Runaround Sexpot


    "Come on, baby," Brad Monroe pleaded, "let me fuck you!"

    "No!" his sister, Franny, protested, pushing him away from her. "I'm a virgin, you know that!"

    "Yeah, sure, everyone knows that!" Brad said sarcastically, his balls aching with lust for his beautiful little sister. "But that doesn't mean you have to stay cherry forever!"

    "Never mind," Franny insisted, pushing her brother's hands away as he tried to push her skirt up. "I won't let you fuck me, Brad, but that doesn't mean we can't do something else."

    The young girl and her big brother were sitting in the front seat of the boy's car, right in front of their house. They had just returned from a movie in town and, like so many times before, the young teenagers had kissed and fondled their way through most of the film.

    "At least let me just put the head of my cock inside your pussy!" Brad said angrily.

    "No! And that's final!" Franny said firmly. "But that doesn't mean I can't suck you off. You know how much I like sucking you off."

    She batted her eyelashes at him in a way that never failed to stiffen the boy's cock.

    "Well, okay, if it means that much to you," Brad said casually, but he was secretly thrilled by the thought of his sexy little sister sucking him off until he came inside her hot, wet mouth.

    In a flash, Franny was down on the floor of the car, kneeling there while her brother slid over to the passenger side. Her hands darted out and in seconds, Brad's fly was undone and his fat cock was in the girl's soft, grasping hands.

    "Mmmm, I do love your cock! It's so big!" Franny cooed, stroking the boy's hard-on from base to head.

    "Quit talking and get sucking!" Brad growled as he slumped back against the seat of the car, his legs spread wide.

    Franny licked all over his meaty fuck rod. Then she began to suck on the shaft, letting her pink, wet tongue play over the trembling head of his large prick.

    She pulled his piss-slit open and slid her tongue along the groove, licking at the little drops of pre-cum which oozed out.

    "Ummmm!" she moaned, licking and swallowing the tasty sauce.

    "You sexy cunt! Suck my cock hard!" Brad demanded as he spread his legs farther apart. His movement gave the young girl access to his balls which were rapidly swelling with more and more cum.

    Franny swirled her tongue all over her brother's balls before returning to his cock which was visibly throbbing, demanding her erotic attention.

    The virgin's tongue was wet and slippery as she slid it around his hard cock. She sat on her heels, kneeling in front of her older brother as he sat back spread-eagled on the car seat. With one hand, Franny reached down and began to unbutton her blouse. She wanted Brad to be able to see her slip her fingers inside her blouse and squeeze her tits.

    "Yeah, rub those big tits of yours!" Brad grunted, his eyes going wide with excitement.

    The young boy looked past his big cock which was being hungrily licked and sucked by his turned-on sister and watched while she rubbed and pinched her tits to hardness.

    Her nips were dark-brown and protruding nearly a full inch from her pink areolas. Franny caught her left nip between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed hard.

    "Ummmmffff!" she groaned against the boy's prick as she felt her nip throb against her lewd touch.

    She released her aching nipple and performed the same obscene action with her other one, groaning with pleasure as she felt the little pink nip swelling with more blood.

    Then she slid her brother's prick into her mouth, sucking on his prickhead and running her tongue along his piss-hole.

    "Oh, that's good, baby!" Brad groaned. "Take my cock in your sexy mouth! Take it all and suck it hard, you sexy little bitch! Suck it good until I come!"

    He felt a fresh rush of blood course through his cock as his little sister continued to suck it.

    God, I wish she'd let me fuck her! Brad cursed to himself as his sister continued to give him one of her most expert blowjobs. She's one hell of a cocksucker and she really loves cock, but why is she holding out on me? How I'd love to pop her tight little cherry for her!

    Franny moaned excitedly as she sucked harder and harder on her big brother's hard, tasty cock. At the same time, she was making herself as hot as possible by continuing to squeeze her tits with her free hand. She gobbled hungrily on Brad's cock, taking long swipes on it with her tongue and sucking for all she was worth.

    Franny squirmed and wriggled on the floor of the car while she pinched her nipples, twisting them in her fingers and sucking on her brother's throbbing prick at the same time.

    "Jeeesus!" Brad groaned.

    He felt his nuts tightening up. They were filling with hot cum and he knew that soon he would have a load to let go into his sister's thirsty mouth. "Oh yeah, baby. Take my cock! Take it all, you cocksucking bitch!"

    With one hand, Franny gripped her brother's prickshaft. She slid her hot wet tongue downward, and Brad's hips jerked when he felt one of his balls being sucked into her mouth. She rolled her tongue around and around his hard ball. She sucked and licked at the soft skin of his ball sac as she pulled her hand up and down on his saliva-slickened cockmeat.

    "Ohhh, yeah!" Brad cried. He loved the feet of his sister's velvety tongue lapping at his nuts.

    Franny licked first one ball, then the other. Then she licked them both, swirling her tongue all over their firm, throbbing surface. The young virgin was really working at giving her brother as much pleasure as possible. She was sucking and licking his balls and cock, and continuing to play with her tits as she drove the boy closer and closer to orgasm.

    "Suck it! Suck my cock! I'm gonna shoot!" Brad groaned just a few seconds later.

    He felt the surge of cum racing from his nuts, up the long shaft of his cock. Franny opened her mouth wide and lowered her head more, burying her face in his crotch. She hungrily took his load down her throat as she gripped her nips, pinching them mercilessly. Little jolts of pain and pleasure shot through her and her pussy drooled with juice as she drank down every drop of her brother's cum.

    Brad humped and bucked on the car seat, driving his ass upward and sending his thick cock delving into the depths of Franny's hot, hungry mouth. He was fucking his little sister in the face. And she was slurping up his hot, creamy jism as fast as he could shoot it from his pulsing prick.

    "God, that's soooo fuckin' good!" he grunted.

    Franny licked up every drop of her brother's hot cum as it spilled out of his piss-slit. She sucked him dry and finally Brad fell back against the car seat, drained.

    Franny licked her lips, savoring the taste of the boy's creamy cum on her lips and tongue.

    "Come on, Franny, you just gave me a great blowjob. Won't you let me fuck you now?" Brad pleaded, his cock already growing hard again with the thought of fucking his little sister.

    "No!" Franny cried, opening the car door and climbing out.

    "You cock-teasing bitch!" Brad cursed, shoving his cock back inside his pants. He zipped himself up and cast a scornful glance in his sister's direction.

    "What are you waiting for? Go on! Run into the house like the scared little virgin that you are!"

    But Franny just smiled sweetly at her brother. She closed the car door and leaned her head in the open window.

    "Goodnight, brother, dear. Thanks for the delicious late-night snack," she whispered. Then, with a little laugh, she turned and walked into the house.

    "Goddamn cock-teasing bitch!" Brad cursed, pounding his fist angrily against the steering wheel. "One of these days she's gonna push me too goddamn far and she'll be sorry!"

    Suddenly, the flickering of a light from one of the second story bedrooms inside the Monroe house caught Brad's eye. He watched as the light was turned on and off a few more times and he grinned.

    "Wanda!" he said aloud, his grin growing broader.

    The light was coming from Wanda's bedroom. Wanda was the youngest of the three Monroe girls. Franny was next in age, and Lily was their older sister. In addition to their three daughters, Yvette and Kevin Monroe also had two sons, young Tom and older Brad.

    Now Brad stared mesmerized at the light flickering in Wanda's upstairs bedroom window. He recognized the signal. Obviously, the little girl had seen his car outside, had seen Franny run into the house, and now Wanda was letting Brad know that he could fuck her.

    "Good girl, Wanda," the boy murmured, as he locked his car and quickly climbed out. He thought about all the exciting suck and fuck sessions he and Wanda had shared, and his cock grew harder within the confines of his pants.

    "Wanda, honey," he murmured, as he let himself into the house and took the stairs two at a time to the second floor. "You've got yourself one hot stud for the night. But I know you're up to it!"

    "Hi, big boy," Wanda murmured homily as her big brother let himself into her room and closed the door behind him. "Did Franny turn you down again?"

    "Yeah, she sure as fuck did!" Brad muttered as he sat down next to Wanda on the edge of her bed. "She sucked me off but she wouldn't let me fuck her!"

    "I can't believe she's still a virgin!" Wanda said, proud that her brother had turned to her in his lust, as he had so many times before.

    "I know," Brad said, turning and running his eyes up and down Wanda's beautiful body. "Here you are, much younger than she is, yet she's the one acting like the uptight virgin!"

    "Well, I guess that's what she is, but you know I'm not," Wanda whispered, reaching between Brad's legs and grabbing hold of his hard cock.

    "Oh God, Wanda!" the boy groaned.

    He couldn't wait to fuck his kid sister. He knew that she was capable of giving an incredible fuck, and he really needed one tonight. He needed a savagely hot fuck. Franny had gotten him so hot and bothered that he could hardly stand it. Maybe she did suck him off and let him come inside her mouth, but it wasn't the same as coming inside her pussy And that was just what his cock needed at that very moment, a wet, snug pussy wrapped around the: full length of his hard-on.

    "Should I go get you a beer or anything?" Wanda purred.

    "Shit, no! I just wanna fuck!"

    "You horny bastard," Wanda said with a giggle.

    But she was glad that her brother wanted to fuck her so badly. That was just, what she wanted, too.

    Brad pulled her roughly to him and crushed her lips under his. Her hot tongue flicked out and shot into his mouth as she pushed her budding tits against his chest.

    "Ummmm!" Wanda moaned homily as she unzipped her brother's fly and clutched his prick, hauling it out into the open. She gasped as she felt how big and hard it was.

    Wanda slipped his prick and rubbed it up and down.

    "Take it easy, baby," Brad husked. "You're gonna make me come right now!"

    "Well hurry, then, get your clothes off and I'll do the same," Wanda said, her voice slurred with lust. She pulled her nightgown up over her head, revealing her naked body to the boy's desire-filled gaze.

    "God, what a body!" he said thickly, quickly peeling his own clothes off.

    The young girl turned down the covers on her bed. She licked her lips as she looked at her brother's nakedness, knowing that in just seconds, his lean, hard-muscled body would be fucking her. She clutched both of her tits and rubbed them. Her nipples peaked beneath the touch of her fingers, becoming hard and jutting.

    Wanda lay back on her bed and her brother watched her as she ran one finger up and down the juicing slit of her little pussy. She gazed excitedly at Brad as he moved toward her, his cock hard and swinging loose. His own eyes were on Wanda's pussy, which was open and ripe for fucking.

    "You're really hot tonight, aren't you?" the boy asked his kid sister.

    "Mmm, you know it!" she purred as she reached out with one hand and took hold of his balls. She felt the full weight of their cum-heavy load. His cock sprang upwards at the lewd touch of her hand.

    "I wanna suck on it a little," she cooed, sliding down in her bed.

    The boy continued to stand by the side of the bed. Wanda gripped his prick, holding it out by his prickshaft as she opened her mouth wide. The tip of her tongue touched the head of Brad's prick.

    "All right!" he yelped as a jolt of lust and pleasure shot through his loins.

    The little girl's tongue lapped at her big brother's cock wantonly. She licked and sucked all over his cockhead, sending wild incestuous shivers through his whole body.

    "God, that's good!" he panted, gladly letting her take complete charge of his cock and balls. Her hand cupped his loaded nuts as she slid the head of his cock deep into her mouth. The warm moistness of her mouth embraced his raging hard-on.

    "God! You're making me come! You goddamned little bitch! I'm gonna come right in your mouth!" Brad cried with a grimace as he pumped his was into Wanda's sucking mouth. He drove his prick into the depths of her clasping mouth and throat.

    Wanda moaned with pleasure, feeling the pumping of his cum as it shot from his balls, coursed through the tube of his cock and jetted into her eager mouth.

    The young girl knew that her brother had not wanted to come yet. He had wanted to wait until he fucked her before dumping his load. But Wanda knew just what she was doing. She had seen just how intensely Franny had aroused Brad. She had known that he was bound to come soon with the least bit of stimulation. And since the horny little girl wanted him to be able to last a long time inside her pussy before coming, she had wisely sucked him off first. Now he would be able to fuck her for a long time before having to come.

    Brad slipped his still-hard cock out of Wanda's mouth when he finished coming. He stretched out on the bed next to the young girl.

    She held his cock in her hand and turned onto one side, rubbing her tits against his heaving chest.

    "You still wanna fuck me, don't you?" she asked eagerly.

    "Shit, yeah," Brad said. "Just give me a second to get my breath."

    "Think you can suck my pussy first without coming?"

    "Just try me!" Brad said, feeling his prick jerk at the thought of eating his little sister out.

    "Goody, goody," Wanda cried as she squirmed about in the bed and pushed her tits into her brother's face.

    Brad could feel the smooth-skinned heat of his sister's tits against his cheeks and he wallowed in them. He stuck his tongue out and started to lick her twin tit-mounds.

    "Ohhhhh," Wanda moaned, thrusting one of her nips into his mouth.

    Brad began sucking on Wanda's nipple as his cock grew harder between his muscular legs.

    "Good, good," Wanda purred as she squeezed both of her tits together with her hands and buried the boy's face in them, smothering him in the musky sweetness of her young tit-flesh.

    She quickly straddled him, her pussy rubbing against him as she bounced up and down on him, filling his face with her tit-flesh.

    "Oh, God, Wanda, "you're really turning me on," Brad groaned, his words were muffled against her tits as she continued to push them into his face.

    Brad loved the feel and taste of his little sister's tits. He nuzzled his face against them, sucking and nibbling on the taut nips now and then. The thing he loved most about Wanda was the way the young girl gave herself completely to him with no holding back. He thought that Franny could definitely take a sexual lesson from her younger sister.

    "Give me your pussy! I have to taste it now!" Brad gasped a few seconds later.

    Wanda eagerly moved forward, pressing her crotch into her brother's face. He groaned as he breathed in the sweet, musky smell of her aroused cunt. He thrust out his tongue, tasting her slick fuck-juices as she buried her bush in his mouth.

    "Suck it, honey," she begged. "Suck my pussy! Suck it inside out!"

    She jammed her pussy into his face. Brad buried his nose and mouth in her bushy cunt and his tongue ran in and out of Wanda's tight little fuckhole.

    "Oh, yeah, fuck my pussy with your tongue!" she cried, throwing her head back.

    After tongue-fucking the little girl for a few more minutes, Brad began to lick her clit.

    "Ohhh, harder, harder, I'm gonna come!" Wanda pleaded.

    Brad lashed at the girl's clit with his tongue, licking it mercilessly.

    "Arrghhh, yeah, yeah, I'm coming now! I'm coming!" Wanda squealed as her orgasm rushed through her. Her girl-cum poured into Brad's mouth and he eagerly drank it down. "Now," Wanda panted as she finished coming, "will you fuck me?"


    Wanda-Monroe whimpered lustfully as her big brother hovered above her. She felt his hard cock pressing against her moist pussy and she felt dizzy with excitement and desire.

    "Do it now! Fuck meeee!" she screamed, reaching out and pulling the boy toward her.

    The smooth-skinned head of Brad's big cock pried Wanda's tight cuntlips apart and he grinned with pleasure as he slowly inched his throbbing prick into her.

    "Unngghhh, so tight!" he grunted, nudging his cockhead deeper inside her. He wriggled his hips and shoved his cock deeper into her. At the same time, Wanda wantonly lifted her hips up from the bed and humped against him, desperate to feel his whole cock inside her horny little cunt.

    "God, I love the feel of your fat cock in my pussy, Brad," Wanda said in a moan, clutching her tits and rubbing them as she raised the lower part of her body to capture the boy's full prick.

    Brad leaned back as far as possible without pulling his cock completely out of his kid sister's pussy. Then, with a wild, animal cry, he quickly fucked forward.

    "Ohhhh, yessss!" Wanda sighed, feeling the sweet aching filling of her cunt-hole with her brother's hard cockmeat.

    Brad trembled. He loved fucking Wanda's super-tight pussy. He could feel her snug pussy walls lewdly squeezing his entire cock and he groaned with desire and pleasure.

    "Ohhh, you feel so good inside me, Brad," Wanda moaned. She was flushed and her eyes were glazed. Her tits were throbbing, their nips stiff and pointy. She felt her little cunt twitching around her big brother's prick and she shuddered with excitement.

    "Fuck me hard now, Brad! I love the way you fuck me!" she cried sluttishly.

    Brad grinned down at his kid sister as he began to fuck her. He slowly moved his cock in and Out of her gripping pussy-hole. The feel of his huge prick fucking in and out of her, his balls slapping against her ass-crack, filled the young girl with a swiftly rising fuck-lust.

    "You've got a talented little pussy," Brad growled as he felt the girl's strong pussy-muscles clasping his prick.

    "And your cock must've gone to school to learn how to fuck like this," the young girl retorted with a grin.

    Brad continued to fuck his thick cock in and out of his kid sister's pussy. Her cunt was running with pussy-juice and streams of it coated his cock, lubricating her cunt nicely.

    "You're soooo sexy!" he moaned, gazing down at her swollen nipples which seemed to be pulsing harder and harder. With a growl, he lowered his head and sucked one of her nipples between his lips. He sucked hard on the rosebud, licking it, then nibbling on her rockhard bud with his sharp teeth.

    "Yessss! Bite it! Bite my nip!" Wanda screamed in a frenzy of incestuous lust.

    Brad moved his drooling mouth rapidly from one trembling tit to the other, using his lips, tongue, and teeth, making the little girl moan with joy and lust.

    "More! More! Bite my nips! Chew on them!" she yelled, humping up at the boy with her crotch to impale herself fully on his thrusting prick.

    Spurred on by the girl's lewd pleas, Brad sank his teeth harder into one of her nipples, feeling it shudder against his teeth.

    "Yeow! Yessss! I love it!" Wanda cried as tears of pain and pleasure filled her eyes.

    Brad moved his mouth to her other tit and chewed hard on that stiff nip.

    "Omigod! That's great!" she gasped.

    She ran her hands up and down his strong, muscular arms, raking the hard flesh with her sharp fingernails. Her entire body trembled beneath his as he began to fuck her harder.

    She clenched her strong, tight cuntmuscles hard around her big brother's cock. Then she unclenched them, releasing his cock so he could pull out of her and slam back into her pussy even harder.

    "Unnnhhhh, yessss, I love it when you fuck me hard like that!" she groaned, tossing her head from side to side.

    She arched her back and thrust her crotch up against the boy's cock, meeting it with her gaping, wet pussy. She clawed at his broad back with her arched fingertips, leaving little red welts. Her fuck-hole opened up even more to his rutting prick.

    "Ohhhh, you're all the way inside meeee!" she whined as she felt her little cunt-hole fifing up again with the deliciously hard meat.

    "I love fucking you, honey!" Brad cried, drops of sweat dripping off his flushed face and splashing down onto his kid sister's face and tits.

    "Mmmm, me too! I love the way your huge hard cock feels all the way inside me!" the girl cried as she writhed violently on the bed, her brother's words arousing her even more.

    "Wow! You're fucking back at me like a little whore!" Brad grunted.

    His voice was filled with admiration and pride. And Wanda knew that he was thinking about Franny at that moment, Franny who continued to refuse to let him fuck her.

    Brad slipped both of his hands under his sister's ass now, lifting her hips up higher.

    "Fuck me harder, baby!" he said huskily.

    "Ohhh, yeah," Wanda sighed as she bent her knees and spread her legs even wider, fucking her hips upward, grinding her pussy hard against his thrusting cock.

    "My tits! You forgot about my tits! They need to be sucked, Brad! They're aching so hard!"

    The girl groaned, sounding as if she were in some kind of intense pain. And in a way, she was-the pain of unrelieved fuck-lust.

    "I'll fix those tits!" Brad growled as he lowered his head and greedily sucked on one of her tits. He felt her nip pulsing between his lips and he continued to fuck her hard while he sucked. Then he moved his face to her other tit.

    "Yesss!" Wanda hissed between clenched teeth when she felt her brother sucking her nipple into his wet mouth.

    She trembled as his slick tongue played over it. Then he sucked it hard.

