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    Amy: undercover


    "You're so funny Manuel!" Amy giggled. "That's me baby. Funny as shit!" he grinned. His hand came down to cup her behind and she giggled again and scampered away. "Uh Uh Uh." she laughed, waving her finger at him. He sighed and smiled back, not altogether happily.

    Amy let her eyes open further, playing the part of the dumb blonde to the hilt. She had been playing it for almost a week now, trying to lure Manuel and the people she knew were behind him, into grabbing her.

    She sighed inwardly and adjusted the top of her bikini. It was a thirty six cup, a size too small for her thirty eight inch chest. They hadn't told her police work would be like this when she'd enrolled in the academy four years ago.

    This assignment called for coming on to Manuel. She was supposed to be a dumb blonde bimbo after all. The problem was that a real blonde bimbo would have dropped her panties for Manuel by now, and Amy had no intention of doing that.

    Manuel was used to easy women, and found her holding out somewhat confusing, as well as a challenge. He'd been trying to get her into bed almost since she'd met him, sometimes quite forcefully. If they didn't get him for kidnapping soon they were liable to get him for rape.

    Not that he wasn't absolutely gorgeous, she sighed. Six feet tall, with long dark hair, a muscular physique, and a face that almost made her want to spread her legs whenever he came near.

    Under normal circumstances… But this wasn't. There were a lot of eyes around, and besides it would look pretty bad in court if it turned out she'd screwed the bastard!

    Still she was lucky to make detective so early while most of her classmates were driving around in blue and whites. She hadn't once been assigned to street patrol, her looks had seen to that. Although she'd been nineteen when she'd graduated, she could still pass for sixteen or seventeen and had been sent into high schools posing as a student.

    She'd done very well, though she detested being back in high school so soon after leaving it. But the vice squad needed young looking cops to infiltrate the drug rings that ran rampant in the high schools and couldn't very well use veterans for that.

    This job was a real break. She was out of the high schools, and working for the major case team. Manuel was suspected of being involved in the disappearance of a number of young teenage girls over the last months, all of whom joined his modeling agency shortly before disappearing without a trace.

    The NYPD believed the place was a front for a white slavery ring, and needed a pretty, young looking officer to infiltrate it. Amy had volunteered.

    Even now, a half dozen officers surrounded the Mansion where this little pool party was being held, hoping she'd be grabbed there so they could follow her to Manuel's bosses.

    She was wearing a small locket that was a tracer the police could follow, another one was in her watch. They were taking a chance of course, but they had tried everything else.

    She smiled stupidly as one of Manuel's men walked past her and patted her on the behind. "Bunch of cretins." she muttered to her drink. She delayed and wandered around the pool, giving Manuel and his friends every opportunity to kidnap her. Unfortunately, they stubbornly refused. At last she decided they weren't going to bite and called it a day.

    "Well?" She looked up at Lieutenant Cooper as their cars met at an intersection several blocks away. "Nothing." she sighed.

    "Shit. what's with those guys anyway? "I don't know sir."

    "Well go home and we'll try again tomorrow" "Hey Amy!"

    Her eyes narrowed as she shifted her gaze to Frank Morgan. He held up a camera with a telephoto lens. "We got some great pictures of you in your little bikini!" he leered. "We're gonna auction em off later."

    "Up yours Morgan." she glared.

    "You two knock it off! You're supposed to be adults." Cooper said sternly. "We'll see you again tomorrow Amy." he said. She nodded and they drove off in different directions.

    She was mad at herself, for failing to tempt Manuel into grabbing her. This was her big break with the department. She was getting to old to pass as a teenager, and if she didn't manage to make full detective soon, she'd wind up in a patrol car somewhere, breaking up domestic fights.

    She parked the car outside her condo and walked up the stairs to her apartment. She stopped to check her mail, opening it as she walked. Another letter from her Mother! That woman! She called Amy every second day on the phone, and still had to send her a letter every week!

    She couldn't understand why Amy wasn't married to a Lawyer and pushing out babies by now. Amy sighed and leafed through the rest of her mail as she unlocked her door. All bills, except for a come on that said she had already won a million dollars, maybe. She snorted and pushed the door closed behind her.

    She flicked on the TV as she passed, then went into her room to change. She donned a pair of black silk pajamas and then went into the kitchen.

    Normally she'd have made something to eat, but she'd eaten so much at the party she wasn't hungry. She pulled a bottle of spring water from her fridge and then went back into the living room to watch the news.

    She grinned at the image she presented. A real yuppie! She shook her head. It wasn't that long ago she was in danger of being arrested herself. She used to run with a pretty wild bunch, that was always getting into trouble.

    The only trouble she'd been caught for had been a little shoplifting that had been erased from her record when she'd turned eighteen.

    Still, she remembered the wild parties, the drugs and sex, and multicolored, multi shaped sexual partners she'd had. One time, her Mother had come home early from work and found Amy on the living room floor with a couple of boyfriends.

    She'd been on her hands and knees. Johnnie Welsh was kneeling naked behind her, his hot prick sliding in and out of her cunthole. Mark Spencer had been in front of her face, cock buried to the balls in her sucking, slurping mouth.

    What a screaming mess that had been. Amy had only just managed to avoid being sent to a convent school in the mid-west, and had been grounded for three months. She'd certainly reformed since then.

    An hour later, she was checking the television schedule when the doorbell rang. She looked up in irritation. She didn't feel like visitors just now. She sighed, and got up, moving across the plush rug to the door.

    She opened it a crack, with the chain still on, and peeked out. It was Manuel!

    "Hello Rebecka." he smiled.

    "Manuel! What are you doing here?" she stammered.

    "I got bored and decided to do some work. I thought I'd come and see you about a modeling assignment for tomorrow"

    "Come come." he said impatiently, holding up a folder. "This is a major national magazine." Amy considered. She wished she had time to call the station, but she'd blow her cover if she didn't let him in at once.

    "Come on in." she smiled, closing the door and pulling the chain off.

    Manuel walked in slowly, looking around at the little apartment. "Very nice." he commented. "Thank you." Amy responded.

    Manuel went over to the couch and sat down. "Would you like something to drink?" Amy queried. "Yes, a bourbon please if you have it. Amy shook her head.

    "Scotch?" she asked.

    He shrugged and nodded.

    "So what is the shoot?" she asked from the kitchenette.

    "Bathing suits." he called back.

    "You have a wonderful body, as you reminded me today. I know you will look fabulous."

    "It sounds great!" she said with false enthusiasm, handing him his drink and sitting down next to him. He opened the folder. Inside was a magazine devoted almost exclusively to beautiful women in swimsuits.

    She leafed through the pages as Manuel sipped on his drink and watched her.

    "When is the shoot?" she asked. "Tomorrow, for a week."

    Uh oh.

    She scanned the pages in dismay. The swimsuits were for the most part pretty skimpy. Many were of the tonga variety popular in South America, others had little more than g-strings for bottoms. There was a large section of lingerie, most of which was practically, if not entirely see through.

    "Umm… Tomorrow?" she stammered.

    "Yes, we'll go out to a warehouse on Long island. There are backdrops there that will make it appear you are in Hawaii or something.

    "Will I… umm… be wearing these kinds of things?" she pointed at a buxom brunette wearing a nearly invisible teddy, that left nothing to the imagination.

    He nodded. "Partly, as well as the suits." "Great! Great!" she gushed, trying to pretend excited, but imaging her pictures with everything hanging out, on display in the stationhouse. Then Manuel leaned closer, his arm going around her. He smiled, his eyes narrowing. "You will look wonderful and sexy." he breathed. His hand slid up and down her side, fingers siding lightly across the sides of her breasts.

    "I… I don't know Manuel…" she murmured. His face nuzzled her throat, and he kissed her lightly. His other hand slid up the silken fabric of her leg towards her groin.

    Before she could stop him his hand was between her slightly spread thighs, cupping her crotch through the thin fabric. A shot of electric heat shot up into her body, making her gasp in shock.

    "M… Manuel!" she protested, her hand going down to his, trying to shove it away, her mind, already whirling through possible excuses to get her out of the photo shooting, now reeled from the sudden flaring heat in her loins.

    His other hand was now squeezing her breast, sending waves of rolling sexual turmoil through the blonde's spinning brain.

    His mouth was at her throat, biting, sucking, kissing. His hand rubbed and squeezed at her crotch, sending her guts into a shivering frenzy.

    She should stop him… she had to…

    But her body refused to recognize this. Her head fell back, sending her breasts thrusting out as her body trembled in the throes of sizzling sexual passion.

    "Oh… God… Manuelllllll!" she groaned.

    Her hand, over his was now pushing rather than pulling as she humped her groin up against his fingers.

    Manuel pulled his hand loose, but only momentarily.

    She felt his fingers slide beneath the elastic waistband of her pants, felt it's dry warmth move down over her abdomen, and onto her cunt, he squeezed his fingers together, making her gasp in pleasure.

    They fell backwards on the couch, Amy's legs spreading of their own volition. That hand! It was doing incredible things to her. Her entire crotch blazed and pulsed with sexual need. Spasms swept through her groin, her guts roiling and churning.

    A small part of her mind was yelling, pleading, worrying about the case, about the danger. It was overwhelmed by the sexual flurry enveloping her body.

    Manuel's hands came free, they grabbed the front of her pajamas top and tore it open, exposing her round swollen breasts, and hot hard nipples. His hands gripped her sides under the arms, pulled her chest up to him, to his face.

    She moaned, her eyes closing as his mouth locked around her furiously erect nipple. His lips encircled it and closed, his breath drawing it inward, up into his mouth. His teeth nipped her lightly, then harder.

    He slid off the couch, down on to his knees between her sprawled legs. His mouth sliding downward off her breasts, down her silken belly and over her abdomen. He slid her pants down her legs and off, throwing them into a far comer.

    He eyed her damp warm pussy with hungry eyes, his hands going around her legs, pulling her ass closer to the edge of the couch, shoving her legs up and back. His tongue flicked out. It touched the bottom of her lightly furred pussy slit, then slowly, and firmly pressed into the flesh and moved upward along her slit.

    Amy's breathing was coming fast and furious. Her ass ground writhed on the couch as she sought to push herself up against his face. Her hands went behind her head, stretching, bowing her body up and out as one of Manuel's hands slid up onto her breast again and squeezed.

    Manuel pushed his tongue into her, driving it up into the moistness of her narrow cavity. He scooped out a wad of girl juice, and drank it down. His tongue slid up and down around her slit, not touching the clit, driving her higher and higher without relief.

    Then he seized her clitty between his lips and squeezed, sucking and chewing fiercely. Amy squealed in response, humping against him and crying out in orgasmic release as ecstasy screamed through her belly.

    Her ass bounced up and down as Manuel continued to manipulate the center of her fiery volcano, continued to drive her through a whirling hurricane of rippling climactic sensations.

    Then she collapsed, her mind and body totally spent by the sizzling release of energies. Manuel smiled grimly. He stood up then leaned over. His arms slid around the hapless blonde, under her back and legs, and he lifted her into the air.

    Amy's body hung limp in his arms, as if dead.

    Her head hanging back, eyes almost closed, mouth open. Only the heaving of her magnificent chest, and the gasping breathing from her mouth showed her to be alive.

    Manuel carried her across the room and into the bedroom. He set her down gently on the bed, then stood back, admiring her beauty with a shake of his head.

    He dropped his jacket onto a chair, pulled his t-shirt up and flung it onto the jacket, then kicked his shoes off and slid his pants down to stand there naked, his thick cock rigid, and straining outward.

    Amy was stretching and sighing, starting to come back down to earth. He didn't give her a chance. He dropped atop her, his groin fitting smoothly against hers, his penis pressed between their bellies.

    His mouth sought hers, locked there. His tongue shot into her mouth, twining with hers. His hands caressed the hot skin of her breasts, squeezing, kneading. He humped against her crotch, sliding his penis upward along her belly. Amy groaned in pleasure.

    His hand held his penis, pressed it's tip against her oozing cunt entrance. Amy's legs spread further in response. Then he entered her, his prong driving down into her body, moving and burrowing through the center of her abdomen. Amy could feel every inch of it moving inside her.

    He hit bottom, pulled back, then pushed forward again. He ground his loins into hers, jabbing his prick around inside her belly. He pulled his ass upward, tearing most of his cockpole free of her sucking depths, then lunged downward, driving back balls deep.

    Amy's arms went around him, her groin humping up to meet him as he began stroking into her. He slapped her arms away, pushing them above her head, holding her wrists there locked together in one hand.

    Then his hands drew hers apart, his fingers interlaced with hers as he jerked her hands widely apart. He pulled his body upward, off her, suspended only by his feet and hands.

    He began thrusting downward, his rigid cock pistoning in and out of her gaping fuck hole. Amy lunged upward, jamming her groin up onto his pole as it drove downward. His balls slapped against her ass as she bent her legs tightly, her feet flat on the bed next to her ass, shoving her crotch upward.

    "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she gritted. Her legs swept around him and locked about his back, pulling him downward. Manuel released her hands, grabbed her legs and jerked them up onto his shoulders.

    He pressed forward, shoving her legs back against her chest, her knees touching her ears as he hammered his body down against her, driving his cock down her swampy fuck tunnel.

    He pulled out, his cum soaked prong sliding out of her body, her cuntmouth squeezing closed with an almost audible snap. He held his boated cock head against her wet slit, then thrust forward, driving it down deep into her body, his hips crashing against her buttocks, making her grunt in pain and pleasure.

    He slid out of her again, poised at her entrance, and then rammed down balls deep. Each time, he showed his total possession of her, each time, his cock held for a second outside her, then slammed down into her silken depths.

    Each new penetration brought a gasp of wonder from the blonde. Each penetration brought a shiver, a trembling of her body that made her limbs twitch uncontrollably.

    She came, a long satisfied groan of release coming from her open mouth.

    Manuel thrust into her again, then began stroking, pistoning, pumping his steel hard prick in and out of the hot, spastic, clutching fuckhole between her legs.

    She came again, her eyes rolling back in her head as the flooding sensations tore through her hapless frame.

    Manuel was in a steady, even pace, his tool sliding easily in and out of the girl as his buttocks rose and fell, rose and fell, rose and fell.

    Amy came again, her cunt rippling with sexual energy as his thick fuckmeat slid in and out of her minute after minute.

    Manuel dropped her legs. He gripped her arm and turned her over onto her belly. Amy gurgled senselessly, her sodden pussy almost bubbling with her fuck juices, her body slick, almost glistening with perspiration, her hair a damp tangled mess.

    Manuel pulled her legs far apart and lay atop her, his prick fitting between her soft ass cheeks. She groaned with the weight atop her, her arms lay above her, weakened and helpless by the cums that had rippled through her body.

    He rose slightly, his fingers enfolding his gleaming cum-oiled shaft. He held the tip to her crinkled, sweat slickened anus, and then pushed downward, ignoring the feeble, mewls of protest from the dazed blonde.

    Amy cringed in pain as his pulsing fuck spear drove downward, shoving aside all resistance, ramming past her assmouth and sliding into her moist sucking rectum.

    She whined, her hands flopping, batting uselessly against the bed. Her toes curled, her legs straightened and twitched. Manuel pressed down, impaling her, skewering her tiny asshole with his thick fuck pole.

    Amy felt his cockhead going down into her, felt it's progress down the length of her ass tube, felt it hit something, something deep inside her, it hurt.

    He pulled back, an inch, then two, then rammed forward again, hitting the whatever, and driving past, or through, bringing a pain like a terrible cramp to her guts.

    Manuel felt his balls touch her skin, the skin around her ass mouth. His balls felt good against her sweating skin. He rested there atop her, the girl pinned like a butterfly, his long fuck spike driven deep into her guts.

    His teeth fastened on her neck, and bit, his lips sucking.

    He pushed himself up, drawing his tool out of her, inch by inch, then he kicked his legs aside and dropped back down, his prong slashing down the length of her anus, embedding itself in her steaming body.

    Her body trembled, a groan of pain escaping her. Her asshole was afire with hurt, burning with the tight fullness of his throbbing cock.

    He bit her ear, hard, making her yelp in pain. His hands pushed down, and he pulled his cock up. Now he began to stroke. Her rectum was tight, incredibly tight, slowing him, threatening to tear the skin loose from his prick as he pulled it in and out.

    Slowly he built up speed, lengthening his strokes, ripping his prick in and out of the tiny hole, his cockhead mashing and crashing against her bowels, pulping her guts with it's steady pounding force.

    Amy thrashed beneath him, snivelling and sobbing as the cockpole thudded down into her again and again.

    His hands were on her shoulders, shoving her into the bed as he held his chest off her, and started tearing his oily fuckwand in and out of her. His hips drove down furiously, his buttocks clenched as he reamed her out.

    Amy's head lashed from side to side as his hips slapped into her meaty buttocks with hard repeated blows that resounded throughout the small room.

    For several minutes, the only sounds to be heard were Manuel's grunts, Amy's gasps and sighs, their harsh rapid breathing, and the repetitive SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!, of his skin into her smooth, white asscheeks.

    Amy felt herself rising, climbing, clawing upward into the swirling twisting vortex of sexual passion that shattered all else. Her lower body, bruised, and battered, trembled with a fiery sizzling power that built higher and higher.

    She shuddered, gritting her teeth against the sheer force of it.

    She felt Manuel's teeth chewing at her earlobe, his breath hissing against her as he pumped his cock into her asshole. Then she heard his voice, groaning-"Take my cock!" he groaned.


    "Fucking whore cop!"

    "Take my prick you cop slut!" he hissed.

    There was an explosion somewhere deep inside the dazed girl. A raw shattering eruption of power and sensations that ripped through her from head to toe. Convulsions racked her body as she blew into a raging tearing series of blinding orgasms.

    jagged bolts of electricity rippled up and down her body. A clamouring screeching whirlwind of noise roared through her mind as her nerve endings were overloaded and seared by endless crackling starbursts of ecstasy.

    Manuel grunted, driving his bloated prong far up her guts, and then arched his back and firehosed a continuous spray of hot white jism into her hot sucking asshole.

    "Ahhhhh, what a whore you'll make cop! What a hot, sucking little piece of cuntmeat!

    Suddenly his arm slid around her and something sharp stabbed her in the side. She struggled briefly, waves of nausea and dizziness quickly overcoming her and sending her dropping into blackness.

    When she woke up, she found herself in the back seat of a car travelling quickly down a deserted back rode. She shook her head in confusion, looking blearily around.

    "Hello sleeping beauty." a voice said. She turned to find a tall, muscular man sitting next to her on the seat. He grinned down at her lewdly as she looked up at him.

    "Feeling better?"

    She tried to move her hands and found they were handcuffed behind her. The car continued to bounce along until it came to a small building set in the middle of a clearing. The car stopped and the man beside her got out pulling her out by the arm.

    They walked into the building, Amy still fuzzy and weak from whatever had been done to her. There was an enormously fat man sitting at one of the desks. He was wearing a uniform she didn't recognize.

    "Looky here Boss." the man next to her said gleefully.

    "This here is a Police Detective."

    "Is she now Charlie?" the man said contemptuously. He had a deep thick voice that made it hard for Amy to understand him.

    Charlie flung her into a chair next to the man's desk.

    "Don't think much o' cops." he said with a glare on his face.

    "You don't think much at all I bet." Amy gasped. "I want your opinion I'll ask it!" he roared. His hand swooped out and cuffed her on the side of the head, sending her sprawling out of the chair and onto the floor.

    Charlie picked her back up roughly and pushed her onto the chair again.

