High school harlots: girls for rent


    Tender teen lovelies turned high school hookers!

    Here is the documentation of a startling case history, untold until now – the true story of a ring of prostitution, organized by a wanton woman teacher, and staffed with lovely, nubile beauties!

    These young ladies were seduced by their teacher and sold their favors to the most important men – and women – of a typical suburban town.

    Here, telling their stories in their own you will meet:

    TINA – raped by her uncle at she was born to be bad!

    DEBBIE SUE – the sexed-up who sold herself for kicks!

    HONEY – a petite, angel-faced teen by a husband and wife!

    ELLEN – brunette and bosomy, with a lust for orgies!

    The true stories told by these high school harlots rip the lid off the secret desires of a suburban town!


    SUBJECT: Tina B.

    AGE: Eighteen


    I was the first girl that Beverly turned out. Sold, I mean. Well, not exactly sold – rented is more like it. Rented by the hour, or the night – occasionally by the weekend.

    Anyway, I was the first – her first girl – at Hamilton High School, that is. I don't know what she might have had going for her before she came to our school.

    I never asked her about her past… which was fair, since she never asked me about mine. I'm the kind of girl who knows how to keep her mouth shut.

    Beverly appreciated that quality in me. Most girls my age and older are big mouths who couldn't keep a secret if their lives depended on it.

    But I'm different. I'm a close-mouthed girl – except when it comes to loving. Then no part of me is closed, least of all my mouth.

    But I'm getting ahead of my story.

    Anyway, I'm a girl who knows how to keep a secret. I know dozens of them. But I'm through keeping them now.

    I figure, the story must be told. Anyway, even though our little circle was busted up and put out of business by the law, all of us girls are safe.

    We won't go to court. All the charges are already dismissed. We girls all know too much about the private bedroom lives, the kinks and kicks of the men and women who run this town.

    They don't want the truth to come out any more than we do. So we'll all get off scott-free. Not that they could have done much anyway, since most of the girls are under eighteen, under the legal age of prosecution.

    So, I'll tell the tale for the record, since I know it won't be used against me.

    Maybe, just maybe, if I thought that there was a chance of the law ever catching up with Beverly, I'd keep quiet.

    But probably not. She's long gone. I wouldn't want to squeal, but I wouldn't sit here holding the bag, not for anybody, even her.

    Did I love her? Hell, I don't know what love is, so how can I answer that, I was her lover, and made love with her, but that's different.

    But she's long gone. She knew when we had gone too far, and when the law was going to come down hard to put us out of business.

    The amazing thing is how long we were in operation – a ring of high school girls turned whores! Amazing that we lasted as long as we did.

    But Beverly was smart. She had all the angles covered, knew the ropes, knew who in the town authority to grease to keep on working.

    And it was a discreet operation… until things got out of hand.

    The ring ran for over three years. It started when Beverly sold my ass and pussy and the rest of me – with me wanting to do it as much as she did.

    She got me early, when I was a sophomore. Now, I'm just about finishing my senior year. But I don't think that they'll let me graduate, not after everything that's come down.

    Beverly was hired as an English teacher on the same fall that I began my sophomore semesters.

    She had a good eye and knew how to pick her girls. And I was just made for her needs in every way, professional and personal.

    I was no virgin when I started high school. Virgin? That's a laugh!

    I lost my cherry to a drunken uncle when I was twelve, and had little titties and practically no hair on my pussy.

    Uncle Frank it was, my mother's brother. My whore of a mother was between husbands at the time, but went out on a lot of dates, if you can call them that.

    But Uncle Frank was a real good guy. He was unmarried, a regular joe in his middle thirties with a good job down at the factory.

    Of course, that was years ago, way before the factory closed down and put Uncle Frank and half the town permanently out of work.

    He used to babysit for me a lot. Down in the neighborhood where I lived, girls grow up fast, and so did I.

    I knew the score, the facts of life, and then some. I didn't live in a slum, but it was as close to a slum as white trash can get.

    Like other little girls I knew, I had played doctor with some of the neighborhood kids, showing them what I had, and checking out theirs.

    And when I got my period at twelve, I was ready for it. I was really happy when my flat chest started to bud with little titties.

    I couldn't wait to grow up. I was, you could say, precocious.

    Real precocious. Uncle Frank knew that. Mom went out a lot. She was no hustler – hell, she was too lazy to get something going but sometimes she turned a few tricks to pay the rent.

    She loved men, and she was a real piece of ass, in a kind of blowsy way, so there were always lots of fellows chasing after her.

    Uncle Frank babysat for me a lot. I wasn't an only child, but my sister Terry was ten years older than me.

    Terry got knocked up, married, and divorced by the time she was sixteen, and she was long gone by the time I got my period.

    Uncle Frank was a big beefy guy with a red face and hair thinning out on top. He was big, with a beer belly.

    He liked to touch me. He was always grabbing me and hugging me and covering me with kisses and making me sit on his lap.

    I didn't mind – I love attention, especially from men, and did then, too.

    Anyway, about this time I had had my period for close to ten months. My titties sprouted from my chest, and there was a thin patch of hair between my legs.

    I guess Uncle Frank had been waiting for me to reach that point for a long time.

    It was a night just like any other, when he took me.

    Mom went out. She was stuffed into a bra two sizes too small, and jammed in a girdle, and dressed to kill.

    She had a hot and heavy date. I knew what that meant – that she wouldn't be home until late in the night, or early in the morning.

    Uncle Frank came over, ready to spend the night. He wasn't married, so he didn't have anybody to account to for his comings and goings.

    If Mom had been smarter, she would have figured out just why Uncle Frank was so obliging and willing to babysit for a twelve year old kid.

    Not that Mom was stupid – she's shrewd enough about things relating to her.

    But she goes around a good part of the time in a drunken fog, and she was really hitting the bottle heavy at that time.

    Besides, she wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

    Uncle Frank was always willing to babysit at the least little notice, and unlike a real sitter, he didn't charge Mom a dime.

    Mom kissed me goodnight and hurried down the stairs to meet her date, who drove up in a big car to pick her up.

    She swung that big butt of hers, wiggling her hips as she hurried to the car. She blew me a kiss and got in the car and they drove away.

    When she left, I was a virgin – when she came back, my cherry was gone.

    But shit, she didn't even know that.

    Uncle Frank settled down in front of the TV with a six-pack. I played in my room and pretended to do my homework.

    It got dark. During a commercial, Uncle Frank came to my room and said that it was time for me to get into my pajamas and get ready for bed.

    So, I did. When I was in my nightie and robe and slippers I came into the den, which was real dark with the lights turned low.

    I wore my hair in a ponytail. I was just a fresh kid, thinking she was smart, but still pretty much wet behind the ears.

    The nightie was in two parts, a top and matching panties. The top was sleeveless and sheer and all gauzy.

    I loved the way it felt on my skin. It made me feel all sexy, especially when my little nipples got stiff and pressed the fabric.

    The hem of it came down to my bottom. The panties were sheer and frilly and felt like heaven between my legs.

    But, to be a good girl, I wore a robe over it, and belted the robe closed.

    I sat down next to Uncle Frank, but he patted his lap and told me to sit on it.

    So, I did. I climbed on his lap. He put his arms around me and hugged me and kissed me on the back of my neck.

    It wasn't that hot in the house, it was a cool spring night, but Uncle Frank was dripping with sweat and breathing hard.

    He looked like he had just finished running a race. But he really started sweating when I parked my little buns in his lap.

    I shifted around, trying to get comfortable. My ass pressed his cock and balls.

    Something moved under me, pressing my ass, throbbing. Now, I was kind of innocent, but don't think that I didn't know what that was.

    All the same, I asked, "What's that, Uncle Frank?"

    "Never you mind about that!" His voice was strange, and he smelled of beer. "It's time that you were in bed!"

    "Aw, Uncle Frank, I don't wanna go to bed – I'm not tired!"

    "Now, Tina…"

    "Why can't I stay up with you and keep you company?"

    "I'll tell you what, Tina – I'll make a little deal with you."

    "What's that, Uncle Frank?"

    "I'll let you stay up – if you give me a kiss!"


    I kissed him on the cheek. He was all sweaty. "Now, it's my turn," he said. "I'll give you a great big kiss, so pucker up!"

    He hugged me real tight. His hard thing was harder than ever and throbbing like crazy as he pressed his mouth on mine.

    He kissed me real hard. He squirmed under me, rubbing his thing against my ass.

    He pushed his tongue against my lips. I felt all hot and bothered. Sure, I had kissed with tongues many times, so why not with Uncle Frank?

    He put his tongue in my mouth and rubbed my tongue with his. He kissed me for a real long time. When I didn't pull back, he touched me.

    First he fondled my hair, running it through his fingers. His hands shook.

    Then he rubbed my shoulders. It didn't take him long to put his hand on my tits.

    At first, he rubbed my titties with the back of his hand, just brushing them, like it was an accident.

    I just kissed him harder. I was a pretty good kisser even then.

    Then he put his hand on my little tit. When I didn't take his hand off, he squeezed my tit and played with it while he kissed me.

    He rubbed my legs. The robe was closed at the waist, but when he rubbed my thighs the robe opened and showed my bare legs.

    I knew that what we were doing was bad, and that Mom would take a strap to my ass and beat it raw if she ever found out.

    That thought just turned me on more, since I was glad to do anything that would piss her off, especially something like this.

    At last Uncle Frank stopped kissing me. The taste of him was in my mouth.

    "You really do have to go to bed, Tina."

    "Uncle Frank! You promised!"

    "On your way, young lady – if you go to bed like a good little girl, I'll give you a great big surprise."

    I was eager and pestered him with questions but he wouldn't tell me what the surprise was. So, it was bedtime.

    "I'll carry you." Uncle Frank swept me up in his arms, lifting me, which was easy for him since he was a big strong man and I was a mere little slip of a girl.

    I held on to his shoulders and he held me with one arm under my back and the other under my knees and he carried me to my room.

    My room was a little bigger than a closet, with just enough room for my bed, a chest of drawers, and some small stuff.

    Uncle Frank put me down on my back on the bed. He put me there on my back.

    I looked up at him and he looked down at me and neither of us said a thing.

    He reached out and opened the sash of my robe, unknotting it. He pulled back the flaps of the robe, exposing me in my nightie and panties.

    I should have covered myself up 'cause he could see most of me, through those thin garments, but I didn't move a muscle.

    He sat on the edge of the bed and touched me. He told me how pretty I was and how much he wanted to cover me with kisses.

    My little nipples were all stiff and he touched them. It made me feel all wet between my legs.

    He put hand on my crotch and started rubbing my pussy through my panties.

    "That feels nice, Uncle Frank…" I sighed. He rubbed me some more and I got wet inside. His thick thing was sticking up in the crotch of his trousers.

    I put my hand on his thing and squeezed. It throbbed.

    He took down my panties. He pulled them down my legs and off my feet. He touched my thighs and calves.

    My pussy had a real light bush, a dusting of soft dark brown hair. As I got older, my bush got much darker, so now it's almost black.

    But then it hardly covered my thin little pussy lips at all – but Uncle Frank did, covered them, I mean – covered them with his mouth.

    "I bet that you've never been kissed there!" he said. He pressed his fingertip against my slit and made me squirm.

    He didn't wait for me to tell him that no, I never had been kissed between the legs. He kissed me there.

    At first, it tickled – for about a couple of seconds. Then it got to me.

    My eyes got wide and I got all hot and bothered. His lips were thick, kind of blubbery, and they felt like heaven on my pussy.

    He kissed my pussy up and down. Soon I was moaning. I was all lazy and relaxed and stretched out on the bed.

    His kisses got wet and sloppy, but then, I was already wet, between the legs, I mean, and his kisses really started making me flow.

    He held my hips. Maybe at first he was holding me down, in case I got scared and tried to get away from him.

    But there was no chance of that. I was scared yes – scared by how good that mouth made me feel in my pussy, and the rest of me.

    Then he started licking my pussy. His lips had been intense but his tongue was much more so! He licked and lapped.

    That was the first time I ever had my pussy eaten. It planted the seed, you could say, since I've loved it ever since.

    He licked the pussy lips up and down. His spit got all over them. I didn't mind. I was too hot to want anything but that licking tongue.

    Once he lifted his hot wet mouth from my pussy and asked me, didn't it feel just wonderful? It surely did, I told him.

    He pressed his lips against my pussy lips, then he put his tongue inside me.

    It penetrated me. He licked the inside of my pussy until I thought I might faint. Then he took his tongue out.

    It was dark in my room, no lights were turned on. The only light was the one in the hall, which shone through the open door.

    I thought that he was done, when he took his tongue out of me, but he wasn't, not at all – instead, he put his tongue on my clit.

    I almost fell off the bed when he started licking me there.

    That was when he pushed my hips down on the bed and tongued my clit until I came – and I never came like that!

    I thought that I was going to faint – the room spun – I felt like I was riding the scariest roller coaster in the world! Then I climaxed.

    Maybe I did pass out then, if only for a few seconds. Maybe I shrieked, too loudly, because Uncle Frank covered my mouth.

    I got control of myself. I was all out of breath, rushing, coming like crazy, heat from my pussy shooting through all of me.

    I was like a doll or a puppet. I lay there while Uncle Frank undressed me.

    Then I was naked on the bed. My thin bush and my pussy were dripping wet.

    Uncle Frank took off his clothes. He pulled down his pants and his shorts and then I saw his stiff thing, all naked.

    "Uncle Frank…"

    Uncle Frank got into bed, hugging me, kissing me, calling me his little darling.

    He took my hand and pressed it against his thing. I was really interested, since I had never been with or seen a naked man.

    His thing was huge. Maybe my being young made it seem even bigger to me than it really was. It seared me, but fascinated me too.

    Uncle Frank moaned when I touched him. His dick was hard, smooth, hot.

    He said that I should kiss his thing, like he had done for me. I got up on my hands and knees, my pussy oozing like crazy.

    I pressed my lips against the head of the cock. It was rubbery and throbbing. I licked the head and kissed it.

    Uncle Frank told me to take some of it in my mouth and suck it. He sat on the bed, holding his cock, the top of it rising up from his fist.

    I took the head of it in my mouth. Uncle Frank sighed and shook.

    I pretended that the cock head was a piece of hard candy, like one of the jawbreakers I liked from the penny candy machine.

    I didn't know anything about sucking, but I must have done something right, since Uncle Frank almost came just from me sucking his cock head.

    It was all juicy and spit ran down the sides of my mouth, down my chin.

    He wanted to put his thing deeper. He pushed down on my head, and his cock went over my tongue and filled my mouth.

    The head bumped the back of my throat, choking me. I gagged and pulled my head back and told Uncle Frank that I couldn't take it so deep.

    That was all right, that was fine, there was something else we could do.

    He put me down on my back on the bed. He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs. Then he crawled on top of me.

    His thing hung down between his legs. It was hot and wet from the sucking. It throbbed when it rubbed me.

    Uncle Frank wanted to put his thing in me. He touched the cock head to my slit. He rubbed the wet head up and down my slit and that felt really nice, and made me hot.

    Then he rubbed my clit and I got all wet inside, all over again.

    Then he pressed the cock head against me and put the head inside… I was thin and narrow, and his cock head was big and fat.

    It split and spread my pussy lips, stretching the membranes. They kind of hurt and I started to moan.

    I was cherry, and now that he had me where he wanted me, he sure wasn't going to give me a chance to get scared or change my mind.

    He shoved his thing in real deep, real hard. It hurt!

    Everything had been nice and sweet and sexy up to then, but he got rough.

    He was heavy, a big man, and he pushed me into the mattress. His thing was hard in me and it sank deep, stretching me.

    I shrieked but before I could get too loud he clapped his palm over my mouth and muffled my cries.

    He muttered that it would hurt for an instant, only an instant, then it would feel all nice and fine and I would be a woman.

    His thing was choking me between the legs and I panicked. But there was nothing for me to do but get fucked.

    I had my cherry. At first it held out, and that was what really hurt, as his cock head pounded at the maidenhead.

    Then he pushed harder and my cherry broke. There was a flash of pain between my legs like a knife, and it shot straight up to my head.

    I wished that I could faint, but I didn't. My cherry broke, tearing apart, as he stuck his cock all the way inside me.

    I was scared now, scared and crying. He kept his hand covering my mouth and his body covering my body as he fucked me.

    When my cherry broke there was a bright flash of sharp pain. Then there was a dull aching pain, like I had a toothache down there.

    I could hardly catch my breath. He pumped in and out. I guess mine was the hottest, tightest little piece of pussy that he ever fucked!

    It hurt when he pushed his thing back and forth. I kept hoping that it would-be over but he just kept pumping harder.

    His thing got hotter and hotter. He put it deep in me, deeper than I thought I could take it, so it really started hurting again.

    This time he didn't pull his thing out for another stroke, but he kept it in, kept it in while he came.

    He groaned. Come shot from his thing. It was warm and thick and gushing inside me like blood. For a second I thought that it was blood, my blood.

    He dumped his load in me. The come stopped gushing and faded to a thin trickle. The come was soothing on my membranes.

    So, there you have it – that's how I lost my cherry.

    By the time I reached my sophomore year in high school, I was a real slut. Not that I gave a damn what other people called me.

    They could call me anything they liked – as long as they did it behind my back. If they did it where I could hear it, I made them sorry.

    But no boy was sorry if he ever went out with me.

    I was really stupid, but it took somebody like Beverly Harker to prove it to me. When she started at the school, I was just ripe for the plucking.

    She proved to me what a brainless little idiot I was, to give it away when I could be selling it at top dollar for big bucks.

    You could say that Beverly and I were made for each other – she proved it to me. She proved it to me in bed – her bed.


    Beverly Harker sold me on her plan to sell me.

    We were in bed at the time… her bed. It was on a weeknight after Thanksgiving and before Christmas vacation.

    Tomorrow was a school day, but I getting my education in the teacher's bed.

    It had taken her until then to hustle me into her bed. After she made love to me for the first time, I was sorry that she had waited so long.

    But she had to be careful, being a teacher and all. If she made a mistake and came on to the wrong girl, she would be finished. She chose right when she chose me. Afterward, we were both naked and resting in bed. She had done it to me real good. I never had my pussy eaten so good.

    I came heavy. Later, I felt all wet and melted inside, between my legs. My nipples stayed stiff and they throbbed real hard. The throbbings ran right through me.

    I was on my back. Beverly was beside me. I rested my head on her arm and curled up against her. She was on her side, toying with my tits.

    She sure looked different in bed than she did in the classroom.

    She was attractive, but tough. Not tough like some of the sluts from my neighborhood, hard and brassy and cheap, but tough in a cool, classy kind of way.

    She's in her late twenties, with short dark brown hair and a sharp-featured face, with cheekbones which stick out and a long thin nose.

    In school she looks all businesslike and put-together. She wears her hair pulled back in a knot at the back of her head.

    She has real beautiful skin, with an ivory complexion. Her deepset eyes are colored dark chestnut brown.

    She's got a strong lithe body, firm and athletic, but with big tits and a great ass. She dresses to cover up her body, in school. There's not much give in her. The kids in school think that she's the straightest of the straight, a no-nonsense, by the book type. There's no getting away with anything in her classes. She's too smart and knows all the tricks students try to use on teachers.

    Usually she's cool as a cucumber, but sometimes when a student gets her mad, she can really give him hell.

    She does everything by the rules. But that's just her front, her false face. She puts on that act so she can get away with the stuff she does.

    She's a handsome woman, but not pretty – her features are too strong for that.

    Her hair is dark, thick, and reaches to her shoulders when she unties it and lets it fall free.

    That's how she wears it in bed. She let down her hair when she bedded me – let down her hair in more ways than one.

    At school she's cool, calm, collected, but in bed she was a tigress.

    Her hair was like a lion's mane, hanging all loose and free. After she took me, some but not all of the tension went out of her face.

    She has a super body. In school, she keeps it covered up, and always wears suit jackets or blazers and long skirts.

    Some of the teachers are teasers, and wear sexy clothes to drive the horny boys in class wild – which isn't hard, if you know teenage boys.

    I do.

    But Beverly wasn't one of those teasers. She dressed to cover up, not to show off. But not even the plainest clothes could hide her figure.

    I had checked it out myself. It was a big reason why I accepted her invitation to come use her house during the weeknight.

    One thing led to another, and she led me off to her bed.

    It was a miserable night outside, with cold rain and sleet. But it was hot and humid as a greenhouse in her bedroom.

    She had been a wild woman when she took me in bed. I'm no shrinking violet, but her passion made me a little scared.

