa giggled. Paul's ticklin' my pussy! You're playing with the outside of my cunt, Paul! It really tickles!" Lisa twisted her little ass back and forth, thrilling with the sensation of having her vaginal lips fondled. Her crotch was throbbing with sex vibrations, and her spread thighs twitched with little spasms of joy.

    "Baby, your little cunt feels so soft!" Paul whispered to her. "Softer than silk, and so wet and slippery. Before Paul gave her anymore vaginal stimulation, be slipped his finger down and awakened her asshole. He made sure his fingertip was nice and wet, and then be inserted about an Inch right up her writhing I, butt-hole. He gave it a few twitches, and then withdrew.

    "That's to wake up your little asshole" he explained, moving his finger back to her brimming slit.

    "Oh, thank you!" Lisa gasped. The brief penetration of her anus added a new sensation to her pleasures, and now her asshole crotch throbbed with a different intensity.

    Now Paul started his finger penetration of Lisa's virgin slit. The lovely child squirmed and moaned as he inserted his finger until the tip was poking through the hole in her maidenhead.

    "Paul has his finger up my cunt!" she giggled. "Finger-fuck me, Paul! I like it when you finger-fuck my little cunny!"

    Paul embraced Lisa with his left arm, reaching clear around her small body until his fingertips toyed with her left nipple. With his right hand, he manipulated the beautiful little girls genitals.

    Lisa put her bands down between their bellies.

    "I wanna feel your cock!" she whimpered. "Can I play with your big dick, Paul?"

    "Oh, please do!" he urged. "Put your hands around it and rub the skin up and down!"

    Lisa encircled his huge throbbing tool with her small hands and started stroking it, until the length of Paul's cock was throbbing with joy, and his balls were twitching happily!

    "Oh, yes, baby! Rub my big stiffy!" he moaned.

    Paul now started gently flexing the long finger he was working up Lisa's cunt. He wiggled it back and forth, making her little slit thrill with pleasure. The more he wiggled, the wetter her twat became, and soon he had his finger all the way up the child's vagina.

    "Ooohhhh, fuck me! Fuck me with your hand!" Lisa gasped. "It feels so good!"

    Paul had already decided the best way to prepare her little cunt for his cock would be to give it a tender but vigorous fingerfucking.

    He now proceeded to carry out his plan, urging the little girl to give his cock plenty of stimulation.

    "Jack my peter, baby!" he panted. "Slide that skin up and down, and make it feel really good!"

    Actually, Lisa didn't need much urging. She loved having his huge tool in her hands, and it made her sexual pleasure even better when she could feel Paul squirm with passion from her caresses.

    Lisa jacked Paul off and he finger-fucked her until they were both moaning and squirming with concentrated sexual pleasure.

    The child lifted her left leg and wrapped it around Paul's hip, really opening her crotch up for him.

    The little opening in Lisa's maidenhead bad stretched enough for Paul to slide his finger in and out easily, even at a fairly rapid rate.

    He decided to try two fingers.

    "Oooowwwww!" Lisa cried. "That hurts!"

    "Relax!" Paul instructed. To distract her, he used his thumb to manipulate her clitoris. As soon as she was moaning and squirming from clitoral stimulation, Paul pressed gently but firmly against her maidenhead, and it stretched enough to let him slide both fingers up her tight slit.

    "Ooh! Shit Shit" the little girl gasped. "Oh, Paul! What did you do?"

    "Does it hurt?"

    "Not anymore! But I feel so tight down there!"

    "Just relax, baby! Relax and enjoy the pleasure!"

    Lisa snuggled closer to him, stroking his throbbing erection with her soft hands, and let Paul slowly caress the inside of her vagina with his two fingers. After a short time the pain was completely forgotten, and Lisa was enjoying totally new sensations from her virgin little cunt.

    "Mmmmmmm! That's starting to feel re-e-e-eal good!" she sighed. "Don't stop, Paul!"

    Paul had no intention of stopping! Her little cunt was starting to flow with sweet girlish juices again, and as her inner slit got wetter and wetter, his fingers moved more easily. He started gently sliding them in and out, imitating the action of a cock with his two fingers.

    Lisa was beginning to like it a lot. There was something about having her cunt deeply stroked like that that thrilled her to the very core of her awakening sexual being. Soon her little virgin vagina was having spasms of pleasure.

    "Oh, Paul, Paul! I love it, I love it!" she sobbed. "Oh, is this what it feels like to be fucked?"

    "Not quite!" he replied. "But it's getting closer!"

    Paul's cock was twitching with desire in Lisa's little hands. He knew he, couldn't restrain himself much longer before he just had to drive it up between Lisa's creamy thighs.

    "I want you, lisa!" he whispered. "I need your sweet little body! I want to fuck you, Lisa!"

    "Oh, Paul, please fuck me then!" she sobbed. "I want it, too! Put it inside me, Paul! Take my cherry with your big beautiful hard cock that I love so-much!"

    The little girl rolled over on her back, pulling Paul on top of her. She opened her thighs until her hip-joints popped, and she wrapped one arm around his neck and pulled his cock to her with her other hand. Her panting breath was like fire.

    "Please fuck me! I want you to fuck me so much! I've dreamed about it for days! My cunt wants your cook so much!" she pleaded. "Oh, Paul, please fuck me! Fuck me right now!"

    "Yes! Yes!" Paul hissed. "Yes, Lisa, yes!"

    Paul's heart was throbbing, his brain was reeling, his cock was pounding in little Lisa's small soft hands. He rolled over between the child's legs, feeling the soft inner thighs rub against his flanks. He supported his weight on his knees and elbows and looked down at the passionate child he had just mounted.

    "Let me!" he said, replacing her hand on his cock with his own. Without his even suggesting it, Lisa put both hands down between her lets to hold her pussy open for his dick.

    "You're gonna fuck me now!" she whimpered. "We're gonna fuck!"

    Paul rubbed the tip of his cock in her slit until it was dripping with her slick nectars.

    He rubbed it against her little clit, making her gasp with passion.

    "Oh! Oh! Aaahh! You're rubbin' your cock on my clit!"

    And then he moved it down and pressed the round knob between the lips of her slit. "You're goin' in me!" Lisa breathed.

