The missionary_s daughter


    Her father was a missionary stationed here in Senegal, and Julie gave her faith all the belief and obedience she could. Yet sometimes as she stared at the fringe of trees around the house in which they lived and tried to imagine how deep was the jungle beyond those trees, she could not help wondering about the strange Gods who inhabited the shadows there. Her father was busily preaching against something, and he referred to that something as the pagan Gods of the people, so there was something, all right, she reasoned. Yet the people to whom he preached never mentioned any names or rival deities. Daranje Kawat she had heard of, but that was the name of their king. Daranje Kawat her father said, was jealous of God and therefore, against the preaching the Reverend Davenport did. There were times when Julie Davenport entertained some very pagan suspicions, like the one that King Daranje Kawat really had a right to his kingdom and that maybe the Davenport's strange white God ought to stick to his own territory, but she supposed such thoughts emanated from the jungle, a way the mysterious pagan Gods had of fighting back.

    So in a way, it was no surprise to Julie when one night a coarse snicker broke through the darkness of her room and a coarse hand covered her mouth. The pagan Gods had come. She was half asleep, which accounted for her superstitious thoughts. But she was also half awake, which accounted for the fact that her curiosity overcame her terror, at first. Her startled eyes stared into the face of a black man who looked vaguely familiar, but it was too dark in the bedroom to see well. He was not alone and easily spirited her out of the room, out of the house, and through the jungle before she could become aware that it was really happening. They gagged her mouth but seemed to know there was no point in blindfolding her. After all, if she did manage to escape from them, it would have been suicide to try to find her way back along paths with which they were apparently familiar, but which she certainly could never find.

    After her first hazy reaction, Julie was, of course, terrified. Her body went utterly limp and she may have passed out. There was no way for her to tell. It was as dark when she was unconscious, if she was, as it was when she was awake. There was no seeing the stars from in the jungle. The branches and foliage and leaves were far too thick. Her captors moved with the stealth of big cats, and she couldn't even count them until suddenly they came upon a little clearing and a road she didn't recognize. Then as they bundled her into the oldest automobile she had ever seen in her life, she saw for the first time that there were four of them and that every last one of them was a member of her father's congregation!

    "Dear God, please, oh please," she screamed at them when the one called Balloo took his hand from her mouth to shove her into the back seat of the car. Even in the dark, she could see Dawak peering stonelike through the opened door. He seemed to stare directly into her wide, terror stricken eyes for a long, long moment. His face was impassive and unchanged. And then, even as she struggled with the last of her waning strength, she watched in uncomprehending disbelief as the black face, still expressionless, slowly closed the door and switched off the flashlight.

    Someone then grabbed Julie by the neck as they thrust her head first so that she fell face down across a lap. Then Balloo leaped on top of her, pulling the door closed behind him. Now everyone was inside and ail the doors were closed and the car roared off with a squeal of tires. Julie's eyes were wide with terror, and her mouth twisted with a soundless scream that was choked silent by fear somewhere deep in her throat.

    "We got her! We got her!" a hot excited voice came from the driver's seat. It sounded like Kubby. He seemed to be shifting into another gear and roaring off on the bumpy dirt road.

    "Take it easy!" Dawak shouted. "Thees thing break and then what?"

    "You have to put it right," Kubby explained impatiently, now shifting into another gear to illustrate his expertise with the old automobile. Julie wanted to tell him he could slow down and stay in a lower gear. She kept cracking her head on someone's bony lap. But she could not speak.

    Now she felt a thick muscular arm circle around her and another harsh callused hand press into her face and over her mouth until her lips ached back against her tightly clenched teeth. She could feel the black man's excited breathing as he pressed her closer to him to keep her from screaming. A pungent animal smell of sweat came from his clothes and seemed to permeate the whole of her own gasping breath. The odor was horrible. She recognized the smell of the gooey bark the natives were always chewing.

    Tears of helpless frustration filled her eyes as suddenly the obscene orgies that the natives were said to indulge in crossed her helpless mind, and she sobbed a bit hysterically as the grim realization came that she too might soon be filled with the cruel hard flesh of one of these horrible rapists who had kidnapped her out of her own house.

    Oh, God, she prayed silently through the pain of her helpless position. Don't let this happen to me. Don't let it happen. Let them remember all that my father taught them, please!

    Suddenly Balloo pressed tighter down into her from his position and stretched over the full length of her back. She was still groaning softly but her body was limp as though the life had been crushed from it. She no longer struggled, but she moved her face slightly away from the loins of the body where it had been pressed. His hand clasped against her face, following her every movement to insure that she would not scream, although who would hear her in the middle of the jungle was difficult to imagine. Then she remembered that the natives knew nothing of sound waves and thought that at times sound could travel much farther than one could actually hear it with the naked ear.

    Julie could feel Balloo's loins pressed tightly into the curve of her asscheeks from behind where he lay over her back. His face was pressed into her hair, and she winced slightly, in spite of the pain throughout her body, from the stale odors of the bark and a sort of alcohol that the natives made, also from bark and certain pulps. They seemed to have been drinking a lot of the stuff. Maybe that explained their reversion from her father's teachings back into more primitive behavior, she told herself. In that case, as soon as the effects of the alcohol wore off, she would engaged, but now his strength was returning, and Julie could feel the whole of his body squirming down onto her with an impatience that frightened her. She tried to move again but could not. The pressure of the man's arm around her neck and face and the weight of Balloo on her back held her pinned tightly to the seat. Her knees were hanging off the edge, and she could feel him sliding down her back until his hardening loins were pressed tightly against the soft flesh of her ass. She moaned her protest into the hand over her mouth as she felt his knee inserting between her legs and prying them relentlessly and cruelly apart. She fought, but there was no stopping him.

    On top like that, he had the leverage, and soon her inner thigh muscles tired as she felt them being pushed slightly open. His hardened lust-bloated prick, trapped painfully under the tightness of the trousers he wore pressed hard and intimately into the upraised junction of the soft underside of her thighs.

    The car was still bumping along the rutted road, and Julie was abruptly aware of some other activity going on inside. Then she felt Balloo pull his loins back slightly from her upraised ass. He kneeled up on the floor and reached over the back of the front seat to take a bowl. A husky gurgling sound of deep-throated swallows filled the car above the soft roar of then old engine.

    "Damn the devil water," Balloo chuckled and Julie became aware not only that they were still drinking their home brew but that all her father's warnings were falling on deaf ears. Balloo had used a serious expression of Reverend Davenport's making fun of it. "Dawak, take," he said to the black man holding Julie's head.

    Dawak laughed drunkenly and lifting her head, reached over and grabbed the wooden bowl, coughing loudly after his last swallow. She could feel droplets of the foul-smelling liquid falling to the back of her neck as it dribbled from the corners of his mouth. The bowl was then passed to Kubby, the driver. The bowl made several rounds and several pauses for refilling by Enhar who sat next to Kubby and had some kind of cask between his legs.

    "Hey you, what about the bwana's daughter?" Balloo suddenly laughed as he passed the bowl to Dawak. The natives had always used the "hey you" expression with great mirth. In fact, the natives always laughed a great deal, at the sacred as well as the profane, her father always said with despair. As a child, Julie had enjoyed the rollicking laughter of her black friends until her father taught her that it was the devil's own laughter and evil. Lately, she had begun to secretly question her father's judgment, but now, under the circumstances, it looked as though the reverend were right after all.

    Dawak now laughed drunkenly and lifted Julie's head from his lap by the hair and thrust the bowl to her lips. She clenched her lips tightly shut in a vain attempt to ward off the terrible tasting and incidentally evil substance, but he pressed harder, forcing her mouth open. The hot burning liquid sizzled down inside her, and she coughed to keep from choking. But with each cough there was a further pressure on the bowl forcing more down the narrow confines of her throat.

    "Hey you," Enhar chuckled from the front seat. "It is our thing you must drink like we must drink your father's good thing for work."

    The other men laughed with Enhar.

    "Is that not so?" Balloo asked, letting her raise her heads obviously expecting her agreement.

    "No," she said definitely.

    "And why not?" Balloo asked.

    "Your good is foul tasting," she said.

    "Your good feels foul in the flesh," he answered her. "It is living as an empty cloud instead of as a man!"

    Julie was thunderstruck and not quite sure what he meant. She knew that the natives considered the clouds to be heavenly vessels empty when white and filled like a bowl when dark with rain.

    "You are good like an empty cloud, Missa Julie," Enhar explained although it was difficult to know whether he was serious or being silly because they laughed at everything.

    "Yeah," Kubby contributed from the driver's seat. "We good like a cloud heavy filled with svench."

    "We don't wish to be empty clouds, Missa Julie," Balloo took up the explanations, and they all burst out laughing again, and the bowl went around. Svench was what they were drinking, Julie thought she remembered. That was not their word for rain.

    Julie found as the bowl went around that she had no choice about drinking. The men chortled loudly as she swallowed defensively so that she could breathe. It always seemed like all eternity before Dawak passed the bowl onto Enhar and Kubby, but with each further round she was forced to drink her share. At first, it almost made her sick with each gradual bit forced down her, but it did begin to deaden her feelings. She found herself almost wishing it would be her turn again each time the bowl left her mouth. Soon it began slowly but perceptively to deaden her sense of dread, a dread of what was almost certain to come.

    In fact, between his turns at the bowl, Balloo let his hands play over the smooth rounded corners of her ass behind her, and in spite of the deadening effect of the alcohol, she still tried hopelessly to squirm away.

    "Hold her, Dawak, before she jump!"

    And Dawak's hand came down hard on the back of her head, pressing it harder into his loins until the bowl came around their way again. She could feel the car turning and slowing down because the new road was even ruttier than the last one. This was really rough and rocky, and with each bump they hit, she could feel the hardness of Balloo behind her buttressing deeper into the open unprotected crack of her ass. She knew he could feel her quivering beneath him and had faint visions of what his black leering face must look like as he held her warm white throbbing body in front of him to do as he willed. The obscene helplessness of her positions coupled with the warm dark liquid they had forced down her, caused a strange crazy fluttering deep inside her stomach. It intensified with each time Balloo moved his loins behind her and the contact became more sharp. Her face ached slightly, and her throat was bone dry.

    "Where are we?" Balloo breathed heavily, his hands cupping the round firmness of her ass beneath the thin veneer of her now torn and soiled nightgown.

    "At edge Canya," Kubby volunteered. It was meaningless to Julie but Balloo snorted gleefully.

    "Pul… oull thees up," Enhar slobbered drunkenly, trying to catch hold of her nightgown with one hand and his head hanging over the front seat. A weird unnatural glint shone in his eyes as they roamed over the figure of the helpless, kneeling girl in the back seat.

    "I gotta fuck her now," Balloo hissed with a coarse impatient tone to his voice. From the obscene nature of his language, Julie realized that they had to be reading exactly those books from the port that the Reverend Davenport warned them against.

    "Best to wait," Dawak objected.

    "No waiting, no waiting. I must fuck her right now or my balls will explode like the milk pods," Balloo intoned hoarsely as he felt the softness of her ass grinding back into him in her fruitless efforts to escape.

    "Hang on to her, Dawak," he muttered. "I will pull up this night dress."

    "Fuck her now," Enhar stuttered excitedly. "F… fu… uck h… her now!"

    Julie, through the pale of forced drunkenness, squirmed hard against the black native's clinging hands, but the slow seductive movement of her asscheeks, crushing back into the hardness of his loins, only succeeded in sharpening his desire for her. She sobbed into the hand covering her mouth and broke away from it with a jerk of her head.

    "Oh, God, please don't! Don't do that to me!"

    Dawak's rough hand clamping down hard over her mouth cut her piteous supplications short again. Further muffled cries were choked back deep down in her throat until only slight broken grunts of anguish could be heard coming from her flaming nostrils.

    Balloo reached down to her knees and jerked at the gown bunched beneath her on the floor. There was a low tearing noise as it suddenly ripped loose, fanning up the full length of her firm full thighs and up over the rounded white panty-covered fullness of her asscheeks. Balloo gasped and wriggled it over her hips to the narrow indentation of her waist. All the while Dawak held tight around her neck, his eyes bulging as each voluptuously smooth portion of her white body came further into view.

    "Pull it up over her head," Balloo coughed excitedly at him as his trembling hands caressed the lust-inciting nakedness of her inner thighs. His nostrils flared in undisguised desire as his fingers coursed over the smooth silky softness of flesh where they joined her torso. He pinched her ass, momentarily delighting in the further groans it brought from her lips as she screwed back against him in pain. There was only a smooth narrow band of cotton lying between them now, bunched tightly in the crack of her ass, and even in the dark interior of the car, he could sense more than see the silken tufts of her pubic hair protruding from beneath the tight elastic of the legbands. The rounded globules of her ass stood brash and exposed to the lust-crazed eyes of all but Kubby, who still hung tensed over the wheel as he maneuvered the car skillfully down the rough dirt road toward the unknown destination. Julie was half wild with fear now. Even the deadening effect of the alcoholic svench could not protect her mind from the horrible truth of the sin that was about to be imposed on her. She was going to be raped.

    She knew there was little chance of escape because sex was the one thing her father had little success in imposing a taboo on among the natives. They could not understand or accept the idea that there was anything evil in sex. It was so common all around them that they literally looked around whenever the Reverend Davenport brought the subject up and then stared at him with blank faces. Yes, she would be raped by a vicious gang of natives who thought and acted like animals and, as far as she could understand, had little compassion or feeling toward her or any other human being. Her asscheeks quivered convulsively from the terrifying thought of what her fate was surely to be in a few short minutes. There was nothing in the world that could save her now. Her fate had been sealed the moment she saw the first flicker of a shadow in her room, and there was no way to turn the time back now.

    Oh, God, if only her father didn't feel that he had to save the dark continent of Africa for his God! A thousand "ifs" rumbled through her tortured mind disconnectedly when suddenly she was jerked back to brutal reality by the touch of Balloo's hands running up the sides of her almost naked body. He rounded them over the luscious flare of her hips for a moment and then slid them slowly and harshly down to the slimness of her waist above her panties. Her skin was naked there, and she trembled as his breathing almost stopped behind her. She felt as though his eyes were boring right through her body as the heat of his hands traced a path just behind their leering gaze.

    "Where is the light?" Balloo asked. "I wish to see thees better."

    Enhar got the flashlight out of the glove compartment. Africans were no different from Europeans or Americans, Julie's father often moaned with despair. They easily absorb and learn about the machines and scorn the morals and spiritual values. Now Enhar worked a modern machine to light up an ancient immoral act. Thin lines of spittle drooled from his face as he hung over the front seat, his eyes gleaming in vicious desire. Kubby, behind the wheel, glanced over the seat and muttered something under his breath, then tromped down harder on the gas, shooting the car forward at a greater speed for an apparently smooth enough stretch of road.

    Julie groaned as she felt a hardness from Dawak's crotch rising under her cheeks. He had followed Balloo's instructions and pulled the nightgown over her waist and up to her neck where it bunched in a wrinkled ring of useless cloth. Now in his excitement, he was roving his hands over her back that was bare from the shoulders down. The smooth velvet softness of her skin was broken only by the thin strands of hair that laced across her back and the flimsy nightgown-panties that stretched tightly over her asscheeks. She could feel a small wet circle of seminal fluid seeping through the crotch of his pants from the hardness of his blood-engorged prick. It felt warm and sticky against her cheek, and as she tried to move her head away, he pulled his hand from her back and pressed her face tighter into his crotch until she almost lost her breath. He locked her head in position with one hand, while the other continued to rummage over her back, his fingers working clumsily at the clasp of her nightie at the neck.

    She gasped as Dawak gave another pull at her nightgown so that the two mounds of her soft resilient flesh came completely free and into direct contact with the leather of the car seat. Her nipples immediately sprang into a defensive hardness, their tiny budlike tips throbbing from the sudden exposure to the coolness of the material. Dawak wasted no time. As he gaped at Balloo's hands coursing hungrily over the rounded soft spheres of her ass, his own hand slipped around the side of her body, following the deep crack where her tits curved out from her ribs. He cupped the full round ripeness of her right titty and squeezed it momentarily, bringing a groan from Julie's lips. Still not satisfied, he proceeded to pinch the small rubbery nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He rolled it tightly between them with a lewd grin on his face as he felt her face squirming with greater strength now trying to dislodge itself from his crotch. He continued to knead and pinch at her tits with an ecstatic intensity until he was harshly interrupted by a loud threatening rebuke from Balloo.

    "Hey you! Son-of-a-bitch! Son-of-a-bitch!" Balloo shouted an obscenity, a colorful example of the language every people seemed to pick up first, Reverend Davenport was fond of pointing out.

    "I am for thees, too!" Dawak replied defensively.

    "Not first like me!" Balloo stated flatly.

    Julie was almost amused by their use of the language but then she remembered that what they were doing was fighting over fucking her, and that rather removed the humor for her. She saw Balloo's eyes gleam with inflamed desire as his shaking hands smoothed up the sides of her quivering body and cupped the tits underneath. The flashlight only revealed things she preferred not to see and cast eerie shadows around the moving car. Julie wished they would put it out, but she was afraid to say anything.

    Balloo pulled and squeezed at her tits harshly for a moment. It felt as though he were milking a goat. Then with sudden impatience, he drew his hands down again to the elastic band at the top of her panties. He hooked his fingers into the cotton and with a slow methodical certainty, began to peel them down over the curves of her virgin hips.

    Julie Davenport jerked as she felt the last of her protective clothing being removed from her almost nude body. She had laid almost dormant from paralyzing fear all this time as they clawed and kneaded at her helpless body, but she knew this was the point of no return, and if she didn't resist with all her strength now, there would be no hope. Even death, she thought bitterly, would be better than losing her virginity to this horrible group of wild animals who had her at their mercy. With this thought racing through her mind, she gave one more final effort at escape and rolled from the seat to the floor of the car. Her sudden movement caught both Dawak and Balloo by surprise, but they both reacted violently and quickly.

    "Pull her back here. Pull her back here!" Balloo shouted as they struggled with her flailing arms and legs beneath them.

    The battle lasted only a minute as the greater strength of the two black men gradually won, and she was pulled brutally back to the kneeling position on the seat with her face again pressed tightly into Dawak's loins. Her tits ached as they were squashed hard and heavy into the leather.

    "Hold her down!" Balloo commanded. "I'm really going to fuck her now!"

    Julie, trembling in abject terror, heard the harsh metallic sound of a modern zipper being opened in haste behind her and then felt the warm smooth pressure of his hardened cock pressing against the tender backsides of her thighs. She could feel its stickiness where the wet hot seminal fluid seeped from its large inflated head. With his hands on her hips, Balloo pressured them up higher off the seat then pressed his knees tight between hers, and in one swift downward movement, peeled the white flimsy cotton panties from the half moons of her ass. When the material caught at the junction of her belly and thighs, he gave an impatient jerk, ripping them into useless threads. Then he laughed, holding the tattered remnants up in the air, and then pushed them mischievously tight into the face of the enraptured Enhar, hanging in excited concentration over the back of the front seat.

    "Smell that sweet stuff," Balloo chortled at the crazed gaze that flickered through Enhar's dark eyes.

    "Heeeyyyyy youuuuuuu!" Enhar crooned and without warning thrust his hand down over the back of the seat with a swiftness that caught Balloo off guard. The force of his unexpected movement pushed Balloo back a little, giving his hand complete access to the warm wet juncture of Julie's upraised ass. She jerked forward with a desperate groan, pressing her face tighter into Dawak's crotch, but there was no escape. The frustrated black's full extended hand clamped down tight against her, covering the whole of the juncture of her thighs and ass. She wriggled her behind in desperation, attempting with all her strength to evade the wildly digging fingers that were thrusting and probing at her unprotected cunt.

    He found the wet smooth opening and all of a sudden fucked his middle finger forward with a hard cruel thrust that burst into her with the hot fiery pain of a cattle brand.

    "Aaauuuggh," she screamed wildly as she felt it skewering like a red hot poker into the smooth virginal flesh of her hungering cunt, breaking through the tight ring of her virginity and on into the warm wet cavern beyond. Balloo, shouting obscentities now at the top of his lungs, tried with all his strength to wrestle the cruel probing hand away, but Enhar's strength, lust-filled as he was, seemed that of ten men. He ground his thick fat finger around and around without mercy deep inside her painfully expanding hole, while the poor helpless girl groaned and twisted in anguish before the depraved attack on her unprotected genitals. She felt as though her cuntal hole was ablaze and burning as she sensed through the dim consciousness of her tortured brain the slight giving and tearing of her flesh. The flaccid symbol of virginity that she had religiously protected for so long was being ripped savagely away. Her body went limp from the sudden shock and pain, and she would have fallen from the seat had it not been for the restricting hands of Dawak on her shoulders and the pressure of the wildly flailing Balloo behind her. He had both hands locked tightly around Enhar's wrist forcing his finger slowly but surely from her pained and stretched cuntal hole.