    Which only turned me on all that much more…

    After we did it, or she did me, I should say, we rested in bed. The tangled sheets were wrapped around our legs, and wet from sweat.

    Beverly looked a little more relaxed, but not much. Her eyes were still hot.

    While we rested, she felt me up. She played with my tits, rubbing the nipples, pinching and tweaking them.

    She made me moan from her handling of my tits. She rubbed down my belly and fingered my bush, which was damp.

    Then she put her hand on my pussy and fondled it.

    My pussy was super-sensitive from already being eaten. Beverly touched me real light at first, just gliding her fingers over me.

    She put her mouth close to my ear. Her breath was warm and tickling.

    As she rubbed my pussy, she spoke to me. She told me that I was a beautiful girl and that I had pleased her very much.

    She wanted to do something for me, she said. I sighed and said that she had done more than enough. But she meant something different.

    She asked me how I would like to have beautiful clothes and jewelry, plenty of money, maybe even my own car?

    I told her that it would be great, but that I had stopped believing in Santa Claus a long long time ago.

    She told me not to act deliberately dumb. I was sitting on a gold mine, she said, only I was too dumb to take advantage of it.

    Surely I knew the effect my body had not only on boys, but on men?

    Well, of course I did – I had known that since I was twelve.

    What a fool I was, for just giving up MY precious pussy to horny guys after they took me on a date and maybe to dinner.

    There were men, older men, respectable clean gentlemen, who would happily pay for the privilege of making love to me.

    Now, I had thought of such things. From where I come from, only an idiot would be unaware of that. But I had never sold it.

    I sighed and said that the idea didn't sound half-bad, except that I had no idea where those fine gentlemen that she spoke of could be found.

    "I do," she said. "Clean, safe, secure, and prosperous mature gentlemen who know how to show their appreciation of pretty girls like you."

    She said more on the same subject. While she talked, she rubbed my pussy, so I got hotter and hotter as she went on speaking.

    Her mouth whispered in my ear. She talked soft and sound, almost like she was hypnotizing me. I closed my eyes and listened.

    When she started talking price, how much I could get for an "hour of love" with one of the gentlemen, I really started squirming.

    Outside it was cold and raining. A big gust of wind blew up and rattled the window. I thought how cold it was out there, and shivered.

    Beverly put her finger inside my pussy. It was dripping. She pushed her finger in and out, fucking me with it.

    I moaned. After a while, I turned on my side, her finger still in my pussy, and pressed my head against her tits.

    She wasn't all strait jacketed in her school clothes now – she was naked.

    Her breasts were big, melon-sized – she was really stacked, built like a woman and not a girl, with big fat nipples.

    It was warm where I put my face between her tits. They pressed my cheeks. It was nice and dark. Beverly stroked me and kept on talking.

    I moaned. She cupped her tit and put her nipple in my mouth.

    It was good to suck it. It was all hard and throbbing, while the rest of her tit was soft and smooth and warm.

    Beverly fondled my hair and back and told me that she would take care of me, that I would be her number one girl.

    We would both make lots of money and get lots of kicks.

    I took her tit out of my mouth, but only to tell her that I wanted to eat her.

    When we had tumbled into bed the first time, she made love to me, while I just laid back and dug what she did.

    Now I wanted to do her. She put me on my back. She got on her knees and crawled up to the head of the bed and my head.

    She faced my feet and sat on my face. She put her knees on either side of my head. Her pussy was positioned over my face.

    She had wide womanly hips, a thick black bush, full and furry, and thick pussy lips which were dark and soft and warm.

    She squatted down. Her bush tickled my nose. Her pussy smelled musky and made my mouth water. Her pussy lips pressed my lips.

    I kissed her pussy. The lips split, showing the slippery pink wet membranes. They pressed on my mouth, steam coming up from her crotch.

    I put my tongue inside her. Her juices were thick on my tongue. I licked them up and swallowed them down and lapped for more.

    She rocked back and forth on my face. Her juices smeared from my forehead to my chin. Then she had me lick her clitoris.

    Her clitoris was a marble of pink flesh. I put my tongue to it and licked away. Her thighs pressed my cheeks as she rocked back and forth.

    When she came she squeezed my head with her thighs, while her pussy quivered against my mouth and she climaxed.

    After that night, Beverly didn't waste any time in getting things going.

    Mr. Sanford was the first – my first.

    I didn't know him. Hamilton is a big town. Anyway, he wasn't from Hamilton at all. He came from New York City, across the river.

    He came to fuck me – and paid for the pleasure.

    Beverly set everything up. I was over at her house during just about every moment of my free time, mixing business with pleasure.

    First there was a photo session.

    Beverly had a neat portable camera. It was one of those jobs that develops each picture inside the camera, so you don't have to send the film out to be developed.

    That made it convenient for the kind of pictures we took.

    She started in her house. It was a small house, one story, set on a corner and off from the other houses in the block.

    Beverly rented it. That was one of the reasons why I think that she had pulled this kind of operation before, in other towns.

    In case you hadn't heard, teachers get paid peanuts. The unmarried teachers who lived in town had to live in apartments.

    But Beverly had that house all to herself. My guess is she rented it for the business she knew she would set up.

    There was a living room, kitchenette, bathroom, her bedroom, a guest room, and another, smaller room. There was also a cellar. She took the first sets of photos in the living room. The curtains were pulled tight across the windows so no snoop could peek inside.

    She went about it pretty efficiently. She pinned a sheet up on the wall to serve as a kind of backdrop.

    She had some lights set up, on little metal stands. They were bright and hot when you stood in front of them.

    When she took the pictures, she wore a pair of tight jeans. She was barefoot and bare from the waist up.

    I was all pretty, with my hair all freshly washed and shampooed and styled and blow-dried.

    First she took some pictures of me without any make-up, just facial shots.

    "Your good looks are too mature for you to play a little girl," she said, "although I'm sure you could do it in a pinch, if you had to."

    She went on to say that there were other kinds of looks I could cultivate.

    She put some make-up on me. She told me that I usually put too much on, and took away from my good looks rather than adding to them.

    I was a little pissed at that, 'cause I liked to think that I was real good at make-up. But when she finished with me, and I saw myself in the mirror, I knew she was right. She had done the job perfectly.

    It was… subtle. I kind of used to go overboard with the mascara and the glossy lipstick, but she toned down the look.

    I looked great – classy, you know? And real sexy.

    She took some more shots, just of my head and shoulders.

    Then she took some pictures of me in bra and panties. She put me in a black lace bra and matching panties.

    The lingerie was expensive, super-fine, and felt like heaven against my tits and my pussy. It was really sexy.

    Beverly picked out the lingerie. She had known my size without even asking. She had a skilled eye when it came to females.

    Then she took some pictures of me stark naked – standing, bending over, turning my back to the camera and sticking out my behind.

    At first I tried to look sexy. Beverly put down the camera without taking a picture and told me to stop hamming it up.

    Nothing would be more sexy to a man than my own natural look. Once again, she was right.

    When she finished taking the pictures, I got out from behind the lights, sweat shining on my skin, and my nipples all stiff.

    She had quite a selection of photos by then. It had taken a long time. I hadn't realized that posing could be so tiring!

    Beverly told me that posing for pictures was more work than getting fucked.

    I sat on the sofa. My bare bottom pressed the cushions. They were velvet and felt dreamy on my bottom.

    I opened my legs and put my hand between them and touched my pussy.

    "Now that you've taken the pictures," I said, "isn't there something else you'd like to take?"

    There was. She put down camera and photos and came to me. She eased me off the sofa and made me get down on my knees on the floor.

    I tilted my head back and looked up at her. Seen from down there, her tits looked even bigger than usual.

    She popped open her jeans. She wore a pair of those French designer jeans that fit like a second skin.

    The jeans were so tight that I could see the mound and lips of her pussy pressed by the denim. She opened her jeans and unzipped them.

    She wasn't wearing panties. Skin, smooth and soft, showed when she opened the zipper. Then her thick black bush came into view.

    The jeans were really tight, like they were painted on. She squirmed from side to side as she pulled them off her hips.

    Moving like that made her tits bob all over the place. The nipples were hard.

    She tugged the jeans down to the middle of her thighs. Then she put her hand on my head and pulled me to her.

    My face pressed her bush and pussy. I covered her pussy with kisses, then licked it up and down before putting my tongue in her.

    I licked the juices in her slit and tongued her clitoris until she came.

    Later, she used a dildo on me.

    It was the first time. She went into her bedroom and when she came out she was naked and carrying the dildo.

    She had eaten my pussy so it was all wet and dripping. She stood me up. I was all lazy and dreamy. She made me bend over the sofa.

    I stood on the floor and lay across the back of the sofa with my head and arms hanging down. Beverly stood behind me.

    She made me move my feet wider apart and open my legs for her.

    That first time, she didn't wear the dildo when she used it on me. She stood there and worked it by hand.

    My pussy was wet but the dildo was thick. She touched it to my mouth and made me suck it wet – she said the mouth practice was good for me.

    The dildo was made of pink plastic, smooth and thick and flexible. It dripped with my spit when she took it out of my mouth.

    "I'll have to teach you how to deep-throat," she said. "But not now."

    She rubbed the dildo head against my pussy lips. My pussy lips were wet and slippery and so was the dildo, so it felt real nice.

    She pressed the dildo against the pussy lips and pushed it in.

    The dildo was thick and filled me. It stretched me. She pushed it in slowly but made me moan all the same.

    It was bigger and thicker than a cock. She reached under me and put her fingers on my slit, at the top.

    She fucked me with the dildo. She rubbed my clitoris at the same time. She couldn't rub too hard, 'cause I would have fallen right off the sofa.

    When I climaxed, she put the dildo deep inside me and kept it there.

    The pictures did their work – that weekend I had my first customer.

    It was Saturday afternoon, but I was dressed like it was night. It was a bright but cold day without a cloud in the sky. But it was freezing. The heat was turned up good and warm in Beverly's house. That was good, since I would be without my clothes.

    I was surprised by how nervous I was. Would the guy like me? Suppose he didn't think I was pretty? What if he said I was a lousy lay and wanted his money back?

    Beverly hugged and kissed me and told me to stop talking like a little idiot, that I was gorgeous, and the proof of that was in the mirror.

    She took me to the mirror and stood behind me and showed me myself.

    I looked great. I was freshly washed, scrubbed, shampooed, made-up. I wore all new stuff for the occasion.

    Beverly bought the clothes for me when we had gone shopping. We had gone a few nights before, to a mall thirty miles from town.

    That was just to be sure that we wouldn't run into any of my classmates, who would be suspicious to see a teacher buying clothes for a student.

    I wore a tight red dress, a one-piece made of smooth shimmering material. The dress had long sleeves and buttoned down the front.

    I had bare legs and wore red high-heeled shoes. Beverly had done my make-up and hair.

    I looked great.

    I asked if I could have a drink to calm my nerves. She said no. I should keep a clear head – then I would be at my best.

    This Mr. Sanford was a gentleman of the old school – and he sure loved pussy.

    He greeted Beverly like she was an old friend. It seemed like he might have known her from when she was doing something like this before.

    He was middle-aged, early fifties, I guess, with a fine head of white hair and an owlish face and a big soft body.

    He wasn't movie star handsome, but he wouldn't have to hide his head under a pillow, either. He was smooth-shaven, with shiny pink skin.

    He wore a suit and tie. His clothes were conservative, square, expensive. He had on a gold Swiss watch.

    Beverly was dressed nicely, in a tight white blouse and a black skirt slit up the sides to show the knee-high black boots she wore.

    Sanford kissed her on the cheek and gave her a little hug. Then she introduced him to me, and me to him, in the living room.

    I wasn't quite sure what to do. I put out my hand to shake his. He held my hand and kissed it.

    I was even prettier than my pictures, he told me. His pink face got rosy red and his eyes were all hot and looking at me.

    I felt a little better after that. After all, what did I have to worry about? I was a sexy piece of ass, and he was male.

    That was all I needed to know.

    We sat in the living room for a moment, getting acquainted. I sat next to him on the sofa. His leg pressed my thigh.

    Beverly made drinks. Sanford got scotch-and-water, but all I got was some ginger ale over ice.

    When the glasses were empty, Beverly asked me to go to the room and wait.

    This was not her bedroom, but the other room, the guest room. It was small but comfortable, with a big single bed.

    There was no window in the room, so I turned on the lamp on the night table. I sat on the bed, which had fresh sheets and blankets.

    Outside the room, I guess the payment changed hands. Beverly came in the room first with Sanford trailing her.

    Beverly shut the door. Since this was my first time out, she would be present during the session to offer guidance and reassurance.

    Mainly, though, she was a voyeur, and loved to watch one of her little girls get fucked, whether by man, woman, or both.

    There was an armchair at the foot of the bed and she sat down in it, showing a lot of thigh when she crossed her legs.

    Sanford must have known her ways, 'cause he wasn't at all bothered by her being there. Maybe he got off on being watched. I kind of did.

    Beverly told us to ignore her and just have our fun.

    Sanford came to me. I stood up and he hugged me. He was hot under the collar and his pink face was red now and sweating.

    She pressed me against him and kissed me. His lips were blubbery and he was a sloppy kisser with a hot wet mouth.

    He rubbed down my back and down the curve of my ass. He put both hands on my ass, one on each cheek, and squeezed them through the dress.

    He was hot and stiff between the legs. He stopped kissing me. He unzipped my dress. His hands shook as he took it off me.

    I raised my arms over my head and he pulled the dress off. I was in my bra and panties and red high-heeled shoes.

    He moaned when he saw my tits in the black lace bra.

    He held me and bent forward and rubbed his face against the tops of my tits, where they weren't covered by the bra.

    The nipples got hard. The bra was soft and lacey and see-through, and the nipples could be seen pressing the cups.

    He put his hand between my legs, rubbing my crotch through the panties.

    He turned me around and took off the bra. He had some trouble with the hooks at the back and fumbled clumsily with them.

    He muttered and cursed. Then the bra came open. He took it off me.

    He said that I had beautiful breasts. I cupped my tits in my palms and lifted them so he could kiss them.

    He kissed one nipple and then the other. Then it was time for my panties to come down. He wanted to see my pussy.

    He pulled the panties down. His hands were moist with sweat. He pulled the panties off my hips. Their crotch was damp with my juices.

    They fell to the floor. I stepped out of them and sat down on the bed so I could take off my high-heeled shoes.

    Sanford took off his jacket and hung it up on a hook on the inside of the closet door. His white shirt was damp with sweat.

    He stripped down to the waist. He was a big fellow with wide shoulders and a lot of belly, covered with gray body hair.

    His dick was stiff and stood out in the crotch of his pants.

    He came to me. Would I take him by mouth?

    I said that I'd love to.

    I got off the bed and got on my knees on the floor. I licked my lips. My head was facing his crotch. He opened his pants, took them down.

    He wore silk drawers, boxer style. The front of them was lifted like a tent. The head of his cock was red and swollen where I saw it through the flyhole of the shorts.

    He took hold of his dick and squeezed it through the shorts, rubbing silk against it before pulling the shorts down.

    His cock flopped down in front of my face. He had a big thick red thing with a wide head. His bush was all graying, like his body hair and the hair on his head.

    He fondled my hair and face, then pulled me to him.

    His cock head rubbed my face. He put it up against my lips, and I kissed it.

    I stuck out my tongue and licked the head. He liked that. He squirmed and his big soft belly rippled like a bowl full of jelly.

    He pressed the cock head harder, so I knew he wanted to put it in my mouth.

    I opened my mouth and he put his cock in. First he put in the head. I sucked on that for a while, making him shake.

    He pressed my face with his palms and held my head and pushed his cock over my tongue and into my open throat.

    I sucked on his thing. It was heavy and pressed my tongue. I rubbed it with my tongue. He pumped in and out of my mouth.

    I concentrated on relaxing my throat muscles, as Beverly taught me. I was able to take him pretty deep, especially for this first time.

    His thing got hotter as he fucked my mouth with it.

    Sanford was no spring chicken. He was out of shape, and he huffed and puffed as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth.

    He wheezed that he was going to come. He held my head tightly and he put it deep in my mouth and throat and kept it there.

    The head of it was stuck in my throat as he came.

    I had to gulp down his come to keep from choking. I'm no come freak and don't particularly like the taste. I sucked it down, squeezing his shooting cock with my mouth.

    When he stopped spurting, he was still hard in my mouth. He let out a sigh that sounded like a steaming radiator.

    He let go of my head. My face was sweaty from his hands. His cock twitched on my lips and tongue. Weakly he patted my cheek.

    He pulled out of me. His cock popped out of my lips. His come was thick on my tongue. I smacked my lips like it was champagne.

    His cock was red and rubbery, still stiff, wet and sticky. He wanted more.

    He got me into bed, pulling down the sheets and blankets.

    I glanced at Beverly. Her face was hard and lined and full of lust. Her ivory skin looked white as a sheet while her eyes were like wet black marbles.

    Her nipples were like marbles, too, they stood out so stiff and straight. She wasn't wearing a bra under that blouse.

    She held the arms of the chair and sat with her buns perched on the edge of the seat as she leaned forward to watch all the action.

    She was sweating with lust… so was Sanford. I got on my back, but he wanted me on my hands and knees. I got in that position, kneeling on the bed with my ass raised.

    My nipples were stiff. My pussy tingled. This business wasn't too hard to take!

    Sanford climbed on the bed and got behind me, so that he faced my ass.

    He started touching me. He rubbed my ass a lot. He rubbed my thighs. He reached for my tits and played with the nipples.

    He stood on his knees, leaning over me, his cock bumping my ass. He kissed my rear and licked his way down to my pussy.

    He rubbed my pussy lips. They got warm. He put his finger inside me. He pushed it in and out, fucking me with it.

    He took his finger out of me and nudged me from behind. His cock head bumped my pussy lips. He held it against them.

    He moved my knees wider apart so that my thighs were open and my pussy was more open to him. He rubbed the cock head against my slit.

    My back was to Beverly, so I couldn't see what she was doing. But I could hear her breathing hard.

    Sanford put his thing inside me. He stuffed the cock head into the lips, stretching me. He corkscrewed his cock into me.

    He bumped me from behind, pushing his thing in deeper. It was a tight fit. I squealed a couple of times, but he kept on feeding me his cock.

    He stuck me deep, putting it way in. He oohed and aahed. He held on tight to my hips and rocked back and forth, fucking me from behind.

    I was on all fours and he fucked me dog style.

    I participated. I moaned and cried and whimpered and begged him not to stop and did all the tricks whores – and lovers – do to make their men think that they're the greatest lays since Casanova.

    Sanford liked to pull and squeeze my tits. He took hold of them, one in each hand, and held on tight while fucking me.

    My tits were sensitive, but he pulled them this way and that, twisting them, squeezing them like the udders of some cow he was milking.

    My stiff nipples got sore from all the pulling and pinching.

    Sanford was a heavy guy, and when he pushed his thing into me, he pressed down hard on me, so that it was a strain to stay on my knees.

    I moaned from the pain of my pulled tits. Sanford thought that I was moaning from the good fucking he was giving me.

    The way he huffed and puffed, I was afraid that he'd have a stroke – that would have been a hell of a thing!

    He jammed his thing deep inside me. The cock head bumped my womb. He didn't pull it out but kept it plunged inside me.

    He came. He didn't come as heavy in my pussy as he had in my mouth, but there was still plenty of fresh cream gushing into my slit.

    I did good. Sanford thought that I was the greatest, and he promised that he would be coming back for more.

    Before he left, he scheduled an appointment with me for the following week.

    Beverly was really sexed up from watching me get fucked. After Sanford was gone, she counted out my money for me.

    I was naked on the bed. She let the cash fall down on me like leaves, green paper leaves that stuck to my sweating body.

    She tore off her clothes and climbed on my face and made me eat her for orgasm after orgasm, until my jaws were sore.

    We were off to a great start. Beverly had thought of everything.

    She had a closet at her house for me to keep all my outfits and lingerie and new clothes in. I was on the pill, so there was no risk of pregnancy. Her customers were people she knew, who were screened, so there was no worry about any freaks or lowlifes getting into the picture, and my pussy.

    A man named Taylor was the second regular customer. He was tall and thin and gray and bony, with a long thin cock.

    I took that cock down deep in my throat and held it there to give him a wild suck job, and then I swallowed down all his gushing cream.

    Beverly was in the room. Taylor had a yen to see the two of us, me and Beverly, together in a sexual way.

    He offered to pay plenty for that pleasure. Beverly answered him by rising from her chair and taking off her clothes.

    He moved out of the way. He sat down in the chair where she had been, while she joined me at the bed.

    She took off her blouse. She was braless. Her nipples stood out like cherries. She fondled my hair when I sat up in bed.

