She blows the man down


    The full moon shone brightly outside Jody Baldwin's bedroom window. The silvery light illuminated the teenager's naked body as she squirmed beneath the hand she was using to fondle her moist little pussy.

    "God!" she gasped aloud. "I'm so fuckin' horny! I wish I weren't still a virgin! I wish I had a big cock fucking in and out of my cunt right now!"

    As she stroked her furry little pussy mound, the young girl's thoughts turned to her brothers, Bill and Matt, and she found herself wondering what it would feel like to be fucked by them. Especially Bill, she thought with a dreamy sigh, thinking of her older brother who she was sure must have already had lots of fucking experience. He'd really know how to use his cock to make a girl feel good, she thought with another sigh. Matt was her kid brother. And even though Jody was pretty sure that the young boy had not had much, if any, fucking experience, the thought of his young cock thrusting in and out of her seething pussy aroused her, too.

    She knew that incest had to be wrong. But, somehow, whenever she was trying to ease her sexual frustration with her own fingers, her mind just automatically filled with exciting images which mirrored her incestuous urges, and she didn't try to repress them. When she was stroking her little pussy to orgasm, it was the one time when the youngster could give full vent to her desire to make it with her own family. But, after she came, she always felt guilty, wondering what must be wrong with her to think such "unnatural" thoughts about making it with her brothers, her big sister, Kris, and even her parents.

    "Daddy," she murmured, sliding one finger between her swollen pussylips and beginning to rub her aching clit. "Oh, Daddy, you've got such a big cock! Have you ever wanted to fuck me with it?"

    She trembled, remembering the one time she had seen her daddy's naked cock. It had been just a few weeks ago. Wanting to take a shower, Jody had walked up to the bathroom door, which was open only a couple of inches. She heard sounds from within and, realizing that someone was inside, she had turned, about to walk away. But then some deep basic urge had taken hold of her and she had found herself turning back toward the door and eagerly peeking into the bathroom through the narrow crack.

    Her father, Greg Baldwin, was standing naked in front of the toilet. The toilet seat was raised and he was holding the base of his cock with one hand, aiming the stream of piss into the toilet bowl.

    Jody remembered the way her little virginal pussy had quivered and burned at the sight of her own daddy's cock.

    She had stood there and spied on her father until he had finished pissing. She had liked the way he had vigorously shaken his cock to toss off the last few drips of piss. And Jody had wondered what it would feel like to have that fat cock shaking so hard inside her little cunt.

    But then she had caught herself, realizing what she was thinking, and she had retreated to her bedroom, red-faced with shame and excitement. However, the young girl's guilt had not prevented her from finding some measure of sexual relief with her own hand that night, many, many times. And each time she had made herself come, she had softly cried out for her father…

    Now, Jody's small tits heaved with desire as she stroked her clit harder, feeling it stiffen beneath her wet finger. But even as she strained for orgasm, the teenaged virgin sensed that her own hand could never give her the same exciting release and pleasure which her daddy's prick could give her. Or Bill's. Or Matt's. But that can never be, she told herself resignedly. Incest is wrong.

    But in the next instant, she felt the faint stirrings of an orgasm and she rubbed her clit harder and faster, her thoughts on her father and brothers once more… and on their big cocks.

    While continuing to rub her clit with one hand, she fucked two fingers of her other hand into her virginal pussyhole as far as possible without breaking her tightly stretched cherry.

    As her fingers moved slickly over her wet, throbbing clit, she closed her eyes and pretended that daddy's cock was fucking into her cherry cunthole, popping her cherry deliciously.

    She groaned excitedly, thinking of her daddy actually kneeling between her outstretched legs, fucking his huge cock up her little pussy and finally coming inside her.

    "Ohhh, Daddy," she groaned aloud with a swiftly rising lust.

    She fucked the two fingers of one hand faster and harder into her juicy little pussy. Her other held her puffy pussylips open so she could fuck her fingers in and out of herself faster and harder with each pleasure-filled stroke.

    She was breathing raggedly now as tremors of orgasm coursed through her. Her little tits heaved with lust. She arched her back and humped her pussy up against her hand, moaning louder as she finger-fucked herself more and more demandingly with each thrust, aching for orgasm.

    As she stroked herself into a full-scale orgasm, her mind again filled with the exciting image of her daddy fucking her. Then, somehow, his face blurred in her fantasy and it was her big brother, Bill, who was fucking his fat cock in and out of her. Again, the face in her erotic image faded and became that of her little brother, Matt. In her mind's eye, the less experienced boy was fucking her with fast, jerky movements, giving her no less pleasure than his big brother or father had.

    "God, it's sooo good," Jody groaned loudly as her entire body began to shudder with the force of her mighty climax.

    She tried to ram a third finger up her twitching pussyhole, but her virginal pussy was just too tiny to take it. She moaned with excitement, thinking that her future husband's cock would have its work cut out for it. She knew that any cock which burst through her tight cherry would have to force its way up her tiny, narrow fuck-tunnel and that it would hurt her like nothing had ever hurt her before. But, she sensed that she would welcome the pain and that it might even make the entire act more thrilling.

    Her breathing quickened as she continued to come. Her orgasm had not reached its peak yet. Jody fucked her fingers faster and faster in and out of her wet pussyhole, still stroking her clit with hard, savage strokes.

    She moaned and groaned with ecstasy as she came. As the ripples of orgasmic pleasure throbbed through her, she continued to imagine that her father or brothers were fucking her. Then, she gasped and her eyes snapped open as her lust-dazed mind filled with the fantasy of her big sister, Kris, nibbling on Jody's tits.

    "Oh, God!" Jody cried as her fantasy enlarged and she saw and felt her mother's mouth on her little cherry pussy. "Jeeesus!"

    She closed her eyes, and she could almost feel her entire family stroking her naked body as she came. In her mind's eye, her sister was sucking on her tits, her mother was eating her wet pussy, her father was fucking her ass, and Jody was sucking off Bill's big cock while she jerked off Matt's prick with both hands.

    Jody's orgasm peaked. Waves of hot, thundering excitement swept through her and she felt her nipples going absolutely hard.

    "Ohhh, I'm commmiiinnnggg!" Jody cried loudly.

    Her little cunt poured out load after load of hot girl-cum. She continued to fuck her fingers in and out of her cunthole while stroking her clit, still imagining that her entire family was making love to her.

    "Oh, God, Daddy! Matt! Bill! Mommy! Kris! I want you all! I want to fuck with all of you!" the horny young teenager wailed at the top of her lungs as she came hard.

    The force of her gigantic orgasm made her entire body shake and shudder uncontrollably. For long moments, she rocked back and forth, tossing herself wildly on the bed, until finally her orgasm began to subside.

    "Ohhh," she sighed, taking her wet fingers from her still-twitching pussy. She licked her own juices off of her fingers, as she always did, moaning with pleasure as she swallowed her cum.

    Suddenly, there was a knock on her bedroom door and before she could respond, she heard her brother Bill's voice outside in the hallway.

    "Hey, Sis! What's goin' on in there? The way you're yelling and carrying on, you're gonna wake the whole house!"

    Jody gasped as her door suddenly flew open and Bill came into her room. The questioning look in the boy's eyes changed abruptly to one of lust and excitement as he saw his naked sister stretched out on her bed with her cunt juices still running out of her pussy.

    "Good God!" Bill said thickly, and he closed the door behind him as he moved toward the bed.

    "Bill! I-I was just…" Jody's words trailed off as she struggled for a rational explanation of her loud orgasmic cries and her naked juice-filled pussy.

    Bill laughed huskily as he sat down on the edge of his little sister's bed.

    "You were just what, Sis?" he asked, his eyes fixed on her wet pussy.

    "Don't… don't look at me like that," she muttered awkwardly, trying to cover herself with a blanket.

    But Bill's hand covered hers, stopping her movement. His eyes seemed to burn into her naked flesh, and she trembled beneath his penetrating gaze.

    "Don't cover yourself, Sis. You're so pretty, lying there all naked like that," Bill murmured. He was wearing only a bathrobe and his stiffening hard-on began to tent out the front of it.

    "God, Bill, this is wrong!" Jody gasped, her eyes moving to his crotch.

    "Yeah, I know," Bill rasped, reaching out and stroking the girl's tits with one hand.

    "Ohhh, Bill," Jody sighed, squirming beneath his incestuous caress.

    "This isn't why I came in here," Bill mumbled, feeling dazed and disoriented – and more excited than ever before in his life.

    "Why'd you come in my room?" Jody asked faintly, not really caring. All she cared about at that moment was the feel of her big brother's hand rubbing first one of her tits, then the other.

    "I heard you yelling and carrying on, and I just came in to see if you were all right," Bill explained.

    "Oh, I was just fine, Bill," Jody said with a grin. "You just heard me coming, that's all!"

    "God, Jody, you were coming?" Bill gasped, capturing his sister's nipples with the thumbs and forefingers of both hands and pinching them lightly.

    "I sure did, Bill!" Jody chirped, getting off on the stunned but turned-on expression on her brother's face. "I fucked my pussy with my fingers until I made myself come. That's why you heard me yelling. It's just a good thing that you and I are the only ones whose bedrooms are upstairs."

    Bill groaned as he pinched his sister's nipples again, harder this time.

    "Yeow! That hurts… but it's great!" Jody cried. The more erotic pleasure her brother gave her, the guiltier she felt, still believing incest to be wrong. But she repeatedly told herself that what they were doing together was really okay because it wasn't like actually fucking one another.

    With another groan, Bill leaned over and gently brushed his sister's lips with his own. Jody moaned and she eagerly let her lips part. She teasingly touched her brother's tongue-tip with her own.

    "Ungh," Bill groaned as his tongue darted out to meet Jody's.

    Bill felt as if he were in a trance. Just like his sister, he had been taught that incest was wrong, and he struggled against the natural primitive urges which swirled through his loins. But it was no use. His incestuous lust for the sexy young girl was growing stronger by the minute, and he felt weak and powerless in its grip.

    "Take your robe off, Bill," Jody gasped as their mouths finally moved apart. "I have to see your cock!"

    With what sounded like a growl, Bill quickly removed his robe, and his little sister gasped again when she caught her first sight of his hard cock.

    "Oooh," she said in a voice which trembled, "it's so big… can I touch it?"

    "I-I don't know, Sis," Bill said, his protest weak and unconvincing. "This is wrong."

    "I know, but it's not really all that wrong. I mean, all I want to do is touch it. Please?"

    Bill hesitated. He wanted nothing more at that moment than to feel the young girl's soft hand stroking his hard-on. She's right, he told himself as he gazed down at her hard-nippled tits and dripping pussy. She's right. She's just asking to touch my cock. It's not like she's going to suck it or anything like that. What harm can there be in just a touch?

    "Sure, Sis, touch it!" he grunted.

    With a low moan, Jody reached out with a hand that shook, and she let her fingertips lightly trail down the length of the boy's visibly pulsating prick.

    "God!" Bill husked, throwing his head back and clenching his teeth tightly together.

    He couldn't believe how good it felt. Many, many young girls had touched his prick before – but never had any girl managed to make him feel like this. Somehow, Jody's innocent touch aroused him with an intensity he had never known before.

    "Oooh, I can feel it throbbing," Jody moaned as she ran her fingers up and down his long, thick cock, a little harder this time.

    "Squeeze it, Jody! Wrap your fingers around my cock and squeeze it!" Bill growled, hardly able to talk now.

    Jody's eyes grew big as she studied her brother's cock, and she wondered if her small hand could even fit all the way around it. She nestled the thick cockshaft against the palm of her hand and spread her fingers out as far as possible. But they could not stretch out far enough to completely encircle the huge prick. When she had grasped as much cockmeat as possible, she squeezed hard.

    "Aaarghhh," Bill groaned, and the veins of his neck bulged outwards as more blood rushed into his prickmeat.

    "Wow! It's really throbbing hard now!" Jody said, her voice slurred with fuck-lust. She loved the feel of her brother's cock in her hand. Again, her head whirled with images of this fat cock fucking in and out of her pussy, and she deliberately pushed such thoughts aside.

    She began to run her fist up and down the full length of the trembling cock, enjoying the sound of her brother's moans and groans. She knew that she was giving her big brother a great deal of pleasure, but she also knew that she was getting off on this exciting act every bit as much as he was.

    Again and again, she ran her hand up and down the thick cock, squeezing it at the same time. Her little pussy was filling with more and more juice as she jerked her brother off, and her nipples grew so stiff that she was sure they would explode any second.

    As his sister continued to stroke his cock, Bill lowered his head and again he and Jody shared a torrid tongue-kiss. Their tongues immediately locked together and they groaned into each other's mouth as they turned on beyond belief.

    As their kiss ended, Bill moved his mouth to his sister's ear and she moaned softly when she felt his tongue-tip probing into her ear. Then he nibbled on her earlobe and she quivered, feeling more juice seeping into her aroused pussy.

    Bill's tongue moved down the girl's neck and she began to jerk him off faster. Her firm tits jutted upward toward Bill as her chest rose and fell with her uneven breathing. The young boy could see her nips throbbing as he stared down at them.

    "Unh," Bill groaned as his mouth closed around the jutting peak of one of Jody's tits.

    "Oh, yes, Bill!" Jody cried, running her hand faster up and down the length of her brother's hard cock.

    Little drops of pre-cum were oozing out from his piss-slit now and the sauce ran down the staff of his cock, making Jody's fingertips wet and slippery. She felt his cock jerking excitedly in her grasp as she rubbed him faster and harder. She groaned with pleasure as her brother sucked her nipple, which grew longer and stiffer in his mouth.

    While his little sister continued to jerk him off, Bill licked, sucked, and nibbled on her sensitive nipple. He groaned, loving the taste of the nip and the way it pulsed between his lips. Then, his mouth slid across her heaving chest and he gave her other tit the same thrilling treatment.

    Jody used her free hand to fondle her brother's balls while her other hand kept moving up and down his hard prick. As Bill continued to suck her tits, she felt a hot sexual fire building up furiously in her loins.

    Bill's cheeks hollowed inwardly as he sucked his sister's nips harder. Jody's back arched up from the bed and her brother's mouth opened wider, eagerly accepting more of her quivering tit flesh.

    While the young boy kept sucking on his sister's tits, he moved one hand down the flatness of her tummy to her wet pussy, which was throbbing between her legs. He wove his fingers through her coal-black cunt fur and she quivered.

    I know I should stop him now, the young girl told herself, still jacking on the boy's cock. But, wait a minute, I'm touching his cock, so I guess it's okay for him to touch my pussy. That makes sense! She grinned, proud of her logic. Then her grin turned abruptly into a grimace of lust and pleasure as she felt her brother's fingers stroking up and down her juicing pussy slit.

    Jody instinctively opened her thighs wide as Bill gently caressed her plump cuntlips.

    "Ohhh, Bill," she groaned, and she felt her brother's prick thicken even more in her hand as she continued to squeeze and rub the aroused prickmeat.

    She writhed and wriggled on the bed as Bill's hand moved faster over her cunt mound and he dipped one finger between her swollen pussylips. At the same time, his mouth kept busy on Jody's tits, sucking first one blood-engorged nip, then the other.

    Jody groaned loudly with incestuous pleasure, constantly telling herself that what she and her brother were doing was okay because, after all, they were not actually fucking.

    Bill was telling himself the same thing as he continued to suck on his sister's nipples while he stroked her inner pussymeat with one probing finger. It's not like I'm eating her pussy, he told himself, and his cock lurched in the grasp of Jody's hand as he turned on more at the very thought of licking the youngster's virginal cunt.

    Bill slid his finger deeper into his sister's hot cunt, teasingly brushing against the stiff bud of her clit.

    "Aieee!" Jody squealed, and she squeezed his balls harder.

    "God, Jody, your little pussy's so wet! So tiny!" Bill growled, feeling a wave of hot tremors pass through him.

    His finger fucked deeper into her, entering into the moist tunnel of her cunthole. Suddenly, his fingertip bounced off of the girl's tight cherry, and he groaned again.

    "You really are a virgin, aren't you?" he gasped.

    "Y-yes, I am," Jody said quaveringly, and in a flash she again had that thrilling fantasy of her brother popping her cherry.

    Bill fucked his finger in and out of his sister's virginal cunt as deeply as he could without breaking her cherry. In a slow-motion twisting movement, he expertly swirled his finger around within her tight cunt, and more juice oozed into that small hole. He lowered his face to her tits again and began to suck the nipples, which seemed to be straining upward for his mouth.

    "Yeow! Love it!" Jody gasped.

    She was eagerly running one hand slickly up and down the cum-coated shaft of her brother's prick. Her other hand squeezed and fondled his balls. She could feel the heavy load of cum which was churning about within those balls and she trembled, wishing that incest were not wrong so that she could swallow that cum or, better yet, feel it gushing into her pussy.

    "Ohhh, Bill," she sighed tremulously, feeling more turned on than ever before in her life.

    Suddenly, Bill's prick lurched and bucked wildly against the palm of Jody's hand and she shuddered, realizing that her brother was about to come.

    Bill tore his mouth away from his sister's tits and began to rub her clit furiously as he cried out in ecstasy.

    "Keep rubbing my prick, Sis! I'm gonna come!" he gasped.

    "Ohhh, yes, Bill, yes!" Jody squealed, not allowing herself to question whether this part of their act was wrong or not.

    Suddenly, Bill's cock jerked right out of his sister's grasp as it exploded. Wads of creamy cum shot from his cock-tip and Jody gazed down at it in fascination, watching her brother come. It was the most thrilling sight she had ever seen, and her pussy suddenly erupted with her own orgasm.

    "Oh, wow!" Bill groaned as he felt his sister's clit orgasming violently against his finger.

    "Yeah… oh, wow," Jody said thickly as her orgasm crashed through her.

    Later, just before Bill left his sister's room, he turned to face her. He was standing in the doorway now, wearing his robe once again.

    "What we did… we shouldn't feel guilty about it, you know. I mean, it's not like we really did anything except touch each other," he said, sounding as if he were trying to convince himself more than her.

    "I know," Jody said with a happy smile and a nod.


    The next night, when Bill knocked on his little sister's bedroom door and Jody eagerly responded, they both knew that they were ready to explore each other's body even more than they had the previous night.

    Without a word, Bill removed his robe and grinned when he saw his sister's eyes grow wide at the sight of his hard-on, which was jutting straight out from his bushy crotch.

    "Wow!" Jody breathed huskily, already nakedly writhing on her bed in a fit of sexual need.

    "I-I just thought t-that maybe we c-could touch each other some more like we d-did last night," Bill stammered, his face red.

    Jody nodded dumbly. Suddenly her brother was lying on top of her and the young girl whimpered in excitement, running her hands up and down Bill's muscular back. She shivered as she felt the heat of his naked flesh burning into her own. She could feel the rigid hunk of cock-meat between his legs pulsating between their bellies and she whimpered again.

    The teenagers kissed each other feverishly, their moans mingling as they turned each other on powerfully.

