• "WHAT?"


    Mom gets it on

    Paul Reynolds couldn't believe it. His cock was being totally engulfed in hot, live, moist flesh. His erect prick was encased in a living glove. His balls pulsed hotly as the unfamiliar sensations boiled through his teen body. Sleek legs and smooth thighs embraced his trim hips. His aunt's graceful arms clutched hungrily at him as his cock was enfolded in her steaming cunt. It wasn't like anything he had ever experienced before. Her hot breath puffed in his ear as his hips humped instinctively against hers.

    "It's okay, Paul," she moaned. "It's all fight, baby. Everything is all right."

    Everything was more than all right. Everything was fantastic. His aunt's soft tits were pressed warmly against his bare chest. Her nipples bored into his sensitive skin as she molded her body to his. His cock blazed as he stroked it in and out of her velvety cunt. Her lips nuzzled and nibbled his ear as his hips humped instinctively.

    "Ah," she moaned. "Oh, God."

    She groaned, and tightened her legs around him, then thrust her pelvis against him, hard. He felt her cunt walls convulsing and pumping around his engorged cock. His prick pulsed in answer. His pleasure increased, but somehow he knew it wasn't the peak. His belly felt hot and tight and full,

    ready to do something incredible. He couldn't understand it, he had never felt anything like it before. But it was all part of the strange new sensations that had been growing inside him.

    Pushed to the back of his mind were the lingering traces of the nightmare that had brought his aunt running to comfort him. The recurring dream of the searing flames had brought him surging up out of bed with a scream of agony that had brought his dead mother's sister dashing into his room. She had hugged him against her soft, warm body, then tumbled him back on the bed, cuddled him, crooned to him, reassured him, petted and stroked him. Then, somehow, they had each become aware of the other's nudity, and then his cock was all hard, and as they tossed together on the bed, it was pressing through her scratchy hair and into a hot velvety tunnel.

    Aunt Lil was moving again. Her hips were squirming and writhing. Paul drew his cock out of her and slid it back in. The hot pool in his groin was growing hotter and hotter, and his prostate was knotting in anticipation.

    "Oh no," his aunt moaned. "Please, no. Ah, God! Ah, God, not again! Not again!"

    Paul couldn't understand what she was talking about. It sounded as if this had happened before, but it hadn't, not ever. This was something totally new to him.

    "Awww, I'm cumming again," she moaned in the darkness. "Awww!"

    Something was about to happen to Paul, too. But what was it? What was happening inside him? It was a funny, fiery feeling that something was going to happen. He had felt it before, once, when he climbed a tree, and rubbed his groin against the rough bark. He hadn't known what it was, but it had sure felt great. It felt even better now.

    He hunched his hips forward, jammed his cock deep into his aunt's pulsing depths. His balls erupted in a series of flaming spurts. It felt as if they were pumping wads of fire down his cock. His whole body heaved and shuddered as he dumped gobs of tick, creamy juice into her. His muscles felt as if they were wringing all the fluid out of his body, squeezing it down the tight passage in his cock and into his aunt's pulsing depths.

    One final, lingering shudder, and it was all over. He was limp, exhausted, slippery with sweat. His skin slid against his aunt's as they huddled together.

    "Oh, my God," his aunt moaned. "What have we done, what have we done?"

    Paul couldn't figure out what she meant, since his mind was as limp and drained as his cock.

    "Oh, Paul, I'm sorry," his aunt apologized. She moved away from him, and his withered cock slipped from its slithery nest. He looked at her blankly, but it was dark and she couldn't see his face.

    "It-it'll never happen again," the woman stammered. "Never, ever! Understand that, Paul, it will never happen again!" She slid off the bed, muttering to herself, something about becoming pregnant. Then she was gone from his room, leaving him alone and bewildered.

    Mercifully, the nightmare was long gone, only an unpleasant memory now. But Paul still couldn't sleep. He lay on his back. The hot muggy air covered his sweaty body like a blanket. The sheet had been thrown on the floor by his thrashings during the nightmare. Staring up at the ceiling, he

    thought about everything that had happened to him since his aunt and uncle had taken him in. He was changing, and he didn't understand it. He was getting hair down there. He decided that maybe it was about time he did. But he wasn't really sure.

    And the funny feelings he'd been having had been getting stronger and stronger. There had been the time when he was climbing the tree. And his cock had gotten stiff and hard when he looked at his cousin Jan. That had been exciting. She was a year older than he was and something about her shape, and all the bare skin she had shown had made him feel all hot and tight inside. Just the way he had felt before he had spurted into his aunt.

    He didn't understand it at all. He felt exhausted, but also incredibly alive and awake. He lay naked on his bed and stared at the ceiling. That was another funny thing, being naked. When they had gone shopping for clothes to replace the ones that had been lost in the fire, Aunt Lil had bought him everything but pajamas. And when she had come into his room, she hadn't been wearing anything. She hadn't even taken the time to grab her robe. She had been all satiny bare against him. Mom and Dad had never gone around naked. They had never let him, either, except in the bathtub behind a closed door.

    But Mom and Dad were, dead and gone. That was why he was here, why he was sleeping naked, why he had kids his own age to play with, why he didn't have to come straight home after school and do chores.

    And why he had seen his cousin in her swim suit, sunbathing in the back yard. Her tits had been cupped by the bra top and the bottom cut low

    across her gently rounded tummy. His cock got hard again as he remembered her golden smooth skin. In his mind's eye, he could even see the glittering beads of sweat on her upper lip, the shining film of oil and perspiration on her smooth forehead. She hadn't seen him and he had slunk away silently, fearful she would sit up and see the awkward bulge in his pants.

    A muffled sound caught Paul's attention. It was coming from his aunt's and uncle's bedroom. Puzzled and curious, he cocked his head and listened carefully. It wasn't talking, but it was a voice, possibly two voices. No, only one voice. Uncle Joe's. But there weren't any words, just grunts and groans.

    Paul battled momentarily with his conscience, then slipped out of bed. Going over to the window, he eased the drapes aside, let the moonlight in. Very carefully, he unhooked the bottom of the screen. Easing one leg over the sill, he groped for the sloping roof below his dormer window, then ducked out into the warm night. Below him, the back yard was black and shadowy. His toes gripping the grainy texture of the shingles, he made his way toward the master bedroom. The window was wide open. A cautious peek revealed that the curtains were open, too.

    Carefully, Paul poked his head up and peered inside. The sound had changed. Uncle Joe wasn't moaning any more, and there was a hot panting noise. There was an occasional wet sucking sound, too. Paul felt his cock swelling as he moved carefully so he could see better.

    The bed was spotlighted by the shaft of moonlight from the window. The head of the bed was toward Paul, tucked up against the wide dormer window.

    Paul had a perfect view of the entire bed, and the couple on it. He stifled a gasp. His cock thrust out sharply, as a hot ball knotted his guts again.

    Uncle Joe was lying on his back. His head was out of sight behind the end of the bed. Paul could see his uncle from the chest down. He was naked. He had hair around the base of his cock, thick, black curly hair. But what really got to Paul was his aunt She was kneeling between her husband's spread legs, leaning over his groin. She was kissing Uncle Joe's towering cock, like it had been hurt, and she was soothing it. His prick was immense! Her lips encircled the knobby head, and then she actually took his cock into her mouth. Its mammoth bulk spread her jaws wide. She was holding the towering cylinder by the base, and bobbing her head slowly up and down. Her blonde hair gleamed in the moonlight. Paul couldn't see her face, so he didn't know what her expression was. He could see her tits, mature, swaying globes tugging downward as she bent to her task. The tips were sharp, conical, dark.

    Uncle Joe was gasping. His hands touched his wife's head gently, guided her. Her head bobbed slowly, up and down, up and down.

    Something about the sight got Paul's 1cock harder than ever. He was aware of the night air touching his naked body as he crouched on the roof outside his aunt's bedroom. He thought of what it had felt like to have his cock in his aunt, and then thought of what it must feel like to have her mouth around it. There was a hot, stinging, itching sensation and the tip of his cock suddenly felt cold, felt almost as if it was wet.

    Uncle Joe lifted Lil's head off his prick, and she

    looked up. Paul ducked down hastily, afraid he had been seen. Then, carefully, he peeked again when he realized he was invisible because of the angle of the curtain. Aunt Lil was smiling. Her lips were shining with spit. Uncle Joe's cock was gleaming with saliva. She was still holding it upright.

    She moved, straddled the man as Paul watched. Her crotch was wide open. She had hair there, too. Hers was a trim, pale patch. The light wasn't bright enough for Paul to tell what color it was. Blonde or red. Not very dark, anyway. Her tits were full and lush. Her nipples were dark cones at the ends of the soft mounds. Straddling Uncle Joe, she pointed his rigid cock into her crotch, and lowered herself onto it, slowly. It vanished into her like a magic act. That must have been where his cock had been, Paul reflected.

    She was doing the same thing with Uncle Joe that she had just done with him! Paul watched, sweat popping out on his forehead. Uncle Joe's big, strong hands clamped down on Lil's tits, and Paul dreamed how those warm, soft globes must feel. Aunt Lil sank lower, and Paul remembered how it had felt to have hot flesh wrapped around his throbbing cock. The expression on her face was a little like pain, but not exactly. She lifted, and Joe's stiff, shining prick emerged from her cunt. She lowered, and it vanished again. Her light bush tangled with Uncle Joe's black one.

    Leaning forward slightly, her hands braced on Uncle Joe's ribs, she bobbed her hips, pumped up and down on his monster shaft. Paul glanced down at his own cock, tried to gauge the difference in sizes. He felt dwarfed by his uncle's mature prick. No wonder Paul's cock had slid so easily into his aunt's opening, if she was used to having Uncle Joe's mammoth prick inserted there.

    Uncle Joe was panting harder and grunting softly. He had moved his hands from Aunt Lil's tits to her trim waist. He was guiding her as she raised and dropped on him. His hips bounced up off the bed, drove his cock up into her cunt as she came down on him. Their bodies met with an audible crash.

    Uncle Joe jammed up into her and arched, held his ass up off the bed. His stomach muscles were rigid and hard. His thighs quivered and shuddered with the strain. His ass cheeks clenched rhythmically, and Paul suddenly realized his uncle was doing the same thing that he had done earlier. The memory made Paul's cock twitch. He curled his fingers around his throbbing prick and watched the culmination of the fucking before him.

    Aunt Lil lay forward on top of her husband. Before her body touched Uncle Joe's, Paul had a brief glimpse of their pubic patches. They were, all stringy and matted. Creamy fluids flowed from the woman's stuffed cunt.

    "What got into you?" Uncle Joe asked as he stroked Lil's bare back.

    "I-I saw you lying there naked and I just couldn't resist. Paul-Paul had a nightmare again," she explained. "I went in to make sure he was all right, and when I came back I saw you."

    "And you woke me up," he finished. "Paul okay?"

    "He didn't really wake up," Aunt Lil answered.

    Paul was stunned. Why was she lying?

    "I, ah, hate to bring it up at this late date, but did you take any precautions?" Uncle Joe asked.

    Lil mumbled something, and shook her head. Paul was puzzled. Precautions against what?

    "I-I don't think I can get pregnant right now," Lil added nervously.

    "I sure as hell hope not," Uncle Joe retorted. "We're a bit old to be having a baby."

    "Thirty-five isn't old!" Lil snapped.

    "Just the same…"

    "Don't worry," she soothed. "I'll douche. Which reminds me, maybe you had better-ah-clue Paul in on the facts of life. He's getting to that age, you know."


    "You know how sheltered he was," Aunt Lil went on. "My sister wasn't exactly liberal about sex."

    "I always wondered how she managed to get pregnant," Joe observed.

    "I think Jacob finally resorted to rape. Anyway, will you talk with Paul?"

    "I wonder if the kid knows anything," Uncle Joe mused.

    "I doubt it. And I don't want him getting Jan pregnant."

    "But, if he doesn't know anything, he won't think of it, will he?"

    Aunt Lil nibbled awkwardly on her lower lip. "Even if he doesn't know anything now, he will soon."

    Paul was getting more and more puzzled. She knew how much he knew! They had just done it, the two of them. It didn't make sense.

    Suddenly Paul remembered his aunt had muttered something when she left him about getting pregnant. Now, if she did get pregnant, it could as easily be by him as by Uncle Joe.

    When his aunt got up and headed for the bathroom, Paul sidled back away from the window

    and headed for his own room. Outside his window, he paused. Ten feet down he could see Jan's window. Curiosity and restlessness made him continue cautiously along.

    He peered in her window. Her drapes were open, too. Evidently he was the only one who had worried about being seen and closed the drapes. When he thought about it, he felt stupid. There was no way anyone could see in, unless of course they climbed along the roof like he was doing!

    Paul looked into Jan's room, and his mouth went dry. She was sprawled out on her back. Moonlight poured over her. She was nude. The covers had been kicked aside. One leg was bent at the knee. The other was straight. One hand lay across her lower torso. The fingers just touched the hazy puff of her pubic bush. Her chest moved with her steady, even breathing. Her maturing tits were graceful, smooth mounds. Her nipples were so pale they were almost invisible.

    The sight of her graceful, relaxed nudity made Paul's heart hammer and his cock swell. He stared, amazed anything could be so incredibly beautiful. Her short blonde hair curled around her ears. Her perfect face was in complete repose. Her lips were parted slightly. Paul had the urge to slip into her room and plunge his aching cock into her invitingly open crotch. The thought made him groan softly.

    Jan moved, and Paul jerked back, afraid he had awakened her. When the creaking of the bed ceased, he risked another peek. She hadn't waken up, only turned, rolled to her side. She was facing away from him, cutting off his view of her clit and tits. Disappointed, he started to leave, when he noticed her ass. He paused. The smooth globes of her asscheeks had a sleek beauty and attractiveness that surprised him.

    It was amazing that that part of her body was as beautiful and arousing as her front was. Her legs were bent, making the roundness of her ass more pronounced. The dark crevice looked mysterious and inviting. For a long time, his cock throbbing, his body quivering with lust, he studied the different vision of womanhood.

    Then the sound of drapes being pulled made him jump and lurch and almost fall off the roof. Turning carefully, he crept back to his room, terrified he had been caught in the act. His door was closed, and the window screen was still unlatched. Apparently, the noise had come from his aunt's and uncle's room. Slipping into his room, he threw himself down on the bed. He tried to relax, but couldn't. He was all knotted up inside. The focus of his tension was his rigid prick. He thought of what he had seen his uncle and aunt doing, and curled his hand around his aching, rock-hard cock. He thought about his cousin's graceful young body, and the tension built still higher.

    He moved his hand on his cock, battling the memory of his mother saying that to touch himself down there was wrong. Stroking his erect prick brought increasing pleasure and the promise of relief from the tension. He thought of Jan, and his groin knotted, and hot stickiness stung his fingers. Lying on his back, he pumped his fist on his cock. The gooey oozings making a wet, sticky sound, he pumped his prick determinedly.

    He looked down at the dusky knob of his cock, saw his juices shining on his flesh, saw the slit at the tip. It was the first time in his life he had really looked at himself. He moved his hand up and down, up and down. Fascinated, he watched the skin of the shaft wrinkle and pull.

    He thought of his uncle's cock vanishing into Aunt Lil's gaping crotch, and another searing wave of cream oozed out and dribbled down over his fingers. He thought of his aunt's mouth engulfing his uncle's monster prick, and his balls knotted. His prostate ached.

    Lying on his back on his bed, Paul pumped his cock. This was the first time in his life he had deliberately used his hand to stimulate himself. It felt fantastic! His slender hips bounced and writhed on the bed as he clutched his blazing cock. He was getting closer and closer to the flash point. In moments he would be there! Fabulous relief would burst through him! A wonderful pulsing firestorm of pleasure would engulf him.

    It drew nearer, and nearer, with the inevitability of the first plunge of a roller coaster. There was an aching moment of anticipation as he hovered right on the brink. Then he plunged over. The cylinder in his fist jerked and jumped. His hips quivered, his ass cheeks knotted, and hot globs of jizm erupted, spattered his chest. He looked down as his cock lurched and pulsed. Gobs of pearly cum sprayed his belly, then thickened, became a heavy pulsating

    oozing, became too thick to shoot away from his cock. Instead, creamy blobs fell heavily from his cook and pooled on his flat belly, spilled into his brown pubic patch. His nose assailed by the thick, musky scent, he milked the last dribbles of pleasure from his prick.

    His hand felt hot and cold. He felt his cock shrinking. Intrigued by his outpourings, he licked his hand cautiously, tasted the flat saltiness. There was a stinging at the back of his throat when he swallowed. The taste was cloying and lingering, not unpleasant, but not one he particularly liked, either.

    He wondered if his aunt liked the taste of Uncle Joe's cock, and if it had ever spurted into her mouth. The thought brought a tremble of interest to his groin. It faded quickly. He felt his jizm drying itchy and cold on his stomach and reached for the sheet. Carefully, he wiped his belly clean, dabbed at his stringy pubic patch. Then he let the sheet fall.

    Wearily, he reviewed the events of the night. Aunt Lil had seemed horrified at what had happened between them. She also had gone out of her way to conceal it from Uncle Joe. Well, if that was the way she wanted it, that was all right with Paul.

    The bit about getting pregnant bothered him. What if she did get pregnant? It would be all his fault. Regret poured through Paul. His overactive conscience completely neglected the fact that he hadn't had the faintest notion what he was doing.

    He thought of Jan and his heart beat more quickly. He thought of her, in her room, nude-pure and beautiful and alluring. Between her room and his was the bathroom they shared. All he had to do was open his door, walk across the tile, hand open hers, and he would be in her room.

    – The thought slid through his mind as exhaustion finally overwhelmed his consciousness. For the first time in months his sleep wasn't haunted by the fire that killed his parents. He slept deeply and soundly.

    In the next room, Lil tossed restlessly beside her husband. Fear and guilt kept her awake for hours. Her aching desire for her nephew did nothing to ease her mind. It couldn't be, just couldn't be!

    Trying to move quietly, but uncertain why, Paul stepped out into the bright afternoon sunlight. His eyes focused on Jan's smooth back. She was sunbathing smack in the middle of the back yard. Behind him, the blank, dark windows of the empty house stared out.

    He admired her slender lines silently. He remembered how she had looked two nights before, nude on her bed, all satin skin and soft exciting hair. Now she was wearing her bathing suit. The knit bottom hugged her ass closely. A dent in the stretched fabric marked the separation between her ass cheeks. The strap of the bra was fastened, but the thin string that ran over her shoulders were undone.

    Her tan set off the golden blonde of her short hair. A faint dusting of platinum hairs marked the line of her spine, glittered over the graceful expanse of her back. Her cheek was cushioned on the backs of her hands, and her slender arms were sprinkled with pale hairs.

    "Hi," she greeted him. He jumped with surprise. He had thought she was asleep.

    "Uh, hi," he answered, awkwardly trying to keep his unreliable voice from cracking.

    "Whatcha doing?" she asked, still not opening her eyes.

    "Nothing," he answered. "Looking."

    "At what?" she asked.


    "Huh!" It was a snort of derision, as if looking at her was silly.

    "You're pretty," Paul observed honestly.

    "Think so?"

    "Uh-huh." He fidgeted nervously. "Do you mind?"

    "Mind what?"

    "Mind me looking at you?"

    "No. Just don't make a shadow on me."

    "I won't," he assured her, sitting down on the grass. "You have nice skin," he noted. "Could I touch it?"

    "If you'd like."

    Tentatively, he stroked her shoulder and upper arm with one finger. Her flesh was hot, and smooth, and dry. The crushing heat and humidity had been broken by thunderstorms the day before. Now the weather was perfect, warm but not oppressive. Even direct sunlight wasn't able to bring sweat out on her golden body. He noticed her underarms were very pale, and that fine, almost invisible hair curled there.

    Gently, he stroked his fingers over her back, brushed across her shoulder blades. Then he ran his fingers down her spine, skipped over her suit top, and continued down toward the swell of her ass.

    "That's nice," she purred.

    "You like it?"

    She sighed contentedly as he ran his fingertips over her smooth back. He felt his cock getting hard.

    "Don't you want to get a suntan?" she asked.

    "Huh?" He stroked the back of her neck, brushed the fine hairs there.

    "You never get out of your clothes. You must be pale as a ghost."

    "I don't have a suit," he protested, ashamed. That was another thing Aunt LII had neglected to buy him.

    "You have underpants, don't you?"


    "So, what's wrong with them?" she asked. "You've seen me in my underwear."

    He had, just the day before. He had seen more than that, but she didn't know it, of course. Just the sight of her in her bra and panties had made his cock stiffen sharply.

    "Come on, get comfortable," she urged.

    "You don't mind?"

    "Heck, no."

    "Well, okay," he said tensely, getting to his feet. Paul felt clumsy and awkward. His hands shook as he shed his t-shirt and Levi's. He sat down nervously. He bent his knees up to hide the thrust of his hard-on. The sun stung his pale shoulders. He resumed stroking her bare back and studied the curve of her lips. She was smiling.

    A timer dinged loudly in the still air. "Time for me to turn over," she announced.

    Paul jerked his hand away and she rolled to her back.

    "You can still touch me," she told him.

    A vision of her naked on her back, arms at her sides, flashed through his mind. He saw her tits as they had looked that night, and saw Uncle Joe's hands mashing and pressing Aunt Lil's big mounds.

    Paul's hand shuddered as he reached out and traced a delicate line halfway between her throat and the top of her suit. It had edged down a little, and showed the indentation between her tits, the gentle swell of the tops of her developing mounds.

    He traced the line of her collarbone. He moved lower, watched how her skin yielded to his gentle pressure. Her body tapered smoothly to her waist, then flared out again. The bottom half of her suit hugged her closely an inch below her navel. He studied how it pressed between her sleek, round thighs, molded closely to her flesh. He had little trouble visualizing her without the suit, thanks to the view he had gotten of her that night. He wondered about the color of her pubic hair.

    Shifting, he slid his hand over her stomach. Her gut sucked in when he touched her. Her legs squirmed sensuously, and her back arched. She worked her hands behind her back, and, as he watched in astonishment, the top of her suit came loose.

    "Touch my breasts," she purred.

    Paul did so hesitantly. He held his breath, afraid she would suddenly change her mind. He gripped the suit top and slowly pulled it again, hesitantly exposing the soft swelling of her bosom. There was a shading from tan to pale, a fullness, then round puckery nipples.

    Jan lay very still, her shoulders flat on the towel, her back arched slightly. There were beads of sweat on her upper lip.

    Paul blinked and stared at her bare tits. Shyly, he slid his fingertips over one soft mound. He was amazed at its softness. Her nipple was rubbery and hard. His fingers bumped over it. A shiver ran through her body from his gentle caress, so he repeated it.

    "I've let boys touch me before," Jan said. "And you're a member of the family now, so why not?"

    "You like it?" he asked stupidly, wishing he could think of something clever to say.

    "Of course I do."

    "Is it all right with your folks?" Paul stumbled

    on.He was still unsure what to call Aunt Lil and Uncle Joe.

    Jan shrugged. The motion made her tit shift excitingly under his hand. "They aren't home, and won't be for hours."

    Paul nodded. His cock was thrusting impatiently at his jockey briefs. He shifted, and the head poked through the fly. The sun felt very hot on the tip of his suddenly exposed cock.

    "Mmm, nice," Jan commented, eyeing his thrusting hard-on.

    Embarrassed, Paul tried to cover himself, but she stopped him. "No, don't," she insisted. "Could I touch it?"

    "If-you'd like," Paul stammered. He looked down at his cock as she curled her small hand around it. It dwarfed her tiny hand. She squeezed, and it ached deliciously.

    Paul slid his hand to her other tit. He pinched her pink nipple. He was amazed how hard it was, and how she writhed in response to the stimulation. He had a sudden urge to kiss her tits, and, bending over, closed his lips on one nubbin.

    She heaved her tit upward into his face, and her fist tightened painfully around his cock. Her entire body writhed sensuously as he sucked on her rubbery nipple. He tongued it, felt it bounce around. Without really thinking about it, he moved his hand, stroked it down her belly, down over the soft mound of her cunt, pressed her knit suit bottom. The fabric between her thighs felt moist

    and humid. He felt a hard arch of bone, and below that, a yielding depression which had to be where her hole was located.

    He was still sucking on her tit, and her fingers were massaging his hard cock. She writhed. Her hips pushed, twisted and rolled when he cupped his hand over her moist crotch.

    Then she released his cock, and he thought he had done something wrong. Then he felt her pulling frantically at the bottom half of her suit, dragging it down her hips, baring herself. The rough knit slid under his hand, and then he was cupping soft flesh and cushiony curling hair, and his finger slid into a slippery crevice between hot soft folds. Her legs kicked crazily and the last shred of her modesty went flying through the air.

    Then she pulled on his underpants. He struggled free of them, felt his cock drag painfully through the tight fly. Her hand-captured his prick again, as his finger probed her moist cuntal slit.

    His groin ached. He desperately wanted to complete the act. But he had no idea how she would react if he tried. Maybe this was as far as she would go. Maybe she would be willing to bring him off with her hand. He had no idea what to do. So, he kept probing and penetrating her hot cunt, kept probing her slippery rippled depths. He glanced at her face, hoping for a clue. She caught his eye, and rolled toward him hungrily.

