Horny hostage

    "Ummmmmmm, I want all three of you guys to fuck me at once!" Bambi said

    The three young studs before her all nodded their approval. All four of the young people got undressed. The three young men had boners. The girl had a wet cunt.

    A wet mouth.

    A needy asshole.

    "I want to fuck you in your poontang," the first stud said.

    "I want to fuck you in your asshole," the second stud said.

    "I want to fuck your precious face," the third stud exclaimed.

    "Well, I can see this is going to work out perfectly," the nympho said.

    They were in the backwoods of West Virginny, where there wasn't much to do but fuck.

    And fuck.

    And fuck…


    "Bambi, is it true what they say about you?" Arnold Crumley said.

    He was a hillbilly.

    "Now that all depends on what they say about me, Arnold Crumley," Bambi Starr said.

    "I heard tell you do just about anything when it comes to sex."

    "It is true, Arnold Crumley. I love to fuck and suck," she said.

    "I heard tell that you would fuck and suck just about anybody."

    "Now, what is it you are driving at, boy?" Bambi Starr said.

    The backwoods nympho was giving Arnold Crumley that sex eye – the kind of eye that made boys go CRAZY – made then get bulges in their trousers and act all goofy.

    "I was hoping you would want to get it on with me," Arnold Crumley said.


    "Where you want to go to fool?" Arnold Crumley asked. The bulge in his trousers was getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

    "Let's go down to the marrow beds over by the gravel pits."

    "Okay, no one goes there since the swimming hole dried up."

    "Yeah, it will be a great place for us to go and fuck," she said.

    Arnold Crumley figured this had to be the luckiest day of his life.

    "Ummmmmmm, I am going to have fun playing with you, Arnold Crumley," Bambi Starr said.

    "You, you are?" Arnold Crumley stammered at the pretty girl nervously.

    "Ummmmmm, I am going to sap y'all dry of your essential juices."


    "What's the matter, do you feel a little ache in your balls?" she said.


    "Are your trousers getting a little tight, Arnold Crumley?" she asked.


    "It is going to be a long walk to the gravel pits, huh?" she said.

    "I am going to be walking with a limp soon," Arnold Crumley said.

    "Maybe we should walk a little bit faster," the girl said.

    "You sound like maybe you are getting horny too," he said.

    "Me? Ha! That's a laugh," Bambi Starr said, baring her teeth.

    "I do not understand your humor, Bambi," Arnold Crumley said.

    "I am horny twenty-four hours a day," Bambi Starr exclaimed.

    "Oh. You are even horny in your sleep?" Arnold Crumley asked.

    "I am even horny in my sleep," Bambi Starr said quite sincerely.

    Arnold Crumley figured he was the luckiest man on the face of the earth. The hillbilly thought he had died.

    Arnold Crumley thought he had died and had gone to Heaven.

    It took what seemed to both Bambi Starr and Arnold Crumley like forever but they finally made it to the seclusion of the marrow beds.

    It was a beautiful sunny summer day in the hills of West Virginia.

    "Let's get naked."


    They did.

    "What do you want to do?"

    "I have an odd request."

    "What's that?"

    "I – gosh, I cannot bring myself to say it," Arnold Crumley said.

    "Go ahead. Remember, I'll do anything," Bambi Starr said.

    "Would you let me stick my big toe inside your fanny?" he said.


    "I think you heard what I said," Arnold Crumley exclaimed.




    "You sound like maybe you like the idea," Arnold Crumley said.

    "I think it sounds like the kinkiest idea I have ever heard."

    "Ohhhh, you do like it!"

    "Sure. As a matter of fact, I can feel my asshole tingling, Arnold Crumley."


    "Yes, it is tingling with sexual anticipation," Bambi Starr said.


    "After all, Arnold Crumley, you have a very big, big toe. I can see that you have something else that is nicely sized."

    "Are you talking about my cock?" Arnold Crumley questioned.

    "I am talking about both your cock and balls," she said.

    "After I lick your asshole with my big toe…" Arnold Crumley said.


    "I want to fuck your cunt."

    "With your toe?"

    "With my cock."


    "My cock is throbbing."

    "How does your toe feel?"

    "It is tingling, kind of."

    "Mostly your toe is making your balls ache," Bambi Starr said.

    "That's right."

    "I know how it is with boys," Bambi Starr exclaimed happily.

    "I'm glad, I'm glad to hear you are so understanding," Arnold Crumley said.

    "What position do you want me in for the toe-fuck?" Bambi Starr said.

    "Get on your back and lift your legs in the air," he said.


    "Now reach down and pull your ass cheeks far apart," he said.

    "Like this?"

    "Oh God, your cunt and asshole make such a cute pair," he said.

    Arnold Crumley could see both her pussy and bung throbbing.

    "Stick your big toe in my mouth and let my lubricate it."

    "With spittle?"


    "It is good that your toenail is short," Bambi Starr said.

    "I always wanted to be prepared in case this came up one day."

    "You are a good boy scout, Arnold Crumley. You are prepared."

    Arnold Crumley put his toe in her mouth and she sucked it.

    "Owwwwwwwwww, ohhhhhhhhhh, owwwwwwwww." Arnold Crumley said.

    "Feel good?"


    Bambi Starr sucked and licked at Arnold Crumley's toe together. "Ooooooooooh, ohhhhhhhhhhh, owwwwwwwwww!" Arnold Crumley said.

    Arnold Crumley pulled his tongue out of her mouth and positioned himself en the earth so that he could put that wet and slippery big toe in between the cheeks of her ass. He pressed the toe against her bung.

    "Yessss, it's okay," she said.

    He pushed inside.

    Deep inside.

    "Fuck me with your toe," she said.

    He reamed her hard and fast.

    "Pull out of me now," she said.

    Arnold Crumley obeyed her promptly.

    "Put your toes in my cunt," she said.

    He did.

    "Put your whole foot in my cunt."

    He did.

    Arnold Crumley pushed his big foot against Bambi Starr's cunt until it opened like a gaping mouth and practically swallowed his foot. Arnold Crumley did not stop pushing forward with his foot until Bambi Starr's inner cunt lips were desperately gripping him at the ankle bone. Then Arnold Crumley pulled his wet and slippery foot ever-so-carefully out of her cunt and turned around so that he could get at that poontang with his cock.

    He mounted her.

    "Push in me," she said.

    "My cock aches so bad," he said.

    "Relieve yourself."

    "I do not think I can hold my come inside very long," he said.

    "It is okay, Arnold Crumley. Spill your come inside my cunt," Bambi Starr said.

    He fucked her pussy hard and fast and splattered his steamy jism against the stretched rear wall of her pussy as her cunt spasmed with deep vaginal orgasm.

    It was exactly forty-eight hours later. Bambi Starr was walking down South Road in her bare feet and cut-offs.

    Coming the other way, with a fishing pole over his shoulder, was Billy Bob Phelan, his big mouth already grinning in the distance at the pretty girl. Bambi Starr liked Billy Bob Phelan well enough. After all, he was a guy.

    "Hi, Bambi."

    "Hi, Billy Bob."

    "Whatcha doing?"

    "Just wandering."

    "Wanna go skinny-dipping?"

    "Why not?"

    "Let's go down by the creek?"

    "You fishing?"

    "I might, might not."

    "I'll bait your hook."

    "I thought worms grossed girls out."

    "Nothing grosses me out, Billy Bob Phelan," Bambi Starr said.

    "My friend Arnold told me about you and him," Billy Bob Phelan said.

    "I figured Arnold did not know how to keep his mouth shut."

    "Is all of that stuff Arnold told me true?" the young man asked.

    "I doubt if Arnold is smart enough to make up anything wilder than what we did," the amoral female said.


    They were down by the creek. Billy Bob Phelan set down his fishing rod.

    "I see you are packing two kinds of rods," the girl said.

    "What do you mean?"

    "You have a rod inside your pants," the amoral female said.

    "Oh yeah," Billy Bob Phelan said – and then he blushed brightly.

    "Are we going skinny-dipping or what?" the amoral female said.

    "Yeah, by all means," Billy Bob Phelan exclaimed happily.

    Bambi Starr removed her top and her tits bobbed free in the sun. So white.

    Nipples so red.

    Off came her shorts. Bambi Starr was wearing no underwear. Bambi Starr liked the way Billy Bob Phelan was staring at her.

    "Billy Bob?"


    "You are staring."


    "You are staring with your clothes still on," Bambi Starr said.

    "On, sorry," Billy Bob Phelan said, and he got naked quickly.

    "That is a healthy cock you have got there," the girl said.

    "Thanks. I think you could give a dead man a boner," he said.


    "Fuck, yeah. I think you could make a dead man come, baby."

    "I think we had better go swimming. The water is cool," she said.

    "Are you trying to cool me off?" Billy Bob Phelan questioned.

    "Only temporarily, Billy Bob Phelan," the amoral female said.

    They splashed into the water laughing like innocent children.

    They splashed water at each other. Then Billy Bob Phelan got out of the water fast and ran for Bambi Starr's clothes.

    His cock stood at attention ridiculously before his loins as he did this and the country floozie could not help but laugh.

    "What are you doing?" she said.

    Billy Bob Phelan grabbed her cut-offs and held them to his face.

    "What, the fuck are you doing, Billy Bob Phelan?" Bambi Starr asked.

    "I am smelling the crotch of your drawers," the young man said.

    "For God's sake why?" Bambi Starr asked, thoroughly confused.

    "I want to find out what your cunt smells like," he said.

    "You are SO silly."

    "Why do you say that?"

    "You are going through all of this trouble to smell by shorts when you have the real thing right here?" she said.

    "Oh yeah…"

    "Are you frightened?"

    "A little."


    "You are so experienced."

    "And you?"

    "I have none."

    "I will teach you."


    "Sure, Billy Bob Phelan. Come here and sniff my cunt," she said. Bambi Starr got out of the water and stood naked. Proud.

    "Come here, baby," she said.

    "All right," he said.

    "Don't be shy."

    "I'm not."

    "Don't lie either."


    "Kneel before me."

    "Oh, Bambi…"

    "Kneel before me."

    "Yes." He knelt.

    "Sniff my cunt."

    Billy Bob Phelan sniffed.

    "Like that smell?"

    "Oh God…"

    "Do you like the scent?"


    "Do you want to taste me?"


    "Eat my cunt."

    "Can I?"

    "I desire it."

    "Munch my twat."

    Bambi Starr felt him obey. Billy Bob Phelan made her come with his tongue.

    Joey Valentine was an old friend of Bambi Starr's. They had fucked many times. They knew all about each other.

    It was a Friday night.

    A hot Friday night. "I want to fuck so bad that I can taste it," Bambi Starr said.

    "Where do you want to go to fuck?" Joey Valentine asked.

    "Let's go out in old man Potter's barn," the amoral female said.

    "Okay," Joey Valentine said.

    "We can do it in the hay."

    "Sounds great."

    They held hands as they walked quickly to the barn. Old man Potter had died and the place was abandoned. No one ever went there because it was too creepy. Except for Bambi Starr and Joey Valentine. They weren't scared of shit.

    "Sure is dark," she said when they got into the hay in the back of the barn.

    "We do not have to see anything. We have each other memorized."

    "Just make sure you leave your clothes in a neat pile, so we don't lose anything."

    "It's a good thing that we aren't wearing much in the first place."

    They quickly undressed and found each other by the sound of their heartbeats.

    "Ummmmm," Bambi Starr said as they pressed together and kissed.

    "I love the way your tits feel against my chest," he said.

    "I love the way your cock feel against my belly," she said.

    "I want to take you from behind," Joey Valentine said eagerly.

    "You want to fuck me doggie-style?" the amoral female said.

    "We are behaving like animals…" the handsome young man said.

    "That is true," Bambi Starr concurred wholeheartedly.

    "We might as well fuck like animals!" Joey Valentine said.

    Bambi Starr got on her hands and knees in the hay and Joey Valentine knelt at her rear. The nymphomaniac was purring.

    "Give it to me…"

    "Yeah, baby."

    "Give me your cock."

    "Here it is."

    Joey Valentine shoved his prick into Bambi Starr's pink gash.


    Joey Valentine shoved his big cock, all the way into her twat.

    "Fuck me!"

    Joey Valentine fucked her hard and fast until her inner cunt spasmed.

    "Coming!" the amoral female said.


    "You want to come over to my house?" Bambi Starr asked the boy.

    Freckle-faced boy. His name was Connie Lancaster. Bambi Starr thought he was cute. Of course. He wore pants. He was cute.

    "It's okay?" the boy asked.

    "No sweat."

    "What about your folks?"

    "Daddy's run off."


    "She's drunk. She won't give a shit what we do," Bambi Starr said.

    "Sure, I'll come over."

    Bambi Starr lived in a shack.

    When Connie Lancaster and Bambi Starr entered Bambi's mom was drunk as usual, sitting on the floor, an almost empty bottle of booze in her hand. She hiccupped. The woman was a wreck, but Connie Lancaster could see that she was still quite beautiful.

    "Mommy, I want you to go to your room now," Bambi Starr said.


    "I have a friend over," Bambi Starr said to Mommy.

    "I see."

    "You go for a walk out back or something," Bambi Starr said.

    "Why? So you can fuck in my house?" Mommy asked, slurring her words.

    "Well, yeah."

    "I'm staying."

    "You don't want us to fuck?"

    "I want to watch you fuck," she said.

    "Sorry about this," Bambi Starr said to Connie Lancaster.

    "I say we let the hag watch," Connie Lancaster said with a smirk.

    "Okay," Bambi Starr agreed. The nymphomaniac's pussy was doing the thinking for her.

    "Let's get naked," Connie Lancaster said.

    "Right," Bambi Starr said.

    They stripped hurriedly.

    "Ummmmm, big dick," she said.

    "Fantastic boobs," he replied.

    "My boobs are aching."

    "Why?" he asked.

    "They need to be touched."

    "Like this?" he asked.

    Connie Lancaster fondled Bambi Starr's super fantastic knockers.

    "Yes," Bambi Starr sighed.

    "Pinch my nipples," she said.

    Connie Lancaster pinched.

    "There is something I have to tell you," Connie Lancaster said.

    "What's that?"

    "I have this strange kink," Connie Lancaster said somewhat shyly.

    "What is it?"

    "You like kinky things?"

    "Love them," Bambi Starr said.

    "I have this thing about assholes."

    "Hmmmmm," Bambi Starr said.

    "I love assholes."

    "That is not so strange."

    "I like to lick them."

    "Ummmmmm, now you are talking."

    "Can I lick your asshole?" he asked.

    "Sure!" the country floozie said.

    "My mouth is watering," he said.

    Mommy watched with interest.

    "My asshole is tingling," Bambi Starr said.

    Connie Lancaster knelt at the West Virginia tart's rear.

    "Pull my ass cheeks open," Bambi Starr said.

    Connie Lancaster parted those globes.

    "Such a cute asshole," he said.

    "Thank you," Bambi Starr said.

    "I can see it throbbing."


    "Uh huh."

    "Does it, look like a pink asterisk?" the amoral female said.

    "It looks like a nether eye," Connie Lancaster said thoughtfully.

    "Pink eye?"

    "Very pink."

    "Sounds cute."

    "It is. I can see the throbbing there," Connie Lancaster said.

    "Yes, but you cannot feel my desire," the amoral female said.

    "The bung hole is opening and closing," Connie Lancaster said.

    "Ummmmmmm," the West Virginia tart said with a shiver.

    "It looks to me like your nether eye is winking at me."

