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    Party Nympho

    Chapter 1

    Cass Porter sat at the table and read the letter from her older sister again. Then she handed it to her husband, Jack.

    "She makes no mention of why she is sending Jess here beyond the fact that she wants to be here in Los Angeles to get away from the company she is associating with in Omaha," she said.

    "I thought a teenaged girl would have found more of the company your sister wants her to have in Nebraska than in California," Jack said.

    "Well, we'll see," Cass said, going around to her husband and pouring him another cup of coffee. "It just means that our activities will be a bit restricted when she arrives the day after tomorrow."

    "Pity," Jack said. "It's just as well I arranged for the new PE teacher to come around tomorrow evening to meet you-" he blew gently down Cass's neck between her billowing tits as she bent to pour the coffee "-and to meet those."

    Cass thrust her tits forward proudly.

    "That's Guy Marriott. You say he's a real titman."

    "And ass," Jack said, stroking her ass, "and pussy."

    Cass grinned and parted her legs to let him play. "We were sitting together having a break the other day and he went through the whole female staff giving me his assessment of them by what he could see of their tits."

    "Well maybe he's got something to go between these," she suggested, holding her blouse aside and letting her husband see well down her cleavage.

    "There'd be no doubt about that. I reckon he'd be equipped like a bull."

    Guy Marriott didn't look anything like a bull. Cass decided when he arrived next evening. He had the physique one would expect of a physical education teacher-broad, muscular shoulders, slender body, strong limbs-and he was tall and good-looking.

    Cass took to him immediately.

    "I've heard so much about you from my husband," she said when they were seated on the lounge. "I believe I know you already!"

    "Same here," Guy said with a laugh, glancing over to where Jack was pouring drinks. "Your husband talks about you all the time, and from what I can see he has every reason to be proud."

    As Guy took his drink, he looked at Cass with a grin, his eyes resting on what he could see of her tits.

    "My husband tells me you are an expert tit man," Cass said.

    She gave Guy a slinky smile.

    "And thighs," Guy said, dropping his eyes to Cass's legs.

    "And tummies, and pussies," Jack put in.

    "In my job, one has to know all about anatomy," Guy said.

    Cass glanced down at his crotch. If what was hidden there was as good as the rest of him, Guy was quite a man.

    Jack had already told Guy that Cass was fond of cock. Already her pussy was simply flooding with fuck-juice.

    "I want to make a phone call in the other room," Jack said after a few minutes. "You two get to know each other! She's yours to try out if you both agree, Guy."

    "What an understanding husband you have," Guy said as he put his arm around Cass's neck and drew her to him.

    Cass looked into Guy's handsome face as he drew her near. Her lips were parted and moist, and Guy could smell the delicate exotic perfume she was wearing.

    He kissed her throat and kissed his way down to her tits. Then he drew her face to his and kissed her luscious, pouting lips.

    His tongue brushed the inside of her lips and her teeth. That first kiss lasted fully a minute. Cass's tits rose and fell with excitement. Guy withdrew for a moment and licked his lips.

    "That lipstick tastes very nice," he declared. "I must have more of it."

    He kissed her again and his tongue went deep into her mouth, stroking her tongue and darting around her teeth. His free hand caressed her neck and throat and his fingers probed her cleavage.

    Cass pushed her hand inside his shirtfront and rubbed his chest. They clung together, their close contact feeding their passions.

    "God, they feel beautiful," Guy said, pushing Cass's dress down, releasing her tits from her brief, black, lacy bra.

    Guy's eyes opened as he saw her tits balloon out with their full, dark-red areolas and ripe-strawberry nipples. In an instant he was down on one nipple, sucking it into his mouth and slobbering it with his spit. He went from one to the other, sucking, licking, nibbling, and slurping.

    Cass held his head against her and looked down at him.

    "My god, Jack said you were a tit man but I never thought anyone could treat tit-sucking as an art!" She giggled. "Be my baby, suck, suck, suck!"

    Her tits were throbbing with so much heat she did not feel Guy's hand moving up her thigh until with a shock she felt his fingers touching her cunt-lips. She parted her knees and she felt him sticking his fingers into her cunt.

    Then he withdrew his hand, his fingers covered in sweet fuck-honey. He ran his dripping fingers around each of her nipples until they were wet with cunt-juice and he bent down and sucked them hungrily.

    "I love the taste of cunt and tit," he murmured between sucks.

    Cass was lying with her head back and her eyes closed. She felt down his body to his cock and fumbled with his zipper.

    "Let me see your cock," she appealed.

    Guy disengaged himself and stood up. He unfastened his belt and let his trousers down, then he eased down his jockeys.

    "Oh ye gods!" Cass gasped as his cock sprang out.

    His cock looked enormous. Its purplish head and the thick blood vessel running up the length of it pulsated rhythmically as though it was eager for action.

    Jack, who had come back into the room, crossed to Cass.

    "Come on, darling," he said. "That's what you've been waiting to see."

    He held his hand out to her and helped her stand up. Then he peeled off her frock. Guy, in the meantime, was down on his knees peeling off her black bikini panties.

    Guy stood up and stuffed her panties into his mouth. He sucked avidly on the wet crotch.

    "Ummmm," he said as he tasted Cass's sweet fuck-juice. "I love the taste of lace panties all hot and wet just off a juicy cunt."

    Jack had his arm around Cass and let his hand fall to her ass-cheeks. He pushed his fingers into her ass-crack and urged her on.

    "Go for his cock, darling," he urged. "He'll love it."

    Cass dropped to her knees and put her hand around the massive shaft. She licked the throbbing head and tasted the juice oozing from the slit at the end of it.

    "It's so big and lovely!" she gasped.

    She put her hand under his balls and licked them greedily, then ran her tongue along the full length of his cockshaft to its sensitive head. His cock felt so hot, so silky smooth and so steel-hard that she put her cheek against it and nuzzled it, before again slobbering along the shaft with her tongue.

    Cass took a tit in her hand and pressed it against his balls, then she let the nipple tease the length of Guy's cock. She circled the head with it and pressed it into his piss-slot.

    "Christ, Cass my prick loves those tits of yours. I'd love to cum all over them."

    Although Guy had only been acquainted with Cass for an hour or so, she felt she knew him intimately. A man who would stand and let her play with his cock like this was her type.

    There was no embarrassment between them. She was quite willing to let him see and feel her cunt and he was just as willing to let her do what she liked with his cock and balls. A good long play with each other meant that when they got around to fucking they would both enjoy it to the fullest.

    Nor did either of them feel the slightest bit inhibited by Jack being there-indeed it added to the spiciness of the occasion. Jack had already given Guy the full details of Cass's sex life and her likes and dislikes.

    Now here she was making love to his cock and obviously looking forward to feeling it right up her fuck-hole.

    Jack sat on the lounge watching the action, his own cock as hard as it had ever been. He had often seen Cass in action with other men, but tonight she was really turning on the sex.

    Her hand was busy running under Guy's body to his asshole while she held his cock around the base with her other hand. She flicked her tongue over the head, then she opened her mouth wide and sank her head on to it.

    It wasn't easy. Although she opened as widely as she could, she could not help scraping her teeth along as it went into her mouth.

    "That's it, honey," her husband encouraged. "Let Guy see what a great cock-sucker you are."

    It did not worry Guy that Cass's teeth were scraping his prick as she bobbed her head up and down on it. She tried to flick her tongue around it, but it was so big she had difficulty in moving her tongue around its bulk.

    It was now going well down her throat as Guy fucked it in and out of her mouth, and Cass was breathing noisily through her nose as she took in and exhaled great gulps of air. She sucked her cheeks in to increase the pressure on Guy's cock.

    "Oh my god, she's marvelous!" Guy gasped. "I've never had my cock so far into a girl's mouth before!"

    "She's waiting for you to cum down her throat," Jack said.

    Cass continued to gobble his cock hungrily, grunting her agreement with what Jack had said. Guy put his hand on the back of her head and combed through her silky hair with his fingers.

    His bloated cock was touching the back of her throat and the sensation of her throat muscles gripping it sent a shock through his body. Saliva was running down Cass's chin as Guy's cock-head touched the soft tissue of her throat.

    "I love watching my wife suck cock," Jack said excitedly.

    "Christ, I'm going to come!" Guy yelled. "I want to come down your throat."

    Cass nodded her head as best she could and gave a series of deep, throaty grunts.

    "She wants it, Guy! Squirt it right down her throat!" Jack encouraged. "It's like the nectar of the gods to her."

    Cass nodded her head and grunted in agreement. A moment later Guy's cock swelled in her mouth and great globs of creamy cum spurted deep into her mouth. She pulled her head back and let her tongue sweep over his cock-head. Cum and saliva trickling down her chin, but she kept sucking.

    Guy stood jerking convulsively as spurt after spurt shot into Cass's mouth. Both men could hear her gulping loudly as she swallowed the creamy sperm.

    When the last drops had trickled out, she withdrew her head and wiped the back of her hand across her chin.

    "How long is it since you've had a good spunk?" she asked. "It felt as if you hadn't had a fuck, or a good jerk-off for a month!"

    "I like to satisfy," Guy said, "but I did have a good jerk-off thinking about your cunt last night. By god, Cass that was some suck-off. I felt as though my cock was so far in it was going to come out your ass!"

    Jack threw a cushion on the floor.

    "Here, Cass, lie down and have a breather."

    Guy got down beside her and kissed her, running his hands over her tits and down to her cunt. Cass held his wet cock and was delighted to feel it had lost none of its bone.

    "You've got a lovely juicy cunt. I want to eat it. Hop up on the couch. I can get at your cunt easier then."

    Jack arranged the cushions at Cass's back and she sat on the couch with her legs spread wide. Jack put his arm around her neck and kissed her as Guy knelt between her legs and studied her cunt. Guy parted the thick, swollen cunt-lips and stroked the edges of the soft pink inner lips with his fingertips.

    "You've put that nice lipstick on them," he said.

    Cass giggled.

    "I thought you'd like the taste of it and you did when you kissed me. Now you can have more of it."

    Cass's whole cunt, flaming-red, glistened with fuck-juice. Guy pressed his lips against her inner cunt-lips and sucked. Cass heaved a heavy sigh and her husband held her tightly and kissed her hard. Guy was tonguing her clit, teasing the shy little organ with flutters and flicks.

    "Aaaah that's beautiful," Cass murmured. "I could go on all night with you doing that!"

    Jack had got down to sucking one of her tits and great waves of passion swept over her.

    "Oh Christ, Guy, what are you doing to me!" she squealed as Guy took a great mouthful of cuntlips between his teeth and gently began to chew.

    He sucked and chewed and licked until the whole of Cass's crotch was absolutely drenched in saliva and cunt-juice.

    "Oh, Guy! Oh, Guy!" she gasped. "Stop it, I can't stand it!"

    But Guy knew if he stopped, she would be feeling badly let down. He kept gnawing at her cunt until she began to yell:

    "I want a fuck, I want a fuck!"

    Guy stood up and helped her out of the lounge. She threw her arms around him and kissed him.

    "Fuck me, lover, fuck the ass off me with that big cock!"

    Her eyes were glazed and her mouth slack when Guy looked at her lust-distorted face.

    "Get down on the carpet and I'll fuck you until tomorrow."

    Cass spread out on the floor and held her arms up to him. When he descended on her, she grabbed his prick and rubbed its head against her cunt-lips. The heat of her cunt against his cock-head made him take a deep breath.

    "Shove it up me, darling!" she urged. "I want it all the way up my fucking cunt!"

    "Give her the full length," her husband urged as he watched Guy's prick slide into his wife.

    A couple of pokes and Cass felt Guy's balls against her ass.

    "Oh god, that's what I want… cock… cock, right up my cunt!"

    Jack, sitting on the lounge watching them, urged Guy on.

    "Ride her, Guy, ride her into the ground!"

    Jack had his own cock out and was rubbing the full length of it vigorously.

    Guy was now pistoning into Cass with long, regular strokes. She had wound her arms and legs around him and was moving in concert with him as he plunged into her. She could feel the head of his cock high up her fuck-tunnel.

    "Fuck it for all you're worth!" she urged. "I need cock!"

    As he drove his prick in, she relaxed and let it slide all the way up her fuck-hole, then when he withdrew, she tightened around him, contracting her cunt muscles to hold him back. As she increased the tautness of her cunt, she clasped her legs around his waist more grimly. This made him lift her ass off the floor, clinging to his cock.

    "I want to milk you," she said. "I want to milk every drop of cum you've got in your balls!"

    Her ass went thump, thump, thump on the carpet in time with Guy's fucking and his cock made a sucking noise as it went in and out of her cunt. There were other fuck sounds, too… Cass's moans and occasional yells, and Guy's heavy breathing and grunts of satisfaction.

    Guy smashed into her cunt relentlessly. Cass could feel his prick stretching her fuck-channel and jabbing at its upper limits. He was holding her firmly around the shoulders and his chest was hard against her tits.

    She wriggled under him to let his hairy chest stimulate her nipples and yelled with glee as new sensations overtook her.

    "Oh god, I love being fucked like this! Get your balls into my hot cunt too, you bastard! Can't you fuck a girl's cunt harder than that? I want cock, more cock, more cock! Cock, cunt, fuck, fuck!" Cass yelled deliriously.

    Jack laughed at Cass's outburst and Guy belted his cock up her with renewed vigor.

    "You want cock, you hungry bitch, so here it is!" Her string of dirty words had excited him and he crashed at her cunt with all his strength.

    "Yesssss, yessss!" Cass yelled.

    She was humping her cunt at him harder with every thrust of his steel-like prick. Her cunt sucked and kneaded his cock-meat with all her skill.

    Guy thrust deep into her pussy and began short, battering jabs as he felt his balls respond and prepare to explode.

    Cass stiffened under him and beat a tattoo on his back with her heels while she dug her fingernails into his shoulders.

    "Ooooh, ooooh," she whimpered as the first jet of spunk flooded her cunt.

    Jet after jet smashed against the walls of her fucktunnel as Guy kept up his frantic poking. Every thrust he made produced a squirt of cum.

    She ground her clit against his shaft to extract every second of pleasure she could get from his fucking.

    Finally the last drops dribbled out and he became still. Cass dropped her legs and arms to the carpet and went limp. Her eyes were dosed and her chest heaved as she waited to recover from the tremendous effort she had put into the fuck.

    Guy lay beside her and stroked her body with his fingertips and kissed her. When she opened her eyes she smiled at him.

    "That, sir, was a real fuck," she said.

    "Your husband told me you were a great fuck, but I didn't think you'd be that good. I wanted to fuck you the first time I saw you."

    "Where did you see me?" Cass asked, puzzled. "There's a picture in the staffroom of a farewell party for a previous headmaster and you're very prominent in that."

    "I remember the night that was taken," said Jack, who had thrown off his clothes and was kneeling between Cass's knees. "Your hair was all tousled because you'd been outside with a couple of senior boys. I never did find out whether they'd fucked you."

    "I told you," she said with an enigmatic smile, "I don't remember."

    Jack got down on her and plunged into her squelchy cunt. Guy lay on the floor beside them watching Cass suck in more cock.

    He had not watched a man fucking his wife before and was surprised at Cass's fiery response to a cock that had been up her cunt many, many hundreds of times.

    Cass seemed to be just as energetic in her fuck with her husband as she had been with Guy. Guy marveled at the way she kept driving her cunt on to Jack's cock.

    "Get your fucking balls into me, Jack!" she urged. "Wheeee, that feels good! Fuck the ass off me, I need it!"

    Jack grabbed her writhing hips and rammed his prick into her pulsating-cunt, grunting with satisfaction at her fiery response.

    Guy maneuvered himself around to get a good close up of Jack's cock plunging into his wife.

    He saw Jack give a few compulsive jerks, and a moment later white cum began to trickle from Cass's cunt on to his balls.

    When Jack finally pulled his cock out, Cass lay panting with her legs wide open. Her whole crotch and ass were smeared with fuck-juice.

    "My god, you look well lucked," Guy said, and stooped and kissed her.

    "Not as well fucked as I'm going to be," she said with a glint in her eyes.

    She grabbed Guy's cock which had been in full erection for some time.

    "Come on, turn around and I'll give you a doggie."

    "She'll love that," Jack said, who had recovered his breath. "I often see her looking at the German shepherd from over the road with a hungry look in her eyes."

    Cass lashed out and gave her husband a thump before positioning herself on her hands and knees and presenting her cunt to Guy.

    "What a lovely sight," Guy said, looking at her wet, slimy cunt.

    He bent down and kissed it, slurping up some of the juice.

    Then he positioned himself behind her and held his cock against her open cunt-lips.

    "Ooooow, Guy, put it up!" Cass pleaded.

    With a sudden surge, he sank the whole length up her.

    "Oh god, I can feel it right up my cunt. It's wonderful!"

    Guy began a slow in-and-out motion, withdrawing until he could see his cock-head at the entrance to her body, then shoving it in hard till his balls smashed against her. Fucking this way, he could see his cock attacking her cunt. As he pulled back each time, he could see almost the whole length of it glistening with cunt-juice and cum even in the dim light.

    "Grab my tits, and keep fucking me!" Cass urged.

    "My god, you're a glutton for cock!" Guy gulped, leaning forward and putting his arms around her so that he could take a tit in each hand.

    He kneaded her tits and gently pinched her nipples while he kept up a steady pistoning of her cunt.

    "Fuck me hard!" Cass spluttered, banging her forehead on the floor. "Oh Christ, Jack where did you find this big hot cock?"

    Jack, lying on the floor watching his wife being well fucked, gave a short laugh.

    "I'm glad you like it," Jack said. "That's it, Guy, crawl right up her hot cunt!"

    Cass pushed her ass back to meet every thrust Guy made.

    "Come on, lover!" Cass pleaded. "Make me cum. I want to cum."

    Her lively thrusting and muffled pleas sent Guy wild. He grasped her tits hard and bashed his cock into her furiously.

    "Yessss, yesssss!" she screamed. "Fuck, fuck, fuckfuckfuck!"

    Guy couldn't hold on.

    "Here we go!" he yelled, shortening his strokes and speeding up his rhythm.

    "That's it, that's it, oh god, that's lovely!" Guy kept driving at her cunt until she suddenly went tense.

    "Ooooow! Oooow, oh Jesus!" Cass yelled.

    For what seemed an age, her boiling cunt gripped his cock with spasmodic contractions, then she went limp.

    As they lay together kissing and stroking each other, Jack said: "My girl doesn't hold back, does she?"