    Finally it was over. His thick stubby finger slipped with a wet sucking noise from between the young fleshy folds of her cunt, and he grunted in pain as Balloo shoved him with all his strength back into the windshield of the car.

    "Stop! Stop! Mother-fuckers! We weel kill thees car!" Kubby was shouting at the top of his voice. "You weel kill the son-of-a-bitch car!"

    Enhar was finally able to chuckle and so was Dawak. It took Balloo a little longer to return to normal and when things quieted down again, even Kubby was able to laugh.

    They laugh at nothing, at all, thought Julie Davenport. It was beginning to get on her nerves and she understood finally what bothered her father. She had always thought that since it was their way of life, they had the right to laugh or cry or do what they wanted, but she was too upset now to be very understanding.

    Balloo turned his eyes back down to the full moons of Julie's gleaming white ass, protruding full and round in the dim flashlight glow. His lips curled tightly as his total concentration returned to the voluptuous and waiting feast spread in servile anguish before him.

    "Now this is how man fucks white God daughter," he hissed between clenched teeth while his cruelly gleaming eyes bored into the tantalizing crack that separated the full cheeks of her soft young ass.

    "Oooohhhhh, noooooooo, please! Please don't anymore," she pleaded through her tears of shame and humiliation. She could feel his hands begin kneading nervously and stretching the open and unprotected twin mounds of her asscheeks. Her body jerked up as she felt his thumbs on either side of them, spreading them wider and wider apart.

    "Oh, God, noooooo!"

    She sobbed out her weak and futile protest as the cool air from an open window rushed over her bare skin and brought her back to semi-consciousness. A groan escaped from her lips as again the full realization of her position flickered through her mind. God they could do just anything to her, for they had obviously not absorbed a single standard or value that her father had tried to teach them in all these years!


    Julie jerked forward when Balloo's middle finger thrust between her thighs into the soft protective folds of the young flesh surrounding her cunt. His fingers searched patiently for a moment and their found their velvety quarry. She cringed before his initial touch, the soft resilient cheeks of her ass hardened and clenched tightly together, trapping his probing hand between them.

    "Hold on to thees white bitch, Dawak. She fights me," he gasped, twisting his hand to pry her asscheeks open again. "She is very tight."

    "Thees is the first fuck, hey you, I betcha!" Dawak interrupted. "Thees is the first man, I betcha!"

    "What Enhar did, his finger makes hole if it was no hole before. Cannot tell if first man," Balloo grunted as he pushed his arm forward to break the death lock that her ass had on his hand.

    Julie understood that they were discussing her virginity. If it were anyone else, she might have tried to stop them out of mercy for her virgin state, but she knew it would do no good to ask savages like this for such mercy. They might just make it harder for her out of spite and brutal savage pleasure.

    Balloo gave one last hard push with his forearm, and Julie felt the last of the desperate strength she had mustered in her terror give way. Her body shuddered and she moaned as his finger wormed its obscene way into the now wet and open hole. She clenched her teeth tightly in a vain attempt to drown out the hurt that slipped through the remains of her shattered virginity and moved about in tiny growing circles deeper and deeper inside her. She opened her mouth to scream but nothing came. Instead there was a helpless muffled groan of exhausted acceptance. Every muscle in her twisted kneeling body had reached the ultimate breaking point, and she could no longer find the strength to even protest against the vile monstrous fondling of her secret parts that she had worked so hard to save for some future husband on their wedding night. All that was gone with the frenzied attack she had been subjected to a few moments before by the sadistic Enhar in the front seat. And now… now there was nothing left but the final coup de grace to be administered viciously, she was sure, and without ceremony by the arrogant black primitive savage behind her. Her one consolation, she kept trying to tell herself, was that through this action he was condemning himself to damnation. In her agony she thought how she would never forgive her father if he ever granted a pardon to these men!

    As she felt his fingers that had enlarged and stretched the now lubricated walls of her defenseless cunt slip wetly out with a moist sucking sound, Julie gasped and held her breath. He squirmed behind her, his hand wrapped tightly around his lust-hardened cock guiding it slowly and deliberately between his fingers into the moist pink flanges of her tender cunt. She cringed forward again, her face contorted in fearsome dread as she felt the large bulbous head moving up and down behind her in the widely spread slit of her cunt and part the sparse soft pubic hair in preparation for his entry. She tried to close her thighs, but his knees insinuated between them held them cruelly open.

    "Hold thees white bitch tight, Dawak. I fuck in nice, I betcha!" Balloo directed at the wide-eyed Dawak, whose arms bulged from the pressure he was placing on her shoulders. Enhar, who had recovered his courage, hung his face over the back of the seat, gasping at the scene with tiny streams of spittle dripping from the corners of his slackened mouth.

    Julie Davenport whimpered aloud as she felt the first warm hard contact against the cringing lips of her cunt and the slow agonizing pressure beginning. It was soft at first and then when he met his first resistance, he pressured forward harder.

    "Ooohhhhhh, nooooooo!" she groaned miserably.

    He pressed forward again, flexing his ass with all his strength until suddenly it gave! The tight elastic ring popped open with a quick unexpected snap, and the huge blood-filled head slipped wetly inside with a rush that left the missionary's daughter gasping for breath.


    Wildly she flailed her head right into Dawak's crotch as he worked with all his strength to hold her down. The shock of the sudden thrust rejuvenated her shattered muscles for a moment, and she squirmed and twisted like a mad woman trying to escape the cruel and painful impalement of her ravaged cunt.

    "Thees is some pussy, hey you?" Balloo gasped from behind as he felt its warm wet walls slipping over his blood-swollen rigidity like hot melted butter. His head fell loosely back as his loins buffeted forward and his thick rock-hard cock speared into the helplessly struggling girl without mercy. It raced into her like a fast whirling drill, as in the diamond mines, boring through the depths of the earth, battering and smashing all before it in great waves of warm moist flesh until suddenly his pelvis smacked tight into her and flattened her upraised ass with a hard, sharp slap that reverberated through the bumping car like a flat-handed blow across the face.

    The beautiful white girl's moans of pain and humiliation went unheeded and unheard as he reached forward with both hands and grasped her by the shoulders, pulling her whole body back tight against him. His thick hard blood-filled cock was sunk to its fullest depth in her quivering white belly as she felt the hardness of the head pressed tight against the end of her cervix. There was no reason to struggle or fight anymore, even if she had the strength. He had conquered her. She knelt in servile acceptance like a slave of old, to be used as her master desired.

    Her poor body went limp as she felt his hands slide down to the rounded curves of her hips and began a slow teasing rotation of his rigidly bloated cock deep inside her womb. The pain lessened as she felt her wet soft passage expanding further and further with each greater rotation he made inside her trembling hole. Her tears of shame and humiliation continued to flow. There was no stopping him, and there was nothing she could do but accept the vile obscene rape of her body with resistance. Her muffled sobs and groans mingled piteously with his gasps of passion while his hands ran down under the fullness of her quivering titties, dancing against the seat below with each hard, cruel thrust he made into her.

    "Jesus Holy Christ!" Enhar muttered as his bulging eyes watched the long black length of Balloo's glistening cock, moist from her secretions, fucking into her white ass. His eyes bulged wider as he gaped at the ragged pink flanges of the protective soft folds of flesh around her hungering cunt, drawing back with each outstroke and then being swallowed in again as Balloo fucked forward into her with the powerful in and out rhythm he had begun. Enhar wanted with all his being to reach forward again and fondle her there, but he recalled the anger he had elicited the last time he let himself lose control. Enhar was at the bottom of the pecking order of the entire village! What anyone had, he was last to get! Unable now to satisfy his rising lust, he dropped his hand to his crotch and pressed against his own rising hardness instead. He fingered the seeping wet patch of seminal fluid with a crazed gleam in his close-set eyes, hoping with all his might that Balloo would by some miracle change his mind and let Enhar have his share, at least when they reached the meeting place.

    Balloo, fucking into her from behind like she was a bitch in heat, squeezed all around her soft joggling asscheeks. His fingers dug cruelly at her cringing tiny puckered asshole and then jerked forward again, clasping her hips and pulling her back limply over his blood-swollen cock while he continued to skewer and ram into her with growing abandon. His body was now a ball of sheer uncontrolled lust that had unleashed itself completely against the squirming beautiful, tender flesh in front of him. He could feel his heated black cock growing thicker and thicker inside her white belly as he ground savagely into her with a wave of sadistic delight flickering across his contorted face. He had never had anything like this before. He was almost there, almost there, and he continued to fuck eagerly into her with long hard strokes. He had to end it before he lost his mind.

    Julie's whimpers stretched into a long, low continuous whine that filled the car like a Gaelic banshee. Through the dim haze of her tortured mind, she could feel him growing and growing deep… deep inside her until it felt as though his rampaging instrument would split her lewdly in two. He was going to cum in her. Her tears cascaded in torrents onto the roughly woven material of Dawak's crotch. The lewd thought was passing her mind of this horrible primitive savage black man filling her helpless white belly and delicate womb with his hot sticky lust. Oh God, she might get pregnant and to what would she give birth? The thought ran crazily through her mind, and she tried to clench her asscheeks as a senseless gesture of defense.

    That did it! As her warm wet muscles clasped tightly around his hard-driving, lust swollen cock, Balloo threw back his head with a wild scream, and his lewd sperm shot like a fire hose into Julie's wide-swept cuntal hole. She groaned in helpless submission before him as he emptied himself with spurt after spurt of his driving lust juices deep up inside of her, filling her womb and belly to the bursting point.

    "Oh, God, no, no, nooooooo!" she screamed as she felt it ricocheting around in a warm wet pool in her cunt, a hot fiery reminder of her total subjugation to the cruel inhuman tormentor fucking into her from behind.

    There was nothing after that. The end had come so suddenly and so completely that Balloo pitched forward in total exhaustion along the length of her flattened body and lay, breathing fast, unable to move. Julie herself lay sobbing out her humiliation and fear beneath him, the sudden horrible thought coming to her that it wasn't all over. There were the others. Oh, God, there were the others!

    "Come, Balloo, thees is my turn now."

    "Oh, stop, we are here at the meeting house," Kubby announced from the driver's seat. "We all fuck now."

    "Yes," Balloo added, rising from over the prostrate daughter of their enemy and glowering at the cringing Enhar in the front seat. "Son-of-a-bitch, Enhar. You do not do with the fingers what it is for a man to do!"

    "How do you know?" Enhar retorted. Julie understood that he was questioning how Balloo could possibly know that the girl had been a virgin and that he, therefore, had taken her virginity with his fingers. Julie could see no importance to the question any more.

    As he lifted himself, the girl could feel Balloo's deflated prick slipping wetly from her forever expanded hole. As the cool night rushed with a soothing swirl into her void, she listened with bated breath to the sliding halt of the car.

    "I know," Balloo said flatly. "Now we meet and the girl is for later," he further said. There were groans from all the men at this statement, but none of them objected. Balloo seemed to be in charge of whatever was going on this night.

    Julie heard the door opening on the right side of her, the side she had been forced through a seeming eternity before, and now there were pulling her roughly through it and out of the car. She tried to stand on her own two feet when she felt the ground beneath them, but they would not hold, and she was forced to lean against Balloo's shoulder for support. The hem of her nightgown fell loosely from her neck and on down to her waist as she struggled weakly to pull it the rest of the way down to cover her naked hips.

    She was barefooted, and the cold touch of the dust beneath her feet brought some semblance of consciousness back to her dazed mind. Her hand tightened around Balloo's arm, and in spite of the brutal assault he had just subjected her to, she found herself clinging to him blindly, half for support and half from the fear of the others touching her. She followed him meekly across the short distance from the car to the hut of rushes huddled for protection against the trees that lined the small field where they had stopped. In spite of her still smoldering dread of his touch, he seemed to be the only barrier that stood between her and total rape by all the others. How long would he hold them off, and how much power to do so did he have? She tightened her grip and followed him passively, half stumbling, half walking, to the low opening that was the doorway into the hut. She had never been inside a native hut before, and she trembled at the thought of the unknown and the frightening fate that she was certain awaited her inside.


    The interior of the little hut was not so little. The outside was quite deceiving, Julie realized, or perhaps it was just that there was so little furniture. In the very center was something that looked like a combination of a stone fireplace and a stone stove with a central stone chimney reaching all the way up to a hole in the center of the hut. A small area of mats against one wall seemed to be a storage area. Everything in the hut was piled there, including dishes and pots, rolled mats and a cross cut from the trunk of some huge tree, perhaps a very old baobab tree. The men found a pair of kerosene lamps and lit them. There were shelves tied to both horizontal and vertical poles that comprised the skeleton of the hut, and the lamps were placed on two of these. Wood already in the stone stove was set ablaze, and the large cross cut of wood was drawn near the stove to serve as a table. Next, several mats were strewn around on the dirt floor, and Julie was pushed down onto one of them against one wall. No one seemed to be afraid that she would run away now, and indeed she knew better. The only place a white girl could run in the African jungle was into trouble, her father had always warned her.

    As Julie sat waiting for whatever was going to happen next, she noticed some of the articles on other shelves around the hut. They all seemed to be carvings, apparently in wood. They were beautiful, often delicate and lacy. Someone appeared to be an excellent craftsman, and she couldn't help wonder if it could be one of these very men. Yet not one of them seemed capable of the kind of sensitivity necessary to produce what she saw. Not knowing whether she risked anything or not, Julie finally got to her feet. The temptation to look at them more closely was too great. She glanced at the men. Enhar and Dawak seemed occupied with the preparation of food. Balloo was carrying another bowl of svench to the table. Kubby was probing around among the many articles stored on the mats against a far wall. No one was watching her, and so she made her way stealthily to the nearest carving.

    She soon discovered that it was perfectly permissible to walk around and look at the wooden pieces. She found that the lace effect was meant to represent the leaves of trees or maybe it was just bare branches and fruit. The only figures were gigantic animal totems and bird masks with the single exception of one human figure that was dressed the same in three places. Since the natives she knew never wore anything but trousers or loin clothes and the figure wore a drape from the neck to the ground, she guessed that it might be a representation of the local deity although it was possibly King Daranje Kawat. She didn't know. Neither she nor her father nor anyone else except his own people had ever seen the native king. She decided against asking. These people had a strange and uncertain set of taboos. She was afraid of losing her head over the wrong question!

    Suddenly she noticed Balloo smiling at her, and she dropped back down to the mat on the floor without even thinking of it, as though her legs collapsed through some understanding of their own. She leaned more heavily against the rush wall where he had left her and was surprised to feel how sturdy it was. Since the black man kept staring at her, she drew her arm around her tits. They hung loose and were partly exposed from a large tear in the upper part of her nightgown, caused by their struggles in the car. The cotton panties that were a part of her nightgown were gone, and she felt naked and vulnerable to his staring.

    "You weel be good to the others, too, until tomorrow, hey you?" Balloo finally spoke to her.

    She remained silent. She could not answer.

    "I ask good question. You give good answer," he suddenly spat at her and walked to her side.

    Still Julie did not move or make a sound. Her heart was lodged tightly in her throat in fear. Suddenly she heard before she felt, the loud sound of a hard slap echoing through the grass-walled room as the native man who had just so brutally raped her, swung his arm in a wide arc and brought the palm of his hand down hard across her face.

    "I can hit badder," he warned ominously. "I give good question."

    "W… what do you want from me?" she managed to stammer finally as the sting on her face brought a thin stream of tears to her eyes.

    "You weel be good to the others, too," he said. He was no longer asking a question. He was demanding.

    "Y… yes," she finally said quietly. She could see the cold cruel glint in his dark eyes and knew that any sign of resistance right now would only bring further pain and indignities from him. He was obviously the leader of this band and could not under any circumstances run the risk of being stood up against in front of them, at least not successfully. He would strike back just as he had warned… badder! The natives worshipped strength among other things. She sensed that if he lost his prestige in this matter with them, he would lose all. Who could tell what such repercussions would take place. She knew little about the native habits and rituals. Therefore, she was afraid. Perhaps his behavior was only the law of the wild, of the jungle, the male lion fighting for leadership of the pride as well as the women that went with it, or should she say lionesses. She didn't feel very much like a lioness.

    Upon hearing her agreement, Balloo smiled arrogantly down at her and tweaked her cheek with his thumb and forefinger.

    "She ees a woman to grind," Enhar suggested.

    "Good," Balloo commented, and Julie was frightened. She didn't know what "grind" meant, but they had just been talking about her taking care of the men, and her imagination was limited by the desperate images Balloo had planted.

    Balloo then grabbed her arm and pulled her up, shoving her toward the tall thin Dawak, who chortled, then pushed her in his turn toward the fat Enhar. They were all indulging in their usual chuckling and giggling. There was no longer any sense in the hopeless resistance she had put up at first. Her only chance for even staying alive, she suspected, was to keep close to Balloo. She was certain that his hard outward approach to her was an act to show the others that he could be cold and cruel, for he seemed to have developed a sense of protectiveness toward her that might keep the others away… for a little while anyway.

    Enhar sat her down on another mat and handed her a very large wooden bowl of seeds and a stone for a pestle. She understood and relieved, started to grind the kernels. She hoped and prayed that she would be forced to grind them all night long! She showed her obedience by setting assiduously to work under the eyes of Balloo whom she knew she must take special pains to please. She dared not alienate him or he might be forced to show his control over her by letting the others take advantage of her as he had done. The missionary's young daughter vowed to herself that she would rather die and would do all in her power to avoid being used in that way again.

    Julie bent to the grinding with as much energy as she could muster after the horrible beating her muscles had taken. She was surprised, though, that the soreness between her legs was not more acute, considering the ravishment she had undergone. Of course, she did a lot of horseback riding between the mission and town. Perhaps that had loosened her for the final assault that Enhar had submitted her to, followed by Balloo. She didn't know which was worse! This was the first time since leaving the car that she thought about those things. She had been in a complete state of shock since the natives had first grabbed her, and now, even though her consciousness was beginning to clear, she still could not recall all the bitter details of what had happened or why it had happened.

    Why had they used her like this? Sheer lust couldn't be the answer unless they were absolute animals, and the thought was gradually sinking into her mind that perhaps they were. Her father claimed that they had human souls to save. She would have preferred to let those souls live their own lives and allow her and her family to return to normal civilization, but she had never questioned that they were human beings. She had never questioned it before! But if they were not driven by animal lust alone, what did they hope to accomplish with all their brutality? What intelligent plan could account for this?

    "Give the Missa Julie food," she heard Balloo ordering someone, and then the lanky Dawak brought her a wood slat with one of the native pan breads on it. It was probably the same kind of food for which she was in the process of grinding flour right now. She had seen it made before. It was only flour with animal fat and water and cooked in small loaves right on top of the hot stones of the stove. The natives had plenty of goats, but there didn't seem to be any milk products here now. She would have liked some cheese or butter. The bread would be like sawdust without it, and she wasn't hungry. But she ate, ate and smiled. She ate to please!

    Kubby was the one with the best view. He sat facing her, and without looking up, she knew very well his eyes were glued tightly to her almost entirely visible body beneath the tattered nightgown she was wearing. It had been ripped and torn in so many places that there was very little material left to cover her completely naked body hiding beneath. While she ate, she concentrated on keeping her arm pinned down to the side of her left tit so the material wouldn't fall open in front of Kubby. She knew this would be fatal. They were already all worked up so badly by watching Balloo rape her in the back seat of the car, that it wouldn't take much to set them off again. As soon as she finished her little loaf of the bread, she concentrated on studying the four primitives who were holding her prisoner.

    Kubby was not very tall, maybe five-five, she guessed. But what he lacked in height, he certainly made up for in build. He was broad and stocky, and as she studied him, she remembered the way he had walked from the car to the hut. It had reminded her dimly of an ape with his bare torso and his long swinging arms that were out of proportion to the rest of his body. It almost appeared as though he could touch the ground without bending over much farther than his natural stance. His face was thick and his broad nose flat, more the central African type as she understood it, rather than Senegalese.

    Dawak, her guardian in the car, was tall and thin, not as muscular as the others, which explained why holding her down was such a strain for him. He seemed to know that he did not measure up in some way. His eyes stayed blatantly on her when she looked at him almost as if to say that his lack of strength didn't matter; he was every bit as tough as the others. There was an innate cold cruelty in his dark eyes that she could not otherwise explain except by his possible sense of inferiority. Anyway, she had no desire to challenge him and was grateful that he was held in check out of fear of Balloo's authority. She wondered what would happen to her if Balloo were not here!

