She loves to orgy


    Linda stretched and then squinted at the red numbers on the bedside clock. It was exactly seven minutes before Joe would wake and perform his brief morning ritual and then leave for work.

    His naked body felt warm against her as he snored softly on his back. His body felt warm but huge, his six-foot-two frame dwarfing her five-foot-four.

    He's big all over, she thought, but he's fast. It feels great when it goes in, but it's all over in a flash. While she waited for him to wake, she drew the hem of her nightie up past her waist and ran her fingers down on her hip. The skin was smooth and very warm and the curves were all full and firm. Brushing her fingertips over her short cunt-hairs made little shivers go over her skin.

    Her fingers paused at the outer fold and felt the moist, hot flesh inside. It was moist but it wasn't slippery. When her fingers probed at the inner fold of her cunt-lips, they met the slit, small and tightly closed with her legs together.

    She bent her right leg out and probed deeper. Her middle finger pushed through the coot-lips and slipped inside, probing farther. She stiffened convulsively when she touched the nub of her clit, then she withdrew.

    Unable to do otherwise, she brought her finger back to her clit and felt her hips jerk.

    Feeling ashamed, she drew her hand away from her cunt and wiped her fingers on the nightie.

    Two minutes ahead of schedule, Joe stopped snoring. He stretched and looked at her in the dim light of early morning. His smile was pleasant and his hand was gentle on her hip when he reached out and grasped her.

    He ran a hand up on her waist and under her nightie and squeezed a tit. It tingled a little in his huge hand as he kneaded the firm flesh. Then he ran his hand down and squeezed her little blonde mound just above her cunt.

    Wishing to prolong any kind of foreplay, she reached out and took his cock in her hand. It was already stiff and hot and felt impossibly big. She squeezed it and ran her hand over the eight-inch length of it and wished it could stay this big and this hard forever.

    Without a word, he moved farther down under the covers and got on his knees. She slipped her left leg out where he'd been, spreading her coot for him. He put his hands down on each side of her and braced himself in position between her legs.

    His cock shoved hard in her crotch, pushing into the soft hair-lined flesh beside her cunt. She took his cock in her hand again and worked the head into her open outer cunt-lips, rubbing it against the closed inner flesh.

    As she worked the cock-head up and down on her tender moist flesh, she felt the inner cunt-lips start to open from the force. Then she moved her hands up on his hips as he started to press inward.

    There was the quick stab of pain as his cock drove in, stretching the cunt-lips wide. She gasped softly at the feel of the thrusting, stretching force. He pushed his cock in a couple of inches and stopped and the pain left her, the cock-head now inside. Her tightly stretched pussy muscles throbbed and tingled as they pulsed around his prick, squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing.

    Joe slipped one arm under her waist and the other under her back as he settled the weight of his chest on her tits, squashing them flat. He pushed his prick the rest of the way inside her and settled his groin against her mound.

    He slipped his cock back. Her pussy muscles started to close on the exiting cock-head, then he thrust back in her all the way. She tingled as she arched her body to meet him midway, and then her ass dropped back to the sheet while he withdrew, then she arched back up against him, again and again.

    His strokes became faster. She responded in kind. Their bellies slapped together, harder and harder, faster and faster.

    Her breath started coming faster and she found herself whining softly each time he withdrew. His breath came in gasps and he snorted, hot against her face. She clutched his shoulders tighter and sought his lips with hers. His rhythm slowed slightly and his strokes became harder. He pulled his head up and clenched his teeth and drove deep into her. Then he stopped, his hips writhing slightly.

    His jism spurted hot in her cunt. Each spurt was less than the one before.

    The tingling in her cunt stopped. His cock slowly softened and slid back. It slipped out and she felt her cunt muscles close. He kissed her lightly and pushed up and rolled off on his side.

    Linda fought back tears as she took the towel he handed her after wiping the cum off his big drooping cock. It was always the same. He lasted just long enough to get her hot, then he shot off in her and climbed off and left her horny. She tried to recall how long it been happening this way. Last month they'd been married two years, and it had always been the same.

    She tried to compose herself while Joe was in the shower. Lying in bed, she stifled her impulse to cry. She would try to be nice to him and be a good wife, even if she was mad as hell.

    Joe came in, wearing shorts and tee shirt, and picked out shirt and slacks. He dressed and was putting on his tie when Linda couldn't remain quiet any longer.

    She sat up in bed. "Honey, I didn't enjoy that very much."

    He looked puzzled. "Enjoy what?"

    "When you fucked me."

    "Why? What's wrong?"

    "Well, you came before I could."

    His expression started turning belligerent. "There isn't much I can do about that, is there?"

    "Oh, honey, I'm not blaming you," she said, "but I wish you'd let me get you hard again so you could make me come."

    "How? How could you do that?"

    "Well, I could suck your cock to get you hard."

    "No!" he thundered. "You think I'm some kind of pervert?"

    "Don't get mad, honey. It's just a thought.?

    “Well, get those ideas out of your head," he said. "I'm not gonna be a party to unnatural sex acts. We've been through that before. Now, I've gotta go open the store. See you tonight."

    He brushed her lips lightly with his, turned, and left.

    Dejected, Linda got up and went in the bathroom. She stripped off her nightie and ran the shower. The hot needle-point spray seemed to wash away some of her dark mood as she lathered and rinsed repeatedly. Finally, she toweled herself dry and started the hair dryer blowing over her long blonde hair.

    She slipped on a fresh nightie, wrapped a terry robe around herself, and stepped into a pair of high heeled shoes.

    Two cups of coffee didn't make her feel any better. If anything, her mood darkened even more. Feeling the need for someone to talk to, she thought of her friend, Margie, two apartments down the hall. She dialed the number from memory.

    When Margie answered, Linda said, "Hi, Marge, it's Linda. You decent for a visit?"

    "Come on over, honey," Margie said.

    Margie opened the door at her knock and greeted her with a smile. Two fresh cups of coffee were on the dinette table. Linda sat down.

    After sipping the brew quietly, Margie said, "You don't look very happy, honey. What's the matter?"

    "Oh, it's Joe," she said. "He did another one of his wham, bam, thank you ma'am numbers on me. Damn but it makes me mad. I was just getting hot to go with him when he shot off in me and that was that. "

    "That used to be the story of my life, back when I was married to George." She sighed slowly, apparently reminiscing. "I was really pretty damn fond of the bastard, but he made me so mad. Good for about three minutes."

    "I didn't mean to pry into your private life," said Linda.

    "No, that's all right," she said. "It's all history now." Linda sipped her coffee and felt herself slipping back into her dark mood.

    "I don't know. Maybe it's me. It takes me so long to get turned on."

    "You called it, honey," Margie said. "That's the way it is with women. We're all pretty much the same. That's why it's the only way I make it anymore. "

    "You mean… "

    "You got it, honey. I'm a les. I just make it with the girls. Saves a lot of complications that way."

    "I had no idea. I mean, I never_"

    "Don't give it another thought, honey. I used to be a closet les. Now I don't care who knows." She looked at Linda more closely. "Y'know, honey, you should try it sometime."

    Linda felt revulsion at the idea.

    "No… I don't think so, Margie. I just want it with a man."

    "Don't knock it if you haven't tried it. At least I wouldn't leave you hot and horny at the end."

    "You mean you really… "

    "That's it, honey. When I'm finished, you're finished." Linda felt her face go hot, embarrassed. "Well, I don't think so."

    "What've you got to lose?" Margie asked.

    Linda thought for a moment. She didn't have anything to lose. Forcing a little smile, she said, "Okay, Margie, I'll try it with you."

    Margie stood and took her hand" pulling Linda to her feet. She led her to the bedroom.

    "Now you just lie back here, honey, and let me do the work to start," Margie said, gently pushing Linda back on the bed.

    Linda lay back, wondering how to start. Margie untied her own robe and shrugged out of the sleeves, stark naked. She kicked her slippers off and crawled up on the bed beside her.

    Margie ran her hands up Linda's legs and played with the sash of her robe. She slowly untied it and parted the two sides, spreading the robe to its full length. She slipped it back off her shoulders and then helped her sit up while she peeled the robe all the way off. While Linda still sat up, Margie took her nightie by the hem and pulled it up over her arms and tossed it aside.

    "Say, you've got some nice tits there," said Margie.

    "They're little," Linda said. "Not like yours."

    "Oh, I've got a pair of thirty-eights, but they sag a lot. Yours stick right out. You're just a cute little number, honey. Let's get it on."

    Linda looked more closely at Margie. She was a tall woman, about five-foot-eight. Her tits were big and they hung down quite a way. Her hips were big as well but her waist was tiny. Her cunt-hair was black and coarse, not too long, just thick enough to almost hide the front of her cunt-lips.

    Margie said, "Now you just lie back there, honey. Since you like men so well, think of me as a man."

    Margie reached inside Linda's knees and gently spread her legs apart. Linda looked down between her own tits at her short blonde cunt-hair and the front edge of her cunt-lips, just starting to part. Margie's long dark-brown hair hung down as it brushed her thighs, nearly hiding the view of her pendulous tits.

    Margie's cheek was soft on the inner surface of Linda's thigh as she gently slipped her face along the sensitive skin. It made a nice shivering feeling when Margie stopped and kissed the skin as she worked her face from her knee inward.

    When Margie reached Linda's cunt, she spread the lips slightly and kissed them. Then she went to the other knee and started rubbing her cheek up that leg.

    Margie's hair was soft on her thighs while she rubbed her face on the smooth skin. Finally, she reached the fringe of short blonde cunt-hair and stopped, looking at her cunt-lips.

    "You've got a pretty little cunt; honey, but it's almost too little for me to work on. Help me out and "Spread yourself a little more."

    With the weight of Margie's hands on her knees, Linda let her thighs go straight out to the side and down flat on the bed. She felt totally relaxed with Margie's long, curly hair brushing her legs.

    Margie's lips were soft and moist as they worked up on her thighs. Then she kissed her cunt lightly and looked up, smiling.

    "Like I said, honey, us women are a little slow to get turned on. I'll get you warmed up gradually."

    Margie got up on her knees between Linda's legs and reached down. She ran her fingertips over her outer cunt-lips, starting a slight warm tingling feeling.

    "Just look up if you want to see how pretty you are," said Margie.

    Linda looked up at the ceiling for the first time and was startled by the large mirror. The image she saw was of a small blonde-haired woman with legs spread apart, outer cunt-lips open wide, the lips being flexed by Margie's fingers. Her pink inner cuntlips were a closed slit.

    Margie worked her fingers down on the inner lips and slipped the tips of two fingers slightly inside. Holding the inner lips each between thumb and forefinger, she started rubbing the tender flesh up and down, all the way from the back edge of her coot up to where the inner lips grew together in front.

    Her massage set up a nice tingling in Linda's coot. While Margie worked her hands rhythmically, Linda found herself gently rolling her hips in time to the movement, rocking her ass against the direction Margie rubbed. It was relaxing to just lie back with her hands under her head and watch Margie's ingers work, enjoying the tingling warmth.

    Margie picked up the pace of her massage as she slipped her thumbs a little farther between Linda's cunt-lips. The tingling warmth changed to a hot throbbing feeling as Linda found herself rocking her ass a little higher each time. She tried pressing the sides of her knees down on the bed and found she could raise her ass up off the bed. Holding her ass up, she rocked her hips back against Margie's fingers, thrusting her cunt up whenever Margie rubbed down.

    Then Margie took her hands out of her cunt and lay down between Linda's legs and put her mouth over her cunt, working her lips inside Linda's outer coot-lips. She kissed her cunt and then went to work, sucking hard on the inner lips.

    Linda tried to lie quietly but found her ass rocking whenever Margie pushed her tongue into the slit of her inner lips. Finally, her tongue thrust all the way inside and started licking all the way around the inside of her cunt, lapping. slowly back toward the slit.

    After lapping all the way around in slow strokes, her tongue started sliding just under the inner lips, sliding up toward the clit.

    "Oooh!" Linda moaned as she bucked her hips up off the bed. The stabbing flash of heat faded as Margie drew her tongue back. Her tongue ventured out again.

    "Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!"

    Margie's tongue stabbed into her cunt time after time, sending sharp pulses of heat through her cunt. With each tongue-stroke, Linda convulsively rocked her hips up, jerking Margie's head up with her.

    Then Margie ran her tongue forward, just inside her cunt-lips and stopped with her tongue pressed back gently on her clit. She slowly lapped her tongue back over the sensitive nub, sending waves of hot, tingling energy through Linda's cunt.

    "Oh!" Linda breathed quietly as she rocked her ass up lightly.

    Margie's tongue lapped down a little harder.

    Linda pressed the sides of her knees down hard, heaving her ass high.

    Again and again, Margie tongue-lapped her clit while Linda heaved her ass up higher and higher, undulating her hips up like the motion of a wave. Margie's head tossed with her movements.

    Then Linda felt the waves of heat all flow into one, hotter and hotter as she undulated higher and higher. Then the wave of heat crested and Linda arched her back and flung her hips up and held her ass up off the bed.

    "Oooohhh!" she screamed, holding herself high, her ass quivering, while Margie held her tongue on her clit. Her cunt-juice flowed hot as it left the lips of her pussy and ran into Margie's waiting mouth.

    Linda slowly settled back to the bed, Margie's lips following her down as her ass quivered slower and slower.

    After a time, Margie took her lips from her cunt and knelt between her legs and took her cunt lips in her hands, massaging the tender, overheated flesh. Linda lay back and rocked her hips in time to the fingers.

    Her cunt became less demanding and her hips rocked slower and slower. Margie rubbed slower as well. Then all motion ceased. Margie took her hands out and lay down beside her.

    Linda turned on her side and nestled her head on Margie's shoulder while Marge drew her close, her huge soft tits pressed over Linda's sharp-pointed ones. Margie was soft and comfortable and warm against her.

    When Linda's breathing had slowed, she said, "I never thought it could be like that. Thank you, Margie.?

    “What are friends for? Anyway, that was just the first act. Rest as much as you need to. When you're ready, we'll go again."

    "Let me do it to you," Linda said.

    "We'll do it to each other. I'll go on top."

    "Okay," said Linda. "I'm ready now."

    Margie got up on her knees and straddled Linda's shoulders while Linda turned on her back. Linda spread her legs straight out and down flat on the bed. As Margie spread her knees and settled her cunt down on Linda's mouth, Linda slipped her lips inside the outer fold and against Margie's inner cunt-lips.

    Linda ran her tongue into Margie's cunt and lapped all the way around as Margie had earlier done, running her tongue back to her cunt-lips from each direction. Then she turned her tongue down and slowly reached it forward, just inside Margie's cunt-lips.

    Margie gasped and jerked her hips down hard on her face when Linda touched the clit. Linda drew her tongue back and, when Margie stopped quivering, ran her tongue back again. She jerked down again, harder than before.

    Linda felt Margie's tongue push hard through her cunt-lips and slowly thrust inside. Her tongue ran back just inside her cunt, slowly reaching for the nub of her clit.

    Linda jerked when the tongue touched her clit. At the same time she ran her tongue out and touched Margie's, and felt her ram her cunt down, the coarse hair hard against her face.

    They tongue-lapped each other again and again, hitting each others clits at the same time as they jerked against each other. Linda felt her hips rock up higher with each tongue-stroke as she heaved her ass up farther off the bed. Margie's cunt pushed harder against Linda's face while her big tits mashed down over Linda's hard-pointed nipples.

    Again the pulses of heat changed to searing waves in Linda's cunt as Margie lapped her faster and harder. She matched Margie's tongue-strokes in kind.

    Then she tensed and arched her body up hard against Margie's face just as Margie tensed and slammed her cunt down. They quivered together while Linda swallowed the hot cum, feeling hers flow into Margie's waiting mouth.

    They stayed together, swallowing cum until both bodies stopped quivering. Then Margie turned around and lay close on her side.

    Linda held Margie's head on her shoulder while she caressed her big tits. Margie rested that way until her breathing slowed, then she started rubbing Linda's tits lightly.

    Linda said, "That was nice, Margie. Thanks again.?

    “Well, I sure like doin' it with you. What do you think of the les scene now??

    “Well, it was good to come with you twice. There's something missing though."

    "What's that?"

    "I miss being with a man. I want to be little and cute and be handled by a big strong man. Guess that's what I miss most."

    "Well, that's something I'm not," said Margie. "I'm not a big strong man but I don't shoot my wad in three minutes either and just leave you hot."

    "Maybe there's a way a big strong man could fuck me and make me come with him.?

    "Honey, there ain't many like that. There is one guy, though. We used to make it together before I went totally les. You interested?"

    Linda felt her face flush. Making it with a woman was one thing. Making it with a man would be better, but that would be cheating on Joe. Still, Joe had been cheating her, coming so fast without any consideration.

    "Do you still know this guy?" Linda asked.

    "I see him every once in a while," said Margie.

    "Rest your cute ass for a minute while I make a call"

    When Margie left the bedroom, Linda lay back and studied herself in the mirror. She hadn't really noticed how cute her tits were before. They weren't bad. Her waist was really tiny and her hips flared out just right. Maybe someone would really appreciate her.

    When Margie came back, she sat on the bed and smiled.

