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    Degraded wife


    Teri Watson sat on the bed and trembled. She was still partially clad, with her sheer up-lift bra and her brief panties and half-slip, but the way the men were looking at her told her that she would not be like that for long.

    All around the bed, the men gathered, standing around, their hands in their pockets, grinning at her maliciously. Gary, her husband, stood at the foot of the bed. He was the only one not grinning. His eyes were dark with anger and there was a scowl on his mouth.

    Though Teri tried not to look down her eyes kept darting to their crotches, and in the pants of every man standing around her was a bulge. She shivered to think what was causing that bulge.

    She knew that her own shapely form and lovely face was to blame, as well as the predicament she was in. Her hands crossed over her cleavage, and she tucked her shapely legs underneath her, to make herself as little provocative as possible.

    "So," snarled Gary finally, "You still haven't learned who's boss. You refused to give me a blow-job when I wanted one."

    Teri's eyes looked at the smirks on the men's faces when he said this, and she thought she saw a bulge in some of their pants twitch as her husband mentioned the word blow-job.

    "But Gary," she whimpered in fear, "there were people around. I wouldn't refuse you, except that everyone would have seen."

    "Maybe one or two people," replied Gary, still angry, "but now you're going to blow me, right now, and you're going to have a regular audience."

    Teri gasped as she watched her husband unzip his fly and pull his pants down. There was a bulge in his briefs, and when he pulled them off his fat organ jumped out at his fearful wife. It was not fully erect yet, but it was on the way.

    It sort of hung in a thick curve, with the head round and red, like an apple. To his wife, it had never seemed more menacing, and she watched it bounce and quiver as he grabbed her arm and pulled her over to him.

    "Now suck me off!" he demanded, shoving her head forward.

    She took the organ in her shaking hands, and began to raise it to her sweet mouth. Out of the corners of her eyes, she could see the men watching in anticipation.

    "And after you're done with me," said Gary, "I promised the boys a little fun."

    Teri knew exactly what he meant as the men placed their hands on her soft body and began peeling off her last remnants of clothing.

    Chapter 1

    DR. G. WATSON, that was what the sign on the door read as Teri pushed it open and walked into the small, homey, office. She always got a thrill when she saw her husband's name on the door like that, even though he had had his own practice for over two years now.

    It was furnished in warm, early American style, with wood and designed fabrics. There was wood paneling on the walls and a few antique swords and fire-arms hanging here and there. It gave it a truly, authentic look.

    She had helped him decorate the room. It was a hobby of hers. His office had been one of her best achievements.

    There were no patients in the waiting room now, office hours were almost over and the few remaining patients were in the inner offices. As Teri walked in, the cute, curly-haired nurse was just leaving.

    "Hi, Mrs. Watson," said the nurse cheerfully, "your husband should be done in about forty-five minutes."

    "Thanks. Adrian," said Teri. She looked at Adrian and appreciated her attractive face and open smile.

    Adrian had been with Gary from the beginning. She was bright, efficient and attractive.

    She had bright eyes, a cute nose and a nice figure. Her legs were nice and long, but Teri had never seen just how good they looked as she always wore uniforms with pants.

    In fact, the good-looking nurses Gary, her husband, hired was one of the things that bothered her. Adrian had been there from the start, and it had bothered Teri to think that her husband was with her all day, but once she got to know the nurse, and saw that business and leisure did not mix, she relaxed.

    But there had been many part-time nurses that had worked in her husband's office. He had a hard time keeping them because he was very demanding and a bit blunt with their incompetence at times.

    They had all been pretty, and young, and Teri worried sometimes. After all, Gary was still an attractive man, even though he was in his mid-thirties, and he would be a real catch for some lithe, young thing.

    He had admitted to her laughingly one day, that he purposely chose pretty nurses because it was good for business. His patients much preferred to talk to a pretty girl than an ugly or plain one, and this made their visit to his office more enjoyable. Therefore, they were more likely to return in the future. He had also insured her that nothing went on between him and his nurses.

    Still, it perturbed her, especially at moments like now, when she poked her head into the back room to see what was going on.

    The new nurse, Gina, was bending over, getting something out of one of the lower cabinets. The fabric of her uniform was stretched tightly across her small, firm ass, and Teri could see her brief panties clearly. Even the little daisies on them.

    It bothered her to think that Gary saw this all day. He probably had seen the panties enough to count each daisy on them, both front and back. As she was thinking this, Gina stood up and turned around.

    Hello, Mrs. Waston," she smiled, "How are you today?"

    Teri looked at her pretty face and her cute, almost impish smile. Gina was a provocative mixture of woman and little girl. Perhaps it was due to her size, for she was short and petite, with a tiny, little-girl's voice.

    "Fine," she smiled back, "Is Gary busy?"

    "Yes," answered the nurse, "he's with Mrs. Finklestein. She's real fussy. He has to give her his undivided attention. But he should be done in a few minutes. Why don't you sit down?"

    Mrs. Watson plopped in a chair and watched the new girl go about her work. Gary had said that she was efficient, and she looked it. She was typing up some forms and Teri studied her bust. It was not nearly as big as her own, but there was something there, and it seemed that she was not wearing a bra. It was hard to tell, as the top of the uniform was not tight, but Teri seemed to see nipple points poking against the material.

    Her body, as a whole, was slender and healthy looking, with a streak of vitality and effervescence running through it that seemed to make her bubble when she talked. Her face was pretty, with a pug-nose, big eyes and short hair. All in all, she was very attractive.

    Teri hoped silently that she did not work out.

    Before she knew it, Gary appeared.

    "Mrs. Finklestein is done," he told Gina, "Get rid of her. Hi, dear."

    He leaned over and pecked her on the cheek… "What's up?" he asked.

    "I thought we could go out to dinner," suggested Teri.

    "Okay," said Gary, "but I've still got about half an hour of work here. So relax and I'll try and hurry,"

    Then he was gone, rushing to another one of his patients. Teri sat in the chair and endured another thirty minutes of the smart, perky nurse and then Gary was done. He washed his hands, grabbed his coat and they walked for the door.

    "Make sure you close up tight," he said to Gina, "Get the cards ready for tomorrow, check the cash… "

    "And make sure the alarm is on when you leave," grinned Gina, "I know, I know."

    "Terrific girl there," commented Gary as they got into the car.

    "Just how terrific?" asked Teri as he started the automobile up.

    "And just what is that supposed to mean?" asked her husband.

    "Well," replied Teri, "I can see she wears clean underwear, but does she have a tight pussy, or is she great at giving head?"

    "Good God," said Gary, "are you going to start with that again? Every time I get a new nurse, it's the same thing. Can't we go and have a peaceful dinner for once?"

    "Of course," answered Teri, "I didn't start. You were the one that said she was terrific, not me."

    "I meant as far as her work," said Gary, "and you know it."

    "I was simply wondering what her work consisted of," Teri stated.

    "I give up," moaned Gary and he shut up and concentrated completely on his driving.

    In a short while, they were seated in the restaurant, with Gary drinking a Tom Collins and Teri sipping a martini. They were able to have two drinks before dinner came and Gary was feeling kind of horny as he looked at his pretty wife.

    Teri was just thirty-three, but she looked like a twenty year old. She had strawberry blonde hair, that she wore in a sort of Dutch-boy cut, with big bangs. It served to accent her fantastic face, with its small nose with a slight rise at the tip, her wide, cat-like eyes and beautiful, petulant lips.

    She was wearing one of her sexier tops, some sort of Danskin with no back and a deep plunge in the front. Over it she was wearing a loose blouse, but the front was not buttoned, allowing her firm bosom to reveal itself.

    She was wearing a light bra, but the material was sheer and allowed her nipples to stick through. The air-conditioning in the restaurant caused the small nubs to protrude from her tits, making them visible through the sheer top "You know," said Gary moving next to her and wrapping his arm around her. With all of your talk about screwing and jobs you got me a little hot."

    "Oh, you've been thinking about humping that little nurse, huh," snapped Teri.

    "No," answered Gary in disgust, "I was thinking about slipping it to you. I can feel your lips around my cock right now."

    "Don't talk like that here," she warned him, "people might hear you."

    "How can they?" asked Gary, "I'm practically whispering in your ear."

    He was also glancing down the front of her top, and though the material did not allow for a look at' her naked tits, it did reveal the tantalizing beginning of her cleavage.

    "Mmmm," he whispered, "what a pair of tits you have."

    He tried to give her a quick squeeze, but her hand blocked his and placed it on the table. He reached over and took her other hand, under the table and laid it on his leg.

    Teri was shocked to feel something hot and rubbery under his pants. His dick was semi-erect and was slithering down his pants leg. She could not believe that he was so hot. He always seemed to want it at the wrong times and at the wrong places.

    "Not now," hissed Teri, as she pulled her hand away.

    "Just a little," asked Gary, "I don't expect to lay you on the table, but how about if we feel each other up a bit during dinner?"

    His hand was already on her thigh, and rubbing and moving towards her crotch. His touch sort of thrilled her, but she had said no. As he touched her soft mound, she clamped her legs.tightly together and he was forced to stop.

    "Damn you," he said, and downed his drink in defeat.

    All the way home in the car, Teri could feel him looking at her and longing for her. She knew what to expect when they got home, and she was not mistaken. As soon as they closed the front door, Gary grabbed her and pulled her onto the couch.

    "Alright," he said, "we're alone now. How about a little fun?"

    "Here?" she answered, "in the living room?"

    "Why not?" answered her husband, slipping his hand under her loose skirt and sliding up along her smooth, tapered legs.

    "It's just not the right place," she responded, pulling free from his grasp. "If you must satisfy yourself, we'll go to the bed room."

    The way his wife said this made Gary feel so shitty that he wanted to forget all about it, but the burning in his groin would not let him stop.

    "Okay, you win," said Gary and he followed her up into the bed room.

    She was already in the room, slipping her panty-hose off her feet and removing her skirt.

    "Let me help you with that," offered Gary, and he wrapped his hands around her waist and grabbed hold of the skirt.

    "I'm quite capable of doing it myself," she replied, and pulled off the garment and then slipped out of her top.

    She looked delicious in her silk panties and thin bra, and Gary felt his dick harden almost instantly at the sight of her graceful body.

    "You are terrific looking," he said as he grabbed her and began kissing her neck.

    "As good as the part-time nurse?" asked his wife as she stood there.

    "Damn it," snapped Gary, "Let's drop it, Teri, I'm only interested in you."

    "If you say so," yawned the blonde.

    Gary moved her over to the bed and they both tumbled down onto it, falling next to each other as Gary held her. She felt so good in his arms, warm, soft and delightful. He let his hands roam over her smooth back and along her arms.

    Then they reached around and took hold of her ass. He gripped his fingers into her soft buttocks and squeezed, thrilling to the way her flesh felt. It was incredibly pliant and hot, and it made his dick quiver in his pants.

    Teri just lay there and let him fondle her body. She could feel his stiff dick pressing against her leg through his pants and it gave her a shiver. She loved the sight and touch of the long tool, but for some reason, Gary himself could never get her really hot.

    She got passionate alright, but not really burning, the way she wanted to be, the way she had imagined it would be when she was married. She wanted intense orgasms that left her limp with satisfaction, but she ended up with only getting mild climaxes every once in awhile.

    Gary reached down and pulled his pants off, having already kicked off his shoes, and tore his shirt and underwear off as well. He placed his naked body next to her partially naked one, and reached around behind her and unclasped her bra.

    He pulled the article of clothing off her and flung it behind him, as he watched her tits hang in front of his face, the nipples hard and swollen. She had a lovely pair of tits, just big enough to get a hold of, but not so big that they flopped and hung on her chest.

    Her nipples were bronze buttons that adorned the tips, and right now they were rockhard and ready for action.

    Gary could tell because he was flicking and rubbing the sensitive nubs. He ran his flat palm over them, feeling them pressing against his skin, thrilling to their firmness as well as their coolness.

    As he pressed his palms against them, he pushed forward with his hands and grabbed each of the fleshy mounds. He cupped a tit in each hand now, as Teri's body grew tense with pleasure.

    He began to squeeze and fondle them, grabbing and pulling lightly at her knockers and twisting them as he did so. They were wonderfully firm and responsive to his tuggings and he noticed that Teri was getting turned on as well.

    The blonde was starting to enjoy his manipulation, and she enjoyed his fondling and massaging of her tits in his strong hands. His fingers felt wonderful digging into her flesh. She loved it when Gary acted powerful and really went to work on her body. He so rarely did this, however, that she was twice as excited when he did.

    Now he was giving her chest a good work-over. He was really hot, and grabbing and pulling on as much of her tits as he could manage. The soft, pink globes flattened and twisted in his grip and he had the nipples protruding from between his fingers now.

    The nubs were hard and burning, and he removed his hands from the mounds to go to work on them. He knew Teri liked it when he worked over her nipples, so he grabbed one of the fleshy protrusions between his thumb and index finger and gave a firm pinch.

    "Ohhh," groaned Teri in delight.

    Gary smiled maliciously and pinched her again, this time a little, harder than previously.

    "Ohhh," she said again, this time a little louder as he grew rougher with her buds.

    He knew that this was just the sort of treatment that she wanted, and he tweaked and nipped at her tender nipples with both hands now, making his wife wriggle and squirm on the bed.

    The tips of her breasts felt fine between his fingers. It was incredibly erotic to feel the hard nipples compressing in his grasp, and then jumping back out against his fingers, begging for more. They never lost their shape or firmness, no matter how he pinched or twisted them, and he was doing plenty of that. The bronze pebbles were being mercilessly yanked and squeezed by him as he sought to arouse his wife.

    Teri was beginning to feel a yearning in her loins, a direct response to the tugging on her nipples. Her buds were very sensitive, and pinching them never failed to arouse her.

    She reached down and touched the head of her husband's dick. Gary seemed to jump a foot into the air as she did this. The tip of his dick was hot, like fire, and it was red and inflamed with lust.

    His rod jerked and kicked against Teri's squirming body, smashing against her smooth thigh and leaving a clear trail of pre-come on her leg and hip. His balls were already aching him, and his wife hadn't even started to touch his tool. The fact of the matter was that sex with Teri only an occasional 'thing.

    His wife never really seemed to want to screw or even fool around, and he had to just about beg her every time he wanted to fuck her. Or else he had to buy her some sort of gift so that she would do what he wanted.

    Now, however, Teri was starting to get really hot, something she rarely did, and he was going to take full advantage of it. He pushed his rod against her hand and began to rub it back and forth along her leg, making her sticky and wet. Teri finally grasped the cock firmly in her hand, more to keep its leaking head away from her leg than to please Gary, but with the first touch she received such a heated response, that she was inspired to fondle the dick some more.

    His dick was unusually hard and big tonight, and she thought that it might be nice to have it stuffed into her cunt, so she began a slow, rhythmic pumping of his hot rod. Her fingers held it gingerly, as her hand slid up and down its entire length, even slipping up over the head, and rubbing her palm roughly against the sensitive tip.

    "Ahhh," gasped Gary as she stroked his glans, "That's the way, Teri. Beat me off good."

    She delighted in the way Gary's body bucked and writhed when she worked on the tip of his prick, so she made sure she rubbed and fondled the head often, making his tool hotter and hotter with each touch.

    The friction she was causing on the head was almost hurting Gary, but it also felt so good at the same time, that he could not even think of asking her to stop. With each stroke, it felt as if his balls were being drawn up into his cock and he could not help but grunt over and over again as she touched him.

    Teri knew when to stop, however, for she did not want Gary dropping his load too soon, and getting her all wet and smelly with his semen. Besides, she wanted to be fucked. So she stopped rubbing the dick and pushed Gary flat on his back as she climbed up on top of him.

    "Oh, yes, baby," he groaned as he saw her position her cunt over his upright pecker, "Sit on it."

    Teri did just that, but she did it slowly, so that she could savor every inch as her husband's dick slid into her. First she just touched the tip to her hot, moist cunt lips, and rubbed it back and forth.

    This sent shivers through her body and got the head of the cock nice and wet, too. That way, when she began to slide her spread beaver down on the hot shaft, it poked up easily inside her.

    A quarter of an inch at a time, his dick slithered up into her, as she lowered herself down on the impaling dick. Both of them were moaning now, as they thrilled to the dick entering the cunt.

    To Gary, it felt as if he were sticking his wick into nice, hot pudding, all drippy and wonderful. To Teri, it felt as if a red hot poker was being rammed into her twat, and she heaved with pleasure.

    Finally, it was all the way in, and both people remained motionless and enjoyed the feeling of completeness that it brought them. It was Gary that first began to move. Coming out of his lethargy, he began to move his hips back and forth slowly, causing his tool to poke in and out of Teri's obliging cunt.

    The beautiful blonde squirmed and bucked, riding the cock the way a rodeo star rides a horse. Up and down, back and forth, she rocked, driving the dick into every wet corner of her snatch.

    Gary began to come to life even more and started shafting the bouncing broad with sharp thrusts, that drove his prick deep into her vagina. He could feel it spreading apart her juicy lips and forcing itself deep into the love channel.

    But Teri wanted it deeper and harder, and she began to twist and jump on the pole, forcing it up against her cervix. She felt the padded head of the dick push against her back wall, and the sensation drove her on to greater lust.

    She needed to be really rammed by this tool, fucked the way she had never before been fucked by Gary. She wanted to feel the cock really stuffed into her, really tearing apart her pussy, as if her husband had not fucked in years.

    What she got were powerful, quick thrusts, but not of the ferocity she desired, and in her frustration, she writhed and grunted on his cock, her face contorted in an unsatisfied grimace.

    Her husband took the pained expression to mean that he was being too rough with Teri, and he eased his fucking somewhat, so that she could enjoy it more. And so it went, the blonde wanting a stiff fucking, and the doctor giving her a gentle ramming.

    Gary could feel the scum boiling in his nuts and with a few more rapid strokes, he began to come inside his wife's throbbing pussy. Teri almost sobbed when she felt the first blast of hot sperm in her wet channel. She did not want Gary to come yet. She was still far from orgasm, and she needed that stiff dick to get her there.

    But the cock was spitting and jerking into her, sending wad after wad of jism against her walls and cervix, making her sticky and salty inside her cunt. It felt good having the scum dripping in her, but it would have felt wonderful if only he had kept fucking her when he came, instead of lying there and feeling his dick spend itself.

    In a minute, it was all over. Teri rolled off him and she could feel the scum dripping out of her still burning cunt.

    "That was great, dear," he lied, the anger of her frustration not even reaching him, as he stretched out on the bed.

    Teri said nothing, and felt the fire in her loins still burning, making her cunt hot and wet with desire. She only wished that it had been half as pleasurable for her, but as usual, she was left unsatisfied.

    She slipped out of the bed and went downstairs into the living room, where she turned on a small light and dug through the back of the linen closet. She finally found the small, thin box that she had been searching for and pulled it out and lay down on the couch with it.

    From the box she produced a slim, white vibrator, that was all shiny and clean. She ran her fingers over it for a moment, her face blank as she stared at it. Then she switched it on and felt the plastic projectile vibrating against her fingers, sending slight through her digits and her hand as well.

    The machine was only humming slightly as she touched it to her chest. She placed it in the shallow valley between her breasts and felt the wonderful sensations as it rubbed her cool skin.

    Chapter 2

    She let it vibrate against her valley for a few moments and then moved it over each of her mounds, making the entire tit shake to the moving vibrator. It was sending wonderful quakes throughout her mound, and she stroked it back and forth, over the fleshy globe and then up towards the already erect nipple.

    When the vibrator first touched the sensitive nub, it felt as if an electric spark jumped from the tool to the tip of her tit, and she gasped and writhed in pleasure. Then the smooth plastic tip was pushing against her nipple, making her hotter with each second.

    She worked over each tit like this, saving the precious nipple for last, making it ache and tingle under the shaking tool. It was like having a thousand fingers all shaking and tweaking her nipples, giving her no end of pleasure.

    Once her jugs were hot and hard, and there was an aching at each of their ends from the nipples being drawn so tight, Teri began to move the vibrator down along her chest to her stomach.

    "Oh," she gasped, at the first touch of the tool against her stomach skin. It was cold and it gave her the chills as it moved wildly over her flesh.

    Teri stroked it along her flat stomach, slowly inching it down towards her crotch, but delaying it as much as she could so that when it finally did touch her where she wanted it, she would be really hot.

    She kind of poked the head of the vibrator into her belly-button, and it sent strange tingles into her navel and to the pit of her stomach. She felt her cunt getting hotter and hotter and she could no longer delay the contact she so desperately needed.

    Her hand jumped to her crotch, and she placed the tip, of the tool against one of her tender inner thighs, just where it touched her crotch, and she jumped an inch into the air as she did so.

    The spot was so sensitive, so hidden, that she was hardly able to endure the contact of the vibrator, so she only applied the plastic tool for a second at a time, and then drew it away, catching her breath and preparing for the next touch.

