The Mouth Seducers


    Pete Stringer slouched down the alleyway, hands thrust into the pockets of his jeans. It was a cool night, not cold, but with a touch of rain in the air. He had the thin jacket zipped to his neck. He looked very much like the dozens of bums who scav-aged nightly in the downtown area.

    It was late, an hour before midnight, Pete was not looking for trash bins and garbage cans; he was prowling for a car. Any good late-model heap, preferably one of the popular makes and models.

    He came out of the dark narrow alley and paused, peering at the half-dozen cars parked in the square lot between the buildings. There was one… a Ford.

    To his right, at the side door of a slate gray building, was a dark Mustang. Searching the area with his eyes, Pete moved toward it, feeling in his jacket pocket for the hot wire.

    A girl came into the dim yellow light of the side door and stopped to fish in her purse. Pete slid toward the wall. The girl was a knockout… he looked at her tits. Very damn nice. She was a honey-blonde, a red ribbon in her hair, pretty face, wearing one of the fashionable maxi coats, open from the neck. Under the coat she wore a mini; she had a pair of great legs… Jesus!

    He licked his thin lips, watching her, grinning in the dark. A guy could get a hard-on just thinking about a dame like this one. She found what she was looking for and came through the heavy, swinging glass door. Her tits bounced when she walked. His pecker stiffened with each bounce of her luscious boobs.

    She went right to the Mustang. Pete swept the area once more with his eyes. Nothing moved on the lot. The girl opened the car door and slid in- it seemed to him that she pulled him right to her like on an invisible wire. He was there and grabbed the door, keeping it from slamming shut.

    She poked her head toward him in surprise. Big wide-open eyes, red lush lips… he could even see the flecks of mascara on her black lashes.

    She said, "What's…?" Then he hit her. It was a perfect shot, right on the button. Just hard enough. She made a sort of grunting sound and collapsed, sprawling along the seat.

    Pete shoved her over. It only took a second. With both hands he pushed her and she was like a wet rag. He folded her into the corner, long legs apart, the maxi billowing. He got in, scooping up the keys from the floor, and slammed the door. Another second.

    Key in the ignition, turned, the engine caught and roared. His foot was too fucking heavy on the pedal, he was just a little nervous. Take it easy. But he'd never kidnapped a cunt before.

    Pete spun the car in a tight circle, heading for the street. Braking hard at the street, the girl slid down even further. She was limp as Casey's pecker. Man, limp! No bones at all. He swung the car into the street. Nothing to it. Nothing hell! He tried to relax.

    He headed over the bridge to Queens, maybe two miles more. Then he swung off the main drag and went south for five minutes to the warehouse district. He pulled up on a nice quiet dark street and killed the engine. The girl was making sounds. She was beginning to come to. He hauled her up onto the seat, then slipped the scarf from around her neck and twisted it into a gag.

    She was woozy enough to let him put the gag in place and knot it behind her head. He tied her hands behinoHier back with his belt.

    Then he investigated her tits.

    When she felt his hands on them she came awake and began to struggle. Pete chuckled, seeing the gleam of her eyes, listening to her angry, wordless sounds. He ripped buttons off, getting his hand inside the thin blouse. Firm, lush tits. He cupped them and bounced them, oh yeh! She was wearing a flimsy skimpy bra; snapping the shoulder straps, he yanked it down. He squeezed her tits and rolled them around in his hands.

    She groaned as he ducked his head and sucked on her bare flesh. She squirmed and twisted. Pete got half of one of them in his mouth. Her skin was silky and warm. Delicious young stuff. Love tits. God, he loved tits.

    Then he ran his hand up between her legs… be- | fore she could close her thighs. That obviously j made her sore. He laughed. She bucked like hell, but he had a handful of cunt. His middle finger f sank into the cloth-covered slit and he tickled her enthusiastically. "Fm gonna fuck you," he hissed at her, chuckling at her angry groans.

    Fete glanced around. This wasn't the place. There were cop patrols, and he didn't know their schedules. He pushed her into the corner of the seat and fired up the Mustang again, his hand caressing her smooth thigh.

    He had a throbbing hard-on. He took it out of his pants; he could see her blazing eyes on it. "You gonna get that, cutie," he said.

    It was a half mile to the old market building. He approached it slowly, lights out. The place was up for sale and there were no guards. He turned in, drove back to the deserted loading dock and backed the car around to face the driveway. He killed the engine. No one would bother them here.

    Then he looked at her and smiled. Man, he wanted to fuck her! He was so hot for her he was trembling. He could see her eyes, huge,, with whites all around… she was scared shitless.

    "This is it, cutie," he told her, "you're gonna get it. You like eock?" He waggled his hips and the prick jumped. There was enough light for her to see it bobbing between his legs.

    He slid down in front of her. She didn't anticipate his move, but she got her legs together. Suddenly he pounded hard with closed fists on her thighs. She jerked and the legs came open. He had done that the first time he'd had to force a girl to fork over. That had been a dozen years ago, when he was fourteen. One of the cunts in his school class had teased him once too often. He'd caught her at home with her mother out; she came across when he slapped her around a little, and then she liked it.

    This one would, too. He'd make her like it. He shoved between her thighs when they came open, and grabbed for her panties. They were flimsy and thin as her bra had been; they didn't stop him an instant. It was fun to rip them. Jesus, he loved to rip a dame's clothes off!

    Pete chuckled excitedly as he laid his big meaty dong against her flesh. She was squirming and twisting her shoulders, as though that would do any good, moaning like a creature in torment.

    "Take it easy, cutie," he said to her reasonably, 'This's gonna be fun… " He lifted the cock and let it spring back, slapping her cunt lips. She made agonized sounds in her throat.

    Pete slid both hands under her round hips and dragged her forward. Breathing hard, he moved his loins, working the meat against her pussy. It went into her suddenly, the entire head of it, and he chuckled aloud… thrusting it She was warm and tight, and wet. "You wanted it, baby, didn't you?"

    She gasped and jerked as he drove it on into her. He yanked her hips, impaling her on-the cock. She squirmed like a stuck piggy.

    Pete went berserk then for long moments. He couldn't contain himself, and raped her in a frenzy. Holding her smooth ass, he made the car rock, thrusting, drivings battering her cunt, pumping it in wildly.

    He had a big cock, everyone said so. Every dame he had ever screwed had mentioned it at some time, like… "You got a big one, honey… " Lilli had said it a hundred times. She liked big ones-Lilli was his private cunt.

    He fed it into this girl with a crazy rhythm.

    After a bit he eased up, panting hard. Man, you could just boot a cunt just so long and so hard. He buried it and kept it in deep, getting his breath back. Man, it felt good in her. Tight and hot. It always felt good in a juicy, round woman. And this one was a juicy, round woman.

    Leaning forward, he sucked her titties, one after the other, licking them. Her nipples were hard as his cock. He stared at them, just the right size… the same size as Lilli's tits. A damn big mouthful.

    "You got sweet tits," he told her.

    Then it dawned on him. She wasn't bucking and twisting anymore. She wasn't trying to fight him. Now she was moaning and writhing-just like a female in heat. Pete laughed. Shit-she was enjoying it. All her movements pushed her cunt at him. She was a smart dame… she knew what was good for her.

    He rammed the prick good for a full minute, moving himself sideways so her clit got plenty of friction. Then he reached around and untied the gag. She coughed as he pulled it out of her mouth.

    "No goddam noise-" he warned, menacing her with his fist.

    She coughed and gasped, her voice was husky, "You son-of-a-bitch!" "Izzat the thanks I get?"

    "Thanks for rape! You socked me, you bastard!" He snickered. Jabbed her hotly with the cock. "You love it, cutie. Here, have some more."

    She lolled her head on the back of the seat, gulping air as he fucked her furiously. Her big tits waggled. She said, "Who put you up to this?"

    "Huh? Nobody, cutie." It surprised him a little. "Why'd you think that?"

    "My old man's got enemies, that's why." "Fuck your old man. Putzie here got hot for some pussy, that's all." "Jesus, you talk like a shithead." Pete laughed. "Sure, that's me, cutie." He began to fuck her with longer strokes, way in and way out.


    "You're a prick," she said with disgust in her voice. "My dad is gonna chew you up… "

    That annoyed him. He could make jokes with the best, but this cunt could get on his nerves. "Your old man ain't here, cutie."

    She smiled thinly. "He's a cop. He'll find you, shithead."

    He balled his fist in anger and she ducked, eyes wide. "Knock it off," he snarled. She was saying that to get him sore, or scared-so he'd let her go. Fuck 'er. Her dad was no goddam fuzzhead/He leaned on her and began to pump it in hard and steady. Groovy… it felt great that way. And he could feel her heartbeat. Fast, plenty fast. She was plenty excited. Old Putzie had her cunt throbbing all right. Dames went limp when he got the ol' pecker in 'em.

    "Untie my hands," she hissed.

    He licked her titties, "Yeah, in a minute… "

    Balls, untie hell. No telling what she might do. Besides, he was working one up. He could feel it in his nuts, wadding together… her tight pussy was providing great friction. Pete grabbed her lovely ass in both hands again, pulling her onto his cock, increasing the tempo.

    She was gasping, her entire body writhing. He heard her teeth grate, and her butt began to vibrate. Shit, his prick had brought her to a boil. He laughed, she was going to come!

    He fucked her furiously, ramming hard. The car squeaked and she was oophing, gasping, wriggling. The bliss welled up and spewed-he jerked convulsively as the hot jism spurted in gobs. He plunged his cock in deep as hard as he could with wild crazy jabs, feeling the cum squirting out of him. He was stiffening, losing the rhythm, pounding, jerking again, lunging, threshing. He fell on her, still jabbing in spasms.

    He became conscious then that she had been bucking and humping along with him. She had popped her pussy at the same fucking time. The car smelled like a cheap cat house on the river.

    Man, what a crazy screw! He left his ass in gear, still humping it in slowly, panting like hell. Her tits were heaving. They were both sticky with sweat. He could feel the cunt constricted around his tool. It felt good, but his legs were like lead. He had shot into her from his socks, and he hoped she appreciated it.

    "Gimme a cigarette, huh?" she asked.

    Pete rolled off her and flopped cock-up on the seat beside her. Glancing around as he got the pack out, he was satisfied no one had seen them. He put a fag in her mouth and lit both.

    Reaching behind her, "No funny stuff?"

    She shook her head. So he untied her hands.

    "Oh, you bastard," she breathed, rubbing her wrists. She sprawled, legs apart, tits lolling, a pretty picture.

    "After all I done for you," he said, blowing smoke in her face. "Where are we?"

    "Queens. You wanna suck my cock now?"

    She made a rude noise and sat up, covering herself. "You are really a shit… " "Shove it, cutie."

    "God! look what you've done to me." She picked at the ripped blouse. "I was in a hurry."

    "You sure were." She folded the coat over the mess. "God, put that thing away." She indicated his naked cock.

    He mopped it and zipped up, still considering rolling her over and cramming it up her ass. Well, it was about twelve, he guessed. He'd have to get the car to Lou's, and then Lilli would be waiting. He'd keep a few shots for her. He tossed the partly smoked butt out. "You wanna get fucked again?" She looked at him as though she was considering it. Maybe she was… "Out," he said. "What?" That surprised her. "I said out. Get outa the fuckin' car." He leaned over her and opened the side door.

    "I'll do no such a godammed-thing! You take me back where I can get a cab if you're going to steal my car."

    "You're leading with your tits, cutie." He shoved her suddenly and hard. She went out headfirst, legs flying. She screamed and yelled, as much in anger as fear… and then he slammed the door and turned the key.

    He tooled the car out to the street without lights.

    A mile away he discovered she'd left her purse in the car. He pulled over and examined it. Eighteen bucks and change. Not bad. He put the dough in his pocket and slung the purse out the window.


    Pete drove the Mustang to Lou's Garage. He stopped once, at a pay phone to tell Lou he was coming. Lou said he'd open the alley door. "Tap the horn once..,"

    Inside, Lou inspected the heap and counted out fifty. In a couple of days the car would have new numbers, new papers and new paint-and be worth a hell of a lot more than the lousy fifty Lou was paying him.

    He took the El back to Manhattan, thinking about the girl's pussy. He didn't even know her name. And he had to stop thinking about how she'd panted; it was giving him a hard-on.

    Lilli was watching a late show on TV. "Where the fuck you been?" "Get off my back____________________ " He went in for a bottle.

    She followed him. Lilli was a lithe, wriggling handful of raw sex. She came to life when you pushed her button. She was dark as the inside of a cunt, with a lush mouth, a wide mouth, and tits like honey. Most tits had little taste, but Lilli's seemed to have. She watched him pour out a highball.

    He said,"I found a car and took it to Lou's." She said, "You smell like pussy." "OK, so there was a girl in the car." Lilli wasn't too jealous.

    She came up close, licked his lips. Her hand zipped him down in a flash and she snaked in and flicked his cock out. Both her hands held it. "You've been screwing something."

    "I told you. There was a coozie in the car." He sipped the drink, watching her. Cute as hell. The world's greatest cocksucker, bar none. She had light brown eyes, big and lustrous. A nice oval face, the kind you see on magazine covers; and a long wet tongue. She could wrap a tongue around a cock and hang on like a monkey hangs onto a tree.

    "You're not kidding? There was a girl?"

    He shrugged. "Yeh." She was handling the cock, getting it stiff too. "I s'pose you fucked her ass off?"


    "What'd you do with her then?"

    Pete patted her titties. "Don't worry, I didn't hurt her. I left her there and took her car to Lou's, that's all."

    Lilli bit her lip, her forehead furrowed. "Jesus, that might be bad, honey. They could fry you for rape in this state."

    "She liked it…"

    "Til bet she did. But it's still rape." Lilli looked worried. The cock was hard as hell now and she was fondling it lovingly. She bent down and kissed the end of it. "Did lil Putzie have a good time pokin* in some girl's pussy?"

    "He had a great time,"- Pete said. "He couldn't help it, cutie. This broad come out to the car just as I was about to hotwire it… an' she was half naked, you know, tits hanging out and skirt to her crack. She was askin' for it."

    "Um, yummm," Lilli said. Her mouth was around the prick, sucking hard, tongue bathing the knob of it. She rose reluctantly and pulled him by the prick toward the living room.

    He went in and sat, placing the bottle near at hand. He opened his knees wide and Lilli slid down in front of him, eyes very bright, lips parted, both hands smoothing his open fly so the hard cock stood up-a nice throbbing ramrod.

    She licked his cock. "Honey, you can't fuck every dame you see."

    "So who tries? This dame practically come out and spread her legs and says, 'Put it in me'."

    Lilli shrugged. She bent the dick toward her and took more than half of it into her mouth, squeezing it with her lips. She bobbed her head up and down over it for a full minute while he lit a cigarette and watched her. Then she began to lick the underside of it. "We ought to get the hell out of town."

    Pete thought of Lefty out on the coast.

    She said, "We've been talking about getting out, huh?"

    "Yeah," he said. He sipped the drink. If that goddamn cunt really was the daughter of a cop… he writhed because Lilli was tonguing him with her special lover action.

    "Did she do this?"

    "Huh?" He shook his head. "Hell no, cutie. I told you. I tossed a fast fuck into her and beat it."

    She massaged the dick with her lips and made him writhe like hell. He said, "Make me last…"

    She began to kiss the prick all over, licking the very end of it, cooing to it, holding his balls in a warm hand. "Has Putzie got any cream left for mama?"

    "We've got less'n a hundred bucks between us," he said.

    Lilli shrugged again, smiling up at him. She openedAher blouse. "We can always do the pussy-hit. It's good for a couple of bucks."

    He nodded, watching her open the blouse, bare skin under it, and move closer into his crotch. She laid the big cock in the cleavage of the breasts and moved herself up and down, pressing the cock and folding the tits around it. Then she licked the end of the pecker. He pumped it a little.

    He thought about the pussy-hit… her name for it. It meant that she would pick up a guy, like in a bar, and take him to a hotel or motel, then when the sucker had his pants off and his cock sticking out, Pete would bash him and take the entire wad.

    Of course it always made Lilli hot as a sonofa-bitch. They had worked it once about a year ago- and got sixteen bucks-and Lilli had tried to suck him off with the guy laying there.

    He put the cigarette butt out, beginning to get itchy. Lilli was going after the cock now, lustfully. He watched the thing go into her mouth, almost to the hair, and she squeezed it with her lips, working her mouth up and down on it. It was astonishing how she could swallow a big cock like that-with the swollen end of it down her throat -and not gag. Long goddam practice. She had told him once that she started by sucking off her stepfather when she was about eight. The guy had coaxed her into handling it when they were alone, and pretty soon had her licking it. Lilli's mother had caught them at it two years later, but by then she was a confirmed cocksucker.

    He moved his ass, jabbing the cock upward while she merely held it between her lips. She got a boot out of being fucked in the mouth. He wished he had a dollar for every time he had straddled her face and nicked the thing between her lips till he shot off. If she had her way she would probably suck him off whenever he got horny. She was compulsive about it. A long time ago she had told him, "Honey, I go bananas when a guy comes in my mouth."

    They had been living together for about a year now. He had met her through Johnny Carelli. A guy had been shot in Jersey, in Johnny's apartment. He, Pete, had been handy with a car. He had wrapped the body and driven out to a swamp with it Later Johnny had laid some loot on him and fixed him up with a couple of broads. One of the broads had been Lilli.

    So he'd taken the two girls back to his place and fucked them over a weekend, taking turns on them till he got the edge off. Then Lilli had gone down on him and blown his hat off. Pete had been blown before, but never like that. He kicked the other doll out and kept Lilli. For a while everytime she opened her mouth he put his cock in it.

    When the novelty wore off for him, she followed him around, unzipping his pants and yanking his meat out. If he stood still for a minute she had him half sucked off. She had a hang-up for cock cream. She would swing on his joint all day long if he'd'let her.

    One afternoon when she unzipped him he sat down and decided to let her eat on it as long as she wanted to. She made him come twice and was still loving it up after two hours. And he could feel her mouth on it all the next day.

    He couldn't get by without Lilli.

    And she was nuts for him. "You taste super," she said. That was the way it was.

    So he let her suck it all out of him. He squirmed under the delicious treatment. She had made him come once in three minutes, but he had been steaming and ready. Tonight she let him last for about fifteen minutes. Then she got the tempo going hot and. fast and he shot the cream, jerking like a fish on the goddam bank, watching her smack her red lips over it, frigging him with her fingers to milk it all out.

    To her, she said, it was ambrosia. Well, there were all kinds of people. She just happened to be the best goddam cocksucker in the known world. She didn't give a shit about fucking. It didn't do anything for her.

    "I know what I am," she said one night while he was screwing her. "So when you get your kicks, take it out of there and put it in my mouth and let me have mine."

    Which of course he did.

    News of the rape was on the radio by morning. Lilli usually switched it on when she made breakfast… to hear about the world and the weather. She came in to the bedroom, head cocked on one side, her dark hair tousled.

    "What?" he said.

    "It was on the air. Girl raped and the cops have a description of the guy. Tall, brown hair and eyes, thin face… that's you, honey." She lit a cigarette and handed it to him. "All they forgot was your big cock."

    "Horseshit, there's a million guys like that. Come'n give me a fuck."

    "I d'wanna."

    Pete sighed. She never did; she only wanted it in the mouth. He leaned back and stared at the patches of light on the ceiling. Lilli came over, turned back the covers and licked his cock. "Breakfast in a couple minutes."

    "We better blow town," he said.

    She said, "Lemme blow you…" She was getting it interested. She talked to it, "Come on, stuck-up.., give it to mama."

    "Better not take a bus," he said. "We'll go over near the tunnel and get a ride. They can't watch all the fuckin' cars outa this town."

    He sucked the cigarette and she sucked him. It felt great. She was curled between his bare legs, working it up and down, and when he grinned, she winked at him. Funny dame. She liked him to watch her suck. Most dames didn't. She liked to sit between his legs with ol' Putz sticking out of his pants and kiss it. "Watch me do it," she said the first time she ever had.


    "Watch me make you come… " She got a kick out of it. A special kick, she said, when he was watching her suck the jism out of it. A real ninny cutie. She always swallowed his cum, never spit it out. She'd smack her lips and tell him how it tasted, different from yesterday, and stuff like that. He thought she was nutty the first time she had pulled that. She'd rub her belly and giggle, then lick the wet weenie up and down, milking it and squeezing his balls.

    Sometimes he licked her coozie, and she enjoyed it better than fucking. But she got her best kicks blowing him.

    It took her less than ten minutes to make him cream. He tried to hold back, but she could suck off a statue if it had a cock. She just jacked him off with her lips and tongue, squirming like hell as she did it. He knew she was having an orgasm as the stuff spurted into her mouth. She wasn't ever kidding about that. She jerked and trembled and moaned-and when he felt down into her cunt she was dribbling and sopping with cunt sauce.

    He lit another cigarette as she nursed the cock for a while afterward. She would suck him into another hard-on and another climax if he'd let her.

    She gave it up reluctantly and went out to finish breakfast when he took it away from her.

    The garage called before noon and Lou was sore. "Pete, you cocksucker, that car belonged to the raped girl, huh?"

    "Why d'you think that, for crissake?"

    "I know you, baby."

    "Hell, I didn't fuck that broad-that's not the car."

    "My boys say different. There's jism all over the seat and the description checks. Don't bring me no more cars, hotcock."

    Pete hung up the phone. "Fuck you," he said to the instrument.

    "Fuck who?" Lilli asked.

    He patted her bottom. "You, cutie." He ran his hand up her leg and tickled her snatch.

    She grabbed for his zipper. "I think I hear Putzie calling me… " Pete sprawled on the couch and let her suck him off, again. CHAPTER THREE Pete slipped out of the apartment and over to Hinkey's Bar and Grill which was next to the market. Between them, Hinkey and the market kept up a bulletin board service. You could find everything listed… if you dug the patter… from queens looking for cocks, to guys wanting rides anywhere.

    There was always a crowd, standing, staring, chatting, looking up the girls' skirts, drinking. Pete began at one end of the board to work his way down, looking for someone going west who wanted a passenger.

    He found it in about fifteen minutes, called the phone number, got a guy named Lanny, and went to the apartment, two blocks over. Lanny turned out to be a wiry, thin-faced guy who wore glasses and dressed well. He had a broad with him, a dark cunt with a roving eye. Her name was Edna.

    The first time Pete looked at her, he knew she'd fuck if he could get her alone. She had the cock-look-what the guys called cock-in-the-eye. She looked at you but she was measuring your weenie. She was taller than Lilli, had smaller breasts, but very groovy legs. He had to look past her because he wanted to bend over and run his hands over those legs. Man, she was a cock tease just being in the same room.

    Lanny seemed to be an OK shit. He had a Chev, he said, in good shape. He needed someone to share the gas because he was temporarily flat. They had a drink together, and Peter thought that Lanny was looking him over about the same way Edna was. What the fuck was the deal?

    He told them he had a woman, Lilli, and he thought Edna smirked at Lanny when she heard it.

    But they got together on the details. "We'll leave in a couple hours if it's OK with you," Lanny said.

    .Pete left for the apartment thinking about Edna. She had opened the door for him when he went out, and had let her fingers slide over his hand like it was accidental. But it wasn't. She would spread open like a flower, and he would shove his pecker into her honey as soon as they got the chance.

    Lilli was all packed. They didn't have much to bother with anyway, a few clothes, extra pair of shoes, some dirty pictures taken with a Polaroid camera. She kissed him when he entered and rubbed his fly, looking questioningly.

    "We're all set," he said, and told her about Lanny and the gash. "You're sure you wanna go?"

    "Hell yes," Lilli said, looking surprised. She had him unzipped, giggled. "Putzie wants to go… lookit, he's standing up-"

    He snickered. Some of that hard-on was caused by Edna's ass. All he had to do was think of sticking it up Edna and it stirred. He lifted Lilli's skirt and rubbed her fanny.

    She asked, "How much time we got?" "Two hours. Time for a good fuck."

    She had both hands on the cock, squeezing, pulling, jazzing it; one hand slid down and cupped his balls. She took a long time answering. "Well, OK, if you promise…"

    "Promise what?" He knew what she meant.

    "Promise not to come in me."

    He rubbed her ass briskly. "Yeh, I promise, cutie." He turned her toward the bedroom and slapped her ass. She squealed and began to unfasten the skirt.

    By the time she reached the bed she was nude. He kicked his shoes off and unbuttoned his shirt watching her. Lilli, with a lewd grin on her pretty face, put both hands behind her head and did a lit- tie cooch dance for him, wriggling her loins in a very obscene way.

    "I think I'll fuck you in th' ass," he said.

    She only giggled. He had tried to get his cock up her asshole a dozen times, but the pecker was too big. He had tried with soap, Vaseline, some white cream she got in the drugstone, but nothing worked. For a few weeks he had diligently worked his finger up her ass and goosed her a half hour at a time while she was sprawled along the couch swinging on his joint, but it hadn't helped. She had enjoyed it, but no go.

    "Putzie's too big," she said, loving it.

    When he got his clothes off he pulled her down onto the bed. "Jus' a minute," she insisted. He had to wait while she sat in front of him and sucked on the cock, getting it all nice and wet.

    Then she laid down with a sigh and he got on her quickly and tucked it in. He fucked Lilli about once a week if he was lucky. She was such an expert at catching the prick in her mouth that he almost had to force her to spread her legs. But when he did it was humpy. She was a crazy fuck, and tight. She had good muscle tone in her cunt. That was the good thing about Lilli-whichever end you put the cock in it was tight.

    He got it in deep, with her legs wrapped around him, and began to pump. Holding her tightly he looked at her. "Don't you like that, for crissakes?"

    "I like it when you do it."

    "What the fuck kind of an answer is that?" He never could understand why such a sexpot didn't care for screwing.

    "Don't fight it, baby," she whispered, licking his lips. "I jus' happen to like it the other way."

    He gave up. He had asked her about that a thousand times and always got the same answer. Lilli was a cocksucker. Don't fight it.

    "And don't forget," she said.

    "Yeah, OK" He set up a rhythm, nice and easy, just get the friction going-don't shoot the jizz for crissakes-Marylee used to call it jizz. Marylee was fourteen when he met her, and had an electric cunt. The fucking*on' switch was wired in that position. He had never got her alone when she said, "no," not even when she had the rag on. What the hell happened to Marylee?

    "What's she like?" Lilli asked.* "Huh? Who?" "The girl, what's-her-name, the one we're going with."

    "Oh, her. Edna. I dunno, dark, tits, prob'ly got a cunt somewheres under her belly Lilli giggled. "Yen, probably. They married?" "Hell, I dunno. Rub my ass."

    She rubbed it and kissed him at the same time. Lilli could do wonderful things with her tongue. It came from so much pricksucking, he thought. When Lilli put her tongue in his mouth it was an experience. She tantalized his tongue and sucked it like it was a cock. It made shivers run up and down his spine.

    He goosed her with the cock, jabbing it and rolling on her slightly to give her clit a good working over. She writhed and bucked back at him. He bit her ear lightly. "You're a great screw, cutie."

    "Don't you come in me," she warned.

    "I'm gonna come in your ear," he said.

    She giggled. "It feels big as a football in me."

    "I wish I could get it up your ass."

    She kissed him crazily for a minute. "Don't you likewhatldot'you?"

    Pete sighed. Women! "Oh course I love it," he said, licking tongues with her. "You're the best cocksucker in-"

    "Don't call me a cocksucker, honey… huh, please?" «why-what else?" They'd had this talk before too. "-Well, it sounds funny."

    "Okay, but just between us, eutie, you are a great cocksucker." He punctuated the words by ramming the cock in. "The-greatest-cock-sucker-in-the-world."

    Lilli giggled. "Okay, just between us. I'm a cocksucker."

    "You're a Putzi-sucker."

    She giggled delightedly, "Lemme suck:'im right now…"

    "In a minute." He paused. "How many guys you sucked off, cutie?"

    "I dunno."

    She never would tell him. "A dozen guys?"

    "Yeah." "Ahunnerd?"

    She slapped his ass with both hands. "C'mon up and sit on my tits, huh?" "What difference it make how many guys you Mowed?" "Then why d'you want to know?"

    He rammed her hard with the pecker. "I think I'll blow the wad right here." She squealed. "You promised, you sonofabitch!"

    Pete laughed. "Okay, I won't, relax." He jabbed her with it for a minute. "How many guys?"

    "Seven hundred, for crissakes."

    He sighed. "All right."

    "How many girls have you screwed?"

    He told her the truth. "I don't remember. About ninety." He had told her that before. He had never mentioned that he'd screwed Marylee at least three hundred times. Once five times in one day. He and two other guys had taken her out to the beach for a picnic one summer vacation… they were all in school. First swimming, Marylee in a bikini-till somebody yanked the bottoms off. Then they laid her on a blanket and began going round and round, twenty strokes in her and off. If a guy tried to pump more than twenty strokes in her they all hauled his ass off her. The thing was to see how many times they could take turns without shooting the jizz. The guy who held out longest was a Man. Only Marylee kept having orgasms and wrapping her legs about guys to keep them on her, and yelling not to get up-they had to hold her arms to finish the game. After the first guy popped, then they all shot it into her to cool down the electric cunt.

    Which they couldn't do. They chased in and out of the water all afternoon, stark naked, fucking Marylee and drinking beer, giving the whang a rest then fucking Marylee again. About nine that night she couldn't get any of them up, no matter what she did.

    What the fuck ever happened to Marylee?

    Pete was getting close. Lilli's hands were all over him, fondling, rubbing, feeling between them to rub his foaming prong, reaching around to squeeze his hard balls. She could tell he was getting close. She unwrapped her legs from around him, but continued to buck her ass upward.

    "Don't wait too long," she whispered.

    He chuckled. He was close, all right. He really had a sex-glow now. The old friction was lighting a fire in his ass. He dared not ram her too hard with it or the thing would spout. Shit, he hated to pull it out of her.

    But she'd never forgive him if he didn't.

    He moaned in anguish. Lilli patted his ass… "C'mon… "

    Christ! He was right on the goddam edge-he stopped moving it, knowing she was getting frantic. She was afraid to squeeze it with her cunt.

    He had to do it. He rammed it deep into her, then slid back in a hurry. He was coming-the stuff was boiling up-he moaned and scuttled up her, trying to straddle her wriggling body, the pulsing cock pointed at her face. God, what an anxious look on her puss. Her mouth was open wide; she was. leaning forward pulling his hips with her hands. He couldn't hold back!

