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    Daddy_s Little Girl

    Chapter 1

    The brilliant spring sunshine streamed in through the large open bay window. A soft, pleasant breeze was rustling the trees, most of them tall oaks in this part of Evanston, and their shadows danced energetically against the far wall of young June Donovan's room.

    June turned over on the bed, squinting and shielding her eyes from the brightness that played over her sleep-softened twelve year old face.

    Her long glossy blonde hair cascaded over the pillow, forming a soft honey-colored cushion for her head which lay prettily framed against it. Only a thin sheet protected her ripely maturing young body from that cooling breeze blowing in gentle and warm through the open window.

    June stretched and yawned, her shapely young breasts dislodging the sheet with their movement. She had the body of a lush young Venus which any interested observer could have traced in detail through the clinging sheet only barely concealing the high-set, rounded breasts whose taut-tipped nipples showed so clearly through the thin cotton fabric. The sheet tapered down over a tiny, girlish waist to round hourglass hips of newly acquired proportions. Her belly was flat and smooth, and the soft little mound of her pussy swelled gently upward between full well-shaped thighs. From there her long shapely legs tapered downward to the very tips of her toes poking high under the covering sheet.

    June had the sort of developing body that would have attracted attention on any street – admiring attention from the most discriminating of men, envious attention from too-old women who had not looked that good even when they were twelve. Wherever she went, eyes were always on her depravity-inciting young body, her long blonde hair and her fine-boned, pouty-lipped features. It would have been asking too much to expect people not to stare, even though June was only twelve years old. For she had that sort of body and looks that epitomized everything that was considered youthfully beautiful – and sexy. Her honey-blonde hair framed a heart-shaped young face that invariably turned heads. Her bright blue eyes were large and full of innocence, with long dark lashes. She had a tiny uptilted nose and a ripe red young mouth that beckoned even when she was frowning. Her complexion was very smooth and without blemish, slightly tanned and with twin roses in her cheeks. To say that June was a beautiful child was slightly an understatement. To say that she was proportioned altogether too sexily for a twelve year old girl was hitting the nail right on the head. She had that sort of blonde, youthful, developing allure every man dreams of.

    Lazily, she yawned again and laid her golden head back down on the pillow.

    According to the clock on the bureau, it was much too early to get ready for school. Closing her eyes again, she faded off dreamily into a half-dozing, half-wakeful state.

    It was during this brief period that daddy came to her again.

    Her eyelashes flickered slowly on her drooping eyelids. She could see her daddy very dearly now. He was holding his massive penis in one hand, lifting it up over his mature hair-covered testicles, totally naked except for the festooning of his trousers around his ankles. His eyes glowed wildly, totally un-daddy-like. Guy Donovan almost never looked like that at his daughter – at any rate not that she'd ever noticed – yet in this half-dream hallucination he was standing before her with his penis in his hand, some sort of milky droplets glistening in the small opening at its peak, his eyes shining with desire.

    Just like in that biology book Ronald showed me, June thought with one part of her half-dozing mind. His penis seemed quite huge, thick and swollen with blood, and covered with a roadmap tracery of throbbing blue veins. The dozing girl's nostrils flared, and she felt her heart palpitate swiftly, a vein throbbing openly in her smooth clear temple.

    Instinctively her trembling fingers moved lightly down over the heaving mounds of her shapely breasts, down over her nicely curved belly, then down… into the soft, blonde pubic triangle between her shivering legs.

    A soft gurgle rose from her throat as her fingers slipped in through the smooth, moist opening of her cuntal lips and further still towards her softly in-sucking vaginal mouth. June began breathing heavily as she pushed her fingers in through the velvet smooth wetness, then pulled them out again with an enervating little gasp. Her unseeing eyes flew open for a minute and then fluttered closed again as her middle finger began to slip faster in and out of the warmly seeping slit of her pussy.

    In her mind's eye, daddy became her lover. He came to her with his immense penis in his hand, spread her legs wide apart, and struggled forward with his hairy legs in order to seek entrance in the warm moist opening of what Ronald had called her "cunt." For some time now she had thought of it as that, although the biology book he'd showed her had referred to the opening between her legs as her "vagina" and this was what her mother called it as well during the nervous session when she had explained to her where babies came from.

    But she had known that for so long. Yet somehow she hadn't wanted to tell her mother that she knew already – that was how secrets built up.

    Ronald, her fifteen year old cousin who went to Wilmette High School, across the street from Niles Township Junior High, had told her all about where babies came from long ago. She hadn't believed it at first – how could she possibly believe that her mother would let her father do a thing like that? Put his penis inside of her mother… she couldn't believe it at first… at first it had seemed too dirty to believe…

    But gradually the young pre-teen's feelings about "sex" had changed and she had come to accept it. Walking around, observing people, it occurred to her that everyone was the product of that lewd act and that therefore it couldn't really be "dirty!" Because if everybody were absolutely "clean" with respect to sex, then there wouldn't be any people in the world, would there?

    And once her mind and feelings opened toward sex, and she had come to accept it as natural, then her curiosity escalated as well.

    Particularly with respect to how it would feel for her, herself, once her vagina should ever have the chance to clasp a male penis within its hot sexy grasp.

    And with all of this spinning through her impressionable young mind, June had come to wonder about daddy.

    Daddy. Who seemed to keep her mother so blissfully happy that she was always singing about the house, when she did the dishes, or the washing, or put out the food for Brute, their handsome German shepherd, or fixed a meal for the whole family…


    Her sex-drugged mind conjured up the image of their powerful big watchdog. What a good dog Brute was. She could remember not so long ago when he was a little puppy what fun they used to have scampering about in the little park across the alley from the house. What a good, kind dog he was. And so affectionate.

    Of course, Brute was very far from being a puppy now. Indeed, he had grown so fast she had quite lost track of him. Now he was powerful and adult, with a strong masculine personality emanating from his handsome canine features. No harm could ever come to the family while Brute was around. He had a guardian quality about him, forbidding to outsiders but friendly and loving for them. He stood guard like a sentinel over a museum case full of precious jewels. No harm could ever befall the Donovan family while Brute was there. He was guardianship personified.

    The dozing girl's fingers moved faster and faster through the warm slippery folds of her young cunt, as a groan of exquisite joy escaped her parted lips.

    But how had she started thinking of Brute? Daddy was the one she wanted to think of. He kept her turned on. Brute could only be a distraction. In the year-and-a-half since she had begun masturbating, she had thought of almost nothing but daddy, even though cousin Ronald had once tried to play with her body in a way that she had to confess afterward was pretty exciting.

    Not that she had let him, of course. She had slapped his hand and indeed carried on very strictly with him. Quite angry with his forwardness – on the surface, at least – she had let him know in no uncertain terms that it was shameful and that her father would probably kill him if he ever found out, and what a disgrace it was for their families, and so on.

    Yet secretly she had felt a terrible illicit excitement when Ronald tried to cup his hand over her sweater-taut breast. He certainly didn't get much for his trouble, mostly just the point of her brassiere, and a flare of anger from her.

    Yet there was this undeniably deep, squirmy feeling in her loins afterwards, and her breath had come unnaturally hot in the lengthy silence that lasted all the way home. What if he had actually tried to – had actually gotten his hand under her brassiere and managed to feel her heaving young breasts, squeezing those firm, full mounds in his strong eager hands? What if his fingers had actually touched her swollen nipples? How would that have felt?

    There was a sharp intake of breath from the young girl on the bed as her fingers now moved with increasing urgency within the hot wet folds of her pussy. The nipples of her breasts seemed to be tingling with heat, and the entire triangle of her loins was fluttering and full of butterflies racing around like mad. Her throbbing breasts rose and fell irregularly, alive with emotion. She saw her daddy, large as life leaning over her, moving down onto her open body, grating his dark hairy chest all over her heaving breasts and nipples, rubbing her smooth white skin with his rougher flesh, breathing hotly into her face, his enormous penis sliding forward in… in through the sensitive wet portals of her hotly energized young cunt… plunging forward … electrifying her hypersensitive little clitoris with his touch, massaging it around agonizingly in a way that made her beautiful blonde head strain backward, her mouth open and echoing sharp, urgent little cries, the muscles and veins in her neck standing out, pulsating with an as yet unquenched desire, striving for an impossibly beautiful orgasm…

    And then suddenly there was something else!

    Her nostrils flared wider, her breathing came more hotly until she was actually panting – as her mental vision of daddy was replaced by Brute!

    Not actually having sex with her, of course. But performing with another dog as she had watched him do in the park one day last week.

    It all came back to her now as her mind conjured up fresh memories in rhythm with her earnestly working fingers between her legs. They had gone into the park and there had been another sort of dog, a bitch.

    Some kind of mongrel, perhaps mostly terrier. Obviously Brute and the bitch were well acquainted. June hadn't been able to tear her eyes away as Brute's shining long red penis had slid so smoothly from its furry sheath between his legs as he attempted to mount the other dog, both of them panting with their wet tongues hanging out. So effortlessly had the dog's penis slid into the bitch's vagina that there was scarcely any positioning to do at all, and then Brute had gone ahead, pummeling the other dog for all she was worth, panting like crazy as his forepaws held him hunched obscenely over her back.

    June had felt her own breath coming very fast watching them, her loins warming inexplicably. She had never seen or imagined Brute as a sexual being before, and it came as something of a shock to see him engaging in such a highly-charged, passionate enterprise, although afterward she had wondered at her own surprise. Sex was after all the way of the world, and the system through which new dogs and new people were produced. To discover that her beloved Brute could engage so enthusiastically in such practice should not have taken her breath away so.

    Yet it had, undeniably. She had watched right through to completion, her mouth holding helplessly slack and unable to speak the loose leash in her hand hanging limply to the ground.

    And then she had noticed something else, she remembered now – Brute's beautiful brown eyes were fastened upon hers!

    But why had that taken her aback so? Was there anything unnatural in that? She was his mistress, so naturally he gazed at her, even while having sex with another dog.

    June groaned in her deepening dream of lust, her middle finger moving swiftly in and out of the moistly sucking passage of her cunt. She had started off thinking of her handsome daddy who kept mother so happy with his manly ways, but now she was thinking of Brute, their sleek dark German shepherd. Thinking of what he had done to that female dog in the park across from their house… his hips moving relentlessly back and forth… his soft brown eyes fastened upon her as his burning red penis disappeared into the other dog, then came out again, sleek and glistening, out to its full thick length… but all at such a furious pace that it took her breath away… and she had gulped and imagined … but no!… and then the tingling… that fierce, mindless tickle in her loins… with Brute panting away…

    "Oooooooooohhh, Brute…" she found herself whispering huskily, her fingers moving in and out with increasing speed. And then it was her handsome daddy again, moving in and out between her legs, his hungry mouth clamped down on hers, kissing her soft succulent lips demandingly… his hips working in a mad rhythm… and then… then…

    "Ooooohhhhhhh… AH! Honeeeeeeeey!" June twisted and turned on the bed as if in the grip of some obscene, soul-destroying torture. A wave of feeling combining aching pleasure with the sheerest agony washed through her shivering body from toenails to hair ends, momentarily convulsing her hot young flesh and making her cry out as if fighting off an invisible attacker, her hand continuing to work furiously within the burning hot confines of her churning young cunt. And then there was one long, endlessly drawn-out groan from her parched young lips, and a cascade of perspiration exposed itself on her smooth young skin, joining a post-climactic rash which had traveled swiftly up her arms and right to the base of her throat. She groaned, moaned and whined, her voice fading away little by little as she managed only slowly to loosen herself from the blinding outswell of her dream-induced orgasm.

    It was some time before her eyes opened again and she found herself staring at the ceiling, her body awash with perspiration, her lovely face flushed and warm, her thighs weak and trembling. Her loins felt as if they were lying in the sunshine of a warmish summer afternoon, quiet and content with a small surfeit of remaining pleasure echoing softly through the confines of her thighs.

    "Oh, gosh," she breathed huskily, gulping as the force of her orgasm brought her fully awake. She tried to remember what it was that she had been thinking of in connection with Brute, but now somehow it seemed to escape her. Something about the two dogs in the park…

    That was right. She remembered now. But why had she thought of Brute while she was making love to herself? Almost always she thought only of daddy. He was so worldly and mature and handsome, with gleaming teeth in a big smile, thick curly black hair that always looked glossy and wet, broad shoulders, long legs and narrow hips, and an immense chest full of wiry black hairs. Daddy put the little boys in school to shame.

    He was such a man!

    But gosh if he ever found out that she thought such things about him, there would be the devil to pay!

    She cupped her, rounded young breasts softly in her hands and knocked away the sheet, sitting up so that she could look at herself in the mirror over her dresser, her long blonde hair falling away in back of her.

    If daddy ever saw her like this, she'd bet that he'd want her as much as she always wanted him in her dreams. Ah, but what was the use of dreaming! Was it her fault that she was so sexed up? No, if cousin Ronald hadn't started her thinking about it, she probably would never have started playing with herself and thinking about daddy. So it really wasn't her fault.

    But on the other hand, what could she do about it? Was there no way to turn back the tide, turn the clock around and go back to her former innocence, when she would never have dreamed of playing with herself?

    No, it was useless. But why had she been thinking of Brute?

    And the way she had been thinking of him… no, it didn't bear thinking about.

    She swung her long slender legs over the side of the bed, jumped up and started getting ready for school.

    June had an elaborate ritual that she followed when getting ready for school, and not a small part of it was snatching glimpses of herself in the numerous mirrors that she had placed strategically about the room.

    She had such perfectly shaped breasts, she thought all the girls at school were jealous of her – and she never tired of glancing at them, watching them jiggle sexily as she moved, nothing their clever uplift and voluptuous firmness, and the way her strawberry-hued nipples would harden and lift in the merest breeze.

    Then there were her shapely hourglass hips beneath an almost non-existent waist with the flattest of tummies, and the long, smooth legs which she kept hairless by sneaking off with mommy's little razor every so often. She also had a bit of golden fleece in her armpits, but this was easily taken care of, too. All her hair was golden and very fine. It didn't grow fast enough to warrant shaving or cutting very often, and probably she needn't have bothered, Still, she liked to look and feel nice and clean.

    The twelve year old vamp also glanced at her curly blonde pubic hair in the mirrors as she paraded around the bedroom getting organized. She was often put out because it seemed to her the hair in her golden triangle was altogether too sparse. Her mother's, for example, was very thick and curly – a bright russet color. She knew that was what the hair on a girl's pussy was supposed to be like. Somehow it didn't seem normal for hers to be so wispy, indeed almost bare, when she was so perfect in every respect.

    Well, anyway, that probably wouldn't be so important for her until she was older and ready to marry. And even then perhaps she would find a boy who would be tolerant of this imperfection.

    Or would she ever marry! The thought of actually having a baby sent shivers down her spine. She didn't want to leave daddy; she would always love him no matter what. If only he could see that and make up his mind that they should stay together for ever and ever.

    But it was useless; he scarcely noticed her. Even the other evening, when she had tried to sit on his lap and snuggle up to him when mother was occupied in the kitchen, he had shoved her angrily off his lap before she even had a chance to ascertain the quality of his sex equipment. It didn't seem fair somehow; she so adored him, and he scarcely noticed her.

    Well, that was life. June glanced at the clock. It was time to put a little speed on if she was going to make school in time for her first class.

    Chapter 2

    If June only knew. For, at this very moment, Guy Donovan was indeed thinking of his young daughter very affectionately with love in his heart – as his long thick cock slid in and out of his red-haired wife's hotly grasping vagina.

    "Guy! Oh Guy!" Dora Donovan gasped, working her hips desperately in order to milk his enormous blood-bloated rod of flesh of every last thrill and every last drop of scalding hot sperm. For even though Dora had been on the pill for years, she still delighted and felt an exquisite thrill when she felt that lust-heated semen squirting up inside of her. And now she wanted it more than ever – because there was a terrible fear in her chest that she was losing her husband.

    It was nothing that she could put her finger on exactly; it was just that, for the last several months, he had been increasingly preoccupied and distracted when they were making love. As if he were thinking of someone else. They had always made love with the lights on, so that they could see each other's bodies moving, his shining penis slicking in and out through the caressingly passion-drenched folds of her yearning, burning cunt, in the mirrors that surrounded them on the walls at all sides. That was a part of their excitement, watching themselves fuck each other like this, in whatever position it was they were doing in – Viking ship, sixty-nine, or whatever. When she sucked on Guy's magnificent cock, she also liked to glance into one of the mirrors to watch herself. Often he would be probing his fingers into the warm, moist slit of her pussy while she sucked so lovingly on the rigid warmth of his desire-thickened penis. Gently, he would stroke the hot tingling lips of her vagina, and this would drive her wild, until she could hardly feel his cum come squirting out to flood deliciously against the back of her throat. Then too, she liked to watch when he licked and nibbled at the fiercely sensitive outskirts of her burning cunt, sliding his tongue snakelike deeply into her clasping vagina, in order to draw ecstatic little gasps from her hoarsely struggling throat. All this mirror-watching was a fiercely erotic part of their love-making and had lent tremendously to their mutual excitement all through the years. They could watch themselves, no matter what their position was or what they were doing.

    But no more.

    For recently, Guy had taken to preferring making love in the dark, and Dora knew what this meant. The fact that her husband now yearned for darkness was a sure sign to her that he probably wanted to imagine he was making love to someone else.

    Not that there was any other indication of his straying interest.

    Occasionally she thought she had caught a word through his passionate gasps -perhaps a part of a girl's name – but it was impossible to link those disjointed sounds with any illicit infatuation on Guy's part. It was all too unclear and imprecise.

    Pushing these tormenting thoughts from her mind, the lewdly skewered wife worked her hips around and groaned, feeling the enormity of her husband's penis sliding so achingly in and out of her burning vagina.

    It was like being dredged with an earth-mover when Guy was inside of her, his cock was so huge and dominating. It had always been like this, and that was part of the reason she had loved him and been so passionately devoted to him all of her life. Even when he was only seventeen, his penis had seemed so huge to her, with all those rough, vagina-rippling little ridges, that it had immediately dominated her every thought and consideration for the future.

    Dora had never regretted her decision to devote herself wholely to making Guy Donovan happy. He had proved to be a husband and lover without equal, and her loins still ached from time to time, at the most peculiar of moments, when she thought of her handsome, dynamic and cunt-pleasingly hung husband. She might just be lingering over the kitchen sink washing dishes and daydreaming aimlessly, and her mouth would water and her loins begin to chum thinking of the wonderful fucking he had given her that morning or the night before. To live as his slave forever was surely the highest ambition she could have.

    And then this. This terrible suspicion that he was closing his eyes and thinking of someone else as he fucked her, or when she sucked on his cock, was just too much to bear.

    Why did this nagging suspicion persist so strongly, though? What other substantiation for it was there, besides her own intuitive feminine suspicion?

    Guy's performance was as adequate as ever, even though he closed his eyes more and occasionally mumbled a name that she scarcely caught. Or was it a name?

    Perhaps it was merely an obscenity breaking from his lips from time to time in appreciation of the way her loins were moving beneath him and around him.

    Her suspicions were spoiling her enjoyment of sex. Several times recently, she had found herself straining more desperately than was normal for her orgasm and, indeed, for the last month, had missed several of them. She was becoming increasingly frustrated, at an age when any normal woman is more hypersexed than ever. And, if she didn't make it this morning, she didn't know what she was going to do.

    Trying to elaborate her excitement, the troubled housewife thought back to the first time she and Guy had ever made love. She had been just fourteen then and obsessed with curiosity about sex, despite her puritan upbringing. Guy had been just seventeen but already known as a slick operator about school. Rumor was that he had bedded almost the entire female half of the junior class with the masterful domination of his sexual technique, and that his penis was of appreciable size and quality.

    Naturally, talk like this had only served to titillate her, when she should have been afraid and cautious about him. So that, when the older student asked her for a date, she had responded affirmatively with almost bubbling eagerness, her heart racing frantically in her fulsome young chest.

    True to his reputation of being "fast," he slid his hand inside her brassiere with almost their first drawn-out passionate kiss. While his tongue fucked her gasping hot mouth, his fingers were suddenly grasping her nakedly stiffening nipple and the firm but resilient flesh of her tender young breast. Not wanting to give up his masterful, loin- drenching kiss, she didn't struggle overly to get rid of his gently squeezing hand. And then when he started pinching her throbbing nipple between thumb and forefinger, she became too aroused to do anything at all about this fiercely erotic fondling. Finally, he unfastened her brassiere and inclined his head, taking one of her bursting hot nipples into his mouth and much of her surrounding sensitive breast tissue as well, sucking hungrily on the virginal mounds rising and falling with increasing passion beneath his lips. The tickling of his tongue as it batted her nipple back and forth brought it up quickly to a loin- tingling hardness, and shivering little thrills seemed to pass in waves up the young girl's thighs, searing through her loins and belly, finally pouring like molten lava into the lust-infused roundness of her sensitive young breasts. So preoccupied did she become that she scarcely noticed it when one of his hands slipped up under her skirt as well, madly caressing her smooth cream-white thighs.

    "No-oh, Guy, no!" she protested, sensing that she might not be able to hold him back in time.

    But his hands had kept stroking her relentlessly, roving the full length of her aroused teenage body, over her crazily quivering stomach and on down to the nylon covered softness of her throbbing pubic triangle. Then he began stroking her there, lewdly insinuating his middle finger up under the tight elastic legband of her white nylon panties and into the moist virginal split of her pussy. This started an aching, yearning sensation that was totally unlike any other feeling the young redhead had ever known before in her young life. In reality, she knew of nothing to compare it with. Her mother had always severely forbidden masturbation and filled her pretty young head with terrible stories of what might happen if she practiced it – a slew of pimples on her face, a glint in her eyes that would be readily detectable by the most casual observer, perhaps even madness.

    Dora struggled and protested fairly strongly against her ardent date's searching fingers, though with increasingly weaker resolve, as she squirmed around on the car seat beneath his maddening caresses.

    "No, no Guy, not now. Oh please don't," she gasped excitedly into his ear.

    Which only served to spur him on! Apparently paying no attention to her pleas, suddenly he was working with the crotch of his Levi's, and then there was a metallic rasp as he drew his zipper down. Then, with equal suddenness, there was a warm blunt pressure against the top of her thigh. She gasped. Dora had never seen or felt a man's penis before, and the muscles of her body contracted violently as she now felt its soft muscular heat against the smooth naked flesh of her upper leg.

    She was about to pull away, despite her curiosity, but then, suddenly, his fingers were probing again between her legs, moving deeper under her panties and wetly upward through the passion-slick confines of her churning vagina.

    This sent a shock of pleasure rippling through her loins which had no counterpart in living memory. The electric quality of that feeling fairly froze the young virgin to the car seat. She could not move for the moment as ecstatic pleasure raced around inside her inexperienced twelve year old body.