    They met on their sides, awkwardly. His prick jabbed into her soft tummy. Their hands were caught between them. He hauled his hand out of her crotch, grabbed her waist and pulled her tight against him. Her hand guided his cock to her steaming slit, and he nuzzled it into her hot opening.

    "Wait!" she gasped when something blocked his path. "Okay, now, gently."

    He followed her instructions, managed to control his youthful impatience. Slowly, he entered her, and felt her tissues yield grudgingly as he penetrated her. This was no quick, easy, unexpected penetration of a mature woman. This was the hesitant, exploratory probing, of a virgin, tough he wasn't quite sure what a virgin was. All he knew for sure was that her opening was tight, exquisitely tight, and that she was holding him off, giving him access to her cunt very gradually. He pushed into her, pulled out a little ways, then pushed in farther, out, and then in still farther.

    As he got deeper, his instincts grew harder and harder to control, until at last he couldn't hold back any longer, and thrust the last third of his prick full depth into her velvety cunt. He paused, feeling the head of his cock pushing against the end of her pussy. His cock, was throbbing heavily, on the verge of spitting its load into her.

    "Awww," Jan whined. "Don't stop. Don't stop! Do me, do me!"

    Paul wasn't capable of anything else. He drew his cock out of her, then rammed it back in. Her tight, clinging cuntal walls stroked his prick to the flash point, and he began to cum, quickly and sharply, began pumping thick jizm into her cunt with shuddering jerks of his hips.

    Jan knotted up against him. She squirmed and writhed as he poured his load into her. She ground her pubic arch against his as she reached her own peak and quivered in the throes of an orgasm.

    Then their pleasure faded. She was all sweaty slippery skin against him as his cock retreated from her depths, leaving his jizm behind. They lay

    tangled in the hot sun for a long time. "Ooohh, Paul," Jan moaned.

    "I'm sory," he whispered. "I'm sorry." "What for?"

    "For-uh-doing you," he answered.

    "I was asking for it," she said bluntly. "It was your first time, wasn't it?"

    Paul was struck dumb for a moment, then lied quickly, "Uh, yeah."

    "Me, too," she informed him.

    "Really? How come me and not your boyfriend?" he asked.

    "I don't have a steady boyfriend," she answered. "Mom says I'm too young."

    "But you said you've let boys touch your tits," he pointed out.

    "Yeah, but they weren't boyfriends," she explained. "Just guys I happened to be out with."


    "I'm hot and sweaty," she announced. "Let's take a shower."


    They rotated under the cool spray, let the water wash the perspiration and cum from their young bodies. It gave Paul a chance to really study and admire her trim, perfect body. She had a youthful firmness and slenderness that appealed to him. Her tits were neat mounds, her pussy a patch of fine curling, reddish-blonde hair. It misted her slit but didn't hide it. She seemed equally fascinated by him, and ran soapy fingers over his cock and under his balls. He smeared her tits with thick lather.

    Paul realized suddenly how much fun it was to

    be naked. There wasn't any hassle to constantly keep his body hidden. Sleeping naked, and now this crazy, sexy session with his cousin, was making him enjoy nudity, and also making him aware of his own body. No longer was it something to be hidden. It was something to be exposed with pride.

    "You're beautiful," Jan noted as her fingers slid sensuously around his jutting cock.

    Paul felt his prick seeping juices. "So are you," he said as he cupped his fingers into her cunt,

    "You look good enough to eat," Jan groaned. He had just penetrated her pussy with his soapy finger.

    "Why don't you try?" Paul suggested, remembering how his aunt had sucked on her husband's towering cock.

    "Gets me all hot just thinking about it," Jan whispered tensely. "I feel like I did right before you put it into me."

    "Suck me," Paul ordered, pumping his finger in and out of her twat. The palm of his hand was massaging the curve of her pubis, scrubbing her fine strawberry-blonde hair. He trailed his slippery fingers up her body as she knelt in front of him. The jetting spray of the shower beat down on her head.

    Her eyes shut against the stinging stream of water; she groped blindly with her hands for his cock. Then, her mouth gaping like, a fish's, she groped for his prick with her lips. They closed around the bulbous head of his cock. Her tongue stroked and bathed his cock head. Paul's prick drooled into her mouth.

    Paul stared down at his cousin. Her hair was plastered down, and the water streamed over her closed eyes and shining cheeks. His eyes focused on

    where his towering hard-on stretched her lips, wedged her jaw downward, stuffed her hungry mouth. Below were her budding tits and their hard, alert nipples, ten her sleek thighs and the slit of her cunt. Her reddish-blonde curls were plastered flat against the pouting cunt lips.

    Holding the base of his cock with her fingers, she pushed her head forward, spiked her face on his shaft. He felt his prick slide along her tongue, clear to the back of her mouth. Then her body knotted and she retreated as she gagged on his massive prick. Reaching down, he stroked her hair. He loved the feel of her skull under his fingers. He guided her, moved her head away, then drew it back toward him. He gripped her ears, and took full control of her motions. There was no resistance to his urgings.

    He saw that she had her fingers in her cunt as she ate his cock. With her free hand, she was combing the twisting strands of her bush, pressing the soft flesh of her pussy lips. Then she slid a finger into her cunt and finger-fucked herself slowly, in time with the motions of her head on his cock.

    The aching knot of anticipation growing in his guts, Paul moved her head back and forth. He watched half his cock vanish into her mouth, then reappear. Her eyes were still shut. Her face twisted into a grimace of carnal pleasure, she drew on his cock. She stroked the underside of his prick with her tongue. Her cheeks caved in as she drew blood to the already distended tip of his tool. It tingled excitingly.

    Paul wondered if she was going to take his cum into her mouth. The idea made his nuts tighten, his cock pulse hotly. He wondered if she knew what a

    man did when it happened. Probably she had never seen a man cum, spurt jizm into the air.

    The shower water drumming down on them, Jan continued to mouth his cock. Her sucking edged him closer and closer to the firing point. The hot pod in his groin built with every stroke of her tongue.

    His hips began to move, began pumping forward and back in oppositi6n to the motion of her head. He jammed his cock into her as he dragged her head toward him. She accepted his thrusts, only occasionally gagging convulsively. Her tits quivered and trembled. She had two fingers-no, three jammed into her cunt as she sucked his cock.

    He was going to do it. He felt his balls lighten up, draw up into his crotch, try to get closer to the scene of the action. His ass cheeks knotted as he thrust deep into her throat. His cock jerked and erupted and a thick, searing gob of jizm blasted down her throat.

    She took it. She took it willingly, eagerly. When she swallowed, her tongue rubbed his cock, and made his next shot into her even harder. Then he was spurting thick and powerfully, pouring his load of cum into her mouth. Her swallowing massaged his cock and milked ever heavier waves of creamy fluid from him. He held onto her head tightly, thrust his hips forward, and poured his load into her. He watched her face. It was twisted with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

    Then, as his spoutings began to decline, she started to struggle against his grasp, and he realized she couldn't breathe because his cock was stuffing her throat. He let her pull back a little. Her nostrils flared as she desperately sucked in air. His prick lay on her tongue, jerking and heaving as it unloaded its last sticky dribbles. She swallowed and swallowed, then at last spat his prick out. The last tentative trickle of cum' emerged from the slit, and trailed down her chin, mingled with the tower water and was washed away.

    Tipping her head back, she let the water pour into her mouth. She rinsed away the last of his cum, and swallowed. Then she drew her hand out of her cunt and washed it, too, and struggled to her feet. Both totally exhausted by the experience, they clung together. Then she rose up on her tiptoes and kissed him, on the lips. It was the first time she had given him anything but a cousinly peck. He tasted his own cum on her breath.

    "Let's get out of here before we get all wrinkly," she said finally.


    Bumping and jostling in the small bathroom, they dried each other briskly with the big towels. Then, lifting one foot to the seat of the toilet, exposing her cunt to him unselfconsciously, Jan powdered her pussy.

    Then, both still naked, they went back out into the sunshine, and sprawled out on the ground.

    "What if you get pregnant?" Paul asked nervously.

    "I can't get pregnant right now," Jan replied calmly.

    "You can't?"

    "I just had my period," Jan explained. "It's my safe time."

    "Your period? Safe time?" Paul had never heard either term before.

    "You don't know anything at all, do you?" Jan observed.

    "I'm doing all right," Paul said defensively.

    "But you don't know what a woman's period is," Jan retorted.

    "Well, no," Paul admitted.

    Tediously, Jan explained a woman's cycle. Paul had the feeling she was quoting something she had read. Then she explained what safe days were.

    "All the other times you can get pregnant, right?"

    "Unless I go on the pill or you use a rubber or I get a diaphragm," Jan answered, hitting him with another series of unfamiliar terms.

    Unwilling to admit to any more ignorance, Paul muttered, "Oh," and left it at that.

    "So, if we're going to keep doing it, we'll have to do something," Jan pointed out.

    "Yeah." Paul hadn't really thought about doing it again, but he realized that they would. "What should we do?"

    "Well," Jan mused, "the pill is best, safest. It would be hard for you to buy rubbers, and a diaphragm is inconvenient. So, I'll get some pills."

    "That's good." Paul was relieved he didn't have to do anything.

    Unnoticed by either of them, a face appeared at the kitchen window. Lil felt woozy, and thought for a moment that she was going to faint. They were lying nude in the sun! Her mind leaped immediately to the obvious conclusion that they had been making love, then discarded it as unlikely. After all, Paul was only a teen, and so was Jan. They wouldn't know how to go about it.

    Then she remembered Paul was fully capable of driving that gorgeous cock of his deep into a woman's cunt and depositing a load of cum, and her guts tightened with lust. Jealousy flared through her at the idea that her daughter might have had

    Paul, too. Then the craziness of that thought slashed through her and she shuddered. God, what she had already done was incest, and here she was treating Paul as if he were her mate, instead of her nephew, and less than half her age.

    Lil tried to force herself away from the window, but couldn't. She just couldn't take her eyes off the two naked teenagers. The mist of hair at Jan's groin looked like spun gold. Paul's limp cock gleamed like ivory. They looked so damn sweet and innocent and beautiful it made her hurt. Maybe they were innocent. Paul didn't even have a hard-on. Apparently being naked with a girl wasn't arousing for him.

    But the sight of Paul's nudity was arousing Lil, and she didn't know what to do about it. The surge of lust she felt at the sight of him was frightening. She wanted desperately to go out and bring his flaccid cock to full arousal and then spike herself on it, drive it straight up into her aching cunt. Her dead sister's son, and she wanted him so desperately it hurt. She dragged herself away from the window and wandered through the house, her mind a turmoil. She had the feeling she should do something to break up the tableau in the back yard, but didn't trust herself to come too close to her naked nephew. Blindly, she bumbled out the front door and got into the car and drove away. The car wove and lurched crazily.

    In the yard, Paul was examining Jan's cunt at close range. He was lying on his stomach between her spread legs, his head braced up on his elbows. He spread her cunt lips, exposed the shining pink inner petals of her pussy. Slowly, drawn by her tantalizing aroma, he lowered his face to her cunt and licked her slippery folds. He felt her juicy

    tissues slide and squirm away from his tongue. He drove it deep into her cuntal opening. Her hands clamped onto his head. He pushed his nose into her seething crotch. Her hips heaved and shuddered from the stimulation.

    Jan grunted as she was devoured by her cousin. He heard her moaning like an animal as he pressed his face, his nose, his cheeks and chin into her hot cunt. He thrust his tongue deep into her streaming hole. He worked his jaw and lips in her moist folds. Her juices streamed over his cheeks and into his mouth. It seemed only fair after what she had done in the shower. It seemed the natural thing to do. It was also making his cock harden. Finally he had to shift to get more comfortable. Rising to his knees, keeping his face pressed into Jan's crotch, he reached back and began masturbating his rigid cock as he ate her cunt.

    Jan's grip on his hair tightened, and she twisted, dragged his mouth up from her cunt. His lips found a squirmy little nubbin. Her hips heaved wildly when he licked it. Figuring this was what she wanted, Paul closed his lips on the slippery protuberance and sucked hard on it, then pressed it with his tongue. He was rewarded by a crazy thrashing. Her legs kicked around him, her thighs clamped down on his ears.

    "Aw God!" she wailed. "Aw God! Aw God!"

    As she thrust upward, jamming her pussy into his face, his cock began to pump in his hand. Me could feel the thick jettings of jizm bursting from his tool, spilling to the grass as he brought Jan off with his mouth.

    The sun blazed down on his back as he slumped weakly forward, resting his cheek on Jan's soft tummy. He wondered if Aunt Lil had ever experienced anything like Jan just had.

    Maybe the next time he had that nightmare and she came in to soothe him he could do it for her. It was one way he could thank her for everything she had done.

    Lil drove wildly. She was so distracted and distraught she didn't notice the guy stepping off the curb until it was almost too late. The car screeched to a halt half sideways as he leaped back out of the way. For a moment, Lil sat there, shaking, shuddering in reaction to what, had happened at home, and what had almost happened just now, as a result.

    "You okay, Mrs. Palmer?" the boy asked, peering in the window.

    Lil tried to control her shaking. "I'm okay, Kenny. I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention to my driving."

    "Better be more careful, Mrs. Palmer. Someone might get hurt nest time. That was a close call."

    "I know," she answered sharply. Then she softened her tone. "Where were you headed? Can I give you a ride anywhere?"

    "Aw, gee thanks. That's all right. I was going out to the stable to do some riding. It must be way out of your way. I'll walk over to Main Street and stick out my thumb."

    Lil shook her head. "Climb in. The least I can do after almost running you over is give you a lift. Besides, it's dangerous to hitchhike!"

    "Well, okay," the teenager answered. "Gee, I appreciate it." He slid into the passenger seat and closed the door. "More than once I've had oa jump out of a car because of some weirdo."

    Lil pulled away from the curb cautiously.

    "I guess it can work both ways," Ken continued. "I mean, a woman like you shouldn't pick up hitchhikers, either."

    "But I know you," she pointed out carefully.

    "Yeah, but a nice-looking woman like you can interest, even a square like me."

    The remark did nothing to steady Lil's insides, which were still churning with suppressed lust from seeing Paul and Jan naked in the back yard. "Do you have to make an appointment at the stable this time of year?" she asked.

    "Naw, I can get there any time and they'll have some old nag for me," Ken answered.

    Lii had a sudden urge to do something she hadn't done in years. "Do you suppose I could get a home?"

    Ken looked startled. "Do you ride?"

    "I used to. It's been a while, so I'd need a gentle one."

    Ken snorted. "All they have is gentle ones, they all have two speeds, slow and stop."

    "Sounds just my style," Lil said, smiling. She remembered how, when a teenager, she had enjoyed the easy rhythm of a horse between her legs, the creak of saddle leather and the jingle of a harness. It would be just the thing to settle her frayed nerves. She turned in at the stable and parked the car.

    Fortunately, there were homes available for both of them. Ken leading the way, they started down the trail into the State Park.

    Within minutes she remembered something else she had liked about riding a horse. The steady

    rolling motion under her ass was increasing her already simmering lust. The sounds and smells of the ride all combined to remind her of the orgasms she had experienced as a girl. She had leaned forward and rubbed her cunt against the shifting, rolling saddle.

    "Beautiful, isn't it?" Ken asked, breaking into her reverie.

    "Oh, yes." She was shaken and embarrassed by the moistness in her crotch and was worried he was aware of her arousal. "Hot, though."

    "Yeah," he agreed.

    She was suddenly intensely aware of him as a male. Her lust for her nephew suddenly transferred to Ken and a hot flare of desire blazed up through her. She tried to fight it down, but the motion of the ride made it impossible. The easy swaying of the horse rubbed her ass, stroked her thighs and legs, pulled on her cunt until shudders of lust were making her squirm in the saddle.

    "You okay?" Ken asked. "Your clothes aren't exactly right for riding. You'll get some mean saddle sores if you aren't careful."

    Lil realized she was starting to get one on her left thigh. "Maybe we'd better pull up and rest for a little," she suggested, hoping, too, that stopping would ease the hunger in her cunt.

    "There's a nice spot down this way," Ken noted, turning off and leading the way through the trees.

    For a second, Lil felt a twinge of concern at leaving the main path. Then she clucked at her horse and turned him to follow Ken. She had to bend over to avoid a low branch as she left the path. The homes picked their way down a steep bank, and suddenly they emerged into bright sunlight. In front of them was a pond a couple of hundred yards in diameter.

    As she gazed around, amazed, Ken dismounted and tied his reins to a tree. After tying Lil's horse, he helped her down. The touch of his hands on her waist made her lust flare sharply.

    "It's beautiful," she observed.

    "That's because nobody but me knows about it," Ken announced. "My horse was spooked once by a rabbit, and we wound up down here."

    Lil looked at the steep bank. "Must have been a wild ride." She wiped the sweat off her forehead and was suddenly conscious of the complete stillness of the air. The absolute isolation and privacy of the spot struck her and sexual desire flared in her guts.

    "Hot days I swim here," Ken said. "The pond's real clean. Stream fed."

    Lil tried to stop herself, but couldn't. She knew she was lost the moment the idea came to her. "Let's," she said, her voice catching in her throat.

    "Huh?" Ken's eyebrows shot up.

    "Let's go swimming." Lil began to unbutton her shirt. The excitement in her guts was pulsing crazily.

    "B-but we don't have suits," Ken stammered.

    Lil stripped her shirt off and let it drop. She was searingly aware of the guy's eyes on her bra-covered fits. "We'll go skinny dipping, silly," she said as she unfastened her slacks, and toed off her loafers. She ran the slacks down her legs and stepped out of them.

    "Come on," she urged as she shook the wrinkles out of her pants and laid them neatly on the grass. She felt the air on her bare legs and midriff, the hardness of her nipples in her bra, the flutter of excitement in her tummy as she stood there in her underwear. The moisture was drying coldly in her crotch.

    "Uh, y-yeah," Ken stuttered. He started to turn his back as he took off his shirt, then got control of himself and kept on facing her. His deeply tanned body was more muscular than Paul's. As he reached for his belt, Lil twisted her arms behind her back to unhook her bra.

    She let it drop away from her tits, and saw Ken's eyes widen when he saw her naked boobs. Her nipples ached with excitement as the hot sun stung her pale flesh.

    For a moment, Ken froze. His belt half undone, he stood there and stared at her. Then he shook himself, and managed to unzip his fly and wrestle his pants down. His underpants were strained by the jutting pole of his cock. He staggered as he stepped out of his jeans. He kept his eyes on Lil the whole time.

    Just as he straightened up, and kicked his feet free of his pants, Lil hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pushed them down her thighs. When she stepped free, she purposely gave Ken a fleeting glimpse of her red-bushed pussy. Her insides were quivering like jelly from his blatant admiration. Then, she turned and dashed for the water. She felt his eyes on her jiggling ass. Then cold water closed around her as she flopped forward.

    Instantly, she was chilled by the cool water. The sweat was washed away, and the lust in her belly felt hotter because of the loss. She swam a few strokes out from the shore, then turned and lowered her feet cautiously to the bottom. Relieved to find rock instead of the slimy ooze she expected, she stood. The water was waist-deep. Her tits were warmed by the sun and Ken's hungry gaze. He still had his underpants on. His cock looked like the main mast of a circus tent.

    "Come on in," she urged, beckoning with one arm. She knew the motion made her tits shift and move excitingly. "Come on, don't be shy!"

    Ken pushed his underpants down and exposed his towering, ivory-shafted cock. It thrust out from his brown pubic patch. Off balance, he stumbled out of his underpants, then ran straight toward her, his cock bobbing and heaving like the bowsprit of a ship in a storm. In an explosion of spray, he dove into the water and swam right toward her. At the last moment he turned aside, as if he had changed his mind, and had decided not to grab her. He ducked under for a moment, then was standing beside her on the rock. He had trouble keeping his eyes off her tits. They were glittering with droplets of water, and her nipples were stiff and alert and aroused.

    Lil straightened her back a little more and lifted her chin. She looked at him as he looked at her. "Well?"

    "You're beautiful," Ken moaned. The words had been dragged out of him.

    "Thank you," she said politely. Her guts tightened still more. "So are you," she said, reaching for him below the surface of the water. Her fingers touched his rigid cock, curled around its hot length. His face went white, then pink.

    Hesitantly, he lifted one hand and reached for her tits. His warm fingers curled around one soft globe. Lil struggled to keep her eyes open and on his face as passion flowed through her. His thumb brushed across the alert tip of her nipple, making her cunt clench. He lifted her tit tenderly. He

    licked his lips, and beads of sweat popped out on his forehead.

    With a soft whimper, he leaned forward, and his lips captured the tip of her fit. His tongue scraped her nipple to fire as he sucked on it.

    Lil's eyes closed. She curled her arm around the boy's head and held him to her bosom. The fingers of her other hand played a wild tune on the steely length of his cock. She felt hot juices from her cunt push the cool water away from her pussy.

    When he stopped at last to get a breath of air, she took control, turned them toward the shore. Her arm was around his waist, her fingers were still caressing the shaft of his cock. She felt his hairy thigh rubbing against her as they walked out of the pond. She turned to face him and they kissed. Two bodies pressed together, one strong and hard and youthfully masculine, the other soft and yielding and mature and womanly. The sunlight glittered on the drops of water dotting their flesh.

    Lil spread her thighs and trapped one of Ken's strong legs, then pressed her cunt against him. Her tits ached as they squashed against his strong chest. His cock felt like a red-hot rolling pin against her belly. He was huge, bigger even than Joe. Her cunt ached to have that monster prick driven into it.

    Breaking free of the kiss, Lil lay down on the ground and spread herself in invitation. His eyes raked over her.

    "I-I've never done it," Ken stammered.

    Lil stretched out her arms hr invitation. "It's easy. I'll show you." All she could see was that great towering hard-on of his. She let one knee sag out so the heart of her cunt was exposed. Then she spread her thighs wide and felt the air cool her distended, excited cunt lips. She writhed, she was

    so desperate to have his throbbing cock in her. "Come on," she said.

    Ken lowered himself onto her gently, afraid of crushing her with his weight. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him to her. She felt her tits mash between them, felt her ribs bend from his weight. His cock stroked her cunt and his hips heaved. Blindly, the tip of his cock stabbed her cunt lips, seeking her opening. Lil squirmed in an effort to get him in, then reached down and guided his prick with her fingers. She wedged his cock between her pussy lips, pressed it into her inner folds of flesh and nuzzled it into the entrance to her cunt. Ken pushed hard, causing a stab of pain that made her flinch.

    "Gently," she moaned. "Gently."

    He eased up, then stroked his mammoth cock into her. She felt the walls of her cunt spreading to accept his bulk. He pounded his prick into her like he was driving a railroad spike into soft pine. She spread her thighs wide and took his cock straight up into her body. She felt his moves quicken and braced herself for his final thrust. It was too much to hope that his first time he would last long enough to satisfy her, too. That would come later. Right now, she had his massive cock in her, and that was thrill enough.

    She felt his final thrust, felt his prick slam against the end of her cunt, felt her clit being squashed, felt his cock swell and pulse. She felt his jism splash into her cunt-quick sharp spatters of searing fluid that lifted her to the brink of her orgasm. She hung there, close to satisfaction, yet unable to reach it. She clenched her cunt around his spurting cock to increase his pleasure, and hung on.

    With a final shuddering heave, Ken unloaded the last of his cum deep into her gripping mint, then became a dead weight on her.

    "Sshhh," she soothed, running her fingers through his hair. "It's all right. It's all right."

    "You-didn't did you?" he asked awkwardly.

    "No, I didn't," she acknowledged. "Not yet."

    She fingered his limp, sticky cock. "There's a lot more life in there. Don't worry. Let's go cool off."

    Politely, he helped her to her feet and they walked to the pond hand in hand. Thigh-deep, they paused. Lil scooped handfuls of water over his body, washed the sweat off him. Then she concentrated on his cock, bathed it, stroked it with her fingertips. She was amazed at the way it hardened just from her casual stimulation.

    His hands came up and cupped her tits, squeezed, tested their softness. "Your breasts are beautiful," he said.

    "Thank you." Lil wondered if she was going mad. A happily married woman, she was standing naked in a pond with a guy who had dated her daughter, and was rousing his cock for a second plunge into her body. Perhaps it was madness. But it was one way of dealing with the incestuous lust she felt for her nephew. And she wasn't about to stop now, not when the hunger in her cunt was burning as bright as a star. She felt the first load of the youth's cum running down her thighs and into the cool water,

    "Come on," she urged, leading him back toward the shore. She guided him to a big rock, and made him sit down on it, and stood in front of him. Slowly, she knelt, spread his legs, and moved in between them. She leaned forward, over his half-hard cock, and took it into her mouth.


    The first touch of her ups and tongue brought a surge of blood into the massive shaft, and it thrust deeper into her mouth. She bathed the cock head with her tongue, tasted his hot seepings at the back of her throat.

    She felt Ken lean back on his hands. She glanced up. He was watching her suck his cock. She shifted to give him the best possible view. Let him see her degrade herself, let him see her engulfing his monster cock with her lips, let him see her bring him to full arousal. His enormous bulk jammed her jaws wide. She was taking his prick clear to the back of her tongue. She fondled his balls as she sucked his steaming prick. Another hot wave of juice flooded down her throat.