    Bill tongue-kissed his sister's throat, working his open mouth down to her soft shoulders. He licked her naked flesh again and again, savoring the taste of her.

    "Do my tits, Bill! Suck them like you did last night!" Jody begged wantonly. "They need it bad!"

    With a low groan, Bill gripped his sister's small tits, squeezing them hard enough to make the young girl cry out with pain and pleasure. He thrust his tongue out and flicked its tip back and forth across one of her nips.

    He strummed the horny nip several times, feeling it swelling more and pulsing against his tongue and lips.

    "Yesssss, Bill, that's soooo good!" Jody sighed.

    Growling with incestuous lust, Bill lowered his head and noisily sucked on his sister's tits. He sucked her nips into his wet mouth one at a time, sucking as hard as he could.

    "Oh, wow!" Jody gasped, and she felt her wet pussy beginning to throb.

    Bill moved his sucking mouth to Jody's other tit, licking and sucking on that pulsing nip. He lashed at the stiff rosebud with his rough tongue. Then he gently gnawed on it with his teeth.

    "Yesssss," Jody whimpered, her head reeling with fuck-lust.

    While her brother continued to suck on her nipple, he fondled and pinched her other tit. She could feel his saliva being smeared all over her tit flesh and she quivered with the lewdly exciting sensation.

    Now, Bill slid one hand down his sister's body, scraping his fingernails across the firm slope of her taut belly, and thrusting his hand between her legs.

    "Good, Bill, yes, good, touch my pussy!" Jody demanded hornily.

    Bill's mouth was still stuffed with Jody's tit as he stroked the puffy mound of her cunt with one hand. He could feel her pussy juices leaking out between her cuntlips and wetting his fingers, and his cock grew hard.

    "Touch my clit, Bill, my clit, hurry!" Jody yelped excitedly.

    "You sexy bitch!" Bill growled. He thrust one finger between her pussylips and began to caress her stiffening clit.

    "Yes!" Jody shrieked, and she trembled all over as she felt her brother's fingers grinding against her aroused clit. Bolts of white-hot ecstasy swept through her, making her entire body jerk uncontrollably.

    With a wet slurping sound, Bill sucked one of Jody's nipples back into his mouth and nibbled on the sensitive bud with his sharp teeth. At the same time, he continued to rub her clit, feeling it grow longer and thicker against his stroking finger.

    "God, I love this!" Jody squealed, humping her pussy up against her brother's hand.

    There was a lewd popping noise as Bill released his mouth-hold on his sister's tit. Then, with a husky groan, he slid down her body between her legs. He ran his fingers over her clit a few more times before taking his finger out and watching her tight pussylips snap together again.

    "Don't stop, ungh, don't stop, I'm soooo horny! Don't tease me!" Jody wailed.

    Bill's only response was a moan as he caught hold of his sister's swollen pussylips and slowly peeled them apart, revealing the girl's wet inner cuntmeat. He had always wanted to get a good look at his little sister's pussy, and now was his chance. As he gazed hornily at her dripping pink cunt flesh, his cock leaped.

    "God! What are you doing?" Jody cried, raising herself up on both elbows and peering down at her brother through the valley of her tits. She saw him studying the depths of her pussy intently.

    Bill lowered his face and inhaled the musky aroma of Jody's aroused cunt. Then, with a moan, he pressed his face between her trembling thighs, kissing her pulsing pussylips.

    Jody opened her mouth to stop him, thinking that they shouldn't go this far. But what came out of her mouth was not a protest but a guttural groan as she felt her brother's tongue swishing up and down the length of her cunt slit.

    The young girl's mind dizzied and she fell back onto the bed, squeezing her tits with both hands and moaning over and over again at the exquisite feel of her brother's tongue on her pussy. One part of her mind struggled to the surface, telling Jody that this was wrong, this was incest. But, with every ounce of strength she could muster, the teenager fought against that pesky voice, pushing it down, down, down deeper. And she told herself again and again that this was not really incest because she and her brother were not actually fucking each other.

    Bill's mind spun and all the young boy was aware of at that moment was the tantalizing aroma of his sister's hot pussy, and the taste of her thick juices which he noisily swallowed down.

    Suddenly, he growled and plastered his mouth against the wet juicy opening of her cunt. He rubbed his lips and cheeks and nose in the throbbing cunt flesh, his tongue lashing back and forth hungrily.

    "Ohhhh," Jody whined weakly. Her head tossed from side to side on her pillow. She closed her eyes tightly and she reached down to run her trembling fingers through her brother's thick black hair.

    She arched her back, forcing her brother's face even deeper into her crotch.

    "Lick my pussy, Bill! Yesss, it feels sooo good! Lick meee!" the horny youngster cried.

    Bill groaned at his sister's words. His mouth sucked and slurped on her pussy, driving the young girl wild with incestuous ecstasy and desire.

    Slowly, teasingly, Bill began to stick his tongue into his sister's cunt. The wet tip was soon embedded in her slick, clutching pussyhole as far as it would go, all the way up to the taut cherry.

    "Yessss," the teenaged girl hissed between clenched teeth.

    She felt Bill's tongue sliding back out of her and then fucking into her pussy again. His tongue-tip bounced off of her virginal membrane and she groaned excitedly, wondering what it would feel like to have his fat cock breaking the bothersome cherry.

    Again and again, Bill fucked his tongue in and out of his little sister's pussy. He felt her pussy muscles squeezing at the sides of his tongue and he growled with lust. He twisted his tongue around and around inside her, turning her on even more.

    "God, yes!" Jody screeched, tears of pleasure and forbidden excitement springing to her eyes.

    She gasped and cried out again and again as her big brother expertly fucked her pussy with his tongue. He drove his tongue into her as deeply as he could with each thrust, not stopping until his tongue-tip was pushing slightly against her cherry. Then, he pulled his tongue almost completely out of her before fucking back in.

    "God, Bill, I can't believe this. It feels soooo fuckin' good!" Jody whimpered. She humped her hips up and back, her hungry cunt grasping the sides of the boy's reaming tongue.

    Suddenly, Bill scrambled about in the bed so that he brought his lean hips up next to his sister's face. His jutting prick was sticking right in her face, grazing her cheek and smearing it with pre-cum.

    "Omigod!" Jody gasped as she found herself staring right at her brother's bulging cock. It poked demandingly against her face, as hard as a rock.

    She watched her hand reaching out, as if she were watching someone else's lewd actions. Her hand gripped the base of her brother's cock, drawing the large, swollen cockhead over her face. She moaned as she felt the slick cock-tip smearing across her cheeks and over her pursed lips. Again, it was as if it were someone else who was kissing that fleshy cockhead. Her tongue darted out of her mouth as if it had a will all its own, and it wriggled back and forth across the throbbing cock-knob. Jody closed her eyes and moaned as she tasted her brother's tangy pre-cum.

    Bill groaned with erotic pleasure as he felt his sister's lips and tongue moving across the pulpy surface of his prick-tip. He fucked his tongue in and out of her aching cunt with brutal strokes, wishing that he could penetrate her cherry and fuck her thoroughly with his tongue… and with his cock. Slowly, he withdrew his tongue from Jody's cunthole and moved it toward her clit.

    Jody reluctantly took her tongue away from her brother's cocktip, dying to suck on his prick but certain that she could not allow herself to commit that incestuous act. She opened her mouth to tell Bill just that when she suddenly felt his tongue directly on her clit.

    "Yeeeegawwwddd!" she shrilled, involuntarily arching her back painfully and driving her hips upward toward his mouth.

    With a little whimper, she circled her lips about her big brother's hard prick and drew it unhesitatingly into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around and around the cockhead and then darted forward with her head, taking several inches of the long meaty prick into her mouth.

    Every one of her nerve-endings burned with lust and a hot ecstasy swirled through her pussy as her brother continued to lick her clit as hard as possible. She purred in muffled joy, forcing her face forward more until she felt the tip of Bill's cock begin to slide down her throat.

    The young virgin gagged slightly but she was so aroused now that there was no question of stopping. She had reached the point of no return and she sucked hard, swallowing at the same time to take the entire length of her brother's prick into her mouth.

    Her sensuous lips snapped securely about the base of Bill's bloated cock and her nostrils flared excitedly as she inhaled the heady scent of his prickmeat. She began to bob her head back and forth in time with the thrusts of his tongue against her stiff little clit.

    Bill groaned against Jody's wet cunt as he felt her sucking hard on his cock. The harder she sucked him, the harder he lashed at her clit with his tongue. And the brother and sister trembled helplessly together.

    Jody slid one hand around her brother's taut ass, digging her soft fingertips into one of the sweaty mounds. With her other hand, she began to caress his shuddering balls.

    The young boy groaned loudly against Jody's quivering pussy. His groan echoed off of her cunt walls and she groaned, herself, when she felt that vibration rippling deliciously through her.

    Bill began to undulate his hips, pushing his cock forward, fucking his little sister's throat with it again and again.

    Jody was deep-throating her brother's cock now, and her mind struggled to believe and accept that she was actually performing this forbidden act. But again, she pushed away all feelings of guilt and doubt, allowing herself only to revel in the pleasure she and her brother were giving each other.

    Bill shuddered lustfully as he felt his sister's hot, wet lips and tongue caressing the hard flesh of his prick. He did not know how much longer he would be able to hold back without coming. And he began to lick the girl's clit harder and faster, wanting to bring her to orgasm along with him.

    Jody loved the feel of her brother's hard prickmeat completely filling her mouth. She clenched her strong throat muscles against the sides of his cock, moaning as she felt the entire prick throbbing an erotic tattoo inside her.

    As the young girl continued to deep-throat her brother's cock, he kept his tongue lashing against her clit. Bill was experienced enough to know when a girl was about to come, and he licked her clit again and again until she was about to orgasm. Then he forced his tongue away from her clit. He kept his eyes trained on that stiff little red bud, watching it until he could see that the beginning tremors of orgasm had subsided. Then, he whipped his tongue against her clit again, repeating the entire process.

    As her brother fucked his prick into her face, Jody swallowed it again and again, feeling the muscles of her throat stretching out to accept its width and length. She loved the way he was licking her clit so hard, and she thrust her ass up from the bed to meet each incestuous lick.

    "Ohhh, unnnhhh," she groaned around the thickness of his face-skewering cock.

    As he continued to tongue-lash his sister's clit, Bill slid the middle finger of one hand between her quivering asscheeks.

    "Aarghh," Jody groaned around Bill's cock as she felt his finger probing against her tiny asshole.

    Suddenly, Bill fucked his finger fully inside the girl's asshole. She cried out with pain and pleasure. At the same time, she tightened and loosened her ass muscles, sucking more of his finger inside her with her tugging muscles.

    A few minutes later, Bill raised his dripping face from between his sister's legs. At the same time, he drew his hips back, pulling his prick out of her throat and mouth.

    "Awwww," Jody whimpered sadly as she felt her brother's cock sliding out of her mouth.

    "You gotta stop sucking me for a while, Sis," Bill panted harshly, struggling for composure. "I'm gonna come any second if you keep sucking and deep-throating me like that."

    "But I want you to come! I wanna eat your cum!" Jody cried, a little shocked to realize that was exactly what she did want.

    "I know, and I want you to swallow my jism, Sis," Bill said patiently. "But it's not time. I want us to come together! So you forget about sucking my cock while I eat your pussy and bring you up to where I am. Then, when it's time, I'll say so, and you can suck my cock again until we both come. Get it?"

    "Oh, yeah! I get it, all right!" Jody giggled excitedly. She closed her eyes and sank back on the bed, waiting to feel her brother's mouth on her pussy once again.

    With a low groan, Bill moved between Jody's legs and plastered his hungry mouth against her seething pussy.

    "Ohhh, lick my pussy again, Bill – hurry, so we can come together!" the young girl wailed.

    She could hear the slurping sounds from his mouth as his lips, tongue, and teeth began to go to work on her pussy with renewed energy and lust.

    She spread her legs wide and waved them about in the air as her brother licked her clit again and again. Then, he thrust his tongue into her fuck-hole, all the way up to her tight cherry. At the same time, he grabbed her ass with both hands and squeezed into her asscheeks with his strong fingers.

    "Ahhh, yesss!" she screamed. "It feels soooo good!"

    She missed the feel of her brother's cock inside her mouth and down her throat. But this way, she was able to give her full concentration to her own pleasure. She wrapped her legs around her brother's neck and arched her back upwards. She lifted her cunt up into his mouth and felt his tongue wriggling about inside her.

    Now, Bill began to suck on his little sister's clit, caressing it with his tongue and teeth. He held her tightly by her ass as he drank down all of the cunt juice that poured into his mouth from her burning pussy.

    "Yessss, Bill, eat my pussy! Eat me good and hard, you sexy bastard!"

    Bill stuck his tongue up into Jody's horny cunt, licking all over her virginal membrane with his tongue-tip. She shuddered beneath him, clawing at his body as he continued to eat her out.

    Jody moaned, and she tightened her cunt muscles around her brother's tongue, delighted to hear him groan with pleasure. Bill stiffened his tongue more and fucked it in and out of her virginal cunt, banging his tongue-tip against her cherry with each inward thrust. Saliva drooled from his mouth and sizzled into Jody's burning pussymeat.

    "Oh, God, yesss, Bill, shove that tongue into me again! Yes, yes, fuck me with your tongue!" Jody cried, writhing wantonly on the bed.

    She reached out and pulled him even tighter against her juicy cunt.

    Bill moved his tongue back to Jody's clit now, whipping that helpless little bud into a frenzy of sheer orgasmic pleasure. Jody shuddered and clenched her teeth together as she felt the first tremors of what she knew had to be a powerful orgasm.

    "This is it, Bill! I'm gonna come!" she squealed.

    Bill raised his face from her cunt and gave the command his little sister had been waiting for.

    "Now!" he growled, burying his mouth into her pussy at once, his tongue once more licking all over Jody's trembling clit.

    "Ohhh," Jody gasped, reaching out blindly for his cock and stuffing its pulsing head into her mouth.

    She sighed with satisfaction, closing her lips around the base of the flared cocktip. This time, she would not deep-throat the fat cock. This time, she would suck on only the cockhead so as to be able to enjoy the full flavor of the boy's jizz.

    She let out a muffled scream as she began to come. She felt her brother's hot tongue lashing across the head of her orgasming clit and she cried out again, the sound muted by the thick cockhead between her sucking lips.

    Ripples of incestuous ecstasy racked Jody's young body, making her senses reel. White-hot tremors of pleasure coursed through her loins at an alarming rate. She came hard, bucking her hips crazily, humping her pussy up against Bill's mouth. At the same time, she licked, sucked and chewed on the boy's throbbing cockhead.

    Bill gasped, feeling his sister's cunt spasming in orgasm against his mouth. He dug his fingers into the full globes of her ass, sliding them again into the deep, moist crack between them. He pulled her hard against him and licked her clit harder than ever. Then, he sank his sharp teeth painfully into the tender little orgasming bud.

    "Unnhhhh!" the young virgin cried out as she felt her brother's teeth sinking into her clit.

    She felt Bill's hard prick lurching wildly against her inner cheeks, signaling his orgasm. Bill groaned loudly against Jody's pussy. He brutally slammed his hips back and forth into his sister's cock-stuffed mouth.

    Jody whimpered with excitement as she felt her big brother's prick swelling to unbelievable proportions inside her mouth, throbbing in time with her orgasming pussy.

    The young boy groaned as he felt his orgasm beginning in his balls. With a violence that took his breath away, the boiling cum shot from his piss-slit and into his sister's waiting mouth.

    "Unghhh," Jody moaned, clenching her eyes tightly shut as she experienced the exquisite thrill of feeling her own brother's jism pouring into her mouth. The creamy cum coated her taste buds and she moaned again, realizing that she had never tasted anything so delicious in her life.

    The young virgin continued to come as she swallowed her brother's hot cum. She felt him fucking one finger in and out of her tiny asshole as they came together, and she shuddered against him. Bill's jizz spurted into Jody's mouth again and again and she swallowed it all down eagerly. She could feel that every single part of her mouth was thickly coated with the tasty spunk, and she sighed with contentment.

    Her climax only intensified as she excitedly drank down every drop of her brother's cum. She moved one hand to his balls and gently squeezed them.

    Waves of incestuous pleasure trembled through Jody's loins as she came with her brother. More and more juice seeped from her orgasming cunt walls and was quickly swallowed by the young boy as he kept on eating his sister's pussy through her climax.

    Finally, Jody's little cunt stopped coming with a final series of tremors and quivers. And there was no more cum for her to swallow. She sighed again when she felt Bill pulling his softening prick out of her mouth, and he smiled down at her as he took her in his arms, the two youngsters lying side by side now.

    "That wasn't really wrong, was it, Bill?" Jody asked a few minutes later after catching her breath.

    "No, I don't think so," Bill said uncertainly. "It's not like we fucked or anything."

    Jody nodded with relief.

    "Do you think that we're the only ones who feel this way? I mean, what about the rest of the family?"

    "What are you thinking, Sis?" Bill asked, looking at his sister and gently pushing a stray strand of hair back from her forehead.

    "Well, it's just that tonight when Daddy hugged me and kissed me good night, I thought I felt his tongue against my lips…"

    "Jody!" Bill gasped, shocked and excited by what he was hearing.

    "And that's not all," Jody continued. "When he hugged me hard against him, I could have sworn that he had a hard-on!"

    "God, Jody! Are you saying that you think Dad wants to fuck you?"

    Jody shrugged.

    "Not necessarily. I'm just wondering if we're the only ones who feel like we do, Bill," Jody said softly, reaching out and twirling one of her brother's chest hairs around one finger. "What do you think?"

    "I think I'm tired and that it's time for me to go back to my own room and go to bed," Bill said, not meeting his little sister's gaze.

    He rose from her bed, put his bathrobe back on, and left her room without another word.

    As Bill flopped down on his own bed, he closed his eyes and thought about his mother. God, but she's sexy, the youngster thought, reaching for his hardening cock beneath the folds of his robe. He hadn't wanted to admit it to Jody since they were both still so confused about incest – but he had been turned on to his mother for a long time now. And the thought of actually fucking her made him groan with lust. He began to jerk himself off, knowing that it would be a long time before he would be able to fall asleep.


    A couple of days later, Jody was startled to find a leaflet on the desk in her room about a local incest club. She gave a little gasp and sank down on the edge of her bed to read the leaflet.

    The young girl had never even heard of such a thing as an incest club and she felt an excitement stirring in the pit of her stomach to realize that there were people who openly embraced the idea and practice of incest, and that some of those people were right here in the city where Jody lived with her family.

    The leaflet did not offer a lot of information. Basically, it spelled out the philosophy of the club, which was that incest was an act practiced by many people, most of whom were too ashamed of what they were doing to admit it to others. The leaflet made the point that there was nothing wrong with incest and that anyone interested in learning more about it should attend one of the club's meetings.