    "This was the ultimate," Guy asserted. "I've never had a fuck like that before."

    "Well, it will have to do for an indefinite time. I am afraid fucking at home here is out for a while. I have a teenaged niece arriving from Omaha to stay tomorrow."

    "Good lord, what's she coming here for?"

    "That, we don't know, but her mother, my sister, is sending her to get her away from some friends in Omaha."

    Guy nodded his head knowingly.

    "Aha," he said. "I bet she's been fucking and her mother didn't like it. Well, if she's as good as her aunt she'll be in world class."

    Chapter 2

    The next morning, Cass went to the airport to meet her niece. When she saw Jess walking toward her, she gave a sharp intake of her breath and muttered: "Oh my god."

    Jess was absolutely gorgeous in a flamboyant sort of way. She wore a mini-skirt well above her knees and had long, shapely legs. Jess bad a perfect figure with superb tits that were clearly trying to bounce out of her low-cut dress. Long fair hair fell down to her waist. Oh brother, Cass thought to herself, another blonde cock-destroyer!

    "Hello, Aunt Cass," Jess said confidently. "Long time no see."

    "Yes, Jess, it's six years since you and your mother came over for a holiday. My word, you've grown up."

    Driving from the airport, Cass was keen to know why her sister had sent Jess to Los Angeles.

    "Well, Aunt Cass… "Jess began.

    "You can drop the aunt business. You're not a child now."

    "Good. Well, Cass, Mummy caught me with my boy friend and sent me out here away from my friends as a punishment."

    "But you're old enough to have a boy friend."

    "She didn't object to that, it's what we were doing!"

    Cass raised her eyebrows and glanced quickly at Jess.

    "And what was that?" she asked innocently.

    "Fucking," Jess said briefly.

    Cass gulped and concentrated on the road ahead. Young Jess had certainly grown up since she had last seen her.

    "Well I suppose most young girls your age with boy friends do that sort of thing these days."' "Mummy blew her top because Tom-that's my boyfriend-had brought around a couple of buddies."

    "Oh, I see," Cass said, nodding her head. "So Nell was upset because you let the other two guys watch you?"

    "They weren't watching, Cass, they were fucking me too!"

    Cass's mouth fell open and she gripped the steering wheel hard. Jess looked at her closely and giggled.

    "All three at once?" Cass gasped.

    "Yes," Jess said proudly. "The three of them were fucking me-it was great. There was cum everywhere!"

    Cass remained silent as she drove through the traffic. The image of three young men poking at a beautiful young body like Jess's and spurting thick, creamy cum up her and over her made Cass's pussy moist. She had been fucking since she was young, but she had never had three cocks at once.

    Maybe, she thought to herself, it would be fun to try. She obviously could learn from Jess. She would ask her husband about it and he would be sure to approve and would probably arrange the three cocks for her!

    When they were home at Cass's place, Jess said she would love a shower.

    "Go ahead, there's one off your room, as you should remember from your visit here as a child. I'll bring you up some towels."

    Jess went off to her bedroom to undress and while Cass was getting towels the phone rang. It was Cass's husband Jack.

    "Meet your niece okay?" he asked. "I suppose she's, quite grown up now!"

    "Oh, Jack you'd better make sure the zipper on your trousers is firmly held up when you see her. I think half the guys at the airport who saw her had to rush to the men's room to jerk off."

    "Like that, eh? Well, well. Maybe it mightn't be so restrictive having her over as we thought it might. Why did Nell send her over?"

    "Because she caught three young guys fucking her."

    "Christ, I think I'd better fake a headache and come home right away. I've got a hard-on just hearing about her."

    "Now you just quiet down. I've got to take some towels up to her. She's in the shower."

    When Cass went to the bedroom Jess was standing waiting.

    "Sorry," Cass said. "I had to answer the phone." She stood and looked at Jess's naked body and gasped. The girl had flawless, creamy skin, slender shoulders, wide hips and shapely thighs. But it was her tits that caught Cass's eye. They were fairly widely separated and firm and pointed. Deep red areolas were tipped with large cherry nipples.

    Cass rubbed the towel over Jess and dried her back and front.

    "By god, Jess, you've got beautiful tits. No wonder those guys couldn't wait to get into you!"

    Jess laughed and her tits jiggled provocatively.

    "Mummy made me wear a tight bra coming over here because she said my tits were too much of a temptation for lecherous men. I took the bra off in the plane and put on one that showed off what I've got better. There was a very handsome guy sitting next to me and I could see him getting hornier and hornier. I was almost tempted to stroke his prick for him!"

    Cass fingered Jess's nipples.

    "Some girls don't realize what power these have over men sometimes," Cass acknowledged.

    "Ooooh, Cass you've got a lovely touch. That sends ripples through my body."

    Jess put her hand under one of Cass's tits and stroked it.

    "You've got beautiful tits, too. Let me see them." Cass hesitated for a second, then peeled her dress off her shoulders and unfastened her bra. Her lovely tits billowed out and her hard nipples shot out as if on a spring. Jess bent down and teased one of Cass's nipples with her tongue.

    "That's what the guys do to me. It sends tingles down my spine," Jess said. "These are so lovely and hard."

    Cass stroked her head for a moment. Jess obviously was a girl who would not be shocked easily and she decided to encourage her a little.

    "They were well sucked last night by a guy."

    "Oooooh, Cass, that sounds wild. Did you go out with him?"

    "No, Jack brought him home and we had a bit of fun."

    "My god, that sounds out of this world," Jess said excitedly.

    "Have you ever made it with a woman?" Cass asked.

    "No, but I've thought of it. I had a girl friend once who told me she had and she loved it."

    "Well, with tits like these, and a beautiful cunt like this you'd enjoy it." She put her hand down and slipped it between Jess's legs.

    Jess put her arms around Cass's neck and kissed her.

    "I want you to teach me to make love, Cass," she whispered. "I'm just aching for it."

    "Lie on the bed, darling," Cass murmured as she began to throw off her clothes.

    They stood together and kissed, their tongues caressing each other and each exploring the other's mouth. They rubbed their tits against each other and their pussy-mounds ground together. Cass ran her hand up and down Jess's back and pulled her closer. She grasped her ass-cheeks and twisted and turned as their cunt-mounds became more and more heated.

    "Get across the bed so I can see your lovely pussy," Cass urged.

    Jess stretched out across the bed with her legs dangling over the side. She parted her knees and Cass stood for a moment and admired her. Although she was lying down, Jess's firm tits were standing up rigidly, pointing at the ceiling.

    Cass knelt on the floor between Jess's legs and closely studied her sweet young cunt. Jess's cuntmound was covered with soft, curly golden hair. Her cunt-lips were swollen and pouting provocatively. Clear, fragrant honeydew glistened along the edges of Jess's cunt-lips.

    Cass maneuvered herself around and held Jess's cunt-lips open while she pressed her nipple against the prick flesh. The heat sent a thrill through her. She swept Up and down the girl's cunt-gash with her hard, pointed nipple.

    "Ooooh, that feels lovely," Jess said, looking down at the tit caressing her cunt.

    Cass did the same with the other tit until they were both smeared with Jess's cunt-juice.

    "All I need now is a man to come and suck my tits," Cass declared. "They'd taste great."

    "And he could have his cock in my cunt," Jess gasped.

    "Yes, darling. It's a beautiful cunt. I'm sure we have lots of men friends who would love to put their pricks into it."

    "I just love being fucked and fucked. Would Uncle Jack fuck me?"

    A wave of heat passed through Cass's body.

    "Of course Jack will fuck you, and I'm sure he has some friends who would like to fuck you, too."

    "I love lots of cock and spunk. Oh, Cass, I'm glad I came over here! I know I'm just going to get lots and lots of cock… big cocks, little cocks, long cocks, short cocks, thin cocks, fat cocks…"

    "We'll try and see what we can do for you and I'm sure you'll give any guys we get for you a good fuck. But you'll have to see your uncle gets plenty."

    "I will, Cass… he can fuck me whenever he wants to. I wish he was here now!"

    "I'll do what I can to quiet this urge, you've got."

    When Cass put her lips near Jess's cunt, she could feel the heat from it and sense the heavenly womanly cunt smell.

    The talk about fucking plans had stimulated Jess's fuck-juice and it gushed from her cunt-lips and ran over her ass-cheeks.

    Cass gently parted the outer cunt-lips and peered at the soft inner lips, wet and slightly open.

    She pressed her mouth against Jess's cunt and kissed it, letting the pouting outer lips close around her lips.

    "Put your legs over my shoulders, darling, so I can enjoy this beautiful cunt," she said softly.

    When Jess had settled down comfortably, Cass began to tease her cunt with light, fluttering strokes of her tongue. She began at the bottom of Jess's slit and worked her tongue up to her hairy mound with a light, exciting touch.

    Then, when Jess's fuck-juice was flowing freely, she buried her mouth into the girl's cunt and sucked it up.

    Jess had never experienced anything like this, and she lay clutching her lovely tits and bashing her head from side to side.

    "Aw gee, Cass, that's heaven! I want to cum. I never thought it could be so wonderful!" she cried.

    "I'd love to watch a big cock going in and out this cunt," said Cass. "You'll let me watch you when you have a fuck, won't you?"

    "Ooooh, yes, and I want to watch you and Jack fucking, too. And I want to watch you fucking with other guys."

    Cass kept sucking her cunt greedily, then slipped her tongue deep in between the inner lips and flicked it from side to side. The smooth flesh of the entrance to Jess's fuck-tunnel was pulsating with excitement.

    "That's heaven! Keep doing that!" Jess cried out and arched her back.

    She thrust her groin at Cass's mouth and clamped her thighs against Cass's neck so tightly that Cass had to pull back and take several deep breaths.

    "Don't strangle me, honey," she said.

    "Oh, Cass, it's so beautiful I could go on forever!"

    "I haven't even started the best part yet," she told Jess. "I'm going to make you cum, but don't fasten your legs around me too tightly or I won't be able to breathe."

    Cass flattened her tongue and licked Jess's slit from her asshole to her cunt-mound in broad, tingling strokes, slurping up fuck-juice as she went along. Then she pointed her tongue and pushed it into Jess's slit.

    "Oh, Cass, deeper, deeper, put it farther in!"

    Cass stopped for a moment and giggled.

    "I can't go any farther in, darling. My tongue's not as long as a cock, you know."

    "It's lovely, Cass. I've never had this before."

    Cass fluttered her tongue from side to side inside Jess's slit until she reached her clit.

    She took a deep breath of surprise as her tongue slid along the sensitive, throbbing clit. It was standing up under its little hood like a miniature prick.

    No wonder Jess was so responsive to sex stimulation. A girl with a clit so distended and mature would need three cocks to really satisfy her.

    She could take fuck after fuck and still want more. What is wrong with her sister Nell expecting a girl with a cunt and a clit like Jess's to deny her sex drive! Surely, Nell, with her sex experience, knew what a hot cunt Jess had! Maybe that was why she had sent Jess over to Cass, knowing she would teach her about sex. Nell knew that Cass was a really hot fuck and that Cass had lots of men fucking her.

    Cass stroked the clit from its base to its tip and felt an immediate response from Jess. The girl began to cry out loudly and to squirm about on the bed so that Cass had difficulty in keeping her tongue stroking the clit. She reached her arms up and her hands pressed the girl's hips to the bed as hard as she could to restrain her.

    She sucked the little clit into her mouth and let her tongue dart around its head, then she took it between her teeth and raked them gently along its length.

    She had lightly teased the head of Jess's clit with her teeth a few times when Jess gave a sudden yell and arched her back.

    Her body lashed up and down on the bed and her cunt muscles contracted, trying to trap Cass's mobile tongue.

    "Oh god, what's happening, I'm going to die!" she yelled.

    Her cunt explosion came with a shattering convulsion. Thick, buttery cream began to pour from her fuck-channel as she orgasmed and Cass lapped it up eagerly. Presently Jess collapsed back on to the bed, and her legs, which had been clutching Cass's head firmly, suddenly went limp. Jess lay whimpering while Cass disentangled herself and climbed on to the bed beside her.

    She stroked Jess's sweaty brow and kissed her cheek.

    "Did you like that, darling?" she asked.

    "Oh, Cass that was the most wonderful feeling I have ever, had. I felt as if I was floating up to heaven. Could I do that to you?"

    "I don't think you could, but in time you'll be able to."

    She bent down and took one of Jess's nipples into her mouth and sucked.

    Jess held Cass's head against her tit and smiled down at her. Cass opened her mouth wide and sucked in a great mouthful of tit. She put her hand down between her own legs and pressed it against her throbbing cunt.

    "Come on," Jess said. "I want to suck your cunt."

    She pushed Cass back on to the bed and got down on to the floor. She opened Cass's cunt-lips.

    "You're so juicy," she said. "You're as wet as if you'd been fucked."

    "I wish I had been," Cass lamented.

    Jess pressed her mouth against Cass's cunt and slurped some of the juice.

    "Ooooow, it tastes lovely," she said. "It doesn't taste like men's cum. It's… I don't know."

    She settled down to licking Cass's cunt, fluttering her tongue about as she had felt Cass doing.

    Cass lay back and rubbed her hands up and down her body. She would teach Jess to suck her cunt the way she had sucked hers, and maybe one day Jess would be able to make her cum, too. The thought roused her excitement and she lay back and enjoyed the feeling of Jess's licking, and the sound of her happily slurping up cunt-juice.

    Cass suddenly pushed her cunt at Jess's face.

    "I'm ready, I'm ready!" she yelled, and Jess sucked her cunt hard.

    Then Cass lay back on the bed with a heavy sigh. It was not the first time in her sex life she had faked an orgasm, but she was keen to encourage Jess so that she could teach her the finer points about bringing a woman to orgasm with her tongue. If Jess thought she had orgasmed, she would be keen to try again and Cass was keen to encourage her.

    They lay together on the bed kissing and nuzzling each other.

    "God, Cass, that was the most wonderful fuck I've ever had," Jess whispered.

    "Tell me about your boy friend and the others Nell caught you with," Cass said. Jess giggled and shook her head.

    "It was fabulous, Cass, but only a bit of fun. I can't understand why Mommy got so mad."

    "I suppose she just got a shock."

    "I expect that was it. Well one night when my boy friend Tom was fucking me he said his two friends, Lance and Harry, wanted to fuck me too. I thought it might be fun so they all came over one afternoon when Mommy said she would be playing bridge all afternoon. But she came in and caught us!"

    "How were you taking three on?"

    "Well I was on the bed lying with my legs over the end like I was when you sucked me just now. Lance was standing at the end of the bed with his cock in my cunt. Tom was astride me rubbing his cock between my titties and I was holding them around him, and Harry was standing beside the bed with his cock in my mouth and I was sucking him."

    "My, my, quite a girl, aren't you?"

    Jess giggled again as she recalled the wild afternoon.

    "The worst part was Tom had just let his cum go all over my tits and body, and Harry had squirted his into my mouth and over my face when Mommy walked in!"

    "You can't blame your mother for being surprised and mad, can you?"

    "I suppose not, but I was quite happy when she sent me to Los Angeles. I've just about finished with Tom anyway. I think there's a lot to learn about fucking and I take it seriously. You've taught me a lot this afternoon. Did you really mean Uncle Jack would want to fuck me?"

    "I think he will."

    Cass looked thoughtful for a few moments.

    "I'll let you into a secret, Jess, but it must be a secret."

    "Cross my heart, Cass. I'd never breathe a word to another soul."

    Cass kissed her warmly.

    "I'm sure you won't. Well Jack and I are swingers."

    "You mean you swap with other couples?"

    Cass nodded.

    Jess sat up and clapped her hands. "Goodie, I've heard the girls at school talking about that!"

    "Well, swinging is very exciting. I like being fucked by other men. It gets boring with the same man all the time. So Jack sometimes brings other men home to fuck me."

    "What does he do?"

    Cass shrugged her shoulders and laughed.

    "He likes to watch them fuck me and sometimes joins in."

    "I'd love to watch, too. When will you be doing it again?"

    Cass thought for a moment.

    "There's a PE teacher at Jack's school. He's the only one who came around and sucked my tits last night. He also fucked me! He was fabulous. Jack's going to bring him home again."

    "And will you be ready to fuck with him again?"

    "Oooow, yes! He's got a lovely cock."

    Jess stroked Cass's tits for a few moments.

    "I hope he comes over soon. I hope I can watch you," Jess said enthusiastically. "Perhaps he might want to fuck me, too."

    "We'll see, Jess, but the secret is not to rush things too much. That sometimes puts men off."

    "Do you have a dildo, Cass?"

    "Well, I have one or two and some vibrators, but I won't show them to you yet. They're not really satisfactory, you know. There's nothing like a good hard cock! Now we'd better dean up. Jack will be home soon."

    Chapter 3

    Jack Porter was no less surprised than his wife had been when he came home and saw Jess.

    "By god, girl, you've grown up. Got a kiss for your Uncle Jack," he said, offering her his cheek.

    Cass burst out laughing.

    "Jack we're way past that stage. First of all, we've decided Jess is too grown up for this uncle and aunt business. And then I think she's too mature for kisses on the cheek. The girl wants a decent, adult kiss. After all, a girl who has been fucked by three guys at once is past the kiss on the cheek stage."

    Jess blushed as Jack looked at her in surprise.

    "Three at once, eh?"

    Jack put his arms around Jess's waist and drew her close. He gave her a long, French kiss that lasted a full minute. His tongue invaded her mouth and gently stroked hers and then as he got bolder it swept around her lips and teeth. Their bodies came closer and Jack could feel her firm little tits and the exciting pressure of her cunt-mound.

    "Whee, that was some welcome!" Jess laughed as the kiss ended. "Now I really feel I'm in Los Angeles."

    "I bet you have given Jack a hard-on," Cass said. "He always gets horny when there are young girls about."

    "There isn't a man alive who wouldn't get horny with a kiss like that," Jack said.

    Cass held her hand out to him.

    "Well, come along upstairs and have a cold shower before dinner. That'll put your cock down," Cass suggested.

    Upstairs Cass put her hand down to Jack's cock and gave it a squeeze.

    "Isn't she something, darling?" she asked.

    "By god she is! And it looks as though we can have our normal friends in."

    "Sure can, and I'm dying to see what Guy Marriot will do to that gorgeous pussy of hers!"

    "Gorgeous, is it? Then you've already tasted it!"

    "Tell you about it tonight," Cass said, leaving her husband to shower.