    . Balloo, on the other hand, was strong and well-built, and he carried himself with an arrogant confidence befitting his position as leader of the little band. He had long sensuous hands that she could still remember coursing over her body as he had ravished her in the car. His nails were long and sharp, and she still winced slightly each time she moved from the marks he had made on her body while he was stroking her. He, too, had a certain cold aloofness about him that repulsed and frightened her. It was almost as though he possessed nothing whatsoever in the way of human compassion. There was no doubt of the tremendous strength he possessed. She could still feel the welts from his fingers on her hips and upper thighs where he had grasped her when he was pulling himself into her.

    Enhar, now, was repulsive to her, and she suspected that he was not very bright. His build was much like Kubby's, except that he was older and less in proportion. His head was far too small for his body, and he kept it shaved, showing off a myriad of bumps. His limping walk, as though his feet were disorganized, added to the off-balance physical appearance he made. His eyes were small and sunk deep in his head, not the usual Senegalese either, but more so than Kubby. She was afraid of Enhar, not so much because of what he had done to her in the car, but because he looked the least human of the group. He looked as though he had no reasoning power at all. Tonight was not the first time she had noticed this, either. As little as she paid attention to her father's so-called "flock", she had definitely noticed Enhar from time to time and shuddered. She had thought before that there would be no reasoning or mercy if she ever came under his power, that it was unpredictable what he might do if his natural instincts were unleashed from the accepted human restrictions. Of course, she had never dreamed in the remotest way, that such a time would come to pass. God help her now!

    She could detect each of them turning to stare at her out of the corners of their eyes with hungry animalistic gazes that could mean only one thing. Still, they continued eating. She kept her eyes on Balloo as she cowered back against the wall, grinding in the big bowl again after hurriedly finishing the bit of bread given her. She felt that it was stuck all the way down her throat and around in the lining of her stomach. The firelight now burned brightly in the stone stove, elongating weird silhouettes of the men across the dirt floor and against the grass walls.

    Out of grim necessity, she had accepted Balloo as protector. She felt like a wild dog in a pack or a doe, following the strongest buck. To think that a few short hours ago, she had been a sheltered and innocent little religious girl who believed in all the things she had learned about the value of her protected virginity. Suddenly she saw her femininity as a means of survival. Once she had thought that she could choose a nice young religious boy and settle down with him in a nice chaste religious marriage and the entire world would keep hands off. But that was a fairy tale like Santa Claus! Why did adults like her father go on teaching such fairy tales that made their children so vulnerable in a world where strength and cunning meant survival whatever we wish to think! A few short hours ago she still had dreams of an ideal fairy tale mate whom she must seek! Very abruptly she realized that her mate must be the strongest in the pack, the strongest she could attract in whatever circumstances. Right now she must choose Balloo and make him feel the full the full effect his protective strength had so that he would be inspired to use it… for her sake! He wanted her now and she had no choice but to choose him if she were to escape the others. Maybe by choice, she meant cooperation.

    It was apparent also that Balloo could feel the power he now possessed over the young, naive white girl as he ate with a quiet confidence, never once raising his eyes to look at her like the others. He knew she was there and knew she was his by virtue of his leadership of the gang. His hold on her was his strength and the protection he offered her. On the other hand, he had to be trustworthy as a leader as well. Enhar had been easily eliminated for his foolish mistake, but he still owed Dawak and Kubby the fruits of his promise. As he ate silently, he tried to think of some way to keep his promises while at the same time breaking them! He didn't want to hand her over. She was his!

    "Give some svetch to her," he ordered suddenly, pointing to the bowl they all drank from in common. "But a small bowl!"

    Kubby jumped up to fetch a small bowl from the storage area and then poured her a generous amount from the larger bowl on the table. She had to stop grinding to take it.

    "Drink and don't stop," Balloo commanded her, reveling in demonstrating his power over her to the others. They were all chuckling, of course.

    Julie raised the little bowl and took a small sip, feeling the hot pulpy tasting liquid burning all the way down to her stomach. It certainly burned the bread away! It also made her feel slightly sick until she saw Balloo's eyes glued to her out of the corner of her own eye, and she tilted the bowl again to take a greater swallow. She almost coughed it up but with a supreme effort, managed to hold it down. A faint lightheadedness swirled through her as she raised tilted the bowl again and turned it bottom-up as quickly as she could finish the warm fluid to the last drop.

    "Sheen do it!" Enhar said with a gleeful ring to his voice. "I tell her do," Balloo said proudly. "She is Balloo's woman no one can have unless I geev!"

    "Hey you!" Kubby protested shrilly immediately. "You already geev!"

    "Aaaawwwww," Balloo hedged. "She leetle. I gotta teach!" He rose from his mat and grabbed Julie by the arm, pushing her roughly back toward the stove. Though it appeared to the others that he was hurting her, she could feel a certain restraint in his movement that almost bordered on gentleness. She understood that he had to be firm in front of the others to maintain his status, and she let herself be carried limply along with him across the room.

    "Now I teach," he announced and reached to the back of Julie's tattered nightgown and ripped it down the back in one mighty jerk. The flimsy material split without effort and floated uselessly to the ground. Unconsciously she gasped when she realized what he had done and tried desperately to recover the last remnants of clothing she had left with which to cover her nakedly exposed body.

    "Leave it," she heard Balloo's voice command from above her. "Thees is first white ass for us. They never see." He indicated the others with a gesture of his hand. He didn't seem to expect her to be concerned about her nudity, and her father had said that the native women wore nothing on top just like the men, and that they would have to change that if he could induce the women to come to him at all. The men came, apparently not learning much thought Julie wryly, but the women did not.

    So Julie Davenport hesitated miserably, still crouched on the hard dirt floor where she kneeled in the vain attempt to cover herself. Her arms were folded tightly over her large firm titties, that swayed down voluptuously from her bending torso, naked and unprotected. Her legs were clamped tightly together in an attempt to hide the brown silken triangle between her thighs. She began to tremble from the sudden obscene exposure of her body to the others in the room.

    "Get up, Missa Julie," Balloo commanded tersely. "They cannot see white ass like that!"

    Julie froze when she looked at the table area and saw the others begin to rise from their mats and walk with bulging eyes toward her, crouching naked and vulnerable before the stove. She looked up at Balloo with a pleading cowed look in her green eyes, but his gaze remained cold and totally without sympathy. This was his moment to shine in the eyes of his underlings and he was playing it for all it was worth, the power he held over her. He was cruelly sure of himself, and Julie felt her body rising involuntarily to a standing position before his hard unyielding stare, unable to resist his command.

    The other men crowded around her, gaping with unadulterated admiration and desire at the full proud young white body being exhibited before them.

    "Good titties," Kubby chortled breathlessly. "Good in the mouth!" He pulled his lips back from a toothy grin that frightened her. She could almost feel his bite on her nipples.

    Enhar stood immobile, a crazy lustful grin on his face. It was all he could do to keep from reaching forward again and fondling the softness of her with his harsh callused hands as he had done before in the car, but one look at Balloo cut him short. He had felt his wrath earlier and that was enough to keep him restrained for awhile.

    "Thees is good for all," the bony Dawak gasped as his eyes followed the full, ripe contours of her curved hips to the soft silken down at the juncture of her hips and thighs.

    But Balloo stood proud and defiant beside, reveling in the control he held over her and the others. It was the supreme moment of leadership for him, being able to play on and control their passions this way. He was confident and sure of his power, and as he stood there, almost smirking at them, a thoughtful contemptuous smile slowly crossed his lips. But it was short lived.

    "Hey you," Kubby suddenly said, careful not to smile the wrong kind of smile to infuriate the touchy leader. "You geev now. She is good taught."

    Julie understood that Kubby was praising Balloo so that the leader could back down from breaking his word and save face doing so. She didn't know whether this sort of thing would work among men as primitive as this. Did their word mean anything? If Balloo had promised to give her to the others, did he have to do so? But Kubby was certainly trying to pry her away from Balloo in the very same way a white man might try to do it. Perhaps pride was as important among these savages as it was everywhere else in the world. Pride is evil, her father taught. Julie was beginning to think that it all depended how you looked at it. If Kubby's strategy were not successful, then Balloo's pride in his possession of her was her friend! But if Kubby was successful in reviving Balloo's pride in keeping his word as a leader, then his pride became Julie's enemy. If Balloo were a humble leader, then she would have no chance at all! In spite of the circumstances, Julie could not repress a smile as she thought of how proud her father was of his humility!

    Balloo cast a forlorn glance over her body. He did not look her in the eye now, and it was clear to Julie that a leader's word was indeed very important among these people. She had to use all her will power to keep her legs from giving out from under her as she saw that Balloo was going to have to let them take her. She trembled, knowing she had no choice, and that if she didn't do as they commanded her, they would only force her. That would be a thousand times worse. No, it wouldn't help anything for her to show resistance. She had to retain an appearance of obedience to Balloo as an investment in the future. Besides, the men would very probably enjoy any resistance as adding spice to the game of conquering her. They were not stronger than Balloo, but they were stronger than she was, and they would love the opportunity to show their strength. No, fighting would just make matters worse, and she couldn't bear for this to go on for too long, whatever was going to happen. Yet she would have to bear up under it until the chance for escape came. There was nothing else in the world to help her now but her own will power, brains, and courage. She was alone. She didn't suppose her father would approve of her submission, but isn't that what a humble person would do? Humble or wise!

    "Pretty, pretty pussy," Kubby was leering. "Let me feel the leetle pussy!" Julie automatically jumped back as his thick stubby hand reached out and began stroking the soft resilient pubic hair growing at the base of her white softly rounded belly.

    "Be steel, son-of-a-bitch!" he commanded coldly. Balloo had completely withdrawn and left Kubby in charge, apparently. The cruel unyielding tone of the fattest savage's voice immobilized her, and she stood cringing next to where he was slumped down over his knees as he crouched. Her face crimsoned at the indignity of having to stand there unable to move as his harsh calloused fingers coursed around the secret protective parts of her exposed genitals. She could hear through tightly clenched senses, including her eyes, the snickers of the others in the hut as they watched her black tormentor taking indecent liberties with her white young body. She moaned softly in shame and humiliation as she suddenly felt the tip of a finger part the sparse brown pubic hair and push itself into the soft fleshy folds surrounding her cunt. It was still moist from the ravishment she had undergone in the car some hours ago, and she heard a slight gasp come from his lips as he felt her openness.

    "Aaaahhhhh, I theenk it slide in like slurp easy," he mummured as he worked his finger up and down the length of the narrow hairlined slit. "My prick is slurp in there all night long." Slurp was their word for mud-sliding into the river, a game they played.

    Julie understood what he meant and felt the blood rising in her head until she thought her brain would burst from the pressure. Her face was beet red from the indignities being heaped upon her. Their demeanors were slowly changing from one of chortling amusement to slow smouldering desire.

    Balloo sat on his mat, leaning on the wood table, his eyes gazing darkly around the hut as he watched the jubilant Kubby slowly working himself into a sexual frenzy that he knew was going to erupt into a volcano of rape within a matter of minutes. He wanted, for some reason he didn't understand, to rise at that moment and smash his fist into Kubby's face until there was nothing left but a bloody mass of unrecognizable flesh for what he was doing to this white girl. Whether it was because he had possessed something that he must give away, he didn't know. One did not hesitate to give one's wife to a friend for a favor. But the white girl was not a wife, she was spoils and by rights belonged to the leader. Yet he had offered her so what could he do?

    "Enhar have hees turn in car like me," Balloo told Kubby in a warning tone. That was one less of them he had to share the girl with! "Don't get no marks on her," he suddenly commanded, rising from his mat. "King Daranje Kawat will be harsh if the missionary will not take her back because of marks."

    Julie Davenport was astonished at his words. Did he really believe that her father would refuse to take her back if she had marks on her? What a strange way to think! But then, she reminded herself, a woman was like the wood carvings she had been admiring. To these primitives, if a woman was marred or broken in any way, what good was she? They probably assumed that her father would feel the same way. There was one thing about what Balloo said, though, that made her too happy to care what they thought of women. They were planning to offer her to her father, but in exchange for what?

    Kubby, meanwhile, was suddenly jerked from his eager probing between the trembling Julie's legs by the harsh gruffness of Balloo's voice, and withdrew his hand by instinct. He was disciplined to follow a leader's commands without question, and this was no exception even though he and Dawak had been given the girl for the evening. He knew he could get away with almost anything as long as he stuck to what he could argue was his, but if he didn't, there would be danger he was not prepared to accept. He played it cool.

    "I am to sleep now," Balloo announced as he kept his old stare on Kubby, then made his way with his mat to a spot against the wall. "But I weel wake if something wrong happens," he growled as he threw down the mat and curled up on it, his face toward the wall. Kubby was silent as he watched his leader disposing himself for the night, then let his eyes flicker to the downcast Julie still standing by his mat. He rose in a slow manner that revealed the strength of his legs in spite of the fat on his body and with a sudden move that caught her completely by surprise, grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm painfully behind her back so that she was forced to turn and fall back against him. Dawak and Enhar jumped up from where they were sitting and crowded around her so they could see the exposed view of her white curvaceous front. Enhar's eyes glowed like a panther's in the dark as he feasted them hungrily on the firm round titties pointing out at him, gleaming in the firelight.

    "Y… you, hey you, I can fuck her, too, Kubby?" Enhar whispered excitedly from the impact the sight of Julie's body was having on him.

    "You help me," was all Kubby would say, but he glanced at the form of Balloo against the wail and leered meaningfully at Enhar. He began to twist harder on Julie's arm, perhaps out of nervousness. To allow Enhar a chance with the girl would place Kubby in a position of authority, which was hard to resist, but it would be rebelling against Balloo, and that was not too safe.

    Julie grunted from the increased pain, but she still refused to cry out. She didn't want to make things harder for herself, but her face was locked in a determined expression of defiance that seemed to increase with each moment the final assault of her helpless body drew near.

    The earlier weakness and lethargy she had let herself sink into had faded, and she now found herself resisting them automatically with all her moral being. Maybe it was better to resist. Even the cruel inhuman pain she was being subjected to could not overcome the intense revulsion and hate she felt for the three dark and animal-like faces surrounding her. She had to resist now even though she knew her fate was inevitable. Her final punishment and humiliation would be in their hands.

    "Hey you, for you asking big trouble," Kubby finally growled in frustration and anger at the unexpected courage of the helpless white girl. "Gimme help," he demanded of the others.

    He jerked forward and pushed her toward the mat placed for her originally against the wall on the other side of the hut from Balloo. Her arm was almost twisted to the breaking point, and it was almost with relief that she felt herself being pushed face down onto the mat, causing him to release her wrist from the cruel hold he had on it. But it was only momentary relief. As she struggled to hide her nakedness with her hands and arms, other hands reached out from the side and pressed her tightly down into the layers of bound rushes that formed the mat.

    "Hold shee down!" Julie heard a voice command through the haze as, without warning, a hard fist smashed into the side of her head. She groaned and her arms and legs went limp, her body splayed wide and helpless in a spread-eagle position across the bed. She trembled loose and quivering for a moment, and then she tightened the muscles of her body again as she heard Kubby's next foreboding words.

    "Beg me to have the cock or more fist in the head!" She felt Kubby's hands coursing over her back, and she quivered. She did not resist this time for fear of further pain. She didn't want to be knocked out. That way she could not call for Balloo if they overstepped their permitted bounds. She knew that now her resistance could only be mental and would be a victory only within herself.

    "Turn here and see my black cock," Kubby commanded above her.

    She didn't move or answer until she suddenly felt his hand tangling in her hair. He jerked her head up and around a few inches off the mat. Her eyes opened automatically, and her face contorted in horror at the long thick black instrument, stone-rigid, that he held over her head. It was monstrous and webbed all along the underside with heavy throbbing veins, giving grim advance warning of the lustful state he had worked himself into during her kidnapping. Her eyes trailed a slow path up the length of his torso to his face, a piteous and useless plea nestled in them, pleading for mercy. There was none. Nothing but a cold and unyielding face staring down at her.

    "You like?" he tormented.

    She tried to answer, but her voice was frozen somewhere deep in her chest.

    "Hey you, you like?" he hissed again and twisted her hair viciously in his hand.

    "Y… yes, I like it," she finally managed to stammer through the pain and degradation.

    "You see," he explained. "I put it in here and you weel have it come out here!" He laughed and so did the others. He had pointed that he was going to put it in her cunt and it was going to come out her mouth!

    Loosened up, the other two men laughed nervously from excitement now, thinking of what was about to happen. It had been different back there in the car when Balloo had been laying it to her. They couldn't see it all too well in the semi-darkness of the car, lit only by the small flashlight. But now she was stretched out before them completely nakedly exposed in all her white youth and innocence, and they were going to watch her get fucked like they had never seen anyone get fucked before. Both their eyes glowed like hot coals in the shadows from the anticipation that had been building like a storm since they had first abducted her from her bedroom hours back.

    "Hold her down until I een there," Kubby ordered nervously. His voice quivered from the salacious thought of what he was about to do to this virginal young white girl, and his long lust-thickened cock ached like it had never ached in all his life. He dropped to the mat and rolled across the full length of her back, his face pressed into the clean soft odor of her light brown hair that glimmered with little orange sparks in the firelight from the stove.

    Julie winced from the attack and began to struggle weakly, but unseen hands forced her back deeper into the mat. Her arms were pulled to the sides of the mat and held in a vice-like grip that could not be broken. Kubby's knees behind her were slowly and relentlessly forcing her knees apart with a rough pressure that scraped the tender backsides of her thighs and calves.

    With all her power she strained to keep them closed, but it was hopeless. She gave a sudden "Oooomph," as the breath surged from her lungs, and her resistance broke. He dropped between her legs as they spread wide across the mat, her toes hanging out onto the dirt floor on either side. A soft helpless moan escaped from her tightly closed lips as she felt the hardness of his prick make warm wet contact with the soft inner flesh of her thighs. He moved forward, insinuating the full length of it along the narrow widely stretched crack of her asscheeks. Her shoulders were held down tight against the bed so that her struggles were limited to her lower torso. Her asscheeks squirmed and twisted beneath him, inciting his lust to the utmost.

    "Hey you, kneel here," his voice breathed into her hair.

    She tried to stiffen her body more and pressed tighter into the mat. Bitter tears of anger and fear ran from her cheeks, wetting the grass under her face as she felt his smooth hot skin pressing down onto her, covering the full length of her prostrate body. She tried not to move now after the command, knowing whatever she did would only worsen her position.

    A hand pushed down on the back of her head, pressing her face tight into the rushes. She struggled for a moment to breathe but could not. She tried to cry out, but her mouth would not open. A faint dizziness swept over her from the lack of oxygen, and she let her body go limp. The hand was released and she gulped desperately at the air greedily filling her tortured lungs with welcome relief. Hands on her now relaxed hips pulled them powerfully up off the bed, another hand staying hard behind her neck to keep her tits and face pressed harshly down into the mat. By the time she fully recovered her breath, her asscheeks were waving high off the bed behind, and she made a momentary and fruitless lurch forward to flatten them again. The hand pushed her face tight back into the mat, cutting off her breath as before.

    She relaxed and ceased her struggles. She knew she would eventually give in the end, anyway. There was nothing left now but horrible humiliating submission to their every obscene desire. Her body was a helpless toy to be used as they wanted in their animalistic quest for satisfaction, satisfaction that would only cease when they had exploded their hot liquid desire deep inside her soft and resilient body that was now beyond all resistance and care. She listened, suddenly hearing a noise that she prayed would be some kind of rescue. Perhaps Balloo had changed his mind! She listened carefully, but it was only Balloo… snoring!


    There was a general, palpable pause in the whole room when the snoring began, then everyone relaxed. Kneeling behind her, Kubby gazed down at the full white moons of her ass stretched up in sacrificial offering to him, with eyes bulging wide in hot uncontrolled desire. Gods of the feathered spirits! He had never seen anything like it. His black balls tingled and ached, and he longed to thrust forward into the narrow teasing slit swinging into the air before him right now without further hesitation. But he couldn't. He had waited too many hours to get her like this, helpless and kneeling like a slave in front of him. He had to get the most from it.

    The black savage held himself back, purposely torturing himself for the moment in anticipation of when he would thrust forward and slide his throbbing black blood-swollen cock deep between the full white moons of her proud little ass with its white God swaying gently and defeated before him. She was an arrogant little bitch, molesting the ways of his people just like her father. He wanted to break her more than anything else in the world. He wanted to feel her squirming beneath him, needing him as much as he needed her. That would be the ultimate conquest, a proud white bitch that was repulsed and horrified with the thought of a heathen, her father called it, black cock fucking into her, suddenly turning animal and losing all control over herself, forgetting who she was, where she was, and all but the overpowering need to be fucked until she couldn't move again. The thought raced through his loins like an electric shock.