    "You're in luck, honey. Dave's still working swing shift at the mill. He's up now and he's just dying to take you to lunch. Meet him out at the old Mill Creek Inn at eleven-thirty. If you two hit it off, it's my loss. I sure liked making it with you. Good luck."


    It was clear and cold when Linda drove to the Mill Creek Inn. Margie's choice of this remote restaurant for a rendezvous was a good one. There were only three cars in the lot when Linda drove in. The distance of twenty miles from Centralia was also a plus. There wouldn't be anyone here who would recognize her. Linda walked up to the heavy wood door and pulled it open.

    No sooner had she walked in than there was a hand at her elbow.

    "Excuse me, but you must be Linda."

    "Yes," she said, "and you're Dave?"

    "Yes," he said and smiled as he took her hand, his other hand squeezing her forearm.

    She felt an immediate attraction for this stranger when his lips brushed her cheek while he held her arm for a moment. He was about six foot tall and muscular, though slim. His hands were rough skinned-the kind of skin a man has who does hard work-but his nails were clean. She found herself returning his kiss on the cheek.

    "Margie was right when she told me you were pretty. Our table is ready. Shall we go?"

    He helped her off with her coat and pointed in the direction of the head waiter.

    While they were being seated, he said, "I hope you don't mind. I took the liberty of ordering wine. Is a Johannesburg Riesling okay?"

    "That sounds fine," she said. "Thank you.?

    “Well, here we are in a secluded little restaurant."

    "I hope you don't think I'm being too forward," she said, "meeting you like this."

    "Not at all, Linda." He said. "May I be very frank with you?"

    "Please do."

    "Margie was the matchmaker in this little affair. You are a very pretty woman and I like you already.

    I hope you don't expect a permanent relationship to grow from this."

    His honesty impressed her. She found herself attracted to him immediately.

    "No," she said, "I don't expect anything permanent. Really, when this date was set up, all I wanted was to feel… what is the word… "


    "I guess that's as good a word as any, Dave. Margie and I got together this morning. It was okay, I guess, but that isn't what I really like."

    He smiled and said, "I can guess you'd rather be with a man.?

    “I'll be honest with you too. I'm married, but my husband doesn't leave me very satisfied.?

    “Linda, can we use some very common words?" She nodded.

    "I think maybe your husband doesn't make you come when you fuck. Isn't that right?"

    She swallowed and nodded.

    "And you think I might be able to give you a more satisfying experience."

    Again she nodded.

    "I'll do my best. I'm not a superman, but I'll try to be considerate of your feelings and needs. I'll try to teach you how to be stimulated, and I'm sure you can satisfy my needs. Now shall we order?"

    She welcomed the break in the conversation. The lunch was as faultless a choice as the wine. They finished the food and drink while keeping the conversation light and cheerful.

    After lunch, Dave suggested she leave her car at the restaraunt lot and ride with him to his cabin. The jeep climbed the snow-covered roads to his place, about five miles out in the country.

    The well-furnished A-frame cabin was modern and comfortable with wide picture windows in the kitchen and bedroom.

    He put his arms around her waist and drew her to him tightly, kissing her lips hungrily. Then, hands still on her waist, he held her out and looked down at her body approvingly.

    "You are a very pretty woman," he said. "I know I'll have no trouble getting turned on to you. A woman needs some foreplay to be stimulated, though. Do you mind?"

    "What kind of foreplay?"

    "Let me strip your clothes off while I handle you a little. Then maybe if I handle your tits and cunt… "

    Joe never thought of me like this, she thought. Maybe he knows what it takes to make a woman happy.

    "Okay," she said. "Do you want me in any position?"

    "Let me take care of that."

    He picked her up and held her in his arms and looked down at her. She put her arms around his neck, hoping he would find her pretty even when fully clothed. Her dress was tight enough for him to see that her tits were nicely proportioned, her waist slender, her hips streamlined but flared a little.

    Still holding her, he bent and kissed her. Nervously, she smiled and returned the kiss. He turned and carried her to the bed and gently laid her down on her back, giving her a view of the large mirror on the ceiling.

    "Now part of your stimulation," he said, quickly taking off his clothes, "is in anticipation, in this case the anticipation of being stripped. I'll have to handle you a lot while stripping you down naked. I'll have to roll you over and back lots of times."

    He slipped off her high-heeled shoes and held one foot, his hand covering her nylon-clad toes.

    "When I need to roll you over," he said, "I'll twist your foot. I'll try not to hurt you."

    He twisted her foot. She was slow to respond and gave a little shriek from the stab of pain in her foot. Then she quickly turned over on her stomach.

    "Bastard! That hurt!" Then she said, "No, it's my fault. I should've turned faster."

    "I misjudged, Linda. I'm the one that's sorry. Again, I'll try not to hurt you. You'll get to like it. If you turn right away with the pressure, it won't hurt."

    His hand was warm on her as he reached in the back of her dress and pulled the zipper all the way down to her hips. He grasped her foot and twisted. She flipped over on her back immediately before the stab of pain could return.

    "Much better, Linda," he said. "You're learning fast."

    He slipped the dress off her shoulders and pulled it down off her arms. When it was down below her waist, he grasped her by the hips and slowly rolled her onto her stomach. He slid the dress down and off her legs and tossed it on the chair. Taking her by the hips again, he rolled her over on her back.

    He slid his hands up her legs and out onto her hips as he forced her slip up above her waist. Then he held her foot and flipped her over on her stomach, then climbed up on the bed over her and pushed one knee up between her legs, resting it firmly against her ass. With one arm slipped under her waist, he pulled her up on her knees with her head down on the pillow. He worked the slip up past her waist and over her tits so it was around her neck. Then he pulled her knees back so she was lying down again and then flipped her over on her back. It was a pleasant sensation to be handled so expertly.

    "I liked that," she said, smiling.

    "I didn't mind it either," he said as he pulled the slip up off her arms and tossed it aside.

    Next he rolled her over on her stomach and shoved his knee up hard between her legs against her ass and hooked an arm under her waist and pulled her up onto her knees again. She started to come up on her hands, but his hand pushed down on her shoulders. She put her face back down into the pillow. He unhooked her bra and pulled it down over her arms.

    He bent down close over her as he reached his arms around from each side and held her tits. He cupped a tit in each hand and held a nipple between thumb and forefinger and rotated the little nipples slowly. They started tingling. Gradually, he increased the force as he squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. His movements were strong but not rough. The nipples turned hard and the tingling increased. She moaned softly.

    From behind her, his cock pushed up hard against the mound of her cunt. Even with her panties on, it felt stiff and hard, shoving against her moist pussy. Her cunt muscles started to throb as she thought of his prick so close to her.

    He let go of her tits and tugged her knees back, sliding her down on her stomach, and took her foot and rolled her over on her back.

    She looked down between her tits, over the swelling moist cunt mound, at his big rigid cock. It curved up slightly, as though to hook its way into her.

    He crawled up beside her and bent and took one tit in his mouth and ran his tongue over the nipple. His tongue felt slightly rough on the soft flesh. It burned. She squirmed and sighed when he licked it.

    He squeezed the tit gently at the base so it was elongated, and he ran his mouth down over it. When his mouth came down fully on it, the nipple touched against the back of his throat. He ran his mouth up and down rapidly over the tit. She whined as the nipple turned hard on touching his throat.

    He shifted his attention to the other tit. As he ran his mouth up and down over it, she moaned and writhed under him. Soon that nipple was hard as well.

    Quickly now, he took her by the foot and flipped her over on her stomach. He slid an arm under her and drew her up on her knees, again with her head down on the pillow. His touch was hot as he slipped his hands inside the elastic band of her panties and peeled them down to her knees.

    He pulled her knees back to where she was again lying down and then rolled her. onto her back. She watched him stare at her cunt while he reached for her panties and pulled them down off her feet and dropped them.

    She looked up at the mirror on the ceiling to see her nakedness. All she had left were her nylons that came to the tops of her thighs and the flimsy garter belt that concealed nothing.

    He ran his legs up one leg, up to the top of the stocking and unsnapped the garter. He loosened the other as well. He slipped a hand under her ass and raised her while he worked the garter belt down over her hips.

    Her breath caught in her throat as he bent one leg and ran his lips up the inside of her thigh and kissed her, just above the top of the stocking. He ran his lips down the inside of her leg as he peeled the stocking off and tossed it aside. The ache in her coot returned when he kissed the inside of the other thigh and peeled that garment off that leg as well.

    Now totally naked, she pressed her legs tightly together, but she didn't want to resist when he put his hands inside her knees, spreading them open. She tried to look down at her cunt but could see only the forward part of the slit, lined with short blonde hair. When she looked up at the mirror on the ceiling, the image was clear.

    "I don't want you to be uncomfortable but your cunt's so small it won't open unless you really spread your legs down. Let's see how flexible your hips and legs are."

    She slowly swung her legs up and stopped with her thighs, lower legs, and toes pointed straight up. Then she continued bending her straight legs on toward her head. Her legs slowly settled down against her tits and she put her feet behind her ears. She folded her hands behind her head and relaxed in that position.

    While she relaxed, Dave ran his hands over her rounded ass, over her hips, and then back toward her cunt. She watched in the mirror while he worked his fingers down past the outer fold and took the inner part of her cunt-lips in his fingers and massaged the short length of her cunt. The pleasant tingle returned.

    With his hands still manipulating her cunt, he said, "Now let's see if you can spread yourself."

    She slowly swung her feet out from her ears and brought her legs back straight up and then bent her knees. Arching her back slightly, she let her thighs fall slowly out to the sides. While she watched, her thighs slowly settled straight out to the sides and down flat on the bed.

    While he kept rubbing her cunt, she lay on her back and examined herself again in the overhead mirror. With her legs spread straight out, her pubic mound swelled up high. The lips of her cunt were as small as she had seen them before, open only from his bending them in his hands.

    She found her hips rocking up slightly, rolling in step with his pleasant massage. Then he stopped his hands and just looked inside. His stare was fixed on her cunt while he held it.

    Her breath came in short gasps when he bent down close to her cunt. He grasped some cunt-hair on each side of the slit and gently pulled her lips apart, looking intently inside. She felt her clit start to throb under his eyes.

    He dropped down and put his mouth to her pussy and kissed the lips of her cunt. He pulled the cunthairs a little harder. Holding the lips open, he slowly pushed his hot tongue down into her.

    Her pussy muscles tried to pinch shut, but his tongue was persistent. Slowly he forced it inside.

    The electric flash burned for an instant when his tongue touched her cut. Without trying, her hips jerked up against his face and she let out a moan. He kept his tongue on her clit and ran it back and forth. She writhed under him and whined;

    He ran his tongue in to the base of her clit and then started lapping back in slow strokes. The heat of her clit flashed in short pulses and her hips lunged up hard at him whenever he lifted his tongue.

    He stopped in mid stroke. She reached down and grabbed his head and held his face hard against her cunt.

    "Don't stop!" she said, her voice pleading. "Please don't stop!"

    He ran his tongue back in and licked up in long lapping motions. At every tongue-stroke her hips jerked up hard against him. He kept his tongue lapping, faster and faster, harder and harder. Her whining and pleading got louder. Her ass lifted up off the bed with each tongue-stroke.

    Dave stopped lapping, withdrew, and leaned back against his heels.

    Linda stopped rocking her hips and lay still on her back while he knelt between her thighs. She looked up between her tits toward him, and his cock was thrust forward, stiff as a steel rod. He reached out and held her by the soft flesh of her hips. Very slowly, he drew her along the bed toward him. As she slid closer on the sheet, her legs remained spread open, thighs down flat on the bed.

    Finally, her ass came up against his legs with her thighs straight out. She could see right into the slit at the end of his cock. He gripped the soft flesh of her hips a little harder and slowly slid her ass up on his thighs. As she slid up his thighs, she watched her cunt in the mirror. Its lips spread out as her cunt slowly enveloped his cock-head. A tremor passed through her at the touch of his hot prick. She sighed.

    Slowly, he drew her toward him as her cunt slid up over his cock. She gasped. When he'd pulled her up over two inches of his prick, he stopped and held her there. She stared, entranced at the motions of her cunt as it throbbed around his cock, the pussy muscles slowly pulsing.

    There were five inches of hard cock still outside her. She moaned for more.

    Keeping his cock in this position, he slid his knees back together out of her sight and let her hips down so her ass rested once more on the bed. He drew back so only the head of his cock was inside her.

    She put her arms on his shoulders and pulled him down hard. His chest was rough and hard against her tits. She whimpered softly.

    He quickly thrust into her, all the way in with his balls against her crotch. She gasped.

    He drew back until she felt her cunt-lips start to close together. His cock was immobile, nearly out of her. Consumed with desire, she pulled hard on his shoulders, holding his chest down against her. She whined.

    "Give it to me!" she said. "Give it all to me!"

    He thrust back inside her quickly, then slowly withdrew, then slowly pushed inside, then withdrew almost fully. His hands slid down under her waist and clutched her tightly against him.

    He slowly thrust back into her. As he drove in, she rose to meet him halfway. They slapped together. They parted. They slapped together, again and again, faster and faster, harder and harder.

    She tightened her arms on his shoulders and opened her lips. He buried his own lips inside her mouth and thrust his tongue inside. Each time his cock drove home, he ran his tongue down into her throat, farther and farther, faster and faster.

    His tongue in her throat tingled like his cock in her cunt. His lips drove into her mouth.

    Then he drew out until her cunt-lips started to slide closed and stopped. She whined and gripped his shoulders hard. He drove back into her and then pulled his cock entirely out of her.

    She jerked her mouth away from his and gasped.

    "You bastard!" she said. "Give it to me-all of it."

    He thrust back into her, slamming against her belly. Then quickly withdrawing all seven inches, he slammed it back in her, pulled it out, slammed it back, harder and harder, faster and faster.

    While she writhed under him, she opened her mouth. He forced his lips back inside hers, even back beyond her teeth, and thrust his tongue down into her throat, the same as his cock in her cunt, harder and harder, faster and faster..

    Each time he thrust his cock into her cunt, she felt the pulse of heat. As he drove harder and harder, the heat pulses turned hotter and hotter. The heat pulses in her cunt turned to white electric flashes.

    Then she felt the white-hot flashes in her cunt turn brighter and brighter as she rocked her cunt up against his prick.

    Then she braced her back and slapped her hips up and held them there with her cunt pushed hard against his groin, pumping her hot cunt-juice over his driving cock.

    Then his groin pounded down against her coot and he shot off into her, mixing his hot jism with her cunt-juice. He held his hips down against her while he quivered and pumped her cunt full.

    Finally, all motion ceased. She pulled her mouth away from his lips. He kissed her again and rose on his knees between her legs and felt for her cunt-lips.

    She clasped her hands together behind her head while he worked his fingers into her skin folds. He found the inner lips of her cunt and slowly, gently worked his fingertips up and down the length of her wet cunt. She let her hips rock and undulate slightly while she watched through hooded eyes and felt the gentle tingle while he did delightful things to her.

    Finally, she felt her body drain, and her hips rolled less and less. They finally stopped completely and his fingers stopped too. He bent and kissed her pussy-lips. Very slowly, he pushed her legs together and then lay down beside her.

    She snuggled close to him and nestled her head on his shoulder.

    "Well lady," he said, "did you like it?"

    "Like it? I loved it."

    "It was great for me too," he said. "You're hard to turn on but, once you get warmed up, you're the greatest."

    "I'm glad you like me," she said.

    They lay together in the warm room, luxuriating against each others bodies. She ran her hand through the coarse hair on his chest, feeling his hard muscles. It seemed amazing that a man with such hard muscles and rough-skinned hands could be so gentle with her.

    The telephone rang somewhere in the cabin. He excused himself and got up to answer.

    Dave came back into the bedroom. Smiling when he saw her in the sun, he bent and then kissed her cunt.

    "You're the prettiest picture this way," he said, running his hands over her hips and holding her by the waist. "That call was from the mill. They want me to start an hour early this afternoon. We'll have to get started for the inn soon."

    "Okay," she said, "I'll get dressed now. Dave it was nice being here with you.?

    “We agreed there'd be no long relationships, but I d like to see you again. Lunch tomorrow??

    “I'd love that."


    Linda felt Joe stir beside her when he woke. His cock was already hard and pushing against her hip. His hands roamed freely over her hips, into the hollows of her waist, and up on the swollen flesh of her tits.

    She lay with one hand on his cock while he played with her tits, making little tingling waves pass I through her whenever his hands brushed the nipples. When he turned his neck and kissed her, she put a hand behind his head and returned the kiss hungrily.

    Joe got up on his knees and slid around so he was kneeling between her thighs. He held himself up high on his arms while he came closer.

    Her cunt tingled slightly when she looked down between the two of them, down between her spread tits, down past her swelling mound, down at his big cock coming closer. She spread her legs apart slowly as his cock-head approached.

    He leaned closer and the head of his cock nosed against her coot-lips. It pushed hard against her coot but didn't enter. She reached down and grasped his cock by the shaft and rubbed it up and down a few times between the outer folds of her cunt-lips and then rubbed a finger over the tip. It was slick with her juice.

    He pushed gently and the head slipped through the outer lips and stopped against the inner fold. When she held it gently in her fingers and worked it up and down while he pushed, she felt the inner lips being forced apart. She drew her arms back up and grasped his shoulders.

