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    Noreen first time

    Chapter 1

    "Eat my pussy, you pipsqueak cunt," Noreen said. "You're supposed to be my friend, Jacquette-but you're not."

    "Never have been, you fucking dyke bitch," Jacquette snorted. "Not if a friend's someone who goes around lapping your asshole all day. Listen, Noreen. I'm trying to help you."

    "You call insulting my body help?"

    Noreen had removed her sweat-soaked leotard top and tights.

    She snapped her panties off.

    Ran her hand down her slick titflesh.

    Scratched between the asscrack.

    And jagged a fingernail at the itchy cut.

    "You're supposed to be a pro, Noreen.

    "They don't think so."

    "A gymnast. An athlete. A competitor."

    "Not anymore. I'm supposed to be gone."

    Noreen tossed up her nose. Arched up her ass. Threw her tits out.

    She dipped down, rose up curtly. Like a bird sipping water.

    "See that, Jacquette? Last time I'll ever do a gymnast's fucking bow."

    "Don't shit me, Noreen. You're tough. Don't try to put on a soft-puss act now."

    "You said they'd think of me as a cow-an old sow. That's fucking mean!"

    "They are fucking mean, Noreen. I know how they think. And I'm telling you."

    Noreen turned sideways to the full-length mirror. The naked bod she saw reminded her of someone else-not herself.

    Not the body of a sylphlike nymphette. No longer did Noreen's figure conform to that of a miniature wraith-with the deceptive fragility of appearance that all the judges seemed to demand with respect to current fashions among them of form and-the resultant subjectivity as applied to the scales used for scoring.

    Noreen examined her newly emergent mounds of titflesh. Saw the rise of assmeat about her haunch. The Mound of Venus was now a mature and forested hillock-furry and furrowed.

    "That's good stuff, Noreen."

    In the mirror; Noreen saw Jacquette stab a cigarette into her yip and light up. Noreen saw the way the cigarette dangled from the corner of Jacquette's mouth as she spoke.

    The tight curve of Jacquette's lips as they clenched the burning faggot gave Jacquette's expression a kind of sneer-yes, Noreen could take that impression, even though she knew it could merely be a function of Jacquette's oral mannerism of holding onto and sucking her cig.

    It lent Jacquette a toughness that Noreen appreciated, in fact admired in others. But repressed in herself.

    "You know Noreen, you were lucky that you didn't get all fitted and assed-out earlier. That's the real reason you were all pissed-over today. You and me-we're the oldest gymnasts on the team-"

    "Were, Jacquette." Noreen's eyes were blank. "You are. I was. Isn't that the problem?"

    "With the attributes you have, Noreen, it should not be a problem. Only if you wanted to remain a gymnast. Then it's a big problem."

    "What should I do?"

    "If you want to remain in gymnastics, you might try to become a coach. But I don't ever recall your mentioning that possibility one single frigging time during any of our discussions-even before we were roommates."

    Noreen broke into a smile.

    Took hold of one of her tits.

    Tugged it.

    Shook it in her fist.

    She flicked one of her nipples.

    The nipple tip crinkled into a hardened point. Stared straight ahead.

    "You think a dancer?" Noreen said with a wrinkle to her nose.

    "Yeah. Why not? You've already got a lot of background in movement, body control-and you've had as much dance training as most of the would-be dancers in your age range."

    Jacquette suckered long and hard on her cigarette. She furrowed her brow. Seemed to bore her eyes into Noreen's erect nip.

    Then she dragged her eyes down Noreen's rib cage. Took in the tautness of her tush.

    The ripeness of her cunny.

    "But, Noreen, dance is a whole different circuit. You would have to start at the bottom. Work your way up."

    "Well, most girls of my advanced age haven't even really started seriously on their careers. Maybe some models or actresses-but certainly not lawyers or businesswomen."

    "Everyone's got it tough. If you tried to get a gig as a receptionist or secretary, you'd have a fuck of a lot of competition."

    "Probably so."

    "I mean it, Noreen. There are dudesses and dollies out there right this motherfucking second who are willing to give blowjobs-suck dick right there in the office!"

    Noreen made a gagging look.

    Jacquette blew smoke and ranted on. "Those bitches-I know some. Jerk-off and buttfuck for any old fat cocksucker they can in order to get those jobs." Snapped her fingers. "Fuck and suck right off the bat, baby."

    Noreen grinned.


    "I know you're right, Jacquette. But that doesn't make me feel any better."

    "Well, Noreen," Jacquette came close to her. Draped her arm about Noreen's shoulder. "You don't have to think they have an advantage just because they are willing to act like whores."

    "I know-guys are like that."

    Noreen felt a trill through the center of her body as Jacquette rubbed her tense neck.

    "And also, Noreen. You shouldn't feel self-righteous just because you're cherry."

    "You know I'm not a virgin only because I want to be. I don't believe in that shit either."

    "Well, perhaps your standards are too high. I mean, the first guy you ball doesn't have to be Sir Galahad saving you from the dragon of your wasted unsated sexuality or a multimillionaire stockbroker who desires you and only you so much he would break and enter your chastity."

    "Standards? High? It's only that the time, place, and guy have never been quite right."

    "Excuses. You have to make them right."



    "I just noticed-"

    "Aha!" Jacquette chirped.

    She speared into Noreen's furrowy vulva. Tweaked into the flesh.

    "Ow! Jacquette!"

    Pulled out a woolly tuft of pussyhair from Noreen's twat. Raised her arm to Noreen's face. Twirled the bushy flocculence in the light.

    "Omigawd, Jacquette. It's, like, a completely different color."

    "Maybe you got some dye on it."

    "From my-uh-headhair? Not likely. It's also a different texture-even from the rest of the-uh-ones on my-"

    "Cunthairs are like that."


    "Yeah. The other ones-they're just peachfuzz, most likely."

    Jacquette turned the crinkly pubes in her fingers. Saw light flash.

    "So these are your first real womanly cunthairs, Noreen. Shiny-they're like real blonde, a little red. Be proud of them."

    She kissed Noreen on the cheek. "Thanks for ripping them out."

    "You'll get more."

    "Like you?" Jacquette began disrobing.

    "Fuckingchrist, Noreen. You've seen me."

    Jacquette shot down her sweatpants. Pinched off her leotard top. Rolled her tights and panties down her legs into a heap.

    Standing up to her full posture, Jacquette arched her back.

    Tight tiny tits studded her chest.

    Rump strutted out behind.

    "You're the one who's lucky, Jacquette. You still have thin hips. And your bazooms are like little champagne glasses. You might get to stick around for a while."

    Jacquette snorted. "But I don't quite have that fairy quality anymore. It's like all my experience comes out. Like I can't even fake that I'm innocent anymore. Drag getting old."

    A hank of long dank barbs pitched out from between Jacquette's legs. The dense fur thatched Jacquette's snatch in straight crinkles with relatively few curlies.

    "You know my porcupine pussy," Jacquette smirked. "All these pusshairs. I've got way too many for easy grooming. You can take some of mine if you like."

    "Maybe I will."

    Noreen reached up under Jacquette's belly.


    "Ha ha."


    Jacquette slapped Noreen's hands away.

    Felt the rip etch across the center of her mound. Spread of pain in the pussy.


    Jacquette grabbed at one of Noreen's boobs. Kneed her between the pusslips.

    Noreen delved again into Jacquette's belly. Jacquette buckled, gripping her clit.

    Again the tear.

    "Fucking bitch, Noreen."

    Noreen swiped a fistful of cunthairs across Jacquette's face.

    Stuck some of Jacquette's cunthairs into Jacquette's nostrils.


    Jacquette kicked out again.

    Noreen reeled backward.


    Noreen found herself in a pile of bed linen. She pulled out a pillow and heaved it at Jacquette. Hit her in the tits.

    "Suck clit," Jacquette sneered.

    Then spat in a sputtering stream.

    "Shit," Noreen choked. "I'm really going to have to take a shower now-with your spit all over me, Jacquette. Dirty little pussy."

    "You know that I know that you know that you like it. But don't get any ideas about that, my dear Noreen."

    Jacquette ran her hands through her shaggy cunny. Looked briefly at the bare spots where Noreen had depilated her.

    "I'm gonna get you, twattwister."

    "Better do it fast, Jacquette. I'm out of here tonight. For good."

    "Not going to stick around any?"

    "No. The coaches thought I should leave training camp pretty soon-they said maybe on Monday. But I don't want to be here over the weekend."

    "Yeah. That might be a debacle. Everyone coming up to you and consoling you."


    "And you'd know they're actually glad-cause it means they didn't get the flicking axe on their fucking necks."

    "Are you glad, Jacquette?"



    "Noreen-we've competed against each other and competed as a team in international meets. Maybe we have been rivals."

    "That's what I mean."

    "Who knows? Maybe a few years ago I might have felt different about it. But I'm a lot more mature now. Hey!-My days around here can't be so many. As a gymnast, I'm an old hag already."

    The two women kicked through the crumpled sheets piled on the dormitory floor.

    "I'll miss you."

    "Me too."

    Kiss on each other's cheeks.

    "Really miss you."

    Pecks on necks.

    "It'll be like motherfucking unbearable around here without you. All those other smelly whores. Gag me. Every stinking one of them."

    "The only one I'll miss-besides you, Jacquette-is that Slash guy-dude who was here this week as a coaching consultant?"

    "Yeah. He's okay. See, Noreen. Should have gone down for him while you had the chance."

    "Maybe so, after all."

    They walked with their arms about each other's waists into the bathroom.

    Stepped into the shower together.

    "I mean it, Noreen. I hate this place. I wish-almost-that I was leaving this shithole with you."

    "At least you have a place to be."

    "You going home?"

    "Where's that?"

    Noreen turned the water on in the shower stall. They wriggled at the initial frigid dribbles. Then the two girls huddled together under the spray as the water heated up.

    "Well-I don't know where your home is if you don't, Noreen. Your parents live in different places now, huh?"

    "They're only both in Los Angeles until the divorce is finalized. Then my mom's going to go to New York."

    "That's where your brother lives?"


    "Maybe you should pay him a visit."


    "Called him yet?"

    "No. No one."

    Jacquette clutched Noreen's side. She took the large sponge and soaped down Noreen's back.

    "Kinda sad," Jacquette said. "This is our last shower together, huh?"

    "Who knows," Noreen smooched Jacquette's forehead. "We can always visit each other. We are friends-aren't we?"

    "As you say-who knows? But we'll find out how much we mean to each other-"

    "Oh, shut your fucking face. You know I love you as a sister almost-or more, actually."

    Noreen felt tears lurch from her eyes.

    She plastered her face with shower water as Jacquette ran the soaped sponge down beneath her back. Between the cheeks of her ass.

    Slid the slick sponge between her legs. Up in the front, nuzzling her twat.


    Jacquette brought the sponge up Noreen's belly. Massaged the cuntfur.

    Nabbed the navel.

    Tusseled with copious cups of boob as she soaped Noreen's chest and ribs.


    "Now you do me, Noreen."

    Noreen was almost afraid to touch Jacquette now. It was as though, with Noreen's imminent departure, some of her guard was let down.

    The mere sight of bare flesh was enough to set Noreen off into flaming fantasy.

    Noreen was blinded for an instant by the thought of fuck. Then a hot wave of something else. Dizziness-never felt it that strong before.

    And in her mind's eye: Huge cock thrusting at her face. The tension in her twat.

    The impression of pecker between her legs.

    Prick sizzling up her ass. And, yes, cunt slapping at her face.

    Fucking guys.

    Sucking gals.

    And more:

    Whips flickering in the firelight.

    Rubber and leather-wet and tight.

    Fists fucking mouths and asses and cunts.

    Spike heels and spurs.

    Streams of glossy piss.

    Crystalline enemas.


    "Uh. Noreen?"


    "You okay?"

    "I guess so."


    "Just thinking."

    "Yeah. That'll kill you every time. Watch yourself, doll."

    Noreen flushed, blushed.

    Focused her eyes.

    Soaped up the sponge and ran it between Jacquette's thighs.

    Noreen imagined a cock and balls there. And then of course jerked her mind back to reality. But that didn't help her either.

    She was dry in the mouth.

    Running a fever.

    Ran her hands up and down the crack in Jacquette's fanny. Then worked the sponge into the nooks and crannies of her cunny.

    And then.

    Who the hell was it-were they?

    What the hell was it?

    The fuck was going on?

    Steam all around them.

    Clear as life.

    Noreen imagined the three naked torsos gleaming out from the billowing steam. There was Noreen herself.

    Nude, tits bouncing.

    Nipples erect.

    And Jacquette, of course.

    Likewise unclad.

    Tartlike fits glistening and running with soapy water. Playing something long and soapy between her legs.

    Noreen saw that Jacquette's mouth was open.

    Tongue licking like a snake.

    Eyes burning with a cold desire. Lips wrestling in a quirking smirk combining innocent joy and cruel and distant mockery.

    And behind Jacquette, in among the pillows of vapor. A male head emerged.

    Curly haired on top. Razor straight on the sides. Looking almost horned. Someone born to ravish nymphs.

    Greek god type.

    But in the flesh.

    Noreen saw the misty outlines of the young man's thighs. Rutting, pumping.

    Noreen giggled.

    Reached in between Jacquette's legs.

    Took hold of the cock Jacquette was playing between her loins.

    A long dong.

    Stretching from where the dud was dry-rutting on Jacquette from the rear.Head hopping out the front, just beneath Jacquette's cunt.

    "Who's honker have I got now?" Noreen imagined herself saying.

    Noreen recognized the voice of Slash Buckler, the last guy she had come in contact with that she thought might be worth a fuck. The one-another one-she hadn't fucked.

    Another regret?

    Not in her fantasy.


    "You like, Slash?"


    "Shit, Noreen. Don't be so greedy. I want some of that prick too."

    Jacquette scissored her legs and got out from between Noreen and Slash.

    It was almost as if, in this fantasy, Noreen was letting Jacquette be her guide.

    Yes-Jacquette would fuck and suck first. Show Noreen the ropes.

    Jacquette was on her knees. Shower water spattered Jacquette's closed eyes.

    Noreen watched Jacquette take down long lengths of dick into her throat.

    The cock wriggled in her gullet. Withdrew to the head. Snapped out.

    Jacquette went for the tip of the prick.

    Snagged it with her tongue.

    Gobbled it up to the gonads.

    Twisted her head from side to side.


    The guy's balls flopped on both sides of Jacquette's neck as he stabbed the stogie down her throat again and again.

    He lurched as Jacquette ground her nose into his ballocks. Chomped on one testicle.

    Ran her hands up his ass.

    Noreen began to apply her fingers to her middle. She diddled her clit.

    Then ran her fist along the gash. Knuckles cracking across the slit.

    Swollen pussmeat itching in her fist.

    She got the gist.

    Noreen shook Jacquette by the hair. Got her moved off to one side.

    Then Noreen was on the floor of the shower stall. Thick prick jerking away in her mitts, streams of piss cascading through the air,-streaking through Noreen's hair.

    "Ha ha," Jacquette chattered. "Noreen likes golden showers."

    "Try it, you snotty little bitch."

    "Maybe I will."

    Jacquette joined Noreen beneath the spray of urine. The frothing liquid mixed with the scented soaps and steamy shower water.

    Noreen rolled her body into the spurting penis. It grew harder and thicker and stronger.

    Cock grew longer.

    Reaching right into her yip.

    Noreen shook her head.

    Strangled the dick with her teeth and tongue. Gripping it right in back of the neck.

    Noreen stroked the pecker as it pumped away in her neck.

    She pulled the man down on top of her.

    Wriggled about beneath him.

    His head flew back as he wedged his prick between the flaps of her twat.

    Jacquette stuck her cunt in his face.

    Loaded her labia into his lips.

    Jacquette would not ever be denied her right to the rut.

    Noreen slipped her fingers between the cheeks of the guy's ass.

    He held his cock between his palms as he sucked on Jacquette's pussy.

    Worked his wanger at the entranceway to Noreen's twat. Pried the cuntlips apart.

    Arched his back.

    Jacked the cock between her crack.

    Cuntlips went smack.

    Hacked the hog back out.

    "Well, we'll really have to give it a shot this time. Say, Noreen. You aren't a virgin?"

    "Well, my man. That's my secret."


    With one stroke, he had horned his bull in up to the yoke. The thick neck was grasped by groveling cuntflesh dying to hurt.

    Another jab brought the dick in deeper. Climbing up her cunny.

    Igniting the honey.

    Noreen kept her eyes bolted open. Watching him suck off her girlfriend even as he fucked upon Noreen's fresh young flesh.

    The guy must be incredible-to have that kind of sex drive.

    To take on two women in raunch at once.

    Noreen saw the look on Jacquette's face that meant she was shooting off into orgasmic space. Chaos of the mind and oblivion of the soul. Essential madness.

    Noreen smirked as Jacquette's legs shook.