    His animal cunning burned within him like a sacrificial fire. For a few torturing moments he ground his long thick cock around in the narrow white crack of her ass, pressing the soft quivering cheeks of flesh together around it to enclose it like the fitting of a warm fur-lined glove such as the one a man used on a hunting party. He leaned forward and planted a warm wet kiss with his thick rubbery lips along the standing ridges of her spine, feeling her quivering beneath him. She groaned slightly as her body shook and trembled from the moist contact at her loins and back.

    Then he backed off slightly, running his long pink tongue slowly and wetly down the full length of her back until he reached the tightly clenched crack of her ass swaying gently high off the ground. Her shoulders were still held hard down against the mat by the leering Dawak and Enhar.

    Kubby dropped his hands to the full rounded asscheeks, placing his thumbs on either side of the soft resilient cheeks and pressed out gently. He knew this was the time for patience. She had passed the first stage of physical submission by violence and now the conquest of her mind and spirit must be done by softness of touch. The unexpected change from pain and brutality to one of tenderness and caressing of her private genitals should, in spite of her resistance, catch her off guard. She had geared her mind to the fighting of the pain and humiliation, but not softness and pleasure. She was not prepared for it.

    Her asscheeks clenched together against the pressure he was exerting with his thumbs, and he eased off slightly still keeping up a constant easy tension for a seeming thousand seconds until the straining muscles of her inner thighs slowly tired and relaxed bit by bit. His face was crouched on the same level with the thin red folds of flesh that covered her cunt, and as he watched, eyes gleaming, they slowly parted before the almost imperceptible outward pressure of his thumbs. He could see a slight moisture forming and glistening on the soft insides of her thighs, as with the easing of the pain and the fatigue of resistance, she let her backside slip wider and wider apart.

    He moved his face forward, careful not to move too suddenly or harshly and alarm the sudden trust building inside her from the gentle touch he was subjecting her body to now. His face was a scant few inches from the soft brown pubic hair covering the tender resilient flanges of her cunt, and the odor was one of sweetness that drifted incitingly to his flaring nostrils. He swallowed deeply as his thumbs pressured outward and her secret cavern flowered lewdly open to his frozen gaze until suddenly it was completely and hungeringly open and the soft inner flesh came into tantalizing view. It was pink and smooth and a slight moisture from her secretions was visible, glistening and wet on the soft inner flesh of her thighs.

    Kubby breathed hard and blew softly into her. She squirmed and he could hear a faint groan slipping from beneath her now open lips. She tried to move slightly, but the pressure of the other two savages' hands held her tightly in place. She was becoming quiet now, and her movements were not one of escape or fear but of reflex from the torturing touch of his hands and breath against the softness of her secret genitals.

    Julie Davenport tried to still a rising moan she could feel building deep, deep inside her throat. The sudden lessening of the pain had done something to her, something frightening. It had been like the release of a great weight pressing down on her, and the unbelievable relief that follows the sudden lifting of such a burden.

    She signed and let her muscles that had been so keyed against the torture relax into a loose tranquillity that increased a thousand fold by the sudden absence of pain.

    Unfortunately, now there was something else, something had replaced the harsh feelings that had rained down on her helpless form through her frightened nerves a few moments ago. It was soft and feather-like, except that it was wet, wet and warm, and was making strange magical circles along the length of her naked and unprotected back. She shivered slightly as it worked its way slowly down to the rounded moons of her ass widely exposed behind her.

    There was a pressure from somewhere, and she felt a cool rush of air race between the full spreading globes as the pressure increased in intensity. She clenched them tightly together in automatic rejection to the strange unknown probe. The pressure remained, gentle, and lingered as her dazed mind puzzled over it. Where was she? Who was she? What were the light tiny animals running over her sensitive white flesh, caressing her kneeling body as though they were human things except smaller and a thousand times more gentle… gentle as rain drops.

    "Mmmmmnnnn!" she sighed, and her ass relaxed in a great feeling of warmth and peace as suddenly her whole ass felt open and wet as it had never felt before with the ever constant pressure pushing outwards again. Julie did not resist, and another long low mewl escaped from her lips as she let herself be pulled open wide by the magic beings playing upon her. She tried to move her shoulders, but they were locked tightly to the mat by harsh hands whose touch she no longer recognized. She could no longer think at all, but it did not matter, the hands were no longer hurting her. There was no longer the excruciating pain that had covered and permeated her entire body a few short seconds ago. There was only the light rising sensation of floating, floating on a soft gentle fleece-puffed cloud whose very warmth belied the presence of danger.

    Kubby, kneeling behind her with his thumbs holding the crack of her ass wide, grinned an obscene grin. He could feel the thoughts running through her body and knew he had won his short patient battle as the cheeks of her ass slowly relaxed in front of his excited face. He pried them wide, wide apart until all of her crotch stood open and unprotected before him, his for the taking.

    His head raised slowly and he pressed his face forward, pushing open his mouth hard against the wetness of her hungering cuntal slit. She squirmed slightly and he tightened his hands on her asscheeks so that she couldn't slip away, and with one quick rush of his thick wet tongue, he thrust it lewdly forward between the warm fleshy folds of her cunt.

    Kubby heard the white girl gasp from the sudden unexpected entry into her soft wet hole, and a surprised sigh smothered itself into the rushes of the mat. She had jerked forward with the first hot teasing contact in an involuntary spasm of delight but quickly screwed her ass back hard against his face. Her cuntal hole contracted, opening and closing tightly around the long smooth length of his tongue sunk deep inside her. Her breath exploded down into the mat in small quick gasps that muffled themselves into tiny mewling grunts, twisting her face harder and harder into the bed as he began a sudden curling and flicking of the wet moist tongue imbedded up inside. He pushed his lips closer and began to work at the whole of her open backside, sucking and licking at it crazily while her asscheeks throbbed and swayed around his face, almost out of control.

    "Aaaaahhhh, hey you!" the open mouthed Enhar gasped their favorite expression as he watched with unbelieving eyes her sudden and complete surrender to the black wildly licking face buried in her hungering cunt behind.

    Dawak could not speak at all. He had released one hand from her little white shoulder and was pressing it tight against the outside of his pants where a small circle of seminal fluid had seeped its way through from the hard throbbing excitement of his aching cockblood-swollen cock. He released her shoulder with his other hand as there was no longer any need to hold the subjugated girl so hard, and he began coursing it up and down the quivering flesh of her back.

    The plump Kubby worked slave-like behind the kneeling missionary's daughter, his pink tongue withdrawing and fucking, withdrawing and fucking, making a wet sucking sluicing noise with each wicked thrust. Her cries were one long low continuous moan now as he withdrew his lashing lewd tongue suddenly from inside the warm smooth hole and found the hard, throbbing clitoris and licked. He pushed his face farther under her crotch and began to suck and tease at it gleefully with his teeth while she writhed and churned her asscheeks above him in a lewd dance of desire.

    "Oooohhhhh, aaaahhhhh," she chanted, her body and mind completely out of control from the delicious and obscene sucking of her loins. With a lewd and triumphant satisfaction, he could feel the muscles of her asscheeks hollowing and contracting around the sides of his cheeks as he licked and sucked at her with a greedy untamed animal lust that threatened to drive him completely crazy.

    Her hungering cunt flowered open wider and wider, and her moistness increased with each further second his sucking mouth worked at her widely stretched hole. It ran in slight warm trickles down the side of the savage's black cheeks pressed tightly into the softness of her white ass warmly enclosing his face and down the inside of her smoothly working loins into the soft inner flesh of her hollowing thighs.

    She was almost ready to cum!

    Kubby could see that from the wild abandoned tempo of her body and knew it was time, time to luck his lust-ramming cock into her innocent softness. He wanted to feel it throbbing around him when she reached that climax that was so near now and wanted to explode inside her white little belly with himself in rhythm to her own cries of fulfillment. He wanted to fill her full of his hot black man's cum until she would never forget tonight as long as she lived. The little white man's God-daughter bitch, he would show her what a real man's cock was like and how good it could be. She would never want one of those white men again. He would stretch her so wide that she would never be able to even feel one of them. All the years he had been exchanging one master for another, whether King Daranje Kawat or the white man's God or Balloo, began to bubble over in a boiling cauldron of hate and lust and the desire to hurt.

    His long lust-filled thick cock ached from the anticipation he was building, building, while he worked at her loins with his hot punishing mouth. With some difficulty, he slithered up to his knees and worked his hips into the now wet and glistening opening of her asscheeks from behind.

    "Thees is now fuck time," the gasping Enhar gloated.

    "Yessssss," Dawak breathed, his own cock now out of his pants and held tight in his free hand.

    Meanwhile, Kubby was kneeling behind her now, his hips pressed tight into the open crack of her ass. He held the throbbing thick veined black cock tightly between his fingers with the large bloodfilled head poised at the tight elastic opening of her hungering cunt. He watched it with lust-gleaming eyes as the tiny wet lips contracted and throbbed around the edges like the mouth of a fish gasping desperately for breath in the hostile environment of a drying brook. He ached all over from the thought of the lovely young white girl kneeling in abject servitude in front of him to be used as he would for as long as he would.

    His gaze was locked on the whiteness arid purity of her body, and he let his eyes feast for the slightest of seconds on the way her soft full ass curved sharply down into the narrow wasp-like waist that looked as though it would break from the slightest of pressures. On either side of his kneeling legs, he could see her white thighs tapering down sharply to her small well-formed knees and then blossoming out again to the fullness of firm shapely calves. He envisioned her lying on her back with the dainty strength of those white calves locked tightly behind his ass, pulling him into her in a savage burst of lust that only the mind can conjure. That would come later, flickered through his brain. Now his hard prick and testicles ached as they had never ached for anything before, and he had to fuck it into her now before it was too late, before he emptied his hot sperm all over those soft white asscheeks kneeling helplessly before him.

    Between her open and fully exposed cunt and the end of his bloated cock now, there was just a finger's length, and he pressed her asscheeks wider apart to see it more clearly. His lust-hardened cock jerked slightly again as though unable to contain itself when the tightly puckered asshole came into view just above the moist hole of her cunt. For a moment he was tempted to take her there, but the thought passed from his mind as he felt a small dew-drop of moisture forming slowly on the end of his tortured prick. He had to have it now or it would be too late. He couldn't hold back another instant.

    Slipping his knees as far up between her widely stretched thighs as he could possibly go, he moved forward and guided his long bloodthick cock forward between his thumb and forefinger, gently parting the soft brown pubic hair with the rigidity of the throbbing head. He felt the warm soft folds of the ragged edges of her clasping cunt close wetly over the rounded tip of his lusty cock.

    He groaned. Never in his entire life had he felt anything so soft and tender. Trapped between the delicious layers of wet ready flesh, he let it lay throbbing for a moment. The lewd contact of his thick black cock pressed into the whiteness of her behind, incited him to uncontrolled lust. Aaahhhhh, worshipful Gods of the feathered spirits, he thought, what a feeling! He had to take her, droned through his now dazed mind.

    Kubby flexed his asscheeks, feeling all the frustrations he had built up over a lifetime, it seemed, suddenly surging forward with him into the warm wet flesh of the groaning white girl in front of him. He gasped aloud through the silence of the shabby, sparsely accoutered room as he felt the tight hot walls of her contracting cunt soothingly slipping over and then wetly enclosing the rock-hard length of his surging black cock.

    "Ooohhhhhh," she grunted beneath him as he surged into her, pushing the smooth giving walls of soft flesh inside before him like rippling waves off a speeding ship. Her body trembled and shook before the sudden assault that took her completely by surprise. She had lain dormant before the strange unknown caressive torture her battered body had accepted with grateful joy after all the fear and terror she had undergone, but suddenly the mood changed. Gone were the tender wet probings of her resistless cunt that had seemed so unreal and faraway. Gone was the daze that had encompassed her mind and taken her into another world of half-conscious ecstasy.

    Suddenly she was thrust back again, back again into the reality of the shabby treatment and the desolate room on the rush mat with her shoulders being pressed down painfully again into the musty mat. Her shame and humiliation returned with a vengeance as she felt her thighs and asscheeks being swept wide apart by the thick lust-swollen black cock of the savage who was tunneling up into her mercilessly from behind.

    "Uuuggghhh," she heard a loud low gasp spit through the room behind her.

    She squealed suddenly, not from the pain, for there was none. She was wet and open, and he slid into her easily from the warm moist secretions that had flowed from her hungry cunt during the teasing ministrations of his tongue a moment ago. But she squealed from the sudden and degrading realization that she was hopelessly trapped on the mat between the hands of the primitives in front of her and the thick bloated rampaging, fucking cock skewering into her from behind. She screamed for him to stop, helpless tears of frustration and humiliation flooding again from her terror stricken eyes. But there was no respite. The intrusion deep in her dilated cunt grew and expanded before his uncontrolled assault until she felt the sudden heavy weight of hard muscular loins crushing hard into her ass, sweeping them wider and wider apart as he pressed forward more with all his strength to sink it as deep inside her quivering white belly as far as he could.

    "Aaahahhhh, thees is good," Kubby breathed, his lips bared back tight over his broad white teeth. "I'm in to the mouth!"

    Julie Davenport groaned piteously beneath him, her face pushed deep down into the mat by the pressure from behind until she could hardly catch her breath. Her hungering cunt felt twisted and stretched as though she were being impaled on a coconut trunk. She fought, clenching the muscles of her asscheeks tightly together to keep the long hard fleshy cock from embedding itself further. But, it was useless. Her struggles only incited him more, as her cuntal muscles clasping around him, wet and warm in protest against the unwanted entry, enclosed around him like warm melted goat's butter, and made the huge black cock throb and grow lewdly inside her until she felt stretched and filled in her belly and loins beyond all possible imagination.

    The lovely little brown-haired girl's back ached horribly now from the cruel position she was still held in for so long on the rush mat, and she tried to move, but the hands had pressed against her shoulders again after her warning move when Kubby had fucked it into her from behind. She felt other hands, too, hands roaming all over her body not occupied by the savage pressed tight into her ass from behind. Her titties were being kneaded and squeezed by fingers that had slipped secretly between them and the mat while she had been occupied with the skewering of her hungering cunt. They were hard and cruel and brought her tiny bud-like nipples to an involuntary erection from the harshness of the naked contact with her flesh.

    Over the ridges of her cruelly bent spine, another hand coursed, following it down to the juncture of her asscheeks where quickly and without preparation, the mysterious feeler fucked a finger deep into the confines of her tight unused asshole. She jumped from the first painful intrusions and then froze to ease it a bit. The pain passed as her back passage slowly became adjusted to the unnatural intrusion.

    "Haaaahhhh! I geev the ass my finger," she heard Enhar exclaim excitedly through the daze of the three way rape.

    From her trembling lips broke tiny bursts of protest. Her cuntal passage felt stretched and torn beyond all possible repair, and the dual ravishing of her loins with Enhar's long thick finger implanted deep up her rectum made the feeling all the more intense. She tried not to move as she felt the pain easing with the stillness of her body, but the crazed savage ground and twisted his finger deeper, circling it and expanding her asshole until she thought it would split from the almost unbearable pressure. The hand cupping her naked tits beneath twisted and squeezed with brutal thoroughness, teasing and pulling at every part of their young round firmness until she thought they would burst from the painful manipulations.

    Kneeling behind her bent and trembling form, Kubby flared his nostrils and began fucking in and out of her with long, lunging strokes. His short thick hands held tight to the rounded curves of her tender hips, slipping the moist sheath of her stretched and throbbing cunt back over the thickness of his blood-swollen cock as though he were thrusting his hand into a small boar-fat-filled glove.

    But this was still not enough for the lunging Kubby. He had to have more from this proud little white bitch who would never even look upon him when he sat in her father's house. He wanted her bent to his will. He raised his hand high in the air as he continued the powerful in and out strokes he had established and brought it down firmly against her quivering white ass. The flat smack of flesh against flesh echoed like the shot of a white man's rifle through the jungle. Julie's pathetic scream shattered the quiet an instant later. For a brief moment, the snoring stopped against the other wall, but it immediately started again. There would be no help from Balloo.

    "Move thees ass better!" Kubby hissed behind her.

    Julie Davenport complied without hesitation. She knew enough by now to realize the first blow would only be followed by more if she defied him. Her asscheeks rotated slightly with her first cautious experiment with movement, and then, feeling no pain, she let herself follow his rhythm, grinding and twisting her ass back against his hard driving veined prick and pelvis as though she were glued to them.

    "Shake it like rain, babee! Like hot dance!" he rattled through tightly clenched teeth as he felt her begin to react to his hands digging into her gyrating hips. He was referring to a frenzied rain dance the natives did. It involved throwing burning coals with bare hands into the river to make the highest spouts of steam possible.

    "Oh, oooobhhhh, ooooohhhh!" she exclaimed again and again as she bucked beneath to his command. The sounds she made were muffled and indistinct from her face buffet hard down into the mat. With his every hard forward lunge now, his thick lusty black cock which filled her helpless aunt to the bursting point, flung her hard forward against the restraining hand of the two savages holding her shoulders down to the bed. She felt as though she were being attacked by a giant ape who was pushing her thighs open to the utmost angle and reaching to the deepest point in her belly with his monstrous ever-growing blood-veined cock.

    His fingers kneaded and squeezed at her ass with a wild frenzy, jerking the fat Enhar's fingers from her asshole and replacing it with one of his own in a hard cruel fuck into her soft rubbery depths.

    "Aauuugghh," she screamed, still unheeded by the snoring across the room.

    Kubby swept and fucked into her with a growing frantic abandon of sensation from the hands working at her every sensual part. She could feel him fucking more sadistically now, the sight of her bucking body inciting him to greater and greater effort. Her breath had become one long continuous groan that was no longer muffled by the grass mat. She was droning it out into the room, her face turned sideways on the mat so that he could look down on it and see with lust-gleaming eyes the effect it all was having on her. Her lips opened and closed fish-like in torment, half in humiliation and shame from the sudden uncontrollable feelings surging through her and half in fear that she would be ripped asunder by the cruel hands coursing brutally over her nakedly exposed body.

    There was suddenly another movement around her head, and she could feel the grass mat dropping with a pressure in front of her face as a heavy weight descended around it. Fingers were fumbling with her lips, trying to open her mouth and then she felt a spongy, wet sensation pressing against her lips. She jerked her eyes open and to her horror saw, right in front of her face, a long black bloated cock about seven or eight inches long. The lanky, bony Dawak, who could no longer take the lust-inciting scene of the white girl being fucked from behind by Kubby, had sat back on the mat and wriggled under her face. It was pressed tight into his loins, and his legs were splayed out on either side of her shoulders.

    Lifting her head with the flat of his palm pushing back against her forehead, with the other hand, Dawak was forcing the blood-bloated head of his lewd prick into her gasping mouth. She mumbled in terror and revulsion and tried to shake her head away, but he held her tight and she could not move. She could only clench her teeth and lips tightly together and try to keep it away, but he was not to be denied. As he increased the pressure, it felt as though her lips were being pushed back through the sharpness of her teeth. He groaned and struggled against their softness, feeling them parting, tiny bit by tiny bit, until suddenly, with the aid of an extra hard lunge from the savage fucking her in the rear, she gasped too wide! The broad thick black cock crushed through her soft, moist lips and into the wet warm cavern of her mouth. She could feel the hugeness of it slithering up the length of her tongue and filling her mouth completely with its thick blood-fleshy hardness.

    Dawak, in his lust-incited state, began to slowly screw his blood-inflated cock up and down toward her face with his thickened prick sliding in and out of her mouth. His hands held her head in a vise-like grip, with the palms pressed hard against her ears. She struggled mentally against the obscene rape of her mouth, but it was useless as he quickened his fucking to match those of Kubby fucking into her from behind, never quite pulling it all the way into her from behind, never quite pulling it all the way out, but always leaving a slight part of the tip beyond her lips in the hot moist shelter of her mouth.

    Julie Davenport closed her green eyes, her humiliation knowing no bounds. She felt numb to the world around her, devoid of sensation. In a trance-like state, she watched the length of the long hardened black cock where it came out of the fly of his roughly woven pants and jerked toward her mouth like some horrible snake creeping from its hole in the ground.

    "Suck, little white missa, suck! Suck!" she heard him command harshly above the top of her head. And she did. She was conditioned to following their every command now from the fear of the unknown ahead. Her lips slowly began to nibble at the thrusting instrument, stony hard as it was, and she coughed and sputtered at first until she became accustomed to the unnatural invasion of her mouth. She tried not to think about what she was doing, but it was impossible not to. His testicles bounced against her chin and there was stale odor of sweat around his loins that filled her nostrils with constant reminder of the cruel depraved attack she was being subjected to.

