Bondage brat


    Valerie Jones moved through the crowded lobby at Bloomingdale's, stopping to admire the sensuous red lipsticks and the gleaming, enamel nail polishes. She was a beautiful woman and enjoyed adorning her tall, exquisite body, with its high, full tits, or putting expensive cosmetics on her lovely face, with its wide blue-green eyes, pert nose and full, sensual lips.

    As she moved on to the perfume counter and sprayed some Chanel Number Five at the base of her deeply tanned, elegant throat, she glanced up at the clock. It was almost two; her lunch hour was over and she hurried back to her Park Avenue office, where she was a very well paid secretary to a high-ranking lawyer.

    Her long, tapering legs, in their expensive snake-skin shoes moved quickly across Lexington, then over to Sixtieth and West, to Park. Her boss, Mr. Eldridge, liked her, but she still didn't like to be late. In fact, she often thought that he liked her a little bit too much. She had watched his eyes travel down her body and linger at her chest where the full breasts began to swell upwards, or down at her legs, following their long, curved lines with greed and lust. He was attractive enough, but married and Valerie had been a poor girl for too long to bother with that.

    She considered herself lucky to have found her present job, not only because it paid well, but because it afforded her the chance to meet many eligible and rich men. She intended to marry one of them and so be assured a life of ease and comfort. She was a beauty and she knew it; she wanted to use her lovely body and sexy face in the best manner possible.

    As she rode up to the twentieth story in the elevator, she ran into Burt, who worked as a clerk in her office.

    "Hello, Valerie."


    "Have a nice lunch?"

    "Fine." She knew the oaf was trying to make conversation and she knew, too, that his eyes burned with desire as he looked upon her low cut white crepe shirt and her narrow wheat colored linen skirt, with the long sexy slit up the side. Burt was cute, with his curly hair and warm smile, but he was a nothing, who was going nowhere. Valerie knew that she had to be very selective about who she spent her time with. If the other lawyers at her firm thought that she was cheap, it would ruin her chances.

    "Say, Valerie, would you like to have lunch with me tomorrow?"

    "Sorry, I'm busy," she lied.

    "How about Friday then?"

    "Busy then too."

    Burt just fell silent as he looked away. His mind though, raced busily along.

    'The haughty bitch,' he thought, 'she's so stuck up! Who does she think she is, the Queen of Sheba or something?'

    I'd show her a hot fucking thing or two. I why the snotty cunt won't give me a tumble! She doesn't like my job, the greedy little slut! I've seen her kissing the asses of some of those moronic lawyers, just because she can get a fancy dinner at some overpriced, snobby joint. If she went out with me, once, just once, I'd show her that money has nothing to do with being a man!!

    Valerie looked away for the rest of the ride and as she stepped out of the elevator, she didn't even give him a backward glance. He stood there, watching her shapely ass wiggle away from him, his mind repeating, 'Bitch, bitch, bitch,' in time to her seductive walk.

    Back at her desk, she put her things away and went in to see if her boss wanted anything from her.

    Blair Eldridge was, at forty-two, a very handsome man. Lots of jogging and tennis kept his body lean, youthful and hard. Expensive clothing covered that sleek, muscular torso. Summers, he spent long week-ends in the Hamptons with his wife and two kids, so on this July day, deeply tanned face smiled up handsome and appealing, at Valerie when she stepped into his plush office.

    She noticed his attentive glance, taking all of her supple young form in at a glance, looking at the low-cut blouse, and resting on her crotch. She grew uncomfortable and cleared her throat. "Was there anything that you needed, Mr. Eldridge?" she asked nervously.

    "Yes, I want you to take a letter for me, Miss Jones," he responded, so that she went back outside to get her steno pad and pencil. Then she returned to his office, careful to leave the door ajar and sat down beside his desk. Mr. Eldridge cleared his throat and walked around the office a few times before he began the dictation.

    "Dear Sirs, it has come to my attention…" his voice droned on and on, the usual business letter. As he spoke, his eyes returned to her body, noticing with pleasure the way that her skirt rode up when she crossed her legs, revealing the top of her tanned thigh and showing off her slender, pretty ankles in the high-heeled shoes. It seemed to Valerie that he was unusually verbose in this particular letter; she knew him to be a man of elegant and articulate prose and she wondered why he was taking so long in getting to the point.

    Her pencil continued its progress along the lined paper, writing the words.

    "Shut the door. Your legs are driving me crazy and I have to touch them!" Valerie's eyes opened wide when she read those words. She was shocked.

    Without waiting for a reply, Mr. Eldridge crossed the room and closed the door softly.

    "Mr. Eldridge, I'm…" she faltered.

    "Blair, call me Blair," he said, coming over to her and taking her lovely face in his hands as he stooped to kiss her trembling lips.

    "No, no, it's wrong. You're my boss!"

    "And you're a gorgeous woman that I want to make love to!"

    "But your wife…"

    "I don't want you to make love to her. Just to me!"

    "Mr. Eldridge!"

    "Blair!" he corrected, moving his hands through her long, silky ash blonde hair. The slow caress was making her blood begin to seethe and boil and she fought the desire that welled up in her veins.

    "I don't want this!" she said, getting up quickly, but his arms around her shoulders stopped her from moving. He drew her to him and kissed her deeply, his hands finding the opening of the blouse and starting to caress the soft, warm flesh that quivered so enticingly beneath his fingers.

    "No, no…" she said weakly, but her arms had come up around his body and she felt the shock of desire as he pressed his taut chest against her.

    His hands slid under her skirt, seeking the soft furry place between her legs, but she pulled away and went over to the window, shaking and struggling to regain her composure.

    "Mr. Eldridge, I have really enjoyed working for you. You are a nice man and very considerate towards me. But I can't do this, I just can't no matter how much it might please me!" said Valerie, hoping to fend him off, but also to flatter him, for her job was important to her and she didn't want to lose it.

    He picked up on her words instantly. "Would it please you, would it?" and he crossed the room and stood before the trembling woman.

    "Don't deny yourself then – and don't deny me. I can help you a lot in this office, Valerie… you don't want to be a secretary for the rest of your life, do you?" he said coaxingly.

    "No, I don't," she said, beginning to understand the meaning of his words. She stood there, thinking hard. His hands moved back to her body and caressed the firm melons of her ass. She made no move to stop him, not even as they slid up underneath her skirt and pushed the white nylon of her panties away from her moist crotch.

    She understood that although he couldn't marry her, there were many other things that he might be able to do for her. He was well-liked and well-respected in the firm and his influence was extensive.

    Her mind dulled and heated; it was hard to think when his hand was sliding around her pussy with a teasing slowness, just barely brushing the lips. She felt his erection growing against her thigh as he pressed his body into hers.

    Maybe he would give her a raise, or promote her to some better position… His finger had slid between the glistening petals of her cunt and probed them gently.

    "Oooh, Mr. Eldridge!" she sighed and leaned against him, her mouth open, waiting for his kiss.

    It was not long in coming. He bent down over her and sucked her full lips between his own and then drove his tongue into her mouth, darting and exploratory. She kissed him back with full passion now, enjoying the way his masterful lips seemed to suck all the breath out of her, leaving her weak and gasping.

    "Come over here to the couch," he murmured, stopping only to lock the door. She did as he told her, seating herself on the wide, soft cushions as he came and sat down beside her.

    His hands fumbled for a moment with her blouse and then finally succeeded in pulling it off. Her skit was next and was tossed to a crinkled mass on the floor beside them. She leaned over to undo her shoes, but he whispered, "No don't take them off."

    His hands moved up the surface of her graceful bare legs, tracing their long tapering lines with the tips of his fingers. They stopped when they reached her white nylon panties. She raised her body so that he could strip them off, but to her surprise, he put two strong hands around the elastic of each thigh and pulled very hard. The panties tore in an instant.

    "Ssh," he said, stopping her protest with kisses, "I'll buy you new ones, dozens of them!" and his hands began to explore her silky blonde twat.

    They reluctantly drew away from it only to unhook her bra and reveal the white breasts, startling and glowing against the deeply tanned skin. The nipples were a pale tan and grew hard as his eager tongue bent to lick them.

    "Touch my cock!" he commanded softly and Valerie moved her hands to his fly, where his mammoth erection was already straining against the summer fabric of his pants.

    Quickly she unzipped him and pulled out the long, stiff pole. Her slender, long fingers toyed with the shaft and tugged gently on the fat balls in their furry nest of pubic hair. He pulled away from her long enough to strip off his clothing and then his greedy hands returned to her waiting body.

    He got down next to her and started to kiss her golden throat. His mouth was harsh and rough, leaving angry red marks to indicate its travels. He moved down to her tits and she gasped with pleasure as his tongue darted over her hot nipples, wickedly flicking it and lashing it.

    His hands kneaded the white fruits and his teeth continued to bite and chew. Valerie moaned and tried to bring one of his hands down to the flaming patch of her pussy.

    He wanted to tease her though and refused to grant her the release she sought. His hands tickled her lovely golden belly, its few hairs bleached to a pale blond. He explored the inner thighs and the white globes of her ass before he allowed his fingers to casually brush against her sopping pit.

    "Please, please, touch me!" she implored.

    "Where?" he asked innocently.

    "You know!"

    "I don't!"

    "Between my legs!"

    "Here?" he asked, as his hands, slid between her knees and stayed there.

    "No, no!"

    "Where then?"

    "In my… crotch!"

    "Where in your crotch?"

    "My cunt! Please!"

    He moved his fingers swiftly and stroked the woman's slippery hot mound whose juices were already seeping and staining the couch below her. One hand tickled the lips and began to probe the secret, inner hole.

    Valerie sighed and started to bite his neck and chest.

    "Oh, so you want it rough, do you?" he asked and began to bite her skin in earnest. Raised welts began to appear as his teeth bruised their way along her smooth, delicate flesh.

    "Yes, yes," she muttered and grabbed the aching cock with a new frenzy. As his fingers moved in and out of her pussy, her lovely hands slid over the surface of the enlarged prick.

    "Suck me, suck me bitch!" he crooned and positioned himself so that her face was against his crotch and his own mouth could have easy access to her soft bushy cunt.

    She moaned loudly as his tongue slid tentatively between the glistening cunt lips, and then she gasped as he parted her thighs and dove in. His tongue raced through the golden forest between her legs and was quick in finding the glowing bud of her clit, that was aching to flower and blossom underneath his experienced tongue.

    He drew the little red jewel between his teeth, while his index finger, a small dick, pushed its way in and out of her quivering tunnel.

    She used her hands to bring the stiff shaft to her lips and coated it with her sweet, sticky saliva. Rolling it between her palms, she sucked on the tip, that seemed to grow larger and more swollen with each passing second.

    She drew him deep into her mouth, so that only the merest base was uncovered. She began to move her head, gently at first and then with increasing frenzy, up and down, along the rigid shaft.

    He groaned and pressed himself closer to her, wanting his entire throbbing dick to be covered by the warm ripe mouth of the woman who sucked him.

    Their moans grew louder as the passion intensified. It was only with great effort that he pulled himself away and flipped Valerie over onto her stomach.

    His hands took his prick and guided in towards the entrance to her pink pussy that showed tantalizingly from between the white parted cheeks of her ass.

    Pressing the tip against the saucy slit, he grabbed her ass and shoved hard. In one, deep, sudden movement, he was inside of her, ramming his stiff cock into her wet and hungry cunt.

    "Yes, yes!" she panted, as he rocked sensuously around for a moment and then began the long, driving thrusts, that left both of them shuddering with pleasure.

    Harder and harder he fucked her, as his hands reached up and under her, each one grabbing swollen, pulsating tit and beginning to rub the soft flesh.

    Her own hands were convulsively grabbing onto one of the pillows from the couch; luckily it was made of a strong, durable fabric, or she would have torn it in no time.

    Her moans increased as his thrusts grew more powerful, more daring. He loved to watch the thick meat sink between those shimmering globes and return again, still huge and throbbing.

    His hands slid down from her tits and sought the sopping pussy that hugged his cock so lovingly. Reaching down and parting the soft fur, he felt for the knob of the clit.

    Even without seeing it, his fingers grasped the swollen, red little button easily and pulled on it furiously.

    "Oh God, you're killing me!" she sobbed softly and his hands kept up with their frantic pace.

    He had her thrashing around on the couch, a lovely golden fish out of water who writhed and shook at his every touch. He tweaked her clit and rubbed it as hard as he could, as if he sought to rub it right back into her body.

    His crazy, circling movements had Valerie in a frenzy. She arched her back and her pussy muscles tensed and clamped down on his prick, as she felt her orgasm, swooping down, like a flight of birds. "Aahhh!!!" she screamed and he quickly put a hand over her mouth to muffle the sound.

    Several other people looked up from their work and someone smiled.

    His own orgasm followed quickly. The intensity of her writhing form seemed to draw it from him and he heaved and bucked, like some wildly thrashing beast, as he shot his steaming wad of come deep within her still shuddering body.

    He remained inside of her for a long time, enjoying the warmth her body afforded him. His hands rubbed her gently curved back and played with her silky hair. Valerie was still lying face downward on the couch, her whole body heaving as she struggled for breath. Gradually, she relaxed and began to breath more easily.

    Mr. Eldridge removed his cock from her and liked the rush of juices, his and hers, that dribbled from her open cunt. He gently stroked her ass, until finally she turned over.

    "You were fantastic," he whispered.

    "So were you."

    "You won't be sorry, Valerie."

    "I'm not worried," she said, sitting up. It was true; his passion, now spent, had calmed and soothed her. 'Sex,' she reflected, 'was much better than a drink!'

    Valerie dressed and discarded her torn panties in the waste basket that stood by the side of her boss's desk. Smoothing her flushed cheeks, she slipped out of his office and headed towards the ladies room, where she could wash her face and comb her tousled hair.

    She moved quickly and didn't notice Burt's hostile gaze following her. He had noticed that she had gone into Eldridge's office and grew suspicious as the time passed and she didn't come out. Now, when he saw her stealing off, so red and guilty looking, he knew what she had been up to.

    His thoughts were confirmed when he noticed Mr. Eldridge himself emerge a moment later. His tie had been hastily tied and his hair was a mess. His cheeks were very red and his eyes unusually bright.

    He moved off in the direction of the men's room and left the door to his office slightly ajar. Making sure that no one was watching, Burt quickly stepped in to the office.

    He glanced around and saw the large wet stain on the couch, then he looked on the floor and picked up the pad, with its odd letter. He tore off the sheet, folded it up and slipped it carefully into his pocket… Taking a final look around, his eyes happened to look down and into the waste basket. He smiled when he saw them and a moment later, he drew them out. The panties were shredded and torn; their crotch was still wet with the dew of her passion. He couldn't help putting them to his face and sniffing deeply for a moment; the aroma was wonderful, musky and sweet at the same time, very intimate and exciting. He decided to keep them too and slipped them into his pocket.

    With the same care, he came out of the office and went unobserved, back to his own desk. He wasn't exactly sure what he was going to do, but the fates had delivered into his all too willing hands a very powerful weapon for revenge.

    He looked up and saw that Valerie had finished in the bathroom. Her hair had been combed and her lovely lips had a new, gleaming coat of lipstick. He looked at her for a long moment and smiled an evil smile.

    Valerie saw his look and his smile. She didn't know what they meant, but they filled her with deep misgivings. Despite the heat of the day, the warmth of her blood engendered by her recent activity, she shivered. She didn't like Burt and didn't trust him. She toyed with the idea of mentioning this to Mr. Eldridge and made a silent vow to keep out of Burt's way.

    Then, not looking at him, she went back to her desk and resumed her tasks. Burt smiled again, to himself. The haughty cunt! He would teach her a thing or two!


    One hot afternoon, about a week later, Valerie waited on the corner of Park and Fifty-Ninth streets for Blair to come around the corner. True to his promise, he was going to buy her some new panties to replace the ones he had torn the week before. His only stipulation had been that he could go with her and help pick them out. Valerie's body heated with the idea.

    She tapped her foot as she waited, peering anxiously down the street for the sight of his tall, handsome form. Soon enough, it came into sight and they kissed for a long moment. Surreptitiously, he reached for her tits, tempting him in their pale, peach cotton covering that set her golden skin glowing. She shuddered as he fondled her and then they moved down the street together and reached the store some minutes later.

    It was crowded, as it always was at this time of day and they moved their way past the throngs of people downstairs, to the lingerie level. It was cool and it appeared to be slightly darker than the rest of the place, or perhaps Valerie was imagining it.

    They moved in and out of the erotic, sensual garments, each one more beautiful and brilliantly colored than the rest. Valerie felt as if she were some reeling, drunken bee, who was making its dizzy course from fragrant flower to flower.

    Her eye was caught by an exquisite red satin gown. It was long and only had one strap, so that she could easily imagine the other shoulder and arm naked, with nothing to cover it. Her eyes met his in a long, smiling look.

    "Take it and try it on," he said approvingly.

    She drifted her way through the Dior nightgowns, pale and virginal, edged with frilly lace and ribboned borders. Her eyes fixed on a long, simple gown of sheer blue, thin enough to be completely transparent. It went on her arm along with the red one.

    Then, she moved on, looking for the garments that had actually inspired this little shopping jaunt panties. There were so many different pairs that her head began to reel. Blair chose a pair of very sexy black ones, held together by the merest wisp of ribbon and said, "I'll have to fight very hard with myself not to rip these off you!" and she giggled. He then selected a red satin pair that matched the gown. It came with a red satin camisole too and Blair wanted her to try on all three of the seductive garments.

    His eye was caught by a black lace garter belt that was trimmed with red satin ribbon. He had the saleswoman show it to them and they measured Valerie's tiny waist to see what size she needed. She had to lift up her blouse a little bit to do it and he was given a peek at her trim, tanned flesh as the tape-measure wrapped its way around her.

    The saleswoman said that the garter-belt would be nice with some stockings and she showed them a pure silk pair, that had very provocative seams all the way up the back.

    Deciding that she had enough things for the moment, Valerie looked around for a dressing room, where she might sample the lovely under things. Seeing the sign, she moved off. Blair followed.

    She was about to tell him to wait out there for her, when he piped up: "Excuse me, Miss, but I'm here with my wife to buy her a little birthday gift and I was wondering if I might go into the dressing room with her to see how the things look."

    The woman seated outside the dressing rooms looked a little shocked at his request, but when Blair took a five-dollar bill out of his wallet and quickly slipped it into her palm, she nodded her assent and simply looked, the other way when he followed Valerie into the dressing room.

    The rooms were actually rather large. They contained a small, green and white chair and they all had two minors, so that a person could see the front and the back of themselves as they modeled the clothes.

    They went into room number twenty-six, which was rather far down the hall and Blair locked the door behind him.

    "OK, baby, why don't you give me a little fashion show?"

    "OK, but you have to close your eyes until I say, 'ready'."

    "Will do!" and he shut them tightly.

    Valerie stripped out of her own garments and with quaking fingers, began to slip on the red panties. They fit beautifully over her perfectly molded ass, hugging the little cheeks and settling enchantingly in the crack.

    The garter belt was next; it cinched in her already tiny waist, making her hips curve and swell in response and the black garters danced on her lovely thighs. She slipped on the stockings, which were a perfect fit and fastened them. The elastic became taut and pulled against her pretty legs, as it stretched down to grip the slithery sheer stuff of the stockings.

    Realizing that there was no bra, she pulled on the red satin gown, loving the way it hugged the curves of her body. It was low cut into a deep V, leaving her gorgeous cleavage exposed.

    "OK, you can open your eyes!" she called out gaily. Blair's eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw the vision before him: Valerie, excited simply by putting on the clothes, stood, her wet lips parted and her tits heaving and throbbing. She licked, her lips and ran her hands quickly through the long, unbound mane of her hair.

    The double mirrors reflected her image twice and her could see the twin globes of her ass, held lovingly in the satin embrace, twitch and dance before his excited gaze.

    "Well what do you think?"

    "Fantastic!" and in the next moment, he had whipped out his stiffening cock.

    "Blair!" she hissed, "We can't!! Not in Bloomingdale's!"

    "Why not?"

    "What if we get caught?"

    "We won't!"

    "We'll go to jail!"


    "We will!"

    "I'll simply buy you all of this stuff! Valerie darling, there is no law about not fucking in Bloomingdale's! One may not steal, eat, drink or smoke, but nowhere, nowhere in this vast, retail empire, does it say that one may not fuck! Now come over here and let me get at your pussy!" and he grabbed her.

    She put up a little struggle, but secretly, she loved it. What could be more forbidden and more fun, than making it in the dressing room at Bloomingdale's?