    Guy took this to mean that he could have his way with his date, and immediately pursued further. Taking her slender little hand, he placed it over his obscenely revealed cock and forced her fingers to wrap around it. She clenched it tight out of instinct, hearing his answering groan of pleasure as she imparted an affectionate little squeeze to it, his groan mingling with her own little ecstatic gasps of joy. She had never expected it to be so enormous. It seemed as if her fingers could barely go around it. Without thinking, she began to massage the thick outer skin back and forth, up and down over the muscular young shaft.

    Nothing else in the world had ever felt so nice or so complete. Now, with her panty leg band stretched uselessly over the back of his hand, he was digging his middle finger deep into her wide-splayed cunt, which was wet from the juices seeping so excitedly from its parted lips. He was stretching the tiny ring of her still-intact hymen so that she was almost afraid that he might split it and technically put an end to her virginity on the spot – but there was nothing she seemed capable of doing about it. The thrills he was giving her raced too wildly through her excited young body for her to attempt anything but the most feeble resistance. Dora relaxed her inner thighs in order to give him greater access to her open pussy, and, at the same time, increased the speed of her own hand fondling his desire-hardened cock. With each gentle pull, she could feel Guy's cock jerking upward toward a greater hardness than she would ever have dreamed possible. God, would he try to thrust it up between her legs, she wondered?

    Then, suddenly, Guy tried to roll over on top of her, and, prudence at last taking firm hold on her morally straying mind, she managed, willy- nilly, to resist. Clamping her thighs tightly together, she trapped his rock-hard penis warmly between them on the outside of her panties. Guy struggled like a madman to lift up and get the hot rubbery tip lodged into the opening of her wetly throbbing vagina, but she struggled with all her strength against him -inadvertently, at the same time, tightening her grip on his straining young cock. Then, just as he forced the head of his instrument underneath the restricting leg band of her panties, its wildly pulsating nose poised between the splayed- open lips of her cunt, she felt a hot, thick stream of liquid come spurting out of it, drenching her pubic hair with his warm sticky sperm. It covered the insides of her thighs and dripped wetly down between her legs to moisten the car seat beneath her trembling and still pantied buttocks. Then Guy had emitted a final orgasmic groan and collapsed across her heaving breasts.

    Dora hadn't let the terror of the junior class fuck her that first time, but, God, when she did, it was so great! She had never regretted her initial rejection of Guy's first advances, for this had served to work him up to a fever pitch and win him for her in the long run Eventually, he became so wild to get between her legs, he would have done anything to get her… even marry her, as he did.

    And now, lying beneath her husband of nearly thirteen years, she was using these exciting scenes from the early days of their courtship to work her loins up to an excruciating peak from which she could not fail to tumble headlong into another of her many Guy-inspired orgasms that she had come to know and love and be devoted to over the long years of their married life.

    But then again, the interfering thought… who was he thinking of? With his eyes closed and that endless, unintelligible murmuring which might be obscene, but which might not be? Who was her beloved husband thinking of these days when he fucked her?

    Dora gasped and shut her eyes. She had almost been there, but her suspicions were destroying it for her. It wasn't fair. Why was she cursed so? Why did human beings have such complex minds and emotions that such small distractions could interfere with their most basic – and base – desires?

    The unhappy redhead sighed and groaned. Her vaginal walls clung hungrily to her husband's swiftly moving cock, and her nostrils were still flaring, but she had become too distracted and couldn't concentrate now on achieving her so-longed-for climax.

    Why couldn't life be simpler? Other animals than man didn't suffer from these complexities. Take Brute, for example, their handsome German shepherd.

    She was certain that Brute was never thinking of anything else when he had sexual intercourse with one of the many bitches in the neighborhood who continually sought him out. Brute was never bothered with jealousy, was never limited to a single bitch, and so on.

    She could remember several weeks ago watching him out the window when he had fucked that Dalmatian from down the block. How the Dalmatian had stood there, apparently unmoved, her tongue lolling out of its spotted head, while Brute screwed her furiously, his great haunches jerking powerfully, his forelegs gripping snugly about the other dog's shoulders, his longish red tongue hanging out of his mouth, wet and dripping with thick saliva, his slick red penis sliding lewdly in and out of the other dog's body to an alarming length.

    That was one of the few times Dora had ever paid much attention to Brute's sexual proclivities. She had known that he tended to be somewhat rambunctious around the neighborhood, and not a few people had complained; but, after all, it was nothing much to make a fuss over.

    Dogs, after all, would be dogs.

    But that particular morning she had been left peculiarly frustrated from Guy's furious, hyper-fast fucking, which he had excused on the grounds that he was late for work. Consequently, her loins were still swarming with desire as she watched Brute mount the female Dalmatian.

    And what a splendid beast he was! She could scarcely believe the length and thickness of his dog's penis as it escaped from the soft furry covering beneath its belly. Somehow she had always imagined that dogs had very tiny penises.

    Brute's certainly had always seemed normal – although, obviously, when he was aroused, it became anything but that.

    She had been quite taken aback, and, remembering rightly, her breath had whooshed out of her lungs as she gaped in amazement at the furious quality of Brute's fucking.

    Was it only her imagination that his eyes seemed to fasten on her as well, as he moved in that savage sexual embrace? Those big beautiful brown eyes with their long dark lashes?

    And she could remember how she had blushed meeting his gaze, innocent as that meeting was, as she found herself wondering somewhat obscenely what that longish tongue of his might feel like if it ever approached her tender pussy flesh the way Guy's occasionally did…

    "oh! Oh! Oh my God! Brute! Guy!"

    What was that? Had she mentioned Brute's name? Well, it really didn't matter.

    All that mattered was that, as she closed her eyes and imagined Brute mounting the Dalmatian, Guy's fucking her became all the more excruciatingly lovely. She could feel every last blood-filled ridge of his masterful cock pumping into her joyously clenching vagina, drawing the folds of her pussy with it in ecstatic surrender. Everything seemed so wonderful… and wonderful… Brute furiously fucking the other dog, his beautiful eyes on her… Guy's thick lust-engorged rod of flesh dredging her loins so burningly… and then she was there! There!

    "Brute… oh darling… darling… no, Guy… oh… oh, oh… oh!"

    Guy continued to pump her ravagingly, his penis twisting this way and that, bumping savagely at her sensitive little clitoris. His hands gripped her firmly mounded breasts and squeezed them without mercy, his face and neck straining toward his own orgasm.

    At the same time, Guy Donovan was struggling to get his daughter June out of his mind. Only twelve years old and already driving him crazy! He had become obsessed with her young buxom blonde beauty. Once the lights were out, he saw her continuously as he made love to Dora. He cursed himself for it, but he couldn't help himself. The way she paraded around the house, that cock-teasing walk of hers… her long blonde hair… the occasional glimpses of her naked breasts as she ran from bathroom to bedroom, breasts just waiting to be touched and suckled… everything combined to make his daughter the central figure of his sensuous thoughts.

    Guy gasped as Dora's warm wet vaginal walls slid over his desire- swollen rigidity like melted butter. This was June's cunt, June's beautiful blonde vagina, caressing and kissing his urgently pummeling cock… His head fell loosely forward and back, like the head of a puppet, as his loins buffeted forward and his thick rock-hard cock speared his wife without mercy. He could hear her whimpers of approaching climax as they seemed to be June's. His penis raced up between her trembling legs like a fast whirring drill boring through the depths of the earth, battering and smashing all before it in great waves of warm moist flesh, his pelvis smacking into her and flattening her upraised buttocks with a hard, sharp slap that reverberated through the bedroom like a flat-handed blow across the cheek He reached forward with both hands and grasped her shoulders, pulling her whole body tightly against him. His thick hard cock had sunk to its fullest length in her quivering white belly, and she could feel the hardness of its caplike head pressed snugly against the sensitive end of her cervix deep inside.

    Dora shuddered through her first shattering orgasm, groaning all the while and hung onto her husband as she began working toward a second.

    Somehow, she realized, thinking of Brute fucking the Dalmatian had distracted her from her other morbid thoughts and left her free to work upward toward an overwhelming fulfilling climax. She held the handsome German shepherd strongly in her mind's eye as she continued to work her pelvis all around her husband's pummeling hard cock-thrusts.

    She felt his hands slide down to the rounded curves of her hips as he began a slow, teasing rotation of his rigid cock deep inside her spasming womb. Her muffled sobs of delight mingled huskily with his passionate gasps while his hands ran down the fullness of her quivering breasts. Then he began shifting to a series of hard, cruel thrusts, the fluted pink flanges of protective flesh around her cunt drawing back with each out-stroke, then being swallowed inside again as Guy thrust forward into her open cunt with a powerful in-and out rhythm. Squeezing all around her soft jiggling buttocks, his fingers dug cruelly into her cringing little puckered anus, then clasped her hips and pulled her back over his bursting cock while he continued to skewer and ram her with increasing abandon.

    His body was now a ball of sheer uncontrolled lust unleashing itself completely against the squirming, tender twelve year old blonde daughter beneath him in his imagination. He could feel his heated cock growing thicker and thicker in her belly as he ground his bloated penis savagely into her with a wave of tremulous delight flickering across his lust-contorted features. He had never had anything as tender and young as his lovely blonde daughter before, so helpless beneath his rippling urgency – not even Dora had felt so good at that age. His penis inflated and burned as it never had before. He was almost there now, almost there, and he continued to ram her eagerly with long hard strokes.

    He had to end it before he went insane.

    Dora's whimpers stretched into a long, low continuous whine that filled the master bedroom like a distant siren. Through the dim haze of her tortured mind, she watched Brute racing across an open field, his great furry coat rippling so sleek in the bright summer sunshine, his handsome canine features full of life and excitement. Inside her, Guy's penis felt as if it were expanding wildly and that his rampaging instrument might split her ecstatically in two. Oh yes… yes… he was going to cum in her… her wonderful lover… Brute's face…

    Sobs began to rack her passion-drenched flesh, her voluptuous body shivering all over. Then, as her warm wet vaginal muscles clamped snugly around Guy's hard-driving cock, her husband suddenly threw back his head and let out a ferocious cry, his pelvis shaking volcanically as his lewd hot sperm shot deep into Dora's wide-swept vaginal passage.

    She groaned in helpless submission, working her cuntal muscles furiously in order to climax again before he became soft. Spurt after spurt of fiery liquid sperm he emptied into her, filling her womb and belly to the very bursting point.

    "Oh God! Beautiful!" she whined as she felt it ricocheting around in a warm wet pool far up inside her vagina. All that lovely lust-quenching semen being squirted into her felt so warm and heavenly.,.

    Brute… she thought. Brute… Working her undulating muscles up and down around Guy's swiftly depleted rod of flesh, struggling for yet another really magnificent orgasm, she knew already that it was too late – that pussy-satisfying hardness was gone, and the only vision left in her beautiful head was Brute's face, laughing at her.

    She flung her arm up over her head, sobbing out bitter tears of frustration.

    How was it that she had so suddenly forgotten her preoccupation with Guy's supposed infidelity… so suddenly become so hypersexed that one orgasm was not enough for her, after so many weeks of utter frustration?

    And, why did she keep seeing her dog's face?

    Chapter 3

    School hadn't gone so well for her that day, twelve year old June reflected, walking home in the late afternoon down Isabella Street.

    Not a small part of her discontent could be attributed to the lascivious sexual scene she had overheard from her parents' bedroom that morning as she made her way down the hall to the bathroom.

    Of course, she accepted the fact that her parents had sex together.

    Still, it was especially disturbing to her to overhear her mother's delighted gasps and moans and her father's panting groans as he fucked his wife. There was her jealousy, for one thing, and then there was the fact that her masturbation fantasies concerning her father were increasingly dissatisfactory in erotic content. No, her fingers were no longer enough, she thought gloomily.

    She was really hopelessly drugged on this sex thing, and she needed more!

    At times she dreaded to consider just what that might mean in real terms. She had glimpsed her father's penis several times while growing up, and she remembered it very distinctly as something huge, masterful and fearsome. There was its thickness, for one thing – even at rest, it always appeared bloated and fat, traced all over and around with pulsating blue veins, hanging curved and dangerous looking above testicles which, she was convinced, might be very bruising on her tender young buttocks if they ever…

    Well, but that was all conjecture. Nothing like that could ever happen between herself and her daddy. It was taboo, and she would never know where to begin to approach him. He probably regarded her as an obnoxious little brat anyway.

    June sighed and continued walking. She shook some length of golden hair out of her eyes and blew it off to the side, looking at the ground. It was a beautiful day in Wilmette, with the spring sunshine in full array after several days of rain. There was a scent of heady sensuality in the air, common to the first nice days of spring. She could feel her loins tingling irrelevantly, out of control. She would have willed it to stop if she could, but it was hopeless.

    There was nothing she could do except move along, head down and helpless beneath this spring- induced churning sensation which had so flooded her loins with the warm sticky sweetness of sexual arousal.

    Overhearing her parent's morning fuck had really made her jealous, so much so that she was scarcely able to concentrate on another thing as she prepared her toilette. It was all she could do to put those sounds of rampant bestial sensuality out of her mind during the interminable school day which followed.

    She'd thought of them together, her breath coming very fast, as she prepared her own breakfast, then lovingly set a place for her dad, then set out the various breakfast items so that Mom would be ready to prepare it the moment she appeared in the kitchen that morning, dressed and perfumed from her hot sexual scene with Daddy.

    The young blonde had tried reading the morning paper for a little while, but not to very good effect. The trouble was she couldn't concentrate, because she kept seeing them, locked in a flaming sexual embrace, Daddy with his enormous red penis sliding in and out of her mother's burning cunt, gleaming with the moisture of her inner softness. And then, of course, her jealousy increased and she thought of it again – it was a vicious circle. It made her jealous, and when she became jealous she thought of it, which made her still more jealous.

    That awful scene of her mother and father rutting like two animals in the wilds of their large round bed.

    These were the thoughts which had dominated the impressionable adolescent's entire day. She'd been nervous and apprehensive of showing anything when her parents finally came down to breakfast, and then after that she thought about them all day long and of what it must be like to be – she didn't want to use that naughty word cousin Ronald had taught her, but she couldn't help it – to be fucked by her handsome and masculine daddy.

    Not that she had shown anything, of course. "Morning, kitten," her dad had said when he came into the breakfast room, kissing her lightly on the cheek. She had been afraid to answer because her throat felt all choked up, but she had smiled as best she could And then he had ruffled the morning paper she had set out by his place, harumphed and began reading.

    But what could she do? Now? What could she do now?

    Originally, masturbation had seemed to be the answer, but now it scarcely satisfied her any more. She needed more, something, anything that would quench this insatiable need in her hyper-aware young loins.

    But what would it be? An actual boy's penis sliding in and out between her widespread legs?

    Her breath whooshed with desire, even as she thought of it. But wouldn't that be heavenly, if she did actually get a real penis inside of her – all nice and thick and hard…

    That was the problem again. For, coupled with her urgent pubescent desire, there was also a vague, hopelessly shapeless fear that real intercourse with a real penis would rip her tender virginal pussy to bloody shreds. If all men's things were like daddy's and she had no reason to believe they weren't – how could they possibly fit into the small, tender opening which existed down there between her smooth young legs within that quiet little "vee" of sparse blonde pubic hair?

    No, it was unthinkable. Real sex with a real man would probably kill her.

    But, on the other hand, what other choice was there? What other choice did she want!?

    Disconsolate, it seemed as if very few choices were open to her at her tender age. And she couldn't exactly confide in her mother about the terrible shameless desires which whirled around inside of her pretty little head and tingling belly when she lay in bed at night thinking of Daddy. That was also unthinkable. Secrets built up quickly. She could no longer discuss her most personal problems with her mother, who had always been her very best friend. It was all too difficult.

    So, it seemed that, all day long, the troubled young pre-teen had been confronted by a series of frightening and insoluble choices that left her brain only a mass of hopeless confusion. How could she possibly sort it all out? From first to last, her preoccupation with her new sexual difficulty had distracted her from doing anything useful in school, and there had been some clashes with teachers who accused her of not paying attention. What was the answer?


    June looked around. It was her fifteen year old cousin Ronald. He also lived on Isabella Street, but he usually came home a different way, after playing basketball all afternoon in the courtyard at St.

    Ludmilla's church. Ronald was a tall, lanky boy with a shock of almost white-blond hair and a kind of stupid smile which only served to exaggerate the crookedness of his teeth and the curiously unshaven straggling hairs on his young jawline. Though a lot of girls regarded Ronald as interesting, June thought of him as somewhere between a caterpillar and a worm, when placed next to her Dad, who was everything any girl could ever dream of with respect to masculinity.

    "Hi," she said lamely, kicking up a patch of dust in someone's front lawn as they passed their house, the family's great Dane kicking up his usual terrific fuss as the two youngsters went by.

    Ronald threw a stone at the great Dane and brushed his blond cowlick back up over his forehead. He was always doing that, June thought with impatience.

    Wouldn't he ever grow up?

    "Walk you home?" he said.

    "Of course." That was stupid; of course he could walk her home. They were only a few blocks away now.

    "Have a nice day in school?" he asked.

    "Mmmm. Sure. A wow." She tossed her honey-blonde hair back out of her eyes and stood up a little straighter, so that her breasts would tilt up at a more inviting angle. Ronald might not be the most appealing individual in the world, but he was still male and June had some vanity about the unusual early development of her widely spaced breasts. She passed her hand down over her hips and organized the enticing sway of her walk.

    "Sounds like you didn't have such a great time. You'll like high school a lot better." His eyes feasted hungrily on his younger cousin, and she wondered if she detected a telltale bulge in the front of his trousers.

    He seemed to be walking rather stiffly, she thought with a certain vain satisfaction as he continued talking. "There's a lot more to do in high school.

    You're too grown up for girls your age." He winked at her.

    "How do you mean that?" June asked coquettishly, knowing very well how he meant that.

    He grinned, and the grin became a leer. "You know, June… 'cause you've got tits."

    She bit down on her lip as if she were angry, but the butterflies had started up again in her loins. "Ronald Kilgoor! Don't you dare say a thing like that!

    You should be ashamed of yourself!"

    He only grinned and tossed his cowlick back out of his eyes again. Then he didn't say anything else for a long time. Finally he asked her, "You wanna go into the park?"

    She looked at him suspiciously. "And do what?"

    He shrugged. "Go on the swing. What else you got to do?"

    It was true she didn't have much homework, and it was such a nice day there was no point in going in. Anyway, Daddy wouldn't be home for hours and she didn't feel like hanging around the house without him.

    There didn't seem much harm in going into the park with Ronald. Most of it was pretty open – except for the circle of bushes known as "Shakespeare's Grave" for some obscure reason. There wasn't much chance he'd try anything funny So they just kept walking down Railway Road until they came to the park in back of the Donovan house and the other houses that ran around the block on Isabella Street and Cardinal Drive. Then they went up to the swings and dropped their books in the grass.

    The little park, sometimes known as Railway Park because it had been deeded to the city by the now defunct North Short Railroad about a million years ago, contained about a half dozen baby swings and grown- up swings, a sandbox and a lot of trees and bushes. On nice summer Sundays, her father played baseball in one part of it with some of his friends or football occasionally in indifferent weather. Now June selected one of the big swings and sashayed her panty-clad ass-cheeks up onto the wooden seat.

    "All right," she said. "You can push me now."

    And he did. She felt his warm, eager hands almost caressing her tight young buttocks as he shoved her forward, each time a little higher into the air. She could feel the cool breeze blowing so sweetly on her exposed loins as her skirt opened wide and flared up embarrassingly over her tiny waist. She wanted to tell her cousin not to push her so hard, but the combined effect of his hands buffeting her hips and the wind whistling into her panty-covered loins was so exhilarating that, for a moment, she couldn't get her voice. She looked down at her lush young body as it swung outward in an arc over the grassy ground below.

    Her skirt had come up completely and her thin white nylon panties were in full view now, complete to the slightest wisp of blonde pubic hair curling from underneath one narrow elastic leg band. Through the apex of her panties could be made out unmistakably the shadows of other sparse blonde hairs crowding together over her softly nestling vaginal slit. June blushed right from her hairline all the way down to her toes. All the houses that looked out onto the park! And what if someone should come walking down the street or through the park!

    "Ronald! Please! Let me down! Stop!"

    But his bold hands on her shapely twelve year old buttocks had now taken to fondling them, and June's sex-hungry loins were beginning to respond – all too much. Her entire cuntal region seemed to be glowing like a piece of iron on a hot forge. In a sense, she was afraid her loins might suddenly burst upward through her belly and out her throat as a ball of fire, the feeling was so extremely excruciating, agonizing, and she didn't feel as if she could stand it a second longer.

    But that squeezing and gripping by her cousin's demanding hands was gradually weakening her ability to protest. She closed her eyes and let the wind waft between her open legs, right up through her white nylon panties and into her love-starved pubescent pussy. This was ecstasy.

    Her buttocks, her loins, her tingling belly, everything down there seemed to be alive as if filled with electricity. She couldn't remember anything so delicious ever happening to her before. The combination of flight with fondling was exciting beyond anything she could have expected.

    "Please…" she begged feebly as she came down again, "let me down"

    He gave her ear a quick lewd lick and she shivered as if with a fever, as his hands pushed her up and away again. This was heavenly, she thought; she really never wanted to stop…

    "Let you down on one condition," he murmured as she returned, his fingers digging into her buttocks and driving her wild.

    "Huh? What?" she asked dreamily.

    "Let's go into those bushes over there – by Shakespeare's Grave." His voice was bold and sure of itself.

    She swung away and up again, the fullness of her naked white thighs swinging forward into the bright blue sky with wanton abandon. "Huh… oh… all right…" she said vaguely, only half aware of what she was agreeing to.

    And then he stopped the swing abruptly. Catching her breath, her flared nostrils snorting with sensuality, June let her cousin lift her off the swing, her breasts and belly sliding erotically down his muscular front like liquid rubber. Then he grabbed her hand and they ran off together in the direction of Shakespeare's Grave.

    Chapter 4

    The grave wasn't really Shakespeare's, of course, but merely a little marker of the site where a North Short Railway man had been buried about a hundred years earlier after a disastrous collision of the four- forty with a neighborhood cow of those days, at that time the greatest transportation catastrophe in the history of the North Shore. But the marker had been faithfully tended all these years – by Evanston Township Council after the railway made them a present of the land – and the shrubs around it were all-concealing of the little bench next to the marker where not a few North Shore couples had come to 'spoon' and get to know each other better over the decades.