    After thoroughly reading the leaflet, Jody clutched it tightly in her hand and sat there on her bed, trying to deny the fact that her little pussy was wet with sexual excitement. She had no idea where the leaflet had come from or how it had gotten on her desk, but she thought that her brother Bill must have put it there.

    But when Jody questioned her brother about it later that day, she found to her surprise that he was just as mystified about the leaflet as she was. However, in a matter of minutes, the two teenagers were talking excitedly about the incest club, all thoughts about where the leaflet had come from forgotten.

    "There's a meeting tomorrow night, Bill!" Jody said, her eyes wide. "We've gotta go!"

    Bill hesitated only a few seconds before answering his sister. Then he grinned, his eyes lighting up.

    "Sure we'll go! Maybe we can learn something that will help us to understand more about the feelings we have for each other," Bill said. "I think Dad will let me drive the car if I tell him that you and I have to go to the library downtown to research a term paper."

    And that was exactly what happened. The next evening found Jody and her brother Bill on their way to the incest club's meeting.

    "I don't wanna walk into an orgy of families fucking each other," Jody said with a grimace. "I couldn't handle that."

    "I couldn't either, Sis," Bill said, reaching over and squeezing his sister's knee. "But the leaflet you showed me sounded a lot more classy and dignified than that. Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised."

    And they both were. Very pleasantly surprised. They met a group of very friendly people who seemed remarkably well-adjusted and "together" to them. After a brief social period during which refreshments were served, a guest speaker delivered a lecture.

    Jody and Bill sat spellbound as they heard the speaker, an anthropologist, discuss the fact that incest was not "taboo" around the world, as most people believed. When she mentioned certain famous historical names of happy and successful incestuous couples, Jody gasped. She had had no idea that, in other parts of the world, and in other more primitive cultures incest was a commonly accepted way of life.

    After the lecture, Jody and Bill listened to the president of the club explain that anyone who wanted to become a full-fledged member was expected to seduce at least one member of his or her family. Once that person had actually performed a full sexual act with a member of the family, he or she could become a member of the club.

    At the end of the meeting, the teenagers were told that there were private rooms upstairs where incestuous couples could go and have privacy to fuck. Jody and Bill were asked if they wanted to use one of the rooms.

    The brother and sister exchanged glances and then declined.

    "I love the idea of seducing someone in the family," Jody said as they headed toward home.

    "Then you want to join the club?" Bill asked, keeping his eyes on the road before him.

    "Sure! Don't you?" Jody cried.

    "Yeah, sure," Bill said with a grin.

    "Bill," Jody began hesitantly after a few minutes of silence. "There's something we have to talk about. Like I said, I love the thought of making it with someone in the family. And at first, I was thinking that you and I would get it on, especially after the way we sucked each other off."

    "Yeah, I was thinking that, too. Do you want to fuck with me, Jody?" Bill asked thickly, turning his head slightly to glance at his little sister.

    "Well… actually, Bill, although I'd love to get it on with you later on, I'd kinda been hoping that Daddy could pop my cherry for me," Jody said, turning to look at her big brother with a pleading expression in her eyes. "You do understand, don't you, Bill? I mean, I don't want you to feel hurt or rejected or anything."

    Bill laughed and reached out again, stroking his sister's inner thigh with one hand.

    "Not to worry, Jody. It's cool. Actually, the idea of you and Dad fucking really turns me on! I don't mind. You go ahead and get him to fuck you. You and I can always fuck later on."

    "But then who will you seduce, Bill? To join the club, I mean!" Jody said, full of concern for her brother.

    Bill laughed again.

    "Take it easy. I've got my own plans," he said mysteriously.

    "Who is it you want to fuck, Bill? Kris?" Jody asked, watching her brother's reaction closely.

    When the boy didn't answer and didn't seem unduly excited by the mention of their sister's name, Jody decided to try again.

    "Mom? Is it Mom you want to fuck, Bill?"

    When Bill still did not answer her, Jody looked down between his legs and gasped when she saw the enormous hard-on which was bulging there.

    "It is Mommy! You want to fuck Mommy!" Jody squealed excitedly, and she settled back in her seat, overcome with lust at the thought of her and her brother both seducing their parents…

    The following evening, as planned, Bill told the family that he wanted to treat them all to the new hit movie which they had all been wanting to see. Everyone but Jody enthusiastically accepted his offer – and then the young girl went to work with her part of the plan she and her brother had cooked up.

    "Daddy," the teenager murmured, standing close to her father and wrapping one arm around his lean waist, "will you stay here with me while the others go to the movie?"

    "But why, honey?" Greg Baldwin asked, puzzled.

    "Oh, I just have this kind of problem on my mind, Daddy, and you're really the only one who can help me with it. And it's real, real private, so I need to talk to you alone. This would be a good opportunity for us to be alone and…"

    "Hey, take it easy, honey," Greg said with a laugh, hugging his little girl to him. "You've convinced me!" Then the man grew more serious. "You know how much I love you and that anytime you have a problem, all you have to do is to come to me and I'll help you any way I can."

    "Oh, Daddy, I was hoping you'd say that! I love you so much!" Jody cried, raising her face to her father for his kiss.

    Greg lowered his face and gave his little girl a fatherly kiss on her pursed lips. Even that chaste contact with her father made Jody quiver with excitement. And she felt her pussy beginning to throb with the thought that very soon now, if all went according to plan, her daddy would soon be kissing her in a much different way.

    "Okay, honey, now what's your problem? Tell your daddy all about it," Greg said with a smile.

    He and his daughter were sitting side by side. The others had all left for the movie, leaving the two of them alone. Jody moved closer to her father on the sofa, her thigh pressing against his.

    "Well, Daddy, try to hear me out and not to judge me," Jody said.

    "Sure, honey. But I don't think I've ever judged you," Greg said, sounding a little hurt.

    "Oh, no, Daddy, I didn't mean it that way!" Jody cried. "You've always been so open-minded about everything, much more than any of the other parents I know. That's the only thing that makes it possible for me to tell you this."

    "Good," Greg said, patting his daughter on her leg. "So tell me all about it."

    "Oh, Daddy, there's just no way to say this except to come right out with it. I'm so turned on by you I can hardly think straight, Daddy! I want to fuck with you!"

    "Jody!" Greg gasped, drawing back slightly from his little girl.

    "Oh, Daddy, don't pull away from me! I couldn't stand that!" Jody cried as she threw her arms around her father, pulling him against her. She forced her lips against his and thrust her tongue between them.

    For a brief few seconds, Greg struggled against the shocking incestuous kiss. Then he felt his cock hardening and he realized that he wanted this, too. He pressed his lips back against his daughter's and thrust his tongue into her mouth.

    Jody groaned into her father's mouth. She was surprised and delighted that it had been so easy.

    As the father and daughter continued to kiss, Jody took one of her daddy's hands and placed it directly on her tits.

    "Argh," Greg groaned, stroking his little girl's tit flesh through the sheet material of her top.

    Jody loved the feel of her father's hot hands running over her tits. For, already the man was stroking her other tit, moving his hand back and forth between the two small tit mounds. Then he raised his other hand and, still tongue-kissing his daughter, he cupped and squeezed both of her tits.

    "Ohhhh, Daddy," Jody panted, tearing her mouth away from her father's. "Let's get undressed!"

    "All riiiiight! I'd love to see your naked body, baby," Greg husked.

    Before he had even finished speaking, Jody had peeled off her top. Greg gasped as his daughter's tits sprang free. Jody grinned with satisfaction, seeing the excitement and desire in her father's eyes. She began to remove her jeans while Greg continued to stare hornily at her bare tits.

    He was panting so hard now that his little girl could feel the rush of his warm breath fanning across her tits. She peeled her jeans down her legs and as the dark fur of her pussy came into view, she heard her father gasp.

    "God, Jody, you're turning me on sooo much!" Greg groaned as he began to rub his crotch, stroking his aching hard-on.

    "I hope so, Daddy," Jody replied impishly, liking the way her daddy was eyeing her tits and pussy.

    She was completely naked now and she preened confidently before him, knowing now that he wanted her as much as she wanted him.

    "Your turn, Daddy. Strip!" the little girl commanded in a voice which betrayed the seething emotions rushing through her.

    With a grin, Greg rose from the couch and eagerly peeled his clothes off, knowing that he had no reason to be ashamed of his own body.

    "Ohhhh, Daddy," Jody moaned when she saw her daddy's hard cock. It was big and visibly throbbing and ready to fuck.

    With a little high-pitched squeal, Jody threw herself onto the floor and spread her legs wide. She pawed at her tits and bent her knees, feeling that she would literally go stark raving mad if she didn't feel her daddy's cock ramming into her pussy right away.

    "Hurry, Daddy, let's not waste any time. Let's fuck! Fuck me now, Daddy! Pop my cherry!" she begged tearfully.

    "Your cherry?" Greg echoed, standing there before his spread-out daughter. "You're still a virgin?" Somehow, he had not expected this.

    "Oh, yes, Daddy, I've been saving my cherry just for you! I can't think of anything more exciting than having my very own loving daddy pop my cherry!"

    Greg shuddered with sexual excitement. The idea of his little girl saving her pussy for him thrilled him to the core, and he couldn't wait to sink his entire cock into her tight little cunt. He gave a grunt as he lowered himself between her legs.

    Greg knelt between his daughter's legs and pushed his hard cock against her pussylips. But his cock was huge, and they both realized that it was not going to be easy for the man to get his prick inside Jody's tiny cunt.

    "Push hard, Daddy! Fuck meeee!" Jody wailed wantonly.

    She reached down and spread the lips of her juicy cunt wide open to make it easier for her daddy to fuck her. She felt icy-hot shivers of both pain and pleasure as he continued to shove against her.

    Finally, the head of Greg's cock slipped inside his little girl's tight cunt hole, stretching it wide.

    "Ungh, it hurts, but I love it! Pop my cherry, Daddy! Then you can really fuck me!" Jody squealed, pinching her nipples hard between her grasping fingers.

    She spread her legs even farther apart, longing to feel the full length of her father's prick inside her tiny cunt hole. Tears of lust streamed down her face as she waited impatiently for her daddy to burst through her cherry with his fat cock.

    With a loud groan, Greg lunged violently, bearing down on the young girl and her unfucked pussy. He crammed his cock inside her, ripping her cherry apart.

    "Yieeee! Yesssss, at last!" Jody screamed in pain and joy.

    Greg rested his cock for a moment, trembling with excitement and desire for his little girl. He had never felt his cock being squeezed by such a tiny pussy before, and the idea that it was his own daughter's pussy doing the lewd squeezing aroused him powerfully.

    "God, I can't believe it, Daddy! I've dreamed about this for so long, and now you're inside me at last! You're fucking me! I love it! Fuck me hard, Daddyyyy!"

    Her entire body was flushed red with a sexual heat. Her eyes were wide and glazed over. Her little tits were throbbing, their nips stiff and pointy. Her cunt shuddered uncontrollably around her daddy's cock as she begged him to fuck her.

    Greg lowered his face and covered his daughter's mouth with his own, sucking at the tongue she offered him. As they tongue-kissed each other, he eased his hips upward, dragging his hard prick back through her juicy cunt folds. He pulled his cock almost all the way out before fucking back into her again with a deliberate teasing slowness.

    "Ohhhh, yesss, Daddy, fuck meeee!" the teenaged girl screeched, instinctively thrusting her hips upward to meet her daddy's fucking plunges.


    Jody worked her wet cunt up to meet her daddy's downward-thrusting prick again and again as the father and daughter began to fuck each other in earnest.

    "Ohhh, it feels soooo, good, Daddy! I love fucking you!" Jody cried as she squeezed her pussy muscles around her father's pulsating prick.

    "Hard to believe you're a virgin, baby," Greg panted. "You're fucking back at me like a pro! But you've got the pussy of a virgin, all right… tight and tiny!"

    Jody grinned up at her daddy, pleased by his compliment. She tightened and loosened her cunt muscles around his cock. And her little ass bucked and twisted, hunching up eagerly to meet her father's hard prick with her drooling pussy.

    The room was filled with their groans and whimpers of pleasure and desire, and the sounds of their naked crotches slapping together. The man fucked his daughter deeper and harder, sending the full length of his cock through her juicy cunt folds with rougher, deeply penetrating strokes.

    "I love you, Daddy," Jody gasped, looking up at her father with wide, adoring eyes.

    "Ohhhh, baby, I know you do," Greg responded with a loving look of his own. And as he continued to fuck Jody hard and fast, he reached down and gently stroked her flushed face. "If I didn't know how much you love me before, I sure know it now! Only a little girl who loves her daddy very, very much would offer her cherry pussy to him."

    "That's right, Daddy," Jody said thickly with a smile, glad that her father understood just how important it had been for her to have him pop her cherry. "It had to be you! And I'm glad it was! I'll never forget the way it felt when your big hard cock smashed through my cherry and ended my days as a virgin forever!"

    "Ohhh, unnhhh, let's not talk anymore, baby, let's fuck," Greg said, closing his eyes tightly and concentrating on ramming his thick prick in and out of his little girl's snug cunt.

    "Yesss, let's fuck hard, Daddy!" Jody squealed, humping her crotch up to bang it against his.

    As her father fucked her harder, Jody fucked back at him harder still. Her little ass bucked and jerked, working more wildly, jerking up violently with each downward thrust of the brutally fucking cock.

    "Ohhh, Daddy, my little pussy feels so hot and wet now! Can you feel it, Daddy? Does my pussy feel hot and wet to your cock?" Jody asked with a lustful grimace of her young face.

    "I'll say it does!" Greg growled, the veins of his neck standing out in bold relief against his skin with the hard effort of his fucking. "Your little pussy is so juicy it's drowning my cock! And hot? God, baby, it's burning me up!"

    Jody's thick pussy juices burbled around her father's prick as he fucked his entire cock into her.

    "Aieeee!" she squealed, feeling his cocktip striking the innermost depths of her cunt, where she had not even realized any cock could reach.

    Greg chuckled with delight. He felt honored that his daughter had chosen him to pop her cherry. And he was proud and pleased that he could give her so much pleasure with his cock.

    He fucked into her relentlessly, shoving his cock into her hard and deep each time. The churning depths of her wet pussy tightened around him as the young girl thrust her crotch upwards with bucking swings of her slender hips.

    As Greg's cockhead jabbed at the back wall of Jody's pussy again and again, he felt the cum boiling up in his balls, and he knew that he could come any second if he wanted to. But he did not want to. This was his dear daughter's very first fuck of her entire life, and he wanted to make it so good for her that she would never forget it. He wanted to give her more erotic pleasure than she had known was even possible. He longed to give her a fuck which would make all of Jody's future fucks pale by comparison. And so Greg deliberately held back, using every bit of concentration to stop himself before coming.

    "Ohhh, Daddy, it feels soooo good," the young teenager groaned, lifting her ass up from the floor and thrusting her pussy up at her daddy's prick.

    Greg fucked down into her at the same instant, reaming out her cunt more and more violently with each plunge. Jody's swollen cuntlips rode up and down on his cock as her cunt muscles squeezed his prickmeat as hard as possible.

    Jody grunted, digging her heels into the carpet. She braced her shoulders at the same time to give her body the leverage it needed to hurl her cock-hungry cunt upward until her pussy mound ground against her daddy's crotch.

    "Ahhhh, yessss!" she hissed as she felt his whole prick buried to the hilt inside her and her pussymeat wriggling around it.

    She loved the forbidden sensation of her little pussy being stuffed with her own father's hard cock. And she was sure that as long as she lived, she could never experience anything so thrilling as what was happening to her right at that very moment.

    "Jesus, you're a great fuck… especially for a virgin," Greg said hoarsely, shaking his head in wonder.

    His experience with virgins was that they were shy and that no matter how turned on they might be, they hung back at least slightly, not responding fully to their first fuck. But Jody was different. She was sexually uninhibited and eager to wring every possible bit of pleasure out of her virgin fuck. Greg felt a special surge of warm love for his daughter as he realized that, and he felt proud to be her daddy.

    Each time her father's prick fucked into her, Jody could feel its bloated head butting against her trembling cunt walls and she moaned with incestuous pleasure. She had not known enough about sex to tell her father the fucking style she wanted him to use. She honestly had not known yet which style she would find the most exciting. But, somehow, the man had known just what she wanted. Or, perhaps it was that he and his daughter were so close, so compatible, that his own preferred fucking style was hers, too. Jody only knew that the hard, savage way her daddy was fucking her was thrilling her beyond belief, teaching her that this was the way she loved to be fucked.

    "My tits, Daddy! Suck my tits!" the youngster cried whorishly as she cupped her tits in both hands and lifted them upward to her father's descending mouth.

    Jody closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure when she felt her father's warm, wet lips closing around one of her nipples. He sucked hard, making the teenager buck and jerk excitedly. Then, she felt his teeth sinking into that blood-engorged nip.

    "Yessss! Now my other tit! Suck that one now, Daddy! Bite it, too! I love it when you do that!"

    Greg chuckled as he slid his mouth off of his little girl's nip and quickly sucked her other trembling nipple between his lips. He sucked it hard, just as he had done with the other one, and then he gnawed on the little bud.

    Jody felt tingles of pain racing through her and it merged deliciously with the pleasure radiating out from her well-fucked pussy.

    "Ohhhh," she groaned.

    As Greg released that chewed nip, he began to fuck Jody with hard, vicious lunges. There was a wet squishing sound as his cock slid fast and hard through her thick fuck-juices.

    "Ahhhh, unnnghh, it's soooo good, better than I'd even thought… ohhhh, yeah, Daddy, you're fucking me soooo good! I love it, love you, keep it up, Daddy, fuck me good and hard!"

    Now, she raised her legs and wrapped them around her father's back, gripping him tightly so that she could shove her hips up even harder against his as they fucked.

    The girl's developing tits were slick with sexual sweat, and she moaned with erotic delight as she felt her father's hairy chest sliding against her swollen nips in a steady massage as they fucked. His hips rubbed against the smoothness of her inner thighs as they pumped downward. He was reaming her little pussy skillfully, lovingly until Jody's ass was jerking and bucking uncontrollably.

    "Ohhhh, my sweet Daddy, my loving Daddy," Jody purred weakly, closing her eyes again and feeling every single part of her body surrendering to the enormous pleasure which her daddy's deep-fucking cock was giving her.

    The teenager could scarcely believe just how good her first fuck felt. Even after hearing her friends' excited descriptions of how great it felt to have a big hard cock fucking in and out of their pussies, Jody had not been prepared for the onslaught of ecstasy and excitement that her daddy's cock was giving her.

    Over and over again, Jody thrust her dripping pussy upwards to meet her father's prick. She felt dazed with lust and pleasure, and she knew that she needed to come. She thought about that glorious moment when she would feel her daddy's cum pouring into her pussy, and she shuddered with anticipation.

    Correctly sensing that his daughter needed even more sexual stimulation now, Greg started to fuck her with harder, more brutal plunges of his big prick. Over and over, he savagely rammed the entire length of his prick into her pussy. Each lunge of his prick into Jody's burning cunt hole added fuel to the incestuous fire which was raging out of control between her legs.

