Changing partners


    Jodie Adams took one last glance in the mirror before leaving for her date. The petite schoolteacher smiled at her reflection, liking what she saw. She looked ten years younger than her real age, which was in the mid-thirties.

    She had long flame-colored hair, big blue eyes, and a nice figure, all the curves in the right places, her ripe tits riding high. She knew her appearance would turn her date on. She just hoped it finally turned him on enough.

    The doorbell rang, and Jodie went to answer it. She found her steady boyfriend, Craig Russell, waiting on the front porch. Every time she saw Craig, she had to stare for a second, he was so good-looking. Just over six, feet tall, blond, with ruggedly handsome features, he was just about everything she'd ever wanted in a man.

    Unfortunately, though, Craig had one big drawback. He didn't believe in sex before marriage.

    That was so weird, it was almost funny. Jodie couldn't believe it the first time he told her, and she'd howled with laughter. Now that they'd been dating for eight months, it wasn't so funny. Jodie was ready to go out of her mind with sexual frustration.

    "Hi, honey," Craig said, leaning down to kiss her. "You look gorgeous, as usual."

    "Thanks, Craig," Jodie said. "I'll grab my sweater and be right with you."

    Just from a few seconds of looking at him and having him kiss her, her pussy was starting to heat and moisten. She warned herself to forget it. Craig was not going to fuck her. He'd made that clear on their first date.

    He'd laid out his whole position. At least he'd been honest about it, she had to admit that. He'd explained that he didn't believe in fucking before marriage, and that he didn't believe in hasty marriages, either. He'd want to date a girl at least a year before proposing.

    Jodie had accepted the situation, and she still accepted it, because she loved Craig and thought he was a good man, but her patience was wearing pretty thin. Dating him exclusively, she'd gone eight months now without getting fucked, and she was horny enough to scream.

    But what could she do about it? She had to play by his rules or lose him. Now she pasted a big smile on her face and accompanied him to dinner, then to the movies. She always had a pleasant time with Craig, at least till he took her home. Then the frustration really started. Because although he didn't believe in going all the way before marriage, he did believe that necking was okay.

    Tonight was no exception. "Going to offer me a nightcap?" he asked when they got back to Jodie's house.

    "Of course," she smiled, "don't I always?"

    Craig made himself right at home, turning on the living room lights low, plumping up the cushions on the couch, while Jodie made a couple of drinks. She brought in the drinks and sat beside him on the couch. As usual, he held his glass in one hand and slipped his free arm around Jodie's shoulders.

    She nuzzled against him, unable to resist his exciting male closeness. It had been so long now since she'd had a man that half an experience was better than none. She felt hot sticky cunt-juice start to seep from her starved cunt, moistening her panties. Her pussy-flesh swelled and steamed.

    Then Craig set aside his half-empty glass and started kissing her. He sure didn't hang back when it came to kissing. He slipped his hot tongue between her lips and suggestively explored her mouth. His quick loud breathing told her how excited their kissing made him.

    Where did the man get his self-control? When they started kissing like that, Jodie always wanted to grab him by the arm and drag him right to her bed. Naughty visions filled her head, of her and Craig naked, fucking up a storm. But her incredible boyfriend seemed to be able to turn his lust off and on like a faucet. He didn't seem to feel the frustration she did.

    Jodie always returned his kisses with full passion, partly because she couldn't help it and partly because she hoped that one night, finally, he'd lose control of himself and take her to bed. Tonight her hope was stronger than ever. She slid her hot little tongue into his mouth and probed around.

    She felt the big man shiver, and he pulled her tighter against him, till her lust-engorged nipples poked against his chest. He had to feel her hot hard nubs even through his shirt. Jodie was almost trembling with lust by now, and her pretty face was flushed when they finally came up for air.

    "God, you turn ine on," Craig sighed.

    "I wish the feeling wasn't mutual," Jodie said bitterly. "Really, Craig, isn't this kind of crazy?"

    "Jodie," he said with a frown, "we've been over this again and again. I have my beliefs, and I intend to stick by them. If you can't handle that, I guess you should look for another man."

    And where would she do that? Jodie and Craig were both teachers in a small midwestern town, a town so small that Craig was just about the only man there who attracted her. She couldn't think of anybody else she'd want to date, let alone marry. Craig was her only choice.

    "I don't want you to look for anybody else, though, honey," he went on. "I don't think I could stand that."

    He slid his hands onto her tits, squeezing them sensuously through her clothes. Jodie leaned back and shivered with excitement. She felt kind of crazy tonight, crazy enough to ask a question that had been on her mind ever since their first date. It might make him mad, but she had to know.

    "Craig," she said, "if you don't believe in sex before marriage, does that mean you're a virgin?"

    He did look a little annoyed, and he answered gruffly, "No, no, of course I'm not a virgin. I've been with lots of girls I wouldn't dream of marrying. But you're special, Jodie."

    "Oh, I see," she said sarcastically, "I'm so special that you can fuck them and not me. Well, thanks a lot!"

    "Honey, let's not fight," Craig begged.

    He temporarily silenced her with a steamy tongue-kiss, and he went on eagerly molding her large round tits, feeling her stiff nipples throbbing against his palms. Jodie creamed furiously, her scalding pussy-liquid soaking through her panties, as she imagined Craig actually fucking, his cock big and hard and hammering in her slick juicy cunt.

    "Mmmmmmmm, uuummmmmmmmm," she moaned.

    She couldn't control herself. Again she knew it might anger him, but it was something she just had to do. She reached for his fly. She found the zipper and tugged it open, then slid her eager little hand inside his pants. She felt a big bulge in his jockey shorts, and she cupped it and squeezed it.

    She felt Craig starting to draw back to scold her, so she grabbed him by the head and held him in place, cramming her tongue into his mouth while she went on stroking and squeezing his cock. Now she felt some response. His prick was swelling in her fingers, filling his shorts.

    Again the petite schoolteacher creamed heavily and helplessly. Jodie was no slut, but she wasn't a prude, either, and all the time she was going to college and getting her teaching credentials, she'd dated and fucked many attractive men. She was used to regular and satisfying sex. This situation with Craig was driving her crazy.

    She worked his shorts down and slipped out his cock. She drew it from his fly and eased it out into the light of the room, till it protruded rigidly and obscenely from his pants. Only then did she allow him to break off their kiss. She stared hungrily at his cock.

    "Dammit, Jodie," he said hoarsely, "you're just making it more difficult for both of us!"

    "I had to look, Craig," she replied. "After eight months I just had to see your cock!"

    Now she wasn't sure if she'd done the right thing. His cock was a beauty, a good nine inches long and as thick as her wrist. It was the biggest, most exciting cock she'd ever seen. And he was right, looking at it just made things more difficult for her, because now she really knew what she was missing.

    "Oh, fuck you and your silly beliefs," she sighed.

    She reached out and curled her fingers around his massive, rock-hard prick. His cock was solid yet throbbing, very alive to her touch. It rippled and bucked as she petted it, and thick globs of fuck-cream oozed up in his piss-hole. Craig was breathing hard and heavily as he watched her play with his cock-meat.

    "Jodie, that's not going to get you anywhere," he told her hoarsely.

    "I don't care," she said. "I just want to touch your cock."

    Of course she wanted a lot more than that, but she knew there was no point in mentioning it. So she'd just take what she could get. She ran her fingers eagerly up and down the granite column of his cock, imagining how thoroughly his gigantic fuck-tool would fill her starved cunt.

    Craig seemed to be relaxing a little. He'd bought her explanation that she just wanted to touch his cock. He believed she wasn't going to create a scene and demand that he fuck her. So he allowed himself to enjoy what she was doing, and he began unbuttoning her blouse.

    Jodie shivered with excitement. Craig seldom went that far. He'd played with her tits only a few times before. Now she caressed the long hot slab of his cock-meat while he removed her blouse and then her pretty lace bra. Her firm tits, the size of big grapefruits, tumbled free.

    "Mmmmmmmm, honey, yessss," she breathed as his big hands closed around her naked tits.

    While he fondled her sensitive tit-globes, she cupped the big purple head of his prick and smeared her palm with his hot, sticky fuck-juices. Then she rubbed the thick liquid up and down his cock, her pumping slick and fast. Craig gave a low groan, and more fuck-cream welled up in his piss-hole.

    "Dammit, Jodie, it's hard to resist you!" he growled.

    Jodie sure hoped so. And she was even more encouraged when he dipped his head down, stuck out his tongue, and started to lick her nipples. She creamed very hard, her cunt-juices coming out in hot spurts. This was something her modest, moral boyfriend had never done to her before.

    "Mmmmmmmm, honey, I love that," she gurgled.

    His big wet tongue lashed her right nipple, then the left, darting back and forth between them. He coated both of her stiff buds with his hot sticky saliva. Jodie was squirming and moaning, and she felt like she could come so easily. If she just rubbed her thighs together, she could get off.

    But she wanted Craig to do it for her. She was sick and tired of masturbating. It seemed as if that was all she'd done since meeting the man. They'd go out, they'd end up necking, and then Jodie would go to bed alone, seething with frustration. She'd be so ragingly horny that she'd have to beat off before she could sleep.

    She didn't want this to be another of those nights. She wanted Craig to give her an orgasm, in whatever way he chose. She wanted to get off with her man, a perfectly normal female desire. She pumped his cock faster, hinting that she'd get him off if he'd do the same for her.

    Catching her mounting excitement, Craig pushed her big hot tits together till her nipples were lined up side by side. He opened his mouth and slid it down around her furiously throbbing nipples, taking them both into juicy fuck-heat. Jodie sobbed with excitement as he started sucking her supersensitive nubs.

    "Unnnnnhhh, baby, yesssss!" she wept.

    She tightened her grip on his violently throbbing prick, pumping it hungrily, smearing her fingers in his dribbling fuck-cream. His cock bucked wildly in her grasp, and she knew he had to be having some very sexy fantasies about her. He had to be imagining that he was sliding his nearly-bursting cock into her seething wet cunt.

    "Craig, honey," she whimpered, "why go on torturing each other? Let's go to my room!"

    He instantly released her nipples from his sucking mouth and gave an impatient sigh. "Jodie, for the last time, no. I want everything to be right and perfect with us. I am not taking you to bed, and that's final!"

    Jodie barely choked back a sob of frustration. "Then get me off some other way," she begged hoarsely. "Please, Craig, I can't stand another night like this, being left horny. You can at least do that much for me."

    His expression softened, and he said gently, "Yes, Jodie, I guess you're right. I could to that much for you."

    He slid his hand up under her skirt and tugged down her little bikini panties. Rolling her skirt up out of the way, he stared at her neat little copper-colored cunt-bush. Jodie was too insanely horny to be shy, and she opened her thighs and exposed the soaked pink flesh of her pussy.

    She felt his cock give a hard buck in her fist, and she was glad. At least he was experiencing the same frustration she was. Then he reached out and slipped his long stiff middle finger between the furry lips of her cunt-bush, caressing the slippery hot cunt-flesh inside. Jodie felt instant pleasure.

    "Yes, Craig, play with me!" she moaned. "Make me come!"

    Once more his prick tried to tear its way out of her fist, and she hoped he was just as maddeningly horny as she was. She pumped his cock-meat steadily while he explored between her legs with his stiff finger. She soaked his finger with uncontrollable spurts of molten cunt-cream.

    Then he went to the most sensitive and receptive spot of all, the throbbing button of her clit. He pressed his fingertip to her pulsating bud and started rubbing it in a circular motion. He was very confident and skilled. He'd been around, all right, and he knew just how to get a woman off.

    "Yes, yessss," Jodie panted, "don't stop, honey, keep doing that, it feels so good."

    As her excitement mounted, she pumped his cock faster and faster, and his breathing got louder and more harsh. They were launched now, committed to getting each other off. It would have driven them both crazy to stop. Craig's big prick was throbbing like mad in Jodie's fist, and her clit was pulsating wildly against his circling fingertip.

    They were like a couple of teenagers, Jodie thought, doing everything but going all the way. It was ridiculous, because they were both in their thirties. They ought to be in her bed, fucking each other's brains out. But she'd fallen in love with Craig and had no choice but to play the game his way.

    She'd settle for what she could get, and right now what she ached for was an orgasm from her man, even if it came from his finger instead of his cock. She rubbed her swelling clit against his expertly massaging finger and felt herself teetering on the edge of a body-racking release.

    "Just a little more, honey," she whimpered, "I'm almost there."

    Craig just gave a hoarse growl, and his cock swelled up so taut that she thought it would explode. He was on the brink of climax, just like she was. She began to pump his cock-meat with lightening speed, and he responded by rubbing her clit faster and faster.

    That was all it took to set off the frantically horny schoolteacher. Jodie felt a violent orgasm exploding out from her clit and ripping hotly through her body. A second later Craig bellowed with pleasure, and thick wads of fuck-cream exploded from the head of his cock.

    "Ohhhhhh, God, whaaahhhhhhhhhhh!" Jodie screamed.

    "Unnnnhhhhhh, unnnnggghhhhhhh!" Craig cried.

    At last, she thought bitterly, after eight months of dating, they'd climaxed together. How much longer would she have to wait till Craig thought it was okay to get married and fuck? She knew she couldn't wait much longer. She needed a normal sex life. But where was she going to find another man?

    Her thoughts were interrupted as Craig stood up and straightened his clothes. "We went a lot farther than I intended to, Jodie," he said. "Things are getting out of control. I think we ought to cool it for a while and not see each other."

    Jodie's self-control snapped, and she burst out angrily, "Okay, Craig, that's just fine with me. I'll have my son for company, anyway."


    Jodie hadn't actually thought much about her son that evening, but there was nothing strange about that. Dane hadn't been part of her life for many years.

    Jodie had been married very young, and she'd gradually realized that it was a mistake. Her husband Larry was a nice enough guy, but they had little in common, and they seemed to want totally different things out of life. When their son Dane was still in grade school, Jodie had made the decision to end her marriage.

    She'd been only a teenager when she married, not even out of high school, so if she was going to be single and support herself, she had to get an education. Larry consented to take Dane, raise him and support him, while Jodie went to college and got her teaching credentials. They agreed that when she was financially able to take care of Dane, she'd get custody of him.

    Now, having been on her first job for one full term and having saved all the money she could, she was ready to take her son back into her life.

    Dane was flying in from California the next day. Jodie had scheduled it for him to arrive when her summer vacation started. That would give them three months to get reacquainted. She was pretty nervous about meeting the boy. They'd been apart for so long, they were almost like strangers.

    She wanted her son back in her life, of course, but she wondered how he felt about it. Would he resent her leaving him to go for a career? Would he be sad to leave his father? Most worrisome of all, could she and Dane be happy living together? She'd have the summer to find out.

    The next morning Jodie drove into the nearest big city to meet her son's flight. She'd taken special care with her appearance, and she knew she looked pretty and sexy, like a mother a boy could be proud of. As she walked through the terminal, she got lots of admiring glances from men.

    She tried not to think about that. It would have been so easy just to return a smile, get an invitation to go for a drink, and in no time at all she could be in a motel fucking, getting the fucking she craved so badly. But she couldn't do that. She was a mother now, with a child to look after.

    Dane's arrival was annouced, and Jodie stood on tiptoe, scanning the crowd for a glimpse of her boy. She had an image in her mind of Dane as she'd last seen him, a cute little blond kid with apple cheeks and unruly curly hair. But she saw nobody like that in the crowd.

    "Hi, Mom, I snuck up on you," came a voice from behind her.

    Jodie whirled and gawked. She wouldn't have recognized her own son if he hadn't introduced himself. Dane wasn't a little boy any more. He was a teenager, a young man. He towered over his petite mother.

    "Dane?" she said breathlessly. "Gosh, I hardly know you."

    "Yeah, I've grown a little, haven't I?" he said with a grin. "But you look exactly the same to me, Mom. You're just as beautiful as ever."

    He pulled her into a tight embrace and kissed her on the mouth. It happened so fast and unexpectedly that Jodie didn't have time to resist. As she was pressed against his tall hard male body, she felt an insane flash of lust. She sternly reminded herself that this guy was her son, not a would-be lover.

    Then Dane let her go with a laugh.

    "Let's get out of here," he said. "I can hardly wait to see my new home."

    For the rest of the day mother and son chatted, telling each other about their lives, getting reacquainted. Jodie was struck by how affectionate Dane was. He kissed, hugged, squeezed, and patted her at every opportunity. It was nice, in a way, but it was also maddening.

    The boy was incredibly handsome and sexy, and his body was mature and very male. He didn't seem like her son. He seemed like a hunk she wanted to get her hands on. She just couldn't help it-her own son was turning her on like mad.

    So she was relieved when Dane, exhausted from his long trip and from jet lag, decided to go to bed early. That gave her a chance to be alone and to think straight. She knew she had to be very stern with herself and get rid of this insane attraction she was feeling for her own son.

    It's incest, Jodie, she told herself. Mothers don't have affairs with their sons.

    She had a nightcap, then went off to bed, but she couldn't sleep. It had been a pretty exciting and disturbing day, after all. And as usual she was feeling horny. She knew from sad experience that she'd never get to sleep unless she masturbated.

    "What a drag," she sighed, kicking back the covers.

    In the moonlight coming through her sheer curtains, she could see herself. She rolled up her nightgown and exposed the pretty little triangle of her cunt-bush. She opened her thighs and slid a hand between them, touching the scorching, soaked flesh of her pussy.