    There was the expected sharp pain when his cockhead pushed through and her breath caught. Then her coot tingled a little more when he shoved his way in a couple of inches. The tight pussy muscles throbbed and tingled as they squeezed around his prick.

    Joe slipped his arms under her and brought her small body up against him, squashing her tits up against his chest. He pushed the rest of the way inside her and settled his groin against her mound. When he slipped his cock back, her pussy muscles started to close on the huge exiting cock-head, then she gasped as he thrust back in her all the way. Her cunt tingled as she rose to meet him midway, and then her ass dropped back to the sheet as he withdrew, then she swung her hips back up against him, again and again.

    When his strokes became faster, she responded in kind, making her belly slap up against his.

    He snorted and gasped, his breath hot against her face. She clutched his shoulders tighter and sought his lips with hers. She matched his rhythm as he slowed slightly and his strokes became harder. He pulled his head up and clenched his teeth and drove deep into her.

    His hot jism spurted deep into her cunt. Each spurt was less than the one before. The tingling in her cunt stopped. His cock slowly softened and slid back. It slipped out and she felt her cunt muscles close.

    When he kissed her lightly and started to push up, she took his hand and pressed his fingers against her coot-lips. She worked his fingers up and down a little on one of the inner lips.

    "Honey," she said, "hold me there just a little."

    He drew back and looked at her, his expression incredulous.

    "Linda! Whatever's gotten into you??

    “Nothing, honey. I just want you to hold me there a little."

    "What put that idea in your head?" he asked, getting up. "I'm not gonna jack you off with my hand."

    While he went to the bathroom and started the shower, she wondered what she'd done wrong. Joe was straight-laced, but all she wanted was a little affectionate massage of her cunt-lips.

    When he came back in, searching for trousers and shirt in the closet, he said, "I hope you'll have second thoughts about these ideas you've gotten and get them out of your head."

    She felt exasperated. "Ideas! What's wrong with my ideas? All I want is-"

    "I know what you want and it's wrong. We're not a pair of perverts. God didn't mean for us to waste ourselves that way."

    She found herself crying. His face softened and he came to her and held her shoulders.

    "Aw, Linda, honey," he said. "I didn't mean to make you unhappy. It's just that we're religious people. We go to church on Sundays. We believe in God's way."

    She saw the argument was going nowhere. Trying to change the subject, she said, "Let me fix you some breakfast before you go. I'll only be a minute.?

    He glanced at his watch. "I'm late now. Gotta open the store. Don't worry. I'll get a doughnut at the restaurant. See you tonight, Linda."

    His lips brushed her cheek and he was gone.

    Promptly at eleven-thirty she checked the hem of her dress and then pulled the door open at the Mill Creek Inn. Dave, looking ruggedly handsome, was waiting inside. Her breath caught as he embraced her and kissed her tenderly. He took her coat, handed it to the girl in the check room, and then took her hand and led her to where the head waiter stood.

    "You're even prettier than yesterday," he said, glancing back, smiling.

    "Well, thank you, Dave," she said. "You're a pretty good-looking guy yourself. I'm glad we're having lunch together."

    This time the wine was already served and waiting for them. Dave slid into the booth beside her, picked up a glass, and proposed a toast.

    "Here's to the prettiest lady in Mill Creek," he said.

    "To the guy that makes me feel good," she said.

    Lunch was a pleasant experience, good food combined with light conversation. It was good, but Linda was glad when they were finished and Dave took care of the check. She went with him out to his jeep.

    Ten minutes later, they were walking up the three steps to the front door of his cabin. Inside, she led the way to the bedroom where he took her coat and hung it in the closet. He turned to her, placing an arm around her waist.

    "Let's make today even better than yesterday."

    "I'd like that," she said.

    "What was the first thing you felt good about with me yesterday?"

    "I felt good when you were stripping me. I guess I started feeling really good when you started using both hands on me, working on my cunt-lips."

    "You like to be handled, don't you?"

    She nodded.

    "Okay," he said. "Let's build on yesterday's experiences."

    Ten minutes later, after being tumbled around on the bed and stripped and caressed, Linda lay back naked, breathing a little fast. Dave's strong, gentle hands had made their skilled movements while he undressed her. Now he sat on the foot of the bed, looking back over her belly that was heaving a little with her breathing.

    "Yesterday you showed good flexibility in your hips and legs," he said. "Not many women can bring their thighs straight out and then down flat on the bed the way you do."

    "That's from my training in- gymnastics when I was a kid," she said. "I can do more than that."

    "Show me."

    "Put some pillows under my ass and I will."

    While she arched her body up, Dave put a stack of pillows under her, raising her ass a foot above the bed. She let her upper back down on the bed, laced her fingers under her head, and then arched her back, resting her shoulders and the base of her neck down on the sheet.

    While she watched herself in the mirror, Linda brought her legs straight up together and held them with toes pointed toward the ceiling. Then she let her legs split apart, slowly coming down straight to each side. Her cunt remained closed until her thighs were nearly straight out, then the outer lips opened slightly, the pink inner slit remaining tightly closed.

    With her legs straight out and a foot above the bed, she slowly bent her knees so her lower legs were pointed at the foot of the bed. Now, looking straight up, she concentrated on relaxing all the muscles in her hips. Peripherally, she saw her thighs settle still lower while the inner lips of her coot started to open.

    The sheet was cool under her knees when they touched the bed. Her outer cunt-lips were wide open now and the inner lips were a little apart, her little blonde cunt mound swelling high.

    She pressed down with her knees against the sheet, lifting her ass from the pillows, arching her small body even higher.

    "Now pull out the pillows," she said.

    When the soft cloth slipped from beneath her ass, she slowly let herself down until she was flat on the bed with her pussy-lips shut, then she levered her outward-splayed knees and watched her cunt rise. She marveled at her own suppleness as her pussy came up even higher than when she had used the pillows, the naked pink flesh inside clearly exposed.

    She stopped as high as she could arch, then she undulated her hips farther, tipping her cunt up toward the mirror. When she'd brought her cunt up as far as she could, she just barely saw her little red clit, pulsing like a heartbeat under her own eyes.

    The sheet was cool under her hot little body when she lowered herself and rested a moment. Then she pressed her knees and shoulders down, finding her three points of balance. Starting a ripple action in her upper back and going all the way down to her hips, she undulated her pussy back up, and then she dropped back to the sheet, up again and back down. The wave motion of her body was delightful for her to see, the rippling movement starting from her neck, then down through her tits, her belly, her mound, her cunt.

    Each time she went higher, the pink slit spread wider, revealing more of the delightful soft flesh inside. She went higher and higher, lunged harder and faster.

    She settled back to the sheet, breathing fast.

    "That's how flexible I am," she said to Dave.

    Dave was silent for several seconds. When he spoke his voice was hoarse.

    "I've never seen anything like that before," he said. "Linda, you are a remarkable young woman. Ready to start?"

    She nodded.

    He knelt just beyond her spread crotch and took her cunt in his hands, working his fingers down to the sensitive inner runt-lips. She felt the tissue wet and slippery in his hands as he started the tingling pleasure, rubbing his fingers the length of her slit. It felt good, just lying back and gently rolling her hips up to meet him, letting him manipulate the soft flesh.

    "You know, you're getting me pretty well warmed up, doing that. Is this supposed to get me turned on so I'll come faster?"

    "Partly," he said. Then he smiled. "It's also because I like handling you."

    "I like to be handled by you."

    He was kneeling between her spread thighs, his stiff cock pointed toward her belly. His hands were warm on her hips as he drew her along the sheet toward his waiting prick. After being stripped, flexed, and massaged, she felt her cunt tingle just at the sight of her open cunt-lips, her body being drawn to the waiting head of his cock.

    Her asscheeks felt hot, slowly sliding on the sheet. Then they stopped sliding. They were up against his thighs. Then he started drawing her up the ramp his legs made, drawing her hot cunt up closer to his waiting prick.

    A sigh escaped her and a quiver went through her body as the open outer lips enveloped the head of his cock. The tight inner lips stopped the entry but he kept pulling her hips to him, relentlessly. The soft cunt-lips quivered and pulsed as he slowly forced her cunt up around the cock-head, stretching the hot, tender flesh around it.

    With his cock-head inside her pussy, he drew her up another two inches and stopped with five inches of his prick still left outside. While she watched in the mirror, her little cunt quivered and pulsed around his cock. He left her ass resting up on his thighs and ran his hands down on her blonde mound and then grasped some of the fine golden cunt-hairs on each side of her pussy. He drew the outer lips wide open and let her see the entire quivering tender flesh of her stretched inner lips.

    The inner lips pulsed and relaxed, pulsed and relaxed. Whenever they relaxed, they slipped back on his prick toward his groin, and then when they pulsed, they drew his cock slightly inward.

    She lay back, entranced with the sight in the mirror, her cunt slipping and pulling, slipping and pulling. The naked, tender flesh pulsed regularly, like a heart beat.

    He slowly slipped his thighs back while she pressed down with her outspread knees against the sheets, keeping her ass up, keeping her pussy immobile around his cock.

    When he was in position over her, her view of the ceiling mirror was blocked, so she looked directly down at her cunt. His cock was still two inches into her tender pussy, with her outer cunt-lips now concealing the pulsing action.

    He slowly thrust down into her while she undulated her hips up to meet him in midair. When they withdrew from each other she swung her hips back down with the motion of a wave. She whined briefly as his cock made a stab of heat flash through her cunt.

    They slipped gently against each other, then swung slowly apart, their only bond being his hard cock, ringed tightly by her hot cunt. Whenever her hips rocked down, she felt the head approach the edge of her cunt-lips. She would stop just before it withdrew and then undulate back up to meet his groin.

    Dave picked up the pace and she matched him in kind, her ass never dropping to the bed. Her whine changed to a choking whimper that broke off each time their bodies met.

    They slapped together when they met as she drove up harder, matching his hard-driving thrusts. They moved together, faster and faster, harder and harder while his cock made hot pulses run through her cunt.

    She slammed back up with all her strength when he smashed his groin down against her, the hot aching now spread through her hips. His smashing strokes slowed as he clenched his teeth and closed his eyes, still hammering down on her cunt so hard it jarred back through her small body.

    Then he slammed into her and quivered in place while his hot jism spurted deep down into her cunt. She held her cunt up hard against him until his quivers grew less with each spurt.

    When he stopped quivering, he reached out and grasped her by the soft flesh of her hips, and he slipped his thighs forward under her ass. She rested with her ass up against him while she leaned back and closed her eyes and enjoyed the still-hot jism flooding through her.

    "Now, watch your little cunt-lips."

    His words jarred her back from her dream. She looked for the mirror. When she found her imagine in the mirror, he was reaching his fingertips through her outer fold. Not bothering to draw it open with her cunt-hair, he was folding the lips out, giving her a good view of the inner fold.

    The tender lips were drawn tight around his shriveled cock. While she watched, he drew his prick out until half of the withered head was exposed.

    While she watched entranced, her pussy started to pulse. The hot, tender inner lips pulsed and relaxed on the limp cock-head. With each pulse they pulled it inside. Before they pulsed again, he drew it back where it had been.

    Her quivering cunt-lips rubbed his head and it started to grow. The bent cock-shaft grew as well, bigger and longer. While she watched, his cock slowly grew as long and as hard as it was before, the head still thrust halfway through her pussy-lips.

    Again, he drew her hips up toward him as her pussy, hotter now, slipped up over the cock-head and stretched and quivered on his prick, slowly pulling it down into her.

    While he slipped his legs back in position, she braced her knees out open against the sheets again and arched her back and held herself up to him so he could thrust all the way in her cunt when he was ready.

    When the thrust came, it was hotter than before. He rammed down into her while she rolled her hips and shoved her cunt up at him. They slapped together, her little blonde mound up against his darkhaired groin.

    Again, she kept her ass up off the bed while she slammed back at his thrusts, matching him in force. The heat from his cock came in burning pulses, each stab hotter than the one before.

    She found herself whining again, the whine breaking off each time she slammed up onto his pounding prick. Now the pulses of heat grew with each slam and spread throughout her aching hips. Her whines changed to a scream each time he pounded down into her.

    "Oooh! Oooh! Ooooh!"

    His strokes slowed and he lifted his head and clenched his teeth while he hammered into her, harder each time. She matched his tempo and slammed back up into him, ramming her burning cunt up over his prick, up against his balls.

    Then there was an enormous white light and a searing pain and she slammed her self up into him and braced her arched body against him while the flood of cunt-juice started.

    "Ooooohhhh! "

    He pounded into her one more time and stopped, spurting his burning cum throughout her cunt.

    Dave put one arm around her ass and held her up tight against him while his ass shook with each hot spurt he sent into her.

    When the cum stopped spurting, he slowly lowered them both to the bed together. The sheet was cool on her ass. She found herself breathing fast. Her heart hammered hard.

    When her breathing slowed, he pulled his arms from under her and knelt back. He reached down into her wet, slick cunt and bent her cunt-lips out in his fingers. His face was covered with sweat.

    She reveled in his manipulations, the tender, pink flesh tingling lightly while she rocked her ass up toward him. With a little difficulty, she opened her eyes.

    "Shall we do it again when we've rested??

    “I'd like to, but I have to start early at the mill again today. How about a rematch tomorrow?" She smiled up at him and said, "You're on." A half-hour later at the inn, Linda leaned over in the jeep and kissed Dave and got out beside her Toyota. She looked at the few other cars parked there as she left. There was a dark-blue sedan that she'd seen when they'd left after lunch. It had been there a long time.

    Driving back to Centralia, she kept a close watch in the rear-view mirror. On long straight stretches she saw a dark blue car following her, staying a half mile back. When she drove faster, it went faster too. When she slowed down, it dropped back as well. It was with great apprehension that she watched the car follow her all the way into town.

    When she stopped in her space at the apartment, the dark-blue car parked in an unassigned space a short distance away. The driver just sat in the car. With a clutching fear in her gut, she walked toward the car and stopped by the driver's door. The window rolled down.

    "Excuse me," she said, "but you were following me."

    The curly haired driver said, "That's what I'm supposed to do, Mrs. Cuyler."

    "How… how did you know my name?"

    The man handed her a business card that read, "Max Brandt, private detective."

    "You might want to get in the car, Mrs. Cuyler," he said. "We can talk privately."

    Numbly, she walked to the passenger door and got in. "Now what's this all about? Why are you following me?"

    "Your husband paid me to follow you."

    He knows, she thought as a shudder went through her body.

    "If it makes you feel any better, your husband doesn't know anything about your playin' around… not yet."

    "Not yet?"

    "That's right. He doesn't have to know."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Take a look at these," he said, proffering the two cloth-bound notebooks.

    She opened one. It was a detailed chronicle of his surveillance of one Mrs. Linda Cuyler. It detailed her drive to Mill Creek Inn, her embrace with David Baker, her lunch and wine with him, her departure with him in the jeep. It described the surveillance of Dave and her through a cabin window, detailing the positions she and Dave had assumed. It described their ride back to the restaurant and her drive back to Centralia.

    "Now look at the other book," he said.

    The other book was in the same handwriting and it listed the same departure and arrival times from and to her home. Between those two entries, however, was a completely different chronicle of events. It showed her going to the shopping center and returning to her car with packages, going to work at the church bake sale, visiting with the next door neighbor.

    "I don't get it," she said.

    "It's very simple;" he said. "Every day I give a report to Mr. Cuyler, listing your activities. That report can either be based on notebook A and give an account of your fucking Dave Baker, or it can be based on notebook B and say you went shopping and to church bake sales. It's up to you."

    "Up to me how?"

    "If you're real nice to me in bed, I'll use notebook B. You can go on fucking Dave and Mr. Cuyler will never be the wiser."

    "You bastard! That's blackmail!"

    "I call it starin' out of trouble. Shall we start now in your bedroom?"

    "All right," she said. "Let's go."

    Walking beside her toward the apartment entrance, Max looked as tall as Dave and just as lean, but he didn't move with the easy grace of a man that has done hard work all his life. He looked younger than Dave, closer to Joe's twenty-eight.

    Once inside, Max sauntered directly to the bedroom as though he knew the layout. With some trepidation, Linda followed him to the room. He immediately unzipped his coat and shrugged out of it.

    "We can do it better if you get ready first."

    "What… "

    "Your clothes. We’ll be able to fuck better if you take off your clothes, Mrs. Cuyler."

    Numbly, she took off her long coat and dropped it. She reached behind her and pulled the zipper down on her dress. It slipped down off her arms and over her hips and she stepped out of it. She grasped the hem of her slip and pulled it up over her head, casting it aside. By the time she'd slipped out of her bra, Max was naked, standing with his cock hard and pointing up a little.

    He looked at her tits and said, "Now that's what I call really built. I'll take care of the rest."

    He slipped his two hands down over her hips, into the waistband of her panties. With one motion he peeled the flimsy garment down to her knees and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of the cloth, now naked except for her nylon stockings and the little garter belt that didn't cover anything.

    "We can leave the rest of it on," he said. "It won't get in the way."

    He grinned as he grabbed her tits and pulled them straight out and then let the flesh slip through his hands, bouncing back. He pulled them out rudely a half-dozen times, watching the firm flesh bounce back.