    "Yeah! Now bite it!"

    Brad's sharp teeth sank into the hypersensitive flesh of her nipple and her body bucked and jerked with excitement. She felt more fuckjuice seeping into her pussy.

    Brad fucked his cock harder and deeper into his kid sister's cunt with each stroke. He could have come any time, he was so worked up. But he deliberately held back, wanting this fuck to last as long as possible. And in his lust-tortured mind, each thrust of his cock into Wanda's willing little pussy was a thrust into Franny's forbidden cunt, the cunt he had been lusting after for so long now. One of these days, Franny, he thought to himself as he continued to fuck Wanda, one of these days, you're gonna get what's coming to you, you cock-teasing bitch!

    As Brad shoved his full cock into.Wanda's pussy, she thrust her hips up high in the air, fucking back at him with her hot drooling cunt.

    "Jeeeesus, baby, you're really hot tonight!" the boy groaned, panting hard with the exertion of his wild fucking.

    Wanda grinned up at her brother, delighted to be able to give him what Franny refused to give. Wanda was very close to her entire family, Franny included, and she loved her big sister more than she could say. But she didn't think it was right for Franny to deliberately tease Brad and then not deliver.

    "Ooooohhhh, you're fucking me soooo good, Brad!" she moaned as her big brother's huge prick fucked its way into her wet pussy over and over, taking both of the horny teens closer and closer to orgasm.

    She lifted her little trim ass high off the bed, keeping pace with Brad's violent fucking motions. She shivered with passion for her big sexy brother. She felt so hot and horny that she wanted him to go on fucking her all night long.

    "Ohhhh, Brad, fuck me! Fuck me hard! I need it sooo bad! Fuck me till I can't take anymore!" she screamed.

    "Yeah, I'll fuck you all right, you little whore! I know you like it hard and fast, and that's just how I'm gonna fuck you now!"

    "Yes! Yes! You're right, Brad! Hard and fast is just how I want it, just how I love it!" Wanda panted excitedly.

    Brad growled and lowered his head. He pressed his mouth against his sister's. Their tongues performed a lewd sort of dance with each Other. And the brother and sister tongue-kissed again and again. All the while, Brad fucked his huge, hard cock hard and fast into Wanda's more than-willing cunt.

    Her fuck-juices were pouring thickly out of her now. They thoroughly soaked Brad's prick, wetting down his aching balls, matting both of the youngsters crotch hairs.

    "Unnhhh, sooooo good!" Wanda moaned, feeling the boy's hard, thick prick fully impale her pussy.

    She gasped with pleasure and joy, tossing her head back and forth and humping her hips up violently against his. She tightened and loosened her cunt-muscles around Brad's cock, squeezing it hard as he fucked her faster and deeper.

    "That's it, Wanda, squeeze!" Brad groaned.

    He thrust the full length of his prick in and out of Wanda's pussy, using powerful humping movements. Each plunge of his prick made his hard cockshaft slide deliciously over Wanda's clit.

    "Ohhhh, God, your prick's rubbing my clit! That feels soooo good!" she gasped.

    Both of the incestuous lovers were soaked with sweat as they continued to fuck with wild abandon. "Ohhhh! Harder! Faster! Deeper!" Wanda cried again and again, feeling her ravaged cuntmeat burning and throbbing ecstatically.

    "Sexy little cunt!" Brad growled as he fucked his fat cock deeper and deeper into his kid sister. He slid almost all of his long, thick prick out of her and then savagely fucked back into her again. His tightly loaded balls slapped wetly against her asscrack.

    "Yessss, yessss," she sighed, thrusting her pussy up hard against her brother's cock.

    Suddenly, the young girl's eyes rolled back in her head and her breathing grew labored as she began to come. "I-I-I'm… coming… hard… it feels sooooo good… commmiiinnnggg!" she shrieked at the top of her lungs.

    "Great cum! I can feel it! Your pussy's shaking all over against my cock!" Brad cried, beside himself with incestuous lust as his sister's pussy orgasmed against his prick.

    "Wow! This is a big one! I'm still coming sooooo fuckin' hard! Sooo fuckin' good!"

    "Yeah, baby, go for it!" Brad urged, still fucking her hard and deep. "Shoot! Shoot that fuck-juice all over my cock!"

    "Aieeeee!" the young girl yelled as the peak of her orgasm raged through her entire body. She felt her orgasm intensely in every fiber of her body. Her cuntwalls contracted almost painfully with the force of the orgasmic explosion shooting through her pussy.

    Brad growled deep in his throat, his hips lunging faster. His body shuddered and an expression of savage lust contorted his young face. He was reared up high now, able to see his huge cock cockshaft slick with Wanda's girl-cum, fucking in and out of her spasming cunt.

    "I'm gonna come soon, baby! Aaarghhhh, you're turning me on so fucking much!"

    He grunted, slamming into her hard with the full length of his twitching prick. The girl's prick-filled pussy fluttered lewdly around his cock. She sobbed with joy as his heaving chest sank down against her throbbing tits, mashing them flat. They were both panting like steam engines now.

    "Yessss, hurry and come inside me, Brad! I need your cum filling me all up!" the girl cried hysterically, still coming.

    Wanda trembled excitedly as she felt her brother's cock-tip fucking against the back wall of her pussy. She loved the feel of his whole cock thrusting in and out of her. And she loved the feel of the mighty orgasm he was giving her. All she needed now to make her joy complete was the feel of his hot cum gushing into her gaping pussy.

    "God, I can tell… when I come… it's gonna be a big one… a real beaut!" Brad cried as he fucked forward again. His chest crushed down against his sister's ripe tits. He rammed his thick cock into her with all of his muscular might, using his thighs and ass to fuck into her hard.

    "Ohhhh, it feels soooo good, I can't stand it!" Wanda groaned, tears streaming down her face. Again and again, Brad rammed his prick into the girl's spasming pussy. Wanda felt his long, throbbing cock fucking into her cunt in brutal, pistoning movements and she sobbed with pleasure.

    Their naked, sweating bodies slapped obscenely against each other as they fucked harder and harder. Brad's rock-hard prick fucked in and out of his kid sister's tight pussy. She groaned, feeling as if she were literally breaking apart beneath the sharp impact of his hard fucking.

    Her brother's contorted features, their sweating bodies noisily slapping together, the weight of his chest crushing her tits, and his fiery cock plunging harder and deeper into her pussy, thrilled the girl half out of her mind.

    Wanda reached up and gripped her brother's shoulders. Then she let her hands slide down his smooth back all the way to his shuddering asscheeks. She clutched his ass, one cheek in each hand, and squeezed and tugged at the same time, pulling him even deeper inside her.

    "Yeah, yeah, I'll fuck you hard, sexy cunt!" Brad grunted.

    His heavily veined, rock-hard cock plunged hard against the walls of his sister's cunt which clasped around his thrusting cock in a greedy movement.

    Again and again, Wanda concentrated on working her strong cunt-muscles around her brother's prick, hugging his fuckmeat tightly inside her pussy as he fucked deep into her. Then she gradually unclenched her cunt-muscles, allowing his prick to slide free once again.

    "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she chanted demandingly, her sharp nails digging into his tensed asscheeks.

    But Brad didn't mind the slight pain. It only added fire to the incestuous fuck. He felt her pussy-muscles hotly as his huge prick continued to slide in and out of her, and he groaned in ecstasy. Wanda was still coming and she longed to have her brother join her in orgasm. She knew from past sexual experiences that that was the greatest fuck thrill of all.

    "Ohhhh, ahhhhh, yesss, fuck meee!" she whimpered as she felt her brother deliberately fucking her harder and faster and deeper with each stroke of his fat cock.

    "Man! When I come, there'll be so much cum, your little pussy won't be able to hold it all!" the boy groaned, feeling his balls churning with more and more boffing cum.

    Wanda groaned helplessly, thrilled by her brother's lewd words. She couldn't think of anything she would like better than for him to shoot so much cum into her pussy that her little fuck-hole would not be able to hold it all and the sticky goo would ooze out of her, running down her legs and soaking into the bedclothes between her thighs.

    She panted, unable to catch her breath as her brother savagely fucked her. She could feel her narrow pussy channel being stretched to the limit as Brad's cock swelled with more and more engorging blood. He fucked his entire prick into her as deep as he could, throwing his ass in gear as he furiously fucked his sister's needy cunt.

    "Aaarrggghhh, you're fucking me soooo good!" she cried, squeezing his asscheeks again and tugging them forward, pulling his cock even deeper inside her.

    She closed her eyes in sexual ecstasy as he fucked into her with hard, pistoning cock-stabs. Her entire body shook and shuddered beneath his.

    "Come inside me now, Brad!" she groaned, dying to feel his hot cum gushing into her. "Shoot your juice! I need to feel it inside my pussy!"

    Brad groaned as he drove his cock between her legs. Her swollen cuntlips stretched out, clasping firmly around the glistening cockshaft.

    "Yeah, I'll shoot… any minute now… get ready, baby," Brad growled.

    "I'm ready! I'm ready! Oh, God, am I ready!" the young girl gasped hysterically.

    Wanda loved the feel of her brother fucking his prick all the way into her. She loved the way his thick cock scraped deliciously against her tender cuntwalls. She loved the throbbing sensation of Brad's cock against her cunt-muscles. And she loved his balls slapping lewdly against her quivering asscheeks.

    "Harder! Fuck me harder!" she begged. "Gimme all of it! Fuck me as hard as you can! And come! Oh, God, yes, Brad, you have to come, you have to! Don't hold Out on me, whatever you do!"

    Brad grinned down at his fully aroused kid sister. He loved the way she so wantonly cried out for his own, and again he thought that Franny could take a lesson from the younger girl.

    Brad's skewering prick fucked in and out of Wanda's cunt faster and harder and deeper with each lunge. And she fucked back at him, keeping perfect time with his driving thrusts.

    Each time Brad fucked the full, throbbing length of his cock into his little sister's pussy, he felt the clasping of her strong pussy-muscles. He withdrew until only the tip of his cock remained in her pussy's hard grip. And then he fucked forward again with all of his young brute strength.

    "Yessss!" she hissed.

    Over and over again, the young boy fucked his entire cock into his kid sister's juicy cunt. With each thudding fuck-thrust, she humped her crotch up against his. Then, when he pulled back, so did she, groaning lustfully as she waited impatiently for him to come inside her.

    Again, Brad reached beneath her and clasped the full cheeks of her quivering ass. He cupped her asscheeks hotly in the palms of both hands, squeezing them as he continued to fuck his cruel cock into her wet, clenching cunt.

    The young girl's face was flushed and contorted with raw emotion and lust. She gazed upwards at her brother's lust-blazing eyes and she moaned, thinking how lucky she was to have such a sexy, hard-cocked brother.

    Suddenly, with a little squeal, she threw her legs up over Brad's shoulders. Now he was able to fuck her even deeper. She felt his huge cock pistoning in and out of her cunt. And she could feel a waft of cool air against the crack of her ass as she spread her legs still wider on his broad shoulders. Now, he was able to get the deepest possible penetration into her pussy.

    Brad took his hands away from his sister's ass and gripped her tits, squeezing them, pinching them, making her cry Out with pain and pleasure and beg for more. And all the time he continued to fuck his entire prick in and out of her tight, wet cunt-hole.

    Their hot, sweaty bodies slapped together, struggling for release. The young girl had stopped coming a few minutes earlier. And she knew that she needed the thrill of feeling her brother coming inside her to release the fresh orgasm that was mounting in her loins.

    Again, she reached for his asscheek, squeezing them wantonly as he fucked his hard pumping prick into her wet pussy. The gurgling fuck-sounds just served to arouse her all the more. "Ohhhh, ahhhh, yessss, it feels soooo good, Brad! But I need you to come! Pleeeease come!"

    Brad grinned down at the young girl who was half out of her mind with lust now. He continued to luck his prick hard and fast and deep into her steaming cunt. Then he groaned as he felt her finger suddenly stabbing into his tight asshole. "Arrrghhh, you're gonna make me come!" he roared as he felt his kid sister touch his prostate. "Good! That's what I want! That's what I needed!" Wanda whined helplessly.

    Brad continued to fuck the girl with long, hard fuck-lunges. Again and again, he thrust his bursting cock into her grasping, greedy cunt. Her tits heaved and throbbed against his manly chest. Her hard, pointy nips poked into his chest as he crushed her against him with each fuck-thrust.

    "Ohhhh, God, I need to come again soooo baaad! Shoot, Brad, for God's sake, shoot!" she begged, sobbing now. She quivered beneath the boy, stabbing her finger all the way up his tight asshole and stroking his prostate.

    "Unnngghbh, good, good!" he groaned, closing his eyes in pleasure as he fucked into her pussy with relentlessly hard stabs. He gripped her tits so hard now that she screamed out in pain and pleasure.

    "Commmiiinnnggg!" the boy finally yelled as his prick exploded with a hot gush into Wanda's cunt.

    "Ohhhh, yessss, you're coming at last! I can feel you shooting your cum inside my pussy! Oh, God, it's soooo fuckin' hot! It's burning my cuntmeat! That's what I need! And it's making me come again too!"

    Wanda gasped as her own orgasm rocketed through her, making her moan and writhe with incestuous ecstasy. Brad continued to fuck his kid sister as they came together. He was right. He was shooting so much cum into her that her little pussy could not possibly contain it all. And the thick white-hot jism began to run down her legs, spilling out onto the tangled bedclothes below.

    Brad loved his little sister and he loved fucking her. But as he continued to shoot his jism into her spasming cunt, his thought were on Franny and her little virginal pussy.


    While Brad and Wanda were getting it on, Franny was undressing in the bathroom. Then she, walked naked into her bedroom.

    "Oh, Lily!" she gasped, surprised to see her older sister sitting on the edge of her bed. "What are you doing here?"

    Lily's eyes ran up and down the length of her little sister's body, her gaze focusing on Franny's firm tits and bushy crotch.

    "Just what happened between you and Brad tonight?" Lily asked, finding it bard to concentrate with her sister's beautiful body revealed so nakedly before her.

    Franny stood in front of her sister and spread her legs wide. She put her balled-up fists on her slender hips and smiled, enjoying the way her sister was studying her nakedness.

    "I don't know what you mean," she said with a deliberately casual shrug of her soft, lily-white shoulders. "You know that Brad and I went to a movie tonight. That's what happened."

    "Don't give me that crap, Sis!" Lily said, her eyes narrowing angrily. "I happened to glance out the window when Brad came in-all by himself. What happened between you two? Why didn't you two come into the house together? And what did you do to make Brad so angry?"

    "What is this? An inquisition? I'm tired. Just let me go to sleep," Franny said, climbing up onto her bed and deliberately waving her naked ass in front of her sister's flushed face.

    Lily watched as Franny lay down naked on top of the covers. Then the older girl reached out and grabbed hold of Franny's shoulder, pulling her around to face her.

    "Tell me! You led him on again and then refused to fuck him, didn't you?" she asked.

    "That's not the way it was at all. I made him feel good, Lily," Franny said softly.

    She and her sister were so close to each other now that Franny's naked tits were brushing against the fabric of the older girl's blouse. Franny moaned softly, feeling her nips beginning to harden.

    "What do you mean, you made him feel good?" Lily asked thickly, her eyes traveling down to her sister's tits. "Did you let him fuck you finally, or didn't you?"

    "Oh, no, I couldn't do that! I'm a virgin!" Franny cried, as if horrified at the thought of fucking with her brother or with anyone, for that matter.

    "Then what? What did you do to make Brad feel good?" Lily asked, her pussy moistening.

    "I sucked him off," Franny whispered, leaning closer to her sister.

    Lily instinctively moved closer to Franny, too, their bodies touching now.

    "You sucked him off? Did you like it?" she asked lewdly, her grip tightening on the younger girl's shoulder.

    "Oh, sure, I loved it! Mmmm, I can still taste his delicious cum. It was so creamy and hot. I loved it! But then you should know all about what it's like to suck Brad off, Lily. And to fuck him too. I know that you and everyone else in this family have been getting it on with each other for ages now. I guess I'm the last holdout. I'll suck but I won't fuck."

    "That's just my point, you bitch!" Lily spat out between gritted teeth. "I love my brothers and my father! And I love making it with them. I've stood by for too long and watched you driving them all crazy with that sexy body of yours and then, when the moment of truth arrives, you always cop out! You never let them fuck you! Why? It's wrong to tease them like that!"

    "That's your problem. I have my reasons," Franny said with a laugh as if she couldn't have cared less about what her sister was saying.

    "You little cock-teasing bitch!" Lily cried as she hauled off and slapped her hand across Franny's face so hard that her red handprint was left on the younger girl's snow-white flesh.

    "Lily, you hit me!" Franny whined, feeling her little pussy beginning to throb.

    "What're you gonna do about it, bitch?" Lily demanded.

    "Why don't you take all your clothes off and I'll show you what I can do about it."

    "My God! What are you saying?" Lily cried, suddenly turned-on.

    "You know what I'm saying. Let me make you feel good, Lily. You want me to make it with everyone in the family. Well, maybe if you and I get it on… well, you know, maybe that'll be a kind of start for me."

    Franny ran her hands over her own tits.

    "Say no more!" Lily gasped, unable to restrain her lust for her sexy little sister. She quickly peeled her own clothes off and turned back toward the younger girl who was watching her with eager eyes.

    "Get on top of me now," Franny begged, already beginning to twist and turn on the bed.

    With a little moan, Lily sprawled on top of her sexy sister. Their lips met hungrily. Their tongues touched, exploring each other's mouth boldly. They were both breathless with passion by now, and they rubbed their stiff nips together.

    Lily moved down slightly and kissed her young sister's tits. She sucked her nipples hard and then flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth across the little hard-ons.

    "Oh, God yes!" Franny whimpered helplessly.

    She spread her legs open as wide as she could get them. She felt her pussy swelling and getting wetter. Her clit was erect and throbbing.

    "Eat me, Sis. Eat my cunt!" she pleaded tearfully.

    Lily needed no further encouragement to suck her little sister's pussy. She slid down the little girl's body until her face was right in Franny's pussy.

    "Wow! Your clit is really huge, Franny! It's so big and hard, it's sticking out between your cuntlips!" the older girl said, her voice choked with lust and excitement.

    "Ungh!" Franny responded, unable to speak. Lily put the palms of her hands on the backs of Franny's thighs and pushed upward until the younger girl's toes lifted up from the bed. Franny felt her weight shifting to the back of her head and her round shoulders. Her feet were in the air and her ass was in her sister's face.

    Lily kissed, licked and nibbled on the cheeks of Franny's ass. Then she pulled the girl's asscheeks wide-open so she could lick Franny's ass.

    "God!" Franny gasped, feeling her sister's tongue licking all over her little puckered asshole. Suddenly, Lily shoved her tongue into the younger girl's pussy, stopping only when Franny's tightly stretched cherry forced her to stop.

    "Yessss," Franny hissed between clenched teeth. "Fuck my cunt with your tongue!"

    For long moments, Lily slid her tongue in and out of Franny's cunt, thrusting all the way up to her cherry each time.

    "Ohhh, it feels sooooo good, Sis," Franny moaned, panting hard.

    As her big sister continued to tongue-fuck her as deeply as possible, Franny made a low humming sound deep in her throat. She closed her eyes tightly and Writhed with pleasure on the bed. Then she clutched her own tits, squeezing them hard. She tossed her head from side to side.

    "Ummm," Lily moaned, feeling her little, pussy throbbing with desire. She made her tongue as stiff and pointy as possible, ramming it all the way up to her kid sister's cherry, then puffing out again.

    "Oh, that's good!" Franny cried excitedly. Each time Lily fucked her tongue into her sister's cunt-hole, she wriggled it about inside, stroking the walls of the younger girl's cunt. Lily continued to tongue-fuck her sister's cunt, her nose raking over Franny's clit now and then. Finally, Lily took her tongue out of the young girl's cunt-hole and she began to lick her clit.

    "Unh, yes!" Franny cried, bucking her hips up and humping her crotch against her sister's face.

