My horny home


    Jim Meade knelt at the foot of the queen-size bed and stared at the girl lying on her back with her head propped on the pillows, her legs spread wide, her golden-haired cunt beautifully exposed.

    He wet his lips in anticipation and enjoyed the sight of the naked girl. He was in no rush for action. At age thirty-six, he had learned to pace himself. He was humbly thankful that this young girl had married him. Alice, at age twenty-two, a good-looking blonde with a terrific, lush shape, and the only daughter of wealthy parents, could have had her pick of young guys.

    Instead she had chosen him, a divorced man with two teen-aged kids. He had been mated to his boss' daughter for almost two years now, and loved her more than ever. He loved her not only because of the wealth and position he'd brought to their marriage, but also because she returned his love. There was nothing phony about the way she felt about him.

    If ever there were a marriage that could be considered a true-love one, it was theirs. His marriage to this gorgeous young girl was far different from the tumultuous one he'd had with Linda, his first wife. That had been a disaster from the very beginning. That marriage had ended three years ago with Linda packing up and leaving home. She had run off with another man. She had divorced him. It had ended fifteen years of strife, discord, and living on a scale slightly above the poverty level, while trying to raise two kids.

    All this had changed in the past two years. Since his marriage to Alice. Since she was the boss' daughter, his rise in the firm had been rapid. He was now vice president in charge of sales. A job he was handling quite well.

    Seeing Alice staring down at him from her perch on the pillows, he pursed his lips and blew her a kiss. He ran his tongue over his lips suggestively. She nodded and her blue eyes lit up with eager glints. She spread her legs farther apart and humped herself up impishly. She placed her hands under her head and raised herself up to get a better view. Though almost fifteen years younger than her husband, she, too, had learned to pace herself.

    From his crouched position on the floor at the foot of the bed, he eased his face forward along the sheet. He slid his chin forward and snaked his naked body up onto the bed. Reaching up, he placed his fingers on her feet. He felt of her slender ankles. He pulled himself forward and eased his tongue far out. He licked the front of her feet. He kissed her ankles. Gently he kneaded her creamy, pinkish-white calves. He licked his way up first one lovely leg, then the other. Up, Down. Unhurriedly he ran his tongue and mouth onto her creamy white skin.

    He snaked his way upward onto the bed. He was now kneeling on the floor and bent far forward. This brought his face within smelling distance of her golden-haired cunt. He nibbled at her lush, creamy white thighs. He kissed them. He licked them. He fondled them. This action brought his huge cock to a surging hardness. He eased himself up slightly so his cock wouldn't be bumping against the footboard of the bed. He lay on his hard-on while applying his tongue and mouth to his wife's body.

    From her vantage point above him, Alice watched her husband in action. A smile of contentment was on her face. She beat down an urge to hurry him, to get him to shove his enormous cock into her hot cunt. Inclined to be a nympho, she could never get enough of this wonderful guy she'd married. She had disregarded the advice of her friends, parents, and well-wishers who tried telling her she would be making a big mistake in marrying this older, divorced man.

    Now, two years and many fucks later, she knew she'd made the right move. Smiling down at her handsome husband, she pursed her lips into a kiss and nodded. "C'mon, lover boy," she whispered, "do me good." She humped her snatch upward impishly.

    He nodded and grinned knowingly. He was aware of her nympho tendencies, but had taught her to pace herself. unhurriedly, he kissed her knees and licked at her creamy thighs. He moved ever so slowly toward her hairy cunt. He studied the pink slit, the puffy vaginal lips, the small opening at the base of the slit, and the exposed cut. He adored her golden-colored triangle of pussy hair.

    He enjoyed the odor emanating from her hot cunt, which was getting more and more steamed up with every lick of his tongue on her thighs. He• hadn't stared at too many cunts in his life. He had married Linda when he was barely nineteen, and she had been a scant sixteen.

    He had remained true to Linda during their hectic years of married life. He had been too involved in trying to make ends meet, raise their family, and keep things going for them to give much thought to cheating on her. It wasn't his nature to be a two-timing husband.

    For almost fifteen years he'd stared at Linda's cunt, just like he was now staring at Alice's. There was a difference in the view. Linda's hairy cunt had been brownish in color, since she was a brown-haired girl. Alice, on the other hand, was a true blonde, with golden hair on her head and cunt.

    A cunt he loved. Bending down, he pressed his lips gently to her moist cunt. Again and again he kissed the golden-haired slit. He eased, her ass upward, wrapped his hands under her thighs, and brought her lovely cunt to his face. With every lick of her cunt, he could feel his cock throbbing to greater hardness. It was surging up and down on the mattress.

    He pursed his lips and kissed her cunt again and

    again. Between kisses, he shoved his tongue out and licked voraciously at the widening slit. He slurped and kissed. Kissed and slurped. He rammed his tongue far in. He pushed her cunt hard against his fucking face. He drove his tongue deeper and deeper. He nipped at her ditty. He nipped at her vaginal lips. He eased fingers in and out of her tiny, puckered asshole.

    He pulled her farther and farther onto his fucking face. He drove his tongue deeper and deeper into her cunt.

    Like a rapier, his tongue darted in and out of the wet hole. Unhurriedly he sucked her steaming cunt. He ran his tongue along her widening vaginal lips. He blew into the hairy opening. He tickled her cunt with his nose, burrowed deep into her widening slit. He removed his hands from around h amp;r lovely, rounded thighs and slid them upward onto her huge, solid tits.

    Gently he fondled her big tits while sucking her hot cunt. This action heated her up, and caused his cock to assume gigantic proportions. He could feel her shudder and spasm. He sucked harder and shoved his tongue in deeper.

    She moaned and thrashed around under his tongue-lashing. She brought her hands down and pushed against the back of his head, urging him to suck her all the more.

    "Lick me off, you cunt-lapper! Suck my cunt! Squeeze my titties! You wonderful cunt-lapping bastard! It feels so good! Aaaaaaaah..


    She quivered, whimpered, and finally came in a gigantic orgasm.

    "You made me come! You made me come!" She squeezed her legs together, locking his handsome face against her cunt. She humped her pussy up and down while unloading.

    Jim, wishing he had a tongue a foot long so he could taste of her hot

    juices, contented himself with licking and kissing her cunt while she spasmed. He shoved his tongue far in, trying vainly to get a taste of her creamy nectar. He felt the moistness of her velvety inner walls and licked at the wetness.

    He sucked in deep breaths, and continued to fondle her lush titties.

    Finally she reached down and pushed his fucking face away from her well-sucked cunt. "Enough yet!" she wailed. "It feels so good it hurts!"

    Licking his chops, Jim stared down at the sucked pussy. It was still quivering. The vaginal lips were pulsating. The hole had been enlarged by his eager tongue. Bending forward, he gave the well-sucked cunt a farewell kiss, then he slowly eased upward between her legs. He kissed her belly button. He paused at her big tits. He gave each one a quick nibbling and sucking. Then he eased up again.

    He kissed her throat, then her chin. He was now at her mouth. Staring deep into her big, baby-blue eyes, he whispered, "I love you, hon. I love you." He could feel his prick at the entrance to her cunt. He squirmed around a bit until he had it in perfect position.

    "And I love you, you cunt-lapping bastard!" She said, pursing her lips. She stared deep into his hazel-colored eyes, which were now filled with glints of lust and passion.

    He pressed his lips to hers in a soul kiss. At the same time, he slid eight inches of hard, solid cock into her well-lubricated cunt.

    "Fuck me good, my adorable slut!" he ordered, showering her with kisses.

    She complied. With a moan of delight at the feel of his enormous cock in her cunt, she began revolving under him.

    She meshed her pussy onto his gigantic rod. Her well-rounded buttocks bounced around on the bed. She humped up and down, meeting his solid thrusts with the expertise gained from years of fucking experience. She had started fucking at age eighteen, and had been handling a steady stream of lovers until she finally settled down and married this one. The one with the biggest cock she'd ever handled.

    "Sock it to me, dear! Shove that big old cock into me! Make me feel it!" With each word of encouragement, she moved her pussy up and down. She drew him close, until he was tightly pressed against her big tits. She pounded his bare back and squealed and moaned in ecstasy while he pounded cock in and out of her hot cunt.

    The bed shook from the pounding bodies bouncing around. He increased the tempo. In. Out. His big cock pounded the well-sucked pussy, the hairy little slit he loved so much.

    "C'mon, you fucking bitch," he encouraged, "wiggle your ass. Snap that cunt over my prick. Move it! Move it!"

    He was sweating profusely. He- eased upward and stared down at her. Their eyes met.

    "I'm fucking you, my adorable slut! My big fat prick is deep inside your big fat cunt!"

    She nodded, her eyes filled with lust and love for this wonderful guy. "Yes. Yes. You're fucking me. I love it! Your big fat cock feels so good! Aaaaaaaaah… ooooooooooh..

    He tried slowing the pace. He wanted to make it last. She was so hot tonight. So loving. It was a losing battle. He, too, was hot. Too hot to ease up. Furiously he pounded into her cunt. "I'm gonna come!" he rasped. "I'm gonna come… now.

    She came with him, both bodies thrashing around on the bed, he with his big prick deeply immersed in her hot pussy, she with her hot cunt grabbing at his squirting cock and accepting it eagerly. She wrapped her legs around his thighs and pulled him in deeper and deeper while her steaming pussy tightened on his big cock. The two lovers were as one, neither one wanting to break the magic spell, the tender, loving moment of ecstasy.

    A moment that had to end.

    He flopped from atop his lovely wife and landed on his back on the bed. He was gasping and his hairy chest was heaving from the wild exertion, and possibly because he was pushing thirty-seven.

    His hand flopped over and landed atop one of her well-rounded breasts. He grinned feebly while catching his breath. "You win, hon."

    She smiled and placed a hand over his hand. She,

    too, was a trifle breathless from the action, but not nearly as much as he. Impishly she reached down and played with his limp cock. "Let's get this bastard up again. I'm kinda hot tonight."

    He groaned, and sighed wearily. "You've got to be kidding, hon. Get it up again? Hah! You trying to ruin me?" He chuckled and nuzzled against her. They had long ago given up on the two or three a night binges. For months now they had settled for a one a night, twice a week schedule.

    "Maybe tomorrow night, hon?" he said, stroking her hand which was stroking his cock.

    "Un-unh. Tomorrow's Saturday."

    He groaned inwardly. Saturday nights they usually visited her parents, George and Mary Jennings. The Jennings lived in a big mansion out in the suburbs, a plush place that befitted the owner of Jennings Industries. Jim didn't look forward too keenly to these almost weekly visits. Not that he didn't get along with his in-laws. He got along fine. Especially at work. George Jennings was a hell of a good guy to work for. He had promoted him again and again to positions of responsibility, until now he was near the top.

    Jim had decided the reason behind all this was because George thought of him as a son, instead of a son-in-law. Alice was an only child. She definitely couldn't carry on the business if something happened to George. He was settling for the next best possibility-grooming Jinx to take over the business.

    Jim wished the social part could be kept separate from the business end, but since he was married to the boss' daughter, he realized it couldn't be. He was family. The logical man in line of succession.

    The main reason he didn't enjoy his visits to the older folks' place was because of Alice's mother, Mary Jennings. The older woman tried to hide her

    hostility toward him, but it often showed in little ways.

    He knew that Mary Jennings would never really accept him. She would always resent the fact that her only child had married a divorced man. A much older man, who already had two teen-aged children. Mary tried to stifle her true inner feelings, but on occasion they came to the surface. Usually at the weekly get-togethers.

    Alice crinkled her nose at Jim's reluctant prick. Even under her fondling, it refused to get hard again.

    "Okay, we'll save it for another time," she said, removing her fingers from his cock and staring reflectively at the ceiling. "Now to another subject." She turned onto her side and stared into his eyes.

    "Oh, now what?" He turned on his side and faced her. He was no longer breathing heavily. Idly, he reached over and fondled her large tits. He tweaked at the taut nipples.

    "Your children." Alice's 'voice was flat, her face unsmiling.

    "Karen and Bob? Now what've they done?" He sighed. Their married life had been idyllic to date, except for one small defect. His children by his first marriage. A sticky point.

    Alice flushed. She knew when she'd married this handsome man, she'd have this problem. She figured she could cope with it. So far, it hadn't worked out too well. Bob, the sixteen-year-old boy, wasn't the problem.

    It was Karen, the eighteen-year-old girl, who presented the heartaches.

    Alice smiled and nuzzled up to him. "It's not so much what they've done," she whispered. "It's what they might do. Karen, especially," she added.

    He frowned. "What's all this leading up to?"

    "I think it's about time you had a long talk with your daughter!" Alice propped up on the bed and stared deep into his troubled eyes.

    "About what?" he agonized.

    "About the facts of life. Karen's going on eighteen. In case you haven't noticed it, she's quite a young lady."

    "Hell, she's just a kid!" Like most fathers, he refused to admit his girl was growing up. To him, she was still a baby.

    Karen had long brown hair and soft, brown eyes. She was a sophomore at the nearby high school. A very pretty, very active girl, but to him, she was still just a baby. His little girl. Daddy's little bundle of joy.

    Alice snorted. "You'd better take a few more good looks at your little kid. She's developing fast."

    "So what's the problem?"

    "Maybe you haven't been noticing that she's growing up, but believe me, the boys at her school have been noticing it. I'm afraid she's going to get

    in trouble unless someone fills her in on the facts of life. Like I mean, baby trouble."

    He paled. The frown deepened. "What're you getting at?"

    Alice sighed. "The other night, while you were at your lodge meeting, I happened to be looking out the kitchen window. I'd heard a noise in the back. The lights were off. Anyway, I peeked out."

    "And?" His voice was hoarse.

    "I saw Karen and a boy from her school. They were parked behind the garage. They were in the back seat of his car.".

    "Necking?" He grinned in relief. "All kids do a bit of necking at that age."

    Alice shook her head firmly. "They weren't exactly necking." Reaching down, she grabbed his prick and waved it suggestively. "I think you should have a long talk with her. Explain about these things. And these…" She placed his fingers on her cunt.

    He groaned. "Already? She's only eighteen."

    Alice shrugged. "Girls have had babies at twelve, or even eleven years of age. Not that I'm saying Karen might get hooked that way. All I'm saying is someone should talk to her. Find out how much she knows. Explain the facts of life to her."

    "How 'bout you talking to her, hon?"

    Alice grimaced. "Me? You're out of your mind! Karen hates me! It's all she can do to try and be civil with me. She only speaks to me when absolutely necessary. Or haven't you noticed?" Alice's voice was filled with sadness. She had tried to get through to the young girl but had failed

    miserably. Karen deeply resented the woman who had replaced her mother.

    He nodded. He, too, had noticed the way Karen treated Alice. It bothered him. Karen was very spiteful toward Alice. There was no love lost between the two girls. He had tried several times to bridge the gap between them, but had finally given up. He had hoped that time would heal the chasm between Karen and Alice.

    It hadn't.

    He wished that Karen was more like Bob, her older brother. Bob probably resented his marrying Alice, too. But he had managed to cope with the problem. Unlike his sister, he was very friendly toward Alice. He never got around to calling her Mom, or Mother. He simply called her Alice. The two had a good relationship going. At least they weren't at each other's throats, like Karen and Alice.

    "What can I say to the kid?" he asked. Karen and he had sort of drifted apart since the marriage to Alice. She had always been Daddy's little girl. Now she was almost a stranger to him. She had withdrawn into her own little world from which he'd been excluded. "Hell, she hardly speaks to me any more. I think she resents me, too."

    "She does. She hasn't forgiven you for marrying me. She never will."

    "So maybe we ought to just let things ride?"

    Alice shrugged. "She's your daughter. You want to let her carry on with

    the boys without at least giving her the facts of life, that's your decision."

    "I guess I'll try and talk to her-someday."

    "I wouldn't wait too long, dear." Alice stared deep into his eyes. "The other day while I was making up the beds when you were at work, and the kids were at school, I found a magazine in her room." She flushed.

    "You pried into her things?" He clucked his tongue. Alice had insisted on being a housewife since their marriage. They could have afforded a servant, or a m~iid, but she wanted to be a housewife. Making up beds, cleaning the house, cooking meals and the works.

    "I didn't piy! I happened to see this magazine she had hidden on her bureau. I was curious because of the cover." She grimaced. "It was a sex magazine. I left it exactly where I found it, but not until I looked through it." She shuddered. "I think you better have a long talk with your daughter," she announced firmly.

    "Hmm. I see what you mean." Glancing at his watch, he mumbled, "It might as well be now. It's early evening. No sense putting it off any longer."

    He ambled into the bathroom to refresh himself and take a quick shower. Then he slid into his pajamas before tackling his growing daughter.

    His little problem child. Daddy's little girl.


    Squaring his shoulders bravely, Jim tapped on Karen's bedroom door, and then entered the room. The door was partially open. He stepped in. Karen was lying flat on her stomach on her bed. She was peering at a magazine. She was dressed in her baby-doll nightie and was ready for bed.

    "Hi, baby," he called out, stepping toward the queen-size bed and smiling fondly at his daughter.

    "Oh, it's you!" Karen's face was flushed. She quickly shoved the magazine under her pillow, but not before he got a glimpse of the cover. A picture of a naked girl.

    Suppressing a frown and thinking to himself that little girls shouldn't be looking at such magazines, he cut loose with a fatherly smile. Fidgeting a bit uncomfortably in the presence of the girl who was growing up too fast for him to keep up with, he murmured, "Mind if I visit with you awhile, baby?" He'd always called her his baby, or his baby doll. That is, until lately. Lately they hadn't been talking much. A sort of aloof politeness existed between them. Ever since his marriage to Alice.

    Karen shrugged. She sat up on the bed. Her pretty round face wore a pout of annoyance. "What do you want?" Her voice was sharp.

    He flushed and sat down on the bed beside her. "I just thought maybe you and I should have a talk, baby." He smiled paternalistically.

    "Don't call me baby any more!" Her voice was sharp. She thrust out her chest. "I'm not a baby any more, or haven't you noticed?"

    The flush deepened. He beat down an urge to flee, to retreat from this losing battle with his daughter. It had been like this all the time lately. Sparks between them. She was no longer the little girl he had held in his arms and cuddled from infancy until she was ten or eleven. He and Karen. used to have so much love together. Father daughter love. Many times he'd cradled her in his arms and whispered words of endearment to her. He had sung to her. He had comforted her during her young tender years.

    Theirs had been a wonderful relationship. He recalled the many times she'd nestled in his embrace and had whispered in his ear, "Daddy, I love you best of all."

    He gawked at her outthrust chest. A lump came to his throat. She was so right. She was no longer a baby. She was a woman, and indications were she would be quite a beautiful woman. Her breasts were small but solid when she pushed them outward and they strained against the material of her pajamas. She was still a small girl, but the curves were breaking out all over, and she was

    shaping up well. In another year or two, she'd be a likely prospect for beauty contests.

    "Okay, Karen. I'll not call you baby any more. You are growing up." He took one of her hands in his and pressed it. "That's what I want to talk to you about."

    Her eyes widened. "About me growing up?"

    "Like you said, you're getting to be a big girl. I thought maybe you and I should have a long talk about-" He broke off.

    Her eyes lit up. "About the birds and the bees?" She giggled.

    He nodded miserably. "Something like that. Ordinarily it's a mother's job to talk those things over with daughters."

    The smile left her face. "But I don't have a mother any more! You've seen to that!"

    "Ah, Karen, don't start on that again!"

    "And why not!" Rage contorted her face. "Why, Daddy, why!?" Her voice was shrill. She hopped to her feet, placed hands on hips and glared. "Why did you have to marry that woman!" She pointed in the general direction of the master bedroom.

    He tried reaching for her. She avoided his hands. His face was flushed. He didn't want to get into a shouting match with her again about Alice. They'd had

    too many of them in the past couple of years. He couldn't quite understand Karen's hostility toward her stepmother. He realized the kid should be shook up somewhat over him marrying another woman. He reasoned it was because Alice was to young. At age twenty-two she wasn't much older than his eighteen-year-old daughter.

    But should Karen really have such a deep-rooted resentment? Bob didn't have this resentment. Why should she? He sighed. He'd never understand girls. Patting the bed, he said, trying to keep his voice calm, "Sit down, Karen."

    "I won't! I don't want to talk any more." Tears misted her eyes. Her hands shook. She didn't enjoy these scenes. She didn't relish the idea of defying her father. But she knew she had to impress on him her deep-rooted feelings about the girl he'd married. The girl she hated. The stepmother she'd never accept.

    "I said sit down!" His voice was stem, like it had been many times in the past when he'd had to assert his authority and show her who was boss.

    She subsided meekly. The rebellion died. She sat on the bed, away from him. Her eyes were still misted with tears. Her pretty mouth was etched in a pout. She stared at him.

    "We'll not discuss Alice," he said flatly. "That's not what I came in here for." Acting on impulse he reached under her pillow and drew out the magazine she'd been reading. He sucked in a deep breath. It was a swinger-type magazine, the type that featured naked girls throughout, and also a few naked men thrown in for good measure. It contained stories and articles of interest to swinging men and women. A type of magazine that was usually kept under the counter at newsstands.

    "Where'd you get this?" His voice was sharp.

    She flushed. "Some of the kids around school were passing it around. I borrowed it from Angie."

    He leafed through the book, his face getting more fluted with each turned page. "Such trash!" he said. "Get rid of it!" He tossed it on the table alongside her bed.

    "Yes, Daddy." Her voice was soft.

    "Maybe it's a good thing I looked at that magazine," he observed, leaning back reflectively. "I came in here to talk to you about… sex!" He stumbled over the word.

    Her eyes lit up. "You did?"

    "We… er, I was thinking, you're getting to be a big girl now. I was wondering how much you know about boys, and such things." He blurted out the words haltingly.

    A tight smile curled on her pretty mouth. She settled back against the headboard, drawing her legs up and resting her hands on her knees. She chuckled inwardly at Daddy's discomfort. She knew how embarrassed he must be, trying to fill her in on the facts of life. Facts she was well aware of, as were most eighteen-year-old girls these days.

    She had lost her cherry several months ago when she had just turned eighteen. She had been fucked several more times since by eager boys from high school. She had sampled of sex and had talked it over extensively with her friends, especially Angie, who was practically a whore, though she was only eighteen and a half. She knew for a fact that Angie accepted money from men. She, herself, had been tempted several times to go with Angie on one of her paying dates, but so far she'd resisted the temptation.

    Pretending innocence, she turned her big brown eyes toward him. "What

    should I know, Daddy?" "I mean… like boys are built different than


    "I know that!" She picked up the magazine and impishly began turning pages.

    He grabbed it from her and tossed it back on the. table. "Never mind with the pictures! What I mean is… do you know what happens when boys and girls-" Again he broke off.

    "What, Daddy?" Again the big pretense of innocence.

    "Aw, hell, Karen, I can't explain this kind of 'stuff. It's too embarrassing!"

    She grinned. "Would it help, Daddy, if I were to mention that I've taken several courses in school?"


    "About sex. You haven't been in school for so long, you don't know what's happening. They start teaching kids about the birds and the bees in the sixth grade. I'm a sophomore in high school."

    "You mean they actually teach that kind of stuff? The difference between girls and boys? About babies? How they happen? How girls and boys get together?"

    "Aw, Daddy, don't be such a square." Hopping from her bed, Karen zipped over to her bureau. Grabbing a book from a pile, she tossed it to him. "Here's my biology book. Glance through it."

    He did. His eyes opened wide. The book was loaded with facts and illustrations. It went the entire route. It showed in clear, concise, clinical words and pictures, the entire concept of reproduction. Diagrams of the reproductive organs, male and female.

    "I'll be damned." He had vaguely heard about the new concept of schooling, but this? It was mind-popping to a guy who'd been out of school for so long. He'd had a year of college after graduating from high school. But even in college long ago he hadn't been subjected to books like this.

    Karen flopped back on the bed and leaned against the headboard. "You still want to talk about the birds and bees, Daddy?" She grinned impishly.

    Shaking his head dumbly, he placed the book on top of the girlie magazine on the table. "Maybe you can teach me a few things, Karen. Guess maybe I missed the boat when I was growing up." He smiled wanly.

    Her eyes lit up shrewdly. A calculating look crept into her eyes. "Maybe I could teach you something, Daddy. Or perhaps," she added nastily, "you'd rather learn everything from that woman!" Again the hostile reference to Alice.