    In this manner, she rubbed the vibrator along both of the spots, making her cunt even wetter than it already was. There was no controlling her actions now, and she slid the sleek, plastic rod over her bushy pubic mound.

    The plastic head pressed gently into the soft bulge, and instantly sent out waves of lusting pleasure. They were hot splashes of passion that originated from the head of the vibrator and moved outward along her entire cunt and ended up concentrated in her hot clit.

    She kept pressing it along her mound, rubbing it gently up and down, thrilling to the pleasure it brought her, and making her pant and gasp wildly. She began to press it between her moist cunt lips, just along the outside, spreading them apart and slowly exposing her clitoris to the shivering plastic head.

    She did not make direct contact with the hot bud, but kept the tool moving around the nub, touching the wet folds of skin with the rod and making the clit vibrate indirectly as she did so.

    It was hot now, intense, as the vibrator was so near her clit and yet so far, making it spasm and swell and making her gasp for air like a fish out of water. Her mouth was dry, and she gulped rapidly trying to wet her throat, but the rush of air as she gasped made it impossible to keep wet. Then she moved the tip of the rod down even further, edging it to the warm cavern of her cunt hole, pushing the protective lips aside to allow the head of the monster into her hole.

    The vibrator was really moving into her slot now, sending those fantastic shivering sensations into her cunt and deep inside her passage, even though the tool was barely in the twat.

    "Oh, God," she grunted in a heavy moan, and she sent the vibrator flying into her quivering orifice.

    She sunk it into her cunt up to her fingers and her entire body began to shake wildly on the couch, as though she were now a part of the plastic rocket. The springs of the couch were creaking and she was jumping wildly about as the vibrator sat inside her.

    From his vantage point on top of the stairs, Gary could see everything. He could not believe his eyes, but there was his wife, on the couch with a shiny vibrator shoved up her cunt.

    She was really enjoying it, too. He could see that clearly enough. Her head was thrown back, her mouth open and panting and her back arched stiffly. Her legs were wide open, and he could not even see the tool, it was stuck so deeply in her cunt.

    Her body was shaking and wriggling like it never did with him, and there was a layer of sweat all over her body. As he watched, he felt depressed, thinking that his wife had just run from fucking with him, to fuck with a plastic tool, and the tool seemed to be giving her more pleasure.

    It was in her long enough now, and Teri pulled the tool out. There was a sucking noise as she did so, for her cunt was so wet now, and the muscles of her twat were wrapped tightly about the rod.

    She drew it all the way out, and then slipped it back in about half-way, giving herself another rush of pleasure. Then she began the steady pumping of the vibrator in and out of her cunt. It was unlike any other sensation she had ever felt. It was much better than Gary's cock, for it seemed to fill her completely, even though it was so small, and sent shock-waves of pleasure into her body.

    Back and forth her hand flew, driving the quivering tool in and out of her cunt at a terrific pace. She would rub it round and round in a small circle as well, making the hard tip rub against her swollen walls.

    Gary could literally see the juices running out of her cunt and onto the pillow of the sofa. He could not believe she was that wet, and she hadn't even come yet. Her cunt lips were bright red from the blood rushing under her skin, and they were glistening.

    "Uh, uh," groaned Teri, "Oh, yessss. God!"

    And as Gary watched his wife please herself with the plastic tool, coming out with passionate cries and groans, he felt his limp cock growing hard. It started slowly at first, and by the time he noticed it, it was half its swollen size already.

    He reached down and grabbed his tool, and his fingers felt terrific around it, and he began stroking and pulling on his pecker as he watched his wife writhe on the couch. He imagined that he was fucking her again, and it was his dick that was making her so hot and bothered, instead of the vibrator.

    Teri was really frantic now, with the vibrator whipping in and out of her pussy, the shivering sensations moving up into her clit and making her box hot with desire. She could feel her orgasm growing, pulsing with each movement of the tool and she stuffed it in further and faster with each passing second.

    "Ohhhh," she moaned, completely unaware that her husband was watching her and beating his meat to her wildly jerking body.

    Gary beat his meat in a frenzy as he watched the blonde's jugs bounce and toss on her chest as she writhed in pleasure. Her body looked more beautiful than ever, with her long legs spread so wide, her chest up-thrust and her face a mask of animal lust.

    His fist was flying up and down his shaft, and he felt the scum burning in his balls, getting nearer and nearer to shooting out of his dick as he beat himself off.

    Teri was very near also, and she angled the tool so that the smooth, plastic handle was lying against her clitoris, sending the wild vibrations though it also. She felt as if she would not be able to endure the pleasure the tool was bringing her as it tickled her clit, but she held her hand steady and let it do its work.

    "OH GOD!" she screamed as she came. Her body literally jumped off the sofa and dropped back onto the wet spot between her legs.

    As she came, so did her husband. He felt his dick grow rock hard and then the sperm came shooting up the shaft and gushing out the tip. He did not even try to stop it as it fired over the railing and splattered onto the rug in the living room.

    Faster and faster he pumped, feeling the scum bursting forth wildly from his dick and watching the cunt juices spill out of his wife's convulsing cunt.

    They ran out of her wet hole as she held the vibrator firmly in place, running over the slick plastic pole and pouring over her legs. She could feel herself wetting the sofa, but she did not care. And finally, it was done.

    She pulled the tool from her twat and clicked it off, then relaxed on the couch, her ass sitting in the cool puddle of her own juices. Her eyes were closed and she wondered if any man could ever make her feel as good as she felt now.

    Gary let the last few drops of scum drip off his dick, and looked down at the clear globs on the floor. He was glad that Teri had not seen him, for he could not face her now.

    He finally realized just how little pleasure he gave her and he felt terrible. He was not even as satisfying as a plastic tool. In dejection, he climbed back upstairs and went to bed.

    The next morning, not much was said between the two people, and Teri was wondering what was the matter. But she did not think about it for long, for she began thinking about her come on the couch.

    Why wasn't Gary able to satisfy her like that? His dick was quite a good size and he fucked well, but he never got her that hot. She wondered about it all the way to work.

    Teri was a manager in a large, expensive department store. She was the manager of women's wear, and that included coats, dresses, sportswear and lingerie. She had the highest sales figures in the store and she was hoping for a promotion.

    When she got it, Mr. Deal was walking around, looking over her areas.

    "Good morning, Frank," she smiled. "Everything okay?"

    "Perfect as usual," he answered, turning to her.

    His eyes slithered over the beautiful strawberry blonde standing in front of him. They moved over her smooth legs, round hips, jutting chest and perfect lips. He felt his dick tingle as he did so, as it did every time he looked at her.

    "You seem to have everything under control," he added, "I just wish all of my managers were as thorough."

    She walked around the store with him, chatting about this and that, hoping that he would say something about her promotion, but he did not.

    "I've got to go up to my office for something," he told her, "come along."

    She followed him upstairs, her heart speeding up slightly. Perhaps he was going to tell her now. Perhaps he wanted to tell her in confidence and had been reluctant to do so on the sales floor.

    They rode up the elevator and he unlocked the door to his large office. He flipped the lights on, and went over to his desk, shuffling through some papers. He seemed to be mulling something over in his mind.

    Teri just stood around, in her thin, frilly dress, waiting for him to tell her, but he seemed almost oblivious to the fact that she was there.

    "As you must know," he started suddenly, as he closed the door behind him, "I have been manager of this store for ten years now, and during my ten years, I have never seen a woman that has had such a combination of brains and good-looks."

    Teri smiled at him, feeling this was it.

    "Your hair, your eyes," added Frank, "and most of all… your figure, all of them add up to make you quite a knock-out. Every time I see you, I feel young again."

    He certainly did not look young, with grey hair and an over-weight, pot-bellied appearance, thought Teri. But she was trying to figure out what her looks had to do with her promotion.

    "Do you understand what I'm saying?" he asked her.

    "I'm afraid not," answered Teri.

    "There are many new positions opening in this company," he said, "High positions, which needed to be filled by smart, hard-working people, like yourself. But they must also be cooperative. Perhaps that is the most important factor to be mentioned. The person who fills the job must be willing to give her all to her boss."

    He was moving around the room nervously, as if her were on the verge of saying something.

    "Would you get me that file on top of the cabinets?" he asked her abruptly.

    Teri walked over and stretched up on her toes to grab the papers. As she did so, she heard a movement behind her and she suddenly felt a hand on each of her tits and something pressing up against her ass.

    Mr. Deal was behind her, grabbing her tits in his fat, sweaty hands, and grinding his rigid cock between her ass cheeks. He pressed his body against hers and breathed heavily down her neck.

    "Now do you understand me?" he asked again.

    This time the attractive blonde understood him perfectly, as she felt him massaging her tits and pushing his dick against her ass. With her arms over her head and her body off balance, she was a perfect target for his attack, and it took her several second before she could gather herself together.

    She dropped the file and got off her toes, but this action only caused the head of his cock to poke up against her asshole.

    He still had his hands on her jugs, and he was really massaging and kneading them.

    "Get your hands off me," she said coldly, as she struggled to get free.

    She broke loose of his grasp, as she felt him trying to pull her bra down and she whirled on the fat man.

    "How dare you touch me like that," she snarled.

    "Wait a minute," he countered, "you knew what was going to happen when you agreed to come up here with me."

    "I thought we were going to discuss my promotion," she replied angrily, pulling her bra back into place and adjusting her dress. "I did not think you were going to attack me."

    "Don't give me that," he replied, "You know I've got the hots for you, and you sure dressed to kill today."

    "I always dress well," she answered, "I did not dress like this to entice you."

    "Bullshit," he said, "You dress like that to entice every man, and as far as a promotion goes, you may as well forget it."

    That remark took some of the steam out of Teri, for she had been looking forward to the promotion for almost a year now. It was not for the money, Gary made plenty of that, it was a personal thing. She had worked hard for that job, and she was going to get it.

    "What do you mean by that?" she asked.

    "Like I said," commented Frank, "I want someone who is cooperative. You certainly are not that. So you can forget about the promotion."

    "Who else can you get to fill the job?" asked the blonde, "who else will be able to handle it?"

    Frank smiled and answered, "Millie Roper. She's handled it already, once with her mouth even."

    Teri caught the implication and felt angrier by the minute.

    "Do you mean to say that you're going to promote her because she went down on you?" she asked bluntly.

    "Exactly," he answered, just as truthfully. "And she's going to be doing a lot more than that when she starts working under me."

    "So all I have to do is lay down and pull up my dress," she snarled, "and I've got the job, regardless of my qualifications. Is that it, Mr. Deal?"

    "Exactly," he responded, looking over her trim body, "and it seems to me that your qualifications are just perfect. I'd love to try my dick out in that pussy of yours. It must be real hot."

    That was when she smacked his face and stormed out of the office. She left the store and drove around in her car for awhile, trying to cool off, but getting madder with each moment.

    She could not go to any of the labor agencies because it was simply her word against his, and Frank had never even suggested anything improper to her before. He was a solid, hard-working, married man, and no one would believe that he had molested and propositioned her not ten minutes ago.

    In his own office, Gary Watson was sitting lethargically in his chair. He was still thinking about the previous evening and his own inadequacies. He knew that it must be him, for his wife was obviously capable of being very passionate, as the vibrator had shown.

    Therefore, it was his fault.

    "Dr. Watson," said Adrian, "Mrs. Keller is waiting, and I'm leaving for the afternoon.' Gina is here and ready to go."

    "Oh, okay," he muttered, rising from his chair.

    He went to his patient and started working on her feet, but his mind was on Teri and her body. In about twenty minutes, he was done and when he went into the other office, it was empty.

    "I told you to move those patients," he snapped at Gina, "Keep those offices filled."

    "Relax," said Gina, "I know that. We had two cancels and a no-show. There aren't any patients."

    "Oh… oh," muttered Gary, "Sorry about that. I should have known you knew what you were doing."

    "True," answered the woman.

    "Well, relax, and do some of those Medicaid forms," he told her.

    Then he went and sat in his chair and started thinking about Teri again. He could not figure her out. She was always so jealous, worrying that he was fucking around with his nurses, but then when they were alone, she seemed turned off by him. What was the matter with him?

    "Gina," he called out, "I hate to disturb you, but can I ask you a question?"

    "Shoot," said the pretty woman.

    Gary was at a loss for words, and not a little bit embarrassed as well.

    "Well," he started, "Would you say, that is, how would you say I looked? I mean, I know I'm not handsome, no Robert Redford, but how do you think I look. I mean honestly. Don't pull any punches."

    "Good grief," sighed Gina, "It's not that bad. You're quite handsome. I like the way your face looks. Why the concern?"

    "Would you say," he asked, ignoring her question, "that I was sexy, or at least attractive?"

    "Personally, I find you very sexy," answered the part-time nurse.

    Gary let that sink in, and he was getting more confused as they talked.

    "You mean, that you could find me interesting?" he asked, "Even… stimulating?"

    "Well, I wouldn't know about the second part," she answered, as she turned towards him and took his face in her small, delicate hands, "Let's see."

    She planted her lips on his and began kissing him passionately, licking her tongue along his mouth and wetting his lips. He was so shocked at what was happening, that he just sat there for a few moments before reacting.

    He knew perfectly well what he should be doing, and that was pushing her away, but he found it impossible to do so for two reasons. First of all, Gina was very attractive. She was cute, smart and perky and quite a good kisser. Second of all, this was his chance to see if he could arouse another woman and see if he could satisfy her.

    So he opened his mouth and let her tongue slide in, whipping about his teeth and the inside of his lips as she passionately kissed him.

    Gina had mistakenly taken Gary's questions as a come-on, for she had long since found the doctor to be very handsome, and watching his ass made her cunt tingle with lust. He had rugged features, with a square chin, wide nose and the bluest eyes she had ever seen. They looked like two pools of crystal clear water.

    Now she was actually kissing him, rubbing her lips against his, and he was starting to kiss back. She let her tongue slide back into her mouth as his tongue moved into her orifice. He was searching around the warm hole with his spear, touching her teeth and gums and cheeks so delightfully.

    Now both of their tongues were moving, wrapping against each other, intertwining and licking, pulling at each other's fleshy dart. It was making Gina and Gary quite hot as they sat on their separate chairs.

    Gary reached out and pulled Gina's chair next to his, and the petite nurse slid over and pressed her body against his. She could feel the muscles under his pants, but she wanted to feel them even more closely against her naked skin.

    Their mouths were moving all over now, kissing each other's eyes, nose, and face as their passion grew hotter. Soon, Gina's hands began to move along the doctor's back and arms, sliding over his strong shoulders and thrilling to the touch of his body.

    Gary did as his nurse did, and was soon running his hands over her frame, heatedly touching her soft legs and back, gliding along her arms and up to her neck.

    "Let's go into the other room," he said to her.

    He led her into the room, where the big, comfortable examining chair was located, and he eased her down into the chair.

    "Lay back," he told her, "and don't move. Let me do everything."

    He tilted the chair back slightly, so that she was comfortably laid out and then rubbed his hands along the front of her body.

    "So," you muttered, "you don't wear a bra."

    "I never thought you noticed," she managed to get out, as she immersed herself in in his touch.

    "Lot's of times," he told her, as he rubbed his hands over her small, hard mounds, "I often wanted to order you to remove your blouse so I could get a good look at your tits."

    "Order me to do it now," she muttered, under his gentle caress.

    "Okay," he smiled, "Strip, Gina. Take that top off so that I can see your chest. I want to get a good view of your tits."

    "I'm afraid that there's not much to see," she said as she unzipped the top of her uniform and slid it off her shoulders.

    "I'll be the judge of that," he said firmly.

    He grabbed the top from her and put in on the table and looked appreciatively at her naked upper body as she lay in the chair. The vinyl felt cold against her back, and in a few seconds, it was making her nipples grow stiff and erect.

    "I think your tits are just fine," commented Gary as he ogled her body. "But I'm going to make sure."

    Saying this, he reached out with one hand and grabbed hold of one of her tits.

    "Oh, yes; doctor," moaned his nurse.

    "Doctor knows best," he smiled, "now just lie there and let me work you over."

    That was precisely what he did. For about an hour, he felt up the cooperative nurse's chest, squeezing and kneading her hard tits, and gradually working his way to her nipples.

    He did what he knew Teri liked and grabbed the fleshy nubs in between his fingers and pinched him.

    "Ah!" gasped Gina and her body twitched in the chair. "Harder," she moaned, "Do it harder."

    Gary was hesitant, but her responded, and really began to pinch and nip at the rosy pebbles. He loved the feel of the meat giving under his pressure and then springing back again.

    "More, more," begged Gina, "Use me, Dr. Watson, "Use my body."

    Gary was shocked by her words. He had never heard Teri say anything like this. She was always telling him what not to do. She was always telling him to stop, or do this, or don't do that. In their love-making, she called all the shots.

    Gary leaned over her pretty body and went to town on her chest, using his fingernails to bite into her nipple flesh, and shortly, she was writhing and squirming uncontrollably in his chair.

    "Get your goddamn pants off," he snapped at her.

    Gina jumped at his order, and her hands flew down to her waist and she lifted her hips, yanking the white pants off her body and down to her ankles. Gary grabbed then and tore them the remainder of the way off and put them to the side. Now she was only wearing her tiny briefs.

    "Nice, very nice," he commented as he ran his hand over the flat of her stomach. He dipped down to her pussy and pushed against it, making her moan passionately.

    "Now, the panties," he snapped.

    They were gone in a second, and she was lying on the chair completely naked now, quivering expectantly, yearning for Gary's touch.

    Gary merely sat in his chair and looked first, at this young woman's delicate form. She looked so lovely lying there, with her small, firm breasts and lovely legs and body. And her cunt was a dark triangle of curly hair that seemed to pulse even as he looked at it.

    Then his hands began to roam, stroking her shivering legs, touching her slim waist, and finally centering on her pussy. At his very first touch, she moaned, and then his fingers spread her lips and one of the digits poked up inside of her.

    "Oh, doctor," she gasped.

    Her sighs thrilled him even more, and he began to finger fuck the prone woman, slipping his index finger in and out of her hot twat, making it wetter and wetter with each stroke.

    He felt his dick pushing against his pants, and his balls seemed rock-hard, He was more excited than he had even been before, and it seemed that Gina was hot too.

    In and out his finger flew, making her twist and turn on the chair, trying to control her mounting passion as he frigged her. He could feel that her cunt was really wet now, allowing his finger to poke all the way inside her.

    He rubbed against her walls, and felt the pussy lips swelling and contracting with each touch. The whole cunt seemed to be quivering under his touch and that made him as hot as hell.

    "Are you ready?" he asked her.

    "You're the doctor," she managed to get out between gasps, "You decide."

    It was the first time that it had ever been up to him,, and he felt a new sense of self, and a great feeling of freedom.

    "Okay then, Gina," he said as he stood up, "Unzip me, and get my dick out. I'm going to fuck you."

    The woman turned to her side slightly and her arms reached up and grasped his pants. Her hands were trembling, and he smiled as he watched her try to control herself enough to undo his pants.

    He gave her a few fast strokes with his finger, and grinned as her body froze for a minute, before she went back to her work.

    Somehow, she managed to get his zipper down, unbuckle his belt and drag his pants and underwear down over his legs. His dick literally jumped out, and poked right in front of her face as she lay in the chair.

    She turned her face towards the fat organ, now only an inch from her face, and looked at its swollen dimensions. It was long, thick and deep red, and seemed to belong to a horse rather than a man.

    He stabbed his digit into her again, and she opened her mouth in a wide groan. But before she even finished her cry, she pulled her head forward, and slid her ovalled lips over his monster dick.

    Gary was shocked, to say the least, and he stopped moving for several seconds as he watched the nurse pull his dong into her lips and begin sucking on it. He was amazed to see that her small mouth was able to take the wide dimensions of the tool, and not only did she fit it, but she was gobbling down inch after inch of the tool. She got it about half-way down when she stopped and really began to do a number on his dick.

    He pink tongue was swirling and licked all over the shaft, slurping its way along the thick pole, and then jumping up to the cushioned head. It moved into the tiny slit at the end, sending shivers up and down Gary's spine.

    "That's right, nurse," he grunted, "Suck the doctor's cock. Blow me really good, and maybe I'll fuck you."

    She seemed to hear this, and her efforts on his cock grew more heated. His head began to bob up and down along the dick, as he kept his finger working in and out of her cunt. Both of them were getting hotter and hotter, but Gary was feeling even more than passion.

    He was feeling just how free and wonderful sex could be. He found that he did not have to worry about his every move with Gina, and that he could do things with her that he could never do with Teri.

    Her mouth was sucking away at his pole like a vacuum, and the blood was rushing into his cock head, making it swell even larger in her mouth. She gagged slightly, but then she continued her work, running her lips up and down his shaft.

    He reached out and grabbed the back of her head, and began forcing it down on his tool. He wanted more of his cock in the woman's mouth, and though she resisted at first, she then allowed him to slip more of her meat into her orifice.

    He was really ramming it to her now, holding her head steady, and pumping his organ in and out of her willing mouth, and he began to feel it banging against her tonsils, making both of them shudder with delight.