    As Jacquette fucked away at the dude's mouth with her flit. Threw her head back as if in a fit, flailed at her own tits.

    "Getting off, little sissy?"

    "Unh," Jacquette puled.

    She twitched down to the floor of the shower. Suckled one of Noreen's breasts as Noreen accepted inch after inch of the relentless hogmeat. Cuntlips bawling in hunger.

    Cock crowing in her henhouse.

    Slick girlish lips a suck on her tit.

    Her own hand fraying her clit.

    Slash got off in her gash.

    Made hash of her snatch.

    Gobs of come chugged out from Noreen's twat. Chunks of goo mixed in with the running water of the shower.

    And the dude-still somewhat stiff of prick-was rubbing his pecker once more to full hardness in her hiney.

    "I never let them come," Jacquette sneered. "Then it's all over."

    "Not this boy," Noreen said.

    She licked her chops.

    Felt the prick probe her bunghole.

    Noreen arched her back.

    Twisted her hips.

    Got the head of the twanger centered within the rim of her anus.


    Jacquette reached down. Wiped the head of the prick with a bar of soap.

    Ran the soap about the rim of Noreen's furrowed asshole. Dunked a finger into the donut.


    "That should help."


    Prick brushed again at her pucker. The wrinkle crinkled open.

    Snapped shut.

    "Let's go," Noreen urged.

    The donut of her asshole winked.

    Her bum twitched.

    Suckered, the head of the dick in.



    "Yuh. But not too bad."




    "No. In."

    "Hurt enough?"



    "Not ever."

    "Hike yourself up. I think I can go right in now.

    You're all juiced up."

    Brought her legs around his waist. Took the dick in straight.

    The cock ran right into her ass.

    Slid right up to her backbone.



    Jacquette voice cut through the fragrant steam. Iced down the running cream in Noreen's snatch. Brought Noreen back.

    "That was the greatest, Noreen," Jacquette said. "I'll mis showering with you. I mean, if I did this with any of the others-they probably would try to dykefuck me or something."

    Noreen smiled at the twinkle in Jacquette's eyes. She grabbed up a towel and began to dry herself off.

    She was still hot.

    Twat throbbed.

    Snatch bubbled.

    Bung burned.

    Tits tingled.

    Craw craved cock.

    "You know, Noreen. Now that you're leaving, I'll tell you a kind of secret."

    "You never have been-"

    "Oh, shit! You knew it. Yeah. So what? I'm a virgin too. I would have told you just as soon as I lost it-"

    "I recognized your act. You just found me out first-and I didn't care to pry-"

    "After all my dirty talk. You still weren't convinced I fucked and sucked?"

    "You were never specific. Just yiped off in general terms. And I knew you never did anything with anyone on the circuit."

    "Yeah. All fags. Or morons. Geeks. Either that or married. Worse."

    "I'll miss you, little sissy."

    "All I can say is: Have fun in the free world."

    Chapter 2

    Noreen screwed her lips about the burning butt of the cigarette. She glanced aimlessly at the slices of human head popping up in front of her, above the backrests to the seats of the airplane cabin.

    She then directed her gaze to her own fits, confirming the apparent thickness of the nipples visible through the thin material of her jersey. Noreen ran her hands over her haunch.

    Feeling the applelike curves and crispness of her hips and ass.

    "This bod is good stuff," Noreen muttered amidst a puff of smoke. "Just not the right stuff if you happen to be a gymnast."

    She thought for another moment. Told herself all over again that in a sublime sense her life had not been crushed-she had, rather, been revived. Indeed, when one looked at it from this vantage, her natural athletic abilities had been in part a curse on the course her life.

    Noreen had necessarily responded to that challenge within herself. For that dream, Noreen had made the required sacrifices in her social development-thus depriving her, as some of the adults would say over and over again, of her childhood, her youth.

    Noreen had devoted most of her life thus far to achieving her gymnastics goals.

    Now that dream was gone.


    "I was lucky," Noreen reflected to herself. "I guess I got off easy-I got away."

    Now it was time for Noreen to reclaim her youth. To share in the fullness of life that had been denied to her.

    And she would approach her new self with grit and determination. With the same abandon that had marked her athletic career.

    Noreen crushed out her cigarette.

    Lit up another fag.

    Slugged down the rest of her drink.

    "Shit!" Noreen realized. "Now I'm free. I don't have to get up early. Or watch my diet. I can fucking eat for a change."

    A warm sense of freedom rinsed over Noreen.

    Her neck and spine relaxed. She allowed a tingling to develop between her thighs. Enjoyed the reflexive buzz in her clit.

    Late-night flight into New York City. Sparsely occupied seats in the dead of morning.


    The sense of being alone.

    Noreen responded to the twinge between her hips.

    Took hold of her cuntlips through her leggings. Winced as she twisted her clit.

    Could she get away with a little frigging action right there in the seat?

    Noreen reached to the empty seat beside her to fetch up the folded blanket.

    She could wrap herself in it.

    Curl up in her seat.

    Cover her face.

    Slip open her pants.

    Lift her blouse.


    Not great.

    But it would pass the time.

    Keep her mind from other things.

    Then Noreen's eyes jerked into focus.

    The head hanging lazily off to the side two rows in front of Noreen moved.

    She saw the ear stud in the left lobe glint.


    Or was it just her imagination. Her fantasy taking over.

    Did she know him?

    The dark curly mop of hair on top. Slicked-back sides and short sideburns.

    The dude rose into the aisles.

    Looked about like a squirrel. Saw the vacant restroom up toward the front of the cabin.

    "Shitfire," Noreen shmoozed through her lips. "Yeah. That's him. That guy."

    As Noreen watched his ass twitch up toward the front of the cabin, she straightened up her sloppy clothing. Pulled her top tight over her tits.

    Hitched up her elasticized slacks.

    Checked her face out in the mirror of her compact makeup case.

    Powdered her puss.

    Applied a slick of lipgloss.

    Fresh smile on display, Noreen watched and waited. Anxious she was, for the man to emerge from the restroom.

    The door flared outward.

    There was his head.

    The smile peeled from her lips as she saw him walk with his head down.

    He approached his seat.

    Weaseled in.

    Sat down.

    "Shitfuckcunt," Noreen sneered under her breath. "Didn't even look up. Didn't even see me."

    Then his head bobbed up.

    Noreen's clit jumped.

    He got out of his seat again.

    Noreen's slit began to run in anticipation. Her throat went dry.

    She saw the way he shimmied between the seats.

    Stepped into the aisle. Checked for something in his front pockets.

    Noreen felt her eyes glow.

    Nipples tighten.

    He shucked out a roll of bills from the front of his trousers. Counted the dough.

    Shoved his hand back into his pants.

    Noreen saw the bounce of his ballocks.

    The tautness of his haunch.

    Tasted in her imagination the tartness of his raunch.

    She watched him as he glanced up and down the aisles with creased brow. As if looking for something-someone else.

    He cocked his posture. Took two steps toward the back of the cabin.

    His peepers drifted.

    Scanned the other faces in the cabin-as males often did-looking most likely for a piece of woman-flesh to strike his fancy.

    Eyes alighted on Noreen's stretched jersey. Boobs bulging with thick nips underneath.

    "Say," he said.


    "Yeah. I remembered your name."

    He stretched his palm toward her. "I'm Slash."

    "I remembered too."

    Noreen took his hand.

    Shook it.

    He held onto her wrist for a split-second longer than strictly necessary.

    For an instant, Noreen thought-hoped-he would flick his lips to her wrist.

    Kiss her hand.

    Then paw her glands.

    "You traveling to New York too, Noreen?"



    "Sort of. Yeah."

    His features flattened.

    "Oh, Noreen. I'm sorry."

    "You knew?"

    "I guessed it."

    "Was I really that bad?"

    "Fuck no. You were easily one of the best. But the coaching staff was being ridden hard by the Olympic committee to get rid of all chicks who even resembled women."

    "Still doesn't help."

    "Well, fuck, Noreen. I was canned too."

    He jiggled his pocket.

    Noreen saw the wad of bills through the material of his trousers. Silently chewed her lips as she sensed movement in his other wad.

    "Say, listen, Noreen. I was in search of liquid refreshment. May I buy you another drink?"


    He signaled for the female flight attendant. Noreen could tell the flight bitch was hot in the crotch for Slash as she took in his hardbod while serving up the drinks.

    Noreen gloated inwardly.

    Sucked on her vodka and lemon.

    "So you were fired too?" she said as Slash eased into the empty seat next to her. "Weren't you there as a consultant?"

    "Yeah. I wasn't officially on staff. But I contracted the gig on the basis of a long-term thing-a few months at least."

    "What gives?"

    "Look at it this way. New committee head takes over this year. Wants his own man in at coach. The current head coach gets rid of all the flesh she can-including you, babes. Hopes it's somehow gonna save some ass-hers."


    "But the axe is already swinging at the committee headquarters. Even as Coach Haller's tossing your hiney to the wind, word is on the way that her head's gonna go on a roll pronto."


    "Coach's ass is canned immediately, without warning. As of this afternoon in fact."

    "Serves the fuckface right."

    "I get my walking papers-in effect-right then-cause I'm one of the hands hired on by the now-former coach."

    "Sorry about my mouthing off like that. Coach Haller is your friend?"

    "No. You're right. Just another asshole-just like the new prick. She'd have bounced me if she thought it'd help her position. Such is life. Such are careers."

    "So what are you going to do now?"

    "Well, let's see. You know I was-at a time not so very long ago nor so far away-motivation and performance trainer for the women's swim team?"

    "Oh. Was that you?-"

    "Yeah. I was busted as scapegoat for alleged psycho-lesbo numbers that they were running down in the press."

    "You were-I read somewhere-weren't you- uh-kind of a criminal?"

    "I was subsequently hired for big bucks by the East Krauts."

    "Now I remember."

    "It was a straight-up business deal. But the media hopped on my ass again. Didn't appreciate that I was coaching the commies-even though it was on a strictly capitalistic basis."

    "And the Americans fired you to begin with."

    "Made no difference to them. So they implied I was a traitor-or at least some kind of rogue, rascal, spy."

    "Shit. Yeah. There were reports in the press a couple years ago that Jacquette and I and the other gymnasts were supposed to be anorexic. The fucking bastards."

    "The funny thing is, though-I learned a lot about training from the commie krauts. And since then I've used it when consulting with US squads. But you can see why no one in coaching wants my name linked with theirs."

    "Guess so."

    Noreen felt the heat increase in her belly. Asshole ached, ate at her undies.

    Hungry twatlips chewed, salivated. Smacked open and shut in her groin.

    She went into her purse. rummaged around for another tobacco stick.

    "Anyway," the dude continued. "I've got other pokers in the fire. So to speak." He looked at her cigaretted yip.

    So she did Like suck action. Slash thought she might like something else stuck in there.

    "Cigarette?" he said.

    "Sure. Here."



    "Fire away."

    Noreen blared up a tall flame on her lighter. Touched the cigarette tips.

    His head was wreathed in smoke. Fumes plumed through his nostrils.

    "What other-uh-activities you into, Slash?"

    "Film work. Some theater."

    "Does that tie in with-"

    "I direct and choreograph action sequences. You know-fights, chases."

    "Sounds cool."

    "And I also coordinate any special conditioning or training programs the performers might need. Developing big pectoral muscles and flat tummy for a muscleman role-like if the guy's supposed to play a viking or ice-age warrior."


    "Get women to work on their legs, upper body. Flexibility and movement."

    "Anything lined up?"

    "I was approached about what was described as a major project. I'll be checking it out-the importance of these gigs is in the eye of the bankroller, and it often outstrips the financial remuneration with regard to yours truly."

    "Well, I'm one girl who's gotta find something else to get into."

    "With your physique-uh-it wouldn't detract from a performing career. You sing? Had acting lessons?"


    "That's pretty solid to begin with. You might want to take some acting courses. Hustle up a few auditions. And then work up a video screen test to send around."

    "You think so?"

    "Only one way to find out what your potential is. Get out there and go for it!"

    "Can we go for another round? Or have we reached our limit-on drinks for this flight?"

    "They don't give a shit on these overnight flights. Even though they're supposed to give out only two drinks per passenger."

    "Make them doubles."

    "Coming right up."

    Slash hustled his hardbod down the aisle. Noreen felt the heat rise from her twat through her asshole, clit, and tits to her neck. The fervor gripped the back of her brain.

    She was hungry.

    For flesh.

    Slash's flesh.

    Couldn't stand being alone-away from him for even an instant.

    Where was he now?

    What did you have to do for a couple of drinks around here, anyway?

    Noreen craned her neck about and peered toward the back of the plane. She saw Slash talking animatedly to someone who was out of sight, in the galley next to the rear-cabin restrooms.


    "I am sorry, sir," the flight bitch was saying. "We are limited to serving two drinks-"

    "Okay, Desiree," Slash said, reading from the nameplate pinned to her left knocker. "I do understand. But we spilled our other drinks. It was a slight mishap when the plane jiggled."

    Her eyes widened.

    Then narrowed.

    "Listen, stud. If you want to get that chickie you decided to try to hit on lushed up, and then bone her right there in the seat-it's none of my business. Don't care either way."

    "But I never-"

    "There's something I gotta tell you up front-no jive. I'd be risking my butt if I gave you one more drop of alcohol."

    "What if I stole it? But actually left the money-maybe on the counter."

    "I don't see how you could get away with something like that."

    The rutheat flew from her like a rain of fucklust in the humid jungle.

    "I could use stealth," he grinned.

    "Wait just a second, loverboy. I have to go take a tiny piss."

    Desiree turned on her heels. Looked back at him over her shoulder. Slash watched the curvature of her ass flash.

    Then she disappeared into the restroom.

    He noticed that Desiree had left the restroom door ajar. He quickly flopped down a fistful of dollars. Grabbed up a handful of tiny booze bottles from the storage bin beneath the counter.

    Stashed them inside the pockets of his jacket. "There's no paper in here," Slash heard Desiree proclaim in a loud whisper from within the airplane's restroom.

    "Excuse me?"

    He saw the door flag open. Her unshod stockinged leg kicked out and up.

    Beckoning, without shame.

    Slash peered about into the doorway of the bathroom.

    He was hit in the face-with a slap of pantyhose on the fly.

    Caught a pair of moist panties on the chin.

    He smiled.

    Cocked his head about.

    Slipped within.


    "Where the fuck did he go?" Noreen snarled to herself as she sucked on her cig. "Fucking Slash. Probably picked up some other chippie somewhere else on the plane."

    The heat in her quim turned to pain.

    "Fucking jilted." She snorted.

    "Fucking crazy, I am."

    Alone, Noreen's mind continued to turn itself in and out. Milling on the reasons for the demise of her career in gymnastics.

    Was it her fault that her body was developing into that of a full-blown woman?

    Biology was biology.

    Who was Noreen to interfere?

    But she knew that other gymnasts had taken steps to alter their biological destinies.

    Was Noreen not serious enough?

    Should Noreen have taken hormone-blockers to preserve her hitherto girlish figure?

    And her competitive edge?

    Ah, but some of those other girls-those who had sizzled their insides with steroids and injections of other magical pharmaceutical elixirs-had wound up with no tits at all. Their adolescence denied, hormonal balance disturbed.

    They too had ultimately dissolved their hopes, their dreams of greatness in the annals of gymnastics competition.

    And were left sexually devastated.

    Little-girl bodies.

    Little-girl minds.

    Forever warped.

    Many of them had then gone into coaching-and had thus become debauchers of their own sex.

    Hard-as-nails dykes.

    Drenching their lives with the juices of their remorseless, ravening depravity.

    Devoted to the corruption of others desires. For their mutated bodies.

    Yes, those young women had made what they had believed were the requisite sacrifices for the furtherance of their athletic careers.

    And now they continued their devotions to bodies of their own kind.

    Well, Noreen was different.

    And where the fuck was Slash?


    "I wanted you to suck my pussy," Desiree said to Slash. "Then I was gonna blow yuh. Or maybe I woulda done that first."

    Slash closed the door to the restroom behind him. He snapped open his pants.

    "But now," Desiree said with her tongue hanging out over her jawline, "I think nothing less than a full-fledged fuck would do."

    "You're right," he said.

    His fingers twanged down his fly.

    Briefs snapped down.

    Cock flipped out and up.

    "Yum," Desiree said.

    Slicked her lips with a roll of her trim and tapered tongue.

    Slash observed how she sat on the commode. Skirt hiked up past her hips.

    Blouse opened down to her waist. Tits stuck up from the cups of the brassiere.

    Nipples a throb.

    Slash took his twanger between thumb and forefinger. Ran his digits down the length of the shank of cockmeat.

    Jostled his balls.

    Desiree reached out and capped the pecker with her fist.

    She pulled his pelvis toward her. Hauling him by the honker.


    "Maybe I will suck it first"

    She covered the head of his penis with her lips. Jacked the stalk.