    "You are silly, Connie Lancaster," the country floozie said.

    Connie Lancaster began to hungrily lick at Bambi Starr's asshole.

    "Feels so good!" she said.

    Connie Lancaster licked her clean before he pulled his tongue away. Mommy could not stand it any longer.

    "I want my asshole licked too!" Mommy said, struggling to her feet.

    "Mommy…" Bambi Starr said.

    "I want to have my asshole rimmed clean too," Mommy said.

    "Please…" Bambi Starr said.

    "I think we should give the old hag what she wants," Connie Lancaster said.



    "Go ahead."

    "I'll lick your asshole," Connie Lancaster said to Bambi Starr's Mommy. Mommy hauled up her dress and pulled down her panties. She squatted as if she were about to pinch a loaf in Connie Lancaster's face. Connie Lancaster pulled Mommy's ass cheeks apart and he licked her asshole clean too.

    Dallas Crenna had a big wide space between his teeth but Bambi Starr did not mind. She liked that gap. Probably because it enabled him to spit long distances with great accuracy.

    Dallas Crenna was over to Bambi Starr's house. Mommy was passed out.

    "I can't wait to get my hands on your tits," the young man said.

    "Ummmmm, let's stretch out naked," the West Virginia tart suggested.

    "Good idea," Dallas Crenna said – and this was quickly done.

    "I want you to play with my tits to your heart's delight."

    Dallas Crenna placed his hands over Bambi Starr's boobs.

    "They feel so good against my palms and the insides of my fingers."

    "They feel so swollen, so very swollen," the amoral female said.

    "Your nipples are hard. They are like little pebbles, baby."

    "Squeeze my tits. Squeeze my ripe melons," the amoral female said.

    Dallas Crenna puckered Bambi Starr's tit-flesh with his fingertips.

    "Squeeze my jugs harder! Squeeze them until they hurt," she said.

    Dallas Crenna moved both of the country floozie's tits at the same time in slow, sensuous circles. Bambi Starr moaned.

    Dallas Crenna pushed the West Virginia tart's tits upward on her chest toward her collar-bone. The nymphomaniac purred.

    Dallas Crenna pulled her tits downward toward the slightly protruding base of Bambi Starr's ribcage. She whimpered.

    Dallas Crenna then pushed Bambi Starr's tits together at the center of her chest. The young man pushed her jugs together so snugly that they were slightly flattened at their insides, and the cleavage between them became incredibly long and deep.

    He removed his hands from her tits. Dallas Crenna got each of Bambi Starr's erect nipples in between his thumbs and forefingers.

    He pinched.



    "Make it hurt," she said.

    He pinched her nipples flat.

    "Pull my nipples," she said.

    Dallas Crenna pulled them hard.

    "Pleasure my tits with your mouth," the amoral female said.


    "Ohhhhhhhhh, this is going to feel so good, so good," she said.

    The backwoods slut began to move her pretty face from side to side as Dallas Crenna began to kiss exclusively at her left tit.

    Dallas Crenna kissed from the base of that mountain upward. Dallas Crenna spiraled up that mountain with his oral caresses, his surprisingly sweet and small smooching kisses. Dallas Crenna kissed Bambi Starr's tit in a series of ever diminishing concentric circles, arranging his kisses so that each kiss was a little bit closer to the nipple than the one before.

    "My tits are so hot."


    "My nipples are so hot."


    "My nipples are so hard."


    "They are so big!"

    "Not so big."


    "Not nearly as big as they are going to be when I am through with them," Dallas Crenna said.

    "What are you going to do?"

    "I am going to make them grow very large – probably larger than they have ever grown before, Bambi Starr," Dallas Crenna said.

    "How are you going to do that?" the amoral female said.

    "I am going to use my mouth, baby," Dallas Crenna exclaimed happily.

    With that Dallas Crenna began to kiss and lick exclusively at the rural nymphomaniac's left tit. Bambi Starr moaned.

    Dallas Crenna kissed and licked from the base of that tit upward toward the tip. He kissed that tit in a series of steadily diminishing concentric circles. Dallas Crenna arranged his cute smacking smooches so that each kiss was a little bit closer to the pretty little twat's nipple than the one before it. The backwoods slut was moaning and groaning loudly. Dallas Crenna took his time about it, but he finally got his mouth to the place where Bambi Starr wanted it most of all. The nipple. The feminine erection.

    "How does it feel to be named after a city in Texas?" Bambi Starr said.

    "Shut up," Dallas Crenna said, and resumed his oral-pleasuring.

    The backwoods slut did not really want to engage in conversation anyway.

    "Ohhhhhhhh, you are making my tit feel so hot," Bambi Starr said.

    Dallas Crenna parted his lips and allowed the tip of his tongue to protrude from his mouth as far as he could get it.

    Dallas Crenna placed the tip of his tongue directly on the rural nymphomaniac's feminine erection. Bambi Starr shivered.

    "So good," Bambi Starr said.

    Dallas Crenna rolled his tongue rather lazily over the pretty little twat's rosebud. Then he began to flick back and forth across the nipple.

    "Ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh," the gorgeous little tramp said.

    Dallas Crenna could feel Bambi Starr's nipple getting both harder and larger against his constantly busy tongue.

    "You are making my pussy so fucking hot," Bambi Starr said.

    Dallas Crenna flicked the tip of his tongue back and forth across the cute little, nymphomaniac's nipple as hard and fast as he could. The backwoods slut let out a shrill cry of pleasure.

    "My nipple, my nipple needs to be sucked," Bambi Starr said.

    Dallas Crenna agreed.

    Dallas Crenna wrapped his fleshy and sensuous lips around Bambi Starr's nipple and he began to suck. As a matter of fact, he began to suck as hard as he possibly could. There was nothing cute of subtle about the way Dallas Crenna sucked, you can bet your life on that fact. Dallas Crenna gave it everything he had. Dallas Crenna hollowed his cheeks deeply and created an intense vacuum inside his oral cavity. He sucked so hard that the skin all around the cute little nymphomaniac's southpaw nipple was stretched taut. Dallas Crenna was sucking Bambi Starr's nipple up and away from the rest of her chest. Dallas Crenna was sucking so hard that the cute little nymphomaniac's entire breast was pointier than usual, and that was saying something because the gorgeous little tramp's tit was damned pointy to begin with.

    "Ohhhhhh, you are sucking my nipple so good," Bambi Starr said.

    Dallas Crenna could feel his balls aching, causing sexual anxiety.

    "Ohhhhhhhhh, you are sucking my rosebud so fine," Bambi Starr said.

    Dallas Crenna could feel hot blood pumping fast into his phallus.

    "Ohhhhhhh, your mouth is so hot on my tit," Bambi Starr said.

    Then Dallas Crenna began to bite at Bambi Starr's nipple.

    "Owwwwwwww, owwwwwwwww, owwwwwww," the gorgeous little tramp said. Dallas Crenna began to tug at Bambi Starr's nipple with his teeth.

    "Toooooooooo hard! Owwwwwwwwwww!" Bambi Starr said.

    Dallas Crenna began to make animalistic growling noises deep down inside his throat as he tugged at the cute little nymphomaniac's feminine erection with reckless abandon.

    Bambi Starr felt just as much fear as pain. The backwoods slut feared Dallas Crenna had lost control of himself. The countrified tramp feared that Dallas Crenna no longer knew what he was doing. The diminutive tart feared that Dallas Crenna was going to pull her nipple right off the tip of her tit with his tightly-clenched teeth.

    But none of this happened.

    Dallas Crenna released his grip on Bambi Starr's nipple before any damage could be done. The backwoods slut realized at that moment that her eyes had been tightly closed. She opened them so that she could look at the nipple that had just popped out of Dallas Crenna's mouth. The countrified tramp was astounded by what she saw. Bambi Starr could see that her left feminine erection had grown while inside Dallas Crenna's mouth to a size that was – by far – larger than it had ever grown before. The diminutive tart was flabbergasted.

    "My God…"


    "My nipple…"


    "It is huge."

    "Told you."

    "But I didn't think…"

    "I never lie."


    "I don't even have to stretch the truth in this case," Dallas Crenna said.



    "What are you going to do now?" the cute little nymphomaniac asked.

    "Now I am going to repeat the process with the other nipple."

    "Please, I don't think I could stand it," Bambi Starr said.

    "Why not?"

    "The sensation, the sensation was just too intense," Bambi Starr said.

    "Well, you aren't going to have any other choice," Dallas Crenna said.

    Dallas Crenna lowered his mouth to the cute little nymphomaniac's right breast. The boy once again went all the way from gentle kissing to harsh sucking and biting.

    "Owwwwwwww! Owwwwwwwww! Owwwwwwww!" Bambi Starr said.

    Dallas Crenna did not stop sucking and licking until both of the gorgeous little tramp's nipples were once again the same size. Both of Bambi Starr's feminine erections were huge.

    Then Dallas Crenna began to finger Bambi Starr's pussy.

    "Yeah," she said.

    Dallas Crenna ran his fingers up and down her outer cunt lips.

    "Oh yeah," Bambi Starr said.

    Dallas, Crenna ran his fingers up and down her inner cunt lips.

    "More," she said.

    Dallas Crenna pushed his middle finger right up inside her pussy.

    "So deep," she said.

    "So tight," he said.

    He wiggled his finger.

    "Make me come with your thumb," Bambi Starr said.

    Dallas Crenna put his thumb on her clit.

    "Diddle me, diddle me," Bambi Starr said.

    "Right," Dallas Crenna replied.

    Dallas Crenna diddled hard and fast.

    "Coming," Bambi Starr said.

    Dallas Crenna pulled his finger out and shoved his cock in.

    Dallas Crenna fucked Bambi Starr in the missionary position hard and fast. He made her come. Dallas Crenna rammed the entire length of his cock into the cute little nymphomaniac's spasming cunt and splattered his jism against the stretched rear wall of her inner poontang.

    "More," Bambi Starr said.


    Deep in the backwoods in the hills of West Virginia Bambi Starr went from stud-boy to stud-boy in a vain attempt to appease her seething pussy. Her cunt's next stop was at the disk of a man named Gary Goodlein.

    The country slut was wandering through the woods that day in just her tee-shirt and cut-offs, when she ran into Gary Goodlein, who was out running his hunting dogs.

    "Hi there, Bambi."

    "Hi Mr. Goodlein."

    "Call me Gary."

    "Hi, Gary!"

    "You out looking for some action?" Gary Goodlein asked.


    "I'm just about through running these dogs," Gary Goodlein said.


    "You want to go back to my shack with me?" Gary Goodlein said.

    "What have you got in mind, handsome?" Bambi Starr said.

    "I thought maybe we could snap off a quick fuck," Gary Goodlein said.

    "Does it have to be quick?" the diminutive female questioned.

    "I promise I will make it as long as possible," Gary Goodlein said.

    "Let's go."

    "I sure do like your hunting dogs," Bambi Starr said.

    "They like you too. They can play with us also if you like."

    "Ooooooh, do you own DIRTY hunting dogs?" Bambi Starr said.

    "Yeah. They can play adult games," Gary Goodlein exclaimed.

    Gary Goodlein took Bambi Starr to his shack. The dogs gathered around.

    "You mind if I get out of these clothes?" Bambi Starr said.

    "Not at all. I have to go get the jar of honey," Gary Goodlein said.


    "I am going to rub it on you and then you are going to get on the floor," Gary Goodlein said.

    "The hunting dogs are going to lick the honey away?" Bambi Starr said.

    "Yes, they will lick the honey away enthusiastically," he said.

    "Dynamite! Where are you going to put the honey?" Bambi Starr said.

    "On your nipples…"


    "On your cunt…"


    "Anywhere you like."

    "On my asshole too?"


    Bambi Starr was naked. Gary Goodlein smeared honey on her nipples. She moaned. The hounds gathered around – tails wagging.

    "My cunt," she said.

    She stood with her feet apart. Gary Goodlein rubbed honey up and down Bambi Starr's cunt lips. The country slut groaned.

    "Push some of the honey up inside my cunt," Bambi Starr said.

    Gary Goodlein used his middle finger to penetrate her.

    "Oooooooh, push your finger all the way inside me," Bambi Starr said.

    Gary Goodlein wiggled his finger around and then pulled out.

    "Now do my asshole, my asshole," Bambi Starr said urgently.

    She turned her back to him and he pulled her ass cheeks apart.

    "Ummmmmm," the pretty little girl said as he slapped honey on her bung.

    "Push some of the honey up inside that hole too!" she said.

    Gary Goodlein pushed honey right up into Bambi Starr's colon.

    "Now you are all ready for the dogs," Gary Goodlein exclaimed.

    The man pulled his finger all the way out of her bung hole.

    "Okay," Bambi Starr said and got down on the floor, holding her ass cheeks up off the floor with her hands and feet.

    Bambi Starr felt doggie tongues all over her.

    On her nipples. On her cunt. On her ass.

    In her cunt.

    In her ass.

    Gary Goodlein's dogs licked at Bambi Starr's honey-covered spots until they were all clean. The doggie tongue inside Bambi Starr's pussy made her come, the pretty little girl came hard!

    "Now it is my turn, stay on the floor," Gary Goodlein said.

    "Right," Bambi Starr said as Gary Goodlein pulled put his dick.

    "Now you are going to get fucked and you are going to get fucked good."

    "Yes, please," the diminutive female said with surprising politeness.

    The country slut spread her thighs further apart at that moment. Gary Goodlein mounted her. He lipped his cock in her.

    "Ummmmmmmmm," Bambi Starr said, closing her eyes with pleasure.

    "The inside of your cunt feels so good on my cock," Gary Goodlein said.

    The backwoods tramp placed her hands on the sides of Gary Goodlein's hips.

    "All the way in, all the way in my cunt," Bambi Starr said.

    They began to fuck. Their loins slapped together. Bambi Starr moaned louder and louder. She screamed as she came.

    Bambi Starr tried to lock Mommy in her room while she had a young man named Ernest Whitson over, but Mommy wouldn't go.

    "Your dates like me," Mommy said.

    "It doesn't make no difference. It ain't fair," Bambi Starr said.

    Ernest Whitson was standing right there with a smile on his face.

    "Ernest, do you mind if Bambi's Mommy watches?" Mommy asked.

    "No, ma'am, not at all," Ernest Whitson said with a small bow.

    "Okay, okay, what you want to do?" Bambi asked Ernest.

    "I want you to give me a hand-job!" Ernest Whitson exclaimed.

    "That's all?" Bambi Starr asked – sounding slightly disappointed.

    "Ummmmm, I love the way you give hand jobs," Ernest Whitson said.

    "Have I given you a hand job before?" Bambi Starr said.

    "You don't remember?" Ernest Whitson questioned with a frown.

    "Sorry, I am a very busy girl," the pretty little girl said.

    "You work hard to earn your reputation," Ernest Whitson said.

    "You are a chip off the old cunt, Bambi," Mommy exclaimed.

    "Shut up, Mommy," the diminutive female with a sharp intonation.

    "You gave me a really good hand-job. Remember? I told you I thought most girls were too rough, and sometimes they tore the little skin beneath the head of my dick."

    "Oh, yeah."

    "You greased my cock with chicken grease and then jerked me off."

    "I remember now. You shot about a quart of jism," Bambi Starr said.

    "I have been saving my seed up ever since," Ernest Whitson said.



    "In that case I had better hurry and get you out of your misery," she said.

    "Yes, please."

    Ernest Whitson pulled down his drawers and his boner popped out.

    "Ummmmmmm, I can see you are ready for it," Bambi Starr said.