    She stretched her little slit open with her hands, and Paul pushed gently, until his knob was pressing against her cherry. "You're cock's stretchin' my maidenhead!" The stroke that took him through was not even made voluntarily. Feeling itself encased in a warm, wet, tight, virgin slit, his cock started thrilling with overwhelming sensations, filling his whole crotch with sensual convulsions. His hips twitched, and the round head of his cock pushed through Lisa's little cherry, and his dick felt the pleasure no cock had ever had before.

    "You're in me!" Lisa screamed. "YOU'RE IN MY CUNT!"

    Paul stopped just inside her cherry, cock quivering, and waited for her to get over the shock. Soon his prick was bathed in her soothing nectars, and he knew she was beginning to feel pleasure.

    "Oh, Paul, you're fucking my cunt! Your big hard cock is up inside my little pussy!" Lisa gasped.

    Paul lifted up on his elbows and looked down at their linked bodies. Lisa's little breasts were shivering with passion, the nipples puckered up like a ripe cherries. Her long slender legs lifted instinctively and wrapped around the backs of his thighs.

    Then he lowered his head and kissed her. Her sweet young lips parted for him, and his tongue slid down her mouth just as his cock was sliding up her slit.

    "I'm fucking your little pussy, baby!" he agreed. ‘And I'm lovin' every inch of it!"

    As they kissed and hugged, their sex organs began vibrating with passion, and soon they were squirming around, creating friction between their genitals.

    Paul started making slow deliberate strokes with his cock. Lisa's tight little slit felt so good, she longed for the fine friction sensations. The inside of, her cunt was as soft as it was tight, and it made him thrill with pleasure to slide his big prick in and out of it.

    Lisa's little pussy was now fully aroused for pleasure, and she was beginning to appreciate the good feelings she got from the friction of the in-and-out stroke.

    "My cunt's so full!" she moaned. "And it feels so good when you move in and out of me like that!"

    Paul knew it would take an effort not to come too quickly. The mere idea of fucking little Lisa had been driving him crazy for days, and now he was actually doing it! The incredibly beautiful little twelve year old virgin was right at this very second willingly surrendering her cherry to his bard cock, and squirming with pleasure, loving every minute of it!

    Paul tried, to take his time, but it was impossible. Everytime the lovely little girl squirmed, her little cunt sent thrills shooting through his cock. How could she be so tight, so slick, so soft, all at the same time!

    "Do you like my pussy, Paul?" she asked. "Am I a very good fuck?"

    "Oh, Lisa sweet baby!" he moaned. "You are the best fuck I ever had!"

    That made Lisa giggle. "But you haven't even come yet!" she said.

    "Oooohhh, I know!" he moaned. "But my cock's been trying to come ever since it went inside you!" he confessed.

    Lisa was getting it pretty good, too! The virgin interior of her tight twat was full of nerve-endings that had never known stimulation before, and now her young crotch was being filled with totally new sexual sensations.

    "My cunt feels real good too!" she sighed. "I've never been touched up in there before, and it's really great! It tickles real hard, clear up into my tummy!"

    Lisa's remark inspired Paul to try to go deeper, so he pushed a little harder. He could feel the tip of his cock sliding through folds of skin that had never before known the sensation of touch.

    They both gasped and jerked with pleasure, Paul because this virgin territory was so tight on the knob of his prick it almost squeezed his come right out of him, and Lisa because still another new area of pleasure flesh was being awakened, stimulated, made to feel sensations.

    "Ooohh, oohh, oh, Paul, Paul!" The little girl sobbed with passion. "Oh, Paul, you fuck me so deep! Oh, I love to be fucked! I'm so glad you're fucking me, Paul!"

    "I'm glad I'm fucking you, too, baby!" Paul sighed.

    Paul clamped down hard with his asshole muscles, holding back his orgasm, and started gently moving his throbbing cock in and out of Lisa's tight box. After six or eight strokes, he had to stop to relax to keep from coming. Then he would clamp down and stroke again. In this agonizing delightful manner, he slowly fucked Lisa to the brink of orgasm.

    Everything felt so good to Lisa, she hardly knew when she started coming. It just kept getting better and better. Her little pussy was now completely relaxed and totally aroused, and every new stroke of her lover's cock gave her a new convulsive thrill.

    "Oh, fuck me! Fuck me! I love to-be fucked! Keep tucking met" the child babbled in her pleasure. "Oh, fuck me, fuck my little cunt! Please don't stop fucking me!"

    Relaxed and aroused, her little pussy was feeling sensations so intense she would never have thought them possible! Spasms of joy rippled clear up her belly every time his cock filled her to the hilt, and on the outstroke her little slit got stimulated by his sliding shaft!

    "Ooohhh, shit, I love to be fucked!" the pretty little blond girl sobbed in her passion. "Fuck me, fuck, fuck, fuck my cunt!"

    She wrapped her slim arms around his neck and grasped his plunging ass in her slender legs clinging to him and moaning in his ear as he tucked her beyond the point of no return for both of them.

    When Lisa's pleasures finally reached the point of orgasm, a tremendous convulsion ran through her little cunt, and that was the final straw that forced Paul to let go. His crotch lurched, tightened, and contracted.

    With the contraction, all his defenses melted, and his semen started pouring out of him.

    "I'm coming in you, Lisa!" he announced.

    His quivering testicles shuddered with alternating contractions and relaxations, his cook jerked with unspeakable pleasure, and his prostate between his cock and balls had a convulsion all its own.

    "I'm coming up your little cunt!" be told her. His swollen cock jerked with spasms of its own as the thick jism poured from the twitching piss-slit. The knots of tension in his belly dissolved in a warm rush of pleasure, and the release flooded through his groin, opening his cock like a faucet until the come poured out of him like milky piss.

    "My hard cock's pouring semen up your cunt!" he informed Lisa.

    But she already knew that. His jerking cock make her feel really good, and she was totally prepared for the onslaught of come. She gasped when it started squirting into her, but then she discovered that the hot liquid jets actually increased her pleasure, and she reached the ultimate climax of her orgasm the highest peak of her short sexual history, while Paul was pumping his liquid pleasure into her virginal cunt.

    "Come in me! I come in my cunt! Fuck me! Come in me!" she shrieked.

