High School Scandals


    Small and soft, smooth and very warm, the girl’s hand dipped into his zipped down fly and took him by the prick.

    And he couldn’t hide the face that he had a big hard on, because watching all that young, budding ass half the night had turned him on more than Dallas cared to admit.

    But he tried to back it out of her grasp; she hung on, her fingernails sharp and digging into his sensitive cock just enough to warn him to keep still.

    Damn! He was in a bind, and there was no quick way out. If he made a lot of noise, or made the kid yelp in pain, the whole party could blow up in his face-and blow him right out of his career.

    Let a high school teacher get caught with his cock out, and the rap might be more than losing his credentials; there were state laws about screwing around with underage girls. Even when the underage girl herself was doing the screwing around-like right now.

    The room was in utter blackness, so Dallas didn’t even know which girl was fingering over his swollen cock. He damned the kid who’d pulled the light switch, but he’d kill him if the lights went back on right now.

    The hand was probing delicately over his shaft and gentle fingers dipped expertly under his balls. Dallas squirmed and caught the slim wrist, but his prick throbbed painfully.

    It had been too long since he’d had a real piece of ass, and the need was strong in him now, an urgency that he couldn’t put down. His balls swelled with the potent buildup in them, and his cock was steel-hard. The kid-whoever she was-was enthralled with the size and heft of his prick, playing her fingers along the aching shaft and over the sensitive head. Did the little bitch have any idea what she was actually doing to him?

    All his students dressed like sexpots, showing their upper thighs, displaying their shapely asses in miniskirts and hot pants, bouncing their budding young tits. But there was one (Dallas winced and wondered if he should squeeze down on the fragile wrist he was holding) there was a special girl that had haunted his dreams for months. Could this hand belong to her?

    He hoped so; if any of these kids was going to play with his cock and tease him into a state of near explosion, it might as well be Kathy Collins. That gorgeous girl had held his eyes and his mind so powerfully that it was tough keeping up with the rest of the class.

    “Ummm,” the unseen girl breathed, and Dallas quivered in ultimate shock as something else touched the head of his cock-the unmistakable silken springiness of pussy hair!

    Here and now, with the whole damned class partying around them? Was the kid trying to fuck him now? If those damned lights flicked on, if he was caught dipping his hungry prick into the sweet and tender cunt of some young student.

    He managed to find his voice, and it sounded strangled in his own ears: “The … the lights the-crowd…”

    “Don’t worry about it,” the girl breathed, rubbing that delightful little snatch up and down his cockhead, evidently straddling his outstretched legs in the complete darkness. “The lights are off for a long, long time, and that’s how long I’ve waited to feel this beautiful prick of yours, Mr. Dallas Bradburn. You can’t get away now, we won’t let you; I won’t let you.”

    It was Kathy Collins; there was no doubt about that sultry voice full of promises. The cunt nuzzling against his aching prick was Kathy’s, and that settled any indecision Dallas might have had. His career, reputation, any future job, nothing else mattered a damn, stacked up against the erotic pressure of the lovely young girl’s pussy. If it cost Dallas his front seat in hell, he was going to fuck this kid, here and now.

    “Kathy,” he murmured, his hands feeling up and out to discover the incredible slimness of her waist, her naked skin of warm satin.

    “Yes,” she whispered, and went tippytoe when be lifted her toward him, to help him get her set above the upright pole of his distended prick. “Yes, teacher darling, It’s Kathy. Now fuck me; fuck me hard and strong and deep. I want you so much, I’m freaking out.”

    He smelled her youthful freshness, the aroma of new womanhood and the musky perfume she used sparingly. Though his eyes were straining in the blackness of the big room, he couldn’t see her. She was stamped upon him mind, though, a vision of beauty only sixteen years old, sleek and graceful, her purple eyes beckoning in a piquant face set off by an elfin scattering of freckles and hair of a chestnut richness.

    Kathy Collins was slim as a willow reed, but her tits were proud and earned high; she was five feet, five inches tall and weighed exactly 93 pounds; he had seen her statistics on the gym charts. What the charts couldn’t carry was the torrid appeal of the girl, the sensuous walk and the damply red allure of her mouth. And now she was here, naked, asking him to fuck her.

    She was here, settling her luxuriously haired young emit down gently upon the head of his prick. The lips of that pussy were wet with her lubrication, slicked by her desire, impossibly soft and thrilling. Schoolgirl cunt, teenage pussy, she let her knees sag, and her weight came gently down. Dallas balanced her by holding her waist.

    “You’re going into me,” she murmured. “Your big, adorable cock is sliding up into my hot pussy, teacher darling. Oh-oooh! I love it darling, love it!”

    He loved it, too. The feel of her wet satin cunt closing around the probing knob of his cock was fantastic, so tight and hot She was slippery with her inner juices, and the little girl narrowness of her sheath gripped his shaft as he stroked it home. Up it went into her slim body, up into the greasy snugness of her clenching pussy, until her hairy crotch came own to nestle against the root of his prick, the delicate shapings of her ass cheeks touching lightly against his balls.

    At last, Dallas had his cock buried in this lovely kid’s cunt, and it felt better even than he had dreamed As he took a deep breath, she lifted her arms around his neck and pushed her fine tits into his chest. Her mouth searched for his, the petal soft lips fragrant and dewy.

    Kathy’s tongue was small and squirmy, reaching through his teeth to find his own tongue waiting. He ground his cock into the wet grip, of her pussy as he sucked upon her tongue. She tasted of springtime, of a breeze through orange blossoms; she was flavored by youth and sweet flame.

    The nipples of her tits bored into his shirt, and he wished to hell that he was naked, too. She rode his hard cock, rolling her shapely haunches to and fro, heaving her pelvis down against his. Sliding his hands down to cup the provocative cheeks of her sleek ass, Dallas thought with a great satisfaction that this girl fucked as well as she looked. She was all her fabulous body had promised, and more.

    No virgin, this, but a trained little pussy, avid for all the erotic sensations a man’s cock could give her. She was reveling in each thrust as he fed his stiff meat up into her cunt, wiggling voluptuously when he drove it home, clinging damply and hotly to the shaft as he backed it down for another stroke.

    “Oohh, teacher,” she panted against his teeth. “Mr. Bradburn, baby, I knew you’d be groovy like this; I just knew you’d be the greatest fuck ever. You have such a nice, big prick, and the way you use it, aahh! Oh yes, darling-stick it to me deep and hard!”

    He held to her swinging ass, felt the attack of her nipples, knew the convulsive pounding of her crotch, and laid the pole to her as best he could.

    It was good this way, terrific this way, with her bouncing up and down on the impalement of his rod, but he really wanted to fuck her in the conventional manner. He wanted to get her onto her back and feel the gripping of her slim legs as he stuffed her tight little hole. Dallas wanted to feel her squirm and buck beneath the weight of his body, when he used his cock like a piston, banging it deep and steadily into her cunt so that her entire body would quiver with every thrust “D-dallas!” she gasped. “Oh, darling Dallas, I’m going to come! Fuck me harder, teacher, harder, harder! Oh-ooohh! I’m coming, COMING!”

    Her pussy shuddered, rippled, and turned juicer; her ass clenched in his hands, and her breath gusted sweetly into his mouth when her teeth raked across his own. Dallas dug his finger tips onto the cheeks of her modeled ass and held her in position while he took a long, burrowing thrust into her shivering pussy, and took another, lifting her half off his lap, the power of his strokes making her head bounce back and forth.

    On the third lunge, he came, his cockhead swelling, pulsing in ecstasy. Then it thundered forth with a gushing torrent of semen, spitting the hot liquid into the cup of her womb. Long withheld, building pressure for weeks, his come was released in a furious geyser of rapture. Dallas flooded the tight little snatch with come, poured the thick, hot stuff into her vagina until his prick was floating in it.

    The room rocked beneath his feet, and for a dizzy moment, he thought he was falling over backward in his chair. Lights flashed strobe-like behind his eyes, but he realized the room was still dark.

    “Wow,” she said in his ear. “That was really a far-out fuck, teacher, I’m really glad I got to you first.”

    He was melting within her, but only emotionally; his cock was hard as a flagpole. Dallas wanted to keep it embedded within the girl’s glorious little cunt, to hold it there in his released semen until he caught his breath again.

    Then he would screw her some more, fuck her until all the frustrations and all the hang-ups were erased. She was adorable and life-giving; the girl was truth and beauty, and he wanted all he could get of her marvelous body.

    “I-damnit, Kathy-I didn’t know anything like this was going to happen when I agreed to be chaperon for this party. But I’m glad; oh, am I glad.”

    Kathy kissed his ear, darted the tip of her hot tongue into it so that he flinched, so that his cockhead drove into her cunt again. She said, “I’m so happy, Dallas. It sounds funny, calling you by your first name. I’ve called you darling inside my head for such a long time. And darling, don’t worry about the kids at this party. No fink is here, only the groovy gang, and they know exactly what you and I are doing. They helped me plan it.”

    He stroked her back, felt along the graceful curving of her backbone, used his fingertips to caress the flaring of her hips and the upper hills of her buttocks. “You ambushed me?”

    “Sort of. There was this teacher-student gap between us, and I felt that you’d, never cross it, or even try to, unless I did something desperate. But I just knew that if I could ever get you by the cock, you’d respond.”

    “Yeah,” he said.” What the hell else could I do? I’ve been horny enough, sweating out you kids and especially you, the past few months, and when your soft hand touched my prick…”

    She wiggled her ass on his pole, made her soaked and vibrant pussy do cute little tricks around him. “I told the kids you’d be the greatest. Ever since you started letting your hair grow, and that groovy moustache, I knew you were on our side, that we could really trust you.”

    He brought one hand around so that he could cup her tit and feel the texture of the skin there, so he could roll the taut little nipples tenderly between his fingers. “But the principal doesn’t trust me, and I guess this proved him right.”

    Across the room, somebody turned up the stereo, and the music throbbed around them, the bass rhythms reaching somehow into his shaft, into the satin clinging of her cunt walls. Dallas saw a flicker of light, and a moment later, caught the smell of tobacco smoke, or something heavier.

    “Old Kingston? Pooh on him; we won’t let him hassle you. I’ve finally screwed my favorite teacher, and my friends are not about to let that old poop break us up.”

    Dallas had a belated thought, one that almost weakened his hard on. “You’re on the pill, Kathy?”

    “Of course,” she answered. “Everybody is man, are we going to have a ball with you. I’m so glad you don’t have a wife checking up on you, Dallas. We can keep you all to ourselves.”

    She began to lift herself, steadying herself by placing small hands upon his shoulders. Her snug pussy slid nearly off his cock, only the flanged head remaining held by its suctioning wetness. He felt leftover semen ozze down his shaft, and thought that her cunt would spill over, once his prick was removed.

    Kathy said, “I’m really sorry to have to leave you now. I mean, I could keep you to myself forever, just fucking away, but that would be too greedy. I’ll see how the gang feels about it, though, and if they agree, then maybe you and I can split together if we just leave them be, and go to your place…“

    Reluctantly, the head of his swollen cock plopped out of her cunt. His hands trailed lingeringly over her warm ass as the girl turned from him, and Dallas blinked into the darkness.

    “Kids,” Kathy called out. “Hey, kids! Hold up the screwing for a second, huh? I just made it with teacher, and we’d like to just keep fucking each other tonight, if that’s okay with the rest of you. I mean, he’s just a little bit nervous, and if I can take him home, maybe next time he’ll be in a lot better shape to ball.”

    Somebody laughed. “If he can even walk, you mean.”

    Then the laugher was general, and comments ran rife about Kathy’s fucking ability. Listening, Dallas couldn’t distinguish one voice from another in the blacked out room, especially with the stereo blaring. But he was recalling which of his students was here, and the list grew in his head.

    “Thanks,” Kathy said, and later, kids.”

    To Dallas, she said, “I’m putting on my clothes, darling. We can split in just a minute.”

    She took him by the hand to lead him from the room. Twice, they bumped in writhing, interlocked bodies, but there were only grunts following them. He heard some girl hissing violently: “Put it in her cunt, man-in her cunt!”

    Dallas tried to imagine what was happening there, but couldn’t get it together, knowing only that at least three of them were embroiled in that particular bit of action. The party had turned into an orgy, and he’d joined it.

    His head was clearing as his cock went down, and Dallas thought that the best possible move for him to make now was to get the hell out of the building. If anything came up, he could always claim he’d eaten something that tore him up and had to go home early. He was going home now, but not sick, he was holding hands with the most alluring kid in his class, the girl he had just finished fucking. And he sure as hell meant to fuck her some more tonight.

    “My car’s over there,” he said, blinking at the street light when they left the building. “Try to keep low, Kathy.”

    “Sure,” she said, and ducked into the VW. “I understand, darling.”

    He drove directly to the little house he rented on the edge of town, glad now that it was secluded and masked by high lilac bushes. Parking the Bug in the carport, he guided Kathy, holding her by an elbow, steering her into his bachelor pad and drawing the drapes before he switched on a light.

    She looked delicious, and her eyes met his with out false shame. Back straight and her fine tits proud, Kathy Collins said, “We’ve got most of the night, teacher. My parents think I’m staying over with Blythe Jackson. You teach me English, darling, can you teach me some sex, too?”

    Dallas knew damned well that he was going to try.


    She was so brightly beautiful that she hurt his eyes, and Dallas didn’t see the girl as trouble, but as someone highly desirable. Just now, she wasn’t the daughter of the loudest and most influential redneck on the school board; Kathy Collins was a girl with this slim, sensuous body and the challenging breasts.

    She was the girl he had practically been forced to screw, and there was no way Dallas could be made to feel sorry for that.

    Kathy stared at him for a long, intriguing moment, then dropped the purple fascination of her eyes and moved about his small apartment, looking about herself as he went to check the back window and door.

    She said, “Your pad is like you, teacher darling, solid and very mannish, but groovy, too. You know, I must have been blind not to see what a guy you are, until you grew your hair and moustache. But it was kind of like you were in the uniform of the establishment, right? I mean, you were trying to look just like the rest of them. But when you turned individual and I really saw you the first time-wow!”

    He moved uncertainly to his mini-bar. “I don’t know what to offer you, Kathy.

    I’ve been programmed to see you as a child, and I know damned well you’re not, but I still feel funny about offering you liquor.”

    She smiled over to him and lay the soft delicacy of one hand upon his arm. “A little wine, if you have any. I’ve been drinking wine for years, but I don’t need it to turn on, Dallas. Now if you had some good grass…“

    “Sorry,” he said, “no grass, but here’s some Chianti.” Splashing the dark wine into a glass, he handed it to her, and felt a tremble in his fingers. “Does your dad know you do pot?”

    She shook her head violently, “No way, man! And I don’t do it that often, really. It helps things swing at the parties, though.” Sipping her glass of sour wine, she made a face, crinkling her nose, pursing damp and delectable lips. “I guess I’m not used to sweet wine,” Kathy said.

    Dallas poured himself a healthy slug of bourbon and downed it immediately, then helped himself to another glass which he swirled in his fingers. The jolt of alcohol warmed his belly and went to work on the threat there, loosened him almost as much as laying this delightful, girl had done. Damn, he thought; she had to be Craig Collins’ daughter, of all people. And she seemed to be everything her hard-nosed father wasn’t.

    She was sweet and open; she was sexy and appealing, and she hail trapped him into being chaperon for an orgy, mostly in order to have him fuck her. And no matter that her old man was a guillotine hanging heavily aver the heads of the teachers. This gorgeous little chick could be everything a man wanted, and needed.

    “Do you feel a little funny?” she asked, elfin face Intent. “I mean, should we be awkward or something? I know you’re the teacher and I’m the student, that you’re older,” the purple eyes held his, “and maybe you don’t really dig me because I’m so young.”

    Dallas put down his glass and took her by the shoulders, so slim and supple, very warm to the touch, moving softly within his grasp. He said, “You’re a wonderful, adorable young woman; any man would be proud to be with you, anywhere, any time.”

    “You, too?”

    “Me, too.” He stroked her shoulders, her upper back, and she leaned in toward him, her small body touching his in various tingling places. “Kathy, I’ve been trying to keep my hands off you, fighting to stop watching you in class.”

    She said softly, “You don’t have to fight any more.”

    “No,” he agreed, and pushed down all the heavy things, all the warning signals that this was a foolish thing for him to do, that he was only complicating his life and putting his career in jeopardy. He shoved the alarms down behind his conscious mind and reached out for this shining girl.

    “Wait,” she said, and stepped back so she could peel out of her mini. The dress wafted to the carpet, and her thin lace panties followed; she hadn’t been wearing a bra. Her small but marvelously sculpted tits stood up proudly, the little nipples already erectile.

    It was better in the light. Now he could see all of her fantastic body; he could stare hungrily at every curve and at each enticing valley. Kathy’s skin was flawless, a creamy rose with a scattering of pale golden freckles. Her hair was thick and rich, a deep and alluring red, and the hair on her trim pussy was the same as that on her head.

    Kathy was compact, sleek and graceful; her chin lifted and she thrust out her breasts. Although her body was in sweet miniature, it was all there, smooth and burnished to a high gloss. Hastily; he downed his second drink when she swayed to him, her hands out and reaching. Kathy’s fingers were hurried at his buttons, at his zipper. He helped her get his clothes off, his shaft rising to sudden attention, throbbing along its length.

    They flowed together, their bodies arching avidly, her slimness crushed against his muscled thickness. She wriggled against him as their mouths met, as their tongues darted over each other thirstily. Their teeth raked gently, and her breath was his own blending and panting.

    Together they sank to the floor, but when she tried to wrap her legs around him, Dallas moved her away. Kathy’s hands clutched for his rod, but he backed that from her, also. She moaned when his mouth sought her nipples, as he played the hotness of his tongue back and forth over them, pulling the entire pert tits into his mouth one at a time. His hands were busy upon the pure delight of her squirming body, and he paid homage to her breasts while caressing the rest of her flesh.

    Slowly, his mouth moved away from her tits and down her rib cage, his hands found the magic softness of her thighs and slid over to her buttocks. Such a delicate shaping, what Erie little cheeks and the feathery cleft between them, Dallas fondled her ass as he licked down over her flexing belly.

    Kathy clenched her teeth but groaned through them, her hands made into tiny fists that pounded the carpet beneath her heaving body. Writhing and shivering, she hiked her exquisitely haired crotch up at him as he slid down and down the sleek belly.

    Dallas rubbed his cheek across that humid mound, touched the end of his tongue to the velvet inside of her thigh. She responded by reaching down and digging her fingers into his hair, by thrusting down while her crotch lifted up, and he knew that she had been eaten before. But he had no time for jealousy, because her torrid snatch was opening for him, and he went happily into it with lips and teeth and tongue, tasting her wild, silken flavors, knowing the matchless intimacy of her labia against his mouth.

    “Oh yes, darling!” she murmured. “Oh yes, teacher, dear-groovy Mr.

    Bradburn-Dallas, baby-oh yes, yes!”

    He ate into her shuddering wetness, into the small, tight cavern that stroked against her teeth, and his exploring tongue found the button of her clitoris Kathy heaved spasmodically then, jerking her cheeks tightly together, her legs lifting so that she could cross them around his neck, fold them lightly at the ankles.

    She tasted of hotness, of slippery things sweet and giving. Her labia writhed against his teeth, and he lapped greedily into her slot, hungrily at the slimy tissues. She lifted her crotch and humped it into his mouth, swung her ass back and forth so that she could feed him her lovely young pussy. Dallas ate of its blazing richness, tongued deeply into the trembling hood that guarded the clit, and sucked the clit itself out to where he could worry it with his teeth and lips.

    “Ooohh!” she moaned. “Oh yes, darling! That’s the way to eat my cunt-eat me, Dallas, baby-eat my pussy!”

    Her hands reached down and caught his hair, dug into his scalp and drew him violently into her heaving snatch. Wet and hairy, hot and juicy, it worked over his mouth, over his face, across his cheeks, and from time to time, buried his nose within its quivering folds.

    His tongue was frantic, licking and piercing, curling to draw in her honeyed liquids, helping the suction build up, letting it go as the girl bucked madly.

    Dallas’s hands caressed the smooth cheeks of her ass, his fingertips sliding across her feathery little anus.

    He gave himself up to the feasting, to the way this lovely young girl squirmed against his mouth, as she fucked his face in the closest of intimacies. Eyes closed, he rocked Into her pussy, chewed and suctioned and lapped, riding the pounding of her pelvis, rolling with the swinging of her hips.

    “D-darling!” she gasped. “I-oohh!-I’m coming, darling-I’m coming!”

    His fingers dug convulsively into the cheeks of her sleek ass as her thighs tightened around his head, as her heels beat a tattoo on his back. He felt the surge of her orgasm as it shook the length and breadth of her tender cunt, as her climax seemed to loose an even hotter and sweeter flooding of inner lubrications.

    Kathy Collins fell back then, momentarily spent, her flames dying and her legs drifting down from his shoulders. He let her melt softly onto the carpet, glowing girl, red golden girl so open and giving. His hands caressed her inner thighs, felt the wet silken mounding of her pussy, trailed over her heaving young belly and found the excitingly shaped perfections of her tits. The nipples were rigid under his teasing, and Dallas thought he had never seen such loveliness.

    His shaft was as hard as those nipples, throbbing more with the hungry surging of blood within it as his balls pumped so insistently below. His hands continued to roam over her skin, searching the flawless smoothness, finding the velvet valleys and lingering there in awed adoration. Kathy Collins was such a beautiful girl, modeled small, but with exquisite jewelling; a fineness that fitted thigh to hip, that hinged the knee and sculpted the delicate foot.

    He poised above her, watching her lashes rest against the curve of her cheek, seeing the damp humidity of her mouth and the graceful line of her throat. And nowhere could he find in that appealing pixie face, the stamp of her father.

    Craig Collins should have been born with a hardhat welded to his bullet head, and probably had emerged with his fists swinging. The man was build powerfully, square-jawed and muscled, and not all his muscles were on his chunky frame; a lot of them were in his head.

    Collins operated a successful string of cut rate hardware stores, and his headquarters was only a few blocks from the high school his only child attended. A widower, he appeared to have no vices other than a closed mind and a wide open mouth. It was too bad that he was the most influential member of a school board already shaky from a recent homosexual scandal in the junior high.

    “Dallas,” Kathy Collins said to him, soft purple eyes open now. “That was the greatest. You were wild with me, but so, so tender, too. It was wonderful, darling. Now let me do it to you.”

    Slowly, he spread his knees and slid up her legs, feeling the satiny brush of her slim hips against his inner thighs as he moved. What would redneck Craig Collins do if he could see his daughter now, naked and freshly sucked and now ready to give head to her teacher, especially the teacher that Collins was trying to have fired for growing his hair too long?

    After the original shattering explosion, Collins would no doubt shout, “See, damnit! I told you that hippie bastard would contaminate all our kids! See, you should have listened to me when I first said fire the hippie son of a bitch.”

    Dallas moved up the girl’s waiting body, his knees beside her chest now, looking down at the darling little tits, at the intense face with its torrid pink lips waiting, too. Her eyes stared up and locked with his own, passionate eyes, direct and unashamed, glowing with. a sensual vibrancy.

    She touched his sack, her little fingers moving around and under it like quick butterfly wings seeking nectar, searching pollen. She stroked the underside of his cock as it loomed high above her, feeling along its length in soft fondlings that made Dallas tremble in excited response.

    Of all the girls in his classes, of all the tight bottomed, braless titted kids who swung their asses at him and showed their thighs to him, he had to choose this one, the most dangerous one. They all meant trouble to a teacher, because most of them were underage and hotter than Chile Rellanos, and if he had a damned bit of sense, he’d still be avoiding them like the ticking tune bombs they were.

    But no; Dallas Bradburn had to let his dick get hard for this special kid, this red-haired temptress with the sultry purple eyes: And of all places to lay her, here be was in his own apartment. Damn! Craig Collins would get him lynched first and legally dismissed from his job afterward, while he was still swinging from the crossbar of the football goalposts.

    “Ummm,” Kathy Collins breathed, running her fingertips lightly over the shivering head of his stiff cock, and he just didn’t give a damn about her daddy or the school board or anything else in a screwed-up world.

    There was only the beautiful, willing girl, and the new universe revolved about her now. He dropped his weight upon his heels and presented the head of his shaft to her lips. Kathy’s fingers curled lovingly around the pole, and her soft lips kissed the blunt tip.

    He touched her cheekbones gently, looking down as she ran a quick red tongue around the head of his prick. The sensation was thrilling, tantalizing, and Dallas felt a shudder rake him, felt the sudden contraction of his aching balls.

    All the classroom hours he had tried to avoid even looking at this sexy kid, all the tortured dreams that had brought him awake with a stiff rod and a dry mouth; everything pointed to here and to now, to this matchless kind of love they had made together and would continue to make. He gave her the head of his cock, fed it into the open lips and knew the wet, hot caress of her retreating tongue as she drew it into her mouth.

    Dallas heard her sigh as she took in his shaft, as she buried the head far back upon the cushion of her tongue and brought her cheeks in to grip it. Her fingers continued to play around his root, to dip beneath the hairy sack of his balls, and to tickle along the underside of his pole all the way up to where it was surrounded by her avid lips. Eyes closed, rocking gently back and forth, Dallas gave himself to the sucking, to the dedicated attention this marvelous girl was paying to his cock.


    “Oh come now,” the man said from behind his shiny desk. “Your hair can’t be all that important to you, Bradburn.”

    Dallas looked at the principal, then at the straight backed chair he hadn’t been invited to use; he stood loosely, and even smiled a little. “So it can’t be all that important to the school board, either, Mr. Kingston.”

    The principal peered up through black rimmed glasses. “No member of the school board feels his career threatened. I am certain if they did, each and every one of them would accede to the wishes of the community-and immediately, I might add.”

    Dallas continued to smile, although his lips felt a little stiff. “Has the community taken a vote on my hair. I wasn’t aware of that, Mr. Kingston.”

    The principal grunted, looked at his desk to shift a ballpoint pen and a notepad from the left of his desk top to the right side. He lined up the pen precisely with the pad and said without looking up, “That’s not very humorous, Bradburn. You know very well what I mean, and I hope I don’t have to call you into my office again.”

    “I hope not,” Dallas said.

    Kingston glanced up. “Then you’ll cut your hair?”

    “I didn’t say that,” Dallas answered.

    A pompous man, Burdett Kingston was grey and short, but made up for his lack of height by having his big desk raised on a sort of a dais. His chair was high backed and majestic, and he had probably meant people to be awed by it, Dallas thought. But the maneuver had failed; the throne served only to dwarf the man in it. Nevertheless Kingston had power over his fiefdom, and if that power was less than absolute, it wasn’t because the man didn’t try to make it so.

    Now he took off his glasses,, peered at them and put them back on again Dallas thought that most men would have at least pretended to polish the glasses, but not Burdett Kingston. Dallas blurred the man out of focus while waiting for the pronouncement that was certain to come, and saw in his mind the stripped, delicious body of Kathy Collins.

    Such a loving girl, so willing to try anything, knowing and experimental. Her pussy was so tight, so hot and slippery, and she had learned to use it masterfully, discovered how to clamp down with its inner muscles while she rolled her belly and tried to drain every drop of semen from a cock, thrust balls-deep into its delightful depths.

    The principal said, “Then I must ask for your resignation.”

    “No way,” Dallas said strongly, surprising himself a little. “If you want me out of here, you’ll have to fire me-so I can take you to court.”

    Blinking through his glasses, Kingston said primly: “You would stay where you’re obviously not wanted?”

    “Oh, I don’t know,” Dallas said. “I guess a few people want me.”

    Like a sixteen year old chick with the most fabulous cunt I ever got into, he thought; like this red haired little princess who gave me a blow job last night that melted my backbone so she could draw it out through the head of my prick.

    Kathy Collins wants me, if nobody else does.

    “You’re making this very difficult,” Kingston complained.

    “I mean to make it difficult,” Dallas said. “Will that be all for now, Mr.


    “I suppose so,” the principal said. “But you’re going to find, that I can also be stubborn, Bradburn. I suggest you catch up on all your personal business, because I imagine that you will be very busy from now on-in your off time, that is. There are many little jobs that need doing around a school of this size.”

    Dallas nodded. “Of course. But just remember that you have to keep me out of the public eye. The community may not like seeing a teacher with hair as long as his students.”

    He heard a grunt behind him as he left the office, and the squeaking of the tall, chair as Kingston rocked to and fro in its leathered protection. Down the hall Dallas went, nodding to the football players heading for the gym, saying hi to kids that had never talked to him before.

    Word got around school swiftly; everyone who was at all interested would soon know about his trip to Kingston’s office, and the reason why. The kids would back him-but how far? And was that what he really wanted, their approval, their identification? Maybe he was feeling old, and was somehow clutching at the young to keep himself n the mainstream of life instead of stagnating in its backwaters.

    When he went downstairs and crossed the parking lot to his bug, she was sitting in the car next to it. “Hi, teach.”

    Dallas glanced around guiltily “Kathy-it’s not smart to be seen like this, right out in the open.”

    Her purple eyes smiled up at him, across at him as he ducked down into his VW, and she said, “Man, man-you look good enough to eat. To eat again, that is.

    Wow! What a flue night that was, darling.”

    “Kathy,” he said, more softly, “Kathy…”

    “Did old Kingston give you a bad time? Are you going to cut all that gorgeous hair and shave your cute mustache?”

    “Answering your questions in order,” Dallas said, “yes, no and hell no.”

    “Good for you,” she grinned. “I told the kids you wouldn’t back down. I’m waiting here for Marty Brooke. This is his car; you know Marty.”

    Dallas also knew an unreasoning stab of jealousy. Marty Brooke was a senior, a long and lanky kid who drew girls like freaks to a rock concert. But of course, Kathy hadn’t been a cherry when he got into her; she had been at a party that was turning into an orgy when they left together. And probably, if she had been a virgin, he’d never gotten the chance to screw her.

    “Marty drives me around a lot,” she said then. “This afternoon, he’s taking me to a place on Ivy Street-1128. That’s away out on the edge of town, on a dead-end road, almost. There’s a way out, but not many people know about it.

    It’s rented in this phony name, and we all chip in to pay for it. Nothing fancy, but a groovy pad where people can go when they want to swing. We keep it quiet there, even if it is a long way from any other houses, and we usually drive in the sneaky way, from the back and across the field. Remember the number, darling-1128. Here comes Marty now.”

    Dallas tried again. “Kathy-look, I can’t just go out there…”

    “Hi, Mr. Bradburn,” Marty Brooke said.

    “Hi,” Dallas answered, and frowned when Kathy said, “See you-soon.”

    He watched the clunker drive from the school lot, and caught a flash of red hair as it turned into the street. It was the damndest thing, but he felt his pecker rising, felt it pushing against his pant leg. The kids had a hideout pad, a place to swing. If he was ever caught in it, he’d be sent to jail on however many charges and outraged community could trump up.

    Driving away, Dallas found himself weighing the question, as if he really had a choice. Admitting that there had never been, not since he let the girl fondle his cock in the dark of the party, he moved the bug through light traffic and pointed it to the hamburger stand where he, often had dinner.

    Parked there, he gave the kid his order and watched her ripe hips swing away, wondering if he’d turned into an ass freak. He had been turned on, that was for sure; his entire body felt more alive than it had been since he left Nam, and that in itself had been a second birth. Only the marriage he’d had with Wanda didn’t get reborn, and it wasn’t that she had been shacking with some other guy while he was dodging Cong bullets.

    Dallas could have accepted that; he’d swung with Viet whores whenever he got a chance, any time the outfit pulled back to a rest area. Which wasn’t all that often, he recalled, being a grunt Marine had its drawbacks, the main one seeming to be staying where the shit was flying until you got a sack of it in the head.

    “Your goodies, Mr. Bradburn,” the carhop purred, intimating that her own goodies were much, much richer. He didn’t doubt that, and returned her grin, but no more. When she hesitated at the car door, he bit into his sandwich and busied himself until she turned away. He had enough girl troubles.

    His ex-wife just didn’t dig hanging around until he completed his master’s on the GI bill. She wanted fun and kicks and whatever else the other guy could give her, so Wanda simply split. She didn’t even leave a note saying she was sorry.