    Allowing him to embrace her, her hands found his rigid pole and began to rub furiously.

    "Just don't come all over this red satin! And for God's sake, don't tear the panties!"

    He pulled up the nightgown to expose her beautifully clad, red satin crotch, which had charming tufts of her blonde pussy hair peeping out and grabbed the elastic of the leg holes.

    "I'll by you a new pair, of panties every day! And I'll rip these off, I'll rip them all off!" and with those words, the fifteen dollar red satin garment was ripped in two and flung aside.

    "Blair!" she breathed, loving every minute it.

    His hands ran up and down her legs in their silky casings and occasionally touched her wet little box.

    She turned and helped him out of his three piece summer suit, heedless of how her careless handling was wrinkling the garments. She was a pussy on fire and she wanted the deep, hot satisfaction of penetration by his glorious tool.

    Whirling her around so that she faced away from him, he began to fondle her tits through the seductive red satin of her night dress. In the long mirror, he could see her nipples stiffen and grow hard as his tense, insistent fingers rubbed and pulled.

    The satin hissed and whispered their passion, making odd, almost human noises as he caressed her arched body through it.

    In the mirror, he was able to watch the progress of his own hands as he touched her, enjoying how large and powerful they were. Although Val's tits were huge, one hand could cover one of those quivering jugs. He loved to watch her face, too, as it grimaced with heated passion. As he fondled her body, her throbbing chest with the taut inflated breasts and the open, spread coral mass of her pussy, her head rolled back and her face became a mask of unadulterated lust. He loved this power over her and loved too this woman's ability to surrender herself so completely to her passion.

    He watched with mounting ardor her writhing, twitching form in the mirror as her now concentrated both hands on her inflamed split, pinching the drenched lips together and attacking the red button of her clit.

    Her ass wriggled against his stiff manhood, causing to it grow harder with each spasm and shudder.

    He moved one hand from her cunt to her asshole, fingering the tiny pink orifice in time to his rhythm in her slick cunt. Soon, it opened, like the new flowers in the spring: shyly at first, but gradually relaxing more and more under his skilled hands.

    With unexpected force, he pushed her over, so that her ass was sticking up in the air, the cheeks spread in a welcoming invitation. Her full tits hung down and he could see them swing and sway in the mirror.

    Using both hands now, he stimulated her asshole, bending to kiss and lubricate it with his darting, hot tongue. She put both of her hands on the floor to steady herself, as he continued with excited probing of her anal canal.

    When it was wet, slick and open, he stuck the tip of his fat prick against it. Valerie shuddered, for she had never let a man stick it there before.

    "Be careful!" she urged.

    The sight of his naked sweating body in the mirror aroused Blair's passions to a fevered pitch. Valerie's golden submissive form before him, his own massive spear aimed directly at her virgin asshole, he stood there in his glory, feeling like a God.

    He lifted her up by the hair, so that she too was able to watch what was happening in the mirror. "Look, baby, look," he commanded softly, "I'm fucking your ass, Valerie! Fucking your sweet little cherry hole! I want you to watch, I want you to see it as my cock slides in and out of your hole. Now look!!" and he pressed into her even further, causing her to wince with the pain, but nonetheless, her eyes were riveted to the reflected image on the wall in front of them.

    She was able to see the base of his cock and to watch as the amount exposed grew smaller and smaller as he slid his dick further and further into the tight, untouched canal. Tears welled up in her eyes as the enormous tool stretched and finally tore at the delicate inner tissues.

    "Ah, it hurts, oh Blair, please, please stop it, you're hurting me so much!" But Blair was not about to stop, not now, when he was almost all the way into that tight, hot, hole. He gave a final shove and felt something give. A bubble of blood emerged and then burst.

    Valerie was crying so hard that she could barely stand. Blair gently petted her long hair and bronzed back, but he wouldn't give up his cruel hold on her aching asshole. "Just relax, baby and it'll feel good. Don't fight it, Val. Just surrender it all to me and I'll make you feel just great!" and he started to rock his hips, shoving his dick in and out. The fit was tight and perfect. Her blood had helped ease the way and soon he was ramming it in and out with ease.

    Meanwhile, unknown to either Blair or Valerie, there was someone else who was enjoying her pain. Behind the wall of the front mirror, instead of another dressing room was a small, concealed chamber. The mirror was, in fact, a two way mirror, so that behind it, stiff dick in hand, was a tall husky black security guard named Bernard Brown.

    As a way of preventing crime, Bloomingdales and many other New York department stores, employed this trick of two-way mirrors. The guards would sit behind them and watch to make sure that no one was stealing the clothes he or she tried on.

    The guards all traded off the chance to sit behind the magic mirrors and of course, the lingerie department was considered quite a prize. Usually, the lucky man was treated to some spectacular sights: bronze beauties stripping and parading around the small room, tits exposed and asses jiggling! Every now and then, some woman, excited by her own reflection, would masturbate in front of the mirror, in eager anticipation of her husband or lover's caress.

    It was a standard joke that the floor was always slightly sticky in these chambers. Today, it would be especially so. Bernard Brown felt that he had hit the jackpot. Not only was this white chick a real knockout, but she had brought some white dude in with her! This was too good to be true! His dick was out as soon as Valerie had removed her clothes and as the couple starting fucking, he thought that he was seeing stars!

    He got the rhythm from Blair and soon, his own hand was beating off his throbbing black dick in perfectly timed and measured ecstasy! He marveled at the way the seemingly tiny hole could stretch and accommodate that white tool; Bernard had to admit with admiration that the white guy's dick was big, as it shot in and out, in and out, the white girl had cried at first, but now it looked as if she was just loving it! He could see that her nipples were hard and her boobs looked as if they might burst from the whole thing. Her ass was getting all red from the stimulation and so was her face.

    He was about to come, he could see his own dick swell mightily to its full seven and a half inches, as he pounded away at the big, uncircumcised head. Suddenly, though, he stopped and decided that he wanted to join them. Now was the perfect time, because the white guy had his hand over his girl's mouth so that no one would hear her moans and little yelps.

    He pushed open the door with a bang, so that Blair and Valerie were confronted by the massive, six foot four figure who was wildly jerking off his own fat dick.

    They were two stunned to scream; they couldn't imagine how this had happened, but although they both froze in terror, neither one made any moves to come unbound from their erotic embrace.

    "Keep at it and I won't hurt you!" Bernard barked gruffly. They just stood there. "You heard me!!" he said angrily. Then Blair noticed the uniform that the man wore, with its blue cap and small badge that said, "Security".

    "Just keep it up and nothing is gonna happen. Otherwise, I'll have to tell my captain. And you know," he continued, thinking of their expensive clothes, "it would be a shame if I had to call your office and tell them that you was caught fornicating in a dressing room, at Bloomingdales! It would look real stupid, now, wouldn't it?"

    They realized of course that he was right; Blair tried to reach for his pants, to keep his wallet from those mean, prying eyes, but Bernard was quicker and grabbed them first.

    He pulled out the wallet and read: Blair Eldridge, Attorney then he saw a picture of Blair and his wife. Looking form the picture to Valerie, he saw instantly that they were not the same woman. "Gee, Mr. Eldridge, it would be too bad if your wife found out about your little habits!" and Blair turned beet red.

    "Now," continued Bernard, "why don't you continue fucking the little lady? You was doin' it real nice before. And since she ain't doin' anything with her mouth, maybe she would like to suck my dick, too!" and he laughed.

    Now Valerie really began to cry, but she lifted her head to the throbbing black cock and looked at it with disgust. She was humiliated beyond belief, but she wanted to do it and get the whole terrible thing over with quickly.

    Closing her long-lashed eyes so she wouldn't have to see it, she parted her lips and drew the great, black tip into her mouth.

    "Mmm, that's real nice, baby! Real nice. Now go to it, you white mother fucker!" said Bernard.

    Blair started jerking in and out, tentatively at first and then with mounting passion. He hated to admit it even to himself, but the sight of Valerie's head bobbing up and down on that huge black tool drove him crazy with lust and soon he was ramming it into her for all he was worth.

    She was sucking up a storm, because she wanted him to come quickly. Then she felt Blair's hand between her legs and felt him open up her cunt and start to rub her still throbbing clit.

    She couldn't quite believe it, but she found herself getting aroused and soon she was shoving her ass really hard into the pounding cock and her other hole was greedily sucking and devouring the black meat. The utter humiliation was turning her on, she discovered with a start! Here she was, bent over, being used by two men and loving every second of it! Her body arched crazily and she bit into Bernard's cock with renewed fury, frantically rubbing the big, black sac of his balls, with her dainty, red-nailed fingers.

    The three fucked and sucked with maddening abandon and Valerie felt familiar pulsations of orgasm begin. It started in her loins and then spread to her whole body, rising up like a sudden earthquake that shook her body violently with its tremors. "OOOH! AAAHH!!!" she screamed and bit the restraining prick that filled her mouth, even enjoying the salty taste of the blood.

    Her writhing spasms made her asshole contract and pinch Blair flaming spear and he came in a burning white flood that shot up into her and gushed out of her spread hole.

    Watching the two of them moaning and writhing in orgasm brought Bernard's climax too and grabbing Valerie tightly by the ears, filled her mouth with his boiling come. It kept on spurting, but she managed to swallow almost all of it as it streamed out.

    Unable to move, they stood locked in their positions, waiting for the shuddering to subside. When it did, they began to get dressed, unable to look at each other. Bernard went back into his little secret room and shut the door without saying a word. Blair and Valerie got dressed and took the pile of clothing with them. Silently, he brought it to the cashier and charged the entire batch of stuff on his VISA card they left the store in silence.

    Before they went back to the office, though, Valerie wanted to have a drink somewhere. The strong vodka eased her throbbing temples and brought her red face back to its normal color. Blair had a couple of drinks too and then they headed back to the office.

    They went in separately, Blair first and when he had closed his door, Valerie crept in too. She had already been to the ladies room to comb and paint, so she knew that she looked as if she had done nothing more strenuous during her lunch hour than grab a bite and shop for a few things at Bloomie's. The big bag was under her arm and she set it down by her desk.

    Burt, though, had seen Eldridge walk in with that guilty, the-cat-ate-the-canary face and he knew that Valerie would be in moments later.

    Sure enough there she was, looking guilty as anything. He didn't even look at her as she passed, but kept his eyes down, engrossed in his own work.

    She sat down and opened the drawer to her desk. Although it had a lock, she rarely used it, for she kept nothing of value in that drawer. Today, as she opened it, she saw a note in an envelope that said only 'Valerie'.

    Smiling, she tore it open. She assumed that is was from Blair, who liked to surprise her; only yesterday he had sent her twelve long-stemmed roses with a card that said, "From a secret admirer".

    Her shock and disbelief, then, were understandable when she read the printed words: "I know about you, bitch. I know that you're fucking Eldridge and I'll see to it that his wife finds out if you don't behave and do what I ask. And don't try to tell him, either. I already have a date with his wife on Thursday and once she hears about it, you'll be out on your ass, without or the prospect of getting another one! Just wait for further instructions, bitch and keep your trap shut!"

    Valerie had to fight not to throw up as she read the note. Who could have sent such a vile thing to her? What an outrage! She shook and trembled with fear and disgust.

    Walking over to the water fountain for a cooling drink, she tried to be calm. She realized that it might have been Burt, but it was hard to be sure. There were other men in the office whom she had rebuffed and snubbed and his rage could have found an outlet in this sort of twisted and perverted joke. She pinched her arms to keep from shaking.

    She looked at the note again when she sat back down at her desk. It had been typed on plain white paper, so there was nothing that gave it away. Moreover, it had contained some threat, some promise whose full horror had not, been revealed yet. She had wait, in this agony of suspense, to find out exactly what this terrible person wanted to do to her.

    She was afraid to tell Blair, for she knew him to be very fond of his wife. He might cheat on her behind her back, but her would never, never leave her, nor their two kids, to whom he was very devoted. No, Valerie knew that if this thing ever leaked out, it would cost her this job. Blair would be very sorry, she knew, but his wife's wishes would come first. She could only wait until the vile person revealed himself and his vile plans.

    Then, a new thought struck her. Perhaps it wasn't a man at all! Perhaps the foul thing was by the hand of some woman! Valerie knew that there were many women in the office who had crushes on Blair Eldridge, women who had been there longer than she had and who might resent the fact that she, so young and new, had snapped up this prize right from under their greedy faces.

    It could have been Suzanna, the very fiery-tempered woman whose sharp, stinging had tired to insult Valerie many times. Or it could have been Jane, who seemed so quiet on the surface, but who was really a vixen underneath her cool exterior.

    All of this awful speculation had made Valerie's head throb and pound all over again and she wished she could sneak out for another drink. Instead, she fumbled through her purse, in search of aspirin.

    Walking quickly to the ladies room, she swallowed the pills and pressed her hot, aching face against the cool, blue tiles. Without even realizing it, she burst into loud, wrenching sobs.

    Just then the door opened and in walked a new young file clerk named Betty. She hadn't been there very long and Valerie doubted that the woman would have had any cause to want to harm her.

    Betty looked in shocked surprise at the sobbing woman and instinctively put her arms around her. "Why, whatever is wrong, Valerie?" she asked in a voice filled with concern, out Valerie only cried harder. Betty made soothing noises and finally, Valerie was able to calm herself a little bit and mumble something about her mother being very, very sick.

    Betty patted her in sympathy and helped her wash her face and reapply her streaked make-up. "Look what I have here, Valerie," she said, holding up a joint.

    Without waiting for a reply, she took out a light and pushed Valerie into one of the stalls. Lighting the joint, she inhaled deeply and passed it on to the other woman. Valerie drew a deep breath and felt the stuff begin to relax her almost instantly.

    Fifteen minutes later she emerged, serene and floating. She felt much, much better. She couldn't be upset about anything now. She moved through the office as if in a dream and even coming face to face with Burt couldn't shake her now. Instead of looking away as she usually did, she looked deep into his eyes and smiled an angelic, trusting smile. "Hello there, Burt. How are you today?"

    Burt was rather stunned; he could only surmise that perhaps he had been wrong about her all along, perhaps she had only been playing hard to get, but she was ready to give that up now. He figured that she must have gotten the note by now, but she didn't seem to be in the least bit upset.

    He looked at her now, regarding her sweet smile and soft eyes with surprise. "I'm fine," he answered her shyly.

    "That's wonderful, wonderful wonderful!" she said with a tinkly little laugh and drifted down the hall, leaving him to stare in perplexed wonder after her.


    Valerie received no more notes that day, nor the next, nor the day after that. She grew calmer, wanting to believe that whoever had done such a thing that amused him or herself all he needed and now, the whole sordid thing would be over.

    She felt she could relax.

    She did, however try to be a little bit more circumspect about Blair. She refused now, to fuck in the middle of the day and insisted that they both arrange to stay late, or that he sneak over to her place late at night and then steal away before dawn.

    She was a little bit more reserved in her lovemaking these days too; she was very shocked to find out just how low she could sink and it scared her more than a little. When Burt called her a haughty bitch, he was not too far from wrong. Valerie had been poor, very poor and she was never able to forget that. As if to deny her squalid past, she cultivated the air of a cold, icy bitch. She knew that she was a real beauty and she wanted to use that beauty for some purpose, to some ends higher than simply pleasure for its own sake. She was used to men who could do things for her, buy her gifts, or find her jobs. Although she thought Blair was handsome, sexy and a great fuck, she never would have let him touch her if he hadn't been her boss.

    She was a woman who wanted men to bow and cater to her, to put her on a pedestal and be prepared to worship. The afternoon at Bloomingdale's was the first time she had truly let anyone dominate her and she had made Blair pay for it in other ways.

    He was as good as his word. He had managed to get her a raise and there was talk of a promotion. He had bought her, in addition to the lovely lingerie, two beautiful new dresses, an expensive bottle of perfume and an antique ivory bracelet that looked beautiful against her thin, tanned wrist.

    She wouldn't let him control her sexually either. He noticed the change and it only made him hotter. He loved her for it, for making him sweat and suffer and beg, because he knew that one day he would dominate her totally and on that day, his revenge would be sweet indeed. So, for the meantime, he put up with with her bad temper and her haughty ways and he indulged her whims, letting her decide when and how they would have sex.

    One sizzling July night, they both stayed late at the office and enjoyed a heated fuck in the icy cool of his air-conditioned office. Afterwards, he gave her money for the taxi back to her apartment, but for some odd reason, she decided to walk.

    Once outside, she was glad of her decision. The night was smoldering with a strange burning sensuality that only New York on a summer night can have. The stars were out and Valerie walked unhurriedly along the deserted streets, listening to the click! click! of her high-heels on the empty pavement.

    Traffic was light and she didn't see very many cars out that night, so when one stopped, she noticed it right away. There was a very tall, lean, blond man in the car, with wispy hair and steely eyes that glinted even in the distance.

    He waited for her to reach the car and when she was parallel to it on the sidewalk, he stuck his head out. There was a cowboy hat on it. He said nothing, but she could feel that he was undressing her with his eyes. Oddly enough, she felt no fear, only curiosity.

    She looked at him, too, her eyes as blank as water, but said nothing. Then she continued on her way. After she had walked for another three or four, blocks, the car started again, slowly driving past her by a few blocks and then waiting.

    She thought him very arrogant, this cowboy, but sure enough, she found her body stopping again in front of the car, not saying anything, just looking.

    They stared at one another like two cats across an open field, not saying anything, just watching and waiting. She drew a little closer this time, but at the last minute, she changed her mind and hurried along the dark street.

    The little charade continued. He waited a few minutes, then drove on ahead slowly and parked a few blocks ahead of her, waiting for her to catch up to him. The ritual of courtship it seemed, was slow.

    This time, interest and curiosity aroused, Valerie walked right up to the open window of the car. The man was leaning on one long, sinewy arm, gazing up at her beautiful face in the light from the street lamp.

    "Get in," he said curtly. Valerie stood there dumbly, not saying anything. "Get in," he repeated and this time, she watched, as if outside of herself, how her arm reached over and pulled the handle. The door swung open and she climbed into the car.

    He drove quietly and at an even, steady, pace, as if not wanting to disturb the peace of the streets around them. Valerie thought she must be mad, getting into a car with a total stranger in the middle of the night in New York City and yet she felt no terror, rib fear. She waited calm and docile, for this man, this beautiful stranger with the glinting cold eyes, to decide what he was going to do with her next.

    As he drove along, one hand slid from the steering wheel and moved slowly, without urgency, towards her leg. She didn't move, not even when his hard, long fingers made contact with her thigh.

    Pushing the fabric of the thin, polished cotton dress she wore away, his hand began to slowly and artfully caress the soft, buttery skin of her inner thigh.

    A sudden intake of breath revealed her passion, but still, she said nothing. His hand had her hypnotized, tracing smaller and smaller circles around the surface of her leg, getting closer and closer to the spreading moisture that was emanating from her cunt.

    She leaned her head back on the vinyl seat, feeling her neck stick to the hot surface. Closing her eyes, she surrendered herself to the feelings that, rose and broke, like shuddering waves on the shore of her body.

    He stopped the car. Valerie opened her eyes, not recognizing where she was for a moment or two. She got the sense of water and saw the long piers that extended out into the swirling oily waters of the Hudson River.

    Fear suddenly overwhelmed her and her teeth began to chatter from the uncontrollable shaking of her body. He was going to kill her, she knew it. He would split her skull, or slit her long, brown throat and dump her mutilated carcass in the river. It would be days before they found her…

    "Get out of the car," he said, breaking into her thoughts. She obeyed and he took her arm and led her across the deserted street. They stopped in front of a huge truck. He fiddled with the lock for some minutes, using some tools that she didn't recognize. It gave and he shoved her inside with such force that she fell to her feet.

    He closed the door behind him and Valerie tried to adjust her eyes to the pitch black around her. He was quicker to adapt, though and before she knew what was happening, he had come suddenly behind her and pinned her arms behind her back.

    Startled, she tried to break loose, but he was strong and gripped her with hands like a cruel vise. Close to her ear, he hissed, "Just keep your mouth shut, bitch and everything will hurt a little, but Christ, you know you wanted it, or you never would have gotten into the car with me!"

    His voice was dripping with contempt, "You are my slave for tonight, get it? Slave, baby, slave and I am the master. Now open up those sweet lips and say it." Valerie heard her own voice, sound strange and disembodied, "Master," she repeated hoarsely, "Master."

    "That's good, very good," he crooned and flipped on a flashlight. "Now slave-bitch, strip for me!"