    Paul couldn't have stopped if he'd wanted to. His animal body had taken control, and his hips refused to stop humping until the last drop of jism had been drained into Lisa's squirming body.

    They clung to each other, welded together by their passionate pleasure, their sex organs locked in the same ecstatic vibration. Their climaxing bodies danced in uncontrollable ecstasy, coming together until their mutual orgasm drained them both of every available ounce of animal energy.

    Panting for breath, muscles turning to jelly, they collapsed into the mattress exhausted, his cock still within her, her legs still entwined with his. They held and patted each other as they slowly brought their breathing back to normal.

    They lay like that for a long time without speaking, until Paul's cock began to shrink, and he pulled it gently out of her drying cunt.

    Paul took her in his arms and she snuggled next to him, purring like a tiny blond kitten.

    Their minds drifted happily in that mildly hypnotic state that follows a truly cosmic orgasm. Paul knew this day would remain fresh in his memory for the rest of his life.

    Lisa turned finally and stretched her lovely limbs. "I really liked that a lot, Paul!" she purred. "It really felt good! I'm really glad we did it!"

    "Me too, baby!" Paul chuckled.

    "I've been fucked!" the child said reverently. "Paul, you came up inside me and everything! Didn't you?"

    "I sure did, baby! Didn't you feel me?"

    "I though so! But I was comin' so hard right then. Paul, we came together, didn't we?"

    "That's right, baby!"

    She remained silent for a while.

    "I guess I was pretty good then, huh?" she asked.

    "Oh, baby! You were great!" Paul said sincerely. "You were the best piece of ass of my life!"

    Lisa giggled. "You can fuck me once more tomorrow, before I go!"

    Paul's eyes snapped open, and he looked at the lovely little nyniphet with her blond head snuggled into his shoulder.

    Tomorrow! His eyes trailed down her long legs, stretched now in relaxation, pausing to gaze on the little curly blond nest where her creamy thighs came together.

    One more day! Only one more day, to remember for the rest of his life!

    Chapter 9

    Paul could detect a change in Lisa the next morning from the minute she walked out her father's door.

    It wasn't just what she was wearing, although that was different. Today she had on a little pink suit, linen perhaps, over a lacy white blouse. The skirt was short, mid-thigh or above.

    She took a step, and something in her posture made Paul look to her feet. Yes, she was wearing little pumps, with tiny high heels. And her legs-she was wearing stockings, pantyhose probably.

    Her hair was washed and brushed, and it shined like gold over the shoulders of the pink linen jacket.

    But it wasn't just the clothing the suit, the stockings, the high heels. It was something in the way she carried her body. It was a body that understood itself better, and it didn't try to hide it.

    When she stopped to glance in the pool. Lisa bent from the waist, her hands on her knees. The pink linen skirt didn't quite go up as far as her panties when she bent over, but Paul could see where her pantyhose changed color, and his cock bulged in his robe.

    Paul was suddenly conscious of the dryness in his mouth, and of the stubble on his unshaven cheeks. He stepped quickly into the bathroom and splashed after-shave on the stubble. He got back just in time to open the door for her.

    "What a lovely outfit!" Paul said.

    "Thank you! Daddy bought it for me to wear home on the plane! Do you really like it?" She twirled around the room for him, making vague imitations of the movements of fashion models. Paul was delighted, and the new sophistication be had sensed in her in the courtyard melted back into the child who blushed when she heard dirty words.

    But there was something decidedly womanly about her, too. When they moved into the bedroom, she asked for a hanger and carefully hung up her new jacket and skirt.

    Paul watched her ass wiggle-she was wearing pink bikini panties under the hose and thought how that attire it looked in grownup lingerie.

    She shrugged the lacy blouse off her shoulders, revealing her breasts, nipples already hardening with desire. Paul lay on the bed waiting for his lover to undress. Was she the little girl he had met by the swimming pool, who had told him she had never been kissed?

    "Do you like my pantyhose?" she asked. She could still giggle.

    "Very cute!" Paul said. "They make your legs and ass look very grown up!"

    Lisa slipped the ultra-thin stockings down her long thighs, carefully slipping them off her little feet. Even her panties were new-pink satin, with lace panels on both sides.

    "New panties, too!" Paul said. "Turn around!"

    Lisa twirled a couple times. Her panties were cut tight in back, so they showed the crack of her ass between her well separated buttocks "They're very sexy!" Paul said. "Let me take them off!"

    Lisa jumped over and hopped in bed with him. Paul took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. She responded the same way, almost tearing his robe off. They hugged and kissed, caressing each other's bodies.

    "You never did kiss me everywhere on my body!" Lisa giggled.

    "I know!" Paul sighed.

    "You could kiss my breasts again, though, if you wanted to!"

    Paul kissed her neck and shoulders, working his way toward her immature breasts, budding but not yet fully ripe, topped with womanly nipples, dark red and puckered for pleasure. He kissed the shallow valley between her tits and then started giving oral stimulation to the nipples themselves.

    "Oh, yes. That's what I wanted!" the little girl sighed. "It always feels so fine when you suck my nipples, Paul!"

    While his tongue and lips played with her breasts, Paul's right hand was caressing her panty-clad loins. He fingered the budding mound of her immature pussy-hill, feeling the smooth satin cloth under his fingertips.

    "Now you're touchin' my pussy!" she giggled.

    The satin panties were amazingly smooth under his fingers and followed the contours of the young girl's body. He felt down between her legs, and she squirmed with pleasure under his touch.

    "You always like to play with my pussy for a little while before you take my panties off!" Lisa whispered.

    "It's true!" Paul admitted.

    "Do my panties turn you on?"

    "I guess they do!"

    Paul rubbed the crotch of her panties until the soft satin was pushed up into her crack. He could feel her little slit through the material.

    Lisa squirmed and giggled. "That feels funny!" she said. "Do it some more!"

    Paul stroked her crack through the tight crotch of her panties, making her squirm with delight. He could feel the moisture soaking through the satin.

    "You're getting wet!" he told her.

    "I know!" she giggled. "It really feels good, down there!"

    Paul slipped his finger through the leg-hole of her panties, and touched wet, slippery, soft flesh. He crooked his finger and felt it slip between the swelling lips of her little slit.