    Putzi was only inches from her open mouth when he spouted. The jism shot out, spattering her face-and the next instant she had her mouth around it, sucking hard. Pete leaned on his hands, his body jerking, trying not to jerk it away from her, watching her slobber it up, gulp it down. She was making little cooing noises, squishy noises. The white cream dribbled down her cheeks and around her mouth. Her tongue seared him and he writhed, fucking it between her lips. Shit, what a cocksucker!

    He collapsed in a few minutes, rolling onto his back. Lilli followed him, pulling on it, sucking hard, nestling herself between his trembling legs, really working the cock over.

    "Th' world's best cocksucker," he breathed. He heard Lilli snicker. He knew she agreed with him.


    Lanny and Edna picked them up at four and they headed toward Jersey. Everybody was feeling good. Pete introduced Lilli, they got.in the back seat, and Lanny told five dirty jokes before they reached the tunnel.

    "I'm so fuckin' glad to get outa that town," Lanny said, "I hate the joint" "Me too," Pete agreed. "What d'you do?" Lanny asked.

    Pete hesitated. Lilli had moved close and her hand was crawling up his leg. "I-had an interest in a theater," he said.

    "Theater… you mean a movie house?"

    "Yeah. One of those dirty pictures' joints."

    Both Lanny and Edna snickered, and Edna looked around at him and winked. She had a sexy leer on her face, Pete thought. Man, he'd like to fiick it to her.

    "Me'n Edna went to see some of those. Jesus, all that fuckin' ass in real color!"

    "Makes you itchy," Edna said.

    "Where'd you get the pictures?" Lanny asked.

    Pete shrugged. He had never been closer than the plush seats. "You buy 'em from guys," he said vaguely.

    "How d'you stand to look at all that pussy all day long?"

    Lilli snickered. "It don't bother him." She slid her hand over his fly and grabbed it.

    "What d'you do?" Pete asked.

    "I work for Monte Carlson, ever hear o'him?"

    "No, I don't think so." Pete unfastened his top pants button and loosened the zipper. Lilli slid her hand down his waistband in one swoop and curled her fingers around the pecker. She came into his arms, purring.

    "Biggest gambler in that part of the state. Monte's a big man. Big goddamn man. Knows ever'one. Got a half-dozen joints, you know, cards, dice, roulette and girls. You can get fucked outa your dough a half a* dozen ways." "He's a prick," Edna said. Lariny glanced at her and made a face. "Don't say that around any of the clubs, baby."

    "Okay, but he's a goddam prick just the same. He even looks like one."

    Lilli snickered again, completely aware that Edna was interested in what Pete had in his pants. Edna had big come-on eyes that kept glancing at Pete. Pete couldn't possibly not see them. Lilli knew her Pete; her fingers curling around Pete's cock were stiffening it, but so was Edna's looks. She knew damned well that Pete wanted to stick the cock into Edna.

    And he would, at the first opportunity. Lilli studied Lanny, the back and side of his head. How would Lanny's cock be in her mouth? The idea excited her a little. It had been months since she had sucked off anyone but Pete. Much as she loved Putzi it was nice to have a change of meat now and then. Two months ago she had met an old Mend, Al Hebert, on the street. She hadn't seen Al for a year or more, long before she had shacked up with Pete.

    "C'mon over to my place," he'd said, "I want to show you something." When they got there, he showed her his cock. They both sat on the couch and he just took it out of his pants, and it looped over his leg.

    "I'm thinking about what you used to do to it," he said.

    She had stared fascinated as the cock got hard in front of her eyes. She didn't touch it.

    Not for a couple of minutes. Then she slid down in front of him and sucked him off. He yelled and bucked when he shot.

    Then they had a cigarette and a drink. Al took his pants off and sat beside her_so naturally she played with the thing. And soon she slid down and sucked him off again.

    Al had been on his way out of town at the time. Unfortunately. She wondered how Lanny would taste.

    In an hour they stopped for a piss call at a gas station.

    In the crapper, Lanny said, "That's a very good looking doll, Lilli."

    "Yen, thanks. So's Edna."

    "Fucks like a.bride with a firecracker up her ass." Lanny smiled lewdly. "I seen her looking at you."

    Pete spread his hands.

    "It's okay," Lanny said."Edna's a big girl now. She's got her friends, and I got mine. We even do-it together."


    "Four of us in the same bed. Me screwin' another dame and Edna getting it from the other guy. You like that scene?"

    Pete licked his lips. Yeah, he would like that scene.

    Lanny chuckled. "It's kicks, pal. Real kicks." He lit a cigarette. "Edna blows like a tornado too. Loves it."

    Pete thought about Lilli blowing this guy. His Lilli.

    "We could get us a bottle," Lanny said. "Have a few fast ones and work the girls over, hey?" He had a hearty chuckle. "What about Lilli?"

    Pete stared at the guy. Lilli had had plenty of guys before she met him. She didn't learn that wonderful suction on him… she was a crazy-wild cocksucker when he met her.

    "D'you think Lilli will do it?" Lanny asked.

    Pete sighed. Shit, he was horny for Edna all right. He nodded. "Yeah, she'll do it."

    Lanny slapped him on the back. "Let's go get that fuckin' bottle."

    They got two bottles. It was dark as hell out when they got back on the road, heading toward Hillston, the next big town. "There's a joint to eat in Hillston," Lanny said. "We can get a motel there, stay the night, huh?" He glanced back at them.

    "Right," Pete said, staring at the back of Edna's head.

    Lilli had his pants open and his cock out. It was dark inside the car. She gulped a drink from the bottle and he jumped slightly when she put her mouth over his prick. The liquor stung a little bit. She giggled and sucked on it.

    Edna liked to drink. She nestled up to Lanny and kept tipping up the bottle. Lanny had one drink to her four. Lanny turned the radio on and played rock.

    Lilli got on her knees in front of him and went after the cock voraciously. Pete, pushed into the corner of the seat, had a drink whenever Lanny did. He smiled at Lilli's cockgorging; as usual it was beautiful. Neither Lanny nor Edna paid any attention to them. And if Lilli didn't care if they knew she was blowing him, hell, he didn't either.

    Lilli didn't try to make him come. She only nursed it, licking it and sucking it lovingly, and the miles rolled past. He closed his eyes, stupefied by the sensuous moUth job. Bliss. Sheer bliss.

    When he opened his eyes lazily, he noticed that Edna was no longer sitting beside Lanny… at least he couldn't see her. He stared at Lanny, and after a bit the guy looked down at his crotch.

    Pete realized that Edna was going down on Lanny.

    He closed his eyes again and dreamed that he had the prick a yard up Edna's cunt, fucking her. He moved his ass up and down and Lilli squeezed the weenie-he damn near came.

    Lilli sucked him all the way to Hillston.

    When the lights picked out the welcome-to-Hillston sign, Lanny said, in a loud tone, "Okay, kiddies, cocks back in the pants." In a minute Edna giggled and sat up.

    Lilli slid onto the seat with a deep sigh. It smelled like cock in the car. Warm cock. Pete mopped it and put it away. He saw Edna looking at Lilli knowingly. The girls knew what they had been doing. He squeezed one of Lilli's tits and she snickered.

    Lanny pulled in at the Coral Motel; it had a dining room, according to the sign. Lanny killed the engine and looked back at them. "This place okay with you?"

    "Sure," Lilli said, "why not?"

    "So we get a room with two beds, huh? All of us in one?" Lilli smiled at Pete. A knowing smile.

    Edna said, "We'll have a lil party tonight, huh guys?" She was glowing from the drinks.

    Pete said, "That okay, cutie?"

    "Let's have fun," Lilli said. "You fuckers are all ahead of me. Where's a bottle?" Pete handed it to her.

    They went in and signed for a room, double room, and drove the car to park in front of the place. A brown motel, stucco, shrubs in front, light green walls inside with pictures of trees framed. Two double beds, tub and stall shower.

    They looked the place over and Pete rubbed his hand across Edna's ass. She turned around immediately, and he touched her crotch. Then she pushed herself at him. He grabbed her cunt and she said, "I wanna make it with you… "

    Pete let go because Lanny and Lilli were just across the room looking at them. Lilli was smiling, staring at the bulge in Pete's pants. Edna was well oiled. She loosened her blouse and shoved her cunt at Pete's hip. "Hey, we're all friends here, aren't we?"

    "First I'm hungry," Lilli said. She opened her purse and got a comb out, heading for the bathroom. Lanny followed her in.

    Edna hissed in Pete's ear. "He wants t'fuck 'er."

    Pete smiled and grabbed her cunt again. This time he slid his hand up under her skirt. Her flimsy panties were damp in the crotch. His finger slid naturally into her slit and began to rub it. She moaned, falling on him, her mouth seeking his. Curling his hand under the edge of the panties, he oozed two fingers up into her as far as possible and began jazzing her. One of her legs locked around his and her ass began to vibrate.

    Her kiss was sloppy compared to Lilli-all wet mouth and driving tongue. She bit his lip, whispering hoarsely, "I'm so fuckin' horny I can't stand it!"

    What was happening in the bathroom? Pete wanted to go over and look in. But Edna was a crazy handful. She clung to him like plaster, and fucked herself over his fingers, kissing him madly.

    He didn't know what the hell to do with her. He couldn't get his dick out of his pants and hold her, too-and she was pushing him to the wall, away from the beds. His right hand was up her cunt, the left keeping her upright, and then she solved the problem. She jerked and moaned, and began to go wild in an orgasm that came from her toes.

    And just as she went into it, Lilli and Lanny came out of the bathroom. They both came over, both grinning, and there wasn't anything he could do but keep on holding her until she subsided.

    "She's excited," Pete said, and Lilli giggled.

    Lanny said, "Why didn't you fuck her?"

    "I didn't get a chance."

    Edna looked round at them, still hanging on, still screwing his fingers. She glanced up at the overhead lights. "Back on the runway, huh?"

    Lanny went over and snapped off the lights. The glow from the bathroom was enough to see by. "Lilli and Pre gonna get some food," he said.

    Lilli said, "Zip up your pants first."

    Edna ignored them. She pressed herself to Pete, moving her crotch sensuously, rubbing her tits on him, whispering, lips against his, "I wanna fuck you…"

    "Lemme get my cock out."

    She giggled. "Hurry up… "

    Pete looked around as the door closed. They had gone. He pulled Edna over to the bed, tugging at his zipper. She flopped and spread wide open, cunt heaving. Pete jumped on her and she closed around him like a man-eating organism. His prong slid greasily into her; she said, "Ohhhh, Jesus…!" and began to jerk. He thought she was coming again.

    Then the fever hit him… hard. The feel of the girl-flesh under him, the writhing, the soft moans -most of all the slithery warm sheath" where Putzie was rioting-it all combined to explode in brain. Edna squealed as he got the tempo up to boiling. Her legs kicked in the air and her bare feet drummed on his ass. Nobody had fucked her like that in her life!

    He made her shoot and jerk and spill the sauce, and her eyes rolled up in her head. Pete pounded himself into the soft crotch, driving his cock till he was panting and gasping and his prick was spurting. He grated his teeth as the jizm gushed, making his head spin, colors dance before his eyes, cunts swoop down and engulf him… his crazy assault became spasmodic. He lost the rhythm; legs stiffening, jabbing her, rolling, and Edna was crying.

    What the fuck was she crying about?

    Her legs were about him, tightening. She was giggling and crying. He tasted tears, salty as hell. He tapered off, humping slower, the jizz had stopped fountaining. He laid his head on her shoulder, getting his breath back.

    "What the fuck you eryin' about?"

    "Jesus, it was so great!"


    She said, "Honey, I come three times in a row!"

    That made him chuckle. She was a great broad, Edna. He rammed her with it hard for a minute. "You want more?"

    She gasped. "You're gonna kill me with that thing."

    "What a way to die."

    She giggled. "Yeah." She tightened her legs. "I never had a guy like you…" "Ain't Lanny any good?"

    She snickered. "That goddam Lanny swings both ways. He don't know how t'do it like you, baby."

    "He's a cocksucker?"

    She snickered again. "Yeh, I guess so. Whatever the boys do together, Lanny does it."

    Pete laughed. "The sonofabitch." He thought about Lanny on a bed with Lilli. Two cocksuckers and only one cock. It made him; giggle in his throat.

    Edna rubbed his ass. "I like you… "

    "Better'n Lanny, huh?"

    She kissed him, writhing a little, humping upward. Her engine was still running. She could feel his cock, still hard.

    He said, "You wanna fuck some more?"

    "Hell yes. I could screw all night."

    He chuckled and began to ram it to her hard and steady.


    Lanny had felt her ass in the bathroom, round and very firm. She was smaller than Edna, lithe and sexy to look at. She had dark hair like Edna, but a different kind of face. Lilli had a sort of large, lush mouth… pretty enough, but not beautiful. Edna could be beautiful"if she'd take proper care, wear the right clothes and not walk as though she was expecting her cunt to be scratched by everyone she met.

    He had told Edna a thousand times not to stick her pussy out. Edna had hot, roving eyes, too. She was an ex-chorus girl from the Bronx, and she had told him one time that at least four hundred guys had laid her, relaid her, even inlaid her. Lanny believed it. He had laid her himself the first time they'd met.

    Now he wanted to lay Lilli.

    He didn't go for every woman he met. Most of them were slobs and not worth it. Sometimes he had seriously asked himself, would he rather have a woman or a guy? It depended, of course, on what kind of a horn he was carrying.

    He got Lilli out of the apartment. The big guy, Pete, was hot to screw Edna… very goddam hot. And Lilli seemed to want to stick around to watch. But he got her into the restaurant. The place was large, with potted plants and gray-green wallpaper, and almost deserted. It was long after the dinner hour. A couple of guys were sitting at the counter chatting with the two waitresses who were cleaning up, no one in the booths or the tables. The guys looked around at Lilli and Lanny could see the assessment-some dame! They stared at her ass till he led her to one of the booths and sat her down.

    "I'm still hard," he safd. He slid in beside her.

    He felt her hand on his fly in a second; she rubbed it, pressing dawn on his pecker and grinning. "Yen, so you are."

    She took her hand away when one of the waitresses came over. They studied the menus, ordered, and she slid her hand back, concealed by his coat.

    "Your boyfriend is pumpin' Edna by now."

    Lilli shrugged. Squeezed him. "Listen, when he gets hot he'll fuck a washing machine."

    Lanny giggled. "You're pretty goddam cute yourself." He slid his hand across and pressed her nearest breast; she turned toward him slightly to make it easier. He closed his hand around it, fondling it. "I'm hotter'n hell."

    "Let's eat and go," she said. She was hot too, as he could easily see. The way she was squeezing his prick… plenty goosey.

    They ate in about fifteen minutes, ordered sandwiches for the others,- and went back. It was as dark as Casey's asshole in the parking area. There were lights in the motel building, drapes pulled, but no one was coming or going. Lanny paused by his car and the girl was right there in front of him in a second. He could see her face, a pale oval in the night; he felt her deft hands at his fly-the zipper snicked down. Her hands went in after the meat and he pulled her to him.

    Then she was gone. It confused him for a second. But he felt her mouth close over his prick. She had only ducked down in front of him and was now sucking hard on his cock-very hard. It made him writhe. Jesus!

    He had thought Edna was a good cocksucker- for a girl-but Lilli was a whiz! She skinned him back with her lips and frigged him like she had two seconds to make him spout. Lanny leaned on the car and held his breath. Jesus, she could suck!

    He'd had his share of blow-jobs, some by whores and some by dedicated broads who said they loved him. Damn few dames, in his opinion, were as good at it as the right guy. Like Jerry, for instance. Jerry-had been a boy singer with a combo, working one season for Monte Carlson. Jerry had given him the eye and he'd taken Jerry out to Frady Lake, the new man-made lake, and they had shacked up for three days. He had fucked the kid's ass and Jerry had sucked him off about a thousand times. That had been a crazy weekend. Jerry could suck like a pump.

    But Lilli was just as good in her way… or even better.

    He had an average cock, about six inches hard, and she took the entire thing into her mouth, masturbating it with her lips, teasing the end of it with her tongue. She didn't mind when he fucked it at her.

    She said, "You like that?" Licking the end of it.

    "Hell yes… who wouldn't?"

    She talked to it, softly, "You cute thing-I could eat you up…" She swallowed it to the hair.

    He said, "You ever been fucked in the ass?"

    "Yeah." She pulled on it, licking faster. "You wanna come?"

    "Let's go inside." He looked around, seeing no one. It was hard to relax out here, though. Someone could come along at any time.

    She frigged him with her hand. "Gome for me…"

    "No," he said huskily. "I wanna fuck you."

    He stiffened as she began to work on it in a wild kind of way. It was so dark he could hardly see her; she was only a blur, pale skin moving at his fly. But the feel! Jesus, the crazy feel of her!

    She couldn't keep up that feverish mouth ac- tion! But she showed no signs of letting up, and he was incapable of stopping her. He knew, with the part of his mind that was still thinking, that she was out to make him shoot the wad. And all he could do was hang onto the side of the car, feet spread wide, and let her have the cock. Man, let her have it! , He knew that no one had ever sucked him off like that before. No one… no one. Because he was on the verge. The jism was smoking and boiling over. It began to flow, to gush. Lanny moaned As it poured up his cock and spurted into her greedy mouth. He trembled and jerked, his whole body bucking under the nerve-searing sensation. Lilli was sucking him, pulling it out of him, every gushing drop, frigging him with crazy lips. Milking the shaft of the cock for all of it… Jesus! What a cocksucker!

    He almost fell to his knees. Both her hands were on his hips, holding him. She had all the cock in her mouth, nursing it, sucking it hard, even as it began to wither slightly. He gripped the doorhandles, holding himself up, bracing himself. He felt stupefied, lip hanging, he knew his eyes were glassy. Jesus, what a cocksucker!

    And then, as she was draining him, as the convulsions were still washing over him, he had a thought. The guy who was always looking for dames who could suck cocks was Monte Carlson. Monte loved a cunt who would swing on his joint… not just any stupid cocksucker, but the best. The dames who made it an art.

    A dame like Lilli.

    If he brought Lilli to Monte Carlson it would get him some notice. It would certainly get him Monte's favor. A cocksman like Monte would go fruit for a mouth like Lilli.

    He groaned and hung onto the car, watching her suck on the half-hard pecker. He was smiling.

    When she glanced up, saw the smile, she thought it was because he had enjoyed the blow. And it was partly that.

    Pete was on top of a naked Edna when they went inside. The two of them were screwing like gang-busters; the bed was squeaking and Edna was ohh-ing and giggling and kicking her legs in the air.

    Lilli licked her lips, still tasting the salty jism, staring at Pete's big cock; she could see it disappearing into Edna's snatch and reappearing wet, hard balls knotted at the end of it.

    Lanny had been a good mouthful, but he had a small prick compared to Pete's. It was like an appetizer. The main course was on the bed, ramming Edna;

    Lanny fixed her a drink, and Pete noticed they were back. He looked around, grinning at them in the gloom of the room, "Hi, you eat?"

    "Yen, I ate," Lilli said. She knew he'd know what that meant. And Lanny was grinning like the cat that just ate the bird.

    "There's some sandwiches," Lanny said, pointing to the dresser. He went over to the bed and looked down at Edna. "How's my girl?"

    "Fucked to the gills," Edna giggled. "This guy is too much." She smiled at Lilli. "Gimme a drink."

    Lanny poured her one and took it back. She took it and shared it with Pete who continued to surge the pecker into her. Edna smacked her lips and grinned at Lanny. "Take your pants off, honey. Aren't you two gonna play?"

    "They've been playing," Pete said.

    Lilli put the drink on the dresser and began to unfasten her dress. On the other bed, Lanny sat and kicked off his shoes, staring at her. She was naked in a minute, sipping the drink again, wriggling her ass for Pete. He was staring at it too.

    She waggled her titties and turned in a slow circle, revolving her ass, bucking the pussy just enough. She knew what that did to Pete's cunt-happy brain. SheA smiled inwardly, seeing Edna frown at her.

    She finished the drink and smiled at Pete. Then she went into the most obscene cunt wriggle she could manage, a coitus-like movement that made Edna blink. Pete was still fucking her but he was staring at Lilli with his mouth open.

    Then Pete got off her, dragging his long cock out into the air. Edna screamed and grabbed at him with arms and legs both. Pete pushed her away and scuttled off the bed.

    Lilli snickered and let him run over and pick her up. She dropped the empty glass on the floor as he carried her to the other bed and tossed her down. He swarmed over her in an instant, cock poking, pointing, jabbing. She opened her legs and the big shaft headed for its target. Bang. It centered over her cunt and Pete thrust, all in one movement. She thought for a second that she could feel it at the back of her throat.

    She curled around him and he was fucking her in a frenzy while she chuckled deep in her throat. For once it felt real good. Just to take it away from Edna. It was her Putzi, after all. She bit his ear and whispered, "Fuck me, baby…"

    She heard Edna mumble, "Shit."

    Lanny went over to her and crawled on the bed,' his pecker sticking out. Lilli turned her head and watched Lanny get on Edna and guide his dick into its lair.

    She snickered when Edna said, "Is it in?"

    No one ever had to ask Pete that.

    Lilli was going to let Pete come in her this time. But she had trained him well. He rammed her for five or six minutes with his usual gorging rhythm, panting into her neck. She knew he could smell Lanny's jism on her breath.

    He yanked it out and crawled up to sit on her tits, dangling the sopping thing in her face. She squeezed it tight with her lips and he fucked it in. It was surprising how different it felt from Lanny's pecker. Twice as big.

    And when he shot it, twice as big a mouthful. It was so very satisfying, yummy. She made a pig of herself mouthing it and loving it. He tasted better than Lanny did, too.

    She was tapering him off, nursing it warmly, when she heard Edna say, "Jesus, is that all the harder it'll get?"

    She couldn't hear Lanny's reply. Pete snickered.

    But after that one, even Pete was sagging a little. She sucked on it till it was soft, then they crawled into bed.

    Lanny was still belaboring Edna on the other bed, trying to get his gun off. Lilli listened to the fornication till she slipped off to sleep, holding Pete's big cock in her hand.

    She got up in the middle of the night to go to the potty. And when she finished Lanny came in, naked. His cock was poked out. "I heard you get up…"

    She thought he wanted to get biowed again.

    He fondled her and the cock got very hard. Lilli cupped his balls in one hand and toyed with the dagger with the other. She let him play with her tits and feel her ass.

    Then he told her to bend over the basin.

    And when she did, he oozed it up her anus. It was exactly the right size cock for that game. A game she hadn't played for a long while because Pete couldn't get it in her.

    Lanny was whispering in her ear, as he plugged her. "Let's you and me slide out, honey.. "


    "I mean, get in the car and beat it. I'm nuts about you." She shook her head.

    "Oh, come on," he said. "I'll treat you right." "I d'wanna. Stop asking me."

    Lanny grunted, reaming her busily. He was trying to spurt, doing his best.

    Lilli sighed, leaning over the basin while he panted. "Hurry up and shoot it." She clamped down on the prick.

    It took him ten minutes. Then she had to wash the goo out and pry her left tit out of his mouth to go back to bed.

    She snuggled down under the covers and got a mouthful of Putzi, sucking him lovingly. Pete stirred in his sleep, a smile on his face.


    In the morning Edna had a hangover; she was waspish and bad-tempered, "Lemrae alone," she said to Lanny, "or I'll kick you in the nuts."

    Lanny was over-patient with her. "You'll feel better after breakfast*.. lift your leg."

    Pete stretched lazily in bed, spreading his legs wide. Lilli slithered over his thigh and curled into his crotch, not caring at all that Larry and Edna could stare at the tent in the bed. Pete only grinned at the other couple, feeling Lilli's warm sucking mouth on her favorite meat.

    Lanny got out of bed disgustedly, went into the bathroom. Edna said, "Jesus, don't his cock ever go down?"

    Lilli was happy, she had the big prick all to herself; and she knew Edna wanted it. It tasted twice as good because she knew Edna wanted it. Pete was writhing, very horny this morning. He was jabbing it at her and moving his hips up and down and around. Pete grinned at Edna's sober face in the next bed, then he rolled onto his side, holding Lilli's tousled head in both hands, fucking the cock between her lips.

    Edna blinked, knowing what he was doing.

    Pete got very busy at it, and the covers slid off his shoulders as he screwed her mouth. The bed was bouncing and Pete began to pant, still grinning at Edna. His surging motion uncovered the top of Lilli's head, and he would have pulled the covers up again, only he began to gush.

    She moaned sensuously as he spurted, the orgasm flooded her. And her climax jerked her body at the same time.

    Pete yelled aloud as he let go, arching his back and flailing his arms; the sex-bomb exploded, Lilli squealed, gulping, sucking madly….

    Edna glowered, then turned over and faced the other direction. Lanny came out of the bath, "What was that?"

    "Go fuck yourself," Edna growled.

    Pete sprawled in bed for another half hour, wri-ing gently in delirious anguish under her continuing treatment, subsiding slowly. Lilli loved to gorge on the pulsing organ. Lanny and Edna had gone out long ago.

    Pete said finally, "Time to eat…"

    "I just did."

    Pete laughed. He rolled out of bed and ducked into the shower, and Lilli joined him, soaping him, jazzing him, grabbing him about the waist from behind and pretending to boot his butt, giggling.

    While they were drying themselves he said, "I hated to let that sonofabitch have you "Well, you had to fuck the babe."

    Pete shrugged.

    She said, "He wants me to duck out with him, the little shit." "You mean to run off?" He was surprised.

    "Yeah. I think he likes me."

    "Well the lousy sonofabitch. The cocksucking sonofabitch!"

    Lilli giggled. "I won't go, darling." She knelt and took his dong in her mouth, sucking on it lovingly for a moment. "I couldn't leave Putzie. I love Putzie…"

    He knew that. But it annoyed him that Lanny would try to get Lilli away from him. He ought to forbid her to blow him again.

    Of course he wanted to screw Edna again…

    They dressed and went over to the cafe. Lanny and Edna were talking over coffee. They slid into the same booth. Pete said to Edna, "Feel better?"

    Lanny said, "Yen, now she's got some coffee in her."

    Edna said, "That ain't all I'd like to have in me."

    Lilli giggled, grabbing Putzi under the table.

    Looking at Lilli's tits, Lanny said, "We ought to make Roxbury tonight. We can stay there and go on to Somerset the next day. That's where Mack's Place is."

    Pete nodded. "Yen, okay." Lanny and Edna were going to stop at Mack's Place. He called the waitress over.

    When Lanny left to drive the car to the gas station, Edna moved around the booth closer to Pete. "Hey, you're gonna get another ride at Mack's Place, huh?"

    "Yeah," Pete said. He draped his hand over her thigh casually. Lilli was on the other side. Edna's legs parted.

    "Well," Edna said, glancing toward the door where Lanny had departed. "What if I go along with you two? I'm sick of that goddam Lanny."

    Pete glanced at Lilli. She was sipping coffee and pretending she didn't know his right hand was creeping up between Edna's legs. Pete got a handful of Edna's cunt; he squeezed it as she writhed and pressed her lips together. "I dunno…" Pete said.

    "Why don't you two go back to the room and talk about it?" Lilli said sweetly.

    "I'm hungry," Pete said.

    Edna said, "Let's go… "

    "We've got two days yet," Pete soothed. "Lanny ain't that much of a shit, is he?" Edna sighed. "I sure like to know it when a guy sticks it in me…"

    Lilli giggled again. She tightened her grip around Putzi.

    They ate breakfast with Edna rubbing her leg against Pete's. Then they went out to the car. Pete offered to drive; Lanny said he didn't mind and opened the door for Edna.

    Pete sprawled in the back seat with Lilli demurely watching the landscape slide by. They drove for two hours and gradually the morning tension dissipated.

    In a smallish town they paused for lunch and had drinks before eating. Edna had three to one, becoming kittenish, rubbing her tits on Lanny and Pete both and pulling Lanny's cock out of his pants in the shelter of the table cloth. They sat in a half-round booth. Lilli had only to look sidelong to see Edna frigging Lanny's hard cock. The prick wasn't all that small.

    Pete could see it too, grinning at them. Lilli said, "Why don't you sit on his lap?"

    "Jesus, I wish I could," Edna replied, glancing around. The room wasn't crowded. She draped the tablecloth over the whang when the waitress appeared. Lilli grabbed Putzi again, whispering to Pete that she wanted to lick it.

    He said, "Eat your lunch."

    When they went back to the car, Lanny suggested Pete drive for awhile. Edna had him horny. He got in the rear seat with her and when the town»x-as behind them, Edna pulled the cock out again. She winked at Pete in the rear view mirror as Lanny's hot hands began to rove.

    There was hardly any traffic on the highway. Lanny said, "Watch out for fuzz cars, huh?" Then he pushed Edna's knees up and got down in front of her.

    Watching them in the mirror, Pete could tell by her face when the cock slid into her. She smiled for the first time that day.

    Lilli glanced over the back seat then put her lips close to Pete's ear whispering, "He's fucking her… " Pete nodded, unzipping his pants. Lilli pounced like a tigress, swallowing the cock whole.

    Pete relaxed. It was very pleasant, steering the car over the countryside, with Lilli making love to Putzi. He could tell, the way she went about it, that Lilli was settling down for a nice long haul. Lilli was such a complete expert she could have it any way she wanted. She nursed the pecker just barely hard and kept it that way. She didn't let it get soft, or very stiff. With a soothing, and extremely pleasant mouth and tongue action she got it to just the right state of interest.

    Pete caressed her as he drove, running his hand over her hips and thighs soothingly, sensuously, watching her mouth the penis. Now and then he would run his hand up between her thighs-she opened them dutifully-so he could squish a questing finger through her pussy. It was wet. Lilli didn't mind a few feels, but she didn't want him to jazz her. Not while she was sucking his cock.

    But she liked him to fondle her. She tried to suck the dick so he could see it firmly held between her lips. He said, "You're the greatest…".

    "Putzie sucker," she whispered. He slapped her ass playfully.

    She sucked it slowly and steadily for about a half hour. Then she had a sudden orgasm. She curled up, jerking and gasping, but never once losing the cock from between her lips. She could orgasm without anyone touching her. Pete rubbed her ass hard, grinning down at her. She fluttered her lashes, writhing delightedly.

    In the back seat Lanny was still fucking Edna, slow and even, not trying to ram it through her.