    "Knock it off." He frowned. A thought was tugging at his mind. Something Alice had mentioned. It clicked. "Oh, the reason I came to see you, Karen. The other night, you were parked in the rear of the house alongside the garage. In some boy's car?"

    "I was with Derek. We were parked." The smile drained from her face. "Why?"

    "You weren't exactly necking, were you?"

    "Necking?" She frowned at the unfamiliar word.

    "I mean, you and Derek weren't just kissing, and talking, were you?"

    "And just what do you think we were doing, Daddy?" Her voice was sharp..

    "I was thinking… I happened to be in the kitchen. I heard a noise. I looked out. I didn't turn on the kitchen lights…" He stumbled over the words.

    "You were spying on me."

    "No!" He hastily set the record straight. "I wouldn't spy on you. Like I

    said, I heard this strange noise. I thought maybe it was a prowler. I peeked out. I saw you and the boy in the back seat of his car."

    "What else did you see, Daddy?" Her voice was low, her eyes cold.

    "I…er…your skirt was way up over your hips. He had his pants down…" He stumbled over the vague description he was trying to conjure of a sight he didn't actually see, but had heard about from Alice.

    "And?" she asked.

    "Suppose you tell me exactly what you two were doing in the back seat of that car?" he blurted defensively.

    "You really want me to tell you, Daddy?"

    "I do." His voice was firm.

    "Derek was fucking me." She let the words slip out casually.

    He hopped to his feet. "Karen! Don't talk like that! Don't say such things!" He was appalled.

    Karen placed her hands behind her neck and stared tauntingly at him. "You asked, I told you. Derek was fucking me, Daddy," she repeated,

    enjoying his discomfort. "He was fucking me! fucking me, do you hear?"

    "Shut up! Shut up!" He leaned forward; his hand raised to slap her. "Damn you! Shut up! I don't want to hear that kind of talk!"

    "Why not? You fuck Alice, don't you?" she taunted, her eyes alight with crazy glints. "Every night you fuck her, don't you, Daddy?" She was sobbing.

    "Don't talk like tat!" He held his temper in check with great effort. He had never hit her in anger before. A few slaps on her fanny when she was growing up, that was all. He backed away, before he did something he'd regret. He lowered his hand. She was deliberately taunting him. Needling him. Why?

    He stared dumbly at his sobbing daughter. She had vented her pent-up rage on him. ' His father-daughter talk had fizzled completely. It had been a disaster. It had only brought out what Alice had feared. His little girl had grown up. She had admitted to having been fucked. It seemed inconceivable to him that someone had taken advantage of his little baby. Some boy had actually found out she was a grown-up girl-a woman.

    She glared at him. "I'll talk like I want! You came in here. You accused me of things!"

    "But you did it. You admitted it!"

    "How would you know what I did? You weren't even home that night. It was Wednesday. You were at your lodge meeting!" With this final reminder, she flopped onto the bed and gave way to her sobs.

    He stared down at her slender form, now racked with tears and sobs.

    His face was flushed.

    He had goofed. Boy, how he'd goofed. What should have been a pleasant exchange of confidences between a worried father and a growing daughter had turned into a complete disaster. He had been caught in a big lie. Like she had said, he couldn't have seen her in action. He hadn't even been home that evening.

    Now he was more confused than ever. Had she or hadn't she fucked Derek? He'd probably never find out now. Karen would probably never speak to him again. At least about such things as they were trying to discuss.

    With head hanging low, and a thoughtful look on his face, he left the room, a thoroughly defeated father. He figured it was time for a long talk with Alice.


    Things around the Meade house were a trifle uncomfortable for the next few days. He was angry with Alice for having suggested he have the talk with Karen. He was angry with Karen for the vile remarks she had made during their talk. In turn, Karen was angry with him because she'd caught him in a big lie. Karen's hostility toward her stepmother increased even more when she realized it was Alice who must have told him about her and Derek.

    All hi all it was a tense atmosphere in the household, with most of the inhabitants barely speaking to each other.

    The only one who seemed immune to the hostility was Bob. He wasn't aware of what had taken place and went about his business of living casually. Bob, at age sixteen, was a replica of his dad. He was six feet tall. He had dark-brown hair and eyes. His hair was long in the accepted style of the day, and within the allowable limits of the high school where he was a junior.

    Bob was quite a guy with the girls, a very popular figure at school, where he played football and baseball. He loved to tinker with cars and girls, not necessarily in that order. His current project was restoration of an old 1938 Plymouth his dad had bought for him from a junk dealer. Bob and a few of his friends worked often on the old relic. It was beginning to shape up nicely, and before long he would have it running again.

    He worked on it in the big, three-car garage attached to their large house. The house was a far cry from the dingy old homes they used to live in

    before Dad had married Alice Jennings.

    Their new home, which they had moved into slightly more than a year ago, had four bedrooms upstairs, each with attached bath. The downstairs was immense, with a huge living room, and a large family room with television, stereo, and built in bar. There was a sewing room, and a big kitchen and plenty of closet and storage space.

    Jim was happy for his kids that he was now able to provide such nice surroundings for them.

    All this was made possible because of his marriage to Alice.

    His only regret at having made the decision to marry her after Linda had run off with the other guy and had divorced him, was the fact that Karen wouldn't accept Alice.

    Jim was thankful that Bob wasn't like his sister. Bob and Alice seemed to hit it off pretty good.

    It was early Tuesday evening. – After his unsuccessful attempt to have a long talk with his daughter a few nights ago, he had given up on all thoughts of reaching her again. Karen obviously

    wasn't in the mood to become a member of the family. She was the outsider, and apparently wanted to remain aloof from them.

    He respected her wishes. He didn't want another name-calling session like the last time. His ears still sizzled over the word she tossed around so recklessly during that conversation.

    He was sitting in the living room, wading the evening paper, and half watching the evening news on TV when Alice stepped into the room. She was dressed to go places, with her car keys dangling in her hand.

    "Hi, hon. Where you going?"

    "Into the city. The shopping center. I need a few things. I'm going to stop in and see Myra for a couple hours. I won't be long. S'long." She pecked a kiss at him.

    "Okay, hon. See you later." He smiled. She often went off for a few hours like this in the evenings. She had many friends in the city and in the suburbs. She liked to drop in on them for chats and to be brought up to date on the latest gossip.

    When she left, he continued reading his paper. He wasn't alone in the house. Karen was upstairs in her bedroom. Bob was off somewhere on a date. He probably wouldn't be home for hours. He had borrowed one of the family cars. He had gotten his license a few months ago when he'd turned sixteen. He liked to drive. Jim didn't mind letting him. Bob was a good driver. He was a good boy. He didn't smoke. He had sense enough not to get hooked on drugs, and he was athletically inclined.

    Jim's thoughts dwelled on the recent run-in with Karen. If only there were same way he could reach the kid. Get to her. Get her to try to see his

    viewpoint. Things would be much happier around the household if only she weren't such a spoiled brat. If only he could turn back the clock and treat her like he'd been able to do when she was in her preteen years. Then he'd had complete control of her. She had loved him very much during those formative years. Now she was a complete stranger to him. A mysterious figure of a girl who spent a good deal of her time glaring at him, and giving with the odd looks. And it all stemmed from his marriage to Alice.

    He could no longer spank her. She was too big for that. He had tried talking to her. That had proved very embarrassing. He was at a complete loss as to how to deal with his little girl.

    He finished reading the paper. Turning off the TV, he went upstairs to his bedroom. He'd take a warm bath, then crawl into his pajamas and hop into bed. He could watch TV in his bedroom, and sip a few drinks while awaiting the return of the girl he loved so much. This would be a good night to make up with Alice and have a tender, loving evening. They had been actin~ cool to each other long enough. It was time to forgive and forget.

    He sloshed round in the warm water and thought about it. The thought of what he would do to Alice brought stiffness to his cock. He'd really give her a fucking tonight. The works.

    He dried himself with a big towel and patted his half-hard prick dry. He was thankful he had such a big cock. It satisfied Alice. It had satisfied Linda

    for many years, too. Unlike Linda, however, Alice was satisfied with the man she'd married and had no intention of unloading him.

    Flinging the wet towel into the hamper, he stepped into his bedroom, still naked. His pajamas were in the dresser drawer.

    His eyes opened wide. He halted. His face grew red with embarrassment.

    Karen was in the bedroom!

    He gulped. He mumbled. He tried easing back into the bathroom. He tried hiding his big cock with his hands.

    "Karen! What the hell are you doing here!"

    It was the first time he could ever recall that she'd stepped into his bedroom at such a time. She must have known he was taking a bath. He had been warbling a few tunes like he usually did when immersed in the bath water.

    Karen, dressed in a pink slip, stepped over and grabbed him by the hand to prevent him from going back into the bathroom. "Hi, Daddy!" She tugged him toward the bed.

    "I.. uh… let me slip into my pajamas, then we'll talk!" He tried easing toward the dresser.

    She blocked his way and pushed him onto the bed. "Un-unh, Daddy. You just sit there, like you are."

    "But I'm naked!" he gasped.

    Karen giggled. "I can see that!" Her soft brown eyes roved over her father's nudity in a thoughtful glance. She had often seen him in swim trunks, but this was the first time she'd seen him in the altogether. She nodded approval when her glance settled on his half-hard cock.

    He stiffened, and his cock grew limp.

    "Please, Karen, I'm in no mood for these little tricks. Will you leave the

    room until I get dressed, or will you at least hand me my pajamas!" He pointed to the dresser drawer.

    "Un-unh, Daddy." Her voice was low. "I want to see you this way for a special reason." Her eyes were mysterious pools.

    "Oh?" The odd remark dispelled some of his embarrassment. "Why?"

    "I've been thinking, Daddy, about the run-in we had the other night."


    "Fm sorry.~ Really I am. I acted mean and hateful. I knew you couldn't have seen me and Derek. That was your night out. I figured Alice must've told you. Right?"

    He nodded.

    "And I'm sorry I was so blunt."

    He smiled. "Okay, Karen. Let's forgive and forget. Now that that's settled, will you please let me get something on?"

    She sat down beside him and grabbed his hand.

    Squeezing it, she said, "The other night you wanted to discuss things with me. Like about the birds and the bees." She smiled knowingly.

    He, grimaced. "Hah! That was a big goof! Seems like you know more about that kinda stuff than I do."

    Karen shook her head. "Not really, Daddy. I just pretend I do. There's a lot of things I don't know. Let's talk about 'em. Maybe you can straighten me

    out on some things. Please?" Her soft brown eyes pleaded.

    "Me! Teach you something? Hell, that's a laugh!" He was unconvinced. Then he grew sober. "Exactly how much do you know?"

    "I know the basic concepts," admitted Karen. "Like about male and female organs. Reproduction. Safe periods. The pill. All the technical details. That I know. Most kids eighteen know all that kinda stuff."

    "Then what can I tell you?"

    "About love. Personal feelings. Things that aren't covered in books. Like why did you and Mom get divorced? Why did she run off and leave you?" Karen glanced suggestively at his hidden cock. "Surely you must've satisfied her?"

    The flush in his face deepened. "I think you'd better leave, Karen. This kind of personal thing is between the persons involved."

    Karen hopped to her feet, pouting. "There! You see! You're turning me off. You don't want to talk things over with me. All you want to do is lecture me.

    Treat me like a kid." She thrust out her titties, which strained against the slip she was wearing. Tears came to her eyes. "You don't love me any more, do you, Daddy? You only love that big fat cow you married!"

    He beat down an urge to slap her. She was getting hysterical. Instead, he impulsively reached for her, drew her down onto the bed and crushed her into an embrace. He, too, was sobbing.

    "My baby. My little girl. I love you so much." He pressed his lips to hers. He stroked her long brown hair. "Please don't hate me any more. I love you so much. I want things to be like they were before between us. Daddy's little girl, to have and to hold."

    Karen nestled into his embrace, a smile on her pretty face. His moving her about on the bed brought his cock close to her one hand. She cautiously wrapped her fingers around it and squeezed gently. She listened to the words he was crooning into her ear. This was like old times. He loved her. He really loved her. This would make it easier for her to implement the wild plan she had in the back of her mind.

    He seemed unaware tat she was playing with his cock. She eased one leg up over his hip to allow for more playing room on his dangling prick.

    "I love you, Daddy," she whispered. "I love you so much." She kissed him again and again. She sobbed happily.

    Again and again he kissed his little girl. His mind surged back into time. She was again his little baby. The little girl he'd watched grow from a tiny tot. The little girl who had grown so pretty.. So beautiful. The little girl of whom he was so proud.

    He was so wrapped up in his memories of the past that he was unaware of what was taking place in the immediate present. His mind had traveled. backward through time. He was crooning a song to his little baby girl. His heart was filled with joy. His little girl had returned to him. He stroked her hair. He stared adoringly into her eyes. His own eyes were misty and filled with glints of happiness.

    "My baby," he murmured. "My little girl. I love you. I love you."

    Karen scootched around until she was under her father. Ever so slowly, she positioned herself, being very careful not to break the magic spell he was under. Now, at last, she was directly under him, staring happily up into his love-filled eyes. She spread her legs apart and lifted her knees ever so slowly. She had a good grip on his prick which was getting hard under her ministrations. Gently and carefully, she eased his hard cock toward her tiny cunt.

    She teased the head of his enormous cock to the entrance of her cant. She placed her hands on his naked butt and gently eased him forward. Wordlessly she pressed her lips to his in a soul kiss. At the same moment, she humped her cunt upward. She hoped she could take his enormous cock. She had felt of its gigantic size while fondling

    it. It was by far the biggest one she'd ever laid a hand on. Much bigger than Derek's, and the other boys she'd been fucking lately.

    Sucking in a deep breath, ~and clenching her teeth to her lips, she gave a shove upward, trying to impale Daddy's big cock with her tiny cunt. The effort failed. The enormous cockhead wasn't about to slide into the tiny slit. It was an unequal struggle. The big cock was far too large to enter the small opening.

    It had the adverse effect of snapping him out of the dream world he had entered. Reality surged through him. The song of love for his little girl died~ on his lips. He frowned. Then, realizing she was lying under him in a conventional fucking position, and trying to get his prick into her cunt, he paled. He hopped from the bed as if jabbed in the ass with a bayonet.

    His face red with anger, he roared, "Karen! What the hell are you trying to do?"

    Karen flushed. Her plan went down the drain. She pouted. "I was trying to get you to fuck me, Daddy." She decided to be truthful.

    Visibly shaken, and knees wobbling, he staggered to the small bar in the far corner of the bedroom. He poured a drink and gulped it down. Then another, and another. Then, with filled glass in hand, he went back to the bed. He shook his head in disbelief He realized he'd been conned into almost fucking his own daughter! He knew that his being carried back in time and memory had been one-sided. On his part. Not for one moment had Karen returned to the past.

    Shaking his head and staring sorrowfully at her, he moaned. The little minx was still lying on her back, legs spread wide. The light had gone from her eyes. The sobs had receded. She was again the defiant one. The rebel.

    "Why, Karen?" he murmured, sipping at his drink, and staring hopelessly. "Why?"

    Karen, her initial plan having been sidetracked, went into the next phase of her operation. She hopped from the bed. She shoved him back onto


    "Because I hate that fat slob you married, that's why!" Her eyes blazed as she spat out the words.

    Shaking his head helplessly, he sipped at his drink, then said, "You tried to get me into bed with you. To fuck you. All because you hate Alice? I don't understand?" He took a deep swallow of his drink.

    "Of course you don't understand! You never did understand. You never bothered to ask me and Bob if you should remarry. No. You trotted Alice in one day and said you were going to marry hen You didn't even bother to ask if we approved, or anything like that!"

    "I… I… you were just kids. Hell, you weren't even a teen-ager then." He fumbled for excuses.

    "Sure, that's just the trouble, Daddy. I've always been just your little girl. You refuse to admit I've grown up. Well, I have. Take a look! Take a good look!" Karen slipped out of her slip.

    He looked. He stared. He took a deep breath. She had grown up. She was no longer the skinny, tit-less little girl he'd known so well. This naked nymph standing before him was a dreamboat. A feminine beauty. Her breasts were small, but nicely formed.

    His eyes roved down. A slender waist. A patch of brown hair atop her pussy. Smooth, rounded thighs. Outthrust buttocks.

    He gulped. How fight she was. She no longer was Daddy's little girl. She was a woman. Practically a grown-up woman. In another year or two, she'd be a dazzling beauty.

    He sighed. Sipping his drink, he mumbled, "Okay, you've proven your point.

    I'm convinced. You're grown up. I'll never think of you again as my baby girl. Now, please get back into your slip and leave." He gulped down his drink and headed for the bar.

    "Un-unh." She stood her ground. She faced him, a tight smile at the corners of her pouty mouth.

    "What d'ya mean un-unh?" He sipped at his drink, eyeing her warily over the top of the glass. His hand still trembled. He still stared at her beauty. He marveled that such a beautiful girl could be his daughter.

    "I came in here to have along talk. lo get things settled. To reach an agreement between you and me, and to figure out what to do about fatty Alice!".

    "Please stop referring to her as fat! She's a trifle plump, but fat-no."

    "Did you marry her just to have someone to… fuck?" She breathed the word slowly.

    He flushed. "Damn it, Karen! I wish you would stop using that word! It sounds obscene coming from you.

    "But it really isn't obscene, is it, Daddy? You do it. I do it. I guess Bob does it. Everyone does it. So why shouldn't we say it?"

    "Because it's a dirty word."

    "But it's the main reason you mated her, isn't it?"

    "It did have a big bearing on things," he admitted.

    "Then why didn't you talk it over with me before you married her?" Karen asked.

    "Talk about such things to you then!" He was aghast. "Hell, you were only twelve years old!"

    "You could've talked it over with me. I was big for my age. Even then I knew all about sex, though I hadn't experienced it. If all you needed was a place to shove your cock, I would've let you do me."

    His mouth gaped. His hand trembled. He stared in awe. "My God, Karen! What's gotten into you?"

    "I wish you had, Daddy."

    He shook his head in dismay. "I can no longer talk to you. You're way beyond my scope. I give up. Now, will you please go! I can't stand any more of this nonsense. My head is reeling."

    Karen smiled grimly. "You want me to get along with your wife, don't you, Daddy?"

    "I do. I do. I'm tired of all this hatefulness on your part. I know Alice likes you. If you give her half a chance, she'll be like a real mother to you.

    "I will be nice to her, Daddy-under one condition." She dealt her trump card.

    "And that is?"

    Karen fingered her cunt suggestively. "You fuck me, too. Just like you do with Alice!"


    He was beyond shock. His mind boggled. The warmth of the room and the considerable amount of liquor he'd consumed were having their effect on him. Stepping over to the bar, he poured himself another shot. Then another. He was sweating. He stared owlishly at the whiskey bottle in his hand. A hand that was trembling.

    This couldn't be happening to hint In a minute, he'd wake up and find it was all a dream. He winced. He felt Karen sliding up to him.

    It wasn't a dream. He felt Karen's naked body pressed against his back. He could feel the soft fur of her cunt hairs pressing against his asscheeks. He could feel her taut, pointy titties pressing against his back, just below his shoulder blades. Then he felt her hands slide around to his front.

    Karen grabbed his dangling cock and began playing with it!

    Nuzzling her head against his shoulders, she murmured, "Daddy? Daddy? What are we going to do?"

    "About what?"

    The feel of her soft, warm little hand on his cock was having predictable results. Despite his inner revulsion, fear, and surprise, his prick was getting hard under her gentle ministrations. She was fondling his hairy balls with one hand and slowly jerking his cock with the other.

    "Us. We've grown so far apart," she explained haltingly while fondling his stiffening cock, and toying with his hairy balls. She enjoyed nuzzling up to him. He felt all warm and comfy. She kissed his shoulders and pressed her titties hard against his naked back.

    "I love you, Daddy," she murmured, pulling at his cock. "I want you to love me-with this!" she added suggestively.

    He quickly downed his drink and shuddered. He felt lightheaded and giddy. He'd taken aboard more liquor in the past hour or so than he usually drank in a week. It was having its effect. He was loaded. He was warm all over. His speech was slurred. His mind wasn't functioning sharply. He was in a daze. An alcoholic daze. He was vaguely aware of the situation~ Her playing with his cock was having a predictable effect. It was getting big and stiff.

    He shook his head as her words filtered through his tortured mind.

    "Hell, Karen," he mumbled, "I can't make love to you.

    "Why not?"

    "Jesus Christ! Suppose I knock you up? My own kid? Hah!"

    "Don't be silly, Daddy. That won't happen. I'm on the pill. It's also my

    safe period." She renewed her efforts on his cock.

    Calling on his last amount of common sense, he swung around. He gulped as her nude beauty came into focus. He glared. Holding her by the shoulders, he muttered, choosing his words carefully, yet stumbling over them as the alcohol he'd absorbed had an adverse effect on his tongue.

    His tongue seemed like it weighed a ton.

    "Please leave, Karen. Please? This is crazy. I know how you feel about Alice. I know it's rough for kids to have a stepmother. We'll work something out. We'll get together with Alice and have a long talk. But for now-please get out, before I do something I'll regret the rest of my life." He mumbled the words and tried not to look at her nakedness. He pointed toward the door. "Please go!"

    A tight smile flitted across her pretty face when she noticed his condition and heard his slurred words. Instead of leaving the room as he'd ordered, she moved forward and melted into his warm embrace. She could feel his enormous prick against her naked belly. She pressed her petite titties against his hairy chest. She turned her big, brown eyes upward and stared.

    "I love you, Daddy. You said you wanted to straighten me out about things. Like boys' and girls' things." With each word, she subtly moved backward, holding him around the waist and drawing him along with her.

    "You already know more'n I can teach you," he mumbled.

    "I know about boys," she corrected. "But not much about real love. Those high-school boys act like they're scared to death. I need a real man to teach me the real facts."

    She felt her legs touching the mattress. She halted, then threw her arms about his neck and drew his face down for a kiss. While kissing him, she lowered herself to the bed.

    Jim kissed his daughter. His mind boggled. He began losing all sense of time and place. Passion and lust built up in him. The knowledge that this was his own daughter, naked in his arms, receded to a far corner of his mind. He felt his prick bouncing around, hard and stiff, anxious for a hole to crawl into.

    His vision became fuzzy. He had a beautiful girl in his arms. A tender, soft morsel of femininity. A pretty face. Pouty lips. Soft brown eyes. Long brown hair. She was under him on the bed.

    He knelt between her widespread legs. She had her knees lifted, her tiny cunt completely exposed. He stared owlishly at the wondrous sight. He had never ogled such a small pussy. It was a tiny silt, with small, puffy vaginal lips, twitching enticingly with each movement of her lithe, tender body. She had a small fringe of curly, brownish hair around her cunt. The sight turned him on.

    He eased his enormous cockhead toward the tiny opening. He teased the head of his cock to the tiny, vaginal lips. He wet his lips. His eyes were pools of passion and lust. His sanity receded completely. All other thoughts were blocked from his mind. He eased forward, trying to make an entrance into the narrow hole.

    The velvety walls gave slightly. He pushed some more. A bit more give to the opening. He almost had his swollen cockhead into the tiny hole. He beat a wild impulse to give a mighty shove. In between his lewd thoughts and his wild impulse to tam it home, was the knowledge that this job had to be handled carefully. This was a special project. This was his own daughter.

    Karen moaned and writhed under his invasion. The initial feel of his enormous cockhead into her tiny cunt almost caused her to faint. She had never handled a cock this size. Derek's was nowhere near as large as this one, and his was the biggest one she'd had so far.

    She bit her lips to hold back the cries of pain and anguish she felt at the invasion. A bit more cock entered her and she moaned. Tears of pain came to her eyes. She had an impulse to push him away. To admit she couldn't handle him. The pain was unbearable. She whimpered and moaned as he poured more and more cock into her unyielding little cunt.

    He stared dumbly down as he inched his cock into the tiny slot. He held onto her slender hips and crawled forward with his cock easing into the tiny cunt. He lifted her by the asscheeks and pulled her pussy forward onto his cock. Inch by inch he slid it in.

    "It's almost in, baby!" he rasped.

    "Yes, Daddy, yes!"

    She beat back the tears of pain and anguish. She pounded the bed beside her to relieve the pain and tension. Her eyes were filled with tears. Her voice was filled with sobs.

    "Take it easy," she pleaded, trying to relax her cunt muscles.