    Looking at his icy eyes and lips that seemed to snarl, Valerie trembled; whether it was fear, or anticipation, she wasn't sure. She reached around and unzipped her dress slowly and then turned her back to him. Wiggling her ass, she shook her golden form out of the pale cotton dress, so that she stood before him in her bra and slip. Back still towards him, she unhooked the back and pulled it from her.

    Turning around, she kept one hand over each nipple, so that although the milky white globes were revealed, the nipples remained hidden, the secret jewels dancing before thee man's rapt gaze.

    Slowly drawing her hands away from her body, she showed him her nipples. His eyes seemed to bum right through her flesh and she felt her nipples growing rigid just by his looking at them.

    Her slip was next, sliding off her body with ease and grace, leaving only a pair of frilly white panties, another gift from Blair.

    Slipping her hand down below the elastic, she began to finger her own hot clit, first to please him and then in earnest. Closing her eyes, she let her writhing body get carried away by the tempo set by her quickening hand, as it slid in and out of her moist crack.

    Suddenly, she felt a sharp blow across her mouth, that sent her flying to the floor. Too stunned to fight back, she sat there, blood spurting from her split lip, gazing at him in horrified wonder.

    "Bitch, cunt, slut," he raged "who told you that you could touch yourself? I am the master, I give the orders. You are nothing but my slave! How dare you try to pleasure yourself! I will teach you to be obedient!!"

    Stripping off the thick leather belt, he brought it down with a resounding crash on her shoulders. She yelped with pain and tried to scramble away, but the truck was not all that large inside and offered her nowhere to hide. The first blow, she discovered, was only the beginning. Over and over again, the thick belt rained down heavy blows on her back and shoulders.

    Huge welts rose up on her skin almost instantly and the gold and white of her body became pierced with traces of her ruby blood, gleaming in the light.

    She had yelled and screamed the first few times, but the door of the truck was very thick and the street empty anyway, so it was useless. Then, it seemed that it drained her strength too much to cry out and could only crawl or roll along the floor, sniveling like an animal.

    Suddenly, the blows stopped and Valerie was about to cry out in sheer relief, but she felt a strong hand across her broken lips.

    "I'm sick of your whining, slave!" he said and twisted the fine, French cotton dress into a gag for her mouth. She struggled, but vainly and she was soon gagged, the only sounds she could emit were the little muted cries of a baby kitten, or a lamb.

    Her eyes opened wide with horror when she saw him approach her with a ball of thick, scratchy rope. She bolted in terror, but there was nowhere to escape to and she got a furious smack across the ear that left her head ringing, long after the blow was over.

    Taking the thick, cruel rope, he expertly bound her flailing arms tightly behind her back. The position strained her neck, back and shoulders and her whole upper body was twisted into a mass of unending pain.

    Dragging her by her still unbound feet across the rough surface of the floor, he pulled her over to where a long thick rod was suspended across the width of the the truck.

    Yanking her up, he pulled her bound hands, stiff from lack of blood, up above her head and tightly bound them to the pole. It was placed fairly up, so that her whole body was forced into a tense and unnatural position. Her toes barely grazed the floor, her back was arched and her tits jutted out, looking warm and inviting.

    It was then and only then, that he himself undressed. She could see the lean, yet muscular torso and the sparse blond hair that covered his chest and legs and arms and other parts of his body. His big dick was already stiff as he stepped out of his skin tight jeans and it stood out in front of him, like an angry red banner of lust.

    Putting the belt down, he came towards her and slowly began to caress her body. Despite the beating she had received she still began to get aroused as his hands slid over her hips and flat stomach.

    His mouth moved towards her jutting tits and catching a stiff nipple between his teeth, he started to chew. Valerie was amazed that her body could still feel pleasure, for she was bruised and aching and her odd position helped to intensify the pain she was feeling.

    Yet, to her great surprise, her nipples tingled from his lips and her pussy grew damp in anticipation.

    Rubbing a hand between her moist slit, he chuckled, more to himself than to her. "So, you dig it when it hurts, don't you? Yeah, yeah, you all do. Screaming and hollering, but creaming all the same!" and then he laughed out loud.

    As he fondled her slippery cunt, his hands reached again for the belt. She started shaking her head from side to side, frantically, as if that might save her.

    It didn't. Growing impatient, he grabbed his shirt and formed a blind fold from it, which he fastened over her eyes. "Stop struggling!" he commanded, "Your eyes say no, but your pussy knows what it wants!"

    Now, Valerie could not see what evil tortures he was planning for her. She tossed and writhed, but it only brought new, shooting pains to her already tortured back and arms.

    She didn't hear him for a moment and she grew terrified that he might just decide to leave her. Then, she felt the cruel but by now familiar crack of the belt as it descended upon her nearly naked, defenseless form.

    She was still wearing the panties she had had on earlier, but a smart crack of the belt turned them into a bloody, tattered mass of lace that slipped to the floor. He continued to beat, the strokes now long, hard, measured, slow, turning her white buttocks into a network of the heartless attack. She felt the stiff organ as it the cheeks of her ass. He finally tossed it to the floor and hurled himself onto her savagely, using his hands to strike and beat her now.

    He pulled on her nipples and bit her flesh hard enough to draw forth her salty red blood. His nails scratched and scraped against the smooth flesh, leaving their own brand of vicious tracks to mark their progress.

    Valerie wished only that she could be numb, or unconscious and therefore impervious to hot red. The belt occasionally danced between occasionally brushed against her leg and was aware of the strange heat that seemed to emanate. As if he had read her thoughts, he now said, "OK, bitch, so you want it now, do you? You want a stiff dick somewhere, in one of those juicy holes, do you?" Valerie could only nod weakly, a truly pitiful gesture. He burst out into a long, low, laugh.

    Again, he was silent and then she felt him loosen the ties that had kept her so cruelly suspended from the pole. He did however, leave her hands tied together.

    Her arms felt numb and she longed to try and move them, but she dared not. Instead, she stood dumbly waiting for his next instructions.

    "Good slave!" he cooed, "See, you're learning now!" Tears of strange, sweet relief welled up in her bound eyes, but it was short lived.

    He threw her to the floor with such brutal force that she thought he might have broken her shoulder. Intense, searing pain shot through her whole left side and she crawled around painfully for a moment or two.

    Then, she felt him kick her. Either he had never removed them, or he had put them back on, but in any case, the sharp, pointed toes of his cowboy boots were digging fierce little holes into her soft middle and juicy buttocks.

    She could only grunt her pain, doubled over and rolling about on the dirty floor. Blood, sweat, tears and sawdust all mingled there in the filthy ground, she was covered with an ugly film. She felt her legs being pulled open suddenly and his steel shaft penetrated her in one furious, single thrust. She burned with the pain, but to her great shock, even after this seemingly unendurable pain and humiliation, the feel of that rigid pole buried deep within her snatch sent shivers of pleasure coursing through her aching body.

    He was pumping away with all his might, not caring that he was hurting or tearing her delicate flesh. She rolled and writhed with him, trying to get his rhythm, which she soon did.

    Valerie didn't want him to know about the increasing pleasure, the odd delight that she was experiencing from this brutal assault. Her insides turned to wax, to molten lava, as he thrust over and over again into her ravaged pit.

    She was sure he didn't realize it, but his pubic bone was grinding away at her clit, almost as if it was trying to mash it to a pulp. The combination of pleasure and pain was unbelievable. She could no longer tell where one sensation left off and the other began.

    His arms, long powerful, reached around her body, holding her so tightly that with her bound mouth, she could barely breath. Was it the lack of air that was making her feel so dizzy, or the strange, choking passion that she felt? She neither knew, nor cared, she only wished that this might never, never end.

    He was pumping harder and harder, as his fingers found their way to her asshole. By, this time, her pussy was so wet that it had leaked down, dribbling down to her ass crack. He slipped a forceful finger in and began to explore. Soon, another finger was added and another. Three digits worked their way in and out of that tiny hole, as the fat swollen prick was pounding in and out of her cunt.

    They rolled together, no longer man and woman, but two crazed, lust-filled beasts locked in some primal act of mating. Time melted away, leaving only a sodden puddle in Valerie's brain. This was all she knew of time, this endless beating, endless throbbing, the alternating shocks of pain and pleasure and it was all that she needed to know.

    His hand took rhythm from his cock and the two drove deeper and deeper into the bound, gagged creature, almost meeting in her center.

    His own lust was intense, boiling. It came coursing through his veins and seemed to burn away everything in its path, so that his whole being was directed towards this, the steaming rush of fluid that would come racing from his aching loins. It was there in an instant, a great, shooting flood, hot and sticky that drenched her already drenched cunt. Her orgasm, unknown to him until that very second, followed his by the merest fraction of a second; as she felt boiling stuff leap forth from him, her own, aching tremors began and she writhed silently, tears streaming from her eyes and soaking the blindfold that covered them.

    Rolling off of her, he drifted into sleep for a little while. Valerie too dazed to really sleep, remained motionless, as one in a stupor.

    With a start, she realized that he was untying her. Her hands first, then her eyes and finally her mouth. She just looked at him, eyes wide and unblinking.

    "Good, good slave! That was very good for a first lesson! Very, very good! You learned quickly!" he said, gathering her naked, torn flesh into his embrace, rubbing her hair as he spoke.

    She noticed that he was covered with dirt and sweat and traces of her blood. "Oh Master! You're all dirty! Let me cleanse you Master! Let me clean away all of this nasty, nasty dirt!" she said and began to lick him.

    He stretched out on the floor, delighting in the feeling of her tongue as it covered every inch of his flesh. She licked down between his toes, taking each one in her mouth, sucking it lovingly. Her lips traveled up the length of his body, tongue darting everywhere.

    She licked his cock and balls, stuck her pert little tongue into his belly-button even drove her tongue into his asshole and licked it for a long long time.

    Dawn was just beginning to break as rather pale, from the silent cavernous truck. He got in the car and waited for her to get in along side of him. She did.

    "I'll take you home now."

    Valerie gave him her address and they rode in silence, as they watched the sun begin to streak the sky with pink. As he pulled up to the curb in front of her building, her scribbled something on a piece of paper.

    "This is my number. Call me if you want to. Just say 'slave' on the phone and I'll know who it is…" he said, pressing the small bit of paper into her hand.

    She didn't look at it and she was silent for a few minutes. Then, looking deeply into that glance that was like a winter sea, she said simply, "Good-bye."

    "Good-bye," he answered, "I'll be hearing from you."

    Without another word, she let herself out of the car and went upstairs to her apartment. Looking at the clock, she saw that it was about six.

    Quickly, she stripped off her clothing and went to the mirror. The sight she beheld made her go to the bathroom and puke. A bruised, bleeding woman, her face pale and her eyes black with shadows stared back at her from the polished glass surface.

    She turned and got into a steaming shower that eased her aching body and seemed to soothe her troubled mind. Washing her flesh tenderly, she began to relax a little.

    She had breakfast sitting in the small kitchen of her West Side apartment, liking the taste, of the whole wheat toast, butter and honey.

    At nine-thirty, after an unhurried look at the paper, she called the office, to say that she was sick and didn't think she would be in for a few days. Blair called her right away and asked her if she needed anything. She said no, but a big basket of fresh fruit arrived later on in the day.

    Valerie still had not looked at the piece of paper that he had given her. It was folded into a tiny square which she had put in the top drawer of her dresser. Even though she had buried it beneath a pile of slips and panties, it burned a hole in her memory as if it were a glowing coal that she had sat on.

    She got into bed and pulled the covers up around her. She was exhausted and needed to sleep. Just before she drifted off, she had a sudden, chilling realization. It had been gnawing at her all morning, but now she was able to articulate it clearly and that articulation, although it occurred in the most private recesses of her brain still scared her: she knew that she had thrown up that morning not because she had been so revolted by what she had seen, but because it had turned her on.

    She didn't want to admit to a thought like that. But it was true.

    It turned her on.


    Valerie stayed in her bed for three days, refusing all phone calls and visitors. She told Blair that she had the flu and simply didn't want to see anyone. She also said that she had called a doctor, so that he needn't worry about her health.

    Valerie stayed in bed and dreamed. Several times she almost called the man she had met the other night. Her hand would pick up the phone, but she realized each time that she hadn't even been able to throw the piece of paper away, but neither had she been able to open it.

    She could only lie in bad and fantasize about him, his enormous dick as it cut deep into her, or his rough, brutal hands and cruel, biting belt.

    On the fourth day, Valerie returned to work. Everyone seemed glad to see her and despite her desire to keep things cool around the office, Blair pulled her in to his office and tried to fuck her once quickly on the desk.

    She refused, not because she didn't want to, but because her body was still red and sore from the beating she had taken. She told him that she had really been quite sick and the doctor had advised her to refrain from sex for a while.

    Blair was grumpy, but he complied with her wishes. Valerie was just as glad. Her recent experience was very unsettling and she still had not fully internalized it yet. She moved as if through water, often she was unaware of what happening around her.

    Then, the notes started again. She found one under the blotter of her desk one day when she returned from lunch. She found another slipped into her pocketbook. A third one was on her desk, innocent and bland, as she came in one morning. That one was more specific: "OK, bitch. You've been warned. Now I want you to meet me tonight, after work at six o'clock exactly. Go into the staircase that is in the lobby. BE THERE."

    Had this happened a week or two ago, Valerie would have been terrified. Now, for some reason she could not explain, she was very, very curious. She wanted to know what this was all about and she had every intention of going to meet this person.

    The rest, of the afternoon passed without incident. She was sweet and loving to Blair and even sucked his cock underneath his desk until he came, great hot gushes of ejaculation, all over naked, dancing fits. He was so relieved, that he didn't even notice that she was all bruised; Valerie had taken good care to turn out the lights and draw the blinds.

    She spent the afternoon engaged in effortless, pleasant tasks and when Blair had to leave at five-thirty, she sweetly and fondly told him good-night.

    "Aren't you coming?" he asked.

    "No, dear."

    "But, Val, I miss you!"

    "Oh, you're an angel, but you know tonight I really can't… well, I can't fuck you tonight, Blair. I'm just not feeling too well."

    "But can't I buy you dinner somewhere nice?"

    "Oh, darling, I'd love to but I'm really not very hungry at all."

    "Some nice French restaurant maybe?"

    "Not tonight, really Blair."

    Finally, he had to give in and let her have her way. He left, more than a little concerned and planned to call her later on that evening. She said she had some work to do and remained at her desk, busy and seemingly calm, but all the while, her mind was racing ahead to her six o'clock meeting with her mystery correspondent.

    As the clock neared six, she went to the ladies room to freshen up. Spraying a whiff of perfume behind her ears, she inhaled the intoxicating smell. She brushed her hair until it gleamed and painted her lips a deep shade of coral. She really didn't know why she was doing all of this but the fact was that it was making her excited, as if she had been a kid in high-school and this was some really hot date. She had to laugh at the thought.

    At six, she rode down in the elevator and stepped off in the now rather empty lobby. Making sure that no one was following her, she slipped unnoticed into the stairwell, her heart beating wildly. She had to take several deep gulps of air to catch her breath.

    Then, she saw him. Deep down, she guessed she had always known. Burt stood there, tall and menacing, smiling down at her.

    "You knew it was me, didn't you, Valerie?"


    "And you came anyway?"


    "Curious, I guess."

    "Curious!! Don't make me laugh! You were scared! Fucking scared!"

    "Yes, I guess I was…"

    "Scared because I know about you and Eldridge. Well, baby, he might have the money, but I'm gonna show you that I've got the balls!"

    Valerie just shivered. She didn't know what was happening to her. Why was she listening to this lunatic, anyway? Why wasn't she screaming at him, slapping his sassy face, calling the police, or calling Blair? Instead, she listened, feeling her body tingle with anticipation and just stood there.

    When he propelled her down the steps, towards the cellar, she let herself be led, without protest. He pushed her along the darkened wall, into a strange musty room.

    It smelled bad and Valerie imagined that she heard the scuttle of rats. It was lit by a single naked bulb. She shivered.

    "What are you going to do with me?"

    "Show you what a real man is, bitch!" and he put down the heavy valise he had been carrying with a thud and looked at her for a long moment.

    Valerie was shivering so much that she could not control herself, even though the room was even more stifling than the hot, summer night.

    Her teeth chattered and her body felt convulsed by chills. He grabbed her roughly, by the shoulders. "I've seen how he treats you, buying you stuff, taking your shit! Well, baby, I won't!" he said, throwing her violently against the wall.

    Her head hit against it with a smack and she remained there, motionless. He crossed the room in a few quick strides. "I'm gonna show how a real man does it!" and he slapped her face, so that for the second time in two weeks, Valerie tasted her own salty blood trickling down her throat.

    Burt marched over to his valise and pulled out a strange, black leather contraption. She realized with a start that it was a mask, or a hood of some kind.

    Burt slipped it over his head. It was made of black leather and had small holes for his eyes, nostrils and mouth. The top was pointed and it gave his whole face an eerie, menacing look.

    Then, he donned a tight leather vest, that was studded all the way up the front. He reached into his bag again and came up with a pair of shackles. They were made of some heavy metal and each one had a long chain attached to it. Each chain then had a small metal loop.

    Walking over to Valerie, he said, "Now it's your turn, bitch!" and before she could protest, he grabbed both of her arms. Slipping each delicate wrist into a shackle, he bound the poor girl to a heavy pipe that crossed the room somewhere up above, near the ceiling.

    He spread her arms wide, so that she would be in pain as she hung there. He was not finished with her yet, though. There were other things that he had intended for her.

    He took out a thick, metal collar, studded all around and put it around her quivering throat. He made it very tight, so that breathing was difficult. He felt the long, thick silvery chain dangling, so that he could pull on it when he needed to punish her a little more.

    He yanked her legs very far apart and shackled each one a pair of spiggets that protruded from the floor.

    Valerie didn't know which hurt more, her splayed legs, or her arms, but both left her body very uncomfortable. Then, he took out her mask, which was also leather, but she noticed with a shiver that it had no holes for her eyes, only very small slits for her nostrils and one that was slightly larger for her mouth. He forced it on over her head, zipping it securely. Now she couldn't see nor hear. Breathing was difficult and her breath came in short, harsh gasps. She could only guess what he was going to do next.

    She soon had an opportunity to find out. A strange device, fitted with some kind of ball in the center was strapped tightly to her face. The ball was shoved down her throat, so she couldn't utter a sound more articulate than a muffled groan. The ball was hard and large and stretched her mouth out in a very painful way. She twisted a bit as it was fastened, but a stinging slap across her ass soon quieted her.

    Burt was enjoying himself immensely. He knew about girls like her, how they acted so snotty and stuck up. All they needed was to be shown how to behave and they would soon learn. He was just the one to do the teaching, too!

    She was now really scared. The ball made it very hard to breath and the tight leather mask afforded her very little space for air. What if she were to die of her treatment? Her body quivered anxiously.

    Meanwhile, Burt had returned to his valise and selected a long, freshly oiled whip that made a sharp cracking sound when he snapped his wrist. With one hand on his dick, he approached the trembling woman.

    Raising his arm to get the most force, he brought it down sharply on her still clothed, quaking body. The whip whizzed through the air and coming down on her, tore the thin silk blouse into tatters. He yanked it off, leaving it in a ruined heap on the floor. Another stunning blow of the whip tore her bra in half and now her quaking body was revealed to him in all its naked glory.

    He brought the whip down over and over again on her naked flesh, leaving searing welts all over its smooth surface. His aim was sure and steady and he managed to catch her again and again across the nipples, so that they appeared to swell and grow before his excited eyes.

    Valerie writhed in the pain, thinking that she had never known how much of it she was capable of experiencing. Again and again, his deadly tool scorched her writhing form, showing no pity and no mercy.

    He moved around behind her and let the brutal, leather snake in his hand caress her back, covering it with the same red welts that adorned her front. He paused only to slip his hand in the waistband of her skirt and tear hard. Her panties were shredded with the whip, leaving her wiggling ass bare.

    She was spread so that her asscrack was revealed to him and he delighted in letting the whip occasionally touch upon its delicate, puckered skin. Soon, it was glowing red, shimmering and tempting in the murky half light of the dank cellar room.

    Denied the outlet of shrieking, Valerie could only twist and turn her body, but soon she realized that it afforded her no relief. There was no way to escape from the cruel, searing blows and her strength faded and ebbed.

    She ceased writhing and, submitted to the hot, almost numbing pain. Burt sensed his victory and put the whip down for a moment. He was sweating profusely and his cock had grown hard just watching her beautiful form dancing under the spell of his whip. Now, he turned again to the valise and selected a new instrument of torture.