    "Alright," he said firmly, "You've earned a good, stiff fucking, and that is just what I'm going to give you."

    He pulled his dick out of her sucking mouth, watching a string of pre-come hang from her lip and then shifted the chair back even further, raising her feet up into the air. Then he climbed on top of her.

    Her legs spread automatically, and her breath was coming in short pants. He looked down at her small, lovely face and felt his dick tingle as he realized that he was going to fuck this nurse.

    And that was precisely what he did, as he moved down and shoved his prick all the way into her wet pussy.

    "Argh," screamed Gina, "Oh, oh, that feels good. That feels so good."

    "How about this?" asked Gary, and then gave her a quick jab.

    "Oh! Yes, yes," she sighed, almost sobbing, "Fuck me, doctor, please do it. His organ plowed into her hot twat, and he found her cunt incredibly tight and very wet. She was quite ready for him, and her cunt accepted every inch of his dick. He slammed it into her, driving it against her cervix and plowing open her soft lips.

    "Oh, God, that feels good," moaned Gary, as he covered her with his body.

    The small woman was pulling off his shirt as he fucked her, so that their naked flesh was soon rubbing against each other. Gina loved the feeling of the doctor's warm chest hairs rubbing against her hot skin, and she pressed her tits against him, rubbing the still hard nipples against his coarse hairs.

    She could feel each rosy nipple charged with the energy of sex. Her entire body was aflame with the intensity of her need. She was a hot bitch, and she needed-to be fucked, and fucked and fucked.

    Chapter 3

    "This is terrific," said Gary, as he humped the lovely nurse.

    She felt so good under him, writhing and bucking as he forced his tool in and out of her, stuffing it to her as hard as he could, working her pussy with the mammoth rod, and making her squirm all over the chair.

    The chair was angled just right, so that gravity helped him fuck Gina, as their feet were slightly higher than their heads and the tool was able to fly all the way into her open pussy.

    She was wild with passion, and she was making noise like some wild beast that was in heat, moaning and squealing with each and every deep plunge into her cunt.

    "More," she moaned, "Stick it to me!"

    In and out it slipped, until Gary felt himself getting ready to unload into her pussy. He hesitated for a moment, but then remembered that he was the boss and he drove into her with renewed energy.

    "I'm going to give you something soon," he informed her, "I'm going to drop my hot load into that tight cunt of yours. Won't that be nice?"

    "Yes," she muttered.

    "What?" he asked, "I can't hear you."

    "Yes," said Gina more loudly, "Yes, I want you to shoot off inside me. I want all of your hot cream unloaded into my cunt. Please, please, come!"

    Gary was shocked and even more turned on by her words, and he rammed in and out with a passion, until he felt her body begin to shudder under him.

    "Aaahhh!" she screamed as she came.

    Her cunt was spasming around his dick, pulsing and sucking at his tool as he fucked her. He could feel her hot liquids pouring out of her cunt and washing over his invading peter.

    Her body was jumping as if it would not stop. Gary thought he would be thrown off the chair by the way she was writhing, but after a while she calmed down, and her body only twitched slightly.

    Her cunt was still going wild, however, and as it milked him, it caused him to drop his load. His scum sprayed into Gina's willing cunt in thick, white bolts, mixing with her own juices and washing down her channel.

    Some of the thick liquid clung to her hot walls, however, and he could feel his dick head pushing up against the sperm as he kept banging into her. With each stroke, more jism poured out, until her cunt was filled with it, and it began to trickle out onto the vinyl of the chair.

    "Take it," he moaned, "Take it all, baby."

    Gina rocked underneath him, sweating and bucking and replying, "Yes, slip it to me, fill me up with your spunk."

    Finally, it was over, and the two of them lay on the chair, exhausted and sweaty their genitals still tingling with pleasure. The scum leaked out and collected under Gina, and when Gary finally got off her, he handed her a towel to clean up.

    "That was wonderful," he told her as he dressed.

    "I would say that you are very stimulating," laughed the woman, as she pulled her panties back on.

    "It sure seemed it,''-he said, smiling to himself.

    This meant that it wasn't his fault that Teri was not getting excited. He seemed to be doing everything right. Gina had obviously loved their screwing, and he certainly had.

    "I loved it when you abused my nipples," said Gina, "And when you ordered me to strip. You were so sexy when you were being forceful."

    "I think that's enough work for one day," he told her, "Close up for today. You'll have a little something extra in your pay envelope at the end of the week."

    "That's not necessary," she said, "I didn't do it for money. I did it because I find you sexy."

    Gary thought this over as he drove away from the office. The young nurse had really been attracted to him. She had really been hot during their fucking, and he had felt terrific.

    But he was not able to put his finger on exactly what had made him so hot. Was it simply that Gina was young, or was it something more?

    He headed over to Stu's house. He always ate dinner over there on Thursday night. Teri worked late every Thursday night, and Stu and he would eat dinner and have a few hands of poker or go shoot pool. He enjoyed the evening.

    One of the added attractions was Stu's wife. She was a lovely woman and a great cook, and he always liked taking a peek at her ass or snatch while they talked. She was the exact opposite of Teri, being a dark, hot-blooded Spanish woman.

    She had large features, full lips, long, black hair and a very voluptuous figure. Her legs, from what Gary had seen of them, were quite good-looking, and her chest was a good size, as was her ass.

    "Hey, guy," smiled Stu as he opened the door and pulled Gary in, "So how's the foot business this week? Are you still acting like a*heel* to your nurses?"

    "Oh, god, Stu," moaned Gary, "you get 'cornier' every time I see you."

    Both men laughed, and then Maria, Stu's wife, came over and gave the doctor a short kiss.

    "Gary, how are you?" she asked, "How's Teri?"

    "We're both just fine," he replied. He wondered to himself what their reaction would be if he had said, "Teri's fine, as long as she has her vibrator to fuck her."

    Would they be shocked, or would they simply pretend he hadn't even said it? The three walked into the dining room, where Maria served them and they all ate like pigs.

    "God, that was delicious," moaned Gary, "but I don't think I'll be able to get up from my chair."

    "Come on," said Stu, "Try and make it into the other room so we can play some cards."

    The two men pulled themselves from the table and walked into the den, where they began to play cards. Gary lost consistently, as his mind was on other things.

    "Hey, what's going on here?" asked Stu abruptly, "You never lose. Something must be wrong. Do you have something on your mind Gary?"

    "As a matter of fact," answered the podiatrist, "yes, but I don't know if I want to talk about it."

    "Do you have six months to live?" asked Stu.

    "Hardly," smiled Gary.

    "Then it must be about a woman," concluded his friend, "A woman other than your wife."

    "How did you know?" asked Gary.

    "When a man doesn't want to talk about something with his best friend, it's always a woman," said Stu, "Now tell me all about it. I'm not going to go tell Maria anything."

    "Alright," agreed Gary, "As long as you keep it strictly confidential."

    "Of course," said the man, "So talk."

    "Well," stammered Gary, "I've been unfaithful to Rei."

    "Congratulations," laughed Stu, "who's the lucky woman?"

    "You know the nurse I have?" started Gary.

    "You mean the sexy looking one with the curl, brown hair?" asked Stu, "Wow, she is a knock out."

    "No, not her," said Gary, "That's Adrian, my full-time nurse. She's not a flirt. I'm talking about my part-timer. "Never met her," he replied, "But if you fooled around with her, she must be good-looking."

    "She is," the doctor replied, "and a great fuck too. She was really going at it when I was inside her, like an animal."

    "Sounds great," remarked Stu, "You have it at home and a little a work too, when you want it. So what's the problem?"

    "I feel guilty, that's what the problem is," answered Gary, "I never cheated on Teri before. Did you ever cheat on Maria?"

    "I've seen other women," he replied, "It's nothing to be ashamed of."

    "You didn't feel bad?" asked Gary.

    "Look, I didn't rape those chicks. They were looking for some fun as well as me," said Stu, "No one was to blame."

    "Yes," said Gary, "That's true. I didn't force Gina to do anything. She was as hot as I was, maybe even hotter. I'll tell you what's really bothering me, Stu. I liked having sex with Gina more than my wife."

    "There's nothing unusual about that," his friend stated, "After all, Teri and you have been married a long time, it's always nice to find some one new."

    "No, no," moaned Gary, "It's not like that. I mean that the sex itself was better. I got off more than with Teri, and the nurse… well… she got off much more than Teri ever does."

    Both men were silent for awhile, as Stu puffed his cigar.

    "Look," said Stu suddenly. "Since you're being frank with me, do you mind if I'm frank with you?"

    "Of course not," answered Gary, "Say whatever you want."

    "Okay, I will," responded the man, as he stood up and began to pace around the small room. "Look, I like Teri and everything. I think she's bright, witty and sexy, but she seems a little cold to me. I'm not at all surprised to hear you say that you find sex with her not satisfying."

    "If you're trying to say she's frigid, forget it," stated Gary, recalling the scene with the vibrator on the sofa.

    "No, that's not what I mean," said Stu, "I mean that your wife seems a bit… bitchy. She seems like a real ball-buster. Sometimes I get mad at you at the way you let her lead you around by the nose."

    "What the hell are you talking about?" asked Gary, getting angry.

    "Well," continued Stu, "It's just that when Teri says something, you jump."

    "That's not true," snapped Gary.

    "When you make love," said his friend, "Who calls the shots? Who says when, where and how? I'll bet my shirt it's Teri. Am I right?"

    Gary did not answer.

    "That tells me that I'm right," he snorted. "Don't get all upset about it. I had the same trouble with my first wife."

    "Debbie?" asked Gary, "You never talk about her. I figured I better leave the subject alone."

    "I don't talk about her because she was a bitch," replied the man with the cigar. "She was far worse than Teri is, a real nasty broad. She thought life owed her something, and she was always trying to call the shots. When we got married, she tried to tell me what to do as well, and did we have some fights."

    "What about sex?" asked Gary.

    "I was getting to that," answered Stu, "When we had sex, everything had to be done her way. I couldn't do this, I had to do that, she drained every ounce of spontaneity out of sex."

    "That's just how I feel about sex with Teri," exclaimed Gary.

    "I thought so," he answered, "And what about the nurse?"

    "She let me do what I want," he replied, "she did her thing, but I really called the shots. I ordered her to strip, and then told her how I was going to fuck the shit out of her. She loved it"

    "That's just the point," replied his friend, "Women love that. They all secretly want to be dominated and forced to submit to the demands of their man. Let me tell you about Debbie and I."

    Debbie was a high-class bitch with a long length of black hair, a puckered mouth, big eyes and long neck. She had a great body, with long legs, wide hips, and tits that stuck out nice and high.

    Then Stu went back five years and told what had happened after a party they had gone to together.

    Debbie walked into the room followed by her fuming husband. He had been drinking heavily, and they had had a bad fight.

    "You stupid asshole," snapped Debbie, as she threw her mink stole on the bed.

    "You little bitch," responded Stu as he lurched into the room after her, "You made a fool out of me in front of all those people."

    "You made a fool of yourself," she responded, not even looking at him.

    She was staring at herself in the mirror, removing her false eye-lashes, lipstick and eye-shadow.

    Stu slumped in a chair and pulled his tie and jacket off. He stared at her lovely back, completely naked in the low-cut dress.

    "Look at you," she continued, "The way you were drinking is disgusting. That was why you made a spectacle of yourself."

    "I did not do anything," he yelled, "You are the one who began to laugh at me and humiliate me."

    He stood up and walked over to her, pushing his face next to hers as he talked.

    "Turn your head away from me," she snorted, "You smell awful."

    She removed her shoes, and then hiked her dress up so that she could unhook her stockings from her garter belt. Stu looked at his wife's legs, and admired her beautifully formed limbs. They looked so smooth and firm. As he looked, and watched her peel her stockings off, he felt his dick twitch.

    "I don't want to talk about it anymore," she said, "Besides, you're stinking drunk, and you don't even know what you're saying."

    She stood up now, and unhooked the back of her dress, pulling the zipper down and stepping out of the skin-tight gown. Stu thought about how good she looked standing there dressed only in her black, lacy bra, and frilly underwear. She was like some sort of pin-up girl.

    "Okay," he agreed finally, as his dick began to swell, "Let's make up."

    He grabbed her from behind and bit her ear, then slid one of his hands over her big tit.

    She wrenched loose from his grip and replied, "None of that. You stick, and besides, I have a terrible headache from your yelling."

    "Damn it!" yelled Stu, "You never want it when I say so. We only do it when you want to. Well this time, I say when. And I want to screw, right now!"

    Debbie turned to him and smiled, "Alright," she said, "In that case, get a board with a hole in it and screw to your heart's content."

    Then she unhooked her bra.

    Stu grabbed her from behind, one hand grasping both of her wrists, trapping her arms behind her, and the other tearing the black bra away from her knockers. The tits spilled out in front of her, still sitting high on her chest. The two round globes just hung there, as he faced her towards the mirror.

    "You're hurting me," she whined.

    He pushed her arms up further, until she stopped struggling and then he kissed her on the back of the neck.

    "Nice boobs you have," stated Stu, "but even nicer when they're being felt up."

    Saying this, he took his free hand and gasped one of his wife's pendulous knockers and squeezed it roughly.

    "Let me go!" she yelled.

    "No way," he responded, twisting the handful of tit flesh he held, "This time, I'm deciding things, and we're going to make love. You're my wife, and you have a duty to satisfy me."

    He slid his hand over to her other tit, as she tried in vain to break his grip. Her struggling only succeeded in hurting her arms, however, and in a short while, she stopped, and quietly watched her husband as he forcefully fondled her tit flesh.

    In the mirror, she could see her well-formed body, with her huge tit hanging out, and her husband standing behind her. His hand was on her jugs, squeezing and grabbing at her, sinking his lingers in her soft, yielding flesh, and pulling the knocker from side to side as he did so.

    "Enjoying the show?" asked Stu, "You better, because this is only the start."

    She was angered by his words, but she had to admit that he pussy was beginning to get warm from the relentless tugging on her tits. The fact that she was able to watch her tits be abused by his hand was even more thrilling, and she relaxed even more in his grip as he kept feeling her up.

    Her nipples were erect by now, and Stu grabbed hold of one of these fleshy knobs and pulled. He yanked straight out, causing her entire mound to stretch forward, shaping it into a long, taut point.

    "Ow, you're hurting me," she complained.

    "That's too bad," he answered, and gave her nipple a cruel twist as he held it.

    This made her gasp, but also gave her a twinge in her pussy. Then he released the nub and let the tit fly back against her chest, watching it bounce and shake as it did so. Her heavy mound were getting red from his abuse, but she was beginning to like it. He grabbed the other nipple, and pinched the dark pebble as hard as he could between his fingers.

    "Uh!" grunted Debbie, but he did not let go.

    He just kept pressing his fingers against the nipple, until it was flattened like a penny. Then he dragged that tit down, pulling as hard as he could. The tit was forced down as far as it would go, but he just kept pulling, and Debbie was forced to bend over so that she could endure the pain.

    "What the hell do you think you're doing?" she yelled in anger and shame.

    "Putting those melons of yours to their proper use," answered Stu, "You never let me handle them like I want to, not even a little, so tonight I'm going to handle them like they never have been before."

    And just as he said this, he dug his fingernails into the trapped flesh. Debbie felt her body shudder, and then she noticed the moistness in her panties. This jerking and tweaking of her tits was making her hotter than she dare admit.

    "Okay," said firmly, "Enough of this. Let's get down to some real action."

    As he said this, he flung her onto the bed. She rubbed her freed wrists, and then looked down at her massive chest, to see if there were any marks. There were, a few deep red indentations on her nipples, where she had been pinched.

    When she looked up again, she saw that Stu was completely naked now, and mat his tool was hot and hard. It was sticking out in its gentle curve from his pubis and was bobbing up and down with malicious intent.

    "Take off your panties," he told her 'as he stood over her.

    "I will not," she responded, crossing her legs and covering her chest with her arms. "I think you've had enough fun for tonight. You know you hurt my breasts terribly that way you were handling them."

    "I said get them off!" he yelled this time.

    "And I said no," she answered.

    Then the back of his hand rocketed into her face, and smacked her back onto the bed. The sheer fact that he dared to strike her shocked her far more than the blow itself, and she just lay there, feeling the stinging on her cheek and tried to understand what was happening.

    Then he grabbed her by her nipples again, this time with both hands, and yanked upward. He had a real good hold on the rubbery tips, and when he pulled up, he began to lift her up along with the nipples.

    "Oh, God!" she screamed, grabbed her mounds, "you're killing me!"

    Stu did not respond at first, but then said, "Take off your panties."

    He kept hauling her up by her knockers, until he was actually raising her off the bed. His face was a mask of pain, and her hands released her tortured tits and slid her panties off her round hips.

    "That's better," he said, releasing her nipples and letting her drop back onto the bed.

    She rubbed her tormented tits, until Stu unexpectedly sat down on her chest.

    He trapped her arms and hands under his legs and Debbie found herself in the uncomfortable position of having her tits pressed against her body while a dick hung a few inches from her face.

    "Get a good look at it, bitch," snarled Stu, "Take a nice long look at that cock, because you won't be able to see it much longer. You want to know why? Because it's going to be stuffed in your mouth."

    "No!" howled Debbie, as her eyes widened in fear.

    "Yes, Debbie," smiled Stu, "You're going to suck my cock, just like you did when we dated for the first time. I remember it well. We were in your living room, and you went down on me.

    "It felt so good in your mouth, even for the few minutes you held it there, and that was the first and last time you ever sucked on me."

    "I told you," she said in fear, "I don't like the taste of it. I just can't stand sucking cock."

    "Well, you're going to have to get used to it," he said grimly, as he grabbed the two pillows off the bed.

    He lifted her head and stuffed one of the pillows underneath it, propping her head up and bringing it closer to his dick. Then he stuck the second one underneath, and her head was pushed forward so that he lips were just touching the red, swollen tip.

    "Ugh," she said, pulling her lips back.

    "Now, now," said Stu, and he grasped her lips with his fingers.

    He took the two, full lips in his hands and pulled them open, yanking one up and one down. He kept pulling on them until Debbie's mouth began to open. He watched her perfect, white teeth part, making an entrance that grew wider and wider with each passing second.

    He smiled when he saw the red roof of her mouth and her pink tongue resting in the wet orifice.

    "Get ready," he informed her with a chuckle.

    Then he crawled up on her chest, just a little at a time, moving his rigid pole into her opened mouth. Debbie could feel the rubbery tool brush against her teeth, but she did not really get the sensation of it until the head touched her placid tongue.

    Then she felt and tasted the fat monster for the first time in a long time. It was worse than she remembered it, and the head felt absolutely disgusting sliding along her tongue.

    She tried to move her fleshy spear out of the way, but wherever she moved it, she found part of her husband's prick. It was completely filling up her mouth, little by little, and there was nothing she could do about it.

    Soon she found her tongue pressed to the bottom of her mouth, and the hot dick slid over it, giving her taste buds the full flavor of its salty, pungent taste. When it touched the soft roof of her mouth, she began to gag and feel sick.

    "Gagging, already," scoffed Stu, "You shouldn't be doing that yet. My dick is hardly in your mouth at all. Look for yourself."

    Debbie looked down and saw that he was telling the truth. She also received the unique shock of seeing her well-formed lips curled around a thick pecker. It gave her a deep rush in her cunt, for she had never felt so used in her entire life.

    It was as if her mouth were not hers, and yet it was sucking on a man's dick, allowing the head of his dirty cock to press against the roof of her mouth. And as she watched, the red pole slid further into her orifice.

    She was not gagging now, but directed the dick head into her mouth with her tongue. To do so, she had to let the tool slide along her spear, and lick and slurp at its smooth surface.

    She found, to her amazement, that she was beginning to enjoy the feel of the dick on her tongue, and she lapped at it playfully as it snaked along on its way down her passage.

    Stu felt the licking of his trapped wife, and was delighted to see that she was starting to enjoy what he was doing to her. At the same time, it confused him, for she had never let him do any of these things to her. If she liked it, why didn't she have him do it to her?

    Then the truth struck him. In order for her to enjoy all of the sexual acts, she had to be forced to do them. Debbie simply wanted to submit to his demands, and this was the way that she enjoyed herself.

    Stu smiled, because he had many demands that he would subject her to.

    Chapter 4

    "That's right, open wide and let it all in," he told her, "and keep that tongue licking at my shaft, it feels so good."

    His wife's eyes were closed now, and it was obvious that she was more than tolerating his dick in her mouth. Her lips were tightly clamped around the shaft now, and she was beginning to apply a sucking motion to her lips.

    The dick was about three-quarters in, and she loved every inch of it. For a woman who hated cocksucking, she sure looked like she was enjoying herself. Once he was in place, he began to pump back and forth into her face, shoving the dick far in with each stroke, and pulling it almost all the way out.

    Her lips would strain at this point, reaching out and making sure that the fat head did not slip from their grasp. It was a wonderful sight to see his bitchy wife blowing him like a whore.