    And Ronald now made ready to get to know his younger, but voluptuous blonde cousin better. Dragging June down onto the bench, he pressed his mouth against hers and quickly forced his tongue in between her tightly clenched lips. The twelve year old girl's sexual anxiety had reached such a fever pitch that the feel of his tongue laving the most sacred inner portals of her warm moist mouth gave her an electric start which made her loins turn over violently. It was by pure instinct that her hands came up and grabbed his square bony shoulders, holding them tightly as she returned his kiss with fervid desire, her own tongue snaking bashfully forward and licking at his, her lips then sucking joyously on his tongue.

    And, if that had been all there was to it, it probably wouldn't have mattered so much.

    Except that then Ronald did just what she might have expected him to… he put his hand up under her skirt…

    "Oh! Arggggghhhh!"

    Not letting her mouth escape and beating off her struggling hands as best he could, Ronald slid one of his hands underneath her skirt, moving it smoothly up over the smooth soft warmness of her inner thighs until his young cousin jerked away from his embrace.

    "No – oh! You mustn't!" she babbled, knowing that stopping was the very last thing she wanted him to do.

    But it was no use protesting. His mouth gripped hers again, and she couldn't resist for an instant the terrible instinct to suck lavishly on his tongue, which in a sense came to feel like a penis in her mind's imagination, the little taste buds becoming like the ridges she remembered seeing on her father's penis.

    Ronald took complete advantage of her temporary surrender, his fingers quickly inserting their way up under the snug elastic leg band of her snow-white panties, pressing forward to locate the quietly sleeping little slit between her legs.

    Oh my God, she thought as his middle finger thrust downward through her throbbing cuntal flesh, that feels so good – oh God, I can't help myself.

    Giving up all thought of resisting, June's hands came up to grasp his head. His finger, which had at first encountered only quiet softness, was now rewarded with a flow of vaginal moisture which seeped in a fierce, excited rush from between June's tender cuntal folds. A soft sigh escaped her parted lips and she closed her eyes. I'm doomed, she thought. He's got me now.

    His experienced middle finger worked around and around her moist warm pussy flesh in an insane attempt to drive her wild. For a moment she felt as if she were dying, drowning in a quicksand whirlpool of purest carnal desire. She had never before had anything in her starving young cunt besides her own fingers, and now her tongue was being sucked on as well while Ronald's tongue lapped at the inside of her mouth with urgent need. For a moment it was easy to imagine that his tongue was a penis committing unnatural sexual intercourse with the inside of her burning hot mouth, and this thought made the adolescent blonde's loins squirm all the more.

    By now, Ronald's entire hand had disappeared all the way down inside her panties, the tight elastic leg band encircling his gently moving wrist as his finger wormed around inside her quivering sex-hungry loins, drawing a rush of heated wetness with every slightest movement, until his hand was pressed firmly up against her throbbing pubic region, his palm warm on her sparse young pubic hair, his middle finger almost all the way into her virginal vagina and actively finger-fucking her.

    "Oh no, you mustn't," she panted momentarily, breaking away from his kiss, but this was very temporary, for he smiled in that winsome male way, and she fell headlong into his kiss again, as if hypnotized, pressing her full-lipped red mouth to his with an urgency that overwhelmed even her youthful seducer.

    Her defenses totally down, the blonde girl's pelvis began lewdly undulating over his raping middle finger. I'm lost now, she thought.

    Totally, totally lost…

    And she would have been – had there not suddenly been a warning growl from the throat of the neighborhood's most menacing German shepherd…

    "Brute!" she gasped, tearing herself away from her cousin Ronald's soul-kiss.

    The Donovan family pet glowered at Ronald, his eyes menacing and dangerous. The boy's finger slid heatedly from June's passion-drenched pussy and out from under the leg band of her soaked white panties.

    "Hey, go home!" Ronald yelled angrily. "What are you doing here!"

    The moment of respite was just long enough for June to jump to her feet and race out of the small circle of concealing shrubbery. Ronald attempted to get to his feet and follow her, but Brute's warning growl came across so bone-chilling that the fifteen year old froze in fright and dropped quickly to the bench again.

    "You bastard son of a bitch," the boy cursed. "I'll get you for this.

    You rotten son of a bitch dog."

    But the only reply from Brute was a slight curling of one side of his lip as the boy sat there angry and disgusted. And, for a moment, the general impression he had of the German shepherd's face was that the dog was smirking at him.

    June raced home sobbing, partly with excitement and partly with dismay, bursting in through the kitchen's Dutch door and slamming it behind her. The car was out of the driveway, so her mother was probably out shopping and it wasn't necessary for her to dry her tears immediately.

    She took the stairs two at a time, sniffling and brushing the wetness on her pretty young face with her sleeve as best she could.

    In the bathroom, she washed her face of all telltale frozen tears and toweled it completely, so that she was clean again. Slut! the blonde girl cried at herself in the mirror, hopelessly ashamed. She had behaved terribly. But somehow, once Ronald had slid his finger up into her pussy and worked it around a little bit, she had become totally helpless and enslaved. Particularly when he had worked it around the sensitive little pleasure button of her clitoris.

    Oh God, that had felt so good! Then she had tingled with electricity as if her loins were on fire.

    Oooh, if her parents only knew what she'd just let her cousin do to her in the park. How ashamed they'd be of her. She couldn't bear it if her darling father ever found out she had let a boy do that to her.

    Especially when she loved only him and couldn't bear to think of anyone else touching her like that.

    Distraught and gasping, the twelve year old student made her way back to her bedroom, swinging her long blonde hair around her shoulders.

    Somehow she would have to manage to get a hold on herself.

    Once in the bedroom, June took off all her school things and went naked into the shower. There she let the water rush luxuriously over her still trembling young body, washing away all the telltale wetness of the furious excitement she had felt when Ronald plunged his finger in and out of the moist confines of her hotly pulsing cunt.

    Her hands gripped her breasts tightly, as if offering them to the water, feeling that warm needle spray prickle at the glowing pink areolas which topped her succulent young breasts. She ran her thumbs over her tender hypersensitive nipples, feeling them ache with longing, and, looking down, she realized that Ronald had excited her more than she had realized, for she seemed unable to slow the rapid rise and fall of her tingling breasts. It seemed to her as if the soft mounds of milk-white flesh were actually alive – they had never felt so sensitive before.

    Uttering a tiny sigh and a groan of purest desire, June squeezed one breast until it hurt, then ran the fingers of her other hand down into the tender tendril-capped region of her pubic mound. Finding the quiet little slit between her legs, she tickled evanescently while continuing to knead her naked breast with her other hand. Her long blonde hair fell wetly backwards, dropping down over her back and the tops of her buttocks, as her face contorted and her neck strained through an uncertain, unquenchable agony of desire.

    Then, as suddenly as it had begun, it ended, the wild flash of desire remaining between her trembling legs – but now unresponsive in any degree to the gentle, loving tickle of her masturbating fingers.

    Sobbing with frustration, the voluptuous twelve year old blonde turned off the shower taps and stumbled from the shower, staggering as if controlled by her loins alone, across the bathroom, through the connecting door and into her bedroom. Everything in her body quivering with unsatiable lust, she fell across the bed with a whimper and buried her face in the coverlet. Shaking with sobs, she covered it with her tears of sexual frustration, the rage continuing unabated and flaming in her loins, regardless of any attempt on her part to masturbate it out. And the aching young adolescent probably would have lain there for a long time, too, if she hadn't felt the cold nose on her shoulder.

    "Brute! Why…"

    June sat up on the bed. Before her stood the family German shepherd, his tail wagging with happiness to see her, his canine face open in a cheerful smile -except where his teeth were holding onto the leather strap that was wrapped around her school books.

    "Brute! Why, you darling! You brought my school books home from the park for me. I completely forgot about them, darling."

    She took his face in her hands and accepted an affectionate lick from his lengthy pink tongue. Giggling, she closed her eyes as he washed her face with it. "Oh, Brute!" she laughed gaily.

    Jumping up to put his forepaws on the bed, the big dog lapped at his young mistress' milk-white thighs as well. June was still fresh from the most ennervating, debilitating feelings of desire, and the feel of Brute's roughly-skinned but gentle tongue on her sensitive leg heightened slightly the discomforting flutter in her loins. But she was not alarmed. She bent down to pick up the books from where the dog had dropped them.

    Only to have Brute take a long, swiping lick at her nakedly dangling breasts!

    Alarmed now, she drew back swiftly. "Brute! Darling, whatever's come over you?"

    Instinctively, she drew the thin cotton coverlet up over her vulnerable breasts. Brute's hot wet tongue had started them burning again, and now they felt as if they were expanding in all directions, fairly bursting with licentious energy.

    But did she have any right to blame that on the dog? Why, darling Brute loved her! He would never do anything intentionally to make her uncomfortable!

    Of course not. How silly of her. She let the coverlet drop again, revealing the rounded firmness of her panting young breasts with their high, hardened nipples. It was silly to behave as if Brute were a human male. He just didn't know what he was doing. When he licked at her breasts he was just trying to show his affection and friendliness.

    Darling Brute could never mean any harm.

    "Come here, sweetheart," she said affectionately, and the dog moved closer.

    Taking his great head in her arms, June cradled his happy face so that his tongue lolled out wetly along her forearm and his big brown eyes looked up at her full of ecstatic delight that he was in his beautiful young blonde mistress's arms.

    She stroked the sleek furry crown of his head and kissed him, murmuring,

    "June's sorry, Brute. You forgive her, don't you?"

    His big brown eyes spoke volumes of affection, and he tried to lick her face again.

    "You saved June in the park, didn't you, darling? June wants to know how she appreciates that. But at the same time I'm a very unhappy girl.

    Sit down on the floor and I'll explain it to you."

    Brute, being very well trained, padded off to the center of the bedroom floor and circled the carpet briefly before he settled in a circular furry heap, looking across the bedroom at her affectionately.

    June sighed and lay back on the bed totally naked, squeezing her aching breasts briefly and then spreading her long blonde hair out in back of her on the pillow like a fan. Maybe talking to Brute would help, she thought. He always had such an understanding look in his sorrowful-but- sexy eyes.

    Had she thought that? But it was absurd to regard Brute's eyes as sexy – they could only be that to another dog. Anyway, he was someone to talk to.

    "My hero," she smiled, remembering how he had saved her from her cousin Ronald's obscene fingering inside her love-hungry pussy lips. He had really come to her rescue, just like knights of old in the storybooks rescuing a damsel in distress.

    She looked across the room at him, sitting there in the center of the room.

    Brute, who always understood her and was a friend of great depth and warmth to the entire family. Seated as she had ordered him to, his pointed ears slightly devilish in character, his strongly masculine snout underlining a handsome, intelligent face of considerable character. His long red tongue was hanging out, panting with urgency, wet with his saliva. She looked into his lovely, soulful eyes. What did they see, when they looked at her? Her newly ripened breasts, her long blonde hair? Or what? His mistress, whom he adored. Who wouldn't be flattered to be so worshipped?

    June sighed. It was nice having Brute here with her. With one hand she cupped her swollen right breast, looking down at the rosy aureole around its passion-puckered peak and the tiny stiffened nipple in the center. It was nice when Brute lapped at her breast, she had to admit it. No one had ever done that before. It was almost as if that was what they had been waiting for – to be kissed, fondled, squeezed, perhaps even hurt.

    The twelve year old coquette looked at Brute again and smiled. "You do love me, don't you, darling? I know you do. Daddy's never licked at my breast like that, or even seen me naked, darling. Yet I think of him all the time. Why can't he love me as I love him, Brute? Is it so terribly wrong? Why can't daddy see how I love him and love me, too?"

    Brute made a little sound of understanding and rested his head on his legs looking at her all the while.

    She ran her fingers down into her tremulous young pussy in another futile attempt to dispel the terrible ache there. "See how I put my fingers in my pussy, Brute? Sometimes I stick them inside of me and make myself cum, with them, thinking of daddy. That drives me wild, only lately it hasn't been as good as it used to be." She lifted one leg and let two fingers slip in and out of her well-lubricated young cunt. Her eyes became heavy-lidded and her nostrils flared momentarily.

    "Why can't I make it like that anymore, Brute? Why can't I cum anymore on my fingers? It always used to work thinking of daddy. Now its getting harder and harder. I used to think of his great big cock – that's what I said, cock.

    That's a naughty word – his great big cock sliding in and out of my cunt and fucking me, and that drove me wild!"

    She giggled and put her hand up to her mouth. It was strangely exciting talking dirty like this in front of Brute, but safe too, since he couldn't understand any of this anyway And even if he did, he wouldn't be able to spread stories about what she'd said and ruin her reputation as a nice girl Brute was the perfectly discreet individual. He could never tell.

    The twelve year old blonde looked at her pet again, her dully-lidded eyes narrowing. Just how much did he understand? Was she talking too much?

    No, that was silly. Brute was her best friend; he was everybody in the house's best friend. He was affectionate, kind and loving, and he would never do anything to hurt her. He'd never dream of it.

    June sighed with increasing sensuality, wiggling her fingers just inside the sensitively tingling mouth of her seeping vagina. It was very pleasant to just lie here, playing idly with herself, with understanding old Brute to talk to.

    She went on, "He never comes to me, Brute. Daddy never comes to me. If he did, I'd probably do anything he wanted me to, but he never even bothers. I'll bet he doesn't even like me. I tried to sit on his lap the other day, and he knocked me right off. What do you think of that?"

    Brute growled understandingly.

    "God," she breathed, squeezing her hotly throbbing breasts, "if only I could do something – anything I'm burning up, Brute, and I can't seem to get any satisfaction. I'm miserable all the time."

    Brute perked up, looking at her keenly. What was in his eyes? Something significant or – what?

    "Darling," she breathed, rubbing her fingers into her pussy. "If only I had some way of stopping this horrible burning feeling. Gosh, it's killing me, Brute. I know you'd help me if you could, though, Brute. I know that."

    Almost as if something in her words had cued him, the big German shepherd suddenly got up and moved swiftly over to the bed, rising up on his haunches and putting his forelegs boldly on her naked silky- sheened thighs. He barked twice, slavered and wagged his tail energetically.

    She ran a hand affectionately over the soft dark fur of his head. "What is it, darling? What are you trying to tell me?"

    He barked again and her legs fell open mindlessly, her fingers still working in the moistly glistening outer flesh of her soft pink cunt. It was somehow very exciting to pet Brute while she played with herself.

    And then suddenly the eager dog leapt gracefully up onto the bed!

    "Brute! Darling, what are you doing here? You know you're not supposed to be on June's bed. Now, get off!"

    And then slowly, a soft canine smile sweeping across his handsome German shepherd features, he began to show her what he was doing there.

    Chapter 5

    At first the nakedly finger-fucking adolescent hadn't been really too disturbed at having Brute leap up onto the bed next to her, but now the German shepherd was moving engagingly into the inner circle formed by her long outstretched legs…

    But after all Brute had often come up on the bed and played with her as they were growing up, so why should this be…

    "Brute! No! No! You mustn't!" June tried to push his head away, but suddenly, deftly, his long red tongue shot out like a lizard's and whipped startlingly, breathtakingly, all the way up along her crazily tingling pussy slit from her tiny anus to her quivering little clitoris!

    "OHHHH! BRUTE!" Her head fell backward with a gasp as her adorable pet began struggling on his haunches to get a better position between her whitely widespread legs. Her hands gripped his ears, but instead of forcing him back, this seemed only to draw him nearer. The suddenly frightened young blonde could feel his warm furred snout brush excitingly against the trembling insides of her thighs, and suddenly her desire-heated cunt felt as if it were a well gushing forth spring water. She couldn't remember when her vagina had ever cum so quickly – and then suddenly Brute's cold nose was rubbing maddeningly at the outskirts of her pussy, and his tongue was taking long, swiping hot licks that flashed wetly along her twitching ass-cheeks, slapped in between, and finally circled in like a drill to churn hotly through the moistly flooded entrance to her flaming twelve year old cunt.

    "Oh Brute… oh, darling… you mustn't… oh no… please don't… it's wrong… oh God… oh God.

    But the young girl's protests quickly weakened to the point where she could scarcely hear them herself. The quick rush of his thick wet tongue thrust forward between the warm fleshy folds of her cunt was a flame-like pressure all through her helplessly splayed loins that could no more be rejected than life itself.

    Oh, this is wrong! her brain screamed in her tormented head, pressing her fingers down into the furry crown of Brute's handsome skull. I must get him to stop. I must make him slop. How can I get him to stop?

    But at the same time that her mind realized this was wrong, the wellspring of adolescent desire that had been boiling so long, awaiting an outlet from the fiery cave of her loins, became like molten lava being spewed from a sharp volcanic fissure up from the depths of the earth. The feeling of her German shepherd's tongue lapping along that crevice between her legs, drawing all the innate moisture from it as if it were honey, was almost too wonderful to be borne. She closed her eyes and let her befuddled brain wander off, pondering its moral judgments, as she gave herself over completely to this ecstatically satisfying feeling of Brute's moist warm tongue moving so… oh so lewdly… focusing her entire being on this mind-bending delight which existed nowhere else in the world but up between her widely stretched thighs, focused within that hot little circle of desire that glowed like a halo surrounding the center point of her lust – her electrified and fiercely tingling young clitoris.

    The shocked young adolescent gasped from the sudden unexpected entry of the tip of Brute's tongue into her soft wet cuntal passage and a surprised, ecstatic sigh seemed to bound from wall to wall.

    Instinctively her pelvis jerked upward with the first electric contact in an involuntary spasm of delight. Her vaginal passage contracted, opening and closing tightly around the thick smooth length of his tongue, which was sinking deeper and deeper inside her vagina until it came in contact with her tough little hymen, and then it withdrew. Her breath exploded in small, quick gasps that muffled themselves into tiny, mewling little groans of increasing lust as the dog began a maddening curling and flicking of his moist warm tongue, then embedding it again deep inside her trembling loins. Shivers of purest delight moved in waves upward from her loins and cascaded over her trembling flesh. She felt as if she were in a dream world. None of this could really be possible -that she was holding Brute's head so affectionately by the ears and moaning long, mindless sighs of purest, soul-dredging ecstasy. She had to be dreaming it. Nothing in the world seemed to exist but that point within her loins which was glowing like a hot coal beneath that talented animal tongue, around which the ragged pink flanges of her cunt caressed like waves falling upon a tropical shore.

    The big German shepherd's tongue withdrew and plunged again, working slavishly within his beautiful blonde mistress' gaping hot pussy… plunging, withdrawing, licking, lapping, drawing the folds of her pussy out stuck to his tongue as if they were postage stamps. The young girl's cries were one long, low continuous moan now as her mind seemed to disintegrate and her body gave itself over to the most brain- shattering pleasure June had ever known in all her young blonde life.

    Brute withdrew his lashing tongue from inside the smooth wet passage of her virginal cunt, found the hard, throbbing little bud of her clitoris and licked that as well, dredging screams of electrified ecstasy from June's lust-contorted face. Brute lapped wildly at the little pleasure- button until June thought she would die. This wasn't sex – it was a whirlpool of ecstasy in which she was drowning as surely as if she had fallen into a vat of sweetest honey. She writhed and churned in a lewd dance of desire above his earnestly licking and nosing face, totally given over to this mindlessly energizing feeling which required no apology and no explanation, but which was a force and a tide so great that a girl could only surrender to it completely and let herself be carried off by it. This feeling was a rushing river carrying one off in a sea of sensuality; one could not possibly fight it, but who would want to?

    "Ooooooh, oohhhh, darling, oh darling…" she crooned, her flesh and mind totally lost in this cunt-centered sensation, out of control from the delicious and obscene licking of her burning young loins. The muscles of her buttocks hollowed and contracted, struggling to draw every last drop of joy from this excruciating feeling that was flaming like a brush fire the entire length and depth of her hotly exposed cunt.

    Her pussy seemed to flower open wider and wider, like a rose in summer sunshine, the moistness between her legs increasing with every further second his licking tongue worked so thurstily at her wide-stretched pussy. By now her cum was flowing as if through a crack in a dam, running in trickles down the insides of her thighs to make a sticky, milky warm pool under her buttocks on the bed.

    June felt as if her gasping and panting would never end. The glowing spot of desire within her vagina was growing larger and larger, like a balloon filled with cum and almost ready to burst. Her pelvis and hips churned madly. This was the most beautiful heavenly thing she had ever experienced in her life. If this wasn't sex and ecstasy, then nothing else could be. Her loins had become a ball of flame that was burning her up in its fiery flight through the starry heavens. She wanted only to live the rest of her life with Brute's tongue driving between her legs, sending shivers of sensual ecstasy cascading from one end of her young naked body to the next, burning out her nerve endings as if they were so much confetti or loose string.

    And now she was going to cum! She was sure of it! At last! Oh God, at last!

    But Brute somehow sensed this as well, her excitement communicating itself to him savagely and luring his penis from its furry sheath as if it were on a long, fine wire connecting their two genital regions. Gradually it expanded. He loved his mistress and he had recognized her burning need. This had drawn him to lap affectionately, even hungrily at the warm moist folds of her open pussy until June felt as if her loins were a small sun about to go nova.

    But now the huge dog recognized something else as well – and this was that the glistening crevice he was licking between her shivering legs was the same kind of moist, hot aperture he was used to fucking in female dogs. He didn't consciously think of this, but rather he felt it in his animal testicles, which began producing sperm at a frantic rate and filling his tingling canine penis with lust-heated blood. Expanding warmly on all sides, he could feel it becoming bloated and eager to quench itself in the sensual bath between his beautiful blonde mistress's long squirming legs. It peeped outward from its furry scabbard, expanded further, and then Brute moved forward again, interested solely in the approach to June's wetly quivering pussy.

    Brute's long thick cock ached with instinctive anticipation as it contemplated burying itself to its total, blood-engorged length within the writhing wet confines of the young girl's vagina.

    Not that he paused for an instant in his furious licking of her tender, tremulous loins. But at the same time the masterful German shepherd was struggling on his haunches to work his furry body up more tightly within the "vee" of her soft cream-white thighs. June, not yet aware of what was going on, continued to moan and groan mindlessly from the beautiful loin-shattering agony she was being forced to endure. Her legs fell open at an obtuse angle, presenting no resistance whatever to her beloved pet's tightening approach. As yet she had no inkling that Brute's penis was emerging and expanding wildly, bloated with the heat of his urgent animal desire for her. With some difficulty he was slithering upward inside her widely-stretched legs, his enormous dog's penis waving lewdly around in front of his loins, wet and glistening redly, occasionally attracting one of her thin blonde pubic hairs, to its lust-moistened length, almost an inch away from the passion-flooded opening of her vagina.

    In this position it was almost impossible for the whining German shepherd to continue licking at her cunt, and his tongue shifted wetly into her sparse golden pussy hair, then across her trembling lower belly to her navel, sending a fierce ripple of excitement through June's already thoroughly sex-crazed young flesh. And then his tongue was flicking at the underside of one of her full firm breasts, running over that swollen young roundness and slapping wetly at the tingling high, hard nipple.