    "God, Jody, your little cunt… can't believe how… tight it is," the man panted as he slipped his hands beneath her body and lifted her trembling ass up off the floor. With a loud, savage-sounding grunt, he buried his prick to the balls inside her.

    "Oh! Yes, Daddy! Good God, that's good! I love the way your fat cock feels inside meeee!" Jody whimpered, feeling even more red-hot pleasure coursing through every fiber of her body.

    With a guttural groan, Jody clenched and unclenched the walls of her pussy, hugging her daddy's prick lewdly deep inside her throbbing cunt. She had her arms and legs wrapped around him now, and she lowered her head, licking at his shoulders and neck with her long, wet tongue.

    "Ugnghgh, good," Greg groaned, feeling his daughter's warm saliva coating his naked flesh.

    Jody wriggled her hips in response to her father's deep-thrusting cock. She bucked the lower part of her body upwards, groaning as their crotches met. She glanced down between their bodies and saw their crotch hairs lewdly mingling. Since they both had black hair, it was impossible for Jody to tell where her pussy fur left off and her daddy's prick hairs began. And she grinned, feeling as one with her doting daddy.

    She rolled her hips up toward his with wild abandon, thinking that fucking had to be the greatest thrill in all the world, and that incestuous fucking just made it all the more thrilling. She could feel her daddy's hard cockmeat filling up every crevice and fold deep inside her pussy and she knew that she was lucky that her father had such a huge, thick prick.

    "Unnghhh, it feels so good, Daddy," she groaned, raking her long fingernails across his back and shoulders, making him groan loudly with pain and pleasure.

    Suddenly, Jody gripped both of her father's hands and put them on her jiggling tits. Greg let out a hoarse exclamation of pleasure as he clamped his fingers hard around his little girl's firm tit flesh. He used her tits as levers, continuing to fuck his prick in and out of the teenager's hot pussy. He cried out again when he felt her tight cuntmeat clasping and unclasping around his cock.

    "Oh, Daddy!" Jody cried, suddenly grabbing his cock extra hard with her talented cunt muscles.

    "Jesus, baby!" Greg groaned, feeling his cum boiling in his balls.

    "Ohhhh, Daddy, I can't wait for you to come inside me! I need to feel your jism pouring into my pussy!" Jody squealed, half out of her young mind with incestuous lust and excitement.

    "Ohhh, baby, are you sure you're ready? I don't want to come before you're sure you're ready for it," Greg said thickly, gazing down into his little girl's glazed eyes.

    "Am I ready?" Jody echoed dumbly. "God, am I ever ready! I need your cum now, Daddy! Shoot! Shoot all your cum into me!"

    "Good girl," Greg said with a grin. And he stopped fighting the orgasm he needed so badly. "Tell your daddy what you need now, baby… tell me again," Greg groaned.

    "Shoot, Daddy! Don't make me wait any longer for your cum! I need to feel it shooting inside meeee!" Jody wailed, sobbing now as she waited for that thrilling moment when her daddy's thick jism would fill her little pussy to overflowing.

    "You got it, baby," Greg rasped, thrilled by the sound of his own daughter's lust-thickened voice begging him to come inside her.

    His asscheeks tensed and his balls tightened as they swung back and forth at Jody's crotch. He fucked harder and faster into her than ever, working his hips with strong, powerful swings.

    "Come! Come, Daddy! Come!" Jody chanted again and again as she felt his cock swelling inside her churning cunt. She bucked upwards savagely, screwing her horny little pussy around his rutting prick.

    "Commmiiinnnggg!" Greg cried out as he began to shoot his cum into his little girl's virginal cunt.

    Jody threw her head back and trembled violently as she felt her little pussy filling up with her daddy's long-awaited jism. She clawed at his shoulders frantically, staring up at him with vacant eyes, glad that he didn't stop fucking her as he came.

    "Take it all, baby," Greg husked hoarsely. "Take every drop of your daddy's cum in that hot, sweet little pussy of yours!"

    "Ohhh, yessss, Daddy, I'll take it all in my pussy! I want it all! I need it all! Gimme every drop of your cum, Daddy!" Jody sang out, feeling her nipples going so hard that they ached painfully.

    Her cock-stuffed pussy hole gripped the sides of Greg's cock, squeezing and milking it, trying to wring every drop of cum from his balls.

    "Oh, God, Daddy!" Jody suddenly gasped. "I'm starting to come, too!"

    "Good girl!" Greg said with a brief approving nod of his head. "Come with your daddy! Make that little pussy shake all over my cock!"

    "Unnghhh, aarrrghhh, it feels soooooo good, Daddy," Jody groaned as she started to come. Her clasping cunt walls sucked ravenously at her daddy's prick.

    "Jesus!" Greg cried. It felt to him as if his little girl's cunt were literally chewing on his cock.

    Jody felt her father's cock leap and buck against her tightening cunt walls with the violence of his spurting cum.

    "Oh, Daddy, I'm coming so hard! Keep shooting your spunk into me! I love the way it feeeeels!" the young girl wailed, overwhelmed by the intensity of her orgasm.

    "Don't worry, baby," Greg panted. "Daddy's gonna give you every single drop of cum… it's all yours!"

    "Good, I love your cum, Daddy! It feels all creamy inside me! Oh! Oh! I've never come this hard before!"

    Greg grinned down at his daughter as they continued to come together. He knew just what she meant. He had never come so hard before, either. And it was, he knew, the incestuous nature of their fucking which was making their orgasms so super-thrilling.

    While they came together, the father and daughter continued to fuck one another. Greg shoved his hips downward and Jody slammed her crotch up against his.

    "Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!" Jody cried out in a ceaseless chant as she felt her father's hot, thick cum filling her pussy to overflowing, just as she had dreamed about for so long.

    Her entire body shook with the force of her own orgasm and she saw little dots of brilliant colors dancing before her glazed eyes. Shudders of deliciously forbidden orgasm shot through her, leaving her shaken and trembling there on the floor beneath her daddy's pounding prick.

    "You… look… so pretty," Greg panted, staring down at his little girl with admiration in his eyes.

    And it was true. To the loving father, his daughter had never looked so attractive as she came beneath his hard body. Her young face was flushed a deep red. Her little tits were heaving and bobbing on her chest, their nipples longer and stiffer than they had ever been before. Her skin seemed to glow. And her long, dark hair seemed to be thicker and lusher than before. Her moist lips were fuller and her eyes shone brightly.

    The young teenager twisted and turned beneath her father. She loved the feel of those wads of thick, hot jism shooting into her spasming cunt. Her cunt muscles continued to suck at his prickmeat, milking it of every drop of jizz. As their orgasms spiraled higher and higher, the couple turned on even more and they felt a deep bond of love for one another, the likes of which they had never quite experienced until that thrilling moment.

    Jody felt her father's cum backing up out of her cunt and beginning to run down her shaking legs. She drew a ragged breath as her climax began to subside and she closed her eyes, moaning softly. She felt her daddy's cock going soft inside her drenched pussy and she quivered, feeling completely satisfied for the first time in her life, yet still a little disappointed that their incestuous fuck-session was at an end.

    "Oh, baby, that was super!" Greg groaned, falling forward onto his daughter's body.

    "Yes, it was, Daddy," Jody murmured into his ear as she hugged him to her.

    She reached up and smoothed his sweat-dampened hair back from his forehead. Then she ran both of her hands down over his back to his ass, lightly squeezing his hard ass mounds.

    "Oh, Daddy!" she gasped as she squeezed her cunt muscles tightly around her father's limp prick – and she came again.

    "You're such a sexy little girl," Greg said softly as he felt her squirming beneath him. He looked down at her pleasure-twisted face and he could see that she was coming again. He pressed his lips against hers, quickly finding her tongue with his.

    As the father and daughter tongue-kissed, Greg realized just how wise Jody had been to seduce him. It was so good, so right, he told himself, thinking that if she had not taken the initiative, the exciting act would have probably never have taken place.

    For her part, Jody was thinking about the incest club, realizing that with the seduction of her daddy, she had earned the right to be a full-fledged member. But she also quickly realized that she no longer really cared about the incest club. It had served its purpose. Through the one meeting she had attended with her brother, she had learned that there was nothing wrong with incest. And it was that knowledge which had given her the courage to fuck with her daddy. That was all that she really cared about.

    Jody was now hooked on incest, and she vowed to herself, at the peak of her orgasm, that she would next figure out a way to seduce her mother.


    Now that Jody had fucked with her daddy, she turned her thoughts and horny attention to her mother. The young teenager was determined to seduce every single member of her family. Then, she was sure, they would all fully embrace incest.

    A few days after fucking with her father, Jody seized the opportunity to seduce her mother. It was early in the morning, and her father had just left for work. Everyone else was still asleep. In her bedroom, Jody quickly stripped. Then she took a long, hot shower until her body was well-scrubbed, glowing pink and white. She felt her nipples stiffening and her pussy juicing with anticipation.

    After drying off thoroughly, the young girl eagerly made her way to the master bedroom where her mother still lay sleeping. She quietly opened the door and stepped inside. Just as she had thought, her mother was still sleeping soundly. In fact, her mother's habit of sleeping so deeply that it was difficult to awaken her played an important part in Jody's plan to seduce the older woman.

    Breathing rapidly, the teenager pulled the covers back from her mother's body. She gasped softly when she saw that her mother's nightgown was hiked up to her hips, exposing her lush pussy. Jody felt her heart begin to race as she carefully pushed the woman's legs wide apart and crawled between them.

    The young girl knelt there between her mother's legs, her own pussy growing hotter and wetter with each passing second. Then, the teenager drew another deep breath, knowing that it was now or never.

    She eased a finger between the woman's furry cuntlips and slowly began to finger-fuck her. Just as Jody had hoped, her mother did not wake up. Jody knew that if her mother awakened too soon and saw what was going on, she might be so shocked and angry that she would make Jody leave her room, no matter how much she might be enjoying the incestuous action between them.

    No, Mom, I don't want you to wake up all the way until you're so fucking turned on that you won't be able to make me stop. I want you past the point of no return before you wake up, Jody thought as she continued to fuck her finger in and out of her mother's pussy hole.

    "Unhhhh," Maureen Baldwin moaned in her sleep, slightly shifting her position in the bed.

    Jody felt her own pussy quivering with arousal, and she suddenly fastened her greedy mouth on her mother's cunt.

    "Oh!" Maureen gasped, stirring excitedly but still sound asleep.

    Jody quickly found her mother's cunt hole and she licked at it hard, feeling the woman writhing and twisting in pleasure.

    You've got a beautiful little pussy, Mom, Jody thought to herself. She clamped her moist lips around the older woman's little fuck-hole and plunged her stiffened tongue fully inside. She was feeling far more turned on than she had thought possible, and she knew that her mother was feeling just the same way even though she was still too deeply asleep to realize it.

    Jody fucked her tongue in and out of her mother's tight, wet cunt hole with increasing speed and depth. She could feel the woman's erotic, twisting movements beneath her sucking mouth and she felt a pang of triumph, knowing that she was sexually arousing her mother in a way the older woman had probably never experienced before.

    "Ohhh, yesss," Maureen suddenly groaned, lifting her hands up to her own tits and beginning to rub them.

    Jody tensed at the sound of her mother's voice. She cautiously raised her juice-smeared face from between the older woman's legs and peered up at her, afraid of being caught before it was time. But she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that her mother's eyes were still tightly closed and that she had merely cried out in her sleep.

    Jody saw the way her mother was pawing at her own tits and she grinned. The lewd sight made Jody's cunt pulse and burn with lust, and she eagerly returned her mouth to the woman's pussy.

    "Mmmm," Jody moaned softly, loving the taste and aroma of the delicious pussy sauce which was oozing freely from her mother's tight fuck-hole.

    Her own pussy was sopping wet by now, too. She worked her tongue deeper and deeper in her mother's pussy hole, fucking it into her as far as she could and licking at the tight cunt walls. She found herself wondering if her mother's cunt hole was just naturally small and tight, like hers was, or if it was so tiny and snug because possibly she did not get fucked often enough.

    Jody pulled her tongue almost all the way out and fucked it fully into her mother's pussy hole again. She was thrilled by the steady flow of cunt juices which ran into her mouth.

    As Jody drove her thrusting tongue deeper and deeper, feeling the older woman's cunt muscles tightening convulsively around her tongue, Maureen moaned and reached down to press the teenager's head tighter against her wet crotch.

    "Oh, yesss, Greg!" Maureen cried loudly.

    Jody tensed again and paused, her tongue still deeply embedded in her mother's cunt hole. Good God! she thought with a sense of shock, Mom thinks it's Daddy who's eating her out! Then, as her tongue remained still in the older woman's pussy, Jody realized that it was a stroke of luck that her mother thought it was her own husband who was tongue-fucking her. That way, she reasoned, even if she wakes up a little bit more, she won't resist it… as long as she doesn't open her eyes.

    Now, Jody pulled her tongue out of her mother's fuck-hole and turned her attention to the woman's trembling clit.

    "Oh, God, Greg, that feels fantastic! So good! You always know just how to lick my pussy and make me feel really good! Ahhhh, Greg, there's something different about it this time… you're licking me even better than before, and I love it! Ohhh, yes, Greg, it feels sooo good," Maureen panted, her entire body flushed from head to toe.

    Jody could hardly believe her ears. Jesus, the teenager thought to herself, Daddy likes to eat out Mommy's pussy! I knew they were cool but somehow I never thought of them doing that!

    She licked her mother's clit and then sucked it hard again.

    "Yessss, Greg!" Maureen hissed. "You're going to make me come!"

    Even though the woman was crying out loudly now, Jody could tell that her mother was still asleep. Not as deeply asleep as she had been at first, but not fully awake yet either.

    It's working out even better than I'd hoped, the teenager told herself. By the time Mom comes fully awake, I'll have made her come. And when she sees that it was her own daughter who licked her to orgasm, she'll have to realize that there's nothing wrong with incest.

    Maureen's ass was bouncing high up in the air as she thrashed violently on the bed. She bucked her hips, grinding her cunt and clit against her little girl's hot, sucking mouth.

    Jody moved her face back and forth, first sucking on the older woman's throbbing clit, then fucking her tongue into the tiny cunt hole, then licking the entire cuntal area. Back and forth she went, licking and sucking her mother closer to orgasm.

    "Ohhh, yesss, I'm gonna come soon! Keep it up, Greg, keep licking my pussy for me! I can't believe the way you're eating me out! Yesss!" Maureen squealed.

    Jody slipped her hands beneath her mother's ass, raising it high in the air. She humped the woman's pussy against her own mouth. Maureen bucked her hips up and lifted her crotch to meet what she thought was her husband's greedy mouth.

    Jody's mouth and her mother's pussy were slamming against each other with a vengeance now. The wet pussy-eating sounds she was making turned Jody on even more and she felt her own little pussy throbbing, about to erupt in orgasm.

    She hoped that she could make her mother come soon. Then we'll come together and after Mom gets over the initial shock of finding out who brought her off, she'll probably want to eat my little pussy and we'll love each other even more than ever before, Jody thought happily, growing more and more excited.

    Maureen's mouth was slack now and drool oozed from its corners. She continued to press Jody's head against her streaming cunt, thinking in her half-asleep state that it was her husband's mouth which was plastered against her wet cunt.

    Over and over again, Jody tongue-fucked her mother's dripping pussy while the older woman worked her cunt muscles around the teenager's tongue.

    Jody licked her mother's clit again. Then, wanting to bring her mother off in a hurry, she bit into the hyper-sensitive clit.

    "Aieeee! Commmiiinnnggg! You made me come, Greg!" Maureen shrieked.

    The muscles in her tummy tightened and her tits heaved and broke out in a sexual sweat. She writhed in orgasm beneath Jody's driving, raping tongue, coming harder than she ever had before. Her entire body stiffened, and she arched her back, driving her sopping pussy up against the youngster's mouth.

    "God, Greg, I'm coming so hard!" Maureen gasped.

    A fresh flood of juices poured out of her cunt hole, drenching her daughter's mouth. Jody lapped up the tasty sauce hungrily, swallowing it down as rapidly as it shot out from her mother's throbbing cunt.

    Shudder after shudder rippled through Maureen's writhing body as the most powerful orgasm of her life washed over her.

    "Ohhhh, good," she sighed as the last of her climax shook her feverish body.

    After her mother's orgasm ended, Jody raised her wet face from the older woman's still-twitching cunt. She peered up between her mother's tits and saw that her eyes were still tightly closed. Now, Jody thought excitedly, now it's time to let Mom know just who it was who ate her out and made her come. She'll love me so much for it, I just know it!

    "Well, Mom," Jody said softly, "how did you like having your own little girl eating you out? Wasn't it great?"

    Maureen gasped at the sound of her daughter's voice and she came fully awake for the first time since Jody had started to lick her pussy. Her eyes flew open and she raised her head, staring down at her young daughter, who was grinning up at her with an impish expression.

    "Jody! My God! Jody!" she cried, gasping again.

    "Wasn't it great, Mom? Now you know that incest isn't really wrong at all, right? I finally found that out, Mom," Jody said smugly, rising from between her mother's legs and sitting on the edge of the bed.

    "You… you found out what?" Maureen asked numbly, still feeling locked in a fog of shock and pleasure. Her pussy quivered in the afterglow of orgasm, yet she could still not quite absorb what had just happened between her and her own daughter.

    "I found out that incest isn't wrong. I always thought it was, Mom, and I guess you did, too. But then Bill and I went to this really neat incest club right here in the city…"

    "Incest club?" Maureen interrupted, shocked by the idea that such a club could exist.

    "Yeah, and it's not at all kinky like you might think. It's just this really neat place where they teach you all about incest and about how it isn't wrong and how it can make family members love each other even more. Anyhow, Bill and I left our first meeting feeling really different about incest, and was I glad!"

    "Why were you glad?" Maureen asked, her eyes taking in the sight of her daughter's stiff-nippled tits and moist pussy mound.

    "Oh, because I've been horny for Daddy for a long-time! So when the club told us that we had to seduce someone in our family if we wanted to become full-fledged members…"

    "They told you to get it on with someone in your family?" Maureen asked, thinking of her son, Bill.

    "Yeah, so I decided that I'd get it on with Daddy at last! And I did, Mom!" Jody crowed, with a grin lighting up her young face.

    "You and Daddy fucked?" Maureen asked thickly.

    "Oh, yeah, Mommy! Daddy popped my cherry for me and it felt so good! I'm so glad that I'm not a virgin anymore and even gladder that it was my own daddy's prick that burst my cherry!" Jody said as she reached out, beginning to stroke her mother's tits.

    "You… you said that both you and Bill were told to make it with someone in the family," Maureen said, her voice slurred with fuck-lust.

    "That's right, Mommy," Jody said, loving the feel of her mother's tits, so much bigger than her own, pulsating against the palms of her hands.