    At dinner that evening, the talk was mainly of family affairs. Jess was sure her uncle and aunt would want to know all about her fucking experience, but no further mention was made about the three guys who had been aboard her.

    "I hope you won't mind, Jess, but I am going to Beverly Hills to lunch tomorrow with some girl friends," Cass said. "I made the arrangement some time ago. I hate to leave you alone when you've just arrived."

    "No trouble, Cass," Jess assured her. "I'll probably go for a wander around the district to see how much it's changed in the six years since I was here."

    In bed that night Jess thought about the pleasure Cass had given her after her shower when she arrived at the house, and wondered why Jack had not flirted with her after that hot kiss he had given her when be arrived home. It almost appeared to Jess that Cass had talked to him in the bedroom and warned him off.

    Had Cass resented Jack's kiss with Jess? It had certainly made Jess's cunt throb. Nevertheless, it appeared as though this was a house where there would be lots of fucking even if some of it involved only women. Great! The thought of it made her pussy hot and she pressed her hand against it to quiet it.

    She wouldn't be able to bring herself to a wonderful orgasm like Cass had given her that afternoon, but she would be able to soothe her cunt and tits and make her feel drowsy and ready to fall asleep.


    Soon after Cass had left to go to Beverly Hills the next morning Jess had a ring from Jack.

    "Jess, the TV in our bedroom is giving a bit of trouble. I've rung a repair company and they'll send someone out straight after lunch. Will you be able to look after him."

    "Jack, you know I will… I'll be very good to him," she said in a saucy voice.

    The TV repairman arrived soon after lunch.

    "Come up to the bedroom," Jess said, leading the way.

    "Darling, I hardly know you," said the man.

    "Cheeky bugger," Jess said. "What's your name?"

    "Call me Dave."

    "I'm Jess."

    As the man started to check the TV, Jess sat on the bed and talked to him. His movements as he bent over the TV excited her and she was tempted to put her hand on his slim ass as he bent down. His trousers were tight and the shape of his ass made hot feelings rush through her.

    "I suppose in this job you meet lots of pretty little housewives," she said. "It must be an awful temptation!"

    Dave looked at her with a leer on his face.

    "Sometimes, but it's more interesting to meet the daughter of the house, especially one with nice legs," Dave said, dropping his eyes to the liberal amount of thigh Jess was showing.

    "I'm not the daughter of the house… I'm just a visitor. Do you really think I've got nice legs," she said, straightening her legs and pulling up her skirt as she sat on the bed.

    Dave nodded.

    "Nice everything," he said, gazing at her cleavage.

    He gulped as he saw Jess looking at the bulge in front of his trousers. He looked flushed as he turned back to the TV. He fiddled with the knobs for a few moments.

    Jess could not take her eyes off the shape of his ass through his tight jeans. She got off the bed and stood behind him. Yielding to an impulse, she ran her hand over his ass.

    "It's not only girls who have attractive features," she said.

    Dave took no notice for a few moments, then he stood up.

    "That's okay now," he declared gruffly.

    "You twiddle those knobs very expertly," she said, pushing her tits forward. "What else can you twiddle so expertly."

    They looked at one another for a moment. Jess's heart was pounding, sending waves of heated blood through her body. Her cunt was pulsating and her nipples were hard little knobs. She licked her full lips, and as he saw them glistening with moisture, Dave put his arms around her and their lips met.

    He pushed his tongue into her mouth and she sucked it in. After a moment he moved his hands down to her ass-cheeks and pulled her hard against his cock.

    "You've set fire to me, young lady," Dave said, taking a deep breath, and humping his groin against her.

    Jess laughed and put her hand down to his cock. She rubbed it through his trousers for a few moments while Dave's chest heaved with the depth of his breathing. He plunged a hand inside her frock and grasped a tit.

    Jess put her head against his shoulder and nuzzled his neck. She tried to unzip his fly, but his trousers were too tight for her to be able to move it.

    "I want to see it," she whispered. "Let me see it. Gee, it feels so stiff."

    Dave stepped back from her and hesitated for a moment. But when he saw the glint in her eyes he unfastened his belt and unzipped his fly. He pushed his trousers down and stepped out of them.

    Jess dropped to her knees and took hold of his cock. She kissed its head and licked it, and inspected it closely. This was the first time she had really seen an adult's cock. It was very stiff and exciting to hold.

    She put her mouth over its head and tickled under his balls. Dave put his hand on her head and urged her on.

    "Go on, babe, suck it!" he said. "Suck it into that big hot mouth of yours!"

    Jess bobbed up and down on it, feeling it swell in her mouth, and held his balls firmly for a few minutes. When she had given it a good suck, she stood up.

    "I want a fuck," she said briefly, before putting her arm around Dave's neck and kissing him.

    Dave frowned and for a moment she thought he was going to refuse her, but his cock was in charge of his brain and it immediately overcame any scruples he might have had. He peeled off her frock and she stood before him blushing slightly as he looked at her desirable body clad only in her bikini panties. His hand flew to her cunt and pulled aside the panties.

    "Beautiful!" he murmured.

    Jess unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it over his head.

    Dave had broad shoulders and muscular arms. Jess could see his muscles rippling as she dropped her panties. For a moment the two stood before each other naked, then they merged in a hot, tongue exploring kiss. Jess parted her legs when Dave's hand probed round her cunt and she held his cock firmly in her hand.

    "Oh god, I want you," he murmured, feeling her firm, pointed tits against his chest.

    Jess broke away from him and climbed onto the bed. She hadn't had a cock since she was caught with the guys at her home in Omaha and her whole body was crying for satisfaction.

    Dave stood beside the bed and kissed her, his kisses covering her face, her neck, her shoulders, and her tits. He couldn't remember when he last kissed the smooth, unblemished and slightly flushed skin of a young girl like Jess.

    He sucked her tits and his tongue ran little circles around her nipples before he moved down to kiss her burning pink cunt. He held her cunt-lips open and darted his tongue into her slit. It was wet and fragrant.

    Jess pushed her cunt at his mouth as she said softly:

    "Come and fuck me, I want your cock."

    Dave couldn't wait to get his prick into her. It wasn't often a guy had a gorgeous kid like Jess appealing for cock and he wasn't one to keep her waiting. He climbed between her waiting arms and legs and positioned his cock over her soft cunt. Then he pushed it gently into her.

    He heard a sharp intake of her breath as it went farther and farther in.

    "Oh, Dave that's lovely!" she whispered as she felt the walls of her cunt responding to his thrusting. Her pussy closed to embrace his cock.

    He fucked her carefully and slowly for a few strokes. She felt her cunt yielding to his invasion with joy. Thrilling pulsations ran from her cunt-hole through every nerve in her body.

    Jess had heard some of her girl friends say how wonderful it was to be fucked by a married man. Now she was learning for herself how wonderful it was. This cock that was up her had squirted a couple of babies into his wife's cunt. The thought made her excited.

    She tied her legs around him and pushed her cunt at him to take every inch of his cock deep into her belly. His prick was filling her cunt with every thrust. In and out it went effortlessly, well greased by Jess's flowing fuck-juice.

    Dave ground his cock against her clit and it felt sensational.

    "Uunnggg, Dave, it feels heavenly! I could fuck all day with you!"

    For Dave it was refreshing to have such a young and enthusiastic body under him.. This girl could fuck, and she knew bow to tighten her cunt around his cock to increase his sensations.

    Jess began to moan and squirm as her passions rose.

    Dave eased his torso off her and, supporting himself on one arm, began to fondle one of her tits. His fingers squeezed her nipple.

    She yelled as he kept up a steady pistoning with his prick.

    "Oh Dave, that's beautiful, keep doing that!" she yelled. "I love being fucked like this!"

    "What do you love, darling?"

    "I love being fucked."

    "That's it-say it again."

    Jess's face was distorted with passion as she dashed her head back into the bed.

    "I love being fucked and fucked and fucked! Fuck me, fuck, fuck, fuck!" she yelled.

    Her passionate cries had an immediate effect on Dave. He pounded her cunt with renewed strength, making sure that his cock drove against her clit with each stroke.

    "I'll fuck the ass off you, babe!" he gasped. "I'll stick my-cock right up your hungry cunt and I'll fill you up with my cum!"

    Jess tightened her arms around his shoulders and her fingers ran over his rippling muscles. Dave lay on her tits and forced his hand down between their bodies until he reached her clit. He managed to get his middle finger on the little button and stroked it.

    She moaned and twisted, a mass of pure sex a cunt that had complete charge of her body.

    She was quite incapable of thinking straight as Dave's fingers excited her clit and his prick drove deep into her fuck-tunnel. His weight on her body was making it hard for her to breathe but she was incapable of protesting.

    "I want more cock, more cock!" she screamed. "Stuff it up my fucking cunt! Fuck me like hell!"

    It was impossible for them to keep up the pace and fury of their fucking much longer. They were both straining every muscle to extract all the sensation they could from the fuck. Sweat poured from Dave's body onto Jess, and ran down between her tits. Their faces were bathed in sweat, but they kept fucking with every ounce of strength in their bodies.

    Jess's cunt was saturated with fuck-juice, which ran down her slit into her ass-crack.

    The more Jess urged him on, the harder Dave fucked her, giving her long, punishing strokes. He forced his tongue into her mouth and she sucked it in wildly. He withdrew his hand from her clit, dripping fuck-juice. He put his fingers to Jess's lips and she sucked them avidly. The taste of cunt-juice sent her wild. She became completely crazy.

    "Fuck the shit out of me! Fuck, fuck, fuck!" she yelled.

    She bashed her cunt up at Dave so violently that she lifted his body.

    "I can't hold it! I'm coming!" he gasped.

    "Let me have it, let me have it!" Jess cried. "Aaaaggghhh I can feel it! Oh my god, it's lovely! Cum, cum, cum!"

    Her cunt sucked and sucked every drop from him until he was dry. Jess pulled him tightly against her and kissed him. For a full minute, they clung to each other kissing before she dropped her legs and arms to the bed in exhaustion.

    They lay for a few minutes panting until they had recovered their breath. Dave stroked Jess's face and shoulders. Then he leaned forward and kissed her tits.

    Jess stroked his hair from his brow.

    "That was wonderful," she murmured.

    "Who taught you to fuck like that?" Dave asked. Jess smiled. She felt at peace. Dave was the most accomplished lover she had ever had, but she was not going to tell him that.

    "I'll bet you've had a lot of-fucking experience," he ventured. "With the looks you've got and that beautiful body, I'll bet you've had lots of expert lovers."

    Jess purred.

    "You wouldn't expect me to tell you that, would you?" she asked as she bounded off the bed.

    Down at the front door, she asked: "Will I see you again?"

    He looked at her for a moment. "I don't think so."

    "But we had such a wonderful fuck. Don't you want to repeat?"

    He shook his head.

    "I love it, and I'm grateful to you, Jess, but I'd be stupid to get tied up with a young girl like you."

    He opened the door and prepared to leave.

    "What about the bill?" she asked.

    "Forget it. I've had ample payment."

    "What will I tell my uncle?"

    Dave laughed. "Tell him it was only a matter of adjustment. I'll send him a bill for the service fee."

    Chapter 4

    Jess had put on a loose silk housecoat and was swishing around the house after Dave left, feeling mighty pleased with herself. She had been in California only a couple of days and she had done something she had often thought about back in Omaha but had never had the freedom to achieve. She had succeeded in getting an adult to fuck her!

    She was sitting purring at the thought when the front doorbell rang. She pulled the housecoat around her and answered it to a tall, skinny boy with lustrous eyes.

    "Mrs. Porter?" he inquired.

    "I'm sorry, Mrs. Porter is out and I'm only a visitor here."

    "Oh," the boy said, sweeping his eyes over her. "I'm Trevor, the new paper boy. Jake has had an accident and I'm standing in for him. He normally collects the paper money today."

    "I'm afraid I don't know anything about that, but Mrs. Porter will be home soon, or maybe you could call tomorrow."

    "I'll leave it till tomorrow. Where are you visiting from?"

    "Omaha, Nebraska… I've only been here a couple of days or so."

    Trevor looked at her tits carefully with the twin points of her nipples straining at the thin material of her housecoat.

    "Maybe I could show you around?" Trevor ventured. "I know this city pretty well. We could have some fun together."

    Jess looked him up and down for a moment and a vision of Dave's cock came to her mind. She thought of his cum still swirling around in her cunt.

    "Well, Trevor, it's nice of you to offer to show me around, but I prefer older men. I'll tell Mrs. Porter you'll call tomorrow."

    Older men, she thought to herself after she had shut the door. The guys she had fucked with in Omaha had all been within a year or two of Trevor's age, but since she had been in California and seen the effect she had on her uncle, and that afternoon on Dave, she realized how much more exciting older men… married men… were than teenaged boys. She pressed her hand to her throbbing pussy. Life here was very exciting and the people were very exciting, too.

    When Cass arrived home late in the afternoon, obviously very merry from the lunch she had been to in Beverly Hills and the wine she had drunk, she looked at Jess with a lascivious eye.

    "Good Lord, girl, you'd better get properly dressed before Jack comes home or he'll be up you before you've had time to think about it."

    "I had a shower and put this on for a while before I bothered to get dressed. A new, paper boy called. He said the regular boy had an accident. He's coming back tomorrow."

    "Damn, I forgot to tell you where the money was," said Cass, putting her arm around Jess. "This housecoat looks very sexy," she added, running her hand over Jess's tits.

    She slipped her hand inside the housecoat and worked her fingers around Jess's pussy.

    "Ooooh, Jess, you're all wet. Are you sure that paper boy didn't get his cock between your legs?" Cass teased.

    "Oh, Cass, he was only a teenager," she said, breaking away, anxious not to let Cass know she had been fucked by the TV repairman.

    "Well, you know, Jess, even a young boy can excite a girl and your pussy feels as though it's been very excited!"

    "Maybe I've been thinking about Jack and that PE man fucking me."

    "Come on, darling. I'll give you a good suck. Would you like that?"

    "N-n-no, thanks, Cass," Jess said hesitantly, knowing that if Cass tasted her cunt she would know it was full of Dave's cum. "I feel a bit tired and think I'll go up and have a rest."

    "Okay, darling. We'll have another love session soon."


    Jess left early the next day intending to take the Universal Studios tour. In the afternoon, Jack rang Cass and said Guy wanted to call on her again.

    "Now what does he want?" she asked coyly. "As if I didn't know! I suppose you have told him all about Jess. I'll bet that made that prick of his stand up."

    "Well, I suggest we make a date for early next week and he can come around and by that time we'll have an idea how things stand with Jess and we can see if anything develops."

    "Oh, I'm sure Jess will be in anything that's going. She's red hot!"

    "I think it's time I tried her out. I get a glad feeling every time I think about her-as a matter of fact, I've got one now!"

    "Well, go and put it under a cold tap," Cass said with a laugh.

    As she put the phone down, Cass thought about Guy's previous visit. He was certainly a lusty man with a magnificent cock and he knew how to use it. The prospect of another visit excited her and she rubbed her throbbing pussy.

    She had no doubt Guy would want to fuck Jess, and she was just as sure Jess would want him to. It was going to be a very lustful night.

    She was still thinking about it when the front doorbell rang. It was the paper boy.

    Trevor's face fell when Cass opened the door. He had been hoping it would be Jess who answered his ring.

    "You're Mrs. Porter, I suppose… I'm Trevor, the new paper boy." He sounded a little disappointed. "I spoke to that girl from Omaha yesterday."

    "Jess? She's not in today, Trevor," Cass said, sizing him up, and speculating whether he bad fucked Jess.

    He was an attractive lad for his age, well-built if a bit on the skinny side, handsome, and with a roving eye. Cass watched the way he looked her over and took in every detail of her body.

    As she went to get the money for the newspapers, lewd fantasies began to enter her mind. She had often heard women saying that young boys could be so wonderful in bed.

    "You look very hot, Trevor. Why don't you come in for a cool drink and tell me all about yourself, since you'll be calling around regularly to get the paper money?" she said when she returned.

    Trevor looked at her smiling eyes for a moment, then dropped his gaze to her swelling tits.

    "Thank you, Mrs. Porter. That would be nice."

    In the kitchen, Cass seated Trevor at the table.


    "Coke'll do nicely, thanks."

    As she opened the refrigerator door, Cass was conscious of Trevor studying her ass. After she had handed him the Coke, she excused herself and went into the next room, and hidden from his sight, she pulled off her bra and left the top button of her blouse unfastened so that her cleavage was well exposed.

    Back in the kitchen, she sat close to Trevor and, putting her hand on his thigh, asked him if he had a girlfriend.

    He nodded awkwardly.

    "I go out with a friend of my sister, but she's only a kid. I used to be friendly with another girl, but she moved."

    Trevor was beginning to look distinctly unsettled and Cass could tell he was becoming more and more nervous. He had looked at her tits pushing at her partly open blouse and she could tell they excited him.

    Cass was feeling an ache between her legs and she had decided that the presence of Trevor was just as likely to satisfy it as masturbating in her bedroom. At least, she could fantasize better with him so close.

    "Will that girl be home later this afternoon?"

    "Jess? I don't know. Did you find her interesting?"

    "I thought she was terrific!"

    Cass looked at him and shook her head.

    "I think you might find she's a bit of a teaser."

    He did not flick an eyelid. She put her hands under her tits and exposed a little more flesh.

    "Tell me about this girl of yours that moved. Did you see her often?"

    "Quite a lot, but her mother was always frightened I was going to… you know."

    "I don't know, Trevor. What do you mean?"

    "Her mother was frightened we were going to… "

    "You mean fuck?"

    Trevor blushed a deep red and gave a loud snigger.

    "And did you?"

    "Yes, we did it all the time."

    A thrill hit Cass in the cunt like a thunderbolt. "There, you see, I could tell you were a sophisticated lad."

    She reached and grasped his band and put it to her tit. He sank his fingers into her firm tit-flesh.

    "You probably haven't touched a girl's tit since your girl went away, you poor boy," she purred, pulling her blouse aside and letting one of her tits leap out into his hand. "Would you like to suck them?"

    Trevor couldn't speak. He felt all choked up. He could only nod. Cass led him to the living room and they sat on the lounge. She tossed aside her bra which was draped over the back of it.

    "I took that off because I thought you'd like these," she explained.

    She pulled her blouse aside and both her tits were exposed to Trevor's eyes. He put his hand under the nearest and took her nipple in his mouth. She watched with a glint in her eyes as he put his hand down and rearranged the front of his pants to allow his cock to rise.