    June gasped mindlessly and there was a sharp, whooshing intake of her breath as she felt the dog's tongue swirling wetly, excitingly over her throbbing hot breasts, caressing those high-rising mounds of flesh in a way that left the helpless twelve year old love-slave knowing not where, who or what she was. The bubbling in her loins was a froth of fire like the hot foam slapping at the sides of a witch's cauldron.

    Endless whimpers seemed to break pleadingly from her open mouth, like nothing human she had ever heard before. But June wasn't noticing. She was too busy.

    Her arms went instinctively up around her beloved dog's shoulders.

    Brute would always care for her. He loved her; she loved him. She had brought him up ever since he was a puppy… but who would ever have thought the day would come when he would lick her cunt so obscenely like that? Whatever had made him start? God! She hoped he never stopped, though, it felt so great! Of course he would never actually.

    The twelve year old's grip tightened on his neck and shoulders. She could feel his soft, fur-smooth body arching forward within the milk- white semi-circle of her legs, feel his tongue lapping upwards, all over her pulsating breasts, up over her throat and neck until finally… finally his tongue was probing hotly down into her open mouth!

    If cousin Ronald's kiss had served to excite her, the feeling of Brute's enormous hot wet animal tongue flooding her open and sighing mouth was pure heavenly delirium. She could almost think of herself as a female bitch, her legs moving instinctively to wrap themselves up around his haunches… as suddenly, unexpectedly, her beloved Brute moved forward and the cone-shaped end of his animal penis parted its rigid way through her moistly glistening cuntal lips.

    Oh my God! He's doing it to me! Oh my God.

    But she was powerless now, a helpless slave in bondage to this magnificent feeling of total subservience to sex, dominated totally by the masterful technique of this handsome German shepherd who had formerly been her pet but was now, unbelievably, becoming her lover! Her mouth was helplessly glued to his, and she sucked hungrily on his long animal tongue as it invaded her panting oral cavern, lapping at the sides, top and bottom of her gasping young mouth. If the maddening sensations which seemed to be eating up her loins alive had not been so extreme, she was afraid she might have swooned dead away out of purest bliss. This was not like anything else in the world known as pleasure; there could not possibly be anything else even roughly similar to it! The crooning blonde drowned headlong in a sea of sensuality, tossed and turned by waves that were so high their whitecaps could not even be seen or guessed at.

    This was more than bliss, more than joy; it was as if the whole universe had opened up into brightest sunlight and all the stars had combined to become one.

    Life previous to this instant had no meaning or reason for existence. Her entire life had been lived just for the purpose of meeting headlong this exact moment in time.

    "Brute… oh, Brute… darling… mmmmmmmm…"

    The tapered blood-filled head of his penis was now pressed through the elastic tight opening of her cunt, worming and burrowing slowly deep into the warm wet walls of her virginally resisting vagina. Brute panted heatedly as his shining slick organ moved forward, parting the softly curling strands of her sparse pubic hair and inching its way inward. He looked down at his golden-haired mistress with lust-gleaming eyes as she sucked, delirious with passion, on his enormous wet tongue.

    The tiny moist lips of her pussy contracted and throbbed around his lust-engorged animal penis like the mouth of a fish gasping desperately for breath. Brute ached all over; his balls felt as if they were on fire with need for his beautiful young mistress. He had adored her for so long; who would ever have dreamed that…

    With nostrils snorting, the loving animal gazed down at the whiteness and purity of his mistress's lushly formed body. On either side of his haunches, her thighs now wrapped hungrily around his close-moving furry body, locking tightly up over his back and pulling him into her with a savage burst of passion that was irresistible. The tip of his surging penis broke easily through the flimsy guard of her hymen, drawing a gasp of joyous delight from her mouth, which was now kissing his sleek- furred face and snout all over. His penis and testicles ached like never had before as he drove deeper and deeper into the golden triangle of her pussy.

    When the tapered end of Brute's animal cock first touched the stretched young membrane defining her virginity, June thought that she would die from the shock. Yet in another moment his thick dog-cock was bursting through and sliding swiftly upward to the very end of her channel, so that now she was hurriedly bringing into play vaginal muscles she had never even dreamed she had. If his initial lapping of her overexcited cunt had filled her loins with honey, this feeling was whipped cream, She had never dreamed her first real fuck could possibly be wonderful.

    It was nowhere near tearing or as painful as she had expected. After the initial ripping of her hymen, which did hurt a little and bring a cry of pain mixed with delight from her hot young lips, the rest of the feeling of being fucked was nothing but a smooth, sliding, effortless ecstasy. Brute's penis was slick and perfectly tapered for the purpose of imparting a fresh new thrill with each additional inch of depth to which he plunged it. And now as it moved forward to the very end of her virginal cunt, the young girl wondered deliriously how she had ever lived the entire twelve years of her existence without having this incredibly good experience. Life would be unthinkable without it after this minute.

    "Mmmmmm," she crooned, working her hips ardently around his pleasure- giving rod of flesh. "Darling I love you," she whispered into the dog's hairy pointed ear as his hips began working as well, humping with animalistic fervor to drive his cock-shaft deeper between her widespread white thighs. The warm soft edges of her flute-edged cunt closed wetly over his moving member, and he began panting as he never had before. The dog's nostrils flared, and soft growls of animal delight echoed from his throat, as her tight hot pussy walls slipped soothingly over his penis, enclosing it in steaming warmth and loving it to death on every single stroke.

    "Oh – oh – oh oh…" June had been about to cum when Brute so suddenly changed from licking her loins to driving his penis deep into her heaving white belly, and now she was hurtling forward toward it again. Over and over, she groaned, as he surged into her, feeling his penis push apart the smooth, yielding walls of soft inner flesh like a speeding ship, cutting the water. Her body trembled and shook. If she couldn't have this, this wonderful experience, she didn't even want to live. The skewered blonde adolescent squealed when occasionally Brute's cock made an experienced jerk, giving her a fierce twinge of electrical shock. She was wet and open, and wanted nothing in all the world but her loving dog. At last she was going to quench that fierce craving that had dominated her existence for so long! Groaning and sobbing with happiness, she worked to help her handsome dog-lover, until she could no longer catch her breath.

    There was no respite now. The obscene intrusion in her twelve year old vagina was only expanding as her tight little pussy dilated and undulated around it.

    The German shepherd's uncontrolled assault let her feel the heavy weight of his muscular canine loins crushing hard between her outstretched legs, sweeping them wider and wider apart as he pressed forward with all of his strength to sink as deeply into her quivering white belly as was possible. And all the while his sleek, shining fur was painting her smooth white flesh as if with a brush.

    As Brute's penis began to expand, June felt as if she were being impaled on a telephone pole. She clenched the muscles of her buttocks lovingly around that primitive intruder, caressing and fondling the long, hard fleshy staff that she had come to worship and love in just such a few short moments.

    All of which served to incite the panting dog all the more. Her cuntal muscles clasping around him, so wet and warm, were driving him crazy, making his enormous cock throb and grow within her blonde-fringed young cunt until June felt stretched and filled in her belly and loins beyond all possible imagination.

    Brute's nostrils flared and he began making little whimpering sounds as he attempted to reach his climax. He lunged in and out of her with long, hard strokes, his forepaws holding tight to the softly rounded curves of her upper arms, and the silken sheath of her wide-stretched and throbbing vagina pulsated up and back over the thickness of his pounding rigidity.

    "Ooooohh, oh, ooooohhhhh darling loverrrrrr…" his twelve year old mistress murmured from deep in her heaving chest. The sounds came out so muffled and indistinct she couldn't have understood them herself.

    With every hard forward lunge Brute was pushing her ever closer to the fierce, bottomless precipice wherein lay – she knew the most wonderful orgasm she'd ever had in her life. This fantastic, experience made masturbation no more important than a spent match. His thick red cock filled her to the bursting point and then some. Brute had forced her thighs open to an almost impossible angle, yet she loved it and wanted it never to stop. His monstrous ever-growing cock felt as if it wanted to spear right up through her writhing body and come out her throat.

    The feel of his paws on her aching flesh made their adventure all the more illicit and exciting beyond all reason – the ultimate in obscenity!

    Brute panted heavily, saliva dripping from his tongue all over her buffeted white flesh, spilling down between her breasts and all over her soft smooth belly to mingle damply in her matted blonde pubic hair just above their cock-cunt connection. Opening her eyes and looking down, she could see his slick red penis disappearing inside of her and coming back again at a furious rate. It shone with moisture from her cunt, now seeping out over his loins as well, a sizable part of his hairy haunches. This obscene sight excited the inexperienced young girl all the more, and she began wiggling and thrashing and squirming beneath her pet, pleading like a helpless slave to be allowed her orgasm. Brute was excited correspondingly by her excitement and he swept and rammed into her with increasingly frantic abandon. The bucking white human female body beneath him incited him to a frenzy.

    Beneath him, his adored blonde mistress twisted her head with passion, her eyes gleaming with lust, her beautiful long blonde hair flying all over.

    June's mouth opened and closed fish-like in total sensual torment, as she was buffeted by the sheerest excitement generated by this illicit affair. Only moments ago she had rejected a young boy – and yet here she was being fucked by a dog! It scarcely seemed reasonable – yet it was unquestionably wonderful.

    Brute fucked into her faster than the speed of light, building whiningly towards his own climax, mercilessly battering her upper thighs beneath his hard-driving loins. His lips bared back from his fiercely clenched canine teeth, his breath coming in short machine gun blasts that crackled obscenely through June's now musky-scented bedroom.

    "Darling," she croaked, half whinnying, "I think I'm cumming – oh God I am! Oh God! Oh Brute! OH DARLING!"

    And then they both made it together. The hulking German shepherd above her began shuddering and jerking, his cock spurting his hot sticky sperm deeply up inside of her. June's mouth opened in a loud, uncontrollable "AAAAHHHHHHEIEEEEOOH!" as she felt his lewd animal sperm filling her no longer virginal vaginal passage in a great flood of lust-fired heat. She could feel it rushing hotly into her and filling the depths of her womb until she thought she would burst from it. There were several convulsive jerks of his pelvis, and then she forgot him totally as she went spinning forward up into the heavens, thrashing with unseeing eyes and open mouth, and trying mindlessly to fight him off because no – no – this feeling was too fantastic and she couldn't stand it for another instant.. and then it was like a great red flower had opened up inside her belly, and her vaginal walls began gushing out their response all over his urgently pummeling loins and cock… except that she wasn't there in her bed, in her house, on her street, in her city, but rather she was flying up into the bluest blue sky, outwards towards the universe, with every nerve ending in her young body being consumed in sensual flame as wave after wave of orgasmic convulsion rippled through her helplessly spasming loins.

    "Beautiful… beautiful… beautiful…" the twelve year old blonde gurgled happily, and then she fainted.

    Chapter 6

    The voluptuous young pre-teen stirred restlessly on her rumpled bed, consumed by emotion. Her frazzled nerve endings were only gradually being renewed. Still gibbering dumbly from the fantastic shattering climax her own dog had given her, her mind seemed to have split into a dozen pieces, moved off into space, and was only very gradually pulling itself back together again.

    Her long-lashed blue eyes fluttered open and fought to rejoin her pretty blonde head. Strange odors, more musky than anything else, wafted through her nostrils, causing her brow to wrinkle slightly as though deep in concentrated thought. Her tongue circled her lips, catching a slight pungency of sticky moisture.

    She looked down and could see the twin peaks of her irregularly heaving breasts lying in wide-set unrest between her eyes and the rest of her well-proportioned young body. Her legs were spread far apart as if in invitation to some phantom lover standing at the foot of the bed.

    Had it been real, that starkly vivid dream – a dream of something so immoral that she could now barely let herself even think of it?

    The vividness of it flickered across her sex-debauched mind, though, as if she were watching a slightly out-of-focus television screen. Her body ached terribly. There, in her vision, was her beloved German shepherd Brute, big and powerful and shaggy, his muscular haunches working furiously over her as he committed an act so obscene that one scarcely dared give it a name. That she had had dreams and thoughts about her father was one thing – he was after all a man, a human being. But to have a dream like that about Brute was a scandal too severe to be faced for longer than a single instant. If she ever considered fornicating with her father, it was a crime against the family and their community that would probably never be achieved anyway; but to think of having sex with Brute was a crime against God Himself.

    Or was it? She rubbed her thighs smoothly together and sighed. She felt so deliciously relaxed. Whatever had happened to her in her marvelous dream, it had certainly been heavenly. Carefully, caressingly, June smoothed her hands around over her sensitive young breasts, touching them guardedly in gentle exploration. Ooooh, she moaned, they were tender. She squeezed them and gave a little gasp of delight as her taut pink nipples oozed up between her spread-open fingers, towering lewdly above the milk-white mounds.

    Her hands explored further, coursing their way down over her fluttering stomach to her still open thighs. She groaned again as her fingers tenderly touched the slight bruises lining the soft wet edges of her vagina. What had made that?

    Surely not Brute's penis, as in her fantastic dream? But it had felt so smoothly satisfying in the dream, not brutal at all as she'd expected a penis to feel.

    Her fingers probed carefully around the tiny sensitive opening to her vagina, becoming moist from the warm sticky liquid that oozed viscously from it, wetting the split of her buttocks and the bed beneath.

    Something had happened. She wouldn't have had all that wetness around the edges of her cunt otherwise.

    And then she saw him! Curled up in a ball on the rug by the foot of her bed.

    And something in his deep brown eyes was so fraught with longing and adoration of her that she couldn't deny him!

    "Brute – oh darling… then it really did happen… I remember now… I remember everything… darling… oh, Brute… what shall we do?"

    The twelve year old ex-virgin looked down at her pet's wistful brown eyes, resting so thoughtfully within that handsome canine face, which in turn lay so sadly on his forepaws before him. What was he thinking? Had she been good for him? Did he really love her? Her pussy began to itch. Would he want to do it again? All these thoughts broke headlong through the young girl's mind with a maximum of confusion. But from all of it emerged a single, all-important consideration – and that was that Brute had been better for her than any other single experience or combination of experiences she had ever enjoyed. His mind-fusing penis twisting and slipping inside of her vagina had been purest, shattering ecstasy. His long thick tongue on her breasts and lapping wetly up the flanges of her burning young cunt had been an experience well worth dying for.

    And was it so wrong? Hadn't he saved her from hideous cousin Ronald, who would have merely used her and cast her aside? No, Brute's devotion was more true than any human male's could have been, that was for certain. He didn't want merely her flesh – he worshipped her. With them it was love, not mere sex as it would have been with Ronald in the park. She realized now that she had loved Brute ever since he was a darling little puppy. Just because they were now going to have sex mingled with everything as well didn't change anything between them.

    "Come up here, darling," she murmured sweetly, her pale young face glowing, cheeks all rosy with good health, relaxation and sexual happiness. She patted the bed beside her, her eyes dilating slightly with desire. He would come up onto the bed, she knew he would.

    And he did. With one powerful leap from the middle of the floor, the big German shepherd was suddenly on the bed with her and licking at her earlobes affectionately as she giggled and grabbed his ears, rolling about beneath the smooth, evanescent flickering touches of her furry coat against her overheated milky skin. She wiggled upward and rubbed her soft resilient breasts against his shining coat. His tongue licked her face and she licked it back in an affectionate French kiss, trying briefly to take it into her mouth so that she could suck on it. Her hands came up on his buttocks as they played, and suddenly – glancing down – she saw that he had become aroused again, for the pink tapered end of his penis was now peering quietly from its furry covering, a glistening wet drop of animal semen showing at the tiny slit in its tip.

    Suddenly her nostrils flared and her breathing began coming more hotly.

    Her eyes fixed as if hypnotized upon that slowly protruding member that was emerging from between his stiffly waiting legs. As they played, she occasionally lost sight of it, but not for long, and now something very strange and obscenely lascivious came slowly to dominate her sex- drugged mind.

    That was Brute's penis, she thought, the one that had loved her. It looked small and quiet now, scarcely peeping through at all from the soft furred sheath which contained it. Yet when he had pushed it into her body, it had been so hard and long and thick. It had filled her up, pushing out the walls of her hot young vagina with an inexorable pressure that eventually became excruciating, agonizingly delightful, and which finally sent her spinning rapturously off into space, a sex- drenched slave to his love.

    And suddenly she wanted it – yes, wanted it in her mouth…

    But no, that was disgusting. How could she bear it? It had fucked her, but that was something else again. Her mouth was a different thing from her cunt. She might throw up if he shot some of that sticky stuff from his penis, whatever it was, down her open and swallowing throat.

    Swallowing… could she make herself swallow it? What did it taste like?

    All of a sudden a compelling curiosity consumed the musing blonde.

    Brute's cum, she thought. What did it taste like? Would it be the same as a human's? Say, the same as her father's, for example? What would be the exact differences in measurement and feel between their two cocks? What would be the difference between them if she had them both in her mouth, say, at the very same time?

    June could feel a gush of warm liquid exploding outward and downward from her loins. She had a tremendous, overwhelming urge to suck on Brute's penis and find out just what his cum tasted like that it could make her feel so joyous and happy inside.

    And after all, she told herself, her mind working computer-like to rationalize away all feeling of guilt, he had licked her pussy in order to satisfy her. It was only fair that she return this most ultimate of devotions.

    She smiled as Brute continued to lick her face wetly, occasionally probing with his warm, moist tongue into her ears or down over her large and panting young breasts. Tentatively, her hand reached out, cupping his small, trembling testicles in the cool affection of her grasp. The dog gasped and began panting more slavishly, licking her face wetly all over at a frantically increased rate.

    June sighed and her eyes lit up as she watched his slick red penis emerge from its slender cocoon of fur, gradually straightening out and becoming expanded and bloated with blood. Her heart raced. Did she really want to do this? But she couldn't seem to help herself. Her obscene curiosity was altogether much too overwhelming for her twelve year old heart to withstand it. She had felt Brute's cock inside of her cunt – now she wanted to feel it in her hand… and perhaps… perhaps even in her mouth… She trembled again as she remembered how his long glistening red instrument had spewed its hot lewd sperm up high into her open vagina…

    She continued to caress his genitals with her fingers, teasing and tormenting herself, while he became increasingly excited as well. She couldn't make up her sex-addled mind. Should she or shouldn't she?

    Finally she closed her eyes and uttered a little cry that was half a moan, half a sigh of ecstatic resignation. Her hand clasped the dog's expanding penis firmly, feeling its smooth thick length resting wetly within her excited grasp.

    Yes, she loved it… she knew that now… she loved having it fuck her… and she wanted to suck on it… there was no escaping it…

    Hypnotized by the forbidden fruit of their illicit relationship, which was sending paralyzing waves of sexual electricity shooting throughout her sex-starved loins, June suddenly, instinctively, bent her head.

    While one hand pushed her beloved dog back down on the bed on his back with his forepaws scrambling at the air, his canine body totally awkward and put off by the unusual sequence of events, she drew his burning hot penis – now out to almost six inches in stiffening length – closer and closer to her parted pink lips…

    The young girl's long blonde hair wafted like a fan over Brute's tremulous furry body… and then her mouth, forming a wide oval, slipped slowly down over his lust-bloated rod of dog-flesh. Her full sensual lips closed over with the most delicate of touches, her tongue licked at its shining smoothness, and then she was running her mouth all the way down to the bottom until his cock bumped the back of her throat, making her cough just a little..

    Brute began making urgent little whines and whimpers as her mouth contained lovingly all of his hotly throbbing penis. His forepaws waved helplessly in the air and his lower legs tried to scratch at her breasts or her face, seeking some kind of footing. This was a totally new experience for him. He had occasionally lapped at his own penis and swallowed some of his cum when it came spurting out, but this – this was completely new.

    June sighed in equal ecstasy. Sucking her beloved dog's penis was far more delicious than she could ever have possibly suspected or imagined.

    The feel of his bloated cock-flesh in her mouth was warm and smooth, with isolated hot ridges pulsating under their load of muscle-expanding blood. Her tongue licked around and under it, making her furry charge wince with passion.

    She wanted to taste every last inch and know this delicious morsel perfectly from top to shining tip, from which she licked off droplets of pungent cum as swiftly as they appeared.

    Running her hands longingly over the furry length of the German shepherd's body, her fingers paused to fondle his nipples, which had become very hard like little buttons. Above her, Brute was yelping out his passion as she sucked and sucked, and she pushed her fingers under his firmly contracted testicles and moved them around to hear him yelp.

    She really loved this dog and wanted only to make him happy. The feel of his penis in her mouth made her loins gush all over the coverlet without pause. She slid her fingers silkily between the dog's fur- smooth belly and rubbed and rubbed to help him cum, continuing all the while to suck and nibble at his bursting cock without stop, even to the point of licking out at the furry sheath below and at the tops of his balls when she had his penis sunk so warmly all the way inside her hollowing cheeks.

    Again and again her soft young lips brushed hungrily up and down over her pet's blood-engorged penis, which was becoming larger and more delicious with every mouthful stroke. She began sobbing with desire, her loins feeling alive with the tingling of her own desire, but her cry came out muffled and low as the throbbing head of his animal cock stuffed her mouth and throat all the more fully.

    The warm moist flesh of her saliva-filled mouth continued to undulate without stop over Brute's long thick animal cock. Occasionally she nibbled teasingly between hot, swiping licks with her tongue, and this made Brute pant all the harder, his big brown eyes wide and half-crazed with instinctive lust. The moist suction around his rapidly growing organ made his eyes bulge as he looked down at the long tossing hair and actively hollowing cheeks of his sex-drugged mistress. The hot red column of his penis moved slickly in and out of her mouth, shining partly with her saliva and partly from drippings of his cum which she did not lick off fast enough. June trembled as she recalled that this was the same masterful cock which had so delightfully splayed open her virginal young cunt and taken her maidenhead. She moaned and she sucked, her blue eyes closing and opening as if she were being consumed by the delirium of a tropical fever.

    Her tongue tangled lovingly around his cock, which had now grown to immeasurable size, and this brought another deep throated growl from Brute's passion-drenched throat. Her tongue, lips and teeth seemed now to have become a single inseparable force working demonically in the region of his genitals.

    June could see his shining, fur-covered buttocks tense together as he involuntarily jerked forward with a help into the warm soft cavern of her mouth.

    Brute's hips had begun now to lunge violently forward and back under this uninhibited attack of her mouth on his burning cock-flesh. He whined and panted lavishly, his saliva dripping down onto his shaggy chest. She sucked at his cock like a hungry calf feeding from its mother, the smooth hard texture filled her mouth to the bursting point as it expanded further with each passing thrust into her warm wet mouth.

    The hard rubbery tip of his cock-head grazed smoothly against the back of her throat. Her mouth was filled with warm moist saliva and made a smooth hot sheath around his monstrous red instrument as it pummeled faster and faster into her urgently sucking face. His large dark testicles beat a steady rhythm of bestial lust against the tip of her chin on the downstroke, and she could feel him all wet where some of the saliva in her totally filled mouth had drooled down from her lips and moistened the whole of her lower face.