    He stared down. He had about four inches of his eight-inch cock buried in her tiny, hairy snatch. He could see the folds of her vaginal lips clinging to the sides of his cock while he slowly moved in and out, being very careful not to hurt her. He held her lightly by the butt and eased her up and down on his cock, ever so gently and slowly.

    The sight of his huge cock pressing hard against the vaginal lips and disappearing into the tiny hole turned him on.

    "I'm gonna give it all to you now, baby!" he rasped, easing her down onto the bed and flopping forward onto her soft body.

    She nodded and nestled her asscheeks onto the mattress. Her soft brown eyes were filled with pain-and love.

    "Yes, Daddy," she whimpered happily. "Sock it to me! All of it!"

    She braced herself for the onslaught.

    He shoved. Hard. His huge cock slid all the way into his daughter's tiny cunt!

    Karen moaned. She almost fainted. She bit back a cry of pain. She beat a tattoo on his bare back. She grabbed him around the neck. She pushed. She thrashed. She wriggled. She groaned. She moaned. She cried and laughed. She whimpered. She held

    on. She accepted his enormous lunges. Unmindful of the pain and tenor, she

    moved with him.

    Then a wondrous thing happened. She began to adjust to the pounding. Her inner juices lubricated his enormous shaft. The unbearable pain subsided. The slick cock slid in and out of the slick shaft more easily. The enormous rod pushed hard against the velvety inner walls, which now more easily accepted the hostile invasion.

    The sheer pain and tenor turned to sheer joy and ecstasy! -

    In. Out. Jim pounded his enormous cock into his daughter's tiny cunt. He bounced up and down on her. Her small, taut titties dug into his hairy chest. His mind boggled. He stared in awe at the girl under him.

    He experienced a few minor spasms and felt himself building up to a gigantic climax. A nagging thought tugged at his tortured mind. He was fucking a beautiful girl. A kid. A eighteen-year-old kid.

    The girl he was fucking so happily and thoroughly was his own daughter!

    She stared humbly up at him while he rammed cock into her. The pain had long ago subsided. Her sopping wet cunt now easily accepted his hard, solid lunges. He had reamed her vaginal lips outward until they clung to his plunging cock delightfully. With each power stroke into her cunt, she squealed and moaned with happiness.

    She had wondered how it would feel to be fucked by a real man.. Now she knew. She thoroughly enjoyed being raped by her daddy. She enjoyed every fucking inch of his raping rod, and moved upward to accept his strokes.

    "Daddy!" she squealed, happily moving around

    under him and pounding him on the back, wrapping her legs around his and pulling him in deeper and deeper. "I love you! I love you! Fuck me! Fuck me, Daddy! It feels so good! You've got such a big cock. Oh, wow!"

    He obliged. In. Out. He no longer had any thoughts. He was a fucking machine. His big prick was sliding in and out of a wonderful little pussy.

    "I'm fucking you, you little slut! You fucking little bitch! My daughter! Move your little cunt up and down and take all of Daddy's big old cock into your tiny cunt!" He sobbed and moaned and pushed mightily up and down, into the ravished cunt

    "Oh, Daddy, oh! It's so big! It feels so good! Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me! A~aaa~… ooooooh…"

    As the words trailed from her lips, she stopped humping her cute ass up and down to meet her daddy's power strokes. She stopped moving altogether. Her mouth drooped open. Some of the lust and madness ebbed from her happy thoughts. Her flushed face paled.

    Jim, noticing that his active partner had suddenly become an inactive and almost inert object, frowned. He had been rapidly approaching a big climax, and hated to be interrupted, or slowed down at such a moment.

    "C'mon, baby," he coaxed, easing his big cock in and out of her unmoving pussy, "move your cute ass. Hump that pussy up and down. C'mon, daughter, fuck your daddy…" His voice trailed off when he noticed she was staring past him. Her eyes were filled with shock.

    He turned around to take a look at what had shocked her. His lustful eyes

    lost their passionate gleam. The lewdness and lust drained from him completely. He lay for a moment, frozen into immobility. His big cock was still buried deep within his daughter's tiny cunt.

    His eyes boggled in disbelief. He sobered instantly. The fires of lust and passion which had built up to such a searing climax were suddenly and thoroughly dampened. His throbbing cock which he had jammed deep into his little daughter's pussy began to wilt.

    Alice stood at the side of the bed!

    Jim was the first to recover. Now completely sober, and no longer in a fucking mood, he withdrew his dangling, sopping wet cock from his daughter's sopping wet pussy, and. with a mighty bound, leaped to his feet on the opposite side of the bed. Unlike his daughter's face, which was pale, his face was hotly flushed.

    "Alice, what're you doing home? So early?" He tried to keep the conversation light and casual.

    She would have none of it. She sadly shook her head. Her eyes registered disbelief.

    Karen, with the resiliency of youth, quickly recovered her aplomb. She'd been startled to see Alice barge in. That had been vaguely part of the plan she'd conjured up, but the, woman's sudden appearance had caught her by surprise, and at the peak of her performance. She knew that in another few minutes Daddy would've been squirting a tremendous load of come into her eager, willing cunt. Being deprived of this pleasure upset her momentarily. Now she smiled inwardly at Alice's discomfort.

    "Yeah, how come you're back so soon?" Karen asked impishly.

    "Karen!" Jim turned his anguish and embarrassment toward her. He fumbled for words to cover the situation. "Go to your room!" he ordered sternly.

    "Do I have to, Daddy?" she murmured, keeping her legs spread wide and toying with her cunt. "We didn't finish what we were doing!"

    Shaking his finger at her, he thundered, "Go!"

    Karen shrugged. Slowly she got up from the bed. Gathering her slip from the chair where she'd tossed it, she slid into her bedroom slippers, and headed toward the door. En route she passed Alice. She couldn't resist the temptation. She winked lewdly at the horrified young woman and nodded imperceptibly. A smile of triumph was on her pouty lips. She stared boldly at the stepmother she hated.

    She closed the door with a bang.

    Jim turned anguished eyes toward his wife. He forced a rueful smile.

    "That kid!" he murmured, trying to think up excuses for his unusual behavior. "She came in here to continue the talk we were having the other night" he explained haltingly.

    "And you wound up in bed with her?" Her big, blue eyes stared unblinkingly.

    "I…er…that just kinda happened.."' He tried to come up with alibis. "I got to drinking. We got to talking…"

    "Your own daughter!" Alice shook her head. She was still in a state of shock. Normally the sight of a man fucking a girl didn't excite her too much. She and Jim often went to the movies to watch X-rated pictures. She read sex-type magazines, similar to the one she'd uncovered in Karen's bedroom. Pictures of naked men fucking naked girls no longer shocked her.

    But this was an exception. This time it was no ordinary run of the mill scene of man fucking girl and girl enjoying getting fucked by man. The scene she had just witnessed was far from ordinary. It had been shocking beyond belief.

    She shook her head to clear the shock waves that had settled. The lewd wink and the smile of triumph Karen had flashed at her on the way out jarred her back to reality. She knew the girl hated her, but this much?

    She stepped to the closet. She reached in and selected one of her suitcases. She flopped it onto the bed and opened it. She went to her dresser and began removing some of her things. She tossed them into her suitcase.

    He stared dumbly. "What're you doing, hon?"

    She gave him a glare of sheer, utter contempt. "I'm leaving you, Jim. I'm going home to my parents." She tried to keep her voice calm.

    "But you can't do that!" he said, moving toward her;

    "Stay away from me, you pervert!" Her voice was shrill, filled with hostility. "Don't you dare touch me!"

    "But.., but…" He backed away.

    She continued packing her bag. She shook her head from time to time in disbelief. In between tossing things into her suitcase and selecting a few items from the closet to wear, she kept mumbling over and over, "Your own daughter! Your own daughter…"

    He tried to think up an answer to her words. An impossible task. There was no logical explanation. No reason for what, he'd done. Alice had caught him in the act. She had caught him fucking Karen. There could be no denying that. He'd had his big cock deeply embedded in his daughter's tiny cunt. He had been savoring the moment, and so had Karen. They had been squealing and bouncing around in sheer ecstasy when Alice had walked in.

    There was no denying what had happened. He groped madly around in his mind for something that would stay Alice's flight. Not a germ of an idea came forth. His mind, though now clear, was blank. He could only stare dumbly at her while she finished packing.

    "Please don't go," he mumbled when she snapped her bag shut and headed for the bedroom door.

    Her only answer was a glare of contempt and a repeat of the line she'd been using ever since she came home. "Your own daughter!"

    She slammed the door shut.

    He flung himself onto the bed and gave way to sobs. He seldom cried, but at this moment it was the only thing to do. He buried his face in the pillow and let the tears come. He was now completely sober. The enormity of what he had

    done finally filtered through to his tortured mind. He couldn't blame Alice for walking out on him.

    How could he have been so stupid?

    Hearing the sound of the door opening and someone entering the room, he turned around on the bed, a hopeful smile on his face.

    The smile drained. It was Karen!

    "Oh, it's you!" he said, glaring.

    She was still naked. She had apparently been waiting outside and saw Alice leave with her suitcase.

    He croaked, "Alice left me, thanks to you!".

    Karen beat down a smile of triumph. She sat on the bed near him. She placed a hand on his heaving chest. He was lying on his back. "I'm sorry, Daddy! I guess I got carried away. I mean, seeing you naked and all.. And we were talking about sex. You were going to tell me about girls and boys."

    He shook his head. "You tricked me." His eyes were filled with sadness. "I can't understand you, Karen. Why? Why did you do this to me?"

    Karen threw herself onto him. "Daddy! Daddy! I'm sorry. It's because I love you so much. I didn't want to share you with-that woman!" She sobbed along with him as though her little heart were broken.

    He sighed. Girls always puzzled him. Especially weeping ones. His anger toward her abated.

    "I love her, baby. I love you, too. But it's a different kind of love. I shouldn't have done what I was doing to you.." He shuddered and flushed.

    "But I wanted you to, Daddy. I coned you. I tricked you into it!"

    "I know," he sighed. "But I wanted to do it, baby. You got me so hot." He stoked her bare butt and nestled her closer to his embrace. "You're a damned slut, but I guess I'll have to get used to that." He could feel his prick beginning to harden again.

    "Sure, Daddy." She nuzzled deeper into his embrace. She eased her hand down and wrapped it around his limp cock. She felt it harden at her touch. She smiled.

    "Alice is gone," he moaned, still stroking her back. "She's left me. She'll never come back. What'll I do? I mean about my job and all?" His spoken thoughts showed his deep anguish and inner turmoil.

    "She'll come back," Karen assured him. "Right now she's in a state of shock. She'll get over it," she added, a positive note in her voice.

    "Do you think she will?" He eyed her hopefully.

    "Of course she will. If she really loves you. Let her cool off for a few days at her mother's. Then call her up. She'll come back. You'll see.

    "Gee, I hope so." He hugged her close and kissed her impulsively. "Karen. Karen, baby~ I love you so much. I love her so much. Why can't we get along."

    "Maybe we will-in the future. After this little thing clean up."

    "What d'ya mean?"

    She smiled enigmatically. "Like I mentioned before, Daddy, I guess I could get along fine with Alice, provided you also showed m amp; you loved me."

    "But I do, baby. I love you more 'n anything in the world."

    "I don't just mean that way. Talking and telling me. I still want you to prove it physically."


    "By fucking me too, Daddy. Alice won't have to know. In the future, we'll make sure we're alone and no chance to get caught. Like now, for instance," she added suggestively.

    "You mean after all that's happened tonight, you still want me to fuck

    you?" He was appalled.

    "Yes, Daddy." She rolled onto her back, spread her legs wide, lifted her knees and held out her hands. "Please, Daddy. Please fuck your little daughter!"

    He sighed. Then, noticing that his cock had grown bone hard under her ministrations, he knelt between her widespread legs.


    Jim's mental anguish increased as the days went by with no relief in sight. He had tried calling Alice at her parents' home. She hung up on him and refused to talk to him. At the office things were just as bad. Alice's father, his boss, George Jennings, was aware that they had split. Alice was now back with them.

    After a few days of silence and trying to act as though nothing were wrong, George finally brought up the subject. It was after a meeting of the executives in the boardroom. He had asked Jim to stay. Clearing his throat and eyeing his number-one man, he said, "I know your personal life is none of my business, Jim, but would you mind filling me in on what's wrong between you and Alice?"

    "Alice didn't tell you?"

    "Un-unh. She's clammed up about it. She won't even discuss the subject." George sighed. The older, gray-haired executive drummed his fingers on the conference table and peered intently at his key man. "We can't let things ride like this, m'boy. It creates too much tension. I'd like to see you two get together again."

    "There's nothing I'd like better, sir."

    "Of course Mary is all for you and Alice splitting up for good." He leaned back in his chair and puffed at his cigar. "Your mother-in-law never did accept you fully, Jim." He laughed harshly. "I kinda think she's encouraging Alice to stay home. If we could only get her to at least go see you again. To let you and her talk things over. I kinda think Alice would welcome the chance. Now that she's been gone about a week. I'm sure she misses you."

    "And I miss her!"

    George shrugged his heavy shoulders. "Is what happened all that bad? That you can't even get together and talk things over?"

    "It… it concerns the kids. Karen!" he blurted, flushing.

    "Oh?" George nodded. "I kinda suspected it was something like that. When Alice first mentioned she was thinking of marrying you a ample years ago and I found out you had the two kids, I told her it wouldn't work out." Looking at Jim sharply, he asked, "Is it something real bad?"

    The flush in Jim's face deepened. "Karen and her never did hit it off," he explained. "Karen resents her taking her mother's place. And Alice being so young and pretty doesn't help. I think Karen actually hates Alice."

    "And Bob?"

    He shrugged. "Bob kinda likes Alice. They get along real fine. The trouble's with Karen and Alice."

    George nodded. "I thought so." He leaned forward. "I had a talk with Alice last night."

    "And?" Hope sprang to Jim's eyes.

    "I laid it on the line for her. I don't know what happened between you, her, and Karen. I really don't want to know. I gave Alice an ultimatum. I told her she'd have to get together with you-tonight! If she didn't, I'd kick her ass out of my house. I don't want a pouting, miserable girl lousing up my life. I think a talk between you could solve everything. If not, she could get a divorce and that would wind it up for good. The way things are it's too miserable. What with Mary taking her side, and me sort of leaning to you…

    "And what did she say about talking things over?"

    "She'll be at your place tonight! Seven o'clock. For a showdown." George arose heavily to his feet, his big decision, having been made. He held out his hand. "It's up to you, son. I'm pulling for you. Lots of luck."

    "Gee, thanks, sir!"

    He faced Alice in their bedroom. It was just past seven o'clock. Karen had gone off to visit a school chum. Bob was downstairs in the garage with a couple of his friends. They were tinkering with the old car and trying to get it running.

    He smiled and poured a round of drinks. Handing, one to Alice, who was sitting primly and stiffly on her vanity stool, he said, "Where shall we begin, hon?"

    She glared and nodded toward the bed. "This coming to see you wasn't my idea. The last time I was in this room, you were in Karen! Your own daughter! Frankly, after that, I don't think we have anything to talk about, or discuss. But Daddy insisted I at least talk to you."

    He flushed. Alice was unbending. Unyielding. She hadn't thawed one bit. Sipping at his drink, he chose his words carefully. He knew his, entire future depended on how he handled this moment. If Alice decided to divorce him, it would be the end. He would lose his job. He would no longer be in line for the presidency of the company. He would be an outcast. He could never get another job like he had. He owed everything he had to this blonde girl who was glaring at him.

    "Would it help if I explained exactly what happened that night, hon?"

    She shrugged. "Suppose you tell me how many more times it's happened since I left? Do you take Karen to bed with you every night?" Her voice had a cutting edge.

    "Don't talk so stupid! Of course I don't. Nothing's happened since that


    It wasn't exactly the truth, but it was close. After Alice had flounced off that night, he had spent the balance of the night with Karen. The following day, he had came back to reality. The enormity of what he'd done had finally settled in, and he had sobered. Since then he had avoided getting involved with Karen sexually.

    Childlike, she had pouted and had tried to lure him back into bed, but he had avoided her. A coolness and stiffness had sprung up again between Jim and his daughter. He was appalled at what he had done. He had tried to explain to her that what they'd done was terribly wrong. Perverted. Obscene. Karen hadn't agreed. She'd used her childlike logic about sex. She claimed it was just a physical act. Everyone did it.

    He blamed the permissive sex education she was getting in school for her warped viewpoint. She had insisted they could continue fucking each other. That it wasn't really all that bad. He had tried to preach a different morality. The morality that had been his creed during his formative years. There had been sharp disagreement on their parts. She was barely civil to-him. He tried not to get too angry with her.

    Dropping to his knees before Alice, he took her reluctant hands in his and stared pleadingly into her baby-blue eyes. She tried to pull her hands away and get up. He held her in place.

    "You're going to listen to me!" he said.

    She listened, at first unwillingly, and with doubt in her eyes. He explained the whole thing, from the time he stepped from the bathroom and had seen Karen in the bedroom, to the moment Alice had stomped from the house, slamming doors behind her. During his explanation he interspersed his thoughts about the whole thing. How he had tried to talk the kid out of her wild notions.

    He also explained how he had drunk heavily during the ordeal with his daughter. He confessed

    that his mind hadn't been as sharp as usual because of the many drinks he'd had. Indirectly he laid the blame on himself, but used as his excuse the fact that he was too drunk to resist the temptation.

    He noticed during his recital of the events that the glare receded from Alice's eyes. He stroked his hands along her miniskirt.

    "And believe me, hon," he whispered, "it hasn't happened since. I'm so ashamed of myself." The sorrowful tale he was unfolding had its effect on him. Tears misted his eyes. He placed his head in her lap and sniffled. "Darling, darling," he murmured, "please forgive me."

    Alice, who had come to the house with the intention of reading the final riot act to him, and bluntly informing him that she had thought things over and had decided on a divorce as her big decision, felt herself melting in her firm resolve. Jim's explanation was logical. It could have happened exactly the way he'd said. Knowing Karen, and how Karen hated her, she realized that it was probably the Way it had happened.

    The sight of Jim's tears, the sob in his voice, and the remorse he felt about what had happened touched her heart. She was not a bitter, unforgiving person. She had always believed that there was good in all persons. The anger and heartbreak began to recede during his confession.

    She began crying with hint Impulsively she lowered her hand and stroked his head in her lap.

    "I understand, dear," she murmured.

    He peered up at her with tear-stained eyes. He smiled wanly. "You'll

    forgive me?"

    "I… I…" The last vestige of anger left. She nodded. "I forgive you, dear, but I can't forget!" She shuddered. Even now, a week later, the scene was picture clear in her mind. The sight of the man she loved shoving his big fat cock into another girl, the girl being his own daughter! A eighteen-year old kid! It was a disturbing picture.

    "I know." He nodded miserably. "It still haunts me." He shuddered. "My own daughter!"

    She continued stroking his long hair. "If I do forgive you, dear. If we kiss and make up, get back together, how will we cope? Knowing what has happened? Karen still living here?"

    He hopped to his feet and drew her up. He crushed her to him.

    "She's my problem," he said firmly. "I'll take care of her!"

    "Oh?" She frowned, remembering how he had taken care of her a week ago.

    He flushed, then smiled. "I don't mean that way, silly." He kissed her. "I mean like a father should handle a spoiled brat. I'll explain to her there'll be no more of that kind of stuff. In fact, we've already talked it over. She understands how I feel about you. And her. I think she'll be different in the future."

    "I hope so. She's been unbearable."

    "She'll never really accept you-as a mother. She'll always resent your taking Linda's place. The fact that you 'it so young and pretty adds to her problem," he explained, "but I'm quite sure things'll be different in the future. At least, we can give it a try."

    Alice nodded. "Yes," she whispered, willing to forgive and try to forget.

    "Then you'll come back?"

    "I am back." She nuzzled into the haven of his embrace. "I ye missed you so much. I've been so miserable," she sobbed.

    A wave of relief swept through him. He crushed her to his body. He stroked her back. He kissed her tenderly. He stared deep into her lovely blue eyes, so filled with love and tenderness.

    "I love you, hon. I love you."

    He kissed her mouth. He pressed his lips to her eyes, to her cheeks and to her chin. He fumbled with her clothing and soon had her naked. He quickly undressed.

    His prick was surging hard. It bounced against her golden-haired cunt when he crushed her to his body.

    "You wonderful girl," he whispered. "You've made me so happy." He pressed his lips to hers. "I'm going to kiss you all over, hon."

    She nodded. "Please do."

    He lowered her to the bed and stared humbly at his wife. He couldn't quite understand his daughter constantly alluding to his wife as being fat. A trifle chubby, yes, but fat, no. Alice was ideal for him.

    Unhurriedly he stared at his wonderful wife. He bent down and stroked her creamy, pinkish-white inner thighs. Smiling impishly at her, he ran his fingers along her fuzzy, golden-haired pussy.

    "Can I kiss your cunt, hon?" he teased, pursing his lips.

    Humping her cunt upward, she grinned. "Be my guest!"

    He slid alongside her and placed his mouth on her pussy. Happily and expertly, he plunged his tongue far in and licked at her moistness. He flapped his fat tongue all around the vaginal walls and slurped it in and out. He had been sucking Alice's cunt ever since they were married, and he knew exactly how she liked it done.

    He rolled her onto her Side, wrapped his hands around her ample butt, and pulled her cunt forward. He jabbed fingers in and out of her puckered asshole while reaming her cunt out with his hot tongue.

    She moaned and bounced around under his tongue-lashing. Alice thoroughly enjoyed getting her pussy sucked. It really turned her on.

    She stared at his hardening cock. She had missed it so much the past week. 'She gathered it into her hands and fondled it. She inched around on the bed until she was atop him, her knees on either side of his waist. She lowered her moist cunt to his fucking face. She crushed her hot pussy onto his willing mouth.

    "Suck it, dear," she whispered, meshing her cunt down hard, and wriggling it around on his face.

    In between sucks, he murmured, "Yes. Yes?

    He roved his tongue all around her hot cunt. He stroked his tongue up to her asshole and dipped it far into the tight hole. He soon had her asshole as loose as her cunt.

    Alice continued meshing her hot cunt onto his handsome face. She continued fondling his bone-hard prick. With each suck of her cunt, his

    prick seemed to get larger and larger. She held it with both hands, and there was still plenty of cock showing above her fingers. He was really hot tonight.

    She bent forward and, holding his surging cock still, kissed the big cockhead, a few drops of lubricant oozing forth. She licked the head thoroughly. She then ran her tongue down the entire length of his cock. She buried her face in his hairy balls and kissed the big sac. She moved him around slightly and jammed a finger up his asshole.

    With her fingers still exploring his asshole, she eased her tongue back up his cock. She had been sucking him off since they had first wed. She knew how to give him the utmost pleasure. Opening her mouth wide, she slid her lips over his cockhead. Ever so slowly, she eased her face down onto his enormous shaft.

    Inch by inch his big cock slid down her eager throat. She adjusted and sucked, adjusted and sucked. She recalled that the first few times she'd sucked him off after their marriage, his big cock had almost choked her. It still gagged her some, but she had learned to handle it. Her cheeks billowed in and out with each suck of the enormous rod.

    The two lovers bounced around on the bed for a few minutes. Then Jim remembered his vow to give her a good night of love. The works.

    Reluctantly he disengaged his face from her well-sucked cunt. He slid out from under her. He was now sitting up, staring owlishly at the asshole he'd been reaming with tongue and fingers.

    He kissed the gooey hole again, then slid all the way up, keeping her on her knees, head bent forward, titties bouncing against the bed, and ass pushed back toward him. He knelt quickly behind her, kissed her asshole a few more times, reamed it out with tongue and fingers, then, taking aim, he shoved his enormous cock forward, directly in fine with her asshole.

    Gently he eased the big cockhead into the small, puckered hole. He was sweating profusely, though the room was comfortably air-conditioned. He pushed and pushed, being careful not to hurt her.

    Alice wiggled and moaned and eased back to accept the ass-fucking. She had never quite adjusted to this type of lovemaking. She thoroughly enjoyed getting fucked in the ass, but there were times when her asshole wouldn't cooperate. The

    little hole always seemed to revert back to its normal size, which was too small to accept his big cock. She had found out from past experience, however, that with a bit of effort, he could always get his big cock into her.

    He pushed gently, easing the cockhead in. He felt it plop inward and smiled in relief.