    Behind the white missionary's daughter, Kubby could feel himself building toward the end. He knew it would be soon and began to fuck faster into her, harder and faster, battering mercilessly the quivering cheeks of her ass with his hard driving hips. His black hands gripped her waist hard, squeezing the soft flaccid white flesh into random crazy shapes beneath his fingers. His lips bared back against his teeth, and he could not close his mouth. His breath came in short stuttered machine gun blasts that crackled obscenely through the firelit room. He stared down at her slender bucking body and bobbing head. The contrast of Dawak's long black cock disappearing into the chalky whiteness of her face, shot chills of lightning-like sensations up the length of Kubby's spine. He tore at her ass, stretching the twin moons as wide apart as he could and watched his own long black cock disappearing into the moist pink flanges of her hungering cunt in an exciting contrast of black into white.

    "Haaahhhhh," he sputtered. "The Gods of the feathered spirits pull high!" He knew his mood was pulled and lowered by the bird-spirits-of his people, and right now the spirit that held him in its great talons was definitely ascending a giant mountain peak!

    As he worked demon-like behind her, his eyes flickered smokily back to her tender lips clasping and unclasping around the growing black cock of the savage in front, who was forcing her to suck his lewdly inflated prick. Julie worked in a daze at the command of his fingers, licking and sucking like a hungry child as he forced her to follow slave-like with her lips, his every fuck into the tender shelter of her mouth. Her ravishment continued on and on at both ends of her bent and tortured body as the crazed Enhar cupped and kneaded her jiggling titties hanging down beneath her bucking white torso with a cruel hard pressure that periodically jerked her mind from the ceaseless rape of her other tender parts.

    The saliva in her mouth grew and grew, threatening inundation. It was becoming slightly sticky now as small emissions of lubricating fluid seeped from the end of the black man's cock into its warm depths. She could feel his hips writhing and straining below her bobbing head as though he were in the last spasmodic throes of death. His long sensuous fingers were curled tightly in her hair, slipping her mouth up and down over the end of his fucking fleshy instrument as though it were another devouring cunt into which he was venting the full wrath of his animal-like lust. She could feel it stretching and expanding inside her mouth until there was no room left and moaned piteously around it as it fucked forward, hard down to her tonsils as though it were trying to meet the other hard cruel granite-like prick skewering deep into her belly from behind.

    Never in her young life had she ever felt so utterly used and debauched and sucked with her mouth and wriggled her asscheeks from behind wildly to end it as quickly as she could. There was nothing else but that now, nothing but to please them as best her innocent white young body could, and pray it would be all they would demand.

    The lewd savage in front of her jerked suddenly as though stuck by a pin and writhed his hips up tight into her face, sinking the full length of his blood-inflated cock deep down into her gasping throat. She fought to breathe, but it was hopeless as suddenly his lewd cock erupted in the warm wet interior of her sucking mouth, unintelligible sounds of profanity of a native sort rolling from his lips. His hot thick liquid squirted into her mouth like the rush of raging water through the ground to an open spring, did she sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, her cheeks inflating and deflating all the time from the pressure of the bursting dam of sperm. It lasted for a seeming eternity, her mouth tilled with the pungent taste of his sperm and lust, and then it jerked a long last jerk and softened beneath her swirling tongue. Her senses were gone and she was hardly aware of it when a moment later his cock oozed in a slimy soft mass of flesh from between her lips. His hands pulled her head limply forward to lay trapped against the whole of his trembling loins.

    The beautiful young girl could still feel its rubbery soft length pressed tight against the cheeks of her face when she heard a grunt from behind her. She felt her thighs and asscheeks swept wide apart in one last ass-crushing rush as the other savage fucking into her mercilessly, shoving it as far as it could fuck into her belly and began spewing his hot sticky liquid deep up inside her helplessly defenseless cunt.

    "Aaaooohhh," he cried, his mouth opening wide with the loud, uncontrolled sound as she felt his lewd sperm filling her cuntal hole with a great rush. She could feel it flooding hotly into her and filling the depths of her womb until she thought she would burst inside. There were several convulsive jerks of his pelvis against the soft cheeks of her ass, a desperate digging of fingers into the soft flaccid flesh of her hips and then he fell forward over her back, pushing her face across the exhausted and satiated black primitive, who had just forced her to suck him dry.

    There was no longer any movement at all except for the cooing sounds of the fat Enhar, masturbating by the side of the mat, his eyes rolling wildly in his head as he, too, approached an orgasm. There was a movement of bodies, and Julie felt herself falling to the mattress as Dawak slipped from under her and Kubby lifted himself exhaustedly from her back. There was a sudden cool rush of air between her legs as his deflated prick withdrew from her ravished and wet loins.

    Over on her back she rolled and lay still, unable to move and not caring. She had never felt so debased and lost in all her life as a horrible picture formed in her mind of what she must have looked like being buffeted between the two black savages like a helpless rag doll. Had her father seen it, she knew, he would have suffered a heart attack from which he could never recover. What God thought, she couldn't imagine, but surely he knew that it wasn't her fault. Her body arched and she dimly felt hands crawling over the wetness of her thighs, which were still moist from Kubby's sperm. She did not move and felt the lips of her aching cunt being pressed apart again and looked up through half-slit green eyes to see the frustrated Enhar kneeling between her open legs, his long lust-hardened cock poised in his hand for entry into her. She closed her eyes again and drifted into semi-consciousness, not caring anymore, sin or no sin. She hadn't the energy to care.

    "Leev her. She will be nothing alive!" suddenly boomed across the room from where Balloo had bedded down for the night.

    It was a relief to think someone cared whether she lived or died. It helped to make herself care once more. She heard a defeated whimper and felt a weight lifting from between her thighs. Her eyes flickered open again for the briefest of moments, and she shivered as she saw Enhar standing over her nakedly exposed body at the side of the mat. He was stroking wildly with his hand at his large bloated black prick, locking his eyes insanely down on the wet moist mound of her loins that glistened in the kerosene lamp and flickering firelight as though covered with a light coat of early morning dew. She heard him groan and felt a sudden rush of hot sticky wetness flooding over her naked tits. It was like standing too close to Victoria Falls, she thought hazily, and then there was nothing in her mind at all. As she drifted down into a welcome protective cloak of sleep and exhaustion, just as she lay, too battered and lost to even put her legs together, the morning was just beginning to lighten the sky.


    Since the eastern side of the hut was the forested side, there was little light until late in the morning, and Julie could not believe it when she was awakened. It still seemed the middle of the night, and she was certainly tired enough that it had to be! But already Kubby was tending more little loaves of bread on the stone stove. She imagined that he had finished grinding the flour she had begun to grind the night before, yet it seemed inconceivable to her that he had arisen and done that and made the bread between the time he had fucked her last night and right now. Yet there he was. Perhaps these primitive creatures didn't sleep, was a brief, silly idea that flashed temporarily through her tired mind.

    What she most wanted to do when she woke up was wash. The men let her go out by herself to find a suitable bush to use as a bathroom, but they would give her no water or place to wash.

    "We wash you. We clean you for the spirits in the river," Balloo told her, leaving her puzzled. It wasn't clear to her whether they were going to wash her in the river or whether they were going to wash her to give to the spirits in the river. For a moment her heart froze, but then she remembered that there had been some talk about her being given back to her father with no marks on her, so apparently kiting her was not in their plans. However, there had to be some price they were demanding in return for her life or the entire kidnapping made no sense whatever.

    For awhile, the men seemed to have lost interest in her physically. For one thing they were very excited because Enhar, usually out of grace and favor with everyone, had found an ostrich egg and breakfast would be sumptuous. Dawak, missing at first, came in with a skin of goat's milk, and then all stood around the big wooden bowl that Julie remembered from the night before and stirred and chanted and laughed as they beat the egg and some of the goat's milk and then poured it slowly on a hot flat stone over the fire, all roaring with laughter and helping with their wooden spoons to keep the egg mixture from running off the stone into the fire.

    When it was time to eat, they brought her over naked to a mat at their table. They were so cool and indifferent toward her that she was not at all embarrassed to sit with them crosslegged, as one had to do with such a table. The little bread tasted much better with egg and goat's milk to go with it. Still, she was uncomfortable as she pictured herself sitting there, eating with her hands, unwashed, especially after such a night, and her long light brown hair awry and uncombed for want of anything to comb it with.

    Finally, breakfast eaten, Balloo set the others to putting the little hut in order while he took the white girl outside and started with her into the jungle. She was still stark naked! Balloo had things in his arms. She thought maybe there was something in which she could wrap her fragile white body.

    "Balloo, please give me something to wear," she begged as she stumbled after him. There was a slight path, but she was still amazed by how he so easily made his way.

    "Soon," he assured her, and that's all he would say.

    It was not long before they came to the river he had mentioned earlier in the morning. It had to be a small branch from the Gambia River, Julie decided. One of the things she had thought she had seen as they left the area of their hut, was another hut through the trees. At another point in their journey, she could have sworn she had heard low voices. Now as they broke through the edge of the jungle to approach the river, she saw that there were indeed other people around, mostly women here. They were laughers like the men she knew, and their broad teeth were dazzling in the morning sunlight.

    Her appearance caused absolute consternation. One by one, as they saw her, they stopped whatever they were doing, their expressions froze in place on their laces, and they stared, looking her up and down with great curiosity. Momentarily, Julie thought how they looked at her as though they had never seen a white woman before, and then she stopped to think about it, realizing that they probably had not! The women never came to her father's mission house. One handsome woman was standing in the river, her huge tits just breaking water, unable to tear her big eyes from this strange sight, a girl with no color in her skin! Such things had been heard of before. Every once in awhile a single baby in one tribe or other was born without color in the skin or hair just as that thing happened sometimes among the animals. Since the animals preserved such creatures carefully, the natives preserved their albinos also, even though they rarely lived as long as anyone else, a though it was said that in a neighboring village there lived one of these strange ones to be the oldest of his people, but that was legend.

    The surprising thing about this creature, though, the women noticed, was that although she had no color in her skin, she did have color in her hair, and so they didn't know how she was categorized. Julie noticed that a woman kneeling at the river, scrubbing some of the roughly worn material that the natives made for every day wear around here, had frozen with the garment half in the water. They came close to this woman and she was looking up at their approach, half in awe and half in fear. She trembled a little. Julie then saw that the woman's garment seemed to be trying to tug away from her. It was curious how instead of floating in the river, it kept dunking itself periodically, dunking and pulling.

    Then Balloo slapped his hand onto her shoulder silently in a gesture that told her plainly to keep quiet and hold still. She looked up to see that he was staring at the garment as well. Stealthily he approached the kneeling woman, whose eyes had not left Julie's strange white body, and suddenly, he thrust himself down into the relatively shallow water at the river's edge at a point just beyond the garment. Up he came, laughing in gales even before the water had dripped from his eyes. He fumbled to his feet and was clearly holding a burden just under the water with both arms. Gradually he lifted them, and as he did, the garment lifted also. A great tortoise held the material firmly in his mouth and had withdrawn all his limbs and his head, still holding the garment, into his shell.

    "Aaaiueee!" the woman screamed and dropped her end of the material gladly.

    "You must wash yourself," Balloo told Julie. "I cannot put thees down." Apparently, he had meant to wash her. Well, she was glad for the appearance of the tortoise in that case.

    "The dress here," she then asked because she noticed that one of the things he had been carrying and had dropped when he leaped into the river, seemed to be a robe of some kind. It looked like burlap although of a softer weave. "Is this mine?"

    "Yes, but not unclean," he instructed coldly. She took that as a threat to wash before touching it. She needed no threat! In spite of the fact there might well be another tortoise in the river; there could be anything, her father had warned, in these rivers: she jumped in almost immediately. She knew the natives scooped sand from the bottom of the river to use as a cloth with which to scrub themselves. She and her father had learned that when they had introduced washing before tea. They had taken the men to the pump to wash and had been amazed to see that they scooped dirt from the ground with which to wash! She copied them now because she didn't want to risk irritating Balloo. She didn't know what "unclean" might mean to him within his mysterious set of taboos, and she did not wish to discover the penalty before the rule!

    By the time she finished scrubbing herself down with the rough sand and the river water, she could see that she had changed appearance considerably. Her skin was everywhere a ruddy pink, and her light brown hair was matted fairly flat to her head, combed with her fingers as best she could. She climbed up onto the river bank again and picked up the garment that she was to wear. It felt like a tent going over her head, and she was relieved to find that it at least covered her tits. She had been afraid that it would be only a long skirt, but she found holes for her arms, and there was a cord to tie around her tiny waist.

    Meanwhile, a couple of the women had helped Balloo construct a kind of branch sleigh by which to haul the big tortoise back to the hut. It was a little slower returning because of the addition of the big turtle, but Julie still had to marvel at the agility with which Balloo managed to maneuver through the woods. A great roar of laughter and happiness met them when the other men saw the prize, but instead of taking the poor creature into the hut, they loaded it into the back seat of the car, which Dawak and Kubby were filling with gasoline when Balloo and Julie returned. Then Julie was invited into the back seat, too, though Enhar was given the task of keeping the tortoise under his feet, and Julie was placed against the opposite door, shielded by Balloo from tortoise and Enhar both, for which she was greatly relieved.

    "Where… where are we going?" she questioned when she saw that they were all taking off again. Was she being taken home already?

    "Ah," Balloo gasped. "We go to King Daranje Kawat with fine food," he told her, his eyes twinkling with mischief. He wanted her to be frightened, that he meant she would be the food, but she knew he was referring to the tortoise.

    "Why me?" she asked, not frightened. He knew she wanted to know why she was involved with all this.

    "Hey you," he said sternly, slivers of ice appearing an the glint of his eyes, "much business. Business, business, business."

    That was not a word he learned from her father but from the market place. Most of the traders the natives here dealt with in the market were French, but some were English. The Reverend Davenport had discovered that the primitives had learned a number of English words before they came to him. They seemed to enjoy learning the language. In fact, the missionary often complained that that was all they seemed to want to learn. They soaked up the English words and seemed to let the English religion go over their heads! Oh, they played the ceremonial games with him but with other motivation than worship, he suspected. The problem was that he seemed unable to decipher their reasons!

    Julie fell silent after that. Apparently, she was not going to learn about her abduction until they were good and ready to tell her the story. By this time, having been through everything there was to terrify her, she was more curious than afraid. But she must wait.

    Even when the automobile stopped in the dusty middle of a clearing that was surrounded by several of the familiar rush-woven huts, but mostly by one single long hut that was also taller than the others, Julie knew no more than she had when the men had stolen into her bedroom the night before. She had to wait, the object of much curious staring by the people, while the men wrestled the big tortoise out of the car. It was almost as though the poor creature knew that he was destined for the pot! But that's the usual way of life, Julie thought. When the strong grab the weak, it's to put them into the pot, and most creatures know this instinctively. It gets complex on the human level, though. She was being put into some kind of pot for some selfish reasons the natives had, but as long as they didn't literally boil her, there was not much else for her to lose, it seemed. She would have to be patient to see what kind of pot lay in her future.

    Finally the tortoise had been hauled away. Balloo and the other three took her into a first tiny room of the large hut, and there, some women came with great ostrich feather fans and brushed them carefully from head to foot. They were brushed three times by three different women before they were taken into the next room, which was floored with glistening white wood. Julie saw that there were still other rooms going off to the side from the rooms through which they passed. She knew by now that she was in the home, or palace, of the King himself and wondered if she would see him. She had not long to wonder.

    After all the preparations that had taken place including her bath and the brushing down by the women, Julie fully expected to see a shiny monarch, totally out of reach, perhaps sitting high on a throne, which all must prostrate themselves before. Instead, Daranje Kawat sat at a table, waiting for them. He was dressed beautifully. His robe shone with newness and had large orange and white diagonal stripes for a print. He wore no hat, but his hair was a beautiful braidwork in patterns of flowers with stand-up loops of braided hair for petals. His robe covered his physique, which looked powerful, and surely his personality emanated a strength, the like of which, Julie had never before felt. Then she remembered hearing how these men became kings. They nearly died in the trials that gave them absolute power. She had always wondered why they did such things, why they put a man through such cruel and abusive treatment before letting him become king… if he survived, and many did not! Her father said it was just superstitious savagery, but she was curious.

    Without even realizing that she was doing it before she did, she found herself bowing her head before this imposing man. Oh, if her father ever saw her do that! Yet she felt a supreme gentleness descend upon her when she did, a sturdiness like complete acceptance. What a strange feeling! How mysterious! Never in her life had she felt so a part of anything as she now felt with these men at this table! What secret power was this? And was it of God or of the devil, she wondered, feeling her heart quake. All sat down at the table where the king sat, and they placed her directly opposite.

    She scrutinized his face as much as she dared but saw no smile. She didn't dare speak up, and she noticed that no one else started a conversation so she guessed that it was necessary to let the king speak first. Finally he did smile and speak.

    "Your king is as powerless as the feathered spirits who serve him. We have taken you from your father, but your great God-King comes not. Where is he?"

    Julie's jaw could only drop helplessly. His command of English surprised her.

    "We brought you here as a challenge, to make him show himself, and to bargain with him if he were one to respect. But we see he is a coward as we have long suspected. He sends the feathered spirits to pluck out our souls and drop them in the great water so we cannot find them when we have need of them. Or shall I say, he tries to do that. But we have hiding places." He paused then and seemed to be waiting for her to say something. She didn't know where to begin.

    "My… my father is not God, and he would come if he knew where I was." She stopped and no one interrupted the silence. It was as though the king could feel the knot of inexpressible information that was lodged in her chest. He was patiently waiting for her to find the words. "God is…" How could she express it? "I don't think he is what you think." Did he mean angels by the term "feathered spirits"?

    "He is not the king of the feathered spirits? My people have seen pictures of the feathered spirits serving your God!"


    "He does not send them to pluck our souls? Yet, my people have been told to give up their souls to this king!"

    "Well, yes, but…" She was stymied again.

    "What does he do with the souls he takes if not to drop them in the great water?" Julie was perplexed. Did the "great water" mean the oceans or the heavens?

    "It's to keep them, you see," she said in agony of desperation. She had no idea but what her answer might determine her fate.

    "For what purpose?"

    "Well… well… for you!" Oh, if only her father were here to answer these questions! She didn't really know the answers at all. She heard a kind of snicker among the four men who sat with her before the king, but it subsided quickly although the king himself did not seem to notice and did nothing to stop it.

    "The first man of our people who visited in friendship with your father had his soul plucked by your God. He told me that the place for his soul was empty in his head and that his ears were ringing with the hollowness of the wind, and he went and jumped from the Cliff of Doom because your father said his soul was in a place of after-death and he wanted his soul back."

    Julie's breath caught in her throat. She remembered the man. For a long time he was the only one who would come, and then he was gone and the others began to come.

    "These men," King Daranje Kawat said, nodding toward the four, "have come to you for the words and books that I needed with which to speak to you. Others went to the marketplace and brought back words. We will give you back to your father if he will leave here and take his God of the feathered spirits with him. We care for our own souls. It is a way to know where they are and it is better."

    The king clapped his hands then, and a beautiful, willowy black woman entered. The king looked straight at Balloo.

    "Take her," he invited, then smiled a beautiful, white-toothed smile. "She is for a great feast tonight. The turtle is a good sign of pleasure and gratitude on our people. You have done well, and we will be rid of the God of the feathered spirits at last!"

    The king then rose and disappeared in a ripple of orange and white into a room off this main one. Julie was aghast and ashamed of the disappointment she felt to see him go. She had actually been playing with the idea that he might be curious about a white woman's body. She discovered that she had been hopeful! Oh, God, how she had changed! Yet she had acquired a new respect for physical power now, and he certainly had the most she had ever been in contact with. Part of his charisma was inexplicable. It seemed to have nothing to do with his physique. Perhaps it was a kind of psychic strength from the ordeals he had gone through to be king, or maybe it was just because he felt he had defeated the strong thieving God who had come among his people.

    Now she was back to Balloo again. She must be satisfied with his protection. Yet, the tail willowy black woman was obviously for Balloo because he was the leader, Julie supposed. Well, in a way, it might be just as well. She was quite exhausted, and what she really wanted to do more than anything else at the moment was catch up on her sleep.

    It seemed she was not alone in this desire. Balloo said something to the black woman, and she changed the direction in which they were walking, leading them to another hut in the trees behind the palace. While they walked, Julie managed to ask Balloo who the woman was. Her name was Kinche and she was one of the king's favorites, bestowed upon them for today and tonight in return for their services. It was a very great service to be present in ridding the area of her father and influence of the feathered spirits, Julie was assured of nothing. She couldn't. All she could hope that her father would take her home and not relocate elsewhere. She didn't want to stay in Senegal anymore than the people there wanted her to stay!

    Kinche quickly unrolled mats for everyone. Just the sight of the rush mat on the ground was enough to make Julie's legs almost buckle under her and to make her eyes close while still standing up. Balloo saw that she was tired and he told her to go to sleep. For a moment she looked at him not just in gratitude but with strange feelings that she had never felt before. She was jealous of this Kinche! It was incredible, but she found herself beseeching the muscular Balloo silently with her eyes to remain faithful to her, Julie! Recognizing the idiocy in her own heart, Julie turned toward the mat he had indicated was for her and threw herself down on it, keeping her face against the grass wall of the hut.