    Brute's handsome canine features seemed to contort with animal desire as he mewled and thrust his sweating loins up at her face, her lewdly ovalled lips continuing to suck and nibble deliriously on his blood- throbbing member. He watched with gleaming, sex-crazed eyes as her wildly bobbing head made the reddish flesh of his cock disappear into the tightly rounded opening formed by her wide-stretched lips, and felt them clasping around it wetly like the lips of a bitch's cunt.

    June's eyes were closed tight now as she wallowed joyously in her shame in committing this obscenely illicit act. And then all of a sudden she opened them, sensing that he was getting ready to erupt.

    Yes, there before her very eyes his sperm-bloated balls had pulled tightly into the neck of his animal scrotum, getting ready to discharge.

    Now! It had to be now!

    His thick, glistening penis was thrust far back into her ravenously sucking mouth, and Brute yelped and instinctively arched his pelvis up at her. The full force of his rigidity continued to expand in the velvet-smooth softness between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. A thousand sensations seemed to be ripping at his earnestly struggling loins. And then suddenly all of his canine passion rushed ferociously to the fore with a roaring spurt from his sperm-bloated testicles, racing along the bridge of his hard animal cock, then streaming like a shower of sparks far into the depths of her throat.

    June choked and sputtered for a single, long-held moment as the scalding hot gushes of sticky dog-cum burst in thick jets forward into the confines of her openly sucking mouth. And then she saw her pet shudder along his entire muscular length, his fur glistening and shiny with satisfaction. She choked, gasped and swallowed with delirious happiness to have this most ultimate of tributes from the dog she loved. And then his soft deflated penis began slipping with a lewd wet sucking sound from between her cum covered pink lips, a thin string- like trickle of white still connecting them together. The hollows of her throat worked for long moments afterwards, swallowing in great gulps the searing hot sperm he had flooded into her throat.

    And then her nostrils flared, and she could feel the warm, glowing ball of fire in her loins begin to expand again. Caressing his testicles, the twelve year old blonde moved upward over Brute's powerful furry body in order to mingle her tongue with his in an orgy of unnatural French kissing. Brute lapped hungrily at her mouth and face as her warm firm breasts spread out over his hairy body.

    Her long blonde hair waved over him caressingly as she moved around over the exhausted German shepherd.

    And now, she thought with some surreal satisfaction, it's my turn, my darling …

    Chapter 7

    Dora had stayed out longer than usual doing her shopping due to the fact that she had run into Jane Hammond, her old school friend and former member of the Evanston Women's Club before she had so mysteriously let her membership lapse.

    But the fact that Jane seemed to have cut herself off from her old associations didn't bother Dora.

    Indeed, she was anxious to hear what Jane had been up to. When one didn't see a friend for so long, naturally all sorts of juicy and interesting gossip built up inside which wasn't adequately released in the interim and could be used, justifiably now, for the purpose of lingering over a long coffee in Cantor's Delicatessen next door to DelFarm Foods.

    So that when Dora had lingered over the vegetables in DelFarm, pushing her shopping basket ahead of her listlessly, her mind churning confusedly over the problem of her husband's supposed infidelity, unable to concentrate, the sight of Jane Hammond at the next shopping basket had served delightfully to break her loose from her general feeling of helplessness and inability to cope.

    Immediately the two women gushed all over each other and chattered away like magpies. Dora's immediate feelings of marital discontent vanished with the first word, and when Jane suggested that they go next door to Cantor's and cut the grocery shopping short, the redheaded housewife immediately consented. They proceeded to the checkout counter with haste, and afterwards threw everything into the backs of their cars in hopelessly disorganized fashion. Now, seated in Cantor's over cups of steaming hot coffee, gazing around occasionally at the furious bustle and chatter of people around them, they concentrated mostly on their own conversation.

    It seemed ages since Dora had been so relaxed in the company of someone else, or indeed even taken the time out for a nibble in the delicatessen. Cantor's was just not a place that she frequented usually. The ultra-loud voices she usually encountered in Cantor's served ordinarily to give her a slight touch of migraine. Cantor's was not the sort of place she could ordinarily relax in. It was a big, square building made up in semi-neo-Jewish, modern-American with lights that were usually too bright, decorating and furnishings too garish, and aisles too clustered and active to adequately leave one at ease.

    And every ten seconds, from where they sat, came the splattering sound of the men behind the counter with their knives and white aprons serving up yet one more millionth corned beef sandwich on rye. It was Jewish paradise for anyone who liked that sort of thing.

    Yet now, gabbling away excitedly with her long-disappeared friend, all Dora's disquiet left her and she noticed nothing else around her. The garish surroundings and ambiance of Cantor's did not intrude. Relaxing with Jane also loosened a flood of hunger messages from her stomach and brain, and she allowed herself to be coaxed into ordering as well a "nice" bowl of hot chicken soup with matzo balls and she ate, and ate.

    And when she finished the first bowl she ordered another. Very soothing and warm it was.

    "But we haven't seen you in so long, dear!" she gushed, sipping her soup and knocking a bit a dark russet hair back from her eye.

    "I know," said Jane, with an unusual confident air for Jane. "Jack and I just seem to have shifted our circle of friends in the last year somehow. Did you miss us? Say you did."

    "You know we have," Dora laughed. "But all the girls at the club have been wondering about you, and asking me about you. Somehow they always assumed that you and I were the closest of friends, and that I'd always know what you were up to. But of course, I had to tell them that I hadn't known a thing."

    Jane smiled. There was a slightly superior air about her which Dora now perceived and found difficult to define. Could this really be Jane? Who had always been the least confident in their whole crowd? Dora had the distinct impression that something cataclysmic had happened which had served to change Jane's entire life – or life style. What was it about her which she found so instinctively unsettling and disturbing? Was it that unearthly glow of satisfaction which seemed to persistently suffuse her attractive brunette features? That look of supreme confidence and ease in another woman which was usually traceable only to a total satisfaction derived from recent sexual adventure?

    Dora looked her old girl friend up and down. There was a change about Jane. A change which she had at first noticed only slightly in the thrill of their first meeting, but which now presented itself strongly for her attention and demanded that it be commented upon.

    But what was it, exactly? Certainly Jane had never previously allowed herself to wear her hair long, so long almost all the way down her back to her waist.

    Fluffy and thick, the kind of shining black hair any man would itch to run his hands through as if it were money. Formerly Jane had always worn her hair tied up severely in a ponytail. Dora couldn't remember when she had ever seen it down since they had entered high school together.

    Then there was the fact of her general posture. Her breasts seemed to swell out more voluptuously somehow. In the past there had always been a general impression that Jane was just a little embarrassed by their comment-attracting size and alluring shape, but now she seemed to hold herself proudly, thrusting her chest out as if they clamored for attention. Which they did. Because the outfit she was wearing – a navy blue suit with a sizable open "vee" containing a bright white sweater – - had obviously been tailored exactly to her mature, well rounded contours, so that every last proportion – full, flaring hips as well as tiny waist – was emphasized to the nth degree for maximum sexiness.

    That was not at all like the old Jane, who had usually showed up for club meetings all frumpy as if fresh from a rummage sale dressing room.

    And her face? What she done to it? Blue shadows on her eyelids, long false eyelashes, soft rose in her cheeks, pink lipstick covered with lip ice that worked around and over the real edges of her pretty bowed lips in an indefinably sensual way. Was this Jane Hammond, who crossed her lengthy, meaty thighs to show off her shapely knees, her skirt pulling all the way up to the top to reveal frilly white panties which did little to conceal the dark shadowy triangle of pubic hair beneath?

    Which even caused Dora to stammeringly suggest, "Uh, Jane, I don't like to tell you this, but you know, your skirt, uh, it's all the way up, dear, and…

    Only to have Jane cut her off with a lazy, "Oh yes, dear, but it's so unseasonably warm today, don't you think?"

    Watching her old girl friend puffing easily on her long ebony cigarette holder, Dora didn't actually know what to think. This was not the same shy, ugly-duckling girl she had known for so many years. This was a confident, worldly, self-possessed sophisticate who would be completely at ease anywhere.

    Confident and sexually aware. What did she know – that Dora didn't? – or what had she learned? The troubled redhead was piqued, like any woman, to think that there might be someone else around who was more sensually attuned than she herself. Did Jane need help in some way? Or, on the other hand, was it she herself, Dora, who could benefit from Jane? The picture was confused. She would have to learn more.

    "Well then," Dora said at last after all this pondering, which in reality took scarcely a few seconds, "tell us about what you've been up to. You look positively ravishing!" She looked up from under eyelids, adding slyly, "You haven't taken a lover, have you?"

    Jane's face solidified out of its previously relaxed expression, her eyes and eyebrows narrowing. "Whatever made you say that, Dora?" she asked.

    So! She had struck home with very first parry! Of course, what else could it be!?

    But now this realization that her instincts had been correct after all made her unaccountably nervous, and her coffee cup fairly rattled in the dish as she attempted to lift it.

    "Well, I don't know, dear… It just seemed that you're awfully vivacious today, for some reason. Don't get upset."

    Jane looked down at her black-gloved hands and turned them in her lap as if studying them. It seemed as if she were blushing slightly, but there was so much artificial rose in her cheeks that it was really difficult to tell for certain. Dora wondered if she'd gaffed terribly.

    But no, the signs were all there. Oooh, her loins tingled as a lewd vision arose in her sex-obsessed brain of her friend Jane being ravished by some man other than her husband. Maybe it was a big burly factory worker she was having an affair with, or a tennis pro, or…

    Dora found her breath coming heatedly. Until this very moment she hadn't been prepared to fully acknowledge what dire straits she herself was in, and how maddening her sexual thoughts had become recently. But now the thought of Jane committing adultery… She had never in her life considered having anyone besides her wonderful Guy, although she had heard rumors that some wives occasionally strayed. She had always been faithful, however, and indeed even disinterested in anyone else.

    When Guy's enormous member was filling her up, pumping into her, the rest of the universe disappeared and that was all she could think of.

    And after her usual mind-splitting orgasms she was usually dead to the world and hopelessly relaxed and wafting on a cloud for days afterward.

    Except that recently those climaxes of mind-bending, shattering sweetness were becoming increasingly few and far between. She had become used to multiple orgasms with Guy through the years, truly fantastic flights whereby one orgasm took off from the plateau left by the last. This morning she had managed, by working very hard in her thoughts, to screw her loins up to feverish anticipatory pitch and break through to some sort of orgasm, but it was very far from the flesh-frazzling sort of fire she had become used to being burned up alive in.

    No, something had gone out of their relationship. Guy's foreplay had diminished as his desire for darkness had escalated, and occasionally she thought she caught him murmuring someone else's name. There was something not quite right about the whole thing when they made love now. It was as if he was thinking of someone else, mentally having intercourse with someone else.

    And now, the startling revelation that Jane Hammond – -of all people – - had discarded a normally frumpy personality through the inspiration of illicit behavior. It was something that bore thinking about, if only briefly. She had to know more.

    "No, I haven't taken offense, Dora," Jane looked up at her with sparkling, intelligent green eyes. "It's just that I would have thought that you'd be the last person to be capable of understanding."

    Now it was Dora's turn to blush and look down ungracefully at her coffee cup from that hard, sophisticated stare. Jane really made her feel like a country bumpkin all of a sudden, all thumbs and incapable of dressing properly. She touched a hand nervously to her hair. "Well, of course…" Then abruptly she decided to face the whole thing head on, and she looked directly, demandingly into her old school friend's eyes. "But just what do you mean by that, Jane? I want you to tell me exactly. "

    Jane smiled tolerantly. She gestured with a black-gloved hand. "But you know, dear – you and Guy seem to have such a good thing going, you probably can't comprehend that anyone might enjoy the sexual company of someone other than her husband. But it's true, believe me. It's very possible indeed."

    "But with who?" Dora couldn't keep the tremor out of her voice. This mental voyeurism was undeniably exciting. All kinds of lewd pictures formed in her mind of Jane with other men like Jack Hammond. In all kinds of positions…

    She gulped and something seemed to stick in her throat.

    But Jane only waved a hand airily, her lengthy cigarette holder with its king-size cigarette faintly reminiscent of movie femme fatales of the 1940's.

    "Oh, you'd be surprised, dear. But surely you don't want to know all of the gory details?"

    "Well, I…" Dora blushed again and looked down at her hands. This was the telling moment. Should she say anything further, or allude to her own sexual problems. Or admit her blatantly prurient interest in hearing whatever tales of sexual debauchery Jane might care to provide?

    She decided to take the plunge.

    "Yes," she admitted as frankly as she could, looking at Jane without flinching.

    "I would like to hear all the – as you put it – 'gory' details. Tell me more, Jane."

    Jane looked at her strangely, and she was aware that her voice had responded with a trace of over eagerness. But she didn't care. Her loins were vaguely uncomfortable, and a sickly sweet sensation pervaded them, as Jane finally launched into the amazing tale through which she had finally arrived at her steep descent from grace.

    Chapter 8

    "Well, you may remember, dear, how I used to be," Jane looked at her significantly. "Rather ungainly and ill-at-ease among people. A dutiful wife who wouldn't have dreamed of ever entertaining a naughty thought, let alone carrying on with another man."

    "Yes, go on."

    "Well, this was all well and good so long as there was no pressure for me to change. I performed – let's say I acquiesced – in all my sexual duties just as a good wife should and as I expected Jack expected me to."

    "What then happened?"

    "Let me finish. All right then, so there I was being the perfect demure little home help. And all the time it wasn't what Jack wanted at all!"

    Dora looked down at her hands. And maybe she wasn't what Guy wanted anymore, either. He was thinking of someone else. Where had she gone wrong? "How did you find out?" she asked quietly.

    Jane shrugged. "Well, there was no mystery about it – Jack simply came and told me." Dora's eyes widened. "He told you?"

    "Yes, my dear. He said quite bluntly – and rightly, too, I realize now from hindsight – that I was not satisfactory in bed, and that he wondered if I would like to make a new arrangement with our lives."

    "What – what did you say to that?" Dora breathed, mesmerized by the turn their conversation was taking.

    "Well, I was mortified by this amazing disclosure, but at the same time I wasn't quite sure what he meant. I asked him to explain – which he did by taking out a walletful of obscene pictures showing people photographed in the most bizarre sexual situations one can imagine."

    "Jack did that?" Dora gasped, remembering little Jack Hammond and his funny walk which was more like a waddle. Imagine, him, a sexual athlete! A debauchee!

    "Yes – and then he suggested that he needed only my agreement in order to gain membership for us in a very exclusive swap club which many of our friends on the North Shore already belonged to."

    Dora's breath was coming in primitive little pants now, her lust- infused breasts throbbing and heaving with emotion, her nostrils flaring, her loins all aflutter with something unmentionable. "You refused, of course."

    "Of course, my dear." Jane patted her hand. Then she shook her pretty brunette head. "But that wasn't the end of it, of course. Needless to say, I was shocked out of my prim little wits by Jack's licentious proposal, but once I had gasped out my instinctive rejection of it – as fascinated as I was by the photographs he showed me of swap club behavior – he was content to withdraw for the time being."

    Jane put out her cigarette after blowing one last smoke ring. Then she carefully removed the spent butt, dropped it into an ashtray, and dropped the cigarette holder into her handbag. She looked briefly across the table at Dora, who, despite the air conditioning in Cantor's, was feeling unseasonably warmish and shifting uncomfortably in her chair. Jane took another sip of coffee and went on:

    "But that was far from being the end of it. As you know, we have been childless thus far. Consequently it was not long before he was suggesting that we adopt a foster child. This seemed to me a civic- spirited suggestion, and I agreed, hoping that with a child in the house I could win back Jack's devotion."

    Jane smiled felinely as she remembered, and Dora wondered what irony it was that could produce such a strange smile.

    Jane continued, her eyes turning very smoky with remembrance, "Except that the child he selected was a devilishly good-looking Mexican boy of about fourteen.

    I was never sure about what Juan's problem at home was, but it couldn't have been his looks. Mmmm, he had dark flashing eyes with long jet black lashes, thick curly black hair all over his head that always seemed to be wet and shining, and that gorgeous olive complexion noted to Latin lovers. And his body was so gorgeous, Dora, you can't imagine. All lines and planes and angles and hard muscle and bone. A washboard stomach. Just like the sort of thing you imagine in a youth. He had the build of a high diver, which – heh heh – he was"

    A bittersweet, involuntary shiver rippled through Dora's sensitive sex- starved flesh and the triangular world of her loins swam with sensation. This was Jane, her good friend, talking, intimating that… oh my God… she didn't… not with a young boy like that… ohh…

    "Well, you can guess the rest. Before very long I became hopelessly enamored of Juan. I couldn't keep my eyes from his magnificently sexy body, or keep from eyeing that gorgeous young face of his, with its beautifully kissable lips.

    True, he was just a boy, and I was a mature woman, but this only made the attraction greater. Ah, I used to watch him walking out back to the pool, the pouch in his tight black swim suit really bulging with masculinity. After awhile I was snorting like a bitch in heat if he so much as looked at me.

    "Don't look at me with such dismay, darling. You've never had to live under the same roof with a boy as handsome as that. Believe me, if you did, you'd sing a different tune. In a few months time he had really gotten under my skin, and he knew it, because one afternoon he came home from school and right into the kitchen, where he pushed his hands under my armpits and just grabbed my breasts. Well, you know, I've got plenty in the tits department, and I almost swooned, honest to God. He squeezed my breasts and licked my neck and must have played with my titties for a good ten minutes before I could bring myself to push him away."

    "What – what did he say when you resisted?" Dora asked chokingly.

    Jane shrugged. "Oh, he didn't say anything." Then her eyes gleamed.

    "But then that night I heard him crying in the night. Jack was dead asleep, and I thought to myself, 'I've got to help that poor boy,' and I went to his room to see what was the matter. I thought maybe it had something to do with his terrible home life before he'd come to live with us. Anyway, I had scarcely sat down on the bed before he grabbed me and pulled me down into his wiry strong brown arms. Darling, what a kiss! The sheet fell away and he was naked underneath, and his cock was just immense! He had the most beautiful equipment I'd ever seen in my life!"

    Dora gasped and snorted. She could feel her cunt cringing as if a man were lewdly fingering it. The man's finger was still working its way slowly up inside, and she pressed her thighs tightly together. She wanted to say something, anything, but she felt as if she'd been struck dumb.

    Jane sighed. "Well, I guess I just lost my head. I started sucking on his beautiful young cock to beat the band, and in a matter of seconds darling I must have swallowed a whole mouthful of sticky sweet cum, darling. Mmmm, what a boy!" Her nostrils flared and her eyes rolled.

    "Then, of course, I was all the way gone. He sucked on my titties and then (she lowered her voice to a whisper) I fucked him riding up and down on top of him.

    After that he ate my cunt, honest to God, just licked it all out, and chewed on it, and stuffed his finger up my ass – - he fucked that later too – and then after that we tried a lot of different things. I tell you, with a teenage boy your staying problems are over!"

    "Staying problems?"

    "Yes, you know. A teenager hardly ever loses his hard-on. He can fuck you ten times a night and never notice it. After his fourteenth orgasm he might grunt and look a little tired, but he'll still go a long time, believe me. No early fainting like with the average husband. You do understand, don't you, Dora?"

    Dora nodded dumbly and gulped, her heart racing out of control beneath her heaving breasts upon which the nipples had already popped into hardened, sensitive life. "Yes, yes," she croaked huskily, "I-I understand."

    Jane put her hand over hers and smiled. "I knew you would, dear." She settled back and played with her platinum bracelet. "Of course, this is just the first part of the story – because after we had been fucking and sucking and licking for about three hours – imagine, I thought I was going in there only to comfort him, ha! – it turns out that Jack had been photographing us from the bathroom the whole while! Now I couldn't refuse to go swapping with him or he could blackmail me to our friends – but that didn't matter, anyway, because Juan had opened my eyes. It didn't matter that he'd been paying Juan all along and that it had been a put-up job. Now all I wanted was sex anyway. So we had a swinging menage a trois…"

    "A what?"

    "Menage a trois – that's French for triple fucking and sucking and everything else – and after that I was really prepared to go along with anything. I was hooked, believe me." Jane picked up her handbag and began rummaging through it.

    "Here, maybe I have some photos you could look at – you'll see what I mean…

    Now, where did I put those"

    Dora put a hand to her throat and looked around the restaurant with startled eyes similar to those of a partridge uncovered by a hunter in tall grass.

    Besides everything, Jane's lewd description of her fall from grace had set up a furious turmoil in the love-starved redhead's loins. Suck, fuck, all those filthy words she had been taught to avoid… fucking in the ass… oh God, this was dreadful… disgusting… and yet… and yet…

    "Oh, here they are," Jane gloated, taking the pictures out of her purse. She thumbed through them briefly, sighing nonchalantly, "Of course, these are mainly Polaroids from swapping. I see I don't have any of Juan. What a pity.

    Such a beautiful boy, too. Well, have a look at these, dear, and tell me what you think."

    A sharp steel band seemed to be cutting with evil pressure into Dora's forehead on a line just above her eyebrows. Her eyes widened until there was a full circle of white around the edges. Her nostrils breathed hotly, her mouth partly open, as she accepted the photographs and dazedly began to thumb through them.

    And there it was – the most ghastly scenes a middle-class mind could possibly imagine! Jane Hammond in lewd embrace with any number of strange men, being fornicated with their slick shining penises buried deep within the soft black curl-covered mound of her moist pubic hair, or her mouth wrapped around their penises, devouring, sucking on them… and her husband Jack was there too, having intercourse with some gorgeous young redhead, or brunette, or blonde, or … having his penis sucked by them… or sucking on their large, their medium, their small hard breasts… or licking tantalizingly between the glistening folds of their wide-splayed cunts…

    And then suddenly there was a photograph peeping out of the group so startlingly obscene in its display that it made all the rest of them pale by comparison. Dora gasped and put her hand to her throat, dropping the rest of the pictures to the table and floor. Jane exclaimed something and bent ungracefully to retrieve them. Curious glances were being shot their way from the other tables.

    "Jane… Jane…" Dora breathed brokenly, "what… what is that…" She held the photograph up limply in her trembling hand.

    Jane peered over and around at it, shuffling the other pictures and dropping them negligently into her purse.

    "That, dear? Why, that's Shep, the Carter's dog. You remember them – from Sunnyvale Avenue in the oak-tree belt. Handsome, isn't he?"