    She took off her skirt. She wore boots and panties. The panties were black silk, and the boots were black leather.

    I knelt on the bed with my legs folded under me. My head was just about level with her tits in the bra.

    She stood off to one side, so the customer would have a clear view of both of us. Beverly was real thorough, and always thought of things like that.

    She unhooked her bra and took it off. Her tits tumbled out. They were heavy but firm and didn't sag. They made my mouth water.

    She leaned forward and rubbed her tits against my face. She swayed from side to side. The meaty tits slapped my face and rippled.

    She cupped her tit and held her nipple to my lips. I kissed it. She put it in my mouth and I sucked it while she rubbed me.

    After a while she took her tit from my mouth. The nipple I sucked was bigger than the other one, although they both were stiff. She pointed to the floor and told me to get down off the bed.

    I got on the carpet at the bedside, standing at my knees. Now my head was level with her pussy. She rubbed herself through her panties.

    She ordered me to take down her panties – just using my mouth.

    I pressed my face against her crotch. The panties were silky against me, and I could feel her body heat through them.

    Her thighs were smooth and soft where my face rubbed them. I worked on the panties with my chin, trying to pull them down.

    Finally I got a fold of the panties between my teeth. I held it tightly. Then I lowered my head, pulling the panties down.

    Beverly told me to be careful not to tear the panties. I had to move my head around from side to side, changing the way I was pulling.

    After I got the panties down to her thighs, the rest was easy. The only hard part was fighting the temptation of her pussy which was right in my face.

    I lowered my head like I was bowing, and pulled the panties down her legs. They came down easily when they were past the middle of her thighs.

    She stepped out of the panties and back I went into bed, with her joining me.

    She sat with her back against the headboard and her legs spread. I crawled between her legs and knelt there.

    I lowered my head and put my face on her pussy. I kissed, licked, lapped.

    Soon her pussy was wet on the outside with my saliva, and on the inside with the juices oozing from her membranes.

    Taylor had been sitting in the chair playing with himself, but he got so turned on watching the two of females that he decided he'd rather play with us.

    He got into bed while I was going down on Beverly. I was on my knees with my head down and my ass raised high.

    He climbed on the bed in back of me. He poked my pussy with his cock head. He pressed it and put it inside me.

    His cock was thin but real long. It felt like a snake sliding into me, and reached the pit of my pussy with plenty to spare.

    I was being used at both ends – the customer fucked me between the legs, while Beverly filled my mouth with her pussy.

    I licked her clitoris while Taylor fucked me from behind.

    Beverly raised her legs. They were bent at the knees. She pressed them against my head while I ran my tongue over her clitoris.

    Taylor pumped into me. The bed creaked and groaned from the three of us on it and I hoped that it wouldn't break.

    His cock pumped into me. He put it deep and came.

    I kept on licking Beverly's clit while the cock pumped come in my pussy.

    By the time that Taylor stopped shooting, Beverly was ready to climax.

    When she came, I felt her pussy quiver. She closed her bent legs and squeezed my head, pressing my mouth hard against her pussy.

    It was wet and steamy down there. I held my breath while she came. At last she sobbed and shuddered and her legs fell open.

    I raised my wet face from her pussy while she gasped for breath.

    Taylor was still hard when he pulled out of me. He wanted more.

    He told Beverly that he wanted what I had had, namely the thrill of eating Beverly's perfect pussy.

    He would have gone down on mine, if it wasn't filled with his come.

    Not that we didn't have come freaks, guys who really got off on licking the semen out of a freshly fucked pussy.

    We got into all kinds of kinky scenes – but they came later. Beverly brought me along step by step, with the scenes getting kinkier and kinkier.

    Compared to most of those later scenes, when the ring was running at full blast, Taylor's scene was as tame as a Sunday school picnic.

    Taylor laid his long skinny body with its long skinny cock down on his back on the bed, while Beverly and I moved around.

    I was at his hips and she was at his head. I straddled his hips. I held his cock straight up, with its head touching my pussy.

    I rubbed it back and forth on my pussy lips. They were already sticky with the come he had just shot inside. Beverly sat on his face. She knelt over his head, knees on either side, facing me, so that the two of us squatted face to face over Taylor.

    I pressed his cock head against my pussy and eased it in. I was lubricated with come and his thing slid up inside me as I sat on it.

    Beverly squatted over his face. His face was red. His mouth was open. He reached for her wide hips and held them.

    Her rounded ass and her wet, steaming pussy were over his face. He pulled her down. His face was hidden when she squatted on it.

    She sighed and moaned when her pussy pressed his mouth. Sucking sounds came from under her as he licked and lapped her pussy.

    Her pussy was dripping wet from the eating I have her. The smell of her was thick especially since her pussy was oozing with juices.

    Her tits bobbed and shook as she rocked back and forth, rubbing her crotch against his sucking mouth.

    I rode his cock, pumping up and down on it. I got better action when I leaned forward and could work out more on his cock.

    Because he had come twice, it was really hard for me to bring him off a third time.

    I rode him until my hips were sore from grinding into his, and my pussy lips were sore, yes, and the inside of my pussy, too.

    When I squatted and leaned forward, I could touch my tongue to Beverly's tits.

    She cupped her tits, one in each hand, and held them for me. I licked the nipples and lapped at the rest of her tits.

    At the same time, she rode Taylor's mouth. She got excited and ground her pussy hard against his face.

    He made her come with his mouth. She shivered and her eyes shut and her mouth opened and she gasped and groaned.

    She sat on his face and squeezed his head, smothering him in fresh pussy.

    He came inside me, at last. Since it was his third time, he was only good for a few drops or so, which were squeezed from his cock.

    But just because he didn't shoot like a firehose, don't think that it wasn't super-intense for him.

    That last orgasm just about wasted him. When he stopped shaking and gasping, he lay there on the bed like he'd been flattened like a steamroller.

    Beverly rubbed the back of her hand against her eyes, wiping off the sweat. She gave her head a toss, clearing the hair off her wet face.

    She rose off Taylor's face. His spit was white and bubbly on her bush, which was soaked with the stuff. Her pussy lips were dark and dripping.

    Her pussy lips were spread on his mouth, and I caught a glimpse of the slippery membranes before the pussy lips closed.

    I started to get off him, too, but he wanted me to stay there for a while longer. So I sat up straight with his cock inside me.

    Beverly climbed off his face and sat on the edge of the bed. She let her head rest on top of her thighs, with hair falling over her face.

    After a while, Taylor softened up inside me, and had me get off him.

    Beverly did some scenes and sessions with me, for customers with special tastes, but that was generally at the beginning.

    After more girls were added to the stable, Beverly didn't join in. She said that she should either supervise or turn tricks herself, but that it would be foolish for her to do both, since she would be, ah, spreading herself too thin.

    I thought that it would be hard for her to recruit more girls, even though we really needed them, with business booming.

    But Beverly just laughed and told me that I was wrong, that it was easy as pie, and that she was working on those new additions to our little family right now.

    As usual, she was right.

    It was special, when I was her one and only working girl, but it was even better when the new girls were added.

    Beverly really trusted me, since I was the first, and she had me help her with the others, which was a lot of fun for me, and important work, too.

    It wasn't very long before we were in full operation, with some of the biggest men – and women – in town as our regular customers!


    SUBJECT: Debbie Sue

    AGE: Sixteen


    "I've been a bad girl, Mr. Vickers," I said. "A very naughty girl."

    "Debbie Sue, what on earth are you doing?!"

    Mr. Vickers did not know what my game was… actually, he did know some of it, more than most, since he had seen me in the parking lot late yesterday afternoon.

    Mr. Vickers is the assistant vice-principal at the high school. He's a middle aged guy, not bad if you to for that type.

    He's a man. He's big and kind of blocky, with a big square head, hair thinning on top, and showing a lot of shiny scalp with thin hair slicked down on it.

    He had been sweating ever since I walked into his office this morning.

    His office is on the ground floor of the school, facing the east, so the morning sun was shining inside the room.

    The light was hot and bright – hurt my eyes. There was too much of it.

    I went to the window, putting a little wiggle in my walk, shaking my buns under the tight skirt I had worn specially for school this morning.

    Mr. Vickers sat behind his desk, wearing his baggy brown suit, white shirt, tie. His mouth was open as he stared at me.

    I grabbed the thin cord connected to the venetian blinds and pulled it.

    I guess I didn't judge it right. The cord flew out of my hand and the blinds came crashing down like shutters.

    They slammed against the window sill. The blinds covered the window, though, so I had gotten what I wanted.

    It was dim but there was still plenty of light to see by. Thin strips of light shone through all the spaces between the blinds.

    They made a pattern like a grating. When I moved through the light it moved up and down me, like a strobe light. It looked real cool.

    I went to the door and locked it. I left the lights off. Before Mr. Vickers could get up from his chair, I went behind his desk.

    "For heaven's sake, Debbie Sue, what on earth are you up to?!"

    His voice broke. I tried hard not to giggle.

    "I pulled down the curtains because I don't want anybody to see, Mr. Vickers. I don't want anybody to see – nobody but you!"

    "See what?!"

    "This!" I pulled up my skirt in front and flashed my panties.

    Mr. Vickers just about crawled out of his skin. I couldn't see his face change colors, but I did see his eyes pop and his mouth fall open.

    And why not? After all, it's not every day that one of the prettiest girls in the high school locks herself in the assistant vice-principal's office and pulls up her skirt. In fact, I'm quite sure that it didn't happen any day…

    But this day, it did. And I just didn't stop at pulling up my skirt.

    I pulled down my panties, too.

    Men are mirrors. I can see myself in them, in the way that they act when they look at me, stare at me, desire me.

    Mr. Vickers was a mirror. Looking at him squirm in his seat, was like looking at myself in the mirror, or through his eyes. What did he see?

    He saw just about the cutest girl in the whole school, an Honor Roll student and a star cheerleader.

    He saw a gorgeous teen girl with reddish-brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, a foxy face, turned up nose, pink lips.

    He saw a girl standing about five and a half feet tall, a girl sixteen with lots of curves, with tits the size and shape of pears.

    Bra! Ha, ha – I wasn't wearing any! My tits were bare under the short-sleeved blouse I wore – and the blouse was about two sizes too small.

    Not only that, but when I lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties, my nipples got hard, so that they stuck out.

    He saw all of me below the waist, since I held the skirt lifted up and my panties were pulled down.

    He saw wide pink hips and smooth thighs and a dark brown bush and delicate dark pink pussy lips quivering between my legs.

    My legs were bare except for my white ankle socks and loafers.

    Mr. Vickers looked like a fish out of water, and sounded like one, too.

    After a while, he got control enough of himself to swallow hard. He shook his head like he was trying to clear it.

    "My God, Debbie Sue, have you gone crazy?!"

    "Ummmmm, yes, I'm crazy – crazy about you, Mr. Vickers."

    I held up my skirt in one hand. My white lace panties were rolled to the middle of my thighs. I touched his shoulder.

    "Cover yourself immediately, young lady!" "Shhhhhhhhh! Not so loud, Mr. Vickers! What if someone should hear you?!"

    In our small school, the assistant vice-principal didn't rate his own private secretary-receptionist – only the principal, Mr. Wainwright, did.

    Which was good for me, since it meant that there wouldn't be any snoops outside the door, peeping through the keyhole.

    Mr. Vickers is old enough to be my father – older. He's about a head taller than me, and must weight close to a hundred pounds more than me.

    But when he started to get up, all I had to do was put one hand on his shoulder and say, "Please don't get up. I wouldn't want to scream."

    I grinned. "This might be a little hard for you to explain, especially if I started yelling and hollering that you were trying to rape me."

    His face got hard. "So that's what you're up to, eh?"

    "Mr. Vickers, please let me finish! You're getting everything all mixed up, so please listen to me before you jump to conclusions!"

    I undid the catch at the side of my skirt and it fell off my hips.

    "Oh my God!" Mr. Vickers moaned – but not loudly.

    I unbuttoned the front of my blouse. Mr. Vickers reached out, like he was trying to stop me, but he stopped before he put his hands on me.

    I guess he realized that he would have to put his hands on a real live and mostly naked girl. That worried him.

    He stopped mid-way when he reached for me, and pulled his hands back like he had scalded them on a hot stove.

    In the time that it takes to tell it, I took off my blouse and let it fall on his desk. And like I said, I wore no bra.

    My tits are high and firm with fat dark pink nipples and little neat round aureoles surrounding the stiff points.

    My panties were down to the middle of my thighs, so I just closed my legs and the panties slid right down to my feet.

    "I'm a bad girl, Mr. Vickers. You know that. You should really know that, since you saw me with that boy yesterday."

    He sure had, and that was why I had come to his office first thing this morning.

    It happened yesterday, after school. I stayed late, since I had cheering squad practice in the girl's gym – we had a workout scheduled.

    The workout I had in Jeff Grange's car after practice was much better. And I sure didn't need any practice at what I did with him.

    Jeff's a neat guy, a senior, real cute and good at sports. He's got dark wavy hair which falls in a swirl over his forehead and warm brown eyes.

    And a great body, with the cutest little ass, and a real big cock.

    See, it's not all money with me, the way it was with one or two of the other girls working in Beverly's squad of high school hookers.

    I'm a sex freak. Well, what's wrong with that? I figure it's a lot healthier than if I was into booze, or drugs, or gambling.

    Sex is my drug – I get high off it. I love it. And getting paid for it, well, that was the frosting on the cake when I worked for Beverly.

    And I met some real beautiful people, too. Men, and women. But I'll tell you about that part of it later.

    With Jeff, it was different – it was strictly for kicks. Like the rest of the kinds in school, he hardly had two nickels to knock together. It's only the adults, the married guys with good jobs and soft bellies and big round butts from sitting all day behind a desk, that have the real money – the real "dough", as Tina likes to call cash.

    And we girls sure saw a lot of it when we worked for and with Beverly.

    But Jeff, like I said, was for kicks. He waited for me to finish practice.

    At practice, I worked real hard and I got my cheering outfit all sweaty and soaked. I put it in my gym bag to take home so I could wash it.

    I was dressed in a blouse and blue jeans and sneakers when I left the school building at five that afternoon.

    I took the side door which opened back on the parking lot. There was only a few cars in the lot, since even all of the teachers had gone home.

    Jeff's car was there. He tapped the horn when he saw me coming.

    He has a cute little car with an engine that he and his older brother rebuilt. The car was in the corner of the lot.

    It was getting dark, even though it was spring, since we hadn't reached daylight savings time yet.

    I got into the car. Jeff slid out from behind the wheel, hugged me, then kissed me. We kissed with our mouths open.

    He put his tongue in my mouth and rubbed it. I rubbed back. He put his hand on my tits and rubbed them through the blouse.

    I was braless then, too. Ms. Tine, the girls' gym teacher and the coach of the cheering squad, is always after me to wear a bra.

    My nipples got hard and stood out against the blouse. Jeff kept on kissing me and he opened the top of my blouse and slipped his hand in.

    He put his hand on my bare tits and rubbed them. He touched the stiff nipples.

    My pussy tingled. It got all warm and wet. I didn't stop kissing him when I put my hand in his lap. He wore jeans, too. I put my hand on his thing and played with it.

    It was long and thick. It got hard when I squeezed it. Jeff moaned.

    It was so big and hard that it looked like it would pop out of his pants. His jeans were tight, so getting hard like that must have been uncomfortable.

    Well, I would make him feel better…

    He took his hand out of my blouse, off my tits. The blouse was open to my waist and my tits bobbed out of the folds of the fabric.

    Jeff reached for his car keys, to turn on the ignition. I took hold of his hand and pulled it away.

    "Stop," I said, "what are you doing?"

    "I'm gonna drive to some place that's nice and quiet – and private."

    "What's wrong with this place?" "Huh?"

    "Look, there's nobody in sight. No cars drive through here like they would on a street. There's no police to come around and hassle, the way they would if we were in a park or some place like that," I said.

    Then I put my hand back on his lap, on his stiff cock, and rubbed real hard.

    "Besides," I said, "I don't know about you, but I can't wait that long!"

    I squeezed his cock. He put his head down on my tits and kissed them. He took a nipple in his mouth and nibbled it.

    That was nice. I tried to open his pants but it was kind of hard from the angle where I sat. So I squirmed some, moving around.

    He was feeling for my pants, but I was working for Beverly later that night, and I had already showered after practice and didn't want to get fucked.

    "Let me do you," I said. "If I can just get these fucking pants open…"

    I popped open the snap and pulled down his ripper.

    His big stiff thing bulged in his shorts. He wore those tight white cotton undershorts with the crotch of them all stretched out of shape. I pulled down the shorts and his stiff cock popped up. It jiggled and bobbed back and forth. It was big and thick and red, with blue veins.

    I put my head in his lap. My ponytail fell down over my shoulder, across his cock, and it made him jump.

    "Hey – Debbie Sue – hey, what are you doin'?!"

    "Just you leave everything to me, big boy," I said.

    I took hold of his cock like I owned it and I held it up. It was all hot and throbbing. I kissed the head of it.

    I smooched the cock head. Then I ran the tip of my tongue over it, rubbing real fast and whippy, working out.

    "Jesus Christ!" Jeff muttered, then he moaned and stopped muttering.

    I took his cock head in my mouth and sucked on it. It was good, thick, hot.

    Jeff was nervous at first. He sat up in the seat, looking around all over the parking lot to see if anybody was coming.

    Which was smart of him, actually…

    But right then, the only one who would be coming was Jeff, I thought.

    I rubbed the cock head against the roof of my mouth and really made him squirm.

    I was leaning over with my bare tits hanging out of my blouse and my head in his lap and his cock filling my mouth.

    I was down low, under the dashboard, so that anybody approaching the car wouldn't be able to see me, or what I was doing.

    Jeff slumped down in the seat, sinking into the cushions. I was getting to him. He held on to the steering wheel, and moaned.

    I took his thing deep, over my tongue and into the back of my throat. My head bobbed up and down on his lap like some kind of sucking machine.

    Jeff must have closed his eyes and really gotten into being sucked.

    I slurped at his cock. I bobbed my head up and down on it, and rubbed it with my tongue.

    It got hotter and hotter. I worked on it for a couple of minutes, getting more and more into it, like I was in a trance.

    As for Jeff – well, he was practically creaming in his jeans when he started kissing me, and now he was really climbing the walls.

    I sucked him. I knew when he was going to come, from the way he moaned and the way his cock twitched on my tongue.

    Then I took him deep in my mouth and held him there.

    He came. My mouth wrapped around his stiff penis and sucked it dry.

    Jeff was gasping and moaning. When he orgasmed, he went all stiff and rigid. He shook in the seat like he was being hit by an earthquake.

    I swallowed down his come. It was thick and more refreshing than a milk shake.

    Some of the other girls, like Ellen and Tina, don't like the taste of come, but me, I kind of like it.

    I kept his thing in my mouth. He stopped shaking and shivered and slumped in the seat like a tire with all the air let out.

    One part of him stayed stiff, though – can you guess what it was: I knew that you could. His cock was hard as a rock even after he came.

    I was feeling tempted, wondering whether I should take down my panties and give up my pussy for a quick steamy fuck in the back seat.

    I was still thinking that when I heard the scuff of footsteps on loose gravel, real near the car.

    I thought that we were completely alone out in the lot, so I was taken by surprise when I heard the sound of somebody so near.

    I jerked my head up in surprise.

    Jeff's stiff cock slid out of my mouth and fell twitching on him. It was red and stiff and wet with my saliva.

    Some come spilled on my chin when I pulled up so fast.

    And who do you think that I saw? Uh-huh… assistant vice-principal Vickers.

    He wasn't trying to catch us, or anything. He had been working late in his office, and he had just finished up for the day.

    He had come out to the lot to get in his car, which was one of the few left, so he could drive home to the wife and kids.

    It's hard to say who was more shocked – him, or me.

    He took a good look at me, with my blouse open, my tits hanging out, and wetness on my mouth and chin.

    He staggered back, like he'd been hit. Nerves twitched and his face crawled.

    Strangely enough, he looked like the one who'd been caught. His face burned a bright hot red. So did mine, I'm sure.

    He hurried to his car. Jeff was moaning, "Oh, shit, oh, shit!"

    Mr. Vickers tried to open his car door, but he couldn't seem to find the right key. He was a clumsy butterfingers and dropped them.

    He bent down and picked them up, and his baggy pants were pulled tight on his ass. He kept avoiding looking at us.

    He got the right key finally and got in the car. His engine started up and he drove out of there and didn't turn on his lights until he was out of the lot.

    Jeff was all paranoid. His thing stopped being thick and got all limp.