    She shivered and moaned as she caressed her hot, engorged cunt-folds. It had been a mistake to go so far with Craig last night, because it had just whetted her appetite for more. She ached to be fucked. She knew she'd never rest till her cunt was crammed with a big hard cock.

    As she stroked her fever-hot pussy, she helplessly thought about her son. It was uncanny the way he resembled his father, and that was a big part of his attraction for her. Larry was such a sexy guy. Even when she knew they'd be better off divorced, Jodie still loved fucking him.

    It had been that way since the moment they met. It had been lust at first sight. Jodie liked to recall that exciting meeting when she played with herself. It was more arousing to her than any fantasy she could have made up. Besides, it was wrong to think about her son as she masturbated, but it was okay to think of his father.

    Purring with arousal, stroking the supersensitive flesh of her pussy, Jodie let her mind drift back to her junior year in high school. It was a warm September evening, the school year just getting started, when she first laid eyes on Larry Adams.

    She'd been sitting on her front porch with her best girlfriend, Betty, when Larry had walked by. He was in his mid-twenties, and he was the sexiest thing they'd ever seen, tall and blond and extremely well-built. His tight jeans and t-shirt showed off his tan, muscular body.

    Jodie and Betty had just helplessly gawked at the handsome newcomer to their small town. Larry noticed them staring at him, and he grinned and stopped to light a cigarette. His eyes flitted over Betty, then settled on Jodie. He started up the front walk.

    "Oh, my gosh, he's gonna talk to us," Jodie exclaimed in a whisper. "What are we gonna do? He's so cute, I can hardly stand it!"

    Betty giggled and said, "I dare you to go out with him. I bet you're too chicken!"

    "I am not," Jodie snapped. Then she added with a sigh, "He'd never ask me, anyway."

    By this time Larry was walking onto the porch.

    "Hi," he said, "my name's Larry Adams, and I'm new in town. Can you young ladies tell me what people do for fun on a Friday night?"

    Betty gave Jodie a poke, and the cute little redhead jumped to her feet, deciding to take her friend's dare.

    "I can show you," she told Larry, "if you want to take a walk."

    "I sure do," he grinned.

    Jodie walked off with him, a little scared, never dreaming that she'd come home without her virginity.

    At first Larry behaved like a perfect gentleman. They strolled around town and Jodie showed him the sights, such as they were, and then he took her for a hamburger and fries. As he was walking her home, they detoured into the tiny town park and found themselves alone.

    "I can't resist this," Larry said, "but you can slap my face afterwards if you want to."

    He pulled her into a tight embrace and kissed her. Jodie had been kissed before, but never like that. It was the first time she'd been kissed by a guy who knew what he was doing. He slid his tongue into her mouth, and she was astonished to feel hot cream spurting from her cunt.

    She'd never creamed for a guy before. In fact, though she'd been dating for a year now, she'd never really felt horny for any of the boys she went out with. Now she was feeling so horny, her knees were turning to rubber and she was soaking her panties with her scalding pussy-juices.

    Her tits swelled, too, and her nipples were turning into rigid nubs, poking into Larry's chest. She just couldn't control her hot reaction to his expert kissing. He slid his hands down and cupped her firm little ass, pulling her even tighter against him. Her pouting pussy-mound pressed against the big outline of his cock. She almost whimpered with excitement.

    Finally he drew back and grinned at her.

    "Well," he said, "aren't you gonna slap my face?"

    "N-No," Jodie said breathlessly. "I'd like you to kiss me again, Larry."

    His eyes grew hot and eager, and he said, "Great, I'd love to, but let's go somewhere a little more private."

    "I know a place," Jodie volunteered.

    She led him deep into the park, off the trail, and into a little clearing she'd discovered long ago. She knew it was insane to go there alone, at night, with an older man she'd known only a few hours, but it was like she just had to do it. Something about him attracted and held her like a magnet.

    They sank down on the soft grass, and Larry rolled half on top of her and kissed her some more, driving her wild with the deep, hot thrusts of his tongue. She found herself squirming, though she was too young then to realize that she was jerking her hips in an instinctive fucking motion.

    Larry realized it, though. He knew she was horny for him. He knew he was being offered a virgin teenage pussy. But he tried to control himself at first, maybe testing her, seeing if she'd panic. He slipped his hands under her t-shirt and cupped her tits, teasingly thumbing her nipples through her thin bra. Jodie whimpered with excitement.

    He reached around her and unhooked her bra, then slid his hands onto her bare tits. Jodie had never let a guy touch her tits before. Now she trembled and sighed with arousal as Larry expertly molded and squeezed her silky-soft tit-globes. She creamed hotly and uncontrollably.

    When she didn't protest, he left her lust-swollen tits and unzipped her jeans. Jodie knew how crazy she was being, but she let the handsome stranger remove all her clothes, even her panties. He slid a hand between her legs and started playing with her pussy, and it was the most wonderful feeling.

    "Ohhhhh, wow, oooooooooh!" she squealed.

    "You like that?" he asked.

    "Yeah, it feels great," she moaned.

    "Do something for me, too," he said. "Unzip my jeans and take my cock out. Play with it!"

    Jodie's fingers trembled as she obeyed. She'd never touched or even seen a cock before, and she was curious but also frightened. She fumbled with his fly and finally got his jeans open. He wasn't wearing shorts. As she tugged down his jeans, his massive, stiff cock shot out, an she squealed in surprise.

    "Hey, take it easy, honey," Larry laughed. "It's not gonna attack you. My cock just wants to be petted."

    "Okay," Jodie replied nervously.

    She gingerly petted his thick, rock-hard cock, and while she did that, he gently but steadily inserted his thick middle finger into her virgin cunt. She'd never had anything in there before, and she was surprised at how exciting it felt. When it was fully into her, she gurgled with pleasure.

    "Mmmmmmmmm, yeah," she panted.

    Larry's eyes were hot and horny as he felt her tiny, untried cunt sucking and creaming around his finger. He left it in her for a few seconds, watching her squirm and moan, and then he drew it out again and rolled fully onto her. He sank down between her parted thighs.

    Jodie was panting. She knew what was about to happen, and she knew it was insane of her to give her virginity to a man she hardly knew. Yet she was doing it without hesitation. She opened her legs as wide as she could, and she let him plug the thick head of his cock into her tiny cuntal opening.

    "Easy," he crooned, "I'll make this as good for you as I can. Just relax."

    Jodie did her best to stay limp and yielding as he slowly but steadily glided his cock into her, taking her cherry in a slow, sensuous thrust. He hadn't lied to her. He was making it good. If he'd been more selfish, he could really have hurt her, but he was making her first fuck a terrific experience.

    She clung to him and gurgled with excitement as she took her first cock. She found it very exciting, and after he'd stretched her cunt a little, it started to feel really nice. He fucked her slowly and deeply till she was used to it, then started gradually increasing his speed. Jodie soaked his pistoning cock with helpless spurts of pussy-cream.

    "Oh, yeah, Larry, it feels so good!" she gurgled. "I love you to fuck me!"

    "That's good, baby," he rasped, "'cause I'm gonna fuck you all night!"

    He wasn't kidding. It was almost dawn when Jodie finally got home, her cunt deliciously sore. She caught hell from her folks, but she didn't care. From that point on it was Larry, Larry, Larry. She saw him all the time. And in just two months she was pregnant with Dane.

    So she'd dropped out of high school and gotten married. She was so crazy about Larry, it was the only thing she could do. Looking back on it now, Jodie couldn't see how she could have done anything different. Even today, years later, the thought of Larry made her pussy go hot and ready.

    As she thought about him and the night he took her cherry, she slipped a finger into her juicy hot cunt and began beating off. One finger didn't give her the cock-like sensation she craved, so she tried two fingers and finally three. She could hardly get three fingers into her cunt, but that tight fit was exactly what she craved.

    "Ohhhhh, God, yessss!" she moaned. "Fuck me, honey, fuck me crazy!"

    The sex-starved young teacher wasn't sure who she was talking to in her masturbation fantasy. It could have been Larry, it could have been Craig, or it could have been some fantasy man. It didn't really matter as long as she got the sensation of being fucked, of a man driving his steel-hard cock deep into her famished cunt.

    She finger-fucked herself faster and harder by the second, her lust at the boiling point. She figured she was going to do a lot of masturbating this summer, because there'd always be a man she wanted and couldn't have. Either Dane or Craig or both would be around, arousing her but not satisfying her.

    So once again her only relief would be her own fingers. She hated the situation, but what else could she do? She couldn't break down Craig's resistance and get him to fuck her, and she couldn't fuck her own child. Masturbation was the only way to keep her sanity till she and Craig were married – if they ever were.

    "Unnnnhhhh, yes, yesssss!" she moaned to the vague male in her fantasy. "Fuck me hard, make me come! I'll go crazy if I don't come!"

    Those three bunched fingers were cramming and reaming her cunt deliciously, just like a big cock would. It was a pretty damned good imitation. But Jodie wasn't fooled. She missed having a big, hard, hairy male body pressing against her, and she missed hearing a flesh-and-blood fucker groan with pleasure.

    "Dammit," she sobbed, "I need a man so bad. What am I gonna do?"

    In desperation she finger-fucked herself even harder and faster, blotting out all other sensations. She lost herself in the wild excitement of rocketing toward orgasm. It didn't take her long to get there. She figured she had to be one of the horniest ladies on earth.

    "Ooooooo, shit, unnnggghhhhh!" she sobbed as she got herself off.

    Dimly she remembered that she wasn't alone in the house any more and that she couldn't make a lot of noise when she came. She buried her face in the pillows to muffle her screams and moans of relief as she finger-fucked herself through a delicious orgasm.

    It felt great, as usual, but it was just a very temporary solution to her problems. Jodie knew that she was going to have to find a good steady lover if she was going to be happy. She was fed up with her sexless life. But where was the man she needed?


    The moment Jodie saw her son at breakfast the next morning, she knew she had trouble. Her eyes hadn't been playing tricks on her yesterday. Dane really was as cute and sexy-looking as his father. Jodie just didn't trust herself to behave around him.

    She figured they'd better not be alone together any more than they had to. It would be better to get out of the house.

    "Dane, how would you like to go on a picnic today?" she asked brightly. "There's a little lake outside of town that's really nice for swimming."

    "That sounds great, Mom," Dane said. "It feels like it's gonna be a hot day."

    It would be even hotter, Jodie feared, if they stayed alone together in the house. After breakfast, she set to work making a big picnic lunch, and then they drove out to the lake. Dane chattered happily all the way, keeping her entertained. He really was a nice kid.

    He was also a very attractive kid, and the resemblance to his father was uncanny. Every time Jodie looked at him, she saw Larry, and that made her awfully horny. She couldn't help thinking about all the terrific fucking she and Larry had had, even though they'd ended up divorced.

    Now she had no sex life at all, but she understood that Larry had done better for himself.

    "What's your stepmother like?" she asked Dane.

    "Sherry?" he said. "Well, she's okay, but she isn't really like a mother. She's hardly older than I am, so it was more like having a big sister."

    Jodie winced. She knew that Larry had recently married again, but she hadn't realized the girl was so young.

    "Do you like her?" she asked.

    "I don't know," Dane said. "After they got married, I didn't see much of her or Dad. They were always off on trips together. They couldn't keep their hands off each other. I felt like I was in the way. So I was real glad when you invited me to come here, Mom."

    "Me, too, honey," Jodie said, reaching over to pat his knee.

    His remarks made her realize that he was, after all, still her little boy. He was a kid yet, and she had a responsibility to make him feel loved and wanted. Apparently she'd gotten him away from Larry just in time. Now she'd have to see to it that he didn't feel "in the way" around her.

    Well, no problem there. She and Craig wouldn't pose a threat to him. While Larry and his new wife couldn't keep their hands off each other, Jodie would have given anything if Craig would touch her. He certainly wasn't going to prove a rival to Dane.

    They arrived at the lake, and Jodie took the shore road to her favorite swimming spot. She was surprised not to find any other people there, but it was early in the day and perhaps more people would come. She sure hoped so, because she didn't trust herself alone with Dane.

    It was a hot day, and the clear blue lake looked very inviting.

    "I can hardly wait to get in the water," Jodie exclaimed. "You can change in the car, honey, and I'll go into the woods."

    "Oh, I don't need a place to change, Mom," Dane replied with amusement. "I'm just gonna strip and jump in."

    And that was exactly what he did. While Jodie watched in shocked disbelief, the boy quickly peeled off all his clothes and headed naked for the water. She couldn't help ogling his lean young body, and she shivered with excitement after her brief glimpse of his long, dangling cock.

    Then she recovered her senses.

    "Dane," she cried, "what if somebody comes along?"

    "Well, if this shocks them, I guess they'll find another place to swim," he said, obviously not worried about it. "Come on in, Mom. Don't just stand there in the hot sun!"

    He waded into the water, up to his knees, and stood there enjoying the coolness. His back was to Jodie, and she found herself ogling the firm rounds of his ass and the rippling muscles of his tan back. He was built the way a man should be, with broad shoulders and trim waist and hips.

    She had to admit it to herself – her son was gorgeous. He was obviously going to be a heart-breaker. But what concerned her right now was his swimming naked in that small-town, conservative community. If anybody came along and caught him, they'd call the sheriff.

    On the other hand, what could she do? He was too big to spank, and he was obviously set on skinny-dipping. He was a California kid, after all. Jodie breathed a sigh of relief as he finally waded the rest of the way into the water and started paddling around. Now you couldn't tell that he had no bathing suit on.

    "Come on, Mom," he shouted.

    "Okay," she called, "I'll just get my suit and put it on!"

    "Oh, you won't find your suit," Dane replied with a wicked grin. "I took it out of your tote bag and left it home!"

    Jodie glared at him, thoroughly teed off.

    "But Dane, now I won't be able to swim!" she cried.

    "Sure, you will," he answered. "Just do what I'm doing!"

    "No way!" Jodie snapped.

    But as the minutes passed and the sun got higher in the sky, the day heated up till Jodie was really uncomfortable. She could have killed Dane for his smart-ass trick, she wanted to swim so badly. Finally she took off her sandals, rolled up her jeans, and waded along the shoreline.

    "You're chicken, Mom," Dane taunted. "Come on, once you get in the water, nobody can tell."

    That was true, and by now Jodie was roasting. She decided to take the risk. Looking around to make sure no other people had arrived at the lake, she got out of her clothes as fast as she could. She was uncomfortably aware that her son was watching her the whole time.

    Naked, she started for the water. She had only a few yards to walk, but it seemed to take forever, because Dane was ogling her naked body the whole way. His eyes seemed to burn into her big wobbling tits and little red cunt-bush. She ran into the water and got to the deep part quickly.

    "You've got fantastic tits, Mom," said Dane, who was swimming up next to her.

    Jodie blushed furiously and snapped, "Dane, it isn't right to say things like that to your mother. We're here to swim, not to flirt – got it?"

    "Got it," he said, lowering his eyes.

    He didn't keep them lowered for long, though. As he and Jodie paddled around in the deliciously cool water, he kept sneaking glances her way. And she snuck glances at him, too. She just couldn't help it. It had been a long time since she'd had a naked male body to admire.

    She warned herself not to get turned on. She'd left the house to avoid that. But it wasn't easy to ignore the handsome young male who was swimming naked with her, and of course his features reminded her of Larry, and that in turn reminded her of fucking.

    Dane interrupted her troubled thoughts to say, "Hey, Mom, I just saw a really private-looking place where we could catch some sun. Let's swim over there."

    Jodie nodded and swam after him, around a bend in the shoreline and into a hidden cove. He was right, they could sunbathe naked here and nobody could see them unless they came along in a boat. They hauled themselves out of the water and stretched out in the soft warm grass.

    Jodie lay on her belly, of course, modestly hiding her tits and pussy from her son's eyes. Dane wasn't that bashful. He stretched out on his back, right beside her, and she couldn't avoid looking at his cock. He sure was nicely hung for a kid. She scolded herself, though, for even thinking about it.

    Desperately she tried to make conversation.

    "Were you sorry to leave your friends when you came out here?" she asked.

    "Oh, kind of," Dane said, "but I know I'll make new friends here. I make friends pretty easily. There was only one person I was really sorry to leave, and that was Lisa."

    "Lisa?" Jodie asked.

    "My girlfriend," Dane explained. "We'd been going together for two years. Darn," he sighed, "I just got her to fuck me a couple of months ago. I sure miss that."

    Jodie turned her head away to hide her hot blush. Dane sure was open and honest, she had to say that for him. But he expected her to be the same way, and sometimes she found that hard.

    "What about you, Mom?" he was asking. "Is there somebody you get it on with?"

    There was no point in telling him that it was none of his business. He had a different attitude about these things, obviously, and he was just expressing his concern. Jodie tried not to look embarrassed as she answered his question. "Not really," she said. "I have a steady boyfriend, the science teacher at school. Craig Russell is his name. But he doesn't believe in sex before marriage."

    Dane stared at her a moment, then cracked up. He just roared, and Jodie could hardly blame him. That had been her reaction when Craig first told her about his old-fashioned moral values. At last Dane got himself under control and looked at her.

    "You're not putting me on, are you, Mom?" he asked.

    "No, Dane," she sighed. "But I wish I were."

    "Poor Mom," he exclaimed, reaching for her, "you must really be horny."

    He moved so fast that Jodie wasn't prepared. Suddenly he was rolling her over onto her back and sliding half on top of her. He slipped his arms around her and kissed her on the mouth. Her mouth was half open with a muffled cry of shock, and he slipped his tongue between her lips and probed around.