    Collected the cock into her maw. Began to churn upon it with her jaw.

    She slammed her choppers up and down on the choad. Nibbling at its neck.

    Snapping her way down the curved thickness. Covering her face with his fuzz.

    Her fingers jammed into his scrotum. The balls hopped and then hung low.

    As Slash snapped his hips forward, shoving his hardon into her gullet, his sac of rocks bounced against her chin. His thighs came up close, smarming into her thick nips.

    The cockrut in her face drove her to torment. She clawed at her own clit.

    Crushed her slit between sliding digits. Twisted her own tits.


    Slash unsnared his pecker from her yip.

    Drifted his dingdong down between Desiree's dank dugs. Ran his cock between her tits, brushing the nipples with the choadhead.

    "Oh. Yes."

    Slash dropped to his knees. Stretched his neck and curled out his tongue.

    His wet tongue tricked sideways and Out. Snarled inward among the furrowed cunny.


    He yanked a few tiny cunthairs with his teeth. Breathed deeply into her warmth.

    "Clit," Desiree murmured.

    She shook it with her thumb.


    Scratched it with her fingernails.

    "The clit."

    Hit it with her fist.

    Slash nosed into the head of her hive. Nuzzled her nubbin of clit.

    Turned it in his lips.

    Nibbled on the pip.

    "Uh uh uh."

    He torqued the clitoris with the curl of his tongue. Spread his oral member wide and lapped from side to side.

    "Oh hu-uh huuuuu-uh!"

    Slash raised his head at an angle. Chinned across the slick area of knotted clit.

    Cheeked over the area.


    Frazzled the clit with the stubble of his beard.


    "See what's coming."

    In an instant Slash had wrung her tits, warped her into an arch.

    Pressed Desiree over backward. Hauled her hips up by the nates of her haunch.

    Hung his honker down between her legs.

    "Let's go."

    "What was that?"

    "Don't worry. Ha ha ha. Just another passenger wants to use the can."

    "Puck ‘em."

    "Fuck me."

    Slash stabbed his wanger in an arc. The tapered head hooked into her twat.


    Greased its way in-all the way-on the first solid thrust.

    "I want a shot."

    "So soon?"

    "Better make it quick. I have to make another round of the passengers."

    "Shit, Desiree. Just as it was getting good."

    "Are you good at getting off?"

    "If you are."


    Slash hustled his hips faster.

    "Unh unh unh."

    He increased the friction against his knob by diddling from side to side rather than straightforwardly. Stretching out the lining of her cunt as he fuckrutted.

    "I'm going-"

    He jabbed in deeper.


    Drove in for the kill.


    Desiree shook in harrowing orgasm. Perspiration flew from her juddering head.

    Desiree pressured her boobs into his ribs. Felt his male nipples dirk quickly, again and again, into her own thickened knobbies.

    Her mouth roamed freely over his chin, neck and shoulders. Her fingernails grilled the shoulder blades, tapped down his spine.

    She rowed her phalanges over the cheeks of his ass. Slid them between.

    Slash stirred in his ballocks as she trimmed his asshole rim with her fingers.

    She then seized his stinger with her fingers. Brought the dick, dripping, out from her cunt. Sucked her own cuntjuice right from the pulsating head of the pecker itself.

    "Fuck," someone whispered.

    "Someone in there?"

    Voices from outside.

    Slash listened. As long as it wasn't Noreen knocking at the bathroom door, he could care fucking less.

    "Fuck me more."

    He twisted his wanger into her crinkled snatch. Weaseled it inward.

    "More. Do me more."

    Slash jammed his fingers up her ass.

    "Oh, gawd. Yes."

    She came in ever-increasing waves.

    And then his poker was stoked. He stroked slowly, gently.

    Inched his cock out until the head was barely kissing the entranceway to the cunt. Pulled it out ever so slightly more.

    Then drove for the score.

    He sunk his cock rudely into the vermilion flesh. Hog hanked as it rooted.

    Bursts of jissom burned inside her. Cauterizing her with sperm.


    The thunks of come increased to a crescendo, then began to diminish.

    The last several threads of jizz fizzed in her trembling twat.

    "Are you finished?"

    Just with that round."

    "You might wanna save some for your little honey out there."

    "Really. You think she's game?"

    "I saw the look of cock in her eyes. Believe me. I oughta know."

    "Thanks, Desiree."

    "Fuck off."

    "I mean for the drinks."

    "They're on the house."

    "That's okay. I left the money out there on the galley counter."

    "Motherfucker. Should have given it to me. It'll be gone by now."

    "Do you-"

    "I'm not a whore. I fuck for free or I don't luck at all."

    Slash fingered his fly. Got himself all tucked in and ready to roll.

    "Still need that toilet paper?" Slash said.

    "Not after you licked me all out."

    "I'll check to see if anyone's outside."

    "Okay. Time for you to split, I think. I'll wait in here and sneak out in a couple minutes."

    "Right. I better get back to my seat."

    "How considerate you are. Can't leave your girlfriend alone too long."

    "I promised her I'd get drinks."

    "So sweet."

    "So are you."

    She kissed his cheek.

    "Say hello to your girlfriend for me, bigboy," Desiree said with a wink.Slash split open the door. Peeked through the open seam.

    Big eye looking right at his.

    He was eye to eye. Face to face with another person who. had apparently been waiting to use the facilities.

    "Oh. Hi, Noreen."

    "My turn now?"

    Chapter 3

    Cock in hand and balls bouncing against his wrist, Coach Hank Jacoby twisted out the last shards of piss into the toilet adjoining his new office. He realized he had the makings of a hardon coming on in his snapper.

    Cock coming up hard.

    Hefty in his hand.

    He wafted the dong like a wand.

    Remembering the many times he had put it to good use in deep wet flesh.

    And, yes. Jacoby could use some tight little gymnast snatch right now.

    This was the ass-end of a numbing first day on his new coaching assignment. First time in command arid in the big office-the hotseat.

    And now, just around midnight, he was still at work-even if only going through the motions.

    This new job would be a tight fit. He would have to tow the line and produce-or else he would wind up like his predecessor, Coach Haller-end up like all the others did.

    And he could still smell his predecessor's presence around him.

    Cunt was so thick in the air he could get a mouthful just by breathing.

    Coach Margaret Haller may have been a dyke. But no one could say she didn't know good snatch. One of Coach Haller's plusses, as far as Jacoby was concerned, was that she had stocked the gymnastic squad with kinky hot pussy.

    Too bad one of Jacoby's first jobs was to get rid of some of it.

    Jacoby licked his dry lips.

    Some fuck-and-watch action would certainly be a good way to smooth the edges of tension he felt. His hands moved below his belt.

    Made sure the piss had stopped dripping from the tip of his wanger.

    Quickly stuffed the prick back into his pants. Washed his fingers lightly.

    Wiped his palms off on his warmup pants.

    Walked into the next room and took a seat his large hardwood desk.

    Farted once.


    Buzz of the intercom.

    "Jacoby here."

    "Meester Jacoby."

    "Yes, Chiquita."

    "Your appointment has arrived."

    "Uh. Which?"

    "She was originally scheduled for seven o'clock. Called and said she'd be a little late. Personal matters. Remember?"

    "Ah, yes. Ask her to come in."

    Jacoby steeled himself for the occasion. Doublechecked to see that the required paraphernalia was in the desk drawer.

    Yes, Chiquita had done her preparatory work well. Everything was in order.

    By the time the door began to swing open, Jacoby had-what he thought would be a convincing-enough smile on his face.

    Chiquita gave Jacoby a sidelong glance with her almond-shaped peepers as she ushered the petite gymnast into the coach's office.

    "Won't you please have a seat, Jacquette?"

    "I probably won't be staying that long. That right, coach?"Jacoby bit into his lower lip. Strained his neck defensively. Well, she knew-or suspected.

    There was bad business at hand.

    That was part of a coach's job.

    Came with the territory.

    "You know, Jacquette. It's never very easy. As a matter of fact, it's one of the hardest things a coach or anyone else has to do-"

    "No it isn't," Jacquette snapped. "I tell people to luck off every day!"

    He smiled.


    "Especially you, Jacquette." He spoke-tried to speak-as if he had not heard one syllable she had spoken. "You have long been a competitive mainstay of the squad. A true team performer."

    "Highly valued, I'm sure."

    From her angle of stance Jacquette could tell that Jacoby was hard in his pants. She didn't have to guess what would come next.

    And she had planned for it.

    Yes, Jacquette had determined that she would trade her virginity for a place on the gymnastics squad. If had to come to that.

    "Highly valued, Jacquette. Why, yes."

    "Get it over with."

    "Well, you already seem to know-"

    "Cut the shit."

    "You're strong, Jacquette. Here goes. Part of my mission here is to rebuild the team-"

    "You fucking that spic bitch?"

    "Scuse me?"

    "That cunt puta you got out front. What's her fucking name-Chiquita?"


    "Just trying to see if you're a fag. You know, everyone knew Coach Haller was a regular old Sister of Sappho-sucked chicks? Thought you might be into the same kind of trip."

    "Ahem. What my predecessor's sexual preferences might have been is not my concern here."

    "Come on. You knew she was lesbian. That's part of the reason she's outta here."

    "There were admittedly some personal as well as political considerations in the changeover among the coaching staff. But as far as I am aware, that aspect of Margaret Haller's personal life was never entered into the discussion. Now, Jacquette, this is all beside the point."

    "I don't think so."

    "Why? Is that why you're-Jesus! You're five fucking hours late for your appointment? Out guzzling with your girlfriends. Little play-action routine? Did you luck her?"


    "Come off it. Haller."


    "That's the reason you came in here with your little twat worked up. You're one of the ones- lucked for Haller. Wanted to see if you could use the same angle on me. You cheap-"

    "You're really crude."

    "Well, you're really gone."

    "So soon, hon?"

    "I did have a nice little speech all planned out for you, Jacquette. But you can forget it now." Jacoby's face hardened. "You don't seem to want any reasonable explanation."

    "So long as you've got a hardon."

    "All right. Zip it."

    "Aren't you going to pull that pecker out? Ask me to suck it? Isn't that the way you usually operate, Coach Jacoby?"

    Jacoby leaned across his desk. Pressed on the intercom and spoke.

    "Chiquita. Please come into my office."

    "Shit. I'm leaving."

    "Just a minute, Jacquette."

    Jacoby flailed his arm across the desk. Grabbed Jacquette by the shoulder.

    "Yeah? Want something, coach?"

    He came around the desk and stood with his body enveloping hers.

    His hand dropped down the front of her sweatshirt. Cupped one of her tight titties completely within his grip.

    "Why so friendly all of a sudden?" Jacquette said.

    "You're the one brought it up."

    "You wanna get your fucking mitts the fuck off of my tits?"

    "No, Jacquette. it would be very devastating if I had to remove myself from physical contact with you at this point."

    "Eat me, asshole," Jacquette sneered. She began to move away. The door to the office snapped open. Jacquette sashayed in, chewing gum and clicking her stiletto heels to the floor.

    "You rang, coach?"

    Chiquita's eyes slanted into Jacoby's crotch. Her glance took in Jacquette's tits with the coach's hands pawing her down.

    "Yes, Chiquita. It seems we have a little disciplinary problem here."

    Jacquette flared her nostrils.

    Chiquita snapped her gum.

    Stamped her gams.

    Flexed her calves.

    "You gonna get the whips out now-or what-?" Jacquette said.

    "Ha ha ha," Jacoby snickered.

    "What she say?" Chiquita said. "I no unnerstan the way she talk Ingles."

    Chiquita turned her nose directly. toward Jacquette. She opened her mouth into a puckering circle. Stabbed her tongue out.

    Blew a large, sweet-smelling bubble of gum. Popped it in her teeth.

    Sucked it back in.

    "Get yourself ready, Chiquita," Jacoby said with a lilt to his voice. "I think we're both going to enjoy this one."

    Chiquita clicked her heels around to behind the desk. Pulled the gum from her mouth.

    Stretched the bubblegum out.

    Balled it.

    Plastered the wad onto the top surface of Jacoby's desk.

    Chiquita then bent into a slight squat. Reached into one of the desk drawers.

    Bent over as Chiquita was, Jacquette could only see the arch of her ass as she did something behind Jacoby's desk.

    "The luck is this?" Jacquette coughed out. "I thought I was no longer under your fucking-uh-jurisdiction."

    "Well, Jacquette. You have not been officially dismissed as yet."

    "Oh. So there may still be a place for me here. Isn't that the way it goes?"

    "You seem to know everything, Jacquette. You tell me."

    He jerked his head to the side.

    Chiquita took one step toward Jacquette.

    "Shit," Jacquette whispered.

    Her clit petrified. She felt a wash of cold sweat beneath her belly.

    What was she doing?

    What had she done?

    Had she really gotten herself into this? Had she intended it from the beginning?

    "Meester Jacoby?" Chiquita said in a high squeal. "What you want me do with theese pretty little one, Meester Jacoby?"

    Jacoby ran his thumbs across Jacquette's nipples. She shuddered.

    His hands frigged down her ribs to her waist. Slanted downward.

    Toward the center.

    Jacquette's knees buckled.

    Jacoby's paws held her up close to him by the nates of her hiney.

    "What's it gonna be, coach?"

    Jacoby felt Jacquette's hips move into him. As if she sought protection."Whatever I want," he said.

    "What's that?"

    He twisted Jacquette around in his embrace. Pressed her rump into his stiffened crotch.

    Held her tight boobs out in front. Played his hand down toward her cunt.


    Jacoby corked his head about.

    "Chiquita, luck this little bitch to hell and back. I want to watch."


    Jacquette tore from Jacoby's grip. He whipped his body around.

    Caught her again from the side.

    Jacoby ran his hands from Jacquette's neck down between her legs. Grabbing up handfuls of tit and ass on the way.

    "Strip her, Chiquita."


    Chiquita chattered away in Spanish as she crawled her fingers across Jacquette's tushie. She hooked her hands down the back of Jacquette's ass. Peeled the tights from her legs.


    Then Chiquita churned the sweatshirt up over Jacquette's arms.

    Palmed her way into Jacquette's stretch athletic bra and whipped it off in a trice.

    "Like it like that," Jacoby cackled. He stepped back and began to haul his clothes off.

    "Start in sucking, Chiquita," Jacoby said. "That's what you like, Jacquette?"

    "I was only kidding," Jacquette said.

    "What she say?" Chiquita said. "She say she wanna kiss from Chiquita?"

    Jacquette opened her mouth to spit.

    Chiquita's long tongue shot out. Filled Jacquette's mouth.

    Dangled down her throat. Tongue lingered long, mouths sucking.

    "Good, little one," Chiquita said, tossing her hair back.

    She bared her teeth.

    "Now we kiss for real."

    The attack was swift.

    To the mark.


    Chiquita chewed into Jacquette's chest. Suckered the tight nipples.

    Gnawed the tart titflesh. Slurped the salty tang of Jacquette's cold sweat.


    "I suck you more. Then I fuck you. But first I get another kissy in. You cute."

    "Oh, gawd. I'm dizzy."

    "Just hold still then."

    Chiquita pressed herself into Jacquette. Jacquette's eyes and tongue rolled.

    Their mouths met.

    Jacquette blended into Chiquita's form. They breathed together in heat.


    Chiquita next drooled all over Chiquita's face as she licked down her nose.

    Then broke the embrace. Stepped back, shot forth her hips enticingly.

    Jacquette fell back into Jacoby's arms as she watched Chiquita move.

    "In the groove now, Jacquette," Jacoby said. "Ah. I like to feel your cool nude ass right up against the head of my pecker."


    "Speechless, Jacquette?"

    "Uh uh uh."

    "Like it when the tip of the prick goes right across the opening of your ass there? Then how about-little lower, bend over-I can get it right at the twatlips here."

    Chiquita undid the knots of her draped blouse. The material fell away.

    A pair of blimps big as baby pigs oinked the snouts of their nipples out over the lace trim of the half-cup pushup brassiere Chiquita wore. Nips dark and hard.

    "Like that, Jacquette? I do," Jacoby chuckled. "And you gotta like the way my dingdong peeps in at you from behind."

    "Sure, coach."

    Chiquita tittered and came up close to Jacquette. She reached behind her back and took hold of the catch of her bra.

    Her tits throbbed out. Up into Jacquette's face. Poked her eyeballs.

    Blinded by nipples, Jacquette scratched out with her-teeth.

    Her mouth menaced the boobmeat. Her hands creamed the flesh.

    Chiquita hitched up her hiney at the tickle of the other woman's mouth between her tits. Began to hump midair as she whined.

    Jacquette shimmied her hiney as she felt Jacoby's dong squirm up and down between the cheeks. The prick dropped lower.

    Speared her between the legs.


    The cockmeat cruised the space between the entrance to her cunt and the pucker of her rump. Slipping and sliding.