    The backwoods tramp left to get the chicken grease and Mommy crawled over to Ernest Whitson and began to suck his cock.

    "Ummmmmm, you suck great for an old bag," Ernest Whitson said.

    Bambi Starr re-entered the room and saw what was going on.

    "Mommy! Mommy! You, cut that out!" the pretty little girl said.

    Mommy pulled her mouth off of Ernest Whitson's purple cock head.

    "Leave him to me. I want to make him come," Bambi Starr said.

    "Okay, okay, okay, bitch," Bambi Starr's drunken Mommy said.

    Bambi Starr tenderly smeared the chicken grease on Ernest Whitson's dick.

    "Can I take your cock head in my mouth at the end?" Bambi Starr said.

    "You want me to shoot my wad in your mouth?" Ernest Whitson asked.

    "Yeah, of course," Bambi Starr said, furrowing her brow a bit.

    Bambi Starr began to pump her fist up and down the shaft of Ernest Whitson's cock.

    "You are going too fast," Mommy said.

    "Oh?" Bambi Starr said, looking back over her shoulder at her mother.

    "You have to start out slow and pick up the pace," Mommy said.

    "Your Mommy is right, Bambi," Ernest Whitson said with a shiver.

    "Very well, live and learn," Bambi Starr said with a sigh.

    "His come will feel better if you make him wait for it," Mommy said.

    Bambi Starr started out jerking off Ernest Whitson's cock slow.

    "Yeah, that's the ticket, yeah," Ernest Whitson said with a sigh.

    "You ought to listen to your mother more often," Mommy said.

    Bambi Starr steadily picked up the pace of her jerking motion.

    "You are making it feel better and better and better," he said.

    "You are going to make him shoot the goo!" Mommy exclaimed.

    "I can feel his cock spasming against my hand," the girl said.

    "You are going to make me come! Ohhhhhhhh!" Ernest Whitson said.

    Bambi Starr took Ernest Whitson's cock in her mouth just in time.

    "Coming! Owwwwwwww! Owwwwwwww!" Ernest Whitson screamed loudly.

    Bambi Starr felt Ernest Whitson's jism flood her sweet mouth.

    "Drink down my nasty dogwater!" Ernest Whitson screamed.

    Franklin Prattford was next on Bambi Starr's list of lovers.

    "I am so horny I'm about ready to die," Franklin Prattford said.

    "You sure as hell came to the right place," Bambi Starr said.

    Franklin Prattford came right up to the Starr's front door for it!

    "If you won't do it, you Mommy sure as hell will," he said.

    "You don't have to worry about that. I'll do it," Bambi said.

    "Where is the old drunken bag, anyway?" Franklin Prattford asked.

    "The old drunken bag passed out in the outhouse," Bambi said.

    "You want me to haul her ass out of there?" Franklin Prattford asked.

    "No, thanks. Let her wake up with a ring on her ass," Bambi said.

    "You want to teach the old hag a lesson, Bambi?" the man asked.

    "That's right. She's going to drink herself into her grave."

    "She's been like that ever since your Daddy ran off, huh?"

    "Yup. Guess that's what happens when your heart is broken."

    "So, let's get down to some good fucking," Franklin Prattford said.

    "I hear you. I ain't got banged yet today," Bambi Starr said.

    "It is one o'clock in the afternoon," Franklin Prattford said.

    "I have been trying to cut back on my fucking," she said.

    "I don't believe the words I am hearing," Franklin Prattford said.

    "I have to admit though, I diddled myself this morning."

    "You are an addict, face it," Franklin Prattford said, laughing.

    "It is true. I can't get enough orgasms," she said.

    "It is a pity really. It is kind of sad," he said.

    "What makes you say an awful thing like that?" she said.

    "You can never know true satisfaction, can you?" he said.

    "No, I suppose, I suppose I can't," Bambi Starr stammered.

    "That's a shame. You may never be happy," Franklin Prattford said.

    "I find happiness in the pursuit of happiness," the girl said.

    The cute little slut and Franklin Prattford got completely nude.

    "Ummmmmmmmm, I sure do love that pecker of yours," she said.

    "My cock loves you. See? The stiff guy is waving hello."

    "Maybe the stiff guy wants me to shake hands with him, huh?"

    "Maybe," Franklin Prattford responded, quite breathlessly.

    Bambi Starr reached down and made a fist around his cock.

    "Yeah, that feels nice, real nice," Franklin Prattford said.

    The cute little slut gave the pecker a gingerly tug. He moaned.

    "Ohhhhhhhhh, I want my dick inside your cunt," Franklin exclaimed.

    "Let's get to it. How are we going to fuck?" Bambi Starr inquired.

    "I think I want to fuck in an imaginative position," he said.

    "I have one in mind if you are taking suggestions," she said.

    "Shoot. My mind is coming up a blank," Franklin Prattford said.

    "If I sit in that chair and you kneel before me…" she said.

    "I would be at the perfect height to fuck your poontang!"

    "Yes, that was what I was thinking," the pretty little girl said.

    Bambi Starr sat down in the chair and opened up her fine thighs.

    "God, it's like the Gates of Heaven opening," Franklin exclaimed.

    "Ummmmmmmm, can you see my natural lubrication?" she asked.

    "The juices are dripping out of your pussy in a steady flow."

    "I am going to make a puddle on the chair," Bambi Starr said.

    "I don't care if you don't care," Franklin Prattford said.

    "I sure as hell don't give a flying fuck," Bambi Starr said.

    Franklin Prattford mounted Bambi Starr, his cock to her cunt.

    "Let me guide your cock in me with my hands," she whispered.

    "Okay," Franklin Prattford said, seeing no point in disagreeing.

    "Ummmmmmm," Bambi Starr said as she slipped his dick in her cunt.

    "Can I take you deep? Is it okay?" Franklin Prattford questioned.

    "Ohhhhhhh, take me as deep as you possibly can," she said.

    Franklin Prattford pushed his cock all the way into her cunt.

    "Fuck me now, Franklin, fuck me real hard!" Bambi Starr said.

    Mommy came stumbling in the shack with a ring on her ass.

    "Jesus Fucking Christ, she's at it again," Mommy cackled.

    "Never mind her, Franklin, fuck me," Bambi Starr exclaimed.

    "I don't mind your old lady. She's cool," Franklin Prattford said.

    Franklin Prattford fucked Bambi Starr's pussy hard and fast.

    "That's it boy, fuck her pussy inside out," Mommy said.

    The young man fucked the gorgeous female's cunt savagely.

    "Ohhhhhhhhh, I am coming inside my PUSSY!" Bambi Starr screamed.

    "Yeah, I feel the convulsions," Franklin Prattford panted.

    "Rub your cock shaft against my clit – that's it," she said.

    "I don't think I can fuck for much longer," Franklin Prattford said.

    "Keep it up for as long as possible," Bambi Starr screamed.

    "I will do the best I can, Bambi," Franklin Prattford exclaimed.

    "Yeah, you are going to make me come a second time," she said.

    "Shoot the wad. Don't play the sucker," Mommy screamed loudly.

    "Ohhhhhhhh, I am coming a second time," Bambi Starr said.

    "You are making me come too," Franklin Prattford barked roughly.

    "How about some jam for Mommy now," Mommy said to the man.

    "What do you want from me, old woman?" Franklin Prattford said.

    "I want you to fuck my pussy now," Mommy said flirtaceously.

    "Mommy, please…" the gorgeous female said with a frown.

    "Wait a minute, Bambi, I want to fuck your mother," he said.

    "Oh God!" Bambi Starr said, slapping herself in the forehead.

    "My pussy still gets nice and wet," Mommy promised.


    "Ummmmmm, Mommy's cunt is getting so wet," Mommy exclaimed.

    "Mommy hasn't been fucked in a long time?" the young man said.

    "Mommy has not been fucked in too long," Mommy said.

    "I have to say that's probably true," Bambi Starr agreed.

    "You must have a savage itch inside your cunt, huh," Franklin said.

    "I do, Franklin, I do," Mommy whimpered rather pathetically.

    "You drink to make the itch go away – but it won't?" he said.

    "That's it, that's it exactly," Mommy exclaimed, rather loudly.

    "The bottle will not take the place of a stiff cock?" he said.

    "You have put your finger on the problem," Mommy announced.

    "I think I know how to scratch that itch, Mommy," the man said.

    "I know you do. I just watched you plow my daughter's cunt."

    "There is only one problem," Franklin Prattford said softly.

    "Problem? What problem?" Mommy said seemingly more sober.

    "I do not have a boner, Mommy," Franklin Prattford said.

    The young man curled up his mouth into a nasty little smirk.

    "How long before you can get hard again?" Mommy questioned.

    "Now that all depends, you drunken old hag," Franklin Prattford said.

    "On what does it depend, boy?" Mommy inquired anxiously.

    "It depends on how much help you will give me," he said.

    "I will give you all of the help you need," Mommy said.

    Bambi Starr was having a surprisingly good time watching.

    "You will go down on me, Mommy?" Franklin Prattford asked.

    "Of course. I'll slap some expert skull on you," Mommy said.

    Mommy rubbed the outhouse ring on her ass. She was nude.

    "I can feel my balls starting to ache already," the young man said.

    The cute little slut was having a good time listening as well.

    "I will make that ache in your balls grow," Mommy hissed.

    "You are like an animal, an animal in heat," he said.

    Mommy did not seem to him so much like an old hag anymore.

    "Oooooooooh, you are such a sexual animal, Mommy," he said.

    Mommy licked and sucked at Franklin Prattford's flaccid pecker.

    "I can see your cock starting to grow," Bambi Starr said.

    "I can feel my cock starting to grow," Franklin Prattford said.

    "I can feel it too," Mommy exclaimed breathlessly.

    Mommy then went back to work with her remarkably talented mouth.

    "Ohhhhhhh, you are going to make me hard, Mommy," he said.

    Mommy did not mind Franklin Prattford calling her Mommy.

    "Mommy's mouth is stretching open," Bambi Starr observed.

    Then Franklin Prattford pulled her mouth off of his cock.

    "Franklin?" Mommy said. Her voice was as smooth as silk.

    "Yes, Mommy?" Franklin Prattford said, licking his lips.

    "Have you ever had your prostate directly stimulated?" Mommy said.

    "No, I can't say that, I have," Franklin Prattford said.

    "Do you know what I mean when I say that?" Mommy questioned.

    "I have not got the vaguest idea," Franklin Prattford said.

    "Has a girl ever put her finger up your asshole?" Mommy asked.

    Franklin Prattford silently shook his head from side to side.

    "Well, then you have something new to look forward to!"

    "I am not so sure that I like the idea of…" Franklin said.

    "Nonsense, boy, it is going to feel good," Mommy said.

    "I can feel a strange ache inside my ass," he exclaimed.

    "That is your prostate gland," Bambi Starr interjected.

    "You should have done this for him earlier," Mommy scolded.

    "Some men are funny about their assholes," Bambi Starr said.

    "You have to approach the subject delicately," Mommy said.

    "I see," the pretty little girl said, raising a single eyebrow.

    "Isn't that right?" Mommy said to Franklin Prattford.

    "That's right, Mommy," the youthful stud concurred.

    "Turn your back to me for a moment, Franklin," Mommy said.

    "Okay," Franklin Prattford said, with just a little fear.

    "I am going to moisten my fingertip with my cunt juice."

    "Why?" Franklin Prattford questioned, his voice rising a bit.

    "I want my finger to slip into you easily," Mommy explained.

    "Oh," Franklin Prattford said, sounding reassured by this.

    "I do not want to cause you discomfort," Mommy said soothingly.

    "No, no, of course not," Franklin Prattford said breathlessly.

    Mommy used her left hand to pull Franklin Prattford's ass open.

    "Ooooooooooh, you have such a cute asshole," Mommy exclaimed.

    "I can feel my asshole tingling with sexual anticipation."

    "That is good, boy – that is real good," the old hag said.

    Mommy dipped her right middle finger in her cunt deeply.

    "This gives me a chance to play with myself," Mommy said.

    "Get the finger nice and slippery, Mommy," Bambi Starr said.

    "Ummmmmmmmm, I am, I am," Mommy said with a purring sound.

    Mommy sounded remarkably feline as she purred in that fashion.

    "Try and relax your asshole, Franklin, love," Mommy said.

    "Okay. I am doing my best," Franklin Prattford said with a shiver.

    Mommy pushed her slippery finger into the young man's asshole.

    "Ohhhhhhhhh, it feels so good," Franklin Prattford exclaimed.

    Mommy pushed her finger in him as deep as it could go.

    "Make the anal penetration complete, Mommy," Bambi Starr said.

    "That is precisely what I intend to do," Mommy responded quickly.

    Mommy found Franklin Prattford's prostate gland with her fingertip.

    "Owwwwwwww! Owwwwwwww! Owwwwwwww!" Franklin Prattford hollered.

    "Is that a scream of pleasure or pain?" Bambi Starr questioned.

    "I think that it is a little of each," the old hag said.

    Mommy wiggled her finger inside Franklin Prattford's asshole.

    "It feels so good now, so good," Franklin Prattford said.

    Mommy worked her finger in and out of the young man's bung.

    "I feel your ass pushing and pulling my finger," Mommy said.

    Mommy then pulled her finger out of Franklin Prattford's ass.

    "Ohhhhhh, your cock is hard and ready for fucking," Mommy said.

    "It sure is," Franklin Prattford said, sounding proudly-manly.

    "I want you to fuck me doggie-style," Mommy said, breathing hard.

    "NO sweat," Franklin Prattford said, and they got into position.

    "Do not waste time being subtle with my cunt," Mommy said.

    Bambi Starr's cunt burned as she watched this hot action.

    "No?" Franklin Prattford asked, tilting his head to one side.

    "No. Do not bother fucking my cunt slowly," Mommy explained.

    "I won't," Franklin Prattford said with utmost sincerity.

    "Fuck me hard and fast right from the word go," Mommy said.

    "I understand. You are going to get plowed," Franklin exclaimed.

    "Yeah, Franklin, plow my poontang deep," Mommy screamed passionately.

    "I am going to scratch that itch inside your poontang, Mommy!"

    Franklin Prattford plunged his angry sword into Mommy's cunt.

    "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Mommy screamed, her facial features contorting.

    Franklin Prattford fucked Mommy's poontang with reckless abandon.

    "Cccccooooommmmmiiiiinnnnnggggg!" the old hag wailed in ecstasy.

    "I am going to blow my wad in your cunt," Franklin Prattford said.

    "No, pull out, pull out, do not waste the seed," Mommy said.

    Franklin Prattford obeyed and withdrew his prick from her cunt.

    "Stick your cock in my ass and finish in my bowels," she said.

    "You want me to fuck your poop-chute, Mommy?" the man asked.

    "Yeah, I want to be reamed by your thick boner!" Mommy said.

    "Your wish is my command, Mommy," Franklin Prattford exclaimed.

    The young man plowed his dick into Mommy's yearning colon.

    "Deeper, deeper inside my ass!" the old hag hollered.

    Franklin Prattford drove his lance hilt-deep inside her ass.

    "Your cock is inside my bowels, ohhhhhhhh," Mommy screamed.

    "Do you want me to fuck your ass hard and fast?" he asked.

    Bambi Starr began to play with her own nipples as she watched.

    "Yes, fuck my ass as hard as you fucked my cunt," Mommy said.

    "Right," Franklin Prattford said, anxious to comply.

    "Bugger me, bugger me brutally," the drunk woman begged.