    His rod was pumping furiously in her mouth, and making that wet, slurping noise as she sucked on it. Her entire head was shaking now, rocking back and forth as the dick fucked her mouth.

    "Keep it up, bitch," he told her. "Keep sucking. You're going to get a nice, sticky surprise in a little while."

    When he said this, Debbie's eyes flew open and he could clearly see the look of terror in her eyes. She did not want that spunk load in her mouth, and she began to mutter and mumble as the dick gagged her.

    "Don't try to thank me, dear," smiled Stu, "I can't understand you anyway with that cock in your mouth. I know that you want me to fire my salty, white wad into your loving mouth. I know you want to feel the slimy scum spilling in between your lips. Just keep sucking and you'll get it."

    He laughed as tears began to stream from her eyes, and her muffled cries of protest turned to defeated whimperings. She had resigned herself to the fact that she was going to get his semen in her unwilling mouth, and she knew that she could not do anything about it.

    "And of course," he continued, "When that entire, heavy load in sitting on your tongue and teeth, tasting all pungent, you're going to have to take a big gulp and swallow it all down."

    He thought he could see his wife's face turn green as he said this and he was floating on the sense of power he felt as he fucked her mind as well as her mouth.

    "Yeah, yeah," he grunted, "That's it, bitch, blow me, and get ready."

    His his were flying into her face now, ramming her nose into his pubic hairs and making his balls slap against her chin. Her entire body was trembling on the bed as he mouth-fucked her, and her tits were jiggling and bouncing underneath his ass.

    "Now, baby!" he yelled, and he watched her grimace and close her eyes in terrible expectation.

    But he did not come. He had merely been toying with her, and as she waited for the first blast of scum to fire into her mouth, he pulled his dick out of her wet cavern and pulled her legs open.

    His hips flew backward, and he landed with a plop between her legs. He touched the head of his prick against her slit and the tool slipped right in.

    "Goddamn," he muttered, "This is the wettest I've ever seen you."

    The dick seemed to flow into her hole, rather than be forced in, her hole was so wet and hot from her abuse. He could feel the heat coming from her vaginal walls, and felt the pussy throbbing in tempo with her heart beat.

    A sensuous, "Ohhhh," escaped her lips, as she felt the cock plunge into her. "Harder, more, more," she gasped.

    "You like that, bitch?" snickered Stu. "You really wanted that dick inside you, didn't you? Tell me how much you want it, cunt," he ordered her.

    "I want it badly," she muttered, digging her fingers into his ass cheeks.

    "Saying it like that will get that cock back in your mouth, where it will spill its creamy load all over your tongue," he warned her, sticking his finger in her mouth and wiggling it around.

    "I want you," she whimpered, "I want to feel that cock plugging into my cunt. I need that dick stuffing itself into me. I have to be fucked, and fucked and fucked, until my cunt it sore. For god's sake, don't take it out!"

    "That's a lot better," he said, "And now I want to hear what a miserable bastard you've been, and what a bitch you are."

    "I am," she muttered, "I'm a bitch, I a no good, miserable bitch, that treats people like shit. I'm a bitch that just wants to be fucked over and over again by rock hard cocks."

    As Stu laughed, he plowed into his wife's dripping twat, sending thrills to rush across her body, leaving her limp and hot with her own passion. She had never felt a fucking that was this good before, and she was savoring every second of it.

    Stu lifted himself up on his arms now, so he could look down and see his wife's head tossing back and forth in ecstasy, with her eyes closed and her long black hair, flying in every direction.

    He also delighted in the sight of her fat tits jumping and bouncing about as he humped her, with their nipples still red from the rough treatment he had given them.

    Then he felt his tool began to really swell and and get red hot and he knew that he was nearing his climax. Unknown to him, Debbie was also getting near her orgasm, and she felt her cunt walls quivering in pre-climax.

    She could not believe that fucking could feel so good, and she was wild with lust as she shoved her cunt against the probing tool, until she came.

    "I'm coming!" she screamed, as her body became petrified.

    And at the same moment, Stu also came, unloading his steaming semen into her cunt, battering at her back wall with the jets of jism. His tool kicked like a mule, and Debbie felt as if it was going to rupture her vagina, it was jerking so violently.

    Again and again, the sticky spunk poured into her, leaving her box wet and gooey. It was mixing with her own love dew, and the combination of the two was making her completely lost in a world of passion and lust.

    It seemed as though the entire room were red and spinning as she lay there and let her some climax over and over again.

    "It was the best come either of us ever had," commented Stu to Gary, "And after that night, I knew how to please her. It was simple, all she wanted to do was be submissive. So I told her what to do, and she did it. And if she didn't want to do it, I made her do it, and she loved me for that."

    "Why did you two split up?" asked Gary.

    "She got a little too submissive," he responded, "and turned into a regular nymphomaniac. I caught her one day with six guys in a garage."

    "But she was a bizarre case," said-Gary, "Not every woman wanted to be dominated."

    "That's where you're wrong," said Stu. "It's part of their up-bringing., socialization and all that. Let me explain. A little girl is taught that she should never let a man touch her, that if she does, she is dirty.

    "And when she grows up, if she sees more than one man, she is a tramp. The boys, on the other hand, are looked upon favorably if they're fucking six girls. This sets up a problem for the women. On the one hand, they want to enjoy sex, but on the other hand, they feel dirty and perverse if they enjoy it.

    "That is where submission comes in. When a woman feels as if she is forced to perform sexual acts, she if free of the responsibility of performing the acts, therefore, she if free of guilt. It's really very simple."

    "You mean that Teri needs to be dominated?" asked Gary in surprise.

    "Not only needs it, wants it," he answered, "Think about it. When you made it with your nurse, wasn't there a trace of submission in her actions?"

    "Now that you mention it," said Gary, "You're right. She did like it when I told her what to do, and made her do things for me."

    "Told you," said Stu, "And Teri wants the same thing."

    Gary just sat there and thought it over. It did sort of make sense, and Gina had liked it when he abused her and made her do things, but Teri was a different story.

    She hated to be forced to do things.

    "Wait a minute," he said, "What about Maria. You don't force her to perform weird sex acts with you. She's not submissive."

    "What makes you think that," said Stu flatly.

    "You mean…?" said Gary.

    "Maria and I have a perfect sexual relationship. My wife was submissive when I met her. She was brought up in a strict Spanish fashion, where the man in always dominant, and the woman does as she is told. I merely took her natural up-bringing and showed her that sex could, be handled in this fashion also.

    "She had never had an orgasm when she met me, and that was when she was twenty-seven years old. Why? Guilt. She felt that enjoying sex was wrong, and made her a loose woman, until I forced her to do things, and she did not have to accept the responsibility of the acts. Now she comes every time we have sex."

    "I can't believe it," said Gary shaking his head.

    "Okay, look," said Stu, "You're a close friend, and Maria likes you. I'll prove it to you."

    He leaned out into the hall and called his wife's name.

    The Spanish woman came bouncing into the room, smiling.

    "What's up?" she asked.

    "Sit down here," directed Stu to the sofa.

    "Okay," replied Maria, shrugging her shoulders.

    "Now," said Stu, "Open your blouse."

    "Honey," said Maria, obviously a bit disturbed, "We have company. Later."

    "I said open it, now," said Stu, emphasizing the last word.

    Then an amazing change came over Maria. With the tone of his voice, Stu changed her entire personality, and she became incredibly docile. Her lingers went to work on the buttons of her top, and she soon had all of them undone.

    "Pull it open," said Stu, "We want to see your tits."

    Maria did it, exposing her lovely chest to the two men. Her tits were nice and round, and they nestled provocatively in her white bra. Gary could see the nipples pressing against the material.

    "Nice, aren't they?" asked Stu.

    "Take the blouse off," he said, and take off your panty-hose as well."

    His wife peeled the shirt off her lovely shoulders and then stood up.

    She was standing there, not really looking at either of us, acting as if she were alone in the room. She put her hands under her skirt, and pulled it up, so that she could get hold of her panty-hose.

    From where Gary was sitting, he had a perfect view of her shapely legs and the bulge of her pubis. It stretched the thin material of her briefs, and he could see that it was covered with a thick mat of dark, curly hair.

    As he looked at her cunt and beautiful legs, he felt his tool moving in his pants. He tried to control the emotion, for after all, this was his friend's wife, but he was not able to do so.

    She grabbed the waistband and yanked the hose down over her hips and off her legs. Gary watched the material slide off her and her imagined himself running his hand over her smooth legs.

    "Makes your dick tingle, to look at her, doesn't it?" said Stu bluntly.

    "Well… I," stuttered Gary.

    "No need to deny it," said Stu, Maria can see the bulge in your pants, and she can tell by the way that you're looking at her that you want to touch her in all her most private places. Take off your skirt so that we can see your cunt and ass again."

    The woman unzipped the skirt, and dropped it to the floor. She then sat back in the chair, sitting only in her bra and panties.

    "She has a wonderful body," said Stu. He walked over to her land grabbed hold of one of her tits. The moment he did so, the woman groaned, and a flush came, to her cheeks.

    "You know what's going to happen now, don't you?" he said to his wife as he fondled her.

    "Yes," she answered, "You're going to feel me up in front of Gary. You're going to abuse me and let him watch. And then you're going to fuck me."

    "For a start." He laughed, "But what I am really planning in on is to have you service both of us tonight."

    Maria shuddered as he said this, and looked over at me and the fat bulge in my pants. I shuddered also, revolted and at the same time enticed to fuck my friend's wife along with him.

    He walked around behind her and unclasped her bra. Then he slid it off her shoulders and pulled it away from her chest. Her tits did not even move as it was removed, they were so firm and round. They just sat there on her chest, as if they were chiseled in marble. But I could see the rapid beating of her heart as she thought about what was going to be done to her in the coming hours.

    "Sit over here," Stu said to me.

    As I sat down on Maria's right side, he sat down on her left, and we began to share the dark, frightened woman. It took one tit in my hands, as Stu grabbed the other one. His wife merely went limp between her, dropping her head back against the couch and letting us feel her up.

    I was grabbing the mound in my hands and amazing at the stiff firmness of it- I had never felt a tit that was so pliant, and I bounced and yanked it in my grasp. Stu was no longer working on her jug with his hands, but had applied his mouth to her tit, and was drawing the flesh up with his lips and teeth.

    By the look on her face, I could see she was really enjoying it, and she seemed to like it even more as I began to pinch her nipple.

    To Maria, her humiliation at being used by the two men was quickly giving way to lust.

    It was an exquisite feeling to have two sets of hands working on her tits, and the idea that two men were looking at her body and appreciating it, gave her thrills that she had never known before.

    Her husband's mouth was causing her cunt to grow hot, as he sucked hungrily on the other hand, was getting the rough treatment, with Gary pulling and tugging on it, and then nipping harshly at her nipple. The mixed sensations felt as if they were tearing her mind in two, as she tried to get accustomed to both of them, but was not able to do so.

    Now Maria was really moaning and wriggling on the couch, and the two men worked together and lifted her legs up on their knees, spreading them apart wide and leaving her cunt completely open to any ideas they might have.

    Stu's hand was the first one to slide down her soft thigh and take hold of her soft mound.

    He sunk his fingers into the fleshy mound and chuckled as Maria grunted. His fingers slipped under the tight band on her leg and he began to fiddle about the entrance of her hole.

    Gary's hand was no moving down her other leg, as his one hand kept rubbing and pinching her tit, relentlessly tormenting the nipple. He moved down slowly, making her skin crawl as he touch all the sensitive spots along the way. He finally reached her cunt and took a grip on her sheer panties.

    There was a loud ripping noise as he tore them off of her, and it made Maria's entire body quake with anticipation. It was almost as if she were being raped, and the thought sort of thrilled her, for she knew that she would not really be hurt by the two men, so there was nothing to fear in that respect.

    Her exposed cunt was now covered by the two hands, and the exploring fingers began to poke teasingly into her holes. Gary's was in her cunt, sort of. It hung just in the opening, not really inside, but almost there. She groaned with lust and wanted him to shove it all the way in.

    Her husband, on the other hand, was moving his digit around her asshole, having first made it wet in her cunt. She always liked when he played around her anus, and her body rippled with waves of sharp sensation as each touch to the puckered opening.

    But it was Gary's finger, sitting just in her cunt, that was driving her mad. He did not stick it in any further, and she started to shove her hips forward, but he did not let her force it in.

    "Oh, please," she muttered suddenly, "Please stick it in me," she begged him. "I can't stand it there, please shove it in."

    Stu watched his friend's finger, and just as Gary shoved his digit up into her wet cunt, he forced his finger up her unprepared anus.

    "ARGH!" screamed Maria, as her body jumped off the couch.

    "Liked that, didn't you?" hissed Stu. "Don't worry, we're going to give you plenty more!"

    Gary and her husband both laughed as they thought about all the fun they were going to have with the willing worn an, but in the meantime, they were content with simply having their fingers fucking in and out of her cunt and ass.

    The dark, beautiful woman was writhing on the couch now, trying to get used to the two probing digits, but she could not. As soon as one was buried all the way into her hole, the other one slid out. Then the two fingers reversed themselves. This piston-like fucking went on and on, until her body was covered with a layer of sweat, and her limbs were convulsing in passion.

    "I think she's ready for a little bit more," said Stu, as he stuffed his finger up to the knuckle in her ass.

    "I think you're right," replied Gary, as he slipped an additional ringer in her cunt.

    "What do you think we should do to you now?" asked Stu of his wife.

    "Any thing," she muttered mindlessly, her inhibitions lost through the double finger fucking she was getting. "Do whatever you want to me. Stick your cocks into any of my openings. Shove them up my ass, or into my cunt, or force them in my 'mouth, but use me!"

    She said the last phrase so desperately that Gary felt his dick almost tearing out of his pants. He looked up to see Stu stripping of his clothes, and he got up and did the same. Soon all three of them were completely naked, and the dicks of the two men pressed against the woman's body.

    They grabbed her and twisted her about on the couch, putting her legs over the back of the couch, with her back on the seat, and her head hanging just slightly over the edge.

    Her long black hair hung down like an onyx waterfall, tumbling in large curls on the floor, and her lovely, soft neck was completely exposed, and her mouth hung open loosely.

    Stu slid over closer to her, and rubbed his dick against her throat. She shivered at the touch of the rubbery monster on her skin, and then she jumped again as she felt Gary's dick on the other side.

    Both of the prongs were gliding along her throat, nuzzling under her chin, and then moving up along the sides of her face.

    "What a pretty mouth she has," commented Stu, "Doesn't she, Gary?"

    "Beautiful," he answered, as he looked down at the wide, deep red lips and the large teeth, "But I think it's missing something."

    "Like what?" asked Stu, and he rubbed the tip of his cock along her ear, and then into the hole.

    "A cock," answered Gary. "I think she needs a cock stuffed into that open, waiting mouth of hers."

    "It does look as if she is expecting a pecker between her lips," responded Stu, "But look how wide and big her mouth is. Do you think one dick is enough?"

    "Perhaps two would be a better idea," commented Gary.

    Maria's chest was heaving, as she lay there and listened to the terrible things the men were planning on doing to her. She could already feel a thick, hot pole being forced between her lips, and as she hung there, her cunt was getting hotter and hotter.

    The dick heads being run over her face was adding to her lust. She felt the rubbery heads pressing against her cheeks, and tickling her ear and neck.

    Then she felt Stu's fingers in her mouth, prying open her jaw even wider. She responded immediately by opening up as wide as she could, and she was rewarded by the wonderful feeling of having two cock heads slip between her lips.

    They stretched her mouth wide between them, and the two men leaned against each other and looked down to see the woman's gaping mouth accommodating both of their fat members. Her eyes were wide open, and she looked up at them as they forced their tools in her mouth, grinning and smiling as they felt them sliding into the warm, wet, orifice.

    Maria was having the time of her life now, and her tongue was lapping at the two heads that were resting in her mouth. She could feel both of them twitch and jerk at the touch of her fleshy spear, and she lapped greedily at them.

    She could feel the swollen heads pushing against her cheeks, and Stu ran his finger over the blatant outline of the cock head formed on her face. She reamed the tiny slits at the end of the cock with her, tongue, and then she locked her lips on the tools and began sucking.

    Gary had never felt anything like this before. He could feel his dick rubbing against Stu's, and he could feel the other man's wife licking at both of their heads, as she sucked on them, apparently trying to pull both cocks into her yawning mouth.

    The man pulled her legs apart again, and they slipped their fingers back into her cunt as she lay there, getting her mouth stuffed full of cock. The both worked in the same hole this time, however, stretching her lips apart, and both poking one finger into the wet slit.

    "God, is she wet," exclaimed Gary, as he felt her slippery walls.

    "Of course," smiled Stu, "She's always hot when she gets used by two men, and lets two dicks be forced into her mouth. That's because she knows what she is going to get sooner or later."

    Maria looked at her husband's smiling face, and only hoped that these two poles would remain hard for a long time. She was anxious to feel them rammed up her cunt.

    Then, as they slid their fingers in and out of her spasming cunt, the two friends also began to shaft Maria in the mouth. They pumped only lightly, because they knew there was no way both their dicks could go into her throat, and they did not want to dislodge the other cock from the warm, sucking hole.

    And so the two heads slid back and forth between her lips, making loud slurping noises as she tried to get as much as she could in her mouth. She could see their balls hanging on the sides of her face as she blew them, and her idle hands reached up by her face and cradled the two sacs in her fingers.

    "Ohh, yeah," moaned Gary," tickle those nuts. Get that scum all ready for unloading."

    That was exactly what the Spanish woman was doing. She was squeezing the balls lightly, feeling just how full they were with sperm. They were so tight and hot, that they felt like leather, and she fondled both of them as they fucked her mouth.

    At her cunt, Stu was rubbing his thumb over her clit as he kept fucking his index finger into her, and Gary was doing the same. She felt the rushing of the blood to her cunt, and then she came.

    Chapter 5

    Stu grinned at Gary as he felt his wife's body thrashing about between them. Her mouth was still clamped around their dicks, but she was heaving and sweating as she came. There seemed to be no end to her orgasm, as the waves of lust just kept sweeping over her, and when they finally did end, she was still laying there with two cocks stuffed into her mouth.

    But an instant later, the men grabbed her weak body and threw it length-wise on the couch. Her head was draped over one of the arms, with her mouth still hanging open, but now the men had split up. One was positioned between her widely parted legs and the other was by her head.

    "Now we are going to fuck you," her husband informed her, "both of us. We're going to force our dicks into that wet twat of yours and ram it to you until you come again and again."

    It was hardly a threat that Stu was say, though he made it seem like one. Maria was dying for the feeling of.a prick shoved up into her, and she spread her legs even further as Gary lowered himself into her.

    His dick head pressed against her cunt lips and he felt it pulling as he split the outer lips apart. As soon as he got inside her, however, his tool had no trouble slipping into her. She was so wet and soft that Gary grunted with a lewd satisfaction. He thought how perverse this action was, sharing his best friend's wife, and best of all, the dear, attractive woman was loving every second of it.

    As his dick plugged into her cunt, Maria's husband grabbed her chin and she obediently opened her mouth.

    "Keep this nice and hot until Gary finished up coming in your wet cunt," Stu told his wife.

    The woman obliged, and allowed the dick to slither back into her mouth. But this time, there was room for much more than just the head, and she swallowed the shaft as well. She just kept gobbling up the rigid pole, until it was completely engulfed in her mouth, and she could feel the balls slapping against her ear.

    Now she was really full, she thought. She had a cock rammed into her mouth, filling the moist passage totally, and there was also a dick plugged into her warm cunt, driving in and out of her with a terrible force.

    Gary was fucking into Maria that way he never dared to shaft Teri. It was plain to see that the black-haired beauty wanted to be fucked hard and fast, and her entire body quivered with each of his savage thrusts.

    There seemed to be no end to her vaginal passage, as the man fed more and more of his long cock into her hole, only to feel the snatch milking and pulling at the tool, as if trying to force more of its length inside her.

    He could feel his balls slapping up against her wet opening, and her cunt juices spilling out of her.lips and onto the sacs. It was a wonderful feeling to have a cunt that was so wet and willing to be used.

    Teri's cunt was always only half-wet, and it was tight and seemed unwilling to have his dick inside it. It was as if the twat were merely humoring him by letting his dick in, and hurrying him along to have his orgasm.

    This cunt sucked and yanked at his pecker, yearning for more and more dick and deeper and deeper jabs. He actually felt his balls beginning to sink into her slot, and he was delighted when he felt the head of his dick finally smash up against her back wall.

    Maria seemed delighted too, for she let out a muffled howl and her body jerked and spasmed as he did so. Even her cunt reacted, by under-going a series of contractions as the rubbery head pressed against her cervix.

    In her mouth, Stu was pumping in and out in pleasure as he watched his friend really slip it to his busty wife. He watched Gary's red pole slither in and out of her willing cunt, coming out all glistening wet from her juices and then flying back in to probe her love passage.