    "Nice tits," he said. "Now, let's see about the rest of you."

    He backed her up until the bed was against her legs. When he pushed her, she sat down. He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down on her back. Grabbing her legs, he folded them up and spread them straight out to the side.

    He took her cunt-lips in his hands. Forcing a finger from each hand inside, he stretched her cunt out while running his fingers the length of the slit. She tried to be passive but couldn't keep her hips from bouncing when he touched her tender flesh.

    "You like that, don't you?" he said. "My, but you've got a nice little cunt. It's nice, but I think we'll do something different this time. "

    He pulled her legs back together and rolled her over on her stomach. Sliding a hand under her waist, he drew her up on her knees. His own knees pushed between hers, spreading her out. His hands slipped up the insides of her thighs and spread her ass-cheeks.

    She gasped as a finger probed into her asshole. It burned hot as it thrust inside, then the burning pain slowly faded while he left the finger immobile. She couldn't suppress a moan when he twisted the finger and then pulled it back.

    "Now don't go away," he said as he got up and went to the bathroom, leaving her on her hands and knees.

    He came back with a small jar of Vaseline. She watched with dread as he smeared the petroleum jelly on the head of his hard cock and then back on the cock-shaft itself.

    "I'm gonna fuck you in the ass," he said, "but I won't make it hurt you any more than it has to."

    He put the jar on the night stand and crawled back on the bed behind her, wiping his fingers on her hips. She tried to hold her asscheeks closed tight, but his hands were too strong. He spread them wide apart. His cock-head was hot and it probed at her ass.

    Now in position, he put one arm around her waist while he squeezed one tit. His cock-head pushed hard against her asshole but he didn't thrust in.

    "Just relax and let it ease its way in and it won't hurt much."

    She didn't say anything-just felt the hot cock head pushing against her quivering asshole.

    Gradually, his cock-head pushed in as she felt her asshole loosen against the relentless force. With the cock-head inside, she felt the burning thrust go full length into her as his hips came up hard against her asscheeks.

    It was a relief to feel his cock slide back out, almost like taking a shit. He stopped withdrawing with the head just inside her asshole and thrust back inside her, causing a burning pain deep within her.

    As he ass-fucked her, the burning pain began to feel good. It turned into a good ache like that in her cunt when Dave had fucked her.

    He reached his arm back under her and put a finger in her cunt. The finger probed deep, making a tingling ache, then it slowly probed forward, just inside her cunt-lips, moving forward toward her clit.

    "Ooooh!" she moaned as she thrust her hips against his hand.

    His finger withdrew, then slipped forward again.

    "Ooooh!" she moaned again, trying to keep her hips still. It was useless. Her hips obeyed their own will.

    He kept his finger probing her cunt in step with his cock-strokes in her burning ass.

    The hot pulses of aching pain in her cunt started to run together, still lingering when his finger next touched. His cock burned faster in her while he finger-fucked her cunt faster as well, faster and faster, harder and harder. Then she felt one long searing electric flash of heat in her cunt.

    "Oooohhhh! "

    She held her hips still as she felt her cunt-juices wash over his finger. His cock-strokes in her ass became harder and then he tensed against her asscheeks and his hot jism spurted deep into her ass, burning with each spurt.

    He held his quivering hips tight against her asscheeks until his cum stopped spurting. Then he pulled his shrinking cock out of her ass. He drew her knees back so she was lying on her stomach and grasped her hips and rolled her over on her back.

    Without a word, he got up and went to the bathroom. Max came back with a soapy wash cloth and sat on the bed. He folded the wet cloth around his limp cock and drew it off the prick repeatedly, stretching it as he did so.

    "Now it's your turn to go down on me, Mrs. Cuyler. Ever did it before?"

    She shook her head. "I guess I just suck your cock."

    "That'll do to start but, when it gets hard, you'll have to work your mouth up and down over the full length of it. Let's get started. I'll tell you if you're doing anything wrong."

    He lay down on his back, his legs spread. She got on her hand and knees between his knees and looked down at his cock. It was small when she held it at the base with one hand and put her mouth down over the head. She ran the small tip of her tongue inside the piss-slit and worked it around and around.

    Slowly, she started to suck. When the vacuum pulled at the cock-head, it slid up a little way into her mouth. When she relaxed it slipped back. She gradually sucked harder. The head swelled in her mouth but the cock-shaft in her hand was still limp…

    She started working her mouth down on the prick, giving a hard suck when her lips came back up on the cock-head. When her mouth slid down to his groin, the tip of the head just touched her throat.

    The sucking started to make his cock stiffen. With each lip-stroke, his prick grew and turned harder. Each time she drew back, she ran the tip of her tongue down into the cock-head. This made it even stiffer.

    Her mouth worked down harder and harder, down onto the base, her lips pressing into the hair on his groin. With each stroke, the head pushed against the back of her throat.

    Then she gagged.

    "I'm" sorry, she stammered. "I couldn't do it."

    "You're turned the wrong way, Mrs. Cuyler," he said. "The cock curves up and your throat curves down. Come around here and straddle my shoulders."

    She knee-walked around on the bed and put her knees outside his shoulders with her face turned down toward his cock.

    "That's the way," he said. "Now it'll fit right down your throat. When you push down hard, it'll feel like it's going halfway to your stomach. Just relax your throat and breathe in whenever you come up."

    She put the head back into her mouth and ran the tip of her tongue inside. He writhed under her. She started working her lips down a little farther, up and down. Again the head touched her throat, but now it slid right down.

    She worked her mouth farther down, still sucking hard each time her lips came up on the head. Whenever her tongue thrust inside at the top of the up-stroke, she breathed with a gasp.

    Her mouth finally came all the way down over his cock and pressed into his cock-hair. His prick fit close in her throat. She gave full strokes with her lips, faster and faster, harder and harder. His hips started bucking up to meet her mouth with each stroke.

    His arms pushed out against her thighs. Without changing her mouth rhythm, she spread her knees out and let her cunt settle down on his face.

    He slowly thrust his tongue inside. She jerked when he touched her clit. He lapped his tongue the length of the clit in unison with her sucking his cock. With each tongue stroke her clit flashed for a hot instant while she jerked her cunt down harder against his face.

    They writhed and jerked together, faster and faster, harder and harder. He gripped the flesh of her hips and pulled her down hard, her cunt squashed against his mouth. His tongue reached way in and lapped the length of her.

    He broke the rhythm and lapped her still faster and harder. She gasped harder each time she came up. She tried to go down on him faster, but she couldn't keep up with his tongue. It drove back inside her deeper and faster.

    Finally, his hips bucked up slower each time. His groin still slapped hard into her face but his movements turned slower and deliberate. Then he went rigid as he shot off into her throat. The cum spurted deep into her. She swallowed the jism and felt his cock-head drawn deeper each time she swallowed. It didn't fill her throat completely now so she could breathe past the head. She kept her face buried in his groin and kept swallowing, drawing the head back.

    Max pushed her hips up and stuck out his tongue.

    "Don't stop," he said… 'Now we're gonna get you off.?

    He settled her coot back against his face and stuck his tongue inside, lapping her clit with each stroke, lapping and making the heat flash inside. She jerked with each lap.

    She continued sucking his cock. It had shrunk back where she could keep the whole thing in her mouth. She went back to probing her tongue into the end whenever she stopped sucking.

    Soon his hips started rolling up with each suck. The limp prick slid farther into her mouth where it grew with each suck until it went in her throat. Now, instead of running her mouth up and down on the cock, she let it slide back deep in her throat and held it there by swallowing.

    His tongue lapping was driving her wild. With each stabbing flash in her clit, she brought her hips down hard, her blonde cunt smashing against his mouth. The harder she drove down on him, the deeper he lapped into her.

    With her swallowing, his cock grew and turned stiff. She kept it deep inside her throat and kept swallowing against it, feeling it rub in and out against her sensitive skin. There was just enough space left in her throat to breathe. The harder she swallowed against his prick the harder his hairy groin rolled up into her face.

    Then she felt the white-hot flashes in her clit come brighter and brighter as she pounded her hips down against his face. She wanted to scream but his cock was too big in her throat. She groaned and she whined and she whimpered past the big prick as the flashes grew hotter and hotter.

    Then she slammed her cunt down against his face and quivered there while the hot cum flowed out of her cunt into his mouth. He held her twitching hips down hard against his face while he sucked hard at her cunt and kept his tongue working on her clit.

    Then his groin pounded up into her face and he shot off into her throat. She slowed her throat contractions but kept his cock drawn full length while she swallowed each spurt of his cum. His tongue and her throat kept working full length, slower and slower. Her ass rocked slower and slower to his tongue.

    Then all motion ceased. He held his tongue inside her cunt, resting on the clit. She kept her mouth down on his groin-hair, the head of his cock deep in her throat.

    Finally, she pulled her mouth up off his cock. He withdrew his tongue as well and lifted her hips and sent her off on her side. He rose on his knees and rolled her onto her back and spread her thighs.

    "Just watching you through Dave's window today, I noticed you liked this."

    She clasped her hands together over her head while he worked his fingers into her skin folds. He found the inner lips of her cunt and slowly, gently worked his fingertips up and down the length of her wet coot. She let her hips rock and undulate slightly while she watched through hooded eyes and felt the gentle tingle while he did delightful things to her.

    Finally, she felt her body drain, and her hips rolled less and less. Her hips finally stopped moving completely and his fingers stopped too. He bent and kissed her pussy-lips.

    He got up and started dressing.

    "Congratulations, Mrs. Cuyler," he said. "You've just earned a very favorable report to Mr. Cuyler. I think you liked it as much as I did. Well, here's to many more favorable reports. Don't get up, Mrs. Cuyler. I can let myself out."

    When the outer door clicked shut, Linda lay back naked, feeling cheap and well-used. There was something evil about Max, but while it was true he was a crude man, he had made her come twice. He had fucked her in the ass, but he'd tried to not hurt her much; he wasn't totally inconsiderate. At first he'd seemed repulsive, but she rather liked the way he fucked her. It was just that he made her feel so cheap.


    The mirror on the dresser was hard to adjust. She folded a wedge of paper and jammed it in one side and then made a trial adjustment.

    Going back to the bed, she lay back and spread her legs apart. Now she could see her cunt but it looked too dark. She set a second table lamp on the edge of the dresser and went back to the bed. With her legs flat on the bed, her cunt now showed as a tiny closed slit with golden hair lining each side. It was a good view of her cunt.

    While she made her preparations, she thought back over the evening with satisfaction. Joe had been in a good mood at dinner, and she'd seen him look at her approvingly. Max must have given a good report. He had seemed more affectionate than in months. Now was the time to get him to loosen up a little and get her excited.

    Satisfied with her preparations, she got up and put on the bra with the hook in front and then squeezed the hook nearly closed with the pair of pliers. She stepped into her black high-heeled shoes and pulled the black silky dress on. After reaching back with both hands while watching in the mirror, she closed the zipper halfway, then held a strong thread in the mechanism. It took all her strength to jam the zipper stuck on the thread. She tried to wrench it loose. It wouldn't budge.

    Her preparations complete, she paced back and forth, practicing her walk, while she waited for the shower to quit drumming. With a little practice in front of the mirror, she could float gracefully with each step, making her hips grind, letting her little waist flex from side to side while she moved.

    The shower stopped, so she lifted the hem of her dress and daubed some perfume on each fold' of her cunt. While she listened to the sound of teeth being brushed, she mentally recited her lines.

    While waiting, she picked up the hairbrush and gave her gleaming hair a few more strokes. It had never looked better. She put the brush down and continued practicing grinding her hips, making her waist look like it was well lubricated.

    Joe came in, stark naked, still humming under his breath. He dropped the towel and, when he saw Linda, he gave a sharp intake of breath.

    "Honey, help me, will you?" she said before he could speak. "The damn zipper's stuck."

    She turned around and stood while he struggled with the mechanism.

    "What were you doing with the dress at bed time?" he asked.

    "Just trying it on. I wanted to make sure I hadn't gained any weight."'

    He struggled with the stuck zipper and cursed under his breath. She let herself be jerked against him while he worked, making sure to wiggle her ass whenever she brushed his stomach.

    "Damn thing's stuck," he said. "I can't work it."

    "Then help me get the dress off over my head."

    He picked up the slick, billowing material by the hem and lifted it. While he struggled to get the slippery material up over her waist, she wiggled and ground her hips against him. When he had the dress above her waist, she turned around against him, hoping this would release the scent of her perfume his way.

    When he had her dress above her tits, still struggling to get it over her shoulders, she managed to turn around toward him and undulate her hips up against him, feeling his limp cock against her cunt mound. He was too tall for his cock to touch her cunt, but she felt it up higher in her cunt-hair.

    While he pulled the dress up over her shoulders, she rolled her hips up against his cock a second time and heard him suck his breath in. All too soon, he got the dress up off her shoulders and pulled it off her arms.

    "Thanks, honey," she said as she tossed the dress over a chair and reached for her bra while he turned toward the bed.

    "Honey, I hate to be such a nuisance but I need help again. The hook on this bra won't work."

    He came back and worked on the fastener on the front of the garment. When he jerked it, she lost her balance and bumped into him, rolling her hips up as they touched. Her soft, furry cunt mound ground up against his cock again. When she looked down it wasn't as limp.

    He worked on the hook and every time he jerked on it she worked her cunt up against him.

    Finally, he forced the hook open and unfastened the garment. Before he could turn, she shrugged out of the scanty bra and grabbed his shoulders.

    "Thanks, honey," she said. "Mmmmmm."

    Pushing her hard nipples against him, she hugged him and gave him a wet kiss. His cock, longer now though not hard, pushed down against her pubic mound, the cock-head almost at her cunt.

    While Joe went to the bed, Linda sauntered to the dresser, grinding her hips as she went, picked up the brush and restored her hair that had been mussed. She worked her hips as she bumped and ground her way back to the bed, stepped out of her shoes, and lay back.

    She smiled at Joe while she put a firm hand on his chest and rubbed the skin affectionately. Joe's chest swelled as he inhaled fully while she caressed his skin. She moved her hand down on his stomach.

    When her hand brushed his thick groin-hair, his cock was turning stiff and just rising above his belly. He half rose and said, "Do you want to do it?"

    "Sure, honey," she said, "but not right away. Let me hold you a little first. Okay?"

    "Yeah, sure." He shrugged. "Okay."

    Her hand encircled his cock. It was hard now and throbbed slightly in her hand. He reached out and put a hand on her wrist. She took that hand and guided it to her thigh and urged it higher.

    He cupped her blonde mound in his hand and squeezed gently. When his grip loosened she rolled her hips up a little. When his hand tightened again it was right over her cunt.

    He started to move away but she pressed his hand back and twisted her other leg out. Her skin tingled as two fingers went through the fold, touching her inner cunt-lips.

    She guided his hand on her cunt, sliding it up and down as she rocked her hips with the movement. He started to pull away but she held his hand down firmly…

    "We'll do it in just a minute, honey," she said. "I promise. But first, hold me here with both hands.?

    While she still held his rigid prick in her hand, he reached over with his other hand and passed his fingertips over her cunt. He smiled and his chest swelled as though the smell of her perfume pleased him.

    Finally, he lurched around, pulling his cock from her hand. He got on his knees below her feet while she spread her legs apart.

    It was with relief that she saw him reach out with his hands for her cunt. He worked his fingers down to the inner coot-lips and worked them up and down on the tender tissue as she had shown him with her hand.

    "Linda, I'm sorry about what I said this morning. I guess it's okay to hold your cunt this way. If it makes you happy, I'm glad to do it."

    The dresser mirror was to her side so she got a sideways view of the action, out of her direct sight, beyond her mound. His fingertips worked methodically up and down, all the way from the back edge of her cunt to the front where the folds came together.

    After a time, moisture glistened on his fingers, and he gripped the soft tissue tighter while he worked up and down. The tighter he gripped her, the more his motions tingled.

    She found her hips undulating in time to his movements, rocking her cunt up toward him when his fingers slipped down on her. His motions were more awkward than Dave's, but they gave her the same kind of pleasure.

    He looked up and said, "You're sure this is what you want, Linda?"

    "Oh yes, honey. In just a little we'll do it like always, but please keep it up a little longer."

    When he looked back down at her body, his expression seemed interested but he kept his eyes averted from her cunt.

    She held her tits in her hands and twisted them and squeezed them as she pinched the nipples. The tingling changed to a nice aching feeling.

    Joe was gripping her harder and working his fingers faster as he bent and massaged her cunt-lips in his hands. The tingle there changed to an ache and it flowed through her stomach to join the pain from her tits. She felt her ass bouncing higher and higher as the delightful pain increased.

    Looking over her cunt, she saw his stiff cock all wet on the end. If she continued this way, he would come outside her.

    "Honey," she begged, "take me now."

    He took his hands from her cunt and moved up. She held her ass up off the bed, keeping her cunt steady for his entry. His cock pushed hard against the pussy-lips and stopped, up hard against the little closed slit.

    While she watched in the mirror, he forced his cock down a little harder and the head slowly spread her coot. The tight little pussy held back and stopped the head, halfway in. While he pushed relentlessly, the head shoved the lips fully open and they tightened around the hot driving shaft. The brief stab of pain made her gasp.