    "I can't stand it."

    "Then don't stand at all. On your knees, Jacquette. Chiquita, on Jacquette."

    Jacquette shuddered to her knees. Her pose had a note of supplication.

    Mouth moved as in prayer.

    "Lay her!" Jacoby barked out. "Chiquita, she wants it. Give it."

    Chiquita shook her ass out of her miniskirt.


    Jacquette's eyes drilled into the space between the tops of Chiquita's stockings and the thin of her garter belt. There it was, plain to see, between Chiquita's naked loins.

    Chiquita's banana.

    Big prick sticking straight up to the ceiling. Bag of balls below.

    "Ho ho ho," Jacoby crowed. "Mighty lifelike, don't you think?"

    "I wouldn't know," Jacquette murmured.

    Her gaze was mesmerized by the approach of Chiquita's swaying hips. As Chiquita came closer, Jacquette could clearly make out the stitching running along the seams of the skin of the fake penis Chiquita wore.

    She could follow the bounce of the billowing ballsac below. See the strap holding the dildo mechanism to Chiquita's midsection.

    "You want suck?" Chiquita smiled.

    Jacquette's mouth opened.

    Out of the side of her vision, Jacquette saw Jacoby jacking himself-off. He had his hog in his hand and chewed his lips.

    Chiquita's hips moved in a circular motion. The false cock twirled like a baton.

    The feathery false-fur flocculence around the ballocks spun like tumbleweed.

    Jacquette closed her eyes. Whispered and drizzled hot spit down her front.

    She smelled the leather of the stuffed phoney cock get into her face. Sniffed the waters of snatch suppurating from Chiquita's cunny.

    Her mouth slimed with the smoky yearning for sizzling meat. Desire for flesh.

    Jacquette wanted cock. And the craziness was that it almost didn't matter whose cock.

    She had waited long enough.

    And wanted it-anything, anyone's, any kind of prick-now.

    "I want you, honey," Chiquita said. "I want you to want Chiquita."

    Jacquette's lips moved in supplication.

    Anticipating the cock connection.

    "Fuck my mouth."

    "Okay, honey. Anything you say."

    Chiquita brought the dildo into play. Crammed the false cock into Jacquette's craw.

    "Mmm. Good."

    Jacquette began to gnaw.

    "All right," Jacoby chortled. "Let's get some action now."

    Jacquette ran her dentition over the head of hardened leather. Wound her lips about the stalk and sucked downward.

    Hobbling her tongue along the length of leather. Snorting into the feathery pusshairs. Flagging the fake ballocks with her fingers.

    "Eeeeeh," Chiquita whinnied. "Oooooh. Best when you touch real flesh."

    Jacquette folded herself down to the floor.

    Was this really happening? Jacquette couldn't believe her mind. She wasn't really attracted to either of them-not in that way. But her sexheat had built to a blast.

    It was the situation, not the people who were her partners, that turned Jacquette on.

    If she thought about it, really thought about it- Jacquette would puke. But if she went with it, Jacquette found herself more sexually enflamed than she had ever been before in her life.

    She couldn't wait to get it in. She couldn't wait to do it.

    And then tell Noreen.

    Jacquette flickered her mind toward her former roommate. By now Noreen might have caught a standby flight to New York. As soon as this sexual number was over, Jacquette would call the number Noreen had given her. Tell her the secrets of luck and suck. And tell Noreen that she too, Jacquette, had been bounced from the team.

    And maybe join her in the big city.

    But Jacquette wasn't even so sure about that. Indeed, her tail was still in the balance.

    "On her, Chiquita" Jacoby urged. "Gerdown and luck on her body."

    He stood over Jacquette and shook his cock and balls above her mouth.

    Chiquita kicked Jacquette's legs apart with the sharp toes of her highheels.

    Jacquette felt the air whoosh up between her two gams. Then her fanny was lifted from the floor.

    In a reflex action, Jacquette wrapped her legs about Chiquita's waist.

    She felt the tip of the stuffed-leather prong inch into the space between her twatlips. There was a smacking sound.

    The dong was wound in Jacquette's long pussy hair. Head buried past the knob.


    Jacoby stroked his twanger in an easy action. Angling the head down toward the slits of Jacquette's clenched eyesockets.

    Focused his gaze on the dingdong dipping into Jacquette. Now hefting in deeper.

    "You coming in too now, boss?" Chiquita said to him, looking up.

    "Not yet. I'm enjoying myself watching you two for now."

    He crinkled a grin about the ends of his lips as he saw the cock slip in.

    The strain glazed Jacquette's face. Her eyes were glued shut.

    Then the lids fluttered open.

    "Omigawd," she rustled through her teeth. "I'm losing my virginity to an Amazon wearing a dildo. This can't be happening. This isn't me."

    The prong horned in deeper.

    Struck her harder.

    The wave of orgasm pitched Jacquette over the side. She felt as though she were floating in freefall through the sky.

    Jacquette held herself back.

    Tightened her lips. Pressed with her muscles to close up her crack.

    To stop the rampaging rig. But the contractions of her cunt only increased the intensity of her coming as Chiquita turned up her throttle.

    Chiquita moved her hips almost as if she knew how to luck with a real dick.

    Mucus slimed out from Jacquette's insides. Lubricating the frictioning dildo.

    With a grunt, Jacquette took it all the way up. She imagined tiny trailers of virginal blood streaming from her popped maidenhead.

    But in actuality she knew that she herself had seen to that. Stabbing into her twat with firm fingers, bottlenecks.

    Breaking her own cherry in masturbation. Not waiting for the occasion in the flesh.

    But was even this real? Did the dildo count? Or was it only real cockmeat?

    Chiquita rutted in Jacquette's slit.

    And flicked her fingers across Jacquette's cunt as she stroked with leather dick. Chiquita pinched Jacquette by the tits.

    Seized her suddenly.

    Lifted her off the dildo tip.

    "Now get her in the ass," Jacoby snorted. "That should be extra-special."

    Jacquette relaxed onto the head of the hard leather rig. Chiquita gave her ass a frig. Drilled into the antsy pucker.


    "Just break her ass in a little," Jacoby said. "I can see going easy on her-for now."

    The head nudged into the humming hung. Asshole bit deeper, pulling it in.

    But her butt wouldn't budge. The cock was fit tightly, held immobile.

    "Okay. You can take it out, Chiquita. I'll see to that a bit later myself."

    Jacquette pumped her hips in pain. Demanding more cock in her ass. Wanting to reach out with her anus and take it in again and again.

    But then the heat was gone.

    The cock danced out.

    Chiquita lanced once more into Jacquette's cunt. Then undid the latch holding the artificial cockand-balls rig.

    She then took hold of Jacquette's hair. Wiped off her cuntscum-caked paws in Jacquette's sweat drenched tresses.

    "You suck now?"

    "Yes. I want to. I want to suck pussy. I want to suck cock."

    "Pussy first."

    Chiquita pressed down on Jacquette's shoulders.

    Brought her own hips up to meet Jacquette's lips. Loaded her labia in.

    Drooling her cuntjuice over Jacquette's chin. Rocking her hips.

    Jacquette's moving mouth took in the folds of Chiquita's snatch. The tongue lashed deep within the prize put a pussy.

    Jacoby jerked his wanger. Stabbed into his own balls with two stiff fingers.

    Advanced into the fray.

    Chapter 4

    Slickened snatch soaked through Noreen's cabbage patch. The wet goo matted the hairs of her thatch.

    She'd been all horns before, but catching Slash right in the act turned her on more.

    "I-uh-I think this bathroom's still occupied at the moment," Slash stammered. "There's a little overcrowding of the onboard facilities, Noreen."

    He hoped he wouldn't have to provide more explanation. Anything else would prove too ludicrous to choke out with a straight face.

    Slash closed the door to the airplane's restroom behind him. How long had Noreen been out here?



    Had she been watching-trying to watch-through the seams of the door?

    And did it all matter anyway?

    "You wouldn't believe what I had to go through to get these drinks," Slash said to her.

    "Sure I would. Why not go back in? I'll come in with you. I'd like to watch."

    "Watch me take a piss?" he grinned insouciantly.

    "Sure. If it's down the throat of that hot bitch you've got in there."

    "You don't understand."

    "Oh don't I?"

    "We had to go in there-the flight attendant and I-into the bathroom."

    "I can understand that."

    "So I could slip her-uh-uh-slip her the dough. For the drinks. Cause strictly speaking we were over the limit-didn't want anyone to see-"

    "Good story, Slash. You know-you must-you're so charming I think I'll let you get away with that one. But remember you owe me."

    Slash shut up. Let her think what she wanted-if she wanted to think that way. Which would be the worst. Which, in this case, was correct.

    "Listen, Slash. If you'd have let me watch you take a piss, I would have held it for you."

    Seemed that Noreen was a savvy little piece of tail. Might come in handy to have her around after they touched down.

    Slash took a gander back toward the bathroom. The door was angled open and Desiree was nowhere in sight.

    "Fucking movie's starting," Noreen sneered as the lights in the cabin went down.

    "Good. I like to ignore things like that. Think I can manage?"

    Noreen turned.

    Blew into his face.

    "It'll be dark, at least," Noreen sighed. "Maybe we can catch a few Zs."

    As he and Noreen slid into their seats, Slash jerked out several small bottles of vodka, gin, and tequila. He snapped off the bottlecaps.

    Slopped the alcohol into their two plastic glasses, on top of soft, melting ice cubes.

    Noreen wrapped herself in the small riding blanket. Huddled next to the window.


    "What is it?"

    "Vodka, I think."

    "Who gives a shit."

    Noreen drained the glass. Held it out toward Slash. He dumped the contents of another small bottle in.

    "Gin this time."

    Noreen nodded, sipped. She slid a cigarette from her case and lit it up.

    Slash saw Noreen slide her feet out from under the blanket. Wiggled the tips of her toes.

    "Take them off," Noreen said.

    Slash reached over and took hold of the toes to her thin-soled slippers.

    He folded them off her feet. Dropped them to the floor beside the seat.

    "Now how about a kiss," Noreen said.

    She showed her teeth.

    He leaned into her.

    Mouths met.

    He wrapped his arm around her neck. Licked downward. Her back pressed forward. Driving her tits into his chest.

    He felt the breastmeat seethe as she suspirated. Her teeth grated.

    "I want you to touch me."

    He covered her mouth with his face. Ran his hands along the outside of her body.

    "Touch me now. There."

    She clutched her bosom.

    Released the boobs.

    Allowed them to bounce.

    "Go ahead, Slash. I want you to touch my breasts. Feel me up."

    He worked his palms between their joined bodies. Nudged them over her nipples.


    Throbbed them with his thumb.

    "Oooooh, gawd. I want to really feel it. Harder. Get them harder."

    Slash wrenched his hand into a fist. He took hold of mounds of titmeat.



    Yanked tit.

    Noreen slid her face away from his. Edged away out of his embrace.

    Slash saw her hands work about her torso beneath the blanket.

    The leer waxed across her lips.

    "You gonna take your top off?" he said.


    Noreen flipped her crumpled jersey to the seat in front of his face.

    "Come on, Slash."

    They rejoined their embrace.

    Through the blanket, Slash felt the tits on her chest move lively. The nipples bounced and bobbled from finger to finger.

    He palmed one bud.

    Allowed one paw to linger.

    The nippletip screwed itself tighter.

    Pulled itself inward.

    Pointed out.

    Picked at his palm.

    "Mmm. I want it naked."

    Slash obligingly slipped his hands beneath the blanket. Noreen shuddered as he drew his cool fingers up her ribcage.

    His fingers found her feel goods. He crept up the. mountain of titmeat.

    The breastbud nips gave him the slip.

    Tight niptips darted from his grasp as he tried to trap them.

    Noreen's mouth opened and she strung her teeth along his earlobe.

    Her tongue lolled forth and reached inside. Running around the furrow of his-ear.


    His hands played with her titties. Stretching them out by their ends.

    And then turning them like knobs. Kneading them like bread dough.

    Slash cranked his head about to check if anyone nearby was watching. He then ducked his head underneath the blanket.

    Brought his yap down on her pap.

    The nipple speared into his lips.

    She winced as he torqued it about, holding it between teeth and tongue.

    "Chew me."

    Noreen squirmed as the nipples were pulled out one by one.

    First by the man's maw.

    Then by his paw.

    Then again with his jaw.

    Sucking tit into his craw.

    Fresh boobflesh acrawl with claws.

    He lanced into her nipples with his fingernails. Pinched them up.


    Puckered his yip over the tips of the tit.

    Herky-jerked his head.

    Nearly yanked the tits from her ribcage.

    His hands played lower on her torso.

    Fingertips fondled her navel. Caressed the edges of her hips.

    Slash's mouth moved lower. Long tongue trailed from the tips of her tits down and along each one of her ribs.


    With a whip, he was again up her chest.

    He sank his teeth into the tissue between her armpits and shoulder.

    Ran his tongue underneath her arms. Sucked down the rank juices from her underarms. Tasted the tang of her briny rutsweat.

    Again his mouth mauled her knockers.

    Then the tip of his straightened tongue drew a line between the dugs down directly into the belybutton. Wormed about.

    Slipped in and out.


    Slash felt down her backbone. Clipped his fingers into the waistband of her tight leggings. Felt a slice of asscheek.


    His paws grabbed up loads of fannyflesh through the tight material.

    Then he slid his flat palm down between her dimpled assmeat.

    Brought the slim fingers into contact with her treasure trove.

    His thumb nobbed the anular ring of her buttocks. Her asshole nibbled back.

    The warm wetness of her snatch soaked his fingers through her tights as Slash moved his digits toward the front.

    Through her pants, Slash seized tufts of twatfur. Located the clitoris.

    Whipped it with his fist.

    She buckled as he struck her. Knuckles frictioning clit.

    "Oh, gawd, Slash. I can't stop."

    He brushed the stubble of his beard down her tummy. One hand on the thatch. The other rustling about her rump.

    Her buttocks began to hump.

    Noreen wiggled her fanny from side to side in the seat. She hooked her heels over the armrest and arched her back.

    "Help me, Slash."

    She hooked her thumbs around back, into the waistband of her pants.

    The stretch material gave way and her ass popped out. Stash's hands worked the front. He drew the tights, entangled with Noreen's underpants, down over her mound of cunt.

    Slash snuggled her midsection beneath the blanket. Smooching down her Venus Mount.

    Feeling the crispness of her cuntfrizz snaggle the barbs of his beard.

    His nostrils were filled with the fumes of her hive. The heady vapors drove him dizzy.

    He lifted his head.


    Tossed his head backward. Stripped the blanket from Noreen's nearly unclad frame.

    "Jesus Fuck," Noreen snarled, grabbing at the blanket to cover herself. "Gimme that."

    "Down in front," a voice sounded somewhere in back of them. "You know, some of us is trynta watch a movie we paid for."

    Slash dipped his head down. Hunkered it once again underneath the blanket.- Went straight for Noreen's clit. Bit.





    "The fuck's the movie, anyway?" Noreen said. "Can't be that good."

    There was a sharp tug at Slash's heels. He duck his head out from under Noreen's blanket.

    Desiree stood in the aisle, leaning in low over the twosome's entwined forms.

    "Excuse me, sir-and madam," Desiree said with flaring nostrils. "We've had a number of passengers suggest that I ask you to be a little less rambunctious up here."

    "Of course," Slash said.

    "Don't worry," Noreen said, lighting up a new fag. "We'll keep it down."

    Desiree turned away.

    Tossed back a leer over her shoulder. Aimed her glare like darts directly in Noreen's eyes.

    "Fuck her," Noreen coughed out.


    "Frigging ninnies," Noreen belched. "I said we'd keep it down, Slash. Now down, boy."

    Noreen thought she must be crazed. She never would have ventured into this territory before. Something had happened in her head after she had been pitched from the team.

    There was new freedom out there, Noreen at once was able to see.

    A brave new world to conquer.

    She writhed as Slash's beard stubble brushed the insides of her thighs. His tongue tickled her twattips, attacked her cuntfolds.

    Simultaneously, his hands molded the globes of her hiney.

    He basted the nates with juices slick from the fingers that had dug in her cunt.

    With her very own juices, Slash slathered the opening to Noreen's bum.


    The first fingertip tamped in."

    Noreen's rectum squeezed back.

    Slash tongue continued to work in her crack. She arched her back.

    The finger syruped farther up her rump. Her hips began to hump.

    The licks of his tongue tore at her from the front. Noshing her quim to jam.

    When Noreen jutted her backside down, it jammed the finger farther into her asshole. Brought her insides to a boil.

    Then when she thrust her pelvis up, Slash's tongue cut deeply into her snatch.

    Catching up great folds of cunt. Working her, jerking her orally. Sending her oils slathering down the insides of her gams.

    Noreen felt herself bubbling up toward orgasm. There was a twang inside.

    A bing inside her clit.