    And that, he conceded as he wolfed clown the hamburger and chased it with milk, was enough to give any man a solid kick in the balls. It had taken him damned near six months to reach out and try again with a chick. Mostly, that had been because he was tired of wet dreams and not all that eager to prove he was a stud again.

    Besides, there had been the studies-tough, heavy going that he had to wade through in order to get his teaching credentials. His luck, of course, that there had been a plethora of English masters, and no junior college slots open anywhere on this coast. Therefore, the high school job, at a hell of a lot less pay than Dallas had been looking forward to.

    But there was Kathy Collins; oh yes-a fringe benefit that far outweighed the affair he had been carrying on, more or less desultorily, with Selena Johnstone, science teacher. The trouble with Selena was that she approached sex with the same clinical outlook as she dissected frogs in her biology class. It made Dallas uneasy, as if his cock was being examined through a microscope, as if some giant scalpel might dart out of the ceiling and whack him off at the balls.

    “Come back soon, Mr. Bradburn,” the cute carhop said, and thanked him for the usual tip. He assured her he would, and turned the VW for the far side of town, as he’d always known he would.

    He found Ivy Street, a gravel lane with a scattering of small houses along its winding way, and drove slowly past clumps of trees. Number 1128 sat at the very end, off the road.

    Turning into the bush-guarded driveway, he passed the front entrance of the secluded house and parked where the bug couldn’t be seen from the road. There was no other car nearby, and by looking around as he climbed from his, he could see the track across the field, the getaway outlet set up by the kids, in case their hideaway pad was discovered. He hoped it was a good exit; he’d hate like hell to slam the bug into a fence or some big, hard tree, should the fuzz spring a raid.

    And speaking of big hards, he said to himself as he mounted the back steps, where was little Kathy Collins? She didn’t seem the kind who would put him on; she was as eager for screwing as she had made him. The girl had rekindled a flame in him, one that he thought might have fizzled out, and she was opening him up to himself, as well as to a sexual freedom he hadn’t known existed;

    He lifted a hand to knock on the back door, but it swung open before he could reach the wooden panel, and he saw her piquant face framed there, saw the saucy laughing eyes and the tempting pouty mouth. Her hand darted out and drew him quickly inside.

    She was against him then, pressed to him at thighs and pelvis, lifting herself on tiptoes to do so, pressed into his lower chest with the twin points of her firm young tits.

    Her mouth lifted to his, sweet and burning, and a flash passed through his head of what she had done with it the night before, of how this hungry little bitch-princess had sucked on his cock. His tongue probed deeply, and hers writhed against it, her lips mobile and her teeth threatening to lance him.

    “Wow!” she sighed, pulling back with obvious regret. “I really missed you, teach. All day long, I kept remembering all we did last night, and I had to keep my thighs clamped tight together because I was burning up. And when I bad to sit through English and watch you move around.”

    “I know,” he said. “After awhile, I was afraid to stand up.”

    She laughed, a bright, sparkling peal of happiness. “I knew you had a hard on.

    I could sense it. But I’m glad you didn’t show it to the other kids; not yet, anyway. I’m greedy. I want you to myself for awhile, Dallas darling.”

    “For just awhile?” He was just making conversation while he looked around.

    Following her through the tidy kitchen, he went into the living room, another small layout that was neatly kept and cared for. Two couches and a low table just about filled the room, and the drapes were tightly drawn.

    “Sure,” Kathy said. “You weren’t thinking of marriage, were you, teacher? My daddy would shoot us both, and anyway-I have a lot of swinging to do yet. Maybe later on, darling-when I’m like thirty or so?”

    He laughed with her. “Sure, when you are a thirty year old bag.”

    She was working at her dress, hiking the skirt and wiggling. He stared at the shapely small legs, the delicate lines tanned from summer just past, but not enough to overlap the rich cream and rose tones of her skin. She wore panties, but not for long, and they came flying out to land at his feet.

    “Everything is locked up,” she said, drawing the dress over her head and showing him that she still wasn’t wearing a bra. “You don’t have to worry about getting caught here with me. I’m supposed to be grabbing a bite in town, then hitting the books at the library. Blithe and Angel will cover for me, if my father calls up there. So we have a lot of time, teacher dear. Nobody will bother us here tonight; none of the kids are coming around, so we can fuck all we want to.”

    He peeled out of his own clothing, hurrying, his fingers clumsy and his cock rising to its full length and thickness. The head of it pointed at the sleek young body before it, pointed like a bird dog and throbbed a silent signal.

    Kathy dropped to her knees, turned and presented her trim ass to him as she also placed her hands on the floor. “I haven’t had it this way from you, Dallas. Not the ass, since you’re far too big for that, but bow-wow, please sir-please, teacher?”

    “You lovely little bitch,” he said, and dropped down behind her, avid as any dog sniffing a bitch in heat.

    “Yes,” she agreed, and rolled her ass to entice him more.

    Dallas didn’t need any urging; she was hot and ready and he was impatient for another screwing of her magnificent small body. Behind her, he slid close as she spread her knees, and took her by the hips. Caressing them, easing his hands over and around her beautifully modeled ass, he stared down into the silken cleft and the little brown dip almost hidden there. For the first time in his life, Dallas Bradburn really wanted to stick his cock into an asshole.

    But since that was impossible, he did the next best thing and moved the aching head of his prick down by hand, guiding it longingly into the red pubic hair snuggled between the delectable thighs. Gently, he prodded with it, and Kathy helped him by lifting her ass, by reaching back between her legs to take hold of his shaft and steer it to the humid, shuddering entrance of her pussy.

    It was a crazy, wild feeling when she rubbed the sensitive head up and down in her pubic hair, up and down into the wetly sliding lips of her young cunt, teasing him just a little. Then, as his fingers tightened upon that impossibly slim waist, and as his balls swung to touch electrically against her satin skin, the girl inserted the blunt tip of his cock into her juicy little opening shoving back and down upon it.

    Slowly, his glands penetrated that rubbery wet hole, making the cunt lips spread themselves to take him in, forcing its way up into the sizzling heat of that softly willing body. In Dallas went, and in some more, while Kathy sighed and braced her hands hard upon the floor.

    He was socked home in her pussy then, buried all the way into the clenching heat, shoved deeply into the torrid grip of her eager snatch. His balls swung between her veed thighs, and the cheeks of her exquisite ass were tight against his crotch. Dallas backed gently out, and; she squirmed as the swollen head reached her inner labia once more. With a sharply demanding wiggle, she rammed back, forcing his prick to slide full length into her cunt again.

    That set the pattern, made the rhythm for their slow and sensuous fucking; he would pull out, and she would take back his cock. Dallas leaned down upon the small, perfect body, and as they stroked together, reached around to take her compact tits in both hands, to nuzzle into the deep scarlet hair that smelled of woman musk and silken depths.

    “Lovely,” Kathy moaned. “Oh, yes-lovely prick so hard and thick. I love it, teacher-I adore your prick in me, and I adore you. Fuck me, teacher darling; screw me until I can’t breathe for being so turned on, and then fuck me some more.”

    He fed her the meat she craved, pumped it more strongly into the tight clasp of her pussy, ground it around so that he was certain it was caressing her expanded clitoris. The girl humped it to him, rolling her hips and sucking in her belly at every long, hammering stroke.

    “Yes, baby!” she panted. “Oh Dallas, baby you’re packing my body with your cock, filling my cunt with all that lovely meat, and I-I-I’m going to come, Dallas-come!”

    He felt her pussy muscles bite down upon his rodding prick, felt the slippery juices flow heavier, and slammed his shaft home time and time again with increasing power. She moaned and heaved beneath him when his own orgasm hit, when the force of his climax exploded the hot semen far up into her cunt.

    Squirting the thick, rich come into her pulsating vagina, he filled the narrow, tight hole with the stuff. Dallas clenched her ass, wiggled his cock once more into the foamy tissues, and felt another burst of semen rise from his balls. He couldn’t seem to stop coming, and it was good, so good that his breath rasped in his throat and his body vibrated from head to toe.

    “Ah yes, darling,” she breathed. “Oh there, there-so far-out, so groovy. I can feel the head of your prick twitching, feel all that nice, hot semen in my pussy. You’re fabulous, teacher-just fantastic!”

    He said throatily, “You’re pretty fantastic yourself, Kathy Collins. In fact, you’re the finest lay I ever had.”

    She lifted her upper body, squeezing back into his lap, holding his cock prisoner within her cunt. Turning her head, site looked back over one shoulder.

    “Am I really, Dallas? Am I really a better fuck that even those groovy Vietnamese chicks?”

    He backed gently out of her, rolling her to one side as he did so; his prick left her vagina with a wet plopping noise. “Better than anyone,” he said.

    She lay on her side, staring up at him, and said, “That’s nice.”


    His eyes ranged the room, moving from face to face, and Dallas tried to keep his voice non-committal, to hold it even as he wrapped up the lesson for the day. His class had been more attentive than he could remember.

    And there was Kathy Collins, looking trim and delicious in a snug pantsuit that accentuated every nubile curve of her body. The outfit was a pale lavender, offset by the scintillating color of her hair and the deeper shading of her eyes. Dallas looked away, and found his interest trapped briefly by the black velvet face of Angel Matthews, held by the sloe and softly liquid eyes of the girl.

    Hesitating he cleared his throat and walked around the speaker’s stand he favored. Today’s lecture had been on Shakespeare, and they had listened, really listened. But now a hand went up-Angel Matthews.

    “Yes,” he said.

    “Mr. Bradburn.” Her voice was liquid, too-a honeyed and sultry tone poem. “Can we study modern poets, too? I mean, Shakespeare is okay, I guess, but some of us dig more relevant poets.”

    “Like?” he prompted.

    “Rod McKuen, maybe.”

    Dallas said, “Ah yes; Listen To The Warm.”

    Her eyebrows went up. “You know him.”

    “Fresh and articulate,” he said, watching Kathy now, seeing approval mirrored in her eyes. “A fine poet, and I see no reason we can’t study him, compare him to the Bard. If any students have more of his books…”

    “I have, Mr. Bradburn.” It was the football player. Eric Fairmont rarely spoke up in class. “Want me to bring it tomorrow?”

    Dallas nodded and grinned at them as the bell rang. They piled out of the room talking animatedly, and two hung back. They complemented each other perfectly, he thought-red-haired Cathy and ebony Angel.

    Kathy said, “That was great, teacher. I mean opening up the class to Rod McKuen. Some of the parents think he’s dirty.”

    Angel said softly, “I don’t.”

    A quick thought flashed through Dallas’s head: he saw the girl, the black girl, stripped down, her ripening young body agleam with special oils, her nipples standing out like two dark raisins, and her pubic mound shining…

    Kathy said swiftly, “See you this evening. Your place.”

    They were gone before he could form a protest. Damn, he thought; if he kept meeting the girl, he was as much as laying his head on the chopping block.

    Every time he saw her, each long screwing session they spent together, increased his odds of being caught. But the very thought of her naked and writhing made him shove all the logical considerations aside.

    It dawned on him that Kathy had made the date while Angel was standing by, and the black girl had heard it. Was Kathy flipping out? Or was she just showing off her conquest to her friend? That was a dangerous move for the girl to make, and there was no way for him to stop it-unless he simply broke it off, the entire torrid affair.

    Dallas wasn’t certain he could do that; not yet, anyway. He gathered his books and left the classroom. Early in the day he’d gotten a notice from the principal to report to the gym after class, where he “might be of some use in assisting the coach.” The harassment had begun, true to Kingston’s threat; extra jobs would pile up; time consuming duties that were supposed to make him angry enough to resign would eat away at his free hours.

    Moving down the hallway and turning for the gym, Dallas wondered why he didn’t quit, why he didn’t tell Kingston to shove his job up his ass. He hadn’t spent a lot of money since the divorce, and he had a few bucks saved. Out on the coast, things were looser, and by now he might be able to find a pretty good place at a junior college.

    It was just the idea, damnit. Who the hell were the yingyangs on the school board; who the hell was old Kingston, to dictate the length of Dallas Bardburn’s hair, and to proscribe a cleanly shaven upper lip?

    It had been just a whim, to start growing the halt Maybe he wanted to feel more individual, or perhaps he’d reached the point where he’d stopped feeling sorry for himself and was ready to become part of the real world again Whatever the cause, Dallas was prepared to stand by the result screw ‘em all, he thought.

    Especially Kathy Collins? Grinning, he shook his head and sloughed off the down mood, thinking how damned lucky he was, fucking a gorgeous little chick like Kathy. He flashed scene after scene of her humping beneath his driving prick, of her sleek, small body twisting in his arms, her hard tits sliding across the hair of his sweaty chest. And there was the head she had given him, the softly pulling lips wrapped so hungrily around his aching cockhead.

    Dallas turned into the gym, and walked across the polished floor of the basketball court. That was a mistake, because the coach met him as he passed under the basket.

    “What the hell!” Coach Parnell snorted. “You don’t walk on that floor in street shoes, man. Damn it-look at those rubber marks.”

    Dallas said, “Sorry; I didn’t think…”

    “Yeah, you didn’t think.” Roger Parnell was a tall, lean man who carried only the hint of a pot belly beneath his sweatshirt. His head was shaven, and his nose had been broken.

    Dallas tried again. “I never played basketball. Well, Mr. Kingston said be here, and I’m here.”

    Parnell made an abrupt, beckoning motion with one hand and turned away. Dallas followed the other man into the dressing rooms. A couple of football players were just trotting out, and one of them said, “Hi, Mr. Bradburn.”

    Parnell jerked a thumb at a bench. “Have a seat. You’re popular with the kids, huh? How come, man? You say you never played basketball, and I happen to know you’ve never been on a football field, either. How come you’re so in with the kids-because you try to look like ‘em?”

    His books were on the bench beside him. Dallas said, “If you have a job for me to do, tell me what it is. Otherwise, fuck you.”

    Rubbing a hand over his bent nose, Parnell said, “Yeah; a real wise ass. It figured.” Reaching down, the coach grabbed the end of the wooden bench and jerked it up.

    Dallas hit the floor hard, with a jar that hurt.

    But when he landed, he bounced, and came up lunging. His head caught the man in the belly and hurled him back to slam into the metal wall lockers. When Parnell staggered to one side off balance, Dallas hit him with a sharp left hook, then chopped his right fist into the base of the man’s corded neck.

    The coach went down, landed on his ass with his feet stuck out, then fell over onto one side and kicked weakly.

    Breathing through his mouth, Dallas stooped and retrieved his books. When he straightened again, Parnell was back in a sitting position, gagging and trying to keep from throwing up. Dallas said, “If this was Kingston’s idea, it was a bad one. No, I never got involved in sports. I was kind of busy in Vietnam. But when a guy is a Marine grunt, he takes care of himself, or he gets his ass kicked a lot. I didn’t get my ass kicked a lot, Parnell.”

    He left the dressing rooms and the choking man behind. Deliberately, he walked across the basketball floor again, and took a different path this time, leaving another trail of heel marks. Funny, he thought-he didn’t feel pissed off; he felt pretty good, really. If that was Kingston’s first major try to get rid of him, the principal had blown it. Parnell wasn’t nearly as tough as he looked.

    Whistling, he dumped his books and some papers for correction into the back of the VW and tooled the bug down to the drive-in. The cute carhop wasn’t on, so he walked to the window and bought cheeseburgers, chips and rootbeer, enough for three or four people. Dallas hurried home with the sandwiches before they cooled too much, and stuck them into his small oven.

    Kathy hadn’t said what time she’d be here in his apartment, so he readied things for dinner, thinking that sometime he’d take her out to a real spread-a, long way away from town, where they wouldn’t be recognized.

    He watched the early news on TV and ate one of the burgers before she showed up. She came quietly, hidden by the hedges and protected by the ornamental shrubs until she could scratch at his back door. But when he let her inside, she wasn’t alone. Angel Matthews was with her.

    “Don’t look so shook up,” she smiled, lifting to her toes and wrapping her arms around his neck. She kissed him lightly on the mouth. “Angel is my best friend, and if anybody has been watching me, she’s a real good cover. Wow! Listen to me talk like some kind of Mafia doll.”

    He was stiff in her arms, so she let go and wrinkled her cute nose, sniffing the air. “Burgers? Far out.”

    As she went to the oven, Dallas looked at the black girl. Angel was standing hipshot, her miniskirt just covering her upper thighs, and she smiled at him.

    He dropped his eyes, saw the dark velvet of those well turned legs and gnawed at his lip. What the hell did Kathy have in mind, bringing her buddy along? It was bad enough yesterday, when that Brooke kid had probably been let in on the secret by driving Kathy out to the gang’s hidden pad. It was worse now, exposing him to this other young girl, and in his own home.

    Angel said reassuringly, “Don’t worry, man. I’m no fink.”

    “No way,” Kathy agreed, putting sandwiches on the table. “Come on, Angel-hungry time.”

    “Now and later,” the black girl said, and Dallas blinked down at both of them as they casually started eating.

    Dallas popped the top on a can of beer and drank it down chugalug. That seemed to call for another, but he took it much slower on the second.

    Kathy said, with a fleck of catsup at the corner of her mouth, “We hear you bounced the coach around pretty good.”

    “What?” He stared at them. “How could that word get around so fast?”

    She took another bite of her sandwich, and her tongue made a dainty, licking collection of the catsup. “Oh, Eric Fairmont broke a shoestring and came back about the time it was happening. He says you kind of zapped Mr. Parnell, but that coach started it. Is it more about not cutting your hair, Dallas?”

    He nodded and sipped beer. “Something like that.”

    Angel Matthews said suddenly. “The bastards. What can we do to help, Mr.


    Shaking his head, Dallas said, “Nothing, I imagine. They’re trying to harass me into quitting, but the hell with them. I’ve been hassled before.”

    Kathy got up from the table, stretched in a way that shoved her small but lovely tits hard against the thin material of her blouse. She went to the door and checked its lock, then peered closely at the drawn drapes. Her next stop was the stereo, where she put on some albums. Hitting the overhead light switch, she left on the small lamp beside the couch.

    “In case you’ve still got hang-ups,” she said to Dallas, and began to strip off her pantsuit.

    He glanced quickly over at the other girl, at Angel, and saw her rolling her slim hips to get out of her miniskirt. What the hell, he wondered, then saw it clearly. They were going to swing with him together. Both girls meant to screw him. The idea burst within his head like a strobe light, giving off a great white flash of illumination, and he could feel his cock leap erect.

    In his fantasies, he had often dreamed of fucking two girls, of having a pair of delightfully naked bodies crawling over and under his own. But even in Nam, where the whores were available and willing for the right price, he’d never experienced two girls at once.

    Dallas stood uncertainly, his eyes flicking back and forth from girl to girl, seeing the now familiar but always exciting body of Kathy Collins, watching the new and intriguing nudity of Angel Matthews. One red-haired pussy, proudly set between slim little-girl thighs; one dark pussy, fluffed with wiry black hair, tucked provocatively between rich black thighs, full thighs, yet sleek and shapely.

    Angel was a few inches taller than Kathy, and a few pounds heavier; she stood like a pagan bitch goddess, her feet apart and her tits arrogantly high, aiming the bushy appeal of her crotch at him while her hips made slow, ticktocking movements.

    Fumbling at his clothes, he wondered briefly how he would go about it, if he would screw them in turn, or what. He had never fucked a black girl, and Angers ready cunt was drawing him to it, the magnet of her furry snatch beckoning the iron hardness of his swollen cock.

    But Kathy was still as delicious as ever, still as charming, a pixie out of some highly sensuous tribe of fairies, ever ready to feed on forbidden honey.

    They were both beautiful girls, he saw, one as desirable as the Other. He gave up trying to pick one.

    Giggling, Kathy said, “You’re tried three times to get your shorts off; let me.” And as she pulled them down over his legs, she said, “Leave it to us, darling. Angel is just as eager for your fucking as I am, and you’ve never screwed her, so…”

    They drew him down upon the worn carpet, a black velvet body and a white satin body, flashing teeth as they laughed, eyes all bright as they plunged into this new adventure. Dallas was trembling, his shaft up and out, hard as a vault pole and a hell of a lot less pliable. He lay back as they caressed him, as two pairs of quick, light hands slid deftly over his naked body, exploring the crevices of him, searching the hummocks and the planes.

    Into his crotch they went, stroking along his anus and making flames shoot along the underside of his prick; The black girl kissed him then, and her tongue was a serpent striking hotly, striking wetly at him. Her panting breath warmed his mouth, and her tongue felt his teeth, over the roof of his mouth, along his cheeks. All the while, her firm, glossy body was wiggling on him, her tits against the left side of his chest, the nipples hard.

    And on his right side, Kathy Collins was brushing the impossibly soft, deep and feathery mound of her humid pussy up,and down the outside of his thigh. Her ups nuzzled under his ear, then passed down his throat, and her hands were always busy, busy.

    “Sweet, groovy teacher,” she murmured, fondling his balls, his scrotum. “Some of the kids thought you would be too old for real swinging, but I always knew you were hot and strong.”

    The dark lips lifted momentarily from his own. “Me, too,” Angel said huskily.

    “I always wanted to dig you, Mr. Bradburn, and here I am.”

    There wasn’t a hell of a lot he could say, and Dallas didn’t trust his voice, anyway, so he kept quiet. Not still, because that was a physical impossibility; his entire body was flinching and shivering, his muscles going taut at the softly probing caresses be was receiving from both girls.

    Damn, he thought; these kids were older and wiser than he was; they held all the ancient knowledge of sex, and were smart enough, open enough, to use It freely and fully. They had no hang-ups that he knew about, and they sure as hell loved to hick. He tried to relax and let them do as they pleased with his flesh, but his skin twitched when Kathy kissed his shoulder and began to lick down his rib cage.

    And he heaved slightly when Angel stuck her wet tongue into his, ear, also knowing that his asshole bad snapped tight at the same time.


    “Just stay right there on your back,” Kathy said. She had her thighs placed next to his head now, from the rear. Turning his eyes, he could see each succulent little mounding of savory flesh, and could sense the pressure, however light, of her crotch against the top of his head.

    And Angel Matthews was sitting astride his legs, moving her woolly snatch against the base of his upright cock, teasing herself by pressing it to his balls, then backing it away coyly. The feel of it fascinated him; he had never known cunt hair of that texture, all wiry-soft. Dallas was anxious to get the head of his prick into It, into another exquisite sixteen year old pussy that was hot and willing.

    Kathy was running things; she said, “Since you really ought to fuck Angel first, you can eat me. At the same time, darling-your prick in one cunt and your tongue in another. Far out!”

    Dallas watched as she lifted her lower body, as she came up to a kneeling position with her thighs spread. He stared up into the daintily haired pussy, into the pouting labia whose inner surfaces were brushed with pink. He could see the pale chocolate rim of her anus, too. When he ate her adorable snatch from this position, her ass would be riding his nose, but he didn’t care about that.

    Quickly, before his view would be cut off, Dallas looked down to see the black girl posing herself in the same stance as Kathy. But Angel reached down and wrapped her slim, smooth fingers around the shaft of his pulsing cock, so she could aim its impatient head into the mystery of her pubic hair.

    “Let’s make it last,” Kathy said. “I don’t have to be home for awhile yet.”

    “You couldn’t bring me home with you, anyhow,” Angel laughed, and pushed the blunt tip of Dallas’s cock up into the curly fleece of her pussy.

    He knew the thrill of the different kind of hair, the swift fondling of his glands as it burrowed through the moss to penetrate into the cunt lips themselves. Angel’s pussy was tight and blazing hot, but elastic; its labia expanded to take in his cockhead, and as it slid deeply into her damp hole, she lowered her crotch until she was sitting on his pelvis.

    His shaft was buried to the root within her vagina, tucked firmly into the tight gripping of this new cunt. She was boiling inside, the satiny tissues of her pussy searing his prick, and as she began to rock gently from side to side, rolling the modeled cheeks of her ass against his balls, against his crotch, Dallas began to wonder how long he could fuck this beautiful black girl without coming.

    The gorgeously red haired snatch came down on his face, closing off his view.

    He shut his eyes and opened his mouth, letting the downy lips of Kathy’s pussy enter his own. Dallas started slowly with them, pulling the labia into his mouth, gnawing them gently with his teeth, tickling them with the tip of his tongue.

    His prick shuddered as Angel wiggled upon it; she placed her hands upon his belly for balance and hiked her cunt up and down upon the length of his embedded cock. His own hands drifted up blindly and found the pear-shaped mounds of the black girl’s ass. Fondling them, fingering into the mossy cleft, he could touch the slippery skin of his prick as it slipped in and out of the slowly pistoning cunt.

    And Kathy ground her pussy on his face, beginning to build a rhythm, rubbing the priceless little pearl of her clitoris against his teeth. He shoved his tongue far up her vaginal cavity, felt around with it as she rocked upon his face. Bringing it down again, he found the clit and teased it wetly, then suddenly and savagely, drew it deep into his teeth.

    Above him, Kathy cried out, and her thighs tightened their grip upon his head, her knees sliding around his ears and down to his shoulders. She was sweaty now, and her young, vibrant pussy was well oiled with her inner essences, with the slippery, foamy lubrication of her cunt.

    Sweet and hot, the juices flowed into his suctioning mouth, and he drank them avidly down, gulped them in his eagerness to take all her budding body, to possess her m every way physically possible. She was wild and bitchy, yet she was the schoolgirl, somehow pristine and unreachable.

    The little savage riding his prick was something else; Angel Matthews was a young barbarian, clamping his shaft in the muscles of her cunt, bouncing up and down on it as if it totally belonged to her, and she meant to screw it off at the balls. Her cunt was trained, strong, but snug and narrow, almost as if it had never been used. Angel used it now like an experienced courtesan, grinding it around his rod, shaking her trim, firm ass. She was really working him over.

    But no more than Kathy was; the girl rode his mouth; squeezed his head between her thighs, rubbed her entire crotch over his face-nose chin and cheeks. Dallas loved every moment of it, reveling in the tender strokings, in the taste and feel of her hair, her liquids, and the tender heat of her flesh, both inside and out.

    Clinging to the black girl’s ass, he began to lift his pelvis, feeding the hard meat into her receptive cunt with strong return thrusts, making his balls flop up against the crack. She struck back at him, down upon him, banging her pussy violently against his belly, rolling his cock around inside the blazing wetness of her educated cunt.

    “Oh!” Kathy gasped, shivering on his face. “Ooohh, Dallas! I’m about to come, darling-ooohl Ahh! You can really eat my pussy, teacher-oh, wow”

    Her legs went taut against his cheeks, and her cunt stopped moving, after a final, convulsive heaving. Blissfully, Dallas continued to suck upon her clit, to draw the delicious inner folds of her pussy lips against his teeth. He wanted to drink down all her luscious juices, to swallow those inner truths of this magic girl.

    Another voice beat down at him, sultry and demanding, hammering at his consciousness, “Fuck me harder, man! Harder, teach-lay that fine white meat to my cunt, baby! Oh yeah-yeah-I dig that, dig it, man! Come with me, teach-come with me, you stiff-dicked fucker-c-come!”

    He blasted off as she jerked her pussy around his plunging cock, as she rolled her slender ass in his hands. The head of his prick swelled, palpitated, then let go with a tremendous, roaring release of semen. Hot and thick, creamy and boiling, it spat against the cup of her womb, rained searing droplets against her vaginal walls, and came geysering down to make his own stilled shaft that much greasier. Dallas let go with a hell of a load, pumping it in slowly diminishing hosings, until her tight cunt was filled with his frothing stuff, until some of his come began to work out around the hilt of his prick and to soak hotly upon his balls.

    Gently, Kathy lifted her steaming crotch from his face, and breaking the suction made a wetly popping noise. Eyes still closed, Dallas could feel her love oils cooling upon his face. He didn’t move, lying supine and fondling the modeled cheeks of the other girl’s ass, feeling the velvet skin outside, knowing the scorching velvet of the inside. Angel Matthews was one marvelous fuck, and sharing two such sensuous girls simultaneously was just too much. His balls were probably drained of energy for the rest of the night- if not for all next week.

    Angel climbed slowly off him. Her eyes found his own when they opened, and locked gazes with him as she smiled fondly “Mr. Bradburn-you can sure screw.”

    He said, “Oh come, now; I think you know me well enough to call me Dallas.”

    The girls laughed, and he sat up, propping himself on one elbow, looking down with surprise at his still hard cock. It was the newness, he thought, the constantly changing sex scene that kept him ready. Of course, he wasn’t old; at thirty he should be just coming into his physical prime.

    But he might never have reached that sensuous maturity if it hadn’t been for lovely Kathy Collins-and now, the equally beautiful and youthful Angel Matthews. He might have gone on going more and more into his shell, spending fewer and fewer Saturday nights with Selena Johnstone, teacher at large, diagnostician in bed.

    “Want another beer?” Kathy asked, climbing up to stand proudly unashamed in her polished nudity. “You look like you could use one.”

    “Or more,” Dallas agreed, and as he got to his own feet, he reached to touch Angel’s hand. “Thank you, Angel. You are really an exceptional girl.”

    Her sloe eyes were dark and warm. “Don’t thank me, man. I got as much as you did out of our screwing. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t fuck you, teach.”

    He stared at her. “That’s true, isn’t it? Right up front. I have a lot to learn about the new mores, but I have two beautiful teachers-if they’ll be patient with me.”

    “Take your time,” Kathy said, handing him an opened can of beer. “Like I said-we like it slow and easy, and we still have a couple of hours.” He swallowed cold and reviving beer. “Where are you supposed to be tonight? I’m surprised that your father doesn’t check up on you more.”

    She passed a can of beer to Angel, and lifted her own in a mock salute. “Oh, he does. But I always cover my trail pretty good. You know, I wish I could afford to be honest with my dad, but no way. He thinks I have to do it all his way, straight and uptight and mad at the whole world most of the time.”

    “True” Angel grimaced. “My daddy split, but my mom is just as bad. And you, teach-you got the whole school board, the principal, and Kathy’s old man.”

    Finishing his beer, Dallas said, “But I have his daughter, too-which more than makes up for any headaches Mr. Craig Collins gives me.”

    “Right on, man,” Angel said. “You hang in there and fight the bastards, Mr.

    Bradburn-Dallas, that is. And if you need any help, you yell for it. The kids will think of something-like a strike, maybe, or pickets, or setting the damned school on fire, if we have to.”

    He shook his head. “Let’s not go that far, Angel, I appreciate your wanting to help, but…”

    “Hey, Kathy said. “A couple of hours can sure get wasted this way. We came here to swing, didn’t we? Then let’s get hack to the main idea. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to fuck some more.”

    “I’m recovering from my temporary weakness,” Dallas said. “Whatever you girls have in mind.

    They had plenty in mind, he discovered. Back on the floor, he was soon writhing and going stiff in the shaft. The kids were playing oral games with his prick, bumping their noses and giggling as they both worked over his rod with kissing lips and teasing tongues and now and then, a gentle nip from their teeth. It was a lot to handle, and if he hadn’t so recently ejaculated, he would have fired off before they got halfway through their game.

    As it was, he had to fight back the inclination to grab one of the heads and hammer home his prick, shoving it halfway down one of their throats and he didn’t much care which one. Dallas looked down at them, at the midnight color of the afro hairdo, at the gleaming red hair of the other girl; he saw their tongues flicking over his cockhead, saw their tongues at times caressing each other.

    Something new, he thought dazedly; could these two sweet young girls also be involved with each other-sexually, that was? They were so feminine, so utterly womanly, he found it difficult to believe. Still, Dallas admitted silently, there was much he didn’t know about women. He’d proved that by losing a wife, hadn’t he?

    They murmured something and lifted their young faces from his now throbbing prick. “That ought to get you turned on, darling,” Kathy said. “Now you’ll have to-do something about it.”

    Giggling again, they squirmed themselves around into a new position, and Dallas blinked when he saw it. The girls lay one atop the other, the black one on the bottom, since she was larger. Kathy was on top, her svelte ass pressing into Angel’s groin, her tits cupped lightly by Angel’s hands. Their cunts beckoned him, gleamed entrancingly up at Dallas as he moved to crouch between the out flung legs-all four of them. He saw the two pussy’s one furry black, one feathery scarlet, saw the alluring slits of the cunts themselves.