    When she awoke, she didn't feel slept out but still tired. Yet there were strange noises going on and she couldn't keep from rolling over to see what was happening. The fat Enhar, half-crazed with frustration, eyes bulging from uncontrolled animal lust, was pulling the beautiful willowy body of Kinche up to himself and slamming his large thick rubbery lips on hers. The rest of the men were sitting around chortling or just grinning, but obviously enjoying the lovely woman's struggles with the brutish Enhar. Julie's instinct made her want to cry out and help the girl but she was helpless and knew it. Her mind would not really work and she lay frozen, green eyes agape at the terrible spectacle transpiring before her horror-stricken face. Perhaps the men in this society were in no need of the God of the feathered spirits, Julie thought, but the women apparently were!

    Everything Enhar did, he did with savagery and brutality, it seemed to Julie. Already Kinche's body was half limp, and the white onlooker watched in stunned horror as the crazed Enhar, frothing at the mouth from his passion, began brutally tearing at Kinche's clothing. The now half-insensible girl did not stand a chance as Enhar grabbed her robe and pulled it violently over her head and off so that her full black titties fell free from their modesty and quivered nakedly in the air. The now naked woman tried to rise but he mashed her back onto the floor again, half on the mat and half on the ground. Here there was no polished wood for a floor. Kinche was completely naked and helpless before Enhar's brutal attack. She looked almost lifeless. There was no resistance left, but the pent-up passion of the fat Enhar roared on. He rolled her to her stomach flat on the ground and muttering vague and unintelligible obscenities, headed and tore at the soft yielding flesh of her ass, her back, and her thighs, with an insane intensity that brought tears to Julie's gaping eyes.

    Suddenly, with a savage jerk of her shoulder, Enhar rolled her over again back onto the mat on her back and forced her legs brutally apart. He kneeled up for a moment between her full dark coffee-colored thighs, dropping his pants to his knees with a quick movement of his hand, and then fell forward, crushing her dark lovely body with an animal-like grunt hard down onto the floor.

    Their feet were facing Julie not more than three feet away, and her stunned emerald eyes were centered on the wide split crack of the helpless woman's cunt, the smooth blood-pinkened flesh of the stretched opening presenting a quivering and unimpeded target of soft wetness in a sparse forest of jet black pubic hair. Her asscheeks were smashed flat to the rough rush mat beneath, with Enhar's monstrous lust-thickened black cock insinuated down between the crevice that split the smooth, full rounded dark moons. The large, oversized, bulbous head touched the mat beneath and Julie was close enough that she could see it was wet and sticky where his seminal fluid had seeped out the narrow opening at the tip in his wild excitement of the rape of the untouchable king's mistress that had been thrown to him unexpectedly a few short minutes ago. He was being used as a source of amusement, but he certainly didn't care for this price!

    Enhar wasted no time with preliminaries, and the horrified white girl lying prostrate at the couple's feet gasped when she saw the muscles of his ebony ass tighten as it lifted high in the air over the upturned loins of the moaning and pleading black woman. It poised at the wet widely stretched opening of her visibly palpitating cunt for what seemed an eternity and then jerked forward brutally to disappear between the soft, fleshy, down covered folds between her legs with a wet slithering rush that brought a long painful scream from the spread-eagled girl.


    Julie looked at the grinning men. They were passing among them, of course, a bowl of the intoxicating svench. She was too horrified to make a sound but moaned beneath her breath as the terrible Enhar lay still, soaking the full length of his giant throbbing cock inside the moist softness of the poor girl's quivering belly for a few torturous seconds, and then with a deep throated groan born of animal lust began to fuck her savagely with long hard strokes that carried the full monstrous length of his blood-swollen prick. The helplessly impaled woman groaned and writhed painfully beneath the driving force of the black bully's pounding body as he reached down her legs under her knees and pulled up viciously, bending her thighs all the way back to her shoulders to give him greater access to the open wet entrance of her cunt. Kinche choked and sputtered beneath him in agony and the sudden humiliation of being thrown to this brute to be used and raped as he wished.

    A few moments ago, she had been a proud and untouchable queen of the king's harem, but now she was just another piece of female flesh that would be passed among them to be fucked and used as each of them in turn would so desire and when they would desire. She knew that she was a great prize for a great service, perhaps the most important service that could have been done for her people, but she had not expected anything like this! Her humiliation knew no bounds, and she grunted and moaned beneath her wildly pumping attacker as though the world had suddenly ended.

    "Balloo!" she called. "Nooooooo, Balloo! Make him stop!"

    Her pretty face was contorted in pained disbelief at her sudden fall into the depths of gang whoredom, the nearest English equivalent to what she was experiencing. But Balloo and the men only considered her pleas a part of the wonderfully entertaining show! And Enhar crushed his thick rubbery mouth down over hers drowning out with a wet slobbering finality the further screams building in her throat. He dug his fingers cruelly and hard into the firm large mounds of her tits, and Julie thought surely he was going to kill the girl from the back-breaking position into which he was forcing her with greater and greater strength.

    Suddenly Julie began to understand what the lovely girl meant to these men and why the king had given her as a great prize for their services. He could have given them any woman or given them each a woman, but a woman could be had for nothing. That was not the point. He had given his woman, a part of himself… to subjugate! Enhar, especially, at the very bottom of the pecking order in this group, was now as close to the top of the status ladder as he could ever hope to get. He was subjugating the mistress of the king himself!

    Kinche was bent nearly double now with her knees scraping painfully into the roughness of the ground back over her shoulders. Enhar's long thick lust-inflated cock pistoned like a baobab log into the ever expanding softness of her devouring cunt, and Julie could hear the harsh slap of his sperm-bloated balls beating a lewd and orgasm-building rhythm against the tiny asshole nestled in the crevice below her filled and battered cunt. She tried to close the sound from her ears, but it would not go. She tried to close her eyes and shut off the sight of the horrible ravishment taking place so close in front of her but they flickered open again involuntarily hypnotized by the bestial assault.

    The frustrated Enhar began to go wild now with lust and sadistic delight at the same time. He twisted and turned her body beneath him like a limp rag doll as he fucked into her with ever increasing speed and vigor, smashing the softness of her naked and open body hard down into the rough dirt floor and into the rush mat until Julie thought he would drive her completely through it. His hands pinched and pulled at her as she twisted and squirmed to escape the pain. His face above her was contorted into a wild mask of sadistic lust as his blood-swollen cock battered into her, expanding and growing to ever horrifying proportions before the bulging eyes of the cringing white girl peering up between his large legs at the rigid column of wet, fucking black flesh.

    Julie Davenport held her breath and gasped as she watched the tiny folds of dark but pinkened flesh of the squirming Kinche's cunt withdrawing and sinking wetly back inside again with each brutal thrust the crazed Enhar made into her. Then her heart suddenly stopped as she heard a low animal-like groan suddenly erupt from deep in the throat of the fucking fat savage, and his rigid black pole of bloated flesh skewering madly into the helpless girt beneath him began throbbing out its lewd hot liquid deep inside her quivering cunt. Julie could see it jerking forward and tunneling its way deep inside the moaning and pleading Kinche as it could go to plant its sperm deep, deep up inside her. She could see the obscene white liquid of his pent-up passion bubbling up and overflowing out around his tightly sheathed cock and down the wetly spread crack of Kinche's ass.

    The king's mistress' beautiful legs kicked out helpless in the air on either side of him and fell limply to the floor. It was over and there was no more reason to resist. It had been done.

    The exhausted Enhar lay collapsed heavily for a moment across her unresisting body, soaking his slowly deflating prick in the liquid depths of her aching cunt that he had filled completely a moment before. Then slowly he rose to his feet, pulling his pants up and tying the cord around them. His eyes were still locked on the beautiful woman lying limply on the floor and they reflected the disbelief that still lingered in him that such a prize had been thrown to him, Enhar! One moment she had represented the untouchable to him, more untouchable than the white bitch, and the next she was lying beneath his pounding hips with her legs split wide apart like any other piece of ass he had ever had, except infinitely better; he could not explain why!

    Then suddenly Kubby was upon Kinche, not even giving her a chance to catch her breath. He had decided he was going to make her suck him until she made him cum like a bull in that proud little mouth that had heretofore been good enough only for a king! He felt a sudden jerk in his pants as he visualized her swallowing his hot warm load as he spewed it all the way down her throat. He reached down and ran his hands greedily over her neck, feeling the smooth tight hollows giving before the slight pressure he exerted. He circled his thumbs up over the full sensuous lips and pushed them gently apart to see the pink moist flesh of her tongue that would soon be circling around the hardness of his throbbing black prick like that of a coiling snake!

    The limp body of the king's mistress shuddered even as she lay limp beneath Kubby, her new burden. There was a certain horrified acceptance in her face because she knew there was no hope whatsoever of escape from the hopeless position she was in. She knew she should be honored that she was the very best reward that the king could offer for a great service, but she had been so humiliated and defiled by this group, especially the fat one, that idealism no longer mattered very much. Hopefully, this one could never be as bad as the other had been when she had to lie there and let him pump his lewd sperm deep up in her belly like the lowest woman in the village! Further resistance was useless, anyway, and might be punishable. Perhaps it was better to please as best she could to get them finished off once and for all. Yes, she would give it to them, all they wanted and how they wanted it.

    She could not help glowering up at Kubby though with eyes of contempt as the others laughed. He reached down behind her and put his hands backwards between her thighs and forced them slowly apart. She let herself go, opening her legs before his harsh pressure and gritting her teeth trying to hold back the scream of revulsion building within her. He ran the tip of his finger up the slit of her hungering cent, still moist from the fucking Enhar had given to her a short while ago. She just lay still and let him do it to her.

    However, she closed her eyes from the pressure against the sensitive lips of her aching cunt, and her face was impassive as though she wished she were dead at this very moment. The ape-like savage sitting across her naked stomach ran his hands gently, almost reverently over her hips and belly and then suddenly lost control and squeezed them with a cruel hard force that brought a sudden squeal from her lips.

    His big head dropped suddenly, and he bit hard into the round softness of her titty. His teeth sunk cruelly into her firm flesh, making her jerk and squeal again. He laughed, as did the others, at her sudden pain and moved his mouth down over the smooth flatness of her belly, biting into the softness of her skin all along the way. Julie watched with a vague detachment now. She had felt horror for so long that it was no longer horror, and there was nothing she could do but lie still and watch.

    The beautiful mistress was squirming in earnest now, attempting to escape the sharp nipping teeth biting into her. She pushed at the muscular man's head with all her remaining strength, but it was useless. He had waited too long, just like Enhar, for such a prize. He leaned up above her and looked down again at her nakedly exposed flesh stretched beneath. His hands ran up over the narrowness of her waist and massaged at the firmness of her tits again. It was obvious he was enjoying her torment beneath him and was delaying the final moment as long as he could hold out. He leaned back on his haunches and looked up and down the length of her dark smooth body again. A slight gasp came from his lips as the full lovely symmetry registered in his gaping eyes. It reminded him, on a slightly slimmer and more muscular scale, of the white girl here that he had had with Dawak last night except that Dawak had got the sucking then. Now it was his turn to sink it between a set of warm soft lips and blow his balls deep down in her throat. This one would be particularly satisfying he thought as he felt a hollow longing feeling begin deep in his testicles.

    Kinche lay limp now that his teeth were no longer tearing into flesh. There was a look of resignation on her face that indicated she had resigned herself to accepting the degradations he was about to subject her to. She hardly knew he was there now, and the only thoughts that ran through her mind were of what she would do in the years of abstinence that for her would follow this. The king would never have her again. Her only chance would be for some widower who might find her beautiful enough to give up his choice of one of the virgins. After this, she might not wish a man. She might wish to jump from the Cliff of Doom, although she doubted that the kind Daranje Kawat would allow it.

    Kubby had wiggled out of his pants and was naked now. For some reason he wanted her to stand up. She rose shakily to her feet without hesitation. She knew better than to fight. Kubby turned her around and around, pinching her here and there at particularly sensitive spots on her body and bringing slight winces of pain from her lips. His mouth and eyes gloated lustfully on the provocative curves of a woman who had pleased the king! He reached out with his arm and pulled her to him, running his hands down over the full firmness of her titties up and down the sides of her waist and full flaring hips, over her rounded ass and thighs until he could stand his own sadistic teasing no longer.

    His hands reached up and tangled cruelly in her braids, and he forced her protestingly down on her knees in front of him. Her face was held directly in front of the long rigid lusty cock cleaving out from his belly. There was a strained grimace on her face, and her eyes were open wide as she saw it slowly moving under the top her nose toward her lips. The short ape-like savage grinned like an evil spirit above her and rubbed the warm moist head stickily around the sides of her face and cheeks as he maintained the steel tight grip in her hair with his straining hands.

    Julie watched the girl's proud black eyes that had flashed in strength and anger a short time ago, close in bitter humiliated subjugation as she felt the obscene, sticky prick rubbing over the softness of her facial flesh. Did the king treat her like this, Julie wondered.

    "Open!" the primitive man hissed down at the woman. She hesitated for a moment, and he jerked his hands in her hair, causing a short gasp of pain to slip from her lips.

    As the lips opened to emit a soulful cry, he pressed forward and brushed the head gently back and forth against their wet softness. She started to cry again, but it came out muffled and low as he pushed the sound back down her throat with the throbbing head of his blood-swollen cock. He gloated gleefully from above the top of her proud head, and his hands tightened on her hair again. His lips bared back over the whiteness of his teeth as he pulled her face slowly forward, sliding the warm moist flesh of her saliva-filled mouth over his throbbing black cock.

    Her lips began to nibble slightly on it from fear of the pain that would come if they did not. Julie could see the sudden change in the snarling black face standing over the kneeling girl as Kubby felt the first moist suction began around his rapidly growing prick. His eyes bulged down as he watched the now subjugated woman's working mouth hollowing around his long black column protruding into it. Julie trembled again as she remembered through her tortured mind the long black instrument that had lewdly spewed its hot lascivious sperm into her own tortured mouth last night and found herself moaning again under her breath in sympathy with the black woman kneeling like a slave now before the dark undulating hips of the squat muscular primitive.

    Once more he ripped at her hair, and her tongue immediately tangled around him, bringing another deep-throated groan from his lips. The girl began to work now as though she enjoyed it, and her tongue, lips, and teeth all pressed close and moist around him until Julie could see his shining black asscheeks tense together as he jerked forward deeper into the warm soft cavern of the girl's hot moist mouth.

    "Ooooohhhhhh! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it, Kincheeeeeeee!" he chanted above her bobbing head as she let herself go completely to end it as soon as she could.

    His hands snaked around the sides of her head now, stroking at the soft black and pitted silkiness of her braided hair and pulling and teasing at the lobes of her ears. His hips jerked back and forth wildly before her now uninhibited attack on his genitals, and he moaned and muttered obscene filthy phrases that she probably didn't understand at the same time, making her move faster with his hands.

    The sympathetic missionary's daughter watched helplessly, her hand tightening around Balloo's ankle in a silent prayer for the poor victim. Terrible and sickening memories of the things they had done to her own helpless and open body last night flickered through Julie's mind in an unending twin of obscene pictures of what her own full white body must have looked like as she had been buffeted between the short squat, Kubby, now fucking the kneeling king's mistress in the mouth, and the lean muscular Dawak, who was leaning against the center post stroking his hardened prick in his hands as he excitedly waited his turn with the proud, fallen mistress of the King Daranje Kawat. Then Julie found herself even longing for the moment she knew would come when Balloo would take her from this spectacle and begin doing those horrible things to her that all the others were waiting their turn for on the helpless Kinche. Surely he would!

    There was another groan from the ecstatic face of the squat savage as the kneeling girl sucked at his lewdly bloated cock like a hungry kid feeding from a mother goat. The smooth hard texture filled her mouth to the bursting point as it expanded with each passing thrust into her warm wet cavern, but she tried not to think about that. She concentrated on the decisions she would have to make later, whether she would die or live, and if live, how.

    Kubby kept skewering further and further into her mouth so that she could feel the hard rubbery tip of the hard head of his lewd cock grazing smoothly against the back of her throat. Her mouth was filled with warm moist saliva and made a smooth hot sheath around the monstrous instrument as it fucked faster and faster into her face. His huge black balls beat a steady rhythm of lust and passion against the tip of her chin, and she could feel him all wet there where some of the saliva in her totally filled mouth had drooled down troth her lips and moistened the whole of her lower face.

    The ape-like Kubby was looking down at her now with a lust contorted face that glistened of savage desire as he felt her begin to suck him with a moist, nibbling, sucking motion as he crushed his sweating loins at her face and ground his fingers cruelly into the side of her head. He wanted this proud little bitch that had been standing beside the king so long, elevated above the rest of them like a grand vulture! She had better swallow when he squirted his hot load into her mouth. He wanted to debase her completely for all the times he had seen her and wanted her and had never dared let anyone know!

    But now, like a miracle, he had her where he had always wanted her and would bend her to his complete will if it was the last thing he ever did. He crooned on his obscenities down at the top of her now wildly bobbing head as he watched with gleaming eyes the black flesh of his lust-hardened cock disappear into the tight oval hole formed by her full widely stretched lips and saw them clamping around it wetly like the lips of a hungering cunt.

    Her big eyes were closed tight now in her shame and humiliation, and his fucking cock felt as though it were being tormented by a thousand tiny needle-sharp teeth, like those of the flying squirrel, which he had felt as a boy and had never forgotten. There was a rush in his brain that sounded like the roar of a hundred waterfalls, and he knew he could hold back no longer. It had to be now!

    He fucked his thick, glistening cock deep into her mouth and arched his pelvis forward toward her face, pressing at the same time against her cheeks with the tips of his fingers so that her mouth was tighter around it and he could feel the full force of it and expanding in the softness between her tongue and the roof of her mouth until a thousand electric sensations seemed to be pressing in on him all at once. He gripped her head between his hands with a savage jungle scream, feeling all his passion rushing from the warm haven of his testicles to the bloated head of his cock and fucked it deep with all his lust-inspired power far into her throat.

    Kinche sputtered and choked for a single, long-held minute, and then Kubby emitted a coarse, deep-throated moan and his hot sticky sperm shot in a thick warm jet deep into the confines of her open, sucking mouth. He held her head in front of him with a strong vise-like grip until he had emptied himself completely into the once proud mistress' sperm-filled mouth and then sank helplessly back onto the floor behind him.

    His soft deflated cock slipped with a wet sucking noise from between her cum-covered lips, a thin string-like trickle of white still connecting them together. The hollows of her throat worked for long moments afterwards swallowing in great gulps the liquid white fluid he had creamed into her throat.

    Julie Davenport could not watch any more, if there was going to be any more to watch. Maybe if she tried, she could forget what was happening and finish her sleep. God, she was tired enough. She seriously doubted that she had slept very long before being awakened by the activity. She had no idea what the future held. She had better sleep while she could. She lay her head back down on the woven rush mat and soon, dreaming, in spite of herself, tender dreams of King Daranje Kawat, she fell asleep.


    She could not have been sleeping long again when she felt pulled over closer against the wall. In her half-asleep state, she dreamed that it was Daranje Kawat and she hadn't the strength or sense of will to move and listen or open her eyes to be sure of what was going on. She sensed the stopping of trousers from a dark muscular body, and she heard them drop dully on the earthen ground. Then there was silence, except for a deep breathing. Was there no one else in the room? She tensed her body and waited for the touch of hands on her back but there was none.

    Balloo stood naked for a long moment looking down at the white girl before removing his pants. He knew she was only half asleep and hazily aware of him, that he was studying her. He hoped she could feel the hot trails of desire and admiration his eyes left behind them as they roved over her reclining form.

    "Pretty white bitch," she suddenly heard through the stillness like a sudden wave on a calm ocean. Her first reaction was to turn her head and see where the strange, suddenly tender, voice came from. No, it was not Daranje Kawat. What had she expected? But it was Balloo, at least, and she could see no one else around through the hazy blurred vision of her straining eyes. Yet she almost didn't recognize this Balloo from the tenderness with which he spoke. Perhaps it was because there was no one else there. The softness of his voice sheared the harsh savage away and made him something else, something human that she had mysteriously felt in him before but had not really seen until this instant. It unsettled her and confused her thoughts. She had considered them all as nothing but a bunch of wild animals, more careless than a lion of its own species. Now, with the sudden tenderness of this leader of the group, she was no longer certain. She had feared him before and sought his protection just like a fellow animal and out of necessity.

    She felt the mat give a little beneath his weight as he sat down beside her. She cringed away from his nakedness out of habit although she was not as frightened by it as she had been in the beginning. There was really nothing more for her to fear except death itself, so when his hand come to rest softly on her back, her body did not jerk automatically away. Balloo's hand moved slowly on her back, mistaking her slight tremble from the lewd pictures she had dreamed and which had started to form again in her mind for the beginning of surrender.