    Lisa gasped and wiggled. "Now you're touchin' my cunt, Paul!"

    Paul moved his hand up on her belly and slipped it down the front of her panties. He cupped her cunt-mound in his palm and gave her crotch a tender squeeze. Then his finger found her clit, and Lisa moaned as her little lust-button started thrilling from his touch.

    Paul didn't remove her little panties until they were completely soaked through. With her free-flowing pussy nectars. As soon as he had pulled her panties off her legs, Lisa was spreading her thighs for a good caressing.

    "Let's touch each other!" she moaned. "I'll jack your cock, and you can finger-fuck me!"

    They cuddled up together, fondling each other's genitals. Paul shivered when Lisa's light fingers tickled the hard knob of his dick.

    She caressed the quivering tip, and then started sliding the skin up and down the shaft, the way he had taught her days ago.

    "I love your cock!" she breathed. "I love to make it feel good!"

    Paul slipped his fingers up and down Lisa's juicy little crack. He dipped the nectar out of her brimming slit and smeared it all up and down her crotch, covering her clit and her asshole. He caressed all her pleasure places, making her shiver and writhe with passion.

    Lisa's little ass squirmed on the bed. She couldn't lie still, Paul's fingers were turning her on so much. She could feel her little clit throbbing, and she knew her pleasure fluids were spilling out of her slit.

    "My pussy feels so-o-o-oo good!" she sighed. "It feels so good, I can't hold my ass still!"

    She slid the loose skin up and down the stiff shaft of his cock, making his crotch tremble with pleasure. His balls thrilled with good sensations, and his ass tightened and relaxed spasmodically. Droplets of moisture leaked out his twitching piss-slit.

    "You jack my cock so nice!" he told her.

    "You taught me how to do it!" she reminded him.

    "But you have such a fine natural talent!" he laughed.

    Paul started concentrating on her little clitoris. He smeared her little lust-button with cunt-honey, and rolled it under his fingertips. That made Lisa gasp with joy, and her little ass wiggled even harder.

    "Oohh! You're rubbing my clitoris!" she giggled. "I didn't even know I had a clitoris, Paul, till you showed me!"

    Paul stroked her little clit until it was as erect as a little nipple. He squeezed it between his thumb and finger, making her flinch with joy.

    "Aahh! Oooowww! Aaahhhh!" she gasped. "Oh, Paul, you know what that does to me! OOOhh, my clitty!"

    Paul held her tiny pleasure organ and jacked it like a miniature cock, faster and faster, until Lisa was threshing around all over the bed. Bone-wrenching thrills of pleasure were washing through the little girl's body, making her shiver and moan.

    "Ooohh, Paul! No! Stop! It's too much!" she whined.

    Paul stopped and moved his finger down to her little slit. It was swollen open with passion, and his finger penetrated instantly. It was so soft, and yet so tight!

    "Yes, yesss," Lisa sighed. "Oh, yes, that feels so good! Oh, Paul, I love it when you fingerfuck me!"

    Lisa gasped and shivered while Paul slid his finger m and out of her tight slippery slit. Still so new to her, these sensations almost took her breath away.

    "Oh, your finger's so far inside me!" she breathed. "Move it around!"

    Paul rotated his hand, making his finger wiggle in a circular motion in the little girl's vagina. Lisa loved it! She giggled and squirmed, and jacked his cock in gratitude.

    Paul could tell that Lisa was getting powerfully aroused, and he slowed down and pulled his finger out.

    "Ooohh, no! Don't stop!" she complained.

    "Let's relax a minute!" he said. "This is our last time together. Let's make it last as long as we can!"

    Lisa sighed. "Okay!" she thought for a moment. "Let's do sixty-nine next!"

    "That's more like it!" Paul laughed. "I was just getting hungry for a taste of your little cunt!"

    "But you can't come!" she said. "Because I want you to come up inside my pussy!"

    "All right," Paul agreed. "But I can make you come, ‘cause you can another orgasm while I'm fucking you!"


    "I promise!"

    "Oh, boy! I get to have two orgasms."

    Lisa and Paul laid on their sides, in the classic sixty-nine position, their faces in each other's crotches, Paul had to stop and admire Lisa's lovely little pussy before eating it.

    Her golden pussy hairs were matted with the sweet juices from her pink crack. Her little clit glowed red with passion, and her pink slit was swollen open with lust, revealing the bright flesh within. Down below, her little red asshole palpitated with pleasure.

    Lisa too found herself examining Paul's stiff tool, She traced the thick veins with her fingers, making it jump with delight. She stuck out her tongue and licked thoughtfully at the bright red tip, making it squirm with passion.

    "I'm gonna kiss your cock!" she said.

    She puckered her lips and gave it a long sweet kiss, running her soft tongue over the quivering piss-slit, until Paul was squirming and moaning.

    Paul extended his tongue and tenderly lapped the child's erect little clit, until she shivered with joy. He ran his soft tongue up and down over her tiny pleasure organ until her little lust-button was exploding with intense sexual sensations.

    "Oh, Paul, you're lickin' my clitty!" she giggled.

    Opening her jaws, Lisa sucked the swollen knob of Paul's cock into her mouth. She caressed it with her tongue, and rubbed the red ridge around the knob with her lips. Her tender fingers stroked the thick shaft and tickled his shivering balls.

    "Oh, shit! My cook's really gonna miss you!" Paul groaned.

    His swollen sex organ was twitching with delightful sensations. The red round knob felt especially great, and little drops of moisture were leaking from his piss-slit. His asshole tightened with little spasms of joy.

    "Your little mouth sucks my cock so good!" he moaned.

    Lisa was starting to get it pretty good, too. Her little love-button was filling her belly with thrills. Paul started using his hands to open her pussy, and that really brought her sensitive little clit out into the open!

    Paul sucked her little clit in between his lips and caressed it with his tongue. Lisa's lovely little body shivered all over, and her beautiful young ass squirmed back and forth on the bed.

    "Ooohh, that feels so great!" the little girl gasped. "You're suckin' on my little clitty! Ooohh, Paul, I love the way you suck my clitoris!"

    The little girl started making passionate love to Paul's cock, petting it with her mouth.