    “Just take turns in our cunts,” Angel said, fondling the other girl’s lovely fits. “You do it any way you want-and it might be a real kick if you swung both ways, like with your mouth and your prick, man.”

    In answer, Dallas’s cock vibrated. It was a hell of an idea, a real challenge, and he reached out to caress the girls as he debated where he was going to start. He ran his fingers tantalizingly over Kathy’s trembling belly, feeling the smooth perfection of the pale skin, knowing the kiss of her humid cunt hairs, and dipping one tip into the slick fascination of her labia.

    Then he reached below to feel Angel, to take time and dedicated interest in handling her thighs, feeling the shape of her ass cheeks. Prodding delicately into the juicy cunt lips, Dallas stroked them and fondled them, watching the girl’s crotch start, to move in short, sensuous arcs.

    The fluffy-wiry hair tingled against his palm, and he used his other hand to cup Kathy’s pussy also.

    Now he had a double handful of cunts-both soft and hot, both young and sexily appealing, two slits that were dripping with urgent need. Although he had just sucked one of them and fucked the other, they were both ready to go again.

    Well, so was he, and Dallas hunkered down to press his cheek to the top snatch, to Kathy Collins’ delectable vulva.

    The position placed his lips against the furry slot that belonged to Angel Matthews, and he was conscious of the musk that rose from it.

    The odor was stimulating, attractive, and his prick bobbed in response, as if the girl was a bitch in heat and he was a big he-dog with a bone on. Dallas licked the delicate pussy lips, rubbing his tongue along the crisp hairs, pushing its tip across the slippery hot labia.

    He had to turn his face straight on, in order to use his mouth and tongue properly, and this move pushed his forehead against Kathy’s throbbing snatch.

    She wiggled and moaned softly, rolling her ass and massaging her pussy across his forehead. Dallas shoved his tongue deep into Angel’s quaking young cunt.

    She arched her back and hiked the girl she was holding, making Kathy bounce a little. Dallas was crowded some by the four spread thighs, and had a difficult time using his hands to suit himself. But he soon gave up trying to divide his caresses, and spread them out, petting whichever thigh was nearest, cuddling any ass cheek, nuzzling into both cunts with equal fervor.

    He pulled on Angel’s expanded clit, and the black girl heaved spasmodically, crying out: “Oh shit! Oh wow. Teach baby-you’re freaking me out-yeah, yeah-that’s it, baby! Eat my cunt out.”

    Working frantically into her shuddering pussy, Dallas reached up and slid a finger into Kathy’s hot snatch, wiggling it back and forth across her clitoris, finger-fucking her while he sucked off her girlfriend. He was snuffling into those juicy cunts like a hungry, horny dog, and loving every second of it.

    Both girls were groaning and panting now, Kathy murmuring soft little words of love, Angel being more violent, more aggressive and demanding. Their asses were surging, and their bellies turning sweaty. Dallas knew the exact moment Angel came, because her pussy contracted madly and her pelvis struck at his teeth.

    Face wet with her lubrication, he intensified his fingering of the red-haired cunt, bringing Kathy to a whip lashing orgasm also. She flinched, snapped her thighs shut against his head, and bucked her snatch against his hand when she came.

    Slowly, he raised his face from Angel’s steaming pussy, only to insert a finger where his tongue had been, and to move his still hungry mouth up to the second cunt. Dallas damped his lips upon that feathery little slot and began to suck, to pull upon the vibrant clit and to run his tongue in and out.

    Below, Angel Matthews ground her tight, sizzling hole upon his finger, rubbing her clitoris across it every time he made a deeply penetrating stroke. Hot and horny, the girls wiggled next to each other, squirmed against Dallas’s mouth and on his hand, churning their way to their second climax in a matter of minutes.

    Dallas was having a ball. The girls were frantic, digging his chewing, his handling, and be was almost coming, getting almost as big a kick out of it as they were, but not quite. As they gave little soft screams of completion, he thought there was more to come, that he still had to luck them both.


    Eyeing the big man, Dallas figured that Craig Collins was probably just as rough as he looked. Collins looked more like a hardnosed construction worker, or a retired pro bail player, than a man who ran hardware stores. True, the guy was going a little to paunch, and graying in his GI-cropped hair, but Kathy’s father wouldn’t be that easy to run over, Dallas thought, and he didn’t really want to try. But if he had to…

    “Why the hell you want to go around looking like some kind of goddamned hippie?” Collins asked, jaw thrust out. “I checked on you, Bradburn. You were a Marine in Vietnam-a Marine. That don’t make you a draft dodger or objector, and you got an education. So how come you don’t see the light and cut out all this crap about how hair is a sign of freedom? Freedom, shit. Hair don’t do anything but make you hairy and dirty looking.”

    Dallas said, “Why let it bug you, then?”

    Collins slammed a big, red fist on his desk top. “Because I got responsibilities to my community, and to my own kid, by damn! To all the other kids that your crazy kind of thinking can screw up. And if that bugs me, mister-I’m going to bug the hell out of you about it.”

    The office was cluttered, invoices and bills of lading piled upon the desk, other papers filed in an overflowing cabinet. But Coffins had asked Dallas to sit down, hadn’t tried to keep him standing like a schoolboy. Dallas saw the choleric shade of the man’s face, the determined set of his jaw, and wondered how the hell he could have begotten such a squirmy, hot-assed little package of beauty and brains as Kathy. Maybe there was a lot to Collins that didn’t show on the surface.

    Dallas blinked or maybe it did show, and he had been just too blind too see it.

    Did Collins “protest too much?” Was the man using a Pavlovian reaction of establishment respectability against a subconscious desire to be free of restrictions himself?

    Collins said, “Well, damnit?”

    “No way,” Dallas answered. “I don’t cut my hair and shave my moustache-and I don’t resign. Fire me, if you want me out.”

    Collins’s heavy brows drew down. “So you can sit on your ass for six or eight months, doing nothing but waiting for the court to bring up your case? So you can maybe collect damages and back pay, too? Shit, mister; I’m smarter than that. But maybe I’m dumb, too. Because I just can’t figure why you’re doing this.”

    Shrugging, Dallas said, “I really don’t know. I might have gotten tired of looking exactly like every other teacher, or it might be I need to identify with the kids more, so I can better reach them. Whichever, it’s my business, not the school-board’s.”

    Collins said, “I don’t see it that way. Okay, mister; you won’t quit and we can’t fire you-not without a lot of bad publicity for our town. But maybe we can make you see the light.”

    Dallas stood up. “Kingston tried that, with Coach Parnell.”

    “Yeah,” Collins said, pulling open his desk drawer to take out a heavy cigar.

    He bit the end off it and spit it out in the general direction of his wastebasket. “I heard about that. Parnell is an amateur. I’m a businessman, Bradburn. When I hire somebody, he’s a professional. Or I do the job myself.”

    “Either way,” Dallas said, and walked out of the office with a coolness he didn’t feel. Collins was a hard man, and would do hard things. He’d seen sergeants like that, in Nam, guys who would tough it out against any odds, whether they were right or wrong. Maybe they got other guys killed because of their blind stubbornness, and maybe they steamrolled over the enemy. They just kept going, until something stopped them.

    On the street, Dallas walked down the block and waited for the light to change.

    He saw a black girl across the street, but it wasn’t Angel too thin and tall, older. Kids came eddying along the corner like colorful whirlpools, and Kathy wasn’t among them. The “Walk” sign went on and he crossed the intersection, pushing Craig Collins farther down in his mind and bringing Kathy Collins to the forefront instead. Kathy and Angel, that was; the girls seemed to tit together now, to be each a vital part of the other, as they were both important cogs in his own life.

    Damn-that had been the wildest scene last night.Walking slowly now, he approached, the side-street where his VW was parked, thinking of the triad they had made, the three-sided triangle with all soft and giving corners After he had gone down on both hotly dripping cunts, after he had finger-fucked both those savory and perfumed pussys, Dallas had carefully put his aching cock into the black, curly-haired snatch, the juicy and slightly gaping slot that was Angel’s.

    And his own, as his stiff prick slid forcefully into the beautiful cunt where some of his own semen still remained, that he hadn’t drawn out when he’d sucked the slippery lips and gnawed tenderly upon the thrumming clitoris. Angers cunt was not only hers, but his now, to do with as he pleased-to eat or finger or screw, and he was covering all the possibilities.

    Yet, as he thrust his cock full length into the tight little cavern, there above him, touching his belly as he drove home his shaft, was the other pussy, glistening with droplets of love oils, its deep red hair fleecy and curly. His balls came to rest in the crack of Angel’s black velvet ass, and his belly ground into the palpitating cunt lips of Kathy Collins.

    So he took only three long and reaching strokes into the black girl’s clenching pussy, then pulled out and set the greasy head of his prick against the beckoning labia above. In he pushed, sliding easily now because his cock was buttered by another snatch. This time, when he had it rammed to the hilt, his balls hung down against the shaggy-mound of Angel’s cunt.

    Fucking slowly, although every cell in his aroused body cried out for him slam it deep and quickly into the hot little nest, Dallas fed the meat to Kathy stroking in and out. Pausing to catch his breath and to let the crazy wet sensations settle down, he eased his rod out of the girl’s clinging box.

    “Oh darling,” Kathy sighed, “please hurry back.”

    Dallas shoved it into Angel’s blackly glistening pussy, burying the head into the greasy lips and sliding it all the way to his balls. Three strokes, four, with the girl squirming like mad, and he had to pull his shaft swiftly out, or come before he was ready.

    In Kathy, he thought; she was in line for another heavy load of semen, since he had already screwed Angela. Little Kathy had only been eaten and finger-fucked.

    He lifted his slippery pole and her hungry snatch gulped its shining head as if her vagina had teeth. Below, Angel was hunching her foamy cleft, and above, Kathy was surging hers up and down on his sliding prick.

    Man, oh man-it was good! That grasping, slippery little cunt was gobbling his cock, and he knew he would never get it back out for another turn at the black girl’s pussy. So Dallas stepped up his strokes, poured them solidly and grindingly into Kathy’s heaving bony.

    He looked down when she moaned, and saw that her mouth was opened against the other girl’s, that their pink tongues were darting together as they kissed.

    The sight turned him on more than he could have ever believed possible, and he felt the swelling of his cockhead. Angel Matthews put Out a searching hand and found his balls, her fingers wrapping around the thick base of his prick as he pumped it into Kathy.

    “You-you gorgeous little bitches!” he gasped. “You hot assed kids! I’m coming, Kathy! I’m going to pour all my thick semen into your tight little cunt. Ahhh!

    Oh, Kathy-Kathy!”

    Furiously, his come bombed out through the flexing head of his driving cock, splashing hotly against the cup of her cervix, packing the lunging, tiny pussy with the boiling lava from the volcano of his balls. She shuddered with him, her cunt biting down on his glands, her belly bucking against his hairy pelvis as the red-haired girl came only a heartbeat behind the moment of his ejaculation.

    Her arms came up and circled his neck, but her face remained turned to Angel’s, and the two girls writhed sensuously as they continued to kiss. Dallas sighed as the spurts of his semen diminished, and as his embedded prick began to soften slightly. He was in a somewhat strained position, and his thighs ached, so with regret, Dallas backed his prick gently out from the hot juicy cup he had filled with his own cream.

    Kathy moaned, but into the other girl’s mouth, and slowly turned so that they were lying side by side, wrapped tightly in each other’s arm’s and legs. Dallas Inched back to give them room, then stood up and moved toward his refrigerator, just a trifle weak in the knees.

    By the time he drank down a cold beer and turned, the girls were moving together, feeling tits and kissing, their bellies rubbing in a slow, sexy rhythm, as if they were actually fucking. Fascinated, Dallas sat in one of his kitchen chairs and stared at them. He couldn’t help but wonder what his ex-wife would have thought, seeing the lovely kids together, thrusting that way.

    Wanda would have been horrified. Always picky about sex, always having to have things just right and scheduled properly, his wife was a fanatic on cleanliness and what was deviate behavior and what was not. According to her own tight standards, of course. As Dallas watched the girls heat themselves up more, squirming together and from time to time using knees upon emits, caressing and fondling, he felt lighter within himself, easier than he had been at any time since the divorce.

    His ex-wife was a prude. That simple fact was just dawning upon Dallas Bradburn, and he marveled that he hadn’t seen that before. But before Kathy Collins, and now this superbly molded Angel, his own sexual experiences had been limited and not really all that good, he admitted.

    Aloud, he said, “Damn!” softly, and got up to buy himself another beer. All this time, Wanda had managed to make him feel inadequate and put down, making him guilty about his animal lusts, when the trouble between them hadn’t been his fault, but hers.

    And the affair he’d been having with Selena Johnstone-that was nothing to brag about, either.

    Maybe that was his fault, for not coming on stronger and just overwhelming the detachment of his fellow teacher, fellow swinger-if a word so free and easy could be used in conjunction with Selena’s clinical activities.

    He sat down again, crossing his legs and sipping at the beer, finding it chili and invigorating. The girls were really pumping away at each other now, using their pelvic bones violently, fucking as well as two females could. And they were getting it on. Sweating and wiggling, their legs turned fluidly graceful, twining and sliding away. Could they actually come, doing that?

    Dallas shook his head and killed his can of beer. He had never dreamed of seeing two young, nubile and highly sexed students of his like this, writhing around on his floor. Maybe he had dreamed of getting into the delicate little cunts of many of his students, but those had been fantasies, he thought; he’d seen none of them turning into reality.

    Yet here was reality, and here was true swinging, with all bars down and all hang-ups cast away. He knew that he could do anything he wanted to these two girls, and that they wouldn’t put him down for what women of his own generation might think weird. Right now, nothing seemed too far out for him, or for these beautiful kids.

    They were shivering and panting, banging their snatches together and biting at each other’s throats. Dallas saw Kathy stiffen out, saw her stretch her legs out as far as her feet would reach. The modeled, downy cheeks of her ass were still, clenched on some secret goodness buried deeply within her excited pussy.

    Angel Matthews made two more thrusts, three, then cried out: “Oh man! Oh wow!

    I’m coining again, baby-coming.”

    “Me, too!” Kathy hissed through clenched teeth. “I’m coming all over myself, darling, and it’s-oohh!-it’s so wonderful!”

    They fell apart then, their finely shaped bodies shining with the sweat of their exertions, with the sliding of heated skin upon heated skin. Angel’s black nipples stood high and throbbing, and liquid gleamed upon the furry hair of her emit. Kathy’s nipples were hard, too, but deep, blushing pink, and the light picked out diamond rings of oil upon the scarlet lips of her pussy. Lying side by side, holding hands like innocents, they, were a charming and exquisite picture as Dallas stared down upon them.

    He was surprised to find that his prick was hard again, that it had lifted quietly while he watched the girls screw, and he wondered when they would be ready to go with him again. One more eating, he thought-he would suck Angel’s dark cunt, or Kathy’s bright one; it didn’t matter which girl got more attention from him. The other girl would suck him off.


    At school, both the girls acted as if he were some barely acceptable member of the establishment, and Dallas wondered what was in the wind. Certainly, there could be nothing wrong in their relationship; last evening had been swinging for them all, and now he was beginning to think that trio was the only way to go. There were so many different things three sexy people could do with each other. Last night, they hadn’t quite done them all, but they’d come close. And there would be other nights, he reminded himself, other sultry days when they could wrap themselves up in voluptuous squirmings.

    Dallas wiped the blackboard reasonably clean with a pass of the eraser, and chalked the next reading assignment for his class: Listen to the Warm. He heard the buzz of excitement before he turned to sit in his chair. Checking his own copy of the slim volume, he found his eyes wandering as he sat behind the desk.

    More than ever, the girls in his class looked like little dolls, but like sentient and lascivious dolls, ready for any erotic thrill.

    Sliding his eyes over their sleek legs and across their trim thighs, their various sized tits, their damply intriguing mouths, Dallas wondered how many of these kids were fucking, if they all were involved in this new sexual freedom he could only be certain of two-both his new loves.

    Yet he thought he saw something in the artistically slanted eyes of Susan Lee, the golden skinned Korean girl. Susan was only fifteen years old, a year ahead of her age bracket in school, very bright and studious. She was also neatly stacked, with high, firm tits and flashing legs.

    Then there was Blythe Jackson, moving now to the pencil sharpener; he already knew. most of her vital stats five feet three inches tall, 97 pounds, a platinum blonde with pale blue eyes, with skin like rosy silver, dusted ever so lightly, with cream. Blythe flaunted it when she walked, rolling her hips to the primal rhythm of a secret tom-tom.

    And what had Kathy said about the pad they rented out on the outskirts of town?

    He didn’t remember hearing her mention how many of the kids were in on it, but there was undoubtedly a goodly percentage. Girls and boys alike, he thought, and this piqued his interest further, as he wondered who was screwing whom.

    Dallas grinned to himself as he thought that they were probably changing around quite often.

    He found himself staring at Kathy, and she merely blinked at him, then turned her attention back to her book of poetry. Was the girl ignoring him. Dallas knew a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. He sure as hell didn’t want these beautiful kids cutting him out of their lives now; they had turned his own life into something new, exciting, made it worthwhile.

    When the bell rang, he halfway expected Kathy to linger at his desk, but when she passed by, he looked for Angel. The black girl swung on through the door without a backward look, her fine little ass bobbing tantalizingly. Dallas sighed and closed his book, then started to tidy his desktop. He glanced up to see a boy slide a folded note across to him. His eyes followed the kid from the room. Joey Nottingham, tall and deceptively lean, was one hell of a defensive end on the school varsity. Joey was also black.

    Kids yelled and laughed in the hall as Dallas unfolded the note to scan it.

    “Meet us at the pad,” the note read, “but be careful; leave your bug in front of your house, walk around back and Joey will pick you up in his car. Like eight o’clock, darling. Oh, P.S.: Daddy has hired a private detective to watch you, and there just might be a fink in the class, and that’s why we’re putting you down. But we’ll make up for it tonight.”

    Dallas shook his head, and read the note again, more slowly this time. It still said the same things, and the fact that stood out was that Craig Collins had hired someone to watch everything Dallas Bradburn did. That was going to make It exceedingly rough for him to continue his swinging association with the kids; he’d have to be damned careful, every move he made, and his telephone…

    Tearing the note into tiny strips, he scattered its confetti throughout his wastebasket, feeling like some kind of secret agent, feeling more than a little pissed off.

    Leaving his office behind, he looked in his box at the mail center, fully expecting some directive from the principal. His box was empty, and he thought that Kingston might be backing off, after that little hassle with the coach.

    But possibly Kingston knew of the private eye following Dallas, and was simply awaiting developments Dallas glanced around the empty cubicle, expecting to see some visible sign of a net closing in. Grinning he carried his briefcase down the corridors now almost emptied of students, and made his way across the parking lot to his VW.

    Nobody else seemed to be in sight, which was a little strange at this time of day when teachers ought to be hurrying home.

    He was just opening the car door when she came around the hood of the station wagon parked nearby. “Dallas-oh, Dallas! May I speak with you?”

    The biology teacher, the clinical lady who used better English than the English teacher; he straightened up and watched her approach. Selena Johnstone, neat and tidy as ever, not a hair out of place, the practical suit she wore without a wrinkle, but for all of that, she looked pretty good. Or maybe because of all that, he thought; it was possible he wasn’t one of those guys who wanted a woman all plastic and shiny, just so he could muss her. Only, mussing Selena had been a problem, so he’d stopped trying.

    “Dallas, I’m glad I caught you. I’ve been wanting to talk with you, and-must we stand out here? May we sit in your car?”

    He nodded. “Sure,” and didn’t go around to the other side and open that door of the VW for her. He didn’t do it because he had always done it, and because she expected it of him now.

    Selena waited, a fraction of a moment, then strode around and climbed in, without even a disapproving glance at him. When he sat down, she said, “Dallas-you’re too intelligent to get yourself into something like this. Next year, the university has an opening for an English professor, and by persisting in this-this ridiculous behavior, you won’t even be considered for it.”

    He pursed his lips and wished that she didn’t have such good, long legs. “You have advance information? Yeah, I guess so; if the stick doesn’t work, try the carrot. But you know what? I like these kids; I dig them. I think I’ll be teaching them next year, and the year after that, if I decide to.”

    She made an exasperated sound. “The faculty is having a meeting right now, Dallas; only you and I have been excluded, and I’m a messenger. The rest of the teachers are considering what to do about you. Your contemporaries, Dallas-your peers.”

    “Mostly, just my acquaintances,” he said. “You’re the only friend I have among them, Selena.” It was funny to look her over, he thought, for him to see her tits through her blouse and the crisp curling of her pubic hair through her skirt, and not to be excited.

    Selena had a great body, all sweeps and ripe valleys, but she used it-or allowed it to be used with such detachment that he felt, she had never really been involved with their screwing. She was still a technical virgin, he thought, and wondered If she had ever come.

    She said, “You can have a future, Dallas. I saw that in you immediately, and I thought we could make a fine team of teachers and we still can, dear-If you simply listen to reason. Or to me, as a woman who loves you.”

    It was the first time she’d said love, he thought; In all their couplings, through all their properly positioned fuckings, neither of them had ever said:

    I love you. He now decided that wasn’t so strange; they didn’t love each other now, and never had.

    “Selena,” he said, “would you go down on me?”

    Her eyes went wide behind her rimless glasses.

    “W-what did you say?”

    “I said would you go down on me; give me head, suck me off, give oral sex?”

    Her hands clenched on her knees, the knuckles turning pale. “Of course not.

    That’s a terrible thing to say. Are you sober, Dallas? Or perhaps you’ve going all the way with this identity thing, and smoking pot, too.”

    He said softly, “I never ate you, either. I never thought about it.”

    Her eyes flashed at him. “Are you going to harp on such-such perversion? Maybe I never really understood you, Dallas. But I’m willing to forget this nonsense and try again.”

    “Providing,” he said, “I get a haircut and shave my moustache and genuflect to our own little Mecca, twice daily and without fail.”

    Selena said, “It’s not like that at all. You’re twisting things.”

    “Oh shit,” he said. “I’m going home, Selena. May I drop you anywhere?”

    Swiftly, she ducked out of the car. “I’m genuinely sorry, Dallas.”

    He only shrugged, abut when he was driving away, said softly, “I’m not sorry at all.” He said it softly and late because there was no sense in hurting Selena Johnstone; she had already done enough damage to herself.

    When he parked the bug in his own driveway, he remembered that he was most likely being followed, and that his scene with Selena had also been seen, if not acoustically monitored. At least, the guy had gotten an earful. Whistling, making a show of gathering his briefcase and books, Dallas went into his place and flicked on a light.

    Only for a few moments did he consider breaking the date Kathy had set up for them. Of course, that would be the logical thing to do, but he wasn’t being logical any more. He was doing what felt right, and to hell with anything else.

    So he took a quick shower, grabbed a sandwich and downed two beers, all done with the TV on and turned louder than usual. Planting open books on a table, Dallas switched on another light, then slipped into a jumpsuit and tennis. He was out of the back door and across the-busy yard in seconds. On the next street, a restored T-Bird waited-Joey Nottingham’s car.

    They eased off into gathering shadows, and Joey said, “Be a low rider, man-scrunch down so anybody can see only the top of your head. We’ll be at the pad in a few minutes; going in the back way this time, through the woods and turn around.”

    Dallas slumped low in his seat. “I appreciate this, Joey. If I’m being watched …”

    Joey laughed. “You never saw that big dude in the parking lot? He’s got fuzz marked all over him. You’re being watched, all right. But the dude is back at your house now; gonna’ be there awhile, too.”

    Dallas had to grin these kids were sharp in so many ways. He was glad they were his Mends.

    “Party night,” Joey said. “Not a real big one, just a few couples. The chicks said you had to be there, man. There’s the cutoff, through the bushes-if I don’t scratch up my paint.”

    “Party?” Dallas asked, sitting erect as they, turned off into the woods.

    “Yeah,” Joey gunned “Friday night man, no school tomorrow.”

    The week had whizzed by for Dallas, what with his new and fascinating activities; he hadn’t realized the weekend was here.

    The house was quiet, and even though Dallas listened hard, he could make out only the soft music of a radio or stereo, turned down to establishment sound level. There was a murmur of voices, but no more than that around some dinner table. If there was a group of kids inside, they were holding it down. Dallas looked around and made out the vague shapes of only two cars, tucked discreetly behind the house, their grills pointing out.

    Joey turned the knob and motioned him inside the door. Dallas went quickly, blinking in the soft yellow, light. They moved through the kitchen and he caught the odor of grass, but nobody was smoking when he and Joey went into the living room.

    “Hey,” Kathy said, “I told you guys he’d make it.” She was naked, and light gentle as candlelight gleamed in the enticing nest of her pubic hair as she came toward him with arms outstretched. Angel Matthews was a step behind her, polished ebony and eagerness. They took turns kissing him and working at his jumpsuit.

    When they stepped back with his clothing, when he stood bare-assed as any of them, he began to recognize faces. There was the silvery blonde girl, Blythe Jackson, a pale flame in the semi-darkness of the room. And little saucy Susan Lee, golden skinned and beautiful, her sloe eyes tilting up at him with that hotly Innocent look; he saw that she had only a wisp of hair on her young pussy.

    Four girls then; four, lovely and sensuous kids ready to screw and to be screwed by as many males. Dallas’s eyes made a swift count of the others-Marty Brooke, the lanky kid who never lacked for pretty girls, and Eric Fairmount, the Nordic example of a big man on campus, blonde and blue eyes. And of course, Joey Nottingham, and, the only person in the house old enough to vote, Dallas Bradburn, who was excited to the point of raising a hard, but a little scared, too.

    Kathy saw his confusion and laughed. “Teach is a little jumpy, kids. But after all, this is his first orgy.”

    They laughed around him, with him, but not at him, and there was the big difference. They accepted him, wanted him to be one with them, to swing with them in that glorious kind of utter freedom. Dallas reached out his arms and gathered in the other girls, pressing the longer, slim length of the willowy blonde close to his straining flesh, feeling the always adapting softness of the little Korean chick caress his skin.

    “He said, “I love you both. I love you all.”

    “Yeah,” they applauded, and danced with him, kissed him with the fleeting newness of their honeyed mouths.

    Kathy Collins said, “Okay-I won’t be greedy. You chicks can screw him first, while Angel and I ball these other guys. But don’t wear out my lover, right?

    Save some for me.”

    Small hands pushed Dallas down and back, and he stretched happily upon the old couch, ready for the fucking to begin.


    It seemed the most natural thing in the world to allow himself to be taken into the circle, to blend with the scents and the flesh, becoming one with the new and lovely girls who wanted him. Dallas sank to the worn carpet, naked and with his prick throbbing, turned on by the mere sight of so much bare flesh.

    Glancing swiftly around, he saw the others beginning, to mesh, saw boys with their cocks protruding, girls with the soft light shining upon their hairy little snatches.

    Then he was busy up close, for the silvery blonde girl and the cute Korean kid were closing on him, tugging at him, making him theirs for this point in time.

    From the corners of his eyes, he saw the black girl and Kathy Collins being handled by the boys, three boys, and was surprised that he didn’t know the slightest pang of jealousy, only a nudging of interest in how five of them were going to swing.

    “Teacher, baby,” Susan Lee breathed. “Kathy’s been telling us what a lover you are.”

    “Yeah,” Blythe Jackson echoed softly, “and we’re eager to see for ourselves.

    All day today, and especially during your class, Mr. Bradburn, I thought about this, about all of us being naked and grooving together.”

    They slid into his arms, pressing against him as he sat on the floor, giving him their firm young tits, lifting their damp young mouths for his kisses.

    Susan Lee kissed him first, her hands butterfly light upon his cheeks, her lips hotly mobile against his, her tongue darting deeply into his open mouth. She felt small in his arms, but her tits were bigger than Kathy’s, and. when his hand found the humid tremble of her pussy, the wisping of pubic hair there made her seem even younger than she was.

    When she pulled away from him, her place was immediately taken by Blythe Jackson, a taller, slimmer girl, all silken and warm. Blythe bit him lightly upon the lips, kissed him with a nipping, nuzzling technique that Dallas found wildly stimulating. The girl ran her tongue over his teeth, slid it between them to caress his own for a wet, hot moment, then tickled the insides of his cheeks.

    Cupping her tit with one hand, he fondled her crotch with the other, sliding a fingertip gently into the fluffy cunt hair, feeling the damply yearning labia beneath. Both kids were ready to screw, and so was he. It didn’t seem to matter how he went about it, either, or who he fucked first. But when he began to work his finger into Blythe’s torrid pussy, she pulled back from him, murmuring apologies.

    “We swing together,” she breathed, pale eyes holding to his. “And we just love to give head, Susan and me. You can fuck us after, okay?”

    Whatever they said, anything they thought, he was willing. Dallas Felt himself eased back down, so that his head was propped against the couch.

    His legs were out and spread, and the girls set themselves on each side of him.

    Dallas saw again how very lovely they were, how fresh and sensuous, their bare skin flawless, their nipples standing erect and hard. But before he could do more than touch them, the girls dipped their heads and began to kiss his body.

    Dallas writhed as two hot mouths trailed across his chest to fasten themselves sucking upon his nipples. His fingers dug into the girls hair-the silvery blonde and the silken black hair, while they nipped and licked his tits.

    Swiftly then, they were gone from those throbbing spots, drawing their wet tongues across his ribs, working ever downward, teasing and exciting him as they progressed.

    Their hands were also busy, sliding and poking gently, tickling and fondling his skin, his ass cheeks, the insides of his thighs. Blythe probed his pubic hair, carefully staying away from his genitals as yet, making him crave the touch of her light fingers upon his prick, his balls. Susan Lee teased into his crotch, tapping upon his asshole, swiftly withdrawing, only to bring her fingers back again, playing in taboo country.

    “Girls,” he said huskily, “oh, girls…”

    They paid no attention to anything but what they were concentrating upon, his shaft. Their tongues touched, kissed, fell apart to dip into his belly button, to lick hotly across his taut skin; feeling into the upper part of his crotch.

    They lifted their faces, kissed and ran their questing tongues together, and between their arms, above and below their smooth round shoulders, Dallas could see them playing with each other’s tits. Then his belly snapped tense and the cheeks of his ass drew tightly together. They were working on his rod, kissing over it, one of them at the head, the other turning her face to slip up and down the shaft itself.

    Dallas gasped when Susan Lee sucked one of his balls into her mouth. She rolled it around, played her tongue over the wrinkled sack, allowed it to escape her lips, only to draw the other one between her teeth for some of the same treatment. His hands, dug into the carpet beside his taut thighs. This kid was driving him right up the wall.

    Blythe wasn’t idle; her sweet lips were nuzzling his cockhead, placing tender kisses over his swollen glands. He saw the oozing of his pre-seminal fluid, the droplet of shining, sticky juice that would help his prick to slide into some tight little cunt. But the lubrication never got that chance; it was licked away by the girl’s eager tongue, lapped off the blunt Up of his cock.

    He put a hand upon her back, rested his palm against the pale skin so perfectly planed. His other hand reached much farther down, discovering the rounded little ass of the Korean girl. Susan Lee hiked her ass at his touch, and his hand worked into her crotch from behind.

    So lightly feathered, her steamy cleft was like a child’s, just blossoming into puberty; but Susan’s pussy was ripe and ready, the lips turned slippery and hot, swelling a little.

    Dallas gasped when Blythe’s lips closed hotly over the head of his prick. The girl drew it far into her mouth, over her teeth and along the lapping tongue, drew the cockhead back until it actually bumped the satiny cup of her throat.

    She let go suddenly, lifted her head,, and gave her place to Susan Lee.

    The little Oriental girl licked daintily all over the pulsing end, wetting it, pushing the tip of her tongue down into the slit. Then she pulled it into her teeth and worked it tenderly, shook her head gently from side to side, making the slight pain a pleasure to undergo.

    Together, the two beautiful girls worked on his shaft. They licked it and sucked it, nipped playfully at its underside, lapped wetly into his balls.

    Their heads were always close together, and their hands did strange, exhilarating things to the rest of his body.

    His got his finger into the hot grasping recess of Susan’s cunt, and the lips snapped hungrily closed on it. She was tight and narrow, and as he felt farther up her young snatch, Dallas discovered that she was also shallow. His big cock would easily touch bottom when he got the chance to shove it home.