    'There!" he chortled. "It's in!"

    Having gotten the head in, the rest was easier. His enormous cock followed the cockhead into her well-sucked asshole. He watched in awe while the big cock disappeared into the puckered brown hole.

    She shared his awe. The anguish and pain of his big cock sliding into her asshole quickly abated when her inner moisture lubricated his shaft. It slid

    in and out more easily, pushing hard against her inner walls and burying itself deep inside her butt.

    "Fuck my ass, you big-cocked bastard!" she chortled happily, moving her ass back and forth eagerly. "C'mon, dear, fuck my asshole! Fuck it good!"

    He slapped her on the ample asscheeks while continuing to pour cock into her hole. He enjoyed the sight of her big ass moving back and forth, her big tits bouncing around on the bed, her face, contorted with sheer pleasure, peering around at him to watch the action. To watch him pound cock into her asshole.

    She blew him a lewd kiss. "I love you, you ass-fucking bastard!" she whimpered.

    Holding tightly to her hips, he rammed his cock harder and harder into her asshole. He felt himself building up to a gigantic climax. He felt an overwhelming urge to fill her asshole with a load of hot come.

    With a great effort, he resisted this temptation. He wanted to go the route with her tonight. To prove his love for her.

    He pulled his cock from her steaming asshole. He eased it toward her face.

    "Suck it oft hon, then I'll fuck your cunt!" he ordered, aiming his cock at her mouth.

    Obediently and without hesitation, Alice opened her mouth. She took the shitty prick into, her mouth and eagerly sucked it clean. She frowned when he pulled it out. She licked her lips and rolled over onto her back, spread her legs wide and lifted her knees.

    Unhurriedly, he climbed aboard. He kissed her, sliding his tongue in and out of her mouth and dueling with her tongue. Then he slid his enormous cock

    into her well-sucked cunt.

    It entered with a plop. He shoved it all the way

    in. He began humping up and down. She matched his movements. In. Out. The two lovers meshed in perfect harmony. He slid his hands down and pushed them under her ample asscheeks. He pulled her up and down, using her asscheeks for leverage.

    "You fucking slut," he whispered happily. "I love you! I love you!"

    "And I love you, you perverted bastard," she replied smilingly. "Now, c'mon, you big-cocked bastard. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" she screamed, bouncing up and down eagerly. "Fuck me good! Aaahhh… ooooooooh!"

    The two reunited lovers bounced around on the bed as tough making up for lost time. A tremendous heat generated between them. His prick was harder than it had been in a long time. He shoved it in mid out.

    "I'm gonna come!" he wailed, trying to hold off, to make it last. "I'm… going to… come!"

    He unloaded. A gigantic wad of hot, creamy come. Again and again he surged forward. Again and again he unleashed his load into her steamy cunt

    She came with him. She thrashed, moaned and wailed happily as she cut loose with a matching orgasm. Their hot juices meshed together in a seething cauldron of love. Their two naked bodies intermingled and became as one.

    At last nature took its course. The roaring fires ebbed. The lust and passions cooled. The hot cock wilted. It slid from the equally hot cunt which had been filled with his hot, creamy come.

    He moved his bulky weight from her naked loveliness. His chest was heaving. He gasped for breath. At his age these wild sessions took quite a bit out of him. A man could stand just so much. Turning to her, he sighed, sucked in a few deep breaths, and calmed down.

    Inching forward, he kissed her tenderly, and whispered, "I love you, hon. Don't ever leave me again."

    "I won't," she promised, a contented smile on her pretty, flushed face. She ran fingers through his mass of curly brown hair. "I'll never leave you again. Never."

    Placing her warm hand on his limp cock, he suggested hopefully, "Maybe we can get this bastard up again tonight?"

    Removing her fingers, she shook her head. "Un-unh. We're not about to wear you out in one night. We'll have plenty of time for that-now that we re back together. Let's just lie here and talk. After all, I've been gone a week." She snuggled against him, happy and content just to be back. To be near the man she loved.

    "What'll we talk about?" he asked, sighing contentedly. She was so right. Another session like they'd just had and he'd be pussy-whipped. It was best to pace himself.

    "Let's talk about that hateful daughter of yours.

    He winced, and nodded.

    Karen walked from her girl friend's house. She had enjoyed the talk she'd had with Angie, who lived in the next block. Angie was such a wise person, and she did have a bunch of wild magazines and books hidden away. Angie was almost a year older than Karen, and so much more experienced.

    She frowned when she approached the driveway of her home. She stared hard at the car parked in front of the garage, where Bob and his buddies were still working.

    It was Alice's car!

    Her heart pounding and the blood rushing to her head, she went into the house. What the hell was her stepmother doing here?

    She rushed into the living room. Empty. She zipped through the kitchen, dining room, den, and back to the living room. The lights were on in a few of the rooms, but there was no sign of Dad and Alice. She bit her lips. Her thoughts were troubled. Anguish built up. Her resentment for her stepmother boiled anew. She had no right coming back here. She should stay away after what had happened. She should divorce Daddy.

    This wasn't her home. This place belonged to her, Daddy, and Bob. Alice had no business being here. She was an interloper. She should never have married Daddy in the first place. The thoughts raced through her mind as she raced through the downstairs looking for them. Tears misted her eyes. Damn her! Damn that big fat blonde hussy who had stolen her Daddy!

    Her initial shock and anger wore off. Common sense returned. Logic took hold of her tortured mind. If they weren't downstairs, obviously they were upstairs. Maybe Alice had come back to get the rest of her clothes and things. This thought cheered her. She slowly went up the carpeted stairway leading to the second floor.

    Noticing a light on in the master bedroom where the door was slightly ajar, she stealthily headed toward the room. Luckily, the hallway was covered completely with a thick carpet. She didn't make a sound as she crept up on them. She could hear voices.

    Inching along the wall in the darkened hallway, she sidled up to the

    partially opened bedroom door. By maneuvering around; she could peer in without being seen.

    She craned her neck and focused her eyes at the dimly lit room. She saw the bed. She saw the two figures on the bed. She gulped and bit back a gasp of dismay at the sight that met her startled glance.

    At the moment, the two lovers were sucking each other off. Alice was atop Daddy. She had his big cock in her mouth, eagerly sucking it. At the same time, he was nibbling at her cunt. It. was an awe-inspiring sight. One she had never witnessed before. She had seen pictures of similar action in some of Angie's magazines, but this was the first time she had seen it in the flesh.

    She flushed and felt an urge to leave. Curiosity kept her there. She continued to stare with mounting awe at the unfolding scene. She saw Daddy ram his cock up Alice's ass. She saw Alice sucking Daddy's shitty cock. She saw them culminate their love with the hot fuck.

    All during this action her thoughts whirled. It was an eye-opening sight. She flushed hotly when they finished and she heard them announce They would talk about her. That was her cue to leave. She didn't want to hear what They were going to say.

    She stealthily slipped past the bedroom and headed for her own room. She eased in and flopped onto the bed. Her face was flushed. Her thoughts were raging torrents of discontent.

    Uppermost in her troubled thoughts was the knowledge that she had lost her battle to separate Daddy and Alice. Her stepmother being in the house, being loved by Daddy, was a sure sign that she'd forgiven him. That she was back to stay.

    Karen flopped onto her back and stared sorrowfully at the ceiling. Her well-laid plan had backfired. Daddy had been very cool to her the past week. He'd been filled with remorse and regret for what he'd done. Now this. Kissing and making up with Alice. It was the end.

    Her thoughts turned to what she'd witnessed in the bedroom. She slid her hand down. She touched her moist cunt- It had generated moisture from watching the two lovers. She spread her legs wide and eased her finger around to her tiny, puckered asshole. She flushed. She had always thought this tiny hole had but one purpose. To shit through. Now, she knew it had another. She recalled the

    sight of Daddy's huge cock sliding in and out of Alice's ass.

    A tight smile came to her lips. Her agile, childlike mind began clicking. Maybe, just maybe, she could get Daddy away from that fat bitch he'd married. The thought was intriguing. She put her mind to work on the idea.


    For the next few weeks, Jim was in seventh heaven. Alice had come back to stay. She had forgiven him. He was getting back into the familiar old groove, and he was happy. They took up the strands of their life as tough nothing had happened between them. The horrible night when he'd screwed his own kid receded into the back of his mind. He no longer thought of it, or mentioned

    it. Alice, too, seemed to have forgotten the incident.

    The best thing of all was the way Karen was acting. She seemed to have, changed her ways. She was no longer spiteful and hostile toward Alice. She was downright cordial, even pleasant with her. It was a welcome change from the way she'd been acting.

    The new-found happiness almost hit a snag one evening. Alice was out on a visit to a friend. Bob was off somewhere, test-driving his old jalopy. He and Karen were alone in the house. It was the first time they'd been completely alone since that night. He had tried to arrange his schedule and Alice's so

    He wouldn't be alone with his kid like he'd been before. This evening it had happened.

    He was sitting on a couch in the living room watching television. It was early evening. He had on slacks, sports shirt, and slippers. He smoked a cigarette and idly watched the TV screen, while also glancing from lime to time at the evening paper during the commercials.

    He looked up and frowned when Karen entered the room. She was wearing a short slip. It was all she had on. Under the fringe of the bottom of her lacy slip, he could see the tiny patch of cunt hair. Her tits pushed out against the top of the tight-fitting slip. The kid was practically naked.

    "Oh-oh," he mumbled under his breath.

    She flopped onto his lap, wrapped her hands around his neck, and planted a big kiss on his lips. "Hi, Daddy!" She grinned impishly. "Remember me? Your daughter?" She nuzzled her cute ass around on his lap until she felt his limp cock directly under her asshole. She wriggled her ass suggestively.

    "Hi, Karen!" He tried keeping his voice nonchalant and casual. "What d'ya want, honey?"

    Karen slid her slip up, showing him that she was, indeed, nude. She placed his hand on her tiny triangular mound of pussy hair. She moved his reluctant fingers around and about on her little hairy cunt. She spread her legs wide to allow him finger-fucking room.

    "You promised, Daddy, that if I'd be nice to Alice you and I would get together once in a while!"

    She held his hand firmly and moved it around on her exposed pussy. She inched around on his lap and tried getting at the fly of his slacks.

    "Knock it off!" His face flushed. He tried pushing her from his lap and removing his finger from her tiny pussy. Shaking his head sadly, he mumbled, "I don't know what the hell's getting into you any more."

    "I'm hoping you'll be getting into me, Daddy. You promised."

    She succeeded in unzipping his fly, and reached in with her small hand, wrapped it around his limp cock and withdrew it.

    The feel of her warm fingers had an electrifying effect. His limp cock was beginning to stiffen.

    She fondled it with one hand and continued to help him stroke her cunt with the other.

    "C'mon up to my bedroom, Daddy," she invited. "We'll have some fun!"

    She slid from his lap, continuing to hold his cock and hold his hand to her snatch.

    He refused to budge. Instead, he roughly removed her hands from his cock and his other hand. Holding her at arm's length, he, glared. "Damn it, Karen. I said knock it off!"

    "But you promised." She frowned. She felt an adult, especially a parent, should always live up to a promise.

    "I was drunk that night. I said and did a lot of things I've been sorry about ever since. Now, get it through your thick little head once and for all, I'm not going to do that again! Now get out of here before I lose my temper and give you a spanking!"

    She stared dumbly for a few minutes. She couldn't quite fathom him. Here they were alone. No one to interrupt. She was offering herself to him. He was flat refusing her. Being very moralistic, simply because she was his daughter. The last time they'd been together in bed, she'd just about had him convinced that that little fact was unimportant. She was still a girl. A girl with a small, eager cunt. He was a man. A man with a big cock. It would be strictly a physical act. No love. No emotion involved. At the time they'd discussed it, he seemed in complete agreement. She had even promised to be extra nice to Alice if he would live up to his promise to toss a fuck into her occasionally.

    Now, he was reneging. He was going back, on his promise. He was using the excuse that was he was cold sober, that he didn't mean what he'd promised. It was disheartening. She'd been looking forward to feeling his big cock in her little cunt again. She had been biding her time for the right moment. Now.

    Instead of feeling his wonderful cock in her itchy snatch, all she was getting was the brush-off. With a sob, she turned and fled from the room.

    "You'll be sorry, Daddy!"

    He watched her leave, then sank onto the couch after zipping his fly. He sighed glumly. Damn that kid. She was driving him up the wall.

    He found himself wishing she hadn't entered the twilight zone of life. Those tender teen-age years a girl passes through when she leaves girlhood and enters womanhood. Very frying years for parents and girls both. If only she were more like her brother Bob. He smiled fondly at the thought. Now there was a teen-ager who had plenty of common sense.

    Karen's thoughts drifted to her brother, too, but for a different reason. After her rebuff from Daddy and the realization that he wasn't about to do anything to her again, she set her agile mind to work to figure out a scheme whereby she would get back into his good graces again, and he would get back into her cunt.

    The more she thought over the idea, the more hopeless the task appeared. She thought up one plan after the other, and discarded them as being impractical or unworkable.

    Again and again her mind swept back to the night Alice caught Daddy screwing her. Again and again she knew that she would have to come up with a similar trick. To get Daddy to barge into a bedroom and find a man screwing Alice. When, or if, she could arrange such a setup, she felt reasonably sure that Daddy would no longer feel under obligation to be true to Alice. Maybe he would even get so mad at her, he would divorce her. Then he'd turn to Karen for solace and comfort.

    These thoughts flowed through her mind as she tried to come up with a workable plot. How to lure Alice to a bedroom. How to get a man into the bedroom with her. How to get Daddy to barge in on them right in the middle of a diddle.

    Unfortunately, there was one big flaw in her plan. She didn't know any men. All she knew was a flock of high-school boys. She ran the list of boys she knew through her computer-like mind. She rejected each in turn. There wasn't a single prospect she could think of who'd be suitable for the job of seducing Alice. Not one singe boy who she figured could cope with the voluptuous woman.

    Deep in her mind, she figured that if Alice could be conned into a compromising situation with a young man, she would be an easy lay. She had no illusions about Alice s morality. Any girl with a build like hers and a pair of knockers like hers would be a pushover for a guy with a stiff prick. The problem was who, and when.

    She was in the garage one evening helping Bob tune up his old jalopy. Both his buddies, who normally worked with him, were off on dates. She agreed to help him. She liked her big brother. He was a handsome hunk of man, and a lot of the girls, including her best friend, Angie, flipped over him;

    Seeing him bent over the engine, she had a sudden inspiration.

    Bob could be the guy caught in bed with Alice! Why hadn't she thought of it before? The idea zipped through her brain like a prairie fire.

    While holding the ignition wires for him, she marshaled her thoughts into an orderly plot.

    "Bob," she remarked casually, "you and Alice get along pretty good, don't you?"

    He shrugged. "Yeah, she's all right, I guess."

    He never had tried to analyze his true feelings about the young girl who'd replaced his mother. Boy-like, he'd accepted it and tried living with it. No real problem. As long as he got three meals a day, a place to sleep, a school to go to, some spending money, and a car to tinker with, he was reasonably happy.

    "She's not like our real mom, is she?" Karen asked.

    "Hell no. She's just a kid compared to Mom." His voice was wistful. There were times when he missed his real mother more than he'd care to admit.

    "She's sure changed Daddy since she married him. He's not the same to us any more, is he?"

    "Gee, I don't know. I haven't given it much thought." He tightened the screw holding the breaker points, and stepped away from the side of the car. Wiping his hands on a cloth, he stared hard. "Okay, out with it, Sis. I can tell by these stupid questions your fiendish little mind is cooking something up. What is it?"

    She grinned impishly. "Remember a few weeks back? When Alice left Dad?"

    "Of course I remember. I didn't hardly eat for a week. Regular meals, that is."

    "You know why she left?"

    "I'm not sure. Dad mentioned it was because of you and something he did to you." He eyed her curiously. "Exactly why did she leave?" She had rekindled his interest.

    Karen recited the whole stow, leaving nothing out. When she finished, he stared at her as though she had two heads, both of them addled.

    "I'll be damned! You and Dad? In bed together?" He shook his head in disbelief. "Why did you ever do such a stupid thing?"

    "Because I love Daddy!"

    Shaking his head, he walked away. "I've heard of weird kids in my time, but you take the prize."

    "Wait!" She grabbed his arm and spun him round. "I'm not finished yet."

    "There's more!" His handsome face registered disbelief.

    "Ever since that night Daddy and Alice have heated me mean. They barely speak to me. They look at me as if I'm some kind of a freak."

    "Well, you are!"

    "I blame it all on that woman! If she hadn't married Daddy, you and I and him would be living together as a happy family."

    "We would?"

    "Yes, but thanks to her, I'm in the dog house with Daddy. I want you to help me get out."

    "Me?" His voice contained awe. "How can I help you out?"

    "By doing the same thing to Alice that Daddy did to me!"

    The idea registered. His jaw dropped. His eyes popped wide. "Me, in bed with Alice? Have Dad walk in on us?" He mumbled the words in disbelief.

    "Exactly." She eyed him hopefully. "Please, Bob? Do it for me?"

    He stomped from the garage, shaking his head in anger. "You stupid kid! You weirdo! I don't know what they're teaching you in school, but whatever it is, it's sure screwy!"

    She caught up with him. He was heading toward the back yard. She walked alongside him, eyes pleading.

    "Please, Bob. Do it for me? You like Alice. I've seen the way you look at her. I can read your thoughts. You'd like to get into her panties, wouldn't you?"

    He flushed. She had been reading his mind. Many's the time he looked at his stepmother with those very thoughts tumbling through his mind. Alice was a very pretty young blonde. A voluptuous one. Karen had probed his inner thoughts. She had guessed rightly that he had often given thought to how nice it would be to crawl into bed with all that lush, blonde loveliness.

    "Knock it off, Sis!" he muttered gruffly. "I don't even want to talk about it any more. You've flipped. Now, get out of here. Stop bugging me. I'm not about to fall for your silly scheme."

    A tight smile came to her lips. She knew she had him hanging on the ropes.

    Backing him against a tree, she played her trump card. "I don't think Daddy would mind too much if it happened," she whispered, her voice low and mysterious.


    "When me and bun were together that night," she lied, "he kinda mentioned it would be nice if we could do things like that often. He also kinda hinted," she added, "that it would be nice if you and Alice sort of got together like me and him were doing! So there!"

    "He said that?" He shook his head in disbelief.

    "Yep," lied Karen without batting an eye.

    "You're kidding?" His voice contained a measure of doubt.

    "Un-unh. I think Dad would like it if we could all sort of get together. That way, you and I wouldn't be running around with all sorts of different boys and girls. It would be purely physical. No regrets. Why not give it a try, Bob?" she whispered.

    He wilted under her girlish guile. He was trapped by her web of lies, but didn't know it. She had planted the seed of lust in him. She had held out the possibility of him getting a crack at Alice's crack, a deep inner desire he'd entertained ever since Dad had trotted her home and announced he had married her.

    "Gee, I don't know." He was still dubious, but under the influence of a

    girl temptress. A beautiful girl temptress; even though she was his own sister.

    Seeing she had him on the ropes, she whispered, "What've you got to lose? If the plan goes through, you wind up in bed with Alice. If it backfires, no problem. You can just say you were kidding. Maybe Dad and Alice'll be mad at me again, but so what? They're both already mad at me."

    "What did you have in mind?"

    "I was thinking, tomorrow night. Wednesday. Dad'll be going to his lodge meeting. I'll tell Alice I'm going over to see Angie for a couple hours.

    That'll leave you and her alone in the house."


    "She usually goes to her bedroom to take a bath, and read in bed while Dad's at his meeting. Right?"

    "I guess so."

    "Well, I was thinking, tomorrow night, after she takes her bath and hops into bed, you can go to her bedroom for a long talk."

    "Me? Go to her bedroom?" He frowned.

    "Sure. After all, she's your stepmother. Anyway, you'll think up an excuse for being there. Like you want to have a long talk with her about the boys and girls bit. Mention that you can't discuss such things with Dad, but thought maybe you and her could talk about such things."

    "'And?" His interest mounted.

    "Take it from there. Pretend you don't know anything at all about girls. Pretend you've never had one. Tell her you've never even seen a girl naked. That it might help if she stripped and showed you exactly what a girl looked like nude."

    "Wow!" His interest perked up. "You think she'd fall for that line?"

    "She will if you use your head. Tease her with your cock!"


    She plunged on. She'd gone too far to back out now. "Unless I've completely misjudged her, she'll be only too glad to take you to bed. In the meantime, I'll be peeking into the room to see how you're doing. You leave the door open a crack. When I see things are going according to plan, I'll get on the phone, call Dad at the lodge, and tell him to get home immediately. That something's happening. I won't tell him what, but when he gets here, you should just about be getting into Alice.

    "Karen!" Again he gave with. the anguished moan. He shook his head. "No! I won't do it! I can't do it. Not to Dad. The whole damned thing's silly." Being a bit more mature than his kid sister, he could see the whole stupid idea was filled with flaws. It would never work. It was too far out. Too crazy.

    "Chicken!" she taunted.

    He flushed. "I'm not chicken. It's just too damned silly. How do you think up such stupid Things?"

    "Alice caught Dad in bed with me."


    "It's only right he should catch her in bed with a man. You."

    "But-" -

    "You'd like that, wouldn't you, Bob?" she purred. "You and Alice. And I think she's a real blonde. You never had a real blonde, have you?" she teased.

    The image she was conjuring up sent shivers through him. His resolve wilted.

    "But doing that to Dad?"

    "He won't mind, believe me," she insisted. "It'll get him off the hook for what he did to me. You'll be doing him a favor."

    "I will? You sure he won't get mad? Maybe punch me in the mouth?"

    "Hell no. It'll work out, believe me. You say you're not chicken. Okay, why not give it a try? The most that can happen is she might get mad at you and order you to leave. If she does that, she won't even mention it to Dad. You have nothing to lose," she added temptingly, "and if it does go through, you'll get Alice." She lowered her voice to a suggestive whisper. "Just think, Bob, all that lush blonde beauty…" Her voice trailed off.

    He was hooked. He nodded. "Okay, I'll give it a try, but if it backfires, so help me, I'll never speak to you again!"

    He walked off in a daze, his thoughts jumbled. She stared after him, a taut smile on her pouty mouth. Like him, she had plenty of misgivings about the scheme.


    Jim smiled fondly at his little group before taking off to go to his lodge meeting. The lodge hail was just down the road a few miles, near the outskirts of the city. Less than a ten-minute drive in his car. He looked forward to these nights out. It gave him a chance to bend the elbow with his friends. They usually had a stag movie, or live show, for the members. This tended to get him all charged up and in the mood for love with Alice when he came home, usually a trifle tipsy.

    He was happy to see that Alice and Karen were getting along so well. They were in the kitchen doing the supper dishes. Alice was rinsing. Karen was putting them in the dishwasher.

    Bob, after partaking of the hearty meal cooked by Alice, had gone to the garage to tinker with his old jalopy.

    Jim sighed inwardly. He was glad that things were back to normal. He'd had fears that what he'd done to his own daughter several weeks ago would have spelled the end of his marriage. Instead it seemed to have brought them all together with a new feeling of understanding. Alice and Karen were hitting it off exceptionally well.

    They were chatting amiably and giving with idle talk about things that were happening at school, and in the neighborhood.

    "S'long, girls," he called out, heading toward the kitchen door, and then on to the garage. "See you all later." He beamed fondly.

    "S'long, dear." Alice nodded and pursed her lips.

    "S'long, Daddy. Have fun." Karen cut loose with a smile.

    After he left, the girls finished the dishes, then adjourned to the living room to watch TV and to continue their idle chit-chat.

    Karen nervously glanced at her watch from time to time. Like Bob, she,

    too, had misgivings about her scheme. She wondered if he would have guts enough to go through with it. She wondered how Alice would react if he did. Maybe she'd misjudged her young stepmother. Maybe Alice wasn't all that passionate that she'd take on a callow youth, especially when said youth was her stepson.

    The doubts swept through her mind. She felt an urge to call the whole thing off. To go out into the garage and tell Bob to forget it.

    Intermingled with her troubled thoughts was the feeling of guilt. Alice had been so nice to her. The young girl had tried so hard to get along with her. In their moments of truthful talk, Alice had mentioned she knew she would never be able to take her mother's place, but she did want Karen to accept her as a friend.