    Lily wrapped her lips about the base of Franny's clit and she sucked so hard that she grew dizzy and saw little bright stars before her closed eyes.

    "Aieeeee! I'm starting to come!" Franny gasped.

    Lily sank her teeth into the tender flesh of Franny's trembling clit.

    "Commmliinnnggg!" Franny shouted and a stream of girl-cum gushed into Lily's sucking mouth.

    Franny came for several minutes, and Lily continued to lick, suck, and bite her clit until finally, the younger girl begged her to stop, saying she could not possibly take any more.

    "That was sooooo good, Sis!" Franny moaned, squeezing her own tits as she lay panting on the bed in the afterglow of orgasm.

    "I liked it, too. Your pussy really tastes good, honey, and eating you out like that turned me on unbelievably!" Lily said with a giggle.

    "It did?" Franny asked with interest, raising herself up on both elbows and gazing down at her sister's naked cunt. She licked her lips excitedly. "Then, I guess it's my turn to make you come!"

    "Oh, wow, would you really do that for me?" Lily asked eagerly, already spreading her legs wide.

    "My pleasure," Franny said with a sweet smile as she settled herself between her sister's thighs and lowered her head to her musky smelling pussy.

    While Lily had eaten her out, Franny had-felt frustrated that she was still a virgin, and that her cherry had stopped Lily from tongue-fucking her more-deeply. But she grinned with anticipation, knowing that she wouldn't have that problem with her sexually experienced sister's pussy.

    She plunged the full length of her tongue deeply into Lily's tight cunt-hole.

    "Yes!" Lily gasped with pleasure.

    Then Franny took her tongue out of Lily's cunt-hole and she stiffened her middle finger, ramming it as deep as she could get it into Lily's little pussy.

    "Ohhh, you sexy bitch!" Lily moaned. She tensed her inner cunt-muscles and lewdly squeezed Franny's finger inside her.

    Franny moaned. She had never had her finger inside anyone's cunt before. It felt great. She quickly placed three fingers inside Lily's fuckhole and twisted them, making the older girl writher violently on the bed.

    "Tight little pussy! I love it!" Franny groaned, shoving her three fingers in and out of Lily's clasping pussy-hole. She thrust them into her as deep as possible, not stopping until she felt her finger-tips striking the back wall of Lily's pussy.

    "Gotta come! Gotta come!" Lily cried, her face turning red.

    Franny continued to fuck her three stiff fingers in and out of Lily's squeezing pussyhole. At the same time, she lowered her head and began to lick and suck on Lily's hard clit.

    Lily came very hard. Her hips bucked up and down wildly. Her face contorted. Her inner pussy spasmed and gripped Franny's fingers so hard that the younger girl cried out in protest.

    Franny continued to suck and lick her sister's clit while the older girl came. She wrapped her lips around her stiff clit and drew in her cheeks as she sucked. She loved the way it felt as Lily's orgasming pussy clutched her fingers hard. She could feel that all three of her fingers were wet and slippery with pussy-juice, allowing them to slide in and out of her quivering pussy easily.

    Finally, Lily stopped coming. With a little groan, Franny pulled her lips and tongue from her sister's pussy and pulled her three sticky fingers out of her drooling cunt-hole.

    Lily collapsed back onto the bed. Her big tits heaved up and down as she struggled to catch her breath. Her entire body was slick with sweat. She glanced down as Franny raised her face between her legs and laughed.

    "What's so funny?" Franny asked.

    "Your face… it's all wet with my juices," Lily said.

    Franny grinned and stuck her tongue out, licking up as much of her sister's pussy-juice from her own face as she could. She loved the sweet-tangy taste of Lily's cunt-juice.

    "I feel closer to you than ever before, Sis," Lily said softly as her sister scooted up on the bed and settled into the older girl's embrace.

    "Me too," Franny agreed, kissing her big sister lightly on the lips.

    "See how great incest is?" Lily asked, hoping to persuade her little sister to let their father and brothers fuck her.

    "I know it is! Sucking off Brad like I did tonight… that's incest too, you know," Franny said a little defensively.

    "Yeah," Lily said with a deep sigh. "But it's just not enough, Sis. You can't keep teasing our brothers like that. They can only take so much! Won't you let them fuck you?"

    "We'll see, Sis, we'll see," Franny murmured as she turned away from her sister and closed her eyes.

    As she drifted off to sleep, her lovely young face wore a mysterious smile which her sister could not see.


    A few days later, Franny was alone in the house with Tom, her younger brother. The two teenagers were in the kitchen. Franny was preparing lunch for them, and Tom was watching her every move.

    Tom leaned his back against the kitchen counter, his eyes roving over his big sister's sexy body as she moved efficiently from refrigerator to counter to table, making sandwiches and soup.

    Franny was wearing a par of shorts and a tight tank-top. She wore no bra and was happily aware that her tits were straining against the flimsy fabric of her top, her nipples stiffly poking against it. She was also very aware that her little brother was turned on to her. And she welcomed his sexual attention. She felt herself tie pussy moistening with juice and her clit growing hard.

    As she moved past the young boy to the table, she made a point of brushing against his hard muscled body, swinging her little ass seductively against his crotch.

    Tom grinned as his sister wriggled her way past him. He dropped one hand to his crotch and squeezed his growing bard-on, making sure that Franny saw what he was doing.

    Franny pretended not to notice, but her pussy throbbed and her nips peaked against her top.

    A few minutes later, the brother and sister were seated at the kitchen table, eating their sandwiches and soup.

    "That's sure a sexy outfit you're wearing," Tom mumbled after a few minutes of silence. "It really turns me on."

    "Really?" Franny asked coyly, thrilled by her brother's comment.

    "Yeah, really! I've got a big hard-on ‘cause of you, Franny," Tom responded, moving his chair back and clutching his crotch so his sister could see him. "See?"

    "Stop, Tommy!" Franny cried, blushing.

    "Come on, Sis, you always turn me on, just like you turn on everyone else in this family. And you know it, too, don't you?"

    "I don't know what you're talking about," Franny said, concentrating on her sandwich. But she knew exactly what her brother was talking about.

    "When are you gonna quit playing the virginal role? When are you gonna let me fuck you?" Tom said, reaching for the girl's tits.

    Franny leaned toward him, letting him cup and squeeze one of her tits. She moaned softly.

    "See? You like it, you little teasing cunt! Come on, let's go fuck!" Torn said, his cock growing still harder within the confines of his pants.

    "No! I want to finish my lunch," Franny said, leaning back from her brother.

    Out of the corner of her eye, she could see his cock throbbing against the crotch of his pants and she smiled to herself, thoroughly enjoying the effect she was having on the young boy.

    "How about after lunch? Can we fool around then?" Tom asked urgently.

    "Maybe," Franny said teasingly.

    The brother and sister grew silent then. Franny continued to eat her lunch, glancing down at her little brother's crotch now and then. Tom, on the other hand, pushed his lunch away and sat there at the table, his eyes moving from his sister's tits to her crotch and back to her tits again.

    When she finished her meal, Franny stood up and Tom stood up, too. The young girl carried their dishes to the sink and without looking at her brother, began to move toward the kitchen door. Tom got there first. He opened the door for his sister, deliberately not opening it all the way so she would be forced to brush against him as she walked through it. Franny grinned as she brushed past her brother, letting her ass rub against his hard-on at the same time. She heard Tom groan softly and she grinned again.

    Tom followed his sister into the den. They sat down next to each other on the large, comfortable couch. Tom's cock was throbbing so hard now that it hurt him and he groaned again.

    "Why, what's wrong, Tommy?" Franny asked insincerely.

    "You know what's wrong! You've got me so turned-on, I can hardly stand it!" Tom said, moving closer to her. "Now, come on! You said we could fuck now so let's get to it!"

    "Oh no, Tommy, I didn't say that," Franny replied innocently. "What I said was that maybe we could fuck. But I've decided I'd rather do something else."

    "What? What do you want to do?" Tom asked desperately.

    "I want you to suck my pussy for me!" Franny laughed.

    "Yeah! All right! Let me lick your pussy! Then we'll fuck!" Tom said urgently.

    Franny just smiled sweetly at her little brother as she stripped.

    "Wow! What a body!" Tom groaned, eyeing the girl's bushy pussy and jutting tits.

    "Well, don't just sit there. I want you to undress, too," Franny said, running her hands over her stiffening nipples.

    Tom watched his sister's lewd movements, swallowing hard. Then, with his eyes still locked on her tits, he drew his tee shirt off over his head. He unbuckled and unzipped his pants and peeled them off. He was wearing no underwear and his cock sprang free, visibly pulsating.

    "Mmm, I had no idea your cock was so huge, Tommy!" Franny gurgled excitedly. "Suck my pussy now!"

    She lay back on the couch and spread her legs wide. Tom positioned himself on his stomach with his, face in Franny's crotch. With both hands, he parted her cunt-lips and groaned at the sight of her juice-soaked cunt-flesh. It was pink and hot.

    "Hurry! Suck me!" Franny whimpered.

    Tom thrust his tongue between Franny's pussy-lips and lapped at her sweet-tasting cuntmeat.

    "Yesss!" the girl hissed between clenched teeth.

    She moaned with incestuous pleasure as she felt her brother's warm, slithering tongue sliding into her pussy. She wriggled her hips and rammed her ass upwards, holding tight to Tom's head as she guided him deeper into her crotch.

    "Yes, that's real good, Tommy," she moaned. "Ohhh, sooo good. Suck it, honey! Eat that pussy for me! Eat it all! Yeah, eat my hot pussy!"

    Tom rubbed his hard-on against his sister's leg as he ground his face into her honeyed pussy. He sucked and lapped at her sweet fuck-juices that poured out and covered his tongue and lips. His sister had been teasing him sexually for a while now, but the thrill of eating her out almost made up for everything she had been putting him through. Almost, but not quite. He still had to fuck her. And he was sure that as soon as he finished sucking her pussy and making her come, she would let him stick his big cock into her seething cunt.

    "Ohhh, Tommy, you're making me feel sooo good!" the young girl purred, feeling, him rubbing his hard cock against her leg. She felt little drops of pre-cum moistening her leg, and she trembled with excitement.

    It seemed to Tom that his sister's pussy grew hotter as he licked and sucked it. He was sucking her dry with his busy lips and lapping, hungry tongue.

    "Ohhhh!" Franny gasped as her brother's teeth gripped her clit.

    Tom wagged his head back and forth like a dog worrying a bone. Then he released his grip on the girl's clit and rammed his tongue into her pussy-hole, striking her cherry.

    "Yesss! Fuck my pussy with your fat tongue!" Franny shrilled as she felt her brother's tongue lapping at her cuntwalls.

    Tom's eager tongue stabbed mercilessly in and out of his big sister's cunt-hole. He groaned with excitement when he felt her pussy muscles clamping around his tongue.

    "Ohhh, yesss, yesss!" Franny moaned. Her head rocked from side to side as a raging hot lust overwhelmed her.

    She gripped the young boy's head, running her fingers through his thick hair.

    "Ohhh, yesss, suck my pussy! Fuck it hard with your tongue!" she yelled hysterically, almost wishing she were not a virgin so she could feel the tip Of the boy's tongue against the very back wall of her little pussy.

    Tom continued to.run his tongue in and out of his sister's pussy as deeply as he could get it without penetrating the girl's cherry. He was actually surprised to discover that his sexy sister was still a virgin. His brother, Brad, had told him that Franny was still cherry but Tom hadn't believed him. Franny always acted so hot and sexy and ready for action that Tom had been sure she had been fucking around for some time now. But he knew that she hadn't let their father or Brad fuck her yet. And Tom was glad about that. He wanted to be the first. But then so did Brad. And so did their father. Franny had become the talk of the family lately with everyone wondering when she would finally give in and let herself get fucked. Brad had even kidded once about starting a betting pool and taking wagers on whose cock would be the first inside Franny's little pussy.

    The fragrant musky aroma and tangy taste of Franny's pussy was driving the young boy half-mad with desire. He lapped at her cuntwalls, swallowing her cunt-juice.

    Franny was moaning louder and louder now. Her little brother's fiery tongue was fucking in and out of her pussy in a lewd way that excited her beyond belief. She felt his strong hands gripping her soft, rounded asscheeks as he buried his face in her pussy. He tongue-fucked her as deeply as he could, shoving his tongue up to her cherry and licking and probing at the tightly stretched tissue.

    Tears of incestuous pleasure and lust streaked down the girl's flushed cheeks as she trembled there on the couch with her kid brother's face buried between her thighs. He was feasting noisily on her pussy, his tongue licking, stroking, lapping.

    "Ohhh, Goddd, yesss!" Franny gasped, whimpering with desire as her brother's tongue continued to fuck in and out of her pussy, licking her cherry after each inward thrust.

    He pushed hard against her tight cherry with his tongue, thinking that his cock would have its work cut out for it to fuck all the way through the tight, thick membrane. But Tom wasn't worried. He knew that his big hard-on was more than up to the long-awaited task.

    Tom withdrew his tongue from Franny's fuckhole and began to suck on her stiff clit. He licked and sucked it at the same time.

    "Ahhhh!" Franny sighed with pleasure. She gazed down at her brother's head between her legs through teary, lust-glazed eyes.

    She humped her crotch hard against the young boy's face as he hotly tongued and sucked her. Clutching his head, she ground her wet pussy up against him.

    "Ohhh, you're making my little pussy feel soooo good, Tommy! Keep it up! Eat meeee!"

    She continued to grind her pussy against his face, and his hot tongue lashed out lewdly, sucking and licking her toward the orgasm she needed so badly.

    Finally, the young girl came in her brother's mouth.

    "Omigod!" she gasped excitedly. "I'm coming!"

    Tom felt his sister's orgasming pussy twitching and spasming against her face, and he groaned with desire. He clutched her asscheeks, hauling her even closer to him as he continued to eat her out.

    Just as Franny felt her orgasm peaking, Tom's teeth sank down into her shuddering clit.

    "Aieeee! Coming so hard!" she shrieked, writhing violently beneath the boy's sucking face.

    Streams of cunt-juice ran from her fuckhole into Tom's mouth. He noisily sucked her pussy as she came against his mouth.

    Long moments later, the girl's orgasm ended and she shivered as the final delicious ripples of pleasure coursed through her wet cunt. Tom slowly eased his tongue out of her and rubbed his cock with a grimace.

    "Jeeesus, Sis! Sucking your pussy made me so hot! My cock's bigger and harder than it's ever been before! We're gonna fuck now, aren't we?" the young boy asked, his voice slurred with lust.

    "No, Tom, I'm not ready to fuck yet," Franny said firmly.

    "Shit! Do you know what you're doing to me?" Tom growled angrily.

    "Not to worry, honey. I'll take care of your hard-on for you," the young girl purred.

    "What do you mean? What are you going to do?" Tom asked eagerly. Franny smiled at her brother as she sat up on the couch and patted the cushion next to her.

    "Just sit up here and leave it to me," she cooed.

    The young boy sat down next to his sister, looking at her expectantly. His cock was so hard now that its tip lay up against his belly.

    Franny licked her lips and her eyes widened as she gazed at his tempting-looking prick.

    "Hurry, Franny! Whatever you're gonna do, do it! You've gotta make me come!" Tom begged thickly.

    "I'm gonna jerk you off, Tommy," Franny said softly.

    "All right! Go for it! Jerk my cock off and make me come!" Tom growled homily.

    Franny reached out with one hand and gripped her little brother's rock-hard cock, squeezing it gently.

    "Unhhh!" Tom groaned.

    Suddenly, Franny realized that the boy's prick was so thick that she would need both hands to jerk him off. That fact thrilled her and she whimpered with desire. She gripped both of her soft hands around her brother's thick, pulsating prick.

    She slowly jacked his cock, moving her hands up and down. She grinned up at her tall brother lewdly as she jerked him off. She felt his fat cock throbbing obscenely against her palms and she trembled.

    The young girl pumped her hands rapidly up and down his long, thick cock-stalk.

    "Good God! That's great! I won't be able to last long with you jacking me off like that! Faster, cunt, faster! Make me come!" Tom grunted.

    "I'll make you come all right! I'll make you come hard!" Franny-cried as she ran her hands even faster up and down the full length of her little brother's cock. She groaned with excitement as his bloated balls slapped against her hands on each downward stroke.

    Franny moaned with excitement as she continued to pump her brother's prick. She felt his cock throbbing more and more violently in her hands, and she knew that he would come soon. She felt her cunt drooling with pussy-juice and she moaned again and again as she thought about the huge cum-load that was about to explode from the tip of her brother's prick.

    "Gonna shoot! Ohhh, God, Franny, you're making me come!" Tom shouted as his prick lurched wildly in his sister's hands.

    Suddenly, Franny lowered her head and sucked the boy's trembling cockhead into her wet mouth. She sucked hard as jets of creamy cum gushed into her mouth and slid down her throat.

    "Mmmmmm," she moaned happily, continuing to swallow down the rapidly shooting load of delicious cum. She closed her eyes and mewed as she felt his warm cum filling her little belly.

    But as soon as Tom finished coming, Franny slipped her mouth off his cock, picked up her clothes, and quickly left the room before her brother could ask her to let him fuck her.


    The following Saturday, Kevin Monroe and his wife, Yvette, decided that they would spend the day at the rustic cabin the family owned, just outside of town. They wanted to clean it and get it ready for a couple who was interested in renting it. At the last minute, Lily, the oldest of the Monroe daughters, decided to accompany her parents and help them clean out the cabin.

    "I'm glad you decided to go with us, honey," Kevin said as they drove toward the cabin. His daughter was sitting between Kevin and his wife and now the man reached out and squeezed her knee.

    "Me too, Daddy. Maybe the three of us can have a little fun after we finish cleaning the cabin," Lily said, smiling up at her good looking father.

    "What kind of fun did you have in mind?" Yvette asked teasingly as she reached out and squeezed one of her daughter's tits.

    "You know exactly what kind of fun I'm thinking about!" Lily said with a high-pitched giggle. She felt her pussy moistening as her father's and mother's thighs pressed against hers.

    "Horny, huh?" Kevin asked, leering at his daughter.

    "Yeah, I'll say! And I want to talk to you two later on, too," Lily murmured, eyeing the hard-on growing between her daddy's legs.

    "About what, dear?" Yvette asked as she tweaked Lily's nipple through her tight halter top.

    "Mmm, that feels good, Mom. Oh, you asked me what I wanted to talk to you two about," she said with a flush, "I want to talk to you about Franny. She just won't loosen up, and she just keeps teasing and… "

    "Yeah!" Kevin said a little angrily. "We do have to talk about Franny. She's getting to be a real problem and I don't want her prudish ways to divide the family in any way."

    "Now, now," Yvette soothed. "I know you're both right. And we will talk about Franny later on after we finish cleaning the cabin and after we have a little fun with each other the way Lily suggested. But let's just forget about her for now."

    Kevin felt his cock throbbing inside his jeans, and he knew that it would take a miracle to make him forget about Franny and her cockteasing ways. For a long time now, he had been aching to fuck her but she continually rejected him. She sucked him off. She let him eat her out. And she even tit-fucked him a couple of times. But she seemed to delight in teasing him to the point of near-madness and then refusing to let him fuck her. Kevin didn't know how much more he could take, and he knew that his sons felt the same way about their sister.

    The father, mother and daughter cleaned the cabin in record time, eager to get on with their three-way fuck session. Then, they stood in the center of the living room near the fireplace, grinning at each other with satisfaction at a job well done.

    Kevin moved closer to Lily and rubbed her ass through her shorts. Yvette joined the lewd embrace, squeezing her daughter's tits, which strained sexily against her tight halter top.

    "Ohh, you two are really turning me on!" Lily groaned.

    "That's the idea, you sexy little girl," Kevin whispered into her ear, feeling his cock growing hard again. During their cleaning chores, his hard-on had vanished, but now it was back and throbbing with a vengeance.

    "I'm gonna go fix us some drinks," Yvette said, moving toward the well-stocked bar.

    "Good idea," Kevin mumbled as he slipped his hand beneath the waistband of Lily's shorts. "Still feeling horny, baby?"