    "What's yer name girl?" the boss demanded. "Rebecka Connors." she said angrily.

    Charlie grabbed a fistful of her tangled hair and jerked her head up and back, making her cry out in pain.

    "How come your badge says Amy?" he hissed. "You'll learn to answer right when we talk girl." the fat man glared.

    "Amy didn't answer, her head still fuzzy. "Where you from?"

    "N… New York."

    "Phhhhttaahh! I mighta knowed that. You womens libbers wanta do everythin men do, like joinin the cops. But you can't take it can you!?" he accused.

    "Search her and put her in a cell." he told the other man.

    He got up slowly and waddled across the room to the bathroom and went inside.

    "Okay honey. Stand up, spread your legs, and touch the wall." Charlie said.

    "Where the hell are we? Who are you people?" "Just do as you're told honey or you're gonna get hurt." he threatened, gripping her hair and yanking it tightly.

    Amy complied, leaning against the wall in the classic police pose. His hands roamed along her body, squeezing her breasts carefully through the thin silk of her Pyjamas's. His groin pressed against her spread buttocks as his hands slid around her, and she felt his hard on pushing into her crack.

    "You be nice to of Charlie, an maybe I'll see you get something nice to eat tonight." he leered. "You finished Charlie?" the man demanded, coming out of the toilet.

    "Yessir Boss."

    "Take her in the back then."

    Charlie pulled Amy away from the wall and through the metal door. Another man in a uniform like his waited there. He was even larger than Charlie, easily seven feet tall. He eyed her hungrily as Charlie brought her in and undid her handcuffs.

    There were several cells along a narrow hallway. Charlie pulled her past them to a little room at the rear, the man following.

    "Okay strip off honey." he said, licking his lips in anticipation.

    "You'd be doing yourself a favor if you let me go now." she warned him. "My people know where I am."

    He laughed in response. "Your idiot cop friends aint gonna have any idea where you are baby." he giggled, "You don't even know where you are I bet."

    "They'll know who took me!" she flared.

    "Good for them. Let em prove it now." he grinned.

    "Now get them jammies off, afore I tear em off. That'd be a real waste. I know a cute little girlie who'll love gettin a early Christmas present."

    She glared at him, folding her arms.

    He produced a small blue shift with a large P written on either side.

    "You gonna wear this." he told her.

    "You people will never get away with this." she growled.

    "We've been gettin away with it for years honey, now do as you're told or you're gonna get hurt. " I'm not getting undressed, you asshole!" she hissed. He laughed, as did the other man. Despite her yells and curses, they simply tore off her clothes until she was naked, their hands pawing over her body happily.

    She was still much too weak from the drug they had given her to put up more than a token resistance.

    She reddened in embarrassment as the two stared down at her nude form.

    "Don't tell me you're shy! I bet half the boys at the Precinct have seen your pussy!"

    Her face flushed further.

    "Anyways we gotto do a body search, and delouse you."

    "Lean against the wall like before." the man instructed.

    She glared at them rebelliously, but a quick jerk on her hair and her weak response, forced her to realize she was in no position to argue.

    She sighed in resignation and spread her legs apart as she leaned forward. She felt his hand slide over her rounded buttocks before moving against her pubic mound.

    "We gots to make sure you aint got no more BUGS on you." he giggled.

    She realized abruptly that her watch and locket were gone.

    She winced as she felt a finger slide up inside her pussy tunnel. The finger moved as far inside her as it could get and she felt it wiggle around.

    "You sure aint no virgin." the he cackled.

    The finger pulled back and then pushed into her anus, making her cry out in pain from the tender opening.

    "Well, aint no bugs in there." the man said regretfully, pulling his finger out at last.

    He leaned forward though, pushing his crotch against her cunt from behind.

    "I know what should be up there honey." he whispered.

    "Ten inches o' cock!"

    He moved away and picked up a short metal tube attached to a hose. He moved back, then turned a small handle set in the wall.

    A powerful stream of water gushed out of the end of the tube, spraying in a tight arc onto the floor. "Stand up straight, spread yer legs and put yer hands behind your neck." he ordered.

    Amy complied weakly.

    Water began to spray against her skin with fierce pressure, making her gasp from the sharp stinging pain. Charlie sprayed the water up and down her body, especially over her rounded titties. He watched the meaty sacs bounce and jiggle under the forceful pressure of the water jet. He licked his lips in appreciation as Amy gritted her teeth against the pain.

    Finally he lowered the tube, jetting the water over her belly and legs, then suddenly shot a stream directly up into her cunt, making her jump away with a yelp.

    The two men laughed harshly.

    "I didn't tell you you could move!" Charlie shouted in mock anger.

    He jabbed the tube near her cunt again, making the girl sprint around a table.

    "Come here you little bitch afore I drown you!" he threatened.

    He grabbed her arm and swung her around then pushed her down over the table.

    "We got to clean you out now don't we." he gasped happily. The other man grabbed her wrists in one hand and held her in place as Charlie pushed the hose against her.

    He kicked Amy's legs wide apart, and jammed the nozzle up into her pussy slit.

    "No! No! Don't! Pleeeease!" Amy wailed as she felt the nozzle push inside her. The ferocious water pressure shot up into her cunt all the way to her uterus making her gasp in shock from the sensation. She felt like some hand was up in her belly tickling and scratching her guts.

    She squirmed uselessly against the remorseless hands holding her, belly down on the table as the metal tube slid in and out of her cunt, jetting it's fluids way inside her.

    He pulled it out at last, leaving Amy gasping in shock and lying exhaustedly on the table.

    "There now." he gasped, "Now yer all clean." He licked his lips as his eyes stared down at her outspread crotch, then looked up at the other man. "Think we got time?" he asked. The other man looked doubtful. "We aint supposed to touch the merchandise Charlie." he said.

    "This'l only take a second." Charlie hissed, moving behind the blonde.

    Amy was too tired to resist as she felt a pressure against her pussy lips. She grunted as the man shoved his hot hard erection balls deep inside her cunt.

    "OH Yeahhhh!" he groaned.

    His hands gripped her hips tightly as he thrust his cock in and out of her drenched hole. His hips ground against her buttocks as he jerked her back and forth onto his prick. The little room was quiet except for the slap,slap,slap of his flesh against her, and the occasional moans and groans coming from both of them.

    "I'm gonna shoot!" he gasped, increasing the force of his thrusts.

    He jammed his cock all the way inside her and shot off his load of sperm way up into her guts. Her tightly clenching pussy lips squeezed spurt after spurt of juice out of his fuckmeat, slurping up every drop until he gradually began to soften.

    "Nice fuck." he gasped, slapping her buttock lightly. "You want some?" he asked the other man. "Not me Charlie, I aint gonna risk it for a piece of tail."

    "Get dressed honey." he said, throwing the short blue shift to her.

    Charlie led her by the arm down the hall to a small cell, with nothing in it but a narrow cot. A man in the next cell stared at her hungrily as he closed her inside. Amy fought back the tears and sat down on the little cot, her hands pressing against her stinging cuntmound.

    "You gonna jerk off blondie?" she jerked her hands away and looked up in surprise. The man in the cell next to hers was pressed up against the bars ogling her crudely.

    "Go away." she demanded feebly. "Not likely." he snorted.

    "Let me see your pussy." he begged. "Leave me alone!"

    "I bet you got a nice tight cunt don't you." he breathed.

    "Bet it's got nice little pussy lips with nice golden hair all around em."

    "You're disgusting!" she gritted.

    "Just show me your titties then." he pleaded. "They look like nice ones. Boy I'd like to suck on those." his eyes fastened on her chest desperately. She turned around, trying to ignore them.

    "I'd love to shove my cock up that tight little cunthole of yours blondie. I bet it's all buttery hot and wet isn't it?

    Maybe you'd like it up the asshole. You ever been fucked in the asshole blondie?" he taunted.

    "I'd stick it so far up your asshole it'd come out your mouth!"

    She closed her eyes and tried not to hear him, hoping he'd get tired. Instead he continued on for almost an hour, promising her all kinds of sexual delights if he ever laid hands on her, begging her to show him her ass, or tits or cunt, commenting on her hair, and ass, and tits.

    He was driving her crazy.

    "Can't you just shut the fuck up!" she screamed, turning around on the cot to glare furiously at him. "I got nothing else to do blondie." he grinned. "I'll make you a deal though, You show me your teats and I'll shut up."

    "Fuck you!" she cursed.

    "I wish you would blondie, I'd love to have you slide that warm sweet pussy around my dick and start humpin." he replied.

    After several more minutes, she was ready to scream. She jumped up and turned around, then yanked the shift down off her shoulders to her belly, displaying her full, rounded breasts to him.

    He shut up immediately, his mouth falling open and his eyes locking onto her breasts with desperate intensity.

    "OOooooohhhhhhhhhhh!" he said. She jerked the shift back up and sat down again, her back to him.

    True to his words he was quiet, for a while. Then he started back up again. Telling her what sweet teats she had and how lovely her little nipples were.

    "You said you'd shut up!" she glared. "Didn't say for how long." he grinned "Bastard!"

    "You're probably right, but bastards still have nice long hard cocks!"

    "Wouldn't you like to feel a nice hard cock up inside you right now blondie?" he leered.

    "Can't you just shut up!?" she cried.

    "Let me touch that nice round bottom of yours and

    I'll be quiet for good." he promised. "No!"

    "Just a little feel! That won't hurt anything!" "No!"

    "Wouldn't you like to have a big, fat prick sliding in and out of your tight, wet little slithole, blondie? You could feel it moving in and out and in and out, feel it draggin your pussy lips out with every stroke, then pushing them back inside. I bet you've had hundreds of big cocks up your belly!"

    "You're disgusting!"

    "Let me touch you and I'll shut up!"

    He stood next to the bars and started driving his crotch forward and back lewdly.

    "Oh yeah, Oh yeah! I could stick it way up inside your belly and cream all over!" he panted.

    "I wish I could suck on those hard little nipples of yours! I bet you're getting all hot eh baby? Bet your pussy is starting to boil over! Lemmie see your titties swelling up.

    Turn around so I can see those sharp little nipples poking through your dress!"

    His filthy mouth was driving her insane. "Just a touch. thats all!"

    He nodded his head vigorously. "And then you'll shut up for good?!"

    He nodded again.

    She sighed, in exhaustion and frustration.

    "All right." she said reluctantly. Anything for a little rest from his obscenities.

    She moved next to the bars and turned around. Then she raised her shift above her hips and bent forward slightly.

    She heard a soft moan from behind her, then felt his hand come through the bars and slide gently across her buttock. It stopped and squeezed slightly. "OK thats all." she declared, pulling away.

    Just then his arm came through the bars and slid tightly around her neck.


    She struggled against the powerful arm, trying to pry it loose. Instead she felt a rope sliding over her head and coming down around her neck. Then the arm was withdrawn and the rope pulled tight, yanking her body up against the bars and choking her.

    She heard him laugh nastily. The rope was pulled up and back, lifting her off her feet. Her legs kicked feebly against the air as the rope slowly strangled her. Her brain reeled and she felt lightheaded, as she started to lose consciousness.

    Then the rope was loosened, dropping her feet back to the floor. She couldn't stand up, and slid down along the bars to the floor.

    She felt his hands at her legs, around her thighs. He dragged her legs one at a time, through the bars, while the rope still held her neck against them. Her hands tugged at the rope futilely as she felt his hands on her ass.

    The rope slackened somewhat, allowing her to collapse to her hands and knees.

    "You be a good little girl and you an me can have some fun here." he breathed.

    His hands were on her hips, jerking her ass back hard against the bars. She felt an intrusion against her pussy entrance. Then something hard and hot forced itself into her. She groaned, her hands still struggling against the rope around her neck.

    The thing, which she realized must be his cock, slid deeper and deeper inside her, until she could feel his balls up against her crotch. "OOOooohhh Babbbbyyyyyyy!" he groaned.

    His hands slid up her sides, shoving the shift up her body and over her chest till her tits were bare and hung down like big cow udders. His hands reached under her and squeezed them tightly, milking them for all they were worth.

    "Fuckin Teats! What fucking great Teats!" he whispered. His fingers bruised and kneaded her fat meat orbs, as his cock began pummeling her guts with furious powerful strokes. Each mighty thrust jerked her knees slightly off the ground, and only the rope around her neck, and his tight grip around her tits, kept her from flying forward.

    She gave a strangled cry of pain, as his cockhead rammed repeatedly against her cervix deep inside her, sending flashes of intense pain and ominous rumblings of sensuous pleasure through her frame.

    His hips crashed against the bars again and again, shaking the entire cage with his forceful efforts. His cock speared deep into her belly, impaling her with furious smashing thrusts that sent his fat cock stabbing deep into her crotch hole with violent force.

    Her ass cheeks smashed back against the bars with each retraction, only to be thrown forward again when the mighty cock slammed into her again.

    "Y… Y… You'er k… k… k… killing meee!" she gargled. "S… Stop!"

    But his cock continued to pound in and out of her helpless twat. It was slamming up and down her cunt tube like a cars pistons, skewering the little blonde with its brutal, unrelenting thrusts.

    His hands were like claws around hips jerking her back and forth like a helpless rag doll. He gargled insanely, then his hands came around her belly and dragged her flat against the bars.

    "Hooo! Hoooo! Hooooo! Hooooooo!" he panted. His cock swelled even more and then a torrent of cum exploded out the tip and shot up inside the girl. His teeth came down and sank deeply into her shoulder, biting hard enough to draw blood and sucking the red juice into his mouth as he continued his powerful pumping.

    "Good pussy, good pussy, good pussy!" he gasped. He pulled his hands down to her hips, allowing her upper body to fall forward onto the floor. His cock was still fully erect, and he continued pumping. He had slowed down with his cum, but now started to speed up again.

    Amy half lay, half knelt on the floor as his cock slid in and out of her. She was half unconscious from the rope still around her neck and the furious brutal raping.

    Her helpless body began responding to the savage rasping cock within it. Her cunt walls tightened and loosened around the pistoning prick. She felt the cock rubbing back and forth over her tortured clitty, and the shooting streams of erotic pleasure coming from her packed cunt tube.

    He began thrusting with violent force once more, making Amy whimper helplessly from the tidal wave of sensations that poured over her. His hands dug into her hips as he crammed his cock far up into her belly, pummeling her guts with it's obscene, carnal need.

    "Oh My God!" she gasped, as the sensations of ecstasy and pleasure overwhelmed her and she surrendered to the brutal fucking. Her guts burned with need, as his prick stroked in and out.

    She grunted in unrestrained delirious happiness as she came furiously. Her cunt locked around him, making him scream with pleasure and erupt inside her. His cock firehosed a gallon of cum into the blonde girl's belly as he savagely fucked her.

    She felt like a raw depraved animal, whining in hedonistic sensual bliss. His cock continued to slam into her belly, with unrestrained fury. Her ravaged clitty burned and swelled under the vicious rasping.

    Her tits felt like swollen balloons of water, ready to explode at any seconds. She gargled helplessly and came again, then again, then again. Her body exploding in a shocking and wondrous series of orgasms, each more furious and towering than the previous.

    Every nerve ending in her body screamed out in agony and ecstasy. The barbarous frenzied fucking went on and on. Sending the helpless delirious girl out of her mind with the flood of sensations. She began hallucinating, each hallucination destroyed by another powerful cum. Her belly was being churned into a bloody seething froth, by the giant fuck tool slamming in and out of her.

    "She's perfect." the man said, as he came into the room. "She's a hot little piece all right." answered the other, looking at the TV It now showed the blonde woman, lying unconscious on her bunk.

    "You're some cocksman Jerry" he said.

    "I am aren't L" the other grinned. I've seen you drive them nuts too Manuel." he laughed. Especially if their hot little sluts like that."

    Manuel laughed too. "I wonder if all cop women are as hot as that one? Maybe we should set up a special price for cop pussy." They both laughed at the idea.

    She couldn't see. Her head pounded as she slowly came to, and her stomach felt like it would throw up any second.

    She lay there quietly, hoping her stomach would settle down, afraid to move because every little motion caused the queasy feeling in her belly to rise halfway up to her mouth. Ever so slowly, she became aware of her surroundings.

    She felt like she was lying on some kind of bed, though she had no idea where. She realized suddenly, that she was nude. Her body shivered in the cold that permeated whatever black place this was. She cursed herself over and over for screwing up and getting caught like this.

    Her head throbbed, and she tried to put her hand up to it. That was when she realized her hands were tied, she shook them, it felt like they were fastened with handcuffs. Her hands were handcuffed to the head of the narrow bed above her head.

    She tried dazedly to move her legs. They were free at least. Strangely, neither was on the bed, that is, they were on the bed as far down as the knees, her feet and lower legs dangled off of either side of the bed.

    She pulled her feet back onto the bed. They felt icy cold. She wondered how long she had been lying there like that. Then she put her lack of clothes together with her position and became aware of a slight stinging in her crotch when she closed her legs together. She supposed they had raped her again, even as she lay drugged and unconscious.

    She jiggled the handcuffs, trying to pull loose, and moved her hands around the head of the bed, seeing if the cuffs would come away from it. They were fastened around a steel bar that seemed solidly connected to the bed frame. She gave up on that. It had been a slight chance anyway.

    It felt like a good couple of hours before the room was suddenly filled with blinding light. She blinked her eyes in pain as someone moved into the room.

    "Hello there Detective Connors. Awake at last, huh?"

    "Where am I?" she demanded, recognizing Manuel's voice.

    He threw back his head and laughed uproariously. "That's the most popular question we get around here. You'd think you at least, would be a little more original."

    He sat down on the bed next to her and dropped his fat greasy hand onto her stomach. "Don't worry about that Detective." he said.

    His hand glided up and down her belly and abdomen, then slid upwards to fasten around her left breast. He squeezed it roughly, his face appraising her calculatingly.

    "You wanted to know how my business operates, didn't you? Well you're gonna find out first hand baby. From the inside?"

    "Having fun kiddies?"

    She and Manuel both looked up to the doorway of the small room to see a man grinning at them. He was a tall blonde man in his early thirties. He was quite handsome, she reflected, his long hair fell down to his shoulders. He was very broad chested, and in other circumstances might have interested her greatly, but not now.

    A huge black man stood beside him. He was well over six feet tall, his muscles bulged against a sleeveless t-shirt. He looked to be in his twenties. His face was as ugly as the blonde man's was handsome, his mouth cracked in an evil leer.

    The two of them sauntered over to stand beside the bed and look down at her lecherously. Amy reddened at being naked and on display for the three men. She turned her face away and closed her eyes.

    "Whats the matter sweety? Don't tell me you're still shy?" The three of them laughed together. Manuel's hand continued to paw and fondle her breasts.

    "You look at me when I talk to you!" he snapped suddenly.

    She opened her eyes and turned toward the man. "Thats better. You had better learn to do what you're told quickly you little slut, or you're gonna be real, real sorry."

    He turned towards Manuel and waved his hand. "You know Manuel already, but you will not use his name, nor mine, nor his." he motioned at the " black man. "You will refer to any of us, or any other man you come in contact with, as Master. Any deviation or hesitation will result in pain."

    Manuel held up an electric stun box and pushed the button. A crackling spark of electricity sizzled between the two metal teeth.

    "You are here to be trained, and we are very very good at training little sluts to do as their told." Manuel brought the box down against her belly, sliding it upward until the two little pointy teeth dug into her breast.

    "You can forget any foolish idea's of rescue either my dear." he smiled. "You are somewhat out of the NYPD's jurisdiction here. You have already arrived on the island of St. Alfonse."