    Seducing this boy, she decided, was fun. Her cunt was responding by sending waves of pleasure through her body and sticky fuck-dew was wetting her panties. What the hell did it matter if Jess came home? A young boy could easily satisfy her cunt, too.

    "I'll wager your girl didn't have tits like these," Cass teased.

    "No, her nipples were hardly big enough to suck. Not like yours."

    "Well, suck them as much as you like, Trevor. I like your touch."

    The boy's hungry mouth on her swollen nipple made Cass's passions boil. She wanted more than his mouth; she wanted cock.

    "Would you like to see me naked?" she asked. Trevor couldn't believe his ears. This gorgeous woman was prepared to undress and let him see her cunt.

    He had seen near-naked women on the beach and wondered what a grown woman's cunt looked like, but he had never seen one before. Cass did not wait for Trevor's answer. She stood up and unfastened her skirt and dropped it to the floor. Then she slipped her blouse off and turned to Trevor.

    Slowly, she eased her panties down inch by inch before his eyes. First a few hairs at the top of her bushy pubic triangle came into view.

    Trevor squirmed on the lounge as more and more of her cunt-bush appeared before his eyes. Then the front of her pussy-slit peeping out from between her thighs was revealed, and finally the shapely flesh of her thighs.

    Trevor was trying to look casual, but Cass could see from his face that he was looking at her with sexual hunger.

    She stood before the boy, trying to give the impression of coyness by covering her cunt-bush with her hands.

    "Do you like my body, Trevor?" she asked.

    He just nodded vigorously. The stripping act had robbed him of his voice. She had let him see her cunt, but he wondered how far she would go. His cock and balls were throbbing and he wondered for a moment how he could relieve the ache. Maybe she would let him go to the bathroom and jerk off. Best of all, he would love to fuck her, but she wouldn't go as far as that.

    Cass ran her hands over her body sensuously and rested them under her tits.

    "Would you like to touch my pussy?" she asked, coming close to Trevor and parting her legs.

    He gulped and put his hand between her legs.

    "Do you like that, Trevor? Does it feel as good as your girlfriend's?"

    "I didn't get much of a chance to feel hers. She just wanted me to do it to her!"

    "You mean fuck her."

    Cass opened her legs farther, and held her cuntlips open.

    "Did you get a good look at her pussy?"

    "No, she got all shy when I wanted to look at it."

    "Well, I'm not shy and I like you looking at it. It makes me feel all hot."

    The smooth feel of Cass's thighs and the soft pink flesh of her cunt-lips almost sent Trevor wild. He moaned and grasped his cock.

    "Does that make you want to come, Trevor?" Cass asked. "Take your cock out and I'll rub it for you."

    He unzipped his fly and Cass knelt beside him as he pulled his cock out. It was so silky smooth and stiff when she felt it that her cunt oozed more fuckjuice. She was going to have this boy's cock right up her cunt, she decided.

    "Oooh, Trevor, it's so big! It feels lovely. I bet that girl liked feeling it in her cunt."

    "Yes, she said it felt good… down there," he said, looking at Cass's cunt.

    "You can use words like fuck, and cunt, and cock," Cass said. "When people are having sex, it's nice to use the proper terms. They turn lovers on. You know them, don't you?"

    Trevor nodded and sniggered.

    "This girl used to get annoyed and tell me not to swear when we were doing it."

    "It's not swearing. Now tell me what you used to say that annoyed her."

    "I used to tell her I loved fucking her cunt."

    "That's not swearing. It's just saying what you feel. I'd love you to fuck my cunt with your big, lusty cock."

    Cass was holding Trevor's cock and it suddenly surged in her hand. A great jet of cum arched out and splashed onto her tits, followed by spurt after spurt. She was surprised at the force with which it hit her. Rivulets of thick, creamy cum were rolling down her body before she had time to fasten her lips over his cock and catch the remaining spurts in her mouth.

    For a moment, Trevor looked a little embarrassed, but, when he saw the look of satisfaction on Cass's face, he relaxed.

    "Sorry about that, Mrs. Porter… I didn't think it would come so quickly," he apologized.

    "It was lovely, Trevor," she replied. "I'm flattered that I could excite you so much."

    She took hold of his hand and put it to her cunt. He pushed a finger into her cunt-slit and scalding fuck-juice ran down it.

    "That's it, Trevor… oh, that feels good! Fuck your finger in and out of my pussy!"

    Trevor thrust his fingers at her heated cunt and' groaned at the sensations the feel of it sent through him. This woman was crazy for him to feel her. None of the girls he had ever fingered went as wild as Mrs. Porter did. His balls throbbed and felt as full as they had before he had spunked.

    "Oh, that's beautiful, Trevor!" she panted. "Don't be afraid to put more than one finger into my cunt."

    She opened her legs wide and Trevor tried to put his whole fist into her pussy Trevor's exploring fingers, together with the kick she was getting from seducing a young boy, made Cass squirm and twist. She made a grab for his cock.

    "Get undressed, Trevor," she urged. "I want to feel your bare body against me."

    Trevor ripped off his clothes and got down on the floor beside her. He fastened his mouth over a tit and sucked hard, feeling down between her legs for her cleft, where be had been exploring with his fingers.

    He pushed three fingers up her cunt and felt her suddenly start to buck and moan loudly.

    "Oh, Trevor, you're making me cum! Oooob, aaahhh!"

    Cass grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his face up to hers and kissed him.

    "My God, Trevor! You made me almost come. That's not easy to do. You're a very smooth lover."

    She kissed him again and felt for his prick.

    "You're a very good lover, Trevor. Get down and have a look at where I want you to put your prick."

    Trevor wriggled down to her crotch and she opened her legs and held her cunt-lips apart. He studied between her pulsating pussy-lips where the sticky cunt-juice glistened.

    "Put your finger up here, Trevor," she suggested, holding the cunt-lips apart and feeling for her clit.

    When he put it where she indicated, he felt around.

    "That's it, feel that little knob. That's my clit, it's like a little cock. You get onto that and play with it and any girl will let you fuck her. Oh, my God, that's good!" she said, pushing herself against his fingers.

    It took only a few moments for Trevor to realize that by pushing three fingers into Cass's cunt and letting his thumb stroke the little nub of her clit he was driving her wild again. His face was close to her cunt and the musky smell of it invaded his nostrils, making his cock fatter than he could ever remember. He kept his hand stimulating her pussy and wriggled up to take a mouthful of tit and suck it.

    "Oh, Christ, Trevor! Oh, my God! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck mc!" she gasped over and over as the boy's prodding gouging and sucking brought her to the edge.

    She arched her back and clasped her thighs together to trap his hand.

    "Stop, Trevor, stop!" she yelled.

    The boy, inexperienced in handling a woman close to orgasm, took his hand away and stopped sucking her tit.

    "Am I hurting you, Mrs. Porter?" he asked with some alarm.

    She held him close to her and kissed him.

    "I'm sorry, Trevor, you weren't hurting me. You were bringing me off… like I brought you off when I made your cum squirt. Now I want you to fuck me properly. Come on, stick that lovely big cock of yours right up my cunt!"

    Trevor couldn't believe it. This luscious, sexy woman wanted him to really fuck her.

    He climbed onto her and she grabbed his cock and rubbed it into her cunt.

    "Can I cum right in you?" he asked.

    "Of course you can, Trevor. Have you ever cum in a girl?"

    "No, I always used to pull out before I came with that other girl I had."

    "Well, you don't have to pull out of me till you've unloaded every drop of your lovely cum right up my cunt," she assured him. "Come on, Trevor, you've got to fuck me now or I'll be in a mess for the rest of today and all night."

    He lowered himself onto her and his cock slid into her lubricated cunt-hole like a hot knife into butter. When he was halfway in, he withdrew, but Cass instructed: "Put it all in, Trevor, right up to your balls."

    Cass could feel his steel-like prick expanding her fuck-channel as he sank in. He had never had the full length into the boiling cauldron of a pulsating cunt before, and the sensation overwhelmed him. His cock felt hot and comfortable, as though it was being sucked by a giant mouth.

    Cass was intent on satisfying her own lust. If an experienced man like Guy Marriott was fucking her, she was at pains to ensure that she gave him as much pleasure as she was getting herself. But with an inexperienced boy like Trevor, she did not have to concern herself whether he was getting satisfaction from her. The mere fact that he was into her cunt gave him all the satisfaction he wanted.

    "Bash it into me!" she urged. "You can be as rough as you like."

    "I don't want to hurt you, Mrs. Porter."

    "A lovely cock like yours couldn't hurt me. My cunt's had plenty of fucking and it's used to being poked hard."

    She wrapped her legs around him and tightened her ass-cheeks until Trevor felt she was trying to pull his cock off. Every stroke he made, she tightened her cunt around his cock, as though reluctant to release him from the sensations he was giving her.

    "Stuff it up me! Let me feel your lovely balls against my ass!" she yelled, pounding the floor with her fists.

    "Oooh, Mrs. Porter!" he groaned. "It's beautiful in you! I love fucking you!"

    "That's it, Trevor. Say what comes into your mind… it helps you enjoy the fuck more."

    Trevor was ramming the full length of his swollen prick as hard as he could up her cunt-hole, and she was responding with the full skill of her experience.

    The head of the boy's cock was stroking a very sensitive part of her fuck-tunnel and her thick, stringy juice was bathing his cock.

    "Tell me about some of the girls you would like to fuck, Trevor, and tell me about what you would like to do to them."

    "I'd like to give that girl who was here yesterday a good poke. I'd like to get right up her cunt, like I'm up yours."

    "She's got a nice cunt, Trevor, and she loves boys to stick their cocks into it."

    "I'd fuck the shit out of her!" he gasped, and he lunged at Cass's cunt as he imagined he was fucking Jess.

    Trevor rammed at Cass's cunt with all his strength.

    "Oh, God, Mrs. Porter! You're making me cum! Aaarrrgh!"

    Cass arched her back and pulled him to her tits.

    "I'm coming, too!" she yelled. "Oh, that's beautiful, keep squirting it, let me have it!"

    They lay on the floor, kissing and caressing for several minutes until Cass got up and began to put her panties on.

    "You're quite a man, Trevor," she said.

    "Do you think I'd be able to fuck that other girl?" he asked.

    "Well, I don't know, Trevor… you'd have to ask her. She's very experienced, and she likes older men. Why don't you just have a few jerkoffs thinking about her for a while and see how things turn out?"

    "My cock gets hard every time I think about her."

    "I think you'd better go now. I'll get you the money for the papers, and thank you for being so good at fucking. It was fantastic!"

    Chapter 5

    Jess arrived home just as Trevor was leaving. He looked at her with a hungry longing in his eyes.

    "Hello, Trevor, you caught Cass all right?" Jess greeted the boy breezily.

    "He certainly caught me," Cass said with a glint in her eye, "and I'm glad he did. You must come around again, Trevor."

    When they went to the living room, Cass inquired: "Have an interesting day, Jess?"

    "Yes, very interesting, I don't think I'll ever believe anything I see in the movies in future is real, but what about you? How long was Trevor here?"

    Cass hunched her shoulders and grinned.

    "Long enough," she said with an enigmatic smile.

    Jess looked at her for a moment and the wheels in her brain could almost be seen turning.

    "Cass, you didn't…" she said eventually, as the message of Cass's self-satisfied smile clicked.

    Cass just grinned.

    "The horny young bugger!" Jess gasped.

    She put her arm around Cass and felt for her crotch.

    "He did a good job. You're nice and creamy!"

    "He did," Cass said, "but he wasn't really fucking me!"

    "How do you mean?"

    "When he was fucking me, he was thinking of you and talking about you. All this cum is really yours! Just like when a guy jacks off, he's imagining he's up some girl he's met at a party, or someone's secretary, or even someone he's read about in a book!"

    They laughed together.

    When Jess said she was going to have a shower, Cass said: "Jack will be home in a few minutes. Why not have a shower with him? He's been hankering after you ever since you came."

    "Suits me, as long as you don't mind."

    "Not me. I was talking to him before Trevor arrived and he sounded very horny."

    While they were sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee, Jack came in. He kissed Cass, then turned to kiss Jess.

    "Now give Jess a decent kiss like the night she arrived and don't tease the girl," Cass admonished. "She'll make you nice and horny like the other evening!"

    "I'm not teasing her, she's the one that is doing the teasing!" He laughed, pushing his cock-bulge out.

    He put his arms around Jess and ground his body against her. His tongue pushed into her mouth and they stayed locked together until Cass intervened.

    "Jess has been over to Universal all day and she was just going to have a shower. What about you, Jack?"

    "I'd like a shower, too."

    Jess looked at him with a flutter of her eyelids.

    "Together?" she asked.

    Jack glanced quickly at Cass, who nodded.

    "Why the hell not?" he said, and took Jess's hand.

    He led her laughing up the stairs to the master bedroom where they quickly shed their clothes. As they both saw each other naked for the first time, they each gasped.

    "Lovely," Jess said as she saw Jack's prick pointing at her.

    It was one of the stiffest of the few she had ever seen. It had a large, bulbous head, purplish in color. The shaft stood out at an angle and was gently pulsating. Below it, Jess could see his large balls and her mouth watered as she thought of all the cum they had.

    Jack was equally excited by Jess's body. Her shapely young tits were their prominent red points, her broad hips and slender thighs made his urges increase, and the soft golden hair that barely covered her cunt-mound made him lick his lips.

    He put his arm around her and led her to the shower.

    "We'll have a shower and then we'll have a fuck-what do you think of that idea?" he asked.

    "I think it's a brilliant idea," she responded. "But I was beginning to wonder whether I'd lost my sex appeal. I thought when you kissed me so passionately the first night I arrived that we'd finish up in bed. And ever since I've been here you haven't given me any indication I was going to get the feel of this," she added, taking his rampant prick in her hand.

    "I had my reasons," Jack offered. "I was just a bit hesitant partly because you are my niece, and partly because you are so young."

    "By god, Jack back where I come from they say when they're big enough they're old enough."

    Jack paused in his tracks and looked at her closely for a few moments.

    "I'm only your niece because you married my mother's sister. Anyway, mother always talks about keeping things in the family so that might include fucking," Jess said, rubbing her hand along the full length of Jack's cock.

    Under the shower, Jess continued to hold Jack's cock while he soaped her body. He rubbed the soap over her shoulders and down her back, and around the smooth roundness of her ass-cheeks. His soapy hands glided over her chest and gently caressed her tits. The hard little nipples firmed and jutted as his fingers tweaked them.

    "By god, Jess just feeling your body almost makes me cum. I could empty my balls right now as my hands feel the wonderful shape of your tits and the softness of your skin. I've been imagining feeling your body ever since you arrived."

    "I suppose you've been dreaming about fucking me while you've been fucking Cass," she said.

    "Well, I have sometimes wondered what your cunt would feel like. There's no harm in wondering about fucking another woman while you're up your wife. I'll bet wives dream of other men's cocks while their husbands are fucking them!"

    Jess giggled.

    "I know I would. I often used to think of a film star or someone like that when Tommy, my Omaha boy friend, was up my cunt. But don't you cum yet-I want a cuntful," she pleaded.

    Jess's soapy hands glided up and down Jack's cock, making it fat, and stiff, and erect as a flagpole. Its bloated head had darkened with the rush of blood to it. She felt around his balls which hung down like a bag of worms.

    "Oh god, be careful, Jess or it'll be more than water that sprays over you."

    She pouted her lips and put them up to be kissed.

    Jack soaped down her body and let his fingers comb through her silken cunt-hairs. She opened her legs and his hand dived in to sweep along her cunt-slit.

    Cass, who was waiting near the shower with an armful of towels, smiled to herself as she heard the giggles and squeals and grunts coming from the shower.

    "Come along, children," she said in a motherly voice. "You've played around in the water long enough."

    They toweled each other, Jack spending a lot of time drying and kissing Jess's thighs. Then he put his arms around her and clutched her ass-cheeks. He drew her close and planted a long, lingering kiss on her cunt.

    Then they lay on the bed fondling and kissing each other.

    "I love your cock, it's so silky smooth and hard and so big," Jess whispered to her uncle.

    "You made it that way," he said, "and you're going to make me cum if you keep stroking it like that."

    Jess wriggled down to it and Jack rolled on to his back. She got down between his legs and began to lick and kiss his balls. Her tongue worked under his balls for a few moments, then she took one of his balls between her lips. When she let it go, her busy tongue flicked around his balls and along the length of his throbbing cock-shaft to caress the sensitive glans.

    Jack reacted to feeling her mouth and tongue on his cock-head by groaning and clutching the bedclothes.

    "My god, Jess, you're the greatest… that feels wonderful!"

    She stopped licking his cock and pressed her tit against it. She leaned over him and swayed her torso to let a firm, upstanding nipple stroke up and down his cock-shaft. Then she pressed one of her tits against his balls.

    She returned to licking his cock-head and opened her mouth wide to suck it in. It was so big that she felt it was going to choke her. She kept her tongue circling the glans and wrapped her fingers around the base to hold it steady so that she could touch the most sensitive area with her tongue.

    Cass came up the stairs and looked into the bedroom and smiled. Her own cunt had been well stimulated that afternoon, but the sight of Jess licking and sucking Jack's cock made it pulsate again.

    "Oh Jess, you're going to get the lot in a moment if you don't stop!" Jack warned.

    Jess looked up and chuckled.

    "I don't mind, but I really want it in the right place," she said and threw her leg over him.

    She poised above him for a moment then grabbed his cock and slowly lowered her body onto it. Jack put his hands on her hips and eased his cock into her. She gasped a little as the cock impaled her, but she quickly accommodated to the size as the big purple head went higher and higher into her fuck-channel.

    Cass, who had been secretly watching Jess and Jack fucking, quietly withdrew and went downstairs. It would be hard to say who was getting the most pleasure from their fucking, she thought to herself. Jess was bouncing about enjoying the feeling of Jack's large prick invading the deepest recesses of her cunt-hole and Jack was lying back, relishing the heat and firmness of her cunt's grip on his prick.

    Despite the tightness of Jess's fuck-channel, Jack's prick glided in and out smoothly and effortlessly, liberally oiled by her cunt-juice.

    As she screwed herself down on to Jack's cock, he thrust upward to get into her as deeply as possible. It was almost like a battle between them, each trying to get the cock farther into her cunt-bole.

    The sounds of fucking echoed around the room… Jess's moans and cries of delight and Jack's growls and grunts from the effort of lifting the girl on the end of his cock.