    I told him to cool it. Mr. Vickers had been on my side of the car, and I had been in front of Jeff. He had seen me, but I doubted that he saw Jeff.

    Jeff and I cleaned up and covered ourselves and got dressed and drove out of there, too. Jeff drove me home.

    When I saw Beverly that night, I told her what had happened.

    She wasn't mad that I was doing some sucking on the side. No high school guy like Jeff could ever swing the price of a sex session for pay with one of us girls.

    We were teens who sold it exclusively to adults, preferably mature married men with a profession, financially secure, well mannered.

    And there were a couple of couples we did scenes with…

    Anyway, Beverly said that she would think of something. She had an out call scheduled for me, so she drove me there in her car and stayed with me.

    After I turned the trick, and she was taking me home, she told me her plan.

    It sounded really neat. She seemed sure that it would work. Even if it didn't, she would be able to get me out of a jam.

    Mr. Vickers had a yen for her, and he would do her any favor that he could.

    When I went home, I was scared that maybe Mr. Vickers had done something really fucked up like calling my folks and telling them what he saw me doing.

    But he hadn't, thank God. Even so, I didn't sleep much that night.

    The next morning, I dressed in that tight blouse and short little skirt and went to Mr. Vickers' office even before going to home room.

    I got there early, twenty minutes before school started. I knew he was there when I saw his car parked in the high school lot.

    I sure wasn't likely to forget that car!

    I went to his office, walked right in, closing the door behind me, saying that I had something very important to discuss with him.

    He tried to shoo me out, telling me that he didn't see anything.

    But by this time I was pretty sexed-up just from thinking about what I was going to do – it would be a wild new kick!

    So far, Beverly sold our bodies to strangers, not to people we knew, although lately we had been seeing more of the bigshots from our home town.

    But we had never done anything with people from the school, except for the girls that were recruited.

    Running a scene on Mr. Vickers would be a real new trip.

    The rest you know, up to then – how I pulled down the blinds and locked the door and stripped right in front of him.

    I touched his forehead. It was wet with sweat. I caressed it.

    "You remind me of my daddy," I said. "I really love him! But he knows just what to do with me when I've been a bad girl."

    "Do you know what he does, Mr. Vickers, when I've been bad? Well, sir, he just takes me over his lap and lifts my skirt and takes down my panties, and then he spanks me on the bare bottom until I cry like a baby!"

    Then I stretched out across his lap. My bush rustled against his baggy pants. I lay face down, with my tits pressing his thigh.

    I squirmed on his lap, rubbing my hips against his crotch. He was shaking. His penis jerked and I felt it moving under me.

    I lifted my head to look at him. He was dazed and squirming.

    "Will you be my daddy, Mr. Vickers; I'll be a good girl for you – unless – unless you want me to be naughty?"

    I took his hand and put it on my rear. It was sweating – his hand, I mean, not my rear. My ass cheeks were soft and smooth.

    I spread my thighs, opening them. I pushed his hand down between them.

    "Maybe you want me to be a real bad girl, just for you, Mr. Vickers. My pussy is really wet – won't you feel it?"

    I closed my thighs, pressing his hand, pressing it against my pussy. I squeezed his hand with my thighs before letting it go.

    I sat up, then pressed against him. I sat on his lap, straddling him, sitting with my spread legs resting on the tops of his thighs.

    I held my hands behind his neck for balance. My tits were bobbing and jiggling right in his face.

    "Don't tell me that you don't want me, Mr. Vickers."

    "Debbie Sue – this is crazy – you're just a girl, and I'm a grown man…"

    "Just a girl! Look at these tits, Mr. Vickers – do they look like those of a girl?! Take a good long look, Mr. Vickers!"

    He started to say something else, but whatever it was, he never finished it, since I leaned forward and pressed my tits against his face.

    Whatever self-control he had up to then, vanished. He moaned like he was crying, then he buried his face in my tits.

    I gurgled, laughing, tilting my head back so that my ponytail fell down the middle of my back as I fed him my tits.

    "Ummmmmmm, that's more like it, Mr. Vickers!"

    Mr. Vickers rubbed his hot sweaty face against my tits. He covered them with kisses and he sucked on my nipples.

    I took his hand and guided it between my legs.

    He fumbled around with my pussy. It felt nice when he rubbed it. He rubbed it with his middle finger.

    The finger was in the lips of the pussy, sliding up and down it while he rubbed. I was all wet between the legs.

    He pressed the fingertip against the pussy lips and then he put his finger in me and fucked me with it.

    His thing was all thick and hard and I squeezed it through his trousers. He shoved his finger in and out of my pussy and sucked my tits.

    He was disappointed when I eased off his lap. But I didn't go far. I stood behind his desk and turned my back to him and leaned forward.

    I bent forward from the waist and stuck out my ass at him. I spread my feet so he could see my pink pussy.

    I looked over my shoulder at him and told him that I wanted him to fuck me.

    He was under my spell. He got up out of his executive style swivel chair and fumbled open his pants and pulled down his pants and his shorts.

    His thing was pretty good sized, actually, nice and thick and red, circumcised, with a big wide fat head.

    Maybe I should have sucked him off, but my pussy was itching for love.

    I wiggled my bottom and he reached for it and took hold of my hips and pressed against me, his red cock throbbing as it rubbed me.

    He said that he loved me, which was silly, but it's the kind of corny thing that I've come to expect from some of these middle aged guys.

    He tried to put his thing in me, but he kept missing my slit and poking my pussy lips with the fat head of his cock.

    So I reached behind him, put my hand on his, squeezed, guided the cock head to my pussy lips, and stuffed it inside.

    His cock was fat and stretched me and spread the lips. But I was real wet from the finger fucking that I had gotten.

    I thought he was going to collapse from sheer joy when he put it in me. I should have had him kiss my ass, but I could save that for later.

    He put his thing in deep and fucked me. He held tightly to my hips as he pumped away, rocking me with short hard thrusts.

    I had him hooked now. He had a taste of my body. The first taste was free, but after morning, he would have to pay to lay me.

    And he would pay, like all the others. Why not. I'm beautiful, and beauty has its price, same as anything and everything else.

    Mr. Vickers came in me.


    Ned Plymm is a big man in town. Lawyer, civic leader, member of the city council and lots of other organizations, he's a big wheel.

    He also has a big letch – for me.

    Ned Plymm is a hometown boy, born and bred right here in Hamilton. After he came back from college, he settled here and made his home.

    He's an alumni of the high school, and a big booster of school affairs. You'll see him and his family at every Hamilton High game, football or basketball.

    Ned won't miss a game, and he and his family always take their seats in the front rows of the bleachers.

    But that's not so much because he wants to root for the team and follow the game, as it is that he likes to watch us cheerleaders.

    And who would blame him?

    Let's face it – modesty is all very nice, but a girl doesn't get to be on the cheering squad unless she's one of the prettiest girls in the school.

    Almost all of the girls on the starting squad of cheerleaders are seniors. There's only two junior girls on the first team, me and another girl.

    I think that half the grown men who come to the games don't do it because they like sports, they do it because they like to look at pretty girls.

    Well, we do put on a real show – better than the way the teams play, most times. And we get as many cheers from the crowd as the players do.

    Ned Plymm never misses a game. There he'll be, in football season, huddled in a topcoat, beaming down from the front rows.

    We girls cheer on the ground of the sidelines, in front of the bleachers and off the field, except for half-time, when we take to the field and put on a real show.

    Most times during the game, though, we'll be right there, down in front, bouncing up and down and shaking our pom-poms – and a whole lot more.

    We wear our cheering uniforms, with short pleated skirts. Under them, we all wear little white bikini panties.

    When we prance around the field, and jump up in the air in a cheer, why, the entire crowd can see our panties under our dresses.

    But Ned Plymm wanted to see a whole lot more – and do more, too.

    Beverly was smart. She got in with the main crowd that runs the town, and partied with them, and threw a fuck to some of them.

    She found out who they were and where they were coming from, and when she knew all she had to, she went into business.

    Ned Plymm was one of her first customers from our town – most of the others had been old friends of hers from New York, the last place she had lived and I guess worked before coming to Hamilton township.

    But after a while, she got established here. Ned Plymm was a good place for her to start. He's a real pussy hound, and he likes the young girls.

    His daughters are even older than me, with the youngest of them in her sophomore year at college.

    Well, he likes 'em young. He's had girlfriends on the side, like an eighteen year old cocktail waitress down at the Red Pony lounge.

    But even though he's a married man with more than one girlfriend on the side, he still loves to chase after the skirts.

    He doesn't mind paying for his playing, either. What the hell – he can afford it. A hundred dollars once every week or so surely won't bankrupt him.

    Not to mention the fact that dealing through Beverly is a lot safer for him than chasing the girls at random.

    With a whore, a guy doesn't have to worry about love, or her wanting to get married or get jealous or mess with his home life.

    In my case, Beverly didn't even have to show him my pictures. He knew who I was.

    Beverly fucked him, of course, like she fucked a lot of the main guys in town, and some of their wives and daughters, too.

    She sat up on the bleachers during a basketball game. It was an away game, at a rival school, so Ned had come without his family.

    Beverly just pointed me out to him. There I was, on the left end of the cheering line, jumping and clapping and shouting cheers.

    She told him I could be had, and went for it all the way.

    He got some that night, after the game. I got a ride back to town from Beverly. I had told my folks that I was going to a party after the game, which incidentally our team lost, which was too bad.

    Anyway, I had my alibi in with Mom and Dad, who don't keep close tabs on me anyway, so I could stay out nice and late.

    It was a Friday night, about eleven o'clock. I rode with Beverly. During the ride she had me open my jeans and pull them down.

    The vinyl car seat was cool against my bottom when I took down my panties to let Beverly put her hand on my pussy.

    The car seat – and me – soon warmed up. Beverly steered with one hand and drove me to distraction with the other hand.

    She rubbed my pussy. The lips quivered, and I got wet inside. My nipples got hard, too. Beverly put her finger in me.

    She finger-fucked me while she drove. I sat there with my jeans and panties pulled down to my knees and my body bare from the waist to the knees.

    My thighs were spread and her hand was between them and she pushed her finger in and out of my pussy, which got wetter and wetter.

    She told me all about Ned Plymm. This was a big deal for her, and for me, too. Ever since I was a little girl, I could remember seeing his name on posters at election time, and he was always in the local paper, too.

    Beverly really wanted to get herself and the ring established with the big wheels in town, the inner circle of the dealmakers.

    If things went well with Ned Plymm, we would really be on our way.

    I told her that everything would go fine. I had to tell her between gasps, since what she was doing to my pussy was really turning me on.

    But she didn't make me come. She fingered me till I was just on the edge of coming, then she took her hand away from my pussy.

    Her fingers were wet with my juices. Beverly stuck her fingers in her mouth and licked them, tasting me.

    I was real horny, since she had almost brought me off, but then just left me dangling. I started rubbing myself between the legs to finish the job.

    She took my hand and firmly put it down on the seat.

    "There'll be none of that, young lady!"

    "Oh, but Beverly…"

    "But me no buts, Debbie Sue. I want you nice and simmering for our fine Mr. Plymm. You'll save it for him, and not waste it here in the car."

    "Maybe we could pull over for a few minutes at a rest stop or something, and, well, you know, get it on?"

    I hoped we could, 'cause nobody but nobody can eat pussy like Beverly.

    But she gave it a thumbs down, and kept on driving. I sighed and pulled up my panties and pants.

    I got all sweated up during the game, 'cause we really work hard with all that cheering and jumping and running around.

    Sometimes I think that we work harder than the guys on the team!

    Anyway, after the game I had showered and put on my regular street clothes. I had my cheering uniform and sneakers in my gym bag.

    Beverly had made sure that I had it. It would come in handy later.

    We got to her house about a quarter after eleven. We had time, since Ned Plymm wouldn't be by until midnight or maybe later.

    I could have gone for a drink or a reefer or both, but Beverly doesn't let us get high when we're working.

    The customer can do whatever he or she wants, but we have to be in top shape, with our heads clear and alert – that's what she says.

    But when we're not working, Beverly lets us have all the booze and pot and pills we want, and she supplies them.

    We girls have had some really wild after-hours parties, I'll tell you!

    When we got to the house, and were settled, Beverly told me to put on my uniform.

    I wondered why, since it was kind of sweaty and not fresh. She said that Ned Plymm really wanted to do it to a cheerleader, and that he had asked that I wear the uniform. Well, it was okay with me.

    I got undressed in the living room, in front of Beverly. I hoped that I would turn her on so that maybe she would go down on me.

    When I was stripped, she did come up behind me and hug me. She cupped my tits and felt them while the nipples got hard.

    Just when I was starting to glow, she kissed me on the back of the neck and let go of me and told me I had better hurry up and get ready.

    So, I got all outfitted and sat in the living room, watching TV while I waited.

    Around about midnight, there was the sound of a car pulling up. Beverly looked out the window, saw that it was Ned Plymm.

    She told me to go into the bedroom and wait until she told me to come out.

    I did. But I stayed on the other side of the door, with my ear pressed against it, trying to listen.

    The house had a long driveway, which curved around the house and ended in the back yard, in front of a garage.

    That was cool, since the visitors to Beverly's could park in back and not have to worry about their cars being recognized out on the street.

    That was where Ned Plymm parked. He walked around to the front of the house. Beverly let him in, then closed and locked the door. He kissed her and they talked in the living room, but I couldn't hear what they said.

    They chatted, though, that much I could tell. Once or twice I heard them laughing.

    I felt all wet inside, wetter even than I had been when I was in the car and Beverly was fucking me with her finger.

    That was a big part of the thrill of working for her. The money was great, but for me at least, the kicks were greater.

    First of all, it really turned me on to know that I was going to be fucked by a man that I had never even met before.

    Maybe that's wicked, but I didn't care. I haven't gone to Sunday school for a long time, or to church, either.

    I've spent lots of time on my knees, but not praying.

    Second, I was excited by the idea of selling myself – that a mature, successful and important man was more than willing to pay to possess my body.

    Even though I was the one who would get fucked, it gave me a feeling of power, to be desired so very much that I was paid for.

    I was all dressed up. I wore the standard cheerleader's uniform.

    There was a tight long-sleeved white sweater, with a great big H for Hamilton High, sewn on the chest of the sweater.

    My tits pushed the H way out of shape. I wore a bra under the sweater. I've got pretty big tits, well, not big like Tina, maybe, but pretty big. Tina's just a year or two older than me, but she's built like a Vegas showgirl. Lucky girl!

    But Mother Nature's been pretty kind to me, and I've got a really nice set.

    When I cheer, I jump and run all around, and my tits bounce, and without the support of a bra, they can hurt some times.

    I wore a red skirt. It was pleated and there was white satin lining the folds, so actually you could say the skirt was red and white.

    It reached down to the middle of my thighs. Below the skirt I wore white satin panties which were special panties for cheering.

    After all, the panties have to be solid, so nobody can see through them and look at our pussies when we cheer.

    These were the panties I had worn for the big game, so they were kind of ripe and sweaty, and the crotch of them smelled heavy of pussy.

    Well, if that's what Mr. Ned Plymm wanted, it was fine with me!

    Lastly, I wore white socks and a pair of brown and white saddle shoes. I also had a pair of shakers, you know, wooden sticks with masses of red and white streamers on them that I'd shake in the air when cheering.

    Outside, Beverly took care of the financial aspect. She never has the money change hands in front of the girls, since she claims that it takes away some of the "magic" if we girls get too money-minded.

    I don't think that Mr. Ned Plymm was out there in the living room for more than five minutes socializing with Beverly.

    He was hot to trot, and ready to go. Beverly got up and came to the bedroom.

    I didn't want her to catch me listening at the door, since it's not nice to eavesdrop, so I hurried from the door and sat on the bed.

    Beverly came inside. I could tell from the way her face shone that she was really eager and excited about the way things were going.

    She had a really good idea, which she whispered to me. It was real cute.

    So, I hurried into the living room. Mr. Ned Plymm had his coat off and sat in an armchair holding a drink in a glass.

    His face lit up like a kid's on Christmas morning with the presents under the tree – I was the present that he would unwrap.

    I went through with our cute little intro. The living room was small but not tiny, and there was enough clear space for me to do it. I cheered – for him.

    "Yay, Ned! Yay, Plymm! Yay, yay, Ned Plymm! Ned Plymm, Ned Plymm, he's our man, if he can't do it, no one can! Yay!"

    While I was cheering I gave it the whole production, swishing my shakers, bouncing up and down, calling, shaking my skirt.

    When I reached the end of the cheer, the last "YAY!!!", I jumped up in the air. My skirt lifted, flashing my white panties.

    Then I carne down and really brought it all home by doing a split on the living room floor, with my legs spread all the way.

    That's one of my specialties, doing the splits – in cheering, I mean. I do them real good in bed, too, but in a different way.

    As a matter of fact, that's how I lost my cherry – doing the splits. It was when I was twelve and practicing real hard to get on the junior high cheering squad.

    I was a virgin but I came down too hard and enthusiastic, and something tore inside me and almost made me faint from the pain.

    That was my cherry, gone forever. But it was good, since the first time that I got fucked, I didn't have to have my cherry at the same time, so getting a cock inside didn't hurt, no, not one little bit.

    But that's another story… anyway, after I finished cheering and picked myself up from the floor, Mr. Ned Plymm helped me up.

    He got out of his chair, laughing and clapping for me. He held out his big hand and I took it and rose to my feet.

    "How do you do, Mr. Plymm? My name is Debbie Sue!"

    "I do very well, Debbie Sue, very well indeed, now that I've met you! That was a delightful cheer, my dear, simply delightful!"

    He went on: "You know, I haven't had the girls cheer for me like that since, well, since I was back in Hamilton High!"

    "I'm sure they did an awful lot of cheering, too, Mr. Plymm. Some of the records you set back then haven't been broken yet, and they've got all your medals and trophies in the big display case in front of the auditorium!"

    "That was longer than I care to remember, Debbie Sue – makes me feel like an old man."

    "Old, Mr. Plymm? You?! Why, you're not old at all!"

    "Well, it's so very kind of you to say so, Debbie Sue. I must confess, I feel like a young man, when I'm with a pretty girl like you."

    "You'll make me blush, Mr. Plymm!"

    Still holding my hand, he led me to the couch. "Sit down and tell me all about yourself, Debbie Sue."

    He sat down. I didn't think that he wanted me to sit on his lap, not yet, but I waited before I sat, in case he did.

    He patted the cushion of the seat right beside him and told me to sit down and I did. My thigh touched his.

    He put his arm across the back of the sofa, and of course it was across my back, too. I leaned a little closer into him.

    "I'm a great admirer of yours, Debbie Sue."

    "Really, Mr. Plymm?!"

    "Yes, indeedy. Many times I've watched you in the cheering line-up and said, 'that girl is terrific'!"

    "Oh, thank you, Mr. Plymm, thank you very much!"

    "I'll bet that you'll be the captain of the squad, when you're a senior next year!" He gave me a little squeeze.

    "I sure hope so," I said. "That's what I want more than anything, and that's what I've worked for. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!"

    Beverly looked in on us, smiling when she saw everything was fine.

    "You two seem to be getting along wonderfully. I'll leave the two of you to get acquainted. I'll be in my room, so don't worry about me."

    She said to me, "You take good care Neddy Plymm, Debbie Sue. He's a dear, dear friend, and one of our school's biggest boosters!"

    "You don't have to worry about that, Miss Harker!" When I'm with adults, I always call Beverly "Miss Harker" – it's more polite.

    Beverly said goodnight, went to her room, shut the door.

    Mr. Ned Plymm was in the mood for a drink and went to the bar on the other side of the room. Did I want some, he asked.

    No, I told him, I wasn't allowed to have any alcohol, since I was on the cheering squad, which was just like being in training on the boy's team.

    Ned Plymm said that I was very sensible, that the booze was a bad habit and he wished he had the willpower to quit it.

    He said that while he poured himself a double slug of scotch straight up.

    He asked if he could get me some non-alcoholic beverage, so I said that I would like a little cola on ice, the cola bottle sitting right out in front.

    Forget the cola – what I really could have gone for was some coke, but of course there would be none of that for me while I was working.

    If I was a good girl and did a real good job of pleasuring Ned Plymm, maybe Beverly would reward me afterwards with some of her coke. She didn't take, the stuff herself, but almost all the girls did, and some of the customers, so she kept the stuff around. Tina had the connection for it, she's a real coke freak, and since she's Beverly's main girl, Beverly keeps plenty on stock.

    I sipped my cola while Mr. Ned Plymm gulped his drink.