    Now, she shuddered while contemplating what she was planning to do to this nice girl who had married her dad. Her inner thoughts were very complex. She resented what Alice had done- mated her dad. To her way of thinking, Alice had supplanted her in his affection. Then there was the physical thing. She still thrilled at the memory of that night. Her little cunt twitched every time she thought of the moment when Daddy had fucked her. She wanted that kind of action-again and again.

    She reasoned Daddy was man enough for both of them, her and Alice. It would be an ideal arrangement if only she could work it out. This thought cemented her resolve. She glanced at her watch. Time to make her move. More than an hour had passed since Daddy had left for the lodge. It was time to put the plan into action.

    She put the magazine she'd been glancing at-in between watching TV and gabbing with Alice-on the end table, and hopped to her feet.

    "Mind if I take a run over to Angie's for a couple of hours'?" she asked.

    Alice looked startled. The headstrong young kid seldom asked her permission to do anything. Karen usually just went right ahead and did what she wanted. She felt flattered that her stepdaughter would ask her permission even in so minor a thing. A hope sprang up inside. Maybe Karen was gradually getting around to accepting her. She hoped so.

    Smilingly, Alice nodded, and said, "But of course you can go to Angie's. Don't stay out too late. I think I'll go up and take a warm bath," she added.

    Karen watched while Alice went up the steps leading to the bedroom area. From past experience she knew exactly what Alice would be doing for the next hour or two, while awaiting the return of Jim. She would soak in the tub. She would sit at her vanity and brush her long, lovely blonde hair. She'd primp and perfume herself and get herself in the mood to accept Daddy's love.

    The calculating smile on Karen's pouty lips was pronounced when she left the living room and headed for the garage-and Bob. The thought of Daddy coming home to Alice had washed away Karen's feelings of remorse for what she had in mind.

    Perching her elbows on the fender of the old car, she peered down at her brother who was wiping an imaginary speck from the engine.

    "All set, Bob?"

    He shook his head. "Un-unit I've changed my mind. The more I think about your silly idea, the less I like it. Count me out." He dabbed away a tiny grease spot on the distributor cap.

    Karen winced. "But you promised!"

    "So, I can change my mind. Now, scram, Sis, I want to take 'er for a ride." Gruffly he eased her aside and reverently lowered the hood.

    Karen stared in disbelief. Her spirits sank. "But.., but.., you can't back out now!" she wailed.

    "Can't I?" He snickered. "Just watch me." He headed for the door of the old sedan, keys in hand.

    She blocked his way. Leveling him with a glare of contempt, she hissed, "Chicken!"

    He flushed.

    "You're scared of Alice! And here I thought you were a man. All that talk you've been doing about liking to get into her panties is just bluff!" Her voice was shrill and filled with scorn. "You're not a man-you're a mouse!"

    The flush on his face deepened. He didn't enjoy his manhood being questioned, especially by his dumb sister. He knew she would be just the type to blab it around. She'd probably even tell Angie, who, in turn would tell everybody. He'd be the butt of jokes.

    He hedged. "It isn't a question of manhood. It's just that the~ whole thing stinks! It's the silliest thing I've ever heard of. What makes you think she'll fall for it? What makes you think Dad won't get mad at me?" He quickly outlined the two strong doubts he'd had ever since she had approached him with her weird scheme.

    Karen smiled. She had him again. Her sharp reference to his manhood had done it. She had worked on his pride.

    "Right now, Bob," she murmured, glancing at her watch, "Alice is probably in a tub of warm water. In a little while, she'll be in her bedroom at her vanity, brushing her hair. She'll be all nice and clean and smelling good. She'll be almost naked." She conjured up the image she knew would excite her horny brother.

    Her logic was seeping through. Bob wet his lips, and his eyes started to fill with lustful glints to match his now lustful thoughts. Many times he'd conjured up just such thoughts about his pretty young stepmother. She was only twenty-two, a scant six years older than him. She was far more beautiful and luscious than any of the girls he ran around with from high school.

    He held up his hands. His resistance crumbled. He didn't really want to renege. He felt his cock stirring. All along he knew he'd probably go through with it, despite his misgivings.

    "Okay, you've made your point. I'll do it." He shoved his car keys back into his pocket, and headed toward the kitchen door with her.

    Karen, suppressing a smile of triumph, issued her final instructions to her willing slave. "Go upstairs to your room, Bob. Clean off all the grease and dirt. Take a quick shower. Wear only a pair of shorts and a sports shirt. Be ready for instant action if you do succeed in seducing her. Play it cool. And don't forget, leave the door open so I can peek in so I'll know when it's time to call Daddy!"

    Bob nodded dumbly. He felt like a convicted criminal on the way to his execution. There was one big difference, however. He was a criminal with a hard-on.

    Bob tapped on the bedroom door. His knees were wobbly. His hands were shaking. He felt all nervous and jittery. He heard Alice's voice call out to come in.

    He eased the door open and stepped into her bedroom. His eyes quickly adjusted to the soft lights. Like Karen had said, Alice was at her vanity brushing her hair. And like Karen had said, Alice was practically naked. She had on a short, blue, see-through nightie. A tiny, lacy garment that barely covered Alice's voluptuousness.

    "I… I… er," he gulped and flushed hotly. "Can I come in?" He left the door ajar. Fe knew Karen was lurking right outside.

    Alice blushed. She had thought it was Karen. Seeing Bob shocked her. He had never entered her bedroom before. Not while she was alone.

    She stopped brushing her hair. She didn't know whether to jump up and run over to the closet for a gown to put on, or to act nonchalant. She decided on the latter. Regaining her composure, she gasped, "Bob!"

    He shuffled in nervously, still blushing like a schoolboy, which he was. He ambled over and sat on the edge of the bed and faced her. The sight of nearly nude -Alice had done things to him. It had made him practically tongue-tied, and had caused his prick to harden. The bodice part of the lacy garment barely covered her lush titties. He was getting a complete view of the lush melons in all their large, curvy glory. He could even see the pointy nipples thrusting outward. A wondrous sight for a sixteen-year-old boy to gaze at. He tried not to gaze too much.

    Seeing the way he was looking at her embarrassed Alice. She forced a disarming smile.

    "I thought it was Karen knocking," she explained.

    She wished now, she'd slipped into her robe after the bath. But it hadn't seemed necessary. She liked being in the nude, or practically in the nude. It

    excited her. She'd been planning on brushing her hair, then propping up on the bed to watch TV on the set in her room for a while, sip at a few drinks, read a swinger magazine or two, and get herself in the mood for love-Jim's love.

    From past experience she knew that he usually came home from his lodge meetings with a big hard-on, a little tipsy and raring for a fuck.

    She smiled at Bob. He was such a handsome boy. So like his dad. Just as tall. The same handsome face. He was a chip off the old block. A very handsome chip, and at the moment, a very embarrassed one. She smiled to ~a1lay his embarrassment, turned around on the vanity stool to face him, and casually began brushing her hair again.

    "Something I can do for you, Bob?" Her voice was soft and low.

    Bob gulped. The rear view he'd been getting of her and the reflection of her in the vanity mirror had been awe-inspiring. Now, with her turned around and facing him, his eyes bugged and his mind boggled. God, she was beautiful. And so voluptuous. She had her thighs pressed together. The tiny garment barely covered her snatch. He could almost see her cunt hairs through the filmy cloth. He got a good view of the wide expanse of her lovely, creamy, pinkish-white thighs and legs.

    "Something you can do for me?" he repeated the words inanely. He could feel his prick bouncing hard against the shorts he had on. His bone-hard cock was pushing the cloth outward, causing a tent-like appearance in his crotch area. He squirmed around, trying to hide the bulge.

    If she noticed his hard-on, she gave no sign of it. She continued to smile and brush her hair and act nonchalant.

    "I mean," she said, "you're here. You want to talk about something?"

    He edged to his feet, heart pounding, face flushed. He began losing his nerve. He knew now he shouldn't have come here in the first place. Damn that Karen!

    "I… did want to talk with you, Alice," he mumbled, tearing his glance from her loveliness, "but it can wait. I didn't know you'd be getting ready for bed. I can come back some other time.". He eased toward the partially opened bedroom door.

    "No!" Alice's voice was sharp. She motioned for him to come back. To sit on the bed again.

    Dazedly he did.

    "It's all right, Bob. You can sit there. We'll talk. I wasn't really getting ready for bed. I just had a bath. I was going to watch TV and read for a while. I have plenty of time to talk with you. Now, tell me what it's all about." She smiled reassuringly while continuing to brush her hair to cover her own embarrassment.

    "It's about girls!" he blurted.

    "Girls!" She laughed. "Now that's a subject on which I should be an expert. I'm one myself as you can plainly see." She impishly thrust out her titties.

    "It's about one girl in particular," explained Bob. The shack of seeing his stepmother practically nude was beginning to wear off. He had been rehearsing what to say ever since Karen had conned him into this stupid deal.

    "Oh? She's special?"

    "Yep. I have a date with her Saturday night."


    "She's older than.me," explained Bob haltingly, trying to remember the stow he'd dreamed up to tell Alice. "She's almost eighteen. She's a senior. She's a pretty blonde-just like you." The words tumbled forth more easily now that the shock of seeing all her nudity was receding. He warmed up to his task.

    "So what if she's older?" Alice frowned. Her big, baby-blue eyes grew wide. Her pretty face flushed at the compliment.

    "She's quite experienced, too. The -word's around that she knows all about

    sex." He stared deep into Alice's eyes. "I'm kinda scared-I mean her knowing so much, and me being so young."

    "From what I've heard" Alice said, chuckling knowingly, "you're quite a knowledgeable guy yourself, Bob. About girls, I mean."

    He shook his head. 'That's the problem, Alice. I'm not. Despite what you've heard, and despite my bragging about it, I don't know a darned thing about girls. Only what I read in the biology books!" he blurted.

    "I'll be darned." Alice suppressed a smile. It just

    went to show how wrong a person could be. She had him pegged all wrong. If any boy would be an expert on girls, and know all about them in and out, she would've judged that boy to be her stepson, Bob. "You mean you're a virgin as far as girls are concerned?"

    "A virgin?" He frowned.

    "Wrong word!" She chuckled. "What I mean, Bob, is-didn't you ever have a sexual experience with a girl?"

    He blushed. "Hell no! I've never even kissed a girl!" he lied with a straight face.

    "Hmmm." She was shocked. "Why are you telling me all this?"

    Again he hopped to his feet. "I guess I shouldn't have come to you, Alice." His voice was filled with apology. "I was thinking of talking things over with Dad. But every time I tried to get around to the subject, I'd get so embarrassed. I couldn't talk to him. He'd think I was stupid. I… I just didn't feel comfortable trying to talk about sex with him!"

    "I see." Alice pursed her 11ps. "But why me?"

    "You're my mother! My stepmother. You're a girl. A married woman. I thought maybe we could talk about my problem, but I guess it's a mistake, too." He sighed, and again headed toward the door.

    "No, wait!" Again she halted his flight. She was flattered that he'd called her his mother. She wanted to help him. She could understand how embarrassed he would be trying to talk about such things with his Dad. "Sit down! We'll talk." She smiled benignly.

    He flopped on the bed. "You promise not to tell Dad I came here to talk with you? He'd think I was pretty dumb. I don't want him to think I'm that stupid!"

    "I promise. Mum's the word. This little talk will be just between us. Now exactly what is it you want to know about girls?"

    He sighed inwardly. She was swallowing his stow hook, line, and sinker. She really believed him.

    "I was thinking," he muttered, staring intently at her, "this girl I'm going with Saturday might want me to go the limit with her."


    "Well, gee, I wouldn't know how to begin. Like I mean, I know girls are different than boys, but I've never actually seen a nude girl in my whole life. Suppose this girl takes her clothes off?" he asked, pretending shock.

    "Then you'll know it's time for your next move."

    The conversation was intriguing. She found herself staring at the front of his shorts. She noticed the bulge. Her mind raced. Lewd thoughts began to enter her mind. Bob was so handsome. So like his dad.

    "That's just it. My next move. The sight of her with no clothes on might shock me too much. I might be too petrified to move. It might cause me to run away from her. Then I'd really be embarrassed. She's just the type who'd blurt it out all over the school. Then my reputation would be ruined."

    "I see."

    Alice noticed his bulge growing larger. She felt a moistness in her crotch area. She spread her legs a bit to allow air to circulate around her pussy. This movement caused Bob to stare harder and blush more deeply.

    "What can I do to help you, dear," she murmured, letting her legs slide apart a bit more.

    "The reason I came here,"~ muttered Bob, building up his stow, "is to see if maybe you might-" He broke off and flushed hotly~ "Aw, it's no sense asking you, Alice. You'd tell Dad and he'd get mad at me!"

    "If I promise not to say a word, will you at least tell me what you were going to ask me to do?"

    "I was going to ask if I could see you naked!" he blurted.

    A tight smile crept to her pretty, round face. She'd kind of thought he was leading up to this.

    "I mean," added Bob hastily, "you being my stepmother and all. You being so young and pretty. You being a blonde just like the girl I've mentioned. I was thinking maybe if I took a good look at what a nude blonde girl really looks like, I won't be so shocked Saturday night!" He smiled wanly. "You're not mad at me? You won't tell Dad?"

    She sucked in a deep breath. "Of course, I'm not mad. I understand the torment you're going through. I was a teen-ager myself a couple years ago. And believe me, I won't tell your dad."

    She slowly rose to her feet. She stepped toward the bed and paused within a few feet of it.

    Ever so slowly, she raised her nightie. She noticed the look of awe in his face when his eyes ogled her golden-haired cunt. She slid the garment up over her lush tits. Again she noticed the awed look in his eyes at the sight of her enormous pink melons.

    She tossed the lacy garment onto the vanity stool. She stood before her stepson, naked. Her lush, pinkish-white body gleamed and rippled with each movement. She was proud of her body. She pirouetted. before him. She gave him good views, front, side, and rear. She held her breasts with her hands and eased them forward.

    "Does the girl you're going with Saturday look like me?" she murmured.

    "Hell no!" blurted Bob, his eyes bugging wide. He was almost in a state of shock. Real shock this time. He hadn't dreamed Alice would do it. He'd been expecting her to slap him in the face, to order him from the room. Perhaps Karen had been right about her.

    He knew he had been right about Alice. The girl was the loveliest thing he'd ever gawked at. She was far more exciting than the scrawny kids at school. He'd ogled quite a few cunts lately, and he knew that without a doubt, this luscious item he was staring at was the most glamorous, most wonderful girl he'd ever seen.

    Alice smiled impishly as she pirouetted before her stepson. She knew she shouldn't be doing this, but Jim wouldn't be back for a couple of hours. She had sworn herself to secrecy, and Bob definitely wouldn't say anything about this.

    Besides, she was genuinely flattered that Bob thought enough of her to come to her in his hour of need. That's what parents were for. She was his stepmother. Young enough to be his sister, but still old enough to give him guidance.

    She had always gotten along well with this handsome boy. He was so unlike his sister. Many's the time she'd caught him in the act of stating at her. She was aware of what effect her voluptuousness was having on this adolescent. Her

    own feelings toward him had been rather mixed. She liked him. Their relationship had always been casual, yet friendly. He had remained a bit aloof because she wasn't his real mother.

    Now, here he was, in a bind and turning to her. She felt flattered. She knew Jim would want her to help him in his predicament. Deep inside she wanted to help the boy. Smiling, she eased forward.

    "Does the sight of me in the nude shock you, Bob?" she whispered.

    "I…I… er.." He gulped and backed away. He was almost petrified. He hadn't dreamed she'd undress before him. He'd figured she'd toss him out on his ass. To see her now, in all her naked glory, was a sight to behold. The most beautiful sight he'd ever seen. He hadn't been exactly lying about not knowing too much about girls. He had fucked a few of them, but never before had he had one completely nude. He usually shoved his dick into girls in the back seat of. a car at the drive-in theaters, or at some remote parking area. Until now, he had never been in a girl's bedroom like this.

    Alice moved forward. Reaching down, she grabbed his hand and placed it on one of her huge, solid tits.

    "Feel me, Bob. Feel me all over."

    The feel of her lush breasts turned him on. His cock soared outward against his shorts. His face flushed, he murmured, "Gee, I don't know, Alice. Maybe I should leave. Dad'll clobber me if he ever finds out I was here doing this." He continued to stroke and fondle her immense tits. He tweaked at the erect nipples.

    Heat waves engulfed Alice. Lewd thoughts chased away her common sense. The feel of his warm hands on her tits turned her on. She noticed the bulge in the front of his shorts. Reaching down, she unzipped him. Reaching in, she pulled his cock out. She gasped. It was huge! A replica of his dad's. Maybe not quite as chubby, but every inch as long. She eased forward and gently stoked his cock with her warm hands.

    "Maybe if I kinda make love to you, Bob, like that girl probably will Saturday night, it'll help."

    She unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it aside. Next, she unhooked his shorts, let them fall down his legs to the floor. With his prick still in her hand, she stepped back a pace to admire the view. Her eyes lit up.

    "You've got a nice cock, Bob," she whispered.

    "Is it as big as Dad's?"

    She giggled. "Almost!"

    Acting almost on impulse, she dropped to her knees and peered up at him, her hands on his hips. "This girl you're going with Saturday night, might do something like this to you, Bob. If she does, don't be shocked." Having made her point, she took his cock into her mouth, and eagerly and expertly sucked it.

    Bob stared down in awe at his cock-sucking stepmother. This was wild. It was beyond his wildest dreams. He watched in amazement while his big cock slid in and out of Alice's mouth. He noticed the way her cheeks billowed in and out with every suck of his cock. He felt her soft fingers toying with his asshole and balls. He was so hot he almost came.

    He wondered if Karen was watching from out in the hallway. He had been skeptical of her dizzy idea from the first. Now here he was, shoving his big cock in and out of his pretty stepmother's mouth.

    Staring down past her fucking face, he eyed her pulsating pussy. She was squatting down before him, knees spread wide. This gave him a good view of her cunt. He stared at the golden-haired pussy. He watched the slit pulsate enticingly with every movement of her body as she sucked.

    The sight of her exposed pussy turned him on. He reached down, placed a hand on her forehead, and peered deep into her lustful eyes.

    "How 'bout showing me how to fuck," he whispered.

    Alice hesitated for a moment, then nodded. She was too hot to back away now. She wanted to feel that big cock in her. She wanted to help this boy

    become a man. He was family. Her own stepson. They had sworn each other to secrecy. Jim would never find out. She wouldn't tell him. Neither would Bob. This would be their little secret.

    Uncoupling her lovely mouth from his lovely cock, she slid upward along his nakedness and melted into his embrace. She kissed him tenderly.

    "Yes, yes," she breathed, "I'll teach you how to fuck. I'll teach you everything."

    She kissed him again and again. She rubbed her huge tits against his hairless chest. She eased back onto the bed. She eased onto her back. Spreading her legs apart and lifting her knees, she guided him into a kneeling position between her legs.

    Bob went along with it. He could no longer resist, even if he had wanted to. Common sense had long fled. He was a man of lust and passion. The sight of his lovely stepmother sucking his big cock had turned him on beyond the point of no return. The sight of her spread out before him in the conventional fucking position was the final straw. He was putty in her hands. He felt her hands on his buttocks, urging him forward. He felt her hand on his cock, guiding it toward her cunt. He stared deep into her baby-blue eyes, now filled with lewd glints.

    "Now?" he asked, feeling his cockhead at her


    "Now!" she whimpered, pulling him to her and forcing his big cock into her eager cunt. "Now! You big-cocked bastard!"

    He slid his cock all the way in.

    Alice had made good on her promise to teach him.

    Karen, from her vantage point in the hallway, had been watching developments with untold joy. All doubts about her plan succeeding began to recede with every minute Bob was alone with Alice.

    She hadn't misjudged her stepmother. Alice was reacting just about like she had figured she would. Despite her protestations of being a square, and her humble mouthings about the sanctity of marriage, Alice was reacting like a normal girl. A nympho. Karen had figured all along that a girl who looked like Alice couldn't really be a shy, modest maiden like Alice pretended to be.

    She had figured all along that Alice, if given the opportunity, and figuring she wouldn't be caught, would be a pushover for any man. Her theory was true. Now to put the rest of her plan into operation!

    Shortly after Alice began sucking Bob's big prick, Karen pulled away from her vantage point outside the bedroom door. She would like to have seen the balance of the act, but knew this wouldn't work out. Bob was only human. She had to carry out the plan. She zipped downstairs, picked up the phone and dialed the number of the lodge. Without much delay, she got Daddy on the phone.

    Keeping her voice from~ showing too much excitement, she said, "Daddy! Come home quick! Something's happening!" She hung up to avoid his questions.

    She then went outside to await his arrival. It would be in a few minutes. The lodge wasn't far away.


    Jim braked his car to a screeching halt in the driveway in front of the garage. His heart was pounding. His face was pale. Karen's urgent message had troubled him. He wished she hadn't hung up so quickly. He wished she'd been more explicit. On the short ride home from the lodge, he'd conjured up all kinds of terrible things that. could've happened. House on fire. An accident. Sudden sickness. His mind had run the gauntlet of fears.

    Karen was waiting for him in the driveway. She stood beside the car door, holding it closed. He relaxed. At least his little daughter was safe. He tried getting out of the car, but she held the door closed.

    "What happened? Why'd you call me?" His voice was shaky.

    Karen replied, frying to keep her voice calm. "It's Alice and Bob," she blurted.

    He paled. "Something's happened to them? An accident?" He pushed against the car door.

    "Nothing like that, Daddy!" The words tumbled from her lips. "I was at Angie's. I came home a few minutes ago. I heard a noise in your bedroom. I peeked in." She paused for dramatic effect.


    "Bob was in your bedroom-with Alice!" She whispered the words.


    "They were naked!"

    "What?" Disbelief flooded his handsome face. "What're you trying to tell me?"

    "I… I… think they were making love, Daddy!" she blurted.

    "Why-that bitch! That bastard! My own son! My own wife!" He shoved roughly against the car door and tumbled out. Righting himself, he headed for the door. "I'll kill 'em! So help me, I'll clobber 'em." He doubled his fists and bounded into the house.

    Karen, suddenly alarmed at what anger she had wrought, grabbed his arm. She swung him around. They were in the kitchen. "Hold it, Daddy!" she said firmly. "Don't get mad."

    "Why shouldn't I'?" He tried pulling loose from her grasp.

    Sucking in a deep breath, Karen unloaded her trump card. "Remember what happened a few weeks ago, Daddy?"

    "What?" He frowned.

    "When Alice barged in and caught you in bed with me?"

    Some of the rage ebbed. He unclenched his fists. "Yeah, I see what you mean."

    "Maybe," Karen said quickly, "this is her way of getting even with you for what you did to me."

    "Could be."

    His face was very thoughtful when he headed toward the steps leading upstairs. All thoughts of quick vengeance were wiped from his mind. His overwhelming urge to beat them both to a pulp subsided. He could hardly do that, not after what he had done to his own daughter. With the ebbing of his rage, a calculating look came to his face.

    He paused outside his bedroom door. He listened. Karen had been so right. He peered in. Alice had gotten past the cock-sucking stage. She was now flat on her back on the bed. Bob was on top of her. He was fucking her!

    Jim shoved Karen toward her bedroom.

    "I'll handle this, Karen. You go to your room," he whispered.

    Karen pouted. "But I want to see

    "I said, go to your room!" He pushed against her fanny and sent her on her way.

    She went reluctantly and poutingly. She wanted to be in on the big moment.

    He watched until his daughter disappeared into her room. He then peeked back into the room. He watched his son in action. A wave of admiration welled up inside him. Bob was giving a good account of himself His son was a chip off the old block. He sure knew how to handle himself.

    Jim could clearly hear the fucking words being uttered by the loving duo on the bed. He could hear the bed squeaking from the torrid action as his son rammed his cock into Alice.

    "Fuck it to me, Bob!" screamed Alice, bouncing her pussy up and down to meet Bob's eager thrusts.

    "Yes, yes, Mother!" squealed Bob, pounding cock into the wonderful cunt. "Am I doing it right?" he asked, keeping up the illusion of innocence.

    "Yes. It's perfect," encouraged Alice, wrapping her lovely legs around his and pulling him in deeper and deeper. "Fuck me, Son! Fuck me good!" she wailed.