    Giving her a fit.

    "Oh, excuse me," the female voice ejaculated. "If this seat is empty-"

    "Urp!" Noreen eructed.

    Slash snapped his head out from underneath the blanket. Craned his neck around.

    "I wanted to smoke a cigarette," the woman's voice-familiar to Slash-said in the darkness. "They gave me a seat in the nonsmoking section. I thought if I came back here-"

    "Maggie!" Slash said.

    "Shut up!"

    "The fuck?" Noreen slimed from her mouth. "What is this-a gawddamn convention hall? Who is this? Another of your doxies, Slash?"

    "Slash?" the woman's voice said. "And I do believe I recognize your friend too."

    Noreen focused her eyes in the darkness.

    "Coach Haller!" she said.

    "Formerly," Margaret Haller said. "We seem to be on equal ground now, Noreen. All of us. We're all out of work."

    Noreen looked around. She was quickly coming down from her rutlust high.

    "Say, listen, Stash," Maggie Halter was saying.

    "Am I disturbing you?"

    "No. We were just napping."

    "Yeah, just napping," Noreen shot out.

    Noreen thought that Maggie Halter, for a woman who was widely rumored to be a dyke, seemed pretty keen on the malefuck scene. Up close and loose, Maggie seemed to have shed her inhibitions. She was younger than most coaches-perhaps almost as young as Slash.

    And it was clear that she did emanate a certain animal heat. One that Noreen felt with a rush of cold sweat was not strictly AC or DC.

    Maggie leaned into Slash. Whispered. "There's something I want to talk to you about. Privately, I think would be best."

    "You can say it in front of Noreen," Slash sussurated back.

    "Maybe later. It's wild stuff. About the new coaching staff."

    "Uh oh," Slash said. Turned his head toward Noreen. "Business. Sit tight."

    "Sure," Noreen said. As Slash and Maggie marched down the aisle, Noreen belched. "And don't be too long this time," she murmured.

    She rolled her pants back up over her hips. Filched her jersey from the floor, wrapped it around her shoulders beneath the blanket.

    Closed her eyes.

    Sobbed and cried.


    Slash cocked his head back.

    "I want to get back to Noreen," he said to Maggie. "She's still pretty broken up."

    "So am I," Maggie said. "She's just a gymnast. I'm a coach."

    "Well, all of us could go on bawling all night. So what's up? Or did you just want to get me alone? Try to fuck me?"

    "Go on. Kid me."

    She came in close to him.

    Grabbed his lapel.

    "Say," Maggie said. "I can smell at least two different kinds of perfume on you."

    Slash shrugged.

    "Here's the third," she said.

    Maggie tore her tongue from her mouth. Plastered it all over Slash's lips.

    "I was only kidding," Slash said.

    "I'm not."

    "Let's-uh-go to the bathroom."

    "That's the best place."

    Slash and Maggie passed by the rear galley on their way to the restroom. Desiree was bent over the trashbag. She looked up.

    "Did you see that glare?" Maggie said. "What was on that bitch's mind?"

    Slash pushed Maggie through the door. By the time he got inside, Maggie was unbuckling the belt to her flightsuit. She had the front unzipped.

    Mountains of tit adorned her chest.

    Her navel winked Out. Fringe of cuntfur barely visible beneath her hand.

    "There is something I do have to tell you, Slash. And it is serious."

    "Shoot now."

    "The new coach-Hank Jacoby. A real letch. First thing he does is strip down everyone he can. Has this psycho spic Amazon deflower chicks in front of him with a big leather dildo."

    "Then he has his follow-up romps filmed. Usually not the first."

    "Well, Maggie. Didn't you get the handle of being the kind of babe who enjoys going down on girls herself?"

    "That's different."


    "We do it because we like each other. Sisterhood. Girl-to girl friendship. And I do not engage in extortion. Understand?"


    "Now get those fucking pants down."

    "Have to be quick. I have to get back to Noreen. I mean, she's-"

    "I understand. Now shut up and fuck me. Now. Right in. I'm all juiced up."Maggie unzipped her flightsuit down around underneath her crotch.

    A ravishing display of cunt folded open before Slash's gaze.

    His vision was a haze.

    Mind was a haze.

    All he knew for sure was that his cock was out. He was crawling on top of Maggie's box.

    "In. Now."

    The stick twirled upward. Oinked its snout into Maggie's brewing quim.

    The cock cackled as it lurched ahead. Beaking its way to the neck.

    Pecking in farther. Burying itself thunderingly to the very hilt.


    "Want more?"

    "Up to my neck if you can."

    Slash stabbed upward.

    The heft of his dong lifted Maggie from her haunches. Launthed her into a loop.

    The cockmeat grinned.

    Bore in deeper.

    The next thrust caught Maggie's insides. Dragged them open wide.

    The thick meat measured itself out the lips of Maggie's twat.

    Then stroked inward.

    Striving to be stuck as far into quim as had any dick in history.

    "I'm coming," Maggie said.

    "Damn fast."

    "I want yours now too."

    "I can get some brewed up."

    Slash stroked his pecker within her hide. The prong pricked her from side to side.

    Sweat broke out across her face.

    Mist spattered from her mouth as she breathed ‘heavily through clenched teeth.

    The clutch of nougats in his sac began to burble. Semen seeped into his cords.

    The wad of nutmeats cringed.

    Come coursed its way up into the shaft of prick. FLipped down the length.

    "I can feel it."

    The blare of cream seemed full of thick curds as it chugged into Maggie's fuming pussy. The sourmilk smutch of Maggie's puss dripped between her legs into the toilet.

    The chunks of cockcome mixed with ladyooze. Frothy liquids stewing.

    "That was pretty good-"


    "Especially for a quickie, Slash. I know you have to get back to your girlfriend. I won't abuse anymore of your time."

    "Got any feelers out for a new gig, Maggie?"

    "Not yet."

    "Be in New York long?"

    "Few days. Checking with my agent."

    "You know how to reach me."

    "I will."

    "And listen, Slash."


    "If that bitchmeat flight bimbo is still out there. Ask her to bring in some tissue. This can ran out."


    "It's okay. I know her-kind of. Or I know her kind, anyway."

    "What kind's that?"

    "The easy kind. Desiree's her name-I think that's the one. I fucked her on another flight already-last year."

    Chapter 5

    Ballocks in eyesockets and asshole centered directly over the pucker of Jacquette's mouth, Hank Jacoby rocked forward and back; There was an itch down there-one he was convinced only Jacquette could scratch.

    The murmuring sounds emanating from Jacquette's face were gentle sounds of music to soothe his soul. The rustle of her whispering sighs were prayers for his ejaculation.

    Her susurrant suspirations were supplications to his suppuration.

    Jacoby was aware of a burble in his sac. The semen was beginning to crackle and snap. Soon he would be ready to roll.

    Cruise out with knotty cords of come. Pitch jissom in long liquid lashes at tits, mouths, cunts, and asses.

    The simpering of Jacquette's lips on his underbelly warmed his cockles.

    And now upon him advanced Chiquita. Intent on doing what she did best.

    Chiquita knelt before Jacoby's chest.

    She stroked his nipples with her hands. Gripped the male tits.

    Tugged them.

    Tweaked them.

    Frigged them to points between her thumbs and forefingers. Then she took each one in turn between her teeth.

    Chiquita stripped the vermilion tissue of his tits with the striations of her choppers. Moved her maw lower, mowing the hairs peaking along the midline of Jacoby's belly.

    She slurped inside his bellybutton. Then inclined her head at an angle.

    As Jacoby rolled back and forth, his anal orifice was shellacked. Waxed and lubed by Jacquette's languid whimpers.

    "Harder?" Jacquette said. "I can press in with my tongue now."

    "Can you come farther up?" Chiquita nattered as if it mattered. "Then I can get the tip of your prick in my mouth."

    "You can get your head buried in closer, my dear," he said. "Just stay where you are. Stretch out your neck. Get that tongue out long and straight. I'm sure you can reach."

    He placed his palm on Chiquita's wettened mane. Sinking backward, Jacoby's asshole slid from Jacquette's nose.

    Plopped onto the tip of her tongue.

    The tonguetip pestered his pucker. Jacquette's lips began to sucker.

    His cock stood Out and up in front.

    He strained forward once more.

    Again impaling his asshole on Jacquette's beak. Felt his knees go weak.

    Chiquita lassoed the pulsating penis with the curl of her tongue.

    Whipped the joystick about the tip. Strangled it by the neck.

    With a simper, Chiquita's mouth latched onto the head of his pecker.

    His balls squashed down into the sockets of Jacquette's eyes.

    "Unnnnnh," he sighed.

    Because Chiquita's lips could barely reach the nib end of Jacoby's prick, each rock forward was filled with tantalizing suspense.

    Would she or wouldn't she?

    Be able to catch the pricktip in her yip.

    Or would it give her the slip?


    The dick went right inside.

    The head almost entirely within. Prisoner of Chiquita's oral orifice.

    Until its escape.

    Jacoby's penis pulled from Chiquita's mouth as once more he rolled.

    Asshole rimmed by Jacquette's deftly scampering mouthworks. Digging into quirks and furrows of his screaming yapping anulus.

    Jacoby remained silent.

    Gritting his teeth.

    Feeling the chick's mouth chewing on his dong. The other babe's mouthmeat gnawing his buns. Jizz abrew in his gonads.

    And the burn cauterizing his brain.

    Jacquette squeezed her tongue out longer. Never in her fantasies had she come up with something as livid as this reality.

    Here she was, stark naked. Laid out on the floor of the coach's office.

    The coach had his nates spread over her face. She was susurrating into his anal opening. Licking out his asshole.

    Meanwhile, the Hispanic Amazon Chiquita was squeezing his tits for him.

    Biting his balls.

    Squealing as she sucked on his penis.

    The same Chiquita who had only minutes before deflorated Jacquette-in mouth, ass, and cunt, no less-with the strapped-on assemblage of stuffed leather dildo, bouncing sac of ballocks, and feathery flocculence of fake pudhair.

    Now, as Jacquette sucked ass, she was attuned to Chiquita's heat.

    It seemed the girls were there solely to provide for Jacoby's pleasure.

    He gave them nothing-or nearly so. Any pleasure the women could get-they would have to do so at their own leisure.

    Jacquette creamed her own titflesh. Tore tufts from her twat as she jerked herself off. Fanned her fanny against the floor.

    The asshole rolled over her nostrils once more. She took it next into her mouth.

    Chewed the raised donut.

    Slobbered into his butt.

    Strutted out her tongue.

    Slid it up his rump.



    Jacoby spurted off immediately as Jacquette slashed into his asshole deeply.

    "Mine," Chiquita chattered.

    Her lips flared open.

    Tongue flamed out.

    She caught up strands of semen as they caressed the air. Pellets of come shot into her hair like bullets from a rifle.


    The edges of Chiquita's teeth were decorated with running sperm.

    The overrun of Jacoby's come spattered onto his scrotum. Mixed with his sweat, Jacquette's saliva, as well as anal mucus.

    Chiquita gargled with the piping hot fuel she had suckered from his tool.

    "I want more," Chiquita said."Whore for it!"

    Jacoby swatted Chiquita's rump.

    Chiquita groveled over the floor. Licking up stray pools of jissom.

    Then Chiquita rolled on top of Jacquette. Ran her mouth inside of Jacquette's legs.

    Grabbed Jacquette's hands from her cunny. Went at her twat herself.


    Chiquita chirped on Jacquette's clit.

    Fit her tongue inside Jacquette's slit. Slimed her fingers over her rump.

    Jacoby was oiling his asshole in Jacquette's mouth. Working his body around slowly.

    He got to his knees, straddling Jacquette's head. His dong was half erect.

    Balls once more flattened into Jacquette's eyes, Jacoby leaned forward.

    He jacked the head of his prick. Flipped the few remaining froths of come from the tip.

    The joyjuice slid into Jacquette's yip. She swallowed the come and smiled.

    Whatever Jacquette was doing, she was being fucked in style.

    Chiquita had her hungry tongue afuck right in the center of Jacquette's twat.

    Her fingers were beginning to spread the cheeks of Jacquette's fanny. To insert however many digits into the cranny. While her tongue got funny in Jacquette's cunny.

    "Oh, will it never end?" Jacquette seethed. "When will I get it good?"

    Jacoby draped his penis across Jacquette's lips. She snapped her yap open.

    The dick dropped into the gap.

    First time ever.

    First ever suck on a real dick.

    For Jacquette, this was real rude stuff.

    And she took it in.

    Jacoby bent his back. Insinuated his dingdong down into Jacquette's chomping maw.

    Jacquette clacked her chompers hard. The cock crinkled, wriggled.

    Got larger.



    The thing grew in her mouth.

    Jacquette shimmied her ass as Chiquita slipped her fingers in higher. The asshole burped on over the second round of knuckles.

    Chiquita's mouth was glued to Jacquette's jimjams. Her craw was stuffed with never-ending gobs of ladygoo.

    Clots of Jacquette's come sizzled out of Jacquette's cunt. The spasmic bursts shot woman juice down Chiquita's gullet.

    Jacoby had his dong sunk into Jacquette's mouth. She squirreled it with her tongue.

    To her, the man's big dick had the essence of raw, aged meat.

    Tasted kind of gamey and grungy A strong, new flavor, one for which she could develop a taste.

    She smacked her lips about his butting balls. Smarmed the sac with her creaming maw.

    Took one nougat with her jaw.

    "Nuh nuh nuh."

    Jacquette nibbled on the nut. Chewed the testicle gently but firmly.

    Sucked the ballock back into her gullet. Gave a light pull.

    The nutmeat popped out.

    Caught by her teeth.



    Then released.

    Jacoby rubbed his scrotum with a floppy wet paw. Then angled the hardened head of his penis once more into Jacquette's jaw.

    The suction was awesome.

    The friction of lips on prick.

    Tongue on twangetrip.

    Teeth on tempered pecker.

    Gullet grasping hopping hog.

    Randy cock rode in deeper.

    Filling her jowls with striving hard meat. Bouncing his balls on her cheeks.

    Jacoby reached out and grabbed up Chiquita by her sweat-soaked mane.

    Chiquita lifted her jaw and drooled at Jacoby. Her yip was awash in cuntcome and little rivulets of Jacquette's semivirginal gore.

    "Looks good," Jacoby said. "I want some of that. Right now."

    Keeping his rut going in Jacquette's mouth, he wrenched Chiquita's body toward him.

    He sucked the heady mixture from Chiquita's dripping lips. Drank down saliva, twatjuice, blood, and the remnants of ass mucus.

    Jacoby wiped his mouth on Chiquita's big bazookas. Dove in afresh on Jacquette's quim. Dick still stumbling down her throat.


    Chiquita came around and ripped Jacoby's pecker out of Jacquette's face.

    She jacked the dick twice.

    Let it flip about like a fish.

    Then went after Jacquette her own way.

    She got into a squat.

    Wiped out her twat.

    Grabbed up gobs of goo with her hand. Licked her fingers and fingered her face.

    Chiquita spread her legs.

    Sat her ass into place.

    As Jacoby drank heavily from the free-running juices of Jacquette's cunt, Chiquita rustled her rump with Jacquette achew in her brew.

    Jacquette slimed her mouth all over Chiquita's snatch. Slicked down the buttery patch between Chiquita's cunt and asshole.

    Made mincemeat of the anulus that pulsated madly between the bronzed cheeks of fanny.

    Jacoby cackled and warped his body over Jacquette's. His prick was poised at the entrance to Jacquette's pussy.

    He brought it across the opening of her twat sideways. The cuntlips stuttered.

    Then he slashed the point of the pecker slantwise. Pussy pouted.

    Jacoby jabbed the cuntal opening. Battered the buttery thatch.

    Slugged her burr with the head of his dong. Shook her jimjam with his prong.

    Chiquita raised her rump up.

    Began to shake her tailfeather.

    On her knees, she allowed the thick gravy from her cunny to syrup out.Stretching like strands of honey. Snapping off and bouncing into Jacquette's mouth.

    Striating her eyes.

    Stippling her face.

    Jacoby leaned into Jacquette. He caught some of Chiquita's cuntjuices fresh from her quim. Swallowed them down.

    Addressed Jacquette.

    "Come along, now," Jacoby jeered. "I can tell you're tense, dear."

    "It's-your prick."

    "That is quite true. What about it?"

    "Where it is."


    "Makes me uptight."

    "I can get into it."


    Jacquette placed her palms together around his gonads. She cradled his nuts.


    Then Jacquette took hold of the twanger by the root. Throttled the wanger with flexions of her wrist up the shank.

    Gave the prickhead a twist.

    Pulled it forward with a yank.

    "Ready now?" Jacoby said.

    "I guess."

    She placed the prickstaff upon her clit. When it hit, her insides began to buzz.

    The cock nibbled below. Pecking down the center of her slit.

    Oiling itself in her split.