    Franklin Prattford did as he was told. The young man was savage.

    "God, Mommy, is this really what you want?" Bambi Starr asked.

    "Yesssssssss!" came the drunk woman's hissing reply.

    Franklin Prattford reamed Mommy's ass until Mommy bled.

    "Mommy, Mommy, he is hurting you," Bambi Starr exclaimed.

    "It feels so good, so good," Mommy screamed, quite berserkly.

    Franklin Prattford fucked until he spilled his seed inside.

    "You are sucking my cock with our asshole!" the young man said.

    Mommy sucked Franklin Prattford's cock dry with her asshole.

    To assure no more interference from Mommy, Bambi Starr split.

    "I am going out for a walk, Mommy," Bambi Starr said as she left.

    Bambi Starr wandered by the creek and ran into Gus Mcgillicuddy.

    "Howdy, Gus," Bambi Starr said. Franklin had been gone for hours.

    The cute little slut's cunt was burning with passion once again.

    "Howdy, Bambi. You are looking swell today," Gus said.

    Gus Mcgillicuddy was custodian at the local schoolhouse.

    "What are you doing out here by the creek?" Bambi questioned.

    "Just bumming around. Janitors got summer vacation too."

    "Oh yeah, I forgot," the pretty little girl said with a giggle.

    "You know, Bambi, I am a single man," Gus Mcgillicuddy said.

    "I heard that you lived alone, yeah," the gorgeous female said.

    "A man can get mighty lonely being alone so much," he said.

    "Your right hand is probably your best friend, huh?" she said.

    "Sad but true," Gus Mcgillicuddy said, puffing out his lower lip.

    "I think you need some good old-fashioned feminine companionship."

    "You be willing to provide of that there stuff, Bambi?" he asked.

    "Why sure – for the rest of the afternoon anyway," Bambi Starr said.

    "Hot dog! My lucky day!" Gus Mcgillicuddy said, dancing.

    "You know what I dream about when I jack off?" the man asked.

    "Nope," Bambi Starr said, showing him her tits for the first time.

    "I think about fucking pretty little girls," Gus Mcgillicuddy said.

    "No shocker there, Gus, old chum," the gorgeous female exclaimed.

    "I dream about fucking pretty little girls in the asshole, Bambi."

    "I see," the gorgeous female said, clearing her throat violently.

    "And that is what I want to do to you," Gus Mcgillicuddy said.

    "Uh huh. Well, I like taking it up the pooper, I must confess…"

    "Yeah, I want to give your fanny a good reaming," the man said.

    Bambi Starr saw a new look in Gus Mcgillicuddy's dark eyes.

    "I will let you do whatever you like," the pretty little girl said.

    Bambi Starr could see an evil look in Gus Mcgillicuddy's dark eyes.

    "Ummmmmmmm, this is going to be swell," the man said, slobbering.

    "I'd appreciate it if you didn't damage the good too much, right?"

    "I want to fuck your asshole!" Gus Mcgillicuddy hollered loudly.

    The precious tramp could see him opening and closing his fists.

    "Right, let me get the rest of the way naked," Bambi Starr said.

    Bambi Starr could see Gus Mcgillicuddy had fists like hams.

    "Get on your hands and knees, get on your hands and knees."

    "You men are all alike, animals, so impatient," Bambi Starr said.

    "Get into position, do it!" Gus Mcgillicuddy said threateningly.

    "Right," the gorgeous female said, complying with instructions.

    Gus Mcgillicuddy knelt at her rear and opened her sweet fanny.

    "What are you going to use to lubricate the buggery?" she asked.

    "I am going to use nothing, nothing!" Gus Mcgillicuddy exclaimed.

    "Nothing?" Bambi Starr said with horror rich in her high-pitched voice.

    "That's right, baby. I am going to fuck your cunt while it is as dry as a bone."

    "But that is the way that will hurt me the most of all," Bambi Starr said.

    "That's right," Gus Mcgillicuddy said and he pushed his cock head against her bung.

    "Owwwwwwww!" the pretty little girl screamed, her facial features contorting horribly.

    "That's it, open up for my cock," Gus Mcgillicuddy said, breathing very hard.

    Gus Mcgillicuddy rammed the head of his cock past her sphincter and into her colon. "Push your cock all the way up inside me," Bambi Starr said.

    Gus Mcgillicuddy fucked her ass, just as Franklin had fucked Mommy's ass.

    "You are making me come inside my ass," the pretty little girl screamed with her delight.

    Gus Mcgillicuddy spilled his seed inside Bambi Starr's bleeding bowels.


    "Do you enjoy having your cunt eaten, Bambi?" Nelson Brummer asked.

    "You have got to be kidding," Bambi Starr said with a laugh.

    "Why do you laugh?" Nelson Brummer asked with a furrowed brow.

    "ALL girls like to have their pussies eaten," Bambi Starr said.

    "I wouldn't be so sure about that," Nelson Brummer interjected.

    "What do you know that I don't know?" Bambi Starr inquired.

    "I know plenty of girls who are funny about men going down."

    "Why?" Bambi Starr asked. This was news to the pretty little girl.

    "They think that men are less – uhhhh – manly, I guess," he said.

    "Men are less manly when they are pleasuring women orally?"

    "Yes, it seems silly to me too," Nelson Brummer said, laughing.

    "Well, I am not that kind of fuddy-duddy," Bambi Starr said.

    "I am glad to hear that," Nelson Brummer said, smacking his lips.

    Nelson Brummer made obscene noises with his mouth in expectation.

    "I can feel my pussy getting all wet and juicy," Bambi Starr said.

    Nelson Brummer and Bambi Starr were in the young man's shack.

    "I want to suck the juices right out of your honey pot," he said.

    Nelson Brummer was only a couple years older than Bambi Starr.

    "Nice having a place of your own now that you're out of school."

    "Yeah," Nelson Brummer said, nodding, looking at his shack.

    It wasn't a hell of a lot but it belonged to Nelson Brummer!

    "Take off your clothes so I can see your cunt," the man said.

    "Ummmmmmm, you can examine it thoroughly!" Bambi Starr said.

    "Ummmmmmm, I can't seem to stop drooling," Nelson Brummer said.

    "That always happens to me before I suck cock," Bambi Starr said.

    Nelson Brummer and Bambi Starr got naked for each other slowly.

    "I like the sexy way you do the strip-tease," Nelson Brummer said.

    "Likewise, I am sure, you hunk you," Bambi Starr said flirtaceously.

    "Get over here, over here on my cot," Nelson Brummer exclaimed.

    Nelson Brummer patted his hand on the cot in question suggestively.

    "I can see your big bone is up and ready," the pretty girl commented.

    "Yeah, baby. After I eat, you eat," the man said.

    Bambi Starr got on her back, feeling horny, on the man's cot.

    "Ohhhhhhhhh, my cunt is throbbing so fucking hard," she said.

    "Open your legs for me so that I can eat you," Nelson Brummer said.

    "That's the best idea I have heard all day," Bambi Starr said.

    The cute little slut opened her velvety smooth thighs sensuously.

    "Ummmmmmmmmm, you have the sweetest little cunt!" the man said.

    "Can you see the lips parting along with my thighs?" she asked.

    "Yeah," Nelson Brummer said, making more lewd oral noises.

    "Can you see my clit?" the gorgeous female questioned, purring.

    "Uh huh," Nelson Brummer said, his mouth salivating like crazy!

    "Can you see how big it is, how much it throbs," Bambi Starr said.

    "I think your love button looks positively impatient," he said.

    "It is anxious for you to lick it," the pretty little girl said.

    "Your hints are about as subtle as a lead blimp," the man said.

    "These are not hints. This is begging. Eat my cunt," Bambi Starr said.

    "Right," Nelson Brummer said. He kissed her inner thighs.

    "My pussy flesh feels as if it is bubbling!" Bambi Starr said.

    "Yeah?" Nelson Brummer said, his voice rising in pitch a bit.

    "My pussy feels like it is bubbling like a swamp," the girl said.

    Nelson Brummer placed his nose very close to Bambi Starr's twat.

    "Can you smell my pungent poontang?" the gorgeous female asked.

    "Ummmmmmmm, I sure can," Nelson Brummer exclaimed with a sigh.

    "Do you like the way my gash smells?" the pretty little girl asked.

    "I sure do," Nelson Brummer said. His eyes were twinkling merrily.

    "What do you think my cunt smells like?" Bambi Starr asked.

    "Smells like the urinals out at the stock car track," he said.

    "Somehow I imagined a more romantic response," Bambi Starr said.

    "There I go again, putting my foot in my mouth again," he said.

    "You like the smell even though it is like that of a urinal?"

    "Sure," Nelson Brummer said with a matter of fact intonation.

    "How come?" the pretty little girl asked, her brow furrowing.

    "Because, because it is your CUNT, Bambi," Nelson Brummer said.

    "Never mind, some things can't be explained," Bambi Starr said.

    Nelson Brummer began to lick at Bambi Starr's cunt eagerly.

    "Yeah, you are making ripples of pleasure flow through me!"

    Nelson Brummer loved the taste of the pretty little girl's twat.

    "Lick at the outer lips, and then the inner lips," she said.

    Nelson Brummer followed the gorgeous female's instructions.

    "Ooooooh, lick lightly, lick rough, lick lightly," she said.

    Nelson Brummer licked at each nook and cranny of her cunt.

    "Go after my clit now!" the gorgeous female hollered loudly.

    Nelson Brummer placed his tongue on her little man in the boat.

    "Yeah, you are going to make me come so good," Bambi Starr said.

    Nelson Brummer licked and sucked hard at Bambi Starr's clitoris.

    "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, coming!" the gorgeous female screamed berserkly.

    Nelson Brummer's face got all wet and sticky with her cunt juice.

    "So good," the pretty little girl said, shivering all over.

    Nelson Brummer licked and sucked at her clit till her come was over.

    Neil Brummer was a drunken friend of Bambi Starr's Mommy.

    "You sure do look pretty today, Bambi," Neil Brummer said.

    "You stay away from me, Neil," Bambi Starr exclaimed angrily.

    Bambi Starr thought that this man, though very good-looking in an older man sort of way, was on the disgusting side.

    Nothing Neil Brummer was going to do in the near future was going to change Bambi Starr's opinion of him.

    "Yes, sirree, bob! You look like a healthy little girl," the man said. Neil Brummer always came over and drank with Mommy until they both passed out. Neil Brummer always arrived with a case of beer, which he drank himself while he was there. Neil Brummer kept his beer in a wash basin in the shade under a blanket on ice. Mommy and Bambi Starr did not have a refrigerator.

    "I gotta take a wicked leak," Neil Brummer said, finishing a brew.

    "Use the outhouse," Mommy said, not looking up from her bottle.

    "I don't feel like using the outhouse," Neil Brummer said.

    The man staggered to his feet and wavered from side to side.

    "Then piss on the mother-fucking lawn," Mommy said, spitting on the floor.

    "I don't feel like pissing on the lawn either," he said.

    "What the fuck do you feel like doing?" Mommy said, looking up.

    "I feel like doing something nasty to Bambi," Neil Brummer said.

    "What are you going to do to me?" Bambi Starr questioned.

    "I am going to use you as my outhouse," Neil Brummer said.

    "You, you are going to piss on me?" Bambi Starr said.



    "I am confused."

    "I am going to piss in you."

    "In me?"

    "In your mouth."


    He slapped her face.

    Under ordinary circumstances she liked drinking manly piss, but she didn't like Neil Brummer and THAT was what made it disgusting.

    "Get on your knees!"


    He slapped her again.

    "Best do as he says, Bambi," Mommy said, looking up from her bottle briefly.

    "Ohhhhhhh," Bambi Starr moaned.

    "Do it," the handsome young man said.


    "Shut up and kneel."

    Bambi Starr knelt.

    "Open your mouth!" She did.

    "Tilt your head back!" She did.

    She did.

    Neil Brummer whipped out his prick and began to take a leak. Neil Brummer held his cock with his right hand. He was drunk.

    His aim was bad.

    He splattered her face with hot pee.

    But he then quickly re-directed his aim and he made the stream of beer piss go directly into her tiny mouth. She drank. She only had two choices. She could drink or she could drown, so she drank.

    It tasted awful.

    "Ahhhhhhhhh," Neil Brummer said, shivering with his urination.

    She felt like gagging.

    "Feels so good," Neil Brummer said closing his eyes and arching his back.

    Bambi Starr decided that she was going to commit the ultimate sex act. The backwoods nympho had been giving a lot of through to the subject, trying to decide just what the ultimate sex act was. Then it occurred to her one night when she was jerking herself off with the handle to her hairbrush. Bambi Starr's hairbrush was used more to frig the girl's cunt than it was to brush Bambi Starr's hair. She knew what the ultimate sex act was.

    Bambi Starr decided that she wanted to get fucked in all three of her holes at the same time. She wanted to be fucked in the throat and in the cunt and in the asshole all at the same time. She knew just how to do it too. Her only problem was finding three studs who were will to perform this sex act with her – and she correctly assumed that this was not going to turn out to be much of a problem at all. The girl quickly rounded up three volunteers. They were Arnold Crumley, Connie Lancaster and Martin Selznick. All four of them met out in the woods behind Bambi Starr's shack. They got and stared at each other without shame. All three of those men were well hung and ready to fuck.

    "Now we have to decide who is going to get to fuck me where?" she said.

    "I want to fuck you in the asshole," Arnold Crumley said.

    "Call me old-fashioned, I want to fuck you in the cunt," Connie Lancaster said.

    "I want that fine mouth of yours, Bambi," Martin Selznick said.

    "Well, this is going to work out perfectly," Bambi Starr said.

    Connie Lancaster got on his back on the ground. His cock flopped onto his belly. Bambi Starr could see the head of Connie Lancaster's dick flopping up and down, up and down, with its acute anxiousness. Bambi Starr could see how swollen Connie Lancaster's balls were. Bambi Starr could see how full Connie Lancaster's scrotal sack was. For that matter Bambi Starr could see that Arnold Crumley and Martin Selznick had scrotal sacks that were swollen with semen also.

    "This is going to be great," Arnold Crumley said happily.

    "Shit, can't remember ever having this much fun," Connie Lancaster said.

    "I can't wait till it is my turn," Martin Selznick said.

    It was agreed that none of them were going to start their in and out fucking motion, no matter how much they wanted to, until all three of them had their cocks all the way inside Bambi Starr's body.

    This rule was designed mostly for Arnold Crumley's benefit, who commented to Connie Lancaster that it was going to hard enough for him to get his cock up inside Bambi Starr's asshole without being faced with the additional difficulty of aiming his stiffened pecker at a moving target.

    Bambi Starr straddled Connie Lancaster on her knees facing him. Bambi Starr could feel her natural lubrication streaming down the insides of her thighs. Her pussy was as swollen as it could get. She could feel her cunt throbbing with desire. She could feel the desire burning inside her ass. Bambi Starr could feel her mouth watering.

    Bambi Starr scooped Connie Lancaster's cock up into her right fist and lifted the tip toward her cunt slash.