    She wasn't going to bring him off this way. She had another hole she wanted crammed with his cock. And this time he would last until she came. Now, his youthful vigor blunted by the first encounter, he would have the staying power to scratch her unbearable itch.

    Getting to her feet, she swung her leg over him just the way she had over her horse. She prepared to gore herself on the saddle horn of his cock. He lay back on the rock as she positioned her gaping cunt over his towering hard-on. She aimed his cock up into her snatch and spiked herself on it.

    This was the way she loved it. She loved to be totally in charge of it, to be able to regulate the penetration of her body. She was able to get a cock deeper into her cunt in this position than in any other. She lowered herself with a slow pumping motion, in order to save herself pain, and to torment herself.

    After long, agonizing moments, she settled firmly in the saddle. Her cunt was being stretched lengthwise and crosswise by his monster cock. She sat up very straight as if the shaft in her cunt went clear up through her entire body. The sun beat down on her naked fits. She froze from the pleasure of being so incredibly crammed with cock.

    Ken reached up and grasped her thrusting globes. His fingers sank into her with a cruelty that surprised and pleased her. She shuddered as he bruised her tits with his strong hands.

    Then, keeping her back straight, she leaned forward against his pressing palms. She felt his cock lever forward in her cunt. Then, bracing her hands on his ribs, she began to flick herself on his thrusting prick. She lifted up slowly and felt his rippled cock slide out of her, tug her velvet glove of flesh outward. Then she lowered herself, and his marvelous cock jammed deep into her again, stuffing and stretching her cunt.

    Ken was sweating. His teeth flashed as he let her spear herself on his prick. He pinched and rolled her tits, twisted the full masses until they were all red and splotchy. A rivulet of sweat began at the base of her throat and trickled down between her tits.

    Lil continued to fuck herself on the teenager's iron-hard cock. The water around her feet and ankles was icy in contrast to the blazing sun and the still, hot afternoon air. The only other cool spot on her was high on the insides of her thighs where sex juices were drying.

    Her insides were getting hotter and hotter and hotter. The friction between cunt and cock was going to cremate her. His prick seared along the walls of her cunt. And the percussion cap of her clit was detonated every time her pubic arch crashed down on his. It sent out sparkles of pleasure which mingled with the roaring flames of her lust.

    "Going to cum," she panted hoarsely. "Going to cum!"

    "Me, too!" he grunted.

    "Together now," she urged. "Together now! I'm going to cum! Cum with me! Cum with me! Cum with me! CUM WITH ME!" It was not so much a shout as it was an explosion, as all the muscles in her body tensed, held her tight in the grip of her orgasm.

    The cock in her cunt heaved and erupted. Her cuntal walls knotted and convulsed around the jetting prick. She felt his cum pressure back along his cock the fit was so tight. Her orgasm flared still higher and her surroundings vanished in a glaring haze of ecstasy. Overflow cum spilled out, formed a sticky paste between their sweaty, straining groins.

    Her body gave a final convulsive shudder, her orgasm knotted more tightly. Then all the strength drained from her. With a contented sigh she leaned forward. Her cunt quivering and relaxed, she let his cock retreat from her glutted hole.

    The two of them lay in the sun for a few minutes. Then, with a powerful heave, he tumbled them off the rock. The cold water was the perfect ending. Lil trashed around for a moment, washed the sweat and cum off.

    As the glow of carnal satisfaction began to fade, she started to feel guilty about what she had just done.

    Obviously, she was mad. That was the only explanation. It was also the only explanation that would let her live with herself. She had to be mad to have deliberately seduced a male young enough to be her son.

    She knew that when she had suggested going on the ride with him she had had the seduction in mind. It had been done with all the cunning of the mad, with the skilled premeditation of insanity. It was the same as the madness that led a sniper to pick up a rifle, climb to the top of a tall building, and slaughter innocent people below. She had slaughtered the youthful innocence of the boy beside her.

    Of course, if she was mad, she could do as she damn well pleased. After all, if she was mad, she wasn't responsible for her actions. So it didn't matter what she did. It didn't matter at all.

    Her horse whinnied softly and tossed his head. She glanced over at him. His rich brown coat gleamed like polished mahogany.

    With an easy grace, Lil rolled to her feet and walked out of the water.. Without a second thought, she was yielding to the crazy impulse that had struck her. Untying the reins, she swung up into the saddle. She felt the blistering hot leather against her bare ass. Her cunt gaped open, and straddled the hard saddle. She hooked her bare feet into the stirrups, and clucked him into motion. She hit him with her heels and he broke into a trot that made her fits jiggle and bounce. She headed around the pond. She felt Ken's wondering eyes on her naked tits as he rode away.

    When they left the stable, her horse had been so placid she had had to kick him to get him to do anything but walk. Now, for some reason, he had changed. A nudge with her heels and he speeded up, began cantering gracefully. His body moved under hers with powerful grace. She rode easily, and felt her lust rising like a hot tide. As a teenager she had always wanted to ride naked in the sun, but had never had the nerve.

    Now, she was a crazy mad woman, and there was no reason why she shouldn't.

    She spurred the home to a gallop. He thundered around the pond, his hooves drumming on the hard grass, clattering over the occasional patches of rock. Her tits bounced and shivered in the hot sun. Her thighs clutched the smooth leather of the saddle. Between her knees his rough coat was rubbing her flesh raw. She loved it.

    Another gentle nudge, and her horse began to go even faster. Ken was standing knee-deep in the water, watching. His cock was half-erect. Lil leaned forward on her horse's neck and clucked in the ear. His legs stretched powerfully, pounded her cunt against the saddle. His mane flew in her face, whipped her cheeks. Her own hair fluttered in the wind. Her tits shivered and jerked, rubbed against the horse's neck. Her nipples burned hotly.

    As she rode around the pond, her lust flared higher and higher. Her cunt was rubbing against the hard pommel. She was being ravaged by crazy hot fires. Her tits ached. Her legs were being rubbed raw. Her back was being seared by the blazing sun. It all came together into a monstrous flaming orgasm that blew her mind.

    Her body knotted. She hauled back on the reins instinctively, cruelly jerking the stampeding horse to a halt near Ken. The stallion set his legs. His hooves bit deep into the earth, and he skidded to a stop. Clods of dirt flew, and still the cruel bit dragged into his mouth. Finally, he went up on his hind legs. Pawing the air with his forefeet, he shook his head to rid himself of the torment.

    Lil clung to his back like a leech. Her orgasm was at a glittering peak, she trembled with terror.

    For a long, shuddering moment they were locked together, the rearing stallion and the quivering, naked woman clinging to his back. Then her grip on the reins eased, and the horse dropped down. Shakily, the huge animal walked out to the pond and bowed his head to drink. Lil released the reins and rolled from the saddle. Ken caught her, then eased her into the cool, refreshing water. He looked at her with wonder, admiration, and desire. Sweeping her up in his arms, he carried her to the shallow water, and lowered her into it. Then he was on her, in her, cramming her cunt with the enormous bulk of his cock.

    Numbed and exhausted by her experience on the home, Lil lay there inertly, taking his thrusts. His cock pistoned in her paralyzed pussy, his thighs rubbed against her saddle sores as he humped and humped and humped into her.

    Quickly, he kicked himself to a powerful, spurting orgasm. Lil felt his jism filling her already glutted cunt. Excess cum spilled into the water as his body shuddered against hers.

    "Jesus!" Ken sighed. He rolled off her and his cock slid free. Standing up, he helped her to her feet, then waded deeper and hurled himself into the water.

    They returned to the shore and let the sun dry them. They were empty, so found nothing erotic in the other's nakedness. Ken looked a million years older than he had when he had ridden down to the pond.

    They dressed silently and, remounted their homes. After drinking, Lil's had been grazing peacefully in the shade. LII winced against the shooting pain from her saddle sores. She was gad all the energy had been run out of her horse.

    He was as content as she was to walk slowly back to the stable.

    Back in the car, Lil hesitated before starting the motor. "Ken, I don't know what got into me. It won't ever happen again."

    Ken stared straight ahead. His face was set. He nodded.

    "I'll have to trust you to keep quiet about this," LII went on.

    Ken looked at her, stunned. "I could never tell about this. It's too-too special. I don't talk the way some guys do. But I'll remember it. Forever."

    "Thank you," Lil whispered. "So will I."

    She started the car and drove away.

    Lying on her back in the sun, Jan thought about what she and her cousin had done the day before. She rubbed her legs together sensuously as she thought about his hands touching her naked body. When she remembered his lips sucking on her pink nipples, they hardened inside her suit top until they hurt.

    The sun was so hot it stung. She shut her eyes, and the world became a blaze of orange. The sounds around her-lazy bird songs and the rustle of leaves-were clear and loud. She was aware of the gentle breeze drying the sweat on her ribs.

    She remembered Paul's cock, too. All pale-shafted, purple-capped. It had gleamed in the sunlight. It had felt as hard as steel, and searing hot as she had pumped it in her dainty hand. And his hot, hard finger had drilled deep into her cunt. His hand had crushed down on her cunt as her hips had heaved eagerly.

    The memories brought a hot, sticky flood from Jan's pussy. Her juices stained the tight crotch of her suit. She rolled her head slowly from side to side, writhed languorously, relived the session with Paul. Slowly and shyly, she slid her hand under one bra cup, tantalized her aching tit. The suit top was too tight, so she had to squirm awkwardly. Impatiently, she pushed the cup down and bared her tit. She felt the sun strike her pale flesh like a firebrand. She pinched her nipple, then rolled it, remembering how Paul had tormented the tender bud.

    She wished he wasn't out today. She was alone. If he had been there, they could have done it again. She was aching to feel his marvelous cock stuffing her cunt, or her mouth, then jet it's steaming hot cum into her. She was dying to feel the pulsating flames of orgasmic pleasure roar through her again.

    Wrestling the other bra cup down, she exposed both fits to the burning sun, then fondled them with both hands. Her skin felt satin smooth under her sensitive palms. Her nipples felt like hard knots. She rubbed her thighs together, and the aching wetness in her crotch grew. Her hips rolling and shifting restlessly, her tummy muscles fluttered with excitement. She delayed reaching down to probe her steaming cunt.

    Then she couldn't resist it any longer. Tearing her hands away from her swollen tits, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her suit, and dragged it down. Bending her legs, she stripped off her suit and kicked it away. The motion momentarily exposed the heart of her cunt to the air and she felt her juices drying on her aroused tissues. Arching her back, she unhooked the suit top and threw it aside. She was nude in the blazing sun. Spreading her legs wide, she reached for her pussy, stroked the delicately furred flesh. Her cunt lips opened slightly, and air drilled into her nerve-packed crevice, making her gasp. The touch of one finger against her clit forced a moan out of her. She probed a finger deep into her slippery hole, which made her ache even worse for the marvelous bulk of Paul's cock.

    A shadow fell across Jan's face. Her eyes snapped open and she squinted up against the searing glare of the sun, trying to see who was standing over her, Naked and defenseless, she was terrified when she saw a man looming over her.

    "Jan!" he groaned.


    "My God, you're beautiful," he moaned, his hands opening and closing convulsively.

    Jan rolled over and got to her knees. Pleased by his admiration, she posed prettily. "Do you really think so?"

    "Gorgeous." His eyes raked over her naked body. She noticed his eyes lingered on the gentle swellings of her tits, the golden patch of her cunt. Her own eyes fastened on the huge bulge in his trousers. She licked her lips.

    "I'll bet you're pretty, too," she observed.

    "No," he blurted, taking a step backward.

    "Now, Daddy, be fair," she insisted, reaching for his belt. "We've seen each other naked before."

    "Not in years. And not like this," he protested, without trying to stop her.

    She was already dragging his pants down around his ankles to hobble him. His cock was a huge tower. It thrust out from his thick black patch of hair. The bulb of it throbbed as she feasted her eyes on it. Her mouth was watering. Grasping his cock by the base, she engulfed it abruptly with her mouth, tasted her father's hot juices.

    One stroke of her tongue and her mouth was flooded with hot, salty seepings. She sucked, felt his cock swell still more, felt still more fluid flood her throat. She pushed her head forward. His rubbery cock head bumped the roof of her mouth, pressed against the back of her tongue. She leaned

    against him. Her guts knotted as she gagged on the monster mass of meat. She backed away a little.

    "Oh, baby," her father groaned. His hands were on her head, brushing her shining blonde hair.

    She knew he was staring down at her, knew that he was unable to back away now, no matter how much he might want to. Jan drew on his cock again, cupped his massive balls in one hand. He was monstrous, much larger than Paul. Her cunt ached to have his cock in its steaming wet depths. But that would come later. Right now, this was the way to have him, to keep him, to show him her love.

    Jan sucked on her father's towering cock with youthful abandon. His bulk jammed her jaws wide open. She fought to keep her teeth from nicking his sensitive flesh. His cock drove to the back of her mouth, corked her throat for a moment, flooded her with another thick wave. She pulled back enough to swallow. Her tongue massaged the underside of his cock near the glans. She felt his balls tense up, then ease downward slowly, reluctantly.

    "No, baby, no," Joe groaned as he thrust his cock into her face.

    Jan sucked harder, let her father's cock slam down her throat. She welcomed the bruising drive. Her cunt was streaming as she drew on the meat glutting her mouth. Her pussy was drooling with hunger for the cock in her mouth. She let her cunt cry, let it anticipate the eventual trust of her father's cock into it. At the moment she was savoring the feel of him in her mouth.

    His hands gripped her head, and for a moment she thought he was going to push her away. He didn't. He pulled her toward him and drove his

    cock to the back of her throat again. He began to guide her sucking, fucking her face with powerful thrusts of his hips. His prick twitched on the ragged edge of an orgasm, and Jan remembered what had almost brought him off a moment before.

    She pressed her tongue against the bottom of his prick, against the nerve patch just behind the glans. She felt his balls draw up tight and curled her fingers around them, held them tight as if that would hasten his orgasm. Her fingers pressed against the throbbing foundations of his prick.

    "God!" Joe punted. He pulled her face hard against his groin, rammed his hips forward.

    The cock pressing against Jan's tongue convulsed, recoiled, and a hot gob of jism slammed into the back of her throat. Her throat knotted instinctively, and her father's cock gained a fraction of an inch down her gullet. Thick, creamy wads of cum spurted into her. Her head tipped back, her father's erupting cock clogging her throat, Jan welcomed the thick waves of jism She swallowed and swallowed, until her vision began to blur and she was almost fainting from lack of air. Then she pulled away enough to unblock her windpipe. She dragged in a huge gulp of fresh air. Her head was awash in the thick aroma of her father's cum. His still-spurting cock unloaded onto her tongue, flooded her mouth. She rolled the cum around and swallowed it. The massaging of her tongue brought a new wave of contractions to his prick, a fresh, but declining series of eruptions.

    As the jumping and jerking of the prick in her mouth declined, she sucked the last thin trickle of jism from his cock head. When his prick began to shrivel in spite of her sucking, she spat it out. She gulped down the last thick glob of saliva and cum. She could feel the overflow drying on her chin.

    "Oh, my God, my God!" Joe Palmer moaned.

    "Oh, Daddy," Jan Sighed, wrapping her arms around his legs and hugging him. Her tits were mashed against his hard knees.

    "Baby, what have we done?"

    Jan curled herself against him as he sagged to the ground. She pressed her naked body against his partly clothed one. "I loved it," she purred.

    "God, where did you learn to give a blow job like that?" Joe asked.

    "Oh, Daddy, a girl doesn't have to learn something like that!"

    "You know it's wrong, don't you?"

    "Blow jobs are wrong?" she asked innocently.


    Jan didn't answer. "You've wanted me for a long time," she pointed out. "Ever since I started to get tits, you've wanted.

    "How did you know?" he asked, not denying it.

    "It was when you stopped letting me see you naked." She giggled and began unbuttoning his shirt. "And, you avoided seeing me naked whenever you could."

    "Yeah." He sighed.

    Jan pushed his shirt back off his shoulders. She rubbed her hands over his strong chest. "Silly Daddy," she teased.

    "But you're so young, and you're my daughter," Joe moaned.

    Jan posed for him again, let him see all of her. She spread her legs, displayed the flushed pink heart of her aroused cunt. "Want it?" she asked.

    "Jesus! Don't do that!" Joe turned his eyes away for a moment, but couldn't control them, and looked back.

    "Why not?" she asked innocently.

    "Because I'm likely to take your already doubtful virginity," he retorted.

    "What virginity?" she asked, deliberately taunting him.

    "Already? Who?" he asked sharply.

    Jan toyed with one tit, moved her palm in a circular pattern, just brushing the nipple. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

    "Paul," Joe decided, refusing to be baited. "Uh-huh. How'd you guess?" Jan finished arousing her other nipple. She moved her hand to the top of her cunt and began playing with herself, carefully, so her father could see.

    His eyes were riveted to the display. "No other boys available."

    "Oh, pooh, there are lots of boys who'd like to get in my pants. Ken for example."

    "None that you had the opportunity with, though," he retorted.

    "You're right." Jan lay back and writhed. She was sure he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer.

    "Does your mother know?"


    "You know you could get pregnant?" "Not yesterday, or today." "You're sure?"

    "Positive. Come and get it, Daddy."

    "I'll talk to Doc Henderson, get you on the pill," Joe told her, still holding back.

    "Take me, Daddy," Jan whimpered. She was playing with her cunt with both hands now. She had two fingers on her cut, two at the entrance of her cunt. She stared at the mammoth cock she had just sucked. He was hard again. "Please take me!"

    With a groan, Joe moved over her, and lowered his mature body onto her slender, developing one. Her legs curled around him as he pressed her into the ground. His cock found the opening of her cunt. She felt his bulk begin to press into her tight passage. She thought maybe he was going to tear her wide open, but didn't care. All she wanted was to feel tat massive shaft in her, feel it glutting her. His chest scraped her tender tits, his hairs rasped against her inflamed nipples. She humped and felt the head of his cock go deeper into her cunt.

    "Do it," she pleaded, straining to reach his ass and urge him into her. She felt him holding back, and didt it want him to. She wanted him to spike her on his cock hard and fast, but he wouldn't do

    it. He worked his prick into her with agonizing slowness, driving her nuts, giving her tissues time to adjust to his incredible bulk.

    There was pain, the same pain there had been when Paul had fucked her virgin cunt. But the pleasure of having her tunnel filled made up for the pain. She welcomed it as additional evidence of what was being done to her. She spread her thighs wide, showed her father she wanted him to thrust more deeply into her cunt.

    He pushed into her in a series of short strokes. Finally she felt the head of his cock press against the end of her cunt, then stretch her, until his pubic arch came up against hers, began crushing her clit into a haze of pleasure. She squirmed under him like a squashed bug.

    He began to fuck her very slowly and carefully. She felt the lining of her cunt tug outward as he withdrew, push inward as he pistoned back into her. The friction between his cock and her cuntal walls was excruciating in spite of her copious flood of fluid.

    Bending her legs, Jan fought to get him still deeper into her. She felt him reach for her ass, lift, give himself a better angle. His fingers tugged at her, spread her ass cheeks. She felt cold air touch her asshole. Loving the sensation, she clutched at him and drew him even more deeply into her. She felt as if his cock were going to drill completely through her, and she loved it. She hoped that it would, and tried to picture it happening.

    His finger touched her asshole, and Jan was rocked by a blast of pleasure. She hoped he would do it again, and, when he pistoned his cock in her again, he did. He pressed on her asshole, and flames raged through her whole, body. She fought to reach his ass, and probed blindly for the hard bud of his hole, assuming he wanted her to touch him there, too. His finger was twisting slowly into her resisting muscle, and she began to lose control as lust roared through her. She managed to penetrate his asshole. Then, her concentration was demolished by another stroke of his cock into her cunt. With one final effort, she rammed her finger into his ass. He heaved in response, and jammed his. finger into her asshole. She could feel the wall of flesh between her cunt and asshole being pinched by the dual penetration.

    Then, she was cumming. Uncontrollably, she was orgasming like she never had before. Her hips heaved and jumped with a life all their own. She clutched her father's ass as she orgasmed around his huge cock and burning finger. She drove her finger into his greasy ass and felt his prostate spasmmg as he shot a second load of cam into her into her cunt this time.

    Curled in a tight knot under her father, his spuming cock in her cunt, his probing finger in her ass, Jan clung desperately to her sanity as the pleasure went on and on and on. She could feel his prostate pumping the last of his cum into her milking cunt, and prayed his orgasm would go on and on. Then her cunt was clutching a shrinking cock and her asshole was sealing itself behind his retreating finger. She extracted her own finger from her father's asshole and let all her muscles go limp. His weight on her was painful and wonderful and she half wished it would crush the life out of her, so that her dying memory would be of exquisite pleasure.

    "God, what if Lil finds out," Joe mused as he rolled off his daughter.

    Jan looked over at him. She loved the sight of their mingled cum matting his black bush, shining on his drained cock. "How could she?"

    "She'd kill us both." Joe sighed. "We can't ever let it happen again."

    Jan didn't like that idea at all. "Why not?"

    "Because, we couldn't hide it forever," Joe explained patiently.

    "We could be very careful," Jan pointed out.

    "Baby, people are sent to jail and asylums for what we just did."

    "Not if nobody complains," Jan argued desperately.

    "Your mother would complain."

    "Are you sure? She's pretty liberal."

    "Not that liberal." Joe shook his head. "She comes from a very strict family, you know. Also, she's the jealous type."

    "I still don't think she'd complain. I'm her own daughter, after all. It's not like you've been unfaithful to her. Besides, you're not jealous of Paul, are you?"


    Joe snorted. "In the first place, I am not your mother. How I react and how she reacts are two different things. Second, some people, most people, regard incest as much worse than infidelity. Third, I am jealous of Paul, but cold logic tells me that he, your first cousin and your own age, is more-ah-compatible than I am. First cousin marriages are legal in this state."

    "I'm not going to marry him!" Jan exclaimed, shocked.

    "I know, I know," he soothed. "What I mean is, what you and he do isn't technically incest."

    "I don't see what's so awful about incest," Jan pouted.

    "Produces defective offspring," Joe explained.

    "We're not going to have any offspring. You're going to get me the pill, remember?"

    "There are laws against incest."

    "There are laws against sodomy," Jan said quickly. "And I bet you and Mom have tried it."

    "What do you know about sodomy? You don't even know what the word means."

    "It means anal intercourse. I looked it up in the dictionary. I used to think it must be awful. But when you put your finger up my ass just now, I decided it must be fantastic. Does Mom like it?"

    Caught off guard, stunned by his daughter's maturity, Joe answered without really thinking. "She says I'm too big. Hey! You're not supposed to know about things like that!"

    Jan was leaning back on her arms, gazing down her slender naked body. Her legs were pressed tight together, her toes pointed gracefully. Most of her pussy was hidden. Only a small triangular patch of delicate hair showed. The sun felt hot on her naked flesh.

    "I'm supposed to be a virgin, too," she observed smugly. "Hey, what about sex between an aunt and a nephew?"

    "What about it?" "Is that incest?"

    "Yeah," Joe answered, "it is. So what?"

    Jan ran a finger around one of her nipples, studied how the little bud responded eagerly. "Well, if Paul and Mom did it, then she couldn't really say anything about you and me, could she?"


    "Well, she couldn't."

    "Baby, that would be wrong, too. Two wrongs don't make a right," Joe argued desperately.

    "But it would protect us," Jan noted practically.

    "It's blackmail!"


    "We aren't ever going to do it again, so we don't need insurance," Joe said.

    "We aren't?" Jan asked. Her voice was very hot and soft. She looked at her father.

    "No, we aren't," he repeated, scrambling to his feet and grabbing his clothes. He kept having to stop to pick up thing he dropped as he fled toward the house.

    Jan watched the flex of his strong ass cheeks, her eyes on the hairy crack between them. He was almost to the back door when she got to her feet. Carrying her suit and towel in one hand, she stalked him. She was achingly conscious of her body as she crossed to the back door and followed him into the house.

    She found him in the living room, still naked. He had a drink clutched in his hand and his clothes were in a heap at his feet.

    He was standing facing the mirror behind the built-in bar. Dropping her clothes, Jan moved up behind him. Looking at him in the mirror, she reached around him. She curled her fingers around his sticky cock and pressed her warm body against his.

    "I love you Daddy," she whispered. "I love you, and I'm not going to let you go." She pumped her hand slowly on his prick, and felt their mingled juices. His cock began to swell in her grasp. When he made a half-hearted attempt to pull away, she tightened her grip on his prick.

    Joe tossed oft half his drink and then set the glass down, but kept his hand on it. He was staring at his daughter, staring at her hand on his surging cock. His hard stomach muscles were knotted.

    Keeping her grip on his prick, Jan slid the fingers of her other hand up the crack of his ass. She saw his mouth tighten as she probed the crevice carefully.

    "Someday I'll let you bugger me, Daddy," she whispered. "Someday I'll let you put that great huge cock of yours right up my ass. I'll let you pump in my ass until you cum. I will, Daddy! I really will!"