    "It's there now," Jacquette said with a half-questioning inflection.

    "Glad you can feel it."

    "I'm-I'm still a little nervous. I don't know if I can do this."

    "Chiquita," Jacoby snarled. "Get your pussy right back down on Jacquette's face."


    He nudged the cockmeat into the space between the outer layers of Jacquette's labia.

    Her cuntlips stammered.

    The pricktip hammered.

    Jacquette winced.

    The dick shot in less than an inch.


    The convulsions of her cuntmeat shot the shaft of dick right back out.

    The carapace of cock then rested upon her outer cuntfolds.

    "I think now," Jacquette said.

    Of its own volition, the yip of her slimeslit smacked open. Cuntlips beckoned.

    The head of his honker went bonkers.

    His balls blew out to enormous size.

    "Give me a hand," Jacoby said.

    Jacquette ramped the tip of the twanger at the inner labja.

    She swiveled her hips.

    Turned her twat inside out.

    Took in the hogsnout.


    Twirled it about.

    "Are you ready for this," Jacoby said aimlessly. "My, that trap of yours sure is hungry. Like it's never been fed before."


    He pressured his hips.

    Torqued his twanger. The dickstick bent like a bow against her snatchlining.

    Jacoby shifted his angle. Stretching out the opening to her quim.

    Dick began to climb through the slime. Squirming its way into the opening.


    He screwed the head in.

    Got it all gushy.

    "So you're a virgin, Jacquette?"

    "Uh-technically, I guess."

    "Do better than that, honey. I know it's hard to talk with a mouthful of twatfur and asshole. You're virgin? Where?"Well, now. Virgin to dick?"

    "Yes ma'am."

    "You're the first."

    "You mean here?"

    He edged the pecker into her twat.


    "And how about here?"

    He lowered his aim.

    Burned the opening of her bunghole with the tip of his poker."There too."

    Jacoby creased his brow.

    "Then what about your mouth?"

    "You were-"

    "The first? You mean I get to bust three cherries at once? if I'd have known that, I would have gotten you with real cocjcmeat first, instead of letting Chiquita warm you up. I sure as hades wouldn't bothered to shoot off in her mouth. She's had plenty already."

    "Brew some more up."

    "Hell, lady. I can do that. But if I have any regrets in this world, that's one of them."

    "That's life."

    "Yeah. And you're fucked."

    "That's my rump."

    "I know it."

    "Not the cunt first?"

    "That's old. That's old before it's started. Maybe a little later when I'm jaded."

    He pinched at the head of his cock. Rimmed around her anulus.

    Gave his balls a jab with his fingers.

    Shot his hips forward.



    "First time's best with nothing but natural lubrication. Just have to press harder."

    "Oh no."

    "You mean oh yes."

    The head of the penis rounded its way into the crinkle of Jacquette's asshole.

    Chiquita spread her own snatch with her fingers. Loaded the labia onto Chiquita's nose.

    Jacquette snorted up washes of cuntoils.

    The yeasty flavor barked through her sinuses. Cleared out her head.

    Jacquette's mind drifted.

    She wondered how Noreen was making out. If she had reached New York yet. If she had even made a standby flight.

    Jacquette's body jumped.

    She couldn't wait to be fucked.

    And then, she also knew, she couldn't wait to tell Noreen all about it.

    "It's a ringer!" Jacoby said.

    The tip of his prick had inched up Jacquette's bum. The anus sucked on the hog as it tried to root in deeper.

    "Ughk ughk."

    "That means you want more."

    Jacoby bore down hard.

    Jacquette's assmeat parted.

    The asshole spasmed.

    Rumpmeat gasped.

    The dong sunk in with a sigh.

    "Oh, Jeer," Jacquette choked. "I don't believe it. Fuck. Fuck me."

    Jacoby ran his dick right on up her ass. Ran it right on out again.

    "Don't stop!"

    He dipped his dong in her cunny and sopped up some of Jacquette's come.

    Then reinserted his stinger into her behind. Jacquette's hips began to grind.

    She slid up into his lap.

    Chiquita fell from Jacquette's face in a whirlwind of orgasm.

    Jacoby pulled Jacquette to him by her tits. Rump quivering, impaled on cock.

    Jacquette sucked upon his face. Felt the burning in her cunt.

    The prickmeat moving with haste.

    And Jacquette's head whirling. Her thoughts as she wallowed in it.

    Took dick up her ass.

    Reflected on the twat in her face. taste of cunt, asshole, sweat and sperm.

    Her meat busted up with leather dong. Buffeted with billowing fake balls.

    Minced by mechanical cockmeat. Cockworks constructed like clockwork.

    Fucking with men.

    Sucking with women.

    Fucksuckrut with machines.

    Her mission was aimless, shameless. Fuck-fuckfuck and suck.

    And fuck some more.

    Air yourself out.

    Rubdown when you're sore.

    Then fuck and suck some more.

    After all, Jacquette had never done it before.

    Chiquita lay in a heap, goggling at the rutting pair of bodies. She shifted her position.

    Reached over and picked up the artificial cockand-balls rig.

    Jammed it first into her quim.

    Nectared it all up.

    Ran it right up her ass.

    Pumped it like a piston.

    "Kiss me now," Jacoby jawed. "I want to taste that drool from your lips."

    Their mouths bubbled to a pudding. Jacoby stabbed her repeatedly in the rump.

    His hump got longer.


    Sending stiffness within her.

    "I came!" Jacquette seared. "Omigawd, I'm coming again."

    Jacoby drew a thin smile across his face. Hastened his hog wallowing.

    Cupped her body in his embrace.

    "My brain," Noreen sighed.

    "Going up in flames, hon. Maybe you are just about going insane."

    He lanced her again.

    Felt the goodness of her ass warm through the shuddering hardness of his haunch.

    Then he jacknifed himself at the knees. her naked body lofted up.

    "No. More."

    The dong squirted from Jacquette's fanny. The asshole smacked closed.

    Burped out.

    "More fuck!. I want more."

    Jacoby's prick stammered out a long line of goo. Jissom coursed through the air in slow motion. Coiled into liquid screws.


    Come hit her right between the tits.


    The hot gum of come candied her sugary cupcakes of white breastflesh.

    Creamed across her nipples.


    Smacked her in the face.


    She sucked it from her lips.

    The final squinks of jizz fizzed through the air. Flopped onto her hair.

    Got caught in her eyebrows.

    Jacquette brought her hands to her face. She smeared the grime through her hair.

    Plastered her cheeks with the chunks of his jissom thereupon strewn.

    "What next?" she murmured.

    "Your guess," Jacoby said.

    He slammed his dick into place on her face.

    Chapter 6

    Primed pecker poked at Noreen through the thin fabric of her blanket. She was huddled up, drearily asleep.

    Her back against the airplane window. Legs folded up over the seat's armrest.

    Noreen felt the dried tears crackle on her cheeks and eyelids as she rubbed with her fists. Her mouth broke into a yawn.

    A pair of lips capped on over the bottom half of her head.

    Tongue lolled forth.

    Dangled down her throat.

    Hard male body moved up and down her gams.

    Stand of cock rolling like a log.

    As the dude jacked on her leg like a dog.

    "Slash," she muttered.

    Her cuntlips stuttered.

    She reached with her hand through the blanket. Found his cock and yanked it.


    Then she jabbed the prick with her fingers. Hard.


    Hammered the ballocks with her fist. "Shit."

    "Listen, Slash. You've really made hash of my head tonight."

    "How can you be so uptight?"


    "What did I do?"

    "First of all, you came-on to me."

    "I fell for it."

    "That's not me, Noreen. You did that to yourself. I made it clear-"

    "You were insincere."

    "I never said anything at all about this being any more than a physical attraction. I mean, I really don't know you."

    "But that's good enough for you to want to fuck. Just not good enough to talk to."

    "Want another drink? There's still some more vodka and tequila left."


    He snapped open a couple more small bottles of clear alcohol. The movie credits were rolling on the screen in the front of the airplane cabin. Several flight attendants were making their rounds, offering small pillows, thin blankets, cups of coffee, cocoa, and tea to the passengers.

    Slash gazed into Noreen's sleepy face. Judging just how far gone she was.

    "Here, Noreen."


    She slurped her drink.

    "Want a few tranques?"


    "Tranquilizers. I have some Tranxene my physician prescribed to help you chillout."

    "No, thanks. Especially not with all this booze. Maybe a cigarette."

    "You're right," Slash said.

    "And another thing," Noreen said with a rustle of snot in her nostrils, "not to change the subject. But you weren't even straightforward with me about those other bitches."

    "Whatever they might have done-I admit they tried to attack me-was purely by happenstance. I didn't go into it knowing or even anticipating they would be going after me."

    "You paid me no respect at all."

    Her nostrils flared.

    Her voice seared.

    Her teeth bared.

    "You went off and fucksucked some slut stewardess supposedly in order to get some drinks."

    Noreen belted down the remnants of her vodka. Coughed as she dragged on-the lit butt.

    "Then when that cunt-our supposedly lesbian former head coach-Maggie came up and pretty much shoved her tits into your face-"

    "That was business."

    "Business! You know, I took off my top for you. Had you feel my tits. Naked."

    "I appreciate that."

    "I even pulled down-I let you pull down my tights and panties."

    "That was wonderful of you, Noreen."

    "I let you stroke my cunt. My nude cunt! Let you rub the stubble of your beard against my cut. Even let you suck on it."

    Slash leaned back in his seat.

    He kept his mouth calm, relaxed. He would let her talk herself out.

    Then he'd help her out.

    "And you didn't even have the gawddamn decency not to tear yourself away from me at the first scent of another woman's cunt!"

    "Listen, Noreen. I gotta take a wicked piss. Don't worry, I'll stay out of trouble."

    "Fuck you. And fuck your lies. You can take that pecker of yours and shove it right up your own stinking backside. Fuck yourself in the hinders. Fucking gayboy faggot."

    "I shall return."

    "After you've fucked some other bitch sow you happen to horn into? How long will that be this time, you fucking male whore?"


    Slash slipped into the aisle.

    He walked unsteadily as the airplane kept jarring in a current of rough air. As he rounded the last row of seats before the rear cabin galley, the plane lurched once more.

    Slash recovered his balance by grabbing onto the edge of a seat backrest.

    But the plane chugged again. His knees swiveled and he juddered off balance.

    A pair of paws nabbed his hinders.

    "Thanks, mate," he said.

    "My pleasure."

    Slash hooked his head around.

    Came face to face with the graceful traces of womanly wisps of hair. The tresses ensnared his ears, and curled into his nostrils.

    "Sorry," he said.

    He made to move from the woman's lap. She held his haunch in firm embrace.


    "Shut up," she said huskily.

    Slopping her lips onto his.Her hair covered his head entirely as she bent him backward in her lap. He felt her hands crawling up and down his ribcage.

    Grazing lower. Loping along the lean steely loins. Groping his groin.

    "I got a problem," she whispered.

    "I wouldn't have known."



    "My psychiatrist-the shrink called it-what's the fucking word-?"


    "Yeah, that's it. He said I was a kind of-uh-nym-nym-nymphomaniac."


    "I gotta flow with it, dude. You know? Like, that's how I am."

    "Yeah, I know. I am what I am too. Just like a lot of people."

    "You game?"

    "I was just going to the john."

    "I'll join you."

    "I-uh-my girlfriend's sitting right up the aisle. I don't think I better-"

    "Bullshit. This is your good deed today. In the service of mental health. How could she possibly be so callous, so selfish?"

    She shoved him through the bathroom door.

    "I like being nude," she said. "Mind if I take of all of my clothes?"

    "Uh-sure-I mean-no! Go right ahead. Whatever you like."

    "But I want you to keep yours on. Like you just came upon a naked nymph sitting on a log by a forest, stream."

    "Yuh. Okay."

    She peeled her sweater off over her head. A stack of bib book knocked about her chest. She jammed her hands down the back of her skirt.

    Unzipped the fly.

    Ripped off her hose, panties, shoes, and skirt in one continuous motion.

    "Take it out," she said. "Maybe just the tip at first. Surprise me."

    Slash shot his hands into his pants. He hefted the enlarging prong from within his briefs.

    Exposed the pricktip.

    The plane jumped again in the air.

    His crotch straddled her face. Long dong glanced down the slant of her cheeks.

    She grasped his buttocks and held his dingdong to her face.

    Then drew him downward.

    The back of his pants fell down over his ass. The nymphomaniac slit her fingernails into the crack. Jabbed the anus.

    His cock twitched.

    Prick stuck into her tits.


    His balls basted her ribs with his sweat. Stinger binged against her nipples.

    As Slash collapsed into her lap, the nympho relaxed her legs. Her knees spread open and Slash slid in between.

    She stripped the skin from his pecker with hacking jacks of her firm fist.

    Crunched crisp cockmeat.

    Brought it down low.

    Brought her hips up.

    The tip of his penis wafted against her tightlipped twat. Prickhead popped its opening onto the pussy.

    Giving her jimjam a friendly smooch. It tapped back like a pooch.

    Cuntlips kissing his prickhead.

    Slash's blue veins pulsed along the length of his lingam. The blood boiled from the crown on down into the cockroots.

    Her cuntlips parted.

    Parched labia were smacking.

    Sputtering smutch.

    Trembling to the touch.

    And his dong slanted in.


    Pumped into quim.


    Then her twat began to stammer in response to the impact of his yammering hammer.

    "I need it!" she said.

    "So do I."

    "But I need it now"

    "I'm giving it to you, aren't I?"

    "But I have a craving. I need an injection. I'm addicted!"

    "Oh, shit," Slash said. "You're a fucking junkie. Should have known."

    "No, honey. I'm addicted to love. I'm addicted to orgasm."

    "Go right ahead."

    "Ungh. Youwnghck."

    He continued his rut. Couldn't tell if she were blasting off or not.

    What was it again?

    Slash had read that nymphomaniacs couldn't get off. That's why they had to fuck so much.

    But wait!

    Somewhere else he had heard that nymphos were addicted to come-needed a shot of jissom just like an opium-gorger needed a narcotic.

    Which was it?

    Or was it both?

    "I need a shot!"

    "Coming up-hot." Slash rustled his rump.

    The jizz piped up his spermatic cords. Like electrical wires, the jissom lines let loose the juice.

    Jumping sperms flailed their tails like tadpoles. Gametes goggled at the opening through which they were to be pitched.


    The semen spat wildly from his cockhead. Into the dead center of her twat.

    Joyjuice rinsed down her insides.

    Slash yanked the prick by the shank. Aimed it directly at her dugs.

    Clots of sperm snapped onto her tits. A bulge of come glugged into her navel.

    A wedge of sludge edged into her armpit.

    The nymphomaniac's nimble lips managed to catch a few stray strands of prancing jissom. She smacked and swallowed it gleefully.

    Scum from his dingaling sizzled onto her hide.

    She mashed it into her tits.

    Spitting out saliva mixed with her own sweat. Dribbling over her chattering chin.

    The stab of pisspain nailed Slash in the nuts. As much as he liked to fuck, he really did have to take a piss.

    And in truth, it probably did not matter in the least to this nymphomaniac just what kind of dick got into her. He could take leave of her quickly. Let the next dude who chanced by take up her challenge where Slash had left off.

    "Take care, toots," Slash said. "See you again? Yes? No?"

    The nympho's mouth hung open. Her hands groped her groin.

    "Where is it?" she sang out. "Where oh where has that cock gone? I want dick!"

    Slash slammed through the door.

    He felt that his bladder would burst. The pressure in his kidneys was killing him.

    He glanced down.

    His prick was still out.

    Hanging down the front of his pants.

    Slash lunged for the nearest bathroom door.

    The plane rolled again. Drove him against the door to the bathroom across from the one wherein he had left the puling nympho.

    The door was poorly latched. Slash crushed through and battered into a couple of bods.

    Two women, entirely naked.

    In Sapphic embrace.

    One seated on the commode. The other balanced on her lap.

    Kissing each other's faces.

    "Sorry, ladies," Slash gagged out. "I gotta take a leak. Any objections?"

    He laid his wanger into the sink.

    "I need a drink," a husky voice said.

    Her fingers grabbed Slash's balls. Yanked him around sideways.

    Slash felt her lips slurp up and down the length of his strung-out dong.


    "Desiree's got good mouthworks," Slash heard Maggie say. "Doesn't she?"

    "But I have to piss like a bandit!"

    "Don't be so shy," Desiree sneered. "It isn't as if we're not acquainted."

    She jabbed his ballocks. Struck the root of his dong. Wiped the head of the shlong with her tonguetip and suckered violently.

    The initial drizzles trickled over her teeth. Then the flow of pizzle increased.

    Slash thought Desiree's mouth would never cease. Her lips pulled piss from his pecker.

    Pizzle pumped over her tongue.


    Drenched her face.

    Piss poured down her back.

    Urine glazed her tits.