    In a way, the half drunken Balloo was right. The girl had surrendered but not for the reason he so much wanted her to. The will to resist had been totally destroyed because there was nothing else he could do to her that had not already been done. He would rather have her reason be as great as his when he gave up his chance with the king's mistress to have the missionary's white daughter. But Julie simple could stand the threat of sudden pain no more and her fatigue-wracked body was almost beyond feeling anything but the desire for the peace from which it had been so cruelly disturbed when she had been kidnapped from her home only last night, although it seemed months ago now. So she was his, both mint and body now, and the tenderness with which he touched her helped quiet her fears and inspired hope for a quick rescue. Meanwhile, as long as he was a barrier between herself and the others, she could lie still and let him play with her as he wished, gratefully.

    The primitive leader, sobering slightly from the sight of the voluptuous young white girl stretched languidly on the mat beside him, gazed down at her with an almost religious reverence. He would have given anything in the world at that moment if he could have possessed her permanently under different circumstances, but to give her back to her father was a necessary sacrifice. The whiteness of her skin made no difference to him, but she had been so clean and innocent and untouched, except for the rape that he and the others had imposed, which didn't count.

    Julie felt her body begin to shiver as his black hands moved down over her soft round ass and began pushing the hem of her robe she had been given to wear up the backs of her thighs. She could hear him breathing heavily behind her and wanted to turn and look at his face to see if it reflected the sudden gentility with which his hands moved but she didn't dare. She was afraid it would and suddenly and he would without warning again crept into the violence he had the first time he had taken her in the old car. He nudged her hips up from the mat, and she lifted without resistance to the gentle pressure to allow him to slip the woven garment up the full length of her body and over her head.

    "Ooooohhhhhhh," she murmured as he ran his hands in a long slow caress back down her back again. Her titties trembled and hardened slightly as they made naked contact with the rough mat beneath them, and she groaned again, not from pain but from some new alien tingle that began throbbing gently inside her flesh. Again his hands came down her back, slipping like another skin down over the full voluptuous moons of her ass and hips. The dress was gone and she was nakedly exposed to him but felt no longer any embarrassment or fear or need to resist. She had come to trust him in the last few minutes and sensed that he would not hurt her intentionally the way the others had hurt Kinche. In fact, the thought ran hazily through her mind, he probably would stop if she pleaded with him, but she had no intention of doing that now. She knew that he had saved her from another horrible evening at the hands of the other three by throwing the king's mistress to them. She also sensed that it had not been totally through desire for her alone but from a new strange compassion that had arisen in him for her as a human being. She knew because his hands playing over the softness of her now quivering flesh were asking, not demanding.

    He sensed too, that there had been a change in the white girl. She no longer cringed beneath his touch as she had done in the car. Now, to his amazement, she seemed to desire it. Her body strained and worked with his hands as they coursed over her. He rubbed her asscheeks in small tiny circles, gently pressing apart the two full white moons so that he could see the tiny puckered brown hole of her ass nestled there so open and vulnerable. He thought of bending over and kissing it but decided against it. These white people had very strange taboos that he could never comprehend. He did not want to do anything that would raise her guard and perhaps snap her from the relaxed mood she was in at the moment. He cupped the firm full cheeks of her ass again and then slid his fingers slowly down them and into the crease caused by the pressure of her thighs lying so close together.

    As he pressured gently down between them with his hand, he expected them to clench tightly shut but was surprised when they fell limply open without resistance of any kind. He pushed his hand up between their full satin-like softness until his fingers came into sudden wet contact with the soft down of the thin brown pubic hair growing tantalizingly up between her legs. He tried to press his finger up between the soft moist flanges of her cunt but she jerked spasmodically away, not from fear or revulsion, but from the unexpected contact that sent a shiver of warm rippling sensation running up the nerves of her naked back.

    Julie groaned, vaguely aware of his hands turning her body on the mat so that she was flat on her back and the whole of her naked front was presented up to him in a delicious garden of secret hollows and indentations. She was just as he remembered her last night when he had made her stand nakedly exposed before the crackling fire and had impressed the others with the value of what he possessed. And they, impressed, had reminded him of his promise to share her! She was as she was then, firm and young and white, her body shaking, but this time filled, he suspected, with passion!

    Balloo kneeled beside her, running his hands reverently over her white tits, her flat white belly, her thighs, up and down over her unprotected nudity with shaking hands that brought forth small animal mewls of pleasure from between her tightly closed teeth. His passion was increased as he watched the contrast of his ebony dark hands moving over and bringing the gasping and quivering response from the white of her body. He watched her open her eyes, greener than the river, and look up at him for a moment, the bright grassy color shadowed by the dim smoky veil of building passion that was beginning to course through her.

    Somewhere back in the distant ages since his hands had reached for her body, Julie had drifted into a strange unknown world of sudden, deep, soft pleasure of the flesh. She had lain beneath his hands at first in fear, then in grim realization that she had a debt for protection to pay him. Now, all conscious thought of why she was here or beneath whom her slowly flaming body was writhing was lost to her memory. It no longer mattered as she felt the tiny licking flames running all around her between the softness of her inner thighs, out the tips of her now throbbing and pebble-hard nipples, and down again to the burning core of her hungering cunt where it roared in white hot heat like the interior of that stone stove in the other hut.

    "Oh, God," her voice whispered softly without even knowing it had been said. "Oooohhhhhh, God!"

    Balloo pressed his thick rubbery lips down over hers and immediately felt the hard rigid pressure of her tongue spearing up wetly into his mouth in her unconscious quest for a warmer, wetter contact with the evil spirit-like thing so deliciously torturing her body. His hands continued rummaging over her, and he ran them between her thighs, which did not jerk away this time but which opened voluntarily to admit him to the very core of her cunt hole. He could feel the warm center of her loins flexing almost imperceptibly in passionate answer to his naked touch.

    "Aaaaaaahhhhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhhh," she was sighing continuously up into his lips, her tongue pushed up into his and circling deep around inside as though searching desperately for another entrance to his mouth.

    Julie's passion spurred his own. Disbelief buzzing through his brain that this could be happening. Last night in the car he had brutally ripped this voluptuous girl's virginity from between her legs in a brutal rape, and yet today she was writhing and twisting beneath him as though she were his slave. He could not stand it another minute, and he moved over, slithering on top of her warm soft, white body like a protective blanket. He could feel it quivering helplessly out of control under him and reached unresisting thighs up the sides of hips until the whole of her wet, throbbing cuntal slit was presented up to him in welcome sacrifice. He held them there for a long tortured moment and started to reach down and implant himself inside her, but at the last second he stopped. Today he wanted her total surrender, and it would be worth the risk of breaking the spell she was under now. It would make it all a thousand times more meaningful if she were to take him to her. He held his breath and spoke the English words in a whisper.

    "Put in the prick."

    Then in a long gasp of relief, he let his breath out slowly as he felt her hand burrowing down without hesitation between them and her warm fingers close tightly around his rigid flesh. She stilled for a moment and he held his breath again in fear she would suddenly regain her senses and twist away from him. It was a long, long second later that he breathed out again in relief as he felt her thumb and forefinger tighten around the head of his pulsating hard prick and slowly but firmly she guided it to the lips of her cunt. The sensitive tip he then teased into the wet, fleshy folds of her devouringly hungry cunt. He could feel the soft brown pubic hair grazing gently against it as it hung poised for entry between the tight, throbbing lips. The hot, smooth warmth was excruciating, and it was all he could do to hold himself back from lunging forward to sink the whole of the heavy pulsating weight hanging down between his legs with one mighty flesh splitting thrust into the helplessly impassioned white girl's quivering and waiting belly. But he waited.

    He waited because she needed it, and that's what he had wanted from her even though it tortured him beyond his wildest imagination and because he knew he had conquered her soul, not that he would keep it of course, and she was completely at the mercy of his desires at this moment. The chance might never come again, and he tortured himself, holding back the final plunge that would fuse them together in one great wet, pulsating mass of black and white flesh, to wring from her that one final admission of surrender that would bond them together as long as she lived.

    However, she had to know it. She had to be conscious of it, or it would mean nothing at all. She had to remember that she had done it and done it because she had desired it more than pride itself. She would be leaving their world tomorrow very probably, as soon as her father promised to leave the jungle with his God of the feathered spirits. He could feel it and he was glad for it but he wanted to leave something inside of her, something that would live forever in her belly and in her mend no matter where her father took her or how many times afterwards she was fucked. His hard black cock must be there always with the others. In spite of Enhar's fumbling, Balloo knew that he himself had really been her first lover, and he wanted her to remember him within every pore in her body how he had given it to her.

    Julie lay groaning in tiny unintelligible gasps that seeped from between her tightly gnashed teeth like quick puffs of steam from a boiling pot of tea. Her body ached, and she was vaguely aware of a great black form hovering over her. Her legs and loins were wide apart and wet from a strange and delicious soft pressure that she herself remembered vaguely placing there an eternity ago, and she hungered, hungered deep inside her contracting womb as though it were a ravenous wild beast in the jungle hunting for food.

    The savage Balloo levered up on his hands into a push-up position above the slowly, undulating body of the white girl. Her face was contorted in indescribable rapture and her lips were pursed in a wet rounded oval-shape with tiny wisping groans of half-conscious pleasure escaping from around the soft pinkness of her tongue circling moistly around the outside of her mouth. He looked down between the contrasting color of their bodies and could see his giant throbbing hard prick pressed blackly into the liquid-saturated folds of her pink and open cunt. The silken softness of her pubic hair surrounded the stump-like pole of flesh in a lust-inciting mixture of pale brown against glistening black that caused his lewdly bloated cock to throb involuntarily against her.

    "Aaaaaaahhllhhhh," she groaned unconsciously as she felt the wet, moist contact grow closer.

    Balloo strained for all he was worth against the all consuming desire to ram forward at that very moment and impale her instantaneously like a ravished white feathered spirit on a stake. There was too much of her that he had not tasted, and he wanted it all. He would never get the chance again. He looked down at her large firm titties swaying out gently toward her ribs and quivering slightly with each soulful gasp that came from her mewling throat. They excited him, and he had to have them in some way. He slithered forward up her chest and straddled her with one leg on either side of her ribs and gently place his throbbing black cock in the narrow cleft between them so that her warm white flesh enclosed it on both sides.

    Momentarily, her eyes opened but flickered shut again quickly as though she, too, were afraid of the strange spell that hung over the room. Her mouth still hung open crooning softly into the dim light which was all that could come through the small door.

    Balloo's great hands shook, and he reached down and crushed the soft resilient mounds between his strong, sinewy fingers, making tiny ridges of white that stood up between their blackness like the whiteness of the new moon in the night sky. He kneaded and stretched at them watching them ooze through his hands like firm, flaccid foam rubber, soft, yet springing back into voluptuous shape the moment his pressure lifted. He pushed them together so that they met across her body and formed a velvety, yielding tunnel in which his cock was sensuously entrapped. He pressed them hard so that the nipples met at the top and then began a gentle rocking motion, thrusting his whole rigidity through the warm, flaccid channel formed by the firm, white rounded, tits. As he pushed, the blue-black head of his blood-swollen cock appeared at the far end of the warm, soft tunnel and brushed gently against her chin, leaving a tiny spot of moisture each time it touched from the seminal fluid seeping from it in his excitement.

    For several minutes, he kept up the slow rocking motion between her quivering titties, feeling his lewd prick growing and expanding until he was afraid it would erupt into a great gushing fountain of sperm before he was ready. He had to force himself to sit still for a moment and content himself with pushing and pulling at the maddening softness of the two throbbing mounds so warmly surrounding him. He tweaked at the nipples and rubbed them over the top of his cock together, one against the other, watching with bared teeth as they jerked and throbbed into a greater hardness that he had not thought possible. At the same time, he studied her face and the reaction it was having upon her.

    How electrifying! Her green eyes were open now and gazed unseeing up into the dimness near the top of the center pole of the hut. A thin smoky veil of passion obscured their dilated pupils. Her hips and ass writhed on the mat below, her thighs limply kicking out and then drawing up again as though searching for some invisible lover to draw inside of them. She was completely out of control, and Balloo knew that nothing he did now would matter. She would accept any degradation he would force upon her to quell the fire that was raging out of control in her voraciously hungry cunt. There was just one thing more before he fucked her.

    His dark eyes locked on her full sensuous lips still muttering nothings out into the air from her tortured need. They were wet and moist from her tongue swirling around them as she lay suffering beneath him in unfulfilled desire. He wanted to tuck his cock down in between them, and he shuddered as the mere thought of that moist warm cavern closing around it caused it to jerk and almost ejaculate where it lay between her tits.

    To place his knees on either side of her neck, he moved up a little, and his long black cock throbbed out directly over her face, presenting her unseeing eyes a view of the pulsating sperm-filled ridge running beneath it. His balls lay gently against her moistened chin. He sat still for a moment, feeling the firm resilient mounds of her tits squashed down beneath his asscheeks. He did not move to give her mind time to adjust to the change in position. Whatever he did had to be slow so as not to break the spell she was under. If she ever returned to total consciousness, he suspected her mind would fight the dictates of her body, and he did not want her in rape this last time. He wanted her mad with desire for him.

    Balloo gently placed both of his hands down behind her head and lifted it up off the mat bending her neck up toward him so that her face and mouth were poised directly in front of the palpitating head of his lust-swollen cock. He pushed forward slightly, his asscheeks rolling on the cushion of her white tits behind, until the tip of his hard prick was pressed gently between her slightly open lips. He groaned as he felt the soft surfaces brush gently against the sensitive skin of the head. Her lips closed at the first touch, and he held his breath waiting for a sudden cry of protest, but none came.

    Her lips fell limply open instead, and her head pressed forward of its own volition without his having to pull her to him. The movement caught him by surprise as he thought she was beyond moving at all, and he watched with unbelieving delight as the tight rounded ovals of smooth fleshy lips enclosed over the tightly stretched skin of his veiled black cock. He had never in his wildest dreams ever thought he would see the day when he could look down and see his jet black instrument skewering into the face of the missionary's beautiful white daughter. She was so beautiful and innocent, and she was enjoying it!

    Slowly at first, she had started using her tongue, and he could feel it swiping around him, causing his blood-hardened cock to jerk inside her mouth. Her lips were soft and smooth and clasped tightly to him in a close elastic ring. He could feel them with pained intensity moving down his lewd prick and taking as much of him as she could in her mouth and surrounding him with the hot moist warmth of her saliva and the tender inner flesh of her tongue. He pressed his hands on either side of her hollowing checks and pressed inward.

    She began to suck him with a moist, nibbling pressure, and her tongue licked and curled around him as though she had done this a thousand times and all the hunger burning deep in her devouring cunt was now concentrated in one great gust of sensation in her mouth. Balloo above her flailing head groaned incoherently and pushed his hands tight against her cheeks. He wanted her to make him cum, and he wanted to make her swallow it so that she would know later that he had bent her completely to his will, that he had dominated her as she would never be dominated again. He flexed his loins in and out at the near rounded hole formed by her lips and rolled his asscheeks around on her flaccid yielding titties as though he were attempting to crush them down into her chest. He watched wild-eyed from above as his black glistening flesh disappeared into her clasping lips like it were another hungry, nibbling cunt. He could feel all of himself, every nerve he possessed pulsating and throbbing between her lips and into the moist cavity and warmth of her saliva-filled mouth.

    His loins were growing hot, and he was sweating between his legs, and still she sucked, keeping his blood-swollen prick in her mouth, burying her face in his loins until he knew it was the end. The pressure building in his balls slapping against her chin as she worked in her unconscious passion was excruciating and unbearable, and his big cock seemed to inflate and lengthen beyond anything it had ever done before.

    Then suddenly, there was a jerk in his loins and nothing in the world could have stopped the liquid white flow that was rushing like a waterfall up from his aching balls and out the tip of his jerking prick. He gripped her head tight between his hands and shoved his lewdly bloated cock deep into her throat. She groaned beneath him as the first needle thin spurt of hot, fiery liquid flooded into the back of her mouth, filling the warm moist cavity, bloating and stretching her cheeks until they almost burst. Her throat worked gluttonously, swallowing and sputtering to keep from choking on the white sticky semen as he emptied his balls relentlessly into the depths of her gullet.

    His big heathen body quivered above her as Balloo felt the last of his masculinity drained from his rapidly deflating prick. He was momentarily exhausted and had to brace himself with his hands tangled in her hair to keep from falling to the side of the mat. He started to lift himself from her, but to his amazement, she would not let his deflated organ escape from her lips. She continued to suck gently, undulating her ass behind him down into the bed and rubbing her legs hungrily together as he watched with disbelief the tiny thin trails of white cum running down from the corners of her mouth to her chin below. He had never felt anything like it, and it seemed as though he had been completely drained of all the strength and desire he had ever possessed. But, after a short while, his lusty cock began again to thicken in the soft, now slippery warmth of her mouth. She licked it and bit it gently, seeming to take delight in her power to bring it to life again after its cataclysmic collapse.

    He thought he could never make love again as long as he lived, but when it had grown to full size, he felt desire begin to rekindle in his loins. She continued to nibble for a moment longer, swiping her slippery tongue wetly around and around it until she was certain it was restored to its full length and power and then she let her head fall heavily back to the bed. The rejuvenated cock slipped wetly from her mouth a small, thin string of semen still connecting her lips to it. Her eyes fluttered open, and she looked up at him through smoky, desire-ridden pupils for a moment and then pleaded with him in a desperate whisper.

    "Fuck me, Balloo."

    The surprised primitive wasted no time as he lifted his ass from her own tightly squashed asscheeks and moved down the length of her curvaceous white body. He came to rest directly between her already open thighs and reached down between them to complete the connection. She was ready, and there was no need to prepare her now. He could feel the wet, moist opening of her cunt throbbing in desperate anticipation as with his fingers he guided his thick black cock straight into her clasping defenseless cunt hole. He paused but a moment to part the sparse brown pubic hair, now wet with excited secretions, with the head of his swollen prick and then with one long smooth stroke, he fucked it into her all way up to her cervix. There was not the slightest resistance now from the number of times she had been fucked since they had abducted her, and he could feel the smooth wet walls of her cunt clamping around his blood-filled cock so moistly and firmly it almost drove him crazy.

    "Aaaaauuuuuuwwwwwww, oooooohhhhhhhh," she moaned and sang as he felt her entire insides flowering open to receive him deep in her womb. She was groaning and murmuring incoherently now as he began to fuck viciously into her, gritting his teeth with desire. Her body followed him and began to move in wild abandoned jerks beneath him.

    "Oooooohhhhhh, God! Ooooooohhhhhhhh God, it's so gooood!" she groaned as if in anguish, her arms wrapped tight around his neck, pulling his muscular black chest into the soft, whiteness of her titties. He fucked his long hard cock up and up, deeper and deeper into the warm soft cavern of her hungering cunt, feeling the whole of her belly flowering open before his onslaught as though she had never been fucked before in her life.

    Her whole body jerked and twisted, and she moaned incessantly, her face contorted in ecstatic passion. Her mouth moved ceaselessly and her nostrils flared in untamed, animal desire that had taken hold of her body as though it were writhing in the throes of an epileptic fit. Her forehead was covered with a light coat of glistening sweat that had broken out beneath her disheveled long brown hair. There was nothing that could stop her wild race for fulfillment now, and the black primitive man fucked like a mad savage to end it for her.

    "Oooohhhhhhh, Ballooooooo, yes! Yeeeessss," she cried up into the empty hut as he slithered his strong, sinewy hands under her wildly pumping asscheeks and cupped them tightly, raising them up off the mat for greater access to her open and pleading loins.

    From that position, he squirmed down into her with all the strength of his hips and thighs and could feel the smooth, raw flesh of her cunt clasping and unclasping like a heart beat all around his hot, bursting cock. He fucked into her from the tips of his toes and rammed the last inch of thick black cock thundering up he, aching hungry hole, bringing a new ecstatic moan from her lips that resounded through the room like the cry of a wounded and dying animal. Her nostrils flared again, and her eyes, open wide and green now, gazed glassy-eyed and unseeing up into the hut top, a wild and unsatiated desire burning lustfully in them.

    Balloo pulled his black head back so that he could watch the white girl's sweet face. It was something he did not want to miss, the sudden and humiliating surrender of her whole being to her father's enemy, who had snatched her from her soft bed in the middle of the night and fucked the shit out of her, without ceremony, in the back seat of a car. And now, now she was twisting and writhing beneath him, unable to control at all her wild desire to be fucked and humiliated by that same black man! Her face was wildly contorted with passion, and her lips bared back tightly over her teeth with greater and more desperate sounds coming robot-like from deep in her savagely heaving chest. Her arms, which had been wrapped tightly around his black neck, her nails digging desperately in his back, slithered down now and dug demonically into his muscular, thrusting asscheeks as they pounded down into her open and unprotected loins.