    Her finger found his asshole and slowly bored into that tight opening She felt the muscle clench against her, relax, then clench again. Each time it relaxed she gained a fraction of an inch. His cock throbbed heavily in her hand in time with the spasming of his asshole.

    Joe bent forward, put both hands against the counter. His head was hanging, giving her better access to his ass. She kept stroking his throbbing cock as she wriggled her finger deeper into his shit chute.

    "Jesus!" he groaned.

    "I've wanted you for years, Daddy," Jan whispered. "I've wanted to give myself to you for years. And now that I've had you, I'm not going to let you go. We'll do everything, Daddy. Everything two people can do to each other, we'll do. I've had you in my mouth and in my pussy, and I'm going to have you in my hand now, and will have you in my ass soon."

    Her finger was halfway into his asshole now and the going was easier. She took her time, twisting her finger slowly as she worked it deeper into his greasy depths, penetrating his rectum carefully. The cock in her other hand was as hard as steel. It drooled, and she smeared the lubricant over his hot flesh so her hand slipped sensuously over his shaft.

    In the mirror, she could see the sweat shining on her father's face. She could see the monster tower of his cock in her hand. The purple bulb at the end looked painfully swollen he was so aroused.

    "No offspring," she whispered, "just love and sex-all kinds of sex. Think of me bending over. I have a very pretty ass. Think of that great huge cock of yours prying into me. It'll be tight and hot, so tight and hot you'll feel like your prick is being blistered. You can play with my tits and my pussy while you do it, too."

    "God," Joe moaned.

    Jan wasn't quite sure what had gotten into her, but she did noting to restrain her wantonness. She had wanted him ever since she had learned what sex was. She wondered, fleetingly, about her cousin. For someone with no experience, he had shown amazing skill, she decided.

    But here and now was what really mattered. The cock in her fist was her father's. She had one finger to the hilt in the ass. She pumped her finger slowly in and out of his tight ring, in time with her pumping on his cock.

    She remembered the spasming lump she had felt in him out in the yard, and groped for it with her buggering fingertip, then stroked it in time with her hand-fucking. Her cunt was wet again. She squirmed her thighs together, felt his cum and her juices coating her flesh.

    "Jesus," Joe moaned, tossing down the last of his drink.

    Jan curled one leg around in front of him so she could scrub her cunt against him as she pumped her finger in his ass and her hand on his cock. Wrapped around his side, she lifted him closer and closer to his erupting peak. She was going to be cumming herself in a second. With a desperate intensity she willed his creamy spurtings to start.

    "God" Joe grunted. "Shit!"

    It was a word she had never heard her father use before. She knew he was on the verge of cumming and suddenly wished she had a third hand. She wanted to grab the empty glass in front of him and use it to catch his gooey spurtings. She wanted to capture his jism and then, while he watched, drink it!

    She imagined his pearly cum slithering over her tongue and down her throat and began to climax. She pressed her crotch hard against the side of his powerful thigh. She felt his cock tremble and jerk in her grasp, saw a-geyser of thick jism shoot up and then fall to the floor. His prick convulsed, and cum actually spattered the bar in front of him. Thick, creamy drops slid slowly down the polished wood.

    The lump under her finger was pulsing in time with his cock. She pressed his pumping gland rhythmically, in time with its convulsions. She felt

    his anal ring clenching and unclenching around her finger.

    She milked his cock of every drop as her own climax faded. When he was done, her finger was driven out by his rectal contractions. Drained and defeated, Joe slumped over. Jan went to get a rag to mop up with. When she came back, her father and his clothes had vanished. After cleaning up quickly, she went to her room to wash up and get dressed before Lil returned.

    Jan began plotting ways of getting Paul and her mother together. It was all so logical, they could all have each other and that way no one would have anything to complain about.

    Paul had a hard-on so enormous he thought it was going to burnt. His hands shaking, he frantically took off his shirt. Not taking his eyes off the view through the back door of the house, he stripped. His aunt was stretched out, baking in the sun. She was wearing a black bikini that set off her golden tan perfectly.

    Naked, his hard-on quivering, Paul paused in the doorway. He stepped out, went down the back steps. The concrete was hot under his bare feet. The sun stung his skin, the breeze dried his sweat where it trickled down from his armpits. He felt his pubic hair stir gently. His cock, a bold shotgun seeking a target, swung heavily with each step.

    For a moment he stood over his aunt, gazing down at her voluptuous body. Then he saw the bottle of suntan lotion beside her. Her breathing was so even, her face so relaxed, he assumed she was sound asleep. Picking up the lotion, he squeezed a pool into the palm of one hand. After letting the oil warm for a few moments, he knelt and very gently stroked it onto her bare shoulders.

    Lil sighed softly in her sleep.

    Encouraged, Paul finished spreading the lotion, then cautiously unhooked the top of her suit. He spread a second handful of cream down her back. She writhed slightly, sensuously, but didn't wake up.

    He stroked her skin, his hand skating over her satin flesh.

    Paul's hard-on stabbed up from his lap like a flag staff. His insides were melting slowly with desire and love for his aunt. He wondered if she were dreaming, and if so, about him? He had no trouble daydreaming about the night she had comforted him. Well, now it was his turn to comfort her.

    The bottom of her suit tied on either side of her hips. Her legs were spread slightly. The material was stretched tight across the lush fullness of her ass. At the top edge was the indentation that marked the beginning of her ass crack.

    Cautiously, Paul picked at the knot nearest him. It yielded easily. He teased the back of her suit down, exposing half her ass crack. Then he started to lean across to reach the other knot. She stirred suddenly in her sleep and he hesitated.

    When she skipped moving, her legs were spread wider, and her knees were bent slightly. Carefully, Paul knelt between her knees, leaned over and worked the other knot loose. Evidently, she left this one tied when she took off the tight suit bottom. It was harder to untie. Finally he got it loose and carefully exposed the rest of her ass to the bright sunlight.

    He studied her carefully. Her golden tan ended where the suit had begun. The moons of her ass cheeks were sleek, flawless, pale, well rounded and exciting. Between her thighs he could see twirling kinks of reddish hair, and the dusky, soft lips of her cunt. The crack of her ass was deep and dark.

    If he didn't put suntan lotion on the pale, untanned triangle of skin, she would get a nasty burn. The flesh of her ass was hot, satin smooth,

    excitingly fine and soft. His fingers slithered into the deep crack. She moved, lifted her ass, startling him.

    She seemed to be inviting him to probe the crevice between her ass cheeks. Intrigued, he explored the valley, slid his oily fingers along it. As he did, she lifted higher, giving him better access to her. He kneaded the lush round masses. His thumbs spread the crack, exposed the valley floor, revealed the dark pucker of her asshole.

    Paul's cock throbbed with excitement as he probed his aunt's ass. He feasted his eyes on her cunt. He could see the rippled petals of her inner folds. His cock quivered as he thought of plunging it into her steaming hot depths.

    He glanced at her face. She was still asleep. Her mouth was partially open and she was breathing deeply. Tiny beads of sweat glittered on her upper lip. The fine blonde hair on the back of her neck was wet with perspiration that hadn't been there before. She moaned very softly every time she


    His thumb touched the depression of her asshole. She heaved in response and her ass surged higher. She whimpered. Her mouth gaped wider and her forehead wrinkled. He touched her asshole again, and got the same reaction. Her ass was high in the air now. Her legs were spread wide. Her knees and her face were still on the blanket.

    The pink folds of her emit seemed brighter, more prominent. Abandoning. the mystery of her anal reaction, Paul delicately explored her flushed, moist folds, probed her cunt carefully. Her reaction was exactly the same as it had been to the touch on her asshole. She presented her crotch to him even more invitingly.

    His fingers slid deep into her dripping pussy, plumbing the hot slippery depths of her cunt. He probed his thumb into her hole, felt the rippled walls ease aside to admit him. His fingers curled toward the top of her pussy, pried in between the lips and found her clitoris. When he touched it, it wiled away from him. Lil whimpered and her ass shifted nervously.

    Paul remembered how he had suddenly found his cock enfolded in that searing tunnel, and his cock throbbed with excitement. A stinging drop of lubricant burned the tip of his prick.

    Rising to get his thrusting cock level with her raised cunt, Paul aimed his prick at her pussy. Grasping his rigid tool, he nuzzled the bulbous head into the heart of his aunt's cunt.

    Very carefully he leaned forward, sank his aching prick into her clinging depths. Her hot flesh enveloped his cock abruptly. As he filled her with his bulk, his aunt whined as if he were pumping the air from her lungs with his thrust.

    His hips came up firmly against her ass. He paused, felt his prick throb with pleasure. Then, as the sun blazed down on his aunt's naked back, Paul began to flick her with slow, deep, powerful strokes. He didn't touch her with his hands at all. The only point of contact between them was his cock and her cunt.

    Lil whined every time he stroked his towering tool into her. One of her hands moved, reached back up between her open thighs, probed and played with her pussy as he pumped his cock in her mint. She was managing her cunt as he fucked her! Her eyelids fluttered as if she were on the verge of waking.

    Paul moved faster and faster. She wriggled in the throes of sexual ecstasy.

    Her back arched one way and then the other, making her pelvis rock, changing the angle of her tunnel each time he drove into it. His prick was being blistered by the incredible friction. His hips took on a life of their own, trust harder, rammed his cock into her cunt.

    Gripping her waist, clutching her soft flesh, he steadied her. Her eyes opened. They were foggy with passion.

    Paul was near his orgasm. The puddle of cum in his groin was seething with impatience, and all his muscles were quivering. His cock jumped in her gripping sheath and he rammed into her hard, hauled her back against him.

    "Aww God!" Lil erupted. "I'm cumminnggg!" Paul felt her cunt spasming around his prick. He began to unload his jism into her blazing depths. His balls knotted, wrung themselves dry, poured his load into her clutching sucking cunt. His breath sizzled trough his clenched teeth as he rammed his spouting prick against the cupped end of his aunt's cunt.

    Lil was gurgling senselessly in the grip of her own scorching orgasm. Her face showed no signs of recognition. There was no indication she knew whose cock was spurting inside her. The only expression on her face was carnal pleasure.

    His toes curling, his ankles crossed and straining, Paul clenched his thighs and squeezed the last searing dribbles of cum out of his body. His cock held rigid for a final aching moment, then the floodgates opened, and it began to shrink.

    "Aw God! What's happening?" his aunt asked in bewilderment. Awkwardly, she twisted her head and looked back, saw who had just flicked her, and closed her eyes with shock. "No," she whispered softly. "No, not again."

    Instinctively, Paul leaned forward over his aunt and cuddled her as she shuddered with horror. He didn't understand why she was so upset, and was afraid he had hurt her. His prick slipped out of her drenched cunt and squirmed along the crack of her ass as she stretched out on the blanket.

    "Did I hurt you?" Paul asked anxiously, his teen voice cracking with concern.

    "Oh, Paul, why did you do it?" his aunt asked.

    "Because I love you, and because you did me one time. Remember that night?"

    Aunt Lil didn't squirm under him, just lay there, totally limp. "I remember," she said softly. "Do you remember I said it would never happen again?"

    "But you didn't mean it. You liked it, didn't you?"

    "Oh, yes," Aunt Lil admitted with a deep sigh. "I liked it."

    "I liked it, too," Paul told her. "It was super. And this time was even better, wasn't it?"

    "It was," she confessed. "But, Paul, it's wrong. It's incest."

    "What's incest?" he asked innocently.

    "Incest is when people who are related have sex, a brother and sister, or a mother and son," his aunt explained.

    "I'm not your son," Paul pointed out logically.

    "But you are my nephew," Aunt Lii observed. "Your mother was my sister, and that means we are blood relatives."

    "Why shouldn't we make love?" Paul insisted. "We love each other. You love me, don't you?"

    His aunt turned and caught him as he slid off her back. "Of course I love you," she said quickly.

    Paul's cock began to rise again from the snuggling. He squirmed in an attempt to nestle his prick more comfortably in her pussy.

    "Paul, please stop that," she asked, fending him off.


    "Paul, if we were to have children, they might be feebleminded, or have hemophilia, or something," she argued.

    "But you're not going to have a baby."

    "If you keep fucking me, I might," Aunt Lil shot back.

    "Oh. Well, you could go on the pill," Paul countered quickly.

    "Paul, I…" His aunt stuttered to a stop. "Paul, it is wrong. It is wrong, wrong, WRONG! It's-it's wicked! It's evil! It's a sin!"

    Paul reeled back at the harsh words. His mind flashed to the searing sermons his dead mother had preached. He folded in on, himself, flames roared upward in his mind, burning and burning and burning. He heard his mother's dying screams as the house crumbled in on her.

    Then, suddenly, he was being cuddled and loved and the flames and the horror retreated. His aunt's voice soothed him, her hands stroked his naked

    body. Her tits were soft and warm against him.

    "I'm sorry, Paul, I'm sorry, Sorry, sorry," she repeated over and over and over again. "It's all right, Paul, it's all right. Really, it is, it's all right."

    Paul moved his head down and found one of her lush tits. He suckled on her thrusting nipple, but not as if he were a child. His cock was hard again, and he was sucking her to get her excited. Her arm curled around his head. He felt her grasp on him changing, felt the tension in her body easing, felt

    her hips shifting and stirring. He sucked harder on her full boob.

    "Ah, God, Paul, not again," she sighed in defeat. "Not again."

    Paul didn't answer. He kept drawing on the rubbery nipple in his mouth, crushing and rolling it with his tongue, battering it with his teeth. He probed with his hand, found her hairy cunt, felt the hot wetness of their earlier fucking. He located the thrusting bud of her clit, took it between two fingers. Her arm lightened around his head, crushing his face into her soft tit.

    "Aw, God, Paul, you are a devil," his aunt sighed as he tongued her tit.

    Paul remembered how his cousin had heaved as he mouthed her pussy, and moved lower on his aunt. He was determined to give her the same exquisite pleasure. He was determined to please this woman, his mother's sister, who ~was so different from his mother. He was determined Lil would have all the pleasure she could, in payment for the tender and loving welcome she had given him when he had been orphaned. He was determined to drink her sweet juices from the very heart of her being.

    Pressing her onto her back, he nuzzled his face into the fragrant scratchiness of her cunt and probed his tongue into her hot snatch. Her hands stroked his hair.

    Prying his hands under her ass, he lifted her hips to get the best possible angle on her cunt. His fingers sank into her crack and he recalled how she had reacted before to his touching her asshole. This time he deliberately pressed that bud as he drove his tongue deep into her cunt. He tasted their mingled cum as he tongue-flicked her. His nose

    pressed into her hot bush; squeezed her clitoris as his tongue probed her rippled depths.

    "Devil, devil, devil," Lil groaned as her body writhed and heaved from his stimulation. "Yes, put your finger in me. Put your finger in my ass. Do it, do it, do it!"

    Paul did it, slowly squirmed his finger into the tight ring. Her pelvis heaved upward. Her cunt smashed into his face as he ate her slippery, juicy folds. He was being flooded with juices. He licked her metallic, salty membranes. His cock was achingly hard again, throbbing, ready to be thrust into her hot hole. But he couldn't, because she might get pregnant and have some horrible monstrous child. So there was nothing for him to do but eat and eat and eat her cunt.

    He rammed his finger up into her asshole and ate her cunt. Her hands were clutching his head, mashing his face into her pussy. Moving from her cunt, he sought her clitoris. Capturing the pea-sized bud with his 11pa, he began sucking on it.

    LII yelled wildly in response. She pulled his hair as her fists tightened convulsively.

    Paul had half his finger rammed up her ass. He sucked on her clit, dragged at it, tugged it out to its fullest extension. He tongued it, mashed it against the backs of his teeth. Her hips heaved and bucked wildly, threatened to toss him off. He tightened his arms around her thighs and rode her. He kept his finger in her asshole, ground his knuckles along the bottom of her crack. He sucked on her cut and rolled it back and forth with his tongue. Lil thrashed wildly udder him.

    "Gah-gah-gah! Enough!" she managed at last. "Enough, Paul, enough, enough, enough!"

    Paul released her cit and pulled his finger from her ass as she flopped limply under him.


    He lifted his juice-smeared face and looked up his aunt's lush body. Her tits rose and fell as she fought for breath. Her nipples were still jutting, aroused cones. Her wet and stringy pussy was right in front of Paul's face. The engorged inner lips protruded hungrily. Her smell was thick on his face and his hands.

    His cock was still as hard as steel. He rested his cheek on one of her smooth thighs. He curled his hand around his cock and pumped it gently. He wished there was some other way to release the sexual tension in his guts.

    "Oh, Paul," she sighed at last. He was getting tired of hearing her repeat his name. He waited for her to say something else.

    "Where did you learn all this?" she asked at last. "Not from your mother, I'm sure."

    "From Jan," Paul replied innocently.

    "Jan?! But she's only a teen!" Lil exclaimed, lifting her head and staring at him. "She's my baby!"

    Chastened, Paul backed away from his aunt. He sat up. His bard-on was fading.

    Aunt Lil took a deep, careful breath. Her tits rose and fell excitingly. "Just when did all this happen?" She knew, exactly. But asked anyway.

    "About a week ago," Paul admitted. "When she and I were here together alone."

    "Did you make love to her?" Lii hadn't actually seen them do anything. And she had to know for sure.

    "Uh-huh. It was her first time."

    "Thank God for small favors. Did you take any precautions against her getting pregnant?"

    "No, but she had just had her period. Don't worry," Paul told her.


    "Just what did you two do, besides make love?" "Uh, well, she sucked me," Paul answered, his excitement rising as he remembered. "And I ate her. And we fucked. That's all."

    "That's all!" LII sighed. "My God, you two did more in one day than I did the whole first year I was married. In terms of variety, that is."


    Aunt Lil snorted. "I didn't suck your Uncle Joe's cock until I was eight months pregnant with Jan and he couldn't get it into me anyplace

    Paul remembered seeing her sucking on his uncle's cock late that night. "1-uh-squirted into Jan's mouth. Did you swallow Uncle Joe's stuff?"

    Aunt Lil smiled strangely, her eyes hazing at the memory of it. "He told me he wouldn't cum in my mouth, but he did. Yes, I swallowed it, and I loved it, much to my surprise. What animals we are,"

    "Animals?" Paul asked, bewildered.

    She looked at him. "Maybe animals is the wrong word. Animals don't have, the imagination people do." Her eye lighted on his rigid cock. "My God, you never stop, do you?"

    Paul looked down at himself. He didn't say anything. He was hoping she would suggest something.

    "God, just looking at it makes me horny," his aunt groaned. But I can't let you have me again. It's just too risky."

    There was a long silence. The tension between them built. "You could suck me," Paul finally, said softly.

    "No," she answered gently. "No, I have something else in mind. If I can work up the nerve.

    It's something your uncle has always wanted to do, but he's too big. You're much smaller than he is. So far, anyway. You'll grow. But right now you're just the right size. God how I'd love to do it!"

    "Do what?" Paul asked, puzzled.

    "Get buggered."


    "Have your cock up my-my ass," she explained. "That's what buggering is. The man puts his cock in the woman's ass"

    "Where I had my finger."

    "Exactly," she whispered. "Oh, Christ! We've done everything else. Why not?"

    Paul held his breath as she wavered.

    "We need same kind of lubrication," she mused softly. "The suntan oil will be perfect. "Oh, God, I've got to do it, got to. Paul, you will do it, won't you?"

    "Uh, yeah, sure."

    "You'll have to be gentle," she cautioned. "If I tell you to stop, you will stop, won't you?"

    "Uh-huh." He was quivering in anticipation. Her tense excitement had carried over to him.

    "On my knees," she said softly to herself. "That's how it'll have to be; me on my knees, Paul behind me." Then, louder, she said, "Grease my bottom, Paul. Get suntan oil into my-my asshole."

    As she got to her hands and knees, Paul picked up the suntan lotion. Carefully, he squirted a big glob right where the crack between her ass cheeks began. The thick liquid began to ooze slowly down the narrow valley. He closed the plastic squeeze bottle and set it aside.

    Lil looked back over her shoulder as he spread the white fluid along her crack. Pulling her ass cheeks apart, he oiled her carefully.

    A thick pool gathered at her asshole. He put his thumb on the dark pucker, pressed, and watched his thumb vanish into her shit chute.

    "Christ!" she groaned harshly. "Aw, Christ that's good! Now your cock-oil your cock, Paul."

    Paul pulled his thumb out of her ass, and coated his prick thickly with the cream. His cock bobbed heavily when he leaned over to set the bottle of lotion down again.

    "Put it in me," his aunt hissed. "Put it in me!"

    Paul nuzzled the oily head of his prick against her asshole. Steadying his rigid cock with his hand, he leaned forward. He felt her anal ring slowly and reluctantly open. His cock head compressed from the pressure. The pleasure of the slow penetration of his aunt's asshole was greater than he had imagined it would be.

    A fraction of a millimeter at a time, her anal ring dilated, admitted the knob of his cock. He could see how his rubbery glans was constricted by her sphincter muscle. He pressed in, watched as the last sliver of his cock head vanished into her bowels. Her asshole contracted into the groove behind his glans like a tourniquet sucking his cock inward.

    "Wait!" she said sharply. "Awww, my God, that feels wonderful. Hurts-kind of stings like, but jeez, it feels good."

    Paul waited for a moment, then pushed experimentally. His prick slid into her easily now that the bulging cap was inside her, had already distended her asshole.

    "Wait!" she yelled.

    It was too late. Paul drove the full length of his cock into her ass as her arms collapsed, and she dropped onto the blanket on the grass. His hips

    jammed up against her ass as the hot, greasy, velvet walls of her bowels embraced the seething length of his prick. It was tighter and hotter than Jan's virgin cunt had been. His balls pulsed on the verge of an orgasm as he savored the hot embrace of her asshole.

    "Ahhggg!" Aunt Lii bellowed into the blanket. "Ahhggg! How f-far in are you?"

    "All the way." ~

    "My God, it f-feels fantastic," she moaned. "You didn't cum yet, did you?"

    "Nope. But I will if I move much."

    "Don't move! Not yet, wait until I get used to it."

    "Does it hurt?"

    "A little. But it feels wonderful, too. Do you like it?"

    "Yeah," he answered enthusiastically. "It's tighter and not as slippery as a cunt. It's great. Really fantastic."

    He waited for a long time. He was relieved his cock showed no signs of losing its hardness.

    "Move in me now," Aunt Lil ordered.

    Slowly and carefully, Paul drew back, felt the hot walls of her clit chute slide along his cock. He loved the searing friction. He couldn't believe it. He paused with just the head of his cock in her, then drove it back into her slowly.

    "Awww yeah," she whispered hotly. "Go to it!" Paul drew back and thrust into her again, felt his prick seep its juice into her hot depths. His orgasm, when it came, was going to be a doozie. But the amazing thing was that, because of the long pause at the beginning, he had the feeling he could go for a long, long time without climaxing.

    "Hurt me," she moaned. "Hurt my tit!"

    Reaching around her, he grasped her tits and squeezed them. His fingers dug into her soft flesh. He felt her brush his balls as she reached back under herself and thrust her hand into her cunt.

    He fucked her ass slowly and steadily. He tortured her tits as she fingered her cunt. His cumn was swelling and throbbing in his guts as his cock burned along her rectal walls. He was going to cumn, soon. Very soon he was going to spurt thick jism into his aunt's ass. He was too far gone to do more than just keep moving, keep pounding his young cock into her greasy depths and twist the heavy masses of her mature tits.

    "God, stop!" she moaned. "I'm cumming! Stop! Stop! STOP!"

    Paul reamed hex out one last time. He couldn't stop. Then he felt his cum erupting from his convulsing cock. He had the entire spurting length of his prick slammed full depth into her spanning ass. He held on, and pumped thick gooey waves of jism into her. He was working against a fabulous back pressure that made his pleasure all the greater.

    His aunt shuddered under him as he clung to her back and poured his load into her shit chute. The muscular waves trying to drive out his invading bulk defeated themselves, kept his spurting going, until at last his balls were drained and his cock was twitching dryly in her clutching ass. Then, as his hard-on began to fade, he pulled back, extracted his withering cock from her asshole.

    "CHRIST!" Lii exploded as she collapsed onto the blanket. She stopped with her ass raised slightly. The sun shone fully on her brutalized asshole. A shining strand of jism glistened on the inside of one thigh. She lay with her arms under her. Her fingertips were visible between her spread legs.

    Paul sat back, his cock drained and limp. Unseen by either of them, Jan stood at the kitchen window, her eyes wide, a satisfied smile on her face.

    "Man, sure is hot today," Kenny observed as the three homes plodded down the bridle path.

    "Yeah," Jan agreed.

    "Yeah," Paul echoed. His mind was more on his precarious perch on the swaying animal than on the weather. He had lied when they had asked if he had ever ridden before well, not lied, exactly. But he had sure stretched the truth. A ride on a small pony at the age of six wasn't quite the same as being up on a full-grown horse. He didn't remember that some tender parts had started to rub raw when he had ridden the pony. But then, his nickel had only bought five minutes on the docile beast.

    Paul's horse stumbled slightly, and desperately, Paul grabbed the saddle horn. Jan's eyebrow went up. Why'd she have to be watching! Paul shifted restlessly in his saddle, and her lips quirked in a poorly suppressed smile.