    "Who did Bill get it on with? Kris?" Maureen asked, feeling a pang of jealousy at the thought of her older daughter being the first one in the family to receive her son's thick cock.

    "I'm not sure, Mommy, but I don't think so," Jody responded as she lightly pinched her mother's nipples, making the older woman groan with pleasure and pain. "Actually, I think he's saving it for you!"

    "God, Jody, are you serious? Tell me the truth now!" Maureen gasped, looking intently into her daughter's eyes. "This is important to me! Are you saying that Bill wants to fuck me, his own mother?"

    Jody nodded as she continued to stroke her mother's tits, pinching her nipples harder now.

    "I think so, Mommy. He never really said so, but I can tell. I'm almost positive that he's really hot for your pussy," Jody said, feeling her own little pussy burning hotly with renewed desire.

    "God, I want him, too!" Maureen groaned, reaching up and fondling Jody's tits in turn.

    "You do?" Jody asked, her eyes gleaming with excitement.

    "Oh, yes, darling. I can't tell you how long I've wanted to make it with Bill. I've seen his cock, and it's so big and…"

    "Yeah, I know!" Jody giggled, loving the feel of her mother's hands on her budding tits.

    "You know?" Maureen asked sharply. "Do you mean to tell me that you and Bill have already gotten it on?"

    "Oh, no, Mommy. We talked about it, but all we ever did was suck each other until we came! I told Bill that I wanted Daddy to be the one to pop my cherry, and he said that was okay. And even though he didn't say so, I really do think he was kind of glad about that, 'cause I think he wants your pussy more than he wants mine or anyone else's."

    Maureen breathed a sigh of relief, glad to think that her son wanted her as much as she had wanted him for so long. She smiled gratefully up at her young daughter.

    "I'm glad you did this today, honey. I'm glad you took the initiative and ate my pussy. And thank you for telling me about Bill. You've taught me a lot today. I guess that deep down I've always accepted the idea of incest. But I was afraid to speak my mind because I was sure that I was the only one who felt that way," the older woman explained, getting in touch with her deepest feelings about incest for the first time in her life.

    "Well, you're definitely not the only one, Mommy," Jody said.

    "Now… why don't you let me make you feel good with my mouth, honey?" Maureen asked huskily, her eyes riveted to the youngster's juice-dewy cunt fur.

    "Oh, yeah, Mommy, I'd love that!" Jody squealed as she threw herself down onto the bed, lying flat on her back and spreading her legs wide. She watched in fascination as her mother eagerly moved between her legs and lowered her face.

    "Do it, Mommy! Lick my pussy for me! Make me come!" Jody cried out, pushing against the back of her mother's head with both hands, forcing Maureen's face down.

    Maureen quickly shoved the full length of her tongue into her little girl's cunthole, not stopping until her tongue-tip banged up against the back wall of Jody's pussy.

    "Unghh, yesssss, Mommyyyyy!" Jody squealed, pressing down harder on the back of her mother's head. She was thrilled that she no longer had a cherry inside her pussy to block the deep penetration of a tongue or a cock.

    The teenager's cunt juice rained into her mother's mouth as the older woman continued to tongue-fuck the youngster. It took only a few deep strokes of Maureen's tongue to make Jody come.

    "Commmiiinnnggg!" Jody shrieked, shuddering all over as she came hard.

    With a groan of lust, Maureen clambered up onto her daughter's body and the two females wrapped their arms tightly about one another. They eagerly kissed again and again, more and more passionately each time.

    Jody gasped into her mother's mouth as they tongue-kissed again and again. And she quivered all over when she felt her mother's hands on her little tits once again. She thrust her chest up and out, shoving more tit flesh into the grasp of the older woman's hands.

    "I love your tits… they're small but perfect," Maureen said with a smile as she and her daughter finally broke their long series of torrid kisses.

    Jody grinned gratefully up at her mother. She had always felt perfectly satisfied with her own small tits and she had never had any complaints from her brother or father. Still, she had wondered if her mother, whose tits were so much larger, would be turned on to the teenager's tits. She clearly was, and that fact made it even more exciting.

    Jody squirmed on the bed, her little pussy drooling out cunt juice which trickled down her inner thighs. She reached up and began to caress her mother's large tits, rolling the stiff nips between her squeezing fingers.

    Maureen slipped both of her hands beneath her little girl's ass and pulled her closer to her. Their tits mashed together, nipples rubbing against nipples until both of the horny females were moaning loudly with raw, incestuous pleasure and desire.

    They kissed again, their tongues licking at one another, their teeth chewing savagely on each other's lips and tongue. Their breathing quickly became harsh and ragged. Their throbbing tits rose and fell heavily, their pulsating nips pressed lewdly together.

    Suddenly, Maureen shoved her hips outward and ground her wet pussy against her daughter's.

    "Mom!" Jody gasped as she raise her ass up from the bed and shoved her own cunt hard against her mother's.

    As Maureen reared back with her hips, so did Jody, and they grinned at each other as they slammed their crotches together again.

    "Ohhh, it's sooo good!" Jody groaned.

    Again and again, the mother and daughter humped their horny pussies against one another. Their legs were spread wide and their cuntlips were peeled back, fully exposing their fiery red clits.

    "Mommy!" Jody cried again when she felt her mother's clit grinding against her own.

    They both closed their eyes and clutched each other tightly as they fucked each other harder and faster, both of them straining for orgasm. Each time they humped their pussies together, their clits ground together, setting off fiery sparks of pleasure which made their bodies shake uncontrollably.

    Jolts of stark lust-filled pleasure raced through their loins and they opened their eyes and gazed at each other as their orgasms tore through them with a hot vengeance.

    "Coming, Mommy! Oh, God, yes, your hot pussy is making me come so fuckin' hard!" the teenager squealed, mashing her spasming pussy against her mother's.

    "Meee tooooo!" Maureen screamed, half out of her mind with incestuous pleasure as she came hard.

    And, in the midst of her orgasm, she suddenly realized why she had come more excitingly than ever before when Jody had licked her to orgasm. It wasn't because Jody had pussy-licked her mother any better than Greg always did – for the man was a skilled lover and he had always been able to make Maureen come hard with his tongue or his cock. No, it wasn't a question of skill, Maureen realized. It was the incestuous nature of that act which had thrilled Maureen beyond belief.

    Jody squeezed one hand down between their crotches and pressed her fingers against her mother's orgasming pussy. She groaned as she felt the woman's cunt juices drenching her fingers. Suddenly, the teenager shoved two fingers up into her mother's fuck-hole.

    "Ohhh, yesss!" Maureen cried, her eyes glazing over as, still coming, she humped her pussy up and down over her daughter's stiff fingers. She rotated her hips, making her bursting clit rub against Jody's fingers. "Yeah! Yeah! Fuck me with your hand!"

    Jody continued to fuck her fingers in and out of her mother's pussy as the older woman shoved her pussy up and down, eagerly impaling herself on her daughter's fingers. Jody finger-fucked her mother's cunt harder and faster, quickly bringing the woman to another mind-blowing climax.

    Maureen gasped, sounding surprised as her orgasm rushed through her. Just as her climax peaked, she opened her eyes wide and gazed down at her wriggling daughter.

    "Jody," she panted, "you have to do something for me… you have to tell Bill not to be afraid… tell him that I want to fuck him… I want his cock up my pussy… tell him… will you?"

    "Oh, yes, Mommy, don't worry! I'll tell him! I want him to fuck you!" Jody promised as she felt her own little pussy twitching into another orgasm.


    That same night, Bill Baldwin walked excitedly toward the master bedroom, his young cock throbbing hard. Jody had assured him that he and their mother would have the bedroom all to themselves since their father would be in Jody's room with her.

    Bill knocked softly on the bedroom door. When he heard his mother's soft voice telling him to enter, he turned the knob and opened the door. He looked eagerly toward the bed where his mother was lying, and he gasped with excitement, feeling his prick growing harder.

    The young boy closed the door behind him and moved quickly toward the bed.

    "Oh, Mom, you look so sexy," he said huskily, his gaze drinking in Maureen's thinly clad body.

    She was lying there wearing only her negligee, which was gaping open, exposing her nakedness to her son's gaze. She looked up at the teenaged boy from beneath lowered lashes, a film of desire already over her eyes.

    "I'm so glad you're here, honey," she murmured.

    "Me too, Mom. I could hardly believe it when Jody told me that you want me to fuck you!" Bill said, his voice sounding hoarse and strange to his own ears.

    "Believe it!" Maureen said with a smile. Her eyes moved to her son's crotch and when she saw the hard cock-bulge there, her pussy began to ooze cunt juice.

    "I-I think I've always wanted to make love to you, Mom," Bill said, wondering if he were dreaming this entire conversation as well as the sight of his mother sprawled out on her bed, waiting for him to fuck her.

    "I think I have, too, Son. But it took Jody to make me see it," Maureen said.

    "She told me that the two of you made it together," Bill said, wishing he could have been there to watch.

    "Yes! We did. The little devil started to make love to me while I was asleep… you know what a deep sleeper I am," Maureen said, beginning to rub her tits.

    "Yeah, I'll say!" Bill laughed.

    "It was very clever of her," Maureen continued. "If she hadn't done it that way, I might have rejected her. But, as it was, she had me coming before I even fully realized that it was her tongue inside me and not your father's."

    Bill groaned at his mother's words. The idea of his mother and sister eating each other out turned him on almost as much as the thought of fucking the older woman.

    "Jody said she got Daddy to fuck her, too," Bill said in a voice that was strangled with lust.

    "I know. That's where your father is right now," Maureen said, still stroking her tits. "In Jody's bed with her."

    "And here I am… about to fuck you," Bill said thickly. "And while all of this is going on, Kris and Matt are sound asleep in their beds, unaware of what's happening in their own family!"

    Maureen laughed softly and took her hands away from her tits. She reached out toward her son with both arms.

    "Come here, darling. Let's not waste any more time. Mommy wants you," she said excitedly.

    Bill grinned and quickly removed his robe. Beneath it he was naked, and he enjoyed the look of desire on his mother's face when she saw his hard prick spring up, pointing in her direction.

    "Ohhhh, Son, it's so big… just like Jody promised," she said breathlessly as she reached out toward Bill's cock.

    But Bill avoided her touch. Instead, he put one knee on the bed near her head and let his bobbing cock come within inches of her moist lips.

    Realizing his intention, Maureen squealed and reached out for him again. She gripped his cock and pulled it toward her lips. At the same time, Bill shoved his hips forward.

    Maureen moaned as she tasted the tangy maleness of her son's cockhead which was slipping between her lips now. She opened her mouth wider, eagerly accepting almost half of the teenager's prick. Then, while he gazed down at her with loving, lust-glazed eyes, the woman began to suck, noisily and hungrily.

    "God, yeah, Mom!" Bill groaned, clenching his hands into tightly balled fists. "Suck my cock!"

    Maureen's tongue fluttered about the bulbous cockhead and her cheeks hollowed with the hard suction pull she was using. With one hand, she gripped Bill's hips while her other hand hefted the weighty bulk of his young balls. And she sucked harder on her son's cock.

    "Take it all, Mom! Suck my whole cock!" Bill demanded.

    Maureen gurgled around her son's prick as she let it slide over her tongue and down her throat. She felt the throbbing cockhead bumping against her tonsils.

    She held the young teenager firmly, her jaw working steadily. She struggled to suck his thick cum from his balls, realizing that tasting her own son's jism had long been a secret desire of hers.

    "God, you're sucking me so good, Mom!" Bill groaned.

    Maureen looked up at her son with a question in her eyes.

    "Don't worry, Mom. Even after you make me come with your mouth, you've got me so turned on that my cock'll still be hard enough to fuck you," Bill said, understanding the unspoken question he saw in his mother's eyes.

    Maureen let her eyes flutter closed, and she began to suck her son's cock harder. She felt the throbbing cockmeat vibrating against her lips and tongue. And she could feel her pussy growing hotter and wetter with each passing second.

    Maureen's tongue swirled faster and faster and she sucked harder and harder. Her head bobbed up and down, sliding her tight lips along the pulsing rod of cockmeat.

    "Ohhhh, Mom," Bill groaned, feeding more of his prick into his mother's sucking mouth.

    "Ummmm," Maureen moaned around her son's prick.

    She could feel the already-fat cock swelling more and more inside her mouth and she moaned again, thinking how good it was going to feel to have this thick prick fucking in and out of her aching pussy.

    "Arghhh, I'm coming, Mom!" Bill cried only seconds later.

    Maureen's entire body trembled with fuck-lust as she tasted the first spurt of her son's jetting cum. She gulped it eagerly, swallowing the tasty cock cream. She licked the spurting cocktip for more and more of the rapidly shooting cum. She took almost the entire length of his cock down her clenching throat before the teenager finally finished coming.

    "Ahhhh," Maureen purred as she licked up every stray drop of cum from Bill's prick. Then she licked his balls and prick hairs until she had swallowed every bit of his cum.

    "That tasted so good, Son," she said, smiling up at him. "And just like you promised… your cock's still hard!"

    With one hand, Bill stroked his mother's cheeks and chin with his hard cockhead, clutching a handful of her thick dark hair with his other hand.

    "Now… it's time to fuck you, Mom," Bill rasped as he tore her negligee from her body and mounted her quickly.

    "Yessss, Son, fuck meee!" Maureen wailed, reaching up to clutch him tightly against her.

    Bill slid his hard prick between his mother's juicy cuntlips. Only his cockhead was inside her pussy.

    Maureen was looking up at him with a look he had never seen on her face before, and he recognized it as a look of incestuous lust.

    Bill grinned down at his sexy mother as he lunged forward with a powerful shove, burying his prick to the hilt inside her greedy little pussy.

    "Yessss! Ahhhggg!" Maureen yelled.

    She felt the boy's huge hard prick stretching her pussy hole. As soon as the woman had seen her son's naked cock, she had realized that it was huge. But somehow until it was actually fucking into her, she had not fully realized just how thick his prick was. She shivered all over as little tremors of pain and pleasure raced through her, caused by the fat cock which was forcing her cunt walls wide apart. The combination of her son's super-thick cock and her naturally tiny pussy made Maureen feel almost as though she were a virgin, being fucked for the very first time.

    "Fuck me hard, Son! Fuck your mother hard with that great big thick cock of yours!" Maureen squealed, tossing her head from side to side and beginning to hunch her hips upward.

    Bill growled lustfully as he pulled his cock almost all the way out of his mother's quivering pussy and then fucked into her.

    "Yessss!" she hissed between clenched teeth.

    She gurgled with delight, matching each stroke of his pounding hips with a lift and a twist of her bushy crotch, her legs scissoring around his waist as she strained to take in all of the cockmeat he could deliver.

    Her pussy throbbed with pleasure as her son's cock fucked into her time and time again. Then, as his prick withdrew from her, she tightened her juicy cunt, making her little pussy hole suck and wriggle about his pulsing prick until the boy groaned from the sheer pleasure of the steady pumping.

    "Commmiiinnnggg!" Maureen suddenly squealed, her orgasm churning through her burning cunt with a force that left her breathless.

    "Yeah, Mom! I can feel your pussy coming hard around my cock!"

    Bill felt his mother's pussymeat convulsing and spasming against the sides of his mighty prick and he shuddered with arousal. It took every bit of self-control he could muster not to come right then and there.

    His huge prick fucked deep and hard into Maureen's cunt, making her climax spiral still higher. Again and again, the young boy fucked his mother, giving her greedy little pussy the full length of his cock with each hard plunge into her. He clutched her wriggling asscheeks and yanked her hips up higher, keeping her spasming fuck-hole in position.

    With a groan, Bill forced his mother's legs still higher, limiting the movement of her hips to little grinding and jerking motions, perfectly timed to the deep plunges of his prick.

    "Unhhh, ohhh, Bill, you're fucking your mother good, darling, really, really good!" Maureen moaned.

    She tightened the circle of her inner pussylips about the base of the teenager's cock as his belly slapped against hers in a thrust which filled her small cunt to the point of bursting.

    "Unghhh, sooo good," she rasped.

    Then she relaxed her grip and clamped the muscles of her cunt walls about the penetrating cock. A sensuous wave seemed to ripple along the throbbing cockshaft until the prickhead was surrounded by an intense sucking wetness.

    As Bill continued to fuck his mother with harder and faster strokes, there was an animal-like savagery in the powerful pumping of his hips. And a groan of incestuous lust and pleasure accompanied each deep thrust into the woman's trembling pussy.

    The brutal way her son was deep-fucking her aroused Maureen more than she had thought possible. It heightened her erotic pleasure and she felt a surge of pride in her skillful yet loving son. It was as if the youngster were raping his mother, and Maureen thrilled to the savage thrusts of his huge prick into her aching cunt.

    "Ahhhh, unnnhhh," she groaned now as her pussy shuddered into a long series of mind-blowing orgasms, each one more intense and exciting than the previous one.

    Both mother and son cried out their shared pleasure as their bodies arched and pounded at one another. Bill's heavily loaded balls slapped against Maureen's ass with each deeply penetrating fuck-plunge.

    His mother silently urged him on with her clutching hands, tugging at his heaving ass as if to pull his cock still deeper into the sucking depths of her pussy.

    "Yessss, Son," she shrieked sluttishly, fucking back at him with eager slaps of her lower body. "Fuck me hard! Yesss, darling, just like that! You're fucking me so deliciously! Go, Bill, fuck your mother harder!"

    Bill gazed down at his mother with glazed eyes. He knew that the woman was half out of her mind with excitement and ecstasy, and he was delighted that it was his cock that put her there.

    Maureen was fucking back at her son's prick with all that she had, fucking with him like a wanton whore. Her wild, uninhibited behavior excited the young boy, and he realized that he had never loved her more than he did at that moment.

    The teenager fucked his mother's convulsing cunt with short, vicious strokes which sent them both over the top now. The most powerful orgasm of all forced an ear-splitting howl from Maureen's slack mouth. And her entire body shook violently beneath her son's pounding prick.

    Bill's cock leaped and swelled painfully as the thick cream of his cum boiled through its pulsating length and spurted into his mother's orgasming pussy. The jism was sucked deep into her cunt by the suctioning action of her spasming cunt walls. She writhed and bucked wildly as she felt her son's cum pouring into her pussy. It was the most delicious sensation of her life and she knew that, no matter how many times she and the youngster would fuck each other in the future, she would never be able to forget that moment when her pussy received her son's jizz for the very first time.

    "Aaaaarghhhh, ohhhh, Bill, I'm coming so hard! I love you!" she gasped.

    "I love you too, Mom," Bill said as he continued to come inside her cunt, and he realized that he had never meant the words more.


    Kris Baldwin crept silently away from the master bedroom toward Matt's room. She knocked on the young boy's door and, when there was no response, she turned the knob and tiptoed into the darkened room. She closed the door behind her and, breathing rapidly, she crept to his bed and looked down at the sleeping boy.