    "Ohhh, yeah, Daddy!" Lily groaned as she felt her father's fingers fondling her pussy. "I'm dying to fuck!"

    Kevin's cock hardened more as be thought about getting it on with both his wife and daughter at the same time.

    "Ohhh, that feels good, Daddy," Lily moaned.

    Cunt-juice flowed from her pussy as her daddy continued to fondle her cunt. He squeezed and rubbed her pussy over and over again. Then he worked his hand around to her ass and his mouth came down hard on hers.

    "Uhhhh!" Lily moaned as she felt her father's lips crushing hers. She drove her tongue between his lips and humped her back on his clutching hands.

    As they continued to tongue-kiss, Lily rubbed her cunt against Kevin's cock-bulge. She felt her clit twitching and growing erect. Now, she had a little hard-on all her own.

    "Here are your drinks," Yvette said, walking up to her husband and daughter.

    She handed two full glasses of scotch and soda to Lily and Kevin and watched while they drank it down quickly. Yvette bad already drunk hers and was feeling slightly dizzy and more than a little aroused. When Lily and Kevin had finished their strong drinks, Yvette took their empty glasses from their hands and put them down on a nearby table. Then she turned toward her daughter with a leering smile.

    "My turn," she murmured, noticing that Lily's nipples were throbbing with desire beneath her sexy halter top.

    "Oh, Mom!" Lily cried, feeling her mother's hands squeezing her tits.'

    "Go for it, you two!" Kevin said with a grin. He loved few things more than watching two females making it together, especially if those females were his own wife and daughter.

    Yvette lowered her mouth to her daughter's and kissed her with incestuous passion. As they tongue-fucked each other, Yvette and Lily stroked each other's tits, rubbing their hard nips around between their fingers.

    "Hey, you two! Why don't you take a cue from me?" Kevin asked thickly, and Yvette and Lily broke off their kiss, turning their heads to see what he meant.

    "Oh, Daddy, you're all naked!" Lily cried gleefully.

    "Lookin' good honey, lookin' good," Yvette murmured, giving her husband's hard cock an approving glance.

    "Don't you think it's time that you two stripped, too, so we can get on with getting it on?" Kevin asked.

    Lily and Yvette laughed as they raced each other in stripping all of their clothes off. And in a matter of seconds, the mother and daughter stood naked before Kevin, proud of their beautiful, sexy bodies.

    Kevin poured another round of drinks and the trio quickly polished them off. Lily began to giggle, feeling a little intoxicated. The strong liquor had shot straight to her loins, making her pussy tingle and quiver.

    Kevin slid one arm around his daughter's waist and pressed her against his hard body. Their hungry mouths met eagerly and their tongues locked about one another. Lily moaned into her daddy's mouth as she felt his broad chest mashing her tits. She could taste the liquor on his lips and tongue and it was a heady sensation, turning her on still more.

    While Kevin continued to kiss Lily, Yvette reached out and stroked his cock.

    "Mmmmm, real nice hard-on you've got there, honey," she murmured homily, feeling her pussy swelling with desire.

    Kevin tore his mouth away from Lily's and he grinned down at the two beautiful females.

    "I've gotta fuck! Who gets my cock first?" he asked lewdly.

    "Me, Daddy, meeee!" Lily cried.

    "Okay, okay," Yvette laughed. "Go ahead and fuck Lily while I watch. Why don't you just fuck right here, standing up?"

    "Oh, yeah, Mommy, great idea!" Lily said, "I love fucking standing up."

    Yvette laughed again and settled down on a nearby chair, feeling her own pussy beginning to throb with lust as she prepared to watch her husband fucking their daughter.

    "Come on, Daddy, fuck me!" Lily cried as she gripped her father's prick at the base.

    Then she spread her legs far apart and guided the man's huge hard-on into her pussy. She could feel his broad cockhead pulsing as it slid toward her fight fuckhole and she moaned excitedly.

    As Yvette watched her husband and daughter fucking each other, she began to fondle her own dripping pussy. There was a fiery lust raging through her loins and she could hardly wait for her turn to fuck. But for now, watching the forbidden incestuous fuck taking place right before her eyes was almost as good as being fucked herself.

    Kevin pushed his hips back, withdrawing most of his prick from his daughter's slick cunt. Then, as he pushed forward, Lily thrust her own hips forward, impaling her tight little pussy on the full length of Kevin's cock.

    "Aieeee! It's all the way inside me now, Daddy! I love it!" she gasped as she tightened her cuntmuscles against the sides of his huge cock.

    Kevin played with his daughter's tits as he continued to fuck her, rolling her erect nips over and over between his fingers.

    "Ohhh, Daddy, your big hard cock feels so good inside my pussy!" Lily yelled as she threw her cunt forward to meet her father's hard driving prick. She felt his bloated cockhead strike the very back wall of her pussy as she I squealed with pleasure.

    As Kevin fucked his daughter, he found himself wondering what it would feel like to fuck Franny. I wonder if her little pussy is as tight as her mother's and sister's, he thought excitedly. And his cock expanded another inch inside Lily's gripping pussy. Being a virgin, he went on thinking, Franny's pussy has gotta be at least that tight, maybe even tighter! What a joy it would be to pop her little cherry just like I popped Wanda's and Lily's. And I wonder if Franny knows how to use her pussy-muscles. It'll probably come naturally to her just the way it came naturally to Wanda and Lily. But if Franny needs any help learning how to fuck, I would gladly teach her, and I'm sure that the rest of the family would be more than willing to pitch in!

    The idea of fucking Franny so aroused Kevin that his cock grew still harder within Lily's cunt, and he began to fuck the young girl harder and faster, his incestuous lust spurring him on.

    He lowered his face and Lily raised hers. The father and daughter kissed with their tongues again and again. Their saliva lewdly mingled as they continued to fuck.

    "You two are really hot! You're fucking each other really good!" Yvette squealed as she continued to play with her own pussy. She stroked her clit again and again, moaning with excitement. Her juices streamed from her pussy, soaking her hand thoroughly. It never failed to turn the woman onto see her husband fucking one of their little girls.

    Each time Kevin threw his ass back, easing his cock out of Lily's dripping pussy, the young girl thrust her own ass back. Then the father and daughter lunged forward again at the same instant, working in sync to skewer Lily's hungry cunt on Kevin's thick cock. Lily glanced down and saw her father's naked cock as it pulled almost all the way out of her. It was visibly pulsing and was coated with pre-cum and cuntjuice.

    "Ohhh, Daddy, your cock's so pretty!" she said with a flush, and both Kevin and Yvette laughed fondly.

    Kevin glanced down, too, and he groaned as he saw his daughter's rigid clit being forcibly pulled out from between her cuntlips each time he slid his prick out.

    "Ooh! Look at Mommy!" Lily shrieked a few minutes later, thrilled by the sight of her mother playing with her own pussy while she watched Lily and her father fucking.

    "Your mom always has been one sexy lady," Kevin said with a grin.

    Yvette smiled affectionately at her husband and daughter. Knowing that they were watching her play with herself turned her on even more. Her pussy gushed with juice. Her clit stiffened more, feeling as if it were about to explode. As she continued to stroke her clit, she thrust two fingers in and out of her fuckhole.

    "Ohhh, Daddy, I'm gonna come!" Lily yelled just a short time later.

    "Go ahead, baby! Come! you know how much I love the feel of your wet little pussy coming all over my cock! Besides I'm gonna come soon too! Do it, baby! Shoot!" Kevin urged, gripping and squeezing his daughter's tits.

    Ripples of almost painful pleasure quivered up Lily's thighs. Her ass-muscles tensed. Her pussy tightened and spasmed uncontrollably.

    "Commmiiinnnggg!" the teenager screeched at the top of her lungs, tears of joy in her eyes.

    "Good God! Your little cunt is really shaking up a storm!" Kevin grunted, his face twisting with lust.

    Cunt-juice sprayed from the orgasming girl's cunt, drenching the cock that was still fucking into her twitching pussy.

    "Come, Daddy! Come with meeeee," she whined.

    "Yes, honey, come! Don't be mean! Don't hold back! Give your little girl all your cum!" Yvette chimed in, feeling her own orgasm beginning.

    Unable to resist the lewd cries of his wife and daughter, Kevin let go and came.

    "Yesssssss!" Lily shrilled, feeling her little pussy filling to overflowing with her daddy's thick cum.

    "Oh, yeah… beautiful!" Yvette cried as she came. Her pussy convulsed around her thrusting fingers, holding them lewdly in place as her orgasm swept over her.

    Lily glanced down and saw her father's cum, mingled now with her fuck-juices, streaming down her trembling legs. She could feel her daddy's still-hard cock throbbing hard against the walls of her little cunt and she sobbed with pleasure.

    "Let's get to the bedroom!" Kevin said, looking from his wife to his daughter as he pulled his hard cock out of Lily's wet pussy. "I wanna take you both on at once!"

    He walked quickly toward the bedroom with his hardon sticking straight out in front of him. His wife and daughter eagerly followed him, giggling with excitement. In minutes, the threesome was sprawled on the king-sized bed, their naked bodies tangled together.

    As Yvette began to lick and suck Lily's pussy, she felt a hot mouth on her own cunt. It was her husband's. Kevin was going to eat his wife's pussy while she sucked their daughter's. The three incestuous lovers formed an obscene chain of lust.

    Yvette tasted her husband's cum inside her daughter's pussy. She moaned, savoring the tasty sauce. It was mixed with Lily's pussy-juice and Yvette thought the combination was unbeatable. If we could bottle this, we'd make a million! Yvette thought crazily.

    "Ohhh, you're sucking my pussy sooo good, Mommy!" Lily gasped, writhing on the bed beneath the woman's sucking mouth. She loved the way her mother was licking her pussy. And knowing that her father was eating the older woman's pussy out at that same exact instant just served to further inflame the teenager's desires.

    "Ummmfff," Yvette responded. She used her tongue, lips, and teeth on the young girl's raw cuntmeat, giving her the best pussy-eating of her young life.

    Kevin slipped his stiffened middle finger into his wife's asshole as he tongue-fucked her juicy cunt. Then he licked her throbbing clit for a few minutes before thrusting his tongue back into her tiny fuckhole, fucking it into her like a miniature cock. Again and again, he fucked his tongue back and forth in her clit and pussyhole while the woman moaned and began to lick and suck Lily's pussy with a fury that was almost violent in its intensity.

    "Oh, Mom!" Lily gasped, feeling her mother's teeth sinking into her stiff clit.

    Suddenly, the teenager's body shuddered and she jammed her pussy down harder against her mother's sucking mouth.

    "Unhhh," Yvette groaned, feeling the first tremors of her little girl's orgasm. She groaned again excitedly, lapping up the hot girl-cum that poured into her mouth from Lily's spasming cunt-hole.

    Kevin grabbed his wife's ass hard, still reaming out her asshole with his cock-like finger, and he fucked his tongue deeply into her pussy until she came. His mouth vibrated with the force of Yvette's climax which made the older woman's mouth vibrate in turn against Lily's orgasming pussy.

    "Ohhh, that was soooo fucking good!" Lily cried with a grin as her orgasm subsided.

    Yvette raised her juice-smeared face from her daughter's pussy and murmured her agreement.

    "You two chicks came hard and that's great! But what about me? What about my poor hardon?" Kevin asked with a grin, gesturing toward his still-waving prick.

    "Awwww, poor Daddy, we'll hafta do something to help him, Mommy!" Lily said, hungrily eyeing her father's cock.

    "I guess it's the least we can do," Yvette said casually, but her pussy was already throbbing with renewed lust and she couldn't seem to tear her gaze away from her husband's fat cock.

    "So what'll it be? Whatever it is, it's gotta be fast! I'm so horny now that I might come all over this bed if you two don't get to my cock in time!" Kevin groaned.

    "Oh, no, Daddy, we can't let that happen! We can't let all that lovely cum go to waste!" Lily said in horror.

    "You decide, honey," Yvette said to her daughter. "What do you think we should do with Daddy's cock this time?"

    "Hmmm let's see," Lily said, thinking hard for a minute or two. "I know! I got to fuck him a little while ago. I think you should fuck with him now, Mommy, while I watch!"

    "Are you sure, honey? You won't feel left out?" Yvette asked with motherly concern.

    "Oh, no, Mommy, watching you two get it on will be a real turn-on, and if I do start feeling left out, I'll just join in!"

    "Good girl. It's a deal," Yvette said with a smile, reaching out and tweaking one of her daughter's nipples.

    "Well, come on, Yvette!" Kevin said impatiently. "This cock needs pussy!"

    "Yeah, Mommy, hurry up and fuck with Daddy! I wanta watch!" Lily cried excitedly, already beginning to play with her little wet pussy.

    Yvette laughed as she rolled onto her back, her legs spreading wide. She curled one finger in a beckoning gesture toward her husband.

    "You heard our little girl, Kevin," she said hoarsely, drawing her widespread legs back above her shoulders. "Fuck me!"

    "You got it, baby," Kevin husked, his huge cock throbbing with lust at the sight of Yvette's wet, upthrust cunt. He mounted the older woman, knees wide, braced high.

    "Yeah, fuck Mommy, Daddy! Fuck her good and hard just the way she likes it!" Lily yelled lewdly as she watched.

    With a brutal lunge forward, Kevin buried his entire prick all the way up Yvette's gaping pussyhole.

    "Yessss, you're all the way inside me!" she screeched. "Fuck me now, Kevin, fuck me hard!" And she tossed her head from side to side in a frenzy of fuck-lust.

    Her husband's purplish cock-knob pressed against the back wall of her pussy and she trembled with excitement.

    "Oh, yeah, oh, wow!" Lily breathed as she finger-fucked herself while watching her parents fucking right in front of her. She gazed admiringly at her father, thinking what an expert lover he was. The young teenager had felt her daddy's big prick up her own cunt many times, so she readily understood the dreamy-eyed expression on her mother's face.

    Yvette looked as if she were in a trance. Her head rolled from one side to the other on the pillow. Little cries of pleasure escaped from her full, sensuous lips. Her tits throbbed and trembled, and her entire body shook each time Kevin fucked his cock into her.

    "Jeeesus, you've still got the pussy of a teenager!" Kevin growled as he rammed his cock harder and faster up his wife's juicing cunt.

    Still ramming two fingers in and out of her dripping pussy, Lily crawled around on the bed so that she was behind her father. She lay down on her back, her bead near his ass, her feet hanging over the foot of the bed.

    She could see her daddy's thick cock fucking in and out of her mother's wet cunt.

    "Ohhh, yeah," she groaned excitedly, fingerfucking herself harder and faster as she watched the lewd action.

    A few minutes later, the teenager realized that she bad to take a more active part in what was going on on the bed. She crouched on her knees behind her father, and while she continued to finger-fuck her pussy with her right hand, she cupped his loaded balls with her left hand. She stroked and squeezed his heavy nuts, her caresses keeping perfect time with his quickened fucking strokes into her mother's pussy.

    "Oh, God, Lily, keep squeezing my balls like that! That feels great, you hot little bitch!" Kevin growled.

    Again, Kevin found himself thinking about Franny, wondering if the young virgin would like to squeeze her daddy's balls the way her sister was doing. The thought filled him with a raging hot fuck-lust. There was just something about his middle daughter that aroused him beyond belief, and the fact that she?was making herself so unavailable to Kevin and to his cock just made her all the more sexually attractive to him.

    He fucked Yvette faster and deeper, harder and harder, feeling Lily's hand milking his balls at the same time. His loins slapped noisily against his wife's upraised cunt and he quickened his fuck-strokes still more.

    "Unnghhh!" Yvette moaned. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

    She cried out hysterically, thrusting her cunt up harder against her husband's pistoning prick.

    "I'm coining!"

    Her pussy-quaking orgasm triggered Kevin's own climax and he came hard, shooting his enormous cum-load up his wife's spasming cunt.

    "Yeah, Daddy, give Mommy all your cum! I know how it feels inside her pussy! Mmmmm, yeah!" Lily cried.

    Both of her hands were gripping her father's balls now, and she shook with excitement as she felt his cum churning and tumbling inside them as he continued to come.

    "Ooh! I'm commmiiinnnggg tOOOoo!" the teenager gasped just seconds later, her pussy gushing out more and more fuck-juice.

    The three incestuous lovers moaned and groaned as they came together. Cunt-juice flowed and jism jetted. Pussies shuddered and a cock lurched. Cum mingled with pussy-juice, running down the women's quaking thighs and soaking into the bedspread below. As Kevin's orgasm peaked, his thoughts were of Franny again. He knew that one way or another, he would eventually shove his cock up her pussy, even if he had to rape her to do it.


    The next evening after dinner, Kevin announced that he was going to take a run out to the cabin just to check that everything was ready for the couple who would be moving in the following week. In a deliberately casual tone of voice, he invited Franny to go along with him, but his balls were already aching at the exciting thought of being alone with the beautiful young virgin.

    "Sure, Daddy, I'd love to!" Franny chirped, knowing exactly what the man had in mind.

    When they arrived at the cabin, Franny wandered from room to room, exclaiming about how clean and orderly everything was now.

    "You really worked hard!" she said when they reached the big bedroom.

    "Yeah, we did. But we took time out to play, too. In fact, this is right where we played," Kevin said with a grin, moving one hand in a sweeping gesture over the big bed.

    "Oh," Franny said, blushing. "The three of you got it on, huh?"

    "I'll say! You know, you and I haven't played in quite a while, honey."

    "I know. And I love to play!" Franny said with a giggle.

    "Good girl," Kevin said as he started to unbutton his shirt. He didn't know if his young innocent daughter intended to let him finally fuck her or not. And he was afraid to ask. He didn't know if he could take another rejection.

    Franny reached down and pulled her tight sweater up over her head. Then she just stood there for a few minutes and let her father admire her full, naked tits. She grinned and cocked her head to one side as the man's eyes grew wide. He pulled his shirt off, still staring at Franny's tits.

    Franny ran her hands over her tits, lightly pinching her nips. She loved the way her daddy studied her naked body each time he saw it. Even though he had seen his daughter in the nude many, many times, he always responded to her nakedness as if it were a delightful surprise, and Franny liked that about her father.

    Kevin pulled his shoes and socks off. Then he opened his jeans and pulled them down his muscular legs.

    "Go on, honey, strip," he demanded huskily.

    "Yes, Daddy," the teenaged virgin murmured obediently.

    Franny quickly took her own jeans off. In seconds, she was as naked as her father. She looked at her daddy's cock and swallowed hard, as she had so many times before at the sight of the man's humongous cock. Brad and Tom had cocks far bigger than most. But Kevin happened to be blessed with a super-huge cock which resembled a baseball bat more than a prick. Franny knew that a cock that huge could tear a little virginal pussy to shreds.

    Kevin ran one hand over his enormous prick as he looked at his daughter. Then he quickly moved onto the big bed and crooked a finger at her. Franny knew that he wanted her to join him on the bed and she moaned a little as she lay down next to him.

    Kevin wrapped his strong arms around his little girl, pulling her close against him. Franny moaned again, feeling his gigantic cock against her body as they lay there facing each other. For a few minutes, they just lay there silently, feeling each other's body heat and trembling together.

    •Then Franny reached out and ran one finger around the outline of her father's mouth. Kevin opened his mouth and she slipped her finger inside. He nibbled on the end of it gently. Franny took her finger out of his mouth and they kissed while Kevin moved on top of her.

    Franny eagerly opened her mouth to her daddy's tongue as they passionately kissed again and again. As they kissed, Kevin ran his hands up and down his daughter's naked body.

    "Ungh!" Franny groaned, feeling his hands all over her.

    "I want to kiss and lick you all over your body, Franny. Will you let me do that?" Kevin asked thickly when they stopped kissing long enough to breathe. Franny just smiled, letting her father know that she wanted him to kiss and lick her body all over. She stretched her arms back over her head to make her tits rise up higher, knowing how much her daddy liked it when she did that.

    Kevin moved his mouth up to one of her armpits and licked it all over.