    "Paul, that feels so good! I love the way you lick between my legs!" Lisa crooned. "I wants make you feel just as good as me!"

    And Lisa wasn't helping a bit! Not only was the passionate little girl sucking his cock as sweetly as she could, but her soft small hands were fondling and caressing his balls, and he could already feel his asshole tightening with come spasms.

    Paul tried to forget his own pleasure and concentrate on getting Lisa off. He plunged his tongue between the pink lips of her slit, making her gasp with joy. Then he used his finger to diddle her clit while his tongue stirred around inside her vagina.

    "Ooohhh, fuck! Shit! Ooohh, Paul, Paul, yes! Fuck me with your tongue! Fuck my pussy with your mouth!" Lisa babbled.

    Unfortunately, the closer Lisa got to her orgasm, the more attention she paid to Paul's throbbing dick. She sucked it almost all the way back to her throat, and rubbed him passionately between his quaking balls.

    "Oh, baby, I'm ‘gonna come in your mouth!" he gasped. "I just can't hold it anymore! You're sucking it right out of me!"

    "Oh, yes, Paul, yes!" she cried. "Shoot off in my mouth! I'm about to come, and I want you to come with me!"

    "But I want to fuck you, too!" Paul moaned.

    "I want to fuck too, but now I want you to come in my mouth!" Lisa insisted. "Come in my mouth, and I'll help you get another hard-on real fast! Please, Paul, please come in my mouth!"

    But it was already too late for further discussion! Lisa wrapped her soft lips around his throbbing knob, sucked firmly, and rubbed gently with her fingers on the prime pleasure point between his balls.

    Writhing in passion, Paul stuck his tongue deeper and deeper into Lisa's tight twat, sucking her sweet nectar, and also furiously trigging her red little clit with his fingers.

    Each could sense the other's approaching orgasm, as well as their own. Sexual energy flowed through them as they flopped and squirmed on the bed, their mouths locked to each other's sex organs.

    "Aaaahhhhhh! Ooooo-oooohhh-ooohh-oohh-oohh! Mmmmmmmmm! Uuhh! Uuhh! Uh! Uh! Aaaahhhhhhh! Ooohhhhh! Suck me! Eat me! Make love to me with your mouth!" they sobbed to each other. "Make me come! Make me come with your mouth!"

    Then little Lisa tried something she'd never done before. She didn't even think about it-she just did it naturally! She licked one of her fingers until it was slick with spit, and then she started tenderly probing Paul's palpitating asshole.

    "Ooooooooooooohhh! Fuck! Shit!" Paul wailed.

    Gently rotating her slippery finger, Lisa managed to insert it up to the first knuckle. She could feel Paul's anus convulsing and relaxing around it. And she could feel the increased twitching of his big cock in her mouth! It seemed to be swelling even larger with passion, and Lisa knew she would soon be drinking semen.

    Paul's cock and balls jerked With convulsions of pleasure. His pleasure point spasmed under Lisa's tenderly massaging fingers, and the first hot jet of thick sperm went flying into the little girl's mouth.

    "Fuck! Shit!! I'm coming in your mouth!"

    At the very moment he started ejaculating, Paul paid Lisa back the favor by gently sticking a wet finger into the little girl's quivering anus. And she couldn't handle it any better than Paul did!

    "Shit-fuck! Oh, shit!! My asshole! I'm coming!"

    Pretty little Lisa started coming all over the place! The spasms rushed through her too last to count She felt like she was coming and fucking and shitting and pissing and coming, all at the same time. Her little sphincters spasmed so fast and so hard that she felt like her heart was going to stop.

    Overwhelmed with sexual pleasure, Lisa forgot everything except the ejaculating cock she had firmly in her mouth. She reverted to a state of infant sexual bliss, experiencing pure physical pleasure while sucking on a warm object that filled her mouth with creamy liquids.

    Lisa's hand grasped the thick base of Paul's pulsing cock… and her spastic finger movements jacked the skin up and down, until her sucking little mouth and clasping fingers had milked Paul's cock and balls to a state of aching dryness.

    And then all the tension drained away, sucked from their throbbing genitals by their tender mouths. Gasping for breath, they stretched out on the bed and lay whimpering, dizzy with the after flow of intense sexual pleasure.

    Paul drifted away into a golden land of pure relaxation, and he awakened only when he felt Lisa stirring at his side. He looked down at her small golden body, and felt a whole new thrill of sexual excitement surge through him.

    The little girl was in a light sleep. Her lips were gently parted, and a stray whisp of blond hair that had fallen across her face moved back and forth with her breath. Paul had never noticed before how long her eyelashes were, until he saw them lying trembling on her cheek.

    She was lying on her back, and her immature little breasts heaved up and down as she breathed. Paul reached out and tenderly stroked the slumbering child's nipple-even in sleep, it responded, becoming erect with passion. Paul caressed her nipples, and the sleeping child moaned and squirmed.

    Her legs were slightly spread, and Paul feasted his eyes on the downy patch of golden hairs that nestled between her thighs. He slid his hand gently down her belly until his fingers were combing through her curly pubic locks. Lisa purred and writhed in her sleep, but she did not yet awakened.

    Paul ran his hand over her lovely creamy thigh, so slender and yet so fully rounded.

    Her legs were so beautiful-more like the minaturized legs of a grown woman than a little girl's. But they were covered with downy blond hairs, almost invisible, much fainter than on any adult thigh. Paul caressed her thighs until she was cooing delightedly in her sleep.

    Then he slipped his hand between those white thighs, and gently touched her secret sex places. Sleeping Lisa gasped and ‘a smile spread across her slumbering face.

    Paul cupped Lisa's little crotch firmly in his hand and pressed gently, rotating his palm, until her breathing speeded up and she started squirming by his side. He could tell she was starting to get nice and juicy.

    Lisa woke up when Paul started rubbing' her little clit. Her eyes opened slowly, and she emerged from a dream of pleasure into a state of waking pleasure just as good as the dream!

    "Ooohhhh, sweet, sweet Paul! Paul makes my little clitty feel all warm and tickly!"

    Paul helped himself to some of the slippery nectars spilling out of the child's slit, and used these slick fluids to lubricate her little lust-button. He got her clit all juicy, and then he pressed down on it with his fingertip and rolled it back and forth.