    Jodie couldn't believe what was happening. Her own son was giving her a very sexy kiss, and they were naked in each other's arms. Boys definitely were not supposed to kiss their mothers like this. Ana mothers weren't supposed to react the way she was reacting. Suddenly her body was shaking with lust and excitement.

    Stop it, she told herself sternly, he's your son!

    But her body was so starved for fucking that she could make only feeble resistance. She pushed against his shoulders and murmured her protests, but it wasn't enough to make him stop. He gave her a deep, long tongue-kiss that left her almost whimpering with horniness. When he finally came up for air, his eyes were hot with lust.

    "Listen, Mom," he said eagerly, "we could really help each other out. I mean, I miss Lisa, and you're not getting anything from this Craig. We're both horny, so why don't we do each other a favor?"

    Jodie gasped in shock.

    "Dane, haven't you ever heard the word incest?" she cried.

    "Yeah, but it doesn't scare me," he said. "I mean, if nobody else is involved, who would we be hurting? Come on, Mom. I'm really turned on by you!"

    The feeling was mutual. Jodie was about as turned on by her teenage son as she'd ever been by a man. And he was right in a way. They were both horny, and they could help each other out. But that didn't mean they'd be justified in starting an incestuous relationship.

    "No, Dane," she moaned, "it isn't right and I won't do it. Now please let me go."

    "That's not fair, Mom," he answered, his voice hoarse with longing. "Just feel what you did to me. You can feel it, can't you?"

    She could feel it, all right, and she was fighting to get away from it. Dane's cock had mushroomed against her belly as they kissed. And now it felt enormous and hard as a rock. It was torture for the fuck-starved schoolteacher to feel it. It was all ready for action, all hers – but it would be wrong to have it.

    "I'm sorry, Dane," she moaned, "but I can't help you. You'll just have to jack off."

    "No, Mom," he growled, "you jack me off. You gave me this hard-on, so you take care of it!"

    He rolled off her, onto his back, and grabbed her hand. He set it on his prick, which stood up rigidly, at right angles with his flat belly. Jodie shivered as he shoved her fingers against his thick hot column of cock-meat. He forced her fingers around his prick and moved her fist up and down.

    "Go ahead," he rasped. "Do it!"

    Jodie knew it was wrong, but she was tired of fighting him. She knew he'd keep pestering her till she did something to relieve his lust. She might as well get it over with, and then maybe he'd be thinking clearly again and she could reason him out of his crazy, incestuous ideas.

    He let go of her hand, and she started pumping his cock. It was sweet torment. His prick was big, hard, and eager, and it would have taken just one word to have it in her cunt. That was where she craved it, crammed to the hilt in her cock-starved pussy-hole, reaming deep and hard. She was almost moaning with frustration.

    But Dane was enjoying himself. He folded his arms behind his head and watched her with a horny grin.

    "Yeah, that feels good, Mom!" he panted. "Keep doing it, get me off. You ever do this for ol' Craig? Or doesn't he believe in this, either?"

    "Dane, what Craig and I do in private is really none of your business!" Jodie said, blushing.

    He gave her a maddening grin.

    "I bet you don't do much," he chuckled. "Jesus, Mom, it must really be frustrating going out with the guy. You think he'll finally marry you?"

    "I don't know," Jodie sighed. "Craig believes in taking his time to make important decisions."

    "Sounds like a really wild and crazy guy," Dane said. "Do it to me a little faster, Mom. Oh, yeah, that's great!"

    Blushing hotly, Jodie moved her fist faster up and down her son's throbbing cock. His prick was rock-hard and thick, just like his father's. Even after so many years away from Larry, she could remember just what his cock looked like. It was a beauty, and so was their son's.

    She didn't know how she managed to get him off without moaning in frustration. The whole time, she was creaming like mad, her thick and sticky cunt-juices pouring out and soaking her swollen cunt-sut. She would have given anything to be taking her son's massive hard-on in her seething cunt.

    But she didn't think she could live with the guilt of fucking her own kid. Surely she couldn't be horny enough to do that.

    Struggling to keep her self-control, she pumped Dane's cock even faster, wanting to get him off and end the temptation of his hard and ready prick. He snorted with excitement and got flushed in the face as he approached climax.

    "Yeah, Mom, you do that real good," he rasped. "Ohhhhh, yeah, I'm gonna come real quick!"

    Jodie was glad to hear that, because she didn't think she could take another minute of this frustration. She craved a hard cock so badly, and she was actually holding one in her fist, but she couldn't have it. It was frustrating enough dating Craig, but this was even worse.

    Then Dane reached out and started squeezing her big, hot tits as she jacked him off. Jodie moaned hoarsely, unable to stifle that single cry of longing. Her stiff nipples throbbed against her son's palms. He shivered with excitement, her swollen tits telling him how aroused she was.

    "Come on, Mom, let me fuck you," he pleaded. "You know you need it!"

    "No," Jodie moaned. "Oh, Dane, no!"

    She worked her fist with lightening speed up and down his nearly-exploding cock, trying desperately to get him off before he seduced her into something much more serious. He was already trying to roll on top of her, but her pumping fist distracted him. He stiffened, gasped, and then he rocketed out of control.

    "Awwwwwww, shit, awwwwwwww!" he yelled.

    He was fucking her fist, and his jizz was flying all over the place, thick wads of come hitting the grass and trees and water. Jodie breathed a big sigh of relief. At least he wouldn't be coming on to her for a while. That tempting hard-on was gone, his lust relieved.

    She pumped him dry, then got up and headed for the water.

    "We'd better get back to the car, Dane," she said stiffly. "Animals might be getting into the lurch."

    "Not unless they have keys to the trunk," Dane reminded her with a chuckle.

    But Jodie wasn't listening to him. She was already in the water and swimming away. The boy grinned knowingly and waded in after her.


    To Jodie's relief, Dane didn't talk about what had happened. They ate their lunch, had another swim, and drove back to town, and he didn't say a word about his mother jacking him off.

    She knew he'd bring it up sooner or later, though. The next time he got horny, he'd be sure to ask her for a repeat performance or even more. She decided she'd better head him off. That evening as they sat in the living room watching television, she prepared herself for a serious talk with her son.

    "Are you really watching that show, Dane?" she asked.

    "Not really," he admitted, using the remote control to turn the set off. "You wanta say something to me, Mom?"

    "Yes, dear, I'm afraid I have to," Jodie sighed. "It's about what happened this afternoon. That was very wrong of us, and it mustn't happen again."

    "But, Mom, we wanted it," Dane said impatiently. "We needed it, and we didn't involve anybody else. I don't see what's so wrong with that."

    "Exactly," Jodie said. "You don't see, because you're too young to understand right from wrong when it comes to sex. That's my job, and I failed today."

    Dane laughed and said, "Hey, Mom, I'm not too young for anything when it comes to sex."

    "And just what do you mean by that, young man?" she asked.

    "I mean I'm experienced, Mom," he grinned. "I've been around. Lisa isn't the first girl I've fucked. I bet I know as much about fucking as this Craig guy you're dating, maybe even more."

    It was Jodie's turn to laugh. "Oh, come on, Dane, don't exaggerate," she said. "You can't possibly have as much experience as a grown man."

    "Wanta bet?" he challenged. "After all, Mom, there's only one way to find out."

    He suddenly scooted closer to her on the couch and grabbed her, forcing her back against the seat and planting a hot, hungry kiss on her mouth. In the two days they'd been together again, he'd never kissed her like a child should kiss his mother. He'd always kissed her like a lover.

    That was unfortunate, because Jodie's resistance to sex was very low at this stage in her life. If she'd been back in college, dating and fucking all the attractive men she wanted, she'd never have been vulnerable to her own son's flirtation. But she had only one man in her life right now, Craig, and he wasn't giving her the fucking she needed.

    So as Dane pressed his hard, hot body against her and drove his slippery tongue into her mouth, Jodie creamed right through her panties and shuddered with longing. She just didn't need this temptation, this provocation. Dane had come along at the worst possible time for the sex-hungry teacher.

    She tried to wrench her mouth away from his, but he was too strong for her. The petite woman couldn't win a physical struggle with her six-foot son. As he kissed her, he slipped his hands onto her thrusting tits and squeezed them sensuously through her clothes.

    To her shame and embarrassment, Jodie felt her tits responding to his caresses, swelling up taut, her nipples going rigid and throbbing. He had to feel those changes even through her bra and t-shirt. At last he pulled back and let her catch her breath. His eyes were hot and horny.

    "So you don't believe I'm experienced, huh, Mom?" he asked, his voice husky with longing. "Well, I'm gonna prove it to you!"

    "No, Dane!" Jodie cried in alarm. "I'm not going to fuck you, absolutely not!"

    "Hey, take it easy," he crooned, sliding his hands under her t-shirt. "I didn't say anything about going all the way, did I? I just wanta show you a few other things. It won't get serious."

    As he spoke, he was unsnapping her bra. He pushed it and her shirt up out of the way, exposing her swollen, stiff-nippled tits. Jodie blushed and shivered with excitement as she watched his wet tongue flash out and contact her supersensitive nipples.

    "Ohhhh, God!" she gasped.

    She couldn't help that little cry of pleasure as Dane began to tongue her engorged nipples. He hadn't been kidding her about that, anyhow – he really was experienced. His technique was incredibly exciting. She slumped helplessly against the couch and creamed like mad as he whipped his hot wet tongue over her nipples and sent sparks of pleasure through her swollen tits.

    "Honey, please," she gurgled, "this isn't right."

    "Aw, it's nothing serious, Mom," Dane said calmly. "We're just fooling around, no big deal."

    He slid his lips down around her right nipple and started sucking it. Jodie ground her thighs together and almost came. Her handsome blond son was getting her aroused out of her mind as he expertly sucked her tender nipples. She fought to keep a few last shreds of self-control.

    Damn Craig anyhow – this was his fault. If he'd been giving her the fucking she needed, she wouldn't be so horny for her own son. Or at least she dizzily told herself this, as she fought to resist the violent lust that washed over her.

    Dane pushed her big tits tight together, bringing her red nipples side by side, and he sucked both throbbing buds into his mouth. He sucked them noisily and hungrily, while his mother clawed the couch and struggled not to moan.

    At last he released her spit-drenched nipples and looked at her, grinning.

    "Well, what do you think now, Mom?" he asked. "I'm experienced, right?"

    "Yes, honey, you are," Jodie said dazedly. "You've proved your point. Now I think I'll go to my room. It's been a long day, and I'm tired."

    "I don't believe that, Mom," he said. "I think you're horny, and you know it, and you're afraid you won't be able to hold out if we do much more. That's what I think."

    "Good night, Dane," Jodie snapped.

    She tried to stand up, but he easily pulled her down on her back, keeping her on the couch. He roughly unzipped her jeans and started pulling them off. Jodie screamed in alarm and made a grab for her jeans. The result was that Dane pulled her right off the couch onto the thick, soft rug.

    "Dane, stop it!" she cried.

    He just gave her one of his maddening grins and kept on tugging. She lost her grip on the jeans, and off they went. He dropped quickly down beside her and grabbed her panties. Jodie sobbed in mortification as he stripped them off and tossed them out of her reach.

    Then he practically tore off her rumpled bra and shirt, leaving her naked and blushing. Jodie lay there in a daze and watched his clothes fall to the floor. Then she collected herself and tried to get up and make a run for it. Dane, down to his jockey shorts, grabbed her and pinned her down on her back.

    "You're not going anywhere till I'm finished with you, Mom," he leered. "You gotta get it through your head that I'm not a little kid any more and that you can't treat me like a baby. That's what I'm gonna prove to you tonight."

    "Dane, please," Jodie sobbed, "don't rape me. Promise you won't do that!"

    "Oh, you don't have to worry about that, Mom," he said with a strange smile. "I'd never do that."

    Then he pushed her thighs open and exposed the juicy pink flesh of her cunt-slit. Jodie blushed as deeply as she ever had in her life. Her son was crawling between her splayed thighs, and she felt his hot breath on her naked pussy. Yet he'd just promised that he'd never force her to fuck.

    He didn't. Instead, he pressed his face into her swollen fever-hot pussy and started to lick.

    "Ohhhhhh, God, ohhhhhh!" Jodie wailed.

    His move was totally unexpected. She'd been sure he'd try to fuck her, and she was prepared to fight him off or at least to give it everything she had. But he wasn't even trying. He was going down on her instead, and the pleasure was sudden and overwhelming.

    His hot tongue was all over her starved cunt, lashing each fold and steamy cranny. It was the most exquisite sensation to have a man's stiff, slippery tongue on her tender pussy-flesh, and for the moment Jodie just couldn't resist it. She clawed the rug and sobbed with pleasure.

    Dane knew what he was doing with his tongue. He'd been around, all right. He was an incredibly skilled lover for a mere teenage boy. Jodie found herself submitting helplessly, letting her legs fall wide open. She couldn't bear to have him stop. His tongue teased and caressed every inch of her needy pussy.

    She felt his stiff tongue tip tickling her super-sensitive clit, then moving lower to rim the creaming mouth of her cunt. He went lower still, probing naughtily at the tiny puckered mouth of her shitter, then working his way back up again to the most tender and receptive organ of all, her clit.

    He used the pointed tip of his tongue to rim her throbbing clit, givin her a steady hum of pleasure. She moaned and creamed all over his bobbing chin, unable to control her molten pussy-floods. Dane licked up her tangy cunt-cream and gobbled it like it was candy. Like his father, the boy had a natural hunger for pussy-juice.

    He also had his father's natural talent for giving head. He'd had some experience, too, obviously, but he had an instinctive feel for it also. He knew exactly what speed and pressure to use as he circled her pulsating clit with his tongue tip, driving her helplessly toward orgasm.

    "Ohhhhhh, God help me, I love it!" she sobbed.

    Dane breathed a sigh of relief and triumph, and she felt his hot breath on her pussy. He knew he had her now. She couldn't resist his superb pussy-eating. She was so starved for sex, that she just had to treat herself to this release.

    It wasn't as though she was fucking him, she told herself. It wasn't really incest.

    Dizzily she excused herself for her weakness, then gave in to her son's delicious tongue play. She closed her eyes and forgot everything but the steady buzz of pleasure she was getting as his tongue streaked around and around her swollen clit.

    He paused now and then in his rimming to slide his tongue down her cunt-slit, down her ass-crack, and gobble up her uncontrollably flooding cunt-cream. The thick hot cunt-juice kept pouring from her cunt, soaking her cunt-slit and his face. It told him just how frantically horny his mother was.

    He took a quick glance up at her face and saw that her eyes were screwed shut and her features contorted with lusty pleasure. This woman wasn't going anywhere. She didn't have to be held down, and she wasn't going to fight him any longer. All she wanted and needed at that moment was a climax, a blissful release from her stored-up lust.

    Dane couldn't help wondering what it was with this Craig guy she was dating. How could he possibly take out this beautiful sexy woman night after night, see how horny she was, and yet not fuck her?

    It was crazy. But Craig's loss was Dane's gain.

    His mom's boyfriend had made her desperate for sex, and Dane was taking advantage of the situation. He rimmed her clit faster and faster, till she was whimpering steadily and shaking with readiness. It wouldn't take much to send her over the edge now, and he knew just what she'd like best.

    He jammed his lips onto her violently throbbing clit and started sucking her off. Her petite body lurched violently, and she screamed. She screamed loudly and hoarsely as powerful spasms of pleasure tore through her pussy, stimulated by his greedily sucking lips.

    "Ohhhhhhh, honey, yesssssss, ohhhhhhh!" she wailed.

    Jodie knew she was being shameless, but she couldn't help it. For eight months now she'd bottled up her natural sexual urges and needs. For eight long, frustrating months, she'd gone without sex. Maybe she'd have lasted even longer, till she and Craig got married, but the arrival of her son had brought things to an unexpected crisis.

    She hadn't expected a gorgeous young hunk to enter her life, come on to her, and drive her wild with his fucking. She wasn't prepared for it, and it was more than the fuck-starved woman could resist. Now she felt his lips sucking her into orbit, bringing her into a body-wracking climax.

    "Oooooooh, shit, unnnggghhhhhhh!" she gasped. "You're making me come, honey, waaaaahhhhhhh!"

    Dane's cock, trapped between his belly and the rug, almost exploded as he sucked off his wailing mother. Her excitement fed his excitement. He knew how easy it would be right now to cram his cock into her and flood her belly with his boiling cum-load. She was coming, helpless to fight him off.

    He didn't do it. He knew it would be a mistake. Jodie would come around if he was just patient, but if he forced her, she'd resent it. He wanted his beautiful mother to submit to him sexually, and he wanted her submission to be total and eager. He couldn't get that by raping her.

    No, he wanted to coax her along, seduce her slowly and deliciously, to make her want it so bad that finally she wouldn't be able to resist. So he waited till her orgasmic convulsions were finally dying down, and then he slid his tongue into her cunt, pushing into her clear to the root, filling her with his slippery hot meat.

    Jodie threw back her head and sobbed, "Unnnnnhhhhh, fuck, yesssssss, stick it in meeeee!"

    Of all the things Larry had ever done to her, this was her favorite, taking the full length of his long stiff tongue. Dane had the same talent. He gave her every inch of it, then started to tongue-fuck her in quick urgent thrusts. She arched her body up to take his pistoning tongue as deep as she could get it.

    "Yes, baby, yes!" she wept. "Keep doing that to me, I love it!"