    He had dark hair going gray. There was a lot of it. His face was big and round and red, with a thick nose.

    His face got a lot redder after he swallowed most of his drink. His eyes were bloodshot and watery, and his lips were thick.

    He was a big man, about 6'2". He was an athlete once, and still plenty powerful, but that big body of his had gained weight and gone soft.

    Not all soft, as I found out…

    He set his glass down on a coaster on the coffee table in front of us. There was next to nothing left of the booze.

    His arm was across my shoulders. He hugged and squeezed me. He told me I was just about the prettiest thing he had ever seen.

    He said that he was going to steal a kiss, and did. I held my glass of cola out away from me, so none would spill on him when he kissed me.

    His big red face zoomed up with his liver colored lips all puckered for kissing. His breath was smelling like booze.

    He kissed me with his mouth closed first, pushing his lips against mine. Then I opened my lips and he pushed his tongue in my mouth.

    His tongue was big and fat and he shoved it in. His mouth was locked on mine.

    He rubbed his tongue against mine. He put his hand on my bare thigh, below the hem of my skirt. His hand was heavy and steady.

    Some of the guys I've been with, the straight married guys who don't do much or any cheating, are all nervous and trembling when they're with me, or any of the other girls. But Ned Plymm wasn't nervous – just horny as hell.

    He squeezed my knee, then my thigh. He rubbed my thigh, pushing up my skirt, pushing it up to the tops of my thighs.

    He put his hand between my thighs. I let my knees fall to the sides, opening my thighs for his hand.

    He kept on kissing me. He touched my crotch. The white panties were thick and stretched tightly across my hips and my mound.

    He rubbed my pussy through the panties. He kissed me hard and kept on rubbing. I moaned while his mouth was locked on mine.

    He took off his mouth. His face was really red now.

    I said, "You don't have to steal a kiss, Mr. Plymm. Just take it. You can take anything that you want from me – anything!"

    "You're a sweetie," he groaned, "a genuine little darling, yes you are!"

    He rubbed my tits through the sweater. The sweater was thick. I was hot in it and wet under the arms.

    He pulled up the sweater, rolling it up to my neck. My tits were tucked into the cups of a white nylon bra.

    He rubbed the tits, pushing them together so that they really got plumped up. He told me that I had a beautiful body.

    He wanted to see more of it. I closed my eyes and whispered when I asked him to take off my clothes so I could show and give him all of me.

    I held out my arms and leaned forward, while he wrestled the sweater off me, and tossed it across the back of the couch.

    I leaned forward with my chest – my tits – pressing my thighs. While I was in that position, he opened my bra and took it off.

    When I was naked from the waist up, Mr. Ned Plymm really started moaning.

    My tits tumbled out and bobbed. The nipples got hard and stuck out on the tips of my tits. They were dark and red, while the tits were soft and white.

    He put his hands on my tits and felt them up. He pressed his face against them and kissed and licked the nipples.

    He wrapped his open mouth around a nipple and sucked it inside and then sucked some of the flesh around the nipple into his mouth, too.

    The nipple was hard and throbbing like crazy when he sucked it. He rolled and pressed his tongue against it, and kissed and licked.

    He put his hand inside my panties. He rubbed his fingers against my bush and worked his way down so that he was playing with my slit.

    My knees were spread and my thighs open so he could do what he wanted.

    After a while, he took his mouth off my tits and came up for air. He took my hand and put it in his lap so I could feel his hard-on.

    I squeezed it. It was stiff. I gasped, like it was so big that I was in awe. It was a pretty good size, actually, but I've had bigger.

    He opened his zipper and reached inside and fumbled around. He pulled his stiff cock so that it stuck out of the open flyhole.

    It looked funny, that thick red thing sticking out like a tree trunk in the middle of his plaid polyester pants.

    "Ooooh, that's so big, Mr. Plymm! May I – may I please kiss it?"

    "Of course you may, dear Debbie Sue!"

    I leaned forward and put my head in his lap. His thing was jerking around and twitching. Its head was hot on my face.

    I kissed the head of it. Ned Plymm squirmed. I stuck out the tip of my tongue and licked the head. He squirmed some more.

    I took the whole head in my mouth, pressing my lips against the shaft. I licked and sucked and slurped on the cock head.

    Then I put my head down, and took his cock deep into my mouth, just as I had done with Jeff the other day in his car.

    He was thicker than Jeff, but his cock wasn't quite so firm, since Jeff's thing was like a bar of iron.

    But there was still plenty of stiffness in this cock, and it swelled up even more when I took it in my mouth and started sucking.

    I bobbed my head up and down. My hair fell on his lap and thighs. My lips pressed his penis and pulled heat into it.

    He fondled my hair and head and shoulders while I sucked him. He leaned forward so he could reach up. I bobbed my head up and down. When I pulled my head up, all of his cock came out from between the lips but the head.

    I always held the head inside my mouth. I sucked and slurped on it, just the head, really making him squirm and shiver.

    Then, when it seemed like he couldn't stand having the rest of his cock outside my mouth, down went my head, wrapping the shaft with my mouth.

    I tilted my head and opened my throat as best I could to take him nice and deep.

    What I did to him with my lips and tongue really got to him. He slumped back in the seat and lay there with his arms stretched out from his shoulders and his hands holding the back of the sofa seat.

    He moved his hips, the motion making crazy waves and ripples in the wild plaid pattern of his double-knit polyester pants.

    I closed my eyes so as not to get distracted, and concentrated on sucking him.

    I could hear him breathing hard and moaning. I could feel his cock getting hotter with each pass of my lips over it.

    When he was going to come, he took hold of my head, his palms pressing the sides of my face. He moved me faster.

    I took his thing all the way. My tongue was curled and wrapped around his cock. He came.

    I pressed my lips against the base of his shaft. Fat veins throbbed. I pressed my lips real hard, forming a seal with my mouth.

    He went all rigid, not just in his cock, but his whole body.

    His cock head was stuffed in my open throat. He came thickly, in great quantities. I slurped and sucked and swallowed his come down.

    It went down thick and slow, like mud. I liked it.

    He stopped shaking and slid back in his seat, gasping like a beached whale. Sweat dribbled down his beet-red face.

    I took his thing in my mouth and pulled on it with nice suction, drawing small drops of come from it after the main streaming flow died down.

    His wide hips gave little jerks, pushing his penis deeper, to squeeze a little drop or two out of his thing.

    He groaned, shuddered. Then he weakly fondled my hair and face and shoulders. He said what a good sweet darling girl I was, and lots of that kind of stuff.

    At last he eased my head up, off his cock. I pushed my lips hard against his penis and sucked as I raised my head.

    After all, I didn't want to have any drops of come leak from my mouth and fall on his pants and stain them with semen – he might have a tough time explaining that to his wife! So, I sucked up all the come and saliva smeared on his cock.

    I gripped his shaft as I took the cock head out of my lips, so the shaft wouldn't jerk around and maybe spill a last drop.

    His cock was thick, red, sticky, but not dripping. I held it and squeezed. He squirmed, and a drop of come oozed from the cock head.

    It hung there on the red tip of the cock like a pearl, it was so big and fat and shining. I lapped it up and swallowed it down.

    "What else can I do for you, Mr. Plymm?"

    He rubbed my tits. "Just keep on being as sweet as you are, Debbie Sue."

    "It's easy, when I'm with a nice man like you!"

    Real girlishly I asked if I could tell him something. He said sure, go right ahead. I said that it was a secret – I would whisper it.

    I leaned forward, my tits pressing his shoulder as I put my mouth up close to his car. His cock twitched when I breathed in his ear.

    I whispered, "I want to show you my pretty pussy – and then I want you to make love to me, Mr. Plymm!"

    Then I stuck out my tongue and licked the inside of his ear.

    He moved around pretty darn quick on that couch. He eased me down on my back. It was a nice long couch with plenty of room.

    I lay there on my back, with one hand hanging down and almost touching the floor. He lifted my skirt and reached for my panties.

    He took hold of them and tugged them down off my hips. I arched my back and lifted my bottom so he could ease them off.

    He pulled them down my hips, thighs, calves, and feet. They didn't come entirely off, but stayed stuck on my left foot, hanging there by the leg opening.

    But they were only on one foot, not two, which meant that he could spread my legs. I lay there with my legs open.

    I showed him my pussy. I was dripping wet, really sexed up.

    Beverly had really gotten me that way, when she touched my pussy and rubbed and fingered it during the car ride from the game to her house.

    She hadn't let me come, so I was really aching for satisfaction – not that I was necessarily going to get it.

    After all, we – that is, Beverly's girls – we're there to give satisfaction, not to get it – any pleasure we get is purely a side benefit.

    Which is another reason why guys are willing to pay for us. We're not like some cuties they pick up in a singles bar, say.

    Unlike a grown woman, out on the prowl herself, we don't demand satisfaction. Men don't have to worry about pleasing us in bed.

    I guess that's a real worry to some guys, trying to make their bed partners come. Takes a lot of fun out of it for them, I guess.

    But we're not like that. The only one whose satisfaction counts is the customer. We see that they are satisfied.

    Of course, some guys really get off on making us come, or trying to, at least. When a guy is into that, I do come, or at least make him think that I did, which is really the same thing, as far as he's concerned.

    Sometimes a guy can't get hard right away. But it's no sweat. We just work on him until he does get hard. Sooner or later, they always do.

    Then there are some really kinky guys – but I don't do those scenes, usually.

    Tina handles them, especially the guys who want to be dominated. Sometimes she works with Beverly on working on a submissive guy.

    I've done some scenes, like being spanked, or tied to a bed. But even that can be kind of scary, and I don't get off on it much.

    Not like Tina, say – she really loves to whip asses!

    Sometimes the guys want to have a girl at the session, a slave girl, so I join in, and suck the guy while Tina or Beverly whips his ass.

    Basically, though, I don't go for that exotic stuff – fucking and sucking is my kind of scene, and action enough for me.

    Then, of course, I really like to do scenes with girls, too – but that's a whole different kind of session.

    Anyway, there I was, on my back with my panties down, skirt up, legs spread, and pussy ready and waiting to get fucked.

    Ned Plymm took off his clothes. He took them off in a hurry. I closed my eyes and wiggled on the couch and moaned for him to hurry, 'cause I couldn't wait.

    I was sweet and sexy, but not real whorish. Tina and Honey are better for that kind of scene, where the guy wants a real wild slut.

    Ned Plymm was a big man. He was built kind of like a bear, with thick shoulders and a wide body and a big but and thick thighs.

    His cock was plenty thick, too, even though I had just sucked him off. His thing stuck out from his hips, a great big rod of flesh.

    His shorts fell to his feet and he stepped out of them and he was naked. His big dick bobbed as he got down on the couch and on me.

    I held out my hands and reached up for him as he got on the couch. He stretched out on me, with his legs between my spread legs.

    I had my left leg, the one with my panties hanging on the foot, dangling off the edge of the couch and down on the floor.

    His weight pressed down on me. He was a big grown man and his weight pushed me down in the cushions, which were real thick and padded.

    It was good that those cushions were so well padded, since they kept his body weight from pressing down too heavily on me.

    His cock head was hot and swollen when it poked me between the legs.

    He lay on top of me and kissed my mouth. He rubbed his cock into my pussy, pressing the shaft against the pussy lips.

    He worked his hips back and forth, rubbing his penis against my slit, making his cock and my pussy lips get all hot.

    He moved his mouth off mine so he could kiss and lick my tits. I sighed and gasped.

    He raised himself up and reached under his hips and took hold of his cock. He pressed its head against my slit.

    He rubbed the cock head against my pussy. He opened the pussy lips and then he pushed the cock head inside them.

    "Ooooh! That's so big!" I moaned. "Please, Mr. Plymm, please be gentle!"

    He said that he would be gentle, only that it was hard for him to control himself when he was with a beautiful girl like me.

    But I know that it never hurts to tell the customer that his cock is too big for my poor little pussy – really strokes their egos!

    His cock stretched me. I didn't need lubrication, since I was so juicy.

    He looked like he was going to have a stroke from the excitement of putting his thing in my pussy.

    He groaned and moaned and said how tight and hot and wet I was.

    Wet I was, but he had to work his cock in slowly, shoving it in an inch or so at a time, cramming it between my legs.

    His cock pushed open a passage in my pussy. He shoved his shaft in. His cock head bumped the pit of my pussy and then he was in as deep as he could go.

    He moved on top of me, working his wide heavy hips back and forth, drawing his cock out of my hole until only the head was gripped between the lips, then shoving it back in all the way.

    I wrapped my arms around his back, which was warm, fleshy, covered with sweat. I held on tight and moved under him.

    I was active – Beverly always tells us to participate, not to just lay back like a dead fish and get fucked… except for those customers who want the girl not to join in at all, but to just fuck them.

    But Ned Plymm was fairly straight, a lover of tight young pussy. I moved, grinding my hips against his, throwing my pussy up against his thrusting cock.

    His belly got wet with sweat and slapped mine with a wet smacking sound each time he stuck his thing all the way inside me.

    As he got more and more into it, he reached under me. He took hold of my ass, clutching each cheek in one hand.

    He held me tight and really pushed his thing in and out, harder and faster.

    I just moaned and squealed, turning him on even more.

    Finally, at the height of the action, he shoved his thing deep in me and kept it there and shook on top of me.

    He was coming. Wetness, thick and creamy, gushed from his cock head, filling me.

    As he came, he moaned and groaned and shook. He shoved his hips forward, pushing his stiff penis in short hard jabs.

    His body was all tight and trembling. It seemed like he would never stop coming!

    But of course, he did. He sagged on top of me, his body loosening up from the release of coming in my hot tight pussy.

    He kept his cock inside me for a while. He fingered my hair and face, touching them real lightly.

    Me, I made like I had just had one of the heaviest climaxes ever! But I really hadn't come, so I was still unsatisfied.

    His cock softened a little after a few minutes. He stirred, and maybe he was going to pull out, but when he felt how good my pussy was around his cock, he started thrusting again, tearing off a last piece.

    His come filled my pussy from the bottom to the lips, and it sizzled and gushed around his cock as it worked in and out.

    The second time he laid me, he did it slower and more relaxed, drawing out the strokes. He lasted for five minutes.

    I still hadn't come – but I would.

    After Ned Plymm climbed off me, and cleaned up and got dressed, and kissed me and Beverly goodbye, it was my turn for ecstasy.

    Beverly and I were alone in her house after Ned Plymm left. He would return, again and again, now that he had gotten a piece of my pussy and discovered how perfect it was.

    Beverly was super-pleased that everything had gone so well. She really went all out to show me how happy she was I had done a good job.

    First she took me in the bath tub and washed me all over, especially my pussy, inside and out, cleaning out Ned Plymm's come.

    She made me all fresh and clean – for her. It was my turn for pleasure and sexual satisfaction, and that's what Beverly gave me in her bed.


    SUBJECT: Honey W.

    AGE: Fifteen


    Dr. Dale liked me so much, he took me home to share me with his wife.

    Samantha Dale was bi and beautiful. She and her husband liked me so much, that the next time they had me over, Debbie Sue came along with me.

    But that's really getting ahead of myself. It started with just me and the doctor.

    Dr. Vincent Dale is a power in Hamilton town. He's handsome, distinguished, rich, active in town politics and civic affairs.

    He's also very active in a different kind of affairs… more of that in a minute.

    Anyway, he's in that inner circle of big shots which includes Mayor Glenn Grifter, James Womack, Ned Plymm, and some other guys.

    They're all real buddy-buddy, that bunch. Ned Plymm was really the first of them to start using Beverly's girls to play for pay.

    But it didn't take very long before the others tried us out.

    Dr. Dale in his middle forties, and he's real handsome, especially for a guy of his age. Keeps himself in shape, too.

    He likes the young girls… well, I guess just about all of the men do. But he likes them especially young, in their early teens.

    That was why he wanted me, 'cause I'm the youngest of Beverly's girls, and the most petite, so I get a lot of calls from those who like the youngsters.

    I mean, I look even younger than I am. I'm only about five feet tall and weigh about ninety-five pounds soaking wet.

    Ninety-five pounds was exactly what I weighed when I stood naked on the scales in Dr. Dale's private office.

    A man could get himself in big trouble, messing around with girls under the legal age of consent, which is seventeen in this state.

    A respectable pillar of the community like Dr. Dale couldn't risk a scandal, like from getting involved with a silly little schoolgirl who'd love him and expect him to leave his wife for her, or a cheap little blackmailer who'd try to squeeze him for hush money. No, Dr. Dale didn't dare get involved with that type.

    Which is why Beverly Harker and her girls – namely, us – were a real godsend for him, for his wife, and for all the men in town who wanted a piece of fresh young pussy, and could afford to pay for their pleasures.

    Liking them young they way he did, Dr. Dale picked me as soon as he saw my picture in the album of photos of the girls.

    Beverly showed our photos to him, and he picked out the one he wanted, me being the one. So, the session was set up.

    It was on a Wednesday afternoon. Usually, the doctor's office was closed on that day. That was good, since it meant that there would be no other patients in his waiting room, and his nurse wouldn't be there either, since she had the day off.

    My "appointment" was scheduled for that afternoon, at three-thirty.

    Beverly usually drove me to the sessions, but she couldn't on that day, because there was a meeting of the faculty after school, an important meeting that she couldn't get out of.

    But there was no problem, since the downtown area is only a fifteen minute walk from the school, and that's where the doctor's office was.

    I was all dressed the way Beverly told me to dress. She said that I should look as young as possible, since that's what the doctor wanted.

    That meant that make-up was out, so I left my face clean of it. I wore my dark brown hair in a pair of braids which hung down on both sides of my face. There were little pink satin ribbons tied into the bottom of each braid, which I thought looked real cute, and real girlish, too.

    I wore a short-sleeved pink blouse and a pale blue skirt and pink knee socks and loafers. I carried a few of my school books with me.

    After all, even a girl like me has to do her homework, if she wants to keep her grades up. I'm no dummy.

    In fact, working for Beverly will pay my way through college!

    It was warm and sunny when I walked to the doctor's office. I got damp and sticky under my arms. I reached the office ten minutes before three-thirty.

    It was a big building, one of the newer ones, and his office was up on the fourth floor. I called him from the lobby first.

    He answered the phone. I said that it was me, Honey, come to keep my appointment. He told me to come right on up.

    His office door was closed but he opened it when I walked down the hall, and let me in. Then he closed the door and locked it.

    I wrinkled my nose, 'cause his office had that smell that doctor's offices get, that smell of medicine and alcohol and who knows what.

    Dr. Dale was all dressed up for business – medical business, and monkey business.

    He was tall, a head taller than me, which made him about six feet, I guess. And his body was in real good shape, with wide shoulders and a flat belly and a neat small ass. He kept himself in good condition.

    That was nice… lots of guys I'm with are in their late forties and fifties, and they've let themselves get all fat and out of shape.

    Dr. Dale had wavy silver hair combed back. He had a thin silvery mustache. He wore one of those doctor's shirts, the thin white kind with the high collar, and there was a stethoscope hung around his neck.

    He said that he was happy to see me, and he escorted me into the examining room.

    All the finances had been taken care of before the meeting, by Beverly, so I didn't have to do anything like collect the money.

    Which was fine with me, 'cause that would really embarrass me, to hold out my hand and get the cash before getting fucked.

    But Beverly takes care of all those things, or sometimes Tina, when Beverly's not working and Tina is supervising us.

    Dr. Dale told me to put my books down, so I put them on the counter near the steel sink. Then the examination began.

    Of course, this was different from the usual doctor's examination. In a real exam, the doctor doesn't take off the patient's clothes.

    Dr. Dale wasn't the family doctor for me, but I had seen him in school once or twice, since they brought him into health class to lecture about the evils of drinking and smoking and taking drugs.

    I later found out he did all three, and so did his wife.

    He told me to disrobe – to take off my clothes for the examination.

    "You're the doctor," I said, and giggled.

    He took my clothes off. I stood up with my back against the examining table, while he stood facing me.

    He unbuttoned my blouse. His fingers were real quick and nimble. He pulled the blouse out of my skirt and hung it on the screen.

    I wore a plain white cotton bra. My titties are small, and I hardly even need a bra, except that I wear one 'cause I'm modest, and don't like a lot of boys staring at my nipples when I don't wear one.

    That used to bother me a lot. I mean, I'd look at all the other girls in my gym class, when we were in the locker room, taking showers.

    It would be all steamy and the girls would all be naked. They'd look womanly, with big round tits and wide asses and thick bushes on their pussies.

    Compared to them, I looked like a little kid, with my small budding titties and thin hips and my light fine bush.