    "Oooh!" Franny whimpered, feeling her pussy growing hot.

    Kevin took his tongue away from his daughter's armpit and trailed it wetly down the side of her body. Franny squirmed on the bed. Kevin moved his tongue to the sensitive area under Franny's tit. Her soft tit-flesh grew hot and pulsed beneath his licking caress.

    Franny writhed. She ran her fingers through his hair and down the back of his neck.

    "Oh, yes, Daddy, lick me. Lick me all over!" she whined.

    Even though her father had licked her body many times before, each time was always like the first since he seemed to find new, untouched nerves each time he licked her, nerves which Franny had not even known existed, let alone how good they could make her feel. Now, Kevin moved farther down his daughter's body. He licked her tummy and drove his tongue into her bellybutton.

    "Yieeee!" the girl yelped with lust.

    She felt a sharp joy and lust rowing in her loins. Kevin licked her lower tummy until she was completely wet there with his saliva. Then he raised his face slightly and blew a stream of air on the wet area.

    "Ooooh!" Franny moaned with a shiver.

    The thrill it gave her added to the boiling fire heating up more and more in her cunt. She arched her back and squirmed under her father's tongue as he continued to lick her.

    Kevin moved his face farther down and ran his tongue through the downy fur that grew above her cunt. She instinctively spread her legs wide-open. She was sure that he was going to tongue her pussy now. But he surprised her.

    Instead, Kevin sat up on the bed and lifted one of Franny's legs up high until her heel was right in front of his face. Then he stuck his tongue out and licked her heel slowly, using a sensuous circular motion.

    "Oh God!" Franny whimpered, feeling the plowing juices in her pussy.

    She moved one hand down between her legs and opened her cuntlips slowly. She started to pull on her little clit, moaning with pleasure. At the same time, she looked up at her daddy as he moved his head around her foot.

    Kevin licked the instep of the girl's foot. Then he pressed his own body against the soft flesh of her inner thigh.

    "Oh!" Franny gasped.

    She moaned loudly when she felt his tongue moving over the bottom of her toe. The lewd licking he was giving her foot made her squirm with lust and pleasure. She had never really thought of her foot as an erogenous zone before, but as her father licked it, she grew more and more aroused.

    She moaned again and bucked upward as she fingered her juicy clit. Kevin slightly lowered her leg, bending it a little. Then he wrapped his lips around her big toe and he started to suck on it.

    "Oh, Daddy!" Franny cried. She had never felt anything quite like that. The sexual pleasure seemed to charge down from her toe and spread through her leg on down to her virginal cunt.

    Kevin stopped sucking on his daughter's big toe and moved his mouth to the next one. He sucked on that one for a few seconds while Franny fingered her clit. Then he moved to her next toe and so on.

    Kevin was sucking his daughter's little toe when she came. As waves of erotic ecstasy washed over her, Franny fingered her clit and spasmed to the sensation of her father's warm, wet mouth. Only when her orgasm ended did Kevin take his mouth away from her little toe. Then he ran his tongue around the sole of her foot. Franny lay there on the bed, panting hard from her orgasm, feeling weak but still horny.

    "God, Daddy, you make me come so good!" she cried tearfully.

    Kevin smiled down at his daughter and lay down next to her He turned her towards him and held her tightly. Her tits moved against his chest as his tongue dove deeply into her mouth.

    "Ummmm," Franny moaned, tasting her own foot on her daddy's tongue. Somehow the idea excited her. She started to move against her daddy's body, squirming rhythmically against him, letting him feel her stiff-nippled tits against his hairy chest. Then she gently pushed him back on the bed and turned and looked down at his super-long, enormously thick cock.

    "Now it's my turn, Daddy," she murmured. "It's my turn to suck you."

    The young girl started to work her way slowly down his body, kissing and licking his chest.

    "Oh, yeah, baby, lick your daddy," Kevin murmured.

    He ran his bands over her hair and back as she licked his body. Franny slid, down her father's hard body and tongued through the hair that covered his crotch. She raised her head and studied his cock. It was so big she could hardly believe it. As many times as she had seen it and sucked it before, she could never quite believe just how huge it was.

    "Oh, Daddy, with that huge cock.of yours, you could make out like a bandit in porno flicks!" she cried, completely serious.

    "I guess that probably true, baby," Kevin chuckled, "but I don't think I could get it up for just any chick. I like to keep it in the family."

    Franny flushed, knowing that her daddy was thinking about how much he would like to pop her cherry and fuck her. She put he lips over the tip of his gigantic prick.

    "Ungh, aarrrgghhh, suck me, baby, suck your daddy's cock now! Make me come good!" Kevin grunted, bucking upward slightly.

    Franny inhaled the turn-on aroma of her daddy's cock and she trembled, her pussy growing wet with renewed lust. Kevin moaned and twisted on the bed as his daughter moved her wet lips down his cock, struggling vainly to take all of it inside her.

    "Ummmm," Franny moaned, feeling his already-huge cock growing still fatter and harder inside her mouth. She moved her mouth up and down, taking in as much of his prickshaft as she could cram into her small mouth.

    "Aaarrrghh, more, baby, more! Take more of my cock into your sexy mouth!" Kevin begged, twisting with passion on the bed.

    I'll try, Daddy, the young virgin thought to herself, tears of pain and pleasure filling her eyes as she valiantly tried to suck more of her father's cockmeat into her mouth.

    "It feels great, baby, but it's just not working this way. I've gotta feel my whole cock inside your mouth! I know you're trying, but there's only one way we can do it. You've gotta let me fuck my prick right down your throat!"

    Franny's heart fluttered with fear as she popped her daddy's cock out of her drooling mouth and stared at him wide-eyed.

    "But, Daddy! It won't fit down my throat, will it?" she asked fearfully. But she had to admit to herself that the idea excited her too.

    "Sure it will, baby; if you just trust me and let me fuck your face. But you'll have to try real hard not to gag. You know how to do that. You've deep-throated your brothers before, haven't you?"

    Franny nodded, thinking that brothers big cocks were difficult enough to take all the way down her throat. How in the world could she ever manage to swallow all of her father's tree trunk prick?

    "Don't worry, baby," Kevin said soothingly, seeing the fear in his daughter's eyes. "You want to feel all of my cock in your mouth, don't you?"

    Again, Franny nodded. And this time her father saw the gleam of desire in her eyes. He knew then that she wanted to take his whole cock down her throat every bit as much as he wanted to shove it into her. It was up to him to show her the way.

    "Okay, baby, suck the head of my cock back into your mouth," he instructed.

    Franny willingly did as she was told. To her surprise, as soon as she bad the head of her daddy's bloated cock in her mouth, he pushed her over onto her back and straddled her chest. The movement was an expert one, executed without dislodging his cockhead from her wet mouth.

    "Okay, this'll be easier with me on top. Now, I'm gonna shove my cock down your throat so you can really suck me good! And your job is to just relax and concentrate on not gagging. Okay?"

    Franny looked up at her daddy with wide eyes. She realized that with him on top, he could fuck her face just as bard as he wanted to and there wouldn't be a thing she could do to stop him. He was in complete control of her lewd act. But she wanted this, too, and so finally she nodded and closed her eyes.

    "Good girl. It may hurt a little at first, but don't worry. You'll love it." With one mighty lunge, the man shoved the full length of his enormous prick down the young virgin's throat.

    "Aghhhh, unnghhhh, arrrghhh, arrrr!" Franny gurgled, her eyes rolling back in her head. His huge cock was splitting her throat right in two. Jolts of pain shot through her obscenely stretched-out mouth and throat. She raised her hands and clawed helplessly at her throat, struggling to breathe and to get used to the fiery pain.

    "I know it's hurting you, baby, but just give. it time. Trust your daddy. I've never steered you wrong before, have I?" Kevin asked soothingly.

    He groaned, humping his ass on his daughter's chest. "Your throat is so tight God, it's really gripping my prick!"

    He raised up on her chest and pulled his cock out of her throat and mouth until only his cockhead was between her lips.

    Grateful for the, chance to breathe, Franny gulped in several lungfuls of air.

    "Ready for me to fuck your face again?" Kevin asked lustfully.

    Franny nodded eagerly, her eyes gleaming with excitement. For in spite of the pain, she had felt tremendously excited by her daddy's deep-throating prick, and her little pussy was growing hotter and wetter by the second.

    Kevin laughed.

    "I knew you'd grow to love it," he said as he lunged into her again.

    This time, Franny was ready. She braced herself for the pain, delighted to discover that it didn't hurt as much now. She even found herself deliberately tightening her throat muscles against the sides of her daddy's skewering prick.

    "Ungh," she moaned happily, enjoying the mix of pain and pleasure that coursed through her as, again and again, her father fucked the full length of his cock down her throat.

    She gripped his cock eagerly with her throat muscles each time he fucked into her. Then, as he slowly pulled out, she sucked his cock hard with her mouth, caving her cheeks in to increase the suction.

    "Oh, God, Franny, you're a quick study, that's for sure! Keep this up and I'm gonna pop any second!" Kevin cried, writhing on her chest.

    The next time he thrust his cock down her throat, Franny reached out with both hands and caressed his balls. She could feel the huge load of cum they carried, and she moaned around the thickness of his cock, knowing that that hot cum would soon be flowing down her hungry throat.

    She ran her tongue teasingly under the tender rim of his cockhead, coating it with her saliva.

    "Ohhh, yeah, baby, yeah!" Kevin mumbled, feeling a shudder of incestuous pleasure surge through his body.

    She clamped her mouth tightly about his cockhead and again and again her daddy fucked her mouth, letting her deep-throat him. He reached out and gripped her tits, squeezing and pinching her hard nips.

    "Suck me hard, baby! Deep-throat your daddy and make me come!" he demanded huskily.

    Franny took a deep breath and swallowed hard as her father pushed his cock down her throat. She could feel the entire length of it pulsating against the squeezing walls of her throat and mouth. She sucked him as hard as she possibly could, loving it all, even the sensation that his prick was tearing her throat apart.

    She made loud gulping sounds as her eager teenaged mouth worked skillfully on the man's hard cockmeat.

    "Arriggghh, yeah, suck your daddy, little girl!" Kevin groaned.

    He was really getting off on the idea that his virginal daughter was giving him the best blowjob he had ever experienced. And then he thought about fucking her cherry pussy, his cock grew another inch inside her mouth.

    While she continued to deep-throat her daddy, Franny's hands squeezed his balls, milking them, tenderly stroking his loaded nuts. She sucked even harder, caressing her father's prick with her strong throat muscles.

    Again and again, Kevin fucked his daughter's mouth and throat with his gigantic cock. Each squeeze of her throat muscles took him closer to the edge and to the orgasm he craved with every fiber of his body.

    Franny's little virginal cunt burned and ached, and she knew that she was about to come. She gripped her daddy's prick even harder with her throat muscles. She felt his prick jerk wildly and she knew that he was going to come.

    "Commmiiinnng!" he roared, shooting wads of thick cum into her mouth.

    "Ungh, yphhhh!" Franny gurgled, happily drinking her daddy's jism.

    What seemed like gallons of cum poured down her throat and she swallowed it all down eagerly, thirstily. Just then, her pussy exploded in orgasm and her own fuck-juices poured out of her, running lewdly down her trembling legs.

    After their orgasms subsided, the father and datghter lay side by side, embracing lovingly.

    "Okay, honey," Kevin said when he had caught his breath. "It's time for us to fuck!"

    Franny was shocked by her father's words even though she had fully expected them.

    "You heard me," Kevin said with a grin. "Come on, honey, let Daddy pop your little cherry and give you your first fuck. You'll love it, I promise you."

    "No, Daddy, I'm sorry, but I can't," Franny mumbled, turning her face away from her father.

    "You've got to be kidding!" Kevin cried in anger and disbelief.

    When Franny didn't respond, Kevin smiled to himself. She just needs a little more coaxing, he thought confidently. And with that idea in mind, he turned and mounted his daughter.

    "Daddy!" Franny cried as her father lay on top of her, his hard cock nuzzling against her wet pussy.

    "Daddy's gonna fuck you now, baby," Kevin said, bending down and covering his daughter's mouth with his own.

    "Ohhh, Daddy," Franny moaned, thrusting her tongue into his mouth and tongue-kissing him with everything she had. She felt her pussy heating up more and more as they continued kissing. But when she felt her father beginning to push the head of his cock between her pussylips, she violently pushed him off of her.

    "No!" she cried.

    "Don't pull that crap on me again, Franny," Kevin said between clenched teeth.

    "I just can't, Daddy," Franny said, shivering at the anger she saw in her father's eyes.

    "You little cocktease! You enjoy making me suffer like this, don't you? It would serve you fucking right if I raped you right here and now!" Kevin growled.

    "Rape? You'd rape me?" Franny asked with a gleam in her eye.

    "That's what I should do! That's what you deserve after the way you've been leading your brothers and me on without delivering," he snarled.

    "You want to rape me?" Franny repeated, feeling her pussy throbbing.

    "Yes, I want to rape you, goddamn you!" Kevin grunted, looking the young virgin right in the eye. "I'd love nothing more than to shove my hard cock right up that cherry fuckhole of yours! But I guess I'm just too much of a nice guy to force myself on you like that even though you'd have only yourself to blame."

    Kevin got up from the bed and hurriedly dressed. Then he picked up his daughter's clothes, wadded them up into a ball and threw him at her.

    "Get dressed, bitch! I'm taking you home!" he spat out, turning away from her in disgust.

    Franny sighed with disappointment as she sat up and began to dress.


    Yvette Monroe was very gentle as she stuck her fingers inside Franny's virginal cunt. She hated the fact that her little girl was still a virgin and that she continued to refuse to let her brothers or father fuck her. But she had no desire to pop the girl's cherry herself.

    "Mmmmmmm, that feels good, Mommy," Franny purred.

    It was the day after her unpleasant experience with her father, and the teenager was still smarting from his words of contempt. Franny had confided in her mother and the older woman had comforted her daughter. Her soothing embrace and motherly kiss had turned into something more and now the incestuous couple was lying naked on Yvette's big bed.

    Franny felt her pussy burning with desire as her mother continued to stroke her inner cuntmeat.

    "Ungh, yes," Franny groaned as she felt her mother pulling the young girl's clitoral sheath up and away from her throbbing clit.

    "Mmmmmm, this is turning me on as much as it is you," Yvette cooed as she pulled her fingers out of the teenager's pussy so she could fully concentrate her attention on Franny's clit and bring the youngster to orgasm.

    Yvette's own pussy was pulsing with desire, and growing wetter by the second as she continued to play with her daughter's cunt. She lowered her head and licked the youngster's erect clit with a light touch of her tongue.

    "Oh!" Franny gasped, feeling little shivers of erotic pleasure rippling up and down her arched spine. She arched her back more and lifted her little ass several inches into the air.

    Her muscles tensed and her face twisted with lust.

    "Make me come, Motherrrr! Make me come, goddamnit!" the teenager screeched at the top of her lungs.

    For just a moment or two, Yvette thought that she might not let her daughter come. She might just continue to arouse her until the teenager would be unable to take anymore.

    Then, Yvette would leave her high and dry to teach Franny a lesson, to teach her what it feels like to be sexually teased to the point of near madness. Maybe then, Yvette thought, she'll realize what she's been doing to her father and brothers.

    But then Yvette took mercy on her daughter.

    Franny was bucking and writhing violently on the bed, begging her mother to make her come.

    And Yvette loved her little girl far too much to make her suffer in that way. Besides, she finally admitted to herself, I want to feel her little pussy coming against my face, and I want to taste her girl cum.

    So Yvette licked Franny's clit again. She flicked back and forth with the tip of her wet tongue, lashing the girl's stiff clit.

    "Oooh! I'm almost there, Mommy! That feels soooo good!" Franny cried lustily. "Keep doing that until I come!"

    "Umnumnmm," Yvette moaned into her daughter's pussy as she continued to whip Franny's twitching clit with her hot tongue.

    Then the older woman wrapped her lips around the base of her little girl's clit and sucked hard.

    "Yeowwww!" Franny shrilled as she began to come.

    She could feel her intense orgasmic spasms starting at the top of her quivering pink pussy.

    Her mouth fell open slackly and she began to buck upward harder, humping her wet cunt against her mother's mouth. She closed her eyes and every single muscle in her body tensed painfully.

    "Aieeeee!" she screamed as she felt her mother's teeth sinking into her orgasming clit.

    Her scream sounded as if Franny were being tortured by a sadist, but Yvette knew differently. She recognized the scream as one of unbelievable ecstasy. And she continued to lick, suck, and nibble the teenager's clit until her orgasm ended.

    "Ohhhhh, you made me feel sooo good, Mommy. Thank you!" Franny panted, clutching and squeezing her own tits. She sighed happily, her breathing beginning to slow.

    "You're welcome, daring," Yvette said with a little laugh as she slid up onto the bed and cuddled next to her daughter. She reached out and lightly stroked Franny's nipples as the teenager's own hands began to fondle Yvette's pussy. "But don't you think it's about time that you gave that kind of wonderful pleasure to your father and brothers?"

    "What do you mean?" Franny asked guardedly.

    "Oh, I think you know what I mean, Franny.

    You keep turning your father and brothers on, but then at the moment of truth, so to speak, you refuse to let them fuck you. It's just not right, honey."

    "But I always make them come! I suck them off! I jerk them off! I titty-fuck them! And I let them do all kinds of stuff to me, Mom!" Franny said defensively.

    "I know, darling," Yvette murmured, gently pinching her little girl's tits. "But it's just not enough and you know it, don't you?"

    "Yes, I know," Franny admitted with a flush.

    Tears welled up in her eyes.

    "Why do you do it, honey?" Yvette asked, encouraged by her daughter's sudden honesty.

    "Why do you keep arousing your own daddy and brothers and then turn them down when they just naturally want to fuck you?" Yvette asked.

    "I-I don't know," Franny said almost inaudibly, chewing nervously on her lower lip.

    Yvette trembled, feeling her daughter's hand beginning to rub her pussy harder. The lewd sensation was really arousing the older woman, but Yvette refused to be sidetracked from this important conversation. She suspected that Franny was deliberately trying to distract her mother by turning her on, and Yvette just couldn't let the young girl get away with that.

    "The other day, out at the cabin, your father, Lily, and I had a very serious discusssion about you," Yvette said.

    "You did?" Franny asked with surprise, turning her head to look at her mother.

    "Yes, we did," Yvette said soberly. "We all agree that your cockteasing behavior has become a real problem and that it poses a real threat to our family. You know how close all of us have always been, and sex has made us love each other even more. If you continue to turn your father and brothers down when they want to fuck you, you'll disrupt the family and put a wedge between us. None of us could ever forgive you for that, Franny."

    "Oh, Mom!" Franny cried, bursting into sobs.

    "Now, Franny, I know how hard I'm being on you," Yvette said compassionately, unconsciously beginning to pinch the girl's nips harder. "But it's high time that you heard the truth and that you were forced to think about the consequences of your behavior. When I talked about your problem with your father and Lily, we all agreed that it would be different if you had decided that you just didn't want to engage in any sexual activity with us at all. That would be hard on us, but I think we could come to respect and accept that position. But the fact that you seem to really get off on sucking your father's and brother's cocks and letting them eat your pussy… well, frankly, Franny, you're behaving like a selfish little cockteasing bitch and I just don't know how much more of it we can take!"

    "I-I don't mean to be like that, Mom," Franny said earnestly, turning her tear-filled eyes toward her mother.

    "Then why, Franny? Why do you do it?" Yvette pressed.

    "Okay, I'll tell you, but I don't know if you'll understand."

    "Try me, honey. I only want what's best for the entire family. Trust me," Yvette said softly.

    "Okay," Franny said, drawing a deep breath.

    "I really like doing all those things like sucking cock but I'm scared to let anyone pop my cherry! I know it'll hurt like hell and I don't think I could stand it!"