    Her eyes opened in shock and fear.

    "It's a tiny little island just off the coast of South Yemen. The Yemeny's hate Americans so they certainly would'nt cooperate with the U.S. authorities, even if your whereabouts were discovered.

    Manuel slid the little electric stun gun up across her tit meat till the two metal teeth were astride her cold hardened nipple.

    "After your training is complete, you will be sold to the highest bidder at our monthly auction. You will no doubt fetch a good price, and we would'nt want your owner to be dissatisfied with us would we?"

    Manuel pushed the trigger on the gun and electricity crackled between the two metal points again, this time with her nipple right between.

    She screamed and writhed on the bed as Manuel held the device firmly against her flailing body. He let up after several seconds, and Amy gasped and sobbed as she tried to recover.

    "When we discipline you my dear, it is really only to teach you." the blonde man said. "You will therefore thank Manuel for your punishment."

    She continued to breath hard as her frazzled senses calmed down somewhat. She glared up at the man in anger. "Fuck you." she hissed.

    He shook his head sadly and said something in a language she didn't understand. The big black man grabbed her ankle and pulled her left leg up and to the side. Manuel did the same to her right leg, as the blonde man took the little shock box and sat on the bed.

    She grunted in a hopeless effort to resist the two men as the opened up her crotch to the blonde man's view. He slid his hand softly along her pussy mound briefly, then pit the box to her pussy slit and pushed the button.

    Pain exploded in Amy's brain. Bright fiery bolts of lightning and multi coloured lights filled her vision as she howled and wailed in agony. Her whole body twitched and shivered and writhed against the men and handcuffs holding her. Her senses reeled under the searing assault on the most sensitive and tender part of her anatomy.

    He pulled the thing back and gazed down at her trembling sweating body with considerable interest. "Such a small thing this." he smiled.

    "Are you gong to thank me or do you wish more discipline?

    Amy was hyperventilating, adding more dizziness to her already numbed brain. The threat of more shocks penetrated her confusion quickly though.

    "T… T… T… Th… thank y… you. "she gasped.

    He pushed the box against her again, this time so it was against her puckered rectum.

    She screamed again in terrible burning pain as electricity surged against her asshole.

    "You forgot to say Master." he said.

    By the time he stopped she was incapable of speech. He tut-tutted and stood up. The two men let her legs go and the thumped down against the bed.

    The black man took off his shirt and dropped his pants to the floor and moved against the bed.

    She stared up dazedly through half open eyes to see his nude body, almost disfigured with huge muscles, come against the bed and then get in. He climbed onto the bed and flopped his immense frame onto her aching body.

    His beefy hands reached down and easily wrenched her legs apart. His cock felt like a club pressed against her belly as he lay atop her.

    "Got something for you little girl." he leered. Amy could hardly breath with his weight on her chest. He was so big that as he placed his fattened cockhead against her slit, her face was under his chest, being squashed. She turned her head away to try and breath better.

    "Listen cop! I'm gonna fuck you, and you're gonna like it, or I'M GONNA BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA YOOOOO!!" he shouted.

    He pulled his hand back and backhanded her across the face so hard her vision blurred again, and her head rang like a bell. His lips came down on hers without resistance, and he buried his tongue in her mouth. His hand reached down and placed his cockhead at the centre of her slit again.

    He had to pull his head up to get into position, then he lunged forward and the fat black cock sank down into her slit tunnel in one mighty driving thrust.

    Her body quivered with renewed pain as his giant prong slammed down into her tortured hole, but she was too terrified to even try and resist. He pulled up on her as cheeks as he fought to cram every inch of his meat down the girl's tight little fuck hole.

    Each of his hands was big enough to completely cover her ass. He started humping away at her almost immediately, his fat cock felt like a log ramming in and out of Amy's twat. It rasped against her skin like sandpaper. He couldn't care less though. He hated the girl, hated all whites in fact, and had since he'd grown up as a boy in harlem. Her being a cop only made him hate her more.

    By raping her, it was like he was paying back all those rich white bosses, and stinking white cops who had stomped on him his whole life long. He ground his cock down into the girl and grinned at her cry of pain.

    "I'm gonna fuck you so deep, white girl, it's gonna come out your mouth!" he hissed.

    He grabbed her breast in his big hand and twisted her tit cruelly. She screeched in pain as he growled and yanked upward on the nipple with his fingers, trying to tear it off her tit.

    He knelt between her legs, his long fat cock still several inches deep in her hole, and out his hands around her waist. His huge meaty fingers interlocked as they reached easily all the way around the narrow waist.

    He yanked her body against him. Her whole body was pulled off the bed by the big man's strength, and her crotch slammed up into and over his rock hard fuck tool. He jerked her forward, pulling her off his cock, then yanked her back again, throwing his hips forward at the same time so his cock slammed into her cunt with violent savage force.

    She screamed in tortured agony as his fuckwand slammed down deep into her guts, ramming into and past her cervix, so the head practically went into her womb. He jerked her forward again, then slammed into her once more. He jerked her around like a weightless rag doll.

    His hips hammered into her groin with so much force, she was sure he would break her pubic bone. His cock pounded down her narrow slit so fast and furiously she knew he had to tear up her insides. He grunted each time he slammed his cock into her. Amy's cunt was a massive wound.

    Her head and legs flopped back and forth as he jerked and yanked her back and forth. Only her shoulders and head touched the bed at all. He was practically holding her in mid-air as he skewered her little pussy with his long fat meat stick.

    Then he gurgled in pleasure and Amy felt his sperm splashing and gurgling into her cunt. "Gonna fuck a baby into you white girl!" he gritted. "Gonna fuck a nigger baby into your little white belly!"

    He plunged his massive cock into her balls deep and gasped in release as the last of his cum spurted into her.

    Amy lay semi-conscious on the bed, her legs spread wide. Her blonde hair half covering her sweat coated face. Manuel took off his pants and climbed atop her, giggling as he felt her hot body press into his.

    "I only got to fuck you once baby." he leered. "I think I'll make up for that now."

    He cackled and yanked Amy's legs up onto his shoulders. He slid his long fat cock down into her cuntslit and started pumping ferociously.

    His strokes didn't have the force the other man had put into it, but they were blurringly fast, her grunts of pain, became one long gagging gasp. His prick pistoned into her with an unrelenting speed. He shoved her ankles way back against her ears and fucked down into her insanely.

    "Would you look at that spick move!" she heard the blonde man laugh. "That must be how rabbits fuck."

    The two men broke up in laughter as Manuel slammed his cock down into her guts again and again and again. He slobbered down on her as he pumped, his drool dribbling down onto her face and tits. He yelled in ecstasy and his juices shot into her as he came.

    After that she was left alone for the rest of the night, if that's what it was. Amy's groin area was so sore she couldn't close her legs. Her pussy stung, and her breasts ached from the beating the black man had given them.

    Probably because there was still some drug in her, she was able to sleep. When she woke she could see sunshine coming through cracks in the boards covering the windows. She figured she was in some kind of broken down building in the middle of nowhere. They sure hadn't cared if she made noises before.

    Her crotch still hurt as she closed her legs slowly. She could hear movements beyond the door and wondered sombrely if they were telling the truth, and she really was out of the country. Could they really sell her to some Arab?

    The answer was of course they could. Was'nt this why she had been assigned to the case in the first place? All those girls that had disappeared without a trace. She shook her head in exhaustion and numbed fear.

    Another hour passed before Manuel came in. He unhooked her from the bed and let her go to the bathroom. It was only an outhouse. She looked around futilely as he led her outside. All she could see was sand in every direction. He shoved her into the outhouse and she peed what she felt was mostly blood and cum.

    After that he pulled her behind the shack of a house and pushed her against the wall. He turned on a hose and sprayed it on her, until she was soaked, then he threw a chunk of soap at her. "Clean yourself up bitch." he commanded.

    She would have been only too happy to comply if he had'nt been there watching. "You think I'm gonna go away you dumb cunt?!" he demanded. "Hurry up!"


    She soaped up her body, wincing at the stings coming from her cuts. Her cunt hurt too, just from the pressure of her soapy hand sliding over it. Manuel decided she was soapy enough and turned the water on her. The icy water made her recoil against the wall until he ordered her to turn around so he could do her backside.

    "Stand against the wall and spread your legs blondie." he ordered. Amy hesitated momentarily, until he raised his hand threateningly. She hastily did as he ordered, resigning herself to another fucking.

    Suddenly he rammed the nozzle of the hose into her cunt. Water gushed up into her. She screamed and tried to bolt away but his hand gripped her hair and held her firmly against the wall as he washed out her cunt with the frigid water. He laughed, enjoying her discomfort as she jerked and shivered against the wall. Water sprayed out of her cunt around the nozzle as he pumped it in and out for several long seconds.

    He yanked the hose out of her slit and threw it away then forced her down to her knees. "Suck me off Cop!" he demanded, unzipping his jeans and pulling his dick out.

    He yanked on Amy's hair brutally, pulling her face against his cock and pushing the fat head between her lips. He held chunks of her hair in both hands and fucked her mouth the same way as he fucked her cunt the other night.

    His cock crammed into her mouth and he refused to allow any hesitation at all, forcing the fuck stick past her tongue and right down her throat. His cock completely filled her airway, blocking off any oxygen from her starving lungs. "I better cum before you run out of air Cop!" he giggled.

    She could actually feel his cockhead slide up and down her throat as he raped her mouth cruelly. The world danced around Amy's head as she began to black out. He pulled back then, his cockhead popping out of her throat and into her mouth. She drew in great gasping breaths and almost choked again when wads of gunk shot out of his pisshole and into her mouth.

    "Swallow that juice cop!" he gritted. She had no choice as he kept his cock in her mouth until every last drop was licked off it. He picked up the hose and sprayed her mouth.

    "We don't want Mr. White to complain now do we?" he asked rhetorically.

    She was given some awful smelling stuff to eat for breakfast, and oddly, a brush for her hair. Then she was sent back to the little room.

    A few minutes later the blonde man came in and sat down in a ratty looking little chair.

    "Come here." he ordered.

    She slowly moved over next to him. His hand came around her and cupped her buttocks firmly. His mouth was at chest level and he licked and sucked on one of her breasts for several seconds as his hand kneaded the flesh of her ass cheeks.

    He pulled back suddenly.

    "All right, get aboard." he ordered. She looked at him hesitantly.

    "Come on sweety, you're not stupid. You know what I mean."

    He patted his lap.

    She moved over him and he pulled her down so she was straddling his lap facing him. His hands cupped her buttocks again, and his mouth returned to her breasts, sucking one and then the other. "Undo my pants." he commanded.

    Listlessly, she moved her hands down and unsnapped the top of his pants and unzipped it. "Now pull my pants down." he said.

    She fought to pull them down, and had to get up before he would move his ass up a little and let her jerk them loos. She sat down again on his naked thighs, waiting.

    "Now put it in and start fucking." he said.

    He gripped her hair fiercely and twisted her head sideways.

    "And you better be good baby!" he scowled. Amy sat up and grabbed his cock, placing it at the entrance to her sore pussy slit. He glared at her until she finally sank down onto it, enveloping the fat white prick in her hot pink cunthole.

    She began fucking him, herself onto his rigid penis up into her.

    "Good girl. Now suck directed.

    She tiredly bent her head and licked it off until it shone with spit. He pulled his pants up, then and dragged her out of the room.

    He pulled her out of the little shack to the front raising and lowering until his cum spurted my cock clean." He where the black man was waiting. There was a video camera mounted on a tripod near the door. There were also four stakes buried in the earth.

    They made her lie back on the sand and then tied her wrists and ankles down to the stakes so she was spreadeagled. The blonde man sprayed some water on her from a squirt gun so her skin shone in the sunlight, then he played with the camera and began filming her.

    "This is for your friends back home sweetie." he grinned. "It'l show em what happens to lady cops who stick their noses in where they don't belong.

    Amy peered at the camera. It was positioned between her legs so it was staring right up her body. The thought of her friends seeing the tape made her ill. She wondered how she would ever face them again, even if she did somehow manage to get out of here.

    They didn't leave her there long. The sheiks liked their toys as white as they came, and they didn't want her getting even a slight tan.

    She woke up in the dark. She was in the same room again, on the bed. Her mouth and throat felt dry as a bone. The air was dry as well, and hotter than anything she'd ever felt before.

    She lay there for several long hours, her throat almost aching with the need for water. She felt sick and woozy, and weak. In spite of her weariness, she got out of bed and crawled around the darkened room searching for water, or any kind of liquid.

    In desperation, she pounded at the door. After several minutes the door was flung open, knocking her back onto her shoulders on the bare floor. A figure stood there, shadowed by the light coming from the next room.

    "What the fuck do you want?" "Water." she croaked.

    "What was that sweety?"

    "Please! Can 1 have some water!" she begged He laughed and slammed the door again.

    More hours passed. She lost track of time. The door opened again.

    "Water!" she croaked. "Maybe tomorrow." The door closed again.

    Finally the door opened again. The lights in the room went on. She tried to get out of bed only to fall on the floor. She cried in misery.

    The three men came into the room staring down at the weeping girl. "I think we can start now" one said.

    White brought a bucket of water into the room and set it on the floor. Amy saw it and lunged forward, only to be shoved back by the black man. He grabbed her by the hair and forced her onto her knees.

    "Okay watch this." White said.

    "Do you want some water Amy?" he asked.

    She nodded her head frantically, staring fixedly at the bucket.

    "If you want some water, you have to do what we tell you. Do you understand Amy?" he asked. She nodded again, her eyes never leaving the bucket. White skinned off his pants and stuck his cock into the water, splashing some on his balls and groin.

    "Suck this Amy. Suck this and you'll get water." he told her.

    She felt the wetness against her lips and opened them greedily. Her mouth closed around the cock, sucking desperately at the moisture. Her yearning tongue slid all over the cock and rotted up around his balls and groin. Her mouth was so dry, it had the effect of drying off his cock.

    He dipped it in the bucket again and pushed the now hardened organ at her. He repeated the process a dozen times, then let the black and then Manuel do it. Finally White cupped a double handful of water before her and let her mouth sink into them as she desperately sucked up the liquid.

    Before they left, he dumped the bucket of water on the desiccated girl, soaking her. She flopped around trying to lick it off the floor before it dribbled through the cracks and disappeared. The door slammed shut again, and the light went off.

    She licked as much water from the floor and her body as she could, even wringing her hair into her mouth. It all amounted to a tiny amount though, and she was far from being sated. The day wore on in the stifling room. Amy's mouth was as bone dry as before and getting worse. Her lips were cracked from dryness, and her head was dazed and her body shivered.

    She crawled around on the floor sniffing around to see if she'd somehow missed some of the water. She was half delirious from dehydration.

    The door opened again, and the lights came on. The same routine as before occurred. This time she didn't need any instructions as she pushed her mouth up into their crotches and sucked ravenously at the wetness. Again, they dumped the bucket on her so all she got was dribbles.

    The next time they came, they made her perform tricks for them, promising her a handful of water for each trick. She rolled over and sat, and did a somersault on command as they laughed. Each time she would crawl up to one of the men and slurp greedily out of his palm.

    "Get down on your hands and knees." White ordered. She moved quickly to obey. When she didn't move fast enough they didn't give her any water.

    One of the men knelt behind her and pushed his erection into her cuntslit. He fucked her hard and fast for several minutes. At first she didn't move, but the man with the water told her to push her ass backward to meet each stroke, so she started doing that. A warm feeling came up from her crotch, making her feel good. When the man finished she was given a palm full of water. She slurped away happily.

    It was nearly a full day later that they returned. They didn't want to give her too much water. She was starved for liquids again and crawled forward quickly as soon as they came in.

    "Hands and knees." One of the men called immediately.

    She was already on her hands and knees, but she knew what he meant and positioned herself with her legs apart and her ass raised high. A man got behind her and pushed his thing inside her cunthole. He gasped and grunted as he fucked into her tight little cleft. Amy sighed happily, liking the feeling and knowing she would soon be given water.

    The next thing they wanted was for her to lie on the bed and play with her crotchhole. They gave her a buzzing rubber thing, a vibrator, she remembered. Anyway, she buzzed it around her slit and her little bump. Her cunt felt happy at the buzzing.

    Soon she started instinctively humping her crotch toward the vibrator as she ran it over her clit. She gasped as a burst of pleasure ran through her body. Then she was given another handful of water.

    "Come here Bitch!"

    She jumped up from her mat in the comer and raced across the room on her knees to kneel in front of the man. He pushed his chair away from the table and patted his pants. She eagerly undid the pants and pulled his cock out.

    Her mouth devoured the meaty dick, deep throating him with ease as she worked her tongue and lips up and down the sensitive flesh. "Shit! You sure got her trained." Manuel said, shaking his head.

    White looked over at him grinning. "Thats why we get the big bucks." It had only been a couple of weeks since theyd brought the policewoman here, and yet White's "Training" had turned the rebellious woman into a mindless little slave. She could jump and fetch better than any dog. It only took the flick of a finger to bring her scurrying over to spread her lips or legs around a mans cock.

    Manuel brought his hand down on her head as he drove his cock upward into her mouth and sprayed her with his cum.

    Amy sucked the jism down with satisfaction. She loved taking the gooey stuff into her body. She didn't care if it was her mouth, her cunt, or her asshole. She was only happy when she was fucking or being fucked now. After they had left her that last time, they'd thrown the vibrator in with her. She had played with the thing, seeking the pleasure she had gotten the first time.

    She had plunged the thing in and out of her cunt, repeatedly bringing herself off. She had worn out the batteries in a few hours.

    Now fucking was the only thing on her mind. Thoughts of the NYPD were far far away. Each time one of the men threw her to the floor and drove their hard cocks down her crotch hole she groaned in delight. Each time they took her kneeling, ramming their dicks into her cunt or asshole she mewled and purred against them, ramming her ass back to meet each stroke.

    The three of them took her repeatedly, in every imaginable position and combination. She never complained. She never complained or protested about anything anymore. Whenever one of them was'nt fucking her she would crawl around the room waving her ass at them like a bitch dog in heat, trying to entice them to screw her.

    Sometimes White would bend her across his lap and cram his hand into her pussy slit. He would work it in and out as she squirmed and shuddered through immense feelings of lust and desire, and then came furiously, rubbing her tits against the leg of the chair as she jerked against his fist.

    If they would'nt help her, she would play with her vibrator, buzzing the little head over her clit and plunging the thing down her cunt and asshole as she came furiously.

    Soon after she was let out of the back room, she was joined by Julie, and then by Carol, other newly trained slaves. Julie was a slim sixteen year old teenager from New York with hair down to the small of her back who had thought she was flying to France for a modeling assignment.

    Carol was a Nurse from Santa Barbara who had won an all expense payed vacation in Europe, or so she'd thought. She was about twenty or so, with large round breasts, and short hair cut in a page boy style. Both were natural blonde's like Amy.

    They each had vibrators like hers, and after an initial distrust directed towards what they each believed was competition for their trainer's sex tools, they began to realize the potential of kindred spirits with insatiable sexual appetites.

    Within an hour of being introduced to each other, the three were engaged in a wild menage a trois on the floor, vibrators and tongues slamming into pussies as they groaned and moaned in pleasure.

    White was now satisfied with their progress, and they were all taken outside and put into the back of a van. They sweated in the heat as the vehicle bounced and groaned over the rough roads that led to what passed for civilization.

