All-girl orgy


    She was a darling girl and I had plied her with enough liquor that I thought I would now have no trouble seducing her. And I was right.

    She seemed almost suspiciously willing to go along with my wants and desires.

    I kissed her and she kissed me right back and then smiled breathlessly.

    "Gosh, Monica, this is all so exciting… so sexy," she said to me.

    "Yes, dear, yes, I know just what you mean," I said then.

    I took hold of her and kissed her again, long and hard. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and the girl sucked on it and shivered at the taste.

    "I think it's time I got undressed completely," I said to her then.

    She swallowed hard and smiled nervously, but I could see that her eyes were lighting up at the prospect of this adventure really going all the way.

    She was such a cute, adorable young lady. I had really found something special in this one, I told myself.

    I started taking off the rest of my clothes. She did the same. I watched her out of the corners of my eyes. She had a wonderful body, that was for sure.

    Then we were both naked. I climbed into the bed with her. My pussy juice was so hot that it was scalding my thighs as it ran down them. That gives you a pretty good indication of just how hot and horny I really was at that point.

    Ginger looked at me with wide, unblinking eyes. She was still swallowing hard. She was eager but she was afraid.

    I was going to make sure that she didn't stay afraid. No, she would get used to this thing pretty quickly, I decided.

    I thought she would have a taste for it once we got started and I still felt that way. She was just the type.

    "You just relax, Ginger," I said to her. "Let your body relax completely. We're going to have ourselves such a good time…"

    She gulped and said, "Yes… yes, I think so too, Monica."

    "Oh yes… so nice… just you and me together here, no one to disturb us, no one to interrupt or come between us…"

    I reached out to her tits and fondled them. She had lovely titties with long, firm nipples that were already sticking out quite prominently.

    "Mmmmm… oh gosh, Monica, this is so nice," she sighed.

    I nodded at her and winked an eye in agreement.

    I leaned into her and took one of her stiff nipples into my mouth.

    "Oh gosh!" she gasped when I did that.

    I chewed the nipple right into my mouth then bit down on it.

    She shivered from head to toe at that point.

    "Oh God, ohhhhhh!" she cried out, reaching out for me, touching me on the head and then stroking my hair.

    "Just relax, darling," I whispered to her in my most soothing voice. "You just take it nice and easy, that's all…"

    She gulped and nodded her head, her eyes flashing excitedly.

    "Y-yes… yes, I will, Monica, I'll do whatever you say…"

    "That's a good girl," I whispered. "That's such a very good girl… mznmmm, you just relax, just take it nice and easy, my dear…"

    "Mmmmm… I do feel more relaxed now… but this is so strange… being here in bed and naked with you, Monica…"

    "Don't think about how strange it is. Think about how nice it is, how comfortable and intimate and how much fun it is…"

    She nodded her head. She closed her eyes for a moment and shivered. She opened them then and looked at me and nodded again.

    "Yes… it does feel good… it does," she said softly.

    I chewed some more on her nipples. I took one between my teeth and pulled on it hard, till she was quivering and shivering and nodding her head up and down.

    "Mmmmm, that's nice, so very nice," she said to me. "Oh Monica, this is so wonderful, being here like this with you… ohhhh…"

    I smiled to myself. I had really gotten to her now. The hunt was over. I had made my catch. Now it only remained for me to go in for the kill.

    She sighed and shivered as I played with her titties.

    "Mmmmm, that's nice, so nice, Monica, oh yes, yes…"

    I kissed her titties. I licked at the nipples and bounced the boobs in my hands, up and down, up and down.

    She enjoyed every hit of this. I was sure there was very little anxiety about our lesbian encounter now. She had gotten over all of that the moment she took off her clothes. Now it only remained for her to find out what it was all about, and that would obviously he a little strange for her, all these new sensations.

    I lifted my mouth up from her tits and pressed against her mouth. She welcomed me warmly, opening her mouth and sliding her tongue out at me.

    "Oh… Monica, Monica," she sighed right into my kissing mouth.

    She embraced me and pushed her own tongue out at me this time.

    I sucked on the tongue and she seemed to like this a lot. She quivered and twitched as I moved my tongue back and forth through her, in and out of her gaping hole.

    My cunt was oozing and twitching as I kissed her. I was really hot for this little lady, there was no doubt about that in my mind at all. She did something to me that I could hardly explain or understand. But she just fit the personality that I go ape shit for in a woman. And it seemed like the wildest fantasy come true to find that I had actually gone about and seduced her. And this was her first time she had ever been in such an intimate situation. With a woman. Or so she told me. But I did believe her. I can usually tell these things. I've had enough experience to know the difference between a "virgin" and someone who's been around a little.

    I pressed her back to the bed now and rolled over her. I kissed her on the neck and other places.

    She moaned and sighed while I did all of this. She closed her eyes and nodded her head up and down, up and down at me.

    "Ohhhh… I feel so sexy, so very sexy," she moaned at me. "Ohhhhh, yes, yes, that all feels so nice, so very nice, Monica…"

    "Yes, darling, and this is only the beginning," I told her. "You're going to be feeling a lot more than this before we're through. You have my word on that. You'll be climbing through the clouds in ecstasy."

    "Oh yes, yes, will I, Monica? Will I really be doing that?" she said, sighing and shivering with excitement.

    "Yes indeed… I promise you that," I said. It was a promise that I had every intention of delivering on too.

    "Oh yes, yes… and I want to give you pleasure too, Monica, lots and lots of pleasure," the girl sighed at me.

    "That can be arranged, believe me, dear," I said with a laugh.

    I kissed her some more and my hands moved over her, sliding here and there, touching her, caressing her, making her shiver and moan.

    She quivered and twitched about. She rubbed her thighs together and then opened them up wide. The smell of her aroused pussy was suddenly in the air and I sniffed at it avidly. It was a wonderful odor, so strong and sexy. I gulped, thinking about how I was going to enjoy it when I got around to moving my mouth down there to that cunt of hers and licking up the juice I knew was starting to drool from her twitching, oozing pussy depths.

    She was some love partner, that was for sure. Innocent and yet so very ready to be deflowered by me. She was hot for it. She was not afraid now, I was convinced of that. She was awaiting the pleasure we would have together with eager fascination. This was a great adventure for her. I didn't really think I would have any lifelong lesbian on my hands after this no matter how much pleasure we had together. I didn't have to feel that responsibility or guilt.

    I held her titties in my hands and played with them. I pinched the nipples and she sighed and shivered from it.

    I moved my mouth down to the nipples then, sticking my tongue out and licking away at the stiff, throbbing little buds.

    "Mmmmmm, that's nice, that's so nice, ohhhhh, yes, yes, it is," she moaned and shivered, twitching and quivering at me.

    I moved down from the titties. She stiffened and then shivered as I made my way down along her lovely young body. I was really loving it now. The pleasure was intense and climbing, more and more, all the time now. It was really something.

    "Mmmmm… yes, yes, it's wonderful," she sighed at me.

    I kissed her taut belly and then moved my mouth across her pubic hairs. She groaned loudly when I got that far. She reached down and dug her nails into my scalp as a wave of passion flowed all through the girl.

    Her belly quivered. I ran my hand over it, gently caressing the softness, the firmness. She sighed and shook.

    Then I moved down a little further, to the center of her heat.

    I pried her thighs apart and moved my mouth down towards the pussy. The smell rose up at me, strong and powerful and wonderful. I sniffed it, filling my lungs with the beauty and eroticism of that odor.

    She quivered and sighed and groaned as I continued touching her.

    "Oh gosh, Monica, when you touch me like this… when you breath on me that way… it makes me feel so sexy, so wonderful, oh yes, yes, it does, it really does…"

    "Get ready for something much stronger, darling," I said to her as my mouth hovered above her pussy.

    I licked at the outside of her cunt, running my tongue down the length of the taut cunt lips. I sucked some of her curly cunt hairs into my mouth and even nibbled and tore out a few strands.

    She sighed and shook, quivering from head to toe as I did it.

    "Mmmmm. Oh, oh Monica… can you tell how wet I am, how hot I am?"

    "Yes, yes, of course I can, darling," I sighed at her. "You're steaming. The pussy is so hot and wet… I can see all that juice there, it's beautiful."

    "Mmmmm, yes, yes, lick me, Monica… I want your tongue inside me, deep inside my hot, wet pussy hole…"

    Her body twitched again and again as I caressed her down there.

    I moved into her more forcefully then. I pushed my tongue right against the quivering cunt hole and she groaned and nearly rose into the air in her excitement. It excited me too, I can tell you that.

    The smell of that cunt was incredible. The pleasure shot right through from her to me, rushing down to my cunt. I could feel my pussy juices dribbling out of my hole and running down my legs.

    "Mmmm, oh, ohhhhh, Monica, this is so nice, so nice," she sighed at me, caressing my head again and again. "Mmmmm… suck me, suck my cunt, oh yes, yes!"

    I pushed my tongue up into her, sliding it deep inside the cunt and then drawing it back. I lifted it to her clitoris and flicked at the little bud there.

    "Ahhhhhh! God, yes, yes, yes! Oh Monica, you're driving me crazy… that feels so good… I'm getting so wet… so fucking wet… yes, yes… ohhhh, the juice is just flowing out of me, flowing right out of my pussy!"

    I loved the taste of her juices. They were the proper mixture of sweet and sour tastes. I licked them up and swallowed them down with loud gulping noises. I was really enjoying myself with this girl. I pushed my tongue in and slapped it up and down, back and forth, faster and faster.

    "Mmmmmm! I think you're going to make me come, Monica! Ohhhhhh! Yes, yes, I think you're going to make me come! Ahhhhh! It's so good, it feels so good! Don't stop, no, no, don't stop yet, that's wonderful!"

    I pushed my tongue deep inside and kept it there while she writhed and twitched and groaned, shaking and convulsing wildly.

    The juice sprayed at my face. I couldn't get it all into my mouth and some of it hit my nose and eyes and ran down my chin.

    She was a horny one, all right, this conquest of mine.

    I licked and licked, running the tongue deep inside and flicking all over, in and out, back and forth, again and again, faster and faster all the time.

    "Ohhhhh, that's wonderful, so wonderful," she moaned loudly. She tossed and twisted wildly. There was almost no controlling the dear girl at this point and that was just fine with me, I thought. "Ahhhhh! Oh yes, yes, do it to me, suck me, suck my cunt, suck it so hard, so deep, oh, oh, yes, yes, ahhhhh!"

    And I sucked it, pushing my tongue in and out, lifting up and down, making her quiver and jump and twist in every direction at once.

    The cunt juice was thicker and thicker, more and more all the time. There really didn't seem to be any end to it, no end at all. And I just kept riding her, holding on and twisting and shaking and twisting like crazy. There was more and more of it all the time. It just wouldn't stop, or so it seemed to me at the time. And I loved it. I was getting more and more excited all the time. The pleasure was rushing up through me almost as intensely as it was obviously hitting this delightful girl.

    "Mmmmm, I'm coming!" she cried. "Oh God, yes, yes, I'm coming! Mmmmmmm! It's wonderful, Monica, ohhhhh, yes, yes, so wonderful, so very nice!"

    The girl shook and twisted this way and that, quivering and convulsing, shaking and jumping about as I bored down on her, attacking the dear thing unmercifully. I was determined to make sure that she would always want me from now on, that she would never be able to turn me down because of the pleasure I was giving her.

    I shoved my tongue deep inside her, pushing up all the way through her cunt, digging a path through that heaving flesh. She quivered and moaned and shouted.

    "Oh God, that's good, that's so good!" she cried. "I'm coming and I can't seem to stop, no, no, never, ohhhhhh! Monica, you're wonderful, simply wonderful… I've never felt anything quite like this… never!"

    The pleasure grew and expanded in the girl. Her face had turned bright red as she struggled with the rising, expanding, throbbing pleasure that I caused her.

    She put her hands through my hair and nearly tore a cut in my scalp in her rising pleasure. But I held on and kept giving it to her, pushing my tongue inside, deeper and deeper all the time, flicking up and down, up and down, harder, faster, in and out and again and again, back and forth, on and on, never stopping for a moment.

    She sprayed me with a new layer of juice then, thick and creamy. I drank it up and gulped it down and then licked for some more of it. There didn't seem to be any end to this girl's pleasure juice. It just ran out of her, more and more all the time, bubbling and frothing, running down, sliding over my mouth, running down my chin, faster and faster all the time. I loved it. I licked and licked, never stopping, never pausing even for a moment as it continued to happen, more and more, all the time now, faster and faster, till she seemed ready to fly right into the air with this convulsive passion that she was experiencing. There just didn't seem to be any end to it in sight.

    The pleasure was obviously rushing through her, hotter and hotter now, and I was not going to let up on her. No, I was going to make that bitch scream and twist and shiver and shout. She was going to go through the roof. I was going to make sure that she never came down and when she finally did it would be to be a convert pure and simple. She was in ecstasy and that was a real delight to see, to watch her writhing and screaming and twisting about, jumping up and down and crying with delight.

    "Ohhhhhh! Monica, yes, yes, yes, that's it, suck me, suck my cunt! Oh God, yes, yes, stick that tongue into me, deep inside, deeper, deeper! Oh God, mmmmmm, chew me, bite me, oh, oh, I love it, I love it so much… oh Jesus, I didn't know what I was missing, I really didn't… it's fabulous, fabulous!" the girl screamed.

    I attacked her relentlessly. She convulsed and cried and didn't stop shaking as the seconds passed, on and on, unstopping, more and more all the time. She twisted and shivered and nearly broke my nose, but I didn't move away. No, I clung to her, pushing my face down harder, harder all the time, rubbing up and down ruthlessly while she groaned and twisted and cried out in pure pleasure. I was getting closer and closer to that point myself, my cunt writhing and dribbling hot pussy juice, more and more of it.

    "Ohhhhh! God, yes, yes, that's the way, that's the way!" she shouted. The writhing was reaching a new level of intensity. Her cunt seemed to be opening and swallowing me up completely, spreading wider, wider, opening, sucking me inside.

    I dropped down into her and my tongue, bruised and worn as it was, still dug inside and didn't lift up. On and on it went, more and more juice pouring down, rushing across my tongue, sliding into my mouth. And I loved that precious elixir. I drank it like my life depended on it. More and more, licking, sucking, on and on.

    She erupted what I was sure had to be her last and ultimate wave of ecstasy. The juice rushed into my mouth and bubbled violently. We rocked and twisted and I drank and sucked and ate it all till the pleasure finally eased down and she stopped rocking and rolling under me. I sucked away, pushing my tongue, digging it deep inside, and holding on while her whimpering became quieter and the rocking got less intense.

    "Wow… oh wow, that was too much," she sighed. "Too much, Monica… oh yeah… I never felt anything like that with a man… no, never!"

    I lifted my head up from her cunt and smiled at her and blew her a kiss.

    She whimpered some more and twisted and shook and gasped. Then she was done. The pleasure was subsiding, she was coming down, back to earth finally.

    I wiped some of the pussy juice from my cheeks and lips, but licked up as much of it as I could. I do love that taste. I smiled at her.

    She swallowed hard, shivered, and then smiled at me.

    "You liked that, huh, girl?" I said to her jokingly.

    "It was fabulous… fabulous," she said. "I never dreamed… no, I never thought it could be anything like this… anything this… spectacular!"

    I laughed at her enthusiasm. It was quite wonderful to behold. I had certainly picked a winner this time, I thought. Just the right one, no question about it. I congratulated myself. I do have a discerning eye, there's no doubt about it.

    I touched her cunt lightly and she quivered at this. She gasped and licked her lips. She had a very serious expression on her face for a moment, then she sighed and it vanished and she smiled at me warmly once more.

    I was really getting to her, I had a feeling. She would be more than a conquest if I gave it any attention at all. Oh, yes, I thought. Yes, she would be another one who would be in my spell, ready to do whatever I wanted, whatever was necessary.

    It gave me a narcissistic thrill to know that I had such powers. Yes, I was genuinely proud of myself for it, without a doubt at all.

    "I'm so out of breath," she said, touching her breasts as they heaved up and down again and again. "That was really quite a workout. I didn't even do much of anything, except react to you, and yet I feel like I been through the mill."

    "That's good," I told her with a laugh. "But I hope you're going to have enough strength to do a little more, you know. I'd like to feel a little bit of what you're feeling. Do you think you're ready for the next step?"

    She sighed and chuckled softly. She gulped and then nodded her head.

    "I think so, Monica… I think that I could probably do anything with you… yes, just about anything at all," she said to me.

    That was good. I was always glad to hear pledges like that. I often made full use of them, though I don't think you could accuse me of abusing the power I seemed to have over certain females of my acquaintance.

    I snuggled up beside her, putting my arms around the girl and squeezing her. She squeezed me back, sighing and shivering as we touched each other.

    "This is nice," she said to me in a calm satisfied tone. She had caught her breath and was purring softly as we held each other there.

    "Yes," I agreed. "This is very nice, my dear girl, wonderful…"

    "Can I stay here with you tonight? I mean, I don't have to leave just yet, do I?" she asked me. She seemed really concerned that I might throw her out.

    "Well, you should probably be getting back to your place in a while, but for now I certainly don't mind you staying around. There's more for us to do, if you remember. We have a bit more lovemaking to do. Your lessons are not over for today."

    She shivered at this and purred softly. "That's good. I want you to teach me. I want to learn everything. I like this stuff… a lot," she said.

    I laughed. "So you've discovered a new hobby, is that it?"

    "I don't know what I've discovered, but I certainly like it. I don't know why I spent so much time up to now with boys, I really don't."

    "Oh, come now, you aren't going to tell me that you don't enjoy a nice, thick, throbbing cock now and then, are you? Sliding back and forth through your pussy hole. Oh yes, I am sure that you still have a great fondness for those things."

    "I don't know… I think that tongue of yours seemed a whole lot better than any cock I've ever had inside of me, that's for damn sure," she said.

    "Don't be so impetuous. You don't have to exclude any form of pleasure if you don't want to. Keep yourself open to all forms of stimulus, girl. That's what I do."

    "But I thought you only went with women. I thought you were strictly a lesbian, Monica?" she said to me, as if very distressed.

    "I suppose I am a lesbian, if I have to be labeled one thing or another. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy men. It adds spice sometimes."

    She opened her mouth very wide and looked at me. She shook her head.

    "No, I don't believe it. I don't believe that you do this and you fuck men too. It doesn't seem… right. I don't know. I can't believe it."

    "Well, you had better believe it, my dear. It's the truth. Certainly I've had more women than men and if someone forced me to choose I would probably choose women, but the fact is that nobody is forcing me to choose and I like it that way."

    The girl sighed and looked the other way. I could see she was thinking. She had a perplexed look on her face. Then she glanced at me again and scowled.

    "You mean that I'm not a lesbian after all? I didn't just discover my real true nature or anything like that? Is that what you're telling me?"

    "Not necessarily, no. You might be a lesbian. It's quite possible. You certainly responded wholeheartedly. That has to be a sign of something. But I would not make any snap judgements based on that, okay? Do you see what I'm saying?"

    It was almost comical the way the girl was disappointed. She had figured this night was a great revelation and would change her life forever. But that was a little too much responsibility to hang on my head so I tried to get that notion out of her head. And besides, I suppose you could say that there was a good deal of self-interest on my part, too. I preferred that she kept her lesbian activities centered around me. If she went off thinking she was a full-fledged dyke she would probably go to bed with every chick who looked at her crosseyed for even a moment, and I didn't want that. I wanted my gorgeous little conquest to be at least a little pure and pristine for me.

    "I suppose I understand what you're saying," she sighed. "I don't know that you're necessarily right but I understand what you're saying."

    "That's good, very good," I said, stroking a hand across her breasts. She responded intensely, shivering and sighing from it. I smiled at her. "You're still all worked up, aren't you, my dear girl, hm?"

    I slid my fingers down and touched her lightly on the cunt. She quivered violently and twisted her head back and sighed, sticking her tongue out.

    "Heh heh, my goodness, you are a horny one, aren't you?" I said with a laugh. "Don't you ever get enough, darling? I mean are you like this when you're with men or is it very different from this? Tell me."

    "Oh, I'm horny, all right. Yes, I like to he fucked… I like a big cock sliding back and forth through me, definitely. No doubt about it."

    "Well then, what's all this slut about YOU being a lesbian then?"

    "I don't know," she shrugged. "I might be. I never would have thought I could enjoy a woman down between my legs as much as I did. It means something."