    Pete watched her in the mirror and she smiled at him over Lanny's head. She had unfastened her blouse so he could snuggle down and mouth her titties. Edna was warm and Cozy. She was backed into the corner, both-legs up, feet on the seat, receiving his gift and only sighing a little in return.

    Lanny shot his wad shortly after Lilli had. He shot it with a great deal of humping and grunting. Pete could see Edna biting her lips, hunching her shoulders and tossing her head. She made it too, and it sagged her face for a bit, turning her eyes darker, glassier.

    After the screw, Lanny climbed back onto the seat and flopped; the car smelled like fish and lilli sucked steadily on Pete's cock, increasing fcer tempo slightly.

    Then she looked up at him and smiled sweetly. He knew she was going to make him blow t He held out then for about five minutes… his Lilli's mouth was a vortex, a fiery furnace, a Lrovoking, maddening-mouth-cunt. She teased him, masturbated him and frigged him unmercifully. He shuddered and orgasmed, driving his foot down on the gas pedal so that the car jerked ahead. Lanny yelled, "Hey-watch it…!" "She's blowing him," Edna hissed. He was able to keep the car on the road, and fi-||dly to ease his foot off the pedal. Lilli kept lacking and gobbling as though nothing had hap-Lened. Pete wanted to forget the car, to loll back,: _: he forced himself to steer the damned thing, e finally ran it off the road in a cleared, wide Lection and let it roll to a halt. Lilli kept suck- Lanny leaned over the back of the seat, watching r go after it. She was facing him, staring at him as she bobbed her head over Pete's pecker, keeping the sensation alive for him. Lanny got another hard-on watching her.

    Then, producing a bottle, Lanny passed it around. They all had a swig, Edna two, then Lanny said he would drive again.

    Pete got in the back seat with Edna.

    They drove for a dozen miles, finishing the bottle and tossing it out. Lanny was driving, slouched down in the seat. Lilli was in the opposite corner, curled up, nearly asleep.

    Edna unfastened her blouse and shook naked titties at Pete. He grinned and put his head in her lap, feet up on the seat. She leaned forward and the tits fell into his mouth. As he licked them she giggted and slid her hand down to his fly. Pete knew that Lanny could see everything they did. He didn't care. Fuck Lanny.

    Edna unzipped him and got the big cock out. He peered up, watching her stare at it and lick her lips. She wasn't woozy from the drinks, but she was itchy. She massaged the pecker, playing with it, petting it, and then she suddenly slid out from under him, dropping his head to the car seat.

    In the next moment she climbed on him, straddling his body, panting, and worked the big prick up into her. Pete thrust up and buried it warm and deep as she sucked her breath.

    Then she began to bounce and buck over it, fuck ing herself, kissing him happily. Pete held her asj and stabbed her all he could. It was fun. A couplt of times Lanny turned his head and stared at them, but he didn't say anything.

    Pete saw him look at Lilli a few times too, bul she was apparently fast asleep.

    The miles dropped behind them. The afternooA wore on.

    "Roxbury, nineteen miles," Lanny said once. $5 zsrjSF. Asra-.s* r- good… V Jesus, i m gonna come


    The lovely Edna made a pig of herself over his cock. She went into convulsions when the orgasm hit her, and kept jerking and squirming long after it had passed. Pete's long thick prick was so very hard and exciting she wanted to stay impaled on it forever.

    She liked big thick pricks. Not all girls did, she was aware, but she did, and she was all that counted. She had gone with a guy once, Benny, for seven months because of his cock. Benny had been a real.shit, but he had such a big, lovely prick that she couldn't resist it. When he put it in her she forgot everything.

    Lanny, With his average pecker, was a nothing. She liked it when it was in her, driving and ramming, but it didn't hit bottom.

    Pete didn't shoot his wad easy either. Maybe it was because he was used to Lilli's mouth treatment. Lanny had told her at breakfast that Lilli was the craziest cocksucker he had ever-seen and that Monte Carlson ought to know about her. From the far-away look in Lanny's eye, Edna thought he might be planning a way to sell Lilli to Monte.

    That was all right with her, if she could get her hooks into Pete thereby. She wanted to stay close to him where she could sit on his lap, or cradle him in her crotch.

    She slid off Pete finally and went down on the weenie, trying to make him come. He merely lolled, grinning, and let her slobber over it.

    She had to get off it when Lanny said they were coming into town.

    Roxbury was. a fair sized town, busy but not crowded. Pete rolled the window down and gazed out. Edna combed her hair and Lilli yawned, stretching.

    "We c'n stop at a motel I know," Lanny said, "If it's okay with you…?"

    "I d'know a single pisser in this state," Pete said.

    "You know me," Edna said.

    He slapped her rump. "You're a cunt, not a pisser."

    "Don't say that," she pouted.

    Lilli looked over the seatback. "Girls don't like to be called cunts, darling." She smiled sweetly. "Even if they are."

    Edna said, "What the fuck does that mean?"

    Lanny growled, "Knock it off."

    He threaded his way through the streets, seeming to know where he was. It took ten minutes to find the motel, the Kayford. "Johnny Kayford owns this joint. Johnny is an ex-hood, only don't mention it to him, huh?"

    "What kinda hood?"

    "Beer. From the Capone beer days. His wife is a doll named Jill." Lanny glanced at Pete. "You'll like her, boy."

    "Is she a cunt?" Edna asked, looking at Lilli.

    Lanny nodded. "She's a real cunt." He parked the Chev near the office and killed the engine.

    Lanny was right. Jill Kayford was in the tiny office when Pete and Lanny entered. She was surprised to see him.

    "Lanny! Where'd you blow from?" She came round the desk and kissed him, glancing at Pete. She was a honeyblonde, pretty in a kind of tight, hard way. Her dress was so tight across her ass and tits that Pete thought it might split. She wore her hair fluffed, which might account for the hard look to her face, he thought. She had wise eyes, and roving eyes, very like Edna's.

    Lanny introduced them and her handclasp was warm and he thought it lingered. He gave her fingers an extra squeeze and thought he saw an answering glimmer in her eyes. Pete leaned over the desk while she made out the card, and looked down her dress. She gave them a double with two beds.

    Lanny lingered behind to talk to Jill; Pete took the car down to number ten, parked it and unlocked the door. The girls trooped in and Edna sat on the nearest bed.

    "I'm for a shower, anyone want to take it with me?"

    "There's your chance," Lilli said, looking at Pete.

    Edna began to undress, waggling titties, but Pete was still thinking about Jill. How could he get Putzie into that?

    When Edna went into the shower alone, reluctantly, Lilli came over, embracing him, kissing him. "Let's get away from these two," she said. "Huh? Why? Is Lanny getting on your nerves?" "It's not that… "

    "You want me to stop screwing Edna?" Lilli shook her head. "They're kinda shitty people is all."

    Pete chuckled. "Hell, I'm a car thief." "Honey, you're an honest car thief. I think Lanny is vicious-you know what I mean?" She rubbed his cock from force of habit at being so near him. "He's mean and-little." "What about Edna?"

    Lilli shrugged. "She's only a poor damn- cunt." She slid her hand into his pants. "She wants to get away from him too. Why don't you go in and screw her?" "Huh?" "It'll take your mind off Jill," she said, squeez- ing Putzie hard.

    He laughed. "No it won't."

    Lanny came back. "There's a cafe down the block. You all wanna EF or FF?" He polished his glasses.

    Lilli asked, "What's that?"

    "Eat first or fuck first," Lanny explained. "Where's Edna?" "In the shower."

    Lanny went in the bathroom and undressed.

    "Let's SF," Lilli said. She pulled him by the cock over to the bed. Pete laid her out on her back, climbed up to sit on her chest and put his dick into her mouth. He held her head and fucked her between the lips as hard as he could go.

    Edna had fucked him and licked him without making him come. He gave it all to Lilli, a quart of creamy sizzling jism.

    It was very dark outside when they returned from the cafe. Jill was standing outside the office door smoking a cigarette. "Johnny isn't back," she said. "Come in and have a drink."

    Her apartment was just through the office, one very similar to number ten. "Where is he?" Lanny asked.

    "He had to go over to Larrabee. That's about fifty miles north. He might have to stay over. Sit down, I'll get the ice."

    Pete, eyes on her fanny, gathered up glasses and went with her into the kitchen. He lined the glasses up on the sink and found a jigger. Jill had a sweet ass. She had changed her clothes and now wore a tight mini that showed very shapely legs, and a blouse that showed a hell of a lot of tit before the first button. They wobbled when she walked in a manner than made his mouth water. She must be a hell of a lot younger than her husband if he had once worked for Capone. Was she getting the right kind of cock?

    She brushed by him, popping ice into the glasses. "There's some snacks in the icebox."

    "Yours isn't," he said, slapping her butt very lightly.

    She turned and cocked her head at him, smiling slightly. "Watch that kinda talk around Johnny. He's jealous."

    "But he ain't here." Jill glanced at the doorway. The others were in the living room and someone had just switched on music. She sidled closer, the blue, roving eyes darkening, the smile deepening. She pushed her pussy at his hip. "No, he isn't, is he?"

    Pete's hand shook as he poured the liquor. "Man, you gimme a hard-on!"

    Jill snickered. One hand reached around him and darted to his fly. She patted it, pressed it, and her eyes widened. "Oh yeah!? Is that you-is that all you?"

    "No, it's yours, cutie."

    She took a deep breath. Grabbing the cloth-covered cock in strong fingers, she rubbed her cunt up and down on him, up and down. Then she stepped back, staring. Her chest was heaving.

    He said, "You want it, cutie?"

    She picked up the tray of glasses and went out. Pete got the snacks out of the icebox. He couldn't go anywhere till his pecker went down.

    Jill's husband, Johnny, called about an hour later, saying he would have to stay till about noon the next day.

    Edna was drinking steadily, getting louder, wanting to dance… so they moved the partЈ down to number ten. Jill locked the office.

    Edna had been a chorus girl; she wanted to show them the steps, the turns, the routines… she was lovely and flushed, dark hair flying. She took off her skirt, short as it was, because it got in her way. She had magnificent legs. When she did high kicks Pete could see her pussy. She high kicked at both men, giggling.

    "Take 'em off," Pete said, "Take 'em off-"

    Edna stripped down with little urging. Pete feasted his eyes on voluptuous flesh, looking from Edna to the blonde Jill. Occasionally he winked at Lilli. She knew what he was thinking. Lilli had been fighting off Larry all evening.

    The more naked Edna got, the hornier Lanny seemed to get. Lanny grabbed at Lilli's tits and when she pushed his hands off, ran his.hands up her legs. Once he got a finger into her cunt and she squealed, backing off. She didn't appeal to Pete. She could handle Lanny if she wanted to.

    Edna writhed stark naked in the center of the floor, snickering and even singing in a flat voice, doing a very sexy, pussy-rotating dance, having forgotten all about the chorus line.

    She wanted Pete to come and dance with her, but when he did her hands were constantly grabbing at his fly. When he got her hands under control she pushed her cunt at him making coital motions that tightened his jaw.

    Ordinarily he would have had her flat on her back on the bed, but he wanted Jill. He was perspiring hot to get the pecker into her nest.

    Lanny was inspired to dance-but with Lilli. "Come on, for God's sake, have some fun… " He got her up and moving, feeling her ass and rubbing her tits at every opportunity. Pete saw then that Lilli was well oiled. Lilli didn't usually drink a great deal, but she was beginning to loosen. He knew she didn't really mind him screwing Jill, but she wanted him herself.

    Pete stalked her, his prong throbbing. And Jill knew he was after her. Jill downed several quick ones, watching as the snaky Edna wriggled her supple hips and did her dry-fuck. He sat by her and filled her glass, "I got something for you."

    Jill said, "I know what you got."

    "It's itchin'for you."

    She bit her lip. "Johnny would kill me… " "I told you for crissakes, Johnny ain't here."

    Jill finished her drink, fussed with her honey-blonde hair, stared at Edna's'still surging ass and rose. She went into the kitchen. Pete put his glass aside and followed her, glancing toward Lilli. Lilli was laughing now, because Lanny had yanked his cock out and was poking it at her while they danced.

    Jill didn't turn the kitchen light on; he was right behind her, and it all took place in seconds. She wanted it. He knew she wanted it. Pete flipped Putzi out, hard as a railroad tie, and pushed her to the sink. She grabbed the edge, both hands white knuckled, leaned over. He slid the cock under her mini, flicked the panties aside with an expert finger, and centered the meat. He was up into her, driving and pumping, in a second.

    Jill said, "Ohhhhhhhh," in a very low voice.

    He skewered her to the hair and battered her rump with a pair of hard balls, holding her hips tight against him.

    She pushed back, sighing deeply, "Oh, Gawd…".

    Putzie seemed even bigger, fatter, more aggressive. He was nuts for blondes with cute round asses. Pete said, "You feel good… "

    He was ramming her butt when Lanny came in and turned on the light. Lanny was minus his pants and he was weaving, bleary-eyed. He stood still, staring at them stupidly for several seconds.

    Pete snarled, "Haven't you seen anybody screwing before?"

    Lanny harrumped in his throat and backed out. "Shit," Jill hissed. "Now I gotta fuck him too or he'll tell Johnny."

    "I wanna put your ass on a bed… " She said, "Okay… let's go."


    Lanny was screwing Edna on the floor when they went into the living room. The shapely Edna was writhing and rolling, snickering and bucking her pussy at him. Lanny's ass looked like a chip on stormy seas, bouncing, humping, rolling with the swells… Jill giggled, seeing them.

    Lilli was on the couch beside the two humpers, sipping her drink and trailing her fingers along Lanny's naked back. Her eyes were slightly glassy from the whisky and she had a painted-on smile. Pete doubted if she saw him and Jill go past to the bedroom.

    Jill swept off her blouse and skirt in the gloom of the bedroom, turning to help him with his shirt. He kicked out of his pants and the big cock sprang out like a siege gun, loaded and pointed. "Oh Gawd," she said, batting at it with her hands. Putzi swayed heavily, his big knob purple in the dim light, his thick shaft veined. "It's a foot long!"

    He pushed her onto the bed. She sprawled, eyes big. "It's too fucking big!"

    Pete growled at her. "What the hell-you already had it in you." He jumped after her, pushing her legs apart. This was no time for a cunt to get scared. He was on her, fighting her temporary fear, yanking her knees open, slithering between them. She moaned loudly when he jabbed the cock at her crotch.

    "Shut up," he growled, "or I'll jam it up your ass."

    She was wet and slippery in the pussy and her hips were bucking, moving, as she tried to get onto her side. He held her, guided Putzi and thrust. The cock buried itself. Jill moaned, "Oh- Gawd…"He thrust it deeper.

    Then he was on her, fucking it in, holding her, grinning down at her white face. He had it in a yard, jabbing it hard, feeling the warmth of the pussy close around it.

    "Take-it-easy," she breathed.

    "It's in, cutie." He chuckled. "Six pounds of meat delivered to your door. You want it raw or well-done?"

    "Jesus, take it easy. It's so big it's choking me."

    Pete eased up. He had it in deeper this way, and she felt tighter. He kept it alive, moving slowly, in and out. He said, "Put your legs around me."

    She slid them about his body. She was beginning to breathe easier. "That's the biggest cock I ever had in me!"

    He licked her lips, holding her cozily. She was going to get a real fuck for once. "It won't hurt you, cutie. Cunts stretch, y'know." He chuckled. "With this whang there's a lot more to feel."

    "Yeh, I'll say… don't ram me so hard, you're hitting bottom." "Sure, cutie." He fed it to her more gently. "How's that for action?" She smiled. "I think I'm gonna get used to it."

    She opened her mouth when he kissed her, they sucked tongues and he could feel the tension go out of her. 01' Putzie had scared her all right. He had scared Cindy too-for a while. She had been a cute doll he'd picked up while he was driving a truck. Cindy was a hippie type. Long stringy hair, pretty face, hungry. She had been wearing a long dress and a coat when he met her first. And she had nothing under the dress, no panties, no bra. She climbed into the warm cab late one afternoon and he'd said, right out, "You wanna ride, you gotta put out."

    She said, "OK" So he slid his hand up her dress. That's when he found out she had nothing under it. He had jazzed her in the pussy for a bit because there was no way to fuck her. It got him terribly hot. He had to get off the road to lay her. Then she said, "I'll go-down on you, if you want…"

    But when she got his pants open and pulled Putzie out, then she was startled. "Holy shit! Is that a cock or a baseball bat?"

    She wasn't any good at cocksucking; she only licked it up and down for a long time, and sucked on the head of it. When it got dark he stopped at a cafe and fed her. She felt better with her belly full, but she was still scared of the prick.

    He had to hang onto her when they came out of the cafe or she would have run off. He got her back in the cab of the truclTand told her he was going to fuck her and she begged and pleaded.

    But by then he had to have her. The playing around was over. "Spread your legs, cutie…" He put her on the seat, got down in front of her and put the cock in. She cried and wriggled like hell, but it went in. She squirmed so much she made him shoot his wad long before he wanted to.

    It excited him to have a girl struggle-especially when he had her pronged. The more she pushed and churned her hips trying to get away from him the more he fucked it in desperately, getting almost berserk as she cried and fought. So he spurted while wrestling with her, then just held it in deep, moving his ass nice and easy while she calmed down. The jism lubricated her, but Putzie didn't lose much of his girth. He laid her along the seat and kept fucking her. He pushed up her dress and sucked on her titties, a half hour at least, and she was liking it more and more.

    Pretty soon she had an orgasm. After that her fears dissipated. He stopped sucking her tits and began kissing her mouth. She had another orgasm before he did, and one with him. She told him, "I feel like I'm horny for the first time in my life…"

    The cab was high off the roadway; he. pushed the seat back so she could straddle his lap, facing him. They rode that way half the night, with her bouncing on his prick, giggling like a kid with a new toy.

    Jill loosened up good. "I felt split open at first," she said, "now it feels great."

    To test her he pulled it almost out and she lunged forward, squealing and grabbing him, legs like a vise, pulling the cock back into her. "Gawd, don't you dare get up and leave me!"

    He humped in the saddle, pumping the cock happily, "Soon's I saw you I wanted to fuck you"

    "I know you did."

    "Didn't you?"

    She took a breath. "I'm so goddam scared of Johnny. He almost caught me with a guy once and my legs get weak when I think of it."

    "What guy?"

    "Our assistant manager, a young piy named Harry. I guess he wasn't arounoSwhen you came in."

    "Is he a good screw?"

    "Not as good as you." She kissed him deeply. "Harry gets in and out fast… I guess he's scared of Johnny too."

    "You been fucking him right along then?"

    "Jeez, don't tell Johnny… I meet him here'n there." She kissed him, "Stop talking-I'm gonna do it."

    Pete worked up a hot rhythm, guiding himself by her sighs, and she boiled over on schedule. He kept feeding it to her. The bed rocked with the motion, and Jill went into convulsive, greedy contor- tions, hanging onto him like grim death.

    In the middle of it Edna came wandering in and flopped beside them on the bed, giggling as slie realized the nature of the action. Edna was amorous, wanting to kiss him and rub herself on him. It was fun, having two gorgeous dames pushing pussies at him.

    When Jill began to subside, Pete slid off her and onto Edna. Edna gave a glad little cry as she felt his weight and scissored him eagerly. When he fucked it into her she gasped and moaned with pleasure.

    Jill said, "Jeez, you're sure in a hurry to get off…" Then she slid off the bed, bare-ass naked, and went in for cigarettes.

    Edna said, "I wanted t'fuck you hours ago "

    "Me too, cutie. But I hadda get it up her."

    "Make me come."

    He tried. Jill didn't come back. Edna was a writhing, wriggling handful of raw, voluptuous sex. She had been tantalized by Lanny and was wild and lascivious, and hard to satisfy. It was an exciting ten minutes, getting his gun off, and hers too. They boiled over together, ramming and heaving, panting like long distance runners, and Edna giggling like a happy idiot.

    Pete gushed into her, thinking of Lilli's mouth as he did so. He twitched and jerked, embedded deeply in sinuous girl flesh. Edna was one hell of a fuck!

    They were fused together for a long, long time. When he finally eased Putzie out, Edna stirred and mewed, not wanting him to go. Pete padded naked into the living room. There was no one there but Lilli-fast asleep on the couch, stark naked.

    He looked in the bathroom and the kitchen. No Jill and no Lanny. Jill's clothes were gone too.

    He shrugged; she must have gone back to her own apartment, and taken Lanny with her.

    Scooping up Lilli, he carried her to the bed and pulled back the covers. He would sleep between these two delicious pussies tonight. A flesh sandwich. He laid Lilli down and covered her; Edna said, thickly, "Come'n screw me, dammit!"

    And then all hell seemed to break loose.

    There were yells and screams from somewhere outside, shouts and the sound of something breaking, smashing… glass and wood perhaps.

    Pete was jarred into action. He yanked on his pants, put his feet into shoes and pulled on a shirt. Edna said, "What the fuck is that?" Lilli slept on.

    He eased outside, closing the door silently. No sense taking chances… lights were going on all around him, however. The noises seemed to be coming from the office end of the moteL Pete ran lightly down the drive toward the officeJ "What's going on?" a man asked.JAete said he didn't know. Two more pajama-clad, robed men showed up. The office door was open and they went to it. Pete let the others go first. He had an idea now what had happened.

    His idea was right. Johnny Kayford had returned home unexpectedly, and had found Lanny in his bed, fucking his wife.

    Johnny was a big, burly guy, half out of his minds He had smashed in and was still pounding Lanny-they had to pull him off the whipped and horribly beaten man. Pete picked up the phone and called the cops, "Send an ambulance…"

    While the guys were restraining Johnny, Pete got the frightened, whimpering Jill out of bed, out the back door with a robe over her naked shoulders, and took her down the back of the building to number ten. All she could say was, "Oh Gawd, Johnny came home, Johnny came home… "

    "He won't hurt you," Pete assured her, kissing her. It was pitch black in the back of the building. Everyone was around in front. She was shivering, trembling with fright, hanging onto him, scared stiff. It made him horny as hell. He took his cock out, pushed her back up against the building and worked the prick up between her legs.

    She didn't realize what he was doing for a time-she was so scared. He got it in her and thrust it in all the way. She cried, but he fucked her, telling her it was all right.

    It seemed to soothe her after a bit.

    The racket began to die down. Sirens approached, winding down, growling. "It's the ambulance," he told Jill.

    "Don't take me back there…"

    "I won't." He screwed her for a while, listening to the excitement, then he went around the building and into number ten, opened the back door and carried her in. Edna was down with the crowd, gawking. He put Jill in bed beside the passed-out Lilli and got on her.

    He had her nicely soothed by now. Jill wrapped her legs about him and they fucked cozily while the cops took her husband off to the pokey.


    The next morning they got the news on the radio: Johnny Kayford had ass a u 11 e d a man named Lanny Troyer about one-thirty in the morning. The reason for the assault was not clear at this time. Kayford was in city jail, Troyer in the hospital very seriously hurt.

    Edna had a hangover and was eating aspirin. Lilli felt very chipper, grabbing at his cock in the kitchen, "It's sure lucky for me that you weren't in bed with Jill…"

    He patted her ass. It sure was. Jill was crying.

    Pete went down to the office while Lilli made coffee. A young man was repairing] the front office door. He was slim, not handsomje but not ugly, with brown hair and a long race: Pete said, "You must be Harry."

    He was surprised, "Yeh, that's me. How'd you know?"

    "Mrs. Kayford told me." He looked over the damage. Johnny had gone through the door like it was made of paper. He must have heard something from inside that enraged him.

    Jill showed up while he was staring at the mess, and made some kind of fast explanation to Harry. They all went inside and looked at each other. Jill said, "Johnny was a bull when he got sore."

    Pete nodded. She looked good to him, in spite of her pale face. Her big tits were pushing out the dress; he wanted to screw her again, but Harry was there. Damn.

    He went back to number ten and had some coffee with Lilli. They talked about what to do now. Pete kept thinking about fucking Jill. He thought about the back door. Moving casually around the building, he went down the back of the building to Jill's apartment. In the excitement she hadn't latched it again. He opened it silently and slid inside.

    But Harry had beat him to it. Harry had her on the bed, with her naked legs around his body. Pete stood in the doorway and watched him fuck her for a moment. Jill was almost ready to pop her pussy. It gave him a terrible hard-on.

    He went back and pushed Lilli up against the kitchen sink. She grabbed at his fly and unzipped it in an instant. Then he sat on the sink while Lilli went down on him.

    Edna groaned in the bedroom, holding her head.

    Lilli was eager for it and sucked him off in minutes… faster than he would have liked. But then, his mind wasn't on cocksucking.

    "We'd better get out of here," he said, "Before the cops come around questioning everyone. As soon as they get the story they'll be curious… "

    She said, "Can we take Lanny's car?"

    Lilli was a larcenous little cunt. He grinned at her, very pleased. "Yen, why not?" "We could make St. Louis in a couple of days," she said.

    Edna came padding in, staring at Pete's big prick. Lilli was still petting it. Lilli looked at her and put the weenie away. Edna said, "You guys gotta take me too, huh?"

    Lilli frowned.

    "Pete," she begged. "How the fuck can I stay here in this little burg? I can get a job in St. Louie."

    Pete nodded. He wanted to fuck her again, a lot more. "Sure, you can go." He pulled Lilli close and kissed her. "You don't mind, huh, cutie?"

    Lilli shrugged and sighed. "Naw, I don't mind. What's one more cunt?"

    "That's the spirit," Pete said, slapping her butt.

    Edna said, "I wish you wouldn't call me a cunt."

    Pete slid off the sink and patted her rump. "You're sure you're not?"

    Edna sighed. "Yeh, I guess I am. When're we leaving?"

    "In ten minutes," Pete said. • Lanny still had the car keys, so he had to hot wire the Chev. He got the girls piled in and they took off from the motel without saying goodbye to Jill. For all he knew Harry was! still pounding her pussy. \. J Bypassing Pittsburgh, he headed for Columbus.

    "I know a guy in St. Louie," Edna said from the back seat. "He's a good jigger, runs a string of laundromats. I shacked up with him once. He won't forget me."

    "I wouldn't," Pete said, winking at her. Lilli's head was on his shoulder, her left hand resting lightly on his fly.

    "If he won't give me a job, he knows someone who will." "What the fuck you want a job for? Get a guy to fix you up." "Yeah," she said thoughtfully.

    They stopped once for gas and sandwiches, and pulled off the road in a likely, pretty spot with trees and grass, and ate the sandwiches and drank the beer. Afterward he passed around cigarettes and lit them. It was a lovely glade, warm and peaceful with birdsongs.

    Lilli said, "Jeepers this is fun, laying on the grass. I wish we could stay here for years." She put her head in Pete's lap, moving it a bit to make Putzistir.

    Pete looked at the delicious curves of her body, and over to the equally delightful tits half out of Edna's blouse. He said, "It makes a guy horny."

    Edna grinned at him. Her eyes were lovely in the light, golden brown with yellow flecks. Her skin was fresh and creamy. He could feel the ol' pecker rising.

    Lilli turned her head almost lazily. Her hand sneaked up and deftly zipped him down. The cock came out and she put her mouth over it, sucking it all up. Pete glanced at Edna who was watching the entire thing with very bright eyes. He could almost see her heart beating faster.

    Lilli turned on her side and very efficiently began to blow him. She didn't care if Edna watched or not-maybe she got a kick out of it knowing that Edna was watching. Pete let her have it. But he put his arm up and Edna smiled quickly and moved to him.

    One arm went about her black, the other roved over her breasts. When they kissed it was like frantic.

    He opened her blouse; she had a bra on, but she unfastened it and he slipped it off her shoulders and arms. She rolled the tits over his face. Licking them and sucking them, his left hand moved up her thigh, over her rump arid around under her to finger the wet slit. His right hand moved under Lilli and fondled her titties.

    Lilli sucked him steadily and lustfully.

    He let Edna push him slowly down till he was on his back on the shadowed grass. She took one tit out of his mouth and put the other in. And while he was mouthing her, she pushed her panties down, slid them off and tossed them to join the bra. Edna knelt beside him then for long minutes while he sucked hard on her tits, making small delighted sounds in her throat. He worked a hand under her and found her pussy frothy. She was very excited. As he started to diddle her, she suddenly raised up, straddled his chest and let her cunt down di- rectly on his mouth.

    Pete said, "Ahhhh," licked up into it and fucked his cock hard between Lilli's lips.

    Then Edna let herself down atop him, and licked hotly at his cock. In the next second both girls were fighting for it with their mouths. He was sixty-nining with Edna, loving the double-tongue action, feeling her clit hard as a nail.

    For long crazy minutes it was a frantic suck-fest. He knew he was driving Edha wild; she became almost uncontrollably, jerking and writhing over his driving tongue. LiM-had let her capture the head of the prick for a time, but she lost it when she erupted into a sudden flaming orgasm.

    Lilli sucked him over the edge then-she was extremely agitated herself. Pete's stupefied jerking when he came yanked the spitting cock from her lips. The hot jism spewed over both girls. Edna, twitching helplessly from her mad sensations, could only open her lips and lick at the gobs. Lilli managed to recapture the spurting organ, to gobble the rest under Edna's glassy eyes.

    They continued to suck each other for long es-static moments. Edna fell over on her side at last, but Lilli never faltered, loving the meat as much as at the beginning.

    In late afternoon they went back to the car and Lilli continued to caress the velvet spike with sweet, coral lips and seductive tongue. She curled along the seat, head in his lap, mouthing him steadily and cozily. Edna huddled in the back, falling sound asleep to the rhythm of the car.

    An hour after dark they came to Waverly; they drove about the town, with Edna yawning in the back and Lilli sitting up, combing her hair demurely.

    It was a small town by big town standards, but it was spread out between rolling hills. He pulled in at a comfortable-looking motel next to a trucking yard. Pete signed for a room and drove the car to the port next to the stucco building and unlocked the door. Edna fell onto the bed.

    They had dinner at a nearby cafe and Pete drew water and got into the tub to soak. Lilli came in to soap him and play with Putzi. Edna came in and took a shower. After the shower she did her nails and fiissed with her hair, all stark naked next to him, while he gazed at her curves and nooks and got a fine erection.

    He got out of the tub, dried himself and pulled Edna to the next room and laid her on the bed. She squealed when he got on her. She Wrapped her legs about him and they fucked like two crazy new-lyweds.