    She'd hardly finished coming, and already she craved another climax. That didn't surprise her. She'd gone so long without sex, it would probably take dozens of orgasms to exhaust her stored-up lusts. Now she steadily tightened her greedy cunt around her son's jerking tongue, creating the hot friction that would get her off.

    Dane felt her little cunt gripping and sucking at his tongue, and of course he couldn't help thinking how exciting that action would feel around his cock. His prick bucked and drooled against his belly, craving relief. But he knew that his patience would be rewarded, that moving too fast would be a blunder.

    He drove his tongue deep and hard into the fiery pit of his mother's cunt, and Jodie screamed in ecstasy and started coming again. Her cunt went into wild, hard spasms around his deeply thrusting tongue. Dane was going out of his mind with lust as he imagined his cock in her cunt, getting squeezed and drenched with sizzling come-cream. He just had to get off somehow.

    Jodie was still quivering with the delicious aftershocks of her orgasm when she felt Dane slipping his drenched tongue out of her smoking cunt. She felt him climbing onto her, and she opened her eyes in alarm. He'd promised not to rape her, not to fuck her without her consent.

    Again he was keeping his promise. He was straddling her swollen tits, barely grazing them with his ass, and trailing the drooling head of his cock over her lips. His pleading eyes told her his story. The kid was horny out of his mind, with a hard-on that wouldn't quit, and she owed him relief.

    "Yes, baby!" she moaned, opening her mouth.

    "Ahhhhhh, yeah," Dane groaned as he slid his cock into the steamy cave of her mouth.

    She firmed her lips around his violently throbbing cock, drew in her cheeks and proceeded to suck off her own son. It didn't take long. Dane was about as horny as a guy can get. He closed his eyes and shivered and moaned as her hotly sucking mouth brought his cock quickly to the point of explosion.

    "Unnnnnhhhhh, Mom, I want you to eat it!" he panted. "I want you to eat my cum-load! Unnnnnnnhhhhhhh, shit, here it comes, awwwwwwwwww!"

    Jodie gurgled with excitement and let his huge, hot cum-load fill her mouth till her cheeks bulged with it. It had been so long since she'd gone down on a man and gulped his hot come. She swallowed only when she absolutely had to, wanting to savor his salty fuck-juice as long as possible.

    "Mmmmmm, uummmmmm!" she moaned.

    Then Dane pulled his drained cock out of her mouth and said hoarsely, "I guess I proved I wasn't a little kid, huh, Mom? You know where you can come for all the fucking you need. You know I can do the job. So you think about it."

    He released her, and Jodie hurried upstairs to her bedroom, hardly believing what she'd just done. In her wildest dreams she'd never imagined herself giving her own son a blow-job, letting him eat her pussy.

    "Jodie," she moaned, "you've got to get hold of yourself!"


    To Jodie's relief, Craig called the next day and invited her and Dane to go for a hike.

    "I'd like to meet your son," he said, "and I'd like to make up with you, Jodie. I don't like being without you."

    "I'd love to see you, Craig," she told him. "I'll pack lunches for all of us. Come on over."

    As long as Craig was around, Dane wouldn't dare come on to her. For today, at least, she wouldn't have to worry about controlling herself. Jodie hummed happily to herself as she prepared the lunches.

    "Something good must have happened," Dane said as he came in from mowing the lawn.

    Jodie nodded.

    "Craig called," she said. "He's coming over in a few minutes, and we're all going on a hike."

    Dane's face fell.

    "I was hoping you and I could be alone together today, Mom," he said.

    "I know you did," Jodie said sternly, "and that's why I'm glad Craig called. I think you can understand that, Dane."

    "Yeah," he grumbled, "I understand, all right."

    He went off to the living room to get himself together. He knew he had to be patient with his mother. He wasn't going to get anywhere by forcing her into things. So he'd have to be patient today, be nice to Mom's boyfriend, and try to act mature and nice. He couldn't let Craig look better than he did.

    But Dane was worried. He'd be competing against a grown man for Jodie's attention and love. The only thing in his favor was Craig's ridiculous old-fashioned moral beliefs. If he really didn't believe in sex before marriage, then Dane's horny mother might just turn to her son for what she needed.

    While Dane was pondering the situation, Jodie saw Craig driving up, and she hurried to the front door. He sure looked handsome in his tight jeans and t-shirt, and he had a big smile for her. He lifted her right off the porch and gave her a big, hungry kiss.

    "Mmmmmm, nice," Jodie purred, teasingly rubbing her curvy body against him.

    "I missed you," he said. "I'm sorry I acted like a jerk."

    "I missed you," she said. "Let's just forget that we ever quarreled."

    "Right," he agreed. Then he glanced behind her and said, "Here's somebody you ought to introduce me to."

    Jodie turned and found her handsome teenage son seething with jealousy. He quickly changed his expression, though, smiling and extending his hand to Craig.

    "Hi," he said, "I'm Dane Adams, Jodie's son."

    "I'm Craig Russell," Craig said. "Glad to meet you, Dane."

    Jodie could tell the feeling wasn't mutual, but at least Dane seemed to be trying to pull himself together and hide his resentment of her boyfriend. They all got in Craig's car and drove some miles out of town to a large, wooded park crisscrossed with pleasant hiking trails.

    Off they went, with long-legged Craig leading the way, Jodie in the middle, and Dane last. Jodie could feel his eyes burning into her shapely little ass. She knew she looked great in her body-hugging shorts and skimpy halter.

    They'd walked about half an hour when they came to a fork in the trail.

    "I can't remember now which is the path to the river," Craig said. "Can you, Jodie?"

    "No, honey," Jodie said. "What are we gonna do?"

    "You two wait here, and I'll go ahead and look for some familiar landmarks," Craig said. "I'll start with the left trail."

    Jodie wanted to protest, but he was already on his way. She didn't want to be left alone with Dane. Her worry was justified, because as soon as Craig was out of sight, Dane pulled her into his arms and tried to kiss her. Jodie turned her face away and pushed at his chest.

    "Dane, stop it," she cried.

    "Mom, you know I can't keep my hands off you," Dane said. "You look so sexy in that outfit!"

    He backed her up against a tree and managed to kiss her, his mouth hard and hot against hers. In spite of herself, Jodie felt a sizzling rush of lust. She had a wild vision of her and Dane stripping off their clothes, sinking down on the forest floor, and fucking each other's brains out. God knows she could have used a good hard fucking just then.

    But Craig might return at any moment, and she'd die if he found her like this, exchanging a very unmotherly kiss with her teenage son. She struggled, trying to slip out of Dane's embrace, but he was far too strong for her. At last, though, he had to come up for air.

    "Dane, please let me go," she cried anxiously. "I can't let Craig see us like this. Give me a break – he's the man I want to marry."

    "Okay, Mom," Dane said, relaxing his grip a little, "I'll keep my eye on the trail, and I'll stop the second I see him. But you gotta cooperate and let me do a few things."

    Did she have a choice? Dane could blow everything for her if she didn't do as he asked. Keeping her backed up against the tree, he slipped his hands under her halter and cupped her braless tits. Her big tit-globes almost overflowed his hands. He started sensuously squeezing, and Jodie shivered with pleasure.

    "Yeah, you like this, don't you, Mom?" he grinned.

    Jodie blushed hotly and didn't reply. She was ashamed to admit how much her own kid turned her on and how she enjoyed his love-making. But her body answered for her. Her nipples went rigid with arousal and poked into his hands, and her tits swelled up taut.

    She couldn't hide those signs of arousal from him, but at least he didn't know she was creaming right through her shorts. She glanced down at his fly and noticed a big, swelling lump. Her sexy son was getting a hard-on for her, and that meant even more frustration for the horny teacher.

    She could look at his mushrooming fly, but she couldn't touch or enjoy. Inches away was the thing she needed most in the world, a steel-stiff cock, but she couldn't have it. It didn't help to know how eager Dane was to fuck her. It would be so easy to get fucked, yet her conscience held her back.

    Dane had worked her tits into complete tautness, and he bent down and licked her engorged nipples, making her whimper with frustration. He sucked one throbbing nipple, then the other, and her knees got rubbery. She wished she could just sink down and surrender herself to him.

    That would be quite a shock to Craig, though. Jodie imagined him returning to find her fucking up a storm with her own kid. Poor strait-laced Craig would probably faint with shock. If he didn't believe in sex before marriage, he sure as hell didn't believe in incest.

    She was distracted from her thoughts of her boyfriend as Dane abandoned her swollen tits and slid a hand down inside her shorts and panties. She gasped and grabbed at his hand, but she was too late. He cupped the searing wet flesh of her pussy and gave it an exciting squeeze.

    "Dane, noooo!" she moaned.

    He ignored her protest. Leering at her, he said, "Wow, Mom, you're sure hot down there. Wet, too. You must be really horny!"

    "Please, Dane, stop," she almost sobbed.

    But far from stopping, he began to inch his thick and stiff middle finger into her cunt. He did it slowly, tantalizingly, and Jodie slumped back against the tree and whimpered with rapidly mounting pleasure. She soaked his finger with an uncontrollable flood of steaming cunt-cream.

    "Yeah, you want this, all right," Dane chuckled. "You really need something hard in there, don't you, Mom?"

    Jodie just made a helpless gurgling noise as he proceeded to fill her starved cunt with his finger. Her greedy cunt throbbed all around his deeply-buried finger and soaked it with rush after rush of cunt-cream. She just couldn't help herself. She was lusty out of her mind.

    "Let's see if I can get you off before Clark Kent comes back!" Dane chuckled.

    He started finger-fucking her in quick rough thrusts. Jodie clawed the tree and whimpered and panted. She knew how wrong, how outrageous, it was to let her own son do this to her, but she had to come or go out of her mind with need. She closed her eyes and let his jerking finger carry her toward orgasm.

    "Unnnnhhhh!" she moaned. "Ohhhhhhh!" It didn't take long for her to reach the brink of climax. It never did these days. She tightened her famished cunt steadily around her son's pumping finger, till she knew that just a few more strokes would bring her off. Dizzily she opened her eyes and saw his leering face.

    He looked so triumphant, and no wonder. In spite of her protests, she was letting him stick his finger in her cunt and get her off. She'd told him this morning that they absolutely couldn't be lovers, but here she was getting it on with him again. And a second later he triumphed completely.

    Jodie gasped as she felt a hot orgasm welling up from the depths of her boiling cunt and shaking her whole body. Dane's whole hand was drenched with her suddenly spurting come-cream. She had to grab his shoulders and hang on to keep from collapsing as the powerful climax rattled through her.

    "Ohhhhhhh, God, unnnnnhhhhhhh!" she groaned.

    "Yeah, Mom, I feel you coming!" Dane said excitedly.

    Her cunt was in hard spasm around his finger, the same exciting action he'd felt last night around his tongue. He ached to have his cock in her velvety, steaming fuck-tunnel, feeling her cunt suck the jizz right out of his balls. He wouldn't rest till he'd fucked her.

    But a glance over her shoulder told him Craig was returning, his head just visible above the tall bushes. Dane reluctantly whipped his soaked finger out of his mother's scorching pussy-hole and whispered urgently to the moaning woman, "Get yourself together – he's back."

    Jodie and Dane leaped apart, and she straightened her clothes, hoping her face wasn't red with lust and pleasure. She hadn't even finished coming. She still shivered with the delicious aftershocks of her climax when Craig walked up to them. Luckily, he didn't seem to notice anything strange.

    "That was the right path," he announced. "I recognized it after I'd walked a little ways. Let's go."

    They continued on to the river. When Dane saw the high, rocky slopes along the river, it brought out the little boy in him, and he just had to go climbing. Jodie and Craig had spread a blanket on the grassy river bank, and they were content to stay there while Dane went off to play.

    As soon as the boy disappeared around a bend, Craig pulled Jodie into his arms.

    "I'm glad we're finally alone together, honey," he said. "Dane's a nice kid, but we need some privacy for this."

    He kissed her and slid his tongue into her mouth. Jodie was astonished. He was deliberately turning her on, something he always avoided. But she responded eagerly, darting her hot little tongue over his, and they kissed till she expected steam to come out their ears.

    She just wished Craig was like this all the time, horny and eager for her body. If this was the way he'd be when they were married, she could hardly wait. She pressed her swollen tits against his chest, letting her stiff nipples tease him. He groaned and drew back, his eyes hot with longing for her.

    "Jodie, I can't hold out any longer," he told her hoarsely. "It's driving me crazy not being able to go all the way with you. Let's get married right away."

    "Oh, Craig, that would be wonderful," Jodie exclaimed. "I can't wait any longer, either, darling."

    As they kissed again, she didn't tell him her brand-new reason for being impatient. She just had to marry him and get some regular, good sex – otherwise she'd end up in bed with her own son. She knew she couldn't endure her sexless life much longer, and Dane was just waiting for that moment.

    Craig could save her from committing incest. The sooner they got married, the better.

    "When?" she asked.

    "A week from now," Craig said. "I have to take a short trip, and we can get married as soon as I come back."

    Jodie was disappointed. She wanted to get married that very day. She also wondered if she could hold out another week, with Dane in the house always tempting her and coming on to her, and Craig out of town. But it seemed she had no choice.

    "All right, honey," she sighed. "Next week, then."

    "I can hardly wait," he said with a lusty growl.

    He eased her onto her back and slid his hands under her halter. Just as Dane had done half an hour earlier, he cupped her naked tits and started squeezing them, driving her wild with desire. She absolutely sizzled with frustration. Two desirable men had come on to her this afternoon, and she couldn't get fulfillment with either of them.

    She couldn't fuck Dane because it was incest, and she couldn't fuck Craig because he was saving it for their wedding night. Jodie could have screamed. Her big, hot tits throbbed under her flance's caresses, and she rubbed her thighs together in a vain attempt to ease the burning need in her cunt.

    "Oh, honey, I'm so horny, I could die!" she moaned.

    "Oh, yeah?" Craig said shyly. "Well, look at this."

    He glanced down at his fly, and Jodie saw an enormous lump. She moaned with longing. She thought how easy it would be just to unzip his pants, slip off her shorts, and fuck. It would be so sexy doing it there in the open air and sunshine, beside the roaring river.

    But it wouldn't be so sexy if Dane found them that way. She sighed and contented herself with fondling the hard lump through Craig's clothes. She could feel the heat and throbbing of his cock even through his jeans and shorts. He shivered with desire as she played with his cock-meat.

    Then he slipped his hand inside her panties and found the achingly swollen lump of her clit. He started rubbing it with a fingertip, and Jodie sobbed with pleasure and creamed all over his hand. Even if they couldn't fuck, at least he could get her off with his finger.

    "Mmmmmmm, yes, baby, don't stop," she moaned.

    From a few yards away, Dane watched them, concealed behind a pile of rocks. He'd only pretended to go climbing, wanting to see what his mother and her boyfriend would do if they were left alone together. It looked as if Mom hadn't lied to him about Craig.

    Here was the perfect chance for the guy to fuck her. They were alone for a while, she was eager and ready. But Craig wasn't going to do it. He was just going to masturbate her, and he wouldn't even let her jack him off. The guy was nuts.

    From this distance, and with the roar of the river, Dane couldn't hear what they were saying, but he could see Jodie's pretty face twisting into a lusty grimace as Craig's massaging finger brought her closer and closer to climax.

    "Big deal," Dane muttered scornfully.

    He'd already gotten her off that way. Hell, she could get herself off that way. It was obvious that what she really wanted was Craig's cock in her cunt. She was rubbing his cock like crazy through his clothes. Her need couldn't have been more clear. Craig just wasn't giving her what she wanted.

    Well, Dane would give it to her. He'd give it to her that very night. He knew just how to get her in the mood, too. It came to him in a flash. If she went home horny and frustrated, she'd be a lot easier to seduce. He had to break up this little party right now, before Craig satisfied her lust.

    "Hey, I'm back!" he shouted.

    As he started toward them, they jerked apart with guilty expressions. Craig whipped his hand out of Jodie's pants, and she jerked her hand off the big lump at his fly. As Dane grew closer he saw the frustration in her eyes. Good, that was exactly what he wanted to see.

    Even nice, mild-mannered Craig looked ready to explode, but he managed a smile for Dane. Dane smiled back. He could afford to smile, because he was going to get the prize they both wanted so badly. If he had anything to say about it, anything to do with it, he was going to be the first one to fuck Jodie.

    As for Jodie, she pulled herself together with difficulty and started setting out the lunch things. Her pussy was burning with need, and she knew that if this frustration lasted much longer, she was going to be unable to resist her son.


    Jodie hoped that the hard hike back to the car would cool her lust, but no such luck. It had been a pretty arousing day, after all. Two sexy men had come on to her. Two handsome studs had made it obvious that they wanted to fuck her. Yet she hadn't fucked either of them.

    It was enough to drive a woman crazy. It was frustrating enough to have gone eight long months with Craig and not go to bed with him, but now that Dane was in the picture, her horniness was on overload. Something had to give, and she just wondered if she could wait till next week and her wedding.

    "Stay for dinner, Craig?" she asked hopefully when he parked in front of her house.

    "I wish I could, babe, but I better not," he said, giving her a quick kiss. "I've got notes to go over, packing to do."

    "Okay, honey," Jodie sighed, "you have a nice trip."

    "Trip?" Dane asked. "You going somewhere, Craig?"

    "Yes, I have to go out of town for a few days," Craig said. "I'm going to give a lecture to some club. It'll mean a few extra bucks."

    Dane was beaming.