    I didn't even get my period until I turned fourteen, while all the other girls had had theirs since they were twelve and thirteen.

    On the other hand, I've sure been making up for lost time!

    Like I said, that used to really bother me, and tear me all up inside, so that sometimes alone at night in my bed I'd cry myself to sleep wondering when I was going to get bigger and better developed.

    But that doesn't bother me any more, not since Beverly took me under her wing.

    First of all, she likes young girls, so she's pleased by how small my tits are.

    But more than that, I never knew how many men, mature grown married men, really get off on young girls, the younger the better!

    Since I started working for Beverly, I've been in demand practically more than some of the other girls, who are more well built than me.

    Instead of not liking me for having tiny titties and a small slit of a pussy, they love it and can't get enough of it.

    I used to pray that my titties would grow real big, and that I'd have a nice fine patch of fur between my legs.

    Not now! Now, I hope that I stay as small and young looking as possible for as long as I can!

    Dr. Dale was one of those who loves young girls. He was smiling away, when he took off my clothes and saw how small and young I was.

    'Course, it came as no surprise to him, since he had seen pictures of me without any clothes on at all, so he knew how I was built.

    And I was just what he wanted. His wife wanted me, too – but more of that later.

    He took off my skirt and put it with my blouse. His hands were strong and sure. When he leaned close to me, he smelled faintly of aftershave lotion.

    I liked the smell of that, since it was different from all those medical and medicine smells in the office.

    He told me to hop up on the table so he could undress me.

    I sat with my rump on the table, dressed in bra, panties, knee socks, loafers.

    Dr. Dale took off my shoes and set them on the floor.

    He rubbed my legs. He unrolled my knee socks, touching my legs and running his kissing lips over them.

    When my shoes and socks were off, he took off my bra.

    My tiny pink nipples tingled, puckered, and got all hard and stiff.

    My panties joined my bra, and then I was naked!

    The table was covered with a sheet of that nasty white paper like the kind they use in butcher shops to wrap meat in.

    My buns pressed the paper. I closed my knees. Dr. Dale took hold of them and spread them, so my pink-lipped pussy was open to him.

    "You mustn't be shy with me, Honey," he said, "remember, I'm a doctor!"

    He proved that by giving me an examination, just like a regular check-up, except that he rubbed and kissed and fondled me while he did it.

    He picked up an instrument and looked inside my ears and nostrils.

    "Open your mouth, stick out your tongue, and say aah!" he said.

    I did it. He pressed a tongue depressor down on my tongue and looked into my mouth. He must have liked what he saw, since he put it to work for him later.

    He thumped my chest and back. He pressed the metal knob of the stethoscope against my chest and I shivered and said that it was cold.

    He said that it would have to be warmed up. So he put it between my thighs and pressed them cold and kept it there until my body heat made the cool metal warm up.

    He rubbed my nipples and felt my titties while he listened to my heart.

    When he was done, he took the stethoscope earpieces out of his ears and let the instrument hang down his neck.

    Down from the table I came. I got on the scale and he measured my height and weight. He also rubbed me a lot while doing it.

    That part of the examination was done. Now he would give me a more intimate and probing inspection, as he put it.

    I sat back on the table. I looked down at his crotch and saw that his penis was stiff and swollen and pressing the front of his pants.

    He told me to lay down on my tummy. So I did. That nasty antiseptic paper was stiff and waxy under me.

    The doctor came over with a thermometer and a jar of lubricant and told me he was going to take my temperature.

    "Oh, Dr. Dale, do you have to take it that way – in my rear?!" I sounded just like an embarrassed little lady.

    "Now, now, Honey, calm down. I'm the doctor here. Taking a rectal temperature is the most accurate method of getting a reading."

    He put his hand between my thighs and eased them open. He rubbed my pussy and made me moan. He patted and squeezed my buns.

    He spread my cheeks, pulling them to the sides so he could get at my little hole. My rosebud was all quivering.

    He rubbed some lubricant on it. I'm really sensitive back there, so I was moaning and squirming as his finger pressed the grease on and in me.

    He chuckled at my reaction. I folded my arms and rested my head in them, like I was too shamed to look up at him.

    He greased the thermometer, pressed the metal tip against my rear, and slid the glass rod up inside me.

    Having my buns opened and the thermometer put in my bottom really turned me on, 'cause I love to be felt and handled like that.

    My pussy got all wet inside, and my nipples were stiffer than ever.

    Dr. Dale put the thermometer in my behind and my buns pressed against it.

    After a moment, he took it out. He opened my cheeks with his fingers, and he twirled the greasy rod inside me as he pulled it out.

    He held the thermometer up to the light and told me that my temperature was normal.

    He put it away and told me to turn over, and lay on my back. He stood at the foot of the table and lifted the stirrups so that they stood straight up. He turned screws, making them tight so the stirrups stayed in place.

    He lifted my feet and put each one in the stirrups. My feet were raised and my legs were spread and my pussy was quivering like crazy.

    Inside my bottom I felt all gooey and creamy from the lubricant which was still inside there. My pussy was dripping.

    Dr. Dale unwrapped a pair of brown rubber gloves and pulled them on his hands. They fit skin-tight, reaching to his wrists.

    Then he stood at the foot of the table and examined me.

    His rubber gloved hands felt really wild on my pussy. I kind of moaned and closed my eyes while he handled me.

    This wasn't like any doctor's exam I ever had before. First, Dr. Dale spent a few minutes just stroking my pussy lips.

    What a nice touch he had! His fingers just glided over my pussy lips, barely brushing them, sliding up and down.

    He made them all hot and velvety, so I was rocking on the table, moving my hips and pushing my pussy up to meet his hand.

    He didn't use any nasty cold instruments to spread my pussy lips. He used his fingers to pull my pussy lips to the sides.

    My pussy lips are real thin and delicate, with a light bush covering the tops of them. He pulled them back and exposed my membranes.

    I was juicy from the fingering I had gotten. He put his middle finger in me and planted it in me up to the knuckle.

    He fucked me with his finger, rocking it back and forth.

    He took his finger out of me and walked around to the side of the table, by my head. I turned my head to look at him.

    He unbuckled his belt and opened his pants and took them and his shorts down.

    He was hard, and his big fat cock was red and swollen and stiff, with its head a few inches from my face.

    "Ooooooh, Doctor!" I sighed.

    He gripped his cock. He still had on those rubber gloves. He kept them on the whole time he was with me. I didn't mind – they felt neat and sexy on my skin.

    He held his penis to my mouth and I kissed it and licked it.

    I had done some squirming, like when he took my temperature, and especially when he fondled and fingered my pussy.

    Now it was his turn to do a little squirming, when I smooched his swollen cock head, and whipped it with the tip of my tongue.

    I licked the little hole on the head of the cock and nibbled with my lips.

    He pressed his cock harder against my lips, so I knew that he wanted to get in my mouth, so I opened wide to take him.

    I lay there with my head turned to one side and he plugged his penis in my mouth.

    I gurgled when he put the cock head in. He rubbed it against the roof of my mouth, then followed it up with his shaft.

    My lips pressed his cock. It was thick, and stretched them. The cock slid over my lips and along my tongue.

    I took his cock as deep in my mouth as I could. I'm not like Tina or Debbie Sue, who know how to deep-throat a penis.

    I've been working on it, but I can't seem to get the trick down just yet. But I can take a stiff cock deeper now than I could when I first started.

    It bothers me some times, that I can't get the trick, but Beverly just tells me not to worry about it, that it doesn't matter.

    She says that it's good in a way that I can't suck cock like a pro, since I look so young and sweet, which makes it more of a turn-on for the men, since they think that I'm real inexperienced and tender.

    Dr. Dale didn't seem to mind much. I took most of his cock in my mouth, so that only an inch or two was outside my lips.

    When he got excited and pushed his cock deeper, I gagged. But he was a nice man and pulled back so I didn't choke or anything.

    Some guys are kind of mean, and try to choke a girl with their cocks. But I don't do those scenes. Anne takes the guys who like to hurt.

    Dr. Dale probed my mouth with his penis. He stood there, one hand on my head, pressing it down on the table while he rocked back and forth.

    He put his thing in and out. It got hotter and hotter – well, it was already pretty hot to start with.

    Soon he was going to come. He told me that, gasping for breath.

    When he came, I gulped it all down.

    He stood there with his coming cock plugged into my mouth, the head of it filling my throat, pumping masses of come into me.

    I wrapped my mouth around the member and pressed it with my tongue.

    Dr. Dale rocked and shook like his cock was plugged into a wall socket with 110 volts of current shooting through him.

    But it was he who shot into me, pumping his come down my throat. I sucked and slurped and swallowed and gobbled it all down like a good girl.

    His cock was hard when he stopped coming, which was fine with me, 'cause my pussy was really wet and needed a good fucking.

    He moaned and whispered what a sweet little girl I was, a good girl, and how he wished that he could take me home and keep me and raise me as his daughter.

    His cock jumped and twitched in my mouth while he talked. Finally he got himself together and took his penis out of my mouth.

    His come was thick on my tongue. I smacked a wet sucking kiss on the cock head. Dr. Dale walked around to the foot of the examining table, to my feet, which he took out of the stirrups. He unscrewed the stirrups and folded them down.

    He walked in a shuffle, since his pants and shorts were hanging down around his ankles. He stood there, holding himself, pulling his penis, making it stand up stiff and straight as it had been before he came.

    He didn't seem to want my help, and he got hard in a few seconds.

    He climbed up on the table, and on me. He didn't take off his shirt but left it on – he was in too much of a hurry to fuck me.

    His big red thing was fat and heavy between his legs.

    He stretched out on top of me. First he kind of stood over me on his hands and knees. He put his head down on my titties.

    He kissed and licked the titties. He nibbled on a stiff nipple, sucked it up between his lips, and chewed on it and made me moan.

    He gripped his cock and touched the head of it to my pussy. I oohed and aahed.

    The cock head pushed my pussy lips to the sides. He put his cock head in me. It was thick but it slid against my wet membranes.

    It was wide and heavy and stretched me. In a faint little girl voice I begged the doctor to put his thing in real slow, so as not to hurt me.

    It was half an act, but half real, too, since I've got a small slit and a very tight pussy – which is very very popular with the men, as you can guess.

    Dr. Dale was nice and considerate. He plugged my pussy with his cock head and left the shaft out of me while he fingered my clit.

    He rubbed my clit with his rubber gloved fingers. I got real hot and wet. Then, when I was all steamy and dripping, he put it in me all the way.

    His shaft stretched me. It was intense, and twinges shot through my pussy, and I moaned and even whimpered a couple of times.

    His big thick thing sank into me. When he put it in deep, it fit as tightly in me as his hand fit in that skin-tight rubber glove.

    He stretched out on top of me. I was kind of crushed, since there wasn't much cushioning on the table, and he was big while I was small and skinny.

    My thin legs were spread to the sides, with the backs of my knees resting on the table edges, and my calves and feet dangling down on either side.

    He put his penis in me, and when he pushed it too deep it kind of hurt me, so I moaned. He kissed me all over my face.

    Then he fucked me.

    He humped his thing back and forth, pumping it in my tight little slit. He was hot, but he controlled himself and did it gently to start with, instead of tearing me up. He fucked me slow and deep.

    After a while of that, I was more relaxed and stretched inside, so it didn't hurt when he shoved faster and harder.

    He built up the pace until at last he was fucking me real hard and fast, and I was really getting off on it.

    My pussy was all steamy, and when he finally came, it was like pouring water on a fire. His thing was jammed tight in my pussy as it pumped semen into me.

    His come filled me right up to the lips of my slit. It was all thick and warm and felt so nice and soothing inside me.

    It was a very successful session – so successful, that Dr. Dale wanted to do it with me again – and this time, his beautiful wife Samantha would join in, since she had a taste for young girls, just like her husband.


    "Are you kidding, Beverly?" I said. "I can't wear this outfit!"

    "Oh yes you can, my little honey, and yes you will," Beverly told me. "Now hold still and stop fussing so I can fix these buttons!"

    It was Saturday morning. I was at Beverly's, and she was getting me ready for my visit to the house of Dr. Vincent Dale – and wife.

    I was in the living room, being outfitted in the dress which Beverly had bought specially for this occasion.

    I hated it.

    The dress, I mean. It was the kind of dress an eleven year old might have worn to her communion or a fancy party.

    Me, I'm a simple girl, and left to my own, I'd wear nothing but T-shirts or jeans… or just plain naked.

    I like to go naked, and when I can, I do. Otherwise, there's nothing more comfortable than faded jeans worn to fit my body.

    Some of the other girls, like Tina and Ellen especially, love to dress up, and are really into fancy lingerie and all that kind of stuff.

    But me, well, like I said, I have simple tastes. And this dress was anything but.

    It was made for a younger girl, to be sure, a girl who hadn't had her period, probably. But I'm petite, so it fit me fine.

    It was a pink party dress, short-sleeved, tight in the chest, with a wide flaring skirt whose hem came down to my ankles.

    This dress was all frilly, with lots of ribbons and bows and little buttons and all kinds of useless junk like that.

    But that wasn't all. Under it, I wore petticoats. They were kind of cute, actually, white and soft with lots of lace.

    I wore white ankle socks and black shiny shoes to finish off the outfit.

    "I just hope nobody from school sees me in this," I said. "I'll never live it down! I look like a little Pollyanna or something!"

    "Which is just exactly the way you're supposed to look," Beverly said. "I'm not dressing you for you, Honey."

    "I'm dressing you for them – for Dr. Dale and his wife. And they like their girls young, looking and acting as young as possible."

    Which was true… but it sure was a bother, putting all that stuff on, knowing that it would be coming off real soon for the session.

    Beverly even did up some of my hair in curls, which were all tight and rolling and bouncing – I could hardly recognize myself!

    Beverly fixed lunch. It was a light one for me, enough to give me nourishment, but not so much that I would be weighed down.

    You can't make love very well if you're belly is filled with food – at least, that's what I've found.

    After lunch it was time to go, so I piled into Beverly's car and she drove me to the house where Dr. Dale lived.

    It was a really nice neighborhood, with big houses and lots of lawns and trees. Beverly parked in the driveway.

    When we got out of the car, Beverly reminded me to remember to smile.

    The door was opened by Dr. Dale. He was dressed casually, in a sport shirt, slacks, cardigan sweater, loafers.

    His face really lit up when he saw me. I felt stupid, all dressed up like that, but I smiled and curtsied prettily when I saw him. "Samantha will just love you!" he said. "She'll just eat you up!"

    That sounded interesting, but I just smiled and went into the house. Dr. Dale invited Beverly in, but she said that she had business to attend to, and that he should call her when he wanted her to return to pick me up.

    "I'm sure that won't be until some time from now, with a lovely little girl like this," he told her.

    Beverly said goodbye and told me to be a good girl and kissed me on the cheek. She got in her car and drove away.

    I followed Dr. Dale. It was a split-level ranch house, real classy, and big. There were vases and little Oriental statues and paintings on the wall.

    When I walked, the hem of the flaring skirt bobbed, and my petticoats went swish-swish-swish under the dress.

    "You have a really beautiful house," I said.

    "Thank you, Honey. And a beautiful house should have a little beauty like you in it." He went into the living room, and I followed.

    I asked him where Mrs. Dale was.

    "Here I am," she said. "And you must be Honey!"

    I hadn't seen her come in, since she entered the living room from behind me. When she spoke, I turned to look at her.

    "Oh!" I gasped. "Oh, you are beautiful!"

    "Why, thank you, you adorable little thing!" She came to meet me.

    She was lovely. She looked like a movie star or something, not flashy, just great, with lots of class.

    She was tall with light blonde hair which was cut straight and simply in a sweeping cut, kind of like a pageboy, so that it brushed her shoulders.

    In her high heels she must have been a few inches under six feet tall. She was slim and tanned and elegant and dressed in white.

    She was mature – as old as my mom, maybe older, but what a difference!

    Her skin was like bronze and her hair was coppery. She wore little gold earrings which swayed when she walked.

    She wore a one-piece white dress made of some fabric which was real sheer and clinging. It was sleeveless, with thin shoulder straps.

    Her shoulders were wide and smooth and mostly bare, except for those straps. The front of the dress was lowcut.

    She was in really great shape. I could see from the dress that she wore no bra, but her tits were high and firm, with no sag.

    They looked delicious – and so did the rest of her.

    She had a flat belly and wide hips and long legs. The hem of the dress came down a little past her knees.

    She wore stockings, and white high heeled sandals, with little leather straps which crossed the tops of her feet and buckled into place.

    I mean, she looked great.

    She came to me and I smelled a little whiff of perfume, very light and fresh.

    "How do you do, Mrs. Dale?" I said, holding out my hand.

    "Come, dear, don't be so formal, please!" She had a lovely little laugh. "By all means, do call me 'Samantha', and I shall call you Honey!"

    She didn't shake my hand. She bent her head and kissed me on the cheek, her lips softly brushing me. I was kind of excited.

    "Now, you must sit down here and tell me all about yourself, Honey!"

    Samantha took me by the hand and led me to the couch and I sat down beside her, sitting so close that our thighs touched.

    There was a big picture window in the living room looking out on the back yard, which was a beautiful garden with trees and lots of flowers in all colors.

    Dr. Dale left the room and came back with some cameras and stuff and started setting them up while Samantha and I chatted.

    We talked about little stuff at first. I did the talking mostly. I told her about school, and subjects I liked and didn't like.

    "As you can see, Honey, my husband is a real photography buff. We'd love to have some pictures of you, especially when you look pretty as a picture!"

    Once again, I knew that Beverly had been right and I was wrong. It wouldn't have been cool for me to show up here in blue jeans and a sweatshirt.

    This was a very special occasion, and I was dressed for the part.

    Posing was fun. Dr. Dale took a lot of pictures of me, sitting, standing, curtseying, smiling, sitting and looking thoughtful.

    Then Samantha joined me. She stood behind me and wrapped her arms around me and hugged me, while Dr. Dale took some more photos.

    I felt Samantha's tits pressing the back of my neck and shoulders. They were warm and soft, and her flesh was cool and smooth where she touched me.

    I really liked the posing. Samantha took me to the couch, where sunlight shone in through the window and poured over us.

    It was nice and warm and drowsy and dreamy in the sunlight, making me feel loose and lazy and very relaxed and at ease. Samantha had me sit on her lap. Her lap was warm. When I sat there, she put her arms around my waist and held me.

    Our faces were real close. Samantha put her hand under my chin and lifted my face and then she pressed her lips on mine.

    Her lips were soft and velvety. She kissed me. Her tongue flicked out and ran over my teeth and I opened them for her to stick her tongue in my mouth.

    She did. Her breath was warm and sweet. She kissed me and rubbed my tongue with her tongue. She touched me as she kissed me.

    Dr. Dale quietly moved around. The only way I really knew he was there was when I heard the snap of the camera as he took another picture.

    From time to time, when he got a shot he really liked, he would say something like, "Terrific!" or "Fantastic – just great!"

    I was feeling pretty fantastic myself, from Samantha's kisses and her touch.

    She rubbed my titties trough the dress. My nipples got hard and stuck out. She rubbed my thighs and kissed me some more.

    She took her mouth off mine. "We thought it might be a good idea to take pictures of you in your pretty dress while you still had it on!"

    After that, I didn't have it on for much longer.

    "Such a lot of buttons to undo!" Samantha said, as she undid them, opening them down the front and opening the dress to the waist.

    She reached inside. Instead of a bra, I wore a kind of camisole top, white and soft, with a little pink satin ribbon between my tits.

    Samantha felt me up through the cami, playing with my stiff nipples.

    I had to get off her lap so she could take the dress off. Then it was off and I stood there in the cami and my petticoats.

    She stripped me slowly and sexily, touching me lots, pulling off the garments so that it was like a caress when they slid along my skin.

    I was really excited, since she was just about the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, maybe even more beautiful than Beverly.

    Samantha kept stripping me. I was bare to the waist. I stood there shyly, with my head bowed, holding my hands behind my back.

    Off came petticoats, panties, shoes, socks. Then there was nothing more to come off, 'cause I was naked.

    It was a real turn-on to be standing there with no clothes on, while the two adults were all dressed, with Samantha feeling me up.

    "What smooth skin you have," she said, touching it. "And what a lovely peaches and cream complexion – flawless!"

    She touched my bare titties. I started to get wet when she tweaked my nipples and rolled them between her fingers.

    She put her hand between my thighs, which I opened at her touch. She rubbed my bush and my pussy lips.

    "So lightly haired," she said, "just like a little girl!"

    The way she said that, I knew she was turned on by my thin bush.

    She touched my pussy. She rubbed the lips, stroking them. They quivered and got real warm. The warmer they got, the wetter I got inside.