    Matt had kicked his covers off in his sleep and, since he always slept in the nude, his naked body was fully exposed to his big sister's excited gaze.

    Kris licked her lips unconsciously as her gaze fell on her brother's cock, which was pretty big for such a young boy, especially considering the fact that it was in its softened state.

    Suddenly, Matt shifted uneasily in his sleep and came fully awake, feeling as if someone were watching him.

    "Kris! What are you doing here?" he gasped, sitting up in bed.

    "Shhhh," Kris shushed with a smile as she motioned for her brother to move over and make room for her on his bed.

    When she was sitting next to him, she noticed the way the young boy's eyes were staring at her tits, which were only thinly clad by her sheer nightgown, and she flushed with excitement.

    "I just came from Mom and Dad's bedroom. You'll never guess what's going on in there!" Kris said with a grin.

    "I don't know," Matt mumbled, sleepily rubbing his eyes. Then his hand froze in the midst of the movement as he realized the implications of his sister's question. "Kris! Were you spying on Mom and Dad while they were, uh, making love?"

    "Well, I didn't exactly spy. I just listened outside the door… and it wasn't Mom and Dad…"

    "But you said you just came from Mom and Dad's room!" Matt interrupted with a puzzled frown.

    "Sure, it was their room all right. But it was Mom and Bill in there, not Mom and Dad!" Kris said smugly, enjoying the look of shock which passed over her brother's face.

    "Jeeesus!" Matt exclaimed, whistling between his teeth. "Mom and Bill were in there fucking?"

    "I'll say! From what I heard, they were fucking up a storm! And that's not all," Kris said mysteriously.

    "What more could there be?" Matt asked, feeling the stirrings of sexual desire in his loins.

    "I was sound asleep earlier. And then some really weird sounds woke me up. They were coming from Jody's room next to mine. I got up and went out into the hallway and listened outside her door…"

    "You little spy!" Matt laughed.

    "And that's when I heard Daddy's voice begging Jody to keep sucking him off!"

    "Shit! Are you sure!" Matt cried, sitting bolt upright in bed.

    "Oh, I'm sure all right. I listened long enough to be sure…"

    "Yeah, I'm sure you did," Matt said wryly.

    "And sure enough, Jody gave Daddy a blow-job and he came in her mouth! And then Daddy ate Jody's pussy until she came, too!"

    Matt's cock was fully erect now and pounding with lust. He glanced at his sister's tits and saw her nipples straining against the flimsy gown. He knew that Kris was just as turned on as he was by the fact that the rest of the family were getting it on with each other.

    "So, what do you think, Matt?" Kris asked, looking back at the young boy again.

    "What do you mean, what do I think?" Matt asked, hoping his big sister would leave soon so he could jerk himself off and make himself come.

    "Well, don't you think it's unfair that everyone else is making it together? I feel left out, don't you?" Kris asked with a little pout.

    "Yeah, I guess so," Matt replied, his mind only partly on their conversation. All he could really think about was his aching hard-on and his need to come.

    "So… don't you think we should do something about it?" Kris asked, feeling her little pussy drooling.

    "I'd love to do something about it – if you'd just leave me alone so I can jack myself off," Matt said, beginning to stroke his hard-on.

    Kris glanced down at her brother's crotch and her eyes widened lustfully at the sight of his throbbing prick.

    "Oh, silly," she said, pushing his hands away from his cock. "That's not what I meant. I meant that you and I should get it on, too."

    Matt gasped. Somehow he had not thought about that possibility.

    "But, uh, I've never, you know, I mean…"

    "Are you telling me that you're still a virgin, Matt?" Kris asked with a grin.

    "Well, yeah, after all, I am the youngest in the family," Matt said defensively.

    "Relax, Matt," Kris soothed. "I'm not putting you down for that. I think it's kinda sweet. Besides, I like the idea of being the first one you make it with."

    "Aw, Sis," Matt said as his sister's arms went around his neck and they pressed their lips together. He fondled one of the girl's large tits through her gown.

    Kris gasped and stretched out on top of her brother, both of them toppling back against the bed. She ground her crotch against the throbbing hardness of the boy's virgin cock.

    Matt used his other hand to grip Kris' wriggling ass, his fingers edging her short gown upward. The tips of his fingers caressed the lower flare of her full asscheeks.

    Kris trembled against her brother. She was thinking that for a virgin, the young boy really knew how to kiss and touch her. She felt her pussy moistening more and she moved one hand down between their bodies in search of his cock. Her fingers curled about his virginal prick.

    "Yuuuuh!" Matt gasped, wrenching his mouth away from hers.

    "My pussy! Touch my pussy, Matt!" Kris begged tearfully.

    The young boy groaned as he reached between Kris' legs from behind and stroked his fingers up and down her juicy pussy slit.

    "Ummmm," Kris moaned, still squeezing his jutting prickshaft.

    The young girl rolled off of her brother and lay on her side next to him. Matt turned onto his side to face her and he stared at her tits. Kris' long, stiff nipples drew the boy like a magnet, and he bent low to fasten his mouth on a throbbing nip.

    "Yessss," Kris hissed between clenched teeth.

    She felt her brother sucking on her nipple and she thrashed about wildly on the bed. The young boy sucked hard for a few seconds and then he closed his teeth tightly on the nip, flicking his wet tongue back and forth across it.

    "Yieeeee!" Kris shouted.

    Matt moved his hungry mouth to his sister's other tit, sucking and nibbling on that horny nipple while Kris writhed. She raised both hands and threaded her fingers through his thick dark hair as she pushed his head down more firmly against her tit flesh.

    After sucking his sister's tits for several more minutes, Matt released the tasty tit mounds and looked down at Kris.

    "You know what I've always wanted to do?" he asked huskily.

    "Tell me!" Kris cried hornily.

    "I've always wanted to eat pussy… some of my friends have told me that it's the greatest treat and I want…"

    "Do it!" Kris interrupted, super aroused by the thought of her own kid brother licking her pussy. "Eat my pussy out!"

    She spread her legs wider as her brother eagerly slid down between them. Kris moaned as she felt his warm breath fanning through the dark, glossy hairs which were sprinkled over her pussy mount.

    "Ohhh, wow," Matt groaned, hovering over the parted lips of his big sister's pussy.

    "Hurry, Matt, do it! I can't stand waiting like this! Kiss my pussy! Lick it! Suck it! Make me come!"

    Matt hungrily pressed his lips into her warm pussy slit. He felt Kris' hands on his hair again as his tongue slid into the hot, juicy crack between her swollen pussylips.

    "Ungh," Matt groaned as he tasted the sharp tang and sweetness of Kris' fuck juice.

    "Yes! Go for it!" Kris cried huskily. "Eat my pussy!"

    Her legs gripped her brother's shoulders, her knees moving inward to hold him deliciously captive between her legs. Her little cunt quivered violently against the boy's mouth.

    "Ungh," Matt groaned as he shoved his tongue still farther into his sister's trembling fuck-hole, moving his tongue from side to side and wriggling his tongue tip.

    Matt was thrilled with his first taste of pussy. And the fact that it was his own sister's pussy he was eating just served to inflame his incestuous desire, and he shuddered there between Kris' outstretched legs.

    Kris' hips began to thrust upwards in time with her brother's deep tongue-probing. She felt the tip of his tongue sinking into the very depths of her cunt and she gave a guttural groan, writhing with pleasure.

    "My clit!" she gasped. "Lick my clit! Make me come, Matt!"

    Matt growled with lust as he yanked his tongue free of his sister's clutching cunt hole, and he eagerly stabbed into her throbbing clit with his juicy tongue.

    "Yieeee! Lick it harder!" Kris begged.

    Matt poked his tongue tip into his sister's clit as hard as he possibly could. He felt the little clit bud throbbing against his tongue and his cock throbbed in response.

    "Yessss! Now suck it!" Kris commanded hornily, thrashing about more frenziedly as she bucked her hips upwards to capture her brother's lips on her clit.

    Matt excitedly wrapped his lips about the base of his sister's clit and sucked hard.

    "Aieeeee!" Kris wailed. And she felt every inch of her cunt flesh pulsating violently.

    Matt sucked still harder, feeling more blood rushing into the swelling clit.

    "Bite it! Bite my clit… haaaard!" Kris demanded, feeling the first tremors of orgasm beginning to course through her loins.

    Matt hesitated, surprised. He had never thought that a girl could enjoy having her clit bitten. That was something the young virgin boy had never heard about.

    "Do it! Bite my clit! I need that to make me come!" Kris screamed lustfully.

    His sister's exciting cry released Matt from all hesitation and he immediately sank the sharp edges of his teeth into Kris' clit, delighted by the way the blood-engorged bud jerked so wildly between his teeth.

    "Yesss! Commmiiiiiiingggg!" Kris shouted as her first incestuous orgasm swept through her.

    "Oh, wow," Matt breathed as he raised his face from between his sister's legs and watched her coming on the bed.

    "Don't stop, dummy!" Kris yelled, pinching her nipples hard as she came. "Keep licking and sucking my clit while I come!"

    With a low groan, Matt dove back down into his sister's crotch, his tongue quickly finding her spasming clit. He licked and sucked on the orgasming bud until the last tingles of Kris' orgasm passed through her.

    "Okay, you can come up now, Matt," Kris giggled, her body still slightly flushed from the great orgasm she had just experienced.

    "How was it?" Matt grinned as he climbed up beside her and the brother and sister embraced.

    "Great! No wonder the rest of the family's getting it on! Incest is really exciting, Matt! I mean, I've had my pussy eaten out before by my boyfriends but it's never felt this good!"

    "Really?" Matt asked excitedly. "Then maybe when you make me come, it'll feel even better than when I jerked myself off with my hand!"

    "That I can guarantee," Kris laughed. She looked down at her brother's hard cock and grew sober again. "I know you've never fucked Matt but haven't you ever had your prick touched or sucked by a girl?"

    Matt blushed and shook his head, looking away from his big sister.

    "Hey, it's okay, Matt," Kris said softly, reaching out and turning the boy's face back to hers. "It's nothing to be ashamed of. And like I said before, I think it's really neat that I'll be the first."

    "Do you really mean that?" Matt asked, a relieved smile lighting his face.

    "Yes, really!" Kris said firmly. "Now… it's time for me to make you come. I can jerk you off or suck you until you come down my throat, or we can fuck. The choice is yours. Which do you…"

    "Let's fuck!" Matt cried, his cock jerking between his legs.

    "Great! I was really hoping you'd say that," Kris laughed.

    "But, what if I don't do it right?" Matt asked, suddenly worried.

    "Oh, don't even think that way, Matt. One great thing about fucking is that it's so natural. It's like breathing or eating. You don't have to have a lot of experience in order to do it right. You just have to try to relax and let your feelings and needs guide you. Just shove your big cock into my pussy and let your instincts do the rest."

    "Are you sure?" Matt asked, not wanting to make a fool of himself with his more experienced sister.

    "Of course, I'm sure. After all, you'd never licked pussy before, and you sure did fine with mine!"

    "Hey, yeah!" Matt cried.

    "Now, come on, let's not waste any more time. Let's fuck!" Kris begged.

    Matt knelt between his sister's legs and steered his broad, pulsing cockhead between her parted cuntlips.

    "Aaarghhhh!" Kris cried as she felt his cock against her cunt.

    Matt kept his cockhead firmly in position between Kris' wet pussylips as he sank down atop her. At once, Kris fastened her teeth on his neck.

    "Ungh," Matt gasped, feeling little shivers of desire racing through him.

    The girl's tongue flicked out at the boy's chest. He pushed forward more and his big prick expanded her pussy as it fucked deeper. He had several inches of his cockmeat fucked into her slick cunt now.

    "Awww, Sis, I've gotta fuck you hard!" Matt cried as he began to fuck his hard prick into her.

    Each stroke sent his cock fucking into her deeper. And each stroke brought a greater wave of pleasure from the clinging, wet cunt folds which churned about his pistoning prick. He pulled her closer to him, fucking her still harder.

    "Ahhh, Matt, I love it! Your cock feels sooo big and hard inside meeeeeeee!" Kris wailed, thrilled to realize that hers was the very first pussy to receive Matt's deliciously hard cock.

    Her brother's prick felt different to Kris than any other cock she had ever had inside her. She knew it was because he was her own brother, and she clutched him with both hands, pulling his cock still deeper inside her.

    Her little ass rolled back and forth on the bed, humping feverishly, to meet the young boy's invading prick. She wriggled all over in joy and excitement.

    Matt instinctively pulled his prick almost all the way out of his sister's pussy. Then he thrust forward again, groaning with pleasure as he fucked into the very depths of her pussy.

    Matt groaned, feeling his sister's tight cunt muscles closing around his fucker. He had not expected that lewd caress and he shuddered violently, realizing he still had a lot to learn about fucking. But he was more than willing to learn, especially if his own family would be the ones to teach him.

    Again and again, he fucked his entire prick in and out of Kris' tight pussy, savoring the heat and friction of her wriggling cunt flesh.

    "Yes, Matt, you're doing great! Keep fucking me till we both come!" the girl panted.

    She worked her hips up and down with wild bucking motions, sending hot lust-filled thrills through both of their nakedly rutting bodies.

    "God, I never knew… it's sooo good!" Matt gasped, fucking in and out of his sister's pussy almost savagely.

    At the same time, he dug his strong fingers painfully into her humping hips.

    "Oh, Matt, I can't wait to feel your cum inside my pussy!" Kris groaned.

    Matt hadn't even thought about the fact that he would soon be shooting his cum into his sister's cunt. He had been so intent on fucking her hard that he hadn't really been able to think of anything else. But now, his sister's words made him realize that he was about to experience the very ultimate pleasure in fucking. He could feel his cum churning in his balls, and he knew that he would not be able to hold back much longer.

    Kris felt her tits aching with need and she slid her hands beneath them, sandwiching them together. She felt her nips rubbing lewdly against each other, and she moaned with excitement.

    Matt looked down at her and saw her nipples throbbing hornily, and he knew just what she needed. He lowered his face and opened his mouth wide.

    "Oh, God, yes, Matt!" Kris screeched when she felt her brother's lips encircling both of her nipples. She continued to squeeze her tit mounds together, and her nipples pulsated violently between Matt's lips.

    Matt sucked hard on his sister's nipples, closing his eyes with pleasure. He was surprised by how long and stiff the two nips were, and he felt his cock growing stiffer inside Kris' cunt as he licked and sucked on the twin buds.

    "Bite them!" Kris gasped, just as she had begged her brother to bite into her clit.

    With a savage-sounding growl, Matt sank his teeth into Kris' sensitive nipples.

    "Yeeeeoowww!" Kris cried as darts of pain and pleasure tore through her tits, intensifying the pleasure she felt in her cock-packed cunt.

    "God, I can't stand it much longer! You're fucking me so good… so hard… I want you to come now, Matt! Shoot! Shoot all your cum deep inside meeeee!"

    Her hips worked fast and furiously, grinding her pussy about the boy's fucking prick.

    "Yeah, Sis!" Matt grunted.

    He slammed into her, fucking the full length of his thick cock into her twitching pussy. The swing of his loaded balls slapped wetly against her upturned ass.

    "God!" Kris groaned as her pussy accepted every single inch of her brother's pulsating prickmeat.

    Her inner pussy muscles squeezed his cock with rapid convulsions. She knew that the young boy was about to come now. And she also knew that once she felt his thick cum gushing into her, she would come with him.

    Matt was fucking his big sister violently now. His cock was drilling deeply into her, fucking into the spongy depths of her cunt with a retreat of only an inch or so, just enough to create that exciting friction of cunt and prick.

    "Urghhhh," he grunted, his face going red and twisting into a lust-filled grimace.

    "Oh, wow, Matt, you're gonna come! Do it! Shoot!" Kris begged as tears sprang to her eyes. She gazed up at her brother with a rapt expression, and her tear-filled eyes smoldered with passion as she waited to receive his spurting cum.

    Suddenly, every muscle in Matt's body tensed as hot, heavy jets of cum splattered out of his piss slit and shot into his sister's quivering pussy.

    The young girl's pussy responded with a thunderous climax of its own.

    "Ohhhh, yess, Matt, yes! I can feel your cum filling my pussy all up! Keep shooting it into me, Matt!" Kris cried, clawing at his shoulders. "I'm coming, too, Matt! We're coming together!"

    "Jesus!" Matt cried as he felt his sister's cunt flesh spasming violently against his orgasming prick. He had never felt anything like it in his life, and he thrilled to the fact that he and his sister were coming together.

    Kris humped her little ass in wild, frantic circles, tightening her pussy muscles harder. She cried out again and again with pleasure as her own orgasm continued to burst through her cunt with explosive spasms. After long moments, she was too weakened with lust and pleasure to do much more than just wriggle her little ass in a slow circle.

    "God, you're coming so hard!" Matt cried, feeling the shudders of her cuntmeat against his embedded prick. He was coming just as hard himself, releasing wad after wad of thick gooey cum into his sister's twitching pussy.

    Kris was amazed that her brother was shooting so much cum inside her, just as she had been surprised that he could fuck her for so long without coming sooner than he did.

    Finally the last of Matt's cum shot into Kris' pussy and she felt the last tremors of her orgasm course through her. She realized that her brother had just given her the most delicious fuck of her life, and she embraced him tightly in gratitude and love.

    Matt pulled his softening prick out of Kris' cum-drenched pussy with a wet sucking sound.

    "Did I do it okay?" he asked, still breathing hard.

    "Okay? Yeah, you fucked me great!" Kris said. The young girl kissed her brother on his cheek, hugging him still tighter against her.

    "I just did what you said, Sis. I just did what came naturally, and it was easy, just like you said it would be," Matt said.

    "Doing what comes, naturally… I guess that's what fucking is all about," Kris said thoughtfully.


    A few mornings later, Jody awakened and stretched her arms high over her head as she yawned. Then she threw her covers back and nakedly pranced over to her stereo. She was going to perform her daily ritual of calisthenics and aerobics, and then she would have breakfast.

    The young girl selected a record with a rousing beat and in seconds the music was throbbing out at her, making her feel alive and excited.

    After doing a few stretching exercises to get her muscles limber, Jody began to do a series of calisthenics which would lead into the more fast-paced aerobics she always loved. She did several jumping jacks and then began to do some bending-over exercises, touching her toes each time.

    The third time she bent down, she felt a pair of masculine hands running over her naked ass and she gasped in surprise. She straightened and whirled around to face her big brother, Bill. He was naked, too.

    "It's you!" she cried.

    "Yeah, it's me," Bill said casually. "And from the look on your face, I'd guess that you loved the way I just touched your ass."

    "Yeah, it felt good," Jody said with a grin. She reached out and put her hands on her brother's shoulders, drawing him to her.

    The two teenagers kissed long and hard, and Bill groaned as he felt her hands all over his body, finally stroking his cock.

    "My, what a big hard-on you've got!" Jody cried with another grin. "Now tell your sister what made you so turned on."