    He held, up another whip, but instead of coming to a finely pointed end as did the last one, this particular one had a little tassle at the end of it. The tassle was made of fine leather fringe and at the end of each bit of fringe, dangled a small but cruel metal star. These stars were tiny, but they had sharply pointed edges and could inflict a great deal of pain.

    Moving towards Valerie silently, he once again took the time to appreciate her naked body, heaving and shuddering as it hung there. Then, he raised, his arm.

    The new weapon left an interesting little tear in her flesh. It looked like a star itself, or some kind of brilliant red flower. As he whipped her, her whole body became covered with the glowing red flowers, that popped up everywhere.

    She writhed again, under the new form of torment, which was far, far worse than the first one. The sharp metal spikes, rough and hard, tore into her delicate flesh and she could feel the blood welling up and oozing from the wounds. She twisted her body vainly, trying to hide from the rain of blows that fell upon her defenseless form, but all of her twisting and turning only excited Burt's passion more and caused him to whip her still harder. Her body became a streaming mass of bright, red blood.

    Valerie thought she might faint, the pain was so unbelievable. Her whole body ached from her bondage and from her vain thrashings against the cruel shackles. Whipped and bleeding, she felt on fire.

    She began to notice a strange sensation, though. The intense pain began to turn into something almost like pleasure. She couldn't quite believe it, but the searing ache, the throbbing, all began to melt and cause her body to burn with a liquid fire.

    She still moved, but almost in time to his whippings, as if they were engaged in some strange, primitive dance.

    Burt stripped off his cotton slacks, exchanging them for some skin tight leather pants that needed zippers in the calves to get into them. The crotch was cut out and left his throbbing dick exposed. He only wished Valerie could see him in his regalia, which was completed by hard leather boots. He was sure, though, that even blinded, she could still get a good sense of his presence.

    He was getting hot himself and needed some relief for his aching organ. Dropping his whip to the floor, he approached her from behind. He unbound Valerie's feet, so that only her arms remained suspended in their cruel bondage.

    She was dizzy with the thought that she might be set free, but her sense of relief was short-lived. Burt grabbed an old, rickety table and shoved it under her. Her arms were pulled cruelly upwards by the shackles and she was on her knees, on the table. The position forced her tits to leap out at him and when he spread her legs apart, he could see the red, swollen asshole winking up at him.

    He inserted a harsh, rigid finger into her painfully sensitive ass, but Valerie didn't even flinch. She was learning slowly what pleased him and she knew that any signs of disobedience would be severely punished. He fingered her ass brutally, roaming around the tight hole. He noticed, that despite his rough handling, her ass seemed to be responding to his hand. It opened slightly and seemed to draw him in deeper and deeper. 'Oh,' he thought, 'so she likes it in the asshole, does she the little bitch! Look at her opening up! Well, I'll give her something in her asshole, if she wants it!' he laughed to himself.

    Returning once again to his bag of tricks on the floor, he drew from it a long, vicious dildo, that was covered with nasty spikes, each about one quarter of an inch in length. He walked back over to her and rubbed a little of the blood from the wounds on her ass into her quivering little hole.

    It grew wetter and wetter under his touch. His finger slipped in again and probed gently. Valerie was really hot now and she rubbed her bruised torn body against his hand, loving the feel of the finger in her tight hole. Then, with a new, increased brutality, he shoved the wicked dildo straight up her spread ass. Valerie bolted as if she had been scalded with boiling oil and knocked the table out from under her. It fell to the floor with a bang.

    Even through the thick leather mask, she could dimly make out his screams of rage. "Bitch!" he shouted, "How dare you move! Haven't you learned to obey me yet, you sniveling cunt! How many times does it take to teach you?" he screamed and began to kick her with his hard, metal tipped boots.

    He kicked her shins and thighs, drawing closer to slap her face. Even though it was well covered by the mask, the power of his blows still made her head buzz and ears ring. He kept on kicking her too, adding what would become purple-black bruises to her already raw and bleeding flesh.

    He calmed down a little and picked up the table from the floor. Once again, he pushed it under her and opened up her asshole. Picking up the immense dildo from the floor, he returned to his position behind her.

    In one great thrust, he shoved it in. Valerie winced with the awful pain, but she barely moved, for she was terrified of the abuse it might bring. The thing was huge and the sharp, hard spikes that stuck out of it caused her anal canal to become torn and scratched.

    Initially, the big, thick rod of plastic had caused a burning wave of pain to wash over her, but now, pain mingled with a bittersweet pleasure and Valerie felt her whole body getting hot and sticky. She was sure that her cunt was dripping now.

    Burt was amazed to see her body move in what seemed to be pleasure. She strained her ass wide, trying to make a new home for the invading dildo. She wiggled and squirmed in a way that was distinctly erotic. He grew more and more aroused as he watched her. There she was, naked, bleeding and shamed by a guy she wouldn't even have lunch with and she was still getting hot! His cock swelled and ached and he began to rub it some more.

    Gingerly, Burt felt the old table with his hands to test its strength. He had left the dildo up her ass and its bright pink end stuck out of her ass like a light bulb in the dark.

    The table seemed as if it might support the two of them and he swung his booted feet off the floor and climbed on. Positioning himself underneath Valerie, his fingers found the opening of her cunt.

    To his shock, she was dripping wet! The little whore likes it! There she is at the office, making Eldridge beg and whine for it, snubbing guys like me and still, you tie her up, beat her to a pulp and the horny little bitch digs it! thought Burt and he had to laugh aloud as he thought of it. What would the other guys in the office think, the ones who drooled and sighed when Valerie walked by, if they knew what he was doing to her? His laughter continued some minutes in the dark, smelly room.

    Then, he attended to his own rigid pole.

    Valerie was quite a sight, with the dildo still up her ass and her broken flesh. The idea that all of this pain turning her on turned him on too. He placed his cock near the slit of her wet pussy.

    Even in this light, he could see how the blonde hair glistened and gleamed with love juice and how the lips were already pouting and open, waiting for someone who would come and satisfy them. Well, he was the man to do it!

    Grabbing her buttocks with both hands, he shoved in his hot cock. God, it felt wonderful! She was really on fire and her cunt was slick and tight. Picking up a whip from the floor, he raised his arm.

    As he pressed her body down on his rigid spear, the other hand gave her gentle, almost loving licks with the whip. It was all laced with the blood and sweat that covered her body and the slickness of her skin made it still easier to hit her.

    He rammed into her as hard as he could, occasionally lifting his lips to her raw tits and taking a nipple into his mouth. He sucked her fiercely as he continued to beat her. The blood dripped in tiny rivulets from her body onto his, leaving his black leather costume wet and sticky with her blood.

    As his angry mouth chewed her nipples, he was sure that her heard her moan and sigh with pleasure.

    Suddenly, he was filled with the desire to hear her voice, throatily and hoarse, whispering things to him as he beat her. Pulling himself up, he quickly unfastened the hard, plastic gag from her mouth.

    For a moment, Valerie didn't say anything, she just moved her aching jaw up and down a few times to see if it still worked. He pressed his head to her ear and said very distinctly, "Tell me that you love it, slave-whore! Tell your master that you love it when he beats you! You love it when he fucks you and you love to feel his prick deep in your filthy cunt! Go on, tell him!"

    Valerie tried to speak for a minute, but no sound came out of her mouth. Then her voice, weak and feeble returned to her. "I love it when you beat me, Master! I love to feel your dick inside of me! I love the pain, love it, love it, love it!" she whispered and drove her body down on his cock with renewed force.

    Dropping the whip, he grabbed her with both hands. He used one to keep shoving her ass down on his throbbing member, while the other he used to push the dildo up her, harder and harder. He felt her shuddering and quivering and knew that her submission was complete. She no longer knew, or cared about the pain, or the humiliation. She was completely his now, locked in the magic spell he had cast over her.

    Harder and harder he thrust, until he feared that the table might give and drop him to the floor. He still shoved the dildo in and out and he was sure that the tip of his prick could feel the hard plastic tip through the thin walls of her womb.

    Leaving the dildo for a moment, his hands moved up to grasp the long, soft hair that streamed out from the leather mask. He pulled it hard, trying to draw her closer and closer.

    He felt it tear and break in his hands, leaving its silvery blond threads all over tern, glistening like fire flies.

    Valerie was throbbing with pleasure. All of the hurt had vanished, or been transformed into some incredible experience that was beyond pain, beyond pleasure. Her mind could not even attempt to define it and she was consumed by her fiery, aching cunt, that sought to draw the rigid pole deeper and deeper into her.

    "Oh God, oh God oh God!" she whispered, feeling the powerful tingling in her cunt burst into flame. "I'm coming, Master, coming coming, coming COMING!" and she shuddered violently, her hoarse breathing pierced by her animal like yelps of pleasure.

    Feeling the slick pussy contracting around him brought his orgasm out and Burt dug his nails into her ass as he shot his come deep into her womb, his mouth adding a new wound to her already battered body.

    Limp and trembling, they remained entwined. The cock was still in Valerie's ass and Burt knew that it would be an error on his part to take it out now. Slowly, he disengaged himself from her and started peeling off the hot, leather garments.

    "Aren't you going to release me, Master?" she asked softly. Burt whirled around and with his nearest whip, hit her smartly across the ass. Pressing close to her so that she could hear the full force of his angry invective, he shouted, "Bitch! That is for your master to decide! You have no will, no choice, only to submit! Now, to punish you for your snotty insolence, I will be forced to leave you here for a while!"

    He removed the table and bound her feet once again to the cruel spiggets. Leaving the dildo up her painfully raw ass, he inserted another one into her cunt.

    He put on the binding gag again and fastened in a pair of biting, cruel nipple clamps, that pierced and tore at her most sensitive parts.

    Then, after he had cooled off and dressed, he left the room, careful to put a padlock on the door and pocket the key. He went outside into the hot, summer evening. Walking around the corner, he stopped into a coffee shop and ordered some dinner. The mere thought of Valerie, bound, gagged and stuffed both in her ass and cunt, made him hot all over again and he felt his dick rise as he began to eat dinner.

    Glancing at his watch, he noted the time. He decided to walk over to Third Avenue and catch a movie. That would be a good two hours. He finished his meal, got up and paid and walked out the door. Slowly, he strolled along. 'I'm in no hurry,' he thought, 'no hurry at all.'

    Blair was getting nervous. He had gone home from work and eaten dinner with his family. After the meal, when they where watching television in the living room, he slipped into his bedroom to give Valerie a call. Five, six, eight rings and no answer. Even if she had been sleeping, she would have woken up by now. The phone, he knew, was right next to her bed.

    He called the office, but it was empty. He began to worry. Where could she be? What if something had happened to her? There was a nigh watchman in the building. If he couldn't get in touch with Val by nine, he would call.

    Burt was enjoying himself very much. How often did he get to act out his fantasies with a hot chick like Valerie? He had played this game before, but only with prostitutes, who were less than passionate. And they rarely let him beat them as much as he liked. His cock grew rigid just thinking of her tied up in the cellar, completely at his mercy. The movie ended and he got up, anxious to get back to her.

    Blair decided to call the night watchman at the office. He had tried a couple of Valerie's friends, but none of them had seen her that evening. He even called her mother, but there was no answer. He dialed mother, but there security guards in his building. The night watchman went on duty at eight, so he had not seen Miss Jones. There was a daytime doorman though and Mr. Eldridge could have that number if he wanted it. He did.

    Burt hurried along the street, getting hotter by the second. He slipped into the building and told the guard that he needed to work late. The guard recognized him and offered no protest. He got into the elevator and pressed the button for the cellar.

    Getting off, he hurried down the hall and with a trembling hand, opened the door. In his haste, he neglected to lock it again.

    There she was, naked and tormented as he had left her, only now, the blood had dried on her body and had turned a deep wine color. He ripped off his clothes in a flash and seized his fat belt with its brutal, metal buckle.

    Blair got out of the taxi in front of the office and hurried in. The doorman had seen Miss Jones slip into the staircase earlier that evening. No one had seen her emerge. Blair was anxious and rode up to the office. Finding it empty, he returned to the lobby and started talking to the night watchman.

    "No, there's nobody upstairs. She's not there," he said.

    "Well, maybe that other fellow had seen her."

    "What other fellow?"

    "Oh, the one that came before. You know, tall, dark, with curly hair."

    "He was here before?" said Blair, growing suspicious, for he recognized Burt by the description.

    "Yeah. Said he was working late. Only he got in the elevator and went down to the basement. Seems kind of odd when the office is the twentieth floor." Blair wasn't listening any more. He had jumped in the elevator and was on his way down.

    Burt had taken Valerie down completely after hours of binding confinement. Instead, he had tied her to the table, thick ropes cutting into each limb. He was dressed in his leather outfit again and was showering her exposed body with blows from his belt. His other hand rubbed his cock and he was about to shoot his steaming load all over her face, which he had exposed just for that purpose.

    "OK, slave-bitch, here it is! Your master is gonna come all over your face! Get ready for it!!"

    At the moment, the door burst open and Blair rushed in, followed by the night watchman.

    "Oh my God, Valerie!" he screamed and lunged towards the very surprised Burt. "I'll kill you, you bastard, I'll kill you if it's the last thing I ever do!!" shouted Blair and put his hands around Burt's neck. He started shaking him, as if he were trying to kill the man, but suddenly, he realized that he had left Valerie tied to the table.

    Letting go of Burt, he hissed, "Get out of here, you sick, perverted bastard, before I get a knife and cut it off! You'll never get a job in this city, not when I'm through with you!"

    Burt grabbed his things and hastened out of the room. Blair turned to Valerie. He almost threw up from what he saw. The woman was lying spread-eagle on the table, her whole body a mass of oozing cuts and sticky, dry blood. Her face was bruised and her lip had broken and was still oozing fresh blood. Her eyes looked glazed and bleary. He imagined that she was still in shock from the awful rape and beating she had undergone.

    He gathered her in his arms and untied her fetters. Seeing the ripped and tattered clothing, he asked the guard to find him a blanket.

    "Baby, baby, baby," he kept crooning over and over again, into her matted, snarled hair.

    Driving home in the taxi, she slept, with her head on Blair's shoulder. She was weak and dizzy, content to let him take complete control of her. She was adamant about one thing, however. She refused to press charges against him, saying that she simply couldn't bear to go over the whole thing in a court room. Besides, she reasoned, everything, but everything would come out then. The court would have to know why he had been looking for her and the nature of their relationship. She would be humiliated at work. She begged Blair to simply fire Burt and let the whole thing go. He saw her reasoning and finally agreed, but not without telling her that he intended to write some very damaging things on the man's record.

    Back in the apartment, Blair was as tender and solicitous as a father. He bathed her in a hot tub and dressed her wounds. Wrapping her up in a soft white night gown, he carried her over to the bed and tucked her in.

    Too worried to leave her alone, he telephoned his wife to say that he had been suddenly called out of town on business and would be back in a day or two. He crawled into bed next to her and stroked her while she cried.

    "There, there, there, I love you, sweetie," he repeated endlessly. He let her cry, for he knew that she had had a harrowing day. What he didn't know was that she was crying because her master had been taken away from her.


    Two weeks later, Blair and Valerie were lying on a hot Jamaica beach. He was very worried about her mental state and by pulling a few strings, managed to get the necessary time off to take a little vacation.

    As always, he had brought much of his work with him, but he and Valerie had managed to spend some good times together, basking in the shimmering heat and splashing around in the cool, azure water.

    At night, they would take long walks and have dinner out in lovely restaurants that overlooked the water. Sometimes, they went dancing, his arms tight around her, feeling the supple curves of her back and ass.

    At first, she had been reluctant to have sex.

    But gradually, as the wounds healed and her body glowed and gleamed golden from the hot sun, she became less inhibited.

    Their fucking was hot, languorous and slow. They made love, drunk with champagne on the huge, king size bed in their air conditioned room, or in a steamy, hot shower, or once, outside on the beach, late at night when no one was around.

    Blair was an angel. He waited on her hand and foot. He bought her flowers and expensive candies, souvenirs and jewelry. He rubbed her body with oil on the beach and washed it for her when they were alone. He was the perfect lover: attentive, gentle, caring, concerned… then why was she so unhappy?

    The sex between them was good, she wouldn't deny that, but somehow, it lacked some vital thrill, some hidden, unnamable something. She hated to put it into words, even to herself and so she tried not to do it. Sometimes, though, the thought slipped in, uninvited and she had to face it, she liked submission and without it, sex was lacking all of its energy.

    She kept this knowledge from Blair though and tried to act the part of a happy and contented lover. He was fooled and doubly fond and affectionate in return.

    Sometimes, during the day, Blair felt that he had to work. Valerie never complained, in fact, secretly she was glad at the chance to be alone for a little while. She bought a pair of jogging shoes and sweat pants and started running along the shore in the mornings.

    One cool morning, she noticed a lovely woman of about forty or forty five running with a young girl who appeared, to be her daughter. Both were tall and slender and had the same graceful way of moving.

    The older woman had coppery hair, about shoulder length, which she swept off her pretty face as she ran. Her eyes her wide and dark and even the few small wrinkles at their outer corners lent interest to her intelligent face. She was still slim and even through the thick stuff of her sweat pants and sweat shirt, Valerie could see that her legs and ass were firm and her big tits were too.

    The daughter, who looked to be about fifteen, was quite pretty. Her hair was copper, like her mother's, but longer and very wavy and thick. Often, she put it into a thick braid, but one day, after their run, she undid it and let the thick, springy curls float free. She was tanned from the sun and a few freckles were sprinkled across her young face and nose. The eyes were the same shape as her mother's, but they were light, almost golden.

    They seemed to have alot of fun together, talking and laughing as they ran. Valerie was envious of their intimacy and wondered how she might make their acquaintance.

    One morning, when she was alone, Valerie sat in a small cafe and ate scrambled eggs and toast. As she sipped her steaming, rich coffee, she noticed the mother and daughter. She smiled, her white teeth lighting up her lovely face.

    They recognized her and smiled back. Then Valerie said, "Would you care to join me?"

    "Delighted!" answered the woman.

    "My name is Valerie."

    "Cora Hastings and my daughter, Bec."

    "Pleased to meet you."

    "And I'm pleased to meet you! You are the first person that's spoken to us since we've been here!"

    "Have you been here long?"

    "Only about five days. And you?"

    "Oh, about, ten. I'm here with my boyfriend. I had a bit of an accident back home and I needed a rest, so we came down here."

    "What a pity! But you look as if you've healed quite well! In fact, you look quite charming and lovely to me!" she said, laughing. Cora had a faint British accent, which Valerie found very appealing and she blushed at the compliment.

    "Are you here with your husband?"

    "No, I'm divorced."

    "Oh, I'm sorry."

    "Don't be! I am much happier alone with my Becky!" she said and this time they all laughed.

    Since Blair was busy, she spent a good deal of time with Cora and Becky that day. In fact, Blair was so engaged in some project or other, she suggested that the three of them have dinner together and let Blair alone to work. He could just call room service for a bite when he got hungry.

    "Are you sure you don't mind, honey?" he queried.

    "Quite sure. You just stay her. I'll be fine. Cora is such a nice woman."

    "Well, OK. But I'll wait up. Enjoy!"


    "Give me a kiss first!" he pleaded and she did. He thought that she looked especially lovely that night and he told her so. No one would ever guess that a scant two weeks ago, she had been brutally raped and abused. Her long hair was swept up and coiled in a knot on top of her head. She wore cream colored silk skirt and matching silk shirt. The clothes were loose and billowy and seemed to sway from her supple form like the petals of a flower. Her narrow waist was cinched by a shiny black patent leather belt and her shoes, high and sexy, matched the belt. A thing gold chain, gift from him, encircled her slender throat. Her color was rich and deep and she smelled like heaven, wearing the new Halston perfume he had bought for her down here.

    Valerie knew that she looked lovely that night. She read it in the greedy eyes of the men who gazed at her as she walked to the restaurant where Cora and Becky were waiting.

    They had already arrived and found a nice table by a window. She noticed with approval that Cora too looked quite beautiful. Her hair was down and her green crepe de chine dress suited her coloring. It was low cut, to reveal the woman's ample, swelling breasts. Becky wore a simple white cotton dress and her magnificent head of hair shimmered down her back.

    "Hello, darling!" Cora greeted her.


    "Don't be cross, but we've already ordered some wine!"

    "What kind?"

    "A nice rose! Look, here it comes!"

    Valerie sat down at the table as the waiter drew out the cork and poured the rose colored liquid into the delicate, long stemmed goblets.