    He heaved against them, his back arching and his teeth clenched. They were both licking at his glands, running their hot, wet tongues over it, using them to push his cockhead from one of their mouths to the other. It was a wild, crazy feeling, and Dallas’s crotch bucked in erotic response.

    They made moaning noises, lapping sounds, and their fingers stroked, fondled, caressed. His balls were loved, and his anus, and all the hairs of his pelvis, his belly and his rib cage, and the trembling muscles of his inner thighs.

    Of course he couldn’t control himself any longer, and began to fuck whichever mouth was around his prick, thrusting into the wet hotness, into the velvet dampness that sucked and pulled, that drew and drank so thirstily.

    “Girls-Blythe-Susan! Oh, I’m coming, kids coming!!!”

    His semen thundered hissing Into one of their mouths, and his fingers clamped hard into Susan Lee’s pussy as he let go his pent-up come, as he hurled it spitting into the eager sucking throat.

    His hand found Blythe’s tit and mauled it as another spurt came geysering up from his flexing, balls.

    Dallas’s eyes were glazed and his breath rasping hard in his throat, but he saw what Blythe Jackson did next. Turning her mouth ever so slowly away from the pulsing head of his ejaculating prick, she spilled the leftover semen into the openly seeking mouth of the little Oriental girl, sharing the come with Susan.

    Dallas shuddered from head to toe, wishing that he could keep on coming that he could give them even more.

    His backbone collapsed, because they took turns sucking the last remnants of his semen from his shaft, their fingers massaging his balls, his rod, milking it ever upward into the searing little ovens of their hungry mouths. His backbone turned to jelly and ran out through the head of his prick, feeding their ravenous desires.

    Sagging, Dallas dropped back, slid sideways from the support of the couch so that he lay on the floor, not in a fetal position, but bent in the middle. And still, they would not let him go; still, they moved over his supine body, making fiery trails across his skin and stirring new but slowly fanned embers deep within his groin.

    His eyes moved away from the bent heads, from the kissing faces whose lips had been made creamy with his discharge, and he looked dazedly around the room. He saw Kathy Collins, saw her on hands and knees with her white gold skin gleaming with the scarlet curls of her pussy up-thrust in the rear. And seated deeply within the curly caress of that lovely little cunt was a round black prick, buried to its wiry haired balls.

    Joey Nottingham was pouring the meat to Kathy, sliding that dark cock In and out of her tightly clasping pussy, and the girl was wiggling in ecstasy as she took it. Joey’s shaft wasn’t all that big, Dallas saw, but it seemed longer than average, and every time he rammed it solidly into Kathy’s wet snatch, the girl grunted.

    Somehow, their fucking looked sexier, hornier, because it was black on white, and after watching them screw for a few seconds, Dallas looked over at the other couple, at the other two-toned coupling of Marty Brooke and Angel Matthews. They looked great, too-lean and lanky Marty was positioned between the black girl’s sleek legs, feeding his meaty white prick into the midnight curls of the girl’s pussy, her black velvet thighs wrapped around him.

    No jealousy there, either; Dallas felt only a gladness, a thrill because his black lover was enjoying herself so much. He knew a new sense of sharing, of giving, that these extra girls had given to him. And he saw that the other male was simply sitting aside at, the moment, that Eric Fairmount was holding Angel’s hand while she lucked, that with his other hand he was slowly jacking off.

    “That was great,” Susan Lee murmured at his ear, punctuating her words with the wet flicking of her hot little tongue. “Now suppose you just stretch on out, teacher, and we’ll go on to Phase Two.”

    Giggling, Blythe lifted her bright blonde head and the girls arranged themselves while he did as they suggested. But it wasn’t going to be like the time he had shared Kathy and Angel; these girls wanted It differently.

    Susan Lee slid close and lifted his head to place it in her lap. Her skin was golden, textured finely, sheened now with a delicate beading of sweat.

    The girl’s navel was a faint indentation, cunningly shaped, and he could feel the soft feathering of Susan’s childlike pubic hair against his cheek. She said down to him, her hand stroking his cheek, “Mr. Bradburn-you can eat my pussy while Blythe fucks you. We’ll lie here on the floor in kind of a triangle, okay?”

    Anything, everything they might, want was okay. His cock had never gone completely soft, although these sweet kids had done their damnedest to drain off all his life forces through it.

    When Susan lay on the carpet, she braced his head in her hands, turning it as she settled herself, lifting one small, wonderfully modeled leg to place his head between her golden thighs.

    Before he turned his mouth to taste this new and lightly haired pussy, Dallas watched the burnished blonde kid as she handled his cock in long-fingered hands, as she slid her slim belly in close to his so that she could touch her thick but silken pubic hairs to the head of his cock.

    He suddenly thought of her as the Moon Girl, because she was silver and soft, because she spread her delicate gifts with impartial love. And her cunt hair was indescribably downy around the throbbing head of his now anxious cock.

    Blythe maneuvered his glands, guiding the knob she had so recently sucked, steering it against the hot lips of her young pussy, setting it there while her svelte ass thrust forward with a wiggle that popped the end of it right inside!

    She was blazing hot in there, the greasy tissues of her cunt boiling around his entrapped prick, the elastic grip of her labia tight upon his shaft. His cock slid in and in, until his balls rested in the tender vee of her thighs, up close to the exquisite shapings of the cheeks of her ass.

    Then Dallas could watch no more, for Susan Lee’s thighs were pressing his head, urging his face to turn upward so she would know the rapture of his mouth in her frantic pussy. He didn’t want to wait any longer, either, so he snuggled his head more closely into the downy hold of the girl’s legs and tilted his mouth into the steamy slot of her vulva.

    It was like sucking a child’s cunt, the hair was so wispy and the pussy lips so smoothly appealing. Dallas licked along them, delighting in the honeyed taste of them, teasing the slippery gash with his tongue. Then he shoved his tongue deeply into her snatch, using it like a prick, burying its length into the juicy heat and bringing his teeth up against the labia.

    His lower body exulted in the slow grinding of Blythe Jackson as she stroked wiggling upon his buried cock, using the tight muscles of her narrow pussy to squeeze down on him, then releasing his shaft so she could screw it another way.

    Dallas ate joyfully into Susan Lee’s cunt, sucked the delicious meat into his mouth and worked the throbbing clit with his tongue. Dimly, as he sucked and was fucked, he heard other voices moaning, other girls crying out that they were coming, coming.


    He went in the same way he’d gone out, through the back, across a neighbor’s yard and an empty lot. Everything looked about the same as when he’d left it, but Dallas had one of those weird premonitions, the same kind of feeling he’d often experienced while on patrol in Vietnam. It was nothing concrete, just a prickling at the back of his neck, and a sensation that something was wrong.

    Peering through the drawn drapes, turning down the radio, he saw nothing outside and heard nothing out of the ordinary inside his house. There was no car parked across the street, and it probably had been gone for some hours. The party as the communal pad had lasted for quite a while. Joey Nottingham drove him home, weaving through a crisscross pattern of back streets in a circuitous route that would thoroughly have confused anyone following them.

    But still, something was wrong. Dallas searched the house, and that didn’t take long, even though he didn’t know for what he was looking. Dissatisfied, he took his last can of cold brew from the refrigerator and popped the top. Settling into the battered easy chair, he flipped on TV and drank a few swallows of the cold beer.

    Watergate was on, what else; he reached for the dial and stopped his hand in midair. Watergate bugging. Dallas came out of the chair and went directly to his phone.

    He found the tiny mike buried in the mouth piece and stared unbelievingly at it before screwing the mouthpiece back together. Then he really searched the house, looking everywhere a transistorized bug could possibly be planted, and, that meant just about everywhere.

    In the bedroom, Dallas found one, and another in the bathroom; there were two in the living room and another in the kitchen. He didn’t disturb any of them; it had taken him more than two hours to uncover the damned things, but be left them alone when they were discovered. Sweating and angry, he sat down and thought about this new development.

    Maybe he hadn’t found all the bugs, even though he had been pretty thorough.

    Electronic cuties could outsmart him easily enough, but what was pissing off Dallas was why. It wasn’t only that his privacy was being invaded; it was the idea that a full head of hair and a gunfighter moustache should bring on all this kind of shit. Craig Collins was setting him up for any kind of bust that could be hung on him-pot or contributing to the delinquency of a minor, anything at all to get him fired.

    Well, screw Craig Collins. Dallas would see the big bastard dead first. He turned up the TV and went to the kitchen to drop the empty can in the garbage sack. Whoever had followed him home had evidently come sneaking up to see if he was actually there. How much later, there was no way of telling.

    Then the private cop had come into the house via trick key or an unlocked window, using the time to wire the premises for sound. The guy had done a fair job of it too, Dallas admitted. And the guy also knew that Dallas had been somewhere else that evening, that he had sneaked out of his own house.

    Which would tell the cop something else, Dallas thought it would say that Dallas Bradburn knew he was being checked on. Getting away wouldn’t be as easy; from now on. But maybe that bit of information would prove a two-edged weapon.

    The private eye didn’t know Dallas had uncovered the hidden mikes, and he should be able to lay a lot of false trails by feeding crap to the listeners.

    Shaking his head, he thought that this had to be Collins; the school board didn’t have this kind of money to spend, so the store chain owner was putting up the bread himself, to get Dallas. And with a sweet, horny little daughter like he had. What the hell would Collins do, if he knew Dallas and a few other guys, blacks included, had been fucking Kathy Collins. Call the Cosa ‘Nostra probably, and put out contracts.

    He felt like another beer, but damned if he was going to drive anywhere this late at night to get more. Dallas took a shower instead, and once lying nude and nicely tired upon his bed, he got the good FM channel on his radio and closed his eyes. Damnit, the kids were worth all this hassle. He wasn’t going to let them put him down or chase him out.

    Dallas had never been fucked the way the kids were giving it to him, hadn’t even thought that sex could be so wild and free, without hang-ups or jealousy or uptight moral barricades. He had been to an orgy with them, and it had been wonderful. Not only accepted by them, he was part of them, one with them in their grooving on sex. He didn’t want anything to change that. So now his battle had gone beyond the mere keeping of his hair; now it involved his inner core.

    If he cut his hair now, if he backed down and kissed ass for the school board the kids would know him for a copout, and they’d be right. All this fine, deep rapport between him and his class would vanish like pipe smoke in a high wind.

    There’d be no exchanging of cunts upon his hard prick, no tender pulling of young mouths upon his balls. He’d have no marvelous little snatches to eat. The mingling, the blending and meshing of flesh and spirit would be gone suddenly.

    He fell asleep with the radio going, and woke only once in the morning to shut it off, and to pull up the sheet in the early chill of a new day. Strangely enough, he had a hard-on, and grinned sleepily at the idea. By all rights, the strength should be gone from his cock for weeks to come.

    Dallas didn’t dream, and awoke again some where around noon. He loved Saturdays, he thought, and climbed groggily from his bed, ravenous and ready for whatever the day might bring. Frying bacon, he remembered the bugs and frowned; he didn’t get many phone calls, but one of the kids might buzz him.

    After he ate, he’d have to do something about that.

    There’d have to be a code set up he realized; something very simple that didn’t sound phony. Or else, he’d pass word not to call him at home, unless it was strictly school business. Any messages could be given to him in class, passed to him with test papers or something. Dallas bit into toast and thought that he was already turning paranoid and thinking like some kind of cloak and dagger operator.

    Finishing breakfast, he piled dishes in the sink and headed for the shower. By the time he’d soaped himself all over, the events of the night before came crowding back to shove everything else out of his head, and his sudsy hand caressed his half-hard cock as he saw the scene again.

    Damn-those kids were the hottest, sexiest he could imagine. Not only the now known bodies of Kathy Collins and black Angel, but the other two girls-silvery Blythe and golden Susan; they loved to eat cock, and to both a man’s semen was precious, something to be swallowed adoringly.

    He had fucked them both, or rather they had screwed him with sweet little cunts so tight and blazing, so juicy and slick. And he had eaten both of them, sucking and lapping, happy with the wonderful intimacy of pussy hairs against his cheeks and cunt oils over his chin. He had reveled in the twisting and surging of their modeled asses, the moaning and heaving as they came against his tongue and teeth.

    Stiff-dicked, Dallas rinsed himself off, and climbed out of the shower. Drying his taut body with a rough towel, he thought that he was among the most fortunate of men. He’d been given the chance to fuck not one, but four lovely teenage girls, and he was thankful that he hadn’t screwed up the opportunity.

    Was one of the kids better fucking than the other? He shook his head and plugged in his electric razor to move it over his cheeks and chin. The moustache, he left it alone, and the sideburns too. Kathy-was she a hotter screw than Angel, or was Blythe Jackson’s little snatch more loving than Susan Lee’s almost hairless pussy?

    There was no way to compare, to judge. They were all terrific, each of them a different flick In herself, and together In pairs they could drive any man right up the wall. What the hell would it be like, to bail bare-assed and horny, with all four of them at the same time? Dallas had no doubt that the girls would respond, if he simply asked them.

    Not that he minded the other kids putting the meat to them; that just added spice to the screwing really. Closing his eyes, Dallas saw the pretty pictures of black on white, of white on black, and the patterns were stimulating. Joey Nottingham’s long, black prick had worked solidly into Kathy’s red-haired pussy, and Marty had plunged the cock strongly into Angel’s midnight snatch, his pale body locked into the loving grip of those sleek black legs.

    The kids had switched off later, changing positions as well as girls. Dallas hadn’t gotten into those two, his first loves, because he’d been kept too busy by his new cunts, and when they’d finished with him the flesh was too weak to continue.

    Putting on his shorts, Dallas had to tuck his hard shaft into place. Here he was ready to go all over again, eager to fuck those glorious kids, to have his cock sucked by them, to shove his entire face into the wet, hairy kiss of their cunts.

    Meanwhile, he had the new problem of being watched, and being wired for sound.

    He slid into, his pants and tennies, put on a tee-shirt and ran a comb through his hair. Ready for wherever he was going and whatever he meant to do, Dallas recovered his wallet and stuff from the dresser top, slipped the lock on the door, and went outside.

    As he reached his VW, he looked casually up and down the street. There was a car parked halfway down the block, a grey Ford; he could make out the hood of a blue Chevy in the opposite direction. Would his house be staked out on a weekend? Climbing into the bug, he keyed the switch and thought why not.

    Collins wanted something on him-anything that could be used as ammunition for a school board firefight Morals and character, habits and traits-all that outmoded crap that should have gone out with the witch-hunt age, but still hadn’t in small towns.

    The board could hassle him, try to fire him if he boozed too much, or was caught doing grass, or was found in the company of a woman of ill repute. And if anyone ever got the slightest idea that he was swinging with his own students-he wouldn’t only be fired, he would be cremated.

    What the hell, he thought, and pulled the VW away from the curb, heading toward a lonely stretch of beach about forty miles out of town. If he stood fast this term and earned the respect of the kids, as well as kept peace with himself, he could move on to the junior college next year. He’d have all summer to decide.

    But if he put down the kids and the wild love life they had opened to him, then he’d be a fink of the worst order, and it would be tough to live with.

    No car followed him when he turned onto the coast road; that he could tell. A few miles out, a grey Ford whipped by him carrying two guys. But there were plenty of grey Fords, and the day was too nice to bother about them. He breathed in fresh salt air and smelled the sun, wishing that at least Kathy Collins could be on the seat beside him, that they could swim and sun and fuck leisurely on the deserted beach without being seen by hateful eyes. She was still his favorite girl.

    The rearview mirror picked up a blue Chevy, and Dallas blinked at it; two more guys inside, and the car hung back, not attempting to pass even when he slowed some. But when he signaled for a left onto the beach, the Chevy kept going up the highway.

    Locking the bug, Dallas strolled down the beach, becoming interested as always in the waves, in sand patterns. When he looked up again, they were coming at him from two directions. He stood still for only a startled moment, seeing two men bearing down on him from the north, watching two more get between him and his car. He was neatly boxed in, and there was no help in sight.

    Dallas stooped to snatch a smooth rock from the sand; it wasn’t as big or heavy as he would have liked, but it would have to do. Then he fooled them by not bolting for his car. Instead, he darted toward the highway, and when they ran converging upon his line of flight, he spun and raced head on for the pair loping down the beach.

    He flung the rock when he was fifty feet away, and lucked onto another one when he skidded to a stop. He was trying to boot it out of the sand when his first missile landed and the man yelled. When Dallas rose with another chunk of granite in his hand, he faked a throw north, then pivoted and actually loosed the rock south. It was pretty good, catching that oncoming pair by surprise, not hitting either one, but scattering them and slowing them down.

    There were no more rocks, and he went in at a run, mouth wide to suck air lifting from his feet in a karate kick and catching one burly guy on the shoulder with it, The big man spun around and down, but the other one banged Dallas along the head.

    Dallas sprawled and rolled, coming up in a spray of damp sand. He kicked out again, wishing he wore boon Dockers instead of the soft tennies. The second man took the shot on a hip and staggered, but the burly guy was sitting up by then, so Dallas bounced once and kicked him in the head.

    He hurled a handful sand into the man’s face, and slammed him a good shot in the mouth with a hooking left hand. Then suddenly he was down with the whole side of his head vibrating; the reinforcements had arrived.

    Somebody hit him in the chest, and he fired back with both bands, banging away in a soft belly that fell aside. He took another rap on the head, and another, and barely wheeled off the knee that was trying to nut him. There was the taste of blood in his mouth when he went down, and he remembered to roll, roll, with one hand cupping his balls and one arm wrapped around the back of his head.

    Into the waves he went, catching a blurred glimpse of a big foot that drove savagely down for his head and missed by inches; Spitting salt water, he came up again, crouched and running, and the piece of driftwood was solid when he caught it in his right hand.

    Head-down, he rammed into a body, almost fell, caught his balance and swung the driftwood club it made a soggy noise when it landed, and a man yelled hoarsely.

    Flailing around him, Dallas drove them back. Then he plunged through them like a fullback, chopping the stick of water-heavy wood, shoving it like a spear at a man’s cursing face. He was almost to the car when somebody caught him from behind and slammed him into the metal body of the bug.

    Dallas caromed off, wheeled to land the club once more, and had it jerked from his grasp. He put a foot into someone’s balls, leaped forward and caught someone’s head so he could rake spread fingers at the bastard’s eyes.

    They hit him twice in the head and several times in the body, but he got a full-armed swing into a throat with the edge of his hand, and that thug was out of action for the day, if not forever. Dallas got his head cleared and his hands up in time to beat off another attack, but it seemed easier now. When his eyes focused, he saw two guys on their backs, one holding his crotch and the other clutching his throat while he gagged.

    Slipping a punch, he got in close and ripped viciously at the man’s belly, snapping the top of his head up. The guy’s teeth slammed together and his head whiplashed back. Gasping, spitting blood, Dallas moved at the remaining man.

    The guy backed a few steps, then turned and ran heavily back up the beach.

    Inside the bug, everything seemed to move in slow motion, but Dallas finally got the motor started and backed to where he could turn the VW around. He drove slowly for awhile, his ears buzzing and his eyes sometimes blurred. But he made it home in fair shape, and into the house where he fell across the bed.


    Kathy Collins said, “The sons of bitches. They might have killed you, baby.”

    And Joey Nottingham added, “Yeah-four dudes hammering on you, that can do you in man. You were lucky to get away. Who do you think put them on you?”

    Dallas winced as the girl dabbed antiseptic onto a cut eyebrow. “Craig Collins, I think. Sorry, Kathy.”

    She blinked down at him, her fine young tits brushing his head as he leaned back m the chair “You think my daddy really-yeah; I guess he would, at that I apologize for him, Dallas.”

    He touched her arm. “He’s a great man; he created you.”

    “That’s sweet,” she said, “but it doesn’t change the facts. First the coach gets set on you, and now this. Oh, wow. How dirty can they fight?”

    Joey grunted. “Real mean, I guess. Did you bust any of them up man?”

    Dallas nodded; the girl’s hands felt cool on his bruised face. “A couple, I figure. It was all pretty confused for awhile. But why did you kids show up here?”

    “NO sweat,” Joey said. “We slipped in around the back. Kathy wanted to come to your pad, and she wanted me to come with her. I hid the T-bird three blocks away.”

    The girl said softly “I wanted you teacher. I didn’t get to swing with you last night, and I wanted you today, to kind of make up for it. And Joey-well, I thought the three of us might make-it together, since you haven’t tried it that way; two guys and one chick, I mean.”

    Joey said, “But if you’re too beat up man?”

    Dallas sat up carefully. “I hope I’m never that beat. Give me time for a couple of quick drinks, and I’ll be right with you. But maybe it would be better if we go to the bedroom, and after-we can hook up the bugs again. If we didn’t find them all, we’re in trouble.”

    Kathy said, “Teach, you are something else. I mean, with all the crap coming down on you, here you are, still willing to ball with us. Your house is hugged and those bastards hurt you, and yet you want to make it. Somebody is probably watching your house right now, but you don’t give a damn.”

    “Oh,” he said, “I give a damn, all right. But I care for you kids more. So let’s make it. Wait-I’ll turn on the stereo for cover noises, and let’s check out all the locks, all the doors and windows.”

    In the bedroom, he sat naked on the bed and watched the girl peel down, seeing her tits bob into view, their deep pink nipples hard and eager. Her flat belly and small hips were beautiful, and he was always intrigued by the lovely red curls of her pussy hair, the shape of her sleek young thighs.

    He was gambling with everything, Dallas knew, betting that some slobs wouldn’t break into his home while he and the kids were screwing, betting that that they’d temporarily disarmed all the microphones, and that nobody had seen Joey and Kathy sneak inside. But what the hell, he thought, seeing the boy step out of his shorts with that slim, black cock rising; it wasn’t all that often that a man got a chance like this. So to hell with the snoops.

    Kathy came to him and he opened his knees, sitting on the side of the bed. She passed into them, and her sweet, firm tits were just the right height for his face to nuzzle into them. Her feathery emit pressed into his belly, already making slow, wiggling movements.

    Arms around his neck, she pressed his mouth tightly into the soft giving of her warm breasts, and Dallas rubbed his mouth over them. He drew a nipple into his lips and played his tongue over it, luxuriating in its girl-flavor, in the quivering of it. She stroked his hair, running her fingertips over his scalp, making soft, crooning noises.

    His prick was hard and swollen, stretched to its full length and to its expanded girth, the head throbbing and sticky on its tip. Kathy dropped one hand from his shoulders and caressed his cock, then bent it forward, pressed it down so that he could slide it between the silken promise of her thighs.

    The head lifted and probed the cleft of her delicate ass, snuggling against the tiny asshole it could never enter. Dallas fondled the cheeks of that fragile ass, her haunches tickling the palms of his hands and setting the tips of his fingers on fire.

    “Ease back Dallas,” she panted. “Wiggle back on the bed so I can climb on top of your gorgeous prick.”

    He needed no further urging, and when he was stretched out, she poised above his supine body, one knee on each side of him, the gleam of her pussy calling to his prick. But even though she handled his stiff cock, she didn’t set it into her snatch yet. Instead, she nodded to Joey Nottingham.

    The boy climbed on the bed also, staying on his knees, his body polished ebony, his young shaft poking the air. Kathy Collins cupped his balls in one upturned palm, and her pink tongue slid out to caress her lips with a hungry, sensuous motion.

    Dallas’s eyes widened. She meant to fuck him while she went down on Joey, taking a cock into each end of her lovely body. His prick pulsed violently, and a hot wave of need whipped through his body; using a girl this way, sticking the meat to her cunt, to her mouth-that turned him on.

    Kathy maneuvered his cockhead gently, and as he reached up to hold onto the slender cheeks of her ass, she inserted the knob end into the juicy lips of her eager pussy.

    He watched her slide tenderly down on it, and felt the magic hotness of her vulva close around his hard rod, felt the dainty tickling of her pubic hairs and the wondrous softness of her cunt lips. When her belly came all the way down, when her tender young crotch was seated upon his pelvis and the length of his prick was buried to the root inside her pussy, Dallas took a deep breath and glanced over at the black boy.

    Kathy had her lips pursed, and was blowing teasingly upon the sable head of Joey’s shaft. Interested, Dallas could see the clear white droplet gather on the slit, and he watched the globule of pre-seminal fluid tremble there. But not for long, because Kathy leaned over and licked it off with the red flick of her tongue.

    Shuddering, Dallas clenched his hands upon her fine ass, and the girl responded by lifting it slightly, only to bring it back down with a squirming motion that wrung out his embedded prick; that ground his balls into the, feathery crack.

    She continued to tantalize Joey with quick dartings of her active tongue, wrapping it around the throbbing cockhead, lapping down the shaft to the furry dark balls and back up again.

    “Wow, mama,” Joe breathed. “Come on, Mama.”

    Rolling her cunt from side to side, making his meat scrape her clitoris, Kathy paid attention to Dallas while she also concentrated upon teasing Joey. She slid her cheek along the head of the boy’s prick, muzzled it with her nose, rubbed it with her chin.

    Suddenly Joey caught her hair with both bands, dug in his slim, strong fingers and jerked hr face toward his cock. Thrusting with his shaggy pelvis, he bumped the head of his prick against her lips until she opened them wide. Then he drove his shaft into her red mouth, plunged the hard black meat into her mouth until his cockhead reached the back of her throat.

    Kathy said, “Ummm!” and started to suck. Dallas could see her cheeks dip in and out, see her throat work as she did things with her tongue and lips, did them to the boy’s cock. And Joey kept working his belly, continued to move his prick back and forth, making slow wiggles and gentle strokes. He was actually fucking the girl’s face, Dallas thought.

    And the girl screwed Dallas just the same, grinding his steely cock with the velvet muscles of her tight vagina, working up and down and around with sinuous movements. He clung to her ass, cupping the elegant little cheeks, thrusting no Into that enchanted diminutive pussy with faster and longer strokes.

    “Eat it mama,” Joey was saying, caressing her head and feeding his meat into her suctioning mouth. “Chew up my prick, sweet mama-ooh! Yeah, that’s right on-right on Kathy? Make me come-pull it all out of my balls, chick. Oh yeah ooohh!”

    She was half turned toward Joey, and Dallas could see the cameo outlines of her jiggling tits, could watch the mini-nipples rub against the black kid’s corded thighs or dip into his balls.

    Kathy made wetly sucking noises, gobbling sounds, and she rolled the base of Joey’s cock between her palms as she ate him furiously now, trying to devour his shaft, attempting to get it all the way down her throat and into her belly.

    Joey’s balls pressed against her chin, and he moaned low, in his heaving chest as he pumped the cock in and out.

    Dallas hurried his own thrusting, trying to catch up so he could come at the same time. He felt the writhing, of the girl’s pussy as her movements turned savage, turned jerky; Kathy was on the verge of her own orgasm too. Shoving his cock up her wetly clenching pussy as far as the shaft would go, Dallas grunted and fired his load, pumping it into the narrow slit with all the force generated in his aching balls.

    “Here, mama!” Joey gasped. “Oh here, baby I’m coming, corning in your hot mouth baby!”

    Kathy shuddered between them, twice impaled upon their hard pricks, a helpless ecstatic girl pinned by their shafts, soaking up their semen as they flooded her with the creamy release.

    Joey’s balls jerked upward as he released his juices for the girl to gulp, to swallow. Dallas shivered at the height of a sharp climax, and his semen was a fountain that rinsed the walls of her pussy from one end to the other. He packed her vagina with his thickly boiling stuff, and she rolled her ass to help him get more into her little hole.

    Sighing, Joey sank back upon his heels, drawing the length of his wetly shining prick from her still avid mouth, and Kathy’s lips kissed after it. She licked her lips then, and smiled like a highly sensuous kitten. Turning her face, she smiled down at Dallas too, including him in her moment of feminine triumph.

    When she lifted her steaming pussy from the upright pole of his cock, he saw a dribble of semen slide glistening down the pure white thigh, and stared at the puffy inflammation of the girl’s scarlet labia. Panting, he dosed his eyes for just a second, and when he opened them again, she was standing beside the bed, holding out a water glass half filled with bourbon and ice.

    “In case you need a little fuel darling.”

    Gratefully, he accepted the gigantic drink, and sat up to down half of it. He offered it to Joey, but the boy shook his head. “I don’t drink, Mr. Bradburn.

    And I’m in training anyhow.”

    They all broke up over the incongruity of that remark, and Kathy chuckled, “Finish your drink teach; you’re going to need it.”

    “Now?” He stared at her and drained the whiskey, making a face. “Hey, I don’t think I can go again so soon. That was a hell of a load I just let go, and…”

    “Sure you can screw some more,” she said, her proud little body moving gracefully as she hiked herself back upon the bed. “I’ll guarantee that baby.

    Suppose you just sit there and let me show you.”

    And Joey said, “Bow-wow, Kathy?”

    “You know it man,” she answered. “Here, I’ll point my ass at you, and-hey Joey, you can try sticking it into my asshole again, if you’re real careful and I can wet the head for you. Not too deep though, okay?”

    “Okay,” Joey agreed “I can grease it up by dipping it into your pussy mama. I mean, Mr. Bradburn filled it with come.”

    Dallas leaned back and put his hands down behind him for bracing. Looking down, he saw that his shaft was only bent in the middle, and the liquor was hot in his belly now, pumping new strength through his veins. The girl was so damned lovely, he thought; no matter what move she made, or how she twisted her delightful little body, she was always beautiful and desirable.

    She set herself on the bed with her knees apart and her shapely ass pointed up at the black kid. Joey inched toward her on his knees, his prick stiff and ready, although it had been sucked dry only minutes ago. Using one hand to guide it, Joey rubbed the swollen cockhead up and down into Kathy’s drippy labia, taking some of the residual lubrication for himself.

    Watching closely, Dallas saw the boy prod the slim head of his, prick into the cheeks of that delicate ass, saw it find the tiny indentation and watched it shove, shove, until he thought surely that Kathy would get her toy asshole ripped open.

    “It just goes In a little,” Joey warned her, and Kathy pushed back against the knob, saying, “Don’t give up yet; I’m stretching a little more, every time. Oh, Joey that feels so wild, so far out.

    And she began to run her fingertips along the tensed flesh of Dallas’s thighs, feeling along them to the nesting of his balls, touching the bone of his penis.

    Her hair fell forward over her face as she moved nearer to his prick, blowing warm breath on it, petting the shaft and head so tenderly.

    “Going to suck you off teacher,” she murmured. “Going to give you some fine head, while Joey sticks his prick up my ass, or my pussy. I’ll make you come again darling. I promise I’ll make you come again.”

    Her lips were hot, and her mouth ravenous; he flinched when she drew the sharpness of her teeth across the skin of his rod, and he felt the head of his swelling cock slide wetly across the roof of the girl’s mouth. She was above it, lowering her face, holding his thighs spread apart, passing her mouth up and down on the stiff trunk of his shaft, and her tongue was doing all kinds of tantalizing tricks over his glands.

    “Got to take it out,” Joey said. “I’ll hurt you mama. Here-wiggle your ass some-oh yeah Kathy; now it’s going into your tight little cunt.”

    Slowly, in a special voluptuous rapture, Dallas rolled his hips and felt his cockhead bump the cup of the girl’s throat. He gave himself up to the erotic pulling of her mouth.


    The kids hadn’t been gone an hour, when Dallas awoke groggily to a heavy banging on his front door. The buzzer sounded loudly, and somebody beat on the door again.

    “What the hell,” he mumbled, and stopped to throw on his beat up terrycloth robe before going to the front of the house.

    When he opened the door, he saw cops; they weren’t in uniform, but they were definitely cops. Both of them had the weathered look of old gunny sergeants, and about the same kind of softness.

    “Dallas Bradburn?”

    “Yeah; what do you want?” He rubbed at his eyes and winced. He’d forgotten the cut over his left eye and the bruise under the right one.

    The taller man extended a piece of paper. “We have a warrant for your arrest.”

    Dallas frowned. “What? On what charge?”

    “Aggravated assault, doing great bodily harm. We’ll come in while you get dressed.”

    He stood a while longer in the doorway, trying to digest it all. “Am I going to be booked?”

    The shorter man moved toward him, making him back into the living room. “Don’t make any trouble mister.”

    Dallas asked, “May I make a call from here, or do I have to wait?”