    She put her middle finger inside me. I was wet, but my slit is small. She pushed her finger in and the walls of my pussy pressed it.

    She fucked me with her finger, shoving in and out. I was getting weak in the knees. My legs shook and felt like rubber.

    I had to hold on to her shoulder for support. My face was all flushed and hot. Click! Click! Click! went the camera as Dr. Dale kept snapping pictures.

    Then Samantha undressed. She slid the straps off her shoulders and pulled the dress down off her tits, baring them.

    I was right – she wasn't wearing any bra. She didn't need to. Her tits were about the size and shape of apples.

    The flesh was soft and white, instead of the tan color of the rest of her body, so it showed the shape of the bathing suit she must have worn under the sun while she was getting that rich deep tan.

    That looked very sexy, those milk-white tits right in the middle of all that coppery flesh. The tits were warm and smooth and full.

    The nipples were like buttons. They were a very dark pink, almost brown, as were the little circles of flesh surrounding each nipple. I forget what those little circles are called. Hers were the size of quarters, twenty-five cent pieces. If you want to know, for comparison, mine are a little wider than dimes.

    Samantha pulled the dress off. Her tits were bare, but the rest of her wasn't. She was dressed in beautiful lingerie.

    It was as white as her dress. A frilly white garter belt was around her waist. It had lacey ruffles which fell like lace doilies on her bronze hips.

    Her long legs were covered with white stockings, skin-tight and without wrinkles.

    Over the fat garters of the belt she wore a pair of white satin panties.

    Those panties were really small! All they were was two small white triangles, one covering (barely!) her pussy, and the other one covering even less of her ass.

    "Oh, so beautiful!" I rubbed her thighs over the stocking tops.

    She sat down on the couch and I joined her. We kissed. She rubbed my titties and stroked my pussy.

    She took her mouth off mine. The taste of her was sweet on my tongue. I wanted to fill my mouth with her tits, with her pussy.

    I asked her softly and sweetly if I could kiss her. She said yes. I rubbed my face against her tits, trying to bury myself in them.

    Her nipples were stiff and they throbbed hard. I kissed both of them, and each time I pressed my lips to them, they throbbed.

    I took a nipple inside my lips and sucked it. I held the nipple with my lips and ran my tongue across it – Samantha liked that.

    She let me suck for a while. Then she eased my mouth off her and put her hands on my shoulders and put me on my back on the couch.

    She spread my legs. One of them hung off the end of the couch, but my foot wasn't touching the floor. She put her head down there.

    She rubbed her face against the insides of my thighs, and against my pussy. Then she stroked my pussy lips with her lips.

    I was turned on and making all kinds of little excited moans.

    She kissed my pussy up and down. Then she stuck out her tongue. I was so turned on that I thought I might fall off the couch.

    She rolled her tongue up and down my pussy and got it all wet with her saliva.

    The clicking of the camera was real close now. Dr. Dale knelt on the floor by the couch, the camera hiding his face as he took some real close shots.

    Samantha put her tongue inside me. I was moaning and she held my hips and pushed them down into the cushions.

    She put her open lips on my pussy lips and she shoved her tongue back and forth, in and out, licking the walls of my pussy.

    She loved the taste and lapped down the juices and came back for more. And there were plenty more, since they just kept oozing out of my pussy.

    She drew her tongue out of my slit, then shoved it up to the top and pressed my clitoris with it and licked it and really drove me wild.

    I was crying like a little girl, crying with pleasure, and crying with Samantha not to stop doing what she was doing.

    She tongued my clit and made me come. I shook and squealed and she held me down. She took her tongue off my pussy when I came.

    After I finished coming, I was all hot and wet and melting inside my slit. I lay there on the couch and I could hardly see straight.

    Samantha and Dr. Dale reached for me and hands were all over me, lifting me off the couch and on to my feet.

    The sunlight was warm, shining through the window on my naked body. The garden and yard were fenced in with thick, waist-high bushes which were just like a wall, so nobody could see in through them and see what was going on in the living room.

    Besides, in this ritzy neighborhood, the houses were not crammed so close together that one neighbor's nose was up his next-door neighbor's ass, like it is in my neighborhood.

    But we were going out of the neighborhood of the living room now, and heading down the wide hall for the bedroom which lay at the end of it.

    Dr. Dale and Samantha stood me up and felt me up as they walked me down the hall. I stood between them as we walked.

    Each had their arm around me. Their legs brushed mine as we went to the bedroom.

    Dr. Dale's pants flapped against my bare leg, while Samantha's stockinged leg rustled and slid along my other leg.

    Into the bedroom we went. It was just as beautiful as the rest of the house, with a massive bed with an antique brass frame.

    They took me to that bed. I stood and leaned against Dr. Dale. He put his hand on my bottom and rubbed it and rubbed the backs of my thighs.

    Samantha pulled down the sheets and blankets to the foot of the bed, where they would be out of the way.

    I got into bed. It felt good to lay my hot little body down on the cool smooth sheets. They smelled sweet – I wondered if Samantha's body scent had gotten on them.

    Samantha undressed her man. Dr. Dale's penis was stiff in his pants. She took hold of it, squeezing and rubbing it through the pants.

    He pulled off his sports shirt. Samantha rubbed his bare chest and kissed his nipples. He kicked off his shoes.

    She felt his cock and balls while she unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. She reached into his shorts and played with his stiff cock.

    I lay on the bed on my side, with my thighs closed, pressing them against my pussy lips, which were all sensitive from the orgasm I had just had.

    Dr. Dale was naked now. His thing stood out from his hips. Samantha squeezed and stroked it. He hugged and kissed her.

    He pressed his front against her front. His cock stood up straight and got pressed between his flesh and hers.

    He took hold of her panties and pulled them down. He stepped back from her. The panties were at the tops of her thighs.

    Her bush was thick and dark and neat. Her pussy lips were dark and dusky brown, a lighter shade than her nipples.

    In addition to the white garter belt and stockings, there was another white band on her hips, the white triangle which covered her ass cheeks and her pussy, the outline of whatever bikini bathing suit bottom she had worn while sunning.

    She got into bed on one side of me. Dr. Dale got in on the other side of me. I was the tender filling in a sandwich of flesh.

    They kissed, licked, touched me. I shyly rubbed Dr. Dale. Samantha took hold of my hand and put it on his penis and pressed it there.

    His thing was stiff and swollen. It got hotter as I played with it.

    Samantha stretched out on her back. Dr. Dale guided me to her. She spread her stockinged legs and I got between them.

    I knelt and lowered my head to her crotch. There was the white garter belt, with its big lacey ruffles. There were the garters, all fat and frilly and running down the sides of her hips. There were her stockings, white and sleek.

    Then there was her flesh, with a band of copper colored skin suddenly changing into milky white, showing the line where the bikini began and ended.

    And there was her pussy…

    Down I went to it. She was hot and wet and the smell of her sex was thick and musky and filled me when I put my face to her.

    I love the smell of pussy and I filled my nose with it. Her bush was soft and downy and very dark.

    I put my lips on her pussy lips. They were thick and full. I kissed them.

    After a while, she moaned and moved under me. I touched my tongue to her and rubbed all over her pussy with it. She moved more.

    She sighed and put her hand on my head and pressed my face down into her pussy. The lips opened, and her pussy membranes touched me.

    They were wet, hot, slippery. I stuck my tongue inside her.

    The juices tingled on my tongue. She tasted thick and rich. I licked and lapped and swallowed. Juices wet my face.

    I put my tongue to her clitoris. My clitoris was a pearl, while hers was the size and shape of a marble, a throbbing pink marble of flesh.

    There was movement on the bed. Dr. Dale got behind me.

    I was on my knees between his wife's spread legs, with my face pressed to her pussy and my ass raised high in the air.

    I guess the sight of my ass and pussy wiggling and wagging while I bobbed my head and thrust my tongue into his wife's pussy got him all sexed up.

    He stood on his knees behind my behind. He took hold of my hips. I felt his warm breath playing on my ass.

    It was followed a second later by his mouth, which covered my ass with hot wet sloppy kisses, licking the cheeks up and down.

    He took his mouth off my ass and leaned into me. His stiff cock slid over me. It was hot, burning, throbbing, swollen.

    He put the cock in the crack of my ass, and rocked back and forth, rubbing his cock up and down, making it hotter.

    He took his cock and rubbed the head of it against my pussy, which was dripping wet from all the juices his wife had put there.

    He put his cock there. He pressed the tip to the slit of my pussy, pushed apart the thin lips, stuffed his cock head inside.

    I moaned when I was entered. Since my mouth was on Samantha's crotch, my moans vibrated through her pussy, giving her an extra turn-on.

    Dr. Dale slid his cock into me. It was a tight fit, just like it had been the last time that he fucked me.

    He put his thing in deep. I felt stuffed and stretched by the stiff thing inside me. He held my hips and rocked back and forth.

    He put his penis in and out, fucking me. All the time he was doing this, I never skipped a stroke of the tongue on Samantha's clitoris.

    She was moaning and squeezing her own tits while I ate her pussy. Her eyes were glazed but she kept them wide open so she could watch her man fuck me from behind.

    The three of us were locked together on the bed, Dr. Dale with his penis plugged into my slit, me with my mouth wrapped around his wife's pussy.

    Samantha came first.

    I saw to that. She had her legs bent at the knees. She was rocking, throwing her pussy up in my face to meet the thrusts of my tongue.

    I pressed the smooth insides of my lips against her clitoris and rubbed it. Then I ran the tip of my tongue over it.

    That took her over, and she came. When she orgasmed, she shook and she pressed her thighs closed on my head, squeezing it.

    My mouth and nose were filled with her pussy flesh as she climaxed.

    When she stopped shaking, she let her legs fall open. I gasped for breath. She was loose and flexible and slumped back in the bed.

    I gasped even harder, as Dr. Dale kept on fucking me.

    He came, and this time he saw that I did, too. He put his hand around me and reached for my clitoris and fingered it while he fucked me.

    He had that good light touch – him being a doctor, you could say he had an excellent bedside manner – and he seemed to know just how I wanted my clit touched.

    He fingered and fucked me into orgasm after a few moments.


    SUBJECT: Ellen G.

    AGE: Sixteen


    I watched Mr. Vickers spank Debbie Sue.

    He had already spanked me. My eyes were wet, and my bottom was red and sore, but not too sore, since he had only spanked me with his hand.

    The three of us – me, Debbie Sue, and Mr. Vickers – were in the living room at Beverly's house on a Thursday afternoon.

    It was about five o'clock, but it was late in the spring, so it was warm and there would be hours of daylight left.

    All of us had come here right after school. Debbie Sue and I walked over. The season was over, so she didn't have to go to cheering practice.

    Beverly and Mr. Vickers each drove in their own cars, since it would have looked suspicious if they went together.

    Suspicious since he was a married man while she's single and unmarried and lives alone. There's always lots of gossip and wagging tongues at high school, and if some students or teachers saw Beverly and Mr. Vickers riding together, they might think that they were more than friends, maybe having an affair.

    Hah! What a laugh! They would have thought that was hot stuff, a married man making love to a teacher!

    They should have known where Beverly was really at, and what she was into – they should have known what Mr. Vickers wanted to do with me and Debbie Sue – they should have known that there was a ring of high school hookers working under their very noses!

    They should have known – 'cause then they might have dropped dead from the shock!

    But they wouldn't know, 'cause we, and especially Beverly, were too clever for that. Anyway, it was good that they didn't know.

    Debbie Sue and I didn't have to wear anything special, or even get into nighties or get naked, not at first.

    Mr. Vickers wanted us just the way we were when we went to school, so that's how he got as. 'Course, we didn't stay dressed for long! We were in the living room. Beverly had gone to her room, out of the way, but where she could keep an ear and maybe an eye on what was going on.

    Having her around made Mr. Vickers uncomfortable. He liked to be with the high school girls, but didn't want a grown woman watching.

    That was his hang-up. Other guys were different, and actually got off on having Beverly in the room, watching the whole scene and session.

    Mr. Vickers knew all about us, or at least partly. One time, Debbie Sue went into his office and took down her panties and let him fuck her hot little pussy.

    After he got that taste, Beverly got in touch with him. She said she had some interesting educational case studies which she thought he might find interesting and informative in his administration of student discipline.

    That was just a line, to get him to come over to her house. Beverly had everything set up for his arrival.

    When he walked in the door, he saw Debbie Sue stretched out on the couch, naked except for a pair of panties, holding her hands over her tits, like she was modest.

    If you knew Debbie Sue like I do, you'd know what a laugh that is. Her modest – hah! Anyway, after Mr. Vickers recovered from the shock, Beverly told him where it was at, and how if he wanted to fuck her or spank her or come in her mouth, he would have to pay for the privilege.

    He took him aside and worked out a deal. Like you might have heard from the other girls, Beverly always keeps us out of the financial arrangements.

    But she takes care of us real good. It was Beverly who taught all us girls to open up lots of little bank accounts all over town.

    That way, instead of having one bank account with a couple thousand dollars in it, we had lots of little accounts with a few hundred in each.

    That kept people from getting suspicious. Bank tellers get suspicious when teenage girls walk in and deposit a few hundred dollars each week.

    It was Beverly who got us all to save our money. She said that the fastest way for us to get put out of business by parents and the law was for us to start flashing around a lot of bread, and buying heaps of new clothes and stuff.

    Anyway, it was real convenient with Mr. Vickers, since he was assistant vice-principal, and it was his job to deal with student discipline.

    It was Mr. Vickers who got after the students when they skipped classes, or came in late, or cut a day or two of school.

    Now that he was playing ball with us, Beverly was able to get all of her girls out of class or school anytime at all.

    That enabled us to take morning and afternoon sessions, instead of having to wait until school hours were over.

    Anyhow, Mr. Vickers was getting his reward. I stood in the corner, dressed in my bra, panties, socks, and sneakers. The panties were pulled down to the tops of my thighs.

    My bottom was red and tingling. I looked over my shoulder and was able to watch Mr. Vickers spank Debbie Sue.

    He was so into spanking her that he didn't notice I was watching.

    Debbie Sue was almost naked. All she wore were panties, and they were pulled down to her thighs, with her ass exposed.

    She was stretched face down across Mr. Vickers' lap. Her tits pressed his leg, and her crotch was right on his stiff cock.

    Mr. Vickers was hot and sweating, which made his face all shiny and red. He had taken off his jacket, unknotted his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, and rolled up his shirtsleeves. He meant business when he spanked us!

    I wanted to rub my bottom and take some of the soreness out of it, but I thought that if I moved, I might call attention to myself, and not be able to watch.

    Debbie Sue moaned and cried on his lap, but she was loving it. She's such a little slut, well, not so little, if you ever saw the size of her tits.

    Her nipples were stiff from the spanking, and as Mr. Vickers swatted her ass, she rubbed her crotch against his cock.

    Her bottom was getting bright red under his hand, but his penis must have been getting even hotter with her crotch rubbing it.

    He was getting too hot to keep on spanking us, and ready to move on to other things. He gave Debbie Sue a few more hard swats.

    He stopped spanking her. His eyes were staring down at her red bottom. Debbie Sue covered her face with her hands and went boo-hoo-hoo.

    He patted her and told her that her punishment was over. He eased her off his lap and made her stand facing him.

    Debbie Sue whined, "My bottom hurts!"

    "I'll kiss it and make it better," Mr. Vickers said.

    He put his hands on her hips and turned her so that her backside faced him. He bent forward and kissed her ass.

    Debbie Sue moaned when his face pressed her ass. He kissed it, then he licked it up and down, making the red cheeks wet with his spit.

    Debbie Sue leaned forward, shoving her ass back in his face.

    After a while, Mr. Vickers lifted his face from her ass. He said, "Ellen, you may come out of the corner now and join us."

    "Thank you, Mr. Vickers," I said.

    I went to him and stood beside Debbie Sue. You know what Debbie Sue looks like, since I know that she loves to talk about herself.

    So, I'll tell you what I look like. I'm shorter than Debbie Sue and a lot more rounded, with thick black hair which falls on my back and on my tits.

    I have dark eyes and olive skin and wide lips. I don't wear much make-up, but I do like to wear a little eye shadow and liner, just to make the eyes look even wider and deeper, since they're one of the best features on my face.

    I am stacked. That's one thing I don't have to pretend to be modest about.

    I've got big tits, a skinny waist, wide hips, and a big round ass (but not a fat one!). I'm short but really built.

    The only girl working for Beverly who's bigger in the bust than me is Tina, and she's a lot taller, too, almost half a head.

    But I'm almost as big in the tits. Besides, Tina's almost two years older than me, and I'm still growing, so who's to say that I won't get bigger, and pass her?

    My tits are as big as most grown women, maybe bigger than most. All the females in my family – my mother, aunt, sisters – are all built big.

    I haven't heard a complaint yet, from any boy or man – or from any female, either. As you can guess, I'm proud of my physique.

    My nipples are fat. They're about the size of grapes, pasted to the tips of my melon-sized tits. The nipples were stiff when I joined Debbie Sue.

    We two bad girls stood side by side, facing Mr. Vickers. I hung my head like I was ashamed, and looked down at my feet, and Debbie Sue did the same.

    But my nipples were standing straight out, and my pussy lips were quivering like crazy, and my bottom was red and burning.

    Mr. Vickers said that he was sorry he had to punish us (liar!), but that he hoped it had done some good, and that we had learned not to misbehave.

    He asked us if we would be good girls. He asked us one at a time. He asked me first and I nodded and said I sure would be a good girl.

    Then he asked Debbie Sue the same question, and she gave him the same answer. He said that he would see if we were sincere in our desire to be good, or if we were just pretending. If we were faking, we would be spanked some more.

    We both cried out and begged him please, no more spankings. He said that it was all up to us, and depended on our conduct.

    Would we be his good little girls, and do all that he wanted?

    Sure we would…

    That's when he started touching and kissing us. He patted my hip and squeezed it and then started rubbing my thigh.

    He reached out with his other hand and touched Debbie Sue right square on her stiff nipple. She went, "Oh!" like she was surprised.

    He told us to sit down on his lap. He held his legs spread apart, and had me and Debbie Sue each sit on one of his legs.

    I sat on his right thigh, and she sat on his left. We faced each other, our knees touching and bumping.

    He put his arm around my waist and hers and hugged us. He had a double handful of girl. He kissed each of us.

    He kissed me on the mouth and stuck his tongue in my mouth. He rubbed my tongue and he pressed his lips real hard on my mouth.

    He felt my tits while he kissed me. Then he stopped kissing me, reached for Debbie Sue, put his hand on the back of her neck, pulled her head down to his, pressed his open mouth on hers, and stuck his tongue in it.

    The way we sat on his legs, our tits were right under his face, under his nose. Under his mouth, especially when he kissed and sucked them.

    He pulled me to him and rubbed his face against my tits. He was sweating and the sweat made his skin slippery. It smeared on my tits.

    While he played with my tits, he put his hand on Debbie Sue's thigh. He rubbed her inner thighs but didn't touch her pussy just yet.

    He kissed my tits all over, but especially on the stiff nipples, which I must say were much bigger than Debbie Sue's.

    He nibbled on my nipples and ran his tongue back and forth over them. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and whipped it with his tongue.

    My nipples were stiff and the licking felt real sexy.

    He played games with my tits. He had to stop rubbing Debbie Sue between the legs. But he took hold of her hand and pressed it in his crotch.

    His thing was all hard and Debbie Sue rubbed it through his pants.

    He used both hands on my tits. He cupped them, one in each palm, like he was weighing them. He pulled them apart and pushed them together.

    He pushed them real close, so they were really plumped up, and moved them so the nipples were right close together, jutting out side by side.

    Then he stuffed both in his mouth. He had to stretch his mouth at the corners to take both nipples in at once.

    He jammed them in his mouth and held them with his lips, pulling and sucking them. Having them pushed up like that made them ache a little.

    My bottom was sore from that spanking, and I kept squirming and shifting on his thigh, trying to get comfortable.

    Debbie Sue was doing the same thing, but when she really started rubbing his hard cock, it was his turn to squirm in his seat.

    Finally one of my nipples popped free from his mouth. He sighed and sucked the other one for a while longer.

    Then he took the other nipple out of his mouth. He had me push up my tits, and pull my head down so that my chin was on my chest.

    My tits are big enough so that when I did that, I could rub them against my face, and lick and kiss my own nipples, which Mr. Vickers had been doing.

    While I did that, he felt and fondled Debbie Sue's tits, kissed and sucked them.

    At last he took his mouth off her tits. Her nipples are usually pale pink, but after the sucking they were dark and red.