    Desiree's mouth split wide open like a watermelon that had been slashed nearly in half with a machete.

    Maggie wriggled beneath Desiree's piss-drenched body. Rubbing the fresh liquid into her skin.

    "She wants it in her now, Slash," Maggie said. "Can't you tell?"

    Desiree whimpered on Maggie's shoulder. The cheeks of her ass were flared open.

    Cuntmeat hung moist and exposed. Asshole grimaced in hungry pain.

    "I'm not in the business of doing favors," Slash said. "Mercyfucking and other charity cases are completely out of the question from here on in."

    "Stick it up my ass," Desiree choked out. "You already pissed me down, you brute. Now take my ass. I beg of you!"

    "What can I say?" Slash japed. "Someone's got to play the good guy."

    He shrugged his shoulders.

    Aimed his prong.

    Slid it right into the center of the raised puckering donut of her haunch.

    Bull's eye!

    Corked her with his cock.

    Felt his rocks go into shock.

    Desiree's asshole clutched the head of his dong like a screaming victim whose final chance was to have held onto a lifesaver.

    Before being engulfed by the maelstrom of an oceanic whirlpool.

    Desiree gobbled like a drowning woman. Her asshole ate at Slash's pecker.

    He chugged his hawg on up.

    Pumped her harder.

    Gave her some more.

    The lights went out in the restroom. The rutting bodies were tossed to the side.

    Slash's cock was caught in Desiree's asshole. Nearly yanked it out at the scrotum.

    Maggie fell off her tuffet.

    Crushed her quim into Slash's elbow.

    "That's a new one," Maggie said. "Fuck me with your shoulder next!"

    The next bounce of the plane came, and Desiree popped off his cock.

    There was an announcement that the flight had encountered more than the reasonably anticipated pockets of turbulence. All passengers were requested to fasten their seatbelts.

    Sit with their backrests in an upright position. And all passengers not in their seats were hereby requested to return thereto.

    Cock in hand, Slash cracked open the door and crooked his head about. The hatch to the restroom across the way flung open.

    There was the nymphomaniac, muttering, stuttering. Frigging her quim and flailing away at her clit maniacally.

    "You can't leave now," Desiree moaned. "Maggie and me need more fuck."

    "Just a second," Slash said.

    He leapt across the narrow open space into the other head. Took a deep breath.

    Slash gripped the nympho by the wet hairs on the back of her neck. Clutched a handhold in the enormity of her sweat-sweetened book.

    He rolled her forward like a bowling ball.

    Pitched her body across the hall. Her wet nakedness stuck to the outside of the bathroom door as he pried it inward.

    "Unh. Ugh."

    The nymphomaniac sunk in a heap at the feet of Maggie and Desiree.

    "Thanks a bunch, Slash," Maggie cackled. "We can use some reinforcements."

    Desiree mewed with drool cascading from her maw. "Don't forget to return to your seat. Snap that belt on. Sit up straight."

    "Thanks, toots," Slash said. "You've done your job and in that regard have been a most attentive flight attendant."

    He slammed the door shut.

    Leaned against the outside of the head as he heard the squeals within rise to a fever pitch. The scents of bitchbroth, rutsweat, semen, piss, and rectal mucus perfumed the air.

    Slash looked down to check the status of his pecker. Shoved it into his pants.

    Did a dance as he zipped up the fly.

    Another flight attendant waltzed by.

    "You know, sir," she said, glancing over at the head. "You're supposed to be in your seat."

    "I had to go-"

    "I know we all occasionally have to take a leak. Mind if I escort you? For safety's sake. How about it? Give me a break."

    Slash went white.

    He stammered.

    "I-I-I j-just spoke with another-nother-other f-fflight attendant about the very same thing. I'm going. I'm going. Gone!"

    He flew down the aisle toward the seat where he had last seen Noreen.

    He turned his body sideways. Took a gander back toward the rear of the cabin.

    The last flight attendant was rapping at the door to the latrines.

    The door to the head in question crept open slightly. The new stewardess shot in a withering leer. Slipped inside.

    Except for Slash's eyes, she was sight unseen.

    Slash continued down the aisle. Found the row of seats he was looking for.

    Spied Noreen's huddled, slumbering form.

    Adjusted the hang in his haunch.

    Crouched, stepped in.

    Slumped beside her.

    Felt her rise from her sleeping dreams. Extend her legs along his.

    Her hips twitched.

    All of a sudden-unbelievably-Slash's prick itched. His anus smirked.

    "Who'd you fuck this time, ace?" Noreen said without a trace of irony.

    "No one you'd know."

    He kissed her face.

    They embraced.

    Chapter 7

    Fistful of twatfuzz and a few hollers more, Jacquette rolled over the floor. She wrenched her body about, keeping it away from the flail of Chiquita's braided hair.

    "I'll fucking slaughter you!" Jacquette said. "Fucking spic Amazon dyke-bitch cunt."

    "Ha ha ha," Chiquita snorted. "You are a feisty senorita. But you are a whore."

    "Fuck you! A whore isn't forced."

    "Force? How can you say that to me? It is you who is doing all the forcing. You refuse my offer to whip your face. So I am forced to employ other means. You force me to violence."

    "Tug my tits, will you? I think that this must be against the law."

    Chiquita caught up both of Jacquette's boobs. Ran her fingers over them and twisted.

    Wrenched the breasts almost from her chest.


    Chiquita dragged Jacquette across the slick floor by her dugs. She dredged her thumb up Jacquette's bum.

    Frigged her fingers into Jacquette's cunt.

    "You're a criminal, Chiquita. Ouch! When I get out of here, I'm gonna-"

    "You gonna keep your mouth shut, gringa puta," Chiquita sneered. "It is all on video recorder. See the electric eyeball up there in the corner? It misses nothing. The camera does not lie-not like you! Your guilt is confirmed."

    "You just tried to blackmail me."

    "My ‘little gringa. Chiquita feels so very sorry for you."

    "Then have mercy."

    "I do. Chiquita is merciful. I take great care of you. I'm going to fuck you and beat you. Beat you and hick-you. Fuck you and beat you and eat you again. Then I will piss all over you while you feast upon my cunt. Then I'll beat you, fuck you, and suck you-some more."

    Jacquette shot her paw out again.

    Snagged Chiquita in the cunny.

    Ripped out a tuft of cunthairs.


    "Go to it, ladies," Jacoby chortled. "I need a little time to recoil from that last blast. Where was it? Up your ass, Jacquette?"


    "Will you have some courtesy, Jacquette?" Jacoby sputtered, jacking off. "I asked you a question. You fucking answer me!"

    Chiquita took a cut in her cunt from the chop of Jacquette's extended palm.

    As Chiquita jacknifed, Jacquette crawled away from her toppling body.

    Then sprang to her feet.

    She kicked at Chiquita's face. Caught her in the chops with her stinky toes.

    "Shit, I give up," Jacoby said. "Remind me never to try to teach a woman manners. They just have no potential. They're nothing but animals."

    Chiquita sucked Jacquette's little piggies. Licked out the places between the toes where the dark linty jam had congealed.

    Jacquette's wrists fluttered uncontrollably. Chiquita grabbed at them one by one and brought them behind Jacquette's back.

    With a snap, Chiquita had bound Jacquette's hands with a thick, tripled-over rubberband.

    Jacquette shuddered as Chiquita held onto her ankles. Lifted her by the heels.

    Careened her once more to the floor.


    Jacquette's head hit the surface.

    Blood broke from her yip where Chiquita had previously slapped her lips against her incisors. Jacquette tasted the sweet saltiness.

    As Chiquita whipped Jacquette's prostrate nakedness with her tresses, Jacquette worked to free herself.

    She broke out of her wristbonds. Snaring her fingers with the rubberbands.

    Jacquette struggled, her body exposed. Face straining against Chiquita's lashes.

    Chiquita snapped her neck. The tip of her wet ponytail tore into Jacquette's clit.

    Then Chiquita scourged Jacquette's tits.

    Clipping nips on the backswing.

    Jacquette struggled to her knees.

    Took another shot on the jaw.

    She tottered.

    Rose wobbling to her feet.

    Absorbing the rain of the other woman's unceasing attack.

    The relentless pitch of the whipping, scourging, lashing of her deadly dressed tresses.

    Thick ponytail braided. Strung with small metal beads. Decorated with miniature gold anchors, seven-pointed stars, tiny stilettos.

    Jacquette staggered back.

    Chiquita then twirled the long braided ponytail like a lariat. Whipped the twine out, aiming it at Jacquette's brain.

    The heavy hair bopped Jacquette's head. She slipped in a puddle of joyjuice and cockgoo and did a split onto the floor.

    She finally snapped her wrists free and broke her fall.

    The sharp studs embedded in Chiquita's whipping tresses brought up welts as it belted across her tits and face.

    Jacquette hung her head, shaking it incredulously, unbelievingly. She sucked in hot wet air, blew it out slowly, sighed.

    She felt asphyxiation from the thick venomous fumes drenching the air.

    She massaged her neck, gasping. Took big gulps of fetid breath.

    Then was riddled by the shock of impact.

    Chiquita was on her.

    This time, all claws.

    Jacquette wrestled Chiquita by. the boobs as the lanky Hispanic Amazon sado-dyke bitch fuckmistress bit at her chirruping clit.

    Jacquette screeched in orgasm as Chiquita ran her fingernails into her twat.

    She shuddered as Chiquita buttered her buns with her mouth and thumbs.

    Snaps of snot flew in fragments from Jacquette's flared nostrils.

    Ooze blew from her snatch.

    Burbles belched from her bunghole.

    Suddenly Jacoby rose from where he had been seated cross-legged, wanking off on the top of his desk. He stabbed his prick into midair.

    "All right, Chiquita," he said. "You've had enough. I'm going for my third round."

    "Get away from me, you creep," Jacquette said as she leapt at him.

    She buffeted his balls with her clenched palms. Punched his pecker on the side of the head.

    "Get out of here, you worthless slime," Jacoby said, seizing his goodfellows in pain.

    He looked down at his nuts and grimaced.

    They were swelling up black-and-blue. The head of his pecker was hammered red.

    "You never told me, coach," Jacquette said. "What is my status on the team. You do remember, don't you? The women's gymnastics team you're supposed to be coaching?"

    Chiquita was crouching before Jacoby's belly. She cradled his injured rig tenderly. Kissed it to make it better.

    "Don't bother, coach," Chiquita said. "That gringa puta is nothing but trash."

    Jacquette belched. She fingered her clit, asshole, nipples, and twatlips to gauge the extent of their rawness and possible rankness.

    Jacquette farted. Her ass patted as she bent over, peeling pieces of her discarded clothing from where they were cemented to the floor by clots of mixed come, sweat, and mucus.

    "What's the word, Jacoby?" Jacquette jeered. "I don't hear you."

    Jacquette struggled to get her fannymeat back into her tights. She left her encrusted panties glued to the floor.

    Slipped on her gymnast slippers. Jacquette then slowly wrapped her torn sweatshirt about her shoulders to partially cover her tits.

    "Don't think you can play your bimbo games with me, young lady," Jacoby bawled. "You kicked my nuts to shit! That's no way to orchestrate someone into granting you a favor."

    "I never ask for favors," Jacquette snotted. "Just give me what I'm due."

    "You're due to hightail it out of here," Jacoby jawed. "Chiquita, brutalize this bitch if she makes a move. Carnalize every crevice of her smelly body. I'll give you a bonus."

    "Don't make me fucking laugh," Jacquette said. "You two psychopaths have already abused me-thoroughly. Except for one little crack that still gets away unfucked."

    "What's that?"

    "You never did get your pecker into my cunt."

    "If that's the truth," Jacoby sneered. "You may yet be able to remain in contention for a spot on the squad."

    "Oh, you're so charming when you're squalid, Jacoby. You know I'm still one of the best athletes you've got."

    "But you're over the hill already. Others-young ones-they will be getting hot. Believe me. Keep on smartassing, Jacquette."

    "You know I've been in competition longer than anyone else at this training center. My experience counts. How can you deny that?"

    "Because the only reason you were kept on the team so far into your old age is that you were fucking the coach."

    "You made that up. I never even touched Maggie. That's a vile, vicious lie."

    Jacoby cackled as Chiquita wrapped his cock and balls in gauze.

    "That's rich, Jacquette. Whorish lies from a whorish mouth. How many different kinds of meat have you gobbled up in that pretty little trap of yours? Male, female. It makes no difference to little whores like you."

    Jacquette turned on her heels.

    "I'm shoving off," she said vacantly. "Had more than enough of this shit from you."

    Chiquita chattered as Jacquette kicked through the door. "Fucking gringa fucking whore fucking puta fucking! You would whore for an ox! You would suck on a pig's dick!"

    Jacquette leaned against the wall at the end of the hall and tried to barf. Nothing came up but raw dry belches.

    Slowly, she plastered a smile across her face. She'd gotten brained, but she'd gotten fucked.

    She'd played them the way she had wanted. And she had wanted it rough.

    Too bad Jacoby had that sleazeball streak. She might even have gone for having his prick be the first up her twat.

    Her mouth was dry.

    Her asshole hungering.

    Her cunny thirsting.

    She made her way outside, checked her watch. She recalled from when she had helped Noreen check the schedule that there were flights passing through the airport all night.

    Stopovers on their way to New York.

    She slammed a coin into a pay phone. Called collect to the number Noreen had given her in Manhattan. No answer.

    Should Jacquette take a chance?

    Why not?

    She sure had little else around here to lose.


    Noreen's fingers lingered in her slit. She sucked her lower lip into her mouth and bit.

    How did she ever get into this?

    She pulled the plug in the bathtub and rose from where she had been soaking. Grabbed ahold of one of the thick towels hanging nearby.

    "Okay, Maggie," Noreen said aloud, reaching.for a cigarette. "You can get in here now if you like.

    I'm through."

    Maggie peeked in through the door. Through the steam, Maggie's face looked like a dream.

    Firm flesh.

    High cheekbones.

    Finely honed nose.

    How could Noreen have not noticed before?

    "I can't begin to thank you, Noreen," Maggie said as she stood in front of the sink. "When the plane was late getting in and I found out my hotel reservation had been automatically canceled-"

    "Think nothing of it," Noreen said, pulling the comb through her wet hair. "My brother's out of town for the rest of this week. He already said I could use his flat."

    She stabbed the stub of the cigarette into her yip. Puffed it through her teeth and sent the smoke back out her nose.

    "But it was so good of you, Noreen."

    "It's not as if it's an intrusion."

    Noreen saw Maggie's ass shudder as she fiddled with her earrings.

    "Guess I'll leave them in for the night," Maggie said. "I'll get ready for bed."

    Maggie tossed her hair back. Tied it in a short tail in the back. Glanced at Noreen's reflected nakedness in the mirror.

    Noreen saw Maggie's face grow crimson. She thought she recognized something about Maggie' look. That light in her eyes. The attempt at concealment.

    Noreen ignored for the moment the spasm in her own clit. She wrapped the towel about herself. Wiped down her boobs.

    Glanced up at the mirror over the sink. Saw Maggie's pussy reflected. Saw Maggie looking directly back at her.

    Noreen jerked her eyes away.

    She felt a shiver.

    The tang of musk rising in the air.

    Noreen unwrapped the toweling from about her torso. Raised her arms out to the side.

    Slanted her head down.

    She shot her snout under her arms.


    Hadn't she just washed?

    The sweat slimed from her underarms. Smarm rinsed her underbelly. "Thinking about something, Noreen?"


    "I am."


    "About us."

    Noreen was silent.

    She carefully kept her body covered as she sucked the cigarette down to the end.

    "You know, Noreen, I did not want to cut you from the team. I thought you were the most natural athlete on the squad."

    "You said that. Before. When you told me to get my tushie out of town."

    Noreen could not keep the edge out of her voice.

    "I am very sorry, Noreen. You see, I knew I was under the gun. I thought that I might be able to save my own ass if-"

    "I understand. You thought you'd get rid of all the old-timers. Concentrate on young blood."

    "That's about it. But I was already on the way out anyway-as it turns out."

    "That's life."

    "But my stomach turns when I think about what I did, Noreen."

    Maggie turned and faced her.

    Noreen's eyes went uncontrollably for her tits. She blinked, shifted her gaze.

    "Noreen, I know I'm the fucking scum of the earth for what I did. Not only to you, but to other girls."

    "No different from what others do all the time. Forced into it by bigshot creeps."

    Should she light up another fag? But that would keep her here face to face with Maggie. She had an urge to scream-to run out of the place. To blast herself off into outer space.

    Noreen groped for her cigs.

    "I did have a choice, Noreen. And I chose to be weak. To give others the shaft instead of taking it in the tail myself. What did it show me? Losers are losers. And I'm a loser."

    "Now, Maggie."


    Maggie crushed her head to Noreen's shoulder. She nuzzled her neck.