    Dora gulped. Her eyes fastened unbelievingly on the amazing scene in the photograph. So far as she could tell – as much as her middle-class brain cried out that it simply could not be true – her fiercely pounding heart was telling her that this picture depicted a real-life photograph, not a montage, of Jane Hammond being fornicated in her anus by a large, powerful German shepherd, its sleek brown coat shining, its long pink tongue hanging out of its smartly good-looking face, its forepaws mounted on Jane's bare milky white back. And once that had registered, the shocked woman tried to grasp the rest of it, for there was not merely naked Jane Hammond and the dog in the picture… for Jane was also sucking on a man's penis, very large and heavily swollen with blood-engorged blue veins, while still a third party – he looked like a twelve year old boy, very blonde and blue-eyed, was lying on his back underneath Jane's hanging breasts and sucking on one of them while he squeezed the other.

    Time seemed to stand still as Dora struggled wretchedly to classify the amazing scene that was so clearly catalogued before her in blazing Technicolor. Her mind and senses could not immediately grasp it. She stared at the photograph with the same fascination a rabbit shows for the hypnotizing cobra, and with the same concentration of mental effort. She struggled to analyze, to classify, to categorize, just what was going on. But none of it resembled in the remotest sense anything else she had ever witnessed in her entire sexual life, having been confined as it was to just one man, her husband Guy Donovan.

    Her breasts heaved with emotion, the triangle of her mature, hair- fluffed pussy felt as if it were being stabbed with tiny needles. There was Jane Hammond, the dog panting above and behind her, its long red penis shining with something sticky and wet as it obviously slid in and out of her nether hole or wherever it was – perhaps it was actually sliding in and out of her cunt, but with a two-dimensional photo it was hard to tell – the man's lust-inflated member all thick and shining with white milky cum echoing slightly from the edges of Jane's hungrily sucking lips… her long black hair falling out over-her back and sides… the boy sucking on her enormous breasts…

    Dora closed her eyes and felt slightly faint. Her loins were literally swarming with sensations both warm and honeyish at the same time. In another moment she felt as if she might swoon… and then it came… the abrupt tickling of her pussy by someone's insolent finger through the side elastic of her thin white panties! Only this time it was for real! "Why -Jane! What are you doing?"

    Jane smiled innocently from across the table, perfectly composed. A casual observer wouldn't have had any idea that her hand was beneath the table, one finger tickling maddeningly at the center of her friend's vulnerable pubic region.

    "Just seeing if you were turned on, darling." She withdrew her hand and placed it on the coffee cup with the other. Her index finger shone wetly at its tip where it had teased the lips of Dora's urgently seething pussy. "I see that you are." She bent her head slyly to the coffee cup, continuing to watch Dora.

    "Why, I…" Dora attempted to protest, but it came out very weak indeed.

    Jane's finger had pushed the urgency in her loins past the danger point. Her breathing seemed to be coming very fast. She glanced downward and found her breasts swelling very firmly against the ordinarily shapeless Monday dress, wondering why they were aching so – was it the intense erotic pressure generated by the lewd photographs Jane had so casually passed to her? Now her morning orgasm had been really totally forgotten beneath the heady onslaught of the urgent hedonistic sensations promulgated via Jane's Polaroids. And that dog – God! Despite her best control and intentions, the sight of the German shepherd's sex-slickened shaft impaled within Jane's nether cheeks was probably the sexiest thing she had ever seen.

    Of course, one occasionally heard people making jokes about human beings having relations with good-looking masculine animals like German shepherds, but she had always tacitly assumed that this was mere legend and talk. Dreams in the night – or nightmares. One thought of the horned-headed satyrs with torsos like men set on horses' bodies. And dogs, of course. Beasts of the field.

    But here, in Evanston? Wilmette, the North Shore? It seemed scarcely believable.

    "You don't believe it, do you?" Jane asked after an almost-tangible silence, leaning back in her chair and looking at her old girl friend.

    She smiled, "More to the point, you don't want to believe it – that a woman could really go out of her mind being fucked by a dog."

    Fucked by a dog. That phrase stuck heatedly in Dora's sex-parched brain. What would it be like… to actually have that bright pink-red penis sliding as slickly in and out of one's vagina… cuntal walls clutching hungrily at it … grasping it… as it passed achingly, agonizingly on through… And then she remembered… remembered what it was that had finally accomplished her orgasm with Guy that very morning. In the heat and anxiety of everything else, coupled with ever- present necessity of running the household, she had totally forgotten.

    But it had actually been the thought and remembered vision in her lust- craving head of their powerful pet brute fucking hard into that other dog in the park …

    "You can't believe that a woman could actually enjoy it, can you?" Jane was repeating, leaning across the table with her heavily rounded breasts ballooning out over the edge beneath her tight-fitting suit and sweater. "Can't believe how wonderful it would be to have a dog's penis inside of your cunt instead of a man's… can't believe what a wonderful, soul-rending shag it could be to have a dog fucking you… because a dog is the fastest animal alive, believe me… and once you've been fucked with one you don't want anything else… positively searing… in your asshole or your cunt, baby, believe me… I know… you don't have time for inhibitions or thinking about your position, or considering mentally whether or not you're enjoying it or going to enjoy it… because a dog won't let you… doesn't give you that kind of time… won't give you a single instant's respite… because he just keeps fucking you to beat the band without stop… faster than Guy… faster than anything you ever had in your life… reams out your entire soul… it's nothing you can implore or control… you have to either swim with it and enjoy it or go stark out of your mind…"

    Her lust-inciting words droned on and on. Dora felt as if she were being carried away on an inexorable tide of emotion. If this had been a strange man using such filthy words with her, she would have called for a policeman. But this was one of her best friends, Jane Hammond. She had known Jane ever since they were small girls together in kindergarten, when her name had been Jane Marshall. And now it was her beloved Jane mouthing these sickening – yet fearfully exciting – imprecations over and over and over… not some street slut, or some sex maniac, but ordinary, middle class Jane Hammond… uttering these obscene sexy phrases that Dora couldn't even bring herself to repeat under any circumstance… Jane Hammond, her beloved friend… a woman of good character and background her own age… of presumably the same needs and desires, the same satisfactions… a person of greater similarity could not be imagined… same background… same voluptuous body yearning to break free of the dreadful taboos and inhibitions which so wound up tightly their every day lives so that one could scarcely move, or speak, or think, or enjoy… Jane Hammond… who had been made love to by a dog, a huge menacing-looking German shepherd very similar to her beloved muscular and powerful Brute, whom she had loved ever since he was a puppy… and thereby indulging in the most obscene act that the mind of man – or woman – could conceive.

    Uttering a stifling little sob of indeterminate origin, Dora suddenly leapt to her feet and made for the door as swiftly as she could. Within her massive heaving breasts her heart pounded erratically like an African tom-tom, drowning her ears in sound. She had to get out – out – anywhere! But away from this terrible thing which was threatening to consume her, this dreadful itching and burning sensation in her loins which was half driving her out of her mind!

    Anywhere, but out! Away!

    And this was the sight that the shocked Jane Hammond saw as she looked after her swiftly departing friend as she moved like a voluptuous wraith among the unseen tables of Cantor's Delicatessen and finally out into the sunlit street, hurrying off at a frantic pace towards her car.

    A lushly proportioned woman with long russet auburn hair and flushed red cheeks, her shapely breasts rubbing in excited unrest against the inadequate confines of her thin spring shift. And that was the last she saw of her old friend.

    But Jane Hammond smiled to herself as she turned to finish her coffee and enjoy another long, lingering cigarette.

    Because she knew without a doubt what the outcome was going to be of all of Dora's frenetic activity and rush for the fresh open air.

    It was inevitable.

    Chapter 9

    For a long period Dora Donovan just drove aimlessly around, her thoughts a myriad confusion of various things. For one thing she just couldn't seem to sort out her violent sexual reaction to the photograph of her friend Jane Hammond in a lewd relationship with that powerful German shepherd, its slick pink penis thrust deep in her sex-slickened ass-cheeks. Yet obviously it had thrilled her.

    Dora sighed. It seemed scarcely credible that life could take such a turn.

    Conservative, shy little Jane. Out of a Jekyl-and-Hyde transformation, into the brunette Marilyn Monroe, sultry, sexy, knowing exactly what she wanted and prepared to do anything to get it.

    Dora looked down at her own voluptuous body, her breasts gradually subsiding from their uncontrollable excitement of a half hour before in Cantor's restaurant. She shivered involuntarily. What was wrong with her? She had the same sort of equipment as Jane. Her proportions had often been complimented and called beautiful by earnest swains – first when she was a teenager, and then later when, married to Guy, 'friends of the family' tried to put the make on her at the North Shore Country Club and elsewhere. Of course, she was always flattered by men's attentions, and not a little flirtatious and a bit of a tease in return on her own part. Still, she had never dreamed that she could get excited over anything except her wonderful husband Guy and his generously proportioned genitals.

    So with all of her own generously rounded contours, said so often to be 'made for love,' why should she hesitate to use them in order to find physical satisfaction and quench this terrible, heedless burning sensation in her loins?

    Why, indeed?

    Yet at the same time that was not something that one could calculate mathematically in a civil engineering way. So many tons of concrete make so many buildings and so many orgasms, and so forth. No, love and sex was something that had to come naturally, from the bottom of one's heart.

    The confused housewife looked around her. For some reason she had ended up at Eden Plaza alongside the big Carson Pirie store. She slowed into the parking lot after a careful left turn on Mannheim Road, then gradually came to a stop.

    Settling down cozily in the seat, she sighed again for the millionth time and took out a cigarette. She lit up and blew broken smoke rings; Jane's had been solid and perfect. So even there, she was no competition now.

    Where had she driven on this pleasant spring day? She couldn't remember exactly. Partly on Dempster Street after DelFarm, partly on the expressway. She couldn't remember exactly, because she had meandered quite a lot.

    If only she could figure out who it was that Guy imagined himself carrying on with when they had intercourse.

    But then that would solve nothing. There was, after all, no way of interfering with a man's thoughts if he wanted to think something.

    For that matter, she could be entirely mistaken about the whole thing; imagining it, and then her useless accusations might ruin everything.

    But she wasn't imagining her discomfiture and inability to achieve her usual heights of ecstasy. Whether Guy was thinking of someone else or not, or whether she was just imagining it, the fact still remained that her loins were becoming desperately unsettled.

    So why couldn't she do as Jane had done? Find satisfaction, anywhere she could.

    She was a human being and she had a right to it. Or was she going to have to go on imagining Brute every time she needed a climax?

    Just then a pedigree German shepherd passed in front of the car, held severely on a leash by a rather overbearing looking woman. For no reason she was quite sure of, Dora instinctively slumped down in her seat.

    The dog was just medium-sized. No match for her own dog Brute, of course, but there was a sort of sleek, masculine beauty about the way he held his handsome head on his strong, sturdy young neck.

    Automatically, Dora found herself looking between his legs for his "equipment.

    " Would they be as nice as Brute's was?

    The commanding woman guiding him opened the car door not far from hers.

    "Now, you naughty doggy," Dora overheard her say, "you must behave yourself.

    Mama won't tolerate any more of that fooling around with young wives in the supermarket. Am I making myself clear?"

    For answer – to Dora's amazement and excitement – the dog suddenly stuck its snout underneath the woman's dress and seemed to be nosing up inside there!

    Dora gasped and held her throat. The woman staggered against the car, seemed to have difficulty getting her breath, and giggled nervously as a schoolgirl. The woman looked around anxiously as well, to see if anyone was looking. Dora slumped down further in her seat.

    "Now, dear, you musn't do that! You know how that makes Mama feel! Stop immediately, darling! Ooooh, you dear you… but someone might be looking… hurry in the car dear and let's hurry home. Mama can't wait to get your big fat tongue on her juicy hot cunt! Now, get in the car!"

    Dora gasped again, choked nervously on something which seemed to stick in her throat, and coughed awkwardly. Furious sensations assailed her.

    She had to get home! A cold shower was just the thing! Somehow – anyhow – she had to break this tightly woven erotic thread which was threatening to strangle her in its rapidly closing vise-like grip!

    Reaching home at last, the unsettled young redhead put the shopping listlessly on the kitchen table and laid down her purse. Then she trudged slowly upstairs, brushed her hand in back of her neck and up under her hair. Without thinking, she strolled to the bathroom, closed the door behind her and began taking off her clothes.

    In another moment she was naked, and pausing to whirl before the various mirrors in the bathroom, she whipped her long dark auburn hair wildly about her milk-white shoulders. She cupped the heavy white mounds of her breasts in her hands and slowly, tantalizingly thumbed her nipples. What man could possibly fail to love those, she wondered? Guy had sucked on them for years without stop.

    Still idly rubbing her naked flesh, she found herself wondering if the dog she saw in the parking lot at Carson's ever sucked and licked at his mistress' breasts. She imagined his lengthy red tongue streaking out – sending fierce rippling shivers all through the woman's tingling flesh…

    Dora shivered herself. How had she gotten onto this? Thoughts of Brute this morning, then Jane's obscene – but fascinating – Polaroid snapshot, and finally the woman with that dog in the parking lot…

    An involuntary quiver of desire broke through the young wife's entire voluptuous body. Abruptly, as if drawn by a magnet, she pressed her fingers hard inside the swollen lips of her hotly tingling pussy with a soft moan of ardent surrender. Just as abruptly, she gasped and drew them out. She had to get into the shower!

    Occasionally as the needle spray – first hot then cold – prickled at her flushed and flaming flesh, she still retained some of that urgent desire, but gradually it tended to evaporate. Except for those moments when she unthinkingly soaped herself up between her legs as if to thoroughly wash out her cunt. Fortunately she managed to catch herself in time, however. She didn't want to fall into that obscene trap of masturbatory lust, and swore that she would resist it with everything in her.

    At long last Dora managed to regain some kind of control over her over- excited body. Turning off the shower, she stepped out of it and began narcissistically toweling her voluptuous contours, fondling her nakedly glistening flesh just a little more affectionately with a rough cloth than she should have.

    And then she heard it. A soft kind of mewling, partly pleading, begging, half-crazed under some sort of torment. A chill of primitive fear raced through her. What was going on in her house!?

    Wrapping the bath towel loosely around her breasts and buttocks, water still dripping from her hair-thick pubic "vee," she flung off her shower cap and raced into the hall.

    "Oooooooh, please… oh no… please don't… OH GOD!"

    It was June! In some kind of trouble! But where was she? Visions of a half-crazed murderer with her beautiful blonde daughter at his lecherous mercy raced through Dora's excited mind. She had to find her!

    "Darling… ooooooh that's it, lover… oh darling… Goooooooood… just slide it into me lover… ooooohhhhhh…"

    It was coming from June's bedroom!… But the words had altered so that now it was evident that June was not in danger – she was misbehaving, probably with some boy she had brought home from school! That little hussy! Dora would show her! Mortified by what she assumed to be twelve year old indiscretion, she hurried down the corridor to June's room.

    Seething with rage, June's mother paused before the door, through which she could hear the continuing and fiercely rousing sounds of young lust being fulfilled.

    "Darling… oh yes… that's it… oh darling… I love you… fuck me… darling…"

    Fuck her? Dora had assumed she had stumbled on merely a hot petting session, but this was too much. June was only twelve years old! At the very least she could have the decency to hold onto her virginity at least a little longer! But to do it right here in her own home…! Furious, Dora pushed open the door ahead of her.

    And froze with heart-stopping shock right where she stood!

    For there, in the middle of June's frilly little-girl bed, was her beautiful blonde daughter crouching on all fours, her long hair hanging forward around her face and down onto the bed, her ripely developing breasts brushing against the coverlet – while in back of her, accompanied by ecstatic mewling whimpers and sighs from both parties, was the family dog Brute, his heavy forepaws on her pale smooth back, his red tongue hanging loosely out of his mouth, as his huge, shining animal-cock slid with a soft obscene sucking sound in and out of June's tight little cunt!

    Dora clutched at the door, afraid for the moment that she was going to swoon away into a dead faint. This… this was too much…

    The bath towel fell away from her opulent flesh and her skin began to cool over-fast, covering quickly with goose bumps. Her glazed, unbelieving eyes fastened breathlessly on the amazing lewd sight taking place on her own darling little daughter's bed. She couldn't tear her eyes away. The lewd thought of this powerful German shepherd fucking into her naked and defenseless young daughter who was quaking on the bed with each violent animal thrust between her thighs, sent shivers of erotic sensuality coursing madly down Dora's spine. Yet her eyes glued to the lewd scene, unable to shift for a single instant. The evil fascination of June's depraved ravishment held her glued to the spot and unable to breathe, and up between her trembling thighs, the lips of her own vagina throbbed relentlessly, fast becoming gorged with blood and desire. Tiny pulsations of sensual need spread electrically through the small swollen bud of her clitoris and she bit her lower lip tightly to hold back the forbidden sensations which were now assaulting her aching loins.

    Could this really be her sweet blonde June, bent over so obscenely on all fours with their huge watchdog mounted on the softly spread rounds of her buttocks, his glistening penis sliding slickly in and out of her virginal vagina? Before her very eyes, that shining, scarlet instrument slipped in and out of the hot wet sheath between June's legs, occasionally pulling all the way out to disclose its dripping, tapered head. Then June would moan with lust and wiggle her buttocks back onto it. The tapered point slipped and danced in her hot, moist anal crevice as Brute jerked, trying in vain to bury his glittering penis in her hot young body once more.

    June looked back sobbing, oblivious to anything else except the intense need to recapture that lengthening shaft of animal hardness deep in her wanting cunt.

    Like a bitch in heat she bucked back against her pet, but the sharp cock-tip missed momentarily, then slid upward at a sharp, deadly angle, through her ass-cheeks, toward the snug little pucker of her anus. Then it righted itself and plunged deep, deep into June's pleading vagina, eliciting a cry from the helpless young blonde child that was partly agony and partly excruciated delight.

    Then Brute began fucking into her generously with great speed, his sperm-bloated crevice swatting softly underneath into her sensitive hair-fringed pussy crevice, rubbing against his twelve year old blonde mistress's tiny clitoris and drawing increased moans of lust from her lips with every last sway and nudge.

    The hot red glow of his jabbing penis contrasted sharply with the fevered pink flesh of June's passion-inflamed cunt, and watching from the doorway, Dora found herself unable to breathe, although she snorted hoarsely. Something was taking violent hold of her. It was as if she were the person being so furiously fucked by their handsome German shepherd… yes, as if she were the one who had Brute's powerful cock sliding oh so wonderfully in and out, in and out… of her cunt… or… or even her anus…

    Dora moaned and her nostrils flared, her fingers sliding purposefully lower across her belly towards the soft, tangled "vee" of hair between her weak and tremulous legs…

    The huge dog was bucking madly into her beautiful daughter now, although his eyes occasionally glanced at Dora. His tongue, shining with saliva, lolled lasciviously out of his slavering head. His huge cudgel looked bloated and much too great for June's tender virginal pussy to take, but there was no doubt that the twelve year old blonde was taking it, moaning all the I while with increased delirium with each wonderfully savage thrust. It slithered forward with a wet lewd rush until it was sunk to the hilt, Brute's hairy balls swinging below her passion-moistened pubic hair and slapping at her clitoris as if spanking her. A moan of tremulous lust broke from June's lips, and she moved rhythmically backwards to meet the loving thrust of the panting dog. As his forelegs trapped her wasp-like waist, she began to undulate her body and move her buttocks in licentious little circles, abandoning herself totally to the delicious animal fucking she was receiving from behind. When her face turned sidewise, it was evident to Dora that her daughter was really and truly in love enjoying this obscene bestiality.

    But then… could she blame June? Her lovely young features were so contorted with rapture from the delicious screwing the beast was having in her, and her soft-fleshed young breasts danced crazily beneath her writhing torso, moving in time to the dog's deep-skewering member as it slid far up into her from behind, a relentless hot poker of flesh burying itself deeply into her lust-churned belly.

    Dora's breath was coming in tight, sharply punctuated little gasps and the burning sensation bubbling in her stomach and breasts had expanded wildly in maddening intensity with each moment she watched her beautiful blonde daughter being ravished by her animal lover. Her naked flesh was fairly dripping perspiration in the musky, close room as her fingers began to wander, unheeded within the soft wet lips of her love- starved pussy. A trickle of perspiration ran down from her navel and became lost in the tight russet curls of her pubic hair. The moist, hair-lined flanges of her throbbing cunt felt as if they had been stuffed into a live light socket, they tingled so. She bit harder on her lower lip, but all control was swiftly fading.

    The aroused mother's forehead was covered with tiny sparkling beads of perspiration, and another trickle ran down the valley between lush, succulent full breasts, which felt ripe as tropical fruit in the middle of July. Her nerves felt shattered and her mind whirled with indecision. She knew that she must do something, but it was by far too late, for she knew as well that now her body and its mindless lusts had taken command, and pushed her brain with all if its stern moral compunctions deeply into the background. Her belly was tingling with electricity and she could feel the seeping wetness between her thighs increasing with each long moment she stood here watching. The blood was rushing in her ears like a mighty river unleashed through a break in an earthen dam. No feeling in her life had ever effected her like this before.

    Up on the bed, her daughter's obscenely swaying body moved beneath the savage onslaught of Brute's penile charge as he humped the kneeling girl without stop.

    And she appeared to have gone totally out of her mind now, moaning out lewd encouragement to him through fearsomely clenched teeth. She was begging the dumb beast to fuck her harder and faster and to spew his boiling animal cum deep inside her cunt. She was begging that she wanted to be filled to the brim with his canine sperm and that in her madness for him that was all that mattered. To all intents June appeared to be no longer even human, but just a quivering youthful mass of lust-deranged, sweating flesh pleading to be subjugated by the animal behind her. She was reveling in her humiliation before this furry beast, and grinding her buttocks back agonizingly against his hairy jerking body like a bitch in heat.

    Dora watched in abject fascination. Tiny rivulets of moisture were building in the curvaceous cleft of June's rotating young buttocks.

    They glistened and tiny droplets ran slowly down the backs of her thighs almost to the swelling half-moons of her well-shaped calves.

    And on the other side of the room, Dora's large, budding nipples tingled with aroused sensuality and her fingers were filling up with secretion from her sex-drugged vagina. Guilty pleasure throbbed and bubbled without pause through her seductive flesh without pause. Her eyes riveted hotly on June and Brute's unnatural coupling – her two children panting with furious unconcealed lust and devotion for one another. The flood between her thighs was sticky and warm, and she closed her eyes tightly and gave herself over completely to the rolling sensations of pleasure coursing so urgently, commandingly through her flaming loins. It was almost as if Brute were fucking her now, too… she could almost feel his penis hot up inside her, all warm and thick and slippery, rolling around… A gush of shame broke through her at the waves of indecent pleasure which had so effectively eliminated all impulse to move.

    God, what should she do? What could she do? This was sheer lunacy!