    "Can't we rest somewhere?" Paul asked plaintively, breaking his stoical silence at last.

    "I know of a neat pond," Kenny answered.

    "Let's go see it," Jan said enthusiastically.

    As they picked their way down the steep bank, Paul thought he was going to pitch head first into the underbrush. At the bottom he clambered gratefully down and tied his horse to a nearby branch.

    "Gee the water looks nice," Jan said. "Is it clean?"

    "Clean enough to drink, even," Kenny answered with the pride of ownership. "I've swum in it, too."

    "Swum?" Jan asked, teasing.

    "Swim, swam, swum," Kenny answered.

    Paul thought the cool water would feel great on his sores. "Wish we could swim now," he remarked wistfully.

    "Why can't we?" Jan asked, eyeing her cousin mischievously.

    "No suits," Kenny said.

    "So what?" Jan retorted.

    "Yeah, so what?" Paul echoed, feeling a sudden hot tightening in his belly. There wasn't any reason why he and Jan couldn't go skinny dipping, except Kenny. If Jan didn't mind Kenny being there, Paul certainly didn't.

    Kenny accepted the challenge with intriguing ease. "Yeah, so what," he said. "Last one in is a rotten egg!" He started undressing.

    There was a wild flurry of arms and legs, a blizzard of discarded clothes. Hampered by sore muscles and raw patches of skin, Paul was last. But he did get a look at two twitching, jumping asses as Kenny and Jan sprinted into the pond. Then, his cock bobbing and waving wildly, Paul dashed after them. By the time he caught up with them, they were floating on their backs in the water. Concentric circles of ripples were spreading out from them.

    Paul's main sensation as he fell forward into the water was one of relief. The water soothed his aches and pains. Then Jan attacked, tried to

    wrestle him under the water. Her sleek, lithe body rubbed his, and his cock thrust out abruptly. The touch of her satin skin, the softness of her tits, the feel of her cunt stroking his flank all reminded him of what they had done.

    Kicking to the surface, he started after her. His hand slid along the back of one kicking leg, clear from her ass to her ankle, before he got a grip on her. He hauled her backward, and under the water. Then she got away, and vanished. He and Kenny looked around warily. Then Kenny gave a squawk and disappeared in a geyser of spray.

    The baffle became a free-for-all when Paul made a leap at Jan, missed, and drove Kenny under. Kenny and Paul stopped fighting, when they realized that Jan had vanished from the field of battle. Their arms locked together, the two boys looked around. Their legs brushed under the water as they kicked slowly.

    Paul spotted Jan and his prick surged up. He felt the tension in Kenny's body, and knew the other boy was feeling a similar surge of hot lust. They let go of each other hastily.

    Jan was lying on the grass, leaning back on her arms. Sunlight sparkled on the little drops of water dotting her naked body. One leg was straight, one knee was bent gracefully. She smiled in a way that made Paul's heart hammer painfully.

    Their eyes locked on her provocative, naked beauty, Paul and Kenny struck out for the shore, straight toward the girl waiting for them on the grass. Their feet touched bottom, and they waded out of the water. Their erect cocks bobbing, they walked up to her.

    Paul's cock ached as he looked at Jan. She had stretched clear out on her back and was toying

    with her gold-fuzzed cunt, fingering her clit. She looked from one thrusting cock to the other.

    Paul curled his hand around his cock and pumped it slowly. He felt the hot sizzle of his first secretions run the length of his prick, and emerge coldly at the top. He smeared the clear fluid over his cock and then continued pumping it.

    He noticed Kenny was doing the same thing, and it made his lust boil higher.

    Jan writhed sensuously on the grass. She spread her cunt lips, revealed the pink-flushed heart of her pussy, twiddled the nubbin of her clit. She wiggled two fingers into the entrance of her cunt.

    Paul was trembling. His muscles quivering with passion, he stood over the masturbating girl, and pumped his throbbing cock. His own juices were smearing his hand, making a hot, sticky sound as he massaged his prick. The sight of Kenny's hand moving on his cock boosted Paul's lust, increased the already copious supply of cum in his balls.

    Jan was panting and moaning softly as she writhed and masturbated for the two boys. Her body was shining with sweat, and her nipples were rock hard and flushed with lust. Her eyes hazed with passion as they moved from Paul to Kenny, then back to Paul. She stared hungrily at the enormous cocks above her.

    Jan's legs slowly spread wider and wider. She bent her knees and continued to torment her clit and cunt with her hand. She moved her other hand to her crotch, and pumped her thumb in and out of her cunt. She flicked her fingers against the dancing berry of her clitoris. Her hips were heaving restlessly in a humping, flicking motion.

    Paul pumped his prick harder. He felt his orgasm drawing closer and closer and closer. He felt the skin of his prick tugging and pulling. The purple head of his cock Was bobbing, waving over his cousin's writhing naked body.

    "Uhnnh, unnnh, unnnh!" Jan was grunting and whining like an animal. The fingers on her clit blurred, and her thumb made a gooey, squishing sound as it pumped in and out of her flaming cunt. Her tits quivered. Her stomach muscles heaved and shuddered. Her hips bounced on the soft grass.

    "Awww shit!" Kenny exclaimed as his cock began to spurt, began to spout thick, creamy globs of jism. They flew through the air, and spattered down on Jan's heaving torso.

    The sight brought Paul to his peak. His cum burst into the air and fell in thick blobs onto his cousin's heaving body.

    Jan's heels dug into the grass. Her toes curled and her hips cleared the ground. She held the rigid arch, her thumb deep in her cunt, her fingers mashing her clit. Scalding drops of thick, white jism spotted her belly. Her face was a study in wanton, depraved pleasure.

    Paul s cock pumped and heaved as he watched Jan's convulsions. The sight of his and Kenny's cum spattering her sleek flesh built his excitement still higher. More jism burst from Kenny's cock and fell on Jan's sweet, innocent looking flesh. Paul's cock kept jerking and jetting until he felt as if his whole body had been wrung dry.

    Jan relaxed and eased her ass back down to the ground. But her orgasm wasn't over. A series of shudders made her jism-covered tits quiver excitingly. Pulling her thumb from her cunt, she smeared the gooey cum over her hot flesh, spread the creamy pale blobs into a shining film all over her sun-baked body.

    She writhed as she bathed her skin with jism. Paul's prick managed to produce one last heavy blob, which she immediately spread out. He stared at her incredible display. A final glob of cum from Kenny's prick was quickly spread over Jan's tits by her roaming hands. Then her body finally went limp.

    Paul's legs trembled and then caved in. He sank to the ground beside his cousin. His prick was shriveling. One last dribble of jism squeezed out, and fanned a sticky strand on his hot thigh.

    For a long time, all the three teenagers could do was lie there, panting.

    Then Paul felt the strength returning slowly to his aching muscles. He rolled to his side, faced Jan. She was lying on her back. Her legs were straight and spread slightly. Her hands were at her sides. The only sign of life was the slow rising and falling of her chest. Kenny was on the other side of her. He was sitting with his knees raised, and resting his head on his arms where they bridged the gap between his knees. His cock huddled over his balls. The foreskin formed a wrinkled cuff around the head. A single shining drop of fluid glistened at the slitted tip.

    Jan Sighed deeply. "I'm hot and itchy," she announced.

    It was hardly surprising, since she had dried cum from her navel to her neck.

    "Let's swim," Paul suggested.

    He and Kenny got to their feet and took Jan's hands. After pulling her to her feet, they walked hand in hand into the cool water. They kept going until they were waist-deep. Paul suddenly had a powerful urge to piss, and released the flood. It pushed the last clinging remnant of cum out of his cock.

    Then he felt the water around his thighs get warm. Then he became aware of Jan's satiny thigh brushing his, and realized she had squatted down slightly.

    "Gosh, did I need to go!" she said.

    Kenny laughed. "You, too, huh? Polluting my pond?"

    "Me, too," Paul admitted.

    All three of them began laughing crazily as they pissed in the chill water

    "Let's move over here," Kenny suggested when they were done. Together they walked deeper, and in a few moments were chest-deep in the water. Then they all ducked under at once.

    When they stood up again, Kenny and Paul both turned toward Jan. Without speaking, the two boys began scooping water over her chest and belly, began scrubbing the cum off her. They caressed her intimately as they washed her. Paul felt Jan's warm hand curl around his cock. He looked down and saw she was holding Kenny's prick, too.

    Her fingers squeezed Paul's rubbery shaft. He felt his cock swell in response. Scooping up a handful of water he cupped Jan's left fit, pressed the soft mound against her ribs. Her hard nipple protruded between two of his fingers. He squeezed her tit gently, felt her soft warm flesh yield.

    His prick was slowly getting harder. It drove Jan's gripping fingers open, thrust her hand out away from his body.

    The three of therm bobbed in the water one last time, then headed for the shore. The homes were waiting patiently. Their heads drooping, they dozed in the shade. Occasionally, their tails flicked the flies away.

    "We got any suntan lotion with us?" Kenny asked, looking down at himself.

    "I do. In my bag," Jan answered. "I'll get it."

    Paul sat on the grass and watched her walk over to the horses. She stretched high to reach, lifted her tote bag off the saddle horn. Her naked body was a series of graceful, exciting curves. Paul was again struck by the erotic beauty of her ass. Then, disappointingly, she turned toward him.

    After producing a plastic squeeze bottle of oil from her bag, she sat down, cross-legged. They were in a triangle, facing each other. Paul watched as she squeezed out some oil. After handing him the bottle, she spread the lotion across the upper half of her chest. Paul stared at the bottle. It was the same one he had used to grease up his aunt's asshole before he had ass-fucked her. The memory made his prick rise sharply.

    Jan noticed, and grabbed the bottle of lotion back. "Here's where you need it," she teased. Then she squeezed out a big gob, and proceeded to oil Paul's cock with long, tantalizing sweeps of her hands.

    Kenny grabbed the bottle and squirted a thick blob low on Jan's tummy. With her legs spread wide, he had perfect access to her gaping cunt. His hand slid down, covered her cunt lips with the oily fluid. When his finger slipped into her pussy she giggled, and her stomach muscles clenched delightfully.

    Paul took some lotion and spread it over her fits. He felt her soft flesh squirm under his greasy hand. His prick was throbbing as her hand massaged it, slid on the coating of suntan oil. Kenny was moving his finger slowly up and down her clit.

    "You can't fuck me, you know," she said suddenly, her voice catching.

    "Huh?" Kenny said.

    "Why not?" Paul asked, equally surprised by her announcement.

    "Wouldn't be safe," she said, cocking her head and studying Paul's cock. "I could get pregnant."

    "I thought you were going to get the pill," Paul noted, then wished he hadn't, since it made it rather obvious what he and Jan had been doing. Then he realized it really didn't make much difference whether Kenny knew or not, considering what the three of them had done.

    "I can't go on the pill until my next period," Jan informed him icily. He had the feeling she had almost added "stupid" at the end of the sentence.

    "Oh," Paul stammered, embarrassed.

    – "So, what can we do?" Kenny asked. "I'm not getting much out of this"

    Jan glanced over at his erect cock. "You seem to be doing all right," she teased. "In fact, you look good enough to eat."

    "Oh," Kenny iesponded, shocked. "Yeah?" he added hopefully.

    "Yummy!" Jan said, licking her lips.

    "What about me?" Paul asked.

    Jan felt a tightening in her gut and looked at the well-greased prick in her hand. "Oh, I think you'll probably find an opening available." Her asshole twinged at the thought. "You can, ah, take advantage of any orifice that is presented, so long as it's not my cunt," she said, trying to make sure Paul understood. "You're pretty slick. So I don't think you'll have much trouble" She gave his oily prick a squeeze.

    One glance at Paul's face and she knew he understood. "Hey, you'll need this," she told him, handing him the suntan oil.

    "Uh, yeah," he agreed.

    "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm hungry, she informed her cousin primly, and turned toward Kenny.

    Kneeling, she lowered her face to Kenny's thick, jutting prick. Teasingly, she daintily kissed the very tip. His cock was rock hard. The glans was a rounded purple knob. The foreskin was drawn back by the massive distension of the huge organ. Opening her mouth, she wrapped her lips around the bulb and swept her tongue over it with a swirling motion. He tasted both salty and sweaty.

    Without releasing her oral grasp on his cock, she shifted around, aimed her ass toward Paul. Her gut a solid knot of anticipation, she sucked Kenny's prick, squeezed his secretions into his mouth with her fingers, stroked her hand up his cock.

    The touch of Paul's oily hands on her ass cheeks made Jan push downward on Kenny's cock and drive the heavy mass toward the back of her mouth. She pulled upward, and a wave of spit slid down his hot column, dampened her fingers. She swallowed the copious saliva his cock had triggered.

    Paul's fingers slid down the crack of her upraised ass, and hit his target. Her anal sphincter contracted defensively. She sucked harder on the head of Kenny's prick as lust raged through her. She loved the feel of Paul's hands on her ass. He was massaging the round softness of her ass cheeks, tugging them apart until the crack stretched, letting the sunlight and air touch her asshole.

    She felt him dribble oil onto the top of her crack, felt the thick cream slide slowly down her crevice. Something-his finger-touched her asshole, pressed inward, driving a glob of oil before it.

    Whatever it was slid into her bowels. She shuddered from the searing fire that went raging through her.

    Desperately, she managed to drag her mind back to sucking Kenny's cock. She stroked the big vein with her tongue and bobbed her head. She slid her fingers under his balls and fondled them delicately, felt the round masses roll on her fingers. The feathery stimulation of his nuts brought a fresh flood of lubricant to her mouth. She savored the stinging flavor of his secretions. Raising her head, she slid her lips up his cock, and then off. She swallowed his fluids and her saliva. Then she licked his cock, let him see her pink tongue stroke his engorged flesh. She closed her lips on the side of his cock like a dog grabbing a bone, and let her teeth delicately nick his sensitive skin.

    Paul's finger explored her ass, tugged and stretched her tight asshole, then withdrew. Her anal ring itched for more stimulation and her guts tightened in anticipation. For a long, aching time, there was nothing, and she was afraid her cousin had chickened out.

    Then, just as she took Kenny's prick into her mouth again, she felt Paul spread the cheeks of her ass. Something nuzzled intimately against her butt, and Jan almost bit off Kenny's cock. She rammed down on it until it hit the back of her mouth and her guts heaved in a reflex gagging action. Her stomach churning, she lifted upward slightly. She felt Paul increase the pressure on her asshole.

    She wanted to scream, but since Kenny's cock was corking her mouth, she couldn't do anything but whimper. So, she whimpered around the bulk between her jaws, and squirmed her hips as her anal ring began to reluctantly yield to Paul's insistent pressure.

    The sun beating down on her back mercilessly, she drew on Kenny's cock and fought to admit Paul to her ass. She battled the urge to resist his thrust, fought to relax her asshole as he penetratedit. The thick oil on her puckered muscle and his greasy cock eased his passage, but still her asshole resisted his invasion. She loosened it momentarily, felt him gain ground, and then it clenched again, painfully, stopping him. He drove at her, and she managed to successfully battle her reflexes. He bored in another fraction of an inch, making it impossible for her anal ring to seal his cock out.

    The muscle hurt for a moment, then yielded out of necessity, and she felt Paul ram still farther into her. God! It felt like he was trying to cram a telephone pole up her ass. How much of his cock did she have in her? Jesus! She didn't even have the head of his prick in her yet. And she was going to be stretched still wider by his drilling meat.

    She plunged her head onto Kenny's cock again, rammed his enormous bulk to the back of her throat. She was constantly fighting the urge to gag. She felt Paul bore still farther into her ass. Her anal ring stung as it stretched to admit his cock. There was a sort of sliding, snapping feeling, and the pressure on her anal ring was replaced by pressure inside her ass. Her asshole twinged, clutched the massive cylinder jamming it open.

    Mumbling around Kenny's cock, Jan bobbed her head and sucked on his tool as she accustomed herself to having something in her anal opening.

    Paul thrust at her, and she felt his cock slowly slide through her clutching ring of muscle, felt him piston into her bowels, felt him fill her with his hard steely bulk. She thought the internal pressure

    was going to explode her belly. Then his hips pressed up against her ass cheeks and he was full depth in her ass. She felt like his cock filled her entire body. She felt as if she had an incredibly solid mass in her abdominal cavity, a mass that had pushed everything else aside. Her rectal sphincter was twitching stupidly, as if trying to cut off the tower that had been forced through it.

    She gorged herself on the cock between her lips. She felt as if she were all cock, and loved it. The pleasure was everything she had thought it would be. She tasted the cock in her mouth, felt the cock in her ass. The one opening that did not have a cock in it was weeping thick tears of frustration, twitching feebly as it drooled.

    As Jan began flicking her face on Kenny's cock, she felt Paul begin to flick her asshole with his searing shaft. Two pricks pistoning in the opposite ends of her digestive tract drove her to a searing orgasm. But she had no rest, because they were not cumming yet.

    "Hey, where are you doing her?" Kenny panted.

    "Her asshole," Paul grunted as he reamed her butt out.

    "Shit! No kidding?"

    "No kidding."

    "Jeez, I gotta try that," Kenny wheezed.

    "Yeah, well, I'm not going to last long at this rate."

    Jan felt like a piece of merchandise as they discussed her while pumping their cocks in her mouth and ass. Actually, she didn't care what they did with her. All she cared about was the unholy pleasure that was overwhelming her.

    "An shit! I'm cumming!" Kenny moaned. His prick spurted hot jism straight up into Jan's sucking, swallowing mouth. She gulped down his jettings. An overflow escaped and streamed down his pulsating cock and into his pubic patch. The cock in Jan's ass kept pumping as she gulped down Kenny's load.

    Then, suddenly, Paul slammed full depth into her, and she felt his cock jumping and twitching in her shit chute. She felt every searing spurt of cum into her bowels. She came again, still more powerfully. Her cunt spasmed as if it, too, were full of cock. Her intestines knotted in a series of constricting waves that swept her from stem to stern as jism streamed down her throat, up her ass.

    Kenny's prick stopped spurting first and she sucked and drew on it as Paul's finished filling her ass. She was awash in cum as the two cocks in her began to shrink. Reaching back, she held Paul against her, kept his shriveling prick in her ass. She felt her body trying to shit him out, felt her asshole tightening, clutching at his cock.

    In the end, she had to let him go. Her body succeeded in rejecting his invading prick now that its resistance was gone. With a delicious ache, her asshole closed and her innards began unknotting. She spat out Kenny's withered cock and lay forward. She put her head on his thigh and fought

    catch her breath.

    "Goddamn" Kenny wheezed. "She swallowed it! All of it!"

    "It'll all meet right about at the middle!" Paul said, and snickered crazily.

    All Jan did was lie there, still tasting Kenny's cum in her throat, savoring the pleasure of her total ravishment. She loved the pain in her ass, too.

    "How about a swim?" Paul suggested.

    "Suits me," Kenny answered. "How about you, Jan?"

    "Uh-huh," she managed, heaving her aching body up. "I need it."

    As they floated in the cool water, Jan stared up at the hot, blue sky. Her tits bobbed on the surface. Her nipples were relaxed now, after what seemed like hours of continuous arousal.

    "Hey, those damn horses are costing us a fortune. We better head back soon, Kenny noted.

    Jan's crazy dream of having three cocks in her was interrupted. She rolled over in the water. "Hope I have the strength to mount mine," she said as she struggled out of the water.

    A few minutes in the hot summer air and they were dry. They dressed slowly. On her horse, the pain in her ass reminded Jan of what she had just done. She treasured the ache. She was riding between Paul and Ken. She let her reins fall and reached, out and took their hands. The horses walked slowly back to the stable.

    "Hey, Paul, you got one crazy cousin," Kenny said.

    "Whole family's crazy," Jan noted contentedly.

    "Oh, yeah?"

    Something about Kenny's comment roused Jan's suspicions. Then she shook her head. There was no way Kenny could know anything about her and her father or about Paul and her mother. No way at all.

    Ravaged by her guilt over her incestuous desire for Paul, Lil was a bundle of nervous tension. Day by day, the knots in her shoulder muscles were drawing tighter and tighter. The pain was becoming constant. Sharing the same house with her nephew was intolerable. Terror that her husband would find out what she had done added to the strain. She stood under the steaming shower, hard needles of scalding water pounding her shoulders and back. It did no good. The muscles remained resolutely tensed. The hot ball of desire in her belly got worse every time she thought of Paul.

    With a sigh of regret, she shut off the shower, and dried herself. A towel covering her from her fits to her thighs, she gulped down two more aspirin, then twisted and turned her head, trying to ease the never-ending stiffness in her neck.

    Her eye lighted on the electric vibrator she had had for years and never used. The heavy, clumsy machine was little more than a motor that strapped to the back of the hand. Maybe somehow she could shake the tension out of her muscles with it. Plugging it m, she began running her hand awkwardly over her neck, twisting her head from side to side as the vibrator shuddered over her stone-hard muscles.

    "Oh, so that's what that noise is!" Jan exclaimed.


    Lil glanced at her daughter in the mirror, startled, as always, by the resemblance between them-blonde hair, the shape of the face, even the spray of freckles across cheeks and nose. Lil kept running the vibrator over her agonized neck.

    "What's the matter?"

    Lil barely heard Jan over the buzz of the machine. "Oh, I'm a little tense."

    "Does that help?"

    "Some," LII replied. She strained to reach a particularly tight knot.

    "Here, let me do it," Jan offered. "It would probably be better if you stretched out on something."

    Lil felt a surge of gratitude. "You're right."

    "Is it just your shoulders?" Jan asked, plugging the vibrator in by the bed.

    Lil sighed as she stretched out on her stomach. "Actually, it's my whole back," she said truthfully. She felt her daughter straddle her hips, and then strong, vibrating fingers were working the knots out of her neck muscles, melting away the hardness along her shoulders. Lil slid into a half-doze of pleasure as the pain eased. The aspirin had helped the headache and her tense muscles were relaxing, sagging with exhaustion.

    Lil was vaguely aware of the vibrator moving lower on her back, and then a tugging on her towel. She purred as Jan's fingers kneaded her spine clear to her waist, returned to her shoulder blades, and worked down her sides. She was aware of Jan's rough jeans on her bare legs, the satin of the bedspread under her shoulders and thighs, the roughness of the towel under her chest and stomach. It was all so deliciously sensuous. She abandoned herself completely to physical gratification.

    Jan's weight shifted, and she began concentrating on the small of Lil's back. The weight pressing Lil into the mattress and the shaking of the vibrator stirred a warmth deep inside her. The arousal was so slight it didn't cause Lil any concern at all, it was just another bit of pleasure to be savored.

    The warmth increased subtly. Jan's vibrating hand slid lower, over the soft roundness of Lil's ass. Her ass cheeks quivered. The vibrations were transmitted through her flesh, and her cunt shivered delicately. It was a strange, sort of remote feeling. Lil knew she really should make Jan stop, but it felt so good, and what did it matter, really?

    Jan's fingers danced over one ass cheek, slid slowly over to the other, darted momentarily into the crack separating them. The brief intrusion sent a strong jolt of passion through Lil, one that almost roused her out of her reverie. Then the flickering electric current was gone, leaving her warmer and more aroused, but not to the point of alarm.

    Jan seemed to be devoting too much attention to Lil's ass, but it felt so good, Lil wasn't about to complain. After all, what difference did it make? Then Jan's vibrating hands moved to the back of Lil's thighs. Lii squirmed slightly, felt the towel scrape her nipples excitingly.

    She felt her daughter's fingers massage their way down the back of her leg, shift to the other leg and work their way back up to her ass. A flicker of hope rippled through Lil, hope that Jan would fondle her ass again, increase the wonderful hot feeling.

    It made Lil forget everything else, made her muscles melt.

    Jan's fingers stroke one ass cheek, made the whole fleshy mass quiver. The fingers moved across the flat base of Lil's spine, over to the other cheek, and made it quiver excitingly.

    But, it wasn't quite the right spot. Lil wiggled her ass, tried to convey by actions what she wanted, because she didn't dare just ask for it. Jan's electrifying fingertips moved, toward the crevice, eased along it shyly. Lil moaned. The fires in her belly glowed hotter. Jan's fingers probed the crack delicately, wedged the soft flesh apart. Lil involuntarily humped her ass up in invitation.

    Paul felt his cock rise sharply against his pants at the sight of his aunt lying naked, face down on the bed. He imagined it was his hands that were probing her ass with the jumping vibrator, making her hot flesh quiver. Swallowing hard, he slipped into the room to watch.

    Jan saw him, flash him a grin, and raised one finger to her lips. Then she began to unbutton her shirt. She opened it, bared herself from neck to waist, revealed the inner slopes of her budding tits, but made no effort to strip the shirt away completely.

    Paul found his cousin's partial exposure more arousing than if she had stripped completely. For a moment, he thought it was deliberate, then realized that to shed the shirt completely, she would have to stop using the vibrator that was distracting Aunt Lil so completely.

    Jan unbuttoned the big brass button at the waist of her jeans and worked the zipper down, exposed her lace panties. Paul took the hint, and began, silently, to undress. He had no idea what Jan was

    leading up to, and wanted to be ready for anything. He was certain he was going to have a shot at either his aunt or his cousin, sooner or later. His cock thrust out impatiently as he stripped. He felt the warm afternoon air touch his bare skin. Jan's eyes glittered when she saw his erect prick. She licked her lips.