    Tears buzzed from her eyeslits. Snot dripped from her nose.

    "Go ahead and cry, Maggie. Do you good. But don't worry. You'll be more than okay."

    "If I can only get through the night."

    "Come to sleep."

    "I was going to shower. I must stink like the bloody plague."

    "I'll help you."

    Noreen lurched into the bathtub. She shot her hands to the spigot and latched the water into the showerhead. The water came out cold-eek!-then pulsed warmth.

    "Come on, Maggie."


    "Feel good?"


    Noreen sopped up a spongeful of suds. Ran it down Maggie's back. Creamed it into her asscrack. Strung her arms out.

    Rubbed boobs.

    Polishing the nipples.

    Lubed the lower lips.

    Both their bodies straightened.

    Noreen looked Maggie in the eyes.

    Who was seducing whom?

    Who was kidding whom?

    "Surprised, Noreen?"

    "Not very."

    "Can I kiss you?"

    "If I can suck your cunt."

    "Tee hee hee. And then we can fuck if you'd like. Flatfuck. Platypuss. Cuking. Let's see, Noreen. Do you ever like it really wet-do you want to drink piss?"

    "I think I'd like that a lot."

    "Some like it hot."

    "Get me there."

    Their mouths joined.

    Lips roamed.

    Claws clutched breasts.

    Nature did the rest.

    Noreen slid to the bottom of the bathtub. She pushed her face up into the shower water. Lashed her tongue out and up.

    Maggie pushed her pelvis forth.

    Twatlips parted.

    The piss poured out.

    Dappled Noreen's snout.

    "I don't believe this."

    "My, my, Noreen. Won't you give me a kiss? Remember this-piss is bliss."

    Noreen choked down mounds of Maggie's cuntflesh. The urine dressed her tresses.

    Snatchmeat moved in her maw.

    She sucked and ate until the weariness enveloped her jaw.Mouthlips and cuntlips chewed raw.

    Noreen was closing in on sexual oblivion.

    Drinking down quarts of cuntcome, sweat, shower water and urine.

    Perfumed ointments sweet and neat.

    Fragrances finer than nectar of the gods.

    Noreen climaxed in a pile at Jacoby's knees.

    She no longer cared for anything.


    Maggie could take her now.

    Do as she pleased.

    Suddenly Noreen felt the freeze.

    The hypnotic bray of the buzzer.


    "What is it, Noreen?"

    "Fucking doorbell."

    "It's awfully late. Do you have to answer it?"

    "It's also awfully early. The sun's coming up. I think I know who it is."

    Noreen groveled out of the bathtub and warped her body into a terrycloth robe.

    She threw a kiss back toward the forlorn Maggie and scampered into the livingroom. She straightened her shoulders.

    Pressed in the intercom.

    "Who's there?"

    "Jacquette, Noreen."

    "Really? How did-oh, fuck. Never mind that now. Come on up."

    Noreen paced back and forth. She lit another fag and walked into the kitchenette. Grabbed up a partially drunk bottle of wine.

    The buzzer rang again.


    Noreen pressed in the intercom again.



    "Oh, fuck."

    "Thought you were expecting me. You said to-"

    "I know. Let's go."

    Just as Noreen buzzed Slash in, the door rapped. Noreen opened it and Jacquette burst in.

    "Oh, Noreen. I have so much to tell you."

    "Tell it to the coach."


    Noreen turned Jacquette's body around by her shoulders. Gave her a kiss on each facecheek. Shoved the wine bottle into Jacquette's hands.

    "Let's see, Jacquette," Noreen squeaked. ‘Would you mind? You go into the bathroom and have a drink. I'll be in presently. Have fun."


    As Jacquette was hustled through the next room, Noreen turned on her heels and dashed toward the front door. She pulled it open before Slash had made the first rap.

    "Cut the crap," Noreen whispered. "I remember what I said on the plane. I don't know if I meant it. I was drunk. Asleep. Dreaming."

    She looked down.

    His cock was in his hand.

    Balls bloomed out like wild orchids.

    "I know this might sound insincere, dear," Slash said slowly. "But you said if I cleaned up my act and came over to see you-you'd blow me."

    "You just want another cheap suck."

    "At least I'm sincere about it."

    "You beast."

    Chapter 8

    Undaunted by dickmeat, Noreen feasted upon the yeasty ferment of jissom over her tongue. Tasty fuel of hick peppered her nostrils, enflamed her gums. She could feel the spermlets swarm. The temperature was warm.

    The texture thick and creamy. Piles of chunky comecurds wedged in between her teeth.

    "Jeez, Noreen," Slash said. "I didn't realize I was that horny."

    "How horny is that, Slash?"

    "I came off in seconds. I wanted to give you a good fuck in the mouth-"

    "That's okay," Noreen said, suddenly hardened, sullen. "Tuck that twanger back into your trousers now. I'm through with you."

    She saw the glistening stalk balk in midair. It had been reemerging to new hardness after the headiness of his rapid ejaculation.

    Now it dipped its head.


    Awaited redemption.

    Noreen tightened her wet robe about her body, closing herself up. She'd made a bad move getting involved with this rogue.

    She wanted to upchuck.

    But there was something about Slash that drew her to him. The same thing that drew other women so close to his flame, Noreen supposed.

    That made Slash dangerous.

    "Okay," she said. "I'll fuck."

    "Noreen, that was never expressly my aim. I don't want you to think I an a seducer of virgins, a ravisher of maidenheads y profession-"

    "But I'll do it my way,' she injected.

    Her smile could have killed half the world with its venom. It was the first time in her life she had ever felt that way.

    And she loved it.

    Loved herself for it.

    For Noreen had become a woman.

    She stared vacantly at the prick before her.

    Slash's pecker was pumping full of blood. The density of his erection was beginning to hurt him. His ballocks broke into a sweat.

    Would he get her or wouldn't he?

    The answer was in her head.

    She knew it was within her will to make him suffer. Anything to cause him pain she would pursue. To increase the pleasure.

    Their pleasure.

    Noreen knew deeply inside herself that the hick was the goal in her life. All that gymnastics shit went right by the wayside.

    She wanted hide.

    Hard hog inside her.

    And the competitiveness she had developed through the years cut through the tears of her recent rejection.

    She would fuck and suck.

    And use it the way everyone else used everyone else in the world she had come to know.

    It only made her heart glow.

    She had the edge on now.

    Noreen would go for it.

    Slash dallied in his stance. His extended cock began to prance as he shifted his hips from side to side, undecided.

    Noreen reached up toward his prick. Pulled it off with her fingers.

    "Come on, Slash. I said I'd go down for you. Let's move."

    "I have some locoweed with me."

    "Roll it up. Also, you may fetch a bottle of wine from the refrigerator on your way."

    "Way to where?"

    "To the place you like it best."

    "Which is?"

    "I'll meet you in the bathroom."

    Noreen rose from her knees. She let her robe fly open as she strode elegantly across the floor.

    Tight tits glistened in the wistful light of early morning. Her pubis was a froth of fuzz, glinting in the weak rays of sunlight.

    Noreen paused at the entrance to the hallway.

    She tossed her hair back.

    Glanced at Slash over her shoulder.

    Winked one eyeball.

    Sashayed on down the hallway.

    She heard Slash rummaging around in the kitchenette. Dropped her hand to the doorknob of the bathroom.

    Paused once more.


    Light liquid slaps.

    Low moans.

    Noreen grinned.

    Exposing teeth.

    Noreen bent forward.

    Peered through the keyhole.


    Jacquette was bent over the bathroom sink. She was buck naked and Maggie was slapping her behind with her hair.

    Then Maggie whacked Jacquette's buns with an open palm.

    Rushed her from behind. Frigged her cut up between Jacquette's legs from the rear.

    Cuked her with friction of the clit.Jacquette lit up when she was hit.

    Her mouth opened.

    Jacquette dribbled spit.

    Maggie's jugs jiggled as she reached forward and grabbed Jacquette by the back of the neck. She crinkled Jacquette to her knees.

    Walked her across the floor.

    Shoved her head into the toilet bowl.

    Noreen snorted abruptly. She cracked the doorway open and slid inside.

    Her mouth opened wide.

    Maggie turned and faced Noreen. Her tits were ripe and the nipples reddened.

    Huge clit pulsed in her cabbage patch.

    Noreen knew Jacquette had already had her way in her syruping snatch.

    Quaffed down dew.

    Cuntcome down the hatch.

    And Maggie was always brewing another batch.

    "Jacquette," Maggie said. "Noreen's ready for us now. Let's surprise her!"

    Jacquette barfed out another layer of her stomach lining into the commode. The bottle of vodka she'd taken aboard the flight into New York and sucked down remorselessly during her lonely passage in the night was taking its toll.

    She puked once more into the toilet bowl.

    Wiped her yip with the back of her hand.

    "Yeah, Maggie," Jacquette said. "That sounded like a bodacious idea you had."

    Jacquette jumped at Noreen. Giggled as she tortured her tits with her fists.

    Held her by the wrists.

    "If you insist," Noreen purred.

    Maggie held a rubber bag trimmed in sterling silver in one hand. In her other fist was a nib on the end of a long tube, hanging off her wrist.

    "Bend over. Crack a smile."

    "That's the style."

    Noreen buckled into the bathtub. Hunched her hiney up in the air.

    Showed the pudworks and her raft of pubic hair.

    Aimed her anus at the stars.

    Winked at them with the raised and crinkled rim of her suckering pucker.

    Maggie handed the rubber bag to Jacquette. Then Maggie jerked her arm out.

    Collided with Noreen's butt.

    Nabbed the nibbling sucker with the silver nib. Reamed the asshole around the rim.

    Shoved it in.

    "Release," Maggie smirked.

    Jacquette gave Noreen the works.


    The juices from the rubber jug jagged through the tubing in short pulses. The waters streamed up into Noreen's opening blowhole.

    Her belly blew out.

    Pangs gripped her innards.

    Maggie began to whip Noreen with the ends of her short hair. The slick spikes speared into Noreen from the rear.

    Jacquette cackled.

    Stepped into the tub.

    Kissed Noreen.

    Stood back and pissed her.


    Slash finished off the reefer in the livingroom. He'd rolled another one but wanted to give himself a headstart.

    No trouble for him to get up for the fuck. And even a virgin-well, Slash had already busted far more than his share.

    But this one was different. Noreen had called him on his profligacy, his manipulation. The way his arrogance attracted women to him and tortured them at the same time.

    She wouldn't go for his usual lines.

    But she would go down.

    So he'd have to take it slowly. Approach her gently. Enter her carefully.

    Keep her calm.

    For she was such a prim young thing. He would not wish to debauch her.

    Only help her fulfill her self-exploration. Her sexual coming of age in the USA.

    He opened his yip. Placed the locoweed reefer roach on the tip of his tongue. Swallowed it with a slug of the crisp wine he had opened after hauling it from the (ridge.

    He walked with calculated casualness down the hall. The low drones first sliced into his ears. Then higher, softer titters.


    "Come on in, Slash. The water's fine. But take your fucking clothes off first."

    Slash grinned. Shimmied out of his shirt and pants. Danced through the open door.

    His eyes seared into the scene before him.

    "Jesus Fucking Christ!"

    He saw Noreen awash as in a dream. She was bent over in the bathtub.

    Her ass in the air.

    Wet pubic hair sputtering out behind, beneath the stuttering anus. Chocolatey liquid gurgled from her blowhole.

    Her nates were spattered by the slather of piss gushing from the little one's hips. The split lips of pussy were reddened and wasted.

    Slash saw Maggie wheedling away at Noreen's flesh. She appeared to be trying to hick Noreen with her breasts.

    As the piss fizzed over Noreen's face, she threw a look at Slash that said it was the best drink she had ever tasted. Her hide was basted.

    Mind wasted.

    Slash's erection was like an infection.

    He eased his stance.

    Made up his mind.

    Launched himself forward.

    Lanced into the dough.

    Noreen squealed as Slash peeled his pecker inside of her twat.


    "Shove it up."

    Her stomach bunched into a knot.

    Her cuntjuices ran hot.

    Slash rutted crudely.

    Snapped back his ass.

    Bashed again into her gash.

    Slash tamped out of her cunny and shifted his pecker up. Snarled in her pussy, frictioning Noreen's beating clitoris.

    He clambered closer to her haunches and stabbed inside of her rectum.


    Slipped his erection into her tum-turn.


    Maggie ate into Slash's ass.

    Jacquette slipped her blistered cuntlips over his jaw. Loaded her longing labia into his yip. Twisted her hips.

    Slash's mouth was filled with Jacquette's cuntfolds. Maggie's mouth gnawed his anus and ballocks as he eased in and out of Noreen.

    He snorted the air.

    Chewed thick pubic hair.

    The essence was rare.

    His head in a snare.

    The cream cascaded all about him. Three different pussies with different juices.

    Cuntcome rolling down the sluices.

    Mouth in ass.

    Cunt in mouth.

    Prick moving in and ‘out.

    Head of hog roaring through its snout.

    His hand hauled the dingdong from within her innards. He rolled Noreen's submitting body beneath him. Crouched over her tits.

    He snicked the tips of her titties with the placement of his pecker.

    Whacked her boobs.

    Pressed them together.

    He ran his dick up between Noreen's knockers. Slipping and sliding the hardmeat.

    Curling his thumbs about her niptips. Gripping boobs in his fist.

    Slash shoved his prick forward.

    The tip of the pecker just reached her mouth as hi lucked in and out of her pile of tits. French-hick in the tits and mouth.

    Noreen might be a virgin.

    But she knew how.

    Her jaw hung wide open. Took in the jabbering length of twanger.

    Tasted it to her tonsils.

    Slash's ballocks moved against her knockers as his dick delved deeper into Noreen's neck.

    Maggie and Jacquette frigged each other off while slugging down wine.

    Then they jabbed the bottleneck in between Slash's rutting rumpcheeks.


    Noreen caught up Slash's cock in her craw.

    She placed her palms on both sides of her columnar neck.

    Petted the pecker through her own flesh.

    Noreen then played her fingers up and down her neck. Jacking off the dickmeat within.

    Her gullet stretched. She retched and gagged. Cokmeat bored inside.

    Noreen hacked on the head.

    The hammering dong battered within her head. Ringing pervaded her ears.

    The cockmeat gave her the slip.

    Slash slid out of her yip.


    He dropped the neat meat between her hips. Into her twat he did dip.

    The lining gave way with a rip.

    "I don't know," Noreen said. "I've never had a dick in this far before."

    "You'll get used to it."

    Maggie sat on Slash's face. Jacquette drooled around his waist.

    He kept his cockmeat rutting in place.

    Then weaseled it out.

    Stuck it in her face.

    "You want me to love you, Slash?" Noreen puled, "You'll have to piss me down."

    "Ah ha!"

    Slash wiggled his penis in his hands. Jiggled the wad of nutmeats.

    The spurts of micturition piped from the eye at the tip of his prong.

    Urine crashed to Noreen's freckled face. Decorating it like fragile lace.

    Penis ejected frothy silver shoots. Dashed out dollops of pizzle against her face.


    Maggie shoved her pussy over Noreen's tits. Slash bit into her fanny.

    Maggie twitched, lucked into Noreen. Laced into her face with leathered fist.

    Jacquette had strung her hair up into a tail, reminiscent of that she had tasted at the whims of the lascivious Chiquita.

    She stepped into place and did what she liked best. Wee-weed on Noreen.

    Whipped out arrestingly.

    Noreen whined as she was covered with cuntcome, urine, and genital sludge.

    Slash cracked off a round of jissom. The come entered Noreen and was pulsed forth by her contorting quim.

    Slash's jizz twinkled in the seam between Noreen's twatlips.

    It turned into a pearlescent nacre as it mixed with the piss. Oiliness of cunt was brought to a boil as Noreen fried herself.

    Strands of the ponytail whip flipped against her clit as the piss rained against her craven face. Noreen jabbered without disgrace.

    This was her brave new world.

    And she had made it that way.

    Pullulating penis pestered her hide.

    Ointments festered inside her fuzz. Noreen was draped with the cake Of the rutting bodies beside her. Her mouth moved in supplication.

    Hands yanked in masturbation.

    It was, after all, a special occasion.

    Noreen's first time.

    She sank into the slime.

    Susurrations slushed from her mouth. Suppurations of pussjuice pulsed from her quim. Her clit burned from within.

    Her asshole juddered about the rim. Nibbling the fingers that gave it a trim.

    Noreen let her muscles relax. Juices flowed freely from deep inside. Discharging jissom from all orifices with a sigh.

    Noreen felt cleansed.


    And born to hick and suck.

    She was a born-again bitch.

    And would satisfy that itch.

    Suspiration of her cuntlips and wanger wedged into her thighs.

    Sigh of her blowhole.

    Instant and growing orgasm as she attempted to breathe slowly and relax.

    It wasn't over for Noreen at all.

    It was only beginning.

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