    "Let's drink a toast!" said Valerie.

    "All right! To good friends!" said Cora and she gave Valerie a look that made her blush as red as the wine.

    Dinner was wonderful. The food was excellent and the conversation even better. The two women found that they had a lot in common and soon moved from general topics of conversation to more intimate, personal ones.

    Over the dessert, Cora noticed that Becky looked a little sleepy. The girl yawned and her eyes teared alot.

    "Let's go back to my hotel room and get her to bed. Then, we can continue our talk," said Cora, as she looked for the waiter to get the check.

    As they walked back in the cool, moonlit evening, Cora tucked her arm into Valerie's. The younger wornan was touched at the display of affection and she hugged Cora's arm a little in return.

    Back at the room, Cora helped undress her sleepy child. Valerie couldn't help noticing how inviting the girl's breasts were. They were pink and tiny, no more than buds, really, waiting for the spring of her womanhood to ripen and blossom.

    Once Cora tucked the sleepy girl in, she settled down on the little sofa and kicked off her shoes.

    "Now, where were we?" she asked. "You were telling me about your marriage."

    "Oh, yes! Well, Reggie and I were married for about five years. That was a long time ago, when I still lived in London. You see, I was so young and innocent, I had no idea of what it meant to be… if I may be frank… sexually fulfilled. Reggie was, to put it bluntly, a bore in bed. Oh, I was silly and very inexperienced too. Girls in those days didn't have much experience. But now, it's so different. Girls are much more… active. I'll bet that a lovely woman like you has had a lot of experience…" she said, touching Valerie's neck lightly as she spoke. Valerie flushed.

    "Yes, well…"

    "For instance, your boyfriend… is good lover?"

    "Blair? Yes, of course!"

    "You say it like you're not too sure."


    "Go on."

    "He's so good to me. Kind. Caring. But he's married," she said, hoping she had hid the real reason for for hesitation from her new friend.


    "And he loves his wife and kids!"

    "Oh! Poor baby!" she said and drew Valerie into her arms to comfort her.

    Valerie didn't know whether it was the wine, or the older woman's touch, but suddenly, she felt hot and aroused.

    "Tell me Valerie, have you ever, in your many experiences, been with… a woman?"

    "No," she answered simply.

    "Oh, my dear, you don't know what you're missing!" and she drew Valerie's mouth so that it was at the same level as her own. Looking deeply into her eyes, she kissed her on the lips.

    Almost involuntarily, Valerie's mouth opened and she was kissing her back. Cora's mouth was sweet and soft, the lips so delicate when compared with this of a man. Their tongues glided through each others mouths, tender and, exploratory.

    Then, Valerie felt Cora's hands reaching down to touch her breasts through the fabric of her dress.

    "Oh!" Cora exclaimed, "They're so big, so full and juicy!" and she started to fondle them with both her slender hands. Valerie's hands moved to Cora's tits and she found herself loving their fullness and plumpness.

    "Let me undress you darling," murmured Cora and pulled away her greedy mouth as she set about pulling off the clothes form the younger woman's body.

    She unzipped the pale skirt and laid it down. Gently, she pulled off the blouse, leaving Valerie in her white panties and white bra. They glowed, luminescent next to her tanned body. Cora's hands reached around to undo the bra, removing it with trembling fingers.

    "OH!" she cried, as she saw them, glowing white against the tanned neck and arms, "Let me kiss them!" and her mouth enveloped the two palpitating mounds, covering them with little fluttery kisses.

    Valerie leaned back to savor this new, exciting sensation, Cora knew all about teasing and tickling, darting and timing. Her tongue painted burning pictures on Valerie's hot lips.

    "And now for your cunny, darling!" she cooed as Valerie lifted herself up and the frothy white panties were slipped off.

    Cora gasped with delight as she took her first look at Valerie's wet spread pussy that was gleaming in the lamp light.

    She bent her face down and licked it, as a cat might lick cream. Valerie shuddered and sighed. Then, Cora started to lick her all over, traveling up her rib cage and torso, stopping at her tits, nibbling her neck and collar bone, biting at the inside of her soft thighs.

    Valerie squirmed and wiggled with enjoyment. Finally, Cora stepped away from her, saying, "And now, you must see me, my dove!"

    Valerie watched, as Cora stepped out of her green dress and stood with her big tits heaving, her shapely ass outlined by her sexy black slip. She peeled of the bra first, revealing a pair of huge tits, with hard brown nipples that Valerie longed to chew. Then, she pulled off her slip. She was naked underneath and Valerie grew hot looking at her smooth belly, with the faintest hint of a curve and her bushy, auburn muff.

    Cora gently got on top of Valerie and their arms went around each other, delighting in caressing the other's soft skin and silky hair. Cora pulled out the pins from Valerie's chignon and her sun lightened hair came spilling down, all over the crimson sofa.

    Cora ran her hands through it, as if she might never get enough of its long, luxuriant beauty. Her mouth covered Valerie with kisses, her hands knew how to explore and tease.

    Valerie longed to have a taste of the older woman's body. She pushed Cora off of her, saying, "Let me do you. But I'm not sure about how to start."

    "Just do whatever you like," and Cora stretched out on the sofa, one leg on the floor, the other around the back of the couch.

    Valerie looked first. She was so beautiful, with her spread wet pussy and her ample tits. Her thighs were lean and lithe and her hair glowed in the soft light. Valerie leaned down, using her long hair to brush Cora's breasts and stomach. She rubbed her whole face in the other woman's body, sniffing at the open, parted pussy.

    She had never tasted another woman there before and the aroma was intoxicating. Rich, fertile, warm, she thought that Cora smelled like the fresh earth, or a tropical sea after a storm.

    She tasted even better than she smelled, a thick, warm taste, better than vanilla, or the sweet juice of roast chickens. Cora was moaning now, the little gasps escaping from her throat, her body twitching.

    Valerie slid her tongue in and began to lap gently at first, then gradually growing more daring. She discovered the petal like cunt lips and the hard knob of the clitoris. Even the little dot of the anus pleased her eager tongue and she poked her tongue into it from time to time, sending ripples of pleasure through Cora.

    As she sucked, her hands moved around, to caress Cora's legs, firm and long, or her belly and tits. Cora moved her hands down to Valerie's hair and pulled and stroked the shining mane.

    As her pleasure increased, her moans grew louder. Cora's breath was raspy and hoarse as the younger woman brought her closer and closer to ecstasy.

    Valerie began to use her teeth now, discovering with glee how the little ridges could make Cora pant and say, "More, more, more!" In a frenzy, she bit and chewed and Cora arched her back, offering her climax up to the heavens above, yelling.

    At that moment, as Cora lay quivering with Valerie's head still between her legs, Becky walked into the room.

    Valerie was very upset and choked and stammered, searching for something appropriate to say. Cora, though, did not seem upset. Nor, she noticed did Becky. In fact, to Valerie's great surprise, the girl pulled off her night gown and walked over to where the two women were entwined.

    Valerie's eyes devoured the young girl's lovely body. The budding breasts sat on a white, slender torso. Her hips were as narrow as a boy's and only a faint covering of downy fuzz could be seen on her mound.

    She sat down on the couch and reached over to touch her mother. Valerie's eyes opened in shock as Becky began to caress her mother's big tits, her childish little hands tracing circles over the surface.

    "No, darling. Do Valerie. She hasn't come yet," said Cora.

    Becky turned to Valerie and wrapped her arms around her body. Valerie was amazed at the skill of the girl's tongue as it darted back and forth in her, own mouth. Becky rubbed her tits, watching the nipples stiffen at her touch.

    Then, pushing Valerie down so that she faced the opposite direction, her feet meeting with Cora's somewhere in the center of the couch, she started kissing Valerie's hungry body.

    As that young tongue trailed over Valerie's boobs, Valerie reached up to touch Becky's tiny, pliant tits. They were soft as velvet to the touch, their nipples no more than grains of sand in Valerie's palms.

    Becky moved her mouth down to Valerie's cunt and started sucking the pink lips and red clit. God, but she was talented! Valerie wondered how long she had been eating her mother's pussy.

    Cora just leaned back, stroking her still wet pussy with an idle hand as she watched the scene before her. She had a good view of Becky's ass as she ate Valerie and Cora enjoyed the trim, boyish buns wiggling away.

    Valerie's own breath came shallower and hoarser as her agitation grew. She was pulling Becky's tits hard, rubbing their nipples as the girl's expert mouth was drawing her towards the brink of ecstasy. Harder and harder she pulled, harder and harder Becky sucked and licked.

    Cora leaned over and started to kiss Becky. First, the delicate small of her back, then the ass itself and finally, her tongue moved down to her daughter's pink rosebud of an asshole.

    As Becky ate Valerie, Cora ate that lovely hole, driving her tongue tenderly in, watching the cheeks writhe in agitated response. A fine film of sweat appeared on Becky's brow and her own young pit grew damp. She kept on eating Valerie, though, now driving her long, agile tongue deep into the pink vagina.

    Valerie howled and moaned and spread her legs as the orgasm clutched her body. "Oh God, yes, yes YES!!!" she screamed and then she collapsed. Becky drew her wet, dripping face away from Valerie's twat and turned around to plant a deep kiss on her mother's lips.

    Cora drew her into her arms and when Valerie was able to raise her head again, she saw mother and daughter, lying with their arms wrapped about one another, their hands fondling the other's tits.

    "That was lovely, darling," crooned Cora. "Look at how excited Valerie was!"

    "Yes, that was divine!" said Valerie and reached over to kiss Becky on the lips. The girl was wet with her and she tasted the strong scent of her own juices in Becky's young mouth.

    "Of course, Becky hasn't come yet. We can't let her go back to sleep until she's come, can we now?" said Cora, smiling, as she pushed the girl off of her.

    "Here darling," she continued. "Get down on all fours. Like a doggie. That's it. Now stick your little bum up in the air for Mommy to see. Good!" and Cora began to fondle the girl's wet hole again.

    Valerie slid underneath her and with her hands, she parted the sparse hair of the pussy mound. She had no trouble finding the electric little clit and while she spread the lips with one hand, her tickled the clit with the other.

    Becky's head rolled around and her long hair spilled down like a thick, auburn curtain. Then, Valerie slipped her tongue between the delicate little petals, noting how different the taste was from Cora. Cora's cunt had a full bodied aroma, like simmering stew, or a rose in full bloom on a hot June day. Becky's cunt had all the newness of the first crocuses in spring, or the delicacy of lemon ices.

    She nibbled and bit, repeating the lessons she had learned at Cora's cunt only a few brief hours ago.

    The girl's passion was mounting. With one tongue in her asshole and the other in her cunt, between the lips, she shivered with spasms of uncontrolled delight.

    Cora's hands touched her thighs and back, with its delicate spine and Valerie held on tightly to the pointed, firm tits within her grasp. Soon, she was convulsed with shuddering and she came, leaving her sticky, pure juice all over Valerie's face.

    Valerie couldn't bear to go home that night, so they all climbed into the big bed after she had phoned Blair. He was a little cross, but Valerie was very sweet and said she was absolutely exhausted and that she would be home first thing in the morning. Finally, he agreed and hung up.

    They called room service and ordered pastries and sweet sherry. They spent the next couple of hours like three children, talking, laughing, eating. Becky drank wine from Cora's mouth and then from Valerie's. They anointed their nipples with wine and took turns cleaning each other off. Finally, drunk and sleepy, they curled up and went to sleep.

    Sometime in the early dawn, Valerie awoke to find herself spread eagle and tied to the four-poster bed. It was not the same kind of violent experience she had had with the stranger that night, or with Burt. Instead, it was something loving, gentle, playful. Her arms and legs had been securely fastened by Cora's bright silk scarves and although they were not binding or painful, she was unable to struggle free of them.

    "Stop wiggling, darling, it's no use!" said Cora, unable to stop laughing. Something was tickling her foot and she squirmed, trying to get free. It was only when she tried to look down that she discovered her eyes had been covered by one of the big, billowing scarves.

    The tickling continued and so did the laughter. She couldn't figure out what they were using, but it was maddening. Then, it started moving up her leg, in the direction of her spread cunt.

    "No, no no!" she shrieked, a little giggling creeping into her voice too. But Cora and Becky were not to be put off. The strange tickle kept on moving, tracing its sinuous path up her inner thigh and finally ending at her cunt.

    She realized that it was a long feather and she laughed out loud. It was so much more delicate than either tongue or finger and it made her squirm with delight.

    Valerie recognized Cora's hands, long and smooth on her body, so she knew that the artful tickler must be Becky.

    "Stop it! Stop it!" she yelled, but the girl only laughed again and kept on with her mad tickling.

    Soon, Valerie's protests subsides, as the long probing feather made her cunt hot and juicy. Now, she writhed, trying to bring her cunt closer to it, closer to that ever so irritating but oh so enjoyable instrument of pleasure. Becky rubbed the end of the feather back and forth very quickly, against the clit and Valerie began to whine, "Oh, oh, please put an end to this! Eat me! Do anything! Anything!"

    Finally, out of pity, Becky knelt down between Valerie's legs and stuck her sweet face into that steamy cunt. Two licks and it was over; Valerie had spent her aching passion in a glorious climax and her cries set all of the birds outside singing and twittering in response.

    After she had calmed down somewhat, they untied her.

    "Sorry for all the teasing, darling!" said Cora merrily. Valerie just hugged her new friends in return.

    "Oh, that's OK!" she said lovingly.

    They all took a hot, slippery bubble bath together, splashing and fooling around with the same high spirits of the night before. Then, Valerie got dressed and with fond farewells and exchanging of addresses, the three parted, all with the highest hopes that they would meet again very soon.

    As she walked away, Valerie could still feel her cunt twitching in the after-glow of their sex play.

    She could hardly wait to get together again.


    Blair and Valerie went back to New York the next day. Blair was pleased to see that she was in a good mood and she didn't seem seriously upset by her bizarre experience of a few weeks ago. He insisted, however, that she take time off. She fixed her hair, had her nails done and even had a pedicure. She slept peacefully and well.

    When she returned to the office, everyone commented on how well she looked. It seemed to her that they all knew she had been away with Blair, but it didn't matter to her any more. She went about her work serenely and ignored all of the gossip and the rumors.

    Blair put Valerie in charge of hiring someone to replace Burt. There were several applicants for the position and it took her a couple of days to see them all. She was trying to decide between two different and equally qualified women, when someone gave her the message that there was another person who wanted to see her about the job.

    "Tell her that the interviews are over," said Valerie.

    "It's a him and he's very insistent. He says that you ran the ad in the paper today and he demands that you see him," was the reply.

    "Oh, all right. Send him in."

    Moments later, a tall very handsome man dressed in a light weight summer suit appeared at the door. He had clear skin and ruddy cheeks. His hair was black and curling and his eyes were thickly lashed and green. He had the look of some Greek statue come to life. Valerie felt her blood tinge just seeing him. To compensate for her feelings, she adopted her most icy, professional tone.


    "I want to apply for the job that you had advertised in the Times today. I have three years of experience in a legal firm. I'm fast, efficient and very, very smart. I'm only doing this to help me get through law school."

    'What a bastard!' thought Valerie. She said, "I'm sorry, but I've already selected the two final people whom I'm considering for this position. If you like, you can leave your resume and we'll call you if anything opens up."

    "Are the other people as well qualified as I am?"

    "I don't think that is any of your business."

    "Are they in law school? Do they read and write three languages fluently?"

    "I am under no obligation to answer to you, Mr…" she broke off.

    "Mr. Stone. Hank Stone."

    "Well, Mr. Stone, I'm very busy today and I really have no time…"

    "Miss Jones, why don't you want to hire me? You know perfectly well that I'm better suited to the job than any of the morons who usually apply for these low paying positions."

    Valerie had to stop a moment and think. He was actually right. The other two women were not as well qualified as he was and although he was rather pushy and aggressive, he did seem very bright.

    "Let me see your resume, please," she said.

    Then, he smiled, a very sexy, charming smile. Valerie flushed, hating herself for it. She would not smile back, but looked at the sheets of paper that he had given her. 'Hmmmm,' she thought, 'he's been Dartmouth, graduated with honors… good jobs…'

    She turned back to him and said, "OK, Mr. Stone, you win. The job is yours."

    "Thanks. Thanks a lot. You won't be sorry."

    "I hope not."

    "You won't," and he gave her a long look, filled with meaning.

    Valerie was puzzled by the interview. He seemed to have some strange, mysterious power over her that she couldn't quite fathom. What was it?

    Certainly, it was not sexual. He hadn't even looked once at her long, gorgeous legs, still deeply tanned, or the cleavage that was exposed by her low cut, bright yellow linen blouse. No, he didn't even seem aware of the fact that she was a woman. But she was aware of the fact that he was a man. She had noticed his strong, thick fingers and listened with pleasure to his deep, richly masculine voice. His thick, black brows and perfect, Roman nose gave his face an icy, classical beauty.

    Blair was very pleased with her choice and told her so. Hank Stone seemed to be unusually bright and quick, he had said. He knew that he could trust her.

    After a few days in the office, Valerie had to admit to herself that she really had done the right thing in hiring the arrogant man to work there. He was prompt, quick with his work and even found time to help other people out. His manner, if distant, was pleasant and everyone seemed to like having him around. The other women in the office, Valerie had noted, were all struck by his extraordinary good looks.

    One day, in the ladies room, she overheard a conversation about him.

    "… those eyes!" the first woman was saying.

    "Oh yeah! So sexy!" her companion replied.

    "Is he seeing anyone?"

    "I wish I knew! But it's hard to get a response from him. He's so evasive. I saw this picture on his desk of a gorgeous woman, long black hair, looked like a model or an actress. So I asked him if it was someone he was close to."


    "He said yes, someone he was very close to."

    "So? Then what?"

    "I asked if it was his wife."

    "And what did he say?"

    "He burst out laughing and he said that it was his sister! I didn't really know what to think of it!"

    "He's an enigma, that one!"

    "Sure is, but those kind are always the most fun, don't you think?"

    "They sure are!" and the two women laughed as they left the room.

    Valerie started wondering about him. True, he was very handsome. But also true that he was very aloof. Even though she had gotten him his job, he almost never spoke to her and when he did, it was only to answer a question that she had asked. Nor did he seem to take any notice of her own striking beauty, a fact which annoyed her to no end. Valerie, like most insecure women, was very vain and wanted constant confirmation of her good looks from the world.

    A few times, she tried to speak to him in a way that was ever so slightly seductive, just to see if she could get a response. She couldn't. He answered all of her questions in a dull, flat tone of voice, never offering any more information than that specifically required of him. Her annoyance grew into a positive dislike and she fantasized about revenge.

    The fantasies occupied her more and more. She was restless in the office and out of it too. Blair no longer excited her the way he had. She still cared for him, because he had been so good to her, but often when they fucked, she was forced to feign a passion that she didn't really feel for him. It was just too… gentle.

    Once or twice, when they had been lying together after sex, she urged him to confess his fantasies to her. In that way, she thought that she might be able to tell him what she wanted. "Blair darling…" she began.

    "Yes, love?"

    "Do you ever, I mean, is there ever anything you ever think about when we're in bed together?"

    "You bet!"

    "Like what?" she asked eagerly.

    "Oh, like what a sexy, hot cunt you are! About how I love to eat your sweet pussy and to fuck you until you moan and sigh. About your great, big, lovely tits."

    She had kissed him then and reached under the covers to grab at his ever hard cock, but she was unhappy. She felt that she could never tell him what she wanted, not ever.

    One evening, when she was very horny and restless, she decided to call the blonde cowboy she had met and who had really begun her initiation into pain. Slowly going over to the dresser drawer, she pulled out the piece of paper and unfolded it. It was very wrinkled, but she could still make out the number that was printed in bold, black digits.

    Walking to the phone, her hand shook slightly, but she ignored it. She dialed the number and listened to the ring. Then, there was a clicking noise. "Hello?" she said, her voice barely audible.

    "I'm sorry. The number you have reached had been disconnected. Please hang up…" Valerie put the phone down and swore aloud. No name, nothing! She had lost him!

    She thought of Burt and the cruel sweet punishment he had inflicted upon her that night in the cellar. It was risky, but she thought it was worth it. She looked up his name in the telephone book and put a small circle around it. Going over to the phone, she dialed the number. It rang once, twice, three times and then someone answered it.

    "Hello, may I please speak to Burt please?"

    "I'm sorry, but he's not here."

    "Oh. Well, when will he be back?"

    "I'm not sure he will."