    "Yes, dear, it means something, but we'll have to wait and see how much it does mean, if that's all right with you. Be a little patient and less dramatic, okay? And then everything should work out just fine and dandy."

    "All right," she sighed. "All right, whatever you say… I trust you, Monica. I'd do anything you say… anything at all, I think."

    "That's very nice of you, but it's a little silly. You just control yourself, girl. I don't want to hear any wild talk out of you. All right?"

    "I… I guess so," she said with a deep sigh. I could see that she was very disappointed that I didn't let her go off on a wild plan, whatever it was.

    We lay together for a time, cuddling and caressing. My pussy was still shivering and ready to be given a workout. I was really looking forward to having that beautiful young girl down there between my legs, sucking away at me as hard as she could. But there was some time, and I wanted to wait until she was ready to give me her all and really concentrate and pay attention to what she was doing. Right now she was very keyed up. That would pass as the good feeling, from her orgasms filled her again.

    I put my arms around her and kissed her on the cheek. She sighed and shivered. Then she looked up at me. I hoped she could see something in my eyes that was meant to be there. She swallowed hard and nodded her head. I couldn't be sure what she was going to do, but then she started kissing me on the neck and the breasts. I liked that a lot. I stretched back and let her at them. She licked at the nipples in a very pleasing manner. I sighed and shivered. Her tongue slid across my breasts. Then she took a nipple between both lips and pulled on it, sucking hard, flicking with her tongue as she pulled harder and harder. I groaned and shuddered at this.

    She looked up at me and said, "Does this feel good, Monica?"

    I nodded at her. "Oh yes, dear, that feels very good…"

    "Oh, good… I want to do everything to please you… everything…"

    She put her mouth down against the tits again, licking across both of them. I shivered. Her tongue and mouth felt so good. She was breathing at my flesh and her breath was warm. I quivered and my cunt got wetter and the juice was dribbling out.

    She licked and chewed on my nipples, moving from one to the other and back again. I sighed and twisted about beneath her as she did this to me.

    I stroked her head, caressing her again and again, pushing her down against me, letting her run her tongue around and around on the titties. She grabbed one between her lips and pulled on it till I shivered in reaction. She bit down on it and I felt her teeth sinking into my flesh there, deeper and deeper.

    "Oh God, girl, that feels nice," I said to her with a deep sigh. "Yes, yes, you do that really nicely… like you've had lots of experience."

    She looked up at me and her eyes twinkled brightly for a moment. Then she turned her head back down and bit on the other nipple for a few moments.

    She played with my tits for another minute and then she was moving downward. She licked at my belly, sliding her tongue around my navel and then dipping into it. I quivered and sighed as she explored me in this fashion. It was terribly exciting. I couldn't wait for her to get down to my cunt and slide her tongue into it. I was dripping juice over my inner thighs and the feel of it sticky and warm there drove me crazy. I writhed and undulated my hips around and around in circles.

    She slid her tongue lower. Now she was just above my mound and just above the curly cunt hairs. She reached down and flicked her tongue lightly against those curls. I quivered excitedly when she did it. I lifted my crotch up, spreading my legs so that my pink meat was on display for the young woman down there.

    She sighed. I hoped it was in reaction to the sight of my cunt. She trailed a hand down through my pussy meat, touching me, making me quiver in reaction. She moved her fingers through the hole. I jumped as she pressed inside slightly. I was almost embarrassed at just how wet I was. I could really tell now that I was opening my legs like that and her fingers were touching me in that manner. But she gave another sigh and I took it to mean that she was pleased at what was happening now.

    I heard her sniffing and I said, "Do you like the smell, dear?"

    "Oh gosh, yes," she moaned. "Oh gosh, it's wonderful, wonderful…"

    She pressed her nose down near the pussy hole and sniffed deeply, filling herself with the sharp, strong odor of my aroused cunt.

    "Mmmmm yes, that's so good, so good!" she moaned up at me. She pressed down again, sliding her tongue against me and flicking through the curls towards my pink opening. She breathed deeply again and I could see her body shivering as she felt a wave of lust. But it couldn't compare with what I was feeling right then, I decided excitedly.

    She used her fingers on me. She brushed them down across my cunt. She fondled the pink lips and opened them wider, letting my meat quiver and rise up.

    "That feels so good… so very good," I sighed at her.

    She moved her mouth down, pressing against me, sliding her tongue in. I let out a moan. I couldn't control it or tone it down a bit. The passion shot all through me at once. I quivered and sighed and reached down for her. I grabbed her by the hair, digging my nails into her scalp for a second. Then I pushed her down harder.

    "Mmmm… give it to me… yes… yes, give it to me, darling," I sighed.

    She licked her tongue through my cunt. She pushed it deep inside and twirled it around in circles within me. I loved it. I could feel the little rubbery dagger lapping up my cunt juices as they flowed into her mouth. It was a wonderful sensation. She licked and licked, harder and harder, pushing the tongue inside and lifting up the juices. I groaned and wiggled against her. She pressed down harder, sliding her tongue into me, licking, drilling, moving it all around and back and worth.

    She had the touch of one more experienced than she was. And I loved it. Each flip of her tongue drove me higher. I was already writhing and twisting and drooling cunt juice like crazy. She lapped it up, more and more, faster and faster.

    I groaned loudly. "Ohhhhhh! God, yes, yes, that's it, keep doing that for a little bit, won't you? Ohhhhh, so nice, it feels so nice…"

    She had both hands on my cunt, touching me, scratching me, pulling the lips wide apart as she moved her face in there, pushing deep inside and licking up and down. With great effort, I lifted my head up and looked down at her. Her head bobbed as she moved in and out against my cunt, holding her tongue extended like a knife as she pushed it in and out and then suddenly flicked up some of the drooling juice.

    "Mmmmm, oh yes, yes, that's nice, so nice," I sighed, stroking her hair with my hands, lifting my legs up and opening wide for her as she attacked me. "Mmmmmmm, yes, yes, lick me, lick that hot cunt of mine, lick it dry! Ahhhhhh! Yes!"

    I quivered and wiggled against her as she continued to lick and suck, pushing her tongue in and out, back and forth through me, faster and faster.

    I started swaying from side to side, rocking like a pendulum. I moaned and gripped her tighter with my thighs, pressing them hard against the sides of her head. She didn't seem to mind it. She plunged in deeper and lashed out at me, the tongue slapping up and down, up and down, faster, faster.

    "Oh God! Ohhhhh! Suck it, yes, yes, suck that cunt, mmmmm, that feels so good, so very good, oh yes, yes, it does! Ayyyyyy! Suck my cunt, suck my fat cunt! Oh God, I love it! I love that hot tongue of yours, darling! Mmmmm! You're wonderful, wonderful, mmmmm, suck that cunt, suck it dry! Ahhhhh! Yes! Don't stop!"

    And she didn't stop. She kept right on at it, licking away like her life depended on it, up and down, in and out, plunging away at top speed.

    She sucked harder, faster, faster all the time. I gasped and quivered, shaking like I was having a fit or something. It was wonderful. I felt the climax coming on, moving closer and closer all the time, rushing up through me, hotter, hotter.

    "Mmmmm I'm starting to come now and it's wonderful," I moaned at her. "Oh yes, dear, you're doing a fabulous job, simply fabulous… oh, oh, ohhhhh! God, yes, yes, suck it, suck that cunt, shove that tongue into me, deep inside!"

    She licked up and down, up and down, moving her tongue through me, pushing as deep as she could go. And I rewarded her with a buried treasure of fresh juice, bubbling and frothy and steaming hot. She licked it up, drinking it like some kitten desperately lapping up a bowl of milk. I quivered and sighed and shook at her. She pushed the tongue in and out of me, back and forth, faster and faster all the time.

    The tongue reached into my depths and then lifted up to the tip, crossing my clitoris and making me jump in reaction. I convulsed. The pussy juice slid out, dribbling down, down over her chin. I could feel the wetness on her face as she rubbed her cheeks against my thighs. She rubbed up and down, from side to side. She was attacking me wildly, pushing the tongue all through my pussy. She sucked on my clit till I started screaming. I was coming now and every other touch of her tongue or lips sent me through another wave of heavy pleasure. I gasped breathlessly as it continued. I peaked once and then again and again, and there didn't seem to be any end to it, no end at all.

    I stretched forward over her, practically hugging her head against me. I shook and convulsed as my orgasm flared again and again. We rocked and rolled there and her tongue went through me violently, never stopping, never pausing.

    "Oh… ohhhhhh! Yes, yes, darling… that's beautiful… simply beautiful!" I cried at her. She learned very fast, this one.


    I was standing at the bar and looking around, waiting to see if there was anyone interesting in the place that night. There were a lot of old faces. I had been to bed with some of them and some I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

    I sipped my drink. I had had quite a few already and so I was beginning to feel just right. One more and I probably would have slipped over into sloppiness, but right now I was doing fine, enjoying the world and all that it had to offer.

    I saw an old acquaintance come in. She was a big butch type who I wouldn't have slept with in a million years, but she was good to talk to and we had had a few drunken conversations in our day that made us both feel like we knew everything that had to be known.

    She had someone with her, I noticed. I looked intently to see if I recognized the companion but I didn't. A new face, I thought. And what a face. She was gorgeous, I saw then. And the closer the two of them got the more gorgeous I thought she was. I sighed and took a stiff gulp of my drink as I watched her approach.

    When Lizzie saw me she waved and nodded and I held up ply drink to her.

    "Well, hello there, beautiful," she said to me with a laugh.

    I couldn't return the compliment but I was glad to see her.

    "How have you been doing?" I asked. "It's been a while, hasn't it?"

    "It certainly has. How have you been occupying yourself lately?"

    "Oh, this and that. The usual sort of mischief. What about you?"

    "I've been doing the usual. I… ahem, I found a little friend here. Let me introduce you to her, shall I, Monica?" she said.

    I glanced around her massive frame and caught another glimpse of the gorgeous girl who was trailing her. She was looking about the bar like it was the weirdest thing she had ever seen in her life. She looked very young.

    "Yes, by all means introduce me, Lizzie. She looks adorable."

    "She is, she is, you're right there, girl," she said to me.

    She turned and called to her companion. The girl was startled. She smiled at Lizzie and took a step closer to the two of us.

    "Hi," she said to me, smiling a very friendly smile.

    "This is Cindy Lou," Lizzie said to me. "She's from Georgia. One of those Georgia peaches you hear about. Isn't she sweet?"

    "Mouth-watering," I said as I extended my hand to meet the girl's tiny one. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Cindy Lou."

    "Nice to meet you too," she said with a thick Southern accent.

    We shook hands and I put my other hand over hers, squeezing tight for a long moment. She smiled some more and I was falling instantly in love.

    "Where did you find this lovely thing," I said softly to Lizzie as I continued to stare at the young vision of loveliness from the South.

    "That's a long story, not very interesting," she said. "Let's just say that our paths crossed. I've taken her under my wing at the moment."

    "Why is that? Has she fallen out of some nest or something?"

    "Yeah, you could say that. Monica," Lizzie said. "She ran away from home. Had a pretty terrible life there, she tells me. She's come to the big city to try and make it as a model. I think she's got what it takes, don't you?"

    "Oh yes… yes indeed she does," I said. "I think she could work out just fine. Look at that hair, those eyes, the cheekbones perfection!"

    "I agree with you," Lizzie said with a deep sigh.

    We were both staring at the girl and she shifted about self-consciously. But at the same time she was preening. She obviously enjoyed the attention she was getting even if she didn't know quite what to do with it when she got it.

    I was trying to decide what to do about this situation, whether to go for the girl right away or see what was happening between her and Lizzie. Someone so young and delicate falling into the sexual clutches of Lizzie, though, seemed grotesque to me and I just reacted badly to the whole idea of it. But I couldn't tell Lizzie that. She was a friend. Not a great, lifelong friend or anything, but I didn't want to actively insult her. The thing was, I wasn't so sure that she was even after her that much. Lizzie liked them young and beautiful, like so many others did, but she had a realistic attitude about who she could attract and she didn't go beyond that very often, unless something just fell into her lap. The question was whether that was the case here.

    I didn't take my eyes off of Cindy Lou. I knew that I was risking Lizzie's displeasure that way, flirting with the girl before I got permission, but it wasn't as if I was pawing at her ass already or anything. And I think Lizzie was fairly broadminded as well as realistic. I wasn't going to steal the girl away if I really picked up the vibe that the two of them were going to get together. Lizzie would realize that. And I didn't think she was the type to hold it against you if you got something that she would like but knew she couldn't have. And Cindy Lou, from where I was looking at the sweet, gorgeous, naive thing, was out of Lizzie's league entirely.

    "Would you like to have a drink, dear?" I said to Cindy Lou. "I'm sure that Lizzie won't mind if I buy you a drink. Will you, Lizzie?"

    Lizzie sighed and threw up her hands. I think she was starting to get the picture now, and coming back down to earth after wishing a fantasy about this kid.

    "No, go ahead, I don't mind. Buy me one too while you're at it," she said.

    "Of course. What are you two having? Name your poison, come on."

    "I'll have vodka on the rocks, I think," Lizzie said, moving up to the bar. She stepped up on the other side of me, leaving me access to the girl.

    "And what about you, Cindy Lou? Let's see, from your part of the country a mint julep, I suppose, huh?"

    "I don't think I ever had me one of those, to tell you the truth, though I heard they was popular down there where I come from," she said.

    "Well, actually, I'm not so sure they'd know how to make one here, anyway, so why don't we think of something else for now, okay?"

    "Oh, yeah, sure, I don't care. How about a… what do you call them? A martini. Can I have one of those? I think I'd like them."

    I smiled and glanced at Lizzie who then winked at me.

    "A martini it is, my dear. And a vodka on the rocks," I said to the bartender. "And I will have another one of these, please."

    I turned back to my two new companions and smiled at them. I must admit that I looked at Cindy Lou a lot more than I did at the other one, though. Who can blame me? She was a fat dyke with a short haircut and a tough face, while the other one was sugar and spice and all of that sort of stuff. A gorgeous delight.

    The bartender brought our drinks and I held mine up in the air.

    "Shall we drink a toast, girl?" I said to them then.

    "Sure," Lizzie said, lifting hers up too. "What shall we toast?"

    "How about the two most beautiful women in this bar tonight," I said.

    Lizzie chuckled. "Well, I don't know about that. But it's awfully nice of you to say, heh heh…"

    "I was speaking of Cindy Lou and myself, dear," I said.

    "Oh," Lizzie said and then sighed.

    We drank. She was a good sport but I wasn't going to let that stand in my way of sucking the pussy of that adorable Southern belle.


    We had a few more drinks and then it was decided that all three of us would go back to my place. That might have led to trouble, but then again it might also lead to what I was looking for – to get into the pants of the adorable girl from Georgia.

    The girl was really something else, and I'm not just referring to her looks now. She seemed to be really spaced out at times, and she was so blank to so much that was happening that it was really quite comical. She looked bored and worldly and utterly naive and innocent at one and the same time. It was incredible. But I was delighted. I didn't know where young girls like that came from but I was certainly glad to hear that they were still around and that I knew some of them.

    It was hard for me to tell because of that bored attitude of hers, but I got the impression that she was gradually coming over to my side. I don't say it immodestly, since the competition was hardly tough. Old Lizzie couldn't attract much, and she certainly would have trouble attracting something as special, such a gourmet taste as Lizzie, who was strictly hamburger if I can extend the metaphor a moment.

    Lizzie too, I think, was starting to get with the realities of the situation. She was less and less interested in Cindy Lou, or that is to say she was getting more and more philosophic and less seductive. Maybe the drinking helped a little too.

    I finally got seated on the couch with Cindy Lou. She yawned.

    "Feeling tired, darling?" I said to her, leaning close to look her in the face. And such a sweet, adorable face it was too, I thought.

    "No, not really… a little bit, I suppose," she said languidly.

    Bored again, I thought. But not in any nasty way, as if to tell the two of that we were boring. No, it was more in that self-pitying adolescent way that bemoans the lack of excitement for a teenager in this day and age.

    I got closer to her and put an arm around her shoulders. They were such nice shoulders. Such very slim but soft, adorable shoulders. I thought to myself.

    She glanced up at me and batted her lashes. I thought she was going to smile at me but I was a bit mistaken on that. That was all right. There was no hostility in the girl, none at all. And I was thinking that if she was bored there was one way I knew would excite the girl. At least, that is, if she was human. If she had any feelings, and had all the usual equipment that a young lady has.

    "Poor girl," I said, winking at Lizzie. "I guess you had a very long day today. I bet you'd like to lie down and rest for a little while."

    She shrugged her shoulders. I moved my hand down and rubbed her bare arm.

    "Yeah, I guess that would be all right," she said. "I wouldn't mind lying down. Gosh, I don't usually drink this much, that's for sure."

    "Oh no, is pretty Cindy Lou drunk?" I said with a laugh. "I certainly hope not. Oh… we have to take better care of this young lady, Lizzie."

    "You seem like you're doing all right," Lizzie said sarcastically.

    I glanced at her to see how annoyed she was about it. But she didn't seem to be very annoyed. She was taking it in her stride. I'm sure this sort of thing had happened to her numerous times before and would happen again. Someone like her had to either accept her fate or else commit suicide, I guess, or mope around depressed all the time and I knew that was not Lizzie's style at all. Sure, I was a bit of a bitch stealing her find from her, but all's fair and all of that sort of thing.

    It wasn't much after this that I was leaning over and kissing Cindy Lou softly on the cheek. She sighed and looked up at me, her eyes widening.

    I smiled at her and nodded my head. I winked once and then kissed her again.

    This time I was kissing her on the mouth. She opened her lips wide and I pressed down at her, sliding my tongue into her mouth.

    She let me put it inside her and then she sucked on it.

    It was a delicious sensation, I can tell you that much.

    She sucked and squeezed on my tongue for a long time. And then I drew it back and kissed her some more and this time she slid her little, wet, trembling tongue into my mouth. I moved my hand down to her breasts and felt the things. They were firm and lovely. I could feel the nipples poking through at me. They were taut little buds and I wanted desperately to draw them into my mouth and suck on them.

    I twirled my tongue around and around against hers. She was becoming slightly more involved now. I could feel her breathing a little heavier and one of her hands reached into the air and balled into a fist as she kissed me.

    She was so cute and sexy and so strange that I was really wild to have her now. I was going to give it to her so she would always remember tonight. And tomorrow night too, I thought, if I played my cards quite right.

    I kissed her again, pressing my lips to one smooth cheek and then the other. Her skin was so smooth and lovely it gave me chills to put my lips there.

    "Oh, this is such a beautiful girl," I said to Lizzie. "I feel such a need to take care of her, do you know what I mean, darling?"

    "Yes," Lizzie sighed. "I was feeling exactly the same thing myself."

    "Oh yes, I bet you were, I just bet you were, darling…"

    I twisted myself so that I was almost on top of the girl and then I kissed her again, pulling her tight against me. She embraced me too and we kissed heatedly. I was really enjoying it. My cunt was starting to quiver with lust, the heat rising up through me, more and more all the time, with every second that I held her.

    "You're wonderful, simply wonderful," I sighed at her, whispering into her ear and then kissing it and tickling it with my tongue.

    She shivered. I was getting to her, there was no doubt about that. I was getting the gorgeous thing excited without any question. And I was going to take advantage of that. I was definitely going to make it pay for me, I decided.

    I was going to have a very enjoyable night with this darling girl, whether she realized it or not. We were going to be spending a night of hot sucking together. It would be a night neither one of us would forget for a long time.

    "What do you think?" I finally said to her. "Is it time for bed?"

    She looked at me blankly, as if she didn't really understand the implications of what I was saying. But I knew that she did. Oh yes she did. That girl was more aware than she made out as far as I was concerned. She knew about her appeal, she just played it down in one way while showing it off in another way.

    "I think that Cindy Lou and I are going to go in to bed now, Lizzie," I said. "You can feel free to fix yourself another drink and show yourself out if you want."

    "No, that's all right," she said. "I guess that I'll be going now."

    Lizzie finished her drink and then got up. She waved to us and walked to the door with her usual rolling gait. She slammed it shut. I wasn't sure if she was mad or exactly how mad she was, but I didn't care much.

    I had Cindy Lou for the night and that was all that mattered right then.

    I took her into the bedroom and started undressing her. She stood there while I removed her things, glancing this way and that, sighing, looking my room over with her usual bored dispassion. I didn't care what attitude she had, just so she didn't stop me. And she didn't. I took her garments off one by one and she stood there and let me.