    While she held her coot up for him, he thrust fully into her. Her hips rolled up to meet him. She came back down as he withdrew. He slammed back in and she met him, then dropped her ass down as he drew back.

    He slipped his arms around her and held her up off the bed. She braced her weight on her neck and down on her splayed knees so she could ram her coot back at him as hard as he drove into her.

    Her voice broke into a whimper, cut off each time he slammed the breath out of her. The harder he drove his cock down into her, the harder she slammed her cunt back up against him, faster and faster, harder and harder.

    Then he drove slower and slower, still slamming into her with pile-driver force. He grunted and clenched his teeth and backed off and slammed back into her and stopped.

    The hot jism shot down deep inside her as he filled her little cunt. She held her pussy up hard against him until the hot fluid stopped squirting, then slowly let her ass sink to the bed.

    She opened her mouth to receive his lips as he leaned down and kissed her, still holding her tight. The kiss was long and tender. They shared each others breath.

    Then he got up and slipped his arms from beneath her and lay down beside her. He put a hand on her hip and rolled her up on her side and held her close.

    "Linda," he said, still breathing heavily, "that was good.?

    She kissed him again and said, "That’s the best we’ve ever done. Hope you aren’t mad about the playing around at first.?

    "No. I kind of liked it too. This kind of playing’s okay. Don’t ask me to do sixty-nine though. That’s no good.?

    "Okay, honey,?she said. "I won’t ask you to do anything you don’t want. Ready to sleep now??

    "I’m ready.?

    Joe was snoring in a minute. Lying close against him, Linda felt happy. She hadn’t come but this was the best shed ever done with him. Maybe, if she could get him to loosen up and try some other things, she’d make it yet.


    Linda tried to compare Dave with other men while she rode beside him in the jeep. He was certainly a considerate lover who took care of her needs.

    It was a little warmer and the ice on the steps was melting when they parked and entered the cabin. She led the way to the bedroom while shedding her coat. When she turned, he kissed her and fondled her more forcefully than before.

    His hands were strong and searching while he stripped her down naked. Her skin tingled wherever he touched her. After rolling her around on the bed and flexing her body while removing her clothes, she ended on her back while he drew her lacy panties down off her legs and dropped them.

    She had only the sheer nylon stockings left and her flimsy little garter belt. He unsnapped the garters from her stockings, lifted her ass with his hand, and slipped the belt down off her hips and whisked it off her legs. Her breath came in quick little gasps at his touch.

    Spreading her thighs as he knelt before her, himself still fully clothed, he took her cunt in his hands and gently massaged her soft inner lips, rubbing up and down the length of her slit. She found her earlier comparisons pointless as she lay back and enjoyed the soft tingling stimulation, just rocking her hips to his motions.

    When her fast breathing subsided, he said, "You're thinking about something else, Linda. Something bothering you?"

    She looked up at him through half-closed eyes.

    "It went better with my husband last night. I didn't come, but I think things will be fine between us soon."

    "Tell me about it. Tell me what happened last night.

    "She told him how they'd fucked until Joe came inside her, leaving her unfulfilled but feeling better with him than she had ever before.

    "Sounds to me like he's an okay guy who needs a lot of help and attention from you."

    "What more can I do?"

    "Take care of his man's ego. That's something we've all got. You've got to trick him into really going for you but making him think it was his idea. You asked what more you can do. I don't know. Is there anything about you he doesn't like?"

    "I don't know," she said. "He doesn't look at my cunt, not the way you do."

    Dave paused while he looked intently at her twat. Finally, he looked up at her.

    "Does he think your cunt's ugly?"

    She said, "I think he does."

    "Then look… "

    He slipped a hand under her ass and lifted her and then stuffed several pillows under her and let her down on them. He grasped her thighs and gently bent them out and down so the sides of her knees touched clear down on the bed. He pointed to the ceiling mirror.

    "Take a long look at it."

    She looked at her wide-open outer pussy-lips, her inner lips barely pouting apart, her little blonde mound swelling high. While she watched in the mirror, he grasped one inner lip in front where they both grew together and then slipped his fingers on the lip down to the back of her cunt and then up the other side. The fold flexed in his grip and then returned where it had been. He painlessly stretched her cunt-lips up so her clit was exposed, then drew the lips well out to each side so she could see all the tender pink flesh quivering inside.

    Then he ran his hand down her mound, turning the blonde hair out and then brushed it back up in place. The skin on her mound shuddered in tiny ripples as the hair bent back in place.

    His voice was insistent when he said, "What's ugly about it?"

    "Nothing! It's pretty!"

    "Look again. What would Joe see that's ugly?"

    "Its… it's hairy. He thinks cunt hairs are ugly, I guess."

    "That's it!" he said.

    He patted her mound lightly and rubbed the hair back so it stood up.

    "Nice lady," he said, "you need a barber."

    His breath came with a gasp.

    "You mean to shave my cunt?"

    He nodded.

    She hesitated while she thought, looking up at the mirror. It would be exciting to be looking up at her own bare twat, no hair at all. It would feel great to have a man run his hands all over her tender, smooth crotch without any hair to get in the way.

    "If I shave it, how can I explain that to Joe? He's already suspicious. I'll just be getting in deeper."

    "Get Joe to shave it."

    "How? How can I get him to do that?"

    "Sometimes all you have to do is ask. Ask in your own special way, the way that you know so well. You can do it."

    She nodded. "All right. I'll find a way to get him to shave my cunt-tonight if I can. I don't know how but I'll do it."

    Dave said, "For being a small woman, you turned into a real Amazon yesterday. I didn't know quite what to expect when I started banging down hard into you. You slammed your cunt up so hard against me I'll have a black-and-blue groin."

    "I liked doing that," she said, "With my ass off the bed, I could just roll myself right out all the way from my neck and smash into you like a whip crack."

    "That's just what it felt like," he said. "Now, we'll work on another technique. It'll also require some flexibility on your part. It takes subtle, flexible movements on your part though, not brute strength like yesterday."

    He kicked his shorts aside and knelt on the bed. After caressing her elevated cunt briefly, his cock turned hard as a steel shaft. He raised her ass and pulled out the pillows. Letting her back down on the bed, he massaged her hips briefly, rotating the strained joints. He drew her legs together and lay down beside her on his back.

    "Let's do the basic positions with me on my back and you kneeling so you straddle my cock. First, just climb up so you're facing away from me."

    She got up on him with his stiff prick slanted back toward her cunt. His cock was hot in her hand as she held it and rubbed the head up and down on her outer cunt-lips and then guided it inside.

    The mirror he'd leaned against the wall showed his cock-head pushing hard against her closed inner lips. He sucked in his breath when she rocked her hips up and down, letting the hard prick force her cunt-lips open.

    Once his cock-head was halfway inside, he rolled his hips up toward her, and she felt a hot tingling pulse as the head of his cock forced its way inside, leaving most of the wet prick quivering outside.

    He grasped her soft hips tightly and held his loins still while he talked to her.

    "Now there's two ways the cock can go," he said. "It can go up high in your cunt and push against the clit or it can curve back low, closer to my belly, and drive all the way back in your pussy to the cervix. You can control where it goes by working your hips to different positions while I drive up into you. Ready?"

    "Let's do it," she said.

    His cock made a wet slipping sound as he slowly thrust up and she sucked her belly in and rolled her ass up, rotating her hips back. The head burned warm in her as the cock slowly drove in deep. It came to rest on her cervix with a quick stab of heat.

    For several strokes, he slowly thrust his prick fully into her cunt and drew back to where she could just see the head start to come out. She enjoyed the warm tingling heat while she kept her hips stiffly in place.

    On the next stroke into her, she shifted her hips, thrusting her belly out and rolling her ass down. The hot cock pushed up, just under the tingling cunt-lips.

    "Oohh!" she moaned and jerked when his cock head touched her clit. Her whole body stiffened, then went slack as she felt the cock-shaft withdraw. She started to whimper when he drew the head out to her pussy-lips. He rocked his hips down and let his quivering prick all the way out of her.

    "You bastard!" she said, reaching for his cock. "Give it back to me."

    He brought his cock up and she guided it back into her pulsing, quivering cunt. The heat was delicious as the cock-head slipped up just inside her cunt-lips and drove to her clit.

    "Oooh!" she moaned as it pushed on the nub of her clit. She couldn't stop whining while he pulled it back out, then rammed back in.

    She whined as he drove back inside her again and again.

    Then he stopped with his cock halfway inside her. Firm hands held her hips still.

    He slid his hands up and cupped her tits. He squeezed them tightly and forced her to bend back.

    As he pulled back against her tits, she started bending her back. It flexed slowly until she started to feel his cock slip out. She stopped and looked up at the mirror. Her hips were moving, slowly rocking his cock out of her cunt with half the cock -head now exposed.

    She rolled her hips back down and pushed her pussy-lips back over the head and enveloped half of his prick. Then she thrust her belly way out and bent her back in an arch until her shoulders rested on his chest. She reached back with her arms and grabbed his shoulders.

    The tingling heat slowly traveled up under her cunt-lips until it exploded with a flash against her clit. She kept her body loose while she jerked from the reaction and felt the hot cock sliding back out.

    Three more times she let his cock thrust against her clit, each time jerking her hips a little and then holding still for him to take her again.

    Then she thrust out her belly and rolled her hips back just as he was plunging back into her cunt. His cock drove deep and hit her cervix with a nice pulse of heat and then started to withdraw.

    Before the next stroke she had her hips rolled forward and guided his cock back against her clit.

    His hips shoved up harder each time and the tingling heat in her cunt turned to a delightful ache as she alternated where his cock would go.

    His strokes became faster and her hips rolled in a blur, a blur that was always moving in time to his cock, one stroke to her clit, one stroke way back deep. The burning heat pulses in her clit stopped fading between strokes. The aching pain seared throughout her rolling hips, getting hotter and hotter as he stroked into her faster and faster.

    "Ooohhh!" she screamed, as she held her position, letting his cock keep pounding against her clit. She quivered allover while she felt her cunt juices flow allover his driving cock.

    Then she flexed her hips and guided his cock deep within her and let him keep ramming it into her cervix.

    She held herself steady while he pounded up into her harder and harder as his strokes slowed a little each time.

    Then he poised for a moment and slammed up hard and held his body arched hard against her as his hot cum spurted far into her. They quivered together until the cum stopped pumping and then settled back down together.

    When Dave started to draw his limp cock out of her, she said, "Don't move. Let me see if I can make it hard again."

    "Okay," he said. "It's your show."

    She let go of his shoulders and gently moved his sweating hands from her firm tits. With her feet and knees braced on the bed, she rolled her arched body up to where she was kneeling over him, his limp cock still in her cunt.

    She held her outer cunt-lips in her fingers and watched the tender inner lips pull tight around his cock. While she watched, her cunt began to throb around the limp prick, throbbing by itself under her eyes, the pussy-lips drawing his cock in, then slipping back.

    She slowly wiggled her ass back until his limp cock was almost withdrawn, the bead halfway inside. She held her cunt around his cock while the pussy muscles slowly massaged it, pulling it in, letting it slip back.

    Under her attentions, his cock slowly grew and the bent prick straightened. It turned rock-hard and the head quivered each time her cunt slipped back on it.

    "I think you're all ready now," she said.

    "Feels like it," he said. "Now what would you like to do?"

    “Long-cock me," she said, drawing herself up off his prick.

    Dave smiled as he slid over to the edge of the bed. Linda flexed her knees a few times while lying on her side. Then she went to the center of the bed and turned on her back, spreading her thighs comfortably.

    Dave got between her legs and rubbed her inner thighs gently and then put his hands on her cunt. He massaged the inner lips until she started rocking her hips to the tingle, then he grasped her thighs and jackknifed her legs straight back.

    Again, Dave worked his fingers into her cunt and massaged it while her ass bobbed in the air. While she relaxed and enjoyed the tingling warmth of his hands, she wondered what she could do to aid his efforts when he fucked her.

    She brought her legs down farther where her knees touched the bed and pressed down. Her ass bobbed up, but only a little.

    She said, "Put a couple of pillows under each knee.

    "When Dave slipped the cool padding in place, she levered her knees down again. Her back pushed up off the bed a little but only a little. She put her arms down past her ass and pressed down when she levered her knees. While Dave worked her cunt-lips, she managed to bob her ass up a foot.

    Dave took his fingers out of her cunt and held her asscheeks. He knelt behind her ass, his body bent over her. Her view of all mirrors was blocked, so she looked over her tits and up at her spreading cunt while her ass bobbed gently in the air.

    Dave rubbed the head of his cock the length of her cunt-lips. She felt his prick hot against her cool outer pussy-lips. As the head rubbed down against the tight inner lips, it felt slick with her cum. Finally, she felt his cock spread her inner lips and slowly push inside, making the warm, tender flesh tingle.

    His hot cock shoved down slowly, sending a tremor through her hips. When it hit the cervix at the bottom of her cunt, she felt the pulse of heat surge back through her pussy, making her legs tremble.

    While he drew his cock back up, she let her ass drop a little, and she poised with her weight on her knees. He drove back down while she shoved her ass up to him, slapping lightly against his groin.

    Now, with each cock-stroke, she shoved her cunt back up to him, feeling the pulse of heat when they met. They drove themselves together, and drew themselves apart, faster and faster, harder and harder.

    She found herself starting to whine as they fucked, the whine breaking off with a gasp whenever he struck her cervix.

    The tingling pulses of heat changed to aching pain as he stroked her harder and faster. The pain was delightful as it spread through her cunt and down through her belly.

    Then he fucked down still harder and his strokes grew slower and his breath came in deep groans. Sensing he was getting close to coming, she held her ass still and let him fuck straight down into her, receiving his cock-blows.

    Finally, he slipped his arms under her as he drew his cock all the way out and then slammed back into her cunt and stayed there, quivering against her. His hot jism spurted down into the very bottom of her cunt as it pumped again and again.

    They rested together, her legs folded back tightly against her body, until he stopped quivering. Then he knelt behind her ass and helped her bring her legs up and then out, her thighs spread straight out.

    He held her cunt-lips and massaged them lightly while she lay back and enjoyed the gentle tingle. Her breathing was still fast.

    When her breathing slowed, he removed his hands from her cunt and said, "We've still got to get you off. Can you get me hard again?"

    "Sure. Lie down here." She patted the bed beside her.

    When he lay down on his back, she straddled his loins, facing him. She wiggled her ass up on his legs until his spent cock was bent up against her cunt. With her outer cunt-lips spread wide in her hands, she urged her closed pussy up against his cock-head.

    She said, "Hold me open, will you?"

    With him holding the outer lips of her cunt spread wide, she took her fingers and opened the inner lips and urged her cunt up over the head of his cock.

    She let her cunt close tightly on his limp prick and swayed her ass back, watching his cock stretch out until the head started to slip out. Then she held the slit open and rocked her hips forward to envelop the head again.

    She slowly stretched his cock out and rubbed the head with her cunt, over and over, until it finally started to swell. Then she picked up the pace, stretching her hot flesh back over the cock-head until it turned hard inside her.

    Still straddling him, she braced her stockinged knees tightly against the sides of his chest and brought her ass up high, giving him room to thrust. As she felt his hard cock drive into her, she leaned down close to him, tilting her cunt so his prick drove deeply into her.

    His hands were hot where they gripped her soft hips while he thrust up into her cunt. When he drew back out, she sat upright and waited for the next thrust.

    In her new position, his next thrust ran up against her clit. She gasped as she rose higher, trying to move her clit ahead of his cock.

    She soon learned to alternate her posture, bending close to him for one stroke up high in her cunt, then rising upright for the next stroke to take it against her clit.

    After a time she grew tired from having to keep moving her upper body with his cock-strokes, so she learned how to lean close to him and accomplish the same thing by rocking her hips forward or back.

    He went to pumping up into her faster and faster, and she matched him by flexing her hips with each stroke, sending one cock-stroke ramming up into her cervix, the next smashing against her clit.

    As he fucked her faster and faster, the pulses of heat from her clit built up, blending into one delightful pain that spread throughout her cunt. If he could keep this pace up, she could enjoy taking the burning pain until she would come.

    Then he started fucking her slower but harder, slamming up against her cunt. Sensing he was about to come, she bent down close, her blonde hair covering his face, pushing her hard tits into his chest, taking his hot cock as it rammed all the way up to her cervix.

    Finally, breathing through clenched teeth, he lunged up into her so hard he lifted her and held her up with his arched body, his groin hard against her pubic mound. He spurted deeply up into her cunt, his jism burning hot in her tender flesh.

    He put his arms around her and crushed her against him while his cum pumped up into her pussy. Then, when he stopped quivering against her, he sank back to the bed, bringing her down on top of him.

    He brushed her hair out of his face and kissed her and said, "One more time."

    Still straddling him, she reached back for his shirt and used it to wipe the cum off his cock. She worked the skin on the head back with her fingers so the slit on the end was open, then she rubbed the cloth through it as well.

    Tossing the shirt aside, she turned around on him so she straddled his shoulders and put her mouth down over his shriveled prick. It tasted slighly salty as she sucked the head back into her throat.

    He jerked his loins a little every time she licked the end. Soon the shrunken cock started to fill her mouth as it expanded.