    Lilli watched them and bit her lips.

    She got a cigarette out, lit it, then went over and turned on the radio-the room supplied radios but no TV. For a time the rhythmic squeaking of the bedsprings kept time to the music. Lilli sat with her back to the bed… not that she was jealous of Edna, but she did want Putzi to herself.

    Now and then it made her feel bad that Pete liked to fuck Edna so much. She told herself it was no reflection on her, that Pete was just naturally horny and that Edna was just naturally curvy and cuddly. There was something about Edna that straightened out his pecker… maybe it was the way Edna was always pooching out her cunt and shoving it at him.

    A news broadcast came on and a voice said that the police were looking for the car of the man who had been assaulted, Lanny Troyer. There were unanswered questions.

    Lilli said, "Hey, you hear that?"

    Pete had stopped the cock action, a sure sign he was disturbed. He was staring at the radio.

    Edna said, "Maybe they got the license number."

    Pete blinked. "Yeah, Lanny could have given them the number." His ass moved automatically, in and out. "We gotta change the plates. What time is it?"

    "Ten," Lilli said. She went over and sat on the bed by them. "He could describe the car."

    "It looks like any Chevie," Edna said.

    Pete frowned, still screwing. "It's got bumps and dents in it. Lilli's right. We gotta get rid of the boiler. I'll take it somewheres and ditch it Even if we switch plates some smart cop could pick us up,"

    He rammed Edna hard for a minute, "Squeeze me, cutie."

    "Why not take the bus?" Lilli asked. "They can't watch all the fucking bus stops in the country."

    Pete nodded, "Yeah, good idea… "

    "We could get on separately," Lilli said. "The bus, I mean."

    Pete looked round at her. "Knock it off, cutie. Lemme finish m'work. I can't concentrate with all that yackinV Edna giggled, churning her hips.

    Lilli went back to the radio, listening to the bedsprings dancing. The tempo increased, and in a few minutes she glanced over her shoulder to see them both jerking in orgasms. Her own coozie was a little wet. She sighed, well there was nothing she could do about it if he liked Edna's pussy that much. Grin and bear it. Of course she knew he was still bananas about her.

    Pete went into the bathroom to piss, and Lilli followed him in and held it. Then she washed it off and let him put it away. He was thinking and hardly noticed.

    He went out into the night; they heard the car start and drive away.

    Edna said, "Don't be sore at me, Lilli."

    "I'm not sore."

    "He's not in love with me or anything. It's just that I got something he wants."

    Lilli laughed shortly. "Every female has got something Pete wants." She motioned, "Right here between the legs. Don't worry, I'm used to it. Screwing girls don't hurt him any."

    Edna said, "You're a good kid, Lilli." "Yen, sure I am."

    "You knew about Lanny, huh? He'd suck a cock you know. He swung both ways…"

    Lilli shrugged, "So?"

    Edna licked her lips. "Well, I-you know-I don't know you very well, I dunno if…" "If what?"

    Edna took a breath. "Well, Pete's really your boyfriend, and I'm kind of barging in, so I thought I'd offer, in case you wanna suck me off or anything… you can have it if you want."

    Lilli snickered, then laughed. She went over and patted Edna's shapely bottom. "Thanks, honey. You're all heart. But I'm just a man-eater."

    Edna sighed. "I'm just try in' to be friendly."

    Pete returned in less than an hour. He had ditched the Ghev a couple of miles away, he said, after rubbing it good for prints.

    "We're low on dough," he said. He counted the bills in his wallet. Lilli had no money, some small change; Edna had some change and three dollars. "We got less than forty bucks all told."

    Lilli signaled to Pete and went into the bathroom. They closed the door. Lilli said, "Listen, let her go by herself. She won't starve, not with her pretty ass."

    Pete grinned. "You don't like her, huh?"

    She grabbed his fly with both hands. "Okay, maybe I want this all for me. A girl gets hungry."

    "You want it now?"

    She unzipped him and cuddled Putzi in warm hands as he kissed her. He kissed her like he meant it and it sent shivers up her back. Pete was a shit, but she was nuts about him. He held her very tightly and kept kissing her, or she would have slid down to the meat.

    Edna- rattled the knob. "Hey, what're you doing in there?"

    "Fucking," Pete said.

    Edna giggled. "Can I play too?"

    Pete looked at Lilli who sighed in a resigned way. Pete gave her one last kiss, opened the door and went out with Lilli hanging onto the long hardening weenie. Edna blinked fast on seeing it.

    But Lilli followed Pete to the bed and grabbed the cock in her mouth. Pete grinned at Edna. He sat in the middle of the bed and Lilli curled up between his legs sucking hard and deep. "You gotta take turns, girls."

    Edna came onto the bed in a swirl of skirts and legs. He grabbed her by the tits. They kissed lin-geringly and his busy hand roved to her crotch. It was an exciting thing, having two sex-bombs all to himself. Such had never happened to him before. And now it was the usual thing between them, a three-way fling. It was the living end.

    Pete laid back, pulling Edna with him, pawing at her breasts till she rolled over with a laugh and unfastened them, blouse and bra, and shook the titties out, giggling, thrusting them into his face. "Oh Gawd, suck me… "

    Lilli rolled with him, really working on Putzi. She was trying to make him blow and he knew suddenly that it wouldn't take long. It doubled him up, trying to hold out. He yelled at Lilli, "Easy, for crissakes, make it last!"

    Lilli chuckled in her throat, hot for it, unable to talk around the big cock. She was noisy about it.

    Pete had to release Edna, twisting Lilli over onto her back, then sitting on her chest and fighting her for the cock. "Don't make me come, you goddam cocksucker!"

    Lilli stopped at once. She opened her mouth and let him have it. Instantly Pete was contrite. He curled around and kissed her, "I'm sorry… I'm sorry, cutie… "

    Edna said, "Sorry for what?"

    "Don't call me a cocksucker," Lilli whispered.

    "If you suck cocks," Edna said, then paused when Pete frowned at her. Edna shrugged, took the rest of her clothes off and sat looking down at her tits. Pete was soothing Lilli, and not using the big dick to do it; Edna scooted down and began to lick it. If you suck cocks, you're a cocksucker, she thought.

    Pete took it away from her. It took him a second to roll Lilli over again and slither between her thighs. Lilli gasped when he threw his weight onto her. He thrust upward and she yelped as the pecker caught. It impaled her to the hair in his first lunge.

    Lilli breathed, "Ohhh, honey_" Her sleek legs wrapped around him in a flurry and she fucked her ass up to meet his thrusting. They were humping frantically in seconds.

    Edna watched them go, rubbing Pete's ass with her hand.

    The wild spasm tapered off in a few moments, and Pete began to pump her steadily. Lilli had her breath back, breathing hard, but happy, and grim ning at Edna.

    Edna didn't know why she did it-she leaned over and kissed Lilli on the mouth.

    Pete fucked her steadily for a long time, not trying to come or to make her come. Lilli didn't come easily that way anyhow. He was screwing her just to be cozy and show that he loved her. You could let a doll like Lilli suck your pecker all Jay long, but she didn't really know if you loved her unless you fucked her now and then.

    It was really cozy. Edna snuggled up next to them, all naked and warm, with her lovely ass in gear, rubbing her cunt on them. Kissing them. Pete would kiss Lilli, then kiss Edna, and both of them would giggle and writhe.

    He slid his arm around Edna, hugging her as close as it was physically possible. He was fucking one and playing with two, and he was surprised at how hot the girls got. The snickering and kissing got very heated, to the point where all three were kissing in a tongue-lashing spree, so that it was almost impossible to tell who was who. Pete was amused to see that the girls were kissing each other almost as much as kissing him. Especially Edna, she seemed to go after Lilli's mouth.

    In the middle of all the writhing, he slid off Lilli and onto Edna. She moaned aloud as the cock went deep into her.

    Lilli said, "Oh shit!" very loud and they all laughed.


    It felt different to be screwing Edna. Not necessarily better, but different. Edna's body was different, her legs were longer, but her tits were not quite as large as Lilli's. All dames were not the same. That's what made it exciting.

    Edna said, "Oh, baby, you've come home to me at last."

    Pete grunted, ramming it in deep. Lilli rolled to them as Edna had done, and he put his arm about her and kissed her.

    Then he felt the cunt tension. Edna had a way of squeezing a cock that was delicious. He would never get tired of boffing Edna. It helped of course that she was such a supple, curvy piece of ass. When he was on her, she moved up and down, sideways and around. She undulated and bucked it up at him, all at the same time.

    He liked to look at her lovely face too, inches from his. He loved to screw a pretty girl… like Lilli. Part of the sensational feeling he got from being sucked off by Lilli was the fact that she was so pretty.

    He hated to screw plain women. Although he had.

    He recalled Audrey. Audrey had not been a pretty girl. He'd met her in the park, one of those parks out on the edge of Chicago. He was looking for a smash and grab at the time. Anyhow, he was crossing the park when he noticed her. She was sitting on the grass, in a kind of circle of waist-high shrubs and plants, and he hadn't seen her till he was very close.

    He stopped then, and stared. She was alone, a young girl, sitting in the sun with her blouse off… and bra off! He stared at her bare tits, and they were worth a second or third look.

    She just looked back at him and made no move to cover herself. She let him look his fill. So he went closer, to see if maybe she was naked, but she wasn't. She had a mini on, bare legs.

    She said, "See anything you like?"

    He grinned at her. "You sure got great boobs."

    "Thanks." She waggled them and grinned.

    He sat in front of her. "What's your name?"

    "Audrey, what's yours?"

    "Bob." He wondered if she'd fuck. His cock was stirring. Up close the titties looked even better.

    She said, "I'm just getting some sun."

    "Yeah, I see." The tits were just about perfect- round, firm and heavy, with rosy areolas and little acorn nipples. He noticed the nipples were hard.

    "Man, they're sure great boobies," he said again.

    Audrey giggled at him. She was a very plain girl, freckles, not the least bit pretty, but a great body. She was naked to the waist, a strip of mini, then naked to the toes. Very damned shapely. He had a monstrous hard-on.

    He unzipped his pants then, very quickly, and took the cock out. It stuck up like a huge swollen weenie; it boggled her. Her eyes bugged out.

    "I jus' wanted some sun," he said.

    Audrey gasped, staring at it. But she smiled and her eyes got murky. He glimpsed the tip of her red tongue between her lips. He let her feast her eyes on it.

    Then she looked around, all around. He looked too. There were people sitting on the grass some distance away, with kids playing with toys; others sitting on distant benches, some strolling, but no one near them.

    Audrey said, "Okay, you wanna see mine?"

    She opened her legs and he was staring at her pink cunt.

    Then he crawled to her. She just laid back and let him climb on. Her legs went up and he felt down to the slit, finding it moist, and guided the dragon to its lair. When it oozed in she said, "Ummmmmmm," and closed her legs about him.

    He fucked her in a flurry, then real slow*-then hard, then steadily and deep. She was a great screw. She clung to him and breathed, "Oh yeah," in his ear now and then, and he made her pop the cookies in about five minutes. After that he couldn't remember how many times she popped.

    He blew the wad. They paused to have a cigarette and rest up. He played with the wonderful tits, sucking them and licking them, then he got on and fucked her again.

    She said, "Gee, I didn't expect this when I came out here…"

    He said, "I'm Santy Claus-in the summertime." Pumping her hard and fast.

    She said, "You're gonna give me a present in a sec…"

    He thought of a funny thing to say, "I got my present in your box."

    Audrey laughed. She was a good, plain kid. She could fuck like a mink. He took her address, promised to come and see her. But he never did.

    He made Edna come. She almost screamed when she blew it, jerking like a fish out of water. Pete kept feeding her the cock, hard and steady, and after a bit she subsided, gasping for breath, "Oh Gawd-it gets better-"

    He liked a dame who appreciated Putzi. Lilli licked into his ear, whispering, "Lemme have it now, honey."

    He rolled off the still trembling Edna and let Lilli curl around it. Lilli snuggled right up into his crotch, pushing his legs wide apart and began to suck it lovingly. "Watch me," she said.

    He put his head on a pillow and smiled at her. What a beautiful coeksucker.

    After a bit Edna roused herself, sat up and got the cigarettes off the dresser. She lit two and nestled close to him with her tits hanging so he could lick them if he wanted to, and they watched Lilli suck him off.

    In the morning, after breakfast, they counted their money again. Pete knew they had to come to a decision. He also knew both girls were willing to accept his ideas. He sat them down in the motel.

    "We'll have to do the pussy-hit," he said.

    Edna blinked. "What the fuck is a pussy-hit?"

    He told her. "I'll go look the bars over and select one. You two lay low here." They agreed to that.

    Edna went in and took a shower when he left. She came out stark naked, patting herself with the towel. "Jeez, I wish he hadn't gone…"

    Lilli asked, "Why?"

    "I'm horny. That's why." She went over to the couch where Lilli was sitting. She stood in front of Lilli till Lilli looked up at her.

    "Jazz me…?" Edna said.

    "With what. «.?"

    "Jeez, with your finger."

    Lilli looked down at the curly brown hair. She could see the beginning of the snatch. Edna's skin was like creamy silk and she felt herself stirring. Lilli was not a sheltered miss; she knew that girls licked and sucked each other for fun… and she knew first hand what fun it could be. She had cut a slice of lesbian pie in the past, with a girl aamed Gerry, an AC-DC swinger. Gerry had aieaked up on her one night, wanting to play. So ihe'd let Gerry wallow in her crotch, and it had been good. (Jerry had come back for a second helping and they had eaten each other, which had also been good, but to Lilli it would always run second to a good Putzi-type pecker.

    She had also been had by another young miss named Lucille, who was happily married, but had proved to swing in both directions. Lucille was a friend of a friend and had dropped by her flat one afternoon and had managed in a very slick fashion to get her head up between Lilli's thighs. Lucille had tongue-fucked her half silly, then had taken a dildo from her purse, strapped it on and proceeded to fuck her in that manner which gave Lucille mighty kicks.

    So when Lilli stared at Edna's twat, naked and inviting, she thought of the fun she'd had with Gerry and Lucille.

    Edna too, saw something in Lilli's dark eyes that had not been there before. With a cat-like smile Edna moved closer… very much closer. She climbed on the couch as Lilli leaned back, and opened her satin legs, straddling Lilli's body, placing the delectable morsel at Lilli's lips.

    Lilli licked it.

    When the moist tongue touched it, Edna jerked, but she continued to thrust the cunt out and as Lilli's mouth closed over it, Edna began a slow rotating movement with her supple hips, moving the pussy very smoothly and gently against Lilli's mouth.

    "Ohhhh, Jeezis…" she breathed, feeling the tantalizing tongue. Lilli knew exactly where to lick.

    After the first few tentative mouthings, Lilli glued her lips to the pussy and began to tongue-fuck Edna. Edna put both elbows on the back of the couch to support her weight and moved her crotch in coital lunges, gentle but thorough. Closing her eyes, she waited for the orgasm to come and embrace her.

    Dozens of men, and a few women, had spent hours between her flawless thighs pursuing sensations. With some men she had never enjoyed sex any other way. They went down on her, gloriously and at length, and never asked for anything else. Even if she suggested fucking.

    Lilli's long, well-trained tongue brought her to the brink and then would not push her over. Edna's lissom ass went into a sinuous jogging, trying to fuck her way to the spasm… but Lilli cleverly teased her and tortured her, withholding the final diddle till Edna was almost berserk with lust and sex fever.

    Then, at the screaming end, Lilli oozed one finger into Edna's anus and drove her over the slithering, maddened edge with wild cunt-sucking. Edna moaned like death was upon her. Her body shuddered and she collapsed, unable to hold herself up, but Lilli followed her crotch, never losing the squishy cunt, lapping up the cream, delivering the pain-pleasure to Edna's jerking body.

    Edna fell full length along the couch and Lilli slipped to her knees on the floor, sucking hotly. She continued to lick the pulsing cunt for a very long time.

    And at last Edna opened her heavy eyes, looking down at the subtly mouthing Lilli. "Jesus, nobody's ever done me that good."

    Lilli giggled into the pussy and slowly removed her anal digit. Edna sighed.

    Edna said, "Lemme do it to you…" She sat up, reaching for Lilli and pulling her close to the still-hard nipples, kissing Lilli's cheek.

    Lilli said, "I came when you did."

    "Let me kiss it."

    Giggling, Lilli slid onto the couch and opened her legs. Edna went to the floor, pushed between Lilli's legs, sucked her lips over the dark crotch and mouthed it voraciously. Lilli yelled with the intense sensation. "Jesus H. Christ!"

    "I'm sorry, honey…" Edna looked up grinning, face wet.

    Lilli leaned forward, took Edna's face in both hands and kissed her mouth. "That's a flower," she said, "not a fucking saxophone."

    Edna tittered, playing with the cunt, licking Lilli's lips, kissing-her again and again. "Open your blouse, I wanna kiss your tits."

    Lilli unfastened the blouse, still kissing Edna, and squirming as Edna's playful finger frigged her. She was wearing no bra. Lifting a smooth heavy breast, she brought it to Edna's lips. And she watched raptly as Edna sucked it lovingly. And continued…


    By the time Pete returned from his bar survey they had sorted themselves out, not willing to learn what his reaction would be to their sudden passion.

    Pete didn't notice a thing. He lit a cigarette, sat on the couch and filled them in. He had investigated five bars in the vicinity, three of which would do. "Three of 'em have some class, the others are for beer drinkers."

    "I'm scared," Lilli said.

    He kissed her. "I'll be right there, cutie. No thin's gonna happen." He patted her boobs. "There's only one thing."

    "What's that?"

    "You gotta pick a guy with dough. Otherwise I'll be socking some jerk for ten bucks… you get what I mean?"

    Lilli's eyes clouded, "How'll I do that?"

    Pete shrugged. "You got to get some guy hot for your pussy. Then, when he's all hard and twitchin', you let him know he can have what he wants-for a price. Say fifty clams."

    Edna said, "Jeez, fifty bucks?" "In this burg?" Lilli said.

    Pete was patient. He smiled and rubbed Lilli's breasts caressingly. "Cutie, you are a real special chunk-you know that?"

    "Yeh, she is," Edna said.

    Pete nodded, still fondling Lilli. "You are better than any broad in this fucking town. As a matter of fact I'm gettin' a throbbing horn just doin' this."

    Lilli giggled.

    "All right. You get this poor slob hard in the pecker, and so he wants to jump on you so bad he can taste it. But you have to see if he's got any dough before you go out in the night with him.


    "Right," Edna said. Pete winked at Edna, reached out and lightly pinched her nearest titty.

    "Yeh, I see…." Lilli said. "And if he hasn't got much?"

    "Drop the fucker like a hot rock. Go get someone else." Lilli sighed, "I don't actually have to fuck him, do I?"

    "Course not. I told you. I'll be right there to slug the sombitch as soon's you lead him to me. You bring the guy here."

    "What if he's got a closer place?"

    "Sure, go there. Remember, I'll be right behind you."

    "Don't kill him."

    "I won't. Remember, your main job is to pick out a guy with dough. Get a good look at his wallet before you leave with him." Pete looked at Edna speculatively. "To make the price as good as possible, tell the slob there's two of you to work him over."

    Edna snickered. "Yeah, good idea." "Tell 'im anything you want," Pete said, squeezing her tits warmly. "Just pick a guy with dough." He opened her blouse and pulled her close, licking them, one after the other. He was so full of his plan he didn't notice they were already red from Edna's mouth.

    Edna said, "When're you gonna do it?" "Tomorrow night," Pete said. "Let's go to bed." Pete slept in the middle-after screwing Edna and letting Lilli have the rest of the meat, and all the goodies she could coax from it.

    They slept late in the morning, talked about the plan all afternoon, even walked to the three bars to look them over, and returned to the motel to get naked on the bed and play three-way games till dark, Lilli sat at the bar, sipping an old fashioned, when the guy came in and looked at her. He was a guy in a grey suit, polished shoes and manicured hands. He had a beefy face, but. he wasn't fat.

    Lilli saw him glance at the bartender and indicate her. She saw the barman shrug slightly, meaning he didn't know who she was. After a bit the guy came and slid onto the stool beside her. It was the classic approach.

    She looked at the clock on the bar; she'd been sitting there for seven minutes. The bar wasn't crowded, but even so she was surprised that it had taken so long. Pete had told her they would flock to her.

    The guy in the grey suit bought her another drink and she talked to him. When he invited her to a booth, she went with him. He sat beside her, his thigh against hers. She wanted to suck his cock. He seemed like a very nice guy. It was all she could do to keep her hands off his leg.

    It took him about ten minutes to get around to what he wanted-screwing her. Lilli encouraged him, smiled dazzlingly at him? let him cop a feel. Then he said, "Let's go to my place."

    She brought up the subject of dough. He said he had lots. She wanted to see it. "I come high, honey."

    He sighed and showed her some. He had a wallet packed with bills. Lilli reached over his, leg and squeezed his dong.

    Then he had to sit still for a few minutes so the hard would wear off. In the interval she learned his name was Frank.

    When he could walk without his pecker poking out, they went outside. It was very dark and she couldn't see Pete anywhere. Well, she wasn't supposed to, she reflected. He would trail them so the sucker wouldn't know he was being trailed.

    "I've got an apartment just down the street," Frank said. He led her out of the light, down the sidewalk. Away from the bar and the main street, it was dark and shadowy. Frank paused in the first shadowy place and kissed her. To keep him interested, Lilli pressed herself close and kissed him like she meant it. It took his breath away.

    Then she grabbed his cock and massaged it. She wanted to suck on it. She unzipped him and he sucked in his breath.

    "Wait'll we get to the goddam apartment, honey."

    She handled it, with both hands. He had a nice one. She. didn't want to let go. So they walked to the apartment with her hanging onto it. By the time they got there, Frank was in a white heat and Lilli was so horny she had forgotten about Pete. Frank stopped now and then, got his hand up her skirt and frigged her. He even tried to put her back against a tree and work it up her.

    Afraid someone would see them, Frank took her around in back. They went in the back door and started up the stairs.

    But Lilli boiled over. She had to have that big cock!

    She stopped him, slid down and took it in her mouth. Frank said, "Oh, Jesus!" He slid down the wall and sprawled, legs splaying, staring at Lilli who was frigging him with crazy lips in a manner he had never known before. It was no contest. Lilli sucked him off in minutes, gobbling him, gulping it down, frigging and milking the pecker for all of it, every drop of it, draining him from toes to hair roots.

    She kept sucking it, although Frank moaned and trembled after the first five minutes. She wanted to get it hard and do it all over again.

    And then, when her own paroxysms faded, she began to realize that she had fucked up the entire job. Pete wasn't here to clobber the sucker because Pete didn't know they had come around in the back. She was supposed to have taken him in the front so they could be seen. She stopped sucking and looked up at him. "Oh, shit!"

    He said, "What's the matter?" She said, "The dough."

    He thought she meant payment for the blow job. Wearily he reached for his wallet and counted out a twenty. "Is that enough?"

    She shook her head, fingering the limp weenie, looking at the rest of his dough.

    He said, "Honey, that was undoubtedly the best blow I ever had, but it's not worth more than twenty bucks."

    "We haven't finished."

    Frank smiled wanly and sighed. "I'm finished, honey."

    She bit her lip, staring up at him. She had forgotten that all men weren't like Pete, who had a permanent erection.

    "Gimme your phone number," he said, putting the wallet away, "I'll wanta see you again, honey."

    Reluctantly she let go the cock and rose. Turning, she ran down the steps as he yelled at her. She had really fucked it up! And all they had was a twenty. She wadded it up in her hand and ran down the street.

    Pete was sore. She met him on the dark street and gave him the money. "He took me around in back and I couldn't do anything about it…!"

    He was sore, but he cooled down. The guy was stronger than she was, and he knew she had tried.

    Lilli was a good kid. He fingered the twenty. "Wha'd you have to do, cutie?" She sighed and leaned against him. "Well, you know… "You blew him, huh?" She nodded. "Did he fuck you?"

    She shook her head. An idea came to her. "He said he had lots of dough, but he didn't."

    "The sonofabitch," Pete said. "Guys take advantage of girls. Come on, let's go back."

    She was relaxed, with Pete taking it so well. Half way back, on a dark street, she stopped him and kissed him. "Thanks for not getting sore." "Shit, I know you didn't wanna do it that way." She said, "Jeez, you're a good guy, honey." She unzipped him and got Putzi out in both hands. It only took a minute to get him stiff. She was still horny as hell.

    "Can I have it?" she begged. "Sure, cutie…. " He backed against a fence and lit a cigarette, glancing around as Lilli knelt in front of him and went to work excitedly.

    It was too bad the pussy-hit hadn't come off. Of course Lilli wasn't a whore; he couldn't expect her to be as hard-boiled about sex as a whore would be, or be able to handle guys with hard-ons like a whore would. Lilli was a beautiful little doll, with a wild compulsion, and maybe the guy had realized it. It was hard to tell. If he had, he might have taken Lilli around the back, as she had said, and shoved his cock into her mouth. Lilli wouldn't have been able to refuse him then. She'd have sucked him off, just as she did.

    He knew then she was the wrong one. He should have sent Edna to lure the guy. Edna fucked like a goat, but she wasn't compulsive about it like Lilli was about cocksucking. Yen, he should have sent Edna.

    Anyhow, he hated to have strange guys shoving their pricks into Lilli's mouth.

    He winced and writhed as he began to get close. Lilli could suck the stuff out of a windmill. He stared down at her, marvelling again how Lilli could take so much of the cock into her mouth. He had only met one other dame who had been able to do that… Marge, a long time ago.

    Marge had been the wife of a friend, Joey Man-dell, who had arranged for him to get a truck driving job once. About the time he started driving the truck, Joey had married Marge. Pete had met her plenty of times, and once had been to a party at Joey's house and had daneed with Marge in the wee hours… everyone was dancing very close in the half darkness. Joey was drunk.

    Pete had got a huge hard-on, of course, while dancing. Marge had felt it and had pushed herself at it, snickering softly and biting his ear. Then, as the party was fading out, she had led him furtively to an unused room where she had investigated the big bulge in his pants, finding it pure prick.

    He sat on a chair and pulled her down onto his lap and the spike had gone into her a yard or more. Marge loved it, but she loved it more when she slid off his lap and went down on it. Big as it was, she could take the entire thing into her mouth just as Lilli did.

    Marge was itchy for his cock and made it easy for him to exercise it in the next few months. She was the first one who had ever swallowed his cock whole. She was different to him. She was more cock crazy than most girls he had known. He recalled that sometimes Joey complained that Marge damn near killed him… and now he knew what Joey meant. Pete would watch Marge's eyes go murky when he gushed down her throat.

    It had all ended when Joey had changed jobs and had taken Marge off to some strange city. He had certainly missed her.

    He watched Lilli blowing him, thinking about Marge, but not missing her anymore. Lilli was better than Marge, and more loving. Lilli loved a cock while she mouth-fucked it. Marge had usually attacked it in headlong passion, trying to make the cock spout as fast as possible. Lilli only did that when she was so itchy she couldn't stand waiting.

    She made him come, jerking his shoulders against the fence, trembling and quaking with the sensations she sucked out of him. She cooed to the cock, whispering to it, telling it that it was a sweet thing, a delicious thing…

    He let her moon over it for long minutes before he lifted her to her feet. She sagged against him, having booted one also.

    He kissed her, "Feel better?"

    "Uh huh." She clung to him. "Take me home an' screw me, huh?" He promised, wondering why she suddenly wanted that.


    They got the bus early next morning, all of them half asleep, but eager to quit the town. Pete bought tickets to Columbus and they settled down to let the scenery slide by.

    Edna had been nervous about the night's adventure. She had drunk half a bottle when they had gone and was drunk when he had returned with Lilli. She was so happy to see them, she had been almost hysterical, kissing them both over and over again… and so he had got horny and had fucked her on top of the bed with Lilli soothing her and kissing her.

    The two girls were getting on better, he realized. They didn't make smart cracks or dig at each other anymore. He attributed this to.his own powers of persuasion, and to the fact that he kept them both well fucked and well sexed.

    He slept, with Lilli's head on his shoulder. She was constantly reaching for Putzi, and he had to restrain her lest the other passengers get wrong ideas. He held both her hands when he slept for fear he should wake and find her sucking him with the entire bus looking on. Lilli probably wouldn't mind.

    In the middle of the afternoon they reached Greenfield and got out to stretch and pee. There was a cafe at the bus stop; he ordered food while the girls refreshed themselves. Greenfield was a large town. He bought a paper and discovered the cops were still interested in the guy who had raped the broad in New York City.

    It made shivers go up and down his spine. Shit, the cops oilght to forget it. It hadn't hurt her any… as a matter of fact she had enjoyed it. He wondered if she told the cops he had made her pop her pussy.

    They had sandwiches at a counter, and coffee; the girls looked a little tired. Edna whispered that she was horny. He told her to save it, it wouldn't go to waste. Lilli finished her coffee and wandered out to buy a magazine to read on the bus. She came back in a hurry, eyes wide. "Honey, the cops are looking over the bus!"

    Pete felt his face flush. His heart began to thump "Siddown," he told her, "act natural." He pushed the paper at her. Edna was biting her lips, her lovely dark eyes were scared. "Order more coffee," he told them. "I'll be right back."

    Pete made his way, roundabout, to a window where he could look out at the wide drive where three busses were parked. Their bus was nearest the door. Lilli was right. There was a uniformed cop inside the bus, walking slowly down the aisle, looking around. There was another guy, stocky, hat pulled down, cop-looking, who was talking to the bus driver.

    As he watched, a third plain-clothes man appeared and joined the two. Pete thrust both hands into his pants pockets and drifted back into the cafe. He paid the tab and motioned to the girls; they rose and followed him dutifully. He led them slowly out of the terminal, by a side door, trying to look inconspicuous. No one stopped them. Across the street from the terminal was a cheap-looking hotel, the Glenmar. It was crowded in between a dry cleaning place and a joint, the Dixie Bar. Pete paused before a show window; Edna came up on one side, Lilli on the other. They both clung to his arms, Lilli was trembling.

    "I dunno if they're looking for us," Pete said in a low voice. "But we can't take chances. Those fuckin' cops got keys on their jails." "Maybe they'll go away," Edna said.

    Pete shook his head. "Come on." He led them across the street, then paused near the hotel. "Edna, you go in and get a room." He handed her the overnight bag that Lilli still clutched. Edna had one just like it. "You put the bags in the room, then come back out and tell us the number. We'll slide up there later."