    He felt his wife's hands on his shaft then, holding the last inch of dick that was outside of her mouth steady and her lips began to creep down along the pole, desperately trying to swallow (hat last inch. One hand was fondling his balls, and the other was tickling along the shaft, until finally, the entire organ was buried in her mouth.

    Then he turned his attention from her well fucked cunt to her face. There was an angelic expression of her face as she blew him.

    Her eyes were closed, and her chin jutting out as her head hung up-side down. Her red lips were drawn in a large oval around his dick, and he could see a slight bulge in her throat where the head of his cock was resting. Her throat was contracting and sucking on the dick, trying to suck all of his sperm out of the balls and into her mouth.

    Rhythmically, her head bounced forward, jamming the dick a little more into her passage, as Gary's wild plunged drove her entire body up on the couch. She was caught between the two wildly ramming men, like some sort of sex tool that was there to satisfy them, and in her total submission, she enjoyed herself as she had never done before.

    She did not have to worry if it was right to allow two men to use her body, for her husband had ordered it, and it was no longer her worry. She was simply there to please them now, and please herself as well.

    "She's got some cunt," groaned Gary, as he felt his tool slipping in and out of the wet box.

    "You said it," replied Stu, "and wait until you unload, she goes crazy."

    "We'll find out… in a second," answered Gary as he felt his tool getting ready to fire.

    Maria did not even hear them, as she lay there stretched out between them, getting double-fucked in the cunt and mouth. But then she felt the first wad of semen fire against her cunt wall, and a fire seemed to break out hi her body.

    It was as though liquid flame was coursing through her veins, and every part of her body was seared with passion as the scum kept pouring itself out against her vaginal walls. She gasped and sobbed, writhed and twitched, as Gary spent himself inside her.

    He found it hard to believe that she was enjoying herself as he watched how her body squirmed about, like some small animal caught in a trap, but then with a low sigh, he realized that she had, indeed, loved every second of his jism-shooting dick.

    He pulled his cock out 'of her twat, and watched the last few drops of semen fall onto her red vulva, as her cunt lips kept twitching and grasping, obviously out of her control.

    "My turn," smiled Stu, as he abruptly slid his cock out of her mouth.

    Her husband climbed on top of Maria, exactly as Gary had done, and then his rod was inside her.

    "Oh, yes," she moaned, with her mouth free, "Jesus, Stu, stuff it into me. Fill my cunt up with your dick meat. Oh! It feels so good."

    Stu was doing exactly what Gary had been doing just a few seconds ago, and Maria just relaxed on the sofa and let the second man fuck her. It was fantastic to have a fresh, hard dick in her again, prolonging her fucking, making her cunt grow hotter and ready for another orgasm.

    After watching for a few moments, Gary walked over to Maria's saliva-covered face and touched his wet dick to her lips.

    "Clean my cock," he ordered her.

    The Spanish woman opened her eyes and looked up at the limp dick, covered with a slimy layered scum and cunt juice, and lashed her tongue out at it. The sperm was salty as she licked it, and she tasted another, sweeter flavor, which she assumed was the taste of her own cunt juices on the man's dick.

    She really cleaned him well, first licking the entire organ with her wide tongue, and then pulling it completely into her mouth and working her lips and wet mouth over it, sucking it until all of the scum was on her tongue or down her belly and the prong was squeaky clean.

    By this time, her husband had his shaft buried completely in her twat, and his lightning strokes were making her get closer and closer to another orgasm. It came the instant Gary leaned over and grabbed hold of her jutting boobs.

    The contact of his fingers on her shaking flesh and the relentless fucking of her husband's tool made her come. This orgasm was even more fierce than the first, and she was screaming and tossing on the couch. Tears flowed from her eyes, and she sobbed with pleasure as she felt her cunt walls contracting about the still hard and frantically pumping dick.

    As she thrashed about on the couch, she caused her tits to be pulled and yanked harshly, for Gary had not released the meaty jugs from his hands, and his fingers were digging in and holding the tits steady as her chest heaved.

    "Dig it, honey," smiled Stu, "Feel that cock in you while you come. Think about all the perverse things you did for me and Gary, you little tramp."

    The words excited her further, and another orgasm came on the heels of the one she just had.

    It knocked what little life she had out of her, and she just fell limp on the sofa, as Stu kept fucking her.

    He wanted to come also now, and he just pumped and pumped wildly into her limp body. She was not moving a muscle now, though her cunt was still spasming and milking his dick with its spongy walls.

    But the rest of her body was still, and it was almost like fucking someone who was in a deep sleep. Her body offered no resistance at all, and as her cunt pulled and squeezed his tool, he felt himself come as well.

    The instant the dick came, he pulled it out of her cunt and aimed it at her flat body. He was pumping it with his hand and the dick began spraying come on her dark skin like a fire hose.

    "Oh, no," she muttered, as she felt the sperm fly onto her.

    She felt completely humiliated as the two men watched her lovely body be covered with her husband's sticky jism. Wad after wad sprayed onto her, leaving thick globs of semen on her stomach and legs.

    A few bolts even reached her big chest, and the clotted strands clung to her jugs, making them two mounds of jism-coated flesh. And then Stu was done.

    "Fantastic," he sighed as he wiped the tip of his tool along her thigh. "Let's go have a drink," he said to Gary.

    Gary threw a last glance over his shoulder as he left the room, to look once more at the lovely, black-haired woman who had serviced both of them so wonderfully. Her buxom body was resting on the sofa, totally exhausted, and the glistening globs of scum sat on her soft skin, some drips trickling off her jutting boobs.

    "That was incredible!" said Gary after he had a sip of liquor.

    "You said it," replied Stu, "And it can be the same with Teri and you."

    "But Maria," said Gary, "She was so obedient. I mean she let both of us fuck her, and at the same time."

    "She's been taught to do as I say," answered Stu, "It's all a matter of letting your wife know who's boss."

    "I don't think I could ever get Teri to submit," said Gary glumly.

    "Of course you could," said Stu, "You just have to try. She's the type that would really go for it."

    "You mean I could get my wife to do what Maria did?" asked Gary, "I mean fuck two guys."

    "You could get her to fuck ten if that's what you want," said Stu, "The important thing is that both you and she would enjoy sex together."

    "Will you help me?" asked Gary.

    "It will be my pleasure," smiled Stu.

    Gina was finished getting the office in order, and she felt that warm tingling in her cunt again. It had been wonderful fucking with Dr. Watson. She could hardly believe that it had happened just fifteen minutes ago. Just as she got to the office door, Teri Watson stepped in.

    "Oh! Hello. Mrs, Watson," said Gina in surprise, mixed with a little fear.

    "Where's my husband?" asked the blonde, as she looked about the empty office.

    "He's gone for the day already," answered the nurse. "We had several cancellations, and he closed the office early."

    Teri was annoyed. She wanted to talk to Gary, and get his opinion about what had happened at work between Mr. Deal and herself. She knew that he would be over at Stu's house.

    "If you'll excuse me," said Gin, growing increasingly uncomfortable, "but I've got to hurry or I'll miss my bus."

    "Well can you wait for a minute so I can go to the bathroom?" asked Teri. She needed to go badly.

    "I'll set the alarm and lock the door," said Gina. "I'll leave it open, all you have to do is slam it shut when you leave, okay?"

    "Fine," said Teri as she rushed to the bathroom.

    Once she pissed, she felt better, and as she sat on the bowl, she wondered if she should tell Gary or not. After all, what had really happened? He would probably laugh in her face.

    She adjusted her dress and walked to the office door, but before she was able to get outside the room, she was grabbed from behind.

    A strong arm was about tier neck and there was a hand on her mouth as well. She tried to scream, but could not, and she was dragged into one of the inner offices.

    "You better just relax, lady," advised a voice from behind her, "I don't want to hurt you, unless I have to."

    As he said this, she saw a knife flashed in front of her and then it was pressed against her throat.

    "Now stay real still," said the man and he released her throat and moved around in front of her.

    He was wearing a ski mask, and a wind-breaker jacket and a pair of jeans. Teri could tell he was black by the holes cut out of the mask, and she could see he was handling the knife expertly.

    "What the hell are you doing here?" he asked her, "The office is closed."

    "I had to pee," she whimpered.

    "Damn," he snarled, "just my luck. Well come over here where I can take care of you."

    "Please don't hurt me," begged Teri.

    "I ain't gonna hurt you unless you make me," replied the black man. "Now sit down."

    Teri flopped down in the chair, her body shaking with fear and her mind numb from what could happen. The man pulled out some gauze from the desk and wrapped it around her wrists, tying them behind her to the chair, and then her ankles, securing them to the legs of the chair.

    "There, that should hold ya," said the masked man, and then he slipped the knife back into his pocket. "Don't try to yell or anything," he warned, "Or I'll cut that pretty neck of your open before I split."

    Saying this, he went about his work, rifling through drawers, opening cabinets and ransacking the office in general.

    "Damn," he snapped, "ain't dis man got any drugs?"

    "My husband never keeps drugs here," said Teri, "He never performs any operations here, so he doesn't need them."

    She hoped by saying this that the man would concluded his search and leave, but instead he turned on her.

    "You old man owns this joint?" he said. "Well then, you must be one of those bitchy doctor's wives. Yeah, I should have known jes by lookin' at the way you're dressed."

    He walked around his bound victim and snorted.

    "A fancy little bitch," he said, as he pressed his face close to hers.

    "You're real pretty, bitch, but is that nose really yours, or did you have a nose-job?"

    He laughed in her face, and Teri began growing more and more frightened.

    "Damn," he exclaimed again, "If there ain't no dope here, then I wasted my time for nothin'."

    Then he looked over at the beautiful strawberry blonde woman tied, and squirming in the chair in a different light.

    "Damn," he said, "I wonder if anything about yo is for real."

    Saying this, he pulled out his knife again, and slashed the gauze holding her hands and feet. "Get up," he ordered, pointing at her with the knife.

    Teri jumped to her feet.

    "Is that pretty chest of yours for real?" he asked her with a smile, "Or is that all made up too?"

    "It's for real," said Teri defiantly.

    "Prove it," snapped the robber, "Strip."

    The blonde stared at him for a moment, her body trembling, hoping that she had not heard him correctly. "What?" she asked.

    "You heard me," he replied, "Strip! Get them clothes off, and fast, before I have to cut them off you!"

    Teri's face went pale, and her hands fumbled at the zipper on the back of the dress, as the man seated himself in a chair in front of her. She finally got a hold on the zipper and pulled it down, her body and mind chilling to the sound it made as it opened.

    Then she pulled the dress of her shoulders, and slid it down her body. She was now standing in her bra, panties and panty-hose.

    "See," she said, pointing her chest at him, "They're real. Can I get dressed now?"

    "Not nearly," grinned the man, "Take that flimsy little bra off too, mama."

    Teri could barely control her emotions now, as she continued to undress for this stranger. She undid her bra hooks and then let the garment fall off her chest, leaving her firm, round boobs sticking out in full view of the robber.

    "Mmmm," responded the man, "might nice. Mighty nice pair of jugs you got there. I've seen lots bigger, but not so round as yours. Let's see what your ass looks like now."

    Teri turned around, hiding her face in shame as she grabbed the top of her panty-hose and panties and slid them down over her hips and off her legs, in a flash, she was standing completely naked before the robber, her back to him, hiding the tears that were welling up in her eyes.

    "Not bad," she heard him say, "Not bad at all."

    She heard the chair creak, and then she felt his hand cupping her ass cheek. His fingers stroked her buttock tenderly and then squeezed each half-sphere.

    "Like that?" he whispered in her ear.

    Teri did not answer, but merely stood there and trembled. Her skin crawled at the touch of the mask-man, and his hand was beginning to move from her ass around to the front of her body and over her cunt.

    "Let's see just what kind of muff ya got," he said, pulling her around.

    Her head was drooping forward on her chest, for she was too ashamed to look at him any longer, and she had a good view of his dark hand gliding over her white skin, and then resting on her blonde pubic mound.

    "Nice, golden peach fuzz," he chuckled, "yeah, real nice."

    As he made this observation, his fingers ran through her pubic hairs, and her grabbed her cunt mound lightly.

    "Ya know," said the man, "After all the trouble I went through for nothing, the least I could do is have me a little fun."

    As soon as he said this, Teri began to sob, as he took her hand and led her into the back room, where she knew there was a cot that Gary sometimes took a nap on during the day. The robber apparently knew about it also, and dragged her straight to it.

    "Yes sir," he said, sitting down and pulling off his shoes and socks, "We're gonna have us a grand ol' time." He stripped of his short and pants and was sitting there in only his shorts, which were all yellow and dirty.

    "Get on your knees, bitch," he snarled.

    Teri just stood there and began to sob loudly and begged him, "Please, please don't hurt me."

    "I ain't gonna hurt you," said the black man, who was still wearing his mask, "You and me, we gonna have us a good time. Now git on your knees."

    Teri dropped to the floor in front of her, and he positioned himself so that she was between his legs, with her tits hanging onto his hairy thighs.

    "That's better," he sighed, "Now take my shorts off."

    Teri's hands reached up, trembling terribly, and grabbed the waistband of his shorts. She pulled on them gently, and they began to slide down, as the man lifted his hips to make the job easier. The shorts came down to reveal a huge, black dick.

    It had been coiled over itself, and when the underwear was removed, the cock popped out and hung loosely in front of the terrified blonde's face. Her eyes widened when she saw it, for it was not circumcised and the folds of skin only allowed the head of the dick to peek through slightly.

    "Bet you ain't never seen a black dick before, have you, bitch?" asked the man. "Bet you was always stuffed full of skinny white dick, instead of a real piece of meat."

    To emphasize this fact, he reached down and grabbed his dick in his fist, pumping it a couple of times and making it swell and move about, as if it were a black snake.

    "Go on," he muttered, "touch it. Take hold a my cock, whitey."

    Teri could not imagine herself touching the fat black tool, but she responded out of fear and her tapered fingers brushed along the wrinkled surface. Then she moved her hand some more, as he took his away, and let them rest on the dick.

    The prick twitched from her touch, and rolled and squirmed slowly, as she forced herself to take hold of the prong.

    "That's it," he moaned, "now pump me, girl."

    Teri just knelt there and looked at her pale fingers wrapped about the dark pole and whimpered.

    "I… I can't," she cried.

    The point of the knife was suddenly touched to her throat, pricking her painfully, and the man said, "You better git it straight, bitch. We is gonna have us some fun, so you better git with it."

    With a shudder, she grabbed the shaft and ran her hand up and down it. With the first stroke, the dick swelled some more and wriggled in her hand. She shuddered again, but kept pumping the cock, as it grew to full erection.

    Chapter 6

    "Nice lookin', ain't it?" said the black man, "Why don't you give it a nice, big, wet kiss wit' dose lovely lips a yours."

    Teri merely began to shake her head and pulled away from the dick, until the knife touched her neck once again, and she heard him growling at her. Then she reluctantly pushed her head forward and brought it closer to the throbbing tool.

    The mere thought of blowing this man made her sick, and the idea that she was going to have to do it made her body grow icy cold. She poised her lips hesitatingly at the tip of his dick and the man could feel her warm breath on the head of his tool.

    "That's it," he said in pleasure and anticipation, "Take it, mama. Suck that dick."

    His harsh words made her shiver but it also gave her a tingling in her cunt. For some reason, the abusive language turned her on, and drawing upon all of her courage and taking a deep breath, she parted her lips and let the glans slip into her mouth.

    The head of the tool felt hot and rubbery, like some obscene nipple, and her lips only moved faintly along the head. She could feel the skin moving under her lips as she pushed them back and forth, and it sent a thrill down her spine.

    The woman was getting impatient, and he placed his hand on the back of the beautiful blonde's head and shoved it forward onto his dick. The push drove her lips down on the jutting tool and her jaws were forced to stretch open to take its fat diameter. She felt the hot rod slithering along her tongue and forcing its way deeper into her unwilling mouth. But there was nothing she could do to stop it, and the man's hand forced her head down on the shaft, until she had to gulp down the entire tool.

    The black man was looking down at the delicious doctor's wife allowing his big, dark tool to probe between her soft, pink lips. Her eyes were closed, and there was a grimace on her face as she was forced to perform the lewd act.

    He laughed, as it was obvious that she was revolted by her task, but his hand kept nudging her head forward, sliding more and more of the meat pole between her lips. The shaft slowly disappeared into her warm orifice, until her nose was pushed up against his kinky pubic hairs.

    Teri could smell the odor of urine and sweat on the man's crotch, and her nose wrinkled at it. She tried to pull back many times, but the man's hand was there, pressing her forward until her face was buried in his pubis.

    She felt totally humiliated now, as she knelt there, naked, with the stranger's black cock forced in her mouth and almost lodging itself in her throat. But this was just the beginning of her ordeal.

    In an instant, the man grabbed her hair and began pulling her face back and forth over the steaming tool, driving the dick in and out of her taut lips. It was a terrifying feeling, to have the thick cock ramming its way in and out of her mouth, without her being in the least control of the situation.

    He was simply using her mouth, sticking his cock into her warm cavern as he might fuck into a piece of meat. She was there to please him, it was that simple. She had nothing to say in the matter and her pleasure was not the least bit of concern to the man.

    And as she realized this, her body became freer and she allowed her head to be pushed faster and faster along his tool. He noticed the slight change, and really began to shove her face down on him, sending the cock shooting into her face, and stabbing at the back of her throat.

    "Jes don't sit there," he growled, "Do somethin'. Get that tongue of yours moving, lick that dick, suck on dat piece of meat like it was candy."

    Teri did not react, and she felt her hair pulled harshly and her face was yanked off the tool and toward the face of her attacker.

    "I said suck it, bitch!" yelled the man, "I want you eating that cock like you was crazy for it Or else I'm gonna cut up them nice tits a yours."

    He then grabbed her face and shoved her mouth back down on the wet, drippy shaft, cramming it all the way into her mouth, until there was not a single space that was not full of it. The fat head was pressed against the roof of her mouth, pushing against the soft palate, almost making her gag, and her tongue was pressed down under the weight of the shaft.

    But she began lapping at the tool, for she did not want to be cut up by the man. As she licked and sucked at the fat cock, she whimpered.

    This was complete humiliation. She had no will of her own, and all of her actions, whether she desired it or not, were directed at pleasing her attacker. He was no longer holding her head, for it was now bobbing up and down his dick of its own accord.

    Her lips were tightly wrapped around the shaft as well, as she was forced to take all of the invading tool. She could barely fit her mouth around it, but she managed, and her lips ached her as she kept them firmly around the tube of meat, sucking and sucking on the huge monster. Her tongue was licking up and down the shaft, sliding along the salty underside and licking it clean, as she tickled it as well. She made sure that her fleshy spear covered every inch of the prick, slurping the heavy bulges and lapping at the tight wrinkles in the black man's dick. He was laying back in the bed now, his hand on the woman's shoulder as she really went to work on his dick. He didn't have to push any longer, for her head was flying along the entire length of 'the rod in a rapid motion. Teri was sucking at the dick so wildly, that her golden hair was flying around her head and her entire body was shaking. The rapist lay there and felt her tongue moving along his dick, licking out every spot, and seeking the tiny slit at the end every time she drew the dick out of her mouth. She never quite let it go, however, and her lips stayed locked about it, drawing his skin up into her mouth with her powerful suction. The rapist doubled over and reached under the cocksucking blonde. He found her tits hanging under her chest, and he grasped them in his rough hands. At the first contact of his hands to her jugs, Teri felt a warm rush go directly to her cunt.

    It was not unlike what she felt when she was getting aroused, but she could not believe that was possible. Here she was, being forced to submit to a strange man's sexual demands, and having him fondle her tits, and she could not believe that it was turning her on.

    But as she sucked the long licorice stick, she found that her sucking was getting more and more urgent, and she found herself thinking about how long it would be before he came in her mouth. When she realized that she was thinking about this, she also realized, that she was, in some sort of perverse way, looking forward to the scum wad that was going to be deposited in her mouth.

    For some bizarre reason, she felt as if she owed it to the black man, that after being forced to take his dick in her mouth and suck on it, the only way she could finish him off properly was to let him come in her orifice. She quaked as she wondered if he would make her swallow it, for she loathed the taste of scum, and it was shocking enough that she was willing to make him come in it. At that same moment, the rapist was thinking what it would be like to come in the blonde's sucking mouth.

    He thought of how it would feel for her to have a load of black man's jism in her lovely, clean mouth, and he immediately decided that he would force his spunk down her throat in a short while.

    So the two of them sat there, the black man on the cot, his legs spread and his hand on the pale shoulder of the woman in front of him, and Teri on her knees in front of him, her mouth locked onto his fat dick, bobbing her head up and down on the cock, waiting for the dick to come.

    Both of their bodies were shaking. The black man was nearing his orgasm, and he was in the middle of delightful shivers. Teri did not know why her body was shaking anymore. She was not sure if it was because of shame at her degrading actions, or because her body was getting hotter and hotter by performing this lewd act.