    The tall guy said, “We’re not in that much hurry. If you can reach a lawyer on Saturday, go ahead.”

    “Thanks,” Dallas said, and picked up the phone. In a few seconds he said, “So!?

    Dallas, man. I’m being arrested here in my own house. Assault, they say. Fine, man; I really appreciate it. See you there.”

    The short cop was sitting on the arm of the overstuffed chair, surfing the air for the scent of grass, his sharp eyes darting everywhere. “So! Solomon Shapiro. That figures; you’re both long hairs.”

    “Is that a charge too?” Dallas asked.

    “Don’t get smartass,” the cop said. “I don’t like a smartass hippie.”

    The tall man said, “Ease off, Jim; let the guy get dressed.”

    “Don’t forget your fucking beads,” the short cop said.

    True to his word on the phone, Sol Shapiro met them at the station, and ten minutes later, had bail set and posted. The short cop stared them out of the station and onto the street.

    “What the hell you been up to?” the lawyer wanted to know.

    Dallas felt his banged-up eye. “You want a beer? I’ll buy a couple over at the spa. It’s cooler there, and I can tell you all about how I assaulted these four big muscle guys who were only trying to get away from me on the beach!”

    “That’s interesting,” Shapiro said. “It might even believable.”

    In the dimly lighted tavern the lawyer sighed, leaned back and wiped foam off his beard. “That’s cute,” he said. “Dallas if that’s not really cute. This Collins is beating you to the punch man. And I’ll figure that’s smart enough to have the warrant sworn out by only one guy; the other three are going to be witnesses. But basically, I think he meant you to sit out the weekend in jail.

    If I wasn’t a pal of Judge Erdrich, you wouldn’t have gotten sprung until Monday, bail or no bail.”

    Dallas sipped beer. “And who knows? There might be a couple of big guys waiting for me on the inside.”

    Nodding, Shapiro said, “You’re right. But your curly locks are worth it, I gather?”

    “You gather, Mend.”

    The lawyer thumb nailed his flowing moustache. “Then I’d better check out these four guys; all the way I mean. If they all turn out to be bonafide employees of the same detective agency, it will be somewhat of a help.”

    Dallas grinned, and stopped because his lip hurt. “Maybe they were that dumb; I hope so. If they can make this assault charge stick, I’m out of a job.”

    “And I’m out a fee,” Shapiro said. “You going to buy another round?”

    When Dallas got home, he was glad he hadn’t been driving He was feeling no pain, other than the gripe of being hassled and the assorted lumps and cuts he’d picked up on the beach.

    There was no note for him, but then the kids couldn’t have known what happened, not yet. He made a couple of sandwiches and tapered off on cold milk. Then he took another shower and hit the sack, checking once again to see that all the bugs were in place and connected. Setting the timer on his bedside radio, he drifted off to sleep, waking once when the music clicked off, and again sometime before dawn.

    Sunday. He went through the early morning routine, and while he was making a bowl of ten-grain cereal, heard the news item on the radio. He was a celebrity, an infamous attacker of innocent men, a wild eyed radical, all “alleged,” of course. Monday was going to be a lot of fun, facing the principal again, if not the assembled school board in special meeting.

    The phone rang. “You fucking commie; get outa’ town.”

    The phone rang. “Hey, why don’t you go join a commune and leave decent people alone?”

    The phone: “Dirty goddamned hippie; get outa’ town.”

    Ring, ring: “Dallas Bradburn-I asked you to be sensible. Now see what you ye gotten yourself into, you and that violent temper.”

    “Selena,” he said, “You didn’t even ask if I did it.”

    When the phone rang again, he almost didn’t answer it, but thought that the guys monitoring his line expected it. He lifted the receiver. The guy said, “We’re with you, Mr. Bradburn. I mean, really with you; today, even.”

    He said, “Thanks, friend. I know what you mean.”

    And he knew where, which was a lot more important. The young voice had put emphasis in the right places. The communal pad would be a good place to get away from the harassing calls. As Dallas finished eating, the phone kept insisting for attention, but he ignored it.

    Getting dressed, he wondered if all the callers were legitimate, or if Collins had a staff of bastard hired to grind him down. The big red-necked son of a bitch was going all out, that was for certain. He left the phone ringing and walked outside. There were no other cars in sight at the moment, but he didn’t doubt that private fuzz were lurking somewhere close.

    Five blocks from home, a red light flashed in the VW’s rear window, and Dallas automatically pulled to the curb. It was driver’s license, registration and get out of the car, in that order.

    “Put your hands on the car; spread your feet and move them back. You heard me jack. Right now!

    They shook him down carefully, and one of them stood over him while another went through the car, taking a lot of time and trouble. The cop sounded disappointed when he said, “Clean.”

    “You can go jack,” the other one said, dropping Dallas’s license and registration on the front seat.

    “Thank you,” Dallas said, and they stared cold eyed at him for a long, tight moment before climbing back into the prowl car and roaring off.

    Damn, he thought, the roust was on in earnest. If he so much as spit on the sidewalk, he could plan on being busted for it. They had been after any sign of grass, no matter how small. Since he wore long hair, it stood to reason that he also did pot, by their thought processes. But they had found nothing this time.

    Next time, some cop not too choosy might plant some seeds, or as much as a bag.

    It wouldn’t he all that tough to bust him, if enough of the police really wanted to. About all he could hope for was that a goodly percentage of the force was reasonably honest, and would leave him alone. Maybe some of them wouldn’t sit still for a raw frame, Dallas hoped to hell that was the case.

    Carefully, watching his mirror, he drove across town and out to the beach road, turning swiftly when no other car was in sight behind him and moving back toward town. He pulled a couple of more tricks designed to shake any tail he might have acquired, and passed the woodsy turnoff twice before suddenly whipping into it. Even then, he parked for ten minutes beneath the spreading branches of an oak tree, waiting to see if anyone turned in behind him. When no car showed, or no too-casual stroller appeared, he drove a short way, turned the VW in a wide spot, and headed it back out for the main road. Then he walked in.

    The back door eased soundlessly back when he put his hand out to it, so he ducked inside and stood in the house quietly, adjusting his eyes to the semi-dark.

    They whispered around him, girl voices and boy voices. Hands led him into the living room, that small and remembered room where they had shown him his first orgy. The girls were all there, the four he knew so well-Susan and Blythe, Kathy and Angel. The regular boys were along, too-Joey and Marty and Eric.

    Kathy said, “We heard about the bust. Did they keep you long?”

    “Yeah,” Joey wanted to know, “and did they beat on you man?”

    Dallas told them how it had been, giving them a quick and concise rundown on the hassle, too. He warned them not to bring anything to school, and asked if they’d set up a warning system among the kids to let him know when strangers were hanging around the school.

    He sank back on the couch and stretched his legs Little Kathy sat down beside him, her hip pushing his; she put one arm around his neck. “I’m sorry, Dallas.

    About my father, I mean… I wish he wasn’t such a bastard, but I don’t know what I can do about him.”

    “You’re not your old man, Kathy,” lanky Marty Brooke said.

    She touched Dallas’s cheek. “Poor guy, they’re really giving you a bad time.

    We’ll do whatever we can about it, tomorrow. But right now, we’ll have us a little party, to take your mind off everything.”

    “I had an idea it would be something like that,” he said. “But I didn’t see any more cars parked out back.”

    Joey laughed. “We all came in one, to confuse the man. And It’s parked like a mile from here, just incase.”

    Kathy leaned forward and kissed him, dipping her hot, sliding tongue in and out of his mouth. Then she jumped up and shucked out of her jeans and shirt. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath, no bra and no panties, and the sight of her finely textured, flawless skin was a gift to Dallas. He never tired of the sight of her small, naked body.

    His eyes were growing accustomed to the dim lighting, and he saw Joey flick on a radio for cover sound. The boy said, “Every once in awhile, one of us will make a round, check outside to see if anything is happening. Just relax man.

    We’ll give ‘em the shits tomorrow, but this afternoon, just hang loose.”

    The other girls were getting undressed, too. Beautiful black Angel, her high fits standing proudly, their dark raisin nipples erectile and thrusting; silvery blonde Blythe Jackson, taller than the other girls, her hair glowing, her body very pale and syoimetrical; dainty Susan Lee of the golden akin and the almond eyes, with rounder, heavier tits and the little sprig of pubic hair; and of course, scarlet Kathy, sweetly Impish, bouncy as any garden sprite, ready to fuck at the mere mention of the word.

    She was the leader today, and grinned at him as she had the girls pirouette for him, posing and posturing, shoving their lovely bare asses out, jiggling the artistry of their young tits. Kathy said, “We’ll give you a real ride, teacher-baby. All of us will line up, and you just keep going until you come in somebody.”

    “Hey,” Susan Lee said, “that’s not fair. I mean, he might get hung up and stay with one of us too long. How about making it a rule that Mr. Bradburn can only take three strokes at a time? That way, he can move on to the next pussy quicker, and we can build him up to a real orgasm.”

    “Good idea,” Blythe laughed. “Something like the time we ganged up on Eric and held him down.”

    Kathy giggled with Angel, and the black girl said, “Yeah, poor Eric thought we weren’t ever going to let him come. Every time he started to wiggle, whoever was riding his cock just jumped off, and let him cool down all over again.”

    Eric said, “It wasn’t all that damned funny. Suppose that big load I built up had backfired?”

    “Then,” Angel laughed, you’d have blown your ass off.”

    Goosing each other, pinching and slapping playfully, the girls arranged themselves on the floor, holding hands, their legs veed wide and their feet touching. It was a beautiful sight for Dallas, and the other guys were interested too. They were all naked now, all the boys and girls, and a tension was building in the room, despite the facade of casualness and the joking.

    Four small flower faces turned toward Dallas, and four gorgeous little emits glistened up at him, beckoned the probing of his stiff prick. He moved to the first girl, to Kathy rolling her trim hips and tilting the treasure of her pussy for him.

    “Look at those four fine cunts,” Marty Brooke sighed. “All of them just snapping.”

    Dallas didn’t feel awkward as he knelt between Kathy’s spread legs; he felt honored and blessed and lucky as hell. Stroking her flesh, running his hands softly over Kathy’s belly and her mound, he reached back up for the charm of her small, round tits and fingered the nipples there.

    Cock in hand, he eased forward and set the head of it into the waiting, already damp hairs of the girl’s lovely pussy, feeling the curls of her red pubic hairs and the deep throbbing of her fight vagina as it ached for his meat.

    “Put it in me darling,” she panted. “Shove that beautiful prick all the way home, so I can feel your balls against my ass. Bury the meat in my pussy, lover; stick it deep, deep.”

    He obeyed her, sliding the knob into the fight grasp of her lubricated emit, pushing it into the elastic clenching of her labia, reaching all the way up into that narrow little box until he touched bottom. With his swollen cockhead in the cup of Kathy’s womb, Dallas hesitated for awhile, until her delighted squirming reminded him of the rules of the game.

    “One,” he breathed raggedly “and two-” pushing his hard cock back into the slippery depths of her vibrant snatch. She hunched hard against him, lifting her pelvis to grind it into his crotch.

    “T-three!” he grunted, and pulled out his prick hastily, before the muscles of her educated emit milked him down.

    Susan Lee was next, her ripe but small body palpitating with eagerness. He leaned to kiss the nipples of her tits as he worked in the head of his cock. He couldn’t shove in the knob without feeling that he was putting it to a kid ten or eleven years old; that lack of hair made him feel that way; but the smooth richness of her pussy turned him on nevertheless.

    Into her honeyed slit he went, slipping his prick deep as she bucked up at his belly, digging her heels into the worn carpet and spreading her knees. “Oh, teach! Teach, baby-you have a terrific cock, man-oh yes, yes. It goes all the way-nice and long, and sooo hard!”

    “Fuck her man,” one of the other guys grunted. “She’s burning up.”

    From both sides of him as he drew back his cock, bringing it out of the suctioning pussy almost to its flared head, Dallas heard the voices chant softly in unison: “Two!”

    He fed it into Susan Lee, stuffed his stiff rod all the way to the cervix, sliding the way that the Oriental girl writhed on his shaft as it impaled her, digging the way she clenched the cheeks of her silken ass.

    “Three!” the chorus reminded him, and he snatched it back because Susan was trying to gobble it some more, trying to make him keep it inside her vagina.

    Sitting back on his heels, he saw the gleaming head of his prick with the love oils on it, and swore that it was twice its usual size.

    He had to hold tight awhile, because already he was afraid any more direct action would force him to pop off. Joey Nottingham grinned at him knowingly as lie let it cool, and Dallas wondered why he should be ready to come after only six strokes, dividing them between two different tight little cunts.

    That was the answer he thought, the variety, the excitement of sliding his hard meat into the hungry pussy’s of two girls. And two more waited.

    Taking a deep and steadying breath, Dallas climbed over and got balanced as he stared down into the silver haired cunt of Blythe Jackson. It looked somehow ancient, because of the strange color of its pubic hair, but its texture was youthful.

    It was like preparing to stick his cock into a grandmother pussy, Dallas thought, yet like approaching a very young girl also.

    His bulb trembled into the caress of those platinum hairs, and found the precious carnality of her cunt lips. Blythe’s vulva seemed to reach out with pouting labia to pull in his rod, and it penetrated deeply. She was hot inside, and steamy; her snatch was narrow and tight, almost virginal. He backed off for another long, slow thrust, and yet another.

    Blythe fooled him by not fighting his withdrawal. She lay quiescent, only a faint rippling of her flesh betraying her high excitement. Dallas brought out his cock, glad for the cool air that laved it, and looked toward his next flick, Angel Matthews.

    Black and wiggling, she lay here smiling brightly at him, her fine young body gleaming with eager sweat. She looked like a savage ready to spring at him, like a primitive ready to devour him. And her pussy was thickly bushed, heavily furred, its pink lips peeping from the forest of her pubic hair.

    “Come on man,” she whispered urgently. “My cunt is jumping. Get it in me teach.

    Put your fat cock in my jumping cunt baby. Make me know you’re fucking me long and strong.”

    Her hands reached up at him, and he felt blindly for her blazing hole with the head of his cock as she twisted and swiveled. He slid off her box and along the crack of her ass, then recovered himself and got it steady for the pistoning effect that sent his shaft burrowing into her terrific body.

    His second thrust met her as she bucked violently up, and she clung to his rod when he slipped her the third stroke. But she played the game, and only rotated her ass hungrily when he took his meat out of her inch by ultra-sensitive inch.

    Closing his eyes and clenching his teeth, Dallas made it through the prescribed number of lunges In Kathy Collins’ active pussy, and by concentrating frantically upon the multiplication tables, he got by Susan Lee, even though she was flinging her rounded little ass around in crazy circles.

    Blythe cheated a little when she lifted her long, slim legs to wrap them hotly around his body. He touched bottom in her shallow, quivering pussy also, and when he pulled it back after the third lingering push, the head of his prick was threatening to explode.

    “Hurry baby!” Angel hissed, and wrapped her hotly wiggling body around him, a dark serpent striking at his crotch with the furry little cave between her polished thighs. She was avid and she was clawing him like some feral cat, raking his back and pounding his ass hard with her heels.

    He got it buried into that whirl pooling pussy, got it shoved to the balls inside that juicy box, but not much more. She bit his throat and groaned, “Oh daddy! Oh wow-man, I’m coming, coming! Uh! Uh-uh-uh! Oh man-you’re tearing up my pussy. Oh, it’s so good, so GOOD.”

    Then he went off. His cockhead vibrated like a plucked guitar string, and the semen came rushing through with a roar, a hissing stream of come that showered her clinging vagina with its boiling cream, with the sticky richness of a man’s inner core. His balls leaped against her flexing asshole, and Dallas wallowed in the grasp of her strong young legs.

    Angel lifted her face, and her mouth was hot, sucking in his tongue and raking teeth across his. He could barely breathe, for she drank his wind as her pussy was gulping his semen. She moaned into his mouth, tasting of sweet wildfires, flavored by the spices of her honest carnality.

    “Man, oh man,” Joey breathed in awe. “That was some fine fuck, you guys. I thought you were going to screw yourselves right on down through the floor.”

    Dallas closed his eyes and smiled, melting in the girl’s sultry embrace.


    Mr. Kingston pursed his thin ups, and his eyeglasses flashed as he tilted back his head and peered up at Dallas from behind the big desk.

    “You’re bringing disgrace upon the school, Bradburn. Why won’t you have the common decency to resign, and let the rest of your fellow teachers do their usual quiet jobs?”

    Dallas sat down without being asked. All that fucking was taking it out of him; he had probably lost three or four pounds since he began swinging with the kids in his class. It was a hell of a way to go, he thought; maybe weight watchers or fatties anonymous might be interested in the method.

    He said, “Mr. Kingston, in this country screwed up as some parts of it may be-a man is still presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. I haven’t been brought to trial.”

    The principal rubbed his fingertips together. “I can plainly see the results of our brawling on your face.”

    Patiently, Dallas said, “The other guys did the attacking; I defended myself.

    And I’ll prove it in court.”

    Kingston’s eyes flickered. “Can you? That remains to be seen, but all this scandal, the police cars circling the school, parents calling me and demanding-yes, demanding that you be removed.”

    “Easter vacation is coming up,” Dallas said. “Things will have a chance to cool off by the time it’s over. I’m not enjoying this either, you know. No more than I did that little episode with the coach.”

    Kingston looked down at his hands. “Mr. Parnell exceeded his instructions, I would say. If ever he received any. Then you still stubbornly refuse to leave us, and clear the school’s good name!”

    “You called it,” Dallas said. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a class.”

    “Perhaps,” the principal said. “I understand there is a high rate of absenteeism this morning.”

    As Dallas crossed through the secretary’s office, he heard the drums, and the clash of cymbals. Above the sudden noise rose the sound of chanting, but he couldn’t quite make out the words. He moved down the hail and opened a window at its end.

    Below in the schoolyard, the kids were marching-two or three hundred of them, he thought, and more people running from all directions, to join the parade.

    The march wasn’t going anywhere, just around and around, but it was getting louder by the second.

    “Let him alone!” they chanted. “Let him alone! Don’t hassle Mr. Blackburn!


    He grinned down at them, and they yelled louder, their shouts and the roar of the band instruments echoing among the buildings, bringing heads popping out of second and third story windows.

    They waved signs, crudely and hastily lettered signs that were an integral part of picketing, of demonstrations. They chanted and banged their drums and clashed the cymbals ad waved their signs, and of course nobody heard the bell ringing for homeroom classes.

    “We dig Mr. Bradburn,” one sign read, and another said, “Mr. Bradburn is groovy,” and yet another announced. “Be fair to hair!”

    Dallas felt good. He looked down upon the eddying, yelling kids, and he felt pretty wonderful. They were backing him up, standing behind him in his fight to retain his individuality, and they didn’t mind raising a little hell to help him. They were great kids.

    He turned from the window and confronted the livid face of Burdett Kingston.

    The principal looked as if he might have a stroke, and Dallas thought that wasn’t such a bad idea, either. Kingston was spluttering, trying to say something, but the noise was too great to hear what it might be. Dallas smiled and shrugged and walked on to his classroom, where his own group of students would be, when they decided to wrap up the demonstration outside.

    Behind his own desk, Dallas leaned back and clasped his hands behind his head.

    Would the newspapers and the local radio stations make as much of this uproar as they had of his bust? Even if they didn’t, the word would spread all over town, and though he’d had no hand in this, he was getting in some licks of his own.

    Looking at the ceiling, he was relaxed and loose. The junior grade riot outside didn’t seem all that important, when compared to the freedom, the ultimate sharing, that the kids had made him a part of the night before.

    Fucking four sweet and lovely girls, all in a row; that had been something to remember for the rest of his life, no matter what happened otherwise. Four beautiful teenage kids, who knew more tricks about screwing than he had ever thought about-or taken the time to learn. Dallas thought about a class in copulation, and smiled dreamily; his girls had already graduated cum laude, and were well qualified to teach.

    He had sat back for a little while, after throwing his first foaming load into the devouring pussy of the black girl, Angel. It gave him a chance to watch the boys stick them too. And the fucking turned into a game of round robin that brought his own well-used cock into a state of erection.

    The boys lined up-Joe Nottingham first in line, followed by Marty Brooke and Eric Fairmont. Joey kneeled between the sleek legs of Kathy, and prodded the shining black head of his long, slim cock into the welcoming red hair of her wet pussy. TI others waited their turn to pass through the lineup of three wiggling girls impatient for more screwing.

    When the black boy had taken a few thrusts into the hotly squirming body of Kathy Collins, he pulled out his glistening cock and moved over to Blythe Jackson, slipping the knob of his shaft easily into her eager, silvered box.

    Marty Brooke took his place between the shapely thighs, pushed his chubby prick into, the slot Joey had just stroked. There were two couples fucking then, and Dallas watched them, seeing the humping of the dark ass as Joey fed the meat to slim and willowy Blythe, while her legs lifted to ensnare his body, pale white legs on black skin.

    Lean and long, Marty folded himself over the small form of Kathy, slipping the cock to her. She hiked her trim ass and took the prick into her narrow snatch, murmuring endearments to her new lover, to the third man who had been between those luscious thighs within a matter of minutes.

    Blythe was complaining, and Joey was disengaging from the grasp of her highly trained cunt, only to move over and be greeted by the velvet legs of Angel Matthews. There it was black upon active black, velvet upon velvet, and Dallas saw they flicked well together.

    Marty climbed over a tangle of legs to top Blythe, and they met violently, wrapping together in a mutual hunger. That left Eric to fuck Kathy, which he did with a will. Holding to the modeled cheeks of her ass, the boy rolled Kathy back upon her shoulders and really hammered home his cock. He slammed it into the tight, hot little pussy and his balls made wetly slapping noises against her ass.

    All the girls were moaning; all of them squirming and heaving, all with pricks working solidly within them, and Dallas saw that there’d be no more exchanging of partners.

    They were too deeply into their mutual fucking to swap around now. Pumping and pounding, the boys poured the prick to the receptive girls, their asses lifting up and down, the wrinkled sacks of their balls swinging. And the girls took them happily, grinding and twisting, upon the impaling cocks, working their clits along the hard shafts of meat, throwing their tails around to absorb all that was being thrust into them.

    Dallas found himself clenching his own shaft, hand tightly clamped about the heavily veined cock that wanted to go again, that was ready once more to sample the hot, wet loving of all those scorching young cunts.

    “C-coming!” Kathy said hoarsely, in that little girl voice. “Oh, Eric-I’m coming!”

    Watching, Dallas saw her hike her ass for one more stroke, saw it hesitate while her uplifted thighs quivered in the throes of her orgasm. He saw the cheeks of the boy’s ass clench, and knew that the kid was loosing a flood of boiling semen into the girl’s miniature pussy.

    Then Angel Matthews cried out: “Oh man-oh man! Fuck me, fuck me-fuck me!”

    And Blythe Jackson let go a piercing sound, a wail that was wordless, but packed with all the sensuous meanings there could be. Dallas glanced at her and saw her feet waving in the air, high over the boy’s shoulders. He saw a seepage of come shining upon her pussy hairs, and a little puddle of semen that grew beneath the flexing cheeks of her slim ass.

    They lay quietly for some time, the three couples tied together in steamy and juicy couplings. Dallas played with his cock, his fingers gentle over its distended head, feeling the faint stickiness there. The kids had to recover, but from experience, he knew that wouldn’t be very long; they were marvelously resilient.

    Coming apart, Eric and Kathy sat up, kidding each other with murmuring remarks Dallas couldn’t make out. Then Blythe and Marty separated, but the girl turned herself so she could lean down and plant a lingering kiss upon the creamy head of the prick that had just been taken from her box.

    Joey and Angel were last to break, coming apart with a sloppy noise that told of much semen being released into the girl’s thirsty pussy.

    “Look at teacher,” Blythe said softly, moving toward bun at a sexy crawl, on hands and knees. Her tits hung down, their nipples pointy and pink. “He’s got another hard-on.”

    “Do something with it,” Susan Lee suggested. “Or let me, since I didn’t get screwed as much as the rest of you.”

    Blythe was very close, nodding, swaying her head from side to side so that the pale cascade of her platinum hair moved like a pendulum. Her face poked from its misty veiling and she touched the head of Dallas’s cock with feather soft lips.

    “Okay Susan. But do something different with him. You know, honey-show him how you’re built.”

    Dark-eyed and golden skinned, Susan Lee sat with her hands cupping her small fits. Her lips looked pouty. “I don’t know; maybe Mr. Bradburn wouldn’t dig it that way.”

    “Sure he would,” Blythe promised. “All the guys do, and I just wish I could take it there. Maybe if I keep trying.”

    Susan Lee asked softly, “Have you ever done it the back way teacher? In the ass, I mean?”

    Dallas caught his breath. “No-not since I was a little kid, trying to get it into another little kid.”

    “Would you like to?” Susan asked.

    He said, “Of course darling. If you’re sure I won’t hurt you.”

    Blythe giggled. “Susan is built real small, like all Korean women, she says.

    But her asshole is just about the same size as her little cunt. She’s been fucking all the guys that way, too. Which makes her the only real three-way chick in the group.

    The rest of us are trying, but so far it hurts a little too much.”

    Kathy came drifting up. “If you don’t, like the idea…”

    He glanced around at the waiting faces, and knew that even if he didn’t really dig that kind of sexual action, maybe this wasn’t the time to say so. But he thought that over, and decided that honesty was the only way to go with these open kids, and that being phony in any way would turn them off.

    Dallas said, “I think I’ll like it fine; if I didn’t, I’d thank the lovely Miss Lee for her offer and ask her to try something else with me, if she felt like it.”

    There were murmurs of approval, the nodding of heads, and Joey said, “Right on man.”

    Kathy said, “Let’s leave them alone. I don’t mean alone-alone, but backed off enough so they can swing without us getting in their way.”

    “I’m going to get in your way,” Joey promised, and took Kathy by the ass.

    Sloe-eyed, soft and appealing, Susan Lee turned herself slowly so that her shapely ass faced him. Looking back over one shoulder as she balanced upon hands and knees she said, “It helps if you make your cock slippery, especially on the head. My pussy is still drippy.”

    Going to his knees, Dallas moved close to the girl, his heart beating wildly in his chest, his entire body eager for this new adventure in sensation. The girl was so willing, so ready for him to mount her from behind. He barely took time to run his hands over the golden cheeks, to know their lustrous softness, before dipping his fingers into the barely, haired cleft of her cunt.

    He rubbed his fingers around the damp labia, getting them greasy with the girl’s love oils. His cockhead tingled when he transferred the warm juice to it and laved the swollen glands. Going back for more, he oiled the shaft of ins cock all the way clown to the balls that were busily manufacturing semen for the upcoming release.

    Carefully, his body taut, he set the greasy head of his prick into the dainty cleft of the girl’s neat ass using one hand to guide the blunt end into the little dark brown hole.


    Dallas snapped out of his daydream and sat up straight iii his chair. Mr.

    Kingston had lowered himself so far as to come all the way from the sanctum sanctorum, to visit a homeroom.

    “Bradburn, damn it-is that your idea, that-that uproar outside?”

    “No,” he answered, “but it seems to be a pretty good one.”

    “You have to stop it,” the principal insisted.

    “The press is coming-I’ve had so many calls.”

    “Why me?” Dallas asked. “I figure just to wait it out. If somebody tries to put physical pressure on those kids there’ll be real trouble.”

    “I-I have already called for the police,” Kingston said.

    Coming out of his chair, Dallas brushed by the man and hurried downstairs. He had to battle his way through the mob, pushing and yelling until he got to the eye of the hurricane.

    “Kathy-Joey! Come on guys-you have to break this up. The cops are coming, and I don’t want anybody hurt. Please, you guys…”

    They listened, and they were better organized than he would have guessed, for whistles blew and the crowd dispersed, kids heading for their classrooms, for the gym.

    Marty said, “See you man,” and Eric trotted for the offices. Signs were propped against the building wall, or laid flat and abandoned upon the grass. They looked a little tattered now, but he was proud of them just the same.

    “Thanks kids,” Dallas said. “If the fuzz had come in and started beating on you …”

    “We wouldn’t have put up with it,” Joey said.

    “I know,” Dallas said “Better duck out of sight now, both of you. I can handle Kingston, especially now that he’s so shaken up about this demonstration.

    Split-and Ill see you later.”

    Kathy grinned at him. “Your place.”

    “Oh, come on,” Dallas said, but he was talking to nothing. She was gone, skipping across the littered schoolyard like the elf she was, her tidy little ass bouncing firmly inside the slacks of her pants suit.

    Dallas walked back into the building, and glanced up as he passed into the doorway. He saw Kingston’s face in the window above the hail, rage-mottled and set. The man would never believe Dallas had nothing to do with the march this morning; it bad fallen apart too easily, while the principal watched.

    Climbing the stairs again, Dallas thought that Kingston had seen his authority flouted, and worse-usurped by a subordinate. The man couldn’t take that. He would find some way to strike back, and hard.


    After school that day, Dallas didn’t go home right away. He drove over to the building where Solomon Shapiro had an office, and went in to talk to the lawyer.

    “They’re holding off,” Shapiro. said. “They’re not going to bring your case to court for some time-if ever. Like man, the guy you banged up worst, turns out he’s a muscle for hire, and he’s got a record himself. Him, they picked to be the complainant down at the courthouse they’re a little pissed off at Harry Sladermann, and in case you don’t know who Harry Sladermann is, he’s the gonn if Craig Collins pays like a detective. And in case you don’t know who he is …”

    “I know, already,” Dallas said. “Was this Sladermann one of the guys who jumped me?”

    Fingering his beard, Shapiro said, “No, from what I hear. But he’s the guy who pays the other guys, out of his agency. You’re being followed everywhere, you know.”

    Dallas nodded. “I’m bugged too-at least my phone and my house. I wouldn’t doubt they’ve got the VW wired by now also. Did you hear about the kids this morning, staging a protest?”

    “Didn’t I? But even if you didn’t have anything to do with it, and I’m not saying you did-the parade IS going to make some more parents get uptight about you.”

    Shrugging, Dallas said, “I can’t help that. I’m only glad I got to the kids before the cops showed up. That dummy Kingston called them first thing.”

    “He’ll call the PTA too.”

    “Let him. I’m determined to hang on through the year, at least. Then I might move on to a junior college; I understand some slots are opening.”

    Shapiro stroked his moustache, fingered his beads. “Like the nice young slots opening for you around town here?”

    Blinking, Dallas said, “What the hell do you mean?”

    The lawyer held up both hands. “Look, you’re my buddy. If you’re sticking all that sweet young ass at the school-and I mean all the juicy young goyem-I say, may your strength last forever. But my advice to you is this: don’t get caught baby. Somebody is pushing rumors around town that you’re some kind of pied piper, only by you, it’s young chicks that follow, you to dens of iniquity where the reefer smoke could be cut with a butter knife.” Shapiro shook his head. “You know, I haven’t heard it called that for years and years reefer.”

    Leaning forward in his chair, Dallas said, “None of the kids do grass while I’m around, and I took my last hits in Nam, which was one hell, of a long time ago.

    But I’ll go so far as to admit to you and to you only-that I’m swinging with some of the girls. The kids aren’t talking, so nobody really knows. It has to be rumor put out by Collins or some of his people.”

    “Hoo-hah,” Shapiro said softly, “I should only have such rumors started about me. Some of the young chicks, yet-not one, or even two, but some. Okay, lover-only watch yourself at all times. With all this dreck coming down on you, and still you have to be the cocksman.”

    Dallas said, “I know it’s crazy, man. But you don’t know; nobody knows, how those kids ball. It’s the greatest thing ever, so wild and far-out that I get turned on all over again,, just remembering some of the things they did with me and to me.”

    The lawyer held up a hand. “I don’t want to hear it I’m an officer of the court, like it says, but also because I might get more jealous. Split Dallas-and I’ll call you soon as I hear anything.”

    “Just remember, I’m bugged. And it could happen to your phone too.”

    “Let ‘em,” Shapiro said. “I’ll have those momsers talking to themselves, and answering back.”

    When Dallas parked the bug at the drive-in, the cute carhop came sway-hipping over, right away. “Hi, Mr. Bradburn. Anything special you want?”