    Bob bounced around on top of his voluptuous stepmother. He meshed against her big titties. He pressed a few hot kisses onto her hot lips in between his up and down movements. He shoved his enormous rod far into her pussy. AU his pent-up desires, his inner lust came to the fore. Ever since his dad had brought

    Alice home a couple years ago and announced he'd married her, Bob had had a deep, inner feeling that someday he'd like to get into her panties. Now he was. The thought drove him ape. His prick had never been this hard before.

    The few girls he had screwed were nothing compared to this lush woman under him. This experienced, beautiful hunk of woman, with her enormous tits, and a cunt that was out of this world.

    "I love fucking!" he squealed. "You've got the nicest cunt, Mother!"

    "And you have such a big cock, Son!"

    "Is it as big as Dad's?"

    "Just about, I guess…" The words trailed from her 11ps. Her eyes bugged wide. Her mouth gaped.

    Bob, on top, and unaware of the interruption, kept trying to pound cock into his suddenly unmoving target. He frowned. "C'mon, Alice, keep moving I'm almost ready to come…" Seeing her eyes staring past him, he ceased operations and peered around. He, too, suddenly became immobile and his eyes filled with shock and surprise.

    Jim, a taut smile on his face, peered down at the fucking pair. He shook his head and clucked his tongue. He uttered not a word. His eyes were filled with sorrow and despair.

    Bob, with the resiliency of youth, was the first to recover from his shock. He uncoupled from the wonderful cunt he'd been pouring cock into. He leaped from the bed as though he'd been jabbed in the ass with a needle. His face crimson, he gulped.


    Alice was next to regain some of her composure. Having lost the cock in her cunt, she quickly snapped her legs together and tried covering her nakedness with the bedspread.

    "Jim! What're you doing home? So early?"

    Jim, enjoying their discomfort, and now in complete control of his emotions, stared. Karen's reminder to him that he'd been caught in the act a few weeks ago had sobered his angered thoughts. It had given him time to think, and a chance to review the situation.

    He assumed a posture of deep anger and shock. He clenched and unclenched his fists. He continued to stare sorrowfully at the guilty pair.

    "My own son! My own wife!" He got as much despair and anguisl5i into his voice as he could muster.

    "Gee, Dad," Bob said, backing toward the door. This was the part of Karen's plan he'd dreaded facing up to. He kept a wary eye on Jim's clenched fists. He hastily groped around in his mind for the explanation he'd planned on using at this vital moment.

    "I… I… er… it isn't exactly what it seems to be." He tried forcing a wan smile.

    "Isn't it?" Jim removed his glaring glance from Alice and bestowed it on Bob. "My own son!" he croaked.

    "But Dad-"

    Jim halted the boy's words. "Go to your room. Now!" He pointed.

    "Yes, sir!" Bob, glad to be relieved of the responsibility of coming up with an explanation, hastily picked up his discarded clothes and ducked from the room. He closed the door behind him with a sigh of relief.

    Jim turned his anguished glance back to his en-ant wife. He shook his head, still pretending shock and dismay. "My own son! My own wife!"

    Alice gathered the bedspread about her, as if shutting off the view of her nakedness would shut out the terrible thing she'd done.

    "Please, Jim, let me explain." Her voice sounded cracked. She tried desperately to act calm. "It's not exactly what it seems to be. You see, Bob came in to see me. To talk to me. He had a problem."

    Jim nodded glumly. "And you took care of his problem. His big cock!"

    She flushed. "That wasn't exactly his problem! You see, there's this girl he's got a date with Saturday night. He came to me to ask how he should act with her. He said she's a fast worker. He never had experience with a girl before-sexually, I mean!" She flushed, realizing her explanation sounded phony.


    Jim, who knew his son better than her, realized how phony the story was. Bob an innocent? Hell! The kid probably did more fucking in a week than he did. He was sixteen. He had his own car. He had a flock of girls on the string. He was a good-looking lad. He shook his head.

    "Don't try to sell me on that! I know my son. How long has this been going on? You and him fucking?"

    Suspicious thoughts entered his mind. Every Wednesday night he was away from the house for a few hours.. Could this have been a weekly happening? Alice and Bob? Could he have been mistaken about the girl he'd married? Could the difference in their ages be too much? At age twenty-two, she was much nearer Bob's age. Could it be that they had been doing this every Wednesday night?

    Glaring down, he repeated, "How long has this been going on?"

    Alice sobbed. "This was the first time, believe me!" she whimpered.

    He stepped to the bar and poured himself a stiff drink. He downed it, then another, and another. He needed them. His thoughts raced. Stepping back to the bed, he shook his head, "I don't believe you!" he said flatly. "I guess this is the end, Alice."

    "What d'ya mean?"

    "We can't stay together. Not after this." He jerked a thumb toward the closet. "Get your suitcases out and pack 'em. You're leaving. I don't want you around. Not any more. My own son! My own wife!"

    She made no move to leave the bed. "I don't want to go, dear. I want to stay. Please, let's talk."

    He downed his drink and refilled his glass. "Nothing to talk about. You don't think I could stay married to you, after what I just witnessed?" His voice contained a measure of deep sorrow and regret. He had enjoyed his two years of marriage to this beautiful girl. He very much regretted it was over.

    Alice hadn't wanted to bring the subject up, but now she had no other choice, "I felt the same way about you a few weeks ago!" she snapped.

    He frowned. "What's that mean?"

    She hopped from the bed. Rushing over, she poured herself a drink. She gulped it down. Then, facing him, her face filled with anger, she snapped, "You know damned well what I mean! When I caught you in bed with Karen!"

    He flushed. He'd been so self-righteous that he'd forgotten that incident. He sank onto the bed, staring glumly up at her, a wan smile on his face.

    Alice flapped her arms about, carried away with her own pent-up rage.

    "I guess that was all right! I left you then. You begged me to come back. I did. You told me to try and cope with the kids. I did. Bob came to me with a problem tonight. The first time. We got sort of carried away-" She broke off, realizing she was condemning herself.

    She flung herself down on the bed, and cut loose with a series of sobs. "Oh, Jim! Jim! What's happening to us? You and Karen. Me and Bob. How did it happen?"

    He eased over and placed a hand on her shaking hips. Gently he ran his warm hands up and down her heated body. A light was beginning to dawn. All that had happened couldn't have been sheer coincidence. It had been deliberately planned. A sharp, devious mind had been at work. Unless he was entirely wrong, he could guess the owner of the scheming mind.

    "I think I know the answer to that."

    He rolled her onto her back, eased up alongside her, eased up over her lush tits, and peered down into her tear-stained eyes. He gently wiped away the tears with his fingers, and smiled knowingly.

    "Oh?" She smiled through her sobs.



    "She's behind it all, unless I miss my guess."

    Jim stroked Alice's brow and gently ran his fingers across her lips and tear-stained eyes.

    "It was Karen who called me at the lodge a short time ago and told me to get home quick. Something was happening."

    "But she was at Angie's!"

    "That's what she said! But I think she lied. I think she arranged this whole thing. I think she conned Bob into doing what he did."

    "But why?"

    The logic of his reasoning seeped in. Alice for the first time realized that what Jim was saying was probably true. Karen had been acting so nice toward her lately. She had been so sweet. It had all been part of her scheme. Being a girl, she was well aware of how a girl's mind works.

    Jim sat up in bed. The thoughts clicked into place.

    "She never did approve of my marrying you. She's always resented it. Deep inside she felt that I should have turned to her for comfort and to satisfy my needs-sexually."


    "It's true. She mentioned it before. Kids today are kind of funny about sex. To them, it's just a physical act. Maybe because they learn so much about it in school, and it's heated so clinically. Anyway, I'm sure that's the answer."

    Alice nodded. The pieces all clicked into place.

    "I believe you're right, dear." She sat up beside him and gathered his hand in hers. "It's frightening. What're we going to do about her?"

    He rose to his feet, drew her to hers, and crushed her to• his chest. He stroked her bare behind.

    "Gee, I don't know. Sometimes the kid frightens me. She's so mature for her age. Eighteen! Yet, she acts like a grown woman at times. She probably knows more about sex than you and I put together." He shuddered.

    "What she did tonight, and what she did a few weeks ago are only the beginning. She won't stop, will she?" A tremor of terror was in her voice. "She'll try anything to break us up, won't she?"

    He crushed her to him, showered hex with kisses, and sighed.

    "I'm afraid so, hon. I've got to straighten the kid out. Once and for all! It can't go on this way! The little minx."

    "What'll you do?" She snuggled up to him and felt the bulge in the front of his slacks.

    "I don't know, but I've got to do something now!" He eased her away. "I'll go have a talk with her. I'll tell her we're wise to her. I'll warn her-no more tricks. I'll lay the law down to her."

    "That might not help. She's kinda stubborn. Bull-headed. Maybe we ought to give it some more thought."

    He shook his head. "No. We can't let her get away with what she pulled tonight. I've got to go to her. Tell her we're wise to her. I don't know exactly what I'll say to her, but I'll think of something. Trust me, hon." Reaching down, he patted her warm pussy. "Keep this warm for me, hon. I'll be back shortly."

    She nodded hopefully and tried to keep him from leaving by wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him.

    "Don't go," she whispered. "Stay here and fuck me.''

    Resolutely he disengaged her clinging arms, pecked a kiss at her 11ps, then, shoulders squared, he left the room to face his daughter.


    Jim knocked on Karen's bedroom door, then pushed it open and stepped in, fucking on the light. She was in bed-pretending to be asleep. The covers were tucked up around her chin.

    Glaring down, he cleared his throat. "Karen!" His voice was sharp. He meant it to be.

    She strained, then flipped open an eye, then the other. A big smile lit her pretty face. "Daddy!" She eased up to a sitting position, keeping the covers up under her chin. Where they fell to the side, it revealed she was naked. She tucked the covers around her.

    Noticing his glare of disapproval and the sternness of his expression, she frowned. "What's wrong, Daddy?"

    "You know what's wrong! Don't pretend any longer! I'm wise to you!"

    "Oh?" The pleasant smile drained.

    He paced before her, keeping the stern expression on his face. He drew himself up and towered over her. Jabbing a finger in her direction, he intoned, "You planned all this, didn't you?"

    "All what?" She injected a note of complete innocence into her voice. She stared hard at him with her soft brown eyes.

    "The whole thing.! Like getting Alice to catch me in the act with you! Now, tonight you arranged for me to catch her in the act with Bob! Don't deny it!" he rasped, seeing her mouth starting to open in order for her to lodge an automatic denial.

    The smile drained completely. She nodded. "Okay, I won't deny it. So there!" She decided to brazen it out.

    "You even tricked Bob into going along with your dizzy scheme, didn't you?" he thundered.

    She nodded.

    "Well, I've got news for you. It isn't going to work. Alice and I talked things over. We're not going to let you come between us. We're not going to let you break us up."

    The stem expression became more pronounced as he outlined his position to his daughter. Having delivered the ultimatum, he sighed and shook his head sadly.

    "Please, Karen, try and understand our position. Alice and I love each other. We want you to love us. We're not going to throw our lives away over you and your silly feelings."


    Jim sat on the bed. He leaned toward her, a love light in his eyes. He loved his daughter. If only he could talk some sense into her. Get her to understand the truth about things. He realized how much she missed her real mother. Linda and Karen had been so close. But the kid should now realize

    that that was past. She should face the future. Accept reality.

    "You are acting rather silly about the whole thing," he explained. "Trying to trick me and Alice into doing things we normally wouldn't dream of doing. This sexual hang-up of yours, for instance. It'll have to stop. After all, I'm your father. Normal fathers and daughters don't have sexual relations with each other. Your trying what you did tonight, and what you did a few weeks ago, isn't going to work. You succeeded in separating me and Alice the first time, but now we're wise to you. We won't let it happen again!"

    Karen, seeing that her plan had backfired, started sobbing. She eased back onto her pillow and gave way to tears. She had been hoping that by now Daddy would've tossed Alice out on her big ass, after having found Bob fucking her. Instead, Daddy had apparently figured it out and had come to her with this ultimatum.

    For a eighteen-year-old girl, going on nineteen, it was a devastating blow. She took the only way out. Team. She sniffed and sobbed and stared at Daddy with her big, brown, sorrowful eyes.

    "I'm sorry, Daddy," she sniffed between sobs. "It's only because I love you so much!"

    Jim felt his resolve melting. The sternness that had built up in him washed away under her deluge of team. He could never cope with a girl's team. Linda used to use this tearful approach on him often, especially during their early years of marriage.

    Reaching for his daughter, he said, "There, there, darling! I love you too." He cradled her in his arms.

    Karen swept into his embrace. The covers fell from her shapely shoulders. Naked, she flung herself into Daddy's arms. She sobbed as though her little heart were broken. She kissed him again and again.

    "Daddy! Daddy! I love you! I love you!"

    He stroked his naked daughter. His hands roved up and down her smooth, creamy back. He crushed her to him.

    "Baby! Baby!" he whispered, returning her kisses lovingly.

    It was a magic moment of love. A father and daughter in each other's arms, kissing and hugging and vowing their love for each other. A tender, loving moment.

    He held her at arm's length and stared at her, his moist eyes filled with emotion. "I'm sorry I had to read the riot act to you, darling," he breathed huskily, "but I had to set things straight."

    Karen, feeling his hands roving over her body, felt a warming trend overcoming her moment of sentiment. The feel of his hands on her bare body excited her. The way he stared at her. He loved her! He really loved her. At the moment it was the love of a father for a daughter, but deep inside, she felt an urge to break loose from the father daughter kind of love.

    Her thoughts swept back to that moment a few weeks ago when he'd been in bed with her, fucking her with his enormous cock. These sensuous thoughts swept away the sentimental love and rekindled her thoughts to those of lust and passion. Her agile mind began clicking again while he kissed her, fondled her, and vowed his paternal love for her.

    She threw herself back into his embrace. Casually, while pressing her lips to his in a daughterly kiss, she managed to ease his fingers onto her hairy little cunt.

    She eased him onto his side, next to her on the bed. Moving carefully, and kissing and hugging him so as not to break the spell he was under, she managed to get a leg up over his hips. She continued to press his hand against her tiny, brown-haired snatch. Now, in a more favorable position, she reached down and ever so slowly began to unzip his fly. During all this action, she kept her lips close to his and stared lovingly into his eyes.

    "Daddy! Daddy!" she breathed happily.

    "Karen! Karen!"

    He was still not completely aware of her actions. He was still filled with fatherly love for his daughter. The lovely little girl who was finally beginning to see things his way. Virtue had triumphed. He had made her see the light. Love and happiness would prevail. His cup of joy was filled to overflowing.

    "Pm glad you see things my way," he said.

    "Sure, Daddy, I understand."

    Karen slid the zipper down. Reaching in, she wrapped her fingers around his soft cock. She drew it out into the open. The touch of her fingers had excited it to some stiffness. She jerked it. It grew harder. To hide her subtle actions, she drew him down for a soul kiss. He was breathing heavily.

    She felt his cock getting bone hard under her gentle handling.

    "I love you, Daddy," she sobbed happily. "I love you, and Bob, and even Alice!"

    She maneuvered around slowly. She tugged at him while kissing him. She eased him on top. She was flat on her back. She spread her legs wide. She lifted her knees. She pulled his cock forward.

    Jim frowned. It suddenly began to dawn on him that the mood had changed. The father-daughter relationship had reached a different level. He had been vaguely aware that Karen was naked. His delivering of his ultimatum and warnings to her that he would stand for no more hanky-panky in the future had been uppermost in his mind. Her apparent acceptance of his warning and her sudden burst of tears and clinging to him, had washed away all thoughts of fatherly anger.

    He stared down at her, almost in a state of shock. The sudden mood change had been too much. Almost as if he were looking at someone else from a detached position, he stared in awe. His daughter was pulling him toward her cunt! Her little hand was wrapped around his big prick. She was inching down and pulling him forward!

    As he stared, almost in disbelief, he saw his huge, bulbous cockhead sliding into her tiny cunt! He gulped. The magic moment ebbed completely.

    "Karen! What the hell!" He tried backing out.

    Karen held tightly to his asscheeks. She pulled him forward.

    "Fuck me, Daddy!" she whispered hoarsely. "Fuck me!"

    She tried impaling his huge cock with her tiny pussy. She moved quickly up and down on as much of it as was already in her moist cunt.

    "C'mon, Daddy," she encouraged. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Her voice rose to a shrill scream.

    He flopped on her, not pushing any more cock into her, but not pulling out what was already in.

    "Damn it, Karen! What's wrong with you?"

    He stared deep into her eyes. He shook his head. He had thought he was getting his point across to his kid. He thought he had been nearing an understanding with her. Apparently he had failed in his mission.

    "Why, Karen? Why? Are you some kind of sex fiend? Can't I get through,to you? Can't you understand I don't want to do this to you?" To emphasize his point, he shoved his cock in another inch or two, then eased it almost out again.

    Karen thrilled at the feel of the additional inches, then frowned when they were pulled back out. She sighed. More talking was necessary. At a time like this, who wanted to talk?

    Patiently, she explained, "You're missing the point entirely, Daddy. About what happened tonight Between Bob and Alice, I mean."


    "Alice liked what she was doing! Didn't you hear her squealing and moaning while Bob fucked her? Didn't she give the impression she was enjoying it very much?"

    He nodded.

    "So that proves the point I'm trying to get across, Daddy. The actual physical act. Obviously Bob doesn't love Alice like you do. But he does enjoy fucking her. He proved that."


    "You enjoy fucking me, especially if you can forget for the moment I'm your daughter, and just think of me as another girl. Right'?" She moved her pussy up and down on his reluctant, but very stiff cock.

    Dazedly, he nodded. "Since you've got some kind of kooky theory in your head, I'll go along with it for the moment. Yes, I'll admit I do enjoy shoving my prick into your tiny pussy. So what're you trying to prove?" He eased another few inches of cock into her tight curd.

    "I'm trying to prove that we'll all be a lot more happy around here if we become a loving family. Let's face it, Daddy. I'm old enough and I'm big enough to take on boys, or men. I'm no longer a virgin. Bob has been screwing girls for a couple of years. In other words we're adults, me and Bob. Right?"

    "I'll go along with that." He eased another inch inward and began a slow movement. "But what's this about being a loving family?"

    "I was thinking we could keep this in the family. Fucking, I mean. Instead of me and Bob letting all the kids take us, and maybe giving us some kind of a disease, we could sort of keep this kind of action in the family."

    "That's what all this has been leading up to? These tricks you've been pulling on us? This luring us into bed?"

    The enormity of her proposal shook him. He could see it all now. It was as if she'd opened her mind and had let him peer in. A loving family? Karen's words sunk in. She had mentioned that Alice had seemed to be enjoying doing it with his son. Come to think of it, she had been enjoying it. Very much. He had heard her words and had seen her in action before he'd barged in.

    Maybe the kid had something.

    He recalled the night he'd fucked her. He had no illusions about love and marriage then. It had been purely physical. A stiff cock. A tight pussy. He hadn't even thought of her as his daughter when he'd been building toward a climax.

    And a short time ago it had been the same for Alice and Bob. He knew now that he would never have found out what they'd done if Karen hadn't called him to witness the action.

    Shaking his head in puzzlement, he withdrew his cock from his daughter's little pussy and got to his feet. He shoved his cock back into his slacks and re-zipped.

    "Gee, Karen," he mumbled, "I don't know what to say."

    Karen sat on the edge of the bed, her pretty face registering disappointment at removal of her daddy's cock.

    "Please, Daddy. Let's give it a try. It'll work out. Bob's all for trying it, too," she added. "I already asked him."

    Holding her face between his hands, he peered down. "What you're suggesting, my horny little daughter, is tat we become a fucking family group? Me crawl in bed with you, whenever we're in the mood? Bob crawls in bed with you, whenever we're in the mood? Bob crawls in bed with Alice when they're in the mood for love? that's what you're suggesting?"

    "Yes, Daddy. I say we should give it a try. I Want to do it. Bob wants to. How 'bout you?" She spread her legs apart to give him a view of her pussy.

    Jim stared at her snatch. His limp prick began hardening again. "And if I don't go along with your dizzy idea?"

    She pouted. "I'll be unhappy. Maybe I'll let all the boys at school take a crack at my crack. They all want to, you know," she teased.

    He sighed. Again he had that feeling of helplessness that fathers down through the ages must have felt when dealing with their teen-aged daughters. He shuddered at the thought of what she had said, about letting all the other boys take a crack at her. This would ruin her. He ogled her tiny cunt. He didn't want that adorable thing ruined. Deep inside his lust was building again. Despite the fact she was his daughter, he wanted to fuck her. Again and again.

    He nodded. "That makes three of us that'll go along with the idea." He hoisted her onto her feet. "Let's go talk to the fourth member of the family. See if we can convince her."


    Jim laid it on the line for Alice. With an arm wrapped around naked Karen, he outlined the entire setup. He mentioned how Karen had confessed to being the guilty party in the fiendish schemes that had backfired. He brought up Karen's new suggestion, that they become a fucking family group. He mentioned how Alice seemed to have been enjoying her session with Bob. How he, too, had enjoyed his session with Karen a few weeks ago. He made a pretty strong case for his daughter's wild plan.

    Alice, who had been lying on her bed naked, awaiting his return, listened in open-mouthed awe.

    The more he talked, and the more logic he applied to the idea, the more confused she became. It seemed unreal to her. Her lying here naked on the bed. Her husband, with an arm wrapped around a pretty young girl-his own daughter- pleading with her to accept an entire new philosophy of life.

    When he finished and looked at her for an answer, she murmured, "You really want to go along with this dizzy idea? You take on Karen? Me take on Bob?" She shook her head in awe. Her voice was low and filled with amazement.

    He shook his head. "I don't really want to do it, hon, but I'm willing to give it a try. I sort of promised Karen I would. That is, if we can get you to agree."

    "Your own daughter! How perverted can you get?" She clucked her tongue.

    Her words stung. He felt his resolve wavering. Alice was so right. It was perverted. He slid his arm from Karen's waist. Turning anguished eyes toward her, he mumbled, "She's right, honey. It is perverted. We can't do such things."

    The hopeful look died from Karen's eyes. During Daddy's recital, she had been reasonably sure that her stepmother would go for the idea. She might have known Alice would throw cold water on the plan. She sniffed.

    "Okay, if that's your answer! You'll be sorry!" She turned to leave.

    He held her by the arm. "Hold it, Karen. Just what does that mean?"

    "I told you if I didn't get taken care of by you right here at home, I would do what the other girls in school are doing. I'd take on all the boys. And the words around that quite a few of the kids have diseases. So there!" She flung out the words.

    Jim stared at Alice in anguish.

    Alice flushed. A deep fear tugged at her heart. She'd just been banged by Bob. Was he one of those Karen was referring to? She knew now that she'd been conned by her handsome stepson. He probably screwed all the kids at school, even the infected ones. The thought was frightening.

    Clearing her throat, she murmured, "If we do agree to this wild idea, how could I be sure Bob would only take me? Would he still go after those girls in school?"

    Karen beat down a smile of triumph. "Not if he gets enough from you, Alice. We've already talked it over. He mentioned that. I'm quite sure if you give him enough nooky, he won't take on any of the other girls."

    "And you?" Jim slipped his arm about her waist again.

    "You'll be more than enough for me, Daddy. I promise."

    He sighed. "Kids. I'll never understand them, especially girls." He looked at Alice. "Well?"

    Alice leaned against the headboard of the bed. She was facing a most critical point in her young life. The first real crisis since she'd married this handsome man with two teen-aged kids. Her parents had tried to discourage her from marrying him. They had warned her there'd be situations she couldn't cope with. This was one of them.

    At any other time, if anyone had told her she'd be faced with such a problem, she'd have hooted in derision. This was like a segment from a soap opera. One of the more modern soapers. She knew it wasn't the-first time a wife had been faced with just such a situation. This kind of thing must have been happening since the dawn of civilization. But to have it happen to her. Right here in her own bedroom.

    The thought of what they were suggesting was lewd, perverted, and out of context with reality. Her mind boggled at the implications. She was amazed that Jim would even go along with hearing of such a weird plan, let alone seriously considering

    it. She ogled the instigator of the idea. Deep inside she was aware of Karen's hatred for her. She couldn't really blame the kid for hating her. If positions had been reversed, she knew that she, too, would probably feel the same way. Being a girl, she could understand what Karen was trying to do.

    The young kid would do everything in her power to break things up between her and Jim. If she didn't go along with this brainstorm, there'd be other wild ideas. Karen wouldn't stop.