    Lisa squeezed his neck and kissed and nibbled at his shoulder. Her little ass was squirming with passion.

    "You're getting me all turned on again, Paul!" she whispered. "You're fingering my little ditty, and you're makin' me want have sex some more!"

    Still half sleeping, but already shivering with sexual arousal, Lisa reached without thinking for Paul's genitals. Her fingers closed around his dick, and for the first time ever, she felt them in their soft condition.

    "You don't have a hard-on yet!" she whispered.

    "Play with it!" Paul advised. "It'll get hard if you love it real good!"

    Paul kept one arm around the little girl's shoulders, cuddling her to him while he caressed her sex organs. He loved to feel her warm young body squirming next to him when he made her thrill with passion by squeezing her little clitoris.

    "I love to feel you body next to mine!" Paul crooned. "I love to hold you tight and feel you wiggle when I tickle your cunt!"

    Lisa was also affected by the intimacy of this, their last sexual encounter. She nuzzled her pretty little face into his shoulder and face, kissing and nibbling his lips, tongue, neck and shoulders. She rubbed her smooth thighs against his, and always kept caressing his peter.

    Paul's dick was responding to her attentions. A little life swell back into it, and it was now hard enough for Lisa to slide the skin back and forth. She also caressed the swelling tip, knowing that it felt really.good there.

    "Your dick's gettin' a little bigger!" she sighed. "It must like me!"

    "It loves you!" Paul assured her. "Keep doing that and it'll get as big as you want!"

    Lisa giggled. "Promise?"

    Lisa had spread her thighs for him, and his hand was exploring her exposed little crotch. His fingertips roamed over her sex organs, committing them to memory… her little clitoris, standing at attention for his caresses, her pink slit, soft as silk, leaking the slippery juices from the bright pink opening inside, and her tight red little asshole, already palpitating with pleasure. He carefully smeared her whole crack with the slick juices from her slit, making her squirm with delight in the process.

    "I'm gettin' all wet and tickly down there!" Lisa giggled. "You're really makin' my little cunny feel great!"

    "You're doing wonders for my cock, too!" Paul confessed.

    His organ was already stiffening rapidly.

    He could feel it swell with passion, growing longer and thicker in the little girl's busy fingers.

    "I gotta make it nice'n' hard, so you can fuck me with it!" Lisa said. "I really want you to fuck me, Paul!"

    "Oh, me too, baby!" Paul assured her.

    Paul extended his longest finger and started making gentle probes up inside Lisa's slit. His finger slipped easily between her soft slippery slit lips, making her twitch with pleasure.

    "Your finger's way up inside my pussy!"

    Lisa cooed. "Oh, that feels so-good!"

    Paul slowly moved his finger in and out, until she was flowing with good juices. By then his cock was hard from her caresses, and Paul decided it was-time for them to fuck.

    ‘Are you ready?" he whispered, moving over on top of her.

    "Oh, yes!" she gasped. "Do it! Put it inside me!"

    She opened her legs as far as she could, and Paul slipped between her lovely thighs. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and he put his arms around her slender shoulders.

    Their sex organs didn't need any assistance from their hands to get together. Paul's big cock knob touched between her thighs, and she instantly pushed her round little ass up to meet it. She wiggled her butt until she could tell the tip of his dick was right between her quivering little vaginal lips, "Push!" she said. "Push it into me, Paul!"

    Paul pushed, and felt the tip of his cock slipping into the tightest, sweetest, slickest little hole it had ever known. He gasped with delight as the good sensations spread up his dick.

    "Ooohh, yes! You're starting to go inside me! I can feel your cock in me!" Lisa sighed.

    Paul took his time. Before attempting any penetration beyond the round head, he rotated his hips gently, stirring the tip of his cock between her tight lips. Lisa really liked that!

    "Aaaaahhhh! Ohbhh! Yes, Paul, yes! Oh, move around!"

    The little girl was absolutely delighted. Her little slit was throbbing with incredible sensations, and the more Paul moved around in it, the wetter and better it got!

    Paul gave her the first an inch at a time, and after each new inch he stopped and moved it around, getting her used to it, and letting her little cunt juice up again. It was the perfect way to fuck the little girl, and by the time be had penetrated to the bottom of her little vagina, the girl was almost beside herself with pleasure.

    "Ooohhh, you're' fucking me!" she wailed. "You're really fucking my cunt, Paul! Oh, Paul, I can feel your big cock all the way down to the bottom of my little cunny!"

    Once he had completely penetrated her, Paul started treating her to a nice juicy slow-fuck. Keeping his cock all the way in her, he rotated his ass, making his thick tool stir the child's slit until she was panting with passion.

    "Oooohhh, yes, Paul! Move around!" she moaned. Move your big cock around inside my pussy! Oh, Paul, that feels so good! Oh, fuck me, Paul, fuck met I just love to be fucked!"

    Little Lisa wasn't kidding. She was completely enraptured by the good slow fuck Paul was giving her. Her little vagina, virgin only the day before, was throbbing with new sensations.

    "Your cock feels so big!" she whimpered. "You're stretchin' my little pussy! But it feels so good! Oh, Paul, I'm so glad you taught me how to fuck!"

    "I'm not sorry myself!" Paul moaned. "I can't tell you how good your tight little slit feels, Lisa!"

    Paul may have taught Lisa how to fuck, but he couldn't deny she bad a natural talent of her own. Nobody told the child to lift her knees and wrap her beautiful legs around Paul's gyrating ass, but she did it, and she was glad, because it made their fucking feel even better.

    Paul rotated his ass a little faster, moving his cook around in Lisa's tight twat. He could feel her slick vaginal walls massaging the head and shaft of his throbbing cook, and he loved every second of it.

    "Oh, fuck me! Yes, fuck me! Please fuck me!" Lisa chanted breathlessly. "Move around! Move your big hard cock around inside my little cunt! Fuck my cunt, Paul!"

    Paul was getting too excited to continue this slow fucking. His pulsating pecker craved friction, the sweet friction sensations it could get from Lisa's tight, tight box.

    He started letting his cock glide slowly in and out. He supported his weight on his knees and elbows, and slowly rocked his hips back and forth, sliding his big hard-on in and out of Lisa's little slit.