    "I came in here to talk to you and as soon as I saw you bending over like that with your naked ass sticking out… I got the biggest hard-on ever!" Bill growled.

    Jody laughed delightedly. She gripped his cock and stroked it up and down eagerly.

    "And just what was it you wanted to talk to me about?" she asked thickly, feeling her body trembling.

    "I just wanted to ask you if you don't think it was high time that you and I fucked! After all, you got Dad to pop your cherry the way you wanted. Now, it's my turn, don't you think?"

    "Yeah, I agree!" Jody said excitedly. "Any special way you wanna, do it?"

    "Well, as a matter of fact, seeing your little ass sticking out so sexily like that gave me ideas…"

    "Are you saying what I think you are, Bill?" Jody asked slowly.

    "I am if you're thinking that I wanna fuck your sweet little ass," Bill said huskily as he reached behind her with both hands and fondled her smooth asscheeks.

    "Oh, wow, Bill, I don't know. No one's ever done that to me! It'll hurt, won't it?" Jody asked, feeling a mixture of fear and excitement.

    "Yeah, it will," Bill said with a gleam in his eye.

    "You beast!" Jody laughed, poking him in the ribs.

    "Don't worry, Sis. From what I understand from the other girls I've ass-fucked, it hurts at first but then it feels really good," Bill said.

    "Sorta like when I got my cherry popped?" Jody asked.

    "Yeah, I guess," Bill shrugged.

    "I do want you to fuck my ass, Bill," the young girl said, feeling her brother's hands squeezing her asscheeks. "It'll be kinda like you're popping my other cherry for me! But I'm a little scared, too, 'cause I know it's gonna hurt!"

    "Does that mean that you want me to stop it if hurts you too much?" Bill asked, feeling a pang of disappointment.

    "No, silly," Jody laughed, poking him again in his ribs. "It means that if I yell out 'cause it hurts really bad, I don't want you to pay any attention to me. I want you to go right on fucking me until you make us both come!"

    Bill grinned gratefully at his sister, admiring her spunk. He pulled her asscheeks wide apart and Jody moaned as she felt the cool air washing over her humid asscrack.

    Suddenly, Bill took his hands away from Jody's ass and he spun her around so that her back was facing him.

    "Bend over again," he said huskily.

    With a little moan, Jody eagerly complied, bending low from her waist.

    Again, Bill spread his sister's asscheeks wide apart, revealing the tight little asshole nestled between them.

    "Ohhhh, Bill, I really do want this… I really do want you to fuck my virgin ass," she sighed, her small tits dangling.

    "I know you do, baby. And don't worry. Once I get started, once I get my cock inside your ass, I won't stop for anything or anyone until we both come!" Bill said excitedly.

    Jody's naked asscheeks quivered against her brother's hands as she kept her position, bending at the waist. She still felt a little frightened by the thought of Bill's huge cock fucking into her cherry asshole – but she also felt tremendously excited by the idea.

    Bill continued to knead his sister's rounded asscheeks, rubbing and squeezing the soft flesh with his demanding hands. Then he lowered his head.

    Suddenly, Jody felt the wet touch of her brother's tongue on her naked ass, sweeping up the full length of her ass crack. She moaned and squirmed, turning on more and more.

    As her brother continued to lick her ass, she felt hot tingling sensations in both her asshole and her pussy. She moaned again as he slobbered up inside her widely stretched asscrack. At the same time, his fingers tightened painfully on her asscheeks, spreading them even farther apart.

    Bill growled with lust as he gazed hornily at his sister's tightly puckered asshole. Then, without warning, he fucked his stiffened middle finger into that tiny virginal hole, shoving it in until it was buried to the first knuckle.

    "Ohhhh, God, that hurts!" Jody squealed, feeling her little rubbery asshole reluctantly yielding to the fucking finger. Her naked asscheeks quivered with pain. She sobbed as she felt her brother's finger worming its way deeper into her resisting asshole, stretching it painfully.

    "Jesus, your ass is tight! It's gonna be a real pleasure to shove my cock into it!" Bill grunted, fucking his finger farther into the little hole.

    "Aieee!" Jody cried, feeling lances of pain shooting through her. And she had to wonder how much the boy's thick cock would hurt her.

    She groaned as she felt Bill withdrawing his stiff finger, letting her stretched-out asshole suck back to its usual virginal tightness. Bill spread the smooth cheeks of her naked ass so far apart now that it felt to Jody as if he were splitting her right in two.

    "Mmmm," he moaned, smacking his lips as he gazed down at her sexy little shit hole. "Can't wait to fuck this tight little ass!"

    "Oh, God, I'm scared, Bill."

    "This is your last chance, Sis. Do you want me to forget about this?"

    "Oh, no, Bill, don't do that! I want you to shove your big hard cock up my ass! I want it! I need it! I'm just scared," Jody blubbered, feeling hot tears trailing down her flushed cheeks.

    "Good girl," Bill said, patting her ass gently. "And don't forget what I said. Even though it'll probably hurt you at first, you'll end up loving it and begging for more!"

    "I-I hope so," the young girl said, her voice quavering with fear and excitement.

    With his free hand, Bill gripped the massively swollen length of his hard prick. Its cockhead was purplish and visibly throbbing.

    "Ungh, don't think my cock's ever been so hard," Bill groaned.

    Jody felt waves of incestuous passion wash over her entire body at her brother's words. And her asshole quivered in anticipation of the fucking she was about to experience.

    "Ohhh, Bill, hurry up! Fuck my ass!" she cried whorishly.

    "That's better!" Bill said with a hoarse chuckle. "I'm gonna fuck your ass good and hard!"

    Jody groaned as she felt the pulsing head of her brother's big cock pressing into the tight split of her ass mounds. She felt her smooth, white asscheeks being painfully forced apart. And she felt the hot, juicy prickhead pushing insistently against her tight little virginal asshole.

    The young girl waved her ass about in a fit of incestuous lust for her brother.

    Bill watched her sexy actions and he grinned. He really got off on the fact that even though Jody had never been fucked in her ass before, she was desperate to feel his prick inside that tiny hole. He pushed his cockhead harder against her resisting asshole.

    "Ohhhh, God, it's gonna tear me apart! Your huge cock is gonna hurt like hell!" Jody whimpered.

    With a brutal thrust, Bill fucked his prick violently against the tight opening of his sister's cherry asshole.

    As Jody felt her brother's huge cock fucking into her little shitter, lust and excitement coursed through her young body.

    With a husky animal-like growl, Bill fucked forward as hard as he possibly could, determined to sink the full length of his pulsating prick to the hilt inside his sister's ass.

    "Yeeeeooowww!" Jody cried as she felt the sudden stretching of her tight ass ring.

    Pain and pleasure warred within the teenager for a few breathless seconds. Then, the two sensations merged, becoming as one. Jolts of pain-and-pleasure-filled ecstasy washed over Jody's body, and she felt an incredibly intense arousal overcome her.

    "Ohhhh, it hurts but it hurts in a good way. I love it, Bill! I love the feel of your cock in my ass!"

    "I knew it!" Bill crowed triumphantly. And he fucked forward again, this time managing to shove his entire prick into his sister's asshole, his balls now pressed against her trembling ass.

    "Aaarrrghhhh! Yesssss!" Jody sobbed, loving the feeling of being completely impaled by her brother's ass-splitting prick.

    Bill grunted as he began to slip his thick cock out of Jody's tiny asshole. He drew it out slowly, inch by inch, until only his throbbing cockhead was still rimmed by the girl's rubbery asshole.

    "Hurry! Fuck into my ass again!" Jody squealed, wriggling her ass about impatiently.

    Now that she had finally felt the boy's cock inside her asshole, all feelings of fear had left her and all she felt now was lust and pleasure. She couldn't wait for Bill to fuck into her ass again.

    Bill fucked his cock into Jody's asshole again.

    "Ohhhh, yesss, fuck my ass, Bill!" Jody whimpered, bending over so far that she had both of her palms flat on the floor. Her body was loose and supple. So she didn't have to worry about any cramping sensations in her back or legs.

    Bill started ass-fucking his sister with a slow, deliberate rhythm now. Each time he fucked into her, he buried his hardened prickshaft right to the balls within the hot, clinging tunnel. Then he outfucked his cock almost all the way before plunging back into Jody's ass again. And with each cock-thrust, his cum-swollen balls slapped lewdly against the spread lips of Jody's pussy.

    "Ahhh, it's good, so, so good," Jody said thickly.

    Each time she felt her brother's prick fucking into her ass, both her asshole and her pussy responded. Her asshole tingled and burned with pleasure and her ass muscles automatically clamped around the boy's thick prick, as if determined to hold it inside her for all time. At the same time, her pussy oozed out a steady stream of juice and throbbed with lust and ecstasy. Jody found herself wondering if it were possible to have an orgasm in both her ass and her pussy at the same time.

    The young girl's fuck-juices were streaming into her asscrack, slickly lubricating her asshole for her brother's prick.

    Bill groaned with pleasure. He had never fucked into such a small hole before, and it was made even tinier by the squeezing action of Jody's ass muscles around his prick.

    Jody's asshole pulsated with her fuck-lust for her brother's prick, and hot thrills of incestuous pleasure shot through her pussy, making her entire body tremble all over.

    "Ohhh, yess, Bill, fuck my ass! You're making me feel sooo good! I can't believe I was afraid of this!" she wailed.

    And she began to shove her ass back toward her big brother's rutting cock. She moaned again and again as she continued to beg him to keep fucking her.

    "I knew you'd love it," Bill husked.

    "Yes! Yes! You were right!" Jody yelled and she clenched her teeth tightly together against the tide of primitive pleasure which threatened to overwhelm her.

    Her naked little ass ground back against Bill's ass-plugging prick. Her strong ass muscles contracted hard around the boy's deeply penetrating prick as it withdrew. And the erotic pressure that was building up in Bill's balls increased.

    Both of the incestuous lovers were moaning and groaning loudly and continually now, already close to orgasm. Jody's ass thrust forward and back in perfect time with Bill's cock-plunging movements. The young girl concentrated on working her ass muscles around the pistoning prick that was giving her so much intense pleasure.

    "Oh, God, why haven't we done this before?" Jody said in a voice which made her sound drunk. And she was. She was drunk with lust. Incestuous lust. "It feels soooo good… I never know it could feel so good… keep fucking me hard, Bill!"

    Knowing that they were both about to come, Bill pulled his prick even farther out of his sister's asshole. Now, just the very tip of his cockhead was still in the grip of her clutching ass muscles.

    "Hurry! Ram it back inside meeeee!" Jody pleaded, shaking all over with sexual need.

    With a loud cry, Bill plunged his entire prick back into Jody's ass. The girl could feel the flared cocktip penetrating her ass guts where nothing had ever gone before. She raised her head and let out a groan unlike the others. It was a groan which made her sound more like an animal than a human. And it was a groan which came from the very depths of her soul.

    "Yessss, fuck my ass… harder… gonna come… Bill… keep shoving it into me like that… until I come… until you come… shove that hard thick cock up my ass again!"

    Bill thrilled to his sister's voice and he heard the intense primitive need in her voice. He was only too eager to respond to that need and he pulled his prick far out of her again, pausing just a second before fucking fully back into her ass again with all the strength he could muster, which was considerable.

    "Commmiiinnnggg!" Jody cried. Her brother's deeply penetrating cock-thrusts had done the trick. They had triggered the orgasm, which every cell of her body screamed out for.

    Her tits flushed and shook, their nipples going hard, as hot incestuous thrills of orgasm washed over her.

    As she came, her ass ring gripped her brother's cock even more tightly. It clenched and unclenched around the prick still fucking in and out.

    Bill felt his sister's ass walls convulsing against the sides of his prick and the thrilling sensation made it impossible for him to hold back any longer.

    With a loud, guttural cry, he came. His jism shot forcefully from the tip of his cock and exploded against the clenched walls of Jody's ass.

    "Ohhhh, God, yesss, shoot your stuff inside my ass!" Jody cried as she felt her brother's scalding cum burning into the walls of her ass.

    Bill grew still as he came. His prick rested in the tight, spasming hole of his sister's ass as wad after wad of thick jism hosed into her.

    Jody's orgasm peaked and she thrust her ass back, grinding her asscheeks against her brother's hairy crotch. She felt his cum continuing to splatter into her, and she knew that every little nook and cranny of her ass was being filled with his hot jizz.

    "Shoot it all, Bill! It feels sooo fuckin' good, and it's making me keep coming!" the teenager squealed, half out of her young mind with lust and pleasure.

    Bill's thick cum overflowed from his sister's ass and began to run in creamy rivulets down the backs of her quivering thighs.

    "Aaarghhh, it's fantastic!" Jody squealed.

    And at that instant, the young girl had the answer to her unspoken question. It was, indeed, possible to have an orgasm in both her ass and her pussy at the same time.


    The next evening, all of the Baldwins were sitting in the living room, watching one of their favorite family-oriented TV programs.

    But Kris was restless. She was sitting next to her daddy and when she felt his thigh pressing against hers, her pussy released a flood of juice which soaked the crotch of her panties.

    The young girl glanced up at her father's face to see if he had turned her on deliberately. But Greg Baldwin had his eyes on the TV, and he seemed to be focusing all of his attention there. Kris felt a pang of disappointment. But then she realized that, even if he hadn't made the first move, it didn't mean he wouldn't want to fuck her.

    "Daddy," Kris whispered as she motioned with her hand for him to lower his head so she could whisper in his ear.

    Greg lowered his head, his eyes still on the TV screen.

    "Daddy, I'm so horny. Will you fuck me?" Kris whispered, knowing that she would have never had the courage to say those provocative words to her own father if she hadn't heard him fucking with her sister, Jody.

    Greg gasped and his eyes left the TV. He looked down at Kris and she looked up at him, nodding.

    "Are you sure?" Greg asked thickly, his cock going hard.

    "I'm sure," Kris said, no longer whispering.

    With a grin, Greg took his daughter by the hand and pulled her to her feet. The father and daughter stood there in front of the sofa and embraced.

    "What's going on?" Jody asked with a grin of her own.

    Greg lowered his face to his daughter's and they kissed. Their tongues slid between one another's lips and Kris moaned into her daddy's mouth.

    "Wow! You two are sure turned on!" Bill said, exchanging a glance with the rest of the family.

    "Yeah, I think you two want to fuck," Matt said.

    "We do!" Greg said, breaking off the torrid kiss.

    "Then I say you should go for it," Maureen said, flashing a warm smile at her husband.

    "That's just what we intend to do," Greg said. And he took Kris' hand again, leading her out of the room.

    "Hey wait, don't go! We want to watch!" Bill said with a laugh.

    "Yeah, no fair," Jody said, laughing too.

    "Not this time. This is Kris' and my first time together, and I think we both want a little privacy. Right, baby?"

    Kris nodded, and she felt her pussy creaming more as her father led her toward the master bedroom.

    In the master bedroom, Kris and her father stood next to the bed, facing each other. They both undressed, watching each other with excited eyes.

    When they were completely naked, Greg groaned and reached out, grasping his daughter's tits.

    "Mmmm, good," Kris moaned, turning on powerfully as she felt her daddy's fingertips pinching her stiffening nips.

    Then, his hands were gone from her tits and his mouth was there instead. Greg licked and sucked on his little girl's tits, paying particular attention to her taut nips until the teenaged girl was reduced to a mass of groaning lust.

    Greg pushed his daughter back onto the bed so that she was lying flat on her back.

    "Spread your legs," he rasped, scooting between them.

    Kris felt her daddy's tongue and lips trailing over her lower belly, setting off a series of hot, tingling sensations within her. Then she felt his hot breath washing over her pussy mound, and she shuddered violently.

    "Ohhh, yesss, Daddy, lick my pussy!" she cried, raising her head to stare down at her daddy's head.

    She gasped when she felt his mouth firmly pressed against the juicy slit of her little pussy. Tremors of desire raced through her whole body and she lifted her ass up from the bed to hump her cunt up into her daddy's face.

    "Unhhh," Greg groaned, letting the tip of his tongue trace along the bloated contours of his daughter's cuntlips.

    The heady aroma of the youngster's aroused pussy filled the man's flared nostrils and he groaned again, his cock growing stiffer and thicker with each passing second.

    "Do it, Daddy!" Kris begged. "Lick my pussy for me! Make me come!"

    Greg wiggled his tongue between Kris' pussylips, sucking up her tasty juices.

    "Ahhh, Daddy," Kris moaned, feeling her father's probing tongue beginning to fuck in and out of her cunt. She reached down with both hands and entangled her fingers in his thick, dark hair, pulling him closer to her.

    Her knees rose in the air, giving the man even more access to her horny pussy hole. His tongue plunged in and out of her seething pussy, fucking expertly into her fuck-hole, licking her clit, driving her half mad with incestuous lust.

    As he continued to eat her pussy, Greg's hands moved up Kris' body and captured the saliva-slickened mounds of her tits. His balls caught fire and his prick jerked impatiently as he tongue-fucked his little girl's cunt and played with her pulsing tits at the same time.

    With long swipes of his wet tongue, Greg licked up and down the pink crease of Kris' pussy, teasing at the top of each stroke, licking her clit hard.

    "Omigod, Daddy, that's heaven! Keep it up, Daddy! Keep licking my cunt for meee!" Kris whimpered, lifting her ass up and down faster and more frenziedly as she tried to capture even more of her daddy's tongue deep inside her cunt.

    Now, Greg wrapped his lips around the base of his daughter's clit, and he sucked as hard as he could.

    "Commmiiinnnggg!" Kris shrieked at the top of her lungs, her entire body shaking hard with the force of her incestuous orgasm.

    Greg planted a lip-smacking kiss on the pouting lips of her pussy and raised his grinning face to watch his daughter coming. Finally, her orgasm subsided, and she looked down at her father with a smile.

    "Oh, thank you, Daddy. That was a super orgasm!"

    "Glad you liked it," Greg chuckled. "But that wasn't anything compared to the way my cock is going to make your pussy come!"

    "Oh, Daddy, I love the sound of that!" Kris squealed, and she opened her arms to her father as he slid up onto her body.

    Their mouths met and the teenager began moaning as she tasted her own cunt-juice on her daddy's lips and tongue. She felt his swollen cockhead throbbing against her pussylips, and she moaned again. She shuddered with anticipation, wondering how she had ever managed to wait so long to fuck her sexy daddy.

    Greg grinned down at his daughter as he moved his hips just enough to sink a mere inch of his cockhead into Kris' pussy.

    "Ohhh, Daddy, no! Don't tease me! I want to feel your whole cock in my cunt!"

    It took every bit of Greg's self-control not to fuck the full length of his prick into his little girl's pussy. But he wanted to fuck her slowly to begin with, knowing that their orgasms would be all the more exciting that way.

    He moved his hips back and forth with quick, shallow fuck-strokes which plunged just the thick head of his prick in and out of his daughter's hot cunt-hole.