    Tossing Bob into the pot for her, was just Karen's way of justifying what she proposed. Karen was trying to force a wedge between her and Jim. Bob was just one of the pawns in the game. The thought of Bob brought new ideas clicking to Alice's mind. Her session with the handsome boy a short time ago had been exciting. Bob was so like his dad.

    Not only was he much like his dad, but he also had a cock to match. This thought brought a flush to her face while she meditated. It also brought into, sharp focus a fringe benefit that she hadn't thought of. Jim was down to a couple times a week in his lovemaking. This hardly satisfied her, but she dutifully went along with it like a good wife should. Now she was being offered free rein with a eighteen-year-old boy. A boy who was practically a virgin. A boy who wouldn't be limited to once or twice a week because of age.

    If she went along with this brainstorm of Karen's, she'd get a lot more fucking. It was an intriguing thought.

    She rose from the bed, beautiful in her naked glow. She towered over the petite Karen. Stepping in front of Jim, she melted into his embrace, in the process easing Karen away from him. With a tight smile on her lips, she stared deep into his troubled eyes.

    "You really want to try this weird plan?" she asked.

    He nodded glumly. "I'm not too enthused about it," he admitted, "but I guess we can give it a try. That is, if you want to."

    Alice unbuttoned his shirt. She slid it from his shoulders. Reaching down, she unhooked his belt. She unzipped his slacks. She pushed his pants down his hairy legs. She removed his undershirt and undershorts.

    Her mind was made up. She gathered his limp cock in her hand.

    "My goodness!" she cooed. "You've sure been talking big, yet your cock is so soft and 1im~!" She chuckled and stroked it with her soft fingers.

    Jim, embarrassed by his wife's actions, frowned. He tried injecting some stiffness into his cock, but at the moment his thoughts weren't on it. He was puzzled by her actions.

    Alice turned to Karen with a big, disarming smile. "This'll happen often, Karen," she explained. "After all, your dad is thirty-six years

    old. He's not quite a youngster any more, like the kids you mentioned from school. The old boy will require a bit of coaxing to get him in the mood. Like this!"

    She dropped to her knees in front of him and quickly took his limp prick into her mouth. Between sucks, she said, her words muffled by the prick in her mouth, "This is called sucking a prick, dear. If you take on your daddy, you'll have to become quite expert at it. That's the only way to get him hard sometimes." She gave a few more licks at his cock.

    His prick began to show signs of stiffness, despite his embarrassment. Alice sucked it a few more times, then got back to her feet.

    Still holding his cock in her hands, she motioned to Karen. "Your turn, dear. Get down on your knees and suck his cock. We've got to get it hard for you, so he can fuck you." An impish gleam came to Alice's baby-blue eyes. She smiled and winked lewdly.

    Jim backed away. "Alice! Knock it off! Stop horsing around!"

    Alice continued to hold his prick. "We've got to break the kid in right," she insisted. "If I'm going along with her dizzy idea, it's only fair I teach her the ropes. Right, Karen?" She eyed the opposition with a smug look of triumph. She felt a wave of victory sweeping through her. This should put a crimp on the kid's wild scheme.

    Karen hesitated, but only for a moment, then she knelt down before, her daddy. She'd never sucked a prick before, but she'd watched Alice in

    action with Dad the other night. She knew what the older girl was trying to pull, but she'd gone too far now to back down.

    Amateurishly, she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his prick. It was no longer soft. It was surging to full-size.

    The big cock gagged her when she felt it going down her throat. She choked and grew red in the face, but continued with her task. If Alice could do it, so could she. Her cheeks billowed in and out while she sucked the enormous prick. She peered up at Alice and winked lewdly.

    Jim stared in honor. This couldn't be happening. His own daughter sucking his cock.

    He fucked her pretty face. He rammed his big cock in and out of her pouty mouth. His lust grew. Heat waves engulfed him. He was cold sober, yet here he was fucking his own little girl in the mouth with his big prick.

    Karen winced and whimpered a few times when he was a bit too rough, but she continued sucking him off. She pushed her hands down and toyed with his hairy balls while sucking. She wrapped one hand around his ass to steady him and direct the action. It was an awe-inspiring sight. His prick slid in and out of her lovely mouth.

    He marveled at the awesome sight. His kid was becoming quite expert at sucking a cock. His cock.

    While he continued to shove cock into Karen's mouth, he eyed Alice. She was staring at the sight with a bemused look.

    "The kid's pretty good at it," she observed.

    "Yeah!" he gasped, pounding his hard cock in and out of the lovely teen-ager's small mouth.

    Seeing that the situation was well in hand, and mouth, Alice waved and said, "See you two later. I'm going over to take care of Bob. The poor boy must still be in shock from before. I'll soothe him."

    Lewdly, she pushed her titties outward with one hand and massaged her golden-haired cunt with the other as she felt the room.

    After she left, Karen enjoyed a few more licks at her new lollipop, then she eased back toward the bed. Sitting on the bed, with his cock still in her mouth, she gave it a few mote nips, then uncoupled from the enormous rod. She recalled something she'd seen Daddy doing to Alice. She flopped onto the bed on her back. Spreading her legs wide, lifting her knees, and humping her pussy upward, she said, a lewd gleam in her soft brown eyes, "Okay, Daddy, your turn to do me!"

    He stared speechlessly. His eyes roved over his lovely, nude daughter. The girl was so slim, yet so curvy. Her breasts were petite. Her waist slender. Her asscheeks small, firm, and outthrust. Her smooth, pinkish-white thighs were things of sheer beauty. His glance finally settled on her cunt. He winced. It was so small. $o tiny. A mere slit between her legs, with a small fringe of curly brown hair.

    It was the tiniest cunt he'd ever seen. He recalled how small her little twat had been when she was. but an infant, and he used to take an occasional turn at giving her a bath. That had been many years ago. It seemed now that her tiny cunt had hardly grown at all since then. It was still a minute little crack. The only difference was now it was ringed with curly hair.

    "C'mon, Daddy," breathed Karen, humping her tiny cunt upward invitingly. "Kiss it! Suck it! Lick it!"

    He knelt beside her, his mind in a whirl. He assumed a sixty-nine position. He moved toward the tiny slit as though drawn by an invisible magnet.

    He moved downward. Lewd, lustful thoughts tumbled through his mind. He had no control over his actions. He wanted only to get at this adorable little pussy. His hot Ups settled onto the hot cuntlips. Again and again he kissed her tiny cunt. Then, shoving his tongue far out, he drilled it into the tiny opening at the base of the hairy crack. His tongue slid up and found her small ditty. He nibbled at it. He sucked it. He rolled his tongue around inside her tiny crevice.

    He felt himself being hoisted upward and over on the bed. He continued to pound tongue into pussy and felt his cock being drawn into Karen's mouth. They were in a sixty-nine position, with him on top. She eagerly sucked his big fat cock while he pounded his tongue into her cunt.

    He squealed, moaned, and rolled around on the bed with his lovely daughter. He pulled her cunt far onto his face and zapped far into her cunt with his tongue. He slurped, sucked, kissed, and tongued the tiny pussy. At the same time he slammed his enormous cock into Karen's mouth.

    They rolled over on the bed and he pulled her

    ass down to his face. He rammed fingers into her tiny, puckered asshole and had his asshole reamed in return by her little fingers.

    They uttered animal-like sounds as they went at each other like beasts. He, a big man with a big cock slamming it in and out of his daughter's pretty mouth. She, a petite girl with a tiny pussy, eagerly grabbing his cock with her mouth and at the same time pushing her cunt onto his face. She pounded his bare back and urged him to greater efforts. She moaned, whimpered, and thrashed around under her daddy's tongue-lashing.

    He felt himself building to a gigantic climax. His prick was enormously hard. In their two years of marriage, Alice had never gotten it quite as hard as it was now, being sucked by his own kid. The sight of her tiny pussy turned him on. The taste of it. The smell of it. The feel of it on his tongue. He felt himself building to a climax.

    With a great mental effort, he unhooked from her moist cunt. He withdrew his massive cock from her mouth.

    "Enough of this, Karen!"

    He pushed her away and onto her back. Spreading her legs wide, he knelt between her thighs. lie paused to catch his breath. He stared in awe at the tiny cunt he'd been sucking. It was still pulsating. It was still moving in and out with every movement of her legs and ass. She wiggled it impishly and lewdly at him.

    'Tuck me, Daddy!" she screamed, grabbing his cock and heading it toward her cunt. "C'mon, Daddy! Suck me!"

    He eased forward. His immense cockhead completely obliterated the tiny, hairy crack. He moaned as the head met resistance. The cunt was so tiny.

    He continued to ease forward, gently easing his cockhead into the tiny opening. He winced when he felt the unyielding slot. He pushed again. Karen whimpered in pain. He eased back, then forward again. "Maybe I shouldn't, honey. Maybe it's too big."

    Gritting her teeth, she shook her head wildly. "No! Don't stop! Fuck me, you big-cocked bastard! Fuck me good, Daddy!" She humped her pussy forward and impaled an inch of his cock. She moaned in pain, but continued to push forward. "It's almost in! Push harder, Daddy! Push!"

    He pushed. With a sickening crunch, his enormous rod disappeared into the tiny hole. He tried easing backward, but it was too late. The momentum carried him forward and down. His enormous cock slid all the way into the tiny cunt.

    Karen almost fainted. Tears came to her eyes. She moaned and thrashed around.

    With his last shred of common sense, he whispered, "Shall I take it out, darling?" He eased it back and forth ever so slowly, a feeling of awe sweeping through him.

    "No! No! Don't take it out, Daddy! It's beginning to feel good!" She smiled through hot team. "Sock it to me, Daddy! Sock it to me! Fuck me!"

    He shoved in and out. He felt the velvety inner walls becoming moist. His cock no longer felt as if it were being grabbed in a vise. It began to slide in and out more easily. He began fucking his kid in a measured, methodical way, with strong, powerful strokes. In. Out. Up. Down. He pounded his huge cock into her tiny cunt.

    Karen, feeling the pain receding, met his thrusts eagerly. The moistness of her pussy caused his cock to slide in and out easily. She was adjusting. With every stroke of his enormous cock, the pleasure increased. She bounced around under him. She whimpered and moaned happily. "Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me good!"

    He did. He shafted her eagerly with his big cock. He lay atop her. He watched her titties bounce up and down as she eagerly and expertly fucked. He felt himself coming to a climax. It was weird, almost unbelievable. His big prick shoved into his little daughter's tiny cunt.

    He stared. Her brown eyes were pools of lust as she bounced around under him like a little whore.

    Seeing the expression of amazement on his face; she smiled. "I'm gonna come, Daddy. Now! Ooooooooh… aaaaaaaaah! 'Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me!"

    He could contain himself no longer. He unloaded. A gigantic wad of hot, creamy come smashed into her hot, creamy cunt. Again and again he spasmed as he filled his daughter's tiny cunt with his hot semen. He could sense that she, too, was having an orgasm at the same time.

    He continued to throw his cock into her cunt and thrash around. He had never been so hot before in his life. His prick just wouldn't go down

    as he continued to fuck, fuck, fuck.

    Karen, too, was sensing the same feeling. She had never before been subjected to such a wild outburst of passion and lust. She continued to hump her pussy up and down to accept every ounce of Daddy's juices. She pulled him to her tits in a fierce embrace, wrapped her legs around his and pulled him forward, not wanting to let him go.

    "Daddy! Daddy!" she moaned and trashed around. "It's so good! Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me! Ooooooooh… aaaaaaaah!"

    The two lovers thrashed around on the bed. Neither one wanted to break off the action. The big cock continued to slither in and out of the tiny pussy. The big man continued to bounce up and down on his small daughter.

    She continued to push her battered pussy up and down onto his cock. She wished it could last forever. Daddy had the biggest cock! No wonder Alice didn't want to share him. She sighed when she felt the enormous shaft beginning to wilt. She squeezed her cunt tighter around the wilting shaft, but to no avail. Nature began to take its course. The enormous cock wilted and grew soft.

    With a sucking noise, it plopped from her pussy.

    Jim flopped onto his back, his hairy chest heaving up and down.

    As the fires began to ebb, a sense of guilt began to stir. He stared ruefully at his daughter. She was lying beside him, eyes wide, breathing hard, her mouth open in awe.

    He impulsively hugged her to him.

    "Karen! Karen!" he whimpered. "What've I done? What've I done?" He sobbed uncontrollably. Karen snuggled up to him, a perplexed look on her pretty face.

    "You fucked me, Daddy. That's what you did!"

    "I raped you! My own daughter! I raped you!" he sobbed.

    A light dawned. Karen smiled. His guilt feelings again. She ran her fingers across his lips, propped up on an elbow and peered down.

    "Stop that kind of foolish talk, Daddy! You didn't rape me. You made love to me, and I loved every fucking inch of it!" She gathered his limp cock into her hand to emphasize her point.

    "But it's so wrong!"

    Smiling impishly, Karen squatted onto his heaving stomach. She eased her cute asscheeks downward until she felt the bead of his cock touching her tiny, puckered asshole. She held this position, wiggling her asshole against his limp shaft.

    "Stop talking so foolish, Daddy. We agreed to do what we did. It wasn't rape! It was love. Now stop feeling sorry for yourself. You enjoyed it, didn't you?" She pressed her lips softly to his, then backed away.

    "But of course I enjoyed it."

    Jim felt his cock beginning to harden with the feel of her asshole against it. Could it be she wanted it there?

    Karen, as if reading his mind, and recalling what Jim had done to Alice the other night, grinned impishly. She felt his cock beginning to harden against her asshole. She tensed it against his prick all the more.

    "Then stop feeling guilty, Daddy. This is how it's going to be. Remember," she added impishly, "Alice is over in the other bedroom with Bob. You're here with me. That's how it's going to be in the future-often. Okay?" She wiggled her fanny a bit more against his hardening prick.

    Jim, feeling his cock probing against Karen's tiny, puckered asshole, nodded. The guilt feelings evaporated. The sense of wrongdoing ebbed. He sighed. Maybe Karen was right in what they were doing. The modem approach. The taking of this kind of thing as a purely physical act. He knew that he still loved Alice as a wife, even though he was fully aware that at this moment she was on her back on the bed in his son's room.

    At this very moment, Bob probably had his cock sliding in and out of Alice's pussy. Or maybe Alice was teaching the boy some new tricks. He felt his prick hitting against his daughter's tiny asshole.. Maybe Alice was offering her

    asshole to Bob. The thought intrigued him, made his cock grow hard, something it hadn't done in months, so soon after a big come.

    Maybe there was something else to Karen'~ wild brainstorm. It seemed to charge him up. Never before had he ever wanted to get back into a hole so quickly after coming. His cock was now bone hard, bouncing against Karen's cute ass.

    "Maybe it's time I taught you a few new tricks, daughter."

    Karen nodded eagerly. She was in seventh heaven. Her plan was working. Daddy had accepted it. So had Alice. A feeling of awe and triumph

    swept through her. She. hadn't completely supplanted Alice in Daddy's affection. She hadn't driven a wedge between them. She hadn't succeeded in driving them apart, to a divorce, but she had succeeded in getting almost the whole works. She had her daddy as a lover.

    That's what she really wanted!

    "What new trick do you have in mind, Daddy?" she cooed, wiggling her ass.

    Daddy slid from under her. Keeping her in a kneeling position on the bed, he stared at her cute, wiggling ass. His mouth watered. His cock grew painfully hard.

    Kneeling behind her, he licked her asshole. In. Out. He shoved his tongue into the moist, puckered, brownish hole. Eagerly he reamed out the tiny opening with his tongue and fingers.

    She peered around, a look of fear in her eyes.

    "What're you going to do, Daddy?"

    Her voice contained an edge of fear. Even the feel of his fingers reaming her asshole was hurting. How would it be when he got that enormous cock up there? A frightening thought.

    He smiled. "I won't hurt you, baby. I would never hurt my little girl. But I do have to break you in as a full-time lover."

    He eased his surging cock forward.

    "Take it easy, Daddy," whimpered Karen, trying to relax. "Please don't hurt me," she begged tearfully.

    He didn't hurt her-too much. She had amazing ability to adjust to situations, and her cute ass was very flexible.

    He was glad now he had gone along with her wild plan. It contained all kinds of pleasant possibilities for the future. It opened up whole new sexual areas, especially now that his wife had done-along with the plan.


    Jim's cup of joy was still filled to overflowing a few weeks later. The idea was working out wonderfully for all concerned. They were a perfectly matched family group. Now that the sexual bafflers had been lowered and the initial embarrassment had worn off, the group was clicking smoothly. And like Karen had indicated, it was strictly a physical thing. Jim tossed cock into his daughter quite a few times in the ensuing weeks.

    In turn, Alice had been speared by Bob's prick many a time. Sometimes they did it as a group, but usually in the privacy of their bedrooms.

    Jim's misgivings and doubts had been washed away when he noticed the results. Karen and Alice were hitting it off real, good. They were very friendly toward each other. They often went shopping together. They laughed,, giggled, and exchanged confidences like old buddies. It was good to see such harmony in the family again. Ii reminded him of old times when he and Linda had been first married, and the kids were growing up.

    He ventured to think that his family group had solved the most pressing problem of all. The acceptance of a pretty young stepmother into the house. The question of love no longer arose. He still loved Alice with all his heart. She still loved him as much as ever. The fucking they were getting on the side was strictly incidental and had no adverse effect on their love. Alice had long ago adjusted to seeing him ram cock into his daughter. She helped him do it, often. She encouraged it.

    And he had gotten over the pangs of jealousy at seeing his son shove cock into Alice. It had been somewhat embarrassing at first, watching the event, but time has a way of covering emotions. He could now look with a feeling of pride and joy at his son fucking Alice. The boy handled himself well. Many's the time he sat on an easy chair, after being pussy-whipped by Karen, and just watched while his son fucked hell out of his wife. He even taught the boy some of the tricks of the trade. Bob was a chip off the old block and had a cock to match.

    Many a time, when Jim and Alice were cuddled in bed after a session, he renewed his vows of love, and convinced this marvelous girl that he really loved her.

    The idea that the arrangement could offer untold opportunities for the future came to a head several weeks later. It was while he was at his lodge meeting He had noticed that his long-time friend, Paul Andrews, was moping around the place as though he'd been overburdened with a problem he couldn't cope with.

    Paul was a big man, a former football player, and a man of some wealth. He wore his black hair in a mod cut and had dark, piercing eyes.

    Sitting on an easy chair next to the troubled man, Jim sipped at his drink and eyed his friend shrewdly.

    "Care to unburden on me, Paul?"

    "Eh?" Paul was startled. He'd been glaring into his drink and his handsome face contained a look of discontent. "What d'ya mean?"

    "The way you've been moping around the past few weeks, I know something's been bugging you. Care to talk about it?" He smiled.

    Paul hesitated, then nodded. "You've been married, divorced, and now remarried, haven't you?"

    "Yep, I went the route. Why?"

    "Alice is younger than you, isn't she?" Paul had met her once, briefly.

    "I'm thirty-six. She's twenty-two. So?"

    Paul took a sip from his glass. "I'm in the same boat as you. I'm divorced and remarried."

    "I know. So what's all this leading up to?" "Sharon's only twenty-one. Practically a kid." Jim's eyes lit up. He had met Paul's wife a few times. The girl was a knockout. Dark-brown hair. Blue eyes. A lovely girl. He was gad his old pal had latched onto such a pretty wife.

    "What's your problem?" Jim asked.

    "Tracy." Paul uttered the word and frowned.

    "Your daughter? By your first wife?" A light began to dawn. He smiled.

    "Tracy's only eighteen, but the kid's driving me up the wall." Paul spread his hands helplessly.

    "Why?" Jim asked, although he figured he knew the answer.

    "She hates Sharon." Paul sighed. "It's like a battleground in my home. My girl won't accept her new stepmother. She's threatening to run away. Or to go hack to her mother. She's threatening to run around with older boys and maybe get into trouble. She's-always coming up with new threats to aggravate me, unless…" He sighed.

    "Unless what?"

    "I divorce Sharon!" Paul blurted.

    Seeing they were alone in one end of the lodge room, Paul leaned forward and confided to his long-time friend. "I'm getting desperate, Jim. I don't want Tracy to leave. To go back to her mother. Or run away. I love Sharon, and I don't want to divorce her. I'm in a bind. Tell me what I can do." He sighed. "You've been through it. You married a young girl. You have a teen-aged daughter. How do you manage to cope? Don't Karen and Alice hate each other?"

    Jim regarded his troubled friend thoughtfully. A lewd plan began to form in his mind.

    "Karen and Alice love each other now!"

    "Oh?" Paul perked up. "What d'ya mean, now?" Jim leaned back in the easy chair. How much should he tell his friend? How shocked would the guy be? He conjured up images of Paul's wife and daughter. Lovely images. There was no reason why Paul shouldn't be able to cope with both girls. If he had the courage. If he had the will power.

    The strong liquor was having its effect on Jim. It gave him false courage. It made him feel expansive. At the moment he felt a sense of superiority. He had faced the same problem, and thanks to Karen, with a big assist from Alice, he had overcome it.

    Could the same solution work for his friend? Leaning forward, he outlined what had happened at his home. He left out none of the details.

    When he finished his recital, Paul stared at him as though he were an ogre with two heads.

    "Your own daughter?"

    He gulped down his drink.

    Jim flushed. The way Paul was sounding, it made it seem unclean or perverted. He explained his feelings to Paul, who was still eyeing him with distaste. He knew what his friend was going through.

    He elaborated on his own personal problem, and how he had faced up to it. He mentioned that now all was beautiful in his household, that they were now a loving family group. He wound up by saying, "I think this type of solution will work for you, Paul."

    Paul, whose mood had changed during the discussion, no longer eyed his friend as though he were a perverted demon. He figured there might be something to what Jim was telling him. He racked his mind and compared his situation with the other man's He shook his head.

    "I don't think it would work for us," he decided.

    "You mean because Sharon's a square? Yet, not too long ago you were hinting around you'd like to swap with me and Alice."

    Paul fluted. "I guess I wouldn't have any problem with Sharon. She'd probably go for it. Tracy's my problem."


    "The kid has scruples. Hell, for all I know, she might still be a virgin. She's only eighteen. For me to make an attempt to get into her panties…" He broke off and shook his head. "Un-unh. Our relationship has never been anything like that!" He flushed. "Sometimes I think she actually hates me almost as much as she hates Sharon. The way she acts toward me!"

    "Hmm. That does present a problem." Jim crinkled his brow in thought. "If only you could get the kid over the first time. From then on out, it would be clear sailing. I didn't have that problem. My daughter was the one who forced the issue. The whole damn thing was her idea from the first' He paused, then snapped his fingers. "Got it!"

    "What?" Paul asked, downing his drink.

    "The answer to your problem! We'll get Karen in on it. And Bob. And Alice. And me!"

    "Come again?" Paul said, staring owlishly.

    "We can have a get-together at my place. Say, next weekend. You, Sharon, and Tracy come visit us for a couple days. Come Friday evening and stay over. We have plenty of room. Unless I miss my guess, we'll be able to turn your visit into a wild, swinging party. Everyone'l1 go for it, except maybe Tracy. Right?"

    "And she's the one who'll throw cold water on the whole idea."

    "And that's where Karen comes in!" Jim smiled impishly. "I'll clue her in on the whole thing. Explain your problem. She'll be sympathetic, I'm sure. Then when you, me, our wives, and Bob are occupying ourselves with the usual swap things, I'll tell Karen to work out on your daughter. I'll give her the task of getting Tracy in the mood for love-your love!"

    Paul's jaw slackened. His eyes lit up lewdly. The whole plan was beginning to intrigue him.

    "You think it'll work?" His voice was slurred.

    "What've we got to lose? We can give it a try!"

    Paul nodded. "Let's give it a try," he mumbled.

    The Andrews family arrived about eight o'clock Friday evening. It was a pleasant spring evening, and thanks to daylight-saving time, it was still fairly light out.

    Jim and his family greeted Paul's family warmly. He was pleased to notice that Paul and his wife were in a gay mood. Paul had briefed Sharon on what was to take place, and she had gone along with it. Sharon, a bubbly, pretty young brunette, was in the mood for love.

    Sharon's blue eyes sparkled with excitement as she eyed Jim and his handsome son with great interest. Paul had hinted that if things went according to plan, she'd be getting a crack at both of these men. Even now, she felt her pussy twitching with the suppressed expectations. If there was one thing Sharon loved more than a fuck, it was lots of fucks.