    Bambi Starr ran the head of Connie Lancaster's cock up and down the entire length of her pussy gash, and in this manner covered his pecker head with a liberal layer of her natural lubrication. She pushed the head of Connie Lancaster's cock up inside her cunt. Bambi Starr pushed downward with her loins. She took the entire pecker up inside her poontang. Then she kicked her legs out behind her and opened her thighs. Her ass cheeks parted. Arnold Crumley quickly lubricated the shaft and head of his cock with spittle. He pushed the head of his dick up into the cleavage between her ass cheeks and rubbed up and down. He found her asshole. He pushed against it. Bambi Starr relaxed her asshole. The girls bung hole opened and Arnold Crumley began to push inside. Bambi Starr realized at that moment that there was only an inch-long patch of flesh separating her inner cunt from her inner ass. Bambi Starr knew that this wall was going to be stretched – by far – thinner than it had ever been stretched before as Arnold Crumley and Connie Lancaster fucked her down there in her two fuck holes simultaneously. Arnold Crumley, like Connie Lancaster before him, did not stop pushing until the entire length of his cock was inside the nymphomaniacal backwoods female.

    "Ohhhhhhhhh, it feels so good having two cocks in me at once," she said.

    "Your cunt feels so good around my cock," Connie Lancaster said.

    "I can feel your asshole tugging my prick," Arnold Crumley said.

    "It is my turn now," Martin Selznick said, rubbing his palms together.

    "You betcha!" Bambi Starr said, staring at Martin Selznick's cock.

    Martin Selznick knelt at the head of the pack and laughed.

    "I am going to fuck that precious puss of yours," he said.

    "Yes, please," the nymphomaniac said, drooling a little bit.

    Bambi Starr opened up her mouth as far as she could and stretched her neck straight.

    "Here we go, baby," Martin Selznick said, and rammed the head of his cock into her mouth and then right down into her gullet. Bambi Starr struggled to keep her teeth off of Martin Selznick's cock at all times.

    The three studs began to fuck.

    They fucked in sync with one another.

    They pulled out together.

    They pushed in together.

    Arnold Crumley, Connie Lancaster, and Martin Selznick even kept the up and down, back and forth fucking motions of their hips in sync as they steadily increased the tempo of the mind boggling triple fuck. The girl could feel herself starting to come. Once Bambi Starr started coming she did not think that she was going to be able to stop coming.

    She would have screamed bloody murder. Except for one thing. Her mouth was full.

    Arnold Crumley, Connie Lancaster, and Martin Selznick steadily increased the tempo of their in and out fucking motions until all three of those well-hung studs were fucking their respective holes as hard and fast as they could. Bambi Starr cold feel herself coming clitorally. She could feel herself coming anally. She could feel herself coming deep-vaginally.

    Bambi Starr could feel herself coming anally, clitorally and deep-vaginally simultaneously. The three studs had their acts together so well that they even came together.

    Arnold Crumley shot his wad deep up inside Bambi Starr's convulsing bowels.

    Martin Selznick shot his creamy spunk right down into Bambi Starr's sucking gullet. Connie Lancaster shot his come hard, splattering it against the stretched rear wall of Bambi Starr's pussy.

    Bambi Starr was coming also just then, which meant that all four of those people were feeling the ultimate bliss at the same time.


    But true.


    Not that long before this sexual binge on Bambi's part, the backwoods nymphomaniac have been a total virgin.

    As it so happened, Bambi's sexual career began under incestuous circumstances. This was back in the days before Daddy run off.

    Bambi always wondered if there was a connection between the affair she had with her Daddy and the fact that he left forever.

    The two events happened very close to one another. As a matter of fact, Daddy was gone seventy two hours after he fucked Bambi.

    Bambi thought about that afternoon out by the lake. The girl remembered every little detail of those events as if they had occurred the day before.

    Bambi was innocent. Absolutely. She had never been fucked. She had never sucked a cock. She had never even seen a hard cock.

    But she was curious and she was growing more curious all the time.

    Bambi might have had the mind of a little girl but she had the body of a woman. Bambi found that she was having trouble getting to sleep at night because of the ache between her legs. She did not masturbate herself. She had never experienced an orgasm and the truth of the matter was that Bambi was a little bit afraid of that ultimate pleasure. But on this day, Bambi felt differently. She decided that she was going to sneak off back by the lake and she was going to get naked. Then she was going to touch herself in an impure manner until she taught herself what all of the fuss was about. Bambi stripped herself naked and stood beside the smooth lake. She could see herself. So small. Bambi stood only five feet one inch tall and weighed an even one-hundred pounds. Bambi was petite. Diminutive. Her hair was strawberry blonde in hue. She had extremely fair skin. Bambi had a perfect peaches and cream complexion. It was obvious to anyone who looked at Bambi that she had been one of those fucky teenagers who had never once suffered from a facial blemish. Her face was round. Her eyebrows and her eyelashes were the same strawberry blonde color as the hair that grew from her scalp. Her eyebrows grew angularly, in a femininely slender manner.

    Bambi's eyelashes were very long. Her reddish lashes curled up slightly at the tips, in spite of the fact that she did not use mascara to enhance this effect. Bambi's eyes were almond-shaped and she had pupils that were green, like the eyes of a cat.

    Bambi's eyes sparkled with merriment whenever she was happy yet looked somber and solemn, deep and dark whenever she was blue. The hue of Bambi's pupils shifted from emerald to kelly.

    Bambi had a tiny nose. It was a mere button at the center of her face. Her nose turned up slightly at the tip. Her nostrils were on the pinched side, but they had a tendency to flare wide open whenever she was excited about something.

    Her mouth was not very large either but her lips were full and sensuous. She had fleshy lips. Bee-stung lips. Bambi looked like she either needed to be kissed desperately – or she had already been kissed much too much already.

    Her lips were very red in spite of the fact that she wore no make-up.

    Her teeth were straight and pearly white.

    Her neck was slender and rather long, maybe overlong, like a Norman Rockwell painting or something. Bambi's ears were small and clung closely to the sides of her head. In spite of her tiny stature, Bambi's tits were very big. Bambi's tit's were so large that they would have been considered big even if they had grown upon the chest of a much bigger girl. Bambi's tit's were firm too. They rested high up on her chest. They were pert. Perky. They had perfect shape. Her tits were rounded at the bottoms. Sloped at the tops. The nipples pointed slightly upward whenever she was standing up or sitting up straight. Bambi always sat and stood up straight. Bambi did not slouch. Bambi had perfect posture. She looked like a recent graduate from a finishing school if you judged her solely on her posture and gait. Bambi had one of the all time sexiest walks. Her hips swung from side to side when she walked, like, a pendulum, like gelatin on springs – a "finest kind" display of nature's kinetics.

    Oh, yeah.

    Men in the mountains of West Virginia been known to go out of there was to walk behind Bambi, even back in them days when Bambi still didn't know what the fuck it was all about.

    Bambi had a very tiny waist and round hips. Bambi's hips were round both at the sides and at the rear. The skin on Bambi's ass was every bit as smooth as it had been when she was just a little baby. Bambi's legs were not long but they were top drawer.

    Not much meat on her bones.

    But what was there was choice!

    Bambi could feel her pussy aching more severely than it had ever ached before as she stood beside the lake looking at herself.

    Felling vain.

    Feeling like woman.

    Feeling sexy.

    Feeling like a sexual animal for the first time.

    She could feel the hot blood of her feminine arousal pumping downward in her body and she could tell that each and every, drop of that blood was headed for the pink delta between their thighs. She could feel all of the mucous membranes between her legs getting a little larger all the time.

    She could feel her pussy getting moist.


    Soaking wet.

    Her nipples grew.


    She touched her nipples and she could feel a ripple of pleasure running up and down the entire length of her spine.

    Bambi pinched at her nipples with her thumbs and forefingers and she could feel herself enveloped with gooseflesh.

    Bambi then took her tits into her hands and she began to squeeze them. She could feel the muscles in her legs weakening.

    Bambi figured out right then and there that masturbation was an activity best undertaken while prone. She got down in the grass next to the lake.

    She opened her legs.

    Her cunt drooled.

    The girl began to stroke her belly. She stroked her loins and then the insides of her thighs. She opened her knees as far as she could get them. Bambi could feel a stretching in the muscles at the insides of her thighs. Bambi could feel her cunt lips parting. Bambi could feel her pussy flesh crawling around between her legs. Bambi could feel her twat developing a mind of its own. Bambi could feel her clit growing larger all the time. Bambi could feel her clit pushing out from under its foreskin. Bambi could feel the cunt pushing the clitoral foreskin up and out of the way. Bambi could feel her natural lubrication dribbling out of the base of her pussy down into the crack of her ass. Bambi knew that soon she was going to be making a little puddle of pussy juice in the grass beneath her ass. She could tell that the entire cleavage between her ass cheeks was wet and slippery with the stuff that was dribbling from her poontang. She began to open and close her knees very rapidly as if she were attempting to fan the flame in her crotch. But this was hardly necessary. The fire in Bambi's cunt was burning just fine all by itself.

    Bambi rubbed up and down the back of her thighs. She lifted her legs and rubbed her ass cheeks. She pulled her cheeks open and rubbed at the crack. The slippery crack. Then the hole. Bambi fingered her own asshole. Bambi moistened her right forefinger with saliva. Bambi pushed that finger deep up inside her own asshole. She wiggled it. She worked it in and out. Bambi pulled her finger out of her asshole. She sniffed it. She licked it clean. Then she began to rub her cunt. She rubbed at the outer lips. The inner lips. She rubbed at the outer-most edges of the protruding and slightly curled back inner cunt lips. She pushed her finger gently in between, her inner labia. She touched her own piss hole. She could feel her horniness growing, more intense than she would have thought possible. She tried to push her finger up inside her cunt but she found that this was impossible. Bambi hooked her right middle finger under her own pubic bone and only penetrated herself about an inch when the tip of her finger touched the thin wall of membrane that blocked the path to her womb. She realized instantly what this was. It was her hymen. Her cherry. It was her intact maidenhead. She pressed against the membrane until it was taut. This was the wall that had been, for so VERY long, the sole guardian of Bambi's chastity. There was a part of Bambi that wanted to push her finger right through that wall – just so she could find out what it felt like to be touched on the other side. But there was an even bigger part of Bambi that wanted to save her cherry and offer it as a gift to the man who was to become her first full-fledged lover.

    She pulled her finger out of her twat.

    Again she sniffed at her finger.

    She could see how wet her finger was.

    She loved the way her finger smelled.

    She licked her finger clean again.

    She then began to diddle her clitoris.

    She made herself come almost instantly.

    The explosion started at her love button.

    The spasms spread into Bambi's thighs.

    The convulsions entered Bambi's loins.

    Her orgasm enveloped her and she screamed bloody murder.

    Little did Bambi know that just at that moment Daddy was walking back by the lake. He had seen everything she just did.

    "Well, hello, Bambi, you are looking pretty today," he said.

    "Daddy! Oh my God!" Bambi said. She sat up and hugged her knees.

    "There is no reason to be shy around me," the man said.


    "Come on, let Daddy see them jugs now, baby," Daddy said.


    "Let Daddy see your hooters!" Daddy screamed and pulled her legs down.

    "Please, Daddy, you are acting funny," Bambi said, nervously.

    "That is because I am horny, Bambi," Daddy confessed breathlessly.

    "You got a boner?"


    "I'll bet it aches."

    "Sure does."

    "Pants must be tight."

    "Ready to rip."

    "You watching me jerk off?"


    "That what gave you a boner?"


    "That's incest."

    "I want to fuck you, what can I say?"

    "Incest is taboo."

    "Says who?"


    "Fuck society."


    "Just you and me out in these woods by this lake," he said.


    "I am a man, Bambi, you got to understand that, a man!"

    "I know, but…"

    "I have needs!"

    "What about Mommy?"

    "I have more needs than Mommy can accommodate," Daddy said.

    "Get a whore."

    "I do, all the time."

    "That's your business."

    "Now I want you."

    "I ain't no whore."

    "Not yet, you ain't," he said.

    "Do you think I am going to grow up to be a whore, Daddy?"

    "I hope so."


    "Best money you'll ever make. Go to the big city. Sell your ass. Make the big bucks," Daddy said.

    "I wanted to get married and make babies," Bambi said.

    "You will change your mind about all of that soon," Daddy said.

    How prophetic Daddy turned out to be.

    Bambi opened her eyes very wide as she saw Daddy whip out his prick.

    "Ahhhhhhhh," Daddy said as his cock got out into the open air.

    "Holy shit!"


    "Your dick!"

    "What about it?"

    "You have a huge cock, Daddy!"

    "It is true. I am a rather full sized man," Daddy said proudly.

    "You look like your cock must be at least a foot long."

    "Not quite. The truth is that Mommy did measure it once."

    "What did the tape measure read, Daddy?" Bambi asked.


    "Nine inches."


    "High or low?"


    "Ten inches."

    "Still low."


    "Ten and a half."

    "I am glad you are impressed."

    "I am not impressed most of all by the length of your cock."



    "What impresses you most?"

    "The thickness of your cock."

    "I see."

    "Your cock is thicker than my wrist."


    "Close to being as thick as both of my wrists put together."


    "I don't think it is going to fit inside my pussy, Daddy."

    "Sure it will."

    "How can you be so sure?"

    "Your pussy is a hell of a lot more elastic than you give it credit for."

    "I hope so."

    "Big men are fucking small girls every day of the week."

    "I suppose."

    "Nature has a way of working these things out, Bambi," Daddy said.

    "I can see that your cock is thickest at the head, Daddy."

    "Uh huh," Daddy said. He looked down at his massive tool of masculinity. She could see that the head of his cock was bulbous. It was blue-black in color. The skin covering it was stretched taut. The little hole at the tip of his dick had swollen lips on either side of it. The urethra was opening and closing. The hole at the tip of Daddy's cock looked like a tiny mouth trying desperately to sing aloud with it's horniness.

    Bambi thought that the head of Daddy's cock looked like a grossly overgrown acorn, the type from which mighty oak trees grow. Bambi thought that Daddy's cock head looked like an edible mushroom cap. Bambi could see that the shaft of Daddy's pecker was slightly skinnier than the head – and that it was a slightly lighter shade of purple as ell. Bambi could see that Daddy's cock was craggy and gnarled and angry with swollen veins that protruded from the shaft, up and down the entire length of that pecker, crisscrossing as they went, forming pretty patterns like blue lines on an erotic road map. Daddy's balls were huge too. They were the size of chicken eggs. Daddy climbed right on top of Bambi and pinned her to the ground. Bambi's knees were still up in the air and he was squeezing at the sides of his hips with the insides of her thighs. Bambi could feel her chubby pink little toes curling under at that incestuously passionate moment as if they were desperately trying to clutch at the balls of her feet. She could feel the entire length of Daddy's cock being pinned against her belly by his flat tummy. She could feel Daddy's massive balls resting on her inner cunt lip. She could feel the base of Daddy's cock throbbing against the base of her mound. She could feel the tip of Daddy's cock throbbing against a spot directly in between her bellybutton and the slightly protruding base of her rib cage. Bambi could feel Daddy pressing the weight of his massive chest against her tits so hard that he was flattening her boobs. Bambi could feel her nipples throbbing against his chest. Daddy had his legs kicked out behind him. His knees and his ankles were close together. Daddy's pants were around his ankles, but he did not give a flying fuck whether or not he looked silly. Daddy began to smother Bambi face with kisses. They necked passionately. Daddy said.

    He had his knees slightly bent. The tops of his feet were in the grass. His toes were curled under tightly also. He then kicked his legs out behind him and got up on his toes, straightening his knees and lifting them from the grass. He placed the palms of his hands in the grass on either side of Bambi's head. His palms were flat and his fingers were parted. He pressed down with his palms and straightened his elbows a little bit. He lifted his chest and allowed Bambi's tits to return to their normal shape. Only Bambi's nipples were touching Daddy's chest by this time, more so when they were inhaling than when they were exhaling. Daddy lifted his loins so that his balls lifted away from the edges of Bambi's inner cunt lips. The base of Daddy's cock lifted from the base of Bambi's mound. Only the very tip of Daddy's ten and a half inch cock was touching her at this point, half-way between the top of her mound and hem dimple and concave bellybutton.