    "Oh, honey, I had no idea," Yvette said, drawing her daughter into her arms. "But don't you know that any pain you might feel when you get your cherry popped is just part of the total sex-act? And that the pain itself can feel good, too? Trust me… the pain always has a way of blending together with the pleasurable part of sex and the whole experience is out of this world! Besides, Franny, someday you'll have to let someone fuck you! I mean, you don't want to remain a virgin for the rest of your life, do you?"

    "No," Franny admitted. "But I'm so scared of sex that I've pretty much decided that anyone who really wants to fuck me will just have to rape me! That way, I won't have any say in the matter and I'll finally get my cherry popped."

    "Rape! You make it sound like something you really wish would happen to you, Franny," Yvette said, a little shocked.

    "I do, Mommy! I really wish that someone would just rape me so that I wouldn't be able to turn him down. Then, I'd finally be able to enjoy the feeling of a cock inside my pussy like you and Lily and Wanda do. I'm not proud of the fact that even my kid sister has been fucking for a few years and I still haven't even had my cherry popped. Yeah, Morn, I do wish someone would just rape me instead of always asking for my permission!"

    Jesus! Yvette thought wordlessly as she stared at her daughter with widened eyes. She was surprised, even shocked by the teenager's wish to be raped. I had no idea, Yvette thought to herself. And I just don't know how to handle this… what to say to her.

    But before she could figure out what to say, she felt her little girl's hand rubbing her pussy once again.

    "Ooooh, Mom, I can feel your pussy swelling! You're really horny, huh? And all this cuntjuice… mmmmm," Franny cooed, as if forgetting all about the heavy conversation she had just had with her mother.

    Despite her distraction, Yvette knew that her daughter was right. Her pussy was swelling rapidly, and more and more juice oozed out onto Franny's fingers. She was good and horny.

    "Yes, honey," she said with a smile, "I am horny! Making you come really turned me on!"

    "Oh, goody!" Franny cried. "Then it's your turn to come now, Mommy!"

    "Fine with me," Yvette laughed.

    Yvette was lying flat on her back on the bed.

    Franny turned onto one side and began to fondle her mother's tits with one hand while she continued to rub the older woman's pussy with her other hand.

    The two horny females leaned toward each other and their mouths met. Franny could feel her mother's lips tingling with arousal as she parted them to kiss her daughter. The tips of their tongues came together even before their lips. Their kiss was long and wet.

    Franny pinched her mother's nipples for a few minutes while Yvette moaned and writhed beneath her lewd caresses. Her moans grew higher in pitch and louder when she felt her daughter sliding down on the bed and positioning herself between her legs.

    Yvette spread her legs wide so her daughter could get her tongue and lips into the soft, wet flesh of her swollen cunt. She groaned with incestuous lust and squirmed violently on the bed as Franny began to suck and lick her pussy.

    "Ohhhhh, that's great, Franny, yeah! Lick your mother's pussy! Make me come!" Yvette screeched, clutching her own tits with both hands.

    Franny rammed the full length of her tongue in and out of her mother's pussy-hole.

    "Argh," the teenager groaned into Yvette's gaping pussy as she felt the woman's pussymuscles clenching her tongue.

    Again and again, Franny plunged her tongue deeply into her mother's pussy, its tip striking the back wall of Yvette's cunt.

    "Yessss, tongue fuck me until I come!" Yvette shrieked, beside herself with pleasure and lust.

    This was the deepest, most savage tongue fucking her little girl had ever given her. And Yvette suspected that their talk about Franny's wish to be raped had aroused the young teenager like nothing ever had before.

    "You're making me feel sooo good!" Yvette gasped, reaching down and grasping her daughter's head.

    She humped her cunt against Franny's mouth at the same time that she tugged the girl's head harder against her streaming pussy, almost suffocating the teenager.

    Franny explored all the nooks and crannies of her mother's pussy with her horny tongue.

    She heard her mother panting harshly, and she knew she was giving the woman more erotic pleasure than she ever bad before.

    Yvette was bucking so violently on the bed that her daughter was forced to grip her ass hard to hold her in place while she feasted on her cunt. The older woman's cunt-juices poured into Franny's sucking mouth.

    "Mmmmmm," she moaned, drinking them all down.

    Franny took her tongue out of her mother's fuckhole. She knew that the woman's inner cuntlips were thick enough to be sucked on when aroused. And they were certainly aroused at that moment. They protruded obscenely far out from her pussy-slit.

    Franny shivered with excitement as she wrapped her lips around her mother's inner cuntlips and sucked on them hard.

    "God!" Yvette gasped.

    She panted wildly, hearing her daughter sucking noisily. Suddenly, she felt Franny ram a stiffened finger up into her asshole.

    "Yeow! Yesss!" she shrieked.

    Franny continued to suck on her mother's inner cuntlips while she thrust her finger in and out of her tight asshole faster and deeper.

    After a few minutes, the youngster pulled her finger all the way out of her mother's asshole and took her lips away from her bloated cuntlips. Then she gripped Yvette's asscheeks as bard as she could, spreading her fingers far apart. She knew that her mother would buck wildly, even violently, with ecstasy when she came.

    Franny pushed the tip of her tongue between her mother's inner cuntlips so she could push it deeper than ever into the woman's dripping fuckhole.

    "Hurry! Hurry! Fuck me with your tongue! Make me come!" Yvette cried homily, puffing her daughter's head closer to her pussy.

    "Yuuuuuh!" Franny groaned as she drove her tongue deep into her mother's cunt-bole.

    "God, that's sooooo good! You're making me feel so hot! So good!" Yvette screamed.

    Her body flushed and trembled. She moaned continually as she felt her little girl driving her tongue in and out of her cunt with long, skillful movements, licking the very back wall of her pussy with each inward stroke.

    Franny's head bobbed up and down, in sync with her mother's frenzied bucking movements.

    "My clit! Lick my clit!" Yvette cried a few minutes later.

    Her clit felt as if it were about to explode, but she knew that it needed the touch of the teenager's tongue to trigger the orgasm Yvette needed so urgently.

    Franny took her tongue out of her mother's fuckhole. She suddenly thrust three fingers deeply into Yvette's cunt. At the same exact instant, Franny began to lick her mother's clit.

    "Ohhhhh, you're making me come! You're making me come!" Yvette yelled.

    She could feel the explosions of orgasm building in her pussy, and she clenched her teeth so tightly together that the muscles at the sides of her face began to protrude from the pressure.

    "Aieeeeee!" Yvette screamed as her daughter continued to lick her clit to orgasm.

    Her teeth came unclenched and her mouth fell gaping open, the corners stretched tight. Her full lips were pulled back tightly over her teeth as she screamed again and again, coming hard.

    "Mmmmmm!" Franny moaned, feeling her own little pussy throbbing with excitement as she made her mother came with her tongue. She licked the older woman's clit as hard as she could while Yvette bucked and writhed in orgasm beneath her face.

    Franny felt her mother's girl-cum spraying out onto her lips and tongue and chin and she moaned again, savoring the taste of the thick sauce.

    The teenager felt her mother's cuntmuscles gripping and tugging at her three fingers as she flicked them in and out of her seething fuckhole.

    Still coming, Yvette made high-pitched whining sounds, bucking her hips wildly, wanting to capture every bit of her daughter's rutting fingers and licking tongue.

    Franny licked her mother's clit hard and fast. She switched to the flat part of her wet tongue to take longer, broader strokes. She gripped Yvette's asscheeks hard and moved her head and shoulders in sync with her mother's savage bucking.

    Just when Yvette felt her orgasm beginning to ebb, her clever little girl did something that brought its intensity right back up to full force again.

    The horny youngster puckered her wet lips and wrapped them around her mother's big hard clit and sucked. She kept her tongue busy as she caved her cheeks in, and she flicked the tip of her tongue across the woman's stiff clit even as the suction from her lips tugged at it.

    "Holy shit!" Yvette gasped.

    Franny licked and sucked her mother's clit all the way through the older woman's orgasm. Finally, much later, Yvette felt her muscles beginning to relax, and the intense pleasure from her orgasm began to change into a warm, satisfying afterglow.

    Franny stopped sucking and licking her mother's clit, wisely knowing that any clit was far too sensitive to be touched during those first few minutes following an orgasm, especially one as powerful as the climax she had just lovingly given her mother.

    The teenager pulled her juice-stained face away from Yvette's still-swollen pussy and smiled?up at her.

    "That was wonderful, darling! You made me feel really, really good," Yvette said, her voice thick with pleasure and gratitude.

    Franny slid up the bed, settling into her mother's warm embrace. Yvette licked her pussy-juice off her daughter's face until the only moisture making Franny's face shine was Yvette's saliva.

    "Mom?" Franny said as she hugged her mother against her naked body.

    "Hmmm?" Yvette responded sleepily.

    "What I told you before… about why I haven't let Daddy or Brad or Tommy fuck me you know, what I said about being scared…"

    "Yeah? What about it?"

    "Tell them what I said, okay? I want them to understand! Will you tell them why I haven't let them fuck me?"

    Yvette heard an urgency underlying her daughter's words and she looked at her, trying to figure out what was going on in her teenaged brain.

    "Sure, okay, if it's that important to you. I'll tell them," Yvette said finally.

    "Good. And Mom will you also tell them what I said about how anyone who really wants to fuck me will just have to rape me? Will you tell them that, too?" Franny asked intensely.

    "It won't embarrass you for them to know that?" Yvette asked, arching her eyebrows in surprise.

    "No! I want you to tell them! Will you?"

    "Okay, okay, calm down, I'll tell them everything you said," the older woman said.

    "Good. Yeah, that's good," Franny said with a smile. And she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, feeling more relaxed than she had in a long, long time.


    Franny Moore shook with excitement. She was alone in the house with her father, and now she heard him walking purposefully toward her room. The rest of the family had left only moments before for a double-feature movie in town. But Kevin and his virginal daughter had begged off, eyeing each other meaningfully as if they both realized that it was time at last to confront each other.

    Franny stood next to her bed, chewing on her bottom lip. She had a pretty good idea why her father was coming to her room and she felt a surge of fear and excitement race through her, making her heart pound furiously.

    Kevin now stood in the open doorway of his daughter's bedroom. The two of them stared wordlessly at each other. Franny took a step backward as she saw the anger in her father's eyes, and the way he was balling his strong hands into fists at his sides.

    "You wouldn't let me fuck you now if I asked you nice and politely, would you?" Kevin asked through gritted teeth.

    "No, Daddy, I can't," Franny said, shaking her head slowly from side to side.

    "I'd have to rape you to get my cock into your pussy, wouldn't I?" he asked, moving into the room.

    "Y-Yes, Daddy, I guess so," Franny said nervously.

    "Yeah, that's what your mother said. According to her, you said that if anyone really wants to fuck you, he'll have to rape you! Is that true, Franny?" Kevin asked, his eyes narrowing.

    "Yes, Daddy, that's what I said!" Franny said in almost a whisper as her father reached her side.

    "You little cockteasing bitch! Who the fuck do you think you are turning us all on the way you do and then running away from us with your lousy little cherry still intact? I think it's high time that I cut you down to size! If rape is the only thing that will get through to you, then so be it!"

    Kevin reached out and slapped his daughter hard across the face.

    "Owwwww!" Franny cried tearfully.

    "Take your clothes off, bitch!" Kevin demanded nastily.

    "N-No, Daddy," Franny said, rubbing her slapped cheek with one hand.

    "Goddamn you!" Kevin cursed as he hauled off and slapped her again, so hard this time that her teeth literally rattled hi her young head.

    And before the young virgin even knew what her father had in mind, he had reached out and torn her clothes off her, leaving her blouse and skirt in shreds. Braless and panty-less as usual, her naked body was now revealed to his lust filled eyes.

    "Beautiful!" he groaned as he quickly stripped his own clothes off.

    Then he pushed the girl down onto her bed. She was lying flat on her back with her father crouched between her legs.

    "I love you, Franny. I'm your father. No one could care as much about you as I do," Kevin said softly, but.Franny could still hear the anger in his voice. "It's because I love you so much that I've been wanting to fuck you. God, Franny, I've been thinking of nothing else lately but getting my hard cock into your tight little cunt! But you denied me once too often. You've been running away from me, and I just can't take it anymore. You've driven me to rape, Franny, something I never even thought myself capable of. But I have to rape you. Not only to finally get to fuck you. But to teach, you a lesson you'll never forget. You have to pay for your selfish, teasing behavior.

    "Ohhhh, nooo, don't do it, Daddy!" the young girl whimpered helplessly.

    "Spread your legs wider," Kevin commanded, ignoring his daughter's plea.

    Franny did as she was told. Her warm, pink pussy-lips opened up, revealing the hot sweetness lying within them.

    "Jeeesus!" Kevin groaned.

    His cock throbbed at the sight of his little girl's virginal cunt. He had seen her little naked pussy many times before, but now that he knew he was about to rip her cherry right out of her, her pussy looked all the more tempting and desirable.

    "Oh, God!" Franny moaned, feeling her little clit tingling at the thought that her daddy was actually going to rape her with his super-huge hard cock.

    "Get ready, you bitch! I'm gonna rape you now!" Kevin growled, leaning forward.

    "But, Daddy!" Franny cried. "Your cock is so… so super-big! It'll tear me apart!"

    "Too bad, cunt! You shoulda thought about that before you teased me to this point!"

    Sobbing now, Franny tried to brace herself for the onslaught of her father's huge meaty prick. Kevin put his hands on her thighs and spread them open still wider. Her cunt was gaping open.

    "Ohhhhh!" Franny gasped as she felt the bead of her daddy's cock penetrating the narrow opening of her little pussy. It felt to her as if she were being torn open as the man slid the enormous flared head of his long, thick cock inside her tight cuntlips.

    Kevin held onto the shaft of his cock, trembling with pleasure as the head of his prick was gripped by the squeezing tightness of his little girl's taut pussy. He could hardly wait to feel her tight virginal hole opening up to take more of his cock.

    "Unnnhhh!" Franny groaned as she felt her father's cockhead rubbing over her clit.

    Kevin pushed forward more, sliding more of his cock into Franny's cherry cunt. He had originally planned to shove his entire cock into the girl in true rape-like fashion. But he was rapidly discovering that this slower penetration felt a lot more exciting. Also, he was afraid that his extraordinarily huge prick would do some real damage to Franny's little pussy if he rammed it all into her at once.

    "Ohhhh, it hurts." Franny groaned, writhing on the bed as more of her pussy stretched open painfully to take her father's cock. She felt a deep, intense ache spreading through her loins as her muscles expanded to take the enormous width of the man's prick.

    Kevin rammed a bit more of his cock into the girl. He felt her pussy-muscles grabbing at his prick and he rocked back and forth on his heels, feeling the deliciously tight sliding of his cock inside her.

    Suddenly, his cockhead struck the thick, tight hymen inside Franny's virginal pussy.'

    "Yeow!" she cried, gasping for air.

    "This is it, bitch. This is where you finally pay. This is where you become a woman," Kevin growled.

    "Ohhhh, Daddy, I'm sooo scared!" Franny cried pitifully.

    "You should be!" Kevin said with a laugh that didn't even sound like him. "If you had treated me right, I would have fucked you real nice and gentle your first time. But it's too late for that! You're gonna get it hard!"

    Kevin reared back as far as he could without withdrawing his entire cock from the girl's tight cunt. Then with a loud cry, he lunged forward with all his might, sending his cockhead right through Franny's cherry.

    "Owwwww! Aieeeee!" the teenager cried as a tremendous pain shot through her.

    Her cherry had just been popped. And by her own daddy's cock!

    Even though Kevin let his cock rest inside her cunt now, no longer pushing into her, Franny felt the pain continue, to build. She had never felt anything like it before. She screamed again and again, her face turning a hectic red.

    She felt as if she had just been brutally stabbed in the cunt with a huge red-hot poker.

    "It hurts! Ohhhh, God, Daddy, it hurts sooo baaad!" she screamed deliriously. Her lips quivered and pulled back over her teeth.

    She shivered as more and more agony lanced through her pussy, spreading out through her entire body.

    She glanced down and saw that most of her father's cock was still outside of her pussy.

    "Ohhhh, nooo!" she moaned, realizing that there was still a good deal more cockmeat to be painfully forced into her, and she knew that it would take a lot of brute force to push the rest of his cock into her little fuckhole. Her virginal pussy was incredibly tight.

    Kevin knew that his enormous cock was stretching Franny's cunt wider than it had ever been stretched before. And he knew that it would take time to get his whole prick into her. But he also knew that it would be well worth it.

    In spite of the agonizing pain, Franny's hot young cunt was aching to open up and take all of Kevin's gigantic prick. Even though she was now experiencing more intense agony than ever before, Franny loved the feel of her daddy's cock inside her and she longed to take all of it, every single inch of his hard prick.

    Kevin pushed forward again, sliding another inch or two inside his daughter's tight cunt. He could feel her pussy-walls reluctantly expanding and he wondered how she could stand it. His cockmeat was really stretching her insides. He could feel the tightness of her cunt resisting his sliding prick. Then he could feel her muscles relaxing, spreading open to take him. It was amazing how elastic little pussies could be, he thought admiringly.

    "Oh, God!" Franny gasped as her father pushed forward more and she felt his huge meaty prick poke into her tender cuntmeat.

    Kevin continued to fuck his cock-slightly into the girl while she writhed and moaned beneath him. Her little pussy took more and more of her daddy's cock.

    "You're loving this, aren't you, you cockteasing cunt?" Kevin snarled, seeing the gleam of lust in the girl's eyes.

    "Unghhhh, it hurts, but it feels good too," Franny responded, thrusting her hips upward and arching her back to take more of her father's prick inside her.

    She could hardly wait until the full length of his unusually large cock was embedded in her tight little pussy. She tensed the muscles in her asscheeks as she lifted the lower part of her body upwards. She was delighted to realize that the worst of the pain had passed through her. It still hurt, but the pain had changed to a dull sort of ache and was much more bearable now.

    "Deeper, Daddy! Get your whole cock inside me," she whimpered homily.

    "I knew you'd end up begging me for it," Kevin chuckled, delighted by his daughter's change of attitude.

    The young virgin continued to push upward with her hips as her father pushed down with his, so that the complete violation of her little pussy would happen sooner.

    "Ungh!" Kevin grunted as he pushed harder, sending almost his entire cock into his daughter's tightly resisting cunt. His cockhead, was now less than an inch from the back wall of Franny's pussy.

    "Ohhhhh, yessss!" Franny moaned as she felt her daddy's cockmeat caressing her clit. She knew that her little clit would be battered back and forth violently when her father finally started to fuck in and out of her. But at this heady moment, that thought only excited her.

    Her cunt-juice was seeping from the walls of her aching pussy now, lubricating the fat cock thrusting into her.

    "Hurry, Daddy! Push your whole cock into meeee!" Franny screamed, her voice thick with incestuous lust.

    "Don't worry, baby. I'll get my whole cock into you all right! Then I'll fuck you fast and hard! And I'll make you come like you've never come before, you cockteasing little cunt!"

    Kevin grunted with the effort of fucking into his daughter's super-tight pussy.

    "Yes! Yes! Make me come! Make me come hard inside my cunt!" the teenager squealed as she began to toss her flushed face from side to side and shivers of ecstasy coursed through her throbbing cunt.

    "Okay, I'm gonna push real hard into you now. You push those sexy hips of yours up real hard at the same time and I think we'll be able to get my whole cock inside you!" Kevin instructed, his breathing harsh and labored.

    "All riiight!" Franny cried with a grin, thrilled to the core by her daddy's words and the promise of his entire cock filling her pussy.

    Kevin thrust down as hard as he could with his hips, making a loud grunting noise. As the same instant, Franny thrust her hips up powerfully, squealing with excitement.

    That was all it took to make the head of Kevin's cock bang hard against the back wall of Franny's virginal pussy. Every single inch of the man's prick was buried inside his daughter now.

    "Yesssss!" Franny hissed, beside herself with joy. It was a dream come true for the young teenager to finally feel her daddy's entire cock plugging her little cunt-hole.

    "I'm all the way in you now, baby," Kevin grunted, shifting his hips from side to side. He groaned with pleasure at the delicious feel of his little girl's amazingly snug pussy squeezing against the sides of his pulsating prick.