    She had lovely tits. They were bigger than I thought at first, and the nipples were taut and a beautiful shade of dark red. They looked so mouthwatering I was sighing and licking my lips, waiting for my chance to get my tongue around them.

    Her stomach was flat and the skin was smooth and unlined, as soft as a baby's.

    She had beautiful, silky pussy hairs, light and sparse so that you could see the line of her cunt below them. It set my heart racing.

    I finally had her completely naked. She had not acted like she was surprised or objected to one little bit of any of this. I didn't question her attitude. It was quite all right with me, after all, as long as I got what I wanted.

    I kissed her on the lips then and she kissed me back. I took hold of her, squeezing her in my arms. She sighed at me and pressed her firm titties against me. My hands slid down to her buttocks and cupped those marvelously soft and spongy ass cheeks. She quivered and shook her bottom a bit as I grabbed her.

    "You're really beautiful, you know that, sweetheart?" I said to her. "Hm? Do you have any idea just how beautiful and sexy you happen to be?"

    She shrugged. The subject didn't seem to interest her much. At least she wasn't one of those fools who was easily impressed by flattery.

    I put a hand down against her belly. I slid it down and felt her quivering. Then I was pushing my fingers through her cunt hairs. I pulled on them and threaded my fingers under the soft curls. She quivered again and this time so did I. I felt really aroused touching her there. I moved down. Her legs were already apart, enough so that I could slide my fingers across the pink meat of her teenaged pussy.

    "Oh my, it's so warm down there, did you know that?" I said to her.

    "Yeah, I guess so," she said with her usual languid style.

    "Oh yes, very hot indeed, my darling girl," I told her then.

    I rubbed my hand back and forth over her pussy. She sighed and lifted her head back and licked her lips several times. She sighed deeply. I was getting to her. By the time we tumbled onto the bed I was sure that I would have a real sex demon on my hands. I was going to get through that bored shell of hers if it killed me.

    I forced her legs open wider and wider and moved my hand in there, pressing hard, pushing in till my fingers were becoming coated with the thick juice of her hot pussy. I rubbed back and forth, back and forth. She groaned and sighed.

    "You like that, don't you, Cindy Lou?" I whispered at her. "You like it when I move my fingers back and forth against that hot pussy of yours, right?"

    "Oh… yes… it feels nice… it does feel nice," she sighed.

    I pressed my lips to her mouth and she kissed me back. I slid my tongue into her mouth. She sucked on it and quivered as I pushed my fingers into her cunt hole.

    "And I'm going to make you feel much nicer than that, believe me, dear," I said to her, blowing in her ear and making her shudder.

    I pushed three fingers up into her cunt and worked them back and forth. My fingers became coated with pussy juice as I jammed away at her. She started to lose her balance but I was right there to hold on to her. She gripped my arm. She didn't want it to stop, that was obvious. She kept right on with me, squeezing her cunt muscles against my fingers as I moved them in and out of her, back and forth through the oozing, dripping cunt. She groaned and I could feel her pussy heating up another few degrees.

    "Mmmmm, that feels good," she said, still without much enthusiasm all things considered.

    I decided that it was just her style to act that way and there was probably little I could do about it. But I would give it a try. If I couldn't make that girl start crying and screaming then probably no one could. That was the modest way I looked at this situation in hand. Yes, I was going to make another convert.

    But she seemed already too far gone to really count as a convert one way or the other. If she hadn't already experienced lesbian love, then it was probably only because she hadn't been given the chance up to now. I would give her the chance.

    My cunt was really hot now. The juice was pouring down, bubbling, burning me I wanted to shove that gorgeous face of hers right into my box, rubbing it around and making her lick up my drooling juices, more and more of them.

    I played with her pussy for another minute or so, making sure that I had her sufficiently worked up that I could pull away from her and still go back. Then I stripped off my clothes. She watched me undress with only the slightest interest. But I didn't take any offense at that. I wasn't expecting this one to jump for joy, even though I do have a pretty damned good, voluptuous body.

    I shivered as I put a hand against my cunt and felt how wet it was. I stepped up to her, embraced her, sliding my hand over her ass cheeks. I kissed her and with my free hand I took one of hers and pressed it to my cunt.

    "Do you feel that, Cindy Lou?" I said to her. "Do you feel how hot I am? That's for you, you know, just for you, darling."

    "Yes. God, it is hot," she said, sighing. She moved her fingers in there now of her own accord, pushing inside and sliding in and out, back and forth. I shivered and moaned as she touched me like that. It was wonderful. I took a deep breath and tried to control myself so that I wouldn't go crazy and start pulling her down onto the ground. I kissed her some more. She moaned and sighed at me and we moved around and around in circles, kissing and grabbing, poking at each other's pussies.

    I reached for her tits again, grabbing at them ruthlessly and lifting one up to my mouth. I sucked on it, chewing hard and then running my tongue all around it, flicking back and forth at the nipple. I pressed my teeth down and she seemed to like this, shuddering in response. I pulled and squeezed. She sighed and shivered. She was going to be quite a partner, I told myself.

    I bounced her tits in my hands some more. I licked at the nipples and caught them between my teeth and pulled hard on both of them. She embraced me and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I could feel it touching my tonsils, or so it seemed, she was pushing in so far and so ruthlessly, really kissing with a passion.

    I started moving her in the direction of the bed. I was kissing her all the while, running my lips over her, licking and kissing and fondling her. My hands were red hot from touching her excited flesh, and the fingers were sticky with the cunt juice that was running out of her pussy as it was from mine.

    We rolled onto the bed and I was on top of her then. I kissed her and she shivered and moaned excitedly. It was quite wonderful already, and we had just begun.

    The scent of her pussy was starting to rise.

    It wafted through the air in the room right up at me now as she lay on the bed and opened her legs wide. I could swear I almost saw steam coming out of that hot, young twat of hers. I moved my face down and spread the legs wider. The smell got stronger and the odor hit me hard, rising up at me. I gasped. I put a hand down there, sliding it through her pussy hairs, pushing against the meat. She quivered and sighed.

    "Mmmmm, that's good, that's so nice," she said. "Wow, that feels really good…"

    She was taking all this in her stride, never losing that icy cool of hers, and I wondered if it was the first time or not. I didn't really care. There is a certain thrill involved when you do it with somebody and it's their first time. I can't explain it fully. It gives you a feeling of power, the feeling that you're creating something, shaping something. Maybe sometimes you're creating a Frankenstein monster. In any case, with the adorable Cindy Lou I didn't think there was much chance of anyone creating much of an impression on her or altering her one way or the other. Site was just a bored, selfish, worldly before her time teenager who would probably do anything at all if she thought it might momentarily ease her malaise.

    Anyway, I was on top of her now, moving myself between her legs. I opened those cunt lips and looked in at the pinkest meat I have ever seen. It took my breath away. I stared in awe for the longest time, not doing anything else, just staring, watching with wonder at what this girl had grown between her legs.

    "You are beautiful… beautiful," I said with a sigh.

    I bent my head down and kissed the pink meat. I licked at her. I slid my tongue up and down on the slick, taut lips of that plump pussy. It tasted delicious. I inhaled the aroma and ran my tongue up and down, up and down.

    She was sighing as I moved around down there. She was enjoying it. She didn't have to offer her undying love or anything. But I knew I was getting to her.

    I started licking up and down, up and down on the pink pussy.

    "Mmmm… ohhhh, that's nice, that's nice," she sighed.

    She was reaching down and touching my head, brushing her hands through the hair and tugging on it now and then when I touched a particularly sensitive spot.

    I pushed my tongue deep inside. This coated it nicely with her drooling pussy juice. She shook and groaned. I went at her good and hard, pushing my tongue inside, deep inside her hot pussy hole. She spread her thighs open wider. She wiggled her cunt this way and that and she started to massage the sides of my head with her thighs.

    I ate hungrily. I pushed my tongue deep inside and flicked up and down, up and down, faster and faster all the time, poking her again and again, pushing the tongue in and lifting it straight up till it hit her clitoris.

    "Ohhhhh! Yes, yes, my clit, my clit!" she moaned softly, shaking this way and that, "Mmmmm, lick it, lick it, yes, yes, that's good…"

    She pressed her thighs tighter against my head and I pushed my tongue up into her, deep inside her quivering pussy. I drank some more of her cunt juice, inhaling it, gulping it down loudly. The taste of her cunt was as exquisite as the look of it. I slapped my tongue up and down, up and down, faster and faster all the time.

    "Uhhhhhh… wow, that feels so nice," she said to me.

    I ran my hands back and forth against the undersides of her thighs. I ran them right down to her upturned ass cheeks. I buried my head in her crotch, licking and sucking and nosing around all over in there. My fingers moved around and around on the soft, smooth buttocks of the beautiful girl from Georgia.

    I touched her asshole with the tip of one finger. I eased it against the anus, pushing in, twisting around and finding the proper angle to use to gain entrance to that secret compartment of hers. She quivered and her sphincter went crazy when she realized that I was going to shove my finger inside her there.

    She had a very tight asshole and it felt good to shove my finger in there. She squeezed tightly and I really had to ram it right into her.

    I pushed the finger inside and she groaned and squirmed in reaction. Then I plunged my tongue back into her, driving it deep inside the quivering pussy. We shook and twisted this way and that, rolling from side to side.

    "Mmmmm, oh gosh, gosh, that's really good," she said. "Mmmmm, suck it, suck my cunt and shove that finger into my asshole, oh yes, yes, that's good, that's really good, mmmmmm! Suck me, suck my hot cunt, oh God, yes!"

    I licked up and down, up and down, shoving my tongue deep inside, twirling it, flicking up and down, up and down, while her thighs beat me almost senseless. But I held on, like a good rodeo rider, and didn't let her buck me off.

    "Ohhhhhh! Mmmmmm! That's really nice, really nice!" she cried out.

    Up and down, in and out my cunt went, spearing the dear girl, licking up her juices, losing little of that sweet nectar. I didn't want to waste a drop. It was only a shame that I couldn't bottle it and whiff the delectable flavor whenever I wanted, a remembrance of this strange and wonderful night we had together.

    She was nearly bending over me now as she stretched and leaned across my head, grabbing at my shoulders, scratching at my spine as she rocked from side to side and the pleasure grew and grew all the time. It was really incredible.

    I pushed my finger back and forth through her asshole as I licked up and down with my tongue. My tongue was starting to get a little tired of the whole thing so I took my time, easing off just a little bit so I could go on and didn't have to finish too soon. I wasn't sure whether she was going to reciprocate or not this time. I had an idea that she would, since she was pretty turned on right now. But I could not be sure of it, especially with this Cindy Lou character, who was unpredictable to say the least. I just hoped that she knew I had feelings too and the more pleasure I gave her the more cause she might have for giving me a little something in return.

    It was funny, me acting this way. I was usually the one who got her own way, everything that she wanted and then some. But this Cindy Lou made me wonder about it. I couldn't be sure about her. In fact, the idea that she was going along with this so nicely, and was enjoying it with such a lack of self-consciousness made me believe that the girl might actually have a heart after all.

    I plunged down into her, sliding the tongue through her and licking up and down, up and down, faster and faster all the time.

    She started leaping and twisting as I urged myself upon her. I wiped my face up and down on the trembling cunt. I feasted on her heat, on her wetness on the ripe, warm, wet meat that she was offering to me. And it was delicious!

    I licked up and down, up and down, faster and faster all the time.

    "Ohhhh, that's good, that's so good, yes, yes, yes! Ahhhhhh! God, suck it, suck that cunt!" the girl cried at me. "Ohhhhh! Monica, I feel so good, so hot, so sexy, yes, yes, yes, I haven't felt this good in ages!"

    She made herself sound like she was middle-aged and had seen it all, for God's sake. I plunged my tongue into her, drilling deep inside, licking up and down, faster and faster, pumping my tongue in and out of her, back and forth.

    "Oh! Ohhhhh! I'm coming! I'm coming!" she cried at me. "Ohhhhhh! Yes, yes, yes, it's wonderful, so wonderful! Ayyyyyyy! Yes!"

    I kept it up as long as I could, running the finger in and out of her asshole and licking up and down with my tired tongue. The pussy juice continued to flow from her, and it was hotter and thicker than ever now.

    "Uhhhhhh! I'm coming, I'm coming so good!" she shouted loudly.

    I felt another hot wave of pussy juice rush down into my mouth at that point. I drank up as much of it as I possibly could. I loved the taste. Every drop of it that I drank seemed to create an equal flow in my own cunt. I was desperately waiting to have my chance to let her suck me too. That was going to be something, (thought. That would be just what I wanted. At that moment there was no one else on earth that I wanted as much as this surly, bored girl from Georgia.

    In and out, in and out, I plunged my tongue through her. She gasped and groaned and shook from head to toe. The pleasure was intense. Her cunt was as hot as an oven now. She had just about completely lost that bored, distant demeanor of hers. She had probably worked on it long and hard and now she had to show that she was only human like the rest of us.

    She cried out loud, shaking her head and digging her nails into my scalp. She kept whacking me with her knees, pounding them against my head again and again. But I didn't let it worry me. I was going to give her the whole treatment and not let up until she had gone through it all.

    "Ayyyyy! Yes, yes, yes, suck me, suck my hot eunt! Ohhhhhh! More, more, deeper, stick your tongue deeper!" she screamed at me. "Ohhhhhh! Shove it right up inside my hot cunt, mmmrnmm, yes, yes, you know what I want!"

    I did know what she wanted. It was what we all wanted, everywhere. It was the same thing that the whole world wants, and what I wanted that night and what I was damned well going to have. At this point I was no longer wondering whether she was going to be amenable to sucking my pussy too. She damned well had to get ready for it. She was not getting out of that bed otherwise, I decided.

    I plunged my tongue deep inside her and twirled it around, digging in and out, back and forth, pushing inside and then sliding out again.

    "Ohhhhhh! I'm going crazy, crazy!" she screamed loudly. She was really coming unglued, and that was no exaggeration. "Oh! Yes, yes, yes! Ahhhhhh!"

    I plunged in deeper, tighter, licking and sucking.

    The juice poured out at me, more and more of it all the time, rushing down my face. There was no way I could drink it all. I sucked and sucked, chewing on her flesh and licking and rubbing at the flesh.

    "Unnnnnn! God, yes, yes, I'm coming, I'm still coming! Ayyyyyy! Suck it, suck that hot cunt! I'm coming, I'm coming!"

    I licked up and down, up and down, faster and faster all the time, plunging my tongue in there, letting the juice roll out at me. I sucked hard, more and more and more, not stopping for a moment, just attacking unmercifully, eagerly, ecstatically. I was waiting for my chance, knowing that it was coming soon now.

    I pawed at her cunt lips, opening them wider and wider, licking up and down, up and down, again and again. She was loving it all right. And so was I. The texture of that cunt was something else, so plump and juicy and yielding to my tongue and my lips and my teeth. I was really attacking her.

    "Oh God! I think… I… ohhhhhh! I'm having another orgasm! Ohhhhh! Yes, yes, I am, oh God, that's good, that's so good, suck me, suck me, yes, yes, yes, that's the way, that's the way to do it! Ohhhhhh! Suck that cunt of mine, suck it dry, I'm still coming and it's good, it's so good, yes, yes, yes!"

    And the pleasure rose and exploded inside of me, more and more all the time, as I rocked and sucked on her, and rubbed my cunt into the bed. I wanted her now more than ever, I wanted that girl to go after me the way I was going after her. And she was going to, if I had to force her.

    We rocked and twisted about for a time and then finally it was time for me to get a piece of the action too. I figured this was a perfectly good time, too, since she was in the grip of pleasure as I was still picking her. I would just slide around so that my cunt was on top of her face and she could do to me what I was already doing to her, faster and faster with every passing second.

    "Oh… ohhhhhhh!" she moaned. "Hey, what are you doing? Hey?"

    "You're going to suck me too, beautiful," I said. "I'm going to show you what my cunt tastes like… it may not be quite as sweet as yours, but I don't think I've ever had any complaints. You should enjoy it. You need something to suck on while your climaxing, in any case."

    And then I was pressing it down onto her face. She gasped and groaned as I nearly smothered her with my own excited, drooling cunt.

    "Go on, suck that," I cried into her cunt as I plunged my tongue back into it.

    She convulsed at that, but then she was touching me, grabbing at my ass cheeks and puffing them apart. I snuggled my cunt down. I could feel her nose touching my crotch. And then her tongue was inside, deep inside, twirling and flicking, up and down, up and down, driving me wild, making the pleasure rise higher and higher all the time. It was incredible, the pleasure that she gave me after just a few seconds.

    We rocked and twisted together, grabbing at each other, scratching and tearing and licking. She pushed her tongue deep inside me and lapped up and down, up and down, faster and faster all the time. I was something else.

    I lifted my head up from her cunt and let out a cry of pleasure.

    "Oh God, ohhhhhh! Yes, yes, yes!" I screamed. "Oh God, that's good, that's so good! Ayyyyyy! Yes, yes, yes, suck me, suck my fat pussy! Mmmmmm! That's good, that's wonderful, yes, yes, it is, so wonderful! Ayyyyy!"

    And then my head was back inside her cunt and my tongue was going wild against her, licking up and down, faster and faster, plunging deep inside, chewing and sucking and biting at her. She quivered and twitched and convulsed. The pleasure increased steadily. I was ready to come then. The tongue hit me a couple of more times and then I was over the top, climaxing and leaping about, shaking and shouting. "Ohhhhhh! Yes, yes, that's it, you beautiful bitch! Ahhhhhh! Suck me, suck my hot cunt, mmmmmm, that's so good, so fucking good!"

    We twisted and quivered and convulsed and the pleasure seemed to go through us in a circle, around my body, into hers, through mine again.

    "Oh yes… yes, that's lovely, my dear… so lovely," I said, gripping her tightly once more, never wanting to let go.


    "All right, my darling daughter," I said. "So you were thrown out of school. I suppose you have some really good excuse for it."

    Carlene looked at me and scowled. She didn't have anything to say, the bitch. I know that many people will point the blame at me for bringing her up badly. They will say that I was never really equipped to be a mother and never gave it any of the attention that the job certainly requires, and I would have to agree with them.

    I was a shitty mother. It was a mistake for me to be one. But that's something out of my past. The daughter is still there now, though, right in my present. She was away at school for a long time and I didn't really have to think much about her.

    And then she went and got herself thrown out of there and she had come back to me, wondering what she should do next. I was pissed off at her, and especially because of what I understood to be the reason for her expulsion.

    The bitch had had a man in her room hate at night. And I had sent her to an exclusive girls' school where there were supposedly no boys around who might entice the sweet, innocent young women to do anything that I wouldn't approve of.

    That really hit me hard. The fact that she would fuck up her education just to fuck some guy. Especially when there were dozens of lovely young ladies she could have been sharing her bed with at the same time.

    We were standing in the living room and I was thinking about what I was going to do with her. I decided I would give her a real punishment, for what she had done, and if it worked as good as I hoped it would, then it would not only be a punishment but it would be something of an inducement for her to act more the way I wanted her to from then on. But I had to be careful she didn't realize I had any ulterior motives.

    She knew that I was mad, really mad, and she was gulping and looking at me sideways, afraid I was going to bite her head off, I suppose.

    "W-what are you going to do?" she said very softly and tentatively.

    "You'll see what I'm going to do to you, young lady. And I don't think you'll like it very much. It's the sort of punishment they don't go in for much back at the expensive school of yours, but I think it will work just fine with a girl like you."

    "What is it?" she said and I thought I could see her trembling.

    "You'll soon find out. Come with me into the bedroom, please," I said.

    "All right… if you want me to," she said nervously.

    "Of course I want you to, that's why I'm telling you to go in there. Now go."

    She gulped and nodded and started moving in that direction.

    I followed her into the bedroom. I found myself watching the way my daughter's round ass wiggled back and forth from side to side as she moved. It was a very enticing, I had to admit. It was funny how she had grown and changed my whole attitude towards her. I no longer looked at her as something that came out of my cunt. She was now a woman, a young woman, it was true, but still a woman and very sexy too.

    Then we were in the bedroom. I closed the door behind me. There was no reason to do that. I wasn't afraid that she would get away, but it made a nice effect. I wanted to scare her and get her afraid of me and ready to do anything I asked without pausing a moment to question it one bit. That was what I intended and I could see that I was already well on my way to doing just that with her.

    "You've become a very pretty girl, Carlene," I said.