    The door opened and White motioned the three naked girls out. They blinked in the bright sun as they quickly scooted forward and hopped down from the back of the van.

    They were in the rear of some large building. The view of it's surroundings was cut off by a large stone wall. White and Manuel pushed them into a small doorway in the building, and the trio scooted down a narrow hallway that led to the jail where they had all originally been brought.

    Amy recognized her own cell and wondered if the man who'd been there then would be around still. Her loins ached at the thought.

    She and Carol were put into a cell together, while Julie was placed next to them, in a cell with another blonde, this one even younger than she was. The two contemplated each other's bodies for a minute before moving together and sliding their breasts together in a long hug.

    Amy and Carol were engaged in a delightful sixtynine, their faces buried in each other's slits, when two of the jailers came in and pulled them apart. Amy moaned in disappointment as they were separated and taken down the hall to be washed.

    They were each thoroughly cleaned just like when she'd been her before, and then taken down to where a group of ten or so other girls waited naked, by a doorway. There were loud noises coming from beyond the doorway, as if a large crowd waited there.

    Amy imagined they were men, and her loins began to ache.

    One by one the girls were brought through the doorway, and disappeared around a comer. Amy waved goodbye to Carol as she was taken through.

    Once around the comer, it became apparent that they were moving toward a very large room indeed. The sounds of dozens and dozens of people talking came much more clearly.

    They stopped in front of another man. He held a short hypodermic needle, which he jabbed into Amy's arm. He picked up a thick leather and metal collar and slid it around Ay's neck. It clicked shut with a note of finality. A short leash was attatched to it and the first man pulled her through a thick blue curtain and out into the room.

    Amy gasped as she realized she was on a stage. Rows of raised seats surrounded her, each occupied by a man in a white robe, or business suit. They quieted as she was led toward the front of the stage.

    There was a man there, wearing a robe. The uniformed man turned her over to him and then left. Amy stood uncertainly beside the man, swallowing nervously, unsure what to do. She was used to her own nakedness by now, yet there were so many men staring at her, she couldn't help feel self conscious and embaressed.

    "Stand up straight." the man hissed at her, making her jump in surprise. She straightened instantly, thrusting her big breasts out as her skin reddened.

    The man began speaking in a loud voice, in a language she didn't recognize. Several times he pointed at her as he spoke. Whatever was in the needle began working on her, easing her worries and embaressment. Her eyes closed slightly and blinked as a feeling of apathery crept over her.

    "Put your arms behind your head and push your chest out more." the man ordered. Amy complied as he began to talk to the crowd again. His hand came down on her left breast and began to squeeze it roughly as he tallied. A number of the men laughed or grinned in -esponse. Several shouted out something in their strange language.

    "Turn around and bend forward." the man told her. Amy gulped and did as ordered, feeling less self conscious and slightly excited by all the men watching her nude body.

    The man's hand slid over her buttocks, squeezing them, then down onto her pubic mound. His hand squeezed her briefly as he talked, then two fingers slid up into her vagina.

    Amy gasped, as a hot burst of sexual excitement surged through her loins. The man's fingers pumped in and out cf her cunt for a minute, making her legs go rubbery. The man pulled his fingers out and held them up to the lights, so the crowd of men could see the girl juices glistening on them.

    There were more shouts from the crowd. "Hands and knees." he ordered. Amy immediately dropped to her knees pushing her ass out at the crowd who yelled even more loudly. "On your back and hold your legs apart." he said, and Amy rolled on to her back, her groin toward the crowd, and pulled her feet far apart on the stage. The crowd yelled in response.

    A sharp tug on her leash rolled Amy over onto her belly. "On your hands and knees!" the man ordered. She complied instantly, and he began leading her across the stage towards a small raised platform.

    On it was a rounded sort of seat, like a saddle. This saddle though, had a long, fat dildo fixed to the center, pointing boldy upward. He jerked her up by the leash and pushed her towards the thing, and Amy fingerly got on, lowering herself with a little squeal of happiness onto the rigid rubber cock. "Fuck the cock!" the man ordered.

    She needed little encouragement, placing her small hands in front of her and her feet flat on the floor only inches beneath, she began raising and lowering herself onto the big fuckstick.

    The crowd was screaming and yelling with hapiness nad excitement as they watched the exquisite blonde woman ramming her crotch up and down onto the dildo.

    The little platform turned slowly around, letting the crowd see her from all angles, from her parted ass cheeks to her gasping, deleriously happy face. The bids increased as they saw how hot and shameless she was on the instrument.

    Amy didn't care who watched. Her eyes were fixed on her hands in front of her as she humped up and down, up and down, feeling the fucking tool thrust up into her guts with a mixture of ecstasy and fulfillment.

    After a minute the shouting ended, and Amy was taken off the dildo to the back of the stage and brought down a different stairwell.

    A tag written in Arabic was tied around her neck and she was placed in a cage. She sat around there for a while before a man came and gave her a needle.

    She woke up to find her body lying nude on a table. Her skin felt damp and freshly scrubbed, and her hair was very wet. There was an Arab woman standing nearby fiddling with what looked like a hair dryer.


    "Well, awake l see." she noted. The woman was very beautiful. She had long dark hair that came down to her waist, and was wearing a blue jumpsuit, with a white apron around it. Amy guessed she was around thirty.

    "Since you're awake you can sit up and make this easier for me." she said, motioning at the girl. Amy fought weakly to raise herself, and the woman moved forward to help her, until she was sitting on the edge of the table.

    "Why am I all wet?" she asked timidly.

    "1 just gave you a bath." the woman answered, as she turned on the hair dryer. She worked it on Amy's hair until it hung in sleek waves around her shoulders and fell in cute bangs to just above her eyes. Amy sat quietly, swaying slightly, as the effects of the drug wore off. The woman finished and stepped back.

    "Okay. You're done." she said. She helped Amy stand and walk out of the room into another. There were a number of gold chains and bracelets laying on a table there. The woman picked up the bracelets and began fastening them on Amy's wrists and ankles.

    Amy gazed at them interestedly. They were all simple bands, about three inches wide, without decoration except for a round loop protruding from one side. She tugged at one experimentally. It wouldn't come off. It was locked tightly somehow she couldn't figure.

    The explanation for bands came quickly enough. A thin, but strong gold chain was pushed through the holes. It ran from her collar, down to her right wrist, down to a thinner metal band that was placed about her waist, to her right ankle.

    Another chain was looped between her ankles, and ran up the side of her left leg to fasten to the waistband, and then up to the collar again.

    Amy stared down at the chains in dismay. She could only move her hands out together a foot or so. She could move one out further so long as she kept the other against her waist.

    Another person came into the room, and inspected her. She was a huge ugly fat woman, and wore weird looking purple robes. "Goot." she said. "Come."

    Amy obediently trailed behind her as she walked out of the room and down several narrow corridors. The chain between her ankles made her shuffle rather than walk. All her chains tinkled slightly as she moved.

    Every few yards stood a soldier in full dress uniform. They stood unmoving as Amy shuffled by, but their eyes never left her. The woman led her to a wide pair of doors guarded by two more soldiers and knocked. Amy squirmed a little under the studious glare of the two soldiers. Somehow it seemed different than the eyes of the men she was used to. The sounds of laughter and music began to appear as the door opened.

    She stopped next to the doors and turned to her. "You listen carefully girl." she said in a strangely accented voice. "I take you inside where people are and show you to Prince. You do what he tell you. Understand?" Amy nodded dumbly.

    The woman grabbed her arms in her thick hands and squeezed until Amy yelped in pain, then she shook the blonde. "You obey him! You die otherwise! He order you kill!"

    Amy cowered back, as the woman opened the door further and pulled her through.

    Amy was led into an enormous room, that she at first thought was a ballroom. There were hundreds of people, all Arabs, wandering about or simply standing still talking. The woman led her up a wide aisle.

    Amy's bare feet felt cold on the stone floor, and made little slapping noises as she walked slowly along. Every eye in the place turned to stare at her as she moved down the aisle.

    Her old easiness at nudity began to evaporate quickly as the people watched her every move. Some stared hungrily, while others glared, or scowled. Some of them, such as the women simply sniffed, and turned away.

    Everyone seemed decorously clothed except her. The men and women covered from head to toe in long robes of assorted colours. The women wore veils to cover their faces as well.

    Amy felt her skin redden under their intense and often hostile scrutiny. She was bewildered by all of this. Nothing in her training had prepared her for a situation like it and the confused and embarrassed girl didn't know how to react.

    As they reached the front of the room they climbed three steps onto a raised section where a man sat on a huge chair, like a throne she thought. Amy burned in embarrassment as everyone turned to watch her slow approach. "That is Prince Abdul, your master." the woman hissed to her.

    She felt hundreds of eyes behind her as she shambled slowly forward, her chains clinking. She lowered her eyes, embarrassed at facing the splendidly dressed group of people gathered around Abdul.

    The woman brought her to a halt a few feet in front of where he sprawled indolently on his throne, and stepped back to stand stolid and impassive a few feet away.

    The room was oppressively hot, and Amy found herself sweating, not just from the heat, but from nervousness and apprehension.

    Her skin crawled from the continuous unfriendly attention payed her by the big crowd throughout the room, she felt their eyes sliding up and down her nude body.

    A man dressed in a blue silken robe standing next to Abdul said something to him in Arabic and he answered. The two eyed her closely, talking to each other, and were joined by several other men in their conversation.

    Amy had no idea what they were saying except it was probably about her. She kept her head down, trying to ignore them and everyone else. Then a louder than normal voice caught her attention. By it's tone it was an order of some sort.

    She peered up to see an angry faced man next to Abdul staring at her. He repeated the order, whatever it was, but Amy could only stare in confusion.

    At last he clicked his teeth in annoyance and strode forward, his arm going to her head and gripping a chunk of her golden blonde locks tightly. He jerked her forward, and down to her knees before Abdul, cursing in his strange tongue.

    She knelt uncertainty, her knees pressed against the harsh stone, and her back straight as she had been taught. The men continued to eye her with dislike, and talk amongst themselves. Then she was pushed down to the floor with a harsh shove against her back.

    Her sweating breasts chilled with contact against the seemingly icy stone. More harsh guttural cries erupted amongst the men, increasing her anxiety. She could hear the murmur of many voices behind her as well.

    They grumbled and chattered with each other for several minutes as Amy lay there getting more and more miserable. Then Abdul spoke to her in english at last.

    "You! American!" he sneered. Amy dared to look up from her study of the stone floor.

    He eyed her nastily. "You will demonstrate your obedience to my people if you wish to live. You will crawl forward on your belly, and place your lips against my heel." he held his foot up.

    Amy gulped in dismay, even the limited pride she retained balking at crawling across the cold dirty stone to kiss this Arab pig's feet, especially in front of so many people!

    Her conditioning however, fought the very idea of resisting an order, and was joined with her fear at what might happen to her if she did. She trembled in dread, as the menacing looking group before her grew angrily impatient.

    Then she slowly extended her right arm a few inches, then her left. She heard the murmur of the crowd quiet, and her skin stood on edge as she crawled forward across the short expanse of floor toward Abdul's chair.

    She felt the gritty dirt of the floor scraping across her breasts, and belly as she hesitantly crawled forward until her face was inches from his foot.

    She gritted her teeth against the humiliation she was feeling, and forced herself to inch her face forward and plant a kiss against the side of his dirty bare foot.

    "Now your tongue woman!" Abdul hissed commanded. Amy licked her tongue out tentatively, hating the dreadful foul taste that came to her mouth as her tongue made contact with the side of his foot.

    He lifted his foot then and placed it atop her head, forcing her down against the floor. His foot pressed down against her head, forcing her to turn her head sideways to stop her face getting squished.

    She felt his gritty dirty foot against the side of her face as he yelled something to the crowded room.

    "Clean my foot woman!" he hissed menacingly. "Use your tongue to bathe my feet and show your abasement."

    Amy blinked back tears as the crowd yelled it's approval at whatever Abdul had said. She grimaced and raised her head as Abdul's foot came off it.

    She gripped his foot in her two hands and slowly rasped her soft tongue across it. Starting at the sides and working her way down along to his toes. She tried to shut off her sense of taste as she worked her tongue in amongst his dirty toes, and then along to the bottom of his foot, to lick off the dirt and grit there.

    When she finished she was forced to clean the other foot in a similar fashion. Then Abdul held his feet up for the crowd to see and said something derisively in Arabic. The crowd roared in agreement and laughter.

    Abdul stood up and moved over the little blonde. She gasped as his hand gripped her hair and pulled her to her knees.

    He placed her on her hands and knees, her behind facing the crowd and said something else very loudly, again bringing laughter. Then his hand slid up and down her ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly, before sliding between her legs to grip her pubic mound.

    Again he spoke laughingly to the crowd who responded in kind with laughter and whistles. Amy knelt there submissive and miserable, for the millionth time cursing her sex.

    Abdul twisted her about sharply by the hair so she was facing the crowd, then hauled her hair up and back so she fell on her back. He reached down and unfastened one end of the chain connecting her ankles and kicked her legs wide apart, giving everyone a good view of her exposed pussy slit. There was an increase in laughter and catcalls from the crowd below.

    He said something, which Amy at first didn't hear for the laughing.

    She blinked up at him uncertainly. "Abuse yourself!" he commanded. Amy still didn't understand.

    His foot came forward and rubbed against her cuntslit.

    "Abuse yourself American!" he glared. "My people wish to see how sluttish American women behave."

    At last she understood.

    – "If I repeat once more, I have you raped by a donkey before them!" he hissed.

    Amy slowly moved her hands down between her legs. She felt her tender cunt mound, cold and gritty from the stone floor. Slowly she worked her fingers up and down the slit as the crowd quieted and stared mesmerized.

    Her legs sprawled apart, she began rubbing and stroking her cuntslit, and clitty. She dropped her head back, trying to ignore the crowd as she stared upward at the ceiling high above.

    Almost automatically, her fingers began to dip gently inside her slit, darting in and out as she squeezed her cunt mound repeatedly. Her mind sought to escape as she numbly followed the Arabs orders and fondled herself.

    She withdrew into herself, her mind obscuring the monstrous ordeal. Her body was on automatic pilot as she fantasized about her childhood. Her movements indifferent and lethargic.

    Her body, left on it's own began to react as it was conditioned to. Her cunt began to warm then ignite. Hot juices flowed down into her tunnel and her breathing grew shallow and quick. Her groin began to hump up against her hands, much to the excitement and derision of the watching crowd.

    Her eyes closed as her disconnected mind fought off the sensations washing over her. Her hips rose from the floor repeatedly then began slowly circling in mid-air. Her fingers danced over her pubic mound, jabbing furiously in and out of her cuntslit. Her breathing came in uncertain gasps as her tit mounds swelled and her body trembled with unrestrained sexual fire.

    Slowly, but surely, fighting every step of the way, Amy's mind was dragged kicking and screaming back to the here and now, back to the room full of hooting whistling Arabs who heaped their derision on her writhing body.

    A terrible sob escaped her lips in between her grunts of pleasure. Her conditioning was unstoppable as she was pulled fully awake into a body, shuddering on the edge of orgasm.

    No matter who or what or where, she had no power to stop herself as her fingers pushed into her cunt tube, first one, then two then three.

    She thrust them roughly inside, as her thumb rubbed insistently across her throbbing clitoris. Her hips continued to gyrate uncontrollably, spinning and circling, and humping up and down as the mortified girl worked herself against her fingers.

    She snivelled in despair, then her body shuddered and then strained tautly. Her fingers plunged down her cunt hole, to meet a sluicing flood of cunt juice as she rocked to a huge orgasm there in front of the incredulous crowd.

    Her legs collapsed dropping her ass back onto the stone floor, where she rocked back and forth before groaning in satiated bliss. She lay there gasping for breath, arms and legs sprawled apart, cunt dripping, as the crowd showered abuse upon her.

    She heard the voices of the nearby men, louder than the background crowd. They jabbered something to each other. Amy was picked up and pulled over to a low wide marble table that sat to the left of the throne, and pushed up on it so she sat on the edge.

    There was laughter from the men around her, and then one of the men pushed forward to generous chuckles and cackles.

    His hands pushed her chest so she fell back to lie flat on the table, and he pushed her legs far apart. He turned to the crowd and said something and they screamed with laughter. Amy closed her eyes in trepidation.

    The man forced her legs way back until they were parallel with the edge of the table. Amy grunted in pain as her thigh muscles strained against the pressure. He let go of one leg to position his cock and the leg moved forward, bending. He cursed and slapped her face, rocking her head to one side.

    He fastened her ankle bracelets to some kind of hooks in the edge of the table, which held her legs tightly open. Her wristbands were latched together, and pulled above her head to click tightly against a bracket there.

    The fat erection was placed against her slit and Amy squealed in pain as he rammed it unceremoniously inside.

    The crowd let out a cheer as the man slammed his hips forward, burying nearly half the massive cock in her fuckhole. He pulled back a a little and then hammered his cock, balls deep inside her, bringing another cheer from the crowd.

    His hands slid up and down her smooth flat belly, kneading and massaging the soft skin, sliding up to her upturned breasts and squeezing them ruthlessly. Amy looked up dully. She knew there was absolutely nothing she could do to influence anything.

    The man began pumping his meat in and out of her tightly clutching tunnel, wiggling his hips at the crowd and bringing whistles and yells. His cock slid up and down Amy's fuck chute, buffing and rubbing her cunt walls, grinding against her cervix and massaging her clitoris.

    Amy began to get excited once more. Her cunt flame ignited and began burning higher and higher. The pressure of a cock absolutely filling her cunt, forcing the tight walls as far apart as they could go, was like heaven to her.

    No matter who was watching she couldn't help reacting to it. She groaned and whimpered softly, then her chest lifted slightly off the table in time to one particularly savage thrust. Her head rolled back and forth and her breath came in short gasps.

    Each time the mighty prong slammed into her belly she grunted in pleasure. "YES!" she thought, "YES!! I LOVE IT!!!" She moaned to herself as the sweating man hammered his fuck wand in and out of the blonde's slit. The people around her began noticing her reaction and laughed in amusement.

    Then Amy came. Her back arched and her arms shook and rattled the chains holding them as she thrashed about on the table. Heat exploded in her mind, driving her into a whirling vortex of ecstatic pleasure. The man yelled in glee as did the crowd. Amy didn't care.

    This is what she lived for! It was'nt training, or brainwashing or fear. It was her natural nature brought out into the open by the continued fucking and exploiting of her body by the men who had grabbed her and used her so well.

    Amy's mouth opened and she whimpered in pleasure as the man rammed his cock deep into her and spewed his come down into her womb. He stepped aside and another man took his place. Amy welcomed him eagerly.

    The crowd below was going wild as the second man stuck his fuck tool into her guts. She groaned in happiness as her cunt was abruptly tilled again with meat. The man cursed and ripped her legs free from the table, shoving her legs back against her chest and pounding his cock in and out of her slithole frenziedly.

    "God! God! God!" she thought "I's so goooood!!"

    Her body shook and shuddered through another orgasm as the man fucked into her. A third and a fourth and a fifth man fucked her there as the crowd watched in amusement. They loved seeing a slutty American girl come on an Arabs prick!

    The next man dragged her off the table and onto the floor. He pushed her onto her knees, and knelt behind her right by Prince's feet. He said something loudly and slid his cock down into her asshole.

    Amy sighed with pleasure, happy to have that hole filled again. She shoved her ass out and back, loving, reveling in the feeling of his fat cock running up and down her shithole. She knew just how to relax her muscles so her asshole was like a big gaping pit in her buttocks and the cock slid in and out unhindered.