    "Ohhhhh, it feels soooo good!" Franny moaned.

    She sighed with happiness, feeling the base of her daddy's cock rubbing against the soft opening of her swollen cuntlips. She knew that her pussy would probably be sore for a week, but it would be worth it, she thought, just for the joy of taking her daddy's whole cock inside her.

    The man's meaty cock was filling the little girl's pussy with its hard hugeness. She was impaled on his long, thick prick, so deep inside her tight pussy-lips that it was buried to the hilt.

    "Fuck me now, Daddy!" she gasped. "Fuck me with that big monster of a cock!"

    She raised her arms and wound them around her father's muscular neck. She hung onto him while he began to slowly slide his cock in and out of her tender, aching cunt-hole.

    "Argh, feels real good, baby!" he husked. He felt her pussy-muscles clenching and unclenching around his prick as they struggled to accommodate the size of his enormous, cock. He remembered wondering if the young girl would know how to use her muscles in that erotic way. Guess I was right, he thought excitedly, little Franny is a natural-born lay, just like her mother and sisters.

    "Ohhhh, yeah, Paddy, it does! It feels really, really good!"

    His outsized cock was really stretching the walls of Franny's tight cunt, but she was getting used to it and loving it.

    She helped him flick her by ramming her hips upward to meet each of his strong downward lunges. Then, as he began to pull his prick out of her, she pushed her hips backward. Again and again, Kevin plunged his prick into his daughter, balls-deep. Then he pulled his cock out to his bulbous cockhead and rammed into her again, fucking her harder and faster with each delicious clit-rubbing stroke.

    "Ohhhhh, it feels sooo good, better than I'd ever dreamed, Daddy, keep fucking me, make me come!" Franny cried happily.

    She was a quick study. She discovered that she could open and close her tiny fuckhole almost wide enough to accept her father's thick prick without pain. And just as her mother had predicted, even the pain thrilled her, mingling somehow with the incestuous pleasure that filled every part of her body.

    "Fuck me hard, Daddy! I love it! Fuck me hard with that huge prick of yours! I love it! I love you!" the young teenager squealed, clinging to him and riding his prick with lunges of her hips.

    She ground her crotch against his as he buried the full length of his cock inside her. Her pussy fur mingled lewdly with his prick hairs, and her streaming cunt-juice flowed out of her, merging with the pre-cum that oozed from the man's piss-slit.

    "Harder! Faster! I can take it! I love it!" the youngster cried, begging for more of his thick cock that was tearing her wide open.

    She had never known such erotic pleasure in all her life. And that pleasure doubled and then tripled as she began to come.

    "Yieeee! I'm comiiinnngg, Daddy!" she wailed, caught off guard by her first deep-cunt orgasm.

    All of her other orgasms had been clitoral. But this one was different. It was her very first deep-cunt climax, and it was far more intense than any she had ever experienced before.

    It shot like bolts of lightning up and down her arched spine. Her mouth fell open and her pink tongue flopped wildly in and out of her us mouth.

    As she came, her inner cuntmuscles convulsed, squeezing Kevin's prick harder.

    "Ungh, you sexy little bitch! You're coming so fucking hard!" he grunted, proud of his daughter for her ready acceptance of his rape.

    He knew that many virgins had to be fucked many times before finally, coming. But, not Franny. Only moments before, her little tight cherry had been ripped out of her and already she was coming so hard that her entire body shuddered, making her daddy's body vibrate against her.

    Kevin continued to fuck his little girl as she came hard.

    "Yesssss," Franny hissed, feeling the tip of his cock against the back wall of her cunt, stretching it and sending little darts of pain and pleasure through her loins.

    She could feel cunt-walls being stretched taut by the long, thick prick, too, and she thrilled to the lewd sensation. She knew that her little pussy was filled to the utter brim with her daddy's hard cockmeat and she loved the feeling.

    "So good, Daddy!" she shrieked, still coming.

    "Atta girl," Kevin groaned, grinning down at her.

    Franny's mind spun with joy. She closed her eyes tightly and clenched her father's prick hard with her spasming pussy-muscles.

    The girl's passion was contagious. Kevin could feel his hot load of cum getting ready to shoot from the head of his cock into the depths of Franny's pussy. He rammed his cock all the way into her again and held it there while Franny continued to push her hips forward and back, riding his cock, pulling him toward orgasm.

    "Commmiiinnngg, bitch!" Kevin roared as his cum gushed from his cockhead and spilled into his daughter's pussy.

    "Yessss, I feel you coming inside me! Ohhhh, Daddy, it feels sooo goddamned good!" she cried, pounding him on the back with her little fists as his cum filled her pussy to overflowing.

    She lunged upwards, taking his entire prick inside her as he shot every precious drop of his cum into her thirsty pussy. "Ohhhh, I'm so glad you raped me, Daddy!" she cried, sobbing with joy as she came with her father.


    "Thank you for giving me my very first fuck, Daddy," Franny murmured almost shyly. "I love it that you popped my cherry for me! And the way you fucked me… unh, it felt sooo good!"

    "You're quite welcome, my dear," Kevin said, grinning down at his daughter and they both laughed. Kevin's cock was still buried inside his little girl's pussy. She twisted slightly beneath him, moaning with renewed lust… when she realized that her, daddy's cock was still hard inside her even though he had just shot more cum into her cunt than she had dared to dream was possible.

    "Ohhhhh, Daddy, your cock is still hard!" she cried excitedly.

    "It sure is, baby," Kevin groaned, shifting his hips slightly from side to side and letting his daughter feel his hard fuckmeat rubbing against the walls of her wet pussy.

    "Then… can we fuck again… right now?" Franny asked hesitantly, as if afraid that she was asking for too much.

    "We sure can, honey. I'm lucky to have such a horny little girl for my very own daughter!" Kevin said, beaming with approval as he gazed down at the beautiful, aroused teenager.

    He pulled his hard cock out of her dripping pussy until only its bloated head remained inside her. Then, taking a deep breath, he rammed his entire prick into her tight, gripping pussy.

    "Oh! So good!" Franny gasped, feeling her inner cuntlips gripping the very base of her father's cock.

    She closed her eyes tightly and moaned beneath her father. Her young body writhed homily and, again, she began to pump her hips upward to meet his downward thrusts.

    "Ohhhh, honey, even for a virgin… your cunt is sooo good and tight! You're giving my cock a primo fuck!" Kevin cried just before he lowered his head and planted his lips against Franny's.

    The father and daughter kissed passionately, their tongues rubbing against one another. Their saliva mingled and they groaned with lust into each other's mouth. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Franny cried as their torrid kiss ended.

    She yearned to feel her father's prick sliding in and out of her again. And again. And yet again. The young girl felt as if she would never in a million years be able to get enough of her daddy's hard cockmeat.

    Kevin let his cock rest inside his daughter's pussy. He pressed down with his hips. Ha rubbed the base of his meaty cock against Franny's little clit.

    "Oh, yes!" Franny cried tearfully, feeling her clit stiffen and throb against her daddy's cock-base.

    At the same time, Kevin pushed the tip of his prick a little more against the back wall of his daughter's cunt. This gave the youngster the feeling that he was sinking his cock even deeper into her tight cunt. And it was a delicious feeling.

    "Yesssss!" she screamed.

    She gyrated her hips, feeling that another orgasm would soon be shooting through her loins. While her father remained still, his cock buried to the hilt inside her, Franny moved from side to side, rubbing her inner cuntmeat and clit against his fat prick.

    "Ohhhh; unnnhhh," she moaned, loving the idea that she was actually stroking her cunt-flesh with her daddy's prick.

    She felt her cuntwalls stretching out in every possible direction as she gyrated her hips in a slow, sensuous circle around his impaling cock. Her cunt-muscles gripped and tugged at Kevin's prick.

    "Go on, baby," he panted. "Pull back. Fuck yourself on Daddy's prick."

    "Ohhhh, Daddy, that's so obscene!"

    Franny gurgled excitedly as she pulled back until only the flared head of her father's cock was still between her cuntlips.

    "I hate that feeling!"

    "What do you mean?" Kevin asked. "I thought you loved it!"

    "Oh, Daddy, I do!" Franny cried contritely. "I love fucking you! What I hate is the feeling of an empty cunt!"

    Kevin laughed, relieved and delighted by his little girl's super-hominess. He gazed lovingly down at her as she took a deep breath and paused briefly. Then she stabbed upward violently with her lower body so that the entire length of Kevin's cock rammed back into her soaking wet pussy in one fell swoop.

    "Oh, yeah!" Franny cried, thrilling to the wet, sucking sound her pussy made as her daddy's prick filled it again.

    The feel of her little pussy going from being completely empty to being totally filled with hard cockmeat excited the young girl incredibly, and she shivered all over with incestuous lust and joy. She could hardly believe that only moments before, she had-been a tight-cherried virgin. And now here she was, begging for more and more of her daddy's cock as she wantonly fucked herself on it.

    "Unnhhhh, aaarghhh!" she groaned, feeling her daddy's cock-tip pulsing hard against the back wall of her pussy. She could also feel his hard prickmeat rubbing against her clit, and the intense sensation that gave her was enough to make her feel like jumping right out of her skin.

    "Fuck me now, Daddy!" she begged whorishly. "Fuck your thick cock in and out of me, pleeeease!"

    "Don't worry, baby, Daddy will take care of his little girl's tight, wet pussy."

    The father and daughter looked lovingly into each other's eyes as Kevin once again began to work the full length of his prick in and out of Franny's snug cunt-hole with a smooth, steady motion.

    "You're so beautiful, baby," the man said thickly, watching his daughter's face contort with fuck-lust. It was obvious from the look on her face that she was experiencing both pain and pleasure and savoring both sensations equally.

    As her daddy continued to fuck her hard, Franny moved her hips from side to side.

    "Ohhh, yesss," she sighed, feeling his hard cock rubbing against her tight cuntwalls.

    Then she thrust her hips up and down, meeting each of her father's downward plunges with an upward lift of her loins, slamming her crotch against his. He was fucking her deeply now, impaling her fully. Each time he fucked into her, Franny felt his swollen cockhead strike the back wall of her pussy and the lewd sensation made her shudder all over. She loved it. And she wanted more.

    "Argh, it's soooo good, Daddy, you're fucking me soooo good!" she groaned, feeling his hard fuckmeat stroking her clit again and again.

    Franny tightened her cunt-muscles around her father's deep-drilling cock, hugging it lewdly against her taut pussy-walls.

    Kevin thrust his prick balls-deep into his daughter's cunt and held it there, swinging his hips in a lewd circle to stimulate every single part of Franny's cunt.

    "Commmninnngg!" she screeched at the top of her lungs, her eyes rolling back in her head.

    "Yeah, baby, come hard! Your pussy's shaking all over my cock!" Kevin roared.

    He felt the youngster's pussy spasming in orgasm around his prick and he thrilled to the obscenely delicious sensation.

    As Franny came powerfully, she had to wonder if it were possible to actually lose consciousness because of the intensity of her orgasms. She felt as if she were drifting up into the air, defying gravity. She was no longer conscious of the mattress beneath her back and ass. She was aware only of her pussy and of how wonderful it felt filled to the brim with her daddy's rock-hard cock.

    "God, Daddy, you made me come haaard!" the young teenager shrilled, her eyes filling with tears of joy.

    "You beautiful little girl," Kevin murmured, lowering his head and kissing his daughter gently on the lips.

    Kevin felt so proud of his little girl. He had been worried that the pain and shock of her first fuck would make Franny unable to feel the pleasure. But after he had popped her little tight cherry, the plucky teenager had raffled quickly, getting off on every single second of their first father-daughter fuck. Now he was fucking her for a second time, and again she was loving every single sensation he gave her with his big cock. And again she was coming.

    Many girls had to get fucked a number of times before their little pussies would relax enough to come. But not Franny. She was proving herself to be her mother's daughter beyond Kevin's wildest imaginings. He knew that the pain Franny had felt-and still felt somewhat as his enormously huge fuck-tool continued to plow into her-only enhanced her pleasure and her ability to orgasm, rather than stifled it as he had feared.

    Now he began to fuck her harder and faster as she writhed and churned beneath him.

    "Yeah, Daddy, that's it! Harder! Faster! I love it when you fuck me hard and fast this way!" the youngster cried whorishly.

    She loved the way her daddy used every single inch of his cock to fuck her horny pussy. She loved the way he thrust the full length of it into her with each stroke. She squeezed his prick gratefully with her strong cunt-muscles, and she shivered excitedly when she felt his meaty cock throbbing hard against her clutching pussywalls.

    Kevin pulled his prick almost all the way out of his little girl's honeyed pussy before ramming it back inside her. Each time he stabbed into her, her wet pussy made a loud sucking sound.

    "Oooh, ungh!" Franny gurgled, loving the exciting sound.

    "I'm commiiinnnggg again, Daddyyyy!" she cried in a girlish high-pitched voice only seconds later.

    The way her daddy's cock was continually battering her clit back and forth was keeping her pussy in a constant state of orgasm.

    "Keep coming, baby!" Kevin said with a husky chuckle as he continued to fuck his little girl.

    He withdrew his meaty cock until only its bloated head was still in the grip of Franny's tight cuntlips. Then, taking a deep breath, he plunged back into her, his cockshaft rubbing over her trembling clit. And again, Franny would come. Her little cunt was snapping off orgasms at an amazing rate, one right after the other. In a matter of minutes, the young teenager literally lost count.

    More and more fuck-juice seeped from her pussy-walls, drenching her daddy's prick and filling her little pussy to overflowing. The thick sauce ran lewdly down her quaking thighs and spilled out onto the bed-clothes between her spread legs.

    Each time she came, more fuck-juice filled her pussy. The wet sucking sound of his inward thrusts grew louder, turning on both father and daughter.

    "Ohhhh, God, Daddy, you're fucking me so good and hard now! And I keep coming! I love it!" Franny cried lustfully, feeling a fiery incestuous bliss filling her writhing body.

    She continued to thrust upward with her hips hard each time her father slammed down on top of her. Both of their bodies were soaking wet with sexual sweat.

    Their crotches slapped together obscenely, rhythmically, beating out the increasingly quick pace of their fuck.

    ‘Ohhbh, still commiiinnnggg," Franny groaned, no longer able to tell where one orgasm ended and the next one began.

    Her climaxes were all running together now, so that it felt as if she were experiencing one long single continuous orgasm.

    "I can't stop commmiiinngg!" she screamed, frightened by the intensity of her incestuous pleasure.

    Her big handsome daddy was making her feel things in her pussy that she had only dreamed of before. His big thick cock had turned her into a woman. Franny began to thrust her crotch up even harder and faster against her father's, hoping he would take the hint.

    "You sexy little cunt," he muttered as he began to fuck his little girl still harder and faster, keeping pace with the frenzied upward swings of her juicing pussy.

    In minutes, the indulgent father was working his cock in and out of Franny's cunt just as bard and fast as he could. At the same time, Franny thrust her hips upward full-tilt, eagerly meeting his big hard reaming prick with her gaping pussy-hole.

    "Ohhh, yesss, Daddy," Franny hissed.

    She could feel her inner cuntlips being pulled way out and then pushed far in by the motion of his rapidly fucking cock. She glanced down between their bodies and groaned when she saw that the entire length of her father's cock was lewdly coated with a fine sheen of her cuntsauce. She felt proud of the sight of her cuntjuices on her daddy's cock for she knew that it meant she had become a woman.

    Kevin fucked deeply into his daughter's cunt. He pressed down hard with his lean hips so that again the little girl's inner cuntlips were struggling to grip at the base of his thick cock.

    "Ohhhhh, nnhhh, yesss!" she moaned. She felt the tip of her father's prick pressing obscenely against the back wall of her pussy. She moved her hips very fast from side to side so his thick prick would massage her clit firmly.

    "Commmiiinnnggg!" she yelled again.

    Kevin lowered his head and pressed his teeth firmly against the side of his daughter's neck.

    "Yeow!" Franny cried in pain and pleasure.

    The intense sensation only heightened her orgasm.

    Kevin felt his nuts tightening up and he grimaced and groaned.

    "Get ready, baby, I'm gonna pop in a minute!" he grunted.

    "Ooooh, gooody, I can't wait! Hurry, Daddy, shoot! I wanna feel you coming inside me again!" Franny shrilled, out of her young mind at the thrilling thought that in just seconds her little orgasming pussy would be spilling over with her daddy's cum.

    Kevin raised his head to the ceiling and howled like a wild rutting animal as he came inside his daughter.

    "Yes! Yes! Come!" Franny gasped, feeling wad after wad of hot, thick cum gushing into her quaking pussy.

    She was delighted that she and her daddy were coming together. It made her feel even closer to this dear man who had so lovingly popped her cherry and given her her very first fuck.

    "Ohhhh, Daddy, we're coming together!" The father and daughter trembled together as they came. Franny groaned as she felt her daddy's cock convulsing in orgasm inside her. And she felt more and more jism filling her little spasming pussy.

    Finally, their orgasms ended and they exchanged a loving smile. Kevin collapsed on top of his daughter and they kissed tenderly. Slowly, their breath returned to normal, and the hot sweat covering their bodies began to cool.

    After a few minutes, Kevin pressed down on the bed on either side of his daughter and lifted the upper part of his muscular body from Franny, making it easier for her to breathe. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and lay down next to the young girl. Franny looked down and saw a little puddle of cum and pussy-juice between her parted thighs.

    "I hope I didn't hurt you too badly, honey," Kevin said. "I must've been crazy to want to rape you and hurt you like that." He shook his head, a guilty expression crossing his face.

    "Oh, no, Daddy, you weren't crazy!" Franny cooed, patting his softening cock one hand in a soothing gesture. "You were smart! It was just what I needed! It's just like I told Mommy! If someone hadn't gone ahead and raped me and forced me to fuck, I'd have just kept right on cock-teasing you and Brad and Tom and never giving in! I'm glad you raped me, really!"

    "Well, okay," Kevin said, beginning to grin, "and, besides, you really did have it coming!"

    "Yes, Daddy, I really did," Franny giggled.

    "Did it hurt you very much?"

    "Well, it was just like you said it would be, Daddy," Franny said softly, thrilling to the memory of her virgin fuck. "It hurt a lot at first but then it felt-really good, even the pain part. And, God, Daddy, you made me come more times than I could count!"

    There was a note of awe in the little girl's voice, and Kevin chuckled. He watched as Franny reached down and touched her pussy, bucking slightly with her hips. She pulled her fingers away and looked down at them.

    "My own daddy's cum!" She stood looking up at Kevin adoringly. "My little pussy's all full up with my own daddy's cum! I love it. And now I can't wait to fuck with my brothers. I just hope they'll fuck me good and hard too and show me no mercy!"

    "Don't worry, honey, I'll pass the word," Kevin said.


    It was only two days later that Franny got her wish. The two teenaged boys cornered the young girl in the den that evening while Yvette, Lily, and Wanda were out at the local shopping mall.

    "Dad told us the good news!" Brad said, lewdly rubbing his crotch and leering at Franny.

    The little girl looked from Brad to Tom. She felt her pussy beginning to drool.

    "Yeah, Daddy raped me and it was the greatest!" she said saucily, tossing her long hair back over one shoulder.

    "Good! Then you won't mind the little gangbang we've got planned for you," Tom said softly, his cock growing hard inside his pants.

    "Do you promise to fuck me really good and hard… all three of you?" Franny whispered.

    "Oh, yeah, you can be sure of that, you little cockteasing cunt!"

    "And three of you will fuck me at the same time? One of you will fuck my pussy while the others fuck my mouth and ass?"

    "You got it baby," her father said thickly, appearing in the doorway.

    "Well, all right then! Let's go for it!" Franny said, rising and quickly stripping.

    She giggled a little, thinking how bizarre it was that she had just given her permission to be raped. There was a contradiction there somewhere but she was far too turned on to think anymore about that.

    "What do you think?" the naked girl asked seductively as she whirled about in the center of the room, letting her father and brothers study her naked body.