    Each time she felt the cock high up her fuck channel, she squeezed her ass-cheeks together to trap it but Jack pulled it back ready to smash its way into her again.

    She leaned forward as she kept up a steady thrusting at his cock and Jack grabbed her tits. She had not fucked on top of a man before and was excited at the extreme pleasure and deep penetration she was getting from it. Jack held her tits firmly, alternately digging his fingers into her tit-flesh and twitching her full nipples.

    "Aaaaarrrgggh!" she yelled as Jack thrust up at her cunt, driving his cock up to the hilt in her.

    Cunt-juice poured from her pussy, running down his shaft.

    "Oh, Jack, it's in so deep!" she gasped breathlessly. "Just keep doing it to me like that!"

    Jess rode up and down on his cock, Jack kept lifting his ass off the bed and thrusting it harder and harder into her. Each thrust sent his cock high into her cunt and lifted her whole body. The effort made Jack grunt and puff, and sweat ran over his face and chest.

    "Oh my god you're good, Jess!" he gasped.

    "More, more!" Jess cried as Jack pounded her cunt.

    In his enthusiasm he was kneading her tits and smashing his groin against her, but the harder and more vigorously he fucked her the more she loved it.

    She bounced about on his cock meeting his thrusts with a passionate grinding of her cunt against the base of his cock. Her pretty face was distorted with lust and she moaned and yelled.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" she screamed, her intense feelings overcoming the normal restraint of her language.

    Her outburst inspired Jack to plunge at her with renewed vigor.

    "I'm going to fuck you into the ground… I'm going to fuck you till you cry for mercy," he said as he grunted his teeth and smashed his groin against her.

    "That's it, that's it," she howled. "Fuck my cunt with your big hot prick. Jam it up me! Fuck me, fuck me!"

    She rotated her hips, making her cunt swirl around Jack's cock. It was a long time since Jack had had such a young, responsive piece of cunt-meat on his cock and he was loving it. Her lovely youthful skin felt like velvet to his touch and her cunt, so tightly wrapped round his rugged cock, felt like a glove of softest kid.

    Jess couldn't believe the power her cunt was giving her over her uncle. She could drive him to wild, frantic movement just by swiveling around it or tightening her cunt muscles around it.

    When she did, Jack buckled and gripped her tits tightly, yelling and moaning in ecstasy.

    She lay forward on him, forcing her hot mouth against his lips. He folded his arms around her and with his cock deep into her cunt rolled on top of her.

    "Now I'm going to fuck you this way, darling!" he hissed and drove his cock hard up her.

    Jess lifted her legs around his waist and threw her arms around his neck. He could feel her tight little nipples press in a against his chest.

    "By god, Jess, that's wonderful! We were able to change positions without unhooking. That shows how suited to One another we are!"

    He gave her long, deep strokes and felt her body tighten against him.

    "Oooooh, ooooh!" Jess gasped. "That's lovely! More, more!"

    "You want more cock, darling? Tell me, tell me again!"

    "I love your prick, Jack! I can feel it right up my fucking cunt!"

    "That's, it, darling. Let yourself go."

    "It's a big cock. I love it up my cunt. I want to fuck, fuck, fuck! I want your balls in my cunt too. I want your cum running all over me. I want your cum in my mouth and my cunt and in my hair and on my tits I want to drink it! Oh, Jack! want your cum everywhere!"

    Her passionate cries made Jack's balls stir. He smashed his cock into her violently, but the more roughly he fucked her the more passionately she cried out for more.

    She felt her cunt-juice flowing more and more freely and his cock seemed to be getting larger and larger.

    "Oh Christ, Jack, fuck me harder… I want more cock!"

    Cass could hear Jess yelling and came up the stairs.

    She had beard many women yelling with passion when her husband was fucking them, but she had never heard anyone so vocal as her niece was. She smiled as she watched Jess squirming under her husband.

    "Shove your cock right up my cunt, Jack. I want to feel your balls in me… squirt your cum right into my womb. I want it to flood my belly."

    "You're a hungry little bitch, aren't you?" Jack gasped. "It'd take an army to satisfy that cunt of yours."

    "Oooooow yes, Jack. I want lots of cock. Oooooh I love cock. I'd let all the Marines fuck me if they were here!"

    "I'm going to bring a guy home to fuck, Cass, do you want him to fuck you, too?"

    "Ooooooh, yes, I want him to fuck me too. I need lots of cock. Oh god, it's beautiful! I want to cum all over you, I want your cum right up my cunt!"

    Jess lashed her head from side to side and when Jack tried to kiss her their teeth clashed and she tasted blood from her cut lip. The taste sent her into a frenzy of fucking and she thrust her cunt at the plunging cock.

    Suddenly the room began to swim and the walls and ceiling disappeared. Her eyes became glazed and would not focus and she felt as if she was floating on cotton wool. A great river of Jack's cum was flooding into her cunt and her whole body felt like jelly. She could not speak and could only utter loud cries.

    "Aaaarrrgggghh!" she yelled in along, drawn out sound from deep in her throat.

    For a few moments, she seemed to have lost consciousness.

    Then slowly she became aware of Jack holding her close and smothering her face with kisses. The room came into focus and feelings came back to her body. She felt battered and bruised. Her thighs were sore and her tits felt tender.

    "My god, what happened?" she whispered:

    "We both came together, darling. It was wonderful!"

    "I feel as if I've been rolled down a mountainside."

    Jack lay beside her, quietly stroking her body and kissing her.

    Cass came into the room at that moment.

    "That was the noisiest fuck I have ever heard," she said with a grin. "I thought you two were in agony from all the yells and moans. I could hear you downstairs."

    "That was the best luck I've ever had!" Jack said.

    "Mmmmmm!" Jess purred sleepily.

    "By god, you look a mess, Jess," Cass said. "Your tits are bruised, you've got scratches all over your hips and shoulders, your thighs and cunt are saturated with pussy-juice and Jack's cum, you've got blood on your face, and your hair is matted with sweat. Do you think it was worth it?"

    "What do you think?" Jess chuckled.

    Cass bent and kissed her affectionately.

    "Of course it was worth it. Now go and have a shower and I'll have dinner ready."

    Later, at dinner, Jack said he had arranged for Guy Marriott to come out one evening the following week.

    "Oh goodie," Cass said. "You'll love him Jess. He's got the most wonderful cock."

    "I can hardly wait," Jess said.

    Chapter 6

    Cass and Jess were both excited. Guy Marriott was to visit that evening. They talked of little else and it was clear they were both expecting to be well and truly fucked.

    At one stage Jess was a little apprehensive.

    "Guy might think I am too, young and immature," she said.

    "Run away with you," Cass said with a laugh. "There was nothing immature about the way you fucked with Jack the other evening. In fact he said be felt like a novice fucking you, you were so good. Even when he came to bed, he wasn't capable of raising it, and that was hours later."

    Jess smiled to herself as she recalled her romp on the bed with Jack.

    "As for being too young," Cass continued. "Don't you believe it. A man with a cock like Guy's would be happy to put it into any cunt that'll open up for him!"

    "Well being a PE teacher he'd have plenty of opportunity to meet big girls with big cunts."

    "Yes," Cass said reflectively, "and I'll bet he gets quite a few glimpses of girls' pussies."

    Jess laughed aloud.

    "Oh, Cass, you wouldn't believe what some of the girls do to let the PE teacher, and some of the boys who may be watching, see what they've got inside their panties."

    "But don't their mothers see that they have good tight panties under their gym shorts."

    Jess shrugged her shoulders.

    "Their mothers might give them very tight-fitting panties, but it's quite easy to change into something that shows all they've got to offer after they leave home."

    "By god, you kids these days!" Cass exclaimed.

    Jess was sitting with her hand on her cunt, quietly rubbing it.

    "Oooow, I feel all hot just thinking about tonight," she said.

    Cass went over to her and put her hand under Jess's frock.

    "Feeling all horny, are we?" she asked, letting her fingers stroke Jess's cunt-lips.

    She played with Jess's cunt for a minute or two, then, withdrew her hand and licked her fingers.

    "Mmmm, that tastes good. You'll be in good form tonight when the boys start on you."

    When Jack and Guy arrived at the house, they had a surprise for the girls. There was another man with them, a guy of about twenty-two. He was handsome and lively, but Jess glanced at Cass with a disappointed look on her face while Jack introduced them.

    "Cass, this is Barry from the club. Jess, meet Guy and Barry."

    When they were seated, Jack began to pour drinks.

    "I'll get something to nibble," Cass said, making for the kitchen.

    "Plenty to nibble here," Guy said, and they all laughed.

    Jess went to the kitchen with Cass.

    "That's going to luck things up, having a stranger," she said to Cass.

    Cass pulled a wry face and shook her head.

    "I shouldn't think so," she suggested "Guy and Jack wouldn't have brought him home unless they thought he would join in the fun. Anyway, it takes at least three men to satisfy two girls like us."

    Back in the living room, Cass moved about serving nibbles and adjusting the lights.

    "Much too glary," she said as she stood in front of a table light and turned it to the wall.

    Jess's eyes opened in surprise. As Cass stood in front of the light, it was possible to see right through her dress. She stood with her legs apart and Jess could see the shape of her thighs right up to her cunt. It looked as though she had no underclothes on it was obvious the men noticed it, too.

    "There, much better," she said.

    "The light had its uses," Guy said. "It definitely improved the scenery."

    "Very revealing," Barry agreed.

    Barry and Guy were seated in a chair but Cass backed in between them and wiggled her ass from side to side, indicating she wanted to join them.

    "You could sit on my knee," Barry offered.

    "Thanks," Cass said, glancing at his crotch, "but I would be afraid of breaking something."

    "Oh, it wouldn't break, it would only bend."

    "Like hell," Cass said, reaching down and grasping his cock. "It's like a bloody steel rod."

    Jack chuckled as he watched the three on the lounge.

    "That's my wife," be said, and there was a trace of pride in his voice. "She always likes to feel up a new cock as quickly as possible."

    "Getting to know a man by the feel of his prick, eh?" Guy suggested.

    "Sounds as good a way as any, and it's quick," Jess said.

    She sat on the floor with her back to the arm of the lounge. Guy was stroking her neck and ear and she was holding his fingers.

    Guy slid off the lounge and sat beside Jess.

    "You think it's a good idea… well how about getting to know me. I feel I know you from all Jack has told me about you. What about those three guys you took on in Omaha?"

    Jess laughed and a pink flush came to her cheeks.

    "Well, at least it got me to California so I could meet you," she said, stroking Guy's thigh.

    He looked at her with a gleam in his eye. Jess looked into his eyes and as if to accept the challenge, moved her hand up to his crotch. She grasped his rigid cock firmly.

    "You've got a nice touch," he said and put his arm around her neck.

    He drew her close, his eyes daring her to continue. The feel of his cock in her hand made Jess's cunt cream and she turned her face to him. Her full, red lips were moist and parted. Guy placed his lips against hers and she opened her mouth to his tongue. Their kiss was long and passionate.

    Guy put his free hand across and grasped a tit.

    He was skilled in bringing women to a pitch of sexual excitement and it was clear to him that Jess was quite ready to enjoy being seduced. Her fiery kisses and the full erection of her nipples indicated to him that she had a sensuous body and enjoyed having her senses stimulated.

    Cass and Barry watched Guy and Jess for a few moments before Barry pulled Cass close and kissed her. She dived her hand inside the front of his shirt and stroked his chest.

    "I liked it where your hand was before," he murmured between kisses.

    Cass put her hand down and unfastened his zipper. She put her hand inside his pants and clutched this cock.

    "It's beautiful," she whispered. "So big and hard!"

    Barry nuzzled her face.

    "There's only one thing I want to do with it."

    "What's that?" Cass asked with pretended innocence.

    "I want to fuck you with it, darling," he murmured.

    "M-m-m-m, that sounds good!" she said.

    As he kissed her again, Barry suddenly put his hand up her leg and pressed it against her pussy.

    Jack, who was sitting in an armchair watching the two couples fondling each other, rose and went over to Cass.

    "Come on, darling," he said. "You're overdressed."

    He helped Cass out of the lounge and peeled her frock off over her head. She stood naked except for a wisp of nylon over her cunt.

    "You can take that off, Barry," Jack said. Barry had thrown off his shirt and let his trousers drop to the floor. He got down on his knees and pulled the thin elastic down over Cass's hips and let the little O-string fall to the floor. He put his arms around her and plunged his face against her cunt.

    The delicate feminine smell of her cunt made his senses reel. He licked her inner thighs, wet with her fuck-juice and buried his tongue into her dark, curly cunt-bush.

    He pulled her down to the floor and kissed her navel before taking a mouthful of tit and sucking it greedily.

    Cass lay looking at him with a smile on her face. Her cunt was aching for attention, but she was quite happy to let Barry make the pace. If he wanted to play, that was okay.

    As he put his hand on her cunt, she opened her legs.

    "I want a fuck, Barry, I can't wait."

    "You don't want to play around, eh," he said, mounting her.

    Cass looked down at his rugged prick. Its purple head looked as though it was ready to burst. She rubbed it against her itching cunt and guided it into her fuck-hole.

    Barry gave her exactly what she wanted… the full length.

    "Oh, Barry, that's what I needed. Your cock fits me like it was made for me."

    Her cunt closed around him and the warmth of her fuck-tunnel sent waves of excitement through his nervous network. He began a steady fucking rhythm as their bodies settled into each other.

    Meanwhile, Guy had pushed Jess's frock off her shoulders and was sucking one of her tits when Barry and Cass started fucking. Jess lifted Guy's face to hers and whispered: "The others are into it already."

    "I didn't think Barry would want to wait, he's been talking about fucking Cass ever since we met at the club."

    "Well Cass has been-on heat all afternoon," Jess said. "I think she went off this afternoon and lucked herself with a vibrator."

    "She's a hot number, and so are you," Guy said.

    Jess giggled as Guy caressed and sucked her tits. "These are going to develop into something really special," he said. "They're the most beautiful young tits I've ever seen!"

    "You must see a lot of schoolgirls tits."

    "I do… and pussies, too. It's part of the job. I see a lot of tits and pussies by accident, but a few of the young hussies go out of their way to let me see them."

    "I'll bet you get horny," Jess suggested.

    "Not really. I have to be extra careful not to let them see I even notice anything. Not like now, when I've got these lovely tits to play with."

    He took a mouthful of tit and let his tongue flutter over the hard little nipple. Jess held his head against her tits and ran her fingers through his hair.

    "Come on, let me undress you," he said, coming up for air.

    Jess stood up and Guy began to slowly strip her, kissing each part of her body he exposed. When he had her down to her panties, he dropped to his-knees and buried his face in her crotch.

    Then he peeled down her panties and she stepped out of them. He picked up the panties and put them in his mouth and sucked the crotch, as he had done with Cass's the first night he fucked her.

    He seemed to be mesmerized by Jess's cunt. She opened her legs to let him study it. He stared at the puffy cunt-lips pouting at him, all moist and pink. He was so close to it that the fragrant cunt smell teased his nostrils.

    Guy looked at it so intently that Jess suddenly felt uncomfortable.

    "Come on, Guy, I want to see you."

    He stood up and put his arms around her and kissed her.

    "You've got a lovely cunt. It looks like a virgin's cunt," he whispered.

    Jess giggled and put her hand on his cock.

    "I want to see that. It feels so horny."

    Guy stepped back from her and began to shed his clothes. Presently he stood before her and she gasped when she saw his erection. It stood up proudly, its massive head on top of it like a deep-purple flower.

    "My cunt won't be like a virgin's when I get that up it," she murmured.

    A loud yell from Cass made Jess and Guy look down at where she and Barry were fucking furiously. Barry was giving her the full length of his cock, and they could see his balls swinging to and fro as his prick was screwed deep into her cunt. Cass was clinging to him so tightly with her legs around his waist that she was lifted off the floor, and crashed down again with every stroke.

    Jess looked over to Jack who was squatted on the floor beside them encouraging Barry. Jack had undressed and was rubbing his cock in readiness to stuff it into his wife after Barry had fucked her.

    "Fuck her into the ground, Barry," he was saying. "She loves cock up that hot cunt. Get your balls into her, too."

    Cass started screaming as Barry began to unload his balls into her. Jack pounded his cock savagely, watching Barry ejaculate into his woman.

    When Jess saw how excited Jack was, she broke away from Guy and got down on the carpet beside him. She lowered her head over his cock-head and opened her mouth just as his cum started to spurt. Jet after jet gushed into ‘her mouth and she swallowed it eagerly.

    While she knelt, sucking in Jack's cum, Guy stroked her ass-cheeks and let his fingers probe into her juicy cunt-slit. When she had sucked up the last drips from Jack's cock, she stretched out on the carpet and held her arms up to Guy who stretched' out beside her.

    He put his hand between her legs and kissed her. Her mouth still had traces of Jack's stringy cum which he could taste and smell.

    "I'm not too keen on other guys' cum, I'd rather have cunt-juice," he said, wriggling down to kiss Jess's cunt.

    Barry had emptied his balls into Cass and lay on the floor getting his breath back.

    "You won't find better tasting cum than mine," Jack said as he mounted Cass and thrust into her gaping pussy.

    "Thanks, I'll pass it up for this," Guy responded, peering closely at Jess's pussy.

    He could feel the heat of it and sniff its sexy fragrance. It made his balls throb intensely.

    He lowered his lips to her cunt and poked his tongue into her cunt-slit. Jess began to moan with approval.

    "Oh, that's wonderful!" she gasped as Guy's busy tongue searched out every sensitive spot of her cunt. Lightning bolts of passion shot through her nerves.

    "My god, what are you doing to me!" she cried, grasping her tits and thrusting her cunt at Guy's mouth.

    Barry, who had recovered after his strenuous fuck with Cass, came over to Jess and kissed her. He pulled her hand away from her tit and grasped it firmly.

    "That's it, babe!" he murmured, his lips close to hers. "We're going to teach you to fuck like a veteran."

    Jess threw an arm around Barry's neck and drew him close.

    "M-m-m-m… being made love to by two men is wonderful."

    Barry looked down and his eyes rested on her pointed tits. He bent down and took one of the rigid nipples between his teeth. Jess pressed his head against her and yelled: "Suck me, suck me!"

    Neither Guy at her cunt nor Barry at her tit was sure who she was speaking to but they both sucked harder to her great joy.

    "You're driving me up the wall, I'm going crazy!" Jess yelled.

    Jack, who was fucking his wife with all his strength, laughed at Jess's reaction.