    The only jarring note to the happily assembled group was Tracy. The dark-haired, dark-eyed beauty was in a pouty mood. She was barely civil when being introduced around. Her pretty face was unsmiling It was obvious she felt no enthusiasm at being there. She had argued against coming, and had been quite hateful when Paul had insisted she come.

    She was dressed in a cute mini outfit. A beige-colored short skirt, a tight-fitting white blouse, and loafers. Tracy was a small, slender girl. In the cute outfit she appeared even smaller, and very virginal.

    Jim felt himself getting a hard-on just looking at the pretty kid. Then, mindful of the plot he'd cooked up, he turned to Karen, and said, "How 'bout you and Tracy going to your room and getting acquainted?"

    Karen nodded eagerly. She had been thoroughly briefed about things, and knew what she had to do. She knew how her new friend must feel about having a stepmother. And like her own stepmother, this girl's was also a young and very pretty one. She had seen the way Daddy's eyes had popped out at the sight of Sharon. She sighed inwardly. Men. She'd never understand them.

    Slipping an arm about Tracy's slender waist, she said, "Come on, Tracy, we'll leave these adults."

    She led the way up to her bedroom.


    Jim glanced at his watch. A half-hour had gone by. The group in the living room had absorbed a few drinks and had chatted idly while the suspense built. He glanced at Paul.

    "Ready?" he asked.

    Paul wet his lips. He was nervous. He had taken quite a few drinks to screw up his courage. He stared at Sharon. She hesitated, then nodded assent. He turned to Paul.

    "Yeah, I guess so," he said.

    "Good. Then let's me and you go to Karen's room, and see how we make out." He felt exhilarated. He hoped Karen had managed to talk some sense into the lovely little Tracy.

    Arriving at Karen's bedroom, he tapped lightly on the door, then pushed it open and stepped in, followed by Paul.

    His eyes lit up in approval. The two lovely teen-agers were lying on their stomachs on Karen's queen-size bed. They both had taken showers and had their nighties on. Karen had on a very brief, see-through garment, and was nude under it. From the way she was lying on the bed, her nightie had slipped up over her cute butt. Her asscheeks were bobbing around with each movement. She had her legs spread wide and her tiny, puckered asshole was in full view, along with a wondrous glimpse of her hairy little cunt.

    Lying on her tummy alongside Karen was the cute, dark-haired girl. Tracy had on a brief slip which had slid upward over her buttocks. Her asshole was clearly visible, as well as a small expanse of curly hair surrounding her pussy.

    It was a sight to warm the cockles of any man's heart, even the hearts of daddies.

    Jim felt his cock getting hard. He wasn't sure whether it was caused by the sight of Karen's lovely cunt, or Tracy's equally lovely pussy.

    "Hi girls!" he called out, stepping to the bed and ogling. "We came to say good night."

    Tracy, at the sight of them, had tried to duck for cover.

    She glared at her daddy. "Okay, you ye said good night Please leave!" She groped for the bedspread, but it wouldn't budge since they were lying on it.

    Karen, playing her part, sat up on the bed. She allowed her legs to spread wide apart, and her nightie to slide up over her thighs. Her pretty pussy was completely exposed to the view of the two men.

    "Hi, Daddy, and Mr. Andrews!" She cut loose with a charming smile and wiggled her pussy. "I was showing Tracy some of the pictures in our photo album." She indicated the big book on the bed.

    Jim sat on the bed next to her. Casually, he placed his hand on her creamy thigh and rubbed gently. With the other hand he leafed through the book.

    "Did you get to the good stuff yet?" He chuckled and motioned for Paul to sit on the bed, too.

    Paul sat stiffly.

    Karen shook her head. "Not yet. I was explaining to Tracy how we became a loving family group." She placed her fingers over Daddy's warm hand and assisted him in stroking her thighs. She eased his hand toward her exposed cunt.

    "This is the photo album I was telling you about, Paul," Jim said, turning another page. "These pictures prove my point. Until we started doing these things, me and Karen had quite a problem. A wide generation gap-because of my getting married again.

    He touched Karen's pussy and turned pages in the album while getting his message across.

    He ignored Tracy's gasps of surprise when the lewd photos came into view,

    "After I married Alice, Karen felt I didn't love her. I had to prove I did. Like this!"

    He showed them the pictures of him fucking his daughter.

    "There! These pictures should prove I love my kid!"

    He eased fingers in and out of Karen's cunt and smiled fondly at her.

    Paul, who'd been ogling the lewd pictures in awe, pretended shocked surprise.

    "Your own daughter, Jim? You make love to her?"

    "Why not? It proves I love her. It proves I need her. It gives her a chance to share me with Alice. It gives her a sense of belonging, doesn't it, honey?" He slipped a kiss onto Karen's willing mouth. "It keeps us all happy."

    "Fucking your own daughter keeps you happy?" Paul gulped.

    "And don't forget the togetherness. Before we started doing this, we were always at each other's throats. Now we're a big happy family."

    He eyed his friend suggestively.

    "Maybe it's what you need in your family, Paul. Togetherness. Maybe the reason Tracy and you don't get along is because she feels left out of things."

    Paul stared hard at his daughter. She flushed and lowered her eyes.

    Karen, sensing the conversation was leading in the right direction, eased her pussy forward onto Daddy's groping fingers.

    "You're getting me so hot, Daddy!"

    "Hot enough for a session, honey?" He smiled. "Maybe if we show Paul and Tracy how we do things, they might get the message.

    "Let's!" Karen slid from her nightie. Now completely nude, she lay back on the bed, spread her legs wide, arched her knees up, and held out her hands invitingly. "I'm ready, Daddy!"

    Jim hopped to his feet, stripped bare, and bounced back onto the bed, kneeling between Karen's legs.

    Winking lewdly at Paul and his startled daughter, he said, "Watch me fuck my kid!"

    Tracy hopped from the bed, her face flushed.

    "Let's get out of here, Daddy! They're crazy! We can't stay and watch them!" Her voice was choked. Her eyes were filled with shock and disgust as she watched the handsome older man shove his huge cock into his daughter's tiny pussy.

    Karen was moaning and writhing around on the bed like a whore in heat.

    Paul didn't budge. He stared in fascination at the idyllic scene. He stood beside the bed and watched with amazement as Jim pounded his cock into Karen. He had only partially believed what Jim had been telling him. Even the pictures hadn't entirely convinced him. Now he was actually watching the action.. Jim had his huge cock shoved deeply into his little daughter's cunt.

    He was fucking hell out of the kid. What's more she was enjoying every fucking inch of Jim's big cock, and was squealing and moaning in ecstasy.

    Almost in a daze, Paul wrapped his arm around his daughter. Together they stared in awe at the fucking couple on the bed. Tracy no longer made an effort to flee the scene. She was entranced at the sight, and she was heating up. Karen had been telling about doing such things to her daddy, but, she hadn't quite believed her.

    Now she was witnessing it. She was also beginning to have new thoughts about her life. Maybe if she and Daddy did such things, she wouldn't hate her stepmother so much. This way, she'd be sharing her daddy, like Karen was sharing her daddy with her stepmother.

    She felt her daddy's fingers scratching around at her pussy. She didn't back away. It was the first time Daddy had ever touched her there. It felt good. She moved around to allow him more fingering room. Their glances met. She blushed, then nodded assent.

    "How 'bout it, darling?" Paul breathed huskily. The feel of his fingers on his daughter's hairy mound excited him. His cock was bone hard. "Shall we join 'em on the bed?" He stepped away and shucked off his clothes.

    Tracy's eyes bugged wide as she stared at her naked daddy. He was quite a hunk of man. A huge, hairy, muscular giant of a man. She almost fainted when she saw his gigantic prick! It was at least eight inches long, with an enormous cockhead. He had a large pair of hairy balls.

    Her experience until now with cocks had been almost negligible. She had lost her cherry a few months ago to a boy with a small prick. A disappointing experience, and one that hadn't turned her on to fucking. She had been tapped a couple times since, but neither time had been a big deal. Small pricks.

    Now Daddy was offering her his prick. A huge, gigantic, fat cock that would probably tear her to pieces and cause untold pain and anguish.

    This thought didn't bother Tracy so much as another thought that entered her troubled mind. She had taken on a few pricks before, so that was no big hang-up.

    The big hang-up was that the cock being offered to her was the one attached to her own father!

    Jim and Karen were so entranced at the drama unfolding before their eyes that they discontinued fucking to watch. Jim left his big, swollen cock soaking in Karen's tiny pussy.

    He was impressed by Paul's attitude. The man had handled the situation just right. He had gone through the emotion of shock at what he'd been watching, then had gone into heat, along with his lovely little daughter. They were now at the crossroads. Paul was gently stroking his kid's tiny pussy, keeping her hot and gently murmuring words of encouragement.

    Tracy, her face flushed and her body heated up to the boiling point, held back. She was speechless. She was gawking at her new friend, Karen, and Karen's father. She was ogling Jim's prick. She could see the enormous cock pushing against Karen's tight pussy walls as Jim ever so slowly eased his cock in and out.

    She was aware everyone was awaiting her big decision. Her big dark eyes were wide with fright, and also lust. She felt herself heating up. She was facing a moment of truth. A big moment in the life of a teen-aged girl.

    Jim, noticing the fear in the kid's eyes and feeling his cock beginning to waver, whispered in Karen's ear, "Encourage her, honey. Tell 'er to give it a try. She might listen to you."

    Karen nodded. She smiled reassuringly at the petrified girl. "Why not give it a try, Tracy?" Her voice was casual. "You have nothing-to lose. Just think of it as a physical act An experiment. If you don't like it, you don't have to do it again." Her voice was very calm. She began rotating her pussy under her daddy's cock.

    Her-reassuring, casual words had the effect of calming the frightened girl. The tenor ebbed from Tracy's lovely eyes. She relaxed and forced a smile. She eased onto the bed, next to Karen. She spread her legs wide, and lifted her knees.

    "I'll try it." Her voice was tremulous.

    She stared at her daddy, who quickly knelt between her lovely legs.

    "Please don't hurt me, Daddy," she whimpered. Her eyes bugged wide in honor as she eyed his enormous cock heading for her cunt. She braced herself. it easy, darling," promised Paul.

    "I'll take

    Ever so slowly he touched his big cockhead to her cunt. The huge head completely covered the tiny opening.

    He gave a gentle push. No results. The spongy little vaginal lips-refused to open wide enough. Tracy moaned like a stuck pig.

    "I'm sorry, darling," he said, backing away and sweating profusely.

    A thought struck him. "You still a virgin; darling?"

    She blushed. "No, Daddy. About six months ago, this boy-"

    "Good!" He interrupted her discourse on how she'd lost her cherry. He wasn't interested in past history. His entire concentration was in getting her tiny slot to accept his monstrous cock. He viewed thee situation. He pried fingers in and out. He wet his tongue.

    "Suck her cunt some, Paul. That's what I had to do with my kid until she got so she could accept me."

    "You still do!" Karen chuckled.

    "That's 'cause I like to!"

    Paul weighed the suggestion. He ogled his daughter's unyielding pussy. Then, with an animal-like sound, he swooped down and buried his mouth against her adorable little cunt. He shoved his big tongue in and out. He slurped all around the tiny thing. He nipped her ditty. He inhaled the lovely smell. He swabbed the velvety inner walls. He spit into it. He nipped at the curly black cunt hairs. He burrowed deeper and deeper with his hot tongue. He swabbed it thoroughly and happily.

    Tracy moaned and wriggled excitedly under the tongue-lashing. It was a first time for her. She'd had fingers slid into her pussy before, but never a tongue. She squealed and moaned in delight.

    It felt so good it began to hurt and tickle. She wriggled and bounced around under Daddy's tongue-lashing.

    "It feels good, Daddy! Lick it! Suck it! Oooooooh… oooooooh… my… eeeeeeiiiii!"

    She finally pushed him away. It felt so good, she could no longer stand it. Grabbing his big cock, she aimed it toward her pussy.

    "Shove it in, Daddy!" she screamed. "Shove it in! I'm so hot! Rape me! Fuck me! Give it to me! Now!"

    Paul, hotter than he'd ever been in his life, shoved it in. Cruelly and brutally, he rammed his huge cock into her tiny, well-sucked cunt. The tiny crack resisted for a moment. The huge cockhead pushed against the unyielding vagina like a battering ram. Then it plopped inward with a sickening sound.

    Tracy screamed as though she were getting stabbed with a knife, instead of prick.

    "No, Daddy! No!" she wailed, gasping for air. "Don't, Daddy! It hurts! It hurts! Take it out! Take it out! It's too big!"

    Paul was too far gone to hear her pleas for mercy. His huge cock finally effected an entrance into the tight little cunt. The walls of the cunt squeezed hard against his rod. It was the tightest cunt he'd ever invaded with his big cock. He ignored her pleas for mercy. He continued raping his daughter.

    It was an exciting scene. A screaming, moaning girl, issuing pitiful cries for help. A bestial father, pounding a big prick into a screaming, moaning daughter and showing no signs of mercy.

    For a moment, Jim had an urge to try and stop it. So did Karen. They eyed each other.

    Then the moment of pity passed. They continued to watch, both feeling the thing would work itself out. They had gone through a similar experience several weeks ago, the first time he'd fucked his little darling.

    Tracy continued to moan and plead for mercy. "Daddy! Daddy!" she wailed, wiggling her cute fanny and trying to dislodge the beast. "Please stop, Daddy… you're hurting me… please… stop…" Her moans and wails ebbed. She relaxed. An amazing thing was happening. She, was adjusting. The intense pain was no longer being felt.

    She stopped crying and moaning. She forced a smile.

    "Oh, Daddy!" she exulted. "It's beginning to feel good! I can take it. I can take it!"

    To prove her point, she rocked her butt up and down with each stroke he shoved at her. Tears ran down her cheeks. Tears of happiness, now that the pain had gone.

    "Oh, Daddy! I'm taking it! I'm taking all of your big, fat cock!" Her voice contained a measure of awe as she handled the immense, hairy body that was pounding up and down on her, and theL cock that was pounding in and out of her tiny pussy. She felt a sense of pride.

    Jim, seeing that the crisis was over, renewed his own fucking efforts with his lovely daughter. Bending down, he kissed Karen tenderly, winked and nodded.

    "It's done, honey," he exulted. "It worked. Just look at 'em!."

    Karen looked, shoved her pussy upward and smiled knowingly. She understood just how the little girl felt at this moment. Getting fucked by her daddy. A tremendous experience. A thrill to remember. She concentrated on the pleasure at hand.

    'Tuck me, Daddy!" she yelped happily. "Fuck the shit out of me! Let me feel that big cock! C'mon, Daddy, fuck your little daughter! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Ooooooh… aaaaaah…"

    Tracy, lying right next to Karen, took the cue from her. Peering up at her daddy, she humped her pussy up and down, and screamed, "Fuck me, Daddy!" She pushed her pussy up and down. "Buck the shit out of me! Let me feel that big cock! C'mon, Daddy, fuck your little daughter! Fuck! Fuck! Rick! Ooooooh… aaaaaaah..

    The two small girls lay side by side on the big bed. They thrashed and moved around almost in unison while they were fucked by two enormous cocks. They moaned, squealed, whimpered, and bounced around happily.

    The two pretty little teen-agers had one thing in common as they bounced their cute asses under two big-cocked men.

    The lovely girls were being well-fucked by their own fathers!

    The action continued awhile longer, but it had predictable results. The two horny bastards, with pricks buried deep into their daughters' cunts, could hold back no longer. They both built up to gigantic climaxes.

    Jim unloaded a tremendous wad of hot, steamy come into Karen's hot, steamy cunt!

    Paul unloaded a tremendous wad of hot, steamy come into Tracy's hot, steamy cunt!

    The two daddies flopped from their daughters. They both lay on their backs, panting and gasping for breath. The little girls had hardly worked up a sweat. Both seemed ready, willing, and able to go another round. Neither girl was breathing heavily. Both girls look fearfully at their gasping fathers.

    "Are you all right, Daddy?" Karen and Tracy asked in unison.

    Jim nodded. Sucking in deep breaths, he finally controlled his breathing and stopped gasping. So did Paul. They smiled at each other wanly, both realizing they'd been done in by the younger generation.

    Jim sucked in a deep breath and sat up in bed. He smiled reassuringly. "I'm okay. How 'bout you, Paul?"

    Paul, his breathing more regular now, also sat up. He nodded. "I'm okay." He was blushing deeply while staring at his well-fucked daughter. "You okay, darling?" His voice was almost apologetic. It suddenly dawned on him-the enormity of what he'd done.

    Tracy hung her head in embarrassment. She, too, suddenly was aware of the enormity of what they'd done;

    "I guess so," she murmured.

    Karen, sensing another awkward moment, quickly proposed a new idea. Reaching for Paul's limp cock, she suggested, "Let's change partners. Let Paul fuck me. And Daddy, how 'bout if you fuck Tracy?"

    Jim grinned lewdly and his battered cock began to snap to attention. "Good thinking. How 'bout it, Paul? And Tracy?"

    Paul considered the proposition. Then he shook his head. "First, I've got to go see Sharon. Tell her it's okay between me and the kid, here." He patted Tracy's quivering pussy tenderly. "Isn't it, darling? I mean, now that we've done this, things'll be better between you and her. Now you know that you can share my love-and my prick," he added judiciously, placing his daughter's hand on his limp cock.

    Tracy eyed him tearfully. "Yes, Daddy," she finally admitted. "I guess me and Sharon'll -get along better in the future. But please fuck me again, Daddy, just to show you mean it?"

    Paul drew his trembling, sobbing daughter to him and showered her with kisses.

    "Sure, darling, I'll fuck you again and again. The weekend is just starting. I'll give you all you can take to prove I love you. But now, I've got to go to Sharon. To break the good news to her." He patted her pussy. "Keep it warm for me, darling. I'll be back." He hopped from the bed and headed for the door.

    Karen, frowning and disappointed at not getting another fast fuck, hopped from the bed, too. She had been very much impressed by Paul and his big fat cock. She wanted to sample it.

    "I'll go with you," she said, following the huge, hairy man from the room.

    Left alone in the room, Thu turned to the sobbing, puzzled little teen-aged darling.


    Jim snuggled the sobbing little girl into his embrace. He squeezed her naked, slender little body into the crook of his arms and ran soothing fingers all around her. Each touch of his fingers on her soft, pinkish-white skin sent heat waves. through him. He could feel his battered cock assume majestic proportions with each stroke of his fingers on the girl.

    "There, there, little girl. Don't cry." He soothed and stroked.

    "But Daddy left me!" wailed Tracy. "All he ever thinks of is her!"

    "She's his wife, honey. You've got to understand."

    "I hate her! I hate her!" Tracy's eighteen-year-old logic came to the fore. She sobbed bitterly and nestled against the safe haven of this understanding man.

    "I know, honey, but you've got to understand, and be forgiving. Your daddy needs her. He needs you. He loves her. He loves you. In different ways. He proved how much he loved you tonight, didn't he?"

    Tracy eased away. Her eyes popped wide. "By fucking me?"

    "Yes." Jim sighed. "I went through the same thing with my girl. Karen didn't think I loved her any more after I married Alice. Now, she knows r love her very much. I prove it again and again."

    "By screwing her like you just did?"

    He nodded. "Let's face it, little girl. You feel unwanted. Unloved. Your daddy married another girl. You think he loves his new wife more than you. He doesn't. Believe me, he doesn't. But you've got to adjust. To help him through this difficult period."

    "But how?"

    "By not acting so hateful toward Sharon. Treat her with respect. Maybe you'll never really like hen She'll never really take the place of your own mother, but give her a chance. And if you'll be truthful to yourself, you'll admit the main reason you hate her is because you know your daddy is making love to her. Like he just did to you. Right?"

    "I guess so." Tracy was puzzled. Her eighteen-year old mind was filled with doubts. But what this man was saying made sense.

    "Believe me, it's true, honey," Jim whispered, easing his fingers down and toying with her tiny snatch. His prick was almost bone hard again. "Since I've been fucking my daughter regularly, she and Alice are real friends. It's all I can do to keep up with 'em. They're wearing me out." He chuckled happily.

    "And you think it'll be like that between me, Daddy, and Sharon in the future?" Tracy slid her legs apart to allow more finger-fucking room. She was heating up again.

    "I'm sure it will, but it'll all depend on you, honey. Give it a chance. Try and change your outlook on things. In other words, grow up!"

    She sighed. How right he was. She had been acting like a spoiled brat. It was time she grew up. It was time she faced reality. Sharon was probably a nice person. She'd find out. The memory of her daddy's big prick helped her make up her mind. If she'd accept Sharon as a stepmother, she'd be able to accept Daddy's cock any time she wanted. A bright outlook. The thought heated her up, and the feel of this big cock in her hands heated her even more.

    "I will," she promised, tugging at Jim's mighty cock. "I'll grow up, and right now, I'd like to prove how grown up I am!"

    "How?" Jim eased onto his side and fondled her petite tits. They were lovely little items. Not as big. as Karen's, but cute. Very cute. Nice; round, and solid. Pretty titties.

    "By making love to you!" she answered, easing back and staring in awe at his huge cock. "Your cock is even bigger'n Daddy's!" she exulted. "Do you think I could handle it?"

    "Let's find out!"

    Jim eased her onto her back. He spread her legs wide. He lifted her knees. He ogled the tiny pussy in awe.

    "God, you have such a tiny twat, honey!"

    "Smaller'n Karen's?" she teased.

    He knelt between her legs. He stroked the tender, baby-like skin. He patted her pussy and asshole. His cock grew to enormous size. He eased forward. Recalling the hard time Paul had had entering this tiny crack, he moved gently, but firmly. The tiny cunt was still loaded with remnants of Paul's juices. Jim seldom liked to climb aboard a wet deck, but this time he'd make an exception. He didn't mind this wet deck at all.

    "Relax, honey," he whispered, touching his big cockhead to her tiny pussy. "Don't tense up. Easy does it."

    He talked to her calmly and reassuringly while dipping his rod into her cunt. He grunted, groaned, and pushed. It was almost unyielding, like it had been before with her father.

    She winced in pain as it hit her.

    "Maybe it's too big, Jim?"

    "It is, honey, but don't worry. Cunts have a way of adjusting to prick sizes. Now just relax. Easy does it." He slid an inch of cock into the tiny opening.

    She moaned and whimpered in agony.

    "It hurts, Jim! It hurts! It's too big! You can't get it in! Please take it out! Please…take…it… out!"

    Her wails of pain and anguish. were cut short when he pressed his lips hard against hers.

    At the same moment, he shoved his cock deep into her tortured cunt. In. In. In. He buried it deeply and firmly. He sunk his shaft far into the well. With a slurping sound, the shaft entered the tiny opening and drilled deeper, deeper, deeper.

    She moaned and writhed in pain and terror. She tried to break away. To shove him from her. He was too heavy. The shaft 'was too deep. Her feeble efforts didn't dislodge him. She felt weak and faint. Then again an amazing thing happened. Just when she'd reached the depths of pain and despair, she began to adjust. The big rod no longer felt as though it were tearing her apart.

    The slick prick began to pump in and out with more ease and power. Her moist cunt lubricated the enormous shaft, and as it plunged in and out of her tiny well, it began to feel wonderful!

    "It's in!" she gasped in awe and amazement. "It's in! It's all the way in!"

    "But of course, honey. Why not? It's a lovely pussy. It can stretch to meet anything. Feel good?"

    He gently stroked his cock in and out of the wonderful little cunt.

    "It feels wonderful! Oh, Jim, fuck me! Fuck the shit out of me! I'm so happy! And Daddy will be, too. And Sharon. I'll love 'em both!"

    "And they'll love you too, honey!"

    Jim pounded his cock in and out of the teen-aged darling.

    "I'm so glad I came here tonight," squealed Tracy, humping up and down like a whore. "I'm all straightened out in my thinking, thanks to you and Karen! Now, fuck me, Jim! Fuck the shit out of me! Ooooooooh… aaaaaaaah..

    Jim complied. He fucked the shit out of the tiny, willing teen-aged darling. As he shot a gigantic load into her pussy, a big smile came to his face.

    These father-daughter arrangements were wonderful. And the fringe benefits were out of this world. He continued to shove his squirting cock into this fringe benefit beneath him.

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