    "Thanks, Mom. A… a lot of people say I take after you," she said.

    "Don't try and flatter me to get out of trouble. You're in it now and you're going to take your punishment and it won't be easy for you."

    She gulped, sighed, and nodded her head at me.

    "Here's what I want you to do first," I said. "Are you listening to me?"

    She took another breath and then nodded her head quickly up and down.

    "I'm… I'm listening, Mom, really," she said to me.

    "I want you to take off your clothes. All of your clothes."

    "What for… I mean, why do you want me to do that?" she asked me.

    I threw up my hands and pretended to be furious with her.

    "Just do as I say and stop wasting my time, do you understand?"

    She gulped and nodded her head at me at this command.

    She started stripping off her clothes, one by one. I watched her, a smirk of delight on my face as she did it.

    She was not wearing a bra and I enjoyed the sight of my daughter's big, firm titties. She was probably nervous now. Her nipples were sticking out firmly. I couldn't believe that she could be excited by what she was doing, although that was a pleasant enough idea for me to fantasize about for the time being.

    She took off her jeans then and stood there only in panties. She held her hands in front of her thighs, looking for all the world like a bashful little kid.

    "Come on, come on, you're wasting my time, don't you know that? I want you to take everything off. I thought I made that clear to you. Come on now, Carlene, stop wasting my time and yours. Get those clothes off of you."

    "But I don't see why I… oh gosh," she sighed.

    "You aren't going to be bashful, are you, for God's sake?" I said. "I've seen you naked a thousand times. Now take your clothes off."

    The fact was that I hadn't seen her naked in quite some time and back at that time she had been decidedly less developed than she was now.

    She removed her panties and then stood there naked in front of me. I could see that she was nervous about it, not because she was shy, though, since I didn't think my daughter was that type at all. But because she sensed something was really in the air now, and she didn't know what it was. It was the uncertainty.

    I went over to my dresser and opened a drawer. I took out some things in there. I took out lacey items, nice feminine things and some leather things as well. They were for me, as my daughter would soon see.

    I handed her the things I wanted her to try on and she took them. She looked at the lacey black garter belt I handed her. She looked puzzled, but she put it on. She knew better than to keep arguing with me. I was strangely turned on watching her slip herself into that belt. She slid on one stocking after the other, pulling them up along her meaty thighs. It was quite a sight for me, I must say.

    She put on the uplift bra that I gave her. It held those creamy titties of hers up in a most provocative manner. The nipples were now poking out tautly.

    I walked up to her and then started moving around her body, looking at her, glancing up and down, smiling and nodding as I regarded her figure.

    "Yes, yes, you're built very nice… very nice indeed," I said to her.

    She gulped and shrugged her shoulders at me. "Thanks, Mom," she said.

    I glanced at her some more for another few seconds and then I was starting to take my own clothes off right there in front of her, to her surprise.

    I winked at her. "Just stay where you are," I said. "I'll be with you in just a moment if you hold on there, dear girl."

    She was quite puzzled by this turn of events, I'm sure. She looked at me and sighed and wondered just what I was about to do.

    I kept glancing at her as I continued to undress. I couldn't take my eyes off that sexy body of hers. She was really something else, I thought. My daughter. My delightful, sexy daughter. I knew that it was wicked for me to think such things about her, but I couldn't help it. I just couldn't help myself. That was the way I felt.

    Now, before her staring eyes I slipped on my crotchless leather panties and pulled a leather bra onto my big, firm titties. My nipples were even more erect than hers and they hooked really wild sticking through the little holes in tile ends of each bra cup.

    I stared at her as I moved my hands over my breasts and fingered the stiff nipples. I stuck my tongue out and very slowly licked it across my upper lip.

    I got out two pairs of shoes. A black pair for her and brown leather ones for me. Both had spiked heels. I wondered what she made of all this.

    I told her to put the shoes on and she did it although she was definitely perplexed as to what this was all about.

    She strapped the shoes on as I watched her, delighted by the erotic spectacle.

    I stood tall as I watched her, thrusting my cunt out and undulating it.

    She stood there, trembling slightly as I regarded her. I strode about in front of her, back and forth, staring at her, nodding my head up and down thoughtfully.

    "You have done something very bad, Carlene," I said to her. "Do you realize that?"

    She shrugged and then nodded her head. "Yeah, I realize it."

    "I'm glad that you do. You will have to be punished for that. You are going to learn that you can't do whatever brazen thing comes into your mind. No. This has to he stopped and I am the one who is going to stop you once and for all."

    It was thrilling to play dominant botch to my own daughter. I didn't know if she was as thrilled by it but I didn't care.

    "All right, girl, now walk into the bathroom," I told her.

    She gulped and nodded her head and then went into the bathroom.

    I followed her in there. I walked just a few paces behind her. She had a beautiful ass, that daughter of mine, just wonderful. It gave me a sharp, sexual thrill to watch it wiggling back and forth, from side to side. I wanted to run over there and slide my hands over it and then kiss it and lick it. But there was time for that.

    She went into the bathroom and looked around, wondering, I guess, what I had in there in store for her. But she couldn't tell yet.

    She was sexy to look at in her bra and garter belt and stockings.

    I went to the cabinet and took out the things I thought I would need.

    I hung up the bag on the curtain rod in the shower. It was all filled and ready to be used. I didn't want to waste any time with her.

    She stared at it and the long rubber hose and she gulped loudly and looked at me. I could imagine what was going through her head at that point.

    I took a quick step towards her and slapped her across the face. She gulped and didn't know what to do at that point. I reached down to her cunt and pulled on the pussy hairs, pulling several of them right out of her body. She gasped at this.

    "I think you know what I'm going to do to you now, don't you?" I said.

    "I… I don't know," she said with a shrug of her naked shoulders.

    "I think you have a pretty good idea," I said to her.

    I took hold of the rubber hose. I played with the nozzle a bit, making sure that everything was in good working order there. And it was.

    "I want you to bend over the tub there, Carlene," I told her.

    "What? I don't understand, Mom? What do you want me to do?"

    "You heard me quite well. I think. I want you to bend over the tub. I want you to stretch your ass wide open. Come on, stretch that pretty ass of yours for me. You can do it, I know that you can. I want to see your asshole sticking out at me."

    "But Mother!" she said, surprised at what I was saying.

    "Don't talk back to me and don't argue with me. Do as I say."

    She looked at me with fright and awe in her eyes. She started to say something and then decided not to. She must have known there was no sense in trying to argue with me in the mood I was obviously in at that moment.

    My blood was racing as I watched her bend over the tub and spread her buttocks apart. Her pink anus stuck right out at me. It was delightful.

    I licked my lips as I stood behind her and looked at it.

    "Yes, yes, that's it, that's it," I mumbled as I bent down behind her and nodded my head and smiled.

    The nozzle to the enema bag was in my hand at that moment.

    I stared at her open pussy and asshole for almost a minute. I was such a lovely sight that I couldn't stop just staring at it and sighing with delight.

    I raised a hand to her cunt and played with it, caressing the meat and the hair that was growing there. It was very lovely indeed, I thought.

    And I didn't care that it was my daughter, my own flesh and blood.

    She squirmed when I touched her, wiggling her ass. And she wasn't doing it to keep me excited. She was nervous and feeling strange about this whole thing.

    I heard her taking a deep breath as she tried to get herself used to what I was going to be doing to her, the poor darling girl.

    I leaned forward now and made the most outrageous attack yet.

    I pressed my tongue against her asshole, sliding the tip of my tongue right inside that quivering little orifice. She gasped again and I could see her flesh trembling as I moved the tongue around and pulled it in and out.

    "Oh my God," she said very, very softly as I did it to her.

    I smiled and pushed the tongue deeper inside her beautiful asshole.

    I shoved as much of my tongue as I possibly could inside that tight hole. I felt her sphincter squirming around against my tongue. It was really something. I pushed in and then slid it back, pushing in and out while she quivered and groaned.

    At the same time I was sliding my open palm back and forth against her cunt. Back and forth, back and forth, rubbing at the hairy crotch of my daughter. "Mmmm, you have such a lovely body, dear," I said, sounding for all the world like the mother that I was in reality. But Carlene must have found it very strange, this combination of motherly warmth and outright perversity.

    I didn't give a shit what she thought, though. I was doing this for me.

    I was having my kicks. I had never pretended to be any great shakes as a mother in the first place, so there was no reason why I had to start now. I had done a lot worse things than this, I thought.

    And I bet that Carlene, whether I knew about them or not, had done some pretty disgusting and sexy things in her time too. She probably took right after me, I thought. Just the same sort of horny, good for nothing bitch as I have been.

    I continued to poke my tongue against her, shoving it in and out of that tight little asshole of hers, back and forth, in and out, again and again.

    She quivered and even whimpered slightly as I drilled her with the tongue, pushing deep inside and then sliding it out again while her sphincter convulsed.

    Carlene began to shiver.

    Then I licked my tongue down at the cunt meat that was available to me. I licked at it for a few moments and then I was ready to use my finger on her asshole.

    I poked at the clenching hole, digging my finger in and out. She quivered and convulsed at this. I started sliding the finger in deeper and she gasped.

    "Oh God, Mother, you're hurting me, you're hurting me," my daughter gasped. "Ow, ow, that hurts… no, no, ohhhh…"

    I had now pushed the whole finger inside her asshole.

    I dragged it back out and then slid it in again, pushing hard this time.

    She quivered and wiggled her ass to left and right. She whimpered but I only laughed at her cries. They didn't bother me a bit. I was being purposely heartless to her. There was no other way I could do what I was planning to do.

    I pushed the finger in and out some more and then I finally drew it back.

    "All right, I think it's time to give you the enema now," I said.

    She caught her breath. I knew that she was having a very hard time believing that all of this was really happening. But it was. It really was.

    Her beautiful, big, round ass shook at me nervously. I ran my hands over the creamy cheeks and patted those two big globes that were looking me in the face.

    Then I slid my open hand into her crotch and rubbed back and forth against her cunt. She quivered and groaned. She was getting wetter and wetter in there, I discovered. Yes, she was starting to get turned on. Almost as much as I was.

    "You have a very nice pussy, darling," I said. "I'm sure all the boys back there near your school will miss you a lot."

    I hoped that she understood my sarcasm, but I didn't stop to explain.

    She glanced back at me and gulped a couple of times. She was frightened and excited. And I liked her being that way. I liked it a lot.

    I played with her cunt some more. I stuck two fingers into her and jerked them back and forth, back and forth again and again. She squirmed and moaned as I did it.

    I pushed the two fingers deep inside the cunt and twisted them around inside of her. She quivered and let out a deep gasp.

    I could tell that I was really exciting the dear girl now.

    Her cunt was getting juicier and juicier by the minute, I realized.

    I knew that if I wanted to I could make her go wild with lust. I could play with her cunt exclusively and do all the things that I did when I wanted to get a woman fully into my power. But I had other games to play tonight and I was going to play them whether she enjoyed all of them or not.

    It was not going to be her decision one way or the other.

    "Yes, yes, you have such a lovely body," I said. "So very nice." I poked and played with her, taking my time before we moved on to the real business at hand. I didn't know how she was going to take to that. But I was going to do it anyway, so it was simply up to her.

    While I was playing with her, I reached down to my cunt and felt it. I was really very wet now. It was simply incredible how wet I was. I wanted to grab her hand and make her feel my pussy but I didn't. Not yet.

    I pushed my fingers inside my cunt and jerked them in and out. I was really primed now. I was going to do it with her and she was going to love it and so was I.

    Now I decided it was time to give her the enema. She quivered as I brought the nozzle against her little anus. But I didn't let her get away from me. She was going to get it, all right. My darling daughter was going to be taught a strict lesson in discipline. And then, after I had finished that we could have our fun.

    "Mother," she said. "Are you really going to do that to me? I can't believe it. I mean, I didn't think you would ever do something like this…"

    "Be quiet. You fool. I'll do what I want to you. I'm your mother."

    She gulped and nodded her head and stiffened as I got close again.

    I pushed it in and turned on the flow. She quivered as I filled her ass with the sudsy solution, more and more and more. She groaned and shivered. I knew that I was really testing her. And it was a stern test. I wasn't letting up on her.

    I gave it to her till I knew that she couldn't take any more and then I slowly withdrew the nozzle from her asshole. She quivered and I could see her sphincter squeezing tightly together, keeping herself from exploding right then and there.

    I straightened up and patted her lovely ass with my hand.

    "Okay, darling. You can relieve yourself. I'm going out in the other room. Come see me there when you're finished, do you understand?"

    She only grunted, so I slapped her ass a little harder.

    "Do you understand me, girl?" I said to her then.

    "Y-yes… yes, I understand you," she said to me.

    I walked out of there, laughing quietly, glancing back to see her struggling with the pressure that I had created within her.

    I got into bed and stretched out. I ran a hand over my cunt. I shivered. I spread my legs wide and then touched my cunt gently. It jumped.

    "Ahhhh, I'm so hot," I sighed. "So very, very hot…"

    I knew what was going to happen next, as soon as my daughter was done with what she was doing in the bathroom. I was going to have a very good time indeed. My daughter and me. It was definitely a strange combination but that was not going to stop me. I couldn't be stopped when I was in the mood for something like this.

    I lay there and waited, running a hand up and down over my pussy.

    I slid my cunt lips open wide and pushed a finger into the meat.

    I could feel the juice dribbling down and out of me.

    "Oh, wow, that feels so nice, so nice," I mumbled.

    I pushed a finger inside there. Yes, it did feel good, very good indeed, I thought. I pushed it in deeper and twirled it around and around.

    "Oh my, yes, yes, that's so nice… daughter, where are you, dammit? I need you in here, with me, with your mother. She needs you, girl!"

    I pushed two fingers inside my cunt and pumped them back and forth, back and forth through my twisting, shivering pussy hole. It felt very nice. I was getting wetter and wetter all the time, quivering and jumping and twisting about.

    I pushed the fingers in as far as they would go and held them there. I jumped about and groaned and shuddered. The pleasure rose up through me, higher and higher. It was something. I was really there already. It felt so nice. And I knew that it was going to feel even nicer when I finally got my daughter in with me. Yes, that was when the pleasure would really start to rise. I couldn't believe I was actually doing all of this, but I was. I was doing it all. I was going to fuck with my own daughter.

    God, I thought about how depraved some people would say I was being, but I didn't care about that. I didn't care what their opinion was of the situation. No, that didn't interest me in the least. That was just tough shit. She was my daughter and I could do whatever the fuck I felt like with her. That was how I felt and I was damned well going to stick by my feelings on the matter. She was of age, after all. I wasn't robbing the cradle, whether she was my daughter or not. That just didn't fucking matter, I told myself. Pleasure was all that counted in the long run. Yes, pleasure was the main thing. As long as you had that nothing else mattered, I felt. Nothing at all.

    "Oh, where are you, girl?" I moaned aloud. "You did hear me tell you to come into this room when you were finished. I hope you aren't disobeying me. I will have to give you another harsh punishment if that does happen to be the case, you know."

    I jerked my fingers in and out of my pussy, back and forth, faster and faster, again and again, digging them deep inside and twirling them around in circles before dragging them back out. It created a wild, wonderful feeling in me.

    My cunt burned. The juice was really steaming as it flowed to the surface. It coated my pussy lips, more and more of it all the time.

    I worked my fingers through the flowing juice and then brought those fingers up to my mouth. I licked on them one by one, drinking that delicious fluid. And I did love it. I moaned and shivered as the hot substance went down my throat.

    "Mmmmm… come on, darling, come on, get your sweet, pretty ass in here with me," I moaned. "I want you, I really want you in here with me, can't you hear me? Oh, oh yes, yes, I do… I really do, hurry, will you? Hurry!"

    I worked my fingers in deep again while with my other hand I was wiping up some of the frothing pussy juice and licking it off my fingers.

    "Mmmmm, that's nice, that's really nice," I sighed loudly.

    I started playing with my clit at the same time. I pushed back the foreskin and pressed my clit. I pushed down on the little red ruby and made myself shake and shiver. It felt good, it felt really good. I couldn't stop once I had started. I was masturbating with both hands, one playing with my clit while jamming two fingers of the other hand in and out of my cunt at rapid fire. I was really loving it. My juices were flowing out thicker and thicker all the time, more and more, bubbling and overflowing.

    God, I thought, where was my damned daughter now that I needed her? But I could still hear some noises in the bathroom. I hoped that she was cleaning up any mess she might make in there. I wanted her in here with me, moving down between my legs and sticking her tongue into my cunt, my hot, wet, heaving pussy hole.

    "Mmmmmm… so nice, so nice, yes, yes, it feels so nice," I said. I was moaning louder all the time as the pleasure grew and grew all through me.

    I pushed those fingers inside and drew them back, almost all the way before driving them deep inside again. In and out, back and forth. The pleasure grew and grew all the time. I loved it. I loved it a lot. The heat was rising, burning through me. I loved it. It climbed and climbed. I gasped. The pleasure was intense, climbing all the time.

    "Mmmmmm… oh yes, yes, that's nice… thats so nice… mmmmm, oh yes, that's good, ohhhhh, God, mmmm… my cunt is so hot, so fucking hot!"

    I pushed my fingers deep inside. I twisted them around and jabbed them in and out, back and forth, again and again. I quivered and convulsed from it. The pleasure increased. I was going to come and my daughter wasn't even there yet.

    And then I heard her. She was on her way into the room, the dutiful daughter.

    She stood there then and looked in at me and raised her eyebrows.

    Since I had my fingers stuffed up inside my cunt and was twirling them around and gasping from the pleasure I was giving myself, I could understand her surprise.

    But she must have known I meant business after the earlier stuff in the bathroom. I was going all the way with my darling daughter this time.

    "Come here, dear," I said to her, waving her into the room.

    She gulped and stepped closer. She was trying not to look at my cunt but having a hard time doing it. I wondered if she had ever seen a woman jerking off before.

    "Come here, I say, stop hanging back… you're wasting so much time," I said.

    I was looking her over. She had quite a body. I felt a surge of pride. I had given her birth and she had turned into a real beauty before my eyes.

    "What do you want me to do?" she said nervously.

    She was close enough that I could grab her arm and pull her onto the bed now.

    She tumbled down next to me and then I rolled on top of her and started kissing her.

    "Mother… Mother, what are you doing?" she said, gulping and gasping.

    "You can see what I'm doing quite clearly."

    My hands were grabbing at her tits and ass and then rubbing up into her crotch. She groaned and shook as I touched her like that. And I didn't stop. This was only the beginning. I grabbed some more, squeezing on her flesh, pulling her ass cheeks apart and sliding my fingers in against the crotch. She whimpered and shook.

    "Mmmm… oh gosh," she moaned. "Oh my, that's so nice…"

    I had her. My own daughter was becoming a convert. Actually, I wasn't too sure that she hadn't already done stuff like this before, but I didn't think about that for too long. I was just glad that this was turning out the way it was.

    We twisted and grabbed each other and then she started turning around, moving her face down towards my cunt. I spread my legs and let her in there. She stuck her tongue into my cunt, deep inside. I shivered and convulsed as the pleasure increased.

    "Oh… ohhhhhh! Yes, yes, yes!" I moaned as she licked my cunt. "That's wonderful!"

    And she licked away, more and more all the time.

    Her tongue pushed deep inside my cunt and twirled around. I groaned and shook as I felt her young tongue piercing me.

    "Mmmmm, yes, yes, yes, lick me, lick your mother's cunt… that's so nice, so very nice, yes, yes, harder, deeper, stick that tongue in deeper!"

    She did it. She was listening to me, all right. She pushed that tongue deep inside and held it there while my cunt juices bubbled and exploded, flying up and over my tongue as she pushed it in and out of me, in and out, again and again.

    The sensations were wonderful. They were rising all the time, higher and higher, more and more, never stopping, never ceasing. I couldn't get enough of it. I really couldn't. The pleasure was so intense that I started screaming from it. My screams were wild and abandoned. They rocked the roof. I twisted and shook and screamed.

    "Oh God, yes, yes, yes, that's so nice, so nice, darling," I cried at her. "Ahhhhih, yes, yes, suck it, suck it! Mmmmmmm!"

    She licked in and out of the hole and then moved up to the chit. She pushed the foreskin back with the tip of her tongue and then sucked the clit into her mouth. She squeezed on it and the pleasure rushed up all through my body.

    "Ohhhhhh! God, darling, that's wonderful, wonderful!" I cried. "Mmmmmm, my darling daughter, you're wonderful, you do that so well, yes, yes, so well!"