    She worked her lips around the head and slowly lowered her mouth down over his cock. It thrust past her palate and stopped, nearly filling her throat. She swallowed hard and that helped the cock slip back into her throat. Swallowing again, she felt the head go way back in her throat as her mouth came down and rested in his groin-hair.

    She drew her mouth up and felt his cock-head slip out to her lips. Then she plunged her mouth back down over his prick, forcing the head back down in her throat.

    She worked her mouth up and down, faster and faster, pausing only for a gasping breath each time the head came to her lips.

    As she worked on his cock, it grew larger and larger, harder and harder, just barely fitting in her throat.

    Finally, Dave reached under her and pressed his hands up against her tits and lifted her, letting the hard cock slip from her mouth. He slid from beneath her legs and got around behind her.

    Leaving her on her hands and knees, he put a pillow under her head and gently forced her down with his hand on her shoulders. She put her head down on the pillow so she could look back beneath her, her ass still up in the air, his hands now squeezing her tits.

    "Now I'll dog-fuck you until you come. You can wiggle your ass and roll your hips to guide my cock wherever you want it, either on your clit or way inside your cunt." His cock was rock-hard now as she saw it push from beneath her, up through her inner cunt-lips and nudge against her quivering flesh. She let her belly down and rolled her ass up to guide his prick toward her, just inside the cunt-lips, toward her clit.

    She sucked in her breath when his cock-head touched her clit.

    The hot cock slid back and poised for another thrust. When it came it was harder.'

    A whimper escaped from her while his cock slid back and paused. He drove back in hard.

    The pulse of heat and the tingling ache remained for a time after each thrust.

    She found herself whining nonsense phrases of endearment while, his hard cock rammed against her, clit again and again.

    "Ooh! Give it to me faster."

    He rammed up into her clit faster and faster, harder with each stroke. The searing flashes spread through her cunt and then became one continuous burn as he smashed up into her faster yet. Feeling the end coming, she tensed her every muscle and received his hammering blows.


    Her burning cunt-juice met his searing cock stream as he shuddered against her, her tits squeezed in his grip, his cock rock-hard and jerking in her coot.

    When her breathing slowed, she felt herself being lowered to the bed on her stomach. She twisted around on her back, lying between his legs. She drew her legs up and splayed them out before him and nodded when he reached for her cunt.

    The tingling massage was a delight as she lay back wordlessly, smiling up at him, seeing his sweating face through her half-closed eyes. Her hips rocked in tired but grateful motions, keeping in step with the hands that did such nice things inside her tired little cunt.

    After a time her hips stopped rocking. His hands stopped as well and he grasped her thighs and closed her stockinged legs. He lay beside her and kissed her.

    She put an arm over his shoulder and pulled him hard against her, enjoying the feel of her softening tits pushed against his chest, her tired cunt pushing against his limp cock.

    "Thank you, Dave. Thank you for making me come twice. I'm exhausted."

    He looked haggard when he smiled and kissed her.

    "Thank God! I thought I'd never hear those words from you."


    Linda turned off the hot shower and picked up the towel. It felt good to rub the rough cloth over her pale-pink skin, making it glow. When her skin was dry, she took off the shower cap, letting her long blonde hair flow off her shoulders.

    Her body felt so good from the shower, she wanted to leave her skin exposed to the air. Rather than put on tight panties, she found a little sheer nightie and slipped it over her head.

    While she brushed her hair, she thought of her fortunes. Max had followed her back form the Mill Creek Inn again, staying well behind her for the twenty-mile drive. She hadn't even seen him after she crossed the Centralia city limits, though. Maybe his sexual appetite was still satisfied.

    The doorbell rang. She went to the door and looked out through the fish eye. It was Max. She unlocked the door and opened it against the night chain.

    "Good afternoon, Mrs. Cuyler," he said. "Which notebook would you like me to use, notebook A or notebook B?"

    She sighed while she closed the door, released the chain, and swung the door wide.

    "Come on in, Max," she said, wondering what way he intended to abuse her this time.

    As the lock clicked shut, Max looked down at her transparent nightie.

    "Awright! Let's retire to the bedroom."

    He stripped quickly while she stood uncertainly, wondering what he wanted her to do. When Max was naked he took the hem of her nightie and pulled it up over her arms and head. He took their combined clothes and tossed them, in a wad, through the door to the bathroom.

    He turned to Linda and ran his hands up over her hips and to her tits, squeezing them roughly. She stood still while he abused her, wishing he would get it over with and then leave her alone.

    He picked her up by the waist and then sat on the bed with her on his lap, her ass turned to him, his rough hands spreading her thighs apart. When her legs were spread straight out, he worked his middle finger through her outer cunt-lips, pushed through the inner lips, and probed deeper.

    His finger ran in all the way to the knuckles, and she felt a warm tingle as he withdrew. He drew out all the way to the fingertip, then he rammed it back in deep while his other hand squeezed her tit. He finger-fucked her faster and faster, making a hot tingle in her cunt.

    Then he stopped and hooked his finger in her pussy and slowly ran it up just inside her cunt-lips. She felt the burning even as he approached her clit.

    She whined when he touched her clit.

    She couldn't stop her hips from jerking up whenever he fingered her clit.

    Again and again, his finger hooked back in her cunt to push the nub of her clit.

    Her whine changed to a scream as he fingered her roughly. Then Max shifted position. His stiff cock poked up between his legs. He lay back on the bed, pulling her back on top of him, her legs still spread straight out.

    He worked his cock up into her outer cunt-lips, and he reached down and forced her inner lips open and pushed the head of his cock inside. When he tipped his hips up, his cock-head thrust deep inside her cunt.

    Now he grabbed her tits and held her back against him while he fucked up deep within her, pushing his cock its full length into her cunt. While he fucked her, she found their image in the tilted dresser mirror. For a moment she forgot he was abusing her and watched her cunt in fascination.

    Then he reached down with one hand and grabbed his cock-shaft and guided it higher as it thrust in just inside her cunt-lips, burning its way like his finger toward her clit.

    She screamed and jerked her hips up, just as he withdrew and started back up.

    He fucked against her clit harder and harder, faster and faster. She wanted to just passively let him fuck her and leave but she couldn't stop rolling her hips to his motions. The burning stabs of hot pain flowed together into one searing flash as she tensed her hips with the flow of her cunt-juice.

    He hammered his cock up against her clit a few more times and then tensed his body as his hot jism spurted into her.

    Max's hips stopped quivering when his cum stopped pumping into her. He slid his cock out and reached down and closed her legs and lifted her by the hips and set her on her back beside him. She lay quietly, letting her breathing slow down.

    After a short time, he said, "That wasn't bad, Mrs. Cuyler. It almost earned you a good report."


    "Yeah, I'm sure you'll do just fine and earn a good report when I let the others in," he said as he got up and started for the door.

    "Others! What others?"

    "Don't go away," he called out from the living room.

    She was standing naked when Max came back in with a man and woman following. She put an arm over her tits and a hand on her cunt when they came in. Max laughed at her discomfiture.

    "No need to be modest, Mrs. Cuyler," he said. "This is George and Ruby. Meet Linda."

    George leered and said, "Hey, all right!"

    "Charmed," Ruby, a tall brunette, said. She reached behind her and pulled down the zipper on her dress.

    Max said, "These nice people are my friends. They've been waiting patiently for me to get you warmed up so we can make a foursome."

    "Foursome?" Linda asked, already knowing what he had in mind.

    "Yeah," Max said, "it's also called a daisy chain. This bed's plenty big enough. George, you take the side where you're on and I'll take this side. Linda, you take the head of the bed, Ruby the foot."

    George and Ruby were both naked. George was a thirty-year-old man with sandy hair, a slightly paunchy build, and a stiff cock. Ruby was about twenty-five, had big sagging tits and a hairless, shaved pussy. Linda looked closely at the hairless cunt while they got into position.

    Max twisted his body and put his mouth over Ruby's hairless cunt as she lay on her back and spread her legs. Ruby turned her neck and took George's cock in her mouth.

    She felt her legs being spread. When she looked at him, George was smiling at her as he pushed her thighs wide. He put his mouth over her fringe of blonde cunt-hair, and she twisted her upper body and took Max's cock in her mouth.

    George's tongue probed into her cunt and she involuntarily rocked her hips when his tongue-tip lightly touched her clit. Max's cock was stiff again, and she worked her mouth down over his cock-head.

    She tried to keep from gagging as she worked his cock farther back in her throat. Halfway in. his cock head pushed against the side of her throat. It didn't make her gag so she worked her mouth down farther on the cock-shaft.

    Before she realized it, her lips were pressed into his groin-hair. His cock-head was deep in her throat, pressed hard against the side, but it didn't make her gag. She raised her head and felt her throat slide up past the cock-head. When only the end of the head remained in her lips, she breathed in with a gasp and started pushing her mouth back down on his prick.

    While she worked on Max's cock, George was making her clit pulse hot with his tongue. She couldn't help undulating her hips up whenever his tongue probed down into her cunt.

    George's tongue worked faster and faster in her coot while she slipped her mouth up and down faster and faster on Max's cock. He was rocking his hips as well in time to her mouth-strokes.

    Linda found herself enjoying this game. She stole a glance in the dresser mirror and saw everyone engrossed in his or her activity: Max lapping Ruby's shaved cunt, Ruby running her mouth down over George's stiff cock-shaft, George holding her own legs spread fully and covering the blond, fringes of her cunt-hair with his mouth.

    The pulses of heat in her cunt were flowing together when she heard Ruby moan. Glancing in the mirror, Ruby's back was arched and rigid while she still worked her mouth on George's cock.

    While she worked her own mouth on Max's cock, she felt his body stiffen. She ran her mouth and throat up and down faster and harder until she felt the hot spurt of cum, deep in her throat. She swallowed and held his cock-shaft in place in her throat. It was going limp and she had no trouble breathing past it.

    George's tongue was working harder and faster on her clit, and she felt her hips rocking higher and harder, undulating her cunt up into his face. Then she had a searing hot pain in her cunt and felt her coot-juices flow while she held her back arched rigid. Her hot cunt juices flowed up into George's waiting mouth.

    She stole another glance in the mirror. Ruby was still working her mouth up and down on George's cock-shaft and his ass was bouncing on the bed. Soon he arched rigid and she felt his tongue in her cunt spasm while Ruby kept her lips down on his cock.

    When George stopped quivering, Max said, "Let's everybody stay in place and soak it for a while."

    Linda held Max's shrunken cock in her mouth with her tongue-tip lightly against the piss-slit. George kept her cunt covered with his mouth with his tongue barely touching her clit.

    After a minute, she wondered if anyone was cheating. She worked her tongue on the head of Max's cock and sucked hard, then she waited. After a few seconds she felt her hips roll up as George lapped his tongue on her clit. The chain wasn't broken.

    In a few minutes Max sat up, pulling his cock out of her mouth.

    "I don't know about the rest of you," he said, "but duty calls."

    He went to the bathroom and came back with his clothes. While he dressed rapidly, George and Ruby followed his lead and put on their clothes as well.

    "We'll let ourselves out, Mrs. Cuyler," said Max. "Thanks for a good time. You've earned a good report."

    When the outer door clicked, she looked down at her small body with the cunt-lips smeared with white cum and thought of what she'd done.

    She flung herself back-down on the bed and said to herself, "I'm just a fucking punch card. They're all using me."

    They were using her. Joe was using her to satisfy his quick sexual urges. Max was blackmailing her for his crooked sex schemes. George and Ruby were using her as an incidental part of their sex lives.

    "Come on, Linda," she said to herself. "You have to turn the tables on them. You have to use them for what you want."

    The more she thought about it, the more she thought she could do it. She would have to be smarter than she'd ever been before. She'd get Joe to love her. She'd turn Max's advantage around to her own. She could do it!


    Linda was torn by indecision. Which was best, the black silky dress or the creamy knit one? The shower would stop soon. She had to make up her mind now. It would have to be the creamy knit.

    She pulled the clinging garment on and slipped on the black high-heeled shoes. Lifting the hem of her dress up, she slipped the waistband of her panties down and applied a drop of perfume to each side of her cunt. Her preparations done, she pulled her panties up, smoothed the tight dress down over her hips, and took up the hairbrush.

    After fifty strokes, she saw her blonde hair gleam and spill softly off her shoulders. She put the brush down and adjusted the mirror. Satisfied, she lay down on the bed and looked back up at the reflecting glass.

    The shower stopped while she was still positioning herself. She drew her leg up and saw the dress cling tightly to one asscheek, following closely up her ass to the curve of her hip.

    Joe stopped humming when he saw her. He dropped the towel and took a step, his limp cock swinging freely.

    "Linda, aren't you sleepy?"

    She rolled on her back and smiled at him.

    "Not really, honey," she said. "How about you?"

    He didn't reply immediately. He swallowed. "Don't you want to go to bed?" he asked.



    "Honey, you did such a good job with my dress last night."

    "Yeah… what?"

    "Undress me… now… please."

    His face was flushed. He looked uncertain. "Linda, you want me to…?"

    "Yes. I want you to take my clothes off. I like your hands on me."

    He put a hand on her hip, and she helped him turn her on her stomach. His hand was warm on her back as he pulled the zipper down. The hem slid up on her legs.

    When he got the dress up to her waist, she lifted her body slightly and let it go up to her tits. She pressed herself up a little so he could work his arm around her and pull the dress higher. Her tits tingled when he brushed his arm over her bra and got the clinging material up around her neck.

    When he nudged her shoulder, she rolled over on her back and extended her arms over her head. The knit slid up and whispered to the floor.

    Her legs quivered as he brushed his hands up on them and pushed her slip up to her waist. She suppressed a smile when he tried to tug the sheer cloth up under her back. He was so earnest in trying to please her. She arched her back so he could slide the slip to her shoulders, then she rolled over and extended her arms while he pulled it off over her head.

    He unhooked her bra and then stopped. She waited, wondering what she could do. Then it was a good feeling to have his arm slide under her waist. The bed shook slightly as he put his knees on it and lifted her waist, bringing her ass up high while he shoved a leg from behind into her crotch.

    She helped raise her chest while he slipped the bra straps down over her shoulders, and then he bent down to cup her tits in his hands. He squeezed them gently and worked the nipples back and forth, set ting up a nice tingling throughout her chest.

    While he squeezed and twisted her tits, she felt his face work down against her neck. She turned her head back and kissed him. It was a hard, lingering kiss.

    With her ass up, he slipped his fingers in the waistband and pulled her panties down over the cheeks of her ass. He pulled and tugged until the flimsy garment was down around her knees.

    Sliding his hands back up, he grasped her tits again and continued twisting and squeezing. While her tits were growing firm, he put his other knee up against her ass and started pushing her legs apart.

    She felt her breath coming faster as he spread her knees until the stretched panties stopped him from going further. His cock pressed hard up between her legs and lodged against her pubic mound, just to the side of her cunt.

    He nudged with his cock again and again until it started up the slit of her cunt, but her panties, down, around her knees, wouldn't let her legs spread enough to let the cock-head in.

    Finally, he pulled her knees back and she slid down on her stomach. When he grabbed her hips, she helped him roll her over on her back.

    She stretched out and raised her legs slightly while he pulled her panties off and left her completely naked. His breath came in short jerks while he rose and knee-walked around on the bed toward her feet.

    His eyelids seemed to droop when he looked down at her cunt, slowly opening before him while she swung her knees out, spreading herself before him.

    "Honey, n she said softly, "work on me… please."

    He knelt between her thighs as she slowly spread her legs, opening her outer cunt-lips before him. She continued sliding her legs until they were splayed straight out, knees bent, legs down flat on the bed.

    Joe reached out awkwardly and grabbed her creamy thigh and slid his hand up to her pussy. Looking at the dresser mirror, her outer cunt-lips were open to his fingers as he pushed them in, trembling slightly.

    She turned her hips slightly to help his fingers through the outer fold. He found the inner cunt-lips and slipped his fingers inside, his thumbs remaining between the folds as he rubbed up and down the short distance from the back edge of the lips up to where they grew together over her clit.

    His touch was rough but it made her cunt tingle. She stretched her arms back over her head as she lay back and felt good while Joe handled her. Her hips started rolling as she made her body undulate up while he rubbed down.

    While she lay back and watched him manipulating her tender flesh, she felt like she could stay this way all night. He might be awkward but his fingers were gentle. She could spend her life with her thighs spread flat, just rolling her coot up against his strong gentle hands.

    Then his movements turned harder and his fingers worked faster. She turned from the mirror and smiled up at him. Encourage him now and I've got him, she thought. She rolled her hips up faster to keep in step with his hands.

    As his fingers worked faster she found her ass rocking up from the bed. She whimpered and whined and started breathing faster. The tingle changed to a delightful ache.

    She tore her eyes from the mirror and looked down at his cock. It was hard as a steel shaft and pointed directly at her cunt. While she watched, a drop of pre-cum fell from the head.

    "Honey," she said, whining while she spoke, "take me. Take me now… please.?

    He rubbed her cunt-lips a few more times, then he ran his hands out on her hips. While she writhed slightly, he drew her toward his cock which was still pointing at her belly. His hands were hot on the soft flesh of her hips while he dragged her along on the sheet, thighs splayed straight out to the sides.