    The rumors were spreading fast, he thought; this girl bad a certain inflection in her voice, and her offerings were far more obvious. He wondered if all women got fired up when they heard that a certain man was a swinger, if all of them felt some how challenged by that kind of guy. Maybe that was why Casanova scored so much; the chicks just kept coming to him, to see for themselves if all the things they had heard about him were true.

    “Just a couple of fishwiches, please, with chips and a vanilla malt. I’ll eat here.”

    He thought he could read a disappointed roll in her hips as she flipped away.

    He listened to the acid music station for awhile, then turned to a local one.

    The news came on, and the announcer was playing down the protest at the school that morning. Only a few kids, the radio said; just some troublemakers looking for any excuse. Easter vacation was coming up, the announcer reminded his audience, and kick would forget “all about demonstrations soon. He never mentioned why the kids had been out in the first place.

    “Two fish,” said the cute carhop, “with extra goodies.” She was leaning down, showing him the cleft between her tits, and it all looked very good. If he hadn’t been balling so much lately…

    But Dallas thought of another angle, and said, “The-extra goodies look terrific.”

    “Oh, do you think so?”

    “I’d have to check-closer, to be certain.”

    She dimpled. “I get-off at eight.”

    Dallas hesitated. “Not tonight, okay? I’d like to, but I’m jammed up to here with work I can’t cop out on. Really. But tomorrow night.”

    “Would be groovy,” she smiled, and showed him the intriguing rhythm of her haunches as she strode away on other business.

    Maybe he could pull the detectives off the real trail, he thought, realizing that he had been lucky as hell so far in avoiding them. If he took this girl out-and he didn’t even know her name-the people following him might think he was doing his thing with the carhop, and nobody else. He wouldn’t let them box him into some situation where they could squeeze him about it.

    He had just finished off the fries and was making noises with the straw in the malted container when the man sauntered over to the VW and put an elbow on its roof.

    Dallas said, “I don’t know you. If you stick a hand in here, I’m going to break your arm at the elbow.”

    The man grunted and backed off a step, but not hurriedly. He said, “I know you, Bradburn. My name is Sladermann, and I’d like to talk to you. Okay if I come around the other side of the car and sit down with you?”

    Dallas put the remains of his dinner on the car tray and tooted his horn. The cute girl came swiftly and he said to her, “Our date is set for tomorrow night at eight, darling. But take a real good look at this man, and be sure you remember his face, and the time he was here. Because if anybody causes our date to be broken, he’ll be the one.”

    She pouted rich lips at Sladermann. “Don’t you dare.” Collecting the tray and her tip, she bounced away again.

    “Now you can come sit down,” Dallas said.

    The VW dipped under the man’s weight, and he turned uncomfortably to face Dallas after he sat down. “So you’re covered, but you won’t need the kid for a witness Bradburn. This is all business.”

    Dallas looked the man over, registering the broken nose and the shrewd eyes, the lips that announced scar tissue inside. Sladermann was fortyish, with big shoulders and a pastey skin. There was gold in his mouth; it showed when he talked.

    He said, “You’re slick mister. You lose tails and you don’t do anything that can get you burned. I don’t even know how you figured you’re being watched. And I know you’re a pretty rough boy, through that mess on the beach. Those four guys, they’d like another shot, though-a rematch, like.”

    “Next time,” Dallas said, “I’ll kill a couple of them. That’s what the rematch will cost.”

    Sladermann sighed. “You might do it, at that. Which is why I’m here. To talk business just between you and me Look, everybody needs a buck right? I mean, teaching English in high school is no way to get fat. I can offer you five big ones if you hang around two, three more weeks, then resign and leave town.”

    Dallas said, “Five thousand dollars?”

    “Tax free,” Sladermann added. “A going away present.”

    “I don’t understand,” Dallas said. “How do you make any money out of that?”

    Sladermann rubbed his broken nose. “It’s kind of complicated; let’s say I’ll do okay, personally.”

    Dallas stared, thinking furiously. Nobody was willing to pay him to quit teaching here; they’d rather spend twice as much to force him out, to make him capitulate. Sladermann was being hired to get something usable on Dallas, some lever that could be used to fire him. Craig Collins was footing the bill, and happy to spend his money.

    “Yeah,” Dallas said slowly, “I see it-You shake Collins down for-say, twice that much money, tell him you need it to buy witnesses, or more cops, or to plant something on me. When I resign, your job is done, and you’re richer than you would be if you chased me around for months and found nothing.”

    Sladermann turned to face the windshield. “Something like that. It’s a good deal for you Bradburn. Traveling money, and nobody gets hurt-not even you. If I hang around long enough, I can find something on you. Or I can make sure something’s found.”

    Dallas shook his head. “If Collins stands still for a long, dragged-out hustle.

    I’d say he wants action right now, that he’s given you a deadline.”

    The man sighed again. “Five big ones, that’s all I can go.”

    “No way,” Dallas said. “And stay away from me Sladermann. Don’t push your boys on me again. I’m not kidding about that.”

    Climbing heavily from the VW, Sladermann said, “You see me laughing? Think about things. Like guys that don’t have to get close to you. Think about that cute-girl and what if she got hit by a truck before your date tomorrow night.”

    “Bullshit,” Dallas said, as the man started to walk away. “You don’t get paid that kind of money on this job.”

    Sladermann kept going, finally disappearing between a couple of big cars at the other end of the drive-in lot. Dallas keyed the bug and pulled out, driving aimlessly while he tried to sort everything out in his head, while he reconvinced himself that he’d been right, and that Sladermann wouldn’t try to kill anybody, or even seriously hurt them. Himself excluded, Dallas conceded there had been the battle of the beach, and before that the skirmish of the locker room. There could be other, more successful incidents.

    But murder? Not some carhop’s life, just to be used as a threat, not any friend of Dallas Bradburn. It was just possible that Collins would pay enough to have an accident arranged, but even that redneck might very well stop short of outright killing.

    He pulled the VW off onto a side street and parked beneath a big oak tree. A car drove slowly past, pulled in to the curb and parked. It was a big, dark car, and nobody got out of it. Screw them, Dallas thought, and leaned his head back. He could really get worried over narcotics being planted on his person, or in his car, or in his home. It would be easy for someone to do. It would be rough, trying to talk his way out of a dope bust.

    Eyes closed, he thought about that, about the sweet, lovely girls who thought so much, of him, and who might get themselves all screwed up fighting the fuzz if he was arrested and sent to jail.

    Like delicious, wiggling little Susan Lee, who had showed him the way she was built, who had demonstrated that her cute cunt was only slightly larger than her asshole.

    He had set the greasy knob of his hard, cock against that delicate little brown opening, and when he pushed gently, the girl responded by pushing back. Slowly but steadily the swollen head of his prick had slipped inside that tight ring.

    And once the bulb was past the rubbery circle the shaft followed much more easily. It was scorching inside, and the sleeve of her anus compressed his prick, clung to the entire length of it as the heavymeat slid home.

    “It’s-it’s in me all the way,” Susan had gasped. “Oh-oohh! Your cock is b-bigger than the others, but I can take it; it fills me up, though. Oh-wow.

    Easy, Mr. Bradburn. Please, fuck me easy.”

    He did, moving gently and with great tenderness as he fed his stiff rod in and out of her wiggling body. The sensation was marvelous, a squeezing and fondling of his cock that he hadn’t known until then, and he loved feeling the downy cheeks of her girlish ass when his crotch came against it.

    Screwing her slowly, luxuriating in the new, different feelings, Dallas leaned over the girl and reached around her svelte hips. His hands caressed her belly, went to her almost hairless pussy and played over the wet mound as his prick moved back and forth, back and forth.

    His fingertips found her clit, eased into her flaming cunt, stuck themselves deep and tickling into her vagina as he fucked Susan Lee in the ass. She arched up against him, moaning through clenched teeth and swinging her tits in little arcs. “F-fuck me, darling. Oohh! Oh, how wonderful to feel your big cock up my ass and my pussy is oohh! Alih, yes! Give me more, Mr. Bradburn-I’m about to come. I’m about to come.”

    Dallas didn’t have to hurry, for the orgasm was building mightily in his own body, surging up powerfully from the factory of his testicles to come bombing out through the head of his spitting prick.

    He squirted his come into her anus, packed that hot, tight tubing with all the force of his creamy, sticky discharge. The girl humped jerkily, quivered, and her knees buckled. Dallas had to hold her up by her pussy, for Susan had let her arms go limp.

    Lowering her tenderly to the floor, he kept his prick shoved to the balls inside her ass, and it was good in there. It was slicker and wild and burning up, and the semen continued to seep from his locked-in cock. Susan Lee loved it, telling him so, clamping the cheeks of that beautiful ass around his shaft while he fingered wetly within her pussy.

    Dallas’s hands dropped below the seat of the VW and he held onto them, remembering. His right hand touched something cool, and as he sat up, the memories dissolved swiftly. Blindly searching, his fingers felt all over the strange object, the little cellophane bag.

    A plant. The very thing he had been worrying about, and that sly bastard Sladermann had dropped it in the car while he was trying to make his deal.

    Maybe there had never been a deal, but only an opportunity to stash some dope where someone would find it.

    When? Dallas looked around, stared back to the main street, then up at the car ahead. Damned soon, there’d be somebody along to find the grass He picked up the baggie, changed hands with it, and suddenly started the VW to race it away from the curb. The right front window was down on the dark car ahead, and he still couldn’t see anyone in it.

    Dropping his own right window, Dallas leaned across the seat and fired the bag into the other car as he passed. He wound up the bug until its motor protested, getting around the next corner and back onto the thoroughfare. There, he slowed down and discovered that his hands were shaking.

    The prowl car pulled him over at the little park. He had been expecting it, and climbed out while the cops were just opening the door of their own car. Hands on top the VW, feet back and spread, he waited for them. The short man shoved him aside and ducked into the bug, moving seats and feeling everywhere, ripping at the floor mats, slamming open the glove box. Only then did he turn to shake Dallas down personally.

    “Clean,” he mumbled then. “The bastard is clean.

    “Yeah,” the tall cop said, “and that’s about enough of this shit too. Go ahead mister. Sorry.”


    When Dallas got home the phone was ringing. It was Shapiro. “Look buddy-you remember what we were talking about today? Well, I want to tell you that we’re getting the state supreme court interested, and I’ve got that line open into the governor’s office.”

    In the dark, but playing along, Dallas said, “The Governor?”

    “Yeah baby. One of the boys is on his staff, and you know how all us Jews stick together. Now my friend Goldstein on the supreme court bench…”

    There was more of the same, until Dallas fully realized what was happening, that Shapiro was putting on the listeners, using the bugged phone against them.

    In fact, he was probably scaring hell out of some people, or would be soon as they heard the tapes.

    “… and the ACLU is sending another lawyer, if we need him. Of course, I’ll make sure the TV cameras are there top-the whole shtick, you know. Okay baby-hang tight and don’t let the bastards get to you. Chou and shalom.”

    “Goodbye,” Dallas said, and listened for the click. Then he hung up the phone and put a cassette on, turning the volume up high, feeling the room vibrate with the bass and knowing what it would do to the microphones.

    Whistling, grabbing a quick shower, he padded back into the kitchen in tune to hear the cassette start over. Old terrycloth robe flapping, he mixed himself a long, cold drink.

    Taking it into the living room, he sat in the big chair to drink it, and found, himself trying to listen through the pounding of the rock music. He wanted to hear something-a rattle of the back door, a girl’s soft voice, yet be didn’t.

    Sol, Sladermann, guys on both sides of the fence had pointed out how dumb it would-be to play around with underage kids while all, the other nonsense was going on. He knew it himself, but he hadn’t made any attempt to cut it off.

    Sooner or later he was going to get himself nailed to a wall because he was so horny for that beautiful young ass. And it sure as hell wasn’t because he was hard up. He had been fucking himself silly every night. Was Kathy coming tonight? She’d said so, and the kid didn’t lie; she didn’t believe in lying.

    She believed in love and freedom for love, which made her a lot smarter than Dallas and most of his contemporaries.

    Finishing his drink, he got up and walked to the kitchen door. The kids had been circling around, coming across the empty lot after it was dark, and using the bushes, the hedges for cover. They would have made pretty good scouts in the jungle, but he was damned glad they’d never have to try that job on for size.

    He unlocked the door and went back for a refill, reminding himself that he’d have to lay in another case of beer. He preferred that to bourbon except on festive occasions. He was just dropping fresh ice cubes, into his glass when the door opened and closed all in one swift motion.

    She was alone this time, and he wasn’t disappointed. Little Kathy Collins was so lovely; she lighted up the kitchen. He put a finger to his lips in warning, then pointed all around them and to his ear.

    Kathy understood immediately that he hadn’t disconnected the bugs, and that they would have to be quiet. Dallas emphasized that by making a button motion at his mouth, and shaking his head. No talking he meant, for he didn’t know if voice would filter through the noise of the music or not.

    Taking his arm, she led him into the bedroom pausing to turn down the sound as she did so. They lay on the bed, and he was glad for no squeaking, sounds. She whispered in his ear, “Daddy is furious. I heard him yelling on the phone, calling the defective names. And he was almost as bad when he phoned Mr.

    Kingston. He didn’t ask me if I was in the protest this morning, just assumed I wouldn’t be. I don’t feel I’m betraying him or anything. He’s wrong and you’re right.”

    She put one small band under his robe and found his balls “Besides,” she purred softly, I don’t dig my daddy the way I do you. But you know it could be my imagination, but I could swear that sometimes my father looks at me like-well, like he wants me.”

    Dallas enjoyed the feel of her fingers caressing his soft cock, and knew the slow surging of blood that would soon fatten and stiffen it. He turned his face, breathing his question ever so quietly into her tiny ear as she struggled to, keep from giggling: “Did he ever try anything?”

    She shook her head, and they went through the necessary motions of exchanging lips to ear. “No,” Kathy whispered, “but I get the feeling he’d like to. But my daddy is far too straight for anything like that. I don’t know what he does for sex either, unless he jacks off I mean, he doesn’t have any girl friends. Of course, he could be going to some whore, but that would have to be out of town where nobody would recognize him. Wow! Imagine daddy in a whorehouse.”

    Kathy choked down a giggle again, and he clamped a hand over her mouth to help.

    She clamped down on his prick, making him flinch, then relenting to stroke his hardening shaft. She reached his ear again and said, “Don’t move, don’t wiggle or anything. Just try to make that wonderful cock move inside my cunt, on its own like. I know you can make it jump if you try. But by itself and no squirming around.”

    With that, she came out of her clothes and dropped them on the floor beside the bed. Kathy even helped him out of the robe, which was no big effort for either of them. When he lay back, propped on his elbows, she shoved him the rest of the way down so that he was flat on his back.

    Then she pushed his legs apart, far apart, but not quite to the position of discomfort. His cock was standing tall as a flagpole by then, and throbbing with impatience. He dug fucking all her friends, but’, somehow Kathy’s pussy was special for him, a treasure of great price.

    The overhead light was off and the drapes were drawn over locked windows; not even the little bedlamp was on, but Dallas could see her plainly in the light that fanned through from the living room, and she looked fantastic. Little pools of light played over the delicate curves of her body, touching the points of her nipples with gold, spilling down her flat, girlish belly to gather rubies in the alluring curls of her mound. Her thighs spread, incomparably soft, yet firm to the touch, and she was poised above him again.

    “Don’t move,” she ordered him, and he wanted to obey her orders, was happy to gratify her whim, whatever it might be. She was such a jewel, this girl, so passionate and free, giving of herself with great gusto and verve. Briefly he wondered what the marriageable age was in this state. At this enchanted moment, he would marry her in a flash, and keep her close to him.

    And her other lovers? As she lowered her richly feathered crotch upon the upright knob of his prick, Dallas wondered about them, but thought he could go along with whatever the girl wanted Then he grinned, realizing that she probably didn’t want to marry him, or anyone else, that Kathy Collins would no doubt continue as a free spirit, putting down all the established institutions.

    Her pubic hair touched his cockhead, encompassed it, and the marvelous humid slot came down upon it, stretching itself to take him inside its hot and juicy depths.

    Kathy slid down on his shaft, down until his balls were right up against the sweet, warm cleft of her ass. She ground once upon the buried meat, then lowered her upper body and stretched out her legs behind her. She was on top of him, lying perfectly still, but unable to disguise the ragged breathing in her throat.

    It was a strange feeling, to force himself to remain motionless while his cock was hilt deep inside that divine pussy, while the head of it pulsed hungrily and the skin of it drank in the love juices surrounding it. Concentrating, Dallas made the head of his prick jump, relaxed the shaft, and forced it to twitch again.

    The girl responded through some rippling movement of her inner vagina that somehow fondled his cock. They began to work in timed rhythm, he flexing and waiting for her squeeze. It was slow, but it was sexy, and Dallas heard himself panting, although he battled to keep from grabbing her delectable ass and slamming the meat up into her lascivious little snatch as hard as he could.

    Kathy clamped down on his prick, let go and shut down again. He flexed and dropped quiet, twitched and let go, and the beat was getting to them both.

    Maybe it was their enforced control, or the very oddness of their action, but Dallas was hot, hot, and the swelling in his balls warned him that it wouldn’t be long. Soon he would come into the girl who lay still on top on him, and he would come without having made a single stroke into her cunt.

    Shuddering, Kathy convulsed atop him, and the grip of her magic pussy bit at him, then fell away in trembling movements. He let go a spilt second later, the semen leaping with a rush from the vibrating head of his prick. His fluid was sizzling lava that roared up into the tight volcano of her cunt. Thick and foaming, creamy and bubbling, his come filled her, packed her vagina, and his exultant cock wallowed in its greasy juice.

    Small, exotic spasms passed through the girl’s pussy, moved over her tits so that they rubbed nipples into his belly, crossed to her shoulders and piled into the back of her neck, so that her head flung back and Dallas sensed, the titanic struggle the girl, was waging, in order not to scream out her orgasm.

    But she won the battle, and slowly the great tension went out of her; her cunt relaxed, and some of his semen oozed out through her loosened labia to soak warmly upon his balls It had been probably the weirdest, the damnedest piece of ass that Dallas Bradburn had ever had.

    Some long, drifting time later, when the tape player had gone through its only cassette for perhaps the twentieth tune, Kathy moved. Inch by regretful inch, she slid up his body easing his cock from the lingering hold of her cunt and drawing that softly haired little mound up his belly.

    Reaching his throat with her mouth, she nibbled there for awhile, then made it to his waiting ear. “Lover man, that was the greatest.”

    He patted her shoulder in reply because he didn’t trust his voice that much.

    Hot waves of his climax were only now subsiding in him, seeping down into his lower groin. He wasn’t sure his prick would ever go soft, and had a flash of himself teaching class with a permanent hard-on, frying to hide it from the kids and hearing the sniggering.

    And he heard something else,, the monotonous repetition of the tape deck.

    Roberta F. was a living wonder, but not over and over again. The bugs, he thought; if there was a monitor somewhere, the guy would think Dallas had turned on the music and left home, using the noise as a cover up.

    Quickly, he turned Kathy over and hissed it in her ear, “Grab your clothes and slide under the bed. Stay quiet, no matter what happens. I think we may get a visitor.”

    Reacting without panic, but with swift movements, Kathy did as she was told, asking no useless questions. She was out of sight before he stood up. Dallas found his robe, put it on, then moved into the living room.

    There was a 12 gauge shotgun in the closet, one he used to hunt birds with until he learned firsthand how it felt to be hunted, in Nam. Picking up the gun, he found the box of shells on a top shelf, then fed three into the pump.

    When it snapped shut, the sound of the bolt was loud in the room, masked only by the song hammering there.

    By the time Dallas settled, himself into the closet and was thinking that his hunch was a loser, that he might squat there for wasted hours while Kathy cringed under the dusty bed-the kitchen door opened and shut.

    Taking a firm grip on the stock of the shotgun, Dallas thought: the tapes. He’s grabbing this chance to change the tapes, or to check the mikes one by one. Or maybe the man was after something else. He could have something to plant, like the baggie left in his car earlier today.

    Dallas slid out of the closet and used one toe to pull the plug from the wall.

    The tape deck suddenly stopped making noise. The man stopped where he was, in the middle of the room, and stood very still.

    “Put your hands on top your head,” Dallas said. “Slowly, I mean. I’m talking from behind a 12 gauge pump mister. From here, it’ll cut you in half.”

    “Oh shit,” the guy said softly, and followed orders, to the letter, standing stiff and with his shoulders hunched against what might be a storm of shot.

    “Now turn around,” Dallas said, “just as easy.”

    The man had a livid bruise across one cheekbone; he was one of the guys who’d jumped Dallas on the beach. His eyes were wide now, and his hands shook on top his bead. “L-look, buddy…”

    “The music,” Dallas said. You heard it play over and over, and you thought I sneaked out. What do you want?”

    “Nothing buddy-oh shit man! Don’t jiggle that shotgun around like that!”

    “I keep Number Four shot in it,” Dallas said. “They’ll probably fuck up the far wall, after they go through you. What do you want here?”

    The man’s hands trembled harder. “Look, I didn’t mean-I told Harry that you were some kind of goddamned pro, and that I didn’t want to screw around with you any more. Not after you nearly busted my head.”

    “You’re wasting time,” Dallas said, playing with the cocked hammer of the shotgun.

    “Don’t!” the man said sharply. “Harry-that’s Harry Sladermann, the bastard-he said to come over here because you’d sneak out if you could. He wanted me to-to leave something here.”

    “Grass,” Dallas said. “Just a little bag of grass, right?”

    “Look,” the man said rapidly, “I never touch the stuff buddy, and it wasn’t my idea. I ain’t-I don’t carry a gun; the bag is in my shirt pocket Can I drop it on the floor?”

    “Just take it out and hold it by two fingers,” Dallas ordered. “Easy-buddy.

    There, that’s right. Okay, now lift that hand with the baggie in it, right up to your mouth.”

    “Oh nO, man! You ain’t going to make me eat…”

    “I can blow your legs off at about the knees, or cave in your skull with the gun barrel. Eat it, you son of a bitch!”

    It was over in a second or two, a confused crunching and gagging and swallowing. After he choked down the pot and its cellophane wrap, the man looked a little green, and stood swaying there.

    “Be damned sure you don’t puke it up,” Dallas said. “Stand there until it takes good hold. Then I’ll let you get the hell out of here before I change my mind.”

    Shaking his head, the man said, “I’ll probably die from this fucking stuff.

    It’s dope, and I’ll probably die from It anyway. I told that damned Harry… “ eyes bulging, he said in a whisper, “and I’m telling him now. This house is bugged man. I forgot all about those damned bugs, and Harry is hearing everything I’m saying.”

    Dallas pretended surprise. “Bugged? I’ll be damned. Wait until I get to that bastard Sladermann! I’ll have his license yanked so quick,…”

    “Can I go?” the man asked plaintively. “Look buddy, I’ve had it. If this dope don’t kill me, I’ll leave town soon as I can. I’ve had it with Harry and bullshitting around with a pro, frying to set you up. Can I go buddy?”

    Relenting, Dallas said, “The pot won’t kill you. It might make you sick as hell, or high as hell, or a combination of both. But it won’t kill you unless you get so stoned you run your car into something.”

    “I’ll walk,” the man said, cautiously lowering his hands. “I’ll walk all the way out of town, I swear.”

    “Start hiking,” Dallas said. “and-have a good night.”

    “Oh shit,” the man said, and slouched hurriedly out the back door, the way he’d come.


    “That was neat, how you handled him,” Kathy said breathlessly. “And it’s good to be able to talk out loud now that you’ve taken all the bugs apart. Your phone’s bugged to, but of course I won’t call you with anything important. It’s much more fun coming to you in person.”

    Dallas toasted himself with a shot of bourbon, and splashed a little in another glass for her. She made a crinkled face and barely finished it, and he said, “We’ve sure as hell put a roadblock in their way. I don’t think they’ll stop trying to bug my place though; give them a day or two, and they’ll have new ones in.”

    She frowned. “Even after you’ve found out they’re doing it?”

    “I have, to try to think like Sladermann,” he explained. “And he’d figure that if I found one set, I wouldn’t be expecting another one. They’ll be in the same places, too-operating on the same precept. If I’m suspicious, I should look elsewhere for the mikes.”

    “Wow,” Kathy said, looking cute and delicious, wrapped only in a fuzzy bath towel. “And they get all uptight when we stage a protest.”

    He touched her cheek. “I’m a they, Kathy, by age and position, if not by inclination. And I don’t believe that way.”

    She shook her head emphatically. “You’re so different. You’re like one of us, only older and neater. People like my father and Mr. Kingston and Sladermann-they know you’re not like them, and they hate you for it.”

    “I’m not defending them,” he said, putting his glass down and taking her by the hand to lead her back toward the bedroom. “But I’m standing up for what I believe. And what time are you supposed to be home?”

    She rubbed against him like a kitten, and the same kind of purr was in her voice as she, answered, “Daddy gets uncomfortable around me, especially if I don’t wear many clothes. So to keep me out of the house as much as possible, he pretends to believe me when I tell him I’m staying over with other girls, or I have to go to the library, or anything. We have time for something else, teacher darling.”

    At the bed he said, “I can’t blame your daddy for eyeing you. You’d drive any man out of his mind, and if I was in his place, with you hanging around all the time, swinging that gorgeous little ass and poking those sweet little tits at me…”

    She pulled him to the bed. “What? What would you do-daddy?”

    “Well first,” he said, peeling away her towel and exposing her naked beauty, “first, I’d tear off your clothes and throw you on a bed like this. Then I’d tear off my clothes, and my prick would jump out hard and strong like this…“

    Kathy was really into the game, her face hushed and her lips parted damply “Yes daddy- oh please don’t daddy-you’ll hurt me, but I want to obey you daddy-”

    “I’d see that forbidden little pussy shining up at me,” Dallas said, getting into the mood of the acting because it seemed to please her so much. “And then I’d start kissing your body all over, because I’d want to eat you up.”

    “Eat me up,” she panted, “Oh daddy, daddy eat me all up the way, you used to do when I was just a little girl.”

    He kissed her tits, marveling at how hard her nipples were, licking over the rounded domes, and finally sucking them into his mouth in their entirety, one by one. She twisted under his wet caresses, gasping and trembling, her butterfly hands stroking his hair as he lifted his-face from a dripping nipple and began to drift down her belly.

    Running his tongue around tier belly button, he was rewarded by the heaving of her groin and the spasms which raced through her warm flesh. But when he kissed down to her cunt mound, and ran his tongue lightly through the fluffy curls of her pubis, Kathy cried out in a high, thin voice, “Turn around, daddy! Let me eat you too. I want you to kiss my pussy-oh, how I want you to eat my pussy-but I have to take your big cock in my mouth. Please, daddy-oh, please!”

    Breathing in the musk of her omit, the heady perfume of that hot and girlish pussy, Dallas found, hisself shaking with eagerness, but he did as she wanted.

    Wheeling his legs around, he positioned himself for sixty-nine, giving her what she so obviously craved, a chance to suck his throbbing prick.

    Greedily, she gulped at it, not pausing to play, but pulling the head directly into her hot mouth where her tongue raced over it with insistent hunger. Her fingers wrapped around the hilt, and her other hand reached around to his ass, digging nails into the eek.

    His head was downward into her crotch, and he had to drop his chin in order to probe for her trembling clit with his tongue. Not finding it right away, Dallas licked up and down her dewy cunt lips, enjoying the flavors, reveling in the soft fondling of her pubic hair, in the shuddering of her thighs. His nose dipped to the cleft of her ass, and he spread his mouth wide to suck in her labia.

    Growling softly, taking as much of her meat into his mouth as he could get, Dallas worried her pussy, tongued it and bit tenderly upon it and sucked its flowing juices. Kathy squirmed against him, with him, and her tongue went wild upon his cockhead, thrusting into the slot, lapping and curling around the edges.

    Her cunt was rich with honey, bubbling with oils, and he loved it, loved It as he might if her pussy was forbidden to him by law and the mores of society It was sweeter that way, more luscious, and he ate into it as if he meant to swallow her down, to possess her completely and permanently by digesting her meats and her juices, absorbing them into his body and his blood.

    It was doing and being done, at the same time, sucking and being sucked, giving as well as taking, and the blending, the frantic pulling and lapping, that made his head spin. Panting for air, his hands under the cheeks of her ass and lifting her succulent pussy to his face, Dallas burrowed deeply into the opening of her snatch, his tongue going crazy over her clit.

    His cock shuddered as she pulled the head of It back into the pulsing hollow of her throat. Kathy wrapped her tongue around the shaft and used her fingers to massage his balls, sucking and drawing, letting go so it could slide back to the capture of her lips, only to siphon it back once more.

    The cheeks of his own ass were flexing, and the cord that ran back from his balls stood out strongly when she moved one tiny fingertip to his anus.

    Fondling there, she sent new and hotter blazes racing through his twisting body. It couldn’t last, couldn’t continue to intensify; no human body could stand that.

    He felt her hunch madly against his mouth, raking her clit into his teeth as she hit her climax, reaching an orgasm that was surging and explosive. She clamped her thighs around his face and used her pelvis to batter savagely at his mouth.

    In return, or at the identical moment, Dallas stretched out his legs and thrust deeply into her mouth trying to get the head of his erupting cock all the way down her gobbling throat. His balls jerked against her chin, and the power came pouring up the shaft to spew hotly from his glands.

    Thick and purling, buttery and foaming, his come flooded her mouth, her tongue, her inner cheeks. Kathy sucked harder, more hungry than ever, anxious to get-the juices down her throat.

    Did the tip of her finger slip up his ass? Dallas didn’t know, only that streaks of flame gathered from many directions to burn out his crotch, to set fire to his balls and make his cock pump more fluid.

    Time stood still, or at least marked itself in slow, unsteady beats, for Dallas didn’t remember when he took his mouth from the steamy slipperiness of the girl’s cunt and lay his cheek there instead. He rested there, rubbing his cheek up and down into the frothy hairs, adoring the caress of it and the silken smoothness of her thighs.

    Kathy moved first, lifting away from him, allowing his prick to slide out of her mouth, drained dry except for a damp kiss of parting. Gently, she came around on an axis, pivoting to change ends. She took her pussy from him, but gave him her mouth in exchange. Her tongue tasted of musky things, of his own semen, and somehow the tiny cavern of her mouth seemed hotter because of what she had just done with it, as if it had accumulated and stored the heat of her sucking and the lava temperature of his ejaculation.

    He licked his tongue into her mouth, and she moved the lathered mound of her cunt over his prick, raked the hardened nipples of her breasts across his chest. Small girl, beautiful little girl, she lay on top of him, the fever of her sinuous body only lightly abated.

    “That was wonderful,” she sighed. “You didn’t mind pretending you were my father, and that made It just great for me. You know, its but I never really thought I dug my daddy that way.”

    “And now?” he prompted, stroking one hand along the warmly graceful line of her naked back, feeling the tops of her cheeks and the dimple there.

    “Now I don’t know,” she said. “I still don’t dig his politics, but I think I can see where I’ve been teasing him along. I mean, I kiss him harder than I ought to, I guess-and I accidentally let him see me coming out of the bathroom with my robe hanging open. Or I lean over him when he’s sitting down, to sort of brush my tits across his arm. Yeah-I’ve been teasing my daddy something awful. I wasn’t really planning on having him screw me.”

    Dallas said softly, “Not consciously, perhaps. But you’ve been taking the place of your mother for a long time in every other way. You’re his housekeeper and sometimes his cook, and you take care of him in most ways. But not in the most important way.”

    She moved restlessly against him. “I see what you mean. And the more I think about it; the less I figure it’s such a crime. I like to fuck, and I’m already doing things that the establishment says are wrong. Like fucking Joey-mustn’t screw a black; that’s a no-no. As if his cock was different, or something And going down on Angel, or Blythe, or any of the girls. like that too, and I dig having, them do it to me. So what’s all that wrong about screwing somebody in your own family? Love is love the way I see it, and when I really love somebody, I can show it best by fucking him. Or her, as the case may be.”

    Dallas fondled the cheeks of her ass, and she hunched gently against him. He said, “I couldn’t agree with you more, but society doesn’t see it that way. Not yet. In time, all things change, and so will most of these sexual hang-ups, although Puritanism is taking a hell of a while to wear off.”