    Her ass mouth gripped the fat cock as it pummeled her insides with its hardness. Amy jerked back and forth, the man's hands on her hips. She grunted each time he slammed his hot meaty rod up into her guts. His strokes came faster, became almost a blur as he sodomized her with maniacal pistoning thrusts.

    She whined in pleasure and came thunderously. Her arms collapsed and her face and chest dropped to the floor. The arab kept his fuckstick slamming into her asshole as the crowd screamed it's approval. Five more men sodomized her there or, the platform before she was dragged up onto her knees and over to the throne.

    The prince opened his pants and pulled out a huge erection. Amy was thrown into his lap, her arms pulled behind her and hooked together so she wouldn't dirty his expensive clothes. Her mouth enveloped his cockmeat, sliding up and down several times before going down all the way and taking his cockhead down into her throat.

    The Prince gasped in amazement as she deep throated him. He humped his hips up at her face in pleasure. She slid her lips over the cock sideways, playing it like it was a flute before gulping it deep and swallowing his juice.

    The cum absolutely gushed down her throat and it was all she could do to swallow it all and not let it dribble out the sides of her mouth. The throng of onlookers cheered wildly at the display. There were whistles and catcalls directed at her from all over the great hall. Amy's mind roared in blistering fires of lust.

    The lewdness, the utter depravity of her obscene exhibition brought soaring rushes of sinful desire surging through her naked body. She fell back on the rug, her hands sliding up and down over her trembling torso.

    Her body seemed to undulate there before the enraptured crowd as her mind exulted in the eroticism of the moment. She felt so… so… carnal!… so sensual and slutty!. She lay on her back on the rug and spread her legs as far apart as she could, gazing up at the aroused men longingly. With a resounding curse, one of them flung off his robes and dropped down onto the passionate blonde woman. In seconds his raging hardon was sliding deep into her belly as the girl squealed in delight.

    The man jammed his hands under her and gripped her soft rounded buttocks tightly yanking her trunk up against him as he pounded his cock up and down her tight, oily tube. Amy flung her arms and legs around the man, cooing in happiness and ramming her groin upward each time he slammed down.

    Her eyes rolled back in her head, and loud involuntary grunts of pleasure emerged from her open mouth. She didn't care who watched, or what they thought. All she wanted or cared about was cock! She needed cock! She was like a junkie, a drug addict, desperate for raw bruising untamed sex!

    An unearthly moan came from her quivering body as she came again. Her chest ached from the multiple cums she had had. She could hardly breath at times. She didn't care though, all she wanted was to be fucked. The man spurted his seed down into her body and rolled off gasping.

    Another quickly took his place. Then another, then another. After a dozen more cocks, she was more or less unconscious. She knelt there in a dazed stupor, her head and shoulders grinding into the thick carpeting as a tall thin man with his arms around her belly, held her hips up in the air as he sodomized her.

    She was half dragged, half carried out of the room and down a narrow hallway. She was almost insensible by then and ignored her surroundings. She was pushed into a room and flung onto a bed, and then left alone. She lay there numbly for some hours, before Abdul came in at last.


    The sun had long since set outside the windows of the room. Abdul disrobed and brought his fat body over to the bed she was laying on, to stare greedily at her naked body.

    "American women are all sluttish whores!" he exulted, sitting on the edge of the bed next to her. He pulled her legs apart and rolled onto her. She stared up dully. She felt his erect penis rub against her cunt mound, then the head pushed aside her cuntlips and entered her.

    She grunted as his fat frame squashed her into the bed, and his fat cock plunged up into her belly. He began pumping against her with furious, but inexpert thrusts. Ramming his hips forward against her groin, and smearing his sweaty, slimy skin against hers, until his sperm jetted down into her.

    He pulled her body tightly against him, his face nuzzling into her throat, as his hands fondled her breasts and slid down into her groin. Amy shuddered in sexual heat, her body shivering with it's pent up need.

    The next day dawned early for Amy, who hadn't slept at all, despite her exhaustion. She lay awake, her mind in turmoil, pondering the amazing changes that had come to her. Wondering at how thoroughly her body's sexual desires had taken control of her.

    Abdul woke with his hands still around her breasts. He squeezed them delightedly, then stroked her smooth, pale skin. His face nuzzled in her golden blonde hair as he fondled his new present happily.

    She felt his erecting cock pressed against her buttocks as he mumbled something in arabic. Then he gripped her hair and pushed her downward until her face was against his groin.

    She opened her lips resignedly and slurped in his cockhead, then sucked in the rest of his organ, slithering her tongue up and down the filthy thing, as Abdul purred contentedly. He lay back supine, relaxing as she bobbed her head up and down on his tool, bringing it quickly to full erection in her mouth.

    Abdul abruptly yanked her away from him and jerked her upward again, pushing her over onto her belly beside him.

    His hand stroked and fondled her buttocks, squeezing the plump rounded cheeks with delight. Then he rolled atop her, squashing her into the mattress with his enormous weight.

    His cockhead pushed insistently against her crinkled anus, and Amy groaned in excitement as he pushed forward firmly, to force his moistened' cock into her rectum. Once there he didn't wait at all, but began humping against her with brutal force.

    His enormous weight slammed into her body with debilitating force, pressing her deep into the mattress as he shoved his cock down into her asshole. He groaned and made happy grunting noises as his cock slid deeper and deeper into the blonde girl's asstube.

    Amy gritted her teeth against the rising storm of lust his massive intruding tool was creating. She felt his cockhead mash against the end of her rectum and Abdul began bouncing up and down, using the recoil of the mattress to help him skewer her anus.

    Amy gripped the blankets between whitened fingers as she tried to fight down the whirling tomado of passion, to regain control of her body. Then she exploded in gut wrenching orgasms. Her lower body rippled with electric shocks at his brutal sodomizing. Her asshole felt afire with crackling searing energy as his fat girl fucker thrust repeatedly into her small hole. She felt his balls slapping against her ass cheeks as he delightedly ass fucked the little blonde for all she was worth. Finally, he gurgled in joy and spewed forth his load of jism, sending it flooding down into the blonde's guts to coat her bowels with hot white juice.

    He grunted in satisfaction and jumped off the bed, leaving her in a sweating heap. After he left two large women came in and fetched her.

    They brought her back to the washing room again, and bathed her tired body. She was brought to where Abdul was working at his desk and ordered to stand behind him, eyes down. Abdul mostly ignored her, though his visitors didn't.

    Amy couldn't understand anything that was said between him and his visitors. Several times, she guessed as a reward for something. He gave her to one or another visitor. On those occasions the delighted man would drag her into a side room and quickly push her forward across a table and enter her.

    There would follow, a frenzied, one sided fucking, with the happy man thrusting himself repeatedly into her tight cunt sheathe until he spewed forth a white wad of cum, and then he would zip up and leave. These occasions merely raised her passions higher and higher, ending too soon to give her relief. She was in desperate misery as she stood behind Abdul, her cunt burning with need.

    Abdul seemed to be taking every possible opportunity to degrade and demean the blonde. Several times a day, always before witnesses, he would make her give his dirty feet a tongue washing.

    She was forced to shuffle along behind him, wherever he went, naked save for her chains. Sometimes he would have her wear her uniform, only to then force her to strip in front of him and his excited guests, and then masturbate. To Amy's mortification, she would often cum, when abused by his friends or when masturbating. She simply couldn't help herself.

    Every night, he would stroke, fondle, and tease her until she was in tears from her bodies screaming need, then would thrust his manhood deep into her cuntpit and bring her to a shuddering climax.

    The sex itself seemed to be secondary to him, he was far more interested in dominating and humiliating her, in proving his absolute mastery over the young blonde.

    Sometimes, he would tie her limbs to the comer of the bed and use various sexual toys, anything from high speed vibrators to feathers, to drive her nearly mad with sexual desire, each time pulling back before she could cum. He would force her to beg and plead, in abject sobbing misery, before he would consent to enter her and relieve her desperate need.

    During one luncheon, Amy was startled to find several Americans present. They were from the U.S. embassy.

    Abdul made a show of introducing her to them just before the meal. There were four of them and all were startled as Abdul dragged over the blonde woman, naked and in chains.

    He held her beside him, forcing her head up by his grip in her hair, and introduced each man one by one to her. They were extremely uneasy and seemed embarrassed to be confronted by her.

    They mumbled hello's while refusing to meet her eyes, preferring to look at the floor or out the window, though when she wasn't looking at them, their eyes ravished her body continuously.

    Abdul made the most of his opportunities to debase her during the meal. He forced the naked girl to kneel beside him as he ate. The uncomfortable Americans tried to ignore her presence as best they could. Abdul continually drew attention to her by feeding her little scraps from his plate, or by reaching down to fondle her breasts.

    The conversation was in english of course, and for the first time in many days, if not weeks, Amy could understand what people were saying.

    It wasn't very interesting, having to do with some rebels or other, but she was intoxicated just the same. After the meal Abdul led his guests over to a group of plushly stuffed chairs. Amy knelt beside his chair of course. The conversation turned, by Abdul's design, to women.

    "You Americans simply do not know how to treat women." he oozed.

    "Now see this one?" he ran his fingers through Amy's hair.

    " This is an American girl, yet see how well she is trained?"

    He turned to leer down at Amy.

    "You girl! Lie there and abuse yourself!" he ordered. Amy slumped forward a bit, then lay herself out on her back in the middle of the sitting men and spread her legs apart.

    The American men grimaced in distaste and drew back as Amy began stroking her crotch with trembling fingers.

    "This really isn't necessary Abdul." one protested weakly.

    "Oh but I insist!" Abdul beamed.

    Amy began masturbating herself as they all looked on. The Americans unable to pull their eyes off the pretty young blonde girl as she began to slide her fingers in and out of her obviously moist vaginal cavity.

    "Uh… What if she doesn't want to." one of them gulped.

    "Then she would be beaten very much." Abdul replied easily.

    Amy was working herself into a hotter and hotter lather as the men tried desperately to keep their own excitement at bay.

    "Would you like to make use of this slave?" Abdul asked nonchalantly.

    Several of the men looked at him incredulously. "You may use her to empty yourselves if you so wish." he said.

    They looked down at the blonde girl writhing before them, her naked body glistening with perspiration as she jerked off, her swollen breasts heaving and jiggling as her fingers pumped into her cunthole.

    "I think not." the oldest of them, who seemed to be in charge, said, somewhat indignantly. Amy came, sobbing and gasping for breath as the embarrassed men tried to pretend she wasn't there. "You see gentlemen, the female, even an American, can be easily trained to please a man.

    This one, is one of my favourites at the moment. I have let many of my men make use of her since I purchased her. She is extremely grateful to me for this, are you not my dear?"

    "Yes Master." Amy whispered, still lying on the floor.

    "Come clean me." he ordered.

    Amy crawled forward on her belly, and began licking and cleaning his feat as the Americans looked on with distaste and annoyance.

    "I think we'll be going now Abdul." the older man said, rising from his chair. The other's followed behind him as they went back into the dining room to gather their papers.

    Abdul pushed Amy away with a satisfied smirk and rose to join his guests. Before he reached the door however, one of them came back in and whispered to him. He grinned delightedly and nodded. The man rushed over to where Amy was kneeling as Abdul left the room and closed the door.

    He looked at her nervously for several seconds, licking his lips.

    "Get on your hands and knees." he ordered, somewhat hesitantly.

    Amy obediently knelt before him, turning to offer him her behind.

    She heard a soft moan, then he dropped to his knees behind her, and she felt a trembling hand touch her smooth buttocks.

    He stroked his hand over her ass cheeks almost reverently, then slid his hand down along the crack and over her puffy cunt mound. She heard a zipper being undone and then he jerked his pants down. He pushed his raging erection against her damp cunt lips and Amy felt the wide helmeted head rub up and down her small cunt slit.

    His fingers slid down to her slit and pulled her tight lips apart, making him gasp with excitement at the sight of the still damp pink cunt tissue inside her.

    He pushed his cock forward, thrusting his hips to shove the fuck tool down into her body. His throbbing cock forced itself deep inside the blonde woman's crotchhole, the head mashing against her cervix and his balls resting against her crotch.

    She felt his curly pubic hairs tickling the inside of her thighs and her sensitive ass and crotch skin. He slid his rod back down the length of her fuck tunnel till only the head was inside, her clutching cunt lips wrapped around it tightly, then he threw his hips forward, thrusting deep into her with a single forceful stroke.

    His hands gripped her hips as he began to fuck his meat up and down her cunt tube.

    His ass cheeks clenched with effort as he pounded furiously away at her, his balls slapping against her pussy mound, and her tits swinging to and fro with the force of his strokes.

    His hands slid up her sides marvelling at the softness of her skin, then slid under her to grasp her hanging, swinging tits with both hands and squeeze them tightly. Her tit flesh oozed out between his fingers as he repeatedly opened and closed them around her swaying mounds."

    "Oh God!" he gasped. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" His hands encircled her waist jerking her back to meet a powerful forward thrust as he crammed his fuckpole balls deep into her velvety, moist cunt. It clutched and squeezed and sucked on his pulsing cock, sending hot, exquisite sensations of ecstasy through his groin.

    "Oh you hot little BITCH!!" he groaned. He threw his hips forward, then circled around, wiggling his hips from side to side. He yanked the blonde girl's ass back against him, loving the feeling of her satiny ass cheeks against his belly.

    Then he shuddered, his arms encircled Amy's waist, and squeezed her tightly against him as his cock impaled her and spurted his jism into the depth of her belly.

    He lay atop her gasping for breath for a few seconds, then hurriedly rose and yanked his pants up. He rushed from the room to rejoin his companions, as Amy lay back on the floor tiredly. She wondered if any of the men knew who she was, or cared for that matter.

    Eventually Abdul got bored with her. A thirteen year old English girl was brought in for his new amusement and Amy was sent to the Harem instead.

    The harem was a large, dimply lit room. The ceiling was very low and was hung with many plants. Other plants and flowers were spread all about the room on the floor. The floor was covered in a thick red carpet, right up to the steamy pool that occupied the centre of the room.

    There were wide low beds scattered around the room, perhaps forty or more. On some, a girl or girls lay or sat chatting. There were other girls in the pool, or wandering around the room. Many of them were naked. Some were wearing brief coverings of various colors. Amy was shown to a bed and left there. She sat down, testing it's softness with satisfaction.

    "Hi." said a voice just beside her.

    She jerked her head to the left and saw a small brunette standing next to the bed. She was about sixteen or so, and had enormous rounded breasts with huge brown nipples.

    She was wearing a long blue transparent dress of some sort. It reached from her collar down to below her knees. It was so transparent Amy wondered why the girl was wearing it at all.

    "My name's Sandra." the girl said. She sat down on the edge of the bed across from Amy.

    "So you're the newest addition to the pleasure palace." she grinned.

    "Looks like it." Amy answered. "Where are you from?" the girl asked.

    "New York." Amy answered. She held out her hand to the girl.

    "Amy Connors."

    The two shook hands.

    "So how did you like the introduction to Arabic royalty?" the girl grinned. "Huh?"

    "Prince Abdullah Abdann." she looked around the room carefully and then turned back to Amy and lowered her voice. "He's the asshole that owns this palace. He owns us too now"

    "Who is he? Where are we?" Amy whispered. "As near as I can figure, he's one of the royal cousins of the King of Saudi Arabia. That's where we are now.

    The King has hundreds of cousins, all of them filthy rich and all powerful, and bored as hell. That's why some of them, like Abdul, grab little playthings to have some fun with."

    She motioned to the other girls.

    "Every girl here was grabbed from someplace so the Prince and his cronies could have themselves orgies whenever they wanted. Arabian women don't do anything at all unless their married, and even then not much. did you see any of them Rijn covered from head to toe?!"

    Amy nodded.

    "Stay away from them." the girl warned. "They hate our guts. If one of them tells you to do something, do it real fast or they'll beat the shit out of you, that’s if you're lucky."

    "How long have you been here?" Amy inquired. "About eight months now, since they grabbed me outside my school in Boston." She turned her head away. "I nearly freaked when they brought me into the hall and tore my clothes off right in front of everybody. They raped me."

    She shook her head in remembrance. "I couldn't fucking believe it, you know. Like I was a virgin up till then, and there I am getting fucked right in front of a crowd of people.

    She pointed at a dark haired girl lying on a bed a few yards away. "That’s Mahred. She's an ultraorthodox jew from Israel. Those people make catholic nuns look like whores in comparison. She hasn't spoken a word since she arrived last month.

    The really religious Jews and Catholics seem to take the raping worst. It isn't so bad for the rest of us. Most of the girls are either European or American, except for the Israelis of course. See that girl over there?" she pointed at another girl standing near the pool.

    "Thats Brenda. She's from Ireland. Her father does business with the Prince and comes over here every few weeks. Abdul had her grabbed while she was in her own bed at home. Now every time her Dad comes to have an audience with the Prince, they bring her out into the hall and put her behind one of the screens so he can't see her.

    While her father and the Prince talk business, she gets screwed only a few yards away and he doesn't even know it. The Prince always asks him if he's had any luck finding her too." she shook her head in disgust. "He thinks it's just so funny."

    Life in the harem wasn't bad at all as far as Amy was concerned. The girls relaxed most of the time. Lying around the room talking and watching Television, reading, bathing, doing their hair. The best part though, was the sex.

    Many of the girls dreaded being called on. They went downcast to their fate, and pretended enthusiasm to avoid beatings from whoever was fucking them. Most of the girls got called on two or three times a day. Because she was new, and because of her enthusiastic performance before the prince, Amy was called on six to ten times a day.

    The other girls would look at her sympathetically as she was called away from the room again and again. There was a huge variety of clothing to wear outside the harem, almost all of it was transparent to varying degrees. All of it was sexy and provocative. The only exception were a few special costumes, like nurses, and school girls outfits, and for Amy, a police uniform.

    Many of her lovers demanded she arrive in a police uniform, varying kinds were stocked for her at the harem, most tailored to be extremely tight. The arabs would take delight in tearing the costume off her and screwing her till she begged for mercy.

    Amy almost never thought about her life as a police woman anymore. In a way it would be nice to go home, but her body had adjusted to the hard constant fucking with delirious happiness. Her minds desires had long since been sublimated to the wishes of her body.

    She adjusted the gauzy film of material around her neck and strode towards the door where the guard was waiting to take her to her next session. The silky black stuff was completely transparent.

    It hugged her form tightly, like a second skin, squeezing around her rounded breasts like a silky fist, forcing her nipples out and erect. Under it she wore only a tiny black g-string and a pair of black shoes with five inch heels.

    Her hair floated around her shoulders as she walked down the hallway accompanied by the guard. The men they passed stared at her lustfully, and she knew that if not for the guard, she would have been raped twenty times before she got to the Master's bedroom. All the men that the harem girls served were addressed as Master, otherwise the girl would be beaten.

    They stopped before a guarded door and Amy was shown in. The single occupant stared down at her hungrily as she entered. "I am at your pleasure Master.” she said, in arabic, a she had been taught. He ran his trembling hands up and down her body, squeezing her tits roughly through the thin material of the dress. His hands grasped the stuff and tore the whole front of the dress open down to her belly. He moaned and buried his head between her exposed breasts, squeezing them together from the sides so they squashed against his face.

    Sex outside of marriage was strictly taboo for most of these people, Amy had found out. The reason they all lusted after the harem girls was that none of the girls were moslems. Apparently there wasn't any laws regarding unbelievers as they weren't considered to be truly humans, just some sort of sub-species without rights.