    Edna nodded, took both bags firmly and marched into the lobby.

    Pete watched her from the sidewalk. There were a couple of old-timers sitting in chairs, staring at the street. A woman in a brown coat with a hat that looked like leather, with leather flowers, was reading a newspaper. There was no one else in the small lobby but the clerk. He was young.

    Pete was easily fifty feet from him, but he saw the clerk's eyebrows go up when he saw Edna. The clerk smiled as Edna leaned over the desk. He gave her a card to sign, looking down the neck of her dress, and came around and put her bags into the elevator.

    She went upstairs and the clerk stood looking at the elevator door for a minute. He probably hadn't seen ass like that for a long time, Pete thought.

    Edna came down in less than ten minutes. She met them on the sidewalk. "I think I can keep that clerk occupied till you can get to the stairs." She had changed her blouse and wore a square-necked one. It was a very low-necked one. "I left my bra upstairs."

    Pete grinned. "Yen… what's your room number?" "409." She gave him the key.

    They watched from the sidewalk. Edna went in, leaned over the desk toward the young clerk, and Lilli giggled. They could see the lad's face get red. Edna moved down the counter with the clerk following like a hound on a leash. When his back was to the stairs, Pete and Lilli walked in and up the stairs.

    There was nothing to it.

    Edna came in, snickering, five minutes later. "I think he came all over his desk."

    Pete went over and kissed her, patting her butt. "You did great, cutie. Tell 'im you want the room for a week. Then they won't come busting in every day."

    It was a small, brown room with two windows facing south. They could see a great deal of the town, and a curve of river, glimmering in the distance. Edna said, "I'm still horny."

    "You deserve a good screwing," Pete said. He unzipped his pants and kicked off his shoes. Lilli watched with bright eyes as Putzi danced out, already long and stiffening. He slid out of his pants and Edna was naked first, sprawling on the double bed, grinning at him, rubbing her lovely flat belly.

    "Lock the fucking door," Pete said. Lilli did so, watching him climb onto the bed. She sighed deeply, seeing Edna lick the big cock up and down then take it into her mouth to suck. Pete grinned and beckoned to Lilli who ran to the bed. "Give Lilli some," he said.

    Pete was on his knees with Edna sitting in cock-sucking position. She relinquished the prong as Lilli dived at it. Pete grit his teeth, feeling the crazy tongue action. Lilli crowded up close beside Edna, sucking him furiously.

    "Now Edna," Pete said. Reluctantly, Lilli let the prick slide out of her mouth; she watched bright-eyed as Edna received it and began to suck. She looked lovingly up at Pete, rubbing his butt. He pulled it from Edna's mouth and pointed it at her. Lilli swallowed it to the hair and Pete moaned in sheer delight. He suddenly began to fuck it between her lips.

    Edna said, "You promised to screw me… "

    Pete was breathing hard. "Yeh, yeh… " He pushed Lilli down flat on the bed, then scooped up her head, holding it as she continued to pump the tumid cock into her mouth.

    Edna knew she had lost that round. She scurried around behind Pete, feeling under him to rub and massage his balls. She began to kiss and lick his buttocks. Pete moaned in sweet misery, leaning forward. Edna pushed her face up under him and began licking his anus frantically, thrusting her tongue into it, feeling his mounting excitement.

    She was squirming half atop Lilli to get at him. She worked her pussy over Lilli's leg and squeezed Lilli's breasts with her hands.

    Pete was suddenly powerless to prevent it-he groaned and the cream spurted. Lilli's hands held him by the hips as he jerked in the convulsions and fell onto his elbows. Lilli had immediately begun to come when the stuff fountained. She began to moan, followed in a moment by Edna who had jazzed herself off over Lilli's leg. They sprawled in a squirming heap, panting sensuously. And Edna was sucking Lilli's pouting breast through the cloth of her blouse.

    Then he gathered them up and they lay together for quite a long time, dozing and embracing. When Lilli sat up to take her clothes off, Pete saw the wet spot over her left tit-and realized how it had got there. As Edna slithered over atop him and tried to get his cock hard enough to go into her, it began to dawn on him why the two girls were getting on so well.

    It made him laugh suddenly. "Whassamatter?" Edna asked.

    "You two are suckin' each other's cunts!" And when he saw their faces he knew it was a fact.

    "Are you mad about it?" Lilli said. He said, "It gives me a hard-on." Lilli looked at Edna who nodded. "Yeh, it's getting hard as hell." She was moving her ass over it.

    It was in her.

    Edna said, "We got hot an' horny. It don't have anything to do with you-I mean, it's not because we don't want you… "

    "I know," Pete said. He lay still and let her do all the fucking. She was soothing her itch. He was not terribly surprised about the cuntsucking. He had two abnormally hot pussies here. He suspected Edna had started it, because Lilli didn't go spastic when her cunt was diddled. She liked it, but it wasn't her big passion.

    Like it was Edna's. If you could get your hand on Edna's pussy, then anything went. She'd fuck you till the cream spurted out of both ears. If she didn't want to be touched, then she wouldn't play at all. Edna must have wanted Lilli to touch her.

    He rolled Edna over and got on top. She cooed as he pumped the cock into her. Lilli sat by them and rubbed his ass. He fucked Edna for a long time, till the first sex-fury was out of him. Then he thrust it steadily and deeply until he made her come.

    When she exploded, he and Lilli both kissed her and soothed her through the bucking humping orgasm. And it throbbed his dick a little to see how wantonly and ardently they kissed and sucked tongues. They didn't kiss to show. They got deep kicks out of it.

    Edna moaned when he pulled the cock out of her, "No, no, no… fuck me, dammit!"

    "I wanna see you at it," he said. He insisted that Lilli get on Edna, straddling her face and lowering her pussy and diving into Edna's crotch at the same time. The girls didn't argue. They rolled into it and he stared, seeing them sucking each other in such obvious passion. They fell onto their sides, writhing and lapping cunts, churning, sighing and making sibilant sucking sounds.

    His big cock got enormous. It was tremendously exciting, watching and hearing them gorging themselves on naked flesh.

    He moved around behind Edna's lovely butt. He stared at Lilli's feverish concentration. He wet his finger and oozed it into Edna's anus. He spat on his cock and pushed it where his finger had been. Suddenly he could feel Lilli licking the end of it. He forced it into her butt and Edna groaned aloud, but he saw her continuing to mouth Lilli. He worked it into her, in and out, slowly, gently, in and out… deep, in to his balls.

    Then he fucked her ass, enjoying every thrust of it, curved about her back, caressing her breasts.

    Their feast went on for a long, long time-he had no idea how long. It was delicious feeling them eating each other so voluptuously. He wanted them to enjoy it. He wished he could fuck both of them at the same time. If he only had another cock sticking out of his butt.

    Edna came to a boil first, erupting in strangled sighs and bucking, jerking lunges. She became quite frantic, due perhaps to the double titillation, and she lost the tongue rhythm on Lilli's cunt. Edna could only moan and slobber in the crotch, but Lilli kept tantalizing and tonguing till Edna became weak and shuddering.

    Lilli didn't come at all. Pete oozed the pecker out of Edna, took it into the bath and washed it, and brought it back and put it into Lilli's mouth. With Edna watching through heavy-lidded eyes, Pete put Lilli on her back and fucked the cock into her mouth till he shot off. Lilli came at the same time, and after that they slept till dark.

    Edna went down to buy food for them… the cops weren't looking for Edna, that they knew. She dressed demurely and slid out; Pete locked the door behind her. They remained on the bed, with the room light off, whispering in the gathering darkness. Lilli confirmed that it had indeed been Edna who had wanted to be frigged, and had started the two off. Lilli curled between his legs, licking Putzi while she told him about it. Lilli said she liked doing it with Edna.

    Edna went down in the elevator, and met the clerk in the lobby. "I'm just going off duty," he said to her. "Can I buy you a drink?"

    She wanted to refuse him, but she didn't want to upset their little deal-three in a room signed for by one. Maybe if she made friends with this youngster_ "I'd love to," she said. "But just a quick one." He took her to the Dixie and they sat in a booth, very close together. He was a nice-looking guy, even handsome, with good shoulders and a pleasant face. His name was Casey, he said. "My uncle owns the hotel, that's how I got the job."

    "Groovy," she said. She felt very relaxed, having been fucked and sucked all afternoon. She hardly noticed it when he slid his hand up her leg. She drank a martini and it felt good going down. When his wandering fingers reached her cunt, she said, "Jeez, not here_" Then she knew she shouldn't have said it.

    He worked a finger into her and teased her. She made him pull it out. Then, while she drank a second martini, he fondled the closest titty. "You are stacked, honey!" She giggled, "I spose you wanna screw me?" "Are you kidding? I'm about ready to pop off right now."

    She said, "I gotta go… "

    "You can't go, and leave me like this!"

    Edna knew she had fucked things up. The handsome kid had got under her skin a little while she was all grooved up. "I-I'll see you later," she said, and slid out of the booth.

    He couldn't follow her with his prick sticking out.

    She went to a market and bought as much food as she could conveniently get in her purse and a small bag. Then she went back to the hotel. Casey was waiting for her. He had a funny look on his face when he got in the elevator with her.

    He stopped it between floors. "You're a gorgeous dame," he said, "and you're also a prick-teaser."

    "I'm not!"

    "You said you'd screw me."

    "I did not!"

    Someone buzzed the elevator and it started up. Casey stopped it at the next floor, the third. The door opened and he pulled her out. She hissed, "What're you doing?"

    He frowned at the doors, took out a key and opened one. It was a vacant room. "Come on in…" He nearly pulled her into the room… and locked the door behind them.

    "I've got to go… " she said.

    "Why? You're alone here."

    "Yes, but… " She backed to the bed, and stopped with the backs of her knees touching it. Casey came and embraced her, package and all. She said, "Let me put this down." She put it on the dresser with her purse.

    Casey's arms were around her. "Come on, loosen up… "

    She could feel his cock poking at her through his pants. The two martinis were making her feel good. His cock would make her feel better.

    "Don't… " she said. She let him push her down onto the bed.

    "Oh, Jesus, you shouldn't do that…" she said as he slid his knees between hers. She felt him take the pecker out. She pulled her Jcnees up. The big prick slid along her pussy and she revolved her hips and moaned. "Please._"

    He whispered, "Please what?" He thrust forward and the cock buried itself in her. He was nicking her urgently.

    She wrapped her shapely legs about him. "Jesus, screw me!"


    Casey's cock felt as big in her as Pete's did. He made the bed bounce as he drove it into her with lecherous abandon.

    It felt absolutely wonderful.

    He said, "I knew you'd be a crazy fuck."

    She giggled, "How did you know?"

    "You came and hung over the desk and practically shoved two naked tits in my face."

    "That's what made you think I wanted to fuck?"

    "Don't you?"

    She giggled again, "Shit yeah-do it, baby. Puck Mama good."

    She writhed and surged with him, bucking upward to meet his thrusts-which drove him frantic. He had never had a woman like Edna. He shot his wad long before he wanted to, and she milked the cream out of him. Then, while he rested, still atop her, he told her what a bastard his uncle was, "The cocksucker pays me half a wage, so I have to make up screwing him out of rents."

    Quickly she said, "Can I screw him out of my rent?"

    "You just did," he smiled.

    She didn't get back to the room for nearly an hour, and they were worried about her. She said she was trying to find out about the cops at the bus station, but hadn't learned anything. She didn't mention Casey. She knew she should, but she couldn't think of a way to tell it… Pete might get sore if he found out she'd been screwing the guy- After eating, they sprawled on the bed, dozing. Edna tried to interest Pete in sex, but Lilli had sucked him off and made him sleepy. "Play with Lilli," he mumbled, curling up.

    So she and Lilli slid together, kissing softly at first, then more lasciviously, caressing each other-and finally working into an orgiastic sixty-nine. They writhed and squirmed together for an hour before orgasming and tapering off.

    Pete crawled on Edna and fucked her first thing in the morning. It was very satisfying. Then she dressed and went down to the market again for foodA She bought a larger plastic bag so that she could bring more in it, and she bought a paper. When she went back to the hotel she met Horace.

    Horace was a guy of about thirty-eight, she thought, with dark hair and weasel eyes. He got in the elevator with her and rode upstairs, staring at her tits. He followed her down the hall staring at her ass. He saw her go in her room.

    In about an hour he came to her door, "Hey, I'm Horace," he said, "I live next door. Y'know, we're neighbors."

    "So?" Edna said. Lilli and Pete were in the bathroom.

    He tried to push his way in. "I'm just a friendly guy."

    "Puck off," Edna said, and got the door closed.

    Pete came out of the bath. "Who was that cock-sucker?"

    Edna shrugged. "He lives next door, he said. I guess I thrill him."

    He patted her ass. "You thrill me too, cutie." Just before noon Casey came to her door. Pete and Lilli ducked into the bath. They heard Casey say, "Come on, baby, lemme in… it's me, Casey, your vagabond lover."

    Edna couldn't keep him out. He came in, embracing her, kissing her, and she was almost helpless to stop any of it. She had spread her legs for him, and he was hot to spread them again. He rubbed his hard cock on her belly while he kissed her and fondled her.

    Edna looked over his shoulder toward the bathroom, with wide eyes, seeing the surprise on Pete's face.

    Then Casey pushed her down onto the bed and got on her. He got his prick out and pushed her legs apart. He even got it inserted and shoved in and was nicking her provokingly on the bed when Pete came out of the bathroom.

    Casey stared in astonishment.

    Pete said, "What the goddam hell is going on?"

    Edna began to cry.

    Casey dragged his long cock out of her and paused when Lilli came out of the bathroom and stared at it. He gathered it up in a handkerchief and sat back. Edna turned over and continued to cry. Casey said, "Who the hell are you?"

    "I'm her boyfriend," Pete said. He recognized the desk clerk then. "Edna, what the fuck are you doing with this guy?"

    Edna turned over, her face wet with tears. "I'm sorry, Pete-I wanted to tell you-" Pete said, "You got screwed last night?"

    Edna nodded, and Pete sighed. She wasn't hurt at all; he went over and petted her. "Come on, don't cry, cutie, it ain't that bad."

    She said, "You're not sore?"

    He shook his head. Casey said, "Hey, I didn't know about you, y'know." He looked at Lilli who came in silently and sat on the couch staring at him. "I thought Edna was here alone."

    "He was nice to me," Edna said.

    Pete went and got a bottle. "All right. Let's all have a drink. Then we'll talk this over." He passed it aroun.

    They talked. Casey didn't seem like a bad guy at all. He was about Edna's age, had a nice ordinary pleasant face, brown hair, and from what he'd seen of it, a big cock. Casey had put it back in his pants. They had several drinks, passing the bottle around till it was empty. Then Casey went down and got another one.

    "I'm sposed to be on duty," he said. "But I got Willy to take the desk for me." He didn't explain who Willy was. Pete didn't care. They worked on the second bottle; Casey seemed like a very nice guy… like one of them.

    He said to Edna, "Baby, you are the most gorgeous hunk of ass I ever had."

    Edna giggled and let him feel her tits. They were all well oiled, even Lilli was murky-eyed with the booze. Finally Pete said, "Casey, you are a pal of ours an' you like Edna… "

    "You're fuckin' well right," Casey agreed. "All ri'," Pete said, "Take your pants off. I'm gonna let you finish that screw."

    Casey chuckled. It surprised all of them, including Edna, how quickly he shucked his pants and rolled her onto her back on the bed. Lilli stared bright-eyed at his big, hard cock, and sighed when she saw it bury itself into Edna's pussy.

    They sat on the bed beside the surging couple and watched them fuck.

    Then after a bit Pete got undressed, stripped Lilli, and laid her on the bed beside Edna and Casey. He slid on her and oozed his cock in and began to fuck her. She didn't protest at all.

    Casey tittered at them and said, "Hey, we're havin' a party, huh?"

    Edna said, "I wan' another drink… I wan' suck off that bottle."

    They all laughed at her and Casey said she could suck him off, but he made no move to get up. Pete handed her the bottle and then had to take it away from her.

    In a bit Pete said, "Trade off, okay?"

    Lilli giggled. Pete got off her and switched with Casey. Edna hugged him when he put his cock into her and her slinky legs went about him. She sucked in her breath when Putzi slid in and jogged hard. He watched Casey get on Lilli and work the cock in.

    "This's a great party," Edna said.

    Casey rammed Lilli a dozen times and moaned, "Man, I'm gonna come!" He couldn't understand why Lilli yelped at him frantically, and he went on humping her and spurting the jism as she cried. He began to understand when he finally heaved himself off her and she immediately scurried to grab his cock in her mouth and gulp down what she could, and fingered it out of her cunt to lick.

    Edna told him later, "She's a compulsive cock-sucker, honey."

    Casey stayed all night, the four of them in one bed, which meant at least one had to be on top of one other. It was a glorious slithery time. They were all woozy from sex and whisky; Lilli lasted the longest, sucking both cocks happily after Edna drifted off to sleep.

    During the night Pete awoke, finding himself on his belly between the two girls. He was very much surprised to find that Casey was moulded to his back, and that the boy's surging cock was in his anus. It had been a long time since anyone had buggered him. He had done it a few times for dough, and had fucked a few in the ass. It didn't hurt, so he let Casey go on… and after a long time, Casey stopped pumping and slid off him.

    In the morning he seemed not to know it had happened.

    Casey fixed it so they didn't have to hide the fact that they were all living in the hotel. They went down for breakfast, and Pete counted up their resources again. They were low on dough once more.

    Casey said, "Why'nt we rob the hotel? I'll show you how to do it."

    Pete only blinked at him. This guy was a jewel! A positive jewel! Edna grabbed his cock under the table and squeezed it. Lilli said, "What about you?"

    Casey made a face. "That's what I'll show you. They won't suspect me at all. As a matter of fact, they won't know who the fuck did it."

    They returned to the hotel and when Willy went out for lunch, Casey showed Pete where the safe combination was written on the wall. He had got tired carrying it around in his wallet, so had Written it in an obscure place.

    "We usually keep no more than two hundred bucks in the safe, that's rules. But J can tell you when the two hundred will be there." "When?" Pete asked.

    "Tomorrow. That's Saturday. If we have good business during the day there'll be at least two hundred that night. The night clerk is a dumb shit. I'll put something in his coffee at midnight where there's no one around usually. You come down and open the safe and we all skid out." "Skid out to where?"

    "Ill put you up at my place, across town. Then when my uncle raises hell about the robbery I'll quit my job and well all go on our way. Okay?" Pete put his hand out. "Shake, partner." Casey grinned. "Let's go upstairs and fuck the girls."


    Casey stayed late Friday night, but got up to go home, saying he had things to do. In the morning they all went down the block to a restaurant. Then while Edna and Pete lingered, reading the papers over coffee, Lilli went back to the hotel to wash her hair.

    She met Horace in the elevator, going up, and he followed her to the room. "I'm a neighbor of yours… Horace…"

    "Nice t'meetcha," Lilli said.

    "Who was that other cu-er-gal? The taller one."


    Horace smiled and licked his thin lips. "Yeah, Edna. We met yesterday y'know." He pushed on the door when Lilli unlocked it.

    "She didn't say she knew you…" Lilli opened the door and Horace went in with her. A woman's voice yelled from the hallway. "Horace!"

    "Shit, it's my wife," Horace said.

    Lilli didn't know what to do about them. The other girl came to the door. "Horace, what the hell you doing in there?"

    "I met this nice girl, honey." He turned to Lilli. "Meet my wife, honey. Adele."

    Lilli nodded. "Hi."

    Adele said, "You're always chasing pussy, Horace." She smiled slightly at Lilli. "Are you a whore, dear?"

    Lilli shook her head. "Hell no!"

    "Don't get sore," Adele said. She was a brunet with an open innocent face, but rather wise eyes. She had large tits and a good, slim figure. She came into the room following Horace, and closed the door. "You're cute," she said to Lilli, smiling.

    "Thanks," Lilli said. "I don't-"

    "Lissen, we're neighbors," Horace said, moving very close to her. "Isn't this the cutest little one you ever seen?"

    "Cute as hell," Adele said, batting her lashes.

    Lilli felt Horace's hands at her waist. She was half turned away from him, toward Adele. He kissed her cheek, and Adele laughed. "He likes you, honey."

    Lilli was flustered; she didn't know what to do. Adele was a very pretty girl, only a year or so older than she. What did they want, these two? Horace was holding her very close, and one hand moved up to nuzzle a breast Lilli began to struggle. "Don't… you mustn't!"

    Horace was whispering urgently in her ear, "Now relax, honey, just you relax, we ain't gonna hurt you." His hands were holding her tits, and Lilli was frightened. Adele was soothing her too, petting her cheek, leaning close to kiss her.

    Adele said, "You are the sweetest little thing."

    "Ain't she sweet!" Horace agreed.

    "But-b-" Lilli gulped. Adele was holding her head with both hands, kissing her on the lips. Adele's kisses were like Edna's… very soft and compelling. Lilli saw with surprise that Adele was becoming excited, breathing faster, trembling just the least bit. She was so distracted by Adele's soft flurry of kissing that she hardly noticed that Horace had unfastened the top part of her blouse.

    She pushed his hands off her tits and he pressed himself against her buttocks. She could feel his cock then. He had a big hard-on, just like ol' Putz. Hard as steel. She felt herself get sloppy inside, just the way she always did when she took Pete's cock out of his pants. Then she stared at Adele. Adele's hands had taken the place of Horace's, caressing her half bare titties. Adele leaned down and began licking her tits and Lilli writhed. Horace held her tightly, chuckling very deep in his throat, the cock pressing harder against her butt. Lilli's breath was faster too. "Oh, my God," she said, as Adele pushed the blouse down and took one breast deep into her mouth and sucked the nipple.

    Horace backed up to the bed then, and sat down. He had Lilli on his lap. Lilli gasped. Both her tits were hanging out, bare and wet.

    Then she writhed and fought Horace for a second. Adele had gone to her knees and was pushing Lilli's legs apart.

    Horace hissed, "It's all right, honey, don' fight it, don' fight it."

    Lilli jerked and gasped. Adele was into her crotch, sucking and licking frantically. Lilli moaned… it did feel good… just like Edna's mouth on her.

    She still felt confusion. It had all happened so fast. The cock pushing at her butt was still fogging her mind. She could never control herself completely under those conditions. How many boys had taken advantage of her when they found out? She couldn't recall. They'd take her out on dates and in a drive-in get her to handle a penis and she was a goner.

    Horace was back fondling her bare titties, panting in her ear; and Adele was sucking her in a lecherous frenzy. Now and then Adele would pause and rub one of her own naked tits into Lilli's pussy and giggle. Adele was thoroughly enjoying herself.

    Horace said, "We better take 'er to our room, honey."

    Adele's tongue was too busy to talk.

    Horace picked her up and Lilli groaned, feeling Adele's mouth leave her, cold air rushed in. Horace swung her up, hands under her arms and under her knees. Adele swore, but she ran to the door, yanking up her dress. Opening it, she peered out, then beckoned.

    Lilli said gently, "Put me on the bed…" "Sure, honey, in our room." He went to the door with her. Lilli reached down and found the bulge in his pants. She giggled, rubbing it, and felt Adele kiss her mouth. Then Adele slammed the door and ran down the hall to the next room. Lilli whispered, "Are you gonna screw me?" "Sure, honey," Horace said. He carried her into the room and laid her on the bed. Instantly Adele was pushing up between her legs to the crotch. Lilli writhed and felt the hot, sucking mouth again. Adele was naked now, and Lilli could see a very satiny, curvy body. Adele was more lush than Edna, more full curves, bigger tits. Edna was tawny and supple with sensuous curves. Adele was the full bloom.

    Adele made her writhe and twist, searing her with wild tongue-fucking. Lilli jerked with the sensations, flopping and bucking her cunt at Adele's wanton mouth.

    Horace was also naked. He had doffed his clothes and had come onto the bed with her, a long thin weenie sticking out stiffly. Lilli stared at it. The cock was shorter and thinner than Putzi or any other she was recently used to. But it was a pecker… complete with little hard balls.

    She opened her mouth and Horace came and put his cock into it. "Hey man!" Horace said, "she sucks like a pig!" Adele said, "Ummmghmmmm."

    Horace knelt beside her head, knees far apart. His hand provided a support for her head; she had to turn her head to suck him, and she could see that he was surprised that she took the entire length of it into her mouth. After Pete's big one, it felt like half a cock to her. Horace was fired up. He fucked it hard and fast between her lips, panting and staring at her.

    He only lasted a few minutes. Lilli felt herself go, when he squirted. She convulsed, so that Adele's hands grabbed and held on tightly, body pressed close. Horace shot the wad in gobs, jerking and panting hoarsely, swallowing hard, saying "Oh shit, oh shit…" under his breath.

    He stayed there, falling forward but not moving his butt. Lilli continued to suck him hard, milking the cock, gulping it all down and nursing the throbbing organ.

    Adele had her own orgasm, frigging herself as she licked the cunt, moaning and shuddering but never moving from Lilli's crotch. She was gratified that Lilli had come and it excited her somewhat to see that Lilli had sucked off Horace.

    Many of the girls the two of them had attacked had screamed and struggled in dual sex acts. This Lilli was a prize!

    Pete and Edna returned to the hotel room, finding it empty. "Where the fuck is Lilli?" Edna said, "Maybe she went to get a magazine."

    Pete nodded. Lilli liked to browse in the magazine stands. He flopped full length on the bed, staring at Edna's butt. He wondered when Casey would come back; they had certain plans to make. Edna saw his look and raised her skirt up above the mound. Her tight panties were as brief as possible.

    She said, "Izzat what you're looking for?"

    "Naw, you're coverin' it up with them pants."

    "I was just gonna take 'em off." She bent and slipped them down. They fell in a puddle on the floor and she tossed them onto a chair. He said, "That's better,"

    Edna giggled and lifted her skirt again. Naked skin. Her lovely crotch was decorated with brown curly hair. Smiling at him, she made the crotch move, wriggling it and rotating it. Pete licked his lips, staring. He loved the sight of a naked pussy. Ol' Putz was stirring.

    Edna looked at it. "Is it getting hard?" "What the fuck you think?" She snickered and turned around, still holding the skirt about her waist. He gazed at perfect buttocks, wriggling provokingly. She batted her lashes at him over her shoulder and made the ass go into gyrations that sent pangs through his cock. Pete unzipped and let Putzi flip himself out and stand up. Edna giggled at the sight of him. "Ooooo, he's so big this morning…" "Come an' give 'im a kiss." Edna jumped on the bed and straddled Pete, all in one fluid motion. She slid her cunt over his mouth and gloved her lips, sliding them down over the cock, sucking it and masturbating it hotly. Pete embraced her shapely ass with both hands and pulled her down, thrusting his hard tongue up into her. Edna moaned aloud, "Ohhhhh yeahhhhh…"

    Pete spoke into the cunt, his voice muffled, licking it and rubbing his lips in it, "I d'wanna suck you, cutie."

    She said, "What you want?"

    "I wanna fuck you."

    She loved the feel of his mouth on her; she bobbed her head furiously over the big dick, enjoying the throb of it. "Fuck me inna minute-"

    "Turn around an' sit on my cock."

    "Wait a second!"

    Pete bit her cunt lightly and she squealed.

    She reared up and got off him, leaning down to inspect the pussy. "You sonofabitch, you took a bite outa me!"

    "Lemme kiss it an' make it well." He pursed his lips.

    Edna giggled and slithered over his chest, straddling his face and rubbing the cunt on his mouth. Pete stuck his tongue in it again, then loudly kissed it.

    She said, "Kiss it some more… that feels good."

    He said, "It'll feel better when I stick my cock in it."

    "Lick me, dammit!"

    He glued his mouth to the pulsing pussy and tongued her as she hunched her shoulders and quaked in ecstasy, "OOOOOO, that's so damn good… don't stop…" She began to jerk herself back and forth; he wondered if Lilli's mouth did this to her. Where the hell was Lilli anyhow?

    He lifted her cunt off his mouth. "Fuck me before I bite you again."

    Edna sighed and slid down, feeling under herself for the meat. Pete felt it ooze into her very smoothly. She was all greased up for it. He rammed upward with his hips and the cock skewered her. "Wow!" she said, bouncing on it. Her beautiful firm tits waggled and swayed. He loved to stare at lovely naked titties. He loved more to feel them. He felt them, then tasted them. Edna cooed and wriggled, impaled on the prick. "Oooo, you got it, baby," she said. "I got you."

    "Then fuck me." She squealed as he jabbed the prick into her hard and fast, lifting her butt, slightly to give him room to swing Putzi. She fell forward, kissing him hungrily, tonguing him. She whispered, "I'm hot as hell, baby."

    "Yen, me too"

    "I can't get enough of it!"

    He chuckled at her lustfulness. There was nothing he liked better than a sex-hot woman. That was why he was nuts about her-and Lilli.

    She hissed, "I can feel it up me about a foot an' a half."

    His hands roved all over her silky body, petting her, rubbing her, squeezing her firm flesh, pushing her down on the big throbbing prick. He licked her mouth, "I think I'll stick it in your ass."

    Edna giggled, "I don't care where you stick it, jus' so's it's in me. Shit, I love to fuck you."

    "You got a beautiful cunt, cutie."

    She sucked on his tongue. "You wanna bite it again?"

    "Uhhuh… "

    "Turn me over. I want you on top of me when I come."

    "I told you – I'm gonna stick it up your ass." She kissed him deeply, lovingly. "Fuck me first…"

    He rolled her over and got on her, feeling her smooth lovely legs come up about his body. She was a gorgeous, supple piece; her feet rubbed over his butt and down the backsides of his legs. Lilli did that too when he fucked her.

    He stabbed her with the cock, deep as he could go, then kept jabbing her with it, little short strokes, rubbing himself on her mound. She squealed in pleasure, writhing sensuously, licking his mouth with a wild tongue. She was getting there…

    He said, "Let's stop an' have a smoke." She screamed, clinging with arms and legs, churning her hips greedily, every part of her in motion.

    "Whatta you want?" he said.

    She was wild, kissing him, bucking herself at him, "Fuck me, goddammit, fuck me, fuck me… fuck me…!"

    He pumped it into her in a frenzy, holding her tightly, feeling her let go. She was coming. She yelled aloud, jerking involuntarily, twisting and rolling her hips and shuddering when he continued to fuck her deeply and steadily.