    And as she wondered, he came, and the first wad of semen slammed into the back of her mouth, and she gagged and sputtered on it.

    "Now you better eat it all up, whitey," informed the rapist, "I want you to really enjoy dat black cock of mine comin' in your mouth. I want you to gobble up all my heavy, thick jism. Roll it around on your tongue and git a good taste of it bitch."

    And Teri found herself doing exactly as the man directed, as if he had some sort of hypnotic control over her. She took her mouth slightly off his dick, and gulped down all of the loose saliva in her mouth, so that she could clearly feel each shot of sperm splashing into her mouth.

    The dick was really kicking, and she kept it kicking as she pumped it vigorously with her right hand, as it fired onto the roof of her mouth, her tongue and her tonsils. She felt strings of it sticking to her teeth and dripping from the roof of her mouth.

    She was enjoying every blast of it, and the strong, pungent taste made her cunt hot and wet. God, it was delicious. Finally, it was only dribbling spunk from the tip, and her tongue lashed up and licked at the tool, getting every last drop of the sperm. Now she had a fat mouthful of the black man's thick scum, and she felt how delightful it was to have it resting in her mouth.

    The man pulled the dick from his victim's mouth, and he sighed in delight as he saw the clotted strand hanging from her lips.

    "You ain't swallowed it yit," said the man. Teri looked up at him, with her lust ignited by his rough treatment of her, and she parted her lips. He looked down to see his scummy load sitting in her mouth, she began to roll it about with her tongue, just as he had suggested, tasting it as it coated her spear and stuck to the roof of her mouth.- Her orifice was a cobweb of strands of jism and thick globs rolled about on her tongue. She forced the thickest clumps forward, so that they were just on the edge of her lips, and sat there all white, and thick and glistening before she sucked them back into her scummy mouth and then finally swallowed the come in one big, salty gulp.

    "Oh yeah," laughed the man in the mask after the show, "You sore like dat scum, don't you, baby?"

    He grabbed her by the arms then and flung her down onto the cot. His dick, she noticed, was still hard, and he was not finished with her yet.

    "What are you going to do?" she asked in fear. She had assumed that once she blew him and ate his semen, her ordeal would be over. "Why I seen how much you like dat dick dat I'm gonna stuff it into dat little blonde pussy of yours," smiled the man, "Won't dat be nice, honey?"

    "Noooo!" screamed Teri in fear. "Get off me, leave me alone." The man just smiled as he pinned her arms and spread her legs open. Teri tried to keep them closed, but he forced them open with his knees, and his wet dick touched her pussy lips. When it did, a bubble seemed to pop in her cunt, and she felt wetness spreading throughout her vagina.

    She was really hot, passion spasms shot to her cunt and she was sweating and panting with excitement. The black man kissed her screaming mouth and nibbled her ear. "Don't worry, sugar," he said, "This is only gonna hurt for a while." Then he forced his cock into her. The hard tool poked away at the passage, forcing its way deep into her twat. Although she tried to resist, she felt the dick plugging into her, ramming every inch of the black pole into her tender, pink twat, until it was completely filled.

    She had never been stuffed so full before in her life, or at least it felt that way, and when he reached her cervix, she moaned uncontrollably. "Oh," smiled the man, De little white bitch likes dat black cock up her hot snatch, huh? Ain't dat right, bitch?"

    Teri did not answer. She was writhing in fear and revulsion, as the man pressed his dick into her and made her hot. "I said, ain't dat right?" asked the rapist again. He was fucking into her now, stabbing into her cunt with short, savage thrusts, as she struggled under his sweating body. She was trying to get loose, but then her body began to buck and twists in a different way,; and instead of trying to avoid his raping dick, her hips were pushing her cunt against his long pole, making it go further into her.

    "Yes!" she screamed suddenly, breaking into heavy sobs, "Yes, I love your cock inside me. God, that black shaft feels terrific fucking me. I want you to ram it all the way into me, I want to feel your cock poking up into my belly." He laughed, and felt the blonde wife's motions become more and more passionate. He had never raped a woman that liked it before, and he was really getting into the action, as he released her hands and grabbed hold of her ample tits.

    For Teri, this was the final release. Her body was totally submissive to his demands now, and the massaging and abuse of her tits made her rape complete. That was when she had her climax.

    He was in mid-thrust when she screamed and felt her pussy explode. Her cunt juices were flowing all over the man's dick, and he felt them too, as they gushed from her hole. Her body was thrashing about under him and she was incredibly hot.

    "I'm coming!" she screaming, "I'm coming. Fuck me harder. HARDER!" she begged.

    He did the best he could, really slamming it to the lusting white woman. His pole was driving against her back wall with each thrust now, and he felt his own orgasm growing. But he kept belting it to her, as their two bodies rocked back and forth on the cot, Teri making a wet spot with her love juices.

    "Oh, oh," moaned the man, "You gonna git it now, baby. Oh, I'm gonna come, bitch, I'm gonna come inside you!"

    "Yes," groaned Teri in her lust, "Yes, fuck me, come in me, use my body. I am just a dirty little girl that wants to fuck."

    And the sperm began to fire into her and she felt the fiery juice splashing and dirtying her insides. "Oh, god, that feels good," she sighed.

    As he came, Teri was jerking her hips about wildly, trying to prolong her pleasure, trying to make him keep coming inside her… Again and again the dick spurted, until the thick load of the man began to dribble out of her hole and onto the cot. "Yeah," was the last thing he muttered before he stopped coming. By that time, Teri's cunt was stuffed to over-flowing with spunk. Every movement caused her to feel the thick scum shift and clot inside her, and she felt it dribbling down over her asshole.

    The black man pulled out of her then, and moved up along her body, dropping the scummy tool between her breasts. "Clean it," he ordered her.

    The blonde immediately pushed her firm tits together, so that there was a valley between them, in which the dirty cock was captured. He rubbed it in and out of the slot, rubbing the scum off his tool and onto Teri's heaving chest. When he got off of her, her cunt was dripping globs of snotty come onto the cot, and there was a slimy layer of jism all over her jutting tits. She just lay there, tired and well used by the masked man. "Dat was just terrific," he informed her as he got dressed. "Your husband is a lucky man, he got himself a real hot piece of cunt for a wife."

    He laughed and laughed, as he zipped up and walked out of the room. After he was gone, Teri just lay there and tried to comprehend what happened. She had been raped by an unknown black man.

    He had forced her to commit sodomy, and then fucked her into submission. He had dropped two loads of scum into her, one in her mouth, which she had eaten, and one into her cunt. Then he had rubbed his jism all over her tits and left. What was really confusing was that somewhere during her attack, she had liked it, and she had even had an orgasm. It was a good come too, she had been really hot and horny. What had turned her on so much?

    How could she ever tell Gary what had happened? Especially after she had enjoyed it, and she had even begged him to fuck her harder. She felt sick as she recalled her words, but then thought of the fire that had been burning in her and shivered. If only Gary could excite her as much as her black attacker had.

    When Gary got home that night, everything was set. It would happen a week from Friday, and he wondered if he would be able to wait that long. Teri was already at home, which surprised him, and she was sitting in the living room having a drink.

    "Oh, hi, honey," said Gary. "Home early tonight."

    She looked at him with dazed eyes and then nodded her head.

    "Have a hard day at the office?" she asked.

    "Yes, very hard," and long he thought to himself, "How about you?"

    "I got it from all ends today," she said, thinking about when she got it in her mouth and then her cunt from the rapist.

    "Think I'll turn in," said Gary, "I'm kinda beat." He had beaten off into Gina's cunt and Maria's cunt and he was tired. Both of them slept soundly, unaware of the sexual adventures of their partners. The next day, Gary was eager to get to the office, and he made sure to take a shower, put on after-shave lotion and change his underwear. He was bright and sunny all day long, waiting for Gina to come in, and Adrian was confused by his behavior.

    It was not normal when the doctor acted so happy but she stopped trying to figure out why and merely enjoyed it. At four, Gina came in and Adrian left. During the rest of the afternoon, Gary could hardly restrain himself from touching her as they worked so close to each other.

    When the last patient was gone, the doctor locked the door and walked into the back room, where she was cleaning up.

    "Phew, what a day," she exclaimed, "busy."

    "It seemed to fly by to me," smiled Gary as he walked behind her and put his hands around her waist.

    "Dr. Watson, are you trying to get fresh?" asked Gina with a smile.

    "Not only trying to," he responded, "but succeeding."

    Saying this, he put his hand on her firm ass and began rubbing it. "Is this part of the job?" asked Gina, turning to him.

    "No," he said, "This is the job." He pushed her hand down to his stiff dick.

    "Aren't you frisky today," she answered.

    Her hand was rubbing along his bulge, stroking his shaft through the material of his pants. She could feel the outline of his dick, and she traced it with the tip of her finger. He shivered as she ran her digit over his dick again and again. "You're driving me crazy," he muttered to her lustfully.

    "That's the general idea," she giggled.

    Then he grabbed her and dragged her to the back room.

    "Come with me," he ordered, "You're going to have to be punished for this."

    He took her to the small room that had the cot in it, and he flung her down on the small bed. He dropped on top of her then, and began kissing her passionately. Gina responded immediately, and there tongue were soon slipping in and out of each others mouths. "Oh, doctor," she moaned, "you're so forceful."

    "You have shown me that being forceful is important," he answered, "and I intend on forcing you to do many things."

    She giggled and rubbed his dick again.

    "Do these things have to do with that third leg you're growing?" she asked him.

    "Yes, they do," he replied, "and they have to do with your cunt and mouth and ass as well."

    "Mmmm," said Gina, "sounds good to me. When do we start?"

    "Right now," said Gary, as he began to peel her uniform off.

    He pulled off her top and dropped it onto the floor, and then pulled down her pants as well. She helped him undress her and then she was undressing him, as she undid his shirt and helped him slip out of his pants.

    Soon, both of them were naked, and he was rubbing his lips all over her tits.

    "Oh, that feels so good," said Gina as her passion grew.

    As he licked and sucked her mounds, her hands were fondling his stiff dick. She had the fleshy pole trapped between her two palms, and she was pulling it back and forth in her hands. The pole gave somewhat, but not completely, and it was the friction of her hands rubbing over his shaft that was driving him crazy.

    "Keep that up, Gina," he said, "until I'm nice and hot, and ready to stick it into you. Where should I put it, Gina, in your mouth, or up your cunt? Where?"

    "It's up to you," she replied in a whisper.

    Her nipples were like two copper-colored pebbles now, sitting on top of her tits, and Gary was licking and sucking them, drawing them up into his mouth and then letting them snap back into place.

    As he sucked her, his biting became a little harsher with each passing moment, and soon her was really sinking his teeth into her tits. She seemed to enjoy it, though, and she tossed and grunted on the cot.

    Stu was right, Gary thought to himself. Women loved to be handled without being asked. They like to submit to the demands of their man and do whatever he asked. No, not asked, told them to do. That was the key. He should never ask, just do what he wanted to a woman such as Teri.

    As he bit and fondled Gina, and she rubbed his cock, he could not help but think about Friday night and what a pleasure it was going to be to put Teri through her paces. It would be a real thrill to be telling her what to do for a change.

    "Now," he said abruptly, "Eat me."

    He lay back on the cot, as Gina jumped up and climbed on top of him. His dick was sticking straight up in the air, and he watched her mouth move over it. Her soft, light-brown hair covered her eyes, but he could clearly see her lips sucking on his tool.

    Her lips were tight about the cock, and she was really sucking away wildly, as she had done before, slid her mouth further down on his tool.

    In the other room, the office door opened slowly and Teri Watson walked in. She had called in sick at work, for she did not want to face Mr. Deal, and she had decided to come in and see Gary. She was surprised to see the room empty.

    Neither her husband nor Gina, the nurse were anywhere to be seen. She looked as though they had left, but the door was not locked.

    As she walked around the quiet room, she shivered, for she recalled what had happened to her the day before in the office. She could still feel the stranger's dick in her cunt and his sperm sloshing around in her mouth.

    As she moved towards the back room she heard a low moan and some talking. She froze in her tracks, as she tried to hear what was going on. From where she was standing, she could only hear a soft muttering, but the tone of the groans was definitely a lustful one.

    She tip-toed into the hallway and to the back room, where she flattened up against the wall next to the door.

    "Ohhhh, ohhh," groaned a man. It was her husband's voice, she was certain of that. His moans were deep, and passionate.

    "Yes, that's it, Gina, keep working on it like that," he continued, "Keep it up. It feels so good."

    She did not hear Gina's voice, but she did hear a soft sucking and a loud gurgling sound, and she did not have to see in order to know what the small nurse's mouth was busy doing. But she did want to see, so she moved about in the hall, until she got in line with the old, dusty mirror that was hanging on the wall in the room.

    It did not give her a perfect picture of what was going on inside, but it was clear enough for her to see Gary lying on the cot stark naked, and his pretty little nurse draped over him, also naked, her mouth engulfing his dick.

    "My, God," she muttered to herself as she watched the lewd spectacle.

    She had been right about her husband all along. He was shafting the young girls that he was hiring. That was probably why they all left so quickly. He was probably getting them pregnant, or putting too many sexual demands on them. After all, look what this pretty young woman was being forced to do.

    "Suck it in deeper," demanded Gary, "I want that cock all the way in your throat, damn it," he snapped, "So get it in there before I have to force it down your throat."

    Teri was shocked by his words. She had never heard her husband talk so strongly before. She had hot thought he had it in him, she was amazed to find that she was wrong. He was really making the nurse do exactly what he wanted.

    She watched the reflection intently and saw the nurse's head bob up and down on her husband's tool, her hair swaying sensually as she did so. She could see that Gina's eyes were open, and that she was looking at Gary's chest and muscular arms. It was clear that the girl was enjoying every second of her cocksucking.

    "Enough of that," said Gary, as he pulled her back by the shoulders, "Get on all fours, like a dog. I've got something I want to do to you."

    He seemed to toss her over on the cot, and as he did so, Teri could see a dark stain where the black man's scum had leaked from her pussy. She grew hot just thinking about the fact that her husband was fucking a girl on the same cot that she had been fucked and humiliated on yesterday by a complete stranger.

    Gina did as she was told, and she had her face down on the small bed, while her ass was sticking up into the air. She had quite a pretty body, Teri decided, and she looked even better naked in this lewd position than at any other time she had ever seen her.

    Gary straddled the cot, with his feet of the floor, and he positioned his dick behind her rump. Teri could see that the pole was all wet and slippery with the nurse's saliva, and as he spread her cheeks, she wondered if Gary was planning on ass fucking her.

    She got her answer in a minute, when her husband shoved forward, and forced the tip of his cock into the petite woman's puckered anus.

    "Oh!" gasped the nurse, "Take it out, it's hurting."

    "It will only hurt for a little while," said Gary, as he slithered his tool up into her tight hole.

    "No, please, take it out," pleaded Gina.

    To her surprise, Teri's husband did not answer. He ignored the nurse's plea and just drove his huge tool all the way inside her poop-chute. His ball were nestled in Gina*s slit and his pubic hairs were tickling her ass. "Now just relax and enjoy it," he told her, "because I'm not pulling out until I'm ready."

    And he began to pump it in and out of her tight rectum, causing the girl to shiver and groan as he did so.

    "God, how can she let that big cock of his fuck into her ass like that?" Teri asked herself as she watched.

    She could feel her own rectum twitching as she watched Gary ass-fuck the girl. She felt as if she were the own on all fours, letting the dick be driven up her ass. And as she watched, and fantasized, her hand went to her cunt, and she began to rub it gingerly. "Starting to like it now, aren't you?" said Gary, as he really reamed the girl's ass. "I can tell by the way your anus is getting nice and loose, It feels great, doesn't it?"

    Gina merely uttered something indistinguishable and kept on rocking back and forth under his punishing jabs. Teri could see the opening of the asshole be pulled up into the brown channel with each of her husband's stabs, and Gina was squirming more and more as she was reamed.

    "Tell me how you like it!" snapped Gary, and he smacked the nurse harshly on her soft ass cheek.

    The blow was a loud one, and it resounded in the still hallway.

    "Yes, I like it," gasped Gina, responding to the blow.

    "That's not good enough," said Gary, and struck her again.

    This blow was even harsher than the first, and it sounded like a crack. Teri could see the red mark forming on Gina's ass where she had been struck and saw that Gary was ready to deliver another one.

    "Yes," said Gina more loudly this time, "I like it, I love the way you're shoving your dick into my ass."

    "Keep going," said Gary, and he struck her again.

    "Argh," grunted the delicate woman, "I love it, God, how I love to have a big dick tearing into my little rectum, pulling and stretching it out of shape. Fuck it into me, harder."

    Teri could not believe her ears as she listened to the words coming from both of their mouths. It was so unlike Gary to be so demanding, and now he was being down-right cruel. And she could not believe the pretty nurse was responding and saying all the filthy things she was saying. It made her sound like a cheap whore.

    But as she listened to their talk, she found the urge to rub her cunt growing greater and greater. It was as though a fire was raging in her twat and only her kneading fingers could stop the burning.

    The material of her dress and slip was in the way, and as she stood listening and watching in the hall, the blonde pulled her skirt up and slid her hand under it as well as under her pants.

    "Ohhh," groaned Teri in relief, as her fingers touched her naked twat.

    She felt that she was already wet, and mat her clitoris was distended and pulsing, and she was amazed that such a seamy little sex scene could make her so hot. She decided that it was the abusive way in which Gary was treating the girl that was making her to horny, and she listened and watched some more as they screwed.

    Gary pulled his dick from her rectum, and rubbed it along her ass cheeks, leaving wet smears.

    "Ah, that was nice," he sighed, "Real nice, but I hope you're ready for the real thing now."

    "I am, I am," moaned the girl. "Good," smiled Gary, "Get up."

    He spit out the words like a general, and the tiny nurse nimbly jumped off the cot as he lay down. Teri's fingers were dipping into her cunt now, slipping up into the aching channel and trying to satisfy her lust by her frigging digits.

    The fingers seemed too thin and small to help any, however, and she looked about desperately for something, anything, that she could really fuck herself with. She wished that she had her vibrator with her, as she searched around.

    Then she spied one of the antique swords she had bought for the office and grabbed the hilt. There were no blades inside the sheaths, only the fat, long handles, but this was precisely what she wanted.

    She pulled out the hilt and rushed back to the room, pulling her skirt back up and nudging the cold, metal hilt against her flaming cunt. When she looked in the mirror again, she thought she was going to pass out from excitement.

    Gary was lying flat on his back now, and the slim, young nurse was sitting on his lap, with his tool driven up into her twat.

    Her cute face had such a look of complete bliss and pleasure on it, that Teri wanted to rush in and drag her off Gary's cock. She wanted her husband's tool deep inside her, instead of the sword hilt.

    But the make-shift dildo would have to do, she realized, and it would do very well. She had the fat, corrugated handle about half-way up her snatch now, and it felt just fine. The irregular bumps on it gave the tool an added thrill, and she slowly slid it all the way up her cunt, until the hilt was buried in her bush.

    Then she began to fuck it in and out of her, and the bumps along the handle jolted along her cunt walls, making them twitch and drip in pleasure. She was fucking away wildly now, and her eyes closed as she thought about the masked man forcing her to suck him off, forcing her the same way Gary had forced his nurse to take it up the ass.

    The two men began to blend into one, and it soon became Gary that was raping her, throwing her down on a bed and tearing her clothes off. Then, as she struggled in vain, he forced her legs apart, and rammed his dick into her.

    She went into a delirium of lust, and as he fucked her cunt she yelled and fought while he laughed. Then his dick was magically in her mouth, and somehow up her ass as well, and there she was, getting fucked in all three of her holes and she lie there, powerless to prevent it.

    "Oh, God!" screamed Gain, as she threw her head back and her body began to flop about madly.

    She was still impaled on the cock, and was sitting straight up as she was shafted, hot her small body was thrashing about wildly, as she went through orgasm. It was delicious to feel herself coming as she felt the cock inside her still hard, still moving and still demanding.

    Her cunt was spilling it hot juices out of her hole, pouring them down her legs and onto Gary's lap. But he did not even change his tempo, as he fucked her over and over again.

    Teri was going wild now, and she was leaning up against the wall, with her hand flying back and forth, driving the hilt into her cunt so fast that it was a blur. She couldn't seem to get enough speed up though, as she kept frigging away at her sopping cunt.

    Meanwhile, Gary had grabbed Gina's small hips, and was pulling her cunt down onto his thick cock. He felt his rod shafting all the was up into her, smashing away at her cunt walls, banging against the spongy sides and making her gasp with pleasure.

    "Bounce on it," he ordered her, "wiggle that cunt on my dick, I want to shoot off into your twat."

    Gina did as directed, and began to squirm and writhe on the fucking prick even more than she was already doing. Teri could not believe the crude words coming from Gary, but she loved it as she pretended they were meant for her. She was grinding her hips down against the fat hilt, and she was bringing herself nearer and nearer to climax.