    He put his hands on the backs of our necks, pushing our heads together. He wanted us to kiss, so kiss we did.

    We moved our faces together and locked open mouths and put our tongues in each other mouths and licked and rubbed.

    There was a hand rubbing my crotch – his hand, of course. He fingered my pussy lips, then pressed them with his fingertip.

    He put his finger inside me. I was all wet inside, and the finger slipped in, although my tight pussy clutched it.

    He fucked me with his finger. At the same time, his other hand worked between Debbie Sue's legs, rubbing her crotch.

    He put his finger inside her, too. I knew when he did it, 'cause Debbie Sue kind of groaned when the finger filled her.

    We went on kissing while he finger-fucked both of us at the same time. Our kissing got real hot and passionate, and we were really getting it on.

    We touched tits, too, with my big round globes sliding against her tits, which are pretty full (but not like mine!) and kind of pointy and pear-shaped.

    With two naked girls sitting and squirming on his lap, it wasn't so very long before Mr. Vickers got hungry to fuck us with more than his fingers.

    The only question was, which of us would he fuck first?

    He pulled his fingers out of both of us at the same time, and parted us so that we stopped kissing.

    Our juices covered the fingers he had put in our pussies. He changed his hands, and put the finger he had fucked Debbie Sue's pussy with in front of my face, while he put the finger from my hole up to her mouth.

    Then he had us suck each other's juices off his fingers. He pushed his fingers in and out, like they were hard cocks fucking our mouths.

    He did this for a little while. He eased us off his laps, we stood up.

    He could have taken us right there on the floor, but instead he marched us out of the living room and down the hall.

    We left our clothes where they had fallen on the floor – we wouldn't be needing them for a while longer!

    We went into the small bedroom down the hall from Beverly's bedroom. It's a simple room, with a bed, chest of drawers, and not much else.

    Mr. Vickers stood at the bedside, squirming while he had us undress him. We rubbed our hands all over him, across his sloping shoulders, down his thin chest, along his plump thighs and over his fat ass.

    He moaned when our hands glided between his legs and rubbed him there. We pressed our tits with their stiff nipples up against him.

    I unbuttoned his shirt. Debbie Sue pulled it out of his pants. He wore an undershirt which was damp with sweat.

    He peeled off the shirt. I rubbed my nipples against his chest.

    He lowered his head. I lifted my tit and he sucked a nipple while Debbie Sue opened his pants. They were baggy and fell down his legs.

    He wore a pair of boxer shorts with a fat stiff crotch, thick and bulging. I pulled down his shorts while Debbie Sue fed him her tits.

    Since she's taller, he didn't even have to lower his head to suck them.

    I got on my knees as I tugged down his shorts so they could join his pants at his ankles. His stiff cock flopped in my face.

    I stopped it from bobbing and jerking by taking it in hand. I kissed the head of it and then I took it in my mouth and sucked it.

    He didn't want to come too soon, so after I had sucked him for a moment or two, he pulled his penis out of my mouth.

    He was as naked as we were. He put his arms around our waists and hugged us and squeezed us and walked us to the bed.

    He took down the sheets and blankets. He kissed my mouth and kissed the mouth of Debbie Sue and then got into bed.

    He lay down on his back, and then the question of which girl he would have first was answered – he would take us both on at the same time.

    He would take one of us by mouth, and have the other sit on his stiff cock.

    I was the one who mounted his mouth.

    I'm bigger than Debbie Sue, heavier, with a bigger butt, fatter crotch, more plump thighs, so he really got off on having me squat.

    But Debbie Sue mounted him first, since he wanted to watch. I knelt up at the head of the bed, while she straddles his hips.

    She stuck her finger in her mouth and licked it wet and then rubbed it in her slit, lubricating it, not that she needed it, since she was dripping.

    She straddled his hips. She took hold of his cock and held it upright, then she put her crotch over it so the pussy lips just touched the penis head.

    She squeezed his cock, making the red head seem to get even wider and more swollen. She rubbed the tip of it against her pussy.

    She rubbed it up and down her pussy lips, teasing him, but she was getting hot, too, from having the cock head rub her there.

    He squirmed and she knew he wanted to have his stiff cock engulfed with her pussy. She stopped rubbing herself with his thing. She pressed the tip of the head against her slitted pussy lips and then she pushed them apart with the cock head.

    She opened her pussy lips and her pussy was all wet and dripping and slippery pink. She guided the cock and stuffed the head inside.

    She oohed and aahed as she was plugged with the fat cock head, which stretched her membranes. Mr. Vickers moaned even harder.

    She lowered herself on his cock, taking him inside. The red shaft was swallowed up in her snatch, until she had it all the way in.

    Now it was my turn to mount him – mount his head, not his cock.

    I crawled on my knees, tits bobbing, nipples stiff, pussy lips quivering, membranes dripping with juices.

    I put my knees on either side of his head. My legs were folded under me and pressed his warm sweaty cheeks. My pussy was over his mouth.

    He reached up and wrapped his hands around my hips and pulled me to him.

    My pussy was rich and ripe and smelling of sex. He pressed his nose to my pussy and inhaled deeply, filling his nose with my aroma.

    His nose tickled my pussy where it rubbed it. He opened his mouth real wide.

    Once I watched a TV show about life in the wild, and it showed a snake swallowing an egg. That snake just snapped his jaws wider and wider to swallow the egg, which looked bigger than its head.

    Well, that's just how Mr. Vickers looked to me, like a big hungry pair of jaws opened wide to swallow up my pussy, bush and all.

    Maybe he would have liked to, but my pussy was too big for that. I lowered myself down on his face, my pussy lips spreading when they touched his mouth.

    The pussy lips split and spread. His face was smeared with my membranes and juices. I rubbed my pussy on his face, smearing him with my juices.

    His mouth was hot and steamy and working under me. He slobbered between my legs. He shoved his tongue up inside me and started licking and lapping.

    I rocked back and forth while he slid his tongue over my membranes. He licked up juices and swallowed them down.

    Debbie Sue was working out hard, too. She looked like she was riding a horse.

    She leaned far forward, so that her head touched my tits – that felt nice.

    That caused her pussy to press even tighter and harder on his cock. Then she hugged his thighs with hers and rocked back and forth.

    She rode his cock, while I rode his mouth. My tits bobbed and sometimes they slapped her face, which made me smile, sort of.

    Mr. Vickers put his tongue on my clitoris and rubbed some love into it.

    That man seemed just about crushed by us girls – but was he loving it!

    He squirmed under me, rubbing my clitoris with his lips and tongue, dipping his tongue deep inside my pussy, stroking, then putting the tongue back on my clit.

    He squirmed under Debbie Sue, too, shoving his hips upward to drive his cock deep into her pussy, sliding into her.

    He ground his hips into hers. When she rose up, I saw the shaft of his cock slide out of her pussy, until only the head was between the pussy lips.

    Then Debbie Sue settled back down on him and took him good and deep again.

    Each time she made that move, going up and then down, his cock got redder and hotter – but that wasn't the only way I could tell how excited he was.

    The more turned on and hot he got, the harder and more frantic he got while he was licking and lapping and tonguing my pussy.

    My tits hurt from bobbing around so much, so I took hold of them to keep them in place, and gripped them, one in each hand.

    As long as I was doing that, I might as well put them to use, especially since my nipples, stiff as they were, ached for attention.

    I pinched my nipples, just hard enough to hurt, but it was a good hurt, since it made my pussy quiver each time I pulled the nipples or pinched them.

    Mr. Vickers was just about at his climax. Since his mouth was glued to my pussy, I felt his moans. The more he mo aned, the wilder it felt, so that I started moaning myself. Suddenly he went all stiff all over his body, and not just in his cock, so that he felt like he was made of warm rock. He shook under me and Debbie Sue. He cried out when he came, and I almost fell off his face from how intense it felt.

    Then he arched his back and drove his cock deep in Debbie Sue.

    She hugged his hips really tight with her thighs and took his cock deep while he came. I squeezed his head with my thighs and pressed my pussy against his face and mouth, smothering him with the dripping wet flesh of my pussy.

    After a few seconds, I lifted up so he could breathe.

    When he stopped coming, he slumped and lay there like he had fainted, but his loud moans said that he surely hadn't fainted.

    He lay there for a while. At last, he signalled me and Debbie Sue to climb off.

    I lifted my pussy from his face. It was bright red and shiny with juices. His eyes were all watery and washed out.

    His mouth was open and gasping for breath. The taste of me was thick on his tongue and he smacked his lips and licked them.

    My bush was dripping, and there was frothy white spit all on it. My pussy lips were even wetter, and fat drops of his saliva rolled off them.

    My pussy felt like a mass of hot jelly. My nipples were stiff and aching.

    Debbie Sue lifted herself up on her knees. She gasped and shivered from the feeling of his stiff cock sliding out of her pussy.

    The cock head popped out of the pussy lips, smearing them with come. He lay there resting. He was ready for more and wanted me and Debbie Sue to change positions, with me riding his cock and she, sitting on his face.

    Only he wasn't a come freak and didn't intend to eat his own semen – that job was reserved for me.

    I lay down on my back and Debbie Sue squatted over my face. She rested her ass cheeks on the top of my tits, and her pussy hung in my face.

    Debbie Sue pulled back the oily pussy lips and showed me her membranes, which dripped with come. I opened my jaws wide.

    She squatted down on my face, engulfing me in her body heat and the masses of come which I licked and sucked and swallowed.

    Mr. Vickers lay on his side, watching, playing with his penis, rubbing it against Debbie Sue, so his thing would be good and hard for me when I took my turn and rode his cock while she sat on his face and had her pussy eaten.


    Mayor Glenn Grifter liked his girls with big tits – and young.

    He had me and Tina standing in front of him. He was feeling and rubbing our tits, trying to decide which of us had the bigger set.

    Tina and I both were naked. The Mayor had most of his clothes on, for now.

    Around the private room in the back of the Hayfair Hotel were Beverly's girls, and some of the biggest men in town.

    I mean the most important men – although some of them were plenty big, too, right between the legs.

    The girls – me, Tina, Honey, Debbie Sue – were naked. We came here with our clothes on, but it wasn't very long before we took them off.

    Or had them taken off, since some of the men liked to undress us and strip us, feeling our tits and asses and pussies as they did so.

    It was a party, a private party. The town election had been held and won by Mayor Grifter, who was running for reelection.

    He and his buddies, the inner circle of cronies who ran the town, were having a little celebration.

    We girls were the party favors.

    Beverly was really on top of things. She had us connected to the big shots in town, I mean like really connected.

    There was Mayor Grifter, and three of his pals from the City Council, Mr. Wilson, Ned Plymm, and Dr. Vincent Dale.

    Tina and I were playing with the Mayor, or he was playing with us. He's a big man, handsome in a mature way, kind of.

    He's got a big body which is running to fat but which is still plenty strong. His face is square and thick, with a big nose and thin lips.

    His hair makes him look like a politician, since it's silver and combed straight back from his red face.

    The Mayor and his cronies made their headquarters in a private room in the back of the hotel, when they weren't down at City Hall.

    I had heard that they had girls down here, and now I knew that the rumor was true, since I was one of the girls who was playing.

    Mayor Grifter sat on a chair, his face all hot and sweaty. His jacket was off, and his shirt sleeves were rolled up.

    Tina and I stood side by side in front of him. He was feeling and rubbing our tits. His hands were big, with sweaty palms.

    He rubbed my tits. The nipples were stiff and stuck out hard and throbbing. He squeezed and tweaked them.

    He cupped my tits and weighed them in his palms. Then he did the same for Tina.

    He wanted to kiss and suck some tittie. Mr. Wilson came along, real drunk, roaring that the Mayor was monopolizing one girl too many.

    He hooked his arm around Tina's waist and led her away. She leaned against him and put her hand down between his legs and rubbed him.

    Mayor Grifter laughed and said that, built big as I was, I should be enough for one man. Then he sat me down on his lap.

    I sat across his thighs, with my tits hanging right under his hot red face.

    He rubbed my shoulders, sides, thighs. He said I had a thick bush, as he played with the hairs and ran his fingers through them.

    He put his face down on my tits and nuzzled them. His lips were wet and sliding on my tits and they found a nipple and sucked.

    He wrapped his mouth around a nipple and greedily sucked it inside.

    While he mouthed my tit, he put his hand between my thighs.

    I opened my thighs for him. He fingered my pussy lips. He poked them with his finger and then he put the finger inside me.

    His finger was long and thick. I was wet. I got wetter when he slid his finger in and out, back and forth.

    He sucked my nipple and fingered my pussy. He got hard under me – I felt his cock stiffen where my ass pressed down on it.

    I squirmed from what he was doing to me – my squirmings only made his cock get hotter, along with the rest of him.

    I looked around the room while he felt me, and saw some things which were going on around the room.

    Dr. Dale stood with Tina, hugging and kissing her, their fronts pressed together. He was still dressed, but she was naked.

    Her tits rubbed his chest, the nipples hard. He rubbed down her back and patted her ass and squeezed her ass cheeks.

    She leaned her hips into his and rubbed them against his groin.

    Mr. Wilson was helping Honey up on a table. He was a big fat man with a swollen belly. His shirt was off and he was undressed from the waist up.

    Honey got on the table. She's a little slip of a thing, with tiny tits and a cute round ass, which she turned and presented to Wilson.

    He stood on the floor. He pressed his face against her ass and covered it with kisses while she crouched there on her hands and knees.

    Mr. Ned Plymm was rubbing and touching Debbie Sue. She stood next to him, her eyes closed, mouth open, feet spread.

    His hand worked between her legs, working his finger inside her. His finger was in deep and he shoved it in and out.

    She rubbed his penis, which was stiff and pushed out the front of his pants. She fumbled with the buttons and opened the pants.

    His pants fell down off his hips. His stiff cock bulged in his shorts. He moaned when Debbie Sue squeezed the swollen cock head.

    He pulled down his shorts, and the stiff red rod of his cock popped up.

    Then I didn't see any more, 'cause Mayor Grifter took his finger out of my pussy and his mouth off my tit.

    He wanted some oral service. He put me off his lap and on the floor, so that I knelt in front of him, looking up, my head level with his crotch.

    His thing was stiff and bulging. He rose up to take down his pants. He pulled his pants and shorts down past his knees.

    His stiff cock rose up from his fat hips. He had a thick thing and hairy swollen balls and plump, hairy thighs.

    I put my head between his legs. He put his hand on the back of my neck and pulled my face, my mouth, to his cock.

    He held the cock while I kissed it, smooching the swollen cock head, stabbing it with the tip of my tongue and licking the hole inside.

    He guided my head downward. I ran my tongue down the shaft and licked a wet line along the center of his balls.

    He moaned. He was sweating like a pig. I licked my way back up his cock and took the head into my mouth and sucked and slurped on it.

    I took it deeper, into the back of my throat, and sucked hard.

    I bobbed my head up and down, sucking him. His cock was thick and swollen. I rubbed it with my tongue and sucked hard with my cheeks.

    My spit spilled down on his balls and his bush.

    His cock got hotter and hotter in my mouth until he came.

    He held my head with his cock stuck all the way inside when he shot.

    I sucked and slurped his come. It was thick and slid slowly down my throat. His masses of flesh quivered like jelly.

    He stopped shaking. Come oozed out of his cock, which was still stiff.

    He eased my head up. I sucked up all the saliva and come on his cock and swallowed it down. He said that I was a good girl and patted the top of my head.

    He had me get up and sit on his lap. I straddled his thighs. His big hands held me around the waist, lifting me and putting me on his cock.

    His cock was red and thick and sticky. I took hold of the head of it. I sat facing him. I rubbed the cock head against my pussy.

    I was already wet from the fingering he had given me. His cock head was stuffed inside my pussy lips, stretching me.

    When the cock head was inside me, and wouldn't slip out so very easily, I lowered myself down on his thing, which filled me.

    His red rod slid inside me. My own weight carried me down and filled me with the cock. It was swollen and stretched me.

    Then it was inside me, so that my pussy lips held the base of the cock.

    The way I sat, facing him, the backs of my thighs pressed the tops of his, and my calves and feet hung down on the outside of his legs.

    He held me by the waist and I held on to his shoulders. He sat still, and moved me to work out and rub my pussy on his cock.

    When he moved my upper body backward, away from him, my pussy membranes slid along his cock as it glided out of my slit.

    He pushed me back until his cock head was the only part of him inside me. He would hold me like that for a few seconds.

    Then he would pull me back to him. My pussy would slide back down his cock, engulfing it and taking it all the way inside.

    Back and forth he moved me. His cock got hotter. My tits bounced and flopped around when he started moving me real hard.

    When he was about to come, he pulled me hard into him and ground his cock into my pussy and held me there while he orgasmed.

    My tits were right below his chin and he buried his face in them. He sucked a stiff nipple into his mouth.

    As his cock squirted come into my pussy, he sucked hard on my nipple.

    He held me there until he stopped coming. He was shaking and his body was tight. Then he sighed, with my tit still in his mouth.

    He let out some heavy sighs and flopped back in his chair. He looked like he was made of jelly, all weak and boneless.

    His cock was still stiff inside me. He closed his eyes and rested, gasping hard for breath, his eyes shut.

    After a while he recovered, and had me climb off his lap.

    My pussy lips tingled as they slid along his swollen cock. His come was thick and juicy and oozing inside me.

    His cock head smeared come all on my crotch when he took it out of me.

    I got a little rest. His come dripped inside me. I pressed my thighs closed on my pussy lips and squeezed them.

    I looked around to see how things were going.

    Mr. Wilson lay on the floor, on his back. Honey had climbed down off the table and was straddling his head with her skinny thighs.

    Her ass was bright and wet and shiny from the licking he had done. His mouth was wide open as she lowered her pussy down on it.

    Dr. Vincent Dale had his pants and shorts down. He had Tina bent face down over a table and he stood on the floor, fucking her from behind.

    Ned Plymm had taken Debbie Sue to a couch on the side of the room. He was nude and on his back and she was riding his stiff cock.

    She climbed naked on his crotch and took his stiff cock inside her pussy. She rode him sitting up, like she was on a galloping horse.

    Her tits had stiff nipples. The tits bounced this way and that, and her buttocks jiggled, and her thighs flexed, as she rode him.

    He lay there gasping and moaning. She moved her hips forward, sideways, and backward, rubbing her pussy against his stiff penis.

    Dr. Dale was putting it to Tina from behind. She stood with her feet on the floor and was bent forward from the waist.

    Her heavy tits were pressed against the flat table top. Her arms stretched out on the sides of her head, with her hands holding the edges of the table.

    Dr. Dale rubbed his swollen rod cock against her ass cheeks, then moved the cock head down to her slit.

    He put the cock head against the slit and pushed it inside her.

    Tina held on tight to the table as he entered her. Her head was turned to the side and her eyes were closed and her mouth was open and moaning.

    He pried open her pussy lips with his cock head and pushed the shaft deep inside her, entering her with one thrust.

    He put his thing in deep. He took hold of her hips and started working out, shoving his cock in and out, back and forth.

    When he put his thing deep into her, his hips slammed her ass, making the ass cheeks ripple and shake.

    His cock got redder and hotter with each thrust he put to her.

    Honey lowered herself down on Mr. Wilson. Her thin thighs pressed his head. Her crotch covered his face, her pussy pressing his mouth.

    His red sweating face was hidden when she sat down on it, so that he was covered from the neck up by her pussy flesh.

    She leaned forward and took hold of his stiff cock and stuffed it in her mouth. For a skinny little slip of a girl, she sure took his cock deep!

    Mayor Grifter took me by the hand and brought me to Tina. Tina was stretched over the table so that her head hung over its far edge.

    He had me stand facing her. I pressed my pussy against her face and she ate me, cleaning the come out with her tongue while she was fucked by Dr. Dale.


    All good things, they say, must come at last to an end, and so it was with the ring of teen prostitutes run by Ms. Beverly Harker.

    The excessive erotic drive of an elderly man was the cause of the downfall.

    It was Reverend Millner, a distinguished, upright old gentleman, minister of the town church, who put the operation out of business. Tina visited him on business in his rooms at the church. He was carried away by too much desire for her shapely, sensual body.

    The result was that he succumbed to a fatal heart attack while in the saddle, so to speak, expiring while he made love to Tina.

    Unfortunately, the minister was a rather kinky old fellow, and he had put Tina in tight bondage at the time he had intercourse with her.

    Tina was thus unable to free herself in time to escape detection.

    Beverly Harker was able to get out of town without being apprehended by the law, while the young girls of her circle escaped prosecution, due to their tender age and their knowledge of the secret lives of the town citizenry.


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