    Her own invading fingers probed lingeringly, maddeningly at the soft moist flesh of her desire-swollen cuntal walls. Her lust-moisture now covered the palm of her hand almost completely, and her own fingers moving in tight little circles inside her body was driving her out of her mind. The fire raging in her savagely contracting vagina was out of control by far. And the sight of her gorgeous blonde daughter being buffeted into the squeaking mattress by the huge German shepherd, being skewered without mercy, and loving it, was just too much for the sex- hungry mother to take!

    Then suddenly, up there on the bed, June suddenly began sobbing her heart out, twisting her head wildly from side to side to make her long golden tresses fly about her shoulders. And then Dora recognized what was happening.

    June was in the beginning throes of an orgasm. Which was why the ecstatic pre-teen was screwing her buttocks back on Brute's invading shaft with such frenetic greediness. With her honey-blonde hair flying around, she looked like a she-demon going insane for sex, as the giant animal's tongue lolled from his mouth and he fucked up between her quivering thighs from behind. Saliva dripped from his open mouth onto the cream-like expanse of her smooth young back.

    "Rip me! Tear me! DARLING!" June whined, ramming back wildly against the humping dog just as he jerked forward and Dora's eyes widened – because she could tell with heart-stopping certainty that now Brute was reaching climax, too. His haunches seemed to be shuddering, and then his cock was spitting white-hot semen in hard spurts deep into June's ardently clasping young cunt.

    Dora watched in drugged fascination from the bedroom doorway, her own fingers moving faster as June's shapely young buttocks began contracting uncontrollably, signaling the child's orgiastic upheaval deep in her quivering belly. The German shepherd's thick white cum oozed wetly and lewdly from her tightly clasping vagina squeezing desperately around his penis, then ran down the ivory columns of her thighs. Her buttocks glistened, displaying cum-soaked pubic hair and tender ravaged pink flesh as she suddenly pitched forward on her face into a lazy, post-orgasmic doze.

    Brute's deflating penis slipped from her mercilessly mauled passageway with a sucking noise that echoed lewdly through the panting silence of the bedroom.

    June appeared to be out cold, while her animal dominator stood above her wagging his tail with patent appreciation. In a final act of depravity he dropped his snout to her widespread thighs and licked at the sticky white semen oozing back out of her still quivering young cunt, gulping it down hungrily until she was licked clean.

    And then – and then he turned to look at Dora…

    Chapter 10

    Overcome with emotion, without even noticing what she was doing, June's mother had gradually slid to the floor, more or less in a kneeling position. Against her mental will, her hands and fingers burrowed down between her shaking white thighs and groped inside the throbbing moist mass of her pubic hair. Her legs scissored open on the carpet, and she fingered her own passion-wet cuntal slit, moaning soft and low with sensual anticipation of her own climax. The tips of her fingers drew the narrow hair-fringed furrow apart, exposing the blood-swollen lips of her palpitating cunt to the warm, overheated air of her daughter's bedroom.

    With a primitive groan, the aroused young mother sunk her middle finger deep into the little viscous mouth of her vagina. She held her breath, her eyes rolling ecstatically, her vagina feeling as if it were burning up and demanding much more than a single finger to feed its savage needs. Without hesitation, she inserted another finger, drawing her knees up on the rug with her buttocks waving high in the air. There was the creak of bedsprings as Brute leapt from the bed to the floor, and she crammed her fingers deeper into the secreting moistness of her vagina, her mind still full of lewd pictures of her twelve year old daughter's body locked beneath Brute's as his penis slid home and then out again.

    Dora rocked back and forth on the floor, driving her fingers lewdly in and out of her burning cunt with ecstatic little sighs. She could still see Brute's huge thick cock ramming its glistening way into June's tenderly clasping young vagina, sinking between her parted thighs like a massively thick red log. Now Dora's hands became that gleaming shaft of flesh, and her gasps began to match all the others that had broken from June's sex-drenched lips in the past few minutes.

    In her passion-crazed mind, Dora wanted only what her adolescent daughter had gotten. She wanted to be savagely split too, she wanted to be fucked, to use Jane Hammond's horrid word. Oh, how she wished Guy was here now pumping his own cum filled cock into her hot searing passage.

    But her thoughts weren't enough as her mind raced lasciviously. She had to have more… more… anything… in desperation she curled up, reached back over her buttocks, searched that hot wet crevice, and then tried frenziedly to stuff a finger deep into her small puckered anus between her shivering moon-shaped buttocks, gasping as in her haste a fingernail dug into the soft fleshy walls, sending a sharp jolt of pain through her quivering body. She stilled, panting for a moment, and then took up her fierce masturbatory rhythm again, now with lingers stuffed lewdly in both apertures. Her full firm breasts hung in shapely, joggling unrest off both sides of her chest, her nipples fairly bursting with life. "Ooooooh – oh – oh!" she cried, electric tingles racing madly through her passion-drenched flesh, her whole body seeming to vibrate under her demanding fingers…

    But by now, unseen to her in her mindless, hypersexed state, Brute had lowered his head to his helpless mistress' soft pink hair-covered pussy and was sniffing lustfully at the musky-scented flesh. The great German shepherd's tail wagged as his body trembled and his penis began elongating and tingling all over again, even though he had just finished with this woman's less than teenage daughter.

    Suddenly Dora moaned instinctively in terror as the dog's cold nose made contact with her tiny puckered anus and the index finger she was furiously fingering it with. She tensed and groaned as she felt his tongue licked wetly up and down the crevice around it. Her finger came out swiftly with a moist lewd sound, and then the tip of his tongue was trying to burrow into the outer fleshy anal ring.

    "No – Brute – don't!" she tried to protest, attempting to scissor her disintegrating legs. "I don't want it! I don't need it!"

    But in this particular case, the dog appeared to know better than his mistress, for as she tried to squirm away, the German shepherd raised his head and growled dangerously. Then he began greedily lapping the narrow pink slit between her thighs. He ran his tongue wetly the full length of it, from the tight-closed little pucker of her nether opening, up over the fluted, pink edges of her cunt and over the tiny sensation-bud atop her quivering pubic mound. His great tongue spread through the soft, hair-covered swelling like a knife through soft butter, flicking relentlessly between his beautiful mistress' widespread legs, and stopping only sporadically to curl its way deeply into her seething loins. Dora jerked spasmodically, groaning under the lash of that maddening tongue, squirming before her handsome pet as he lapped and sniffed at her aching pussy. She shuddered and gasped at the onslaught of purest ecstasy which seemed to be shaking her out in all her nerve endings from head to toe. In addition there was the delicious frozen chill elicited by the thought of doing something so wonderfully forbidden, of letting her dog lick her like this. Dora writhed with a combination of ecstasy and agony as Brute's bestial tongue cleaved her sexual crevice so flamingly in two.

    Now her awkward frightened moans were changing to something more like soft, urgent mewls of pleasure – pleasure that she did not want to give in to, but which was so deliciously illicit – pleasure that she had intended to struggle against… but that slithering thick tongue, licking so hotly and without mercy at her burning cuntal slit, was forcing her to enjoy it regardless of all moral considerations.

    Suddenly she raised her trembling hands, moaned something unintelligible and indecisive – then dropped them to grasp Brute's earnestly working head!

    Uttering a savage animal sob, she suddenly kicked her legs back and up over her head, dragging Brute's snout forward into her well-lubricated, pleasure-churning cunt. His enormous tongue thrust up the moist passageway like an attacking lizard, ravishing her upthrust loins without mercy. Wild, incoherent groans burst from her agonized lips, pleading with and encouraging the dumb animal who was salivating between her writhing upturned buttocks.

    Brute worked like the savage beast he was, the rutting lust of the wild and his devotion to his voluptuous russet-haired mistress driving him on…

    By now Dora was so intoxicated with rapture that she was heedless of everything else in the world. Her mouth hung open in enchanted ecstasy as she knelt there before her own pet – her glassy, lust-smoked eyes stating up into nothingness as the powerful animal lapped hungrily at her hot wet loins. She could not remember when she had been so happy.

    The dog's thick wet tongue ran like fire the entire length of her sexual crevice, above which her rapidly rising and falling belly fluttered as if filled with a million butterflies. The moist red slit of her vagina felt as if it was being drenched in sweet honey. Each fresh flick of Brute's magnificent tongue imparted a fresh torment. The dainty pleasure-button of her clitoris felt as if it were being teased by lightning, and had expanded into hardness just above the stretched pink opening of her cuntal entrance.

    Brute continued to snake his wet tongue maddeningly over the quivering little nub of raw nerves at the peak of her steaming pussy slit. Dora's body jerked with each electric contact and her legs clamped tightly together around his furry head, the soft inner thighs imprisoning his snout in a vise-like grip.

    Then her hips began a slow up-and-down movement in rhythm to the probings of his slavering tongue, while all the while endless groans mingled with soft animal mews of sheer pleasure from between her fiercely clenched teeth. She was trapped in a mindless fit of uncontrolled lust and her upper torso writhed like a belly-dancer's.

    Her body seemed to be squirming out of control, twisting lustfully after the depraved lapping of her burning loins. Hopelessly, Dora surrendered to the nerve-shattering lickings of that dominating animal tongue within her moistly flaming pussy.

    "Oh God," she groaned helplessly as the tantalizing licking dominated her entire being. She screwed her pelvis helplessly back onto his snout and worked it around in small little circles, sighing all the while at the delicious animal tonguing that was taking place at the very entrance to her soul. There had never been anything in the world like this urgent feeling, nothing else in the world but that fiercely lashing tongue which was sending her upward into such majestic heights of ecstasy. Dora reveled and wallowed in this lewd tingling joy until it seemed as if her body was going to explode into a thousand fragments. Her vaginal passage felt as if it were literally on fire.

    "Ooooooh yesssss," she hissed, enslaved. "Lick me, darling. Lick your mistress!

    Help me! Faster, darling, oh faster!" she begged, gasping for air. She was approaching orgasm and her body had become something animal and no longer resembling anything human, with her enormous fulsome breasts, swelled and hard and throbbing with blue veins, tossing this way and that, her dark auburn curls shaking all over, her pelvis grinding upwards into Brute's furiously lapping tongue while she held his pointy ears and tried to draw his snout right up into her cunt.

    Then suddenly Dora began to feel the tide of sensation rising towards orgasm.

    Beginning deeply in her fluttering belly, the very hopelessness of her position and the debasing ravishment of her flesh was bringing tiny ripples of fire dancing through her tattered nerves. Tantalized beyond belief, she felt her loins begin – at last – to hurtle outwards like a bright ball of fire towards an almost impossible climax. And then her insides were erupting in bright white flashes, and she felt and saw the cum gushing from the walls of her vagina and out over Brute's hyperactive snout until his very whiskers were dripping with the obscene wetness. A never ending stream of pleasure seemed to blow outward through her shattered nerves until she wanted to shriek and shriek and shriek for joy. She groaned as her orgasm flooded his handsome face in great sensual waves of cum, seeping warmly from her vaginal lips and down the insides of her quivering white thighs, the feeling so indescribable that she felt as if she must be dying from pure pleasure. The whole of the moaning mother's loins felt wet and used beyond belief, as for one long moment she shuddered with joy on the brink and in the middle of that most joyous orgiastic moment, and then screamed, jackknifed her legs twice, and fell forward on the bedroom carpet into her own soaking perspiration, tears of heavenly relief rolling from her tightly clenched eyes.

    Guy Donovan shook his Chicago Daily News in his big hands, and occasionally glanced distractedly out the window of the evening commuter special that was carrying him from Chicago's downtown northward to the North Shore. Not long ago the Chicago amp; Northwestern had attached a drinking car to its commuter trains, but he did not feel in a gay enough mood for the bar. He was so preoccupied with other things that he was sure he would snap at anyone he met who tried to be friendly. And trouble was the last thing in the world he wanted just now.

    Guy sighed and finally folded up the; newspaper, brushing his large hand back through his dark curly hair. He looked out the window at the swiftly passing city, a city of large factories, tall buildings thrown up with total disregard of all other human considerations save the central one: The making of money.

    Here and there tenements dotted this masculine, factory city, and there were parks. Off to the east there was the pleasant skyline of high-rises mingled with the shining blue of Lake Michigan. Between the two lay an endless range of white sandy beaches, more so than strangers to Chicago might ever have expected, surfeited as they usually were on a diet of gangster stories from the "city of the big shoulders."

    Guy Donovan looked glumly at his hands. They were large hands, the backs of which were fairly inundated with dark black curly hairs. The morning had not gone well.

    For one thing, he had been almost continually distracted from the very beginning. Starting with the first hour that morning, when he hadn't been able to put his maturing young daughter June out of his mind for a single instant.

    He had fumbled through his paperwork, and behaved distractedly with his secretary, and finally when the girl from the typing pool had showed up for their usual 10:30 tete-a-tete, he had been unable to imagine that it was anyone other than his voluptuously beautiful blonde daughter. As the girl had knelt between his legs and sucked so clingingly along the entire thickness of his throbbing hot penis, with her long blonde hair cascading over his half-naked loins and lying softly off against the insides of his legs, it was easy to imagine June…

    June, with her soft, pliable little-girl lips, her far-from-little-girl breasts, her long, honey-blonde hair wafting along his legs…

    Yes, it had been easy to imagine. And then when he had shot into the teenage typist's furnace-like mouth, and seen his milky cum bursting the confines of her still hotly sucking lips, it had been all too easy to imagine those were his daughter's lips, June's lips, June's fluttering dark eyelashes and deep blue eyes, June's pale silky hair… June's buttocks so well-formed and partly upraised… God, what a delightful suck she'd been! His own twelve year old little blonde girl with her sweet little tits and well-curved fanny… and no doubt with a soft sprinkling of golden hair all over her virginal young pussy …

    Guy averted his eyes and leaned his head against his hand. He had to stop thinking of her like this! The whole thing was getting altogether out of hand.

    Furthermore, he was deeply convinced that Dora was beginning to suspect something.

    There was nothing that he could actually put his finger on; rather it was something he merely sensed very strongly. And then often when he was fucking her he had to bite his lip to keep from crying out June's name… maybe he had voiced it already.

    Which was one thing the girl in the typing pool had over Dora – she didn't care whose name he cried out when he blew his boiling hot semen down her throat. He had been able to press his hands freely into her peroxide yellow hair, cursing out: "That's it, June! Suck big daddy's cock! Swallow my cum, baby! Suck me off."

    God forbid he ever uttered a word of that in front of his wife, though!

    And not that the business with the eighteen year old typist had really satisfied him. No, far from it. Afterwards he had only daydreamed about his twelve year old daughter all the more and what it could be like fucking her, and so on. He really had to get a grip on himself, because then during the Minnesota Mining conference in the afternoon the boss had insisted that he looked so distracted that he might be ill and should take the rest of the day off.

    So here he was on the 3:34, heading northward ahead of almost everyone else.

    His papers packed up in his briefcase in case he could get some work done in the evening. His chest seething with an obscene desire that he dared not name – an unnatural lust for his own daughter!

    But then how could he help it? June was so unearthly lovely. She was so sensually developed for twelve. Her breasts were high, wide apart and shapely.

    No normal man could keep his eyes off them. And when she fluffed out that long blonde hair over that hourglass figure… coupled with her invitingly soft pouting expression that a man could think only of kissing and in connection with nothing else in the world… lust was the only word to describe what a man had to feel, even if that man was her father!

    He stared glumly out the window of the speeding train. Still and all, he knew very well that his feelings flew in the face of every taboo known to man.

    Still, he would challenge anyone not to feel something with a daughter of such gorgeous plenitude wandering around the house, sometimes temptingly half-naked.

    There wasn't a father anywhere who could help but feel affected in some way.

    Guy shrugged. All this incest bit was just a lot of bunk. But then, thinking it was bunk and doing something about it were two different things! At least for him.

    So where did that leave him with his beautiful blonde daughter June? It was true that he desperately wanted to fuck her, but there were too many obstacles.

    For one thing, she would probably be horrified, even though she was a little prick-tease. Teasing was natural among burgeoning young girls; they were just exercising their sexual prowess.

    But that didn't necessarily mean that she wanted to ball her old man.

    For another, such an adventure would probably twist her psychologically. And for another still, there was his wife Dora, to think of. Prim but statuesque Dora. If anything ever happened in that house between himself and June, and Dora learned of it, all hell would break loose. Their comfortable marriage would be destroyed – and he truly loved his wife – June would probably be sent to a foster home, there would be a nasty scandal that might cause him to lose everything – job, marriage, home, the works – and Dora would probably have a nervous breakdown.

    No, the ramifications were altogether too plain. Despite the terrible urge he felt toward his lovely blonde daughter, he would never be able to satisfy it by sinking his cock into what must be the healing warm balm of her undulating young cunt. That would never happen, could never be allowed to happen. He would just have to go along eating his heart out until this infatuation wore off.

    But how could he forget the twin beauties of her two youthfully budding breasts, heaving as they always seemed to be doing, full and round and aching to be sucked?

    He closed his eyes. He had to forget. He had to forget at all cost.

    And so the train rolled on, carrying him northward, his body warming in this urgent resolve to behave himself however much it might tear him apart. He gazed out the window and watched the trees, factories and houses of Chicago passing along the Chicago amp; Northwestern line.

    And so it was that Guy Donovan arrived home approximately two hours ahead of schedule, alighting easily, his newspaper curled up under his arm as he set foot on the platform at Central Street in north Evanston.

    He walked to the stairs somewhat distractedly, considered moseying down to the drug store for a chocolate soda and rifling through some magazines, but thought better of that, and instead went right up Railway Road in the direction of Isabella Street, where the Donovan home sat in leafy arboreal familial essence beneath tall poplars and oaks. The wind whistled pleasantly through these enormous trees, and as he made his way thoughtfully across Railway Park in the direction of his heavily-mortgaged house, he found his loins beginning to stir with tremulous anxiety as he considered that if Dora had gone out shopping for the afternoon, he might indeed come upon June at home alone.

    And his stride picked up faster.

    Chapter 11

    June stumbled down to the kitchen for a cooling glass of milk, her mind benumbed by the shattering orgasms she had endured on this historic afternoon.

    Totally unable to think of anything else in her mindless, slavish devotion to hedonistic reveries, she had come downstairs completely naked, her passion-wracked breasts heaving with burning emotion. This had been the most beautiful afternoon of her life. The exhausted twelve year old slumped down wearily onto a kitchen chair and let the cooling white liquid run down her throat, trickling its way south into her burnt-out loins. She couldn't remember when in her life she had ever felt so relaxed.

    And to think, that Brute had been here the whole time! The whole time she had been worried, confused, distraught, and playing with herself out of sheer frustration, this magnificent animal – the perfect lover – had existed in her very house, under her very nose, the entire time.

    She shook her pretty blonde head, blowing some cornsilk-fine strands out of her face. In the kitchen window across from the breakfast table, she could see her reflection. Her developing breasts appeared to have grown larger since that morning. God, they felt so tingly and hypersensitive.

    This was the most beautiful day of her life.

    So she sat at the table, sipping from the cool glass of milk, her mind dwelling endlessly on the events of the last few hours. All of her previous life had evaporated into nothingness before the soul-devouring onslaught of her magnificent canine-inspired climaxes. She could scarcely remember anything else. Over and over she re-lived this wonderful afternoon – his lapping of her burning young cunt, then his skewering of her tender virginal passage, not once but three times!

    June shivered with sensual delight. She could not believe that anyone else had ever endured such wonderful mind-bending orgasms. She had felt like a star bursting in the heavens.

    And then her mother…

    She closed her eyes and smiled. When she had left Brute and her mom, the enormous German shepherd had had his forepaws on the moaning woman's back and was furiously fucking in and out of her wildly clasping pussy from the back.

    June had thought it the sexiest thing she had ever seen. Her mother with her long dark auburn hair undone and falling out over her back, her sensual red mouth open in one long drawn-out groan, her long dark eyelashes fluttering sporadically from the depths of her lightning-charged emotions, Brute's thick red penis slipping in and out through the curly russet hairs between her legs, gleaming slickly, the dog's long tongue panting and slavering over her hair and back.

    June grinned. She didn't suspect she was going to have any difficulty ever again over getting anything out of her mother… in a sense they would now both be Brute's concubines. She knew that word from some history of the middle east they had been studying in school. Sheiks had concubines in their harems, and now she and her mother would belong to Brute in the same way. It certainly seemed like a wonderful idea. He was absolutely dreamy. What teenage boy could ever compare to him? So masterful, demanding and dominating. Brute didn't let you get away until he had got what he wanted. And he demanded the ultimate, without fooling around. He didn't settle for less. That was what made him so especially wonderful, and appealing to her.

    June pressed her firm young thighs tightly together, the lips of her dog-ravished cunt closing together in a kiss all their own.

    She took both her nipples in her fingers and gazed down at them. Who would have believed such extravagant thrills could have pressed through these two small electric buttons from Brute's furiously lapping tongue? It had all been a wonderfully ecstatic dream of fulfillment. She had never felt anything so nice in her life. Her cunt began to tingle now even as she relived their devastating experience in her passion-dazed mind. Her mouth watered as she remembered sucking on his delightful penis, which had seemed to be both hard and tender at once. And then the delicious flames of hot viscous liquid had come shooting out … to be swallowed and gulped down…

    Suddenly the screen door on the porch rattled.

    Daddy! Oh God! Where could she hide?

    June looked around hurriedly. There was the tiny broom closet, but after all there was no future in that because eventually she would have to sneak upstairs and get her clothes. She surely couldn't stay there overnight, either.

    Maybe she would run.

    But it was too late now anyway. She gazed at the door totally immobile, as if she had been struck catatonic. In another moment daddy would be coming through that door, and she had to think of what to do.


    "June! But, my God, what are you doing sitting around like this?"

    Guy Donovan stared with eyes blazing at his daughter's voluptuous proportions.

    His nostrils flared and his penis began to swell with blood as he gazed on them. His mouth filled with saliva, and despite his best intentions he couldn't help but imagine his tongue and his fingers and his cock over and around and into every last opening of her milk-white flesh.

    Caught off guard, June decided to be brazen. If there was ever going to be a chance for it, this was it. She had often wanted daddy's big hard penis ramming deep inside of her starving cunt, and if she could manage to get him upstairs to see what her mom – his wife – was doing with their dog… then there would certainly never be a problem with her mother over anything she and daddy chose to do…

    All this reasoning flashed through her pubescent brain almost instantaneously with her father's appearance, for she sensed that now the chips were down and this was the only chance she was going to have.

    She was going to have to try to go for broke and seduce him.

    And there was another angle to it, too – if daddy came upon mommy being fucked by Brute, a horrendous scene might ensue, and daddy might even go get his gun …

    Well, she couldn't bear to see her mother killed, and somehow it didn't seem fair, just as they were on the verge of such magnificent happiness.

    So it all rested with her. If she could seduce daddy – and this might be her last chance – then everything would be all right. Otherwise, there was just no telling what might happen.