    The man then reached back with his right hand. He supported the weight of his rather heavy upper torso with his left hand exclusively.

    He made a fist around the base of his cock shaft. Daddy squeezed his pecker three times, just to make sure that his incestuously passionate dong was as urgent rigid as was physically possible. Daddy was pleased to find that his mammoth member was as hard as iron. The man then used his right hand to guide the tip of his cock to Bambi's cunt. The girl moaned as Daddy rubbed his piss hole against her clitoris. Daddy rubbed her love button in a series of slow sensuous circles with the tip of his pecker and the girl thought this felt pretty good. But it was no longer what she wanted most of all. Bambi could feel her clitoris's role as the focal point of her womanly yearning being temporarily usurped by a new magic spot, a spot up inside Bambi's cunt, up past her cherry where she had never before been touched. She could tell that the new focal point of her feminine desires was on the upper roof of her inner cunt very close to her cervix – very close to the very mouth of her womb. Bambi found that she was just as anxious as he to get that tube steak in the oven.


    Daddy then moved the thick head of his cock to the mouth of Bambi's unfucked fuck hole. The head of the good-looking man's cock was completely covered with the pretty girl's cunt juice.

    The handsome man then wiggled his ass from side to side a little bit and he worked the tip of his dick between the protruding and slightly curled back outer edges of the beautiful teenager's inner cunt lips a little bit.

    The handsome man tensed the muscles in the cheeks of his own ass and he took a deep breath to fill his lungs with air. When Daddy's chest was all the way expanded it pressed rather firmly against both of the pretty girl's nipples at the same time. Daddy jack-knifed slightly at the waist.

    Bambi found herself looking up at Daddy's Adam's apple. She could see that the bump in the incestuously passionate man's throat was bobbing up and down lustfully at that moment.

    Daddy continued to support the weight of his upper torso with his left arm exclusively. His right hand was still around the shaft of his pecker, making sure the tip did not slip out of place before the initial penetration of the beautiful teenager's cunt had been accomplished.

    Her cunt was SO slippery. It would have been SO easy for the head of his cock to slip downward toward the beautiful teenager's asshole.

    The man began to push downward with his lower torso using a firm and steady pressure. Bambi could feel the pressure on her cunt, increasing. She could feel the pressure growing quite intense, in fact.

    But the beautiful teenager's cunt did not open. Bambi's inner cunt lips did not even begin to open. The beautiful girl began to feel frustrated. The gorgeous female began to believe that she and her Daddy really were attempting something at that moment that was physically impossible.

    She feared that his cock really was too thick. She feared that her cunt really was too small. Bambi could feel the first twangs of panic, dread and disappointment in the pit of her tummy.

    The girl could feel her heart thumping wildly in her chest. The lovely babe could feel butterflies in her tummy.

    But Daddy did not panic. The handsome man knew what to do.

    The handsome man knew that there was only one way to get his super-thick cock up inside Bambi's super-tight cunt.

    Brute force!

    Luckily for the both of them, brute force was something of which Daddy had plenty. He once again took a deep breath.

    The handsome man again filled his lungs. This time he did not let the air out of his lungs slowly. Not at all.

    This time the incestuously passionate man did not push downward with his hips using a smooth, steady pressure. Hardly.

    This time the man grunted all of the air out of his lungs simultaneously so that Bambi received a blast of wind in her preciously beautiful kisser. Daddy stabbed downward with his hips.

    Her pussy opened all right.

    Bambi could feel her cunt opening further, by far, than it had ever opened before. The girl could feel her cunt slash turning into a gaping mouth.

    She could feel the flesh stretching taut – just like a rubber-band that was stretched all the way to the snapping point.

    Even in retrospect the pretty girl believed that she would have been split in two by Daddy's cock if it had been a fraction of an inch greater in its girth.

    The girl could feel the tip of Daddy's cock pressing against her hymen. She could feel that thin wall of membrane, the membrane that for so many years had been the sole guardian of the beautiful teenager's chastity, stretching taut.

    Daddy stabbed downward again.


    The truth of the matter was that the pretty girl heard the sound of her cherry popping a fraction of a second before she felt the pain.

    It took the beautiful teenager's sexually-berserk central nervous-system that long to get the dreadful message through her complicated network of near hysterical nerve-endings into the already reeling gray matter of Bambi's mind.

    Then the pain struck.

    Like a dull blade.

    In the brain!

    In the cunt!

    The beautiful girl's brain and cunt felt intrinsically connected at that moment and she screamed bloody murder.


    Bambi tossed her head from side to side with her agony.

    "Easy baby," Daddy said.

    "Owwwwwwwww!" Bambi said with blood-curdling intonations.

    "Ohhhhhh, so tight."


    "Your cunt is so tight!"

    "It hurts!"

    "Go with that feeling," Daddy said.

    Bambi did not know what this meant. She did not have the foggiest notion of what the good-looking man was speaking.

    "It hurts so bad!"

    "Take me deeper!"


    "Take my cock deeper!"


    "Take my cock all the way!"

    "It Hurts!"

    "All the way inside your cunt!"


    In spite of the fact that Daddy was pushing downward with his hips just about as hard as he could, the tip of his cock was only sinking deeper inside her pussy a fraction of an inch at a time. Just when the pain in Bambi's cunt got so bad that she did not think she could take it anymore, she could feel that pain start to decrease in its intensity. She could feel the sharpness of her pain transforming into a dull ache, and she could feel that dull ache blending with the ache of acute sexual desire the beautiful teenager had been feeling down there between her finely-shaped legs all along. The truth of the matter was that soon she found the pain in her cunt and the pleasure in her cunt to be all but indistinguishable by the time they for to her brain.

    "Ohhhhhhhh," she said.

    Daddy sensed a change in her tone.

    "How is your pain?" he asked.

    He was still pushing, pushing.

    "It is going away," she said.

    "Your pleasure?" Daddy said.

    "It is growing!"

    "All right."

    "Push deeper now."

    "You want it?"

    "I want your cock."

    "All the way?"

    "All the way!"

    "You got it, Bambi!"

    "Impale me!"

    "Yeah, baby."

    "Turn me into shish-ka-bob!"

    "Oh yeah."

    "Make me into a woman."

    "I will."

    "Make me into a woman!"

    "Ummmmmmmm, yeah."

    With each fraction of an inch of penetration, she could feel the tip of his cock getting that much closer to the focal point of her womanly pleasure, deep inside her pussy.


    "Yeah, baby!"

    He stabbed downward.

    "Yessssssss!" she screamed.

    "Like that?"

    "So good, Daddy!"

    The tip of the incestuously passionate man's cock smacked hard against the mouth of the beautiful teenager's womb.

    Bambi could feel the good-looking man's tool of masculinity striking her cervix, striking it just right, as far as she was concerned.

    She could feel a sharp rush of pleasure flowing up her spine toward her brain. She could feel that rush of pleasure getting as far as the base of her skull where it paused, stopped and then retreated back through her nervous-system to her cunt.

    Bambi could feel the pleasure pulling up just short of being orgasmic in intensity. She could tell that the incestuously passionate man was not going to have to fuck her for very long at all to make her come – and the pretty girl was already starting to suspect that the good-looking man might make her come inside her cunt more than once.

    The girl could then feel the tip of the man's cock touching the rear wall of her pussy. This sensation was both thrilling and frightening for the girl.

    She was thrilled because, for the very first time in her life, she could feel her pussy being filled all the way to the brim, with cock meat. The sensation was frightening because Bambi could now look downward between their bodies and she could see that there were still several inches of raging cock meat at the base of the good looking man's shaft remaining to be inserted. She hoped they would fit. She knew there was no way Daddy was going to stop pushing downward with his masculinity narrow hips until the entire length of his cock was inside the pretty girl's cunt, until the beautiful teenager's inner cunt lips were gripping at the good-looking man's tool at the base, until the good-looking man's cock tip was pushing right up into the tissues of Bambi's soft underbelly, until the good-looking man's balls were throbbing against the pretty girl's asshole, until her pussy sucked his fleshy sword at the hilt!

    Bambi slowly lifted her feet and stuck them up in the air. As Daddy pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt she squeezed at the sides of his narrow hips with the insides of her finely tapered thighs. She pointed her toes toward the sky and made a perfect "vee" with her shapely gams.

    Then the girl crossed her ankles and lowered her feet back down toward the small of the man's back. Bambi draped her slender arms across Daddy's back. The beautiful girl scratched lightly at his back with her nails. Then she scratched harder in between Daddy's shoulder blades and the pretty girl left marks on the good-looking man's flesh with her claw-like nails. The beautiful girl was clutching at the incestuously passionate man with all four of her feminine limbs simultaneously. The gorgeous female could tell that her pussy was going to have to stretch as far as it could possibly go to take the entire length and width and his dick. The man, just as the girl suspected, kept pushing until his entire cock was inside her cunt.

    Bambi would not have thought that it was possible for her to open up that far, but it was. She really did feel impaled. The lovely babe felt like a butterfly on a pin on display in a museum someplace beneath glass. The beautiful girl could not wait for the good-looking man to start his in and out fucking motion. The man was moaning.

    "So deep," Daddy said.


    "So tight," Daddy said.

    "You are so thick," Bambi said.




    "I need it."


    "I need to be fucked."


    "I want to be fucked hard."

    "Not yet."

    "Why not?"

    "We must give your cunt a chance to adapt," Daddy said. "To get used to your pecker meat?" Bambi said.

    "That's right."

    The handsome man continued to press downward with his masculinity narrow hips in spite of the fact that his cock was already all the way inside her. This created the illusion, the sensory hyperbole, within Bambi's loins that the tip of the good-looking man's cock really was sinking deeper into her body. Of course, this was impossible. The initial penetration of Bambi's cunt could correctly be termed complete. Daddy began to gyrate his hips. He writhed atop her. He ground his hips against her hips. Daddy ground his loins against Bambi's loins. The handsome man used the head and the entire length of the shaft of his cock to stretch the girl's inner cunt lips as well as the inner walls of her pussy in every possible direction.

    Then, after what seemed like an eternity to the pretty girl, Daddy began to withdraw. To the beautiful teenager's dismay, the good-looking man withdrew every bit as slowly as he had initially penetrated. He pulled his cock out of the pretty girl's pussy a millimeter at a time. Bambi could feel her inner cunt lips being stretched up and away from the rest of her crotch. Now Bambi could feel her pussy flesh being stretched taut so that it threatened to tear in a brand new way. Daddy's cock was so thick that when he finally started his in and out fucking motion the top of his cock shaft was going to batter directly and rhythmically against her little man in the boat at the very top of her poontang gash. Bambi looked between their bodies as Daddy patiently withdrew, and she could see the blood on Daddy's pecker. The man withdrew until Bambi's inner cunt lips were gripping desperately at the ring of scar tissue at the top of his cock shaft, just below the lower rim of his cock head. The girl could feel a void developing inside her as he withdrew. Her cunt was that void. It was a void that desperately needed to be filled. The lovely babe could feel a void that desperately needed to be filled with cock meat.

    "Please, Daddy."

    She was begging.

    "What, baby?"

    "I need to be fucked."

    "Oh, okay."

    "I can take it."

    "Are you sure?"


    "Your pussy is a recently opened wound," Daddy said.

    "I know."

    "You won't know how much I am hurting you until after it is over."


    "When your passion is through you will be sore," he said.

    "I don't care."

    "You might have some difficulty walking when I am through."

    "I am prepared for that."

    "You might have to walk bow-legged for a few days," Daddy said.

    "I need to be fucked!"


    The man slammed down with his lower torso as hard as he could and he drove the entire length of his cock into her all at once, in one fell swoop.

    "Ohhhhhhh," she said.

    "Take it!"


    "Take my cock!"

    Bambi could hear her pussy making a farting noise as Daddy drove his dick up there as hard as he could. The beautiful girl knew that the rapid penetration from the incestuously passionate man's cock had displaced gas and juice and blood from her internal passageway.


    "You like it?"

    "Ohhhhhhh! Yes!"

    "All right, baby."

    "Fuck me!"

    "One fucking coming up!"

    He began to fuck.

    Daddy worked his pecker in and out of her pussy with a smooth and steady pressure at first. He moved his hips from side to side every bit as much as he moved them up and down during the initial stages of the incestuous hump. Daddy steadily lengthened his fucking strokes until he was pulling his cock almost all the way out of Bambi's cunt with each stroke before pushing back inside gain. The beautiful girl could feel her pleasure growing a little more intense with each stroke.

    "Give it to me?"

    "Harder, Bambi?"





    The man steadily picked up the tempo and the force of his fucking motion until he was plowing very hard and very fast into the beautiful teenager's juicy poontang hole.



    "You are going to make it happen inside me," she said.



    "What am I going to make happen inside you, baby?" Daddy said.

    "You are going to make me come."


    "You are going to make me come in a brand new way," she said.


    "You are going to make me come in a womanly way," Bambi said.


    "You are going to make me come inside my cunt!" Bambi said.



    Bambi could feel the explosions starting inside her cunt.

    "Go with it, baby, flow with it," Daddy said.

    "Coming so hard!"

    The girl could feel the rush of pleasure shooting from the base of her spine to he brain. The pleasure did not even pause at the base of the beautiful teenager's skull but exploded into her brain with hill-climactic intensity.

    "Yeah, baby," Daddy said.

    "Ohhhhhhhh," Bambi said.

    "Feel it!"

    "So good, Daddy!"

    The girl found that her very first deep-vaginal come was shorter and sharper than the clitoral come she had known.

    She tossed her head from side to side.

    She clutched at Daddy with arms and legs. She clutched at Daddy with her pussy.

    She sucked Daddy with her cunt hole.

    Daddy could feel Bambi's hot orgasm.

    Her spasms gripped his manly member.

    "Fuck me!" the pretty girl hollered.

    "Fuck me back!" Daddy said.

    Bambi began to slap upward with her loins each and every time Daddy stabbed his cock into her.


    Bambi did not discover the best thing about her new kind of orgasm until the come was over. It was then that Bambi realized the deep-vaginal, womanly come had done NOTHING to squelch her fuck urge.

    As a matter of fact, the pretty girl found that she wanted to have her cunt fucked by Daddy's cock more than ever when her come was through.

    The beautiful girl found that her first come enhanced rather than appeased her horniness. It was then that the lusty teenager realized she was not yet through – not by a long shot.

    The gorgeous girl realized that Daddy was going to make her come more than once by fucking her with that big pecker of his.

    The lovely teenager realized that the man was going to make her come, perhaps, more times than she could possibly count before he was through plowing her with that large dick, that incestuously rigid rod of manly meat!

    Bambi could hear her pussy making a funny wet sucking noise as the handsome man worked his dong in and out of her.

    The beautiful girl's cunt went like this:




    "You are going to make me come again, ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, you are going to make me come again, owwwwwww, owwwwwww," the pretty girl said.

    She did come a second time.

    And how!

    It did not take Bambi long to figure out that her second deep-vaginal orgasm of the incestuous, cherry-popping fuck was going to be even longer, and even more intense than the first one had been.

    "Ohhhhhhhh, it feels so incredibly good," the pretty girl said.

    "Yeah, it sure does, it sure does," the handsome man said.

    "The spasms are ripping through me," the pretty girl said.