    He knew he eould boot it if he wanted, but he didn't; he let her have all she wanted, he fed it to her hard, then caressingly. He kept it in deep and let her squeal and gasp and curl around him, twitching and gorging on the big cock. He made her climax last as long as he could, feeding it just enough, teasing it, satiating it. She was a great fuck.

    He laid on her a dozen minutes, still surging the cock in, watching the ecstatic look on her lovely face, letting her dream with it.

    Her lashes fluttered, she opened her eyes in sultry fashion and her soft, lush tongue moved over his lips slowly and lovingly, "Honey, nobody ever screwed me as good's that in my life…"

    He moved his loins, letting her feel the hard cock. "There's a lot more where that come from."

    Edna purred, tightening her legs about him. "Le's stay right here an' fuck all day." "No. I'm gonna put you in the shower."

    She sighed. "All right…"

    She didn't want to get up, but he eased off her and pulled her to her feet. She tottered against him, reaching automatically for the long hard dick. He got behind her and pushed her into the bathroom, goosing her with it so she squealed.

    He turned on the shower, adjusted the water and pulled her in with him. By then she knew. She turned around dutifully and leaned over. He soaped her butt, put Putzi at the anus and oozed With the warm water beating on them, he fucked her ass hard. He held it tightly and rammed the cock in and made himself come.

    Edna loved it; especially when he played with her clit and made her come too. CHAPTER FIFTEEN Lilli didn't want to be fucked, but Horace was crazy to get in her. He forced her down on the bed and got on her in a panic, thrusting and ramming, crazy to get it inside her… she had to help him he was so excited.

    Adele sat at the foot of the bed and laughed at him. "Don't ram her so… you'll hurt the poor thing."

    "Fuck off," Horace growled.

    Adele came and brushed the strands of dark hair from Lilli's face; she bent and kissed lilli hungrily, and Lilli accepted the kisses. Adele was better than Horace with his little pecker. Horace was in her, driving the thing and she could hardly feel it-if it weren't for the fact that he was rubbing her clit she would feel very deprived. He had his face buried in her neck and was humping and pumping as hard as he could go.

    "He'll do it in a minute," Adele said to her, "and get off you, dear." She slapped her husband's ass. "Hurry it up, for goodness sake."

    He hissed at her, "Go jack off in the bathroom, goddammit! Let us alone."

    Adele sighed, shrugging her round shoulders, moving so her large breasts were close to lilli's cheek. "Men are so crude… don't you think, dear?"

    Lilli nodded, staring at a reddish nipple_like a ripe berry.

    "Lemme concentrate," Horace growled. He pulled up slightly to look down at his prong then shoved it in her again and continued thrusting.

    "I have to go soon," lilli said. "They'll wonder where I am…"

    "They? Who's they?" Adele asked.

    "Pete and Edna. They'll start looking for me." Horace turned his head, looking at Adele. "Edna's the girl I told you about… delicious tits and legs. Delicious."

    Lilli nodded and Adele licked her lips. "Well, hurry up and fuck her, for goodness sake," Adele said. "She has to go." She went back to kissing Lilli.

    It took Horace another five minutes to come and Adele had finally to rub his balls for him as he worked. Lilli pushed upward as the stuff squirted, thankful that he had made it. And Adele slapped his ass and snickered.

    Lilli was very surprised when Horace rolled off her and Adele scurried to bury her face in the pulsating crotch. Lilli arched her back, writhing, as Adele sucked her voraciously. And in the middle of it Horace got behind his wife, frigging her hotly. Adele slobbered in the muff, lapping up Horace's cream and jerking in the orgasm that Horace gave her with his fluttering fingers.

    Lilli knew that they had done this many times in the past. She rode it out, knees spread wide, gazing down at Adele's dissolute, pretty face.

    They locked her in the bathroom then, naked. Horace said, "Just for a little bit, honey… "

    But it was a half hour before she heard someone in the room… and then the bathroom door was opened and Casey stood there, with Pete. Lilli ran to Pete and buried her face in her arms.

    "You poor little fucker," Pete said, holding her tightly and kissing her. "I shouldn't of let you outa my sight."

    Pete gathered her up, put her clothes around her, and carried her down the hall to their own room where Edna kissed her and took her into the bath and bathed her. She told them the story, of how Horace had pushed his way in… and she learned that someone had phoned the hotel desk and told the clerk to look in that particular bathroom.

    Edna and Pete both examined her carefully, "They didn't hurt me," Lilli said. "The woman, Adele, was very nice… "

    "That's a shitty thing t'do," Casey said, ogling her naked charms. "I remember those two. Weird looking couple."

    Lilli didn't think they were weird-looking, but she said nothing. Edna bathed her and dried her then Pete carried her in and slid her into the bed, kissing her tenderly.

    She held him tightly a moment, "Come in bed with me?"

    "You rest," he said. "You had enough screwing for a little bit."

    Casey said, "Maybe she's horny."

    Lilli whispered to Pete, "I am a little… "

    He kissed her. "I'll be back. You try to sleep for a while. We're going to make some plans."

    She nodded and watched them go out. Edna blew her a kiss.

    They went into the vacated room again and locked the door. Casey said, "The night man brings his coffee in a thermos bottle. He's been doing it for a year so he prob'ly will tonight. I've got some sleeping tablets and I can easily get them into the thermos hours before midnight… that's when he eats."

    "How much time will I have?" Pete asked.

    Casey said, "You sure she's OK in there? Maybe I better go have a look, huh?" Pete said, "You got a bone on?"

    Casey nodded, looking at Ena's ass. Edna snickered and lit a cigarette. Pete said, "How much time will I have?"

    "I dunno. Maybe five minutes, maybe a half hour. You got to open the cocksucker as fast as you can and duck out. If someone comes in looking for a room he'll ring the bell. Just don't answer it and he'll go away."

    "OK," Pete said, biting his lip. "Then what?"

    "I'll be parked around the next block. You walk around there, get in the car and that's that. We blow this fuckin' burg."

    "As fast as we can," Edna said. "I thought you said you'd wait till… "

    Casey smiled. "I called my uncle today and he fired me." He shrugged. "We had a little fight and he told me to get the fuck out. I told him I was heading for New Orleans. He won't bother me."

    Pete paced up and down the room nervously. He was the guy who had to do the actual safe opening.

    Casey came up with a bill. "Here, go down and get a bottle. We'll all have a drink to success."

    Pete took the money, glanced at Edna and went out quickly.

    Edna saw his eyes on her as the door closed. "Yeah," she said, "I get it. You got something for me."

    Casey smiled, "Yeah, that's right, honey. I got this for you." He unzipped his pants. Edna looked at the stiffening dingus with bright eyes. He brought it over to her. He said, "Spread 'em, honey… "

    He took the butt of her cigarette and put it in a tray. Edna knew she didn't have any choice. She was sitting in an arm chair. She leaned back and brought both knees up as Casey knelt in front of her with an anticipatory look on his face. She put her legs over the arms of the chair, as spread out as she would ever be. Casey grinned down at the little furry cunt and put his cock into it. He said, "I oughta put you on the bed…" She said, "You got it in now… g'wan, do it."

    He fucked it in all the way, to the balls, and jabbed hard. "You got a nice ass, honey."


    "How long you been hanging out with Pete and Lilli?" "Jeez, a long time. A coupla years."

    Casey handled her breasts, bouncing them and fingering them so. that she writhed. "That long, huh? You must be gettin' tired of his cock by now… you maybe like a little fresh meat on a regular basis?"

    She smiled. "You?" "Sure, me. Why not?"

    "You want me to cut out with you and leave them?"

    Casey shrugged. "What the fuck… you gonna spend the rest of your life with them?" He pumped her strongly. "You like this, doncha? Don't it feel good?"

    Edna nodded, "Yen, it feels great."

    He smiled. Edna continued, "It feels great when Pete does it too." He grunted.

    He kept screwing her. Edna didn't do much; she just sat there in the open-flower position and let him hump his weenie in. It bothered her that he wanted her to run off with him. She had enjoyed screwing him before… but now she was bothered. His cock wasn't doing much for her. She looked down at it; it was big and thick, not quite as big as Pete's, but a good substantial prick. He was shoving it into her, deep, and pulling it mostly out, to shove it in again. It was a nice voluptuous action, and in any other circumstance it would have fired her furnace. Now she wished he'd boot his wad and take it out. She wondered how long Pete would be gone.

    Casey opened her dress and rolled her bare titties around, fucking her hard. 'You're not very hot, are you?"

    Edna shrugged. "It's a little early."

    He said, "Horseshit." Then he pushed himself up close, rammed the cock in as hard as he could go and made himself come.

    Edna thought it was funny it did hardly anything to her at all.

    She was in the bathroom washing herself when she heard Pete come in. She was combing her hair when he put his head in the door, "You wanna drink?"

    She said, "Sure… why not?"

    He came in, patting her butt. "Did he screw you?"

    "Yeah." She went on patting and fussing with her hair. In a minute she went out and sipped the drink that Casey handed her. He rubbed his hand over her buttocks casually.

    "I got it for you," he said softly.

    She sighed. "I jus' had it." She looked at Pete. He was staring out the window. Casey said, "I gotta go get my car gassed up. Why don't you come with me?"

    Pete looked at her then, but he didn't say anything. She said, "I'd just be in the way. You go ahead… "

    "Yeah, you don't want her taggin' along," Pete said.

    Casey grunted. He finished the drink, looked at the bottle and made a face. "Awright. I'll get the car lubed and gassed, then I'll come back here with the sleeping pills about nine tonight. I'll sneak in the back way-I still got a key they don't know about."

    "I won't see you then?" Pete said.

    "No. But I'll be waiting with the car. You hit that safe about twelve-thirty. The guy, Jimmy, hell be sleeping in the chair prob'ly."

    Pete nodded. "I got it."

    Casey went to the door, smiled at Edna's ass and went out.

    Pete said, "He's gonna try to sneak in without no one seeing him. He prob'ly can. I bet he goes out now to set up an alibi."

    "Pete… " she said.

    "Yeh, cutie." He went over and patted her. She slid her arms about his neck and rubbed her tits on his chest.

    "Pete… I d'know about him_"

    He said, "Did you get a good screw?" "Jeez, I can get lotsa guys to screw me!" He chuckled, "Yeah, I bet. Like me. How 'bout it? He get you horny?" He rubbed her butt.

    She kissed him and pushed her pussy at ol' Putz. She said softly, "He don't get me horny-but you do."

    "I like a horny dame," he snickered, pulling up her skirt and rubbing her naked ass. It was firm and round; it felt silky under his hands. The more he rubbed it the hotter she kissed him. When he ran his finger up the crack and tickled her anus she jumped, but continued kissing him lustfully. "I think I'll fuck you," he said. She shoved it at him hard. "Jeez, I thought you'd never get at it." Her hands dived at his fly and released the cock. He pulled her to the bed and flopped on it with her. She pulled him onto her in a passion, yanking the cock to her crotch, wrapping her legs about his body, panting.

    Legs high, she put the thing into herself and he thrust it. Putzi went in warm and deep, filling her, expanding inside her, working, poking, loins undulating. "Oh Christ, she breathed, "that's more like it!"

    He said, "You didn't get fucked very good, huh?"

    Edna moaned deliciously, caressing him, rubbing him, licking his face, humping her pussy to meet his lunges, rubbing her legs and feet on him, sucking his tongue. "Ohhhhh, I'm gettin' it now!" Pete held her lovingly with both hands, fucking her steadily. Her beautiful firm, supple body inflamed him again as it always had. Driving his cock into girl flesh was no new experience, but screwing Edna was a luxury… it seemed like a luxury. Apparently Casey hadn't made it much fun for her; he had known Casey wanted to prong her, but he must have jumped on her and hauled her ashes in a hurry.

    He forgot Casey as her undulating convulsing ass got to him and jellied his brain. He went into a kind of pussy madness for a bit, jabbing and assaulting her crotch while she sighed and moaned with pleasure. He thought she came once while he was still on the way, but his smeared brain didn't register perfectly.

    He swept up to the orgasm, like on the crest of a giant wave, and crashed on the shore, ramming and bucking, feeling her response, like another ebbtide, threshing with him. It seemed to take delicious hours to subside from the climax, still rubbing himself on her, still kissing her as she curled about him cozily.

    And gradually, very slowly, Putzi subsided too. Edna smoothed his hair back, rubbing her satin cheek against his. "Ohhhh, honey, that's what I call a screw."


    When they went in to look at Lilli, they found her sitting up in bed, smoking a cigarette. They sat, one on either side of her, Edna stroked her pretty face, "Are you OK, honey?"

    Lilli said, "Yeh. Did you send him in here?"

    Pete said, "Send who?"

    "Casey. He just left about a half hour ago."

    Pete looked at Edna and frowned. Edna said, "Whad he do?"

    Lilli tapped the ashes off the cigarette. "Well, he came in and crawled into bed."

    "The sonofabitch fucked her," Edna said.

    "He's a pisser," Pete said, biting his lower lip. He should have known, but how could he know? Christ, a guy can't be everywhere. Casey had a real anxious cock on him, shoving it into everything.

    "I think maybe we oughta give up the deal," Edna said. "I dunno about Casey." "He didn't hurt me," Lilli said.

    Pete petted her too. "We need the fuckin' dough. He's got a car the cops aren't chasing. Maybe we can get to St. Louie without no trouble. Then we'll see."

    Lilli said, "I d'wanna screw him anymore. Tell him, huh?"

    "All right." Pete walked to the window, turning it all over in his mind. But Casey did have a car-that was a big item. He could steal one, but they'd have to be watching for fuzz constantly. Maybe Casey wouldn't be too much trouble until they got to St. Louis.

    Evening came slowly. They dressed and went out to eat and came back to wait in the room. He let Lilli go down on him as he sprawled on the bed. Edna curled into his arms and they dozed.

    He half dreamed of the cocksucking safe. Just as he opened it a cop came in and shot him. Then when he stepped out into the lobby with the dough a cop came up and grabbed him.

    At midnight he sent Edna down to look at the night clerk, the guy named Jimmy. Edna sauntered by the desk, looked him over, bought a paper and went back upstairs.

    "I think the guy's sleeping," she said. "Anyhow, he's sitting there with his eyes closed."

    Pete licked his lips.

    He couldn't come for Lilli at all. She sucked hard on him too; but his mind just wasn't on sex, it was on that fucking safe. Even Edna helped out.,. the girls tried to relax him, but even together they couldn't make him shoot.

    At twelve twenty they all went downstairs. The girls slipped through the lobby one at a time, to the street, to wait for him.

    There were three old geezers in the lobby chattering by the front window. There were always old shits sitting by the front window. He saw Edna stand by the window, then bend over slightly to give the old geezers a thrill. She was diverting attention, giving them a peek of pussy. They suddenly quieted as they stared at the free show.

    Pete leaned over the desk. Jimmy was certainly doing a good imitation of a guy asleep. His thermos bottle was sitting, opened, on the desk in front of him. Pete said, "Service…?"

    Jimmy didn't stir.

    Pete glanced around, slid under the fold-down panel and went past the desk into the office. He copied the combination off the wall, opened the safe and grabbed at the money. It was easy-he had been worrying all day long, and it was really easy. Not a nicking thing to it. It only took minutes. The combination was the key to the job. He took another half minute to make sure he had all the dough. He had.

    He closed the safe, locked it again, and slid out.

    Lilli saw him coming across the lobby. She and Edna started walking down the street. He joined them before they got to the corner. He wanted to yell! Edna hissed at him, "You got it OK?"

    He smiled broadly, and she smiled back. He slapped Lilli's butt and she squealed. He had a great hard-on! Great.

    Casey was waiting in the car, smoking furiously. "How'd it go?"

    "I got it. Get this fucker outa here!" They got in, slammed doors and Casey roared the motor. Pete pulled Lilli into his lap. He felt wonderful; he kissed her, feeling her hands on Putzi. He was sitting directly behind Casey. Lilli pulled his cock out and went down on it in a crazy hurry. Edna leaned over the back seat and grinned. Casey kept up a flow of chatter for a half hour. He was nervous.

    Pete slumped down and let it come. Lilli had worked him over all afternoon, and now she blew him like a geyser. And Casey didn't notice at all because of the traffic.

    Pete smiled wanly at Edna. She had been watching and knew when he came into Lilli's mouth. She smiled back; she was happy for him. Edna was a hellova good shit. He wasn't too happy about it when he saw Casey encircle her shoulders with his arm and pull her close to him when the traffic let up a bit. He heard Casey's zipper open, and then the guy was looking down at his crotch and Pete knew she was sucking him.

    Casey drove until it got light. Pete woke when the steady vibration changed; they were turning off the highway to an all-night cafe. Pete said, "Where are we?"

    "About an hour out of Wooten."

    Pete rubbed his eyes and eased Lilli up from his lap. That meant they had gone through or around Columbus. Lilli yawned and peered out. "Where are we?"

    He told her. There was a service station next to the cafe. Casey said, "You cunts can go over there,… "

    Edna said, "Please!"

    "You girls can go over there in the service station can," Casey amended, winking at Pete. The girls climbed out and walked toward the rest rooms. Casey said, "We divvy up the dough?"

    "Yeh, OK," Pete said. There had been two hundred and forty bucks in the safe and a handful of change. "I got two hundred and five," he had already told Casey. He gave Casey one hundred and five bucks. "To show I'm a good guy."

    "All right. To show I'm a good guy I won't ask you to shell out for gas'n oil." Casey laughed. "I'll take it out in pussy." He looked toward the girl's rest room. "You wanna keep going, change off driving?"

    "Yeah, I'd rather."

    "We could stop at a motel and screw the girls awhile… " "Let's drive. I wanna get to St. Louie."

    "I got friends in Wooten. We could shack up there and get some sleep."

    Pete slid out and stretched. It was peaceful as hell here, no cops, no crowds. He felt reasonably safe. Casey got out. "What about it?"

    "All right," Pete said. "Let's look at your friend's joint."

    They went into the cafe.

    Pete drove to Wooten, and when they arrived, Casey directed from the back seat. They finally pulled up before a two-story four-family fiat. "They live in the left lower," Casey said.

    It was a grey stucco building, new about twenty-five years ago, weeds along the sidewalk, a run-down neighborhood. Pete went up the steps with Casey. "Bea and Pooner," Casey said. "Bea is a dumb blonde, but a great pair of tits and a lovely ass. Pooner is a short, bald guy. They usta call him poontang," He rang the bell. "It's pretty fuckin' early," Pete said. He rang again. A man came to the door after a bit and peered out at them. "Whatcha want?" "It's me, Pooner, Casey."

    The guy opened the door and stared. "Casey! You old ass-fucker!" He looked at Pete. "I did'n recognize you."

    "This's Pete," Casey said, and Pete shook with the short bald guy. Pooner looked to be twenty-eight or thirty. He looked soft as a blonde's tits with washed out pale eyes. He had a full, red mouth. He peered out at the car. "You got cunt out there, Case?" "Two girls," Casey said. "Actually they belong to Pete."

    "Well, bring 'em in…" Ponner grinned and slapped Pete's back. "Maybe we can get 'em fucked."

    "Where'd Bea get to?" Casey asked. Pooner made a face. "She fell for some shitbird las' night. She got him upstairs in bed. You know how she is."

    Pete went out to the car and opened the doors. He told them both to stick close to him, especially Lilli. When they got back inside there was a strange girl there. Her name turned out to be Minnie. Minnie was a tiny redhead, very pretty, dressed in a thigh-length thin robe that was loosely belted so that her full, firm mammaries stuck out handsomely. He realized that she and Pooner had been in bed.

    Casey made introductions all around, and Pooner obviously got pecker pouty for Edna. She turned him on; his eyes kept flicking to her tits, and he edged around where he could feel her ass. He got his soft hands on her buttocks and moulded them. Edna slid over and put her back to Pete.

    "Well," Pooner said, "I s'pect you're all hungry. You ain't been eatin' anything in the car, have you?" He giggled. "Minnie'll get us some breakfast, huh girl?"

    "Sure," Minnie said. She seemed a good-natured sort.

    Pete patted Edna's bottom. "Go help her, cutie." Edna nodded and hurried into the kitchen after Minnie. Both Casey and Pooner watched her go. Lilli curled into Pete's arms. He dropped into a chair and she slid onto his lap.

    Pooner said, "That's the sweetest ass this side of Dirty Mary's Whoreplace in KC… and I ain't been there for years."

    "Who?" Casey asked.

    "Minnie, for crissakes! That girl would fuck a steamboat. You'd think you got your whang in a perpetual motion dingus. I was jazzin' her when you drove up."

    Casey smiled. "I oughta get a piece of that."

    "Go fuck your head off," Pooner said, smiling at Lilli. "That's a mighty clinging girl."

    "She's my little sugar," Pete said, fondling her. Lilli purred and slid her arms about him. "I'm very goddam particular about her." He looked at Casey.

    Casey said, "We're going to St. Louie." "Look up Jumbo and his group when you get there," Pooner said. "He'll show you a time. Tell 'im you know me. I sent him a lotta girls… lotta nice girls. I got his number around somewhere. Give it to you before you go. He's playin' at a club."

    "Whad you send him girls for?" Pete asked.

    Pooner snickered. "Hell, for him to fuck, what else? Jumbo's got a pecker on 'im like this-" He held his hands a foot apart, "and it's always hard. Man, always hard, looking for pussy."

    "Just like me," Casey grinned at Lilli. She rubbed herself against Pete.

    "Go out there'n throw a fuck into Minnie," Pooner advised. "She'll get your rocks off."

    "Maybe I will," Casey said. He rose and sauntered toward the kitchen.

    Pooner watched him go and lit a cigarette. "That Case, he's a horny cat, ain't he? I thought he was working for that shitty uncle of his."

    "He had a fight and got fired," Pete said.

    Pooner nodded wisely, his eyes constantly returning to Lilli's legs and tits. "That's a mighty pretty girl."

    Lilli grinned at him and Pete said, "Thanks."

    "You got two women, huh?" Pooner giggled, "One for each end, I bet. I got a blonde wife an' five other gals upstairs, not counting Minnie down here. Any one of 'em'll drive you up the wall- you like that?"

    Pete said, "You got a cat house here?"

    "Naw… not a reg'ler cat house. I supply gals for some of the big people in town-you know how it is… a little screw and a blow job helps business."

    Pooner peered toward the kitchen. It was quiet in there. "Well," he stared at Lilli again. "What you think?"

    Pete knew in his bones what was coming. He said, "I don't dig. Lay it out."

    The short bald man shrugged, flipping the ciga- rette into his mouth, then crushing it out in a tray. "I was talking about a little trade," he said, smiling greasily. "Any of my gals fyou, and me'n Lilli goes into the bedroom for a while."

    Pete didn't say anything. He continued to rub her leg and around to her butt, slowly and warmly. He could feel her tighten her grasp on him; she didn't say anything either.

    "I c'n see she's a sweet little gal," Pooner said, smiling at her, leaning toward her slightly. "You kinda get my peter up, honey." He rubbed himself briskly.

    Pete looked at him, no expression on his face. Pooner was probably so used to talking sex jobs to girls that he forgot that guys had private ass. He wasn't crazy about the idea of Pooner fucking Lilli. He knew she'd do it if he told her to, and she was waiting for his answer. There was a burst of girlish laughter from the kitchen. It didn't sound like Edna, so it must be Minnie.

    Pete said, "I appreciate the offer, Pooner, but this is a special girl t'me." He patted Lilli's ass and felt her relax.

    Pooner sat back and a crease went up between his eyes. "Oh, she got a special cunt? It's got a tongue in it or something?" He was annoyed.

    Pete said nothing. Pooner got up then and stalked into the kitchen. They heard him say, "Man, you're an ass-fucker, Casey."

    Lilli kissed him. "I didn't wanna screw him."

    "I know you didn't."

    She cuddled up to him. "Jeez, everybody's been fuckin' me lately. I just want you." He nodded, kissing her. "Maybe later on you can blow 'im. After all, he's feeding us." Lilli snickered, "You wanna get into Minnie, I bet." "I thought about it. She's pretty cute." He roved 136 his hands freely over Lilli and she made warm little sounds in her throat. Lilli responded to loving like a flower to sun. He caressed her titties and found her nipples hard. She began to writhe her ass on his lap.

    "Can I have it?" she whispered, "I wanna suck Putzi."


    "We gotta eat breakfast first," Pete said. He was slightly concerned about Edna. "Let's see what's holding it up."

    He put Lilli onto her feet and went into the kitchen. There was some tittering coming from there and a splash of radio music. Pete stood in the doorway and saw that Minnie was bent over the sink, with Casey plowing into her from behind. The two of them were so tight together he couldn't tell where the prong was.

    Pooner had Edna pushed into a corner of the kitchen, making coital motions with his fanny and trying to shove her legs apart. It didn't look like he had it in her.

    "Pussy for breakfast, huh?" he said. Minnie looked around at him and grinned. She didn't mind that Casey was pronging her in public. Casey said, "Ohhh yeh, that everlovin' pussy."

    Pooner stepped away from Edna, tucking the robe about him. Her skirt was up to her navel and she had no panties on.

    She pushed it down, grinning at Pete. "I was making some eggs," she said. Minnie glanced around. "There's hot coffee anybody."

    "Ever'thing but a good fuck," Pooner growled. Pete was staring at Minnie's beautiful legs. Casey had pushed the robe up over her back and the sight of her bare hips and lovely long stems was cock-raisingly provoking. Lilli rubbed her buttocks against his hard-on. She knew he wanted to stick it into Minnie. He thought Minnie knew it too, the way she was looking back at him, with Casey's prick up in her.

    It occurred to him then that Edna had said Casey didn't fire her tender flesh. Maybe he didn't fire Minnie either.

    "I'll get us some coffee," Lilli said. She went to the stove, then poured out two cups. Pooner walked by her, rubbing his hand along her ass casually. He got a bottle down and took a swig.

    Pete and Lilli went back into the living room and drank the coffee. Casey came in later and sat, staring at Lilli's legs. Then Minnie set the table in the dining room and called, "Breakfast."

    There were two bedrooms downstairs, both smallish. After breakfast Minnie showed Pete, Lilli and Edna one of them. She said, "Casey went upstairs," She snickered, "He can't make that thing go down."

    There was a double bed in the room. Edna turned it down, and Pete encircled Minnie's waist and pulled her into the room. Putzi was clamoring for her. "Stick around… "

    Minnie was a little surprised. She glanced at the two lovely girls and back to him. "Are you inviting me?"

    "There's lots for all," Pete said.

    Edna and Lilli gathered around close, pressing against Minnie. Minnie looked startled for a second, then shook her red head and giggled. The girls were easing her into an embrace. Pete slid his arms about her, and bent his head to kiss her-she was smaller than Lilli.

    Minnie said, "What is this, a gang fuck?"she put her arms up then noticed that Edna was undoing her robe. "I'm naked unerneath… "

    Pete slid his hands inside the robe. Her warm body was as silky as Lilli's and she came into his arms like an eel, writhing and squirming against him. Edna tossed the robe onto a chair. She was entirely naked, and he eased her toward the bed. Lilli went over and closed the door.

    Minnie's mouth moved against his lips. "I bet if I play my cards right I can get fucked."

    Edna snickered, and Pete lifted her onto the bed and crawled beside her. Lilli was taking off his shoes. Edna began fumbling at his fly, but Minnie's hands slid down and curled around the pecker that suddenly jutted out. "Oh my Jesus Christ!" she hissed. She massaged it, opening her legs, pushing herself at the prong. "You're hung like a horse!"

    Lilli had the shoes off, and pulled his pants down, Pete was kissing Minnie and the sex-fog was moving in. All he could think about was fucking this lovely chunk of puss. She was on her back, legs spread. He rolled onto her, the big prick rampant. He didn't notice at all that Edna guided it to Minnie's cunt. He thrust it and it oozed into her, very tight.

    Minnie squeaked and bucked. Her body was filled with male penis, from cunt to throat, the whole trunk of her body filled with it, moving, lunging, expanding and surging. It didn't hurt, but it felt so fucking big! The big, lean guy was on top of her, holding her body in both arms, humping his cock into her like there was no tomorrow. Minnie closed her eyes and moaned in sheer bliss. Nobody had ever fucked her like that before.

    She screamed in sensuous passion when he made her orgasm.

    And when she subsided after a time, she realized that Edna and Lilli, both stark naked, were cuddling her on each side, kissing her too, and fondling her. Jesus, what a sandwich! "You people fuck a girl right," she said.

    Pete snickered then; the crazy fog had gone, leaving only intense horniness.

    Edna whispered, "Y'wanna come again?"

    "Anythin'," Minnie breathed. "I do anything you want. Christ, just keep that cock comin'."

    "She likes it," Edna said.

    "Nobody around here's got a tool like that," Minnie swore. "Wait'll I tell Bea."

    Pete laughed. This house seemed like a nest of pussy. He felt a tongue and glanced around, Lilli had crawled south and was caressing his butt, licking down the crack toward his balls.

    Edna said, "You're making me horny…"

    He smiled at her and kissed her, feeling Minnie's arms and legs tighten about him. She was hooked on Putzi now. She didn't want him to go and crawl onto Edna. He writhed a little extra- Lilli was licking his balls now, laving his anus, having fun down between them.

    "Make me come again," Minnie whispered.

    Edna snickered, "How could you help it?"

    "Don't talk so much," Pete said. "Think about screwing."

    "Jeez, I'm thinking about it," Edna said, "I wish I was getting it. Somebody jazz me."

    Minnie tittered and slid her hand off Pete and down between Edna's thighs. Edna rolled onto it, feeling the goading fingers grope her, part the moist cunt lips and squish inside. Edna's ass began to undulate and she Breathed a sigh of thankfulness, kissing the lovely redhead.

    Pete was fucking Minnie steadily and deep. Minnie began to purr and her abdomen began to work itself into silky concentric contortions. He kissed her, then Edna kissed her. The sex-fever rose. They were all panting a little now, and Minnie's eyes were getting glazed.

    Down under them, Lilli had worked her head under his driving butt and was licking the shaft of the cock as it went in and out; he knew Minnie could feel the tongue.

    Minnie was climbing the hill… higher and higher… she began to convulse. Edna was licking her face, kissing her when she could. Minnie was breathing hard, making little sounds in her throat… and then she came. She jerked, gasped, yelled out, and began to buck furiously, twisting and moaning as the crazy sensations washed over her.