    So she smiled and looked at him from under half-lidded lashes. She sipped her milk, then put the glass aside and thrust her breasts forward so that he could see clearly all of their shapely beauty.

    "Oh, I don't know, daddy. I must have taken a nap, and then I came down for a glass of milk. I'm dreadfully sorry I forgot to put anything on.

    You don't mind terribly, do you?" And with this she stretched luxuriantly so that the alluring young mounds of flesh on her chest swayed and trembled enticingly.

    Guy Donovan gulped, trying hard to control his rampant lust. He watched as his beautiful blonde daughter blew some satiny blonde hair out of her eyes, and noticed again for the umpteenth time the sexy sweep of her long yellow hair. It fell down her back almost all the way to the cleft in her buttocks, thick and rich with color, flowing more like a lion's mane than a human head of hair belonging to a twelve year old girl.

    He tried to say something, but his voice only croaked hoarsely in the small kitchen.

    "Don't you like me, Daddy?" she asked suddenly, fluttering her dark lashes above her deep and sexy blue eyes.

    Donovan gulped again. He couldn't think of anything to say. He felt he should say something, anything, however. Even though this was the sort of erotic dream every father secretly longed for, he still felt that he should be showing some umbrage…

    "June," he croaked awkwardly, "really, you'll have to get something on… uh … that is… you can't just be sitting around like this…"

    Her sultry eyes fastened humidly on his, and then she slowly stood up.

    His eyes held on hungrily to Venus-like roundness of her beautiful breasts, then darted momentarily to the smooth oval features of her immature girlish face, and glanced breathlessly at the soft line of sparse blonde pubic hairs that moved up across the gentle swelling of her healthy young belly, and finally he looked all the way down her nicely shaped legs…

    My God, he thought, she's breath-taking!

    A helpless wave of lust swept over him, and there was a sensation of vertigo, as if he were falling from a great height. And then suddenly June bent -specifically for the purpose of providing her father with a more erotic display – and picked up a napkin that had fallen from the kitchen table. Her breasts swelled forward in the air, her long blonde hair trailing everywhere, and there was the most enticing display of her smoothly shaped young buttocks, out of which no man could help but want to draw handful after handful of curvaceous flesh, smooth, creamy, and white… he wanted only to dig his fingers into those lushly swelling ass-cheeks…

    The twelve year old vamp stood up abruptly and brushed her hair back, her breasts shaking from side to side. "All right, daddy-poo. If that's really what you want me to do… I'll go upstairs and get dressed…" June looked at him.

    "Will you come and help me, daddy darling?"

    He tried to grunt something, but it came out unintelligible. There seemed to be something caught in his throat. He felt his penis expanding, growing larger, harder, filling with blood, becoming sturdy like the trunk of a tree… he knew that the bulge in the front of his trousers was probably giving him away, but then on the other hand he couldn't bring himself to care, either…

    Seeing that her dad was struck dumb by her beauty and unable to answer, June merely smiled and whirled around, dancing over to the stairs. Now he would be better able to study her wasp-small waist, the sexy flare of her opulent hourglass hips, the two exotic dimples in either of her ass-cheeks…

    As he watched her dance away, Guy felt as if he were strangling on her pure blonde loveliness, which was dizzying in its effect on all of his ardently exposed senses. It was as if his body were covered with hypersensitive antennae, each one catching fiercely erotic signals from that voluptuous turn of his blonde daughter's naked body. She danced up the stairs a little way and he reflected on the head-turning quality of her shapely young calves, and those long legs of hers, so smooth and soft… just right for wrapping tight around a man's pistoning hips.

    "Are you coming, daddy?" she asked, turning at the top of the stairs, her blue eyes flashing, her long honey-colored hair whipping back over her shoulder.

    Donovan choked, then nodded dumbly. He wanted to protest, but he felt as if there was a long thin rope traveling outward through his rapidly hardening penis which extended up the stairs and was being held wrapped in her tiny hand.

    It was impossible to resist. She was too unimaginably lovely. He would have to take his chances with Dora arriving untimely.

    For the moment all he could see was this gorgeous twelve year old blonde flesh of his seductive offspring.

    He had to fuck her, if she would let him! She had him hypnotized now.

    And so he followed dutifully after her, up the stairs, like an obedient puppy.

    Upstairs, if he could break from looking at her voluptuous young body, perhaps he would attempt to escape and regain control. For now, he could only obey.

    June sensed his indecision and she knew that she had to hold him at all cost.

    Her little plan had worked thus far and she'd been terrifically successful, but if he got his senses back together, there might yet be some violent reaction.

    And then there was mother to think of. Mother, who even now was probably having the life fucked out of her by their sex-crazy family dog! If daddy saw her before he was fully in June's power, he might snap out of it, come to his senses, and then all hell would break loose. She would have to retain control of him every second.

    And to think – at last – at last she was going to feel his enormous cock plunging upward through the hot moist confines of her ardent young cunt -after dreaming about it for so long! His balls slapping lewdly into the sensitive cleft of her buttocks! June felt a sharp intake of breath as she considered this. This was what she had really hoped and planned for all this time – getting daddy to fuck her. Yes, that was what she wanted and she wasn't ashamed to think it. She could even use that sexy, dirty word in her head. She kept thinking it over and over again, considering it… daddy's big thick rod plunging in and out of the clinging wet walls of her pussy…

    Donovan trailed up the stairs after her, watching her fleshy young white buttocks joggle from side to side. What if he had misjudged and she was merely teasing? He might be making a terrible fool of himself.

    And then there was Dora. Where was she, anyway? The whole thing was fraught with dangerous implications.

    Yet on the other hand he felt incapable of doing otherwise. There was no other way – he would have to play this thing out to the very end and see what transpired.

    And then finally they were at the top of the stairs and on the landing.

    Donovan followed after her, after that beautiful long blonde hair falling into the crevice of her nicely dimpled buttocks, his breath coming raggedly. And then June paused at her bedroom door and turned to face him, her tantalizingly heaving breasts fairly glowing with rosy desire, her nipples stiffened with desire like succulent little cherries. Her father's mouth watered further and his nostrils flared.

    She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen in his life.

    June fluttered her eyelashes demurely. "Come here, Daddy," she murmured delicately as a faint breeze on a mild spring day. "Come here and help me dress." Her long slender fingers turned the doorknob and the door clicked slightly open.

    Guy gasped. "Uh…" But his feet moved inexorably forward. He felt lost now, whirling headlong downward into a boiling molten pool of heady sensuality. And then suddenly he was standing next to her at the door.

    "My, daddy," she whispered abruptly through her sultry parted red lips, her delicate hand darting out to trace fondly the enormous bulge in his pants. "My Daddy. Daddy, you feel so good… so nice and hard…"

    He shook his head, speechless and almost without breath, unable to think or talk. What – what was she going to…?

    Guy felt as if his eyes were going to explode out of his head. This… was… oh Lord…

    "Do you want me to take it out, daddy?" she asked sweetly.

    Teeth chattering stupidly in his head, he nodded dumbly, snorting with pleasure. And then her fingers were there, cool and grasping, pulling on his cock, pulling it out, her fingers all over his raw, exposed nerves.

    "Oh, Daddy," she breathed ecstatically, suddenly sliding to her knees, one hand moving tantalizingly down the entire length of his body, and then suddenly it was out, all of its rigid male hardness, and Guy Donovan's eyes rolled up and backwards into his skull. He groaned and pressed his fingers into the glowing soft blondeness of her beautiful hair… and then there were her soft red lips folding around his cock… right there in the hallway… a tongue licking out, licking the cum off the tip of his hardness, licking all around his trembling, throbbing penis, and then she was sucking mindlessly… mindlessly … taking his cock all the way… deeply… deeply… into her beautiful throat …

    "June… oh, June… daaaaarling… ohhhhhhhh…" And his head strained ecstatically backwards, deliriously happy… … Just as June's foot nudged the door of her bedroom open and Guy's eyes, glancing, were able to catch the two partially inhuman creatures who were so ardently coupling there on his beautiful young daughter's bed…

    Chapter 12

    His eyes blazed. Jesus! It was Dora! With Brute fucking frantically in between her thighs from behind! Pumping away into his beloved wife's vagina with furious animal desire!

    "Dora…" he gasped weakly. "Wha…"

    But by now his daughter's mouth was all over his cock, sliding up and down its thrusting hardness like molten rubber, clinging delightedly, undulating, sucking like big warm, wet cushions up and down his fiercely pulsating rod of flesh. He could feel her tongue tickling so hotly, like a burning electric spear, at the top of his testicles, licking at the hair there, then working back upward again, wrapping lizard-like around his throbbing member.

    Her hands came up to cup his balls affectionately, hefting them and squeezing them as she sucked. A soft moan of joy escaped her lips around the blood-engorged shaft in her mouth as she fondled her daddy's testicles. They were so big – oh my – daddy was certainly heavy and large down there. She imagined that he would probably shoot pot-fuls of his precious sperm down her hungry throat in another moment. And so she sucked all the more lovingly, as above her, Guy Donovan appeared to go out of his mind with lust.

    Jesus, he thought, his mind reeling from this bombardment of physical and mental sensuality. This was the most fantastically sexy moment he'd ever endured. The sight of his beautiful auburn-haired wife, her full firm breasts hanging voluptuously down to the bed, her long hair askew, as their powerful German shepherd so brutally used her, was positively mind-bending. He couldn't remember when he'd ever seen anything like it. He'd heard stories of such behavior, but he'd never actually believed such things happened in civilized societies. Yet here it was, that savage animal hardness actually working in and out of his wife's welcoming cuntal passage, her face pressing the coverlet as she managed from moment to moment to make small ecstatic sighs which could leave no doubt in his mind whatever that Dora was enjoying it magnificently.

    And then there was his daughter, his beautiful little twelve year old blonde girl, on her shapely knees and sucking him off with such debauched abandon that Boccaccio would have blushed. Her mouth was warm, soft and fluid. It was like stuffing one's cock into an open mass of lust-heated honey…

    The desire-crazed businessman laid his head back and closed his eyes, the onslaught of sensation altogether too much for him. Her mouth sucking and nibbling and licking at his primitively throbbing penis was what he had wanted for so long… to fuck her in that beautiful soft red youth mouth of hers… feel her tongue… lick her tits… eat her… God… he couldn't…

    Oh God… oh God… oh God… oh God.

    He could feel the pressure of boiling sperm building in the twin vats of his testicles, cumming now… spilling over the top… there… there… racing down the long dark tunnel of his cock…

    Guy's pelvis jerked forward and he groaned, clutching his daughter's long blonde hair tighter in his hands. Parental fellatio, incest… thrilling…

    He had been primed for this for so long that he didn't require many sucks at all. Pure ecstasy shot through every fibre of his wildly jerking body, and then his cock was spurting its illicitly fired semen down her earnestly swallowing throat by the barrel…

    "Darling… oh honey… my little girl… oh God… suck me darling… oh … swallow daddy's cum… here it comes darling… oh… oh honeeeeeeee …"

    His body seemed to shudder all over and he clutched her swiftly bobbing head for support. Milky-colored cum echoed out through the sides of her furiously swallowing mouth, dripping down her chin and sticking wetly against her lovely young throat. It seemed like an eternity before he had discharged all of it, all of the mighty sperm-pressure which had built over these last many months.

    He groaned, jerked, and finally came out of it panting for breath.

    At last. He had fucked her. Fucked her in the mouth. For some reason he had never felt happier.

    And as he rested against the edge of the door, June stood up, rubbing her fulsome young breasts all over his perspiring body. "Did you like that, daddy?" she asked as she kissed him, her mouth wide open, her tongue surging like a baby whale right to the back of his unsuspecting throat.

    He hesitated a moment, then groaned and kissed her back, wrapping his arms tightly around her lush blonde body. Now he could think of only one thing -sucking on those delicious young breasts of hers. He broke awkwardly from the kiss and bent his head, taking one cherry-tight nipple into his mouth and sucking ecstatically as his free hand gripped and squeezed her other naked breast. This was wonderful. He would love to do this forever.

    But June had other thoughts on her mind. Now for the grand finale. She wanted both her wonderful daddy and Brute fucking her at once. That was only fair, after all she'd done for them. She hoped they wouldn't be jealous…

    She ran her fingers through his thick dark hair as her father continued to suck ardently on her super-sensitive breasts. He had nice curly hair, and his penis had tasted every bit as wonderful as she had expected it to.

    "But don't you want to fuck me as well, daddy?" she whispered demurely down into his ear, licking it slightly.

    Donovan shivered involuntarily. "Huh?" he muttered dumbly, his mouth popping off her breast momentarily.

    "I said 'don't you want to fuck me?'" she breathed hotly into his sensitive shivering ear, and he could feel his penis begin to jerk and bob, with renewed desire, still protruding from the open fly of his trousers.

    Yes, that was exactly what he wanted… he wanted to fuck her… at all cost …

    Groping to his feet again, his breath coming ragged and unevenly, he slid his arm around her tiny waist and stumbled with her into the bedroom.

    Brute was still furiously fucking Dora, while she moaned dementedly: "That's it, fuck me, doggy! Go Brute go! AH! OH! DAAARLING!" And worked her hips backwards onto his invading rod of instinct-hardened dog- flesh.

    Guy blinked. He didn't care any more. All moral umbrage, indignation, propriety, had fled in the hot light of what he was doing with June.

    His sultry blonde daughter smiled sweetly and turned him around, slipping his suit coat back over his shoulders until it fell to the floor, undoing his tie as she licked hungrily at his throbbing neck, then opening his shirt and pushing her cool slender young hands inside onto his chest. She pushed the shirt off and it fell away, then she bent her head and took one of his hairy nipples into her mouth, sucking on it ravenously as she palmed and fingered the other one. Donovan groaned and pushed his fingers into her long golden hair.

    And then her hands were working at his trousers again, unbuckling them, pushing them down with his shorts…

    "Ohhh, I forgot your shoes, papa." She slid slowly down to her knees, her tongue licking along the entire inner length of his hairy, trembling legs. Her blonde hair slapped teasingly around his legs as she moved, and her soft breasts rubbed along too in a follow-up motion.

    Her father groaned and sighed, his eyes shutting and his head rolling backward.

    Then she was unlacing his shoes and slipping them one after the other off his feet, removing his socks, and finally making him take off his trousers and shorts.

    She reached above her and fondly squeezed his massive hard-on with lewd anticipation of what she was about to do. He groaned and she smiled, "You do have another big one, don't you, Daddy. But we'll have to fuck here on the floor, is that okay? Because Mama and doggy are fucking on the bed."

    Donovan nodded hoarsely. He gazed down at the sparse yellow pubic hair between her legs, and the soft seeping little slit that nestled so modestly within. He wanted her more than anything in the world.

    June smiled. fluffed her long golden hair and shoved out her breasts.

    "Then get down on the floor, Daddy. Your darling daughter wants to ride on top."

    June had a plan, and besides she was tired of being underneath with her legs spread. She knew just how she was going to do it with Daddy, and Brute, too!

    Donovan lay down obediently, his hypnotized face that of an automaton who could not do other than respond so to the syrupy sweetness of her baby-blonde voice.

    His lust-inflamed cock had grown to amazing proportions and now waved in the air over his naked loins like a tree about to be felled, enormous and pulsating with thick blue veins and blood-swollen ridges along its entire length.

    He gazed longingly at her large, firm young breasts as they swayed so sensuously above him She was positioning herself above him, her legs widespread so that he could see clearly the tiny passion-slick split between her legs with which she intended to house him so thrillingly.

    His hips jerked involuntarily upward and he searched the air for her virginal cunt. June's long blonde hair flew around her shoulders and the desire-peaking mounds of her breasts danced hypnotically over his eyes. He could see the slender wet opening between her legs coming down… down… down… and then…

    "Ooooohhh…" There was a sharp whoosh of his breath as her cunt suddenly, swiftly, slid all the way down over his thick upstanding rod to the bottom.

    Donovan closed his eyes mindlessly. He had ceased to exist excepting within the tingling confines of his throbbing hot cock.

    Her vaginal muscles wrapped around it, undulating' wetly, lovingly, and then she was up…

    "Oooh," he breathed. "June… oh darling… darling…"

    June's eyes gleamed. At long last she had her daddy's heavenly penis locked incestuously tight inside her burning young pussy. Now she looked over at her bed, where Brute had just now slid his rapidly deflating cock out of her satisfied mother's wide-splayed cunt after squirting in yet one more hot load of viscous animal semen. Her mother lay exhausted and unable to speak or move, flat on her cheek, her tongue hanging out as she panted raggedly, but the huge German shepherd, ready for still more, looked over at June.

    "Come here, sweet handsome," the twelve year old coquette cooed to her pet as she rode up and down on her father's thrusting male hardness, and Brute slid over to the edge of the bed to lap obscenely at her nakedly dancing breasts with his long red tongue.

    "No, not that, sweetheart," June giggled joyfully, riding up and down, her breasts bobbing, her father groaning beneath her as she worked her fat warm vaginal muscles up and down over his slick blood-hardened cock.

    "I mean your penis, darling. That's what I want." She opened her mouth and made a warm sucking noise with it. Brute looked at her, blinked his eyes, and moved down off the bed, the bright pink head of his penis beginning again to peek out of its furry sheath.

    "That's it boy. Now hurry, over here!" A groan of sheer pleasure escaped June's lips. This was her daddy's wonderful cock she was fucking, and it was every bit as wonderful as she had imagined it to be in her dream. She rode him furiously up and down, wildly working her newly initiated cuntal muscles, the crevice of her buttocks spreading out wide against his hairy legs on the downstroke.

    But she wanted desperately for them both to cum in her at once, for that could only be the ultimate thrill.

    "Hurry!" She was making it, cumming… if that dog didn't get it into her anus fast…

    But finally Brute was there, humping up behind her on his haunches, his bright red penis jabbing at her buttocks. She shook her blonde hair out of her eyes and exulted lavishly as she reached around behind her to grasp his sex organ in her hand and guide it toward its obscene little target.

    For precious, interminable seconds the thick beveled tip of the huge German shepherd's penis slipped and danced in the narrow crease of June's crazily bucking buttocks. Then with one vicious, instinctively timed thrust, the dog drove it home through his young blonde mistress' tight-puckered little nether ring.

    "Oh God, oh God," she gasped in sudden pain. "Oh God, I didn't think you were so big, Brute darling. Take it easy."

    But there was no respite for the twelve year old blonde vamp who had slyly engineered this whole lewd incestuous tangle. Yet she didn't mind one bit. Her brutally skewered anus soon adjusted to the hard animal thickness slicing fluidly in and out of her ravished rectum, and June could concentrate fully on the wild, double fucking she was getting from the two males who mattered most in her young life And so her father fucked into her cunt from below, working his pelvis around in lewd passion-spiraling circles, groaning and sighing, and Brute jerked his hips in a fierce staccato-like thrusts so that his penis moved like a piston in and out of her hungrily clutching anus.

    June felt as if she were in seventh heaven. She groaned and whimpered ecstatically, her blue eyes rolling up into her head as she ground her hips down hard against her daddy's trembling body, working up and down his cock with the fury of one possessed and living only for sex.

    And they were there, the two of them! Searing male cum pouring into her from both ends, great endless flowing blasts of it! Hot sperm from Brute spitting deep into her tightly sucking rectum, and boiling jets squirting from her daddy's dream-fulfilling rod of flesh high up into her crazily spasming belly.

    "Oh God, oh Daddy, oh Brute, I'm cumming too!" she whined. "Oh you dears, I'm cccuuummmiiinngg!"

    June swooned. She had never been happier in her life. And then she could feel the atomic explosions begin to break out throughout her entire loins, one right after another. She jerked and began screaming.

    "NO! NO! NO!" and seemed to be fighting off an imaginary attacker. And then, bathed in sweat, she collapsed over her handsome daddy's exhausted body, her vagina gushing a great flood of cum all over his cock, balls and hairy belly.

    For a long time the four of them seemed to doze unceasingly, awash in a somnolent sea of sensuality. Dora felt as if her vagina had been reamed by a pile driver. It ached and twinged with the slightest movement. Her anus and rectum were also burning, even though she could only remember with sheer hedonistic pleasure how wonderful it had felt to have Brute's swift red penis working with such lightning speed in and out of her clenching nether passage.

    All of her loins and rectum seemed to be in flower, opened outward towards the sun. It was as if her insides had burst into a thousand bubbles and they were floating lazily off into the stratosphere.

    Guy, bathed in perspiration, was dazed and hallucinating in a daydream which consisted solely of sun, sea, sand and sex. There were myriad dancing girls with long black hair, blonde hair, platinum, and orange hair the color of ripe orangy rind. He was screwing all of them in this wonderful dream, changing images, just barely aware that he was half- awake and only dreaming.

    Brute also dozed fitfully. Then he snorted, his eyes shut, and occasionally licked a fly off the end of his cold wet nose.

    June, her warm, fleshy twelve year old body still crushed against her father's hard hairy one, was sighing endlessly. It seemed as if all her dreams and Christmases had come at once. She was happier than she had ever been in her entire life. She opened one eye and looked up at her father's handsome dozing face. How she loved him. But then she loved Brute, too, now, and she wanted to know forever the agony and the ecstasy of having both of them fucking her simultaneously. She would never let them go.

    She held herself up slightly so that her softly mounded breasts swung out over Guy Donovan's face and then she pressed one of them into his face so it ballooned fleshly. Giggling, she looked over to the bed. ›From this position she could see her mother. Dora Donovan opened one eye and smiled at her. Then her mother whispered, "He's good, isn't he, dear?"

    June smiled, her eyes all lit up. "Daddy has a very big penis," she said.

    "You can't get your hand around it. Did you – did you like him fucking you, dear?"

    "It was heaven, Mama. I thought I was going to die from it."

    Dora sighed tiredly with happiness and closed her eyes.


    Dora opened one eye again and said, "Then you can have him whenever you want, dear. If that's what you want. Brute made me so happy today I thought I was going to break into a million pieces, and in a way I owe that to you."

    "Did he fuck you nice, Mama? Did you like it?"

    Dora smiled. She couldn't think of anything else to say. With both Brute and Guy fucking her, she was going to be the happiest woman alive on the North Shore.

    "I liked watching him do it to you, Mama. But best of all I liked it when Brute fucked me in my ass and I rode up and down on Daddy."

    Dora smiled. "I enjoyed watching you do that, too, dear. So let's make a pact.

    You can have Daddy whenever you want, and you promise not to get jealous over Brute and me. Okay?"

    "Okay, Mama! That's a swell idea!"

    And so that day a pact was born. And outside their window, on Railway Road, the trains hooted for the rest of the afternoon and evening, as the new Donovan family, including a German shepherd named Brute, experimented with couplings that were unknown in any railyard.

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