    "Well, like Mom says, have a good trip," he said.

    Jodie reluctantly watched Craig drive away, then went into the house with Dane. It was easy to predict what was coming. She'd hardly closed the door behind them before Dane grabbed her and gave her a hot, hungry kiss. It was predictable, too, that her pussy flamed and creamed with desire. After all, her pussy had no conscience. It didn't give a damn about incest, it didn't care that she was engaged to Craig.

    Moaning, she tried to escape her son's embrace, but he easily overpowered her, pulling her down on the thick, living room carpet. He lay half on top of her, pinning her, and he crammed his tongue into her mouth and cupped her tits, exciting her in so many ways that she felt dizzy.

    When she caught her hips jerking in an instinctive fucking motion, she knew she was in big trouble. Without realizing it, she'd signaled to her son that she was aching for his cock. He wouldn't believe her now when she told him she didn't want to fuck. Her body would prove her a liar.

    Dane raised his flushed face and said, "You're gonna be all alone with me in this house for a few days, Mom, and I'm not gonna leave you alone the whole time. Why don't you save us both a lot of trouble and just give in?"

    "Dane, there's something Craig and I didn't tell you," she said. "Today we decided to get married. The wedding will be next week, as soon as he gets back from his trip. So obviously I'm not going to fuck other men – especially you."

    "Hey, congratulations, Mom," Dane said, sounding perfectly sincere. "Craig's a real nice guy. But he doesn't have to know about anything we do. It's a long time till next week, and you're real horny now. Why wait?"

    As he spoke, he was untying her halter and pulling it off. She wasn't wearing a bra under it. He ogled her gorgeous big tits, then pushed her hot tit-globes together till her stiff red nipples were lined up side by side. He slid his mouth down around her tender engorged nubs.

    "Ohhhhh, nooooo," Jodie sobbed.

    Dane was right, she was horny now and she needed sex now, not next week. Unfortunately, Dane knew just how to take advantage of her hot need. He knew just how to turn her on. He sucked her nipples greedily, making a lewd slurping noise that just increased her wild excitement.

    He pinned her down, and she felt his rock-hard cock against her thigh. She felt it throbbing through his clothes. Her pussy gushed molten cunt-juice, soaking through her shorts. She fought for self-control while her son sucked her tits and rubbed his ready cock against her, taunting her.

    Then he raised his head and leered at her.

    "I don't think I'll ever understand grownups," he said. "We're both dying to fuck, nobody ever has to know, and yet you keep torturing yourself. It's crazy, Mom."

    "Call it whatever you want, Dane," Jodie said hoarsely, "but I intend to be loyal to Craig, and I'm certainly not going to bed with my own son."

    "Okay," he laughed, "I know how you feel, but I think I can change your mind."

    Jodie knew damned well he could, and she knew just how he was going to do it. The kid learned very fast. He'd already discovered that the way to break down her resistance was to play with her pussy. Now he unzipped her shorts, then yanked off her shorts and panties together, leaving her naked.

    "Ohhhhhh, God," she moaned as he slid his hand between her thighs.

    He slid a stiff finger over her engorged clit and started rubbing her hot little clit. Jodie sobbed with pleasure and creamed all over his hand. She arched her body up, rubbing her clit harder against his finger, unable to control the horny impulses that were taking over her body.

    "Yeah, you want it so bad, Mom," Dane crooned. "Why don't you just relax and let me give it to you?"

    Jodie was beginning to wonder herself. As her mind reeled, she began to accept Dane's argument – that nobody had to know about their incestuous love, and so nobody would be hurt by it. She strained against his sensuously sawing finger as he rubbed her thirsty clit.

    Then with his free hand he unzipped his jeans and pulled them off. He wasn't wearing shorts. Their naked bodies met with an electric shock that made Jodie moan. He rolled fully onto her and started using his knees to pry her thighs apart. Sobbing, she pushed at his shoulders.

    "Oh, Dane, no!" she wept. "Don't do this! It's wrong, honey, we mustn't do it!"

    But Dane was a male and a teenager, and he was being guided entirely by his achingly full balls and nearly-exploding cock. His brain was on hold, and it would stay that way till he'd satisfied his lust. There was no stopping him. Jodie was no match for him physically.

    He got her thighs open and sank down between them. She sobbed as she felt the hard head of his cock battering her tender pussy, seeking entrance to her body. He shoved his hands under her ass and cupped her firm ass-globes, so that she couldn't jerk away from him and spoil his aim.

    "Dane, for God's sake, stop!" she cried.

    His eyes were glazed over with horniness, and Jodie doubted that he even heard her desperate pleas. He kept hammering his iron-hard cock against her slippery cunt-slit, and then she felt his fat cock-head socking into her moist cuntal opening and spreading her pussy-lips wide.

    "Awwww, yeah!" Dane groaned blissfully.

    Jodie sobbed, but this time it was with pleasure, not protest. He was sliding his cock up her famished cunt, and it felt so damned good, she just let herself go and enjoyed it. Inch by inch, his throbbing fuck-tool penetrated and filled her, a sensation she'd been craving for months.

    "Ohhhhh, God, ohhhh!" she wailed.

    Dane was savoring the slow steady penetration as much as she was. Mother and son clung to each other and moaned in ecstasy as his thick hard cock slid to her womb, throbbing against every inch of her greedily sucking cunt. At last he was into her clear to his balls, and he shuddered to a halt.

    "Christ, yes!" he moaned. "So fuckin' hot and nice! I'm gonna fuck you real good, Mom. You're not gonna be sorry."

    Jodie said nothing. She was still reeling with the outrageousness of what they'd done. Her own son had his cock in her, right to the hilt, and now he was fucking her, moving his stiff cock in eager hard thrusts, giving her hot stabs of pleasure that made her cream helplessly.

    It had been more than eight months since she'd been fucked, and she was a woman accustomed to good steady sex. She'd gone without it because Craig had wanted it that way, but now she was paying the price. Her lust flooded out like water from a broken dam, and there was no way she could control it.

    "Fuck me, baby!" she gurgled helplessly. "Fuck my pussy good, Dane!"

    He leered at her in triumph and said, "Yeah, Mom, I'll give you all the fucking you want. You don't need Craig."

    Jodie ignored that remark and just glued her body to his, taking his stiff cock as deep as she could get it, soaking it with blast after blast of molten cunt-cream. Her hips jerked to his horny rhythm as she fucked back at him, too lusty to be passive and submissive.

    "Oh, yeah, honey, fuck hard," she groaned, "I need it so bad!"

    That was obvious to Dane. He'd never been into such a hot and greedy cunt. His mom's cunt was on fire, sucking and tugging at his cockmeat, soaking it with searing cunt-juices. Obviously it had been a very long time since she'd been laid.

    That excited Dane hotly. He loved the idea of being the first to fuck her in a long time, of unleashing all her thwarted lusts. He fucked her steadily faster and harder, and that just seemed to turn her on even more. Her jerking hips kept pace with his hammering cock.

    "You love it, don't you, Mom?" he growled. "Don't he to me anymore. Tell me!"

    Lusty out of her mind, Jodie looked at him with hot eyes and moaned, "Oh, yes, Son, I love you to fuck me. Don't stop, honey, fuck me forever!"

    Unfortunately, her hoarse plea had just the opposite effect from what she wanted. Dane was so blown away by her frankly incestuous words that he spun out of control, fucking her with all the speed and force he had. Seconds later he bellowed and filled her cunt with his boiling jism.

    "Take my load, Mom, aaaggghhhhh!" he yelled.

    "Ohhhhh, God, honey, cream meeeeee!" Jodie screamed, her own orgasm triggered by his deluge of jism.

    Mother and son writhed and bucked together, yelling and moaning. Jodie had seldom had a harder and longer climax than this one. That wasn't surprising, because she'd been waiting eight months for it. Sure, she'd gotten off in the meantime by playing with herself, but that was a different kind of orgasm, not nearly as satisfying as coming around the throbbing impalement of a deep-driving cock.

    "Jesus," Dane panted, "I didn't mean to come so fast, Mom, but I got so excited. Let's go to your room and do it again!"

    "Again?" Jodie said wonderingly.

    But he was already pulling her to her feet then scooping her up in his arms and carrying her easily to the bedroom. He set her down or the double bed and slid on beside her. Taking her hand and setting it on his come-drenched prick, he shivered with anticipation.

    "Get me hard again, Mom," he said hoarsely.

    Jodie wrapped her fingers around his prick and started pumping, eager to continue their delicious fucking. Now that she'd crossed the biggest barrier and actually fucked her own son, what difference did it make if she did it once or a hundred times? It was still incest, and she was still guilty.

    So she might as well get all she could out of it. She scooted down and stuck out her tongue and started licking Dane's handsome teenage cock. He moaned and shivered with delight as her juicy hot tongue played over the sensitive head of his prick.

    "Shit, yes, Mom!" he panted. "That's gonna get me so fuckin' hard. You are really gonna get fucked good, lady!"

    Jodie was delighted to hear that, because that was all she cared about right now, fucking and fucking till she'd finally cooled the hot lust that Dane had unleashed. She'd think about Craig and their marriage some other time. All she could think about now was the burning need in her pussy.

    She lashed her tongue hungrily and noisily around her son's purple cock-head, and Dane reacted like the horny teenager he was. In no time at all his cock-meat began to swell under her stimulating tongue-play. She drooled onto it as it grew long and thick and rigid.

    Soon she had a full-fledged hard-on in her fist. His cock bulged with blue veins and throbbed against her fingers. She let go of it and ogled his spit-soaked column of cock-meat, her pussy creaming uncontrollably. Dane looked up at her with hot, horny eyes.

    "Sit on my prick, Mom!" he said.

    Jodie didn't hesitate. There was no point in being coy or modest. They both knew what the score was, and they knew what they wanted – hot lusty sex from each other, as much as they could get. She straddled him and rubbed her creamy hot pussy over the hard head of his cock.

    Dane growled with lust and grabbed her by the waist, steadying her teasing hip motion. He crammed his cock into her. Jodie wailed with pleasure as his thick column of cock-meat stuffed her greedy pussy-hole and forced out her molten cunt-cream. He fucked to her womb, in one hungry lunge.

    "Ohhhhh, baby, yesssss!" she wailed. "Get into me, fuck meeeeee."

    Dane was glad he had his second wind, otherwise he would have shot his load then and there, excited out of his mind by his mother's hot lust. Her cunt literally sizzled and sucked around his deeply lodged cock, and he growled with horniness and started fucking her hard.

    "Yes, fuck it to me, fuck it to me!" she babbled hoarsely.

    Dane would never forget that enticing sight. His cute red-haired mom was skewered on his cock, riding it with wails of ecstasy and soaking it with molten cunt-cream. Her pretty face was twisted with horny pleasure, her big tits swinging and bouncing. He'd never had a more exciting fuck.

    He watched his thick blue-veined cock fucking in and out of her cunt, soaked with her glistening cunt-cream. He listened to her hoarse wails of pleasure as he fucked her faster and faster. He'd made his lusty dream come true. He was fucking his own lovely mother – and he'd gotten there before her fiance.

    "Ohhhhhhh, baby, it feels so good!" Jodie sobbed. "I needed this so damned bad!"

    And so had Dane. From the moment he walked off the plane and spotted his sexy red-haired mom, he'd wanted into her pants. He couldn't imagine living with her and not being her lover. And it hadn't taken long for him to discover that she needed a lover desperately. Things had worked out just right.

    Now he fucked her harder and faster by the second, too wildly aroused to be gentle. But that didn't bother Jodie in the least. The harder he fucked her, the louder she wailed her pleasure and the more she creamed. She needed that hard unrestrained fucking as much as he did.

    "Yes, Son, give it to me, fuck me hard!" Jodie sobbed. "Fuck me till I can't take any more!"

    Her cunt was already bruised from her son's mercfless hard fucking, but she craved that sensation. When they finished today, she wanted to feel totally and deliciously fucked. She had so many long sexless months to make up for. She had to glut herself on fucking before she'd be satisfied.

    "Harder!" she sobbed. "Give it to me as hard as you can, Dane!"

    Dane was more than ready for that. Growling with lust, he pulled out all stops and fucked into her with everything he had. She bounced up and down as she rode his pile-driving cock, her heavy ripe tits wobbling crazily, her face contorted with pleasure. She threw back her head and wailed.

    "That's it, baby, fuck the living shit out of me!" she cried. "Ohhhhh, God, it's so fuckin' good!"

    All of a sudden Dane realized he was on overload, so crazily excited by his mother's passion that he was about to come. He felt her cunt steadily tightening around his pistoning cock, and he knew she was almost there, too. Abruptly her cunt went into hard spasm.

    "Unnnhhhh, Son, you're doing it to me, I'm coming, ohhhhhhh!" she sobbed.

    "Me, too!" Dane gasped. "Ohhhhh, shit, fuck, awwwwww!"

    He hammered his load into her sucking cunt, and Jodie screamed in ecstasy, violent pleasure-convulsions wracking her body. It really did feel like she'd been saving up that climax for eight months. It went on and on, till at last she tumbled off her son's drenched cock and lay panting beside him.

    He leaned over her and gave her a quick sensuous kiss.

    "We don't have anything to hide now, do we, Mom?" he asked. "And you're not gonna hold out on me anymore."

    "That's right, baby," Jodie said hoarsely as she drew him into her arms, "there's no point in pretending now. We need each other. So let's just have all the fun we can get, while it lasts!"


    When Jodie woke the next morning and found her son in bed with her, she gasped. Then she came fully awake and remembered their wild fucking of yesterday, and she shivered with excitement. It hadn't been just a dream. She'd really had the satisfaction she'd craved for so long.

    Of course, she'd had it with her own son, and that made it a lot different from the average love affair. Also, she'd spent the night fucking with Dane just after she'd gotten engaged to Craig. The whole situation was pretty weird, she had to admit.

    But wasn't that basically Craig's fault? If he didn't have this silly belief in not fucking before marriage, she wouldn't have ended up in bed with her son. She wouldn't have been starved for sex, wild with frustration, so incredibly needy that she was ready to commit incest.

    None of that mattered now, anyhow. It didn't matter why she'd fucked her own kid. The deed was done, she couldn't take it back. She was guilty of incest, and nothing could change that. So why not just grab all the fun she could get?

    Smiling to herself, Jodie slipped out of bed, being quiet so she wouldn't wake Dane. The boy had fucked himself into total exhaustion last night, and he needed his sleep. She went to take a long, luxurious shower. But just as she was about to step out of the shower stall, Dane slipped in beside her, naked and grinning.

    "Good morning, Mom," he said.

    "Good morning, honey!" Jodie smiled.

    He kissed her, and as usual it wasn't the kind of kiss a boy should give his mother. She laughed and started soaping down his tall sleek body. It sure wasn't like washing a little kid. Dane had the hard, muscular body of a young man, and it excited her to run her hands over him.

    She took her time soaking his cock and balls, and of course the results were predictable. While he rinsed off, she leaned against the stall and ogled his long, thick slab of cock-meat, as rigid as steel and so tempting to the fuck-hungry schoolteacher. Rinsed off, Dane looked at her hungrily.

    "How about a quickie before breakfast, Mom?" he said.

    All of a sudden Jodie was so lusty, she couldn't speak. She tried to answer, but she just gave a horny little croak. But that was enough to tell him how she felt. He held out his arms, and she snaked her arms around his neck. He cupped her cute little ass and lifted her off the floor.

    He leaned her against the stall, and she twined her legs around his waist. As she did so, she felt his stiff cock sliding into her cunt, and she whimpered with delight. Dane was panting as he pushed his throbbing cock all the way into her hot and slippery cunt.

    "Ohhhh, honey, yesss," Jodie gurgled, "that feels so damned good."

    "Jesus, it sure does," Dane growled. "I'm so glad I came to live with you, Mom."

    At that moment Jodie was delighted, too. She didn't know how she'd feel after she was married to Craig, or what complications would arise from Dane being in the same house, but she refused to worry about that right now. She wouldn't even think about the future.

    She'd only enjoy the sharp pleasure she was feeling as her strong teenage son braced her against the wall of the shower and fucked her in quick hungry jabs. His mood was the same as hers. He was in a hurry, greedy for his first orgasm of the day. Jodie could relate to that perfectly.

    "Yeah, fuck it to me, baby, fuck me good!" she snarled.

    She was being shameless, of course, but she didn't care. And obviously Dane didn't mind. He was grinning broadly as he fucked his cock into her and listened to her hoarse naughty words of pleasure. And the more excited he got, the faster he fucked her.

    Jodie loved his rough, fast rhythm. She still had so much lust stored up at that she needed to be fucked roughly, again and again, before she'd be satisfied. This morning her cunt was as hot and ready as ever, her lust just as powerful. She and her son had spent half the night fucking, but it didn't seem to have made a dent in her need.

    Well, now they had all day. They had the whole damned day to get each other off, and if that didn't satisfy her, nothing would. She thought of the wild fun they were going to have today, and she soaked Dane's pistoning prick with sizzling pussy-cream. He felt the hot flood and growled with excitement.

    "Am I fucking you good, Mom?" he leered.

    "Yes, honey!" Jodie sobbed. "You're giving me the best fucking I ever had!"

    That was no lie. As good as his father had been in bed, Dane was even better. He had the same natural talent for fucking, but he'd started younger and had learned more. He'd been raised in a more liberal age, and there wasn't anything he wouldn't try. He was the perfect stud for his frustrated mother.