    The old Hollywood notion of Arabs being romantic lovers was so much twaddle. The Arab men she had seen so far weren't even as good as most of the teenage boys she had gone with years ago. None of them cared a bit about her pleasure, and foreplay hadn't even been invented here yet.

    Amy was always so hot though, that she didn't have any need for great lovers or warm ups. She was one of the few girls in the harem that rejoiced in their plight. Even as she walked down the hallways toward each meeting with a Master, her heart hammered in anticipation and she squeezed her thighs together to prevent her juices from running down her legs.

    She purred in delight as the man squashed her tits around his face then began licking and chewing enthusiastically at her nipples and tit meat. He tore the rest of the dress off and rammed his hand down between the cheeks of her buttocks as he continued suckling on her aching nipples.

    His hands were warm and sweaty as they cupped her ass cheeks, and slid down over her pubic mound from behind. Amy eagerly unsnapped the G-string over her cunt so she could feel his fingers against her cuntslit.

    His mouth raced over her body, chewing and licking at her neck, breasts, shoulders, arms and belly. He pulled her to her knees on the floor and shakingly knelt behind her. She felt the tip of his cock rub against her slit and then penetrate just a little. Then he shoved his hips forward and slid his erection down into her pussy hole.

    His hands slithered over her body constantly, clutching, squeezing, kneading her soft warm skin. His fingers fastened around her swollen hanging breasts and squeezed them tightly, as if he were milking a cow.

    His hips pounded into her buttocks, his cock pistoning in and out of her fuckhole as he delighted in her feminine beauty and softness. Amy mewled in pleasure pushing herself back at him, and shivered in sexual gratification as the beginnings of an orgasm surged through he frame.

    Her cunt muscles locked around his prong, squeezing and clutching it as he rode her fiercely. In minutes she came against him, shuddering ecstatically through her orgasm, as the man hammered his penis down into her crotchhole with delight.

    As was the case most of the time, she had to return to the harem clad only in the g-string. The Masters often ripped open whatever she was wearing, in their eagerness to get at her. It wasn't that the dress covered anything really, but she still liked to be wearing something against her skin instead of parading down the halls naked.

    They passed a group of Arab women on their way back. The robed women glaring savagely out at her as she walked past. Amy kept her eyes on the ground as they passed the women. She had found out in her first week how dangerous they could be.

    Returning from another fuck session, she had smiled saucily and winked at such a group as she sauntered by completely naked. That night she had gotten another call. She had dressed in a long sheer blue dress, slit up the sides to the waist and plunging from the neck almost down to her hips, exposing three quarters of her breast flesh.

    She scurried down the hall to get fucked, rubbing her hands over he bare belly in anticipation. When she had been shown into an apartment though, she had found now man, instead six Arab women in robes sat around on the plush cushions around the walls.

    She had hesitated at the door but the guard had pushed her inside and closed it behind her. She looked around anxiously at the glaring group, wondering what they intended.

    "You find your nakedness so amusing I am sure that those coverings are distasteful slut." said one of them harshly. "Remove them at once. "Yes mistress." she answered, quickly slipping the dress off and standing there nude.

    "You like to show off your body, do you not slut?!" hissed one of them. "Yes mistress." she stammered. "You take mens dirty penis's into your body slut!" "Yes mistress."

    "You are a whore." a voice dismissed her. "Show us how you enjoy taking a man into you." a voice demanded. An immense black dildo was flung out at her. "lie on the floor and put that inside you, SLUT!" they ordered.

    Amy looked around the half circle of hate filled women in fright. Somehow it was much worse being naked around fully clothed women, all of them much older than her. She felt indecent and shameless.

    "Do as you are told SLUT!!" a voice cursed. She slid down to the floor and onto her back, and grabbed the fat rubber dildo uncertainly. It was obviously not meant for normal women. The thing was must have been a foot and a half long at least, and was several inches wide.

    She opened her legs wide, placing the head of the fake cock against her cunt hole and pushing it against herself. She grunted at its girth, pushing hard just to get the first inch inside.

    She started to sweat at the pain to her tight little fuck hole as she twisted and shoved the monster cock into her body inch by inch. The women whispered to each other spiteful hisses of contempt as they stared at the blonde shoving the dildo into her crack.

    She had about ten inches inside herself, feeling absolutely stuffed full of rubber cock, yet there was at least half a foot left still. Amy gasped in effort, her little fuck chute trying to accommodate the oversized cock. She was finding it impossible to push the rest inside.

    "Put it all inside slut!" several voices cursed. Despite her straining, the blonde wasn't able to make the huge unyielding cock disappear inside her belly. The women looked on in angry satisfaction. They moved closer to her and two of them grabbed her arms.

    They turned the frightened girl over onto her hands and knees and forced her legs apart. Then Amy shrieked in pain as one of them grabbed the end of the dildo and shoved viciously, driving it forward against her cervix as the others held her down.

    The large woman hammered on the end of the dildo, then grabbed it and ripped it almost all the way out before pounding it back into the girl with brutal force. Amy sobbed and cried out in pain as they pumped the cock ruthlessly in and out of her small fuck hole. pain shot through her system at the savage raping. Then she heard a voice hissing by her ear. "Here is another for you slut whore!" it said.

    She felt a pressure at her rectum, and a second later something wide and hard forced its way past her sphincter and slammed down into her asshole. The two fake cocks raped her asshole and cunt furiously as the angry women enjoyed the slutty girl's cried and pleas for mercy.

    They kept at her for many minutes, fucking the fat cocks in and out of her. Several times one or another would reach out and grip one fat swollen breast and squeeze it sadistically, bringing another shriek of pain from the girl.

    Then through the waves of pain, a warm feeling started to well up in Amy's body. Unbelievably the fucking in her groin began exciting her hair trigger responses, and lust started to ooze into her brain. The feelings coursing through her veins, from her stimulated sex organs; overrode all others, sending the hapless girl spiralling upward on a plane of wanton desire. Fuck juice spurted into her cunt, making the dildo slide in and out much easier.

    Amy was mortified as one of the women detected the layer of oily juice now covering the dildo and they all shrieked in anger and rage. Amy's body was being jerked back and forth by the savage pounding dildos in her ass and cunt.

    Now she started to push her as back against the skewering rods as lecherous passions raged through her body and her cunt erupted in flaming hot spurts of cum. She came, groaning in pleasure and grinding her crotchholes back onto the impaling rubber instruments.

    The women looked down at her with angry disbelief as she shook and shivered through her obvious orgasm, sighs and grunts of sheer pleasure flooding out of her gaping mouth. One of the women grabbed her breast and twisted savagely, sending bursts of pain shooting down into Amy's spine, but this only added to the overflow of sensations washing through her muddled brain.

    They yanked the dildos out of her and she fell to the ground, her hands sliding down against her love pit and squeezing it happily as the women stood around her looking down in fury.

    They cursed at her relentlessly, then they dragged her to her feet. They hooked her bracelets together in front of her, effectively handcuffing her. A hook was hanging down from the ceiling. They lifted the shivering blonde up until her wrists were securely fastened on the hook. and she hung there inches form the ground.

    The biggest of them grabbed a wide leather belt and began whipping it down onto the soft white skin of Amy's back. Amy screamed ion pain as the belt whipped down again and again, bringing angry red welts up on the smooth skin.

    The other women muttered in satisfaction as the belt lashed against her back and buttocks repeatedly. Another woman took the first ones place and began to enthusiastically lash the naked girl's back and ass cheeks. The skin was soon covered with long criss crossing welts.

    The next woman moved around to the front of the hanging girl. A woman yanked back on Amy's hair, forcing her head way back, then the belt lashed down onto her exposed upthrust breast meat. She howled in agony, flailing her legs around in despair as the belt whipped her breasts ruthlessly, until her senses were numb to the blows.

    Then the belt slashed across her belly and legs. finally two women each grabbed one of the little blonde's legs and pulled them way up and apart. the woman with the belt smiled cruelly. Taking aim, she lashed the belt down against Amy's cunt mound, smacking it against her slit with savage force.

    Amy shrieked, staggered by the pain. The belt descended again, driving the breath from her body as it smashed down into her slit. The women holding her legs apart had to hang on tightly as her muscles spasmed against the outrageous invasion of sensations. The belt descended again, and again as the women punished the source of what they felt was the girl's evil over their men.

    Amy's cunt became numbed to pain but then her mind spun in a stupor, the repeated blows against her cunthole and clitty began to excite her wanton body once more. Unconsciously, her crotch shot out to meet the blows and the belt soon began to get wet as the belt encountered her oozing crack. The thwack and crack of the belt striking her skin changed pitch as it became soaked by her girl juice.

    The women were in shock as the girl panted and strained her groin forward to crunch against the lashing belt. Her eyes were closed and her head rolled around senselessly as her body erupted in rapturous waves of orgasm.

    The stimulus of the belt against her cunt sent her over the edge into another dimension of pleasure. They dropped her legs and stood back stunned, staring at the girl who hung swaying and gaping from the hook. None of them could believe how the girl could cum even against their whipping. Several were in fury, wanting to get real whips, that would tear the flesh from the whore's body, wanting to kill the slut.

    Unfortunately that wasn't permitted. Already they were in some trouble for marking her body, however temporary. Killing such a fine piece of fuck meat would result in punishment to themselves, some privileges would be withdrawn, and Abdul himself might even become aware of it and forbid any further punishments of the whores by them.

    There was nothing to be done but leave, and let the guard drag the filthy slut back to the harem.


    That incident had introduced Amy to the Sheik's number two wife Rijn. Rijn had been one of the women present. Unlike the others though, Rijn had been less angry than excited by the delightfully shaped blonde woman.

    Rijn was a Lesbian. This was not something that was generally accepted in the Arab world, but Rijn was one of Abdul's current favorites, having borne him four sons in the last ten years. She could, to

    a small extent, get away with things that would lead to death for other women.

    It was still too dangerous for her to practice what her countrymen considered sexual perversions openly, so she made use of some of the slaves from Abdul's harem.

    When Amy had arrived in answer to a summons to find, not a man, but a heavily robed woman instead, she had almost turned and fled in panic.

    It had only been a week since her run-in with the women of the palace, and the bruises were only now fading from her lovely white skin.

    "Stand still girl." Rijn had snapped as she saw the fear on the shivering blonde woman's face. Amy had obediently held herself still and erect. Her stiff upright posture pushed her breasts further out into the sheer nylon fabric of her see-through body stocking.

    The stocking, sort of a neck to toes version of panty hose, was colored a light shade of blue, and concealed nothing. Beneath it she wore a darker colored blue g-string, that concealed slightly more than nothing. As always, she felt embarrassed standing like this before one of the heavily robed Arab women.

    Rijn stared at the blonde, her eyes roaming up and down the lush body, admiring the beautifully coiffed blonde hair that hung down past the girl's shoulders.

    "You are truly beautiful girl." she said. "What is your name?" she asked, though she already knew. "I am called Amy, mistress." the blonde replied shakily, her head bowed, eyes staring at the floor as she'd been taught. "Raise your head girl." Rijn demanded.

    Amy looked up at the woman, who stared back at her, completely covered in a dark black robe that showed only her dark brown eyes.

    Then the robe opened, the hood going back and off, revealing a beautiful Arab woman in her mid thirties. The woman had long black hair, how long Amy couldn't see as it disappeared into her robe.

    She stepped closer to Amy, her right hand rising to cup the blonde woman's left breast through the sheer fabric. "Such leetle nipples." she mused, her fingers sliding lightly across the tiny pink bud.

    "I shall have you for mine girl." she sighed. "You shall belong to me alone." Her hand squeezed Amy's breast less gently, then slid downward, roaming along her belly down to her crotch, sliding under and between her legs to cup the crotch experimentally.

    Then both hands moved between Amy's breasts, to where the fabric was held tautly out away from the blonde's body. Her nails dug in and holed the thin material, and then tore it open, ripping it down the middle to leave Amy bare chested.

    Now both her hands held Amy's breasts, caressing the soft white skin. Rijn's eyes eyed the twin mounds as her fingers mashed the malleable flesh this way and that, creating deep depressions in the surface as the squeezed down repeatedly.

    Rijn slid her hands around Amy's waist inside the material of the body stocking. Her fingers slid downward onto the blonde's behind, rubbing and kneading the flesh there.

    She pulled Amy toward her, then kissed her on the lips, first lightly, then-more deeply, with greater and greater passion. Her right hand slid down Amy's ass cleavage, and went under the woman, to squeeze her pubic mound from behind.

    She pulled back, her hands catching the material and tearing it apart, pulling it free from the blonde woman's warm flesh so only shreds hung from her shoulders and covered her arms.

    Her fingers pulled on the thin string holding Amy's g-string together, and ripped it, pulling the small piece of material up and eying the triangular covering. She dropped it, then stepped back.

    Her fingers unfastened the cord holding her rope in place and the garment dropped to the floor. She was nude beneath. Her breasts, though not as big as Amy's, stood high and proud on her chest. The moved in and out quickly, with the woman's rapid excited breathing. Her brown skin shone with the warmth beneath it.

    Rijn stepped back several feet to admire the girl's nudity. Amy swallowed several times, her skin still flushed from embarrassment, and from the igniting heat between her legs. "Lie on the bed girl." Rijn told her, motioning toward the big four poster double bed behind her.

    Amy obediently moved to the bed, laying down on her back. Rijn moved to the head of the bed, and pulled something out from behind the headboard. She lifted Amy's right hand up above her head, and fastened a very thick rubber wristlet around it.

    Amy looked up at the thing curiously. It was thickly padded, and about four or five inches long. It fastened tightly though not uncomfortably to her wrist. Rijn fastened a similar wrist band to her other wrist, then brought her hands up above her head.

    Amy heard a click, and Rijn walked down around the bed to the other side. When she attempted to move her right hand down, Amy discovered the wristband was now attached to a thick length of some kind of cord, which tied it to the comer post.

    Rijn pulled her left wrist upward towards the other comer post, and Amy saw another cord attached to that post. "What are you doing?" she asked, in a quavering voice. "Do not fear girl, this will prevent you to disturb my work.

    Amy was trying to figure out what that meant, as Rijn moved to the foot of the bed, and started attaching another pair of the padded rubber restraints to her ankles. She was worried, even a little frightened as Rijn completed fastening the ankle bands onto her.

    Rijn attached her right ankle to the bottom post, then she seemed to pull tightly on the cord, stretching Amy's body down and to the right. "Oohhh!" she exclaimed, feeling the tightness as her body was stretched.

    Rijn pulled even tighter on the cord, jerking the blonde tight against the cords holding her wrists. When Rijn seemed satisfied, she locked the cord into place and moved to her left ankle. She pulled this as tightly as she had the other one, jerking Amy to the left this time. Amy felt the pressure on her wrists grow as the woman pulled her downward. She felt the padded wristlets dig into her wrists, holding her in place against the woman's insistent pressure.

    Then Rijn locked her left ankle into place, and Amy found herself stretched tightly between the four comers of the bed. The pressure on her wrists and ankles was heavy, but not painful. She felt all four limbs stretched tightly, and couldn't move her arms or legs even an inch.

    Rijn stood at the foot of the bed admiring the beautiful tableau. She watched the sexy young blonde woman pull experimentally at her bonds, admiring the play of muscles behind the soft white skin.

    Amy gasped in fear as she realized the full extent of her position. Her arms were stretched above her and her legs were spread far apart and locked in place. She felt totally vulnerable and open. She could see Rijn looking down at her from the foot of the bed, and imagined the image she must make like this.

    Then Rijn left the room for a few minutes. Amy was left there, wondering anxiously what the woman had in store for her. She was afraid of another pain filled lesson', and quivered slightly from anticipation of the unknown.

    When Rijn returned Amy gasped audibly at the transformation. The woman's hair, previously hanging straight down to her waist, was tied together over her head in a severe bun.

    She wore a tight leather bustier that pushed her swollen breasts up and out without covering a single inch of them. She wore a leather g-string and leather boots with six inch heels that came up past her knees, almost to her crotch.

    The look on her face was far from loving, it was cold, determined and haughty. She moved toward the bed with a slow graceful movement. Her boots squeaking slightly. She stood beside the bed, then sat slowly onto the mattress beside the bound girl.

    Her hand slid ever so lightly across the hot skin of Amy's belly, rubbing in slow circles.

    "You are such a dirty little slut Amy." she said conversationally. Amy looked up at her in confusion. "You like to suckle on men's penis, do you not Amy?" she queried.

    "No! 1 don't… "

    Rijn's hand slapped her face lightly. It brought a startled gasp from the girl. "You enjoy taking man's penis into your mouth do you not Amy?" Rijn demanded. Amy nodded dumbly, her cheek smarting slightly.

    "I now that you love to drink the sperm from the penis. Would you desire me to bring male slaves so they can fuck you?" she hissed. Amy shook her head in denial. Rijn slapped her face again, a little harder. "You love to have many mens push their penis inside you, into your… your cunt… your cunt hole would you!?"

    Her hand was still sliding over Amy's skin but had moved higher, and was now over her chest. Amy groaned as Rijn's hand slid over her breasts in a slow circle.

    "You wish to be sexed by many many men Amy?" NOooo!" Amy moaned.

    Rijn slapped her face again, harder still.

    "You wish them to fuck you in the anus do you not Amy?" Amy was breathing in air in great gulps as she stared up at the glaring face of the woman. "I asked you a question Amy!"

    "No, I wouldn't!" Amy gulped.

    Again Rijn slapped her, her palm cuffing the right side of the girl's face, knocking her head to the side. Then she slapped the other side, knocking her head the other way. "Do not lie to me you little whore!" she hissed. "Tell me how you like to have men fuck you!"

    I… I… I 1… like to h… have men f… fuck me." Amy whimpered. Rijn's hands were now squeezing her breasts tightly. "You wish them to fuck you up your anus do you?" Rijn gritted. Her fingers dug into the white tit flesh, digging deep furrows in the upturned mounds.

    "Y… Yesssss!" Amy gasped.

    "Tell me how you like to be sodomized!" Rijn ordered.

    "I… I love to get… I love to have men f… fuck my asshole!!" she whined.

    "How many men have fucked you in your asshole?" Rijn demanded, her hands squeezing and twisting the girl's breasts tightly, painfully, distorting their roundness."

    T… Please Mistresssss!" Amy whimpered.

    Rijn grabbed her hair and jerked it tightly back, bringing a cry of pain from the blonde girl.

    "Tell me how many mens have assfucked you, slut!!" she yelled.

    "Lots! Lots and lots… Lots of men have fucked me in the asshole!" Amy gasped.

    "And you loved it did you, you little whore?" "Yes! I loved it! I love to be assfucked by men!"

    Amy cried.

    "Dirty little girl." Rijn hissed.

    She climbed fully onto the bed, her body going over Amy's and straddling her belly. Amy felt the crinkly black hairs of Rijn's pussy as it settled down onto her belly. Rijn rubbed her cunt back and forth several times on the girl's soft stomach.

    "You are bad girl." Rijn whispered, bending forward, her hands going down onto Amy's breasts, and her mouth coming down to kiss the girl's cheek.

    Her mouth moved over Amy's face, her tongue licking her cheeks, her forehead, and down under her jaw. She kissed the blonde woman fully on the lips, her tongue sliding into the girl's mouth.

    She rubbed her crotch against Amy's belly, feeling the girl's soft skin beginning to slicken from a mixture of sweat and Rijn's cunt juices. She sat up, glaring down at the gasping blonde.