    "Oh, yeah, baby," moaned Gary, "Keep it up, keep it up. I'm going to come soon. Just keep it up!"

    And as he said the last word it twisted into a howl and he was coming, shooting once again into the nurse's hot box. The little woman began to shiver, and shake on his dick, as she felt the come spewing into her body.

    It felt hot and sticky, almost bubbly, as it fired into her. She felt it shooting straight up and then dropping back down, as it began to dribble along his shaft and slip out of her wet hole.

    Outside the room, Teri was coming too. It was the first time during their marriage that both Gary and his wife were coming at the same time, and they were in different rooms when it happened.

    Her body was shaking, convulsing, and she found it impossible to remain standing, as she slumped quietly to the floor. Her legs were open wide, and the hilt of the sword was driven all the way into her twat, and she was twisting it inside her vagina, screwing it round and round inside her cunt as she came.

    The come juice dripped out of her hole, spilling onto her hand and the rug, and she heaved and gasped, like an under-water diver coming up for air. During the entire time, however, she remained quiet, and sat alone in the hall and had her orgasm.

    In the other room, both of the lovers bodies were bucking and thrashing about, as Gary's dick kept sending his seed up into Gina's cunt. And then it was over and the woman dropped forward onto him, their sweaty bodies resting against each other as they lay on the cot.

    Gina could feel her boss' dick slowly shrinking inside her hole, and slithering out as it did so.

    Chapter 7

    The office was quiet, except for the ticking of the antique clock, and the labored breathing of the three exhausted lovers. Gary and Gina were in each others arms in the cot, while Teri sat numbly in the hallway, with her dildo still up her cunt. She mustered all of her strength and forced the hilt out of her vagina.

    It pulled out with a sucking noise, her cunt walls were so swollen from excitement, and she held it limply in her hand. She knew that she had to get up and get out of the office before she was noticed.

    During their intense sex-play, she knew that there was little chance of them knowing she was there, but now she might be detected, and she would die if they found out she had been spying on them during their entire, heated session.

    So she crawled along the floor, silently, and made it back to the main office, where she placed the hilt back in the sheath. Then she fixed her skirt and walked down to her car. Once she was in the seat, she dropped back and uttered a loud sigh.

    She was tired, and damp from her climax, but as her wet panties pressed against her crotch, she realized that she was still horny. The orgasm she had self-induced was not enough. She needed a real dick inside her.

    But where would she find one? Gary was up in his offices, with his private little whore, and she was sitting in frustration in her car. She grew very angry at her husband and the little tramp that had serviced him.

    Then she remembered Frank Deal. Why not kill two birds with one stone and let him fuck her? She started the car up and shot off in the direction of the store. She went to the employee elevator and went immediately to his office.

    She did not bother to knock, and opened the door briskly and walked in. She only got about four paces in when her mouth dropped open and she turned red.

    Frank Deal was seated at his desk, leaning forward, appearing to be doing some paperwork. But there was a look on his eyes that showed he was far away from the papers on his desk, and a smile on his face that suggested a deep satisfaction.

    Teri looked down and was shocked to see a pair of women's feet in spike heels sticking out from under the desk. Then she heard a distinct sucking and licking noise, and when she walked around to the side of her boss' desk, everything became clear.

    Crouched under his desk, sucking on Frank's cock, was the other woman that was being considered for the promotion. She was oblivious to Teri's presence, for she was trying to stuff all of Frank's cock down her throat. Her fat lips were grasping and pulling at his tool, and her hand was feeding the dick into her mouth.

    "I want to see you, privately!" screamed Teri.

    The cocksucking woman's eyes shot open in horror and she banged her head on the underneath of the desk top. Mr. Deal's dick stabbed up into empty space, and a trail of pre-come dribbled from the woman's lips.

    "Now," snapped Teri, and she watched in delight at the other woman scrambled out from under the man's desk and rushed out of the room.

    Teri closed the door behind her as she watched Frank stuff his dick back into his pants.

    "What… what can I do for you?" he asked, trying to sound calm, cool and collected.

    "Don't bother putting it away," Teri informed him, "I'm here to get that promotion."

    Frank's face went blank for a moment, but then a grin of extreme satisfaction seemed to stretch from one ear to the other.

    "I am glad to hear that," he said, and Teri could hear his fly unzipping, "Happier than you will ever realize, Mrs. Watson."

    "Shall I get under the desk?" asked the blonde.

    "I will tell you what to do," he answered, "and for starters, you can take off that blouse and remove your panties as well."

    He walked over to the door as she did so and made sure that it was locked this time, so he was not disturbed as he had just been interrupted.

    When he turned around, the sultry blonde was standing there in her lacy bra, and her skimpy panties were lying on the chair.

    "Perfect," he grinned, and walked over to her, "Now just stand there," he told her, "I've been wanting to do this for a long time."

    He reached out and took hold of her breasts, giving them a firm squeeze and marveling at their soft pliancy.

    "Wonderful, just wonderful, "he chortled.

    Then he began to really fondle them through her bra, squeezing and kneading them, as if they were soft mounds of dough. His fat fingers worked into the flesh grabbing it, and making the mounds shake and wiggle.

    "Let's get on with it," said Teri, as the gnawing in her cunt became more urgent.

    "I will decide when we will do anything," he snapped at her. "Let's get this straight, Teri, This is my ball-game, so to speak. I will give all the directions, you will simply obey. Right now, I just want you to stand there and shut up, while I feel you up."

    And was just what he was doing, as he caressed and rubbed her tits, cupping them in his hands and letting them bounce under her bra.

    The least he could do is take the bra off and give them a really good going over, thought Teri as she stood there feeling cheap and degraded. Her cunt was yearning for attention, and this light teasing of her tits was not satisfying her.

    "I am glad I have waited," said Frank smugly, "You are worth every minute of delay," he told her and he fondled her. "Alright, Teri, now beat my meat for awhile."

    He walked over and sat back in his chair, with his dick hanging out, all red and hot and hard. Teri walked over to him, and dropped to the floor, her hands reaching up and cupping his huge prong in her delicate hands.

    His dick was much different from Gary's, as well as the black man's. It was short, and incredibly fat, like a thick worm. The head nestled on top of the shaft like a fat mushroom, and it was not any wider than the shaft itself.

    Even when it was fully erect, as it was now, it was still wrinkled, and it made Teri shiver to handle it. It felt like some sort of filthy grub, that had not seen the light of day in years.

    "Feels good, doesn't it?" he asked her, "I can tell you enjoy handling a cock, Teri, by the way you hold it so tenderly. You must have fondled a lot of men's dicks in your years, haven't you?"

    "Some," admitted the blonde.

    Frank laughed, "I'm certain it's more than some, and my dick will be one more cock that is going to explore that lovely body of yours."

    When he talked about her like that, as if she were just some commodity to be used as he pleased, it made her tingle with a masochistic pleasure. She resented the way he thought of her but at the same time, it seemed to make the thought of sex with him seem easier and more attractive.

    She had her fingers wrapped around the fat slug now, and she began to pump him slowly. She ran her hand up and down the entire length of his short dick, making sure to graze the flat head.

    "As yes," he moaned in pleasure, "You have such a wonderful touch, so much better than anyone other woman in this store."

    As she pumped him off, Teri wondered how many other females he had fucked in the mouth or cunt in his office. She looked around the floor for come stains, but saw none. Back and forth her hand went, making his dick get hotter with each stroke, as well as her own cunt.

    Her box was steaming now, and as she knelt there and pumped him, she let her other hand slip between her legs and fiddle with her clit. It was an easy matter to find and get at the swollen bud without her panties on, and she fingered it as she beat his meat.

    It was getting extremely erotic pulling on his prick as she fingered herself, waiting in lust for him to do other, more terrible things to her body. And as she thought about what he might do, she frigged herself harder and faster.

    He did not even notice she was fingering herself, for his eyes were closed and his head was back as he enjoyed the hand job the lovely blonde was giving him. He had often imagined Mrs. Watson on her knees in front of him, pulling on his pecker, or sucking him off, but her had never really thought it would happen.

    She seemed to be such a snotty bitch, and never made any sort of sexual comments. She seemed to be the last woman in the world to be yanking and stroking his hot meat, so.

    "That's it, keep pulling on it, Teri, honey," sighed Frank, "Get a good look at my dick before I shove it up into you. You know that you're going to get shafted, don't you? You know that you are going to have to let me force my thick cock into one of your openings."

    Teri pumped and frigged, and thrilled to his lewd monologue.

    "Let's see now," he mused, "Should I make you suck me off? Should I put my dick into your mouth and stuff it down your throat and make you blow me until I leave a big wad in your mouth?"

    Teri felt herself licking her lips and already tasting the salty scum as he talked about plugging her mouth.

    "Or should I put you over the edge of the desk and force my dick slowly into your ass hole? My dick is quite fat, of course, and it will hurt terribly going in, but I feel certain that your rectum has been stretched by many cocks before."

    He was talking about her like she was a tramp or whore, implying that she had had dozens of pricks rammed into her holes. But even with the malicious remarks, Teri felt herself getting hotter and hotter, and her increased stroking of Frank's cock proved his.

    "I could simply stab my dick into your ass," smiled Frank. "If very traditional and all, but still, it is fun. I love to see a woman squirming underneath me as I force my dick up her cunt, and I could think of no other woman I would more want to hump than you."

    She tried to imagine herself under the fat man, and shivered. It would be terrible to have his thick tool plowing up into her cunt, as his heavy body pressed on top of her.

    "Yes," he cooed, "I think that is just perfect. I'm going to fuck you. Teri, fuck you and screw you until you're screaming and begging for me to stop, and then I'm going to fuck you some more. Now get on the floor!" he said sternly.

    She lay down on the carpeted floor and watched Frank get up and strip off his clothes. It was not a pleasant sight, as she saw him expose his fat belly and his ripples of fat. She was frightened as he stood next to her and looked at her quivering form.

    "Should I take off the rest of my clothes?" she asked, as she moved her hands towards her skirt.

    "No," snapped Frank, "Whores don't undress for their customers. And after all, you are a whore, Mrs. Watson. You are going to let me fuck you so that you can earn some more money, and isn't that exactly what a whore does, give sexual favors for money?"

    As he chuckled and laughed he dropped to his knees.

    "Pull up your dress and open your legs," he ordered.

    She did so on command, feeling more and more like a whore as she gave herself to this disgusting man. She did not even find him attractive, and yet here she was, on her back, opening her legs, getting ready to feel his dick inside her snatch.

    "Oh, what a lovely hole," he grunted, as he looked at her pussy.

    Then he dropped over her, and his fat belly pressed against her flat one and he stuck his dick inside her.

    Teri had never felt her cunt lips stretched so far apart before. The wide tool felt as if it were splitting her apart, as it forced its way in. Teri was glad that she had fondled her clit before they fucked, for her wet cunt allowed the dick to enter her more easily.

    But even with her sopping cunt walls, the fat prong of her supervisor had a slow and arduous time forcing it way into her dripping cunt.

    Frank was puffing and grunting as he stuffed it to the willing blonde, and she squirmed and twisted underneath him, just as he said she would, as she submitted to the ravishing over her cunt by his fat tool.

    Eventually, the dick was planted all the way inside her,-and Frank grinned at her.

    "Now get ready for the real suffering," he told her.

    With that, he began to shove his tool back and forth into her wide open cunt. It was like having a small tree stump shoved in and out, and Teri winced and gritted her teeth in pain.

    "Yes, that's it," smiled Frank, "I want it to hurt. I want you to suffer, and scream, until you can't take it anymore, and then I'll really stick it to you."

    His dick was probing in and out of her with great pain, probing and widening her channel to fit its terrible width. And as he fucked the slim blonde, his large body was pressed on top of hers, and she could smell the foul aroma of his sweat.

    He pumped into her slowly at first, but then the tempo quickened as his lust grew greater, and the dick was soon flying in and out of her cunt, making her gasp with pain, but also a growing amount of pleasure.

    "Oh, oh, God!" she screamed, as she was fucked as she never had been before.

    He chuckled ad just kept slipping it to her, slamming his meat into the woman's soft body, delighting at his dick slithered along the soft, wet walls, and crashed into her hole-He was grunting and snorting like a pig now, and he buried his face in the shallow valley between her tits. He loved the smell of her perfume, and the rising odor of the other smell, that was telling him that Teri was getting really hot from their fucking.

    In and out, in and out, his meat flew, pulling her lips in with each stroke, and then dragging them out with the next. Her feet were no longer on the floor as when they had started, but instead were resting on his back, as Teri attempted to wrap her legs around him and pull him deeper inside of her.

    "Oh, God, Frank," she wailed, "You're killing me. Your dick… it's so fat. It's tearing me apart."

    "Good," snorted Frank, "I've been dying to get this dick up into your twat, and now you are going to have to take every inch of it for as long as I can last."

    And he kept fucking her, and slamming it home into her aching pussy, and the blonde was squirming an wiggling on the floor as he kept fucking her like some terrible machine.

    "I can't take it any more," she screamed, "I feel like my cunt is burning up. You have to stop Frank."

    He smiled, "Your cunt feels so hot because of the friction caused by my dick pressing so tightly against your walls. Don't worry though, it will get worse before it gets better."

    And he kept fucking her. Teri was in a panic now, for she felt as if her cunt walls were going to be torn away by the fat dick. It seemed to be stretching her vagina beyond its limits, and as she lay there underneath his massive body, she wondered why she had ever let herself get into this.

    "No, no more, Frank," she wailed, "You've got to stop for awhile. I'll let you fuck me after a short rest, but please, please, take your dick out of me."

    "Not a chance," hissed Frank, as he licked the tops of her tits.

    "Please!" screamed Teri, her pain getting urgent, "I'll blow you, suck your scum up into my mouth and swallow it, but please let me up."

    He did not answer, with his face buried in her tit flesh, his tongue slithering down into the bra, and he kept forcing his tool up her aching cunt.

    "Stop!" she screamed in desperation, "God, Frank, you've got to stop!"

    But he did not, and the pole was really working at her cunt now making her body grow heated with his friction and her passion.

    Then there seemed to come a breaking point, and she let out a low, animal growl, and she came. It was different than all her other comes. Her love juices seemed to suddenly slip out, and the dick was all wet and slippery from her dew, and then it really began to fly into her.

    "That's the way," said Frank as he felt her come, "Enjoy it, Teri, get used to my dick inside you, you're going to be feeling it a lot from now on."

    Teri was in a dream world now, as she tumbled in the after-glow of her orgasm. It had come so abruptly, and so swiftly, that she had not even felt it. But it had come, and her entire body was relaxed by it. Her cunt hole was really wet now, and the dick no longer hurt her as it flew in and out of her.

    Somewhere, in the back of her mind, she knew that Frank would be coming soon, and that he would be dropping his seed deep in her vulva, filling her up with his slimy come, as if she were a whore, and the thought delighted her.

    Frank could see by her glazed expression that she was really gone now, and he smiled and pulled her bra down and began to finger her tits. He fed one of the nipples into her mouth and he began to suck on it hungrily.

    This was just where he wanted the pretty strawberry blonde, lying quietly under him, allowing him to fuck her and do whatever else he pleased to her body. In and out it drove, and finally he felt his balls tightening and he knew he was drawing near to his climax.

    Then he shot his load, and the second he did so, Teri came again. This time it was much more intense and body-shaking and she emitted a sharp howl of pleasure and release.

    "ARGHHH!" she screamed. As her body shook and convulsed under Frank's massive weight.

    Meanwhile, his dick was spilling its salty load into the woman's open vagina, filling it with the hot seed, and ramming it deep into her cunt with the head of the cock. Not one drop of it was able to spill out of her cunt because Frank's dick was so thick that it plugged the hole completely, and the pressure built up as he kept spending time after time in her hot box.

    At first, this pressure was uncomfortable. But slowly, it began to feel better and better against the tender walls of her cunt. She felt complete stuffed warmly with the hot spunk. She could feel it sloshing about inside her passage as she lay there, exhausted on the floor.

    Before he pulled out, Frank took the panties he was holding and moved them near her opening, so that the second he dislodged his dick, he could stuff Teri's briefs into her cunt hole, preventing any of the scum from running onto the rug.

    He stood up and rubbed his knees and looked down and the nearly unconscious woman, she was a sight to behold, with her beautiful blonde hair flying in all directions on the dark rug, and her tits sticking up out of her bra.

    But best of all, was her wide open legs. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist, and her legs were lying wide open, exposing her golden snatch, with the panties stuffed up her cunt. Frank admired her as he got dressed, and he thought about all the other things she was going to have to do for him from now on.

    When Gary got home that day, he was feeling great, after having made it with Gina again. This had assured him that it was not just a fluke the time before, and that he really was sexy and attractive.

    Further than that, he felt certain now that Stu was right. Women did want to be dominated. Gina had clearly shown him that she really got off on her submissive behavior, and so had he. He could not wait to have Teri begging and whimpering like Gina had.

    He picked up the phone and dialed Stu's number.

    "Hello," said his wife.

    "Hi Maria," said Gary, "Let me talk to Stu."

    She put her husband on the phone.

    "Hi, Gary old pal, what's up?" asked Stu.

    "I was just checking out what you said about women and submission," said Gary, "And I think you're one hundred percent right"

    "You mean you forced Teri to submit?" he asked in surprise.

    "No," snorted Gary, "I screwed my nurse again, and this time got really heavy with her, forcing her to do things she didn't exactly want to do."

    "And she loved it," said Stu.

    "She went wild over it," beamed Gary, "Did she have a hot and heavy orgasm and so did I. I can't wait till we get Teri."

    "If you think you've had good time so far," said Stu, "Wait until Teri is groveling at your feet. Then you're going to know what hot is all about. After all, she is the one that has really been using you all these years."

    "Yes," said Gary grimly, "Is everything ready?"

    "It's all set," replied Stu, "Maria and I will be over at eight on Friday. Then we will put the whole plan into operation."

    "Swell," said Gary, "Okay, listen, I have to go. Teri will be home soon. See you Friday."

    As he hung up the phone, Gary began to fantasize about Friday night and his mind grew wild with all the possibilities the night held. He would see Teri finally broken, no longer snotty and haughty, but subject to his desires.

    And once that happened, he would make her do things she would never dream of doing now. And the best part of it was getting her to submit.

    He felt his dick jump as he- thought about all the humiliation she was going to be put through. As he thought about it, he smiled.

    Chapter 8

    When Teri got home from work on Friday night, she was tired, and her jaw ached. She had been called up to Frank's office for a "conference" and once inside she had been forced to blow him.

    She had not thought her mouth was going to fit around his fat shaft, but somehow, she had managed, and he had proceeded to really stick it to her, banging it into her orifice with cruel plunges.

    Her tongue didn't even have room to move, and she thought she was going to choke on the fat worm as it poked in and out of her mouth. He had held her head steady, and forced the dick in as far as it would go, which was to her tonsils, and he had fucked her mouth for what seemed like hours.

    She had to put up with it all, kneeling on the floor and letting her head be jammed back and forth over his stiff, wrinkled tool, until her body ached and saliva was dripping lewdly down her chin.

    And he had laughed and tormented her through the entire thing, telling her how sleazy she looked, kneeling there completely dressed but her lips wrapped around his tool, her lipstick smeared along his shaft and his hand holding her head steady.

    And she had felt as cheap as he described her. It was as though she was his private whore now, after giving her the promotion. He had called her in the room, shut the door, sat down in his chair and said, "Blow me."

    There was not the slightest hesitation or pretense in his voice, and the worst thing was that she had responded immediately too. She heard his command and walked over to him, dropping to her knees, unzipping his fly, and sucking his organ into her mouth.

    When he finally came, however, was the worst part. Teri recalled how much scum he had pumped into her cunt when he fucked her, but she did not realize what a reservoir he was until he unloaded into her mouth.

    It seemed that he dropped a pint of semen down her throat. She just sat there and swallowed gulp after gulp of the salty liquid, as she had no other choice. There was no other room in her mouth with the fat cock stuffing it, and the tip of the tool was just before the entrance of her velvet passage, so she simply let it fire into the back of her mouth and swallowed all his sperm.

    But the jism just kept coming. It was as if he had crammed a hose into her mouth, and he was pumping sperm into her from some immense tank. After the first six wads, she felt the spunk sitting heavily in her stomach, but then more and more of it began to spill down her throat, and she desperately tried to keep up with it as she ate it.

    By the time he was done, she was slightly nauseous and she could feel globs of hot scum sticking to the back of her throat. No matter how she tried to swallow, she could not dislodge the viscous liquid, and it just clung to her pink passage.

    She pulled a bottle of juice out of the refrigerator and drank down a tall glass full, trying to get the last traces of scum out of her throat.

    "Ah, you're home," said Gary as he leaned in the door.

    Teri jumped, and she felt dirty as she stood there feeling the salty scum still in her mouth as he husband walked up behind her and gave her a kiss on the neck.

    "How was work?" he asked her with a broad smile on his face.