    Her head rattled gently against the shower stall, and she gurgled in bliss as he fucked her cunt again and again with his thick rock-hard cock. It would have been easy for her to come, but she wanted this delicious fuck to go on and on. She wanted the intense pleasure to last as long as possible.

    "Ohhhhh, baby, you're fucking me so good!" she moaned.

    "I love fucking you, Mom," Dane answered hoarsely, "but I'm just about to come."

    Thank goodness he'd been gentleman enough to warn her. That gave her a chance to get off, too. Moaning hoarsely, she began to tighten her cunt around his jackhammering cock, creating the hot friction that would make her come. A few seconds later, mother and son climaxed together.

    "Unnnnhhhhh, Dane, you're doing it to me, unnnnhhhhh!" Jodie wailed.

    "Take my load, Mom, awwwwww!" Dane yelled.

    Jodie clawed his shoulders and wept in ecstasy as he flooded her cunt with his boiling come-load. His scalding come always seemed to make her climax longer and more powerful. She felt it filhng her cunt, overflowing, and gushing down her thighs.

    "Great," she laughed as Dane set her down, "now I'm gonna need another shower!"

    "Me, too," he grinned, "but wasn't it worth it?"

    "Yes, baby, it was," Jodie said with a happy sigh.

    She fixed them a huge breakfast. After so many hours of fucking, they were hungry as wolves. As they were finishing, she just had to ask a question. It was a very personal question, but she felt she and Dane were close enough now for her to ask.

    "Dane, I sure believe you're experienced," she said. "I don't doubt that anymore. But what I wonder is how a guy your age got all that experience. Would you mind telling me?"

    "Sherry," he said with a grin.

    Jodie's mouth dropped open.

    "Your dad's new wife?" she exclaimed. "But I thought you said you hardly know her, that they're always off together."

    "I lied," Dane said. "See, I didn't know what you were like then, Mom. I didn't know if you were liberal or uptight in your thinking so I didn't know if you could handle the truth. But now I see you can."

    "Go on," Jodie said. "Please tell me about you and Sherry."

    "Well, it's true that she and Dad are away a lot," Dane said, "and that they don't have much time for me. I didn't lie to you about that. But there's a lot of times, too, when Dad travels on business and can't take Sherry with him. So she and I got left alone together a lot."

    "I see," Jodie smiled. "So who seduced whom?"

    "She came on to me," Dane laughed. "She's a very horny lady. And she gets bored real easy. So I guess she thought a fun way to pass the time would be to seduce her stepson. Naturally I didn't fight her off."

    "Naturally," Jodie agreed. "And she taught you everything you know about sex?"

    "That's right," Dane said. "I wouldn't call it a love affair. She really does love Dad, and we're not each other's type. But we sure got along in bed, and she sure had a lot to teach me!"

    Jodie didn't feel a bit jealous as she listened to his story. She just felt excited. It was wonderful enough for this sex-starved teacher to have an energetic and eager young stud come into her life, but now she was discovering that he was sophisticated in the ways of fucking.

    "Dane," she said, "I want us to spend all day fucking. I want you to show me everything Sherry taught you. Would you like that?"

    "Hell, would I ever!" he said eagerly.

    They got the dishes cleared away, and then Dane took her hand and led her into the living room and pulled her onto the couch.

    "This is how it was the first time Sherry came on to me," he said with an eager smile. "I was watching TV, and she sat down next to me and cuddled up and started kissing me. I was so surprised, I almost shit."

    As he spoke, Jodie was taking Sherry's role, snuggling close to him, kissing his neck and face.

    "But I bet you didn't stay surprised for long," she giggled.

    "Right," he laughed. "Pretty soon I was horny out of my mind – especially when she started playing with my cock."

    Jodie took the hint and trailed her hand down to his already swelling fly. She could easily imagine how excited Sherry had been when she carried out her dangerous and daring decision to seduce her husband's son. She must have been creaming like crazy as she unzipped his fly.

    Dane must have been remembering that incredible moment in vivid detail, because he was shivering and breathing hard as Jodie opened his jeans and slid her hand inside. He wasn't wearing shorts, and she was able to clasp his naked cock right away. She felt his cock complete its growth in her fist.

    "Mmmmmm, did you get hard for Sherry like that?" she asked.

    "Yep," he chuckled. "She stuck her hand in there, and my cock got huge. That really turned her on. She hauled out my cock-meat and played with it."

    Jodie decided just to keep following the script. It was a pretty exciting script. She worked Dane's swollen cock out of his pants, and it stuck lewdly from his fly, taut and blue-veined and throbbing. She wrapped her fingers around it and pumped it, and Dane breathed harshly and loudly.

    "What happened then?" she asked.

    Dane's voice was starting to hoarsen with lust as he said, "Well, she played with my cock, just like you're doing, and she told me how she loved my dad only he wasn't around often enough. He went away on these long business trips, and she got lonely and horny. She wanted me to help her out and promise to keep it a secret."

    "And of course you agreed?" Jodie purred.

    "You better believe it!"

    "And then?" Jodie asked.

    "And then she said she really appreciated my help," Dane went on, "and she was gonna give me a reward. Can you guess what it was, Mom?"

    "Yes, baby, I think I can," Jodie said.

    She slid off the couch and knelt between his legs. Fisting the fat base of his cock, she trailed her hot lips over his cock-head and sucked up the delicious fuck-cream that was oozing from his piss-hole. Dane grew flushed with excitement.

    "Yeah, Mom, how'd you guess?" he croaked.

    Jodie just grinned. Somehow she'd guessed exactly what Sherry had done next. Maybe she and Sherry thought alike. Now she opened her lips wide and slid them slowly and sensuously down around Dane's cock. He gasped and moaned as she sheathed his cock-meat in the juicy heat of her mouth. She took in almost all of his long stiff cock, pumping the rest in her hot fingers.

    "Christ, yes!" he groaned. "That's just what Sherry did. She sucked me off!"

    Jodie drew in her cheeks and started sucking. She imagined herself in Sherry's place, and her sucking got noisy and greedy. It must have been wickedly exciting for Sherry to seduce her own stepson and drive him wild with an expert blowjob. But she could never be as excited as Jodie was right now.

    For Sherry had only seduced her stepson, but Jodie was fucking with her own child. That was a very rare and kinky experience, something very few women would ever know or even care to know. Jodie had gone beyond what society allows, and it thrilled her to do it.

    "Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm," she moaned, sucking up her son's hot fuck-cream.

    "Oh, shit, Mom, that's good!" Dane moaned, slumping back against the couch, his handsome face flushed and contorted. "Jesus, you suck cock even better than Sherry!"

    If Jodie had been the jealous type, that would have pleased her, but she didn't feel it was a contest. Sherry's time had passed, and now it was Jodie's turn with this incredibly attractive teenage stud. And she didn't want to hog him, any more than Sherry had. Both she and Sherry had adult males in their life that they really cared about. Dane was just helping them get through a rough time.

    For that he deserved the rewards they gave him. Jodie sucked hard and loud on her son's creaming cock, sucking up the hot salty fuck-juice from his piss-hole. She rolled the tasty liquid around on her tongue, savoring it, then gulped it hungrily and sucked for more. All the while Dane was moaning in ecstasy.

    "Oh, yeah, Mom, fantastic!" he cried.

    He felt the same wicked incestuous excitement that she did. He knew that not many boys would have an experience like this, watching their own mothers suck their cock. He stared at Jodie's bouncing red hair, her hugely stretched lips, her drawn-in cheeks, and he seethed with lust.

    She really knew how to give a blow-job, too, even better than his stepmother. And Sherry was damned good. But Jodie was even better, her hot, greedy sucking driving him wild. She was suctioning the fuck-cream out of his cock and gobbling it like it was candy. She was hungry for his fuck-juice and not ashamed to show it.

    "Uuuummmmm, mmmmm!" she moaned.

    Dane's nostrils flared, and his teeth flashed in a horny snarl as he watched his mother suck his cock. This was the wildest sexual experience of his young life. He could easily have shot his come-load at any moment, he was so insanely aroused, but he wanted the scene to go on and on.

    He wanted to memorize every detail of it, so that when he was eighty or so, he could sit grinning in his wheelchair as he recalled these fantastic moments. He wanted to see his mother vividly, that gorgeous little redhead sucking ravenously on her own son's cock, working him higher and higher, starved for a whole mouthful of his jizz.

    She was just about to get it, too. As much as he wanted to hold out, Dane was just too aroused to last much longer. His handsome face was flushed beet red, and he was gasping and panting as hot stabs of pleasure ripped through his loins. Jodie was sucking him steadily faster and drooling all over his cock.

    "Mom, I'm gonna come real quick," he warned her hoarsely. "If you don't wanta eat it, you better quit now!"

    To his disappointment, she drew back and let his prick snap free. But it was only to say, "Honey, I want you to come in my mouth. I wanta eat your load, Dane!"

    Then she was cramming his cock back into her mouth and sucking as hard as ever. Dane let himself go. She'd invited him to spurt his whole come-load down her throat, and that was just what he intended to do. Groaning, eyes screwed shut in bliss, he started fucking her mouth hard.

    "Unnnnnhhhhh, yeah, get ready!" he panted.

    Again Jodie drooled all over his cock-meat, letting him know just how ready she was. She couldn't stop drooling as she waited for his thick, hot come. She sucked with lightning speed on his nearly-bursting cock, and a second later she finally got what she was after.

    "Eat it, Mom, aaaggghhhhh!" Dane bellowed.

    "Mmmmm, unnnnhhhhh!" Jodie moaned.

    Dane watched her cheeks swell till he thought they'd burst. She was holding his come-load, savoring it till it spurted from the corners of her lips. Then she had to swallow or drown. She gulped down his enormous load of steaming come, and he filled her mouth again.

    He felt like he'd shot ten gallons of the stuff by the time he finished. Jodie released his cock, licked her lips, and got to her feet. She had a mischievous smile on her face as she held out her hand and pulled Dane upright.

    "That was great for openers, honey," she said. "Now let's go to my room and get serious!"


    Dane followed her to the master bedroom, watching her cute little ass undulate in her tight jeans. She was one of the most attractive women he'd ever seen, even if she was literally old enough to be his mother. She looked like she was in her twenties, not her thirties.

    They stepped into the bedroom, and Jodie started taking off her clothes. Dane did likewise, and they ogled each other's body. Even if they hadn't been mother and son, they were still each other's type. Jodie was much more Dane's type than Sherry was.

    His dad's new wife was tall, almost six feet, and she had a body like a fashion model, straight up and down. Dane very much preferred his mother's petite feminine body, her nice round curves and big ripe tits. It had been terrific fun being seduced by Sherry, but it was a lot more exciting being his mom's lover.

    Maybe she was reading his thoughts, because she grinned and said, "Go on with your story, honey. After Sherry sucked you off, what did she do then?"

    "Well, it's funny," Dane said, "but next she took me to the bedroom – the one she shares with Dad – and we did about everything in the book."

    "Just like we're gonna do," Jodie grinned.

    "Yeah," Dane leered, "just like we're gonna do!"

    Naked, they walked over to the bed and slid onto it, immediately grabbing for each other and kissing and pawing. They were breathing hard and murmuring things to each other, otherwise they would have heard the light knock at the front door, just a few rooms away.

    Craig's flight had been delayed twenty-four hours, and he wanted to spend the extra time with Jodie. Her car was in the driveway, but there was no answer when he knocked on the door. He figured she wouldn't mind if her fiance entered without waiting. Quietly he let himself inside, then stood there and listened.

    He seemed to hear muffled voices coming from down the hall. But there was something strange about them, something that didn't sound quite right. Puzzled and wary, he slipped off his shoes and padded noiselessly down the hall till he came to the half-open door of the master bedroom.

    Craig peered inside and almost yelped with surprise and shock. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. His schoolteacher fiancee was fucking her own son!

    He shook his head, blinked, and looked again. To his horror, his eyes hadn't deceived him. It really was Jodie and Dane, stark naked, lying on her bed kissing and caressing each other. They didn't even have a blanket over them, so Craig could see everything.

    "Mmmmmm, honey, yesssss!" Jodie gurgled.

    Craig turned red with anger and jealousy. How could Jodie do this? And how could she do it to him? They'd just gotten engaged yesterday, and the wedding was next week, so why couldn't she wait for her sexual satisfaction? Was she so insanely horny that she had to get it with her own son?

    Then Craig got even redder as he realized the answer was yes, and that it was all his fault. Yes, Jodie really was so starved for sex that she had to take the only man available, even her own kid. And it was Craig's fault for treating her the way he had for all these months, arousing her but not relieving her.

    She must have started getting it on with Dane before Craig proposed. A horny, willing male had appeared in her life, and she just couldn't resist. And Dane was eager, all right, running his hands all over his mother's curvy naked body.

    The kid had a massive hard-on, and Jodie was petting it, running her fingers up and down his granite column of cock-meat. Dane played with her big, thrusting tits and her juicy, hot pussy, till she was whimpering and panting with need.

    "Oh, honey, I can't take any more," she cried hoarsely. "I wanta get off so bad!"

    "Okay, Mom, I'll take care of you," Dane said with a leer.

    He rolled her onto her back, and she eagerly bent her knees and spread her legs for him.

    Craig felt his cock go hard as steel, straining against the fly of his pants. He wanted to fuck her so damned bad. He'd wanted to fuck her since the moment he first saw her.

    Now some other guy was beating him to the punch. He could have yelled with jealousy and frustration as he watched his pretty fiancee opening her legs for another man. Dane crawled between her hot thighs, but he didn't attempt to fuck her. Instead he went belly down and shoved his face up against her searing wet cunt-gash.

    "Ohhhh, honey, yessss," Jodie sobbed.

    Craig shivered with excitement in spite of his envy and disapproval. He couldn't help being turned on by this sexy scene, and not many men could have. He watched Dane thrust out his tongue and start raking it up and down over Jodie's swollen cream-beaded cunt-slit. He listened to her hoarse cries of bliss.

    "God, yes, I love that," she moaned. "Lick my pussy all over, honey, don't stop."

    Craig's cock tried to batter its way out of his pants. He could have kicked himself for not fucking Jodie sooner. Now she was turning to another man to get what she needed, all the hot sex Craig should have been giving to the woman he loved. If only he hadn't been raised with those Victorian beliefs!

    It was hard to overcome a whole childhood of that kind of training. His strictly religious parents had drummed into him again and again that sex is evil, animalistic, and corrupting. Good people have sex only to make babies. Good people don't fuck before they're married. He'd been told these things a million times while he was growing up.

    Now he knew they were bullshit. He knew it but he couldn't change. At least up to this moment he hadn't been able to shake off those stern old teachings. But now he was seeing something that turned him around completely. He was seeing the woman he loved so desperate for sex that she was getting it on with her own son.

    "Jodie," he muttered under his breath, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done this to you."

    He'd driven her into incest, he saw that now. And not only that, but his beliefs had been totally fucked. Sex wasn't evil or dirty. It was a natural need, a normal instinct, and it was nothing to be ashamed of. Jodie was just doing what her body demanded.

    Craig could no longer ignore the demands of his body, either. All along he'd ached to fuck Jodie, but he'd managed to hold himself back. Now he saw no point in hesitating. He had to reclaim his woman. He had to keep from losing her to this attractive younger rival.

    Dane was very good at what he was doing. He'd lathered his mom's swollen pussy with his hot spit, not missing an inch of her glistening, pink pussy-flesh, and now he was concentrating on the most sensitive spot of all. He was rimming her clit with the stiff tip of his tongue and driving her wild.

    "Oooooh, shit, oooooh!" Jodie wailed, clawing the bed.

    As his pointed tongue tip slid around and around her swelling clit, she felt a constant fiery pleasure that made her cream non-stop. Craig saw the thick pearly juice seeping from her cunt and trickling down her ass-crack. She'd never been this aroused for him.

    But then he'd done so little to arouse her. He'd been such a fool. He could have had this gorgeous little tigress in his bed for eight months now, and he'd blown it. Unable to bottle up her needs any longer, she'd succumbed to her own son. Now she was unleashing the frustration caused by Craig.

    "Unnnnnhhhhhh, Son, I need to come!" she sobbed. "Suck me, baby, get me off!"

    Once again Craig's cock tried to tear its way out of his pants as he listened to Jodie's hoarse pleas for orgasm, and knew that he could have been giving her that orgasm if only he hadn't been so stupid. He shivered as Dane clamped his lips around her clit and started sucking her off.

    "Ohhhhh, shit, yesss, suck meeee!" she wailed.

    She was spurting cunt-cream all over the kid's face, totally out of control. She clawed the bed and writhed, and her face was all contorted with lust, eyes screwed shut. Watching her like that, Craig was ready to come in his pants. He knew he'd never rest till he'd gotten her this aroused.

    "Suck me, baby, suck," she panted. "Make me come, Son!"

    Even in the hall Craig could hear the obscene wet sucking sounds Dane was making as he gobbled his mom's clit. Those sounds were interspersed with Jodie's hoarse cries of pleasure and excitement. Craig wanted his bedroom to echo with those noises, and by God, he was going to make it happen.

    He was not going to lose this woman. No way.

    Somehow he had to show her and the kid that she belonged to him. He remained where he was, watching and trying to figure out a plan. Meanwhile Dane's head bobbed faster and faster as he sucked his moaning mother to the brink of climax.

    "Ohhhh, honey, I'm almost there!" she panted. "Suck me harder, babe, get me off!"