    Edna grinned at him. She liked to see people orgasm.

    He was getting close himself. Lilli was really giving him a tongue-treatment, Minnie's excitement transmitted to her. He continued the steady pumping, so that Minnie could taper off, but he slid the cock out of her slightly so that Lilli could lick more of it.

    It was fun to pull the cock nearly out of Minnie's cunt because then Lilli did her best to capture the end of it in her mouth. He began to do that more and more, enjoying Lilli's passion. Lilli knew he was close.

    Minnie began to subside at last, still breathing hard, but the wild jerking and bucking was past. Edna licked her lips and kissed her soothingly, responding to the fingers in her cunt.

    He had little more than the big knobby head of it in Minnie now, pumping it good-and the edge was approaching. Lilli was licking the underside of the dick hard and fast, digging her tongue right into the cunt, and then back to the hard balls. He couldn't take much of that… not much… not very fucking much…

    Pete groaned, feeling it welling up. He slid the big cock out of Minnie-who writhed and squealed, feeling it go-and felt it captured instantly in Lilli's mouth. Lilli had her Putzi, both hands on it, mouth sucking hard and fast, voracious, deep_ He spasmed and undulated atop Minnie's ardent body, turned slightly sideways so that Lilli wouldn't be squeezed. Lilli sucked it out of him. He panted and paroxysmed. He jerked and groaned, feeling the stuff squirting. Edna was kissing him lovingly, and so was Minnie. He was floating… floating off to the sky… held back only by his cock. Lilli was still sucking his cock. He would float face-down in the sky and Lilli would float along under him, sucking his cock.

    He heard Minnie say, "Christ, I wanna run away with you people and join your act…" Edna snickered.

    Lilli was still sucking hard.

    In about a half hour Pooner came into the room, frowning. When he saw Minnie he growled, "I been looking for you… what the fuck you doing?"

    "Fucking," Minnie said, "What's it look like?" She was curled between Edna and Pete, naked. They were all under the covers. Lilli was down between Pete's thighs.

    Pooner came over to the bed, looking down at Pete with an aggrieved puss. "What kinda thing is that? You grabbin' my chicks, not giving up your own?"

    "I come in here myself," Minnie said.

    Pooner sat on the bed and slid his hand under the covers, reaching for Edna's ass. "You think that's fair?" He continued, ignoring Minnie.

    Edna writhed, "Hey, take it easy, that's not made outa leather… " She glared over her shoulder at Pooner.

    "So, take off your pants," Pete said.

    Pooner leaned closer to Edna, grinning evilly. His hand explored her warm buttocks* slid between the globes and dipped into the tender wet flesh as Edna writhed. Then he licked his finger and pushed out of his pants in a hurry.

    Edna watched him slide into bed, biting her lower lip, then looking at Pete as she felt his hands again. "Here it comes," she said. Pete smiled crookedly. Edna was a bang all right. He watched Pooner curl up to her rear end, and he could tell by both their expressions when the pecker speared her. Then the bed began to rock. "Jeez, I got all three inches of it," Edna said.

    Pooner growled. "You're a smart-ass dame_"

    "Treat 'er right," Pete said harshly. "She is high-class pussy."

    Pooner subsided, still making odd noises in his throat. But the bed was quaking as he put the blocks to her. Edna resumed her kissing with Minnie, fondling titties and rubbing cunts. Pete closed his eyes, soothed by Lilli's warm mouth. After a bit he dozed, then slept. He woke-and it seemed hours later-with someone climbing on him. Putz was erect, and a dame was straddling him… he thought at first it was Edna. The room was dark.

    She smelled different. And she had had a few drinks, which Edna never refused. But she was not Edna. When she saw he was awake she giggled. "Hi.,. you mind, baby?"

    She was already on it, sitting down hard, and the cock was in her. She wasn't a big girl, probably not as tall as Edna. He felt her tits and found them so smooth-she must be young as hell. They were large and full and her twat was tight.

    "I'd mind," he said, and she fell forward cozily, her ass moving in a very nice rhythm. Then he realized they were alone in the bed. Edna and Lilli were gone.

    "Hey, I know 'bout you," she whispered, "You're Pete, the guy with the big cock."

    "Were you just passin* through?"

    She giggled again. "I'm Bea. I live here. Poon-er's my old, fuckin' husband. You met him I guess."

    "Yeh, I met him. Where're the girls?" "What girls?" "Edna an' Lilli."

    "They were inna kitchen a while ago… Gee, it feels great. You like it, bein' on the bottom?"

    "Ilike it any way I can get it. What're they doing in the kitchen?" Bea shrugged. "Fixin' something to eat, I think." "Was anybody screwing them?"

    She snickered. "Huh uh. Gee, this thing's in me a mile." She bounced on it happily. "How long you gonna stay here, honey?"

    "I dunno… " He didn't hear Lilli yelling, so she was probably all right. She knew now that he didn't want Pooner or Casey to screw her, so she might yell blue murder if they tried. Anyhow, Edna would surely come after him if they jumped Lilli. He relaxed and began to enjoy what Bea was giving him. She was obviously young and supple. Dark as it was, she gave an impression of sleek and shapely girl flesh. Her titties were as large and well formed as Lilli's. Her pussy action was pro-yoking and very slithery. She knew what a guy wanted in bed. And he had heard Pooner say that she was lascivious.

    "Who told you about me?" he asked her.

    "Pooner… " She giggled, lips on his cheek. "He said to me to come in and get pronged-that you got one like a mule."

    That worried him.

    He thought about it for five minutes or so, while she churned her ass on Putzi. He said, "What's upstairs?"

    "The girls live up there, why?" "Minnie and the rest of em?"


    "How d'you get up there?"

    "Around the back door, we don't lock it in the daytime." He said, "Get off."

    "Huh? Gee, I'm jus' going good, honey_"

    He rolled her off, dragging the dong out as she yelped and swore. She was mad as hell, but he ignored her. He flicked the roomlights on, hunting his pants. They were flung over a chair. As he shoved his feet into them he looked at her. Man! she was pretty, young and blonde… tits out to here and cute as a moustache on a cunt. She was sitting up, pouting, and unable to understand what possessed him. In her experience guys didn't get off lovely young pussy to put their pants on and leave.

    He put his shoes on without socks and grabbed his shirt as he went through the door. A girl he had never seen before was leafing through a magazine in the living room. She looked at him with big eyes, but he barely saw her.

    He yelled, "lilli…" There was no answer. There was no one in the kitchen. He went out the back door and looked up. Stairs to the second floor. In the back were garages and clothes lines, no one moving. He went up the stairs two and three at a time. The door wasn't locked. He went in slowly, listening.

    Music. A radio was playing, and he thought he could hear voices. It was dark; the layout seemed to be exactly the same as the downstairs flat, he Was in the kitchen.

    There were voices, girls' voices. They seemed to be in the living room. He remembered how Pooner had talked about girls upstairs; so they were probably whores… including Bea. He couldn't think of any reason why Edna and Lilli would be sitting around with a bunch of whores. He slid past the kitchen door toward the nearest bedroom.

    Pausing by the door, he listened. There were people inside all right. A bed was squeaking, and there was a mumble of voices. Then Casey laughed-he was positive it was Casey.

    Casey said, "Hurry up, Poony, I want some o' that too."

    Pete looked around the partly open door, into the room. Then he heard Lilli crying. Lilli was on the bed, under Pooner.

    The sight made him see red. He was suddenly sore as hell. He came into the room, fists doubled. He had a flash of a naked Edna on the floor, hands and feet tied. Casey was holding Lilli's hands, kneeling on the bed, and Pooner was fucking her.

    Casey yelped once, catching a glimpse of the charging Pete. Then Pete swung and connected. Casey went flying. Lilli screamed… and Edna was yelling. Pete turned to Pooner, seeing the short guy's white face, upturned and scared. Poon-er's mouth was open, but he was still goosing Lilli with the cock.

    Pete hit him as hard as he could in the face. The force of the blow caused hot twinges of pain to shoot up his arm, but Pooner grunted and fell sideways, rolling and threshing for a moment, then was still. Lilli scrambled up, giving glad little cries, and scurried to him. "Pete, Pete, Pete… "

    He looked around for Casey. The guy was trying to get up off the floor. Pete kicked him in the face and he flopped, moaning, bloody.

    Kissing Lilli, he patted her naked bottom. "Where's your clothes?" He let her go and ran to Edna. She had tape on her ankles and wrists.

    "Am I glad t'see you," Edna said breathlessly.

    He got the tape off her hands; she did the rest. Lilli was pulling a dress on. He asked, "Are you hurt?"

    Lilli shook her head, "They jus' fucked us…"

    She was obviously scared to death; she kept staring at the still-moaning Casey and the inert Pooner. Edna said, "They sweet-talked us upstairs here, an' then Casey and Pooner grabbed Lilli and Casey screwed her, then me and… "

    "Hurry up," he said. "We're gettin' the fuck outa here." He scowled at Pooner. "I oughta cut his balls off… "

    "I wish you would," Edna said. "He bit me on the tit."


    "That goddamn Pooner was crazy to get into Lilli," Edna said as they went downstairs.

    Pete herded them out the back door. The girls who had been jabbering in the living room crowded to the doors to stare. They were all young and pretty; Pete waved at them and some of them giggled.

    Minnie was in the downstairs kitchen. "What happened?"

    Edna told her quickly while Pete went back to the bedroom to get his socks on. Bea was still on the bed, lying on her back, staring at the ceiling. She smiled at him.

    He said, "Your husband is upstairs with a headache."

    Bea shrugged. "Who cares." She licked her lips. "Aren't you comin' back to bed with me?" "No, we gotta go." He put his socks on. She turned toward him and opened her legs. "Look what I got f you… "

    "I've seen them things before." Bea pouted. Edna came in, fastening her blouse. She only glanced at the naked Bea. He said, "Get the bags… "

    Edna went out. Pete stood and slipped into his jacket.

    Bea said, "Oh shit… aren't I gonna get fucked?"

    He smiled at her and went out, closing the door. That must be a record-the first time in his life he had ever turned down such a nice free cunt. But he was worried about the girls. He had to get them the hell out before Casey and Pooner came to. There might be pistols in the joint, and Pooner struck him as a guy who would nurse a grudge.

    "We'll grab Casey's car," he said to Edna; she nodded; he took Lilli's arm. "Got everything?" She smiled at him.

    Minnie came and hung on his arm. She was dressed, the first time he'd seen her with clothes on. "I wanna go with you," she said. "I don't care where you're going. I wanna go."

    Pete shook his head, shooing the girls to the front door.

    Minnie pleaded. "Then just take me away from here… I don't care, just away."

    "All right, we'll give you a ride for a few miles." He was surprised to see she had a suitcase packed. She grabbed it and ran out after Edna.

    He put Lilli in the front with him, the others in the back, hot-wired the car and took off. There was dew all over the hood and windshield; it was dark and chilly. Lilli cuddled up to him.

    Minnie said, "Thank God, I been wanting to get away from that fucking Pooner for a week."

    "Casey said he was going to New Orleans," Edna said. "Maybe he won't report the car stolen… "

    "Yeh." There was that chance, Pete thought. But he also thought they'd steal some other plates the first opportunity. Casey would be sore enough to report the car, hoping to snag them. Casey had turned out to be a real shit.

    He was a little sorry, though, that they hadn't been able to stay longer. Bea had been a nice piece -and there had been a lot of classy ass upstairs.

    But he didn't want Lilli raped. He curled his arm about her shoulder and she purred into his embrace, kissing his neck. "I'm sorry bout that," he told her.

    She said, "I shouldn't have gone upstairs with them. Casey said he wanted us to meet some girls."

    "We wanted to let you sleep," Edna said.

    "That's the first thing Pooner does," Minnie remarked. "A new girl comes into the house and he's gotta have her right now."

    "He said they were all whores upstairs."

    "Well," Minnie said, "Whores got souls too. I been whorin' for six, eight months, I oughta know."

    "Jeez, how'd you start that?" Edna asked.

    Minnie sighed. "Ever'body asks that. I needed dough to eat an' pay the rent. I couldn't do anything and I didn't have nothing to sell-except what I got naturally. So I went out and asked a guy if he wanted a good time. He said sure, so I took him home and let him screw me."

    "Oh," Edna said.

    Lilli unbuttoned his shirt down to his belt and opened it wide. Cuddling up to his bare skin, she nuzzled him. Her knees were up on the seat, she was facing him, her chest against his. She unfastened her blouse, opened it, and rubbed her bare titties on his chest. He hugged her tightly and she kissed his neck. When he took his eyes off the road for a second and looked down she was waiting for a kiss. He had an enormous erection.

    Lilli didn't go after his cock though. She lay in his arms for a long time, her dark head on his shoulder, and he knew she was still recovering from her rape experience. Casey and Pooner had probably pushed her around, not actually hurting her physically, but scaring the shit out of her. And forcing her to fuck, which she didn't care for anyway. Lilli was a delicate little thing who wasn't used to rough treatment. She was a sweet, loving girl.

    He still felt like returning and cutting Poon-er's balls off. The sonofabitch.

    They went through a large residential district where cars were parked along the curb on both sides of the street. It was very quiet. "I think I'll swap plates with someone," he said.

    Pulling over, he killed the engine. With a screwdriver from the glove compartment, he removed Јhe plates on the car. It took about five minutes to swap plates with the next car in front of them. Then they were on their way again. It was a stopgap move, but would probably gain them a few hours.

    Lilli came back to his embrace, and this time she went for oF Putz. She unzipped him and swallowed the cock whole. She sucked on it for the next hour, just nursing it, not trying to excite him. Finally she drifted off to sleep with the head of it in her mouth.

    By morning the signs said that St. Louis was about three hundred miles further. He was tired as hell.

    The weather was good,, warm and pleasant, even so early. He warned the girls to get decent, then pulled into a gas station in a tiny settlement. They all trooped into the crapper while the car was getting filled. "My sisters and my wife and I are heading toward Chicago," he told the sleepy service man, and got a folding map from him.

    He sent Edna and Lilli to a nearby store for food, and rubbed Minnie's ass when she got back into the car. He'd like to screw her right now, tired as he was. She was cute. And she knew it too.

    "You can have it anytime you want it, honey," she said with a smile.

    "You got a deal," he promised. He pretended to get into the back seat with her and she giggled, slid back on the seat and spread her knees. He said, "You give a guy a hellova hard-on."

    "C'mon back here and I'll rub it for you."

    But he had to go pay the service man. Then he drove to the store and waited till the girls came out with their bags. While he waited he asked Minnie what her specialty was.

    "I don't have none. I'm an all-around girl, honey. Mostly I give 'em half and half. Half blow and half screw." "In the ass?"

    She tittered, "Only a few times. Anyhow you're too big to put it in my rear end." "We could try." She shrugged. "Okay.!'

    When the girls returned they drove out and turned off on an interesting looking side road. "Maybe we can find a place to shack up for the day."

    "We could just stay in the car," Lilli said, cuddling Putzie.

    Edna said, "You can't screw in the car." "Jezus, where you been?" Minnie snickered. They drove for eight or ten miles and finally found a deserted farm. The buildings were run down and decaying. The barn was in best condition, overgrown with weeds but providing shade from the hot sun. They parked the car so it could not be seen from the road, and made themselves a cozy spot to sleep. Pete said their best chance was to move at night and sleep in the day.

    Lilli made sandwiches, and then Pete went to sleep. He curled up with Edna and Lilli and was dead to the world in minutes.

    Edna slept too, for several hours. When she woke, Pete was still sleeping deeply. Lilli was cradling his head, asleep as well, and Minnie was breathing steadily.

    She rose and silently stole out of the barn. It was still hot. A buzzard was circling high above, a dog barked somewhere in the far distance and a stray breeze was occasionally ruffling the tree-tops. Nothing else moved but bees and a few buzz- ing insects. She walked past the house, around a couple of leaning privies that smelled something awful, and down a fence line where the wire was broken and curling.

    There was an earthen reservoir, filled with sparkling water, only a short distance from the house. Edna smiled, slipped out of her clothes and into the water. Lovely… refreshing. She swam across it and back.

    Then Minnie appeared on the bank,' unzipping her dress. She said, "Hey, that looks good."

    Edna only smiled, dogpaddling. She watched the tiny redhead drop her clothes and come into the water, titties waggling. Minnie was beautifully made. The sight of all that gorgeous flesh made her mouth water, recalling delicious moments with Lilli.

    Possibly it showed on her face. Minnie swam directly to her, a smile on her pretty face. "You look horny. You wanna make it or something?"

    "You don't fool around, do you?" Edna was slightly taken aback. "I mean you go right to the point." • "I'm just tryin' to be friendly," Minnie licked her own lips. "No offense, honey." But she came very close, still smiling.

    "Course not," Edna said. "No offense." Minnie was lightly, caressingly, rubbing nipples with her. She knew that her's were hard as spikes. She looked into Minnie's dark brown eyes and saw nothing but seduction. Minnie's engine was running.

    The reservoir had a sandy bottom, and was extremely shallow at one end, the sand even partly filled in the square end. She backed toward the shallow end and Minnie followed.

    She dropped onto the sand and lay half in and half out of the water. Minnie came and crawled atop her, rubbing her crotch into Edna's and kiss- ing her. Minnie said,

    "Wanna suck off?"

    Edna giggled. "That's what I had in mind."

    Minnie was panting for it. She slid down, rubbing her titties into Edna's pussy, then glued her. mouth to it and licked it frantically. Edna realized that Minnie had followed her from the barn with the idea of seducing her. It was a very exciting seduction. She relaxed and let the horny redhead eat her fill.

    She was able to hold out against the slashing, furious tongue for about fifteen minutes, then the orgasm warped and wrenched her. Edna had to cram both hands into her mouth to keep from screaming, the sensation was so acute. Minnie's firm lips were working on the clitoris in a provoking tempo.

    And kept working. Edna underwent a period of warm and lazy enchantment as Minnie made sensuous, languorous love to the cunt, before setting Edna on fire, again in another maddened attack that left Edna befuddled and jerking, her entire body trembling in the crazy release. When she subsided somewhat, Edna offered Minnie her mouth, but Minnie wanted only the pussy, "This's my kicks," she said throatily.

    Edna had to pull away finally,. rolling into deeper water and swimming across the pool. Minnie's eyes were still murky with lust. She followed Edna, reaching for her, fondling her, "I can't help it, I just want to eat you up!"

    "We'd better get back," Edna said, trying to avoid Minnie's roving, groping hands. Minnie was worse than Casey had been. Minnie got a finger in her and began to jazz and frig the pussy… crazy! "He'll call us," Minnie said. "Anyhow, Lilli is prob'ly chewing on his cock."

    Edna giggled, "Yeh." She backed against the sandbank and Minnie slid down, mouth seeking pussy again, finding it, tongue driving… God! She sprawled, legs far apart, watching Minnie go after it, feeling the long tongue up into her. She wished it was Pete, because then she could expect that big long whang ramming into her. She leaned' back, bracing herself on the bank.

    In a minute she was going to come again,…

    Pete woke, squirming. Lilli had Putzi out and was sucking avidly, curled up in his crotch. He loved to wake up that way.

    "Where're the others?"

    "Gone for a walk, I guess," Lilli said. "Nobody around?"

    She shook her head, licking the end of it ravish- ingly.

    He glanced at the sky, late afternoon. He stretched, testing muscles, fondling Lilli's dark head. It had been a good sleep. Putzie was hard as nails. He felt good. Where the hell was Minnie?

    He wanted to fuck her. "Don't make me come," he told Lilli.

    "I want to!"

    He lifted her off it and kissed her. It amused him the way she fought to get back to it. His hand, where he had hit Casey, still hurt slightly, reminding him of the event. He flexed his fingers; they were stiff and his knuckles were a tiny bit swollen.

    He got to his feet slowly, carefully, so's not to disturb Lilli's work. She followed him, to her knees, still mouthing the cock voraciously. Looking all around, he could see no one, "I d'want them to get lost," he said.

    He took the naked cock from her gently and pulled her to her feet; she grabbed Putzi instantly, and he let her handle it. Walking to the door of the barn, he paused, looking around. Lilli ducked her head and sucked the cock ardently. He went out toward the ruined house and she trotted along, holding the cock. At the end of the house he stared around and she went down on it again. He could see no one.

    "Did you see them go?"

    Lilli shook her head. He looked down at her. She said, "No, I didn't."

    He laughed and picked her up then, holding her so her head was at his crotch. Giggling, she sucked him as he walked back to the barn. When he got there he sat on a feed bin with Lilli between his legs, and let her suck him off.


    They were ready to go. Minnie and Edna had returned, telling them about the swimming hole, but it was getting dusk.

    He still hadn't screwed Minnie again. She looked at him provocatively now and again, seeming to wriggle her lovely little ass for his special benefit, but Lilli had satisfied him to the extent that he didn't feel the desperate urge.

    He didn't feel it till he had opened the car doors, putting Lillie in front arid helping Edna into the back. When he put his hands on Minnie's waist, he felt it. 01' Putz stood up and yelled, 'Man, gimme some of that ass!'

    His hands tightened on her waist. She felt it and looked over her shoulder at him, a seductive smile on her oval face. The car door was open, she was just stepping'in, but he held her. She shoved out her ass and he pushed against her, rubbing the cock on her. He saw Edna looking at them with bright, wise eyes. Lilli was lighting a cigarette and didn't notice for the moment.

    He unzipped and took out the prick, thrusting it up under her short skirt. Minnie felt it, remaining in the door, bending over slightly, grinning. She said, "Oh, my… what is that?"

    He glanced at Lilli. She had heard the sound of the zipper and turned. Lilli could hear a zipper from on the moon. His finger slid greasily through Minnie's slit. He put the pecker there and thrust. It went into her as he pressed upward with his hand under the cock.

    Minnie said, "Oh, Jezis, I got it." With both hands on her smooth, round butt, he fucked it in, grinning at both girls in the car. He got it most of the way in, holding it deep and jab- bing it hard. Minnie leaned on the seat, waiting. Edna said, "I shoulda got in last."

    They all laughed and Lilli slithered close and gave him a drag on the cigarette.

    He pushed Minnie into the car then and she sprawled on the seat, her head on Edna's lap. Pete got in behind her, thrusting and lunging with the prong. He got it all in, to the hilt. Minnie was smiling, enjoying it. "I usta go to drive-in movies like this," she said.

    He fed it to her for a short while, then he pulled it out and Minnie said, "Ohhhh, no… " He told her to turn over and she scrambled, all legs for a moment, ending up sitting by Edna, legs spread wide, reaching for Putzi. He crawled into the breach and Putzi went headfirst into his usual nest and disappeared from sight.

    "Oh Jesus, that thing is big," Minnie said. It's a fuckin' phone pole."

    "If you don't want it… " Edna said.

    "I want it, I want it!" Minnie's legs slid around Pete, and her fingers opened her blouse, revealing both titties. She cupped them with her hands, grinning lewdly at him. Pete bent and licked one. Minnie licked the other.

    Edna licked her lips and watched them, fascinated.

    Pete fucked the little redhead hard and fast. It felt good in her. She was tight and squirmy. She was still licking her own breast, and Edna was hanging close, her tongue practically sticking out. He reached out and ran his hand up Edna's leg, past the soft inner flesh of her thigh to her pussy. Edna had no panties on. She writhed and opened her legs as he slid two fingers into her.

    In a second Edna was sucking Minnie's naked breast.

    He heard a giggle and Lilli came sliding over the seat to wind up on the other side of Minnie. Her hand came snaking down to his crotch to feel Putzi as it was diving into Minnie.

    Minnie was laughing… it was fun. There wasn't nearly room enough in the back of the car for all of them, but it was fun. Pete stopped diddling Edna and pulled at her hips with both hands. She looked at him, then got the idea. He was trying to slide her onto Minnie's lap… and it wasn't easy. Minnie said, "Oooofff, for crissakes_" Then she yelped as the big cock went out of her. Pete spread Edna's shapely legs wide and put the cock into her, driving it in with a lunge.

    He fucked Edna hard for several moments, then pulled it out and put it back in Minnie. Up and down. They both began to giggle. He fucked Minnie, then put it back into Edna. Two cunts together, inches apart, and both his. He looked at Lilli-he could have three. She saw the look and tittered. The car smelled like a sex gymnasium, and Minnie was squealing that they were killing her, squashing her. He slid the cock out of Edna and motioned to her to get off. She wriggled from Minnie's lap as he rammed the hard prong into Minnie again. He wasn't going to last long. He could feel it coming…

    He looked at Lilli, and he knew that she realized he was going to blow. She had a sixth sense about jism.

    He fucked Minnie hard and fast, heaving and bucking in a whirlpool of lasciviousness… and then he was on his way.

    "Lilli… " he yelled. He yanked the cock out and she was on it instantly. He began to jerk even as her mouth closed over the end of it. The stuff was pumping out… Lilli was hissing and gulp- ing. He heard Minnie swear, and Edna was giggling. He fell sideways, with Lilli sliding down to grab his hips. He shuddered, helped by Minnie and Edna-he was helpless for a minute. They held him up while Lilli sucked him off, milking him and gorging on the cock. He gave himself up to the sensuous, exulting sensations… feeling someone kissing him… titties rubbing his face… peace.

    Lilli sucked him for ten or fifteen minutes as he lay in the girl's arms. Man, he hated to get up.

    But they had to get to St. Louis. Lilli whimpered when he took Putzi away from her and mopped it. Someone gave him a cigarette and he climbed wearily into the front behind the wheel.

    Lilli cuddled up to him, unzipping him again, so he let her play with it. He turned the car toward the highway and settled back. Three women were a lot of pussy.

    They drove for several hours, listening to the radio, the girls dozing. Lilli cuddled up with the cock, licked it for a while, then nursed it lovingly, her head in his lap.

    Putzi got hard after a time, and Lilli probably thought it was because of her ministrations. It was because of what was happening in the back seat. Pete was slightly surprised to see Minnie begin to make love to Edna. He saw Edna looking at him, in the rear view, and he nodded-it was all right with him. Edna smiled and let Minnie do as she desired.

    Minnie took Edna's titties out and sucked on them and kissed them. She curled into Edna's arms and had a nice long tit-feast.

    They met little traffic between towns, and as it got later, less and less of that. There was more traffic when they got on highway 40, but with the windows rolled up Pete didn't worry about peepers. They had no problems, even when they went through Indianapolis, and by that time Edna was wedged into a corner of the seat with Minnie sitting on the floor licking her cunt.

    He pulled off the highway in a lonely spot when his stomach began to growl. The girls got the food out and made sandwiches and they sat in the car and ate.

    "Let's trade around," Edna said. "Can I sit in the front for a while?"

    "You can't sit on his lap," Minnie said.

    "I could try."

    Minnie protested, "Why d'you want to get away from me?" Edna snickered, "I thought you'd like some fresh meat."

    Lilli looked around at them questioningly, and back to Pete. He said, "They mean you, cutie."

    Lilli stared at Minnie who put out her tongue suggestively. Lilli giggled. She hadn't known the other girls were loving each other.

    When Pete slid out of the car to go piss, Lilli went with him. She loved to hold his naked cock while the thing sprayed the weeds. Then he pulled her close to him and held her slender body tightly, kissing her. "You're my favorite girl of anybody," he told her.

    "I love you," she whispered, both hands holding Putzi.

    It made him feel good, her saying that. Lilli was such a lovely, delicate feminine girl. So fucking feminine! He felt so protective around her. She always came into his arms so thankfully and trustingly, turning her mouth up for his lips, anxious to be in the warm circle of his arms. He kissed her deeply, their tongues twining, rubbed her lissom back, down to her round firm buttocks. She wriggled against him. She had the cock hard as hell, opening her legs, rubbing herself on it. She was much too short for him to fuck her standing up. He continued to rub her butt.

    "You don't have to go in the back seat with Minnie if you don't want to."

    She giggled lightly. "I think she wants to eat me."

    "Yen, she does." He kissed her softly. "Edna wants a break, she's prob'ly sore in the twat."

    Lilli giggled again, "All right"

    "It'll be fun."

    Lilli sighed and slid down to Putzi. She sucked it sweetly, licking it up and down the underside, talking softly to it. Pete let her have it for a few minutes, then he picked her up and they went back to the car. He put her in the back seat and slid under the wheel. When he closed the car door Edna slid into his lap, her mouth seeking Putzi and finding him.

    He watched Minnie maneuver Lilli into a corner of the back seat then slide to the floor in front of her. He could see Lilli writhing and tossing her head as Minnie sucked the throbbing pussy.

    He fondled Edna's titties while she licked him. Edna would suck on the cock for ten or fifteen minutes, then she would curl into his arms and lay quiet, her head on his shoulder, kissing his neck much as Lilli did, ready to give him her lips if he chose.

    Then, after a bit she would squirm back down to the prick and suck on it again with velvet lips, sometimes pressing it between her naked titties, sometimes whispering to him to stop the car so he could fuck her.

    Once she took his fingers, pressing them to her pussy and moving them licentiously until she or-gasmed.

    In the back seat Lilli and Minnie were sixty-nining, squirming together on the seat. Edna turned up the radio to cover their pantings and their sighs.

    They drove all night and were near St. Louis in the morning.

    Minnie said, "I know where we can find Jumbo…"

    Pete remembered the name-Pooner had mentioned the guy. "Why should we see Jumbo?" he asked.

    She snickered, "Cause he's a lot of fun." "What if Pooner calls him about us?"

    "Jumbo thinks Pooner stinks… that's what he told me. Pooner gets him girls is all."

    Pete smiled thinly. Who cares about a pimp? "We'd better put up at a motel for the day, then go see him when we're fresh… OK?"

    "Yeh," Minnie agreed. "Jumbo knows ever'body too. Maybe he can put you onto something… you know, dough."

    "Thass all we need," Lilli giggled. "We've got everything else."


    Jumbo Conners lived in a big old two-story house in what had once been a wealthy and exclusive neighborhood. It wasn't any more.

    Jumbo had been asleep when Minnie called him at noon, but a curious voice answered, and upon learning that Minnie knew Pooner, asked her if she was a cunt. Minnie said she was. Thereupon the voice asked her to come on over.

    Minnie asked, "Can I bring my friends?"

    The voice said, "Any of 'em cunts?"

    Minnie had to admit they were.