    I squeezed my thighs together against her head, tighter and tighter all the time. She shivered and groaned into my crotch and continued.

    She sucked on my clit some more and then moved down to the hole. I convulsed with pleasure. I was going to come. And it was fantastic. I was going to come in my daughter's face and she didn't seem to mind it a bit.

    I reached down and threaded my fingers back through her hair as she bobbed up and down, driving her tongue in and out of me.

    "Oh yes, yes, yes, suck me, suck me, darling," I cried out. "Mmmmmmm, that's so good, so good, yes, yes, yes! Ahhhhhhh! God!"

    I was embracing her head with my body, and practically rolling over her as she sucked me. And she was sucking me. She was doing a fantastic job of it. It made me think that the chances of this being her first time with a woman were pretty slim.

    I reached down at her, grabbing and scratching at her flesh. She felt so soft and smooth. Yes, she felt wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

    I touched her tits. They were so warm and soft. I grabbed a nipple and tugged on it. It tingled in my hand. I pulled hard till I could feel her winching from it.

    Her tongue gobbled away at me, licking hard and last, faster and faster all the time, never stopping. It was wonderful it was simply exquisite.

    "Ohhhhh! I'm coming, darling, I'm coining! Ahhhhhhh! Yes, yes, yes, I'm coming, ohhhh, that's it, that's it, ohhhhhhhh, suck that cunt!"

    And she sucked it. She stuck her tongue deep inside me and twirled it and pumped back and forth, back and forth through my climaxing cunt.

    "Ahhhhhh I'm coming, darling, I'm coming! Yes, yes, yes, that's it, that's the way… ohhhhhh! Suck it, suck that cunt! Ayyyyyyy!"

    I pulled on her body. I wanted her cunt on my face just as mine was on hers. We scratched and quivered and jumped about, but finally I had pulled her towards me right where wanted her. That beautiful cunt was looking me right in the face.

    It was gorgeous, all pink and plump and perfect too.

    I dug my tongue hard inside her. She loved it. She was creaming me. Her cunt juices poured out onto my face and I licked up as much as I could. I loved that taste, and the fact that it was fresh cunt juice from my daughter's pussy made it all the better, I thought. Anyway, there was an extra special something to this encounter. I loved it pleasure got more intense with very passing second. It was incredible. I didn't want it to stop. No, not ever. I wanted to go on like this for days.

    And I think I could have. I certainly saw no end in sight as the two of us rocked and rolled and sucked and licked on that bed.

    It seemed to me that this was really a good thing. It was going to be the beginning of something really special for the two of us. We were going to be closer than ever.

    We could do all sorts of things together now, I thought.


    Carlene decided that I had to be more open to her states in sex too. It couldn't just be a one-way street, she told me. And I had to go along with her. After all, I didn't dislike men. They could be all right and fun when you were in the mood.

    But Carlene told me I had to get in the mood. Tomorrow night we were going to go to a singles bar and pick up some men, she told me. We were going to get fucked. Both of us. I was going to get my pussy filled with some throbbing meat.

    Well, I wasn't exactly thrown into a coma over the idea but then I didn't look forward to it with all of my heart either. I was willing to do it for her sake, though. She had been quite a good sport about the enema and all of that.

    So the night came and we went out together. Both of us were looking just fine, I thought. We were looking sexy and ready for some action.

    We went to the bar she knew. She said it was nice. It had live music and there was a good crowd there, not quite as many losers as you found in some of the others. I didn't quiz my daughter too much, but I got the impression she knew her way around most of these places, which meant that she had probably got laid a helluva lot of times.

    Still, she was grown up now and it wasn't for me to tell her what she could do and couldn't do. I decided. I would just have to go along with it. I was going to be a modem mother. Here we were out together to get picked up, after all. That was pretty modern stuff. I would never have thought of doing that with my mother.

    We went into the dark, crowded bar and made for the bar to get some drinks. Carlene ordered for us both and handed me mine, I was a little nervous and I drank it up quickly. There were a lot of men staring at me, winking and smiling and licking their lips like I was some sort of meat on display for all of them.

    "You've been here before, I guess, Carlene?" I said to her.

    "Oh yeah, a few times, when I've been home or in the area," she said.

    "Yeah. And you like it, I suppose," I said.


    "It's an okay place. You get a nice mixture in here. You never know who you are going to meet on any given night."

    "Yes, that's right," said a man standing behind her. "I bet you didn't know you were going to meet me here tonight."

    "Eavesdropper," Carlene said, turning to see who it was talking to us.

    He was a good-looking man in his mid-twenties. He was wearing jeans and a denim jacket. His hair was blonde and wavy. Carlene glanced at him too and she seemed to be impressed by his looks. She looked to sec what my reaction was. I was smiling, looking the young man over and I was also impressed by his good looks.

    "You won't take any offense, will you, ma'am?" he said to us.

    He had a southern accent, I noticed at once, but a nice, soothing one.

    "I don't think we will, will we, Carlene?" I said.

    "No, I don't think we'll bother being annoyed at anything like that," she said to him.

    "Can I buy the two of you ladies a drink?" he said. "You happen to be the two prettiest ladies in this place tonight, yes sir."

    "We haven't finished these yet, actually," Carlene said to him.

    "I've finished mine," I said. "You'll just have to learn to drink faster, girl. Haven't I taught you anything, for gosh sake?"

    She winked at me and laughed and nodded her head up and down.

    "Come on, the night is not getting any younger you know, and neither am I. You don't want to be rude to this nice man who wants to buy us a round."

    "No, no, I wouldn't want to do that to him," she said.

    The man smiled broadly when he heard this. He moved up and put an arm around the both of us. My daughter drank what was left in her glass and then the handsome, blonde-haired man ordered all of us another round to drink.

    "Let me introduce myself to you girls," he said. "My name is Duane. Duane Whitlock. I'm from the great state of Alabama. Either of you girls familiar with that part of the country?"

    We looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders.

    "No, I don't think I am," I said to him with a smile.

    "I'm sure that I'm not familiar with it," Carlene said.

    "Well, that's too bad. I'm sure I can remedy that somewhat, though," he said. "Now why don't you ladies tell me what your names are?"

    He moved closer as we spoke to him now.

    He was really looking us over now. He was smiling and nodding and probably thinking about which one of us he would rather fuck first.

    He actually moved closer to me now. I was a bit surprised since my daughter is younger. I don't know if she's sexier but she is younger.

    As we were introduced to him, he bowed and shook our hands.

    "Very pleased to meet the two of you, I must say," he told us.

    "What are you doing in New York, Duane?" Carlene said. "It's quite a long way from your home state, isn't it?"

    My daughter shot me a look, but I couldn't tell what she was thinking.

    "I'm just trying to get my career off the ground, to be honest. I'm an actor. There's not a whole lot of opportunities in that profession back in Alabama. So I made my move to the Big Apple. Me and my brother. He is also an actor. And what about you ladies, hm? What are you all doing to pass the time here?"

    I opened my mouth to speak but I realized there was nothing I felt like saying on this particular subject to him. It was better to leave it a little anonymous. After all, we weren't taking up with someone like Duane for conversation.

    But Carlene didn't seem to mind talking about herself. Except that I didn't recognize the her that she was talking about. She seemed to be making it all up as she went along. Maybe, I thought, this was her regular style when she was in this part of situation. She would say things that she figured would make her sound more interesting. I couldn't figure it out myself. She might well have had a different story for every new man that she met. It showed just how serious she took these pickups. If she thought that she was meeting someone that she would actually want to have a relationship with then I guess she wouldn't lie to them or she'd be caught eventually. But if she knew almost in advance that she would never see these bozos after one night then she was free to say anything that came into her mind and fantasize in front of these guys.

    Duane was listening to her but he was getting closer to me all the time.

    His interest was becoming a little bolder now, I thought.

    He put a hand on my shoulder and smiled at me. I smiled back. Then he glanced at Carlene who was still talking. I didn't want him making Carlene mad. It was flattering that he might pick me over her but I didn't care enough about him to want to compete with my daughter and make her look bad. Certainly not.

    And then that problem was solved when I saw someone come up and tap him on the shoulder. It was a man doing the tapping, I saw when I glanced up.

    He turned and smiled and nodded to the newcomer.

    "Well now, ladies, let me introduce my brother to you. This here's Carl. He's the ugly one in our particular family," he said with a laugh.

    Carlene and I both looked at him in amazement for a moment until we realized that we were looking at identical twin brothers.

    "Yep, that's right, we're twins," Duane said to us. "This boy follows me everywhere I go. It's easier for him than buying a mirror, I guess."

    They both laughed and punched each other on the arms.

    "Oh shit, Duane, I didn't follow you nowhere," said the brother. "I was coming along this way before you even mentioned it once."

    "Well, okay, brother, if you say so. We won't argue about it," Duane said.

    Carl's voice was a little higher-pitched than his brother's, making him sound younger. But that was just about the only thing that let you tell them apart, aside from the different clothes they wore. Naked and silent it would have been impossible.

    "Say, aren't these just two fine and beautiful ladies, Carl?" Duane said to him.

    He nodded his head. "Yes indeed, they sure are that," he said.

    "Right beautiful women, that's what they are. Beautiful and sexy. And the two don't always go together, no sir, they really don't."

    Duane urged his brother towards Carlene. Then we were properly paired off and we began talking privately, in couples. I gulped my next drink down and allowed them to get me another. I was determined to have a real good time.

    I decided it was a good idea, this one of Carlene's. It was too long a time since I had had a really good scene with a man, let alone a handsome one, and let alone a foursome like this. It might just turn out to be very interesting, I thought.

    I looked at Duane and tried to imagine what he would be like in bed. I tried to imagine what his cock was going to feel like. He was a big, strapping guy and I figured that he was probably pretty well-hung. If I'm going to go ahead and get fucked by a cock, I usually figure it might as well be a big one.

    We drank for a time and then we moved down to the tables near the two musicians who were performing. They were singing folk songs and the audience seemed to be enjoying them pretty well, singing and clapping along with them.

    We all drank some more and talked when our voices could be heard above the music and the clapping from the audience there. They were really getting wild.

    I kept glancing at my daughter to make sure that it was all all right. I didn't want her to be bitter about Duane, the first guy we found, going to my side.

    But it didn't make a lot of sense for her to be annoyed about it. She had the other one and he was identical in looks, anyway. Duane was probably a bit more of a showoff and had more personality to spare than his twin brother did, but it was only a minor difference, I thought. Their cocks were undoubtedly the same size.

    Anyway, Carlene seemed to be happy enough with her guy so I stopped worrying about it.

    She was clutching at his brawny arm and hugging him off and on as they talked.

    I smiled at her. Duane was watching them too and he grinned.

    When the musician stopped playing, Carlene brought up the subject of dancing. Since this was to be her night I couldn't object to her ideas.

    And so, the next thing we knew we were off to a disco, the four of us.

    "It's a rock disco," Carlene said to me. "You ought to like it. The music is good and there are all sorts of weird people there."

    "It's okay with me, darling, whatever you think is best," I said to her.

    We walked together as we entered the place. The two twins were just behind us. They were talking together too. I glanced back to see what they were up to but they were whispering and I couldn't hear anything.

    "How are you and Duane getting along?" my daughter asked me.

    "Oh, fine. He's fun to talk to as long as we're talking about him. He hasn't asked me a question yet, which is something of a relief. I don't want to think about anything tonight. I just want to enjoy it, you know."

    "Yeah, that's the right attitude, Mom," she whispered and then glanced back at the two of them again. "This is going to be fun, I think."

    "Yeah, I think so too, darling," I said to her. "I can't wait till we get home. I hope the four of us go to one place together."

    "Of course," she said. "That's where all the real fun begins."

    The noise level inside the rock club was ear-shattering but I tried not to mind. I didn't want to seem older than I was, after all, with three younger people in my group. No, I wasn't going to he looked on as some kind of a square. No way. I was going to be just as hip to it all as anyone else in the place.

    The crowd was a mixture of long-haired teens from the suburbs and trendier types with close-cropped hair and black leather. Some older citizens in dresses and suits and ties were scattered here and there as well. My heart went out to them.

    The music was fast and furious. I knew I had a little too much to drink. I felt a trifle dizzy as all this was happening. The room seemed to swirl around and around me. But I didn't want to sit down. I was enjoying myself thoroughly. My new life had started tonight. My new life with my daughter and men. I was still what I was but I felt this was going to open me up to more fun and a broader spectrum.

    After dancing through several records with an identical heat, we lurched towards the bar and joined my daughter and Carl. I was surprised to see my daughter grabbing the boy and kissing him quite passionately. But I shouldn't have been surprised. My daughter was a very passionate person. She took after me that way.

    At last they broke apart. Carlene saw me and waved and smiled.

    "Well, are you having a good time?" she said to me.

    "I sure am. I am having a damned good time," I told her.

    "That's good. So am I. Carl here is really something," she said. "Gosh, I'm so glad we happened to run into these two, aren't you?"

    "Sure I am," I said. "He's something else, don't you think?"

    I put my arm around Duane and patted him on the ass a couple of times.

    We drank and danced and talked for another half hour and then we all agreed to go back to the apartment since it was closest to where we were.

    In the back of the taxi, Duane put his arm around me and kissed me. I liked it. I cuddled against him and when he kissed me again I slid my tongue into his mouth. We grappled excitedly for a minute or two. Carl and my daughter were doing the same thing right there next to us. It was a pretty wild scene in that back seat.

    Carlene leaned over at me and smiled at me.

    "Well, how is everything going now?" she asked drunkenly.

    "Oh, just fine, really fine and dandy," I said to her with a wink.

    She was giddy. "Yes, the same thing here," she said. "Hey, slide over. Let's switch partners for a minute for comparison."

    I laughed at this and nodded my head at her.

    "Okay, let's do it, baby," I said. "I don't mind."

    Carlene slid over me and took Duane into her arms. They kissed wildly. Carl shrugged his shoulders, sighed, and grabbed hold of me. I opened my mouth to him and we tried to outdo the other two in the passion sweepstakes.

    I felt dizzy with lust and I was ready for just about anything.

    We entered the apartment. We were back to our original pairing now.

    Carlene told the boys where the liquor was if they wanted any. But she and Carl were already moving in the direction of the bedroom by that time.

    "Come here now, beautiful," Duane said to me, laughing. "Come here!"

    He grabbed me in his arms and then led me over to the couch.

    We plopped down on the cushions and began kissing again. Duane unbuttoned the top of my dress and pushed his hand down inside, feeling the large, full titties. The nipples immediately began to harden for him and he fondled them.

    "Mmmmm, that feels sooo nice," I sighed at the young man.

    "Of course it does, baby," he said. "Everything I do to you is going to feel nice, let me just tell you that, okay?"

    "Mmmm… that sounds so good to me, honey," I sighed.

    He ran his hands over me and shivered with lust when he did it.

    "I wonder what those two in there are up to," I said with a laugh.

    "I don't give a shit about them, baby, with you here," he said. "Shit, you got yourself some really beautiful titties, let me tell you that."

    He was using both hands to get my dress open. He deftly lifted my titties out of the top of my dress and let them bob into view.

    "Yes, I think they are pretty nice," I said with a sigh.

    I shivered as a wave of lustful excitement passed through my body.

    "Yeah, yeah, just gorgeous, baby, just perfect," he said.

    My tits jiggled and trembled. He stared at them reverently for a few moments. Then he was gently touching them from underneath. He shook it slightly and then watched the way that it continued to jiggle and bounce for a moment more. He lightly grazed the nipples. They were thick and a dark red hue, surrounded by wide red saucers.

    Duane kissed me on the neck. I shivered. He tapped at my lips and then, with a wink, moved down to my chest. I let out a violent gasp. I took his head in my hands and guided it to my bobbing titties. Duane took a nipple between his teeth and bit down on it till I was shuddering wildly in reaction to it.

    Then he released the grip and soothed the throbbing nipples with his wet tongue. He wrapped it around it, licking and sucking on it.

    I sighed, murmuring, aroused.

    "That feels so good, so very good," I moaned, pushing my fingers back through his golden hair. "Oh yes… yes, yes, it does…"

    He kept up a steady attack on my plump titties.

    He continued to unbutton my dress. The buttons went from the neck to my knees and he had several more of them to go. I was naked underneath except for a pair of pink panties.

    My knees knocked together and then opened as I felt his fingers grazing my flesh, opening the dress wider and wider all the time.

    "Oh yes, you're a mighty beautiful woman, yes you are," he whispered at me. "Wow, the two of you are pretty fucking gorgeous, that's for sure."

    He slid his hand into the opening of the dress and laid his palm against my belly. It quivered beneath his touch. He smiled at me. I must have looked almost frightened as a wave of lust slithered through my body.

    He rolled the hand around in a circle against my belly, gradually widening the arc till he was sliding his palm across the crinkly ball of fur covering my cunt.

    He slid his hand under the panties now. This was starting to get good, I thought.

    My cunt was already wet, there was no doubt about that at all.

    And I could tell that it was going to get much wetter in the moments ahead. It was going to get soaking, if I knew anything about my cunt, and I did.


    "Yeah," he said to me. "I figured you wanted it as much as I did."

    I licked my lips and nodded as I did.

    "Oh yes, yes… I want it… I want you, Duane," I said with a grin.

    I licked my lips and stretched my head back against the couch. I opened my legs wider fix him. He looked at me and smiled and nodded his head.

    He took his hand out of my panties and then shifted around to the edge of the couch.

    He took hold of the panties at the sides and gently slipped them down from my hips.

    I lifted up for him to get them past my big buttocks.

    I had been very wet in the cunt for some time and my panties were now soaked and smelled strongly of a musky secretion. It was very erotic, I can tell you.

    I could smell myself so I knew that he could really tell how aroused I was.

    There was certainly nothing I could do to keep my crotch from bubbling with a frothing honey and trembling sand twitching as the excitement increased.

    Duane dragged my panties down to my knees for me.

    He caressed the insides of my thighs. I trembled with every caress he made.

    He brushed at the brown, curly bush I had down there.

    He uncurled some of the hairs and then grabbed a handful of them and tugged hard for a moment. I opened my eyes very slightly and saw him smiling at me. Then he bent his head down closer to my hot, bubbling crotch.

    He moved my thighs apart again. The pink meat between my legs gleamed at him.

    I was really excited. I was getting wetter than ever every second.

    There were thick drops of foam at the edges of my cunt.

    Duane slid a finger across the open meat of my hot, hungry pussy.

    The finger came away dripping with some of this white foam.

    "Wow, that's something else," he said. "Some juicy cunt you've got."

    "See, I thought I was just about ready for you," I told him.

    "You are as ready as you will ever be, I think," he said, laughing.

    He stuck two fingers into my hole, moving slowly but effortlessly up the damp channel. When the fingers were all the way inside he pressed his palm up against me.

    When the heel of his hand touched my clitoris I quivered suddenly and shot a hand out to him.

    I gripped his arm. I took deep breaths and then nodded my head for him to go on.

    "Ohhhh… that's nice, that's very nice," I moaned at him.

    Duane was watching me closely, seeing my reactions. He smiled, enjoying the way he was turning me on, I suppose. It gratified his ego to see it.

    He was building my excitement, there was no doubt about that. He was pushing me higher and higher and I would be whimpering and begging him soon.

    He moved tile fingers back and forth through my hole.

    "Ohhhh… oh yeah, yeah, yeah," I sighed at him as my excitement built higher and higher. He was really turning me on now. It was incredible.

    I sucked in a deep breath and then shivered as I let it out. I was trying to hold back some of the excitement. I wanted to go a little slower than this. I didn't want to lose control completely and have him think I was a fool.

    As he eased his fingers back and forth through the pussy hole, he arched his thumb in and moved it around near my clit. He pushed back the foreskin there and let the little red ruby rise up and throb. It was fully exposed now.

    He carefully touched it with the tip of his thumb. That was enough.

    I gasped and convulsed when he touched me right there.

    "Ohhhhhh! God, yes, yes, that's nice," I moaned at him.

    "Ha, ha, ha, baby, you're pretty sensitive, right?" he said, tapping the quivering clit again and again and laughing at me.

    It was idiotic, the way he was doing it, but it was pretty effective. I shivered and moaned as he touched me. I couldn't help the way I was reacting.

    What he was doing was damned effective, after all, I thought.

    "Ha, ha, that's some beautiful cunt you've got there, baby," he said. "Wow, I am really going to enjoy dipping into that pussy hole."