    Her hands slid over Amy's breasts lightly again, riding atop the firm swollen meat as it rose and fell rapidly with the girl's rapid breathing. She slid downwards further, then bent and began suckling at Amy's right breast.

    She nipped lightly on the nipple, and licked her wet tongue over every square inch of tender tit meat. Her lips fastened around the nipple and sucked it in, chewing lightly. Amy groaned, and tried to hump her groin upward, but was held tightly by the restraints.

    Rijn moved down the girl's body, her tongue sliding along Amy's belly, tasting her own cunt juices there, then down further, moving through the light thatch of cunt hair, and then down to the cunt slit, already moist and glistening from excitement.

    Amy groaned as she felt Rijn's tongue slide into her slit, and scoop out her bubbling juice. Her cunt and crotch felt hyper-sensitive because of the way her legs were held open like this. She tried to push her cunt upward into Rijn's face but could hardly move more than an inch.

    Rijn's tongue worked in her slit, moving up to rasp over her sparking clitty, and sending the blonde into a jerking twitching orgasm. Rijn grinned upward at Amy, loving the response she was getting from the girl. "You were born to be used by a woman Amy." she hissed.

    She held three straightened fingers together and thrust them up into the little blonde cunthole, making Amy cry out in sudden shock, even as she quivered through her cum. Her tongue continued to lick away at Amy's cunt and clit as she thrust her fingers in and out of the girl's cunthole.

    After a couple of minutes, Amy came again, moaning and whimpering unintelligible words to the ceiling. Rijn moved up Amy's body until she was squatting over the girl's chest. She lowered her tits so they hung over Amy's face.

    The two fat meaty bags of flesh swayed gently above the slave's eyes, then lowered further. "Suckle my teets, you whore!" Rijn gritted.

    Amy felt the fat hard nipple press against her lips and opened her mouth wide. The nipple slid between her lips and she closed them, suckling heavily on Rijn's sensitive nubs. She worked her tongue against the nipple as she sucked, and bit down lightly.

    It felt extremely strange suckling at a tit like this, after all the men who'd used her, but Amy was overwhelmed with sexual heat for the woman above her. Rijn pulled her tit free and pressed the other one into Amy's face to be sucked.

    After a minute she moved up, and squatted over the girl's blonde head. She looked down between her legs at the Amy's dazed eyes and open mouth, and then lowered her cunt down against them.

    "Tongue my hole you dirty little whore!" she ordered.

    "Lick it and make me cum!" She rubbed her crotch against the girl's face, feeling Amy's nose dig into her wet slurpy cunt hole as she slid over it.

    Amy looked up at the Arab's gaping cunt slit inches above her face, and the hairy furry cunt hair surrounding it. She had never seen a cunt up close like this before and was momentarily startled into inaction as her eyes observed the wrinkled folds of Rijn's asshole, the soft roundness of her ass cheeks, and the glistening pinkness of the slit.

    Rijn slapped her breast, making Amy squeal in sudden shock, and pushed her cunt down against her face again. "Tongue me slut!" she growled. Amy opened her mouth and her tongue licked up tentatively against Rijn's slit. She slid her tongue along the slit to the top, and found Rijn's clitty.

    She felt Rijn shudder briefly as her tongue rubbed against the clitty, and excitement filled her that she had done that to the woman. Her tongue raced back and forth against the little clit, moving like a hummingbirds wings as she slurped and licked at the bud.

    She tried to get her teeth around the little bit of flesh as Rijn rubbed her cunt atop her face. She finally succeeded, and was grateful and satisfied to hear Rijn moan in pleasure. The cunt came down harder against her face as Rijn's excitement increased.

    Rijn was humping her groin back and forth over Amy's face, her hands held tightly to the crossbar of the headboard, as she knelt, her legs to either side of Amy's head, and pushed her groin downward.

    The feel of that soft, wet little tongue against her clit was driving her insane. She groaned and humped herself forward and back, then bounced atop the blonde.

    "Lick me… lick me… lick me… Ouh hhhhhnnggg!" she moaned. "Yesssssssssss! You dirty… dirty g… girlllllll!!"

    She threw back her head, and moaned long and low, her crotch pushing firmly down against the Amy's whipping tongue. Her body quivered and trembled in the heat and fire of sexual release, and then she let go of the headboard and fell backwards onto Amy's spreadeagled body.

    She lay there for a minute gasping for breath, then rolled off and smiled down at the girl. "You dirty little cunt licker." she whispered.

    She moved over to a bureau and pulled out what Amy first thought was a thick pair of panties. Then moved back to the bed. Amy now saw that the panties had a thick long horn, like a big cock sticking outward. She swallowed in consternation, fearing what Rijn was going to do with the thing.

    Rijn slid her hands over the rod an grinned down at Amy. "Do you see my penis?" she smiled. "I use it to fuck slutty little girls like you until you scream and cry for mercy." She got into bed and lay atop Amy's tightly held body. "I shall fill this hot, dirty hole of yours Amy." she whispered.

    Rijn grinned.

    "I will use you so hard, your love hole will be as loose as if you had bome a score of babies! Then no man shall want you!"

    With that she pressed down with the edge of the dildo.

    Amy whimpered as she felt the hard knobby end pushing against the lips of her slimy cunt tunnel. She felt the lips pushed aside as Rijn worked the fake cock down into her. Her moans and weak garbled protests were completely ignored as the rubber prick moved down inside her body.

    "Pleeasssssss!" she whimpered in protest. The cock worked into her remorselessly. With only four inches inside her, she felt like her cunt was about to tear apart. She grit her teeth and closed her eyes as she felt the hard, thick prong slide further and further along her swampy cunt tunnel.

    "OOhhhhhhhh!" she groaned. She felt the cock filling every square inch of her cunt tunnel as it pressed downward. Her cunt walls were forced to open, and shoved aside to the full limit of their elastic ability by the thick dildo. It continued to sink down into her belly as Rijn pressed her hips down relentlessly.

    Rijn's lower body seemed to lurch downward as several more inches of rubber cock thrust down into the blonde's tight pink hole.

    Amy opened her mouth to scream but her lips were instantly covered by Rijn's as the woman sucked and mashed her lips against the helpless blonde. Rijn pulled her hips up a few inches, pulling the cock back down Amy's tortured cunt tunnel, then slammed herself down again, thrusting her dildo deep into the girl's hole.

    "You like my penis, slut!" she whispered. Amy felt the end of the dildo pressing hard against something at the back of her cunt tunnel and moaned in pain and excitement.

    Rijn pulled her hips back and then pushed down again. She started to fuck her groin slowly up and down, sliding the rubber dick in and out of Amy's tight little quim.

    Amy gasped as the cock worked in and out of her. Slowly the pain receded. She could feel the rubber dong moving inside her. She sighed as the bumps on the dildo rasped over her clitty. Her cunt began to tingle in arousal now.

    She could feel her cunt walls clasping down against the thick intruder as it rode back and forth inside her body. Rijn was kissing and licking at her face again, her hands fondling and kneading her outraged tit meat.

    Amy closed her eyes and just floated through the pleasured sensations now coming up from her body. Her tits twitched and sparkled with sensations of feverish need, continually met by Rijn's kneading, squeezing, twisting, pinching fingers.

    Her cunt was spasming electrically around the thrusting rubber prick that rubbed back and forth inside her. Her belly seemed to cramp and churn as the cock moved inside it. She wondered dazedly, how that huge thing had gotten all the way inside her little cunt.

    Then the soft enveloping sensations of pleasure seemed to explode suddenly into a blitzing wildfire of electric heat that locked the breath in Amy's throat and made her whole body stiffen. Her cunt and belly seemed to burst with excitement. Sensations of ecstatic release flooded her body.

    Amy's mouth and eyes opened wide and she gurgled in surprise and pleasure. Rijn fucked the cock into. her with renewed vigour, watching with interest as the girl trembled violently in her restraints. She plunged her hips down forcefully, her cunt ramming into Amy's crotch as the dildo skewered the girl's cunthole.

    "You like that girl? I will fuck you to death!" she hissed. She bounced her hips atop the girl, jamming her rubber phallus in and out of Amy's cunthole furiously. Amy came again, and then again as Rijn ripped the thick dong in and out of her.

    The problem was that Rijn became angry, sometimes violently so, when she discovered how men were still making use of the girl. Despite her making her desires clear that no other should touch the blonde, Amy's allure was irresistible to many of the palace's functionaries. Others made use of her simply to annoy Rijn.

    Since there was absolutely nothing Amy could do about this, she couldn't understand why Rijn blamed her for it, nor why she punished her.

    Did you enjoy being used by those men!!?" Amy nodded wordlessly, which did nothing to ease Rijn's anger. Amy had been the focal point of a party for one of the Sheik's brothers. She had been screwed by half a dozen men today.

    Rijn gripped the girl's hair and yanked her about, bringing a yelp of pain from the blonde girl.

    "You dirty little fucking whore!!" she yelled at Amy. She sat down in a hard wooden chair, dragging the trembling girl across her lap. "Perhaps I should put a metal chain over your love hole?!!" she cursed. "Perhaps I shall have you sold to a brothel! You would enjoy this!? Suckling men's cocks in the alleys!!"

    Her hand slapped down hard on the upturned ass cheeks. It made a loud crack, and brought a cry of pain from the blonde. "You dirty girl!!" she hissed, cracking her hand down against Amy's behind again, then again. "I will show you to obey, slutty bitch!" she sneered jealously.

    Her left arm held Amy's wriggling hands together behind her back as her right hand slapped down again and again on the blonde woman's soft upturned ass cheeks.

    Noisy slaps and cracks filled the room, combined with yelps and squeals and cries from the helpless writhing girl.

    "Dirty fuckmeat!"Crack! Crack! Crack! "Slut!" Crack! Crack! "Whore!" Crack! "Cunt!" Crack! "Fuckwhore!" Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

    Amy's ass cheeks turned red as the spanking continued. She sobbed and wept on Rijn's lap as the arab woman slapped her burning ass cheeks repeatedly. "You need something to fill your dirty little cunt!!??" Rijn cursed. "I shall give you something for your cunt!!"

    She punched Amy's puffy red cunt crack with her fist, bringing an even louder cry from the girl. Rijn ground her knuckles against the tightly closed slit, pushing down with brutal pressure. Her fist pushed aside the blonde's cuntlips and encountered the copious amounts of cock and cunt juice still filling the pussy tunnel. That only made her angrier.

    She jammed her fist into the thrashing girl's cunt, pushing harder and deeper, tearing open the exhausted cuntlips and pushing far down into the girl's well worn cunt tunnel.

    "You like this!? You like this!?" she hissed, punching her fist deeper into the groaning gasping girl's belly. She could feel the warm heat of Amy's body all around her hand as she drove it even further into the crotch hole.

    All around her fist was the oily juices of the men who had screwed the blonde girl. Rijn was enraged, jamming her fist far inside the squirming girl, and then jerking it back to a startled cry of pain from Amy. She punched forward again, cramming her hand up into the girl's belly once more, then pulled it out.

    She pulled the fist out until it started to push against Amy's cuntmouth, then slammed it down again, burying it inside the girl's crotch. She fist fucked the trembling girl without mercy, ramming her fist up and down the length of the blonde's cunt as she angrily punished her.

    She gripped Amy's hair, jerking the girl's upper body up into the air, and making her yell in pain. "Take this slut! Take my whole fuckeeng hand!" She punched forward, feeling the cuntlips rasp against her wrist as she drove her hand deep into the girl's guts.

    Amy was twitching and shivering atop her, and her sweating trembling body began to jerk in something other than pain. Rijn's eyes narrowed as she recognized the signs of an impending orgasm on her lover's face. Amy humped down, trying to jam her ass back on the pumping hand.

    "You dirty little fucking whore!!!" Rijn exclaimed. She dumped the girl forward so she collapsed on her face and shoulders on the other side of the chair. Rijn stood up, her fist still locked in the girl's cunt tube. Amy's legs were splayed apart, one on the chair and the other touching the rug beside her head.

    Rijn slammed her whole arm up and down, almost lifting the girl up off the floor with her plunging thrusting strokes. Amy screamed and came, grunting and gasping in pleasure at the hand churning in her cunt.

    Rijn fucked her fist down into the cuntcrack in a raging fury. Her fist pumped in and out like a toilet plunger as the girl's juices spurted and bubbled around her churning hand. Her hand and wrist were soaking in oily sperm and girl juices as she continued to punch deep into Amy's belly.

    Rijn tore her arm upward, actually pulling the girl right off the floor, her cunt locked around the fist holding her in the air for a second before the fist started to pull free. The pressure of the fist shoving her cuntlips further open sent the twitching girl into an even higher state of orgasmic fever, and her mind exploded with furious electric bursts of intense pleasure.

    Rijn's fist finally pulled free, dropping the blonde back to the floor where she sprawled twitching for several seconds before relaxing and starting to gasp for breath. "From now on, the only thing that goes up your slutty little hole is my hand and my penis!" Rijn glared down at the girl.

    She reached down and grabbed a fist full of golden blonde hair. "Do you understand Amy!?" she hissed. "Yes Mistress." Amy gasped.

    "If I ever catch you near a man's penis again I will have a camel fuck you!!" Amy nodded frantically.

    "Did you suckle their cocks!?" Rijn demanded. Amy shook her head.

    "Lucky for you. Now go into the bathroom and wash that filthy cock juice out of your holes." Amy sighed and got shakily to her feet, staggering to the bathroom. When she came out, Rijn was lying naked on the chesterfield. She waved Amy over and pointed between her legs. Amy knelt on the rug and began to lick the woman off.

    Rijn pulled the teen's hands around behind her and cuffed them in place, then sat back in comfort, spreading and lifting her legs. She put her feet down on Amy's back, and pushed her hairy twat forward.

    Amy obediently opened her mouth and began licking away at the Arab woman's pussy lips. She slid her tongue up and down on either side of the hairy cunt mouth, then darted it inside.

    Rijn purred contentedly as the blonde girl began slurping and sucking at her cunt hole. Amy licked her tongue against Rijn's clitty, bringing a soft sigh from the woman.

    In minutes Rijn was cumming, her cunt pushing forward, humping against the blonde's face as her hands gripped her hair tightly between them, holding her in place. "Lick it! Lick it you little sluuuuuttttt!!" she groaned.

    Amy rasped her tongue quickly up and down over Rijn's cunt as the woman came against her, she darted her tongue deep into Rijn's cunt tube, digging out gobs of girl juices that she gulped down with pleasure.

    When her groans subsided, Rijn pulled the girl up so she sat on her lap and petted her hair gently. Her hands stroked up and down over the Amy's soft, silky skin, caressing her stomach, and stroking her firm breast tissue. She slid her hand down between the girl's legs and palmed her soft meaty pubic mound, squeezing gently.

    "Are you going to be a good girl from now on Amy?" she cooed.

    "Yes Mistress." the girl responded.

    "We don not want any more of those nasty cocks sliding in and out of you now do we?"

    "No Mistress."


    It was several weeks after the American's had come that her life was to be changed yet again. The Prince was out of the country on some errand or other. Amy was asleep in her bed. A man, one of the Prince's flunkies, came in and ordered her to follow him.

    They walked down the quiet hallway and through a pair of doors into a section of the palace she had never seen before. They continued walking, coming to a door to the outside. Amy blinked in surprise. She was never allowed outside!

    He brought her through, and Amy looked up at the night stars briefly before she was pushed into the back of a jeep. There were two men there already. One was in back, and another driving. The door closed and they drove off into the night.

    Amy looked at the man beside her questioningly. He glared at her and she decided to keep her mouth shut. They drove through the night before coming to what looked like another palace. She was taken inside and down a long flight of stairs to a small cold room.

    There were two men waiting there. One was wearing flowing robes, she had come to identify as belonging to the men in charge. They other wore a three piece western style suit. Neither looked happy.

    The man in the suit eyed her with distaste. "We wish to know what was said in the meeting with the Prince and the Americans several weeks ago." he said. Amy looked at him uncertainly. "This is Sheik Muhammad Moahatmaaan, the true ruler of the blessed people." he informed her. "You will tell him what was said in the meeting between the Prince and the evil American demons!" "I don't remember." she protested.

    The man cursed and said something to the Sheik in Arabic.

    "You had best remember girl, if you wish to live." "But I don't!" she cried. "All I remember is masturbating, and one of them fucking me!"

    He looked at her in disgust and spoke to the Sheik again.

    "We will see if we can jar your memory loose woman!" he said. The Sheik has ordered that you be given to his men until you tell us what happened during the meeting!" Amy looked at him in consternation.

    "If you do not have something worth telling us, you will be given to his guards and used repeatedly and continuously until you have satisfied each and every one of them."

    He leaned forward to smile at the exhausted girl. "The sheik has one thousand guards here in his palace, so I suggest you tell us now, while you still can."

    A few minutes later she was half dragged up the stairs. She was taken into a large dirty room with triple bunks in long rows down the sides and middle. There was a wide table in a cleared space at the centre of the room and the man pushed her backwards across it, fastening her arms together above her head, and leaving her there.

    About an hour later a group of men rushed into the room and over to her. They yelled and laughed to each other in arabic as they gathered around the table, eyeing the naked girl.

    Several began stroking and fondling her body, and one then stepped to the edge of the table and pulled out his dirty cock. It was already fully erect as his hands clawed Amy's legs apart and pushed it up against her cuntslit.

    He thrust his cock into her crotch hole, burying himself in her hot sucking depths. More and more men gathered around to watch as he fucked Amy with rapid strokes for several long minutes.

    The other men gathered within reach, continued to fondle and squeeze the girl's flesh as they jabbered and babbled excitedly.

    She felt hands all over her body, fingers running through her hair, squeezing her breasts, her nipples, hands sliding across her belly and hips. And all the while the soldier continued to fuck her tight little cunthole.

    He grunted and spurted his juice into her depths. He stepped aside, and was immediately replaced by another man, who slammed his erection into her lovehole, and began pumping back and forth.

    When he came a few minutes later, a third man took his place, then a fourth, then a fifth. Amy lost count. Her mind was reeling from the continuous raping, her trained, sex reaction began to rise within her in response.

    Her belly began to bum with desire and her chest heaved with suppressed excitement. Her breasts were swollen and tender from their constant fondling, and her cunt pit began to gush with liquid passion. She climaxed, then settled down a little. The passion built again, and she came a second time.

    Still they fucked her, Five, ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty. Amy came and came and came, completely out of control. Her body's impulses directed inward, to her cunt pit and tit mounds, whos sensations now automatically sent her into shooting climaxes, with or without her desire.

    She came again, a long furious orgasm that left her gasping for breath. All the while, hands fondled her as the crowd of laughing arabs watched her getting fucked. Hour after hour after hour it continued. Every few minutes she shuddered and shook and convulsed in a new and powerful orgasm.

    On through the day and into the night. Every inch of her flesh was bruised and sore from the continued squeezing and kneading of her satiny skin. Her cunt tube felt like it was being fucked with a cock encased in sandpaper.

    Still she climaxed again. Her body weakened from the constant straining and shaking of her muscles. The cocks pounded into her love hole relentlessly. She had no idea how many men had used her so far, but there was no end in sight as the man fucking her squirted his sperm into her sopping cunthole and pulled out. Another man stepped forward and stuffed his cock inside her.

    Many of the men were too excited to wait their turns and masturbated beside her, spraying their cum juice onto her tits and belly and face. Amy was dazed and ached in every square inch of her body. She began to grow delirious from lack of water and sleep and the continuous fucking of her sensitive love hole.