    "I can feel your cunt spasming," the handsome man said.

    "Can you feel my pussy grip you?" the pretty girt said.

    "I feel your cunt sucking me," the handsome man said.

    "Will my cunt soon suck you off?" the pretty girl said.

    "You had better believe it," the handsome man said.

    The lovely teenager felt herself coming a third time.

    "My third come is the best of all!" the pretty girl said.

    "You are sucking my cock harder now," the handsome man said.

    "Ohhhhhhh, I am soaring! Soaring!" the pretty girl said.

    "Ride. Take a ride on the magic carpet of orgasm, baby."

    Bambi stopped counting her orgasms after the third one. Numbers no longer mattered to the teenaged girl.

    The beautiful girl found that only the intensity of her sensations held importance for her after a time.

    Besides, in retrospect, Bambi realized that she probably would not have been able to count all of her orgasms even if she had been in the mood to try it. Her comes blended.

    Bambi could feel her deep-vaginal, womanly climaxes snapping off inside her loins at a frightening rate.

    She could feel the comes snapping off inside her soft underbelly so close to one another that they were hard to tell apart.

    Indeed, the lusty teenager could feel her orgasms becoming all but indistinguishable inside her brain. "Owwwwwwwww, it feels so motherfucking good, oh!"

    "You are clutching my member so fucking hard, oh!"

    "You are driving joy into me with your ram-rod!"

    "You are sucking the jism right out of my sack!"

    "I am coming again and again and again and again!"

    Bambi could feel her orgasms snapping off so close to one another within her femininely sloped loins that the final spasm of one come began to coincide with the initial convulsion of the following come. Ummmmmmm, so good.

    Bambi began to feel more as if she were having one never-ending and constantly growing orgasm rather than a bunch of shorter comes all strung closely together which was actually the case.

    She could tell one thing for sure. She could tell that her mind-bogglingly intense orgasmic pleasure was not going to cease until the incestuously lustful man ended the frantic cunt-plowing with the spilling of his steamy silver spunk against the stretched rear wall of the lusty teenager's poontang. That moment approached.

    Daddy could tell that he was not going to be able to hold his jism inside for very much longer. Nope. No way.

    Bambi's Daddy could tell that his sexual arousal was approaching the saturation point with tremendous rapidity.

    Daddy could tell that his libido was leading him along the winding path toward the point of no return. He moaned.

    Bambi's Daddy could tell that the moment of orgasmic inevitability was only fractions of seconds away.

    Because of this, the man shifted his hips into high gear and then into overdrive so that he was fucking the pretty girl's cunt, his daughter's cun, every bit as hard and fast as he could, with reckless abandon, so that his hips would have been a blur to the naked eye if anyone had been looking at them. Squish-squash, squish-squash, squish, squash.

    The friction inside the lusty teenager's cunt was incredible. The beautiful girl figured that the inside of her pussy would have been blistered if her inner cunt had not earlier lubricated itself so liberally.

    "Ohhhhhhh, I cannot stop coming," the pretty girl said.

    "You are going to make me come," the handsome man said.

    "My comes continue to intensify," the pretty girl said.

    "Ohhhhhhhhh, I can't fuck much longer," the handsome man said.

    "It's okay. Give me your fatherly seed," the pretty girl said.

    "Yesssssss, oh yesssssss," the handsome man exclaimed.

    Then the man rammed the entire length of his cock into Bambi's cunt and this time he kept it there, all the way inside.

    "You are going to make me shoot it," the handsome man said.

    "Shoot your wad, shoot inside me," the pretty girl said.

    "Ohhhhhh, you are sucking my dick so good!" the handsome man said.

    "Ohhhhhh, fill me with spunk, Daddy!" the pretty girl said.

    "Suck the jism out of my pecker!" the handsome man said.

    She did.

    "COMING!" he screamed.

    She was coming too.

    They were coming together.

    "Ohhhhhhh, I am coming too, I am coming too," the pretty girl said.


    "My last come is going to be my best come," the pretty girl said.


    "Because I am feeding off your pleasure," the pretty girl said.


    "There is only one come now!" the lusty teenager screamed.


    "It is not mine and it is not yours, Daddy," the pretty girl said.

    "Whose is it?"

    "It is ours and we share its pleasure equally!" the pretty girl said.

    "I see."

    "Ohhhhhhhhh, I want to suck your pecker dry with my cunt."

    "Do it!"

    They were pressing their loins together VERY tightly.

    "I want to suck your balls dry with my cunt," Bambi said.

    "Ohhhhhhhh, you are, you are draining me," the handsome man said.



    Then the moment of passion was through. Daddy collapsed on top of her.

    "That was wonderful, Daddy," Bambi said, purring like a cat.

    "God, you sure can FUCK!" Daddy said, sincerely impressed.

    "You TAUGHT me how to fuck, Daddy," the pretty girl said.

    "I did at that, didn't I?" the handsome man said, proud of himself.

    "Do you know how many times you made me come, Daddy?" the pretty girl said.

    "How many?"

    "You made me come about a million, zillion times," she said.


    "I am sorry that I only made you come once," she said.

    "You mean that you only made me come once so far," he said.

    "You mean I didn't really suck your balls dry?" she asked.

    "I mean you only sucked my balls dry temporarily," he said.

    "How long will it be before you can get hard again?" she asked.

    "I do not think that it is going to be very long at all."

    "What do you think we should do while we are waiting for your second boner?"

    "I think we should go back to the house," the handsome man said.

    He meant the shack.

    "Isn't Mommy there?"

    "Mommy went into town."


    "She's acting like a whore at the local saloon," he said.


    "We are going to make it on the big bed," the handsome man said.

    "Ummmmmm, that sounds wonderful," the pretty girl exclaimed.

    "You may not think so by the time we are through," the handsome man said.

    "Why do you say that, Daddy?" the pretty girl said.

    "We are going to get rough now, baby," the handsome man said.


    "You are going to be my slave now, Bambi," the handsome man said.


    "You are going to get fucked the hard way!" the handsome man said.

    "What, what does that mean?" the pretty girl stammered.

    "You are going to get bound and then buggered," he said.

    "You mean…?"


    "You are going to fuck me in the ass?" the pretty girl said.



    "I don't want to hear no whining, neither," the handsome man said.


    Bambi's Daddy gripped her arm tightly and dragged her to the shack.

    "Get on the bed on tour belly, Bambi," the handsome man said.


    "Just shut up and do as I say!" the handsome man said.

    "Yes, Daddy," the lusty teenager exclaimed submissively.

    Bambi stretched out on the bed on her belly. She was naked.

    "You are so precious, so very precious," the handsome man said.

    Daddy ran a big paw over the cheeks of Bambi's fine virginal ass.

    "I am so frightened, so very frightened," the pretty girl said.

    "I guess you got good enough cause," the handsome man said.

    "Why are you doing this to me, Daddy?" the pretty girl said.

    "I think it is going to be fun," the handsome man said.

    "But, you are going to hurt me," the pretty girl said.

    "I think you will end up getting into it," the handsome man said.

    "Oh God. Your cock is so very big and my ass is so tight," she said.

    She had her knees straight and together. Her ankles were close together. Her arms were back at her sides.

    Bambi's Daddy was going to see to it that Bambi was not allowed to stay in that position for very long. He kneaded her ass flesh.



    "What are you going to bind me with?" the pretty girl said.

    "I am going to tie you up with thick hemp rope," he said.

    "Oh my…"

    "Is there a problem with that?" the incestuously lustful man asked.

    Daddy felt hot blood pumping back into his flaccid dong.

    "The rope is very rough, right?" the lusty teenager inquired.


    "Won't it, won't it rub my wrists raw?" the pretty girl asked.

    "Yes – and your trim little ankles too," the handsome man said.

    "The ropes will leave marks on my flesh," the pretty girl said.

    "Marks that will take days to fade," the handsome man said.

    "Even after the bondage is removed," the pretty girl said.

    Bambi's Daddy grabbed Bambi's left wrist and forearm roughly.

    "Owwwwwwww, owwwwwwww," the lusty teenager exclaimed.

    "You are going to be bound tightly," the handsome man said.

    Bambi's Daddy pulled her arm up over her head and then down again toward the corner of the shack's big bed.

    The bed had bedposts.

    This was quite convenient for the man's bondage purposes. Bambi's Daddy pulled at the pretty girl's left arm so hard that she thought that feminine wing was going to be broken.

    The gorgeous girl feared that her left arm was about to broken at either the wrist or the elbow. It didn't really make any difference to Daddy's passionate daughter.

    Bambi knew that it would hurt like hell either way. The beautiful girl could feel the incestuously lustful man pulling at her arm so hard that there was a frightening moment or two when she feared her shoulder was about to be ripped right out of its socket.

    The man pulled Bambi's wrists snug up against the appropriate bedpost. He wrapped the piece of rope around the bedpost and her wrist at the same time. He tied the rope so that it crossed the inside of her wrist twice very tightly, as tightly as he could make it. Bambi could feel her skin being rubbed raw beneath the rope. The rope was around her wrist so tightly that it completely cut off the circulation of blood to the girl's hand.

    Bambi could tell without looking that the tips of her left fingers were turning a deep purple color. She could tell that the tips of her southpaw digits were turning the same color as the head of Daddy's cock when he had a full-fledged erection waving before his loins. Soon Daddy's cock was going to be in that state once again. The hot blood of the man's masculine arousal was pumping into the head and shaft of his cock in a steady flow. Bambi's Daddy could tell that it was not going to be very long at all before his cock was stiff and ready for fucking. Ready for reaming, ready for brutal buggery.

    "You are tying my wrist too tight," the pretty girl said.

    "The knot is supposed to be tight," the handsome man said. "But why?"

    "It is my game. I can make up the rules," the handsome man said.

    "I can feel pins and needles developing in the tips of my fingers."

    "You are not going to be able to feel those pins and needles for long."



    "How come?"

    "Soon you will be able to feel nothing in your fingertips."


    "The same will be true of your fingers," the handsome man said.

    "I see."

    "The same will be true of your entire hand," the handsome man said.

    "Yes, I can tell what you're saying is true," the pretty girl said.

    "Try and wiggle your fingers at the knuckles, Bambi," the handsome man said.


    "Do you notice anything unusual about this?" the handsome man said.

    "My knuckles are getting stiffer and stiffer," the pretty girl said.


    "I can only wiggle my fingers with increasing difficulty, Daddy."


    "That is the way it is supposed to feel, Daddy?" the pretty girl said.

    "Yes. Soon your fingers will not wiggle at all," he said.

    "I see."

    "Your left hand will soon be feeling less and motionless, Bambi!"

    "Oh my!"

    Bambi was lathered with the icy perspiration of her fear. The beautiful girl kept on trying to wiggle the fingers on her left hand until those fingers would not wiggle any longer.

    She was limp on the bed. She stopped struggling. She was filled with despair.


    Because the head of the bed was pushed flush against the wall, Daddy had to circle all the way around the base so he could get to the other side and repeat the bondage process with the pretty girl's other femininely slender arm.

    Bambi's Daddy took long and surprisingly graceful strides, as he moved to the other side of the bed.

    He moved with an animalistic grace. He moved like a wild jungle beast who was encircling his helpless prey.

    That was just how the lusty teenager felt at that moment too – like the incestuously, lustful man's helpless prey.

    Bambi's Daddy yanked on the pretty girl's right arm every bit as hard as he had yanked at her left arm earlier.


    He tied the knot just as tightly too. She lost sensation in her right hand. She lost the ability to wiggle her fingers.

    The man then moved down to the foot of the big bed. The beautiful girl still had her femininely slender legs kicked back behind her toward the foot of the bed. Her knees were still straight. Her knees and ankles were still close together. Daddy stood at the foot of the bed with his back straight for a moment. Then he jack-knifed at the waist and reached down so that he could clutch both of his incestuously passionate daughter's ankles simultaneously. Bambi's Daddy gripped her ankles so tightly that each and every one of his knuckles whitened. He then pulled the pretty girl's legs open. He did this in one fell swoop, with a single outward tug of his muscular and straightened arms. Bambi's Daddy pulled Bambi's legs open to a perfect ninety-degree angle at that sado-masochistic moment. Bambi's Daddy pulled the lusty teenager's legs apart so far that Bambi could feel her cunt lips and her ass cheeks parting a little bit along with her sweet inner thighs.

    Daddy tied her ankles in place.

    "Owwwwww, Daddy, owwwwwww."

    "You will be bound, and you will like it," the handsome man said.


    "You are going to learn to be submissive," the handsome man said.


    "You are going to learn subservience," the handsome man said.


    "You are going to learn to be my sex slave," the handsome man said.

    "I sense there is truth in your words, but…" the pretty girl said.

    "But what?"

    "I, I, I fear that truth," the lusty teenager exclaimed.

    "You are going to learn to love the pain of sex," the handsome man said.

    "Please, no…"

    "And do you know why you want to be my sex slave?" the handsome man said.

    "Because I love you so very much, Daddy?" the pretty girl said.

    "Also because you do not really want freedom of choice," he said.


    "No! Like most women it is freedom from choice that you desire."


    "You will not be able to deny this truth for much longer."

    "I suppose not."

    "Soon I am going to have you begging for punishment," the handsome man said.


    Daddy tied her ankles so tightly that her toes turned purple.

    "I can feel myself losing the ability to wiggle my toes," she said.


    "Soon my feet are going to be as numb as my hands," the pretty girl said.


    Her knees, like her elbows, were locked in the straight position.

    "You are stringently spread-eagled," the handsome man said.

    "I have been rudely quartered," the lusty teenager replied.

    "Tell me how does your asshole feel?" the handsome man said.

    "I can feel a tingling down there," pretty girl said.

    "What sort of a tingling is it?" the handsome man said.

    "It is a tingling of desire," the pretty girl said.

    "Good. Can you feel the tingle mounting?" the handsome man said.

    "It is growing stronger all the time," the pretty girl said.

    "Can you feel a throbbing in your rectum?" the handsome man said.

    "My asshole is opening and closing," the pretty girl said.

    "Your nether eye is winking at me?" the handsome man said.

    "That is how it feels, Daddy," the pretty girl said.

    "That is how it looks too," the handsome man said.

    Bambi's Daddy opened the pretty girl's ass cheeks to see.

    "I do not think that I am going to fuck you just yet," the man said.


    "No, I think I am going to punish you more first," Daddy said.

    "How, how are you going to punish me?" the pretty girl said.

    "I am going to whip you, baby whip you good," the handsome man said.

    "Please, no."

    "That's right. I am going to give you a nasty whipping," he said.

    "I beg of you. I will do anything, but no, don't whip me," she said.

    "You asking me for mercy?"


    "Save your breath."

    "Ohhhhhhh," the pretty girl moaned with her hopelessness and despair.

    "I am going to beat the mother-fucking tar out of you," he said.

    "What, what are you going to use to whip me with?" she asked.

    "I am going to use something handy, like a belt!" he said.

    "Oh God."

    "I am going to beat the shit out of you with my belt," he said.

    He folded the belt in half and held it by the buckle end.

    "Please don't do this to me, please don't do this to me."

    "Fuck you."

    "I will scream."

    "Go ahead."


    "No one will hear," he said. Bambi knew this was true.

    "Your screams are like music in my ears," the handsome man said.

    Bambi bit her lip.

    Bambi's Daddy raised his right arm along with the black belt high over his head and cocked his wrist a bit.

    The huge and handsome man, suddenly crazed with a combination of incestuous and sadomasochistic desires, cocked the whip behind his head a bit, as it he were cocking the hammer of an old-fashioned pistol before pulling the trigger.