    He had his knees positioned straight under him, and he dragged her so her cunt came straight onto the head of his cock. The wide-open outer cunt-lips passed over the head and her soft inner lips pushed open around the hot intruding cock and clenched down tight around his prick as he lifted her onto him, bringing her cunt up onto his cock.

    When she saw him stop drawing her up and he braced his loins for the drive, she pressed the sides of her knees down hard on the cool sheet and started a wave motion, undulating her back, her hips, her little blonde mound, her cunt. Flowing in a long whip-like motion, she drove her cunt up and met his driving groin as he pushed all the way into her and stopped, his balls resting against her ass.

    She let her ass move down while he drew his cock back and up, poised for the next assault. When he started back down, she drove up at him, her cunt slamming hard against his groin.

    The next blow was still harder as she matched his force and the ache spread throughout her cunt. Her whine broke off as he slammed the breath from her and left her hips quivering from each blow.

    She braced her back and slammed her cunt back up at him and matched his force with her own strength. Again and again, they pounded together, faster and faster, harder and harder. Now her ass never sank back to the bed.

    The blows from his groin slowed and he slammed harder each time as he got closer to coming. Sensing his end, she raised her cunt and held it there, taking his pounding, blow after blow.

    Then he slammed down hard and stayed there, his groin quivering against her as his jism spurted hot into her cunt. She held herself up against him, receiving his cum. When he started to go slack, she let herself down with him.

    She put her arms over his ass and held him down on her when he started to rise. They stayed that way until his cum stopped flowing, then she let him up a little.

    When she felt his cock start to slide out, she held him tighter and said, "Honey, work on me with your hands, just a little more."

    He smiled and let his cock slip out and took her coot-lips in his fingers. She held her crotch wide open for him and leaned back and closed her eyes while he kept the nice tingle going for her. It was with a feeling of contentment that she smiled at him and rocked her coot up against his hands while he worked on her.


    Linda stopped brushing her long blonde hair when it gleamed brightly. She took her time choosing her wardrobe and getting dressed. The sheer stockings stayed in place nicely with the little red garters that went around her legs and the color went well with her black high-heeled shoes. The thin pale-yellow panties almost concealed the slit of her cunt. She toyed with a lacy bra and then put it back in the dresser. Satisfied, she wrapped a silky black robe around herself and tied the sash up tightly around her waist.

    Her preparations that day had gone flawlessly. When she'd called Dave to cancel their lunch date, he was disappointed, but when he learned the. reason, he was very helpful. The visit with the lawyer had proved informative and very interesting. Victory was now within her grasp, if she played it smart.

    The doorbell rang and she paused at the phone first to complete her preparations. Then she went to the door and peeked through the fish eye. Satisfied, she released the night chain and swung the door wide.

    "Come in, Max," she said, smiling sweetly.

    "Well, this is a change, Mrs. Cuyler," Max said as he sauntered in with his two small notebooks in hand. "You're looking beautiful."

    "Thank you, Max. I imagine you're more interested in the bedroom though."

    She strutted ahead of him, making her hips grind as she walked. When she glanced back, Max was following closely, looking intently at her ass.

    Inside the bedroom, she turned to face him.

    “Well, Max, was I a good little girl today?"

    "Pure as snow, Mrs. Cuyler," he said, tapping his notebook. "For all you did wrong today, you could be studying for the clergy."

    "Then what's the purpose of this visit?"

    "Oh, let's just say it's on account."

    "What would you do if I refused to fuck you?"

    He tapped the notebooks again. "You know how it is, Mrs. Cuyler. When you have two notebooks, it's easy to use the wrong one. That's how it is, but we aren't here for small talk."

    He took the sash of her robe in his hands and untied the knot. Spreading the robe wide, he looked long at her body, nodding approvingly. She shrugged out of the cloth and let the sleeves fall off her shoulders and arms.

    "Mrs. Cuyler," he said slowly, "you are stacked."

    "I'm glad you think so," she said, putting her hands on his shoulders. "Now what would you like to do to me so you'll remember to use notebook B?"

    "Well, first I'll prevent you from being overdressed."

    He slipped his hands inside the waistband of her panties and slipped them down off her hips. They fell to the carpet and she stepped out of them.

    He toyed with one garter while he slipped his fingers inside the top of her stocking. Then, taking his hand back out, he squeezed her thigh, then ran his hand up to her pussy and pinched the front edge of her cunt-lips.

    "Shall we get started?"

    "Whatever it takes to get a good report."

    Max undressed quickly, kicking his clothing aside. He clutched Linda tightly and kissed her, his breath foul from smoking cigars. His stiff cock pushed against her belly.

    Still holding her, he slipped one hand down behind her knees and picked her up. Holding her in his arms, he walked to the bed and laid her down on her back. He spread her legs wide and knelt between her thighs.

    He pushed his cock hard against her cunt-lips. Before he could get rough, she took his prick by the head and worked it up and down against her tight inner slit until it felt slick and then pushed it slowly, making it spread her inner cunt-lips. When his cock head forced its way in, the stabbing pain was over in a moment and she stopped holding her breath.

    He pushed deep into her cunt, making a warm tingle, and then pulled his cock back with the head halfway out. After a moment he thrust quickly back in her and then drew all the way out.

    Now he stabbed his cock-head back into her cunt, forcing the tender lips with a quick jab of pain. He pulled back out all the way and stabbed back in.

    Linda endured the jabs of pain silently. She tried to show passion and pleasure by rolling her hips up against him whenever he thrust down.

    She decided she needed to show a little more action. Her legs were apart with her knees well above the bed. She let her legs come straight out with her thighs down flat, the sides of her knees down against the bedspread.

    She pressed down with her knees and made her whole body undulate up against him, rolling her back, her hips, her cunt up against his hard-driving groin. When he quickly thrust into her, she undulated her hips back up against him, slamming her cunt to his groin.

    She slammed faster and faster, harder and harder, matching the force of his cock. Then his teeth clenched and he brought his head back and he thrust down and stayed there, his hot cum spurting deep in her cunt. She arched her small body and held herself tight against him while he pumped her cunt full of his jism.

    After a time, he pulled his limp prick out of her, got off her body and lay on his back.

    "Nice fuck, Mrs. Cuyler," he said. "Now let's see you get it up again."

    Without a word, she got on her knees, straddling his shoulders, and bent to his limp cock. She easily took the entire shrunken prick in her mouth, ran her tongue-tip over the head briefly, and started sucking the salty-tasting tool.

    His cock quickly expanded to fill her mouth but was still limp. She brought her mouth up so her lips were around his cock-head and ran her tongue-tip into the piss-slit, then ran her mouth back down over the length of his prick, pressing her face down in his groin-hair.

    As she ran her mouth up and down the length of his shaft, it continued to grow and his cock-head pushed into her throat. Each time she went down on his prick and his cock-head went into her throat, she swallowed hard, stretching his cock deep in her throat. When she swallowed she felt his hips tense. His prick was now as hard as when he'd started fucking her.

    He pushed her shoulders up and sat up himself. Holding her by a shoulder and hip, he rolled her over on her back. She began to understand his intent when he put a pillow under her neck, tipping her head way back over the edge of the bed.

    "Now, just think of your mouth as a cunt, Mrs. Cuyler," he said as he stood on the floor, directly behind her head.

    She opened her mouth as his stiff cock approached. He ran it through her lips, into her mouth, and down her throat and pushed with his groin-hair mashed against her lips, his balls resting on her face. In this position, his cock-head completely filled her throat; she couldn't even breathe until he pulled back.

    It was with some relief that she felt his cock-head start sliding back up her throat while his balls lifted from her face. He drew all the way out except for the cock-head in her lips, and she inhaled with a gasp just as he started thrusting back in her. When his cock slid all the way down, all she could see was his hairy asshole above her eyes.

    He picked up the pace, pumping into her throat faster and faster. She changed her breathing to inhale with a gasp each time he drew out to her lips.

    While he fucked her in the mouth, he spread her legs apart and forced a finger in her cunt. The finger drove deep, then withdrew part way and hooked back toward her belly and advanced.

    She bucked her hips up when he roughly tweaked the nub of her clit. He synchronized his fingering with his cock-thrusts in her throat. She wanted to scream out for him to stop and be gentle with her, but she needed to breathe when his cock came out to where she could scream. She silently endured his rough fingering, involuntarily jerking her hips each time he tweaked her.

    His cock shoved in her throat still faster and faster, mashing his groin-hair into her lips harder and harder while he still fingered her clit. He moaned slightly while his cock strokes turned slower and harder.

    With a grunt, he lunged his cock deep in her throat and mashed his rough groin-hair hard on her lips. She swallowed his hot jism as it spurted in her throat, hoping his cock would soon shrink and she could breathe again.

    His cock did shrink and she breathed past his prick, still swallowing against the cock-head in her throat. It was a relief that he'd quit tweaking her clit and just stood there while his cock shriveled in her mouth..

    Finally, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and lay down on the bed, still breathing fast. She sat up and reached for her robe and used it to wipe her mouth.

    "Well, did I earn a good report from notebook B?" she asked.

    "Honey, as long as you deliver like that, Mr. Cuyler will always get good reports-no matter what you've done."

    "Then you wouldn't use the true facts in notebook A?"

    "Not as long as you fuck me like that."

    She smiled as sweetly as she could.

    "It's nice that you like me, but that's the last chance you'll get to fuck me-ever."

    "What… "

    Still sitting on the bed, she reached out for the telephone. It was amusing to see the pencil roll out from under the handset when she picked it up.

    "How did I do?" she asked into the handset.

    "Linda, you did just great," Dave said. "I got every word on tape."

    "I don't know how to thank you enough.?

    “You already did enough-more than enough," Dave said. "Have a happy life, nice lady, and call me again if you need help."

    Max was sitting up on the bed, his face incredulous.

    "What was that?" he asked.

    "Why Max! I'm surprised at you. You're supposed to be a detective. You don't realize it, but I just beat you at your own blackmailing scheme."

    "You mean…?"

    "I mean the phone's been live since before you came in. The person at the other end has recorded everything we've said. While you were following me this morning, you might have noticed I went to see a lawyer… "

    He nodded, his expression glum.

    "Well, that lawyer had some interesting things to tell me. If your activities can be proved, you can be convicted of blackmail and fraud. The two charges together could put you behind bars for eight to thirteen years. It isn't that bad, though. You might be out in five with good behavior. You'll never get a detective's license again. All I have to do is turn the tapes over to the lawyer and take my chances with Joe."

    "You wouldn't do that."

    "No," she said, "I wouldn't do that on two conditions. One, you will continue giving Joe good reports on my behavior-no matter what I do. Two, you will never bother me or any other woman again-ever. Otherwise, I tell Joe everything I've done and everything you've done. He'll be outraged with me and hurt, but he'll get over it. Which is it going to be?"

    "Okay on both conditions."

    "Good. Now please get dressed as fast as you can and get the fuck out of here. I'm sick of looking at you-from any position."


    "The dinner's just great, Linda," Joe said when he'd finished the steak. "You're a terrific little cook."

    "Thanks, honey," Linda said, putting the little glass cups of dessert out. "I like to do things for you."

    She thought he was looking appreciatively at her ass as she wiggled it, strutting to the kitchen for the coffee.

    After dinner, she had his paper waiting for him beside the TV set, and his favorite show was about to begin. While Joe relaxed in front of the TV, she brought her purchases in from the car and concealed them in the apartment bedroom. The long packages she simply stood on edge against the inside wall of the closet. The little package fit in the nightstand. She found room for the larger package in the dresser.

    An hour later, she was back in the bedroom-while Joe was running the shower. She looked down past the hem of her black silky dress at her ankles and the way her matching high-heeled shoes made her calves look so trim.

    She opened the long packages from the closet and took out the mirrors. They were about three by six feet, but they were light and easy to handle. Joe always took a long time in the shower. There was plenty of time.

    Peeling the tape from four adhesive pads, she stuck the pads on the back of one mirror. Carefully holding the mirror straight, she stuck it on the wall at the side of the bed. When she tested the strength of the bond, the mirror wouldn't move.

    Quickly now, she prepared three other mirrors and stuck them to each of the other walls. Then she pulled out a chair and, slipping off her shoes, stood on it, reaching for the ceiling. With her small frame, she could just barely reach up to the, plasterboard.

    Finished, she climbed back down and admired her work while she slipped her shoes back on. The mirrors were all straight and clean. Quickly, she stuffed the wrapping material in the back of the closet and shut the door. She sauntered to the dresser and picked up a brush and worked on her gleaming blonde hair.

    When Joe came in. he was humming an old tune but he dropped the towel and whistled as he inhaled.

    "My God!" he exclaimed.

    Linda looked up from the bed where she was lying and smiled and said, "Like it, honey?"

    "My God!" he said again walking slowly through the room while he looked at the mirrors.

    He stopped at one place where he looked back at her through two mirrors. He stared at her body for a few seconds while her heart hammered away in her small chest. She felt her heart pound faster and harder, as though it would hammer its way out of her little chest.

    Then he turned to her and grinned.

    "I like it!"

    "I did it for you, honey. I'd have died if you hadn't liked it."

    Naked, he came to the bed and sat down just beyond her feet. He ran his hand over her ankle. She turned her leg slightly so he could run his hand up as far as he wanted.

    "I'd like to strip you down naked," he said.

    "I'd like to have you do it."

    "This time, do you mind if I get a little… well, more physical?"

    "I'd love it," she said.

    "When I have to turn you over, do you mind if I sort of hold your leg and… well, flip you right over?"

    She couldn't stop from wiggling her hips a little at the thought.

    "I'd love to have you do everything to me you like. I like it when you really handle my body."

    "It's a nice little body," he said.

    While she lay on her back, he held her by one ankle and ran his other hand up under her calf. stopping just under her knee. He bent her knee a little and started twisting gently.

    As the pressure on her leg increased, she made herself squeal a little, as though in delight, and rolled over on her stomach. He put a knee up on the bed and put his warm hand inside the back of her dress, drawing the zipper down to her hips. She shivered with delight when his lips brushed the back of her shoulders. He came back to her leg and bent her knee and twisted her over on her back.

    While she smiled up at him, he bent and kissed her lightly, took the silky material in his hands, and drew it off her shoulders and down off her arms, peeling it all the way to her waist.

    A shiver of pleasure ran through her body as he took her leg and again rolled her over on her stomach. He ran an arm under her waist, raised her ass a little, and pulled the dress down her legs and off her feet.

    He ran his warm hands up herstocking-clad legs and up over her panties as he pushed the slip up to her waist. Pulling her up from the bed with an arm under her waist, he worked the nylon garment up over her tits, pausing to squeeze them through the flimsy little bra.

    After rolling her over on her back once more, he straddled her waist and worked the slip up over her arms and head. It whispered as it fell to the floor.

    While holding her captive between his legs, he slipped his arms beneath her back and held her up a little while he felt for the hook in her bra. The material loosened and he drew it up off her arms, the cups sticking momentarily to her tits, then coming free.

    His hands were gentle while he squeezed her tits, but she felt her breath catch every time his fingers pinched the nipples. Her nipples tingled and ached while he worked the soft flesh with his hands.

    He released her tits and slid himself back, still straddling her body, his stiff cock lightly touching her belly as he moved. His cock traced the shape of her curves, back over her garter belt, down over her panties, down against the tops of her stockings.

    He slipped his hands inside the waistband of her panties and started rolling them down over her hips, rolling them into a garment smaller than a bikini. When they were down over her blonde cunt mound, he slipped a hand under her ass, then peeled them down to her legs. She raised her legs slightly to help him slip them down over her feet and off.

    She looked up at him intently while he worked with her garters, unsnapping them from her stocking tops. His eyes avoided looking at her cunt. There was nothing to do now but wait and see what happened.

    The garter belt slipped down over her ass, down over her legs, and fell to the floor. The feeling was delightful as he ran his strong hands back up her legs and then stopped, toying with the tops of her stockings. The soft flesh on the inner thighs tingled in ecstasy while he gently slipped her stockings down, rolling them awkwardly down past her knees. He paused to slip her shoes off and drop them, then he stripped the stockings the rest of the way off.

    She watched in the ceiling mirror while he positioned her legs, spreading them gently. She wanted to scream but she lay quietly, watching him avert his eyes form her cunt, his hands gentle on the soft, creamy flesh of her thighs.

    Without a word, he worked his fingers into her cunt-lips, separating the outer lips from the inner, making her tender cunt tingle while he massaged the slit. She lay back and rocked her hips with his motions.

    Then, looking up through half-closed eyes, she said, "Honey, would you do me favor?"

    "Sure, Linda, Anything."

    "Would you stop for just a minute and open the little package that's in the nightstand?"

    He squeezed her spread thighs and slid back off the bed and went to the stand. After ripping the brown paper apart, he held up the contents: a comb, a scissors, a razor.

    He looked at the contents again, then down at her cunt.

    "You mean… this is for… that?"

    "That's right, honey," she said. "I'd like for you to shave my cunt for me… please."

    "You know, that's exactly what I've wanted to do to you for a long time."

    A surge of relief went through her small body.

    "Then do it. Oh, honey, do it to me now!"

    She looked up at him as he got on the bed, took her knees in his hands, and spread her legs, his cock turning stiff while he worked. She looked up. In the overhead mirror, her knees were spread but her cunt was still closed..