    "He left town rather suddenly a few weeks ago. Took a lot of his stuff and wouldn't say where he was. Left no forwarding address either. Said to just send everything to his folks. Sorry I can't be more helpful than that."

    "Oh, oh that's OK."

    "Is there a message of any kind? I can tell his folks for you it's very important."

    "NO, no, that's all right," she said and put down the phone.

    Valerie prowled around the house, looking for something to do. Even Blair was out of the question, for he was spending the evening with his family tonight and there was no chance that he might come over later.

    She put on the radio, but the sultry voice that came out of it only made her more horny. She switched it off. She went into the kitchen, but food would not satisfy her craving tonight. She knew what she needed…

    Maybe a shower or bath would help calm her nerves. Stripping off her clothing, she marched resolutely into the bathroom. The stinging hot needles of water drummed her neck and back, causing a slow warmth to spread through her body. She turned around and let the hot, pulsating flow beat down on her tits. The nipples grew stiff and hard, as if responding to a lover's touch.

    She took the soap and worked up a good, stiff lather all over her body. The white lather stood up in peaks, like a beaten egg all over her body. She rubbed her breasts and shoulders, relaxing from the warm pressure of her own hands.

    She moved the soap slowly down to her stomach, still continuing her slow, kneading motion. She rubbed the soap lovingly, as if it were a big, stiff dick that was about to enter her.

    She moaned softly as she brought the soap down the slippery surface of her belly. With one hand, she reached down and opened the petals of her cunt very wide. With the other, she ran the soap over the stiff button of her clit that grew harder with the attention that she gave it.

    Slowly, enjoying the sensations that flooded through her, she rubbed the hot, throbbing clit with a gentle, circular motion. The hot water of the shower pounded down around her, filling the room with fragrant clouds of steam.

    She put an arm against the tile wall to brace herself as she rubbed harder now, thrusting the white bar faster and faster, against the whole swollen area.

    She could feel her cunt lips open and the muscles in her body begin to expand and contract in anticipation of a dick. Without really thinking, she slipped it down to the entrance to her tight, wet cunt.

    It slid in easily, causing her to suck in her breath loudly. The combination of the hot water and her already excited, damp passage made it easy and soon the fat white bar was thrusting in and out of her.

    She loved the feeling and the steamy room made her a little dizzy, adding to the pleasure. Over and over again, she rammed the soap into her throbbing pussy, feeling her body grip it lovingly like a dick.

    Carefully, she reached up and adjusted the shower head so that the streams of water hit her directly on the nipples. Arching her back, she let the needles caress her tits while the soap was causing her cunt to writhe with pleasure. Harder and harder she thrust and soon, the climax washed over her, warmer than the water of the shower. She groaned and bent over to keep from falling as her body writhed in the throes of orgasm.

    After her shaking subsided, she adjusted the water so that it was cooler and rinsed herself off. After scrubbing her hair with strawberry shampoo, she stepped out of the shower, feeling much better.

    She dried herself off with a big, fluffy towel and very carefully surveyed her body in the mirror. The wounds were now gone and only someone looking at her in bright, white light would be able to see them.

    She dressed with her usual care, selecting a pair of skin tight French jeans from the drawer. With the high heeled red sandals, her legs looked endless and flawlessly beautiful. The pants hugged her body, gliding over the smooth ass and outlining the lips of her cunt. She then pulled on a tight sky blue tee shirt, which made her tits pop out. She combed her hair and wore it free. Hurriedly applying her make-up, she was ready and slammed the door behind her.

    She knew that the Upper East Side was filled with singles bars and that all along Second, Third and Lexington Avenues, groups of young people thronged the streets, looking for a mate for the night. Tonight, she would join them.

    The bus ride was pleasant and she was there quickly. Even as she climbed off the bus, a nice looking young guy stared openly at the tight shirt and her jutting tits. It was a good omen.

    She walked slowly, taking her time and found a nice bar that was crowded but not mobbed. Before she had even seated herself at the bar, someone had walked over to her and was offering to buy her a drink. She accepted and joined him at the bar.

    "I'm Pete," he said, offering his hand.


    "Pretty name."


    "For a pretty woman!"

    "Thank you!" she said, with a laugh. Pete turned out to be a photographer, whose work often appeared in popular magazines. Valerie liked him and could tell that he liked her too, for his dark eyes looked long and hard at her body.

    She kept looking at him, too. He was attractive, with his shiny brown hair and closely cropped brown beard. His chest was muscular and broad and the top buttons of his shirt were undone, so that she could see the thick, curly hair that covered it.

    They ordered a second round of drinks. Valerie had not bothered with dinner and so the liquor affected her almost at once. She felt the familiar warmth spreading.

    Two drinks soon became three and three turned quickly into four. Valerie had been drinking vodka and by now, her head was reeling. She and Pete, were hitting it off very well. His arm had slipped around her shoulder and she offered no resistance as he squeezed. She could seem him looking at her tits with naked lust, as if he wanted to take a bite out of them right there.

    She laughed very hard at something he said and pushed up against him. The contact of her fits against his chest was electrifying for both of them. She felt her own body heat and saw that his cock was rigid in his pants.

    "Let's go back to my place," he urged.

    "OK. Is it far?"

    "No, not very."

    "Can we walk?" she asked, for she was feeling very hot and hoped they could get there quickly.

    "We'll take a cab."

    "Good. And will we be alone?"

    "Sure thing, baby. I've got a room-mate, but he never bothers me!" and he paid the check and helped her out in the glowing August night.

    He hailed a taxi with ease and once he had given the driver his address, he concentrated his full attention on Valerie.

    His hands found her boobs and pinched them through the thin stuff of her cotton clothes.

    "MMMmm baby, I've been waiting to do that since I set eyes on you!"

    "Do it more. Harder."

    "Like this?"

    "Yeah, oh yeah." He rubbed her tits furiously, not caring that the taxi driver's eyes were wide with surprise as he watched their embrace in the rear-view mirror. His own dick grew hard as he watched Valerie slip her hand down to Pete's inner thigh and grab his cock.

    The taxi driver came to an abrupt stop when he saw Pete's hand slide up the woman's body, underneath the tee shirt. He decided to keep his eyes on the road, or they would all get killed. 'Of course,' he thought, 'it's not a bad way to go!'

    Pulling up in front of Pete's apartment, he cleared his throat several times to get their attention. They were so engrossed in each other that it didn't work. Finally, he said loudly, "Hey folks! We're here!!"

    Pete handed him a five dollar bill for a two fifty fare and waved to him, indicating that he should keep the change. "Thanks buddy!" said the driver, "And enjoy it!"

    Pete and Valerie were so hot that they could hardly stand to be unglued even for a moment. His hands raced over her trembling form, pulling her tighter and tighter. He caressed her ass on the way up in the elevator, as he kissed her and fumbled for his keys.

    At the door, she whispered, "Hurry, hurry!" and he achingly fumbled around in the unlit area. Finally, the door opened and they almost fell into the apartment for their passion.

    Pete didn't even bother to put on a light, so he didn't notice the body on the floor.

    "Hey, what the…" he cried, as he stubbed his foot. Meanwhile, another voice said, "Be careful, would you?"

    Pete flipped on the light and gaped in surprise. His room mate had neglected to tell him that he planned an orgy that night! People of every size, shape, color and description were draped over the sofas, or lying on the floor.

    Everyone groaned when the light was turned on and someone said, "Shut it off!" and the whole place seconded the motion.

    Pete looked at Valerie, trying to gauge her reactions. Her saw the lust dancing in her eyes as they traveled over the room full of naked, fucking people. She looked over at him and, started to smile. Her hand reached down and pulled off her tight clothes, starting with the tee shirt.

    The room cheered as her big, swinging globes came into view. "Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!" she said with a laugh and Pete thought it sounded like a fine idea.

    He switched off the light and moved over to Valerie quickly. Their eyes became accustomed to the darkness and soon, they had no trouble seeing each other's flesh.

    He pulled off his own clothes in a hurry and then leaned over to help her with the tight jeans. To his delight, she wore no underpants and his hands quickly found their home in her steamy blonde cunt.

    She moaned as he caressed her, feeling so hot that she thought she might burst if she didn't come soon.

    His hands grabbed her tits and the feeling was so good that she didn't even notice that the guy standing next to her was now running his hands all over the alabaster flesh of her ass.

    The two men caressed her and Valerie relaxed, letting the pleasure overwhelm her completely. Pete swept her up in his arms and found an empty spot on the soft, furry rug.

    Both men knelt before her. Pete leaned over and started sucking on her fits with bruising kisses, while the other man moved his face to her pussy.

    She gasped as she felt his tongue slithering through the soaking blonde hairs and sliding deeply inside of her.

    His tongue was working as if it were a dick, thrusting into her, only stopping to lick the lips, or the hard knot of her clit. Valerie had opened her legs and arms wide, to allow the men to pleasure her, fondle her.

    Suddenly, she was aware that someone, some unknown third person had shoved his cock into her outstretched palm. She began to rub it, slowly at first and then harder. It had already been in someone's cunt or mouth, for it was slick and wet and she had no trouble rubbing it to a steel hard erection.

    She tried to grasp the balls occasionally too, stroking them, in their furry little patch of pubic hair. The man attached to the cock was gasping with delight and soon, he filled her palm with his hot, sticky come. She felt something wet and probing around her hand and realized that he was licking her clean.

    She had to giggle from the tickling ripples that his tongue caused, but the furious mouth at her gushing hole soon made her laughter stop and her screams begin.

    Pete moved up to her face and continued plucking at her nipples with his hands while the other man sucked until she was in a frenzy of lust. Thrashing about with mad abandon, she came, her screams piercing the hot room.

    When she was able to open her eyes again, Pete was pulling her arm, helping her to her knees. "That was great sugar, just great. Now it's our turn!" he said as he positioned her on all fours.

    He slid underneath her and offered her his big, wagging dick to play with. She rubbed with her hands first and then leaned over to give the pulsing head a wet kiss. Pete leaned back and said, "Sit on it! Sit on my dick!" Valerie. Put both legs over him and settled down on top of him. She moved slowly, but he grabbed her and shoved her down hard. The hot cock burned for a fraction of a second and then her whole body cried out with the pleasure he was giving her.

    Sitting astride him, she was able to grind her still swollen clit against his body and bring herself to the point of orgasm once again.

    As she rubbed and thrust, Pete just relaxed, enjoying the feeling of being passive and doing nothing as this beautiful woman rode his stiff dick. From time to time, he brought his lips up to suck on her nipples, which she loved.

    His friend, Bob however, was anxious to get his own twitching dick into this hot piece. He gently guided her body, so that soon, she was no longer sitting but instead lying atop Pete, their cock and cunt still joined in their blissful union. He parted Valerie's ass and as she fucked Pete, Bob slid his tongue up and down her tanned back, finally driving it straight between the cheeks of her ass.

    She wiggled, to signify her pleasure and soon, he was licking her ass hole with unrestrained passion. He drove his tongue deep into her and pulled it out again. Meanwhile, his hand was toying with his hot rod, bringing to its full eight inches.

    When Valerie's ass was juicy and dripping, he put the tip of his penis against it and started to push. She loved it and tried to stick her ass further up towards him to accommodate the stiff appendage. In a short while, his big dick was sliding in easily and although he was gentle at first, he soon grew bolder and started pounding in and out with quick, furious strokes.

    He gripped Valerie's shoulders and pinned her arms back, which made her struggle a little against the vise like grasp. This left her tits jutting almost straight out, begging to be bitten and gobbled by Pete's hungry mouth that drew them in.

    Valerie was shaking and gasping all at once, delighting in the mad feelings.

    She moved madly, passionately, trying to get the two tat cocks further inside of her.

    Bob was pulling Valerie's slim arms very tightly behind her now and pulling on her long strands of hair with his other hand.

    She was busy riding Pete's dick, digging her thighs into his ribs, trying to get ever closer. She pushed herself almost flat against him, needing only a few last rubs to cause her shattering orgasm to come. As she did so, Bob had been bucking and snorting behind and now emptied his hot seed into her quivering ass, so that they both came at the same moment, their cries of passion causing some of the others to look over in their direction. Valerie's spasms caused Pete to come too and his come rose like a waterfall, shooting up and spraying the inner walls of Valerie's cunt with his thick, hot juices.

    They remained all tangled up together, panting heavily. Bob removed his dick form her ass and then Valerie was able to roll over and stretch out her sore limbs.

    She felt someone push her and realized that she was being handed a joint. Raising it to her parched lips, she inhaled deeply and passed it on to Bob. It came around again and then again and still again.

    She was already drunk and now the combination of the grass and the vodka made her head reel. She started to see things and got very, very thirsty.

    She stumbled into the kitchen and poured herself a tall, cold glass of water. As she stood there drinking it, she began to see things.

    Two people in the living room were fucking on the couch. Instead of seeing the arms of the woman though, they became transformed into the wings, snowy and soft, of a great bird, or perhaps an angel.

    She drew closer, for another look. As she did, she knocked into someone or something. Spilling the water, she reached out to steady herself. She couldn't quite make out what she had knocked into. It seemed soft and she thought that it might be a bunny. A giant bunny. The Easter Bunny. She giggled and leaned over to touch it. It was soft and furry and she continued stroking it.

    Then, she realized that it was not the Easter Bunny after all, but a short, curly haired woman. The woman just smiled and said nothing as Valerie petted her. At first, Valerie's foggy brain thought that the woman was made of chocolate and wanted a taste. She leaned over and sucked on her neck.

    The woman did not taste like chocolate, but her skin was faintly salty and good. Valerie realized that she was black. A black woman, not a chocolate one. But she tasted nice and Valerie kept licking her neck and began to feel her ripe brown tits.

    They were still standing in the door way and the kitchen light was on, so several people, too drunk or high to fuck, watched with interest. Valerie's mouth had now moved down to the black woman's tits and were sucking them like candy.

    The black woman reached up to cup Valerie's boobs, her hands dark and maple wood against Valerie's snowy flesh. Their arms reached up and they fell into one another's embrace.

    The party was very excited now, cheering as the black woman's hands went down to the golden pussy. They stroked and probed, with the gentle, sure quality of a woman's touch. Her ebony fingers found their way inside the other woman's hole and she slid two of them in with ease.

    Valerie moaned and sat down on the floor, her legs spread. Everyone urged them on. "Come on baby, suck that white pussy!" someone shouted and they all laughed. The black woman was only too happy to comply. She got down so that her mouth was inches from Valerie's hot pussy and then her tongue lashed out, flicking Valerie's clit with careful sure strokes as the excited crowd watched.

    Her pussy, with it soft, springy black hairs, was right in front of Valerie. Gathering the plump brown ass and thighs in her hands, she spread the pussy open and stuck her face right in it. The other woman's gasps were hidden by Valerie's own golden muff, where she had her sensuous lips glued.

    Their tongues were mad and frenzied, lashing and darting with lightening speed. Valerie took the rhythm from the black woman and as her orgasm approached, the crowd was still yelling.

    The hot, pink tongue and full lips that surrounded her cunt lips and clit were driving Valerie crazy. Every now and then, the woman would blow her hot breath on the swollen area to dry it off and then her mouth would bear down again, making the blood rush singing to Valerie's brain.

    The black woman, sensing that Valerie's orgasm was near, slipped her fingers deep into Valerie's pit, giving the muscles something to clamp on as the spasms started, grew and broke, like glistening waves, all over. Moving her face from the black patch for a moment, she uttered a long scream and the crowd broke into furious applause.

    They were still clapping as she returned her lips to the chocolate and coral pussy and drew the clit between her teeth and they continued to clap as the black woman shrieked her pleasure, her orgasm a series of clear, piercing cries.

    Then blackness over took Valerie's drugged mind and she settled into a long, restful sleep, from which she did not wake until late the next day. When she finally did rise, she was lying in bed, alone. She turned over to see a huge bunch of flowers in a large crystal vase beside her. One dozen yellow roses smiled happily at her sleepy face and she pulled herself up to read the note that was propped up against the vase.

    Tearing it open, she read: "You were wonderful! Had an assignment in Central Park this morning and couldn't bear to wake you. If you need to go before I get back, leave me your number. Love, Pete."


    Monday morning at work, Valerie glowed with the happy serenity of one well satisfied. Her well-being spilled over for the next few days, but soon, little things began to irritate her and she was restless and agitated once again.

    For one thing, Hank Stone was a constant annoyance. He was always cold, always aloof, although she could see that he had warmed up a little to another woman in the office. It bothered her even more because the woman, Julie, was not especially pretty. Thin and dark, she had a rather pallid race and no tits to speak of. Valerie was furious, especially when she overheard Hank telling some other man in the office how he thought Julie was very smart and was urging her to apply to law school.

    One night, Valerie arranged things so that she and Hank would have to work late. She also arranged it so that they would be alone at the office. She had every intention of getting some kind of reaction from this guy.

    After everyone had left, she called him to her desk and she waited until he had gotten a chair. As they talked, he kept get whiffs of his intoxicating, male odor. It was driving her nuts.

    She went over to a filing cabinet to get something and when she sat down again, she crossed her legs so that her skirt rode up and her legs were revealed. He didn't even look once, the bastard!

    Next, she tried leaning over, so that her boobs swung before him, showing off the ample cleavage. He didn't bat an eyelash. Valerie was so angry she could spit. She remained bent over like that for a long moment, waiting for him to look up. He seemed, to know what she was doing and refused to give in. His eyes never once so much as glanced at her proffered breasts.

    Finally, she sat down again. She was fuming. They kept working for while and then she got up again.

    She didn't quite know why she rose, but she was restless and needed to move about for a minute. She crossed the room and looked out at the busy street in the growing dusk. From here, New York was safe, a glittering array of lights and stars. She turned back to Hank. His eyes were still on the work in front of him.

    Walking back to the desk, she very carefully and deliberately came and stood beside him. She let her thigh rest up against the hard square of his shoulder for a few seconds, sure that he could smell the aroma from her pussy, which was dangerously near his face.

    Not looking at her, he moved his shoulder away and continued to write. In a rage, she snatched the pen from his hand and grabbed the thick, strong wrist. "What's wrong with you? Why are you teasing me, you bastard? Why won't you look at me? Look at me! I said, LOOK AT ME!!!" she screamed.

    "Why Miss Jones! You're raising your voice!" he said, calm and mocking.

    "You're damn right! I'm sick of you! So aloof, so snotty! Who do you think you are?"

    "And I could ask the very same of you, you narcissistic bitch! You think that because you show me your tits or your legs that I'm supposed to come running like a dog with its tail wagging! Yeah, don't think that I don't see you, you brazen little Jezebel, you! I've watched you strut and preen! Well, that wimp Eldridge might take that shit, but not me! I won't put up with that nonsense from anyone and certainly not from a little empty headed ninny like you! You're so stupid that I'll bet you can barely read! You work here because of your tits and ass bitch and when they go, so will you!"

    Valerie was so stunned she could hardly speak. When she did, it was no more than a whisper.

    "Why do you hate me so much?" she said, her lips trembling.

    "I don't! I've simply told you what I think, which is something I should have done ages ago and you would have stopped pawing me. Now look, let's get to work, or I'm going home!"

    Valerie struggled to control the tears. She had never been so humiliated in her whole life, not ever! She knew that she could tell Blair he had insulted her and get the bastard fired, but somehow, even that would not erase her stinging shame. No, it had to be something else.

    Sitting down again and wiping her eyes hastily, she said, "Well, Mr. Stone, thank you for your candid opinion of me and my qualifications. Now, I think we should finish this project…"

    After they were through, he bade her a curt good-night and quickly left. Alone at last, she indulged in the luxury of hot, scalding tears that rained down over her pretty face. No one had ever said such things to her, no one! She cried and cried, burying her head in her arms and feeling the shame wash over her again and again.

    When she had calmed down enough to go out into the street, she stopped by a phone booth. Knowing that she was a fool, she looked up "Hank Stone" in the telephone book that was underneath the telephone.

    She dialed the number and listened to the melancholy ring, five, six, seven times. She guessed that he wasn't in and was about to hang up when she heard the small, "Hello?" from the other end of the wire.

    "Hank? It's Valerie. Valerie Jones."

    "I was expecting you to call."

    "You were?"

    "Yes. After you finished crying, you call. Your kind always do."

    "How did you know that I was crying?"

    "I just knew."

    "Hank, I'm sorry."

    "For what?"

    "Oh… I don't know… couldn't we make it up somehow?"


    "We could have a drink together maybe. I'd buy it."



    "What about Eldridge?"

    "What about him?"

    "Aren't you seeing him tonight?"


    "Why not?"

    "I'd rather see you."