    Then she turned her attention back to the naked ass in front of her. She spread her mother's fleshy cheeks, and touched the dusky pucker of Lil's asshole with a vibrating finger. Paul saw the bud wink crazily, saw Lil's ass surge upward in invitation.

    Lil groaned softly as her daughter's shaking finger touched her asshole. She had been vaguely aware of Jan moving around over her, but paid no attention to it. She was, whether she liked it or not, praying that Jan would become increasingly intimate. When Jan's finger touched her asshole, it was the answer to her prayer, and Lil let her body respond the way it wanted to.

    The shaking finger against her asshole was unbelievable. It made her guts blaze hot as the sun. It probed the tight gate. Like a miniature jackhammer, it drilled into her little asshole, and the vibrations pulsated through Lils entire body.

    She felt her daughter's finger drill slowly into her ass. She struggled to relax the tight muscle. The crazy stimulation from the vibrator wouldn't let her, though. The digital penetration of her ass was exquisite. There was an orgasm lurking in her cunt, but it was a long way off yet. Lil's resistance was gone completely now, submerged in the searing hunger and pleasure her daughter had so skillfully aroused in her.

    The fact that what was happening, sex with her own daughter, was crazier than

    simple incest with her nephew, darted briefly through Lil's head. It made no impression on her passion-fogged mind. It didn't matter who was doing what any more. All that mattered was that the pleasure should go on and on and on.

    Jan slipped her other hand under Lil, reached up between her mother's thighs. Her daughter could have only one goal in mind. Lil humped her ass higher to give Jan room. Lil felt Jan's fingers squish into her dripping cunt, and her thighs shuddered in reaction to the penetration. The buzzing finger crammed up her ass sent vibrations right through her, made it feel as if the fingers probing her cunt were vibrating, too. Then a finger touched her clitoris, and waves of convulsions rocked Lil. Her stomach muscles clenched, and her hips jerked as if she were taking a cock into her steaming cunt.

    Paul had moved to the foot of the bed, slightly off to one side. He had his hand napped around his cock. He watched his cousin's finger disappear into her mother's asshole. Kneeling, he saw Jan's fingers stirring in the glistening, streaming heart of his aunt's cunt. Paul was dying to thrust his throbbing cock deep into that hot hole.

    Lil was certain now that she was mad. What kind of woman would indulge in sex, not only with her nephew, but a neighborhood guy, and now with her own daughter? She had to be mad. But, madness excused everything, even the sexual release she so desperately wanted. Besides, it wasn't her idea, it was Jan's, right from the start it had been Jan's idea. It was all Jan's fault. She would have to speak to Jan about it-later.

    Right now she had the feeling Jan's fingers were trying to meet inside her, trying to meet even though one shaking, vibrating finger was sunk

    in her ass, and the others were in her cunt. Jan was pinching the wall of flesh between the two channels. The vibrator was still rattling away. Lil felt as if her insides were being homogenized into a hot, creamy puddle. Points of fire seemed to be flickering in her nipples, flickering in time with the drumming of the machine in Jan's hand.

    "Roll over," Jan said softly.

    Lii contemplated the words stupidly. If she rolled over, that deliciously vibrating probe would be torn from her ass, wouldn't it? She could stand the removal of the hand raping her juicy cunt, but she couldn't stand the loss of that marvelous prod up her shit chute.

    "Come on," Jan insisted, pushing awkwardly on her mother's hip. "Come on, swing your leg over me. Come on."

    With a resigned heave, Lii obeyed. Mercifully, the finger did not leave her ass. She felt it rotate in the clutching, spasming ring. Jan's finger was an axle, and Lii had rotated around it. Lii sprawled on her back. Her legs were spread and her knees were bent. Her cunt gaped open, right in her daughter's face. Lil couldn't believe Jan was going to do it. But, God! How her pussy ached for the hot, sucking touch of her daughter's mouth.

    It came! Lii's hips heaved upward, jammed Jan's mouth full of hairy lips and streaming tissues. Jan's tongue ripped the length of Lii's hot velvet slit, scraped across the button of Lii's clit, scooped up thick waves of juices and left behind a hot trail of saliva. Lil's head rolled from side to side on the big bed. She was being driven further into madness by her daughter's tantalizing lips and tongue.

    The madly vibrating finger was still up her ass.

    Her ass cheeks were clenching the shuddering hand crammed between them. The motor of the electric vibrator droned on.

    Paul felt his prick seeping hotly and began trembling with lust. He couldn't believe what Jan was doing. And it was impossible to see everything he wanted to. He wanted to bend down so he could see Jan's finger reaming Aunt Lil's ass. He wanted to watch Jan suck eagerly on her mother's cunt, and he wanted to feast his eyes on his aunt's aroused body.

    And he wanted to ram his aching cock into something-any opening at all. There was nothing available but Aunt Lil's gaping mouth. He considered that possibility briefly and discarded it. His aunt was already enduring all the stimulation she could. A cock in her mouth might he the straw that broke the camel's back.

    Jan was a more inviting target anyway. She was kneeling with her ass high in the air. Unfortunately, she was still wearing her pants and underpants. But there was no reason not to remedy the situation.

    Moving around behind his cousin, Paul gripped the waist of her jeans and underpants and dragged them down her thighs, baring the lush curves of her tight, pale ass. She accepted the exposure willingly, lifting first one leg and then the other so he could pull her clothes off her completely. She was naked except for the open shirt. She kept her face pressed into her mother's hairy snatch, her finger crammed up the hot tunnel of her ass.

    His prick feeling like it was ready to explode, Paul eased up behind Jan and nuzzled the head of his cock between her thighs. He had rejected the tantalizing idea of cramming his steaming tool into her tight asshole because

    there wasn't any lubricant handy. Also, he knew that her incredibly tight asshole would trigger an instant orgasm in his aroused cock. Her clinging, sucking, slippery cunt promised a more lasting pleasure.

    He trembled at the feeling of her hot cunt lips embracing his burning cock head, then drove deep into her. He felt his cock ram at the end of her short cuntal tunnel just as his hips hit her cushiony ass. Reaching around and under, he pulled her shirt open and dosed his hands on her warm, firm tits. Then he began to hump his cock in and out of her blazing cunt.

    Lil felt the finger in her ass begin moving in and out of the fight orifice, and flames roared through her. The mouth on her cunt was drawing on her clit. It felt as if the nerve-packet was going to be ripped out by the roots. A chin was shoving at her cunt like a huge, blunt cock. Lil's hips heaved madly as her lust blazed higher. Something seemed to be driving Jan to suck harder on Lil's pussy, and ream her ass even deeper with the vibrator-driven finger, but Lil's mind was too shattered to care what it was.

    She was cumming. Lii was cumming from her own daughter finger-buggering her and eating her pussy! Lil heaved crazily. The bed bounced noisily as she climaxed. She wanted to get Jan's whole head in her crotch. She reached down and clamped her hands on Jan's ears, and pulled. Jan kept right on eating her mother's streaming cunt. And that maddening, vibrating finger kept pumping in and out, in and out, in and out of Lil's churning ass.

    Paul saw his aunt thrashing madly from Jan's stimulation. He could smell the thick female cum that was pouring into Jan's mouth. Paul pounded

    his cock into his cousin. He leaned over so he could reach her tits better and see where she was, chewing his aunt's cut. The mad scene sent his lust soaring and he began spurting into Jan's spasming cunt. Clutching her tits, he filled her with jism and watched the completion of the lesbian coupling.

    His orgasm ended in a huge wrenching that spurted a huge squirt of cum into Jan's cunt. Aching and sated, Paul fell limply onto her back.

    Lii's body arched in a spine-cracking spasm. Her ass cheeks clutched the hand between them. Her ass was a mass of pain and pleasure because her daughter's finger was still jamming it. Lil flopped down, totally spent. Jan pulled her face away from her mother's inflamed, dripping cunt.

    When the finger vanished from her bowels, Lil's asshole closed numbly. The mad vibrating was finally gone!

    Lil stretched her legs out, and became aware, suddenly, that someone else was on the bed with her and Jan. Weakly, her eyes flickered open, focused vaguely on the face looking over Jan's shoulder. When the features came into focus, Lil felt as if she had been stabbed.

    "Oh, my God, no," she moaned. Her eyes closed as the blackness of threatened unconsciousness swirled around her. She felt herself falling, whirling crazily, madly, when she realized just what Paul had seen. She had no way of knowing how active a part he had taken in the proceedings. She didn't realize Jan was naked from the waist down and that Paul's cock had pounded into her eager cunt. It was enough that Paul had been a rapt spectator of the incestuous lesbian act.

    "Oh, my God," Lil moaned again. "It can't be!"

    Then she was being snuggled by Jan on one side,

    and Paul on the other, and they were both trying to tell her that it was true. And it was, undeniably, true. The ache in her ass and the pulsing of her cunt were positive evidence. The warmth of the two naked teenagers cuddling her was also undeniable. They were there. And what had been done could not be undone.

    "Oh, Jan, baby," Lil sighed. "I'm sorry."

    "Don't be, Mom. It was my idea, after all." "I know, but I should have stopped you." "Why, didn't you like it?"

    "I loved it."

    "So did I, Mom."

    "How could you? You didn't get anything out of it," Lil argued.

    "Oh yes she did," Paul put in.

    "Did I ever!" Jan giggled happily. "I was getting along fine just eating you, Mom. Then Paul put it to me and I was really flying!"

    "Had to do something," Paul said. "You weren't available, Auntie, so I just took what I could."

    "Paul-" Lil started.

    "It's okay," Jan interrupted. "I know about you and Paul, Mom. I saw you one afternoon out in the yard."

    "That was only the second time," Lil noted defensively. "It's not like it's a habit. And besides, I couldn't get pregnant that time."

    "Not from where he put it, you couldn't," Jan agreed.

    "You saw that, too?"

    Jan nodded, and ran a teasing finger around one of her mother's erect nipples. "Why do you think I used my finger on you today?"

    "And the vibrator," Lil sighed, and shuddered. "That was almost too much." She glanced at the clock, then relaxed.

    "What's the matter?" Paul asked.

    "If Joe caught us like this-well, I don't like to even think about it," Lil answered. "He won't be home far an hour, though."

    "What would he do?" Jan probed innocently. She wasn't about to reveal what she had done with her father.

    "I don't even want to think about it," Lil sighed. "The real question is, what are we going to do?"

    "What do you mean?" Paul asked.

    "We can't go on like this."

    "Why not?" Paul asked.

    "I told you, it's incest," Lil snorted. "Not only that, it's lesbianism now, too."

    "It's just love," Paul argued determinedly. "Yeah," Jan agreed. "And besides, how would anyone find out?"

    "We can't keep a secret like this, not from your father," Lil pointed out. "It'll have to stop, right now. No more, ever. Understand?"

    Paul and Jan looked at each other.

    "It'll be hard," Lil admitted. "But it has to be. We'll all just have to resort to masturbation, that's all."

    Lil couldn't help noticing Jan's and Paul's crestfallen expressions. She didn't feel it was really their fault-she was the parent and guardian, she was the one who should set the rules. She thought of them as helpless victims who had been snared in her web of perverted sensuality.

    "Last time, huh?" Paul asked morosely.

    "Last time," Lil said firmly.

    "Maybe we could-uh-do it one last time? For old times' sake?" Paul suggested tentatively. "I'm not hard right now, but I'd like to do it one more

    time. Please?"

    Lil felt herself weakening. Poor kid. An orphan.

    "Before Uncle Joe comes home," he added.

    "Come on, Mom," Jan urged.

    With a groan, Lii turned toward her nephew. Her cunt was warm and moist. She saw he was right, his cock wasn't hard. There was only one logical way to remedy that, so she got to her knees, bent over, and drew his limp cock into her mouth, tasting his half-dried cum and Jan's juices. The knowledge made Lil's stomach knot and her excitement flare. The prick between her lips began to swell and pulse.

    She felt Jan watching, and wondered what the girl was thinking. What would she think, seeing her own mother suck cock? But what could she think after what she had done to Lil?

    Lil's lust rose higher at the thought of what she had done and what she was doing and what she was going to do. The knowledge that it could never, ever happen again brought a twinge of sadness. She drew harder on the pulsing cock, let it push clear to the back of her mouth.

    When Paul's cock was fully erect, Lil sat up and studied it. The knob was pinkish-purple. The pale shaft was ribbed with veins. His balls were swollen with their heavy load of jism.

    As Lil straddled Paul, Jan moved toward Paul's head so she could see better. She watched as her mother raised herself, positioned herself over Paul's thrusting cock, and then lowered herself on it.

    Lil felt the cock slide smoothly up into her cunt, and saw the hot light in Jan's watching eyes.

    Lil squirmed in the saddle, felt the prick in her belly stir. She sat up very straight. Her tits thrust out. Her nipples were rock hard with excitement.

    She let her hands rest on her naked thighs. Her knees were just below Pad's shoulders. Jan was staring at where cock met cunt, where brown pubic hair tangled intimately with blonde.

    Lil lifted slowly felt the cock slide out of her. She lowered, drove it backup into her body, felt it probe the end of her cunt. Deliberately, she fingered her cit as she slowly rose again. She did it carefully so Jan could see just how it wals done. It seemed improbable, though, that the girl ~idn't already know the secrets of her own body.

    Lil thought again of what Jan had done to her, and her mouth watered. Suddenly she wanted to taste her daughter's snatch, see how goad a meal a woman might make. "Jan, honey, let me taste you," she whispered.

    Jan scrambled to her knees, then to her feet, stepped across Paul, and presented her goldenfuzzed cunt. Lil feasted her eyes on the pouting lips, the flash of pink-between them. As Jan moved closer and closer, Lil smelled the thick aroma of sex, mingled male and female secretions. Tickling hairs brushed her nose, then warm, soft flesh pressed her lips, and she slid her tongue into a sticky hot crevice. Tipping her head back, she probed her tongue deep into her daughter's streaming cunt. Still, fondling her own cunt, still fucking herself on her nephew's cock, Lil licked Jan's dripping pussy.

    Paul was again being treated to the sight of daughter and mother together. This time the mother was doing the eating. His view was from behind and below, up Jan's crotch. His cock was being expertly massaged and stroked by Lil's experienced twat. His balls boiled as he savored the slick friction on his prickhead.

    The rounded cheeks of Jan's ass, and the adorable crack between them drew his attention. He struggled, pushed up on his arms, tried to reach her ass with his mouth. Clutching her, he pulled and managed to nibble one lush ass cheek. He sank his teeth into her, and felt her shudder in response to the unexpected pain. His nostrils were flooded with the rich aroma of her cunt.

    He nuzzled his nose between her fleshy cheeks, probed with his tongue. He tasted sweat. He found the bud of her asshole, and pushed hard with his tongue. His face was an inch from his aunt's. Lii was still eating Jan's pussy.

    Paul pumped his tongue at Jan's asshole, felt the muscle wink tight, than relax. He thrust again, twisted and angleed his tongue into her rectal gate pried it open. He squirmed his tongue deeper and deeper into her. He was being smothered between her ass cheeks. His lust boiled higher and higher. The feel of Aunt Lil on his cock and the taste of his cousin was driving him to the brink.

    Jan was bucking and heaving as he tongue flicked her asshole. He could hear Lil sucking Jan's cunt, and from the way Lil was bouncing on his cock, she was about to cum, too.

    "Yeah," Jan panted. "Yeah, yeah, yeah! Oh, Paul, oh God yeah, Paul! Aww, Mom, eat me, eat me!"

    His hips bouncing, Paul pumped his cock into his aunt. He twisted his face around and from side to side, struggling to get his tongue still farther into his cousin's asahole. He squirmed it as far into her ass as he could.

    He began to cum. His cock drove up into Lil She felt him spurting his load into her spasming cunt. She came. Flames raged through her as she worked

    her lips and jaw and tongue and teeth on Jan's fountaining cunt. Gum streamed into her mouth as it was pumped into her cunt.

    The three of them shuddered in a blazing triple orgasm. Then, slowly, the tangle fell apart. Paul's muscles collapsed and he fell back, away from Jan's delectable ass. Jan swayed, and rolled off to one side, avoiding sitting on Jan's face by the narrowest of margins.

    Lil fell backward, bending Paul's softening cock downward. Finally it sprang free of her gaping, soggy slit. Her legs folded back, her knees straddling him, her cunt spread wide, she felt the cum drying on her exposed flesh.

    Sadness racked her. It had all been so incredibly wonderful. And it could never happen again.

    "Hi, can I come in?" Jan asked.

    Paul glanced at her, then continued studying his reflection in the bathroom mirror. He was trying to decide if he needed to shave yet or not. "Yeah," he answered.

    "I need to pee," Jan said.

    Paul had the feeling that it was just a sudden impulse on her part, not a real need. He tried to act nonchalant and not stare as she shoved her jeans and panties down and sat on the toilet. He glanced over at her as she pissed. She had her knees wide apart, and he had a perfect view of the process. It made his cock harden.

    "What do you think about what Mom said yesterday?" Jan asked, tearing off some toilet paper.

    Paul shrugged. He didn't need to shave, yet, darn

    it. Seemed like he never would. "I don't know."

    "Do you like it?" Jan probed.


    "Do you think she's right?" Jan went on.

    Paul shrugged again. "I don't know. I guess so.


    "Why what?" Paul asked.

    "Why do you think she's right?"

    Paul squeezed a pimple on his jaw. "She's-she's older," he replied vaguely.

    "So what?"

    "So, she's probably right." He was still bound by his strict upbringing, still believed adults were always right.

    "Huh?" Jan snorted. "I don't think she's right."

    "You don't?" Paul asked, startled.

    "No, I don't."

    "You going to sit there all night?" Paul asked. "I got to go, too."

    "Sorry." She got up and pulled her panties and jeans up. Then she just stood there.

    Paul pried his hard-on put of his fly and walked to the toilet He felt his cousin watching him, and his cock got harder, which made it impossible to release a stream of piss.

    "Guess I didn't need to go after all," he muttered, embarrassed.

    "Chicken," Jan teased.

    "Well, it's hard to go when I've got a…

    "Hard-on," she finished.


    "Must hurt," she said, then giggled.

    "Well, it's not funny!" he snapped, peeved. "I'm sorry," she apologized, fighting a smile.

    "I'm going to take a shower," Paul announced.

    "Can I, too?"

    "Okay," he agreed, turning on the water. The distraction, and the rush of the water, was enough to kill his hard-on and rekindle his need to piss. He pissed quickly before his self-consciousness and lust could intervene. He began undressing. He knew Jan was watching him strip and his groin knotted excitingly. Then he stepped into the shower.

    "I still think she's wrong," Jan insisted, joining him under the hot spray.

    "Why?" Paul asked, soaping his face.

    "Why shouldn't members of a family make love, so long as they don't have any children?" Jan asked.

    "I don't know," Paul admitted. "By the way, can you get pregnant now?"

    "No," Jan assured him. "I'm on the pill. Daddy got me a prescription. After he fucked me, that is."


    "Let me have the soap," she ordered, sticking her hand out. "Sure." She soaped Pad's back as he rinsed the lather off his face. "It was great."

    "Your mom's pretty good, too," Paul said helpfully. "I guess you know that, though."

    "Do I ever," Jan giggled.

    "How'd you get her going like that, anyway?" Paul asked. Jan was lathering his tight, muscular ass cheeks. He loved the feel of her warm soapy hands back there.

    "Oh, sort of like this," Jan answered, sliding her fingers into his crack. "And a little like this," she added, grasping his half-hard cock with her other hand.

    "Hmmm," he agreed. "I heard the vibrator going and couldn't figure out what it was. I thought I was going to cum in my pants when I saw what you were doing to her. You had your finger clear up her…"

    "Just like you had your cock up her ass that afternoon," Jan observed. "Just like this," she added, twisting her soap-slick finger into his asshole.

    "Unnnhhh!" Paul grunted as he felt his shit chute being invaded by her probing digit. "Christ, that feels good!"

    "Thought you'd like it," Jan said cheerily, drilling her finger further into his asshole, clasping her hand more tightly around his rigid cock.

    Paul stood under the blast of water, feeling his asshole spasming around her finger.

    "Wow," he groaned.

    "Still think Mom's right about no sex between relatives?" Jan asked, wiggling her finger provocatively in his greasy socket.

    "I don't know," Paul gr6aned. "Sure is a lot of fun. And a lot easier than having to go out and find a girl."

    "You bet your bippy," Jan agreed. "Especially when you aren't old enough to date."

    "What happens when we do start really dating?" Paul asked.

    "Just broadens our horizons the way I figure," Jan answered.

    "Yeah," Paul agreed through his haze of pleasure. "How late are they going to be out tonight, anyway?"

    "Real late," Jan answered, leaving no doubt about what she had in mind.

    "That's nice," Paul sighed. Her finger was slipping in and out of his asshole now.

    "How'd you get the idea of tonguing my asshole?" she asked as the water streamed down around them.

    "Just sort of came to me," he answered. "You liked it?"

    "Uh-huh," she acknowledged. "Can I try it?" she asked.

    "You can reach your own asshole?" he teased, his guts tensing as he thought about what it would feel like to have her tongue in his ass.

    "Oh you, silly!"

    "Go ahead."

    "Okay," she breathed, pulling her finger out of

    his ass. Releasing his cock, she knelt behind him in the shower. He felt her hands clutch his ass cheeks, spread them apart. He bent over slightly, leaned against the wall.

    Her breath burning his backside as she neared her goal. Her lips touched him and he flinched. His asshole clenched, then relaxed.

    For a long time there was only that, as if she were building her courage. Then, so delicately he couldn't believe it, came the slithery, probing touch of her tongue. He sucked in his breath. It felt fantastic.

    She pushed harder, and he fought to admit her buggering tongue. His asshole relaxed, and he felt her tongue dig inward, pry the slack muscle open a fraction of an inch. Then it clenched defensively. He relaxed it again and she pressed her tongue deeper. It was sensational! It felt like a worm was pushing its way into his body. No wonder she had gone mad when he had done it to her. And, at the same time he had been doing it, she was being eaten by her mother!

    Paul spread his legs farther and bent over more to give her better access to his asshole. He could feel her breath in hot gusts burned his ass as she panted. He glanced down at his dangling, bloated cock. He could see her naked body between his legs. Her face was hidden by his swaying balls. But her tits were visible. Her nipples were protruding anxiously. Her thighs were squeezed together, so he could only see a tiny triangular patch of golden hair.

    She released her grip on his ass cheeks and snaked a hand in between his legs. He watched her grope blindly for his cock, locate it, and curl her fingers around it. She began to pump his shaft as she drilled her tongue farther up

    into his ass. He was already spasming as if he were cumming. But there wasn't any thick, creamy gush of jism. It was a crazy, totally unexpected reaction to her invasion of his asshole.

    Jan showed no signs of wanting to end the fun. She continued to drive her tongue into his restricting anal ring. Then he felt her tongue tip actually teasing his rectal walls, squirming around in his ass like a live animal! His cock throbbed as her dainty hand stroked and pumped it. Her fingers slid on the coating of soap, formed a fake cunt. She pulled his cock downward, and the strain on its foundations increased his already incredible pleasure.

    Paul felt her tongue squirm in his ass again, and, suddenly, his orgasm was inevitable. He was going to cum. The jism forced its way around the bend she had put in his cock. The thick liquid felt like boiling acid as it powered past the kink. His asshole began convulsing madly in time with the driving pumping of his prostate. His cock jerked with every gooey shot. She kept rubbing and stroking it with her soapy hand. He saw thick, gooey cum burst from the tip in big globs, drop to the floor of the shower, and be swirled down the drain by the streaming water. Spurt after spurt joined the raging torrent, spiraled counter-clockwise toward the gaping maw of the drain.

    Her hand kept pumping his cock and her tongue kept probing his ass. Finally his pleasure became an agonizing ache of carnal exhaustion and he had to tell her to stop. Her tongue left his ass and her hand left his cock. He slumped wearily against the wall.


    "Let me under the shower," Jan said, pushing past him. She let the hot spray slash her face, pour into her mouth.

    "Did that bother you?" he asked, wondering if she would have continued if it had.

    "No, not really," she answered. "Whew. Thought I was going to smother, though. But I liked it."

    "So did I," Paul told her.

    "I didn't get to turn," she said. "What are you going to do about that?"

    "Why don't I start by washing you?" he asked. "Okay," she agreed, arching her body toward him.

    After lathering his hands, Paul let them slide down her front. Her tits, soft, warm mounds, were a pleasure to wash. Her nipples were rubbery points that yielded, then sprang out more erect and alert than ever. Her flesh molded to his palms, slid along his fingers.

    "Still think Mom is right?" Jan asked, returning to the subject they had been discussing.

    "Maybe not," Paul acknowledged, stroking a wave of lather down her belly.

    "I think she's wrong."

    "So? What can we do about it?" he asked. He coated her back with soap, then turned her gently. She rotated obediently. It was as if she had no will of her own.

    "I don't know," Jan admitted. "Have to think about it."

    Paul stopped washing her.