    Wet smacking noises resounded through the room with each cruel pile-driving fuck he made into her and blended in tempo to the call of a wild bird that must have been perched in the tree directly over the roof of the hut.

    Balloo heard the cry of the bird and was suddenly reminded of the insulting superiority of the God of the feathered spirits, and the memory drove him to greater desire to heap all the obscene indignities he could on the white girl grunting slavishly beneath him. He ran his hands from the smooth, hollowing cheeks of her ass down to her thighs and between them to the soft, soaked, brown hair surrounding her voracious cunt to feel the clinging lips of flesh which held and throbbed around his sturdy cock like a tight rubbery mouth and were running with moisture which overflowed wetly down the wide-split crack of her ass.

    Her body was slippery from the sweat of the wild untamed gyrations of her ravenous body, and her head flailed uncontrollably back and forth on the dank mat beneath them. Her mouth was wide open in ecstatic abandon. She had become something crazed and inhuman as she twisted and churned, spreading her legs wide apart and jerking them up to her shoulders, egging him on.

    "Oh, oh, deeper, harder! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she begged, gasping as if she were close to death. She was nearing her orgasm and swung her soft, tender thighs up and wound them voluptuously around his back, waving her ass in uncontrolled abandon from side to side and spiraling her devouring cunt up and down crazily on his plunging and hotly growing black cock.

    "I'm cumming, Balloo! I'm cumming!" she suddenly squealed with a high pitched gasp of intense passion and locked her ankles in a death grip high up behind his laboring back. At the same time, her arms snaked tightly around his neck and smashed her open abandoned mouth to his where he could still taste the pungent flavor of his sperm that he had spurted into her throat such a short time ago. Her body arched and she held tight to him, not moving but quivering and jerking around him in a pulsating rhythm that spewed her orgasmic fluid out around his still hard-fucking cock and down the widely split crevice of her ass, soaking his balls as they slapped hard into her tiny puckered asshole.

    Though he had been sucked dry a few short minutes ago, the wildness of the white girl's orgasm had started a slow aching pressure deep within his balls again, and he gripped the cheeks of her still rotating ass and squeezed with a crushing strength, feeling her cringe as great gasps of passion began spewing from his own throat.

    "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" he rasped and groaned and increased the viciousness of his strokes so that his pelvis smacked like a wooden paddle hard against the ragged pink flanges of her loins, and his lust-hardened black cock dipped deep down into the far, far hidden recesses of her pulsating belly. He felt himself coming and threw his hands down behind her knees, shoving her soft tender thighs up over her shoulders and ground as far down into her open and yielding cunt as he could go, bringing groans of left-over passion from her lips still locked tightly to his. Her arms still clasped him in their death grip, the ache in his balls was unbearable. He felt he had to cum now or he would die!

    He felt the bursting at his loins and gasped into the moistness of her mouth, hearing her whimpering cry and feeling the tightening of her arms around his neck. Then with a deep soul-shattering grunt that went on and on into her mouth, he exploded into her, shooting his hot, liquid sperm deep down into the liquid depths of her open and receptive womb.

    Then they lay still, locked in the lewd embrace of love for seeming forever though it was only minutes, their interlocked limbs presenting a vivid and strange picture of black fucking white. And then he rolled off her sweat soaked body, noticing her chest still heaving from the effort of their final orgasm. He reached behind him and dragged up a clean mat and lifting her legs pulled it under her over the wet one, lifting her body gently part by part as he worked. When it was in place, he lay down beside her thinking to sleep.

    Julie Davenport's head was filled with the wonderful Balloo. She wondered why such a strong man was not a king like Daranje Kawat. She further wondered if he had ever tried. No, he couldn't have, because there was never a survivor from the trials except the king unless the stories she had heard were in error.

    "Balloo?" she finally asked. Would his English be up to an explanation? "A man goes through many trials to become king. Can he die in these trials?"

    "Yes," he said, she presumed to both ideas.

    "Why do you have trials, to pick the strongest for king?" she asked in a whisper, hoping she wasn't breaking any tribal taboos with her questions, but Balloo seemed at ease.

    "No. Sometimes the strongest perish. I have seen that."

    "Did you ever want to try?" she asked hesitantly.

    "I am not king," he said with finality. It confused her.

    "Well, what are the trials for?"

    "To pick true king."

    The answer left her right where she was in the beginning, without understanding. What was a true king? Balloo probably did not know what made a true king so he could never answer such a question. That was one she would have to ask Daranje Kawat himself, she decided, wondering if it was safe to ask him and if he would answer.

    "Will… will I get to talk to Daranje Kawat again?" she asked Balloo then.

    Balloo sighed heavily. The white ones were talkative about so many things. "No. Daranje Kawat has said all."

    "Yes," her temper flared. "He has told me what he wanted to tell, but suppose I have questions of him?"

    Balloo pondered a minute. "To speak with the king, one must bring acceptable gifts," he explained. "He talked for tortoise. He geev Kinche for you."

    "Oh, Balloo, you're not serious. The tortoise was chance. Do you mean that without that I still would not have been able to know why you were holding me?" She felt absolutely incredulous.

    "When is need, the Gods provide," he said dully, wishing she would stop asking questions and snooze quietly with him.

    Julie could see that Balloo was going to be no help. As far as a gift for the king in order to get to talk to him, well, she had nothing. Strange. She couldn't shake the mysterious quality of the idea that the king gave nothing without a gift first. He was like a mechanical doll with only one kind of key. Put a bowl of fruit on the altar and you shall receive. Give a gift and get grace. Do and be done to. Well, maybe it made more realistic sense than her father's teaching, "Ask and it shall be given." She remembered how many times growing up she had asked and it was not given. When she complained, her father would rationalize with such comforts as the idea that God knew better than we and it probably wasn't good for us, etc. Now that she thought about it, she decided to bring up the subject when she saw her father again and ask him what the point was of saying that it would be given upon request, if it would not… for whatever reason?

    Yes, she thought, going over the ideas now in her mind. Give first and then be given in return. That made a lot more sense. And of course, it is necessary to give something the receiver wants, not something he doesn't care to have. What would a king of these primitives want? If she searched in the jungle for a beautiful flower or a small animal or bird, would such things please this king? She didn't really know his tastes other than for tortoise.

    "Balloo? What kind of gift that I could find, maybe, in the jungle, would please King Daranje Kawat? Does he like flowers?"

    "Why, Missa Julie?" He sighed more heavily than ever. He was just dozing off into the most comfortable of naps.

    "I have questions, Balloo," she said fretfully.

    The big man got to his feet wearily and left the hut. In a very short time, two women came for her and led her to a large sunken vat which a whole stream of women were filling with water from small clay bowls they carried on their heads. Since the women could not speak English, there was no way for Julie to know what was happening. She had been taken as naked as she had lain on the mat inside. The robe had been left behind. Suddenly, she was pulled on each side by a woman into the tub of water. Sand was brought and her flesh was scrubbed once more until it was a bright pink. Her hair was combed with an ivory four-pronged comb, and then she was dunked into the water all over several times. Again her hair was combed, and with water still dripping from her body, she was taken from the vat and clothed in a finer robe than before. It was still a dud brownish yellow color but the weave was finer and the material softer.

    When she was taken to the king's huge hut, his palace, and put through the same dusting procedures with which she was already familiar, her heart jumped. She must have been granted an audience with the king in spite of the fact she had no gift for him. Perhaps Balloo had been lying to her to shut her up. But when she was led into the same room in which she had seen the king before, there was only Balloo, sitting alone at the table. Then it occurred to her that they had heard her father's decision and they were getting her ready to be sent home. She was seated at the table with Balloo and sat quietly for awhile. Finally, she spoke quaveringly.

    "You… you heard from my father?"

    "I know not," he answered, abruptly, she thought. Her heart reached out. She felt lonely, as though she had lost a friend somehow. Then a question bothered her.

    "What happens to me, Balloo, if my father refuses to leave?"

    "The king will say."

    She reached hesitantly to touch the flesh of his arm. "Will you protect me? I mean, if… if…"


    Her hand drew back, whipping into the sleeve of her robe as though it had been stung by a bee.

    "Wh… why?" She felt tears rise to her eyes, not so much because she lacked protection but because she suffered the loss of him.

    He sat back, chuckling, which was the way of his people so often. "Missa Julie no want man. Missa Julie want king!"

    "On, no, Balloo!"

    "Daranje Kawat is king. Balloo is man. Missa Julie want king like God of the feathered spirits. 'Who is like unto him?'" Julie recognized the quotation. It was one her father was fond of using. Balloo was now roaring with laughter. "Balloo… not like unto him… and… and not Daranje Kawat either!" He guffawed.

    Suddenly, Julie was struck with his meaning. He meant that she had listened to her father teach that no one could match his God of the feathered spirits, no mere man could satisfy her, not even their king, Daranje Kawat! She was discontented with the man for his own sake! She had to have the best, a king, nay, a God!

    "No, Balloo, no!" Tearfully she shook his arm to try to stop his laughter, but before he stopped, two women had come for her and led her into a chamber on the other side of the room. There she saw a rush mat a foot deep!

    Before she even realized what was happening, her robe had been taken off, the women had gone, and Daranje Kawat came in from a side door. He had a smile on his face, but she could not help trembling. Had he heard from her father? She wished to ask but the words would not even squeak out.

    "You have gift," he said, still smiling. He looked as though he were to break out into the same inane chuckle she was getting accustomed to in the others. Then her irritable mood changed and she found herself wishing he would chuckle. It seemed as though her feelings were more in control of her opinions than she was. With a quick scoop then, he reached down for her as she trembled, and he turned her over on her face, pulling up at her hips and bunching the robe up and around her waist. Her ass waved whitely in the air at him.

    It all happened so fast, she had little time to think, only to gulp. She felt his hands on her ass, felt them drawing the cheeks slowly apart. She was so frightened, she did not dare object. This man wielded the power of life and death! She felt the hands move away, and they were replaced by wild slavering lips coursing all around her smooth, oval asscheeks. He was biting into them without control, bringing tiny gasps of pain from her as she screwed her pelvis down into the mat to try and escape, unconsciously. He pulled and stretched at her asshole, and she could feel the strain on the tight rubbery ring around it. It hurt and she felt lewd and obscene and her whole soul, not just her body, felt naked and exposed to all the world as the black form hovered over her ass behind and slobberingly plundered at the tiny brown puckered hole. There was a pressure against her ankles then, and she did not resist as she felt her legs pulled open wide until the tips of her toes were hanging down on either side of the tall mat. The king's finger poked at her asshole, and she jerked automatically from the sudden pain.

    Julie gasped and pleaded silently for a second, and then realizing there was really nothing she could do, relaxed to be used as the slavering primitive crouching behind her desired. She had to admit to herself that she had been attracted by him, but not for this and in such an impersonal way! She might have been a rag doll to him! She sucked in her breath as he dug at her asshole again with his middle finger, insinuating it slowly and methodically into the depths of her rectum. She moaned and pressed her face tight into the woven grass as she felt him slip it in harshly up to the first knuckle and begin to move it around sadistically in her tight contracting asshole. He dug his finger deeper and she cried out, but the scream died in her throat as she remembered that Balloo was right in the next room through an open door.

    Then the king slipped his finger from her rectum with a wet sucking noise and clasped his broad thick rod in his hand. His orange and white robe, which opened down the front, was tied back out of the way. He had not meant to touch the white girl, but when Balloo had told him she had questions, he could not resist. Never had he enjoyed a piece of white ass. Then he would answer one or two of her foolish questions. He had seen time and again that those who did not know how to live, especially those who gave their souls to the God of the feathered spirits, were full of absurd questions.

    He lowered himself down onto her back and she could fed his hands pulling the cheeks of her ass wide apart. He lifted his own ass in the air, and she could feel the tip of his black cock probing against her for several seconds, trying to find the tightly puckered hole. He did.

    He pushed forward, and she felt a slight pop at her asshole, and then she suffered a sudden spasm of pain so unbearable that she twisted and screamed again and again, trying with all her strength to get away. Her asscheeks were moving like a snowy owl thrashing about to escape, but her jerks only helped to drive his huge black prick deeper and deeper inside of her.

    She could feel the pressure of his body pressing down on her with a pulverizing strength, pushing her down into the mat, punishing the lovely white ass that waved back at his eyes. She bucked back up at him, trying to throw him off, but as she bucked up, he fucked down and imbedded his thick, rock-hard cock all the way to the hilt in the soft flaccid tunnel of her ass.

    "Aaaauuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhh," she grunted in pain and continued her hopeless thrashing beneath him. She no longer felt human as the huge black blood-swollen cock ripped far up into her rectum, pushing against the bottom of her belly inside. She felt as though she were being split open by a knife and her insides were torn and ripped as they never had before. The pain was unbearable, and she fought in wild desperation for a full minute longer against the brutal fleshy pole sunk in her backside, and then with a final groan of hopeless surrender, her strength failed. She collapsed in a limp mass of flesh beneath the body of the king, who had her pinned to the thick mat like a butterfly to a board. This was clearly not doing any good. To get it over with, she had to help him, not fight him!

    Daranje Kawat suddenly groaned as he felt the white girl's anal muscles tighten around his long thick length of lusty cock buried inside of her. His hard prick throbbed harder, and he couldn't believe his senses when her asscheeks began a slow methodical, but hardly perceptible rotation beneath him. He flexed his prick deep up her rectum in an answering signal to convince his skeptical and unbelieving mind that she was responding to him. He had suspected that the white people were pale in feelings as well as in skin color. He had not expected her to get anything at all out of this. So he gasped as he felt it, felt her throb and tighten around like a warm fitting hunting glove. His royal joy knew no bounds. He had conquered her, and suddenly gasping and moaning like a child with a new found delight, her jerked her almost weightless body up to its knees without losing the connection and began to saw rhythmically and deep far down into the velvety confines of her ass. He watched with disbelieving jubilance as the pinkish round skin of her puckered little asshole drew back with the long black shaft, clasping to it as though it did not want to let it go.

    Kneeling before him, Julie began to undulate her ass in small tiny circles, waving the white full rounded cheeks back at him lasciviously like a red flag before a bull. And strangely, the tiny bit of whore in every woman suddenly broke forth into a tingle of masochistic excitement. She wanted to enjoy it, actually. She had to enjoy it, she told herself, or he would know she was just trying to hurry him. There was still pain but it was strangely pleasurable, and she found herself thrusting and squirming back to meet the obscene impalement, and he jerked forward into her clasping hole.

    Behind her, the impassioned and delighted Daranje Kawat groaned each time he surged up into her, and she, too, was moaning beneath him and twisting and waving the whiteness of her ass back at him in a lewd invitation to fuck into her harder and deeper. Her face was turned to the side on the mat, and he could see her teeth bared back in ecstatic delight, her tongue flicking out wetly in time to the increasing power of his long, smooth strokes into her that carried the full length of his long plunging lust-filled rod of lewd flesh. Her long, brown hair flowed out over the mat and periodically whirled in the air before his eyes as with a sudden or particularly hard thrust, she would grunt and flail her head to the other side. How beautiful she would be if her skin were not so colorless!

    "Ooooooooohhhhh! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh," she moaned and grunted beneath him, and he pressed forward as far as he could, pulling the soft cheeks of her ass wide apart to allow him to go deeper and just holding it there. His lewd cock was buried to the hilt up her painfully expanded rectum, and he suddenly gasped again. Her hand had reached down under her body and was gently cradling his balls, scraping her nails over them in a maddening, teasing motion that brought saliva running from the edges of his mouth. What had he done?

    Her father's belongings were already packed and sitting at the white man's train station. He would be brought to the feast tonight and the bargain would be sealed as he and his daughter were leaving for their own country. He had considered their departure a good riddance, but she fucked well. He was having regrets.

    "Oh, darling," she was murmuring. "Fuck it like that," she crooned through her tightly clenched lips as he gorged into her ass as hard as he could and rotated the giant blood-filled head deep around in her asshole.

    Julie Davenport could almost feel herself splitting open from the power and pressure he was exerting deep down inside of her, but she gritted her teeth tight and did all the things she knew he would want her to do. She thrust back at him, hiding her shame and humiliation in her grim determination to convince him she wanted it more than anything in the world. And… and she did!

    Behind her, the elated Daranje Kawat began to throb and ache in his balls where her fingers coursed over them. Ho knew he was close to cumming, and he wanted it to be good.

    Julie could feel his hugeness inside her stretched and expanded rectum growing, and she knew what was coming. She knew he was going to shoot his lewd, hot sperm deep up into her helpless asshole, and she would have given anything in the world if there were any other way, but there was not. She would have to take it all inside her even if the humiliation and shame killed her.

    The now crazed king behind her began to fuck into her asshole with ever increasing speed. His hand ripped and pulled at the soft white rounded globes of her ass like they were soft resilient clay in his big hands. He spread the cheeks of her ass wide apart, and with bulging eyes he watched the full black length of his fucking cock split the whiteness of her asshole like a soot covered train tunneling through a snow-covered mountain. His cock felt as though it would burst, not just at the end but all along the full length where the rubbery tight walls of her rectum held it vise-like and hot. The white girl was mumbling and whimpering incoherent noises into the mat, and mistaking them for cries of wanton passion, he increased the vigor and power of his strokes until he was buffeting her forward almost off the mat.

    "Oooohhhhhhhh, God!" she screamed, the sobs choking down her throat as she felt him jerk inside her and realized to her horror that the moment was here when he was going to explode inside her and fill her helpless and unprotected belly with his obscene, hot cum, and there was nothing in the world she could do about it but lay kneeling in front of him like a galley slave and feign a rampant passion.

    "Cum, darling, cum!" she shouted back at his sweating body, wanting to get it over with, wanting to end it forever. There was a muffled gurgle from behind her and she felt his great throbbing cock burst like a dam as he gave one last tremendous fuck into the back of her upraised asscheeks and emptied his hot sperm in wave after wave deep into the depths of her rectum. Julie thought the ejaculating instrument would never stop flowing into her and could feel the hot sticky fluid overflowing around his still jerking cock and forcing its way out the tight nether ring in her asshole that was clamped tightly around the base of his throbbing black cock. She gasped out a deep sigh of relief as she felt his deflated and limp shaft of black flesh slowly withdraw from her flooded ass. There was a slight, wet, sucking noise as it slipped out from between the full white moons of her asscheeks with a lewd slurping sound. Then there was a sudden rush of cool air into the wetness of her loins as she remained kneeling with her ass waving high in the air for a moment and then collapsed off to the side of the mat.

    Then there was quiet, and after several minutes, Julie recalled her questions and glanced around behind her with fright. Surely he had stolen away. But no, he was standing there watching her, his robe tied modestly around him as it was when she had first seen him. Except for the laughter in his eyes, his face was serious.

    "I await your questions," he said regally as though nothing at all had happened between them.

    Dazed, Julie rolled over on her back. It took her a moment to compose herself and her befuddled head.

    "Oh, yes," she said, unable now to remember why she thought such questions were of any importance. But she knew she would think them important later and would never forgive herself if she neglected to ask while she had the opportunity.

    "It is said that a king like you has to survive all kinds of trials that almost kill you. I… I always wondered why, that's all. I…" But for some reason she felt silly and couldn't go on. She didn't have to. In his answer, he sounded as though he had told the story over and over. He sounded somewhat bored.

    "Without the trials a man becomes king who is not true one. If he wishes to be something else…"

    "Like wealthy or important!" she cried excitedly.

    "Yes," he said, a little irritated that she dared interrupt him but glad for her understanding. "Before the trials are finished he will think it is not worth it and will die."

    Julie's interest in the question was revived. "You have to want to be king above all else, a poor king, an unknown king, an…"

    "A just king," he said emphatically. "It is a trial of punishments. A true king wishes to know each punishment himself so he knows which to give for what evil."

    King Daranje Kawat turned away, and Julie was too absorbed in his answers for a moment to notice his leaving. He was happy for that. He had lost his joy in her and no longer regretted giving her back to her father. If she stayed with his people, she would soon lose her questioning tongue to the coals of fire!

    Once he was gone, the spell was broken, and Julie turned to look for the garment she had been wearing. Her ass was sore, and she sensed a renewed coldness around her. Daranje Kawat had merely used her and was an egotist, she could see. Balloo had lost interest and had insulted her besides. A little while ago she might have been happy to stay with these people. What in the world had she been thinking of? Now she could hardly wait to have her father back, and to go home to their own country, she hoped. For there was one thing she knew from her father's example. The men of her own country would never abuse a woman the way she had been abused by these savages. The men of her own country were gentlemen, and sex was something they hardly thought about at all!


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