    "Ohhh, God, Daddyyyy!" Kris wailed, tortured by the sweet pleasure that coursed through her teasingly. Her own hips jerked, rising and falling as she vainly tried to capture her father's whole cock inside her.

    But Greg grinned, managing to keep most of his prickshaft outside her snapping pussy as he continued to fuck her with only the throbbing head of his cock.

    Just when the young girl felt that she could not bear even one more second of her father's teasing fuck-strokes, he suddenly slammed forward. With one long, hard fuck-thrust, he packed every single inch of his thick cock into her cunt-hole, his balls slapping lewdly against her ass.

    "Aieeee! At last, Daddy! Yesss, at last, I can feel your whole cock inside meeee! Fuck me now! Fuck meee haaard!"

    She wriggled beneath the man's muscular body, her hips doing an obscene little dance which made Greg's entrenched cock rock back and forth within the spongy folds of her fuck-hole. The blood-engorged head of his prick banged lewdly against Kris' shuddering cunt-walls. She squeezed down with all her might as he began to withdraw his prick from her cunt.

    Greg drew his prick out of her until, once more, only his cockhead was still buried between her cuntlips. Then, he lunged back, just as powerfully as before, fucking his prick deeply into the hot recesses of her pussy.

    "God, Daddy, you're fucking me so hard now! I love it that way!"

    Greg grinned, thrilling to the idea of filling his daughter's cunt with his cockmeat. He jerked his hips back and fucked brutally into her pussy. His throbbing prick slid down into the tight sleeve of her cunt, and her entire body jarred under the thudding impact of their loins. Her steamy fuck-hole clamped around Greg's cockmeat, squeezing and sucking at it.

    "Ohhhh, Daddy, keep fucking me like that! I love the way you're fucking me with your big fat cock!" Kris cried, her eyes brimming with tears of pleasure and desire.

    Greg pushed himself up to the full extent of his arms, hovering over the teenaged girl so that now they were touching only at their crotches. The girl's wide eyes gazed up at him adoringly and a smile of gratitude touched her lips.

    Greg's hips lurched up and swung down in one mighty surge of lust. His changed angle of entry gave him access to deep reaches of his daughter's cunt which his prick had not yet touched. Thick and hard, his rod of cockmeat sliced into new recesses of Kris' quivering pussy.

    "Yeah, Kris, yeah, Daddy's gonna fuck you good and hard! Daddy's gonna make you come like you've never come before!"

    "Ohhh, yesss, Daddy, you're fucking me better than I've ever been fucked before!" Kris cried. And she knew that it was the thrill of having her own daddy's cock inside her which had her so turned on.

    Greg realized, as he hovered over his daughter's submissive body, that he not only had a way of fucking her cunt even deeper now, but that he also had an exciting view of her facial expressions and reactions.

    Kris' face was twisted with lust, and Greg watched her saliva running from the corners of her mouth. He turned on even more as he saw her eyelids fluttering open, then closed, and as he heard a steady pleasure-filled moan coming from her mouth.

    Again and again, the man's stiff prick fucked into his little girl's cunt, making the girl's tits bounce and jiggle with each slamming cock-thrust. Her hips wriggled lewdly and she raised her arms, locking them around her father's waist as he continued to give her the most mind-blowing fuck of her life.

    "Keeep fucking meee!" the young girl wailed, surprised by the fact that no matter how aroused she already was, each cock-thrust her daddy made into her only inflamed her desires that much more.

    Her hips bucked up and down faster and harder. She twisted and writhed, rocking her father's prick within the deep recesses of her horny cunt. She was fucking back at the man stroke for stroke, giving him just as much pleasure as he was giving her.

    Greg's cock fucked in and out of Kris' pussy. He was fucking her fast and furiously now, bringing both of the incestuous lovers closer and closer to orgasm.

    "Aaarrrghhh, yesss!" Kris gurgled, relishing the thickness and hardness of her daddy's big prick. More than anything, she savored the thrilling sensation of having her little pussy completely packed to the brim with her daddy's cockmeat.

    She pulled at him, urging him on to even harder and deeper cock-lunges. She whimpered and moaned in delight as he continued to plow into her honeyed cunt with the full length of his fatherly prick.

    The father and daughter were fucking together like a well-rehearsed team now, striving to give each other pleasure and, at the same time, to bring their own bodies as much incestuous joy as possible. They hunched and bucked, each giving, each taking, their nakedly sweating flesh slapping together with each fuck-thrust.

    Suddenly, Kris came hard, violently.

    "Commmiiinnnggg!" she cried, her entire body reacting with powerful shudders. "Ohhh, God, Daddy, you were right! You're making me come so hard!"

    Greg chuckled, delighted that he had been able to make his little girl come so hard. He felt her spasming cunt tightening and loosening around his cock, milking it with rapid-fire contractions. And he knew that his own orgasm was only seconds away.

    He wasn't moving at all now. He simply continued to hover over the orgasming teenager, letting the rhythmic convulsions of her cock-stuffed pussy do all the work for both of them.

    "Come now, Daddy! Come inside meee!" Kris pleaded, desperate to feel her father's thick cum shooting into her climaxing cunt.

    She was filled with admiration for her daddy, admiring him for having so much staying power that he was able to delay his cum until she had already had her own pleasure-filled orgasm. But she longed for him to come now, longed to feel him dumping his entire load of creamy cum into the deepest reaches of her quaking pussy.

    "Ahhh, baby, here comes your daddy!" Greg grunted as, unable to hold back any longer, he came hard.

    "Omigod, Daddy!" Kris yelped as she finally felt her daddy's cum gushing into her.

    The thrillingly lewd sensation triggered another orgasm and the young girl came with her father.

    "Ohhh, Daddyyyy, you were right! You made me come harder than I've ever come before!" she cried, flushing all over as her daddy's cock cream continued to shoot into her cunt.


    After Kris' fuck session with her father, the incestuous couple returned to the living room, where the rest of the family still sat in front of the television set.

    Kris and Greg entered the room hand in hand. They were both still flushed with a post-orgasmic afterglow. Their eyes were shining. And there were smiles of satisfaction on their faces. Kris had dressed again so hurriedly that she had unknowingly put her tee-shirt on backwards. And Greg hadn't bothered to put his shirt back on at all.

    As the father and daughter rejoined the family, they were greeted with shouts and hoots of understanding laughter.

    "Way to go, Dad," Matt said with a grin as he rose and slapped his father on the back. "She's got a great little pussy, hasn't she?"

    "I'll say! It's super-tight," Greg said with a chuckle as Kris blushed furiously.

    "How was it, Kris?" Jody asked, wide-eyed.

    "It was great!" Kris cried.

    "Knowing that you two were fucking up a storm in our room made me hornier than hell, Greg!" Maureen said, feeling her pussy drooling with juice.

    "Yeah, me too!" Jody said.

    And the others all nodded in agreement.

    "Well, now, I think we should do something about that," Greg said, looking around at his turned-on family.

    "What, Daddy? What?" Jody asked excitedly.

    "How about an all-out family-style orgy?" Greg said, grinning as he felt his cock beginning to harden again.

    "You mean it, Dad?" Bill asked thickly.

    "I sure do," Greg said firmly.

    "You mean that even after all the fucking we did, and after coming so hard inside me, you're ready for more fucking?" Kris asked, her eyes raised to her father's.

    "That's just what I mean! I can always get it up for my sexy wife and daughters!" Greg said.

    "That's what I love most of all about you, Daddy," Jody said, rising and giving her father a big hug and a wet little kiss on his mouth. "You're always horny!"

    Within seconds, the entire Baldwin family was standing nakedly in the middle of the living room, cocks hard and pussies dripping with juice.

    With a high-pitched squeal of lust, Jody lowered herself to the carpeted floor. She lay on her back and spread her legs wide, fully exposing her wet pussy to her family's gaze.

    Greg groaned. He went down on his knees and began to lick his daughter's spread-out pink cunt. His tongue slid up between her wet pussylips while she began to hump her crotch up against his face.

    Her father tongue-fucked Jody's little cunt hole for a few minutes while the teenager moaned and writhed beneath him. Then she knew that she could wait no longer. She had to feel her daddy's cock deeply inside her pussy.

    "Ohhhh, Daddy, hurry! Fuck your big hard cock into meeee! I have to have it!" Jody cried lustfully.

    "Yeah, Daddy, fuck her now!" Kris yelled.

    "Go for it, Dad! Fuck her!" both Matt and Bill shouted together.

    "Oh, honey, don't keep our little girl waiting," Maureen purred, running her hands over her own tits. "She needs it so bad! Shove your big prick up her cunt!"

    And the family moved in on Greg and his daughter, all of them excitedly watching the incestuous couple. Jody reached out for her daddy, pulling him close to her trembling body.

    "Okay, watch this, everybody!" Greg husked as he thrust forward from the hips and rammed his cock into Jody's pussy. He fucked the full length of his prick into her with the very first stroke.

    "Yessss! Fuck me hard, Daddy! Fuck meeee!" Jody wailed, lifting her little ass up from the floor and fucking back at him with a horny eagerness.

    Maureen suddenly moved forward and knelt down next to her husband and daughter. She leaned over Jody, letting her full tits swing lewdly over the teenager's mouth.

    "Awwww, Mom," Jody groaned as she reached up and pulled her mother's big tits down to her hungry mouth, sucking fiercely on them, as if searching for the mother's milk which had nourished her as a newborn babe.

    She squeezed the woman's tits together and stuffed both nips into her wet mouth, closing her eyes with pleasure as she sucked. All the while, she continued to hump her pussy up against her daddy's crotch. She groaned against her mother's tits as the man's prick fully impaled her pussy with each savage fuck-plunge.

    Meanwhile, Bill and Kris fell onto the floor nearby. Bill slid his stiffened middle finger into his sister's pussy hole, fucking it in and out of her.

    "Ohhh, that's good," Kris moaned, and she turned her head to watch the incestuous trio nearby while her brother finger-fucked her pussy.

    Bill fucked his entire finger in and out of Kris' pussy again and again. His cock grew harder as he felt her pussy muscles tugging on his finger. With a groan, he yanked his finger out of her and mounted the young girl.

    "Yesssss, fuck meeeee," Kris whimpered.

    "Don't worry, Sis, I'm gonna fuck you, all right!" Bill growled, thrusting his whole cock into the teenager's tight cunt hole and not stopping until his balls slapped up against her upraised ass.

    "Jeeeesus, look at everyone," Matt moaned. He was sitting on the couch, stroking his hard-on while he looked from one incestuous coupling to the other.

    His eyes grew wide and his breathing became ragged as he watched Jody being fucked by their father while she continued to suck on their mother's big, throbbing tits.

    Then he looked back at Bill and Kris, loving the twisted look of lust on his sister's face as she eagerly received every single inch of Bill's hard prickmeat with her clasping pussy.

    The young boy ran his fist up and down the length of his hard cock, moaning continually as he grew more and more aroused. He knew that eventually he would have to join in the family orgy. But for now, he found it even more exciting to sit there and watch everyone else while he jerked himself off.

    Oh, Daddy, you're fucking me so deliciously with your hard cock! Jody sang out in the silence of her own thoughts, her mouth still busily sucking and nibbling on her mother's firm tits. She closed her eyes and tongued the two stiff nips. Then she sucked them again, chewing on them gently.

    "Ahhh, yesss, Jody, keep sucking and biting your mother's tits! You're turning me on soooo much!" Maureen groaned, her body shaking with incestuous arousal.

    "You horny bitches in heat!" Greg growled, his eyes on his little girl's tit-mouthing efforts while he kept fucking his entire cock in and out of her juicy pussy. He felt her cunt muscles gripping the sides of his cock and he lowered his head, beginning to suck on the teenager's aching tits.

    Jody's eyes snapped open when she felt her daddy's mouth on her tits. She flashed him a look of pleasure. Then, still sucking on her mother's tits, she glanced around the room. She groaned, the sound muffled by her mother's tit meat as she saw Bill fucking Kris hard. Then, Jody's eyes swung to the couch, and she gasped around her mother's nipples as she watched her little brother's hand pumping up and down his hard-on.

    Suddenly, Maureen slipped her tits from her daughter's mouth, and she looked at Matt and his hard cock with a look of longing.

    "Ohhh, Matt, you look so lonely over there all by yourself. And your hard-on… what a waste! Don't you want to come over here and dog-fuck your mother?"

    "Oh, wow, Mom, do you really mean it?" Matt asked, his hand growing still on his throbbing prick.

    "Are you kidding? I need to feel your cock inside me, Son! Now come here like a good boy and fuck me!"

    Maureen's lewd words made the entire family groan with excitement. But no one's groan was louder or more excited than Matt's as he rose from the couch and quickly moved toward his mother, his big cock sticking straight out in front of him.

    Maureen eagerly got on her hands and knees and stuffed her horny tits back into Jody's sucking mouth. The young girl moaned with pleasure to feel her mother's tits back inside her mouth. She closed her lips hungrily around the pulsating nipples.

    "Ohhh, yes, darling, suck your mother's tits while your little brother dog-fucks me!" Maureen cried, her ass wriggling about in the youngster's direction.

    Matt knelt behind his mother and, not hesitating for even one second, he fucked the full length of his hard prick into her pussy.

    "Argh, Mom!" he cried lustfully as he felt her pussy muscles gripping his rod of cockmeat and squeezing it almost painfully.

    "I'm coming!" Bill suddenly yelled.

    His cry charged the others with even more lust than before and they watched him. Bill continued to fuck Kris hard and fast as he came inside her. Kris bucked her hips up from the floor, swinging her pussy up to meet his orgasming cock, shuddering all over with sexual excitement.

    Jody's own pussy quivered when she saw Bill shooting his cum-load into her sister's pussy. She could tell that Kris was coming now, too. It was obvious by the way that Kris was obscenely bouncing around on Bill's cock, crying out loudly as her orgasm peaked.

    Watching Bill coming inside Kris just turned on Jody all the more, and she began to come, herself.

    "Ooohmmfff," Jody moaned, the muffled sound caused by the tit flesh she was still sucking on.

    "Oh, God, look at Bill and Kris coming! And now Jody's coming, too!" Maureen cried, thrilling to the feel of young Matt's hard cock still fucking in and out of her pussy, dog-style.

    Bill finished coming and he rested for a minute with his cock inside Kris' pussy, still hard. Then, breathing hard, Bill looked across the room and his eyes met Jody's. He read the plea in those eyes and, with a husky groan, he yanked his prick out of Kris' pussy and moved quickly to where Jody lay with their father's cock in her cunt and their mother's tits in her mouth.

    Greg looked up and saw the look of need in Bill's eyes. The older man grinned and, although it took a great deal of self-sacrifice on his part, he pulled his hard cock out of his daughter's hot pussy.

    "You want a turn with this little pussy, don't you, Son?" Greg asked.

    Bill nodded wordlessly, his eyes still on Jody. Greg chuckled and slapped his son on the back.

    "Good boy! Go for it! Fuck the little bitch hard – the way she likes it!" Greg said.

    Bill knelt between his sister's outstretched legs, eagerly taking his father's place. Jody nodded slightly and Bill hornily fucked his cock into her still-orgasming pussy.

    Jody moaned with pleasure and reached out for her brother. Although she was still sucking on their mother's tits, she clutched Bill's muscular body to hers, thrilling at the feel of his hard prick inside her.

    She hunched up against him, fucking back at him while she continued to suck and bite her mother's trembling tits. The older woman's tit mounds were jarring in and out of her mouth with each slamming impact of Matt's young cock into Maureen's pussy from behind.

    A sexual sound from the couch made Jody roll her eyes in that direction, and she moaned again as she saw her daddy fucking his still-hard prick in and out of Kris' mouth. Kris groaned with lust and excitement as she sucked on her daddy's hard cockmeat. Kris' little pussy shook and juiced with renewed lust and her eyes swung over to Jody and to the tits in the other girl's mouth and the cock in her pussy. Knowing that same cock had been inside her own cunt only moments before made Kris tremble, and she felt somehow closer to her entire family than ever before.

    Matt began to dog-fuck his mother with swift, violent cock-jabs. Maureen's tits were wrenched out of Jody's sucking mouth. The woman groaned with pain and pleasure as she fucked back at her young son's cock with a vengeance.

    "Ohhh, yeah, Bill, keep fucking me hard like that!" Jody squealed.

    Bill's hands slipped beneath his sister's ass and he drew her pussy up higher so he could fuck even deeper into her. He fucked his cock to the hilt inside her, and she bucked back at him as she came with a violent orgasm.

    As Jody came, she turned her head and met her father's gaze. Greg fucked his cock into Kris' pussy one more time and came. As he began to come, the man yanked his prick free of Kris' clutching pussy, and he sprayed his thick white cum all over the girl's quivering tits and tummy and pussy.

    "Ohhh, Daddy!" Kris moaned, coming with him and savoring the feel of her father's cum cooling on her naked flesh.

    "Oh, wow, Daddy," Jody whispered, watching her daddy spraying his cum all over her sister.

    Greg heard the sexual urgency in Jody's whisper, and his eyes met hers again. Jody opened her mouth wide and stared meaningfully at her daddy's cock.

    Greg's eyes went wide and his cock immediately hardened once again as he caught the unmistakable invitation in Jody's eyes. He murmured something into Kris' ear and moved quickly toward Jody.

    "Ohhh, yessss, Daddy, this is what I need," Jody moaned.

    And she closed her eyes with pleasure as her lips closed around her father's throbbing cockhead. As Jody began to suck on her father's cock, she continued to slam her crotch up against Bill's, eagerly accepting his entire cock with each plunging thrust. Then she opened her eyes to watch Matt coming inside her mother's pussy.

    Jody felt her daddy's cum beginning to pour into her gulping mouth, and the young teenager's thoughts briefly turned to the incest club. She knew that she and Bill would probably never attend another meeting. They did not have to. The club had served as a means to a very important end. For the one meeting Jody and Bill had attended had given the young girl the push she needed to seduce her family. It was obvious that all the Baldwins were now committed to a lifestyle of incest, and Jody knew that they had the incest club to thank for that.

    "That was great, baby," Greg said as he pulled his softening prick out of his daughter's mouth.

    Both he and Jody glanced over to where Maureen and Matt were coming together, and then they looked back at each other with laughter and excitement in their eyes. Jody had never loved her father more than at that moment and she was delighted to see the same expression of affection in his eyes as he gazed down at her.

    Suddenly, she felt Bill's cock bucking wildly inside her, and the next thing she felt was the hot rush of cum filling up her pussy to overflowing.

    "Ohhhh, God," Bill groaned as he shot his entire load of jism into his sister's tight little pussy.

    Jody closed her eyes and savored the feel of having both her tummy and her pussy full of hot, creamy cum. Just then she heard her father's voice whispering in her ear.

    "I'm glad you read the incest club's leaflet I put on your desk, baby," Greg murmured.

    "You! It was you!" Jody cried, her eyes flying open to see the smug grin on her daddy's face.

    Greg nodded.

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