    She lay quiet for awhile, then said thoughtfully, “I didn’t realize what I was doing to him, getting bun all heated up when he couldn’t do anything about it or thought he couldn’t. But that doesn’t mean I go for his attitude, or that I won’t fight him any way I have to: As for screwing him, tit have to think that over. Not having any sex may help him to be like he is, but I’m not at all sure I can-oh hell!”

    Kathy sat up. “I have to go home now. I parked my 10-speed bike back in the bushes, and it will only take me a few minutes to get back I’m all mixed up Dallas, and nobody can help me, only me. But I’m not copping out on you and the school board. I’ll tell the kids about the bugging and everything, and we’ll see what we can think up.”

    He kissed the tip of her nose. “You’re a wonderful young woman, Kathy Collins.

    I love you.”

    “Of course,” she said, slipping into her jeans, “and I love you, too. Just lie still darling. I can find my way out the back. See you tomorrow.”

    The warmth of her presence stayed behind for a long time after Kathy had gone, and he lay quietly on the bed thinking about her and the psycho-drama they had gotten themselves into. By acting out some of Kathy’s emotions, they had brought her true feeling for her father to the surface. But what had it all meant to Dallas Bradburn?

    He turned over, smelling the faint attar of her perfume in the pillow. us enjoyment of participation could have the number of meanings that a shrink might gloat over. To Dallas it meant only that he had fun and was turned on. So he liked to fuck young and pliant chicks, so what? If he had a daughter or a sister who looked and acted anything like Kathy Collins, he’d fuck her too.

    But there were some other things to think about, such as the reaction of Harry Sladermann when he learned his man had been caught. The poor bastard might be pretty sick by now, or higher than an astronaut’s hat. Would Sladermann tell Craig Collins of the fiasco? Probably not According to what Kathy overheard, her old man was already peeved with his detective.

    Good old Harry. would plant more bugs, use more muscle, or perhaps up his offer of money. If the man kept planting dope, he’d get away with a bust. Thinking about that, Dallas decided to move, to hole up in some motel for a few days for his own protection.

    Hell yes. He’d call Sot and have the house legally sealed. If someone broke in to plant heroin or the like, Dallas would be covered. He could keep an eye on his own car, or play tricks with lengths of black thread and/or wax so he’d know if a door had been opened or the hood tampered with. Maybe he could rent a car and leave the Volks in a garage, or ride a 10-speed like most of the kids.

    It would be difficult for someone to stash dope in a bicycle.

    Tomorrow, he thought; it could all be handled tomorrow, because Sladermann wasn’t going to react quickly. The man would have to think things over first, then set machinery in motion. If Collins didn’t fire him, and that was an even better idea. First thing, in the morning, he would call Mr. Collins and be an anonymous fink telling of the goof-up over at Bradburn’s house. He could pretend to be the guy who had to eat the grass, pissed off because he’d gotten into trouble and trying to get back at Harry Sladermann.

    Dallas rolled over again and felt around to turn on the radio. Its music was soothing, and he smiled himself to sleep where he dreamed of Kathy Collins and the black girl and the long, slim girl with the silvery pussy, and of the little Korean girl who loved to take it up the ass He wasn’t particular they were all his students and all fine screwing.

    And maybe be could get some of the weight of his back tomorrow.


    Dallas got his licks in the next day, and had a peaceful, restful night in a motel because Sol Shapiro thought it was one hell of a good idea. Not even the kids could reach him, and Kathy had some reproachful looks for him at school.

    He even thought he saw sidelong glances from the others, Angel and Blythe and Susan. But what the hell, he thought; a man couldn’t keep up with kids like that even though it was a lot of fun trying.

    Of course he couldn’t know if Collins had fired his bird dog, not until Kathy brought him some news. So he acted as if the tail was still on him, and lived a fairly circumspect life Leaving school that afternoon, he suddenly remembered he had a date with the cute carhop at the drive-in.

    It was something he wished he could avoid, but that would mean hurting the girl, and he didn’t want that. So he put off dinner arid showered at the motel, changing shirts and putting on a jacket. Promptly at eight he drove into the lot and sat waiting, uncertain as to whether he should walk into the place to pick her up, or what.

    She solved the problem by skipping over to the car, and her name was Dee; she was still wearing her name tag. She had long, rhythmical brown hair and nice hazel eyes, and she was a tall girl with long, smooth legs.

    “Hi,” she said. “Gee, you know I’m excited? I never thought I’d actually go out with you, Mr. Bradburn. Did you know I was in your class two years ago?”

    “I’m sorry,” he said. “There are so many lovely girls in my classes, and I didn’t really start seeing them until lately. And my name is Dallas. Tonight, I’m not teaching English.”

    He made it a good evening for her; they dined at a good steakhouse and had wine because nobody asked for her ID card. They caught a late movie that was interesting, and went to an ice cream parlor afterward.

    Dee talked, but not too much. She relaxed enough to start being open with him, and he saw that she was a nice girl, full of fun and eagerness. Back in the car he said, “It’s getting late. I’ll take you home now.”

    She hesitated, then said softly, “Yours or mine? I have a bottle of pretty good wine. It’s cheap, but it tastes okay.”

    In the half light of the car he glanced at her. “Your place then. I’m staying at a motel right now, not in my house.”

    As they drove along outside light touched her profile. She was pretty, with a full and sensuous mouth. She said, “I hear the traffic gets kind of heavy at your house.”

    “Is that why you came out with me, because of those rumors?”

    She swung to him, her knees brushing his thigh. “Oh no Dallas, I don’t want you to think that. I-I always had a crush on you, even in school I’ll admit that I got jealous, hearing how you were balling all, those younger kids when here I was, talking with you almost every day and you never asked me for a date. So I had to get pushy. Next street Dallas, turn right.”

    He parked the VW in a dark spot before a small apartment building, locking it carefully before he followed Dee into the hall. She lived on the ground floor, in a tiny living-bedroom-with kitchen and bath attached. She had it fixed up though, using posters and prints and lighting to good effect.

    Once inside, she said, “I’ll get, the wine,” but stood looking at him with her eyes getting bigger and softer.

    So he stepped close and took her in his arms. She felt fine there, her long, curved length fitting against him well. Her big, firm tits flattened themselves against his shirt and her thighs molded to his own. Dee wasn’t bashful about wanting him, and when his arms slipped around her trim waist, she raised hers around his neck, giving him her mouth.

    “Oh,” she said into his mouth, then she turned fierce and her teeth raked his as her tongue reached in and shuddered over his tongue. Her pelvis pulsed against his crotch and the damp heat of her mound penetrated his pants His shaft hardened and lifted, causing her to thrust more strongly-to him.

    When she tore away her lips, she gasped, “The-the wine?”

    “Keep it cold,” he said, and moved his hands over her hips, feeling the sleek modeling of her ass.

    She wheeled from him to kick the divan into a bed, her hands fumbling at her blouse. “The light-please, I like it on, If you don’t mind.”

    That didn’t tit. She was anxious to be screwed, but there was also a hesitancy about Dee, a girlish kind of shyness. He would have thought she would do better in the dark, especially this first time. Unbuttoning his shirt, Dallas watched her jerk at the zipper to her skirt, and saw that she had to fiddle with it before getting the skirt down.

    His mind prodded at him, saying that something was out of beat, somehow wrong.

    But his eyes followed the long, appealing length of her sleek legs all the way up to where the full thighs joined her torso. He could see the pouting outline of her cunt, snugged tightly by a pair of nylon briefs, and above them, her smooth belly with the indentation of her navel.

    She was a good looking girl, built along racy lines that stopped just. short of being heroic. Dee’s tits were high and full, and when she, reached back to unhook her bra, they spilled out with dark nipples showing.

    But the nipples weren’t erectile. He put out his hands and cupped them as the girl swayed toward him. Still wearing his pants, Dallas squeezed her breasts and ran his thumbs lightly over the soft nipples until they sprang stiffly under his touch. She was frightened he thought; she wanted to lay him, but she was scared of some thing.

    “Come on,” she panted, dragging him down to the converted divan. “Oh baby, I want you so much.”

    He went with her, not caring for the overhead light, but working at her panties until they slid down over her lifting legs Her fingers dragged at his zipper, pulled at his belt, and he leaned away to help her. The clothing came away, his shorts joining her panties and bra on the throw rug beside the bed.

    He noticed there was a dark crack in the bathroom door, and he wondered if she always left it open like that, just a couple of inches. Funny he hadn’t noticed that when they first came in; the apartment was so small that anything unusual should have registered.

    Dee was moaning softly now, her hips rolling sensuously from side to side in the age-old beckoning of woman to man. Her nipples were high and pointy, and the curly brown hair of her match seemed to give off its own heat. She was ready now, and he lowered himself to her writhing body without further preliminaries. He could make an epilog of fondling and stroking; just now, the girl had to be fucked.

    Dallas set the rounded end of his cock into the waiting pubic hair, pushed down into the thick, clinging caress of it to find the wetness of, the receptive pussy lips. They were torrid and slick with her juices, and when he prodded exploringly at them, Dee gave a sudden strong hump that pulled the head of his prick inside. The shaft slid in deeply, easily although-she wasn’t loose, but had a small, firm vagina that held him lovingly.

    It was just that she was so hot, so ready to take in his cock. When the head of it stopped reaching, Dee bucked her pelvis up, and those long, long legs hiked up to cross over the small of his back. Her crotch rolled up so he could get deeper into her vagina, and Dallas fed the meat to her in strong, penetrating thrusts. His balls bumped against the up tilted cheeks of her ass with every stroke, and she seemed to try to absorb them.

    Her arms were tight around his neck, and her mouth ate feverishly into his, the teeth clashing, her tongue coiling and uncoiling like a hot, wet serpent.

    “Ummm!” she groaned into his mouth, her breath gusting into his, throat. “Ohh, sweet man! Ohh, Dallas-that’s good-so damned good! What a prick you have darling-and how-you use It! Ahh! Give it all to me, sweet man. Oh, you horny, stiff cocked son of a bitch, fuck me hard-hard!”

    She bounced violently against him, her pelvis going like a battering-ram, pounding his belly with the fierce hunger of her strokes. Dee’s legs encircled him, wrapped wantonly around him and tried to force him impossibly deeper into her ravenous pussy. Cursing him, crooning to him, she bucked and pitched, rolling slowly and hotly between bursts of savage motion.

    “Coming, you bastard! Coming-on-on your big, hard cock, swept man Oh-hurry, baby, darling, sweetheart-come with me!

    Furiously, he slammed her cunt, sledging his hard prick to the bottom of her surging pussy, pounding it home with ramrod action, in and, out, in and out in a blurring of flesh and juices her pussy went slosh! slosh! slosh! and just at the supreme moment, just when she shivered deep in the clenching thigh muscles of her long, sleek legs, Dallas came.

    “Here!” he gasped. “Here, you hungry bitch here’s my come. Take all of it feel it jamming hot and greasy up into your pussy. Feel it Dee!”

    She did. Dee sucked air noisily and dug her nails into his back. Her cunt grasped his prick as if it had many hot, slippery fingers, squeezing it toward the head, milking its final drop of semen.

    Turning his head, Dallas fought for breath. This was one hell of a piece of ass. He blinked in the miniature sunburst that flashed into his eyes, and shook his head to clear it. Was the ceiling light so bright? Beneath him, Dee’s clinging legs grew loose and eased gently down his flanks. Her cunt rippled inside, fondling his embedded prick with vaginal tissues.

    Ceiling light, hell!

    Dallas jerked suddenly out of her pussy, and she said “not” in protest but he sat up and back on his heels watching the bathroom door snap shut. Cock straight out in front of him like a lance, he vaulted off the divan and hit the door with a shoulder.

    It hung back with a crash, and knocked Selena Johnstone ass over heels into the bathtub. Her fine legs flailed the air: one shoe falling off, her sensible nylon panties pinched together to expose the handful of shaggy pubic hair.

    The camera she had been holding bit the rug and skidded into the wall. Selena screamed something, and as Dallas grabbed for the camera, he saw the open window behind the tub. It wasn’t much of a window, just a slit really. But it was plenty big enough to drop pictures to someone waiting outside.

    She glared up at him as he stood holding the camera. Struggling, she wriggled from the tub and sat on the edge of it, tugging down her skirt. For the first time since he had known her, Selena’s hair was a mess.

    She said, “Damn you, Dallas Bradburn. You hurt me I’ll be a mass of bruises and taking my camera won’t help you now. That was the last picture, and I made damned sure to get your face. I dropped the film outside, and there’s enough of it to get you fired.”

    “Dee,” he said, conscious of his nakedness and his drooping cock only because she was. “Is she a friend of yours?”

    “She’s my niece,” Selena snapped “You might dredge up a shred of decency and at least wrap a towel around yourself, you’re disgusting.”

    “I ought to slap the shit out of you,” Dallas said. “And let you see how disgusting that would be.”

    Her eyes narrowed. “I’ll scream and Dee will swear you attacked both of us, you-you satyr! My niece-she didn’t expect it to go so far, but you you’re so animal, so brutal…”

    He slammed the camera against the wall. Pieces of it flew around, and Selena flinched. He said, “She enjoyed being fucked. That’s more than you ever did, and I’m sorry as hell for you, Selena. Your niece is a hot, loving female, but you’re a loser; you always were. You think life happens in a test tube.”

    “Get-get out of here!” She cried, her face flaming.

    “When I’m ready,” he said. “First tell my why Selena. Why, damnit? Because I wouldn’t cut my hair? Did that piss you of so much?”

    She was white, swaying on the edge of the tub, her hands clamped on the cold metal, looking colder than the metal itself. “I did this because of what you’re doing to-to all those bitchy little girls. To those children, damn you, those disgusting, awful, snickering little bitches who would do it all day and all night if they had the chance. They’re like beasts, always swinging their tails and making their breasts stick out without bras, and-and-you! You couldn’t wait to copulate with them given the opportunity. You exchanged them for me-when I had already given you my love, my clean love. I-I thought we would be married and have healthy children that could be raised in a fine, intellectual atmosphere But no, you had to betray me and take up with those filthy little bitches! That’s why I helped destroy you, Dallas Bradburn. So you wouldn’t pass your filth along to other trusting, decent women.”

    Her voice rose shrilly, and her lips were peeled back from her teeth. Into the hissing void he said, “Selena, I said I was sorry for you. I still am, but it’s the feeling I’d have for a snake with a broken back. You should be put out of your misery.”

    He walked from the bathroom, and saw Dee sitting on the divan with her blouse pulled around her hips. She looked small and shaken. He picked up his shorts and put them on, and she whispered, “I-Dallas, I owed Selena a lot. She helped me when-when my mother died, and even got me the job-in the drive-in. I owed her Dallas.”

    “Sure,”-he said, found his tee-shirt and pulled it over his head. Selena was working for either Sladermann or Collins. The detective, probably; Collins wouldn’t stand out in an alley waiting for film to be handed out.

    She tried again, “Dallas-I-IT was real for me, I swear.

    “You like to keep the light on,” he said, and stepped into his pants Putting his back to her appealing nakedness, he sat down on the divan and got his socks, his shoes Selena came from the bath, her composure recovered, icy now, virtue vindicate. “Don’t bother the girl Dallas. She has already sacrificed herself to you. If you persist in harassing her, there’s always a rape charge …”

    “Screw you,” he said. “Do you think that film will prove rape? Or a very close and cooperating friendship?” He stood up and took his jacket from the back of a chair. “Dee-I can understand why you felt-you had to go along with your auntie, but I don’t dig the reason. But do you know what the real tragedy is? Not losing my job, because I don’t think I will. The real sorrow is that you opened up, probably for the first time in your life you really put it all up front and fucked the way you wanted to. Wasn’t it different for you Dee? Was it better than it ever was for you before? It was good for me. It was great for me Dee.

    So I have to thank you for that much and say goodnight.”

    He was at the door when her voice reached out to him. “Dallas! I-I won’t let them hurt you, I swear. Believe me, I won’t let them. And-and it wasn’t phony.

    It wasn’t. I did always have a crush on you when I was in school, and I did have a perfect date tonight. And I-oh hell, I’d have laid you even if she didn’t tell me to. It was fine for me too. Honest, it was, because like you said-I let myself go. I was real with it and I made it all the way. For the first time, I made it right on to orgasm.”

    He stepped into the hail, and she said more softly, “Don’t you understand Dallas? I came.”

    The poor, sweet bitch, he thought. Some of Selena had rubbed off on the girl.

    They had set him up for blackmail, they thought He was certain that was what Selena had in mind. No longer however, because the mere threat of exposure would work with Selena. Would she turn the pitiless glare of publicity on her own niece just to strike back at him as the woman scorned? He didn’t think so.

    She was making the mistake of putting him into her own frame of reference.


    Next day, the school board pulled three books from the school library: Catcher in The Rye, Thirteen Stories, and Listen To The Warm.

    While he was still in the principal’s office, waiting for the great man to see him, they appropriated Ulysses, all of Caldwell’s works and discussed how toyanic The Merry Wives of Windsor without killing the rest of Shakespeare’s plays.

    Kingston finally refused to grant him an audience, and Dallas went storming down to the library where kids were gathering like storm clouds in the hall.

    “Collins-why hurt the kids just to get at me?”

    The big man grinned at him, confident now, having licked all the previous wounds and backed up by a file of graphic photos that showed the hippie teacher being a regular hippie.

    Dallas gestured helplessly. “Those books? We’re removing them because of their prurient content, and the effect such pornography will have upon the tender minds of our children.”

    Dallas gestured helplessly. “Those books? They’ve been acceptable literature for years, and they’re good. Look…”

    “No! You look, Bradburn. We say they’re dirty books, and we have the right.

    Like we have the right to decide you can’t teach that crud in your class.”

    Dallas swallowed hard “Shakespeare, McKuen, Salinger.”

    “We have to protect our kids,” Collins said. “Now suppose you get out of here so we can do our jobs. If you don’t like it, file a letter with the principal and he’ll send copies to every member of the school board. That’s due process, isn’t it?” Fuming, Dallas plunged out into the hail, striding blindly somewhere, anywhere. He turned into his classroom through force of habit, and sat behind his desk with his fists clenched. They hit low, the bastards, and he should have expected that finding the chink in his armor, they banged an arrow right through it and caught him right in the guts.

    The kids needed those books, but Collins didn’t give a damn about anything but his own swollen ego, and he ran the board. What had Dallas been thinking about a frame of reference? Collins had caught him out of his own, and nailed him for the weakness. He could go crawling to the man and beg for the return of the books, and Collins might make a deal-if he cut his hair and shaved his moustache and resigned, all humble and properly apologetic.

    “Mr. Bradburn-please!”

    He looked up from the depths of his despair and saw his English class watching him, all in their seats and quietly intent He hadn’t even noticed they were there. “Yes, Kathy-?”

    “I said, we’re all with you. If you want us to go out on strike right now, we’ll do it. We’ll shut this school down tight!

    Smiling sadly at her, at them all, lie shook his head “For how long, guys?

    Easter vacation is three days off. Then the school closes anyway. A lot of pressure can be put on you at home during that time.”

    Defiantly, she said, “We’ll wait until we get back then! They’re not going to do this to you-to…”

    “To you, is the important thing,” he said. “Those are all good books, wonderful books, and you shouldn’t have them taken away from you at this stage of your education You’re not children now, but young men and women, and you should decide what you like to read, what opens your minds, what helps you to see life through a good writer’s perceptions. That’s what bugs me more than the school board hassling me because of my hair.”

    Joey Nottingham stood up beside his chair. “I don’t dig what they’re doing, so I’m cutting out, right here and now.”

    Dallas said, “If this was football season, you’d carry some weight; they’d have to listen to you and Eric and the other jocks. You’re not heavy right now, Joey.”

    “Then they got us by the-they got us?”

    “Let me think it all out,” Dallas said. Kathy Coffins stood up too. So did Blythe and Angel and little Susan Lee. Kathy said, “Just so long as you don t even consider copping out to them, Dallas-ahh, Mr. Bradburn. Don’t let them make you quit, no matter what they do.”

    “I’ll hang tough,” he promised.

    Somehow, the day dragged through, and he squealed tires getting out of parking lot when it was over. By the time he got a can of stew cooked, he was fairly well smashed and the bourbon bottle was empty. The phone rang and he answered it.

    “Bradburn, you in the market for some film?” It was a voice coming through a broken nose, Harry Sladermann.

    “Stick ‘em up your ass,” Dallas said. “What they hell do they prove, moral turpitude? let’s see ‘em stand up in court, cause that’s where they’ll have to be shown.”

    Sladermann sighed. “That’s what I thought, but he thinks he’s got something.

    He’s got some prints with a damned thin fixative on them, but he doesn’t have the negatives.”

    “He fired you,” Dallas said.

    “Paulie was a sick weirdo the other night,” Sladermann said, “Walked right off the pier and puked all over the guys pulled him out. Paulie’s the poor guy you made eat that sandwich.”

    “Poor Paulie,” Dallas said. I got a pot of stew on.”

    “You ever want a job,” Sladermann said, “don’t take mine. Hey, Bradburn-I hope you didn’t bust all those mikes? I figured the thin fixative will fade those prints in about a week, no more. That’s a pretty good trade. Those bugs are expensive.”

    Dallas had to laugh. “I’ll leave ‘em in my VW; the school-parking lot.”

    “Yeah,” Sladermann said, and the phone clicked.

    The stew he ate took the edge off his high, and Dallas considered going out for that long delayed case of beer. He was still considering it when somebody scratched on the back door. Hell, he thought, he had come right back home instead of cooling it in the motel. But since Sladermann was off the case, and the bugs were removed…

    Or were they? It would be just like that sly bastard to soften him up with a phone call like that, feed him all that crap to dull his suspicions.

    Insistently, the scratching sounded louder at the door. Dallas said, “The lock has been picked so often that it doesn’t work anymore. Come on in.”

    They were quick, ducking inside and shutting the door. Angel Matthews and Blythe Jackson stood looking at him. “We thought you’d be lonely,” the black girl said.

    “You’re right,” he said, grinning limply at them. “I’d offer you a drink, but I dranked it.”

    Blythe moved closer. “Kathy couldn’t come. She had a hell of a fight with her father and he locked her in her room. We also thought you could use a change.”

    “I appreciate your thoughtfulness girls,” he said. “But I just don’t think I’d be any good tonight. So many things on my mind…”

    “Bullshit,” Angel said, and began taking off her jeans.

    They got him into the living room and left a table lamp on. He sat back on the couch feeling no pain and trying to submerge the dirty trick that bad been played on the kids that day. This would be only the first dirty trick, he knew.

    Between the school board and the principal, his teaching courses would be chopped into bits He’d be a figurehead, a parrot mouthing mane platitudes that no reasonably intelligent kid would listen to. He could visualize monitors sitting in the back of his classes, taking notes and objecting to his lectures.

    “Come on man,” Angel said, the velvet of her dandy sinuous body softly intriguing, her sleek legs moving with slow invitation, her tits high and proud. “Get out of your head and into life baby. You just sit there and watch until you get hard and ready. And when you do, join in-you dig?”

    He saw them come together on the carpet, the long, willowy body of Blythe Jackson, all silvers and pale whites; the black satin of Angel, splendid and compelling… They sat holding each other, their mouths meeting, their tongues slipping in and out. Their tits were together, black and white, and they rubbed nipples back and forth in sensuous movements.

    Their hands drifted everywhere, caressing hips and bellies and thighs, lifting to cup each other’s breasts, to finger the eagerly rigid nipples. They dug each other and showed it by every exotic action.

    Sinking lower together, they stretched out, and the black girl’s knee slid m between the pale thighs to nestle against Blythe’s silver-mossed cunt where it thrust gently. Angels head, furry in its natural Afro, dipped between the other girl’s tits. Her red tongue darted questioningly over the mounds, the nipples, while her hands fondled ass cheeks.

    Blythe said, “Ob baby-oh Angel, darling I’m so hot, I’m burning up. Love me baby-make love to me.”

    Angel licked down the sleek body, down the rib cage and reached the fluctuating belly. She nibbled there awhile, and Dallas watched the white girl’s body writhe and heave. Blythe’s knees lifted, and her thighs spread far apart. Angel slid farther down, hiking her own glossy ass high as she kneeled to get her face into her lover’s pussy.

    Moaning, Angel burrowed her mouth into the lavish hairs of Blythe’s cunt, nuzzling deeply there, licking and sucking Blythe threw back her head, her mouth wide in ecstasy, her hands holding the other girl’s head, her hips rolling in joyous reflex, her belly trembling. They had forgotten he was in the room, and Dallas found himself becoming interested in spite of the load he was carrying, despite the harassment that had been on his mind all day.

    He saw the girls wiggle together, saw Blythe carefully change ends until their heads were buried between each other’s thighs. They clung and licked, squirmed and sucked, murmuring into cunts, caressing asses.

    Slowly, Dallas stood up and, dropped his robe. He moved, toward the interlocked girls; his prong stiffly out-in front, the head of it flexing anxiously for a taste of cunt The girls were so beautiful, so lascivious there together, eating pussy and loving it. The sight turned him on, stirred desire in him more than he could have believed. He wanted part of that action, wanted to get into those sweet, hot pussys, or into those hungry, hot mouths, and it didn’t really matter which one.

    He kneeled behind Blythe, looking down to where Angel’s face was being ridden by the pale thighs. Taking his iron-hard shaft in one hand, he inched closer until he could bend the knob down and touch it into the wet, hairy cleft from behind. The purplish glands slid across a black nose to nudge a platinum cunt.

    Shifting position to allow him room, Angel shoved up on the other girl’s ass, forcing Blythe to lift herself just enough. His cockhead nestled into and Angel licked them both, his prick and the girls pussy lips.

    It was thrilling for him, and he stroked there for a few highly erotic moments, his balls swinging gently into the natural hair-do, his hands resting lightly upon the upper modeling of Blythe Jackson’s beguiling ass.

    But there was more to experiment with, and he crawled around to the other side so he could stick his cock against the furry black mound of Angel while Blythe lapped them both, and that was just as good.

    They untangled, the girls coming apart so that he could blend with them. Their delectable little cunts were sliming with their juices, and Dallas took a handful of both as they smiled hotly at him. Angel took his prick in hand while Blythe sucked one of his nipples.

    It was too much for Dallas; he had to get into one of those cunts, and when he turned, Angel moved her arched body with a graceful, purely feminine motion, her thighs spread and her shaggy black pussy tilted up for him.

    The head of his prick drove impetuously into her cunt, drilling deeply into the slick hole, going all the way home to the roots. He rested there momentarily and flinched when Blythe pushed her head between his thighs with her face up.

    Startled, he looked down to see the open mouth reaching for his balls.

    Shivering, he saw her take them into her lips and felt the adoring suction there as he moved with short strokes into Angel’s cunt.

    Dallas’s entire body went tense at the far out sensation he was getting, his scrotum being sucked and tongued while his prick slid hotly and greasily back and forth in-the tight holding pussy. It was a wild and crazy feeling, and he luxuriated in it.

    Blythe opened her lips again letting his balls out, but she kept her tongue busy as he thrust again and again into the sizzling emit The tongue raked wetly along the length of his cock when it came back out of the pussy and followed the slippery pole to his balls, over them to the crack of his ass when he pushed it home again.

    Rapture flashed through him, and Angel panted, “Keep it up man. Hang in there with my cunt until you come. Let her lick you, suck you-suck us both! Oh wow mister-I’m not far from getting my nuts. Hang in there teach baby!”

    He couldn’t speed up his strokes because of the girl licking and sometimes nipping at his prick and balls, so Dallas held his pace, continued the steady beat even while Angel’s pussy went crazy around his cock, twisting wetly and snapping hotly at-its entire length.

    “Oohh man!” Angel cried: out. “Oohh teach! Blythe suck his balls-I-I’m going to come-to COME!”

    Her cunt hammered brutally into his crotch, grabbing at his moving prick, and Blythe dug her fingertips into the cheeks of his slowly heaving ass as she pulled his balls deeply into her mouth and chewed lovingly upon them.

    Pow! He went off like a cannon. Pow! Pow! Pow! Each, jet of his semen was like a bullet tearing into the searing clasp of Angel’s pussy. His bullets of come were thick and heavy, splattering her vagina and banging stickily-into her womb.

    Blythe continued to, suck his balls, to tickle them with her active tongue, and now her bands were fondling his ass, the fingers sometimes trailing into his crack. He thought he was never going to stop coming, and it was a wonderful feeling.


    Kathy slipped him a note in class the next day.

    He tucked it into his pocket and thought: two more days until the spring vacation, and that was probably why Collins wasn’t coming down harder on him.

    The man was playing a waiting game, letting the time off work to his advantage by calming down the kids.

    So for these two precious days Dallas intended to let the students decide what they were going to read. Led by Angel Matthews, the class brought their own poetry, and Dallas was pleasantly surprised to listen to a number of the mod writers. He was pleased that the kids were into poetry of any kind, even the angry, formless stuff.

    They were reading, they were finding their own delights in literature, pursuing their own thoughts, and wasn’t that what it was supposed to be all about?

    Reading or listening, the kids were intense, dedicated to something beyond themselves, and that was a living wonder.

    Still, Dallas couldn’t help glancing at the door from time to time, expecting a raid from the PTA, or from representatives of the school board. The vacation, he reminded himself; the enemy was banking on that to protect their lines, and what the hell could he do about it except take a vacation himself?

    Out of town, he thought. Once he had been a nut on the outdoors, really digging camping trips. He still had some of the equipment around, and that might be just the thing he needed to get his head straight, a few days in the coastal woods. There was a national forest about sixty miles up the highway where a man could get off and be by himself, to look into himself and see what was happening there.

    At lunch, he was ostracized by the other teachers in the lunchroom, and Selena Johnstone pretended he wasn’t alive. He had the special and carried his tray to a far corner, sitting at a small table alone with his books. In one of them was Kathy’s note, which he unfolded and read.

    “Lover,” it said in her hurried scrawl which always gave him trouble on test papers, “I hope you had fun with the other kids. Daddy has me grounded and he’s watching me closely, won’t let me out of his sight. I thought about running away, but I can’t leave you. And there’s the class picnic in two more days. You forgot that didn’t you? It will probably turn into a political meeting, and we’d like you to be there. Miss Snow is the chaperon that right? But you know how weird she is. Can you come darling? To the picnic, I mean.”

    He closed the book on her note and finished his meatloaf with green peas, drank the tepid coffee and ignored the limp salad. No picnic for him; no involvement with sexy girls when he was trying to figure out what his next move should be.

    Back in the classroom with no stopover at the teacher’s lounge, he jotted an answer for Kathy on a piece of scrap paper He told her he was going alone into the national forest for awhile, and why. He wouldn’t be far from town, he said, and would stay close to the coast But he would see them after vacation, and thanks. Chaperone, he added, is spelled with an “e”.

    When he got home that evening, after passing the note to Joey Nottingham his phone was ringing. The attack was starting all over again, some of the callers harping on his arrest for assault, some of them taking the new tack and yelling about his using dirty books in the classroom. After the sixth call, Dallas left the phone off the hook.

    He polished off some soup and crackers, then checked out the camping gear It was all there although the pup tent didn’t look very waterproof now. It wouldn’t matter, he thought. If a storm came up, which wasn’t likely this time of year, he would pack up and head for home. As he put things together, he began to like the idea more and more and wondered if he wasn’t simply running away from a difficult decision.

    No, he thought; he’d decide in the woods whether to quit or not, taking his time and looking at the problem from all angles. And he would do it without screwing any or all of the girls; who could think around them?

    The soup didn’t hold him, and he went out again. Camping trip on his mind, he automatically turned into the familiar drive-in. When she came to his car, Dallas said, “Sorry; I didn’t mean to come in here,” and started the motor again.

    Dee said, “Wait, please. Look-I-there’s no good in saying I’m sorry because in a way I’m not.” Her eyes were big and soft, and the tight little, blouse outlined the firm, heavy tits as she leaned to the VW window “I mean, about making it with you. My aunt-Dallas, I told her that I wouldn’t testify against you no matter what she wanted me to say. And I told her that if she used that film to pretend you were some kind of swinger not fit to teach the kids, I’d-I would swear you and I are planning, to get married. I mean, that would make it better for you, wouldn’t it?”