    "And I'll enjoy feeling you dipping in," I said. It was the only thing I could think of to say to him. I was starting to feel dizzy with lust.

    He laughed and kept touching me and fondling me. "Tell me how nice that feels, sweetheart," he said to me.

    "Yes… yes, oh yes, it feels very nice, very nice," I sighed.

    The thrill was intense and getting more so when he touched me like that it sent a current of electricity through my whole fucking body.

    But no matter how intense it got I certainly wasn't going to stop him.

    I was no sissy, after all. I could take it all, I told myself.

    He touched the clitoris again and again for a couple of minutes. At the end of that time, I was a shaking, nervous wreck. I gazed at the handsome actor with a look of total erotic abandon rushing through my whole body.

    My tongue was hanging out of my face and I was panting hard.

    "Baby, you're really something special," he said to me, grinning and shaking his head as he took me in his arms, holding me tight.

    I sighed and melted against him. I felt so feminine for a change, it was really something. I couldn't believe how good all of this was.

    He pulled me tight against him and his lips pecked at the creamy flesh of my tits. Then he worked his way up to my neck and then my lips and we kissed.

    The kissing became more heated with every passing second.

    I grabbed at him. My fingers scratched at his clothes, catching on one of his belt loops and clawing it right off in my passion.

    I reached down to the crotch of his pants and squeezed at his cock. It was throbbing violently as I squeezed on it. My fingers pushed into the outline of it and worked it back and forth, back and forth. Duane squirmed and sighed and continued kissing me.

    His own fingers had crept back to my cunt, pressing inside and moving in and out, working up the drooling cream that was coming out of me. It oozed out over his fingers as he drilled them in and out of my hot pussy.

    My thighs closed against him like a wringer, wanting to hold those fingers deep inside.

    "How are you feeling, baby, huh?" Duane said to me excitedly.

    "Oh God, I'm feeling great… just great," I sighed back at him.

    "Yeah, that's good, that's real good," he said with a laugh.

    I rubbed at his cock till it was nearly ready to tear through his bluejeans.

    I took a deep breath and let it out with a shudder.

    "Come on, come on," I said to him in a harsh whisper. "I want you to take your pants off, take them off… I want to eat you!"

    "That sounds pretty good to me too, baby," he said to me.

    "I want to feel you in my mouth, yes, yes, mmmm, I'm so hot right now, so very hot… oh God, I can't stand it, I really can't! I want to see your cock!"

    "And you're going to see it, baby, in living color," he said.

    I broke away from his embrace and pulled at the top of his pants. Together we pulled his jeans down. He was wearing red briefs. The crotch was pulsing as Duane's cock was obviously longing to get out of there and be free.

    He didn't have to worry much longer about that, I could tell him.

    I grabbed at his crotch and pawed and stroked and caressed.

    I moved in front of him on the couch to get in front of that beautiful cock.

    I grabbed the briefs and started pulling them right down from him.

    The cock flipped right out over the top of the things.

    I caught my breath when I saw it there, so big and beautiful was it.

    It was a long, thick, beautiful piece of meat that he had.

    I put my hand around it, stretching my fingers to reach all the way around.

    I closed my fingers slowly and carefully around that big prick.

    I squeezed the cock and felt the life flowing through all that meat.

    "How do you like that, baby? Huh? Is that some cock for you?"

    "Mmmmm… yes, beautiful!" I sighed at him.

    "What do you want to beautiful cock, sweetheart?"

    "I… I want to lick it, I want to suck it, yes, yes, Duane," I moaned.

    "Well then, go right ma'am, it's all yours," he said letting his cock throb wildly in my face. "Go right ahead and do anything you want to that big old thing. What's mine is yours, as the saying goes."

    The prick throbbed wildly again and it made him shudder in reaction.

    "Oh God, so beautiful, so beautiful," I sighed as I stared at it.

    "Yeah, I think it's a pretty nice cock myself, if I do say so," he said.

    "Mmmmm… I want it… I want it so bad," I moaned at him, licking my lips.

    "Do it, baby… do anything tha you want, anything that your heart desires. I'm all yours. Just a prison of your love, so to speak."

    I lifted up and down on the straining cock. A layer of clear liquid oozed out of the fat tip.

    I pumped some more and another layer drooled down onto my fingers.

    He laughed. "Yeah, that's the way, baby… go for it… you know what to do, I know you do… open up that beautiful mouth of yours, come on!"

    "Oh yes, yes, yes," I said to him very excitedly. "Oh God, yes…"

    I smiled and nodded my head up and down. I licked my lips. I got myself ready to attack.

    I kissed the knobbed head. I kissed it lightly and then with more passion. My lips parted and my tongue touched the knobbed head of the cock.

    Duane shuddered at this. He let out a deep sigh of pleasure.

    "Oh shit, yeah, that's nice, that's really nice," he said.

    The cock throbbed harder and harder all the time. It was fabulous.

    I moved my tongue along the underside of the long, pulsing cock shaft.

    Duane moaned again as the wet tip of my tongue tickled him.

    I licked at the base and his dark yellow pubic hairs. I circled the base and then climbed up to the top once more. I swallowed up the thick head of his cock.

    "Oh yeah, baby, yeah, that's it, suck that cock, sweetheart, suck it… all the way, oh God, yeah, this is great, this is really something!"

    I nibbled my way down the throbbing shaft of his cock. I ate up as much prick meat as I could, reaching to within an inch of the thick base. I sucked and twisted on him.

    My hands encircled the bottom of his cock and I gripped the balls. I pushed up on them and squeezed them really hard together, taking his breath away.

    "Ohhhhh… Jesus, yes, yes, this is too much, too much, baby," he said.

    I was really getting to him now, I knew. He sighed and shivered at me.

    I slid back and forth on the cock with sudden force, while my hands held a very tight grip on those big, hairy testicles of his.

    "Ohhhh! Jesus Christ, that's good, lady, oh yeah, that's really good, doing it like that, mmmmm… ohhhhh, yes, yes, yes, that's the way!"

    I twisted the head from side to side. Then I was rushing down again. Momentum carried my mouth down that extra inch so that I had ever bit of his cock inside me now.

    "Ohhhhh! Jesus, yes, yes, baby, that's good, that's so good!"

    I held it in my mouth as long as I could before rising up to the tip and releasing the huge thing. Then I was gasping for air.

    "Oh wow, that's so good," Duane sighed. "How you doing there? It's not too much meat for you, is it? Can you handle it all?"

    "It tastes so good, so very good," I said. "I love it… love it!"

    I hooked my lips over the head again and ate him up. Duane gave a cry of pleasure as I touched the base once again.

    My lips curled over the curly pubic hairs. I twisted back and forth in half circles.

    Then I moved up to the head again and let it fall from my mouth. I held my tongue out and tapped it up at the head as it bobbed in front of me.

    My fingers grasped it near the bottom, squeezing and pumping away.

    The sperm was dribbling out in a steady flow now.

    My other hand gripped his balls. Duane threw his head back. He was starting to lose some of that grinning, easygoing manner as the intensity increased.

    "Oh Jesus, yes, yes, you do that well, so fucking well," he said.

    He twisted his head back and all around, gritting his teeth and letting the pleasure just flow and flow, more and more all the time.

    I caught the cock in my mouth and chewed it to the base. I bobbed up and down, up and down, faster and faster, again and again without a pause.

    He closed his eyes and enjoyed all of this. Then he would look down at me and watch the way my pouting lips slid back and forth on his long, throbbing prick.

    I pumped hard and fast now, faster and faster, each stroke making him groan and quiver. I wanted to give this stranger as much pleasure as I could. But I didn't want him to come yet. No, it was much too soon for anything like that, I thought. I didn't want to end the first encounter with him coming in my mouth. No indeed.

    "Ohhhhh… ohhhhh, Jesus, yes, yes, oh God, yes," he moaned at me. "Oh Christ, that feels so good, so fucking good… I think I'll come, baby… yeah…"

    I didn't want him doing that, as I said, so I slowed up in my sucking, rising to the head and squeezing at it with my lips to forestall the flow.

    He moaned and shuddered and gasped as I prevented his climax.

    It was just a little too soon, I had to tell him, for him to do that.

    He gasped and moaned and shivered at me as I got him under control.

    "Oh babv… you're a tough one, you are," he moaned at me.

    I lifted my mouth up and sighed deeply. I wiped the sperm off of my lips with the back of my hand, I had really gone through a workout in a short time.

    "Wow, yeah, that was something, girl, really something," he said.

    I nodded and gulped. "Yeah, I thought so too," I said with a laugh.

    "Are we ready for the next stage of our fun and games?" he said.

    "I want you to fuck me, if that's what you mean," I said excitedly.

    "Yeah, that's just about what I meant, baby," he said.

    He took a deep breath and let it out. He winked at me and ground his teeth together. He was just as excited as I was, and his cock was throbbing and bobbing hike crazy.

    I stood up and faced him. I climbed over him on the couch, straddling his legs.

    "Yeah, that is right… shit, this is going to be good," he said.

    I reached down for his cock, grabbing it up near the head. I squeezed it and ran my fingers up and down, exciting him terribly. Then I was rubbing the big head up and down against my cunt lips. I shivered as much as he did at that one.

    It was time to let him inside. My cunt had not had a cock in there in a while but there was no time like the present, I said to myself eagerly.

    I let out a cry as I moved down on it, very slowly and carefully.

    "Oh God, oh God, that's so big, so hard, so alive!" I gasped.

    "Stick it in, baby, stick that fucking cock inside you," Duane hissed.

    I eased myself onto the cock, shivering now and then as I made my descent.

    The thick head was tightly fitted between my trembling cunt lips. It felt good.

    I quivered and moaned as I moved down lower and lower, eating up every inch of his prick. I sat down hard then and swallowed it all.

    "Oh God! Ohhhhhh! Yes, yes, your fat, hard cock!" I screamed. "Mmmmmmm, yes, yes, it's good, it's so good, oh yes, yes, yes, it is!"

    I wiggled my ass left and right as I squirmed over his throbbing cock.

    I bounced up and down, driving it through me, back and forth, in and out.

    "Ohhhhhh! Yes, yes, yes, that's so good, so good," I groaned. "Ohhhhhh, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my hot cunt, I'm so hot, so hot!"

    He grabbed at my ass cheeks as I was riding him. My ass cheeks are big and round and smooth. I enjoy grabbing at them myself so I know that he did.

    He clutched them tightly in his hands as I rode all over his prick.

    A rush of hot lust filled my body. I leaned forward, gripping his shoulders, digging my nails in till I was nearly going through his flesh.

    "Ohhhhhh! I'm coming, I'm coming, yes, yes, yes, I'm starting to come! Ohhhhhh! God, yes, yes, I am, ohhhh, it's so good, so good!"

    I moved so wildly that I don't think he could keep up with me. He merely sat there and watched me bounce and writhe and grind against him. My vaginal muscles squeezed tight on his prick, churning it, twisting it hack and forth.

    Every time I rose up and down on his cock I felt a surging flow of pleasure.

    It was getting stronger and stronger all the time. It was fantastic!

    I felt just about ready to burst now as I fucked that handsome man.

    He seemed to be pretty much on the brink himself, come to think of it.

    His intakes of breath got louder every time I dropped my luscious body back down on him and my cunt swallowed up his throbbing prick.

    He seemed nearly ready to climax. But I didn't want it just yet. Another minute of this wonderful pleasure, I thought, would do the trick.

    I pumped that big cock of his, up and down, up and down, priming him for a big one, a real big, thick, juicy ejaculation inside my cunt.

    And he was almost there, getting closer and closer with every bounce.

    He groaned at me, "Ohhhhhhh! Jesus, I'm almost there, almost there! Yea, yeah, that's it, honey, you know all the tricks, don't you!"

    "Don't come yet," I moaned at him. "No, no, not yet… hold it… hold back… mmmmm, I'm coming, I'm coming again, yes, yes, yes, that's it!! Ahhh!"

    I pounded my firm, full buttocks down on him and ground around and around in circles on that fat cock of his. It was all he could take, I guess.

    "Ohhhhhhh, Jesus, baby, you got me, you got me now! Oh yeah, yeah! Ayyyyyy! Do it to me, gaaaaaa! That's the way, yeah, yeah, that's the way!" he cried crazily. "Oh shit, fuck, what a cunt you've got, what a fire-breathing dragon."

    He cried out louder and louder as the pleasure seared him.

    I ground down on him again and this time I knew he was through. He screamed and shuddered and I could feel that cock of his inside of me getting ready to erupt.

    "Ohhhhhh! Now, now, here it comes!" he screamed. "Ohhhhhhh! Yeah!"

    The sperm shot into me. I clutched him tightly to my chest. I kissed him on the neck again and again and then on the lips as the sperm shot into me.

    "Oh, that feels so good, Duane, more, more, keep filling me with that hot love juice," I moaned at him. "Ayyyyyyy! Oh Jesus, yes, that's good, that's good, more, more, fill my hot cunt with it… I want more!"

    "I'm giving you every drop that I've got, baby," he groaned at me as he struggled with his own fiery passion. "Ahhhhh… yeah, yeah…"

    We twisted and bounced and ground against each other for another minute and then finally started to settle down. We were both heaving for air.

    "Oh… oh my," I sighed. "Wow, that was really something…"

    "I'll say it was, baby. I don't think I ever felt so good as when I was shooting my seed deep inside that hot cunt of yours."

    We sighed and smiled at each other, both very pleased with our performances.

    A couple of minutes went by while we caught our breath. I shifted about as I sat on his lap with his cock still up inside my quivering cunt.

    I felt a curious stirring down there, as if his cock was coming back to life. I thought that would be a pretty remarkable achievement even for somebody who was as obviously a stud as young and handsome Duane was.

    "Wow, can you feel that, baby?" he said to me then.

    "What, that cock of yours? Of course I can feel it," I said.

    "Then you can feel it coming back to life, huh?" he said. "That's pretty good after a hot fuck like that to be hard all over again."

    "Yes… I'm very impressed," I said to him with a sigh.

    I smiled and kissed him on the forehead. He lifted his lips up and I kissed him there then. We embraced and kissed some more for a minute.

    I wiggled my bottom down on him, making that cock stir even more now. And I liked the sensations it was causing me too. They were quite all right.

    His cock was almost hard inside me now as I wiggled on him.

    He grabbed hold of my ass cheeks in his hands, holding me tight.

    "What are you doing, Duane?" I laughed at him.

    "Hold on, baby, we're going to go for a little stroll," he said.

    "Huh? What are you talking about, Duane?" I asked him.

    "We'll go pop in on those two lovebirds in there, all right? We'll see just what the fuck those two are up to right now," he said.

    "Oh, do you think we should? Won't your brother get annoyed?"

    "I doubt that very much. He likes to show off," Duane said. "Come on, just hold on there now, bear down in the saddle and we'll be off."

    "All right, if you think it's a good idea it's fine with me. I would like to see my d… I mean, Carlene, in action," I said.

    I wasn't sure if they knew we were mother and daughter and if they didn't I was not going to break the news to them, at least not yet. I didn't know how they would take it. It was one thing two brothers fucking together, but it was something else if a mother and her daughter were getting it on in pairs.

    We lurched forward now, stumbling so that he nearly dropped me.

    But he caught his balance at the last moment. I clung to him tightly, laughing and wiggling my ass around as we moved. I kissed him on the lips, blocking his view so he couldn't see where he was walking. That almost landed us on the floor again.

    I laughed at the silliness of it. I often acted pretty immature for my age, but tonight I was positively being a child, I thought to myself.

    He carried me into the hallway in our pursuit of the other two.

    I wondered what they were going to think of that intrusion.

    But it would be good fun, Duane was right about that, I thought. And I didn't figure that my darling, horny daughter was too uptight to enjoy it.

    In fact, something like this was so typical of her I was surprised she hadn't thought of it first, as a matter of fact.

    We reached the bedroom where the two of them were.

    "There they are, take a look at them," Duane laughed in a whisper.

    I twisted around so I could see inside, and see what was going on. It was just what I expected to see, of course, the two of them doing what we had been doing.

    In their passionate lust they hadn't bothered to close the door, so I didn't think they had any reason to gripe because we were strolling.

    There was one dim light on beside the bed, but it was more than enough to show us that the two of them were right in the middle of a hot fuck.

    Even in complete darkness, their moans and squeaks and gasps would have given away just what they were doing in there.

    Duane whispered in my ear for me to be quiet. The couple hadn't seen us yet, in fact. They were just a little too preoccupied.

    Duane moved us towards the bed at that moment.

    I was fascinated. I was wondering just what he had in mind.

    And I was also fascinated by what was going on in that bed.

    I watched Carl's naked ass rising and falling as he fucked my daughter. Each time he went down there was a liquidy squishing sound, his cock moving through her drooling juices.

    He fucked her with a hard, steady movement, up and down, in and out of her.

    He rose up high and his bony buttocks opened for a moment when he got up there.

    I could just barely see his asshole and his dangling balls and it was a thrilling sight. I shivered and my cunt muscles gripped that cock inside my pussy.

    Carl drilled down again and my daughter moaned and pressed her thighs against him. The only parts of her that were visible were her legs and her arms. Her hands raked across Carl's back and she had already scraped numerous red lines into his flesh.

    Duane edged up to the side of the bed and then turned his back to it.

    Without warning me of what he was doing, he dropped down onto the mattress, bringing me with him, of course. My cunt was still connected to his cock.

    I let out a shout of surprise as we sailed down to the bed.

    We bounced awkwardly for a moment and Carlene let out a shriek of terror and nearly pushed Carl right off of her body.

    "You idiots," she shouted at us then. "You scared me half to death, do you know that? My God, what idiots you are! Really!"

    Duane gave a rebel yell and then stretched to give Carlene a kiss on the lips.

    Carl started laughing and then I joined in with it.

    In the next moment we were all laughing and groaning.

    I felt Duane's cock getting stiffer inside of me.

    I didn't mind that at all, of course, not at all.

    I was still turned on from the first bout we had together and the more that big cock throbbed against the walls of my cunt the more tingling pleasure I felt.

    Carl was starting to fuck my daughter again. He slid his cock back and forth with a slow rhythm. He was watching me at the same time, and smiling.

    I licked my lips and nodded and looked back at him as I hadn't really done before.

    There didn't seem to be any problems of jealousy in any of this, as one might have thought there could be. There was none of that stuff about worrying whether one girl was making a play for the other girl's man. I don't think we took it that seriously at all. And right at that moment we were all one big happy family.

    I rose up and down on Duane's cock. My lust was building, building all the time.

    Fucking next to the other couple fucking was giving it all a kinky wanton flavor that I found really stimulating as it was happening.

    I felt like a bitch in heat now. I glanced from one brother to the other and smiled at them both. And I smiled at my writhing daughter too.

    Carl reached towards me. He ran his hand down my bare back and over my ass.

    He caressed and patted my two round, plump cheeks. He slid a finger against the puckered anus and pressed in slightly. I caught a breath at this.

    "Oh God… yes, yes, yes!" I moaned excitedly at him.

    I groaned and chewed on my lip as my pleasure got stronger.

    I rose and fell, up and down, twirling and squeezing on Duane's big prick.

    It felt good inside of me, very, very good indeed, I thought.

    I went at him harder and he seemed to like that, moaning and shivering as I did it. His cock was as hard as a rock by this time, throbbing wildly against the walls of my squeezing, twisting, burning, spewing pussy hole.

    "Mmmmm, this is wonderful, so sexy, so very sexy," I mumbled.

    "I'll agree with you there, baby," Duane said with a sigh.

    At this same time, Duane and my daughter were becoming aware of each other.

    They kissed and stroked at each other. Duane ran his hand across the side of her face. She looked really wild as she responded to the fuck she was getting. Duane's hand moved down over Carlene's breasts. Her tits were beautiful and the nipples were long and pointy for him.

    He pinched one of them and then massaged the whole tit, making her moan and stretch her mouth out to meet his for a kiss. She pushed her tongue into his mouth.

    I watched this and it all made me feel wild and reckless. I had done some wild things in my day but none of them could really compete with this.

    And it was wild to see the way my daughter took it in her stride. I guess it might have made me feel old to see someone so free if I wasn't right there beside her and more or less doing a good job of keeping up with her.

    Duane and Carl seemed quite pleased with everything themselves. Perhaps this wasn't the first time they had worked as a kind of tag team.

    We continued the way we were going for another couple of minutes before what I should have known was inevitable finally happened.