    "You know what we think, Sis!" Tom said a little angrily. "God! You've had us hot for you for so long now! I'm glad that Dad finally raped you! Now we can get our cocks into you at long last! You're the sexiest girl I've ever seen and I've been dying to fuck your ass for ages now so I get dibs on your ass!"

    "Fine with me," Franny said with a sexy wink at her little brother. "I think you've got a real treat in store for your cock, Tommy, ‘cause no one's ever fucked my ass before! It's gotta be real nice and tight for your prick!"

    "Jeeesus, I can't wait," Tom said as he began to undress.

    "I get her cunt!" Brad said huskily as he peeled his own clothes off. "I've been waiting to get into your pussy for a long time, Sis, and you've teased my cock so many times… I ain't gonna show you no mercy."

    "Good! That's what I like to hear ‘cause when it comes to fucking, mercy is just about the only thing I don't want," Franny said, licking her lips in anticipation of the delicious gangbang she was about to experience.

    She had often fantasized about being fucked by three guys at once and she could hardly wait for her ‘rape' to begin. The fact that her rapists were her own father and brothers just added fuel to the fire of lust that was already raging out of control between the girl's legs.

    "Listen to ‘er," Kevin said with a laugh. He was already naked now, his clothes in an untidy heap at his feet, and his huge cock sprang out hard and ready. "Two days ago she was a virgin and now she's talking about fucking like she's a real pro."

    "Is she really as good as you said she was, Dad?" Brad asked, his voice slurred with lust as his eyes roved up and down his sister's naked body. "Is she really a good lay for a beginner?"

    "No, Brad, she's not a good lay for a beginner. She's a terrific lay, period! She fucks like a whore, but she's got the tight little pussy of a virgin. A rare combination."

    "You're gonna fuck my face, aren't you, Daddy?" Franny asked eagerly, her eyes on her father's humongous prick.

    "You got it, baby," Kevin said, his own eyes on his daughter's sexy mouth. He was thinking how delicious it would feel when her moist sensuous lips were wrapped around his hard-on.

    Again, Franny licked her lips. She looked at her father's and brother's cocks. All three of them were stiff and standing at attention in excited expectation of the four-way fuck about to happen.

    "Lie down on the floor, bitch," Brad growled as he, Tom, and Kevin began to advance on the trembling girl.

    With a little whimper, Franny obediently lay down on the floor, her legs spreading wide at once.

    The three males squatted next to her, peering eagerly into her gaping pussy.

    "Jesus, Dad!" Brad gasped. "You were right when you said her pussy was really super-tiny. How the hell did you ever manage to get your outsized cock in there?"

    "Just lucky, I guess," Kevin said with a shrug and they laughed. "But you know how girls pussies are. Lucky for us, they do stretch. Go ahead, try ‘er out."

    "What do you mean?" Brad asked, not understanding.

    "Well, I guess if her pussy can take my cock, it can take your fist," Kevin said casually, but his cock jerked.

    "Omigod!" Franny cried, half in fear and half in excitement. "Not his fist! His hands are huge to begin with! It'll tear me up!"

    "Shut up, cunt!" Tom said, reaching out and cruelly pinching one of his sister's nipples.

    "Owwww!" Franny cried, but she loved the rough way her brothers and father were treating her. She found their attitude turned her on all the more.

    "Yeah, shut up, Franny!" Brad said, twisting her other nip. "It's not for you to say! If I wanna ram my fist up your lousy little cunt, that's just what I'll do!"

    "Go for it, Son," Kevin said.

    Brad knelt between his little sister's spread thighs and rubbed his middle finger up and down her juicy pussy-slit. She churned beneath him, loving what he was doing to her but fearing the moment when he would ram his huge fist up her tiny cunt-hole.

    Brad put the tip of his middle finger between her pulsing inner cuntlips. He bent his hand at the wrist and rammed his entire finger into her just as hard as he could.

    "Oh!" she gasped. If his finger hurt her that much, how much more would his fist hurt her?

    "Yeah, Sis, you've gotta pay for cockteasing me so many times," Brad said in a flat, emotionless voice which frightened his sister. She had never heard him talk like that before.

    Brad rammed a second finger into her cunthole. Then a third. In spite of her fear, Franny felt her cunt growing wetter and hotter.

    "Ohhh," she groaned as Brad thrust three fingers in and out of her pussy slowly.

    She writhed with excitement and looked up into Tom's and her father's eyes, seeing the excitement there. She gazed up at Brad and saw that his face was flushed and twisted with lust.

    Suddenly, Brad shoved his little finger into her too, pressing his thumb against the center of his palm.

    "Go for it! Fuck her with your whole fist!" Tom cried, beginning to play with his hard-on.

    "Yeah, give it to her hard! That's what she's been begging us for," Kevin said, his eyes riveted to his little girl's cunt and to Brad's fingers fucking in and out of it.

    Brad groaned and straightened his arm, getting his muscular shoulder behind it powerfully. He knew that he would need a lot of brute strength to get his entire hand into her tiny fuckhole. His fist was a lot thicker than his cock. But it wasn't thicker than his father's cock, and he knew that his dad had fucked Franny's small pussy, so his own wrist was bound to fit inside her.

    Brad began to press down now, feeling the girl's taut cunt-flesh gripping him hard.

    "Ohhhh, nooo," Franny moaned, tossing her head from side to side as the pain increased. Her eyes filled with tears and she gasped for air.

    Brad shoved his fist into his little sister's cunt until her inner cuntlips gripped his wrist.

    "Way to go!" Kevin said with a grin, slapping his son on the back.

    "Wow!" Tom gasped, stroking his own hard on up and down.

    Brad withdrew his hand from the girl's cunt until only his finger-tips remained inside her. Then, with a savage-sounding grunt, he fucked back into her.

    "Oh, yes, it's good! It hurts, but I love it!" Franny cried, twisting and turning on the floor.

    "I knew it! The little cunt loves everything we ram up her pussy!" Kevin said with a shake of his head.

    Again and again, Brad fucked his hand into Franny's pussy, shoving it into her wrist-deep each time. Franny moaned with pain and pleasure, turning-on more and more. Finally, her arousal reached the saturation point and she knew she couldn‘t take it anymore. She needed cock now.

    "Hurry!" she cried tearfully. "Fuck me now! Fuck.me with your cocks! All three of you! Hurry, Brad! Toni! Daddy! I need all three of your fat cocks inside me! Pleeeease!"

    Brad grinned as he withdrew his hand entirely from his sister's cunt. He looked at the juice that coated his fingers and palm to the wrist and held it out in front of the young girl's slack mouth.

    With a little squeal, Franny stuck her tongue out and quickly licked up her own pussy-juices from her brother's-hand. Then she gazed up at him, Tom, and her father with eyes that were glazed with lust.

    "Please! Don't keep me waiting any longer for my gang-bang!" she pleaded. "Fuck me now! All three of you!"

    After some discussion about how to proceed, Brad lay down on his back in the center of the floor of the den. He kept his legs close together so that his little sister would have no problem straddling him.

    "Ooh! I can't wait!" Franny squealed as she quickly got into position. She placed her knees on either side of Brad's lean hips so that her little drooling pussy was just above the base of his hard cock. Brad's stiff cock was lying against his stomach. Franny groaned as she reached out, grabbed it, and lifted the pulsing cocktip to her moist pussylips.

    "Ahhhh, soooo good!" she purred as she ran the tip of Brad's cock up and down her pussy slit a few times to lubricate it with her running cunt-juices.

    She could feel the raging desire deep inside her pussy being matched by the tingling ache of lust in her asshole. Even though the youngster had never before been fucked in the ass, she longed for the feel of a hard fat cock deep inside her bowels. She knew that it would feel terrific.

    She groaned again, thinking about the delicious orgy that was about to begin. And she was going to be the happy center of it! She moved the rock-hard head of Brad's cock to the base of her pussy-slit and moved her knees farther apart. She slowly lowered herself onto her big brother's cock.

    "Yesss!" she hissed as she felt the inner walls of her cunt opening up for Brad's prick.

    "Go ahead, you hot little cunt! Fuck yourself on your brother's cock!" Kevin growled, running one fist up and down his own hard-on.

    "Yeah, look how horny she is! What a slut!" Tom laughed, his eyes wide as he watched his sister's turned-on movements.

    "Yes, I am a slut!" Franny cried almost hysterically. "I'm your slut, all of you! I'm Daddy's! Tom's slut! Brad's slut! My pussy and ass and mouth and whole body are yours to do whatever you want with! Take me, all of you!"

    And with that, her pussy sucked the entire length of Brad's cock into its depths.

    "Oh, you're all the way inside me now, Brad!" Franny squealed delightedly. She kicked her legs out behind her so that she was sprawled lewdly on top of the panting teenaged boy.

    "God, what a hot, tight pussy you've got! Been waiting a long time to feel your hot cunt wrapped around my prick!" Brad groaned, and be began to squeeze and fondle the girl's asscheeks with his strong fingers.

    Franny's creamy white asscheeks were slightly parted. Tom stared hungrily at the downy hair he could see in his sister's asscrack. He pulled her asscheeks wide-apart and rammed his tongue against her little asshole. He could see Brad's cock-base lodged firmly against Franny's pink inner cuntlips.

    "Ohhhhh, yes, tongue my ass, Tommy!" Franny squealed excitedly.

    "Unhhh!" Tom groaned as he eagerly tongued Franny's asshole.

    He spat onto his palm so he could coat his cock with his saliva to lubricate it.

    When Franny's little shit-chute and his prick were thoroughly wet with his saliva, Tom mounted her from the rear.

    "Yes!" Franny cried as she felt her little brother's thick cockhead pressing against her quivering asshole. The pressure increased against her asshole for a couple of moments and little darts of pain and. pleasure darted through Franny's ass, making her shudder on top of Brad's cock.

    "Do it! I don't care if it hurts, Tommy! Fuck my ass!" the young girl cried.

    Finally, the young girl's virgin ass opened up enough to allow Tom's cockhead to slide inside. The young boy had to push down very hard, using short stabbing motions, to get his cock all the way inside his sister's incredibly tight ass.

    "How's it feel, baby?" Kevin asked, watching it all with a. rising lust.

    "Grrrrreeeeeat!" Franny cried between clenched teeth.

    It hurt to have Tom's cock driving into her cherry asshole. But it felt terribly good too, much better than she bad anticipated. Just as when her daddy had popped her cherry, she found that the pain only made the pleasure all the more exciting.

    Tom grunted. He drove the tip of his cock a little deeper into the girl's bowels with each penetrating stab until he finally had his entire cock inside her. Then he let out a long sigh of pleasure, feeling her stretched-out ring of assmuscles gripping the very base of his prick.

    The thin wall of flesh which separated Franny's cunt-hole and asshole was stretched thin by the double violation. Franny lay on top of Brad with his cock buried deep in her pussy and Tom's prick balls-deep inside her asshole. She gurgled with delight, shivering all over.

    Kevin groaned as he moved to a kneeling position next to his daughter and she eagerly turned her head toward him.

    "You sexy little slut!" he cursed as he slapped her across her face with the head of his drooling prick a few times.

    "Don't be a tease, Daddy," she begged. "Stick that big hard cock down my throat where it belongs!"

    "Look who's talking about being a tease," Kevin said with a husky chuckle.

    But he pushed his cockhead between her parted lips and pushed forward with his strong hips until his entire cock was deep inside her mouth and down her throat.

    "Ungh," she moaned, tightening her throat muscles against the sides of her daddy's cock.

    She closed her eyes with pleasure, feeling the other two cocks pulsing deep inside her pussy and ass.

    Kevin, Tom, and Brad all began to fuck the young girl at the same time, keeping their hip movements in perfect sync, as if they had practiced this four-way fuck many times. They pulled their cocks almost all the way out of her holes at the same time, each of them using the entire length of his cock with each stroke.

    "Omigod! That's good! Feels sooo fuckin' good!" Franny gurgled thrilling to the obscene sensation of three cocks buried inside her at the same time.

    The young girl honestly could not tell which fuckhole, which cock, was giving her the most pleasure. All she knew was that she was excited half out of her mind by the thrill of being fucked by three hard cocks at once. And within seconds, she began to come.

    This orgasm was different from any other she had experienced. She felt as if she were coming in about a dozen places at the same time.

    "Urghhh!" she moaned around the thickness of her daddy's cock as she came. Her orgasming pussy shuddered and spasmed around Brad's cock, and the vibrations shot to her asshole, making Tom's cock shake in response.

    Her asshole was pulsing with pleasure as it was pulled and pushed by Tom's huge cock. Her inner bowels convulsed as the young boy repeatedly fucked deep into her lower belly.

    Franny felt Brad's cock stretching the back wall of her pussy as he thrust in and out of her. As be plunged into her, Brad made sure to rub the top wall of her pussy the hardest, making her clit sheath slide back and forth across her swollen clit, a wise move which intensified the girl's orgasm.

    Franny felt like screaming out loudly with the ecstasy that filled her entire body. But she could make no more than muffled groans and grunts since her throat was stuffed full with her father's bard cockmeat.

    As the young girl came, the three males continued to fuck her, moving a little harder and faster now. They kept their hip movements in sync, all of them turned on by the feel of the girl coming so hard against their pricks.

    "Jeeesus, what a sexy cunt!" Brad growled as his sister's pussy snapped at his cock.

    "I'll say! Her little shitter is chewing my cock right off!" Tom groaned, sexual sweat pouring down his face. and splashing onto the girl's asscheeks and back.

    "Can't believe… how hard… her throat's squeezing… my prick!" Kevin panted.

    "Ummmm!" Franny moaned around her daddy's cock.

    She felt as if she had died and gone to heaven. The intensity of the sensations the three cocks were giving her threatened to overwhelm her and she swayed drunkenly on top of Brad's body.

    Heady waves of pleasure rippled up and down her spine, radiating out to every nerve ending in her body. Her pussy oozed out more and more fuck-juice which drenched Brad's cock before running into her asscrack and soaking Tom's prick as well. The thick girl-cum then ran unchecked down her legs, pooling onto the floor.

    Staring down, Kevin saw his daughter's cuntjuice spilling out onto the floor and he shuddered with excitement. His thick prick lurched and jerked against the clenching walls of the girl's throat.

    "God, I'm gonna come any minute-now!" Brad groaned, feeling his cock being squeezed deliciously by Franny's tight cunt-muscles. "Meeeee tooooo!" Tom gasped as her assmuscles gripped his reaming cock harder than ever.

    But Kevin was the first to come. As he felt his orgasm beginning, be cleverly pulled back with his hips, sliding most of his cock out of his little girl's throat. He did this because he knew that Franny would be disappointed if she were not able to taste his cum. And there was no way she would be able to taste it if his cock remained buried all the way down her throat.

    "Urgh!" Franny gurgled as she felt her father's warm cum splashing directly on her tongue.

    Her aroused taste buds tingled with pleasure. And she savored the delicious flavor of the tangy jism. She moaned, closing her eyes again as she drank her daddy's cum down her parched, aching throat. She felt his tasty cum spilling into her belly and she moaned again, thrilled by the lewd sensation.

    As Kevin continued to come down his daughter's throat, she sucked his cockhead as hard as she could to drain his balls dry. Just as the last spurt of cum shot out of Kevin's piss slit, Franny felt Tom's entire cock slide up her ass, and again her ring of ass-muscles gripped the base of the boy's cock.

    She felt the shaft and head of Tom's prick spasming against the inner walls of her bowels. With a loud cry, the young boy shot his wad into Franny's ass.

    "Ahhhh!" Franny moaned, still sucking on her daddy's draining cock. Tom's warm cum felt good as it bathed her bowels and the walls. of her ass.

    As if on cue, Brad's cock jerked wildly against the walls of Franny's pussy, about to come.

    "Gonna come!" Brad cried loudly and he thrust upward as hard as he could with his hips.

    Yes, come, Brad! Franny cried silently within her lust-fogged mind. She wanted to cry out loud but she was still sucking and nibbling on her father's pulsing prick, even though there was no more cum for her to swallow. Come, Brad! she thought to herself, feeling dazed and more than a little intoxicated. Come inside me! I want to feel every drop of your cum shooting up my horny little pussy!

    "Commmiinnngg!" Brad bellowed as his thick cum creamed into his little sister's pussy. Her aching cunt-hole sucked his jism deep into its depths as he continued to shoot his wad.

    Brad fucked the full length of his orgasming prick all the way into Franny's cunt and held it there as he came. He arched his back and shouted out his pleasure.

    ‘What a sexy sight!" Kevin muttered as he finally pulled his softening prick out of Franny's mouth. Her cum-spattered lips gripped his cock, reluctant to let it go.

    Kevin sat crosslegged on the floor and watched his daughter as she took all of Brad's cum up her pussy;

    "What a great fuck!" Tom moaned as he pulled his own limp cock out of his sister's cum drenched asshole. He sank down onto the floor behind the young girl, watching the rise and fall of her ass as she began to slide up and down Brad's cum-spurting prick.

    She felt her pussy snapping off another orgasm as more and more cum shot into her pussy. She knew that every nook and cranny of her little pussy was coated with the thick layer of Brad's jism Her asswalls were bathed with Tom's cum, and the walls of her mouth and throat were soaked with her daddy's jizz.

    "Ohhhh, how fantastic!" she shouted, finally able to give voice to the intense feelings of ecstasy raging through her loins.

    She only had Brad's cock inside her now, but she could still feel Tom's and her father's cocks pulsing inside her mouth and asshole, as-if they were still fucking her too. She shuddered all over with excitement as she continued to come.

    "Looks like I've been missing out on something," Yvette's voice came from the doorway to the den.

    "Mom!" Tom cried, his head whirling around at the sexy sound of his mother's voice.

    Brad and Franny were too caught up in their orgasms to speak, but they turned their heads and their eyes widened at the sight of Yvette's naked body. Her discarded clothes lay in a heap just outside the den.

    "Yvette! What are you doing home?" Kevin asked as he held out his arms toward his wife.

    Yvette moved into her husband's embrace and they kissed, their tongues meeting.

    "Mmm," she moaned, breaking the kiss. Her eyes were on her daughter and on Brad's thick cock which was still ramming in and out of the young girl's cunt. "I left Wanda and Lily at the mall so they could finish their shopping. I wanted to get home ‘cause I had the feeling that something pretty exciting might be going on here. Looks like I was right."

    Yvette moved behind her daughter, feeling her own pussy drooling with warm cunt-juice.

    She could see Tom's thick cum running out of Franny's asshole and she longed to taste it, to lick it all up. She knelt down behind Franny and parted the girl's asscheeks as wide as she could get them.

    "Now, Franny, aren't you glad that you got over your silly fear of being fucked?" she asked thickly.

    "Oh, Mom, I was never afraid!" Franny confessed with a laugh, feeling excited by the feel of her mother's warm breath against her aching asshole. She knew that her mother was going to lick her ass and she could hardly wait to feel it.

    "No, I was never afraid of being fucked! That was just a lie!" she went on while her family listened to her confession in disbelief.

    "Yeah, I lied about being afraid. And I cockteased all you guys on purpose, hoping to drive one of you to rape me! That was what I wanted all along, to be raped by any one of you! But when you all turned out to be such nice guys and always let me get away with cock-teasing you, I finally made up that lie about being afraid to be fucked. I finally told Mom that the only way anyone would ever get to fuck me would be to rape me, knowing that that would finally force someone's hand… or I should say, cock. And it worked!"

    "Why, you little bitch!" Yvette murmured with a smile as she pushed her face between her daughter's asscheeks and thrust the full length of her tongue up the girl's quivering asshole.

    Tom and Kevin exchanged amused glances. Then they laughed and returned their gaze to Franny, to the cock inside her pussy and the tongue inside her ass. Their cocks began to harden again as they watched the lewd action taking place before them and they knew that in just a matter of minutes, they would all be engaged in another group fuck, only it would be a five-way orgy this time.

    "Ooh, yeah, Mom! Tongue-fuck my ass!" Franny cried excitedly, bouncing up and down her brother's cock, her gaze on her father's and Tom's cocks, which were rapidly growing thick and hard.

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