    "Come on, the whole thing."

    "I want to see you more than I want to see Blair."

    "More than anyone?" he prompted.

    "I want to see you more than anyone."

    "That's good. Come over."


    "Where do you live?"

    "Look it up, cunt and hurry!" he said and hung up.

    She did as he told her and hailed a taxi up to the East Eightieth Street address that she found. She rang the bell and waited. No answer. Could the bastard have gone out? She rang again. Still no answer. She grew upset and furious. Why had he done this? He invited her over and ten minutes later, he's out the door. She rang a third time. This time, he buzzed back. Relief flooded over her and she raced up the steps, not bothering with the elevator.

    He was waiting at the door and let her in without a word. He had changed from his work clothes and was wearing a pair of very tight black jeans. No shirt covered his hairy chest and she was free to drink in the power of his massive arms and torso.

    He still said nothing and sat on the couch. Somehow, she was afraid to sit down without permission. She said in a quaking voice, "May I sit down?"

    "Not yet."

    "Oh," she said and fell silent.

    "First, you must fix me a drink. Then perhaps I will let you sit down."

    "What sort of drink would you like?"

    "A gin and tonic."

    "Gin and tonic," she repeated and went over to the small bar in the corner.

    "That's good," he said as she handed it to him.

    "May I sit down now?"

    "First, take off my shoes." Valerie bent down and did his bidding.

    "Is that better?"

    "Well, my feet are still hot. Lick them."

    Valerie knelt on the floor next to the huge man and drew one of his feet up to her mouth. He kicked her sharply in the head. "Who said that you could do that? Get down on the floor and lick!"

    Valerie out his foot down and pressed herself into the floor. Her tongue, moist and pink, slithered out of her mouth and began to lick his thick toes. She drove her tongue between them, sometimes taking the whole toe into her mouth and caressing it with her tongue. He moved his feet slightly so she could reach the soles, but only enough so she could barely get her face between them and the floor. Face pressed down, his foot virtually squashing her, she continued to lick.

    He kicked her away sharply, saying, "Enough."

    He stood up and said gruffly, "Strip, whore!"

    Valerie stood too and her shaking hands peeled off her clothing. Her dress first and then her slip. Soon she was, in her panties and bra.

    "More," he commanded. A single word was enough. She tossed off the flimsy under garments and stood there looking at him. He did not seem to be at all aroused by her body. Her milky flesh and long hair did nothing to make his cock rise. She was utterly shamed. Never had she stood naked before anyone who had not responded to her sheer physical beauty.

    He turned and walked out of the room. She didn't know what to do, so she stood there, her ravishing body alternating between chills and hot flashes.

    Time passed and he stayed away. What could he be doing? She craned her head in the direction of the other room. She was able to see him, barely. He was seated on the bed, reading something, a newspaper. A newspaper! Here she was, naked and waiting and that man read a newspaper! If she hadn't been so afraid of him, she would have laughed out loud.

    She turned way and looked out the window. Her arms crossed around her body, she watched the dark sky. She didn't even hear him come in and she whirled around in shocked surprise as he grabbed her by the hair.

    As he dragged her along the floor, she was able to see that he had changed once again. A fierce black leather mask covered his entire face and was naked save for a black leather jock strap and heavy black leather boots. The mask had holes for his eyes, nose, ears and mouth, but the overall effect was eerie, like an executioner. She shivered as she looked at him.

    He pulled her over to a metal chinning bar that hung suspended from the door way of the kitchen. In a moment of terror, she tried to bolt, but the attempt was useless. He smacked her across the face with such a hard blow that she thought her nose might be broken. The blood trickled from it, but she dared not wipe it away.

    He bound her wrists together with a length of long, black leather cord that cut into her skin. Then, with the same violent economy of gesture, he pulled her arms up above her head and fastened them to the metal chinning bar.

    It was too high for her and the muscles in her arms were painfully pulled and stretched as the bound her tightly to the rod.

    He walked into the living room and fetched his dirty socks. Before she could utter a cry, he stuffed them into her mouth, all the down her throat so that she feared she might throw up from the smell. He did not cover her eyes, but he put a tight cloth around her mouth so that she would be unable to spit out the filthy socks.

    He went into his bedroom and again, remained there for a while. She was hanging cruelly, her limbs wracked and aching with pain, her mind fearful and tormented by wondering about what he would do next.

    He returned with a pair of tight, black boots with pointed toes. He shoved her feet into them. Even though they were sizes too small, he forced her delicate feet into the loather prison. He bent down again, to get something else he had left on the floor and she nearly passed out when she saw the whip.

    It was huge and fearful looking, with a long, serpentine end from which dangled a spiked metal ball. Her eyes closed for a moment, feeling faint from the awful stench of the socks and the certain knowledge of the pain she was about to experience.

    She did not have to wait long. The first blow landed across the front of her body, branding it with a huge, scarlet gash. The sharp metal dug into her skin and gouged out an angry wound in her soft inner thigh.

    Tears sprang to her eyes as he continued to beat her, slowly at first, taking his time. He hit her as an artist, waiting to see the furious gashes appear and then deciding where to place the next one. Her breasts and thighs and stomach were soaked with her blood and the cruel whip kept up relentlessly, ignoring her streaming eyes and vain strugglings.

    Had she not been crying so hard, she might have seen that now, only now, did Hank's tool begin to rise. If she could have seen it, her eyes might have popped out of her head when she saw the throbbing tool slowly harden and rise to its full ten inches. He stripped off his jock strap and fondled his magnificent meat as he whipped her.

    He moved back, to whip the soft tender pits of her arms and she twisted and turned, trying to get away.

    Then, as if tired of the bloody mess in front, he moved around in back of her and commenced whipping her tender buttocks and, narrow spine. Crack! Crack! Crack! The only sound in the room was the furious sound of the whip, beating out its endless tattoo on her poor, broken flesh.

    His cock grew and grew, the purple head flaring out, as he continued to beat her. With a sudden gesture, he hurled to whip to the floor and pushed past her shaking wet body to go into the kitchen.

    Her eyes were so dazed with pain that she could barely see, but she was able to make out what he war returning with now. Vinegar! Oh no, God no! But his twinkling, bitter eyes told her it was true. He poured it out onto a cloth and moved towards her body. She cried out, even though she was gagged, as the first touch of the burning stuff was placed upon her torn and mangled body.

    Her body writhed furiously, shaking as if she were experiencing a fit, as he lovingly anointed her wounds with the liquid. It burned and stung, piercing every nerve, every cell of her being. Her body felt as if it were on fire and the tears poured faster and faster down her face. She was covered with it now, a stinging bloody mass that was no longer human, it was so consumed by pain.

    It was merciful that she didn't know that this was only the beginning. As her writhing subsided, Hank put down the vinegar and walked out again. She heard him turn on the television and wondered how long he was going to leave her here, hung from the metal pole.

    She heard the start of a movie and the slow minutes ticked by as the movie droned on and on.

    Her eyes grew dim from the pain and the sound of the television began to be a meaningless blur in her ears. After a while, she was aware that the sound had changed and that Hank was now watching the news. That meant she must have been here for at least two hours. Her skin was still smarting painfully, as if it were dried leather that were about to peel right off of her tortured frame.

    The minutes went by, agonizing in their slowness. Her arms and back were being rearranged. She was sure that she would never move with the same ease or grace again. Her body was painfully being altered to some new shape, to suit some new purpose. Although she didn't know it yet, so was her mind.

    The television continued, but Valerie was no longer able to make out the distinct sounds. She had passed on to a quiet, almost serene state, where the pain did not subside, but where she grew accustomed to it.

    In the midst of her semi-trance, Hank returned, in all his full, menacing glory. His lip curled slightly as he looked at her. She was so fearful when she saw him that she didn't notice that he had a large, spiked dildo in his hands and something else draped across his arms.

    Moving silently towards her, he waved the dildo in front of her face with evil glee. Had she not been gagged with the socks, he might have forced it down her throat and made her give head to the plastic dick. Instead, he would have to choose between her other available orifices.

    The dildo was made out a very rigid, hard plastic, so that where ever he chooses to put it, it was bound to cause her great torment. He placed it between the lips of her cunt and then moved it around to her asshole. He kept switching it back and forth between the two holes, so that she would never know which one he would finally choose.

    The large pink rod looked good as it was about to slip into her pussy, but Hank realized with some annoyance that the view was partially blocked by the fine halo of pubic fuzz that surrounded her cunt lips. 'Well, it will just have to come off!' he thought. He put the dildo down for a moment and went into the bathroom. Valerie grew nervous again, not knowing what to expect from him.

    He came back with a razor and she felt everything grow black before her eyes. She really believed that he meant to do her some serious harm. She hadn't seen the can, of shaving cream that was in his other hand. If she had, she might have realized that humiliation and not murder, was his intention.

    He grabbed her legs with one of his enormous hands and told her to keep still. Opening the can of foam, he squirted it out into a large cloud on his free hand and started to apply it to her cunt.

    Valerie struggled against him, but a stunning blow to her cheek made her grow quiet. Lifting the razor blade up to her terrified eyes, he said, "Look bitch, you just better behave! If you cause me any trouble, I'll use this to slice off those nipples of yours, so watch it!" Valerie believed that he would keep his promise and she kept very, very still.

    His hand moved back to her crotch, as he carefully applied the white foam. She winced at the first touch of the metal, more out of shame that out of actual pain. He was a neat and expert barber and within minutes, he had shaved her pussy clean.

    He moved past her into the kitchen to get a damp cloth. Valerie realized with horror that he had wet the rag with vinegar. It stung bitterly as he applied it to her shorn crotch. Looking down, she could see how truly naked and vulnerable she looked without the protective covering of golden fur. The bare mound looked pitiful in the bright light and she turned her, head away so that she wouldn't have to look at it any longer.

    Hank was pleased with his work. It was all a part of his plan to humiliate her totally, to bend her to his will. He reached up and caresses a lock of her shimmery blonde hair.

    Valerie eyed him nervously. She knew better that to trust the tenderness she felt in that touch. Her fears were realistic, for in the next moment, she saw him take a large pair of scissors and playfully snip a few strands of her hair.

    Once again, the stream of tears poured unchecked from her eyes, but she didn't even, try to struggle. He clipped off the long hair of which she had always been so proud, humming a little tune as he did it.

    After he had clipped her tresses to a short and rather unruly mess, he returned the scissors to the table. She was worried that he might decide to shave her head entirely, but apparently, he was not going to do it now.

    Hank was quite excited by this time. He had not yet come and the sight of the beautiful woman's naked distress was making him very hot.

    He decided that he would fuck her cunt. He drew a tall stool from the kitchen and placed it next to her. He sat on it, so that his raging cock was exactly at the level of her pussy. Taking the dildo from the floor where he had put it, he aimed it at her ass crack.

    First, he slipped underneath her and drew her body down to meet his. The huge ten inch member was so big that he could barely get it into her lips. Secretly, he was delighted, for he knew that it would hurt her more. Pushing her legs apart as far as they would go, he bore down on her lower back with his other hand and shoved his dick deep inside of her.

    The flaming rod almost cut her in two, but. Valerie almost welcomed the sensation. At least he wasn't beating her for the moment and she had to admit that she had never felt a dick that big and fat in all her life.

    As he was cramming that amazing tool into her pussy, he put the inflexible dildo near her ass and started to shove it in.

    It was extraordinarily painful and Valerie felt pain shoot through her like a searing knife. After he had rammed the brutal thing into her, he left it there and continued to fuck her pussy from the front.

    He was able to reach up and bite her nipples, which Valerie secretly loved and she grew, hot despite the awful pain. He sensed that she was aroused and he picked up something from the floor.

    She couldn't make out what the strange contraption was, it had nasty looking little screws and clamps. Using only one hand, he was able to slit one of the things onto her left nipple and then he fitted one onto the right nipple. The little clamps squeezed the delicate flesh of her nipples, twisting both of her breasts into an odd, unnatural shape. She feared they might burst from the terrible pressure. The pain was terrible, for her nipples were so sensitive. It felt as if a snake had sunk its vicious fangs into her innocent tits and would not let go.

    He kept fucking her, harder and harder, so that she felt that her inner walls her aching and bruised. His movements were wild and erratic and conformed to no recognizable pattern.

    He fucked her shaved cunt like a wild man, uttering deep, low growls and as he came, he sunk his teeth into her belly, wanting to taste the salty blood.

    He moved away from her slowly, but left the cruel dildo lodged up her ass. Stripping off the black leather garments, he turned to her airily and said, "Good night, Miss Jones. I hope that you will be very comfortable tonight. I'll see you in the morning!" With those words, he turned and walked out of the room. She could hear the sounds of the sink and she realized that he was preparing for bed. Her mind revolted against the knowledge that he meant to leave her here, hanging like a carcass, all night long. Bitter, hot tears scalded her face, worse and more galling than vinegar.

    She listened for a few more minutes as Hank put on the radio and got into bed. Then, he shut the lights and very soon, she heard the gentle sound of his snores.

    Her mind was so dazed by the pain she had been forced to endure that she was unable to concentrate on any one thing for too long. After a while, she realized that she had to urinate, but that she couldn't get down. Her bladder grew swollen and she wondered if it might burst inside of her. Tears trickled slowly from her eyes as she tried to think of something else to take her mind off of the intense pain caused by needed to urinate.

    Finally, she could bear it no longer and she let herself urinate all over her legs and the floor below. She was so ashamed of herself! There was a wet, sticky mess all over her legs and a huge puddle on the floor. The smell was quite unbearable to her and she feared she might throw up from it.

    It seemed to fill the whole kitchen and was so vile, that it counterbalanced any relief she might have felt in emptying her bladder.

    The night was an eternity. Her arms and back were beyond pain. Her wounds were still painful and sore. Some of them had begun to heal, but others were still angry, bloody gashes. Her tits aches inside of the cruel vise and her head reeled form the lack of sleep and the awful stench she was forced to endure.

    Valerie drifted in and out of consciousness. Her mind spun, crazily at times, sluggishly at others. She began to hallucinate. She was sure that there were rats in the room, who would come to gnaw on her live flesh. Or else she was certain that there were birds in the room, vultures or bats who would peck her eyes out.

    Gradually, it grew light and soon, the morning sun streamed in from the kitchen window behind her. Her eyes closed for a brief spell and flew open when she heard Hank come into the room.

    His eyes were filled with sleep and his naked body looked much less menacing than it had the night before. He said nothing, but looked at the urine that was all over Valerie's body and the floor below her. He glared at her, but said nothing.

    She cringed as he came near her, but he only removed the awful dildo from her ass. Then, to her amazement, he unbound her arms from their cruel shackles. She was too weak and dazed to move and collapsed in heap on the floor, oblivious to the urine that was still there.

    "You can remove the gag from your mouth if you want. And the nipple clamps," he said calmly.

    Valerie said nothing. She simply sat there, as if in a coma. Finally, he came behind her and helped her off with the gag and the clamps. Still, she did not move. Her will had been broken somewhere in the night and she lost the power to do anything, for herself. Hank looked at her and said, "Would you like to bathe?"

    "Only if you'll help me, Master," Valerie whispered. Hank grinned; it had worked. She had used that name this morning with no prompting from him. It was only the first lesson, but he could see that it had worked very well, very well indeed.

    He lifted her in his strong arms and brought her into the bathroom. Setting her gingerly on the toilet seat, he opened the tap. Filling the tub with hot, steaming water, he led her to it and helped her get in. He was as gentle and solicitous as a father with her, rubbing her back and soaping her cropped hair. He muttered words of endearment and then she began to cry again, hot, cleansing tears.

    She didn't really know what was happening to her any more. Here she was, raped, beaten, abused, humiliated by this awful man for the space of a never ending night. Then, instead of bolting from the apartment as soon as he let her go, she stayed and let him bathe her. It was so peculiar! She felt as if she had no will besides his, no power save that which he gave her. She could only sit helplessly in this hot tub, crying bitterly and waiting for him to comfort her.

    Hank said nothing, but continued to wash her carefully. When she was done, he helped her out of the tub and dried her off. He wrapped his thick, plaid bathrobe around her bruised body and toweled off what was left of her hair.

    "Would you like some breakfast?" he asked.

    "Yes, Master."

    "What would you like?"

    "Anything you make."

    "Some eggs?"



    "Yes, Master."


    "Anything you are eating, I will eat."

    Hank moved about the kitchen on quiet cat feet. He had slipped into a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. Valerie was amazed at the transformation. Last night, he seemed like the cruelest of jailers, a menacing madman, prepared to cut her throat. This morning, he was a lamb, caring tenderly for the very wounds that he had inflicted. She couldn't figure it out.

    He finished the breakfast and placed it before her.

    "Eat!" he commanded gently.

    "Why not?"

    "Help me!"


    "You must help me, Master!"

    "All right," he said and began to bring forkfuls of food to her waiting mouth. He had to tell her when to chew and when to swallow, or the food would sit untouched in her mouth. All the while, her eyes held his in a rapt gaze.

    It was Saturday and neither one of them had to work. Hank had planned to tidy up his apartment. He turned to Valerie and said, "You can go home now if you want to."

    "I don't!"

    "What do you want then?"

    "To stay here with you, Master."

    "I see. And do what?"

    "It doesn't matter."

    "If I let you stay, you must obey my every wish, my every command. Do you understand me?"

    "Oh, yes, Master!"

    "Otherwise, I will be forced to send you away!"


    "All right then. You gave me your word," he said, going towards the bathroom. "I need to clean up today," he continued.

    "I can help!"

    "Will you clean the bathroom?"

    "Oh yes!"

    "Fine, but wait here for a moment." He returned with a pair of handcuffs. Gently, he slipped one wrist into it and snapped it shut. He led her into the bathroom and fastened the other metal cuff to a pipe beneath the sink. The room was small enough so that she could maneuver around without too much difficulty.

    "The cleaning things are in that cabinet. Do what you can, but try hard to please me!"

    "Yes, Master!" she sang out as he went into the other room.

    Valerie tidied up as best she could with her one free arm. She was able to get down on her hands and knees and scrub the floor. She could also reach the tub, the toilet and the bottom of the sink, with all its pipes. Things that were high up, however, were impossible and she fretted because she couldn't finish the job.

    They spent the week-end together, in much the same fashion. Hank would order Valerie around and she would obey. He would also be forced to do things for her, or she simply wouldn't do them herself. She had been so upset about not being able to finish the bathroom that she had begged him to tie her up and whip her. He hadn't wanted to, but realized finally that it was the only way to quiet her. As he beat her, he began to grow hard and hot and had ended up fucking her as she crouched, bound and gagged, on the kitchen floor.

    By Sunday night, however, she showed no signs of wanting to leave and he grew worried. Hank had done this routine often with women and the results were always pretty much the same. The most stuck-up, arrogant bitchy women would always yield in the end. He would tie them up and abuse them and then leave them for a while. Their spirits were always broken in a night or two at most. After that, they seemed to adore him and be ready to do whatever he told them. Usually, however, this meant that he and the woman would have an affair for a while and she would be willing to submit to him sexually for the duration of their time together.

    Valerie was slightly different though. She only wanted sex when it was coupled with abuse and she seemed to want to stay with him night and day. He mentioned work to her, in an effort to make her come to her senses.

    "Val, you know that tomorrow is Monday and you have to be at the office. Maybe you should go home and change your clothes."

    "I don't want to go to work."

    "But Val, you have to."

    "Why can't I stay here and be with you?"

    "Well, I have to go to work."

    "I can stay at home and clean up for you."

    "Valerie, what about Blair?"


    "Yes, Blair!"

    "Well, what about him?"

    "Valerie, he's your boss!"

    "So I'll quit."

    "He's your lover!"

    "Not anymore!"


    Hank became quite exasperated. He liked Valerie's body and she was without a doubt a great lay, but he didn't want to be playing out a fantasy with her for the rest of her life. He paced up and down his apartment, wondering what in the world he was going to do with her.

    Finally, he got her into her clothes and decided to take her home in a taxi. He knew that if he put her in one by herself, she would say nothing. No, he would have to take her home and then leave her there. Maybe the more familiar environment would clear her foggy head. Something had snapped in her that night when he tied her up and he sought desperately to undo the damage he had done. "Val come on. We're going out," said. She didn't ask where, but followed him obediently to the door. On the corner of 79th Street, he hailed a cab. Giving the driver the address, they climbed in.

    He took her upstairs and opened the door. Switching on the light, he sat down. She made no move to offer him anything, or to sit herself. She behaved as if she had never seen this place before in her life. He sat in a chair awkwardly and then got up. He paced around and finally said, "Look Val, I have to go now."