    The fucking continued. Her orgasms were weak now as was she, the rippled along the surface of her exhausted body, consuming her as much as the constant pounding cocks within her.

    Cum splashed down into her face again and again, her tits were coated with so much dried cum, it was as if they were encased in wax. Still they spurted onto her, and into her.

    The driving cocks in her sloppy hole sent wads of jism spraying out the sides of her clutching slit as they thrust inward. Her body reeked of sperm.

    A bucket of water was flung on her, and she gargled and gasped as she inhaled some of it. She looked up through bleary eyes to find the man in the suit smiling down at her.

    "You have already been used by three hundred soldiers. I do not know how long you will survive such treatment." he said with regret. Then he moved away and another cock was inserted into her now gaping slithole.

    Again and again she was fucked. Her cunt was long past being fucked raw, and bled as the skin was rubbed away.

    Amy grew weaker and weaker from lack of food, and continuous orgasms.

    The men continued to fuck her with wild happy abandon, their sperm combining with the blonde's juices in her slippery soaking cunthole.

    After a while she was slapped to consciousness again, to find the man with the suit standing there again.

    "It has been two days now whore." he marvelled. "I am most gladdened to find you still alive. You have been used by half the sheiks guards, five hundred men. I do not think you can take the second half though." he said regretfully.

    A man stepped forward and thrust into her. On and on it went. Amy drifted in and out of consciousness and delirium as the soldiers continued to fuck her day after day, with no pause whatsoever.

    She grew pale and thin, despite the liquid nourishment and blood replenishment. Nothing could stop her shuddering climaxes which drew the strength out of her body with inexorable force.

    She was drained and weakened by each shivering cum, left a semi conscious wreck for the eager fucking guards. Her legs were completely lifeless and limp from so much handling and twisting by each of her rapists.

    Her ankles could easily be pushed back behind her ears now, or her legs spread alongside her at a ninety degree angle paralleling a table. Her hands continued to be tied down though she was much too weak to move at all.

    Still they stepped forward eagerly. None wanted to miss his chance of fucking a blonde American woman, especially a policewoman.

    A doctor stepped forward, waiting patiently until the guard screwing the beautiful blonde had cum, then moving forward to examine her. He pushed her eyelids up, checking her responsiveness, and examined her blood pressure and pulse.

    Her cunt was a gaping wound in the girl's crotch, but was not bleeding much. He nodded in satisfaction and left. A guard immediately thrust his penis inside her.

    She threw back her head and moaned. A deep, low horrible complaint of overwhelming despair. The guards around her laughed, continuing to fondle her cum soaked body and spurt new jism onto her. The man fucking her roared with delight, pumping into her with more strength and speed.

    Amy came again, weeping as she soared up into the howling gale of shimmering lightning-like sexual fire. She fell unconscious then wakened, then came again.

    Her eyes were dull and unresponsive when the doctor checked on her again. He gave her a shot of vitamins and pronounced her fit for continued use.

    A guard immediately stepped forward and plunged his penis down into her sopping vagina. He turned to the sheiks representative and protested about how loose and sloppy her cunt had become.

    The man dully inspected Amy's gaping cunt hole and agreed. Because of the lack of pressure it was now very difficult for the soldiers to gain enough friction on their penis's to ejaculate, he told the sheik.

    The sheik pondered this problem for a second and then gave permission to make use of the American woman's other crotchhole. The next men eagerly plunged their penis's into the blonde's still tight asshole, marvelling on how it squeezed down on their cocks, almost sucking the sperm straight out through the cockheads.

    Amy hardly noticed the difference, though her bloodied cunt sheath was glad to be spared as the soldiers began sodomizing her instead. Her body responded to these new invasions with higher and still more prolonged orgasms.

    Her cums had nearly subsided now with the deadening of the nerve endings in her cunt, but the ass fucking brought her into new screaming climaxes.

    She could feel the penis's sliding in and out of her asshole, and spurting their seeds into her guts. Her buttocks and inner thighs were rubbed raw from the constant slap, slap, slap of the men's belly's into them.

    One after another, the soldiers gathered around the dazed girl, thrust their cocks, big, small, fat, thin, deep up her asshole and spewed their j ism into her bowels. Amy's sphincter muscle was soon battered beyond belief, and her ass mouth gaped open between fucks just as her cunt still did even yet.

    The men preferred raping her asshole though, since it's roundness still provided greater friction. They brought in a hose to wash out her cunt and asshole every so often. Some men preferred her cunt yet.

    As the day wore on, Amy became more alert. Her pain was now a sort of dull continuous background thing, that did not push her into senselessness as it used to. Her nerve endings in the crotch were practically dead by now.

    She lay there, mostly ignoring the continuous stream of men who came up and plunged themselves into her. Occasionally, she would shiver through a minor orgasm mostly brought on by the psychological brainwashing she'd been through.

    She didn't respond to any of the fondling, pinching, stroking, or squeezing of her body by the men who were always gathered around her. She stared up at the ceiling, day dreaming, worrying from time to time wether she would survive this, and occasionally even sleeping now and then.

    Though dazed from over a hundred hours of continuous fucking, she was still capable of rational thought. Now and then she looked down her body, covered with black, blue, red, and purple marks and bruises, to eye whoever was panting away at her cunt or asshole just then. None of them seemed very appealing, and she would go back to staring up at the ceiling again.

    To the surprise of many, Amy survived the enormous gang rape. After five days of constant fucking in the cunt and asshole, she had managed to accommodate all one thousand of the sheiks guards. She was led to a small chamber and given bread and water.

    She devoured the dry bread like a starving wolf, licking the plate for crumbs. The doctor came in and treated her cunt and asshole with disinfectant and a kind of pasty glue that covered her sores so they could heal. She was allowed several days to recover from her ordeal, before the sheik sent for her.

    She was dragged naked, down the long stairwell again and into the basement room she had first seen. The sheik and the man in the suit were there, smiling nastily.

    "The sheik congratulates you." the man in the suit said.

    "Few indeed, are the women who have survived the thrusting penis's of all the sheik's guards." He tipped his head.

    "You are still expected to tell us what happened in the meeting with your countrymen. If you do not. You will be tortured, and then placed back in the barracks to be used by the guards once again."

    Amy burst into tears, horrified at the thought of repeating the entire ordeal. She scratched around her blurred mind for every scrap of memory concerning the meeting and dinner, and told the men. He nodded with each unimportant detail and then spoke to the sheik.

    "It is still not enough I'm afraid." he said sadly. Her wrists were tied together and she was hung from the ceiling, her arms and legs pulled wide apart in an X shape. A uniformed man slapped her face with brutal force, rocking her head back and sideways.

    He slapped her again with his other hand, then again, then again. He slapped her face back and forth a dozen times. Amy grunted, and gasped, her brain shaking in her skull, her face heating up and burning. The man stopped.

    The man in the suit moved closer, trying to hear what Amy was murmuring. He shook his head with a sigh and stepped back again.

    Again Amy's head was rocked by a series of harsh vicious slaps, back and forth and back again. He gripped her hair in his fist and pulled her head up to face the man in the suit.

    Her eyes were almost closed, and her mouth hung open slackly, but she said nothing, nor could she. His fist crashed forward into her belly, rocking her backward, and sending a gargling whooosh of air exploding through her mouth.

    His fist jabbed forward into her breast, then into her side. He stepped backward, and then swung his knee up to smash into her soft, pillowy pubic mound. Amy shrieked in suffering and despair.

    He moved around behind her and she braced herself form further whippings of her behind, instead she heard a ruffling of clothing.

    She felt his hand slide up and down her ass cheeks, then she felt his cock press into her wide open ass crack and rub along the length of it. It's hard head pushed against her rectum and with a grunt, he shoved his hips forward, and forced his cock up into her rectum.

    His body ground into her as he humped forward, driving his cock up into her anus with deliberate cruelty. He rasped his tool back and forth, churning her ass tube into a froth as he satisfied his lust by ass fucking the helpless girl.

    Then he spewed his load high in her gut and pulled back, doing up his pants in satisfaction and turning back to his work.

    He took a small, sharp hook, attached to a length of chain, and slowly stabbed the sharp end of the hook through her left nipple. Amy trembled and cried with pain as the hook was pushed through the nipple. He repeated the torture on her right nipple.

    The two chains were pulled up and forward, jerking the girl's flesh milk sacks away from her body, straining her tender orb outward into a long tight cone, held by her aching, straining nipples.

    Amy wept in pain and hopelessness. Her poor sweet breasts were being tortured and disfigured, and she wept in misery.


    The man in the uniform pulled out a long, very thin piece of wood. It was lightweight and rounded like a teacher’s pointer, which indeed it was.

    He slashed it through the air, hearing the cutting sound of the wood ripping the atmosphere with satisfaction and anticipation. He turned to Amy and slashed the cane down against her tight rounded ass cheeks.

    The cane made a thick meaty thwack as it impacted against her fleshy pads. Amy screamed in pain, jerking forward against her bindings, and sobbing hysterically. Again the cane swung forward and cracked against her buttocks, sending an explosion of pain through her body.

    The cane slashed down onto her ass cheeks again, and yet again, then cracked against her back, and then her shoulders. Amy screamed in pain, her body jerking and pulling against the chains binding her.

    He moved around in front of her and swung the cane overhand to crack against the side of her taught right breast, sending new suffering through the soft mound.

    Her tortured tit wobbled and whitened at the brutal slash, a thick red line appearing across it, and new droplets of blood sliding down the flesh from her punctured nipple. He smacked hec boob again, then a third time, then he moved around her and swung it down on her left boob.

    "Is your memory improving by chance." the suited man asked.

    Amy wept in agony and misery.

    A long thin rubber tube was slid into her cuntslit. Amy felt it travel far up into her belly before coming to rest against her cervix. The man in uniform attached a hose of some kind to the end of the tube, which protruded out a few inches, and then turned a wheel on a nearby canister of gas.

    The tube began to expand as the air was forced into it. It grew slowly wider. From the thickness of a little finger, it grew to the width of a cock, then continued to expand.

    Soon it was as wide as a mans wrist, and Amy grunted from the pain as it swelled inside her, pushing the walls of her cunt farther apart then they'd ever been before.

    Still it expanded, and Amy groaned as if in childbirth as her cunt pulled open, her cunt lips were gaping around the swelling thing, easily wider than a man's closed fist now. Amy knew the thing would soon tear her apart. Her cunt shrieked in pain, and her hips shivered and trembled as the dazed girl reeled from the staggering pain produced.

    She felt her pubic bones gradually pushed aside, and her groin area enlarged, as if she were having a baby. The man in the robes, clearly excited by this, reached forward and stroked his hand along her pubic mound, marvelling at the tautness of her straining skin around the massive fuck pole.

    He circled Amy and pulled his robes open, bringing his erection out into the light. Eagerly, he pushed forward against the girl's fleshy buttocks, spread wide apart by the chains binding her ankles.

    He pressed his greasy cockhead against her anal opening and jammed it inside. Amy cried bitterly at this new pain. Her asshole was incredibly tight now, because of the pressure in her cunt. Yet the man force his cock into the little round opening, grunting with the effort.

    His body pressed up against the shackled blonde, pushing her forward against her chains, and putting yet more pressure on her arms and wrists, as they held her in place.

    The man's cock worked it's way deep into her anus, and he hissed with delight as he worked his hips in and out, forcing open a channel so he could fuck with greater speed. His hips circled and fell, rose and humped, opening her asshole to receive his cock.

    After several minutes he was able to begin fucking her in earnest, ramming his cock up her asshole with full, deep, brutal thrusts. Amy felt his cock rubbing along her tight skin inside her body, pressing it between itself and the harsh rubber balloon thing in her pussy.

    She wept and gasped in pain, mixed with an odd kind of excitement as her insides were pulped and churned into a hot, violent cauldron of tension and heat. The uniformed man pushed the wheel on the canister over more, pumping more gas into the tube and expanding it slightly.

    Amy gasped and felt her bones pushed further apart, felt renewed pain in her crotch and belly as the balloon pushed her cunt even further open.

    The robed man continued to pump his cock in and out of her asshole, his hands around her belly, to jerk her back against him. He was enjoying fucking the little American's asshole immensely. Amy scream in shock as his hands gripped her titties and jerked them against the hook. He laughed as the girl's belly heaved with new pain, plunging his cock up her and flooding her ass with his sperm. He did up his pants and stepped around in front of her again, grumbled something to the others and turned and left.

    The man in the suit turned back to Amy with regret.

    "The sheik seems to think you are not cooperating girl." he said, "and he hasn't the time to waste on you here. He has directed that you be given time to reconsider your memory" with that he turned and followed the sheik up the stairs.

    The other man shrugged and slid the hooks out of the girl's nipples, bringing new agony to her. The tube in her cunt contracted until it was pencil sized and he slid it out.

    They threw pails of water on her to waken the girl, then pulled the hooks from her nipples, and replaced them with small gold rings. She was pulled down from her chains, and led up the stairs.

    The man in uniform mostly dragged her along, his hand embedded in her hair, and around her left arm. The soaking, bedraggled, miserable little blonde had her hands cuffed behind her again, and led into one of the public areas of the Sheiks palace. There was a pedestal in a huge hallway. Several halls opened on each side of it and people came and went busily. The pedestal was a foot off the ground and had a thick round tube protruding straight up from the centre.

    They pulled her up on the pedestal and made her stand over the tube. It was almost as thick as a baseball bat and made of some kind of metal. It's rounded top was just a few inches below her pubic mound.

    Then the man in uniform did something with a machine nearby and the tube started to rise. Amy gasped when she felt it's rounded top press against her velvety cunt mound. She looked down in horror, noting the thickness of the tube. It rose relentlessly.

    Amy's efforts to move aside were thwarted by the men, who held her firmly in place, as the thing rose against her. It was right up against her cunt mound and putting more and more pressure against her closed slit.

    She could feel the oiliness and coldness of the tube as it pushed insistently against her pussy. She felt her body being forced upward by the brutal device. She stood up higher, bringing momentary relief from the pressure, but the thing continued to rise. Soon she was on her toes, and still it rose.

    The pressure against her cuntmound grew unbearable. Amy squirmed desperately, but could not move her crotch away from it. It pressed directly against her cunt slit, and slowly, it's irresistible force began pushing aside her tender skin, forcing back the labia and lips and pushing into her cunt itself.

    She groaned in pain as her cunt was pried open by the massive thing. Slowly it rose within her, inch after inch after inch disappearing up inside her as the men watched excitedly.

    She felt it's steady upward progress within herself, felt the cold, brutal steel spearing deeper and higher into her belly. She grunted as her cunt walls were forced aside and the intruder thrust higher still.

    It pushed against her cervix now with unstoppable pressure. Amy whimpered and began to shake from pain as the thing continued it's upward movement. Then something adjusted inside her and the thing pushed suddenly higher.

    She groaned as cramps, and spasms of sharp pains gurgled up from her abdomen.

    The men seemed satisfied then. The uniformed man slid something up the tube. He pulled up a kind of chain and fastened it up between her ass cheeks to another around her waist, locking her in place.

    The sheik patted her on her buttock and he and the others left. She was not alone though. People passed by all the time. Some quickly, hardly noticing her, others slowly, admiring the sight she made, excitedly. Her cunt throbbed painfully around the cold intruder.

    Her toes screamed in protest, as she stayed up on them. Even a minute relaxation of her pressure on them lowered her crotch further onto the steel rod embedded within her, pushing it higher into her churning belly.

    Slowly, against her will, that pulsing, and throbbing, combined with the intense fullness in her cunt, began to excite her groin sexually. She groaned mentally as she felt the first stirrings of sexual awakening in her crotch.

    She fought it back desperately, as people wandered by and gazed at her interestedly. Still it burned higher. Her crotch tingled and tickled, and burned.

    Her tortured titties began to swell, 'her nipples to erect pointily. Each tremble, each loss of balance as she swayed unstably on her toes, sent fresh waves of sensations flooding into her guts from the impaling metal device.

    Then her head pulled back and her back arched as she trembled through a gut wrenching orgasm. Her cunt walls clutched and sucked at the massive metal rod within it. She was having more and more difficulty maintaining her balance as she gasped and grunted through the orgasm and then tried to regain her breath.

    Her body weakened, especially her toes. Still the relentless pulsing continued inside her abdomen. Her mind and body were both strangely excited by the immensity of the tube inside her. She ignored the intrusive people passing by who eyed her with hunger or disgust. Her belly pounded and churned with savage, carnal desire.

    Then her mind blurred and flashed into chaotic patterns of light and sound as a second orgasm, much more powerful than the first, erupted within her.

    Electric bursts of crackling fire rippled up and down her body, sending her arching back in a mixture of agony and ecstasy, as her shuddering body jerked and tried to hump against the rod. Her toes suddenly failed her, their muscles collapsing under the strain, and her crotch dropped its complete weight down onto the rounded end of the thick tube inside her.

    For a second she hung there. Her feet not even touching the floor, impaled completely on the thick metal device. Then something pushed aside, or was forced aside by the pressure and she dropped downward.

    She screamed in delight and horror as another four inches of the tube thrust up into her guts. She blitzed into another chaotic climax, her mind whirling and spinning helplessly.

    Those passing by saw the girl, bent slightly back, her head far back, her body shivering and trembling as if afflicted by an epileptic fit, and knew she was cumming helplessly on the tube. They heard a long series of mindless animalistic grunts coming from the girl, and grinned at each other.

    She felt the end of the tube far up inside her, mashing her insides as her guts convulsed around it, and her body trembled in horrible agony and ecstatic bliss.

    One after another, a series of furious, unstoppable orgasms shook her frame. Each lasting longer than the other and leaving her utterly breathless, gasping and fighting for air. She managed to gulp in only a few mouthfuls of air before shuddering and trembling into the next orgasm.

    Her torturer returned and observed the spasming girl for a few minutes. He moved behind her and began whipping her buttocks and back with his belt. Amy was beyond that though, each cracking blow only served to amplify the flood of sensations flooding through her, bringing her closer to her next orgasm, or heightening the one she was flying through.

    Finally, her lungs starved of sufficient air to keep going, her brain reeling from overwhelming sensations and lack of blood, she dropped into unconsciousness, only the thick pipe inside her keeping her vertical.

    When she woke up, she was surprised to find herself back in Prince Abdul's harem. She looked blearily around her at the girls wandering or chatting together, wondering what had happened.

    "Boy you sure look rotten." She turned to find Sandra standing by her bed, staring down at her in curiously.

    "What happened? How did I get back here?" Amy asked dumbfounded.

    "You're asking me? How would I know? Where were you anyway?" Amy told her about her torture at the Sheiks palace, and Sandra winced in sympathy. "Yuk! I hope that never happens to me!" she said.

    Amy's body was covered with bruises and welts, but otherwise unharmed. The two tiny rings were still in her nipples. Sandra said they looked neat there, and Amy was afraid to try and remove them. One of the guards noticed she was awake, and she was taken out of the room and brought to see Abdul.

    "Well Miss Police woman, are you happy to be home?" he asked happily.

    "Yes Master. Though confused." she replied. "Of course confused, that is the eternal state for women." he laughed.

    He sat down behind his desk and motioned her into a chair in front. "Tell me every word the Sheik said to you and what you said to him." he ordered. Amy complied, relating all that had gone between them. Several times the Prince, stopped her to inquire more closely about something or other. He seemed particularly happy about what she had told the Sheik about his meeting with the Americans from the Embassy.

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