    "Fuck her, boys, just like I'm fucking this juicy cunt of my wife's!" Jack gasped between breaths. "By god, Barry you certainly filled her cunt with that cock-juice of yours. It's just like sticking your cock into a hot gluepot!"

    Guy was holding Jess's cunt-lips apart and pushing his tongue well up her pussy. It was lovely and juicy and her fuck-honey filled his mouth.

    When he'd had his fill, he began to tongue her clit.

    It was as much as she could stand. She battered her fists alternately against the carpet and against Barry's head, still sucking hungrily on her tits.

    Guy, who was no novice at clit-sucking, was surprised at the size and sensitiveness of Jess's clit. He fastened his teeth lightly around the base of it and fluttered his tongue over its hard little head.

    "I want cock, cock, cock!" Jess yelled. "Guy don't keep me waiting. I want your cock!"

    "Come on, luck her!" Barry urged. "You fuck her and then I'll fuck her!"

    Guy crawled on to her and she took his prick and guided it into her cunt-slit. She took a deep breath as Guy drove the full length into her steamy cauldron.

    Jess reached out and grabbed Barry's cock. For a moment Barry thought she was trying to wrench it away from his body but as the sensations of Guy's cock in her cunt took charge, she wrapped her arms around Guy and dug her nails into her shoulders.

    "Fuck her hard, Guy!" Barry urged. "Give her all the cock she wants! A kid like her has to learn to take lots of cock."

    "Oh, I can take all the cock you've got to offer!" she howled. "My cunt's here to be fucked and fucked and fucked!"

    Guy was letting Jess have the full length of his cock, drawing it out ‘til the tip was just inside the cunt-lips and driving it back with all his strength until his balls squashed against her ass-cheeks.

    He had fucked a few young girls in his time, but be had never had one like Jess. No matter how hard he battered his way into her, she cried out for more.

    Barry, lying beside them holding his prick, was fascinated at how overwhelmingly passionate Jess was. Her face was distorted by lust and her arms and legs were clutching Guy so tightly that it was a wonder he could breathe.

    Every muscle in Guy's body was coiled like a wound-up spring as he drove at Jess's hungry cunt.

    Then he felt a gladness in his balls, and Jess felt the head of his prick swell deep in her cunt.

    "It's coming!" Guy hissed as he drove at her cunt with a terrific lunge.

    "Oh yes… I want it… let me have it… oh my god!" Jess panted between breaths.

    For a minute or two, Jess and Guy writhed and squirmed like two wrestlers. The whole activity in the room seemed for a few moments to be suspended.

    Jack and Cass had reached their climax and watched Guy and Jess in the throes of orgasm. Guy and Jess were welded together as his cum spurted into her and her cunt poured her hot, greasy cumjuice around his cock. The air was filled with their cries and moans.

    Then they collapsed, exhausted by the frantic activity of the climax to their fuck. Guy was puffing as though he had just ran a four-minute mile, and through his distorted features there was a look of triumph on his face.

    Jess was panting, too, but her face looked serene. Her eyes were closed and a few tears ran down her cheeks.

    "Guy, that was out of this world!"

    Cass put her hand across and felt for Jess's. They found each other and squeezed hands.

    "Does your cunt feel good?" Cass asked.

    Jess could only groan.

    They all lay on the floor panting and puffing after their strenuous, satisfying efforts. Jack was the first to stir.

    "Drinks all round, I think," he announced as he got to his feet.

    Cass rose to her feet and sat on the lounge, gratefully accepting a cool drink Jack gave her.

    As they sat sipping their refreshing drinks, Jess looked up at Cass She could see her hairy triangle was saturated from fucking.

    "Open your legs, Cass, and let me see your pussy," Jess urged.

    Cass parted her knees and Jess saw her whole crotch was wet and her red cunt-lips were gaping. On an impulse, Jess crawled over to Cass and put her mouth against Cass's cunt. As she dug her tongue into Cass's cunt-slit, her whole face became covered in cunt-juice and cum.

    "Oooh, that's lovely!" Jess said, pausing for a few seconds, then pressing her mouth against Cass's cunt again.

    Barry moved in behind Jess and looked at her pussy, clearly revealed to him as she knelt sucking Cass's cunt. He plunged his fingers into it and they were saturated with her gooey cunt-juices.

    "Mmmm," Jess mumbled her approval, keeping her mouth and tongue pressed into Cass's seething cunt-slit. She shuffled her knees apart and wiggled her ass at Barry, pushing her cunt against his fingers.

    "By god, Jess I can't resist this," Barry said, taking his throbbing prick in his hand.

    His eyes were fixed on her pretty pink cunt-lips all juicy and inviting. He put his cockhead against them and the heat sent waves of excitement through his balls.

    He rubbed it up and down her cunt-slit until it was wet with her hot, creamy juice, then drove the full length into the depths of her steamy pussy.

    Jess pushed her ass back against it and moaned as she felt Barry's prick probing high up her fuck-hole.

    Barry groaned as he felt her hot wet cunt gripping his prick.

    She pulled her mouth away from Cass's cunt for a moment and gasped: "Oooow, Cass, he's into me! Oh god, it feels good!"

    "Come on, Jess, keep sucking!" Cass urged, putting her hand on Jess's head and drawing her against her cunt.

    Barry had his hands on Jess's thighs and was puffing her violently back onto his aching cock. Her cunt was gripping him firmly and he could feel it pulsating against his cock-head.

    Jack and Guy, who were watching the action urged Barry on.

    "Give her the whole lot, Barry," Jack encouraged. "You won't find a hot young cunt like that every day."

    "Oh Christ, I'm doing my best!" Barry gasped, giving his prick an extra hard push.

    "Empty your balls into that juicy cunt!" Guy urged. "Fill her cunt up with cream!"

    Jess stopped sucking Cass's cunt and laughed.

    "Oh god, Cass, it feels as though the three men are all fucking me at once It's beautiful!"

    "Here it comes!" Barry suddenly screamed as his hot juice began to flood the teenager's cunt.

    "Aaaarrrggghhhh!" Jess yelled in along drawn-out howl as Barry's sperm splashed into her.

    When Barry at last pulled his cock out of her cunt with a squelchy sound, Jess sprawled on the floor.

    "Good show, Jess," Cass said. "We've really shown these guys we can take plenty of good, stiff cock."

    But Jess was not down for long. A young body like hers could recover quickly and in a few seconds she got up and sat on the lounge beside Cass and asked Jack for another drink.

    "I feel absolutely fabulous," Jess said as she sat on the lounge sipping her drink. "I feel as though I could go on all night."

    "Me too," Cass said. "And it looks as though you guys haven't finished yet."

    "Not me," Barry said, who was lying stretched out on his back on the floor.

    His cock was already more than halfway to full erection.

    "Nor me," Guy said, holding his cock out for the girls to see.

    "And I reckon there's still a good fuck left in this," Jack asserted, stroking his prick lovingly.

    Cass put one hand to her wet cunt and the other to Jess's.

    "I've got my hands full of two lovely juicy pussies," she said. "Anybody want a mouthful?"

    "Now that's just what I need," Barry said. "Come here, darling."

    Cass got up and stood astride Barry.

    "Oooow, Cass, your cunt looks wonderfully suckable," Barry said looking up. "Come and sit on me."

    Cass squatted down on his chest and leaned forward and kissed him.

    "Come on, babe, let's at that lovely cunt!"

    Cass positioned herself, kneeling with her knees on either side of his face and slowly lowered herself onto his mouth. In a moment, he was drinking in the copious cunt-juices and cum flowing from Cass's fuck-tunnel with loud slurping noises.

    Jess pressed her hand to her pulsating cunt as she saw Cass throw her head back and begin moaning at the sensations Barry was generating in her cunt. Barry was equally excited at sucking Cass's cunt and his prick rose to full erection.

    Jess glanced at his stiff prick and giggled. Without a word, she got down on the floor, and pushing Barry's legs apart, knelt between them. She leaned down and licked his balls and cock. It suddenly swelled before her eyes and the thick blood vessel running along his cock-shaft began to jerk rhythmically.

    She took his cock in her mouth and began to suck it. Jess was running her tongue around Barry's cock and taking it deep into her throat. As she knelt between his legs, her cunt was poking up at Jack. Her cunt-lips were full and pouting.

    "Stay there, Jess!" Jack urged and knelt down behind her. "I'm going to give you a doggie while you're sucking Barry's cock."

    He positioned his cock at her juicy cunt and slowly pushed his cock in up to his balls. Jess stopped sucking for a moment and took a deep breath.

    "Fuck me hard, Jack!" she slobbered, and returned to sucking Barry's cock.

    Guy, who was sitting watching the action, put his drink down.

    "Now that's what I like to see-four people enjoying themselves in a four-way fuck. Terrific!"

    Jess had a sudden idea. She took her lips away from Barry's cock for a moment.

    "Time for some creative fucking," she said.

    "How do you mean?" Guy queried. "Why not make it a five-way fuck, Guy?" she suggested. "I'm sure Cass would love to suck your cock."

    "Yes, come on, Guy!" Cass gasped as she opened her mouth. "I need stimulating at both ends!"

    Guy went around and stood at Barry's head and held his cock out. Cass put her hand around the base of Guy's cock while she opened her mouth wide and took it in.

    "Christ, this is an experience," Jack panted while he kept up a steady poking of Jess's cunt. "Five people all enjoying a fuck at once in a group."

    He was giving Jess's cunt the full length of his prick, drawing it out dripping with her juices until the massive cock-head showed and then driving it back into her swampy cunt until his balls smacked against her ass-cheeks. Although she was taking Barry's cock deep into her mouth, her cunt was gripping Jack's cock hungrily. Jess might be only young, but she could tuck like the most experienced woman he had ever fucked. In his young student days, he had fucked a lot of teenagers, but he had never had one who could tuck like Jess could, and suck a man's cock at the same time. She was a natural.

    Cass was in seventh heaven of delight as she sucked Guy. His prick had made her cunt happy since the first time they met, but feeling it probing her throat was something special. He kept his hand resting on Cass's head, but did not attempt to force his prick down her throat.

    Cass was experienced enough to know exactly how a man liked to be sucked. The pressure of her tongue and sucked-in cheeks against his cock-shaft, and her throat muscles against his cock-head gave him as much sensation as he could take. He had to control himself to stop his cum flooding out before they were both ready.

    Barry felt a bit like the meat in a sandwich with Cass's cunt jammed onto his face and Jess swallowing his cock… but what a sandwich and what meat! He was sweeping Cass's cunt from her asshole to her clit in steady, squishy strokes. He could poke his tongue into the entrance to her cunt and suck the cunt-juice and cum and he could suck her cut between his lips, which made her rotate her cunt over his face in excitement.

    Jess felt her body was just one ball of sensation. Barry's cock filled her mouth beautifully and she thrilled to its pulsations as she sucked it into her mouth. Her cunt was spread wide to Jack's driving cock, alternately relaxing and contracting, giving Jack's cock a sucking sensation.

    "Jesus!" Jack muttered. "This girl has a cunt like a vacuum pump!"

    Guy smiled as he saw the expression on Jack's face. He had never seen five people fucking as they were at the moment.

    As he stood pushing his prick into Cass's hungry mouth, he chuckled to himself.

    Before his eyes was one heaving, panting, sweating, screwing, mass of flesh and passion. The two girls both had a mouthful of cock. The cunt of one was being bored by an appreciative, bursting cock, and the other by an inquisitive, mobile tongue.

    Only Jack and Guy could speak. Barry's mouth was too full of Cass's cunt, which he was chewing and licking as she ground it into his face.

    "By god, Jack I've never experienced a mass fuck like this." Guy gasped. "And I've never met two such gorgeous cunts that respond so beautifully to being sucked and fucked."

    Jack groaned as Jess's cunt thrust back at him.

    "I've never known a little cunt like this!" he gasped. "It's like sticking your cock into the mouth of the vacuum cleaner."

    Jess took Barry's cock from her mouth and laughed. She tightened her ass-cheeks as hard as she could to increase the pressure on Jack's cock.

    "This vacuum cleaner's going to suck all the cum out of your balls," she said, and resumed sucking Barry's cock.

    A few moments later, Jack gave a yell.

    "I can't hold on… I'm coming, I'm coming…"

    Jess took her mouth away from Barry's cock and began to masturbate his cock.

    "Oooow, Jack, I can feel it… oh god that feels good. Pump it into my cunt. Yesssss!" she squealed.

    She put her face down to Barry's cock and kissed it and continued to rub it. A few minutes later, she felt it swell in her hand and the first jet spurted out. In a flash Jess had her mouth over his cock-head and was lapping up the creamy cum.

    Barry pushed Cass's cunt from his face and began to pant as jet after jet spurted into Jess's mouth. Cass fell to the floor and Guy got down beside her.

    "Sorry, I didn't suck you right off," she whispered. "Why not get on to me and finish off?"

    She rolled onto her back and Guy got on top of her. Her cunt was red and saturated after Barry's sucking and Guy probed deep into her fuck-hole. After the stimulation from Cass's sucking, it took only a few deep strokes to bring him off.

    Later, five exhausted bodies lay sprawled in various positions around the living room. Jess was lying on the floor beside Guy, who was fondling her tits and Cass was sitting on the couch with Barry, who was idly stroking her cunt.

    "That was the greatest fucking experience ever," Barry said.

    "Mmmm," Jess said, purring with satisfaction.

    Guy kissed Jess's cheek.

    "Now you've got something to go back and teach the people of Omaha," he suggested.

    "Like hell," Jess said vehemently. "I'm staying here!"

    Chapter 7

    Jack greeted Jess at breakfast next morning. "Good morning. Did you sleep well› How's your cunt?"

    "I haven't sleep so soundly for years and my cunt feels fine, ready for more action!" Jess replied.

    "That's stamina," said Jack.

    Cass went off shopping in the afternoon. She had asked Jess if she wanted to go too, but Jess said she had some letters to write.

    "I'll be meeting some of the girls for a drink so I won't be home till late afternoon," Cass said as she left.

    Jess sat down to write a long letter to one of her girl friends in Omaha. She didn't want to tell her friend all the details of her experiences in Los Angeles but she would give her a fair outline.

    As she sat writing about the previous evening's exploits, she began to feel warm pulses in her cunt. An image of the erect pricks of Guy and Barry came to her mind and she closed her eyes and pressed her hand to her cunt.

    The front doorbell rang and she did not respond for a few moments, her mind transporting her back to the excitement of the previous evening.

    When the doorbell rang again, she came down to earth with a jerk and got up to answer it.

    It was the paper boy Trevor and another guy his own age.

    "Is Mrs. Porter in?" he asked.

    "No, she's not and I don't think the paper money's due so soon."

    "I didn't come about the money for the papers. I promised her when I was here the other day to bring my friend Toby round to meet her. Can we come inside?"

    Both Trevor and Toby were eyeing Jess up and down and she could tell they were getting the hots for her. She looked at Trevor for a few moments then stepped aside.

    "Yes, you can come in for a few minutes."

    In the living room, she asked them if they would like a soda. They both nodded and as she went to the kitchen, Toby looked at Trevor and winked.

    "She'll be in it," he said. "Did you notice how she couldn't take her eyes off our cocks?"

    "Yeah," Trevor agreed. "Mrs. Porter told me Jess fucks, but she prefers older guys."

    Jess brought them drinks and they stood around talking for a few minutes. When they had finished their drinks, Jess took the glasses back to the kitchen. Toby had his back to her when she returned to the living room, but as she entered, he swung around.

    "How's this?" he asked.

    Jess's eyes flickered for a moment.

    Toby had unzipped his fly and was holding his upright cock out to her. It was not quite as large as Guy's had been the previous night, but it had a big bulbous, purple head on it.

    Jess stood for a moment unable to speak while Toby and Trevor giggled and kept their eyes on her. She had read in a book once of a girl who couldn't resist the sight of a man's cock. Any man had only to flash his cock and she was ready to take her panties off. At the moment she felt the same way.

    But she decided to play it cool. The boy's cock might excite her, but she would not show surprise as these two horny young teenagers expected her to. She would show them that a young girl with adult fucking experience was more sophisticated than a couple of hot young schoolboys trying to shock her.

    "Well," she said, "the boy has his cock out. Do you want to have a pee?"

    Trevor sniggered, but Toby looked slightly embarrassed for a moment, but he soon recovered his composure.

    "No, I use it for fucking girls… do you fuck?" That was not a question to throw Jess. She had often had it tossed at her by youths back in Omaha.

    The sight of Toby's rigid cock really sent a thrill of excitement through her. It was a big cock, slightly banana-shaped so that the head of it was standing right up close to his belly. She went over to Toby and took hold of it.

    "Why do you want to know if I fuck?" she asked. "If I said I did, what would you do?"

    Toby looked at Trevor with an appeal in his eyes, but it was Trevor who answered her.

    "We'd both give you a fuck you'd never forget."

    "Oh… and if you're thinking of fucking me, why haven't you got your cock out, too?"

    She went up to Trevor and unzipped his fly. Then she dived her hand in and took his cock out.

    "Whee!" she whistled. "Now that's really something."

    Trevor's cock was standing up rigidly too. Its head was pulsating rhythmically as Jess took it in her hand.

    "That's a lovely cock, Trevor. I suppose you want to fuck me too? Have you ever fucked a girl?"

    "Yes, I had a girl I used to do it with, but she moved away. But Mrs. Porter thought I fucked well."

    "Cass enjoyed it, did she?" Jess said slowly, trying to conceal the fact that Cass had told her Trevor fucked well.

    She rubbed Trevor's cock for a moment and suddenly kissed him. He put his arm around her.

    "Get your gear off, Trevor," Jess instructed. "I want to see how well you can handle a woman." She peeled her dress off and stood facing Trevor in her panties. She had no bra on and her tits were already getting hard. Her nipples were erect and provocative. Toby, standing watching them, began to rub his hand up and down his cock.

    "That's it, Toby!" Jess urged. "Keep it nice and hard while Trevor and I have a fuck!"

    Trevor groaned as he stood naked in front of Jess. She went up to him and put her arms around him. He dived his hand down inside her panties and felt her soft cunt-hairs. She took his prick in her hand and rubbed it against her panties. Trevor let out another loud groan.

    "Want to see my cunt?" she asked.

    She did not wait for his reply but pushed her panties down and stepped out of them. She got down on the carpet and held her arms up to him. Jess knew there would be no foreplay with a boy like Trevor. It was only men like Jack, or Guy, or Barry who spent time teasing a girl till she was screaming for cock. Boys of Trevor's age just wanted to get their cocks in and have a good squirt.