    The lewd wet noises grew louder as Dane gave it everything he had. He sucked her clit fast and firm between his wet lips, and Jodie arched her body and shoved her throbbing clit hard against his mouth. Craig gave a low, lusty growl as he watched her start to convulse.

    "Ooooooh, ohhhhh!" she howled. "I'm coming, baby, ohhhhhhh!"

    At that moment Craig wanted to bang his head against the wall in frustration. He was beyond feeling jealous of Dane. He had no right to be jealous, because it was his fault that Jodie was doing this. All he wanted was to get in on the fun, to enjoy Jodie the way Dane was enjoying her.

    She sobbed with relief as the kid sucked her off. Her body-wracking orgasm went on for about a minute, and then Dane raised his cream-soaked face from her smoking pussy and looked down at her, his eyes hot with lust. Now Craig saw that the boy had a massive hard-on.

    Jodie saw it, too. She opened her eyes and focused right on her son's stiff and drooling cock. He grinned at her, but she didn't notice. She just went on staring at his prick and licking her lips. Then she rolled over onto her hands and knees, her cute little ass thrust up in the air. As she assumed the doggy position, Craig stifled a groan, knowing what was coming next.

    "Fuck me, Dane!" Jodie begged hoarsely. "Stick your big cock in me!"

    Grinning from ear to ear, the horny teen crawled around behind her and knelt in position, grasping her curvy slim hips and wedging the fat purple head of his cock into her little fur-fringed cuntal opening. Jodie shivered and clawed the bed as he started pushing his cock-meat into her.

    "Yes, baby, yes!" she panted. "Give it to me, give me every inch of your cock!"

    Craig imagined himself in the boy's place, easing his swollen cock into her velvety hot cunt, doing it slowly and loving every second of it. He should have been doing it to her right now. It should have been him, not her son, filling her with his thick throbbing cock.

    Well, it was his own damned fault that he was out here in the hall spying while Dane was getting her pussy. He watched in an agony of longing and frustration as Jodie's son slowly and deliciously eased his long, hard cock into her famished, hot cunt, till only his balls showed.

    "You got it all now, Mom," he said, leering down at her. "You like it?"

    "God, yes!" Jodie sobbed, clawing at the bedspread. "It's the best feeling in the world, baby!"

    "Yeah, it is," Dane growled, "and it's best of all with you, Mom!"

    He started fucking her, slowly and deeply, not in any hurry. Of course he wouldn't be rushing. There was no reason to. As far as they knew, Craig was on his way to another city, and they had the whole day. They had almost a week to fuck each other's brainst out before Jodie got married.

    "Yes, Son, fuck deep!" Jodie was bawling, her voice hoarse with lust. "Fuck my pussy good, don't stop!"

    "I don't ever wanta stop fucking you, Mom!" Dane growled.

    That was just what Craig was afraid of. Naturally the boy wouldn't want to give up something this fun. It would tear up Jodie's son if he weren't allowed to fuck her after she got married. Craig could understand that. This was a very touchy and tricky situation.

    He tried to think of solutions, but it was hard to think straight when he was so horny. He watched Dane's thick, long cock pistoning in and out of Jodie's cunt, and it drove him wild. He watched the kid's engorged cock forcing out her cunt-cream. Her hot pussy-juice poured down her thighs.

    His own cock was about to burst. He had a wild urge to run in there, drag Dane out of the way, and cram his cock into Jodie's slippery hot cunt. He knew if he did that, he'd come instantly and explosively. He shook his head, grinning. That wouldn't be too satisfying for Jodie. He'd better think of better plan.

    "Fuck me harder, baby!" Jodie was moaning. "You know how I like it!"

    "Yeah, Mom," Dane leered, "I know how you like it!"

    He firmed his grip on her hips and started fucking his cock in her hard and fast, his flat belly slapping her ass loudly and rhythmically. He knew how she wanted it, all right.

    How long had mother and son been lovers, Craig wondered. Almost from the moment Dane arrived, it seemed.

    As the boy speeded up his fucking, Jodie sobbed with delight, and her eyes rolled crazily and helplessly. She dug her nails into the bedspread, and her full ripe tits swung heavily back and forth with the impact of his fucking. Craig would have given anything to be in the boy's place just then.

    "Ohhhh, Dane, you're fucking me so damned good!" Jodie gurgled. "I need it so bad!"

    "No wonder," Dane said wonderingly. "I can't believe that Craig, not fucking you after all these months. The guy has to be nuts!"

    Craig reddened, but he agreed with Dane – he really had to have been crazy not to fuck this beautiful horny woman. He just hoped he hadn't blown his chances with her for good. But there was only one way to find out. He had to walk in there pretty soon and ask what the score was.

    He could see that Jodie was just about to come, though, and he didn't want to spoil that for her. It about killed him to see her getting an orgasm from another guy's cock, but he knew it was time to start thinking of his woman instead of himself.

    "Harder, honey!" Jodie sobbed. "Fuck me as hard as you can, Dane, make me come!"

    "I'll make us both come!" Dane groaned.

    He started fucking into her with lightning speed, and she grasped the bedspread tightly to keep from being knocked over by the impact. Her teeth were bared in a lusty snarl as her son's hard-driving cock took her to the edge of climax. She whimperd shrilly, and those horny sounds drove Craig over the edge.

    He couldn't control himself a second longer.

    As fast as he could, he stripped naked, then raced into the room, his engorged cock wagging stiffly and lewdly before him. Dane and Jodie gawked at him in total shock. He jumped onto the bed and knelt in front of Jodie, shoving his dripping cock-head against her lips.

    "Suck my cock!" he groaned.

    "But Craig, what are you doing here?" she cried.

    "Never mind, I'll explain later," he panted. "Just suck me off, Jodie! Please, I'm horny out of my mind!"

    Jodie was suddenly very turned on by the idea, and she opened her mouth and let him shove his cock inside. She started sucking his prick, and Dane continued fucking her from behind, the three of them linked now in their insane lust. A second later Craig's cock exploded down her throat.

    "Eat it, baby, awwwwwww!" he yelled.

    "Unnnhhhh, shit, unnngghhhh!" Dane roared, jetting his come-load into his mother's sucking cunt.

    "Mmmmmm, unnnnhhhh!" Jodie moaned.

    She was coming hard, and as she enjoyed her son's boiling come-load in her cunt, she was also savoring her fiance's tasty fuck-cream in her mouth. She'd never imagined herself taking on two men at the same time, but she loved it.

    The trio came together, moaning and bucking, for almost a minute. Then Dane gave a satisfied sigh, pulled his dripping cock from Jodie's cunt, and collapsed on the bed. Jodie let Craig's drained prick slip from her lips, then looked up at him and grinned wickedly.

    "Okay, Craig," she said. "I think you better tell us what in hell you're doing here!"


    "That's pretty funny, Jodie!" Craig grinned. "Shouldn't you be telling me why you're making it with your own kid?"

    "I think you know the answer to that, Craig," Jodie answered.

    "Yeah," he said, "you're right – I do. I know I drove you to it. But I'd never have found that out if my plane hadn't been delayed on account of bad weather. I'm not leaving till tomorrow, so I came over here to spend the time with you."

    "And you found us fucking!" Dane said. "Oh, wow, heavy. Listen, man, I hope you're not gonna punish my mom for this. Like you said, you drove her to it."

    "Don't worry, Dane," Craig said. "Nobody's gonna be punished. I'm just trying to get my lady back. So if it's all right with you, I want a turn with her now."

    "Oh, sure," Dane said, heading for the edge of the bed, "I'll leave you guys alone."

    "No, Dane, don't go," Jodie said. "Stay and join us."

    "Join you?" the boy asked, gawking.

    "That's right Dane," Craig said. "I don't expect you to stop wanting Jodie just because she's married to me. That would be asking too much. You're part of the family, and you will be till you grow up and move out."

    Dane broke into a grin of relief. "Hey, Craig, that's really generous of you. You mean you'll share her with me?"

    "That's right, Son," Craig said, "that is, if it's okay with Jodie."

    They both looked at the petite redhead and waited for her answer. Jodie was thinking it over, imagining what it would be like to have two eager fuckers in her house. It didn't take her long to decide that she'd love it.

    "That sounds wonderful, fellows," she purred. "Craig, thanks for being so understanding!"

    "Thanks for giving me another chance," he said. "Now I'm gonna prove to you that I really can fuck!"

    He slid onto the bed and pulled Jodie into his arms, kissing her and cramming his big hot tongue into her mouth. She shivered with excitement and rubbed her cunt-mound against his cock. He seemed to be saying that this time he wouldn't hold back, that they'd go all the way.

    Dane was almost as excited as his mother. He'd been invited to stay and watch the action, and that would be a first for him. He got really aroused by the idea of watching other people fuck. If this was how things were going to be, he wouldn't mind at all having Craig for a stepfather.

    Now Craig had rolled Jodie onto her back and was sliding down to press his face into her copper-colored cunt-bush. She gurgled with excitement and opened her legs, and Craig slipped between them, his mouth just inches from her creamy pink cunt-slit. He folded back the delicate fur of her pussy and completely exposed the tiny hooded lump of her clit.

    Then his tongue shot out, and Jodie moaned, "Ohhhhh, baby, yesssss!"

    Dane drew closer to see what he was doing. In spite of his experience with his stepmother, he knew he still had a lot to learn about fucking. He wanted to watch a grown man in action. Craig seemed very sure of what he was doing, and it sure was getting Jodie excited.

    Craig's stiff tongue tip was flicking up and down Jodie's clit, giving it a steady teasing. She was getting flushed in the face and she was clawing at the bed. Thick pearly cream was spurting from her cunt and soaking Craig's tongue and chin. Dane memorized everything the guy was doing.

    "Nice work, Craig," he commented.

    "You're not so bad yourself, at least from what I saw," Craig replied. "I got pretty worried about my competition. How'd you learn all that?"

    "Never mind," Jodie said hoarsely. "Dane can tell you that story some other time. Right now I wish you guys would shut up. Craig, please don't stop licking me!"

    "Right," he chuckled. "Talk to you later, Dane!"

    Dane grinned and nodded, and Craig went back to flicking his stiff tongue tip over Jodie's juicy clit. She moaned and gurgled with delight, and thick cream flooded uncontrollably from her cunt, gushing down her ass-crack. Craig very gradually licked her clit harder and faster, getting her more and more aroused, till finally she was writhing so hard that he had to shove his hands under her ass and hold it steady.

    "Unnnhhhh, Craig, don't tease me anymore," she moaned, her face contorted with lust. "Get me off, honey, I need it real bad!"

    Craig found that a little hard to believe, since she'd been fucking her son all day. But then again, she'd gone without sex for eight long months, and her suppressed lust must be enormous. He caught her clit between his lips and started sucking her off, and she wailed with excitement.

    "Ohhhh, yeah, that's it, suck!" she cried. "Suck me off, honey, make me come!"

    Dane remained as close to them as he could, carefully studying everything Craig did. The guy was good, damned good. He might act prudish in everyday life, but in bed he was something else. His mom was going out of her mind with pleasure, her eyes rolling wildly.

    The lewd wet sounds of Craig's sucking filled the room, punctuated by Jodie's moans and wails of delight. She'd soaked Craig's face with her spurting cunt-cream, and now she closed her eyes tightly and blotted out all other sensations except the hot pleasure in her cunt.

    "Unnnnhhhhh, shit, I'm gonna come so good!" she panted.

    Craig sucked faster, harder, on her nearly-bursting clit, and she arched her curvy body and greedily shoved her clit harder between his lips. Her teeth were bared in a lusty snarl as she hovered on the brink of orgasm. Watching her, Dane felt his cock start to swell again.

    She went absolutely stiff for a second, gasping, and then her petite body began to buck and convulse.

    "Unnnhhhhh, yeah, you're making me come, unnnhhhhh!" she yelled.

    Craig renewed his grip on her lustily jerking ass, trying to hold her in place so he could suck up her blasting come-cream. It wasn't easy. He was able to keep his mouth on her clit for a few more seconds, and then she writhed off target, screaming with relief as she came.

    "Ohhhh, shit, so good, ohhhhh!" she cried.

    Dane nodded his approval. Craig was definitely able to take care of Jodie in bed. He'd be able to give her what she needed and wanted even when Dane was grown up and gone. That was good. Dane had been hoping she'd find a man who was right for her.

    Much as he loved fucking her, he knew the time would come when he'd leave home and make his own life, and then he intended to make it with every attractive woman he met. To do that, he'd have to get away from his horny mom, because right now she was sapping all his energies.

    He didn't have enough left even to make it with one other girl, and that had been bothering him. When school started in the fall, Dane wanted to date and hopefully fuck, but how could he do that if his mother had him chained to her bed? Now he had the answer – Craig. He and Craig could share the pleasant job of keeping Jodie sexually content.

    Now Craig was licking her pussy, lapping up all her tangy come-cream, while she gurgled with pleasure and twitched with the delicious after-shocks of climax. Craig wasn't giving her much rest between rounds. After cleaning her cunt-gash of cunt-cream, he started sliding his long stiff tongue up her cunt.

    "Ooooooh, ooooooh!" Jodie squealed.

    Craig's cock had to be pretty stiff by now, Dane figured.

    His own cock sure was. He crouched there listening to his mom's hoarse cries of pleasure and watching her cute face twist with lust, and his balls swelled up taut and his cock went rigid and engorged. He shivered with arousal as he watched Craig's tongue disappear up Jodie's cunt.

    "Unnnhhhh, honey, that's heaven!" Jodie sobbed.

    Dane made a mental note of that. Of all the different kinds of fucking Jodie had experienced, she seemed to love tongue-fucking the best. Now she closed her eyes and clawed steadily at the bedspread, as Craig began pistoning his long tongue in and out of her hot little cunt.

    "Yes, yes, I love it!" she gurgled.

    Jodie felt herself creaming uncontrollably, her hot cunt-cream boiling out around Craig's jerking tongue and gushing down her ass-crack. He was getting her so excited, she was creaming floods.

    Greedily she arched her body, taking his thick tongue, as deep as she could get it, whimpering in bliss. The deeper he shoved his tongue into her molten pussy-flesh, the more aroused she got.

    It was arousing, too, to know that she had an audience. Her teenage son was sitting right beside them, watching everything Craig did to her and noting her every reaction. That turned her on in a kinky, wicked way she'd never known before. But then she'd never had an audience before.

    She bet Dane's prick was pretty stiff by now. A quick peek proved it. His handsome teenage cock was sticking up from his lap, rigid and drooling. That gorgeous hard-on would be waiting for her when she and Craig finished fucking. It was wonderful to know that she was going to get one hard cock after another.

    It was hard to remember, too, that just a few days ago she'd been desperately horny and thinking she'd never find a man to relieve her aching lust. Now she had two lovers, and she'd never have to go horny again.

    But her thoughts were scattered as Craig tongue-fucked her faster and faster, driving her to a fever pitch of excitement. She couldn't think of anything now but the sharp blasts of pleasure ripping through her pussy. Eyes screwed shut, teeth flashing, she rocketed to the brink of orgasm.

    "Unnnnhhhhh, shit, I'm gonna come!" she moaned. "I'm gonna come so fuckin' good!"

    Craig felt like he was about to come, too, just from listening to his schoolteacher flancee's naughty words of lust. His cock throbbed between his belly and the bed, and he thought of how great it was going to feel when he crammed it into her. First, though, he wanted to show her what he could do with his tongue.

    Cupping her hot writhing ass, he hammered his tongue into her as hard and deep as he could. Jodie screamed in ecstasy and soaked his face with helpless blasts of fuck-cream. He felt her cunt steadily tightening around his tongue, and he knew she was just about to climax.

    "Harder, honey, harder," she whimpered.

    Craig gave it to her, tongue-fucking her as hard as he could, and a second later she began to buck and writhe. He had to clutch her ass really hard to keep her hips still, to keep his tongue inside her as she came. He pistoned his stiff cock-meat in her spasming cunt.

    "Ohhhh, shit, whaaahhhh!" Jodie screamed. "Ohhhhh, God, it's so good, uunnnhhh!"

    Dane shook his head in admiration. It was hard to believe that this was the same guy he'd been making fun of. Craig sure knew how to use his tongue. He was driving Mom out of her mind with pleasure. She went on moaning and bucking for a long, long time, then moaned with gratitude.

    "Craig, that was fantastic," she panted. "It was just wonderful, darling!"

    "Oh, that was just for openers," he leered. "Look at what I've got for you now!"

    He rose to his knees, and Jodie and Dane stared at his enormous rock-hard cock. Dane felt a flash of envy, then reminded himself that he still had some growing to do. Jodie just gurgled with anticipation. Craig let her look a few seconds longer, then lifted her legs and draped them over his broad shoulders. He pressed the swollen head of his prick to her dripping cunt.

    "Craig," she gurgled, "aren't you gonna wait till we're married?"

    "Fuck that!" he laughed. "That was the way my parents raised me, but it's bullshit. You sure were right about that, Jodie. You got me converted to your way of thinking!"

    "I'm sure glad," she sighed as he started pushing his huge cock into her.

    Then she moaned steadily and hoarsely as she took the full throbbing length of his cock-meat. Dane shivered as he watched, wishing he was as well hung as Craig, getting wildly turned on by his mom's obvious lust. Craig pushed into her till only his huge, corase-haired balls showed.

    "At last!" he sighed.

    "It's about time," Jodie panted. "Now fuck the living shit out of me, honey!"

    "I'm sure gonna try!" he leered.