    "Fine, we'll go."

    "No, no, you don't understand. You are staying here. I am going home, to my place."


    "Yes, Val. You have to stay here now. This is your home. Tomorrow, you are going to get up and go to work. Is that clear?"

    "No! You can't leave me!"

    "I can and I will!"

    "Master!" she wailed and her voice broke.

    "Val…" he soothed.

    "Don't leave me! Don't leave me!"

    "Val, I'll run your bath water."

    "Don't leave! Don't!!" she said, completely hysterical by now.

    "Valerie, sh, don't cry!"

    "If you leave me, I'll kill myself! I will! I WILL!" and her sobs rang out, piercing the night.

    Hank was very upset. He felt that he couldn't leave her, not after what he had done to her. At the same time, he grew worried. Maybe he could stay here with her tonight, but he couldn't live here with her forever.

    Valerie sat on the floor sobbing, her face pressed into the rug. He tried to help her rise, but she wouldn't budge.

    "Come on, get up off the floor," he coaxed.

    "Promise me you won't leave me! Promise me that! I'll do anything for you, anything!"

    "I won't leave you, Val. I promise I won't leave you."

    She covered his feet with kisses and let herself be lifted off the floor. He rummaged around the cabinet for a while and found a bottle of Scotch. He decided that they both could use one, so he poured two drinks. Then, he helped her bathe and he put her to bed. She had just about stopped crying by that time and her eyes were huge and swollen.

    He stayed by her bed until he heard the sound of her regular, steady, breathing, which assured him that she was asleep. He got up and went into the kitchen. As he listened to the slow, measured breathes that she took, Hank stared intently out of the kitchen window, oblivious to the seething city below him, lost deep in his own thoughts.


    Blair Eldridge was turning over in his soft, wide bed as the phone rang and shattered his early morning slumber. Reaching groggily for the phone, he looked at the time and when he saw that is was only six-thirty in the morning, be swore silently to himself.

    "Hello?" he mumbled thickly.

    "Mr. Eldridge?"

    "Yeah, what?"

    "This is Hank Stone. I can't go into all the details, but your secretary, Valerie hasn't been feeling very well. I suggest you call her in a little while, or better yet, come over here!"

    "What? What are you talking about?" Blair hissed, fully awake now.

    "I'm sorry I can't explain things to you a bit better, but I can't. She needs you, Mr. Eldridge."

    "Hello? Hello???" said Blair as he heard the person on the other end put the receiver down.

    "Who was that honey?" said his wife as she rolled over.

    "No one. Go back to sleep."

    Blair was awake and puzzling over the phone call. He decided that he had better get over to Valerie's place as soon as he could. Telling his wife that he had to be at the office very early, he slipped, outside and found a cab.

    After Hank had called Blair, he left Valerie's apartment, being very quiet so as not to wake her. He didn't want her to wake up and be alone, so he had called Blair and then waited a while, giving him time to get over to the apartment.

    Blair arrived and since Valerie had given him her key, he was able to slip in quietly. He found her in bed, asleep. He was shocked to see her battered body and her cropped hair. He thought of Burt, angry that he had been too sleepy on the phone to really pay attention to the caller's voice. He had to restrain himself and not cry out.

    Drawing a chair close to the bed, he flipped through a magazine, every now and then peering anxiously at Valerie's sleeping face. Presently she opened her eyes and looked around. When she focused on Blair, she looked blankly for a moment and then she asked in a crazy, intense whisper, "Where is he?"

    "Who darling?" Blair answered.


    "Val, who are you talking about?"

    "Don't pretend you don't know! Where is he?" she said, her voice raised to a scream.

    "Valerie, I really don't know what you mean!"

    "You do! You're lying! Goddamn you, get out! Get out of here!"

    "Valerie, what's come over you?"

    "Get out! Get OUT! I want my master!!!" and she burst forth into pitiful sobs.

    Blair was truly perplexed by her behavior. He knew Valerie to be a sensitive woman, who was sometimes prone to being moody, but he had never seen her like this. She seemed to be out of her mind. Blair quietly went over to the phone to call the hospital then, he dialed the number that information had given him for Hank Stone.

    Valerie spent the next few days under heavy sedation at Bellevue. Hank Stone had called her doctor and given him a brief outline of what had gone on between them the week-end before.

    Dr. Kenneth Bendiner, Ph.D., sat in his office at Bellevue reviewing the case of Valerie Jones.

    After intensive psychotherapy, she just might be able to return her to some semblance of normalcy. Right now, she raved on and on about her master and was positively violent when another man walked into the mom. Dr. Bendiner decided to try hypnosis.

    His next scheduled appointment with Valerie was at two that afternoon. He walked quickly to her room and knocked on the door. The nurse told him to come in. He was glad to see that Valerie looked a little better. Her boyfriend had paid for a hairdresser to come and see her in the hospital and he had shaped the frazzled hair to a sleek, sophisticated style. Her wounds were fading and she had slept well the night before, so her eyes lost a little of their black, hollow look.

    "You can go now," he said to the nurse.

    "Yes doctor."

    "Good afternoon, Valerie, how are you today?" he said, turning his attention to his patient.

    "All right."

    "Good, very good."

    "Do you know what happened to him?"

    "To whom, Valerie?"

    "You fucking liar! You know who I meant Master!"

    "Well, actually, if you want to know the truth, Valerie, I have come here to talk about your master."

    "You have?" she said, instantly growing calm.

    "Yes, I have. But first I want you to relax a little bit, OK?"

    "Good. Now listen to me very, very carefully. I want you to take deep breaths, very slowly. Yes, that's it. Good. Keep breathing. Now I want you to start to feel your whole body relax. First, the tip of your scalp is growing cool and calm and light and comfortable…" Dr. Bendiner's voice kept on with its steady, melodious rhythm.

    Soon, Valerie was in a deep hypnotic trance. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was steady and deep, as if she were asleep. She was still able to hear the doctor and still able to respond to his suggestions.

    Dr. Bendiner really had to go on instinct in this particular case. He had virtually no information from the woman, or either of the two men about her early childhood and her father in particular. He was just going to have to guess.



    "Tell me about your master."

    "My master is wonderful. He is very, very big…"

    "Go on."

    "And very, very strong…"

    "Continue, Valerie."

    "He's beautiful. He's tall and when he takes me in his arms he…"

    "Beats you!"

    "He has to!"

    "Why does he have to?"


    "Valerie, why is it necessary that he beat you?"

    "It just is! Don't ask me any more!!" she said and started to cry.

    Dr. Bendiner decided that she had had enough for one day. He had taken careful notes on what she had said. Now, he would go back and study them.

    Dr. Bendiner worked with Valerie three limes a week for about three weeks. He had found that the hypnosis was very useful and a lot of information had come out about the woman's early childhood and her life with her parents.

    Dr. Bendiner had learned that Mr. Jones, Valerie's father, had been much older than his wife and had married late in life. He was forty when Valerie was born, she had been her parents only child and they paid her a great deal of attention.

    As a child, Valerie had worked hard in school, but with little success. She was not stupid, but she didn't have the natural brilliance that her father seemed to think she should have. He was a real perfectionist. Having never gone to college and gotten the kind of education he had wanted, he was determined that Valerie should have it. Her grades had not proved good enough, however and she enrolled in a secretarial course, figuring that her skills might help her get ahead, even if she was no great brain.

    Mr. Jones had been, by turns, very loving and sweet, doting oh his daughter, or fiercely harsh and brutal with her. Dr. Bendiner began to understand what drew Valerie to men like Hank Stone, who were alternately cruel and loving. But the doctor still felt that he was lacking some crucial element in the story. He was determined to find it.

    The next time had had an appointment with Valerie, he decided that he would peruse this thing until the very end. He just didn't see any other way for her to get better.

    She was looking much better these days. Her bruises and sores had healed nicely and the new haircut was very becoming to her. Blair knew about her preference for pretty night gowns and he had sent her several, so she no longer went around in the strange, shapeless hospital garb.

    "Good-morning, Valerie," said Dr. Bendiner, pleasantly.


    "Are you ready to relax, so we can talk about your master?"

    "Yes Dr. Bendiner."

    "Good. But first, I want you to relax…"

    Dr. Bendiner brought Valerie to the semi-trance of the hypnotic state. He began to ask her about when she first started dating. Her father had been very strict and hadn't liked it when she would stay out late. One night in particular, they had had a quarrel. Valerie began to describe the incident in the strange, sing-song voice of her hypnotic state.

    "I was going out with this boy named Brad. I was only fifteen and Brad was nineteen, maybe twenty. Daddy didn't like him, not at all. He didn't want me to see him, but sometimes I did, anyway. One night, we were outside my house, in the tiny little backyard. It was very late and my parents were asleep."

    "Brad and I were sitting on this little plot of grass, near a bush. He was kissing me…" and her voice broke off.

    Dr. Bendiner sensed that something important was about to happen and he urged her to continue.

    "Well, he was kissing me on the mouth and if felt so good. He was older, you see and more experienced. And then he started kissing down my neck, little tiny, biting kisses and it felt even better. Then, his mouth reached my breasts…" and Valerie's hands crept up to her breasts now and she began to stroke them through the thin, silky material of her night gown.

    "Yes, yes, go on!" said the doctor, trying to ignore the hardening lump in his trousers.

    "His mouth came to the top of my breasts. They were big for my age and firm, and ripe. I knew that I shouldn't let him kiss me there, but it felt so nice, I couldn't help it. He unbuttoned my blouse and kissed me through the bra I was wearing. Then, I felt his fingers undo the hooks of the bra and he was pulling it off my body. It was the first time a man had ever seen my naked tits. He seemed to love them, for even in the dark, I could see how his eyes were glowing. He bent his lips to catch the nipples and I thought that I was in heaven. His tongue swirled around and around my nipples, making them grow hard and taut. I loved the way it felt. I unbuttoned his shirt too, so I could feel the muscles of his body. I can remember how hard and smooth and cool his chest felt next to my fiery body."

    "He was tugging at the waistband of my skirt. He couldn't get the button opened, so he pulled it up instead. I was hot and wet from his touch and I let him put his hand between my legs. I knew that it was wrong and that it was bad, but I couldn't help it."

    "He started to pet me, there in that secret place between my legs. I had touched that place myself before, but only once or twice. I always felt very guilty after I had done it and I promised never to do it again. But now Brad wad touching me there and rubbing me there and I couldn't stop him, I couldn't. He moved away my underpants and he was touching me there, where it was all wet and soft, I couldn't believe that he really wanted to do that, but he did. Then, he put his face there and I could feel his hot breath against my thighs…"

    "His tongue slid out of his mouth and licked me, just like a little cat or puppy dog. It felt so good, I can still remember how my head was spinning and I saw stars, painted all over the sky…"

    The doctor had used the protective edge of the desk to hide himself, for he had taken his prick out of his pants and was playing with it. Valerie's story had made him very hot. He noticed that she herself was becoming aroused as she recounted her tale. Her cheeks were painted with her passion and her eyes were wide and bright. Her delicate nostrils were flared and he could hear her strained breath. Her body was also revealing signs of her passion. Her breasts were heaving up and down in a most arresting fashion and the nipples were very stiff. From time to time she would touch her body as she spoke, rubbing her swollen tits, or running her hand down the smooth surface of her torso.

    "Do go on, Valerie," Dr. Bendiner urged, hands still fondling his own meat.

    "Well, I let him kiss me… there."

    "Where, dear?"

    "You know."

    "Tell me, Valerie."

    "In my cunt I let him. I did. But you see, I really couldn't help it. He was so talented."

    "You mean he liked to do that to you?"

    "Oh yes!"

    "How do you know?"

    "Because he kept telling me how good my pussy tasted, how sweet and hot it was and how he loved it."

    "I see. And you think that he spoke the truth?"

    "Yes! Yes!"

    "How do you know?"

    "He wouldn't have lied?"

    "Are you sure?"

    "Yes! He kept telling me. And besides, there was something else."

    "What else?"



    "I don't want to say it."

    "You must."



    "No! No!"

    "Valerie, it is imperative that you tell me what the other thing was. Now go on."

    "I won't!"

    "You must!"



    "No!!" she screamed at the top of her voice. He paused for a moment and fumbled in his pocket for a cigarette.

    "Valerie, are you going to tell me now?"

    "It was his thing."

    "What thing?"

    "You know, you know! You're just tormenting me!"

    "Valerie, you must tell me everything. Now what thing?"

    "His dick, all right! It got hard and big and he started to rub it all over my legs, yes, he did that! While he was kissing me, that thing of his got real hard and he rubbed and rubbed!"

    "And did you like it?"

    "Yes… I mean no, no! I knew that it was wrong and I didn't like it at all, not at all!"

    "But you said that you did!"

    "No, no!"

    "Valerie, don't lie to me! Did you like it, that prick that slipping and sliding all over your pretty legs, rubbing into you and over you? Tell me the truth flow!"

    "Yes! I liked it! Loved it! So what? Is that so awful?"

    "No, no, of course not! Just continue with the story, please."

    "I felt his dick rubbing against me and I knew that he wanted to stick it in me. I knew that he wanted that very badly. My father and mother had always warned me about that, but on that night, I just didn't care. I wanted him to stick it in me, I wanted to feel him shove that hot, pulsating thing far, far in me, as far as he could." The doctor's dick was throbbing as he listened to the woman tell her erotic tale. He wanted it to end, so he could shoot his steaming sperm all over his desk.

    "He asked me if he could do it and I told him that he could, that I loved it, I loved him, I felt it press against my bottom and I felt his hands probing me, looking for the hole. I was so upset and disgusted by what he was doing to me that I didn't notice that he had picked up a stick from the ground, a big, terrible stick."

    "He kept touching me there, in that wet hole, and started to touch me in the other hole too! It was awful, just awful! His fingers were mean and ugly and he hurt me. And it was so disgusting, repulsive! He was my father! My father! And he was touching me in that terrible, terrible way that he shouldn't have touched me!"

    "He moved away for a second and, relief poured through me. I thought that it was over, that he had only wanted to shame and humiliate me and that now he was going to let me go. But I was wrong! I heard the terrible, whirring noise and then I felt the awful crack on my back. He was whipping me, beating me with a harsh wooden branch that he had found on the ground. I tried to scream, but my mouth was gagged so that I couldn't. He wouldn't stop, no not for a second! He hit me over and over again, laughing out loud as I twisted and struggled under the blows. I was bleeding, I could feel the wounds start to swell and ooze with blood, but he didn't care, no, he didn't care a single bit!"

    "Instead of being merciful, or gentle with me, he wanted to punish me for what I had done with Brad. And punish me he did. Over and over again the stick came down on my back, until I could see the blood oozing from me and onto the ground below."

    "Just when I thought that I was going to pass out from the pain, he stopped. I thanked God, but once again, I had allowed myself to breathe easily too soon! He came towards me, with his awful thing in the air and I knew that he was going to do it to me, that my own father was going to deflower me out there in the backyard, with my mother asleep in the house!"

    "I struggled as best I could, but it was no use. His hands probed me until he found my wet, quaking pussy and he stuck his fingers in. I could feel his fingers sliding into me deeper and deeper. My pussy was already wet and juicy because Brad had been licking me and my father managed to use this to his best advantage."

    "Then, I felt it. He stuck the tip of his shaft near my virgin hole. I wanted to vomit, but that thing was in my mouth so tightly, that I could barely breathe. It pressed harder and harder and to my disgust, I felt the thing sliding into me!"

    "He laughed and I felt his hot breath against my neck and in my ears. It was foul with sleep and lust. He pushed into me harder and harder until I thought I would die of the pain. I was fifteen and a virgin and my own father was raping me!"

    "His enormous dick met the thin membrane of my virginity. I closed my eyes against the awful searing pain and then, in one violent thrust, he was in! I felt the blood dripping slowly from the poor, attacked hole. I shook with repressed sobs, tears pouring from my eyes."

    "But it wasn't over! He kept ramming that cock of his into me, again and again, so that the walls of my cunt were bruised and sore for days to come. His hands gripped my flesh and he dug his nails into my boobs, tearing the flesh even more."

    "He had no pity and no mercy, but thrust it into me again and again. I felt his body stiffen and the sudden hot flood that gushed through me let me know that he was coming."

    "When he finally pulled out of me, dripping with come and blood, I wept not with pain, but with relief. Now and only now would my ordeal be over. But once again, I was wrong!"

    "Lifting up the stick that had fallen to the ground, he shoved it deep into my already bruised and bleeding cunt. Then, with a final slap, he left the backyard and went up to bed. I knew, because I heard him mount the stairs. He left me there, hanging like that! My back and arms were killing me and the stick in my cunt, so recently assaulted, was agony!"

    "Minutes passed like years. Although my wounds burned, I grew cold and shivered when the breeze came. Insects buzzed around me, smelling the blood and by morning, I was all covered with bites. I couldn't scratch them, because my hands were bound."

    "I needed to move my bowels, but I couldn't because I was tied up. It was a new pain and it grew so intense that I forgot all my other aches and was consumed totally by this one."

    "I felt the pressure growing and growing, until I thought that it might burst inside of me. It was a new, awful pain, unlike anything that I had experienced earlier. I couldn't even cry out, or bite my lip, for I was bound by that terrible gag."

    "I felt as if knives were being thrust through my insides, that's how sharp and intense the pain was. Anything, anything was preferable to this slow, unending torture. Even the horror of being whipped or beaten would have been better than this."

    "Finally, I could control myself no longer. I had to do it! It was so awful, so humiliating! I can't bear to think of it! I can't!"

    "But it happened. I soiled myself. Yes, like a little child, I could no longer control my bowels and I made a stinking mess all over my body and legs! I was so shamed! I couldn't keep the tears from streaming down my face."

    "And it didn't end, no not there. My father was upstairs, asleep in his bed. I could hear him snoring through the open window. I think that was the worst of all. Somehow, knowing that he could be sound asleep while I was left hanging there… It filled me with such sadness, that my own father could be so cruel to me. Even though he had been very strict and severe with me, I had always loved him, always wanted his approval for the things that I did. I always wanted him to be proud of me…" said Valerie, as her voice trailed off.

    "Yes and then what happened next, my dear? I know it is so very painful to speak of, but you must be strong and recount it all," said the doctor.

    "The hours oozed by like molten lead. Soon, I heard the birds twittering and the sky began to grow all pink."

    "Dawn had just broken."

    "Now, a new fear entered my aching head. I was terrified that the neighbors would start to get up and they would see me hanging there, naked and covered with my own filth! God only knows what they would think."

    "I heard a noise and saw my father coming downstairs. He was dressed in some pants and a shirt. I quivered in fear, not knowing what new tortures he had devised for me."

    "But to my shock and surprise, he actually smiled at me! He looked at my awful stats and clucked his concern. I was so bewildered that the tears started gushing again. My father came towards me, still smiling. Then, ignoring the filth that was stinking up the whole place, he drew me into his arms and started to hug me!"

    "He petted me for a bit, in a kind and truly fatherly way. I was afraid that he might want to rape me again and to subject me to the horror of being fucked by him, but this was not the case. He untied me and took the gag from my mouth."

    "I felt so sick from the pain and the stench, that I threw up, all over myself! He didn't care a bit! He kept petting me and stroking me. Then, he gave me a robe he had been carrying over his arm and helped me upstairs. My mother was still sound asleep and she didn't know anything".

    "He ran the water in the bath and helped me into it. He washed me himself, his hands going over every, part of my wounded body, his eyes filled with concern and pity."

    "He left me for a few moments and returned with breakfast on a tray. He insisted that I eat it while still soaking in the tub and he helped to feed me."

    "As if I were a child, he put the spoon into the cereal and lifted it to my parched and still quivering mouth. I noticed that there was a little vase on the tray which contained a single rose. He had picked it from the backyard."

    "When my mother got up, he told her that I hadn't been feeling too well and that I was going to spend the day with him as a little treat."

    "He took me out to lunch and then we saw a movie. Then, we went to the drug store and he bought me a new watch and some new lipstick and other cosmetics. He was sweet and kind to me, as if the crazy night before had never happened. I really didn't know what to think any more."

    "After that, he was always kind to me. He stopped yelling so much and stopped being so critical of everything that I did. I still was unable to trust him though. I never knew what his kindness meant. And yet, it was so nice, to be treated well by him… He died a year or so later, quite suddenly. I never told my mother what had happened that night. I've never spoken a word about it until today…" Valerie stopped talking and started to cry, very softly. She put her face in her hands and sobbed.

    Dr. Bendiner knew that it was over.

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