    The two brothers seemed to exchange a secret signal that I didn't, catch.

    Anyway, at a given moment Carl slid his prick out of Carlene's quivering pussy and moved over behind my wiggling, round bottom.

    Duane slid his cock out of me. I didn't like that. But I knew what was about to happen and from the glimpse I had of Carl's cock there was no loss involved.

    Actually, when I got a better look at it, I saw that it was in reality just a little bit bigger than Duane's. So they weren't identical twins alter all, I thought to myself.

    I gasped as he moved behind me at that moment.

    He had fitted his big prick down between my ass cheeks and was sliding it forward to take the place of Duane's in my heaving pussy hole.

    He pressed deep inside me and held it there, circling it around and around.

    "Ohhhhhh! Oh God, yes, yes, that's good, that's so good!" I cried out.

    His hands moved around my waist and held me as Duane pulled his legs out from under me. He twisted around and then rolled on top of Carlene. They grinned at each other and then Carlene reached down to grab hold of his big cock with her hand.

    The prick was throbbing wildly, I could see. The shaft was coated with hot, sticky sperm and cunt juice as she jerked it back and forth.

    When his brother was out of the way, Carl made me slide forward on the bed.

    I laid my head sideways on the pillow. I could watch what Duane and Carlene were doing as Carl proceeded to fuck me from behind.

    His hands were on the sides of my ass, kneading the smooth flesh of the cheeks as he rammed his cock in and out, back and forth through me, in and out.

    "Ohhhhh… mmmmmm, ahhhhh, yes, yes, yes, that's it," I murmured at him.

    I didn't look back at him. I continued watching Duane and Carlene.

    Carlene had slid his erect prick deep inside her cunt now. He was pushing it in and out with slow strokes. My daughter moaned and moved her head from side to side, gasping and licking at her lips as the pleasure moved all through her.

    She would close her eyes for a long moment and I could imagine what was going through her head when she did that. I was sure she was in ecstasy.

    When she opened her eyes at one point she stared right at me. I happened to be staring at her at the moment. She smiled and nodded her head. I blew her a kiss.

    I shifted sideways, lifting my head from the pillow to kiss her puckered lips.

    I intended it to be a quick, gentle kiss, but her mouth clung to mine. Her tongue shot into my mouth and we both moaned and kissed wildly.

    Duane gave another rebel yell, hooting hysterically and increasing the pace of his carnal strokes in and out of my girl's cunt.

    Carlene shivered and groaned at that movement of his.

    We were kissing and she bit right into my lips, nearly tearing the skin.

    "Oh God, oh God," she moaned. "Ohhhhhhh! I'm coming… yes, yes, it's incredible, I'm coming again, and mmmmmmmmmm, it's so good, so good!"

    Duane thrust in and ground around and around against her.

    She shivered convulsively as he did that. She reached out and took my hand in her own and squeezed it tight. I thought it was a nice gesture.

    We were both feeling fantastic at this point. Carl was fucking me with a building rhythm. It felt mighty good. When he thrust his cock into my cunt her ground it around and around in circles before sliding it out again.

    Then he gave her a sudden hot flash of pleasure when he moved one hand from her ass and brought it around in front of her cunt.

    He cupped the top of her pussy and his middle finger at her clit.

    Carl did something similar to me. He started touching my clitoris too. I shivered and gasped as the finger hit that sensitive band of flesh.

    I let out a scream of pleasure when he really pressed in on it.

    "Ohhhhhhh! Oh God, yes, yes that's good, that feels so good! Yes! Keep your finger there, right there, oh, oh yes, that feels so good, so good!"

    Carl rubbed his fingertip from side to side across the clit. My pleasure flared up wildly, boiling right over from all this.

    I gasped. I closed my eyes and buried my face in the pillow as the ecstasy started to grow and grow and start to sear my whole body.

    Carl fucked harder and harder, flicking away at my hardened clitoris with his finger while his bloated, throbbing cock slid through my wet cunt hole.

    "Oh God, I'm coming!" I shouted impulsively when I realized I was about to slip over the edge completely. "Oh, oh, yes, yes, yes, now! Ahhhhhh!"

    "Good, babe," Carlene laughed at me, fill of excitement. She was still holding my hand and she squeezed it tight in hers. "Ohhhhhhh! God, I'm there too now, yes, yes, wow, these two are too much, aren't they? Ayyyyyyyyyy!"

    Duane stopped her talking anymore by kissing her right on the mouth.

    He fucked hard, harder, faster and faster in and out, in and out, digging his cock deep inside of her like a piston, then sliding it out again.

    "Ayyyyyy! That's good, so fucking good, yes, yes, yes!"

    He punched it in against her gooey depths. She cried and shivered.

    She let go of my hand then and put both of hers around Duane's back.

    Her legs went into the air and she pressed her heels against the top of his ass. Duane moved his mouth to the side of her neck and then to her ear.

    He stuck the tip of his tongue into it. She shivered in reaction and her feet started kicking him, like a jockey spurring on a horse, wanting him to fuck faster, faster, harder and harder all the time, more with every single stroke.

    He lunged forward violently, his flesh hitting hers with a thud.

    "Oh! Ohhhhhhhh! Yes, yes, yes, that's it, that's good, that's good! Ayyyyyyyyy!" she screamed. "Ohhhhhhh! That's so good, so fucking good, yes, yes, it is! Ohhhhhh! God, yes, fuck that cock into me, fuck it, fuck it hard!"

    In and out, again and again, faster, harder, each thrust making the girl cry and quiver and moan and shake convulsively with passion.

    I watched as much as I could of this spectacle there.

    Then the pleasure that I was feeling started to overwhelm me. I closed my eyes and pressed my face into the pillow again, wiping my features across the softness of the pillow case while wave after wave of pleasure flowed up my body.

    "Oh God yes, yes… yes, oh God, yes, that's good," I moaned. "Mmmmmmm, so good, so fucking good, it is, it really is, yes, yes…"

    And I heard my daughter crying, "Ahhhhhh! I love it, ohhhhhh, yes, yes, I love it. I'm going crazy… out of my mind, it's so good, so fucking good!"

    Carl leaned way over me now and cupped my dangling titties. He rubbed at the soft flesh and the tingling, hardened nipples. This added attack sent my even further over the edge. I cried violently and my body shook against him.

    "Ohhhhhhh! Yes, yes, yes, this is good, so good, oh God, do it to me, fuck me, I love it, I love it, yes, yes, yes, don't stop, don't ever stop! Ayyyyyyy! That's the way to do it, fuck me, oh fuck me, harder, harder!"

    I was really losing my marbles at this point. It was just going all out of control. But I loved it and I wouldn't have done anything to stop it, that's for sure.

    No, not a thing in the world to stop such excruciating pleasure.

    I raised my wide, round ass higher in the air, letting my cunt receive even more of his thrusting cock meat, deep inside me, harder and harder every time, unrelentingly fucking me, again and again and again.

    "Ohhhhhhh! Jesus, yes, yes, yes, fuck me!" I screamed.

    My daughter looked at me and laughed hysterically, then whimpered as if she were in pain. I could see that she was delighted by all of this.

    We twisted and writhed as each of us felt waves of hot pleasure. It was flowing strong, more and more of it. There was simply no stopping it. No stopping such an exquisite torture as the one we were feeling.

    It continued, rising higher and higher all the time, rushing through both of us more and more all the time.

    "Mmmmmmm, fuck me, fuck me!" I screamed. "Yes, yes, yes, that's the way, that feels so good, so fucking good… ohhhhhhh, yeah, yeah!"

    And it did feel good. It felt tremendous. And I had a good feeling that Carl was feeling pretty good too to judge from his moans.

    "Oh wow, that's great, baby… she's got such a fucking great cunt!" he moaned.

    A fine thing to say in front of one's daughter!

    He pumped harder, faster, in and out, again and again, harder, deeper, faster, shooting deep inside me and then sliding back out again.

    Carl moved one of his hands from my tits to my clitoris.

    That was all I needed, as if I wasn't in enough pleasurable agony already.

    But it was just the perfect moment for it, as it turned out.

    A convulsion passed through me. The intensity of my pleasure was incredible, it seemed to come from somewhere deep down inside of me right then.

    I cried out, but I muffled most of it in the pillow. I ground my face into that, as if I was trying to smother myself in it.

    Carl continued thrusting, in and out, in and out, again and again, his hands moving all over my lush body. And I loved it, every touch.

    And my daughter was coming now, screaming her head off.

    "Ohhhhhhhh! Yes, yes, yes, I'm there, I'm there!" she cried out. "Oh God, yes, yes, I'm there, ohhhhhh, Jesus, it's so good, so good!"

    Duane was fucking her furiously now, pushing her beyond her limits, it seemed. Then he pulled his cock out of her. She gasped. His jaw muscles were working furiously as he shimmied forward on her writhing young body.

    In the next second he was holding his cock at the base and shooting thick gobs of come at my daughter's gasping face.

    It was quite a scene to behold, I must say. She opened her mouth to it. With the desperate expression of someone dying of thirst, she held her mouth open and her tongue extended as the sperm shot out at her, more and more and more of it.

    She caught much of it on her lips and dangling tongue and swallowed it hungrily, with loud gulping noises each and every time.

    Duane jerked out the last drops and then slid the cock into her mouth. Carlene was eager to eat it and sucked her way halfway down the thick, pulsing shaft.

    I opened my eyes in time to see all of this. It was quite an erotic sight, I can tell you that. I watched as Duane's bloated cock spit its seed all over my daughter's face and I watched as she tried desperately to swallowed all of it. It was at this moment that I reached the highest point in my own orgasm.

    Carl thrust in and out of me, again and again, faster, harder. He let out a final moan and then pressed deep inside me, holding it there.

    "Yes, yes, yes, I'm gonna come now… ohhhhhh, Jesus!" he cried.

    "Yes, oh God, yes, give it to me!" I screamed back at him. "Shoot that hot come all through me, do you hear me? All through my fucking cunt!"

    "Now, now, now!" he screamed at me wildly as he fucked to the end.

    He held it deep inside of me and then started shooting me full of sperm.

    He filled my pussy to overflowing. The hot sperm ran down my thighs. I shivered and wiggled back at him as he moved it in and out, again and again.

    "Oh God… ohhhh, that's so good, so good," I moaned, shuddering.

    My ass, that had been sticking in the air, now slid down and Carl followed me.

    Duane laughed and patted his brother on the back. Carlene's mouth was filled with sperm.

    Duane wiped some of that sperm from her lips and wiped it off on her nose. Carlene grimaced and stuck her tongue out at him, then licked off the sperm.

    He climbed off of my beautiful, sexy daughter at that point.

    Carl and I had turned sideways on the bed now. I was still tingling with lust. Every part of me seemed to be on fire from this business.

    I crawled up beside my daughter. She was tingling and moaning. I kissed her then.

    She glanced at me and sighed. She smiled and shook her head.

    "Mother, you are too much," she said very softly to me.

    "Yeah, I know," I said to her. "And you aren't so bad yourself, young lady. We should have teamed up like this a long time ago, I guess."

    "Yeah, it wouldn't have been so bad," she said with a weary laugh.

    "Listen to those two jawing, will you, brother?" Duane laughed. "They don't know we do this sort of thing all the time."

    "That's right," Carl said. "This is old hat stuff to us."

    "I guess we're not like any other two brothers you ever seen."

    "You can say that again, boys," Carlene said with a laugh.

    "Yes, I'll have to go along with that," I added.

    I embraced my daughter and kissed her again. I licked some more sperm off her lips. She shivered as I tickled her doing that to her.

    "What's the matter, dear? You act as if you haven't had enough yet. Are you still in the mood for some more of this stuff, by any chance?"

    She shrugged and giggled, her eyes flashing at me.

    "Well, answer me. I'm your mother, have some respect."

    Duane looked at Carl and they both shrugged their shoulders.

    "Did you hear what she said, Carl?" Duane asked his brother.

    I knew this was coming and I couldn't help but laugh.

    "I think I heard her, Duane, but I don't believe what I heard."

    "Me neither. Maybe we didn't hear her right, huh?"

    "I don't think we could have. That couldn't be possible. No way, that's just too weird for me to even consider, right, brother?"

    "Right, brother. No, that couldn't be true, could it, girl?"

    I glanced at him, smiled, winked an eye, and nodded my head.

    "It's true, fellas. Take my word for it. I'm her mother."

    "Well, holy shit," said one of them. "Now I've seen everything."

    I glanced at Carlene and winked an eye at her.

    "No, not quite everything yet, boys," I said deviously.

    "What do you mean?" said Duane to me with a laugh.

    "Yeah, what else could you possibly have planned?" said the other one.

    "Oh, I don't know," I said languidly, looking at my adorable and desirable daughter for a long moment. "Why don't you just watch and see…"

    "Yeah, well I…" Duane gulped and stared at us.

    Carl did more or less the same thing. They both moved to the edge of the bed and sat with their legs pulled up. They watched as the two of us women embraced each other and rubbed our pussies together. The brothers started sighing.

    "Wow, you two are some fucking mother and daughter team," Duane said.

    "That's for damn sure, Duane," Carl said then.

    Once we got started, neither Carlene nor myself wanted to stop.

    We opened our legs and twisted our crotches up in such a way that the pink meat of our cunts was rubbing back and forth together.

    We pulled each other closer, tighter together. I was wonderful. The heat that was already in our crotches started flaming right up again.

    We gasped and kissed and twisted and held on to each other tightly.

    Duane moved closer and grinned at us. He slid his hands over the backs of our thighs and up over our two wiggling asses. Mine was wide and plump while Carlene's was small and taut, but I think Duane found them both pleasant to the touch.

    "Wow, just look at the two of them, will you? They are something else. I take my hat off to them, if I was wearing one," Duane said.

    Carl sighed and laughed and nodded in agreement with his brother.

    Then I wasn't paying any attention to them I was only interested in my daughter. That was all that counted just then, I decided, her warmth and deliciousness.

    We twisted and clutched at each other, scratching and kissing and rubbing our cunts back and forth together. The heat started to rise.

    "Oh Mom," she said. "This is so wonderful, being so close to you like this, it really is… mmmmm, hug me, kiss me, fuck me!"

    "Of course, darling, of course," I said. "Anything you want… anything and everything… mmmmm, you feel so nice and warm and soft…"

    And she did. I couldn't keep my hands off of her. We started to grab at each other with more seriousness now. There was no stopping us.

    The brothers were an awestruck audience for the two of us.


    A new lesbian bar opened in town and I decided to check it out.

    Naturally it was in a bad neighborhood, we're never allowed to open our bars in the good ones, so I locked my car real good when I parked.

    I wasn't really looking for any action. Just a few drinks and maybe some mellow conversation.

    I walked into the dimness of the bar, glancing casually around to check out the scene. A long bar with stools was on the right side and at the back were some tables and a jukebox and a small dance floor. Most of the action seemed to be taking place back there.

    My eyes wandered over the occupants on the stools, and I finally decided upon the empty one next to a butch-looking blonde who seemed to be all alone.

    I sat down on the stool, ordered a shot of whiskey and a beer on tap, then lit up one of my cheroots. That usually gets to those of a "butch" inclination. Kind of out-butching them, if you know what I mean.

    "New in here, aren't you?" she said to me with a sideways glance.

    "Yeah, just checking it out. Not much of a crowd, is there?"

    "It's early yet."

    "Yeah." I didn't want to appear too chatty. Shit, I wasn't in there to do any cruising. I didn't feel like sex that night. Call it lethargy, call it boredom, call it whatever the fuck you want – I just was not in the mood. Period!

    Anyway, she had no tits. Flat as the proverbial board. I like a good pair of tits, something I can get my mouth over. She had nothing. Absolutely zero!

    Shit, if I were that flat, I'd be a butch, too. What other choice have you got? No tits. No cock. What the hell were they good for?

    I made sure I blew some of my smoke her way, but she didn't choke and she didn't cringe, which gave her a few points. So many fucking women these days really get a bug up their ass when you smoke next to them. Which is why I spend a lot of time at lunch counters. I really get a charge out of pissing those ladies royally.

    "You live around here?" she asked me with a disinterested air. Which was bullshit. If she were really not interested, she wouldn't have asked.

    "No, I had to drive over." Which meant points for me. I had wheels, which was often unusual in a lesbian bar.

    I drank down my shot of whiskey which the bartender was setting in front of me, then drank down half my glass of beer. Then I belched real loud, and in my neighbor's direction.

    No points for her that time, she turned away. And I noticed that she was drinking white wine.

    I started to reassess my thinking. A butch would just not he caught dead drinking white wine. That has just got to be the most ladylike drink going. Only housewives and fags drink white wine, everyone knows that.

    "Can I buy you a drink?" she asked me.

    Oh, shit, the oldest come-on in the world. She simply lacked any discernible style. I should have sat in another stool, she was going to be a real wash-out.

    "Sure, I'll catch the next round," I told her, moving my leg a little against hers.

    She didn't move away, and she lost a couple of points. Too easy by far!

    I offered her a cheroot, and to my surprise she took it, licking off the end before lighting it up and drawing on it deeply.

    Then the asshole inhaled it, and all that could be heard for the next five minutes was the sound of her damn near choking to death!

    Stupid fool!

    I winked at the bartender who was cracking up laughing, then checked out the chick on my other side.

    She looked like a tourist. Someone who had been given a guide to all the places of interest in town. And in our town, there weren't that many.

    A few gay bars, a few lesbian bars, not too many places were you could see the "weirdoes" in action.

    She was eying everyone surreptitiously, but didn't seem to have the guts to talk to anyone.

    I decided to freak her out.

    "Hey, honey, haven't seen you around here before." I said to her in my sexy drawl.

    She turned white and then blushed and then giggled in rapid succession.

    "I've never been here before," she whispered.

    "Just decide to come out?"

    "Oh, I go out a lot, I've just never been to one of these places."

    She was too naive to be believed.

    "How do you like it?"

    "Oh, it's very interesting. And everyone looks so nice."

    I find that a little hard to believe. There were at least six dykes in black leather who didn't even look nice to me. And I can get into leather!

    "Yeah, you'll find us friendly bunch," I said to her.

    My friend on the other side was listening to our exchange with interest. She was also doing better with her cheroot.

    "It's so much nicer than a regular bar. You walk into one of those alone and all the men figure you want to be picked up."

    I chuckled at that. What the hell did she think we did in here?

    "No shit? Well, I think you'll find it different here. We really respect a person's privacy."

    She smiled at me tremulously. "You've made me feel at home. Thank you."

    "My pleasure, honey. Do you like to eat pussy?"

    She turned white again. That girl could sure change colors fast. "I beg you pardon?" she stammered.

    "I was just wondering if you wanted to get between my legs and eat out my cunt?"

    She laughed a little, as though thinking maybe I was joking, but when I stayed serious she didn't know quite what to do. "Oh, no thank you," she finally said.

    "That's okay," I told her. "I'm easy. Just thought I'd ask, that's all. I hope I didn't offend you."

    "Oh, no, not at all."

    The butch on my other side was splitting a gut. "Is that offer open to me?" she asked, moving her leg hard against mine.


    "I bet I could do a better job of it."

    "Virgins are more fun."

    "That depends on whether you like novelty or experience."

    "I like novelty. I have enough experience myself."

    "I have a double dildo in my pocket."

    Shit, so that's what it was. I was thinking she was carrying a gun.

    "You always carry it around with you?"

    "Never know when it might come in handy."

    I turned to Miss Innocence. "The butch on my right has a double dildo in her pocket if you're interested."

    "What's a double dildo?"

    "Well, it's this little device shaped like two cocks, and you each stick one in your own pussy, and then you flick the switch and the earth moves."

    "Are you putting me on?"

    "Would I do a thing like that?"

    I turned to the butch. "Take it out and show her."

    She whipped it out of her pocket and put it on the bar. It immediately attracted a crowd.

    "Hey, that's the latest model," one dyke was heard to say. "I've heard of that – five speed!"

    Five speed? Hell, I could go for that. The most I had ever had was a three speed.

    Modern technology is wonderful!

    "Anyone want a demonstration?" asked the butch.

    A line immediately formed at her rear.

    "Want to dance?" I asked little Miss Sweetness.

    "All right."

    I got off the bar stool, took her hand, and led her back to the dance floor. I had timed it right as a slow song was just starting.

    She tried to dance about a foot away from me, but I didn't put up with that shit for long.

    I dragged her in close so that our tits were rubbing against each other, then began to rub my cunt against hers.