    "Hard work," she responded honestly.

    "Well go take a shower and get dressed," said Gary, "Stu and Maria are coming over tonight for dinner. I invited them this afternoon."

    "Tonight?" she moaned, "I wish you'd tell me ahead of time."

    "Come on now," he scowled, "Stop complaining. We're going to eat dinner together and then some of the guys are going to come over and we're going to play some poker. It'll be an easy evening."

    Teri was annoyed, but there was nothing she could do now. She went upstairs and took a shower, lathering her body up and then perfuming herself.

    In an hour and a half, she was beaming and smiling, dressed in a sexy velour top and a simple, loose skirt. When she greeted Stu and Maria at the door, she gave them her warmest welcome.

    "Hi, Teri," said Stu, "Boy, we haven't seen you for a long time."

    "Yes," she answered, "I've been very busy as work. I got that promotion, you know."

    "Gary told me," smiled Stu. "Congratulations."

    "Oh, Maria, that dress is beautiful," observed Teri, "Where did you get it?"

    "I'm afraid to admit that I bought it in one of your competitor's stores," she said.

    "That's it," said Teri, "No dinner for you."

    They all went into the dining room laughing and joking and ate there dinner.

    "Ah, that was delicious," said Stu, "Now how about a little after dinner drink?"

    "I'll mix something up," announced Teri, as she got up.

    "Nothing doing," replied Stu, "You made the dinner and served as well. Gary and I will make the drinks. You and Maria can talk."

    "Now that is manners," smiled Teri.

    "Funny," said Maria, "He never does that at home."

    The two men walked over to the other side of the room, where they huddled over the small bar.

    "Did you bring it?" asked Gary nervously.

    "Of course," said Stu, taking out a small capsule from his pocket. "What did you think, I'd forget it. I'm looking forward to this too, you know."

    Gary took the capsule in his fingers, making sure Teri did not see. She was not even looking at him, however, as she was in a discussion with Maria.

    "Are you sure this will work?*' asked Gary.

    "Positive," smiled Stu, "That little capsule contains enough aphrodisiac to make an iceberg hot. Usually, I only use half of it, it's so potent, but I think Teri deserves it all, don't you?"

    "All and more," answered Gary, "At least nine inches of it."

    Both men laughed, as Stu pulled the capsule open and poured the contents into Teri's drink. The grey powder dissolved almost immediately as it hit the liquor, but to make sure there was no residue, Stu took a glass mixing stick and stirred it a couple of times.

    "That will certainly do the trick," he smiled.

    "And then Teri will do some tricks for us," said Gary hopefully.

    Before they walked to the table, Gary whispered in Stu's ear.

    "How long before it takes effect?" he asked.

    "Give it about fifteen minutes to get started," replied Stu, "and then another fifteen to really get her hot."

    "Are you sure Maria knows what to do?" asked Gary.

    "Definitely," answered Stu, "She is looking forward to this also, after what you and I did to her the other night,"

    Then Stu and Gary served the drinks, making sure that the strawberry blonde got the powerful aphrodisiac.

    They retired to the living room, and Teri sipped at her drink as they talked, until all of it was gone. As he looked at her empty glass, Gary felt his heart racing wildly as he watched and waited for the drug to take effect.

    There seem to be none, and the minutes dragged on with the four of them chatting and joking, with Teri showing to sign of being turned on. But looks were deceiving.

    After about ten minutes, Teri noticed that the room was getting hot, and she glanced at the thermostat on the wall, to make sure the temperature in the room was comfortable. The needle was where it always was, and she could not see why she was so warm. Her velour top was unzipped all the way down, and it was a light material anyway.

    She shifted about on her chair a little, and she felt the heat spreading throughout her body. It started in her stomach, and traveled along her chest and legs. She felt it making her head hot as well, and her ears began to tingle.

    Then the warm sensations began to center and concentrate in just a few key areas. The tips of her tits were getting incredibly hot, and itchy as well. She felt as if she wanted to scratch them, but of course, she could not do that. They just kept getting warmer and warmer, and she realized for the first time that the heat was not coming from outside, but from her own body.

    Next, she began to notice an uncomfortable burning sensation in her cunt. It was not on the outer lips, but actually inside her twat. It seemed to start somewhere deep inside her and then spread out along her inner lips and finally to her clitoris. She could feel the bud getting hotter with each passing second. Her entire body seemed to be on fire, and she was now twitching and shifting in her chair, trying to ease the itching in her cunt. With a shock, she realized that these were exactly the sensations that she got when she was turned on.

    But she could not possibly be hot. There was nothing around her that could be turning her on, nothing at all. She found herself unable to keep up the conversation, as she turned more and more attention to the burning in her own body.

    Her cunt was on fire now, throbbing and aching as if she had been working it over with her trusty vibrator for hours now. She could not believe it. She thought that maybe her present heated state could be caused by some sort of delayed reaction to the sex she had with Frank at work.

    Whatever was the cause, it was making her crazy. She wanted to run her hands all over her tits, and especially the nipples, as she felt them growing stiff under her shirt and bra. And she fund her hand placing the empty glass between her legs, pressing the cool, ice-filled container against her burning cunt.

    This was ridiculous, she thought to herself, that she was getting so horny in front of her guests and for no reason at all.

    Stu could see that Teri looked flushed, and noticed that she had the glass jammed up tight against her cunt. He knew the small, tell-tale signs of the drug, for he had often used it on his own wife.

    He would give her.the drug in the early evening, and then tie her to her bed while he went out for a couple of hours. When he returned, she would be in a passion writhing and straining on the bed, trying to get her hands free so that she could fondle her hot tits and aching pussy.

    Then he would slowly undress in front of her, as she watched with lusting eyes, and then he would sit down next to her and touch her quivering body. He would not touch any of her erogenous spots, however, and this would cause her to start begging and pleading with him to fuck her.

    If he was really in a perverse mood, he would just fondle her a little, and then go in the other room and have a beer, leaving her screaming and begging to be used for awhile before he came back and fucked her.

    He could see that it was time to put the next phase of their plan into operation. He slid his hand over to Maria's ass, and gave it a squeeze. The dark-haired Spanish woman caught his signal, and their faces grew closer together, and they started to kiss.

    Teri watched their friends kiss on the couch, and it made her cunt twinge. She found her own lips puckering slightly before she controlled them. But the pair did not stop with one kiss, and Teri grew hotter as they kept kissing, more and more passionately. She could see Stu's tongue licking and poking into Maria's mouth, and it was clear that the dark woman was responding.

    Gary looked over at Stu and Maria, and was surprised to see that they were starting already. He had not thought that Teri was turned on yet, and he looked at her more intently. His wife was sitting on the edge of her chair watching Stu and Maria kiss, and there was lust in her eyes.

    Stu began stroking Maria's side, innocently enough at first, but soon his hand began to move forward a little bit, and it was now stroking the side of her big tit. Teri could see that he was pushing his hand firmly against his wife's breast.

    Then Stu dropped his pretense, and moved his hand around in front of the Spanish woman and openly grabbed her magnificent tit. Maria groaned, and his hand began to knead the soft mound. Teri could not believe her eyes. Stu was fondling his wife right in front of her and Gary, and did not seem to mind at all. And she was glad he did not stop.

    She was grinding the glass against her cunt now, rubbing her heated lips back and forth with its smooth, round surface, as she watched Maria and Stu in their passionate embrace. Maria was sort of lying back on the couch now, with her head draped over the back and Stu still kissing her.

    Her chest was in plain view, and jutting up into the air, and Stu had both of his hands on her knockers now. He pushed and massaged the available jugs, digging his fingers into them and thrilling to their sponginess.

    Then he grabbed the top of her dress, and pulled it forward, and off her breasts. The top had an elastic band, and this was not hard to do. He revealed his wife's tits encased in a sheer lacy bra, through which Teri could easily see her dark-brown nipples jutting up into the air.

    Stu tore that down next, and Maria's tits bobbed up into the air, fully exposed to the blonde and her husband.

    Gary was sitting right next to the writhing couple, but he was hardly looking at them as he watched the fire in Teri's eyes. He had never seen her with such a lusting look before, and his dick was getting stiff from just looking at her. He wanted to get on with their plan already.

    Teri was oblivious to everything that was going on except for the hot scene between, Maria and Stu. The woman's tits were sticking out now and her husband was taking full advantage of this. He grabbed the fleshy mounds by their bases and shook the jugs back and forth in his hands.

    Teri felt her cunt twinging as she watched the flaccid melons jiggle around in front of her. Then Stu removed his mouth from Maria's and apply it to one of her stiff nipples.

    "Uhhh," moaned Maria at the first touch of his wet lips, and she trembled on the couch was a fiery lust.

    Teri also moaned, as her hand went to her own tit and fondled it openly in front of Gary. The doctor was amazed by his wife's passion, and he felt his dick hot and hard in his pants.

    Stu sucked the nipple up and out, pulling it sideways to insure that Teri had a good view of what was happening. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her rubbing her own aching hot spots as she watched him use Maria's body.

    Then Teri's eyes moved down as she watched Stu unzip his fly and pull his dick out For a moment, Teri thought she was going to hop from her chair and grab the man's tool and stuff it into her mouth, but then she remembered that Gary was in the room, and she restrained herself.

    She quivered with passion as she watched Stu take Maria's hand and place it on his red hot tool. The woman's fingers wrapped around the thick shaft, and she began pumping slowly as he bit and nibbled on her tits.

    Teri's breath was coming in short pants as she watched the lewd spectacle being conducted in front of her. Her was their best friends, sitting on their couch, getting each other all hot and lathered while they watched.

    Maria's chest was juggling and bouncing as she rocked with fever lust, and her nipples were teased by her husband's mouth. Then Teri heard another zipper open, and she looked over to see Maria's free hand pulling down her husband's fly and reaching into his pants.

    She could not believe her eyes, and she froze in the rubbing of her cunt to watch the woman search around, find Gary's dick and pull it out of his pants. She could not believe that Maria was holding Gary's cock in her left hand while her right hand pumped on Stu's cock.

    At this point, Teri's mind began to reel, and she dropped back in her seat in a heated passion, as she watched the black-haired beauty pump on both cocks with a slow, steady motion. And she could see that Gary was really getting into it. His eyes were closed as she pumped him off.

    Then his hand reached up and grabbed hold of one of Maria's available tits! He took hold of it with a harsh grasp, and tugging, stretching the globe out of shape, and obviously causing Maria pleasurable pain. She squirmed under his grasp, but let him continue his abusive tugging.

    Teri was beyond words now, and felt that she certainly must be dreaming. Here she was, sitting with her cunt red hot, watching her husband and his friend fondle another man's wife. And what was more, Maria was pumping on both their dicks, as if she wanted both of them to fuck her.

    Now Gary was sucking on one of her tits, while Stu bit the other, and they were stretching the pendulous boobs apart, as they shared Maria's voluptuous body. And after a few seconds of this, Maria sat up on the couch, and bent over, pulling her nipples from the mouths of the two men.

    What she did next shocked Teri more than anything else she had seen up to this point. She doubled over and took Gary's fat cock into her mouth. Teri could see her rich, red lips encircling her husband's tool, and then forcing it into her waiting mouth, until it disappeared in the moist cavern.

    This was all she could take, and her hand went to her crotch, and started fondling and rubbing her clit wildly. It was bad enough that she had to watch this woman servicing her husband, but what was worse was that she had no one to help her get over her lust.

    That was when Stu got up and walked over to her chair, his dick still hanging out He smiled as he saw that her eyes were locked on Maria's sucking mouth, and that her hand was rubbing her cunt frantically.

    Teri did not even notice when Stu slid his hand down the front of her shirt and grabbed one of her firm tits. She did notice, however, the moment his finger sunk into her tit flesh. Her tit was incredibly warm, and she moaned and shook as soon as he touched her.

    Teri was oblivious to who was touching her, all that mattered was that she was being touched.

    "Lift your arms up," directed Stu, "So that I can take off your top."

    She was startled by the direct suggestion that he was going to undress her, but she complied immediately and soon she was just sitting their in her bra. The lacy thing lifted her tits up, for added cleavage, and they jutted there provocatively.

    "Nice," muttered Stu, as he stroked her mounds and sent shivers of satisfaction through her body.

    "You want to be touched, don't you?" asked Stu, as he fondled the blonde.

    Teri felt dirty being asked that, but she answered, "Yes, I need to be touched."

    "And you don't care who touches you, do you?" added Stu.

    "No," she had to admit, as her cunt burned her more and more.

    "In fact," said Stu, as he slipped his hand into her bra and grabbed her nipple, "You want to have a lot more done to you than just being touched. You want to be fucked, don't you, you little bitch? You want to have a fat, hot cock stuffed into that hot twat of yours, don't you?"

    She did not want to admit that he was right, but he pinched her nipple sharply, and it seemed to make her lust double.

    "Yes!" she gasped as he tweaked her nipple again and again, "I want to be fucked. I want a big, long dick crammed into my cunt, and my ass and my mouth. God, I need to be fucked."

    Gary was listening closely as Maria blew him and he thrilled to his wife's words. She was admitting to all of her desires, and submitting to Stu's demands.

    "Get up," snapped Stu, and Get that skirt off. I want to see your legs."

    Teri stood up mechanically, her legs weak and Stu's hand still under her bra. He was still pulling and twisting her nipple, giving her rushes of pleasure as she unzipped and let her skirt drop to the floor.

    She had on a half-slip and her panties, but plenty of her legs showed.

    Stu pulled her tit and forced her back into her chair.

    "Now open your legs, bitch," he ordered, and she did as he said.

    She parted her thighs wide, hoping he was going to force his dick up her cunt. But he did not He simply slid his hand up under her slip and rubbed his fingers against her cunt.

    "Ohhh, yes," muttered Teri at his touch. She could feel now that her panties were soaking wet and that her cunt was throbbing. His fingers felt delightful as they pushed into her hole through the thin cotton fabric.

    "Look at your husband," said Stu, "He's getting such a wonderful blow-job from my wife, isn't he?"

    Teri opened her eyes and looked over, to see Maria's long black hair tossed all about Gary's lap, and her lips sticking out and smothering his fat shaft. She could hear the loud slurping of the woman's mouth as she sucked off her husband's tool.

    "I think it is terribly impolite of my wife to blow another man when her husband is so hot and horny," said Stu, as he waved his dick around in front of Teri's face. "I think that the only fair thing to do is use Gary's wife to relieve myself."

    Teri shuddered as he talked, speaking about her as if she were not a human being, but something there that was warm and passionate.

    "Yes, Teri, I'm afraid I am going to have to use you," smiled Stu, "I am going to have to force my dick into you so that I can ease this tightness in my balls."

    And as he said this, he walked around in front of her, grabbed her head and pushed his cock forward into her face. Teri's mouth was already open, and waiting to receive his dick. The thick tool plunged into her orifice with no resistance, and she was immediately sucking on it, as if her life depended on it.

    Now she felt truly perverse, sitting in a chair in her own living room, sucking on another man's cock, while her husband watched. Gary's eyes were on her as she rammed her up and down Stu's swollen dick, and she had never felt so degraded in her life. Both of the men were fucking into each other's wives mouths, and they were really stabbing their dicks in a far as they could go. Maria was able to take the cock far more into her throat that Teri was able to, but what.the blonde lacked in expertise, she made up for in enthusiasm.

    He head was flying up and down his dick, and he did not even have to force her head down with his hand. She was gobbling up his dick, pulling and tugging at it with her pretty lips, and trying to get that sperm out of his balls and into her mouth.

    Stu was grunting and swearing, and Teri's body was trembling as she blew him- Her fingers were under her panties and inside her cunt, and she felt herself drawing near to orgasm.

    Just then, the doorbell rang.

    "I'll get it," said Stu.

    He pulled his dick from her mouth and zipped his pants up. Teri sat there, her body trembling in frustration, her mouth still open and a thin trickle of saliva running out of her mouth. As Stu walked to the door, Maria pulled her mouth from Gary's dick, and adjusted her bra and dress. Gary pushed his dick back in his pants, and only Teri remained as she was, sitting there in her up-lift bra, half-slip and panties.

    "Gary," called Stu, "It's the guys, here to play cards."

    The four men walked in with Stu, and they stood still the minute they saw Teri sitting there, half naked, her chest heaving and her face flushed.

    "Fantastic," smiled Gary, "Honey, get some ice water and bring it over to the card table.

    Teri just sat there, her lust fogging her mind and freezing her body. She wanted the dick back in her mouth, and she felt numb and confused.

    "I said get ice water," snapped Gary.

    The blonde responded, standing up and starting to pull on her dress.

    "Don't bother getting dressed," said Gary, "Serve us as you are. I'm sure you feel quite hot anyway."

    Teri had never heard Gary order her as he did now, but for some unknown reason, she listened to him and went and got the water and brought it over to the table. The six men sat around the table, as Maria sat on a chair and watched what was going to happen.

    Teri walked over with the pitcher of water and glasses, and she gave one to each man and then bent over to pour the water. She could feel the men looking at her scantily clad body, and peeking down her bra, and her cunt was unbearably hot now.

    As she walked next to Gary, he reached out and thrust finger up her cunt.

    "She dropped the pitcher on the floor, splashing him as well, as the digit poked her panty material into her sopping cunt.

    "You spilled the water, you stupid bitch," snapped Gary, "You're going to have to be punished for this. Go to the bed room."

    She turned with her body quivering, and marched upstairs, followed by the six men. She could hear them mumbling and laughing softly, and when she got up into the room, Gary shoved her roughly onto the bed. Then he, and Stu and the other four men circled about her, all of them smiling maliciously.

    "You have been a snotty little bitch all the time we have been married," Gary informed her, "You made me feel like shit, denying me sexual pleasures and making me feel that it was my fault that you never came. And you were sexually frustrated as well, getting yourself off with a vibrator because you could not enjoy a man. Well now you are going to learn your lesson, Teri."

    Saying this, Gary began stripping, as did all of the men standing around her. Teri knelt on the bed and began to whimper. She wanted to be fucked, desperately, but not by all these men. She would not be able to take all of their cocks ramming into her cunt.

    "No, Gary, you can't," she muttered, as she tried to cover her half-nude body, "You can't do this to me."

    "Not only can I, and will I," smiled Gary as he pumped his thick tool in front of her horrified face, "but you're going to love it as well."

    By then, all of the men were naked, and they closed her in a tight circle of male flesh. They were all holding their dicks out to her, running their fists along the rigid shafts and pumping slowly.

    Her eyes jumped from one monster dick to the next, and she watched all of the fat, bulbous heads twitching and jumping as they prepared to enter her. She started to whimper lightly, and shake her head, but she knew that there was no escaping them.

    "Come here," ordered Gary, and she scrambled over to the edge of the bed.

    He began rubbing his dick along her face, pushing the rubbery head against her mouth and cheeks and eyes. The moment his dick touched her hot skin, she felt her cunt tingle even more wildly than it already was, and her mouth dropped open and she grabbed the dick between her lips.

    She was sucking on his tool now, grabbing it with her hands in a wild frenzy and forcing inch after inch of it into her mouth. She needed his dick, needed to feel its length in her mouth, needed to have it rammed in and out of her orifice as she sucked and licked the sweet meat.

    This was a signal for the other men, and she felt their hands flying onto her body, grabbing what little clothes she still had on and ripping them off. It no longer mattered to her as they ran there hands over her trembling body, grabbing at her tits, pulling as her legs, and stroking her ass.

    She was beyond refusing them anything now. All she wanted to feel was dicks flying in and out of her body, and she was going to get plenty of that. She felt herself being tugged and pulled about and then one of them slipped a cock into her cunt from underneath. She felt the organ slide all the way inside her, and then rest calmly in her dripped twat.

    Then another man climbed behind her, and shoved his organ painfully into her rectum. She felt her ass cheeks being spread apart, and her tiny opening being forcibly stretched by his invading cock till it was inside her.

    She tried to sob, but the dick muffled her cries, and all she could do was wriggle, as she felt her body invaded by three, demanding cocks at the same time. She was on her hands and knees, like and animal, and she knew that this was only the start.

    "Now, Teri," smiled Gary, "Get to work. Use that body of yours, make all of our dicks nice and hot as they sit inside you. Make them hotter and hotter, until we are ready to shoot our spunk deep inside you."

    Teri listened and began to move her body so that she could bring her husband and these other men pleasure. She began bobbing her head up and down, stuffing the dick in and out of her mouth, and she started moving her hips back and forth. With the down-stroke, she was able to force the dick further into her cunt, and with the up stroke, she was able to make the cock shaft her ass more deeply.

    So back and forth she moved, shoving the dick into her holes. The men took over from there, as they grabbed her body, getting firm holds on her flesh and then shafting her. Teri was squirming and jerking about on the soft bed, and then three men pounded their meat into her.

    All of her holes were filled, a dick forced down her throat, a cock stuffed up her ass, and a prick reaming her ass-hole. She had never been so completely used before in her entire life, and she was loving every minute of it.

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