    "No, don't stop," she protested. "I'll think while you're doing me."

    "Sorry," he apologized, returning to his task. He knelt, and ran soapy hands down her sleek legs. She didn't shave, and had no real need to do

    so because of the fineness of her blonde hair. He was astonished at how nice her legs were, how well shaped, how firm and trim, how evenly tanned. He wondered if a woman's body would ever cease to be a source of wonder to him. He doubted he would ever tire of exploring Jan's graceful form. He thought, too, of how it would change over the years. Right now it was youthful, immature. Her waist was still a little large when compared to her developing bust and hips. Someday, her tits would be fuller and softer. Her hips would swell, her thighs round out more.

    Still kneeling, he turned her again and stroked the front of her thighs with his lathered hands. His face was inches from her pussy. There, he supposed, the hair would thicken and spread. Now it was very fine, curly, golden, and limited to her mound and cunt lips. Probably it would darken, too. But now, all it did was mist the pink slit of wet pussy.

    Delicately, he spread her folds and examined her inner petals. The little nubbin of her clit peeped bashfully from under its hood. A gentle touch and it emerged, seeking the pleasure he had to offer.

    Abandoning her clit, he explored lower. He spread her feet so he could see better. There was the tiny orifice of her piss-hole. He touched it, and it winked at him. And then, lower still, there was the flower of her cuntal opening. It was rimmed with flushed pink petals. He put his thumb in the warm opening and slid it slowly up into her. Her hips rocked forward in response, giving him a better angle into her cunt. He drove his thumb deep, felt her hot walls hug it. He pumped in and out and was rewarded with a thick, slick flow of


    Jan was making funny noises way deep in her throat now. Obviously, she was enjoying what was being done to her cunt. He wondered if she was really thinking-not that it mattered. He looked up, but couldn't see her expression because she had her head tipped back. The water ran down her face, poured in shining rivulets down her chest, divided to go around her tits, rejoined, then streamed over her cunt and her thighs.

    He withdrew his thumb from her cunt and probed between her thighs in search of the next opening. It was closer to her cunt than he had thought it would be. He delicately probed the tight entrance to her bowels. She sighed in reaction.

    He took the time to lather his finger, then pressed it slowly up into her asshole. The ring of muscle resisted, then yielded, then closed around his finger like a tourniquet. The soap making his entry easy, he drilled his finger deep into her ass.

    He had used his longest finger as a matter of course. Now he realized that his thumb was perfectly positioned to probe her cunt at the same time. He pressed up into her cunt, and got a grip on her like she was a bowling ball.

    "Oh, yeah," she breathed, the words bubbling through the water pouring over her mouth.

    Paul pumped his thumb in her cunt with a flicking motion. Then he extracted his finger from her asshole and slid it back in. He was astonished that he felt the motion of his finger with his thumb, and the motion of his thumb with his finger. The partition separating her channels was that thin and pliable.

    He began moving his hand so his thumb and finger moved in opposite directions in her two holes. Jan began to squirm her hips crazily and then.

    stopped, because she couldn't find a movement that was complimentary to bath motions in her crotch. So she spread her legs farther and bent her knees to give him more room.

    Paul had an idea that he was sure his cousin would like. With his free hand, he spread the upper point of her cunt lips and located the pink pearl of her clitoris. It was aroused and alert. Leaning forward, Paul brought his mouth in contact with it. He thought for a moment that Jan was going to collapse on top of him.

    "GAWD!" she bellowed. She reached out and braced herself against the wall.

    Encouraged, Paul sucked on her clit, trapped it between his lips and tongued it. At the same time, he was still squirming his thumb and finger wildly in her cunt and asshole. The only primary erogenous zone he couldn't cover was her tits.

    Evidently, what he was doing to her was enough. She was practically dancing over him as he ate her clit and finger-fucked her ass and cunt. He changed the motion of his hand, drew both thumb and finger out and rammed them back in at the same time. Jan jumped and jerked crazily, tearing her clit out of his clasping lips. He captured it again and continued his assault. A hand brushed his head, then fluttered away, seeking some stability in

    a world gone mad with lust.

    Paul kept at it until Jan was reduced to a shuddering heap and her cunt was spasming around his thumb. Her asshole knotted and unknotted around his driving finger. Her clit retreated into her body.

    "Aah-ah-aaahhh!" Jan wailed. Her voice echoed wildly from the hard walls of the small enclosure.

    "ENOUGH!" she finally yelled, shoving at his head, driving him away from her clitoris. "Enough!" she begged.

    Paul gathered his wits and pulled his hand from her streaming crotch, and sucked in the steamy shower air. He had experienced a crazy psychological orgasm of his own as he had brought the girl off. He had gone a little crazy from what he was doing.

    "Sorry," he panted apologetically as he scrambled to his feet.

    "Oh, wow! Don't apologize," she wheezed. "My God, that was far out!"


    Jan nodded weakly. "Know what I'm going to do someday?"


    She took a deep breath. "Someday, I'm going to take three cocks at once. One in my cunt, one in my asshole, and one in my mouth."

    "Sounds crazy," Paul commented as he washed his hands.

    "Maybe, but it's the only thing left crazier than what you just did to me," Jan informed him. "I thought it was pretty crazy with both you and Kenny going at me the other day, but this even beat that!"

    Paul was pleased with her reaction. "Did you get any thinking done?" he teased.

    "No," she said honestly. "Hey, if we don't get out of this shower, we're going to look like prunes.

    "Huh. A prune should be lucky enough to look like you," Paul snorted.

    "You say the sweetest things," she said as she dried his back for him.

    "Well, you are pretty," he insisted.

    "Thank you. You're not bad yourself."



    Paul felt himself glowing stupidly and turned to hang up the towels.

    "Come on, I'm hungry," Jan said, opening both bathroom doom to let the damp air out.

    "Hey, don't you want this?" he asked, holding up her nightie.


    "You're naked," he noted, then felt foolish.

    "No kidding," she responded in a tone that dripped sarcasm. "Come on, silly, it's our own house, after all."

    Confused, and a little embarrassed, Paul let the nightie drop. He left his own clothes on the floor and followed her to the kitchen. She was standing in front of the open refrigerator, chewing thoughtfully on her thumb as she inspected the contents.

    As they stuffed themselves with cookies and ice cream, Paul kept looking at her tits. She noticed, and stuck her chest out.

    "What are we going to do about Lil?" he asked. Jan frowned.

    "I don't know."

    "You said you've done things with Uncle Joe," Paul observed.

    "Uh-huh. I seduced him," she said proudly. "What did he say?"

    "Not much, while I was seducing him." She giggled.

    "Well, what did he say afterward?"

    "About the same thing Mom did."

    "Then I seduced him again, and he stopped bitching about it." She snickered.

    "Stop saying that!"

    "Saying what?"

    "Oh-uh, sorry."

    "Anyway, Dad was worried about Mom. He doesn't know about you and Mom. I didn't know about it then, either," Jan continued. "But then I saw you ass-fuck Mom, and I knew he didn't need to worry about her."

    "But we do," Paul observed.

    "Because she doesn't know about me and Dad," Jan noted.

    "What do you think she'd do if she found out about you and your father?"

    Jan licked her spoon off carefully. "What can she say?" she said at last. "After all, look what she's done with you and me, for that matter."

    "Hmmmm," Paul mused.

    "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Jan asked.

    "What are you thinking?"

    Jan took a deep breath, which did exciting things to her chest. "I think, that if Mom saw me and Dad making it, it would put the kabosh on all her objections."

    "Just what I was thinking," Paul agreed.

    "On the other hand," Jan pointed out carefully, "it might screw things up completely! Mom might go off the deep end."

    "Go nuts, you mean?"

    "Something like that. What do you think?"

    "I think maybe you're right," Paul said morosely, seeing no way out of their dilemma.

    "Do you think you could seduce Mom again?" Jan asked finally.

    "I don't know. Maybe. Why?"

    "Well, if you got Mom going, and then she saw me and Dad going at it, while you and she were going at it, and she and Dad sort of discovered simultaneously what the other had been doing, neither of them could really say anything to the other. Could they?"

    "I guess not," Paul said at last. "But how are we going to arrange that?"

    "I don't know," Jan sighed.

    Crazy ideas flickered through Paul's head, dividing the living room with a remote control curtain that could be lifted when things were at the proper point, and so on. None of them seemed even remotely practical.

    "Damn," he said at last. "It's impossible."

    "Nothing's impossible," Jan snapped.

    "Well, it's damn difficult."

    Jan was tracing vague lines on the table with her finger. "Mom rides horseback," she mused.


    "Dad rides, too."


    "So, what if we set something up by that little pond," she said thoughtfully.

    Paul tried to visualize the terrain around the pond, but couldn't. It did seem to have more possibilities than the house did.

    "It's worth a look," he agreed.

    "Let's go tomorrow."

    "Suits me."

    "Let's take Kenny along, too," Jan added.

    "Kenny? Why?"

    Jan smiled. "Might as well have a good time while we're at it!"

    "You'll have all the fun," Paul retorted. "You'll get two guys!"

    "What would you do with two girls if you had 'em? You only have one cock," his cousin pointed out. "Besides, don't you enjoy sharing me?"

    "As a matter of fact, I do," Paul admitted. "Okay, we'll take Kenny."

    "And the suntan lotion," Jan asked.

    "And the suntan lotion," Paul agreed, getting hard suddenly.

    "You're getting a hard-on," Jan teased.

    "Come on, let's go to bed," Paul said boldly. "Or isn't a simple, straightforward fuck enough for you any more?"

    "I don't know, let's try it!" She giggled and got up quickly.

    In minutes, he was sinking his fully erect cock into her ready cunt, feeling her hot fleshy walls slide past his glans as he bored into her. In spite of all the fancy variations they had been trying, the plain fucking was extraordinarily satisfying for them both. Paul stroked in and out of her clinging cunt until she was sighing and moaning, her hips heaving up to meet his drives. Her bed protested at the workout they were giving it.

    He felt her cunt spasming around his cock, thrust into her, and released his load deep in her hot recesses. They didn't part until they heard a door slam and footsteps approaching. Paul darted through the bathroom to his own room and scrambled into his bed. He got his eyes closed and his breathing steadied just as his door opened and a shaft of light spilled across his face.

    "Kenny says he'll have to bring his sister along," Paul told Jan, his hand over the receiver.

    "Yuk!" Jan snorted. "That's no good!"

    "Yeah, and that's not the half of it. He was going riding with her today anyway. So, they're going to be there no matter what."

    "Not really!"

    "That's what he says,"

    "Boy! That really screws things up," Jan grumbled.

    Paul took his muffling hand off the receiver. "Yeah, Kenny, we'll probably see you at the pond," Paul said, trying to conceal his irritation. After hanging up, he checked that his dime hadn't been returned accidentally.

    "Now what?" Jan asked.

    Paul shrugged. "Well, at least we can look the pond, over. I told Kenny we'd probably see him there.

    "What'd you tell him that far?" Jan demanded. "Well, I figured we might as well go, so long as we're here," Paul said defensively. "He said they were just heading out the door, so they'll be here in a few minutes."

    Jan still looked mad.

    "Maybe we'll have time for a little fun later," Paul soothed her. "Just you and, me."

    "I hope so," Jan answered vehemently. "I was all wet and ready. Kenny's stupid sister messed things up completely."

    "What's she like?" Paul asked as they waited for their horses to be brought around.

    "What's who like?"

    "Kenny's sister."

    "What's that supposed to mean?"

    Jan pouted. "She's a real goody-goody. Teacher's pet. Gets real good grades…"

    "I get good grades," Paul said defensively.

    "Yeah, but you don't snitch on people smoking and stuff like that," Jan retorted.

    "She does that?" Paul asked, aghast.

    "No, but she's the type. Always dresses perfectly, probably takes two showers a day. I'm surprised she'll associate with anything as smelly as a horse."

    Paul wasn't sure what was bugging Jan so much. Nothing she had said so far about Kenny's sister would bother him. "How old is she?" he asked.

    "She's pretty young," Jan answered.

    "Oh," Paul said.

    The horses stepped out into the bright sunlight, and blinked stupidly against the glare. Their tails swished at the flies. Jan grabbed her reins and climbed on quickly. "Come on, let's get out of here before they get here," she urged.

    Still puzzling over his cousin's venom, Paul scrambled onto his horse, dragged its head around, and kicked it soundly in the ribs. It started off slowly. Further kicking did nothing to increase its speed. He was ten minutes behind Jan by the time he reached the turn-off to the pond. Seeing the drop-off, his horse did everything but sit down. Finally, Paul dismounted and pulled the

    creature along by the reins. Cursing and sweating, he slipped down the brushy slope.

    At the bottom he stopped to wipe the sweat off his forehead. He noticed it was possible to see the entire clearing and most of the pond from where he was. Jan was standing by the water, looking around, waiting for him. At one point she stared straight at him, but showed no sign of having seen him. When he stepped out into the open, leading his horse, she jumped.

    "Where have you been?" she demanded.

    "Right there," he answered, pointing.

    "All this time?"

    "Naw. Stupid horse moves like a snail on cold marble," Paul snorted. "But for about five minutes I was right there. You looked straight at me and didn't see me.


    "Know what I think?"


    Paul smiled. "I think it's the solution to our problem. You get down here with your dad and seduce him. Then I'll bring Aunt Lil down the hill, and we'll stop back there. By the time you finish with him, I'll have her going. Then you sort of slip up on us or something, and bingo!"

    "Go back and let me see if I can see you," Jan said eagerly.

    Letting his horse's reins drop, Paul did as she asked. Once back where he had been before, he looked out. Jan was peering hard trying to see him, obviously with no success. He yelled to her and she just looked harder. She was still unable to see him in the shadows.

    "Can you see me?" she asked at last.


    "Oh, yeah? What am I doing?" she asked.

    "Scratching your pussy."

    "Does it give you ideas?" she asked.

    "Damn straight. But we can't do anything about it," he said as he came out of the woods. "I heard Kenny's voice just now."

    "Come on, let's get out of here," she said.

    Paul shrugged. "Too late to avoid 'em now," he pointed out. "Besides, I want to meet his sister."

    "You would," Jan sniffed. "Hi, guys!" Kenny called.

    Paul suddenly knew why Jan was so down on Kenny's sister. She was a gorgeous redhead, and had a figure that would have done justice to any girl. Paul found it hard to believe she was almost the same age as Jan.

    "Paul, this is my sister, Cynthia," Kenny said as he tied their horses next to Jan's.

    Paul managed to haul his eyes off her incredible tits, and greeted her enthusiastically.


    "Hi, Paul." Her voice sent shivers up and down his spine. His eyes kept going back to those fantastic tits, then down to her small waist, to her graceful hips. Her jeans were skin tight.

    "What's happening?" Kenny asked.

    "We were just leaving," Jan said quickly.

    "No we weren't," Paul said, just as quickly.

    "Hey, Paul, how come you were hiding in the bushes just as we were coming don?" Kenny asked, ignoring the disagreement.

    "Paul was takng a leak," Jan said.

    Unfortunately, just at the same time, Paul said, "We were trying to see if she could see me back there." His mind was more on Cynthia's fabulous body than on what he was saying.

    "Now why the hell would you want to do that?" Kenny asked.

    Jan silenced Paul with a swift kick in the shin. He winced, distracted even from Cynthia. Jan repeated that her cousin had been pissing.

    "Something funny's going on," Kenny said suspiciously. "You two couldn't agree on what day it is. You're up to something."

    "How about going swimming," Paul suggested desperately.

    "No suits," Kenny answered, glancing sharply at Cynthia.

    Jan shrugged. She had a decidedly scheming expression on her face. "So anybody that doesn't want to, can leave," she said, eyeing Cynthia.

    "Come on, Sis," Kenny ordered quickly.

    Cynthia cocked her head and nibbled on her.

    lower lip for a moment.

    "I'm hot. I think I'll go swimming," she announced. "You go on ahead if you want."

    Jan had neatly trapped herself. Paul smiled when he saw her expression.

    "Ah… I guess I'll stay and swim, too," Kenny agreed reluctantly.

    "Where do we undress?" Cynthia asked innocently.

    Then Jan made her second big mistake. "Right here," she said boldly,'and began stripping her shirt up and off.

    Cynthia accepted this challenge as easily as she had the first. "Okay," she agreed, reaching back and unfastening her halter.

    Jan got her head untangled from her shirt just in time to see Cynthia bare her tits. Paul yanked his eyes from Cynthia's magnificent chest to Jan's face, and smiled at his cousin's expression of envy. Jan had plenty to be envious of.

    Cynthia had the finest pair of boobs Paul had ever seen. They were large, without being gross, firm, with just enough heaviness to form a tiny crease on the underside. The pigmented circle around each rubbery nipple was a delicate pink. Cynthia's pale skin was freckled to where her bathing suit covered her, which was quite far down, just a fraction of an inch from her nipples.

    Letting the halter drop to the grass, Cynthia undid her jeans casually. Lime-green panties rode low on her lush hips Her pubic hair was an enticing shadow under the thin panties.

    "Isn't anyone else going to swim?" Cynthia asked sweetly. They were all watching her, not moving. Only Jan had taken anything off, and she still had her bra on.

    "Yeah, sure!" Paul said eagerly, and undressed quickly. He managed it all by touch, so he wouldn't have to take his eyes off Kenny's sister for even a moment. His cock was bursting. When released, it lurched up frantically, and swayed heavily at his groin.

    Kenny gaped at his sister as if he had never seen her before. When he finally began to strip, it was as if be were hypnotized. Jan, meanwhile, was tearing at her own clothes angrily, trying her best to keep her eyes off Cynthia. When Jan was naked, Paul understood his cousin's envy. Her slim and graceful body looked skinny beside Cynthia's dramatic curves. Jan moved away from the red-haired girl

    "A genuine redhead," Paul said to himself when Cynthia skinned her panties down. Her cunt was a tight, trim patch of beautiful dark-red curls.

    Cynthia noticed Paul's hard cock and hot gaze. Her eyes narrowed slightly. "One thing, you guys," she said firmly.

    "Just because we're all naked doesn't mean there's going to be any funny stuff. Understand?"

    Paul's hopes fell.

    "Why, what do you mean?" Jan asked, her tone suspiciously sugary.

    "I mean, that just because I'm undressed doesn't mean I want to get laid," Cynthia sniffed. "I'm not worried about Kenny, he's my brother, after all. And you're a girl, so I guess I don't need to worry about you. But you keep your hands off me, Paul. I'm a virgin, and proud of it."

    "Paul!" Jan exclaimed. "Whatever were you thinking?"

    Paul didn't feel that needed an answer and led the way to the water in a stony silence. Cynthia's attitude both discouraged and angered him. He was so mad he didn't notice Jan's thoughtful expression.

    After a few minutes in the water, he found himself with Jan and Kenny. Cynthia was floating on her back by herself. Her tits were bobbing enticingly on the surface.

    "Is she really a virgin?" Jan asked Kenny.

    "I guess so," he answered. "Surprised the hell out of rue she was willing to go skinny dipping. Around the house she's a real prude."

    "Bet she wouldn't be such a prude if she knew how great sex is," Jan observed calculatingly.

    "Think so?" Kenny said hopefully.

    "Sure," Jan answered. "Why, get her started on sex and you won't get a decent night's sleep the rest of your life."

    "Yeah, but how am I supposed to get her switched on?" Kenny asked.

    Jan had it all planned. "Well, we stay with to show and tell,

    then switch to the old suntan-oil trick. Which is followed by body contact, which leads to deep penetration," Jan explained. "Or, we take mare direct action, since we outnumber her."

    "I don't think the first way will work," Kenny said.

    "And the second is called rape," Paul pointed out.

    "Not if I get her warmed up first," Jan said. "You guys hold her down. Then I'll get her so turned on she'll beg for it. Okay?"

    They grinned at each other, then headed for the grass and began sunbathing. Soon Cynthia joined them. She lay on her back and closed her eyes. They waited until she was completely relaxed, then moved in on her.

    "Hey, what's going on?" she asked as Paul and Kenny each latched onto a wrist and an ankle and spread her wide. She noticed their hard cocks, but didn't look frightened.

    "Why, I was just going to put some suntan oil on you," Jan said politely, standing over the redhead.

    "Yeah, well I don't need to be spread-eagled for that," Cynthia protested, trying to close her legs.

    Paul tightened his grip as Jan spread a glob of oil over one of Cynthia's firm, thrusting tits. His cousin was kneeling between Cynthia's thighs, leaning forward, massaging her big tit. Cynthia's nipple responded to the stimulation promptly.

    "N-now c-cut that out!" Cynthia protested, her voice breaking.

    "Okay," Jan said agreeably, and slid her oily hands down Cynthia's torso, and rubbed and massaged Cynthia's trim belly. Then Jan went still lower, and massaged Cynthia's red-bushed cunt.

    "Jan!" The redhead's voice was quivering with passion. Paul was amazed at

    how fast the girl was being turned on. His cock was swollen to the bursting point. He was really turned on by her helplessness. She was writhing against his and Kenny's grip, which made the whole scene much more exciting.

    Jan lowered her head and nuzzled her lips against Cynthia's cunt. Paul saw Jan's tongue spear out, penetrate. Cynthia's hips heaved wildly.

    "Stop!" Cynthia wailed. "Ahhh, please, stop!" Jan didn't stop. She drilled her tongue deep into Cynthia's cunt, then stroked it up until it rasped over Cynthia's clit. The red-haired girl heaved in reaction to the blistering touch, and Paul almost lost his grip on her ankle. He dragged her leg out farther, splitting her like a wishbone. Her crotch gaped and the tendons on the insides of her thighs stretched tight. Her lush body had no secrets, now. Jan was spreading her cunt lips to show the shining pink heart of Cynthia's pussy. Then Jan's lips closed on Cynthia's erect clit, and the girl went crazy, thrashed against the relentless grip on her arms arid legs.

    Cynthia's protests had become a wordless wailing. Her nipples were hard as rocks. She heaved crazily. Her hips jumped and jerked with need. Her head rolled, and her wet hair flailed around her passion-twisted face.

    Her eyes flickered open and stared blindly upward for a moment. "What's happening?" she whispered. "My God! WHAT'S HAPPENING?"

    Paul knew that she was about to cum, and grinned. He watched Jan suck on Cynthia's cunt. Her 11ps working, Jan massaged and ate and slurped on the hot, streaming tissues. She was stretching Cynthia's cunt lips wide so Kenny and Paul

    could see exactly what she was doing.

    "GAAAHHHH!" Cynthia's body arched, her muscles knotted and strained, her belly drew fight. A pink flush started northward from her cunt, spread over her stomach, over her chest, covered her tits.

    Fascinated, Paul watched the bloom of her first orgasm. His cock throbbed at the sight of Cynthia's ecstasy. The resistance had gone out of her, making it easy to hold her, possibly unnecessary. He kept his grip anyway, unsure of what would happen when her orgasm passed.

    When it ended, she slumped on the ground. Jan lifted her face from Cynthia's gaping mint. There was a hot gleam in Jan's eyes, and Paul realized that his cousin had cum, too. She had cum just from the pleasure of eating another girl's pussy.

    "Don't let her go yet," Jan cautioned. "I'm just getting started."

    "No, please," Cynthia whispered.

    "I think her brother should have the first shot at her," Jan said. "She's undoubtedly been teasing him for years."

    "Yeah," Kenny said hotly. Jan took over holding his sister as he positioned himself between Cynthia's widespread legs. His huge cock tugged down, anxious to be plunged into the gaping red nest in front of him. Leaning forward, he nuzzled the purple head against her cunt lips.

    "No, NO, NO! YEEEOWWWW!"

    Cynthia bucked madly against the hands holding her, but it did no good. Kenny's cock tore the fragile tissue of her virgin barrier, and plunged deep into her streaming cunt. He slammed against her, sank his prick full depth into her searing tunnel.

    "Awwww!" Cynthia moaned, rolling her head from side to side.

    Kenny rested for a moment. He was oblivious of the pain he had caused his sister. He began to fuck her with slow steady thrusts, drawing his cock out, then jamming it back into her gaping cunt.

    "Noooo!" Cynthia wailed. "Noooo! Awwww, my God, my God!"

    The pain was leaving her face, was being replaced by lust as her brother fucked her. His body pounded against her clit his cock ripped in and out of her cunt.

    Paul's cock dribbled excitedly as he watched. He was dying to sink his own cock into Cynthia's hot cunt, dying to have a go at her twitching body. He had a different idea about where he wanted to put his prick. Her cunt had received enough attention already. He was going to introduce her to sexual pleasure of a different nature the minute he got the chance. He was going to have a virgin hole, too.

    From the way Kenny was heaving his cock into his sister, Paul's chance was going to come soon. He was jerking his hips forward, slamming his shining prick into her ravenous cunt. Cynthia's hips were heaving upward in response, accepting his drives, welcoming them now. The pink flush that had barely had a chance to fade was starting again, welling upward slowly as she convulsed, arched in the grip of a second blistering orgasm. Her big tits quivered as she strained to get her brother's enormous cock clear into her.

    Kenny's ass cheeks pumped, his cock convulsed. He bucked, pumped jism into his sister's spasming cunt. A thick wave of overflow cum oozed out around his throbbing prick, formed a sticky paste in their tangled pubic bushes.