    Trevor rubbed her tits and kissed her, then he butted his cock against her cunt. She took hold of it and rubbed it into her angry slit, then she poised it over her cunt.

    "Push it in, Trevor, nice and slowly."

    "How far can I push it in?" he gasped.

    "Right up to your lovely balls. I want to feel it right up my cunt."

    "Oooohhh, Jess, when you talk like that it makes me feel all queer."

    His prick slid easily up her cunt on a film of pussy-cream.

    "That's in lovely and deep. You certainly know how to make a girl happy. My cunt's just aching for you!"

    He began a steady fucking rhythm, his ass rising and falling as he pumped his prick in and out of her receptive fuck-hole.

    Jess began to breathe deeply as the boy's cock stimulated her cunt nerves and she clutched him tightly "That's good, Trevor Oh, that's heaven."

    "OOoohh, I love it!" Trevor gasped.

    "Does my cunt feel as good as Cass's?"

    "Ooooh, yes. I got my prick right up her too. She went crazy."

    "Well, you keep fucking inc like this and I'll go crazy too. My god, that feels great. You've got a lovely cock!"

    Jess loved the feel of his wiry young body squirming about on her. She knew she wouldn't get a long fuck from a boy like Trevor, but even after he came up her, he would be good for another fuck and there was still Toby to get into her cunt.

    Toby was watching Trevor and Jess with avid eyes, rubbing his hand up and down his cock vigorously.

    "Don't jerk off, Toby!" Jess appealed. "I want to feel your cock up my cunt!"

    But her appeal came too late. At that moment, Toby's cum spurted out over Trevor and Jess. Jess ran her fingers through blobs of it on Trevor's back and put them to her lips.

    "Oooow, lovely!" she declared. "Save the next lot for me."

    The excitement was too much for Trevor.

    "I think I'm coming!" he gasped. "I want to come in your cunt!"

    "That's it, Trevor. Let it go up me. I love to feel cum spurting up my fucking cunt. Let it all squirt out of your cock, right up my cunt! Come on, cum, cum, cum!"

    It was exciting to hear a girl talking like this. Trevor heaved at her with all his strength. His cum hit her sheath in great, satisfying jets. Shot after shot spurted into her.

    "I can feel it, I can feel it!" she yelled. "Oh, Trevor, that's beautiful!"

    When his last spurts had dribbled out, he flopped on to the floor breathing heavily. Jess stroked his brow, a little disappointed at the abrupt ending to the fuck. Her cunt was screaming for more cock, but Trevor had done his dash for the moment.

    She held her arms up to Toby. "Your turn, Toby," she said. He looked a little shy, so she got up and helped him take his pants and shirt off. His cock was standing up against his belly like a juicy banana. Jess put her arms around him and rubbed her tits against his chest.

    "Have you ever fucked a girl before?" she asked. He looked extremely embarrassed. He bit his lip and shook his head.

    "No, I haven't fucked a girl before. I've only jerked off thinking about them."

    Trevor joined the conversation.

    "I told Mrs. Porter about Toby and she said to bring him here and she'd show him what to do and let him watch her and me doing it."

    Jess smiled to herself. Cass hadn't mentioned that she had arranged with Trevor to bring his buddy over. That sneaky Cass was going to keep the two schoolboys for herself!

    "Don't worry, I'll show you what to do. You'll love it!" Jess said as she put her arms around Toby.

    He nodded, unable to speak with the waves of excitement that were flowing through his body.

    "Do you like my tits? I'd like you to feel them."

    Toby put his hand under one of them, then fingered her nipples.

    "That feels good. You've got a lovely touch. It's hard to believe you haven't fucked around with a girl before."

    At last he found his voice.

    "I've thought about it a lot and I've read about it in books, and I've seen a lot of X-rated movies."

    "The movies would show you what to do. Would you like to see my cunt?"

    When he nodded, she got down on the floor and opened her legs.

    Toby got down beside her and she held her cunt lips open as he stared into her gooey opening.

    "There's lots of juice there after Trevor spunked into me, but it will make it nice for you."

    Toby looked closely at the pink temptation of her cunt. Her soft frilly cunt-lips were glistening with moisture and Trevor's cum was strung across her cunt-hole like a spider's web. Jess pushed her finger into her cunt.

    "See, that's where your cock goes, right up there."

    Toby's head reeled as he sniffed the pungent odor of her cunt and felt the heat of it.

    "Can I let my cum go into you?" he asked.

    "Oooow, yes, I want you to put your cock right up inside my cunt and pump all the cum you've got in your balls into it."

    Toby's head swam at hearing a pretty girl talk like this. Jess smiled at the boy's inexperience. She would show him what a sophisticated woman who had been well fucked by three men could teach him.

    "Come on, lie down on the floor and I'll get on you and fuck you!"

    Toby obediently spread out on the floor and Jess straddled him and put her cunt against his cock lying hard up against his belly.

    She held her cunt-lips open and rubbed them up and down his shaft, smearing it with her juices. She raised her body and held his slimy cock upright and slowly lowered herself on to it. She gave a grunt of satisfaction as she felt it entering her cunt-hole.

    Toby drew in a deep breath and murmured: "Oh, Jesus Christ!"

    "Does that feel good?"

    "Oh, it's marvelous!"

    Jess began to rise and fall on it, twisting her hips from side to side.

    "Oh, Toby, it's in such a long way, it feels beautiful. Feel my tits, darling, make it nice for me, too."

    Toby grabbed a tit in each hand and squeezed them until they hurt.

    "Be gentle with them, Toby… they're very sensitive."

    "Sorry," he murmured. "I couldn't help it." Jess rode up and down on the boy's long cock, screwing herself on it to increase the sensations in the deepest recesses of her fuck-tunnel.

    She slammed her cunt down onto him as he responded to her urgent fucking and squirmed about under her. His cock-head was hitting her plumb on the right spot and she threw her head back.

    "Oooow, that's fantastic! You're fucking me wonderfully, Toby! Fuck me hard, drive it into my cunt!"

    Trevor, who had recovered and was lying beside them, suddenly came to life.

    "Fuck her, Toby, give her all your cock! Make that big cunt of hers eat your cock!"

    Jess ground her pussy on to Toby's cockshaft with complete abandon. She was enjoying watching the boy lose all his reserve and ram at her cunt and her tits.

    Both boys were getting thrills from watching Jess drive her cunt onto Toby's cock. Trevor was sitting rubbing his cock furiously.

    They were so lost in their fuck that they did not hear the front door open and close. A few moments later, Cass appeared at the door of the living room.

    Trevor saw her first and his first reaction was to put his hands over his cock. Cass stood and looked at the scene -before her for a few moments before speaking.

    "Can anyone play?" She giggled. "It looks as though I've arrived just in time."

    Jess kept up her furious lunging onto Toby's cock.

    "Come on, Cass!" she gasped. "Come and join the action."

    Cass needed-no second invitation. She immediately began to strip and called to Trevor.

    "Come along, Trevor!" She took off her blouse and bra.

    Trevor went to her-and kissed her tits. He hadn't seen a woman's nipples become erect in front of his eyes before.

    "They've gotten stiff just like little cocks," he said as be put his lips to them.

    "That's so you can suck them," Cass said. "Look at how Jess's nipples are sticking out. That shows how much she's enjoying being fucked."

    "I've already fucked Jess," Trevor said.

    "And that's your friend Toby, I presume. He seems to be doing alright."

    She unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor, and Trevor pulled down her panties. He thrust his hand between her legs and stroked her cunt.

    "Gee, Mrs. Porter, I'm glad you came home. Watching Toby and Jess fucking has made my cock stand up."

    "It's beautiful, Trevor. Come on, let's do what we did the other day."

    Cass lay on the carpet, and Trevor sank his prick into her.

    "I've had to jerk off every day just thinking about the other day," he said.

    "Well, you just concentrate on fucking me now," Cass instructed.

    Jess was too busy with Toby's cock to concern herself with Trevor and Cass. Her face was distorted with lust as she drove herself ceaselessly on to Toby's eager cock.

    Toby was lifting his ass off the floor in an effort to penetrate as deeply as he could into her cunt. He was too inexperienced a lover to know how to excite Jess's clit but she did her best to keep it rubbing against the base of his cock.

    It was not only the sensations of Toby's cock deep in her pussy that excited Jess. It was the thought that hers was the first cunt he had ever been into. It gave her a feeling of power and superiority. Toby might fuck hundreds of girls in the future, but he would always remember that it was her cunt he'd had first.

    Even Trevor had had another cunt before Cass's. Toby was beginning to think it was easy to bring a girl to a pitch of excitement.

    Jess's cries of joy and her moans of pleasure told him that she was in raptures. For the first time in his life he wanted to delay his ejaculation, to prolong the intoxicating feelings her pillow soft fuck-hole was giving his cock, to enjoy the sight of her lust crazed face and the sounds of her anguished moans before he reached the ultimate bliss of shooting his cream into her cunt.

    "You're making me cum!" she cried at last. "Oh, Toby, what a wonderful cock you've got… it's making me cum!"

    That was all that was needed to pull his trigger. With a great heave and a desperate cry, he began to let it go high up her. Surges of thick cream pelted into her fuck-hole, making her drive her cunt onto his prick with renewed vigor.

    Spurt after spurt of his cum swished into her and mixed with the buttery gel bathing his cock. Neither of them could speak and they were both grunting and groaning in the throes of ultimate passion.

    Jess fell forward on to Toby's body, kissing him and licking his face. Her tits were hard and her nipples throbbing as she rubbed them against his chest.

    "Christ, Toby, you made me cum. I can't believe you've never fucked a girl before."

    Toby just lay with a blissful smile and an awed look on his face. He was still in a state of wonderment at the magic of real fucking.

    A cry from Cass brought them to their senses. "Stuff it up my fucking cunt!" Cass yelled. "Come on, Trevor, fill me up with that luscious cream from your cock."

    Jess sniggered and glanced over at the fucking couple.

    "Good boy, Trevor," Jess said. "She needs all the cock she can get up that hungry cunt of hers."

    There was a flurry of activity as Cass and Trevor approached their climaxes. Cass's yells and encouragement, and Trevor's labored breathing filled the air. Jess and Toby lay and watched them in wonderment.

    Jess was learning the joys of voyeurism-the turn-on that came from watching people fuck. She had read in some of the underground magazines schoolgirls had shown her that most people loved watching other people fuck and that it was a normal sexual activity. Certainly, whenever she had watched others fucking, as she had in the last couple of days, it made her more anxious than ever to fuck.

    Later, when they were all dressed, Trevor asked if they could come around next week. Cass looked apprehensive and glanced at Jess.

    "I don't know about that," Cass said hesitantly. "Of course you boys must never mention what happened today."

    Both lads shook their heads vigorously and promised to tell no one.

    "You've both got beautiful cocks, but there must be girls of your own age you can find," Jess said.

    "You're not much older than we are," Trevor pointed out.

    "That's different. I've had a lot of experience fucking and sucking so really I am much older than you are as far as experience goes."

    "Do you suck cocks too?" Toby asked. "Wow!"

    "We'll have to think about whether you can come again," Cass said. "Don't come again without ringing up first, and don't ring for a couple of weeks!"

    After the boys had gone, Cass and Jess discussed them.

    "I never realized or I had forgotten what big cocks young boys have," Cass said.

    "They were certainly very stiff, and what a flow of cum!"

    Cass put a hand between her legs.

    "That Trevor really makes me ache for more."

    Jess lifted Cass's skirt and put her hand up her leg.

    "What you need is a real hard-fucking man," Jess said.

    "Or a suck from a nice young girl," Cass said coyly.

    She lifted her ass off the seat and pulled her skirt around her waist while Jess took down Cass's parities. Cass sat back and opened her legs. Jess knelt between them and studied her cunt for a moment.

    Cass's cunt was saturated and her cunt-lips were slightly parted. Jess held the cunt-lips apart and buried her face into them. She lapped up the juice avidly.

    "Your cunt tastes absolutely luscious," she said and settled down to suck hard while Cass threw back her head and smiled with satisfaction.

    Chapter 8

    Jess arrived home from the supermarket a few afternoons later with an armful of groceries. When Cass met her at the door, she had a sparkle in her eyes. She smiled at Jess and said: "You'll never guess who I've just had on the phone… someone who wanted to speak to you."

    "Oh god, don't say it was Trevor, or Toby."

    Cass shook her head and looked mysterious for a moment.

    "No, none of the guys you've made such an impression on. It was Nell… your mother."

    "Oh," said less, "what did she want?"

    "Well, first she wanted to know if you were all right. Then she said, she had a surprise. She's coming over, too."

    "Here, why?"

    Cass shrugged her shoulders.

    "Said she's decided to take a break. Your father is going to London for a few weeks on business and she didn't want to be alone."

    "I suppose we'll have to behave ourselves while she's here. I've had so much fun here." Then she brightened up. "But it'll be good to see her."

    "I don't think you'll have to worry. You don't have to worry too much about your mother."

    "But what about if any of the boys come around with their cocks in their hands. Guy, or Trevor, for instance."

    Cass gave a short laugh.

    "Don't worry about it, you obviously don't know your mother."

    "But she's very strait-laced. She'd have a fit if she knew what, we'd been up to."

    Cass looked at Jess thoughtfully for a few moments.

    "Darling, I said don't worry. You just don't know all the family secrets. I had quite a discussion with your mother and she's very excited about coming over."

    A frown furrowed Jess's brow as she peered wonderingly at Cass.

    "You mean there's a skeleton in our family cupboard?"

    Cass brushed her off.

    "I think you'll have to wait until Jack comes home. Maybe he'll be able to enlighten you!"

    "So there is a skeleton in the cupboard. Please tell me what it is or I'll go mad."

    But Cass kept mum. Jess kept pestering Cass for the rest of the afternoon but it was not until they were seated at dinner that she learned what the secret was. When Cass told Jack that Nell was coming, he said: "Wonderful! We haven't seen her for six years."

    Jess looked at Jack quickly, a puzzled expression on her face.

    "You seem quite excited," she said.

    Jack shot a glance at Cass.

    "Your mother is a very exciting woman," he said.

    "You'd better tell Jess the whole story, she's dying to know it and she's a big girl now. The fact is, your mother knew Jack before I did. It was through her that we met."

    "Oh, I see… go on."

    "I knew your mother before she was married. She's a couple of years older than I am. We used to, er… meet quite a lot… "

    "Oooow, how exciting," Jess said. "Did you fuck her?"

    Jack gave a snort and Cass continued: "Of course he did… practically every night, from what I can gather."

    "We did fuck a lot," Jack confirmed.

    "It was about this time your mother met your father. Apparently he wouldn't fuck her until they were married."

    "That'd be Daddy."

    "Nell decided to marry your father, but she kept on secretly fucking with Jack."

    "Ooooh, the naughty girl. I didn't think she had it in her."

    "Oh she had it in her, all right," Jack said with a chuckle, patting his fly.

    "Right up to his ball," Cass said. "From what I can gather Jack wanted to marry Nell, but she was in love with your father. But she still wanted her sex with him. It was at the wedding I first met Jack."

    "Poor Jack, you'd lost your good fuck."

    "And found me," Cass said. "He was a randy young bastard and although your mother was married he kept on fucking her, although not so frequently!"

    "So he was fucking you both? Well, well. And fancy Mom having a lover and being so uptight about me fucking."

    "Oh Jack wasn't the only lover your mother had before she was married. Our parents were very pleased when she got married."

    "I'll bet they were. But why did she go to such lengths to stop me playing around with guys?"

    "Because," Cass said, "she was frightened you would get a bad reputation in a neighborhood where you'd grown up and gone to school. Everyone in your neighborhood knew you from when you were a little girl and if some of the boys had talked a lot about you to their buddies it might have got back to your father!"

    "So it was Daddy who was the strait-laced one, and not Mom."

    "That's right. Your mother would fit very easily into our circle… in fact when she stayed over here six years ago we had several parties at which she was the star… "

    "With her pants off," Jack cut in with a snigger.

    "My god," Jess said "the things you learn about your parents. I thought Mom was so against fucking that I often wondered how she got me!"


    Jess looked at her mother in a new light when she went with Cass to the airport to meet Nell. As she saw Nell walking through the ticket barrier, Jess thought how terrific and sexy her mother looked.

    "You look terrific, Mom!" Jess said as she cuddled her and kissed her "That's a new outfit, isn't?"

    "Yes, darling, I thought I'd better look my best in California. What have you been up to?"

    "You'd be surprised," Cass said as she greeted her sister.

    As they drove home, Jess plied her mother with questions about her friends back in Omaha.

    "I haven't seen anything of Tom," Nell said. Jess blushed furiously.

    "Not interested, thank you," she said with a sniff. Cass took up the conversation.

    "Jess has met some very nice men here and they've given her a good time," she said with a leer.

    "No threesomes, I suppose," Nell said with a chuckle.

    "No. Actually a five-some, which included Jack and me."

    "My, my. This is interesting," Nell said. "Do tell. You apparently have those wild parties you had when I was there last."

    "Sure do," Cass assured Nell.

    Cass told Nell about the visit of Guy and Barry and how they, along with Jack, Jess, and herself had ended up together.

    "My god," Nell said, "that sounds out of this world. And my little girl was a star attraction was she." She took Jess's hand and squeezed it. "Following in her mother's footsteps, is she?"

    "She's very popular with the guys," Cass said. "I'm glad she is… better than being popular with schoolboys."

    Jess and Cass both burst out laughing.

    "She's popular with the schoolboys, too," Cass assured Nell.

    "I hope to meet some of these guys soon," Nell said.

    "Like tonight?" Cass suggested. "Guy is coming round tonight and Jack is bringing another friend."

    Jess went with Nell while she showered and unpacked.

    "You weren't shocked at hearing Cass say I had been fucking?" Jess asked.

    "Of course not, darling. Why do you think I sent you over here? I was concerned when I found you fucking with those three guys because I was afraid you hadn't had much sex experience and those guys would have gone out and talked to their friends and in no time the whole neighborhood would have been talking."

    Jess kissed her mother and thanked her. She touched her mother's tits.

    "I bet the guys love those."

    Nell pushed them out and her big dark-red areolas and nipples reminded Jess of headlights.

    "Jess, darling, I've always had lots of men but I had to be careful. All the men I had were Out of town or passing through the Air Force base, never local men, though I admit I've been tempted many times."

    "But didn't Daddy know?"