    With her legs up over hs shoulders, her pussy was completely open to him, and he dug deep, butting up against her womb, cramming her full of his massive hard-on. It didn't look as if her delicate little body could take that kind of punishment, but she howled with pleasure and soaked his prick with thick floods of cunt-cream.

    "Oh, yeah, fuck me with your big cock!" she cried. "Fuck me forever, Craig!"

    "Well, not forever," Dane put in.

    "Right," Craig chuckled, "I can take a hint, Dane."

    Dane sat as close as he could, his cock sticking up stiff and engorged. He watched Craig's huge cock slamming in and out of Jodie's cunt, and he moaned softly, recalling how deliciously tight and hot and juicy it was in there. He could hardly wait for his turn with his mom.

    But obviously he'd have to wait a little while longer, because Craig was enjoying the hell out of it and wasn't about to hurry. He was grinning from ear to ear as he watched his own cock in action, pistoning deep and spreading Jodie's copper-furred cunt-lips wide. He watched her face twist with lust as she took his cock.

    "Oh, shit, honey, I'm so glad you're finally fucking me!" she moaned.

    "Not as glad as I am," Craig assured her.

    He couldn't believe he'd denied himself eight months of this fantastic pleasure, but he sure intended to make up for lost time. He fucked into her faster and faster, making her petite body shudder with the impact, but she responded with wails of ecstasy and kept soaking his cock with molten pussy-cream.

    "Yeah, fuck it to me, fuck it to meeee," she wailed.

    He felt her steaming pussy-hole tightening like a vise around his cock, sucking at it, making his balls burst.

    "Take my come-load, Jodie, unnngghhhh!" he bellowed.

    Dane groaned with excitement as he watched his pretty mom take Craig's come-load. Her thick pussy-cream overflowed her crammed cunt and gushed down her ass-crack to puddle on the bedspread. She and Craig bucked hard together in a violent mutual orgasm. Dane thought it would never end.

    At last Dane gave a sigh of relief as Craig backed off from Jodie.

    "That was wonderful, honey," she gurgled. "Let's do it again soon – like five minutes from now."

    "I'd love to," Craig leered, "but that's up to Dane. It's his turn now."

    Jodie kept her legs bent and spread wide as she prepared to take her second hard cock. Dane crawled between her legs and slipped his stiff cock into her, and mother and son went at each other hard and eagerly, snarling with excitement, hips jerking to the same hot rhythm.

    "Oh, yeah, fuck me, honey!" Jodie moaned. "Fuck me good and hard!"

    "Awwwww, yeah!" Dane moaned.

    Now it was Craig's turn to be the audience, and he found that he got a kinky thrill out of it. It wouldn't be long before his cock was hard again, that was for sure. He watched Dane's trim ass jerking faster and faster as the boy fucked his squealing mother. He watched Jodie's nails raking the kid's shoulders and listened to her hoarse moans of bliss.

    "Ohhhhhhhhh, Son, you're doing it, I'm cominnggggg!" she wailed at last.

    "Awwwww, yeah, Mom, awwwwww!" Dane howled, jetting his come-load into her.

    Craig didn't feel any jealousy as he watched. He just felt insanely aroused to be sharing this beautiful woman with her own son. He waited till Dane had pulled out, then crawled over to take his place, his cock stiff as steel again. Jodie held out her arms to him, as eager as ever.

    "Mmmmmm, you guys are gonna spoil me!" she gurgled.


    A week had passed, and Jodie, Craig and Dane were driving home from city hall, where the couple had just been married. Jodie looked beautiful in her white lace wedding dress, Dane thought. In fact he'd never seen his mother look so inviting and sexy.

    That was too bad, because it was their wedding night and surely they wouldn't want Dane hanging around on such an occasion. He'd go to a movie or something, he hadn't decided yet. But he did feel a little envious when he thought of the fantastic fuck they were going to have without him.

    "I'm taking you all out to dinner," Craig announced, "to the best place in town."

    "Hey, that's nice of you, Craig," Dane said, "but I can just get a hamburger some place and leave you guys alone."

    "No way," Craig said. "You're part of this family."

    Dane appreciated the way his new stepfather was being so nice to him, but that didn't mean Mom and Craig wanted him to be around all evening. He still had to make plans for after dinner. They got home, and he went right to his room to change out of his suit. He heard Craig talking in the hall.

    "You know what I forgot?" Craig exclaimed. "Champagne. I'm gonna go get some. I won't be long, honey."

    Standing in his underwear, Dane heard Craig leave the house and start the car. The boy simply couldn't resist the opportunity that presented itself. He slipped off the rest of his clothes and walked naked to the master bedroom, his cock stiffening on the way.

    The door was open, and Mom was in there taking off her wedding dress. She wasn't wearing much under it, just matching black lace bra and bikini panties. Dane's cock finished hardening as he watched her cross the room and hang the dress in the closet. Then she turned and saw her son standing in the doorway.

    Her eyes darted to his stiff cock and glowed with hunger.

    "Yes, honey, did you want something?" she asked huskily.

    Dane nodded and walked up to her, his engorged young cock wagging stiffly.

    "This may be our last chance to be alone, Mom," he said. "I was hoping we could have a private celebration, if you know what I mean."

    "I know what you mean, baby," she cooed, "and I want it just as much as you do. Come here!"

    She took his hand and led him over in front of the big dresser mirror. They studied their reflections as Dane stood behind her and removed her bra. He dropped the bra on the dresser and ogled her luscious big tits, then reached around her to cup them.

    "Mmmmmm, this is so sexy," Jodie laughed.

    It really was. They were watching themselves in the mirror as Dane cupped and squeezed her ripe firm tits, and somehow that added a kinky element of excitement they'd never shared before. Dane's hard cock pressed against her ass, leaving trails of hot sticky fuck-cream. Jodie's nipples stiffened under his teasing thumbs, and her tits swelled taut with desire.

    "Honey, I hope you know that I want you as much as ever, even thought Craig and I are married now," she said.

    "Thanks, Mom," Dane smiled. "I'll be dating when school starts, of course, but I still wanta fuck you."

    "You will, Son," she promised. "Craig understands our situation, and he's being very generous about it."

    "He's quite a guy," Dane said. "You're really lucky, Mom."

    "I know, honey," she said, "but right now there's only one guy I'm thinking about."

    She reached back and caressed his drooling cock to emphasize her point. Dane shivered with excitement. Suddenly he couldn't wait another second to fuck her. He slipped a hand between her thighs and felt the scorching wet flesh of her pussy. She was ready, too.

    He removed his hand from her pussy and stuck his cock in there instead. He wedged his fat cock-head into her slick and smoking cunt-mouth, then started pushing deep into her. She leaned her head back against his shoulder and gurgled with bliss.

    "Oh, yes, baby, stick your prick in me," she moaned. "Give me every inch of your big cock!"

    It was wild, because they could see it happening in the mirror. They watched Dane's thick blue-veined cock spreading her pussy-lips wide and sinking deeper and deeper into her molten fuck-tunnel. They saw her pearly cunt-juice spurting out and gushing down her legs. Mother and son panted with excitement as they studied their reflections.

    "Oh, my God, this turns me on!" Jodie said hoarsely.

    "Shit, yeah!" Dane groaned. Then he laughed, "I'm not gonna last very long at this rate!"

    "Me, either," she giggled.

    He started fucking her in slow, sensuous deep fuck-strokes, and they watched it happening in the mirror. They were so absorbed in their kinky experience that they didn't even hear Craig returning. They weren't even aware of his presence till he walked into the room carrying a tray with three glasses and a bottle of chilled champagne.

    He stopped short, stared at them, and then laughed.

    "Jesus, I can't leave you two alone even a few minutes!" he exclaimed.

    "Hey, sorry, Craig," Dane groaned. "I'll finish fast and get out of here!"

    "Don't hurry," Craig said, opening the champagne bottle. There was a loud pop as he got the cork out. "You're part of our celebration. Isn't he, Jodie?"

    "He sure is," she gurgled. "We want you to stay, Dane. The more, the merrier."

    "Well, thanks," Dane said gratefully, "but I'll leave you alone after dinner."

    "We want you here then, too," Craig said, filling the three glasses with champagne.

    "But it's your wedding night," Dane said, gawking at them. "It won't be very exciting with a kid around."

    "Oh, it'll be even more exciting," Craig said with a strange grin.

    "That's right, honey," Jodie said, meeting her son's eyes in the mirror. "You see, Craig's discovered that he really likes to watch."

    At last Dane got the point. His new stepfather came over and set two glasses of champagne on the dresser, where Jodie and Dane could reach them, and then he went back for his own glass. He pulled up a chair and sat down to watch his wife and stepson fuck. He didn't look at all jealous.

    "You two just take your time," he grinned.

    They paused to sip champagne, and then Dane pistoned his stiff cock a little faster and harder in his mom's velvety, hot pussy-hole. Jodie gurgled happily and creamed all over his prick. Her face was starting to twist into a lusty mask.

    "Mmmmmm, yeah, baby, fuck me!" she moaned. "Fuck me harder now! You know I love it hard!"

    Dane snorted with excitement and fucked her in short, greedy thrusts, and she slumped against him and whimpered with bliss. Close to them sat Craig, his handsome face flushed with lust as he, too, watched them in the mirror. Everybody was focused on that mirror.

    "Fuck her, Son!" Craig panted. "Fuck her good!"

    Jodie couldn't believe how naughty, how kinky, the scene was. In her wildest fantasies she'd never imagined herself doing anything like this. But it was a pretty hard thing to imagine, fucking her son while her new husband watched.

    It made her insanely aroused. Dane's big, hard cock felt heavenly in her ever-hot cunt, and Craig's lusty eyes burned into her, letting her know how turned on he was. She met his eyes and made an obscene gesture at him, slowly and sensuously licking her lips. He leered at her.

    It sure was a difference from just a week ago, when she was practically begging him for sex and he was prudishly refusing. Now that Craig had dropped his old Victorian morals, he was proving to be just as dirty-minded as she was. Jodie loved the change.

    But it was becoming harder to think of Craig and her marriage as her horny teenage son fucked her to the brink of climax. As his excitement mounted, Dane fucked into her harder and harder, making her big tits bounce and swing. Jodie whimpered with bliss and hot cunt-cream poured down her inner thighs.

    "Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeee!" she moaned.

    Dane snorted with lust and fucked into her even harder, his cock making an obscene sucking noise as it forced the thick cream from her cunt. In the mirror she saw Craig's reflection, and noted that he was taking off his clothes.

    He was down to his shorts, and there was an enormous bulge there. Jodie shivered with excitement. Once again she was going to be treated to one hard cock after another. Then her attention was distracted as Dane reached around her and started rubbing her clit with his stiff index finger, doubling her pleasure. She moaned in ecstasy.

    "Ohhhhh, honey, yes, I love that!" she cried. "Keep doing it, baby, make me come!"

    Craig was naked now, his cock so engorged that it hugged his belly. He sat down again and sipped the last of his drink, never taking his eyes off his wife and stepson. Jodie was pink in her face now, her features contorted, as she rose to the very brink of climax.

    Dane was fucking her cunt and massaging her clit, giving her intense pleasure. Thick floods of cunt-cream poured down her legs. She clutched the edge of the dresser and whimpered and panted as the first sharp stabs of orgasmic pleasure ripped through her pussy.

    "Ooooooooooooh, baby, look at me, I'm cominnngggg!" she gasped.

    Dane and Craig watched her in the mirror as she came, her face twisted in ecstasy, her petite body shuddering. Dane could only watch a few seconds, though, before his excitement overpowered him. He gasped, and began hammering his come-load into his mother's clamping cunt.

    "Take my load, Mom, take it, aaaaggghhhhh!" he yelled.

    Craig tossed back the last of his champagne and stood up, his prick weaving lewdly before him. He went over and stood right beside Dane and Jodie as they climaxed, his cock dripping hot fuck-juice. That was the kinkiest thing he'd ever done, but he had a hunch that things were going to get a lot kinkier as the evening went on. He and Jodie were going to have a very unusual wedding night.

    "Oh, shit," Dane panted, "I'm really fucked out!"

    "Take a rest, Son," Craig said. "I'll take over now."

    "Right," Dane said, staggering over to the bed.

    Craig swung Jodie around to face him, and they leered at each other. He knew by now just how powerful her needs were and how much it took to quench her lust. She'd just had a powerful orgasm from her son's cock, but already she was eager to come again.

    That was why Craig was glad to have Dane as a backup. No way could he satisfy this sex-starved young woman by himself. Later, when he and Dane had fucked her enough, her appetite would get back to normal and one lover would be enough for her. But right now he had an emergency on his hands.

    Jodie slipped her arms around his neck and kissed him, cramming her hot little tongue into his mouth and wantonly rubbing her cunt-mound against his rigid cock. He cupped her ass, lifted her up, and carried her over to the bed. He laid her down with her ass just on the edge.

    Then he draped her legs over his shoulders and plugged the fat head of his cock into her creamy and steaming cuntal mouth. She gurgled with lusty anticipation, and Dane scooted closer to watch. Craig glided his cock into her very slowly, both of them savoring every inch of penetration. It was their first married fuck, and they didn't want to rush it.

    "Yes, honey, give me all of it!" Jodie gurgled. "Give me every inch of your cock!"

    Craig leered down at her and watched his wrist-thick cock splitting her cunt-lips wide and driving deep into her hot pussy. Dane was practically leaning over her to watch, and they knew he'd have another hard-on soon. No problem – his mother would be able to take care of it.

    At last only Craig's enormous hairy nut sacs were showing, and he paused for breath. Jodie wriggled and writhed around the fat impalement of his cock, soaking his cock-meat with spurts of molten pussy-cream. As always, she was impatient to be fucked.

    "Do it to me, baby, fuck!" she moaned.

    "Dane, I kinda think your mom's horny!" Craig said.

    "Yeah, I get that impression, too!" Dane said.

    "Will you two knock off the chatter?" Jodie moaned. "Come on, Craig, I didn't marry you to talk!"

    "Oh, I get it," he sniffed, "you married me for my cock, not my brains!"

    "That's right," she panted. "Now fuck!"

    Craig laughed and started pistoning his cock in her juicy, but snug, pussy-hole. Jodie shuddered and moaned with bliss. There was no substitute for this wonderful sensation. She couldn't get enough of it. She loved feeling his big, hard cock cramming her cunt full and reaming out her cunt-cream. Moaning, she clawed the bed and juiced uncontrollably.

    "Yeah, fuck it to me, baby, fuck me forever!" she cried.

    Dane was breathing harshly, and his cock was growing. Craig felt kind of bad about leaving the kid out of the fun, and a moment's thought brought him a wild but workable idea, a way all three of them could have fun together.

    "Hey, Jodie," he leered, "I've got an idea. How about sucking Dane's cock while I fuck you?"

    She gawked at him, then broke into a delighted laugh.

    "Why, Craig, you have the most kinky mind," she exclaimed. "Yeah, that really sounds wild. How about it, Dane, wanta try it?"

    "I sure do," the boy said eagerly, "but how are we gonna do it?"

    Jodie thought for a second, then said to Craig, "Flip me over, honey."

    "Right," Craig growled.

    He undraped her legs from his shoulders and flipped her into the doggy position. On her hands and knees it was much easier for her to do a blow-job on Dane. Dane scooted into position, lying in front of her with his thighs open and his cock standing up, rigid and ready.

    "Go for it, Mom, suck me off!" he panted.

    Jodie didn't have to be urged. Moaning with lust and excitement, she opened her lips wide and slid them down around her son's stiff cock, taking it clear to his balls. While Dane yelled with delight, she bobbed her head up and down, sucking his cock-meat loudly and hungrily.

    "Hey, all right," Dane groaned. "Great idea, Craig!"

    "Yeah, I kinda like it myself," Craig chuckled.

    He liked the view, too. He could watch his thick cock reaming his wife's juicy little cunt, and he could watch her red lips pistoning up and down her son's prick. He was glad he'd thought of a way for all three of them to have fun together.

    Then he got an even crazier idea. He slipped his juice-smeared cock all the way out of her and pressed his slick cock-head to the tiny puckered opening of her shitter. Her eager moans and lustily jerking hips told him what she thought of his idea.

    "Ahhhh, yeah," Craig cried hoarsely as he glided his cock into her hot little asshole.

    Jodie whimpered with excitement. She'd never been fucked in the ass before, and she found it incredibly arousing. At the same time she was sucking her son's cock, and that made her adventure even more wild. Craig filled her shitter with throbbing cock and Dane started fucking her mouth.

    "Mmmmmm, uuuummmmm!" Jodie moaned.

    It was some wedding night. Her new husband was groaning with lust as he pistoned his stiff cock in her tiny sucking asshole, and her son was panting with excitement as she sucked harder and harder on his cock-meat. Insanely aroused, Jodie began to come and come, a whole string of fiery orgasms ripping through her body.

    "Eat it, Mom, eat my load!" Dane yeued.

    "Take it up your ass, baby, aaaggghhhhh!" Craig bellowed.

    Jodie took the double load of come with ecstatic moans, gulping Dane's jizz while Craig's come flooded her ass. In just one short incredible week, she'd gone from being a lonely, love-starved woman to being a wife and mother who got all the sex she could possibly crave. She couldn't have been happier.

    "Mmmmm, fellows, that was fantastic," she said when they finally rolled apart, "but maybe it's time to go out to dinner now."

    "Yeah, we better do that," Craig said. "I think we ought to build up our strength."

    "You got it," Jodie grinned. "This evening is just getting started!"


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