    He touched the, warm roundness of her arm where it rested upon the rolled-down window. “Thank you Dee. I don’t think I’ll need your testimony, but it’s a nice gesture, and I’m grateful.”

    Tears leaped into her hazel eyes, and she said, “I-I mean it Dallas: If you and I-if I hadn’t screwed it all up-oh!” And, she fled toward the kitchen, her gloriously modeled ass jouncing with every step.

    He drove out of that parking lot and halfway across town to a hamburger stand where the waitress didn’t know who he was, and didn’t care.

    The next day, the last day before he could split to the woods, was hectic. The lads were after him to meet them, and Kathy Cohn’s eyes were the most reproachful of all. After class, she hung back taking a chance on being found out, her expression telling him that she obviously needed to talk with him. She covered her real motives by pretending to be interested in a book she held out to him across the desk.

    Smiling coyly, she said in a whisper, “You fink!”

    She was so damned cute, her purple eyes direct, her lips soft and appealing. He stared at her damp, tender lips and remembered how they had felt wrapped around his stiff cock, recalled how she had worked her mouth up and down on the head of his prick and swallowed his semen when it erupted.

    He said, “Kathy-I have to get my head straight.”

    “You’re thinking about quitting,” she said. “Don’t be so fucking noble. Because even if you do cop out, the kids aren’t about to stand for that. They might burn down the school, and I mean literally. Maybe not so much because of you personally, but because they don’t like to see that kind of heavy pressure applied to anybody.”

    “I don’t know,” he said. “If I do quit, it will be because I’m not afraid of the bastards, but for you guys-and all the kids that will come after you here.

    How the hell can you learn anything about literature if the school is going to cut the guts out of the English program?”

    Placing her small forefinger on the open book, Kathy, nodded as if he was dispensing pearls of great wisdom, but she murmured, “How the hell can we let them do this? And listen-my daddy fired the detective, but he’s trailing you himself; he thinks he can do a better job.”

    “He’ll have to backpack then,” Dallas said. “I’ll see you when you get back Kathy.”

    Relenting, she smiled at him and said, “That may be sooner than you think.”

    He watched her go; his eyes falling to the sexy wiggle of her small, trim ass and the fluid movement of her legs. She exaggerated soles and high heels the girls were wearing accentuated the symmetry of their legs he thought He would miss that kid, the fiery passions that boiled unchecked through that sleek and practiced body.

    Would she be screwing the other guys on the class picnic? Probably; Miss Enid Snow, chaperone with an “e” was a quiet lush. The kids had chosen her because she would sit somewhere and sneak shots of bourbon until she fell asleep. If she woke up, she’d flutter and say my, my, weren’t the days getting soporific.

    She would then trot o the ladies room and get smashed all over again.

    So the kids could slip around in the woods and ball, have a regular Roman orgy out of doors. Dallas frowned as he gathered papers on his desk; or was that the Greeks, who went m big for screwing in the bushes?

    In the parking lot coach Roger Parnell was just climbing into his station wagon, and his quick glance at Dallas carried pure, virulent poison. Farther down the line, Selena Johnstone was backing out her Datsun. Enid Snow didn’t have a car, she shared gas with the math teacher Mr. Kingston hadn’t come down yet; he liked to leave the impression that he stayed longer in his office each day because he had work to finish.

    Dallas had already locked up the house, and the camp gear was stuffed into the bug. All he had to do was change clothes, but he had jeans, a rough shirt in the car, with boots and an outdoors jacket. He’d put them on when be got to where he was going.

    He drove up the coast highway, looking out once when he passed the spot where the four men had tried to clobber him, turning on music as the, road began to climb. He was into the mountains soon, the VW purring along as if it was also happy to get out of town for awhile.

    At the turnoff he had in mind, Dallas nosed the car in and parked it a hundred yards or so off the road. He didn’t like to get too far from the sea, as he’d told Kathy, and here the climb was steep. He wouldn’t be bothered by other campers. When he got to the top of the wooded grade, he was sweating and wishing be hadn’t brought so many rations.

    That night, he didn’t pitch the tent, but snugged into his sleeping bag and watched the stars until he fell asleep.


    Surf fishing was lousy, but the ocean air cleared his head and made him ravenous. Climbing the slope wasn’t nearly as bad this time, and when he got to his campsite, he stopped short, listening.

    There was noise beyond, over where loggers had left a clearing, and it was too much noise to be caused by one or two people. The logging road, he thought, the one that can around behind the mountain. Some dumdum and his party had come over in four-wheel drive vehicle, and now they were busy ruining the hell out of his day.

    Dallas popped open a can of beans and set them on the camp stove, trying to think where he could split to, some other idyllic spot where he wouldn’t be hassled by people.

    “That smells good,” she said from behind him, “but my egg salad sandwiches are better.”

    He whirled. “Son of a bitch!”

    “Wrong gender darling.” Eyes twinkling, Kathy Collins skipped away from him.

    “We looked all over the mountain before we found your stuff. You said you’d be close to the ocean, and you said a national forest, and you wouldn’t come to the picnic and so the picnic came to you”

    He could only stare; Kathy said, “Too bad you slept alone last night, The fresh air is doing wonders for the kids, they re planning quite an orgy and dear, weird Miss Snow has already zonked.”


    “I’d give you egg salad if I can have some beans,” she said, and settled in beside him. Hell, he was glad to see her, as always. He was damned glad to see her, and appreciated the sensuous pressure of her thigh, the impudent provocation of her eyes Little Kathy Collins was a whole lot of female.

    They ate, and he made hobo coffee, which she made a face at. They sat listening to the horseplay in the clearing just a few yards off, and held hands. He felt no older than sixteen, no older than this superb little woman because he was so at peace and so young, he didn’t turn his head when the brush snapped behind him.

    “You sneaky bastard, the rough voice said.

    “You rotten, child molesting son of a bitch.”

    Dallas spun around, coming to his knees and staring. Kathy said in a squeak, “D-daddy!”

    And Craig Collins said, “I’m going to kill you, you dirty bastard.”

    Kathy screamed, and the impact of the sound probably saved Dallas’s life. Just as the rifle went off, he threw himself to one side and rolled. The coffee, pot went clang in the echo of the shot and jumped crazily from the folding stove.

    “No!” Kathy shrieked. “No-no-NO!”

    Collins fired again, but high. Rolling in the brush, Dallas heard the bullet slap a tree trunk.


    He came up groggy, uncertain of direction, but combat reflexes had put a tree between him and the man who was trying to shoot him. He saw Kathy clawing at her father, saw the big man sweep her aside effortlessly.

    Then Dallas saw something else. He watched the two kids slip out of the brush like the polished athletes they were, and Collins didn’t know they were there until too late. Joey hit him low and Eric hit him high, Craig Collins grunted in shock and the rifle flew out of his hand into the bushes when he went down hard.

    The kids were fast and they were desperate, which made it easier for them to handle the big man. The breath had been knocked out of him too, but he was recovering by the time they got his hands tied behind his back, using belts and Dallas’s tent rope.

    Dallas came walking up the slope again, a knot on his head where it had thumped a rock, but without a bullet hole. Faces popped out of the trees, and voices wanted to know what the hell. Joey hollered back at them that it was okay, but some of the kids kept coming while others drifted back to the picnic.

    Angel and Blythe and Susan Lee, Marty Brooke and two other guys, another girl Dallas recognized as, Betsy Paulter. They came to see, to help, to do whatever they could.

    “Now or later,” Collins muttered. “I’ll get to you somehow.”

    Kathy started to cry, and Angel said, “Be ashamed man! I don’t know what we’re going to do about you, but it’ll be something. Come on, Kathy-don’t let him hassle you. He sneaked on by before anybody got a good look at him, but when the guys did, they chased after him. Just in time I guess.”

    And Joey said, “You alright right Mr. Bradburn?”

    “Fine,” Dallas answered, a little shaky.

    “Sit down, and cool it,” Marty suggested, a Polaroid camera passing nervously from one hand to the other.

    Angle saw it too. She said softly, “Hey, now.”

    Dallas could see her mind turning over, could feel the idea germinate in his own head as well as hers. Angel was a sharp girl, and it was coming to her fast. He wondered if it would work, if the others would cooperate, because they sure as hell had to do something. Collins was beyond logic now, and if he didn’t try to press charges of statutory rape, he might still try to shoot holes in Dallas.

    “Hey, now,” Angel repeated. “Since Mr. Collins here likes to collect pictures, he ought to be in some himself.”

    And Joey Nottingham breathed, “Yeah, yeah that should do it. Hang him up so he can’t hassle Mr. Bradburn.”

    Kathy said suddenly through her tears, “Damned right! Come on, I’m all for it, and I’ll do, the first with it too.”

    “You’d better hurry then,” Angel said, “because I’ve got some swinging ideas.”

    She began to slip out of her jeans, and said to Betsy Paulter, “Since you’re kind of new Betsy, maybe you ought to stand lookout, you and the other new guys.”

    She was bare-assed when she finished talking, and she flung her thin shirt aside as if it had been choking her all this time.

    Collins stared bug-eyed. “What-what the hell are you-Kathy! Kathy, stop that this instant girl-you-she…“

    His daughter was only a fraction behind the black girl in getting undressed, and as Dallas watched, he saw Collins gaze fixed at Kathy, his face red and his mouth hanging open. The stasis held for only a fleeting millisecond, but it was long enough to read the shock in the man’s face.

    Craig Collins was seeing his young, seductive daughter completely naked as he must have imagined her so many times in his mind’s eye. The jolt unnerved him, fanned powerfully through his system and held him cast, but only for that eye blink in time. Then he tore his eyes away from her gleaming body and forced himself to look down at the earth.

    Angel said, “you just stay there awhile. You’re too shook right now, so I’ll start him off. Undress him.”

    Collins’s head snapped up again. “You’ll what? Damn you, you little bitch…“

    “That’s right, Mister Charley,” Angel said. “And I’m about to show you what a bitch I can be. But you know what? You’re not my daddy, and I know damned well what you want. And you’re going to get it mister. You know something else?

    You’ll swing with it, all the way.”

    Joey Nottingham laughed. “Sic him, baby.”

    She grinned back at him as she worked on Collins’s shirt, but when he tried to kick at her, she said sharply: “Knock off that shit! One more kick and you’ll have the biggest balls in the state, but you’ll wish you didn’t.”

    Marty and Eric got the man’s legs, and his pants came off easily, as did his shorts. His cock was hanging there flaccid, but it was an amazing length, even soft. Dallas looked up to see Kathy staring at her father’s prick.

    Angel said, “Get that camera going, but wait until he’s wiggling good. That won’t take long.”

    Collins choked it out, “No-no-not in front of… no, damn you!”

    They held him down and Angel started to work on him. Collins had a chunky, hairy body, and she teased him without mercy, rubbing her hard nippled tits into his shaggy chest, kissing him on the mouth and humping her furry mound along his shaft. Dallas saw Collins attempt to resist but his body betrayed him, and slowly, slowly, that cock began to rise.

    As it lifted, Angel moved down his writhing helpless body. With his hands tied behind him and his ankles securely held by school athletes, Collins didn’t have a chance.

    “Wow,” Angel breathed in honest awe, as she dipped her face into his lower belly and saw the size of his swelling rod. “Look at that monster. Man oh man-I didn’t know a prick grew that big, but I’m not complaining.”

    Collins made strangled noises as she licked his belly button and nipped the hairy insides of his muscled thighs. Angel played with that gigantic cock fingering along its distended veins, stroking the mammoth hardness. Just before she kissed the trembling head she said, “Focus that camera so you get his face in and what I’m doing to him. You can cut off the guys holding his feet. Okay- here I go!”

    “Uh-uh-UH!” Collins groaned as she licked over his huge cockhead, as her quick and facile tongue lapped away the leakage of his pre-seminal fluid.

    Dallas stared as the girl did a masterful job on the man’s monstrous prick, tantalizing Collins into near insanity. His belly rolled and his thighs trembled, and she opened her lips wide to take in that glistening knob.

    Dimly, Dallas was aware of the camera clicking, and knew that pictures were being taken of this action. Collins could be neatly and permanently framed with such raw photos; mailed to his s board cohorts, copies of them could ruin forever in the community.

    But the head job Angel was giving the man was tremendous, and evidently Collins had never had one before. He was heaving and biting his lips, and when he gave a sudden upward lunge, his balls jerked in a spasm.

    Angel gulped and sucked, but the long withheld load of geysering semen was too much for her mouth and throat to take. It was a huge ejaculation, and the overflow spurted from the corners of the girl’s mouth, thick creamy globules that ran over her chin and down between her tits.

    “Damn!” somebody said in a hoarse whisper, and Dallas silently agreed.

    Angel jerked her head back, tongue licking at her lips. Huskily she said, “Kathy baby-now you take him. Quick while all that come is making his cock slippery. If it doesn’t stay greasy, you’ll never get all that hardmeat in your little pussy.”

    The mail’s head was thrown back, and his eyes were rolling. His face worked, and he seemed to be trying to say something, but Kathy was walking toward the supine body of her father as if she were a robot programmed for that movement and nothing more. Dallas was fascinated by the hypnotic appearance of the girl, by the way she stared glassy-eyed down at the huge shaft.

    She put one foot on each side, of him and stood swaying there while Eric focused the camera again. She lowered her body then, bending slowly at the knees. So small, Dallas thought, so very small and dainty. When she was kneeling, the head of her father’s heavy pole already, prodded into her crotch, nudged into the sunset color of that silky pubic hair.

    Collins managed to grate out: “No, no, no…”

    Kathy didn’t even hear him. Mesmerized, she used both small hands to take his prick and bend it down slightly. Then hiked her ass just enough and guided that huge cockhead into the humid entrance of her labia.

    It wouldn’t go, Dallas thought; that ugly, swollen thing couldn’t penetrate such a mini-cunt, not without tearing the gorgeous little thing wide open.

    Kathy murmured, “Oh daddy. Oh daddy. Daddy, daddy… “ She stuffed it into her body, used her hands to push it, her squirming ass to assist the entrance, her deftness and young strength to force in that big, bulb. Dallas swore he could see her labia stretch, distend, expand as the head inched into them. In and in, and suddenly Kathy gave an exultant cry.

    “In me! Oh-oh WOW! It’s in my cunt! My daddy’s prick is moving inside my pussy, all hard and big and strong Oh-oh! it, love it!”

    Eric took pictures. He peeled the backing from color prints and took some more while Kathy fucked her father. She put both hands on his belly and rolled the smooth beauty of her ass, easing that thick shaft around inside her packed little cunt, thrilling her clit with every small movement.

    Eric took more pictures while Kathy rocked gently back and forth on the meat within her beautiful body. Her father kept his eyes closed, but his belly was rising and falling, and when the kids let his ankles go he drew up his knees and began to stroke up into Kathy s vagina.

    “Fuck me daddy!” she said. “Oh, hunch that marvelous daddy prick up my cunt and fuck me until I scream Oohh! Ah darling-why did you wait so long?, Ahh-what a cock! So big and so hard and so beautiful… all this stiff meat-oohh! Keep fucking me daddy. Fuck me, screw me, lay me-ahh! I’m very close now-such a lovely prick-closer and closer, and-OH! I’m coming… coming-coming!”

    Gyrating on his prong, Kathy humped and squirmed, and her father dug his heels into the soft earth so he could gain leverage to shove his prick to the hilt one more time. Then those king-sized balls flexed powerfully, and Dallas knew that the man was pumping another stream of come from the nozzle of that gigantic cock, but this time the flood of semen was raining into his own daughters young pussy.

    They hung still, quiet, caught in a peculiar lack of motion into the silence Angel said, “Cut loose his hands. He’s screwed now, in more ways than one.”

    Marty Brooke freed Collins’s wrists, and the man only brought his arms around to wrap them around his daughters slim waist as she sat up off the ground. His prick was embedded to the root within the girl’s stretched pussy, and it seemed as if the man meant to keep it there forever, Dallas thought.

    For the first time, Dallas knew a twinge of, jealousy, for he realized he could never compete with what he had just seen. Incest was more voluptuous than any screwing he could offer, and he couldn’t hope to make up for the heft of that giant cock.

    Angel touched him on the shoulder “Come on man; let’s leave them together. I think he’s got the idea now. If he fucks with you again, everybody in town is going to see those pictures-not only of me sucking him off, but of the school board president screwing his own daughter. And one hell of a job he did too.”

    Dallas hesitated, still looking at the naked bodies holding each other. Angel said, “Hey now. I could use some of that big thing myself, but you and I can wait. They’ve been building up to this for years, and the least we can do is to let them work it out by themselves.”

    “Sure,” Dallas said, and climbed to his feet.

    They took his arms and led him away, off into the brush and through it to a clearing.

    The girls were all there, except for Kathy, but young and shy Betsy Paulter was willing to take her place. Dallas was surprised to find he had such an aching hard-on, and he didn’t hesitate using it on the new girl. He was tender with her, gentle with her hesitancy, and somehow the thin, almost bony length her body excited him.

    Once between her thin thighs, Dallas put his cockhead into he delicately.

    Carefully he slid it home into the tight and narrow slit with precision. When he had it buried to the hilt in that blonde pussy, when she started to respond in little twitches and hunchings that were half ashamed, he saw that she had much to learn.

    So he taught her-as a father might teach his daughter.


    The class chaperone came to, had a hot dog and some wine, being a good sport because alcohol was forbidden, and she was sharing some with them, winking at regulations But Miss Enid Snow was really very tired, and she hoped they would understand if she just got off by herself for a little while.

    Blythe whispered, “With her bottle, she means I hope she doesn’t run out of that juice man. We’d have to pull the same trick on her, with the camera. I guess we could find one of the guys to screw her.”

    Dallas lay back on the grass, the slim, silvery blonde girl beside him He looked up at the treetops, at blue sky and a cloud scudding by in some high level wind. The tension had gone out of him, because the pressure was now off-unless Craig Collins was completely freaked out and didn’t give a damn about the pictures.

    He said to Blythe, “You can always find somebody to screw everybody.”

    “I’m not sure how you mean that,” she said.

    He put a hand around her smooth hip and onto her silken mound. “Not badly,” he answered, feeling the magic fluff of her cunt hair. “But I was wondering-It’s great to swing and to share and to ball everyone who wants it. Does that mean you young people will keep it up and never do anything else?”

    She propped herself on one elbow to look down into his face, her succulent pink nipple hung just inches above his lips Blythe said, “I don’t think so. That would be conforming too-doing something just because everybody else does it and says that’s the only way. I can’t even speak for the other kids, but I know that I dig sex and everything about it. I dig girls and boys too. Maybe I’ll get married some day, and maybe not. If I do, and my husband gets a little tired of me, or bored with the same kind of screwing all the time, then I won’t divorce him just because he looks for a new piece of ass. I mean, I’d bring in a chick for him, and we’ll all ball together. Or I’d swap with some other, guy so my old man could fuck his wife.”

    Dallas reached up and… kissed her nipple; Blythe sighed and lowered her tit to his face, pressing both breasts to him, sliding them back and forth.

    She said, “I’m the only one you, haven’t screwed today teacher. Are you feeling low about Kathy, because she and her daddy are still over there by your camp?”

    “A little,” he admitted into the perfumed freshness of her flawless pale skin.

    “I guess Kathy will always be kind of special to me.”

    Blythe slid one lean leg over his hip, and he turned so that their bodies met.

    She reached down and found his bent cock, her warm fingers stimulating it, tickling down into his balls.

    “That’s groovy,” she said I mean, I know she feels that way about you too-special But that’s her daddy she’s fucking, and he’s special to her also.

    You won’t lose her teach, not even to him.”

    Her snatch nudged into his belly, tender and warm and dampened by the juices of her last fucking by Joey or Marty or one of the new boys in the group But Blythe Jackson was ready to go again, and the pulsing that radiated from her cunt was insistent.

    His prick was growing, and she helped by rubbing the head of it along her slick labia, caressing it with the lips of her pussy and the satiny hairs there, hesitating far back at her anus before starting the teasing process over again.

    “I think you’re special Dallas,” she said. “Let’s fuck.”

    He got the flanged head of it into her cunt lips, pushed the shaft steadily, up into the clinging hot grip of Blythe’s eager snatch. His prick seated itself neatly, snuggled in there where some kid had pumped a load of foaming semen only a short time before, and his balls came to rest in the tender pillowing of her thighs.

    “Hey now,” Angel Matthews laughed. “Somebody is sneaking a screw. Can I get in on it? “Oops, teach-I mean may I?”

    She fitted herself against his back, curved the black velvet skin tightly to him, her springy pubic hair sliding along the crack of his ass, her arms stretched around them both. Dallas could feel the rigid nipples of her firm young tits boring into his shoulder blades, and wished that he had two cocks so that he could feed them simultaneously into these gorgeous cunts.

    Something touched his cheek, and he turned his face to see little Susan Lee crouching over him, the wisping of her cunt hair catching the sun like a polished black mirror.

    “You can make room if you try,” she said gently.

    Blythe lifted her head back, and Angel moved too, so that Susan could get her bent knees in, so that her almost-smooth crotch could cover Dallas’s mouth. The reddened lips came down slowly, and as he peered into them, he thought of the dicks that had been in them that day, including his own. Then the warmth blotted out the world, and he tasted her sweetness, her love in the steamy tissues of her vagina.

    He was surrounded by young love, by the sensuous wigglings and squirmings of girls. His prick slid back and forth in Blythe Jackson’s pussy, and Angel Matthews was teasing his ass with the strokings of her cunt, while his face was buried in the ticktocking snatch of Susan Lee. It was good, good, and he gave himself up to the complete eroticism of the moment.

    When Susan gave a series of soft little hunches on his mouth and his tongue licked happily across the vibrancy of her clitoris, he heard voice calling out that she was coming, coming. The words were mulled by the clench of her thighs.

    Dallas fed it deeply, strongly into Blythe’s suctioning pussy, feeling the head of his shaft distending, growing ever more sensitive. Blythe stepped up the rhythm, banging her pelvis into his, rotating her slim ass and milling down his pistoning rod.

    He shuddered and stiffened out, his cock flexing and spitting, A spate of hot fluid rushed forth to inundate the girl’s womb and again, in only slightly lessoning squirts, the blobs of his come packed into her quivering cunt. She kept thrusting, and as his semen stopped hissing from the head of his prick, Blythe bucked in the frenzy of her own orgasm, her ass drawing tight.

    Groovy,” Angel said in his ear. “Groovy for all of us teach-for everybody.”

    Susan Lee hiked her wet crotch from his face and Dallas said, “I understand.”

    “Good,” she said, kissing his damp cheek, kissing the Korean girl’s thigh.

    “It’s important that everybody understands.”

    They parted gently, his cock easing wetly out of the moon colored pussy, thighs and tits and arms leaving his body so Dallas could turn over onto his back and put his hands behind his head.

    He heard laughter off to the right and smelled hot dogs, being roasted. To his left there was the slap of a hand on a bare ass and an outraged yelp that turned to a giggle. The kids were being natural doing their things all around him. Some of them had probably watched the tangle he’d just gone into, but others had shrugged off the fucking as just another scene. Fun and eating and playing and sex-all normal, everyday functions.

    Would his own generation ever learn to accept it as such and not insist on trying to hide such a loving, giving function under misleading labels?

    Dallas sat up and found his clothing where Blythe had neatly piled it He dressed and pulled on his thick shirt, finding a sheaf of photos in the pocket.

    Pausing, he looked them over one by one. They were good, clear shots of Angel going down on the huge cock of Craig Collins, the black girl’s mouth looking stretched and uncomfortable, the man’s eyes staring at her as she sucked him off.

    And the close-ups of Collins with his beautiful red-haired daughter straddling his supine body such a look of rapture on Kathy’s face, so much meat forced up into her mini-pussy. There were different angles, different approaches, and all of them showed exactly what they were meant to… Craig Collins fucking his own daughter.

    Tucking the pictures back into the pocket and buttoning its flap, Dallas walked over to where Joey Nottingham was sitting. The new girl was in his lap, her fingers trailing fondly down the boy’s crotch. He said to Joey, “I’d appreciate it if you’d gather up all my gear after Kathy and her father come out of the brush, okay? And I guess you can give him back his rifle. Thanks is too mild a word to say to you Joey-to you and Eric. You saved my hide.”

    Joey grinned. “Tough breaking in a new teacher. Yeah man-I’ll be happy to pack up your gear. You going to town?”

    Dallas nodded “See you later.”

    He walked around the long way not wanting to come up on Kathy and her father, but wondering what the hell they were doing all this time. Maybe they were going through the entire sex scene, moving along from fucking to eating cunt and cock, to doing sixty-nine after they had screwed in all the positions.

    Father and daughter, making it and balling and learning to know each other’s bodies, making up for all the lost time.

    Climbing down the hill and reaching the shoulder of the coast road, Dallas walked toward the curve around which he had parked his car. He wondered how long Kathy Collins had been fucking. Twelve, thirteen years old? She could have started then, if not actually screwing then fingering herself to a climax and progressing later to actual cock. Some lucky kid, he thought, had taken the cherry without realizing what a prize he had.

    Maybe her father should have fucked her first. Then Kathy would have been the complete wife substitute, taking the place of her mother In every possible way, including riding her daddy’s prick. But they had gotten around to it, even if Collins had to be forced into the act he had craved, yet dreaded.

    Rounding the curve, Dallas saw the turnoff ahead and hiked toward it. Maybe things would generally be cleared up if all fathers could screw their daughters, if all mothers could teach their young sops how to fuck, as they taught them everything else.

    There up the dirt road and off behind the clump of pines he saw the bumper of the VW. No more worrying about the car being followed, he thought. Collins had trailed it for the last time, and instead of killing a man, had gotten to lay his daughter-a fair trade, Dallas conceded.

    They were waiting for him at the Volks, the sun touching her fine hair with gold to complement the scarlet there, touching the man’s craggy face with something like softness.

    When he hesitated, Kathy ran to him, the elf in faded blue jeans and a boy’s shirt with no bra underneath, barefoot and saucy as a woods sprite ought to be.

    She flung herself against him, and in glad reflex, Dallas’s arms went around the small, perfect body holding it pressed to his own.

    “Dallas-Dallas-they said you were leaving.”

    Not looking across at her father, he stroked the silken richness of her hair “Thought I’d better. Everything seems to be all right now, so I thought…”

    She drew back from him, removing the delicious pressure of her crotch, the exquisite touches of her breasts. “You were running away, copping out!”

    “In away,” he admitted.

    She tugged at his hand “Come on over here to daddy.”

    Collins said, low in his chest, face down, “I-I wanted to blow your head off Bradburn. But Kathy made me see that was because I was so damned jealous of you. I wanted to-to make love to her myself, and I hated your guts for being able to when I couldn’t or thought I couldn’t I’m sorry Bradburn.”

    Dallas said, “Okay.”

    Looking up, Collins said, “And for that other crap too. I guess that was all part of my frustration. I was taking it out on everybody, but I won’t bother you again, and neither will the rest of the board-or Kingston. I’ll see to that.”

    “That’s good too,” Dallas said, still holding hands with Kathy, reluctant to let go. But there was something else he had to do. Releasing her hand, he reached to his shirt pocket and unbuttoned it.

    “Here,” he said, holding out the packet of photos in full, living color. “You might want these. There are no other copies, and I was going to tear them up anyhow.”

    Kathy took them, glanced down, then back up at Dallas and at her father. “See daddy? I told he was a great guy. He wasn’t going to blackmail you with these.”

    Collins shook his bead, and she put the pictures in his big hand. Briefly, he scanned through them, his face not betraying any emotion. Then he said, “Tear these up, hell I’m going to keep them forever. They’re the start of a new collection I hope I never saw anything so beautiful.”

    Kathy burst into delighted laughter, and even Dallas felt a grin moving his lips. Then he said, “Well-I’d better be going now.”

    “Let’s go, then,” Kathy said “Or didn’t you know that we’re going with you, daddy and me? One of the boys will drive daddy’s car home and park it out front. You know where I live Dallas?”

    He did, after she showed him, after she guided the bug into town and across it to the spacious home with the pool out back, to the house that, would now really be a home for her and her father.

    “Come on in,” Collins said. “Kathy won’t have it any other way, and me-well, I may be hardheaded, but I’m not stupid.”

    The, house was furnished with a bar, and Dallas gratefully accepted a double shot, straight. That went down so well he took another, matching Collins drink for drink. Kathy had skipped off somewhere into the depths of the house, on an errand of her own, leaving them alone to settle what they had to, on their own.

    “Well,” Collins said gruffly, “I never thought I’d be drinking with a man who’s been screwing my baby girl. She told me about that, and how she lays those boys too. What the hell could I say with my own shaft up her at the time?”

    There was a warm glow in Dallas’s belly and a faint buzz in his head. He said, “I know what you mean. She’s terrific, your daughter I wish you all the best with her.”

    “What do you mean?” Collins asked, splashing more rich and expensive bourbon into their glasses.

    “Why,” Dallas answered, “I mean the best of luck with Kathy. She needs all your love and devotion, and she’s a bright girl; she’ll waltz right on through college.”

    Collins took a big swallow of his drink Dallas did the same. Collins said, “She’s a long way from that-two years, anyhow. And I just might take an apartment for us in that college town up north.”

    “That’s what I mean,” Dallas said, finishing his drink and waiting for Collins to do the same.

    “You and Kathy; here’s to you both.”

    Frowning, Collins said, “I always knew you were some kind of goddamned dingaling. What the hell do you think you’re doing here now, just drinking up my booze? She made me bring you home because she says I have to learn to share and not arguing with my beautiful little girl not any more.”

    She said, “That’s right daddy.”

    They turned on the barstools to look at her. She was bathed and fresh, her red hair long down her back and her skin glowing with youthful vitality. Kathy Collins was also stark naked, and the twin nipples-of dainty tits took aim at them both, backed up by the gleaming beacon of her pussy.

    She said, “You both get cleaned up now, and I’ll be waiting.”

    Somehow, Dallas managed to get through a shower, although the cold water didn’t do a thing to clear his head or stop the blood from leaping so violently and hotly through his arteries. Then he couldn’t find his pants and decided he didn’t need them anyway. Wrapped in a fluffy bath towel, he made two wrong turns before discovering her at the head of the stairs.

    “Up here darling,” she called down. “I want this to take place in my own room.”

    The room was still little-girl, all pink and ruffles, with only a couple of acid posters to show how she was growing up. There were dolls on a chair and a makeup table that sent swirls of perfume into the air. The bed was queen-sized, and its covers had already been pulled back. The sheets were pristine, the pillows waiting.

    “Come on in daddy,” she said, and I saw Collins enter, a silk robe drawn tight by the width of his shoulders.

    Kathy lay down on her bed, making room for them, saying, “I want you both. I want both of you to kiss me and to love me and to fuck me. Do you hear that daddy? I didn’t say do it or make it, I said fuck me. That’s how we’re all going to be, up front with everything from now on.”

    “Whatever you say,” her father answered, climbing onto the bed.

    “Over here Dallas,” she said. “I’d like to begin by you two kissing me all over, from top to bottom.”

    It was a good beginning, for they adored her with kisses, shared her sweetly trembling body with their lips and tongues. They ran questing hands over the sleek, small body, touching her everywhere. Dallas touched heads with Coffins, and sometimes their hands brushed as they caressed the girl, but neither of them drew back.

    “Now,” she said, “please get on top of me Dallas. Put your beautiful prick into my pussy and sink it all the way to the balls. You see, I want to eat daddy this time. Then we’ll change over so he can fuck me while I give you head.”

    Odd, Dallas thought, but there was no awkwardness as the three of them moved together. He set the head of his cock against the marvelous resistance of her torried little cunt lips and saw Collins curling himself across the bed to present the huge knob of his prick to his daughter’s face.

    In went Dallas’s shaft, pushing, finding the silken depths, knowing again the fabulous richness of Kathy’s pussy, and he cupped the cheeks of her exquisite ass as he fed his meat to the root.

    “Ummm,” she said, her lips and tongue busy upon another cockhead, her vagina rippling to caress his own. He saw her mouth spread wide to take in that purplish ball, to get it lack along her tongue and between her teeth.

    Dallas started to stroke moving his prick in Kathy’s feverish little cunt.

    School was just beginning for them all, and he could see there would be a long, hot Summer ahead.

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