    That really made Lisa feel good! The friction from his swollen knob caressed the nerve-filled walls of her near-virgin cunt, making her shiver with good sexual sensations.

    "Oh, now you're really fucking me!" she sobbed. "Your movin' your big cock in an' out!"

    Paul forced himself to stroke slowly, prolonging their pleasure. He pulled his cock almost all the way out, until only the swollen red knob remained between her quivering cunt-lips. Then he slid it slowly back in again, down the length of her tight little box, until the red tip was pressing against the soft bottom of her cunt.

    "Ooohbhh! Yee-e-e-e-essssssssss! Fuck me! Fuck me just like that!" she sobbed.

    Again and again, Paul repeated the stroke, Lisa wailed. She hips against his now until both his and Lisa's genitals were throbbing and convulsing with pleasure.

    "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cunt!" Lisa cried, "Pull it out and push it in! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt with your big hard cock!"

    Paul could feel his passions rising too fast.

    "Wait!" he cautioned, stopping his movements.

    "Oooh, noooooo!" continued grinding her motionless loins.

    "We should slow down!" he panted. "Let's make this last as long as we can! Lie completely still for a minute!"

    Lisa forced herself to relax, and they lay there together without moving, his throbbing cook buried deeply in her quivering cunt.

    Paul looked down at the little girl's beautiful body, knowing he was seeing it like this for the last time. Her slim legs were still wrapped around his ass, and he could just see the curve of her buttocks under slim hips.

    Lisa was in a very high state of sexual passion. She bugged him with her thin arms, rubbing her belly against his. Pressing her lips to his ear, she poured her feelings to him.

    "Oh, Paul, this is such a wonderful fuck!!" she whispered. "Even better than yesterday! Yesterday was great, and it'll always be special ‘cause it was the first time, but today I feel like I know what to do with my body! This is such a wonderful, wonderful fuck!"

    "It's really good for me, too, baby!" he told her. "My cock feels so good! So good, in fact, I almost came back there a minute ago! But I want to wait as long as I can! If I could, I'd make this fuck last forever.

    Paul started caressing-Lisa's body. He lifted his body up and slipped one hand between them, reaching for her breasts. She sighed and squirmed as his hand caressed her stiff nipples. A little thrill ran through her, and her cunt squeezed on his throbbing cock.

    Then he moved his hand down and stroked her lovely ass-cheeks, his cock twitching inside her tight box.

    "This is really nice!" Lisa panted. "It feels good when you pet my ass like that, and I can feel your cock twitchin' in my pussy!"

    The little girl squeezed him tighter in her arms and legs.

    Her hips jerked back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of her cunt. The sensations generated by this little amount of friction were enough to make Paul's animal body take control. Before he knew it, he was whipping his ass back and forth, searing Lisa's cunt with the hot friction of his cock-strokes.

    "Oohh! Oh! Oh! Aaahh! Oh! Oh!' Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Lisa urged.

    Lisa's little twat had built up a big reservoir of slippery nectar while they were lying still, and now her tight box was as slick as it could be. This juicy liquid transmitted the soft friction directly to Paul's cock nerves, and he was soon gasping with pleasure.

    "Oh my God, what a cunt you have!" he sobbed. "So tight, and yet so wet! Oh God, what a cunt! I love to fuck your cunt, Lisa!"

    Lisa didn't mind it either! The beautiful twelve-year old was squirming with sexual delight. Her young crotch was surging with thrills of sexual energy, making her whole slender body quiver with chills of joy.

    Paul was keeping a tight asshole, trying to prolong his orgasm as long as he possibly could. The pleasure he got from fucking little Lisa was indescribable. He remembered the first day he had seen her, playing half-naked by the swimming pool in her sexy little bikini.

    "Ooohh, fuck me, Paul!" she shuddered. "Fuck my pussy! Fuck my cunt!"

    Sliding his swollen cock in and out of Lisa's tight slit, thrilling with the pleasure it gave him, Paul remembered the first time he had put his hand between this little girl's legs, and of all the times he had stolen glances at her panties before be even touched her.

    "Paul, your big cock feels so good!" she whimpered. "My cunny just loves your great big peter!"

    His balls were convulsing with pleasure, and Paul could feel the climactic spasms starting at the base of his cook. He had a vivid memory flash of the first time Lisa had masturbated him, and bow satisfied he had been to come In her warm little hands.

    "Oohh! Paul! Aaahh! Paul! Paul! Ohhh, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me!" Lisa babbled in his ear. Lost him his sexual reveries, Paul had been fuckin faster and faster, whipping his swollen penis in and out of the little girl's soft warm slit. Now they were both beyond the point of no return.. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Lisa begged. ‘Make me come. Come in me, and make me come!" Lisa's slender little body was shivering with sexual thrills. Her little vagina bad been whipped to a total frenzy by the friction of Paul's pounding pecker, and the child was quivering on the brink of orgasm., boiling with more sexual energy and tension than she had ever thought possible in a lifetime.

    "Fuck! Fuck! Fast fuck! Fuck cunt!" the passionate girl babbled, squirming out of control. "Oooh fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck me!

    Paul lost all control of his tight asshole, and now he was tucking as hard as he could, swept away in the torrent of his animal passion. His bulging cock was pounding with blissful sensations, and the only thing in the world he wanted was to increase the sensations by increasing the friction. Increase the sensations, and release the straining load that was boiling between his balls!

    "Oh, I'm fucking you! I'm fucking your little cunt!" he panted. "Sweet Lisa my twelve year old lover, I'm tucking your little cunt as fast as I can move! And I love it! And I'm gonna come inside you, any minute now!"

    Lost in the ecstasy of his lust, Paul felt his balls and anus tightening for the last convulsion. His swollen prick throbbed as he jerked in and out of his little lover's cunt. Lisa tightened her embrace and bit him on the neck. He started to come.

    "Ooooooooohhhhhh, fuck!" he sighed.

    A wrenching spasm swept through his prostate gland, and his twitching cock became fined with thick liquid. His genitals jerked spasmodically, and the hot river poured into Lisa's pussy.

    The feelings just kept getting better and better, until her whole belly was convulsing with pleasure, and' her muscles were having uncontrollable spasms. Her lung limbs thrilled and shivered.