    "He may have suspected, but don't get me wrong. Your father is a good man and we love each other very much. It's just that he has no sex drive, but I have more than my share. He understands that and he knows I wouldn't do anything to embarrass him by sleeping with Omaha men."

    Nell began to put on a black suspender belt and black panties that barely covered her cunt-hairs.

    "Wow, that's sexy!" Jess breathed. Nell fished in her case and drew out a nylon G-string.

    "Put this on tonight and you'll drive the guys wild," Nell said. "Now tell me about this Guy that Cass is so excited about."

    "He's a PE teacher and he has a beautiful body and he's got a big hard cock."

    "You've had it, have you?" Nell asked. When Jess nodded, Nell said: "I wonder if it's as big as Jack's."

    "It's different… Guy's cock has a bigger head!"

    "Oh, so you've had Jack's too. You have been a busy girl!"

    Jess sniggered. "Uncle Jack gave me a wonderful fuck."

    "He was always very good."

    "I know about you fucking with him before you were married, and after your marriage, too."

    Nell looked at Jess seriously for a full minute. Jess looked slightly puzzled, then said: "Were you fucking with Uncle Jack when I came along?"

    Nell looked down at the floor and nodded.

    "Then you don't know whether it was Daddy or Uncle Jack that made you pregnant?"

    Nell shook her head and looked at Jess. "I'm your mother, but I don't know which is your father."

    "Then it could be someone else."

    "No, no!" Nell protested. "I was only fucking with your father and Jack, but Jack fucked me more often than your father did… "

    "So there's a very good chance Jack is my father!"

    Nell nodded and looked apprehensive as she studied Jess's reaction.

    Jess clapped her hands and yelled: "Goody… Jack could be my uncle or my father. It doesn't make any difference. He's very good to me."

    "Well he's always suspected he could be your father, but quite frankly I just couldn't say he is or he isn't."

    When Jack arrived home with Guy and a third man, Bob, Nell and Jess gasped and held each other's hands.

    "By god," Nell whispered, "what a hunk of meat."

    Bob was built like a wrestler. He had a winning smile and looked Nell and Jess over with a lascivious grin.

    For a short time conversation among them was restrained, but after Jack had served drinks and they had exchanged banter for a while, they were quite relaxed.

    "I got a new X-rated movie today, what say I put it on," Jack said.

    "Wonderful," Cass said. "We might all learn something from it."

    "Couldn't teach you much," Guy said, crossing the room and sitting beside Cass.

    Bob had been eyeing Jess for some time.

    "Aren't you a little beauty," he said eventually. "Come and sit on my knee and watch the movie."

    Jess gave a sidelong glance at her mother sitting with Jack, who was stroking her thigh. Nell's eyelid fluttered in a wink.

    "Be careful how you sit," Jack warned with a laugh as he stood up to put on the video recorder. "You might get speared."

    When Jess sat on his knee, Bob put his massive hand over her tits and kissed her. Her dress had ridden up her leg exposing a good length of thigh.

    The movie began with a man running his hand along a pretty girl's thigh.

    "That seems a good idea," Bob whispered to Jess, who giggled.

    Without further ado, he had his hand high up her thigh. She wriggled her ass as she felt his prick getting hard underneath her. By the time the man in the film had the girl undressed, Bob had his hand on the little triangle of nylon covering Jess's pussy. It was already moist with cunt-juice.

    When the guy on the screen began poking his long prick up the girl's cunt, Bob's cock pressed hard against Jess's ass.

    She wriggled about and whispered to Bob: "Are you fucking that doll on the screen or am I the cause of your hard-on? It feels as though I'm sitting on a volcano."

    "It's just as hot, darling, but Wait till it erupts." By the time the girl in the movie was sucking the second youth's cock, Guy had undressed Cass and was stroking her cunt while he sucked her tits.

    Jess had wormed her hand around to Bob's prick but she could not feel it properly because of his tight jeans. He pushed her off his knees and lifted her dress over her head. He gasped and licked his lips as he saw her tits and her beautiful form.

    "By god, I picked a beauty!" he said as he embraced less.

    He ran his hands down to the small of her back, and pulled her against his body. She could feel the pressure of his bloated prick against her.

    She dropped her hands to his zipper and ripped it open. For a moment she felt for his cock, then Bob unfastened his belt and let his jeans drop. Jess wriggled his jockeys down and whistled as his cock sprang out.

    "Wheeee!" she exclaimed in surprise and admiration.

    It was sticking straight out in front of him and jumping slightly in time with his heartbeats as though it wanted to rise up in the air but was weighed down by its massive head. It was about nine inches long and thick in proportion. It had large purple veins running the length of it, and as Jess put her hand under it as though feeling its weight, she could feel it pulsating.

    Nell, who was being passionately embraced by Jack, looked over and gasped.

    "Look at what Bob's got for Jess," she whispered to Jack. "That'll teach her she's not a virgin any longer."

    "I've already taught her that," Jack chuckled as he fingered Nell's tits.

    Cass, who was lying on the floor naked with Guy, also gasped.

    "Now that's what I call a cock," she said. "Jess'll have a sore jaw tomorrow if she gets that into her mouth."

    At that stage no one was remotely interested in the climax to the movie, which showed half a dozen couples fucking in various positions.

    Jess dropped to her knees and licked the head of Bob's throbbing prick, letting her tongue flick around the glans and closing her lips over as much of the cock-head as she could to smear it with lipstick. She let her tongue tease the piss-slot and tasted the drops of pre-cum fluid that oozed out.

    "Oooow, Jess, that feels wonderful!" Bob said. She put one hand under his balls and stroked through to his asshole and held his cock still with the other while she closed her mouth over the cockhead. She managed to get her teeth around the glans and stroked the smooth, sensitive head with her, tongue.

    She held the head lightly inside her mouth but she knew she was not going to be able to take much of the length of it into her mouth without choking. Instead, she took the cock-head out of her mouth and licked the length of the shaft several times.

    Excitement had built up the saliva in her mouth and the whole of Bob's cock was soon dripping wet. She took the head back into her mouth and circled the shaft lightly with her thumb and fingers and began running her hand up and down it.

    If she couldn't get him off by sucking him, she would use a combination of licking its head and masturbating its shaft.

    Nell, who was watching Jess, whispered to Jack.

    "That's my girl," she said. "She knows how to please a man."

    "It's a gift she's inherited from her mother," Jack replied. "Now I want to taste that Cunt of yours… I haven't… eaten it for years."

    Bob, meanwhile, was in a frenzy.

    "I can't stand it, Jess. I want to fuck you," Bob said, withdrawing his prick.

    Jess was somewhat surprised. Usually the guys she fucked wanted her to suck them for long periods before they screamed for cunt, but she had hardly begun to suck Bob.

    He eased her head off his cock and got down on the carpet, pulling Jess down beside him. He parted her legs and got on top of her. For a moment she felt as though she was being smothered until Bob took his weight on his arms. Jess felt down and took his cock in her hand and put it against her cunt-lips. The head slid into her greasy fuck-hole easily.

    "Ooooh," Jess breathed, "that feels heavenly. My cunt is just aching to be well fucked."

    She held her head back and tried to kiss him but he was too tall for her and she could only kiss his shoulders.

    As he eased more of his cock into her, she felt it expanding her fuck-tunnel. It did not hurt as she thought it might and her elastic cunt-sheath expanded to take it. When he had a good length into her, he began to fuck it in and out.

    Bob was overwhelmed by the tight little cunt he was into.

    He fucked his cock in and out and was trying to get more of it in when his balls suddenly erupted. Jess felt shots of sperm pelting against her fuck-tunnel and she gripped Bob tightly. She had just begun to feel a sensation of peace and tranquility pass over her when Bob pulled his cock out and rolled onto the carpet panting.

    "By god, Jess, you're the greatest little fuck a man could have!" he gasped.

    His cock had shrunk and lay lifelessly on his balls and he had rolled onto his back with his eyes closed. In a few moments, his steady, rhythmic breathing told her he was asleep.

    Jess looked desperately at the other couples. Her mother was on her knees slobbering over Jack's cock, and Cass was in the throes of orgasm as Guy relentlessly drove his prick up her cunt.

    Jess sat with her back against the couch and fingered her clit. Her cunt was aching for cock, and her whole body was fired with desire. Bob certainly had the biggest cock she had ever seen, let alone been fucked with, but it was almost useless.'

    Jack whispered something to Nell who turned and smiled at Jess. Nell went over to Jess and sat beside her. She looked at Bob asleep on the carpet.

    "You've learned a good lesson tonight," Neil said. "It isn't the size of man's cock that counts, it's how he uses it. A lot of men with massive cocks like Bob's turn out to be very disappointing fucks."

    Jess kissed her mother.

    "You should know, Mother. You've tried them all, haven't you? I want to try every cock there is."

    "Good girl. Well here's your chance to start. It looks as though Guy has his eye on you, and Cass tells me he is one of the best she's ever had, and later you can take on Jack. He's got a cock in a million."

    "As I told you, Mom, I'm well acquainted with Jack's cock."

    Nell went back to administer her special treatment to Jack, and Cass and Guy went over to Jess. Guy put his arms around her shoulders and Cass bent down and kissed her pussy.

    "I guess you feel you've been pried open," Guy whispered.

    Jess shook her head.

    "No, it wasn't difficult to take at all. After all, I'm a big girl now!"

    She took hold of Guy's cock, which was back to its full erection after his fuck with Cass.

    "I'm ready for this one," she said.

    Guy kissed her lips and went on down her body, kissing her neck and shoulders.

    He took one of her hard, suckable nipples into his mouth. Jess pressed his head to her tits as he went from one nipple to the other and she felt hot electric shocks begin to shoot through her nerves.

    Cass was busy tonguing her cunt-lips and Jess could feel Cass's hair tickling her thighs as she bobbed her head up and down.

    Guy kissed his way down Jess's body, stopping to lick her navel and tummy and burying his face in her soft, short cunt-hair.

    "Fuck time, darling," he said as he reached her cunt.

    Cass stopped licking Jess's cunt-lips and she and Guy kissed with their faces so close to Jess's cunt they could both sniff her sweet-scented fuck-juice.

    "Oooow, Guy, I want you!" Jess moaned.

    "And I want you too," Guy said softly as he got on top of Jess.

    He probed her deeply, her soft, elastic love channel closing around his cock like a firm, sponge rubber sheath. The heat of her cunt fired his loins and be began to fuck her with long, satisfying strokes.

    Jess wrapped her legs around his waist and clutched him with her arms. Her cunt was on fire and her tits throbbed unmercifully as they rubbed against his chest.

    "Aaaaagh!" she moaned as his thrusting prick caressed her clit while he was pushing it in and out.

    Guy kissed her distorted features as her lust turned her into a sex-crazy broad.

    "Oh Christ, Guy, I want it all… fuck me harder!"

    The tighter her pussy-hole grasped Guy's mobile, cock, the harder he fucked her. Her beautiful young body writhed under him as the searing heat of his prick inflamed the soft wet walls of her cunt-hole.

    It was not only the firm grip her juicy cunt had on his prick that inflamed him It was also the feel of her smooth, youthful body under him. The sensuous curves of her body, the velvety firmness of her flesh, and the, satiny sleekness of her skin combined to make fucks with Jess something special.

    Guy smashed his groin against her savagely, driven by lust and passion. He ground his mound against her ferociously, but she responded by yelling encouragement.

    "That's it, oh Jesus, Guy! Fuck me, fuck me!"

    She drove herself onto his cock with unmitigated fury.

    Her pent-up feelings took possession of her and she screamed and fought Guy with all her strength.

    "Oh Christ I'm coming… I'm coming… aaaarrrggghhh!" she yelled.

    It was too much for Guy. His cum spurted into her in a deep, satisfying flood.

    Jess's body gave a series of convulsive jerks and she dug her nails into Guy's arms until they drew blood. For fully a minute she was coiled around him like a snake. Then she collapsed.

    Guy kissed her cheeks and brushed her hair from her face.

    "That was some fuck," he whispered. "We go well together."

    She put her arms around his neck and nodded.

    Half an hour later they were all dressed and sitting around drinking coffee.

    Bob, who had been awakened by Guy with some difficulty, shook his head and took a great gulp from his cup.

    "That," he said solemnly, "was quite a night… quite exhausting. I hope I wasn't too much for you, Jess."

    Jess glanced swiftly at Cass, who winked back.

    "N-n-no. It was good," Jess replied hesitantly.

    "We must do it again soon."

    "Perhaps, but I may be going back to. Omaha soon."

    As soon as Guy and Bob had left, Jess said she was going to bed. She kissed her mother and. Cass goodnight and threw her arms around Jack's neck.

    "Come and kiss me goodnight," she pleaded in his ear.

    He kissed her and nodded.

    She went upstairs and showered. For a few moments she stood before the mirror and looked her body over…

    It was a nice slim body with all the curves in the right places. Her tits were standing up beautifully, and her nipples were almost glowing. Her tummy was nice and flat and her prominent cunt-mound was sparsely covered with nice fair, fluffy hair.

    Altogether, she thought to herself she had a good, fuckable body, and what more could a girl want?

    When she opened her shapely thighs, she smiled at the sight of her cunt. The cunt lips were thick and distended and pouting. She held her flaps aside and peered into her inner cunt. It was gooey with fuck juice and when she pushed her finger in, it almost felt as though it could stick the finger in. She put the finger to her lips and tasted the juice, a cocktail of cunt-juice and cum.

    She climbed into bed naked and turned off the light. She was almost asleep when Jack came and crawled into bed beside her. He had no clothes on.

    "Sorry to be so long, but Guy came back."

    "Guy? What did he want?"

    "What do you think with a cock like his!"

    "Where is he now?"

    "I would think he is probably up to his balls in your mother."

    "Oh good… but what about Cass?"

    "Knowing Guy's capacity I would think she'll get hers too. She's in bed with them."

    "Oh, Jack, it's wonderful I've got you all to myself."

    She kissed him and held his cock which was rigid and ready.

    She loved the feel of Jack's firm, athletic body against her as much as Jack appreciated rubbing his hands over her firm young tits and neatly-shaped ass-cheeks. Her Skin was warm and smooth and he could feel the heat of her curd when he put his hands between, her legs.

    "I love your hands wandering all over my body like this… It feels so sexy," Jess whispered.

    "You're the sexiest little thing I've had for years. You're just like your mother was when she was young. And you'll be just as beautiful as she is when you are her age."

    Jess kissed him warmly, her tongue brushing into his mouth and seeking his tongue. She opened her mouth wide as. Jack's tongue pushed hers back into her mouth and their slippery tongues engaged each other in friendly combat.

    Jack had two fingers between Jess's cunt-lips and she had opened her legs wide to let him in. Her hand, was gently rubbing up and down his cock, which felt like steel.

    "I want to suck your cunt, it feels so nice," Jack panted. "Put the light on so I can see it."

    He threw back the bedclothes and wriggled down to her cunt and kissed it.

    He worked his tongue into it as he had just been doing with her mouth and his lips closed around her cunt-lips and sucked. Her cunt tasted of sweet juice and he worked his tongue about in it like a bee sucking up the honey of a lovely pink flower.

    Her clit was standing up under its little covering, thick with desire. When his tongue found it, she clutched her tits and dug her head back into the pillow.

    "Oooow, Jack, no one makes love like you do. I want you, Jack. I want your cock!"

    Jack sucked her clit between his lips and explored its head with his tongue.

    She bucked and pushed her cunt up to him and he wrapped his arm around her body and gathered up a handful of her ass-cheeks to steady her.

    Fresh cunt-juice was oozing from her cunt-lips and Jack sucked it up gratefully.

    "I want your cock, give me your cock!" Jess moaned as she lay luxuriating in the overwhelming sensations Jack was generating in her cunt.

    But Jack knew she could take a lot more of his sucking before he fucked her. He kept sucking her clit and managed to get his fingers into her slit.

    "Ummmm, ooow!" she groaned as new sensations swept over her.

    Jack stopped licking her clit and pushed three fingers into her cunt-hole and began to work them in and out. There was a sucking noise like water running out of a bathtub as her cunt-juices squelched when he moved his fingers.

    "Oh, cock, cock, cock! I want cock!" she whimpered.

    Jack climbed on to her. His prick was dribbling pre-cum freely and he felt a violent urge for cunt.

    "Here you are, darling," he whispered, holding his cock against her cunt.

    She reached down and rubbed its head between her throbbing cunt-lips. Jack gently pushed it in until Jess snuggled against him and he felt the boiling heat of her luck-tunnel. He pushed the full length in, grinding his groin against her clit.

    "Oooooh, darling, that's what I need!" she gasped.

    She pressed her tits against Jack's chest and tightened her legs around his waist as he began a steady fucking motion, using the full length of his cock.

    Jess became more and more active and her face was tense with passion.

    "Ooooh, Jess… we fuck so beautifully… together!" Jack panted, hardly able to string his words together between breaths. "It feels… we've been… fucking all… our lives!"

    "Oh fuck me, Uncle Jack… fuck me, Daddy!" she cried.

    Jack stopped his fucking and grasped her hair to hold her head still.

    "What did you say, Jess?" he demanded.

    "Mom told me you could be my father because you were fucking her when she became pregnant."

    Jack looked at her for a moment, then resumed his thrusting at her cunt.

    "You don't mind if I call you Daddy when you're fucking me, do you? It makes it more exciting."

    "No I don't mind."

    "Then fuck me, Daddy, like I've never been fucked before!"

    Jack resumed poking her as hard as he could. He mightn't have had the chance to be a good father to her, if he was her father, but he could at least become a good lover.

    He drove his prick into her with renewed vigor, clutching her shoulders and slamming his balls against her. She responded by yelling: "Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt, fuck me, fuck me!"

    Jack felt her young body go tense in his arms. His balls churned and a moment later floods of his cum began to spurt into her.

    "Oh my god, Daddy, that's beautiful, that's beautiful!"

    Her arms and legs gripped him more tightly and she suddenly let out a weird, sensual scream that made Jack's pulse race.

    For what seemed minutes, they clung together in the ultimate sensation of sexual passion, then their bodies collapsed onto the bed, entwined together.

    A few moments later Nell crept into the room and slid into the bed on the other side of Jack. She put her arms around Jack and kissed him. Jack turned onto his back and put one hand on Jess's cunt, the other on Nell's.

    The girls each had a hand on his prick and balls. "There's nothing like family togetherness," Nell whispered.

    "There's nothing like Daddy, Mommy, and baby," Jess said quietly.

    Nell and Jack remained silent!

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