    While she watched herself in the mirrors he, spread her legs still farther apart. He bent her thighs straight out to the sides and forced them down on the bed. Her mound came higher and her cunt opened a little.

    She looked at Joe. He was looking down intently into her cunt. She felt her clit start to pulse under his eyes.

    "Now we're going to get you naked," he said.

    "You idiot!" she exclaimed. "I am naked."

    "I mean really naked."

    He ran his hand down over her cunt-hair, then brushed it back gently. She felt her hips roll slightly with the movement. He reached over on the sheet and fumbled around with the implements there: comb, scissors, and razor.

    He passed his fingers down on her mound, making the soft hairs stand straight out. Her skin rippled a little under his touch.

    "Your cunt-hair's so fine, a razor would just mash it down. I'll have to use comb and scissors first, then the razor."

    With legs spread apart and down flat on the bed, she lay under his hands, watching him work. First he combed her coot-hair so it stood straight up. Then he slipped the comb into it and used the scissors to trim it down to the thickness of the comb.

    He went to the bathroom and ran water briefly. When he returned he had a steaming pan. He got soap, wash cloth, and a can of shaving cream from the dresser and then knelt again between her legs.

    She watched entranced as he washed the soft skin with soap and then sponged it away with hot water. He squirted a little of the shaving cream on his fingers and worked it into the remaining hair.

    The razor moved in short, gentle strokes, starting from the base of her thighs, going toward her pussy. With each stroke there was nothing but bare, pink skin left.

    Finally, there was nothing left except a little cream, right around the lips of her cunt. He slipped two fingers inside her and held the tender skin folds straight while he shaved right up to the edge of her cunt. He knee-walked around on the bed and straddled her shoulders and slipped two fingers back inside her. With his body above her she couldn't see the ceiling. She looked between her tits, down past her bare mound to the mirror on the wall. In slow, smooth strokes the razor shaved right up to the left edge of her cunt.

    All the way from her mound to her asshole, there was nothing but pale-pink skin. He took the moist side of the wash cloth, dipped it in hot water, and wiped away all traces of cream and then took the other side and patted her tender flesh dry.

    "Now that's what I call really naked," he said as he passed his fingers lightly over her mound.

    "Now I have no secrets," she said, smiling. "Do you like it?" He smiled while he squeezed the soft flesh together between his hands.

    "Like it? I love it."

    "It's all there for you."

    He smiled while he drew his hands back and just looked into the small slit of her pussy-lips, his expression longing.

    She arched her back and reached back under the bed for the little jar of body powder. She opened it, rubbed the powder puff in it briefly, and passed the puff lightly over her tits.

    "Help me put this on," she said. "I'll smell nice for you."

    Joe took the powder puff from her and passed it over her skin, following with his other hand, rubbing it in. She looked up at the mirror while she followed his movements. The skin on her tits trembled under his touch.

    He rubbed the sweet-smelling powder into her tits, her chest, her belly. He stopped, rubbed at her little mound, just above her cunt.

    Disappointed, she watched him move down to her feet and rub the powder on her, starting up her legs. He paused at the soft skin on the insides of her thighs and rubbed longer and harder. The tingling flesh came alive, again trembling under his touch.

    His rubbing grew harder as he reached the tops of her thighs. He paused and looked down at her cunt, then spread her legs wide apart. The powder puff tickled as it swept up the sides of her cunt, his hands hot as he massaged the tender skin.

    When she looked down at his cock it was rock hard and quivering with a drop of pre-cum starting to drip off. She would have to cool him off a little to help him last.

    "Why don't you open the package I put in the top dresser drawer?" she asked.

    "Okay," he said, getting up. "What's in it?"

    "My wardrobe."


    He tore the package open and spilled the contents out on the bed. There were a pair of red high-heeled shoes, a pair of arm-length open-mesh gloves with holes for the fingers, a pair of black open-mesh stockings, and a pair of red garters, the little kind that encircle the legs.

    "You undressed me," she said, "so it's only fair that you dress me again."

    While she lay there on her back, he took one glove and rolled the sleeve down near the end, slipped it over her hand with her fingers protruding and rolled it up on her arm. Then he did the same with the other one. He rolled one stocking down to its ankle and slipped it on her foot and then slowly rolled it up her calf, over the knee, and up her thigh. It stopped just four inches short of her crotch. When he'd put her other stocking on her, he slipped the little garters on near the tops of the stockings and snapped them around. The red shoes, when he'd slipped them on her feet, made a nice color contrast with her pale pink skin and the black stockings.

    "There's just one thing else," she said, fumbling with the wrapping on the bed beside her. "The last part of my ensemble."

    She held up two pendulous gold earrings.

    She asked, "Can you put them on me??

    “I'll try."

    She leaned her head against his side, letting her long hair spill over his cock, glancing at his discomfiture through the corners of her eyes while he struggled with the tiny fasteners. When she moved her head a little, he put his arm against her cheek, holding her head captive against his belly. It was a nice feeling to be held against him, being handled by him while his hard cock pushed against her neck.

    Finally, he closed the last fastener and said, "There, it's done and they look great on you."

    She sat up and looked in the mirror, admiring how the gold gleamed through her hair.

    She said, "Mind if I walk around the room a little and show myself off in the mirrors?"

    "I'd like to watch," he said.

    She sat up and then stood, swaying for a moment to get her balance on heels that were higher than she was used to. She walked slowly toward a mirror while she watched herself. Her hips swayed as she moved and her tiny waist bent from side to side. Her tits didn't flop up and down from the movement, instead they swayed from side to side. For the first time she noticed that her asscheeks didn't flop when she walked; the flesh was firm. She turned and strutted back toward the other mirror.

    The high-heeled shoes tipped her ankles and made her calves taper nicely. The gloves and the stockings framed the voluptuous curves of her body: the swell of her tits, the hollow of her slim waist, the flare of her hips, the swollen pink pubic mound. As she moved in slow steps, her shaved cunt-lips slipped back and forth past each other, each fold just barely moving across the other. She stopped in front of the mirror and looked closer. Her pussy was moist and quivered slightly. The sight of the movement made her cunt ache with longing.

    "I like myself," she told Joe. "I like myself and the way you made me look."

    "I like you too," Joe said.

    A drop fell from her cunt and then the lips twitched by themselves. They twitched again and again while she watched. They seemed to pulse inward, as though drawing something inside. She stepped back and the wet lips slipped past each other, aching as they moved.

    She spread her feet apart in front of the mirror and arched her back as she bent backward, still keeping her balance, the way she used to start a back flip. Her arms went up over her head and arched behind her as she bent herself backwards into a horseshoe and held her palms down on the floor.

    When she looked at the ceiling mirror above her, her naked cunt was swollen but the pink lips were closed. While she watched, the lips shuddered, then winked open then closed, winked open then closed. The aching inside her increased.

    Joe said, "I never knew you were that flexible."

    She found it hard to breath and talk in that position, but this was the first time he seemed this interested in her. She had to keep his attention.

    "I took gymnastics back when I was in junior high," she said. "That was ten years ago but I never lost the flexibility."

    "You're terrific," he said. "All of you." She smiled at the mirror and at him. "I'm glad you like me."

    She lowered her arched back to the floor, rolled over, and got up. Strutting over to the bed, she sat with her legs curled under her and looked frankly at Joe.

    He sat up and squeezed her shoulders and kissed her. When he drew back and looked at her, there was open adoration in his eyes, a look she had never seen in him before.

    "You got me so hot. We'd better get started before I come outside you," he said.

    She lay back and turned a little on the bed so her cunt was facing him when she spread her legs. He rose on his knees and reached out and worked his fingers past her outer cunt-lips, down through the tender, hot inner flesh. She felt tingling excitement while he gently massaged her cunt-lips, rubbing his fingers from the back of her cunt, all the way forward to where the inner lips met. Her hips made a gentle rocking motion as she undulated against his fingers.

    She asked, "How do you want to give it to me?"

    "I want to do it so I can see you," he said. "We never tried other ways before. How about me on my back with you on your back, lying on me?"

    "I think I'd like it that way. I want to watch too."

    She waited until he was lying on his back, legs together. Then she slid around on the bed until she was on her side with her ass up against him. She let him slide his arm under her hip and roll her up so she was lying on her back on top of him. While she scooted into position on him, she longed to relieve the aching in her cunt.

    Finally, she found her position and looked up at the mirror. The image looking back from the ceiling was of a little blonde-haired blue-eyed girl with a bare cunt but with a woman's tits, a woman's flaring hips, wearing cute gloves and stockings and high heels, lying on a big strong man.

    "Now I'll just let you make the movements," Joe said. His cock was rock-hard, lying in the crack of her ass. She squirmed up on his body and felt his prick pushing at her cunt.

    She took his cock in her hand and guided the hot cock-head up and down over her closed cunt-lips. Her slit remained closed, so she brought her knees straight out. Her pussy opened slightly.

    Once again, with his hot prick in her hand, she guided the head up and down over the lips. As it pushed its way in, her cunt swelled out around it. She gasped quietly at the brief pain as his cock-head pushed her cunt-lips open, then the pain went away. The aching inside her increased.

    She guided his cock a little farther in and then stopped, with his prick halfway inside. She could feel her swollen pussy pulse around the hot cock. With each aching contraction it seemed to pull his cock a little farther inside.

    Linda rolled her ass down and heard herself whimper when his cock-head touched her clit. With her ass on Joe's belly, she rocked her hips gently. At each stroke, his cock brushed the nub of her clit. She gasped each time it touched.

    She took his cock roughly and forced it back farther and rocked her hips down fully. His prick sank all the way in her cunt. She rocked her hips fully and watched the big cock slide in and out of her cunt.

    She would slowly roil her hips up and watch it slide out, then she'd roll back down and watch it force her lips out as it filled her.

    Joe's hands held her tits, kneading the firm flesh and. pinching the brown nipples. His.movements made an ache of desire that started in her tits and then spread down through her belly and into her twat.

    "Honey," she said, "reach in my cunt and work on the clit."

    "Okay," he said. "Let me set the pace so I don't come too soon."

    While she watched, he reached down over her bare mound and slipped a finger in her pussy, just above his cock, stretching the coot-flesh in the process. She held her hips down so his prick would stay in its nest. He pushed his finger past the skin-folds and into her cunt. The fingertip found the nub and she jerked and gasped. His cock almost came out with the movement.

    "Try to stay still," he said, "and I'll pump into you.?

    "I'll try," she said, "but I can't help wiggling some."

    She watched entranced as his finger slid in again. Her clit burned at his touch and her hips jerked a little. His cock jerked out, momentarily dislodged, then it thrust back in.

    He picked up the pace with his finger, faster and faster, while he stroked her slowly with his cock. As he went even faster, her hips gyrated wildly in short, jerky motions. A whimpering whine came from her throat every time he touched her clit.

    While her hips bounced with each touch, she turned her head. His mouth was waiting. When he thrust his tongue in her mouth, her lips closed on it and sucked hard. He tried to withdraw his tongue, but she wouldn't let it go. She drew it harder and harder into her mouth. Then he helped her and thrust it deeper and deeper until it touched her throat. She took it hungrily as it tingled against the sensitive sides of her throat.

    His finger was driving her mad, but she couldn't cry out while holding his tongue. Her clit turned hotter and hotter as his finger worked faster. He started driving his cock in her faster as well.

    Then she saw a blinding white light as she came. He stroked into her faster and harder and then he shot off as well, his hot jism shooting deep inside her.

    While she turned her head and watched in the mirror, her hips kept jerking and rocking, but slower and slower. His cock pumped slower as well.

    All motion ceased. She turned again and offered her lips. He kissed her gently. His free hand lightly caressed her tit.

    He took his finger from her cunt and his limp cock slid out as well. His hands were strong but gentle when they held her hips and lifted her off, setting her on the bed beside him. She lay back against him and nestled her head on his shoulder and turned and kissed his neck.

    She reached down and held his limp cock, working it in her fingers.

    "If I can get your cock hard again, are you ready to do it to me again?"

    "I'll do it to you as many times as you can help me get it up," he said.

    She slid a little away from him on the bed and then spun on her back as she spread her thighs. She relaxed her hips and watched her knees slowly settle down, her thighs out flat on the bed.

    "Pull me up to you, honey," she said.

    Joe knelt and grasped her hips and slowly pulled her on the sheet toward his shriveled cock. As she drew closer, she reached down and spread her cuntlips. She ran her fingers past the inner lips and held them open as he drew her and her coot onto the head of his cock.

    She ran her fingers into her cunt and felt the tender lips, drawn tight over his shriveled cock. While she watched, he drew his prick out until half the shrunken cock-head was exposed. She pulled her pussy open again and nudged her cunt back up over the head.

    "Honey, hold my outer coot-lips open for me," she said.

    Joe's fingers were delightful as they folded her hairless outer lips open and exposed the pink tender inner cunt-flesh, still clamped tight around his cock. While he held her open, he gently ran his fingers over the quivering hot flesh, making a tingling shiver run through her hips…

    While she watched entranced, her pussy started to pulse like a heart beat. The hot, tender inner lips pulsed and relaxed on the limp cock-head. With each pulse they pulled it inside. Before they could pulse again, she rocked her hips back, drawing his cock back where it had been.

    Her quivering cunt-lips rubbed his cock-head and it started to grow. The limp cock-shaft grew as well, bigger and longer. While she watched, his cock slowly grew as long and as hard as it had been before, the head still thrust halfway through her pussy-lips.

    "I think you're ready," she said. "Now how would you like to do it?"

    "How about a straight fuck?"

    "We'll do a straight fuck, but first you'll have to help me. Otherwise, I can't come the same time you do. Reach up in the front of my cunt and work on the clit. I'll just keep your hard-on alive while you do it."

    While she looked up in the mirror, he slipped his finger over the shaft of his cock and into her bare cunt. His finger sent tingling tremors through her pussy as it drove forward, just inside her cunt-lips. She tensed her hips in anticipation as his fingertips approached.

    "Oooh!" she screamed and her hips lunged up.

    When the white-hot pain subsided and her eyesight returned, she was settled back on the bed, his cock still in her cunt.

    "Linda, you okay?" His voice was concerned.

    "I'm fine," she said. "Do it again."

    Her hips heaved up with each touch, and it was just as he touched that her vision dimmed. She had never reacted this way before. It must be that their playing around had really gotten her aroused, or Joe had one hell of a finger.

    She found her breath coming with a whimper each time he touched her clit. Her cunt was turning hotter than ever before. If he continued, she would come without him. That wouldn't do. She grabbed his hand.

    "I'm ready now," she said. "Let's do it."

    Already in position, Joe started thrusting slowly into her cunt. She smoothly rolled her hips up so her naked cunt-mound nudged against his hairy groin. It tingled nicely as his big cock drove down deep inside her.

    When he started to withdraw, she shoved her hips up, following him up off the bed. She stopped when her ass was well off the sheet and then held still while he slipped his cock farther back, poised for the next drive.

    He slowly thrust down into her while she undulated her hips up to meet him in midair. When they withdrew from each other she swung her hips back down with a wave motion. She whined briefly each time his cock thrust in, making a stab of heat flash through her cunt.

    They nudged gently against each other, then swung slowly apart, their only bond being his hard cock, ringed tightly by her hot cunt. Whenever her hips rocked down, she felt his cock-head approach the edge of her cunt-lips. She would stop just before it withdrew and then undulate back up to meet his groin.

    Joe picked up the pace and she matched him in kind, her ass never dropping to the bed. Her whine changed to a choking whimper, a sound that broke each time they met.

    They slapped together when they met, and she drove back harder, matching his powerful thrusts. They moved together, faster and faster, harder and harder while his cock made hot pulses run through her cunt.

    She slammed back with all her strength when he smashed his groin down against her, the hot aching now spread through her hips. His smashing strokes slowed as he clenched his teeth and closed his eyes, hammering down on her cunt so hard that it jarred all the way back through her small body.

    Then she felt the aching heat burst within her as her cunt-juices flooded over his hard-driving cock. She held her coot up in place for him as he continued to pound deep into her, his breath coming in short gasps:

    Then he slammed into her and quivered in place while his jism spurted hot and deep into her cunt.

    When he stopped quivering and spurting into her, he reached out and grasped her by the soft flesh of her hips, and he slipped his thighs forward under her ass. She rested against him while she leaned back and closed her eyes and enjoyed the burn of his hot jism flooding through her cunt.

    His cock slipped out and hung, limp as a string. He spread his thighs and let her ass down to the bed while she kept her legs spread wide open. He reached down into her inner coot-lips and worked his fingers gently on her hot, throbbing flesh, rubbing the length of her cunt.

    She lay back and looked up into his face. It was nice to just look up at him and rock her hips gently while he manipulated her tender cunt, rocking and rubbing, rocking and rubbing. After a time, her hips became less demanding. They slowed and stopped. So did his fingers. He took her thighs in his hands and closed her legs.

    They lay together, her gloved arm over his shoulder, her softening tits pushed against his chest, her tired, shaved cunt pushed against his hairy groin, her stockinged legs pressed against his hairy thighs. Their breathing gradually slowed together. He kissed her.

    "Did I satisfy you, Linda?"

    "Yes! Oh, yes!"


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