    She began to breathe hard and I could feel her chest heaving. She was either scared or I was getting her hot. I preferred to think it was the latter.

    "You got a nice pair of knockers," I whispered into her ear while at the same time teasing it with my tongue.

    "Thank you."

    "What size bra do you wear?"


    "Yeah, you. You're the only one I'm dancing with, aren't you?"


    "Yeah, that's quite a mouthful. Want to show them to me?"

    There was a long stunned silence.

    "Never mind. You don't have to. Actually, I'd just as soon see your pussy, anyway."

    "I wasn't expecting anything like this," she breathed.

    "What were you expecting, honey? A sewing circle?"

    "I just didn't think women would act like men. I find the way men act so disgusting but you say the very same things."

    "Are you saying you find me disgusting?"


    "That's what it sounded hike to me."

    "You just surprise me, that's all."

    "Well why the fuck did you dance with me?"

    "I like dancing. I used to dance with my girlfriends in high school."

    "Yeah, so did I."

    That shut her up and I took the opportunity to grab one of her tits hard and pinch the nipple.

    And it sure as hell responded, even though she gave a gasp of horror.

    "Shut up, you love it," I told her in my most assertive tone.

    "No, I hate it. I can't stand anyone to touch me there."

    I kept on pinching her nipple and it was growing larger and larger.

    "Honey, you know you love it. If you didn't, your nipple wouldn't become erect."

    "It does that when it gets cold."

    "Well, it's not cold in here."

    I reached under her skirt with my other hand and moved it up her leg. When I reached her crotch I shoved aside her panties and moved in with my finger.

    And the little sweetie's cunt was all nice and juicy. Lying bitch! She was as hot for me as I was for her!

    "Oh, don't touch me there," she gasped. "I just hate it!"

    "Sure you do, that's why your pussy juices are dripping all over my hand."

    "Oh, you talk so crudely."

    "And you fucking love it!"

    I located her clit and began to rub it with my finger. This got her so excited so fast her pussy was spasming after about five strokes of the finger. I swear to God I think she was some kind of nympho!

    She wasn't bitching anymore. She was moaning and crying out and shoving her pussy hard against my hand, trying to get me to do more. And her tit was practically revolving in my other hand.

    In short, she was no fun at all. I had thought she'd be a challenge, but she was a piece of cake.

    I pulled my finger out of her pussy, took my hand off her boob, and went back to the bar to watch the butch demonstrate her five speed dildoes.


    I was on the edge of my seat as I watched them doing it. What a spectacle, I thought. I was sitting in the front row so that I could watch every drop of sweat, every rippling muscle, and could hear every grunt and moan.

    I don't think my pussy had been quite as hot as that in ages and ages.

    I was at an all-girl wrestling match. There were several bouts and each one seemed sexier than the last. They weren't particularly supposed to be for erotic entertainment, you understand. There were quite a number of hard-core wrestling fans in the audience and they were taking it all seriously, or relatively seriously. I don't think even the most die-hard fan didn't realize there was an element of the absurd in all of this grunting and posing and throwing each other around on the mat.

    As for myself, I was simply enjoying the spectacle of two women, two big, brawny, beautiful women, grabbing and scratching and groaning at each other, wearing only the scantiest and tightest of outfits while they did it.

    Of course, it would have been even better if they had been naked, but I couldn't ask for everything, I decided. That would be turning the whole thing from reality to fantasy, I decided. That was more than was possible in real life.

    I watched now as one woman pinned the other. Her hands were sliding across the big, firm, meaty buttocks of the other lady wrestler. I could imagine what it would be like if they were both naked as this was happening. Yes, and those fingers would be sliding across bare meat, pink fleshy buttocks, gripping the crevice, grazing across the thick growth of pubic hairs and the flesh of the pussy.

    I was jumping up and down hi my seat. It wasn't because I was excited by the match in the way that so many others in the audience were. No, it wasn't that at all. It was pure sexual excitement and arousal that was causing it.

    My cunt was pouring juice, more and more of it all the time.

    I wanted to drag my panties down and spread my legs and shove a few fingers inside that hot cunt – preferably the fingers of that gorgeous blonde Amazon who was currently giving a full-nelson hold to the opponent in the ring.

    If only I could have had some sort of private, enclosed booth while I watched the match. Then I would have been able to masturbate while watching them wrestle. It would have been the ultimate fantasy, I think. Yes, just superb. Two big, beautiful women tussling like that, twisting and turning, scratching and pawing at each other as they moved all around, circling around and around, grabbing and clawing at each other.

    The match went on for some time. I left my seat after that bout even though there was another one. I had an appointment back in the dressing rooms.

    I got back there and inside the blonde's dressing room. She was already naked and I got to admire her gorgeous, huge but beautifully firm and muscular body.

    I moved up to her and smiled. She wondered who I was, obviously.

    I nodded my head and held a hand out to her as my eyes drank in her tits and pussy and that big ass of hers. She held her hand out and shook mine.

    Then I rushed up against her and pressed my lips to hers, kissing her heatedly. She was so surprised that she didn't do anything, just let me kiss her for a minute.

    "I am very wealthy," I said to her. "I don't know how much you make doing this, but I will certainly double whatever you made. You will come stage a private wrestling match with an opponent of my own choosing."

    She gulped and shrugged. "Sounds like a good deal," she said. "But who is this opponent of yours? Somebody I know or what?"

    "Well, you know her now," I said with a grin on my face. "It's me, you see."

    "You? You're a wrestler? You don't look like no wrestler, lady."

    "Wait till we get into a hold. You'll see just how talented I am," I said.

    I was pretending to be friendly and physical so I could touch her. And touch her I did. I patted her big bottom and then pulled on her pussy hair. She didn't object. She was probably thinking about the money I was going to give her. Money always talks in these cases. I can buy just about any fantasy I want if I'm willing to spend enough dough on it. And right now I was contemplating the fantasy I would create.

    The two of us naked and grappling together, grabbing and pawing. I would hold her ass down and press my face between her buttocks, biting her pubic hair and licking at her cunt and asshole. Yes, it was going to be nice, really nice, I thought.

    "What do you say? Are you willing to do it?" I asked her.

    She shrugged. "It sounds weird, but I'll go along with it. I'm not scared of anything, lady, and that's the fucking truth," she said.


    I was on top of her and she was facing the floor. I had my face just above her beautiful pink ass cheeks and now I was taking my time, smiling as I approached this point of victory. She didn't realize that was what it was, of course.

    My hands fondled the ass cheeks, rubbing around and around on that soft flesh of hers. It felt fantastic. I couldn't take my hands off it, it felt so good to me. But then I started easing the ass cheeks apart. She was struggling, trying to throw me off.

    "Stop it… stop it, you creep!" she growled at me. "Hey, do you hear what I'm saying? Do you hear what I'm saying to you, creep!"

    I pretended that this was all just part of the match, her abuse of me and the things I was doing with her naked flesh down there near her crotch.

    I knew that I would eventually get what I wanted as soon as I convinced her that we had to wrestle naked. I gave her a whole speech about it being like the way they originally did it back in the days of ancient Greece. She fell for it, and the next thing you knew there we were, the two of us grabbing at each other's naked bodies.

    I loved the feel of her smooth, hard flesh. She was almost manly, but with a body like hers that would be very hard to make a case out of.

    I started pulling those big, heavy ass cheeks apart now, wider and wider till the hairy crotch and pink meat was visible inside.

    It made me quiver and moan as I looked down at her. It was a gorgeous sight to behold, no doubt about that at all, I thought.

    I pressed my face in there. Now there was no way I could hide the real meaning of what I was doing. But I wasn't going to try too hard. No. I was doing it and she just had to accept it. There was nothing she could do, alter all. I was fighting her fair and square. She was losing. She had to take the consequences.

    I licked up and down on her cunt meat and then I opened her asshole and poked my tongue against that. She was rally squirming at that point.

    "Get off of me, get off. I quit, I'm through… stop it, stop it, you hitch, what do you think you're doing to me! You fucking bitch! I was tricked, I was tricked… this was a fucking trick, do you hear me!"

    "I hear you, and that's just too fucking bad." I laughed.

    I plunged my tongue up her asshole once more, pushing in deep this time.

    She groaned and shook as I did it, but I wasn't about to stop. No way. I was going all the way with this game, right down the line.

    She tasted good. She was full of sweat and strange feminine odors that I just loved. I licked at her and sucked on that naked, twisting flesh.

    I rubbed my cunt against her back and her neck at the same time. I was hoping, thought I knew there wasn't much chance of it, that she would turn her face around and start digging in on my cunt. It tasted pretty good, they tell me. But she seemed ore interested in stopping me from doing what I was doing. To hell with that, I thought. I would beat her. She was a professional, but I was really propelled by pure lust and that can give you a lot of strength you don't know that you have.

    Her cunt was delicious. The more I pressed down on her and opened those meaty ass cheeks, the deeper I could push my mouth and tongue into her cunt.

    I licked up and down, up and down, faster and faster on the heaving, twisting cunt. She groaned and tried to dump me, but there was no way. Not now, I was too excited and into it. I spread my knees around her and rubbed my open cunt back and forth across the back of her neck. She growled at me but I only laughed.

    "You better just calm down now, baby," I said. "The two of us are going to become pretty good friends so you ought to realize it, all right?"

    "You bitch!" she screamed at me at the top of her lungs.

    "Ha, ha, ha! That's just too bad, baby, too fucking bad!"

    And then I plunged my tongue into her asshole again and sucked hard. My fingers rubbed back and forth on her cunt meat, trying to get her excited. And I was doing a pretty good job of it too.

    Yes, I was doing a damned good job of it. I pushed my tongue deep inside there and drew it back, in and out, back and forth, again and again without a stop, without a fucking pause. I was loving it. I loved just being near that ripe female flesh.

    It turned all of me on body and soul, all over. I loved it and I didn't want to quit.

    No, not ever. I wanted to go on like this forever and ever.

    This was going to be my whole life, I decided. Yes, this sort of thing and nothing more. What was the sense in doing anything else, after all?

    We all die. There's no escaping that after all so really, why should we go to so much trouble to do things that we don't really like?

    No, it's just not worth it, I say. If there's something you like in life then do it. And if you like it enough then do that and nothing else.

    There's no percentage in acting otherwise. I can't stand those people who do something they can't stand for most of their lives, until they're on death's door, and then all a sudden they decide they have the time to do what they want.

    That's not going to be me, I can tell you. No way.

    I'm going to live life while I'm still young enough to enjoy it.

    God knows that I'm old enough right now.

    Some people, like my daughter, for instance, would probably say that I was over the hill. But I don't know if she would mean it. Especially after the fussing and fighting we got into over who was going to fuck who and all that the next time we went out together and picked up some men. It was great fun. And I think that sort of thing keeps you young. It's doing what you're not supposed to do. Making life a challenge and all of that that will do it for you, in my humble opinion.

    Anyway, in this volume I have tried to sum up my lifestyle in the best way I know how, by just presenting it to you. I don't want to draw the conclusions. That's up to the reader to do, I guess, if he or she has any to draw.

    I can't explain the lust I feel for women. Au I know is that a chick like that one I was ass-licking just sent me through the roof.

    I pushed my tongue deep inside her again and she quivered and groaned.

    "Oh God, you bitch," she moaned at me. "You're filthy, filthy!"

    I laughed into her flexing, quivering pink asshole.

    I plunged the tongue in and out of her, back and forth through her, making her shiver and quiver and jump all about like she was out of her mind.

    "Oh God, what are you doing to me, what are you doing to me?" she groaned.

    I laughed again and stuck the tongue back into her for a moment.

    "What do you think I'm doing?" I said. "You know damned well."

    "No, no, I don't… I don't understand it at all…"

    "Don't play the tease with me, dammit… you know you want this just as much as I want to give it to you, so don't play games with me."

    "Oh Jesus, you are turning me on, all right, all right, I don't give a damn… do what you want to me, go ahead and do it all… ohhhhhh, yes, yes, do it, do whatever you want to do, bitch… stupid, fucking bitch!"

    She was really losing her marbles as she struggled with me. It was something to watch. I didn't mind how crazy she got. She was still sexy to me, that was for sure. And I certainly wasn't going to stop sticking my tongue into her asshole and then into her cunt. The pussy was absolutely steaming now.

    I stuck my fingers against her hole and rubbed back and forth, back and forth at her. She moaned and shivered at me. I laughed. I was getting to her again and it was a joy to behold. I pushed two fingers into her cunt, deep inside.

    "Mmmmmm! Oh God, oh God, yes, yes, that's it, that's the way, stick those fingers into me, stick them in… mmmmm, yes, yes, give them to me… ooohh!"

    I plunged them in and out, happy that she was being less abusive now and a little more appreciative of what I was doing for her.

    And I was really going to work on her. I shoved my fingers inside her wet cunt, plunging deep inside and then working them back and forth, back and forth.

    She groaned and whimpered and cried out with rising pleasure.

    "Ohhhhhh! Yes, yes, yes, that's it, that's it, ahhhhhh, do it to me, do it to me, that's the way to do it, oh yes, yes, that's so good, so very good!" she cried.

    "I know it, dear," I laughed. "I know it very well indeed."

    I rammed my fingers into her cunt again and at the same time I poked the tip of my tongue back into her quivering asshole.

    The asshole felt good, nice and tight and warm.

    I plunged my tongue right up that hole, pushing as much of it as I could.

    Then I held my tongue inside her and jerked it back and forth, back and forth in her anus. She cried and shivered and her sphincter worked overtime.

    I really bit into her. I loved having her rounded buttocks against my face like that. She wiggled her ass at me, and her sphincter opened wider and wider.

    I pushed my tongue in and out, in and out of her, back and forth, faster and faster.

    My fingers were working just as fast, just as hard. I plunged them in and then drew there out again. Back and forth, back and forth, faster and faster, again and again without pause. I plunged my fingers inside there, drilling them against her, back and forth, back and forth, faster and faster, again and again.

    Her cunt juices flowed down over me, more and more, bubbling and dripping, flowing down more and more all the time. The juices were flowing without a pause.

    I sucked them up. I drew my tongue back from her asshole and slid it down to the cunt. Then I was shoving it deep inside her there and licking up the froth that was dribbling down, more and more all the time, bubbling and burning.

    I loved it. What a fucking great taste, thought to myself.

    Yes, that's what I thought. And I didn't stop. I went for more, lashing out with my tongue, drilling deep inside and flicking up and down, up and down, faster and faster all the time. The juice was hot and sticky and I loved it.

    "Ohhhhhh! Oh God, yes, yes, yes, yes!" she screamed at me. "That's good, that's so good! Ayyyyyyy! You're going to make me come, you're going to make me come, oh yes, yes, yes, you are, ohhhhhh, you are!"

    She screamed it at me as if it were a bad thing or something.

    I giggled but pressed on, not pausing. I really let her have it. More and more. My tongue flailed away, drilling inside and sliding out again, back and forth, more and more, no stopping, no pausing, just sucking away on that fat, hot cunt.

    The cunt tasted better and better. It must have been because she was getting closer and closer to climaxing, I figured. That had to be it.

    I drove her higher, higher, and higher with my prodding tongue and sucking lips.

    "Ohhhhhhh! Yes, yes, yes, that's so good, so fucking good!" she screamed at me. "Ayyyyyyyy! Yes, yes, yes, that's it, that's the way!"

    And I kept at her. And now I was going to use my fingers on that cunt.

    More specifically, I was going to use my fingers on her clitoris.

    I reached up between her legs and felt around on her pussy.

    My fingers moved through her curly cunt hairs and down to the vulva.

    "Oh, oh, ohhhhhh! What are you doing?" she cried. "What are you going to do to me? What? What? Tell me… oh God, won't you tell me?"

    She sounded like an idiot, but I didn't care about that. I only cared about her cunt and her asshole and her delightful flesh at that point.

    I plunged my tongue back into her ass and my finger moved to feel her clit.

    She lurched forward when I touched it. She nearly did a somersault the wave of pleasure was so intense. And then I came right after her with my tongue.

    "Ohhhhhhh! Oh yes, yes, yes!" she screamed. "I'm coming, yes, yes, keep touching my clit like that, keep touching it… ahhhhhhh!"

    And I did keep touching it and she quivered and screamed and convulsed.

    The pleasure seemed to go right from her cunt to my tongue. It went back and forth and we were both dizzy and shaking and gasping with lust.

    "Oh yes, yes, ahhhhhhhh! That's good, so good!" she cried. "I'm coming, oh yes, yes, I'm starting to come… it's wonderful, wonderful!"

    And I agreed with her completely. It was wonderful, quite wonderful.

    I kept on sucking her till I had given her more than enough for her money, I thought, and then decided that I ought to get a piece of the action myself.

    I had worked hard enough for it, I decided. Yes, it was about time that I got a chance to feel more of what she was feeling right then as she moaned and quivered and gasped and twisted in front of me with her ass in my face.


    She was painfully young, I thought. At least she looked it and acted it. Young enough to be my daughter, I thought. But this hardly gave me any cause for pause since my daughter was one of my lovers already.

    I brought the girl – Debbie was her name – back to my apartment and the two of us proceeded to get drunk and stoned.

    Then I proceeded to start taking her clothes from her delicious body.

    "What… what are you doing?" she said to me, batting her lashes.

    "What do you think I'm doing, darling?" I said. "I'm taking off your clothes. Isn't that just a little bit obvious to you?"

    She gulped and giggled and put a hand on mine as if to stop me. But I noticed that she didn't actually stop me from my unbuttoning clothes.

    "Yeah, but why are you doing that, Monica?" she said to me.

    "Come on, come on, darling. You're young but you weren't born yesterday."

    She giggled again and shrugged her shoulders at me.

    "But really, I don't know what you mean. Ooohhh… now you can see my titties," she said with a laugh. "They always seem too big to me. What do you think?"

    I smiled. She was a crafty one. She liked to play the innocent. But maybe that was how she got off, I told myself. Pretending to be young and sweet.

    "Oh no, darling," I said like a warm, tender mother figure. "Not at all. They are lovely. Lovely tits you have. Yes, so big and firm. And look at those nipples, will you? Just look at them. They're starting to stiffen now as I touch them."

    And they did. One at a time the nipples became fully erect and trembled between my fingers as I pinched them. She didn't stop me.

    "I bet it feels really nice when I touch your nipples, doesn't it?" I asked the girl.

    She shivered and smiled and nodded her pretty head up and down.

    "Yeah… your fingers are nice and soft, that's why," she said.

    "You like nice and soft fingers, don't you, darling?" I said.

    "Yes, sure I do. That's why I don't like it when I'm with boys and they put their fingers on my tits… or in my pussy hole."

    "Oh, really? What do you mean, darling?" I said, quivering all over. It was like a fantasy coming to life listening to this girl.

    "Oh, you know. They have such big hands, and they're so rough. They just jab at you or pull on you. They don't know what a girl feels like inside, they don't know what they should do to make you feel really good, you know what I mean?"

    "Oh yes, yes, big ugly brutes. I know just what you're saying," I nodded.

    I continued undressing her while my lips moved down to her tits and started kissing and nibbling on them. She sighed and quivered at this action.

    "Yeah… I mean, it's nice when they fuck you, but even then they do it so hard and so rough, without thinking about what you're feeling."

    "Yes, yes, I know… women are very different than that… they know how another woman feels so they can be more careful, more tender with them…"

    "Yes, that's right, Monica," she said. "That's what I mean."

    "And I'm a woman, darling," I said, continuing to undress the darling girl.

    "I know that you are, Monica. That's nice. I like you being a woman."

    I stifled a laugh. I kissed her on the lips. It was a long, erotic kiss. Then I went after the darling girl's cunt.

    It was waiting for me, no question about it, drooling and quivering, all hot and juicy and open wide for my tongue.


    So there you have a glimpse of my life. My sexual life.

    And as I said, I am working towards having nothing but a sexual life. I have gradually eliminated all other aspects of living. I've narrowed it down to pleasure and almost nothing else and I'm quite happy with it.

    I have some money saved up. Not a lot of it but enough to keep me going in the style that I am accustomed to.

    My daughter is accounted for. Now that we are lovers we are closer together than we have ever been. I am sure that it would be hard to explain that situation to any outsider, but the two of us are happy with the way things are now. And that's what counts, isn't it? It doesn't matter what society says is good or bad, it's what you feel inside of you. And that's the only morality that counts, what you yourself feel is good or bad. And that's the only way to be happy, I've decided. And I'm getting happier and happier all the time.

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