    Pete pulled the car into the driveway as they looked the house over. It was stucco and brick with a lot of weathered wood, and vines. Pete said, "The fuckin' vines gonna take over the place.", There was a three-car garage in the back with a station wagon in one stall. It had a gaudy sign painted on the side, 'Jumbo Conners, Music Specialist.' Edna said, "Dis must be de joint."

    When they got out of the car, Lilli giggled, pointing. Pete followed her finger. A nude man had come out on a small, vine-wreathed balcony on the second floor of the house and was staring at them. He had a big hard-on.

    He yelled, "Whatcho want?"

    Pete called, "We're friends of Pooner."

    The man said, "Sure, c'mon in." He pointed to the back door. He was tall and bald as an egg. A woman came up behind him and peered over his shoulder. She was a platinum blonde.

    "Looks like screwin' time," Pete said under his breath. He led them over the gravel to the back door. There was no one in the large, square kitchen, though it smelled of coffee and burnt toast. They could hear music playing somewhere and it was cool inside. They went into the dining room and paused, looking around. There was a sort of sun porch room off to the right.

    A woman's voice came from the porch, "Where's the fuckin' cigarettes?"

    A man answered, "Layin' on your tits, Tisha. Jesus…"

    She said, "Oh-"

    Pete went to the wide doorway that gave onto the living room. The same tall bald guy was coming down the stairs, a towel draped across his middle. He looked at them and nodded. "Hi."

    "Hi," Pete said. But the guy wasn't looking at him, the guy was looking at Minnie and Lilli and Edna.

    "I'm Biggsy," he said, fishing a cigarette pack from the towel. "Jumbo's up in bed with Corine. Make you'selves at home."

    Pete introduced them. Biggsy went around shaking hands. He also pinched each girl's tits, making them giggle.

    Two other people came from the porch, a slim blond man wearing the skimpiest shorts Pete had ever seen-most of his pubic hair was showing- and a redhead who would stop any show. She was curvy and mostly naked. Her bra barely covered her nipples; it was flimsy cloth and showed them perfectly, and her bikini bottom was a tiny triangle. Pete felt Putzi stirring.

    Biggsy introduced them as Tisha and Poodle… Poodle was the blond guy, and in the second look Pete knew the guy was a queen. He swished.

    "We just got up," Biggsy said, running his hand down Minnie's back and patting her bottom. "If there's anything in the kitchen, you c'n have it."

    "Or anything else you want," Tisha said, looking at Pete with a smoldering smile.

    "Yes, Jesus, just ask," Poodle said with a lisp.

    Pete said, "Thanks, you got a nice joint here."

    Tisha sauntered over and took his arm. "Lemme show you around… " She led him into the huge living room, across it and out onto a patio. He glanced back; Lilli was staring after them, and Biggsy was taking Minnie upstairs.

    It was impossible to concentrate on the house at all with her so close… all that tit-flesh wobbling and bobbling at his elbow. He kept staring at her sleek curves. She giggled at him and when they were out of sight of the others, she hugged his arm and pushed herself at him.

    "I'll bet you're hot for me, huh?"

    "How'd you guess?" He stopped and slid his hands about her slim waist. She came into his arms, pushing her crotch at him and moving it, revolving it, rubbing it, sliding her arms about his neck and pulling his mouth to hers.

    Ol Putz was hard as a length of gaspipe. She said, "Ummm," as she felt it and lifted her leg to rub her crotch even closer.

    Pete leaned against a viny brick wall and rubbed her practically bare ass. "Your motor's running."

    "My motor's always running, for crissakes." She was kissing him passionately, sucking his tongue.

    Pete looked around for a place.

    She said, "Take me in there," nodding to a summer house.

    He pushed her toward it, smiling as he saw her flick the string that held the little triangle; the bikini bottom fell off. Pete went through the door, unzipping his pants. One glance showed him the summer house had been used for screwing before. It had two sturdy straight-backed chairs and two sturdy couches and nothing else.

    She paused at the first couch and turned as he came up and put his arms about her body. Her wide eyes were diamond bright, and her mouth was red. He let Putzi poke at her bush. She smiled and grabbed it with one hand as she kissed him. Then she gasped and said, "Hey! This is a fuckin' monster!"

    "No, it's for fuckin' girls," he said and laid her on the couch. He got between her knees and let himself down on her. She was oooohing and ahhh-ing and rubbing the head of it on herself. "That's what you want, ain't it?"

    She guided the head of it in, sucking in her breath. "Yeh, that's-what-I-want… ooooo, push it_easy_"

    Pete worked it into her. She put her legs up about his waist and rolled her ass from side to side. He buried it to the hair, grinning down at her. She had a faraway look on her kewpie-doll face, concentrating on her pussy as he fed it in.

    He said, "It doesn't hurt, does it?"

    She shook her head and grinned. "It's jus' so fuckin' big… it fills me up. Nobody around here's got a cock like that."

    "Not even Jumbo?"

    She snickered in.his ear. "Hell, Jumbo's got a little one. Jumbo goes around screwin' everybody and half of the girls don't know they've been fucked."

    Pete laughed. "Yeah?"

    "Not like with yours, honey. Whad you say your name was?" "Pete Stringer. First name Peter."

    Tisha giggled. "Peter with the big peter." She kissed him hotly, "Puck me, Peter. I been wanting this all morning. Biggsy's been upstairs with Cor-ine, and left me with Poodle. He's about as much use to a girl as balls."

    "He's the fairy?"

    "Watch 'im, honey. He's a cocksucking fool." "Are you?"

    She giggled, "Yeh, if you want…" But her legs tightened about him. She wanted to get screwed real bad.

    He was fucking her hard and steady, listening to the delightful music of her sighs, enjoying her kisses and the delicious movement of her supple body with his. Their joint friction was a voluptuous thing.

    Then Poodle came into the summer house. "Tisha?"

    Pete frowned at the guy, and Tisha said, "Yeah, what the fuck d'you want?"

    Poodle giggled, seeing them clearly now. "Oh, for God's sake, you're fucking!"

    Pete balled his fist and made to get up. Poodle retreated quickly, grinning. "Jumbo's awake, Tish, yelling for you."

    She said, "Oh, shit!"

    Pete asked, "What's he want?"

    "He wants to fuck her, that's what he wants,"

    "Yeh, I gotta go," Tisha said. "El Pricko calls and us mortals got to obey." "You said he had somebody named Corine?"

    Poodle chuckled delightedly. "Jumbo likes two girls, pal. One t'sit on his face and one to eat him."

    Tisha sighed at Pete's look. "Yeah, it's no secret."

    He let her up. Poodle's eyes fastened in fascination on the big naked prick glistening with cunt sauce. Tisha rose, found her bikini triangle and kissed Pete on the cheek.

    "Dammit, I'm sorry, honey. We had a good thing going there. Maybe later, huh?" She wandered out.

    Pete watched her go, mopping the cock absently. He didn't notice Poodle come slipping over to him.

    When he turned, Poodle was on his knees in front of the prick.

    "Lemme have it," Poodle said breathlessly. "Lemme suck it, huh?" His tongue lolled toward Putzi.

    Pete hesitated. Tisha had taken the edge off, the first fast flush of lust, but the cock was still very damned hard. He knew from past experience that queens were damn good cocksuckers.

    He smiled, moved forward and put the cock into Poodle's mouth. The guy gulped it down, slobbering and licking, crazy to eat it. Pete stood in front of him, arms on hips, hips thrust forward, watching Poodle suck on it. Poodle didn't have Lilli's loving finesse, but he had a kind of passionate fever. Poodle wanted the goo. With both hands on Pete's hips, he attacked the swollen weenie, masturbating it furiously with his lips. Pete had to bite his lower lip. The fairy set up a hell of a friction; the guy had a trained tongue, and it was a lot better than jacking off.

    After several surging minutes he saw Poodle's eyes roll upward and he nodded,-Aln a minute… in a minute…"

    Poodle sucked harder. Then he blew it. He closed his eyes tightly, thinking about Lilli, feeling the crazy tongue laving him, the sucking mouth pulling at it… the jism squirted and he swayed. Poodle held him up, gobbling him, gulping it down, milking the-cock lustfully.

    Pete was breathing hard. He dropped onto a couch and the fairy scuttled close, still sucking provokingly, able to take most of the meat into his mouth as it grew weaker.

    Pete said, "You're pretty fuckin' good."

    Poodle giggled over the prick. "You like? This is a darling one… Ill show you where my room is, maybe… "

    "Thanks, but no thanks," Pete said.

    Poodle was desperate, cupping prick and balls warmly. "Lemme get it hard again, please. I want you t'fuck me."

    Pete chuckled. "Gimme my cock back."

    Poodle made an agonized sound, sucking the. cock, licking it voraciously, "Please, please, please_"

    But Pete rose and took the meat with him. He went back to the house with Poodle pattering after him. "You got me all hot…"

    "Tough," Pete said.

    Lilli was in the living room, having coffee by a huge rock fireplace, in the company of a smallish, very pretty boy. She looked up and smiled as Pete came in.

    Poodle said, "Chauncy, doll!" He made for the pretty boy and kissed him on; the lips. "I didn't know you'd be here today!"

    "Well I got a chance to get away," Chauncy said, fluttering long lashes, "So I thought we might… "

    "Oh, yes, we can, we can," Poodle said, pulling on the other's arm. Chauncy wriggled his fingers at them as Poodle pulled him to the stairs.

    "Isn't he cute," Lilli said. "Have some coffee."

    "Where's Edna?"

    "In the kitchen, I think." Lilli poured him a cup. "Did you get to screw that redhead?" "Yeah… her name's Tisha."

    Lilli came and sat by him, kissing him and sigh-ings "Do you want to stay here?"

    "I want to see this Jumbo character. Maybe he knows a good grift. We're going to have to ditch Casey's car, you know."

    "Yeah, I spose so."

    "What we need is a legit car. That way we could drive to the coast without worrying about cops. I hate to buy one… "

    She bit his ear. "How else do you get a legit car?"

    Pete sighed.

    Biggsy came downstairs in about an hour, looking for them. He was wearing an open shirt and a pair of shorts, no shoes. He scratched his balls and said, "Hey, c'mqri up and meet Jumbo. He's been asking for you."

    Jumbo was in his bedroom, naked as usual, with a platinum blonde in bed with him. She was naked too, sitting up, lighting a cigarette when they walked in. She had large beautiftil tits.

    Tisha, also naked, was sitting on the edge of the bed, fiddling with the radio, trying to get a station clearly.

    Biggsy said, "Jumbo, this's Pete and Lilli."

    Jumbo said, "Hi, friends, how's that motherfucker, Pooner?" He smiled at Lilli, watching her breasts waggle. ("He's the same little shit he always was," Pete said and Jumbo laughed. Tisha looked at him under her lashes.

    Jumbo rubbed his hand on the blonde's bare back. "This's Corine. You met Tisha?"

    Pete nodded to both of them. So that was Corine. She was a stacked blonde. Nice. Very goddam nice. She gave him his same look back. Pete could almost feel Putzi in her cunt just from the look.

    Jumbo said, "I thought there was another pussy?" He looked at Biggsy.

    "Yeh, Edna," Biggsy said: "She's down with one of the guys… Dan or Jimmy…"

    Jumbo slapped the bed and leered at Lilli. "C'mon, sit over here by Jumbo," he said to her. He snapped his fingers. "Biggsy, break out the moth-erfuckin' booze. Whassmatter with you?" He chuckled as Biggsy jumped. "All's he thinks about is cunt. I swear, all he thinks about."

    "What the hell d'you think about?" Corine asked. "Cabbages?"

    Pete slid into a chair by the bed, staring at Cor-ine's bare breasts. They were larger than Tisha's, and the nipples were, bigger. Jumbo roared with laughter. He pinched her under the covers and she yelped.

    "Name your poison," Jumbo said, pointing to the serving table Biggsy was rolling up. It held at least a dozen bottles, glasses, ice and napkins. Biggsy dropped ice into glasses.

    Jumbo was running his hand up and down Lil-li's back. Now and then he reached around in front and bounced a heavy breast. Pete said, "I'm looking for something I can make a couple of bucks on… we're going on out to the coast."

    Jumbo nodded. "That oughta be easy… making dough ain't hard, you just gotta know the right motherfucking people."

    "I knew we come to the right place," Pete said, accepting a glass from Biggsy.

    "Yeh, I can put you next to a deal," Jumbo said, unfastening Lilli's blouse. "This here's a mighty prick-raising woman you got." He unhooked the bra. "Your name's Lilli?"

    Lilli said, "Yes," in a small voice.

    "I knew a dame named Lily once, didn't I?" He frowned at Biggsy who nodded. "Liked it in the ass as I r'member." He reached around Lilli, under the loose blouse and squeezed a titty. "You like it in the ass, honey?"

    Lilli shook her head and Corine snickered. "Oh, shitty poo," she said. "Poodle likes it in th'ass."

    Jumbo ignored her, crooking his finger to Tisha. Tisha crawled to him; he told her to get under the covers next to him, and he put her hand on his penis. "Get it nice'n hard, honey."

    "It is hard…"

    Jumbo said, "You want a deal?" He was smiling at Pete. Pete knew what was coming. "Yeah," he said.

    Jumbo nodded and slapped Lilli's ass. "Come'n get in bed, honey. If "you got any panties on, take 'emoff."

    Corine laughed at Lilli's expression. "You're gonna get fucked, honey."


    Pete sat there, very still, and watched a naked Lilli crawl into bed with Jumbo. Tisha had said he was small in the pecker, which was comforting. She glanced at him once and he tried to smile reassuringly.

    Corine, the platinum blonde, made way for her, sipping her whiskey, even patting Lilli's bare bottom as it slid past. Pete could tell that everyone in the room was impressed by Lilli. She was so beautifully put together. Tisha let go the cock and got out of bed again to sit beside Jumbo, smoking a cigarette. Biggsy made himself a drink and watched from the other side of the bed.

    "Oh, you are a motherfucking cute piece of ass," said Jumbo admiringly. He lifted the covers and she slid in on her back. He bent and sucked one tit.

    Corine said, "Stick it in 'er before you lose the hard, baby." Jumbo growled at her, "Go fuck y'self… "

    Corine shrugged, looking at Pete. She winked at him, sitting so her titties showed prominently.

    Jumbo was exploring under the covers, whispering into Lilli's ear and giggling. She writhed, her legs went up and she jerked a few times involuntarily. Then Jumbo rolled on top of her. He giggled and puffed-he was not fat, but bulky-it took him a minute to get the cock in, then he pushed and thrust, grunting. Corine slapped his ass, "Go get it tiger… "

    He growled at herrfucking hard.

    Tisha watched, puffing smoke, glancing around at Pete, smiling. She had found a station and the radio was playing softly.

    Jumbo said, "Man, this is crazy pussy!"

    He was making the bed bounce. Pete got up and wandered around the room. Lilli wasn't hurting, he knew, but he hated to let her get fucked, knowing how she detested it. At the same time they needed the deal Jumbo could get for them.

    Corine slid out of the bed and came across the room toward him. He stared at the charms thus revealed. She was built like the proverbial brick shithouse, and she was well aware of it. Biggsy's eyes followed her ass, bouncing from her tits to ass.

    She said, very softly, "He won't hurt her "

    He stared at Jumbo's humping butt. Lilli's legs were up to his shoulders and the cover was sliding down his back.

    "He's got a little cock," she whispered, grinning, shaking the ice in her glass. "You married to her?"

    "No." He brushed the back of his hand over one of her nipples and she immediately responded, pushing it at him. He cupped both breasts in his hands, squeezing. Tisha and Biggsy were watching Jumbo again, talking to him… Tisha was stroking Lilli's hair.

    Corine said, "I wanna get fucked. Okay?"


    She glanced at the bed then went to the door, opening it and slipping out. Pete followed. In the hall she groped him, grabbing the cock, pressing it, squeezing it. "Jesus, is that all you?"

    "You'll find out inna second."

    She pulled him by the cock and hurried into the next room. Pausing to unzip him, she flopped onto the bed, legs wide. Pete crawled onto her, suddenly hot to get it into her. "Oh, honey, this is a real cock!"

    He crammed it in, shoving, ramming, eager. Corine planted her feet far apart, moved her ass and sucked her breath sibilantly as he drove it into her. It went poking in, deep and warm. She was fucking back in a second, humping her loins, gyrating them, holding him tightly. "Oh, fuck it to me, baby… "

    She was a screwing machine. Excited as he was by her, he was astonished at her frenzy. Crushing her breasts to him, her churning hips sought the friction of his big cock, turning that friction into twitching sensation. Within moments of entering her she was convulsing, jerking, a whirlpool of crazy passion. His cock was squeezed and mauled inside her. She kept up a kind of breathless urgency, whispering lewd phrases, grunting and moaning.

    He made her come in minutes. She yelled out when the paroxysms shook her, then flopped, jerking like a hooked fish, pulling at him, ramming her loins up to meet his thrusts… then moaning. Pete made no move at all to pause, but she grabbed him in both hands, "Don't stop, don't stop… don't stop_"

    She was the wildest ass he had ever put Putzi into.

    She said, "Man, what you do tome!"

    "I thought you liked it."

    Corine hugged him delightedly, "Oh, you fuckin' sonofabitch, you really rock my boat. You really do-how long you gonna stay here?"

    "1 dunno, a day'er so, I guess."

    "Let's fiick all night!"

    Pete laughed. "I'll get hungry later, bound to,… "

    "Man, I'll feed you, and that big cock too." She giggled. "That thing mus' eat raw meat."

    He worked it in her steadily. "Are you Jumbo's head girlfriend?"

    Corine made a face. "Yeah, I guess so… much as anybody is. Jumbo's a gash-hound. He can't stand not having every woman he sees. Most of 'em he throws over soon's he screws 'em."

    "I'll bet you've been around a while."

    "Yeh, a while." She smiled at him. "You like the way I throw a screw?" "You are a wild cunt, cutie."

    She giggled, "Yeah, I like it. That makes a difference. That girl in there, Lilli… is she good?"

    "The greatest."

    "Did you get her from Pooner?"

    Pete shook his head. "She ain't a whore. The other one, Minnie, she came from Pooner though."

    Corine nodded. She began to swivel her hips to his in and out movement, grinning.

    "Ohhhh, I like that_" She sighed, "Don't let Jumbo find out you got a real big prick … he hates guys who are hung."


    "Cause he's got a small dick, I guess. Jumbo thinks he's a big man, and he wants to be a big man in the cock department too, only he isn't. I keep tellin' him it don't matter."

    Pete slammed it to her and she moaned in pleasure.

    He made her come again, as quickly as he could. He was beginning to worry some about Lilli. Corine went into spasms, shaking the bed, rocking and bucking… her orgasms came from downtown and exploded like rockets.

    When she subsided somewhat, breathing hard, happy, she said, "I haven't been nicked like this for … Jesus, for years_"

    Pete shot his wad into her, thinking about Lilli, anxious to get back into the next room. Corine seemed to know it. She let him up without a problem, hanging onto him for a moment, "I want some more of that, honey… hear?" "Later on, huh?"

    She nodded, smiling. "Later on."

    The scene hadn't changed when he returned to Jumbo's room. Jumbo was still on top of Lilli, screwing her, talking, even answering the phone. Tisha sat on the bed, stroking Lilli's hair, giggling with them. Biggsy sat, watching, drinking.

    Biggsy looked around as they returned, and Pete knew the bald guy knew what they had been doing. He even winked at Corine. Still bare-ass naked, Corine went Over and slid into bed beside the two fuckers.

    "Get your gun off, Jumbo," Corine said, "I want some too."

    Jumbo laughed, "Get in line, you motheffucker…get inline!"

    Lilli wasn't harmed at all… she was annoyed at Jumbo, and probably a little wounded by his allowing Jumbo to fuck her, Pete thought. Biggsy showed them to a spare bedroom and he comforted her, trying to explain again what she already knew.

    Women were problems_ Jumbo had a deal for him_several deals, in. feet. "You take your pick," Jumbo said, downstairs in the den. "I c'n put you onto a hot car deal-you said you did 'at in New York, or I can put you into a slot-machine gimmick… "

    "I need a car," Pete said.

    Biggsy said, "You got a car, I seen it outside."

    "I mean a car with honest plates."

    Jumbo shuffled in a side table and came up with a pad and a pencil. He wrote an address quickly, shoved it toward Pete. "Here, you go see Manny Greb, he's a pal o' mine. Lives over a couple blocks…" He looked at Biggsy.

    "Seven blocks," Biggsy said.

    "Yeh, seven blocks. The motherfucker'll show you how to make a couple bucks, get you a car… howzat?"

    "Thanks, Jumbo, you're a pal."

    Jumbo nodded, "Sure, pal." He jerked his thumb, "Biggsy, give Manny a call, say that our pal Pete'll be right over t'see him."

    Biggsy went out to the phone.

    Jumbo said, "That car's hot-the one you got outside?" Pete nodded.

    Jumbo looked at him, lit a cigarette and brooded. "Leave it there then. I'll have Biggsy get rid o' the thing. I d'want no motherfuckin' cops nosing around. Okay?"

    "Yeh," Pete said. He rose and went to the door.

    Jumbo grinned and rubbed his crotch. "And how about finding Edna-send her in here, right?"

    Pete nodded, "Sure, Jumbo."

    Manny Greb lived in an apartment house, top floor, rear. Pete was expected; he rang the bell and a big tough-looking guy ushered him into a den room where Manny was watching TV with a blonde beside him. The blonde gave him a careful sidelong scrutiny. Manny said, "Siddown, kid."

    It took ten minutes to conclude the deal. He memorized an address and a name, Lupo, and that was it. Manny said, "Okay, you see Lupo tomorrow. He'll tell you what kinda cars he wants, you pinch 'em, okay?"

    "Gotcha," Pete said, looking at the blonde's tits. When he rose to leave she leaned forward and gave him a real eyeful. She wore no bra, smiling at his face. Manny didn't notice.

    On the way back to Jumbo's he saw the girl. She was walking toward him, wearing a short coat; she was a blonde and had nice legs… that much he could see. It was very dark and they were on a street well shadowed by trees.

    The urge swept over him. He stepped off the sidewalk into inky shadows. Reasons why he shouldn't grab the girl swept over him… there was plenty of pussy at Jumbo's house; it was dangerous as hell, and he was already wanted for rape; she might scratch him up… and so on.

    By then she was close to him. He could hear her soft footfalls. 01' Puta was straining at the leash. He put the thoughts out of his mind. Think about cunt.

    When the girl came past, he grabbed her. He swung her around and she gasped. He saw her open her mouth to scream and he chopped her neck. She fell into his arms without a sound. Man, easy-! It had been easier than he had thought. He picked her up, she was light as Lilli, and carried her to a better spot, away from the street, very close to a dark brick house. He laid her on the grass, face up. She was younger than he thought, too. Her head lolled, she moaned slightly. Opening her blouse, tearing it down from the neck, he felt her tits. Quite small. He let Putzi out of his pants. Then he spread her legs; she had a good set of hips, and well-formed legs. When he slid his finger into her puss she moaned and writhed., He couldn't stand it any longer. His brain was afire. Ripping her thin panties aside, he got on her and spat on his cock. She didn't have much hair around the slit. He held the cunt lips Aapart and worked the cock in, he got the head of it inside when she jerked awake.

    She would have screamed again, but he clamped his hand over her mouth and growled at her. He could see her startled frightened eyes, mostly whites. He humped the pecker in, getting it in a few inches, another inch, enjoying her struggles, listening to her formless words. He got it half in her and began to fuck it back and forth.

    He took his hand off her mouth, warning her gruffly, "No yelling…" "You're hurting me," she gasped. "You're too fucking big!"

    He chuckled. Terrible language for a kid so young. He kept feeding her the cock… impossible to stop now, no matter what.

    She began to cry, writhing and twisting, pushing at him with tiny hands. He fucked her harder and faster… almost, almost, almost… he ignored her cries.

    Then he blew-his face was flushed, the cock pole was ramming her and the stuff spurted. At that moment a light bathed them. At first Pete thought it was part of the cock-fantasy roiling inside his head… lights and colors… and then he realized that someone had turned on a light inside the house. The glow from a window was bathing them; no one could see out, and they were not visible from the street; Pete relaxed.

    Then he saw that the girl was staring up at him, eyes wide. She had a very good look at him. "Shit!" he said aloud.

    Then the light went out. He continued humping her5 she was well lubricated now, and the cock went in slightly deeper, and she had stopped crying. She was no Corine.

    He regretted screwing her-it hadn't been worth it. Getting his cock into someone who struggled and fought him had been fun for the moment, but now it was over, he knew he'd been a fool.

    Pete dragged it out of her and wiped it on her dress. She swore at him and he turned in sudden anger, swiping her along side the jaw. He was sore as hell at himself, and he took it out on her. She crumpled again. Rising, he put the cock away and ran lightly back to the street and down.the sidewalk.


    When he returned, Lilli was in bed asleep. There was a bottle sitting on the table by the bed. She had evidently taken a good stiff one and it had knocked her out.

    Edna met him in the hallway and pulled him aside, "Did you hear the news yet?"

    "What news?" Jesus, they hadn't got to that kid already "It came over the radio a little while ago… and Jumbo is screamin' about it. They made you in New York."

    Pete frowned at her and bit his lip. "My name?"

    She nodded. "The guy on the news said some dame made you from the mug files. They're looking for Pete Stringer."

    "What else_are they looking in this direction?"

    "It's a general whatchamacallit."

    He nodded. He was beginning to think now. Wouldn't Pooner or Casey phone the fuzz as anonymous private citizens and put the finger on him?

    "He wants me out-Jumbo?"

    "Baby, he don't want any part of you." She reached down and cupped his balls. "What're you going to do?"

    "I got to get the fuck outa here. I dunno… I guess that boots the deal with Manny- -" He rubbed her ass. "How about you?"

    "I'm gonna stay here for a while, with Jumbo."

    "He offered you something?"

    She nodded. "I'll get by." She wanted to unzip him, but he stopped her. He didn't feel like screwing her anyhow. He had to get Lilli and scram. She insisted, "Let me have it just once more…?"

    "I haven't got time… help me with Lilli, huh?"

    She followed him to the room. They got Lilli up, confused and addled, half drunk, unable to understand what was happening. Between them, they dressed her.

    Edna said, "How'll you go?"

    "I dunno-tell 'em we headed south, right?"

    He carried Lilli down the steps with Edna following. It sounded like a party in the living room, music, women giggling, and on the sun porch Pete could hear Biggsy's voice, "Don't bite me, you bitch-"

    He went through the deserted kitchen, out the back to the car. Casey's heap was still parked there. Edna opened the door and he laid Lilli on the back seat.

    Edna said, "Fuck me-just once more."

    Pete patted her round ass, thinking about the kid he had just raped. The girl would be running to the fuzz about now, wouldn't she? Yelling, "I saw the guy, I can recognize him again…".."Give it to Jumbo," he said.

    Edna said,"Horseshit." She put her arms around his neck and shoved herself against him, rubbing the crotch where she knew Putzi lived, Putzi uncurled and said, "Hey!"

    "Goddammit," Pete said, "I got to get the fuck outa here!"

    Edna unzipped him and yanked the cock out into the night air, rubbing it furiously. "Jesus, if Jumbo only felt like that."

    "All right," Pete said, "bend over the fender."

    "Fuck that noise, I want it in front."

    He sat her on the fender and spread her legs. She grinned happily as he crowded into her crotch and laid Putzi at her slot. She bit his ear and whispered, "Oh, that sweet thing… " as the cock skewered her.

    He thrust it all the way in,-deep and warm as ever, remembering all the times it had been in there before. With her twining arms and legs about him, her voracious pussy fucked back. Man, he hated to go and leave her. He said, "I'm gonna miss you."

    "Jesus, don't say that when you got that gorgeous thing in me."

    He was hot now, lunging into her, holding her shapely body, wishing he had her naked on a bed. He should have come straight back from seeing Manny and fucked Edna.

    Edna began to kiss him; she was breathing hard, writhing. "Oh-fuck it in me, I'm gonna come… I'm gonna come!"

    He held her butt and drove the pecker into her, mauling her clit, jabbing her, loving her sex delirium. It was a sensuous feeling to hold her supple body, impaled on his prick, while she moaned and bucked in an orgasm he had given her.

    He worked up an easy rhythm to taper her off, kissing her and caressing her while she got her breath back, subsiding slowly. Man, he hated to lose this delicious pussy.

    "I'm going with you," she breathed. "Fuck Jumbo."

    "No you aren't."

    She rubbed herself against him, "You can fuck me in th' ass anytime you want_"

    Pete snickered. "Right now? Turn around and bend over."

    "Okay." She unwound her legs.

    He laughed softly, patting her ass. "Never mind,"

    "I'll suck you off anytime you want."

    He licked her mouth. "I got Lilli for that."

    "Pete-you big cock, take me with you." She pulled him with her legs. "Just keep fuckin' me and fuckin' me, and fuckin me-"

    "I d'want the cops to get you," he said. He closed her mouth with his, feeling noble as hell.. He held her buttocks with both hands and fucked Putzi into her in a froth.

    It took him three minutes to surge into an orgasm. And Edna came with him, a nerve-searing sex trip. The stuff spurted and gushed and Edna moaned aloud, reminding him of Cprine, the electric cunt. Damn, he had promised to fuck her again.

    Edna slid off the fender and went down on him, sucking the cock voraciously. She didn't want to let it go. It was no easy thing, prying it out of her mouth.

    He got in the car finally, starting the engine, kissing Edna one last time. He turned the car, one last glimpse of her standing alone in the brief headlight glare, lissom and lovely, hands at her throat, watching him go. It was all he could do to keep going.

    But he was on the run. The fucking cops might stop him any second. He was in a hot car, they had his name and picture on a national want sheet.

    He took back streets, heading south and west, then turned southeast toward Carbondaie. He'd get across the river somewhere, and head back west again. There was nothing on the car radio when the news came on. He wasn't as important as local news. But the cops would know about him, every lousy small time cocksucker would have a rap sheet. He must not be stopped by cops.

    In an hour Lilli woke up, yawning and stretching, looking around her. "Hey, we left Jumbo's… "

    She crawled into the front seat and he told her what had happened. It didn't seem to faze her; she accepted it with amazing calm, but he didn't tell hex about the girl he had raped.

    Lilli cuddled up to him soon, feeling automatically for the cock, unzipping him and warming it. She bent and licked it, "You've had it in somebody

    "Edna," he said.

    "Oh." She curled into his lap and began to suck it. Man, that was the way to be on the run.

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