    "Fuck me! Fuck met I love It! Fuck me some more!" she cried. Ooohhh fuck me, fuck me! Aaahhh Ooohh, I love to be fucked!"

    The intensity of Lisa's pleasure told Paul his patience had been rewarded. He would be able to bring this child to orgasm on her first genuine vaginal copulation, and he would be able to spill his own seed into her squirming body while she was coming.

    Paul concentrated on clamping down on his sphincter muscles, and increased his strokes enough to gradually bring Lisa to full orgasm. His hips rocked back and forth, plunging his large organ in and out of her highly stimulated little slit.

    "Fucking little Lisa's cunt!" he mumbled.

    Paul's climaxing sex organs danced with energy, and all his passion and lust drained into the little girl through his jerking penis. He hugged Lisa in his arms. He looked into her pleasure-glazed eyes, seeing her own lust looking back at him.

    At the same time his brain treated him to a split-second flashback of some of his favorite "instamatic memories" of Lisa. Lisa with her skirt pulled up, exposing her tight panties; Lisa naked but for her panties, squirming in his arms while be tries to induce her first orgasm; Lisa spread-eagled on the bed, groaning and writhing while he licked her pussy until she had an orgasm.

    "Orgasm!" Paul blurted. "Ooohhhh, what a fucking orgasm! Orgasm, Lisa!"

    Lisa was already having one, too. As soon as Paul's hot semen started flooding her vagina, she lost it and got it all at the same time. Her little pussy rebounded from the onslaught of his come, and her young crotch suddenly exploding with sensations of pure sexual bliss.

    "I can feel you coming in me!" she whispered, almost calmly. "And it's making me come harder than I've ever come before!"

    They caressed each other with their hands, and panted in each other's ear. Their bodies trembled, and squirmed together, welded in eternity in absolute sexual bliss.

    "Lisa! Ooohh, Lisa! Lisa, baby, can you hear me!"

    "Yes! Yes, yes, yes!"

    "It feels so good, Lisa! It feels so good between our legs!"

    "In me! Up inside me with your cock, and coming! Coming up inside me, me coming too! My cunt and your cock! Your cock coming in my cunt!"

    "Coming! Coming together! You and me coming together, little girl!"

    "Coming! Coming!"

    Somewhere in this intimate conversation they both lost consciousness, surrendering themselves to the urgent release of their quivering, united loins.

    "Letting go! I'm letting go of everything!"

    Draining everything, down to the last drop of passion the last jet of jism, down to the bottom rung of consciousness, where empty bellies quiver contentedly and satisfied animals curl up together to share their body heat and drift into blissful sleep.

    Chapter 10

    Paul never saw her again. When he awoke, she was gone. How long had he slept?

    The spot beside him on the bed was still warm. Looking down at the sheet, he could see a spreading stain where their combined passion fluids had spilled out between her legs.

    He checked the bathroom, but she wasn't there. He looked once across the courtyard at her closed door, and then pulled the curtain across his window.

    He took a long slow shower, and shaved, and dressed, and made some bacon and eggs and a cup of coffee. He sat down at the desk in front of the closed curtain and slowly ate, forcing himself to read over the top sheet of figures on the pile of papers next to his plate.

    After a few minutes he got into it, and by the time coffee pot was empty, Paul had switched on the computer terminal and was working a tricky little sub-system to finish up the Engineering Dynamics contract.

    The phone rang once in the middle of the afternoon. Paul cheerfully ignored it. Just before sundown Paul dropped his pencil and switched the terminal off. The pile of papers had been reduced to a neat three-page flow-chart, and the Engineering Dynamics program would be ready to deliver in a few days.

    Smiling to himself, Paul reached across the desk and opened the curtain on the window overlooking the pool.

    "There's no point in being silly about this!" Paul said to himself. Deliberately, he went into the bedroom and changed into his swimming trunks.

    The pool was empty when he got there. Keeping his mind blank, he hopped once on the board and plunged into the cool water. Instantly refreshed, he lapped twice around the pool and then pulled himself up the ladder, shaking the water out of his eyes.

    "Hi! You really swim good! Were you ever an athlete?"

    "I swam a little bit in college," Paul answered automatically. Then he opened his eyes and looked up at the source of the voice.

    "Well, I think you really swim good! I don't know how to swim at all hardly, and I'd really like it if you could teach me some things!"

    She couldn't have been more than thirteen or fourteen. Her hair hung down in long dark curls, and her brown eyes danced in the afternoon sun.

    "Who are you?"

    "My name's ‘Vicky, an I just-moved in here! I'm thirteen years old, an' I'm gonna go to Jefferson Junior High right up the street. My mommy bought me a lot of new clothes to wear to school, and I got four new records too, for not bein' a hassle while we were moving!"

    "Wow!" Paul said.

    Her body was slightly more mature than Lisa's, but not much. It showed most in the breasts. She was wearing a tight T-shirt, and her, little breasts stood up proudly, jiggling slightly when she talked. Her nipples were pointed, clearly visible through the shirt?

    "My mommy and my daddy are gonna get a divorce ‘cause my daddy got a new girl friend, so me and my mommy are gonna live together here for a while. My mommy works at night as a cocktail waitress and she makes a lot of money! But I have to stay home and watch TV by myself all the time, and that's not much fun, so I like to know who all the people in the neighborhood are so I can go visit ‘em while my mommy's at work!"

    "Uh-huh!" Paul said, climbing the rest of the way out of the pool.

    In addition to the shirt, she was wearing a very short skirt of blue denim, over long slender legs that were nicely tanned. She swirled around while he was climbing up the ladder, and the skirt flipped up, showing him a beautifully voluptuous little ass, encased in pale yellow bikini panties.

    "I specially like to go visit people who have TV sets, ‘cause I like to watch TV, but I don't like to be all alone! The last place me'n mommy lived, there was this nice man across the hall, and he had this color TV set, and I used to go over there and watch it while mommy was at work. I used to go over there in my nightgown to watch, cause the set was in the bedroom an we got to be really good friends. Except now we had to move cause daddy was bothering mommy, and now we live here, and we only got a black'n white.

    Where do you live?"

    "Let me show you!" Paul said.

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