    Kenny was up and his arms, and his body was arched. Paul had a perfect

    view of the incestuous meshing of cock with cunt. As he watched Kenny's overflow cum well out, his own balls tensed and throbbed, eager for the blazing pleasure of pumping such a load.

    Kenny squirmed, straining, milking his orgasm for every last trickle of pleasure. Then he flopped down on his gorgeous sister. Her body went limp under his. His back heaved as he caught his breath.

    Paul let go of the limp girl and shoved Kenny off her. "Come on, man, my turn!" he said urgently.

    Kenny dragged himself away. Paul gazed at Cynthia's abused cunnt. It was inflamed, glutted with creamy cum, stained with blood from her shredded cherry. He couldn't plunge into that channel!

    "Turn her over," he ordered. He was going to flick her in the ass he had to fuck her in the ass!

    Her grabbed the suntan lotion and squeezed a puddle into his palm as Kenny and Jan turned Cynthia over. Her ass was as fabulous as the rest of her. Her ass cheeks were pale globes. The crack was just begging to be spilt by Paul's thrusting cock.

    He spread the cream down between her ass cheeks. The knot of her asshole was smeared with cum. He eased a finger into her tight hole. Cynthia lifted her ass. Without a word she accepted his finger in her asshole, encouraged him to explore it! She squirmed to her knees. Kenny and Jan stopped holding her, let her assume a sacrificial posture.

    Paul watched his finger ease in and out of her clinging asshole, watched the ring move along his probing digit. He finger-fucked her ass for a long time, tantalizing himself with the sight, watching her as her excitement increased. Her ass wiggled invitingly at him.

    Finally he dragged his finger out of her asshole, and smeared his prick with suntan oil. Then he took the bottle, inserted the slim tip in her asshole, and gave a hefty squeeze. Then he placed the purple head of his cock on her puckered bud and pushed. He watched his glans squeeze out of shape against her involuntary resistance. Then he felt the gate yielding, and saw his prick pinch its way slowly inward. He felt her anal sphincter clutch his invading cock, stroke his nerve endings to the explosion point as he wedged his cock into her slit chute.

    "OOOooo?" Cynthia moaned. It was a moan of pleasure. No pain, no fear, just pure pleasure. Her ravaged body had no resistance left in it. Having cum twice now, she was willing, eager to explore every facet of carnality. She shoved her ass back against Paul's thrust.

    The head of his cock slid slowly deep, drove her asshole wider and wider and wider with its rubbery bulk. Paul had gained less than an inch, yet he had introduced Cynthia to an entirely new world. He was slowly stretching her rectal sphincter until it was large enough to take the full diameter of his sturdy hard-on.

    The clutching ring of her as8hole gripped the groove behind his cock head like a tourniquet. She was grasping him with her hot, rubbery ring, trapping him, holding him so he couldn't escape.

    "Aww!" she sighed.

    Paul waited, felt his prick become accustomed to the tight grip of her asshole. Kenny and Jan were on either side of him, staring at where his cock was clutched in Cynthia's asshole. He was enjoying the sight himself. He found the straining distension of her asshole incredibly erotic. The normally dusky,

    puckery muscle was pale, stretched smooth. The column of meat connected tern, made them into carnal Siamese twins.

    Leaning forward, he drove his prick deep into her tight ass. His nerve endings sent out searing messages of pleasure as they were stroked by the tight, clinging walls of her shit chute. His cock vanished. Her gripping muscle tugged him inward. He could feel the skin of his prick being tugged and stretched as it struggled to slip through her tight hole.

    The distance between his hips and Cynthia's ass gradually diminished until at last he was jammed up against her. He looked down, saw a sliver of prick between her ass cheeks. It looked like the stem of an apple between two rosy mounds. His pubic patch tickled her tantalizingly. He loved the feel of her hot ass encasing almost the full length of his cock.

    "Unh!" Cynthia grunted. "Feels like I have to take a big shit!" It was the first coherent thing she had said since her brother had fucked her.

    Paul began fucking her ass with slow, steady strokes. His prick burned from the friction. It was the third time he had ass-fucked a woman, and it seemed to get better every time. And, from the way Cynthia was reacting, she was fully aroused, and more than willing to try anything. She was taking his ass-fucking eagerly, wiggling her ass at every stroke of his prick.

    "Gonna cum!" Paul grunted.

    "Yeah!" Cynthia panted.

    "Gonna cum!" he repeated as his orgasm drew nearer.

    "Do it!" she urged. "Do it, do it, DO IT!"

    Paul did it. He slammed into her ass quickly and sharply. His balls knotted up tight against his groin. His ass cheeks spasming, his toes curling, he sent blast after ripping blast of jism deep into her shit chute. Her ass was squirming crazily around his spurting prick, massaging his jetting cock like a hot, gripping hand, making his pumping glands work even harder.

    He stayed on her back until the last ecstatic dribbles of cum drained into her spasming ass. He held his hard-on as long as he could. Then the gates opened and the blood poured back into his exhausted body. As he leaned against Cynthia's ass, he felt her shitting his cock out, driving him away now that she was done with him. There was a crazy pleasure in it, in forcing her to drive him out instead of willingly extracting his exhausted cock from her ass.

    Sitting back on his haunches, he looked at Cynthia. She was still kneeling in front of him. A thin, pearly stream of jism oozed from her asshole, mingled with the copious fluid already drenching her cunt. Her asshole was flushed and swollen. Pink-tinged cum flooded from her ravished cunt. Cynthia was the picture of total carnal submission. Realizing what he had just taken part in, Paul shuddered. It had been rape, pure and simple. He felt a little sick.

    He looked at Jan and Kenny, saw they felt the same way. Jan looked as if she were about to puke. Kenny looked both ashamed and afraid.

    "Maybe-maybe a bath would help," Jan suggested hesitantly.

    "Yeah," Kenny agreed. "Come on, Sis."

    Paul followed them into the water. He was. worried by the way Cynthia's legs trembled, even though Kenny and Jan were holding her up. They waded

    waist-deep in the cool water, and then let her sink slowly into the rejuvenating liquid.

    Carefully, Cynthia bathed her crotch and her as, stroked them under the water, let the cool currents soothe her inflamed tissues.

    "I'm sorry, Sis," Kenny said at last.

    "Me, too," Jan apologized.

    "Me, too," Paul agreed.

    "Wow! That was something else!" Cynthia sighed.

    "Hope we didn't hurt you," Jan said, still waffled.

    "You did, a little."

    "Are you mad?" Kenny asked anxiously.

    "I should be."

    "Yeah," Jan agreed.

    "But I'm not, really," Cynthia added. "It was a mean, rotten thing to do, but I guess I deserved it. I've been teasing cocks for years. It's about time I got taught a lesson."

    Nobody said anything. "Only one thing," Cynthia added.

    "What's that?" her brother asked.

    "I didn't get to suck anybody."

    "Well, you don't have to do everything in one day," Kenny told her, laughing.

    "But I'd like to."

    "I don't know if I could get it up again," Kenny said.

    "Me either," Paul confessed.

    "I think we've done enough for one day," Jan said.

    "You cum?" Cynthia asked. "I'll do you, too,


    Jan smiled at Kenny. "Oh-oh, looks like you're

    going to have your hands full, now that we ye broken her in."

    "Yeah," Kenny agreed. He didn't seem dismayed at the thought.

    "Well," Cynthia sighed, "if we're not going to do anything more today, maybe we ought to get dressed and get out of here."

    The four of them waded to the shore to let the sun dry them. As they dressed Paul's mind returned to the reason he and Jan had come in the first place. He studied the patch of woods carefully.

    "Just what were you doing, anyway?" Kenny asked, seeing where Paul was looking.

    "Taking a piss," Paul said.

    "Yeah, sure, and I'm King Tut," Kenny said. "You two are up to something and I want to know what it is. After all, I found this place."

    "We can't tell you," Jan told him.

    "How come?" he asked, more curious than ever.

    "We just can't."

    "Oh well, I'll find out somehow."

    "I doubt it," Jan told him.

    Kenny just looked smugly confident as they remounted their horses. By kicking and swearing, Paul managed to get his horse to amble up the steep bank and keep up with the others on the way back to the stable. He noticed Cynthia wasn't sitting very firmly on her horse, and his own asshole twitched sympathetically.

    Lil's horse hadn't taken more_than ten steps before she had misgivings about having mounted him. The smell, the creak of the leather saddle, and the motion, all combined to bring back a host of memories, memories that were much fresher than the ones her last ride had triggered. She wondered why she had let Paul talk her into the ride in the first place. If Joe and Jan hadn't gone off someplace together she never would have agreed.

    She noticed that Paul rode easily, testimony to the many rides he had taken with his cousin. Lil tried to ignore the warm desire she felt for him. That was over and done with. This was just a pleasant way to spend an afternoon, nothing more.

    She wished the motion of the horse between her legs didn't stir that aching warmth in her cunt. It was crazy! Getting aroused so easily-especially after the way she and Joe had gone at it last night. She didn't know what had done it, but his sex drive had been greater than ever lately. Fortunately, so had his. Last night she had again tried to take his cock up her ass, but he was just too big. She had finally settled for taking it in her cunt, and having just his meaty finger in her asshole. Remembering it made her pussy clench and drool. She squirmed on her saddle. The rolling motion of the horse increased her horiness still further.

    "Hot today," Paul observed.

    Lil glanced over at him. Her eyes strayed to his" crotch. God, it looked as if he had a hard-on!

    "Yes," she agreed, "it is hot today."

    "Horses are going to need water," he said.

    "They water them at the stable, don't they?"

    "They'll still need some, because it's so hot. I know a place we can rest and water them."

    Lil felt a twinge of worry, had a suspicion something was up. "Me you sure we have to?"

    Paul nodded. "Yeah. If we don't, they'll collapse. Don't worry, it's not far."

    Reluctantly, Lil nodded. The motion of the horse was keeping her aroused, making it hard to think. As she followed Paul a knot of fear began to grow in her guts. It mingled with her horniness, made her cunt tighten excitingly. She wondered for a moment how close fear and lust really were. She thought of having Paul, having him power that young, eager cock of his into her, and her cunt dribbled eagerly. She remembered having his tool forced into her resisting asshole. It was ridiculous. She couldn't keep her mind off sex! She kept thinking of what she had done with Paul, with Kenny, with Jan.

    God! She realized suddenly that if Paul made a move toward her, her resistance would vanish instantly. Her tits were hot steel darts in her bra. Her cunt felt like a hot spring between her thighs. She was afraid to look down, afraid that she'd see her whole crotch was wet.

    When Paul turned and headed through the woods, she felt like she was going to cry. How could Paul know about the pond where she had tucked so madly with Kenny? Then she remembered that Paul and Jan had ridden, with

    Kenny, and her heart began hammering. Suddenly she knew Paul knew exactly where he was going, and exactly what he was going to do to her when he got there. And she knew there was no chance in the world she would resist him. She was being dragged down into the same hot pool of lust,lust for her own nephew. She knew suddenly she couldn't avoid it unless she literally threw him out of her house. And the promise she had made when she agreed to be Paul's guardian made that impossible.

    "It's pretty steep here," Paul said. "We'd better walk the horses down."

    Without a word, Lil dismounted. She felt her crotch pull tight as she swung her leg over her home's back. She was a puppet in Paul's hands. She wondered whether he realized it.

    Her eyes on the ground, she followed him. There was getting to be a well-beaten trail down the slope, she noted. More and more people must be discovering the pond. Some of the tracks looked fresh. The thought that there might be strangers at the pond already cut two ways. It would mean she was protected from Paul this time, at least. But it also meant that the burning itch in her cunt would go unscratched.

    She thought she heard splashing from the pond and died a little inside with disappointment. But, as they drew closer, she didn't hear anything, and her hopes rose.

    "God!" Paul gasped. They were near the clearing, but still in the woods. Paul was staring out toward the pond. Lii's eyes automatically followed his. She froze. A cold dagger slid straight up through her body. Her eyes blurred for a moment, then cleared. It was as if she were looking through

    binoculars. The scene was crystal clear.

    Joe was lying on his back on the grass. The sun was burning down on his naked, hairy body. Jan, his daughter, Lil's daughter, was with him, and she was naked, too. Her trim, mature body looked tender and vulnerable next to Joe's hairy bulk. She would have looked innocent, except for what she was doing. She was on her knees between his spread legs, and had her mouth around his towering, erect cock.

    Jan was sucking her father's cock. Lil thought she was going to faint. Her legs grew shaky and folded under her. She sank to the ground without talking her eyes off the lewd scene. Joe was stroking Jan's head tenderly as she drew and slurped on his huge cock. Lil didn't even notice when Paul drew the reins from her hands and tied the horses back out of the way.

    "Jesus!" Paul gasped. "Who would have guessed!" He put his arms around Lil as if to support her. Lil leaned back against him gratefully.

    Jan was applying herself with gusto. Her jaws were pried wide by the huge girth of her father's cock. She bobbed her head, drove half his cock into her mouth, pulled back, then took more than half of his prick into her again. Lil's lust rose sharply at the sight.

    Paul's hands slid down from Lil's shoulders, cupped her tits. She pressed her hands down on his. She had meant to take his hands off her, but pushed him against her aroused tits even harder. When she felt his fingers skillfully unbuttoning her shirt, she did nothing to stop him. Her lust flared higher than ever. She felt his hips against her ass, felt a hot, hard lump against her butt.

    Paul got Lil's shirt undone just as Jan lifted her mouth off Joe's prick.

    Jan held her father's hard-on painting straight up. It was gleaming with spit. Lil felt her insides melt a little more. Jan swung one leg over Joe's hips. Her cunt flashed open as she did it. She straddled him, poised aver his thrusting cock.

    Lil let Paul drag her shirt back and off and kept her eyes on her daughter and husband. Without a thought, Lil discarded her bra, welcomed the hard grasp of Paul's hands on her quivering tits.

    Jan nuzzled the head of Joe's cock into her open crotch, and lowered herself slowly, drove it straight up into the heart of her cunt. Lil knew Jan wasn't a virgin, but still ached at the thought of what that monster cock must feel like, wedging into such an immature cunt.

    Reaching behind her ass, Lil fumbled with her nephew's belt, loosened it, and opened his pants. Her fingers clutched his rigid cock. He slid his hands down and began to unfasten her slacks. When he had them unzipped and loose, he slid his hand down inside Lil's panties and probed her steaming, dripping snatch. She squeezed his prick, felt his juices sting her fingers. Her cunt contracting around his fingers, Lil watched her daughter slowly absorb Joe's mammoth cock.

    Lil was making soft whimpering noises deep in her throat without even realizing it. She was burning up. She watched Jan spit herself on her father. Lil was bathed in roaring flames as her daughter wantonly committed incest. It was obvious this was not the first time that Jan had taken her father's cock. Lil tried to feel rage or jealousy at this, but all she felt was increased lust for her nephew. She, continued fondling his cock behind her bare back.

    Lil was more than ready when Paul finally hauled her panties down, hobbled her around the knees. Now she was able to nuzzle his cock along the crack of her ass, feel the hot prod probe her crevice. Her asshole twitched as she remembered the buggering he had given her once. Leaning forward, Lil tried to steer his cock to that tight opening, but Paul resisted.

    The sight of Jan sitting fully astride Joe distracted Lil for a moment. Jan had his entire monster cock in her! Lil knew just how glutting that shaft was, and couldn't believe that Jan could take it. Not only could Jan take it, she was enjoying it! She was sitting up on him-her back was straight, her hands were on her thighs. Her tits were just begging for attention. The sun gleamed on her sweat-slick flesh. She remained motionless, as if the cock in her had set like concrete, formed a. rigid core in her young body.

    Joe's hands clamped down on her budding tits and Jan's face flushed with pleasure. Her mouth was a circle of lust. She lifted, and Joe's cock emerged, shining wet, from her cunt. She paused with just the glans nestled in her twat, then lowered again, rammed him up into her guts. Lil's cunt spasmed around Paul's stirring fingers.

    Paul pushed on the back of Lil's neck, and reluctantly, she leaned forward on one hand, kept her grasp on his cock with the other. She didn't take her eyes off what Jan and Joe were doing in the bright sunlight. Even as she was begging to have her own body filled, Lil was feeling her insides slowly tear apart from watching her husband deliver cock to her daughter-his daughter-their daughter!

    Paul pulled his cock from Lil's grasp. She let him go. Jan was moving faster on Joe's prick now, rising and dropping on him. Her face was

    a study in lust as she fucked herself on the big cock. Lil could almost feel a prick sliding in and out of her own cunt as she watched. And then there was a prick sliding into her cunt, from behind. The horrible hollowness ended, was replaced by a wonderful bulk. Lil welcomed the insertion of her nephew's cock without a qualm. She was still, with her eyes, devouring the incestuous coupling in the clearing.

    It was nearing the end, now. Jan was bouncing her body, meeting her father's with a squishing smack on every downward stroke. His hands were twisting her tits. His stomach muscles were tensed. His hairy chest was heaving as his daughter fucked herself on him.

    Lil burned as Paul's hands grabbed her waist painfully and dragged her back against him, hard. His cock speared into her depths. Her cunt welcomed him with a series of hungry spasms. Reaching back under herself, she rolled her cunt against her pubic arch.

    Jan's hips were rocking insanely now as she bounced madly on her father's cock. She was diddling her clitoris frantically. Joe's hips were shoving upward, thrusting in opposition to her moves, increasing the violence of the coupling. He had let go of her tits and had grabbed her by the waist. Unencumbered, her tits jerked wildly with each crashing impact that rocked her.

    "Oh, Daddy," Jan moaned, in a tone that lifted the hairs on the back of Lil's neck. "Oh, Daddy, I'm cumming! Oh, Daddy, oh Daddy, oh Daddy!"

    Lil's cunt wait into a clutching, spasming, sympathetic orgasm at the sound of her daughter's voice. Lil felt Paul freeze, his prick thrust deep,

    and thought for a moment that he was cumming, too. She realized a split second later that he wasn't and would have marveled at his stamina if her own orgasm hadn't made thought impossible. Joe was pouring his load into Jan with trembling jerks. His toes clutched crazily as he flooded her cunt. His ass cheeks clenched as he spurted thick wads of jism into his daughter.

    Lil was knotted by her own orgasm as she imagined what those pulsing jets must feel like in Jan's tight twat. Then Lil slumped with exhaustion and Jan collapsed forward onto her father's chest.

    As she lay there, recovering slowly, Lil felt Paul begin to fuck her again, from behind. She shuddered as her lust boiled upward again. Her cheek on the musty leaves, she felt his prick slide in and out, in and out of her streaming cunt. Her fingers drenched with fluids, she gently fondled her clitoris. Paul's hips jolted against her. Her tits shuddered, her nipples scraped the ground with every stroke.

    Lil didn't have the energy to try to silence Paul when he began to vocalize his lust. She knew that Jan and Joe might hear him, but couldn't get herself to do anything about it. All she was was a receptacle for his driving prick. She was a wanton whore, in the grip of an incestuous orgasm with her nephew, and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.

    She didn't see Joe and Jan look in her direction. She didn't see them untangle themselves, didn't see Joe's prick slither out of Jan's cunt. But, somehow Lil knew when Jan and Joe were standing there, staring at the crude coupling in the underbrush. Her lust roared higher. Lil knew that they could see her nephew's cock driving and driving and driving into her, and felt a blast of

    exhibitionistic pleasure that they were getting such a great view of her degradation.

    Lil was cumming again. Her husband and her daughter looking on, she was cumming, from her nephew's fucking. And Paul was cumming, too. He drove at her until her cheek scraped along through the leaves and twigs. He drove at her. She felt his cock jerking and jumping. She reached back and curled her fingers around his balls, warmed them, squeezed them as they trembled with the recoil from his carnal barrage. She felt overflow jism spurt from around his jetting shaft and spill down over his balls and her fingers. She moaned as she thought of what her husband was watching her do-and her daughter, too-and she wished she could dig a hole and vanish into it.

    Her orgasm was fading. She was shaking and shivering, totally humiliated, still on her knees in the dirt.

    "Come on, Auntie," Paul urged, trying to help her up.

    "Come on, honey," Joe said, lifting and soothing her.

    In a warm tangle, they led her to the pond and waded her out until she floated free. They drifted through the cool water in a snuggling, skin-rubbing mass. Legs and arms tangling, cocks and cunts brushing, tits touching other tits, they drifted together, each immersed in their own thoughts.

    "Know what I'd like?" Lil ventured at last.

    "What?" the others asked softly.

    "I'd like to make love to all three of you at once," Lil said at last. "I'd like to have my husband in my cunt, my nephew in my ass, and my daughter in my mouth. Isn't that terrible?"

    "No," Joe assured her. "No, that's not terrible at all."

    He guided the family back to the shore. Once on the grass, they sprawled out, and rested, and thought of what was to come. Lil felt Paul's cum in her cunt, felt herself warming as she thought about what she had asked for. She noticed Joe's big cock was half-hard, and thlat Paul's smaller one was rising slowly.

    Lil leaned over, and began to suck Joe's cock. The fact that Jan and Paul were both watching her made her lust soar. It was really, really crazy, but she loved being watched when she sucked cock.

    He was huge now. His cock was an enormous, bloated tower. Straddling her husband exactly the way Jan had earlier, Lil prepared to gore herself on the huge shaft. She nestled the tip of it into her cunt, hesitated for a moment, braced herself, and, making sure everyone was watching her, let herself go, dropping down on Joe's huge cock. It slammed up into her body in one brutal lunge. She squirmed, felt it shift excitingly, stir her insides to a pulp.

    "Let me suck you, Paul," Lil whispered.

    Paul moved in front of her and straddled, his uncle. Then he presented his cock to his aunt. Lil took the prick in her fingers and sucked it into her mouth. As the sun burned down on her face, she savored her nephew's flavor as she had savored her husband's. She coated Paul's prick with spit and scraped it with her tongue, pressed it up against the roof of her mouth. She leaned forward, slid his cock to the back of her mouth until her belly heaved crazily. She stopped a moment, then leaned forward again until her throat was corked with his glans. She swallowed and her throat massaged his

    nerve-packed shaft. She felt his cock shudder and swell a little more. It was throbbing, oozing into her throat.

    Then she eased her mouth off his shaft, let it slide through her lips and out into the sunlight again. "Now," she moaned. "Fuck my ass!"

    She leaned forward, and waited tensely while Paul moved around behind her. She felt his cock nuzzle in between her ass cheeks. She felt it press on her asshole, felt it bum its way into her ass. None of them had thought of oiling his cock, and as a result the penetration was harsh and dry. It felt like his cock was coated with acid. She loved the pain and the friction and the pressure. She felt the pinching action of prick against prick and shuddered. The pleasure of the double fucking was unbelievable. She became a carnal animal, as she was jammed with the two cocks she had asked for.

    "Here, Mom," Jan urged, presenting her golden-bushed cunt. "Here."

    With a soft moan, Lil pressed her face into her daughter's fragrant snatch. She burrowed her tongue into the petals of flesh, tasted juices, two kinds of juices and her lust blazed still higher. She was drinking her daughter's secretions and her husband's cum! Lil drove her tongue deep into Jan's slippery cunt, scooped up a wave of fluids and savored the thick, body-warm secretions.

    Paul's cock was full depth in her ass now, and Joe's was stretching the walls of her cunt. Between the two cocks was a thin partition of flesh, made even thinner by the pinching action of the two shafts. Paul drew his cock out and thrust it back in and the partition was tugged and squeezed. Joe slid his prick out and rammed it back in, and the thin flesh was twisted again.

    Lii thought she was going to faint from pleasure. She sucked and chewed at her daughter's cunt as the cocks in her mint and ass pistoned alternately in and out. She was cumming, but it wasn't like any orgasm she had ever had before. It just kept going on and on and on as the cocks stirred in her guts and juices flooded her mouth.

    Lil was a sex machine, a vessel for sex organs and sex fluids. She was delirious, yet aware of the cocks sliding against each other in her asshole and cunt. She was drinking wave after wave of Jan's cum as her daughter clutched at her head and tried to smother her with her hot, dripping folds of flesh. It was crazy.

    "Going to cum," Paul grunted. "Jesus, am I ever!"

    "Cum away," Joe said. "I can feel your cock with mine! You cum and I'll cum!"

    "Awwww!" Jan whined, humping her cunt against her mother's face. "Awww, I'm cumming, too!"

    "Sheeeeiiittttt!" Paul swore, pumping thick gouts of jism into Lil's asshole. He was working against a blockage that made his prostate ache exquisitely.

    Lil felt the spurts of cum jetting into her shit chute. It felt like a red-hot enema. Then the cock in her cunt was jumping, douching her cunt walls with, thick, hot waves of jism. And the cunt in her mouth was flooding her with female cum. Lil was a solid pool of cum. Her body shuddered as her mind was shredded by the waves of ecstasy raging through her. Her sanity, what there was left of it, was whirled away on an ocean of cum. Blackness descended. Her last memory was of cocks withdrawing from her exhausted body.

    "Jeez, Dad, is she okay?" Jan asked.

    "Yeah. Don't worry. She always does that when she had a good one!" her father said, smiling.

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