    Then the man brought the whip down.

    Bambi heard it whistle through the air.



    The truth of the matter was, as bad seen the base when Daddy popped Bambi's pussy cherry only a few moments before, Bambi heard the sound some time before she felt the pain as her nerve-endings relayed the message to her frightened brain.

    The beautiful girl felt like a little girl who had just stubbed her toe, stubbed her toe HARD, in a darkened room. The gorgeous girl knew that it was going to hurt like hell. The lovely teenager could only wait for the pain to arrive.

    It arrived.

    Like boiling oil on her eyeballs.

    "Owwwwwwww!" the pretty girl said.

    Daddy brought the black leather belt down across both of Bambi's creamy white ass cheeks at the same time.

    Bambi's Daddy could see that a big red welt was raised by the blow almost instantly, a red stripe now across her creamy fanny cakes.

    Bambi could feel the pain from the belt blow spreading outward from the cheeks of her ass in growing concentric circles.

    The beautiful girl could feel the pain from the belt, the agony from the belt, spreading like the joy of a come would.

    Bambi could feel the pain from the savage blow spreading outward until it affected each and every one of her nerve-endings, with the exception, of course, of those in the pretty girl's hands and the lusty teenager's feet, where Bambi could not feel anything at all.

    The man gave it everything he had as he whipped his daughter's super-sexy ass. His cock was very hard. Daddy's cock stood at attention before his loins. There could be no doubt about it. Beating Bambi's ass was making Daddy's cock grow harder. Bambi could feel her pain getting worse and worse. The beautiful girl could feel her agony getting to the point where she did not think she would be able to bear it for another instant, not for another instant. She could feel her tears welling fast.

    Daddy made sure that he did not bring the black leather belt down across the pretty girl's ass cheeks twice in the same place.

    That would have been a bloody waste of time as far as the handsome man was concerned. Daddy was smart enough to know that Bambi's nerve-endings were being deadened – unadulterated numbed – by each blow. Bambi's Daddy could certainly see no point in striking the lusty teenager's vanilla ice cream fanny cakes in a place where she could no longer feel the pain. Bambi's Daddy was turning Bambi's ass cheeks with his whipping belt from vanilla ice cream to vanilla with cherry swirl.






    Bambi's Daddy decided that he was no longer going to limit his blows to the cheeks of Bambi's ass. He was going to beat up and down the entire back-side of the pretty girl's lovely body.

    The man began to beat at the small of Bambi's back. Bambi's Daddy brought the belt down directly in between the twin dimples that indicated the location of her kidneys.

    Bambi's Daddy then concentrated the attention of his blows on the hypersensitive skin directly between the pretty girl's rather sharp shoulder blades. His arm was beginning to tire.

    Daddy was not as young as he once was.

    Bambi's Daddy was determined to beat at the pretty girl's body with the belt until his mother-fucking arm felt like it was going to fall off of his body. He was drenched with sweat. Bambi's Daddy was drenched with the steamy perspiration of his incestuous and sado-masochistic exertion.





    "Ohhhhhhhh," she said.

    He noticed immediately. There was a change in the sounds she was making. She didn't sound like she minded having her back-side whipped by Daddy's belt nearly as much as she had earlier. Just as had been the case when Daddy first rammed the blunt purple tip of his dick up past Bambi's cherry and inside her cunt for the first time, Bambi could feel the sharpness of her pain dulling into an ache which blended with her ache of desire until her pleasure and pain became indistinguishable. She suddenly wanted to be whipped. She wanted to be buggered. She wanted to be whipped. She wanted to be used. She wanted to be abused. She wanted to be hurt. She needed to be hurt.

    The man then began to whip at the backs of the pretty girl's thighs with the belt.

    "Yessssss!" she said.

    "You like it?"






    "More!" the pretty girl said.

    "You got it!"

    Daddy beat the girl until he had whipped every bit of flesh. Bambi's Daddy even whipped her slender arms.

    Then he tossed the belt aside. Daddy tossed the black leather belt aside carelessly, without even bothering to turn his head to see where it went. Bambi could hear the belt-buckle, however. The beautiful girl could hear, that buckle scuttling into the far corner of the shack, into the corner that was furthest from the door way.

    "I told you that I was going to make you enjoy your punishment."

    "It is true, Daddy, it is so true. I need to be your slave!"

    "Now you are going to take my pecker," the handsome man said.

    "You are going to fuck me, Daddy?" the pretty girl said.

    "You are going to be brutally buggered," the handsome man said.

    "I want to be brutally buggered," the pretty girl said.

    "You shall get your wish, after I lube you up," the handsome man said.

    "What are you going to use for lubrication?" the pretty girl said.

    "I am going to use chicken fat," the handsome man said.

    "Ummmmm, good idea, nice and slippery," the pretty girl said.

    Bambi's back-side was still numb from the beating she had received. It would still be some time before she was fully aware of how severely she had been ravaged by the beating Daddy administered.

    Bambi, however, was now aware of severely the inside of her cunt had been ravaged by the fucking she had received from the man's cock.

    Daddy found the chicken fat. He had a whole handful of the stuff. Bambi could feel the man's left hand pulling her ravaged ass cheeks apart as far as they would go.

    Daddy used his right hand to slap that chicken fat right onto Bambi's steamy asshole. The beautiful girl could feel her throbbing bung hole meg the fat. Bambi's Daddy rubbed the fat all, around the mouth of Bambi's asshole with a slow and circular motion. Bambi's Daddy decided that he was going to push some of that fat up inside her asshole. He decided that he was going to use his right middle finger to do this. The decision made a hell of a lot of sense as far as Daddy was concerned. After all, this was the incestuously lustful man's longest and thickest finger, and he DID want to push that chicken fat, that lubricant animal product, as deep up inside the pretty girl's poop-chute as he could – without using his cock to do it. The man placed the tip of his right middle finger on the center of the pink asterisk of Bambi's asshole and he snapped his extraordinarily strong wrist. He drove that finger right up inside her ass. The beautiful girl could feel the tip of the man's middle finger pushing right up past her tight tubular sphincter muscle into the softer and more elastic flesh of her colon. Bambi's Daddy pushed his finger up inside her ass as deeply as he could possibly get it. Daddy did not stop pushing until her asshole was gripping his finger at the third knuckle. Daddy began to wiggle his finger around inside Bambi's ass playfully.

    He touched here and there and everywhere with the tip of that penetrating finger. Daddy touched a variety of spots, pressing with his fingertip with various pressures.



    Firm again.

    Daddy began to work his finger in and out of her asshole.

    "Ummmmmm," she said.

    Daddy finger-fucked Bambi's poop-chute slowly at first.

    "Yessssss," the pretty girl said.

    Daddy finger-fucked Bambi's bung-hole more rapidly then.

    "Oh Daddy!" she said. The beautiful girl's ass was filled with delight. The gorgeous girl could tell that something wonderful was going to happen inside her ass. Not now. But soon. It did not take Bambi long to figure out that Daddy's finger was not going to be long enough nor thick enough to get her ass, off. She could feel a focal, point for her deep-anal desires forming inside her butt, and it was in there so deep that there was no way Daddy's finger, not even his longest finger, was going to reach it. Bambi could tell that the appeasement of her inner ass was a job, a sexual task that only the man's massive member could accomplish adequately. Bambi felt her desire grow.

    She needed to be reamed.

    Daddy pulled his right middle finger almost all the way out of Bambi's asshole before pushing it back inside. Bambi's Daddy could feel the muscles inside the pretty girl's asshole squeezing and tugging at the finger. Daddy knew that the muscles inside Bambi's asshole were going to do the same thing to his cock when he finally got around to popping her asshole cherry. The man pulled his finger all the way out of her asshole. Daddy pulled the tip of his finger out of Bambi's bunghole slowly, so that her asshole would not be forced to slam shut on her uncomfortably.

    "I need more," she said.


    "More than just your finger," the bound female exclaimed.

    "My cock?"

    "Yes, Daddy!"

    "All right," he said.

    The man smeared chicken fat all over his pecker, putting extra on the head of his cock where he knew the slippery stuff would do the most good.


    Daddy held Bambi's ass cheeks open with his left hand as he mounted her. The handsome man knew that the initial penetration of her ass would be easier, easier for both of them, if both her hole and his pole were greased with the chicken fat. The man pulled her ass cheeks open so far that the skin in the crack was stretched taut. The beautiful girl could feel some of the puckers in her asshole being smoothed by the pressure Daddy exerted. Daddy began to rub the blunt tip of his cock up and down the entire length of Bambi's ass crack, all the way from the base of her pussy to the y-shaped cleft at the top of the crack. Daddy could not help but notice that Bambi whimpered and moaned each and every time the tip of his cock made direct contact with the mucous membranes at the mouth of her rectum. Then Daddy stopped moving the head of his cock up and down. He stopped when his bulbous blue-black glands was poised directly on her pink asterisk of an asshole. Bambi tried as hard as she could to relax the all-important ring of muscle at the mouth of her asshole, but she quickly discovered that this did not do a hell of a lot of good. She was tense. She was frightened. The truth of the matter was that the pretty girl was scared shitless.

    Daddy told Bambi that she had nothing to worry about. Shit came out, his cock could fit in. Bambi told Daddy that this did nothing to reassure her, and when he asked why she explained that the head of his cock was thicker-by far-than any turd she had forced from her puckered pooper. Daddy asked the pretty girl is she was sure about that. The gorgeous girl told him that she figured she would never had ever shit outa turd with THAT kind of girth. Daddy thought that his incestuously passionate daughter had a good point. He raised a single eyebrow. The man tensed the muscles in the cheeks of his own ass and he filled his lungs with air. The handsome man grunted out the air and stabbed downward with his sword of horny flesh as hard as he could. The handsome man forced Bambi's asshole open with the blunt tip of his extraordinary tool. Sure enough, the lusty teenager could feel her bung hole being forced to open further than it had ever opened before. She was bound. Helpless. Buggered. The handsome man pushed until the entire head of his cock was inside Bambi's bung-hole. The handsome man could feel the asshole gripping at the ring of scar tissue at the top of his shaft. There was no doubt in the pretty girl's mind that the man was going to continue pushing until the entire length of his cock was inside the pretty girl's asshole. Bambi could feel tremendous pain. She could feel fresh tears welling in her swollen eyes. Her face was already stained by the tracks of her tears. Now she could feel fresh tears following old tracks over her cheekbones and her cheeks. She could feel some of her tears getting in her mouth. Bambi discovered instantly that her tears taste's bitter. Her tears were filled with her hopelessness and despair.

    The pain was horrible.

    "Owwwwwwww, you are too thick, you are too thick," the pretty girl said.

    "I think I am just the right thickness," the handsome man said.

    "You are killing me, owwwwwwww," the pretty girl said.

    "I do not think so, my precious daughter," the handsome man said.

    "You are going to rip me apart!" the pretty girl said.

    "I think you will adjust to my length and girth," he said. "You are going to run me through and kill me!" she said.

    "I think you will soon be enjoying yourself," Daddy exclaimed.

    A fresh film of cold sweat formed on the pretty girl's body.

    "Owwwwwww I have been stabbed in the ass by a hot poker!"

    "Ohhhhhhhhhh, it is so tight, so tight this way," he said.

    Daddy pushed the tip of his cock up past Bambi's sphincter muscle.

    "I can feel the pain tickling my toes," the pretty girl said.

    Daddy pushed his cock head up into the pretty girl's colon.

    "Ohhhhhhhh, I can feel the pain diminishing," the pretty girl said.

    Bambi could tell that her internal passageway was going to have to stretch and straighten to accommodate the length and girth of the man's incredible dick. The beautiful girl had a sneaking suspicion that her internal passageway was going to be forced to stretch and straighten further than it was supposed to go. Daddy stabbed into her hard.

    He tore her.

    He opened a wound within her.

    Bambi felt blood inside her ass.

    Daddy shoved his cock all the way up inside his daughter's ass.

    "Ohhhhhhhh, you are so deep, so deep inside me," she said.

    "How deep?"

    "Ohhhhh, deeper than I would have thought possible," she said.

    "I have opened wounds within the stinkiest pit of your bowels."

    "Yes, I can tell that there is blood on your cock," she said.

    "There is going to be blood everywhere before long," he said.

    Then Daddy began to fuck the pretty girl's tender bung hole. There was nothing considerate about the way the handsome man fucked the lusty teenager's asshole, as there had been earlier when the man fucked Bambi's pussy hole, popping her vaginal cherry. Daddy fucked the pretty girl's asshole as hard and fast as he could right from the very first stroke. She could feel her asshole being pushed and pulled. Bambi felt as if her asshole were going to come popping right out of her body. She was bound, helpless, bound helpless. Everything was spinning. She felt her pain turn into pleasure, a process which was by this time was becoming familiar to her.



    "Something is happening."


    "The pleasure…"

    "Tell me."

    "The anal pleasure…"

    "Spit it out."

    "It is growing."

    "Yeah, baby."

    "It is going to peak!"


    "You are going to make me come!"

    "Inside your ass?"

    "Yes, Daddy, you are going to make me come inside my ass!"

    Bambi felt as if she had spent her entire life waiting on the sexual launching pad, and now she had finally blasted off.

    She was sitting on a rocketship and she was rising, riding that rocket. The beautiful girl was in the stratosphere. The gorgeous girl visited other solar systems. The lovely teenager visited other galaxies. Bambi visited another universe, another dimension, the land of the sensates.

    "Ohhhhhh," she screamed.

    "How do you feel?"

    "You are making me come."

    "You are coming in a deep-anal fashion?" the handsome man said.

    "Yessssssss, it is, it is incredible," the pretty girl said.

    "I am driving the pleasure into your pooper," the handsome man said.

    "Fuck me harder, fuck my asshole harder, Daddy," the pretty girl said.

    "Ummmmmm, now it is your ass sucking my cock," the handsome man said.

    "I want to suck your seed into my bleeding shit hole," the pretty girl said.

    It was at that, moment that Mommy walked into the shack, drunk.

    "Oh my God, what are you doing, what are you doing?" Mommy screamed.

    Daddy shot his wad in Bambi before responding to his wife.

    "What the fuck did it look like I was doing?" the handsome man said.

    "You are scum, that is sick," Mommy screamed hysterically.

    "Fuck you, woman," the handsome man said.

    He beat Mommy badly then, breaking her nose and blackening both of her eyes. Bambi had a fire in her ass and a fire in her cunt, a fire that no one was ever going to be able to put out.

    Not long after that Daddy split.

    Mommy hit the bottle and stayed drunk all the time.

    Bambi went on her fucking spree.

    The beautiful girl was starting to get restless.

    She had a feeling that her little world, the world of the backwoods in the hills of West Virginia, was going to be too small soon.

    She was going to outgrow it. Bambi had a feeling that soon she would end up in a world where a little girl who ached to be fist-fucked didn't have to put up with ridicule and alienation.


    When Bambi got to be a little older she split West Virginny.

    "I already fucked all the guys in this state," she said.

    Bambi went to California, and there found a career in film. She became an instant star of porno films.

    The secret to Bambi's success was that she did not have to act.

    "I don't have to act like I'm coming when I'm coming," she said.

    Her sexual verve and country manner made her an instant smash. It didn't hurt that she was built like Heaven itself.

    The film producers in Hollywood cleaned Bambi up a great deal. They made her comb her hair and wash regularly.

    They sent her to a beauty parlor and Bambi looked more delicious than ever.


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